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149567048This is the canon sequel to T2 according to James Cameron: only sequel to T2 with a story by cameron…[View]
149571402>antagonist is a real fucking psycho, pretty much killing anyone they meet and doing a bunch of d…[View]
149564044Would you wipe your memory so you could keep on fucking your daughter?[View]
149567540will we ever see something that does it justice?[View]
149569868Dog fucking shit Lynch's worst[View]
149572304>he hasn't seen the Zack Snyder dinosaur film[View]
149572284what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
149558491Movies with great cinematography[View]
149572225Watch Deadpool 2 Repeatedly: ...just to hear Dolly Parton's 9 to 5. Post kinos for this feel.…[View]
149572215the prophecies are true[View]
149571545I don't get it[View]
149571605the only legbeard i'd fuck[View]
149568604>It’s a Commander Data has to deal with people’s feelings episode[View]
149551305Zack Snyder's capekino: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse Ben Affleck's The Batman Justice League Pt …[View]
149572052What's his best non-English movie?[View]
149569711Did Endgame even need to be 'fixed' ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0uQF1FONAI[View]
149571679heard you fags like my turtle impression[View]
149571696/tv/ humor thread: Post your most HILARIOUS pics![View]
149569969How many films are four hours long?[View]
149569089>stop seeding as soon as torrent is down downloading[View]
149570857How much of it was luck and how much of it was skill?[View]
149566512This had no business being so good. How could it happen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuJDhFRDx9M…[View]
149562048IT'S OUT https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=krCh7WEyw6M[View]
149570033My Mister: Alright /tv/, what am I in for?[View]
149571767>Those are chicken bones you simp[View]
149570867ITT: Film shots that are truly special[View]
149569439They seriously think Asian actors can’t emote?[View]
149567997>Ani you've grown![View]
149571637>its a Monica and Chandler lose their house episode[View]
149569571Witcher Season 2 is going to be epic![View]
149571441we're supposed to sympathize and cheer on the gelfling but they're all so ugly[View]
149571590Just marathoned this, what did my new vagina think of it?[View]
149564580BATMAN looks like THAT[View]
149571498Royksopp planet: YOU ARE COOL..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51Bpx63wkbA&list=PL09F1BB8C533DC0…[View]
149568920He's back in Matrix 4 but not Morpheus[View]
149569473>mfw not pennys boat feels driveshaft man[View]
149562650fuck bros, he was so perfect as batman[View]
149571374What are some films about mistaken identity?[View]
149568471I am Ray Liotta and i don't smoke anymore. I use Chantix, i do.[View]
149571366>I don't want any moratoriums on torture. I wanna see more. More violence. More rape. What w…[View]
149571262Any movies that evoke the horrifying feeling of this historical image?[View]
149568910It's Up: It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmqQM37gefs&ab_channel=CrazySunshine…[View]
149570229>remember seeing a dvd in my mom's car as a kid >it had a camel and cool star wars sand d…[View]
149571080ITT: moments its ok for men to cry[View]
149569951What was the deal with all those shitty 3D kids shows in the 90s[View]
149571150>“Forrest, why'd this happen?“ “Well Bubba, Momma always said it all started back in 1744 wi…[View]
149538055/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Charts https://mega.nz/folder/F…[View]
149570798Sorry nerds but Game of Thrones did it first and way better.... You know which scene....[View]
149570785So now that the cum stains has settled Was it kino?[View]
149563700REMEMBER ME, EDDIE?[View]
149568337How would you respond in this situation?[View]
149570082Does a bad ending ruin an otherwise good series?[View]
149570992Instead of making it about Martha, it should have been about realizing why he became Batman in the f…[View]
149570928Keaton confirmed for trolling[View]
149568433Cartoon Network schedule 20 years ago this month[View]
149555044Comfy Chris Watts discussion thread[View]
149553640>be Homer Simpson >have a loving wife and three kids >live in trad multigenerational extend…[View]
149570865/ourgirl/ gone: >mindrape isn't rea- Oh really ? Take a look at this anon Patty Mulen is a w…[View]
149569924ITT: Absolute bros in television and film[View]
149567666Idris Elba - Not Black Enough: https://www.thewrap.com/idris-elbas-luther-was-not-black-enough-to-be…[View]
149570310whats your favorite power ranger era this is mine[View]
149570307For me, it's Cassie[View]
149570085What are some cat kino?[View]
149564520>studio wants to make money >spend billions producing and hyping cinematic universe >cheap …[View]
149569208should I watch Frasier? I didn't watch Cheers[View]
149568818>he hasn’t watched Hamilton, the most based (and easily accessible) musical ever, thanks to Disne…[View]
149569829What tv character would benefit from being on the business end of Szalinski’s experiment?[View]
149565008did i miss anything?: - angels are destroying earth - some kids can pilot giant meca/creature hybri…[View]
149568781People actually like this?[View]
149570417Bob Newhart is my favorite eat shit comedian. Kid faught the makers & delivered two quality show…[View]
149570389Pennywise and the pig head from Lord of the Flies are the same entity. Discuss[View]
149566044your mom goes to college[View]
149561111Post Cooking Shows[View]
149568582itt: murderous hollywood figures[View]
149569802Fire down below: All this year I never realized Earl was Sarah's brother and this is incest....…[View]
149570081The image that saved /tv/[View]
149569806You're not perfect[View]
149568523ITT good food movies I’ll start[View]
149569695I miss it bros[View]
149568390Was this line really necessary?[View]
149568561>directed by Sylvester Stallone kino[View]
149568609I don't remember this episode. Uh Drake and Josh bros??? https://youtu.be/rYo_-Jj2SX8[View]
149569660Gogol: Ooo my, they REALLY don't like the Alphabet companies.[View]
149569682>eat my ass the fuck?[View]
149569509Speed? More like, Sneed[View]
149567996Living here in Jersey Fighting villains from afar[View]
149569624SHHH. Baby Yeed is sleeping.[View]
149562205shut the fuck up and let me get to page 10 jannies[View]
149569512why haven't we seen her on the big screen yet?[View]
149567074The Poughkeepsie Tapes: Thoughts?[View]
149568041First good Pattinson movie that I watched Very Michel Mann-ish but with genuine pathos rather than e…[View]
149569302I need some good clown kino to watch.[View]
149569372Sorry slim: Check these dubs Janny bitches[View]
149566754What is Apple even trying to achieve with this thing? It is so underbaked they can't actually t…[View]
149562655why is he such a great character?[View]
149569237Rodrick Rules > Dog Days > Self titled there is no fourth movie[View]
149569115ITT: Remakes that are better than the original I'll start[View]
149564379Knives Out bad because.....Rose Tico bad![View]
149569122Snowfall: >reporter gets threatened by feds to stop investigating them >keeps investigating th…[View]
149565566Which Hollywood celebrity's death will hit you the hardest?[View]
149561147>ugh, did they really have to get all political? this is so pozzed[View]
149569153dr. pavel, i'm HOGE[View]
149568999I miss it bros....[View]
149567999Roseanne Barr's son reads James Gunn's tweets: https://youtu.be/aJeXS-i_ib4[View]
149568030why don't they just do god mode? or create a cheat that forces them to win?[View]
149568939>all right joe, now go fuck the girl in the ass[View]
149568863the eternal debate[View]
149568110Bros, I just got LYNCHED with twin peaks season 3, episode 8. What did you all think of it when you …[View]
149564022Ms. Marvel Leak: -Ms. Marvel is still an Inhuman. -None of the Inhuman Royals are in it, and, yes, …[View]
149565769Name please[View]
149568674is this the most kino soundtrack in history?[View]
149568708Thoughts on Prison Break? I think it's really entertaining.[View]
149567731So did they ever explain where it came from?[View]
149566773>I was fermented to be a bread, Kal. >Baked my entire life to master my flavor >Where were …[View]
149568570I both respect, and am disappointed there are no Cate nudes.[View]
149567054>group is called Viet Cong >character is literally LITERALLY named 'Le Cong' Who writes this s…[View]
149562942prove you are white with a movie suggestion[View]
149565534Robin Williams' last film, from 2014; this wouldn't be made today, would it?: It's am…[View]
149568414Did you know you're supposed to take six shits a day?[View]
149567643Jarritos por favor[View]
149568392Compassion: You pirates that movie? How about you give me some change. Movies about compassion.…[View]
149567619any frens watch Perry Mason?: need a show to get lost in for a year or so.[View]
149568333Now that the dust has settled, was he right? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cEfEJiRGCys[View]
149564875/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149566831Why did she refuse to come back to Last Man Standing? Now she's doing bit parts on unknown show…[View]
149567685KINO OR CRINGE?[View]
149554851Fast 9: >the familia is going to space[View]
149566506Now that the dust has settled, is /tv/ ready to discuss this movie?[View]
149566115shit in movies that drives you fuckin bananas: I fucking hate smug dinner get togethers with 30 or 4…[View]
149568127What are some good French movies?[View]
149566349>We- >He's already on set, sir.[View]
149567740>Which way did he go?? >Uhhhh, down the hall and to the left…[View]
149567899w-what has Gandalf seen?[View]
149566153With Space Jam 2 coming out soon. What went wrong with this?[View]
149564961I want to direct a kino about an underemployed millennial guy that works at a grocery store and stil…[View]
149566488[sloppy diarrhoea noises][View]
149564063I just got done watching the Caesar trilogy. Are the original Planet of the Apes films worth watchin…[View]
149563500‘Warrior’ Renewed for Season 3, Moves to HBO Max: Kino is back on the menu boys https://variety.com/…[View]
149567873Buffalo ‘66 was great.[View]
149567779any characters you autistically emulate, even down to their limp?[View]
149567656Films about traitors?[View]
149567772Your sitting at home watching TV watching your life go away. Just make the call. Its not that hard. …[View]
149566790Damn it, this always happens. I think I'm gonna score, and then I never score. It's not fa…[View]
149567743Any kinos about ghosts?[View]
149565212Sopranos: what was her fucking problem?[View]
149562337No Way Home: There's a lot of stuff out there, but among the leaks lies a lot of bullshit. I…[View]
149567078What dat ass: This girl in the middle pic related, her ass is outta sight. I can’t find her credits …[View]
149562817Are we finally ready to accept this was the best sci-fi movie of the last decade? Unpaired visuals, …[View]
149560308how tf did a movie about a nigga who talk to fish made a billion dollars? seriously tho how did they…[View]
149566444Why do movies still think it's ok to make fun of bipolar disorder?[View]
149566896Jackass thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C1Pr4AU2wc >I have bursitis…[View]
149566962Why didn't he honor the deal he made with Tony?[View]
149567468Cawd, was supposed to meet Kayla today, just becaus she was noice guurl, was my birthday today but w…[View]
149566720Why would they make such a ruthless villain only to give him a haircut like a kid from the shortbus?[View]
149563022Post actors that are proven great fathers. I'll start: Tom Hanks[View]
149566413Naked Attraction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5Dz34O0xlY What the fuck is wrong with the britis…[View]
149567335Mike Stoklasa will die in your lifetime, probably due to some condition related to obesity or alcoho…[View]
149567252>the j is like an h ricky...[View]
149567281Just watched this for the first time. Pretty damn fun even though is kinda shitty[View]
149565750Just watched Superand thought it was pretty good. Why doesn't it get more love?[View]
149567188Sir Benny Hill >>>>>> Monty Python[View]
149566001Literally one of the most underrated comedies of all time.[View]
149566479Your father never had the makings of a varsity athlete.[View]
149558853This is PROBLEMATIC[View]
149566515Birdy num num[View]
149557264Why is it so much better than the sequels?[View]
149559933Chris Evans returning for TFATWS finale: Yeah I'm thinking kino, what do you guys think?[View]
149566254>25 years ago today Never forget![View]
149566964What a stupid bitch[View]
149562883You get to pick any one gameshow from any era to appear as a contestant on during it's prime. W…[View]
149566699why didn't the winchesters keep a hula hoop full of salt in their trunk?[View]
149565256What is the official /tv/ consensus on Scooby Doo (2002(two-thousand and two))[View]
149560852what do you think of dr strangelove?[View]
149566381What happened to coke enthusiast and John Cusack friend Jermey Piven?[View]
149566368>no punished Hawkeye movie/series Why isn't Disney giving us what we want?…[View]
149566694Have you ever fallen in lobe with an actor?[View]
149566767Is it kino?[View]
149565184Based Motherfucker Loco Mike[View]
149566752Get a Kodak of this.[View]
149565001Was Brad Douriff a kino decision to voice Chucky?[View]
149556250Dumbledore is a dick: By the rules of the elder wand, did Dumbledore know he was essentially condemn…[View]
149565375NO CAN DO[View]
149566626>Macedon is in Ereland BRAVO STONE[View]
149566676kinos for this feel?[View]
149565266Why does he only show up for capeshit and basedwars reviews?[View]
149565459Films you watched ironically and unironically enjoyed[View]
149566586NEXT YEAR[View]
149562961OH N-[View]
149561256Queen's Gambit: Is it good? Does protag do race-mixing?[View]
149565614>military movie set in the future >women are a regular part of combat troops Can't suspen…[View]
149564789>I gave you all I had, Dutch.[View]
149565752Post kino shots[View]
149566505>horror comedy[View]
149565790>NOOOOOOOOO NOT MY HECKIN DOGGERINO What was his deal?[View]
149566386Cobra Kai: Just marathoned pic related, it was pretty good, season 2 finale was the best scene. Seas…[View]
149564505Why did Sally Jessy Raphael lose the afternoon talk show war to Oprah? They actually had similar rat…[View]
149564965I am Ray Liotta and i don't smoke anymore. I use Chantix, i do.[View]
149566186Based or cringe? https://youtu.be/z0ne8FGNP_Y[View]
149565052This is the coolest movie ever[View]
149565277What did they do to her??[View]
149564409Finished it today Why does /tv/ never talk about it? It’s kino[View]
149565100Blues Brothers: >The Jew is using The Black as muscle against you. And you are left there helples…[View]
149564970Who /gaan/ here?[View]
149564374Remember when /tv/ became obsessed with this cringefest and called it kino? You are all a bunch of t…[View]
149566214>Homogeneous community bad![View]
149560682Mummyfu in new sci-fi movie: >“Settlers” is set a remote homestead on the Martian frontier, where…[View]
149563639Sex dolls in movies?[View]
149565825>Ken Adams![View]
149566058Why aren't there any movies or televisions set in the roaring 20s? Especially now that's i…[View]
149563166Why did they have mullets?[View]
149565994In retrospect there were a lot of Reddit lines on this show. Kind of cringe.[View]
149565806Been thinking about that X-Files episode that was filmed like an episode of Cops.[View]
149565978ITT: kinos where the good guys win[View]
149561432does she have what it takes to win an oscar[View]
149558260What would you have done?: Ironic and actual answers welcome[View]
149562939ITT we post times we acted like cruella[View]
149565900>give character cool looking helmet >he doesn’t wear it for 90% of the movie…[View]
149565873>giant army invades earth >the team fighting it is not enough and is losing the battle >sun…[View]
149565768>LOIS: OH MY GOD >Brian: Deoxys is-is dead! >Peter: Holy crap! This is more shocking than t…[View]
149562298https://deadline.com/2021/04/peter-atencio-the-machine-bert-kreischer-1234734321/ >“Described as …[View]
149565322Who else thinks California Dreams was really comfy?[View]
149561235Jesus Christ, is he starving to death!?[View]
149565682When is she going to appear in another Hollywood movie?[View]
149565514>fuck you >... >twerp!…[View]
149565670Kinos about losing all hope in poltical systems and wanting america to become a giant crater?[View]
149564898Plz reccommend more movies about jewish women backstabbing eachother. It gets me off[View]
149563686In terms of critical acclaim, this is the best film about sniffing women.[View]
149565648HELP US![View]
149563009Characters you wish you could have saved[View]
149558391The 'orange man bad' era will be remembered as a low point for television/film. We probably won…[View]
149564056Has this motherfucker seen every movie ever made?[View]
149563049the most extreme, who remembers it: SQUEEZING IN TO NUMMBEEEERRR FOURRRR[View]
149562155How did this end up?[View]
149565378>mr sunshine on his god damn shoulders george harrison can you believe that shit…[View]
149563995you know... stewoids[View]
149565068Why are his best friends in Hollywood a Jew, a nigger and a dyke?[View]
149563559Why though?[View]
149563811Whether or not Michael actually was a child molester, this documentary is still obviously absolute g…[View]
149560721>gets freshly cast as Scorpion at fucking 60 How does he do it?[View]
149546640FAST AND FURIOUS TO HAVE ALIENS: Holy fuck they are going full retard with these movies. >Accordi…[View]
149564964Remember ALIEN is back in live action series on Earth: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bk_x9W1xKng this …[View]
149564804>this movie does not have a great script why did people listen to this asshole?…[View]
149565063Kinos about modernity?[View]
149564406Hello Dere![View]
149564886What did he mean by this?[View]
149564841I did not enjoy it. I liked Robocop and Basic Instinct, haven't watched Starship Troopers and S…[View]
149555768The great debate[View]
149562895What is your favorite mobie?[View]
149563745He joined the mission just to cuck them: What's the difference between him and a jannie?[View]
149561161Is this good?[View]
149551387>Hey, Vasquez! You ever been mistaken for a man? >No, have you?…[View]
149555017I tried Pluto TV & Tubi: What the fuck is this Jewish nigger shit you called as 'services' I kee…[View]
149563866What did you think of this movie?[View]
149560461>170 days til Dunc[View]
149564643What's the gayest movie you've seen? Me? Jupiter Ascending.[View]
149564710Time for the D+D cut baby!!: Who's hyped!![View]
149563511Is Satan's Little Helper peak Katheryn kino?[View]
149563992familiabros.... is he as strong as he looks?[View]
149563868Why are film stars moving to TV?[View]
149564033verne troyer: I just found his youtube channel, he seemed like a cool dude. so sad that he offed him…[View]
149563693He did nothing wrong[View]
149561735>movie review is longer than the movie[View]
149561261>the ultimate goal is a search for home Is he right?[View]
149563419Wait didn't Hammond say they clocked the T-rex at 32mph? How the FUCK is it outrunning a Jeep i…[View]
149561224Last Jedi was shit but Kelly was pure, fuck you niggers for harsssing her[View]
149563145>what's that plank?[View]
149561521>cheney bad[View]
149563078ABC Passed on Pilots for Not Being Inclusive Enough: >Last fall, ABC unveiled a set of inclusion …[View]
149564178while I do like Better Call Saul, the pacing is similar to as if Walt had stuck to cooking in the RV…[View]
149564356What a nice looking gentleman. You think he has healthy skin?[View]
149564281>it’s a bleak falls barrow episode[View]
149563667Why is he such a little bitch?[View]
149563726The undisputed Kings of /tv/[View]
149563924Men are still good. Man of Steel is still kino.[View]
149564097fuck you[View]
149561247phew that was a close one, too bad about my wife and kids lol[View]
149564064Worst movie ever. Post it.[View]
149563967>2021 >still no moz biokino what gives[View]
149563891Name a more useless, boring character.[View]
149563944Hot boy, White Boy Summer Got your favorite Instagram bitch dm'in her number Hit the strip club…[View]
149560886Bela Lugosi's Dead[View]
149555874You do seed, right anon?[View]
149562798This dude slaps your comedy film's ass and accuses you of sexual harassment wwyd?[View]
149563577can you do this[View]
149563477Foe me is The Sneedsons[View]
149563767>Waiting for the sun to go down so I can watch a movie Summer is the worst…[View]
149562868>it’s called The Sound Of Metal >he’s in a noise rock band…[View]
149562496ᴳᵒᵒᵈ ᵗᵒ ˢᵉᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᶦʳ. ʷʰᵃᵗ ʷᶦˡˡ ᶦᵗ ᵇᵉ ᵗᵒᵈᵃʸˀ[View]
149562154I want prime Uma to sit on my face so that her butthole rests on my tongue[View]
149559314>so you and your buddy are having a good rape the other day[View]
149563299Post Actors who Are named Tom hanks: I'll go first[View]
149563601Why did he eat people after he killed them?[View]
149563616ITT: Movies that are pure entertainment[View]
149563603Thinking of re-watching this. How does it hold up? I follow Sam on Instagram and I still laugh at th…[View]
149562402WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS?[View]
149562221Remember that time The Beach Boys were on Full House?[View]
149563035is this guy supposed to be a badass?[View]
149560955i haff confessions to maek I don't like national treasure[View]
149561520I hope you weren't thinking that just because the show stars Idris Elba, that it's black e…[View]
149560144Indians get really angry in the comments if anyone suggests that this film Teddy (2021) copied Ted. …[View]
149560497After Charlie's Angels bombing, what's next for Ella Balinska?[View]
149561342>If you call it wrong, I will kill you. If you call it right, I will let you live. This part was …[View]
149563356Wheels on Meals: Thoughts on this kino?[View]
149562344Why was this so hated? I thought it was fun.[View]
149560630>sequel explains a plot hole[View]
149561519If the Tall man gets to page 10, he will conquer the entire multiverse! Can anyone stop this madlad …[View]
149561796The Apprentice: >Favorite moments from the hit show 'The Apprentice' For me, it's …[View]
149563268I am proud of my frens[View]
149562527You're watching Primetime on Cartoon Network.[View]
149562652>there are no movies about a man achieving his dreams with NO women involved…[View]
149563222>My favourite film is The Straight Story by David Lynch. A wholesome story about family, faith an…[View]
149561858>film is over 90 minutes long Do people's attention spans actually last this long?…[View]
149558791>tfw you'll never go to mcdonalds in 90's hong kong[View]
149563057Bad Trip: It was hecking hilarious unironically. What did you think?[View]
149557712You Ever Lie About Liking A Movie Just To Fit In?: I do this all the time. I know its a buzzkill, bu…[View]
149560728How much did it cost to get Eric Roberts for the video?[View]
149555556Jon and Arin Win.[View]
149561458Dads of /tv/, what kinos do your kids watch? Too much gay progressive shit on tv these days. Daniel …[View]
149562957What are some kinos where a much stronger and superior creature wipes out a number of weak, inferior…[View]
149557104>character quotes the bible[View]
149562408Films where the antagonist gets what he wants but realizes it wasn’t with it.[View]
149561862https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEE4RO-_jug >you always say never turn your back on family, but y…[View]
149562808>the darks side of the force is strong with you. A powerful sigh you will become. Henceforth, you…[View]
149561140what are your prime directives?[View]
149562783Don't laugh at that...[View]
149560439So, the dude cut the evil guy's fingers and the war was over? I call bull.[View]
149546847Upcoming Witcher season most likely last: I have it on good authority that the upcoming season will …[View]
149560422Martial Art kino: Was anyone else around when martial art movies blew up? Will we ever get to that s…[View]
149550725Watching through TNG for the first time: Just finished S04E21 'The Drumhead'. I can't believe i…[View]
149559024Is her career done now that her dad got blacklisted? She looks so much like him.[View]
149557208Hallmark Channel: Why haven't you taken this pill /tv/? >wholesome rated G >non-degenerac…[View]
149562139ITT: top kino women will literally NEVER understand: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
149561722what went wrong with the sequels?[View]
149560316Zombies on the verge of developing a hierarchical society? That's a pass for me. It's not …[View]
149559106/druk/: Who druk here?[View]
149560212Best movies without women: list 'em also are women kino repellent? i'm thinking yes[View]
149562368Any movies about the more efficient / compact female brain?[View]
149560585Any good movies where worlds collide?[View]
149562037why was Frank Zappa in Mad Max?[View]
149560797Movies that were critically panned but you actually liked[View]
149562073Tater killed me.[View]
149560718chicom approved films[View]
149561954More movies with bratty jew bitches being catty and sabotaging each-other. I love how they do that. …[View]
149561075when the seas and mountains falls and we come to end of days In the dark I hear a call calling me th…[View]
149561878>Fuck it What did he mean by this?[View]
149561721What are some kinos about losing weight and getting fit?[View]
149561207Wtf was its problem?[View]
149560719What the fuck was his problem[View]
149558254Moments in television and film that made you cry[View]
149561413>can I host Jeopardy? >I think I'd be a good host for Jeopardy >btw I'm available…[View]
149559291This movie fucking sucked[View]
149559654What is the best tv show of the last 10 years?[View]
149552828BREAKING: IDRIS ELBA ISN'T BLACK: Bros... is the Elba James bond and JFK biopic off th cards?…[View]
149553916/who/ - Doctor Who general: ஜோடி ஒரு மங்கலான புகைப்பிடிப்பார் edition[View]
149539990/trek/: Royal edition Previous:>>149531558[View]
149560460all hail your permanent host[View]
149561411Time's up.[View]
149561427post the last TV show that you still watch: downloading episodes from torrents count[View]
149559129Why didn't he just stop fapping?[View]
149561265Any good Ornithology kinos?[View]
149561290What did they mean by this? #pizzagate[View]
149558867he was right about everything[View]
149553406Post pic get rec[View]
149561190*saves the zombie genre your path*[View]
149561159What are some films about school?[View]
149559218What did you think of Judas and the Black Messiah? Hampton was pretty based. Fuckin alphabet boys ki…[View]
149561098Worst attempts at making an actor look younger or older.[View]
149559870I have a theory.... Cape shit is fucking gay as fuck.[View]
149558843>tense psycho-sexual horror movie >ends with the magic box turning into a laser so the finale …[View]
149559695any decent recentish sci-fi?[View]
149559960I wish there was a twitch for movies. Why is it fair that vidya can be streamed with commentary but …[View]
149560877Was he one of the victims? All the info Checks Out[View]
149560795Can sergi constance become our generations Arnold Schwarzenegger ?[View]
149560510You guys told me to watch this show and it is steaming hot garbage. >muh first two seasons no it …[View]
149559753Why do modern Star Wars fans never reference the prequels in their real world issue shit despite the…[View]
149558540Just a reminder that the monkey that played Dunston Checks In died alone in 2010.[View]
149560736Aight shun which of you white mf's ready for whiteboi summer, none of that Trump shit here.[View]
149560705>OHHHH GIRRRRL[View]
149559813Why do incels love this movie?: We need to end incels and inceldom. This movie was gay and cringe-pi…[View]
149560397Ichi the Killer: he did nothing wrong[View]
149559913What kind of maniac watches winter movies in summertime?[View]
149558936Why does Australia produce such a superior quality of women?[View]
149544369My little brother has the worst collection of “perfect ratings” I’ve ever seen. The most typical cro…[View]
149560577It's a Truman remembers cringe moments of his life then calls himself useless and cries himself…[View]
149557492What's next for her television career?[View]
149559934explain to me why was it allowed to kill the best character in such a xenophobic way again[View]
149560504who would win ?[View]
149560562Kinos for this feel?''[View]
149547778Has their been any word if I Am Jazz is going to be renewed or cancelled?[View]
149557877How did they trust him so much?: Peter Jackson basically was just an amateur film maker before his b…[View]
149558429Sorry chuds but she’s German[View]
149553037Let's see Paul Allen's transition[View]
149559399>Bale was briefly dropped from the project in favour of Leonardo DiCaprio, but DiCaprio eventuall…[View]
149560234>Tony Stark will return as an AI >Also some kind of Alternate Steve Rogers named Civil Warrior…[View]
149560394>The train in Spider-Man 2 didn't have emergency brakes. Two sins. >*ding*…[View]
149559778>25 years old >still looks good How the fuck did they do this?…[View]
149559721>You know who lives there?[View]
149559535There would be no eulogies for Bob, no photographs of his body would be sold in sundries stores, no …[View]
149560320>Character brakes the fourth wall & stairs at you[View]
149560208What did roger ebert think about the sopranos?[View]
149556596This is what did it. This is what led to him porking his maid.[View]
149557206Well hello, beautiful![View]
149560254>What do we call this town built on top of a lake? >how about....lake-town? wew.…[View]
149557647Is Hidooki Ano Jewish or just retarded?: In Shin Godzilla both the Swastika and the Star of David ca…[View]
149554922>become Captain America >adored worldwide >get bullied by Wakdandans because no super stren…[View]
149558959would have been better if we didnt know hes a tv show, and its a twist at the end. no one would see …[View]
149555555Bane sinson: Bane sinson[View]
149554514Please recommend films with decidedly anti-communist messaging: Much appreciated.[View]
149559921If the US can put out its own original animation of this quality, anime will be over. Absolute Kino.…[View]
149557710Well, THAT was unexpected. What do we think about this?[View]
149560040Be silent. Be still.: Be silent. Be still.[View]
149557479Was CollegeHumor ever good or is just my late 2000s/early 2010s nostalgia talking?[View]
149559467Watching it first time again since four years.: its 10x worse than i remember, this really is the wo…[View]
149553881>My favorite movie of all time is Kung Fu Hustle What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
149559709Did you like Westworld?[View]
149559616Has there ever been a more over-rated show? Women and critics act like this is some god-tier sitcom …[View]
149559854>the movie's plot makes no sense Why is does this allways happen?[View]
149559238With queen, elton john all getting biopics when are we getting a film on this guy?: >Bruce Wayne …[View]
149559558I think I've seen every single good/decent tv show. Now what?[View]
149548309FAST AND FURIOUS 10 AND 11: Johnny Tran will return as the main antagonist for 10 and 11. He will be…[View]
149559061Can you handle four pounds?[View]
149558036Burn notice? More like Kino Notice[View]
149559541Am I kinopilled or cringepilled?[View]
149556887/tv/ what's this little guy called again?[View]
149558689WHY DID YOU REDEEM??[View]
149557656I will not be banned, trolled, spammed, saged or shitposted. My post is my own.[View]
149555229Hollywood is done: > Walden cited an example of receiving a script centered on a white family wit…[View]
149559525Is there one in existence? I think not[View]
149554357Oh just one more thing: Finished watching the first couple seasons, legit 70's kino. should I k…[View]
149542974>call themselves Flag Smashers >get smashed to death by an american flag BRAVO MARVEL…[View]
149559356Why do they refuse to release DUNC despite seeing how well Godzilla vs Kong did[View]
149558412Brie Larson set to star in Die Hard reboot >writing began in Spring 2020 >bruce willis to play…[View]
149558710Here's the cure for your depression and anxiety, kid.[View]
149558871Anyone else just (re)watched pic related since Redlettermedia's review?[View]
149559221THREE 'villains' in the MCU that did nothing wrong.[View]
149551825>*makes /tv/ seethe*[View]
149559367>You guys think this funny, I'm a Jannie now, I GOT TO ANSWER, fifty permabans a month, kick…[View]
149550304Velerian: Now that the dust has finally settled, can we at last acknowledge it was kino?[View]
149558276WHERE. IS. JESSICA. HYDE?[View]
149557428>don't marry WASPs >Non-Meds have no souls >corporatism destroys everything in its pat…[View]
149545259>Uncle, have sex.[View]
149558431Was it kino?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=H0vY7PcOBOs[View]
149550820Movie is coming in december, still no teaser, no official title[View]
149555249This movie convinced me that boomers and suburbanites are incapable of basic human empathy. The mov…[View]
149553388What was their best competition?[View]
149558526Do women fall in love for fiction characters in movies like we do?[View]
149553465Is this what teenagers in the 80s really looked like?[View]
149555396Recommend me movies about ordinary teen dating and teen love: I am soon going on a first date with a…[View]
149558956>Villain plays chess and uses basic chess analogies constantly[View]
149558875it's pretty fucked up that not only did they burglarize peoples homes, but they completely dest…[View]
149558898were the first order formidable villains?[View]
149552077Fuck Jackson 4: I stand with Bam. Who do you stand with?[View]
149558844Can someone explain to me why several police officers shook the hand of a vicious murderer?[View]
149558777Who is the Gojira of film?[View]
149558865>I didn't like The Sopranos. Always thought it was overly complicated, soap-opera bullshit.…[View]
149556296he did nothing wrong[View]
149548000Come up with the least stupid way of bringing him back in the next Avengers: >flashbacks of event…[View]
149555514These are probably the highest acclaimed films I despise, I can see some quality in a few of them bu…[View]
149558725>>making policy based on scientific fact is fascism, b-because it is! >>F-facts don’t ca…[View]
149558217How fucking hard is it America?[View]
149553094Why did older WW2 movies often show the german point of view too while modern war movies don't?[View]
149558590>Has a qtie with him in each adventure >Doesnt even fuck them Why ?…[View]
149557666When is Avengers 5 coming out? Phase 4 and 5 don't have an Avengers film.[View]
149556451Drive 2 Ryan 'Drive' Gosling is going to space[View]
149557822What’s your first impression of him, /tv/?[View]
149540889This bitch is so obnoxiously annoying.. how do people watch this shit?[View]
149556376This bitch is so obnoxiously annoying.. how do people watch this shit?[View]
149558525More movies should feature the deep sea as a setting. Shit's wild, I mean, just look at this du…[View]
149558297Right now you're feeling helpless[View]
149555969Man WB are salty as fuck[View]
149558430Warcraft: Uhhh.......Warcraft chadbros ? What did they mean by this ? https://youtu.be/ZcL2Qr6QXgs…[View]
149555729Becky Lynch is the best[View]
149548906What are essentially the best shows ever?: We all heard praises towards Breaking Bad and Game Of Thr…[View]
149558390why was she not able to capitalize on the star power of Amelie. she never had a role ever since.[View]
149558123Apologise: Apologise[View]
149558334I want agua...... whenever I go to the desert.....until I die[View]
149553159So are there any /tv/-approved sitcoms? Seems like every major one is considered reddit, pozzed or a…[View]
149558283Woody Allen thread[View]
149557764You here about any good cartoon shows to watch[View]
149557910>'have you heard the tale of icarus? he flew too close to the sun and his wax wings melted and he…[View]
149549460Did i fall for the meme? These movies are atrocious.[View]
149555280post pleb filters[View]
149558133>pillow flies across the room >this made millennials fill their pants with piss and shit and s…[View]
149556278Kdramas: what are some of the best ones?[View]
149557376bruh, nobody fucks with a lion[View]
149556034Duncanbros... we won![View]
149556866It's my aunt's birthday soon, and I was hoping to buy her a movie as a present. Could som…[View]
149556457screw yew[View]
149558066/THE/ Theater general: There is no bored for Theater so this the closet bored place to discuss theat…[View]
149555160This was like a bizarre fever dream. It wasn't scary but it was intriguing for all the wrong re…[View]
149550550I just watched all 3 seasons. Did I like it?[View]
149556641I’m watching my frens ![View]
149557925>gets saved by his father from the bad guy shooting lighting at him >years later shoots lighti…[View]
149557730>if we kill him we're no better than he is Why is this such a common thing in movies? If you…[View]
149552766Why, Zack? Why? Zombie birds is cool as fuck.[View]
149557804in this ITT: background characters that look like the main character[View]
149554698Based or cringe?[View]
149556725Indicators one is about to peruse kino.[View]
149552368How many Oscars will it win?[View]
149540862What did we think of 'Friends'?[View]
149557760What movies can a person watch from shady/reference-based torrent websites? What movie should I show…[View]
149545888Post your favorite screencaps of characters paused in awkward positions/faces.[View]
149557394Why did the studio again interfere with Zack 'Kino Maker' Snyder's original vision and casting?…[View]
149556237Does this arrangement irk you?[View]
149557418>this guy shoves a bat up your ass and turns you into a popsicle wat do?…[View]
149557635After a long school day in grade school it's time to unwind, what so comfy tv till bedtime. Wha…[View]
149557456WHY you smug cunt? Just tell me why!? Brick was good. Looper was a lot of fun. Had a sweet time watc…[View]
149557183'OK in this scene, you haven't seen your brother in a while and he's finally home. Aaannnn…[View]
149556139>Shouldn't we have a league of our own? HE CAME. HE SAW. HE KINO'D!!!!! JOSS WHEDON, I …[View]
149557006Best streaming service coming through.[View]
149556882>Got HBO Max for the Crunchyroll shit >Since the launch of the service (10 months ago) to now,…[View]
149556798why did pic related make chudcels seethe so hard?[View]
149550206What’s your first impression of her, /tv/?[View]
149552763MPAA: Why are Americans like that?[View]
149557163when you have to watch a youtube video explaining what you just watched[View]
149556726Why does /tv/ hate Mad Men and call it a soap opera?[View]
149554178Designated Survivor Netflix Season: Imagine if the corona virus/covid 19 only attacked people with m…[View]
149557342Signs you are watching kino of the highest quality: >were not so different you and I…[View]
149554895Three Kingdoms (2010): Just finished pic related last night. I really loved it, overall. Anything si…[View]
149557024>be me 12 >really like Regular Show >grandma recently dies >on evening of thanksgiving …[View]
149556734I actually think this is pretty good, am I a fag?[View]
149555013Roger's voice sounds really more like Mike Henry than Seth MacFarlane That's honestly how…[View]
149557160CHECK EM[View]
149556367IM GONNA KILL YOU ALL[View]
149556588ITT:Worst movie posters: What were they thinking?[View]
149556945Which one was the most bittersweet[View]
149556940I don't enjoy movies[View]
149556826It was Agatha allll along!: Do do dooo, do do do do do.[View]
149556658Meanwhile on medieval /tv/ https://youtu.be/MOW20IrnlIk[View]
149554707Literally satanic. This “film” profoundly disgusted me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2FynBs_lI4g…[View]
149554550TCM funding September hunt for lost ‘Ambersons’ in Brazil: ORSONKINO INCOMING BOYS https://www.welle…[View]
149547753I have bought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new empire.[View]
149555477>mr. ziegler? >... >michael? is that you? great line https://youtu.be/hhuyLmXQE1E?t=121…[View]
149556293whats your fav iran movie?[View]
149555012kino about things not adding up? does /tv/ have a problem at the moment (1 meta thread is allowed)[View]
149541169Say what you want about capeshit but this scene was fucking kino[View]
149556393morning mr freeman[View]
149553024Is he badass or cringe? I can't decide[View]
149556397>Let's go explode some d-d-d-d-ducks! So this was the peak of Gen-X 'humour'?…[View]
149554064DUNE: Changes the upcoming Denis Villeneuve film made from the book. All of this is taken from the l…[View]
149554381recommend me a sitcom: i am looking for a family sitcom featuring white anglo saxon protestants set …[View]
149556298*ding* banananananana dananananana na na na na nananana na na na *guitar tabs*[View]
149553745Will they fuck in season two?: I just hope Nate and Jules finally have passionate sex.[View]
149555999What was his goddamn problem?[View]
149551831What is the most “90s” movie in your opinion?[View]
149555094Ok, I just watched Baby Driver and it was heckin' kino. Why do you incels hate it?[View]
149555576Why did she do it?[View]
149556000What was his endgame?[View]
149554757Whesome actor ITT[View]
149556033I always fantasize about putting english subtitles on german movies while watching them and how I wo…[View]
149555903>threads up for half an hour >okay now it’s time to delete it Why tho?…[View]
149555928>zombie movie/tv series >halfway through it switches over to the villains being humans and the…[View]
149555804>it's a Lilith episode[View]
149549805Is this proof Seinfeld takes place in purgatory?[View]
149554224Will there ever be a biopic?[View]
149555748What are some kinos that explore this topic?[View]
149550854/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149552638>Ron Howard Spills Details About Potential Willow Sequel Series anyone else hype for some Warwick…[View]
149555665Why do I gotta be Mr. Pink?[View]
149555498Who would win in a fight? No rules but no weapons. Standard street fight location like outside a ba…[View]
149551338WOW that was bad[View]
149555641It's hard to feel immersed and scared when I find the demon so hot[View]
149554233I do not believe there is one. The woke agenda was nauseating[View]
149555386>Everyone has already forgotten about Black Mirror >People are still talking about the origina…[View]
149555520weird timeline: Home Alone impregnated the asian bitch from the Suite life of Zack and Cody[View]
149555430>someone's parents are out of town for the weekend and the entire school goes to his house d…[View]
149555272I really like this side of capeshit. If we must with the capeshit, make it more like this.[View]
149555484Them: it’s yt ppls fault that African Americans have have to resort to drugs[View]
149550971Cast her[View]
149555283Walton Goggins look like THAT?[View]
1495548183/5 perfectly fine[View]
149550852Is this show funny?: And if it is, when does it stop being funny?[View]
149555432Modern Advertisements: What's the point of modern adverts? What are they trying to sell me with…[View]
149554893>MMMM'boy Anon, are you fat! WDYD?[View]
149554798what the fuck was his problem[View]
149553376Tell me why this sucks[View]
149553632Madoff Biopic?: Greatest scammer of all time has just passed away. I want a biopic. Do you? Good ni…[View]
149554424Shows that only you've watched.[View]
149555213What's your favorite film and actress within this cinematic universe?[View]
149554782Luke Skywalker married Mara Jade and lived happily ever after.[View]
149553639this one fucked me up real good, any other jap kino with this feel?[View]
149555039here is your Philipa Eilhart bro, straight from the circle of magizzle enjoy the bbc pierogi[View]
149551267here's your shitty upscaled SG-1 blurays with a retarded 8 chevron Stargate and Jonas fucking Q…[View]
149551626>TV shows that were secretly elaborate mind-control psyops[View]
149554580One of us! One of us!: https://tv.avclub.com/the-bachelors-colton-underwood-comes-out-as-gay-1846680…[View]
149552987Films without actors?: Recommend me some TV or movie that don't have actors pretending to do th…[View]
149554949Who will they cast in the inevitable adaptation?[View]
149554974Post your favorite movie theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9Doo9ajCyQ[View]
149553931Primal: Where can I find the subtitles?[View]
149553474Why didn't we get any Galaxy Quest sequels? It's like the perfect movie. Hits all the emot…[View]
149551186can we all at least agree on one thing[View]
149551414Does /tv/ like Silver Hawks?[View]
149554868>watching kino >the old guy gets the c[View]
149551331ITT Failed hollywood breakout stars[View]
149550586You guys do know: that I have a patreon right..?[View]
149548530>giant armies fighting for the fate of mankind >no tactics, just charge them with horses lol …[View]
149551468Fast and furious: Is there a point where they say >This is too stupid, we won't do it Is the…[View]
149549752Can Wakanda ever become a real place in generations to come?[View]
149554676>comedic cool character gets grabbed by henchman >'Hey, hands off the merchandise!'…[View]
149554053Is this really how tokyo is?: Do they drift in tokyo?[View]
149554605>faces first real opponent >gets gassed, set on fire and has to ask daddy to pick him up Why w…[View]
149530163/goji/ - Godzilla & Kaiju General: Welcome to the Godzilla & Kaiju General Previous Thread: …[View]
149551527this made boomers piss and shit themselves[View]
149550527What went wrong?[View]
149553380I WANT A WOMAN![View]
149552242Name an actor who compensates more than this one[View]
149553136We literally can't stop winning, Netflix bros[View]
149553112>ywn have a bro like Lieutenant Dan[View]
149554241see? its not a copy at all[View]
149553184What's your favorite Dane Cook-kino? For me, it's Good Luck Chuck.[View]
149554225ITT: Kino /tv/ soundtracks[View]
149552665>Joaquin looks like he's ready to kiss Adam >hand on Adam's neck >Adam looks read…[View]
149554088Thoughts on Tarantino?[View]
149553274in one scenario a fist full of galleons is enough for an entire cart of confectionary, yet later whe…[View]
149554070The Lockdown has been going on for over a year: Have you been watching in the mean time? I just blew…[View]
149553886Reddit as fuck even before reddit was a thing[View]
14955281750 lives from Slytherin.[View]
149552145piece of shit[View]
149553968When did it go to shit?[View]
149520267What a cunt.[View]
149553568any movies about perfect women?[View]
149549665What are the best party movies?[View]
149553831Noymal woyds, but a hoyse guy![View]
149548556Laserdisc is the ultimate home kino format.: This can’t be disputed. And it’s true for so many reaso…[View]
149553735what do you think of Tom Cruise?[View]
149553553You guys ready for new Joe Bob kino this Friday?[View]
149553576>https://youtu.be/15TEWhLt5Bg Looks like kino is back on the menu folks…[View]
149552275This is the best Batman movie ever made. Every other 'Batman' movie is actually about his villains.[View]
149552267Eddie Redmayne: So whenever I hear the name 'Eddie Redmayne' my mind conjures up some old black guy …[View]
149534686/who/ - Doctor Who General: Myth Makers edition previous: >>149511051[View]
149549691>tfw you will never be a one-shoe cocksucker[View]
149550760Best films of her: Was Whitney Houston a great actress? What's her best movie?[View]
149553286best of sasso: post sasso kino preferably from golden era MADTV https://youtu.be/SK-p3mtyhRc[View]
149553202What's some animal kingdom kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go2Ccw1G25o[View]
149550958Anything from trolley, dears?[View]
149553150What's some modern italian kino? I'm learning italian and wanna practice my listening. Chi…[View]
149553131Year of the Jew[View]
149553029I hate superheroes that are plagued by self-doubt and a lack of confidence. I want to see superheroe…[View]
149552752RIP Idris...[View]
149549058Bio pic when? We have so many Steve Jobs films[View]
149552426Why do American movies always chicken out on child actors/actresses. European and Russian kinos feat…[View]
149552741Borat 2: now that the dust has settled, was it pozzed garbage?[View]
149552918What is the best episode of Band of Brothers and why is it The Breaking Point?[View]
149552872Kinos where the main character dares to take on the masses?[View]
149551343Cast them.[View]
149552332Okay, so because all of you were asking, I finally figured out conspiracy behind the new Falcon and …[View]
149552808She is magic. like Anye times 100.[View]
149552280why does nobody talks about it: it's one of the funniest animated movie if not the most funnies…[View]
149552635What the fuck was Homer's problem?[View]
149550293>There he is! The kid, the legend.[View]
149550436I miss think monke like you wouldn't believe: Do you think Kong will appear in another movie? D…[View]
149552157What makes a good strong female character and why does modern cinema have such difficulties getting …[View]
149544818IT'S UP THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEE4RO-_jug[View]
149552228Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149552122Hi! Few things to start off with =] 1. Yes I added you because you're a female chemist, '…[View]
149551657>whoever heard of a Jew riding horses What did she mean by this?[View]
149544753summer/core/: Help me finish this list /tv/[View]
149548660you like my busom?[View]
149552547Canonically teenagers[View]
149551998ITT: Great scenes in terrible movies.: Just as the subject says, you don't like the movie but t…[View]
149545976The Anti-Life Equation Darkseid is searching for is hidden underneath Batman's lake. You can se…[View]
149552084>hey bruce im in a real hurry and the stakes are higher than ever so im just gonna push you aroun…[View]
149550151ITT: Shit shows /tv/ somehow meme'd you into watching[View]
149552218is tim dillon /tv/ approved?[View]
149547377What exactly was it with the 90s to early 2000s and the goth chick trope popping up as principle cha…[View]
149551596literally the funniest character in the history of the cinema: every fucking line from him is fuckin…[View]
149529070we all agree that this was the best family guy moment right?[View]
149552270unironically who can stand up against Jacob? it's over La Familia bros, it's actually ove…[View]
1495516494k is a damn scam. they just crank up the saturation to ridiculous levels and go 'muh HDR'…[View]
149552036Actors who don't bother learning accents[View]
149546444STAR WARS: Remember a CASSIAN ANDOR SERIES is coming next year: trailer for the series: https://yout…[View]
149550489Pure Japanese Kino[View]
149542867Was it autism?[View]
149550493Movies about contemporary American urban society?[View]
149552139Why did Doctor Otto Octavius design these mechanical arms that were created purely for science with …[View]
149550909Woman in the Dunes: /tv/ refuses to discuss this movie[View]
149551878ITT: Movies that predicted Covid19[View]
149552070This is underrated kino watch it.[View]
149551535You're sitting at a restaurant when you notice a gay couple at the other table being harassed b…[View]
149547197Plot twist: The bachelor is actually a faggot all along[View]
149551498Is Anthony Cumia still funny?[View]
149549391hear me out... Westworld Season 3 is the one of, if not THE most based season of television ever. AN…[View]
149550390Mortal Kombat (2021): I know its gonna be shit, but goddamn i'm still feeling hyped for it. Cam…[View]
149549374>the last samurai >Its a white guy wtf were they thinking?…[View]
149549915ITT: Kino quotes to say IRL and be cool as fuck: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to b…[View]
149551265Post some commercial kino >'In the Arms of the Angel' intensifies as a montage of China…[View]
149551793>rawr xd I do that rather well, don't you think?[View]
149545126Why did it make so many prestigious directors seethe so hard?[View]
149546554Does it really matter what happened to him? If he lived, he probably barely survived every day since…[View]
149551663What did hollywood mean by this?[View]
149551630Should I watch a movie tonight?[View]
149550430Into The Spider-Verse 2 leaks. SPOILERS.: I got a chance to see storyboards in early days of making …[View]
149548468Normie memes pls[View]
149550666Now that the dust has settled, did she deserve it?[View]
149551569What’s next for her career?[View]
149551544What are some examples of spinoffs being better than the show they came from?[View]
149547519Educational film thread[View]
149551327best sports movies, lads? I already know about Rocky.[View]
149551121What are other famous movie lines that are almost always misquoted?[View]
149550275Dead forever[View]
149550656Since the role of a lifetime, I've been busy.[View]
149549331I can’t sit through 2001: A Space Odyssey. I just can’t stand it. What am I missing?[View]
149550273>After six years I´m finally free![View]
149551358>Darkseid somehow forgot that the motherboxes he was looking for were left on Earth >He couldn…[View]
149551371holy shit this is kino, the ending was too intense for me though[View]
149551303Casting minority roles: I'm sincerily lost in what is wrong and what is ok when casting actors …[View]
149550211I specifically remember how at the end of Josstice League Cyborg learned how to control his shape be…[View]
149550957ITT unlikeable protagonists[View]
149539885prev thread >>149537875 I'm planning on conducting a week long survey to compile a top 10…[View]
149551345i have a competition in me, i want no one else to get dubs.[View]
149551329I remember it so you don't have to.[View]
149548156Ma: Was it kino?[View]
149551024Will this be the first zombie sex scene? Is Snyder really gonna do it?[View]
149549525Final Verdict: was this sneed or chuck[View]
149549722is The Village (2004), the only time Bryce Dallas Howard actually acts?: the other movies feel like …[View]
149551147Why didn't they do anything?[View]
149542421/tv/ humor: Too much negativity in the catalog Post humor related to television and film[View]
149550406>Put out an APB on a Uosdwis R Dewoh. Uh, better start with Greektown.[View]
149549810How was he so unfathomably based lads?[View]
149546255Holy shit how many times did I have to hear Devo and The Rolling Stones over the course of 3 hours?[View]
149545037Best bozgor movies?[View]
149551001Virtual Reality Kino: Does VR have potential as a filmmaking medium, /tv/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJ…[View]
149550226Any similiar movies that expose the true female nature?[View]
149550934Why don’t you make a cheap movie? Make tons of money.[View]
149550924'Look away, child. LOOK AWAY!': This is my favorite part of the movie[View]
149550911Why couldn't she say hi after the performance like a normal person?[View]
149550782Ywn have a cutie devoted Nazi gf: Why even live?[View]
149549943>Remembrall >Ball that remembers wow[View]
149543325She deserved it[View]
149544385Star Trek Rebirth 2023 plot: Plot leak of upcoming Star Trek reboot film: >Title is Star Trek: Re…[View]
149546749ITT things you would rather do than watch this movie[View]
149547424in the end, who was wrong?[View]
149549816> agua minerale, lemon scented with two ice cubes, standard size, slightly elongated, shake it, o…[View]
149547156Blues Brothers: Did Aykroyd ever release the phonebook script or is it lost to time? https://www.you…[View]
149542204NO CAN DO[View]
149550502why didn't she just move the fucking cigarette?[View]
149549266Is it me or the moral of these tales are kinda trash? All of them feel like morality tales but they …[View]
149548785What percentage of acting talent is natural? Like 25%?[View]
149550431Someone give me a rundown on these guys.[View]
149547756>Movie has a cavalry charge >Horses run straight into a wall of spears…[View]
149547228ITT /tv/ waifus.[View]
149550404Come on, sexy lady You want me and you know it Come on, sexy lady COME ON[View]
149549040Why did they portray the crusaders as bad goys?[View]
149550366Which one lads?[View]
149550349How do I stop feeling the need to drink alcohol while watching kino? I'm not talking about gett…[View]
149550212AM NOT CRAZY! I am not crazy...I know he put his name in the Goblet of Fire! I know he bypassed the …[View]
149549651Excited for green lantern?: In the 1940s, Alan Scott is a FBI agent who becomes Earth’s first Green …[View]
149549476THE BODYGUARD: This guy wanted to fuck Whitney Houston[View]
149549387Dan Scheider Documentary: Damn. It was like that huh?[View]
149549660James Bond Steroids: Is James Bond on steroids ? Not like the actual actor, Craig probably was on ge…[View]
149548030prove that you're not a bot: please demonstrate you can read the sentece below in order to prov…[View]
149548885Moral Orel: Should i watch it?[View]
149546353I WANT A FUCKING WOMAN!!!![View]
149544208Can Richard Madden claim the top position in Hollywood with his role in Chloe Zao's the Eternal…[View]
149549154Why does Dr. Drew have such fucked health compared with Adam Carolla?: Yeah, he's six years old…[View]
149549876>What was their names? >They didn't have a name >It was taken away from them by pig fa…[View]
149547170ITT: Kino scenes https://youtu.be/rAchA32z2zM[View]
149546038I'm looking for a good Western show, I used to watch pic related till it turned into unwatchabl…[View]
149537126Lily James: What do we think of her career so far?[View]
149549464This movie sucks shit. It's so fucking bad.: However, this one sequence is, maybe, the best one…[View]
149543264There's a community of women on YT, FB, and elsewhere suggesting Shanann did it: And that Chris…[View]
149541775>this is the pinnacle of american millenial humor[View]
149545499Damn, seems ZSJL was a success after all.[View]
149549679How will future MCU movies reconcile with the fact that any challenges can be fixed with the time ma…[View]
149549489>Runtime: more than 100 minutes[View]
149549693What are some kinos about mistaken identity?[View]
149535262>Now that my decades of brainwashing have been erased by African voodoo magic, I'm ready to …[View]
149548840are you guys ready for Latonya Starks the next Iron Man >Riri Williams is a 15-year-old engineeri…[View]
149549647Disney took this moment away from us with their handling of Gina Carano! It makes no freaking sense …[View]
149549140>4 emmys[View]
149548499Zack Snyder's capekino: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse Ben Affleck's The Batman Justice League Pt …[View]
149549542Deathflags: Hey /tv/ what are some of your favorite death flags? Could be for the funny like pic rel…[View]
149544893>boyfriend is late picking me up from the mall >make out with the indian guy that sells bracel…[View]
149549483>Robert? He's not working here anymore, he was transferred to another Kinoplex. Anyway, here…[View]
149549015Ultron vs Cyborg: Who wins? Also why do DC designs look like they were made by interns?[View]
149549292OH N......!!![View]
149549434Who was the best Robocop?: ...and why is it John Cable from Robocop: Prime Directives?[View]
149548788What went wrong?[View]
149549377>dude I should turn myself in so that the guy who cucked me gets released and my wife and son los…[View]
149549036what's his secret?[View]
149549213What movie should I watch tonight? Something hopeful preferably but not boring, a little action coul…[View]
149548808Good monsters movies?: I just watched pic rel, honestly expected worse but it turned out not too bad…[View]
149549198What the fuck did lynch mean by this?[View]
149547787>Whatever-whoever becomes the President should just really clean it up. You know what I mean? Som…[View]
149547879What makes it soi?[View]
149549226Is this movie kino or what?[View]
149549197Why did animation geared towards adults not catch on in the West?: The only animated features I can …[View]
149549150>Have you seen this man?[View]
149548766WELCOME TO EARF![View]
149548962>wtf you didn’t sing my autistic song about chocolate fucking rabbits I will kill you…[View]
149546677Share some lies TV taught us to believe.[View]
149546870Tell you what, tell you what, it's 9 and a half thousand pounds![View]
149547193the simpsons[View]
149548423>capitalism bad[View]
149548491In this ITT thread: films that aged badly[View]
149548966>give me a call when you wanna start taking things a little more seriously, here's my card i…[View]
149548795La familia bros....is he gonna be the end of Don?[View]
149547696Post kino shots[View]
149548599Finally something to look forward to. King.[View]
149546593I'd like to make sweet love to Walt Disney Television chairman of entertainment Dana Walden if …[View]
149548786Who else here /druk/?First time for half a year and it's great.[View]
149535625You just know in reality Harry would've been rawdogging hermione on the daily.[View]
149532333Turns out, it's trash[View]
149545968Quagmire, I've got poopies...[View]
149548265Is this the absolute worst movie titling ever? >I know, let's make every title include the …[View]
149548273It was pretty hard to watch. Pretty cringe movie I would say What does /tv/ think of picrel?[View]
149547241What's his best movie?[View]
149548458>is butterbean okay?[View]
149547015finna watch a movie[View]
149545188New Fast and furious trailer: Looks like a marvel movie https://youtu.be/FqAjVAf5fNA[View]
149548501Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA![View]
149547707What is /tv/'s opinion of Network?[View]
149548429Any good comedy flicks to watch? I need something to cheer me up as I'm still adjusting to the …[View]
149545282I don't get it[View]
149548120Were verticals the peak of /tv/?[View]
149547075I don't get it[View]
149548389>she should smile more I have never read or heard a man say this outside of films or television i…[View]
149545760Fast and Furious could have aliens in the future: >According to Fast and Furious franchise archit…[View]
149547601Why are hipsters the most easily mocked group of people ever?[View]
149548109snyder lied: Joker didn't say 'we live in a society' in his garbage movie but he did on the tra…[View]
149548066Kino Car Chases: Sucks I'll be starting off the thread with one of the best car chases... https…[View]
149542055Finally someone said it[View]
149546359>only watch the first season of pic related >get annoyed at how obnoxious its fans were >st…[View]
149544248Isn't that the question of the day?[View]
149539325Spider-Man No Way Home plot leak: I have seen an early draft of the No Way Home script. Will share t…[View]
149545016.: Nel banco dei pugni less e Seth hanno la stessa voce di leanbow e Nick in Mystic Force e in entra…[View]
149546206You got heart kid, where you from?[View]
149547169Fast and Furious vs Transformers: >they are actually going to space Make the goddamn Transformers…[View]
149548143>fast moving intelligent I Am Legend zombies Dropped[View]
149542734There I fixed DcEu , you’re welcome[View]
149546152I don't often see this movie discussed here. I think it's great and one of Hopkins best pe…[View]
149546147>rated R do Americans really? it's a kids' movie[View]
149545752what's the verdict, Stablerbros?[View]
149541932What was his problem? Did he really, uinronically think he could get away with it? Can people really…[View]
149546400What’s your first impression of her, /tv/?[View]
149546707Horror Films: I finished watching The Nun 2018 and enjoyed it. What are some other scary movies that…[View]
149546966Imagine if Pattinson's Batman and Phoenix's Joker where in the same cinematic universe: We…[View]
149547183>'Well, you may have the Buy-One-Get-One Coupon for shoes, but it's issued by Foot Locker, a…[View]
149544695SEX WITHHELD!!!![View]
149547653What do you call this musical aesthetic?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH9sf2jPPnk&ab_channel…[View]
149542612If you could ask your favourite actress one question, what would it be?[View]
149547626>It's a moobie about space wizards for children Also them: >THIS IS THE GREATEST SCI-FI F…[View]
149547158Comedians tend to use the medium to discuss personal issues related to their identity. >Chris Roc…[View]
149537517Mastuuh Skoiwalkuh deres too many uff em, wot or we gowan ta doo???[View]
149547530Who else is excited for government mandated vaccine propaganda-tainment?: Last thread hit bump limit…[View]
149547154Why is government-crafted entertainment so lame now?[View]
149543554Amazon Prime Fallout: What do you guys think it will about? I'm hoping we'll get something…[View]
149547368>Fitter, healthier and more productive >A pig >In a cage >On antibiotics…[View]
149542898Anon, wait! You forgot your popcorn![View]
149547265YIFY: Memes aside, can we all agree that yify is the best source for installing movies? I go straigh…[View]
149547072ITT: Symbolism in TV & Film In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato and Ritsuko discuss Schopenhauer’…[View]
149547109My parents keep rewatching this stupid fucking asshole and I can't take it[View]
149541090when you think about it, harry was a douchebag[View]
149546967Holy fucking kino. What a show.[View]
149547050You want Television and Film? I'll give you Television and Film! *Shits pants and wipes it all …[View]
149545409FAST 9: THE FAST SAGA NEW TRAILER: New trailer, familiw bros get in here we are going to space now! …[View]
149546132... I wasn't...[View]
149544356FUCK OFF!!?!? I liked it. Hopefully sequel soon before Daisy hits the wall.[View]
149543406>we need to cast a goddess for this movie >'say no more,sir'…[View]
149544783Top Five Films: 1. Master and Commander 2. Mean Streets 3. Akira 4. The Road Warrior 5. The Black Ca…[View]
149538213Why even assault Helms Deep? Isn't it in the perfect position to be sieged? and considering the…[View]
149546495why are women such sluts?[View]
149546723what are some films about ordinary men having to become heroes[View]
149546544you, fuck[View]
149546660>YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! How did the balrog understand english when it has existed since the first …[View]
149538824They took this from us[View]
149545738ITT: Your top 3 Jim Carrey movies 1) Ace Ventura 2) The Mask 3) The Truman Show[View]
149541665Bernie Madoff dies in prison at age 82: who will play him in the bio pic?[View]
149545757Was this the only good movie of uwe boll?[View]
149546088Lol he look like Science Bitch man from Breaking Bad[View]
149542149What series is this, other than Lethal Weapon?[View]
149546278Them >reylos probably don't even know who Revan is Reylos right after TFA >anyways so n…[View]
149517798Write the most socially and morally insane movie plot.[View]
149546199Who did it best?[View]
149545190This sacrifice was completely pointless: John just gets blown away a year later by another terminato…[View]
149543438>I was fermented to be a bread, Kal. >Baked my entire life to master my flavor >Where were …[View]
149544342fuck you, I liked it.[View]
149541433Is working in an Office as cool as it looks like in Movies?[View]
149544266>Character has sex >He doesnt feel disgust and depression after the sex…[View]
149545962Portman made Bale lick her smelly feet: Although a script was written, Bale received no pages from i…[View]
149528472the decision that destroyed /tv/[View]
149545635is Amy Adams a good actress? what's her best role? what's next for her career after 2 flop…[View]
149545946Oh pop, they got roast pork![View]
149539903Some of the shit these guys did made no fucking sense. Did they think they were in a GTA video game?[View]
149545862Shut the fuck up Waltuh.[View]
149545442what would they say to each-other?[View]
149545815Get outta here you nosy little pervert or I'm gonna slap you silly![View]
149545539Will the TV tell you stop watching it?: Television Mind Control and Subliminal Influences https://ww…[View]
149541351Avatar: Was he the good guy all along?[View]
149545793Are there any other characters from popular media that might be lodge spirits?[View]
149545095Post the best breaking bad scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_GiCz7nPsU[View]
149545774Why do so many actors hide their homosexuality? What are some examples of actors you'd like to …[View]
149545697>Wild thing, you make my heart sing >You make everything groovy…[View]
149544770>>'We want The Marvel audience >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Di_PJyDGIg…[View]
149545700Japanese admin slammed two warnings into our router, Chief. We was comin’ back from /tv/, just deliv…[View]
149545325Does Justice League live up to the depth and complexity of Batman v Superman?[View]
149545254I miss going to the cinema[View]
149545572What are some pandemic kinos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5-ST7N4bX0&ab_channel=CoreyWells…[View]
149545621Yo dawg[View]
149544391have any of you watched the Greta and David attenborough series?[View]
149545451Underappreciated actors[View]
149540999Jerry’s Hallway Can’t Exist.[View]
149544539Stopped watching after season 2. I've heard that it's shit now due to the new writers and …[View]
149544754Family Reunion is one of the worst netflix originals ive ever seen. If you havent seen it (in which …[View]
149544967Eurovision: why it is so kino, bros?[View]
149543643>I'm into BDSM ok? >oh wow that yakuza guy really fucks me good >oh no he left me beca…[View]
149544931Show me your most memorable horror movie aisle vhs covers[View]
149542700ITT pozzed movies you initially enjoyed[View]
149540142Wtf is this character?[View]
149542487ITT: scenes that are terribly over acted. Pic related.[View]
149521666Aidan Gillen on CIA: >One of the things I've done that I've really regretted doing is p…[View]
149544566Favorite Christmas movie ? Why surviving Christmas of course[View]
149544973This is a good show. Don't listen to redditors here trying to tell you otherwise.[View]
149544894>'The reality is not like that' >'The way the boys treat Beth in the series is a dre…[View]
149545019>incels say women don't like boatkino >highest grossing film of all time before avatar wa…[View]
149541845They shit the bed so hard with this movie. Nothing but callbacks, asspulls, Lukewarm comedic scenes,…[View]
149544995Familiabros... he's too strong...[View]
149532503Would you rather watch Simpsons or Family Guy all the way through.[View]
149543466I dont get it how this movie is not a feminazi narrative? Literally MUH STRONK WYMYN and sand hags k…[View]
149537551After watching this there’s no way I’m ever eating fish again.[View]
149544225PRINCESS DIANA biopic starring KStew: What the fuck were they thinking with this? Jesus Christo. htt…[View]
149541464>I don't get it. Why do you people like this scene so much?[View]
149544318Breaking Bad: >is the most careful guy in the world >goes to meet up a known cartel capo at a …[View]
149543360I live in an african third world shithole called europe and I enjoy watching American TV, including …[View]
149544858>What’s that mean?![View]
149539241Any other movies about Jew sluts being whiny loud, nasally and catty while dyking the fuck out and b…[View]
149541952the book of love has music in it in fact that's where music comes from some of it is just trans…[View]
149544841>character’s name is Madoff >he literally made off with everyone’s money…[View]
149542162How did the producers let this one slip through?[View]
149544704I learned social skills from the Sopranos. What did you learn from a TV show?[View]
149544708how can i get my familiabro back?: I had a friend with we watched these movies how do i tell him sor…[View]
149540888Oh no no no no[View]
149543794VOGLIO UNA DONNA![View]
149542889what does /tv/ think of Kim's convince?[View]
149541848Why did clint insist his son play this character?[View]
149544531Why did Snyder render this in 720p 2Mbps? Shit quality. And its not even full 720, its 4:3 cropped a…[View]
149544631/TDG - true detective general/: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149544618>The rape shansa... it was beautiful..[View]
149544595What did you think of All Brutes Must Be Exterminated?[View]
149543962Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149543407What happened to Tim Heidecker? He used to carry Awesome Show on his shoulders, but now he's ju…[View]
149544476https://youtu.be/AdE7yos6COw?t=269 is this an accurate statement about /tv/(the boards 'culture…[View]
149542759>2021 >still no kissogram gf[View]
149540322protect him[View]
149544402Why did Joey keep turning down paid acting roles?[View]
149536522Heres your powepuff girls live action adaptation[View]
149544314>i can download any movie you want[View]
149543527How does it stack up to his other projects like mst3k or rifftrax?[View]
149540875>aaaaah my dick turned into a drill I'm going insane! do the Japs really find this scary?…[View]
149544328Kinos about revising history?[View]
149543592Is South Park racist?: No. The creators of South Park are Jewish.[View]
149544310>Watch 01x04 of the Netflix's Witcher >Shit is extremely shitty this time >Find some o…[View]
149543941Family Guy is a show about a Jewish American family.: Lois' mother Barbara was a Jewish holocau…[View]
149542392Can someone recommend me a movie with a similar vibe to this vid? Something burgerpunk? https://www.…[View]
149544165This is worse quality than 1080p[View]
149544159based characters in cinema[View]
149544110>two characters just have sex >girl covers up her boobies with bedsheet like they were't …[View]
149544100did he have a rez at Dorsia?[View]
149543954Cristopher: He never had the makings of mafia boss[View]
149542608What ever happened to Dakota Blue Richard's career?[View]
149543959Best civil war kinos?[View]
149541842Here's your Jacob's Ladder bro: https://youtu.be/roQEWwh56T4 >https://youtu.be/roQEWwh5…[View]
1495431514k is a complete waste of money. even on my 150' screen I cant tell no difference. They just turn th…[View]
149542278recommend comfy films[View]
149543684Why come he didn't learned magic?[View]
149541832Woah...he is just like me.[View]
149542984why do you guys hate me?: redpill me on myself, /tv/[View]
149543626What song was double flute guy playing?[View]
149543666Mission Impossible 8: >Son of legendary actor Tom Hanks, Chet Hanks, who was just promoting his B…[View]
149542708Was it really necessary to have the same actor play both brothers?[View]
149542473>post obvious but attractive, alluring bait >frantically refresh until and as people respond…[View]
149543791They were robbed of screentime in favor of elephant taliban[View]
149543789KINO: The highest tier of artistry in motion pictures. Kino is above all the other categories (Joint…[View]
149543495Sing us a song, you’re the piano man: Sing us a song tonight Well we’re all in the mood for a melody…[View]
149543702How many neo-nazis is there in Hollywood?: This guy recently admitted to be a leader in a white supr…[View]
149542190>Woman goes places and nothing happens for one hour and fourty minutes >Best Movie of the Year…[View]
149539166>Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (what?) >Keep rollin' rollin…[View]
149543000Why exactly did people hate this movie? Is it because it doesn't portray Steve Jobs as some sup…[View]
149543491Vanessa is the best[View]
149542186Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley: What is next for her career?[View]
149533665What are the expectations for Last Night in Soho, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, co…[View]
149543256How did they get away with making a movie about gangstalking?[View]
149540294Her most memorable role?[View]
149543433Remember when /tv/ used to make original content? Have you guys made anything in the past decade?[View]
149534831Why do so many people like this pile of shit? Legitimately the worst show I have ever seen in my lif…[View]
149534885Invincible: Why no threads about this? Best kino i have seen in a long time[View]
149540562SETH ROGEN'S TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: New character breakdowns from his animated movie reb…[View]
149537139Star Trek Discovery renewed for Season 5 and 6: It's happening.[View]
149542636ITT: movies that didn't age so well.[View]
149541425How do we feel about Family Guy?: Pretty funny stuff. Saw some of it for the first time the other da…[View]
149543252ITT: Movies Universe were segregation is a thing[View]
149542027Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149540732Any other classic britkino i dont know about?[View]
149539974*chainsmokes in your spare room*[View]
149541492>be me >get drunk nightly and just rewatch episodes of tom green show, athf, and classic simps…[View]
149542885>3 cunny threads up at the moment Is /tv/ based again?[View]
149542709Was it rape?[View]
149529853Why is Jennifer not talked about anymore? She's still a working actress.[View]
149536557FUCK WOMEN[View]
149540051>could have taken the serum and become superhuman or whatever >instead, he sticks to his code …[View]
149540395this film was clearly a psyop, what did you guys think?[View]
149523890Realistically speaking, what would you do in his situation?[View]
149542245Is The Painted Bird Actually a good flim or is it another over the top, waaay to dramatized Russian …[View]
149542260>You'll get your time stone when you fix this damn portal![View]
149542164Are you going to get a Dog and die alone /tv/?[View]
149540681The 90's[View]
149537231>Super rebuild vision. Yes I totally see how this is better than Man of Steel.…[View]
149538444Now that the dust has finally settled what was his best role?[View]
149542142Choose your comfy adventure /tv/[View]
149538456bloody hell[View]
149542113What was his endgame?[View]
149542096Kinos for this feel?[View]
149540479RIP IN PEACE: Who will play him in the inevitable kino?[View]
149538545It's a all a fugasy. It's a wazzy its a woozy its a lazzy its a loozy its a ghazi its a go…[View]
149538043Will the remake be kino?: The CGI and ship design still holds up to this day.[View]
149540516DAD'S GOOGLE HISTO-....... TEXTS FROM YOUR PARENTS https://youtu.be/GN9cRtLs3LM[View]
149540367Fake memories from movies: Have you got any? I got a very vivid one from The Great beauty: a scene w…[View]
149541964VOGLIO UNA DONNA![View]
149541516This movie is great. Way better than 'Moonlight'.[View]
149541834when did you realize that the rebels were the bad guys?[View]
149541109Do you see now, /tv/?[View]
149538872/tv/ humor thread: /tv/ humor thread[View]
149539471You were shitting on his design for an entire year since it was leaked.: Apologize.[View]
149540167why is this show so unpopular?: >made by a white man >whitest sitcom cast ever >the only je…[View]
149540764>Get Nick. That shistos pezavengi gamouri Greek BASTAHD round ere now...if he's still stupid…[View]
149539718Snydercut fans made fun of by Warner Bros.: OH NO NO NO NO >Oh god no! It's just another hea…[View]
149539656If American Psycho was written in 2021: >Well what about the genocide in China, honey? Doesn…[View]
149540526What are some criminally underseen films from the 2010s?[View]
149539711I Took The Janssen Vaccine: And I can't breathe! It feels like my ribcage is getting crushed.…[View]
149541470Why don't we have scenes like this in movies anymore?[View]
149541498*sniff sniff* uhhh........guys........I'M LITERALLY FUCKING ACTING HERE!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME EMMY …[View]
149537048>and then she called me a spearchucker >and all the corgis laughed…[View]
149541336fuck off cunt[View]
149539659Superman... my nemesis[View]
149536897>Yea I wanna KNOW why /tv/ is sleeping so hard on Snowfall[View]
149541307We can all agree that GoldenEye is the best James Bond movie, right? I don't want to hear abou…[View]
149535526Too much cringy woke crap.: Alan Tudyk is the only one keeping this high school level writing somewh…[View]
149541213kino for this feel?[View]
149541105What was the 1st movie you ever seen? For me it was the Fox and the Hound[View]
149541024So glad I'll never have to see these two talentless zoomers again.[View]
149528754>Imagine watching MTV in 1991. Within the span of a month, the entire channel goes from hair meta…[View]
149538512The only goos movie Owen Wilson's ever been in was Wedding Crashers. Outside of that hes a tras…[View]
149539126>pillow flies across the room >this made millennials shit, piss and shart their pants…[View]
149538984This Beaujolais is impeccable. It’s both fruity and precocious.[View]
149541068Snyder bros Zombie bros it seem like there's a new Kino on the menu. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
149540711What an unfunny faggot: the only thing entertaining about him is the mockery and ridicule he gets…[View]
149539654B&W: Anyone else watch their films in black and white to enhance the kino?[View]
149536026Why do so many films try and make her out to be some kind of magnificent beauty, that all men desper…[View]
149539740'I invented indie film making' - James Rolfe[View]
149540410i think i'm experiencing a kidney failure[View]
149532073Pleasantville: >Tradition bad and bland makes you go insane >Diversity, adultery, and liberal…[View]
149532790What's the most high IQ movie you've ever seen?[View]
149540262>main villain is named Hitler >his henchman is named Hitlerman who writes this shit?…[View]
149540580Hawaii vs Alabama: which produces the best kino?[View]
149540632Has anyone else noticed this trend in few recent shows where you think the situation or the characte…[View]
149538860DOCTOR PAVEL[View]
149540540SNEED ON EBAY: Which one of you was this?[View]
149540458Why none of the 'leaks' of the Sonic movie sequel posted here mentioned that they were going to film…[View]
149539432Is it a waste of time to watch a movie more than once?[View]
149540518Was Ray a cuck?[View]
149537720Jesus, I had an erection throughout the whole movie.[View]
149540058>IM ACTIINGG[View]
149538536'PAPARAZZI could be here' he thought, 'I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could…[View]
149540053Is 4K a scam? All I notice is that it's HD but they crank the saturation way up into disgusting…[View]
149539551Don't mind me, just making sure this satanic pedophile mutilator serial killer walks free. Btw …[View]
149539268YOU WILL rewatch The Office with us YOU WILL drink the wine[View]
149540265Ha gay[View]
149540036Netflix - gundam: Where is they hype?[View]
149540137Who makes a movie less than 1080p resolution? This is shit quality.[View]
149539086>He’s gone, and there was nothing we could do about it[View]
149540145VOGLIO UNA DONNA![View]
149538604>Sorry, wrong pocket[View]
149536748/tv/ - テレビと映画[View]
149535866>You're cringe, Murray.[View]
149540008I hate Sony do fucking much >garbage films, even the indie try hard art films suck >no IPs, on…[View]
149538454fill in the blank >Lets see paul allens (blank)[View]
149539821Ron White >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Larry the Cable Guy > Bill Eng…[View]
149537863Please relax, /tv/. Here, have some tea.[View]
149535101> He doesn't seem like the saving type. This is the worst acting I've seen in my life.…[View]
149539439Could you do it, /tv/?[View]
149539971Hellooo, I'm the nostalgia critic! I remember it so you don't have to[View]
149539487Snyder fans, are we entitled?[View]
149539902who will play the sus in the inevitable amogus movie adaptation?[View]
149539763>this makes brits collapse into snoring cardiac arrest heaps on the floor with laughter…[View]
149535011>3 months without a Sohla episode Did she get fired?[View]
149537868>Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off but it's better if you…[View]
149539413>in an effort to maintain peace and stability. The boards will be reorganized into the first Chan…[View]
149537890What should we watch next?: I have a movie club with some friends someone picks a movie to watch eve…[View]
149539733Omegle Thread!: SNEED FEED /tv/ SUCK FUCK![View]
149539726>THIS is the most popular anime worldwide Explain yourselves weebs anime is broadcasted on tv fuc…[View]
149535322What happened to Jaden Smith?[View]
149538905Write the plot[View]
149539613Disney to Release a Hulu Exclusive Star Wars Spinoff: Disney is currently planning to release CHISS …[View]
149534741>why yes I do watch video essays before watching a movie with friends so I can crack jokes withou…[View]
149539639why did the guy that murdered wild bill come back super rich? it just didn't make any sense.[View]
149539620>villain's right hand man shows no desire for power or evil traits. He's just following…[View]
149535831He went from a joke to a cult personality in the eyes of the normies just in a few months. How do yo…[View]
149539531Is there any hope for the upcoming Resident Evil movie?[View]
149538394Cast it[View]
149539482>Stuffed Galama Who the fuck calls calamari ‘Galama’? Is this a New Jersey thing? https://www.you…[View]
149532985>Spidey >Supes >Cap…[View]
149537502oh no no no[View]
149538925life does not stop and start at your convenience you miserable piece of shit.[View]
149529416so why exactly did he want to kill superman[View]
149537181How do I overcome anhedonia? Recommend me a movie that will give me relief for 2hrs pls.[View]
149537708And Godzuki :D[View]
149538954When did you stop taking his opinion seriously?[View]
149534180And these “jannies,” anon, are they in the room right now?[View]
149538058¡YUG sBARROÖÖÖÖ![View]
149536637Did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
149536900>611 days until Avatar 2[View]
149537051Seinfeld was the last truly funny sitcom[View]
149535186does Netflix care about imdb ratings?[View]
149536208Meet the average 4chan jannie[View]
149538977IM ACTING[View]
149536987>ITT: movies with potential going down the shitter in the last part what a fucking travesty of a …[View]
149534388Why has her career not taken off like a rocket ship?[View]
149536494Name a more overrated and unfunny piece of shit than Seth Rogen.[View]
149537128top 5 audiences of /tv/ 1. black people 2. pseuds 3. poor people 4. soiboys 5. antifa women[View]
149535111I can’t pin down this shit movie. Is it supposed to be funny cuz they’re fat? Or is it supposed to b…[View]
149533698ITT: Scenes that made you want to die[View]
149534054>Miss me yet?[View]
149538780is Jason Segel the Brendan Fraser of this generation?[View]
149538653>he logs short movies >he logs movies he didn't finish watching…[View]
149538620Was it sexual assault? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8XZ6KxE30I[View]
149530815>most to least based[View]
149538175Paul Allen did nothing wrong.[View]
149538754You JUST know[View]
149534061cast them[View]
149535921Harry? Did I ever tell you about the time I decided that due to you killing the most evil wizard in …[View]
149534983>I need you to gain 50 pounds in one munt[View]
149536773Has there ever been a more overrated load of shit on tv than this? - Endless cringe inducing slow m…[View]
149538480>leave Sauron to me[View]
149538461OH N-[View]
149537822Films that made you feel funny: Films that made you feel funny. Possibly not in a good way.[View]
149538492All that #ZemoDidNothingWrong and Zemo dancing shilling. How does it feel? To see it fail, so specta…[View]
149537473>its a Truman does a Q tip test after wiping his butt episode[View]
149532613Why didn't she just get a divorce?[View]
149537627>You took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Jeremy?! >You fuckhead, you absolute fuckhead!…[View]
149537000Pitch me your “whole film is set in one location” cheap movie idea[View]
149531369commercial kinos[View]
149533960Florence Pugh reminds me of a fire hydrant. Anyone else think the same?[View]
1495315795 > 3 > 4 > 6 > 2 > 1 I think we can all agree[View]
149538269was it kino?[View]
149538256And remember, Don't Get Eliminated![View]
149537875I'm planning on conducting a week long survey to compile a top 1000 film list. I'm thinkin…[View]
149536995Strange... what love does: Lynch thread.[View]
149537053Sexy dolls on TV Hey retarded mods, stop deleting my on topic thread. You have 50 meme threads to cl…[View]
149528943STAR TREK 2023: The new film has a smaller budget than the Kelvin trilogy, around $95 - $115 million…[View]
149537184>he doesn't watch movies in open matte format What's wrong with you? You like black bar…[View]
149537081>HDMI cable[View]
149531558/trek/: Based Breen edition. Previously on Star /trek/: >>149519368[View]
149529800REVITALIZE THE STAR TREK FRANCHISE: I'm Paramount Pictures and I'm giving you a budget of …[View]
149525638A cartoon managed to pull off the Anakin/Padme relationship better than the movies[View]
149535496It's a Frasier sacrifices its credibility trying to glorify Dr. Phil episode: Do other Frasierb…[View]
149532561New Mutants: Why is this movie so poorly reviewed? I thought it was good for being capeshit. I did …[View]
149524464Are greenmen kino?[View]
149535948>watch prison movie >prisoners are lifting weights This has been banned for like thirty years …[View]
149513295Armond White Exposed -- Here are his dumb quotes:White SLAMS Godzilla vs Kong:: >Godzilla vs Kong…[View]
149535929Were you also bamboozled?[View]
149535505>watch movie >something embarrassing happens >pause it and start pacing around the room How…[View]
149536867Why is it so much less good than it was? It's the same people, the same format but it's ju…[View]
149536537Underrated Actors/tresses: I'll start. Guy Pearce outshines everybody he works with.[View]
149532440big black dingus!!!!!!! seriously why is tarantino like this[View]
149512351what did he see beneath moria[View]
149534051ADL demands 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' be cancelled: https://youtu.be/mrVJCRmZ8JU Well the show has ha…[View]
149537509It was better than Rebels at least[View]
149529033Who has the job of picking actor outfits? Because whoever did Kate Mara's in Shooter (2007) is …[View]
149531940What does /tv/ think of 2 Broke Girls?[View]
149533764im 31 and have never seen eraser[View]
149532296Are you going to boycott Jackass 4 in solidarity with Bam?[View]
149536834Life After Beth: Would you fuck a zombie Aubrey Plaza /tv/ ?[View]
149535785la movie when?[View]
149537022My queen, Anne Boleyn, Marchioness of Pembroke...I bow[View]
149536230Spielberg is literally too fucking retarded to understand his own fucking movie.[View]
149536405Why did D&D ruin his character so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEcZcoe8KIg[View]
149536977I have not seen this movie, but other people online will not stop shoving it in my face, inserting i…[View]
149537033He owes a personal apology to every Indian in India too: Wonder how long that would take.[View]
149535468The ending for this movie is rather dumb. >cube turns into a laser to blast cenobites >hobo tu…[View]
149536594What if the zombies were smart bro?: Snyder is a hack.[View]
149533984>this made boomers scream and shit their pants in 1959[View]
149536609why is small town america always portrayed negatively in movies?[View]
149513558So there's no way a normal human male could take three arrows to the chest and still be standin…[View]
149532601>his smart tv doesn't have disney+[View]
149536238*heavy breathing*[View]
149535316Say when.[View]
149515422How come Lana broke out into movies. I could see her in some David Lynch shit[View]
149536466I’m also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to live her.[View]
149530162>'They used to say if man could fly, he'd have wings … but he did fly. He discovered he had …[View]
149523374Post some trash movie posters and covers.[View]
149536263This is the best airing show on tv right now. Why doesn't anyone talk about it?[View]
149529976So what's the consensus - which one was the best one and why it was Goldfinger?[View]
149535238board is fun right now. You guys are alrigh[View]
149536089>/tv/, I'M HOME![View]
149533381What an elitist load of shit[View]
149536132>music cant be ki-[View]
1495316072 words EN TRAP MENT[View]
149536219What would you do in this situation?[View]
149533759Why is he so hated?[View]
149530670Whose hyped for the new Ben Wheatley movie?[View]
1495329065 centimeters per second is how fast I moved from the couch to the TV to turn off this piece of shit…[View]
149530474Who's the best kino critic.[View]
149531843>Anon, that's a unique idea that'll probably succeed & as much as I want to give yo…[View]
149533126Moron magnets that are still good movies[View]
149533019>'yeah uhh.. all women are lesbians' >'they do it to get attention, the act of sex cannot exis…[View]
149535970>be me, 27 >eating chinese food at 5 am watching teen titans >thoroughly enjoying myself ev…[View]
149535931Inspirational Quotes from Celebs: Your problem lies with believing you are 'supposed' to do somethin…[View]
149534752War is... bad lmao: WTF STUART ???[View]
149525270>I was working on a flat tax proposal and I accidentally proved there's no god.…[View]
149526760I liked him because he didn't try to pretend he was a good guy like Tony[View]
149533986>i'm stuff[View]
149535284So he was in purgatory the whole time?[View]
149522595Wow, this sucks.[View]
149535750Pennyworth: What a season finale.[View]
149534999Of course we will breed cat girls in thee tunnels.[View]
149535104What would you have done in this situation?[View]
149535145does anyone unironically like pre-60s movies?[View]
149531409Was her career ultimately wasted on capeshit?[View]
149528712What are your favorite Jimmy Stewart movies?[View]
149535447What are some kinos set during the war of Northern Aggression?[View]
149535423This is Valter: >The most watched film of all time in the 70s, possibly even up to today >you…[View]
149532258Why was he such an emo faggot?[View]
149527641>'Noooo I have a wife and kids and a huge house and I afford all of that with one simple job, wil…[View]
149534190Best bootleg movies?[View]
149533944>film? television? sorry, i don't understand. i only watch minecraft letsplays on my thinkpa…[View]
149530333worst adaptations ever made: post books that hollywood raped just to lose money on.[View]
149534213/BEESLY?!/: FRANK N' BEANS![View]
149532575What's wrong with anime viewers?: >Decide to explore genres I don't watch >Decide on…[View]
149534283You're out protesting for social justice and you see this, what do you do?[View]
149534740This is the slimiest, most disgusting piece of shit I've ever seen[View]
149534620fuck movies![View]
149525675Why didnt Jabba just command a Gammorean to hold her while he....enjoyed her? Also...why did she dan…[View]
149534549>Scared, Banner?[View]
149534479We could've saved her bros...[View]
149533947the movie was enjoyable: but the ending was distirbing[View]
149534523breaking bad season 2 episode 9 four days out. also i’m the most based person on this board.[View]
149527347If you could go back in time and prevent one movie from ever being made, what would it be?[View]
1495320642021...I am forgotten.[View]
149531000Communion: This movie is really good. Any of you guys seen it? Regardless of whether you are into th…[View]
149534248Has this situation ever been dealt like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VXrByUBhP4M[View]
149533367Atlantic Crossing: is it any good?[View]
149534150Worst flashback actors: I honestly find Dexter in a wig more convincing than someone with 100 moles …[View]
149530560For me? Liz Hurley![View]
149533457Tommy DiSimone, my arch nemesis.[View]
149531181I've never seen it /tv/, is it kino?[View]
149532762Aboulsute pure Japanese KINO[View]
149533862/tv/s opinion on this[View]
149533718And what of good Tittius?[View]
149533329bloody nora...[View]
149532135Orville: Season 2 was garbage.[View]
149533734Departures: Was it kino?[View]
149533690You're gonna watch the 5th season of my show right, anon?[View]
149533604Did Harmony Korine steal the 'SCARFACE ON REPEAT' bit from Curb Your Enthusiasm, or is this a common…[View]
149531614What is the most kino PSA?[View]
149533686What do you get when you have a Star Wars movie made by people who hate Luke?[View]
149533676Bravo Nolan[View]
149533336better than Daniel Day-Lewis[View]
149533531Kinos about giving Nazis what they fucking deserve?[View]
149523728WHITE MALE RAGE: Why was the narrative that Joker was a movie about WHITE MALE RAGE pushed so hard b…[View]
149513596Shows or film series you continue to watch even though you don't really enjoy them.[View]
149510104>OMG WHITE PEOPLE IM GOING INSANE What is this genre called?[View]
149528059What was the peak? >best episode >best wife >best character in general…[View]
149533435Holy on-the-nose-yet-effortlessly-subtle symbolism, Batman![View]
149533370Women's self-defense?![View]
149533213What happened?[View]
149533264Agent Cody Banks[View]
149532524Let's play a game where we watch modern adaptations of classic stories, and see if we can guess…[View]
149528438Im like 20 in and pic related feels retarded: At least his first kill is with a nogger but I thought…[View]
149533160What was the point of the massively long scene where the family just talk shit about nonsense?[View]
149532199What would happen irl if you did this to a smartass child?[View]
149528771Is McKenna Grace a good actress?[View]
149533073>ayy ton, where da fuck are we?[View]
149526139>Ani! I do not recognize the sovereignty of Palestine! A different time, I guess…[View]
149529981what the FUCK is this and why is apple giving scorsese 200+ million to adapt it? and since when is g…[View]
149533042I hate the fuckin' eagles, man[View]
149532642Why does it please Reddit so much when he appears on RLM? Guys a fucking weirdo if you ask me[View]
149525612was this the best trial movie?[View]
149532667>tv dinner do americans really?[View]
149528370Get this guy a fuckin' puppers.[View]
149529768I don't feel so good bros[View]
149532075>commendatori :)[View]
149531237I wished I had spent more time arguing on an anonymous Mongolian board[View]
149531239Did Palpatine have sex in his monstrous form?[View]
149530897What movies have the most convincing portrayals of rape?[View]
149532780OH N-[View]
149527670do y'all have lines memorized from films?[View]
149528545What are we going to do tonight /tv/?[View]
149532658Would this film have actually been scary if demonic possession was real?[View]
149530493It was funny, it was sad, it was powerful. What did you think of this movie?[View]
149531601mike wazowski: mike wazowski[View]
149530641It's Just good buisness...[View]
149531751Sopranos: >best parts of the show are the dream sequences that rip off Twin Peaks Really gets the…[View]
149519120Who would win in a hypothetical battle between Gandalf and Dumbledore?[View]
149532104>what's that plank?[View]
149532414This show is actually really good, and I recommend you check it out when you have the time. Inb4 /p…[View]
149530476Why didn't Ross choose Rachel's sister Kelly? She was much hotter.[View]
149531756why are all modern day chinese films fantasy films?[View]
149531856How did they get away with this?[View]
149530146Thor was a good movie[View]
149531821>Please like me.[View]
149532292What are some movies only intelligent people enjoy?[View]
149529862do they dare go into why the sociopath is a sociopath? i think they want to, but to this point it is…[View]
149531647TheAngelPoli: Do you watch her /kino/ Youtube channel, /tv/?[View]
149530993Well shit, it's a rerun and all he's doing is watching hentai[View]
149531052Was it kino?[View]
149518783How was Russell Crowe able to get away with playing Maximus Decimus Meridius and not being absolutel…[View]
149532098>watch project x >see that party >those friends living the night of their lives >remembe…[View]
149528821Great scene. Oldman nailed it.[View]
149524616ITT: Failed Oscar bait >Eastwood >Leo >Biopic >Zero noms, crap reviews…[View]
149531924>demonic dog men censoring free speech on a whale breeding board?[View]
149526386Holy shit bros I just started watching Arrested Development, does George Michael really want to fuck…[View]
149530257how come she acted better in the ww (2017) movie than justice league both cuts[View]
149530732Is this an exaggeration of how much control jews really have? Are we all plain Lo in the morning, Lo…[View]
149531404No hay banda![View]
149531710Is this peak Americana?[View]
149531557This show is labeled sci-fi, but so many of the episodes venture into spooky territory. I don't…[View]
149531589The book of love is long and boring No one can lift the damn thing It's full of charts and fact…[View]
149529427>We may yet Mr Frodo, we may >Sam, i'm glad you're with me.…[View]
149530620Fuck this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myOTp1wr3Bg >'A hundred bees working overtime co…[View]
149531627Why was Tom Paris such a racist asshole?[View]
149528957Does everybody know what time it is?[View]
149529967Movies to watch with whores?: So I’ve got this funny plan to take this escort to Olive Garden then t…[View]
149519368/trek/: Captain Jellico edition. Previously on Star /trek/: >>149507623[View]
149529684>Suck an elf![View]
149530377Times you acted like the Joker: >mask down in the supermarket >'sir why is your mask down' …[View]
149530492Why do boomers hate them? They are better than any of shit that Disney created[View]
149531384Have you ever see a commie drink water? Anon, do you realize that you are 70% water? Water is the so…[View]
149530928Was Toby the strangler?[View]
149529909Chud repellent actors[View]
149530885Normal words: >but a horse guy![View]
149530925ITT: Actors who you wish was you starting with the obvious choice[View]
149531300FUCK MOVIES[View]
149525320ITT: Mid 2000s /tv/[View]
149531292How accurate is this documentary regarding historical events?[View]
149526715IM ACTING![View]
149530193King Charles the Based: https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/prince-charles-1986-letter-blamed-…[View]
149528852Watch capeshit, they said. It will be good, they said.[View]
149529673REVITALIZE THE STAR TREK FRANCHISE: I'm Paramount Pictures and I'm giving you a budget of …[View]
149531065Fuck clankers i hate clankers kill all the fucking clankers[View]
149530225You have 20 seconds to tell me why you don’t own a 400$ quest 2[View]
149530873Any good bollywood flicks?[View]
149530332Snyder Cut, black and white: felt like a whole different movie in black and white, the biblical refe…[View]
149530490Are there any talented black directors who make movies not about race relations? I'm not even t…[View]
149525702Zydrate comes in a little glass vial[View]
149528222https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfgJuUMm-x0 >I will give you 50 million dollars to do this job Wh…[View]
149530930What are some good films about the end times?[View]
149519770ITT: Forgotten TV shows[View]
149530738shit: Why is everything in this films so forced? >the humor >fortnite promotion >trans acce…[View]
149529758>Shitposting isn't a pit... it's a LADDAH[View]
149528263WW 84: Should I watch it for the cringe?[View]
149529038What was the first show you marathoned after finally dropping out of high school? The Wire for me.[View]
149530190Most based woman alive[View]
149530609why did everything in the 90s have so much soul relative to what proceeded it?[View]
149529555>And as for the electric floors?[View]
149528871Did walter have the right in hating the Gretchen? He was the one leaving the company and never even …[View]
149530378The rape, sansa[View]
149528521Have lead black actor No no, he's not actually black Clown world[View]
149529105>Sopranos is a well written sh-[View]
149527421DUNE changes from the book: Changes the upcoming Denis Villeneuve film made from the book. All of th…[View]
149530554tell me if this is good[View]
149511640WB on suicide watch: >Zack Snyder threw subtle shade at Warner Bros. and 'Justice League…[View]
149523536If there's a Light and Dark side to the Force, then how would eliminating the Dark side bring b…[View]
149529962Did you feel bad for Nina?[View]
149524842Snyder trilogy: HBO now promoting the Snyder trilogy. Will there be more Snyderverse films? You can …[View]
149525598>I think I forgot something vital for wold domination. Oh yes, the planet where the antilife equa…[View]
149525223What's his best role?[View]
149530124What was Snyder thinking?[View]
149530049>past a certain age, a man who still works retail can be a bad thing[View]
149524607So does he have any spells other than just throwing people around or...[View]
149529342This nameless nothing character has 100 times the soul of all the Disney movies combined.[View]
149529968>You have every right to be upset[View]
149528746Literally what did she mean by this?[View]
149525182Are you excited for remasters of classic stop motion movies?[View]
149514084ITT kino no one talks about anymore this show was so good it spawned like 3-4 spin offs and dominate…[View]
149529681Which actors are genuinely good people? Most are self-serving pieces of shit who have sold their sou…[View]
149505588/goji/ - Godzilla & Kaiju General: Sad and Brooding Edition: LAST /goji/ THREAD (but it had a go…[View]
149529485Why is it that no matter how hard Hollywood tries they can never even come close to the cinematograp…[View]
149525824I want to fuck the genetic abomination[View]
149529841Happy Valentine’s Day Nazis![View]
149529785Wtf is his problem again?[View]
149526437What did Kate Beckinsale mean by this?[View]
149529326>protagonist is still waiting for his 'real life' to begin[View]
149528405Don't worry, I got this under complete control..[View]
149528544Michael Douglas on the beach holding a early consumer telephone indicating that he is an extremely r…[View]
149526990Chevy's looks thin again bros, has he finally come off his high horse?[View]
149529593stargate is really about the fear: that you have worms and no matter what food across the entire uni…[View]
149528991https://twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1381996927206719499 FAMILIABROS, WE'RE COMING HOME.…[View]
149523395>The 41st Academy Awards were held in LA's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on April 14, 1969. This…[View]
149523503MATRIX 3 made almost half the box office of Matrix 2: 2 made 741.8 million 3 was released 6 months a…[View]
149527540>this made boomers shit their pants from laughter[View]
149528624Sorry I'm late: It's like they're interviewing the fucking dodo, their mentality only…[View]
149524239Why do movies suck now /tv/? I can't sit through any of this shit anymore. What happened to the…[View]
149529381Americans are the níggers of the world. They invade and bomb other countries, then make themselves a…[View]
149526308Why is this such leftist propaganda?[View]
149527902Why are good medical shows so hard to come by?[View]
149529312I live for this shit[View]
149528501This bitch is a fucking lunatic.[View]
149529100>You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards.[View]
149529196>I heard people liked My hero academia[View]
149528888For me it was Sheena[View]
149528454Video editing rates: Figured there has to be at least a few fags on this board who edit video for a …[View]
149529110she's like the female version of Leo Dicaprio[View]
149521161sofbros..: https://geektyrant.com/news/sofia-boutella-set-to-star-in-a-dystopian-sci-fi-thriller-tit…[View]
149522726Rampage is better than Godzilla vs Kong[View]
149528074Why did Lucas change Grievous from Genndy's fearless, ice-cold British terminator https://www.y…[View]
149528785Davinci Code: Any movies like this ?[View]
149529016What a shit take.[View]
149529017>We will never have a good movie about the Christchurch killi- Checkmate…[View]
149528983Thoughts on ZeroZeroZero: Just one episode in, but damn can't believe how good it is thus far. …[View]
149524608This is a list of the best movies of all time.[View]
149519403Is he the greatest villain in Television & Film history?[View]
149526941What the fuck was his problem?[View]
149526716Characters ranked in SSS tier are the easiest and most fun characters to watch. Low tiers are litera…[View]
149513456Why is he so unlikeable[View]
149509838The Nostalgia Critic and The Wall: yep, I'm thinking Nostalgia Critic btfo https://www.youtube.…[View]
149528796I need your strongest Tiananmen Square kinos[View]
149525146Indiachads, our time has come.[View]
149528469What's the funniest TV sketch ever? I think it's Four Candles 2: https://youtu.be/pHYIObgS…[View]
149526232Disney to release a Hulu Exclusive Star Wars Spinoff: Disney is currently planning to release CHISS …[View]
149526796This movie was fucking kino[View]
149528123They made superhero fights boring.[View]
149528600Is it true that there's no JC in the new mortal kombat? What were they thinking?[View]
149528598Is this show worth watching?[View]
149521802NEXT (canceled 2005 MTV hit-show): Has anyone here noticed that MTV has LITERALLY scrubbed this show…[View]
149527203for real: how the FUCK did they get away with this[View]
149528681what was his problem[View]
149526481Shows With Wasted Potential[View]
149527977who was in the wrong here[View]
149526317The first one is a comedy classic. What the fuck went wrong in the sequel?[View]
149525329What makes it soi?[View]
149528338All Fred Jones had to say was >I think Coolsville SUCKS![View]
149528199I really want a sneed hat but it's looking like I would have to spend a few hundred dollars to …[View]
149528069What are the most unlikeable characters in film?[View]
149527596Women kill shows and films.[View]
149527512Was it kino?[View]
149517867OHNONONONO: Name a more JUST'd actor. This nigga actually thought he was gonna be a Jedi. LMAO.…[View]
149528232>Snaff those lanterns >Look at those they going to trip and shoot each other into females…[View]
149525892There he is, little Cinderella Boy. Tears in his eyes I guess.[View]
149527045does anyone have a proper original quality DL link of this episode[View]
149527740Why does /tv/ pretend to hate Harry Potter? It isn't special nor bad, it's mostly meh tier…[View]
149525860>Tied in the back. I don't remember seeing any tassels.[View]
149528045>Taytay likes Colbert I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD, BROS[View]
149526921what videogames can i play while watching movies? ptsd faggot here[View]
149527970/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149517972Search for an actor without using their name >wide set eyes actress[View]
149527325612 DAYS: Can Cameron pull it off, /tv/?[View]
149526356Subway (1985)[View]
149524492Absolutely glorious zah. Too bad this fuckface has a tv show to give it a bad name.[View]
149526305WHITE BOY SUMMER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owK-2zmVhd8 RACISM = OVER BASED CHET[View]
149527303Why are British actors so much better at doing American accents than American actors are at doing Br…[View]
149525904What were they thinking with this portrayal of the Great Goblin?[View]
149527580>you never answered me, /tv/ >What should my father do about Uncle Janny?…[View]
149524853What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
149525534>some people really thought this movie was going to destroy the Vatican and the Holy Catholic Chu…[View]
149527554What are some moments that butter your eggroll?[View]
149526513DOCTOR PAVEL I AM NOT CRAZY I am not crazy! I know he swapped the corpse. I knew it wasn't Dr P…[View]
149525797Just saw RLM's Event Horizon Re:View Is Mike actually retarded? He seems to have a very hard ti…[View]
149524708WTF was his problem?: And how was he the bad guy?[View]
149525044were women supposed to find kevin costner in waterworld attractive?[View]
149527436Zack Snyder's Trilogy Trailer, guess no more ZS DC movies[View]
149522906Are you watching the new Disney+ originals?[View]
149523923Absolute fucking kino, when is the last time we had a movie like this?[View]
149526586>this scene made zoomers cry their eyes out What a terrible generation[View]
149526384What was his name again?[View]
149525085Why do girls like high school dramas so much? Even full grown women watch that shit[View]
149525684Wojak Horseman[View]
149523411*Blocks your path*: How do you handle trailer park defense force?[View]
149527092kinos about your friends and girlfriend leaving you for warning them about the coming collapse?[View]
149525372are Ghibli movies /television & film/?[View]
149526757Who was the best 90210 girl and why was it Kelly?[View]
149526032What went wrong?[View]
149525587Has there ever been another single review of such high calibre that it changed the entire franchise?[View]
149526243Televisa and Univision linked up: Need it or keep it, /tv/? >Grupo Televisa, Mexico’s largest tel…[View]
149525949yes no, maybe[View]
149526005who was he lookng for?[View]
149526727*distant yelling*[View]
149525409druk: WHAT A LIFE WHAT A NIGHT[View]
149525696why was it kino?[View]
149525799>2021, I am forgotten...[View]
149523227Are you excited to see Zootopia 2?[View]
149518990They're starting to get reallying annoying with their Male Feminist whining whenever a movie or…[View]
149525942What about the droid attack on the Wookies?[View]
149525746Romeo + Juliet: >what the fuck was this movie?[View]
149526336I don't feel safe in Bidens America because blue voters riot during pandemics[View]
149524457Sentencing kinos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FQ6Ci0Pnjk[View]
149524279why didn't they just make a shield like the original for him?[View]
149526198/tv/ tank: okay sharks, gimme your best pitch I'll start >edible shampoo >in case you get…[View]
149520717Every scene with him is a chore: god he's such an unlikeable cuck. butcher bros, is ask you, ho…[View]
149526126I love this 'lil nigga![View]
149517506Larry's sandwich wasn't good. This is coming from someone who likes fish. Look at Reiner, …[View]
149524887......and who was a better story than Bran the broken......[View]
149526155Virtual Reality Kino: Does VR have potential as a filmmaking tool /tv/? What are the moral implicati…[View]
149521934King of Queens: Is there any sitcom that even comes close to King of Queens kino?[View]
149525877Recommend me some good shows to watch on TLC besides My 600 Pound Life or Dr Pimple Popper[View]
149523316I give you a camera crew and a blank check, what kino do you come back with? For me, its like Wife S…[View]
149525881Was Gidget the first manic pixie dream girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5suc-Yexpw[View]
149523782HOLY KINO: This film blew me away. Truly kino of the very highest order. Its got the quality/plot of…[View]
149524675How do we fix this place?[View]
149520426I'm seeing David Wenham this weekend and getting his autograph, I wanted a pic of Faramir Borom…[View]
149525812Children of Famous Actors: what up and coming Children of Famous Actors are you fans of? For me, I…[View]
149524544/tom-green/: what shit did he see in hollyweird (stuff with the barrymore “family” or at the hollywo…[View]
149518456>invents an energy source that could solve hunger and prevent climate change >uses it to... ma…[View]
149525463Best comic trilogy ever. Apologize to Zack Snyder right now. https://youtu.be/4deUh6rNC7g[View]
149525285Euphoria: >trailer music isn't by dua lipa Seems counter productive…[View]
149519944>the charges, officer? >Let The Games Begin.…[View]
149524819>Wayne was married three times and divorced twice. His three wives included one of Spanish Americ…[View]
149525284This show is more comedy than drama, change my mind[View]
149509901They were both so stunningly attractive.[View]
149513325Utopia: Name a better opening scene on any show or movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01VGtX9xfh0…[View]
149525360Seinfeld: Who was in the wrong?[View]
149525395What's next for Dakota Johnson?[View]
149520264Now look a them yo-yos, that's the way you do it.[View]
149522601I rather enjoyed this film[View]
149524536>'It’s a Remembrall! Gran knows I forget things — this tells you if there’s something you’ve forg…[View]
149521948Endangered Species (2021): >Starring an all white family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G5sbuor…[View]
149524032What are some good old comfy schmaltz movies like pic related?[View]
149521734What are some good movies with unexpected crossovers?[View]
149524332What happened to this show?[View]
149524725What does tee vee think of this show? Just finished and boy... it was bad[View]
149525214Foreigners, do you actually enjoy American accents in films? Or do you find them bland?[View]
149519296Why do Gen X autists hate him so much? >'Waahahhh he's childish' Star Wars is a children…[View]
149509573Was she right about the serbians?[View]
149516223wtf is hiro doing?[View]
149524967Stoooorm's comin' Annie! Ye best get 'ome quick![View]
149525036What went right with the first PotC movie?[View]
149524293>nazis bad kids[View]
149523925>”I can’t believe it, you’re the Breaking Bad”[View]
149488989/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Charts https://mega.nz/folder/F…[View]
149525050>2021 >i am forgotten why have you forsaken me, /tv/?…[View]
149524839The only good conquistador Kino we have thus far is the last few minutes of Apocalypto... sad[View]
149524834This is a world where birds eat horses.[View]
149524800anyone keep up with this shitty show[View]
149524847>be /tv/ >be 14 years old >not realise he's just trolling you for views Honestly if yo…[View]
149524845A DREAM WARRIOR[View]
149523904>Rey who? >Rey-IA[View]
149523622My dad thinks Thunder Force is hilarious, he's laughing at it in the other room.[View]
149524463>Mr Hickey More like Mr Icky[View]
149524048Hey /tv/ I’m looking for horror movie recommendations and was wondering if you guys can help me out.…[View]
149523725Shows like the sopranos: Are there any other shows that are as good and comfy as the sopranos? i…[View]
149521204Boyhood is the greatest coming-of-age film ever made Did you know it took 12 years to make?[View]
149521819>watch a movie >fall in love with it >recommend it to your family and friends >they won…[View]
149524260is this how to act cool: Will I be cool acting like them[View]
149523777>I hate antichrist >I hate antichrist >I hate antichrist >I hate antichrist >I hate a…[View]
149515069What is your favorite film?[View]
149524110There is absolutely, positively, nothing to watch.[View]
149524508STOP KICKING MY SEAT: >s-sorry comrade[View]
149523538>why are we reshooting my scenes first Zachary?[View]
149523609I'm currently watching Twin Peaks and i'm at episode 12 of Season 2, apparently the season…[View]
149524481Should I just wait for the directors cut? We all know it’s coming.[View]
149523320The Jungle Book: >be me >watching Jungle Book on Disney+ in 2021 >see this warning before m…[View]
149523814>'go on without me >character presumed dead >ends up saving the team and reuniting wit…[View]
149523765Reminder that television has never produced anything of value and is a shit artistic medium on par w…[View]
149524376Feed and Sneed: the movie: Now look at them farmers - that's the way you do it You sit out fron…[View]
149524015i herd u lik porgs /tv/![View]
149523018>kills hundreds of millions of people >'goodbye... old friend' why is magneto never held respo…[View]
149524207Best survivor seasons?: Also why is Jeff Probst such a chad?[View]
149520560Man on Fire is unbelievably kino, and the EDITING is fantastic. The fucking plebs who saw this in 20…[View]
149522033What's next for his career?[View]
149521140Fucking hell. What was the point of this movie?[View]
149522481>verbally abused Gal Gadot >called cyborg a nigger we would never see this crass behaviour fro…[View]
149519447What plotline resolutions were you happy with in Game of Thrones? for me: Theon/Jorah/The hound. Eve…[View]
149522253I don't get it, why was the naked lady in the car?[View]
149513422>im just gonna rest here for a while..[View]
149512491This show ruined my life in ways that it took me 15 years to come to grips with.[View]
149520705Say his name.[View]
149520218Starlight deserved to better.[View]
149524004Cast him[View]
149523913'Hey how come I've never seen this Itchy and Scratchy before?' 'Perhaps because you are a prepu…[View]
149510425What's the worst movie you have paid actual money to see? And unless it's the same answer,…[View]
149523835KOJER: When you bring me out, can you introduce me as KOJER?[View]
149522835NO OPTIMUS[View]
149523299It’s 1996 What did you rent?[View]
149516541>*rams phone into the railing a goes through a fit of rage* >*calms down for a bit* >'wildc…[View]
149523474HOL UP[View]
149515749Now that the dust has settled, can we talk about why the newer IT movies were better than the origin…[View]
149518708>Sopranos >Curb >Rome >Deadwood Man HBO was actually pretty good before the Game of Thro…[View]
149519035>hey kids >follow the bouncing plate[View]
149523415PSG Pawn Stars General: Rick Harrison Edition[View]
149523701True Detective General /TDG/: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149520408>In August 2020, Tig Notaro was announced to replace D'Elia, who was cut from the film due t…[View]
149523647VOGLIO UNA DONNA![View]
149507977/tv/ ylyl: previous thread >>149491838[View]
149523407anyone know what happened on this past FEAR THE WALKING DEAD?[View]
149521988What was the purpose of this movie without giving a smart ass answer[View]
149523283>No freaking way! Peta! It's the stork.[View]
149521221>There are people who view mob movies as 'romanticizing' the gangster life How retarded does one …[View]
149523471it wasn´t supposed to be a prophecy[View]
149518751Whats your thoughts about him?: I just can't stand his acting. Something iss off with him in ev…[View]
149515247Upon rewatching Breaking Bad, it became apparent to me how uninteresting the scenes with Walt's…[View]
149521452What am I in for?[View]
149523279Huh, I never knew this scene was so retarded. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wDbx1F3s8Tg[View]
149523239No, i am your father.[View]
149517947MCU Greatness Thread: ITT we pay tribute to the greatest cinematic accomplishment in the history of …[View]
149523213WIL has some very informative content, didn't know the japs loved eggs so much[View]
149521546Why did he do it?[View]
149521532Are Seasons 4+ worth watching?[View]
149522295ITT: Punished anti-heroes[View]
149519257Retards not only find this funny: But binge watch it on repeat, why?[View]
149523073We'll take the lot![View]
149514367Will MATRIX 4 have a scene like this ?: https://streamable.com/cre5e6[View]
149519659How many of IMDB's 250 have you seen? (TV and film) Is it's taste shit?[View]
149523030I actually really liked it. I only watched it to watch hot jewish sluts be really catty to each-othe…[View]
149522412Just watched this. So this is all about the author death? you guys have more samurai kinos to watch…[View]
149519900do you have taste as kino as this /tv/?[View]
149522467ITT: Characters in Movies Whose Deaths Were More Brutal Than They Deserved: > Great Value Natalie…[View]
149522959Am I the only person who has seen this?[View]
149516807Which way, western man?[View]
149516942Blessed /tv/ photos: Only the most blessed /tv/ related photos allowed ITT[View]
149522533>'You're not brave, Rommel was brave'[View]
149521634Why is this intro so kino? https://youtu.be/v-91sZNbQCw[View]
149497591>YOU FUCKING BITCH >UGH UGH UUUOOORGGHH What did he mean by this? Did she cum?…[View]
149518633GET A GODDAMN JOB ANON![View]
149511123>best representation of Krypton >amazing casting >great soundtrack >well choreographed…[View]
149507724Zoomer nostalgia thread: >it's spherical!! SPHERICAL!!!![View]
149519911Why is tragedy considered a genre of play but not film? What films, other than films based upon trag…[View]
149520701Is there a better female director?[View]
149521903Why didn't anyone in Hellraiser just use the agreed-upon safeword to end the session?[View]
149522617Is it really this easy to adopt 3 little white girls?[View]
149522485is theatre /tv/? just got tickets to les mis[View]
149516186He's sooooo boring[View]
149513908>villian is evil... because he's into hard-core BDSM? These movies are cringe as fuck. Keep…[View]
149521353You look thirsty, /tv/. Have some milk.[View]
149522455Is this real?????[View]
149522200ITT: Actors you hate for no good reason. Just can't stand looking at this fat fuck.[View]
149520328What happened to this kid? Is he okay?[View]
149519115Did you buy the Marvel Infinity Saga on 4k UHD yet?[View]
149522363Spin-offs that would be more kino than their parent series[View]
149517360Who would win in a fat angry old bastard contest between Mel Gibson and Russel Crowe?[View]
149519687>it's another 'Krusty is a Jew' episode[View]
149521318>cucked in every timeline and dimension[View]
149517249Out of desperation of watching everything else, I've decided to watch this and holy shit is it …[View]
149521223>this is a real movie and not just a shitpost[View]
149521664this movie was laugh out loud funny, anyone else seen it? n wtf happened w this shit?!?![View]
149521806Oh, I used to be a fan of The Simpsons. The keyword in that sentence being 'used'. Once classic writ…[View]
149520279What was his major malfunction?[View]
149521268Literally R*ddit: The Movie[View]
149521401>WON PEEPO is this the 'U WOT BLIMEY GUVNA' UK people that I keep hearing about? I mean I've…[View]
149519422>Hahaha swearing is funny[View]
149521747>English ''''''''''''''''humour'''''''''''[View]
149521455its shit[View]
149521916VOGLIO UNA DONNA![View]
149518963I never got the hate for these films, they're definitely better than Iron Boy, not as good as t…[View]
149510587Name the best martial artist actor at the moment[View]
149519396Commercials that are designed to make you fee bad[View]
149519536It's not such bad[View]
149521755>Kennedy was crucified for being a Catholic >Clinton was impeached for cheating on his wife …[View]
149520928Toodle Fucking-Oo?[View]
149521411That nickname that you gave me when I worked in Internal Affairs...what was that?[View]
149521595How do you guys get your gf to shut up when you watch television and film?[View]
149495939/wars/ - Star Wars General: Star Wars Edition Last: >>149463533[View]
149521581What the fuck was his problem?[View]
149514414And what is this 'teevee' you're receiving (you)s from, Potter?[View]
149521544I accidentally watched the first four seasons of the sopranos in 360p: Man I fucked up[View]
149521445>señor... Baja Blast™, por favor...[View]
149520121Joe Pesci: Joe Pesci[View]
149519532What's it called when a US /tv/ series starts out with a solid premise, but with each episode i…[View]
149520649No, i am your father.[View]
149518965Which White Actor unironically did the best job of playing a non-White character role? Obviously not…[View]
149519889Has he gone full hack? Doing shitty internet podcasts with nonbinary genxers now just like his archn…[View]
149519863Who should be Pierce's next masterpiece project? Are there other famous Architects who work in …[View]
149520792what the fuck was her problem[View]
149515601>AHHH, AHHHH This is what lynchfags spend hours of their day defending?…[View]
149521124>whisper, whisper, whisper >BOOM! BANG! EXPLOSION! >whisper, whisper, whisper…[View]
149517451>commercials can’t be kin- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9aV_qPzTfnU…[View]
149521157Any good kinos about 30+ year olds that are unemployed and still live with their parents?[View]
149520940/Nag/ Nexpo Appreciation General: Last thread went great so here's a part 2. Use this thread to…[View]
149518537Why did he do it?[View]
149520329is this show fucked because of the association to Joss Weadon?[View]
149519458good movie[View]
149520817If I pull that off: Will you die?[View]
149520807For all the sequel trilogy's flaws, Snoke was a pretty good work of CGI. Probably the best sinc…[View]
149516131Shark Tank: 'I'm starting a clothing line for mom's with attitude. So far I've sold 3…[View]
149515363Are you still 'With it'? Or did it happen to you?[View]
149520337This is the only movie trilogy where each film is better than the previous Prove me wrong Protip: yo…[View]
149517975Is Debicki the biggest actress of our era?[View]
149518420Movies like The Comedy? This film hit me so hard.[View]
149511918best looking female character in all of television & film? i didn't even see the movie btw …[View]
149520407Kek How ridiculous is it that they are making a T.V. show about Kmart Batman (Moon Knight). Kek nobo…[View]
149510868Las niñas (2020): >Celia, an 11-year-old girl, studies at a convent school and lives with her mum…[View]
149520359I didn’t know ireland was capable of kino[View]
149518939Will he ever overcome the slander?[View]
149520291>mfw pasty face calls the gagagool capicola[View]
149518600Anon's Willy movie: There was an anon who said he was working on his own cut of this movie with…[View]
149520241I'm sure nobody here has seen this, but pic has taught me a lesson I will never forget. It…[View]
149518227what the fuck was his problem[View]
149504698Actors with food: Phillip Seymour Hoffman with a slice[View]
149518954here me out... Westworld Season 3 is the one of, if not THE most based season of television ever. AN…[View]
149516402I'm looking for a Jackie Chan movie that has a woman in it, who matches him with kung fu abilit…[View]
149514333/tv/ humor: Post /tv/ related humor. Starting off with a timeless classic[View]
149520044Recommend me monkey kino[View]
149515284Sell me on this. How was it?[View]
149519539Anti-Kino: Signs that you're in for some fucking garbage.[View]
149519907She was talking about the juice.[View]
149519839Can youtube make kino movie?[View]
149519725Who's your favorite old b-movie star? For me, it's Oxnard Montalvo.[View]
149519467The day he goes, I go.[View]
149519766/tcg/ - true crime general: anyone watch That Chapter’s newest vid?[View]
149518774What am I in for?[View]
149518908>haven't watched 1 movie or a tv show since 2015 Am I missing out on anything?…[View]
149519720Ghost bumps[View]
149518701S6 Jon was kino >accepting his impending doom, reveling in battle with a deathwish, not giving a …[View]
149519104>Mfw there's never any Monkey threads on /tv/ Let's change that right now…[View]
149515554KENOBI CASTING: 4 actors from the prequels are back: Ewan, Hayden, Edgerton (Uncle Owen), Piesse (Au…[View]
149518962>Movies that you expected to just have dumb fun with, but made you uncomfortable with how close t…[View]
149519509For me, it's Tina Fey. All the time.[View]
149518974>Tfw no Dex-Starr movie What is DC waiting for?[View]
149519471Thoughts on this? I think its really good, Its not as goofy or funny as Xavier: Renegade Angel but i…[View]
149519218>more STR than Dom >more DEX than Dom >more VIT than Dom I'm afraid it's over for…[View]
149516734If they make Winnie a little blonde white girl, I'm killing myself.[View]
149518275Characters that should get their own show.[View]
149518446>no one really mentioned how a boy got another boy pregnant Was it some kind of surreal comedy?…[View]
149507623/trek/: Lal edition Previous:>>149490913[View]
149519371What am I in for, fagots? Also >Check em[View]
149519331What’s next for actress Charlyne Yi?[View]
149518720why bob's second movie wasn't as kino as the first one?[View]
149518255found a black in return of the king[View]
149519222Why didnt jim just let the soldiers rape the two girls? He had only known them for a few days at the…[View]
149518958What did i think of it?[View]
149519134Cooking Shows[View]
149511818I can't believe I'm saying this, but this series was far more faithful to the atmosphere a…[View]
149516460ITT: Post your top 3 American Dad moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN28AVF80WI&ab_channe…[View]
149518762Simpsons General Thread: Was he really Michael Jackson?[View]
149517526I dont get it[View]
149518993Name a more kino masterpiece[View]
149517310Hey paisanos! It's the Super Mario Brothers Super Show![View]
14951894413 years and countless capeshit films later and it's still the GOAT[View]
149511051/who/ Doctor Who General: Lust in Space edition >>149488240[View]
149516304Raimi Spider-Man 4: If people were worked up enough to pressure WB to produce the Snyder cut, why ha…[View]
149517147>All 3 cooking locations become iconic in their own right Bravo Bince[View]
149512151horror thriller kino: what else is there?[View]
149516103Finding Horror Media: The horror genre has always had lots of razzing and poopoo-ing tossed at it bu…[View]
149517074do you think henry cavill and armie hammer will join hand in hand together and make the man from unc…[View]
149518351I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream.[View]
149518201John Cleese is still excellent after all these years[View]
149518189name a more punished character[View]
149518325Jordan Peele makes events, not movies.[View]
149518529>TV show is called Smallville >Takes place in a little city That's what I love about that…[View]
149518143Webm thread[View]
149518558is better than the original halloween[View]
149518220'She' did nothing wrong and no matter how morally questionable 'her' actions were, they were for the…[View]
149518541movies for this feel? link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVBOLAB0ews[View]
149510857Novels difficult to adapt to film: What's the most unfilmable novel to adapt to screen? Books t…[View]
149517874Any more movies like this? I fucking love these.[View]
149490164>allude to how oblivious you'd be if you were suddenly shot in the head and killed instantly…[View]
149518256Fucking kek.[View]
149517065I am forgotten.....[View]
149515260Who has your vote for Best Actor /tv/ Riz Ahmed >Sound of Metal Chadwick Boseman >Ma Rainey…[View]
149516736How Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Zizek review this movie?: What would each of them say about it?…[View]
149518302ITT: Scaruffi btfo'ing /tv/[View]
149515078What's going to be the next ecowank documentary trying to scare us all to switch to Veganism?[View]
149517995Ghost Trick reference in Family Guy: I can't believe they'd reference such an obscure game…[View]
149513899The great debate[View]
149518173what are some movies with this aesthetic[View]
149517175ITT: Boomer humour https://youtu.be/-ydk8hIp0Tg[View]
149517226>Mr. President... It's been an honor holy fucking kino[View]
149518071VR Kino: Does Virtual Reality have potential as a filmmaking medium, /TV/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJN…[View]
149512636Can a character like Drexl work in 2021?[View]
149517782The Hobbit: I liked the Hobbity trilogy Anyone else on /tv/ a fan of it?[View]
149513771Your moment of awakening.[View]
149517953I haven't seen a good crime movie since Nice Guys. Am I missing anything?[View]
149510443LUCY NO[View]
149517738*slowly walks around disappointedly with his hands on his hips*[View]
149517713Early 80's Feels: Does anybody have anything like this music video, https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
149517866No, i am your father[View]
149517032Are there androids in the dune universe?: I'm not that familiar with this intellectual property…[View]
149514311Zombie sex. Thank you Snyder[View]
149517100Armpit pussy[View]
149517647>Right now you're feeling helpless[View]
149517672manifest (2018): is this Television & Film show good? After being presumed dead, passengers onb…[View]
149515743>modern war film >there's a female soldier involved in the plot It just doesn't feel…[View]
149517637Do I need a certain mindset in order to understand the vids from pic related?[View]
149516880i don't know why but im starting to suspect netflix has some kind of agenda or something...[View]
149497951Leave capshit to me![View]
149516645When are they going to make a movie about the deadly Corona Virus? 2 years to 5?[View]
149515086Why even bother? The mostly female writer room doesnt help either.[View]
149516480Now that the dust has settled, which show was better?[View]
149513222>2021, I am forgotten.[View]
149512157anyone know what happened on this past FEAR THE WALKING DEAD?[View]
149517354>invite cute girls over for movie night >bring out the VCR…[View]
149511739Would Freaky have been big if not for the pandemic?[View]
149517319Reggie LeDoux passed on?!?[View]
149510361ITT we post inevitable remakes and how they will ruin them >Jaws >Idris Elba as the police ch…[View]
149517274/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149512341How would you rate this show? Is it on the level of top tier shows like The Sopranos, The Young Pope…[View]
149517193>Is-is is that sexual harassment in the workplace? >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
149516935Man, dreams about actors are weird...: I dreamt of Warwick Davis winning the Oscar for best actor. D…[View]
149517132When you see it, you'll shit bricks[View]
149516502Characters that you're slowly turning into[View]
149514379>Movie things that give you goosebumps[View]
149516133Shin Godzilla: I know Funimation fucked up the NA release so that it cut out much of the dry humor. …[View]
149517058?: ?[View]
149516916What’s your first impression of him, /tv/?[View]
149515145Gadot should be a X-Wing pilot in Patty Jenkins Rogue Squadron movie[View]
149510979I liked it.[View]
149515930films about bullied girls: only one i can think of speak with kristen stewart[View]
149514649Good films that none of you uncultured plebbs mention in the threads.[View]
149516468someone please stop the yellow fever poster[View]
149495882Pleb Filter[View]
149512134OH NO NO NO EMILIA BROS[View]
149516937>ITS FUCKIN STARTIN what was daveys problem[View]
149516713David Lynch be like: ''Yeah I got this shit idea, bring me Laura Dern.''[View]
149516780Prometheus was a based ship and should've never been destroyed[View]
149514528>I know a Shamanic Navajo rain dance that hasn't just blown minds, it's blown ducts -- …[View]
149515639is Word Party a good show ?[View]
149516735things that freaked you out: that woman freaked me the fuck out when I was a child.[View]
149516733ITT: Forgotten movies.[View]
149515615Dude I’m like totally not gay[View]
149515490Haha imagine lol[View]
149516549Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need right now.[View]
149514242Bond thread: For me, its For Your Eyes Only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkZf-Hfqx_A Also fuck y…[View]
149515048>Don't touch me[View]
149516467[crunching sounds intensify][View]
149510453The only thing that matters are the people on this board. Salud mi familia.[View]
149514892DCEU's Superman: Describe the following character WITHOUT saying what they look like, what kind…[View]
149515221We did it reddit![View]
149512985What are your favourite Sopranos scenes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT7Jk0KO2zs&ab_channel=…[View]
149515368Would he have been a more kino choice for Hannibal than Mads?[View]
149499630>rewatch community on netflix >look forward to advanced dungeons and dragons >almost at sea…[View]
149515084>Put out an APB on a Uosdwis R Dewoh. Uh, better start with Greektown.[View]
149511167Naked Attraction Gamethread: IT'S BACK. 10 minutes, Channel 4, get in here.[View]
149515313I feel the need, the need for sneed.[View]
149516105Hello Nicholas. How's the hand?[View]
149515586*awkwardly unfolds paper sheet*[View]
149514152Why did all these video essays come out after Season 8 when everybody knew the show was shit by Seas…[View]
149508578Americans should stop the production of cape shit movies.[View]
149515028Game of Thrones: I never watched GOT until around a month ago--I'm now on Season 5. Why did peo…[View]
149516031>/tv/ hypes up pic related >it's literally just The Conjuring in Spanish…[View]
149515130makes perfect sense to me. Literally the best capshit villain we ever had after Thanos.[View]
149515881I don't get it. What was his fucking problem?[View]
149515394microwaveable popcorn vs popcorn kernels: I’m thinking of investing in a popcorn machine[View]
149515846This is now a Best Picture nominee. Say something nice about it.[View]
149512079>Wong is openly gay. He began a long-term relationship with talent agent Richie Jackson in 1988.[…[View]
149510183meanwhile, in 90s /tv/...[View]
149515607meeen: >oh you must be boobra's mom >barbara's mams…[View]
149515611No, i am your father.[View]
149515446Why did the prostitute or escort or girlfriend or whoever the hell it was took the pics of him dead …[View]
149514469How did he know how to do the secrets in super mario 3 without playing it before. thats literally im…[View]
149512087>'You have no SOUL!'[View]
149515503On a show full of psychopathic gangsters, this motherfucker comes off the worst[View]
149515181Why are the prequels so misunderstood?[View]
149506316I don’t want it. You are my queen.[View]
149515143ITT: Characters ruined after one movie[View]
149512574I miss Vikino[View]
149515305Whisper words of widom let it Sneed. let it Sneed.[View]
149514947>be engaged >Save your virginity >Give it up to Chad ASAP Hmmm…[View]
149515279What are some good films about 20th century history and politics, /tv/? Other than the typical WWII …[View]
149513573ITT: Super tight supershow actors[View]
149512472Have you watched Euphoria yet?[View]
149515202Ending: What are some good movie endings that you think would be best to watch before killing yourse…[View]
149515205How to stop the capeshitters: Almost all the time, about half the threads on the first page are cape…[View]
149514297Was 1997 cultural ground zero?[View]
149514957Criminally underrated pilots: Criminally underrated pilots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Yredc3ay…[View]
149514093>ARMY OF THE DEAD >OMG[View]
149511795I watched theatrical version of JL back in 2017. and remember it as a bad movie so I decided to give…[View]
149505541Hardcore Henry: I just watched this flick. What did I think of it and why did nobody tell me to watc…[View]
149501641Is is this retard purposefully so brazenly contrarian or is just wildly hackish? Does this mean star…[View]
149514629What are some good Mexican movies, lads? Preferably with sexy latina actresses in it.[View]
149509855When does it stop being good? I remember reading somewhere that it starts going downhill after seaso…[View]
149514918Twice they've tried to adapt it. Twice they've failed. When will they get it right?[View]
149507270Eiza González In Talks To Play Hawkgirk In 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods': >Eiza González i…[View]
149514916After getting blacklisted by Weinstein , Mira Sorvino is doing movies again: https://youtu.be/RTR9uT…[View]
149513381I don't get it. Why do you people like this scene so much?[View]
149511605>White family adopting black kid propaganda[View]
149509455this shit is so comfy to me, love it before going to bed. what are your fav eps?[View]
149511552>have read GITS >watched 1, 2, 2.0, SAC 1, SAC 2 >watch a couple of scenes of the movie …[View]
149493075ACTOR TRADEMARKS: >Brad Pitt eats. >Tom Cruise runs. >Tom Hanks pisses. >George Clooney …[View]
149514356I CREATE LIFE: Greatest living actor?[View]
149514637They hate us cuz they ain't us: Okay, I admit that it's not without flaws, but it's a…[View]
149513946what do yall think about this show?[View]
149507400You're in the jungle, losing your mind with fear: the predator is nowhere to be seen, only felt…[View]
149509336Resident Alien: How did Asta and Max find Harry in the gubmint warehouse? Why did the original Harry…[View]
149508325Wtf I like Zack Snyder now? New trailer: https://youtu.be/4Xr2dzrNeRU[View]
149511972new /JRE/ episode discussion: how stinky is her pussy do you think?[View]
149514466So what do you do in this situation?[View]
149514465This movie was great. I dont get why people pretend it isnt because of a retarded box office. The mo…[View]
149513089>Whatever-whoever becomes the President should just really clean it up. You know what I mean? Som…[View]
149512974/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149509022Nathan for you: This girl was so fucking hot Shame they didn't list her as 'officer suzanne' in…[View]
1495034912001: A Space Odyssey: Would a film like this appeal to today's audience? I just watched this …[View]
149513852Post your found footage/mockumentary recs[View]
149513762DMX was killed before he got the vaccine: George Floyd was killed because he took the China manufact…[View]
149513503Post an actor with more SOVL, i dare you. pro tip: you cant[View]
149512528What the fuck is going on?: Holy shit what is happening? I just popped into my archive and found thi…[View]
149513047Hi /tv/ I hope you can help me because you're so smart and I'm so stupid and autistic. I…[View]
149513924>They Shall Not Grow Old >The Beatles: Get Back Hackson should just stick to documentries. Kin…[View]
149513904Are the rumors true?[View]
149512587ITT: We Drive: Why is this movie shit on and why is it loved? I watched it myself once or twice now,…[View]
149513432>Cocoliztli >symptoms included high fever, severe headache, vertigo, black tongue, dark urine,…[View]
149510210Why is Le Samourai so sleeped on compared to Taxi Driver and Drive?[View]
149512471What the fuck is this film? I don't know what is going on, I can follow Spanish surrealist sile…[View]
149499558SNYDER KINO: New Army of The Dead Trailer! Get in here! https://youtu.be/tI1JGPhYBS8[View]
149513781Their story would make such a good indie film[View]
149512607What are some disaster movies where people don't act like total fucking retards? I am sick and …[View]
149512223What is next for up and coming actress Olivia Rodrigo?[View]
149513526Absolute bullshit. Crap. Garbage.[View]
149512503What are the best cats in film, /tv/? I'll start.[View]
149512120>start watching random American film >first 30 seconds it's already a parade of clichés …[View]
149504190After 3 movies. What has been her character arc so far?[View]
149512646What's the in-universe explanation as to why we don't see these guys in the OT?[View]
149513459Why did Hey Arnold! so often glorify toxic masculinity? Not to mention the heavily problematic chara…[View]
149507293Season 1 actually had a little edge to it.[View]
149512603GOOLD?: GOOLD?[View]
149513346Was it kino?[View]
149497726Is this anything to do with Lovecraft or is it just using his name, I only hear bad things but I…[View]
149512632>Daddy, I got a role in the new Netflix movie, I'm gonna be a serious actress now!…[View]
149506279Can we talk about this Kino? Why does every other disaster film fall short of this?[View]
149512453Is Hereditary a good film?[View]
149511248Pugh's new project, the Architect has a new apprentice.[View]
149509348Hoffchads.... we won[View]
149512409>'ok rape you next week'[View]
149512769What was the message of the movie supposed to be?[View]
149512784perfection right here. it's all been downhill ever since, almost makes me sad[View]
149513176I wish I played sports[View]
149512439The Thing: Why don't we just wait here for a while... and see what happens.[View]
149512384why didn't she have a career after Harry Potter?[View]
149511756>year is 2021 >Still no kino about the Texan Revolution Why? You'd think such an importa…[View]
149510800ITT: only the most keyed characters[View]
149498554>ITT actors that look sickly/awful no matter the role[View]
149512676SOUL https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/10/world/europe/youtube-fellowship-of-the-ring-russia-5tv.html…[View]
149511435Gravity Falls: I'm 25 and I think this show is peak kino. What does that say about me?[View]
149511993And that's a bad thing.. Id like to know I Am Jazz's stance on this x[View]
149512831I was just trying to use a taser and so what if I wasn’t. He had a fucking warrant. You kill your ow…[View]
149512781What happened to adventure movies?[View]
149508349will it be kino?[View]
149512117How to unleash my inner Joker? Like not giving a single shit about people anymore or being able to t…[View]
149512702Will it get nominated for Best Picture next year?[View]
149511310What if they just shot for shot remade this gay shit in modern day instead of making horrible 9/11 i…[View]
149512405I’m so confused. Should I watch the trailer, or should I hold out for the inevitable directors cut o…[View]
149509508Can orcs get infections? If a human put a spike all the way through their arm it would for sure get …[View]
149506996APOLOGISE FOR HE[View]
149511917TV/film characters who were based and redpilled[View]
149512345>unironically an entire movie was made so one guy could jerk off to Margaret qualley and Margot r…[View]
149512400If they removed all the scenes with humans, it actually wouldn't have been that bad of a movie.[View]
149511221What the fuck was her problem?[View]
149511595Did anyone watch Mid 90’s? Is he a good director?[View]
149510285No, i am your father.[View]
149510424Soooo... anyone here keeping up with the George Floyd trial? >oh no... he better stop it... Yeah …[View]
149510656A spiritual battle was being waged for his son's soul[View]
149509433GET SOME[View]
149506917What were the most defining movies of the 2000s? Surely by now we can look back at the 2000s as a co…[View]
149511337Just started collecting VHS tapes. Anyone else going back to the precious items of the past? The qua…[View]
149512228Have you ever seen scenes where someone pisses themselves in fear? Triple 9 has a woman piss herself…[View]
149501018NETFLIX will be streaming live action Gundam: How bad will this turn out?[View]
149511246Daft punk carried it, but still kino[View]
149502458Does /tv like curb?[View]
149512096Was it kino?[View]
149512173What are some movies?[View]
149512033Peak kinography[View]
149505010Let's write a script /tv/[View]
149512003biopic when?[View]
149508384>this blew the minds of all mexicans[View]
149507037Jim Carrey is a lawyer that was always able to advance his career on more than just the truth. But t…[View]
149509410>I'M ACTING Is Bautistia bogged? Seems like his face has had too much work done to express h…[View]
149510120I drink and I know things. Also, Varys has no cock.[View]
149511821Why is 4chan advertising this shirt?[View]
149507483That's THREE MCU 'villains' this year that did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
149496071For All Mankind: Does /tv/ recommend this series? Will my autistic mind, nurtured by playing KSP and…[View]
149504978>where is my mind starts playing[View]
149482196Which do you prefer? Where do you hope future monsterverse movies will settle?[View]
149511657Spot of bother up at Television & Film. Old Janny has been deleting posts that don't appeal…[View]
149511645how do i get a kim gf bros[View]
149504928I made one mistake in my life; I should have burned Berlin.[View]
149511532Why Ash feels like a total different character in Army of Darkness?[View]
149511117when the seas and mountains faaaaaaaalll and we cooooooooome to end of daaaaays in the dark I hear c…[View]
149510203Why do some boards hate frogs?[View]
149509941How come when Alain Delon wears a trench coat & fedora its stylish and cool, but when I do it it…[View]
149502562The picture which mindbroke DCucks.[View]
149511293Seinfeld thread[View]
149509645this was considered beautiful in ancient rome[View]
149502485>butter? fuck my family, I want a dress![View]
149511426>time wasting romance subplot[View]
149510455What exactly is the fabric of reality that all these sci-fi adventure movies always mention?[View]
149510885ITT: characters who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
149500514Ay Tone, fuck is this? Some kinda circle or somethin'?[View]
149488240/Who/ - Doctor Who General: The Dalek Protocol by Nicholas Briggs Edition The Earth mission to Exxil…[View]
149500374Three episodes in, this show is unbelievably based. Alex is such a good dude, great tight writing, n…[View]
149509608Between Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney, who is the better actress?[View]
149510496Why are the animated LOTR and The Hobbit movies so much better than Hackson's live action versi…[View]
149511219And when there’s nowhere else to run, is there room for one more son?[View]
149510866>I hate ever ape I see >From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z...…[View]
149511160if you were sent to prison for a crime you didn't commit, but then you escaped and proved you r…[View]
149511155>show up to his pad >he busts out the HDMI cord…[View]
149509527whats some modern cowboy kino?[View]
149509973DUNE changes from the book: Chamges the upcoming Denis Villeneuve film made from the book. All of th…[View]
149507349Which of these girls (if any) did you crush on /tv/?[View]
149497441What's her next big role?[View]
149510571Despite all the Star Wars threads I often see here, why doesn't The Clone Wars (2008) get as mu…[View]
149492652When/why did Hollywood start giving a fuck about male action movie physiques? Every action movie now…[View]
149504394Why didnt he just kill Isildur and toss the ring in after?[View]
149509797>it's a 'truman walks around the house saying nigger over and over again' episode…[View]
149503067Wow this is awful[View]
149510813Times you acted like Sheev Palpatine.[View]
149510762GIVE ME THE CUBE BOY[View]
149508172Supporting actors/actresses you like.[View]
149510089What DID he mean by a 'rundown'?[View]
149510699Tonight, on Mythbusters We test the elasticity of the vagina and anus and see just how permanent a g…[View]
149510046he said help us[View]
149510153Give the patient interferon[View]
149510518>WHITE FAMILIES BAD, BLACK COP AND MEXICAN NURSE GOOD rian johnson is such a fucking hack…[View]
149510390>Quietly judges you[View]
149508520Sophie Turner:: Why she can't act?[View]
149510394Is the time now right for vh-1 to do an I Love the I Love the 80’s series where they play clips from…[View]
149509743>Why [insert marvel movie] is an Underrated Gem >Why [insert pixar movie] is a Subversive Mast…[View]
149508808americans really did just watch some fag do blue collar dirty jobs for an hour on a science channel …[View]
149510212Ok, let's assume, for the sake of the argument that you redeemed. Mother bitch are you mad? Wh…[View]
149508337ITT: we tell a story using the name of a series or film[View]
149506419Describe your art taste with a Kino.[View]
149510301Holy cow, does McKenny ever stop working? /ourgirl/ is in everything[View]
149509322I'm getting pretty damn tired of all this Boomer, Zoomer, Millenial shit. Both the terms and th…[View]
149508474It's unironically time to APOLOGIZE to these absolute mad lads[View]
149510086>diarrhea again[View]
149509177I have Joaquin Phoenix's hairline.[View]
149499430IN 8 MONTHS MATRIX BROS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOVS6iCJ52s actors who are back: Keanu Reev…[View]
149505729Be still my beating heart[View]
149505372>Kids, Professor Wolf Wolf is busy today, the night of the full moon, so I'll take over. I…[View]
149510020The mayor: >hates women >wears a flamboyant fur coat >lives in a pink house >hides his i…[View]
149509021Casa Bonita (the place in that one south park episode) is closing[View]
149509085Invincible: wanted to wait for all episode to be out, but couldn't wait and marathoned 5 episod…[View]
149509965What are some comfy movies I haven't seen?[View]
149502737>came in expecting a typical tom cruise action movie >what I got was a cross between lost high…[View]
149509122A very happy birthday to the very heterosexual actor Glenn Howerton, who is in no way a gay man[View]
149509842Who do you think is the most influential lgbt actor of our generation is?[View]
149504655WELCOME TO ERFF[View]
149509877https://www.indiewire.com/2013/03/5-things-you-might-not-know-about-tim-burtons-beetlejuice-100152/ …[View]
149501724>men are brave wtf[View]
149509868so yeah ummm, haha what? any other questions? guys?... Jonah Hill's name envokes the thought o…[View]
149509448Why was Michelle Pfeiffer everywhere then she just kinda disappeared and only does an indie movie on…[View]
149508112Jarvis, go to instagram, pick random photos of white men, and create a thousand new soijaks based on…[View]
149502927Was he the bad guy?[View]
149509781This world is full So full of crashing bores And I must be one 'Cause no one ever turns to me t…[View]
149506252Literally The Gayest Film Ever Made[View]
149509615Was he the most tragic character? Even though he was a scumbag, out of all the characters it seems l…[View]
149509583Westboro Baptist Church: Based or cringe?[View]
149498302STAR WARS IS BACK THIS DECEMBER: december 21: Boba series early 2022: Cassian Andor (latino guy from…[View]
149506804Does anyone even remember what the fuck this was about? Bravo Scorsese.[View]
149509217Is there anything similar?: The lore, the atmosphere, does anything even come close? Carnivale, mayb…[View]
149508546What's your favorite type of nature doc?[View]
149508094LET THE BOY WATCH[View]
149504708Baseball Bat Man and Hammer Girl[View]
149509232MONICA BELLUCI KISSING WILL SMITH'S WIFE: https://youtu.be/2FAJf-hQYeM?t=6055 Remember enter th…[View]
149507223If you take away Marvel, has her career been underwhelming?[View]
14950930813: 13[View]
149503500Is it true /tv/?[View]
149507189Knives Out bad because.....Last Jedi bad![View]
149504039Where did he get the map to escape the plant?[View]
149509184ITT: Actors who play themselves.[View]
149502724>Lady in reeeeeed[View]
149507171Why did it fail?[View]
149505106>The Pink Panther >There is no Pink Panther in the movies Are the movies worth marathoning?…[View]
149508685Shyamalan's still got it folks[View]
149509029/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149503084Is she the only good actress in Japan?[View]
149508147So when will we see the 20-hour cut?[View]
149508892What is your take on comedic shows/series/films showing questionable content (thievery/adultery/what…[View]
149507405This is antimache The daughter of Amphidamas of Arcadia and the sister of Hippomenes, queen of /Tv/ …[View]
149504942'You're bad, Bart Simpson.' 'What? No really I'm not. I'm...' 'Yes you are. You'…[View]
149508774Why is it so retarded?[View]
149490913/trek/: Buffet edition[View]
149508648Fact. The American version of The Office is 10x better than the UK version. Michael Scott is much mo…[View]
149508712Here's your werewolf, bro.[View]
149507264The Simpsons' Hank Azaria apologises for playing Apu: >He says the character is 'practically…[View]
149508701I don't get it[View]
149503664What does /tv/ think about Brendan Schaub?[View]
149508167Beth True Detective: You would have done /tv/?[View]
149508341Apparently we're expected to believe a New York cop used the n-word in the interrogation room r…[View]
149508620Scandinavian Crime Dramas: I keep hearing about them but I've yet to watch one that is True Det…[View]
149506178Paranoid park: > watches paranoid What exactly is the point of this movie? Of course, I understan…[View]
149485906SG1: GOOLD?[View]
149508278What went right?[View]
149504951movies that you love but /tv/ hates[View]
149508379Pennyworth: I didn't care much for the second season.[View]
149502012New PPG poster: Need it or keep it?[View]
1495062283rd Rock From the Sun: What are your thoughts?[View]
149504563what went so fucking wrong bros? and when?[View]
149507100No, i am your father.[View]
149507512>rewatch 10 years later >still kino fuckin how?…[View]
149507297Burt Chrysler (dog lover / “comedian”) is doing a movie with Mark Hamill called “The Machine”. Is th…[View]
149494733Band of Brothers: Who is the best brother and why is it Lipton?[View]
149508103>That does it. I pull out my $750 hand-tooled Sabatier knife and cut out his eye, slash open his …[View]
149503810>tfw you'll never be able to put your parents in the pie pod[View]
149505122similar movies to kamikaze girls? i like its low budget aesthetic, while still being good[View]
149507463I wouldn't say a single word to them I would listen to what they have to say, and that's w…[View]
149508098this movie was made by actual virgins[View]
149507611Describe your life with a movie title[View]
149505511>Fight Club is about how cool it would be to be in a fight club and also how exploding huge build…[View]
149503269Based actors: Jackie chan is the most based actor to exist > epic stuntman > disciplined, very…[View]
149507975Who is the perfect female movie character? I don't necessarily think it's Marion, but I th…[View]
149505069>'I am... Hellraiser.' Switched the tv off right after that.…[View]
149507776Recommend me films about Latino men dating White women[View]
149507946cute movie[View]
149506572>Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.[View]
149507903why does /tv/ like this guy so much he was fuckin retarded, always got everything wrong and got peop…[View]
149504099What was his fucking problem?[View]
149506021Kubrick's best[View]
149507771>1080p 5.1Ch BluRay ReEnc-DeeJayAhmed[View]
149507713Why are Baychads so powerful? It's not fair.[View]
149504273Anne Hathaway: What are her best films?[View]
149504537Do you guys hate all capeshit or is there some of it you like?[View]
149490192DUNE TO BE THEATER EXCLUSIVE: >Dune has to release in theaters, the hype is off the charts and th…[View]
149491838/tv/ ylyl[View]
149507488> Look, we all know you can sneak into your momma's room, while she's sleeping, and tak…[View]
149491788#1 in America: OOH, SAY, CAN, YOU, SEE![View]
149506110I totally don't know where Michael is, dude. Hey you wanna listen to some records?[View]
149507449Now the dust has settled, which movie is superior? Whedon's Avengers or Snyder's Justice L…[View]
149499616Okay, so because all of you were asking, I finally figured out conspiracy behind the new Falcon and …[View]
149506693> japanese ''''acting''''[View]
149506496What went wrong?[View]
149506873Toby x Pam should have been canon.[View]
149505982>make him sound like a star wars droid[View]
149507282How did they get away with doing this in a children's film?[View]
149503146Has there been another heist film since The Town? Maybe Logan Lucky?[View]
149506854true detective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqhDtnEAJjM[View]
149507183What harry potter fanfiction should be adapted as it's own movie?[View]
149503070god damn. this is soooo deep and powerful...[View]
149501686Would this have shattered and crushed virtually all bones in his hand?[View]
149507028for me it's Sell This House[View]
149505428Hella based, desu.[View]
149505200How come the homeless aren't featured in movies anymore. Inland Empire is the last movie I saw …[View]
149506621Have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, yo…[View]
149501600Superhero movies are fucking stupid[View]
149502653Was this show real, or did I just imagine it?[View]
149505608Anyone else actually try the experiment?: Doing university classes online since March 2020. Recently…[View]
149505124I just woke up from a dream where Mads Mikkelsen stars in an sequel to Event Horizon. (But it was mo…[View]
149506422huh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBVuAGFcGKY[View]
149506394>movie is set in California[View]
149497998https://youtu.be/VjHMmF7HsoU >Badass woman: 'You must fight' >Emasculated man: 'But I promised…[View]
149502919/tv/ will defend this garbage[View]
149506340Recommend me Russian kino[View]
149506308George Lucas Sama? I'm kneeling!!!![View]
149487448DUNE 2021 changes from the book: >Imperium isn't a stagnant patriarchy. >Fremen are an e…[View]
149504373I was curious, did Disney Channel air any pre-school programming before 'Bear in the Big Blue House'…[View]
149505813Alice in Borderland: They finally made a good live action anime. Why isn't /tv/ discussing thi…[View]
149504539The 20th century was the American Century which brought with it the century of American cinema. Most…[View]
149505425Who's /tv/s favorite director?[View]
149503738Visual Effects - Practical or CGI?: After rewatching battle scenes from ESB and ROTJ, I keep thinkin…[View]
149502826It's 2021 and I am forgotten[View]
149505756This House Has People In It: Was it ARG kino? https://youtu.be/x-pj8OtyO2I https://youtu.be/I31T0Yt7…[View]
149506053I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
149503207That covers all the female characters that need improving, right?[View]
149505919I want just want a dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkLpKaVB3IE[View]
149505249I have never watched a single movie. AMA[View]
149504435Who Framed Roger Rabbit gets plenty of love and rightfully so but fuck this thing is a technical sho…[View]
149505864What is their greatest kino thus far?[View]
149505791High-key, it's kino[View]
149505420Tell me good film: Good film for me to watch today, please thank you.[View]
149502813Are there any kino skate videos?[View]
149486098/FRANKN'BEANS/: BEESLY?![View]
149499304Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD: Do you think the rape scene is still in? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
149504257WLIIAW: Things that make the jannies seethe. Scenes from a hat... Things that make the jannies seeth…[View]
149503971what are some other comfy southern kinos? just syarted watching this yesterday[View]
149504059Wow I feel the same way when I see new episodes of The Family Guy[View]
149503726>Sam Raimi is directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness What does this mean for Spide…[View]
149505699Drive suck Ryan Gosling suck Nicholas Cage suck Raising Arizona suck Crank suck Terminator 1 suck[View]
149496160>>Columnist and author Femke is flooded with anonymous nasty messages and death threats on soc…[View]
149505691OH N-[View]
149505642Pure unadulterated 70's kino thread[View]
149505288>Hmm. Should I wait 10 seconds for Obi-Wan to catch up or should I do the jedi thing and bum-rush…[View]
149501383adaptation when?[View]
149504218What the fuck what this though? These dwarves are like insanely OP. The orcs were total jokes and no…[View]
149505390Virtual Reality Kino: Does VR have a future as a filmmaking tool, /TV/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDr…[View]
149504832What the fuck is this sudden difficult increase? And why do i feel using ranged weapons is a burden?[View]
149501697Which actress would you choose to play Catwoman?[View]
149502758Was he actually that nice in real life?: At this point I've accepted the idea that most celebri…[View]
149505006Sometimes you're this...[View]
149504957What is some other one-season kino?[View]
149504838Why did he continue to show little flashes of being a good guy and genuinely caring about the family…[View]
149503471Unexpected Cameos : Tucker Carlson[View]
149504464Marathoned this in two days. Unrealistic as fuck but addictive. What do you think about this series?[View]
149502434she had long brown hair and buck teeth we often visited each others house she was smart like me she …[View]
149504246It reconciled me with super hero movies. Pretty based, 8.5/10[View]
149500584>Sopranos has good writ-[View]
149504826Is it me or is there a thing for villain fans who don't like redemption to be held as superior …[View]
149503190Anons, I--[View]
149503831HBO Green lantern cast: Expect official confirmation in the next two weeks but this is who will head…[View]
149504707What's next for his career?[View]
149504720Wanna see William Shattner play a /pol/ack in 1962? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KUuTJW269M[View]
149503766No, i am your father.[View]
149503707Why didn't Adriana immediately tell Tony and Chris that she had been picked up by the FBI: Woul…[View]
149504569POP IN AN OAK POP IN AN OAK[View]
149503958Am I the only one who likes watching these retards?[View]
149502542Was the finale based?[View]
149489819How can anyone say that left is better than right? Body is not part of this thread. We all know Lind…[View]
149504462ITT: actors who have bitten their children[View]
149502397“This isn’t an ambulance, it’s a God damn Hambulance!'[View]
149503194Was it kino?[View]
149504320I believe a majority of the differences between black and white people can be explained through soci…[View]
149503754What did I think of it?[View]
149503468Good. He would have given the kids herpes, constantly hit on the wife and daughter, and been insuffe…[View]
149504353Godzilla vs Martian Tripods. Get on it Hollywood, this would be EPIC![View]
149503045I only watch summer blockbusters.[View]
149503819Manletbros... did we just win?[View]
149501928How can japan be superior in almost every entertainment industry?[View]
149501800Cliffhanger: I always thought this was gonna be a super crappy movie. Oh how wrong I was.[View]
149502986INTO THE CANDELABRA.: How does /tv/ honestly feel about Into The Candelabra featuring Mike Doug and …[View]
149504242Why is /tv/ always thirsting over that thing in the middle?[View]
14950262940k kino when? Horus Heresy as a hollywood blockbuster could be kino[View]
149501850What the hell happened to the Hugos? Remember when the winner and the other nominees were awesome? T…[View]
149479348Jonahbros... even the normies are aware now[View]
149480856Anyone else like movies where men with 'nice guy' syndrome get told off? It's so rare.[View]
149501837why did she need to urinate so much?[View]
149502852Why did her exit from the show feel so forced?[View]
149503414ITT: Characters you are sowly turning into[View]
149503861>the catholic kino >the protestant flick[View]
149497767ITT: child actors who turned out not to be hacks: Macaulay Culkin, Edward Furlong, Jake Lloyd, Mara …[View]
149500486>watch a film the first time >it's alright, nothing extraordinary >rewatch it a few ye…[View]
149502876... I wasn't...[View]
149499267This fucking thing is going to go on forever, isn't it?[View]
149500636I don't get it[View]
149503750>Stop, invi-: >Actually, you know what? Fuck it, just let the dog die. I'm not gonna thro…[View]
149496566It's still bizarre seeing the whole world turn against Joss like this: Literally no one likes h…[View]
149503657Do jewesses really? Also what do you think of Israeli shows, they seem much better than the ones pro…[View]
149502453>heh, wassup /tv/, how are all you chill catz on my favorite board? I got some Indonesian cigaret…[View]
149498399>This thing is supposed to be an infiltrator[View]
149499082SNYDERBROS WE'RE COMING HOME https://youtu.be/tI1JGPhYBS8[View]
149501139Movies about people messing with the occult and getting fucked over by it?[View]
149500185>super logo power and there are some old fags that say that man of steal is bad and this is the g…[View]
149498475why did he do it[View]
149502738Johnny Sack: What made him so based, bro's?[View]
149492732Just watched this sci-fi drama. What did you think of it?[View]
149501867What is the last movie you watched? I just watched Godzilla vs Kong[View]
149502696Kevin, I'm going to feed you to my tarantula![View]
149480678ITT: Your Favorite Montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVEspFZCmmA[View]
149497082PLEASE tell me you didn't cheer along /tv/...[View]
149503032/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149493003what are must-have books for people interested in film or film students?[View]
149502889This is the first CGI ever used in a film.[View]
149500116It's about damn time.[View]
149500827I feel the need, the need for a Poots thread[View]
149502914X-MEN WELCOME, TO DIE[View]
149502964can the price for of a few quips and jokes become too high?[View]
149501639POWER RANGERS 2017: Why did it flop? I thought it was good compared to majority of most modern movie…[View]
149502617Why british cinema is always a lot darker than an analogue filmed anywhere else would be?[View]
149494118>tfw the last good Schwarzenegger movie was in 1994[View]
149497507>look up this video for a laugh >everyone in the comments is on tarantino's side and thin…[View]
149502228Django/Zorro: >Several years after the events of Django Unchained (2012), Django meets Don Diego …[View]
149502666Every movie's going to look like this now, aren't they? Movies like Kong v Zilla, Justice …[View]
149502735I'M PINOCCHIO[View]
149500048Great War films: I'm looking for any semi accurate ww1 films, or even late 19th century war fil…[View]
149501717Godzilla 1954: does it hold up?[View]
149502705Should movie directors cover every single plot detail in their movies or leave some things to the vi…[View]
149494258So the show wants me to sympathize with this mutt and her cause even after they killed an unarmed bl…[View]
149504175Will there ever be a game like tibia ever again?[View]
149500629>'what im going to tell you is top secret. There is a powerful group of people that are secretly …[View]
149502636OUTER LIMITS IN 2021: SOUP /tv/ Anon here slowly watching some Outer Limits and I am still in the ea…[View]
149502613What is it and what makes actor (to keep it board relevant) Steven Seagal so obsessed with it?[View]
149502067Write the American reboot[View]
149502327The ‘iCarly reboot’ will have new characters >ET reports that Carly will have a best friend and r…[View]
149502369Metropolis: Did you get the message of this film?[View]
149502210the rock: was this a good movie bros?[View]
149501704People (here, on RLM, in South Park) constantly say how Hollywood desperately tries to please the Ch…[View]
149501613>is a Snyder movie >soundtrack are old songs from the radio…[View]
149501585>War don't ennoble men. I turns them into dogs. Poisons the soul.[View]
149501352Save my drive-in!: We were hoping this day would never come. A national media company which owns a n…[View]
149501012>WW3 movie >[song] starts playing What's the song, /tv/?…[View]
149496756post essential midwitcore[View]
149499897Marty: What’s his endgame?[View]
149502153Why is Netflix like this?: >we have to time travel to kill white supremacists to avoid a race war…[View]
149502011What did Roland mean by this?[View]
149502057The only funny bong comedian.[View]
149498597Simpsons always had celeb cameos, you can’t say that was the downfall[View]
149499113say it again, /tv/[View]
149501097They don't make em like that anymore[View]
149481793Q: This thread is about HBO’s docuseries, “Q: Into The Storm”. How can people still believe in Q aft…[View]
149498198i like it it's not as bad as everyone says solid 8/10 there's too much battle scene for my…[View]
149500460what are some art kinos pic related is great[View]
149498364Virtual Reality Kino: Could VR be a viable filmmaking tool in the future, /tv/?[View]
149499269>Vietnamese >Fiercely nationalist >Will to fight and sacrifice >Kills imperialists with …[View]
149501644RATE all (1/2) Fairy Tale: The sword in the stone 1963 Cinderella 1950 Pinocchio 1940 Beauty and the…[View]
149468457Kino inbound[View]
149499590she knew[View]
149501695They really took this seriously on Falcon and the Winter Soldier huh?[View]
149501692>maybe I should help? >...Nah, they got this…[View]
149501665>hi zoomer, welcome to reality here's your movie Do you think this harmed their brains?…[View]
149501231Why did he kill Carla Jean?[View]
149501634Maisie Williams has a unique look. Is that really so bad? Everyone loves Mr. Bean, and he's str…[View]
149498721how come there's currently only so few good actors who are in their 20s?[View]
149500983Recommend me some shows for girl fetishists[View]
149493627Netflix Conan the Barbarian: Will it be kino?[View]
149501523Is it OK if I'm 34 and watching this?: Just downloaded the entire first season... IDK I really …[View]
149498868Who are some Actors/Directors who are complete assholes? >directs a movie with 18yr old playboy m…[View]
149487302>Becomes the better podcast It was never personal, Joe.[View]
149500866>he pulls out the hdmi cable[View]
149498940>character select chime Nigleena.[View]
149501491I really expected way more from this shit movie....[View]
149498755>SHOOT HER[View]
149499701>white male >fighting islamist terrorists >killing female villain in rape-like way >love…[View]
149500664Why was the blue lightsaber so small?[View]
149500176Talkbros...we are BACK![View]
149475990>frodo gets stabbed in the chest with a giant rusty spear by a 2400lbs troll >no broken bones,…[View]
149500027>Luke, grab that little ho.[View]
149501345/tv/ bloopers thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnL1iPdQVuc[View]
149497563Cast it: Make sure they're all hella right for the role.[View]
149499671>disturbing movies iceberg[View]
149497536this barely ever gets mentioned but its the most disturbing movie i know: 2bh its more far out than …[View]
149498880James Franco must have a super weird ugly-chick fetish. That's kind of cool actually.[View]
149500977*ruins everything*[View]
149500958>They are a youtuber who is the one who's re- who's po- who, who makes, who constantly …[View]
149500748Decline of Western Civilization II: >Paul Stanley desperately trying to not be gay >Gene Simm…[View]
149500990>You will never have a cause to gladly die for >You will be stuck in 4chan forever…[View]
149498329Do you think they will bring back Crown Lake for a 3rd season?[View]
149485830I didn't think they had the right chemistry in Thor. What was the reason for that?[View]
149499341anyone else tryna ride on the kino train?[View]
149500660What is a man to do, without any kino to watch?[View]
149496354Do the Right Thing?: Who was in the wrong?[View]
149500802more like raging kino![View]
149500004Arno the reptoid from /x is a SnyderChad confirmed. I decided to ask him if he watched any of Snyder…[View]
149499699SONIC 2: Leaked picture from the film[View]
149495019Women are funny. Get over it[View]
149485555All memes aside: did anyone like this movie?[View]
149500413ITT: Kino soundboard prank calls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4C70C8O_8[View]
149500122HITMAN'S WIFE BODYGUARD: HITMAN'S BODYGUARD sequel trailer is out: https://m.youtube.com/w…[View]
149500405Suicide Squad for Netflix: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xr2dzrNeRU[View]
149500256So the Simpsons have no problem mentioning the NFL, MLB, or NBA... but NASCAR is crossing the line?[View]
149483455I'm sorry, T.: I'm sorry, T.[View]
149500364Trump-less ‘SNL’ Suffers Ratings Droop: “Saturday Night Live” can feel CNN’s pain. The far-left netw…[View]
149488469Post webms[View]
149500323HOL UP[View]
149498942Did Tom Segura rip off Family Guy with his basketball fail injury?: >https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
149498406WestWorld Season 3: Now that the dust has settled how was it? Season 1 was absolute kino, 2 was pret…[View]
149494815Why is this shit so popular?[View]
149498135Brainlet here. I still don't really understand this or the whole thing with the poison cigarett…[View]
149498912Why yes, I do watch Sharon Stone deepf*kes on repeat while rewatching Casino clips I've created…[View]
149497672Why did the Austin Powers franchise fail?[View]
149497904SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 leaks: >Eggman returns to Earth after meeting Knuckles and learning about th…[View]
149500124how i be looking at tranny janny when he hit me with that zero dollar 3 day ban[View]
149491811>612 days until Avatar 2[View]
149499091>he doesn't watch movies at 1.04x speed in order to save time with no perceptible difference…[View]
149499797Where to begin to understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe?[View]
149493787>fat fuck has super strength/stamina/fighting prowess Why is this trope so common?…[View]
149497350LUCAS' 1ST MOVIE: THEY'RE MASTURBATING ON BLACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn-Sa0MlF…[View]
149499919>WB is too afraid to give Superman readers a movie based on pre-crisis Superman because he was to…[View]
149498146What if right, robots replaced service workers. Just a thought.[View]
149499835Boys, this is my church! And if you don’t think Christ is down here on the waterfront, you’ve got an…[View]
149498972Go ahead. Fuck them. Why do I care? You know what, I've been trying REALLY hard to get past the…[View]
149499836Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
149499593Been a while since we had one of these[View]
149499711What was Lynch thinking?[View]
149499266I prefer the stillness here.[View]
149499682movies with the most kino ending[View]
149498351Carmen Sandiego: Why did nobody tell me kino was on the menu?[View]
149499473>Sara is a teen girl who is looking forward to her 18th birthday to move away from her controllin…[View]
149499521Now that the dust has settled, who would win?[View]
149499280Broke actors: >As of 2021, Lindsay Lohan's net worth is roughly $800 thousand…[View]
149487374What are some fine pieces of literature that would (or wouldn't) translate to film kino?[View]
149498820Hermionitrix a cute, i tell you, a cute!!![View]
149497845BLACKED: >Try to wife 30 yr old single mom negress >get rejected >she fucks some black guy …[View]
149497807How come this board full of weaboos never discusses jap/korean kino?[View]
149497189Why is Netflix like this? Every fucking time.[View]
149498914is this a next big thing?[View]
149499109Gaan bros The Smithsonian channel is broadcasting a live Air Disasters marathon[View]
149498824What happened to comfy car-themed shows?: They were there for whole 70s, 80s and 90s but now none to…[View]
149470775What's the first thing that comes to mind?[View]
149499009>Dude check out Invincible it is not like the other cape shit! >Oh my god Battle Beast could a…[View]
149468454Any reason why I shouldn't like Pierce Brosnan as a person? He appears the most down-to-Earth h…[View]
149496283can we discuss the simpsons without the thread being derailed by fucking sneedchucks?[View]
149498594What the fuck was his problem?[View]
149495362Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
149498933'Barbara I will not suffer you sullying the good name of the noble nation-state of Israel or the six…[View]
149498669X from above: >slomo for everything to fill the air time >slow, majestic music begins to repe…[View]
149497743Las niñas (2020): >Celia, an 11-year-old girl, studies at a convent school and lives with her mum…[View]
149498307What do you think of this shot from american tv show 'According to Jim', available on Disney+?[View]
149497690They don’t make ‘em like they used to.[View]
149495480Johnny Cage: What actor can play him?[View]
149498556וואָס די באַרען[View]
149498724Please, can someone help me remember what Series it is? I don't remember the series. I only rem…[View]
149497181Mike was losing control. He normally woulda just left it at the takedown. That last twisting his arm…[View]
149498663wtf how is that possible?? test[View]
149487989why aren't people tired of this fucking capeshit yet for fuck sake[View]
149489919>In the books you lost your nose, little brother[View]
149498608how come some on-topic threads are not allowed but some off-topic threads are allowed? groundhog day…[View]
1494985315 seconds, in and out[View]
149498537I want to feel again bros... What movie to watch?[View]
149475239Aside from the obvious threads, children of men, and Zack Snyder's justice league what are some…[View]
149493297THE WITCHER: Witcherbros we are going home https://deadline.com/2021/04/jodie-turner-smith-exits-the…[View]
149498487Ramadan Kareem. What are some kinos to watch in this blessed month, /tv?[View]
149494086You are weak, Son of Anon, unsure of yourself.[View]
149490956It's telling how the only season revolving around white people was the worst one.[View]
149498377Lesser known kino discussion? Watched this again last night for the first time in a decade and was r…[View]
149496754Post movies that do not exist, but you wish they did[View]
149497933What's some Chinese kino? I've seen The Wandering Earth.[View]
149497702>DRUGS ARE ....ummmmm.....LE BAD!!!!! What the fuck was his problem?[View]
149497178Tatiana thread[View]
149496725What’s your first impression of him, /tv/?[View]
149494400SAY IT[View]
149496829How much of a dumbass hoe do you have to be to let someone coom inside you in MIDDLE SCHOOL? Fucking…[View]
149497965According to the latest poll on the discord the favourite movie of /leftypol/ is 12 Angry Men What…[View]
149497574What would happen if he just left all of a sudden and went to live in another state far away from Je…[View]
149497860I just started watching this show and I cannot stand this whole message it keeps pushing about the s…[View]
149495761Genuinely creepy horrors: - Lake mungo - The Banshee Chapter - Pontypool - Kairo what else?[View]
149495990>character leans chair against a door >it's all of a sudden impenetrable…[View]
149496731What does /tv/ think of Nicolas Cage?[View]
149490527This is the story of a time long ago – a time of myth and legend. When the ancient gods were petty a…[View]
149493602Had he ever actually made quinoa?[View]
149497047>LOL PUSSY IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS What did they mean by this?[View]
149497562Now that the dust has slightly settled, why did McNulty automatically assumed that Scott made the ca…[View]
149497728>Yo Mr.White why do you keep talking about the jews running all the banks and shit yo? >…[View]
149491071Is this the peak of Australian comedy? https://youtu.be/GN9cRtLs3LM[View]
149497696No one in Westview will ever receive justice for what was done to them.[View]
149495192does Oscar mean anything anymore?[View]
149493060Based on this image who do you think my favourite actor is?[View]
149493155>americans are all traumatised, crying on screen from all the ptsd >vietnamese soldiers laughi…[View]
149497529JESSE WE HAVE TO FAST[View]
149496572CW's PowerPuff Girls will be just like THIS. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dAbq2jgw6y8[View]
149497629Episodes that actually piss you off.[View]
149495672Did the Oscars get it wrong?[View]
149497092What the fuck does that mean? Ohio is the land of sorry arse losers or something?[View]
149497545I hate cape shit now. It's equivalent to a caked makeup face.[View]
149495230Avatar the last airbender Netflix movie: Will it be good? or at least better than the first one?…[View]
149492511How did this shit cost $100M?: It looks cheap as fuck.[View]
149497422Have you noticed how when the weather's nice in the UK this board turns to shite! https://yout…[View]
149496820[spoilers]ENDLESS TRASH[/spoiler][View]
149496180Was 'The Matrix' a metaphor about western society's reliance on prescription mental h…[View]
149496639The book fucking sucked. Why was it so popular? I’m not watching this.[View]
149496720Who would you cast and who should direct?[View]
149497312Steals the movie in your path.[View]
149493161Things have gone tough for Darkseid after Earth's failed invasion...[View]
149497203>in my country there is problem[View]
149497169Kinos about deception and scamming? I want to watch more shit with high stakes and tension, where th…[View]
149494010>Part of me feels like I need to go around to every single Indian person in this country and pers…[View]
149497086OH N-[View]
149496356Ken Burns Civil War: How come he so based?[View]
149497015>SMALL TALK IS BAD BECAUSE..... ummm..... IT JUST IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck was his proble…[View]
149496801Most over rated character: French people just aren't intimidating[View]
149493886I’m a failure, my family hates me and I want to die. Give me some movies that will bring me to tears…[View]
149495450Sauron is like the archetypal evil overlord. He's got massive armies of monsters. He has a head…[View]
149496728'Reality' show fights: Do you know of any fights that broke out in reality shows? webm related is K…[View]
149496563What movie coming out this year are you most looking forward to?[View]
149489065why did he take off his mask at the end?[View]
149493350>Me, the 13th Duke of Wybourne? Posting on /tv/? With my reputation? What were they thinking....…[View]
149492216Why were people upset with the dagger scene in Rise of Skywalker, but not the Death Stars exhaust, w…[View]
149490641Times the movie was better than the book.[View]
149494005Go to 14:58 in a movie and post a screenshot it here for others to guess.[View]
149496318best tv couple right now[View]
149494719Is there any open-source scriptwriting software? I've been writing on WPS Writer but I'd l…[View]
149496273Lesser known new films: Share your new film.[View]
149495911what do you feel when you listen to the kickboxer soundtrack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL36g…[View]
149493118Why did he do it?[View]
149494683Uhhh... tory bros... I don't feel so good...[View]
149487308Wizarding Schools of the World: Pretty based amirite?[View]
149496015Amazing love movies: Any good movies about the purest love, bwwm?[View]
149492804How will successful Hollywood director Zack Snyder recover from this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
149495820Elder Scrolls TV show: Old article but: https://gamerant.com/elder-scrolls-tv-series-netflix/ It…[View]
149493162>IT'S A 40K PREQUEL MOVIE!!![View]
149485505Star Trek 2023: The new film has a smaller budget than the Kelvin trilogy, around $95 - $115 million…[View]
149475019ITT: the worst movie you ever saw in a theater.[View]
149493551What went wrong?[View]
149494270So now that the dust has settled His podcast went to shit until he got big and the whole youtube pod…[View]
149491436Why did TV get filtered like coffee by this kino?[View]
1494955622nd best HP film?: so most people agree that PoA is the best (rightly so, i think). which film your …[View]
149484800Why does she pretend to be Irish again?[View]
149492003What’s the chicken parmigiana of /tv/ - television & film?[View]
149492696ARMY OF DARKNESS SEQUEL IS COMING: >Sam Raimi is officially back in directing the Evil Dead franc…[View]
149494626Here are your Powerpuff Girls. What do you think? https://www.ign.com/articles/powerpuff-girls-cw-fi…[View]
149482487>arrive >he pulls out the HDMI cable[View]
149494766Sanctimonious cow.[View]
149490242Resident Evil 8/10 Apocalypse 6.5/10 Extinction 6/10 Afterlife 3/10 Retribution 1/10 Final Chapter 5…[View]
149495212Why did it have to end? No show will ever live up to this again[View]
149495396>No one can tell us apart, we're dead ringers. What did he mean by this?…[View]
149493354Best girl in Game of Thrones. The show peaked with the Wildling attack on Castle Black.[View]
149494888Was it kino?[View]
149494566is the midwest as kino in real life? bong here, seems like the comfiest part of the US[View]
149495237>Written and Directed by Taika Waititi[View]
149493680Recommended movies about toxic relationships[View]
149494540Another great night of sleep: thanks tarkovsky[View]
149491276>I'm an unfunny twat and I'm going to waste three minutes of air time pedantically brea…[View]
149493202Is Captain America a white supremacist?[View]
149494219Greetings friends. I have a new inside source at Lucasfilm and this one is unassailable. It's f…[View]
149494946Kino with this feel?[View]
149491406why'd he do it bros?[View]
149494622Now that the dust has settled, what was the magic word?[View]
149491135Was it Kino?[View]
149493645Another great night of sleep: Thanks, Kubrick![View]
149494718Jezzy wers me cocan[View]
149494023Holy shit. Just watched this, now I want to get /druk/[View]
149493467Would you watch a Balan Wonderworld movie?[View]
149493839Why didn't they just create a hedge fund to protect The Ring as long-term mortgage security?[View]
149494327>sent to stop terrorists: >less effective than Seal Team Six This show is so fucking stupid.…[View]
149493595Is it kino?[View]
149493379Whats next for Ben Affleck?[View]
149491151What is this face trying to convey?[View]
149491063>canon >capeshit >Godzilla vs Kong >Star Wars >Alita >Joker >Harry Potter >L…[View]
149493355this was surprisingly comfy[View]
149489734Post cool looking vehicles from Star wars[View]
149490584>Things you never noticed before in a movie Just watching Gremlins for maybe the 100th time in my…[View]
149490790For me, it's Trinity in her shiny vinyl catsuit[View]
149494235What are some hungarian kinos?[View]
149494176Thoughts on live action Gundam?[View]
149493918>AWAY WITH THIS POPISH IDOLATRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx27wa0SpN4…[View]
149493611Who asked for this?[View]
149491150How do I become a made man, /tv/?[View]
149493101Now, the pink elephant, if you please[View]
149494004kinos for this feel?[View]
149493586>maybe the reason why the good guys win in the end in super hero movies is what makes it a work o…[View]
149491077Pretty funny how this is all MUH STRONK WOMYN considering all the accusations against Whedon[View]
149493831Now that the dust has settled was he the best part of the DCEU?[View]
149493612George Carlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2lNAuXaAIo Does anyone actually find this guy funny?…[View]
149493413Sneed's Feed and Seed: Formerly Chuck's Feed and Seed[View]
149493676Campy kino[View]
149490821Who's going to play them in the upcoming trilogy?: Also SW thread[View]
149491922Where should I start with Altman?[View]
149493072All women are worthless whores who need a good beating[View]
149493518>go to use bathroom >boyfriend put seat down >not today bitch >lift up seat and slam it …[View]
149490503So why was Palpatine so obsessed with this thing that he replicated it four-ish times? Was it autism…[View]
149483748pedo: the show[View]
149491211This fucking guy bombed an airplane, thought it was a netflix joke.[View]
149493305Hey Kramer: So, I heard about open mic night at the Laugh Factory... *theme music*[View]
149489806I cummed a lot[View]
149493403Why do movies portray Hitler as the bad guy?[View]
149493221If Jews are master of storytelling how come Isreal isn't the most dominate tv and movie empire …[View]
149487904Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
149493298Oh yeah, I guess this existed...[View]
149493234TFW rewatching Spaceballs again and realizing for the first time Mel Brooks intentionally designed Y…[View]
149493049Why was he such a hothead? He goes apeshit, like he’s jealous Michael killed Solazzo. Was it insecur…[View]
149493168The Mother Code: is it going to be kino?[View]
149492586Name a more kino Sword & Sorcery: You can't.[View]
149492868Post your watchlist, anon below you picks the next movie you will watch.[View]
149493149Kino where you're forced to take the mRNA vaccine that takes over your cells just like a virus?[View]
149490889>Good movie deliberately sabotages itself because the director thought it would be funny…[View]
149492959Who can adapt it right?[View]
149493017what is this from?[View]
149493043Sazham! 2 villians actresses announced >Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren will portray the villians of th…[View]
149492579Carnivale: The mythology is interesting, but every character beyond him is boring. I'm only wat…[View]
149492300>muh bombadill The Scouring of the Shire was crucial to the story and this is what's really …[View]
149485384>running through rain gets you wetter than walking slowly the same distance yeah thats bullshit…[View]
149492824When are pedantic nigger politics going to stop ruining television and film[View]
149492844My theory is that by desaturating each frame, Snyder was able to inject more soul into the resulting…[View]
149492135Go into a room too fast, kid... The room eats you.[View]
149492838Kino idents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKzcBgJ1qEg[View]
149492105Let's talk about this Oscar Nominated masterpiece[View]
149492081But more than him we want Mangano and Teresi.[View]
149486428It's Helper-Man![View]
149492592>Step right up, Mr. Bond[View]
149492053how does this child molesting creep keep getting away with it? not only has he never been #metoo…[View]
149492613ITT : dead /tv/ memes[View]
149492192That's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?[View]
149492616>watching marvel movie >mfw superhero wins and the villain loses…[View]
149486609Ted Baxter: Greatest dumb character ever created.[View]
149491321Why do you guys like this again? Its really not that great, it’s a pretty by the books drama/thrille…[View]
149492520>its a thalmor lives matter episode[View]
149489142Most overrated TV show in History: >Change My Mind.[View]
149477506MARVELCHUD, NO![View]
149492504>it's a Monk's co-workers bully him into committing suicide because he didn't win …[View]
149488018Go to 14:58 in a movie and post a screenshot it here for others to guess.[View]
149489225Why do women, especially white, like shows like this so much?[View]
149487449This was pretty good. Russell Crowe terrorizes a fortnite zoomer and his rostie single mother[View]
149491193Why'd they put you in a fire tower?[View]
149492230Will Shane Carruth work again on kino? Maybe now that his friend rian johnson will get paid 100 mill…[View]
149490478Is this the most kino physique?[View]
149482565Did Snyder use the Amazonians as a ploy just so he could surround himself with fit women on set?[View]
149490468Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD: New trailer drops today. Thoughts?[View]
149491176So is there supposed to be a giant alien space whale inside this thing?[View]
149492202Do you think more female MMA fighters should star in blockbuster movies?[View]
149480626It is happening again.[View]
149491904>stop, my invisible son[View]
149478740New week new Jonah Hill: How does he do it, lads? >Actor >Writer >Director >Surfer >…[View]
149492136ITT: digital cable[View]
149488361>here's your king of Britain bro[View]
149486855ITT: times we used movie quotes IRL: >in philosophy class >Professor asks me about the concept…[View]
149492019>appears in your movie >makes it comfykino Seriously, any movie Clooney is in is peak comfykin…[View]
149491982>its a '300 year old loli from the dark brotherhood tries the dating scene again' episode[View]
149491767who are the most promising new and upcoming filmmakers?[View]
149491889remember Stretchman?[View]
149486353>'Vince, why do you keep making telemetry scanned 3d models of my body while recording me reading…[View]
149490585>we are making an English show/movie >we are already on the line with our actress…[View]
149483710DUNE: Harkonnen soldiers attacked by Fremen.[View]
149491691>browse new stuff to watch >some Amazon series called 'Them' >a horror anthology >sounds…[View]
149490745The monster is a floating triangle... epic[View]
149485033Falcon and Winter Soldier: What was his fucking problem?[View]
149488058kino music videos? https://youtu.be/10JDA8SvwX8[View]
149487315Well if it isn't my boy Anon. I was beginning to think something happened to you.[View]
149485349>mfw I leave my wife and kids behind to die[View]
149488461>Granny Goodness[View]
149490101Reloaded? It's a load, alright![View]
149491031ITS NOT ALP ANYMORE[View]
149490812HOLY SHIT! Larry looks great in this! Why the fuck didn't Martin Scorsese make a film with him…[View]
149484724Neytiri is...[View]
149489044Remember Michael Ironside? This is him now. Feel old yet?[View]
149488478>90's techno starts playing[View]
149491101>The flesh is weak, Johnny. Only the soul is immortal. And yours belongs to ME!…[View]
149490215Why didn't he just back up?[View]
149490924>I'd like to buy some CHEEEEEEEEEESE haha Brits knocked it out of the park with another bang…[View]
149487419Reign Over Me (2007): this any good?[View]
149484663Movies you laughed at walking out knowing you got fooled into watching.[View]
149479062I think this is a better Batman than the one that shoots and kills people like a coward.[View]
149484858What the hell was netflix thinking?[View]
149490685I pay pajeets on Fiverr to make basedjak edits of posters I don't like.[View]
149488870Powerul stuff right there[View]
149490126You know what really grinds my gears?[View]
149484810Why is it called Raiders of the Lost Ark? Nobody in the movie raids the ark.[View]
149488860FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER EP: 5 CAMEO *NEW* DETAILS REVEALED!: Disney/Marvel Insider here. The Cam…[View]
149486238Why is the 1st Halloween movie so bad?: And the actress is super ugly, she looks hard on drugs, coul…[View]
149490505MY HINEYS CLEAN: What songs does /tv/ sing when you have a clean butthole??[View]
149490656Paris Police 1900: >literally first scene is a guy getting a blowjob Aaaaahhhh the French…[View]
149487403The Black Cauldron: This movie is underrated, it’s like a comedy mix of The Legend of Zelda and The …[View]
149489989If anybody has a hidden immunity image, now is the time to post it, otherwise, your mother will die …[View]
149490570>main character keeps doing weird hand signals to the camera, trying to communicate with me…[View]
149489143>This is what terrified cumskins in 1915[View]
149489212What are the most upsetting sequels throughout film history?[View]
149490253It may be cape shit but yondus arrow is cool af[View]
149487513Where did the DCEU go wrong?[View]
149474681Sword & Sorcery: what are some sword and sorcery kinos?[View]
149489446Hey guys![View]
149490381Watched this for the first time earlier. I liked the old guy dancing to the banjo but the rest was p…[View]
149487963IT SPEEEEEAKS[View]
149485149How'd she fail to develop into an adult actress? She wasn't half-bad looking.[View]
149484052You're an up and coming Indie filmmaker and Jonah Hill has offered to star in your film. What…[View]
149487797Why did people keep calling him Shirley?[View]
149486620Why do TV shows have so many different directors?: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098844/fullcredits?…[View]
149488683should i watch call me by your name? is it good?[View]
149490264Damn, the real world history that we are not taught is explored in painful depth in Exterminate All …[View]
149486285DUNE: >He had seen two main branchings along the way ahead -- in one he confronted an evil old Ba…[View]
149489843What did it mean? >A tv show about an enterprising chemistry teacher gets an M rating but a show…[View]
149486297What facial expression do you have when watching television ?[View]
149489181Stop my invincible™ son[View]
149480780What should be the plot for her next film?[View]
149489832Predators are basically the Wakandans of space: really advanced technology but choosing to keep a pr…[View]
149489047>Filmé doesn't have an all-male cast[View]
149489812What were the main trends in TV and film specifically in the year 2000?[View]
149487953Any films/movies where the MC destroys the world for tight asian pussy?[View]
149486138recommend me some kino or else[View]
149485125Every time I watch this movie it gets worse and worse.[View]
149480945Why did she get no roles after Game of Thrones? Is Hollywood racist?[View]
149489523HER «M B T I» TYPE IS: «E N F P» (Ne Fi Te Si).[View]
149489561>the charges, officer? >Let The Games Begin.…[View]
149488257>Stannis told me but I didn-[View]
149487778movies only you have seen - moyhs: Boomer edition Reckless Kelly and Cool Runnings were my jam @ 8 I…[View]
149485868why was the cgi so shit?[View]
149489420>Gondor is the stand-in for Rome/Byzantium/South >it's 'grand but also lifeless without c…[View]
149488052Now that the dust has settled, was it good casting?[View]
149481770Why does Home Movies still hold up?[View]
149486183>Vast sci-fi universe with many different alien life forms >Every single one is a bipedal huma…[View]
149487451What was the moral of the story?[View]
149486901What is the best documentary on the JonBenet case?[View]
149488921>there are people out there who think this is a deep, thought-provoking masterpiece kek. KEK.…[View]
149487970Where the FUCK is Eastwatch[View]
149488729>make a movie so good, they get a free pass to make any stupid shit they come up with without any…[View]
149488521Here we go again[View]
149488532tongue of fury when[View]
149484066DUNE: New art from the upcoming Lord of the Rings level film. This film will change cinema forever.…[View]
149488392Will DCEU ever be the same without him?[View]
149488187I don't get it. Why do you people like this scene so much?[View]
149488300could he have played judge holden in a blood meridian adaption?[View]
149486177Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin', Tossed salad and scrambled eggs[View]
149485338wtf why do I cry EVERY TIME[View]
149487738Craster was the most complex character in the show[View]
149485466>villain is evil because...he's evil All jokes aside, I really enjoyed snyder cut, I think i…[View]
149487626Have you seen the Zack Snyder dinosaur film?[View]
149475622ITT: movies safe for Halal Family Movie Night[View]
149482914I went to highschool with Evie from leftovers. She was one year older than me and a total diva. Stil…[View]
149485275What’s your first impression of him, /tv/?[View]
149483787>soldiers walk right up to the enemy in a line and shoot directly face-to-face Was the civil war …[View]
149486780/HHG/ Hater Harry General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
149487707Hi I'm gay poster OP and this is gay sex [View]
149486944Why do normies love this show? It was objectively bad >Leaves out major details >Downplays t…[View]
149480021By the way, /tv/ - oh my god, these Chocodiles? These Chocodiles, /tv/, OH MY GOD, these chocodiles,…[View]
149483791I’ve heard that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are being looked at for leads in Fantastic Four (Reed…[View]
149484038DUNE: >Eric Roth, one of the writers of #Dune2021 speaks to @Collider >“And I think he... I d…[View]
149486811>my name is ballsack shredder what the fuck did vince mean[View]
149487054How can a non-human character be so relatable?[View]
149487503>mfw the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song is an original, and not some music from the 1920s-1940s…[View]
149486048who was in the wrong here: >Someday? Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and d…[View]
149486733>hey i knew this guy >he was in the mob? i shot him for the thin club…[View]
149484544The Coens are making movies like no one else.: I am re-watching *Fargo* and I am in awe of the incre…[View]
149486902>The Irishman Budget $159–250 million Box office $8 million >Avengers Endgame Budget $356 mill…[View]
149484093Twin Peaks Thread: this is such a soulless interpretation, what are everyone’s takes on things in th…[View]
149487244Oh fucking hell, hnnnnggghh[View]
149477887This is just as generic as the movies it shits on. And they constantly make fun of movie stars despi…[View]
149487217Let's play a game /TV/ Let's take a beloved anime and cast the characters for a western a…[View]
149480151So this dude just forgets everything about his life and decides to sexually assault everyone in the …[View]
149485682I like how he got a new studio, but nobody cares because nobody watches him anymore[View]
149486368Have we reached peak mutteness yet?[View]
149477832/trek/: Normal star trek thread with no shitty children's cartoons edition Prev>>14946076…[View]
149485475How to git gud at comedic screenwriting?[View]
149487022>Directed by Sam Raimi[View]
149480119Imagine just slamming Warwick Davis as hard as you can. Just going full speed, grabbing him with bot…[View]
149486804Is he as brilliant as everyone says he is?[View]
149484345Dead career general[View]
149484084I have never finished a television series I only watch films.[View]
149485912Do you enjoy reality tv shows like Dog, the Bounty Hunter and Cops?[View]
149485681>Ruins your kino[View]
149486614More like Johnny Kino. https://youtu.be/yZsHKzK-X_8 Those Mormans made a good one.[View]
149483325Deus Ex Machina[View]
149484889Bros... what happenened?[View]
149486287Who is this guy?[View]
149484294How can this kino be so underrated? Don’t let your political opinions cloud your judgement about the…[View]
149485022ITT: Films 4chan recommended to you that you enjoyed[View]
149486488With the popularity of The VVitch, will we ever get a cinematic Giles Corey film?[View]
149485571films where nothing happens[View]
149486166Kino dreams: I just had the most kino dream (well technically a nightmare) and the realization that …[View]
149486244Who’s currently the best martial artist of our time?[View]
149479140this was the most embarrassing movie ive ever seen: like what a highschooler would think is badass. …[View]
149485129HBO Green Lantern Corp cast leak: Expect official confirmation in the next two weeks but this is who…[View]
149484161Go through your cable, find a random channel and post it:: This movie sounds interesting[View]
149485278Amy Adams hate: Is it me or does this chick just suck the life out of every film she's in?…[View]
149484043What went SO right?[View]
149481017What do I watch next, anon?[View]
149483433No way peak Heather Graham falls for a guy like that. Other than being much less attractive than her…[View]
149485943Netflix really can't help themselves can they? Imagine if they made The Sopranos. Vito would be…[View]
149484546>Sir, you want some milk in your cereal?[View]
149485899Who plays them in the Netflix true crime kino?[View]
149484613PSA: This movie is NOT the best western movie made as claimed by many on this board. Ons who claim i…[View]
149485438What does Television & Flim anons think of Stephen Chow movies? Both ones he acted in and direct…[View]
149485754Justice League came out almost a month ago. People are still talking about it. Still loving it. It…[View]
149483457Is he our guy /tv/?[View]
149484159Why was Dean Stockwell good at every role he played?[View]
149479234WITNESS ME![View]
149477994angela anaconda thread[View]
149480833Falcon and Winter Soldier: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
149481416the only movie ive ever cried from is terminator 2[View]
149485353Well...?: Would you?[View]
149484081now these 3 are locked in a room for an hour. how would the conversation go?[View]
149484404Actors That Don't Deserve Careers: Has never been good in anything and completely ruined Raya a…[View]
149485299What fucked up movies..: Are the kids watching nowadays?[View]
149485220This nigga Larry David[View]
149485216The exact moment it all went wrong[View]
149478676Sharing her story on Instagram, Katie Beckinsale detailed a meeting with Weinstein that occurred a d…[View]
149484119Thoughts?: 'Jackson talking about his love for Stephen brought the conversation to Tarantino’s contr…[View]
149484803Yall ever seen Miami connection?: Shits wacky[View]
149481746/Nag/ Nexpo Appreciation General: Not seeing enough discussion about Nexpo lately. I really like his…[View]
149484128Ah yes beautiful diversity - Four white women and two black people (one male one female of course). …[View]
149484266Still the best action sci-fi of the last 10 years[View]
149483510>it's a 'protagonist swims into a wall spamming restoration spells for half an hour' episode…[View]
149480433Why did it happen?[View]
149480935Arclight is kill...: Hollywood is fucking dying[View]
149484747Vincent deserved his own Godfather movie[View]
149471693Filmmaking General: How do i make a film or even start? Dont give me that “you already have a camera…[View]
149484607God of Light?[View]
149484600ITT: Dumb shit in movies you love >cute girl disables hulking man with precisely placed pressure …[View]
149483030Name some funny movies.[View]
149483308Vietnam War Kino[View]
149484412Well, they got Newman, Jerry[View]
149484478We always see pics of Kat Dennings embarrassing other actresses. Why don’t we see others showing her…[View]
149484413>sent to stop terrorists: >less effective than Seal Team Six What did Disney mean by this?…[View]
149480196He knows more about the comics than the retards complaining that Superman isn't gay enough and …[View]
149484348Here’s you Dragon Ball bro[View]
149483600>name the bad guy's lair 'murder'[View]
149472641what films have the most satisfying revenge?[View]
149484169holy crap lois[View]
149483190>supporting character is the most kino What other series have this?[View]
149482139do people actually watch tv anymore[View]
149480761DR. PAVEL, IM CIA[View]
149484073Was Sauron compensating for something?[View]
149479477Movie 43: What does /tv/ think of this movie? I personally love that they got the actors to make it,…[View]
149483217Should I watch X-Files?: I remember watching some of it, at least season 1, a few years ago. It felt…[View]
149479732Babu Frik[View]
149484008thoughts on the Paul Blart Duology?[View]
149482737What's /tv/ approved Amazon Prime's series?[View]
149482659What was this guy’s problem?[View]
149482871>be me >watching Bad Trip with Eric Andre >Tiffany Haddish keeps hitting on guys >no one…[View]
149483817what are some movies set during the industrial revolution[View]
149483254Is he being sarcastic?: I don't get why anyone watches this crap.[View]
149477960How did the Chinese public react to this movie?[View]
149483784Just watched this for the first time. It was excellent. Why do chuds hate on it so much?[View]
149481628What makes a movie deep?[View]
149481887So that's 2 MCU 'villains' this year that did nothing wrong.[View]
149483654There was once a time when there wasn't an award category for Best Trans-Capeshit Movie of the …[View]
149469257>I check[View]
149483719Thoughts on this kino?[View]
149474972Sofia BouteIIa in new Martian themed thriller: >plays Ilsa, a refugee from Earth, who has settled…[View]
149483679Boomers will tell you this is the funniest TV scene of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGFt…[View]
149483601Will Marvel ever realistically make a show that has as much soul as this? Does Wandavision and Winte…[View]
149483527What piece of /tv/ media best sums up the 2000s?[View]
149483550Why did it fail?[View]
149482858Space jam 2: Anybody have access to a script?[View]
149482853>watch old sci-fi >they pronounce it Ro-BUTT >watch new sci-fi >they pronounce it Ro-BAH…[View]
149480564Give the fans what they want Warner Bros.[View]
149478187do you forgive ben affleck for daredevil (2003)?[View]
149482819>Where are the coins ?[View]
149479958cast him[View]
149482894I don't think I want to get married anymore[View]
149478338Name a more overrated television show. It's pure, uncut normie-core in it's shittiest form…[View]
149480290Where the hell is he? Why isn't he in movies or TV anymore?[View]
149483302Poor little gal: She hadn't ought to have did it[View]
149479964WOTW Theories & Motifs: Alright, so I've had this nagging interest to get into War of the W…[View]
149482555King of Queens: >it's a Doug has two wives episode[View]
149480836What the fuck?[View]
149472907You have to tell me 1(ONE) crime he can be imprisoned for... go ahead I’ll wait.[View]
149480238Well, /tv/?[View]
149479402How would he be received in 2021?[View]
149480535Why did he do it?[View]
149480131Were they based?[View]
149477659What are some accurate WW2 movies?[View]
149483162>Undah no curcumstances move this car or your life will not be worth shit Why was Jackie Jr. touc…[View]
149482739Why did they call Patroclus Achilles' 'cousin' in this movie?[View]
149483102Should I watch Deep Space 9 or Xena Warrior Princess tonight?[View]
149482079so /our guy/ Jonah was the real genius and protagonist right?[View]
149482971Kinos for this feel? https://youtu.be/DgAUrDTUk4Q[View]
149475524What went wrong?[View]

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