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88986810whats some good music about repressed desires?[View]
88976341/mu/ absolutely destroyed[View]
88989670I have dream to be raper world wide. I am from Central America but have a big heart many talents and…[View]
88988754Is this where I start with dälek?[View]
88987977Thoughts on Denzel Curry's new haircut? He looks cute t b h[View]
88989353Let's try this: Post an album and >favorite song >second favorite song >less favorite …[View]
88988996My heart is beating from me I'm standing all alone Please call me only If you are coming home W…[View]
88988134What kind of music scares old white people in 2019? It used to be hip hop, punk, metal, rock n roll …[View]
88989555>talked to some cute e girl who doesn't even know i exist for literally 5 minutes about musi…[View]
88989198Thief Stealing Nox Arcana's Music??: I recently came across a musician on Bandcamp who sounded …[View]
88985605Is this metal's Yeezus?[View]
88981141Soundcloud Thread SHILLTACULAR: It is time for a new shill thread, share your music with us and list…[View]
88989371sup /mu/ im looking for a certain album. it sounds like mario kart menu music, and i think it had a …[View]
88987905so what do we think about it?[View]
88988244Self Promotion: ***Self Promotion Thread*** (Ignore THIS Garbage) send me your music :^| <:Rule…[View]
88986115welcome to chvrch lavren time[View]
88989322I saw Have a Nice Life last night in Denver and they were pretty bad. Sound was muddy and sloppy, Da…[View]
88989253scuba or skream?[View]
88987209Is this why grimes' music is so trippy?[View]
88988840I'm looking for the right song to use for a boss fight in my game. The boss is an ancient godli…[View]
88980456Archers of LOAF: Hey MAPLEpals, SebadBROS, FELLERfrens, BOBstonians and POLVOians. It's time to…[View]
88985653>wake up >see this wat do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX7LLua5NCM…[View]
88989009YOU BREED: LIKE RATS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cixczzF0A10[View]
88989231Richard Henshall is an Alien: Who else here likes circlejerking, soulless robot music? Haken and its…[View]
88989178>Writes a song threatening to attack men who suck black dicks >Writes a song with a character …[View]
88983831For me, it's Crazy Frog's Crazy Hits.[View]
88988907hows summer going for you folks?[View]
88989109close your eyes then I'll kiss you tomorrow I'll miss you remember I'll always be tr…[View]
88987866if it's a depot gotta bite it if i see weed i gotta light it if i get feelings gotta hide it if…[View]
88984255>Rebecca Black is now a cute mommy Bros, when did this happen?[View]
88988061>Mudvayne Bassist Ryan Martinie Shares His Thoughts on the “Brbr-DENG” Memes and Videos >Despi…[View]
88987672What kind of music does Terry Bogard listen to?[View]
88988932I have forgotten the pleasant aromas which accompany those who haven't forsaken normal life. Wh…[View]
88988734bob dylan was emo. prove me wrong[View]
88988623does liking this album make me a faggot?[View]
88985137>female rapper[View]
88988777THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!!!! SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO IT!!!: Link: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1LTP874Ds1g[View]
88988242itt: albums that you think are underrated: I've always really liked this album. I think it…[View]
88987789ITT: Bands with members who want to kill each other[View]
88988189what are your thoughts on morton feldman, the legendary avant garde composer from rateyourmusic.com?…[View]
88987122The main hook of 'I Can't Tell You Why' sounds really familiar. I keep on thinking that the sam…[View]
88987914hyperacusis is hell. take care of your ears frens[View]
88988416Help: Does anyone know Chris Ott's Twitter. From what I remember it's has something to do …[View]
88986898[instagram picture] [teenspeak][View]
88987297>he regrets what he used to listen to back when he was a teenager lmao imagine disliking x music …[View]
88987681/mu/ what is the single best beat in the entire history of hip hop[View]
88988462Name one (1) band[View]
88986767dismissed bladee as zoomer shit listened to icedancer got drainpilled where do i go from here[View]
88988459Unironically the most ahead of its time album i have ever heard wtf[View]
88988504>me and the band rolling up in the venue[View]
88988496Internet Homeless/Self Promotion faggot: https://soundcloud.com/youdontreallyknowthebird I hate myse…[View]
889786123x3/4x4/5x5 collage: last.fm collage thread. Do what you do, post your stuff. Rec, r8 and guess. Th…[View]
88979596Why do these old-ass songs still get praise? They sound dated af[View]
88986689Who's your Band/Artist of the Decade (so far)? Def Gripz[View]
88987216KPOP GENERAL[View]
88986330Punk records with Shitty playing: What are some punk records with shitty playing/musicianship? I jus…[View]
88987312This is Dorian Electra. Their debut album drops at midnight. Say something nice about them.[View]
88987818What do you think a relationship with Kate Bush would be like?[View]
88988212God-tier scores ITT https://youtu.be/0UaNa5roois[View]
88986226Give me some great/innovative 2019 music I feel like I'm losing touch[View]
88987648This is pretty good, I guess. Carry Me Ohio is a lovely song. What do you fags think?[View]
88987924favourite song from After Laughter? mine is Pool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHZaHJfEo14[View]
88984865I'M THE TAXMAN[View]
88987353So this is the new Car Seat Headrest?[View]
88987875Boy, he sure does sound different in this. and I can't tell whether I like it or not. [embed]ht…[View]
88988072What happened to fun rock music, /mu/?[View]
88988063>listen to song >it's great >want more >listen to artist discography >turns out …[View]
88987020is there anything from these niggas (sweet trip) worth checking out besides You Will Never Know Why …[View]
88987988Only The Best New Music: https://fanlink.to/foreverparadise[View]
88987612Best dream pop album of all time[View]
88987720math rock/midwestern emo recs gooooooo[View]
88986459post your favorite spanish songs[View]
88987694Her's: Does anyone here listen to their music? I really miss these guys. They died way too earl…[View]
88987296Where's the normal version?[View]
88986753I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
88987787SUPER FUCKING EPIC NEW MUSIC DISCORD: Come join and discuss some good tunes. Here's the link ht…[View]
88987269Easily her best[View]
88987684do you belief in miracles ?[View]
88987664Name a more blackpilled artist than Randy Prozac. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YkY6oYU3iM[View]
88986493Help finding a song: The song opens with a French sounding accordion melody and has a man singing ab…[View]
88987588AOTD: you know the drill almost 2020 what have you been listening to for the past 10 years[View]
88986185I heard once if you're curious about something you should ask. Whats the latest Sound /mu/ what…[View]
88987088I think that if Kanye had stolen the mic from Taylor Swift in 2019 instead of 2009 he would have bee…[View]
88987239Do you r*tards even realize that I'm paid to post this fine f-music-fa-music-umm-fatass here tw…[View]
88987469Meme guy: What music does he listen to?[View]
88986821Im going to cry so fucking hard when this old man is gone.[View]
88987064Best folk album of all time[View]
88984958Why isn't this jim morrison getting printed on shirts?[View]
88986339You living with apes, man? It's hard to be clean![View]
88987327>friend changes subject every time I talk about my music[View]
88987202Can we all agree that Modern Mirror is AOTY?[View]
88985911whats her favorite band /mu/?[View]
88982397Unpopular opinion: These two should collaborate more musically. She sounds at her best over dark, so…[View]
88985996KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNiGBvKZVp8[View]
88976126Idles is so fucking cringe. Punk rock is dead.[View]
88987192MBV 2019: Anyone know what the latest news is? Aren't we supposed to be getting a new album thi…[View]
88983582ITT: bands with the cringiest aesthetics/lyrics[View]
88986854wow this was fucking boring and predictable[View]
88986225Should i listen to it? I'm gonna do it bros[View]
88987106Mobile Production Apps: Is there any such thing as a decent mobile sequencer with effects? I'm …[View]
88986605What music would each of them listen to?[View]
88959919/prod/ - Music Production: /prod/ you're not allowed to talk about justice in this thread editi…[View]
88986762>*invents folk emo*[View]
88986905What does /mu/ think of the Queen of Rap?[View]
88986913>Bodies being found on Greenleaf >With their fucking heads cut off >Motherfucker, I'm …[View]
88986884I'm looking for the right song to use for a boss fight in my game. The boss is an ancient godli…[View]
88986824>macho macho maaaan I wanna be a macho man![View]
88985507did anyone else think those were her eyelids and that she was looking down?[View]
88986688Posting the world's best album[View]
88985871Thoughts on my taste?[View]
88985280ITT: Only the best albums released by women[View]
88981049https://youtu.be/aA7xDP9sQzk This is peak unfunny[View]
88986751August: So which album are you more hyped for /mu/? The new Bon Iver album or the new Taylor Swift a…[View]
88984855SOPHIE is structureless trash. PC music is OK, though.[View]
889855982000s early youtube covers: can we have a thread for some cozy covers from the early internet days? …[View]
88978782post charts guess personalities: :)[View]
88982866favorite pet shop boys track? for me it's flamboyant of course[View]
88986172*glass breaks*[View]
88984874They say, this song is impossible to find on internet [oldschool rap]. Thousands of Polish internet…[View]
88986588/powerviolence/: Who /powerviolence/ here? What bands are you listening to? I just discovered the …[View]
88985698Seeing James Blake tonight! Anyone got any good memes to help get me in the mood? Also how has he da…[View]
88985376Prove me wrong.[View]
88941951SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
88986486Be More Chill: In hopes to become cool and popular at school, someone offers you a SQUIP. A large gr…[View]
88985626Based Frog: More Based Hits[View]
88985638Albums you don't get thread, other anons try to explain why it is good[View]
88985448>Death metal[View]
88984902Which of these guys was more punk?[View]
88985131Death Grips: Hey /mu/, I just listened to Death Grips for the first time. What'd I think?…[View]
88976781most underrated NIN album?[View]
88986440Fuck Neutral Milk Hotel[View]
88984132SOPHIE be like[View]
88986415What are some other bands like Wardruna? Also is it ok to let friends know you listen to them withou…[View]
88984928favorite Bob Dylan song mine's Visions of Johanna[View]
88985838ITT: Albums nobody else on /mu/ has listened to[View]
88985560TEN IN 2010! TEN IN 2010![View]
88984877Opeth: What do you think about the new Opeth? https://youtube.com/watch?v=yAh7XQ0whvg[View]
88986237What are some albums that aren't /mu/-core that this board universally enjoys?[View]
88986024Are singles relevant in 2019?[View]
88984380was it suicide?: F 1967-2019[View]
88986231anyone else really digging this?[View]
88984430Why'd he have to go bros at such a young age bros[View]
88986118B is for...: does anyone happen to know what brand of guitar this is? Ive looked everywhere and can…[View]
88985735Shame On A Nigga[View]
88982767NEW CHELSEA WOLFE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6TW79pJlOQ[View]
88986088futurist music is the best music. fantano is a pleb[View]
88981170is this the best trio ever assembled? I dare you to find a more talented and virtuoso trio[View]
88983806>ANON YOU'RE A BAD GUY How do you respond?[View]
88984717So a beautiful anon was kind enough to put all the albums posted in the last thread into topsters. W…[View]
88984666KPOP GENERAL[View]
88985639john bonham isn’t the greatest fucking drummer ever. sure, his drums on tracks like immigrant song a…[View]
88985865Name a better rap track. Protip: you can't.[View]
88985938ERMAHGERD! THIS BALLAD IS SO BEAUTIFUL!: Link: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1LTP874Ds1g I love Vocaloid. I…[View]
88985747>he claims that music is his life >he doesn't play an instrument >he doesn't make…[View]
88985924Zack Fox: Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzAOODb2124[View]
88985351Celebrating 50 years of Cuckgau reviews this month: Yep, he pretty much laid it out on the line from…[View]
88982292I miss him so much[View]
88980121>michael jackson bad because he raped kids >john lennon never actually 'beat' his wife, he mer…[View]
88985342gooey gluey bleu cheese lunging, munchy scrunchies for lunchies crunching dutchese crutchese, had a …[View]
88985772How do I into ancient Mesopotamian music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpxN2VXPMLc[View]
88984881Your favourite album + ideal gf face: For me >Pic related >The Fragile…[View]
88985198>/mu/ wants to kill this The absolute state of this board.[View]
88985449Do you collect band autographs? Why or why not.[View]
88984357do mu/ like metric?[View]
88982948>Trent Reznor >Dr. Dre[View]
88984005has /mu/ finally realized that they're better than Nirvana?[View]
88982986Why does so much industrial music have anti-religious overtones? Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Ga…[View]
88985695>Dear God, how have you been then? >I'm not fine, fuck pretending…[View]
88984997ITT: bands that /mu/ trick to listen >pic related[View]
88985651Why is listening to albums better than listening to playlists/individual songs?[View]
88985648Just a friendly reminder to check the bandcamp before you go to slsk, it might be name your price :)[View]
88985016/mu/ gimme some advice. All I've ever been really good at is music and I've been making fu…[View]
88985384There is no God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA7xDP9sQzk[View]
88985377elic crapton: i think he doth protest too much[View]
88984188Does he have autism?[View]
88985521Can we get a best music related tv shows thread?[View]
88963529So Billie Eilish made her completely irrelevant right?[View]
88985014>Girls of fifteen >Sexually knowing[View]
88985428Cassette tape: Wanting to where I could buy bulk of type II tape[View]
88985371Ambient: Ambient suggestions? Fennesz' Agora was pretty good.[View]
88985453sv - so serene: Not their best work but has booming percussion that gets me boppin'. The sample…[View]
88985349Remember Pendulum? They were fucking amazing live https://youtu.be/C5wlU7RQHAU https://youtu.be/o5Cv…[View]
88984010funny song guys :DDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mizVNY5IHMA[View]
88985327help me find this song: looking for the video of this shirtless dude with a balaclava on dancing to …[View]
88985206'when did you stop listening to shitty music for attention?[View]
88983855Post your top 10 albums guess personalities or something[View]
88985277Kanye 'New Body' remix: https://www.reddit.com/r/YandhiLeaks/comments/cdvkco/bistro_ft_iain_and_pm_l…[View]
88982597Post your favourite music videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q5LfmdpUQ4[View]
88985024what music goes well with butter coffee, the official drink of /mu/?[View]
88985128I will spend the whole night writing a gigantic love letter. I need music for this feel[View]
88985034Thinking of making a lit mixtape. How do you make good outsider music? I haven’t played piano in a w…[View]
88981426>tfw started to create parodies of popular songs but make them about gay sex because of the boys …[View]
88984347he's actually a genius: he's discovered the ultimate secret to fame and money: literally r…[View]
88982832Lets send some love to LuLu. It's way better than st. anger https://rateyourmusic.com/release/a…[View]
88983065Holy shit[View]
88985087Why is PF still ontop?[View]
88983122ITT: Your Local Music Scene: The Dios Mio kid from Stranger Things is from the same fucking county a…[View]
88985036>grandmother is dying >now all the album I listen to now will forever be associated with the m…[View]
88975873>Sings about bringing drunk girls home and fucking them when they’re barely conscious This shit …[View]
88985025what is it, anon?[View]
88983040I grieve in stereo... The stereo sounds strange...[View]
88984988does anyone here like 16 horsepower? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmET_SguN_A[View]
88983537For me it's Billie Eilish's 2019 album 'WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?'[View]
88984513I don't know a lot about music. Am I wrong in thinking there is something really special about …[View]
88983894Name this band: This 4 assholes in my town made a band and they dont know what to name it, so I need…[View]
88983004I'm looking for the right song to use for a boss fight in my game. The boss is an ancient godli…[View]
88984687>live album >lyrics reference drugs >audience cheers…[View]
88983614u suck loser: this is by far the greatest musical opening ever, it gets my nipples hard just listeni…[View]
88984818What is it about this band that flyoverfags love so much?[View]
88984703Who’s the lady on the cover supposed to be?[View]
88983830name one (1) good album[View]
88972601/metal/: neoclassical edition old: >>88962378 faq: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
88984265Clear out zoomers, you can go down to the basement and listen to your billie eyelash with headphones…[View]
88984222Post albums for going sober Pic unrelated?[View]
88983155Is Anderson .Paak /mu/core?: >Yes Lawd! How /mu/tants rates .P? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9…[View]
88984587Why does music produced by females (and Japanese people, thank god so many of their artists are fema…[View]
88981765KPOP GENERAL[View]
88983363is post punk the most meaningless way to describe an album[View]
88983046/sakanaction/: why does no one talk about them? best jap pop/rock i'm not a japfag tho[View]
88984511Holy fucking shit this is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StV9lElcvAY[View]
88984529How did he do this live[View]
88978481>So anon, what music do you listen to?[View]
88984354>miss me yet?[View]
88980428>so anon... whats your favorite song right now??[View]
88984141Nihil is KMFDM's best album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdmhFhxJIXQ https://www.youtube.com…[View]
88984034dykecore albums[View]
88983091I love her so much, /mu/[View]
88979031>Obviously the best Shoegaze band >Doesnt get as much attention as MBV, Ride, or Slowdive why …[View]
88983561itt: post your top 15 albums as rated by your friends in rym. i'll start >itaots, soundtrack…[View]
88983778>he makes 'beats'[View]
88982692What did /mu/ think of Johnny Clegg?[View]
88982964Guys... It's actually good. Don't kill me.: I was among the naysayers that was raging when…[View]
88974715How high does /mu/ wear their guitar strap? For me, I have to have it very high. On my nipples. Make…[View]
88984232>this is the new queen of /mu/[View]
88984160What happened to Lady Gaga's weird, controversial and provocative style? Her new normalfag styl…[View]
88983863what's the worst album title of all time?[View]
88982813I don't get it[View]
88983350Holy Shit[View]
88980797>2019 >I am forgotten What happened to all the hype surrounding this project? A few years back…[View]
88982784Whatever happened to her?[View]
88984161How I'd kill Lil Nas X - I'd buy the tickets to his cheapest show, front row. I don'…[View]
88982632Don’t want to grow up 25lvl Music for this activism?[View]
88982257Can you recommend songs for sex?: sex is better with good music. Share me your list[View]
88983128what did women mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f20Oz9Yr_So[View]
88983530Alright incoming normie post it's been like a year and a half since i first tried this album a…[View]
88982622Music for this field?[View]
88983160This is just Clan of Xymox for zoomers[View]
88982216Eminem: Is he the greatest hip hop artist to ever live?[View]
88983944Bon Iver - i,i: Faith > Hey Ma > U (Man Like) = Jelmore All amazing though. This album is lini…[View]
88983901>was invincible now the armor's wearing thin >say the grand finale, say the reading of ou…[View]
88981926Share your LSD playlist[View]
88983807why do people still pretend tupac was one of the greatest rappers? his lyrics are standard and his p…[View]
88983861>independent artist releases god tier demo >re-records the whole thing in a 'proper' studio …[View]
88983459>frogstomp came out when the band members were 15 Who is the youngest artist to have put out a go…[View]
88983823World Record // 0 To 100: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr8jKzvwcCQ&feature=youtu.be…[View]
88983625Thoughts on Pram?[View]
88982774KPOP GENERAL: https://streamable.com/x6qyt https://streamable.com/y8aw2[View]
88981959QUICK /MU/: Claim your favorite The Clash song ! For me, it's Safe European Home[View]
88982107Does anyone else experience light ear ringing when they go to bed? I'm paranoid that it is a si…[View]
88982818Give me an album, any album as long as its Something fucking extreme, like death grips but 10x I wan…[View]
88980651how do I take the Hirasawa pill? I liked his work on Berserk but what I've listened of him so f…[View]
88976305Panji joins Weezer.[View]
88981873album of the century coming through, virgins[View]
88983679The peak of trap music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU1bjYNHmTg[View]
88980334Thoughts on The GAG Quartet seminal hit Le Internet Medley? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mghhLqu3…[View]
88983542Why are 90s alt rock band reunion albums so crap[View]
88983258what does /mu/ think of Joan Baez? is she based?[View]
88983478I'm a heterosexual male that loves SZA[View]
88983392Who killed it in swing? I'm just looking for more good artists like ol' Crosby[View]
88983522Post your current favorite album, anons guess where you live[View]
88961747AOTY Thread: AOTY[View]
88982830I realize this is incredibly specific, but I'm starving to find another album similar to Luys i…[View]
88975539how am I supposed to enjoy this shit[View]
88981499Now that dust has settled is really the end of the world as we know it? How do you feel?[View]
88970177SC/YT/BC THREAD: Share your stuff, recc others[View]
88978085My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Is it really that good?[View]
88979733>this song is 8 years old[View]
88982435im bored someone give me an album to listen to[View]
88982006what does /mu/ think of this amazing piece of work?[View]
88982494>*blocks your path*[View]
88983268Uyama Hiroto: Anybody else enjoy this kind of music, and if so, post music with a similar vibe. (htt…[View]
88983006>Rob Zombie says he holds the early ’90s grunge movement responsible for making rock music “borin…[View]
88981164How can she compete with Billie Eilish?[View]
88983077thoughts on this album?[View]
88978597Post an album and others reply to a rec based on your post.[View]
88982931SUGGESTSION: Ban all users who make 'what does he/she/it listen to' or 'music for this' threads.…[View]
88982512How is this genre called?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRbEWyrD1hE[View]
88981612Thoughts of this music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv4PCCK6DBc[View]
88981493mayday mayday mayday mayday mayday mayday mayday mayday[View]
88980504Recently Played Artists - A Cringe Rate Thread: Dare you have the courage to portray your history of…[View]
88982602guys do you like my playlist[View]
88982376You and me are not insaaaaane Have a minion in my baaaag[View]
88981754KPOP GENERAL[View]
88982780Never thought about it but seems that we got work to do by messing DJ Mag Top 100 that way. Let’s vo…[View]
88982192PEnis: ITT: Post album covers but hide a penis in them, the first that spots the penis , chooses a r…[View]
88981791CA PLANE POUR MOI[View]
88974477ITT: Musicians who definitely use the n-word regularly in private[View]
88982645realistically, where did it go wrong for them?[View]
88982226This shit is sooo hm... MONUMENTAL[View]
88982050Alright bros, just picked up an MBV shirt Now where do I find a /mu/ gf irl?[View]
88982085>Why yes, I'm an anarcho-fascist, what gave it away?[View]
88982544wtf how is it so good??[View]
88981904What's your best heist/crime music /mu/? I got these already: Little Green Bag - George Baker h…[View]
88981275imagine being killed by someone who unironically listens to pierce the veil[View]
88982306Why does virtually everyone hate smooth jazz? I find it very enjoyable.[View]
88979428This is their best, most interesting, and singular work - unique in sound and scope. Also one of the…[View]
88979598IIII'M just a gusic fool[View]
88982014>sicker than your average nigger killer What did he mean by this?[View]
88979877this album is so crap omg: .[View]
88982385Mason Ramsay: “If you don’t got no gidde-up they gidde-out my way” White girls:[View]
88978994Ayo, anon. Spit a verse real quick[View]
88982281https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FChMHEfzOLI Is it 'God pains me, the more I see the life, who wants …[View]
88959707Absolutely based Kpop fags seething[View]
88982218>crank that shit dawg![View]
88980875Holy shit, The Primitives were great.[View]
88982129Saint pepsi vinyl ! Imagine if i snapped it in half on video haha wouldn't that be funny haha …[View]
88981637I'm trying to figure out the name of an artist. he's black would come on stage with a wh…[View]
88981960/mu/'s opinion on the front bottoms? Also: favourite song? >wolfman…[View]
88981824HEY JEW[View]
88981650Song name?: Having trouble finding a song? Have an extensive knowledge of music videos and songs (an…[View]
88976743Is he cool?[View]
88980228>tfw i can play Moonlight Sonata III on piano cope[View]
88980988Looking for an album I can't remember the name of. I can only vaguely remember the cover art an…[View]
88981931>no matter what I do I'll always get shit from everyone and parents Give me some downward sp…[View]
88980806/mu/mor thread: Does anyone have the comic with the guy explaining to his friend that there are many…[View]
88981745>sun kill moon[View]
88981242Fuck Brendan for getting rid of Ryan[View]
88981922LIFE IS A HIGHWAY[View]
88981408so is it good or is it bad?[View]
88981166why is adamn the best rapper of all time?[View]
88981797Crooner Thread? Crooner Thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSpsKtp1Zu4[View]
88980312Please rate my singing https://instaud.io/3X4m https://instaud.io/3X4J[View]
88981757KPOP GENERAL: See, you must understand, I can't work a 9 to 5 So I'll be gone 'til No…[View]
88980613KPOP GENERAL: *ahem* fuck mina fuck japs and fuck '''''anxiety''…[View]
88981726Bitchcock Media: Okay... so... which one has ever been the best and worst reviewer out of this stupi…[View]
88981721Ambient / Hypnotic Thread: What's some good ambient out there? Stuff to feel hypnotized to? Fe…[View]
88981718>Why yes, I'm both a postmodernist and poptimist[View]
88980382Is it a meme or really that depressing?[View]
88981404fuck this level and everybody thats involved with creating it[View]
88978979Based or cringe?[View]
88981642What the fuck? This Fleetwood mac DEMO version from 1978 sounds like some modern indie shit you…[View]
88981598How am I supposed to listen to my own playlist?[View]
88981607Where does one go if they're tired of how big /mu/'s gotten, seems like this board's …[View]
88979977how do i into these? sounds boring desu[View]
88981584Music Videos: Post your music video edits possible self promote shitpost but want to find other acc…[View]
88981500What region is gonna have the Most significance in Hip-Hop Culture before going the way if Rock?[View]
88979263>If you don't like it then stop listening to it[View]
88980763What's his endgame?[View]
88981531wtf /mu/ said this was a meme but it's good[View]
88981520>Lost Highway >Lilya 4-Ever >Nymphomaniac Is Rammstein most kino metal band?…[View]
88977732Anyone notice that people say that Varg's music is bad just because hes got different political…[View]
88980585Nobody: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Lil Nas X: I'm a faggot y'all yeehaw[View]
88978686What are some albums that sound like this?Specifically like Astrud's vocals with the bossa nova…[View]
88980475ITT: Repetitive bass based post punk: What are some great post punk albums with songs based around s…[View]
88980280Why is He the greatest rapper to ever live??[View]
88980887have a good one /mu/[View]
88981378I've become so numb, I can't feel you there Become so tired, so much more aware[View]
88971351The best prog album ever made: fight me[View]
88978544This is Idles based older brother[View]
88979800>best album is posthumous[View]
88981205>I know you want it[View]
88981127Holy shit[View]
88978165Say you have zero experience with music. You never played an instrument, never used a music producti…[View]
88980940Bad guy more like milk guy lmao[View]
88980818looking for an RHCP song, it has this funky bass line and i forgot the lyrics but it was basically a…[View]
88980953Thoughts on these guys?[View]
88980753Neon Indian album incoming[View]
88979589Is this what you zoomers listen to these days?[View]
88981103I'm looking for the right song to use for a boss fight in my game. The boss is an ancient godli…[View]
88980714Tell me about the Spacemen 3[View]
88980929When will plebs understand that this is the best Yes album?[View]
88980901Some info >A Frank Sinatra/Logic Biopic titled 'That's Life' is being directed and starred …[View]
88980571Was Wilco ever good?[View]
88980882MGK won. Rap Devil is better.[View]
88980601Albums that only (You) have listened to[View]
88980664Post playlists: Post playlists and rate others[View]
88970951holy shit[View]
88980028If you're not into metal, you are not my friend![View]
88980264overrated by his fans underrated by everyone else[View]
88977627Music that will stop me from doing it: A plea[View]
88980771Turn it into a single disc LP: >Side One: Back in the U.S.S.R. Dear Prudence Glass Onion While My…[View]
88979344Who was in the wrong here? https://people.com/music/hailey-baldwin-defends-justin-bieber-tool-maynar…[View]
88980652Why yes I call albums 'records', how could you tell?[View]
88979496KPOP GENERAL: autismo edition[View]
88972163hand-core. feel free to add more.[View]
88978018What is the most seamless mix of rock and hip hop that you've heard?[View]
88978322QUEEN TAY[View]
88975789Does /mu/ like Billie Eilish?[View]
88973649I don't get it.[View]
88980458ITT: the most kino moments of an album. >STOP RIGHT THERE[View]
88976055AOTY btw[View]
88979761What instrument in this Aurora - Running with wolves song?: In this song there is an M83 style synth…[View]
88980008>he likes synthwave[View]
88980332YOURE ON YOUR OWN[View]
88978059oh yes my dear....*plays dissonant riff*....quite sick indeed...is that....dare I say......progressi…[View]
88978583>1 month later >still the undisputed aoty What went so right ?…[View]
88980102Kevin Shields and Brian Wilson are no geniuses. Miles Davis, Stevie Wonders, Kendrick Lamar, those a…[View]
88980349>he listens to rock[View]
88980341Why do Korglets choose to live like this?[View]
88980243thoughts on my collection?[View]
88971530Is he the best white rapper ever?[View]
88979812>radio station’s motto, which they repeat in every bumper, is “we play anything!” >exclusively…[View]
88980275why are they so good?[View]
88977942I KNOW A MOUSE[View]
88975961Genius 10/10 lyrics: >Woke up, fell out of bed >Dragged a comb across my head >Found my way…[View]
88979808Depression anthems: what’re your guys depression anthems? personally a lot of radiohead’s songs and …[View]
88978608More like this?[View]
88979139Why is he still the only good music related YouTube channel?[View]
88977854Grateful Dead is good band[View]
88977373OK Computer? More like, OK, Ive heard enough of this shit. Why are they SINGING like that? I feel li…[View]
88979503Based or cringe?[View]
88969529/gg/ - Guitar and bass general: Condor edition How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justi…[View]
88962944SoundCloud Thread: Shill, recc, give feedback Remember, we’re all in this together![View]
88978692ITT: /mu/sician high school: >That kid who everybody wanted to kiss and molest…[View]
88980044PURPLE MOUNTAINS (2019): Incel rock - does /mu/ like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2y5msfAClU…[View]
88979597everybody dies in their nightmares... masterpiece[View]
88978772I will be posting CCR daily on /mu/ from now on. You guys listen to some pretty shitty music. https…[View]
88978135ITT: songs that aged well. Pic unrelated[View]
88979920holy shit why is this so good[View]
88979823What's some big music? There's too much small music here. It's not good. I need big m…[View]
88979494I wish I could have saved her in some sort of time machine[View]
88975982what music do your dads listen to and why is it supertramp, queen and the bee gees[View]
88976330ITT we post black metal. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svpLXMpdAT4…[View]
88979792WTF I love jazz now...[View]
88977276is it in my sidebar permanently?[View]
88979510Should it have ended on Poor Places?[View]
88979665Is this the greatest collaboration in the history of music? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqwn…[View]
88979096/missing album/: I need help looking for an album that I saw on here once. Cover is a photo of a dus…[View]
88966300>band has 3 guitar players[View]
88979684>Stop wearing Burzum shirt[View]
88977141The peak of instrumental Hip Hop.[View]
88979555Are you ready for AOTY /mu/?[View]
88978058Was this the first nu-metal album?[View]
88977271ITT: Albums that can only be played loud[View]
88978241KPOP GENERAL[View]
88978816where do i start with bassless duo to find inspiration?[View]
88979448I'm looking for the right song to use for a boss fight in my game. The boss is an ancient godli…[View]
88979116can we get a krautrock thread going? let's try to avoid the groups everyone and their grandmoth…[View]
88978545ITT:: Song you can't help but laugh with it because of copypastas & shitposts https://www.y…[View]
88979293Steely Dan finally clicked[View]
88978527>band has 30 violins[View]
88975616Machine Girl BTFO by Anthony Fantano lmfao[View]
88972425>thick frame glasses >balding >white >hipster >vegan >die-hard progressive why doe…[View]
88978907>trout is the best rock album of all time because it sucks intentionally Does mutards read and sh…[View]
88977244Holy shit[View]
88978501Favorite GG Allin song?[View]
88976758>NO YOU CANT WEAR A BURZUM SHIRT HES A NAZI you would be surprised how much this happens…[View]
88979105I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
88977453Best debuts from the 2010s.[View]
88978672Кopмa и ceмeнa Cнидa - лyчший мeм tv. Убopщики идyт в пиздy.[View]
88974370It's really not that bad. Sure, it's derivative as fuck, but it has its moments.[View]
88977243Thoughts on the second half of this album?[View]
88977532Boys, is there anything even close to lingua Ignota? I feel like she's the most interesting thi…[View]
88976673Love him or hate him[View]
88978009Stop shitting on popular music just because it’s popular and successful and fun. Pitchfork and the l…[View]
88978227Why are their other albums so mediocre?[View]
88977977This guy walks over and slaps your girlfriend on the ass, what do you do?[View]
88977480Reccommend a super duper heavy metal albums[View]
88976485when i listen to this album so do my neighbors edit: thanks for the likes![View]
88973883>piano teacher says we should work on this piece next to work on speed and right hand dexterity …[View]
88977827ITT: Listen to the album posted below you[View]
889786262019... i am forgotten[View]
88977456I bet your favorite band doesn't even have an 8 from scaruffi[View]
88977207*Wins a Pulitzer Prize*[View]
88971085Big Look Into Industry Rituals & Sacrifice: From another thread. Do you really need to see a pic…[View]
88975891I love Tool. But the memes that Tool fans create are hot shit tier cringe inducing Facebook Boomer …[View]
88977886Now that the dust has settled, what makes this AOTY?[View]
88978337>looks down on rappers for rapping about Gucci >constantly has lyrics about retarded Supreme b…[View]
88976891best female artists?[View]
88978096Post obvious shit on album covers you didn't realize until later: Chapterhouse - Whirlpool it…[View]
88977413KPOP GENERAL[View]
88976832How did a meme song made by a literal who become such a musical juggernaut?[View]
88978100What did Future mean by this? Like, seriously, what is this supposed to mean?[View]
88976971Will /mu/ ever learn ?[View]
88978060I'm pretty sure a friend just killed himself, music for this feel?[View]
88977357Saw pic related live the other night. Haven’t seen a better acoustic performance in my entire life. …[View]
88977761>enter the top 100 of the most popular artist of the month on Spotify despite not being active fo…[View]
88978039Choppa go stupid like a retard[View]
88963121Rule 1: You do not talk about Shill Club. Rule 2: You do not talk about Shill Club. Rule 3: You shou…[View]
88976388Your top 10 songwriters: 1.Bob Dylan 2.Nick Cave 3.Neil Young 4.Tom Waits 5.Leonard Cohen 6.Townes v…[View]
88973162Music for this feel, except i can't feel anything. make me >feel /mu/[View]
88976711What does she listen to?[View]
88977919So are we supposed to pretend R Kelly didn't make some of the greatest love songs of his genera…[View]
88975398>Golden Chords[View]
88976956how do I make music[View]
88977808What is your most anticipated album for the rest of the year? For me, it’s GOLDMOUFDOG[View]
88976166Album Cover Find: Help: what is that album cover that is a painting of a guy with like one huge eye …[View]
88976312Music is like a mine. You have to sift through all the rock to get to the good stuff.[View]
88962987Chart thread, give recs[View]
88975723hello /mu/, how are you guys doing today, I'm doing fine thanks. do you guys like jefferson air…[View]
88974335All I have left is music, not even videogames bring me joy anymore. I just spend life waiting for th…[View]
88977023>you will never be like Jimi Hendrix and play guitar with your tongue/teeth…[View]
88975939Any more metal bass and drum tracks like Megadeth's Dawn Patrol? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Iy…[View]
88976005Disappointment Of The Year DOTY[View]
88966014help me add to this list!!!: so that other thread, which i didnt make, got deleted so im gonna try t…[View]
88976189Joanna Newsom General - The Queen of /mu/: Joanna Newsom General Thread Convince me that Have One On…[View]
88973848What does she listen to?[View]
88976703im going to this festival, i got tickets for the whole thing but ive only heard new order, is there …[View]
88972988I dont want college[View]
88975486>tfw you sacrificed everything in your life to research and pursue music…[View]
88976416KPOP GENERAL[View]
88976954'Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass, they slip aw…[View]
88977055I heard this song by The Doors that was really fucking good but I don't remember the name of it…[View]
88976825Paramore General: itt: we talk about the cool things about Pmore[View]
88976317What was the first show you've gone to? What if the most recent show you've been to?[View]
889728203x3 WEEK guess music recommend personalities[View]
88977222I'm glad /mu/ thinks this is his best album[View]
88977197Shlorp shlorp[View]
88976557Friendship ended with Anthony, thotty is my new music reviewer https://youtu.be/z2u3ONXMrT8[View]
88975666>Gotta get down on Friday what did she mean by this[View]
88976087which aphex twin moniker besides afx is your favourite? for me it's bradley strider https://www…[View]
88976777Ambient / Hypnotic Thread: What's some good ambient out there? Stuff to feel hypnotized to? Fe…[View]
88977031What does he listen to?[View]
88977098Listen to Slipknot.[View]
88976304ITT: racist pieces of shit.[View]
88976671Who would win in a freestyle rap battle? Rakim Allah or KRS-One[View]
88977022Guess that genre: Vocals edition: The vocal tracks to various sludge and trap songs were played thro…[View]
88976353Really fucking underrated[View]
88975849LOAFCORE GENERAL: Only THE BEST 90s American indie/noise/lo-fi music to chat about and explore! Bro…[View]
88976510Best music videos: This music video is fuckin classic disney level animation and i fucking love it h…[View]
88976963Is Fozzy a good band?[View]
88966787Metal is objectively the best music genre ever. This is gonna trigger the numales and söyfags.[View]
88974538ITT: Post good albums for drugs, but ONLY ones that aren't traditionally considered 'drugs' alb…[View]
88976058Music... most overrated crap ever. You get your 3-5min fake ass sentimental bullshit, fake emotions …[View]
88974344Things To Ponder While Falling makes me cry.[View]
88976792ITT: albums that aren't supposed to be as good as they are[View]
88975985This is undeniably the GOAT album.[View]
88976850The best 1 minute in music history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WOoPKgHTug[View]
88976473Why do people call the Beatles and Bob Dylan boomer music when they were born in the silent generati…[View]
88974542Cher is getting redpilled lol[View]
88970890Is there a better metal album than this?[View]
88976085How much does my singing suck https://instaud.io/3X4m https://instaud.io/3X4J[View]
88976623>tfw too lazy to listen to music[View]
88973331https://youtu.be/zGzL-V8-sXA What do you think of my new song /my/?[View]
88976075I just listened to Ruins by Groyper. What did I think of it?[View]
88976604toooooodddaaaaayyyyyyy is the greaaatteessstt day i've ever known[View]
88976598Do you like to listen in playlists or in full albums start to finish?[View]
88975690>human being starts rapping[View]
88976505Wow, what the fuck. This is amazing and almost as good as Stratosphere. Why isn't this discusse…[View]
88975354Best Pink Floyd album right here.[View]
88975524Can you have AIDS and still be badass?[View]
88976426what's the opinion here on Flemenco? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfS3GXltcEo&list=RDtfS…[View]
88975542KPOP GENERAL: My lovely wife edition[View]
88976113Will Ameer ever return?[View]
88976358I just listened to STG,STV a second time. What do I think of it this time around?[View]
88971708How do I learn to produce catchy songs? Should I learn music theory?[View]
88976242I'm aching So tell me what's shaking Watching from the bushes, I'm patient Still like…[View]
88975579Time to put on some ska punk[View]
88975957ITT post the kind of musical girl friend you'd date[View]
88976194Post albums that wake you the fuck up in the morning[View]
88969493How did The Chameleons go from being a semi-obscurw post-punk band to being every 20 something 'doom…[View]
88974702Would this be considered their 'Mangum' opus?[View]
88976018Is rap the only genre where manlets can be taken seriously? Why makes manlets so attracted to rap mu…[View]
88972150Is any Einsturden Nerbenderben music worth listening to if I'm not a total masochist? I've…[View]
88975120their best album[View]
88973962Hey, for the guy here who was looking for an specific vaporwave album, I think this was the one you …[View]
88974307what does he listen to?[View]
88974777there's a gary numan song where the bass at the start sounds like this https://youtu.be/pvjHT8L…[View]
88973884Most Hated: Who are some of the most hated /mu/ posters?[View]
88975866Please give me some music like Leng Tch'e by Naked City[View]
88975905>ywn listen to this in the depths of some british city in the late 90's as it comes out for …[View]
889744801. Have you ever had a party at Caesarland as a child 2. If so, what kind of music do you listen to …[View]
88974952australian rap > american rap: amerimutts should be ashamed. so many great aussie rap acts right …[View]
88974625Does anyone know if an archive for radio exists? Like, if I wanted to see what songs were playing in…[View]
88973350milk it is appreciation thread[View]
88972302Is it wrong that I like this more than Rust in Peace?[View]
88971588Best Moby album?[View]
88975490I /MU/ any bass player here ? I would like to begin bass because it sounds cool and seems pretty goo…[View]
88974770>radio station’s motto, which they repeat in every bumper, is “we play anything!” >exclusively…[View]
88974345ITT: Albums with dogs on the cover[View]
88975697This shit mildly slaps. What do you think? Similar?[View]
88974744HOLY FUCK[View]
88972839How is it possible that three dudes not even trying can make better hip hop than 95% of what's …[View]
88975139>The closing of Heroes and Villains Can feel the dopamine being released every single time…[View]
88975620>The Virgin Prunes had actually taken over an exhibition space in Trinity College, where Guggi ha…[View]
88975619Is this one of the greatest live albums ever ? >[View]
88975609how do people into edm act so much like shitheads and are so pretentious when it's the hardest …[View]
88972633How hard is it to play black metal?[View]
88975546Ding, and/or Dang?[View]
88974555have we already all jacked to this yet?[View]
88971019I'll wait, /mu/[View]
88974521KPOP GENERAL[View]
88975509>that 30 year old boomer who listens to hipster Editors[View]
88975491>drummer played so hard there’s blood all over his kit So pretentious[View]
88971835>female starts rapping[View]
88975264Fishmans: Fishmans thread. Discuss their works and members.[View]
88963703What went completely right with Arca's career, /mu/?[View]
88975446>talking to most autistic guy in work >ask him about what music he listens to >mfw he says …[View]
88975468>One man cum on a barbed wire fence >One man, he resist wtf…[View]
88975456You give me ice cream I give you dreams[View]
88975445This japanese idol look like exactly like Minzy of 2NE1: the first in the video https://www.youtube.…[View]
88966457House or Techno?[View]
88968123Unironically the AOTY so far. Does anything else even come close?[View]
88974723tier thread: post yours, tell me why i'm wrong[View]
88975214>tfw music peaked in 1969 DAmn, why did it have to summit so early?[View]
88974282>it's jazz, you have so much freedom to play what you want! >there are no right or wrong …[View]
88971031Where do I continue: Holy shit[View]
88974799What are some really terrible alternative rock albums/songs from the 90's? Put the good stuff a…[View]
88966890Music that can only be played at ear damaging levels[View]
88975113>log on to /mu/ for the first time in like six years >everyone’s taste is fucking terrible Is …[View]
88974372gugugugugugguugugugugugugguugugugugugugguugugugugugugguu: gugugugugugguugugugugugugguugugugugugugguu…[View]
88975092Mozart is BASED af: https://youtu.be/nneHnlQ2cYA?t=5360 /ourguy/ confirmed[View]
88974601>tfw the artist begins to quote the Book of Revelation[View]
88970693ITT : Good albums written by teenagers[View]
88971723have you heard of billie eilish before? if you haven't heard of her you should look her up and …[View]
88973537Morning commute music: Aka the stealth wagebro thread[View]
88974805Give me some recs so I can stop being a tasteless fag Hard mode: no /mu/core[View]
88971319Chill driving/night driving music: -preferably non-instrumental -something to listen to as you and t…[View]
88974860best lou reed: discuss[View]
88974858The album that killed britpop[View]
88968596All Streaming Services. Share your music and give feedback. Hard Mode: Don't Respond to Dubbi[View]
88971570Do you like Bullet For My Valentine? They're kind of weird....like someone took a metal band an…[View]
88974781what's the name of this band[View]
88972971Imagine not thinking that this isn't one of the greatest live performances of all time[View]
88973466Hey /mu/ what is a good quality Vinyl player? Not concerned about recording just looking for a combo…[View]
88974628The Fall General: Thoughts on this one of a kind band?[View]
88973619>Beats by Dre[View]
88973833Is it their best album?[View]
88974465is rog the best pink floyd member?[View]
88974609Good Latin Music :D: Let’s post some! No poopoo caca reggaeton though please. I already have to deal…[View]
88974221Music Services: Hey /mu/ I currently listen to music by downloading it from YT using tubemate. I cre…[View]
88974593music for no more cereal feel?[View]
88974029plz help: How do you feel when you read the phrase 'Contemporary Preludes for Electric Folk Combo'…[View]
88974499EVERYBODY! Come take my hand.[View]
88974507>Yes my favorite band is Car Seat Headrest. How could you tell?[View]
88973464KPOP GENERAL[View]
88974434>used to play to double bass in the school orchestra >thought it would be fun to play again …[View]
88974201I just listened to Women's s/t album What did I think of it?[View]
88974210'Melodic screaming?': Finally found some melodic screaming no thanks to you faggots https://www.yout…[View]
88973028What's your favourite Oliver tree song? https://youtu.be/NqpnbSFprB4[View]
88966479last.fm thread: Post your last.fm. Leave shouts, talk to your supers, whatever. USEFUL LINKS -------…[View]
88974020Thoughts on album? Might be the best experimental space wave album for me that defined the genre.[View]
88973398A lot of vaporwave is actually pretty biting satire of consumerism and pop culture. Have you listene…[View]
88974018Not Terrible Music For Public Places: hey guys, what are some not terrible music I can play for my g…[View]
88973286Why do people hate this meme? Something about an airbnb?[View]
88974152what's the verdict on this album?[View]
88973362>talk with Jamaican cute on tinder >talk about music >bring up reggae >'LOL music…[View]
88973116Post good shit you've found that deserves more attention bros I'll start https://dollhouse…[View]
88973697Hoe many songs should an album have?[View]
88973091/dance/ - Dance Music General: LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! :D Dance-Pop, Dance Punk, Alternative D…[View]
88974009Albums or songs about ((her)) being with someone else[View]
88974083ITT: Fuck you, they're 10/10 to me This also includes Justin's solo stuff[View]
88974056>Eliza and Ezra rolled together into the one giggling snowball of full-figured copulation, scream…[View]
88974034Is /mu/ redpilled enough to appreciate the genius that is Kiyoharu Mori?[View]
88967966Death Grips[View]
88973858I don't get it.[View]
88971161>Billie Elish? I don't know him[View]
88974017New music for you: I self produced (shittily) about 7 minutes of music today and put it up on soundc…[View]
88967885The Worst Album Of 2019: http://sindyshade.bandcamp.com/album/i-hope-you-are-alright[View]
88971969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efW-sTl6YpM&feature=youtu.be this is the funk[View]
88973967ITT: wasted potential: These guys got cut off at their peak by their manager, just as they were find…[View]
88973947>bob dylan is a childish retard[View]
88968758Closers: >'Album closers should perfectly sum up the album as a whole' Albums that do this?…[View]
88968943Music doesn't feel as immersive as it used to. When I put my headphones on now, it feels like m…[View]
88968677>Dad's listening to post rock again[View]
88970486Currently doing a gig arranging Kane Brown's 'What if' for string quartet. How do you do this a…[View]
88971328So...: Which one is more pretentious out of the four?[View]
88973530Any more like this? I love this album[View]
88972504Which albums hold a special place in your heart anon?[View]
88973062King of Rock[View]
88970809Y'all pussy ass Swedecucks better treat my nigga A$AP right fo' my nigga Trump drops a bom…[View]
88971985What subgenre of rock is pic related?[View]
88973295What do you think his routine is like?[View]
88969875Vocals only thread: Post some of your favorite songs that only use the singers only. For more or les…[View]
88973516what's she playing, /mu/?[View]
8897040080's or 90's? Which side will you fight for?[View]
88973105Post the deepest Grimes lore you know in this thread.[View]
88972714Why does this album make me feel uncomfortable and anxious, even more so than Exmilitary or Year of …[View]
88968808TMBG: Pay your respects to the best alternative rock band there ever was here[View]
88970401When else has the AOTY also had the AAOTY?[View]
88971131KPOP GENERAL[View]
88973205>every song is 10/10 how does he do it?[View]
88971302What do you feel when you see this cover?[View]
88973330ECM: Anyone here into the ECM sound? I really like it.[View]
88973323*puts progressive pop back on the menu* based[View]
88968619What exactly is an “avant-teen”? I see the term referenced with regard to /mu/ a lot[View]
88972363post your 10 favourite albums of the decade[View]
88972411You just know[View]
88970078These men are in their early 20s???!!: They look 40s minimum. 1967 it was. Why is this?[View]
88973145What does /mu/ think of Dave Matthews?[View]
88971997*craaaack* *sip*[View]
88972809/ASMR/: ASMR is music too edition https://youtu.be/bAZsByW0WUg >ASMR is a feeling of well-being c…[View]
88972926does anyone here like footwork/juke?[View]
88973100post favorite instrumental bridges: https://youtu.be/A_ulZiob5I0?t=156[View]
88972125Who do you like better....Violent J or Shaggy 2 Dope?[View]
88972821Why did you stop listening to me /mu/?[View]
88972253....is this the apex? is there anything approaching this?[View]
88972400What the fuck is this shit? It’s like the Ramones but on fucking steroids with occasional synths.[View]
88973057ITT: Non-Anglophone Gems: Awesome albums that don't get any english-speaking attention Kaka de …[View]
88972977Post Kino Albums before Chad hits you with the whip[View]
88971668albums that were immediately forgotten[View]
88972921Dont you hate it when she is a hoarder of quarters ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY05nUQ4D5M do…[View]
88972247/bleep/: garage time https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/conducta150719[View]
88972705HOLY SHIT[View]
88972145Does a manlet have a chance to succeed in the modern music industry?[View]
88969541/jazz/: Japanese emphasis edition.Just discovered Sabu Toyozumi and I'm loving him. I also list…[View]
88972787le sad gay showtunes man[View]
88970442IDLES BTFO: https://youtu.be/sfycCrA80vU[View]
88972779u was at the club[View]
88972678There was a noticable decline in the prevalence of grunge-styled music between 96 and 97, yet people…[View]
88968703why do you like swans?[View]
88972689Why does audio software and hardware have to be so expensive? I was talking with my artist friend (l…[View]
88972773r8 my album cover + guess genre[View]
88972747Did you know that disco record sales were up 400% for the year ending 1976? If these trends continue…[View]
88972540alex g makes beautiful music[View]
88972570bob dylan but good at singing and playing guitar[View]
88972440i have been listening to a lot of music from the 60s, more than an album a day, i try to listen to e…[View]
88972537RAWWW: Where the shot leaves me gagging for the arrow[View]
88971152favorite song? i shatter[View]
88972361https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQFNFUonjn4 Post a better song.. ....yeah, i thought so[View]
88972216the holy Trinity of hackery[View]
88967797What's your thoughts on Max Martin, the most influential songwriter of the last 3 decades?[View]
88962378/metal/: extremely loud snare drums edition old: >>88955557 faq: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
88972165Hacker music: Music to hack into Area 51 with https://youtu.be/Wizo2mlJN7U https://youtu.be/bV-hSgL1…[View]
88970273I want to write a song from the perspective of a teenage girl who’s trying to tell a guy to stop try…[View]
88970926I don’t know how popular Rico Nasty is on this thread because I don’t come here a lot but I recently…[View]
88972222Have you ever heard of Evans Blue? They are a pretty good band and also very underrated, what are yo…[View]
88969087friendly reminder[View]
88971707Is anyone even close to this level of lyricism and delivery?[View]
88971992Le industry plant woman[View]
88971900did you know that Kanye West's mother didn't know how to spell the word 'Kenya', which is …[View]
88970277>when the oboe hits u so is this album the last bastion of mu core? every other album has been c…[View]
88971892>dad is listening to sting again after a very painful session of bee gees…[View]
88970962Best Cure song on the best Cure album right here.[View]
88971168Music for this feel[View]
88967725>Writing in a two-part feature on music critics for Rolling Stone in 1976, Dave Marsh bemoaned th…[View]
88937918Post an album and others reply with the best song on it[View]
88971554what do they listen to[View]
88971463hey is cumgaze a thing yet?[View]
88971693how did billie eilish get so popular?[View]
88971884https://epicguy123.bandcamp.com/ reminder that this is the peak of music[View]
88971834Which boards have the lowest average age and why is it /mu/ and /v/?[View]
88969340Is he correct? https://youtu.be/F9UW-O5crR0[View]
88959904ITT your guiltiest pleasure[View]
88971493>mom found the sonybro folder and started crying music for these feels?…[View]
88970698Does music theory ruin creativity?[View]
88970628What does he listen to?[View]
88970534He's next.[View]
88971133>Yeah I listen to Counting Crows, how can you tell?[View]
88914416/classical/: Piano Quintet Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdPUeNRmjZQ >General Folder #1…[View]
88966487Literal One Hit Wonder[View]
88971109what music does he listen to?[View]
88967848Turntable advice: Anyone know how to replace a needle or arm on a turntable? Had this one for 3 year…[View]
88971260Is it still honorable to be a weekend warrior? When I think of my idols, they are swimming in bohemi…[View]
88969928>when you realize this is the true Evangelion of music[View]
88971522What the hell is his problem?[View]
88969943Do you ever think how grateful this shitty band must be that some random guy on the internet calling…[View]
88969656where were you when music died?[View]
88971087/mu/ and /sci/ are the only left-leaning boards in 4chan. While /sci/ is a communist stronghold, we …[View]
88970013>musician wears eyeliner or has tattoos >14 y/o >'hahaha lmao he is so emo'…[View]
88970958have you heard of kanye west before? if you haven't heard of him you should look him up and lis…[View]
88970717how much of a banger is Still Into You? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OblL026SvD4[View]
88970327ween is a good band, i like the music they create[View]
88971334what music does she listen to?[View]
88970906Camp: Camp[View]
88971327Holy fuck. What the fuck???? This is genius. This is fucking AOTY. This will age like fine wine.[View]
88966165Chart Roll Thread: Roll, the last 3 digits of the id are the album you get, also , feel free to tell…[View]
88971288Truly rick will rule the world?[View]
88968558What' 'that song' that you keep playing on repeat right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i…[View]
88970573I love this Asian man[View]
88971239Post charts, guess personalities, maybe rec, I dont know, who cares. Lazyposting will not be tolerat…[View]
88970614what are some good background videogaymes to play while listening to music?[View]
88971223>>>/x/23038279 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdQp9OEhRrc[View]
889672723x3 4x4 5x5 collage thread: rec, rate, guess what each others future will look like[View]
88971083Albums you thought you grew out of in your 20s, but then came around again in a better way[View]
88970678More like Power Poop[View]
88971166shorty fell in love with a hustler shorty fell in love with a g[View]
88959067Are you listening to black metal /mu/?[View]
88970010KPOP GENERAL[View]
88969114Run The Jewels: Are they /mu/core?[View]
88970006What do each of these young white males listen to?[View]
88968114Morrissey invented modern lo-fi indie in 1988 with Treat Me Like A Human Being https://www.youtube.c…[View]
88970724How does one learn: To rap and come up with a flow I can make beats and produce melodies but can…[View]
88969661This is so life affirming and beautiful. You must listen to this anons.[View]
88970917>anon, what kind of music do you listen to?[View]
88969478When did you fall into the Velvet Hole? For me it was after hearing The Gift for the first time.[View]
88969256Lay it straight, how shit am I https://instaud.io/3X4m https://instaud.io/3X4J[View]
88969534So based[View]
88970814ITT: artists you forgot were dead[View]
88968493Why do all female bands suck? Seems a female is only good in the band if a male is backing them up. …[View]
88968368Reminder that Elliott Smith was murdered[View]
88970749keep your chin up /mu/[View]
88969011This is the best 1960s album[View]
88967531Is anyone going to the HaNL show in Denver tonight? I met a few guys from here at the Brooklyn shows…[View]
88966715moshi moshi Cobain desu[View]
88970625Just broke up with my fiancé...music for this feel? Pic related[View]
88959087Post the best album from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-N_DiTahO8[View]
88970601Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Out Of Sequence is the best song?[View]
88970647leave thoughts: https://streamable.com/2bacm[View]
88969234This album is highly overrated, not as good as people say it is. Its just decent[View]
88970050holy shit this is a fucking classic[View]
88970583you nigga's got 2pac holograms here in Cuba we got the real deal 2PAC[View]
88965307Is St. Vincent the best female musician of our time?[View]
88966448Now that the dust is settled, what did we think of it?[View]
88967431whats your favorite disco song?[View]
88969606Ambient: Got any good ambient album reccs? Specifically melody driven but anything goes.[View]
88968893when can we admit that this is a garbage yawnfest and that virtually everything else by Standing on …[View]
88970303How the HELL do you go about finding vocalists for your band??[View]
88970448Post your AOTYSF. Pic related was damn good.[View]
88967239lets be serious, this is kinda fun[View]
88970410>The greatest album of all time is made out of just samples Damn...[View]
88968022>'hey, colored girls, what was that you said?'[View]
88967934This thread is for punks only, no poof shit[View]
88960235Post your favourite album and your deepest sexual fantasy Slint - Spiderland Having sex while fallin…[View]
88969986>Pleb For Whom the Bell Tolls >Contrarian Call of Ktulu >Patrician Creeping Death…[View]
88970315ITT - Political albums that dared to go against popular opinion and make a bold statement.: I'l…[View]
88970274>vaporwave is de-[View]
88965902ITT: Best albums you've never seen mentioned on /mu/[View]
88969397Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
88965491ITT: Artists only you care about For me, it's Camper Van Beethoven[View]
88969864Does anyone have recommendations for songs (or bands) that sounds like I'm a Frayed Knot by Nur…[View]
88970074What music is acceptable to normies to play this summer? Is everyone still obsessing over soundcloud…[View]
88965312ITT: Bands that never made a good song in more than a decade.[View]
88969844Pray for Hopsin. He's sad.[View]
88969276KPOP GENERAL[View]
88969937Explain this: https://youtu.be/bCg9QXMQ8UU[View]
88967376The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles: Etta James vs Aretha Franklin edition[View]
88969894This is me feel funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spzGGnS0zt0&list=OLAK5uy_mbsX1HYUpM0Z0H_OW…[View]
88969869anymore jpop like this? maybe more jazz influence/saxophone usage.[View]
88968821Is there anything more aesthetic than only buttoning the top button of your shirt?[View]
88969265red house painters: the best band from the 90s[View]
88967302YANDHI: September's version has been leaked https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1to4anVrqQjw…[View]
88968841IDLES: I think Idles is the most important band right now and I fucking love it.[View]
88961353wtf i love plants now[View]
88967758Anyone actually been to Berlin? Just fancy popping over from the UK for a long weekend, having a few…[View]
88969364Best pipecore music/artists?[View]
88969383We have them to thank for Bark Psychosis and the Pop Group[View]
88967080What bands were Metallica listening to at the time of writing and recording St. Anger? I know it was…[View]
88967988Y̶̰͎͛̃o̶̘̱͛u̶̒ͅ ̸͉̜̑̊ǩ̵͖̚ͅṋ̴͈̉́o̵̦̩̎w̸̯͎͑̆ ̵̦͘m̴̨͉͂̃ỵ̷͋ ̸̫̔̽ḿ̴̜̙a̶̠̥͝ǵ̴̱͚͊i̵͙̚c̴̱̉̾ ̷͕̓̑ḯ̷̹̜̓s…[View]
88967721For me, it's Crazy Frog's Crazy hits.[View]
88969376Post your five favorite albums and tell other anons how they’re going to die based on them Pornograp…[View]
88969390thoughts on Brendan Benson?[View]
88968099>Why yes, I do enjoy listening to Nickelback. What gave it away?[View]
88968767*steals ur song*[View]
88968293KPOP GENERAL[View]
88967083Artist tweets[View]
88966143Unironically, what music is the Joker listening to in 1981? No meme answers pls[View]
88966974WHO LET THE DOGS OUT[View]
88968461did Gorillaz steal The Beta Bands music?[View]
88969108>nostalgia sucks gtfo boomers >clamors for the /mu/ of five years ago…[View]
88968472This is shit, if you say you enjoy this, you're lying your ass off.[View]
88969049what are you listening to right now?: me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAu0WxaYFro[View]
88968877aoty: Objectively the best and most replayable album of 2018, music elitists fags fuck off[View]
88967238/zg/ Zahira General: Can you guys think of anyone more deserving of the goddess title than frontwoma…[View]
88969039What will be the genre that surpasses hip hop as the dominant style of music?[View]
88967226Why did he release something so mediocre as his first solo album[View]
88966606>go to metal-archives >click on 'Random Band' >bring pics…[View]
88968952bachata remix 2 pack: bachata remix 2 pack pack of 31 bachata tracks to hook. Download link: http://…[View]
88965810INCEL ROCK: Does /mu/ like incel rock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2y5msfAClU[View]
88966873Someone stop the madman!!![View]
88966269What does he listen to?[View]
88966814Rank a band discography: i'll start don't worry 1. Pinkerton 2. Blue 3. White 4. Maladroit…[View]
88968059Iconic lyrics from music you liked as a teenager: THIS IS A .44 CALIBER LOVE LETTER STRAIGHT FROM MY…[View]
88968708*glass breaks*[View]
88968744Black Midi are the mavericks reinventing guitar-driven rock. https://guitar.com/features/interviews/…[View]
88966445Linkin Park became the biggest nu-metal band in the world, but at the cost of credibility. Remember…[View]
88967386>I dunno Mr. Lahey, it's pretty friggin far down[View]
88965907Who was more influential?[View]
88968592why the fuck does no one talk about this album, it's gotta be one of the best pop/dance albums …[View]
88968623Oi I long to rub ye minge[View]
88966047How old would you guess this man is?[View]
88963169I fucking hate this band. Their music is crap and their fanbase is intolerable.[View]
88965898>Hey son, where’s my Steely Dan CD?[View]
88968215Archers of LOAF: Hey MAPLEpals, SebadBROS, FELLERfrens, BOBstonians and POLVOians. It's time to…[View]
88968380What is /mu/'s opinion on Oingo Boingo?[View]
88966934>tfw album sounds different at 1.25x speed and it feels like im listening to it for the first tim…[View]
88965145it’s the greatest album of all time shut the fuck up[View]
88963419ITT: 5 favourite albums, 5 least favourite ones. r8, h8, etc[View]
88961592/mu/ makes an album N. 9 - Actually making the music: This a plunderphonics album about porn addicti…[View]
88968063Lil B is the most important and influential artist of the last decade.[View]
88964621marxist-leninist here. i have better taste than most people on /mu/. www.last.fm/usedq0001 have a ni…[View]
88965990Post overhated (not underrated) albums[View]
88966613More music like “Moon Age” ( track 1 ) from this album? Please I love this sound and it never appear…[View]
88967972What does /mu/ think about Greta Van Fleet? rym trannies seem to hate them[View]
88968348AOTD thread (Underrated Edition): These are my favorite 'underrated' albums on the decade. I don…[View]
88968343>You never talk We never smile I scream You're nothing I don't need you any more You…[View]
88967690what's she playing, /mu/?[View]
88963749>invents punk[View]
88963423Do you like her music?[View]
88967707yo anybody know how to download a full youtube playlist ?: without using youtube-dl cuz i don’t have…[View]
88963447ITT: 10/10 albums[View]
88967202KPOP GENERAL[View]
88968146Which is worse, an industry of stodgy dinosaur outfits or one which cycles through 'vital' artists l…[View]
88967027Deerhunter: Thoughts on Deerhunter /mu/[View]
88965374I'm so edgy, look at my rym ratings distribution. My taste is of such an elevated state you ple…[View]
88966146cuck-core: Name a more cucked album, I dare you[View]
88964170does /mu/ have the musical ability to play this?[View]
88966221Post your top 10 tracks: 10. Happiness is a Warm Gun 9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 8. Honey Pie 7.…[View]
88967913Anyone feel bad for this guy? >bunch of roasties all spam twitter with vague recounts of how they…[View]
88953858whats some kino jap music[View]
88967916>>88964519 >pleb tier Imagining playing in front of your high school with your fantasy band…[View]
88967628>make a playlist with 6 songs that I really like of similar genre >cannot for the life of me f…[View]
88958161/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ …[View]
889676972014 - 2018/9 fucking banging time that was[View]
88967130ITT: Rare 1980s songs which deserve more love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEZr5MoiFHU…[View]
88964357What's the one song with the most sexual tension in it?[View]
88967684hullo muh names shvbsbsb mmshhhnsjnmmshhshhhjjahhbhshhhshhbbsghshshhhhhjshhnsbhshhhhbsugshggsghh but…[View]
88965185Holy shit, this album redpilled me on white people[View]
88967487any one else excited for this album?[View]
88964714concept albums: What are some really good weird concept albums ?[View]
88965896What music do they listen to?[View]
88967363Why is it so hard to find this on vinyl?[View]
88967447https://youtu.be/0cS49fft4Xs Post the music of your country and /mu/ tells you how it is.[View]
88966605DJ Mix: ok boys, give me tour favs >https://youtu.be/n5U9toSjQM8…[View]
88965601>Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change >Once a whore you're not…[View]
88964704best trap album?[View]
88966961Why the hell is this dudes music still not on Spotify yet?[View]
88963403Listen to me again[View]
88967135hey /mu/ name my band[View]
88965225remember: if you hear a harmonica, it's Blues Traveler[View]
88967250itt: comparing albums; uk version: comparing recent albums from uk artists nothing great about brita…[View]
88966993listen to blues[View]
88965982KPOP GENERAL[View]
88965245egg: egg[View]
88966601what does she listen to?[View]
88965545do you like him?[View]
88966921It finally clicked[View]
88964702What would you do if you were the only person in the world to know any of the Beatles songs? Are the…[View]
88966853>God Tier underrated albums: What albums that have been left by the wayside should be revered…[View]
88965350Low? More like, 'This album blows!': >speed of life More like the speed of the SHIT coming out of…[View]
88966268Oliver tree: What does /mu/ think of this walking meme after the H3 podcast?[View]
88960557Friendly reminder this board ruined this[View]
88966629what's the genre of 808 State type music?[View]
88966723Ultra pleb stories: >At a bar that takes music requests >Tell then to play Young Thug >Hara…[View]
88964922Is there anybody out there?: I've been feeling alienated, isolated and like complete shit. Musi…[View]
88966679Check out our new single https://youtu.be/_wjCVw4YLlw[View]
88965090/v/ meets /mu/: Music for this feel?[View]
88964490Thoughts on this diabetic queen?[View]
88965621>Tool launches an album the year Americans will storm Area 51 and reclaim their country. The star…[View]
88965413Name a pop group that incorporated a more diverse set of influences. >inb4 The Beatles…[View]
88964257This is genuinely one of the worst albums I've ever heard. Why is it so highly praised? Why is …[View]
88966166what am i missing? do i need to look into the lyrics? its just sounds like the most bland folk album…[View]
88966367what would you boys recommend me that is similar to the Heroes Orchestra? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
88965379it’s the greatest album of all time shut the fuck up[View]
889651393 talentless hacks that aren't as great as Sir Paul Mccartney.[View]
88966207how does /mu/ feel about Terry Riley?[View]
88966290NEVER FREE NEVER ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckom3gf57Yw[View]
88963820Post albums that you think are an artist's true best[View]
88959399ITT: albums you can't believe aren't more well known because of how fucking good they are …[View]
88966020idfk: Im only in first band and im only first chair is because everyone sucks ass. Tbh im not that g…[View]
88966045What are some good bouncy albums? Pic related is really good and really BOUNCY[View]
88964757Memes aside, is there actually any artist from California who doesn't mention the fact they…[View]
88965682TENERIFE TENERIFE: What did he mean by this.[View]
88965472Post some harsh, scary music, preferably not straight-up dark ambient, but that's still welcome…[View]
88959038Deathgrips: So I was just watching an episode of Sardonicast, a movie podcast where Adam from YMS, R…[View]
88966060Rebellion - The Forbidden Song: Does anyone have the original, full version of Britney Spears' …[View]
88963672I'm sorry, but her voice is just extremely unpleasant to me.[View]
88963933how many good albums does ty segall have? which ones are they? where the fuck are you supposed to st…[View]
88963158Is metalcore the imagine dragons of metal ? that being said recommend some good metalcore bands[View]
88965960Post your favorite symphony. Mine is Alfred Schnittke's 1st symphony.[View]
88964711KPOP GENERAL[View]
88965618>mfw it's important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially during summer m…[View]
88964309ITT: poetic albums[View]
88965038J.S. Bach: best recording of his lute works?[View]
88965778Serious question. So I've started to notice that a lot of you folks here consider rap to be som…[View]
88959270Music equivalent?[View]
88964771what type of bass is right?: Aloha guys, I'm inspired to learn the bass and I've done some…[View]
88962515>negative rym review >'I tried to like it, I really did'…[View]
88963579omg this is fucking great, it's a solid 10/10 what the fuck why nobody told me[View]
88965467Where to start with the japanese/korean scene ? Don't care for a specific genre, just the grea…[View]
88964701How did they go from being the most sincere band ever to the most ironic?[View]
88965210What is some really fast/angry music? Especially stuff that’s good for listening to in the gym[View]
88964519>practice guitar for for ten minutes >imagine a career trajectory for my ideal band, including…[View]
889617443x3/4x4/5x5 weekly collage: have fun, don't lazypost[View]
88965615What does character actor Freddie Highmore listen to?[View]
88965464Thoughts about this music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKDpCFPQ1Pw[View]
88964562I thought you guys were memeing. This shit slaps. https://youtu.be/jWCS-8QX_iA[View]
88963513Reminder: John Frusciante is responsible for River Phoenix's death.[View]
88964029/mucore: had a friend tell me to get into /mu core yesterday when i told him id be browsing this boa…[View]
88956956/chart/: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ other one ded[View]
88958845Music for that 1am in the airport feel?[View]
88965529is it any good?[View]
88965070>album best songs are god-tier but worst songs are shit-tier making it a mixed back Which album i…[View]
88963964music for this feel[View]
88965441>he was boy >and she was a girl >can I make it anymore heteronormative?…[View]
88964666Top 10 best Wilco songs?: Hard mode: nothing from this album[View]
88965446Axl Rose: Let's have an Axl thread[View]
88963810is it just me is early 2010's pop music was worse that modern pop in a better way[View]
88964854Sleaford mods , best band in the world[View]
88964652Anyone know anything about these guys?: Found this tape in some shop in the middle of buttfuck nowhe…[View]
88964998Music to make this face to?[View]
88959757ITT: talentless hacks[View]
88965328Whaddya think of She Past Away's new album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9wxZpOoiJ8[View]
88965217what is he listening to?[View]
88965190>instrumentals sound good >lyrics are teenage girl shit…[View]
88960940>Don't Wanna Be An American Indian! Whoa, that's racist. How did they get away with tha…[View]
88963719New Hopsin: Hopsin - I Don't Want It deep song. great lyrics. the last rapper with true meaning…[View]
88964279what's /mu/s opinion on this album? It's Joie De Vivre - We're All Better Than This[View]
88963303OMG IDLES!![View]
88963441what are some other emotionally dishonest bands?[View]
88961486wtf I hate meat now[View]
88963391Do you remember a guy that's been In such an early song? I've heard a rumor from Ground Co…[View]
88962420Are Vocaloids the future of music?[View]
88964934ITT: Best lofi albums: my pick is Eery- Cloudy.Days (although I do think the Her EP is better)…[View]
88946514ITT: music that would play in nowhere[View]
88964774Why does this cover look better than the painting itself?[View]
88964840jojo siwa: what is the musical equivalent to this[View]
88963538What's your opinion of Oliver Tree?[View]
88963634based or cringe?[View]
88964026What's his best song from the 70's? What's his best song from the 80's? What…[View]
88963766KPOP GENERAL: Cheers to Mina's new baby Cheers to Chewy getting her lines Its a new era for Twi…[View]
88964563/gu/ is for gusic[View]
88964332The Blunders: do y'all know about this band? they were a mid-70s (at least seems like it) rock …[View]
88964630which one is better?[View]
88962833>The most popular song in the USA of all time is gonna be a black gay cowboy singing a trap count…[View]
88964056>The /mu/ Wiki: >http://4chanmusic.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky >Discover music: >http://rateyo…[View]
88962129whats the Best song of 2010’s?[View]
88964531What’s with the spotify video snippey for insight? Curtis wanted this huh[View]
88964365my case worker is coming over in 20 minutes to meet with me. what album should I put on while he…[View]
88964458Top Five Favourite Songs of All Time. GO !: 5. Under A Glass Moon - Dream Theater 4. My Dream Girl D…[View]
88936413Why did vaporwave fail as a counter-culture?[View]
88964381why were bands before the 2000s cool? what happened was it just heroin[View]
88962109Story Time /mu/ >be me >invited to a normie friends house party >everyone's talking ab…[View]
88964266what do you think of Rocky Erickson[View]
88961357thoughts on banks?[View]
88960843Whatever your opinion on The Beatles, we can all agree that 'A Day in the Life' is one of …[View]
88963879Album covers that make you think[View]
88964318Why do gays love opera so much? Literally every guy you see who works in or enjoys opera is gay. The…[View]
88962916This is AOTY and no one can dispute.[View]
88963272I cant believe ive wasted all of this money.[View]
88963392What are some good 80s?[View]
88964111I just had sex to Beethovens 9th symphony: Holy shit, it was the most intense experience I've e…[View]
88961695Anything similar?[View]
88962066radiohead sucks[View]
88964178You ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two?[View]
88964145duurr brap[View]
88964141Is trent trying to tell us something about his archenemesis tront?[View]
88949080>great hip-hop, electronic and punk scene Why the FUCK are they so underrated? Is it the language…[View]
88962970>hear someone talk about BTS >get excited >remember they're not talking about built to…[View]
88963582After Sex?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLqfkSTtEAI 37:66 A price?[View]
88964068At what age did you realize you weren't strong enough to be kvlt?[View]
88958965Anything like the first 30 seconds of Little Fury Things?[View]
88963179why did this album never get the recognition it deserves?[View]
88958989Loudest band you've ever seen live: hey /mu/ what's the loudest band you've ever seen…[View]
88963771/mu/ OC Mashup thread: The rules are simple. Go to rave.dj and mix two songs together, and then post…[View]
88963882>Two of the greatest Hip Hop producers were born at the same time What did god mean by this?…[View]
88961590Cool 70-80-90 songs: post good shit bonus points if similar with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5…[View]
88960228Thoughts on Tiny Tim?[View]
88963428Laptop for music and audio processing: Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask Hey /mu/,…[View]
88961579avant-garde metal: If metal is all about chromaticism and dissonance why don't metal musicians …[View]
88963576Can over the ear headphones damage hearing?: Also how does /mu/ listen tu music?[View]
88960764haha anyone else feel me on this been listening to Riot all night[View]
88962716KPOP GENERAL: you're all lazier than mina edition[View]
88962759>ugh, why can't the radio play real music like nirvana?[View]
88963709Why do people hate The Knack so much? Is it literally just My Sharona overplay?[View]
88961522what’s some music about evil twins? https://youtube.com/watch?v=A8z5tFUhVio[View]
88962269ITT: Bands only worth their Greatest Hits: what are some bands that are only worth checking out thei…[View]
88963038Classic/Midwest Emo Thread: Classic/Midwest Emo Thread. Of all the bands (all genres) that only rele…[View]
88962712Troitski Site: Sup /mu/, I'll be making a site dedicated to Troitski. I'll be translating …[View]
88962709Best remixed album? best remixed album[View]
88963032nigger nigger? space to earth niggers? 10-4 roger roger i stayed up all night gimme some music to li…[View]
88962546Call to leave /mu/: I don't know about anyone else but I think after 3 years I'm finally g…[View]
88959538JUST IN: ASAP Rocky sentenced to life in prison in Swedish prison: OOH NOO NO NO NOO[View]
88963404What does /mu/ think of the new Ringo Sheena album?[View]
88963336NOW ITS TIME TO GET FUNKY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZv62ShoStY This is the most based dance …[View]
88956402instant classic[View]
88960661Considering the popularity of Trap music, is Hip Hop in its hair metal / post-grunge phase?[View]
88962962Where do I start with Nick Cave?[View]
88962344Odd future is just three six mafia for white people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSdPhZ_jJNU[View]
88960565What's the deal with Trout Mask Replica: Okay, so I'm a normie pleb with very limited musi…[View]
88959702ITT: Post your RYM rating distribution: I'll start[View]
88962024How do I into Experimental Hip Hop: I don't know any artists in the genre. I liked pic related …[View]
88961785What's some music like in Runescape? Other than Fief.[View]
88963120Mark Hollis[View]
88963237Best Pink Floyd album right here.[View]
88963217/metal/: rec me some albums like this please[View]
88962860Hi /mu/, don’t forget to pray to the Lord and Savior today.[View]
88963190i miss 6ix9ine posting like you wouldnt believe[View]
88962708I know it's not halloween yet, but I think this album could be a meme. Thoughts?[View]
88960078Literally Björk of our generation[View]
88962731Yung Bae, Macross 82-99 and Desired what is their genre called?[View]
88961824Name my band.[View]
88962656are these the biggest hacks in music? >choose famous hit from 70s and 80s >perform lame acoust…[View]
88960973Name me a more iconic duo[View]
88956957music stopped progressing and has been in arrested development since like 2015. in the early 2010s t…[View]
88962535Buckle up, AOTY coming on September 13th https://youtu.be/hQPYS4Bnv30[View]
88962429Share an early 2000's Rock song from your home country!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7UHl9…[View]
88958898Vocaroo thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1M43VMsgvEv I walked out of the room for that fade out[View]
88962967The Number Twelve Looks Like You: Opinions? It’s their first material in ten years. Personally I don…[View]
88959665Rap was good but now it's gay: Now, once upon a time not long ago There was a little rapper abo…[View]
88958369Bait Thread: I'm baiting you[View]
88957527post the deepest grimes lore you know in this thread[View]
88961690Music for the small hours MASTERPIECE: Listen up nerds, you need to hear this album. Asap. It has so…[View]
88961788Ray-pilled: When did you discover the Kinks were the most patrician 60's pop group? https://you…[View]
88962670Kawasaki -: https://youtu.be/I0LJX3aGLao[View]
88962723Post your favourite movie soundtrack.[View]
889569326 minutes is the optimal song length. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
88961818What is the album equivalent of sucking dick?[View]
88959942I joined this shitty discord last night where in the middle of a conversation, this pathetic low-lif…[View]
88962782I got this killa up inside of me I can't talk to my motha so I talk to my diary[View]
88962549there's a new tycho album and you niggers didn't tell me about it ?[View]
88962636I still love this fuck you[View]
88960201Anyone else came to the realisation that King Crimson are dogshit?: I like Fripp's work with Bo…[View]
88962711Wat does /mu/ think of SPM was he based did he pull a Pac n just kill himself[View]
88962070KPOP GENERAL: ioi bond[View]
88961225What's /mu/'s opinion on Burt Bacharach?[View]
88962063KPOP GENERAL[View]
88962666when you say it's gonna happen now WHEN EXACTLY DO YOU MEAN?[View]
88961715is there anyone that has lyrics as good as Morrissey but also plays an instrument as good as johnny …[View]
88961107Best Musical Instruments Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019: https://www.allinallspace.com/best-musical-…[View]
88959535Does /mu/ like EBM?[View]
88961090Liberty X rule, despite the massive visual disadvantage of not having Suzanne as a member. Also the …[View]
88960759Nicki Minaj.[View]
88962114ITT: /mu/ in one picture[View]
88960013>One of the bands that established the Punk Rock genre was actually Pop Punk all along kek…[View]
88959853Them Crooked Vultures: Will these cunts ever make another album?[View]
88950706ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each other on various websites fo…[View]
88962471what are you listening to this fine monday morning[View]
88955557/metal/: IMMORTAL IS MY FAVORITE BAND edition >>88941296 FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
88961324Last night I dreamed I saw Brian Wilson. I awoke with a profound sense of dread. In the dream, he wa…[View]
88962155post an album and i may or may not whoop its ass[View]
88953230Who else liked this movie?[View]
88961102what does he listen to?[View]
88961604Music for this feel?[View]
88950863What is his name again?[View]
88961279How did mu forget about her?[View]
88962202Music for this feel?[View]
88953055Post traditional heavy metal bands you enjoy[View]
88955873How does it feel knowing that this is the peak of jazz?[View]
88961273Is it true the best ambient music comes from video game soundtracks?[View]
88961354Is it true hiphop festivals have a 90% white people quotum nowadays?[View]
88960885Post an artist without actually posting them: Others try to guess who it is Starting with pic relate…[View]
88959125You don't like Tame Imapala?[View]
88962095raid top 100 dj poll: The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page is trying to spam top dj 100 poll with …[View]
88961650is it true?[View]
88960576KPOP GENERAL: thinking about JiU...[View]
88958933There's that Mike Reznor...[View]
88961911radiohead fan meetup[View]
88960804Planning on falling for the Vinyl meme recomend me a record player also album cover thread[View]
88961342ITT: LOTR core[View]
88961927Help Anon. I was looking for a harsh noise album. I remember it has some pink guitar amplifiers in …[View]
88960021With all the 80's Japan fetishism going on, why hasn't Ayumi Nakamura been 'rediscovered' …[View]
88961860Early 2010's Equivalent of Beethoven: Don't you faggots lie, you know you miss these multi…[View]
88961884This can't be true[View]
88959976best pink floyd album right here[View]
88960337/zg/ Zahira General: The new Selena can't make it fast enough[View]
88960850What made his music so magical?[View]
88949951New Concept: Nobody be a dumbass and respond to Dubbi. Lets have a good thread for once. Those who r…[View]
88961817What does /mu/ think about soulwax?[View]
88961662ITT: obscure 60s psychedelic rock albums[View]
88961731>invents post-jazz funk Pssht... Nothin personnel, bucko[View]
88960559It's better than Satori t b h[View]
88960816Does anyone know what genre this is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2oYXcVb2ig Pic unrelated[View]
88961316What are the best pair of headphones under $1000 I can get for a truly immersive music experience? I…[View]
88961514Punch Nazis[View]
88960222Emo thread part 2? Also discord :): Hey all, I made the emo thread from last night that died in a fe…[View]
88960617>he drones Fagtano >he drones Scruffi >he drones Cuckgau >he drones some random pseud op…[View]
88960577KPOP GENERAL[View]
88950324New SC thread. Give feedback to at least 1 person.[View]
88961176are you in the Jedi Rocks or Lapti Nek camp? https://youtube.com/watch?v=PiDRgDmXGi4 https://youtube…[View]
88960330/mu/ can't handle this[View]
88960711The cool kids are listening to obscure Russian outsider house: Why aren't you?[View]
88953430/sdg/ - Scaruffi Drone General: Favorite 9/10? Which is more overrated Beatles or Radiohead? New Rev…[View]
88961106Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band: Thoughts? Is it better than John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band?[View]
88960925Is Graves eras Misfits really just Metal Punk?[View]
88960727Music for the Shinkansen?[View]
88961033These are the pinnacle of art.[View]
889526492019... I am forgotten[View]
88959386she can't sing[View]
88959893ITT: Only the most kino music videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JkIs37a2JE dove unrelated[View]
88960740I wanna I wanna I wanna end me[View]
88960755>Bergling retired from touring in 2016 due to health problems, having suffered stress and poor me…[View]
88958829Modular and trannies: Why the fuck using modular synths turns people into trannies? I mean, come on,…[View]
88934213>Chart bread Rate and rec other anons shit edition http://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/…[View]
88958585Rank there top 3 albums >1 In the Court of the Crimson King' >2 red >3 larks tongues…[View]
88958977for the vast minority of people here who actually play music how do you recommend learning to play p…[View]
88960517Techno thread: Any recommendations on techno? just trying to explore the genre a lil bit more, no ha…[View]
88960342Are any other of Peter Green's albums purely instrumental like this one?[View]
88960384Why is this horrible shit so praised? Its just Swans in bad.[View]
88959141Challenge time. Come up with a name for every beat switch in this song https://youtu.be/npAafIZqB80 …[View]
88959877We need another larger-than-life rock and roll legend. I'm bored[View]
88959562Kpop general[View]
88960429They hated him because he he told them the truth[View]
88960116music to storm area 51 to? im gonna get a ben ten watch[View]
88960358Album of the year, 2004. Good times.[View]
88959214MR.JONES AND ME[View]
88959939Is Logic the cringiest Rapper of this generation?[View]
88960420What album sounds like this picture?[View]
88957247When they do their harmonies they will often sing different words from each other, seemingly by acci…[View]
88958803hang in there /mu/[View]
88952713>'I remember meeting my idol Ted Nugent on the set of supergroup, Ted and his hunting buddies wer…[View]
88960375Was there actually a dance called 'the Rockaway,' /mu/? That was before my time; I genuinely don…[View]
88960251Holy shit[View]
88958268tinnitus. going to kms. not joking. give me one last album to listen to before i go[View]
88958689What the fuck is this shit. These are the worst lyrics I've ever heard. It's not even lyri…[View]
88958665Music for being in a soul crushingly depressed mood?[View]
88959472What’s his best song?[View]
88943353>Icky Mettle [Alias, 1993] >Guitars screeching every which way, beats speeding and hesitating …[View]
88959913>removes Only Shallow PERFECT[View]
88959330/troitski/ General: Thank you Troitksi for introducing me to great Italo-Prog very much needed that.…[View]
88959995How long until people realize that he's a genius?[View]
88959221Would /mu/ fuck Ava Max?[View]
88957443>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hlwDSnkXrA Can we all agree that this is unironically the pinna…[View]
88958320>listening to the music because the musician is attractive...[View]
88956026Best Tame Impala album? for me Lonerism, what y’all think[View]
88960010*makes the best electronic music*[View]
88959941What's with his disdain for The King of Limbs?[View]
88957748Do you prefer your black metal alt right or antifa?[View]
88959879Is this Kanye's most beautiful song? Not necessarily his best, just the most gorgeous.[View]
88959184ITT albums that should be /mu/core and why pic related because it's a better pleb filter than T…[View]
88957365is Spiderland proto-mumble rap?[View]
88959717why did it repeat[View]
88958880How is incel rap songs any different than gangster rap?: They both glorify violence, but somehow Egg…[View]
88957837Literally all my problems in life would be solved if I got a girlfriend that liked this album and li…[View]
88938234/prod/ - Music Production: /prod/ just wanna make music edition New to production? Check it; https:/…[View]
88959628I just listened to A I A: Alien Observer What did I think about it?[View]
88956962Why does no one ever stan the most kino live album of all time?: Stay fucking slaps. https://youtu.b…[View]
889569923x3 WEEK collage thread[View]
88959307>grunge is coming back guise every single show ive gone to locally, theres always some unkempt cr…[View]
88957462One of the most pretentious rock documentaries ever. I never thought I would hate James and Lars mor…[View]
88956036>album is called the black album >it's white wtf james?…[View]
88958160>'I am not a happy meal'[View]
88958561KPOP GENERAL[View]
88957718Name the first 5 albums that come to your mind at this exact moment.[View]
88959438What are μ's favourite TTWS songs?[View]
88957146>At Kenwood, on a shelf in the sunroom, sat a white, pharmaceutical mortar and pestle with which …[View]
88959408>*does not acknowledge Archers Of Loath on any of his lists Heh, Nothing personal kid…[View]
88956409When are we getting a new Mitski album?[View]
88958549what does she listen to[View]
88956519Currently Listening To thread[View]
88953852ITT: High Res Album Covers[View]
88958378What are the best Wilco songs not on this album?[View]
88959291Maybe i could BECOME JIM MORRRISON. FAT. UGLY . DEADDD[View]
88959202ITT: badly describe an album's art, others guess what album it is: >some depressed chick wit…[View]
88954640>tfw just learned the solo to See No Evil by Television what are some of your proud accomplishmen…[View]
88958799>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMvpFHuzqRQ Is this peak backpack rap? It's really good.…[View]
88957436Bands where their first album was their most successful.[View]
88958678Have a Nice Life in Portland: It was alright. The sound sucked though. Was anybody else there?…[View]
88959108Just ordered this record for dirtcheap 15$ in discogs. Anyone have this vinyl. I know the album is g…[View]
88951903What gear do I need to achieve an evil black metal tone? I have a distortion pedal namely Zakk Wylde…[View]
88958751>I'M ON A PLANE >I CAN'T COMPLAIN truly the voice of an entire generation!!!!…[View]
88956277KORN: Are any of their albums past this good?[View]
88958725No taste fag here Could you guys please recommend me some great albums No Death grips,AnCo,Slint,Ape…[View]
88958837>greatest hits[View]
88958926King's X: This thread is for CHADS only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9IYzjp9juw[View]
88957611Ghostemane thread: I miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z…[View]
88952875Dont mind me just the best Beatle coming through[View]
88958821Innovative musicians/composers: In your opinion, who are the most innovative musicians/composers of …[View]
88953432meh... s/t was better[View]
88952725Mid 00s Punk Revival: To all the Brit anons what did you guys thinking the punk revival from 2003 to…[View]
88958012bek: >1995 >'I don't like color' >2017 >Releases Colors REEEEEEEEE…[View]
88957731music for this feel?[View]
88950108Whats went wrong?[View]
88956451The 'ohh' of plearuse, again for once to listen to it again for the first time for one album. what…[View]
88958397Do I make you feel shy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZl0ro-Pnb8[View]
88956433turn of the decade gamechangers[View]
88956982Calvin Johnson: Why is he so fucking weird? What's the deal with this fucker?[View]
88948641What's your opinion of teen suicide[View]
88956113Thoughts: >TFW haven’t been on here since February Out of the loop on the opinion on a lot of rec…[View]
889535553x3 4x4 5x5: last.fm collage thread. do your thing gib recs[View]
88958070All women do is evoke emotions, weakness in men. If I could detach myself from all sexuality I would…[View]
88955954am jealous: Need song/album recommendations for being jealous of other's successes... my friend…[View]
88956835What music do people with vaginas like, and more importantly, what music will help me gain access to…[View]
88951944what does mu think of the new old town road remix?[View]
88956941Fellerfags are fucking retards: >they were as entry level as the other artists you listed How fuc…[View]
88956544Marty Robbins: Thoughts on Marty Robbins? I just started getting into western music and i find it aw…[View]
88957951ITT post an albums best 3 songs and rate their taste >The Spark That Bled >Slow Motion >Spo…[View]
88957750KPOP GENERAL[View]
88958255SyberRians from Uzbekistan: Hey guys, we are a band named 'SyberRia' and we are from Uzbekistan (In …[View]
88957637>play guitar casually for 8 years >get pretty good >start to write my own songs >wipe th…[View]
88957339Why does everyone hate this album? Personally, I prefer it over animals and the wall.[View]
88953457>stopped browsing /mu/ >enjoying my time on 4chan much more, browsing better boards >but no…[View]
88952115what comes after Hard Times? can she outdo herself?[View]
88956389Thoughts on this tour? I'm gonna see it this week[View]
88956414just heard the news...: rip John...[View]
88956947Is 'Peel Slowly and See' by Andy Warhol the greatest CD ever made?[View]
88949502Haha but seriously reunion when?[View]
88956955Jack stauber: Jack stauber[View]
88957502What are some /mu/ approved Christian albums?[View]
88956860Best Albums from Early/Mid 00s NYC Garage/Post-Punk Revival: pic related tied with Room on Fire for …[View]
88957007My 12 year old sister wants me to take her to this: And she wants to bring her two friends. I'v…[View]
88955362First music related disappointment: What was one of your first music related disappointment, /mu/? …[View]
88947335Stop listening to Swans Start listening to The Cure Stop listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor Sta…[View]
88957033Going on an airplane to Italy (15 hour trip) kinda nervous. Music for this? >No Brian Eno.…[View]
88954336Is there any music about being a middle class guy in your early 20s barely coasting by in life, work…[View]
88949624/gg/ - Guitar and bass general: black hole sun edition https://instaud.io/3WLY How do I start learni…[View]
88957348'Might make a mini Iran' = Dearborne Michigan 'Spread some fucking disease'= Ebola Axl rose warned u…[View]
88955793why haven't you listened to mos def's best album yet?[View]
88957745hey: what's up[View]
88957756>he's afraid to drive a car[View]
88957740>Vsnares will never top 'Dad'[View]
88956591KPOP GENERAL[View]
88954300This album is so good. I know she's too pop for you pretentious cunts but ''Stroke…[View]
88952342Summarize all of music in ONE word. it's time to decide.[View]
88957467King of Rock[View]
88956594>Past a certain age, being REALLY into music can be a bad thing...[View]
88957524SEX MUSIC: ITT: Music to have sex to Ascended Patrician Mode: No vocals[View]
88955842any other modern shoegaze classics like this?[View]
88954722what do you guys do to inspire some creativity? i'm always feeling really energetic and ready t…[View]
88955501Why isn't this masterpiece talked about more.[View]
88957076What does she listen to?[View]
88956442he kinda quirky doe... xD[View]
88957406cool album[View]
889528489 masterpieces in one year: Easily the best year for music ever I don't think it's possibl…[View]
88957212Dude wtf they're actually good.[View]
88957052mark here: ask my anything[View]
88957058haha but seriously these guys are whiny faggots[View]
88955675more like this?[View]
88954731Real country: Drop real country not sissy tranny modern country[View]
88956928More like this?[View]
88955175>comments section of a music video on y*ut*be >'''I thought porn wasn't allowed on youtub…[View]
88954631Did the really play the chicken little somg last nite?[View]
88956892The most comfy band. Pls recommend me other bands like them.[View]
88952060>*pompf* >Kyaaaaa! >what are we gonna listen tonight onii-chan? What will you play to impre…[View]
88955095theres not a single skit on a rap album i like[View]
88954864Boomer emo thread. Boomer emo/post-hardcore ONLY![View]
88955647*listens to Bauhaus once*[View]
88956649>listening to music made by british 'people'[View]
88956385Can anyone recommend me similar bands to Pink Floyd?[View]
88956771>Listens to Spiderland once[View]
88955738Is there anything more cringe in music than rap beef?[View]
88956598Is this the worst music video ever made? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzZ6-OqjoIg[View]
88952892What the fuck was his problem?[View]
88954389do you think that Thom Yorke ever browses /mu/?[View]
88956554books about artists/bands.[View]
88949927What are some good songs to test out new speakers/headphones? Preferably with a bit of bass and enou…[View]
88956499Which is Better and Why: on avery island OR in the aeroplane over the sea I'd argue for on aver…[View]
88955853KPOP GENERAL[View]
88954063what would YOU do if you woke up to honkies sounding like you?[View]
88954360How Do you rate The Beatle´s albums /mu/?[View]
88954811Black Metal[View]
88956377mid 80s era MBV is underrated[View]
88955671Archers of LOAF: blocks path* Sorry sweetie, you've just entered a LOAF ZONE. This hulking thic…[View]
88956213I hate Gaydiohead so much. If any of you unironically defend this garbage fire of an album i'll…[View]
88950797Name a celebrity who makes actual good music Protip you can't[View]
88955973is anything past adore worth checking out?[View]
88943376Share Your Music: All streaming platforms fine. Give constructive feedback to others.[View]
88955688Elliot Reed didn't do anything different from Cold Play or Modest Mouse, the only reason you pe…[View]
88954371Why did Scuffy give this boring ass pop-triphop album an 8/10?[View]
88954747Hey I'd like to sing in english but I'm not a native speaker. I don't have an accent …[View]
88955749this makes me feel like I’m a street vigilante in late 70s Miami who is constantly under stress as h…[View]
88953870I can't take anybody seriously who shits on this album, yet says Animals is their favorite. Ani…[View]
88950259Marilyn Manson: >swastika chest tattoo >reads siege >openly supported atomwaffen division a…[View]
88954964Please share any Scandinavian electronic music you may know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6GUIcI…[View]
88952530>Red >cover is actually black[View]
88944713post your top 5 albums from each decade[View]
88955897>set times for gig get posted on facebook >Doors: 8pm >'hurr are the doors play tonight lol…[View]
88955158What the fuck was his problem?[View]
88954858KPOP GENERAL[View]
88955655What musicians are good at the 'floating through an endless void' vibe?[View]
88951996will this ever grace our eardrums, lads?[View]
88954828is trap music still good?[View]
88955681>Why yes, I do like Uli K's Itami (produced by riPsqUaD), how did you know? https://www.yout…[View]
88952095Are you listening to math rock anon, i sure hope so ^_^[View]
88954710Thoughts on Slowthai? I think he's pretty good but interested in /mu/'s opinions[View]
88953668It's a 10.[View]
88941296/metal/: Apocalyptic Edition Previous: >>88933341 FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
88955230What does a spooky ghost pirate princess listen to?[View]
88953229>Yeah, I like Ozma. How could you tell?[View]
88953656This is fucking beautiful, more like it pls?[View]
88955265today is gonna be the day[View]
88955547shamone.... shamone....[View]
88955488name one good album it's good[View]
88953596Ridin' the storm out Ridin' the storm out Ridin' the storm out Ridin' the storm …[View]
88955440>removed from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, AND Amazon Prime is there something we're not su…[View]
88940418>neighbors on their balcony have played old town road more than 25 times in a row and are not sto…[View]
88955313Eminem: Encore [Aftermath, 2004] Any lingering doubts that puking and diarrhea noises might effectiv…[View]
88955339>spent so many hours making rock band buddy icons for AIM >none of the sites that hosted them…[View]
88955279weirdest music you've had sex to[View]
88952661Can browsing RYM hurt your enjoyment of music?[View]
88953686>Fred's in the other room trying to kill himself music for this feel?…[View]
88948344Guess my age[View]
88955198How long does it take to learn electric guitar to play some shit like The Doors or The Smiths?[View]
88953563Lulu: /mu/ core now[View]
88952481i rhink i messed up: >be 19m me >added into fb group by cute girl >kinda similar interests,…[View]
88955040i cant think of a more lolzy remix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=47&v=0tdyU_gW6WE…[View]
88952707Dear anons! I come from the board of /fit/. I have no idea what your culture is here, but I have a m…[View]
88951938groovy: Post groovy tunes. Mellow harshers not welcome. https://youtu.be/eKF46bbyBZ0 https://youtu.b…[View]
88948574Help Building a guitar: I am assembling a guitar for my first time soon, pic unrelated. Here's …[View]
88950985Last album best album: I'll start[View]
88954318Break my heart with a melody: I just heard this https://youtu.be/InvHEQ5rE_s?t=261 and I desperately…[View]
88954854>already listened to It a few times before >Relistened It a few minutes Ago >Still gets thr…[View]
88953297GOLF WANG THREAD[View]
88952450it clicked: why didn't anyone tell me that this is the greatest album ever made?[View]
88952732It finally clicked.[View]
88952112I know it's not fall, but I'm in an autumn state of mind. Can you post some incredible aut…[View]
88952469what knowledge do you need to make your own music? i know its a ridiculously noob question, but im c…[View]
88954875Was it kino?[View]
88953133Genuine honest thoughts on Ghost Inb4 'they're shit'[View]
88954003KPOP GENERAL[View]
88953548What does he listen to?[View]
88954413First it was post-rock, now its shoegaze, what will /mu/s next favorite genre be? >pic not relate…[View]
88946314ITT: 10/10 OST[View]
88949854Why is Black Sabbath so good?[View]
88951857what’s that 90’s band with the chick in it?[View]
88950483I'm looking to get into Phish. Do yall have any tips for where to learn all the lore / find the…[View]
88953837Whats ur thoughts on this guy[View]
88952937Was he the protagonist of music?[View]
88954520A friend told me it’s always best to make a song about how you feel https://soundcloud.com/legndric…[View]
88953598What are some albums that combine the floaty dreaminess of Magical Mystery Tour with the loudness of…[View]
88953026I will never post on 4chan again.[View]
88954119>Every other city we go, every other video >No matter where I go, I see the same ho…[View]
88953687>snaws >goog[View]
88949664ITT:the unpretentious best albums from an artist[View]
88949835What do white knights listen to?[View]
88954260Blur/Radiohead similarities: https://culturedvultures.com/national-anthem-blur-vs-radiohead/2/ Thoug…[View]
88946006top ten bassists: 10 charles mingus 9 les claypool 8 justin chancellor 7 chris squire 6 geddy lee 5…[View]
88952660it's better than Remain in Light[View]
88950741Make your own super group. You can use dead people too, through the power of necromancy.[View]
88953099still not music[View]
88953933Metric is criminally underrated[View]
88952889KPOP GENERAL: idgaf[View]
88951984What did Jacob Collier mean by this?[View]
88951055How did he become so based?[View]
88953453>'Why yes, In the Court of the Crimson King is my favorite album of all time, how could you tell?…[View]
88953260Old town road is abysmal[View]
88953902Music I like: just going to post links to music I like In this thread[View]
88952171Guy Piccioto is the best[View]
88953833Faggot Incoming: streamable.com/jatme and if ya want I'll post the SC[View]
88951969Whats your favorite depressing album /mu/?[View]
88953811appreciation thread for the best summer song ever conceived[View]
88952648ITT: Put some Respek on Birdman's name.[View]
88952454>more like a volcel than an Incel >still feel mad 'cause I can't get laid Music for …[View]
88953367Listen to Motorhead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZqp-RabJv0[View]
88953706More bands like early Gojira?: The first two albums are excellent and their newer releases are a dif…[View]
88952132KPOP GENERAL[View]
88953653Outside of shows with cool gimmicks/extensive crowd interaction/great visuals or whatever, what is t…[View]
88948778>If I love you was a promise >Would you break it if you're honest…[View]
88952708>I LOVE FRANK ZAPPA[View]
88953057Bad news guys, The Beatles broke up![View]
88953559which song is best and why is it Rylan?[View]
88950091Pay me enough money and I'll review your album favorably.[View]
88953473Any more albums or artists like The RAH Band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e1XUnOSxAs[View]
88951776Favorite albums of the decade: This decade is almost over /mu/. What were your favorite albums?…[View]
88953477Was Watcher of the Skies the precursor to shoegaze?[View]
88952142Any songs about dropping college? Pic unrelated[View]
88951368Thought’s on jazz-funk?[View]
88953002the slacker vs the egg: who would win[View]
88952493Holy shit[View]
88952179Be honest, it's a good album.[View]
88949457/jazz/: I'm almost through listening to this. It's a beautiful day even though I spent mos…[View]
88952850What's some music about fake people[View]
88950103Paul McCartney ram: ram good or bad?[View]
88953059Where do I find more of this?[View]
88952809Eat: Sjón / Baldur - Kanildúfur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBO73pBGtlo[View]
88952993Was he justified?[View]
88951620>Don't mind me, just gathering some greens for my roast beef sandwich…[View]
88952980Blood Orange made the perfect album before the sound became overly RnB for my tastes. Where can I fi…[View]
88951511>While My Guitar Gently Weeps >Here Comes The Sun >Taxman >Something >It's All …[View]
88952942what are your thoughts on vado? personally i thought he was good from 2010-2013[View]
88952844This is the worst album of all time Anyone who likes this shit unironically deserves to be raped slo…[View]
88952492Similar to atom hear mother: Something like atom Heart mother suite Similar In riff In orchestral I…[View]
88952717yes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjN5-f2MNWM still not the song of the century?[View]
88946915How can one album bring together boomers and zoomers so easily?[View]
88952721holy shit guys, it's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDUm_T3cVaY[View]
88952484This rapper named himself Duckwrth lol. probably has a kendrick tattoo on his back. lmao[View]
88951734one and a half songs in when does the chick shut her mouth[View]
889507232019... I am forgotten[View]
88949378opinions on metric?[View]
88948174Best track?[View]
88952264u was at the club[View]
88947860Essential Spanish music: I'm looking for some music in the style of music from Spain. In partic…[View]
88943230Peak black metal right here.[View]
88949353AOTY, by far.[View]
88952287>go to a local indie rock show >the guitarist is playing a shitty jazzmaster which has almost …[View]
88952054>Zoomers in their teens-early 20s who grew up on Bieber and Web 2.0 and don't remember any m…[View]
88952278Help Building a guitar: I am assembling a guitar for my first time soon, pic related. Here's wh…[View]
88952220Omegle: Omegle music tag is the best[View]
88951043why aren't you listening to pink floyd's 1983 album the final cut?[View]
88951296KPOP GENERAL[View]
8894916770s- Frank Zappa 80s- Rush 90s- Tool 00s-??? 10s-???[View]
88951690Between this two bands Which one had the saddest dropout in quality?[View]
88951325*blocks your path*[View]
88951127https://youtu.be/4bKpO2ewcqE Thoughts?[View]
88950390TA13OO is if the 'Joker we live in a society' meme mad an album and the album came out good.[View]
88943819/mu/ makes an album N. 8 - Actually making the music: UPDATE: Having vocals on your track is allowed…[View]
88950874ITT: Best artist to come out of your hometown[View]
88951978i miss him...[View]
88950410In order[View]
88949587>search for lovecraftian music >all I get are generic metal bands who sing about Cthulhu monst…[View]
88950859whos the >best songwriter >best lyricist >best instrumentalist >best singer…[View]
88949260Somebody is going to give me logic pro x. I use audacity right now. is it worth it to switch or shou…[View]
88951770songs with this feel[View]
88951470>((You)) Music for this feel[View]
88951854have you heard of drake before? there's this hot new rapper i think you should check out, his n…[View]
88951853Why yes, I am of the opinion that rap isn't music. How could you tell?[View]
88949714This is the best fucking record of hispanic rock: https://open.spotify.com/album/0lbpA4dCZfaNhy6LZrG…[View]
88950161at what age did you realize that Rock music is even at it's best incredibly simple and just doe…[View]
88951248>Why yes I have mastered the Harmonica, how can you tell?[View]
88950423Is this guys music good?: Memes aside is his music any good?[View]
88951021>Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere >Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin'…[View]
88951607Anyone of you that makes music too help me understand PLEASE I can't stop listening to my own s…[View]
88951169Which one of these two is AOTY ? Still wondering[View]
88951125Greatest Guitarist List[View]
88950368You can't be an older brother/sister without making your little ones listen to all of these.[View]
88951374So post-rock is about to get good again. Thoughts on this new single from We Lost the Sea? Sounds li…[View]
88951547FAAAAACE MEEEEEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OV6MXFmL9s[View]
88951516Anyone ever discover an artist's less popular work before hearing their mainstream music? For m…[View]
88949356hey wait a minute this is actually pretty good[View]
88947649>but really what is it to do >when the whole world constantly hating on you >pussy niggas h…[View]
88950763Was he an incel?[View]
88950003Advanced /mu/core Chart: What do you think of the advanced /mu/core chart, /mu/? Also, feel free to …[View]
88942556EMO THREAD: Post whatever your listening to whether it’s skramz/screamo, twinkle, hardcore, emocore,…[View]
889461683x3/4x4/5x5: collage thread[View]
88951109ITT scumbags of music: >Ray Gillen killed multiple women by knowingly giving them AIDs…[View]
88951337>>The value of art depends on the values of the art critic. >>The critic, not the artist…[View]
88950249Give me one reason why this isn't the worst year of the 90s[View]
88950193Is this album boring or am I just bored of hip-hop?[View]
88950463KPOP GENERAL[View]
88951123The 900,000 crazy bastards raiding Area 51 actually succeed and free the small army of aliens impris…[View]
88950403ITT: Post absolute Donk/Hard Bounce/Scouse House/Hard Bass bangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
88951244I dedicate this song to Lil Peep and XXXTentacion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JgPT31xR48[View]
88950887>'hey anon what music do you like?' >dunno what to say because my tastes are obscure, eclectic…[View]
88950920Frank Zappa - Jewish Princess I want a nasty little Jewish princess With long phony nails and a hair…[View]
88949038>it's a face rotated 90 degrees[View]
88950998jacking off: which songs about jakcing off are part of the musical canon https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
88948927i listened to every song ever created. ama.[View]
88949930Hip hop is dead: You will never ever be able to top these lyrics, therefore hip hop is dead as no on…[View]
88949621This sucks absolute shit, and it totally rips off Emil Amos (Holy Sons) who did this way before and …[View]
88950052When did you grow into genre tourism?[View]
88949542So is this trannycore or what[View]
88950866>lift religiously >like doing workouts for people on omegle >often get asked if i’m in the …[View]
88936773Good synthesizers: let's all give it up for the moog sub phatty!!! whooo yeah!!! ha yeah whoooo…[View]
88949523Is there anything hackier than an artist who only makes music about love?[View]
88950927>OMG GUSIC[View]
88950901PUKE ELLINGTON[View]
88949703Free mystery album. Have at it boyos[View]
88947689what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
88946925where is the SOUL?[View]
88950822i wish this guys music wasn't all terrible and dated[View]
88949829What do you think is next for Nicki's career after Megatron became a failure?[View]
88945541Hand-core. Feel free to add more.[View]
88907037/bleep/: yo ye[View]
88947033I let a fwb sleep over at my house, it’s noon rn and she’s still asleep. I have to go to work at 2pm…[View]
88949442Why don't black people take back EDM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnAw7Djgis4[View]
88949905>2Pacalypse Now (1991), 5/10 >Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. (1993), 6/10 >Me Against the World…[View]
88950493>you love something about their music and vocals on a very visceral level >their lyrics make y…[View]
88948423It leaked. What do you think?[View]
88950395Does anyone have any experience with DIY labels or distribution etc? I would be interested in doing …[View]
88926259pics that should be album covers thread[View]
88949897Why does Chris Martin have the best voice in the industry?: Serious replies only[View]
88949500Soft Indie General - /soft/: Indie pop, dream pop, jangle pop, twee pop, alt R&B, and the softer…[View]
88950501dance, electronic and trap music pack: I bring you a pack of 51 tracks download link:[View]
88949647KPOP GENERAL[View]
88939769*shamelessly rips off Meat Puppets/Sonic Youth/Pavement* 'Z0MG itz such epix hidden indie gem!! xD' …[View]
88944183what does he listen to[View]
88950180everyday what i ask myself is if bowie was even human. how can human be so above and beyond everyone…[View]
88945601Rate Emo: Rate these emo classics. For me it's; Discomfort > Cap'n Jazz > Diary >…[View]
88950203The Impression That I Get: Any songs come close to being as feel good as this?[View]
88947285is anti communist metal a genre?[View]
88943412>when the gusic hits[View]
88941354Pete Townshend of The Who, based pedogate researcher or pedo himself?: 'Pete Townshend claims h…[View]
88949341put you to sleep outside[View]
88950089>Folk album has a cover of Pastime With Good Company[View]
88948205what does he listen to[View]
88948958Song??: https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudElegantCardDogFace?tt_medium=clips&tt_content=recommendatio…[View]
88946379Defecate's the predicate with this guy[View]
88949882I liked this a lot. What do I listen to next?[View]
88947369What's the most influential beatles album? Apart from it being influential, what's the gre…[View]
88949766post surprisingly obscure albums from critically revered bands[View]
88949932any Television solo albums worth checking out? Verlaine has a ton[View]
88949728Retard here, how the fuck you convert a mp3 to a cassette, i got some virgin cassettes and i want to…[View]
88949375>love The Smiths >think that Morrissey is based af >can't get into his solo works…[View]
88947424The Lost Beatles Album: So let's say after The Beatles break up, all the band members agree not…[View]
88947186objectively this is the best king crimson lineup[View]
88949642sad albums that make you happy[View]
88948669give me some neat newer hardcore punk pls no post rock or black metal stuff, i need something with p…[View]
88949162Name of this music: Does anyone recognize the name of this music?[View]
88947944have you heard of kanye west before? if you haven't heard of him you should look him up and lis…[View]
88948563KPOP GENERAL[View]
88949078>Carnival of Light by The Beatles will never be released Why even live lads ?…[View]
88946554why are people on RYM retarded[View]
88949629N’draman Blintch: more like this?[View]
88947883>country music is now gay and black >james bond is now gay and black >rap has been gay and …[View]
88949241What core is the Doom reboot soundtrack?[View]
88946151Best t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 Album?: Also vaporwave general I guess[View]
88946715Fantano will give it a 7/10 Pitchfork will give it a 5/10.[View]
88945188These albums have perfect ratings on Wikipedia. Making them perfect albums.[View]
88948021Why do chart threads always die?: Chart threads are always extremely active at the beginning but die…[View]
88949444thoughts on this so far? Especially from thrash fans? I already like the singles a lot more than FFF[View]
88949439Lets talk Outlast: Name a song more crispy than Liberation, you cant. Goddamn, it sounds so damn goo…[View]
88949028I am from 2050, what do you want to know?[View]
88949417This board is getting boring, let’s switch it up with some Persian pop music, check this out; Farama…[View]
88943560Rank them[View]
88949340Johannes > Homme[View]
88946043What type of album is this? It's obviously not Midwest Emo. It's not quite Pop-Punk influe…[View]
88948558ITT Albums for low-energy Sundays spent with the curtains drawn[View]
88949242Reminder that he is 99% of what made Kraftwerk good.[View]
88948252breakdown baby[View]
88948059fuck i want to make pretty jazz chords but I'm fucking retarded fuck fuck[View]
88949123Since it is france's nationnal day, I wanted to share with you all the absolute worst it has to…[View]
88940664itt artists who have probably posted on /mu/ before[View]
88948754wtf this is what bruce springsteen sounds like? this is great[View]
88948498have you heard of jay-z before? there's this up and coming rapper named 'jay-z' that i think yo…[View]
88949125Looking for a song: Hey /mu/ not sure if this helps but Ive been looking for a song. Its around the …[View]
88949076why is she so smug?[View]
88948133Post an album and other anons post the first lyrics that come to mind[View]
88946511>tfw your guitarist's film scores are better than your band's albums…[View]
88947752KPOP GENERAL[View]
88947309ITT: Post your favorite riffs[View]
88948579*ding ding*[View]
88948689ITT: good musicians that got completely overshadowed by a more accomplished relative[View]
88948659I sprang my toe and now I can’t walk.music for this feel?[View]
88946954You know the drill, share your music and give feedback.[View]
88948831Da fact that so many books stiww name da beatwes as 'the gweatest ow most significant ow most infwue…[View]
88945729share thread[View]
88948798Sign spotted on church in the wild: Death Grips--Be Like Them ('New Slaves,' 'Hold My Liquor') ***[View]
88948748Some years ago I listen a song, but can't remember the name > Pop rock in French > The …[View]
88946282I like it[View]
88948717Favorite cover of your favorite song?: https://youtu.be/a9Xwe-Q9P50[View]
88948565KPOP GENERAL[View]
88944745*nostalgia starts*[View]
88948554more like this[View]
88947134Is rock actually stagnant as a genre? Will it ever come back, is there if any newer bands out that c…[View]
88945417Who's better? Supertramp, or Yes?[View]
88947083What's your opinion about Michael Balzary better known as Flea, what are your thoughts about hi…[View]
88946443What boards dead musicians would've browsed >/x/[View]
88946732>every song sounds the same >one of the influential punk rock band why?…[View]
88947595Do you ever browse Reddit for cringe?[View]
88943016newfag here. music or meme?[View]
88941609/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ …[View]
88947557did black people like eminem at his peak, or was it exclusively a white people thing?[View]
88943756artistically speaking, not in terms of pure sells, wouldnt you agree that pink floyd is the greatest…[View]
88947312If he was still alive, would he have solved Rap?: Or get the Lupe Fiasco treatment? I think he knew …[View]
88943820Based Frog: Based Hits[View]
88948246>it's a drag innit?[View]
88945606collage thread: rate, rec, guessing games, shitposting, comfyposting, you know the drill by now.…[View]
88947713what do you think of Blonde Redhead?[View]
88947723Would a punk/indie rock album/ep sound good if the drums are entirely drum tracks made in GarageBand…[View]
88948111have you heard of eminem before? there's this up and coming rapper named 'eminem' that i think …[View]
88947018Music for this feel?[View]
88945674Being a Bassist hurts when no one notices you: >be me >bassist >decide to go out to buy a …[View]
88946861Em Albums: Rank 'em All[View]
88947411>the bloc party lead singer is black wtf[View]
88947838This album is a spiritual experience.[View]
88945771No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man[View]
88946774Music hate thread: Post things you hate the most about music. I’ll start >Singers >Time signat…[View]
88946148Iowa by Slipknot: Iowa by Slipknot[View]
88947839Recommend more feels like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0sp-2dF3ME&[View]
88947023kpop general: newfag friendly edition[View]
88947436Lovecraftian. Discuss...[View]
88947676post charts & guess personalities: heyy[View]
88945205What if Steve Albini produced this instead?[View]
88947585What is he dancing to, /mu/?[View]
88946159NO TALENT[View]
88940463This is not music.[View]
88946691what are some mellow funk albums for summer evenings?[View]
88947444it's britney bitch[View]
88947404>Cause baby, ooh, if heaven falls, I'm coming too[View]
88947401ITT: Gusiccore Covers this album is in moonrunes idk what the title is[View]
88947371COCAINEJESUS: why does nobody talk about this guy? his music is sick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
88942141Tool is not good.[View]
88942630Singeroo Thread: Post your own songs, covers, anything goes. Please rate and comment on others, it s…[View]
889473061000 gecs? More like 1000 shitty recs![View]
88946002>Why yes, I do prefer Dead era Mayhem over DMDS, how could you tell?[View]
88947073Choen vs Dylan[View]
88944785Atilla is gay,only death is real: The only trve mayhem releases are death crush and live in Leipzig …[View]
88944032The Fragile is best NIN album. Fite me,[View]
88943020Genuine question - what is the appeal behind these guys? I first listened to their s/t years ago and…[View]
88944365Bucket: Was it kino?[View]
88943761This is better than Morning Glory and possibly the coolest album ever Prove me wrong[View]
88947021neat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlAj3dLXY3U[View]
88947027still his best song maybe even song of the decade[View]
88946860could his work actually be considered music?[View]
88946331Childhood is worshiping Alice in Chains and Nirvana Adulthood is realizing Pearl Jam and Soundgarden…[View]
88944070Elton John vs Keith Richards: >“His writing is limited to songs for dead blondes,” said Keith Ric…[View]
88944284Rome is a leftist band and their magnum opus is literally about glorifying the spanish anarchists. F…[View]
88944768Why was Kurt So cute lads?[View]
88942969Worst track follows best track: When the worst track seems even worse because it follows the best tr…[View]
88946007KPOP GENERAL: https://streamable.com/x6qyt[View]
88946295Are the rumors true?[View]
88946946who is your favourite composer of xenharmonic music?[View]
88946820Unironically more like Gayboiclique? https://youtu.be/gxW5ocAKOKw[View]
88946739>artists releases shitty album no one listens to >Gets visibly upset and starts acting passive…[View]
88946727god damn this is fucking good[View]
88945159What is some Judy Funnie core?[View]
88941625>best music critic >best film critic >30 years in Silicon Valley giving lectures on AI and …[View]
88945184Oh... now I understand why you all love this album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z97qLNXeAMQ[View]
88945493What's your favorite White Stripes song /mu/?: For me it's Fell In Love With a Girl[View]
88946674>italian music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyOUS90ezII[View]
88945974OMG LIL PEEP[View]
88942230What does /mu/ think of sisleys work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lHPRqWeHmE but you better no…[View]
88946237Why do normies hate him live?[View]
88945371The conversion process also required Tweedy to partake in a certain painful traditional ritual. He d…[View]
88946500What do they listen to?[View]
88942714Screaming/Growling in Metal: Why does every newer metal band do this? How did this become popular, …[View]
88946406ITT: Best Movie Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjfM6NiMGG4[View]
88940649Is he based or cringe?[View]
88946322Russian Morrissey[View]
88944592Why is this song so underrated?: https://youtu.be/p-abNGP1BK4[View]
88946287unknown masterpiece albums ITT please.[View]
88941127is metal the anime of music?[View]
88945401Does /mu/ like Jinjer?[View]
88944635Post albums that are COOL[View]
88943913His best work.[View]
88944536I AM AN ANTI CHRIST[View]
88946190I never understood why metal artists use 'corpse' paint. It's just fucking makeup, you're …[View]
88944650How do I find the leaked tracks online? It seems like they've been wiped off the internet.[View]
88943839KPOP GENERAL[View]
88944599>Everybody's going out and having fun >I'm just a fool for staying home and having n…[View]
88944922RZA and Premier > every other rap producer ever[View]
88945726what are you listening to right now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mc_OM5oNA8[View]
88931098Why would you worship a cuck like Christgau or pseud like Scaruffi when you got a real man like Arte…[View]
88945962Wagie, play despacito https://youtu.be/dwBOpBHHflo[View]
88945971I'm seeing Have A Nice Life live tonight. What am I in for?[View]
88944812The best albums from 50’s - now. Which one is the best?[View]
88945829KPOP GENERAL[View]
88945393What's some experimental sample based music like some of The Books's songs?[View]
88945217KPOP GENERAL: I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fal…[View]
88945735the greatest guitarist of the 1980s, please thank mr. belew[View]
88945235Let's play a game /mu/, write a rap or song and I'll sing or rap it in this thread, turnin…[View]
88945485Give me your best vaporwave mu.[View]
88945248Please help me!!! I've been trying to find a music video for weeks now, and no amount of Google…[View]
88944384>throws baby off balcony: nothing personal, kid[View]
88945637What is the name of the most overrated band of all times?[View]
88944629Pig Floyd[View]
88945557Not sure if anyone will care, but is anyone else excited Egypt Central has started making music agai…[View]
88945587opinions on this album?[View]
88944381>meet Chris Martin after Coldplay show >reach to shake his hand >he swats my hand away When…[View]
88945438important question: are fleet foxes fans called 'fleeties'[View]
88945336name a more /fa/ band than Bone Thugs[View]
88944218Imagine needing 3 guitarists to make the Foo Fighters' music[View]
88945176Is it abnormal to take pleasure from listening to teen pop over the age of 18?[View]
88945297ITT we tribute/discuss one of the greatest bands that have ever existed from the metal genre. I wis…[View]
88944084Top 10 Artists of the 70s: 10. Nick Drake 9. Kraftwerk 8. Stevie Wonder 7. Yes 6. Genesis 5. The Rol…[View]
88945172WE KICKIN' ASS NOW[View]
88945103how does he STILL go so hard?[View]
88944181What did Scarface mean by this[View]
88944493KPOP GENERAL[View]
88944538Why did no one tell me that 'Orange Skies' is the best pop song of the 60s?[View]
88945108your favorite concept album SPREEEEEADING THE DISEAAAAASE[View]
88939417What was their best music? I've only listened to the first album and enjoyed it. I found the re…[View]
88944397I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook type beat: Introduce me to Skramz/screamo /mu/…[View]
88942886ARIEL PINK AND CHARLOTTE ERCOLI: Whats your thoughts on Charlotte?[View]
88940229The last artist you listened to decided to do a verse on a remix of Old Town Road. How does it go?[View]
88944954>he’s talking about Gorillaz >he refers to Damon Albarn as “2-D”…[View]
88945030Guys, are they hard rock or alt metal?[View]
88943718This is better than Daydream Nation and possibly the coolest album ever Prove me wrong[View]
88933733moments in music that gave you goosebumps[View]
88937329was it peak bowie?[View]
88941079What are some inspirational/motivational hip hop albums that talk frequently about achieving your li…[View]
88942430Immigrants and faggots They make no sense to me They come to our country And think they'll do a…[View]
88944403/mu/chads: Post your tunes/give feedback /mu/tants https://soundcloud.com/user-368505772/hellscapein…[View]
88926255Japanese music: Give me your best albums, specially Jazz ones.[View]
88943145Post examples of polyrhythm in music[View]
88944215>Best Life During Wartime >Runner-up I Zimbra >Worst Mind >Overrated Electric Guitar …[View]
88943480So, who was in the right on Kool Thing? LL Cool J or Kim Gordon? Also, did LL Cool J try to fuck Kim…[View]
88944796He called himself 'The Jesus of Cool' in 1978 on his debut solo album and has literally gone on to h…[View]
88943538>chart thread Listened to all mu core albums and much much much more and now need recs because I …[View]
88944590Why is chiptune always made with basic waveforms? Why don't artists in these genres ever used t…[View]
88944718still dre... masterpiece[View]
88943897holy shit this album sucks[View]
88943499what are some other bands that got better after the original singer left?[View]
88943712>tfw been awake for 48 hours Music for this feel?[View]
88944573Why the hell does it seem like eveyone in general just forgot about these guys?[View]
88941891The skyline was beautiful on fire[View]
88944441Fuck Tab faggots: Yay I'm so happy I learned last night i dreamt that somebody loved me's …[View]
88941234Best Pink Floyd album right here.[View]
88943425Who's better, Ozzy or Alice?[View]
88944354is this kino?[View]
88941591/mu/ tards actually liking this, is this the unofficial follow up to the money store?[View]
88940641Reminder that The Doors were a CIA-backed psyop as part of their research into psychedelics. Jim Mor…[View]
88944432>27 years old He's next[View]
88943715Post artists that are cringe but you like it anyways https://youtu.be/C0-8dwIjP9I[View]
88944371This band would be so amazing if the vocalist didn't obsessively use triplets THROUGHOUT THEIR …[View]
88944332Zahira General: What do you guys have to say about the new Selena?[View]
88944040pleb filter decade[View]
88944101*makes the best electronic music*[View]
88944269Does anybody know the name of a punkrock song about cocaine: I remember listening to it years ago. …[View]
88942313ZOINKS SCOOB[View]
88943969What are songs that you put on in the shower, sit down and do nothing for an hour? What are more son…[View]
88944069Why aren’t there more women who look similar to bjork? She must be some sort of alien.[View]
88944058Reminder Thurston Moore did the right thing in leaving Kim[View]
88944050ITT: Transcendental moments: >the coda of God Only Knows[View]
88943093is he the most based singer ever?[View]
88939262I miss goofy Mac so much[View]
88942444what are some songs that provoke a deep melancholy in you? >example https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
88943867Thoughts of this music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKDpCFPQ1Pw[View]
88937788Will there ever be a better era of music than the 80's hard rock scene?[View]
88943848anyone here like good music?[View]
88943835i was pissing my shorts[View]
88941459Virgin vs chad music edition[View]
88942799KPOP GENERAL[View]
88942656this is literally Double Nickels On The Dime for gen Z. this is the future of emo for the post-ironi…[View]
88943615what's she playing /mu/?[View]
88938104ITT shit on the album posted above you.[View]
88939193Why wasn't this album the future of pop music?[View]
88932537soudncloud thread[View]
88943460Favourite album I've been listening to this month: Based or cringe?[View]
88943674come here lower your eyes[View]
88942552How would you classify the melodies below? I feel like they are in the same vein of rnb-ish, late 90…[View]
88943241i just listened to this and it blew my mind. Why is this not /mu/core?[View]
88943408Is this any good?[View]
889381475x5 4x4 3x3 week/month/6mo/year collage thread do whatever just don't be gay http://tapmusic.ne…[View]
88943352jazz-hop: https://youtu.be/Qven82kioI8[View]
88943503Recommendations for more music like this?[View]
88943466What did Ozzy mean by this? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=73&v=0TPYI_Y3pWw…[View]
88930762>trying to explain chords to a bass player[View]
88943439my favorite twitch streamer mentioned my name today... i'm so happy. music for this feel?[View]
88943027Prefab Sprout: I just heard Swoon and I love this band already. Do you lads like them? I'm abou…[View]
88941551It's just a shame that Madlib's great beats we're wasted on such a boring mofo like F…[View]
88935561/jazz/: Found out today my dad threw out my favorite painting that I ever made. I'm sober but I…[View]
88942363Would you let him Take U 4 A Dinner?: https://youtu.be/YWBBp9grYsM[View]
88923493ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each other on various websites fo…[View]
88943367https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=217pH9ytU9k What type of music is the instrumental? Someone give me …[View]
88943334edesa - elemental on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlrHeD5piko[View]
88942639First therapy session tomorrow. Post music about hopelessness.[View]
88942455I am hungover like fuck and need some real comfy music rn in the vain of Sufjan Stevens. Would be re…[View]
88942493Area 51: ITT music you'll play when you'll be at Area 51 this September >pic related : …[View]
88940103Just got a banjo /mu/, what am I in for?[View]
889378824x4 WEEK guess music recommend personalities http://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
88942677Are there any resources such as books and videos which will teach me how to sing with classical tech…[View]
88942864/funk/: post funk/soul etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q429AOpL_ds[View]
88942312So what's the deal with her? Some rich kid that daddy is paying off industry people to push her…[View]
88940303>rap album has skits What's your favorite one you tolerate the most anons…[View]
88936886SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >post yer links >give recc and feedback >be cool BE COOL…[View]
88942788Based lyrics thread: >Damn, your lips very soft >As I turn my Blackberry off >And I turn …[View]
88942946A bit prog-ish and adult contemporary: Listen to You're In My Thoughts by williamsanford on #So…[View]
88942218i want to listen to albums that will make me hear the city at night[View]
88942847more like this?[View]
88940248Elle King[View]
88942902MBV: While Loveless is their best album, their best songs are in Isn't Anything[View]
88942406Life's not complete Till your heart's missed a[View]
88942888Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXP1KdZX4io I love this song and video. Similar to …[View]
88941812>critically acclaimed, classic Golden Age of Hip Hop™ album begins >rap man spends 14 minutes …[View]
88936431Did you guys like this movie?[View]
88939789What is his best song?[View]
88941408>I did a big poopoo >it was big >mfw Can I get some music for this amazing feel?…[View]
88942081KPOP GENERAL[View]
88942377Your sofa king special[View]
88941832Why yes, I love The Smiths! How could you tell?[View]
88940088It's not that good[View]
88940195what if I dont make it?: what if I graduate and spend the rest of my life teaching kids Id probably …[View]
88940460Are there any other good hip hop albums with heavy rock influence like pic related?[View]
88940339>you like the Doors huh? What about the Windows?[View]
88941824What is the Citizen Kane of music?[View]
88937872itt: albums only you listen to[View]
88940905MFW Billy loses my number: Post good stuff that sounds like Phil's music.[View]
88942476The quintessential songs of the twentieth century: I think i might be able to mount an argument that…[View]
88942064>one day I pooped 8 times imagine the smell...[View]
88942138>be this guy >string together sentences using completely random words >end result is comple…[View]
88935659What made it so special?[View]
88938644wtf is this shit? do people enjoy this garbage unironically?[View]
88941707ITT: show business people who manufacture entertainment for white people. Pic related[View]
88941880>Morrissey, Gene Simmons, Kid Rock, the list goes on and on[View]
88941894Music for this feel?: I just heard my parents are getting divorced half-an-hour ago. My feet are sti…[View]
88939198Andre Bird: So what does /mu/ make of the big Bird himself?[View]
88937790Based or cringe?: well /mu/?[View]
88942321>he doesn't think The Beautiful South are the greatest band to ever grace the world with the…[View]
88941039>has a music taste/collection based mostly in music made after 1995 Tell me this isn't you…[View]
88940995>produce music in ableton for canon madness cartoons >hate windows >hate Mac > no ableto…[View]
88941400IT IS TIME[View]
88941339how the fuck do i enjoy music if the people making it think that i need to fuck black women not to b…[View]
88941176Just why are they so based mu[View]
88942155What music do beautiful women listen to?[View]
88940269What's some music that is melodic and has lots of reverberation? Also with either minimal singi…[View]
88932807Is there a more kino 80's synth-pop song than this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iIpfWORQWhU…[View]
88941292Hooters Music: I'm making a playlist up based on Hooters music. You know, that fun, cheesy hair…[View]
88942092I really like this song it's very good for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ePfsdr94ow[View]
88941919Post /soýcore/, I need a good laff lads, let's hear em[View]
88942084this new young thug song is a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyQcyasxVfU[View]
88940971KPOP GENERAL[View]
88939457is anyone into this album? I work in a psych unit and out of all places got recommended this band. I…[View]
88935348ITT: We Make Up Genres, Other Anons Post Songs That Fit into That Genre: Orchestral Punk Death Hop B…[View]
88941942Music to help me survive a fever: Last night I had a fucking shifty fever but I think it would of be…[View]
88941703Yeah, I'm thinking they're back.[View]
88941943Why yes, I have been an avid follower of Morrissey and The Smiths since I have been a young lad. Wha…[View]
88937912/mu/ my old phone I was using as a music player fucking died. what should I do now? any suggestions …[View]
88937989Anyone noticed that soundcloud rappers have completely taken over mainstream hip-hop? I noticed I ha…[View]
88939025holy shit[View]
88937746for shame mu this is the greatest folk album ever made and you will never phrase it because she…[View]
88941810ITT: we ruin artists for each other: .... the guy and the girl are wearing wigs[View]
88941804Post songs about loneliness: I'll start: https://youtu.be/Ma7lyfYzIw8[View]
88941690Machine Gun Kelly: Do we like him? I think he is better than prime Eminem. >See My Tears…[View]
88941691How did they go from being the most sincere band in the world to the most ironic?[View]
88941283this is absolutely based, too based for this softboy and incel ridden shithole[View]
88941203I want to be stereotyped, I want to be classified[View]
88938261Whats your favourite off each album? 1) It ain't like that 2) Junkhead 3) Rotten Apple 4) God A…[View]
88941727come here lower your eyes[View]
88941654>listen to a live set from a punk band >they passively aggressively berate their audience for …[View]
88941272How can one band sound this good 30-40 years after their prime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5mA…[View]
88939855They’re laughing at us[View]
88940896Thank you, oh great youtube algorithm[View]
88940408i just uhh figured that this might have potential for some /mu/ edits[View]
88935013stop and post what you are listening to right now. please.[View]
88941493https://www.submithub.com/artist/tender-glue: left this nice message to this asshole tenderglue who …[View]
88939818Name my band /v/. We sound like slipknot mixed with 50 cent. I’m the vocalist (deftones shirt)[View]
88941157some chill post-punk/dance influenced stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdiF5n6J-2A[View]
88933814Phil Collins: Can we just get some love for this legend?[View]
88938933does anyone have tips for creating lengthy improvisations on guitar when you know have no music theo…[View]
88941393Holy fuck this is really good[View]
88937013I feel like such a faggot listening to this type of music, yet I can't get enough. Any other ch…[View]
88941335This is music.[View]
88938818what was dave trying to tell us here? ((()))[View]
88941301/Metal/: Ildjarn is superior to Thorns edition FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt Previous:>>88933341…[View]
88937014post supergroups[View]
88940793>downing a bottle of cough syrup and walking around at night music for this feel?…[View]
88941122what does he listen to?[View]
88933341/metal/: anonymous bands edition previous: >>88920933 FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
88940759autechre general: fave albums? trax? production techniques? recs for similar shit outside of warp?…[View]
88939505whats their best album?[View]
88939994>gf thinks I'm gay[View]
88940695THRASH: I'm drunk as fuck and feeling some 80s thrash. Post your fav thrash album ITT, pic rela…[View]
8894064710/10 comeback albums[View]
88940865Just a quick reminder that Hayley Williams got DYKED by Tegan Quin in 2009.[View]
88940819YEAHHHHHHH im gonna take my horse to the old town Road im gonnaaa RIDEEEEEE till i cant no more[View]
88940954So good lads[View]
88940067KPOP GENERAL[View]
88940962where is he bros he was supposed to be out by now[View]
88938896radiohead sucks[View]
88940922BEEN THIS WOKE: Around 1987, when The Sugarcubes started, I got heavily into hip hop. I was listenin…[View]
88938905The Fall SUCKED after Brix showed up, prove me wrong[View]
88940760>six albums >these six albums shit all over all /mu/core >these six albums shit all over al…[View]
88940002Are they the new Death Grips?: https://youtu.be/0AYMJ35fo3Y I'm getting a strong Government Pla…[View]
88939189Help me understand Burial's Untrue: I don't get why this is album is so heavily praised by…[View]
88940756Has anyone seen these boys on tour this year? Any idea of what they're playing? They're co…[View]
88940603Why'd you slap me on the dickkkkkk ow.[View]
88939582Top 10 best rappers in the world: 1: Lil Wayne 2: Eminem 3: 50 Cent 4: Flo Rida 5: Wiz Khalifa 6: 6I…[View]
88940726>formed 1969 >still making great music 50 years later Has any other band ever stayed so good a…[View]
88934507>band has two drummers[View]
88939225My favorite music: Space-rock (30 Seconds to Mars), Krautrock (Radiohead), Industrial (Rammstein, Oo…[View]
88940473What music does he listen to?[View]
88938321Do christgau and scaruffi working together stand a chance against fantano in a fight to the death?[View]
88939740>Finally, I have become The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Seriously Syd?[View]
88939934What are some good French rock bands?[View]
88936569What are some live performances where the crowd is REALLY into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
88940433You know, I'd like to do things with Dave's wife and daughter.[View]
88940361Tame Impala: The early stuff is still the best.[View]
88937178Which one is better?[View]
88939364holy shit this album is fantastic, is there more stuff similar to it? i've already gone through…[View]
88939170Are there any more albums in this vein? Proggy + neoclassical + pop?[View]
88940041Miles Davis Quintets: Which was better: Miles Davis First Great Quintet or Second Great Quintet? Fir…[View]
88940157Just popped an edible, give me some fucking albums to listen to bros prefer shoegaze btw[View]
88938628Say, what's Arcade Fire been up to? Seems like they've been pretty silent since their last…[View]
88936615Any music that includes polyrhythms, polymetrics, odd time signatures...? Preferrably non-metal.[View]
88939865>' My favorite period of David Bowie, if there is one, is “Ashes to Ashes” and “Scary Monsters” u…[View]
88937400Why are you not listening to math rock, anon?[View]
88939978albums that are now 10 years old[View]
88939260KPOP GENERAL[View]
88939420Are there any good Slint bootlegs?[View]
88938808The Birthday Party era Nick Cave > Any other era of Nick Cave Change my mind[View]
88938851what does he listen to?[View]
88926809/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ …[View]
88939111ITT: Favourite retired Musicians: pat the bunny is by far my favorite singer or song writer ever.…[View]
8893158580s ROCK GENERAL[View]
88936379Post charts and guess personality :) I'll start[View]
88939510Name a better hip hop album. I'll wait.[View]
88938938smashing pumpkins: what're some good smashing pumpkins songs[View]
88934292Yeah, I'm thinking she's back[View]
88934807ITT albums you refuse to listen to[View]
88939517Songs From The Big Chair [Mercury, 1985] Never one to pay much heed to the plaints of English lads w…[View]
88937522missing this lil nigga try listening to jocelyn flores and not crying https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
88938823>I keep it 300 >Like the Romans[View]
88936316A Cruel Angel's Thesis: What are /mu/'s thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/o6wtDPVkKqI…[View]
88939176>his face is reflected in the windshield[View]
88938014Does /mu/ like him and his band SOAIF?[View]
88939442HEY DUDES[View]
88939418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFIkbESn2v8 this is the greatest spanish song of all time[View]
88939367Has any artist ever taken the world by storm so quickly as Billie?[View]
88938500is he the coolest guy in music today?[View]
88937403Why are his chord progressions always so good?[View]
88938446Based or Cringe?[View]
88939287>tfw no Zahira gf it hurts bros[View]
88939280Do You Like Teenage Girls ?[View]
88938394KPOP GENERAL[View]
88939205I have not spent a single penny for listening to music this whole life[View]
88934524Why were they the only prog band to stay consistently good and creative in the new wave era?[View]
88938653is mars the kind of place to raise your kids[View]
88935269This is heavy as fuck.[View]
88937010noise complaints: alright /mu/, i play guitar and own a laney vh100r which is really fucking loud. p…[View]
88937525What's /mu/s opinion of Lupe Fiasco? >https://youtu.be/q1Et1siZhTk…[View]
88939101Moar like this?? Like funeral stoner metal[View]
88937518>niggers are the woman of america What did she mean by this ?[View]
88939056What does he listen to?[View]
88939091Post songs with raw lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpu0JZxDz-w >Give me something or a b…[View]
88935707Does /mu/ have rhythm? https://www.concerthotels.com/got-rhythm >tfw can't crack 900 fuck m…[View]
88938079nobody: literally nobody: not a single soul: Piero Scaruffi: The fact that so many books still name…[View]
88937346Is trap metal the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAp4RK3h-0k[View]
88938721>go on reverb >accumulate an enormous wishlist of guitar pedals i can't afford >doesn…[View]
88938212Bands Steve Albini would hate: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m1wkfJY3AZM[View]
88938777fuck the grammys[View]
88938276Tristam? More like islam 'cos this shit is the bomb![View]
88937186So the new Tycho album is out, and it's chock full of female vocals. How do you like it?[View]
88937276Now that the 2010s are almost over. I think it's time for us to admit that the late/00s to earl…[View]
88938591is it problematic to listen to Burzum?[View]
88936258Dear /mu/ whats some 2006-2012 House/Pop/R&B Party throwback tracks??: Anons, I'm having a …[View]
88929142/mu/ makes an album N. 7 - Actually making the music: This a plunderphonics album about porn addicti…[View]
88937104*deletes Guilt Trip* ah, now it's perfect[View]
88938244This was the most influential release of the decade[View]
88937637Imagine still only being known for one album 50 years later...[View]
88938143ITT: best tripping albums[View]
88937405KPOP GENERAL[View]
88938153take a guess what album the other people ITT are listening to right now, but nobody tell anyone if t…[View]
88937365Greetings /mu/. Is country music welcome here?[View]
88938037Someone have a download link or torrent for the ground zero discography? Torrent in rutracker is dea…[View]
88928531SoundCloud Thread: Shill, give feedback, and shill Shill shill shill shill shill Shill[View]
88936947i'm looking for a prog album from the late 60s or early 70s. the cover is mostly black and yell…[View]

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