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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 33 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3696318Cheap digishit: I'm looking for a cheap, small digital camera with a flash. Want to do flash ph…[View]
3696519>/p/ - Photography >90% of posts are debates about hardware debates about video >Photograph…[View]
3695691What is this filter called or how are these pics taken? Whats it called? Its like ultra hd and skewe…[View]
3696842Don't really know what I'm doing. Here are some my photos. Any feedback? Any decent guides…[View]
3687988comet thread: /p/ needs a comet thread post your comet[View]
3694957Posing women: Tips for posing girls (looking more feminine, look sexy, working with their hair or dr…[View]
3686502https://twitter.com/SonyAlpha/status/1283763679004184576 IT'S HAPPENING THIS KILLS THE CANON…[View]
3657741/digishit/: post your shitty ass digital photos from your shitty ass digital camera[View]
3695871Is there any benefit to CCD sensors over CMOS? Anyone here shoot with a CCD camera and what kind is …[View]
3690921Mirrorless; Compact?: For what purpose? https://camerasize.com/compact/#854.851,854.786,854.353.4,56…[View]
3695607Can any of you guys recommend a good camera for filming/streaming outdoors? Tripod would probably be…[View]
369156412MP 4K: Have Sony gone mad?[View]
3695664Garlic: Garlic [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment …[View]
3694212Some photos of ducks at a park in chicago [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Spe…[View]
3695636hey guys, just found this pic related camera in my old man’s home. I don’t know how to charge it. ca…[View]
3692327Unsurpassed: [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Camera Soft…[View]
3689383Nikon Z5: New entry level Nikon full frame camera: https://m.dpreview.com/news/6057317091/nikon-z5-i…[View]
3690208/fgt/ - Film General Thread: based slide film edition old thread: >>3684903 All analog/film ph…[View]
3694360How was this done?[View]
3695109Never been on /p/ before but a family member gave me this because they didn't use it. It's…[View]
3694454Apologise to the king now!: Canon overheating Sony doing 12mp/4k in 2020[View]
3693067Is it normal if I don't want to leave my house and don't see reason to leave my house with…[View]
3691615Hi! I wanted some help on making a decision. Im going on a 3 day trip with some of my friends in a c…[View]
3694208I DON'T FUCKING GET IT!!!!: I am a beginner and I don't understand how most of the photogr…[View]
3682634Talk Me Out of It: I'm making a small travel kit for all of next year. Needs to do everything, …[View]
3693809Canoobs on suicide watch: $4000 and 90 years of experience and heritage gets you a camera that just …[View]
3693261Canon EOS R For $1,172?: Is thew Canon EOS R worth $1,172 brand new? I was thinking of getting the R…[View]
3691258Could someone help me identify the photo used for reference for this drawing? It reminds me so much …[View]
3689793Hehe x100 go click [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipm…[View]
3693815'Just for fun' point and shoot / compact cameras? I've been looking for a decent p&s camera…[View]
3688109How to improve photo skills? I have an instagram and trying to post good pics of myself. But its a r…[View]
3686523https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/release/20200716-01 12,288 x 6,480 12K video recording, DAM S…[View]

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