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119387781what's your favorite Forever the Sickest Kids song?[View]
119388663>album is called 10 songs >has 11 songs lol…[View]
119384499Itt we post incel musicians[View]
119387596When was the last time country music had someone like Zach Bryan? I see people who would never have …[View]
119386074What music app do I use if i don't want to spend money? SoundCloud doesn't always have the…[View]
119385768Music for this?[View]
119388743>axl tied me up with my pantyhose and in a sexual rage penetrated my anus…[View]
119388708They will be vindicated.[View]
119388696Is it true that the Pageninetynine singer is a crackhead with a chinese wife? I heard so on Cumtown[View]
119388672*saves rap*[View]
119388671/rush/: you guys did read geddy lee's autobiography right? did you know that geddy was briefly …[View]
119388162KPOP GENERAL[View]
119385078Who's the GOAT of vidya music?[View]
119388617what are some of the best link ups in rap?[View]
119388603It's Joever I'm Bidone Playlist: https://youtu.be/w1KtEfCcEtE?si=b5VM8Jmc5crKFoeV…[View]
119372834post your stupid music realizations: how the fuck did i not realize that jeff buckley was tim buckle…[View]
119388258Has anyone else on earth listened to this album? The way I feel is it's filth it's trash i…[View]
119387746did you guys hear that taylor swift took a piss?[View]
119387775Is there some secret to shredding?: I'm learning Flight Of Icarus right now and the solos seem …[View]
119384687Do you support your favorite artist/band by buying their merch?[View]
119387527KPOP GENERAL[View]
119383339Korn vs Limp Bizkit: Korn vs Limp Bizkit https://youtu.be/t3cujjjSFA8?si=KgB0RgsC1Osh_PeO…[View]
119387813When I met GG Allin in 1993: Youngstown Ohio, the murder junkies let a group of us locals and a coup…[View]
119385337Share albums from your non-english speaking country. Preferably in said native language[View]
119387818love as laughter appreciation thread: rip sam Jayne[View]
119387938>*mogs Iron Maiden*[View]
119388003They were actually a great band, aside from the cornball rapper who wrote like 6 lines per song, all…[View]
119387912>There are some who believe that the Queen of the Night was the good guy after all and Sarastro r…[View]
119385752A lot of people dislike Mike Love but you've got to admit the man knows a good hat when he sees…[View]
119387521how many redpills must one man drop before you call him based?[View]
119387291I've been listening to this album so much lately.[View]
119384868Help, I'm a Rock is straight up Proto-Can. Zappa was actually outcomposing these krauts before …[View]
119387567John Lennon was a bad person.[View]
119387787Nobody likes the threads that you post.[View]
119381372Kate Bush: Kate Bush[View]
119387159I give it six months until he quits again. He looks more and more like he hates playing live.[View]
119386876Chinese alto flute. Do I risk it?: So eBay is full of these (relatively quite) inexpensive alto flut…[View]
119387338>Groucho Marx suffered from severe insomnia. When he couldn’t sleep, he would call his neighbour,…[View]
119386231is /mu/ kink pilled?[View]
119386920KPOP GENERAL[View]
119379642/dsd/ Comfy Synth & Dungeon Synth: >Comfy Synth: good alignment Grandma’s Cottage – Grandma’s…[View]
119363167what are some other examples of the musical genre of roastiecore?: requirements >no kids >not …[View]
119381631Dubs and I will listen to any song you post, rate it & write a small review about it Trips and i…[View]
119384709They can't let a normal white American girl make music anymore, it's gotta be a freak[View]
119387272Gish [Caroline, 1991] if you can dig art-rock fantasia (and hey, why not?) this one has a nice, witc…[View]
119383557we're still around, kids.[View]
119384960Allegations/controversies aside, what do you think of his music?: I am not that huge of a fan of Thr…[View]
119387032Lil Debbie: Why can't a white girl be brilliant?[View]
119385572have you found some new songs anon?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTdIk-1ZsDM&ab_channel=MEIM…[View]
119387061The drumming was so cool in the early albums, what happened? Now its almost like a drum pad[View]
119385689What music does he listen to?[View]
119386211does somebody have the 'real /mu/' is back image ? asking for a friend[View]
119386921Does anyone know the model of that guitar? It was used in the last Hunger Games movie. I can't …[View]
119384669>never heard Homogenic album cause he killed himself: https://youtu.be/op8LnzxgukI?feature=shared…[View]
119386318kpop general[View]
119382057/HH/ - Hip-Hop general: Going to ask this again since it was a slow day. What rappers has he influen…[View]
119386756What the fuck is a jelly roll?[View]
119386832>big music >egg punk >ratchet music >futuristic swag >epic collage >rare phonk …[View]
119385516I've been obsessing over The Warning and the bassist, she's so goddamn cute, I want to giv…[View]
119381286What is /mu/'s favorite AI cover? https://youtu.be/Num0q-l-ldc?si=toDjEQiC5JUmij0x[View]
119383400>album consists of 12 songs >each song is 10+ minutes long…[View]
119386240Best voice.[View]
119380562Worst Album 2023: >17 years for his first solo album >it's all toilet sounds…[View]
119385922There’s no way people actually listened to them right?[View]
119382205>rock artist starts learning piano for a change in sound[View]
119384622Midi Controller vs. Compact Synth: For someone getting into music production and performance what is…[View]
119385591Now that the dust has settled: Why did Brian want to bring a horse into the studio? https://www.yout…[View]
119386297>I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's just my type Yebros...[View]
119385718KPOP GENERAL[View]
119385209Somebody tell this guy to stop smoking right now.: If we lose another post-punk legend anytime soon …[View]
119385805What are /mu/'s thoughts on joeyy?: /k/ tard here, want to know /mu/s opinion on joeyy[View]
119386021he for sure murdered john lennon. >when were you when john lenin dies?[View]
119377533Why did they memoryhole her?[View]
119383110What am I in for?[View]
119382532>woman sings about depression[View]
119386030Why did people not like this album? Just listen to it again and it’s great.[View]
119381847i like this album[View]
119368465killing joke bros..: Holy shit. RIP[View]
119385587ITT: /mu/ red flags >she subscribes to streaming services >she doesn't own vinyl ripping …[View]
119385973you WILL remember white girl indie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b7AM2D0lyM[View]
119385400dinosaur jr got a themed whiskey. I'm confused because last I heard J was straightedge so idk w…[View]
119385760It clicked[View]
119385721IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM: As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of popular culture, it's beco…[View]
119381600>song is about love How original.[View]
119385182KPOP GENERAL[View]
119382254>get dumped >usually cope with hard times by listening to music >can't do that here be…[View]
119385655I ain’t no mark, gook. Let’s jam.[View]
119379609/DREAM/ General: Thread for admirers of exceptional musician and almighty minecraft player Dream! Di…[View]
119385621is there really no Audacity plugin for virtualization? I can't find one for the life of me[View]
119385314holy based[View]
119384877What does /mu/ think of Lil Yachty?[View]
119384344nirvana sucks and you should kiss a shotgun if you enjoy it[View]
119385270What are some INFJ bands?[View]
119382958>synthpop/art pop duo, male and female >male: guitar, backing vocals, bass, drums, percussion,…[View]
119381115>why did Bush burn down the towers? woahh is Jada a conspiracy chud?[View]
119351028ITT: comfiest jazz albums[View]
119384429Say something nice about the greatest pop star of all-time![View]
119380492What is it about this particular part of the world that has produced so many talented musicians and …[View]
119319012/wpop/: Cheating edition prev: >>119228134 Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA0y…[View]
119384646KPOP GENERAL[View]
119364495is indie dead?[View]
119384746recommend some additions to my boomercore playlist[View]
119381208This might be decent if not for the r/atheism lyrics[View]
119385090Holy shit[View]
119385069Place your bets.[View]
119385047Nobody likes the threads that you post.[View]
119384479Torn Between Two Lovers [Ariola America, 1976] I consider it significant that Peter Yarrow's fi…[View]
119366663The unholy trinity of overrated weeb noise.[View]
119379370Is there a sexier popstar right now than Dua Lipa?[View]
119359928Chart thread: Chart thread post chart, give recs, guess things about anons[View]
119384705What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
119384749>Little Dark Age montage[View]
119384152KPOP GENERAL[View]
119383407TikTok Ws: like Beach House's Space Song closing in on 1 billion streams on Spotify Deftones ma…[View]
119379111TURD COBAIN LOL[View]
119381821Suicidal behaviour[View]
119370461favourite hendrix song GO[View]
119380770Never really asked before but why does Fripp allow everyone to see his wife be a skimpy slut on came…[View]
119383527This ain't no false facade And this ain't no freak disguise[View]
119383989Has John Fogerty ever acknowledged Elmore James as an influence on his vocal style? It's insane…[View]
119383244>One day when i'm back to traveling the earth >from stockholk to london, from melbourne t…[View]
119378864Will mainstream Rap ever have those aesthetics again?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58lZYDxHRV8…[View]
119383672KPOP GENERAL[View]
119379652Most overrated record of all time?[View]
119379238What, exactly, do you call music?[View]
119383788Claim your underground rapper, for me, it’s slimesito[View]
119380515Y'all are joking about being swifties...right?[View]
119383172Young Thug? More like Young FAT[View]
119383563Suede and Pulp were always better than Oasis and Blur.[View]
119382039Do you like Van Lesbian Parks lyrics on Smile? Or should Brian have gotten someone else?[View]
119383212KPOP GENERAL[View]
119383541>2023 ... >I am forgotten ...[View]
119382123>One of the best singer/songwriters of all time >Incredibly unique and interesting sound >…[View]
119380483Why do they love rap so much?[View]
119381147Now that the dust has settled what did we think of it?[View]
119380592>concludes music[View]
119383149Thoughts? Loveher is such a beautiful and earnest song. Reminds me of my gf[View]
119382782KPOP GENERAL[View]
119382241Is bootie and the blowfish style of singing ever gonna make a comeback?[View]
119382175Its any of you into this? cyber hyper-pop? Im so addicted to it. Its very popular in Spain and Gypsy…[View]
119381615>Bob Dylan is ... LE GOOD! Why does this totally banal opinion make /mu/ seethe so hard? The most…[View]
119382305KPOP GENERAL[View]
119382764I lost my heart Under the bridge To that little girl So much to me And now I'm old And now I ho…[View]
119380901Imposter syndrome: Even the GOAT of all time gets it. Do you?[View]
119377885>music trend happens >people like it genuinely cause it's novel and interesting >peopl…[View]
119376316>singer carries a rocket launcher[View]
119382202SVPACYBERIA: Are these real artists or is the music and album art all AI generated?[View]
119381719can we have a thread for pop punkers forever the sickest kids? they have influenced countless artist…[View]
119382104>school >fool[View]
119382270this title is so fucking pretentions[View]
119381732KPOP GENERAL[View]
119353268/nbbmn/: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas edition Previous: >>119339872[View]
119379730Mid Morale & Mid Steppers: 5/10. Never listening to it again. No discussion[View]
119373152/metal/: The Shredder Edition Baldcuck: >>119359510 FAQ: last.fm/user/Only_Perception[View]
119378470Post your favorite modern metal bands[View]
119378920Damn Beyonce looks like that?![View]
119380346king krule: The ooz is the best king krule album and i am mentally awful[View]
119371850Moby with Natalie Portman[View]
119381583What is the SCIP book equivalent on music theory?[View]
119378548People act like 100 Gecs are innovative geniuses that redefined music when this album did their whol…[View]
119381280Opinions on Cosmo Sheldrake?[View]
119376865At what age did you grow out of metal?: I did at 16, would have been quite embarrassing if I still l…[View]
119379650Which drug makes the best music?[View]
119381121KPOP GENERAL[View]
119381248>1990s >'this rapper is a fag and he should suck my dick' >2010s >'I'm going to fuc…[View]
119381499What's your go-to song for this activity?[View]
119379928She a Baddie ong[View]
119381152They gave this nigga the aux…. played straight up trash.[View]
119380703To be the mann, I have to be..[View]
119379875Most Jewish bandsL: The Beach Boys: >Best of The Beach Boys >Best of The Beach Boys Vol. 2 …[View]
119381126why isn't more much this good?[View]
119379874Flashing Lights is a perfect song[View]
119380879>bassist is having way more fun than everybody else on stage[View]
119377012The White Album: Honest opinion on this? Favorite track[View]
11938118910/10 moments in music: I'll start >ending of Waiting to Hit…[View]
119381133The Yardbirds: I think they deserve more praise. Some days I even like them better than the stones.…[View]
119377727What are the greatest “diss tracks” in music?: Any genre. Could there be a better one than Vanz Kant…[View]
119380575KPOP GENERAL[View]
119381042Is it better than Purple Rain?[View]
119380240Dear fellow musicians, As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of popular culture, it's beco…[View]
119369826something good is about to happen in music. i can feel it.[View]
119375612why do they do this though?[View]
119378865>concept albums[View]
119380951I saw your eyes And you made me smile For a little while I was falling in love[View]
119374198Perfect album, any shoegaze recs?[View]
119361058I just invented this music genre called 'choruscore'. Is like a normal music but only with the choru…[View]
119369125why is weezer the top rated power pop album? pic related mogs[View]
119378403Leave Taylor alone.[View]
119371596I got this crazy idea. We bring back the early 2010’s stomp clap hey music. What could go wrong?[View]
119380650Big Man Hooooo[View]
119380566Chill Music for Studying: lets share some great tunes for studying, long playlists or songs Found th…[View]
119380198ITT: Post an album and others post the first lyric that comes to mind[View]
119375232Holy shit. Just, like: damn. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. This is the best record ever made, isn…[View]
119376815Let’s rock[View]
119380061KPOP GENERAL[View]
119379470Best album of all time[View]
119374301it's over: zoomers have discovered laurie anderson's 'o superman (for massenet)' and are u…[View]
119369740Good band suggestions for a gay trans man? I’m more partial to Kpop and indie and wouldn’t be caught…[View]
119380400anybody here a fan of the chemical worker's song?: its a good protest song. i'd recommend …[View]
119377278>post ironic enjoyment[View]
119370774>tfw I lifted my gf on my shoulders just so she could flash the singer Wtf bros……[View]
119379735What is it? is it even from this planet?[View]
119378788the ultimate pleb filter.[View]
119369924classical music thread: anybody else out there autistically hyperfixated on conductors/conducting?…[View]
119378838This is me dancing to music theory: This is my face when I know more about music theory than 99.9999…[View]
119380210radiohead for my friend: Hello is there anyone who can help me to contact the radiohead because a fr…[View]
119378633>OH YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT[View]
119380040why is every band with female vocals flanked with guys who could never possibly attain said female?[View]
119379644I saw someone posted this album in a jazz thread I saw last night.. what am I listening to? What is …[View]
119380105table: anybody heard of these guys? I don't remember how I stumbled across them but they only h…[View]
119367639last.fm 5x5 4x4 3x3 Holiday edition: tapmusic.net[View]
119379520KPOP GENERAL[View]
119377927the eternal debate... >inb4 tales from the punchbowl contrarians come in…[View]
119379972And so what does he listen to?[View]
119374127Have you taken the Turbopill yet?[View]
119379940Tracy Chapman [Elektra, 1988] I suppose I should be thankful that Intelligent Young People are once …[View]
119379711Behold the 2 perfect GOAT 10/10 film soundtracks.[View]
119379733Goddess Lipa thread: We discuss Dua Lipa music and its influence[View]
119379825Kebab Militant music: Let's hear those bangers https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1698523408906097.webm…[View]
119378918Real men's favorite grunge album.: Accept the truth.[View]
119359249Albums /mu/ tricked you into liking[View]
119379071How did he do it?[View]
119378951KPOP GENERAL[View]
119368312>the best Metallica album[View]
119379386>Alexa, play Hannah Montana[View]
119378836>youtube to mp3 online converter[View]
119379109I read music like other people read books. I don't even listen to it anymore. The written compo…[View]
119379020LiL PEEP: ICON https://boards.4channel.org/fa/thread/17908833#:~:text=41%3A39%20No.-,17908833,-%E2%9…[View]
119378474Albums you still can’t decide are good or bad[View]
119378947>cherie don't like it >rock the catbox who is cherie?…[View]
119376418gimme something with a dark synthy phonk type beat[View]
119372777This is album of the decade. Taylor is legitimately a songwriting genius. She's up there with t…[View]
119379033Is there any vaporwave-style music that is modelled after the standard news bumper sound? Its pretty…[View]
119378868The current counterculture is being actively anti-poptimist and calling out people who like pop musi…[View]
119371611Which is better? I chose these two because they're the last great tight albums from these bands…[View]
119378426KPOP GENERAL[View]
119369313I like the cringiest music.[View]
119378594Once you get into atonal music, nothing else quite cuts it![View]
119363484Beginner musician here. Wouldn't it be better just to name the notes '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1…[View]
119377349Do you like the new Lana Del Ray album?[View]
119378621how is one woman so frumpy yet so attractive?[View]
119354292Which do you prefer?[View]
119378532It wasn't that bad.[View]
119375932Lyric gore: One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do Two can be as bad as one Its the lo…[View]
119374578the bends is one of radiohead's best. okc has a few amazing tracks but it's too uneven imo…[View]
119378398i wanna write lyrics and shit, any entry level read i should know?[View]
119377894KPOP GENERAL[View]
119376667>Men liking men is kinda weird[View]
119378106Who are some artists who disappeared, either voluntarily or suspiciously? >Bobbie Gentry (Pic) Re…[View]
119371324When's the last time you heard a song that really blew you away?[View]
119376425Anyone else wish they were born in a different generation to experience music? Im jealous of the peo…[View]
119374234Holy fucking shit[View]
119370299Is there such an album so obscure you can't even find it on YT or Soulseek?[View]
119376255HAIL FAUCI[View]
119375725music for pic rel?[View]
119378079>tfw Busta Rhymes is still releasing albums When will he just give it a rest? Even his earlier st…[View]
119373625>this that goon shit[View]
119377527>2010s pop music >has clapping[View]
119370108Tori Amos: say something nice about tori amos[View]
119377394There are a couple Lady Gaga songs that actually sound kinda good.[View]
119370578post a character and what you'd think he'd listen to: i'm not sure, probably the cure…[View]
119376504>Rave >Eurodance >Eurobeat >Eurodisco >Europop >Hi-NRG >House >Deep house …[View]
119374012music like this[View]
119376552Hey /mu/ has there been any good electropop made since its decline around 2013-2014? I don't th…[View]
119368678This is a really good album[View]
119373639>like a song that is underrated >zoomers discover it >hate that song cuz it's now over…[View]
119376380Let's play a little game: Post a song. Anon below you has rate it & write a review. What do…[View]
119375132I'm not hip anymore most of the cool underground artists I loved in 2013 are pretty well known …[View]
119375660bands that vanished into thin air[View]
119372144what the hell is anthony fantano setting his Tinder to 'looking for men'? trips and I superlike[View]
119377737What is the difference between Big Band and Thirdstream?[View]
119374886What does /mu/ think of Nipsey?[View]
119365602/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General - Strand(((Berg))) edition: >Beginner Lessons https://www.justing…[View]
119376138OKAY but have YOU heard HABIBI FUNK from the 80s???[View]
119376992Just noticed this Ye shout out on the cover of Ziggy Stardust: GAME RECOGNISES GAME Bowie was aight …[View]
119373359>AI continuing to improve at exponential rate >designing my own music message board for 2026 …[View]
119371606Music-related pet peeves: >the '''extended version''' has a completely different (better) mix tha…[View]
119375888The based and redpilled Billy arc is over. Fs in the chat.[View]
119377144*invents ambient music out of boredom* nothing personal, kid[View]
119375549>album is clearly a concept album >artist repeatedly insists it's not…[View]
119374003Should I actually use spotify or is it dog shit? What platform do you use for music? I've only …[View]
119376733KPOP GENERAL[View]
119377283Bassists of /mu/: Have you thanked Larry Graham for inventing the best technique ever, the Slap?…[View]
119376685Just daydreamed I was playing a concert again.[View]
119377069Lou Sneed: Discuss[View]
119377199>I got a lead from your old triple ex girlfriend she said >I heard he lost his mind again …[View]
119376709I fucking hate modern youtube.: Fuck all these fucking faggots for latching onto my favorite music, …[View]
119370845>conversation >someone asks what music I listen to >I have no idea wtf…[View]
119374199Nardwuar interviews the Beatles circa 1964: >FIRST OF ALL, WHO ARE YOU!? John: and who would you …[View]
119366280ITT: Last album that made you cry[View]
119369882For me, it's Old Pervert[View]
119373836>you can't say that word, cracka[View]
119374231Welcome to the salty spitoon how tough are ya: How tough am I? I listen to Heaven Or Las Vegas and f…[View]
119376222Literally WTF did they mean by this song? https://youtu.be/F5Q6G_7vUAc?si=qYesVFfjlGQqUlPZ[View]
119376217KPOP GENERAL[View]
119375536Literally how the fuck MJ achieve this stature?[View]
119375147Mgla Exposed: Holy shit guys I found out what Mgla looks like without their masks. Here they are chi…[View]
119376608>so he threatened to fist her wtf elp[View]
119362424Why are there no new all time great instrumentalists anymore[View]
119367815I know you zoomies and millenials can't handle a truth bomb but I have to drop it on you anyway…[View]
119373262It's really not bad at all. People just hate it because it's not death metal.[View]
119374497Stopped enjoying music[View]
119360783Incel albums: albums with those incel vibes frfr[View]
119369269/nickelback/: Nickelback general[View]
119375691KPOP GENERAL[View]
119374592Are you doing Christmas music yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCmyOdpDHVY[View]
119373025>friend I made recently at uni invites me to a 'sesh' at his flat >just gonna be a bunch of pe…[View]
119375631I feel like chicken tonite![View]
119375581I've completely rejected western music and never turned back. So selfish. Every song is 'me me …[View]
119362945Seriously though why do Radiohead fans tend to be short and balding?[View]
119375783JESSIE IS A FRIEND[View]
119375460I'm in the process of ripping my physical collection. It's taking forever. I've got a…[View]
119372705Dark Ambient, Martial, Industrial, Modern Classical: Cross-over genres of the above. Drop your favou…[View]
119375681My favorite band is Blink-182[View]
119375734When will Britney drop Blackout II? It would absolutely mog any of the pop music topping the charts …[View]
119375223KPOP GENERAL[View]
119371454Holy shit[View]
119375162Anyone got tips for getting into Lost Paradise? As I’d like to impress a girl by getting in with her…[View]
119375167DC?: Is there a Discord server for this board? Can anyone drop an invite?[View]
119372714ITT: 10/10s[View]
119369261how did they go pop and not lose their fanbase or get accused of selling out? Paradise Lost did the …[View]
119374310ITT: /mu/ in 1990[View]
119369013>This is what /mu/ simps for[View]
119371882Post a song you like and then someone else will rate it out of 5. I'll go first https://www.you…[View]
119371174This has aged like the finest wine If u don't like the recent turn in Kevin Parker's music…[View]
119372933god it's absolute shite. do the next 2 albums get better? are they worth my time?[View]
119374740KPOP GENERAL[View]
119372256music discovery: >be me >have very narrow tastes, almost exclusively like synth-pop, euro-disc…[View]
119370112Confess: I'm in a metal band but I want to make depressive R&B.[View]
119368990Marshall Crenshaw Live . . . My Truck Is My Home [Razor & Tie, 1994] You know the Iron Law of Li…[View]
119374735Neofolk mogs u[View]
119374739KPOP GENERAL[View]
119374190KPOP GENERAL[View]
119373089Peter Gaybriel fags go kill yourself, Collins era will always be superior.[View]
119374315Nobody likes the threads that you post.[View]
119373872>The first two albums were good and then they got completely different/sucked Honestly, the other…[View]
119356668>Wins six grammy nominations in your path Is BoyGenius the Beatles of our time? https://www.yout…[View]
119373356Will she ever be surpassed? Has anyone come close?[View]
119374116>tried to murder his wife >went to prison >got out 6 years later and released an album that…[View]
119372969>removies conscious hip hop tag finally the real top 10 albums of the 2010s…[View]
119374018Songs with this feel?[View]
119372815Remember when chads and staceys used to rock out to faux trannies singing about doing drugs and kill…[View]
119373582KPOP GENERAL[View]
119371879do you think he'll be forgotten when all boomers are dead? because he doesn't seem to appe…[View]
119374142>music that is even remotely unconventional plays >what were they on when they wrote this?…[View]
119373862Worst snare sound ever[View]
119360500I wanna hear a million different chords being played fast / fast constantly changing harmonies. Any …[View]
119369384Still haven't found something as unique and good as this. Especially the atmosphere and lushnes…[View]
119373482>Bass player >absolutely no life but the bass >no family so spend Thanksgiving break with m…[View]
119372929KPOP GENERAL[View]
119372112Unironically very good album.[View]
119371940Please Don't Go To My House: I've been trying to find this track, 'Please Don't Go To…[View]
119371716It's not that good[View]
119373099Classical Guitar: How old where you when you realized all roads lead back to classical guitar (the s…[View]
119362346This is the best band ever. What are you going to do about it[View]
119373371ADAM LANZA DID NOTHING WRONG https://soundcloud.com/abnerkenzie/abner-kenzie-dopamine[View]
119373334Is Bodies the only good song about abortion?[View]
119373208I love sad songs from YOUNG BOY like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnofCCwWNm4 Show me more a…[View]
119359510/metal/: Carheart Edition OLD: >>119347964 FAQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4xBMZ8gkCU…[View]
119370463What makes these genres superior?[View]
119371408i used to think they had some of the best lore, but the more i think about it, it's not really …[View]
119365297Is rap dying? It feels like it does not have the cultural dominance of a few years ago.[View]
119372375Is it /mu/ approved?[View]
119362875/KJ/: another bizarre photo of Jaz edition: Here’s a question to start off the thread: where the hel…[View]
119372894DADDY NIKE[View]
119372335KPOP GENERAL[View]
119362065This dude thinks everything is good[View]
119370703'munk general: post your favourite 'munk track[View]
119363040One of the greatest female vocalists of all time.[View]
119372883ALL IS FULL OF LOVE[View]
119365609i like this album[View]
119371739Bluesgaze: Does a fully fledged blues-based shoegaze band exist? The closest I found were Mojave 3, …[View]
119372749It captured something nobody can ever replicate again.[View]
119372644George Clanton utterly mogs him[View]
119372382I like listening to music that makes me feel like a bad bitch (ask me about my playlist)[View]
119372463isolation caved in, i adore you, the sound of your skin.[View]
119371040>man sings about being short[View]
119370340Finger Style Guitar Pickin: What does /mu/ thinking about finger style music? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
119371801King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Are they good or just gay Give it to me straight, /mu/. I’m enti…[View]
119369911What would be the modern equivalent?[View]
119372472What did Leonard Cohen mean by this, /mu/? Is it time for his legacy to be canceled? From what I hav…[View]
119371746>Mogs every RHCPs albums How did John do it?[View]
119371828KPOP GENERAL[View]
119372196what is the most abrasive music style? Noise, grindcore, deathcore, death metal, what do you think i…[View]
119365793Who is this music for? I've checked pitchfork for Taylor Swift's albums, picked the highes…[View]
119364356Psychedelic mastermind my ass. What's the fucking hype, it's just repetitive electronic sl…[View]
119363548why women play piano and boys play guitar? can I play piano if i'm a boy? will i enjoy it?[View]
119372168'I was up to 80 cigarettes a day. We'd finish a show and I'd go out and have steak and fre…[View]
119369602why do most people like bad music?[View]
119372159am i autistic for liking this album?[View]
119372130More songs like this?: https://youtu.be/sSi2lQnnUEo?si=DiDRUOfY_097IRun[View]
119358764Would you go to my festival?[View]
119372121>skips the first track[View]
119372091post you're favourite keygen music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PUawMKzF-I[View]
119371885>walk into lecture hall >see this Wat do?…[View]
119371214KPOP GENERAL[View]
119365717>woman sings about depression[View]
119365707You fucking pretendian bitch. You come on to my rez and you get what's coming to you, eh?[View]
119371278Do you avoid jewish composers, conductors and pianists too?: I feel like for every talented jewish c…[View]
119371618>Turn on radio I'M BEGGIN BEGGING YOUUU >Turn off the radio…[View]
119370736>makes one of the best songs of the 21st century >all the rest of the catalogue is trash…[View]
119371605Fuck /mu/, this album is incredible. Brings back so many memories. Being high and listening to this …[View]
119371501I think The Beach Boys might have genuinely been the first people in history to write a song about t…[View]
119371344I miss this nigga fr[View]
119371250Kendrick is a woman Lil Uzi is a woman Ugly ahh having pussy mfs[View]
119362879Mingus: So he really is the best jazz musician of all time, huh? This is absolutely fantastic.…[View]
119371257I like these tracks by Spyra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u5zxWTkKMQ https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
119370681KPOP GENERAL[View]
119370247Asking people on the street who the best musicial artist is: This is basically as casual as you coul…[View]
119366523Nobody likes the threads that you post.[View]
119369727>track is the same forwards and backwards[View]
119370987She came in the room and I was like damn where’d my dick go?![View]
119371056I don't care about anyone else but me I don't care about anyone I don't care about an…[View]
119365261More like this?: I'm guessing MBV is the obvious answer, just wondering if there's more ba…[View]
119371024It's generally understood that 80s indie rock was the best era of indie rock.[View]
119363505which one you consider the best?[View]
119368341How the fuck did this album hit #1 on the Billboard charts?[View]
119370771Mark Lanegan was the best to come out from the Seattle scene[View]
119369989what's the general consensus of The Residents on /mu/?: Personally I really like them. I rememb…[View]
119369373I still listen to Neutral Milk Hotel once in a while to this day[View]
119370013KPOP GENERAL[View]
119365472What's the worst Pink Floyd album excluding soundtracks and all albums post the Wall?[View]
119364638Anyone else watching his final stream?[View]
119369405What the fuck is his problem?[View]
119370174>SAIL ME DOWN THE RIVER[View]
119370551A distant relative died today, I feel a bit sad but also kinda indifferent, what is some music for t…[View]
119370535Listen to real music[View]
119369756do you have anyone in your life you can talk music with?[View]
119370344rate my dad's gf's music taste[View]
119368868this is actually pretty good. at times it mayyybe veers on stomp clap hey mumford and sons type stuf…[View]
119368488The largest music survey of all time: From 2005, 70 countries including china participated with over…[View]
119366025Moshpit: /mu/ tell me about your mosh pit experiences[View]
119367737itt: albums covers that are your fetish[View]
119369824since the last big one was made in about 2016, how many people have tried recreating the /mu/core ch…[View]
119369996>tfw nobody downloads from my shares on soulseek[View]
119370157HERE IT COMES AGAIN[View]
119368864What do you guys do when music, new or old, sounds like shit?[View]
119352312Dungeon Synth: As I grow older, I become more and more fascinated with the eerie atmosphere of dunge…[View]
119369436KPOP GENERAL[View]
119369014What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
119369890can you post some stuff like this? I guess it's like new orleans jazz, I'm not good with n…[View]
119369675its fine: kind of boring[View]
119365644Post your post-rock recommendations. I’m a big fan of textures and atmospheres, so the music hits al…[View]
119367494What's your opinion on this album?[View]
119369715metal: can you please share some unknown good metal bands from your country? Here's Selidor. ht…[View]
119369513Holy shit RIP: >It's real F.[View]
119363232Bob Dylan[View]
119359068So is this an official black sabbath album or not[View]
119368328Pink Floyd - Meddle: What's some albums similar to this, specifically the song Echoes?[View]
119365882Did they have more soul than Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart?[View]
119367165idk how many of you care but I can finally get through the solo in Quiet Riots version of Cum On Fee…[View]
119365429>dude these tiny holes on the disc totally make the music play when you rub a tiny needle against…[View]
119369489Post-rock: What is post-rock exactly? How can I tell if a song is post-rock or just instrumental/atm…[View]
119366659Bass music is overrated, what are some good treble albums?[View]
119364867It finally clicked[View]
119369471What's with Busta Rhymes and his obsession with Fisheye lenses music videos?[View]
119357224UNWOUND: NEW PLASTIC IDEAS is quite clearly the best UNWOUND album. Modern day music writers aka BOZ…[View]
119368953When the world needed them the most they disappeared. Why'd they do it bros?[View]
119368856KPOP GENERAL[View]
119366551AnCo - Isn't It Now: Why is it so bad, bros :'([View]
119369308The grill's on fire And there's no cashier at the drive-thru And the playplaces are all mu…[View]
119368980When it comes to penetrating the tick walls of an unironic video game music listener. Aphex Twin see…[View]
119352335What’s the most obnoxious song you like?: https://youtu.be/dE8tap5uoYg?si=_bNFoT5sKUItuiv1…[View]
119355075does music elitism exist anymore?[View]
119363677just got out of prison. what's the best mu album from the last two years?[View]
119368242Tips on removing background music from audio: trying to do some movie rescoring and want to remove b…[View]
119367272Okay (ahh) Mmmhhh[View]
119368993What does /mu/ think about Afrobeats? Never see any threads on the genre.[View]
119369009>Now is the time for millions to LOSE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LNTYG6yZx9s Wtf Frusciante is…[View]
119368977Classical > Jazz >>> Rock >>>>> Pop[View]
119368335KPOP GENERAL[View]
119368462If you think about it, most songs are actually just versecore + choruscore + refraingaze + bridgecor…[View]
119368742God damn them all! I was told We'd cruise the seas for American gold We'd fire no guns, sh…[View]
119368494cheap digital piano: what should i go for lads?[View]
119357999>having a kid at 16 is… LE HARD TO DEAL WITH!![View]
119367658>*rapes you*[View]
119366004What kind of ambient music am I supposed to listen to on a windy, stormy night?[View]
119356940why don't people like basement jaxx?[View]
119366191I pretend to like techno but what I really like is cheesy sophisti-pop like Level 42[View]
119368388Bladee: What’s he up to these days? Is he done? What’s the current zeitgeist?[View]
119368355Is this the worst thing country music has ever made? It's like everything I don't want to …[View]
1193514812023 I am... forgotten[View]
119366778Real name vs. artist name as a solo artist? Assume that the real name is decently ok sounding and no…[View]
119367826KPOP GENERAL[View]
119367832I routineously recommend and shit on albums on here that I have never listened to[View]
119367561Have you ever done this at a concert, /mu/?[View]
119368164King of the underground.: Bitch ass nigga Fantano barely reviews his albums bc he knows that he will…[View]
119368011It's better than bonded and you know it.[View]
119367227KPOP GENERAL[View]
119366398>create sample out of drummer's tracks to augment the hits >use all the latest trigger so…[View]
119360482Eminem. Love him? Hate him? Discus I like him.[View]
119355864Nico General: >My heart is empty >But the songs I sing >Are filled with love for you…[View]
119365010How much of audiophilia is just the placebo effect in action?[View]
119367672Unironically one of the best artists alive[View]
119365823America's Posh Spice[View]
119367549Pink Floyd Bootlegs: What are the best Pink Floyd bootlegs to listen to? I've listened to prett…[View]
119362896uninspired, tired of all that i used to like: here's something to listen while reading this htt…[View]
119366173This is one of the albums of all time[View]
119367552>open youtube shorts >Sia voice I PUT MY ARM AROUND I SHOW YOU THAT I AM…[View]
119361949why isn't this widely regarded as their best album[View]
119367478Yes, indeed. I know that a nigger do love turkey! , and I know that a nigger do love that possum, an…[View]
119363682>”Why yes I’m quite the guitar virtuoso” >Can only read tabs >Only knows how to shred >…[View]
119362850I seriously hope you guys don't do this[View]
119366638>mfw the song has a galloping rhythm[View]
119366326>accepting the fact i'll never hear another album that sounds like this…[View]
119360372i like this album[View]
119366740KPOP GENERAL[View]
119364467Like poetry[View]
119367133>I Cum Blood! Try wearing a rubber next time, cum-guzzling Cookie Monster. E+ https://youtu.be/WB…[View]
119363755>song only has one good part[View]
119362115>it's 'Daryl Hall & John Oates', not just 'Hall and Oates'.[View]
119366483itt: artists from your local area.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NDSBV0vTfTo&pp=ygUNZmVlbHMgc28…[View]
119366980>Cause I'm worrying about the future now >Or maybe this is it >It's not all that …[View]
119366449Jazz fusion[View]
119366251KPOP GENERAL[View]
119365777I like AJR[View]
119365390who is this guy on the cover?[View]
11936305020's to 30's Live Music: Can anyone recommend me some good live music performances from th…[View]
119366241Is he worth getting into?[View]
119366525how do you niggers are able to listen: to trap? This shit is pure low vibration ideas. No wonder zoo…[View]
119339034>Finn Mckenty says IOWA is the best Extreme Metal Album Ever https://youtu.be/j5k-FoqVGTs?t=1372…[View]
119363211If I become good at bass would I be able to get a busty gf?[View]
119352267My enjoyment of this album was completely ruined by the unnecessary foul language that closes the fi…[View]
119365598KPOP GENERAL[View]
119366104Hotline TNT - Cartwheel: Lol at the contrarians downplaying this amazing album[View]
119363751Beyoncé is white?[View]
119366016>'a honor'[View]
119362551Song finder: Music video: >start showing a girl and a boy they see each other in library >fli…[View]
119364556all these platinum counts even though i don't know of a single person who actually listens to o…[View]
119364477They lost like two generations of fans by not allowing their music on streaming. Even still you can…[View]
1193428603x3 WEEK collage thread for recent listens recommend something guess something else https://tapmusic…[View]
119365962>Man is a fashion model like Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor, or Chris Cornell and sings about depressi…[View]
119360601beatles bassline is the best beatles song of all time[View]
119363269How did you learn ear training? My goal is to hear a symphony once and transcribe it from memory (li…[View]
119365762This is currently the most important rock band in Argentina. What is your opinion about they? https:…[View]
119365937This is where he lost me by pretending to be christian as his next big stunt. Why do musicians do th…[View]
119363208How do I learn to play the piano? Do I need to know music theory? Would a midi keyboard good enough …[View]
119362240Algorithmslop: What's your favorite algorithmslop that you were randomly recommended by our sem…[View]
119363320Listening to this right into December[View]
119363595how old do you have to be to post here?[View]
119365771>Filters the brainlets: I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser Midnights become…[View]
119347664Shane McGowan of The Pogues is still alive somehow: Honestly? I'm impressed he's survived …[View]
119365696you now remember downtempo: say something nice about it[View]
119363920Bedtime Stories [Maverick/Sire, 1994] seductive self-regard over the best tracks fame can buy ('Don…[View]
119365021KPOP GENERAL[View]
119355440/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General - Svelte Edition: >Beginner Lessons https://www.justinguitar.com/ …[View]
119346141I’m trying to decide between the Sennheiser momentum 4 and Sony WH1000XM4. Anyone have experience wi…[View]
119362949>Sunday morning >neighbor is blasting Bon Jovi at full volume again…[View]
119365083itt: pornocore.: songs that would fit perfectly as background music to a porno. https://m.youtube.co…[View]
119365277Pitchfork were right about this repetitive slop[View]
119364807Nice hat DORK YOU LOOK LIKE A DUCK[View]
119364971>EARLY IN THE MORNING[View]
119364999Rap peaked with g-funk[View]
119358877Weezer is truly the greatest band of all time. No other band could ever come close. Every song is a …[View]
119357479This was my fav EP of the year. What was yours?[View]
119362881Why are all my favourite musicians selling their equipment?[View]
119365042till death do we part. :/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ23UihmG3A[View]
119358710'Yeah Anon! I love music.' >Doesn't burn in >Uses Mp3 files >Says they use Flac files …[View]
119358751why does nobody talk about m.i.a. anymore[View]
119364507KPOP GENERAL[View]
119364943i love her…[View]
119360412Who's your favourite lyricist? What's your favourite line? Baby.[View]
119364841Mil-Spec “Marathon”: https://open.spotify.com/album/0V6pjsjhW4XG6KA0ZCG1c4 New one worth listening. …[View]
119364125>Female solo artists who still drop new albums stylised in all lowercase Fucking hell, it’s 2023.…[View]
119364179rammstein is cringe[View]
119314946Soundcloud thread: soundcloud thread, lets go[View]
119363401To all the old farts (no offense) who were alive in the 80s, how popular were Echo & the Bunnyme…[View]
119357424my cancer is back so show me some fun music!![View]
119364486Moz is based[View]
119364062KPOP GENERAL[View]
119355888Rapper or Album recs: Can ya'll recommend some rappers that you think align with my taste? Asid…[View]
119335457Was it autism?[View]
119363554Heavy sounding keyboard tones: I'v been recording heavy music for many years, always involving …[View]
119363919We're they really The Beatles Part 2?[View]
119363704Nico savage: Was Nico a /b troll?[View]
119363555KPOP GENERAL[View]
119363470Bin Laden was a Limp Bizkit fan (no joke): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM6CoCV72yo&t=169s…[View]
119356768>filters casuals who listen for the hits[View]
119362308Why incel women like this song so much? https://youtu.be/Uoox9fpmDP0wpm[View]
119363822>(feat. jhené aiko)[View]
119363772for me it's Madrigal Meridian.[View]
119359269You've made sure to check your music's true bitrate, right?[View]
119363689Winter Jazz: post jazz for the bitter cold[View]
119362753ITT: musicians you're shocked haven't gone bankrupt Pic related: Rick Ross. When I saw him…[View]
119363563>Eric Clapton is overrated[View]
119350827Things really went downhill after they removed their trip hop and dub influences[View]
119362415>I drive a Rolls Royce >'Cos its good for my voice >But you won't fool the childr…[View]
119363032KPOP GENERAL[View]
119362845How the fuck did these doods get so big? Its literally CCM without Jesus.[View]
119360618Were they right to burn a million quid? Seems like they lowkey regretted it later on.[View]
119363255Paul McCartney[View]
119363390>mfw extreme ways are back again[View]
119363059Post minimal rock songs with heavy repetition that make you wanna get up and dance https://www.youtu…[View]
119363312Local Scene Thread: Comment a band from your local scene![View]
119363329Argent Beacon down?: I've been getting localhost redirects, anyone else have this issue? https:…[View]
119306081/classical/: Gamelan edition. https://youtu.be/Fck3yS5DAUM >How do I get into classical? This li…[View]
119361764this is the furthest music got, nothing sounds more futuristic than this album from 20 years ago.[View]
119358356They peaked in Homework[View]
119362486KPOP GENERAL[View]
119353307when i was[View]
119354420is it gay to like music for teenage girls[View]
119362959>I'M HERE[View]
119362696Any music with jazz/bossa nova chords but less of a dancy beat? Like with a country or rock, straigh…[View]
119362906>Guitar solos that mean the most to me aren’t the fastest, aren’t that blows me away with technic…[View]
119362882ITT: Akward, cringe /mu/-related moments. For starters: Jon Bon Jovi being basically forced to sing …[View]
119361607Ronnie James Dio: Which band do you think he is most famous for? Being the singer of Rainbow, the se…[View]
119360566>WELL LISTEN TO THIS >what follows, which Hall insists you listen to, is the simplest guitar r…[View]
119358089Fugazi fucking sucks.[View]
119359854>Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snow-cone stand and began l…[View]
119357100Why did you stop playing the piano[View]
1193625281, 2, 3, 4[View]
119362596>Spend a fortune on plastic surgery so they can all look like Michael Jackson >Make no effort …[View]
119355315Guys, please help me find a DJ set from Franksen. Set on Youfm Clubnight. The set starts with the tr…[View]
119361049>dad tell me about staying up all night to catch Asia in Asia on MTV[View]
119339894Why does no one care about their solo albums?[View]
119362480Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZxTcixbfE8&ab_channel=XH Machine/ computer/ technology…[View]
119362001KPOP GENERAL[View]
119360284I wanna get into electronic music. Where should I start?[View]
119353367Describe how Lovesong makes you feel[View]
119352535What’s the best album for Winter?[View]
119359949>try new metal album, moving instrumental overture begins >... >warthog vocals >sigh …[View]
119355166I know you think you're such an outlaw But you got no job how do you respond without sounding m…[View]
119361560Post artists who are Jewtiful (Jewish + Beautiful) :)[View]
119359063ITT: Perfect Discographies:[View]
119362137Recc similar music: Haven't seen one of these in a while, so post some music you like and other…[View]
119359998My based grandpa: >be me >visit grandfather >the topic of music gets brought up >out of …[View]
119362072Real name vs. artist name as a solo artist? Assume the real name is decently ok sounding and not tot…[View]
119358454>song is called Down By The Seaside >IT's ON THE C SIDE OF THE ALBUM I kneel. THIS. THIS…[View]
119361536Night Music: What's some perfect music to play in the dark?[View]
119362051Imagine if Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) kept this voice tone: He would have absolutely BTFO the entire music…[View]
119357760Visual Kei: Discuss your favorite bands, albums, tracks and musicians https://youtu.be/k0Hz8tEP3J8?…[View]
119357463>Abo Gang, Abo Gang, Abo Gang, Abo Gang, Abo Gang, Abo Gang, Abo Gang >Give me a smoke you fuc…[View]
119361369ITT: Albums where the band fell off[View]
119361752Pyro should not be used for live shows[View]
119361507KPOP GENERAL[View]
119360171This is the only good metalcore album ever made. Any coreshit before and after this can never hope t…[View]
119359059Music never got better than this. Yep. Your a pussy faggot if you disagree[View]
119343478Friday stirs dead roots with spring rain edition.- Let's try to keep these at the ten minute ma…[View]
119351095You know what? I don't think death metal is for me. It all sounds too samey and I say that as s…[View]
119337329shill thread: old one's dead gimme shit to get me through being with my relatives over thanksgi…[View]
119350095more music with lyrics that delve into the trans experience?[View]
119361068KPOP GENERAL[View]
119361322Thoughts on Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's sudden return? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0mi1vHO…[View]
119358744ITT: Flawless 5 album streaks[View]
119358474wtf i love fred durst now[View]
119355335It was really annoying when they would mock cover good songs like My Best Friends Girl, More Than A …[View]
119360581KPOP GENERAL[View]
119361022Why is there no way to tonally invert pure audio?[View]
119353598Greatest recorded live shows: What are the greatest feature length live recording movies you have ev…[View]
119359012Is the MC-505 garbage or a classic[View]
119360747>you will never make Kate Bush sing in falsetto with your cock[View]
119360728Why are you too good for this album?: Let down your guard. This is a great capstone to the entire ro…[View]
119360141KPOP GENERAL[View]
119360567I'm mentally retarded, can you notice it in my vocals? https://on.soundcloud.com/vNwSr[View]
119360363ITT: bands that when you listen to you can tell they knew how fucked up everything is[View]
119357455YOU WERE FROM A PERFECT WORLD: https://youtube.com/watch?v=QQPJYnr48yU[View]
119359254How did the Jefre Cantu-Ledesma meme start? You know the one.[View]
119358862She got BIG TITS like billie eilish but she can't sing[View]
119357070What is it about rock and metal that turns younger black people away from it? I'm half-black an…[View]
119360190The doctors, the lawyers, and G-men are living in fear!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E6R1IP2dfo…[View]
119359909>you can only kill right or left which one and why?[View]
119359604KPOP GENERAL[View]
119359985bad bitch core: post some bad bitch music, type of shit sexy mommys listen to. https://youtu.be/PT-I…[View]
119354513Why did Axis of Awesome turn into Heather Chandler 2018?[View]
119359217/mu/ [4chan, 2004] Really? *Bomb*[View]
119353790Dev Lemons: Do we like her?[View]
119356280Flashing lights original version: Found this original version of flashing lights but all the vocals …[View]
119359820Is American music overproduced, or is it perfectly produced for those with no taste?[View]
119354454>an 11 year old named juul[View]
119356633Ummm homophobic much?[View]
119345200What's the complete opposite of psychedelic music?[View]
119359051KPOP GENERAL[View]
119357240Are we going to keep ignoring the fact that he’s the best post-punk vocalist?: Everyone talks about …[View]
119347964/metal/: Varg General. Thulean Perspective edition. Old >>119340582 FAQ: burzum.org[View]
119359438Recommendations for Vibroacoustic water bed: Hello frens, I have recently built a super single water…[View]
119353417Um... This song is problematic???: Jesus Hitler is a problematic song. Anyone else realise Carnivore…[View]
119355835Regarding hooking up drum machines to effect pedals and synths or other devices to modify the final …[View]
119356495This nigga and Ty Dolla are about to unleash something fierce. Last time Ye got this much heat from …[View]
119357176Juxtaposition between lyrics and instrumental: Anyone else find it interesting how a lot of hip hop …[View]
119354082>i like phonk[View]
119358796>In August of 2023, I was involved in a car crash that changed my life. I woke up in the hospital…[View]
119352890he has a lot of good songs[View]
119357080I am FUCKING HIGH: Give me some albums to listen to my niggas.[View]
119358583KPOP GENERAL[View]
119358232Post you fav Mr. 305 catchphrases. I begin: DALE[View]
119352202Rap represents a musical regression in comparison to traditional European forms of music and the cla…[View]
119356602This is where indie peaked.[View]
119354850Nickelback's 'All the Right Reasons,' released in 2005, presents a compelling case for being th…[View]
119358689>i'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyy nigga just eat something lmao[View]
119358166Trumpet vs Sax: Which is more difficult to learn?[View]
119353742Record store was having a black friday sale and...: What an album. This is one of the greatest debut…[View]
119358268Holy shit[View]
119351737Quaranta: Now that the dust has settled, how do you feel about it?[View]
119358040KPOP GENERAL[View]
119357062Are these the only old people who make good music?[View]
119358456Kwanzaa Music [Rounder, 1995] Kwanzaa, Black History Month, whatever--Africa's musical diaspora…[View]
119358078what do i think of it[View]
119358184Okay I'm going to say it, he's a terrible lyricist MCR would be a much better band without…[View]
119356063idk, its just cool: digital fucks up music listening experience. Prove me i'm wrong.[View]
119353848>mid instrumentals >mid lyrics >terrible vocals >still considered one of the best indi…[View]
119357736Jennifer Lopez: Has a beauty line, excuse just too showcase her ass,[View]
119357517KPOP GENERAL[View]
119355730Post albums you listen to when you're feeling lonely.: post an album you listen mostly when fee…[View]
119319477Can’t stand normies: >My friends are showing music to each others >I decide to put on an acce…[View]
119355318It's no Master of Puppets.[View]
119357351Best Kodak Black album[View]
119354159>artist name is multiple words with no space in between them[View]
119357502I hate to admit it but this is actually great[View]
119357644i like this album[View]
119356918KPOP GENERAL: Another shit quality one...[View]
119355010>I wonder why Pitchfork doesn't shill Sufjan anymore..... oh[View]
119349271on par with deathconsciousness, if not better one of the greatest album of its decade[View]
119357391Do you ever look at art while listening to music? I find it cathartic to match pieces of art to a so…[View]
119355998I hate this cunt so much[View]
119357188Why are mainstream rappers like lil uzi and carti so shit at the rap/rock fusion when this 'meme' al…[View]
119351761the QUEEN of music[View]
119355197AI music can never be good because most people can't explain what they like about their favorit…[View]
119357229paint the town swaggg.......[View]
119357105Benjamin Clementine: does anyone else listen to this dude? he was gaining a bit of traction in the e…[View]
119356036George Clanton completely mogs his boomer ass[View]
119357122Post album of X band that make you feel picrel[View]
119355226REM: Forgive me obvious plebe taste, but I don't get the hype. Yeah, they're good, but fro…[View]
119348566>Ozzy Osbourne when he talks: Incoherent gibberish >Ozzy Osbourne when he sings: Very beautifu…[View]
119352966claim ur joanna newsom song: for me it's this side of the blue[View]
119354059Everyone talks about >overrated artists >underrated artists but are there any that are rated j…[View]
119352109Name a scarier song than Idioteque. Protip: You can't.[View]
119356206I Hate Myself and Want to Die[View]
119356426KPOP GENERAL[View]
119349151This nasty skank is going to sweep the grammys and there is not a damn thing any of you haters can d…[View]
119356793Terry date mogs Rick Rubin[View]
119351531Post your musical waifus >Jennifer Herrema[View]
119356497Nettspend: His song with david shawty is fire. Idk why twitter is hating on this kid so much his son…[View]
119354088He was right[View]
119356018>le hecking marvelesque k-pop extended universe crossover event[View]
119355900KPOP GENERAL[View]
119356373Underground Rap General: Do you think Summrs is going to get revenge on homixide gang?[View]
119355322Spain thread - Spanish music: Whats music like here?[View]
119356342genre?: is this music? genuine question[View]
119354959Better than Trout Mask Replica[View]
119354616What does the mods and jannies listen to? Come on, you can share, we won't judge.[View]
119355009Ambient for studying: Post ambient music to concentrate and study https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM…[View]
119355845ummm bros, i had no ideas scaruffi was this smart[View]
119355912Claim your Joe Bonamassa song.[View]
119355837Christmas orchestra: Help me out guys Dad died 12 years ago He had a HUGE collection of CDs and ever…[View]
119355331KPOP GENERAL[View]
119355807More like this pls: https://youtu.be/sVx1mJDeUjY?si=MVb6V-nA2RhXPFNx[View]
119349091Post your favourite album of each year from 1960 - 2019: https://topsters.org/[View]
119349124>band's only good album is their first one[View]
119355646The best Slayer album.[View]
119355373Did mall goths really listen to this band? I just listened to their most popular song and it literal…[View]
119355203I've never seen you faggots talk about this album[View]
119341374What strings do you use?[View]
119355545just found out about sinead oconnor[View]
119355514>See my face when I slide through... >Every place I find you...…[View]
119341486Chart thread. These are my liked listens for this decade. Looking for recs from any time.[View]
119355006Yamantaka Eye[View]
119339065/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Saber edition. >Beginner Lessons https://www.justinguitar.com/ ht…[View]
119355261whats the best music to listen to while high?[View]
119351214John Mouse: Lol[View]
119355319I was made for lovin' you, baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough of…[View]
119354325What musical genre is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_LzJHcfT1g[View]
119354845the great debate[View]
119355389>based and ragpilled[View]
119352793>stereo remaster remove some vocal overdubs >Mono remaster sounds muddy…[View]
119353123any clown core enjoyers[View]
119351986Remember when she was a big deal and every teenager would cum tribute her? Why did she fall off so h…[View]
119354759KPOP GENERAL[View]
119355298>Yeah, what I've felt, what I've known >Sick and tired, I stand alone >Could you …[View]
119353622boygenius instruments: >3 popular musicians would like to team up and start a band >all guitar…[View]
119349873Why is Kendrick Lamar's TPAB the highest rated album on RYM? Is it really the pinnacle of music…[View]
119354997ITT: albums that you’re the only one who listens to anymore[View]
119355133Which of these countries do you like in East Asian music.: Japan https://youtu.be/shs0rAiwsGQ https:…[View]
119355104ITT: Bad album covers[View]
119347784what are your true honest thoughts on this women?[View]
119355056new midnight première album is insane: the king of latenight and mallsoft[View]
119354931Trick of the Light is their best song[View]
119354873DJ Screw was a Freemason: DJ Screw was a freemason[View]
119344428Name a more technically correct (instrumentally and vocally) live performer[View]
119341061Why don't people look up for old and new music by themselves instead of waiting to be sponfed? …[View]
119354188KPOP GENERAL[View]
119354569/erb/: What's your favorite Epic Rap Battle of History anon?[View]
119354701Rock star wives/girlfriends: For me it's Linda McCartney[View]
119353716Hardcore surf punk?: https://youtu.be/HBoxNjwzsT4 What's more music like this track?[View]
119352281Why were the 60s so good?[View]
119307859/prod/ - Music Production General: Post vocaroos of your work and receive feedback. Give other anons…[View]
119351571Tell me about Devin Townsend. Why does he do the onionsface?[View]
119353396I'M A POTATO! I'M POTATO RICK![View]
119353855I need songs that sounds as good as this: or are better than it.[View]
119351982Redpill me on transcodes: I just got FakinTheFunk and I'm not terribly impressed with it. Pic r…[View]
11935311680% of albums do not need to be over 40 minutes long.[View]
119344163musicians with aesthetic ahead of their time, this was taken in 1980[View]
119354307He crashes all of my planes…: YOU KNOW IM THROUGH WITH BANE[View]
119354297What is she listening to?[View]
119347951Look at this shit.: Picrel are some of the reviews of October Rust, an objectively 10/10 /mu/core al…[View]
119354285>song is obvious filler >it's one of the best songs in their discography…[View]
119348464Riot grrrl general: Just learned that Bikini Kill are back together and touring. Time to find our i…[View]
119354245I PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6fVE8kSM43I[View]
119354229>215 days until Bridgit Mendler's comeback album[View]
119348115Anon, come closer. I want to fuck you like an animal.[View]
119344034He is 28 years old and looks like a child[View]
119354154It's like death metal in jazz wrapper.[View]
119353705KPOP GENERAL[View]
119327999hands up, favorite nirvana song[View]
119352810what's that song that goes like >ohhhhhhh >doop doop >oohhh maybe by alice in chains o…[View]
119353628Casiopea: They peaked too soon[View]
119331563what is music like over there?[View]
119353822music for this feel?[View]
119350801Shit instrument.[View]
119345866itt: times scaruffi was 100% dead wrong: times scaruffi just went too far[View]
119353165KPOP GENERAL[View]
119351461i got filtered[View]
119352587And so what does he listen to?[View]
119352971How much would you pay for handwritten lyrics to David Bowie’s filler songs?[View]
119353584SOTY: You're sugar sweet like honey to a bee I've seen the way you stare and look at me ht…[View]
119353394If you like music that much, you would have a desire to play an instrument, right? Because you say y…[View]
119347595when did you realise you will never be rich or famous as an artist?[View]
119342513Justin Sane is going to jail: Kristina Sarhadi, whose allegations against Justin Sane contributed to…[View]
119353324It's actually listenable now[View]
119353057The Gerogerigegege: Significant form of high art or degenerate garbage?[View]
119339872/nbbmn/ - Nothing But Black Metal November: Hubris Unchained edition Previous: >>119309206…[View]
119351203>Albums with wind chimes[View]
119351936Let's play a little game: dubs will tell me what song to listen to, i'll write a small rev…[View]
119341283>stop listening to skrillex and burial, listen to real dubstep classics like skream!!!!! >it’s…[View]
119352649KPOP GENERAL[View]
119351533Got remastered not so long time ago. Easily their best album. That or Origin Of Symmetry.[View]
119351745She killed a young brazilian girl[View]
119352647Was MJ a flash in the pan, right place/right time, the planets aligned kind of situation who had fam…[View]
119351654/log/ - Lutes and Ouds general: If guitars get a general then other dead instruments can edition …[View]
119352719>Yes, sex is always the answer >It's never a question 'cause the answer's yes …[View]
119351863Sweet trip fucking sucks.[View]
119352702How can I make a song that has start and end? When I use cadences my music gets even worse.[View]
119349829/DREAM/ General: Thread for admirers of exceptional musician and almighty minecraft player Dream! Di…[View]
119344081I prefer Mozart: to Beethoven. Is there something wrong with me? Furthermore because I prefer Mozart…[View]
119350997This is actually ...: ... really good.[View]
119350317>i get uuuuuup >I GET DOOOOOWWWWWWN >*greatest organ solo you've ever heard in your li…[View]
119352624/mu/ Raising Project: Songs to expose my son to on our daily drives to and from school? I want him t…[View]
119352061KPOP GENERAL[View]
119351341this is the first time that I rememeber listening to an eminem album and just feeling sad. Obviously…[View]
119350199Any other music that's like pic related? Would love to talk about the album too! It's grea…[View]
119352556>lesser afim ok nigga but what about greater afim[View]
119344673post musicians who have killed[View]
119352119Best copyright free music? I recently discovered MusMus from Japan, very funky/soul/jazz and general…[View]
119352292What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
119350907Piss, pee seeeeeeells Piss, pee seeeEEEEEEEEELLSSSS PEE SELLS, BUT WHO'S BUYING PEE SELLS, BUT …[View]
119351781What’s the consensus on this twink’s music?[View]
119348871I just realized that The Bloodhound Gang's song Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo spells FUCK as an …[View]
119337112'Ringo was a very good drummer' --Stewart Copeland It's settled. You can stop clowning on him n…[View]
119351363KPOP GENERAL: >>119351346 i love o.o and o.o.o both VERY much so this is a tough one, but I th…[View]
119349844What are Yalls Opinions of The Mamas & the Papas?[View]
119352004Thread where you cover a song and upload it to vocaroo: Let's stave off the Saturday night exis…[View]
119351991I hate this fucking guy, why do so many people even watch him?[View]
119351150Comfortably Numb? More like Comfortably DUMB LOL[View]
1193519635x5: collagethread tapmusic.net rate subscribe[View]
119348565underrated: what are some bands/artists you love that you barely see anybody talking about?[View]
119347779bands that were memoryholed by tptb[View]
119351861>In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey Uh Beckbros what did he mean by this?…[View]
119351527Radiohead made legitimately good music and you shouldn't discard them just because you listened…[View]
119351546/req/ - Requests thread: I'll start I'm requesting songs or even playlists where I feel li…[View]
119351773TODAY IS THE DAY THREAD: Legendary extreme metal band that doesn't get enough attention despite…[View]
119351709never listened to metal much but I liked Filosofem a lot, especially the first half -- where go from…[View]
119348336Taytay peaked with Shake It Off[View]
119350195a place to discuss sample based music, experimental hip hop, sound collage, plunderphonics, musique …[View]
119351726Mac Davis: Greatest Hits [Columbia, 1979] Nashville's answer to Barry Manilow is a singer and s…[View]
119339544NOBODY HERE[View]
119351604Foot up, my foot up, hold up now my foot up I'm spinnin' my foot up, foot up, yeah, my fo…[View]
119351602Where’s that new Killing Joke album?: Is Jaz Coleman just our cool uncle who does weird shit nowaday…[View]
119351592YOU CAN'T STOP THE BLOOD https://files.catbox.moe/jgoi8k.mp4[View]
119347662i just found out the band is called 'prime-mus' not 'pree-moose'[View]
119345392Anything sound similar to this?[View]
119351515I'm a man but this song makes me feel like a bad bitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-PEOzq…[View]
119350806TAINTED LOVE: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eqGH2FfR6KE[View]
119350710B-52s: Underrated https://youtu.be/swBDlOk0V6Y[View]
119351235Album of the year[View]
119338574You gotta be fucking kidding me[View]
119349711>tfw you will never hear caroline making that long raspy scream while bringing her to an orgasm w…[View]
119348475>movie: godfather >game: ocarina of time >show: breaking bad >song: ??? what should the …[View]
119347591Damn nigga this shit is ASS[View]
119350406the beach boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU0BOyQRjWM[View]
119351449Does anyone know the image from this t-shirt? It's the only one online and it's sold. I wa…[View]
119351348>Saturday morning >neighbor is blasting Bon Jovi at full volume again…[View]
119351229I danced with the prettiest girl at the ska-punk night[View]
119344147Do you have the time to listen to me whine about Dubya and Donald Trump all at once?[View]
119341102>'For less than a burger, you can eat a sammitch'[View]
119349237/aztrovoi selection/: music that I found recently and some old tracks that I used to play https://ph…[View]
119351079rate this album[View]
119327110Houdini: This song is so fucking amazing. I'm crying.[View]
119341539GUITAR PEDAL DISCUSSION THREAD: What pedals do you like /mu/?[View]
119351143>This album will BREAK you[View]
119348638whats the deal with buddy holly[View]
119347264Post album when band truly died[View]
119331932Kanye West - Vultures: HOW I ANTISEMITIC I JUST FUCKED A JEWISH BITCH[View]
119340838What are some INFP bands? >Most grunge bands (Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden) >Alt-rock…[View]
119348264DM DOKURO is insanely good: https://youtu.be/hTGkNX5vxNo?si=sBdmF9G3S76GhnCt He must be one of the s…[View]
119348618Choosing a genre: How do you pic a genre to create? Do you just choose the music you love the most? …[View]
119349077Why do Taylor Swift fans bot her stream numbers and why isn't anyone doing something about it? …[View]
119350378KPOP GENERAL[View]
119350822Without prior knowledge, I'm going to look up Jerome Kern on Wikipedia, and I fully expect him …[View]
119347575Gaga is smol[View]
119350377>8 octave range >Can change the fingering to mimic the layout for sax, clarinet, trumpet, and …[View]
119350578Tell all of my friends, I don't have too many Just some rain-coated lovers' puny brothers[View]
119350376I'm sure I'm breaking some posting rule- but I can't find the name of this song and i…[View]
119345723Low-Key Indie Rocker MJ Lenderman Wants to Tell a Bigger Story[View]
119349875KPOP GENERAL[View]
119350354Favorite German Pop Star?[View]
119341257Zoomers have no idea who this is[View]
119349860What's /mu/'s honest opinion on the original Frey, Henley, Leadon, Meisner line-up of the …[View]
119345653>remove Life In Marvelous Times Ahh, there you have it, a masterpiece.[View]
119346796Micah Preite is so underrated. A good introduction to his music is the song “In the display.” “Kids …[View]
119349784What are this guy's hits? https://imgur.com/gallery/wv4Bica[View]
119345066It's shit.[View]
119349891P Diddy Allegations thread: It was only a matter of time[View]
119349907AI plagiarism is good but sampling is LE BAD: >for decades bullied artists for using sampling tec…[View]
119349214This is one of the best EPs of all time.[View]
119349344KPOP GENERAL[View]
119349166I fucking love Jimmy Eat World[View]
119345616What went absolutely right?[View]
119349740Don't rake up my mistakes I know exactly what they are And... What do you do? Well... You just …[View]
119342596ITT: song only you heard https://youtu.be/sHPKPumfYj8?si=7VbjUJM7bVw9xShv[View]
119349587What band/type of music has the most obnoxious fanbase?[View]
119346406Is there any artists as genius as Frank? I can't find any artists similar to how he makes music…[View]
119316517Favourite Greatful Dead album? Just finished listening to Workingman's Dead and it was great, p…[View]
119345402Why Are the Best British Musicians Actually Irish?: >Paul McCartney >John Lennon >Johnny Ma…[View]
119349260Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman But she was another man All the girls around her say sh…[View]
119348539>watch a youtube video about literally any sampler at all >guy recording immediately starts us…[View]
119349298Are there any albums similar to this? dark, gothy, house, techno?[View]
119337998Is she /mu/core now?[View]
119348804KPOP GENERAL[View]
119344192Bangarang is a fucking BANGER[View]
119347727>genre peaks on its first album you hate to see it[View]
119346143Henry Rollins record collection[View]
119339529remember when Autechre were good? what the fuck happened, did they just rely on AI to write their ne…[View]
119348347name a single bad song and explain why[View]
119348603Stand up for the incel anthem.[View]
119348995Little /mu/sic game: Post a song. Anon below you has rate it & write a review https://youtu.be/a…[View]
119346073ITT: claim your obscure /mu/ waifu[View]
119332958These are ok: But what are the best headphones money can buy[View]
119348300Juice Wrld: Does anyone listen to juice wrld anymore?[View]
119348313KPOP GENERAL[View]
119347821Here’s my top 100 from the past 7 days.: Obviously I didn’t listen to all the albums in full the pas…[View]
119345473I fucking love this band.[View]
119344524Dir en grey: What's your favorite song and/album by them? You may treat this thread as a gener…[View]
119313867Niggas will claim that Brant tried to steal Kyuss from Josh while it was the latter who jewed the fo…[View]
119345440On a scale of 1-10, how based was Bowie?[View]
119347722/zappa/ Frank Zappa General: Let's discuss the greatest composer of modern times. Nico trannies…[View]
119339461Rap is more a genre of literature than music. Cry about it.[View]
119345315ITT: Albums Scaruffi rated higher than TPAB[View]
119344854Song 2[View]
119347828KPOP GENERAL[View]
119347038Music for when your oneitis talks to chad[View]
119345448Do you think ian watkins feels better knowing that there’s a musician more evil than him?[View]
119330388If you haven't listened to the full studio discographies of The Beatles, King Crimson Pink Floy…[View]
119343531Israeli music recs? Looking to branch out.[View]
119329949Oh no, so I'm a soyboy?: It's over https://psmag.com/news/our-hormones-appear-to-influence…[View]
119349533I heard a rumor that armpit-y women tend to make the best music. Can anyone verify?[View]
119349471I heard a rumor that busty women tend to make the best music. Can anyone verify?[View]
119345863This is the earliest post about grunge on the Internet, from October 1989.[View]
119344771Jefre cantu ledesma playing a piano[View]
119347193Cymbals: ITT: songs with really nice sounding cymbals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd7S6V5IaBg…[View]
119346486/KJ/: kill all the haters edition: Hey anti-goth autist, there are no other Killing Joke threads up …[View]
119335191spotify: laugh at everyone https://mixmag.net/read/spotify-end-service-uruguay-copyright-law-change-…[View]
119338692Greatest to do it. No one can top him. No one could replace him. No one could possibly even fill in …[View]
119340582/metal/: Incorrigible Riff-otry Edition LAST: >>119330946 FAQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
119347364KPOP GENERAL[View]
119345336MUSIC STARS THAT AREN’T AS THEY SEEM: I made this video which shows that PAUL MCCARTNEY (AND DAVE FR…[View]
119347381They don't think it be like it is, but it do[View]
119347498what does /mu/ think of beat bruxaria[View]
119347497I give her all my love That's all I do And if you saw my love You'd love her too I love he…[View]
119347169what's on the polaroid?[View]
119346678When will this faggot come back? He better not wait 15 years[View]
119346926KPOP GENERAL[View]
119345043Thoughts? https://youtu.be/YMNzcjVS1Os?si=RWXMQVVpF0-NxGrl[View]
119340502>*is better than the beatles in you're path*[View]
119346650/BMBB/ - Big Mouth Billy Bass General: 'Take me to the river, drop me in the water!' Edition[View]
119347053Lou Reed hosts MTV's 120 Minutes (1986): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjhVR6fMDgA…[View]
119344504White people killed rap. For a decade, rap was on top of the charts. Now, it hasn't been like…[View]
119341531AI vocal isolation is scary[View]
119346455KPOP GENERAL[View]
119346346Spottemgottem and Pooh Sheisty linked up: So what exactly happened after they linked up? Where did t…[View]
119343695greek mommy: how do you feel about Marina Diamandis?[View]
119345457You’re a fag if you wouldn’t[View]
119345284https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HQrVGU7Ybg >1982 I yield, Prince is one of the greatest musician…[View]
119346699jingle bells jingle bells[View]
1193465911 month until christmas gusic[View]
119346103opinions on this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKt75jUuKJY kind of reminds me of the white s…[View]
119342259I’m worried about my Spotify wrapped[View]
119344282>black person does any sort of punk/rock music >white oldhead says 'it reminds him of Bad Brai…[View]
119346280Red Rose Speedway [Apple, 1973] Having decided rock-and-roll was fun, a good enough idea within reas…[View]
119345920KPOP GENERAL[View]
119342117>turns your shitty record into a hit[View]
119346380I've plateau'd at piano[View]
119341761Have Zoomers discovered Leonard Cohen yet?: If so what will the implications be? Will he have a posi…[View]
119343596Painkiller and 9 other songs no one gives a fuck about or remembers. Yet another disappointing relea…[View]
119343767ITT: we post albums and state a drug they are most reminiscent of i'll start, DXM[View]
119345496just found out john lennon beat his wife: now this is what I think of john lennon[View]
119344581Is there any good Microtonal music or is it just a meme?[View]
119344517>Written by: Jack Antonoff[View]
119344655where are they[View]
119343159>That time Comus made an arena rock album Is this the most embarrassing release ever by a group?…[View]
119345316KPOP GENERAL[View]
119341002>pitchfork: How old were you when you stopped taking critics seriously?[View]
119345359What is wrong with Meek Mill?[View]
119341915itt: talented geniuses[View]
119343172Music that doesn't have synths doesn't count[View]
119345349What happened to /bleep/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfqWWNhnow4[View]
119345672Honestly really underrated. Lots of great tunes on here, more people should give Serj's solo st…[View]
119345625Who did it better?: https://youtu.be/tRwYQgk05DY?si=w2qXKcZnj6scr3EE https://youtu.be/0lPYUGTAVmA?si…[View]
119345189*casually mogs skynyrd*[View]
119344791You getting one?[View]

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