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File: manletsarecucks.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x2677)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Reminder all of you 5'5" manlets would beg for Big Sexy to cuck you
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t. seething faggots
t.unironically seething faggot
File: 1547436215765.jpg (57 KB, 591x450)
57 KB

Who is the bigger lolcow?

Who drew more dimes?

Who is right and who is wrong?

But most of all...

Who was the janetty?
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Cornette but only because some of his antics have gone viral (like his tantrum at a drive-thru). Russo is so irrelevant it hurts.
>bigger lolcow
one of them lives with his in-laws and the other doesn't.
>drew more dimes
one of them lives with his in-laws and the other doesn't.
>Who is right and who is wrong?
They both hate modern wrestling, but are also clueless. One of them wants to go back to the 70's and the other wants to bring back 80,000 segments/hr.
>Who was the jannetty
The one that seethed because WWE hasn't invited him for anything since 2002. The one that seethed because two people who hate each other got along because they both agreed that he was a complete moron. the one that lives with his in-laws and streams on Twitch like a thot.
Is an lolcow the one that's funnier or the one that is more funnier in a way that they didn't intend to make you laugh, they're just being funny in a pathetic way?
Somehow I agree with both
You people who are saying Russo drew more dimes do know that Cornette was probably making the same or more while they were in WWE, and was making top money as a talent for 20 years before Russo was near creative right?

WWE also bought the SMW library for 6 figures as well.

File: 1547554971348.jpg (1.02 MB, 1992x1113)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Previous thread: >>5914140
Formerly /spiteful/ and /goddess/

•Social Media•

•Alexa Bliss Merch•

•Alexa's title wins•

•Images and WEBMs•

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File: 7675200.webm (1.29 MB, 640x640)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM
Umm, sweetie all you need to do to release a nice load is take one quick look at >>5932037

You're welcome
File: 845415610.jpg (308 KB, 580x549)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
enjoy your Lexi foot fap
File: 4523452545.jpg (354 KB, 640x1137)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Why are you posting duplicate pictures? I can see (and fap) to this one already >>5932037

>tfw scott steiner doesnt look like a genetic freak anymore
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He is still based. His TNA return video will get 1 million views
Wrestlers who don't know when to just let go an hang it up are the saddest part of the business
Big Granpappy Pump
more like geriatric freak

File: ew-1497839462-800.jpg (44 KB, 800x415)
44 KB
>Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Mike and Maria Kannellis recently asked for WWE officials to release them from their contracts.

>Sources tell us the Kanellis’ have been unhappy with the way they’ve been used in WWE for awhile and finally made the decision a few weeks ago to request their releases.

>Mike Kanellis has also once again started selling new shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees.

>Mike and Maria Kannellis signed with WWE in April of 2017 and debuted in June at Money in the Bank. Months later, Mike revealed he had been battling addiction and Maria announced she was pregnant. The duo weren’t used much on TV after that, until recently resurfacing on 205 Live.
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Thanks for payin for the rehab and the childbirth, E-cucks lel
File: 1450857802274.jpg (96 KB, 792x558)
96 KB
Couple of the year. Scammed their cock sucking fat cat boss out of big bucks, they are the shoot stone cold of our generation
>have WWE cover maternity and rehab
>get included in vidya
>expect to leave
It's like they don't know about contractual obligations. Vince is going to personally tell them to go fuck themselves and job to manlets for two years.
On the contrary, I’d hold them in their contract so they couldn’t go anywhere else

File: file.png (91 KB, 652x487)
91 KB
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Yes. I would want that.
Fuck the LowTest soiboi braplets bring in BrapStacy gimmicks we want tits ass and fart contests
I can't tell, is she fat or has dyed hair and glasses?
Women don't use a man's sex appeal to degrade him the way straight men do to women. Call me when some male wrestler gets his nudes leaked and all the straight female fans want his life ruined so he has to go into porn.

File: meltzer.png (33 KB, 605x425)
33 KB
>YouTube views are importan-
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>Dave damage controlling
YT views actually give a better indication of what people are interested in than the antiquated Nielsen TV rating system
I'm not from India but I watched it....lol, and so did many of my old pals. They thought WWE was going back to "the old days" with bra & panties matches and got excited.

Then I had to break the news to them.....
>Why dont The fags in creative just look the minute by minute ratings and see what draws and what not?

Because as long as the overall rating is satisfactory to the network, there's no incentive to. As long as Fox is happy with what the show is doing, WWE will get their billion dollars.
>>Dave damage controlling
Funniest thing is, unless he has direct access to the channel he has no way at all of knowing where the views are from so he's just making shit up.

File: Godfather.jpg (86 KB, 675x488)
86 KB
Vince, bring back the Ho Train!

File: tueldo_youshootsnow4.jpg (143 KB, 630x354)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Is it true?
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>people bought a show JUST for the main event
He's 100% right though. This is why numales won't ever understnad how muh trashy television in the late 90s was the most relevant and popular era in wrestling's history
>in wrestling's history
YIKES! Learn your history if you want to talk history, simp. Jim Londos was drawing legit crowds of 90,000 back in the 30's and 40's.
Imagine buying a show for just one match. Retarded boomer incel, hope numales infest your city.
Russo and co. read Meltzers star ratings from WM 3 it was so fucking funny. He gave Andre vs Hogan -4 stars and changed it to 1 star next week. Fucking mark. Russo even talks about how bunch of regular people showed at their house to watch Andre vs Hogan. Marks have no idea what draws casuals. Workrate doesn't.
numales already infest dense population centers along with niggers, so you have nothing to worry about.

Which one of your sick fucks did this?
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Ay dios mio arriba grab las chimichangas
Isnt that Ember Moon?
He forgot to mention:
Aryan genes living rent tee in this musts minds
A 16 year old girl is taller than me. How do I cope., bros?

File: otis.jpg (148 KB, 1200x675)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
*autistic sperging*
based. now which one of you is this ?

File: tonkasaw.jpg (221 KB, 660x647)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Based or cringe?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Enjoy cheerleading and giving your money for literal whos
File: big dick d meltz7.gif (1.19 MB, 118x159)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
>giving your money for literal whos
beggin ya to stop seething
Is that not the case?
Haven't payed attention to warski/Ralph/whoever streams for a while. Is the fight happening soon? Is it not happening?
Is what not the case? That i gave money to this dude? No, that is not the case. Now go back to seething.

Secretly signs with AEW in your path

why aren't they pushing him?

hes got the look
hes got charisma
hes good at wrestling like Roman style
hes a good promo
hes funny
hes jacked
hes got good hair
hes Roman Reigns but white

why the fuck are they not pushing him?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He was literally in the main event last night.

He retired Kurt Angle
when did Kurt Angle retire? Haven't watched WWE since end of October
File: IMG_0295.jpg (18 KB, 642x361)
18 KB
It's honestly impressive that all these years later and having a much better look than he did when he was the chosen one, that he still can't garner a crowd reaction

no good enough matches to get behind him
They are? He's not right at the top yet, as in #1 contender, but it's clear they want him to be there. Likely they don't want to pit heel against heel with Lesnar holding the title, so best outcome is that he'll be facing whoever takes the title from Lesnar.

What are your thoughts on "The Virtuosa" Deonna Purazzo?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd shoot fuck her.
Not much but there's something
massive hips on her iirc, absolute unit
She’s got a pretty nice ass

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