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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 56 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3820934Best adaptable vintage lenses?[View]
3861133Canon 700D/T5i: This camera is still based as fuck. Cheap as hell, and with Magic Lantern its even m…[View]
3860812Where does one buy mount adapters for obsolete cameras? I own a Minolta X370 and it takes MD/MC len…[View]
3858443The rule of thirds is arbitrary bullshit. The photo on the left isn't 'worse' than the one on t…[View]
3850904/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread: Previous thread: >>3847341 Chim Pom - Super Rat The artist catche…[View]
3849106/gear/ thread compact large sensor cameras edition which MILC should i pic? sony or canon? or should…[View]
3859043>shot nikon for years(D800) >spent countless nights in lightroom tweaking my photos to perfect…[View]
3860194Do you consider cropping a crutch? A failure of composition skills? Should I be less hard on myself?[View]
3858960Top Tier Presets: Top tier presets thread. Do you us Mastin Labs or RNI or VSCO? Which do you think …[View]
3860449I have no camera with me. What's the best camera+lens combo I can buy for 237.85 bucks? I'…[View]
3860643Motorola moto g9 play f/1.7 1/6 4.71mm ISO 6800 12.0 MP 4000 x 3000 1.8 MB[View]
3860676youtube influencer: Hello /p/, I come with a request for you sirs. I am in the process of getting a …[View]
3859882Camera upgrade: I have a canon rebel xsi and I’ve been looking for an upgrade. My parents have a t6s…[View]
3846368tips and realizations that made you /comfy/: so many people on this board are so wound up, hustling …[View]
3859356I want to get a digital camera from the 90s. Why? Because I like the aesthetic. What I want to ask …[View]
3858434How to collect ALL of Ansel Adam's Photos: subject says it all[View]
3856440Sony dsc f707: This camera is insanely good as a camera released in 2001 it would probably have the …[View]
3860220Why did nikon make a mirrorless camera with a bigger hole than the other guys.[View]
3859478Out of Stock?: Quick question: If the 90D from Canon is out of stock everywhere (unless in a kit) an…[View]
3855668Coastal/Seaside Thread: Post your favourite pictures you took on a coastline. Took this one a few da…[View]
3859447Pancake?: Why doesn't anyone else make a decent pancake lens?[View]
3855851Lomography anyone?: How do we fix Lomography? Well my first thought is, is it even worth fixing? Onl…[View]
3858936Why has modern day lenses moved towards being so huge for large apertures? What is the point of havi…[View]
3855908WR solutions for non WR lenses: Are there any solutions for achieving weather resistance for lenses …[View]
3851386why shouldn't I buy a fujica gw690[View]
3859789Honest Opinion/Advice: okay so i don't have much money and take photos with my phone like a ret…[View]
3859416>yfw you realize nondirect controlled object lighting in any direction is superior to ambient. I …[View]
3855911Which brand should I avoid? [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properti…[View]
3858875What kind of tripod is this? I need to build a room for taking before and after photos.[View]
3856261Laptop for editing RAW files: Hi newfag to photography here. Any advice for what type of laptop or r…[View]
3859133Since i got a new camera i have the urge to retake photographs i made with my phone before (stationa…[View]
3858606Disk film scanning: grandpa died and apparently used disk film because it was easy I need help. I…[View]
3854414>slaps corrugated steel top, deafening all nearby yep, this bad boy can fit many hundreds of mega…[View]
3857857It's 1990 and you can only stick to one brand for the next 30 years, what to you choose? (Spoil…[View]
3859492I was looking though old photos on my computer that I'd saved from LJ in the first decade of th…[View]
3859234Why do people spend any more than $300 on a camera?[View]
3855975Which are the 'magic' x-mount lenses? Everyone knows the XF35mmF1.4 and the XF56mmF1.2, any others? …[View]
3855739What Camera are 'liminal reality' Taken with? >https://youtu.be/dEVE__7k-sI…[View]
3859279I hate shallow DoF[View]
3852962HOW WOULD YOU: How would you crop this picture?[View]
3856742The sea side very beautiful: Who here agree [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-S…[View]
3854587Okay which one of you fuckers is this? [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specif…[View]
3854557I don't get the exposure triangle. I mainly shoot at night and everything is either too dark or…[View]
3859024focal length for documentaries: which focal length is the most common in modern documentary filmmaki…[View]
3854737Could Olympus make a comeback? Rumors of joining the L-Mount Alliance. Seems to stray from the ori…[View]
3856804Why is color grading so fucking hard? What should I read or watch to master this alchemy? Where to e…[View]
3858877Any Photos? I'm not really good at using them, but im bored pic related[View]
3858767Vintage lenses on MFT: Are vintage lenses on MFT even worth it? Everything becomes effectively 2x th…[View]
3858694Let's ha an Australian /p/hotos thread. I know there's some aussie photographers out here.[View]
3852342>and then I handed him the mecablitz and he proved he's so clueless about the exposure diamo…[View]
3852892idk: I'm the guy from >>3837325 and I kinda forgot I had said that and some people had so…[View]
3854935How do I get good at the D700: I’m a complete retard shooting in full auto mode into jpgs and my onl…[View]
3858724 [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Camera SoftwareWindows P…[View]
3854903There isn’t a better camera on the market than the Fuji Xpro 3. It’s literally perfect. [EXIF data a…[View]
3855115Making a photography website: What's your experience with making a photography website/online p…[View]
3849390Apologize [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeS…[View]

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