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105141490it's been 3 years since I dove into The Smiths and been listening exclusively their music, stil…[View]
105142113ITT: bands you think are obscure and people should listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr5DefX…[View]
105139580post your current top 5 songs and others guess your personality >coil - fire of the mind >xiu …[View]
105138547last.fm 3x3 4x4 5x5 last week: REC MUSIC! GUESS TRAITS! RATE! HATE! CHAT! DEBATE! tapmusic.net…[View]
105133855Albums with a similar feel to Lync - These Are Not Fall Colors?[View]
105140525>I'm so old your so young. What did he mean by this?[View]
105142120Why yes, I do listen to Technobalilla. What gave it away?[View]
105137738Late Night Car Ride Songs: I need songs like in this playlist. Don't recommend shit like Kanye …[View]
105141888niggas could have just released the first track alone and never do anything else and they would stil…[View]
105139491I've been trying to get into Jay-Z after getting into Kanye but he's so bad, I can't.…[View]
105139465How can I ask my band to put my stage name first (Ex: Anon & The Band) and also my face larger l…[View]
105104034ITT: albums where everyone agrees what the worst song is[View]
105136782Give me something similar[View]
105128859/metal/ general: Dad Vibes edition previously on /metal/: >>105116289 FAQ: https://pastebin.co…[View]
105141124Anyone else listens to music in mono? I never really liked stereo[View]
105141788>tfw the man who only eats the yolk does not appreciate the egg[View]
105141822You now remember nu rave[View]
105141786jaime sin tierra: why don't people talk about them more bros?[View]
105139783>Bb(add9) / D - Gm11 - F(add9) - Eb(add9)[View]
105141163KPOP GENERAL[View]
105141093Why did people shit on this at release? Mad that it wasn't the leaks? It's actually really…[View]
105140941J.S. BACH: Bach is like an astronomer who, with the help of ciphers, finds the most wonderful stars.…[View]
105141494Taylor Swift feat. Phoebe Bridgers confirmed on the Red re release album[View]
105139931LETS GET A COUPLE THINGS STRAIGHT: you WILL respect /mu/ tradition you WILL listen to and respect th…[View]
105140721Reddit or 4chan?[View]
105136005British invasion: who was the best?[View]
105139997Punk Revolution Now just tweeted this. The absolute madman[View]
105135595ice: post the coldest, frostiest music of all time[View]
105138907which joanna album should i listen to next? Ys was absolutely amazing[View]
105141181Most watched videos from the 00s[View]
105139014What music do you show to a girl you are trying to impress? Please no meme'ing I am trying to t…[View]
105140537If you could put fuck once in a song that doesn't have it, what song and where would you put it…[View]
105139975Queen: Whats peak Queen and why is it Jazz[View]
105139881Korean Music Thread: No K-pop allowed https://youtu.be/S1KIh0MBBX4[View]
105141205Mwindo.mp3: ono omwana atuzaalidwa omulenzi atuweleddwa Imbaraga zikomeye ziteye ubwoba Iherezo rye…[View]
105141165Anons, will this album ever be topped by The Smashing Pumpkins?[View]
105140479KPOP GENERAL[View]
105139916Why do they filter so many people[View]
105141049can't unhear: Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't calling I left my cell, my pager,…[View]
105140997>hell be fine[View]
105137032Can we have a comfy thread about how good Paul Simon was? Such a God tier sing writer[View]
105139920It's an eagle, though[View]
105140868Sad music playlists thread. Or just give me some sad shit to listen to. here's mine: https://op…[View]
105138360the final Dan-Pill[View]
105140830SEE ME IN A RED DRESS[View]
105140666Soma is what they would take when Hard times opened their eyes Saw pain in a new way HIGH STAKES FOR…[View]
105134512>2021... I am forgotten...[View]
105140655How important is recording quality to you? I.e. can you listen to a 20s-50s recording or would you a…[View]
105140299Tokyo Hotel: Their best album. Appealing to English speakers was their downfall.[View]
105140267Tyler the creator 2022 presale code: Anyone have the presale code for the Tyler the Creator 2022 con…[View]
105136446>*Final Fantasy circus music starts playing* >HAS THE DAWN EVER SEEN YOUR EYES >*circus mus…[View]
105140191at the end of the day, which is worse? also, why would someone even do this?[View]
105140638What does the name of this album mean? Linving is a verb or an adjective?[View]
105139489Albums that can't be topped[View]
105138760Why does /mu/ underrate The Pretenders (and overrate Blondie)?[View]
105140514What's your favorite Viper track?[View]
105139733KPOP GENERAL[View]
105132255What music does he listen to?[View]
105137965Denzel Curry of EDM: > first album is eclectic/interesting/experimental > second album artist…[View]
105133184Imagine: It's 1971, and you're recording the legendary album RAM with your spouse and best…[View]
105140397Is this the most based album of all time? If not, what is?[View]
105139853Why you on Facebook: >why you on Facebook >why you on Facebook >why you on Facebook >why…[View]
105140370more for this feel?[View]
105136707Revolver turns 55: Revolver turns 55 today. Say something nice about it.[View]
105140291Kanye West: DONDA: It's gonna be a total flop, isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
105140233ITT:: Share some good music from your country! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo_d_RGkP5Y https://w…[View]
105136952Opinion on black midi?[View]
105139380Band shirts or other details in music videos.: The drummer in the video for Note to Self is wearing …[View]
105139593Oh fucking boy, I can't WAIT to hear another fucking Britbong reciting his shitty ironic Reddit…[View]
105137258All his songs sound the same.[View]
105139308>Half the Album is Punk Rock >Other half is Slam Poetry Odd, but pretty good…[View]
105139469Fleetwood Mac [Reprise, 1975] Why is this Fleetwood Mac album different from all other Fleetwood Mac…[View]
105139840RYM thread: .[View]
105139642Behold: The actual best fusion album[View]
105137997Here Comes the Shock: Green Day - Here Comes the Shock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVfSN1wjDmE…[View]
105132579The Beach Boys: So they were indisputably better than The Rolling Stones, but were they better than …[View]
105139663This isn't country: >Yola's 'Stand For Myself' Have you heard this?…[View]
105130234at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
105138036Kraftwerk.... but better.[View]
105139730It's the final few days of the Olympics. Post some Japanese music. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
105137753Avant Gay: Does anything top this?[View]
105123937What are some very corny political albums?[View]
105135560What is your favorite song from each System of a Down album? And a most favorite random song. I…[View]
105139000KPOP GENERAL[View]
105139564I want to learn the harmonica. I'm about to begin researching good companies that make quality …[View]
105139461donda day[View]
105138895Holy fucking shit[View]
105139294To Pimp a Butterfly is better.[View]
105107688new chart bread: post topsters, lynch lazyposts[View]
105137393How do you lads feel about Kevin Ayers?[View]
105138690i just discovered this album 2 days ago and i cant turn it off. im surprised nobody here talks about…[View]
105128895>tfw no fall gf[View]
105135277Just started listening to her, she's really good. Do you like her music /mu/? song recs?[View]
105099071roger waters[View]
105138611>Nirvana - Half The Man I Used To Be >System Of A Down - Legend of Zelda >The Who - Teenage…[View]
105137761Personality type and proclivities.: Standard song by a four piece band. Vocals, guitar, bass and dru…[View]
105140762HIRO-APPROVED META THREAD: Source for Hiro's approval: https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/675371…[View]
105137431If you see these threads on the catalog: Don't filter them, report them. They aren't about…[View]
105138403KPOP GENERAL[View]
105138012I have grown out of music. Left it behind with other childish hobbies such as video games and playin…[View]
105138852Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works Vol. 3 (2015) - user48736353001 compilation[View]
105138643>lives rent free in C*urtney L*ve’s head[View]
105135967The superior NMH project[View]
105138704What makes this album cover so good? What makes an album cover good in general?[View]
1051344103x3 MONTH CHART: post july yams r8 and h8[View]
105136698Any girls that fart?[View]
105131128I know someone else is trying to make a new /mu/core chart, but let's just cut the crap and agr…[View]
105130969what will they do next? I recently revisited this and holy shit its so good.[View]
105138737cuz god it just feels so good[View]
105138203Is kanye's screen live???[View]
105138621Black Wing No Moon: Why is no one discussing this album? It's made by Dan Barrett from Have a N…[View]
105138263good for you anon[View]
105136862How much do you think it would cost to clear sample licenses for an artist like portishead or Sebast…[View]
105128792ITT: badass album covers[View]
105134604Recent purchases Vinyl/Tape/CD/Whatever as long if its a physical item I got: KLF - Chill Out Labra…[View]
105131138What were they thinking? Are they deliberately trying to ruin their own career?[View]
105137317Stop calling everything you don't like 'indie'[View]
105137010kpop general[View]
105137417Sir Psycho Sexy outro is the best guitar playing that ive ever heard, how is Frusciante so good?[View]
105137934What are some of the shittiest genres out there so I can listen to the best albums from these genres…[View]
105138268any shoegazey mathcore? female vocalsits? >i really like aftermath, wish it had more heavy elemen…[View]
105138259peak Post-Rock[View]
105137957ITT: songs to kill gooks to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUqBglpHTO0[View]
105136662Does /mu/ love this god-tier song? https://youtube.com/watch?v=1vrEljMfXYo[View]
105138155Hey you guys remember /daily/? I made this site that picks a album to discuss each week like that an…[View]
105133049How important are cool masks in a music band?[View]
105137410Paul Johnson 1971 - 2021: F to pay respects[View]
105132011i miss her... any song suggestions?: why did she leave me[View]
105136681HOLY SHIT: more people need to know about this band[View]
105132541where can I find the stream bros?[View]
105131497now that the dust has settled, he was the most influential white boy of the 2010s?[View]
105137758TRAVIS SCOTT BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqEZ4R9TYVE[View]
105136387KPOP GENERAL[View]
105137732this is truly one of the albums of all time[View]
105136916is marilyn manson goth music?[View]
105137110It's been 112 years since Rakhmaninov's 3rd piano concerto was made, and nothing since has…[View]
105137653He'll be fine[View]
105134022Roll your mu fighter[View]
105135798Mbira/Kora ambient?: I used to think African music was all BOOM BOOM BOOM tribal dance drum shit, bu…[View]
105137487I hate music listeners[View]
105129262Jazz and prog BTFO[View]
105137237Favorite Misfits song?: For me it's either this, or Astro Sneedies >There's 52 ways tha…[View]
105132420What music do people who are deviated from normal human experience listen to? I'm talking peopl…[View]
105094002/classical/: PAPA edition This thread is for the discussion of music in the Western classical tradit…[View]
105134039Why Aren't YOU Listening To YUB???: https://yunguglybastard.bandcamp.com/ >Beastie Boys X Li…[View]
105136093any opinions?[View]
105137339Det är alltid levels, Avicii, lever i fantasivärlden på riktigt[View]
105133284>Hey anon whats your favorite genre? >Uhh probably post-punk >Never heard of that one, what…[View]
105136231yuiko tsubokura give me taboo: (1st time posting here - please don't ban if this isn't how…[View]
105137344What is the crystalline entity of music?[View]
105134366Bros... I can't stop listening[View]
105136023What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
105136658In 1999 Barack Obama released a K-pop album[View]
105132920Jazz thread: Where is the jazz thread niggers?[View]
105136938What music would horses listen to if they understood music? What would be necessary for horses to un…[View]
105133355>Spend 12 years of my life focused on making music, devote 1000's of hours to it >My most…[View]
105133650BTS: >'Smooth like butter' >Most staccato song in recent pop history. Isn't it ironic?…[View]
105136808Why did he apologise bros?[View]
105137171Mentally ill from CWCville Thinking he won't? (Fuck his mum) Goddammit he will He’s mentally il…[View]
105133659make ms paint of album art[View]
105135217songs that make feel: ITT: we share music that makes us have real deep feelings of sadness and often…[View]
105128899YOU ARE NOT A MUSICIAN: You're not musically talented. No, you will never become famous. No, yo…[View]
105136930wtf is this[View]
105136385KPOP GENERAL: we love kpop edition[View]
105136993When did you realize it's their best album?[View]
105136133This had absolutely nothing to do with spiders or spiderman. What a fucking joke.[View]
105129656>le bewildered boomer face[View]
105136780Chained to the pillars A 3 day party, I break the walls And kill us all with holy fingers Gouge away…[View]
105136746I miss him, bros...[View]
105136688Do you think Billy posts here?[View]
105136588Holy shit it clicked[View]
105136397Lollapalooza 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLmhpV0aqko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrZYb…[View]
105133970i never listened to buckethead until today i always wrote it off thinking it was gonna be some kind …[View]
105134563My thoughts on music: When I listen to new music I don't feel that any of it is relevant to me.…[View]
105132196At what age did you grow out of vocal music? For me it was 28 years old.[View]
105131958ITT:: Album covers so good they tricked people in to thinking the music was good too.[View]
105136461Did she have soul or was it just style due to it being popular at the time?[View]
105136092sup /mu/: what are some cheapest wireless earbuds, that sound as true as possible? I don't want…[View]
105134024Most underrated album of all time. This is was at least an 8/10 for me when it came out, now it…[View]
105135763KPOP GENERAL[View]
105136378I actually like it[View]
105135488Post bands you used to love but now hate.: I'll start: Rage Against the Machine. Used to think …[View]
105136355>'yes my favourite aphex twin tunes are Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount and Ziggomatic 17 …[View]
105136277never really knew him but somehow I miss him. watching interviews with johnny, kenny and josh really…[View]
105133842what are your thoughts on they might be giants? did all their kids music ruin their reputation or is…[View]
105131335Give me some real reasons as to why it's a toy and some solid arguments for why I should be usi…[View]
105134518Does anyone have a rip or link of the album Commuters by Commuters (pic related)? Already tried soul…[View]
105134658why did he do it bros[View]
105135828What is some mood gusic[View]
105135447>asks Siri what the best The Smiths album is >Siri says The Queen is Dead, which is quite lite…[View]
105135939How are they coping this week, after The Lox beating?[View]
105122445I want to be a popular underground rapper but my voice fucking sucks[View]
105135956what do these mean?[View]
105136016>/mu/ got filtered by the vocals the absolute state of the yank plebes on this board…[View]
105132939Apologize: .[View]
105135209What music do men who like women's asses listen to?[View]
105131632Why does he cause so much seethe?[View]
105135322Have you tried Post-Punk from the country of Croatia?[View]
105135917oi m8, wot was that u were saying about let it be[View]
105132871Official proposal to institute Scaruffia law on /mu/, to weed out the rock novices from the patricia…[View]
105134693I actually love this[View]
105129638One of these threads. Try to keep tracks under 6 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_XJiCr3b…[View]
105132185Can we discuss the lyrics of Joni Mitchell's 'The Last Time I Saw Richard'?: How great are they…[View]
105135751I love this album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqR1Gnf4jro[View]
105135251KPOP GENERAL: Happy birthday hot leader[View]
105133950“Anon, why do you steal music? Spotify is free”[View]
105129345ITT: techno albums better than anything Aphex Twin has put out[View]
105134528What's the Pepe of music?[View]
105112182/gg/ guitar general: there's a misunderstanding about 'music theory' because 'mu…[View]
105135332>mfw I'm tryna listen to a Radiohead album lmaooo[View]
105135344/mu/tards come get your man, jefrecantuledesmaposter is off his meds >>>/tv/154535313[View]
105134781Are the Doors really CIA?: I like them bros.[View]
105132777>She's in love with herself...[View]
105134321>The USA needs to abolish the electoral college (the silly way that a president is appointed), ab…[View]
105130552where is the fucking sticky[View]
105115325Kate Bush: Musician, vocalist, songwriter and record producer. She's simply the greatest and mo…[View]
105135081>you cant see california without Marlon Brando's eyes The fuck is that supposed to mean? or …[View]
105134701KPOP GENERAL[View]
105134969>*chugga chugga diddly diddly squee* >YERMA DURR HYERMA YEAH What did he mean by this?…[View]
105134993Has anyone else been listening to the same 500 or songs since circa 2015?[View]
105130388Yep, this is where Metal peaked.[View]
105131184name another artist who has fronted 3 bands as iconic as the misfits, samhain, and danzig. protip: …[View]
105134330Does Stephen Morris get enough credit as a drummist?[View]
105134017ITT worst performances of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F45Lf_GgMVY[View]
105134908>New York City but I thought he was british? Is this guy all lies or what…[View]
105133778Would ABBA have reached success without Agnetha?: The blonde goddess became the poster girl for the …[View]
105134617HOLY BASED[View]
105133716I was listening to deathconsciousness and mom just told me my music put her to sleep[View]
105134708when did you figure out that hyperpop is the next big thing?: i've never been wrong about this …[View]
105134859BIG GUN NUMBA ONE[View]
105134685>album has one of the most iconic album covers of the decade >the band changes it for the viny…[View]
105133048>Most overdone thread >Boring replies >Everyone is dumb Look at this dog!…[View]
105130235How do you find new music?[View]
105133930Will Toledo mogs every single nigger on earth[View]
105134160KPOP GENERAL[View]
105133548Post what you're listening to right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKi6nv8aVAE[View]
105134415People are gonna hate me for saying this but it's gotta be said: Deaths first 3 albums are the …[View]
105134153Who is this fucking retard anon complaining about this pepe image and vocabulary they don't lik…[View]
105131821YOU ARE A MUSICIAN: You're musically talented. You will become famous. Your music will blow up.…[View]
105134369>one of artist's most popular hits is a cover[View]
105134511Listening to music recorded after 1975[View]
105133663You're kind of musically talented. You might become famous I don't know. Your music could …[View]
105132752New album when?[View]
105132594I...I kinda miss him...[View]
105134398>Well you're in your little room >And you're working on something good >But if it…[View]
105132004last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: groundhog day with same op and posters edition tapmusic.net[View]
105134283It's not coming out is it?[View]
105132741>100 gecs phase finally ended I'm free. It took forever, but I'm finally free…[View]
105133308come on anons, join omegle and discuss music with each other[View]
105134181>Whistling tunes, we piss on the coons in the jungle what did he mean by this?…[View]
105134206The song that might play when you discover the glowies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpGp-22t0lU …[View]
105133118Tricot! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9UdrctkzbQ&feature=youtu.be[View]
105133623KPOP GENERAL[View]
105132067Is it over for him?[View]
105134047Happiness is a Warm Gun: This is by far the most interesting and enjoyable Beatles song. What bands …[View]
105134035Golden Sneed Texture like Seed Lays Sneed down With my post she feeds Throughout the chan No need to…[View]
105133934ITT: bands without a single good song[View]
105131970the best rapper of all time[View]
105133962Ugh, guys?[View]
105133933Just taking a moment to honor the greatest there ever was and ever will be. Godspeed Charlie[View]
105133580Not revolutionary or groundbreaking, your standard indie, my favorite band is Chairlift, yet it…[View]
105133615now I'm going to post photos of kate bush and phil collins[View]
105131858>Promise me the South will rise again Wtf[View]
105127992ITT: claim your favorite Slint album: I'll start[View]
105132176Is he top 10 hip hop for you anon?[View]
105133514I haven't been able to finish a single song in over a year. My peers all make better music fast…[View]
105130887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWUQUu79OY4 Can we all just admit this was the greatest album of all…[View]
105132917KPOP GENERAL[View]
105133535are you boys ready for donda tommorow[View]
105133415>on the train coming home from work >suddenly hear an 8 year old kid five seats ahead of me st…[View]
10513333721st Century Kim Fowley[View]
105133476could we have saved andy gibb?[View]
105132153itt: times an artist lost you as a fan forever because of one ignorant comment[View]
105133369why are there so many American bands that seem british?[View]
105133422i love tarkus[View]
105132346He raped them all. Clean straight up the butt.[View]
105124862/bleep/: Summery edish prev >>105027754[View]
105131924Best NB album[View]
105128418ITT: Favorite Music Videos[View]
105130967Do I need a subwoofer? I don't really listen to church organ music so I don't think I need…[View]
105133278The best emo album[View]
105126072Has anyone else come full circle in their music listening, to realize that Oasis are the best rock b…[View]
105133183ITT: Music analyses that are just plain uneducated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxig0o945-8[View]
105127621DJ Paul Johnson dead at 50: Another piece of the 90's is gone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
105132908i want my mtv[View]
105129421Are you KennyGpilled?[View]
105114606/wpop/: Honeypot edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, MEAT, danziebab…[View]
105132844>we need a name for our band >what kind of people like our music? >I got it!…[View]
105131933I love her so much guys I don’t know what to do I unironically wanna cry[View]
105128866ITT: Comfy Live Performances I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LeQN249Jqw[View]
105132306My voice is too soft.: I'm an okay singer but I want my voice to have more of a rasp and not be…[View]
105128172cop this?[View]
105131413Money changes nothing[View]
105132307KPOP GENERAL[View]
105131802Anyone else actually listen to Modern Country and kinda likes it? For me, it's Toby Keith.[View]
105132174Looking for music that deals with slowly falling in love with a really close family friend only to f…[View]
105132471I have never met another human being who likes Interpol. Do they exist?[View]
105128638Verdict: Unlistenable: https://youtu.be/m_S0qCeA-pc[View]
105132087Why wasn't Lil Dicky canceled for transphobia?[View]
105129206Explain to me how this song sounds so 1996 when it's from 1988 Even the music video aesthetic[View]
105126120Bassed and kekpilled[View]
105130607Recommend me some Russian post-punk bands.[View]
105113636Thoughts on Dimebag Darrel?[View]
105132510'Love” is Sean 'Puffy/Diddy' Combs’s latest nom de plume[View]
105131531I just want to share my thoughts on Bon Scott's original lyrics to AC/DC's Highway to Hell…[View]
105131447I have never listened to a posthumous Zappa album[View]
105131907Rufus Wainwright: >great voice >solid songs >decent guitarist >decently good looking Why…[View]
105131204What has caused rap music to dominate around the globe and is there any country where rap or techno …[View]
105129539RAP ALBUMS TIER LIST tiermaker.com/create/all-time-hip-hop-albums-34823[View]
105132473>listening to the radio at work >co-worker sings the final verse vocal flourish on every verse…[View]
105127613Full cancellation incoming. I'd say they announce before the weekend. It's almost time to …[View]
105129889Anyone else have a favorite band that is disliked by those you introduce them to our already hated b…[View]
105131670KPOP GENERAL[View]
105129902Does /mu/ like them?[View]
105127444aoty: itt post ur aoty[View]
105132273>i feel its all out of duty, the duty, to make us all unrooted, so look up to the state, look up …[View]
105130088the endeavor : day 240: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next …[View]
105131718/dg/ - death grips general: what did death grips mean by this edition[View]
105124756how do I fucking stop relating to this album[View]
105132078WHO TOLD YOU I'M A MUSICIAN: WHO TOLD YOU I'M musically talented. WHO TOLD You I will beco…[View]
105126005BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnWbvLbL99A[View]
105132102>Thomson Twins - Genius of love[View]
105131862Songs that play in hell ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07a9uSPwxSg[View]
105131595does this bitch ever sing about anything other than her ex[View]
105125280NEW ARIEL PINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScMIgaLkWeM Hearing that there are two new albums fl…[View]
105131874Am I gay if I liked this album?[View]
105128634I love this album. I don’t care fight me or something. It’s still really heavy and catchy[View]
105131850Thoughts on Diamond Darrell[View]
105131166Big up to all me lads on the 4chans baord posting their fucking greenw ords and talkin about beatles…[View]
105131791Which is the best Jack Senff project?[View]
105130308Was he France's most beautiful voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg6Boku_bQc https://www.y…[View]
105127693why is k4000 a meme can someone explain[View]
105131676The only types of music that bring me emotion anymore are covers of very specific types of songs, ki…[View]
105129020How do you feel knowing ...they... took one of your favorite bands away form you?[View]
105130999KPOP GENERAL[View]
105113080>takes out Easy Money Ah, a perfect album.[View]
105131590why is Godflesh so fucking good bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT0puCcvHZU[View]
105131616The first four songs on this album are awesome and the rest are forgettable.[View]
105130512thank you to whoever posted this vegan coffee shop, gluten free, free range, feminist bookstore ass …[View]
105127770>According to Nicks, Buckingham painted her as someone who sleeps around in one of the song’s lyr…[View]
105127652BEST OF BRAZILIAN MUSIC: If you gringos wanna discover some real SOVFVL shit, come on in. I'll …[View]
105128350/doom/ - Doom/Sludge/Drone/Stoner GENERAL: Welcome to the second /doom/ general thread Previous thre…[View]
105131546why is japanese jazz fusion rock so great[View]
105129654How do I become a professional jazz pianist?[View]
105129856I just found this first press Slapp Happy/Henry Cow vinyl in the United States... I can't belie…[View]
105129581I think they're fantastic: .[View]
105131341This cracker is underrated AF[View]
105129540>she didn't listen to any of the songs I sent[View]
105131276Damn. This shit kinda rocks lol[View]
105126626Where's the music?[View]
105131291ITT: Danny is a fucking robot. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can’t.[View]
105130684>*shitty CIA-funded circus music starts playing* >I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN …[View]
105128621If you don't play an instrument or otherwise make music, I don't give a fuck about your op…[View]
105129842Claim your Sublime song[View]
1051302622 bandmate walking into bar??? one say: where the music at. other say we the music dude![View]
105130983I WROTE MY FIRST LYRICS.... READ AND RATE: The rain poured down over the Equator As a boat took us t…[View]
105127434Disgusting and embarassing.[View]
1051304581910= music started 1920-1950=classical music 1960-1970=golden age of music for old singers 1980=per…[View]
105131056How do these fags get away with spam constantly?[View]
105130587Does /mu/ like noisecore?[View]
105131079>mogs all your grandpa's classic boomer rock 'legends' in you are path…[View]
105129391tfw realizing KOЯN is good[View]
105130630What is your favorite Electronic remix? Mine is https://youtu.be/y9bID19jCcw off of the compilation …[View]
105117444Which one had the best songs and albums? Which one had the best musicians?[View]
105130992I really, really like the The Beatles[View]
105130319KPOP GENERAL[View]
105130643At what age did you grow out of modern 'music', /mu/?[View]
105130606Artists you're convinced don't actually have a fanbase: Despite their presence in GTA 5 an…[View]
105129185>hi, i'm back. how's music?[View]
105124226i miss them bros[View]
105129755can someone just put it on youtube[View]
105127564Dipsetbros... We got fucking mogged[View]
105128865I went to my fridge this morning because I could swear I could hear spring onions singing Bee Gees s…[View]
105128473You didn't get filtered, did you?[View]
105130482does he make fantano seethe with jealousy[View]
105129448What's your opinion on Placebo ? I always thought they were a bit cringe, but now I realize tha…[View]
105130448/oing/ Oingo Boingo General: >the song 'imposter' comes out in 1981 >among us video game comes…[View]
105129997>HEY AYE! >COME OUT AND PLAY![View]
105129191The Mouse has spoken: Olivia had better follow orders... or be devoured by the Mouse's woke pet…[View]
105127237When was the last time /mu/ was obsessed over a new project: Now that some banger projects are comin…[View]
105130481this is fucked up[View]
105127583>yfw the recent push by nostalgic 30-something manchildren to rehabilitate this shitty band which…[View]
105125321NOT a shill thread: Who are some of the best shills posting here in your opinion? Who are the absolu…[View]
105129618Are we still excited for Blue Banisters?[View]
105130389Somebody come get they nigga[View]
105129620Early F[View]
105130028The reason the critics all like Elvis Costello is because they all look like Elvis Costello[View]
105129424KPOP GENERAL[View]
105123217i-is... this the greatest album of all times? i... just i couldn't believe my ears... I'm …[View]
105127809>Greatest Hits >Volume 2[View]
105129700How's your local punk scene, /mu/? You DO take part in the scene and have lots of punk friends,…[View]
105130214It’s A Graveyard.[View]
105128356post pictures that could be album covers. others guess or speculate what the genre would be. >hyp…[View]
105129537who's next[View]
105128296What makes Mac DeMarco so great[View]
105128975What the fuck[View]
105129574is all gusic art, and if not, what makes art gusic qualify as art gusic?[View]
105129840Times you’ve put on aphex twin and scared the hoes?: You know you’ve done it at least once[View]
105130030>First half is great >Second half is garbage…[View]
105129234>says the n word >becomes bigger than ever…[View]
105129686>put the girl boy song for my GF >this creepy lets listen to something else…[View]
105126543Tomorrow is tha day[View]
105129916ITT: songs that hav inspired your future goals: i'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k16p…[View]
105123306Holy shit, this is actually incredible[View]
105128999Albums normies/women will never understand[View]
105125719has there ever been a comeback more kino than this?[View]
105129699Any songs similar to this? I like how it sounds but I'm not quite sure what genre it is https:/…[View]
105128351I've been listening to a lot of emo lately but I'm having trouble finding more of this: ht…[View]
105129541I've been chuding: So long, I've been looking too hard I've been chuding too long Chu…[View]
105129026Can't believe I kinda enjoyed this shit[View]
105127519Post actual music about tfw no gf Starting with obligatory[View]
105128344>I'd say there's potential[View]
105128782KPOP GENERAL: made for deflowering[View]
105129198Anyone who can help will get a handjob: There’s a piano song, a beautiful piece of music that was pl…[View]
105128950>/mu/ tells me that Neo-Soul isn't really Soul >/mu/ tells me that Post-Punk Revival isn…[View]
105124262Death Grips petition: I made a petition it explains itself https://www.petitions.net/bring_mc_ride_…[View]
105129301*smokes Deep Purple in Rock, the Uriah Heep debut, the Sabbath debut and Paranoid*[View]
105129108say baby, do you wanna lay down with me? say baby, do you wanna lay down by my side? baby, do you wa…[View]
105129006Why didn't Pink Floyd break up after Syd left? There was a certain time between when Syd left a…[View]
105126971UPDATING /MU/CORE - ROUND 4: The chart continues to shrink. Let's keep making progress. This ch…[View]
105128008Yeah, I think I’m done listening to music for a while...[View]
105128519new lean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLfyaXBEw7k[View]
105126462Why do so many people get filtered by prog and jazz fusion?[View]
105116289/metal/: Thunderstorm Edition old >>105100533 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
105128652>tfw no french skramz gf[View]
105128860Broadcast: Broadcast[View]
105128851does Power (from chainsaw man, a popular manga by tatsuki fujimoto) play Power chords (the ones used…[View]
105127840break stuff: >headlining the biggest festival of the summer after two years a diving and sketchy …[View]
105127786I made a request to my local rock station to play pic related but they didn't play it. What…[View]
105128123KPOP GENERAL[View]
105127500I regret putting off listening to this[View]
105122648Chris Cornell: 23yo here I only knew the voice of Cornell (prior to his death) thanks to Cash's…[View]
105128595I used to rule the world: Why did they name the song 'long live life'? Does the lyrics really have m…[View]
105128218Give me a piece of media that perfectly syncs up to a piece of media[View]
105128289Boomer Catnip: And mega cringe[View]
105126760tiger mask: the EP of 2021 go go gremlens[View]
105122633last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.net guess future, past and place, rec things[View]
105128112Holy shit.[View]
105127823Prove you listen to music.[View]
105128382Heavy metal - Right-wing music?: http://www.aureus-press.com/the-metal-question/ What are your thoug…[View]
105128368that FEEL when kurt cobain is doing you're (you are) mom[View]
105128279Ed Sheeran Death Metal: Discuss.[View]
105127494I just noticed they put a child giving a blowjob on Michael Jackson's grave. Was that really ne…[View]
105127897Music with too many instruments?[View]
105126046>Paul still shits on George years after he's dead. Keeps telling the story about how he eras…[View]
105128257is pic-related already forgotten ?[View]
105128254daniel johnston was abducted by aliens[View]
105126588>makes 90% unlistenable trash, 10% god-tier melodic trap Why doesn’t he just like sit down and p…[View]
105124581Will we ever get a official release of this? It has potential to be their best work yet, but at its …[View]
105126431August 2021 . . . I am forgotten[View]
105127439KPOP GENERAL[View]
105116761Why is France so much worse at composing music than all its neighbors? Things started out strong wit…[View]
105127304Reminder that Britney Spears is a crazy whore and deserves to be locked up in a conservatorship[View]
105127806well, this was a pleasant surprise[View]
105128087FUCK lil peep FUCK bladee FUCK xxxtentacion FUCK yung lean SESH. TIL. I. REST.[View]
105126689It wasn't that good.[View]
105120912This dude's music fucking sucks. I've been attempting to get into rap music other than the…[View]
105128017Why don't people like progressive metal anymore, /mu/? Are all music listeners just brainlets n…[View]
105127962Twisted Sister arent as bad as people say Under The Blade and The Kids Are Back are based[View]
105127871I've been about /bizkit/ before their comeback, get that shit out of my face, poser.[View]
105126029https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1Am45JrwQ4 Who was the original rapper?[View]
105127055At home, drawing pictures Of mountaintops With him on top, Lemon yellow sun Arms raised in a “V” A…[View]
105126964How do you think Moby is feeling about limpkino being back on the menu?[View]
105127351What song is this[View]
105127526ITT: Weirdly edgy lyrics from bands not known for writing edgy songs https://youtu.be/kqVpk0qxmfA …[View]
105122342Favorite songs by 'Three Dog Night'?[View]
105127653Name my band, /mu/[View]
105127481I always knew I wouldn't be gay Had pics of my momma since I was 8[View]
105127535SABB kinda slaps: I really don't get the hate for this album. Listening to it again, Fracture a…[View]
105127701Gold rope hanging around my neck[View]
105127461I'm just going to say it: Sexual Harassment was a GOOD band name.[View]
105127177un-cancel Ryan: fight the power[View]
105126044Which one?[View]
105127296Bands that you used to love and now hate: For me, it's Rage Against the Machine. There are band…[View]
105127195Alt Metal / Nu Metal: Can we have a civilized discussion about Alt/Nu metal and recommendations? I w…[View]
105125348>WANK BAD!!!: Why do you shredlets always complain about 'wank' like you don't like listenin…[View]
105120520damn this album rocks kurt truthers need to get over their biases[View]
105127497Was Slipknot good ?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6fVE8kSM43I[View]
105125658What do i listen to, /mu/[View]
105125896what on earth was he thinking?[View]
105126604TLOP is Kanye's most introspective album to date. Will Donda top it?[View]
105126841KPOP GENERAL[View]
105127360what's next for meme rap?[View]
105124698FLOP OR NOT?: I think it's a flop cuz it's got no legs at all, cuz it's not catchy at…[View]
105125649I just don't get this album or why it's so highly rated. It sounds like complete fucking s…[View]
105127239Why do they put vocoder affects on bieber's voice in Peaches ? its the only song ive heard from…[View]
105124343>artist's best album is posthumous[View]
105127297how do you actually get into making music? how do you make anything that sounds like something at al…[View]
105127289Sauce request: So i have this singer/rapper stuck in my head but i cant for love's fuck remembe…[View]
105126912post the best lyricist in your opinion and example of his work >halleelujah >haaallelujah >…[View]
105127221What went wrong?[View]
105127135What the fuck was John thinking?[View]
105126035Is eminem the biggest bitch in music history[View]
105125986Matt Damon[View]
105125112what are some other musicians that use annoyances as their method of advertising.[View]
105126354I’ve heard she’s based but have been unable to verify that on my own. What do you think, /mu/?[View]
105124081post your AOTY[View]
105127009>'No one listened to it. But there it is, forever – the quintessence of articulated punk. And no …[View]
105127121Pictured: The Beatles, 1981, right to left: John (deceased), Paul (decaused), Faul, Fail, Ringo, Geo…[View]
105120772what exactly was it that cause Americans in 60s to go nuts over their bland 3 chord pop rock ditties…[View]
105123327*saves pop music during a pandemic*: your fave could never[View]
105125901What's he listening to?[View]
105125989>The Ring is a story of the inconclusive progress of thought through a dualistic universe. From t…[View]
105127034Anyone here care about The Residents? Just been getting really into them recently. There's so m…[View]
105127026LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTQ0QdkN3Q…[View]
105120848We post a band objectively best album[View]
105123636i'm gay.[View]
105122325can i get some recs please[View]
105124743Violent Femmes for teenage girls.[View]
105121985Bros, wtf, this is good[View]
105122724Do you think if we taught RYMers with 5,000+ rating on their account some basic music theory and how…[View]
105124988>artists best album is a bootleg[View]
105126534Is highly technical indie prog the next big thing in rock?[View]
105126358>ambient >ethereal >it sounds like ass on speakers with actual soundstage…[View]
105126428Anyone know of moar post-hardcore like pic related?[View]
105126066KPOP GENERAL[View]
105124290It’s like a Chad Beastie Boys[View]
105123884I really like The Smiths, B-52's and Coil. Does it make me gay?[View]
105126738Fleetwood Mac Halloween: WTF I love boomer mom rock now.[View]
105126728Post the best military marches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp9BnF6ji1Q&list=WL&index=68…[View]
105126430What’s Marilyn Mansons best album and why is it Holy Wood[View]
105125768How do I BE this nigga[View]
105125802These are the greatest albums of all time.[View]
105120872Who are some simliar artists?[View]
105126351Post your favorite songwriter: Pic related[View]
105126582A modern day Mccartney[View]
105125322Ringo stabbed his wife with scissors Paul choked his wife John smacked his wife George was a womani…[View]
105123981>album version of a track is completely different from single version[View]
105126406>Return, I will, to old Brazil >Autumn in New York >Lovers love London by night >April i…[View]
105123473>bonus tracks[View]
105124476>slowed + reverb[View]
105125793How come The Beatles never did a four-part harmony line with John, Paul, George, and Ringo? All four…[View]
105118992Your all time favourite Hip Hop album. I'll start; 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang Clan.[View]
105121362ITT: albums to listen to while lying on the floor[View]
105118978Why is this absolute loser remembered so fondly by people? Don’t get me wrong, she was a wonderful t…[View]
105126263Who was Old MacDonald? Why did he have a farm?[View]
105125983ITT We write a Mars Volta song[View]
105121855Why was metal unable to surpass this?[View]
105126286dressed up in smoooooke and yeeeeelllooooooooooowwwwwwww wolf’s skin you spin and spin the skeleton …[View]
105121158Post some pop/rock/whatever you got from this country: Kult - Gdy nie ma dzieci https://www.youtube.…[View]
105125301Pitchfork like usual pushing absolute garbage[View]
105121695Is this the start of her discount Dua Lipa era?[View]
105119477/mu/ Underrated rock bands: Hi /mu/, I am tired of listening the same shit every week, can you recom…[View]
105124394>The best ______ artist in music history Your 'understanding' of music history encompasses 60 yea…[View]
105125228KPOP GENERAL[View]
105125589Rank them: Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish[View]
105125942Patrician Synthwave: Can someone here recommend me some synthwave that's actually good? A lot o…[View]
105125183What's his name again?[View]
105125856This album is so good, thanks to whoever the anon is who recommended it to me several months ago. It…[View]
105125709M.E. has the best 'electronic' beat of all time, as showcased by a band just looping it decades late…[View]
105124315Debunking music theory: Is it possible to be a musician in 2021 without knowing 'music theory'? How …[View]
105123082Lol what genre even is this[View]
105125721Phoebe Bridgers has 4.777,906 monthly listeners on Spotify: When dead people have more listeners tha…[View]
105125498Hey, looking for music with chill drawn out Sub bass that's not shitty repetitive boring electr…[View]
105117246James Rolfe's Top 5 Metal Albums: 1) Metallica – Ride the Lightning (1984) 2) Black Sabbath – M…[View]
105111692is it good?[View]
105125792Dangerously based album[View]
105121889What is a nice music player for android?[View]
105123675What kind of music do manic pixie dream boys listen to?[View]
105119045Sinner Get Ready: Review copies are in the wild. Someone's gotta leak it soon. https://narcmaga…[View]
105120408Let's play a game. Someone posts an image, and everyone else tries to guess the song. I'll…[View]
105123035ITT albums where the first song is the second best, and the last track is the best[View]
105123492she has a nice voice but her music is boring[View]
105120172Happy birthday Louis Daniel Armstrong! https://youtu.be/m4V2Jm1im0Q[View]
105124829Why is Radiohead so good?: Radiohead achieves this effect both because of the sound of their music a…[View]
105124570Anyone else tired of seeing this faggot?[View]
105114524Calls Steely Dan “fine.”: /mu/ why do you bother with this brainlet?[View]
105115312/MU/ MAKES AN ALBUM: Don't let this die so quickly wtf Album name : Seeing her run out the door…[View]
105124746Share GOOD southern rock[View]
105125433Lil Nas' 'Industry Baby' pushes Olivia Rodrigo's 'Good 4 U' down to #3: Hits #2 in the US.…[View]
105125209Album Art: This is one of my favorite album covers. Very obscure but from the time I first saw it I …[View]
105125434>little girl big attitude >WOOP I'm officially old. This just sounds like a person talkin…[View]
105123304Do you have better taste than Kojima?[View]
105125229KPOP GENERAL[View]
105125039bruh this shit slaps[View]
105125296me and my arrow[View]
105125164Noel Gallagher is going to be on the radio: 'You’ll be hearing some great tunes' https://www.nme.com…[View]
105123769I hate albums: They’re too long[View]
105124836Was this some kind of joke?[View]
105123676Aside from vaporwave and the sonic adventure soundtracks, what's some other sega dreamcastcore?…[View]
105124834>3 years and 1 month since last album They're not coming back, are they?…[View]
105124603KPOP GENERAL[View]
105125179His only hit songs are when the singer is good, do people even care about the hip hop parts?[View]
10512488911/10 songs only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTHLKHL_whs[View]
105122892>what you enjoy the most about music >some examples of it: I have two things mainly that make …[View]
105123522Gathering of the Juggalos 2021 lineup.[View]
105124473How often do you listen to music in foreign languages?: Do you look up translations of the lyrics or…[View]
105124080any of you fags planning on picking it up?[View]
105123915What are your thoughts on this man and his delectable booty, /mu/?[View]
10512431220th century country >depressed working class alcoholics chronicling their struggles in a world …[View]
105114209weird death grips show experience: Wanted to tell my experience from a death grips show I went to ba…[View]
105124442I'm always down for pie, put my plate on it[View]
105123898>bladee - egobaby (Official Video): https://youtu.be/YbMrRegZ3H0 it dropped and it's beautif…[View]
105123988KPOP GENERAL[View]
105124155Holy shit.[View]
105111448now that the dust has settled can we finally accept that this album fucking sucks? there are many sh…[View]
105124401>came out few months before brexit vote >first word sung is stay >last word is leave Whic…[View]
105116335Post any song you really like and I'll listen to it and give you my opinion. Music I usually li…[View]
105123740This was on MTV, society is collapsing: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CfC5EfUI8mw[View]
105116748I just want to listen to The Cure's Faith album on repeat until I die: Do my hipster histrionic…[View]
105122408new Black Midi track: Black Midi - Cruising Get in here, bitch. https://youtu.be/YJleqBqXlpA[View]
105115001My Top 100 Metal Albums: ive listened to metal my whole life very little could change my mind, filos…[View]
105123901Coil is shit[View]
105123169Why is anglo folk music so faggy and pretentious compared to other countries?[View]
105123399KPOP GENERAL[View]
105123621ITS OUT[View]
105123565turn off your mind, relax and eat some cheese if its not frying... it should be frying...[View]
105116837Sonic youth: what album should I start with? What songs should I start with? So far I've only h…[View]
105123809Hummm... Hello based departement ?![View]
105122456Why the fuck would she cook breakfast with no hog?[View]
105123593Jesus blood never failed me yet never failed me yet Jesus blood never failed me yet there's som…[View]
105122923best tracks from 2021: fuck albums i only care about songs post your best from this year https://www…[View]
105115424ITT we rank all the songs on our favorite album. r8 & h8 >God tier Teeth Like God's Shoe…[View]
105122323What are some absolute bangers?[View]
105122943>saves Mott the Hoopple’s, Lou Reed’s and Iggy Pip’s careers in your path…[View]
105123203Post albums you forgot you love[View]
105119542'The new Weezer album? Yeah, it's pretty good. Love myself some metal!'[View]
105121313>elbow any love for elbow? this album is underrated imo[View]
105122853ITT based footchad musicians[View]
105123405Hey, /mu/... Watch this: https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/oxs21r/mjs_first_moonwal…[View]
105027754/bleep/: electro edition: where to start anons?[View]
105122754KPOP GENERAL[View]
105122542Why are you still using Spotify?: Why the recommendation algorithm is so bad? If you're not lis…[View]
105123326Caratofake - A K P P L A: Is a reggaeton album for dance and lisend with friends[View]
105115203Is she the GOAT woman pop star?[View]
105123264Why is it so beautiful?[View]
105121686Jesus Is King: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that it’s the cinematic masterpiece D…[View]
105114461Post an album that you’d never admit you like to your friends[View]
105123094Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]
105119151do i have to listen to this all the way through before i can enjoy classical music?[View]
105123100I'm not very good at singing songs but here-here's a try[View]
105123081>you're in love again, but not with your girlfriend. music for this feel?…[View]
105115200he didn't deserve it.[View]
105118127What would he listen to?[View]
105122667You guys weren't lying. It actually is great[View]
105122946Talentless: Post an album you first went out of your comfort zone of genres to listen to and thought…[View]
105120455oh cheeky cheeky[View]
105121724I recently learned David Bowie loved Pixies, and that Kurt Cobain was inspired by them... How many b…[View]
105122857Kojima rike it[View]
105114363Tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage! Tell me why I so need a cute girl my age! Tell me …[View]
105107879/mu/ compiles an unpozzed music list thread 4: Some based songs that are nativist or associated with…[View]
105121959>YOU'RE MUCH TOO YOUNG[View]
105122503We didnt become rich wah wah wah: >Half the band hangs themselves because they didn't wan…[View]
105111068Post an album, with first lyrics that come to mind[View]
105109439/rym/: https://rateyourmusic.com/~sonjeff Go ahead and fellate my ego some more, plebs[View]
105118804uhm..... based???[View]
105113109What kind of people collect vinyl records?[View]
105122760Rock + Roll: I want to know How many of you people out there want to rock and roll????? Say it Rock …[View]
105122190KPOP GENERAL[View]
105121222I will be buying a Yamaha RBX170 with a Dark Blue Metallic finish.[View]
105117033Ska Punk is my favorite type of music: I don't see literally anybody anywhere remembering that …[View]
105117920Why is this happening?[View]
105121611Who's /mu/'s favorite keyboardist?: Dave Greenfield for me RIP.[View]
105122621Why is Morrissey such a pretentious prick?[View]
105121818The new tropical fuck storm album leaked btw. It's on soulseek,[View]
105121693who is your favourite post-punk frontman? for me it's Adrian Borland[View]
105122531Dipset bros, we lost hard last night at Verzuz, hopefully this doesn't stop Cam'ron from d…[View]
105122484Anybody have info on The Kudzu Band? I've been listening to this album for years and wanna know…[View]
105122477give me the qrd on the russian top 100 from the last 20 years[View]
105122405gezebelle gaburgably good :)[View]
105122313Why are male jazz singers so bad compared to the women? I mean Nat Cole was pretty good I suppose, b…[View]
105114571How do people actually enjoy playlists? I don't understand how this shit works. I try to make o…[View]
105122272Like if you get the reference[View]
105122197Yo, holy shit[View]
105121608KPOP GENERAL[View]
105121594Made a lo fi post punk EP in isolation, thoughts?: https://sicksadworlduk.bandcamp.com/album/s-t…[View]
105117656>discover new album >suddenly that album is discussed all the time why the hell does this keep…[View]
105111309albums for lyricsfags: cursed lyricfag here. i find lyrics to be the most inspiring and impactful as…[View]
105116178>be incredibly talented guitarist >Make some of the most uninspired and boring music Why…[View]
105121328best album art[View]
105119093This goes out to the ladies of /mu/ - glad you are here. Cheers![View]
105121281New black midi. If they actually somehow surpass cavalcade with this 2nd album this year I'd be…[View]
105118512Lil Na's 'Industry Baby' pushes Olivia Rodrigo's 'Good 4 U' down to #3: Hits #2 in the US.…[View]
105122029How did they know?: Is there a single song to better describe covid hysteria than Fear Inoculum? Thi…[View]
105115400>Chris Cornell passed away May 18, 2017 >Chester Bennington passed away July 20, 2017 Did Chri…[View]
105121953I dont get the appeal of concerts[View]
105121425Thoughts, /mu/?[View]
105119580Music for the Iliad: Let's say a movie about the Iliad was in production and you had to choose …[View]
105121473Unironically based[View]
105121734Now the dust has settled...: Thoughts?[View]
105119346Recommend me some music linked to mountains, forests and generally camping, wild live. Doesn't …[View]
105117624Did he peak here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWc7vYjgnTs[View]
105114117I miss him bros[View]
105121025KPOP GENERAL: ningning looks pretty good now edition[View]
105105685/prod/ - music production general: New to production? See: https://pastebin.com/p2QUqMzj [Embed] Pos…[View]
105117370Is this their best album?[View]
105121541Any bands like Chickenfoot?[View]
105116711Who's the gayest musician of all time?[View]
105121419wtf?? they sound like poor mans Modest Mouse[View]
105109186Cranked Snare General: Fuck boxy, 'deep' sounding snares. Post songs with the ringiest, most high-tu…[View]
105118247Holy shit[View]
105121137Is it normal that I'm really picky in music? Like, I've been listening to a few playlists …[View]
105121352When I was in the third grade, i thought that i was gay… cause i could draw[View]
105119727Who is the GOAT synthpop band?[View]
105119442bandcamp shill thread: bandcamp shill thread[View]
105117438What yall think of my debut music vid? Couldn't have gotten to this first goal without 4chan…[View]
105117461Can't wait for Limp Bizkit to become the biggest band on the planet again[View]
105110689UPDATING /MU/CORE - ROUND 3: Another 9 albums have been eliminated. The chart is looking cleaner now…[View]
105121228PKD was a Beatles fan therefore Beatles are based: >God talked to me through a Beatles tune ('Str…[View]
105121166Well you're my FREN... and can't you SNEED???[View]
105121018ITT: We post lyrics out of context to make you seem schizo: Girlfriend in a coma, I know... I KNOW, …[View]
105118244>He comes out of Austin, Texas, also another lad who had a lot of problems with thinking. He was …[View]
105116883best music video of all time? >inb4 coombrain posters I unironically like it for artistic reasons…[View]
105119777Exploring Jezebel - Penis Torture Chamber: Has /mu/ listened to this? Yes, all 12+ hours.[View]
105120498KPOP GENERAL[View]
105120964STOP IT /mu/[View]
105118288Are speakers healthier to protect my tinnitus from getting worse, /mu/bros? I'm done with headp…[View]
105117484There's two type of people: The ones who listens to Misfits and the ones who listens to Black F…[View]
105112940ITT: Albums Fantano thankfully never reviewed[View]
105120483What is your personal opinion regarding Alice Glass mouth[View]
105120149What was the political climate like in the UK during the late 1970s that helped make this album so p…[View]
105120447This clicking was a really great feeling.[View]
105120786Has anyone listened to this before? I personally really like it,[View]
105104361Post artists that will be forgotten once boomers kick the bucket[View]
105120480Fucking hell, I'm reluctant to admit it but I kinda like it, except the gucci mane part, fuck g…[View]
105118669So am i the only one here who waits for her new album?[View]
105118724/hhg/: hip hop general: gigakanye edish post songs lyrics and lists. ironic shitposting welcome. no …[View]
105120540it's so good ;-;[View]
105120055KPOP GENERAL[View]
1051171695x5 WEEK for recent listens guess everything recommend one thing https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
105120468>tfw she feels that my sentimental side should be held with kids' gloves…[View]
105120154I think I would've like it more if p4k didn't give it a ten[View]
105120369holy shit[View]
105117796music that fits this experience?[View]
105117366Taylor Swift's is desperately trying to copy Paul McCartney and in the present she is held in h…[View]
105113995Why aren't you practising right now?[View]
105114176*moans over her brother's genius production* Why do people like this again?'[View]
105111512Post a more badass axe …[View]
105118928PERUVIAN CUMBIA: thread for discussing one of the greatest unknown genres amongst the rest of the wo…[View]
105119570KPOP GENERAL: blonde meatsoo edition[View]
105118577top spotify albums: Does anyone know a website that generates a collage of your most streamed albums…[View]
105119554MOAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jav-tY-btTY Have you faggots ever heard anything like this bef…[View]
105119903808s is Kanye's best record.[View]
105114978sad-in-bed songs: post songs for being sad in bed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm60pXJJbtA…[View]
105119748/nmg/ Nu-Metal General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1PqUPVqphE[View]
105117223Which album is better?: KG or LW? Thoughts on these albums in general?[View]
105118948all time topster lol[View]
105118222How do you discover music without recommended algorithms What good music, bands, artists, songs etc…[View]
105111302unironically one of the best albums i've ever heard[View]
105119102KPOP GENERAL[View]
105112269Admit it, /mu/: We will look back on this in a couple decades and think, “I miss when music was this…[View]
105115453/mu/ BLASTING?: Post it[View]
105118462Got a hole in the brain for ya[View]
105118040albums that you thought were overhyped that you went back to after a few years and get now[View]
105119020>listen to tracks by Sam therapy and king dice I don't get it[View]
105118588KPOP GENERAL[View]
105117011Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same[View]
105109745ICEDANCER (its true) ICEDANCER (its true) ICEDANCER (its true) IT WILL BE COLD TONIIIIIGHT ooooooooo…[View]
105117884Do you think world war 3 will spark a musical revival with many new genres and bands making it big l…[View]
105116819like SOPHIE or JIMMY EDGAR: like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDvgtbbLaMI[View]
105117068DJ Dubbi: I still don’t get the joke[View]
105118507Any appreciation for Marina and the Diamonds? I'm a 30 year old man and I hate to admit I love …[View]
105117594Why didn’t you tell me how amazing classical music is?[View]
105113422Limp Bizkit in Woodstock 99: This was a kino performance. Call it white trash or whatever you like, …[View]
105118609>And though our bones they may break, and our souls separate-Why the long face? >And though ou…[View]
105118561I'm too old to give a damn about what's popular or 'in' these days, but i ain't gonna…[View]
105118071KPOP GENERAL[View]
105117134“Why do you steal music, anon? Spotify is free”[View]
105117876Rock is not music[View]
105118425Shoegaze as an aesthetic: This last year I have been listening to music not because I like the music…[View]
105114693thoughts on this??: found this on spotify's auto play thing the other day (i should rope myself…[View]
105118216post legendary albums[View]
105118060ITT: ultimate pleb filters[View]
105110647i went to make a thread dissing limp Bizkit but holy fuck i have never seen a harder JUST in my life…[View]
105118136Why is it called punk rock? Because it's for PUNK ASS BITCHES![View]
105117562KPOP GENERAL[View]
105114748What went wrong?[View]
105116384Thoughts on Brian Wilson’s Smile?[View]
105117591What do you think? https://youtu.be/CjqRIpvkfBA[View]
105117714Are they really back?[View]
105117703Harsh and incomprehensible vocals in punk and metal could have been a psyop to neuter the potential …[View]
105116853whats your favorite music[View]
105116970KPOP GENERAL[View]
105117344Rate my playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHQnXM0_Y9JS_hEokuX105iWvUCP9l1g0[View]
105117139Cutie! https://youtu.be/Oo6hsFzdU9w[View]
105114583Man this album is fucking shit. I hope Brian Wilson falls into a gorilla enclosure and gets shot.[View]
105116068/mu/ I need your help recalling an album desperately: Please help /mu/. There was this album I used …[View]
105117334I just really love this song Endroll - Mass of the Fermenting Dregs https://youtu.be/WBn9oNxatdg Al…[View]
105115938this was dope, is there anything similar[View]
105117214Midnight In A Perfect World is Portishead without the cringe.[View]
105116269Worst performances of all time.: ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qupH9aLF4hA[View]
105113906>dubya bad wow so 'brave'[View]
105117155>masturbating while listening to Xiu Xiu’s “A Promise”[View]
105115780this shit does not belong of vinyl what the hell[View]
105117090>tfw discovering the modular section of bandcamp Folks this is it This is the sound of the 2020s …[View]
105116261>I once had a dream so I packed up and split for the city[View]
1051142655 years later and it's still the best album that's been released since then[View]
105117005It's 1 AM: Uber Eats is on its way with my Chinese food and I'm not going to tip the deliv…[View]
105116354KPOP GENERAL[View]
105114440these are kurt cobain's favorite songs was he /mu core?: lots of obscure shit im thinking he wa…[View]
105116750Favorite Misfits song?: For me it's either this, or Astro Sneedies >There's 52 ways tha…[View]
105116944>smoking gas in a rental, she giving me mental[View]
105115645Why is it so much better than all of their other albums?[View]
105107071AOTY Every Year Of the 21st Century: post your aoty for every year of the 21st century so far (2000-…[View]
105116723Why yes I am Rockin with Dokken[View]
105115189>ywn be an internet famous memerapper why live[View]
105114366woah... https://youtu.be/5ZIc8JPfOrU?t=54[View]
105113664ITT: sigma male albums[View]
105114858ITT: Post the last, new album you have listened to and what you rate it: Finally listened to pic rel…[View]
105114624>2021, I am forgotten[View]
105116247Roight that's it: I hate every single one of you turgid cunts here Now that I have your attenti…[View]
105116647I have a new favorite song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgY7V-nB3VI I hope you enjoy with me.…[View]
105113010I made a thread yesterday about collecting l e w d album covers, and this is the result. If you have…[View]
105100533/metal/: Bathory shirts edition OLD: >>105092376 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
105116404>sorry, i only listen to artists i find physically attractive[View]
105116212Coomer Bands: I can't stop, I can't say no I got sex on the brain It's drivin' m…[View]
105115805> GOAT album > can't tell the difference between it and a toothpaste advert somethings no…[View]
105116214Any love on /mu/ for the best metal album ever made?: genuinely curious how many people have listene…[View]
105115712KPOP GENERAL[View]
105111778Why is Canadian music so embarrassing?[View]
105105639bandcamp shill thread: bandcamp shill thread bandcamp shill thread bandcamp shill thread[View]
105115778just smoked weed for the first time with a friend of mine, used way too much, ended up having a ment…[View]
105111016HE WAS A BUFFALO SODA[View]
105114755Easily a top 10 moment in nu metal history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0YR7cflSSQ[View]
105116058Consider that the animus against shredding may be the result of an (partially implicity, as usual) a…[View]
105115481Is Snail Mail actually performing in Pittsburgh or is songkick lying[View]
105115989Low Roar: How many regrets does this guy have? I'm almost done with it, currently on Bye Bye Th…[View]
105115105Need recommendations: I like these Depeche Mode songs, but when I go through others, I don’t like wh…[View]
105115097haha i wonder if anyone had a threesome with them that be crazy ha jk (cause like there sisters)[View]
105114923The fuck[View]
105115038>It doesn't hurt me >Do you want to feel how it feels? >... >And if I only could …[View]
105114924Easily the most talented rock quartet of all-time.[View]
105115632Well... that was fucking cringy, and not in the good way. Especially the why socialism by albert ein…[View]
105115676Help needed: Hey /mu/ bros, sorry for the edgy video (fuck you Common Felipe was based) but I'm…[View]
105094988Soundcloud Thread: Old thread is beyond dead. Post here instead![View]
105114781Why do people encrypt their rar music files with passwords? It's just a goddamn fucking album y…[View]
105115110KPOP GENERAL[View]
105115323ITT Describe Every Albums Of Artist's Discography Badly[View]
105113792>Bands live tracks are better than their studio albums how does this happen…[View]
105109362Why does this board focus so much on albums? No one under 25 consumes music by buying albums anymore…[View]
105111433/dark/: Steve Buscemi edition Discuss all things all things spooky. Goth, Post Punk, Darkwave, Minim…[View]
105113420I fucking love Pixies bros. What do you lads think of Doolittle?[View]
105113204Was Tool good?[View]
105115399Will it ever be topped? He claims his new album will be the best one yet.[View]
105115377https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWgrkNY6wYI SOUL SOUL![View]
105113316Good mashup/mashup albums?: Anyone know any good, or currently working on, mashup albums? https://ww…[View]
105115193Why do people pretend to hate Limp Bizkit so hard?: Why does an goofy, irrelevant band from 20 years…[View]
105115225Rid help: Does usin a boss rv-6 pedal for a two amp set up work well?[View]
105112664She's easily superior to Kate Bush, physically and musically. I'm sick of you plens preten…[View]
105115205I enjoy living again, music for this feel?[View]
105112475HAVANA OH NO NO NO[View]
105114415KPOP GENERAL[View]
105112610Is it really that bad?[View]
105114882Any time I listen to him I get distracted by the thought that I'd rather be listening to Tom Wa…[View]
105112346what's next for Grimes[View]
105113417>is the best pop star of all time and never did anything wrong in your path…[View]
105114964I'm not the one That you'll be shooting for I'm not the one Who's coming back fo…[View]
105113716SHE'S FUCKING A[View]
105114900>He's everything you want >He's everything you need >He's everything inside …[View]
105114610What had happened between Lauren and Brandon was real? Or was it just trolling on all 3 sides?(Brand…[View]
105114909>that time I started a KPOP thread with an image of Plastic Love those dumb fucks used it anyway…[View]
105114733more songs that sound/ have the same feeling as this its almost like an airy feel or something i rea…[View]
105114843I'M A VAMPIRE BABY[View]
105114815lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4s09imiXFs[View]
105114796I'm not even a big Slipknot fan but it still hurts man... jesus.. when you start to remember al…[View]
105113535RETURN OF THE MACK: So what was the moral of the story here, lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
105112843this is like post rock but in 1971[View]
105114495Angelwave: Is angelwave a real movement and genre?[View]
105114256MUSIC THE JEW FEARS: The jews fear bach, all music after bach is done in a vain attempt to bring dow…[View]
105112785almost 15 years on it's still the best[View]
105114576Tommy The Cat is such a good fucking song, bros.[View]
105114541Was Vanilla Ice a good nu-metal artist?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfqFq52Vcxs[View]
105112067Did you get anything worth listening?[View]
105114423>song is almost good enough to add to your playlist but there's a glaring flaw…[View]
105113460James Rifle top 5 metal albums: >1. Ride the Lightning >2. Master of Reality >3. Painkiller…[View]
105108522>removes NYC Ahhh... perfect...[View]
105113012brothers in paris: what is the significance that she ordered a fish filet?[View]
105111150Online Dating profile music r8 and h8 thread: Another one of these[View]
105114424KPOP GENERAL[View]
105113686KPOP GENERAL[View]
105114093Why did this album makes boomers cum so hard? It is just an angry white boy crying about how he hate…[View]
105111388Is he a closeted gay for mc ride or something? Why is he so butthurt (this was days ago) And his Twi…[View]
105094915/wpop/: Popstars in Vidya edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, MEAT, …[View]
105112636waxman was the best track.[View]
105113263More like this[View]
105113829THE LOX VS DIPSET (VERZUZ): YONKERS VS HARLEM WHO Y'ALL GOT https://youtu.be/j8C0Jv672ZI[View]
105112176comfy 60’s pop thread[View]
105113484Crying: Anything else that sounds like them?? This and their EPs are fucking phenomenal[View]
105113794what does /ck/ think of this davies best album?[View]
105113678Rock vs. Hip Hop:: Which was more degenerate?[View]
105112351Educate a zoomer about 1970's party rock, /mu/. Give me your best Boomershit. Stuff like this: …[View]
105114097This board fucking sucks. Realistically, it always has sucked, but at least in the past there were a…[View]
105113957Brian Wilson? more like Brain Wilson haha[View]
105113702what album can top it?[View]
105113900How would you make Freddie Mercury boring, /mu/? Lemme hear how you’ll achieve that because it’s fuc…[View]
105113572>circus music[View]
105114045Night Ranger on the Seven Wishes tour 85: This was a kino performance. Call it boomer trash or whate…[View]
105114039If The Beach Boys were produced by TOBACCO[View]
105113157AOTY 2021[View]
105114009best thing, post-zeppelin, that any of them did you have listened to it, right anon?[View]
105113791Brian eno? More like brain eno haha[View]
105113985where to download underground music if %NAME BAND% is not available on torrent/soulseek? >Buy CD/…[View]
105112725This is like what people think MCR sounds like[View]
105113935Are they /ourguys/?[View]
105113962[alternative rock][cat edition]: which album is the best? or who's discography outmatched them?…[View]
105113576Which country has the best national anthem[View]
105105669Zoomers will never understand.[View]
105113505Honest thoughts?[View]
105113881The greatest band of all time.[View]
105107018i can't get hung up by madonna out of my head[View]
105112315Why does /mu/ never discuss H61? It's one of his best[View]
105113631Steam Powered Giraffe is ba-: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ojYK6CW8gdw[View]
105113781I was raised in a pit of snakes[View]
105111129Was this the peak of pop?[View]
105112944KPOP GENERAL[View]
105113580who are even more underrated artists who sound like this with the same level of basedness?[View]
105113709james blake coldplay or thom yorkes solo work?[View]
105113654You can't name a single rapper or rap group that surpasses Outkast. They're discography is…[View]
105109725Claim your Smiths song[View]
105112498Chuding: Well, it's not far down to chudidise, at least it's not for me And if the wind is…[View]
105112805The Velvet Underground? More like The Velvet Blunderground![View]
105109502Go ahead anon, what's your favorite song (at least right now)?[View]
105111456Does anyone know what kind of genre this song is, or other pieces similar to it? https://www.youtube…[View]
105107887>captain of his high school rugby team >multiple girlfriends Why did you lie to me, /mu/?…[View]
105111426How can a musical genre that a person listens to tell about his personality/character?[View]
105113445this is true and yall know it[View]
105113431Vitamin c is just mushroom but better. Are there any other artists that just took there own song and…[View]
105113360>The Sheik he drove his Cadillac >He went a cruisin' down the ville >The Muezzin was a…[View]
105113487the greatest deception is looking directly into a camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e76BygdLPWI…[View]
105110759how do you feel about beabadoobee[View]
105112828What is the best cover of Led Zepplin's 'Your Time is gonna Come' ? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
105112670aesthetic album art[View]
105113194Can > King Crimson[View]
105113393Give 7 hours worth of good road trip music.: Gonna be in the car with my dad for a while but he like…[View]
105098223how the fuck can you hate the beatles but like the velvet underground?[View]
105113303reddit onions[View]
105093491ITT Describe Every Track On an Album Badly: Replies guess the album. I've seen a lot of these s…[View]
105111739'Kimgs of Leon is my favourite band' - said no one fucking ever Seriously, what the hell is this med…[View]
105112795Hawaiian Steel Guitar: What’s up /mu/, for the last couple months I’ve been using C6 tuning and scra…[View]
105110534Outsider Music about Carnival: I'm looking for an album that was posted in 'Outsider Art' threa…[View]
105112838Thoughts on Wilco's summer playlist? Why isn't your band on it?[View]
105106485/MU/ MAKES AN ALBUM: Album name : Seeing her run out the door, my eyes locked on her perfect, tight …[View]
105113035“Teezo Touchdown”: I haven’t smelled an industry plant as pungent as this one in some time. What the…[View]
105113052Dylan mango lol Dylan mango lol[View]
105113043It clicked: Is this peak emo???[View]
105112744Alice in Chains 25th anniversary: it's Alice in Chains' 25th anniversary, so here's a…[View]
105112703Really, who was in the wrong here?[View]
105112092KPOP GENERAL[View]
1051128302021 I am forgotten :([View]
105112039Guilty Pleasure Thread: Guilty Pleasure Thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmZvOhHF85I https://w…[View]
105112499Do you know Mettaligma?[View]
105112683Earthling by David Bowie: Earthling by David Bowie[View]
105112094>writes song >it's great >time to add the lyrics >writes verse and first chorus …[View]
105080674Presented without comment.[View]
105112583What was the last song you and your parent/s listened to together?[View]
105106993Is there better pop music than Western pop? If yes, can you post some examples?[View]
105112567No discussion about Low Roar's new album maybe tomorrow...? Who is David? He appears in multipl…[View]
105109614more like this?[View]
105112304>2021, I am forgotten...[View]
105112394ShamRain Thread - Along fav album & song: Just recently got into them. They have a lot of great …[View]
105111316Anyone recognize this song?: I just cant see to find it but I'm sure I've heard it before.…[View]
105112270>Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer >Came down upon her head >Clang! Clang! Maxwell…[View]
105107758What does Scaruffi's daughter listen to?[View]
105109350Post the coolest musicians[View]
105112250>Songs that couldn't be made today I'll start with this classic: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
105112295Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
105112210>indie rock lol[View]
105111716ITT: bands you don't like or care for (or are shit) that have bomb ass album artwork[View]
105108208>moggs the entirety of /mu/ with just one album Be honest, none of you would be able to write thi…[View]
105111529/qa/ is making fun of us[View]
105110543What is /mu/'s opinion on Tin machine?[View]
105109957Do what you want[View]
105112110TFW despite all your rage you are still just a rat in a cage[View]
105111341KPOP GENERAL[View]
105109898Dixie Chicks: Are they based?[View]
105109647BROCKHAMPTON became significantly worse when Ameer Vann was kicked out[View]
105112055pls help me guys, i need music that sounds like this. i got rec'd this on youtube and cant stop…[View]
105106661Sabaton: I've never heard any of their songs myself; but I've heard hundreds of you obsess…[View]
105111925Albums that lived up to the hype[View]
105109633thoughts on dua lipa? is she the savior of pop music?[View]
105108842>listens to album for the first time >pick out good songs and puts them in a playlist >neve…[View]
105109046Is this midwest emo? How do their other albums compare?[View]
105111897how to into Tortoise[View]
105110808Any deadheads browsing /mu/ tonight?[View]
105102601last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: where are threads guess and rec tapmusic.net[View]
105104942>Band is called Idaho >Is not from Idaho[View]
105111151>zoomer emo revival bands constantly popping up >all of them just clones of modern baseball …[View]
105110100No one knows whos in CONTROLLLLL[View]
105111022how to enjoy music?[View]
105108390Abstract Hip Hop aka 'let me just say a bunch of nonsensical shit that just so happens to rhyme very…[View]
105111731The intro for Outside Blasts is the greatest thing ever recorded and will be so forever[View]
105110835Why have I been sleeping on NIN all these years?: Like what am I, retarded? I always enjoyed a few s…[View]
105109710>does the Beatles doing American pop better than the Beatles with actual originality in your path…[View]
105111035Are streaming services good for the music industry?[View]
105111615Cilvia Demo is probably one of my favorite Hip Hop EP ever. Should I check out Isaiah's new shi…[View]
105111504Hey kid, take my advice, ya don't want to step into a big pile of shit.[View]
105110891Post Smaller Bands that Deserve Recognition: >Police State High af when I discovered them on Spot…[View]
105111481https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L55DbKUHwxY& >Didn't play this live because he couldn…[View]
105111459Is disgraced and tormented pop icon Britney Spears a poetic genius?[View]
105111423Lost masterpieces: Is this a hidden musical gen? https://youtu.be/HikiooTppCM[View]
105109335This man spent the 90s simping for Courtney Love.[View]
105095251/gg/ - u guise like guitar general: Rent free https://vocaroo.com/5xkTA3CjN2u Quick soulful song in …[View]
105110685KPOP GENERAL[View]
105109691how do I get into gremlens?[View]
105109271ITT: Artists that redefined the music landscape[View]
105107812ITT: musician deaths that will fuck you the fuck up[View]
105110230What did Godspeed You! Black Emperor mean by this? based?[View]
105111251For me it's Gangsta Fag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd1IW0SRo3Q[View]
105110965LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTQ0QdkN3Q…[View]
105110040Blues' boring: Why would you want to listen to some old nigger complaining and lamenting over a…[View]
105106176It's the best rock album of recent years. Don't give a fuck 'trust fund kiddies'…[View]
105111163Better than spiderland[View]
105109113I woke up this morning, August 3rd It's been a pretty slow and uneventful summer[View]
105109524why do trannies have bad music taste: my ideal partner is a tranny jam band fan. is this goal out of…[View]
105111050you already know what it is: best worst overrated underrated >best Zero Pharaoh >worst Fortune…[View]
105110839>you will never snort cocaine with her why live bros?[View]
105110792Are you guys over that embarrassing ITAOTS, Loveless, Death Grips phase? Haven’t been on in a long t…[View]
105108933True Bob Dylan fans know this is his best album[View]
105104441I like Linkin Park's first two albums and nothing else from them. What were they thinking post …[View]
105110280Something new from Mayhem: Anyone excited for whatever Mayhems about to release?[View]
105109166Jon Hopkins - Singularity: I've been listening to this over lockdown and it's really grown…[View]
105109213What does mu think of iglooghost?[View]
105110738What is your favorite album of the 20s? Mine is Man Man's Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In…[View]
105109459there was a guy[View]
105095230Stargaze-core: Gimme your best stargazing recs please lads[View]
105110031KPOP GENERAL[View]
105104745>be me, 22yo zoomer >parents raised me on 19th century classical, 70s jazz, experimental hip-h…[View]
105110569When will this awful industry plants career die? Or are they still making to much money from brainde…[View]
105106107His best work.[View]
105104799What is the most under-appreciated/underrated Smiths song?: For me it’s Paint a Vulgar Picture…[View]
105109371ITT: the best musical shitposts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsAVx0u9Cw4[View]
105109858If you dislike this album, you truly don't deserve the nice things in life[View]
105110544I want to lay you down on a bed of roses[View]
105110554kanye be like 'the sky is blue' omg this nigga off his meds again lmaooo nigga straight buggin bruh …[View]
105110470This has to be the biggest case of queer baiting in music history https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=buze…[View]
105105026No homo, but he's ridiculously hot[View]
105110308female songwriters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff_dn7nbSjk[View]
105110383Vocs: FEED ME YOUR HARMOMIES[View]
105108677You guys DO know you can listen to whatever you want and like whatever you want without /mu/'s …[View]
105104644kayo dot - void in virgo: new KD single. i’m in love with it desu. anybody else excited? https://yo…[View]
105108670Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this was the best rock album of the 2010's[View]
105110175I PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6fVE8kSM43I[View]
105108952Ariana Grande ruined an entire generation of twinks[View]
105110246Rage against the machine, vocals only, scream: Does anybody have a vocals only of Wake Up? https://y…[View]
105107341>Device >Album >Chipmunk getting the best head…[View]
105109967better than sunbather[View]
105106535what is your favorite albums that centers around death and/or illness? Mine is definitely hospice by…[View]
105103119Do you agree?[View]
105108552Hi what is some highly repetitive music but good one and with real instruments, im not looking for d…[View]
105109432KPOP GENERAL[View]
105110020U2 peaked here and you're all normalfags if you spout the meme they were never good[View]
105108351I recall in highschool i just got in such a bad depressing mood i felt so lost and quite honestly i …[View]
105109951Thoughts about this hipster show?: Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About is a…[View]
105107163Hip Hop is the new punk[View]
105108460>released 50 years ago >still sounds like the music of tomorrow How the fuck did they do it?…[View]
105106651Have you tried Post-Punk from the country of Poland? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n6IOLae0bU…[View]
105109370serious question.: what songs do you play in the car to not feel like a weirdo but an unironically c…[View]
105109664Rust In Peace: >Tremble you heterosexuals, cower in fear >I am your Homo, land, sea and air …[View]
105109105Kid A but good.[View]
105109649post the worst music ever created https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1SURKeN_oA https://www.youtube.co…[View]
105109500Where to dowload / whatch Operas nowadays? There are a lot of works that I can't find anywhere…[View]
105109545new wave was the absolute best genre in music history: late 70s - mid 80s how did it go so right? ho…[View]
105107525>eminem cringe[View]
105104033Is it really Siouxsie’s best record?[View]
105109508Paul Cotton dead: He joined the band Poco in 1970 and wrote one of their biggest hits: https://www.y…[View]
105108809KPOP GENERAL: >dubunda[View]
105108482It's Miku's birthday later this month. What are you going to do to celebrate?[View]
105107006Why did Brits do boomer rock so much better than Americans? The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Journ…[View]
105106787What are some essential soi repellent albums?[View]
105108154two days. did you guys forget already?[View]
105109336KC and cars - discussion: Does anybody else notice references to cars and car parts in king crimson …[View]
105109258Holy shit[View]
105104801let's face it, he's the best thing in rap since eminem[View]
105108918Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street[View]
105106770is this the greatest heavy metal album?[View]
105106645What's a good, basic turntable to get? >Respectable sound, but no audiophile gimmicks >Go…[View]
105109106recommend me an album[View]
105109073they're the greatest band ever. Now, now, I can already hear the replies. >listen to more mu…[View]
105107260ITT: albums that aged like milk[View]
105097444What went so perfect?[View]
105107039It's my birthday: gift me a song :)[View]
105109094What do we think of Space Jazz by L. Ron Hubbard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdE1xH93k4A[View]
105104491Post your latest release: I finally fucking released something. It's 2 tracks, both hard trance…[View]
105106922Where did /mu/s love for this album stem from? It doesn't really fall into any cliques it just …[View]
105108486ITT: Albums where the big single really stands out from the rest of the tracks[View]
105107510What a load of bollocks.[View]
105108768Hip Hop in odd time signatures?[View]
105107077ITT: Post an artist's discography just with the first lyrics that come to mind >the wall on …[View]
105104009ITT: low effort album art[View]
105108582What do i listen to, /mu/[View]
105108521holy shit[View]
105108846Ratboy Geniuses music is unironically super fucking good but retards will not listen to it because o…[View]
105108170>literally no one talking about Kool Keith's 2 and a half-hour long avant-rap masterpiece To…[View]
105108886Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville…[View]
105108639Artists that make 'unpopular pop music'?[View]
105108798Are you f'n ready? August 6th.[View]
105108119KPOP GENERAL[View]
105108758Their non-history songs are their best ones[View]
105108710Was he good?[View]
105108204Please suggest me the most pretentious hip hop[View]
105108612send your best medieval banger https://youtu.be/M8bAFGHuNWc[View]
105108501Americans believe rap and hip hop represent todays america: is this true anons? https://today.yougov…[View]
105108575>go to whosampled >pick a random song >sample is from the 70s uploaded by a spanish channe…[View]
105108588This is the most underrated (post-)punk album[View]
105108269Danzig II: Lucifuge [Def Jam, 1990] If what Glenn Danzig says is true, the Lizard King, had he lived…[View]
105105786ITT: Post Alchoholic Drinks and Others Give an album/band equivalent: I'll start with some good…[View]
105108288Peak boomercore[View]
105108298I have sample that i looped in my software and i think i made some beat: Is anyone interested?…[View]
105108404Thoughts on Caravan Palace?[View]
105100476shittiest mixing award goes to: https://youtu.be/5GJWxDKyk3A?t=243[View]
105107707patti smith armpit[View]
105106080Brian Wilson Presents Smile or The Smile Sessions?[View]
105108299Albums where the title track is the worst one[View]
105105120Favorite Doom album?[View]
105107958Is Pink Floyd genius or is it shit? I honestly can't tell[View]
105094190What music do you put on while you're having sex? You DO have sex, right?[View]
105108213Songs For Dustmites: This is my favorite album. Has anyone else here listened to it? What do you th…[View]
105108185This is the closest Hip Hop got to be 'art'.[View]
105106390>swipes right on “””singer-songwriter””” on bumble >ask who his influences are >”jack johns…[View]
105104514Say all you want about Nu-Metal but you can't take away that this was the most important band i…[View]
105107179Is this the most magical album ever released: Imagine listening to this around Christmas period just…[View]
105104481ITT: Anons post an image and others guess what genre it would be[View]
105107512KPOP GENERAL[View]
105108052The Misfits: 20 years after listening to them im still discovering some obscure EPs and new songs. H…[View]
105107994new bleachers: I actually really like this album. anyone else?[View]
105107978station post: post ur stations stations[View]
105106985Why did the black american music come from anglo-saxan music (work, folk and hymns) while the black …[View]
105095766What are /mu/'s thoughts on the list of songs that were banned on 9/11? https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
105100977Can anyone from /mu/ make a better song than this? https://youtu.be/5sN7kgEw954[View]
105106242post great live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc56oiAQsYU[View]
105107503>I will shit myself into your pocket[View]
105107529What genre is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9timZ-LASLQ[View]
105107708mp3: Anyone knows a good site to download good quality pirated mp3? Tired of downloading albums for …[View]
105103852can i get recs for more like this? cary me back, chasing my tail and skiptracing are my favorite if …[View]
105107038Doom Metal: Post your favorite doom metal bands/songs, i wanna discover new stuff. I like candlemass…[View]
105105793What music video is this part of All the Small Things parodying?[View]
105094450Topsters Monthly Collage Thread: Topsters Monthly Collage Thread Post July Music Rate, Hate, Rec htt…[View]
105105426https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdoabLLXLVw&pp=sAQA >DUUUUDE THIS NEGRO RIPPED OFF 70S SOUL O…[View]
105107618save me save me[View]
105105841I need help finding a specific version of a song: If this isn't allowed, please erase. But I am…[View]
1051067092014 AOTY Tournament (Wiiner): I woke this morning, August 3rd Just found out Swans beat Sun Kil Moo…[View]
105106882KPOP GENERAL[View]
105106094Claim your favorite Taylor Swift song: >New Romantics[View]
105107498No band had a better trilogy of albums[View]
105107223It's Gonna Be Hot!: King disease ll will be masterpiece, no donda no shit, just listen to this …[View]
105107003Bavid Dowie[View]
105107429Why did they sell out?[View]
105107355Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]
105100959The charges, officer?[View]
105106930Do you ever get to a point where you don’t want to listen to music anymore?[View]
105107236please give me some east asian alternative/post punk/dream pop music[View]
105107224https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df0jibozAq4 More like this? Is it prog gospel with two bass guitars?…[View]
105106768Why do you think people always come on here, asking why “/mu/ hates x” as if everyone on here has th…[View]
105104807I don’t understand why people are surprised by DaBaby... Are they stupid? Do they understand where D…[View]
105105184I don’t know how to recover from the fact that they probably fucked[View]
105105623Debut music video from Kansas City hardcore rap artist 'KEANU' https://youtu.be/foivQYwTrzI Thoughts…[View]
105106551Don't forget to get a fade to enhance your headset listening experience.[View]
105106586Why does /mu/ hate electronic music so much even though it's pure kino? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
105107059Listen to the over the garden wall ost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izcCT5HjY1g[View]
105106234ITT god tier live albums[View]
105100671>I hate Metal. When we opened for Venom they had stupid clothes on and a fan to blow their hair a…[View]
105103784just post your favourite album covers[View]
105105706More like this?[View]
105106345KPOP GENERAL[View]
105105888I can't fucking believe this album was from '89[View]
105106820>John Zorn played with Violent Femmes[View]
105106825I can't poop in strange places. >Strange places...[View]
105096370/dark/: Switchblade Symphony edition Discuss all things all things spooky. Goth, Post Punk, Darkwave…[View]
105103021quote the best part of a song. I'll start: >a mosquito, my libido[View]
105102105gluee 2: bladee announces gluee 2[View]
105105238So is he now completely forgotten and irrelevant? People kept talking about how he was a legend and …[View]
105104531If /mu/ has taught me anything, it’s that being overly critical doesn’t make you right: You all have…[View]
105101091What's the next step for prog?: What's the next evolution in the prog line?[View]
105095132UPDATING /MU/CORE - ROUND 2: 9 albums eliminated in the first round. Let's continue. This chart…[View]
105103267>get into finger drumming >realize all the best songs have extremely simple drum patterns dr…[View]
105104683>if you cling to a relationship you're toxic >if you move on from a relationship you…[View]
105106353> open unknown pleasures album > listened disorder > closed album and never remember about …[View]
105105792KPOP GENERAL[View]
105103776What's the strangest album cover you've ever seen?[View]
105106188As someone who's been here on and off for many years, I'd like to report my findings. It t…[View]
105105310Was this the peak of rap?[View]
105093870Most cringe band of all times?: What is the most cringe band of all times?[View]
105105065Why do some musicians drop out of high school to pursue their music careers? You can't wait a y…[View]
105105681What does /mu/ think of Tangerine Dream? I've listened to each of these albums and loved them a…[View]
105105590>LIE A LIE >BOOM[View]
105104498Why does Three-Six Mafia, Project Pat, Tommy Wright III, Gangsta Pat etc... sound sooooooo much bett…[View]
105105991wait, what, i thought it was just a meme theres actual footage of kanye and jay playing niggas in pa…[View]
105103857if you liked 2 Mello memories of Tokyo-to basically a homage to jet set are you looking forward to s…[View]
105103935I mix and master in these in these alone lmao: and retarded clients pay me for it and even thank me.…[View]
105105660>2021 >he listens to 'bands'[View]
105105934Do you think he was gangstalked ?[View]
105105838there is literally nothing good to listen to[View]
105088588/prod/ - music production general: New to production? See: https://pastebin.com/p2QUqMzj Post what y…[View]
105103874Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /sorry lads, a bit late this week/ edition[View]
105105805>search for unreleased tracks from artist >youtube to mp3 >press them to vinyl through shit…[View]
105105141KPOP GENERAL[View]
105073374How will Scaruffi haters ever recover?[View]
105105668How much were they paid to write such a blasphemes article?[View]
105104359>Yes I listen to fake music[View]
105105672MOTHERLY LOVE[View]
105104764what are some good daws/audio editors to record guitar without a good mic or audio interface? i…[View]
105104709>know how to play 3 different instruments >can't write a single song no matter how hard I…[View]
105105653Post your favorite album from your top 3 genres >avant-garde jazz: the black saint and the sinner…[View]
105100742Vanilla Ice is back! Hip hop classics[View]
105081258ITT:: Post worst topsters charts you've seen[View]
105103114zappa: >be me >on a first date with a girl >nervous a bit and try to start a conversation …[View]
105105322You haven’t forgotten about me, have you /mu/?[View]
105104387How influential has she been? What is the highlight of her career?[View]
105105338>sleep's first album was 30 years ago[View]
105103643>I woke up this morning, August 3rd >It's been a pretty slow and uneventful summer…[View]
105103713Whats with the 90s 2000s trend of blending rap and rock, didnt they see it was awful and retarded at…[View]
105104908I want to learn how to play the fiddle, what's the best way to go about doing that?[View]
105098529sad over a girl, any song suggestions?: >inb4 beta male[View]
105104647What's next for him?[View]
105089302If you spent a year or two in high school fucking around with ableton instead of tugging on your dic…[View]
105103445Why did Bjork share this? Kinda cringe[View]
105103928Steely Dan was more punk than punk[View]
105105048Holy fucking based, he's gone off the deep end[View]
105105345Today it's my birthday. Music for this feel?[View]
105104924Wish him a happy birthday, /mu/![View]
105102945Good instrumental metal music: I know only Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Steve Vai…[View]
105103988Were they the Greta Van Fleet of the late 00s?[View]
105104609OH NONO: WE GOT TOO COCKY DRYWALLBROS https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e95efluJ9yw[View]
105104695If you can't sing like this, you're not a singer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWc7vYjg…[View]
105096235Say something nice about Siouxsie.[View]
105090623What exactly do normies find so appealing about modern brag/mumble rap? I'd rather be waterboar…[View]
105101193would you stop being a fan of a band if you found out they raped someone[View]
105105103ITT: Artists whose best songs are actually very different to their spotify top 10 I'll start[View]
105104504KPOP GENERAL[View]
105104104how is it so good bros[View]
105103561he‘s back[View]
105103465paul's boutique > hello nasty > licensed to ill > check your head > ill communicati…[View]
105104793Do I have it in me to create something truly beautiful? I'd be grateful if I could make one goo…[View]
105104976This fucking dude right here.[View]
105104892ITT: Forgotten /mu/ Classics: https://youtu.be/0CoOsQb8ctw[View]
105104853You're deep in hell Your head on a platter You were a waste of space You didn't matter[View]
105104622like fine wine[View]
105104559What's the point of having a music board? It's not like 4chan has sound. There is no point…[View]
105104755why could america never produce another artist with as much SOVL?[View]
105097791what are some of his great lesser known albums? hex, dragnet, middle mass, bend sinisters, pbl, tnsg…[View]
105095423What's the /mu/core aesthetic?[View]
105103605Can someone explain how I’m supposed to play the circled part of the treble clef?[View]
105103535what made the politics in this album so much worse and cringey than the politics in previous gorilla…[View]
105104526Hot Fuss Track Listing: Best to Worst >On Top >Mr Brightside >Jenny Was A Friend of Mine …[View]
105104518bros...: >Though I kept to myself and for the most part was pretty coy >I once got baited into…[View]
105103851KPOP GENERAL[View]
105104101Dare you enter Richards tank?[View]
105104043Eminem - Mockingbird: = the guitar melody from Iron Maiden - Afraid to Shoot Strangers[View]
105102686Albini on Shoegaze: >I believe that the so-called shoegaze movement of bands is essentially just …[View]
105100183/MU/ MAKES AN ALBUM: Album name : Seeing her run out the door, my eyes locked on her perfect, tight …[View]
105097350metal lyrics that dont suck: In dire need of metal bands/albums where the lyrics don't consist …[View]
105103956>Never take guitar lessons. What you do is develop your own style through mistakes. If you don…[View]
105102244How does he do it?[View]
105096515you say mean things[View]
105103998>[Schizo Mix][View]
105104290Fagen/Becker > Lennon/McCartney[View]
105101430>Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement Who are some other ba…[View]
105100381Cannibal Corpse edition old >>105092376 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
105102874ITT: Albums to make love to[View]
105098779I’ve been out walking. I don’t do too much talking these days.[View]
105104050FZ as DJ: BBC Radio 1 'Star Special' 1980 Playlist: 'And now on Radio One - the best radio…[View]
105098107post your aotysf, epotysf, list, chart, etc.[View]
105103947Why are fags so neurotic towards this dude?[View]
105104014Why yes...[View]
105103097Imagine still listening to rock music when pic related exists.[View]
105103185>orange man bad[View]
105103905post khakassian folk music 'please'[View]
105103519Has there ever being anything so fake and capitalistic as the Amerishart 'EDM' trend? Like how smoot…[View]
105103240KPOP GENERAL[View]
105100049>I never liked The Beatles I thought they were garbage - Lou Reed Did Lou go too far this time or…[View]
105103596Marilyn Manson did nothing wrong.[View]
105100086>”Who the real owner if your boss gets a salary?” What did he mean by this?…[View]
105101263the endeavor : day 239: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next …[View]
105102939Sorry, but I just can’t support stealing music.[View]
105103707Falco: Any thoughts on this Austrian cocaine snorting genius?[View]
105100310I’m bored of almost all structure in music. Now what?[View]
105103640How do they do it?[View]
105103591Possibly the greatest chorus ever: Running, scrambling, flying Rolling, turning, diving, going in ag…[View]
105103207So, has Manson got review bombed yet? I could swear these scores were higher last time I saw them.[View]
105102719what genre would you call this? https://youtu.be/ZcwoQNEidnM[View]
105103436>open /mu/ >see this >close /mu/…[View]
105086547Post a beautiful song: I'll start https://youtu.be/nwqP_yoszCE[View]
105099288Holy shit.[View]
105103409>Blow off my cousin with whom I'm rather close to all summer because I've been busy wit…[View]
105102999I mean it’s ok[View]
105102990>1971 was 50 years ago[View]
105102460ABBA: ABBA is fucking unreal. Are there some ABBA appreciators on /mu/? What’s your favourite ABBA s…[View]
105103081IVE BEEN WORKING ON ONE ALBUM SINCE LATE 2013: And tonight I inched one step closer to completion!!!…[View]
105103303forgotten YouTube artists Wintergreen https://youtu.be/8Rt_3_bQVJU https://youtu.be/NdejpSL4ZZg[View]
105102382How is it always expected that the next generation evolves music into some new and exciting novelty …[View]
105103319this shit sounds like someone rapping over garbage indie pop or indietronica music[View]
105102039The Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9602078/musician-us-money…[View]
105102714KPOP GENERAL[View]
105101716Hobo Johnson just dropped AOTY[View]
105101652How to make people cry listening to my voice when I sing?: This is my music production with Ableton …[View]
105102220Have you taken the Pat Flynn pill[View]
105102829>theirs is to win. if it kills them. they're just humans with wives and children…[View]
105094446Claim your favorite Taylor Swift song: >Out of the Woods[View]
105102797Spiderland inspired an entire generation of young musicians to realize prog fucking sucks.[View]
105098954Holy shit[View]
105100950This is the only album that[View]
105099022This clicks so fucking hard I can't even describe it. I fucking love this.[View]
105100477ITT: Post great albums with mediocre/bad album covers[View]
105099559Fantano is giving it either a 9 or 10.[View]
105102190Is /mu/ the most mentally ill board?[View]
105102168KPOP GENERAL[View]
105094740wot are you listening to now?[View]
105102640>And they say that a Hebrew can save us, I’m not gonna stand here to wait. >I’ll hold onto the…[View]
105102553LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTQ0QdkN3Q&list=RD9…[View]
105101252How do I get into ethereal wave?: It's like shoegaze but better right?[View]
105102537Why do you pretend this isn’t a classic, /mu/?[View]
105096418was there a gayer move than the jacket half hanging off while singing thing a lot of douchey dudes u…[View]
105102381What's his best?[View]
105102388What was the most convincing argument you've ever heard against a popular artist/band?[View]
105100760this is the biggest artist of the last decade[View]
105102054Cake: What was even the point of this group? self-conscious, 'ironic' pop rock? is that about it? be…[View]
105102396>it matters where you are[View]
105102126Will movie OSTs ever reach these heights again?[View]
105102355BROS! This shit rocks![View]
105098022Lake of Tears Thread: Thoughts on the album? Favorite song? Recently just got into them. Any other a…[View]
105102012that transition into lone digger (○´Δ`人)[View]
105100855For anons with huge collections: How many artists do you have? Songs? Albums? What is your preferred…[View]
105101586Kpop General: socks edition[View]
105099576What's the appeal? There's some decent musicianship here but it's spoiled by the drug…[View]
105098356>Avril 14 Hard mode: >Lornaderek[View]
105100865triple WHAT deluxe????[View]
105101505>In America >The land of the free, they said >And of opportunity >In a just and a truthf…[View]
105102022This song is cute :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgvcNa-y2EI post me a nice, cute lil song to li…[View]
105101822How come rock music stopped about having fun, doing drugs and having lots of casual sex? Was it the …[View]
105093109>'Also, it comes from a place of being a band that is perceived as...such an aggressive, male-bas…[View]
105101350hey anon. did you ever watch MTV?: the first two hours of MTV ever sort of went like this.... https:…[View]
105101834>Band’s debut album >None of the actual members of the band plays on it besides the singer …[View]
105086442Le Bizkit is back babe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTwqa52k3Hw[View]
105097548Post underrated singers[View]
105096291>find a song I like >listen to the album >every other song sucks this happens 9 times out o…[View]
105100633Was (s)he a tranny, /mu/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nk-YzTtNbA8[View]
1050953362014 AOTY Tournament (Final Round): >What's this? A tournament where we take the absolute be…[View]
105098839What are the best 'rock in opposition' albums/bands?[View]
105101636Shotgun shaq[View]
105100279what do you think of anamanaguchi, anons[View]
105101109KPOP GENERAL[View]
105097294In America, we break ours a little diffren' 'round ere[View]
105100094first mixing session for my album is tomorrow bros[View]
105092376/metal/: Aliencore edition OLD: >>105079077 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
105100941Kinda newfag here (that is to say I'm not a music buff or musician). But like, does music REALL…[View]
105101244Doesn't listen to music for a month Do so Trollin the Tubes Nothing I liked hit Put on some Jaz…[View]
105101213Post apocalyptic, and or 'happening music' in this thread. I'll start: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
105100425Mountain Goats is better[View]
105099440why do all his songs sound the same[View]
105101089ITT artists who's last album is their only good album[View]
105097301Gig: I might have a gig in London, so that's exciting.[View]
105100482KPOP GENERAL[View]
105100704It's rather interesting that all the big immortalized rock and metal bands of the last half cen…[View]
105096894ITT: Post musicians wearing other artists' merch: Here's a picture of Iggy Pop wearing an …[View]
105099446>removes frankly mr shankly from the queue >enjoys the album…[View]
105100979why does /mu/ hate they might be giants?[View]
105099984It's time for music.[View]
105094940For me, its got to be Orion.[View]
105098517ITT: post a fake album cover and other anons give it a genre[View]
105100835listen 2 this right now or i will beat u to death with my bare hands[View]
105094664What was the difference between him and chris-chan?[View]
105096487>he came from somewhere back in her long ago[View]
105100706>Dropped in 1996 >Screams THERE'S ONLY FIVE YEARS LEFT with evil laugh at the end of the …[View]
105095787WHO DID IT[View]
105099078Whats so special about this landfill indie?[View]
105091113Why did you all decide to shill this particular album? It's fucking mediocre at best, is this j…[View]
105099016*rapes your wallet*[View]
105100508>humminah humminah shumminah humminah shumminah huh huh >laidees n gennlemen ho ho >rocki…[View]
105099852My name is Giovanni Giorgo, but everybody calls me Giorgo.[View]
105099893KPOP GENERAL[View]
105099561Name your favourite musician and I will tell you why they are Australian.[View]
105089256You HAVE listened to all three versions of Happier Than Ever right /mu/?[View]
105099955>band has two drummers[View]
105099725This is AOTD. Prove me wrong pro tip: you can't[View]
105099094thoughts on this?[View]
105100266Jay Kay... based?: >And now every mother, can choose the colour >Of her child >That's …[View]
105096288Is her career over[View]
105100204HOw hte fuck do i make a solo go along a song like is there some secret or do i just play rando m fu…[View]
105099045For every one great song by this man, there is 5 albums worth of mediocre songs.[View]
105100201Coincidental Cords or Homage: 34 seconds in on both songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-8Fxu8TE…[View]
105097875Where did /mu/s love for this album stem from? It doesn't really fall into any cliques it just …[View]
105096709any gusic?[View]
105099320KPOP GENERAL[View]
105097214If you like Since I Left You the best, you're white. If you like Wildflower the best, you'…[View]
105099840/homevideo/: Pantera home video's are always the holy trinity, but after learning the history b…[View]
105098842Where to begin with Sun Ra?[View]
105099434>*remove 'race for the price - mokran mix' and 'waitin' for superman - morkan mix'* ahh now …[View]
105096927These mfs really gotta stop using their race as an excuse for dropping shitty tracks...[View]
105096863Do we still care?[View]
105096480ITT: Post cool band promo pictures that you like: Always liked this Ash Ra Tempel one that made them…[View]
105098540what are some good daws/audio interfaces to record guitar without a good mic or audio interface? i…[View]
105097469it's just Siamese Dream but better[View]
105098612>song makes you think back on your childhood and adolescence and realize that it’s gone and it’s …[View]
105099477Jazz request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0onToL02Nc does anyone know the exact recording and t…[View]
105099433Reviewing every album I listen to >Various - Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label Compilation of 6…[View]
105098661what are some songs that are beautiful natural, and serene similar to this https://youtu.be/cbQyFZmu…[View]
105099410what are some good daws/audio editors to record guitar without a good mic or audio interface? i…[View]
105097504/FAG/ Fiona Apple General[View]
105098621KPOP GENERAL[View]
105099206>Tell him now it’s his last chance, Rosie >Tell him I ain’t no freak >‘Cause I got my pictu…[View]
105097244Piero: >A wholesome man who dedicates an entire section of website (and his house) to his friends…[View]
105099072I AM A PATIENT BOY[View]
105095262What are some essential soi repellent albums?[View]
105099158The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die: You can tell no one in this band ge…[View]
105097871Start listening to Wagner[View]
105095743The Black Parade is unironically only pushed by Pitchfork and zoomers because they needed to replace…[View]
105096537Can someone explain the hype around this album? I feel like the only talented people in the whole ba…[View]
105097771Just another Monday edition. Nothing longer than ten minutes. NON-OP can make first post.[View]
105098713Saved [Columbia, 1980] This record proves that the real hero of Slow Train wasn't Jerry Wexler …[View]
105098186Get off here, go to bed and wake up early tomorrow. You have things to do.[View]
105094759Christ is king[View]
105097753Descendents - Milo Goes To College[View]
105098739guy i know just dropped, thoughts? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXq7bwKRN_uz8O3HVjP-YNfm9OW1Td…[View]
105097724Is anyone old enough to remember what that day was like? The day Tupac died?[View]
105098811Hauntingly Beautiful Tracks: Title says it all. Share something that makes you feel the tragedy of l…[View]
105098118Thoughts on Tom Misch?[View]
105098786I'm rangebanned from /tv/: What did you think of this movie? I thought it was really engrossing…[View]
105098697I’ve listened to “Take My Breath” entirely: I’m currently an nbc sports intern in stamford, ct and I…[View]
105097636>be me >hear good song on radio in car >shazam it for later >listen to it again when i…[View]
105098623the endeavor : day 238: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next …[View]
105097275>tfw older than lil peep was when he died Feels good man[View]
105097895Give me the mathyist math rock you have.: Just really complex stuff Pic unrelated[View]
105097978KPOP GENERAL[View]
105096598Why do people like this album?[View]
105095711Say something nice about the best album of all time[View]
10509834423 skidoo: Why is this band so underrated[View]
105098473the hellp general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXpCyrEH1kk[View]
105072439Not that he IS anywhere near Kanye level, but is he the closest thing we have ever seen to a new Kan…[View]
105094123Now that the dust has settled. What is your favorite Oasis gig?[View]
105098248What does /mu/ think of Mojave 3?[View]
105097057albums only you have listened to[View]
105096378>This one time, at bandcamp.com[View]
105097952>he got filtered by the ambient tracks that's not you, right anon?…[View]
105096663AUSTISM: THE BAND[View]
105098092Creed were BASED[View]
105096921>tfw practice hours a day >constantly record >invest in good (but not gimmicky) gear …[View]
105096720'progressive thrash metal': Albums like ajfa rust in peace victims of deception by heathen time does…[View]
105097985this scares zoomers[View]
10509599213th Floor Elevators[View]
105098023>Yeah, I wear band shirts[View]
105096985un-cancel Ryan: Now![View]
105097148KPOP GENERAL[View]
105095933I liked it[View]
105096855July Album Topsters: Post what you listened to in July and then provide recs, rate, and or hate.…[View]
105094092>ywn hook up with a big tiddy teenage emo girl with this playing in the background ever again tak…[View]
105095596Did the 1996 Telecommunications Act negatively impact music? After it was passed, the mainstream wen…[View]
105097846imagine bot listening to the most high test music available[View]
105097780Is this music?[View]
105097757New song about depression allot of you will like and relate to if youve been through it. https://ww…[View]
105097805>singer is over 25[View]
105096372pretty amazing[View]
105096403Death's Dynamic Shroud - I'll Try Living Like This: Do you like this album I like this alb…[View]
105097767>ironic country music starts playing[View]
105097556help identifying song in music video: this is dumb as hell but does anyone know the name of the song…[View]
105097553This is the first album with very strong and obvious influence from GY!BE that I have heard that was…[View]
105097515Wireless Guitar: I keep getting told that wireless guitar to amp connections are all trash. I refuse…[View]
105097502Anyone got any good modern post-punk which isn't just Fall-aping spoken vocals over mediocre in…[View]
105097142Post Your Favorite ABBA Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHddJnNo_BQ[View]
105094990The greatest post-punk album[View]
105096995Post music about the pure lust for fame[View]
105096294it looks like a Lion and a Woman[View]
105097313BECAUSE YOU MOVE[View]
105097312>Here's my proposal, Fripp. We can forget about the whole 'ersatz shit' thing. We can forget…[View]
105090868ITT: Post two albums, anon picks which one is better[View]
105097261>pic related >destroys mumble rap with ease yep pop punk kino is back on the menu boys https:/…[View]
105097190Excuse me, is this your beautiful house?[View]
105097192what's the difference between hardcore punk and crust?[View]
105096570Why did they hate each other?[View]
105092447ITT: BADASS album covers[View]
105096956I still wish he was here: Nothing Death Grips makes is anything other than complete negroid shit and…[View]
105096387KPOP GENERAL[View]
105093671How come jazz never recovered from Miles' electric era after the 70s?[View]
105096093Am I the only one who likes this album?Iron Maiden thread I guess[View]
105096210Phonk: Is phonk still a thing? Or has it been relegated by this point?[View]
105094151Post an album and reply with the first lyrics that come to mind[View]
105094775ITT: your top 5 favorite albums: 1. Segue - Pacifica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnhFMs_lmpg 2.…[View]
1050881655x5 WEEK for recent listens guess lifestyles recommend music styles https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
105095951ITT: Turbo manlets[View]
105096928macy rodman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiKxKpS7sRI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02IHuQRUrz0…[View]
105096925Who are the best 10 popstars ever?[View]
105096886Life of the party: Kanye goes hard af on this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmhZbMK-YB8&ab…[View]
105096788/swg/ - Swong Writing General: Songwriting General: Post your works in progress in this thread/give …[View]
105090015post a pic of yourself others try to guess what you listen to[View]
105094540>A band's best album >/mu/ shits on it Many such cases!…[View]
105096639gtbsgbros.. where did it go wrong for us?[View]
105096670New Sound of MUSIC [Enter]: https://soundcloud.com/bencrasto/8x8 Spread the Sound[View]
105093899Terrible album art thread: Post 'em.[View]
105096414Have you taken the MusicBee+Soulseek pill yet?[View]
105096561SMOOTH UP IN YA[View]
105096329Ghost are great, fuck off[View]
105090757The Eternal Debate[View]
105076480Why don't you like Post-Hardcore?: >Raw, DIY attitudes, not about the money >Technically …[View]
105094479Gay men created extreme metal https://youtu.be/S0kTkxhyWNohttps://youtu.be/H_mpt8xyZVI[View]
105094451Why is it so hard to listen to this album. I don't even care if it's bad I just wanna hear…[View]
105094440>Your fat, autistic 40-year-old tranny son is stimulating your g-spot with his bent duck…[View]
105095652KPOP GENERAL[View]
105094331Seasonal Favorites /Chart Thread/: using chart related or topsters, post your 4 fav albums for each …[View]
105096343Best song I heard in 2021. I saw that unironically. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gh1GnkSMV…[View]
105093820So which rapper has the sickest rhymes?[View]
105096301What's your favorite power fantasy band Mine's Iron Maiden[View]
105096285Yes, Smells Like Teen Spirit is my favorite Nirvana song, how could you tell?[View]
105092773What do you think of Yuzo Koshiro's soundtracks?[View]
105093690Does it worth to be rapper in Saudi Arabia?[View]
105096137Do you guys fuck with G Eazy?[View]
105094910Do you miss him?[View]
105095013>watched my dad play Quake as a baby >now rock and metal are my favorite genres I can't b…[View]
105096062>Hoooomewaard booound. >I wish I was... >Hoooomewaard booound.…[View]
105094489Gov Ball 2021: anyone going to governors ball this year? sunday night looks good, the first 2 nights…[View]
105094591was he actually good[View]
105088980What are some good music related anime?[View]
105095748Thoughts on Trent Reznor and his body of work?[View]
105095562I miss TMT, bros...[View]
105093228ITT: Albums you want to live in[View]
105093942I CAN'T NEVER LOVE YOU BITCH, I'M JUST TRYNA FUCK YEAH https://youtu.be/0JstyqsNBDk[View]
105085754Ariana Grande ruined an entire generation of women[View]
105094947This album would be so much better if Devin Townsend made it.[View]
105095157hhhhh: >like album >go to rym to see what other people think >2.61 on rym >leave rym …[View]
105090339Just heard this album after years of /mu/ telling me not to And holy shit, you sappy faggots really …[View]
105093631it clicked.[View]
105095289The best alt-country record ever released. Let's discuss it[View]
105092109God that distorted bassline and muffled drums sound awful https://youtu.be/5GJWxDKyk3A?t=243 I know …[View]
105092879What song(s) would you play if you went back in time 30 years to a high school? (assuming you aren…[View]
105093424>converts to islam[View]
105095654is the pussy that broke sephiroth patrician?: rate her chart[View]
105093293What artists do you most recommend seeing live at some point?[View]
105094987KPOP GENERAL[View]
105095098will there ever be a shill as BTFO as Gremlens?[View]
105095193Post a album and explain why the album above your post is great.: Even if you hate the album[View]
105090183PERUVIAN CUMBIA: listen to it, you'll like it[View]
105090519/MU/ MAKES AN ALBUM: Ok anons! Let's do it again but I have some specific ideas I need you guys…[View]
105040705/prog/ ITCOTCK edition: the thread for prog/canterbury prog/art rock/fusion and every other type of …[View]
105092378Post forgotten, obscure or unknown albums and artists you know and like: Starting with Cactus World …[View]
105092324>Listening to music from USA (except jazz)[View]
105094811What the fuck was this interview and why did they spend zero minutes talking about music?[View]
105073852chart thread: WTF? no chart thread? here we go sunday lazybros.. no theme, rate, comment, hate, what…[View]
105095127Megadubb: So it doesn’t exist? Why meme it?[View]
105078954/gg/ guitar general: A guitar is a stringed instrument used to make musical sounds and melodies and …[View]
105062392ITT: we shill music and molest ourselves old thread is dead and gay.[View]
105092934All you fuckers need to admit to the greatest prog rock album in all of history[View]
105095019Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville…[View]
105094549IT'S BEEN[View]
105094197KPOP GENERAL[View]
105092950>you WILL obey the mob[View]
105094874Autumnchads lets go: https://youtu.be/h2HcMyC59FE[View]
105094702A producer fails if they have to use lyrics to plump out their album and make it more interesting. …[View]
105094803Russian independemt music: Guys, listen russian indie rock, this is real underground https://www.you…[View]
105081183/wpop/: Indian Pride edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, alcoholism, drug use, MEAT, danzi…[View]
105094758Mixed Bag: The album[View]
10509358720 BITCHES, JIMI HENDRIX[View]
105094430I love this album[View]
105092686So... was he dissing Lizzo?[View]
105093921City Morgue Klean Up Krew Hikari-ULTRA the label[View]
105093276Fucking based.[View]
105093123i need other music that sounds like this album please give it to me already listened to cindy lee so…[View]
105094411MC RIDE SAID >F****T ON 'FACE MELTER'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
105094467The bed's getting cold and you're not here The future that we hold is so unclear But I…[View]
105090481Why did /mu/tants ultimately choose 320 over v0 as their standard lossy format? v0 has all the benef…[View]
105091315Where do you get a girlfriend who enjoys classical music as well as operas? I am a 21 years old Zoom…[View]
105093914Whatever Kanye is gonna drop < pic related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkfUhe_37A4…[View]
105094185ongus bongus[View]
105089046any field recording recommendations: title, i like cool nature sounds and lofi cassette fuzz and cra…[View]
105089727Will there every be another genre as influential as the Blues?: Also, Blues general thread What Blue…[View]
105091678What the fuck is up with Fripp?[View]
105092890Posthumous albums: What your favorite posthumous albums? Pic related is mine[View]
105092941ITT: Make up a band name, others tell you its genre. >The Manifestations…[View]
105094220LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTQ0QdkN3Q[View]
105094163R. Kelly won.: Music is saved.[View]
105093399KPOP GENERAL[View]
105093267>This is the top 10 for IDM on rateyourmusic yeah, the actual toptier IDM albums/artists will nev…[View]
105093934What's the most disappointed you've been when discovering a sample?: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
105092670it clicked.[View]
105093610lets share songs: give me good songs or albums to listen to. go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhBI…[View]
105090985Fuck, Games is soooo damn good[View]
105091857weezer: weezer[View]
105094060Kick Ass Underrated Rapper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhY2PGN3R_o Not sure how many of you guy…[View]
105093057F: https://abc7ny.com/biz-markie-funeral-patchogue-obituary-death-rapper/10923954/[View]
105065821/classical/: Ives edition This thread is for the discussion of music in the Western classical tradi…[View]
105093299What do i listen to, /mu/[View]
105093901Why does his music freak me out? Am I being hauntologized?[View]
105093316>When you hear the second half of Happier Than Rver song.[View]
105083625ITT: Albums that nobody on /mu/ has heard except for you[View]
105080064>your favorite genre >hobbies unrelated to music your practice…[View]
105087181ITT: draw albums as dicks, anons guess album: Remember seeing this thread a while ago, gotta bring i…[View]
105093104LOL at how it completely broke this guy's brain when he realized the punk 'revolution' was a no…[View]
105091327A black girl told me to Get Out after she heard my library of rap music so now I've torrented s…[View]
105091992Did you forget to thank me today, pathetic mortal?[View]
105092198>He literally nae nae'd his cousin[View]
105093440When will the Billie hate threads stop?[View]
105089233What do Black Sabbath fans think about Ozzy's buffoonery?[View]
105090823who are some lesser known or just plain obscure guitarists who could be considered one of the best e…[View]
105091524has anyone heard this album before? it's amazing... completely underrated and underappreciated.[View]
105079077/metal/: gary glitter edition oldie >>105070671 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
105093175Does Busdriver wave his hands around so much because he is autistic? I know it's rhythmic and I…[View]
105092050An 10/10 album and a confession: Album is Fear of a black tangent by Busdriver I realised I may have…[View]
105092688Giles Corey album: Have A Nice Life's Dan Barrett, disguised as Giles Corey, documented the ner…[View]
105092882What's your AOTY, anon?[View]
105092886Definitive Beatles stereo/mono listening guide: Please Please Me / With the Beatles: >Mono only, …[View]
105090240Top 50 Albums of the Year so Far[View]
105090917how do i make crazy weird droning sounds like the ones on this album?[View]
105092679KPOP GENERAL[View]
105088984why is Spotify recommending this?: >BRAINWORMS by Rural Internet Spotify is recommending me trans…[View]
105093358When did you realize they’re the best band of the 80s?[View]
105087145What's the concensus on pic rel? Yes I used the shittiest version I could find because technica…[View]
105093282Are they the kings of dadrap?: They're obviously talented dudes but their whole 'tough guy' act…[View]
105093056>be pic related >superior album to all mumble rap including dababy playboi carti and uzi yep I…[View]
105092791Sorry, but he isn’t Japanese or anime. So he sucks[View]
105093053wtf this isn't funky at all[View]
105092418This board is r/hiphopheads: 4chan is Reddit now.[View]
105092758Can he pull off Punk Trap or will it be a disaster?[View]
105092875Anthony Fantano reacts to his former career in gay porn[View]
105091199Is it normal to play one song on repeat for a whole day until I get sick of it or am I autistic?[View]
105091437Guys, don't look up the title of the opening track on Kevin Ayers' third album! Biggest mi…[View]
105092873>B-side is better than the single[View]
105092860Hard trance: Post other hard trance tunes similar to this: https://youtu.be/5zBvqkcJg24[View]
105091724What does /mu/ think of Hammock?[View]
105091802What is some good ambient music for reading a book?[View]
105088889Show me your metal band: Looking for mew metal music (preferably nu, deathcore or djent). 5 points i…[View]
105092719I know her type: After watching her music videos i can say with 100% certainty that she will become …[View]
105092786To all synth-pop fans here: how do you like this song?[View]
105086935Post essential Pennsylvania-core[View]
105090609Why does this guy's anime e-boy fursona look like it's holding in a diarrhea fart? I do no…[View]
105091896KPOP GENERAL[View]
105090031Echoes vs Starless[View]
105092399Why did boomers accept faggy musicians?: I find it hard to believe how popular Prince and Bowie and …[View]
105087733How can a human being even sing this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj2gbgGPjvw Post live Mariahs,…[View]
105090084Is this Frank’s best album?[View]
105087031Who are your favorite female artists?[View]
105091624Anyone miss the days of MASCULINITY in rock n roll? what happened since the 80s man? everyone is su…[View]
105092313[SHARE] - Definitely Maybe Rough Mixes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bNxeY0SH_WeE4h0zNEo1…[View]
105092095Music has no race.: Stop trying to force your identity politics into it. Music will always be racele…[View]
105083279whats the musical equivalent to Twin Peaks?[View]
105082874Does literally anyone on this board know a single thing about Calypso?[View]
105092230Guess that album: One of those threads where you draw an album cover and people guess what it is…[View]
105091302>Two of the most highly regarded music critics are Italians you do know they like to choose diffe…[View]
105090452Swell Maps (barring the reunion albums) is literally Slint for the British 70s-80s punk wave instead…[View]
105090949>he doesn't get around[View]
105092112My girlfriend's girlfriend She looks like you[View]
105091710Digital sheet music reader for piano.: I am tired of having to pause in the middle of a song to flip…[View]
105091954>inaudible humming: noone cares also[View]
105091940may be the best Gremlens so far[View]
105091778Are you supposed to outgrow rock music?[View]
105091225KPOP GENERAL[View]
105091854https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vspL2gthbxA IT'S OUT IT'S OUT IT'S OUT IT'S OUT …[View]
105090955Jibbs called out Soulja Boy after his “Breakfast Club” interview, saying he’s the one who discovered…[View]
105090680Why is it so underrated?[View]
105088780Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fans: AOTY, he's done it again.[View]
105088021Anyone has a download link to her discog?[View]
105091459Who was the Jannetty?[View]
105091602Grieg String Quartet No. 1: Is there anything better than this? I really don't think there is h…[View]
105090775Top 5 Song of 2021: Share your list of your top 5 songs of 2021 1. Ice Age- Holding Hand https://www…[View]
105091368NEW GREMLENS EP - TIGER MASK: https://gremlens.bandcamp.com/album/tiger-mask GREMLENS JUST DROPPED…[View]
105089510Synthesizer Recommendations: thinking about buying a synthesizer, any recommendations? looking for …[View]
105089859St. Vincent[View]
105091211>I GOT WEED IN MY LUUUNGS[View]
105089743How do I get into audiophile shit? I distinctly remember there being a thread up at all times on /g/…[View]
105091352>tell brother/friend to listen to song >he says ok >never listens to it and gets pissed off…[View]
105090000Memecore: What ever happened to these threads? Post some stuff (especially more unknown or less tal…[View]
105090527KPOP GENERAL[View]
105091071whos that one italian motherfucker that reviews music you guys like? not pic related but his name is…[View]
105088132This album is a gift that keeps on giving with every listen. So insanely ahead of its time, yet old …[View]
105091130>go on a Date with a girl >pump Mozart in the car >get laid before even arriving at the res…[View]
105086048/doom/ - Doom/Sludge/Drone/Stoner GENERAL: This is the inaugural /doom/ general thread. /metal/ is …[View]
105084222post good shit to listen to with headphones[View]

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