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File: EUq-6ygU8AIz0ai.jpg (283 KB, 1536x2048)
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No-People Shows for 4.3, 4.11


old thread
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File: wat.jpg (26 KB, 411x274)
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>posting about agua is on-topic
>telling people to stop thread sliding about agua is off-topic
Sounds like the most basic match imaginable.
yeah whatever, I'm going to bed. I'll let him talk to himself and try to convince himself he's not wrong.
posting about agua is off-topic. posting about people posting about agua is off-topic. you have not made an on topic post since someone made a joke about your boyfriend pretending to watch a match hours ago. you were literally told to post about TJPW or don't post at all in the post you're replying to, yet here you are talking about agua instead yet again.
Goodnight anon, dream of going out to eat with Rika and her winning team
>posting about agua is off-topic.
So you agree that the thread was slid into off topic territory by agua haters here >>9737011 and that the people chiming in are doing so to tell this group, which you appear to be apart of, to knock it off? That's the only reasonable conclusion here. Are we on the same page?

File: 1547858201323.jpg (28 KB, 500x333)
28 KB
>Corbin and Strowman will face each other for a shot at Goldberg
>Oh my god, Corbin is cheating, that fucker,the ref is down and he's gonna steal this match, that fucker
>Oh my god, it's Elias. Elias has come down and he beat the shit out of Corbin with a guitar shot.
>Oh my god, Strowman picked up Corbin and powerslammed him twenty five times.
>Oh my god, the ref's back up, Strowman wins.
Would that have been so damn hard?
They apparently shot a Roman injury angle but Vince didn't go ahead with it for some reason. Utterly stupid. He's probably butthurt the news leaked.

corona taker
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mmmmmmmm don't wanna cough on them
Mmmm wouldn't wanna eat that soup
File: 1545508729403.jpg (22 KB, 225x224)
22 KB
Kekking my ass off over here.

File: ETT0OLmXkAE0BTR.jpg (128 KB, 1079x919)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Based and Cutepilled
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Just like Roman.
Fuck off
Gain height.
She's literally the only reason to watch Raw.
File: 1575954203651.jpg (172 KB, 1141x716)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>She's literally the only reason to watch Raw.

File: cena.jpg (6 KB, 299x168)
6 KB
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No one gives a shit about the match. It's like the Reigns/Cena program. Who remembers the match and Reigns going over? No one. But people often reference the promo beforehand where Cena buried Roman on the mic and showed him up as a loser who couldn't hold his own.
And Cena was right.

It was a fucking worthless match when it could've been a Mania or SummerSlam match anyway. No one remembers the match, nor the promo except people who want to store Cena baggage in their heads.
It doesn't matter. The Rock lost half his matches but he buried everyone on the mic not named Stone Cold Steve Austin. That's why people love him.
Even Punk's 2edgy5u le pipebomb promos shat all over Cena's sunshine and rainbows shtick. Don't even act like you're some contrarian that believes otherwise, no-one's buying.
He called Cena, New York Yankees

> I’m worth more money than LeChampion, pay me more or i’m staying with WWE
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Jericho literally recieved the loudest pop in raw history when he beat HHH for the title. Austin wanted to put him over & lose clean to Jericho, but Haytch Politics always got in the way
The only reason Jericho never got a massive push was because Paul got in Vinces ear about him. Austin wanted to put him over and Paul got it shut down.
Also I can't see Orton creating a buzz by going to Japan and teasing NJPW talent
Orton would have been a bigger draw than Jericho and Moxley combined.

Jericho is a short fat cringe geek. You think when people see him show up on other shows to shill dynamite people go "wow he's cool going to check in on that show" or do they think "who is this chubby middle aged woman"
That's literally Orton though. He was only ever "the guy" on the Bshow or when Cena wasn't around.

What's are his top 5 best matches?
Vs Punk
Vs AJ 1
Vs AJ 2
Vs Balor
Vs AJ/Ambrose
1. Cena vs Punk - MITB ‘11
2. Cena vs Umaga - Rumble ‘07
3. Cena vs Bryan - Summerslam ‘13
4. Cena vs Styles - Rumble ‘17
5. Cena vs Punk - Raw 2/25/13
File: 1508972477591.jpg (30 KB, 456x402)
30 KB
>doesn't included his match with HBK on raw

>Walks out to the ring drunk & high as fuck
>Say "Hey Yo"
>Entire Crowd marks the fuck out

Ding-dong diddly basef
File: hall giant.jpg (21 KB, 320x238)
21 KB
you guys wanna see some big ass titties?



Who would've been your friend, /asp/?
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Probably seth
why do white people lose their eyebrows?
which member of New Edition was this
How do you go from chad to incel
Probably would have hung out with Bayley when she was that geeky girl, and then when her ass started growing she would have started fucking niggers, forgetting all about me.

File: I AM THE SHOVEL.png (627 KB, 865x628)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
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File: Bray's Push.gif (418 KB, 220x165)
418 KB
418 KB GIF
I like this Cena.
No he didn’t you contrarian faggot. Watch his SES fun.
We make that joke all the ding-dong diddly time
Are you a blonde female girl with a pert, round ass?
This has been WWEs go to for a while. Bury your opponent. Guys like Angle, Foley, Rock, Austin and even more recently guys like Punk, Balor, Owens and Jericho, know that if you don't build your opponent then your match doesn't matter. It's why so many of Cena's opponent's the last 10 years aren't memorable, he was going through the motions and burying the guys he's supposed to be having a competitive match with.

File: EQ-bYbRUEAEDcLn.jpg (236 KB, 1478x1108)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Previous thread >>9671239


>Giulia won the Cinderella Tournament
>Giulia challenged Arisa to a title match on the 29th
>The next Shupro releases on the 8th and features cute photos of Giulia
>Syuri vs. Akai is scheduled for the DDT event on the 4th

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Asuka for ddm confirmed
pretty based
yeah thats based
File: EUlv2UuU8AMQSmI.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Syuri defeated Saki Akai!
Based fuck skeletons

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based LIchad
>God bless him for eating too much
Grew up in Manorville my entire life currently in Maryland the past year. Im 30. Good luck to you and your loved ones LIBro. Also my parents are in that pic above foley and that yellow camera is my dads waterproof old camera.
File: 1585451463197.png (552 KB, 666x500)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
haha small world, i grew up in Bayville

A strongwoman gimmick would fit Mandy Rose much better than the sensual vixen gimmick,don't get me wrong she is a VERY attractive woman but she don't how to play the vixen its comes off unnatural,being sensuals makes her look weak desu as if sonya is the one pulling the cards,that shit with Otis was gay i'd say turn Mandy In a rough,brutal but sexy asskicker like Beth Pheonix used to be,i think the gimmick would fit like a shoe due to her background in bodybuilding and her body morphology,if she can pull off it would draw dimes .
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File: ENp8ir3U4AAyiUb.jpg (196 KB, 960x1200)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Hopefully so.
She will probably get a blue collar country girl type gimmick if her ending up with Otis and Tucker is the outcome
Knowing WWE the only change they'll make to her is she won't cheat in matches anymore.
She's not strong though.
Ya seethe bitch?

File: 200mil.jpg (53 KB, 593x636)
53 KB
Based and Blackpilled
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Any self respecting black should do everything in his power to undermine whitey
this without meming
also the black half of the dudley boys
This but unironically.
Dude was literally at the press scrum of the first AEW PPV and all his questions were a variation of "Why you gotsta be hatin' on WWE Cody?"
He’s a straight up c00n. Didn’t he say Buddy Murphy was going to be a megastar or something as stupid as that?

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 168x300)
10 KB
>Best wrestling related twitter posts
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File: 1556433761532.jpg (76 KB, 640x300)
76 KB
File: 1556559374455.png (283 KB, 720x684)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Bray was in the right here.
This one always make me laugh
File: 1559376695431.jpg (98 KB, 750x628)
98 KB

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