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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 21 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4254272Any resources + tips/tricks for staging or set design for photos? I'm working on a project for …[View]
4249163Printers! Cannon PRO 200 or 1000?: I do digital art and am ready to take it to the next level. (sold…[View]
4252910This camera literally proves the Earth is flat[View]
4249145>hurr this monitor is so overpriced meanwhile >no high ppi <27' monitors >plastic and rg…[View]
4253888So, has anyone ever tried doing trichrome color photos with a digital monochrome Leica? I think it w…[View]
4249957>be Slim Aarons >travel the world and take pictures in exquisite locations and with famous peo…[View]
4250793/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread: Squirrel edition In the previous episode of /rpt/ >>4246270 [EXIF d…[View]
4255241This is my thread.: Get your own thread. [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Spec…[View]
4253524first lens for 7d: wat should babbys first lens be for my canon eos 7d, outside of my ef-s 18-55mm f…[View]
4247437— Photo Challenge 53 —: • Theme: Public Spaces • Deadline: From 29 October to 19 November Theme: • A…[View]
4240856What am I in for /p/?[View]
4249684/CPT/ - Car Photo Thread: Coming into spring out of winter my side of the world and probably coming …[View]
4253777I'll post my last roll of 35mm to kill a gearfag thread. Get mogged by my shitty viewfinder you…[View]
4254833Wtf is “medium format look”? It is just low depth of field at a wider angle? Surely you could get th…[View]
4254999How do I get over my fear of using a tripod in public[View]
4253989Best Filmmaking DSLR under $2k?: Hello sirs, I am making a documentary featuring low light forest sh…[View]
4246270/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread: Trying XPAN Again Edition Previous thread: >>4243017[View]
4251055It's over[View]
4254815Photo organization: What do you use for organizing your photo collection? Is it a bad idea to use bu…[View]
4245517Just felt like posting. I like shooting but I hate editing, which I know is half the process. Can…[View]
4254530>pixel peep photo on camera screen >it's in focus >load onto computer >focus is wro…[View]

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