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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3530209Photos people remember: Post or request photos from others you remember. No cheating, you must not b…[View]
3532660THIS was Peter McKinnon's bucket shot? Wtf? That looks like shit. I think the snow is also post…[View]
3529040Ladybugs: Ladybugs are beautiful.[View]
3532730Photographer Of The Dead: Indra Kumar Jha: >tfw a poor poo in loo working full time published doc…[View]
353119310 photos thread[View]
3532935Any PS actions you guys swear by? [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Pr…[View]
3530899Kodachrome: Is there any way to replicate it well through lightroom or photoshop ?? [EXIF data avail…[View]
3530659Italy Photo Highlights: The German guy's thread gave me an idea to start my own. I'll be g…[View]
3530482Rule of thirds: Am I the only one who thinks this meme technique needs to die? It’s okay in the righ…[View]
3531810Videotrainings: Will jemand Videotrainings tauschen? Hätte ein Hautretuschevideo zu bieten...[View]
3532063$10 point and shit: Bought a $10 ten year old point and shoot, because I wanted something small to c…[View]
3528810focus by wire: Why is it so shit? I had to throw away over a dozen shots because at some point the …[View]
3530055>I shoot jpg[View]
3527624should i sell my 60d?: hey yall, i was looking to sell my canon 60d cause i want to get into mirrorl…[View]
3530724Lady in red[View]
3529814Small beater camera?: Been thinking of getting a small cheap beater camera I can just carry in my ba…[View]
3530244What buy for 4.5k?: What camera equipment would you buy, if you had a budget of 4500$? Can include …[View]
3530401everyone in here has taken a pic of this thing, right? sure you have. of course you have. fuck you i…[View]
3530253>Go to anime conventions >take pictures of ugly girls >go home and liquify the shit out of …[View]
3531158>tfw ywn be a chadtog with patti gf why even live bros?[View]
3529113Since compression on instagram is complete horseshit I decided to simply host my photos by myself in…[View]
3531887Hipster tax: When will it end?[View]
3532207Is there a good reason Canon APS-Cs have a 1.6 crop factor instead of 1.5? Why even go Canon for cro…[View]
3528048If you've got DSLR problems I feel bad for you son I've got 1000 snapshits and a b/w aint…[View]
3532043Can anyone tell me the photographer of this image?[View]
3532210Anyone here watch this obnoxious Jew? He’s starting to grow on me. [EXIF data available. Click here …[View]
3531652Getting a new cam cam soon. It's between the D7500 and the newly announced 90D. Which one shoul…[View]
3532011This guy call your photography orientation gay, what do you do?[View]

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