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>The best match is the one that draws the most
Has there ever been anything more incorrect?
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File: EVH3knAWkAAkciv.jpg (298 KB, 1626x2033)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Lil Xanax is white lol
i saw ozzy osbourne in 2002 in a crowd of tens of thousands but the best show i ever seen only had like 900 people in attendance

>Thrown out of royals by legless guy
>Botch chairshot
>Waste chairshot heat to put over already retired Arn Anderson
>Forced to Dark in never ending tag team storyline
>Loses in a row to:Jurassic express, Page/Kenny, Joey, Gunn Club twice, Best Friends, Dustin/QT, Private Party and SCU (9losses our of 9matches)
>Loses in the first round of tournament to Cody
>Only 2 TV match’s in 4months
>Last singles win was a 3minute match on Dark against Sonny Kiss in December
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>spends day anonymously shitposting and meme spouting about half naked men
>criticizes people hiding what they post
Tbf I only tripfag on the weekends
Can we talk about Dr Brit Baker DMD now pls

I hated her until she turned heel and now I am in love
t. 10 man
I don't know what your epic maymay means.

File: edgehead.jpg (23 KB, 316x343)
23 KB
> Only wrestler besides Hogan & Rock to be the top draw 3 years in a row
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I was born in 1994 and started watching WWF early 2000, he is the GOAT imo... I got chills when he returned in 2004 draft lottery night
>I was born in 1994 and started watching WWF early 2000
Ar-are you literally me?
Best ever
Edge can still reach goat status if he can turn heel again somehow.
Where has this come from lol? Edge was a great midcarder and a half decent top guy, but to put him on the level of the GOATs is just ridiculous

Every, body , YUUUUPPPPS!
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Two big homos
God, wrestlers are such faggots.
>not YUPposting
Archer just killed any mystic his character had
the decline of wrestling began with the invention of twitter in 2006

What would be the wrestling equivalent of the Thunder Cross Split Attack?
A move that is allowing the user to attack and keep his opponent from defending with their arms while keeping his hands in a cross to prevent headbutts or in other words a perfect offense and defense

File: EVFOOcKU8AA6Crl.jpg (69 KB, 550x680)
69 KB
All TJPW shows are cancelled up to July. There are currently no plans for Dojo shows.

old thread
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File: 7HXDSTJ3_400x400.png (300 KB, 400x400)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Based Giant Manmeat Forbes.
Namba roleplayer confirmed
File: EI2kqh4U0AAXrgk.jpg (449 KB, 1579x2048)
449 KB
449 KB JPG

File: EVH61oiWsAIwrV8.jpg (180 KB, 1920x1080)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
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>butch heavy metal girl who dresses in all black (except here for some fucking reason) and comes out to loud garage shit and got over walking around approaching people like a badass
>cries about how much better Charlotte

I fucking thought Mary Sues couldn't exist in real life until Charles appeared
Not him, but it's better. That roid jaw is only going to get worse.
Wrestling isn't real life. Charles is a failure in life.

When did he do that?
just noticed that the pic was shopped kek

Did Big Show go to far with his villain banter?
Meltzer said that promo was meant for Mark Henry to use it against Kevin Nash but they only used it now for some reason
>Drew beat Brock quickly and then Big show almost immediately after
Does Drew now have the highest kayfabe powerlevel ?

File: ryback-24242adsf.png (118 KB, 800x500)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
What went wrong?

He had the look and the "Feed me more" chants was getting over.
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I wouldn't trust him to not botch a backbreaker spot and shoot cripple a top babyface
Phil was a pussy and couldnt handle Ryback being more over than him
They trusted Rey Mysterio and look what happened
he broke his ankle and had to sit out for a year and a bit
he big leagued WWE on Instagram saying he was parting ways with the company and three days later when Vince found out he fired him for real and blacklisted him
I don't know if there was any more to the story perhaps anons can make up some cool new gossip

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Why doesn't every wrestler wear a cup? Would'nt Ciampa have heard the boot hit the cup?
>all nxt women are now heels
this must mean they honestly think charles is a face, and are setting her up to take them all on
>Wife helps her man by tricking the babyface
Not only that but if she's actually going to be doing main shows AND NXT then that title will barely show up on NXT and those girls are rarely getting a chance at winning it back for the show
We bork lesnar now

Triple Homo
Triple Bitch
Triple Cage
Triple Gaytch
Triple Huh
Triple Nose
Triple Fag
Triple Suck
Whatever you call him, one things for sure: he definitely shaves his asshole
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Triple nig
The locktober thing was at least funny and the edits were creative
The cringiest part is that the 80% of the threads are just OP bumping his thread
Triple coom

>goes 3 and 6 in G1 Climax after being tag team Jabrony for five years
>gets built up as unstoppable force in AEW
>btw he has a tramp stamp

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File: 01.jpg (13 KB, 292x221)
13 KB

Let me block your road for a second buddy.
Shame exile? Explain.
Do your proper research before taking it as gospel but supposedly an affair he's been having went public so he dipped for a while (he was tweeting about coming back to the US and was accepting bookings around this time)
>Tramp Archer
Rumor is he had a harem of barely legal girls and got caught fucking one of them

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wait wait isnt this techincally implying us watching your promotion is a step down
new Jamals stay winning bros
nice headcanon
im a njpw fan and a huge e drone.
it's not headcanon if you just admitted it
more headcanon

File: fujita y kemo.jpg (469 KB, 2038x1144)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Last episode >>9756258
・Yesterday's guest for Breaking Battlemen was Minoru Fujita.
・Despite a lack of live wrestling events, lots of wrestlers are putting out content on Youtube, Instagram, etc..
・Yapi is gathering fan questions for her Q&A video series on Instagram, which already has two parts - describing dojo culture and regimen, then explaining what is shouted at ringside by the wrestler seconds.
・Yamamoto Rina was set to have the world's first "talent transplant", it was delayed 'indefinitely' due to hospital priorities
>Miki, koto prodigy http://youtu.be/GPrRXqg1Ips
>Ice Ribbon 3/29 empty arena digest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRq2kzrjHQk
>WAVE is releasing its 2016 Catch the Wave brackets on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN15uqo0aDLekynuFT14t0g/videos
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File: 1572927672611.jpg (195 KB, 727x908)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Ultra based compilation, anon
Should we download some? or just watching them saves them from deletion?
Actually based and I support any promotion of her nice body of work
Download them either on mobile or with a plugin because the desktop site doesn't have right click download anymore. Buncha terrible people trying to kill a 5 year platform all at once
Or yet another option, I use Inspect Element on chrome every time, it's a more of a roundabout than a plugin but I like it better.
Anyway, thanks.
real hero

File: watch nothing.jpg (1.08 MB, 3162x4096)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
lasto >>9755794
All Stardom shows for April have been cancelled. Mayu will be livestreaming a day from now on Youtube.
>Hana is soul-searching deep within the high mountains
>Natsuko shaved her eyebrows because /oedo/ noticed them
>Tam has been posting daily high-quality healing content
>Hazuki back
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mayu challenged her to do one of the exercise dances everyone else is doing
How is Mayu both the world's greatest artist and the world's best dancer.
Somewhere in the world, Tamu is watching with disgust on her face
File: tamayu.webm (1.52 MB, 354x266)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB WEBM
Tam wouldn't be disgusted by Mayu's dorkiness. More aroused by it.
Need to have dinner with JAN

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