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107497933AOTY: but mu will never admit it because its not experimental enough to pretend to like to seem cool…[View]
107499863Robin Lane & The Chartbusters [Warner Bros., 1981] Formally, this is reactionary, from Lane…[View]
107499600When will they finally hang it up?[View]
107499641What do Europeans think of this album?[View]
107498922KPOP GENERAL[View]
107499566>brings you back home to Christ[View]
107499205>show me your genitals[View]
107499435Listen to YUB[View]
107490127Mozart was a godly talent, but I personally believe that that talent exists inside every (European) …[View]
107499215ITT: unintentional, oddly relaxing albums[View]
107495597I'm going Trash Star crazy (ha) I'm Bladee, she call me Blade-y (ha) Angel or demon maybe …[View]
107491619Why is Grimes so cute bros?[View]
107498937I Live the Valley OH! is the greatest song of the 21st century.[View]
107498772Hyperpop masterpiece: https://youtu.be/1Bw2dTY3SsQ[View]
107497578music for sex-havers: people who don't actively have sex are not allowed to post in this thread…[View]
107498064Day 8 Christopher Lee - Jingle Hell >Heavy Metal https://youtu.be/kfZtNVEqsBs Previous days: http…[View]
107498645Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]
107498390KPOP General[View]
107497396Odincore: CLASSICAL: Sibelius, Wagner, Bruckner BLACK METAL: Grausamkeit, Wulkanaz, Setherial AMBIEN…[View]
107498779What is his problem?: >has been working on Machina reissue for over 10 years >promises access …[View]
107496684DID YOU REALISE[View]
107498706How long before Kylie kick this dumbass to the curb? He's now facing a $10 billion lawsuit.[View]
107498731ITT: Post songs with 'in between' keys: Was listening to Friday I'm In Love by The Cure, and re…[View]
107469973/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Ded edition[View]
107498028masterpiece?: what have you done with your life since this piece of musical genius came out and chan…[View]
107497903/sg/ stupidcore general: https://installafriend.bandcamp.com/album/absolute-madness[View]
107498513>Here comes the sun do, do, do what exactly did they mean by this?[View]
107498448I would listen to whatever album this is the cover for.[View]
107497307punk was a mistake and anyone who enjoys it or yearns for it is retarded, good thing its dead and ir…[View]
107497451Overrated trash[View]
107495207this album is why i hate hip hop[View]
107497253Can someone give me a 10/10 headphone? I've tried 15 fucking headphones under $700 and none the…[View]
107498015fast and bulbous/10[View]
107493820King of Pop: What is it that made this man so unforgettable and iconic? Every other musician/artist …[View]
107467589Snoop Dogg fucking sucks: insufferable 'personality' and a shitty rapper[View]
107496304hip hop = new punk: When I hear the term “punk,” I immediately think of and expect innovation. In ma…[View]
107497520FACT: Punk is an inferior form of music: Im not sure how people can listen to this distorted shit mu…[View]
107497062Love KC, simple as. But fuck I wish the album art wasn't so gay. I don't wanna see this ga…[View]
107482911What's the appeal of prog rock?[View]
107495040what do you think is the peak of experimental pop music?[View]
107497760/gtbsg/ - DRAIN GANG GENERAL[View]
107494364what are some albums that are heckin cute and valid?[View]
107498070>[x] didn't age well[View]
107489597Taylorsisters we got too cocky...: >A few months later she released Evermore (2020), another coll…[View]
107494554Why have chinks infiltrated classical?: Notice how we're bombarded with endless performances of…[View]
107470976/wpop/: previous thread: >>107439534 >>107448182 >>107439534 >New Music in the …[View]
107496172Happy Birthday, John![View]
107493850Any recs for post-punk that's actually interesting like pic related rather than the usual sad b…[View]
107497555When did you become a PaulChad?[View]
107495610Thoughts? https://voca.ro/18MoruE3814j[View]
107497412If each forum was a band, which band would they be? /mu/? /pol/? /b/? /sci/? /tv/?[View]
107496612Atmospheric Trance: Hey I'm searching for Atmospheric/Industrial trance composers. I've be…[View]
107495985KPOP GENERAL[View]
107490571This is unironically my favorite prog album[View]
107497702At around the same time, the band changed their name from Wolfpack to Wolfbrigade to avoid associati…[View]
107495489SHHHHHHH! King Akhlys is dreaming his way to page 10[View]
107493000/DSD/ Dungeon Synth December: Dungeon Synth December. Previous: >>107412854[View]
107496769Where should I go from here?[View]
107495122This album beats up other album's dads.[View]
107495949Marylin Manson did nothing wrong.[View]
107496549KPOP GENERAL: Somi Edition[View]
107486835....: I don't get it[View]
107496883Panchiko performed live for the first time in 20 years https://twitter.com/panchikobot/status/146763…[View]
107495533Yo, there's no place to hide once I step inside the room Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom Bam! Aw…[View]
107495973Slowly (and finally) people are beginning to realize that Metal is the greatest form of music on the…[View]
107496138Listen to The Nylon Curtain[View]
107497220Good album[View]
107491387What went wrong?[View]
107496553ITT: Songs you hear when this car pulls up next to you at the stop light[View]
107495352Two hours before it ((happens))[View]
107495526It is not Theory vs Soul it is SOVL + Theory[View]
107495939Music Theory:: Paul McCartney ordered John Lennon's death after he wrote the song 'Woman is the…[View]
107493206Classical music: Classical music is so evidently superior to all other kinds of music, yet we keep l…[View]
107495032thoughts on Nirvana?[View]
107496136more like this: this is great I need more[View]
107496287So a lot of people have been talking about Three Six Mafia lately and i've never really listene…[View]
107496584>steals your song in you're path[View]
107496314Christmas songs sung by a choir: Do any of you have recommendations for hymns/Christmas songs sung b…[View]
107496782welcome to wuthering heights![View]
107495424What is the band with the most amount of raw talent in each member?[View]
107496716Best Beatles' album[View]
107496634Earth [Grunt, 1978] This is rather better than Baron von Tollbooth and rather worse than Crown of Cr…[View]
107495983KPOP GENERAL: expired tuna edition[View]
107491021you're unsure if i am a loose end or a strand that waits for you to mend or understand[View]
1074779895x5 last YEAR: we're well into december now. post (most) of your 2021. give recs, judge, guess …[View]
107441059/chart/: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ rec, r8, masturb8 etc.[View]
107492368All the art of the past must be destroyed.[View]
107496443Holy shit.[View]
107495814She’s actually a good musician who is doing her own thing creatively and not just coasting on her da…[View]
107491042so... she used an asian filter and is just trolling people, right?[View]
107491445Post comfy music: Post music you can unwind to[View]
107495979He's wacker than he is fat[View]
107496072Post covers you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51RkgI1Wss[View]
107493415DOLLY PARTON: What does /mu/ think of Dolly Parton's body of work?[View]
107493741Can all cities make Drill?: So I noticed there are a lot of French Drill rappers nowadays and that g…[View]
107495430KPOP GENERAL[View]
107492120Imagine thinking he isn't one of the greatest frontmen of all time[View]
107495964Estranged > Don't Cry > November Rain That's how I feel right now.[View]
107494882No zaireeka thread? Let’s change that[View]
107495834this was good and comfy[View]
107495485https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkR7u_sOtHI&ab_channel=Musicmore1000 what did ringo mean by this…[View]
107493862Post an album and a frog that best describes the album's feel. I'll start... Blink 182 - D…[View]
107495066TRUE METAL: >USA is bad at power metal Kill yourself poser. US power metal is only true form of p…[View]
107487932>makes all his bandmates go to a smelly country to follow the teachings of some old pervert who t…[View]
107491903Have you ever serenaded a women? What would be a good song for me to sing to my gf[View]
107490854>Creates Grunge music but gets choked out by kurt cobain[View]
107491805So we can all agree on this being better than the original release, right?[View]
107494343sun's up didn't sleep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X1URP5eg6I[View]
107483829/metal/: Girlgroup edition old >>107472991 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
107495551Check this out. It's cool https://open.spotify.com/track/3ovzlKJzWq56vuOjMQ8PZM?si=zcMU8jU-QLuA…[View]
107495544Rage Against the Machine - Brutal Demos: does anyone know where to find a download of this, I'v…[View]
107487602What an unfathomably garbage year for music 2021 has been[View]
107495512/CCG/ - CARGO CULT GENERAL: Because consuming is more fun than practicing. Dumble edition - Modelers…[View]
107495475ITT : All his songs sound the same: Post someone who you think all songs sound the same. And post ex…[View]
107494428KPOP GENERAL: 2 hours left yunadaddies edition![View]
107488532Kanye could have made A Day In The Life, The Beatles couldn’t have made Runaway.[View]
107492781NBA Youngboy thread. Ya'll seen his new music videos? He's on TOP of the game right now![View]
107495304Two years in a row the industry throws made up awards at this literal who to try and convince you to…[View]
107491830John Bonham: Is he the greatest drummer of all time? If not then who is?[View]
107494893More interesting deathcore bands: i really need some more interesting deathcore bands, i started out…[View]
107494694She's like the Oasis of Pop music. She's better than all who came before her and will be b…[View]
107492249what are you listening to anon?[View]
107489530/FAG/ fantano general: a general as away to avoid duplicate threads on that matter.[View]
107493614Creepy Music: Is there any legitimate creepy music out there? Something that doesn't relies too…[View]
107494683take the compilationpill musicianons[View]
107494576>song has a 30sec+ instrumental outro >skips song once singing finishes…[View]
107494193>the future of music belongs to soundcloud producers How do you cope?[View]
107494820what's up with that siren? you know of what i'm talking about.[View]
107494426KPOP GENERAL[View]
107494680what are your opinions on breakcore? who are your favourite breakcore artists?[View]
107494798I like Dreamgirl. Do you like Dreamgirl?: >I LOOK LIKE YOU >I LOOK LIKE YOU >I LOOK LIKE YO…[View]
107484422So we're all in agreement that Filosofem is the best, right? and as masterpiece of its genre. T…[View]
107492940How do I get into Bauhaus? What should I listen first?[View]
107494556This is Chicken/Egg by Thomas Mills. What do you think of this?[View]
107491716Did Mark E Smith ever talk about The Troggs as an influence? Of all the old 60s garage rock bands th…[View]
107494410Sumari Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lAhK20bMjs[View]
107488642Yall fuck with Miller?: Mac Miller is lit https://youtu.be/SsKT0s5J8ko[View]
107493966KPOP GENERAL[View]
107490148Name an artist or band with 10+ albums for whom you've heard every album[View]
107492551>metal bangers you recently found ill start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4KIWRR7d2I https:/…[View]
107488968ITT: shuffle your library, post the first song that shows up, and explain how you felt the first tim…[View]
107490956anons, I don't know much music, recommend me music based on what I listen to[View]
107493985This song sounds like a TV movie on Disney Channel about some nerdy gamer with horribly aged referen…[View]
107493492KPOP GENERAL[View]
107491139We stayed a long long time But I'm not afraid to die https://youtu.be/t89NKH45dz0[View]
107491715It's out[View]
107491440This is so fucking good Best synth-pop I've heard since 2018[View]
107493570Adrianne Lenker is the hottest voice in music. what say you?[View]
107491783Imagine writing something so bad it started a riot[View]
107493095Favorite Soundtrack Tune: take one leave one https://youtu.be/Bx4aK-YsPeU i'll try to listen to…[View]
107492684> Up on the housetop, reindeer paws Reindeer don't have paws.[View]
107485047/MU/'S BEEN WRONG the WHOLE TIME: >mccartney s-sucks, m-muh granny shit, https://www.forbes…[View]
107493668Sexual sublimation: How did Ravel do it?[View]
107492686I mean c'mon ... AOTY or what?[View]
107492055How do you discover music/artists you’ve never listen to? Old music, new music, it doesn’t matter[View]
107489611can you guys recommend me jazz albums with with lots double bass solos[View]
107490222*Dehra Dehra Dun in your path*[View]
107491008LOW - HEY WHAT: why did this get so praised?[View]
107493490Please give me more of similar stuff intravenously In terms of lyrical content[View]
107493473rate my first song ever: https://onlyfiles.io/f/55c3ae05be1c4289abccf979f0c87324[View]
107492870KPOP GENERAL[View]
107492733all this man is thinking is' Rock is dead.': 'Rock is dead. Rock is dead. Rock is dead. Rock is dead…[View]
107490268Doja Cat Meets Her Biggest Fan: Melvin was a 30 year old virgin cuck loser with no job. He still liv…[View]
107493434>song mentions love and/or sex[View]
107493347>it's sounds weird and different so it's good[View]
107490416just made this meme!!![View]
107488058>remaster actually sounds different than the original[View]
107493343Repetitive Melancholy Piano Tracks: I want to listen to melancholy piano tracks that are repetitive …[View]
107491087how to into deathcore or whatever the fuck it is really like the song senseless massacre but i dont…[View]
107490497Oasis is the pinnacle of derivative, manufactured, industry plant corporate pop music: A bunch of po…[View]
107493083ITT: Post a song, reply with a similar sounding one. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
107492544> I'm dreaming of a White Christmas Yikes...how is this still allowed?…[View]
107490590Deacon Blues is the greatest song of all time[View]
107486585>ywn take acid and then go wander aimlessly around shitty, disgusting 70s NYC with a stinky, unwa…[View]
107492968D1scord Music Servers Thread: Ey boss, why havent you joined yet?[View]
107492615>there are no songs about love, sex, drugs or depression[View]
107490840Why is good ska punk so hard to come by?[View]
107492700Revenge and Comeback: I will return to show everybody that I'm still the same & i still lov…[View]
107492316KPOP GENERAL[View]
107491645So why is this board so slow these days? Its almost like you aren't that good at discussing mus…[View]
107481904I hate trannies: But I can't hate on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bw2dTY3SsQ Fucking b…[View]
107490487he made millions tricking white kids by making whiny teenager shit[View]
107492142What exactly is the point of On The Run? I'm not trying to be rude or overly critical, but it j…[View]
107471774What are 2 genres that haven't been combined yet that would probably sound good?[View]
107492665IT'S OVER: >When your singing career ends before it even begins…[View]
107492310> Duh-dee danga aroong, dun hoo-erus go-dare > Duh-dee danga aroong, dun hoo-erus go-dare >…[View]
107492463Did they?[View]
107486555>steals other band's sounds >heralded as a legendary artist as result Why?…[View]
107469986Metalcore Recs: What are some essential metalcore albums that aren't by Converge or Botch?…[View]
107492085The official ad from the band confirms that the demo leaks from a month ago are legit. So this is so…[View]
107492464You guys told me this was shit. (It isn't)[View]
107492297>best band of the 60s >the velvet underground >lou reed is a jew >best band of the 70s …[View]
107491638Whatever your preference: You can’t write a better song than this, global anons. https://youtu.be/P…[View]
107491635ok /mu/ got a question I want to learn piano, I will never play a real one, and I would probably be …[View]
107482164Obscure, but great albums[View]
107491793kpop general: >Hyewon unnie's song is amazing, I really like it.. >I already heard the en…[View]
107412854/DSD/ Dungeon Synth December: Dungeon Synth December. The battle rages on. Previous thread: >…[View]
107487212Mark Kozelek obsession: I can't listen to anything other than the music of Mark Kozelek, he has…[View]
107491726Why is this man beating a potato?[View]
1074920063 hours posting on /mu/, only one (You): Music for this feel?[View]
107491790itt: times an artist lost you as a fan forever because of one ignorant comment[View]
107491829SAMPHA: Will he ever drop again? Will it live up to the debut? We need him back.[View]
107488734Blue Men Group: Admit it, they're based[View]
107489032new Beach House EP is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf7hoM5RdeU&ab_channel=BeachHouseVide…[View]
107491123KPOP GENERAL[View]
107487193Holy shit.[View]
107490485>*strums 3 open chords on an acoustic guitar* >religion is... le bad >i hate my dad >...…[View]
107491405Don't mind me, just posting the best The Fall album[View]
107487747Lads, its out[View]
107491629i want moar soft, relaxing albums like this[View]
107490926God almighty this is a great album.[View]
107491012/mu/ thoughts on this album?: Anyone know albums that sound similar?[View]
107487207Essential Electronic Albums: I'll start Lone - Galaxy Garden (pic related) Boards of Canada - G…[View]
107490104How do I make music like this modern innovator?[View]
107490338JAIN: Does anyone on here listen to Jain? I really enjoy her music, every song on Zanaka is great an…[View]
107488744hi I have an ipod touch and I have 28GB of music not purchased on itunes that I need to transfer ont…[View]
107487671Indie Rock in the 90s was loud, angry, noisy, and fast, almost like 70s Punk crossed with Post Punk …[View]
107490375is music just a opium for the masses?: also should i buy a behringer 808 clone? how are they with mi…[View]
107491041What was the point of this retarded garbage? The stupid thing about this whole deal is that he actua…[View]
107487721The Low End Theory fucking blows: I'm convinced that the people who hype this up have never lis…[View]
107490518KPOP GENITAL[View]
107488557This nigga is fucking Avril: >JUST[View]
107489784Besides the other Zombies albums, is there anything that sounds similar to this?[View]
107489708>john faheys name forever stained by scaruffi and scaruffi fags whyd it have to be him?…[View]
107490892Inspectah Deck always had really good verses on Wu-Tang albums and even contributed some beats but h…[View]
107490739What does /mu/ think of the Your Favorite Band Sucks podcast?[View]
107489442Olivia Rodrigo is the only new musician who isn't an industry plant, prove me wrong[View]
107487261Jazz: Any jazz that sounds like pic related? Specifically Teeth. There’s something about the drummin…[View]
107488509>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
107490099412 KB JPG I’ve never listened to her music. But she has a huge following and there seems to be this…[View]
107488891What is everybody listening to today? Nickelodeon's Doug - Music from Doug (CD, 1994) https://w…[View]
107490894Free Drake and Kanye concert tomorrow 8PM Will you be watching /mu/?[View]
107474846She unironically ruined music[View]
107490064Travis Scott sued for $10 billion: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Travis-Scott-Ast…[View]
107490224go into the rym hole and listen to whatever it gives. I got pic related and it’s fantastic. wwe.rate…[View]
107467496/classical/: Old Bel Canto Edition https://youtu.be/Ph2yQ-QOWjk?t=147 This thread is for the discuss…[View]
107490189this is the most 'ok' thing I've heard in a while, why does it get so much praise? there are lo…[View]
107490558>mfw her heart is pumping[View]
107485763has anything come close?[View]
107489923KPOP GENERAL[View]
107488099how did this fat balding (norwood 3) incel looking mf fuck enough women to die of syphilis at 30? ar…[View]
107490319Christmas Songs: >Last Christmas I gave you my arse >But by the very next day you'd give…[View]
107490269> I met a man who lives in Tennessee, > He was headin' for, > Pennsylvania, and some h…[View]
107484174Pastor has a song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iN_f-hlf_1I[View]
107489750>tab is in Eb >Low Eb is never played[View]
107490195Don't go out much Ain't got much to say Just stay inside my hole And masturbate all day[View]
107483739What is the best prog rock band?: Who's the most consistent, the best players, the longest stri…[View]
107476156holy shit[View]
107489861>There is a light in the forest >There's a face in the tree >I'll pull you out of…[View]
107484200https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwPHlTVqwos Most based take on spotify not paying small artists a lo…[View]
107489057Why are kpop fans so consumed by their obsession with performers? Do they even know/care what happen…[View]
107484817I dare you to name a band with a more epic sound than Iron Maiden: Protip: you literally can't.…[View]
107489517You know this group of teens from Louisville have made some extraordinary music. Ya'll like sli…[View]
107489876>accidentally invents shoegaze Heh, nothing personal kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CchKSE…[View]
107490009HOLY SHIT: still goated[View]
107488754I'm making a playlist of good songs with good covers: Post 'em, boys[View]
107489623Santana and Rob Thomas are both one hit wonders: I could not name you a single song by either of the…[View]
107489756/wintercore/ thread: post winter albums[View]
107488245> thanks for taking me out on a date anon > so what kind of music do you like?…[View]
107489415KPOP GENERAL[View]
107473346Some of you don't realize it yet because she's only popular in the art pop scene, but Caro…[View]
107483383ITT: Music related reaction images[View]
107489748The Beatles were in fact very young.[View]
107486054Why does alt-rock suck so much?[View]
107482887Music for dead inside ugly guy who made an app that attracted investments so he is a millionaire now…[View]
107486589Stan Porter Robinson[View]
107488084does anyone do it like death?[View]
107488305ITT: Artists that have probably posted here before.[View]
107489399looking for more albums like this one, what genre is this?[View]
107487643do you ever wonder who's the ulf andersson of music?[View]
107487156Thoughts on Geneva Jacuzzi, I like this a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfEgAcNe4aU[View]
107464583Woah...Lana...take it easy...[View]
107488714What are some of the greatest live performances in the history of music?[View]
107489513So, is this really him?: Some tweets seem on brand, but for a while I just assumed it was some funny…[View]
107488486Slightly disappointed[View]
107487416i'll be honest i think they've peaked[View]
107489159Karen O appreciation threa[View]
107488931KPOP GENERAL[View]
107488835post 3x3 of your fav albums this year[View]
107487332How come albums are always so much better on the second listen?[View]
107488700静香 III (Shizuka Cassette #3): >1993 Psychedelic / Noise Rock Where can I listen to that record? I…[View]
107486492I just found some obscure post hardcore album with less than 20 RYM ratings and it sounds like it sh…[View]
107482032what's some grimy, dark, and heavy electronic music? https://youtu.be/76Q0CQ1EBAc https://yout…[View]
107486803You've seen American Pop, right /mu/?[View]
107472991/metal/: Slavcore edition old >>107456042 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
107488409KPOP GENERAL[View]
107487766kevin shield would be a tranny today 100%[View]
107488940What do we think of Lil Nas X's body of work?[View]
107488884Does /mu/ approve of my new music genre? https://vocaroo.com/15gKCdcMkw0I I call it bit reduced squa…[View]
107487670why are they so hated?[View]
107459119LOL: https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/best-songs-2021/[View]
107488708Why does /mu/ hate DGD?[View]
107487429Snailbros... it's over[View]
107488443>'Some of you sitting there with your cock in your hand. Don’t get you nowhere, don’t make you a …[View]
107488771Ya seethe Nick?[View]
107488718>This is SIRIUS XM, with the greatest songs that defined the 2010's >Billionaire, What…[View]
107488701Arctic Monkeys thread: >Your favorite song >Your favorite album >Your favorite lyric…[View]
107485006why do people hate this album?[View]
107484885wombo trading card thread: > go to wombo.art > type in a lyric, etc > post trading card…[View]
107486591What's your favourite Le Tigre song?[View]
107486529>hey anon, want to come celebrate Hanukah with us? We can play some Mario Kart and do some Hebrew…[View]
107485242>awful nasally voice >screechy ear-piercing xylophone >wank guitar chords >somehow gre…[View]
107488457What are you listening to right now?[View]
107487084this is it this is the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkzX1RlUY_g[View]
107488329Gemini: Machine Girl's best album[View]
107487822KPOP GENERAL[View]
107487826Tell me what exactly makes this so great and why it keeps getting praised here because I feel like I…[View]
107488102>rape a retarded girl as a teenager, turn around and claim to be a feminist later in life because…[View]
107485781Who is the most pretentious '''artist''' and why is it Meredith Monk?[View]
107488225When did you discover Bibio? >just now Get out.[View]
107487255>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
107487857Why doesn’t /mu/ talk about her anymore?[View]
107485462death to twee[View]
107488276It's up[View]
107477203Who was in the wrong here?[View]
107487530The Who is a weird band, but i like. Your favorite band likes them too.[View]
107488192Albums that make you cry: I literally cried when the old man complained about not being able to slee…[View]
107484111This is the original tracklist: Avery Island / April 1st Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone A Baby For Pree…[View]
107486810Survival [Capitol, 1971] Those who dismiss them as unlistenable miss the point entirely--they Americ…[View]
107487367literally no reason not to use it[View]
107487369The only good Beatles songs: >Come Together >Helter Skelter >Twist and Shout >Hey Jude…[View]
107484443He could have been the next Michael, dunno why he isn't working.[View]
107475674Do normies not get tired of listening to the same 5 or so old christmas hits on loop constantly thro…[View]
107487800What's their best song?[View]
107487177KPOP GENERAL[View]
107485858Press F to pay respects R.I.P.[View]
107487685Our man Abu squeezes off twenty tracer rounds And that's when she jumps the turnstile And as …[View]
107478613What is the fucking appeal? This isn't even heavy, why did people lose sleep over it? It's…[View]
107485045The digitech RP255 ruled, it did everything. What is like this now that they're discontinued? A…[View]
107485396Do you care about plagiarism?: For example, the chorus vocal melody of In Our Lifetime by Texas (199…[View]
107485372Want some feel good indie music? This is what you depressed fucks need.: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
107485519Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman But she was another man All the girls around her say sh…[View]
107487497you tried to kill me when i was a kid? fuck you you coward man fuck you[View]
107486165What do they listen to?[View]
107484993Songs about wishing for death: I am compiling a playlist, here are my few ideas so far: https:/youtu…[View]
107487422Do you repeat an specific part of a song/piece until it’s ruined forever?[View]
107482055dua lipa general: Our girl made to the finals![View]
107486862>It looks like you're not sharing anything, please don't use my share unless you share.…[View]
107478893I'm in love[View]
107476211Is this hoax the proof that zoomers will fall for the most ridiculous and stupid stories yet continu…[View]
107486541KPOP GENERAL[View]
107486270>don't get the difference between soul, r&b and funk >don't get the difference b…[View]
107486196Dylan was so much better than The Beatles.: And this was far better than Get Back.[View]
107483628This is the best album I've heard this year[View]
107486627Me after watching Comfortably Numb live Pulse[View]
107483512What the fuck is this and why is it p4k's AOTY?[View]
107485475When did Pitchfork go from holding sway over indie music to being an anathema on any music it recomm…[View]
107481460Why does she refuse to stop making mediocre music, bros? Gone are the days when Arca made interesti…[View]
107483911What's some underground Punk Rock music? I listen to Suicidal Tendencies , Dead Kenedys and The…[View]
107484058Thaiboy: love bladee, love ecco, thaiboy is fucking horrible most of the time. Can someone explain h…[View]
107486592Name my band, /mu/[View]
107486542Why did they dominate rock despite not inventing it?[View]
107485950Where did it all went so right?[View]
107486217Global superstar Charli XCX[View]
107485866met a stranger on a train...[View]
107484657And if I see Maxwell, I’ll be sure to give him back, that damn silver hammer that he’d leant me many…[View]
107485598i’m so ugl…[View]
107485873KPOP GENERAL[View]
107473568Seriously based.[View]
107486364was it actually an error? https://pitchfork.com/news/taylor-swift-and-st-vincent-removed-from-olivia…[View]
107486229My Favorite bands are Slowdive and Deftones. Not particularly emo, just like em. Simple as. Recs?[View]
107486352My name Is-obel: She fucking lived[View]
107483544I think we can finally acknowledge that this is very, very good, right?[View]
107485088Karma is real: Looks like you messed up pretty bad when you made those antisemetic comments Nick. Be…[View]
107486227I SWEAR there's an extremely popular song with this exact same chord progression but I can…[View]
107486069Time traveler here: Sir James Paul McCartney will tragically pass away on July 17, 2022.[View]
107486179holy shit[View]
107482236>Deft Ones >Porti Shead >Nirveina…[View]
107486125So question since 'tis the season and all that shit. In the Christmas hymn 'Hark the Herol…[View]
107484070what's your favorite edm track anon? i feel like having fun for some reason uwu[View]
107485994Time and time again reality has shown to me the best pieces of music also happen to be the most obsc…[View]
107482711'I think your beard suits you, man' What did george harrison meant by this?[View]
107482091Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]
107484104>Rock n Roll McDonalds! >Rock n Roll McDonalds! https://youtu.be/KwYGI8OjXvo there will never …[View]
107485328KPOP GENERAL[View]
107485865>be one of the sickest, most well known thrash/death metal bands in the game >release extremel…[View]
107484493this is what HHH wishes Liturgy sounded like[View]
107483432Anna Von Hausswolff concert canceled by french catholic fundamentalists: https://twitter.com/OuestFr…[View]
107481649is there a greater run in history[View]
107480899Holy shit why are these re-recordings so bad? They lack so much of the punch from the original. Holy…[View]
107482614No wonder it's called Sing to God - it sounds like the inner thoughts of a nut house patient[View]
107485493I just revisited Three Days Grace after 5 years and they still sound decent[View]
107485343What is the most remarkable thing in early 10's /mu/?[View]
107485416Holy shit Kim Gordon is so fucking annoying[View]
10748546990s industrial rock has not aged well at all, but I still kinda love it anyway.[View]
107483805What are some other albums with a similar feel to The Ape of Naples?[View]
107484841Player thread: Post your players and what you're listening to right now[View]
107484704KPOP GENERAL[View]
107485108What's some good meditation music, /mu/? I don't care if it's all a placebo but YouTu…[View]
107483734>tfw you realize there is unironically a light and it never goes out[View]
107483761If you don't like her you must be lactose intolerant[View]
107483880is this the most midwit album?[View]
107480582Songs About Rejecting Media: I have to write an essay on a piece of music that is linked to the teac…[View]
107482640Frank Zappa & His Ugly Daughter Ruined an Entire Generation of Women[View]
107484795Is listening to music as a hobby dying? If so why? More entertainment option's? Not enough good…[View]
107478918Mogs every other 2000's band[View]
107471561Is this still /mu/s favourite Beatles album?[View]
107484115Best Priest album?: The Jugulator meme has me revisiting their discog. In order, I’d go Painkiller, …[View]
107484053KPOP GENERAL[View]
107484680https://youtu.be/u5utmsvsPU4 Any bands that make music similar to this? Me likey. Pic unrelated.[View]
107483324how do people who don't live in central europe/north america cope with the fact that artists ne…[View]
107484010Physical Chad's stand up[View]
107484373underoath digital ghost: plz tell me one of you fucks knopws where i can pirate this[View]
107482332Why do you hate me, /mu/? All I’ve done is make some of the best pop songs of all time[View]
107483423P.I.L.: I wish I could die.[View]
107484148YouTube Music recommends me exactly the songs that I was just thinking about.[View]
107479804why cant they just make a fucking nice streaming platform: >spotify still has a hardly working lo…[View]
107483510KPOP GENERAL[View]
107478740Is there any album with as many unbelievably catchy songs as this one?[View]
107482286When that day comes, which song of his will play in the funeral?[View]
107482721HOLY SHIT[View]
107481556Does he do blackvoice in his music?[View]
107482486this is what joy division was meant to sound like[View]
107483653Now that the dust has settled, what is the best tracklist sequence for this?[View]
107483169His most underrated album.[View]
107482922>the only rap music I like is made by a white guy Does this say something about me or society?…[View]
107482610what is the name of this old melody?: sorry for the cringe https://voca.ro/1kSicJiB3Q3m[View]
107482964KPOP GENERAL[View]
107480921They don't make them like this anymore[View]
107479952Poptimism was a mistake and needs to die[View]
107480190noah: do we like her music?[View]
107481759Rotational velocidensity affects all audio files encoded with lossy compression. These include mp3, …[View]
107481370Leonard Cohen on Bob Dylan's conversion to Christianity:: >Why would he go for Jesus at a la…[View]
107480866Nicest guy in the music business.[View]
107483228>starts wringing his hands and kvetching about bob dylan converting to christianity in your path…[View]
107476889Why did it flop?[View]
107482168>He doesn't clap at the end of live albums[View]
107482935why did /mu/ tell me this album was bad[View]
107479464meandering tuneless garbage.[View]
107483191he may have killed some broad but based spector gave us this so who am i to hold a grudge[View]
107481924music peaked in 2011 https://youtu.be/v1mTmHbP27Y[View]
107477746Anyone have the list?[View]
107480551Obscure albums thread: Post obscure albums you think deserve more recognition. Pic related is 'Glori…[View]
107482393KPOP GENERAL[View]
107481532I have only listened to people reading Poetry, Lectures, Prose, Radio Dramas and Kanye West for the …[View]
107482838I'm 21 years old and I have no friends.[View]
107482262Artist of the year: Artist of the year, like real artist, not based on streaming count or sales.…[View]
107482741why do everyone cream all over loveless but forget about this masterpiece? It's probably their …[View]
107480406Disdain for women core: Give me some women hate, women loathe, women be stupid core. No cringy incel…[View]
107481646top 20 artists, last 10 years: December 7, 2012 December 7, 2021 99,346 scrobbles[View]
107481393https://youtu.be/sm11bJ55qW4 https://youtu.be/1T_eaTBzuk0 i desperately need more music like this i…[View]
107482357Paul coming up with Get Back out of thin air in 5 min is my favorite /mu/ moment of 2021[View]
107481494*Removes Lieber Honig* Perfect[View]
107481814Recommend Good Modern Psychedelic Rock: My Dad's favorite bands are Pink Floyd. He also likes T…[View]
107482485>Pierce you're a B!!! name a better band. protip: you cant.[View]
107482471Just think, if these two died in their 20s we’d never know how based they truly were[View]
107482037Scatman got bolded on RYM[View]
107482403rank them[View]
107477670Here Comes the Sun is the best Beatles song. You can call me a pleb, a normie, an npc, whatever you …[View]
107481828KPOP GENERAL[View]
107482335It's so good bros, like London Calling for country. Imagine these songs with Yankee Hotel Foxtr…[View]
107482220Help I can't stop listening to the eroica[View]
107480780more like this?[View]
107471544why does nobody like volta[View]
107476280Pitchfork’s albums of the year list is an absolute embarrassment[View]
107478362unironically? deadmau5[View]
107478306Rate my taste >20M straight btw[View]
107481949More like this: All I ever see is /mu/ fucking with is: Kpop, Metal, and arguing about the Beatles. …[View]
107482049This is a very good album.[View]
107473701last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.net rec and guess things about each other, don't let the t…[View]
107481239Maybe the physical music chuds were right after all.: I literally have zero music right now.[View]
107473879It's sad how Metallica threw away the prog direction they had going on And Justice for All, and…[View]
107480565>Female 'artist' sings about being depressed[View]
107481385Who here stocked for Sam Hyde's Slam track from the upcoming Anthony Fantano diss album?[View]
107481665Partiboi69 thread[View]
107480133volca sample pack: Anybody here, who is making music on KORG VOLCA SAMPLE? Im looking for interestin…[View]
107481058>female singer/songwriter >feminist lyrics >white frontwoman >female rap >female comp…[View]
107479092>He doesn't boldly wear rock band t shirts in 2021 Keep being totally & utterly compromi…[View]
107457954>stabs his fanbase in the back >denies targeting the racist incel audience >denounces the …[View]
107479396Is this the same song (or a tribute)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECGp4ibz7A8 https://www.youtub…[View]
107481825music equivalent?[View]
107481222KPOP GENERAL[View]
107481787Fashun weeeeeeek[View]
107463395NWA killed black music: This group killed mainstream black music by making it about a destructive im…[View]
107481692BonesUK: Holy fuck, what did I found today. It's great.[View]
107481683Good techno/hardcore: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5RytVJ9lcCIDam6vYf6Jz0?si=Oi3KKoXVRIOHM_1m_Y…[View]
107481210I only like outsider leftfield pop of the likes of animal collective, ariel pink, julia holter, fish…[View]
107481651Guys you can listen to Dark Side of the Moon for FREE on this link :DD: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
107480487Who is their target audience?[View]
107481609holy shit these birds make brilliant music: some of these sounds are genuinely terrifying https://ww…[View]
107481603I hate pop but search for pop qualities in genres that I enjoy[View]
107480854he cute[View]
107481583Do you own any playback devices worth bragging about? I have pic related, great piece of equipment.[View]
107481531hee hee zone General[View]
107481377Paul Simon - Graceland, 1986.[View]
107481558vangelis is god[View]
107481017WTF are the lyrics to this song help me figure it out: Can't understand wtf he is saying. I pie…[View]
107479010>Bang, bang, Mark's hollow points came down upon Lennon's back >Bang, bang, Mark…[View]
107481413Woop woop where my fellow juggalos and juggalettes?[View]
107481346ITT: Based RYM reviews[View]
107481365>mfw the 'softboy' (5'9, white and dorky, wore a NGE shirt one time) from my college creativ…[View]
107481091>mercy street is coming to a close >one of the most beautiful and haunting songs in his catalo…[View]
107480119What are some good ‘00s pop songs?[View]
107480824Please give me your best songs to fade out of existence to[View]
107480570KPOP GENERAL[View]
107480466Phil Elverum versus Spotify: guys I think Punk Revolution Now is getting more based https://www.yout…[View]
107480256What would a Rick Beato chart look like?[View]
107481112most tragically overlooked and underappreciated rock record of the past 20 years: you slint worshipp…[View]
107474942Holy shit[View]
107480409It finally clicked[View]
107475149americans ruined music: all of the worst music and most boring ideas come from the us[View]
107477862hey this Kurt cobain from nirvana and welcome to my YouTube channel. i'll be teaching you tabs …[View]
107480003https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr3quGh7pJA is he correct /mu/ ?[View]
107476768You all realise Dear Prudence is the best Beatles song, right?[View]
107480777pretty cool music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMP_xEiC284&ab_channel=InvertTunes…[View]
107480740Low Roar: I love you so much ross[View]
107480423Drake album: hey,anons,what all think about the new drake album?[View]
107480564answer this timeless question: why did johnny hate jazz?[View]
107480445>NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER What did Patti Smith mean by this?…[View]
107478960DONDA = Album of the year So why isn't it on all the lists? https://www.ilxor.com/ILX/ThreadSel…[View]
107480625Hard electro / ghettotech: Gimme some more artists like Locked Club, Any Act, re:drum, Unit Boy. htt…[View]
107480554Enraged by what he found, Townshend said he decided he'd expose this criminal underworld.[View]
107480533Pajeet George: SIRS[View]
107479975KPOP GENERAL[View]
107478633What's your mother's favorite film?[View]
107480556we should all collectively as a collective listen to cloudbusting by kate bush rn https://www.youtub…[View]
107480536Tell me some select songs that you enjoyed in the last week that you haven't enjoyed before, ei…[View]
107479483What's some music for playing hacky sack with the boys?[View]
107480396Nightwish: Based or Cringe?[View]
107480442>half the album is filler what did they mean by this?[View]
107479443What the fuck is this? Do you retards ever listen to music to actually have fun? Or is having fun re…[View]
107479672>most influential band of modern times You can't deny it. Keep fuming. >BUT JOHN LENNON B…[View]
107478058>I'll play it cool with you, then mark a nigga like Copenhagen what did he imply?…[View]
107474859/prod/ - music production general: Fast Asleep Edition Post what you're looking for in feedback…[View]
107477247Fuck you, I like it.[View]
107474920Rock is so fucking dead they zombified the corpse to shoot it again[View]
107477022I Love Very Very Justin Bieber You Should Love Justin Bieber Too[View]
107480255BOOM BAP VS TRAP: u prefer boom bap to trap or u prefer trap 2 boom bap[View]
107474703ITT: Toilet Sounds: Post the worst music you've ever heard[View]
107480222Music for this feel?[View]
107480150Thoughts on the lesser discussed genre of evil clown rap? This is one evil clown rapper who was prol…[View]
107474730what did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOjWnS4cMY /tv/ jannies delete my thread…[View]
10747149512 notes? Why not 100?: Who are the retards that decided that all music should restrict itself to 12…[View]
107480016peter green: >one of the greatest blues band >only to be cucked by wine mom pop rock band…[View]
107476602Here’s your Pitchfork album of the year Yes it isn’t even an album it’s an EP[View]
107479977>The girls >You know that they are vain >They will poison your brain >They will drive yo…[View]
107477052Can /mu/ explain the concept of support in singing context? WTF is support[View]
107479451KPOP GENERAL[View]
107470425now the dust has settled I think we all agree this isn't very good[View]
107477477Why is there so much obsession with popularity/sales numbers when it comes to music? Other forms of …[View]
107479877>associate with this man >die[View]
107467915Is this the best album?[View]
107476241What are some bands that only recorded one album, but the one album they did record is perfect or ne…[View]
107479724Shaun and Bez > Moz and Marr > Ian and John > Noel and Liam >>>>>>>…[View]
107477621it's so good[View]
107478440Georgefags on suicide watch[View]
107471691>trying to get into jazz >loving all the avant garde stuff with skronking and chromatic runs …[View]
107478814Now that the dust has settled was it a kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpWTGOgN5bY[View]
107478216What makes you pic related?: For me it's K-Pop...or any Asian pop, for that matter.[View]
107476135Get you a nice tube amp and slam the front end with this puppy. This is the tone of the gods. All of…[View]
107475844Why does this get a lot of shit? I think it's solid[View]
107478884KPOP GENERAL[View]
107469544ITT: artists that women don't understand[View]
107477593What's the best music to pick litter to? Thanks guys[View]
107478163What are your favorite beats?[View]
107476811Anti-West core Give me some music that is anti-Western in style or lyricism[View]
107475077Women in Music: I keep hearing female musicians say shit like 'yeah so being a woman in the music in…[View]
107474706Classy sexy music: Hey /mu, do you have anything for those moments? Pls help[View]
107479195Sending out some Manowar Christmas cards to you guys because you are all my closest friends[View]
107479064Day 7 Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas >Rock https://youtu.be/yfY4b1NszpY Previous days:…[View]
107474794Is there a more cheugy album?[View]
107470307Name a better krautrock album. Pro Tip: You can’t.[View]
107475525it's good. but it's not great.[View]
107477459Why don't hip-hoppers scratch anymore?[View]
107478266This is a great record[View]
107471253based or cringe?[View]
107476180death to twee[View]
107472491Has music ever made you almost drown in tears? For me it has. I just watched this movie recently and…[View]
107477543>Be Big Country >Title your song In a Big Country…[View]
107468932AOTY: decide rn[View]
107478212KPOP GENERAL[View]
107474665This album is groundbreaking and deserves every perfect score it gets. The cultural impact of this r…[View]
107478667Curebros what kind of artists do you also listen to[View]
107475644My favorite rapper :)[View]
107478183>zoomers are rediscovering the jerk I feel old now[View]
107476898Singles On Soulseek: i love using soulseek but i struggle when looking to download singles any tips …[View]
107466136What happened?[View]
107478341>Antwany Fantana is a nerd you can clearly see hes reading off his monitor those glasses make you…[View]
107478429shitty percurssion shitty album simple as[View]
107478069Who is the most prolific rapper?[View]
107470507>Genesis is an enlightened centrist anthem What are some of these man's most retarded takes?…[View]
107478205>When I pull the piece out niggas like 'peace out'![View]
107477577KPOP GENERAL[View]
107476512This is a joke, right? It's just noise... This is no music.[View]
107473108what do you guys think pitchfork’s AOTY is going to be. i’m betting on snail mail - valentine. bad a…[View]
107477464pull your finger outta ur ass[View]
107477420Would you let Anthony Fantano play bass in your band?[View]
107475165What are you listening to right now?[View]
107465698peaks with baba o'riley[View]
107477969Claim a Christmas Carol or Song: Claim your favourite Christmas carol or song.[View]
107474354Biggest fall from grace of all time: He was supposed to save rock[View]
107477794I often fantasize about dating Yvette Youg and she teaches me guitar and feeds me grapes. Have you e…[View]
107477682I still would[View]
107477738Holy shit… https://youtube.com/shorts/inzSZecchys?feature=share[View]
107477054>tfw it's December and the list of 2021 releases that I want to listen to keeps on growing b…[View]
107477675>its 2014 and your listening to future funk/citypop/vaporwave complitaions on youtube while you l…[View]
107474255When Malcom Mooney quit the band, he was replaced for good by Damon Suzuki, a Japanese vocalist of r…[View]
107477552who fuck with rich homie quan in here?[View]
107476943KPOP GENERAL[View]
107475984>Limp Bizkit? >never heard of him[View]
107476410People simply make music because it’s an attitude.[View]
107476856oh no kimbrabros.[View]
107477339>Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another man[View]
107470955What's your favorite pop punk album, /mu/?[View]
107474984Is there any non-tranny hyperpop?[View]
107476130Pitchfork: The 50 Best Albums of 2021: It's here. https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guid…[View]
107461702Global superstar Charli XCX[View]
107476548It still huts.[View]
107476589This run was Johns' peak.[View]
107475934Reminder that you hate them because your jealous as fuck that you don't live in California[View]
107476945Lil Boosie taught his son how to put on a condom, by putting it on for him.[View]
107476253KPOP GENERAL[View]
107476074How did this guy manage to dominate pop music?: I mean, Tonight was a great song, but he is everywhe…[View]
107476724Mars Argo: we need a thread for this[View]
107476721Love You Live [Rolling Stones, 1977] As a Stones loyalist, I am distressed to report that this docum…[View]
107476790YOU CAN H U R T, H U R T (HURT)[View]
107473533Shit plebs have said to you: >'This sounds like video game music!'…[View]
107475594>Spend my teenage years hating current pop music trends and calling them lame >Spend my adult …[View]
107475786Do you think The National made the right call by stopping releasing new music and turning into Taylo…[View]
107474164ITT: kino live performances[View]
107476264ITT: the snubs/nominations that made you stop caring about the Grammys.[View]
107475734>2021 >we are forgotten[View]
107475903What do I have to answer if a girl asks me what music I like in order to get laid?[View]
107476033Would an earpiece eliminate the need of a conductor in an orchestra?: Imagine the conductor is just …[View]
107476321Why is Lil Bow Wow so irrelevant now? He could at least be doing little songs on youtube[View]
107475673KPOP GENERAL[View]
107471657Is there a worse mogging in history?[View]
107474295I've listened to nothing but Matt Berry for the past few days.: No regrets.[View]
107475019Is this album actually good, or is that Just a Notion?[View]
107475480The undisputed best song of 2021.: The Kid LAROI and Bieber nailed it. https://youtu.be/kTJczUoc26U…[View]
107472095Can someone reccomend me some Drum and Bass? Preferably something on the more sonically dense and at…[View]
107468973your age your age when you started going on /mu/ your favorite album 23 17[View]
107475887Favorite music for your holiday listening pleasure[View]
107476047Actually, it wasnt that bad[View]
107476043Don't mind me, just posting the GOAT live bootleg[View]
107471632Why is 20th century classical so shit?: I don't get it, it's like every modern composer wa…[View]
107475932>about to be forgotten as the shock value of 'Fuck the Pain Away' fades away >obscure 2006 son…[View]
107475928From the bottom of my soul > Maggot Brain[View]
107474674Best break up albums: Lets see ya shit /mu/[View]
107472535Peggy's more influential than MC Ride.[View]
107474268it's been 20 years since George Harrison faked his death[View]
107471240my drumming sounds like poo. my pocket is doodoo and I have no finesse. every fill disrupts the flow…[View]
107475766Ready to Die and All About the Benjamins have nothing to do with each other. Why is BIG so conflicte…[View]
107473810Is MC Ride too high test for /mu/?[View]
107474036/FAG/ fantano general: a general as away to avoid duplicate threads on that matter.[View]
107475125KPOP GENERAL[View]
107473176GRIMES: https://youtube.com/watch?v=PlVmkBjSYeA[View]
107475589>Be me >Chilling and watching cute and cool korean streamer >She listens to what it seemed …[View]
107475567Anyone know whats the name of the beat playing? I heard it in alot of places and I can't get it…[View]
107475230im fully convinced this is the best thing humans every did[View]
107475346crazy chads we're back in action![View]
107475017you shouldn't put your face on the cover if you are not attractive[View]
107470207So she was basically marketed as another Madonna, but Jewish and not quite as slutty?[View]
107475348Turn up the poopoo[View]
107474939This old ass schizo is hilarious lol he’s always been shit, no clue how he became so popular.[View]
107473807Oval/Glitch: Does /mu/ like this? https://youtu.be/kZiFe6iT2qI[View]
107474964ITT: We post an album we don't get and anons try to explain to us why it's good I'll …[View]
107470771It's not that bad.[View]
107472617PURE 80S POP: love it. embrace it. share it.[View]
107475048>song has 'blues' in the title[View]
107475007We don't need another song about California[View]
107474463KPOP GENERAL[View]
107470277ITT: Albums so good they could easily pass of as greatest hits albums.[View]
107470628post /x/-approved albums[View]
107474900Grammybros... It's getting cold...[View]
107474850it's only a matter of time before people start saying 'hey, i heard this on TikTok!'[View]
107474748What's the difference between prog and art rock? Cause it seems like they're the same thin…[View]
107474811boring as fuck[View]
107471499Is spotify worth it[View]
107473744What is the most soft, sentimental song of the band 'Death Grips'?[View]
107474554ultimate guitar: have you ever thanked to them?[View]
107474671Wilco (The Album)[View]
107474704why did he do it?[View]
107474695how did they do it: how did they get a soundtrack this based bros[View]
107344619The Re/Mu/Sters - Rubber Soul: Previous thread >>107294532 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/p…[View]
107474689Ella: she's the goat post your favs no plebs allowed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPapxr8GvG…[View]
107469262In a quite literal sense, I am obsessed with Bob Dylan, and currently I am on a rampage against his …[View]
107473023I miss these lil niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
107457771>idolizes Eric Clapton's guitar playing >gets cucked by Eric >actively sabotages rehea…[View]
107471981King Jizzard: They haven't made a good album since I discovered them in 2019. Its all my fault …[View]
107474597Any prog recs with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1JjOpXsJ7A[View]
107474568Ok lets hear it for Don Caballero they're ready to go guys[View]
107473047Literally the last time hip hop was any fun.[View]
107474549>solo carries the Grateful Dead[View]
107465931In your opinion, what's the worst music genre? My vote goes to prog rock.[View]
107474478>DALAI LAMA, BIG BANANA, MARIJUANA what did they mean by that?[View]
107473907KPOP GENERAL[View]
107473783>I don’t wanna die >wishing I’d done something >more than what’s required >to last until…[View]
107473622what's the peak of indie rock?[View]
107463436Worst Song Ever[View]
107473191From pimping to simping: When did it become cool in Rap to be a trick? I just heard lyrics on the ra…[View]
107474337CRACK'S: https://crackmagazine.net/article/list-article/top-50-albums-2021/[View]
107470744Post your dream music collabs[View]
107455420ITT: your favorite bass intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsAydylM_g4[View]
107470469It's Late And I Can't Feel Motivated To Do Anything Other Than Share Tunes (And It's …[View]
107460810/bleep/: rise and shine edition prev >>107390294[View]
107471937Can't remember this song name: I don't think this song was particularly popular. It is mad…[View]
107473009Why does music attract so many people like this? Will they ever go away?[View]
107473989“Pop out with a truck.”[View]
107473922The end of evangelion ost: One of the best albums of all time and it's a soundtrack to a anime …[View]
107473222KPOP GENERAL[View]
107473886now THIS is music[View]
107473830Indonesian Albums[View]
107472616No that the dust has settled, can we agree this is the music production AOTY? It's literally a …[View]
107467854for me it's jesus of suburbia[View]
107473586I am tired, I am weary I could sleep for a thousand years A thousand dreams that would awake me Diff…[View]
107473649>Frankfurt school[View]
107468543>almost 50 years of punk music since >literally nothing has topped them yet How did they do it…[View]
107471112>try to sing normally = fine, sounds decent >try to play guitar normally = fine, sounds decent…[View]
107432206/prod/ - music production general: Birthday Edition Post what you're looking for in feedback. G…[View]
107471954best noise album ever unlike all those lame trendie contemporary noise acts.[View]
107471081ITT: Overrated pretentious Xoomer garbage[View]
107471891Holy shit. This is like the Death Grips of classical music.[View]
107470967ITT: Albums you think deserved to be /mu/core[View]
107473435Rotten > UNRENDERED > InLovingMemory > all other albums >>>>>>> SCRAPS[View]
107472100Showed my mom The Smiths and asked her if they're based or cringe. Told her based means cool an…[View]
107472046>says 'gec' 58 times What did they mean by this?[View]
107473343I almost exclusively listen to the 2013 remaster of Trout Mask Replica. It mostly lowers the vocals …[View]
107469435>look for 'greatest' hip hop verses of all time >99% of them are about bragging, bling, bitche…[View]
107473029>'Hang me, oh, hang me, I'll be dead and gone.' >'Hang me, oh, hang me, I'll be dead…[View]
107472581KPOP GENERAL[View]
107471200Does anyone else get tired of seeing their favorite bands and the sound being shit 9 times out of 10…[View]
107473066How to recognize if a sound is higher ou lower pitched ?: With 2 different timbers its difficult…[View]
107472179What is the difference between Breakcore, Hardcore Breaks, and Breakbeat Hardcore, andwhich one is t…[View]
107473039Post emotionally dishonest albums[View]
107471614obscure music: post the most outlandish shit you listen to[View]
107468074Björk thread: Björk thread My personal favourite track is All is full of love[View]
107466838any good jack off music stuff like Scarborough fair usually gets me in the mood so any suggestions l…[View]
107472526Why is the pop fandom in general much more 'toxic' than any other fandom out there?[View]
107472824SUNN O))) thread: HAIL[View]
107471517what's the first musical release you experienced in real time that you enjoyed as a serious mus…[View]
107472623Vinyl sites/ buying vinyl records online: It's getting close to Christmas bros and there's…[View]
107472745Why: Why is this actually so good?[View]
107469255He earned those kids[View]
107470730Groovy Alt Rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhJRpI4sscc&ab_channel=BradVEVO anybody know an…[View]
107468036https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnzkhQsmSag Thoughts?[View]
107472768the only modern canterbury scene band that did it right.[View]
107471853do people unironically like this? I see it posted a lot but it feels corny as shit to me..[View]
107467543>greatest songwriter of the 21st century >/mu/ never talks about him why…[View]
107471870KPOP GENERAL[View]
107472543>Green drugs >Green country >Street thugs >And junkies >Shit metal >And shit head …[View]
107471539I went to an Iron Maidens concert in the Marquee Theater: https://youtu.be/k6ez9uEs0JM UP THE IRONS!…[View]
107470649I hate this faggot[View]
107472059What else should I check out if I like Pixies and some of their solo albums?[View]
107469950Who's your favorite industry plant?[View]
107471628Is this really the first real, authentically American rock album?[View]
107472376https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5m5qKpOozw People say I'm no good too, Charlie[View]
107468619>Bob Dylan raped and killed a 12 year old girl in 1965 Uhhhh.. how is he not in jail?…[View]
107456042/metal/: Manlet master race edition old >>107435873 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
107467303Instances where bands broke up after one successful album: >picrel…[View]
107472301dashrek let’s goooo[View]
107470750Holy shit! This is like jazz but actually good.[View]
107471967https://youtu.be/Cp-imO57_Go >they like papi, why you stalkin em >pop a perc, go retarded >…[View]
107472128More albums with production like this?[View]
107471498/goth/: Post some good stuff, or whatever.[View]
107472034Was Mike Love a hindrance to the Beach Boys?[View]
107471790Do you liiike American Musiiiic Baaabyyy[View]
107469514ITT: recent albums that will be considered masterpieces 10 years from now[View]
107467585Acoustic folk jazz with interesting lyrics recs?[View]
107472088>discover Bradtholomew on /mu/, and then on my indie station last year in a weird synchronicity, …[View]
107471314What will this be like?: How bad will this be? What will the crowd be like? I hate all these acts, e…[View]
107472054THEME FROM SHREK AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN: Enjoy frens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSIyn6hHjsU…[View]
107471525>2021 >music[View]
107470001idk just post some music you're vibing to rn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5BqyluKkk0&t=…[View]
107471490What city creates the best music and why is it Bristol?[View]
107471909This is what a good music documentary looks like[View]
107471884noizu: Every dark-philosophy-void-nihilism riff. What comes after noizu ?[View]
107462166>free software that lets you produce your own hits from your bedroom what's the catch here?…[View]
107471118KPOP GENERAL[View]
107471806>ME is a meadow meal >and the guess i get it >and the gate i get it >and the game i get …[View]
107465210What boomer music has aged well? Which boomer music has aged poorly? For instance, I think The Beatl…[View]
107469716People like her for her music right? Right?[View]
107469295leave gusic to me[View]
107471648Daniel Avery - Drone Logic: More like this?[View]
107468859Dylanchads: What are we spinning tonight? Feels like a mid-era night here[View]
107469002How many songs does Ride - Nowhere have? Wikipedia says 8 but AllMusic says they have 11? Allmusic c…[View]
107469637lowkey cringe[View]
107466266Singing: how do you learn how to sing? what's the justinguitar of singing, or like any good res…[View]
107470728Is it Legal to publish with MuseScore?: are all my musescore compositions completely worthless now? …[View]
107468314im like hey whats up hello[View]
107468683Just finished her discography, I'm a 6 foot bearded alpha male and I haven't stopped sobbi…[View]
107470075This is the future of rap: https://youtu.be/X9hVhxCcm0A[View]
107470660ITT: the best representative for (insert genre here). Pic related for EDM.[View]
107470161Has more hits than 95% of mainstream radio rock but is rarely revered in the same light as other mas…[View]
107471194I want Punk beat tape to worldwide please feel the Punk soul If you like this beat, please give me a…[View]
107467193Ryo Fukui?: More like Ryo Cuckui, LMAO. This fucking sucks.[View]
107467161Are Buthole Surfers/The Residents reddit?[View]
107471031My first song.: https://tr00per.bandcamp.com/track/ii This is my first song. I tried to post it on t…[View]
107437473Death Grips is Online: First tweet in 3 years[View]
107470157I know it smelled crazy in there[View]
107470388What did George meant by this?[View]
107470508KPOP GENERAL[View]
107463382damn smerz looks like this?[View]
107470291The best song of all time is Disseminated by Soul Coughing[View]
107450598To Pimp a Butterfly is now officially the fourth greatest album of all time according to RYM. It wil…[View]
107471055>makes some of the best post-hardcore/indie rock tunes of the 2000s >fucks off for eternity…[View]
107469989HypeMachine: Did you use HypeM back in the day? Any similar sites now?[View]
107470921What did he mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RuCEhHcG4[View]
107470869Is Sparta prog-rock?[View]
107461880>biggest music in the US after pop is country >no one talks about it why?…[View]
107468401Will I ever outgrow this phase /mu/?[View]
107468484>top tier album >fucking ridiculous album cover What did they mean by this? Were they trying t…[View]
1074626965x5 week collage thread: https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/ rate stuff, give recs, make assumptions, you k…[View]
107469050What is the most depressing album you’ve ever heard?[View]
107468650this is a 22 year old woman.[View]
107470746Anyone else also secretly enjoys weird schizophrenic music but feels guilty about it? For example Cp…[View]
107462230how can anyone consider this album a 10/10 when moonshake is a thing? also, heavily interested in re…[View]
107468865damn, joni looking like ET out here[View]
107468208This is good stuff[View]
107468609>tries to add Reach Out I'll Be There to Get Back between this and He's So Fine, was he…[View]
107468794ITT no skip albums only[View]
107468174So was he guilty?[View]
107470211My brother posted this on his insta. Wtf.[View]
107469881KPOP GENERAL[View]
107470127Is there a particular reason about why most people who are music nerds are randomnly bullying bands …[View]
107449142>hey anon, wanna come back to our place?[View]
107467842>All my favorite songs are slow and sad >All my favorite people make me mad >Everything tha…[View]
107470174You WILL have sex with the Haim sisters and you WILL like it.[View]
1074697969/10 would listen again[View]
107468375Is film a superior artform to music?[View]
107468527holy fuck boys this is good, so many juicy moments[View]
107469279>*breathes in but masks it in post with pro tools* >*semi-groovy drum pattern starts* >*0.2…[View]
107470183Better than Phoebe[View]
107468525I've never heard a song by Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Grimes, or Phoebe Bridgers. Should I though…[View]
107467177>I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the …[View]
107456677/wpop/: itch edition previous thread: >>107439534 >New Music in the last 30 days: - FKA Twi…[View]
107468422Why is she so bad at singing?[View]
107469845I push my fingers into my...[View]
107469105Can you think of an album that's perfect from start to finish?[View]
107468405Anon is right. All songs 10/10[View]
107452799/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Pic related, you only exist to make me lau/gg/h edition[View]
107469444Bongs really let a song sung by a children's character reach number one[View]
107468916How the fuck do creatives in upper echelon art circles with 20k Instagram followers not have to work…[View]
107464213What music comes from here EXCEPT Boston?[View]
107469359KPOP GENERAL[View]
107468833Take a song leave a song: Take a song leave a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAsTlnjvetI https…[View]
107469808More Albums Like This?: It’s so blistering but atmospheric at the same time, I need more like it.…[View]
107469714>cops had nothing on him >still confessed anyway What did he mean by this?…[View]
107469523Black Sabbath paranoid I refused to fuck my girlfriend raw (She hates condoms) she got pissed and fu…[View]
107462246Contemporary Classical: >when you realize it clicked[View]
107468998>But if you send for me, you know I'll come >And if you call for me, you know I'll r…[View]
107463592i've been listening to a lot of titanic sinclair's music lately do you think he comes here…[View]
107468626Time is his best song[View]
107464907Post a musician without actually posting a pic of them[View]
107457909/ggg/ - guitar gear general: Is it... mental illness?[View]
107468655KPOP GENERAL[View]
107465529I hate pop/mainstream music. I only like experimental and very strange music normal people don'…[View]
107465042the sheer fucking angloness of it all[View]
107469250holy shit[View]
107467054Never saw the appeal of this band[View]
107465686RYM Curves: Post your RYM curves. Other people judge you.[View]
107468695>I've never recognized 'emo' as a genre of music. I always thought it was the most…[View]
107468883>At one time I felt that white people were to blame for everything, but then I found out that the…[View]
107464670Damn.....how DID they do it, bros?[View]
107468722Holy fuck[View]
107467618Now that the dust has settled: Fucking mad fer it, aren't ya[View]
107467918What are some good ‘90s pop songs?[View]
107468461Any slavs in here?: what's this song and the lyrics about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSPN…[View]
107461505Bandcamp thread: Post your links and give feedback, don't be a lazy cunt[View]
107464707What are you listening to right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk8mgaQ2gjw[View]
107464518Claim your Alice Cooper song I take Wind-up Toy[View]
107467658Is uk dubstep as based as it is said to be?, in my opinion it's the best genre of edm and coki …[View]
107468664>RETURN OF THE MACK (It is!) >RETURN OF THE MACK (Come on!) >RETURN OF THE MACK (Oh my god!…[View]
107468658pick one, pussy[View]
107467814KPOP GENERAL[View]
107466461What is the most efficient way to find music that you like? I feel like i'm wasting my time wad…[View]
107468138>fire >desire[View]
107466565What’s your tinder anthem?[View]
107467615/mu/ humor[View]
107467936Who’d you guys give 2 bucks this month?[View]
107468435Just lost my virginity, music for this feel? no madonna please. https://youtu.be/xmUZ6nCFNoU[View]
107468397Little Saint Nick and Frosty the Snowman are better than most songs on Pet Sounds[View]
107465742>The Beatles - All the Lonely People >CCR - It Aint Me >Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside …[View]
107462679drop ur spotify links u freakshows[View]
107468267omg jungkook just farted i really can't i just can't[View]
107467965>The critic is the real artist.[View]
107468113nine inch nails fit: nine inch nails fit[View]
107468136Any fans of lapfox trax/ halley labs? Whose your favorite persona? Kit calibur is my favorite person…[View]
107467335Thoughts on the 90s jam band scene?[View]
107466259what was your favorite album when I was in high school?[View]
107464848post /mu/ desktop/phone wallpapers[View]
107465412Will you go?[View]
107467970ITT: albums that sound easy to play but are actually very hard[View]
107467928ITT: Albums you love but know will be forgotten in five years: Pic related.[View]
107463586Zoomer here. Always thought this song was overrated and boring, and I don't understand why your…[View]
107467807When did you realize nobody on /mu/ has their own opinions about music and just regurgitates shit th…[View]
107467158KPOP GENERAL[View]
107467392Who was in the wrong here?: >be me >have perfect pitch >decide with a friend to make a 4-so…[View]
107463140> Doo-doo dingle zing a dong bone > di ba-da ba-zumba crunga cong gone bad What did he mean by…[View]
107466594what went right[View]
107431833Is this peak female rap?[View]
107463714[spoiler]Toxicity is a play on words meaning Toxic City, referring to Hollywood.[/spoiler][View]
107466021What's your favourite Burzum album, /mu/?[View]
107465055>BUT I'M A CREEP![View]
107466863Infinite Granite: Thoughts?[View]
107467383Post your favorite song https://youtu.be/y6120QOlsfU[View]
107467029Is there any real music that sounds like this?https://youtu.be/2jH4T3LQvUs?t=40[View]
107467151Pleb filter[View]
107467488damn: this is literally one of the best songs ever no shitty verses, captures early 2000s sound and…[View]
107467075lorde at 23[View]
107467481More like this?[View]
107467124How did we go from this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgyDpXkZfXE[View]
107462457It's got a bit of fat, but the good songs are better than anything from Death Magnetic or St. A…[View]
107464853damn: this is literally one of the best songs ever no shitty verses, captures early 2000s sound and …[View]
107466741The /mu/male fears the Red Hot Chad Peppers[View]
107467361UFO band photo: Does anyone know where I could find a more high quality version of this photo? Taken…[View]
107467341JM aka 616: You'll see me on BET or BBC...on CBD or PCP Did so much E I need an ECG Fuck a GED …[View]
107466131I'M AN ISLAND BOY[View]
107467092Is it possible the artists of today are robots?: you should NOT be able to see sclera UNDER her iris…[View]
107463261Biggest pleb filter of the past 5 years.[View]
107463429I miss him, bros...[View]
107464048is doja cat /ourgirl/[View]
107461869if you would release music how would you make sure you won't have fags/trannies listening to yo…[View]
107466468KPOP GENERAL[View]
107464549what did /mu/ think of ariel pink's new album[View]
107465333How in Hell did they make their noises?: Explain[View]
107466159have you ever met a 5'7 american boy who's just your type[View]
107460200Do you think Manson can redeem his career if the allegation turn out to be false?[View]
107466052She's back?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciqUEV9F0OY[View]
107464963so...which one of these guys are glenn branca?[View]
107466314I'm over my classical phase. Time to allow those dead white men rip. I'm now looking torwa…[View]
107464889Future is about to have his 13th child with his 13th baby momma. How does /mu/ feel about this music…[View]
107466353tell me a better album than this[View]
107466763ITT times when everyone could agree that a band had exhausted themselves creatively and would never …[View]
107465718Are you a fan of Chuck?[View]
107457843Why Techno and edm failed in america?[View]
107462124Jesus, Etc. is one of the greatest songs ever written[View]
107464405When I was a kid I thought 'My Own Worst Enemy' is a blink-128 song.[View]
107465809>be Godflesh >make a shitty album >it's still a 9/10 how does Broadrick do it bros?…[View]
107461041this ruined music[View]
107466483Soulwax Appreciation Thread: Post your favorite albums, mixes, remixes, and DEEWEE releases[View]
107465911KPOP GENERAL[View]
107465634Do any of you hip youngsters happen to be in possession of that one meme where its a picture of the …[View]
107465669Do people really like music? Why would you waste your time like that? life is too short anon. >mu…[View]
107459507Tusk: Is there any other band that sounds like Tusk? Specifically the Lindsey Buckingham songs such …[View]
107459984yup, those heights sure are 'wuthering', whatever the fuck that means[View]
107465274The guy who wrote /mu/'s original theme song is dead: Oldfags will remember when John Miles…[View]
107466097Tront meets bladee[View]
107464161Airhead | Boing!! (1991): >https://mega.nz/folder/kjQGXJpb#u8oC8LfD2vuDZp5_D9zxsQ Couldn't f…[View]
107465272Album opinion: Hi,how is this album? (isn't finished) https://prismscent.bandcamp.com/album/nos…[View]
107432124/classical/: Neujahrskonzert Edition https://youtu.be/aTnf0YV52u8 >How do I get into classical? T…[View]
107465726rap aoty[View]
107464061*Mike Love in complete creative control*[View]
107465342KPOP GENERAL[View]
107465884https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fHKU1CDdjE can someone tell me what song these guys are ripping off…[View]
107459954When have slow ever beated fast, /mu/? https://youtu.be/FqrhzxNP2H0?t=123[View]
107464312Why do you never talk about Mary Lou Lord?: 90's Indie rocks biggest slut, Courtney Love's…[View]
107465513so it's confirmed, he's one of us[View]
107465491Childhood is idolizing Toto IV. Adulthood is realizing that Isolation was their best album. And that…[View]
107464510award shows are really done for aren’t they[View]
107464159I don’t get it[View]
107458008Wow, unironically thank you to all the anons! I read the mocking posts and all the hatred it spawned…[View]
107465371Itt: Elder god tier artists: >sells more records than the Beatles in their prime >invents tou…[View]
107462181Deftones is so good holy shit Def gonna be my next tattoo[View]
107463745What's the best rock album of 2021? And I don't mean stuff like Black Country New Road, I …[View]
107464697KPOP GENERAL[View]
107462093r8 h8 whatever underrated imho[View]
107465288Music curfews: Music curfew time Ducky[View]
107464807>album has a hidden track tacked onto the final song like ten minutes after it ends…[View]
107461351Judas Priest bros.... he’s become cringe[View]
107465067ITT: Album Covers With Tits On Them: Simple as that[View]
107462264Robert Fripp: Robert Fripp[View]
107464638Are there any other albums like this?[View]
107461199>music was so bad this year that a fucking weezer album was AOTY lmao[View]
107464420What's some good music to fall asleep to Pls dont say SAW2 it gives me nightmares[View]
107464767Is the most well-constructed song of all time >A) Fleetwood Mac - The Chain OR >B)The Kinks - …[View]
107444321Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify thread.. Post &give feedback, you know the drill[View]
107464378'what we really do in coney island?' 'we keep it real son, we keep it real'[View]
107464042KPOP GENERAL[View]
107462479Why do Bong pretend to hate American music so much? We have The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Stooges, …[View]
107464462not another daily billie eilish post....make it stop....[View]
107461799SHES BACK[View]
107463219Albums that have soul: What are they[View]
107464490What was Alizee's best song?: https://strawpoll.com/j8y8yk2a7[View]
107463010do you think she has a bush[View]
107463809I love music![View]
107463241thoughts on the new Kill Bill the Rapper album? I would say its almost as good as Ramona https://you…[View]
107464369Leave a nigger wet and smoked like a cigarette 8 figure debt like I ice skate I'm a bigger thre…[View]
107461355Who are some good ‘80s pop songs?[View]
107459881what are /mu/ thoughts on this album?[View]
107461092why do people like her again?[View]
107457432Best pressing of Funhouse?: I have the 1998 Japan CD (Elektra - AMCY-2567) which isn’t bad per se bu…[View]
107462875Albums with this feel[View]
107463941>*shitty CIA-funded circus music starts playing* >I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN …[View]
107463547>It's a drag, isn't it?[View]
107464172'You can't fire me, cuz I quit.': Well he didn't lie about that.[View]
107461263why is she looking at me like that?[View]
107462779I can't understand a thing he's talking about, but god damn does this album have soul.[View]
10746216480s East Europe and Asian Pop: 80s Pop music from Asia and Eastern Europe, the less obvious, the bet…[View]
107461246what music comes from here[View]
107460102not to sound like a tranny but glory box by portishead makes me kinda cringe[View]
107463448KPOP GENERAL[View]
107463166John should of stayed with her.[View]
107463232post comfy albums[View]
107455640ITT: easiest paychecks[View]
107461773Do you consider Devin has a good vocals?[View]
107460904KIRINJI: Anyone else here listen to these guys? I came about their entire discography and they have …[View]
107463893Do you care about plagiarism?: For example, the chorus melody of In Our Lifetime by Texas (1999) is …[View]
107462782Post rock is just progressive rock Change my mind[View]
107462969Music for the feeling of knowing you negatively impact the lives of everyone around you?[View]
107463285drop it to tha floo o or or o or[View]
107460581>greatest guitar player of all time >writes the two most flawless tech death albums ever recor…[View]
107456259The Great Debate.[View]
107458907chai, lingua ignota, sematary, bladee, black dresses snubbed[View]
107460951Taproot: Holy SHIT[View]
107463494Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
107461323>hates the Soviets when it was cool and hip >turns lefty when it was cool and hip >became a…[View]
107459435>/mu/ hates this band because some Italian autist told them to and no other reason…[View]
107463357I'm Japanese, and I wrote a traditional Japanese song.: https://youtu.be/XOCL9KmOjyY Here are t…[View]
107462325grab my hand anon[View]
107463620post GOOD moments in GOOD songs. I'll start: https://youtu.be/GfITojs_mNg?t=220 >GO TO SCHOO…[View]
107440763Classical music is certainly superior to pop; and this is not meant to be a provocative statement, i…[View]
107460574I wrote an unbelievable rap song. Don't know anything about producing though. Should I rent a p…[View]
107458541This is the greatest American songwriter since Bob Dylan. Say something nice about him.[View]
107462931Christina Aguilera is the greatest vocalist of all time[View]
107459364I kneel[View]
107462854KPOP GENERAL: extraverts only edition[View]
107457321Top five the Cure songs....are?[View]
107463320Gacharic spin: Angelina 1/3 is a cute[View]
107457218I unironically like every Eminem album[View]
107462044when did hc become so racist?[View]
107462772The 5th Dimension: You can't name a more underrated band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFwv…[View]
107455639How many bands have escaped being one hit wonders? Obviously Radiohead is a big one Which others?[View]
107463107If your metal sounds out of place in a playlist with Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Wishbone Ash and Cre…[View]
107460375>pitchfork is there a more pathetic example of an old, once influential, publication turning into…[View]
107463118Holy shit[View]
107463019>You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe >You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe >You …[View]
107462694Bingo time!: I guess I win again.. 7/12[View]
107462231This genre is ageless. It sounds just as modern now as it did when it started thirty years ago.[View]
107462337KPOP GENERAL[View]
107462676Only absolute chads will get this[View]
107460758Im trying to get into Swans, but i keep falling asleep 10 min into any album of theirs... any tips?[View]
107461186what is the chaddest music of all time?[View]
107461664>1993 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzqOMXZK3Fg Did they invent nu-metal?…[View]
107455216This song has been going viral on Malagasy social media, specifically Tik Tok. What do you think abo…[View]
107455226I'm in love With the greatest gamer But he'll always love the game More than he loves me[View]
107462396jury motivation general: you WILL pass your juries you ARE a good musician you WILL have a great per…[View]
107459483The Chad McCartney: >writes #1 hits on the spot >helps bandmates with their songs and makes th…[View]
107461747Thoughts on this random German Black Metal band? Based or am I tasteless?[View]
107461709KPOP GENERAL[View]
107461523sad old mexican mariachi music?[View]
107460607Why would anyone want to become a drummer? If you 'write' a really good drum fill you don't get…[View]
107459758Describe an artist's oeuvre in one line >Paramore, but with every redeeming quality absent…[View]
107462256Alright /mu/ I'm late to the party but I just listened to this and it might be the best thing I…[View]
107460063Why have I never seen the true AOTY posted here?[View]
107460285>someone wrongs Morrissey exactly once >he writes an entire album about it What the FUCK was h…[View]
107460919Songs About Farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I42JGMOAEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC4…[View]
107462103'Tor': The king and his men Stole the queen from her bed And bound her in her bones The seas be ours…[View]
107461527Why do people assume Marr and Morrissey are The Smiths? Rourke and Joyce prove themselves on this t…[View]
107450715ersatz granny on bongos[View]
107461195miserable, funereal songs to kill yourself to.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGL5SXrCFXk https://…[View]
107462017On this week's Hot 100: HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS IT'S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR >A…[View]
107461053i didnt know dave grohl was a burzum fan https://youtu.be/Ttzjq29EgwU[View]
107458728The Cure European Tour 2022: https://www.thecure.com/#shows BIG tour[View]
107461938Albums ranking DM: > SoaFD > Violator > Ultra > Black Celebration > Playing the angel…[View]
107461903Bow to the Gypsy queen: https://youtu.be/UcaHAL38j4M[View]
107461695Favorite album: why ur favorite album is ur favoirte album?[View]
107461705This is the only hip hop/rap I seem to like, yes I'm very entry level. Can I get some recs? I w…[View]
107461718>Okay, so you're a dog... >*record scratch*…[View]
107459130Underrated Album thread: Albums that flopped and were met with mixed feelings at their release, but …[View]
107459403SANTANA: Just watched a clip from his Woodstock concert and thought it was amazing, where do I start…[View]
107459057>drag innit Why did McCartney not care one bit about John Lennon’s death?…[View]
107459334Why does he always rate the famous album slightly lower than the less famous album?[View]
107461155Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]
107461448Youtube algo hit me with some RBF and Less Than Jake the other day and I went down a nostalgia rabbi…[View]
107455277>Singer Duffy has opened up about a four-week ordeal during which she says she was drugged in her…[View]
107459837is djent a meme genre?[View]
107461479>Said if you want to call me baby >Just go ahead now >And if you like to tell me maybe >…[View]
107460084Primavera Sound L.A.[View]
107460254My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles. What music does your dog like?[View]
107457352bladee: Is he the best musician of the generation?[View]
107460310ITT: Registered Democrat-core[View]
107461406Track 15 is my favorite[View]
107459657How do I get a Nico gf?[View]
107461091the way I see things, drums are the heart and soul of r*ck music, and probably that's just what…[View]
107461350the mixing/mastering on this thing was a stroke of genius[View]
107459398Underrated 10/10s: I'll start with a obvious one. This album is so good it's ridiculous.…[View]
107459961Now that the dust has settled, you reckon they fugged?[View]
107460941really cool album: this album is really cool and swag (i enjoy it)[View]
107460167This cultural interchange was crucial for her success but media barely talks about it[View]
107461095The influx of Let It Be shills because of the movie is pathetic. Let It Be sucks. End of story. Abbe…[View]
107459324name an artist with better features than her[View]
107460468I’m trying to get into Prince. Recommend me some songs.[View]
107461058Day 6 Raised by Owls - The Santanist >Death Metal https://youtu.be/xGE2z4ZnNwA Previous days: htt…[View]
107446969Add 'Sucking Cocks' at the end of an album title[View]
107460184Is this considerate 'disco'? Discuss[View]
107459090u was at the club[View]
107457648how do I write interesting and good guitar riffs I don't get it. all I can write sounds cliché …[View]
107455580ICONIC Diva duo[View]
107459972How the fuck did she do this to her mouth She was only 15 when she did this wtf[View]
107455225ITT: Bands who have completely run out of ideas[View]
107460532KPOP GENERAL[View]
107461128KPOP GENERAL[View]
107460673>band starts as a Joy Division clone >they end up making synthpop…[View]
107460653space funk: i know no one will listen, but tell me this first track isn't fucking amazing https…[View]
107458194Currently feel nothing at the moment, please post songs that make you cry or atleast feel something[View]
107460531>ANCIENTS OF MU MU![View]
107460013KPOP GENERAL[View]
107431878STOP Tell us the song you are listening to RIGHT NOW[View]
107460398Corridos tumbados: what does /mu/ think of corridos tumbados? https://youtu.be/DG1ulm4Ozt8 https://y…[View]
107459424This is like, a really good hair metal[View]
107457368Opera for beginners: Whats some operas for beginners? Even better with high quality video recording …[View]
107459494Haunted Mound Thread: Are you excited for #Peterbilt, the new single from Sematary and Hackle droppi…[View]
107456249AOTY for sure. best body of work undoubtedly[View]
107459540ITT: post an artist's drukqs[View]
107458252I’m soulless: Why is it that when I sing it’s like it’s soulless but when soul singers sing it sound…[View]
107459904Nickelback rocks[View]
107458126Wine aunt Karen here: Tuuuuuuuuuune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bw2dTY3SsQ[View]
107458138Recommend me post punk: hi to all,me again,i want to listen some post-punk thing,recomend me any pos…[View]
107452934Alternative Band Names: what if they were called The Shmeatles?[View]
107459025Romantic songs are literally simp music.[View]
107458334Neo done right.: >neo soul https://youtu.be/lPLhTzq-TpY >neo 70s singer songwriter https://you…[View]
107459451The greatest composer of the 20th century.[View]
107459457>'His first album E (2019) transformed that style into something more personal. Both the rapping/…[View]
107457917>bitch im a murderer what did he mean by this[View]
107447328>what it do, bwoy[View]
107459481KPOP GENERAL[View]
107459727More like this?[View]
107456426Oasis: Supersonic is the best Oasis song BY FAR. Discuss[View]
107459861famous music quotes[View]
107459884Ahead of it's time[View]
107459819*writes joy division song*[View]
107453180last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.net where's the thread guys. guess favorite color idk…[View]
107454548Is Slipknot better pre or post this album in your opinion?[View]
107452084Mac is secretly right-wing[View]
107459692Is it worth a listen after of SftB, or does it have no purpose other than as a preview of the album?[View]
107455414Post your favorite album and let people make random assumptions about you[View]
107454038>type 'album name (full album)' into YouTube >go to YouTube to mp3 website >download >li…[View]
107448522>All killer, no filler Why do so many albums have so many fillers? Why not shorten it down instea…[View]
107458880KPOP GENERAL[View]
107459455MIDI synth buying advice: I've been looking at the Arturia Essential 88 keyboard, but I'm …[View]
107456710Why do people say this sounds like the apocalypse? It sounds so beautiful[View]
107459374is this a fair price?: I been thinking of learning to play guitar. I visited my local music store an…[View]
107459024New Death Grips lyrics just dropped[View]
107459255The only good jazz composers: pre-jazz songs that became standards don't count[View]
107459056hey boys check this 259120806.html FAST, WEIRD, EXTREME, SUPER HEAVY and other FUCKING MUSIC THREAD …[View]
107456008>Mogs the everliving FUCK out of court[View]
107459253I heard deathconsciousness being played at a fucking bagel shop yesterday[View]
107459268WILLOW Speaks on Racism in the Rock Scene: If a black billionaire can't be accepted as a rock g…[View]
107457508Actually this is the best Deftones album and album cover[View]
107456255Looking for light entertainment: Names some genuinely interesting /mu/ youtube channels! Language do…[View]
107455991jezz: favorite jazz era/subgenre? +albums[View]
107458820>itt: 'oh yeah that happened' albums[View]
107458407So what does it imply to have a nice life?[View]
107457354>Collings >muh booteek nice guitar, pal lmao…[View]
107458965Does /mu/ enjoy The Avett Brothers?[View]
107456029ITT: Post your favourite albums of 2021[View]
107458494Do you also feel like music gives you a distorted/unrealistic view of life that compromises your exi…[View]
107458257KPOP GENERAL: webm of the year edition[View]
107441729Oasis had no success in America[View]
107457995Johnny Marr literally ripped off The Stones for The Smiths' two biggest songs https://www.youtu…[View]
107456972If this can be a classic for what it represents over technical prowess: So can To Pimp a Butterfly…[View]
107458713Holy shit[View]
107455301What's your favorite Danzig album[View]
107454407Delete /mu/[View]
107458317i hurt myself today to see if i still feel[View]
107457686KPOP GENERAL[View]
107455229Other than that guy from Tool and Dave Grohl what are some obvious CIA agents in the music industry?[View]
107454835The Beatles: >replace the handsome drummer with someone even uglier than the rest of the band Rea…[View]
107457641Fullmoon Lullaby >>>>>>>>>>> Look At The Sky = Get Your Wish = Some…[View]
107458366Behappy: https://youtu.be/-iF62zl2Uso https://youtu.be/-iF62zl2Uso[View]
107458193So we agree Yeezus: So we agree Yeezus is still his best right? Donda is right up there but still ca…[View]
107455651What would he think of black metal music and it’s message?[View]
107456300I like dem ol azz Mannie Fresh beats. Any recs? Some Mannie Fresh produced songs I like : https://yo…[View]
107456023CIA plants made to destroy the USSR or failed KGB plants?[View]
107457721why dont we have a /mu/sicians collaborative network?: im about to move cities and will lose all my …[View]
107458049I wish I went to a concert that looked like this: Why isnt there a set that look like this[View]
107458105Kick iii is the best work of Arca[View]
107453622Pahk Loife[View]
107450185SoundCloud shill thread I’ll start Here’s my weird Vocaloid song about tacos https://soundcloud.com/…[View]
107455990What are some albums that sound like pic related?: >inb4 it's shit I am not here to discuss …[View]
107457853Last Call is still my favorite Kanye track (●'◡'●)[View]
107453867Regeaton: Why is regeaton so popular now? Is it even good if you know basically 0 spanish?[View]
107457754>best song on the album is mixed so badly it becomes the worst thanks Frank…[View]
107450337why do italians dominate music[View]
107457141KPOP GENERAL[View]
107455514It's a heckin masterpiece[View]
107455566the most successful artist of all time calling him our generation’s Michael Jackson is an understate…[View]
107457470i liked it[View]
107455969Overhated or deserves all the hate?[View]
107454747/bleep/: loopy edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbjAmnArgJ8[View]
107435873/metal/: Year-End chart edition Old >>107419160 FAQ https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
107457288If you delete Back to School this album is a 10/10[View]
107457332What went wrong?[View]
107457308I'm curious as an outsider what /mu/ thinks of pic related[View]
107457197Karaoke help: Help. I want to do karaoke but literally all the non electronic music I know is basica…[View]
107454137Sunny Day Real Estate is turning 30. Say something nice about them, /mu/.[View]
107456885For those wondering how Oasis got their sound on Definitely Maybe & Morning Glory.. Owen Morris …[View]
107456875>Trying to listen to King Crimson >Check comments for any interesting/amusing discussion >C…[View]
107456538genres that aged like shit[View]
107454871'BBC, BB King'. What did John mean by this?[View]
107451822>the most despairing, nihilistic utterly hope-free attitude in music >just ages gracefully and…[View]
107456962Who is the cutest musician and why is it K.Flay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P1FyntN_Uc[View]
107456910WAKE UP F1LTHY[View]
107453835All my Heroes are Cornballs will influence the next 10 years of rap[View]
107456873Am i going to be dead before we get the third volume of this?[View]
107454107America's Greatest Album[View]
107456590KPOP GENERAL[View]
107456454What is the music in your opinion there has ever been?[View]
107456975fuck what an insufferable “scene”[View]
107456923/GMG/ Good Music General: Post (undiscovered) music hits like: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
107456316apology for poor english when were you when john lenin dies? i was at home eating fish and chips whe…[View]
107456703Do people really skip intro tracks? Why?[View]
107456876https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8gmARGvPlI Is 'Wham! - Last Christmas' as Christmas song?[View]
107456874PESTE NOIRE DL LINKS???: am looking for Peste Noire download links pls. impossible to find[View]
107456276It's been six years since pic related, and almost five since the last xx album. When is Jamie r…[View]
107452957Name my band?[View]
107456685>lyrics videos >fake 4:3 >soulless digital filters poorly imitating analog tapes/VHS etc …[View]
107454465underappreciated prog: underappreciated prog im tired of pink floyd[View]
107454574What’s the best Yes album?[View]
107456391>released one of the best rock albums of the last decade >fell of a cliff afterwards and kept …[View]
107456018ITT: Musicians with no bad songs in their discography[View]
107454509People don't realize about The Beatles that their genius is not in their musicianship or writin…[View]
107456643does /m/ like eurobeat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AXgZVLJrc8[View]
107455023What do you think of Yoko Ono?[View]
107449938What are some albums pre-1979 to heavily utilize sampling? The material on this album was recorded b…[View]
107455971KPOP GENERAL[View]
107456577Why should a newfag care about your ideas?: Also, what genre do you master?[View]
107456539ITS DARE[View]
107456537OH, WELL IMAGINE[View]
107456171How does /mu/ feel about the Umineko soundtrack?[View]
107456472Who's the better Boston band?[View]
107456450What are great songs that were written specifically for movies? Pic related https://youtu.be/xSs7J7O…[View]
107456061What is this genre called: There is this very drone-y but quite addictive type of music that no arti…[View]
107455349For me it's hybrid theory (EP)[View]
107456224so i was on instagram the other day and saw a james harden highlight reel and it had some instrument…[View]
107454541Soulless Academics: Anyone got any fresh cringe from godawful academic musicians on Youtube? People …[View]
107449568You guys know any affordable synths for either harsh noise or just general fun bleep bloops? I'…[View]
107455268Beatles Unpopular Opinions: Mine: George’s obsession with Hinduism and new-age spiritual bullshit is…[View]
107452778I like her previous work better desu[View]
107438524Future of electronic: What is the future of electronic music? Pic related[View]
107454958so this is basically math-rock[View]
107453439who are your favorite underground artists?[View]
107455962Musician quotes[View]
107451816This dude out-Coltraned Coltrane.[View]
107455382KPOP GENERAL[View]
107455643>first live performance >people filmed me and posted stories on insta >checked them out …[View]
107449146>Band ranks their debut album, which is often their best, as their worst album >'Yeah it…[View]
107447166Post your Top 10[View]
107455706Holy shit this is way better than both The Low End Theory and modern hip hop.[View]
107455621>2021... I am forgotten...[View]
107454778Share your favorite Sewerslvt tracks!: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1P_0mUsBJ0 …[View]
107455610>Dogs 'prefer reggae and soft rock' to other music genres, research suggests. Dogs appe…[View]
107454652Yep, still goes hard even till this day[View]
107452612what genre is depeche mode?[View]
107453416What went wrong, bros?[View]
107453882oh no kimbrabros. peggy got his hands on our wife[View]
107452731It's Late And I Can't Feel Motivated To Do Anything Other Than Share Tunes (But It's …[View]
107448633I want to expand my music taste: I want to expand my musix taste pls recomend me obscure albums…[View]
107455453Is this peak female rnb?[View]
107448741After the dust has settled admit it, this album was right move at right time to leave emo rock vampi…[View]
107443937Shillthread?: Shillthread! . OPposting for free feedback https://soundcloud.com/dmn2398 https://dark…[View]
107455535>look away, look away, look away Dixie land Look away from what exactly? Wtf are they talking abo…[View]
107452464what is 'supermassive black hole'?[View]
107451088This shit is my secret pleasure. If anyone found out I listen to Taylor Swift's Red and 1989 I …[View]
107455359Algorhytmic / procedural / AI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zis-oOiUZDo[View]
107454693Wtf. How did I never know about this? Anymore like this? Also, this is now a funk thread.[View]
107449235How does one go about making music that's genuinely fucking hair-raisingly horrifying but in a …[View]
107449457More like this?: Yes, yes, I know it's shibuyakei. I've listened to all of Cornelius'…[View]
107455403but now there's nowhere to hide since you pushed my love aside[View]
107448881>Mick (Jagger) is the only man I’ve ever seriously wanted to fuck. He was wearing loose pyjama-st…[View]
107454762KPOP GENERAL[View]
107455317whats the best focus music?[View]
107455297The Puzzle: what did we think?[View]
107454301>my favorite album of all time is Duster - Stratosphere What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
107455218what went wrong?[View]
107453377Songs only mentally ill white people could love[View]
107452585Well /mu/, the time has finally come. I'm sure you've all been waiting very patiently for …[View]
107454973Is the intro to this song electric guitar or bass? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8yRvdsbeAk[View]
107455082Who the hell is Izzy Bardot?: I've woken up today to find that April March's 'Chick H…[View]
107453261ITT post the song you listen to when you're stalking women in the dark hours of the night. Allo…[View]
107453085>the music does nothing anymore Yup. It’s finally over, boys[View]
107454868Did Music peak with this one lads?[View]
107454922christian lofi mix - chill beats to worship, pray, study and relax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
107450590>first track of the album is an instrumental[View]
107454770grunge was so bad it killed all innovation in popular music[View]
107410986The king[View]
107454257>The best rock album is trout mask replica >The best krautrock album is Faust >The best Can…[View]
107454218KPOP GENERAL: monday edition[View]
107450743ITT: deeply misanthropic music[View]
107454731When you go from listening to a Bruckner symphony to a Beatles song, say, 'You Won't See Me,' y…[View]
107453513Incels hate them: verification not required[View]
107454468>It's a drag, isn't it?[View]
107454294>Grab a stapler and put a little gauze on >Hide the wound to fade away reality >Why'd …[View]
107454403god these guys were fucking awesome. such a shame they died in that horrible car crash in '97. …[View]
107453854all the people who say paul is the worst beatle after watching get back. have never listened to the …[View]
107454048Australia releses topp 200 albums list 1 AC/DC Back in Black 2 INXS Kick 3 John Farnham Whispering J…[View]
107453305What's the music equivalent[View]
107454484I feel so extraordinary Something's got a hold on me I get this feeling I'm in motion A su…[View]
107453131Sereda: Plays original music, engineers, produces, practices and sings live on Twitch or On Volume. …[View]
107454361RAM: the song “instant crush” about being a gay? I’ve heard rumors that DaftPunk and other acts like…[View]
107452073someone look at my new music https://youtu.be/-AXiFIo6geI[View]
107449799How do you justify ranking any album 10/10? Are you really delusional enough to think that you alone…[View]
107454359post ONE song you recorded that you feel deserves to be remembered. You can link your soundcloud or …[View]
107454329Music for this feel?[View]
107453751KPOP GENERAL[View]
107451074AOTY: literally like literally fr no cap coverart stans on suicide watch[View]
107450419Classical music is certainly superior to pop; and this is not meant to be a provocative statement, i…[View]
107451393Someone posted a youtube link about a week ago with a guy girl synth duo singing some scifi themed s…[View]
107450662Retarded Songs You Can't Help But Consider Based: I'll start with pic related. https://m.y…[View]
107454043Song name/artist name: Hi /Mu, I need help finding a somewhat niche song when I first tried learning…[View]
107453942We all know the classics? But what are your favorite Christmas songs that are a little obscure?[View]
107452793Paul's solo career was shi- Wings absolutely suc-[View]
107453869Blue Oyster Cult General: Eric Bloom songs = Great Buck Dharma songs = Legendary Joe Bouchard songs …[View]
107446716Lady Gaga is italian[View]
107453842This is so fucking good. Anons please recc similar albums[View]
107453656Post piano stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcq4jtsZcpE[View]
107453545>mfw some faggot who's never heard the Beatles in mono tries to tell me his opinions on anyt…[View]
107450669Will there ever be another album this influential?[View]
107452872Why is pic related considered edgy, but nobody says the same shit about gangsta rap?[View]
107452849I love Lana Del Rey! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXnNIGnZals[View]
107449100>born to die will be 10 years old in one month bros..[View]
107453560Can someone link me the cover of Bad Wolves - Zombie (their actual cover) (differences: the song sh…[View]
107452438>joins the recording >mogs everyone in the band >everyone starts trying harder in order not…[View]
107453537Well. i've looked and only found a few i like. i have been looking for similar songs for these …[View]
107449720what does he listen to[View]
107453417someone hug me: And I don't want the world to see me 'Cause I don't think that they…[View]
107452489POP MUSIC IS THE BEST GENRE: I think I discovered the true white man's genre, lately I have bee…[View]
107453407Josef Matthias Hauer (March 19, 1883 – September 22, 1959) was an Austrian composer and music theori…[View]
107453135R&B Meme song: fuck everyones heard this song but I cannot for the life of me find it It starts …[View]
107453340>French boomers lose it over this video >banned from broadcast >album sales goes through th…[View]
107420609NOTHING BUT DEATH METAL DECEMBER: Playing in the snow edition Pervious >>>107362639[View]
107450987/mulit/: Recommend books about music. Everything from books about specific albums, history of music …[View]
107448182/wpop/: 'The fuck did you just say bitch?' edition previous thread >>107439534 >New Music i…[View]
107449397>scaruffi >based[View]
107450878Who was in the wrong here?: >be me >have perfect pitch >decide with a friend to make a 4-so…[View]
107452598KPOP GENERAL[View]
107449730>top 0.1% of his listeners what does it mean[View]
107449432Hip-Hoptards will never recover from this[View]
107451316Her English language tracks are alright. I don't understand the French stuff but it sounds goo…[View]
107452498>Last track on album is 20 mins >First 5 mins is actual music then 10 mins of silence >Last…[View]
107451079Holy fucking shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrKu4ASKqTE[View]
107445021Why did it take over 30 years for Vashti Bunyan to release a second album?[View]
107452127Any Transcribers around: Anyone want to help me with the below - I can't figure out the key or …[View]
107437009/gg/ - guitar & bass general: So who else >/rosemetallic/gg/retschin'/ tonight?…[View]
107452696>alt-right music forum This doesn't even make sense, LMAO.[View]
107446591Which ones are some of the greatest cringekino songs ever made?[View]
107447169I'm getting an electric guitar for christmas: How long does it take to learn how to play heavy …[View]
107452760Psycho Soldier - Main Theme (Cassette Extended): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-YW8hnwZtk…[View]
107452279why is it so fucking good, bros...[View]
107452683Album covers: post albums you listened to because of the cover art[View]
107450850Last 30 seconds of this album is fucking ear rape, htf did they make that fucking sound, it's l…[View]
107452618Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z…[View]
107452059KPOP GENERAL[View]
107452495Post albums that are a lot better than you remember them being.[View]
107451915Hello /mu/. I've been thinking about making that thread for a while now. Throughout the recent …[View]
107450436what does /mu/ think of idles?[View]
107448699rate my playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0VFpeQ5BnTDffQ7CF1Cx7t[View]
107452283Suicidal Thoughts was the first Emo Rap[View]
107451047https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/supertartory/list/7111/the-longest-albums-of-all-time/ I did it.…[View]
107451987music theory bullshit: I'm looking for a specific piece of music theory terminology. Some songs…[View]
107448587Pretending that the beatles are trash is probably the coldest music take there will ever be.[View]
107447971Rank the following artists. >u-Ziq >Aphex Twin >Squarepusher >Board of Canada >Plaid …[View]
107443434turntable.fm: Hey /mu/, why don't we hangout in our own turntable.fm room and play some good mu…[View]
107451198>I LIVE TO HATE WHOOREZ[View]
107451932Why do their albums contain so much filler?[View]
107451443KPOP GENERAL[View]
107390294/bleep/: out here edition prev >>107333684[View]
107449574whats her appeal?[View]
107450425What makes a good guitar is not the guitar with the combination of the most premium features, what m…[View]
107451968Where do these sounds come from?[View]
107447424ITT: Songs from female rock bands that ooze sex, the kind that make you pop a boner https://www.yout…[View]
107451803What's the point of these? I hear no difference[View]
107451887Anyone with a KC-990 want to show it off? I can only find 1 vid and it's not even a synth.[View]
107450161>wears a hat that says Mike Love based[View]
107451753what is the most efficient way to start learning bass?[View]
107450767Fisheye lens band photos[View]
107451739CorderyFX is in a song now?: So I was recently looking over some CorderyFX videos- he's an Aust…[View]
107449233Help mu! I’m stuck in a tube![View]
107450769it's time to put the g in groove fellas[View]
107449661Ready to Die [Bad Boy, 1994] As a white person in an integrated, how do we say it, nabe, I should br…[View]
107451629Let’s do this again. Underrated musician and songwriter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOjt5IlyJFI…[View]
107450651Opinions on this album[View]
107449884Miley Cyrus is ranked Billboard’s #1 female rock artist of 2021.[View]
107450713KPOP GENERAL[View]
107451433It's Kendrick Lamar's best. Yes I know it's a compilation album.[View]
107451404Somebody told me That you had a boyfriend Inside of a boyfriend Enclosed in the bounds of a still la…[View]
107448701Claim your Steely Dan song: I claim Bad Sneakers[View]
107450690MUSIC TO LIFT TO: i love you i need good loud music here are some examples https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
107451367I'm learning how to play violin as an adult and I've just moved on to the second suzuki bo…[View]
107451329Holy Shit: Ataxia - Automatic Writing[View]
107447141Just marathoned this album. What did I think of it?[View]
107436828The worst type of music fans are those who shit on hip hop heads. Anytime someone shows a topster an…[View]
107451171>DUDE THE HONKY TONK LAGOON what the fucking fuck did he mean by this?[View]
107450025Katy Perry is a modern musical genius and for her level of popularity, she just doesn't seem to…[View]
107450439How old were you guys when you outgrew rap?[View]
107450380I heard deathconsciousness being played at a bagel shop today[View]
107449378https://youtu.be/8rCR47MKnfk The first half of this song is literally math rock/mid western emo 30 y…[View]
107451085Am I wrong?[View]
107448289ITT post artists that are literally you[View]
107448414Did people not like the Christmas songs Mac Demarco put out? Why are the likes/dislikes and comments…[View]
107445797>*DESPERATELY trying to stay relevant*[View]
107445779The great debate[View]
107448824why is she the way she is?[View]
107449983Nirvana is the epitome of 'epic' in music. Nevermind summed everything up: pathos, epos and eros. Po…[View]
107450592Synth goths: https://youtu.be/zykZC2IhI4M What’s up with this aesthetic? Do analog circuits cause de…[View]
107450033KPOP GENERAL[View]
107449893What happened to his writing after Yellow Submarine?: Was it the LSD or was it Yoko?[View]
107449121*concludes music with his next album*[View]
107449880MASHUPS: Supremely epic mashups, i'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjmzOD-_oHU…[View]
107449511itt: times an artist lost you as a fan forever because of one ignorant comment[View]
107446946Anyone familiar with the 90s band Far?[View]
107445380just finished pic related: overall thought it was meh, but still has some of the best pumpkins song.…[View]
107450256>I DON'T EVEN LIKE MONEY[View]
107450234Goth music: What's the best?[View]
107450310Who won at the end?[View]
107450314anyone know where i can find more brutal prog like this? i love working out to this record but when …[View]
107449899Why did nobody tell me how fucking good Sade was?[View]
107446358why does /mu/ hate lana so much?[View]
107450112Holy shit[View]
107449391KPOP GENERAL: you're under arrest edition[View]
107449990john fahey just blew my little fucking zoomer mind: i just listened to this fucking john fahey album…[View]
107442832last.fm weekly 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.net guess the guess[View]
107449954Fuck Stravinsky[View]
107448497King gizzard polygondwanaland: What is this shit even about, are just rambling about nonsense or doe…[View]
107449915Remember when Avenged Sevenfold was a popular band? I hated that band but those were good times.[View]
107449827ITT: mainstream pop songs that are actually really fucking good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxxa…[View]
107449427is their marketplace better than ebay? seems like theres more sellers with rare stuff here.[View]
107449337Can anyone recommend stuff that sounds like this instrumentally?[View]
107449658Whatchu know about rolling down in the deep?[View]
107449368Remember Vampire Weekend?[View]
107449575Any other cynical music recs like pic related?[View]
107447764Name a more pseudo-intellectual band[View]
107448900what are some cool concerti you like your favorites or just some nice ones[View]
107441415What are some albums that are objectively bad, yet hipsters seem to like for some reason.[View]
107445986>Perfect discography until 2005 >not a single good moment ever since Where did all go so wrong…[View]
107448640KPOP GENERAL[View]
107447956https://www.instagram.com/p/CW9Ic-wrwQD/ What a cunt. Why do cunts like Tranny Swift think this is a…[View]
107448206ITT: Artists that were widely panned a decade ago and have received a complete critical turnaround t…[View]
107448595ITT: Post albums that you like but not enough to be considered your favorites[View]
107448650i really love well produced black metal and it is much more pleasurable than listening to stuff reco…[View]
107448638This was one of the most mainstream festivals in 2013[View]
107449294Hearing loss: Is there a way to eq for hearing loss? I know most hearing aids just add gain to vocal…[View]
107446124Xiu xiu be spooky doe[View]
107448472OASIS GENERAL: Biblical[View]
107446843It's good.[View]
107444672Diva experimental fm: The most beautifully talented trans-woman musician. What did we think of Kick…[View]
107447484i see faces and traces of home BACK IN NEW YOOOOOORK CITYYYYY[View]
107448195why does he get so much shit?[View]
107447759This is a great album.[View]
107449017What music brings you closer to your creator? https://youtu.be/Dlr90NLDp-0[View]
107448723Mike Hate[View]
107445754buttrock hendrix[View]
107448783I miss the Donnas: It's on the rocks bros[View]
107442520How do I bring back the 80s music to the mainstream?[View]
107442657Why do people hate Maxwell's Silver Hammer so much? It's one of the best songs on the albu…[View]
107447972What am i in for, lads?[View]
107447549What emerging electronic music genres are you excited about? Personally, I've interested chills…[View]
107443322The story of how I embarrassed myself with Gangnam Style: Embarrassing school story >be me >4t…[View]
107447771This shit bumps[View]
107434474You guys have taken the digital pill right? I hope none of you guys are vinyl-listening zoomers.[View]
107448803the way I see things, drums are the heart and soul of r*ck music, and probably that's just what…[View]
107447430ITT: Songs that were ahead of their time: Trapped in the Closet is an absolute masterpiece Truly a h…[View]
107444839Charles Manson: In an alternate universe, this guy would've made a solid musician. This aint ba…[View]
107444761What is some obscure 80s hair metal I haven't heard that is required listening?[View]
107447498Post sexy albums[View]
107448705>trw so many shitty industry plants that a non-industry plant is based and hard to find…[View]
107448654Give me some Yellow, or Gold album covers pls lads: I wanna make a shiny new Thumbnail for a New Yea…[View]
107446291I’ve been getting into early Blues, 60s folk, and everything in between. Got into it because that Bo…[View]
107419160/metal/: True underground traditional doom metal edition https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
107447774KPOP GENERAL[View]
107448601Turntable thread: With a new job, I can finally afford an upgrade for myself for christmas this year…[View]
107443938>underrated bands I'll start: Opeth[View]
107448466Everybody Hurts: What does it say about a band when you have to make a song telling your fans not to…[View]
107423271Afrobeats will replace Trap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxW5yuzVi8w The success of 'woman' by D…[View]
107432378Top 3 Divas of the '20s[View]
107446131Another riff Kurt Cobain Stole: https://youtu.be/KIMrTftOTmw?t=121 brought to you by your neighborho…[View]
107446215top of the mornin jazzers im feelin fuckin jaaaazzzyyyy today i need some jazzy jazz to jazz to toda…[View]
107448265Starflyer 59: Silver > Gold[View]
107443499Do you also have musician parents? My mom is in an experimental rock band but their music tries to b…[View]
107445238you should listen to mariners apartment complex right now[View]
107448205>most famous and best selling band of the 21st century >no cultural impact hmm……[View]
107447651are they right?[View]
107448119Claim your Brand New song. I get first dibs >nobody moves[View]
107448148for me, it's 'You make loving fun'[View]
107448147https://youtu.be/j2vzKx5DTM8 >yfw the definitive version of California Girls was recorded by Oing…[View]
107445751what did azealia mean by this?[View]
107447735Post lesser known top tier bands from the 90s, posting my latest discovery Braniac https://www.youtu…[View]
107446453artist lore thread[View]
107439534/wpop/: Based Beato edition II previous thread: >>107427593 >New Music in the last 30 days:…[View]
107447420Look... if you Look... if you had Look... if youLook... if you had one shot... one opportuniLook... …[View]
107447590If an album ever captured the state of 2020-2021 so far it's gotta be this one. Wow.[View]
107447796do you still use RYM?[View]
107447762Is an album considered great if it has 3 amazing songs but the rest skippable? What about an album w…[View]
107447842ghost rider motorcycle hee-ro[View]
107447840will openly liking late 70s and 80s post-punk around normies make be a cool looking hipster or a com…[View]
107447014KPOP GENERAL[View]
107446750/mu i want your best boogie songs.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtMHsNhQBvI like this, upbeat …[View]
107446539I'm kinda anxious when it comes music. I used to listen to albums up to 5 times to confirm if I…[View]
107439801will this /mu/ ever reclaim its board culture[View]
107446691Will early 20s zoomers think im weird for trying to play gigs in their scene as a washed up 30yo boo…[View]
107444819>Christina Aguilera [RCA, 1999] >The main problem with this girl is that her voice is unpleasa…[View]
107444091What's his problem?[View]
107447475>(slowed + reverb)[View]
107447508Eine Kline Nightenwave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeW_DMV_3Wg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
107447503>tfw addicted to getting VSTs[View]
107446801she might not owe me good music but she owes me milk[View]
107445939Metal with this level of intensity: Hey /mu/. I'm looking for music or metal with this level of…[View]
107446970How the FUCK did they do this????[View]
107446826any bands similar to Waterparks?[View]
107444039>Save up some decent cash because I got an actually good job >Pay off debts, fix broken shit …[View]
107447249Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop)[View]
107447209Holy shit[View]
107447127Hooverphonic: Geike sucks. She has an amazing range on her voice, but Noemi beat her effortlessly on…[View]
107446353what are your thoughts on bree runway[View]
107444114>MJ >Gary Glitter >The Who >R Kelly >David Bowie >Led Zeppelin >Afrika Bamb…[View]
107447059why is modern music literal meme bleeps?[View]
107443832Self Discovery as a Musician: Recently I've been thinking about what the purpose of being a mus…[View]
107446277KPOP GENERAL[View]
107446963Wait where'd the third hand come from wtf?[View]
107446536Now if I fuck this model And she just bleached her asshole And I get bleach on my T-shirt I'mma…[View]
107446943How come no piece of Japanese music can top this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjgRHs4Teao[View]
107445178I was told that Americans consider Stravinsky to be 'their' composer rather than Russian or European…[View]
107443989This is probably one of the albums ever made.[View]
107445239When you wake up before you brush your teeth you grab your strap nigga Only time you get down on you…[View]
107446608Hendrix/psych: Honestly, is there a better psych/acid rock album? I'm amazed yet again, I think…[View]
107446729>guide me[View]
107446499horse rotorvator: holy shit...[View]
107446817>utterly destroys your favorite emo band[View]
107443441Would transitioning have saved her?: https://youtu.be/EVFBTqGRjOE https://youtu.be/r2Ccga81kOI https…[View]
107445143What is their best album[View]
107444750/mu/ certified albums themed around Jesus?[View]
107443699A2B2 ARG: Well lads, andy morin sold 20 usb sticks in the a2b2 nights of fire event. All of the usb…[View]
107443729If you don't play an instrument or actively make music, I will literally never value your opini…[View]
107444628bye mu[View]
107446622my favorite music youtuber is running out of ideas for videos.[View]
107442311What's the right way to pronounce Bladee?: Let's settle this once and for all >bleyd …[View]
107446617dmigor thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEZqU1M4dE[View]
107445874this album is shit[View]
107446575this is exceptional[View]
107446440I like this better than The Velvet Underground & Nico[View]
107446495Theres only 4 more albums on my list to rank for black metal of year. Guess what they will be. https…[View]
107446472>a pasta e fagioli i'd end up your ex-girlfriend[View]
107435135They singlehandedly cause the death of hyperpop[View]
107446407How do you guys cope with knowing that the peak of music was the 70s and it's been downhill sin…[View]
107446315post the most american looking album covers[View]
107445957I like a lot of 90's video game musics, such as castlevania, tekken, final fantasy. I quit play…[View]
107445959What the fuck is their problem?[View]
107446284KPOP GENERAL[View]
107445623KPOP GENERAL[View]
107445220itt: favorite painted/hand drawn album covers[View]
107445946.: >Their first album in two decades, MBV (2013), was heralded as a masterpiece by pretty much al…[View]
107442855Any music that feels like this image[View]
107445309holy shit[View]
107442802I am a 27 year old man with cringe zoomer taste in music[View]
107444193Best album of the year and it’s not even close[View]
107445374What are some headphones you’d recommend for airplane rides that don’t sound like shit[View]
107444725https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B1LNRSk3Fs Plz share music like this. I'm in a dire need of sa…[View]
107445031Redpill me on The Beatles. I've never listened to a single one of their albums. Where should I …[View]
107445854First New Wave album?: I reckon it would be this one ? Definitively speaking. Maybe theres other stu…[View]
107445817need more classic pop from other countries: I found this song a couple days ago and I cant stop list…[View]
107443408I grew up on boomer rock and classical exclusively and now I can only write music that sounds like i…[View]
107445711https://youtu.be/Gh8Gl2GwB6s Like this me. Not bothered if its a meme song[View]
107440248How did Heather McCartney make this based sound?: https://looptube.io/?videoId=wC5zAKw3-xA&start…[View]
107445219wow: >his synths aren't microtonal you should've been beat relentlessly as a child for …[View]
107444192KPOP GENERAL: bystander complex edition[View]
107444267Psychedelic Furs: >Be Book of Days >Absolutely destroy all other Psychedelic Furs albums. >…[View]
107445583What's he up to these days?[View]
107444491This is a rock opera: This is a rock opera[View]
107445552Mike Patton has absolutely no talent as a vocalist and modeled his entire career on hearing Korn by …[View]
107445527ITT post artists whose toes you would suck dry[View]
107444898CHANGE ONE LETTER OF A CHRISTMAS SONG: E.g. Merry Xmas (Wap is Over) hahaha[View]
107444887>sued for song-writing credits that rightfully belonged to him >wrote the greatest and most po…[View]
107445466what does /mu/ think of ikimonogakari?[View]
107445419I think I've found the first rap music I really enjoy, does anyone have any suggestions of what…[View]
107443953>CTRL+F 'DRILL': Why do you niggers not appreciate Drill?? Nigger music is most alpha. Rappers fu…[View]
107445348>band name is the title of their first album >it only has one song titled after the album…[View]
107445134Artists similar to Justice: So folks, I’ve been looking for artists that are similar to Justice for …[View]
107443912it's pretty racist, but it's some good grind. Bloodstock brought me back into them.[View]
107442898Weezer only had one Top 40 hit in America: They are a one hit wonder[View]
107440157How do /mu/ think of the heavy metal band THE PRETTY RECKLESS? It's good Ciao, Massimo[View]
107444134I know nothing about my favorite artists' personal lives: and I don't understand why anyon…[View]
107443098Who is your favourite quartet?[View]
107444128Hey anons, how many albums have you listened to for the first time in the last 24 hours?[View]

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