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114740487>2023 I am forgotten[View]
114740382kpop general[View]
114740646HEY dont write yourself off yet its only in your head you feel left out(feel left out) and LOOOOKED …[View]
114740858Peter Gabriel, Meets Shakti, Meets the Police, meets Sigur Ros, Meets Counting Crows: I am a 57 year…[View]
114740645What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me?[View]
114737918What are some essential artists for optimistic NEETs? Like you're too autistic to deal with peo…[View]
114740065>try to listen to rap album >granny starts rapping…[View]
114740363Is 23 too late to make it as a big time folk singer?[View]
114738295imma keep posting this until you all finally listen to it[View]
114740443Cheesecore General: ITT: cheesecore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ-oEuWMszs[View]
114732891>presses organ button for an hour >simps be like this is aoty…[View]
114740374>whatcha doin'?[View]
114739788KPOP GENERAL[View]
114738989What Happened: Tons of bands have drops in quality but the downgrade in songwriting quality between …[View]
114734335This album is so nice and melodic... Also beats its predecessor.[View]
114736673found this album on discog and i love it two little gay men making this great music.[View]
114739917ITT: Musicians hanging with each other?[View]
114739937PAUL BTFO: LMAO!!![View]
114736690Mmm yeah im gonna give this board a light to decent zero[View]
114737029Charlie Parker: Musicians slowed down his playing and found he was playing arpeggios and tearing thr…[View]
114739777GULP . anybody remember gravity metal ? I THINK ITS EPIC DESU[View]
114739205KPOP GENERAL[View]
114739687Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya Someone…[View]
114736581It's over, humanoid musicians are finished. Some of these AI-generated tracks are straight fire…[View]
114732138What's the dumbest song you've ever heard?[View]
114739552>1 week learning guitar >can already play better than all those hippies from school that playe…[View]
114735252Indisputable 10/10[View]
114736035Dear Osama, I wrote you but you still ain't callin' I left my cell, my pager, and my the w…[View]
114736895Do I NEED a power soak?: Hi /mu/? I bought a valve head recently and I'm finding it pretty hard…[View]
114738093>T'RA LA LA LA LA ~[View]
114738340*blocks your path*[View]
114739389'The Perfect Girl' by Mareux is an absolute masterpiece. The synths are crisp and the vocals are hau…[View]
114738947>crys in a song because they built a Starbucks in Omaha Does this album have the most embarrassin…[View]
114739272Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO1xc0x778g[View]
114738853heard too to much gusic him ear to big[View]
114738602KPOP GENERAL[View]
114738533HOLY SHIT[View]
114732864>HUR DUR THIS IS LE BEST ALBUMN BY THEM!!!1!!1!1111!11!! >sucks, is mid at best…[View]
114728943This album's fantastic. Really overlooked.[View]
114736004Should I send this song to a girl I like? This is how I feel about her. Too creepy? https://www.yout…[View]
114736355Cool band merch thread: Anyone know any good indie bands that have cool merch that I could wear arou…[View]
114734701I don't get it[View]
114733778>ruins your album Nothing personal kid..[View]
114731400Alice Glass: Queen of witch house.[View]
114738865>Hi, Tyll from innerfidelity here[View]
114738753This album's been out for almost a year now. Is it better than Everybody Loves a Happy Ending?[View]
114736198Billboard Top Hits--1984 [Rhino, 1992] With '80s nostalgia as certain as Lloyd Bentsen, I teste…[View]
114738746Kino music. https://youtu.be/NPX48NpSRvo[View]
114738166The Commodores: Greatest Hits [Motown, 1978] One thing you can say about a funk group that has a num…[View]
114737437Oooooh she’s a brickk housee[View]
114738639>'indie rock' band >they're signed to a major label…[View]
114733147The album that broke /mu/.[View]
114738014KPOP GENERAL[View]
114738566What's the best part of drum n' bass? The drum, the bass, or the melody, or the sampling?[View]
114735778Post “my best friend is dead” core[View]
114738425her parents threw big parties everyone was there they hung out with folks like dennis hopper, bob se…[View]
114737492I really hate how Gorillaz has been looking more anime-ish as time progresses: It's so generic …[View]
114720198Why is this so hyped? The only good tracks are good morning, flashing lights, and champion[View]
114738403STop. Hammer time.[View]
114738388ITT: Songs only you know about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmnqmioxol8[View]
114736507>Patton had not left Mr. Bungle, whose first album, Mr. Bungle (Slash, 1991), was released. The m…[View]
114738288Karlheinz Stockhausen: Telemusik (1966): Very relaxing music...[View]
114738034/post-hardcore/: post hardcore is the best genre. please post your favorite post hardcore albums.…[View]
114737042Ok /mu/ out of all the music you have listened to at this point whats your favorite genre? [spoiler…[View]
114734201Guitarfags. Are there any adverse effects to learning open chords exclusively without pointer finger…[View]
114737955Why has no Producer been able to get instruments sound as good as Jerry Finn was? He was able to mak…[View]
114737977I don't care what you chuds and trolls say, this is the most important artist of our generation…[View]
114737994Trippy music videos thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN0RPWII7gY https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
114733796This guy's a psychopath: Just look at him. Completely evil with evil intent in his eyes.[View]
114738062what aesthetic is this?[View]
114731099How important is notes per second? For example, pic related could do 18 nps[View]
114737507KPOP GENERAL[View]
114736483you there. why haven't you listened to kimbra new album yet[View]
114737972Peak dadrock, coming through[View]
114733393Wednesday aesthetic witchhouse: Rate and post yours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G1O4azqztY…[View]
114731904mark kozelek rapist: >Kozelek began touching her sexually, she says, and she told him no multiple…[View]
114737637In the late 90s there was a I think British three piece rock band, a little like Muse with a blonde …[View]
114736449Underwater tank: >2023 I am forgotten. Underwater tank brod what happened...…[View]
114737869How to achieve the Breaking Benjamin 'sound'?: Recently heard the new Motionless in White …[View]
114733951Whoever likes this album should be brutally beaten to death.[View]
114734427For me, its JustinGuitar what instrument(s) are you learning/do you play and who is your online teac…[View]
114737810this slaps wtf[View]
114737199I don't get it, someone explain it to me.[View]
114731691Zoomers have ruined Aphex Twin[View]
114733968Opinion on this album everyone?: It's okay and not the best as X.[View]
114736983kpop general[View]
114735322What are some albums like this? I can't find anything that scratches the same itch.[View]
114737303Thoughts on the new John Cale album?[View]
114736952Anyone remember Lupe Fiasco's rock group Japanese Cartoons?[View]
114737211Metal EPs: What are some of your favorite EP's you've discovered since the pandemic? I stu…[View]
114737147>neil young >is old how did he get away with this?…[View]
114735691I'm falling in love with repetitive music. There's something about hearing the same riff f…[View]
114735177>ywn go to the 1975 concert with tay tay and experience the greatest living frontman’s performanc…[View]
114726909We can all agree this is their best album, right?[View]
114736930ITT: Wasted Potential: Post bands that could have been great if they stuck together[View]
114736357KPOP GENERAL[View]
114736411https://isthisliv.com/4cc/stream.html Come watch /mu/ memes kick a soccer ball against /gd/ memes…[View]
114736941>DJ Shadow - Changeling >5:15 Kino.[View]
114735463>the records have grooves >A needle moves over them creating vibrations >These vibrations …[View]
114731743Piracy cure: And just like that one simple idea devours piracy and the band makes you pay the $12 yo…[View]
114735235This is pretty well made[View]
114736115it’s over for the goofball isn’t it?[View]
114736133As he came into the window Was a sound of a crescendo He came into her apartment He left the bloodst…[View]
114735037What's better: a classical guitar or a piano (help my little brother please)?: Hi /mu/, today I…[View]
114734504now that AI music is better than people music, should /mu/ get deleted?[View]
114734087Tame Impala is a really mediocre and boring band but I keep meeting people who are fans and I have t…[View]
114736333Google project for Midjourney/chatGPT for music, not sure if this has an open github somewhere. It…[View]
114734578>the 80s and will never come back[View]
114733536i luv this albumn :3[View]
114736012Genre halp: Could someone tell me what genre this would fall under? inb4 'trash' https://soundcloud.…[View]
114736375Audiophile thread.: What’s your favorite way to listen to music (headphones, speaker, etc.) please l…[View]
114733812Hey guys what do you think of Diablo Swing Orchestra: https://youtu.be/72h7jgu-cGQ They have a corni…[View]
114734940Still gets 2mil plays a month.[View]
114735762KPOP GENERAL[View]
114716808If anyone else was singing this it would be a masterpiece.[View]
114736173Why is zoomer music so ineffectual and vapid?[View]
114734183US #1s on this day each decade: 1943: Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Frank Sinatra and the Pied…[View]
114735692>Lil fucking Yachty makes more experimental and interesting music than ye now BAHAHAHAHA EVERYONE…[View]
114736187I cant believe its finally on streaming[View]
114729963/metal/: Some black metal dude edition Old >>114722935 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt…[View]
114733502Chad Callahan: >ugly >can't sing for shit >endless praise >makes every pussy wet …[View]
114736077this will top monolith of inhumanity[View]
114734622Which one do you think exists more: love songs written by men for women or love songs written by wom…[View]
114736067ITT we claim a sublime song: >BE OH YES BEIN ON THAT PLANE https://youtu.be/_dC48Y4Fk34…[View]
114735963Are you sorry, anon?[View]
114721116Which power metal style do you prefer?: USPM is generally more riff-centric and more rooted in tradi…[View]
114730302mod pleas sticky thank[View]
114735807THE WARNING (band): What do you think of The Warning? https://youtu.be/vm78KpEw3uw https://youtu.be…[View]
114722235look at these normalfags whining about spotify going down. this is proof that piracy/cd's/vinyl…[View]
114735256KPOP GENERAL[View]
114730078when did you grow out of bjork?[View]
114732356The Japanese answer to the Arctic Monkeys.[View]
114734046>Says a bunch of wacky stuff no one else would ever say >Dips out >Will return in a couple …[View]
114735707Bobcats, what do we think on the remix? Was Dylan proven right or was Lanois vindicated?[View]
114729789What are Charles chords and style?: When he plays he gets some nice tones. What is the way to get hi…[View]
114731764Do The Strokes have good songs?: I have listened 2 of their songs and I have to say they are garbage…[View]
114735590i dont see nothin wrooong with a lil bump n griiind[View]
114735529you have no idea how much I despise this retard[View]
114734336This is the single most reliable pleb filter in the history of music. Of course, it filters the abso…[View]
114735155His smile and optimism: gone[View]
114733727HOLY SHIT[View]
114735192Best music to commit suicide to: For me it's https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9SvGQHTZ3Cs…[View]
114735418this is a bit samey isn't it[View]
114735239denzel curry hasnt made a single bad album[View]
114735296>Listening to Bone Machine >Listening to Daughters - You won't get what you want >list…[View]
114729516I miss the old Grimes :([View]
11473063170s funk was the best era of music[View]
114734681KPOP GENERAL[View]
114732787if you are going to mumble rap: this is the right way to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY-Is…[View]
114735054Edit question Is there a a application with it i can create a 'puls' effect with a photo fitted to t…[View]
114639026Chart thread[View]
114734932post your boomer filter music itt: looking for tunes that viscerally repel the 'music was better in …[View]
114734903Follow me through A city of frost covered angels I swear I have nothing to prove I just want to danc…[View]
114734645I made a metal playlist: It's just albums that are lyrically introspective and/or philosophical…[View]
114733926>nooo bro w-we're like totally working on the next album! >we're near the end of pro…[View]
114734674Best zoomie punk band coming through[View]
114733833When was the last time every artist on the Top 40 was white?[View]
114734180insider here he's dropping on valentines day, screencap this.[View]
114732066The transition of having all of your fans being white boy edgelords to basic bitch white girls is pr…[View]
114733210I'm so tired >>> Helter Skelter >>>>>> Happiness is a Warm Gun = Bla…[View]
114734109KPOP GENERAL[View]
114732184The Hedgehog Boys: Anyone got the lyrics for their albums?[View]
114726590Finally finished death grips discography: Okay, I technically am missing the 2 instrumental albums, …[View]
114732896Alice in Chains: How did their sound change between picrel and self-titled? To me it sounds pretty s…[View]
114733905dude looks lesbian an i only listen to hardcore niggers[View]
114734538Every fucking day Every fucking day Every fucking day it's a fucking Friday Every fucking day E…[View]
114731107did lil fucking yachty just release the best album i’ve heard in like 3 years[View]
114734396>Charli made an album about how lonely she was because she couldn't go to clubs and rub her …[View]
114731921Holy shit when did this die when it comes to music? Hard to find anything good without hours of digg…[View]
114733581the british invasion was a mistake[View]
114733954Diamonds and Rust [A&M, 1975] Recently, one of her lilting legions accused us non-lilters of bei…[View]
114734236>makes the same song 500 times >there are 'people' on here who consider him one of the greats …[View]
114733574KPOP GENERAL[View]
114729943>gorillaz >only one of the members is a gorilla…[View]
114729772what are the gayest guitars and basses[View]
1147275635x5 WEEK lastfm collage thread for recent listens guess something recommend something https://tapmus…[View]
114731014What do normie zoomers listen to ?: Making a compilation. Bonus points for specific artists and mem…[View]
114730042Post your favourite female artists[View]
114731428UK number ones on this day each decade: >1953: Comes A-Long A-Love - Kay Starr >1963: Dance On…[View]
114733950Guilty pleasure thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhIlqBqRtuw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
114733936Drill rap is dead: >Chief Keef sold out years ago >YSL RICO will stick (lots of snitches) >…[View]
114727941einstürzende neubauten: what do you guys think about them? i think they're great, especially ha…[View]
114730650>Beethoven - Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 - II, Allegretto Is this the best song in the world?…[View]
114732014>Be me >New girl at work, think I might have a chance with her >Try talking to her >Actu…[View]
114733231My favorite Sinatra album. His famous ballads are honestly overplayed. Not overrated, but overplayed…[View]
114725026How good is she at playing guitar?[View]
114733043Describe a classical music fan born after 1950 who isn't insecure about their intelligence.[View]
114731269Thoughts on this album and this band? Are their other albums worth exploring?[View]
114724108Music for when everything feels wrong, and nothing feels right?[View]
114733499For me, it's Autumn Leaves.[View]
114731173Who is the best /mu/ blooper and why is it Aedact?[View]
114719970Obscure rock you've found: I found this band by searching through a producer's website. T…[View]
114732923KPOP GENERAL[View]
114733092Rap died in 1993. Only 12 good tapes have been released since then (most of them in 1994, being alre…[View]
114726800I’ve literally stopped listening to anything besides Bach. The memes are true he’s simply the best, …[View]
114718410Admit it, it's one of the greatest songs of all time. And no, 'overplayed' is not a valid criti…[View]
114728940Rock music has a 50 year expiration date: Once it has been over 50 years since a rock band’s peak th…[View]
114731603I want to talk a little about ralph records Snakefinger, Renaldo & The Loaf, and of course The R…[View]
114733361For me, it's 90s-00s R&B.[View]
114733334chill songs/ost thread: post some examples that your use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaGOVADtQzc…[View]
114732114Looking for overproduced albums like this. I don't care about genre just the level of productio…[View]
114721779New Sun Kil Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzAmWQB1qSQ Man I love this song.[View]
114732882whats a cheap and decent, easily transportable guitar amp sim? I usually use bias fx and amplitube 4…[View]
114726011at what age musician peak? 25? 27? how can you stay cool and relevant after 30? nobody likes an old …[View]
114732220Celine Dion [Epic, 1992] Montreal chanteuse goes gold Stateside, and I'm thinking, hey, North A…[View]
114731721Should Weird Al unalive himself on stage in a way that parodies the deaths of Michael Jackson, Elvis…[View]
114730133Opinions on Kylie Minogue?[View]
114733025Post your actual top 5 albums that you'd never share with normies >Captain Beefheart - Lick …[View]
114733099Best boom: The great debate: https://youtu.be/3gmmi2SvMMk vs. https://youtu.be/HR5WdoyYcjU[View]
114733081And now your host for this evening, the bottles[View]
114729872pop punk: >Me when Pop Punk >Ear shattering autotune >Generic and uninventive guitar riffs …[View]
114732275KPOP GENERAL: it's out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU03cg-rc0o[View]
114732685The Shape of Punk To Come [Burning Heart, 1998] *bomb*[View]
114732803>my favourite incelcore artist is brown irl Its over[View]
114732084Tic Toc Tic Toc. https://google-research.github.io/seanet/musiclm/examples/[View]
114729147>I drink way too much Pepsi cola >I also eat a lot of cherry pies…[View]
114732187Calming music[View]
114732532Everyone in the no wave scene was a complete rich kid pretentious cunt. What a horrible documentary.[View]
114723454when album[View]
114731618Cyndi Lauper Appreciation Thread: I for one am tired of people on this board and elsewhere rushing t…[View]
114724559>*knows more theory than your favorite artist in your path*[View]
114732669what is an example of woke music or is all music woke?[View]
114728123can germans still make music?[View]
114732598/bjbg/ - BEJIBLE General: >What is /bjbg/? BEJIBLE General is the general where we discuss BEJIBL…[View]
114732005Do Zoomies like 90s music? It's full of nihilism, despondency, and minor chords; so, I figure i…[View]
114732567/mudisco/: post disco gems, 70-80s preferably, I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3uj…[View]
114727682Leonard Bernstein West Side Story (2×Chromium Cassette Tapes): Best recording of WSS ever made. Bern…[View]
114731708I PULL OUT MY BERETTA[View]
114729580It’s time to apologize.[View]
114732519what happened to remix albums??? why dont established artists have remix albums/singles made anymore[View]
114732503For me, it's 80's Flaming Lips.[View]
114728027>forms the best post-punk band >first goth girl >best goth girl >releases The Scream …[View]
114731811The Perfect Jazz Band [Attempt 2]: Ok I tried this thread last night and it bombed spectacularly. I …[View]
114729793Lil Ugly Mane: What do you think he's cooking with all these new singles he's been releasi…[View]
114702361SHILLTHREAD: Post your music, rec your recs, feedback your feedback and be cool server for shills: h…[View]
114731661KPOP GENERAL[View]
114731883Whats mu's opionion on eddie vedder?[View]
114732154this shit slaps and filters so much at the same time[View]
114730820Which bluetooth headphones should I buy for listening to music on the go?[View]
114731826Looking for a long lost Song: am looking for a particular song I used to listen to over 10 years ago…[View]
114715378/Techno/ General: Who still listens to techno edition. Post techno, I need it. Here's some stuf…[View]
114723198comfy beatles thread! post all comfy beatle things.[View]
114731139KPOP GENERAL: ugly shart[View]
114731232>last album came out 10 years ago what the fuck is wrong with this band…[View]
114731581Can anyone here actually read these reddit squiggles?[View]
114731410>release the best mixtape ever track by track on souncloud >literally never acknowledge its ex…[View]
114728118Who's your favorite Beatle? Peorge, Rohn, Gaul, or Jingo?[View]
114731432new Scaruffi 7.5 I think[View]
114731413What did /mu/ think?[View]
114731379Qawwali past this guy?: Any female singers especially?[View]
114719774Which way, western man?[View]
114730128KPOP GENERAL[View]
114731317Lennon's 10/10 solo songs (1970-1980) >Imagine >Mother >God >Isolation >Jealous …[View]
114731307Name 3[View]
114730015what is the album: anons help me find this album because i forgot it. it is an ambient album with so…[View]
114729941SKR/سكر (Sugar): Where were you when Arabic music nailed the meme pop song? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
114730654KPOP GENERAL[View]
114727186OMG they were so H*CKIN' COOL. I wanna dance like Rob Zomby.[View]
114729442>hey bro, I just wrote this deeply personal song about my addictions and suicidal thoughts…. coul…[View]
114730221Can anyone recommend songs similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ExX7GkoU8c Tiny Tim do…[View]
114722393I wanna make electronic music but I suck at it. is hardware my best route? I have pic related and it…[View]
114728629are there any good trip-hop artists who aren't called portishead, sneaker pimps, massive attack…[View]
114729160>duude it’s got distorted anime characters in the art >it’s like japanese tranny arcade music …[View]
114730810Collections of Crack Intro and Nfo Reader Music. Constantly updated playlists... Stay Connected :): …[View]
114722693Why does this instrument attract so many cringe people??[View]
114730778This song is about abortion, right? I was incredibly moved by this song and went online to find disc…[View]
114722949people need to be passionate about music ITT: share what artists or what songs actually bring a str…[View]
114726661I want to kill this cunt: And not in Minecraft[View]
114723007Breathe with me[View]
114724449silver jews: what is your favourite sj track?[View]
114728995What music should I listen to if I want to attract a tall, cute, athletic white e-girl who wears Van…[View]
114729714Macroblank - デスウィッシュ: Thoughts on new Macroblank?[View]
1147303221000 EYES: Vaporwave is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX9llZvftrs…[View]
114730188Pantera is LE BAD[View]
114730332itt: kino albums[View]
114729337ITT: RYM L's[View]
114730146What albumcover is this?[View]
114724862This is a great song and you can't give actual reasons for why it wouldn't be outside you …[View]
114723070Holy shit. Why is this so underrated?[View]
114729617KPOP GENERAL[View]
114728279>have an itch to make music >load up daw, or app from phone >make a intro or some 8 bar lo…[View]
114730066I like it[View]
114727348i have no idea how i found this track a few months ago but it's probably one of the most greate…[View]
114713509If you could bring a musician back to life (current year) Who would it been? For me it's pic re…[View]
114728261Puscifer - Existential Reckoning: Anyone listened to this? Underrated album imo[View]
114729274The Fall: Are they really that good? The cult fanbase surrounding this band is offputting.[View]
114729965>Various Artists >it's actually good https://youtu.be/taU1cCq2o74…[View]
114722935/metal/: Submerged riffs edition old: >>114718029 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
114718450Let's have a live music thread, post about concerts you've been to recently and upcoming s…[View]
114706324sunshine pop: https://youtu.be/09QgHBEs6l0[View]
114729623http://radio.garden/listen/friskyradio-chill/W1-8g_lh fucking love this site[View]
114705094The great debate[View]
114724521Claim your Stones song: For me, it's Coming Down Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD248q_S…[View]
114725692ITT: The best hip hop instrumentals of all time: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IX1cvDPDn30…[View]
114729780Vocaroo thread: Hit that mf red button edition https://vocaroo.com/1ka1NloSXd4d[View]
114727899about what[View]
114729707what's the anon's general opinion on future garage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txsEXi…[View]
114721261Wtf this is pretty good[View]
114729170KPOP GENERAL[View]
114729573board quality is directly determined by how many anco threads are in the catalog at any one time: so…[View]
114722537ah yes, another case of the most commercial successful album is better than the most critically accl…[View]
114729588nobody talks about everyone asked about you and its starting to make me MAFD!!!!! ARRRHH[View]
114729137I want an underground punk scene with a diverse set of sounds and true DIY ethics and punk ethos I …[View]
114729051>hips like Ursula[View]
114721899In The Aeroplane Over The Sea [Merge, 1998] :([View]
114728464What are some countries whose music attract an extraordinary amount of foreigners?: I used to be pre…[View]
114728721KPOP GENERAL[View]
114728037Can you recommend me albums like homogenic? please.: I love the aesthetics of the album, the producc…[View]
114727382Hello, I like the Amyl and the Sniffers. Hoe about you?[View]
114729081i pooped out of my wiener[View]
114728987Vince Meal[View]
114728969Holy shit[View]
114728965I fucking hate Modest Mouse[View]
114728898Topsters thread: Post your charts and have people make assumptions about your personality[View]
114727490Does /mu/ listen to afro-rock?[View]
114727333songs that are sort of sad and beautiful and captivating: in the line of lose my breath by my bloody…[View]
114728516ONE BETTER: Holy fucking Kino[View]
114727842*adds more Neko Case* Ahhh perfect[View]
114728287KPOP GENERAL[View]
114704577>blocks your path >mumbles something about the guys she wants to fuck >starts complaining a…[View]
114727047The fucked up thing about this album is that Rivers Cuomo raped a girl named Buddy Holly IRL[View]
114726736>'mumble' rappers have more unique vocals than rock whitebois[View]
114728452thoughts on the new ptv album?[View]
114727693This is pretty good[View]
114725608The Perfect Jazz Band.: Ok I have a crazy thread idea and I wanted to see if it'd work. I want …[View]
114727576She knows[View]
114727771KPOP GENERAL[View]
114728175Post a song and an image https://youtu.be/rtOvBOTyX00[View]
114698758/wpop/ - 'The Wholesomeness Defener' edition: PREVIOUS: >>114679802 >ITT: Discussion of Wes…[View]
114724895Thoughts on this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSKizLRFbTo[View]
114721676Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue Put it on airplane mode so none of those calls come…[View]
114728092was just listening to a smooth jazz station on the radio, caught the latter half of a dancey kinda l…[View]
114723516BRIAN WILSON TREATS HIS FANS LIKE SHIT: #BrianWilsonisOverParty IMAGINE going all that way to meet y…[View]
114711255Todd: Todd[View]
114716671What does he listen to?[View]
114727381HØLY SHIT[View]
114725669Xtal is so fucking BORING. Why is this middling 'emotional', 'beautiful', 'eurphoric' track so belov…[View]
114727830Every time i listen a guitar i only hear the sound of steel. I dont hear the 'guitar sound' anymore.[View]
114727446>always associated him with garbage pop country >he's actually an insanely talented guita…[View]
114727294KPOP GENERAL[View]
114725883Radiohead sounds like they have good songs but the singer ruins it for me.[View]
114726761Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTh9qiXEy4Q[View]
114726265the boomers were right. the grateful dead are actually really good. https://relisten.net/grateful-de…[View]
114726864do rock fans pretend playing an instrument is impressive to hide the fact that all rock music sounds…[View]
114726896ITT: post the last five songs your local station has played shit or no shit idk im bored[View]
114721211Why was this shitty song so popular[View]
114727356he does it like he's charlemagne[View]
114726765KPOP GENERAL[View]
114727289rock AOTY[View]
114719165music that FEELS good: Specifically, music that is not only melodically appealing but also uses a co…[View]
114709941>listen to wypipo music before 1960 >it's fucking shit every time…[View]
114727217this is a fucking masterpiece, how long until normies ruin it[View]
114719156ITT: /mu/ in 1969: Goddammit I've come all this way for Creedence and I'm well in the back…[View]
114726910whats the biggest music?[View]
114726685I'm doing karaoke tomorrow /mu/ what are some good songs for the karaokeing?[View]
114726694Thoughts on their overall discography?[View]
114719760Rock was going strong in the 00's and then nothing in the 10's. What killed rock music? Di…[View]
114727039Any love for Spiritualized?: Everybody knows Ladies and Gentlemen but their other stuff is good too …[View]
114722198Name our band, /mu/[View]
114726839anyone else consider suicide when you looked into the pasts of your favorite artists and discovered …[View]
114726596are there any albums that just play one sample at a time without any editing?[View]
114719896Barber Beats: Okay /mu/, let's keep it civil. We're gunna have a good old fashioned Barber…[View]
114723572Robert Fripp: Tom Waits[View]
114726224KPOP GENERAL[View]
114717435Leonard Cohen.: In his songs he sounds like an evil prophet foretelling doom. >Give me crack and…[View]
114721486are they the greatest band ever!!!?[View]
114725330Shill threads are a graveyard for aspiring musicians[View]
114724335K-pop vs J-pop: part 2: In a music sense J-pop has more complexity and uniqueness. K-pop isn't …[View]
114724726What kind of music do you think they were listening to as they were falling in love?[View]
114725329what does 4chin think of modern country music? I think it's great, personally, and I don't…[View]
114708437best tyler the creator album?[View]
114726326Best Obscure Albums: square up shitheads I found this fucking banger while scrounging through dead b…[View]
114716251>had a 'metal' blog called Metal Inquisition Obviously attracting metalheads >gets mad at meta…[View]
114725633what does he listen to?[View]
114725657KPOP GENERAL[View]
114677672/classical/: Clarinet trio edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGwzEXkQoSA This thread is for th…[View]
114724650nepo baby keem[View]
114725237>punk song >part with only bass guitar and drums…[View]
114724706Have these things, don't want to piss off my neighbors...they can be really loud. lol. Anyway, …[View]
114701500What the fuck is his problem?[View]
114725775Literally the only good metal band[View]
114718121You can't name a band[View]
114725366These: >best Undone >runner-up Only in Dreams >worst No One Else >overrated Surf Wax Ame…[View]
114719466Kanye's golden age[View]
114725114KPOP GENERAL: Dreamcatcher Dami[View]
114725504All rise for the zoomer national anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0[View]
114722947https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSyr6lRGssg&ab_channel=Gorillaz this is probably the only good s…[View]
114724533>listening to lyrics >made an improvement to a line >song is permanently ruined in my mind…[View]
114722534ITT: we generate songs with AI[View]
114723318Smithsonian Folkways is one of my favorite labels due to the huge variety of stuff they've help…[View]
114721202bladee and skrillex linked up! Need it or keep it!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4gZ9IE2CI[View]
114717858what kind of music do faggots listen to?[View]
114722952What did she mean by this?[View]
114716640Post some nice classical guitar pieces: I'll start with some Aguado's: https://www.youtube…[View]
114725068nu metal>metal[View]
114725273It's amazing that Pink Floyd didn't really go for the AOR sound other prog bands were goin…[View]
114724159Where to start when it comes to writing Baroque Pop? Should I start with a vocal melody or chord pro…[View]
114722940sunn O))): is white2 their best album?[View]
114724812is he gonna make a new album soon[View]
114724541KPOP GENERAL[View]
114721536Debate: settled[View]
114718985i unironically enjoy listening to JPEGMAFIA AMA[View]
114724871What yall think of new thomas bangalter? https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=2mYXwuD_c0g&list=OLAK…[View]
114724805https://soundcloud.com/goongatsby/5-seconds-of-summer-she-looks heres a cover of She Looks So Perfec…[View]
114724738Down on the Upside [A&M, 1996] brutal depression simplified ('Ty Cobb,' 'Applebite') *[View]
114721881Me and the boys getting done up to go to Chili’s[View]
114724680List of Marvin Gaye albums better than What's Going On: Let's Get It On I Want You In Our …[View]
114724644my stummy hurt[View]
114717096John Fahey is the greatest American guitarist of all time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReW9uUYm…[View]
114722251Is Sweet Oblivion by Screaming Trees the perfect 90s rock album?[View]
114723771PJ Harvey is the best female rock musician, and also the hottest[View]
114723952KPOP GENERAL[View]
114722111>mfw track 12 don't tell me rocktards were already sweating bullets in 1987 that they could …[View]
114671030/prod/ - more hidden biden files found editon: Production Resources: >Pastebin - Links, books, vi…[View]
114721558SOJAKS HATE HIM[View]
114716661>rapping starts >skip song[View]
114717371FL Studio: Is FL studio any good for making New-Wave/Post-Punk-esque music? I always wanted to make …[View]
1147220425x5: collage thread tapmusic.net don't guess anything[View]
114716890I feel like if /mu/ had been around in the 90s, it would have hated Liz Phair just as much as it hat…[View]
114723010ITT: guilty pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN0b-adUt9I&ab_channel=GreenDay[View]
114723949What Are These Chords?: Does anyone know what these chords are? I want to learn to play this piece o…[View]
114724104Is this the best two tone song of all time https://youtube.com/watch?v=RZ2oXzrnti4[View]
114720483>be david crosby >goofy looking motherfucker >mediocre songwriter >never wrote a hit on …[View]
114724027*Will single-handedly carry all of 2023 over his shoulders* Why did he chose this year specifically?…[View]
114723953fuck you , you fuck: thoughts on this album? i dont see what the fuss is about. EARL said it's …[View]
114723394KPOP GENERAL[View]
114723518So I just bought some CDs from the 80s, and they sound much better than the versions on YouTube or S…[View]
114721520ITT: Last band you got into[View]
114723567Favorite songs about fathers?[View]
114720254I do not listen to music[View]
114723557Is it true that girls just want to have fun?[View]
114722850KPOP GENERAL[View]
114721140>Genre: Alternative Rock is there a less descriptive sequence of symbols in the entire realm of l…[View]
114722802>find an artist I really like >like his voice >love his style >this might be my new favo…[View]
114723023why is the motorik beat so comfy, bros[View]
114715205Is Bocchi /mu/ approved? https://youtu.be/QjmnsAWGm8E[View]
114715451I do not care for female singere[View]
114722553Post your soul healing (and hope restoring) music. https://youtu.be/BoH89vxiQDk https://youtu.be/bt…[View]
114719553the beatles or bob dylan?[View]
114721151Funkadelic [Westbound, 1970] (side one, cut one) Q: Mommy, what's a funkadelic? A: Someone from…[View]
114718029/metal/: Corpse Paint edition Old >>114715853 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
114722974Sonic Youth: Any other schizo anons out ther me that always seem to have that itch for SY. No other …[View]
114704188Bieber sisters...[View]
114722895What did her daddy do? What did he put her through?[View]
114722115It's their best. No debate.[View]
114720843what is the deal with this bad? Why are they brought up so much on this board? They just seem like s…[View]
114722313KPOP GENERAL[View]
114717057I only like the last minute of Windowlicker and don't care about the rest of the song. Does thi…[View]
114719419*is the best german guitarist in youre're path*[View]
114711759post a song no one else knows about and then rate other people's songs https://youtu.be/_DiH-h_…[View]
114722683https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip7_jp70zlk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXDxYVuLNm4(Here's …[View]
114721436Taylor Swift’s new music video for “Lavender Haze” premieres at midnight ET. The rumors suggest nud…[View]
114720016Name a better female rapper in the game right now[View]
114708505Post musicians with cats[View]
114721802KPOP GENERAL[View]
114722264Blues Climax: regular ass punk in 1969 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KbpG2N36bs[View]
114721976>make 20 beats a day >can't find a rapper in my area feels bad man…[View]
114720651Can you name a better prog album? you lose: As I hold the key to the back door Of the world I feel m…[View]
114720743>main track is a 21 minutes long song >the real song is actually only 3 minutes, followed by18…[View]
114718343Soccer Mommy bros, we're back![View]
114721080God they are so good. After years of listening to them I think this might be my favorite track. http…[View]
114705527Vax Jamz: >NEVER GONNA TAKE THE JAB https://vocaroo.com/1kNOTYILMvSk >I.C.U.HOUSE - MEDICAL JE…[View]
114713427>tfw rock song has a trumpet in it[View]
114721245kpop general: first for yejibros[View]
114717580What's /mu/'s take on phonk? https://youtu.be/w-sQRS-Lc9k[View]
114719208Underrated album[View]
114717674It finally clicked.[View]
114720724>so I built a machine >a human machine >I made it out of steel, and onions protein…[View]
114721490>What genre you think this should be?: ?[View]
114721424it's pronounced moo-se or mew-se?[View]
114715777*bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk* *bonk*[View]
114721087Production ethics: It's one thing to use auto-tune to smooth out vocals way too much, but adjus…[View]
114719812What's her problem?[View]
114720960Dilla vs Nujabes: Who does /mu/ prefer?[View]
114721158I'm a zoomer that recently got into Depeche Mode. Any songs like 'Enjoy the Silence' that can f…[View]
114721232holy shit[View]
114720190anything else like this? They finally clicked. I had Deloused and Bedlam on my ipod in high school …[View]
114719554So it's their best album?[View]
114720631KPOP GENERAL[View]
114715941Is this already considered a classic?[View]
114714987MAKE A SONG IN 30 MINUTES: lets go![View]
114720694Post soulful early 2000's songs https://youtu.be/kVpv8-5XWOI[View]
114704730/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Kpop /gg/uitar™ edition part II[View]
114720492why do modern rappers snitch on themselves in music? >god damn he got backdoored goose goose dur…[View]
114720693Holy fucking shit they were good. MMMMMM YESYESYES https://youtu.be/5lMXA1r6GMM[View]
114720004Where do i find techno that has that epic 90s six flags dancing guy vibe like at 1:48 in scooter…[View]
114720785Zoomers don't know who this is.: .[View]
114720005What She Said is their most underrated song[View]
114720613What's the script?[View]
114720529What did he mean by this?[View]
114719418kpop general[View]
114717162the aliens are here: they're going to blow up the earth unless we can prove our species can sti…[View]
114716173Do you know of any examples where a band replaced 1 or 2 members and managed to get better?[View]
114715272Is he /mu/ approved?[View]
114719964Nipsey Hussle fans outraged over Family Guy gag: Was family guy out of pocket for this? https://yout…[View]
114717520Chud music[View]
114720350The standard for 'good' Weezer music is so low that when they release a listenable album, people cla…[View]
114720041what got you into the greater country scene? pic related[View]
114716771HOLY SHIT[View]
114718807Does /mu/ support buying physical media?[View]
114714761Is subculture dead? Will we spend the rest of our lives listening to nostalgia-centric music. Where …[View]
1147140764x4 WEEK lastfm collage thread for recent listens guess where recommend when https://tapmusic.net/la…[View]
114720080See [Atlantic, 1969] Admittedly, the Rascals have severe limitations, but so does rock itself, and t…[View]
114717932I have 3 Spotify followers after 3 1/2 years of releasing music[View]
114713556>make AOTD >disband based[View]
114720055would this be the british Pet Sounds if it were released?[View]
114719425KPOP GENERAL[View]
114714678Damn lmao Has there ever been a harder fall off in quality than pre-2015s Joyce Manor and present da…[View]
114716074I wish I could discover them for the first time again[View]
114719013Frank Zappa was the Jacob Collier of his era[View]
114718082why did this guy name himself after 1 weezer song? why hasnt he been sued either[View]
114696446Greatest rock bands of all time: 1. Velvet Underground 2. Pere Ubu 3. Amon Duul 4. Mothers Of Invent…[View]
114716631>geek rock >sasscore >stenchcore >cocktail nation >big music >shoegaze what will b…[View]
114718618imo Anton's best look was around the 2008-2013 period where he was double denim, and slightly t…[View]
114717139very underrated[View]
114714540What are his best songs?[View]
114713257The words 'goddamn motherfucking shit' over and over set to Hot Butter Popcorn. Goddamn motherfuckin…[View]
114719523what is your favorite climax: in music?[View]
114716516was fred durst actually good[View]
114719380I miss it[View]
114717334Did you guys know John Lennon beat his wife?[View]
114718278KPOP GENERAL[View]
114713324Wanna do a favorites thread? ngl I kinda do... guess things/make assumptions about people give recom…[View]
114719306>If only you knew how things things really are[View]
114718575More Alt. Dance like this plz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgffRW1fKDk[View]
114713227fellow metal enthusiasts, post your favourite song atm: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
114718949>The Octopuses: damn[View]
114719151Fat Paul and Smelly Lennon are really the final bosses of music: This was there most outstanding pha…[View]
114716165Has music ever inspired you to do something? To write something, to ask someone out, to research som…[View]
114716064John Lennon for zoomers.[View]
114719014>i used to write good songs for ween[View]
114718994when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind[View]
114718200Real or Industry Plant?: I don't keep up with music too often, so bear with me here A couple mo…[View]
114717817>My name is Luka >I live on the second floor >I live upstairs from you >Yes I think you…[View]
114718280KPOP GENERAL[View]
114716182KawaiiThirst is here!: I hope this fits the music thread. Hi, I'm KawaiiThirst. I set out to ma…[View]
114716951Austin Psych Fest: Weak lineup. Weak headliners.[View]
114716494Jason and Lars still haven't recovered from Jason showing them the middle finger[View]
114718265If God is a woman, and God is a gangster, is Doja Cat double God?[View]
114717301Pirating is the only thing I've ever been good at.[View]
114708743/mu/‘s thoughts on this guy[View]
114718088Does the music industry exist for any other reason than to groom white children into wiggers and who…[View]
114717470he needs to get his heart broken or his mother to die to make anything meaningful[View]
114717677KPOP GENERAL[View]
114717922There's nothing wrong with 128kbps[View]
114716702>me waiting for the singing to start[View]
114704175I mastered the 5 pentatonic shapes last weekend but how to flow between them effortlessly?[View]
114717098Herbie Hancock: Perfect Machine (Columbia, 1988) Unlike Kraftwerk's, definitely a reference and…[View]
114715853/metal/: Green edition Old >>114712342 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
114716795>Kim Fowley >The Doors >The Runaways >Suicide >Von LMO >BSOD >Nigel Peppercock …[View]
114711419How the fuck do I learn the art of drum programming? I wanna make jungle and breakcore but also regu…[View]
114714558Is there any good breakcore music? It all sounds awful to me. I like fast-paced music and percussive…[View]
114715687so we're in agreement that this was his peak, right?[View]
114717804Who are some actually toxic artists I can listen to? So far >Future >Brent Faiyaz and ofc …[View]
114710503At what age did you grow out of metal?[View]
114716370>Track 2 - Loomer >opens with the line 'TikTok Time' were they memeing…[View]
114717550Freedom of Choice [Warner Bros., 1980] Hey now, don't blame me--I insulted them every chance I …[View]
114717021KPOP GENERAL[View]
114717155>ywn get drunk with Alvvays on a Saturday night Why live?[View]
114717107*invents royal trux*[View]
114715652do you rate him?[View]
114712688Who are some famous musicians/bands whose debut album is their very worst?[View]
114717198Skrillex is drained: Skrillex is drained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4gZ9IE2CI[View]
114716850Do you like my song? :) https://voca.ro/18wBXnDWPKiq[View]
114717208So Much Money Everywhere: 2008 demo that leaked back in the day and now appears to be lost. Does any…[View]
114716942What music do creepy crawlies that live in the dark listen to?[View]
114715987BG/YE 23: Why has no one linked Based God with Ye? They're both about freedom of thought and ul…[View]
114717073Just letting the 4 or so of you based Autechre anons know that the Draft/Confield reissues finally h…[View]
114717016Thoughts on looking for posted shows and asking if we could open for them?[View]
114717042The hip hop instrumentals carry this thing: The hip hop instrumentals > Weird industrial stuff …[View]
114713186>6128 liked songs on spotify >only have 2 playlists, that consist of songs from my HDD that ar…[View]
114716416KPOP GENERAL[View]
114709079Challenge: What would you listen to on your Death bed? (Hardmode: Read description!): You wake up st…[View]
114716281The Chaddest genre: rock/rap/r&b/metal/techno nerds can't compete https://youtu.be/Ds322pue…[View]
114716953Keven MacLeod could be the most popular musician of all time that nobody's ever heard of.[View]
114716811>me not working hard, ya right picture that with a Kodak >or better yet go to Times Square and…[View]
114716725Will wholesome rappity rap make a big comeback? I feel it should, rap being too bleak lately, everyo…[View]
114714451https://youtu.be/rbG-jOQKF0Y >Oooohhh my coal black nigger Jeff Buckley could never…[View]
114715676I'm new to this board but asking for help finding a song. I heard a song at work 11 or 12 years…[View]
114716465SO IF YOU LOVE ME[View]
114716404*blip blorp* show us your best Earth music, humans *bzzzt blorp*[View]
114715742KPOP GENERAL[View]
114715930Makes me wonder, what part of the female body was Akon referring to exactly when he wrote 'Smack Tha…[View]
114710238'Modern' 'Classical' Music: how do i get into this genre? any albums? i'm familiar to Free Jazz…[View]
114709143Dio: So, I've known about Dio for over 20 years, but only recently started really paying attent…[View]
114715691I learned wonderwall: am I a musician now?[View]
114709282Periphery: > 'Hey anon, I heard you like prog metal. Check out this band' > *Opens up a Periph…[View]
114715909How come this song is so good? Why have pop composers absolutely forgotten how to make massive, epic…[View]
114711557old green day[View]
114711322What was your favorite album when I was in high school?[View]
114716055Edgar Winter: Entrance (Epic, 1970) This could turn into the most horrendous sibling rivalry since T…[View]
114715252hey fuckos ive been gone for a while, and havent listened to alot of music give me some album recs f…[View]
114715745Swag: Even if we meme Lil B, he is unironically here for us. He is light within with the darkness. H…[View]
114714668Is there a more dishonest genre than doom metal?: It's literally just been people finding new w…[View]
114713956people that say they like this are pretending, right?[View]
114715866Azealia Banks is THE GOAT[View]
114715620Nick Cave pretentious douche: Favorite Nick Cave album/project?[View]
114712342/metal/: Smoko edition OLD:>>114706434 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
114706410artists with obvious cases of severe autism: any more[View]
114715091KPOP GENERAL[View]
114715710It's absolutely full of bangers.[View]
114709908So Pantera got removed from festivals in Germany, Austria, and the US for 'racism', but they preform…[View]
114708295https://youtu.be/TycbeITU6jA Have there ever been musicians that retired at the right time?[View]
114711943I was a member of the Ramones from 1979-1983[View]
114708284Do you like Richard Wagner, /mu/?[View]
114711605What did her daddy do? What did he put her through?[View]
114712824Why does every post-hardcore musician look like this[View]
114715457Its a hootie and the blowfish, bottle rockets, the jayhawks, and old 97s kinda night[View]
114715309she did it bros miley fucking cyrus is back!!!![View]
114715347how can people say with a straight face that Paul is the best Beatle? explain yourselves grannys[View]
114715307Why is Bob Dylan’s birthday on wikipedia different from his passport?: Autist thread[View]
114714438You will listen ze ballet opera muzic and you vill like it https://www.jambase.com/article/daft-punk…[View]
114715300The lyrics on this sound like a boomer who just discovered the internet, this shit makes Steven Wils…[View]
114713232how long will I have to practice to get this good at banjo[View]
114714978With shit[View]
114714749What other noise artists i should check out?[View]
114708626Do you have a tattoo of your favorite band?[View]
114714922Live: What's the best Black Sabbath concert of their late (Master Of Reality - Vol.4- Bloody Sa…[View]
114714850Thoughts on vocaloid music[View]
114712638>log onto the internet >open napster >mom picks up the phone >get booted off the interne…[View]
114713155Post good movie/music combos. >pic related and T2[View]
114714282>saves the entire doom genre[View]
114714466KPOP GENERAL[View]
114713788so you press the threads with your fingertips or the middle?: also how to barre with this damn thing…[View]
114713121are they the greatest band ever!!!!?[View]
114691434Who's the worst RYM user? My vote goes for Fastro[View]
114714311do you guys remember when this bitch was constantly spammed here?[View]
114712009all must bow to the Bucket.[View]
114714116just listened to Jefre Cantu-Ledesma for the first time thanks to that one sperg who keeps spamming …[View]
114713745so we all agree that their best albums are (not in this order): Remain In Light 77 Speaking In Tongu…[View]
114713396why is the misfits drummer called dr chud[View]
114714847Man, the song 'Portland 2' sounds exactly the same as a song that plays in my head when i get really…[View]
114714703I listen to pop music Yeah, I said it, I like some normie music from the Billboard Hot 100, so what?…[View]
114712387I saw Trent Reznor at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet h…[View]
114711678What's the piano version of Wonderwall on guitar? ie the easiest piece to learn to impress girl…[View]
114714440Most thoroughly stretched bussy in music: Discuss. Pic unrelated.[View]
114714563Favorite artist: For me its country musician Pee Wee King[View]
114714666The riff for Pulse by Loop is just a variation on the riff for You Shouldn't Do That by Hawkwin…[View]
114714648ITT: musicians with spotless track records[View]
114714651>H0eW dO3z tH4t mA3k u f33L?![View]
114714643What is their legacy 20 years later, /mu/? Also, as an added bonus, this thread filters zoomers, sin…[View]
114710767Doomer playlist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjgumMXxdR8[View]
114707183its happening[View]
114708827There’s no winning when you peak early: >Make your next album close to your debut: get called uno…[View]
114712611When did you realize that Faul is a better musician and songwriter than Paul?[View]
114714530does /mu/ like Grand Buffet?[View]
114713918KPOP GENERAL[View]
114712097When did you realize there's nothing wrong with having basic taste and that the pursuit for muh…[View]
114711234ITT: music zoomers aren’t allowed to listen to[View]
114713825>Have you noticed, that people are still having sex? >All the denouncement had absolutely no e…[View]
114714328https://youtu.be/QVExlaxaweo Best prog song fr ong[View]
114692744what core is this?[View]
114713393Oneohtrix Point Never: Do you guys still like this fella or do you hate him after the Jimmy Fallon a…[View]
114712807just remembered that there are still people making metal music[View]
114713831Why does he rap about being from Palmdale even though its a white middle class area? Why doesn'…[View]
114713994dick all in yo stomach dick all in yo stomach: dick all in yo stomach dick all in yo stomach pull yo…[View]
114713004What are they playing?[View]
114712176Modern Classical: Take a composer, leave a composer: Ludovico Einaudi https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
114713354KPOP GENERAL[View]
114699029What does she listen to?[View]
114708869legalize nuclear bombs[View]
114713119Uhh you guys don't actually like this shit right? Like it's just a joke or a gag im not in…[View]
114713689>favorite band is The List Goes On[View]
114713042>FACE DOWN ASS UP THAT'S THE WAY WE LIKE TO FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EgA2VzQFRA…[View]
114710153Quintessential zoomer musician: >faggy androgynous appearance >all show off, devoid of any fee…[View]
114713339I like Blue Traveler: . Also I'm depressed and fucking hammered. Post more bands that you'…[View]
114713500I heard ya like music : ): WORLD CUP (UH), WORLD CUP (UH), WORLD CUP (UH), WORLD CUP (UH) WORLD CUP …[View]
114694376Do you enjoy classic rock?[View]
114708302Are they any young people who like the Grateful Dead? I have never seen or spoken to one[View]
114712838KPOP GENERAL[View]
114708747Favorite Sarah Records release?[View]
114712834Here’s my latest masterpiece about pooping on chests. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/hzwCLd0SrAo[View]
114711586/lug/ - Lute General: Lute - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lute General Guide - https://www.lutesoci…[View]
114713089thoughts on cadalack ron?[View]
114712474most underrated 90s hip hop album?: underground science is the first that comes to mind for me.…[View]
114712983a diamond among so many soulless tributes to music in Spanish. but impossible to get in flac without…[View]
114711152How are all the rappers with face tattoos going to stay relevant when face tattoos become out of sty…[View]
114712275KPOP GENERAL[View]
114711961ITT: We write lyrics for The Mars Volta. I'll go first: >CHAINED LIGHTING SKELETON CARS HIT …[View]
114700413>remembering your Elvis phase in high school[View]
114699854>make three perfect 10/10 albums >quit forever is the career of the Sundays the most perfect e…[View]
114706829Can someone give me some good smooth jazz?[View]
114712343Musical genius or the Marilyn Mason at home with cringe, kid-voice rapping?[View]
114712389Chart thread for listens/aesthetics/ratings: Post a collage of the albums you've last listened …[View]
114712423This is my favorite album. What are other albums that sound like this? I ask this, because I'm …[View]
114711772>w<: Thoughts on my Topster?[View]
114709706Post your RYM rating distribution[View]
114701284okay redpillme on those cuties. saw an anon posting them a lot lately, saw their recent demos and it…[View]
114711613>Yorke wrote impersonal and abstract lyrics, cutting up phrases and assembling them at random. so…[View]
114706949Hello Do you talk about music here?[View]
114712295Fretless guitar music: Post music that you like that prominently features fretless guitar. I'll…[View]
114708473Adventurous sounding albums: Stuff that sounds like you're off on a grand adventure. here'…[View]
114712249Who were the lesser known bands of the grunge scene when Nirvana's time?[View]
114712221>skips the tom petty songs[View]
114706434/metal/: Filosofem Edition Old >>114697065 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
114711701KPOP GENERAL[View]
114711043soul leaving music: it genuinely makes me so depressed knowing that music will never be as wholesome…[View]
114712075Imagine being a Beach Boys fan in 1966-67 with little to no knowledge of what was going on with Smil…[View]
114703434Yeezus bros: I am sorry for all of the shit I talked about this album I finally see why Yeezus is Ka…[View]
114711581The last great American rock record, shove your Deftones and Strokes up your ass Undone is literally…[View]
114711979Octopus core?: Octopus core.[View]
114706880Megadeth: Based or Cringe?[View]
114706509are they the greatest band ever???![View]
114711909wtf?: this isn't even music[View]
114709990Can you feel it coming back again?[View]
114707818Why would I need a guitar pedal if my amp has its own effects like overdrive, fuzz, delay etc? Not t…[View]
114709725Why do you listen to him[View]
114706428>Phoebe Bridgers >Julien Baker >Soccer Mommy >Lucy Dacus >Snail Mail >Mitski >H…[View]
114709432why does /mu/ love nepo babies?[View]
114709843ITT: Unexpected Musical Meet Ups: Peter Hammill and Chrissy Hynde[View]
114711026KPOP GENERAL: happy bday isa[View]
114711626/mu/ what do you listen to when you're just goin through it[View]
114704008Bought tickets to a 100 gecs concert: What to expect?[View]
114664965Why are women like this?[View]
114710856While Visual artists are trying to claim the copyright under the illusion that music was this whole …[View]
114710383Check this out: I found this old ass website with a bunch of Smashing Pumpkins history. It's go…[View]
1147054335x5: collage thread tapmusic.net guess birthstyle[View]
114711400Animal Collective is to the Beach Boys what Oasis is to the Beatles (a wannabe knock off)[View]
114710644stupid ass album[View]
114711373Jefre Cantu-Ledesma[View]
114709582anyone play a plastic sax, clarinet, flute, etc? im not looking for sonic brilliance in 4k just some…[View]
114711276HOLY SHIT[View]
114711271They're the best rock group of the 21st century and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.[View]
114711302i dont go so often here, but i know y'all like some strange music, here it is, Não ao Futebol M…[View]
114711263>I'll throw orange hitler in a dutch oven and ask him what he stinks of it! And y'all n…[View]
114687771>*shitty CIA-funded circus music starts playing* >I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN …[View]
114711231John Mayer Tribute: Hi my name is Kat Hendrix, I'm a long time full time musician,producer w/ h…[View]
114711028KPOP GENERAL[View]
114704582What is your opinion on Brazilian artist MC Pipokinha?[View]
114710591Help finding an album: I'm trying to find an album cover or song that a friend said she listene…[View]
114710277>boot up Ableton >'I'm gonna make something this time!' >dick around for 30 minutes …[View]
114710466zoomers found out about cocteau twins[View]
114707371Tracy Chapman [Elektra, 1988] 'Fast Car' is so far-seeing, 'Mountains o' Things' so necessary, …[View]
114709978For me, its the Witmark Demos (Volume 9) and Rare and Unreleased (1-3) Best entry in Dylan's Bo…[View]
114710461KPOP GENERAL[View]
114710961ITT: GOAT album covers[View]
114702074Why do people pretend to enjoy this goofy hack?: >muh man in black johnny cash is a classic examp…[View]
114710883Did Travis Scott predict the 2020 pandemic and is he a elite?: >Travis Fortnite Scott >Drops a…[View]
114710296These fruit and vegetable imitations look amazingly real and create a great variety of sounds.[View]
114709657where the FUCK do I get started with morrissey. i have most of his studio albums, but then i find ou…[View]
114710675>some idiot thinks a song in 12/8 is '3/4' Why do people that lack even the most rudimentary musi…[View]
114710652when i tap my ears with my fingertips i only hear a massive echo does this mean i have tinnitus[View]
114710704I just set up my guitar with my RE 202 and my laptop with ableton. Now I'm gonna try and make s…[View]
114705599rate my synth: rate my synth[View]
114710612Styles People Don't Make Anymore: Post musical styles you don't think people make anymore.…[View]
114710468Holy shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2enV5WIjrRY[View]
114707807Do zoomers really?[View]
114710314Ween is better than your favorite band. Especially if your favorite band is Ween.[View]
114708760BG/YE 23: Why has no one linked Based God with Ye? They're both about freedom of thought and ul…[View]
114709966KPOP GENERAL[View]
114710321gorillaz the tired influencer demo leak: https://vocaroo.com/1hNZsuhIYuxI[View]
114710252Karaoke thread: Request songs and sing your own favorite songs https://voca.ro/13c16PLEm77v[View]
114699940surely the board about music has great knowledge of music and profound understanding of art itsel- …[View]
114709673How often do less important members of bands inquire about whether they're still in the band?[View]
114703930Why do all the new Metallica songs sound like slowed down and distorted country tinged radio rock? I…[View]
114709449kpop general[View]
114684964/Techno/ General: I don't know what is techno edition. please post techno. eurobros participati…[View]
114709727mogs everyone[View]
114709728>I know it's cold tonight >I'll kiss your velvet skin >I know we'll never en…[View]
114707202recommend me more stuff like Skee Mask[View]
114708160Too gay for the blacks, too black for the whites, rest in peace, sweet prince.[View]
114700673ITT: Band's last album is their best[View]
114705138Holy shit[View]
114709435How's the music scene here nowadays?[View]
114708083>guess your dream always end >they don't rise up, just descend >I don't care anym…[View]
114707427I'm tired of pretending it's good, or bad. It's fine. Nothing more. Serviceable radio…[View]
114708147i <3 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal[View]
114708853KPOP GENERAL[View]
114709057What’s the deal with Atmos: Explain it to me like the retard I am; what’s the hype with Dolby Atmos,…[View]
114709275Fucking Pop Punk faggots ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ ...................…[View]
114709285Now Playing: >going on business trip >decide to buy a new handset while sorting out internatio…[View]
114709259Artist you like but want to punch in the face[View]
114700732What Agnostic Front song is she practicing?[View]
114707112Rank 'em.[View]
114706615Serge Gainsbourg is literally IRL Pepe[View]
114707294Drake went really hard on that one song I was like damn Drake's back.[View]
114705399That one anon who recommended I should give this EP a listen after I had stated that I loved Radiohe…[View]
114708962mu/ sisters…i…uh: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_oSRvcdlgSI[View]
114708818I will literally cashapp $5 to whoever can identify this song https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMY8rJD6u/[View]
114708540Holy shit[View]
114705909Good times[View]
114708236KPOP GENERAL[View]
114708844Mark Shelton thread? Mark Shelton thread.[View]
114697942Paramore: >Hayley presented lyrics to us that were really negative and we didn’t agree with. For …[View]
114707930Girlschool: Nightmare at Maple Cross [GWR/Profile, 1987] Since these five females or others of the s…[View]
114705125Autechre music makes me happy[View]
114701577I just finished the Elvis movie on HBOMax It's a /mu/sical so I'll ask here instead of ot…[View]
114706687>rock radio station >radioactive by imagine dragons starts playing…[View]
114708577Is Tiktok now the only way music gets popular?: Every time I hear of some new artist or song in the …[View]
114706073Hey anons, what albums have you listened to for the first time today?[View]
114702091A zoomer hears C#, A, E, B.[View]
114708094I made a new template Which albums do you understand, but still not like or which albums do you not …[View]
114706430Scaruffi Recs: What are some albums that you think Scaruffi would possibly score 8+? I'll email…[View]
114703730I could have been wild and I could have been free But nature played this trick on me She wants it no…[View]
114706895What's the most embarrassing, hard-to-watch musician interview that you know of, /mu/? Pic rel…[View]
114706550HELP ME FIND A SONG/ARTIST: He had songs with new-agey names like Aqua or something like that, and w…[View]
114706948Is my brother in christ seriously going to sing in a bad dracula impersonation the entire album?[View]
114707650KPOP GENERAL: happy sully day![View]
114708027Albums we will never hear in our lifetime: Once upon a Time in Sholin is one of the most covered rec…[View]
114706258this is what i think of the grammys. in fact, me pissing on it has more views than the actual awards…[View]
114703329what's some lore of the grateful dead and who was who in the band. I know Jerry Garcia was the …[View]
114707223do you listen to music for the lyrics or the artist? /mu[View]
114707973What song do you think he was dancing to?[View]
114701353Issues with Roland Keyboards: I’m considering buying the Roland FA-06, a keyboard which has great va…[View]
114691649remember when anon emailed p4k about steve albini being a pedo and instead of running an article abo…[View]
114705974How does he account for Black Metal, Dungeon Synth, NeoFolk, Martial Industrial etc.? While they are…[View]
114703575>gouge away you can gouge away >eat all day if you want to…[View]
114707998Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence vs White Pony: Ok Deftones vs Glassjaw it's ti…[View]
114706808>Ween seem intent in proving that they can play instruments on Quebec (Sanctuary, 2003), but the …[View]
114703880What the FUCK does it mean?[View]
114707858What did her daddy do? What did he put her through?[View]
114707840Why did Rob Halford do it?[View]
114694873Marshall amps: What is the appeal of Marshall amps? I think every guitarist knows that Marshall amps…[View]
114707182this is what i think of the beach boys for rejecting charles manson's demo tape[View]
114707352Do you wear band merch?[View]
114704242Can any of you recommend electronic music like the songs below? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoqQ…[View]
114707097KPOP GENERAL: pick one[View]
114701802ITT: Most evil lyrics: Starting off simple with City Morgue – PTSD: 'Put a air bubble in your boy I.…[View]
114706869Life, by Marshall Mathers: What is life? Life is like a big obstacle, Put in front of your optical t…[View]
114706887Best track: The Great Curve Worst track: The Overload Both sides are good[View]
114707462Could something like a Jay-Z/Linkin Park collab work today? And if so, what would be the modern equi…[View]
114706274>listening to song on youtube >switch to spotify to add it to a playlist >noticible drop in…[View]
114707141where are your friends tonight /mu/??[View]
114703545HOLY SHIT[View]
114705928Is this the best album of the 80's?[View]
114707292>When I was born >Something went wrong >They told me I was lucky >I came this close to b…[View]
114705760>a laptop is not an instrument kid[View]
114704404Albums not on spotify: ITT: Albums you can't hear on spotify Post em[View]
114707034deathconsciousness: Returning to this album after a year of not listening to any HANL, it's som…[View]
114691338She a baddie she know she a 10[View]
114706556KPOP GENERAL[View]
114706842so Offset is off set ? is Offset gonna be on set tomorrow ?[View]
114700768>It’s been long enough to be a Mac Demarco enjoyer and not be considered normie.…[View]
114703600Vidya Music: I think this thread is better here than on /v/ or whatever, since it's more focuss…[View]
114706549“Here’s another clue for you all… The walrus was Paul” What did he mean by this?[View]
114705624Does any one know the original background image from this chart? I am trying to make an interactive …[View]
114705869What does my music taste say about me?[View]
114705381Was it worth it?[View]
114706539what's his deal?[View]
114706508How can i keep up with tiktok music without using tiktok?[View]
114705351KPOP GENERAL: Queens of 4th gen[View]
114705781>Hard rock[View]
114697065/metal/: Getting wired on Starbuds and blasting Slayer edition Old >>114691124 FAQ https://pas…[View]
114706392Justice just reuploaded to youtube as a single video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt0kHiRsnHA new…[View]
114705529Handheld sequencers: Is there any modern equivalent of a handheld sequencer like the kind Yamaha use…[View]
114703036why did he have to ruin a perfectly good beat and flow with this shit: 'My mama called, seen you on …[View]
114700371Every Police song: >arpeggiated sus chords played on a chorus effected guitar start up >half t…[View]
114705026Okay I admit there's good modern music but none of it is relevant so it doesn't actually e…[View]
114705732Reminder he was the best voice of grunge, even better than Layne or Chris, and grunge is the best ge…[View]
114702705>Wikipedia article for album is just walls of text about critics dicksucking the album…[View]
114699011>29 >missed out on opportunity to form strong musical bonds with other musicians >only peop…[View]
114705964>LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH… IT’S A PICTURE OF MY WIFES FAT ASS https://youtu.be/-tFpryuETvA…[View]
114705355KPOP GENERAL[View]
114688860PANTERA's Appearances At German Rock Festivals Canceled Following Outcry Over Accusations Of Ra…[View]
114705585Lookin' for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin': What did she mean by this?[View]
114705304Anal anihilator[View]
114700172What is the appeal of black midi?: I mean I love them and this is my favorite release from last year…[View]
114705303state of the union: twee music for girls[View]
114702941What would you do if your son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hung…[View]
114705074So: I used to write for the music industry. There was a hoax in the Beatles forging contracts durin…[View]
114704137ITT: Post your favorite albuim[View]
114703662>lo BOOB oscillator hehe[View]
114704811>Gradated Grey holy shit it's like Animal Collective except actually good…[View]
114703535Do you guys think I have good taste in music?[View]
114705405Would you tongue the shitclit of his pooppussy?[View]
114703503Because of the song Doggy I now feel like shit. Fuck you Animal Collective.[View]
114705079SP404MK2: What does /mu/ think of the SP404 MK2?[View]
114701752i hate music[View]
114702644George won.[View]
114704832KPOP GENERAL[View]
114703633>artist dies >their music becomes 100% better why does this happen?…[View]
114705322it clicked[View]
114704894I've been forgotten, mm, ah, yeah[View]
114705197Elvis - Love me Tender https://voca.ro/1j1ahd43btOj[View]
114704545Yes I Am [Island, 1993] Many of the rock belter's more overwrought cris de coeur decode nicely …[View]
114704974Dave Mason: It's Like You Never Left (Columbia, 1974) Funny you should put it that way, Dave, b…[View]
114698425Does anyone know a song with a robotic voice that repeated the line 'I can read your mind' a bunch o…[View]
114704618>Live on KEXP[View]
114700648>i am forgotten[View]
114704651conscious hiphop just means rap that sucks and isn't fun to listen to[View]
114700811It's just hiphop[View]
114704363KPOP GENERAL[View]
114703102i went to the /bleep/ thread out of curiosity, 12 posts already, posts with replies like its a conve…[View]
114696105I need some relatively unknown classical composers that are actually really fucking good and pronto[View]
114704475CHRIS BROWN SLAPPED WITH $4M IN TAXES ...: Chris Brown was just hit with a whopping tax bill that to…[View]
114692010/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Kpop /gg/uitar edition[View]
114699223Aesop Rock: I first listened to this dude when I was 11 on a school bus with this white cd player i …[View]
114703803KPOP GENERAL[View]
114701097ITT: more shit like this: > minimal synth that's actually minimal > very basic rhythms an…[View]
114702157I loooooooooove Reshiram I loooooooooove Reshiram[View]
114703177It's 29 today.[View]
114702465Why couldn't they maintain mainstream success?[View]
114704187i'm sorry zoomers for shitting on your 5 layer ironic rap. i get it now https://www.youtube.com…[View]
114704119shitted: nine inch nails mr self destruct brown noted me[View]
114702812Albums that could be the Twin Peaks film score[View]
114702078why do they sound weird[View]
114703547>go to slsk >users that have the rarest albums and recordings are always locked and refused to…[View]
114702181/bleep/: Immensity of Death™ Edition[View]
114701519So every single band from the sixties up to at least the late eighties fucked coked up underage grou…[View]
11470383870's prog: Authentic nerds doing authentic nerdy things. brilliant.[View]
114703876THIS IS HOW WE DO IT[View]
114703287New Metallica Songs: Any thought on the new material?[View]
114703856*invents music*[View]
114700776Why did boomers lose their minds over literal commercial music?[View]
114694381>bro advice for learning guitar? >To preface, 18 yo guy who does art. i draw and digital paint…[View]
114702250Goodnight, may your dreams be so happy and your Head lite with the wishes of a sandman and a night l…[View]
114703384What is your opinion on the delta blues?[View]
114703297KPOP GENERAL[View]
114701305Why do stupid people hate Dream Theater so much?[View]
114699506How did it age?[View]
114703681Literally (as in not figuratively) invents slowcore[View]
114703667interpol: never i will understand why pop punk bands like simple plan and other many corny fake emo …[View]
114703528so let me get this straight, this guy said nothing for 2 years then dropped in at new years to tease…[View]
114703457New rap starter pack: I dont want no wack only the top tracks from the best mc macks cause you know …[View]
114703261Post albums you love but can’t listen to anymore[View]
114703248No, I've never had a job Because I'm too shy[View]
114703406schizo music thread: >>71962586 Pimpin got harder cause hoes got smarter On the strip is somet…[View]
114701360FREE PANTERA https://blabbermouth.net/news/panteras-appearances-at-german-rock-festivals-canceled-f…[View]
114692381Why haven't you modded an iPod yet, /mu/?[View]
114703303And to think that boomers ate this cringe up. The only thing worst is the westwood cunt who legitima…[View]
114701776This was the start of him dropping nothing but mediocre shit[View]
114702211For me it’s Sports.[View]
114702773KPOP GENERAL[View]
114701184this is what i think of the beatles for brainwashing 60s thots into taking drugs and joining far-lef…[View]
114703272>Hard rock[View]
114698959Did Black Country, New Road refer to themselves as “the second best slint cover band” because Deathc…[View]
114694623/ksg/ - Kevin Shields General: Welcome to the all new /ksg/ - Kevin Shields General. Discuss all Kev…[View]
114702363What is your opinion on Muse?[View]
114702882is she still popular?[View]
114702467lately i've begun listening to music backwards and it improves every song tenfold[View]
114701551where do i even start with glam rock? i absolutely love stuff that's said to be influenced by g…[View]
114702210New Fever Ray: It's shit / good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpxEXMIY64c[View]
114701421Why does he keep murdering people? Is human life just a game to him?[View]
114703034>vicariously I >Live while the whole world dies >Much better you than I…[View]
114702786>actor makes an album >it's actually good and doesn't feel totally derivative or sou…[View]
114700375It's amazing how sTrAnGeR tHiNgS completely eliminated Kate Bush spamming on /mu/. Imagine how …[View]
114701382I can't get enough of this[View]
114700187What makes Ado so good? This is my favourite from her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEpqp2Gd8vQ…[View]
114701445How can you listen to any pop garbage after experiencing any Dylan song and his lyrics? Even a minor…[View]
114700778Their music is so bland. I'm done pretending I like them[View]
114702649CORNY! CORNY! CORNY!!!!: O GOD! have mercy! This HORRID album is a disgrace. This putrid piece of sh…[View]
114696290He's back: You bought your plane ride and your Field Day ticket, right anon?[View]
114702856What is, in your opinion, the best live performance of all time. Pic related.[View]
114702236KPOP GENERAL[View]
114699442Who's your favourite singer?[View]
114702520New KGLW: Why do they sound so much better live?[View]
114702155You now remember CSS[View]
114702316Lowkey their best[View]
114702514what's his best song?[View]
1146927755x5 WEEK for recent listens guess sins recommend blessings https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
114700751You know an album is GOAT territory when even the 'Bonus Track' fucking goes hard[View]
114699511>/mu/ shits on picrel >Decide to listen to it >It's a banger Reminder to ALWAYS do the…[View]
114701375this is what i think of sufjan stevens for turning men into soibois[View]
114693310Why is this album the worst thing ever created?[View]
114701600KPOP GENERAL[View]
114702172ϟMAGMA GENERALϟ: Ranking the albums I've heard so far! 1. S/t 2. MDK 3. K.a 4. Köhntarkösz 5. Ë…[View]
114702175Stone Gon' [20th Century, 1973] White's hustle is to unite Isaac Hayes's power with A…[View]
114691950soundcloud / bandcamp / shill thread 2: Old one is dead.[View]
114698684I hate rap[View]
114701879List of genres that got bastardized by the mainstream into a completely different genre: >emo -…[View]
114701833What happened to Zeke? He's dead on Jones, man How about Dave? O.D'd on alcohol Oh, what…[View]
114701747This album is a joy to listen to. Much better than SZA's newest album for sure.[View]
114701406Vaporous wraps: https://youtu.be/_HJ9LdmppYU O yea straight vibin to this shit right hear rn for rea…[View]
114701179>who never ever learned to read or write so well >but he could play a guitar just like a ringi…[View]
114696808Marina Diamandis: Let's discuss her body of work[View]
114701715Can anyone recommend some French House? It is something I want to get into but there are so many alb…[View]
114701430ARIANA GRANDE[View]
114700549>the walrus was Paul[View]
114698841Can't believe crystal castles ripped off the visyals from Bryan Ferry of all people[View]
114697573I've been in two relationships for the past half year or so but the time has come that one girl…[View]
114700981KPOP GENERAL[View]
114701569>land mines are le bad[View]
114701384Thoughts on their discography?[View]
114690562What's your favorite Australian album?[View]
114701466DROP OUT OF LIFE[View]
114701473ITT:: Hip-hop records that needs to be remastered[View]
114690004what are your currently listened to ambient albums[View]
114696021I could really use your help fellas, I'm supposed to play acoustic guitar last second for a sma…[View]
114698382I hate musical notation: >C >C# >D >D# >E >F >F# >G# >A >A# >B >…[View]
114701333the song that changed metal history forever. https://youtu.be/imeHlcSPtN0[View]
114699914Glorious Future Islands live on Letterman finally uploaded in full HD https://youtu.be/upPl9mZW_zw[View]
114698258i like rap but i'm an ESL who can't get English lyrics so i omly listen to hip-hop albums …[View]
114699343ITT: Weed + music: >favourite album >what you're listening to now >do you smoke weed a…[View]
114700869People barely know most of the bands worshipped by these /mu/-like music communities such as Swans, …[View]
114687045ITT: Claim a song by Siouxsie and the Banshees/The Creatures: Party's Fall https://www.youtube.…[View]
114700806I've been forgotten, mm, ah, yeah[View]
114687770How do we *really* feel about Taylor Swift's Midnight album?[View]
114701067SPELLLING - Turning Wheel: Any albums similar to this one but with a white vocalist? I can't ge…[View]
114698851/mu/ 9/11[View]
114700134*deletes Canton* Best album of the 80's[View]
114700444KPOP GENERAL[View]
114696173I pretend to be a normie that listens to Bad Bunny, Drake and classic rock shit like Queen and RHCP.…[View]
114694814The best instrumental jazz album.[View]
114700658>musicians you suspect are footfags[View]
114700952>founded the best blues group >only to be degraded by wine mom pop band lol…[View]
114700943*BRRRRAP*: oopsies sorry tee hee hee[View]
114700935Mixing: How to mix reverb like that? Better on headphobes or monitors? Thx https://youtu.be/ANMgNNz4…[View]
114698958Holy shit![View]
114700923>has only ever lived in Michigan and New York >recorded entirely in NYC >looks up Illinois …[View]
114691263>tfw the ballads are the best songs >Ib4 trannyshit Who cares unsatisfied and androgynous are…[View]
114699957How does /mu/ feel about Elder?[View]
114695902If you dislike them you are soulless[View]
114672188The Prodigy: What's your favourite Prodigy song ? I used to listen to them a lot but haven…[View]
114694065Madvillainy seems to get all the attention, but this is pure kino. + MF DOOM general [spoiler] rip …[View]
114700665Favorite Kim Petras song?: What’s your fave song of Kimberly /mu/ anons?[View]
114700712based: https://youtu.be/1_oK076OApk no you go Bikey Boys[View]
114697897How do musicians get clean from drugs? specifically when they have infinite access to them Im a …[View]
114700653What did her daddy do? What did he put her through?[View]
114692084>biggest hit: Touch of Grey >best song: Touch of Grey every time…[View]
114696736Why do zoomers sing like they have speech impediments?[View]
114689801are they the greatest band ever???![View]
114699128I miss schizo Matt: Who else?[View]
114697955K-Pop Threads on 4Chan are literally like those Peekaboo Videos but for adults: Not only that but th…[View]
114700316Holy fuck[View]
1147005620 to 100 real fuckin' quick[View]
114697993Post Zoomercore: Post music that zoomers listen to. Bonus points if they have at least 1 semi viral …[View]
114698313What’s some more Ivy League-core?[View]
114699050What the hell is this thing?[View]
114697811>is literally the only good Post-Grunge album ever recorded how did they do it lads…[View]
114699361how do i stop people from bullying me for my music taste[View]
114698457Looking for more like this: >60s and 70s >folk and psychedelic folk >limited run / didn…[View]
114699835KPOP GENERAL[View]
114699668How to save rock music?[View]
114685083*invents math rock guitar* *its ruined by midwest emo*[View]
114695238trans music: ITT: trans music only NO BIOLOGICAL FEMALES, NO 'FEMBOYS'[View]
114700162so, i'm gonna be playing guitar live for the first time ever in front of a live audience with m…[View]
114698509I've been slowly getting into jazz over the last couple of years. I really like everything I…[View]
114695957when album?[View]
114700009ITT: lesser known eastern european music https://youtu.be/BZM5g8kxTCY[View]
114699586What is some music that leads to interesting rabbit holes?[View]
114699184Is this the best edgy song ever? Be honest https://www.bitchute.com/video/zQn3HcmhNtYt/[View]
114699273KPOP GENERAL[View]
114699731For me, it's the Divine Comendy[View]
114699694did he right about the aids not being real[View]
114699571If a massive solar flare was about to hit Earth causing a global blackout, how would you go about pr…[View]
114699599Its the eyes, right?[View]
114699476Mad World Mandela Effect: I could have sworn that Gary Jules, the guy who did the famous Mad World c…[View]
114696551/bleep/: Decor edition[View]
114690578my music taste is based solely on ps2 games soundtracks[View]
114686463This is the only Blackgaze album that isn't fucking gay. Kinda ashamed but I love this![View]
114685848its over[View]
114695659Ice Spice bros... it's over[View]
114698201Could exotica be made today?[View]
114697717HOLY SHIT[View]
114698740KPOP GENERAL[View]
114664850/bleep/: Daft Punk 2 edition[View]
114689304Favorite piece of equipment that you own?[View]
114699207*presses a button for three hours* Hurr durr it’s about the pandemic[View]
114696532>Artist best songs and worst songs are on the same album What her name? I'll start…[View]
114698906more like this pls (or like Holiday)[View]
114697783Holy shit[View]
114698016Why has /tv/ stolen this board’s thunder? No new albums ever discussed anymore. No funny in-jokes. J…[View]
114698657what went wrong?[View]
114697915>Hey little girl >I wanna be your boyfriend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfuOpXiNy1Y…[View]
114697570>'Why yes I only play Telecasters, how could you tell?'[View]
114698378Bc rich: Are bc rich guitars any good? Been playing a couple months and want a new guitar.[View]
114679802/wpop/: Funny Hair edition Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn3cHUtNZKo >paramore ht…[View]
114698173KPOP GENERAL[View]
114698575I feel like Ebony and Ivory might be one of Paul McCartney’s best solo tracks. A stand-out of his so…[View]
114698589Romplers and Samplers: Any use old samplers and ROMplers in their music?[View]
114693904Guess the album: Draw your favorite album right now in ms paint and the next person guesses what it …[View]
114697953ITT: Elite level players who are dog-shit musicians.[View]
114697647KPOP GENERAL[View]
114698141One of the best/under the radar EPs of the 2000's: If the song Diane was removed or changed, it…[View]
114698131Something especially kino about this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AtkGktnDBQ&ab_chann…[View]
114698123Do you like Boat Songs, /mu/?[View]
114688099Do you wish the comfiness of 1950s music returned?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TnkA8YjD1c…[View]
114674099Can you do it?[View]
114695623synth.hardware: I have pic related. I haven't really got past making small loops with it so far…[View]
114690158Anyone else notice the distortion of his voice at the end of the song or am I going insane? Why can’…[View]
114696132I don't get it[View]
114697924Do yo thang 21...[View]
114692763Is music subjective? Pic unrelated.[View]
114696389Bliss: Without fail, this song always makes me think of whoever I happen to have romantic feelings f…[View]
114696061> Swim across the river Just to prove that I'm a man Alabama solving gender issues in 1982. …[View]
114697525>mom is blasting collective soul again[View]
114697308He would have been 79 today. Say something nice.[View]
114692330>be the best guitarist on the planet for 3 years >spend the rest of your career making shitty …[View]
114697810>mega mega white thing What did he mean by this?[View]
114693432I don’t know how to feel about it.[View]
114695525>The truth is you could slit my throat >And with my one last gasping breath >I'd apolo…[View]
114696991KPOP GENERAL[View]
114696626Ching the pilly cuz I only need half Get my way when I talk with the gift of God If you're a 2 …[View]
114694480It's difficult to explain the impact that Owl City had on electronic music back in the early 00…[View]
114694456Today I will remind them[View]
114696506what do you think of my mixtape?: https://soundcloud.com/paladinnial/sets/look-on-the-bright-side…[View]
114697466Second Rendez-Vous (Redux): A journey through space and sound, a voyage from the past to the future!…[View]
114696242What are some good /mu/ / /tv/ crossovers?[View]
114697364MAXIMUM JOY[View]
114690769Bands you've never seen on /mu/: Be the first to post them. Pic related. Good stuff.[View]
114697255he's perfect[View]
114694858This is going to sound like I'm shilling my own stuff but I'm not. This is a surprisingly …[View]
114689036Is manually scrobbling my vinyl record listening cringe[View]
114696381looking for obscure trap metal[View]
114691124/metal/: Six Feet Under reigns supreme edition old >>114684590 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1…[View]
114693718should i go to this? would you go to this?[View]
114695412Nightmare On Elm Street reference from Blackpink?: In 'Pink Venom', the repeated 'Blackpink, Blackpi…[View]
114696491KPOP GENERAL[View]
114694238Is there a name for the genre that the trailer trash and fat wife people who grew up in the early 90…[View]
114696090>filters the left[View]
114696673CARRY ON[View]
114689482Is it normal to have music playing in your head near constantly: I've started meditating/mindfu…[View]
114695265What decade has the worst music on average[View]
114696008One Last Career Move For Metallica: They need to find Jesus. They need to convert to mormonism. Its …[View]
114693623the holy trinity of rock music[View]
114695333people with autism are like the machine elves of the internet[View]
114695082Markoolio: Is Markoolio as big in finland as sweden? I know he has released a lot of Finish (worse g…[View]
114695883KPOP GENERAL[View]
114694266Kanye's finest album alleluia[View]
114653608/prog/ - Progressive Rock General: Here’s the Proggers edition Previous >>114567301 What is Pr…[View]
114696056>double album[View]
114696317The Jaggerz: We Went to Different Schools Together (Kama Sutra, 1970) I must have gone to a differen…[View]
114696313Is this Puscifer's best album?[View]
114692125IMAGINE UNIRONICALLY LIKING BRIAN OVER MIKE: Face facts: Mike's got the hits, Brian's got …[View]
114687694Best track?[View]
114696031I sip Cris you drink piss[View]
114692564give me good rap music to listen to, i'm hungry[View]
114695272HOLY SHIT[View]
114695853As an avid Eminem fan, I am here to set the record straight: Eminem is the greatest musician, artist…[View]
114695316KPOP GENERAL[View]
114695752I bought another Sonic Youth album. It sucked! It's just noise![View]
114695115Could it be the little things you do to me?[View]
114695126How did he do it?[View]
114685239>2023 >music[View]
114693195listen to desire by sub focus[View]
114695691Have you paid your tribute and respects to the inventors of music today?[View]
114692304DEATH: >insanely consistent discography with no bad albums (or songs) >every album sounds diff…[View]
114693708FREEZE FRAME[View]
114695005Why is the boulder smoking a ciggie?[View]
114695591>Calling Occupants >Based Carpenters Song…[View]
114695177Do you think they explored each others bodies?[View]
114695077Supercollider seems like a bitch to learn but it's also the best equipped audio coding environm…[View]
114695442>You're only useful when you're sucking my dick >The mere sight of you makes me fuck…[View]
114693896What dungeon synth are you listening to these days?[View]
114692870What’s are some good modern country singers?[View]
114695287Is this album a pleb filter? I was reading about Terence Trent d'Arby/Sananda Maitreya, and how…[View]
114691156Does /mu/ like Melt-Banana? Favorite album?[View]
114694756KPOP GENERAL[View]

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