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101177090I don't see what the big deal is, I think it's a good album cover[View]
101178180Album Art Thread: Anyone know the origin behind the rainbow colored rings in Nina's I Put A Spe…[View]
101177689u selly-ester wot m8?[View]
101178202what's in/on your ears right now /mu/ >pic related, kz es4[View]
101177871Anyone remember the Neutral Milk Hotel meme[View]
101177735>Mother of God! It's all toilet sounds![View]
101177673Nardwuar is pissed[View]
101174244>says he doesn't remember making station to station or being the thin white duke because of …[View]
101178023>And to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger[View]
101177854He did nothing wrong. People with BPD cannot be trusted so Alice's word is totally worthless.[View]
101177799Yes, I listen to Metal, how could you tell ?[View]
101133429Has a song ever made you cry and if so, why?: For me personally it was Daniel Caesars 'Little Rowboa…[View]
101177802reasons to take a piss[View]
101175330what a dumb way to die[View]
101177634What are some sophisticated songs? Im making a pretentious playlist[View]
101175746I have been into music for about a year and a half now. Other than a few obvious albums as you can s…[View]
101177727released 10 years ago[View]
101177714Rhyming is a thing that I do at will Be glad to rock a party just to prove my skill J-u-ice is what …[View]
101177017holy shit.[View]
101174427Depressive prog rock[View]
101175564Now that 2020 is solidly behind us, I'm working through my list of albums before I drop my deva…[View]
101175782Do you enjoy music or do you rate music?[View]
101175681I made this image in late 2015 in 2016 Bowie died in 2019 Walker died a using this information I pr…[View]
101177570what is she so sad about[View]
101177563help me identify this italo pop one hit wonder: i heard it a while ago. probably from the late 90s o…[View]
101176886When people talk about music coming from the heart, what does it mean? The heart is a muscle. Nothin…[View]
101176609KPOP GENERAL[View]
101176725What did band: Dire Straights Mean by this: It doesn't make sense, what does sexuality have to …[View]
101177544Suggest minimal asian harp music Example https://youtu.be/8QjWPNa1Ml0 Preferably on Spotify[View]
101176633>name ONE artist with more 'swagger'[View]
101177524I dont get it I have never fallen In love in my life or shot up heroin[View]
101173389The only thing that keeps me from making music is the why behind it all. Why in D Major can you only…[View]
101177197/bleep/: I miss her lads ;__;[View]
101172346B3 emulation VST: How close is it to a real hammond organ? Got a pretty small budget so this seems p…[View]
101168893Ariel and Kurt are the same person. Both counterculture, Kurt just happened to be counterculture whe…[View]
101176848lets have a mu listening party album that first gets to 5 replies is the winner[View]
101177438Why is Pet Sounds /mu/core when this is clearly the superior Beach Boy album?[View]
101177415Why Alex G went by (sandy): Hello 4chan Whirr released an album called distressor. Sandy is the last…[View]
101176029Alexa, play “Niggers in Paris”[View]
101175992Where do start with blues music ? I like jazz and soul a lot and also some rock. Seeing as blues is …[View]
101171664Will anyone ever surpass him?[View]
101172390>supposed to be this insane hardcore musician who only wants to offend and shock >his music is…[View]
101175363Opinions, Now: Give me an opinion or thoughts about Rush[View]
101177123drum and bass? more like cum in (b)ass[View]
101166401Is Runaway his magnum opus?[View]
101177169>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgf_Kyo96Lk >you just know by the thumbnail that the song is …[View]
101175408Stop spamming your gay bands on my board. Thx[View]
101177110Similar songs like this https://youtu.be/LrjHz5hrupA?list=RDMMLrjHz5hrupA[View]
101177031kid a but for zoomers[View]
101174906Does anyone here DJ? I have a MIDI keyboard, a Launchkey61, that I just got. I'm slowly learnin…[View]
101176872>yes i listen to metallica, my favorite songs are nothing else matters, enter sandman and one…[View]
101175693HEY NOW well it's a love thing[View]
101175297You're trying to tell me that a 21 year old wrote this?[View]
101173143The motorcycle accident never happened.[View]
101176710what's your favorite album by drake?: or mixtape? my two favorite things by drake are If You…[View]
101176039what does /mu/ think about human after all? good? bad? under/overrated?[View]
101174602Why does /mu/ hate Blind Guardian?[View]
101174222>when the joke album is the band's best album[View]
101162534/chart thread/: looking for recommendations[View]
101176291I NEVER[View]
101176722ITT describe an album with a Lil B quote >Venetian Snares - Rossz csillag alatt született…[View]
101173749Things it took you too long to notice: They're smiling[View]
101175548>I've been waiting of a guy to cum and take me by the hand[View]
101176308ITT: Soundtracks that are significantly better than the movies they are from[View]
101176225Everytime I listen to it I hear another good song[View]
101175027ITT: We make cat puns of musicians: I'll start: New York Claws Purvana Fleetwood Cat Bobcat Dyl…[View]
101175802Why did RAM get so much hate when it was first released? Was it too ahead of its time? Or was everyo…[View]
101176559My music loicense just expired and now i can't listen to The Kinks anymore[View]
101175682KPOP GENERAL[View]
101176550truly based music only[View]
101172482Topsters Thread: This is my 60s topster. Rate, hate, recs, etc.[View]
101176380The post-divorce album will be his best since TLOP.[View]
101175541Never Meant is a party anthem. What is this album representative of? It doesn't sound sad, just…[View]
101169376The only bands he mentions that fell to the 'Y2K Curse' are shitty buttrock bands that were only pop…[View]
101176280Y yo onions héroe de ciencia ficción Corriendo y navegando en acción Corriendo y navegando en acción[View]
101174987How exactly would this go down?[View]
101176466*sings lay lady lay out of tune loud enough for the whole room to hear*[View]
101176437Now that the dust has settled: We can all agree that it's his second best (after Sun Came), rig…[View]
101176371Any songs that you can say helped you get through a hard time in your life? Me? Meatloaf (Bat out o…[View]
101175328Why are the fags here so serious about music?[View]
101176206>it didn't change the popular music scene at all Feels bad. We didn't deserve Talk Talk…[View]
101176145yo tf[View]
101166711>invents extreme metal[View]
101175572I'm listening to it for the 5th time and it's getting even better How the fuck did she do …[View]
101161600What video game has the best soundtrack and why is it pic related? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D…[View]
101172917itt: men who have done nothing wrong i'll start:[View]
101176018What are you listening to right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIRpj_XoMI0[View]
101172320>Anthony Fantano[View]
101176067burning with optimism's flame is the only good rap song[View]
101174282https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eZ2KxgBecw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zkwg54c8tA I got more r…[View]
101158638/metal/: Municipal Based edition Previous: >>101152474 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt…[View]
101175698It's settled.[View]
101165285Does /mu/ like colored vinyl?[View]
101175943Music that starts out meh, then Surprise: Its awesome! Post the moment it gets good. https://www.yo…[View]
101167503Scaruffi just gave pic related a 7.5/10[View]
101174522why am I usually labelled as pretentious when i discuss music with anyone? I'm not rude in any …[View]
101164451/gg/ - guitar and no one here plays bass general: Even the dog thinks your guitar is shit edition Th…[View]
101175699KPOP GENERAL[View]
101174963KPOP GENERAL[View]
101175493>introduces lo-fi production into all of mainstream music >critics denounce him for making rec…[View]
101172334Is there any decent bedroom pop or is it all just a meme? Also, despite being an obvious industry pl…[View]
101173521Anon I think I like it. Does this mean he’s gonna die?[View]
101167839Why is this so good? Truly ahead of its time[View]
101175197>song melody stuck in head >can’t remember the name of any of the lyrics to look it up I have …[View]
101172162what's her name again[View]
101174125will they finally have sex?[View]
101175101Why hasn’t any rap MC mentioned based Fry?[View]
101174933>a man walks down the street he says why i am a soft in the middle now[View]
101175423>good guitar song is ruined by piano or tambor beats Hate it when that happens…[View]
101175380>You'll ever see them live[View]
101167896>produced by brian eno[View]
101174942Are you guys dads, yet?[View]
101162035What was her fucking problem?[View]
101175277Fresh Good Albums: post itt[View]
101174580>My favorite song? Gotta be 'Take A Look Ahead' by Boston. What's yours, bro?…[View]
101174738post some musical kino in real life[View]
101169988irrelevant for 40 years and counting[View]
101174791I've never seen a metalhead that wasn't a total weirdo loser with no care about hygiene[View]
101173595He needs to have sex[View]
101174861Colombia doing Universal’s dirty work once again.[View]
101174380Max/MSP: Anyone here fuck with Max? Or PureData, Supercollider, Reaktor, or whatever?[View]
101175051First world first world first world problems!!!!![View]
101175001Rhyming is a thing that I do at will Be glad to rock a party just to prove my skill J-u-ice is what …[View]
101174367Fuck it, drop some good Samba[View]
101174978it doesn't get any better than this. black metal peaked with anthems.[View]
101174278KPOP GENERAL[View]
101173778what's the point of rockabilly and why is it so fucking dumb[View]
101172801Scaruffi rates Midori[View]
101172082Pre-2010~2011 popular hype music/Nostalgia thread.: Post what songs come to your mind when thinking …[View]
101170710Onions: the band[View]
101172659𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶 𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶[View]
1011747572021, I am forgotten...[View]
101174842/synth/: guess the synth edition[View]
101174571I hate mainstream music[View]
101174369How are you going to react when the rock revival hits?: Get into grunge now so you can say 'i told y…[View]
101170244I cannot overstate how good this is.[View]
101174197These maps really are swell[View]
101174389Glad everyone to the right of Dennis Prager was taken off youtube so people LARPing as Soviet commun…[View]
101174116don't ever get manic and post your shit on /mu/ because at the end of it all you get sent to a …[View]
101174590Can’t believe he died, bros. RIP[View]
101171310It is 2021 and this is still the best album ever: Well. Name a better album. You can’t. This is a su…[View]
101173602ITT post fun /mu/ trivia Death Grips is the only band to ever get a sticky on a new album release (h…[View]
101173405post bands you got obsessed with: I'm actually addicted to Unwound. I listen to other stuff sim…[View]
101174631This is really excellent Almost in the style of We're Only In It For The Money with MF Doom ins…[View]
101173620post meaningful lyrics i'll start >go to the store[View]
101174567/Beach Boys General/[View]
101173952Is Jap/Korean music the next top genre: Rap is going down rhe exact same path rock and roll went at …[View]
101171427Why did he think it was okay to do a song where he just goes on a homophobic rant for three minutes?[View]
101174381It's snowing! Music for this feel?[View]
101169691Which Residents album should I listen to next?: I’ve only listened to Meet the Residents, The Third …[View]
101171430How did Questlove get so big?[View]
101173032do you rate based turbonegro?[View]
101173945I think Phoebe Bridgers is probably my biggest inspiration. She's proof that you don't ne…[View]
1011720331/10 Albums with 10/10 Covers[View]
101174277music for this feel?[View]
101172138>this album is about aliens that are so unfunky they'll die if they dont steal the funk from…[View]
101173456KPOP GENERAL: wony is not for that edition[View]
101174016>you will never release a mediocre album with your new wife after releasing a mediocre novel and …[View]
101171301We’ll never have anybody in music as iconic as them anytime soon. Maybe Drake, but he’s lame as fuck…[View]
101174191Meanwhile at Colombia: Slays Shakira in bloody puddle![View]
101169776Why don't people care more about shoegaze? If you don't like shoe gaze could you please ex…[View]
101171101Death grips: Opinions on death grips? Personally i think they way they make music is amazing[View]
101171221I love this album with all my heart. It's been a long time since an album has resonated with me…[View]
101172315Scaruffi gave this a 7/10, will it grow on people and be remembered as a '20s classic?[View]
101173473ITT:underrated gems: https://003hello.bandcamp.com/album/night-life-wav[View]
101170206Sex playlist core: Post albums that you would play during sexy time[View]
101173347essential avant-garde music?[View]
101174110https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHgKGDlBGjc you ever listen to music on good speakers and realize th…[View]
101172607Shouldnt punk be called “regressive rock?”[View]
101151466What album has the most replay value for you?[View]
101174076ITT: midwit filters[View]
101174056Drops hottest /mu/ album[View]
101173989holy shit it clicked: https://003hello.bandcamp.com/album/night-life-wav AOTY[View]
101173887This album is actually pretty good.[View]
101163135I want to fuck Laura Les[View]
101166663You're on this guy's show What's the one question he asks you?[View]
101173593Holy Shit[View]
101169562Which species makes the best music?[View]
101167437Soundcloud Thread: Do your thing, shills![View]
101172141Black Midi: The Guy From Black Midi Ordering At A Drive-Thru Restaurant https://vocaroo.com/6QHYBBjg…[View]
101173960Who here is Tranquility Based Hotel & Casinopilled?[View]
101172406Black metal is just noise rock for neckbeard /v/irgins who like Dungeons and Dragons lol.[View]
101162390>streamcucked: Do you listen to your music locally, anon? Or are you completely dependant to (pic…[View]
101173842Me gon take me self to Universal Studios[View]
101173832Holy shit[View]
101172731>He lipsynced the entire last part backwards while walking backwards How the fuck? https://www.yo…[View]
101173423you have listened to the michelle obama podcast, right anon?[View]
101172547is Merzbow based?[View]
101173187i am listenting to nine inch nails[View]
10117345720 years old what the fuck[View]
101173398The missing link between Joy Division and Interpol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_5P0mvLvBs https…[View]
101172501POST YOUR AOTY SO FAR: for me its night life.wav https://003hello.bandcamp.com/album/night-life-wav…[View]
101172643KPOP GENERAL: /ourgirls/ edition[View]
101171986Are there currently any interesting Electronica releases? Please no Autechre copy cats[View]
101166399Be honest anon.: 4th Dimensional Transition or Siberian Breaks?[View]
101172214If you have ever enjoyed a Ramones song, you owe Zeppelin an apology. https://youtu.be/3EH7QMVnSRI[View]
101171854What hardware music gear do you guys use? What's your favourite?[View]
101173259How do I go about becoming a professional musician in a niche genre, anons?[View]
101165866wtf this nigga is god tier bruh[View]
101172962Green day: good album 7/10[View]
101173027Bros, why is all the music in the shill threads so INSANELY shit? Is it a meme or are these people m…[View]
101172769Metallica (AJFA): best metal album of all time, fight me.[View]
101167371True Satanic Black Metal are bands such as Darkthrone, Aryan Satankampf, Graveland, Gestapo 666, Sat…[View]
101165946SO how does one make it in the music game.[View]
101168620If you like this guy, then you frequent coffee shops and order specific drinks that don't inclu…[View]
101171096Kalimba: Can anyone help out this noob? I have 0 musical knowledge and feel a bit lost with my searc…[View]
1011702421 album, 1 song, 1 hour: Post your favourite hour long song albums. Bonus points for no drone or amb…[View]
101172899Whats your bet on a true musical revolution of the 21st century? I think we are already at the limit…[View]
101172481Black and white,best album of the Stranglers ?[View]
101172785He's just trying to be a contrarian to what the general opinion of the punk/metal scene is thes…[View]
101172527Albums like this[View]
101172808Guitar practice routine: what is a good daily routine for practicing guitar that I can do in under 9…[View]
101171697itt: forgotten albums[View]
101172311>open spotify >let it autoplay >song starts >bop to the tune >check song name >its…[View]
101165310Filmmaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1RC1OAkGKY[View]
101169125do you consider nightcore to be music?: do you consider nightcore to be music?[View]
101172639Anyone also fan of Luke Kelly/ The Dubliners/ The Pogues? All really cool groops[View]
101171768KPOP GENERAL: pomf[View]
101171470Rate my topster /mu/[View]
101171690If you: > have never listened to Down Colorful Hill > have never listened to Rollercoaster …[View]
101169478Igorrr’s latest shit slaps: How did I miss the release of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLur…[View]
101170830I make posts shitting relentlessly on bands/artists that I love[View]
101171130Y'all think Mac will come out with something this year?[View]
101168338New Steven Wilson single dropping in 30 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_yW8ornhK4 'MAN OF…[View]
101171811>the song is so good you prevent yourself from listening to it, saving it for when the time is ri…[View]
101166796Hey /mu/, I'm in my feelings, listening to Earl - Solace, any other songs you can suggest with …[View]
101171012ITT: artists that are supposed to be important but you don’t like: Pic related. Does anyone manage t…[View]
101172039>That feeling of being in trance when you produce music from scratch, alone in your basement/comf…[View]
101159527/4chan.fm gen/[View]
101169084>There are people posting on this board who have listened to under 5000 albums, and you have to s…[View]
101172220omg: arca - the garden extended universe confirmed[View]
101160685Post your own music thread. Comment, subscribe, be kind -- we're all in this together.[View]
101171871is grunge a real genre? there's only like a handful of relevant bands that are labelled 'g…[View]
101172119best billy joel album no contest: pic related is irrefutably the best billy joel album, i'm ope…[View]
101165663Viper: Any genuinely *good* Viper tracks you know? Theres gotta be a few gems he has[View]
101170757Best songs to get into Elliot Smith?[View]
101171907>japan >they're not japanese[View]
101170878What music do you listen to while studying? I need some recs[View]
101171974If they sung in English would they have made it?[View]
101161679Name (ONE) musician who isn’t a pedophile, a drug addicted degenerate or a weirdo/mentally ill[View]
101169997Do you still own tapes/cassettes, /mu/? They seem extremely cheap these days. I've even seen bo…[View]
101171563Is he gonna be ok bros? .___.[View]
101171676Nirvana: Is Nirvana really that overrated or is the praise they get deserved?[View]
101170971KPOP GENERAL: Fat and useless edition[View]
101171731Could his son have been a cool Chad like his dad, or a gay fag like Bjork and McCartney’s son?[View]
101157302ITT: /mu/ in 1910[View]
101168994Songs for not showering?[View]
101171560ITT: Kino vidya OSTs[View]
101161088Post fake album covers and others guess the genre[View]
101170868Why is Close to the Edge my favorite piece? Why is YES my favorite band & King Crimson a close s…[View]
101171262I've got a baby's clean conscience.[View]
101169472This album is fun[View]
101168543/beef/: How do you think this shit will end? NBA basically killed King Von and Fredos walking with L…[View]
101171487https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNPXnAVyAUA What genre is this? I want more of this[View]
101168186Kevin Devine: Thoughts?[View]
10116318310/10 albums with 1/10 covers[View]
101171320reccomendatios: does anyone know any artists similar to cavetown, or at least songs similar to his.…[View]
101171390>うも しろいわ かわぎな[View]
101166152Gentlemen, I present to you. The best Iron Maiden album[View]
101167903Do record players like pic related suck? For some reason, I get the feeling that they would.[View]
101171123i love her bros[View]
101168970>title track is the worst song on the album[View]
101161937/wpop/: yum yums edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholis…[View]
101167991Great songs from otherwise mid or low level bands: Somewhere Only We Know - https://youtu.be/j7GO7Ao…[View]
101169799Would he be considered an incel in the US?[View]
101158539TOP 5 METAL ALBUMS GOGOGO >pic related >None So Vile >Jane Doe…[View]
101170356KPOP GENERAL[View]
101168336post great Jewish musicians[View]
101168594What does /mu/ think of Ariel pinks body of work?[View]
101168250the endeavor : day 52: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next 3…[View]
101162483Albums that make you say, how am I just now hearing such a great album? Pic rel[View]
101170351Is always needing to listen to music a sign of low iq? I honestly can't imagine anyone who form…[View]
101170823Chads report itt.[View]
101169756Post pleb filters: There is no way this was too 'pretentious' for sonic youth fans in 2000…[View]
101170611well, what album was it, /mu/?[View]
101170450whats some /ourguy/ kinda music: post em https://youtu.be/ncufspI_d60 https://youtu.be/Vg-3hFgCrYY…[View]
101170041Just listened to this. This album sounds like britpop, but feels like an ambient record. Odd shit.[View]
101170430I'm not calling you.[View]
101169685post songs that give you sudden power rush https://youtu.be/oKquHoKVyig[View]
101165765Why did they get so much shit from the black metal community back in the day? Celestial Lineage soun…[View]
101170281If this comic had a soundtrack what would it be?[View]
101168833Turntables & Vynile: What up /mu/ This thread is about Vynil collections and turntables What you…[View]
101170584you such a fucking ho I love it[View]
101162733Being a musician in an apartment: Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is a musician and has ever live…[View]
101168124how tall is mike rutherford?[View]
101170513Soviet music is really good and it is up there with the US, UK, Japan, Italy, France and Germany.[View]
101170362KPOP GENERAL: /ourgirls/ edition[View]
101170272I’m listening to this for the first time ever: What do I think of it?[View]
101170405Therion - Leviathan: full album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kqz5sJC-WQ song with ex-Nightwish s…[View]
101170378GET IN HERE BROS https://skribbl.io/?SHboMYNJRzrQ https://skribbl.io/?SHboMYNJRzrQ https://skribbl.i…[View]
101170277MY BITCH LOVE, CO CO WOO BACK BABY WOOOOOooo LEMME SEE SOME OK OK OK OK Is this peak rap lyricism?[View]
101164018the most underrated pavement song of all time[View]
101169791KPOP GENERAL[View]
101169422Why does he sing like he just had a fucking stroke?[View]
101167048let the body's hit the floor[View]
101168797>Personally, I fucking hate the Grateful Dead. I mean I hate them. I'd rather cut my ears of…[View]
101166521>that time king crimson made a tool album[View]
101170116now that the dust has settled: did she change europop forever?[View]
101168091Friendly reminder if you use a music streaming service you have no excuse not to be listening to mus…[View]
101169097What ringtone goes 'Do do do DOO DOOOO' or 'Ding ding ding DING DINNNG' I believe it's played…[View]
101169521why does death legitimize an artist?[View]
101165430What is it about France that creates such degeneracy?[View]
101169274KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QD0FeZyDtQ[View]
101168696is there a name for that new quirky shit where electronic musicians do the 'deconstructed' thing and…[View]
101167621why John why?[View]
101167705motivation: are there any tips anyone has to motivate themselves to practice or record when they’re …[View]
101168551How did whites feel about Hip-Hop in the’90s?: Like Tupac, Biggie, etc[View]
101169649Thoughts on Johnny Flynn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q58Gm18-IMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
101164226post your aoty 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CirV3qBAcQw[View]
101168655maggot cunt raper 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwU_BF5Bhbw watch out satanism. A new band is h…[View]
101165256Name my band[View]
101165220still waiting on the next Death Grips album Anyone else waiting for artists to make a return?[View]
101164770this is easily one of the best albums of the 2010s how has it barely gotten any attention online[View]
101142617Topster thread: Rate my topster /mu/[View]
101169295Blick ist leer: Dick ist schwer Schuhe wet Ja ich drippe sehr[View]
101169273Bizkit Albums Ranked: 5. Results May Vary 4. 3 Dollar Bill Yall 3. Gold Cobra 2. Significant Other 1…[View]
101168815KPOP GENERAL[View]
101169124Tusk: It's not that funny.[View]
101169104Trevor Powers: Playwright is a fucking beautiful song, a shame this guy is so repulsive[View]
101168175>And I swear that I don't have a gun >Had a gun Not sure that I understand why he'd …[View]
101169003Let's have an Australian music thread for Australia Day[View]
101166092I wouldn’t mind if they gave us a sequel to this[View]
101168950>28 >Still listen to Metalcore and Mall Emo…[View]
101162372post your personal favorite albums and fatanos review score[View]
101167412Holy balls and cunts THIS IS AWESOME[View]
101167747He's the best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVBPGToBi-s[View]
101167797KPOP GENERAL: non-early edition[View]
101165699I don't get it. It has some neat instrumentals, but the lyrics are corny and his flow doesn…[View]
101166809Album names: Do all artists just use some random shit for an album name? How do they come up with th…[View]
101166434I respect Joji for not doing Filthy Frank anymore, but can this mofo at least do the occasional Pink…[View]
101163751Hit me with some 80s college rock[View]
101168451name my band[View]
101168368>Yacht Rock[View]
101167225>Hey you lil' piss baby, you think you're so fucking cool? >Huh? >You think you…[View]
101168424bros i miss listening parties + DJing like turntable is there anything else that currently exists li…[View]
101164049Bands like Daughters: any bands with same sound or feel as em?[View]
101166431I got really pissed off when I found out Fixing a Hole was about drugs.[View]
101165442what do you guys think about this album? i really enjoyed it[View]
101167772KPOP GENERAL: angel edition[View]
101167730If you had to vomit while playing a set, would you throw up and keep playing like it's not happ…[View]
101162356What does /mu/ think of The National?[View]
101168165The Killers[View]
101166723daily reminder that pitchfork is killng music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UUQwdfr64[View]
101166764I don't get it[View]
101167335Don Caballero 3 is their magnum opus.[View]
101168151Help my friend to be viral with his songs https://open.spotify.com/album/1IL9yLRY4Y0T2NnH7ZRj3v?si=W…[View]
101167729Who’s worse: U2 or Coldplay?[View]
101166886/mu/ humor thread: post ur best or be cursed to the poop of death tonight[View]
101167353D E F G E C D[View]
101164032I wish he would put out a good album: Dean Blunt has a lot of potential to put out a cohesive artsy …[View]
101167942Bed Kaczynski 'Surfin' in Redsauce': https://youtu.be/Yj_RnXrF2wQ https://open.spotify.com/trac…[View]
101162284what do people in Oiybandona listen to?[View]
101152580What is the best Bladee project, and why?[View]
101167155KPOP GENERAL[View]
101161189last.fm 4x4 week: mlusic[View]
101167725Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/nagahirox I found this guy while I was listening to Lil Peep…[View]
101167712Is there a more patrician genre than sophistipop?[View]
101163148Thoughts on Weezer?[View]
101165134Draw Your Favourite Covers in the style of Hi, How Are You?: not mine originally, but go wild[View]
101157582this is abnormally good for a Ween album[View]
101159111This album is so corny, it's like a well produced high-school writing project. The themes and c…[View]
101165902music for getting high during a slow painful break up: there is no more love left in the relationshi…[View]
101164251when did you realize fixing a hole is the best song on: sgt peppers[View]
101167377>I like country music >I love country girls >I like Willie Nelson >And don't forget…[View]
101166645how do you feel about the Happy Mondays /mu/?[View]
101166289>I got my eye on a little girl >She's really out of this world >Now I take her to a da…[View]
101164417Warped vinyl: I have a new record that has a bit of a wobble to it when it rotates on the turntable.…[View]
101165492what the FUCK: why do artists have to deal with this bullshit??[View]
101166531KPOP GENERAL[View]
101167136itt: we invent genres: invent a musical genre, other anons suggest something similar to it[View]
101167044What is the best EP of all time?[View]
101157100Why is this album so forgotten compared to Pet Sounds despite being nearly as good?[View]
101166922I fucking love Where The Streets Have No Name. That's all I wanted to say[View]
101166985Best New Music 9.6 Nü Messiah - Jet Blast Wank The debut album from New York post punk/experimental …[View]
101163251Whats your favourite ambient album /mu/?[View]
101154230>>101107421 Making another thread to see if people have any more of these tracks. They were po…[View]
101163397Bands /mu/ will never understand[View]
101166202Rank them[View]
101164971She's kinda overrated bros...[View]
101165945What does he listen to?[View]
101163771How do you cope with the fact that your favorite band will never be as talented as Yes?[View]
101165330What was the energy/thought that drove you to make music?[View]
101165950KPOP GENERAL: gahchubby edition[View]
101162725What's the consensus on this duo?: I think they're running the rap game (the youtube algor…[View]
101166370Where do y'all get stems of popular songs?[View]
101164214Lads, the only two songs I like from this little square guy are Hurt and She Used to Love Me a Lot. …[View]
101166247In an alternate universe: THEY are the most hated rock band[View]
101162855more music like sewerslvt/k4000?: what is this called? its like to intelligent dnb what lofi is to h…[View]
101166205I miss her so much. Music for this feel?[View]
101165372KPOP GENERAL: gahyeon general[View]
101162338were they in a romantic relationship? not bait, actual discussion. I think that's one reason wh…[View]
101159940“Anon do the iTunes tags and artwork REALLY matter that much? Its for listening not looking”[View]
101163819I fucking hate them and their fanbase with a burning passion.[View]
101163388Comfy albums thread[View]
101157854Claim your Deftones song. I pick Bloody Cape[View]
101165071Thoughts on zoomer music sensation and TikTok star ppcocaine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttzijn…[View]
101165705YOUR DADDY KNOWS[View]
101162383ITT: fantanofriend redflags: I'll start: >thinking Aesop Rock is a better rapper than El-P…[View]
101165048AI Jukebox Suggestions !: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxRxufub2sx2xpiYXl4AaABCQ I want to hear som…[View]
101165561What does she listen to?[View]
101165608Anons I need help. I've been trying to find a OST that's been on my HDD for ages. It'…[View]
101164934Black Ben Carson is his best album[View]
101164704How to advertise your releases besides instagram posts and press releases?: What is another way to a…[View]
101158141how do you guys feel about TODD IN THE SHADOWS? He seems a little too into teeny bopper shit but his…[View]
101165473is for the way you look at me[View]
101151220What is the worst genre of music?[View]
101165469I love underground music. tame impala arctic monkeys the list goes on[View]
101165026>albums that deserve an apology[View]
101161685Is this good or pure shock value?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONrp__XFK44[View]
101164766KPOP GENERAL: dreamcatcher's new album soon edition also gahyeon edition[View]
101164130this week based ot nah?[View]
101163980>that clipping on Peach Plum Pear who the FUCK mixed this record[View]
101164727>/mu/ tells me this album is scary and depressing >listen to it of course >instrumentals ar…[View]
101161417/Drunk/: Whatcha drinking, /mu/? What are listening to? Official drunk degenerate thread. I'm …[View]
101165075https://youtu.be/yeeIFJcCQ_0 Hey /my/ I've grown obsessed with this song/style of music but it…[View]
101163410Where do I start with oriental music?[View]
101162919why isn't this /mu/core[View]
101164896How does he continuously do it?[View]
101160597BAD: >Want more Clash in my life >Debaiting if I should check out BAD What am I in for?…[View]
101164527There will never be a better EP about the zombie apocalypse than The Devi Wears Prada - Zombie EP. I…[View]
101158377David Byrne vs. Morrissey: Who wins in a fist fight?[View]
101164359Diana [Motown, 1980] The right-every-which-way 'Upside Down' and all-purpose gay lib pep song 'I…[View]
101162093/prog/: https://youtu.be/48tU3P8f46Y previous thread: >>101118349[View]
101164089KPOP GENERAL[View]
101151296Post albums that define the 90's[View]
101163321Well?: Will it be based?[View]
101163860pic related is Halica: Bliss Out v.11[View]
101163464tony bennett: >had his first hit in 1953 >still alive >managed to stay cool with every gene…[View]
101164599>*prefers Captain Beefheart over Zappa in ur path*[View]
101164463Dynamo: Following up >>101159728 What do you guys think of this album>?[View]
101161932Music died with him and this symphony is its death rattle.[View]
101162866>he listens to post-rock[View]
101163091Does anyone else appreciate this kino?: julee cruise - floating into the night[View]
101163588japanese city pop: let me bless you with Tatsuro Yamashita https://youtu.be/rSfc5OWhl7M https://yout…[View]
101162815Put your hands together for Sally.[View]
101162460ZOLO THREAD: Share and discuss zolo music https://rateyourmusic.com/genre/Zolo https://www.youtube.c…[View]
101159677>tfw my favourite song of all time was used in Basedvengers endgame Im considering suicide after …[View]
101164402Say something nice about them[View]
101162364Talk Talk was better as a New Wave band[View]
101159314Danny has maintained his heritages interest in occult studies. Endeavors into this realm have manife…[View]
101163218Favourite Skynyrd album? For me (and i imagine most other people) it's their debut, closely fol…[View]
101164347caught the rona and can't go to work for 2 weeks. music for this feel?[View]
101161926Does making goth sounding/Industrial music get pussy if I'm already decent looking, but sociall…[View]
101163610>One of Australias finest moments in music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tOkb1y7hEs Post your …[View]
101163354BUT I WAS THERE[View]
101163637Best Grunge Albums[View]
101163491What the fuck is a Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch?[View]
101156550I DON'T WANNA ROCK DJ[View]
101157009Will anyone ever surpass him?[View]
101164151IBS is destroying my stomach. The pain is unbearable. Music for this feel, please.[View]
101163274I still think that Neutral Milk Hotel is one of the best bands to have ever graced this Earth[View]
101155585“Are you ready for your guitar lessons?” *jimmi hendrix gulps* *Eric Clapton breathes heavily* *carl…[View]
101162695why do you have to ask for recs lol just recommend yourself an album or whatever[View]
101164067i went from neckbeard metal fan to listening to mostly indie bullshit and post rock fuck anyone else…[View]
101163084about the mu essentials chart: if the /mu/ essentials chart (See pic/link) were to add/take out any …[View]
101164072r8 da chune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6yNBcG0_LE[View]
101163762As far as good pianists today there's Dustin O'Halloran and. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
101163377KPOP GENERAL: 30[View]
101162499what do they listen at this party??[View]
101163940Give me some more crack rock steady pls[View]
101163932What kind of people listen to this album?: >describe yourself /mu/…[View]
101161340How is Nas's 'Ether' considered some kind of classic diss track in rap? It's straight up g…[View]
101163719Music Videos that made MTV famous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoF_a0-7xVQ[View]
101163414What does this board think of Lykke Li? Specifically, her three albums that chronicle the romantic l…[View]
101162960>community LDS priest found the Rotting Christ CDs[View]
101163587What in the absolute fuck were they thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H2sZvYnvt4[View]
101157720New Caroline konstnar song: https://youtu.be/KZWsB9_-Izg[View]
101163370easy listening: hey /mu/, what are some more easy-listening albums to add to this? I'm trying t…[View]
101163494*hijacks your phone*[View]
101163042Why are Saosin so underrated?[View]
101162388How much would you pay to see Metallica in their prime? I'd pay 200 dollars.[View]
101163378Their best one so far.[View]
101161982HOLY FUCK[View]
101163364why haven't Swans and Xiu Xiu collaborated more?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqSM2do-Sz0…[View]
101163144Songs About Fucking Big Back _____[View]
101162477KPOP GENERAL[View]
101163060Tove Lo: What do we think of this Swedish indie pop darling's body of work?[View]
101160259BRAINBOMBS: Is their whole discography worth checking out or are they a one album meme band?[View]
101161508Looking for Bandcamp Recommendations: Fucking A, /mu/, still holding up in this god-forsaken place, …[View]
101153871Fun fact: while MBV is credited as the parents of shoegaze, A.R. Kane, an all-Black shoegaze band wa…[View]
101162012>Grible Groble Bruble >Still sounds better than most modern music https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
101161739More like this?[View]
101160339Ewwww why are his finger nails dirty? Is this common with hard substance users? I remember Lil Peep …[View]
101162752Yeah, I'm thinking she's fucking back.[View]
101156187/gg/ - guitar and bass general: The only guitars that are good enough: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar…[View]
101162578Obvious industry plants: I'll start.[View]
101158314Who's the girl?[View]
101155705it's so damn sad, how do people listen to this[View]
101162935>when the pre chorus on Let Down kicks in https://youtu.be/ZVgHPSyEIqk?t=239…[View]
101154543Why is this great, awesome and based band too often claimed to be 'for posers' ?[View]
101161961Isn't it about time for Chanel Orange 2 to drop or what doe?[View]
101162636who was in the wrong here[View]
101160899EVERYBODY /SHUFFLIN/: on this day a decade ago the party began... who's /SHUFFLIN/[View]
101161037>rock music is de- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9UdrctkzbQ&t=558s&ab_channel=Audiotre…[View]
101162540artist known as grandson is breaking new grounds in both the hip hop and rock communities it’s a sha…[View]
101160659ITT: if you don't love it, you need to turn it up louder[View]
101162692Sorry boys, but you'll just never reach this level. Just give up at this point. https://youtu.…[View]
101152198What music does he listen to?[View]
101160232Help finding a song...: Hello, /mu/. I don’t normally post here, but I figure you could help me find…[View]
101149737Picrew thread: Make yourself with: https://picrew.me/image_maker/457566 or anything else, and post y…[View]
101156728Quick, claim your Radiohead song before someone else does! I'll start with The Trickster[View]
101161896>run you fucking whore or i will murder you What did Lennon mean by this…[View]
101160773best intro to black metal albums thread: https://youtu.be/FtBj5fWAKFQ this is simply epic and emotio…[View]
101159529post a pic get a rec[View]
101161583KPOP GENERAL[View]
101162189How hard is it the play the piccolo?[View]
101161724What did Amy Smart listen to in the early 2000s?[View]
101157528the greatest guitarist of all time is black: /pol/tards still can’t recover from this[View]
101158841why did you try to tell me this was bad just because it was shilled? it's fantastic[View]
101161115i need the shit that goes the very hardest: i need this boards help, this is my first time posting a…[View]
101162201This is pretty gross. In a pandemic? Women throwing their bras on stage to tech nine is unhygienic e…[View]
101157524Is there any good emo bands outside america[View]
101158604The Great Debate: Hikaru Utada or Britney Spears? Both debuted at the same time, both are 38 years o…[View]
101162107electric blue: was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UymXRxJPOQo[View]
101126073/prod/ - music production general: New to production? See: https://pastebin.com/p2QUqMzj Post what y…[View]
101131408/shillgen/ original songs: Click here to listen to original songs created by the 4chan producers. Co…[View]
101162072who's in?[View]
101159884Ready to Die [Bad Boy, 1994] As a white person in an integrated, how do we say it, nabe, I should br…[View]
101160257/PPG/ - Post Punk General: Juju Edition[View]
101160945Frightened Rabbit: whos music do you cry yourself to sleep to? pic related[View]
101157522itt: /mu/ clothing you would actually wear[View]
101161247Are there any albums that made you go into full chadzoomer basedjak mode?[View]
101159711Post albums with mixed reception. And no, not necessarily from crticis, but from everyone overall.[View]
101161928dissection is fucking gay and jon nodveit is a hobo nigger[View]
101161895As you walk on by: Will you call my name?[View]
101161893A soldier asked Eminem for his autograph, Eminem replied with 'Sure, If I can have yours[View]
101155466/wpop/: Make Taylorposting Great Again edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, cla…[View]
101160374/mu/sical Hunger Games: /mu/sical Hunger Games Submit your entries now. They must be music related …[View]
101159415alright guys i haven't visited this board in 2 years? redpill me on everything thats changed[View]
101157288Albums with spooky hidden figures in the background[View]
101153292wtf? I thought this was some shitty grandpa buttrock.[View]
101161261being a musician sucks[View]
101161577does anybody have that comic about a pink floyd fan making a thread about the wall and killing himse…[View]
101161372They deserve every bit of praise they get.[View]
101161559Shredding is just random wanki- https://youtu.be/9c-xKJ-NL30[View]
101160830KPOP GENERAL[View]
101161522>Dude, where's my fuckin' schnitzel?[View]
101157734Clairo, Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy: Is this... the holy trinity of female indie?[View]
101160667So, it turns out the new remaster is just a needledrop with the volume turned up, any thoughts?[View]
101159397I love /mu/[View]
101158420ITT: artists who peaked with their first hit song[View]
101160632Now that the dust has finally settled: Were they Based or cringe? https://youtu.be/g3AHqcinzZ4…[View]
101158566Was he cute?[View]
101141252Anyone else sick of using DAWs?[View]
101160965smells like semen in coom cum as you are breed pigs polaroids poly territorial piss fetishes cream …[View]
101161204Lead me: Out in the moonlight floor[View]
101160496do we like it[View]
101160710Name a more based instrument you can't[View]
101158190At what age did you grow out of metal?[View]
101156080>one of the best hip hop albums ever >no one talks about it…[View]
101157503They were the greatest pop duo of the 70s.[View]
1011438143x3 4x4 5x5 collage thread: lets do it[View]
101157236Listening to Lana while wearing a butt plug doesn't make me gay you bigots.[View]
101160913Here's a thing: Take a genre you like, name 5 good albums from most entry level to most obscure…[View]
101156925GRIMES: GRIMES[View]
101158612Japanese math rock request: There's this song that I'm told is japanese math rock and I kn…[View]
101159127This is the greatest single of the 21st century, so far[View]
101160118KPOP GENERAL[View]
101159299any good albums/songs that sound like White Ferrari specifically? basically mellow soul-ish minimali…[View]
101157838Who are some Music Youtubers you enjoy? I enjoy The Evolve, one of the top Stan channels[View]
101159995Favorite trance cover designs: What are they /mu/?[View]
101160422Lifeless hacks[View]
101160612High-quality video of Daft Punk's ALIVE 2007 set. The audio's a bit messed up sometimes (l…[View]
101160583The Ariel Pink we're mourning never really existed... https://junkee.com/ariel-pink-legacy/2852…[View]
101159797pov: minding your business when you see kpop thread: yeah fuckin hilarious bra, the thread has no mu…[View]
101160532Spawn the album, music from the darkland[View]
101160354ITT: ambitious crossovers[View]
101160510I don’t get what the “ooh so scary” factor is. It’s just 4 hours of Earthbound soundtrack.[View]
101157906Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /qworty cringe edition/[View]
101148788/biz/ here: What do you guys listen to when you're making obscene amounts of money?[View]
101157820Anyone have the original CD?: I remember the original cd having a creepy image in the liner notes. I…[View]
101160087>bang bang maxwell's silver hammer >came down upon her head >clang clang maxwell…[View]
101157339What genre of music is stuff like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet, Dean Martin etc[View]
101156491The great debate[View]
101160298JUST LISTEN: TO IT PLS[View]
101147960Rap Recs: Rec me rap with interesting/ detailed production or instrumentals[View]
101160112/weezy/ general[View]
101160224Tell me where is the love in what your prophet has said? Man, it sounds to me just like a prison for…[View]
101158895Rec me stuff like this: Spotify algorithm is fucking awful.[View]
101159317KPOP GENERAL: korean popular music[View]
101159893I THINK: I'M IN TROUBLE™[View]
101151233How are you holding up /mu/?[View]
101159600How come kino ass country music has so few reviews on rym?[View]
101159892>is the best pop album ever made nothing personel[View]
101158663Fuck this untalented cunt. I wish /mu/ was more like /tv/ so everytime this cunt and his shitty band…[View]
101159122>is the most influencial music group of the last decade in your path[View]
101157545Why the FUCK did the last Troy Sneed thread get deleted? Post favorites ITT, Move Forward is uniron…[View]
101159016It finally clicked...[View]
101158996Metal top albums: Show your topster for your fav metal albums.[View]
101158928any thoughts on this album?[View]
101157513itt : The most important rap albums of the 2010s[View]
101159686I'm looking for a musical keyboard with the following: 1 - Bluetooth headphone support (mine do…[View]
101159437I'm listening 3 albums /mu/ recommended me at the same time[View]
101159582Just got this TV series on Laserdisc, am I in for some kino?[View]
101159407HYPERPOP: Guy I'm looking for good hyperpop shit, I need it because I'm trying to produce …[View]
101159076OTTO general: Wherein we discuss one of the most exciting new electronic artists of the decade so fa…[View]
101159545Tell me this ain’t hard: https://youtu.be/tupU3YRg7XE[View]
101153382Is there a most underrated band from the 80's?[View]
101153694What's your favorite song?[View]
101155269>hey everyone i'm rick beato[View]
101141721Where did all the good guitarists go?[View]
101158724/synth/: Can we start out the week with High Quality Synth Discussion[View]
101158925ADMIT IT: >Grimes >Eilish >Whatever the fuck else is supposed to be a groundbreaking indust…[View]
101158369Why are rockists so touchy that they can't handle being the center of attention?[View]
101157420you would think for how influential they are there would get more recognition or credit why is that?[View]
101158590KPOP GENERAL[View]
101159123>its a picture of (blank) >they are doing (blank) >vocaroo…[View]
101159094Video game music: Post some of your favourite rite video game music. I’ll start: https://youtu.be/Gj…[View]
101154824What is some good post-rock that isn't just shitty crescendocore like GY!BE[View]
101158874>gets shit after the 4th song[View]
101158963i bring thee truth[View]
101158816what does /mu/ think of MGMT, and Siberian Breaks/their early stuff in particular?[View]
101158433Why did our tastes get so bad?[View]
101144752Post a fictional character and what they listen to: > John Lennon…[View]
101159107>catch a bit of a song on the radio >cant make out what the lyrics are >but it sounds prett…[View]
101146466Who is the final boss of all music?[View]
101159051You like fuckin SLAYER?[View]
101159034Trey Songz arrested after brawl with cop at Kansas City Chiefs game: https://pagesix.com/2021/01/25/…[View]
101158934I'm going hungry: >I'm going hungry[View]
101149307based or cringe?[View]
101158860What are you guys listening to?[View]
101158742itt covers that are better than the original[View]
101157003Seriously, should Eminem have died in the early 2000’s for the sake of his legacy?[View]
101156912/mu/: Suggest me some albums please (top row is jazz and second is music im enjoying rn)[View]
101156178What's the Geometry Dash level with the best song? For me it's Fingerdash.[View]
101158804The perfect boyband doesn't exi...[View]
101158110Holy shit[View]
101149325monday bandcamp shill thread: monday bandcamp shill thread monday bandcamp shill thread monday bandc…[View]
101158667What's the most underrated post-punk band and why is it Lowlife? https://youtu.be/P8U-AfOQ2F8 h…[View]
101149398Mp3 players are the superior[View]
101152474/metal/: Varg-chan edition Old >>101140693 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
101157180Imagine being such a talentless fatass that you build you entire personality around rapping about fo…[View]
101157866Is it /mu/core?[View]
101158472https://youtu.be/2a-AK_39xg8 PHIL ELVERUM PHIL ELVERUM. PHIL. PHIL[View]
101157727KPOP GENERAL[View]
101154529ITT: long albums with many songs[View]
101158354Tomorrowland 31 12 2020 new year eve: Someone have a link for the shows to share?[View]
101155928Did he stole it?: >Bitter Sweet Symphony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyu1KKwC74 >Rolling …[View]
101157105>Everything I dont like is a meme and only zoomers like it because its a meme, no they dont actua…[View]
101158213What open sourced dj software would you best recommend?: Preferably a dj software that is open sourc…[View]
101158184Is being a landlord compatible with the rock and roll lifestyle?[View]
101157120D'you wanna be in his gang, /mu/?[View]
101158067Black Midi: The Guy From Black Midi Ordering At A Drive-Thru Restaurant https://vocaroo.com/6QHYBBjg…[View]
101156062Damn, this is even better than Tidal. Loving this woman.[View]
101157478Whats the best version of Hiram clarke hustler?[View]
101157781Absolute masterpiece of an album[View]
101151961Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese: Why is this album so based /mu/? This album is just one perfect song af…[View]
101154827Limp Bizkit Albums Ranked: 5. Results May Vary 4. 3 Dollar Bill Yall 3. Gold Cobra 2. Significant Ot…[View]
101157704https://youtu.be/w9KgE1ZM-Rc?t=252 wow Wow WOW YEA YEA YEA THIS IS SO COOL :] send me something cool…[View]
101154148St. Vincent: The only truly 'modern' guitar player[View]
101156787KPOP GENERAL[View]
101156186music education question: is there a generator of scales, chord patterns that you can guide you to c…[View]
101157593Does /mu/ like The Beach Boys?[View]
101154099Music to build confidence: what's some of the most confident music you can find that makes you …[View]
101157557Suicide: Why were they so good?[View]
101157122Are they /mu/core?: I feel like they would be[View]
101157459Red pill me on Sony BMG[View]
101157382>that time Paul made a covers album of literal granny music Based[View]
101156636The Great Debate[View]
101157264MY XBOX IS A GOD TO ME[View]
101156114Which artists would from today would he listen to?[View]
101157278Mad FVN new single: People are strange https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mdfvn/people-are-strange I…[View]
101153728Decade Scores.: Post your decade averages from your RYM account. Other people can judge.[View]
101157019this picture makes me so fucking horny everytime i see rachel goswell my balls immediately refill an…[View]
101156980Young Damon: Young Damon[View]
101155492>most streamed musician on YouTube >doesn’t have a single good song even though he releases 37…[View]
101156154Raditude is one of the albums of all time[View]
101155309>when someone says oasis was popular in america https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-e46xdcUo&a…[View]
101150803is he the goat?: >SOLOOOOOO[View]
101157015Slowhand [RSO, 1977] As MOR singles go, 'Lay Down Sally' is as good as it gets. But Clapton leaves a…[View]
101156512What do you think of this album? One of my personal favorites of all time, it really never gets old[View]
101156599Is he the best lyricist of all time ?[View]
101156618Cyberpunk 2077: Whats the album equivalent? Also whats the best radio station?[View]
101156884I dont get the hype around Lanquidity. What makes it good?[View]
101154847How can one man make /mu/ seethe so hard?[View]
101153700Can someone give me the quick rundown on Alice in Chains? I gave pic related a listen and wasn'…[View]
101155730big list of EDM genres: so /mu/, do you know them all? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm7Chn8agXQ…[View]
101154666based off his early week i was sure kevin abstract was gonna be a pretty big solo artist but he kind…[View]
101156756>They used to say I was a bad kid >I'm glad that they did >Now I play all the time…[View]
101151665Siberian VS California VS London Punk: For me it's Siberian>London>California[View]
101156775What does /mu/ think of Mathew Dear?[View]
101156755is this the single greatest track created in 2011? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QJh-K3EBvw[View]
101155813KPOP GENERAL[View]
101156593Cozy Burial Thread: Leave a tune or a bit of knowledge about the fella[View]
101154893Hayley Williams: >comfirmed weeb >was non binary before it was cool >ruined zoomers long be…[View]
101154555ITT; albums that are stone cold 10/10 classics but nobody ever talks about them[View]
101155234ITT: Artist who's side projects are substantially better than their main work.[View]
101155556where is /bleep/?: There hasn't been a bleep thread on here any time I've checked for ages…[View]
101155691/mu/ what are your thoughts on pic-related? Good or bad?[View]
101155637most underrated album: i don't think this album is whatsoever even close to the amount of recog…[View]
101154444ITT: artists pics[View]
10115473360 years later and still bitter[View]
101156131>loses to Celine Dion at the '97 Grammys oof[View]
101155817New here, what does /mu/ think of crywank? if anything[View]
101156189>walk riff starts playing in your head Yeah....it's the Pantera thread. Crack open your brew…[View]
101154398Billie bros...: We won.....[View]
101151516/gg/ - guitar general: Headless (decapitated) edition >Links LEARN: https://www.justinguitar.com/…[View]
101155729whats the worst scaruffi-score album? (9/10+ only)[View]
101155870were they based?[View]
101152208This shit sucks[View]
101155393thoughts on my topster?[View]
101155940Of all the field recordings, I don't know any good canonical rain albums. All the rain recordin…[View]
101155394Kanye coconut lol Kanye coconut lol[View]
101151872>w-well, if you listen to their music for the first time today, sure it won't sound as amazi…[View]
101111780Bernie on album covers thread[View]
101147641Im gonna say it /mu/, I absolutely fucking love metal These dubs confirms it[View]
101154931I like Duran Duran. Do you like Duran Duran?[View]
101155026KPOP GENERAL[View]
101145648Recommended me any nu metal bands.[View]
101155778Bob Marley: he was the most photogenic person ever[View]
101154272Hi, I just want some Afro-Latin shit with lots of bongos, congas and hypnotic rhythms. Any recommend…[View]
101155049They’re sore winners[View]
101153910What's your favourite unofficial DOOM release? For me it's MF DOOM & Nujabes[View]
101155518varf . ,: varf varf varf[View]
101152943Lil peep discussion[View]
101149423Find a flaw.[View]
101155461me listening to Voigt's artwork[View]
101155079Dude...: Weed...[View]
101154513Man, I hate Twitter. They really think Travis Scott would win against Future in a verzuz battle? Wh…[View]
101152166more pop punk like this?? bubblegum punk? proto-pop-punk? idk how the fuck to describe it. i just ne…[View]
101154769Zeppelin: What is their best album, and why are you retarded if you don't say pic related…[View]
101148145/wpop/: Suits edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholism, …[View]
101154251Why was she so popular on the internet in the late 2000s? Her music fucking sucks and she's ugl…[View]
101155185I miss her so much bros.[View]
101152709She's not even that bad after giving a few listens. She's not particularly mainstream eith…[View]
101154199Any other artists that blend Trip Hop and Shoegaze like pic related other than Bowery Electric? I lo…[View]
101152561What's Spongebob listening to?[View]
101153123Flac: what is the best site to download good quality music, free ofcourse[View]
101155135Gary Wilson-Mary had brown hair: Im crying need more[View]
101154831Steely Dan himself[View]
101148457pretentious hackshit: >durrr omg spooky reverb omg durrrr so spooky hehe so scary kys…[View]
101154267KPOP GENERAL[View]
101142308I don't like midwest emo.[View]
101151583The best thing about this album is that Dennis is feeding an animal that isn't there[View]
101154310I have over 70 John Coltrane cds[View]
101152293>Keith Rowe, Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura and Otomo Yoshihide recording ErstLive 005…[View]
101154292Help finding a song...: Hello, /mu/. I don’t normally post here, but I figure you could help me find…[View]
101135616American Primitve General: Any love for the genre still lurking here? I remember seeing Fahey and Ja…[View]
101153192ITT: bands that really need to retire[View]
101154766>Literal who >Gets co-signed by Drake, and boosted by a feature (Look Alive) >Become crazy …[View]
101154777What does everyone think about deadmau5' and wolfgang's new single?[View]
101154472Is liking anime soundtracks cringe?[View]
101154690Do you like The Smiths? I do and i am not gay[View]
101151012Why is Donald Trump releasing dumb rappers from prison, of all people? How about all those people un…[View]
101154619Anyone have an UNO Drum? What do you think of it? Are there any other drum pads/machines or sequence…[View]
101154431Suicide: Pretentious hacks or geniuses before their time?[View]
101154614For me, it's Model Worker[View]
101152774ALBUMS OF THE DECADE: Post em and critique em[View]
101154522>Przeboje z nutą nostalgii[View]
101150400GRIMES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGwmFIphNcg[View]
101154439Pretty psychedelic.: More like this?[View]
101152370This is just rock music.[View]
101152472ITT: Albums with MOOG synths[View]
101153485>Send us in your letter and tell us the name of your favorite vega-table Did you send Brian a le…[View]
101151305A soul singer with no soul.: Is there anyone better to be the Super Bowl Halftime Show act right now…[View]
101152519Imagine looking back on this album as a 60 year old man.: And still having to sing the songs on it, …[View]
101142254>agree to do thing >find out there are regulations regarding how to do thing >throw a fit a…[View]
101153498KPOP GENERAL[View]
101153662Who are the Hokages of rock music?[View]
101154195Thoughts: I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this song. There are very few songs I know of…[View]
101150223ITT: Albums you pretend you like[View]
101150607*takes out Jig of Life* ahhh that's better[View]
101153251what the fuck no!! they just broke up :( i loved their music and i'm genuinely distraught rn[View]
101154160Post a more quotable album[View]
101151302NEW WEEZER WHO'S GOT IT[View]
101153503Post albums people only pretend to like[View]
101153595Oh my fucking god. How are we doing my family and fucking friends. It took a long time, but god damn…[View]
101153224Top-Tier Live Performances: >ITT Live performances of any genre. Acoustic sessions welcome. Shine…[View]
101145892Synthpop recs please: How was this released in 1981? It's like a decade ahead of its time Can I…[View]
101151924>Five days since Charlie poster’s last thread F[View]
101153758How did being successful in rock music go from creating great songs on the road and amassing a follo…[View]
101140160What do I do anons? Maybe black metal IS inherently anti-Semitic. I listen to Taake and Burzum on sp…[View]
101152829Would You Lie With Me (In a Field of Stone) [Columbia, 1974] If you think the Orgy-Gel dolls they se…[View]
101147112So when did ariel pink start to really go off the rails?: Was he a schizo the whole time? Or did he …[View]
101151964>be me >ne newfag What do I listen to? I mainly like Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, and the …[View]
101152392it clicked[View]
101153888Im kicked out the MC707 Facebook + subreddit for posting my custom 707.. thought u guys might like: …[View]
101151246ITT: mega based live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbcs6nZM20A[View]
101152741If this didn’t come out when The Beach Boys were stereotyped as uncool and lost popularity this woul…[View]
101152653>Keep your distance >Then no harm will come How did they knew it bros?…[View]
101140579/luomo/: The Right Wing is underrated edition[View]
101148719This masterpiece was released 27 years ago today. It was made during 7 day jam session and was the f…[View]
101149361What are you listening to right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of8SGddgv1o[View]
101153630I push my fingers into my ass[View]
101151634can music make you horny? scientifically speaking. I'm not talking about song that bring back y…[View]
101147943Selling instrument Courses: What do I need to know before I start selling guitar courses? I've …[View]
101153520She says, “All right now, go ahead, draw me, I’m standing right here” I make a few lines and I show…[View]
101151596On the top row, we see plebeians'/retards' favourite albums of the 90s. On the bottom row,…[View]
101151758KPOP GENERAL: >>101150890 >What movie do i watch train to busan…[View]
101153079holy shit[View]
101151712Her fame and success is entirely undeserved.[View]
101151004Green Day vs Weezer: Which band, /mu/?[View]
101153280>”aaaaah I am just a newport, a stranger in this town”[View]
101151065Where should I start with him?[View]
101153234Just listened to the Weeknd's Save your Tears song. I'm fucking high and I don't real…[View]
101153036is there a more kino soundtrack?[View]
101150856Who was the first band to have a more unconventional band name? By that I mean a name that wasn…[View]
101150796Band shirts: profound social statement or a sign of insecurity?[View]
101149595>Disliked it on release >Now one of my favorite albums of all time that i listen to almost dai…[View]
101148328ITT: post your favorite album cover[View]
101151728>really loud aggressive rhythmic music why is this so hard to find? It's crazy. It's e…[View]
101148025>be a lucky enough teenager to get to see your babysitter naked >it's Cher…[View]
101152966What's your excuse for not making music?[View]
101149341ITT post instrumental music that high people would enjoy https://youtu.be/SmpPxYjWisk[View]
101152382These albums: How would you rank them from best to worst /mu/?[View]
101152669Hannah Diamond - Hi: Why is it so good? Why is PC Music not this good anymore? Namasenda, Caro and P…[View]
101152334Neighborhoods is seriously one of their best albums, niggas in 2011 really took them for granted.[View]
101152777It finally clicked[View]
101152448It clicked[View]
101152588Title screen themes in videogames set the tone for going in. What are the ones you listen to all the…[View]
101152485How do you listen to music? I tried to focus only on listening to music with no other activities lik…[View]
101152617what’s the most depressing Cocteau Twins album[View]
101151727KPOP GENERAL[View]
101150248KPOP GENERAL: is coffee good for you?[View]
101139584share your favorite nintendo music[View]
101140693/metal/: Barbecued Iguana edition Old:>>101132222 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
101139325Hot Cheetos[View]
101151836Is there anything that even compares to how fucking amazing this album is? Why did Grimes just get w…[View]
101152367Do you ever listen to music with other people?[View]
101148876Imagine being able to make it as a career musician by posting average pop punk drum covers on the in…[View]
101148745Faces of /mu/: Let's go[View]
101152290I just took 20mg of adderall and downed a cuppa coffee. Music for this feel? Im tweaking hard rn.[View]
101148934hi /mu/ give me some songs that are about or mention fathers e.g. chop suey[View]
101147649Do you like grime? https://youtu.be/_xQKWnvtg6c[View]
101152232keyed af: >The media lies to us all the time, and we always believe the media. Then Grimes – who’…[View]
101144661Sabrina Carpenter just wrote a diss track against the magnificant song that is Driver licence. And i…[View]
101113939Is it any good?[View]
101150841ITT: Your favorite bands best album[View]
101150313Ayesha Erotica thread: Lindsay Lohan is my God So thank you God for all this bod[View]
101147792I have become a coomer and am completely drained out. Music for the feel? (about the drained out par…[View]
101151992*Invents Music* Holy shit[View]
101152023Black Metal Nostalgia Thread Was anybody here in a black metal band, particularly around the mid 200…[View]
101151698i am indisputably this generation's bob dylan: https://voca.ro/18fN1IhaxnNW[View]
101150364i kinda regret choosing King Crimson as my gateway into prog rock. because they are one of the few b…[View]
101133809What are you listening to right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzGss2FdvDc[View]
101150131Any GNU/Linux users here? What music player do you use?[View]
101149645ITT: Bands with no bad songs: >inb4 someone says all of their songs are bad But seriously though …[View]
101151529Post grunge/rave bands of the 90's[View]
101114404/classical/: Constanze edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classica…[View]
101148654/italo/ general: Let's discuss the only musical genre that matters.[View]
101151309I just listened to Blame Game, plz send me more cool stuff to listen to[View]
101151776What music has a similar feel to pic related?[View]
101151748Know them boys wanna see me broke down and shit Bummed out and shit, stressed out and shit That…[View]
101150983KPOP GENERAL[View]
101146965thoughts on fontaines dc?[View]
101149287i only really like the first two tracks. kinda meh album. what's the hype about?[View]
101151055Did he surf too close to the formula?[View]
101151426>a review on rym makes reference to the 'mysterious algorhythm'…[View]
101148456ITT: Artists who did nothing wrong[View]
101147617Happy Songs :): Dump some happy songs ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRBwDo3tur4 https://www.yo…[View]
101151177> Ambient > Hip Hop > Slow > Sampled https://youtu.be/ICwVKKU_EBw Any feedback apprecia…[View]
101148993space music: What would you listen to in space? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPDKIgYqo7s…[View]
101150468Um.... Cuomobros?[View]
101145315the endeavor : day 51: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next 3…[View]
101150325Caveman Core/Alt-Reality Hex: >>101107421 Making another thread to see if people have any more…[View]
101150621>Supposedly classic rock album >Multiple outros with noisy incoherent drums and guitar…[View]
101150247KPOP GENERAL: is coffee good for you?[View]
101149787Anyone got that Madlib leak? is it only a vinyl rip out there?[View]
101150950She like the way that I dance She like the way that I move She like the way that I rock She like the…[View]
101150119Feed Me Jack: >post bands only you cared about[View]
101144420How badly would this interview go?[View]
101150789David Bowie: for me? it's the Based and Redpilled The Thin White Duke https://youtu.be/XAj2iX9x…[View]
101146098Shitty cringe game but... Decent soundtrack, no more than decent though[View]
101150714Normie repellant playlists: You queers shill some gay garbage Got any tracks i can add to my gook fl…[View]
101146588ITT: artists who have the highest raw amounts of good music, regardless of the ratio to the total am…[View]
101150735>she was right to reject me music for this feel?[View]
101148281I was given one of the pocket operator samplers for christmas but havent got around to using it, i u…[View]
101150594i get it, /mu/: after all that i have lost and all that has been taken from me, i'm so fucking …[View]
101147919What is the most pretentious album ever made?[View]
101148268What does /mu/ think the best Nick Cave album is?[View]
101147879what does he listen to? /mu/h niggas[View]
101147801Best track from this album?[View]
101150417>I WANNA RIDE MY BICYCLE I WANNA RIDE MY BICYCLE + 200 millions copies band, wow…[View]
101150204>round round get around (I GET AROUND)[View]
101145287This album is turning 25. Say something nice about the greatest 90's post-rock album, /mu/.[View]
101150179Trap Music: Good trap music?[View]
101136860/gg/ Guitar and Bass General: Innovators Edition Previous: >>101126871 >Links LEARN: https:…[View]
101147843Adorno is here and he is ready to say that all of your music sucks ass[View]
101142232Any landfill indie that you actually enjoy?[View]
101147553name a more depressing album. i'll wait[View]
101149392>This image is blocked, either due to legal restrictions in your country, or due to your personal…[View]
101149580KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGkUW5cUPz8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGkUW5cUPz…[View]
101140253Vinyl thread: >What size is your collection? >What's your turntable? >How long have yo…[View]
101148056Elliot Smith VS Morrissey Who is better lyricist?[View]
101147797any more artists for pic rel?[View]
101145193>youtube music review >'the rubbery bassline' >'the crisp drums' >'the flacid synths'…[View]
101148647What is Bob Dylan's best album?: and why is it Nashville Skyline?[View]
101148190top genres: post'em find out if ur qt or not[View]
101148416Song that could/should have been hits: With better singers and production. 1: 'Pop song' The pool bo…[View]
101148594i don't get the hate/polarization/controversy[View]
101147725Chad lyrics: >If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry >If she catch me cheating,…[View]
101149747https://4chanmusic.fandom.com/wiki/Essential_Charts#Genres Does anyone care about essential charts /…[View]
101147435>and maniacs dont blow holes, in bandsmen by remote control maybe dont occupy their island Roger,…[View]
101149702is there anything else like the red hot chili peppers? Like I wanna hear more bass playing like Flea…[View]
101147422this album has no right to be hilarious. the only car seat headrest album I listened to. Hollywood, …[View]
101149439>Understanding the wikipedia article I just read[View]
101149571I’m hungover and require some techno to heal. Please help.[View]
101142425SOAD: awesome band[View]
101139251Claim your Fall song for me it's The Man Whose Head Expanded[View]
101143614Best DAW controller for around $100?: Im considering getting the Arturia MiniLab MKII 25 key and I w…[View]
101148615What's your /comfy/ album? This album puts my soul at ease, and the track 'Troubled waters…[View]
101148605(Rock) Essentials Chart: Hello /mu/ I have been working on an alternative chart to the one I have be…[View]
101148657KPOP GENERAL[View]
101142184As a fan of post-hardcore, noise rock, post-punk, math rock and deep house, why is Japanese music so…[View]
101149425say hi on my channel: https://youtu.be/OZujlwvO-tY[View]
101144737>I've been collecting records for a couple of years and have some pretty wEiRd shit >thes…[View]
101146300yeah i'm thinking based soundtrack[View]
101145768any jefre cantu-ledesma fans here? where do i go after love is a stream?[View]
101149160I like Aesop Rock[View]
101141890>you’ll never listen to your favourite albums for the first time again[View]
101146573What think of Eminem's first album?[View]
101145476Admit it, you love Paramore[View]
101146905Gonna be on a 4 hour roadtrip with my dad for the first time in forever, and i need to make a playli…[View]
101144038Well /mu/ what would you have in your bag?[View]
101128149/mu/ synopsis: Post your chart, age and hairlength, and people will cast judgement upon your patheti…[View]
101144601Finally got into the Smiths, what are some similar bands to check out?[View]
101148899shamelesspromo: https://dinosphere.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/vitaminlake/sets/can…[View]
101143600listen to your parents music. I have over 70 John Coltrane CDs[View]
101148465Now that the dust has settled, what did you cunts think of the hottest 100 this year? For me persona…[View]
101145199It was very hard finding 60's bands that weren't leaning to the right or centrism.[View]
101138321Dogs is the greatest song of all time.[View]
101147901KPOP GENERAL[View]
101144391Whats the deal with emo and football anyway[View]
101147348What are some /mu/ discord servers?: I feel like the essence of this forum is being killed by the zo…[View]
101137121Soundcloud thread[View]
101142598What would be a good name for a power electronics parody band? Pic is Yogi Bear, he’s not relevant t…[View]
101148497https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFbrhrc4iQw Previous thread: >>101139333 >>>LINKS<…[View]
101145598more like Tom Soyer: amirite[View]
101148309does anyone know where I can find a full version of this that isn't so quiet? https://www.youtu…[View]
101148244Covid will now take control and bring you to your death No chance of a longer life to live just like…[View]
101139333/wpop/: Lynchian edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholis…[View]
101143501>female guitarist[View]
101148128Skribbl.io, please join!!! https://skribbl.io/?O473w1eB8o6O[View]
101144096Please dont tell me it was Wet Ass Pussy[View]
101144039Family is the best song she had ever released[View]
101143965Life’s a bummer When you’re a hummer Life’s a drag When you're a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAG[View]
101140549Albums You Have No Interest Listening To[View]
101147237KPOP GENERAL[View]
101147014Oh dude oh bro I'm just so tired of fucking that sweet pussy you know?[View]
101146019Songs that tell a dark story: As gimmicky as it is, I like this style of song. Songs that tell a sto…[View]
101145221forgotten and absorbed To the earth below[View]
101143828Is it any good?[View]
101141338/Jazz Thread/: Jazz thread. I'm listening to pic related and I must say these drums are pretty …[View]
101147673Looking for a music video 2: Posting this again because some guys were interested and we still haven…[View]
101147671Why is this not known?: This is actually the best guitarrist i've ever heard and this album is …[View]
101143179I'm just gonna go on record and admit this is their best album. Love me some HTTT[View]
101145064Are you still mad?[View]
101140198did they create punk?[View]
101146475>The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid >And the marshals and cops get the …[View]
101147532Roasting Weezer: >tired of sex more like, tired of weezer[View]
101145969Eden Prison is a fucking banger[View]
101141624kpop/twice: this whole album is beautiful[View]
101145325Uh-uh, Fuck that[View]
101146826Fake album covers: Guess the genre[View]
101144964ITT: Popular artists you've literally never listened to[View]
101146536KPOP GENERAL: ausbros edition[View]
101146863Share with me jazz music that you like.: Anything jazz-related is welcome. Red pill me on jazz esse…[View]
101146642RYM thread for non-faggots or semi-faggots. Post your account and I'll add you.[View]
101147082Great drummers whose bands wasted their potential.[View]
101146331gamecube menu music: this is literally gamecube menu music[View]
101136795>joy division >isn’t very joyful[View]
101146831Music for this feel?[View]
101144090Honest question /mu/. Why do so many of you stop listening to a artist or band when his/her/their po…[View]
101145867For me, it's yellow loveless[View]
101145524/emoe/: Emo Obscura https://mega.nz/folder/JFBGRSZQ#kafNcnNLiqOiSI82toFubg Skramz https://mega.nz/f…[View]
101146651reminder that the new Time Machine Modulus album comes out next week[View]
101145423>nobody: >literally nobody: >not even Keanu Reeves: >Ozuna and Anuel: drop the best albu…[View]
101146016kpop general[View]
101145450ITT : Albums you got memed into listening by /mu/[View]
101142625why is there so much hype?: seriously, i just listened to this album for the first time and it reall…[View]
101146031>mfw the music can't block out the voices anymore[View]
10114632712oz mouse;https://youtu.be/dFXm6V1NQCg[View]
101144619Superstar rapper 'Iron' assassinated: Rapper 'Iron' (Jung Hun-cheol) was mortall…[View]
101145431what are some unsolved music mysteries or abnormalities: old or contemporary[View]
101142205I'd like to learn how to make jazzy/neo soul type music on the piano, what do bros?[View]
101145958Ya, I play the Jug[View]
101145536KPOP GENERAL[View]
101144788PJ Harvey - Is This Desire demos album: out on january 29th. are you excited? i'm excited to he…[View]
101145850She won’t stop[View]
101141783so libreals only pretend to like this album because black people made it[View]
101144678ITT post your favorate emo/post hardcore songs or bands: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mkA56WdcrgYx…[View]
101143659KPOP GENERAL[View]
101145652OH NO!: Smol 2dimensional girl found out In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and will eat it whole! Only t…[View]
101145572>Eh Sexy Lady >Oppan Gangnam style[View]
101143266What's the verdict?[View]
101145538KPOP general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awlzX8OXQ40[View]
101144933KPOP GENERAL: monday edition[View]
101145496Nothing can kill the Metal[View]
101135739Caveman Core - Alt Reality Hex General: >>101107421 Making a new thread to see if people have …[View]
101145471Music clothing: Thoughts ?[View]
101144427will /mu/ hate Kate now ?[View]
101134537OVERALL 5X5: LETS SEE EM[View]
101145276/// merle haggard ///: post 'em[View]
101139586sup drummers, how does it feel knowing your job has been automated? what are you going to do now?[View]
101145249The obligatory whatnow?[View]
101145244Help!: There's this music video from the 70s-80s or so Where a woman wears green and her nipple…[View]
101144672Stringbean >>>>> whatever you're listening to rn[View]
101139310/prog/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OvW8Z7kiws&list=PLXhfRoiJBIiuXOUv_7EJ1i7UKj0aGfy0U&…[View]
101141552>Genre's best album also happened to ruin the genre Any other examples?…[View]
101143397*makes literally nothing but 10/10 albums in your path*[View]
101144487What album cover has a guy doing this same pose? It's not david bowie[View]
101143489>She had to leave Los Angeles >All her toys wore out in black and her boys had too >She sta…[View]
101144814I Love The Night by Blue Oyster Cult is the greatest rock song of all time.[View]
101145085Destroyer- Kaputt: This album came out ten years ago today! Easily one of my all time favourites. Th…[View]
101128100Why are americans so obsessed if a band is a One Hit Wonder and judge it like if that band was an ex…[View]
101144943kpop general[View]
101136264Post songs with recorders in them.: I love the cute, innocent sound of recorders. Anyone got anymore…[View]
101145020Just your daily reminder that you'll never be as good as the legend himself. https://youtu.be/J…[View]
101134553Does anybody have one of these stupid things? Played around with it the other day and I want it so b…[View]
101144921I love this album so much[View]
101144948What other cassette wholesale websites are there besides Deltamedia? Their poly boxes are always gre…[View]
101144941More music like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvTEZgrH5tw[View]
101143998this is the best instrument. You cannot prove me wrong so don't even try[View]
101144331KPOP GENERAL: that's the power of ketchys[View]
101139974good asian singers: Any good japanese/asian singers? i feel like asians can't sing but idk mayb…[View]
101139304is music better than ever?[View]
101144900sematary is a hack: >0:09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2PUV3KwIgY https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
101143684MGMT: Why was this album so poorly received?[View]
101144757Greatest tenor rock vocals thread https://youtu.be/SsaFBNvhceA[View]
101143837Lou Reed vs Bob Dylan vs Leonard Cohen: Now that the dust has settled, who was the superior Jew?…[View]
101144632Why does no other band sound like Swans?[View]
101140263Alright /mu/ it's time I approach you for help with The Fat Beatles. Here is the list so far. T…[View]
101143578My gf says Death Grips gives her anxiety attacks. First time I showed her Come Up And Get Me she sta…[View]
101144171>Trout Mask Replica[View]
101140578any thoughts?[View]
101140762>Hey, this is Henry Rollins. I was in a band in the 80's that everybody says they like but t…[View]
101144436is there any footage of alan vega swinging chains on stage?[View]
101140859>why yes, i do hum my favorite tunes aloud for my coworkers to hear. how could you tell?…[View]
101141626Tag yourself: I'm Beyonce[View]
101142794Best american girl[View]
101142602So she's American now? She moved to Beverly Hills?[View]
101143144>someday you will find me >caught beneath a landslide >in a champagne supernover in the sk…[View]
101143735John lydon is probably the punk rocker undeserving of the title the most. He’s an industry plant tha…[View]
101136819what's the best king crimson album /mu/? pic unrelated[View]
101137238Are you underage? be honest https://www.strawpoll.me/42506963 https://www.strawpoll.me/42506963 http…[View]
101140772The /mu/ Feels Bar is Open Tonight: What are you having? What's been on your mind lately? Feel …[View]
101144031Why is current era Accept so much better than the Udo era? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz0PYzzfi…[View]
101142943Me and 100 Gecs: 100 Gecs and I[View]
101133310There were not enough Beatles threads in the catalog, so I have created another one.[View]
101138050would she be as popular as adele and that pasty ginger fag if she was still alive[View]
101135768>You came in me! >He came in you? What'd you think that I was gonna do? That's why …[View]
101143795Every single song by this shitty fucking band would be better if anyone other than Billy Corgan sang…[View]
101143668>Album starts >Sound of a record player starting >Album ends >Sound of a cassette player…[View]
101143208anyone here like Sweet Valley Eternal Champion?[View]
101136012album of the decade[View]
101141989What is your main instrument and what are some of your favorite groups/artists? >Drums >Hella,…[View]
101139556Can we agree she's the worst thing to happen in music since disco?[View]
101143676OK Human: https://archive.is/xWY5O >While this wasn’t the Weezer album that listeners were expect…[View]
101121928so all of ariel’s upcoming releases are cancelled, removed from streaming, his label dropped him, he…[View]
101143018KPOP GENERAL: ketchys it's time to kill yourselves[View]
101141796Up there with their best albums, totally underrated, fuck pitchfork and their windshield burrito bul…[View]
101143596who is this artist. i heard he died, but had great music. non joking.[View]
101143573Music for this feel?[View]
101143477ITT: Albums with covers like these: Time for an autistically specific album cover thread.[View]
101143455desmyfav: new here, what does mu think about smoke a little reefer, and listening to music.[View]
101143195What was the best album of 2020? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CirV3qBAcQw[View]
101142847I don't think this album truly begins until Nude[View]
101141913anyone more kino than Eggman lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QitTKZRrDvw[View]
101141249rap: definitely superior[View]
101137113ITT: underrated drummers[View]
101129082(You) There: Post your top 5 albums and your age right now.[View]
101138048>this album is 10 years old feel old yet?[View]
101143260The Re/Mu/sters come back[View]
1011422768values and favorite album Sweet trip - Velocity:Design:Comfort[View]
101129819/Internet Rap/: https://youtu.be/kgZ3PN92QNg https://youtu.be/wS6PuE6htVc https://youtu.be/zy_oPobwT…[View]
101140573>24 days into the 2,021st year of our lord >not a single good album has come out Is music offi…[View]
101143051Was it the best album of the 2010’s?[View]
101141973Scaruffi was right[View]
101141473What’s your favorite type of classical music /mu/?: I personally like a good waltz >you do like c…[View]
101142290KPOP GENERAL[View]
101136949How is this music? It's just noise.[View]
101142564You Groove You Lose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoKrHuaPFYU[View]
101142986>corpse bad because all he does is sing about having sex and being sad >oh boy time to listen…[View]
101137068Imagine being a Nine Inch Nails fans and having to wait 5 years between albums.[View]
101138549Weird Bancamp Finds: Itt we post weird garbage we found on bandcamp today, I'll start: https://…[View]
101137003Any good alternative rock albums?[View]
101141235More like this? I haven't heard a band's discography that has so many good fucking release…[View]
101134858So which is better?[View]
101123335Rooms of /mu/ thread?[View]
101142563Ah man can youu ccc can you believe this album, it just sounds so fluid and liquid[View]
101142735This is definetely one of the most underrated albums ive ever heard, also one of the best[View]
101139738boiler room: post your favorite sets[View]
101142669So what's so special about this that it's got all the zoombers worked up?[View]
101142142Hopeless Hardcore: Do you guys know more stuff like this? I love the intensity and the despair in th…[View]
101140052Post some /mu/vies[View]
101142405Childhood is disliking 80s pop rock because it sounds dated Adulthood is realizing those synths and…[View]
101141176FL Studio: >got the $200 version of fruity loops for Christmas >every plugin worth using is an…[View]
101142446I've hit 300 hours of Joanna scrobbles today. Songs for this feel?[View]
101136370Chart Bread: POST CHART REC DON'T LAZYPOST[View]
101138462Wallpaper/Desktop Thread: Wallpaper/Desktop Thread 2.0[View]
101133468Looking for a music video: I remember watching a music video on MTV in the early to mid 2000s and I…[View]
101140434music to get high to: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/01yZnkq2cHyHYQDCVqySVc found this playlist a…[View]
101141344KPOP GENERAL: bwabwa[View]
101138485why haven't you listened to it[View]
101124454ITT: Classic albums you dont care for very much.[View]
101141459It's not fucking fair bros...[View]
101129627Do you enjoy music or do you rate music?[View]
101140581When was the last time someone enjoyed Ja Rule[View]
101136971>remembered my Death Grips phase[View]
101142023I shitposted on /mu/ so hard I forgot to listen to music[View]
101137236Fantano's favorite albums: https://thequietus.com/articles/29417-anthony-fantano-interview-favo…[View]
101138700So I want to start live streaming my music, except it's really dense. How best can I go about d…[View]
101140173Times /mu/ was actually right[View]
101139788Red pill me on Tame Impala[View]
101138198Why do shills on this website pretend that anyone in America knew about Oasis in the 90s and that th…[View]
101132641ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
101141714>Don-don-don't, dondon-don-don-don't, donwant donwant donwant donwant, donwant donwant …[View]
101138685whys her music so good bros?[View]
101136179Can anyone recommend me some great rock and rap songs/albums[View]
101137328I hate all wop boomer crooners like Sinatra and Tony Bennett. These guys were all involved in a nigg…[View]
101139429ITT fuck you, i love them[View]
101140632This didn't age well[View]
101134102/wpop/: Old school /wpop/ ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholi…[View]
101127809why do people like this shit? its just boring as fuck. ashes against the grain is obviously better b…[View]
101135140What do you guys think of this masterpiece?[View]
101140645KPOP general[View]
101139481Oingo Boingo Merch: Boingoloid reporting in, where can I get some Boingo merch without jewing Danny …[View]
101137968ITT: albums that filtered you[View]
101139480How come none of the NIN albums are considered /mu/ core? It's an influential, genre transcend…[View]
101135401What would you define as 'Guitar Herocore'?[View]
1011383775x5 WEEK guess music recommend personalities https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
101140530Will music scenes in big cities ever occur again? And I mean that in the same magnitude and creative…[View]
101131854>war bad, england bad because my dad died fighting for it[View]
101139260What does /mu/ think of popular leftist political streamer Vaush’s music taste? https://docs.google.…[View]
101140907So Sony signed artists to it solely? If it’s not RCA, Epic, or Jive - Sony is signing Japanese artis…[View]
101140677>website is 18+ >there is discussion about rap…[View]
101140563Who’s the plebbiest and most patrician composer?[View]
101139296Cassettes: Do you like cassettes?[View]
101136518Who here /doommetal/[View]
101140764This is your average tranny poster on /mu/[View]
101139532LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC ALBUM It was once heralded in this forum, perhaps mostly ironically, as a mod…[View]
101139820Is he the best lyricist of all time ?[View]
101138691i haven't listened to a single album in my topsters[View]
101140650KPOP GENERAL[View]
101139895KPOP GENERAL[View]
101140326How did she do?[View]
101138944>Technology has gotten music >But music has not…[View]
101140469I wrote this off when it came out, but it actually might be his best work[View]
101140464More like the title track from picrel?[View]
101139001I love noise. What I don't love is this album. What the fuck is the point of this? How can anyo…[View]
101140386ITT: Post album covers without posting album covers: For me, it's Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Pl…[View]
101138735users of /mu/,: any of you guys make your own music? if so, can i hear it? just curios and bored rn.…[View]
101139676Redpill me on why they are numerous album covers of Greek busts with pink/purple backgrounds[View]
101135559This is objectively the best song to come out of Great britain. Any objections?[View]
101135487shill or legit?[View]
101137890who's more influential, ymo or kraftwerk?[View]
101135884So finally at the ripe age of 28 I'm trying to get into Nine Inch Nails after postponing it for…[View]
101140271ITT: Favorite Bass players >pic related, also Andy Rourke and Mike Mills…[View]
101137867what kind of music do you guys knock out to? For me it's Nightmare Ending by Eluvium and For My…[View]
101139997for some reason i always imagined van morrison to be black and i just found out hes an irish nigga w…[View]
101130817CLAIM YOUR SOAD SONG: holy mountains[View]
101137026What instrument has the most obnoxious players?[View]
101139900KPOP general[View]
101138959KPOP GENERAL[View]
101139790Is there like a wiki or pastebin filled with Name Your Price Bandcamp links? May I have it?[View]
101135766>I LOVE SUPREME >I LOVE SUPREME >I LOVE SUPREME >I LOVE SUPREME Turned off that shit, wh…[View]
101136691I would really really really enjoy a polished re-recording of my sputnik sweetheart.[View]
101139575Hey, bros, could you guys recommend some rap/hip hop with a lot of jazz samples. Stuff like Digable …[View]
101132222/metal/: Queen of /metal/ edition Old: >>101123618 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
101139661has hardcore peaked?[View]
101139631Is Stab Variation the most sublime song ever composed? That second half bros. I ascend every time I …[View]
101137782Noise music isn't particularly 'intellectual', daring, interesting or inaccessible. Most of it …[View]
101138354What does /mu/ think about Lamp? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ILcH66zGcY&ab_channel=Orbis…[View]
101137123Needing some good albums to jam to: Doesn't really matter about genre or popularity, I just wan…[View]
101139379>Avril Lavinge and Sum 41 is now considered Dad Rock[View]
101139272>turned 25 recently >don’t like music anymore what do bros…[View]
101138823What does /mu/ think of The Lid LAROI?[View]
10113867390's indie thread: Starting the thread with a classic. https://youtu.be/cOA4EWfxInE[View]
101136557so where do i start with classical[View]
101137976Yep... that's me. What am I listening to?[View]
101139079In this thread, /mu/ writes a rap song one bar at a time. Heres the beat I just found some random sh…[View]
101133673why is he forgotten?: zoomers don’t care about Elvis or Sinatra, but love older pop icons such as MJ…[View]
101138851I dont get the appeal of Kate Bush[View]
101131156(Rock) Essentials Chart: Hello /mu/ I have been working on an alternative chart to the one I have be…[View]
101137532any beatlesfags here who actually consider sgt pepper to be their favorite? i feel like it gets over…[View]
101136386Mr.Crowley - Blizzard Of Ozz: >one of the best songs ever created, performed by one of the best a…[View]
101131674RS top 500 album: >literally all of Dylan and Rolling Stones discography, most of it on the top 1…[View]
101136396Uhhh why didn't you tell me Chris Isaak was kino?[View]
101138964Chopin.: Everyone else can fuck off.[View]
101138955the fuck is this?[View]
101138211KPOP GENERAL[View]
101135579ITT: albums where the title track is the only good song[View]
101138173Big Brain Music: Post Big Brain Music https://youtube.com/watch?v=WuxHWc-ZEXw[View]
101138581>music player skin looks like a car stereo[View]
101138889Hey anon, come hang with the boys[View]
101135327is fl studio worth the money or do I risk it and download it illegally[View]
101136485RATM: fuck you i wont do what you tell me![View]
101138125Is there a name for the genre combining jazz and swing? Think Cab Calloway. While I enjoy jazz somet…[View]
101138790Hey /mu/, my friend can’t find the original song with this melody. Any ideas?[View]
101137202Recommend me some happy music: Any genre will do I feel like my collection's starting to verge …[View]
101138403which version of an album do you listen to if there's more than one version?: original or remas…[View]
101137079god i wish i was a gen x-er so bad[View]
101138721Saw the most beautiful girl I've ever witnessed while driving through a far off town and I know…[View]
101134525Now that the dust has settled, will whiteys ever recover from Beethoven being black?[View]
101138574what's some music, ideally contemporary indie rock/pop, with steel guitar? i already have: came…[View]
101135841Is there a Japanese equivalent of Bladee?[View]
101138452Just your daily friendly reminder that you'll never be as good as this man. https://youtu.be/28…[View]
101133503is there such thing as prog reggae?[View]
101127597What does he listen to?[View]
101138335Rate my song. 'Why cats eat placenta' by CAT SHIT https://youtu.be/ScwKvxrgbpU[View]
101129280Why is making music on a computer so fucking boring? It feels like everyone is doing it now and maki…[View]
101137341KPOP GENERAL[View]
101138141>this album sounds really dated One of the most peabrained criticisms out there…[View]
101127828How about some solid Goa Trance albums thread?[View]
101138094itt: gospel music[View]
101136514Why cant music just be fun? I dont see why it has to have some deep intrinsic meaning.[View]
101137629I do not care for the Beach Boys[View]
101129446“The Wall”? Huh, you mean that Pink Floyd album?[View]
101132371Can you guys give me some essential prog, avant prog, jazz rock, krautrock recs? (or similar stuff) …[View]
101130930MINECRAFT PARODY SONGS GENERAL /MPSG/: Diggin' Minecraft style edition! https://www.youtube.com…[View]
101137904/Disco/ general thread: Share your favourite disco songs and discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
101137815Is Madonna kino?[View]
101135531do you enjoy Future Funk anon? what's your favourite song?[View]
101137748What are some of /mu/'s favourite angstcore?[View]
101136647can someone rec me some good singer-songwriters based on my chart? can be male or female.[View]
101137683>*fights for your music rights* Pssst, no need to thank me, kid.[View]
101135733Pop is too mainstream but who did it best[View]
101137395What is the weebiest record label at Sony?[View]
101136996Listen to Creed.[View]
101132121Their best album[View]
101137387Jeder kommt hier Und klatscht, ja gut Ich sing meinen Song Wenn du hörst den Gong Wir tanzen den Twi…[View]
101137250Anyone know any super loud rock that will melt my fucking face off like pic related?[View]
101136582KPOP GENERAL[View]
101131714Explicit album covers you think that are better than the released version: Post here album covers th…[View]
101135083is she actually on to something with her transcendental black metal shit? i tried to listen to the a…[View]
101135142These bitches have like a million albums scattered through a bunch of artist names, I really liked L…[View]
101136898He's a faggot boy The TV says so He's a junkie piece of shit because he says so[View]
101133999>saves rock[View]
101137144>remembering my Linkin Park phase[View]
101136756where to start with rock[View]
101136233fuck I'm tired of looking at this shitty ad[View]
101137038Lyricist thread: Keep your lyric skills sharp, write some new lyrics today and share with fellow ano…[View]
101130594Flamenco and all the other genres they created are great but they suck at playing American music, pa…[View]
101128040IDM: Live coding thread! Post some cool things about it![View]
101134054how can i justify listening to black metal when it sounds like shit? death metal is just a significa…[View]
101135481Been coming down for a long time, changes coming down on me...[View]
101136097Best 2021 releases: Apparently Insides just released a new album after 20 years. And its pretty fuck…[View]
101134988How to be cool like yung lean??[View]
101136838Post your favorite obscure album. You should probably give your thoughts on it and name the genre. I…[View]
101134101>make beetz >cant decide on 137bpm or 138bpm >torn feels thread?…[View]
101136815Who better than Linda Ronstadt?[View]
101126871/gg/ - guitar general: Headless edition Learn guitar : Justinguitar.com[View]
101135671Is this when like music as we know died or[View]
101135857>GET BEHIND ME oh. umm.. o-okay scott..[View]
101136245memories: this might be too niche of a thread subject but does anyone else here who had less than id…[View]
101135746KPOP GENERAL[View]
101134142When I was first getting into black metal, I thought this album was way bigger/more popular than it …[View]
101136166>Steven Wilson[View]
101136442post a song that reminds you of a specific childhood memory: >elementary school >want to start…[View]
101128328>I used to be into dope, now I'm into racism. It's much heavier, man. Fucking wogs, man…[View]
101136109I've exhausted the genre of rap. Now I become the rapper[View]
101134966>Well everybody needs a hero >But I'm not everybody else I walk alone That one really get…[View]
101136315remastered albums?: when you have several choices for how to listen to the same album, which choice …[View]
101135630play dat funkeh gusic white boy[View]
101134351>remove summertime clothes ah yes the oerfect album.[View]
101136180post good smooth jazzy soul albums[View]
101135754Best trans musicians: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=accNkMdIdo4[View]
101136160what do when SHTF[View]
101123484Soundcloud Thread: Be a shill. Do crimes.[View]
101133393Billie Eilish: my music is so dark and edgy Slipknot: hold my beer[View]
101135958>General public feedback on album is positive >Review sites give lots of positive feedback …[View]
101127290He won.[View]
101135470What genre are they?: And any suggestions for stuff similar to the Imagica demos or their earlier wo…[View]
101135755Okay, after dust has settled why /mu hate him so much?[View]
1011324195x5: collage thread marriage edition[View]
101135946Fucking love this Taiwanese beauty[View]
101134130>swans band members are all human.[View]
101135091I want to learn piano. Where do I start?[View]
101131978hi mu, can you show me some meme rap all rap is a meme to me especially the mumbling stuff but i am …[View]
101134838Is this the best rap song of the 2000s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZAYzLjQAd4 I miss watching …[View]
101134871KPOP GENERAL[View]
101135714IT BEZ TEH JINTOVMABUTT!!!1! HOW U BEZ?!11?!!?[View]
101135685First few links post complete utter shit, cringe music. Then post music to recover from it. die http…[View]
101134316Thoughts on this album?: Wasn’t on /mu/ when this album released so I don’t know if it’s been discus…[View]
101134586KODAK IS OUT: Is Kodak the new Gucci? https://youtu.be/OUkWEnFPOLI[View]
101134674ITT: good albums but you cant stand the voice of the artist singing/rapping.[View]
101135017What’s the headspace of mumble rap? What feels is it supposed to evoke when you listen to it?[View]
101117784Desktop/Wallpaper Thread: Desktop/Wallpaper Thread[View]
101135311Grandson: Why isn’t anyone talking about grandson? He’s a breakthrough new artist experimenting with…[View]
101135179Skillet is based[View]
101135567>when we were strangers, I watched you from afar >when we were lovers, I loved you with all my…[View]
101135565Is Come Out and Play is the greatest pop song of all time? Please discuss[View]
101134957What tats are you getting when you make it?: >my rap name on my right forearm >a love heart o…[View]
101133712Find me a more cringe worthy 'music'[View]
101135483Looking for some artist reccommendations: Something similar to Giveon, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R[View]
101131813ITT: Albums your parents liked to play in the car for whatever reason[View]
101134740Genuine talent, or just another pretty face?[View]
101135390artists that started off on bandcamp: i’m looking for old recordings of indie/twee artists on bandca…[View]
101132131karma police - pro trump?: Is Karma Police an anti-Politically correct statement? Seems like a sarca…[View]
10113318710/10 late night show performances ITT in this thread https://youtu.be/E2tWC8k-UzI[View]
101122785Jazz thread: The John Coltrane thread made me feel inspired. Tonight is a jazz night for me. What ar…[View]
101135424>mfw when he thinks perfect pitch is learnable lmaoing @ ur life[View]
101133313Thoughts on ICP?[View]
101129392What in the living fuck is that kind of music?: I have been doing some research on South American mu…[View]
101135247rate my new band & song why cats eat placeneta by CAT SHIT[View]
101134397how do you reignite your passion for music when it dulls? kinda losing interest in many things inclu…[View]
101135029I cant stop listening to Everlong.[View]
101134193What do mutant stoners listen to?[View]
101134995On the night of 4/13/08 I came across a car wreck on U.S Route 58, the driver was trapped inside the…[View]
101134041How can an album art be so fashionable?[View]
101131862What are some canceled musicians? Am still going to listen to them, I just want to see if they reall…[View]
101134760https://youtu.be/MfC6XhhXER0 what do you guys think?[View]
101133472What is it with Zoomer rappers and looking like bacterial organisms who just came crawling out of th…[View]
101134888https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKu089wZBUk Jonathan Davis shows how he Korn created their iconic lo…[View]
101134146KPOP GENERAL[View]
101130630I wrote something so bomb im genuinely nervous about becoming famous...[View]
101134526>listen to an album through vinyl LP, cassette, or CD >play the album on mute on PC in order t…[View]
101130747is he attractive or is it cheerleader effect[View]
101122731FINLAND: What is the best FINLAND MUSIC? Best music from Finland?[View]
101134766>almost 21 years >still makes women and 'women' buttblasted How did they do it?…[View]
101133074Well, /mu/? Which one?[View]
101111527Post your top 5 Led Zeppelin songs right now[View]
101129661/negrophilia/ general: Now the dust has settled.......how the fr*ck did black people do it? Thank yo…[View]
101131103bros i took the roxy music pill[View]
101131238That 'new album' he's been teasing for 20 years is never actually coming out, is it?[View]
101134463What in the fuck did I just listen to?[View]
101133719>me and the horse, we ran out of the place >then we drove my porsche back to my place so did s…[View]
101134075I love yung lean and for no reason I'm enjoying drain gang now.[View]
101133305post tfw no gf albums pls. i really loved placebo, giles corey and deathconsciousness[View]
101134473Girl Boss music: queens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnL3_3ydEFA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
101134376Why don’t boomers love him?[View]
101128347which musical instrument is the easiest to master the technique? I want to be able to play it good f…[View]
101134189Thoughts on the Weakerthans?[View]
101132140Any musical merit or just shock rock?[View]
101134357la la la la la la la GO INSANE GO INSANE GO INSANE GO INSANE ME-[View]
101133790U2: U2 is a good band.[View]
101134338conversion, software version 7.0[View]
101131803Your Last Five+ Ratings: Post your last five+ ratings.[View]
101129659Is there a better detroit techno artist?[View]
101121374gay guitarist seeks attention on anonymous image board: do you think this kind of guitar playing is …[View]
101128767owo ? is this thing on ? *taps mic* o-okay, let's go ^_^ haiiii! i am wooking fur new age awbum…[View]
101128881Post albums/songs youre ashamed to admit you enjoy[View]
101132672What's /mu/'s opinion on The Art of Noise? https://youtu.be/-sFK0-lcjGU https://youtu.be/t…[View]
101134065But id rather sleep with junkies than an angel, and the moonlight turns all of us to werewolves[View]
101133731do women really?[View]
101134013The best pop star of all time is LATINA. americans on suicidewatch[View]
101133791it’s insanely foggy out today, gonna go on a long walk down to the lake what should i listen to[View]
101132517>friend ask me music recs >tell him to check out Suicide >he fucking kills himself…[View]
101133886Future sounds good on Smooth Operator! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zty3RkCzjAw[View]
101133954https://youtu.be/U8ue6XqOQcQ Hey I'm starting a review series of bandcamp albums and songs this…[View]
101132832I thought you guys would like to listen to some lovely music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckVYO9…[View]
101122064/wpop/: electra heart edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alco…[View]
101133341*saves 2021*[View]
101133664Reggae General: I rarely see reggae getting talked about much here so I thought I'd make this t…[View]
101133654this is a true testament of early 2010s youth or even zoomer gen. discuss[View]
101133146KPOP GENERAL: cutest girl in the universe edition[View]
101133751discuss me or get out[View]
101133748ITT: Minimalist album covers[View]
101133264ITT: Post favourite album from the year you were born[View]
101123993Pozzed or not Pozzed ARMIN VAN BUUREN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6l5Y5BgEns Thoughts on Armin…[View]
101131638Who is better lyricist Morrissey or Thom Yorke?[View]
101132998Why haven’t you listened to the best album of the 80s, anon?[View]
101132142is pic related the most viable option these days to be a successful musician?[View]
101129123It’s better than anything Joy Division ever did[View]
101133558The Beastie Boys: The Beastie Boys[View]
101133513Who's going to be the Clearwater Revival of everything going down in America now and why is it …[View]
101131592>filters you[View]
1011292822011 GRIMES will never be back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-aWEYezEMk[View]
101131881He can't sing.[View]
101133423>You came in me! >He came in you? What'd you think I was gonna do? Its why I'm fucki…[View]
101131085What's the musical equivalent of this .webm?[View]
101130392Are they the only notable albino musicians[View]
101129269ITT: Talantless hacks[View]
101132794Prof is such an insanely talented artist. I feel like he must have been approached by the industry a…[View]
101131913This is KINO in music form. Pure masterpiece[View]
101133127Mathcore: hey good #friEn#ds I have a Masters Degree in Music Theory and I should be teaching but w…[View]
101132525KPOP GENERAL[View]
101132910am i a poptimist if more than 90% of the music i listen to is pop music? based on pic related, of co…[View]
101131161What's their heaviest album?[View]
101133131Jet Set Radio Core: Does mu have any recommendations for albums similar to the Jet Set Radio soundtr…[View]
101133106Akira S & as Garotas que Erraram: fairly obscure 1980's post-punk / new-wave brazilian band…[View]
101132113Jazz: How do I learn to do this https://youtu.be/VVOwCBScxw0?t=206[View]
101133024What do you think of the Drop Nineteens?[View]
101132937I always thought the genre was cringe but this game led me to enjoy it. Any recs?[View]
101132965$now - TRAPPIN OUT THA FLAMEZ: does anybody have this mixtape ^ downloaded or shared somewhere? it s…[View]
101132929what genre is this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1LAoNs7_9I[View]
101132780https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0cvwnG0Ik What's some music similar to this?[View]
101130972which one is your favorite, /mu/?[View]
101131865there are some good fucking rock songs on this album, they're a bit inconsistent but a band to …[View]
101130151It’s their best, or in their Top 3[View]
101130712ITT: Most overrated albums of all time[View]
101123618/metal/: Bernie is inherently metal edition Old: >>101105721 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1B…[View]
101131882KPOP GENERAL[View]
101112486vargo: Opinions on Varg Vikernes?[View]
101127701ITT: Post your favourite album and biggest sexual fantasy. Determine who is based, and who is cringe…[View]
101130642>album ends with artist making donkey noises[View]
101132332But where were they going without ever knowing the way?[View]
101132147thoughts on this weird Russian synth-pop? I don't know much about it, but this shit is bizzare …[View]
101132317So, thoughts?: And yes, I know the crop is bad[View]
101130167This album is so beautiful.[View]
101131491why does machine girl not get any love on here?[View]
101131896Best Nurse With Wound Album: And why is it Soliloquy for Lilith? Other notables are: A Sucked Orange…[View]
101131480holy shit: it clicked, lads[View]
101132078something EXACTLY like early m83???: Something exactly like early m83 music Epic spacey grand things…[View]
101124469What are the saddest, most depressing songs of all time?[View]
101127073ITT: post a ~vibe~, anons post albums/songs/artists that fit it I'll start >american southwe…[View]
101130110Why isnt this /mu/core?[View]
101129991ITT: The title song is actually the best song on the album: Pretty fucking rare, I know. But let…[View]
101131505I’ll never forget how some of those no music-taste having mother fuckers tried to push Hobo Johnson …[View]
101131195KPOP GENERAL[View]
101130037>master of pop >master of prog >genius songwriter >illustrious producer who recorded eve…[View]
101123870>Well, she was just seventeen and you know what I mean No Paul, I don't, you creep old fuck.…[View]
101130219When did it click for you? For me, it was the solo at the end of Near DT, MI.[View]
101123813the endeavor : day 50: >what's the endeavor? going to listen to 1 album a day for the next 3…[View]
101129785pls: Post more albums like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F9L4q-0Pi4E[View]
101124706who remember[View]
101129508What music does he listen to?[View]
101129560What's the best lossless format? FLAC? MP4?[View]
101123523This one is better than the other one that always gets posted[View]
101128204Guided by Voices appreciation: Love pic Bee thousand is brilliant too Where do I go from these two i…[View]
101131512first post ending in 6 decides my 400th rating[View]
101129965have any of you ever found music that helps you cope with terrible existential dread? i feel like i …[View]
101129544Okay, so this Death Grips clone may suck overall, (I mean they only made only album, but still) but …[View]
101126927Imagine the smell.[View]
101128560Wtf is his problem[View]
101129343Rivers Cuomo is 50 years old[View]
101131189They were just the coolest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK5G8fPmWeA[View]
101130981aoty 2021: ITT: post your AOTY of 2021 so far. >pic related[View]
101130995>IT'S IN THE TREES >IT'S COMING!…[View]
101130565KPOP GENERAL[View]
101131173Albums too advanced for /mu/[View]
101131151The Bangles’ Susanna Hoff is the hottest female rockstar[View]
101131068Tusk: I like the demo better.[View]
101129142Where to download flac?: Hi /mu, I'm looking for a blog, site or something that you recomend to…[View]
101121355>These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights What exactly did they mean by this?…[View]
101128395why was Madvillain mourned far more than other music legends such as Neil Peart?[View]
101130876Fuck youtube I hope Susan Wojiciki and all her pals burn in hell[View]
101126038Opinions? I've never seen this album talked about here before[View]
101123036KC: What's the best King Crimson album and why is it Red? Post Crimsons.[View]
101126039>England for the English What did he mean by this?[View]
101130925I JUST FOUND A BUG![View]
101126639I only listen to Albums with aestheticaly pleasing covers[View]
101127974What music is good for concentration?[View]
101129420ITT covers that are objectively superior to the original[View]
101127441>Baby, I don't have much >But what we have is more than enough What did he mean by this?…[View]
101130364for me, it's southpaw grammar[View]
101128727How do you start singing?[View]
101130227Who are everyone’s favorite Jewish musicians? (Does Irving Berlin count?) <3[View]
101126662>want to listen to 'Storm of the Light's Bane' by Dissection >open spotify >click sear…[View]
101128467Your favorite album ranked song by song. Do it. Template to follow.[View]
101130615logic pro .patch file: can anyone send me a google drive link to a 'Far Gregorian ' and a 'Mayday Ba…[View]
101123107>90s melancholic grunge song with music video of a girl in club trying to get a guy's attent…[View]
101130571ITT songs that make you want to go apeshit and beat the shit of everybody in your path: Post your ra…[View]
101129856KPOP GENERAL[View]
101127534Most underrated decade for music? pic related its the 80s[View]
101128146guys im going to a karaoke tonight but im a bit of a contrarian and out of touch with music people a…[View]
101126709Has there ever been a more perfect breakup?: They broke up at their peak. They had pushed themselves…[View]
101129576sa! sa! sa! sa! sa! fssssssss!!! rrrrrrrockie!! rabateeka dodo tahhhh rabateeka dodo chaaaaaaa[View]
101130373Do you like The Verve lyrics?[View]
101130324Hey /mu/ I'm searching for a music video by a british female singer with background performers …[View]
101129026Do people listen to hyper pop unironically?[View]
101129805What's the deal with Lolicore: It's nothing but taking an existing song and putting breakb…[View]
101130130>That mid-30s dude in a band who’s convinced himself he can still make it ISHYGDDT…[View]
101126865daedalus: Where do I start with this guy?[View]
101129758>No weekend song rec and rate thread: I like this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMzxiqwvh…[View]
101129895Gerry's singing is so joyful. https://youtu.be/_qVpVY8ahV0 https://youtu.be/CBPBtpeAkx4 https:…[View]
101129114KPOP GENERAL[View]
101125822Anyone heard of Chino Amobi? extremely art electronic music. Best album starts with an Edgar Allen P…[View]
101127710HAARP: https://youtu.be/j8WP7aOD_9Q What an amazing live album[View]
101129318why am i even trying to be friendly to people on this website.[View]
101123400Is /mu/ too contrarian to enjoy After Hours? This album is great.[View]
101127604Xiu Xiu - OH NO: Leaked artwork and track listing for upcoming album[View]
101129009I have finally realized that this is the best steely dan album.[View]
101125912How come no one could make better Punk music than a couple of Siberian teens?[View]
101122659>22 year wait Was it worth it?[View]
101127372RUSH: Why does no one talk about this album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQsWDPVkXAU&t=1s…[View]
101128427Does /mu/ like Big Time Rush?[View]
101125097How come no one could make better black metal than a couple Norwegian teens?[View]
101128974>Be hailed as 'next Michael Jackson' >Spend entire music career making shitty mall pop music b…[View]
101128684It finally clicked...[View]
101128876but she can read she can read she can read she can read shes baaaahhd. oh shes baaad.[View]
101075819Chart Bread: POST CHART REC DON'T LAZYPOST[View]
101128444KPOP GENERAL[View]
101118545everyone shut the fuck up I did a lot of ketamine today and this album was divinely inspired it is t…[View]
101125621>$10,000 It's just wood, steel and simple electronics. What the hell is going on?…[View]
101122779Pink Floyd: Best albums. Rank your favorite albums first to last and give your reason why - I'm…[View]
1011242735x5: collage thread https://tapmusic.net/[View]
101128832interzone is the best song on unknown pleasures[View]
101128929I’m addicted to indie pop[View]
101128460Kale and chlorella my meal, smoke like Cruella de Vil[View]
101128843what does she listen to?[View]
101127934The Grateful Dead sucks[View]
101127498anyone got link for this[View]
101122614What's the deal with all the KISS posts today?[View]
101128084The Grateful Dead is the worst band of all time[View]
101127812>This is my favorite album of the 80s What kind of person do you imagine?…[View]
101128722ahoy fellow music lovers. I've been searching an album for quite a while now all i remember is …[View]
101128604what the hell, you guys said this was good but its fucking awful >Columnated ruins domino what th…[View]
101123247what does /mu/ think about sam ray/teen suicide?[View]
101126275Did you know? Rage for Order by Queensrÿche is the favourite album of Grant Kirkhope, composer of th…[View]
101127714Can anyone name this song? I know I've heard it before, but I can't place it. bad with nam…[View]
101122052What is your quintessential 'Cover that is better than the original' song? https://youtu.be/b6UazdAl…[View]
101128516Hey Music. I was just wondering what some of your favorite Rap and R and B artists are. I'm par…[View]
101128474xd: xd[View]
101127799KPOP GENERAL: IZ*ONE Edition[View]
101123815Post an artist and their IQ: > 164[View]
101128350Why does this seem lifetimes ago even though it was only 2008?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLdb…[View]
101128319ITT: God-Tier Demo Tapes: It's basically a copy-paste job of Down Colorful Hill (except with le…[View]
101126350need music 2 disassociate 2[View]
101122225Name a band that has sucked ass for 20 years and should stop making making music[View]
101119870Honest thoughts on Ramones[View]
101128170Does anyone know what sort of music that's similar to the vibes Utada Hikari's new song …[View]
101117032Shill away a lonely Saturday alone: You know there’s nothing else to do...[View]
101126707What's gonna happen if I go to a Brian Jonestown Massacre gig and start heckling?[View]
101127573crystal castles fucking suck[View]
101126916ITT: post albums and others describe the first lyric that comes to mind[View]
101127930how could i make music like Hideki Naganuma?[View]
101126920/gg/ Guitar and Bass General: Fender Edition Previous: >>101113823 Fender is the American Engl…[View]
101124620>That weird era in 2010/2011 where bands like Times New Viking, Dum Dum Girls, No Joy, Best Coast…[View]
101127012KPOP GENERAL[View]
101127565songs you dont want to listen under the influence of drugs again. not because they are bad but becau…[View]
101127659>I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
101127636This the laboratory. This where the magic happens. Wbu?[View]
101126103Is this the best consecutive run of 5 albums?[View]
101127666Whats mobys best song, and why is it porcelain?[View]
101122323More albums like this?[View]
101127439What were the Ramones thinking with this racist back cover? Rocket to Russia is a great album, but b…[View]
101127363>mfw everything’s a drum[View]
101100720this is it. this is music perfected. i don’t know how the fuck it happened but this is literally the…[View]
101124883Surprisingly Good Music General: I’ll start[View]
101127551What are some other albums/songs similar to this?: Particularly the more nostalgic and depressing so…[View]
101127316Some of you guys are alright. Don't listen to Sonic Youth - Mildred Pierce around the 1:38 mark…[View]
101127327Listen to Fecal Matter https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IQM-lL43BR0[View]
101127374whats your favourite fjm song? for me its dissapointing diamonds are the rarest of them all.[View]
101127436/TSG/ - Troy Sneed General[View]
101126441Comfy thread. Post some great songs.: Yo /mu/ bros. I wanna share a few songs I have been enjoying l…[View]
101120309>what are you listening to? >what drugs are you on? >what are you drinking? >what are yo…[View]
101126998any similar bands?[View]
101120218I hate the smiths, who's with me[View]
101123398You listen to Phil Elverum's music. You relate to the things he says, his yielding tone, his su…[View]
101121798How do we feel about Lynyrd Skynyrd?[View]
101125300Is Electronica, EDM, IDM etc. dying?: I recently listened to pic related what is probably the most p…[View]
101127229Share music videos with people in helmets dancing weird https://youtu.be/RrtkU7i0qD8 https://youtu.b…[View]
101127219>sometimes I feel very sad Music for this feel?[View]
101126795Is Transparent peak post hardcore[View]
101124452Anyone cooked rn? What music should I listen too? I like d savage and playboi carti[View]
101126120you guys told me it was good but it's just a snoozefest, im going back to Skylarking[View]
101127020Why isn't this album talked about more?: Legitimately one of the best hip-hop records of the 20…[View]
101124805He's the one who will save music[View]
101126972ITT albums that make you feel good[View]
101126640I want to fuck a girl to the entirety of the glowing man blasting and cum when the choirs come in ri…[View]
101125783K-pop and J-pop: is this the sole purpose of K-pop and J-pop girl groups[View]
101126737YOURE THE VICTIM[View]
101126241KPOP general[View]
101125896Fuck shitty rap-pop acts like Jay Chou, here's a diagram of underground Chinese and Taiwanese b…[View]
101126043What’s the actual difference between post punk and new wave?[View]
101118343Post cool potential band names: I need a mu approved band name[View]
101126861it's another reddit frog singing shitty song lyrics episode[View]
101126899sup /mu/ lennon here what have you been listening to fuck niggers and fuck kikes[View]
101126799>I was made for loving you baby you were made for loving me[View]
101125272KISS niggas: Who else /kiss/ niggas up in this bitch?[View]
101126784Is 4chan ever going to do anything as good as lulz?[View]
101125983Ennio Morricone RDR2: Did Ennio Morricone listen to this? What did he think? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
101119736SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: Share your original music[View]
101117425They’re sore winners[View]
101125632post yfw you took the mrazpill[View]
101120974Gene and Paul = good Peter and Ace = bad[View]
101125422what music does he listen to?[View]
101126431Bork bork https://youtu.be/-i1SqFJ3K8Q[View]
101126594look at this, all the kiss threads on the same line in the catalog, just the ramones (another dumb N…[View]
101126257The Black Parade is one of the best rock operas ever, and I'm tired of pretending it's not…[View]
101126562caroliner thread[View]
101126539I doubt I'll get answers here, but does anyone know the origins of this specific mix of this so…[View]
101125581Is there a worse 'musician'? I doubt it[View]
101124895I miss him guys. Give me more similar albums. More jazz, less hip hop. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
101122625Is Bob Dylan actually good? I see so much shitposting about him that I can't tell if people uni…[View]
101126296is this album based or nah? i like it well enough[View]
10112640821st Century's Chet Baker: Can someone isolate the vocals and add some lo-fi trumpet recordings…[View]
101126389The National: Here's another boring song that sounds like all our other songs. How did they get…[View]
101116655Good gym/high energy music: Good gym/high energy music What I'm looking for but I'm willin…[View]
101126377[Verse 1] I am still living with your ghost Lonely and dreaming of the west coast I don't want …[View]
101126252i am a gummy bear: i am a gummy bear i am a something something something something gummy bear…[View]
101126288>have AIDS, lou gehrigs disease, IBS, and covid music for this feel?[View]
101125274I wish that I could help you, but you seem less than helpless.[View]
101123868Objectively good music: What’s up fags. Gonna shit on this whole board and enlighten your ears https…[View]
1011192253x3 4x4 5x5 last 7 days SATURDAYNIGHT EDITION: 3x3 post it for me 4x4 get down on the floor 5x5 you…[View]
101125519KPOP GENERAL[View]
101115553Bros why is it so good?: Unironically this is amazing. I dismissed it because of his past, but he ac…[View]
101125997Actual talentless hack thread: >releases like 4 albums over the span of a decade >the first is…[View]
101126170post your aoty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CirV3qBAcQw[View]
101104973Why the FUCK there's no interesting male artists/singer-songwriters in new generation who isn…[View]
101120186who is the most arrogant musician?[View]
101113823/gg/ Guitar And Bass General: Gibson edition Previous: >>101099879 Primary alcohol by volume: …[View]
101126045ITT: times /mu/ was completely and utterly wrong[View]
101099386/prod/ - music production general: New to production? See: https://pastebin.com/p2QUqMzj Post what y…[View]
101122763Why'd she do it?[View]
101123883Top 5 favourite rappers list: You know it, list your top 5 favourite rappers. All era's and sub…[View]
101125758More like Kind of Shit lmao[View]
101118770Non-English Music: Has anyone here been exploring music outside of the Anglosphere, and if so, what …[View]
101125655So now that we live in the 20s: Does this mean that Trap will finally die off in this century???…[View]
101123369Hey guys, jazz student here.[View]
101124037OH NO NO KATEBROS[View]
101125691song moments that make you cum: for me it's 10:53 of pic related, that twangy riff[View]
101121273Are Zappas archival albums worth it?: I've listened to all of Zappa's living studio discog…[View]
101123436What should Brad Crockenslap listen to today?[View]
101123252Piano solos fucking suck. pic unrelated[View]
101125532Slam Metal[View]
101124963kpop general[View]
101124009'please please, a-telephuh' sings like retard, ppl love it mmmMMMMMMmmm!!!!!!!!!!1 makes goofy noise…[View]
101123237good bedroom amps: looking for a bedroom amp that can do decently at low volumes and take pedals wel…[View]
101125257Ya'll motherfuckers like Future Islands?[View]
101124041Where should I start with actual Baroque if I love Baroque pop[View]
101125199Driver’s license: I am so fucking sick of hearing this goddamn earcancer everywhere I go. It’s only …[View]
101125115'I've got a neeeww rock group for you' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yfGvsGEou0[View]
101124240What's the best early KISS concert available to watch #1 imo is Winterland https://www.youtube.…[View]
101114839This board seems pretty hateful of video game soundtracks: Post some you enjoy here[View]
101124471Claim 2 Fame: >Mark Wahlberg Marxy Marx Don' Answer 2 Hiz Slave Name…[View]
101124944Carrie & Lowell: I think this is the most emotional album I've ever heard. How does this al…[View]
101124507>my favorite album of all time is Flash Desire by Yagujin What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
101124438KPOP GENERAL[View]
101124638the greatest album of all time and why its luie luie's touchy: so whats the opinion on luie lui…[View]
101123262Second Skin is their best song[View]
101124760Excuse me, best album of the 00s coming through.[View]
101119858Avalanchefags are delusional tastelets: >over an hour long >25 tracks >VASHTI BUNYAN featur…[View]
101124753If you could hear the dreams I've had, my dear, they would give you nightmares for a week.[View]
101121987Has there ever been a better debut album?[View]
101123822this is their best album: why is this one slept on?[View]
101124395Now that the dust has finally settled, which brother was in the wrong?[View]
101124297Is there anything similar to this?[View]
101123875KPOP GENERAL[View]
101109243Albums you hate, no matter how many times you listen to them. Pic related[View]
101122639What do you listen to while working out at the gym[View]
101122326I just give up on guitar. It's impossible. I've played for over four years and I practice …[View]
101121730Where do I go from here?[View]
101124212ITT: songs of the last decade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvlfiLRx2Nk https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
101121799Bass Solo Take 1[View]
101122551Mario Judah 'i cant love you' 808: does any one have ant id ea where ore how i can find that Mario J…[View]
101114651Are they not the worst band of all time?[View]
101124013Eddie Trunk automatically cuts off a caller that was about to say Trumps name. He also faked his nam…[View]
101122515Name ONE artist with a more boring discography.[View]
101122137Woken up To fall sound And you've just split up With your long-legged rap chick (...) 'Cos…[View]
101123967/DALE!/: released January 15, 2021 https://dalecrover.bandcamp.com/album/rat-a-tat-tat[View]
101122235What would your vaporwave artist name be?: ファゴット Corp. LLC 2099[View]
101122528>be crazy drug addicted man who somehow makes 'music' >covers david allen coe how can one be m…[View]
101122399Rate chart[View]
101123190KPOP GENERAL[View]
101123188Dead board lol[View]
101123723Hooduu Gurus - Stoneage Romeos: >writing a song about sex using euphemisms about a devastating cy…[View]
101123253What is some music I can listen to after taking Ambien[View]
101121679>Three good guitarists in the band >Make an album with no guitars…[View]
101121712How do I come up with a band or artist name?[View]
101121105name 1 band[View]
101123517>ambient music has a beat[View]
101105721/metal/: Thoughts on Carcass -Surgical Steel? edition Previous >>101092975 FAQ: https://pasteb…[View]
101122786What's on their playlist?[View]
101123430Favorite buttrock band?[View]
101117474100 gecs but good[View]
101122405Holy shit, Viper did it again! He has surpassed gecs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5HpUzWjbn4…[View]
101122400What's the best chinese album you've ever heard? Idk a single one Pic unrelated[View]
101123177what are some good pedals to get for a post-punk/noise rock-sounding kind of bass+drums duo? reverb …[View]
101118898Is he based or cringe?[View]
101122414KPOP GENERAL[View]
101122065君はどうしようもないだろうね 何とかならないだろうね https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpePpbSqCGw[View]
101121950What does /mu/ think about The Japanese House?[View]
101119341Progeria kid at a Pink Floyd concert. Call that progrock[View]
101122141Post spooky music[View]
101115194what are some musical red flags when it comes to dating a girl? from my experience I can tell that e…[View]
101107421In 2018 someone would periodically post a bunch of vocaroo links to what was essentially HexD music …[View]
101122741More songs or albums that sound like Canton by Japan. And yes I am aware that it is Oriental music b…[View]
101122805What's your longest playlist? My main playlist is 578 hours[View]
101122481> I can’t explain the state that I’m in Was it intentional?[View]
101117035>album ends with dogs barking[View]
101118274(Rock) Essentials Chart: Hello /mu/ I have been working on an alternative chart to the one I have be…[View]
101115783Could anybody explain to me why they are so FUCKING RETARDED?[View]
101121509Why can't Americans make good electronic music? t. an American[View]
101122535I'm stupid: can someone explain me how to adjust the action with this kind of bridge[View]
101120170ITT: post clips of live performances where the singer genuinely impressed you with their voice: incl…[View]
101121850Krilln_chilln: do you guys like my topster[View]
101121523which videogame has the best soundtrack and why is Tony Hawk's Underground 2 the answer?[View]
101122049Just a friendly reminder that you'll never be as good as this guy. https://youtu.be/K3hbPLN7nh…[View]
101121727damn... it's garbage[View]
101116061Why do downies like KISS so much?[View]
101122306why is jpop better than wpop?: https://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/honoka-kousaka---rin-hoshiz…[View]
101110282/trad/ - Traditional & Ethnic Music — Weekly Stop #1: Australia: Welcome to a new installment of…[View]
101122467Someone convince me that these aren't the two greatest songs ever created please.[View]
101120745It clicked bros[View]
101121541KPOP GENERAL[View]
101118349/prog/: https://youtu.be/VrBWZscNR18 previous thread: >>101049454[View]
101120864Cardiacs: They’re finally on spotify, go listen[View]
101122037More like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raogWIXr74s[View]
101122287Saw the most beautiful girl I've ever witnessed while driving through a far off town and I know…[View]
101122283Albums that smell rotten but taste good[View]
101119300Have you ever listened to this album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt3uup6vVho[View]
10112154617 A collection of nightmares, thoughts, and real life situations I've lived 17 is the number t…[View]
101117370Why would you ever listen to Chudriel Pink when you could be listening to the much more wholesome an…[View]
101108334/Internet Rap/: https://youtu.be/kgZ3PN92QNg https://youtu.be/wS6PuE6htVc https://youtu.be/zy_oPobwT…[View]
101121937Does anyone know anything about this boombox it’s a lasonic trc-920t and it records and plays tapes …[View]
101121597what does /mu/ think of bent knee?[View]
101120606Sites like http://lolicore.org/ but for other genres?[View]
101113409ITT: well-known bands that only had one good song For the record, Mayonaise[View]
101115964Sad music: Give me the song which always gives you the deepest feels anons[View]
101121729reminder david sylvian is the best wife[View]
101120240WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU[View]
101121608Dinosaur Jr.: Dino Jr. thread? Why is their music so awesome bros?[View]
101120498Anything like this? >doesn't include any members of Rodan[View]
101119729Billie is over. She got #1 worldwide without apple payola[View]
101117764>listening to music with lyrics[View]
101121804Post you favorite album from each decade 60s-10s: >60's: Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan >70…[View]
101119994Why are rappers allowed to be more explicitly misogynist than other types of musicians?[View]
101121505What does he listen to?[View]
101121501Will songwriting ever surpass this[View]
101116537NEW XIU XIU ALBUM COMING: get in here xiuxiubros this looks fucking epic, the features are based as …[View]
101117955This shit stills reigns supreme: Best album of the 2010s bar fucking none. I don't see her maki…[View]
101121779>bob dylan[View]
101121356best vaporwave songs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL52y39IMKU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M…[View]
101113778Bands that competely changed after key members left: I'll start. Genesis. They went from prog g…[View]
101119991What do yall think of The Cure?[View]
101121592>listening to album >browse /mu/ >a thread about the same album appears how often does this…[View]
101113041/wpop/: Flop Era edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholis…[View]
101120393WLR judged too soon upon release: Despite the shitstorm on day 1 this album unironically is somethin…[View]
101119863>We are ugly, but we have the music Was Leonard Cohen ugly?[View]
101120159>my favorite album of all time is Vol. 9mm 'It's On' by Juicy J What type of person do you i…[View]
101119466Why did JG Thirlwell and Foetus never get as famous as Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails?[View]
101120792How were they so goddamn based?[View]
101120887Ambient music for RPGs: Im hosting a major LARP party for DnD session in a few days. Post your music…[View]
101120891KPOP GENERAL[View]
10112089990210 / 90210 / 90210: 90210 is really something else, eh? Travis Scott maybe overhyped but this is …[View]
101119615UUD REEAAHH[View]
101120919Thoughts? Just more in a downward direction, or a good recovery?[View]
101114508bleep: even in death bleep lives on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hGSp6BKGME[View]
101120697Music for slowly realizing you no longer love your girlfriend https://youtu.be/mAkgUeJDgQ8[View]
101111550ITT: /mu/ in 1958[View]
101121088Your girl Hannah Diamond is playing a dj set on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/hanawins[View]
101108887this is /mu/ this is where autechre lives[View]
101121041Is it true that British people throw their own piss around at music festivals?[View]
101120189KPOP GENERAL: we love weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekly[View]
101119297Who mogs who[View]
101119811>be a shitty fake depressed teen listening to shitty depression rap >doesn't listen to an…[View]
101119817Making versions of songs in your head: Does anyone else do this? I do it from time to time, usually …[View]
101117027Do you save the stems of your tracks when you’re done with the song or do you just move on?[View]
101120577quick my friends and i are shitposting on facebook to get bitches give me indie band lyrics to use a…[View]
101118927Now that the dust has settled...: What does /mu/ think of it? Saccharin pop garbage or underrated ma…[View]
101087927I refuse to believe anyone actually likes KISS' music.[View]
101116339SHE CRY MO MO MOAN[View]
101118513Is Guns 'n Roses the only non cringe 80s Hair Band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVzcQ4_khsM…[View]
101120108Does anyone know what sort of music that's similar to the vibes Utada Hikari's new song …[View]
101117064I've listened to about 6,000 albums in my life and this is the worst I've ever heard. It…[View]
101118932Billie: I avoided her music because of all the shit I'd hear about her, but she actually makes …[View]
101117677Post more haunting vocal jazz songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rot7DtZ2xrI[View]
101119657Start listening to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac right FUCKING now[View]
101120124I always wrote this band off as shitty pop punk but this is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in…[View]
101118293>two power chords alternating with babby’s first natural harmonics >i mIIIiiIIssSS YYooUUUuuUu…[View]
101115873Learning guitar: What's a good place to learn guitar for free?[View]
101120001IDKHow: Are they the next big thing?[View]
101119469KPOP GENERAL[View]
101118580You Groove You Lose: Catchy, danceable music general. Post only the best tunes to crank ITT. For me,…[View]
101119644Whose mom is this and what the fuck's her problem? Bitch started throwing a hissy fit in public…[View]
101120139>An ai is asked to describe itself >Draws a bird running away from an amerilard making the han…[View]
101116955Ari: >most followed woman on instagram >most streamed woman on spotify It means: >most beau…[View]
101120065Siamese Dream is Brilliant?[View]
101120091Saw the most beautiful girl I've ever witnessed while driving through a far off town and I know…[View]
101118703Say it with me, /mu/.: 'Courtney Love is talented'[View]
101118739>This the greatest story never told, you gotta see Uhh... Is Future a nazi bros?…[View]
101117201The great debate[View]
101119959Holy shit! I didnt know Peter Griffin was in an experimental rock band![View]
101119801Ziggy Stardust: >K. West What did Bowie mean by this? Did he know?…[View]
101119616does any straight cute white man wants to listen to xiuxiu with me?[View]
101118440Me and my friends hired Zheani for a Saturday night: AMA[View]
101113576I want to learn the piano, but my budget is only around $500-$600 and a real piano is inconvenient s…[View]
101119460How evil is the Music Industry?[View]
101113990Now that we have had time to think about it. How do they STACK up against each other.[View]
101116444He ruined rap: The most annoying and overrated artist ever with the worst fans of all time[View]
101119621What does he listen to?[View]
101118186XIU XIU LEAK: NEW XIU XIU SONG HAS BEEN LEAKED https://vocaroo.com/1fLh8TDgOTfR[View]
101119093Bought this today. What am i in for?[View]
101119065What’s your opinion, /mu/?[View]
101119419What do you find is the best way to discover new music?: Pic unrelated.[View]
101119032ITT: Most commercially exploited artists of all times[View]
101118679KPOP general[View]
101118887I've been listening to the same 200 songs since I first discovered music at age 16[View]
101118398ITT: Bands that get too much hate[View]
101118585Best musical artist of the 21st Century thus far?[View]
101117360What is OK Computer about?[View]
101117095Stop listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor Stop listening to Animal Collective Stop listening to …[View]
101117252Post gorgeous album covers.[View]
101119127>mfw a boomer tries to talk about music with me[View]
101118407Crazy Frog general /cfg/: Let's talk about the most underrated artist that got forgotten. Is it…[View]
101119124Captain Beefheart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTVIeHouYLQ[View]
101119048We're white punks on dope Mom & dad live in Hollywood Hang myself when I get enough rope[View]
101118542when did you grow out of your anti beatles phase?[View]
101112721Why do so many people hate Phil Collins?[View]
101116815Link Wray [Polydor, 1971] The creator of a feedback experiment called 'Rumble' that beat the Yardbir…[View]
101114216>his favorite album isn't Scaruffi approved[View]
101114021What's the most based band merch?: And why is it the Energy Dome?[View]
101118448Is he the best mexican rapper ever? I don't think he's ever made a bad album.[View]
101115922Hold the Fuck On: I've never been on this board in my life. Why am I not supposed to like ABBA?…[View]
101118863more techno like this: i wanna hear techno or whatever this is, songs like this that sound like its …[View]
101110974Honest thoughts on Bob Dylan?[View]
101116356keygen: explain to me how to get over the trojan thats in this thing...[View]
101114363Red Hot Chili Peppers: How does /mu/ rate them?[View]
101116426is it a stretch to put Les Claypool in the top 5 greatest bass players ever[View]
101114507Nobody liked the Grateful Dead for the music. They were a CIA psyop designed to brainwash America’s…[View]
101118731the big brapper[View]
1011131944x4 WEEK guess future guess past recommend boss tunes https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
101118230How you gonna say he ain't the GOAT[View]
101117515Say something nice about the best album of 2021 so far[View]
101117942KPOP GENERAL[View]
101117637WEEZER DEMOS: Weezer bros, is there a master download of all this shit on Soulseek? How the fuck do …[View]
101118298i only listen to megaman x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 ost[View]
101114453>milks the same topic for three albums straight Thanks Kirstin, very cool…[View]
101117454Jon Hopkins: Fucking TUNES[View]
101109340Пpивeт /mu/, I'm learning russian and trying to do as much immersion as possible, looking for s…[View]
101118530ITT: Music that invokes nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO9FHGv1mzs[View]
101113227ITT: /moo/core[View]
101118472What is some essential Caribbean music?: besides Exuma[View]
101116454What was the first album you ever bought with your own money?[View]
101116096what is the best Pixies song and why is it No. 13 Baby?[View]
101116477Music with the same feel please[View]
101118226you can call me Al.[View]
101116769Did he record any songs that were good?: He seems like somebody who might have produced good music a…[View]
101116580Music for /tv/: What's some good music for browsing /tv/? Pic related is a pretty good album I …[View]
101116501>American men are generally too scared to dance at nightclubs Ahahahha wtf lel…[View]
101117963Hottest 200?: yesterday's thread was fun, so why don't we have one for the songs that were…[View]
101116555Childhood is thinking DSOTM is the best album ever Adolescence is thinking it's overrated Adult…[View]
101116186ITT: Based musician quotes: 'I wanted to write a song about sexuality in the classroom. I'd don…[View]
101114622HEY JEWS[View]
101116908Songs only you love: For me it's Year of the Parrot by Primus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b…[View]
101117791Name a single, legitimate musician that liked the Grateful Dead. You can’t.[View]
101117862Actual kino[View]
101117236>tfw ywn be an early 60s jazz drummer who wears a suit while playing why even live bros…[View]
101117847why listen to corny “avant garde” rap when instead you could listen to Babytron?[View]
101117171KPOP GENERAL: 3 0 0[View]
101116763>strolls across page 1 of the catalog[View]
101117837Why is this the best song of all time?[View]
101117824Best synth rock songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiG5D5po4Ws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
101117722Is this peak zoomer music?: >click >pop >*deep bass note* >'uh, aite' >click…[View]
101114308>Personally, I fucking hate the Grateful Dead. I mean I hate them. I'd rather cut my ears of…[View]
101117499I'm genuinely trying to understand this album: Boomer here. I generally can infer why certain a…[View]
101115208>made Liam Gallagher run home to England[View]
101116084The Corpse Cycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5d4SJv2d6M First listen >This is gay and retar…[View]
101114668The Great Debate[View]
101116636What in the flying fuck did I just listen to.[View]
101112023In My Life > Nowhere Man > Norwegian Wood > Michelle > Girl > Drive My Car > You W…[View]
101117059>Frank Zappa >Mr Bungle >Primus >Ween >The Melvins >The Residents >Butthole Sur…[View]
101116421Why is Mac Dre hardly acknowledged? His music is easily better than E-40, Too Short and other Bay Ar…[View]
101106307We need some mo' shills in here[View]
101117144i wanna fuck you like an animal[View]
101117091*is the best american songwriter in your path*[View]
101116006>female on the cover art >play album >male vocals…[View]
101117273not seeing any rate threads so rate this piece of shit i just threw together please. https://voca.ro…[View]
101115861This is not good[View]
101116422KPOP GENERAL[View]
101115498more like this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cohA7VxJ2Jk[View]
101117133Tried to make a meme, but I have nothing to do with it, so I though I'd leave it here. Does th…[View]
101116878This is true and cannot be refuted.[View]
101117049Does a 12 year old write her songs?[View]
101115824plunderphonics or heavy sample based albums that are actually diverse and fun to listen? many of tho…[View]
101111111Jazz is too warm[View]
101116643music to get pumped about going out with the boys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsGMxbqSRUI[View]
101115310Why were they never popular in America?[View]
101116679steve albini's vocals suck[View]
101116883ITT: Track meanings revealed: >Sweet Charity is Mr. Krabs counting his money as he separates it f…[View]
101115287Liquid Tension Experiment 3: The boys are back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWP4JLUxiqY…[View]
101112963More stuff like this please, thanks!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0BbPNqKxRQ[View]
101116599>When the dying is finally done >And the suffering subsides >All the suffering gets done by…[View]
101116556Sick musicians stories thread: Chuck Berry was sued for recording females and kids in toilets in one…[View]
101116587Favourite live performances: What are your all time favourite live performances? Maybe with with ver…[View]
101116344when did you realise that music is not a legitimate artform because it relies entirely on social tre…[View]
101115772itt: 10/10 albums: I'll start![View]
101116270capoxxo sucks[View]
101114134Chubby Checker: Chubby Checker[View]
101114616How are you going to react when the 90s rock revival hits?: Get into grunge now so you can say 'i to…[View]
101116446Music for this feel?[View]
101111235Instruments to impress girls?[View]
101115018KPOP GENERAL: Busanese princess[View]
101116348Joyful Noise Thread: Lets have a thread about Joyful Noise: music that is loosely improvised, vaguel…[View]
101114648>Female classic rock dj talks about the most disgustingest thing a musicians ever did on stage, b…[View]
101112379For the people that are saying carti is starting a new genre or his music is ahead of it's time…[View]
101115040yabujin: is there anything visually or sonically similar to yabujin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
101116246the madman did it >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3_sSa_Nrk4[View]
101109856Tier Tier Tiers!: Been some time since I saw a good Tier list thread. Post em' chat and try to …[View]
101115941madlib - sound ancestors: Based youtube leaker. What we think? https://youtu.be/5i4taovCAks[View]
101112812Give me a modern rock band formed 2018+ making good shit[View]
101116190doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na …[View]
101116118I'm a Norf lad with some good tunes and a funny accent How do I get an hour or two playing radi…[View]
101108364(Rock) Essentials Chart: Hello /mu/ I have been working on an alternative chart to the one I have be…[View]
101116003>artist makes brave and stunning political statement[View]
101112050McDonald's must be abolished.[View]
101115480Holy shit. https://youtube.com/watch?v=kaDMYqUbOPU[View]
101103560Thoughts on vinyl collecting in 2021?[View]
101104802When is she coming back bros u.u[View]
101114072Dark Music General: Post dark music Coldwave, Post-Punk, Goth, Etc >The Chameleons - Less Than H…[View]
1011154714chan.fm: is it based?[View]
101115605The only things keeping me going in this shitty, hopeless world.[View]
101115966can anyone ID this album? 'electronic / hip hop album and the only thing i can definitely remember a…[View]
101108736Peripheral Vision: This is the best album I have ever heard. Where to find more like this?[View]
101115914Is he the last rockstar still alive?[View]
101115411What does he even do? Think they should drop him from the group desu[View]
101114771Is it possible to like them without immediately beeing labeled as an annoying faggot?: What do you t…[View]
101115792This is the final Ye ranking and if you disagree you are a retard.: Title. This list has been carefu…[View]
101058804/classical/: Requiem for a dead general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmcqlzRozLo >General Fold…[View]
101115256ITT: The most abrasive albums you know of[View]
101111193>LEAST FAVORITE TRACK: The short intro and/or Interlude[View]
101115744itt: cover one of your all-time favorite songs: i'll start https://voca.ro/1ffy70DNiinS[View]
101115004kpop general: the battle rages on[View]
101111394todd rundgren: todd rundgren[View]
101112500Why does 953 go so fucking hard? I thought these guys were supposed to be industry plants.[View]
101111765>WHOOOAAAHOOOOO >KEVIN LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE DOWN what did he mean by this? Who is Kevin?…[View]
101115651Why yes im a chad, how could you tell?: This is what a real collaboration looks like.[View]
101115163>is a groomer >is a sexual predator >is a furry >not even a real trans person >makes…[View]
101115629>a pig >in a cage >on antibiotics…[View]
101099977post cool photos of musicians: The Melvins with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic[View]
101115598They’re sore winners[View]
101115254MUSIC FOR VIDEO - MUSICVIDEO: Eyy post ya tracks and imma make u a music video, i've got tons o…[View]
101111392anti-sex playlist: alright lads, I'm trying to make a playlist filled with songs that are nigh …[View]
101115181It turns 45 today.: Say something nice about David Bowie's masterpiece.[View]
101101794Weekly 3x3 5x5: r8 h8 rel8 Guess your field of study or smth https://www.last.fm/user/PepeBensson…[View]
101106206Hello. I've decided I'll kill myself in a handful of months from now, possibly less. I…[View]
101115398how many kids here actually listen to his music because they like it vs those who listen just becaus…[View]
101112958I present you, the biggest anomaly of the music community. >Overdramatic shallow reviews, imagine…[View]
101115168i've spent almost two decades listening to rock, thrash/death/black metal, etc. but now i'…[View]
101104473post music that sounds like this pic[View]
101115314music for this feel ?[View]
101115284Knife Party: >EDM Trend Machine >Micropenis >Begin Again On top of stuff like Bonfire and I…[View]
101114083ess en double e dee: >got shows on four(4)channel what did he mean by this ? is he... dare i sa…[View]
101114854Rank these 10 bands from best to worst: The Beatles Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones The Kinks The D…[View]
101113242Name a better electro album.[View]
101113747What is their best song?[View]
101113168Lyriscs or melody?what attracts you the most?[View]
101115048Asians LARPing as white people: The genre[View]
101113416Literally male Heaven Or Las Vegas[View]
101112263>that music video where Lil B spends two minutes crying in a pet shop because of all the love he …[View]
101113157Music for hating yourself? Please give me some anons[View]
101111865>there are people on this board who unironically like the Beach Boys[View]
101113055>hey baby pretty baby hey baby >darlin will you do me now Uhhhh I thought Led Zeppelin was fam…[View]
101114299KPOP GENERAL[View]
101113832ITT: Songs you didn't expect to make you tear up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY0ASHW3604…[View]
101114960Anons is power metal cringe? I mean I listen to whatever I want but if there are people interested i…[View]
101114812>american rock band from the 1960s - 1970s >someone in the band has a father or uncle who serv…[View]
101114787Name a better drummer than Hal Blaine Protip: you literally cant[View]
101114653So I hear Ringo will suck your dick if you say Beaucoups of Blues was good[View]
101114788who was in the wrong here ?[View]
101109092>When we arrived at the Odeon, I told the stage manager she was a friend of mine, and took her ov…[View]
101114740New BH?: These faggots dropped an album teaser on the 1st and I didn't find out until now. What…[View]
101114683Sea shanty anything sea related https://youtu.be/TVY8LoM47xI[View]
101112939Who's your favorite Beatle and why?: I gotta go with Harrison.[View]
101111509more like this?[View]
101114424>open song in audacity >slow song down by 10% >it's instantly much better How do you e…[View]
101114440Hands in the air!! :3: Hands in the air!! :3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F31_5_Y-26o[View]
101113324What do you think agent scully listens to[View]
101113804Why are they so much cooler compared to the Beatles?[View]
101114296Dubs determines which albums I listen to in entirety Previous: Die Lit - Playboi Carti Current: Home…[View]
101114343This shit slaps.[View]
101114074I really don’t get the love for Weezer’s White Album. It’s typical 2000’s Weezer with nicer producti…[View]
101113691KPOP GENERAL[View]
101110738The piano player must have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome, lol[View]
101111461Who is the cutest /mu/ boy? And who is the most handsome /mu/ boy? 1. David Sylvian 2.Ian Curtis[View]
101110506Now that the dust has settled, did we like it?[View]
101112206Black Musicians with based takes on the N word: Will start with the most obvious one https://youtu.b…[View]
101114188where can i learn how to make melodies :3[View]
101113103Who's the forgotten blonde Beatles?[View]
101112258What's your favorite song from this album? Mine is changing all the time, so I can't provi…[View]
101112280Just listened to pic related for the first time. How do people like this shit? I was expecting to h…[View]
101110882Jah would of been 22 today :([View]
101113609mu used to like this album[View]
101112935who are the best poets of music?[View]
101114015Lo-Fi is fucking trash: Name a more overrated music genre than Lo-Fi. It's literal NPC music…[View]
1011139332021: is it just me or so far this january has been super slow in term of album releases? do you thi…[View]
101113415In other news... Rest in peace Piero Scaruffi![View]
101113871what's some good cock and ball torture (CBT) music[View]
101111901Gangbang Music?: >Non-ironically thinking of going to an adult theater tonight where girls are ga…[View]
101113849This man is the most entertaining musician that I've encountered in a long time.[View]
101113879What do you think of the song I made?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCYvXmsudNM&ab_channel=Af…[View]
101113554Seems Rowdy Rebel makes Brooklyn Drill music now : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0kyvUNKkoU It…[View]
101112473itt: times you profited off an artist's death: I bought a damaged doom lp 5 years ago for $10 a…[View]
101111684ITT: The songs of your childhood https://youtu.be/ZDPIK7Fz_g4[View]
101112917KPOP GENERAL[View]
101113644Muse: Say what you want about the later Muse albums, but fucking hell they feel relevant now. Stuff …[View]
101109172I overlooked/skipped out on Vaporwave for the most part when it emerged many years ago - due to how …[View]
101112001garageband for pc? (garageband pc): how the fuck do i get HOW do i get garageband for pc, i don…[View]
101105086Feedback thread: Soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube, etc FEEDBACK LISTEN FEEDBACK[View]
101113610im fucking blazed as fuck can I get some music with layers , loads of layers! no loveless[View]
101103295*concludes jazz*[View]
101113515I like these music videos, I keep rewatching them[View]
101106337pay your respects in this thread if you're not a tranny[View]
101112264Andy Partridge, XTC frontman, when he was a tory[View]
101111286>tfw no conan gray bf[View]
101110720licky the patti pitty sucky the patty nippy[View]
101113316ITT: Underrated record labels: Putting aside its infamy as an embarrassing business failure, the ori…[View]
101109618Kodak Black was just released from prison by Donald Trump. He was in prison for doing retarded shit…[View]
101113008>ruins Brian Wilson's entire life[View]
101113145>Mr. Gasman, gas me a Jew[View]
101110510ITT: Chad album covers that normies consider ''bad''[View]
101107525Who are the craziest people in music?[View]
101112295no more, no less[View]
101099879/gg/ - guitar and bass general #69 xd: I WIN HEE HEE[View]
101109757/wpop/: Natalie Mering edition ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alc…[View]
101108337This is possiblity the gayest album I've ever heard[View]
101112938*saves music*[View]
101112912KPOP GENERAL[View]
101111876KPOP GENERAL[View]
101109179>Oh, so you like music, anon? You know, I'm somewhat of a music lover myself. For instance I…[View]
101112210>Download album on Soulseek >Year is wrong in album's metadata >Fucks up chronological…[View]
101111034Holy fuck this is BAD and CRINGE >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfobiCq0YUc&ab_channel=Emin…[View]
101112757ITT: zoomerfag repellent[View]
101110732I’m 31 y/o and I love bladee and 100 gecs[View]
101111598good musicians in shitty bands[View]
101108568Rob zombie: Artists where Every song sounds the same.... Name them[View]
101111635>The Tallest Man on Earth >is a manlet[View]
101103830Thoughts? https://youtu.be/P4re72YUPXI[View]
101112656>This song got me through high school[View]
101112593Which one had more SOVL?: 2014 or 2021 Forest Hills Drive?[View]
101112369So after 5 years of being here I’ve decided that literally everyone on /mu/ is a pleb. Including me,…[View]
101112423/mu/, what is the greatest easy-listening album OAT? For me it's Burt Bacarach's 'In Conce…[View]
101109323Why is this song so goddamn popular?[View]
101108319It still hurts, lads[View]
101110990i don't understand the problem. it's the same shit as before over different beats.[View]
101112200rap.mp3: I saw this music iceberg thing, and at the bottom was a bunch of 'SpOoPy' stuff as you…[View]
101112325/orange/core: Why are literally all the good albums orange?[View]
101111585what's the difference between jazz and blues??? Kinda seem the same to me[View]
101112390>hyper pop >trap metal >neo soul…[View]
101106048/metal/: BLACKED metal edition OLD: >>101092975 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
101109042>hey punk >DID YOU JUST CALL ME A TALENTLESS HACK?…[View]
101112320What are some albums best described as cute?[View]
101109845>never watched an anthony fantano video >never read a pitchfork review >never visited rym …[View]
101108171Gus Pedoton: Are the pedo/grooming/diddling rumors true?[View]
101107927Who would win in a fist fight?[View]
101100775What do you think is the best written song of all time?[View]
101099337One of these threads[View]
101111044Rap was better when it was drug dealers and not drug addicts.[View]
101112037game changer: game changer[View]
101111194Name an artist you used to hate who has since won you over:: Bob Dylan. Now your turn.[View]
101110480Whatever it is in you that lets you flow like you flow and do that thang, it ain't in me no mor…[View]
101106491Killa Kelz is one of the most underrated Drill rappers man... He used to be a BD from Lamron, but th…[View]
101106573this is my first time on /mu/ what should I listen to?[View]
101111053KPOP GENERAL[View]
101111505Vegyn: Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds dope shit to listen to while studying or something[View]
101111482ITT: Get the soundscape of an album. 1. Go to http://imaginarysoundscape.net/#/upload 2. Upload (or …[View]
101105038last.fm artists collage weekly/all time: https://lastfm-collage.herokuapp.com/[View]
101110613i’m not crazy, this is their worst album right? people lose their shit when i say that but this is v…[View]
101109265Cardiacs are now on Spotify.[View]
101110454LF a POP Band, but forgot its name: Singer looks a bit like Russel Brand, i think they're from …[View]
101110614rank the New Order singles.[View]
101109064Can anyone recommend some good folk music. I know nothing about it but feel like I would really like…[View]
101111416I've listened to nothing but Dock Boggs for 3 weeks.: I'm convinced he's the greatest…[View]
101110432Continue my legacy, my sons[View]
101107623>Album is supposed to 'revive' an old genre >Actually sounds nothing like it at all …[View]
1011097682011 >one of the most unique visual styles for a band in ages >great choice in main singer …[View]
101111007Wide River [Polydor, 1993] Those of you who think there's nothing more nauseating than a middle…[View]
101111249Russian music recs? I'm trying to learn Russian. >pic unrelated[View]
101108820why nobody shill this album? it's their best work by a sizeable margin.[View]
101111127reddit has it: Leak it. Now.[View]
101110825I just don't get it... what is so special about her?[View]
101109880The peak of metal[View]
101110238KPOP GENERAL[View]
101110642>I love you most of all >My favorite vegetable…[View]
101111028i actually like his music[View]
101110066Are there any legal problems if I make a song and do an impression of some vocalist's vocals in…[View]
101109749can anyone recommend some good club music, preferably with female vocals? youtube recommendations ar…[View]
101110447>tfw antidepressants improve depression but make you unable to experience strong emotions when li…[View]
101108094>Mike Love >By far the worst member and the least talented of the Beach Boys >Still manages…[View]
101106376I was skeptical at first but he’s actually not bad.[View]
101108759How to appreciate atonal/serial/twelvetone music?[View]
101094134WHY IS THIS SO GOOD??: I didn't listen to this for some year, almost forgot its existence. I br…[View]
101109963I won't listen to anything produced by women. And why should I?[View]
101110256I unironically only listen to YouTube mixes of kawaii future bass and if I'm feeling like it so…[View]
101104076>Friend tells me to check out Boards of Canada >Listen to Campfire Headphase first >It…[View]
101110577jdizzy sucks: agree?[View]
101110632Continue my legacy brothers[View]
101109781mobb music[View]
101107434It clicked.[View]
101110029Rank these three albums, for me it would be 1. TARGO 2. Maggot Brain 3. Sex Machine[View]

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