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145626519Was it good? Or a waste of time?[View]
145609738tick tick boom time bomb[View]
145628126White Tiger: The streetshitters made a pretty good movie[View]
145628060Why did he put taxes, space politics, and sex slavery in a '''kids' movie'''?[View]
145623106DER HAUPTMANN: This is an impressive film. I can’t believe (((they))) even allowed this to be create…[View]
145628623Hufflepuffbros....: OUR TIME HAS COME[View]
145626533fuckin QUEERS[View]
145627660>uh sir it turned out to be a false alarm: >just a guy on a chinese cartoon forum pretending t…[View]
145626406T-rex won.[View]
145628075>bigger than Kong >faster than Kong >smarter than Kong monkebros....…[View]
145628522Ahh... a masterpiece[View]
145627663What kind of film would you advise someone with ennui to watch?[View]
145621148BREAKING: A Harry Potter TV series is reportedly in early development at HBO Max.: BREAKING: A Harry…[View]
145613300Good thread, this.[View]
145628542What are some sci-fi kinos?[View]
145627913>Protagonist mortally wounds the Villain >Villain lays dying >Protagonist sits with them s…[View]
145621765ITT: Your absolute shittest opinion: Ridley Scott has always been bad. Even his early stuff like Ali…[View]
145627603So, uh... what's the point? I'm so tired... Also, was he a Dybbuk?[View]
145628583>The prequels are ba- https://youtu.be/z6Y7Vmdm0tQ[View]
145624849Hey /tv/: You know what's cooler than a million dollars?[View]
145628388>is made redundant OH NO NO NO NO BRENTBROS.... WE GOT TOO COCKY!![View]
145623739I KNOW YOU SEE[View]
145625701I believe in Harvey Dent[View]
145617387The Mandalorian is Overrated: Why people think that Star Wars has been saved by this one? Is just no…[View]
145608317>Baldrick, you're stupider than a citizen of Stupidland who just took first place in the ann…[View]
145628016Why does she wear a wig?[View]
145628227Doug Stanhope: >dude I smoke and drink ain't I cool? >haha dude I hate everything ain…[View]
145628220This was my last kinoplex experience and I really enjoyed it. Chill, not too loud, what should I see…[View]
145625652Who should play Latina Wonder Girl in the upcoming CW series /tv/?[View]
145627331>is a jew >has a sick fetish about corrupting christian girls half his age…[View]
145628347Ms. Zendaya! 10 seconds to curtain Ms. Zendaya![View]
145626694what is the most realistic ghost movie?[View]
145626037When I watch a movie I like to let it just wash over me and get absorbed by it. I like to think of a…[View]
145628284Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
145628051ITT: Remakes that are better than the original[View]
145627592Who are they?[View]
145628110the hostel: this movie was based.[View]
145618615Time is slipping away and it's only getting faster[View]
145623464Harry Potter show is sparking backlash: Was this really the time or place to reboot the franchise? S…[View]
145628040StakeDAO General /sdg/: Julian going to reward us with good boy points edition[View]
145627967>mulder, you have a penis. you're a man. it's just basic biology.…[View]
145628009>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ZFDQiP4jM Kinos for this feel?[View]
145627955/kaiju/ - GODZILLA / KONG GENERAL: >GODZILLA VS KONG TRAILER: https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0 > …[View]
145627985kinos for this feel[View]
145621812I keep seeing clickbait articles claiming that Disney will make the Star Wars sequels not canon or a…[View]
145625576>Marriage? It's a man made prison Jerry! Wow, I never knew Seinfeld was so based…[View]
145627910SOMEBODY SEED ME[View]
145627877Just saw this. The ending was kino. I'm surprised people don't talk about it more.[View]
145625090This is why you own physical media. Everything that doesn't conform to the standards of the pre…[View]
145627103ITT: Agenda bitches.[View]
145626955Did S1m0ne predict how artificial intelligence and deep fakes will replace celebrities in the future…[View]
145626112it's like someone drew a face on a thumb[View]
145598434>Rolex? >Casio.[View]
145623099ITT: What movies do you regret not having seen in cinema: What movies do you regret not watching in …[View]
145626765Watch out for snakes![View]
145627218do chair recognize we gonna look like some bitches?[View]
145625534The terror s2: I'm on ep 2 and nothing happened so far[View]
145627480>Ingagi is now often recognized as a racial exploitation film as it implicitly depicted black wom…[View]
145624940>Do Americans really...?[View]
145622869Given her amazing tits why did she never make it in Hollywood?[View]
145625680>200 million subscribers. >$13.00 bucks a month. Do the math.…[View]
145626426What show are you enjoying / looking forward to?: Is there anything left for us /tv/ bros?[View]
145623404LITERALLY among us[View]
145624910What part of GoT would make for a good spin-off?[View]
145627009>villains motivation is that they need to feed their children[View]
145625394who was in the wrong here?[View]
145626539what would happen if every single role would be played by a black person?[View]
145623115>Let me just reach down with the only vulnerable part of my body to grab this man instead of pumm…[View]
145626818>hi Jack, bye Jack[View]
145624863What do you think of actor Robert De Niro?[View]
145625290It’s going to suck, isn’t it?: Why would they hire the worst directors, producers and writers to wor…[View]
145623083Letterboxd and Twitter are convinced Joker (2019) has become the new symbol of the 'incels/alt-right…[View]
145625753HOLY RILEY KINO[View]
145624387Why the holy fuck does America keep doing these piece of shit movies?[View]
145626592what do they eat[View]
145626488GvK: They must be joking...[View]
145622857this is a thread for Kongchads ONLY, no lizard faggots are allowed in here[View]
145624657Next time, baby.[View]
145625344>4:3 aspect ratio[View]
145624525Who's /hype/[View]
145625911Dancing Robots: my dad loves to watch this video on the big tv so it's /tv/ and we can discuss …[View]
145618144What are the best films from the roaring 20s?[View]
145624889what are your favorite sports movies?[View]
145613341ASS TO ASS[View]
145623165>Kate Beckinsale finds ANOTHER toyboy: Actress, 46, cuddles up to rocker Goody Grace, 22 (who…[View]
145625437Is doing two chicks at the same time really so great? I could book an hour with two women right now …[View]
145623022it's not Dune anymore it's DUNC[View]
145626418what are some movies about black plague?[View]
145626337was it kino?[View]
145625562Whos the best tv chef?[View]
145623593For me, it's Disney Lois.[View]
145624124>’Warriors of the West’ Coming soon on DVD Cast them[View]
145626218the moment i paused the movie and walked around the room while loudly exclaiming 'kino! kino! kino!'[View]
145624546A communications disruption could mean only one thing...[View]
145626233Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.[View]
145622796What the fuck was his problem?[View]
145625691wow BR2049 is absolute KINO. /ourguy/[View]
145626005I get it, trannies will never be women and should go dilate.[View]
145625617Has he weighed in yet?[View]
145623694Watch the first episode. There's a little melodrama and flourish to set it up, but after that, …[View]
145622624How did they manage to make this ugly faggot so intimidating?[View]
145626024What do you watch your kinos on, /tv/? I've had this bad boy (Samsung UE50TU7100) for a few mon…[View]
145625409Why was he so obsessed with getting rid of rot? Its like who cares[View]
145622926Jesus wept[View]
145625849God V. MLKingJr Build Black Potter >We are truly living in the future[View]
145610339I really hope you didn't cheer along...[View]
145621752What was this guy's deal[View]
145624440Das Boot 1981: i miss him so much bros[View]
145625762DO NOT GO TO SIZZLER MOM![View]
145624577Why don't Americans laugh at this show?[View]
145625076Cast him.[View]
145625224>Not even hiding the fact that he's a black/minority analog How the fuck are they being so o…[View]
145623984oh no, those evil germans, bombing enemy soldiers![View]
145625434>actress gets too old for sex scenes >'I don't do nudity because of muh male gaze'…[View]
145625429Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
145625055>'is there something wrong with my appearance? Is it because I'm a fat homosexual jew?' >…[View]
145623946Which one is worse ?[View]
145623869The Death of Sitcoms: Do you think streaming era will make sitcom formate obsolete? What is your fav…[View]
145622548What's /tv/'s opinion on Creed 1 and 2 (formerly Rocky)?[View]
145620291The Alpha of Skull Island. The bane of Humans. The Cultivator of Green. The Duke of New York. The Em…[View]
145624639normal family guy but with blacks[View]
145623827>7 million Ferengi Captain? Something about those numbers seems fishy to me…[View]
145624861Okay guys, Miyagi-Doo or Cobra Kai? This is for everything. For honor. For mercy.[View]
145622163Is umbrella academy good?: or am i wasting my time?[View]
145617877Name a creepier horror film than this.[View]
145625210Our American way of life, isn't it grand. Peace, freedom, and bacon and eggs.[View]
145624041Why did women want to fuck this momma’s boy so much[View]
145624721Cast him[View]
145625158And I looked and looked and looked — but she was gone.[View]
145625141it was a national tragedy[View]
145619750Now that it’s on HBO Max. What’s the best episode.[View]
145625109>king kong starts punching shit >rap music starts playing what did they mean by this?…[View]
145624218Weird TV shows from your home country you have faint memories of when you visited? Serb here who…[View]
145624881How did Allen acquire the Fisher account? Serious answers only[View]
145618899Is /tv/ looking forward to The Great Season 2?[View]
145621689Atomic Blonde: Just saw this film. I liked it a lot. Anyone else?[View]
145621411Watch Star Trek: Its fucking Sherlock Holmes What is this shit[View]
145624730>get hit by a car >wake up as a cop in 1973 What would you do…[View]
145623609Nothing screams 'hack writer' louder than meta writing.[View]
145619305The star of the italian HBO hit show My Brilliant Friend is only 17 (16 at the time of the shooting)…[View]
145623031Any anime with this feel?: Bonus points for tragic characters >inb4 =>/a/ The jannies over the…[View]
145624642>protag gets shot with an arrow >they have to clean out the wound with boiled water…[View]
145615334>A man who sucks pussy will suck anything What did he mean by this?[View]
145623596This was a middle class house in the 90's.[View]
145624754Scenes we couldn't see nowadays[View]
145621042Young Pope/New Pope: I enjoyed the Young Pope, should I bother watching the New Pope? It seems like …[View]
145624281>stocked up on Kino balls >NEET bux now deposited in to my account >BLACKED subscription re…[View]
145624589Who would win in a fight? Draculas V.S. Wolfmen[View]
145603126Who are some great campy female villains?[View]
145623538brie larson: brie larson[View]
145619526>I'll ask your mother to leave the room you punk ass weather reporter. Come here and tell Jo…[View]
145624477Which is the better film?[View]
145624282Objective opinion, nepotism has ruined film making[View]
145623273>Remember when you got banned? Before all this, before hiroshim00t? >You were gone seven years…[View]
145620657What's the problem with dating a doll? He's not hurting anyone[View]
145622184Name a funnier scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJoM7V54T-c[View]
145608097Which country has been depicted the worst by Hollywood?[View]
145624297Godzilla forever.[View]
145624289Summer Rental (1988): Just started posting on the board? Well I've been posting on the board fo…[View]
145624278TENET: if you go inverted and then uninvert that's just a primer style time machine right?…[View]
145622373The three greatest TV shows ever made.[View]
145621471What’s this flick about?[View]
145624233Do you know what the difference between a black man and a nigger is?[View]
145620472Does it deserve #1 on IMDb?[View]
145624102Which is the best girl from Black Mirror? Pic related Also my boy john shelby is kino[View]
145624030FUCK YOU ANAKIN[View]
145623985What does it taste like?[View]
145624032Why do most of Norms guests seem like they're doing him a favour by being on his show and in a …[View]
145623987no, he's totally retarded[View]
145620958>Enjoying a beer with the dinner WHAT A RIDE, WHAT A LIFE[View]
145619267For me it's Han's 1997 Mazda RX-7[View]
145623047Babylon 5: Is he the biggest simp of all time?[View]
145619234Charlie Chaplin was an unfunny pedophile faggot[View]
145623462What's /tv/'s favorite visual media about extra-terrestrials and/or abductees? For me, it…[View]
145623885>tfw my screenplay has taken on a life of its own and shall now be adapted into a series of novel…[View]
145614158>the prequels are better than the seq-[View]
145623772Thorgchads get in here! Reptar is fucked![View]
145622968What !?: also, why ?[View]
145622174Was it a hate crime?[View]
145620775*sneakers squeaking on the floor*[View]
145607092He’s directed 8 movies 2 of them are good 6 of them are unwatchable trash Care to guess what the 2 g…[View]
145621041Are there any actors working today who are virgins?[View]
145618098>690 days until Avatar 2[View]
145623631Quit screwin' around.[View]
145622143Give me some ninja kino, /tv/[View]
145623657Is this shit worth watching? If so, what season should I stop at since it will eventually get shitty…[View]
145622902what are some truly funny movie scenes. legit funny, not some weird jokes. its funny, it makes you l…[View]
145622966I SURRENDER![View]
145623468Anyone else watch this kino?[View]
145619146>Keira Knightley: I won't shoot any more sex scenes directed by men >https://www.theguard…[View]
145620078GET IN THAT ASS LARRY[View]
145623534HEY HALPERT[View]
145621430It seems you've miscalculated the duration of your shield charge, mr bond.[View]
145623449Good Solonius, forever bowing and scraping in the shit of his betters!: Good Solonius, forever bowin…[View]
145622863>Anya Taylor-Joy does an interview for obscure youtube channel to promote her Emma movie >Fema…[View]
145622145Son of the Mask Posting: Sylvia then <3[View]
145623278ITT: Actors/actresses with kino voices[View]
145622221Was Hsiao Kang an incel? I didn't get his character.[View]
145622704lmao Driver fags btfo[View]
145623134I don't get it[View]
145621424>is there something wrong with my appearance? Is it because I'm a fat homosexual jew? >a …[View]
145623004Hello Wildcats, this is Weber Cooks and today we’re cooking spaghetti.[View]
145620974words and phrases that make you instantly dismiss a reviewer: >I had a lot of fun with it…[View]
145622473>enhances youre kino[View]
145622742Odd lines you're not sure why they kept in movies: >Patrick, its you!? You're the Ameri…[View]
145621144Louie tv series: if Louise CK is found to be Louise CP, will people suddenly go 'well duh, it was ob…[View]
145622815it's called a road it's called a rainbow road[View]
145619762Is this guy the Marlon Brando of our generation?[View]
145616957What's the worst episode of Seinfeld, and why?[View]
145619601If you could ask Dane DeHaan anything what would you ask?[View]
145622396You don't actually watch TV, do you?[View]
145620950Joey: I bring you the gift of Joey[View]
145622749The chemistry show should of ended with season 2[View]
145621950I swear if they make Chadzilla job to some big monkey I'm never watching another kaiju movie ev…[View]
145622589characters whom you are literally[View]
145622722A Janny learned me Chess: his name was William Scheibel[View]
145622674>You know what really grinds my gears? My brother Itachi![View]
145622582what's the hella gayass nastyass film?[View]
145622712>I’m thinking Dorsia.[View]
145622697>'How long were you alone with that dog?' It does get lonely sometimes.…[View]
145622322*cameraman farts* DID YOU HEAR THAT?[View]
145622632ENTER KING CHAD[View]
145621131SAURIANS (1994) FINALLY ARCHIVED: Let this be the mark that I delivered. Yeah, its been 4 months but…[View]
145621699CAUSE I WAS[View]
145621161ITT: Movies you hated the 1st time, but love now[View]
145619106Rank the 3 most recent Godzilla films: For me its Shin > KOTM >>>>> 14[View]
145622645Black Weasleys soon[View]
145620020Why do Star Wars movies have such boring choreography?[View]
145619501Jazz Thread: She's single, You can be like the guy on here who made it his mission to fuck Hunt…[View]
145620959What is your perfect movie watching scenario? Would you watch a single movie, or more than one? harr…[View]
145617211It really wasn't that bad[View]
145622378What is your favorite movie monster of all time, of all time? Mine is scary television girl.[View]
145622415>Now, Lord Vader, we will have Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith What the fuck, George?…[View]
145621914>Don't worry Sasuke, I forgot to mention the Sharingan has even more bullshit abilities I…[View]
145620655>careful Lois, now you sounding like a jew[View]
145616721/tv/. am I evil?[View]
145620483>*wins her third oscar* heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
145619333>FOR CHAN . ORG /TV Based Aragorn[View]
145622198What's goin' on, big guy? You just tripped my wife.[View]
145622314Sopranos: Who was wrong in the Cunnilingus?[View]
145601542Was Jim from the Office hateable?[View]
145622204Where's my holiday ham? I put it right here![View]
145622278WHEN WILL THIS COME BACK!!!!![View]
145622214Why do people STILL think he was the Zodiac? He literally said he wasn't. Are you calling him a…[View]
145622003>Antagonists are Jews wearing kippahs / star of David necklaces >They keep reneging on all the…[View]
145621826>dude is inbred. His parents are literally brother and sister >girl has cystic fibrosis >t…[View]
145621855When does it end[View]
145621479Godzilla Singular Point: >2021 >I am already forgotten Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
145621679I can't hear a single word anyone is fucking saying but the music and sound effects are so loud…[View]
145622047What are some movies that really deserved better than coming out during Covid? watch The Croods 2…[View]
145622011Now where could my pipe be?[View]
145621741Why did Hollywood forget how to make tightly edited, well paced 90 minute movies?[View]
145617035What is he thinking?[View]
145619237So he's a replicant, right?[View]
145620928WTF I didn't know a man could get pregnant. Such a progressive movie.[View]
14561955730 coins: Amazing spanish satanic horror/comedy series. It's on HBO Europe or just pirate it. …[View]
145621793I watched this entire show just to drool at the cute male actors. Wasn't disappointed.[View]
145621472Cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine. The same four things in everything that ever lived.[View]
145621742How fucking long until they stop milking star wars? Objectively they haven't made something goo…[View]
145621661Just finished watching the Sopranos and it isn't as good as everyone make it out to be. You…[View]
145621149How did they make such a kino show then fuck it up at the end?[View]
145621338A youtube streamer read my comment out and said I was stunningly beautiful, my day is made![View]
145619173>$250K salary >cozy job where you get to watch porn all day >gets to fuck all the hot women…[View]
145617755Is Nolan a genius? He predicted our society today.[View]
145621553Completely off-topic but does anyone have the google drive link to something like the top 100 screen…[View]
145618737tragic character or worthless junkie?[View]
145616509Chocolate cake, Game Boy and Me...[View]
145621151Your first impressions of /tv/ memes: Before I watched the movie I thought she was the one saying “a…[View]
145621319>Anya Taylor-Joy does an interview for obscure youtube channel to promote her Emma movie >Fema…[View]
145618336What exactly is the criticism 'weird for the sake of weird' meant to convey?[View]
145619704>Didn't join 4chan until after the show ended. Were the threads kino? Ah shit I will never e…[View]
145613379/trek/: Cerritos Edition Previously, on /trek/: >>145596432[View]
145621363New RLM commentary track. Is it worth renting the movie for it?[View]
145618973What was the moral of the story?[View]
145619243kc: She's no Jessica Alba yet, but I'm impress nontheless[View]
145620395/trek/: Ancient Visitors edition[View]
145621301What's the verdict?[View]
145619787>36 years old when he filmed this[View]
145619652It's bretty good for a B class action movie.[View]
145611463ITT: Childhood Heroes: Come on /tv/, fess up. Who's your childhood favourite that you still che…[View]
145619932Just started watching Star Trek: I've seen the 3 new movies with Chris Pine but never seen the …[View]
145608873What are some of your fav teacher/student relationship kinos?[View]
145618854Do Bongs REALLY need a 'Licence to Kill?'[View]
145620275Remember The French Dispatch?[View]
145619218LOOK AT ME[View]
145620935>leave Godzilla and King Kong ...to me[View]
145617938>Cast (in order of appearance)[View]
145620813Has a trans actor ever played the role of a cis character? Would that even be believable?[View]
145620594I really am sick to death of this 'stronk womyn' shit in every tv show and movie. Women are not good…[View]
145609985*executes an unarmed emissary*[View]
145617719Meme Magic![View]
145619411There's nothing wrong with idolizing Tyler Durden[View]
145620294whats your ideal movie gear?[View]
145620388>Well hello Biou TeFuhl[View]
145619164cast it and pick a director, cinematographer, editor, composer and screenwriter[View]
145611566>Human need fantasy to be Human. To be the place where the falling Angel meets the rising Ape.…[View]
145617650When did giving a little girl a lollipop on tv suddenly become 'creepy?' Are Americans the most sex…[View]
145616540Here is your The Witcher prequel's protagonist bros: https://deadline.com/2021/01/the-witcher-b…[View]
145599459ITT: post a shows worst characters[View]
145618116What did Bill Murray say to Scarjo in the end of Lost in Translation?[View]
145620589Can anyone please share that one screencap where Hideyaki Anno basically says that he added all the …[View]
145617030>But, he never actually killed anyone >Mr. Kramer, you're free to go…[View]
145618371After Hours: Why is it so underrated, bros? and where is the supposed criterion release of it that w…[View]
145615833>Kinostations of yore[View]
145616669I enjoy the films of Shunji Iwai.[View]
145620426Thats metal in your lungs![View]
145619815*surpasses kino*[View]
14562038590 Day Fiance: Choose your 90 day fiance waifu Hard mode: No Ukrainians[View]
145605892>Kongtards thinking they're going to win[View]
145620312Godzilla vs. Kong: >Kong jr is an admiral BASED[View]
145614405Which one?[View]
145619308The last movie i saw in theaters was The Rise of Skywalker[View]
145619573GODZILLA VS KONG: Godzillabros... TRAILER: https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0[View]
145616992Is Hustlers worth watching?[View]
145617264>show about a modern cop getting hit by a car and waking up in 1973 >ends by revealing it was …[View]
145615306Childhood was idolizing Neo... adulthood is realizing Cypher made more sense...[View]
145613781What the fuck was his problem?[View]
145620064OMG dark snl skits. post your fav[View]
145619107Just watched fighitng club for first time, what did I think[View]
145598416They tried to warn us about simping.[View]
145619960Next Halloween, when the sun sets, when someone is alone... he kills.[View]
145617538What are some more movies about adult losers? I've already seen kino related.[View]
145618844>OH, YEAH! That fucking line cracks me up. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5dd9bc37-91a8-4a84-b280-1…[View]
145619698Does it shill chinks? I don't want to be voluntarily brainwashed[View]
145618394Holy shit[View]
145616454Xavier Renegade Angel: Are there any shows that are as kino as XRA?[View]
145619089Anna Gunn is an actor of unparalleled talent and a woman of insane sexiness[View]
145616303What a freak[View]
145619033>dragons >magic >ice zombies >people coming back to life >psychics Explain to me how…[View]
145617630SEX BAD[View]
145618797https://youtu.be/mP5ZVPwP7bg What is some other Kino you can find on YouTube?[View]
145608400>show names all its episodes 'The one where...'[View]
145617406wash day tomorrow, nothing clean, right?[View]
145619280Baby yeed, my archnemesis[View]
145617283Dance scenes in movies that unironically make you BOOGIE[View]
145619352>it's a guilty pleasure episode for me, it's trials and tribble-ations…[View]
145615070Do g*rmans really?[View]
145611703If Kong loses there will be riots[View]
145613109Character you're slowly turning into.[View]
145618319What went so right?[View]
145619030Drawn Together: The jokes in this show hold up so well because they were designed to be as offensive…[View]
145616388>655 days until Captain Marvel 2[View]
145616999ITT : other B-listers who deserves their own Breaking Bad[View]
145618197Hidden gems: This is cheesy but I enjoyed the fights.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhsGsC52xNE…[View]
145618529What did CIA mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91-7TWmO1e8[View]
145618865deserves a biopic. this lifestory is kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzseicO0FQQ[View]
145618875Retards who lost all their money kino thread: Post kinos about people who lost their money by being …[View]
145618832How will kongchuds ever recover[View]
145616737Gay Russian Priest (with a black wife)[View]
145616297Most of the ghost horrors are set in the past because the internet would make things too complicated[View]
145616772American TV Tropes: >Audience attention milking Multiple seasons with dozens upon dozens of episo…[View]
145618628what are some other films that make you depressed?[View]
145614817What is a name of a condition when you keep casting a same person as a love interest with your irl w…[View]
145610049Scenes that women cannot and will not ever understand. If you know, you know.[View]
145618415>Four naan, Jeremy? Four? That's insane.[View]
145617941>its a JD is a whiny little bitch episode[View]
145618456but this was an illusion[View]
145618434Bidenbros... are we the baddies?[View]
145617140Kongbros... Zillachads... this cant be...[View]
145617979Atticus. Give me back my horse.[View]
145617859You now remember the Dungeons and Dragons movie with Jeremy Irons and that dude from Lois & Clar…[View]
145617936Norm Macdonald on Dennis Miller about smoking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBmIoUO7_Gc…[View]
145617825https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/25/entertainment/keira-knightley-sex-scenes-trnd/index.html tired of thi…[View]
145615092The Rookie: Anyone still watching this? I enjoyed the first few seasons, rarely watch cop shows, but…[View]
145613288what her name[View]
145618295Exactly how did loli Diana cheat on that race? All she did was to find a way to get back to her hors…[View]
145618309Aniara: I am going to watch Aniara what am I in for? Does it matter if I've read some of the po…[View]
145609801ITT movies only you saw.[View]
145617082TOP OF THE MUFFIN TO YA![View]
145617176It's going to suck isn't it?[View]
145615132>687 days until Avatar 2[View]
145617983Is Boardwalk Empire good bros? I finished Mad Men, The Wire and The Sopranos, and need a new drama t…[View]
145616203Non-english speaking anons, how does the sneed joke work in your native language?[View]
145617797No more brother wars.[View]
145615598Honestly who approved this?[View]
145617952Let me get this straight. KOTM was ruined by just 1 child actor and this movie not only will have it…[View]
145617322We missed him Kongbros...why do Zillachads have to be so fast? We got too cocky.[View]
145617929The Super-X is visible in a shot from the trailer[View]
145617138Yeah, I'm thinking he is back[View]
145616500>go to a country with their own religious beliefs which were created over thousands of years taki…[View]
145617481>yes let's sedate the patient rather than running from the stranger with the shotgun…[View]
145598222>it's a locker room scene with gratuitous shots of women in their underwear or naked. Is thi…[View]
145617642Jesus Christos why did i watchh this, most disturbing film i ever watcher. Recommend me other hard t…[View]
145617612Does anybody else get a rush from Sneed posting? When I see a Simpsons thread with no replies, a shi…[View]
145617597For me its detective Beckett from Castle[View]
145617559The Kitchen (2019): Worst movie I've ever seen[View]
145617569>SAVE MOTHRA!!!! LMAO!!!![View]
145604525I did not care for Black Mirror.[View]
145616325Niles: Just started watching Frasier for the first rime because of /tv/ shill. >love it…[View]
145608849James Cameron: By the time Avatar 5 comes out James Cameron would have spent 17 YEARS on these stupi…[View]
145613678President Snow: Was he right?[View]
145617391Kinos about being your true self?[View]
145615575>resurrects Jon Snow >resurrects Kathleen Stark >resurrects the mountain >resurrects San…[View]
145614950Did you guys really like season 3? I didn't like how it wasn't more like a soap-opera mixe…[View]
145615388HEY HALPERT![View]
145570366BRO DID YOU HEAR THAT?[View]
145595150/wars/ - Star Wars General: Smug Edition Previous: >>145587481[View]
145616078ITT God Movies: Post movies with god in the title[View]
145615127/niles/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of classic and Island Niles.[View]
145615012Harry Potter is better than The Lord of the Rings: Harry Potter: >Unique, interesting world >V…[View]
145617090>2 days earlier[View]
145616688GODZILLA VS KONG PLOT: Main villain is pic related, Ren Serizawa, son of Dr. Serizawa. He made Mecha…[View]
145617062Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
145617055>You should so..... >TOTALLY.. >COME…[View]
145613093that would explain his obsession with tax policy[View]
145616323Obama tower.[View]
145615696'I believe silent films were approaching something of a perfection': I'm ready to delve into si…[View]
145612689/druk/ General[View]
145615353is it good?[View]
145616251this show fucking sucks[View]
145615267Rate my voice actor skills: https://vocaroo.com/1oSaButzLeQz[View]
145613471CAZZATA MALANGA[View]
145615555Things are lookin up for [Scared Old Man] from the Dark Knight.[View]
145613982What was his major malfunction?[View]
145610364Similarities between these four villains: I've just noticed that these characters are kind of s…[View]
145616076Ryan Haywood thread What is his problem and Will we ever hear from him again?[View]
145592488name a more unlikable actress[View]
145615502>Right now you're feeling helpless[View]
145616645Sopranos Cunnilingus episode: Who was in the wrong?[View]
145615086Was Count Olaf crazy? Why would he try marry his niece?[View]
145615889Somehow... Godzilla is attacking people.[View]
145616496Reminder Jenny only came back and let Forrest impregnate her because she found out he had become a w…[View]
145616608>mfw writing a screenplay >Halfway through i realise im just writing James Bond but in space…[View]
145613290Any other kino tv series (not movies) about explorers? Preferably set in the 19 century.[View]
145602359>When Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, David Lynch's prequel film to the cult ABC TV series, w…[View]
145616460>man with addiction to violence assaults and brutalizes random people on the streets of Japan …[View]
145615877>Only hear bad things about Terminator Dark Fate >Decide to watch it anyway >See this >I…[View]
145606353Hot Shots!: You know there's such a thing as a perfect balance when it comes to American parodi…[View]
145616319Hey /tv/ have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?[View]
145613095I ALREADY FIRED YOU: This is unironically good. I don't get the hate[View]
145616191kinos about loss?[View]
145612379Movies like night of the hunter?: Not necessarily the plot but I mean the cinematography like this s…[View]
145609132>villain is evil because... he's evil[View]
145607625Can anyone tell me all the softwares used in making these animations?[View]
145613776Hermione cucks Ron all the time with Harry, doesn't she?[View]
145614558Hol up, show me yo colors before you get in.[View]
145614692What's the point of this stupid board now that the moderation is worse than fucking reddit? I c…[View]
145607607more like Tom Soyer: amirite[View]
145601504iCarly IS BACK!!! OH THE NOSTALGIA: >Cosgrove will be joined by original iCarly cast members Jerr…[View]
145596432/trek/: Fraiser crossover edition Prev>>[View]
145615780What am I in for?[View]
145608727>Keto >Physical therapy >A new agent >Hair transplant There, he’s fixed…[View]
145614972Why did they do this[View]
145613217Star Wars: Why did Rey look much more attractive in TLJ compared to the other two movies?[View]
145615687ITT: ridiculous DVD and blu ray special editions[View]
145615415what do they eat[View]
145601164what the fuck is wrong with them https://youtu.be/861gfPVmgdc[View]
145615586Cast him[View]
145615561Is Heaven's Gate (1980) worth watching?: i liked the deer hunter. i thought it was kino because…[View]
145612826Kong to sees Godzilla as a false god and a threat to all ape-kind, so he going to built a suit and a…[View]
145609983Why were the gipsy woman so cruel to curse someone to eternal torment just because she did her job?[View]
145603715BEN AFFLICTION.: So now I really wanna know........ How does /tv/ honestly feel........ About this m…[View]
145613347unironically the best movie of 2020[View]
145613150Where/when did Star Wars go wrong?[View]
145614262Why his character so relatable, bros?[View]
145615167WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?![View]
145615259what are some kinos about sea shanties?[View]
145615152Who are you? who are you? who's that behind the mask? In the UK it's: Badger: Matt Alright…[View]
145615125Woah Look at all these Neon Lights!! So COOL! BIG CGI Ape and dinosaur!!!!!!! This is going to be a…[View]
145614967Neytiri is...[View]
145615102>named Brad >is a Chad[View]
145615039>Le Duel d'Hamlet (1900) >Hamlet (1907) >Hamlet (1908) >Hamlet (1910) >Hamlet (1…[View]
145613175ITT: Actors who are secretly trannies[View]
145614261One of the most overrated movies of all time. It was obvious as fuck from the start the Keyzer Sose …[View]
145610873Best car?[View]
145604882admit it that trailer was keyed[View]
145600478Is this movie actually good?: Or is it just 2 hours of people in suits talking?[View]
145614805Any kinos about spelunking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaIoXN-7FjM[View]
145613916Watching Superman II commentary right now: By DICK Donner and Tom Mankiesdfweeeeerwrkfkhdh (writer) …[View]
145614136Ryan Gosling.[View]
145614348Can someone please explain this image?[View]
145613504Tom Cruise the greatest all round actor of all time[View]
145614691post kinos where you are literally the protagonist.[View]
145612383Why does she get naked in every movie she makes? Is is a Cuban thing?[View]
145614011Why was this even controversial? https://youtu.be/U1vVY2-ZRcM?t=15[View]
145607855>muh high concept >it just works kek >stop asking questions, pleb!…[View]
145611556This movie is boring and sucks[View]
145613231I hate Christians, what they say and what they do, but this movie made me appreciate Jesus[View]
145613261>he ACTUALLY thinks it won't end with them both teaming up to fight some bigger guy What…[View]
145611467>Monday morning Why are you here?[View]
145610285is this the only /tv/ approved cape movie?[View]
145608021why'd he do it?[View]
145613353Feminem: >graduates with good grades >Not an addict >Smart and decides to live a normal lif…[View]
145614013POLONIA BROTHERS SAURIANS FINALLY ARCHIVED!: Let this be the mark that I delivered. Yeah, its been 4…[View]
145613999Thoughts on Riverdale? Season 5 just began[View]
145613192They're jeans... they're leggings... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfaHTpj5YIw[View]
145613041What's your fave Norm Live episode? I really like the Andy Dick episode. Remember, you can watc…[View]
145612547Alright is this show just eyecandy or is this show actually good?[View]
145613733Is there any movie/tv villain that is completely overpowered and makes the situation feel completely…[View]
145613736Which one stole the show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiA5Z0czjyI[View]
145613354write your biopic[View]
145607370Is it racist to hate this movie or is it normal?[View]
145613628Is this a better version of John Wick?[View]
145613357>deconstructs superhero films to the point where you hate making them BRAVO SNYDER…[View]
145613535what are some films about hard choices?[View]
145612515>Rap music plays for some reason A bit on the nose isn't it?[View]
145613255Was it kino?[View]
145613373>they unironically think that Godzilla vs Kong isn’t going to end with them taking down this cunt…[View]
145613367>This is my most trusted advisor, Grimy Snakelips Liarson[View]
145613223For me it's Ursula: because she does porn and has a Twin sister[View]
145613345...: ...[View]
145584685Where were you when it confirmed Godzilla wins?: https://desuarchive.org/m/search/tripcode/GRBraeWRM…[View]
145610978Can we talk about this?[View]
145613097*mogs your sense of what tv can be[View]
145613149So uhhh, one more thing /tv/, so you said that uhh I have to post an image and start uhhh, what was …[View]
145613207S I M P: S I M P[View]
145613163Zilla bros...we got too cookie...[View]
145613012ITT: Faces that anger you for some reason[View]
145611966YOU SWINDLED ME?[View]
145611638What exactly were they thinking with the perspective in this scene? I heard Vin and The have had som…[View]
145612880damn, insanely underrated kino i don't remember the last time i watched such a good legal thril…[View]
145612984Does a show having a disappointing ending spoil the whole thing for you or can you rewatch the good …[View]
145611653we should rob juniors poker game[View]
145609551was he a gary stu?[View]
145611902>And just like that, she was gone, out of my life again. What was the point of jennys character? …[View]
145612418What made this show so unbelievably comfy? Every time I watch it I feel like I'm getting a warm…[View]
145611577She's gonna get her big tits out in some lesbian drama and get an Oscar nod[View]
145609195why'd he do it[View]
145597837why is this movie so bad bros?[View]
145612042sooo, americans literally were giving thousands of dollars to some strangers they never met on the p…[View]
145612405>we- >sir eric roberts is currently bashing the door to the office down with a fire extinguish…[View]
145611151Why was old drugged out Steve O so based bros...The sober Steve O isn't the same[View]
145606349Seven Samurai: kino or not kino?[View]
145612259I think their interaction in The Dead Don't Die was too gory. What sort of project should reuni…[View]
145612677Looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
145612655>he's a Kongcuck[View]
145612315What are the most accurate space movies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPDKIgYqo7s&t=11s[View]
145611868If it took the ring only months to corrupt Frodo, how the fuck did it not corrupt him for 17 years a…[View]
145611803Did he go to acting school?[View]
145610099So the moral is that I should as a young man use a gun to find the recognition as a hero that I dese…[View]
145609415Ozark: why isnt this talked about here more often? just finished s3 and really liked it so far.…[View]
145612094what are the themes of this film?[View]
145612296this got boring after the first 30 min[View]
145603963>HEY MCFLY[View]
145612212It's a 'Truman spends the entire afternoon watching Little House on the Prairie reruns and mast…[View]
145611196I know that it has already had a remake but would you watch a Red Dawn movie if they remade it prope…[View]
145599337You didn't forget about me, did you /tv/?[View]
145612213>heeheehee oh Anakins not a Jedi he's just a little Padawan baby, we call him gayboy. He get…[View]
145611756OLD YOUTUBE KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvYZRskNV3w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yModCU…[View]
145611972I really want to see the edgy, R-rated, sex-fueled, violent-fueled all morals out the window version…[View]
145603966Are Canadians really like this[View]
145608356Godzilla vs kong Weta Digital: The cgi looks so much better than kotm, you know why? Because kotm cg…[View]
145611288THERE HE IS:: The Show[View]
145611375Did they give up?: Warner channel promotion for this show is literally a 1 second sniped of her sayi…[View]
145612082There are people on this board who can't even enjoy a movie anymore without going completely as…[View]
145612060How did they make a leaf look so delicious, i want to eat a tree star[View]
145612047The Stand 2020 is saved!: Thanks to this screenshot.[View]
145611237Be Ben Affleck in this movie, wife acting pissy, deploy 4th wall plan to have her be more loyal, She…[View]
145609499>Sauron is the bad guy because...HE JUST IS, OK?!?![View]
145608452God, I wish that were me.[View]
145607931Restored footage: First time posting here. Just finished watching 'They Shall Not Grow old' and i wa…[View]
145609681>GAIUS >JULIUS >CAESAR…[View]
145605436What's the worst episode of Seinfeld?[View]
145601104just finished this, what did i think of it?[View]
145608494It's time to admit it, these Capeflicks had SOVL. Pure 2000s Capefun.[View]
145610459>killed by semantics[View]
145610475Your Honor: We is /tv/ sleeping on this?[View]
145610230Cobra Kai powerlevels thread: Is there anyone who can take on Miyagi at his peak in the movies? Coul…[View]
145610757What did potato mean by this?[View]
145610702What is actually the scariest film of all time? I've seen all of the big horror movies, and sur…[View]
145610190What was the worst movie you have ever seen in your life?[View]
145611444The pillars of the industry: >James Cameron pushing the limits and evolving the medium of film un…[View]
145611383What did they mean by this?[View]
145602963Which of these girls (if any) did you crush on growing up, /tv/?[View]
145608007Good Solonius, forever bowing and scraping in the shit of his betters! Is it any wonder no woman wou…[View]
145604522Fuck you. I liked it.[View]
145611239Kinos for this feel?[View]
145611225how to improve star wars sequels[View]
145610771Post some equestrian kinos[View]
145611042I have never watched a single capeshit movie[View]
145611095>niggers have got to go what did chris mean by this?[View]
145610499Sabrina Carpenter just wrote a diss track against the magnificant song that is Driver licence. And i…[View]
145606967You're awful, Ornella.[View]
145610864Now that the dust has settled, is it kino?[View]
145591058i'm making this thread outta respect for my fawtha[View]
145607228>Alien and Blade Runner casually take place in the same universe Huh? Also, Predator and Soldier …[View]
145609877What did Tarantino mean by this?[View]
145608450>Protagonist is depressed >Has sex regularly…[View]
145610654It’s worth it in 2021: Is watching spaceballs for the first time in 2021 worth it?[View]
145610555Watching Superman II commentary right now: By DICK Donner and Tom Mankiesdfweeeeerwrkfkhdh (writer) …[View]
145610489Wings watch thread: I'm watching Wings while I eat wings. If you have nothing better to do watc…[View]
145608787would you?[View]
145610261itt kinos only you've seen[View]
145603881So has anyone in the good place ever ordered a Janet to give them a blowjob? She has a working mouth…[View]
145609816Most overrated tv show of all time[View]
145607698Does /tv/ have a list of kinos made before 1970 or 1960?[View]
145592155I've been on /tv/ for quite awhile and come to realize this man is hated so much on here becaus…[View]
145607758I need some help with information. is there any website I can look at to know which Star Wars tv sho…[View]
145610274Any Catholic bros here seen The Chosen?[View]
145609047Emperor wins. Now what?[View]
145609374Robert De Niro would have been better, equal or worse than Pacino in the role of Tony Montana?[View]
145606233Why did she stop acting and pursued a mediocre singing career?[View]
145610002is /tv/ still hype for DUNC?[View]
145601023so, what was this all about?[View]
145606861How blessed are you, /tv/?[View]
145609152The fuck is this shit?[View]
145609337>(((Critically acclaimed)))[View]
145608574Name one (1) better horror movie[View]
145609827LETS FUUUCK[View]
145607326Oh yea... that happened.[View]
145609716>YES. I bought your Colgate toothpaste, the one with tartar control... AND IT MADE ME FEEL LIKE A…[View]
145609698The first year of film looks like that?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiJ9de_4gQk[View]
145606366>Better call Saul >best parts of the series are the scenes he's not in How does this happ…[View]
145601294Why did they make trashcan man so fucking retarded?[View]
145605138What are the best BBC documentaries?[View]
145609240So you like films do you? Name every film that was ever made then.[View]
145607713Which is the next genre to be ransacked by streaming services looking for source material to fill ai…[View]
145608655Godzilla: so this isn't our godzilla but some younger and smaller one? is this our godzilla kid…[View]
145609321Breakaway Fandom: We can take back what they tried to take away from us. This could be done. It has …[View]
145593143Does Thomasin McKenzie have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? I thought she was great in bo…[View]
145609277>dole is forcing me to listen to old hags talk about mental health and do neck and beck exercises…[View]
145605561Why did they do it[View]
145607337I seriously don't get it.[View]
145609145GODZILLA VS KONG Main Villain: Main human antagonist and MechaGodzilla boss is Ren Serizawa, Serizaw…[View]
145604667What would Toto have asked the Wizard for?[View]
145609066Iron Man came out in 2008 and Avatar came out in 2009, yet both of them feel like 2000s flicks. By t…[View]
145608638Used to watch this movie every day when i was growing up. For me, it was kino. Never even seen the o…[View]
145605943I don't get it[View]
145608929>there is a child... well into the garbage it goes[View]
145607057>tfw my country has been banned by most major shipping companies due to COVID >all the stuff i…[View]
145608316>it's a Sam gets bound and gagged and stuffed in a suitcase episode…[View]
145607886Did /tv/ like it?[View]
145607248But you’re awful, Jonah Hill threads: Spamming my board... Clogging my catalogue.. You just wanted t…[View]
145606784>Godzilla vs Kong >Part of the film takes place in Hong Kong High IQ writers…[View]
145608157Literally me[View]
145607319why did carl sagan shit all over atheists so hard?[View]
145586220Will 2021 be a better year for film than 2020?[View]
145608732kinos with this aesthetic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAJSE4zljag[View]
145607638What does /tv/ think of acclaimed film critic Ralph sepe[View]
145608723Who's the douchiest one in this photo? Because I have my eyes set on James Caan's son here…[View]
1456061462021 i am forgotten........[View]
145606005I need help remembering something.: Does anyone remember the name of the series/episode about the it…[View]
145602015Yeah, uhm, great 'classics'.[View]
145608318>start watching a 3 hour long kino >miss some dialogue in the first ten minutes because you…[View]
145607254which is a more stacked cast? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt11286314/fullcredits/cast?ref_=m_tt_cl_sc…[View]
145608197Season 1 is the only good season[View]
145605415The Rumble: Could anyone defeat him?[View]
145606475If vin diesel was a truck his name would be um vin diesel[View]
145603280>its a Truman gets an ER job and jacks off to online pictures of the nurses episode…[View]
145607762El Ayaymama[View]
145606562And my son, ___ ____[View]
145605671Tell me what memories I've dredged up with this song: https://youtu.be/Tb0MC0jFv6M[View]
145608228what was their problem?[View]
145606908O SHIZL GZNGAR[View]
145608082What the fuck happened[View]
145606182Looking for something like this but better. I finally watched this last night and it was a huge letd…[View]
145608167>fresh prince evicted >carlton's friend moves in any one else filtered?…[View]
145607808AY YO DOCTAH[View]
145607945Remember me[View]
145608091i want to COOM but COOMING doesn't bring me closer to a WOMAN kinos for this feel?[View]
145607430Would /tv/ enjoy having David Brent as their boss?[View]
145607271What is the most kino commercial, this or Pure Moods?[View]
145604828will this really work?[View]
145597321Who else are some child stars who turned out hot?[View]
145607309So was his dad still an autist in the good future? It's not something you can just snap out of…[View]
145602835Essentials: Anybody want to share some essentials lists? Im trying to watch 365 movies thats ive nev…[View]
145605332Was the reservoir scene deleted or something?[View]
145607749>This is Naomi Nagata of the Rocinante. If you get this message, please retransmit. Tell James Ho…[View]
145607801Possessor: Absolute kino poster for an absolute kino film[View]
145606577Sabrina Carpenter just wrote a diss track against the magnificant song that is Driver licence. And i…[View]
145606931Imagine actually having to be around these people, family ect. Everything they claim to believe is j…[View]
145607720>takes one of the most cynical and depressing british comedies >turns it into heartwarming fee…[View]
145607260Has anything good come out lately? I've been so bored.[View]
145607619Remember when you were 8 and you rented this thinking it was going to be better than Jurassic Park?[View]
145607724Best rape kino?: Why didn't i know about this movie? Couple of bros being savages Purging and p…[View]
145606817He's still alive, right?[View]
145606479Say something nice about Arisu from tv show Sweet Home: .[View]
145598285What was the last movie you saw in theaters before COVID? For me, it was Weathering with You. It was…[View]
145607503Why don’t women like Ted Lasso?[View]
145607458>yag sbarro :Dd[View]
145605788>So she went to detective, the lesbian looking, Pablo Francisco[View]
145607561whats his name again?[View]
145602981God damn it Bosch, do you know how much that little Hollywood joyride of yours cost the department? …[View]
145599942Is One Piece worth it? Before I start this never ending anime please give it to me straight. Is it …[View]
145605118the conjuring: Will we get the third installment of mommy horror kino this year?[View]
145607147iCarlychads... what the FUCK is this?[View]
145604057this movie is fucking retarded it's just a kike being a dumbass for 2 hours. i thought jews whe…[View]
145602406>aliens land in your backyard >you must choose a single motion picture for them to watch that …[View]
145602355>Sunday Night >have to play wagie monday morning >over a week since the last upload >no …[View]
145604207GODZILLA VS KONG TRENDING NO 1: WE DID IT BOYS! KINO IS BACK! TRAILER https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0…[View]
145604240>3 Glee stars dead >1 cancelled Dianna Agron is next, her career might as well be dead and th…[View]
145603554I’ve thought about it recently, and I’m thinking Thomasin McKenzie will have an A-List career[View]
145607119Just walk on[View]
145602240with each episode this kino gets further and further ahead of all the other 'competition' nothing el…[View]
145604747Is fisting a good allegory to drug addiction?[View]
145590464How did this fat piece of shit get so much cooch?[View]
145595160Silence of the Lambs (minus he who can't be named): The Series: What are your hopes/expectation…[View]
145604710>looked interesting >decided to watch it and got the “bitch” episode >bunch of women comp…[View]
145583765Could it work?[View]
145606439Is she the worst mother ever? Every time I see her in something, her daughter ends up dead. Did an…[View]
145603457Credits will do fine.[View]
145606949What are some kinos with the same feel as Zardoz? Specifically weird old sci-fi with pseudointellect…[View]
145606537Could it be adapted to film?[View]
145606807I just wanted to say good luck and we're all counting on you.[View]
145605485What would've happened had she not survived the skydiving accident?[View]
145605548What was her problem?[View]
145606602Why did Daniel kill Paul Dano's non-Classic brother? Is PTA a tranny?[View]
145606550I DON'T WANT TO DIE[View]
145603994ITT movies you'd heard nothing about but turned out to be among your favourites[View]
145604669'Let me eat your pancreas'[View]
145606389>I saw him in the office crying with his headphones on, listening to a KC and the Sunshine band s…[View]
145599025Godzilla 2014 is better than KOTM. No amount of weeb callbacks will make KOTM better, STFU Godzilla …[View]
145606236Big beautiful belly... i love big women... with oversize breasts larger then head, milk breast, vein…[View]
145604930Literally just uses his normal speaking voice for every role: Is H. Jon Benjamin the luckiest man in…[View]
145606210ITT: Memory holed movies[View]
145604988What are some of the best Coke product placements in movies?[View]
145604191>Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi![View]
145602116OH N-[View]
145606027Mystic Pizza (1988): Does this movie capture the essence of the 80s?[View]
145605219Has anyone seen this? The play or the movie: Can anyone explain how this dude does any of it? (Excep…[View]
145605789Auditioning for a voice role next week. Rate my voice acting skills. Here's some improvised dia…[View]
145604491Where did he go wrong?[View]
145602390Evenin' everybody.[View]
145605551How's Annie? How's Annie? How's Annie? Eeheheheehehhh HOW'S ANNIE? HOOWW'S …[View]
145603470Are movie theaters a thing of the past?[View]
145605719Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
145605513A guy from the future who wants to see a painting preserved, goes to several generations in the past…[View]
145605652MMA never became a kino genre like kung fu movies or Karate Kid. Why?[View]
145602781Why are some people seriously scared by supernatural horror? That shit isn’t even real, how can it b…[View]
145601667EJECTO SEATO CUZ: https://youtu.be/1SOZ6caLdUk?t=121[View]
145603362What actress best represented the early 2000’s? And what were her greatest roles?[View]
145598160What kind of retard falls in love with a lesbian haha :([View]
145604702Is Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' really that bad?[View]
145605366Zorro: Had it's 100th anniversary last year. Why no series or movie (announcement)?[View]
145605323Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is With Thee. Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women, and Blessed is the …[View]
145600130What the hell is his problem?[View]
145600298You retards were actually right. This was amazing.[View]
145604831We're making a Christian kino: Say no more[View]
145593370Shows you used to watch with your Ma/granny as a kid.[View]
145605272Quark death count: I'm half way through season 3 and he's kilned 2 Jem'hadar and 1 Kl…[View]
145605267And I looked and looked and looked — but she was gone.[View]
145601569kaiju: what is the appeal[View]
145605130ITT: Shows you are not sure are good or not.: I remeber this being on in the background when I was a…[View]
145603992so what lvl u on right now?[View]
145601314Was he in the right?: Was his betrayal justified?[View]
145600503>This was considered Morbidly Obese in 1995 The fuck was Fox thinking? That scale is average in 2…[View]
145604105Who is Netflix's target audience?[View]
145602018I don't get it[View]
145604853Nothing is everything![View]
145603414Finally a stephen king show that's actually good. and there''s probably not going to …[View]
145604792It's King Kongs Long Dong in Hong Kong!: How do they do it? This will be the movie of the fuck…[View]
145603917>I was Batman: >I had franchise potential >They wanted me to be the RDJ of the DCEU…[View]
145604713star wars prequel trilogy star wars sequel trilogy i saw 3 original movies, should i watch one of th…[View]
145604703>no washing machine >drags skirt through miles of mud Do poor people live like this in the pas…[View]
145602902You know what we need more of? Self aware horror movies[View]
145594706/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Sunday Night edition post profiles & reviews QOTD - King Kong (1933)…[View]
145604432Sup brah. Having a tough day? Just have a giggle and the pain'll go away.[View]
145602792Why is he such an annoying faggot?[View]
145603004His death is really depressing, admit it.[View]
145601332>when grandma sets you up on a sex party[View]
145599064What are some tv shows you'd like to see brought back?: For me, it's 7th Heaven. I think w…[View]
145601574pov:it's the 90s and your in a video store and you see this vhs tape[View]
145602714>yes >I bought your Colgate toothpaste >the one with tartar control >AND it made me fee…[View]
145602631>It's never Lupus.[View]
145602941What did they mean by this?[View]
145603154size matters not[View]
145590755What would it take for this franchise to have good movies again? can it still be saved?[View]
145602311zodiac: so greysmith was wrong and leigh allen was telling the truth?[View]
145602199Was it kino?[View]
145603752I just realized Big Pussy lives next door to a cemetery in Season 2. Never saw the foreshadowing her…[View]
145603083Is Brie Larson a good actress or just eye candy?[View]
145602122Dear journal[View]
145596394Okay I know these threads are dying but I just have one question. Has anyone else tried what they di…[View]
145591170Which Final Destination was best? Which death or fakeout did you like most?[View]
145603031>hasn't made a decent movie in 20 years >still worshipped as some kind of film god by cin…[View]
145603363/Michael Shannon/: Discuss.[View]
145602746Let this be the mark that I delivered. Yeah, its been 4 months but I finally got the equipment (thou…[View]
145603514Enola Holmes (2020): London would have had significantly more filth and garbage in the streets then …[View]
145601771You know, we always called each other nice guys: it's kino[View]
145603504Dick Tremayne did nothing wrong.[View]
145602046Remember the Force Awakens. how hyped we all were. That was such an innocent time.[View]
145600605Are you ready for another movie about black people?[View]
145601905It looks like he's sitting in an outhouse toilet, neck-deep in liquid shit, poking his head out…[View]
145603171Now that the dust has settled: she's best girl right?[View]
145602074>mfw I haven't given hollywood a dime in 10 years feels good[View]
145603339Alright, we're gonna do this the scanner way. I'm gonna suck your dubs dry[View]
145601386Wake in Fright: is this an accurate depiction of Australia[View]
145602394Can't believe I've been rewatching this since my dad gave me the dvd set. Fucking based.[View]
145603000GET CHECKED IN HO[View]
145601701>who would win walter white or tony soprano[View]
145602970Occult kinos: What are some kinos that capture Crowley heroin black magic aesthetics other than The …[View]
145602925what about you, /tv/?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CdeyVnQh8mA you like flat buns?[View]
145602905Villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and arguably better than the hero's[View]
145602837ITT: post christkino[View]
145602196ITT: movies about fixing your god damn life. have any of you hit rock bottom or maybe just weren…[View]
145602701What was his best role/film? For me, it’s On the Waterfront[View]
145594747>Don't try whities. You'll never be cool as black guys. What did he mean by this?…[View]
145601770look how they massacred my boy.....[View]
145602525Soul vs Soulless[View]
145602727https://youtu.be/vJ89qYx2j_c ITT: Youtube Kino[View]
145597022Daily reminder /tv/ is a Godzilla board. Monkes out.[View]
145602674Who is the most arrogant filmmaker?[View]
145601141Is this your homework Larry?[View]
145602017Was it autism?[View]
145602602Have you ever remembered a different actor playing a role? For the longest time I used to think Kyle…[View]
145602289>Joyce smiles at you on your first day of jr high What do you do?[View]
145601207Was the finale kino?[View]
145599195ITT: claim a tv or movie character that you would have sex with hardmode: non-whites[View]
145595356What am I in for?[View]
145597908>Creature as large as tall skyscrapers >Military aircraft with weapons with effective ranges i…[View]
145602056Underrated kino[View]
145601926>You fucked up my Jordans, anon[View]
145602135What kind of films and series do girls like her watch?[View]
145602212I don't get it[View]
145602144The puppies, darling. I've no use for babies.[View]
145602192Now that the dust has settled...: How did he get away with this?[View]
145602172Would they dare to make movie like this today?[View]
145600272You see this watch? That's who I am.[View]
145601558Hamilton's Pharmacopeia: How do you feel about this new season?[View]
145600684Meanwhile, on 1940s /tv/...[View]
145601881What was the point of this character?[View]
145601998>Hey Alan, get laid and get the fuck out of my house Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~…[View]
145602019Oh no no Queen latifa bros ... did we get too cocky ..[View]
145599736Why has Hollywood abandoned him? He hasn’t written on a tv show in at least three years[View]
145601953NO MATTER WHO LOSES WE LOSE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=claci32Zjvc IT COMING[View]
145597807ITT: kino partnerships.[View]
145594442>We want the Cyberpunk 2077 audience[View]
145601890recommend movies for her[View]
145601204Cast him[View]
145601054>its a joke. its all a joke[View]
145601578>Giant monky starts to chimping out > Hip hop starts to play…[View]
145601867Who is this character and why is he made of cheese?[View]
145600480How the fuck did he screw this up?[View]
145601862Aside from his Trump supporting idiocy in the last 5 years, name one time he was wrong since 1995.[View]
145596098believe it or not this is not photoshoped[View]
145599200Are americans really so stupid that they write letters to imaginary people?[View]
145600438>Hollywood movie about Mexico: everybody dies young in street wars Reality: smaller death rates t…[View]
145598269itt: celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onMm0DLg8CE…[View]
145601693Do anon stream or torrent? I'm passed the torrent. Once every month I pay for even netflix, dis…[View]
145595378>Nothing in Jurassic World is natural! We have always filled gaps in the genome with the DNA of o…[View]
145600985Which movie did not seem to be in the good of a suddenly that way[View]
145601584>How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?…[View]
145600869post overrated movies in this thread[View]
145599645>movie is labeled as a comedy >it isn't funny Why is this allowed?…[View]
145601630You were never a King. You were never even a Kong. It’s time you learned what it means to be a monst…[View]
145600468If chimps were everywhere and had full freedom the way people do we would have a fucking serious pro…[View]
145601616Into The Wild: Anybody else find the 'I'll show you mom and dad' and the sister narrator to be …[View]
145601340>I don’t get down with jerking off, dude. Look. I don’t believe in everything that the church say…[View]
145599656jews are white[View]
145601535Is it me or this movie has that Black Panther vibe as in WE WUZ MONKEE RAP n SHIEET?[View]
145599685What was his endgame?[View]
145595122Which one?[View]
145600993The Crown: diane is so cute bros[View]
145601438Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145599659Who's the better friend?[View]
145599336>peeks >rolls back Was he on wheels or was he walking backwards?…[View]
145576284/Film/: Thread for the discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Literature - https://mega.n…[View]
145600651What's his obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Is he gay or something?[View]
145592015/90 Day/: 90 Day Fiance watch thread Which cast member doesn't have an Onlyfans? edition Sunday…[View]
145599769What is his best work according to /tv/[View]
145598267>Marries Dan Schneider's friend who wrote music for all of his shows since Drake and Josh in…[View]
145599291Comfy movies: Is this one of the most laid-back movies ever made? I really enjoyed it. Also, Superba…[View]
145600748shit my pants today and the shit leaked onto the carpet and I had to scrub shit out of the carpet no…[View]
145599328oi, miss...you said i could do mine on tupac!![View]
145600861Recommend me some star wars kino![View]
145600565Wtf did the ending mean?[View]
145600208It insists upon itself[View]
145599416This piece of kino is yet more proof that critics are not ever to be trusted and are mere hacks[View]
145600332Rewatchable shows: What's your go to rewatch? >Startrek TNG >Startrek DS9 >House MD…[View]
145599238>Stop laughing its not funny[View]
145599360Believe it or not, this show did not utilize a laugh track. It was filmed in front of a studio audie…[View]
145600118I am forgotten[View]
145600544What did it want, and where did it come from?[View]
145598163Name a comfier movie pro tip you can't[View]
145599026I don't think he was over the line.[View]
145600509Are You Ready For The New Tariq Film?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yph2Ne5C2s0&feature=emb_t…[View]
145600382>we need a non-virgin asian CHAD[View]
145600495>Listen Pamela, you're strong, you're a strong independant woman. >Now give me some …[View]
145599077What’s your go to for when you just want to get really drunk and watch something? Must’ve gotten bla…[View]
145594759Can we have a thread about obscure old cartoons we're nostalgic for?[View]
145600109>Sir I just want to tell you that I think you’re a garbage piece of shit and I’m glad we‘re going…[View]
145600336>This mustn't register on an emotional level >First, distract target...…[View]
145600310What are some movies that look considerably better in 4k? I've had a player for 3 years but onl…[View]
145598389new tilly kino brehs https://youtu.be/hFKZxAkgYIM[View]
145598905/tv/ is a Godzilla board. M*nke posters arent welcomed around here.[View]
145598401One of the world's biggest drug traffickers, with a meth empire worth $18B just got caught toda…[View]
145592012Miami Vice: Its kino. Just finished the first 10 episodes and I'm hooked. I can't imagine …[View]
145598123How biased is this documentary?[View]
145597136Did Hank even like Peggy?[View]
145599639>Dean Norris >Anna Gunn >Betsy Brandt >Aaron Paul >The retard son So many completely …[View]
145600055>be listening to commentator track >commentator is unreliable…[View]
145591082So what REALLY happened on the set of Justice League?[View]
145598463>supposed to murder this guy in 10 minutes >precogs have never been wrong before >better go…[View]
145598433By far the worst line in the trilogy[View]
145599683>nothing to watch[View]
145598881Anyone seen this?[View]
145566752Does your taste match your country's?[View]
145599768Are you excited for godzilla vs kong?[View]
145599223Donkey, I just keep moving forward...[View]
145599825>Mr. FBI Director, I ordered you to investigate Hunter Biden, and you tell me you've been on…[View]
145599811One of the major themes of Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 movie Drive is the fable of the Scorpion…[View]
145599773Bling Empire: Nobody told me this was such kino[View]
145599716what the fuck was her problem?[View]
145598597what was the first film to make you cry?[View]
145597636if you didnt watch this you are not a real nigga[View]
145594498he insulted him a little bit[View]
145599611Why is this pose so powerful?[View]
145594694>Hey anon I just got out of a relationship >He was obsessed with dunking donuts or whatever y…[View]
145599159>we need a tall actress that can actually act, unlike Debicki >sir, she's already on the …[View]
145599045Mothra won't die tonight[View]
145595623ITT: your favorite /tv/ intro theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AepyGm9Me6w[View]
145595326Cast him.[View]
145597839why does she wear a wig?[View]
145589755I'm a writer on the next Simpsons movie which is currently in development. AMA[View]
145598920How is it possible to be shit at acting when you are acting as yourself?[View]
145596905This kills the Last Jedi hater[View]
145593277Do you have a father who doesn't want you?[View]
145599505Stanislavski Method: So we know this method is the best method of teaching the acting. Recently ther…[View]
145592201What is cinematography?[View]
145598419wtf im watching the office bloopers and steve carell literally has lizard eyes 1:15 https://www.yout…[View]
145590838There are so many stars visible in New Mexico, Michael. I will walk out there…to get a better look[View]
145596290favorite 90s skinimax girls: kim Dawson started my milf fetish[View]
145599385YouTube recommended videos are always terri-[View]
145598848Jerhome Baumanstein's reign of terror it's nearing it's end and he himself can feel i…[View]
145599176I was vastly disappointed when I found out her show has nothing to do with feet[View]
145599244He's in there just... *waves hands* ZIIIPPPPIN AROUNNNNDDDD[View]
145596192Movies you love that no one else knows[View]
145599105What are some lightning-in-a-bottle movies?[View]
145599041What are some good sports films?[View]
145598952Patrician Core: Damn this has got some SOUL[View]
145598034Do people who don't say anything besides their name exist?[View]
145598377Is this because I'm a LESBIAN????[View]
145599033>look up movie featuring black characters >it actually happened in real life because of racism…[View]
145598579Best anti-simp movie?[View]
145598969>And YOU...must be Freddie Mercury.[View]
145591510>Sunday Night >have to play wagie monday morning >over a week since the last upload >no …[View]
145598793Really anon? That's your favorite movie?[View]
145598838Will Hollywood action movies ever top Indian action movies?[View]
145598657>Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He's a cool dude.[View]
145582682What is next for her career? Will she continue to create massive hits? How would you cast her?[View]
145595657They completely ruined this mans legacy. It's honestly pretty sad.[View]
145597645ITT: Post characters that are literally you.[View]
145598276Mass vehicular homicide: the series[View]
145597116What was going through Casper's mind at this moment?[View]
145597581I have never seen back to the future[View]
145598677Common Locations Used in Movies: What locations/buildings show up in movies/TV shows a lot? I'm…[View]
145596553Why doesn’t he just do keto for a few months, get a better agent, and get his shit together? He’s no…[View]
145591168Post the first rape scene you saw and what age you were when you saw it This one, 14 years old[View]
145597856Don't try and bend the spoon, that is impossible. lol this lil faggot a weak ass bitch i can be…[View]
145593835>we need Margot Robbie but we're out of budget >I know just the girl…[View]
145598599Cobra Kai: How will he be defeated?[View]
145593247Reminder you are part of the last generation that will remember the Matrix as a cool 1990s sci movie…[View]
145594467Is there an archive of all the episode of At the Movies anywhere? Both Siskel and the Roeper years.[View]
145593977The eternal debate[View]
145596129Why'd they do it? He was just making soup.[View]
145598488>kino where the 'villain' has a change of heart and sacrifices himself at the end…[View]
145596627The King of Siam?[View]
145595662Mortal Kombat 2021: Where's the fucking trailer?[View]
145592747Wait, this shit was fake?[View]
145598334I was supposed to go to Berkeley...[View]
145592432this should have been the final episode of breaking bad[View]
145595928>we need a sassy middle aged black woman >say no more, sir…[View]
145597424How did they seriously manage to make a sequel to Psycho that was even better than the original?[View]
145598271>If I pull that off will you die >It would be extremely painful >You're Abigail >Fo…[View]
145598208Was not aware that Netflix could produce kino.[View]
145598256>sleep for 13 hours >still exhausted Kinos for this feel?…[View]
145596552Rewatching Eva for the first time in years and I'm really enjoying having a better appreciation…[View]
145598191/msg/ Martin Scorsese general: Anyone else looking forward to Killers of the Flower Room?[View]
145596702Kate & Leopold: What does /tv/ think of this movie? is it, dare I say, KINO?[View]
145594669Name a more based femoid[View]
145598109Does this version of the Joker deserve death like all the others or just therapy?[View]
145594395Why does Hollywood need to give everything a sequel? What’s wrong with just one movie?[View]
145591028Does anyone have the lengthy analysis of this film that a fellow fa/tv/irgin used to post years ago …[View]
145597956What is the next step for her career?[View]
145598017>character is named Karl Marx[View]
145598045Fraiser Fred.[View]
145597147>perhaps a shitty script i shall seek[View]
1455847171998 godzilla had a better design. discuss[View]
145597139Anyone ever watch this kino?[View]
145597222\gpt\: .repooC tnegA olleH ,I t'nac yhW ?semil eseht lla dloh[View]
145595939This legit made me cry. Where did we go wrong bros?[View]
145590207What are some commercial kino?[View]
145597175>protagonist performs mental tasks despite receiving no compensation[View]
145595830IT'S HAPPENING[View]
145597873Are they still rebooting this show?: https://tvline.com/2020/08/12/csi-reboot-gil-sara-new-cast-memb…[View]
145596759I literally never saw boardwalk empire thread in this board.[View]
145597332Post what you consider the 'magnum opus' of any director[View]
145597414I’m looking to make the BIGGEST bond thread ever. You in?[View]
145597617king kong vs godzilla: ANOTHER monster movie where every scene will be either dark blue or the color…[View]
145594334Is this comfy?[View]
145597173smokes: lets go[View]
145596022What is the most racist movie ever made?[View]
145593649>society tells you that bullying is wrong. >Make show where the main character bullies the ob…[View]
145592094Can someone recommend me something similar? My favorite shows are True Detective S1 and The Terror S…[View]
145594030What was his problem? Just pick up a shovel and work[View]
145595130can /tv/ recommend me some good hard-boiled detective movies made this last decade? Bonus points if …[View]
145596944sup /tv/: visiting here. but could you recomend a movie? Havnt seen many you AV geeks call classics …[View]
145597431What do you think of this look?[View]
145597370What is your favourite role of Allison Janney?[View]
145597052>listen faggot, you're going to let me out of this room or I'm going to rip out our fin…[View]
145597502damn, he was good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuzoxcErOc8[View]
145597459Kinos about loss?[View]
145597450What are some sport kinos?[View]
145590909>Wicki-wild wild, Wick-wicki-wild, Wicki-wild, Wicki-wicki, Wild Wild West…[View]
145596904>Sunday Evening >no thread dedicated to discussion of the kinoest of kinos[View]
145594896Reminder that these are better than the show and the books[View]
145594920The eternal debate[View]
145583337This show was so underrated.[View]
145596148This would be certified kino. Also, cast them.[View]
145594033ITT: first childhood crushes[View]
145596936That fucking cocksucker Kenney has got his nose up my ass everywhere I go! You don't know that …[View]
145594740Why don't Spike Lee get much respect? He is a LEGENDARY filmmaker. Da 5 Bloods is easily the be…[View]
145597100>and then Zod screams at Superman for betraying their own race, and goes like this *smashes one t…[View]
145594075>start watching a movie >20 minutes in neighbors start fucking loudly…[View]
145596036Why was King Kong (1933), Hitlers favourite film? Was it kino?[View]
145592532why the fuck is the garage so often shown with those stairs? it's the fucking garage, there…[View]
145583363Has The Rock finally surpassed Arnold?[View]
145593905>Bigger than Kong >Stronger than Kong >Faster than Kong >Smarter than Kong >More e621…[View]
145596365Why isn't he appreciated more on /tv/? I don't care about women[View]
145593920Was making Miles Dyson - the guy who indirectly destroyed humanity - black racist? I think so.[View]
145596826Was he right?[View]
145595946Do people still watch music videos?[View]
145596781/ssg/ - Susan Sarandon General: Last night’s was pretty comfy. Let’s have another discussion about S…[View]
145596752What are your thoughts on the 2011 film, Hick, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Blake Lively?[View]
145596730CHEESEY VAGINA[View]
145596255>waahh I had sex with a hot teacher when I was a highschool student. My life so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!! …[View]
145587540What unpopular opinions do you hold about certain television shows or films?[View]
145594819What is the message of this film?[View]
145586679/trek/: OUCH! edition Prev>>[View]
145594699/ck/ - Cobra Kai: Have to say that this scene between Ali and Johnny at the country club hit me righ…[View]
145593927>listen, coalburner-roastie, i love you like nothing ive ever known, ill accept your ridiculously…[View]
145596216Dollhouse: Is it kino and does it deserves another season?[View]
145596423Batwoman general: Powerful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOJEsVYZudE[View]
145594313Why american television is so cucked? >Afraid of sex >Afraid of blacks >Afraid of the media…[View]
145594677Thanos ain't got shit on Hal Jordon.[View]
145591097he was acting like an addict and had to be kicked out to avoid spreading his impulsive behaviour to …[View]
145594214You know what, I liked it[View]
145596253I do not own a television[View]
145595446>FAMILY... What family? The same family that calls me kike to my face![View]
145587087Just saw the new Godzilla V Kong trailer, I just wanna ask the Godzilla who's attacking is Mech…[View]
145596052Is /tv/ a fan of comedian Josh Sneed?[View]
145594367>Two fucking giant monsters fighting on a boat >The boat doesn't sink immediately…[View]
145595087why hasn't this been delayed yet? hopefully it's never released at all[View]
145596062what are some kinos that depict closet gay characters?[View]
145593197The Simpsons Guy: What did we think[View]
145592347I don't get it. Why is being a virgin funny?[View]
145594291You need recess to appreciate Recess.: The kids growing up with iPads and cellphones today will neve…[View]
145591645why did he make her?[View]
145594393Is it just me or does Carmella walk funny?[View]
145594124'Hey, you ever wonder why we’re here?'[View]
145593350SOMEBODY SUCK ME[View]
145587481/wars/ - Star Wars General: Naked Edition Previous >>145576993 >Useful links https://pasteb…[View]
145593013/WoT/ Wheel of Time General: >Its an Egwene epsiode.[View]
145592329This is a horrible film.[View]
145582334Favorite South Park character?[View]
145594857S11E5 S11ED SNED SNEED Was this intentional?[View]
145592489So I've just been on a huge vietname war movie marathon and finished off with Full metal Jacket…[View]
145586286What was the worst parts of the game of thrones and should never had happened? For me one is jon sno…[View]
145595106This scene makes me feel funny.[View]
145592510So, memes aside, this movie really was about Occupy Wall Street, right?[View]
145593006>talks about his toddler's vagina to a crowd >gets applause instead of being canceled …[View]
145593936I remember criticizing movies and games and I didn't realize how good they were until later and…[View]
145594284>Hugh, Stan we've had a problem. Why did the the Tom Hank's character call his shipmate…[View]
145587669ABSOLUTE KINO: holy shit[View]
145594543Sponsored by Disney Consoooooom[View]
145594195Can someone explain to a brainlet how he is the father? What the fuck?[View]
145594061>Son, your mother and I are concerned about you. We noticed you’ve been holing up in your room wa…[View]
145590918Can someone explain why is he so famous right now and will it last? Also, who is stalker-chan, is sh…[View]
145594504>A PACK OF WILD[View]
145594436FINE DAY SUNDAY[View]
145589525just binged this shit. are there any remotely close to this level of based cartoons out today?[View]
145594428Has anyone been watching Your Honor? I'm on the first episode and there's tons of gay shi…[View]
145593086>He's selfish and afraid. >So that's why his name is Hugh Mann. Get it? Human…[View]
145591146what if Yoda had a cousin from New York? >eh walking here I am[View]
145589901Psycho Goreman: more like Psycho Kinoman[View]
145593812>Character is having a good time. >'Mister Fahrenheit' starts playing…[View]
145587795What the hell can you even do in this situation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMbN_MzCpw[View]
145587459Why did they do it[View]
145594144Let's talk about accents in movies >Character has Scottish accent >Is instantly based and…[View]
145582594>When I was sixteen, I won a great victory. I felt in that moment I would live to be a hundred. N…[View]
145593975monkey beats lizard! monkey always beats lizard! monkeys rule, lizards drool! never will lizard b…[View]
145594025what word would you use to call out to the arbiter?[View]
145592006Bollywood > Hollywood[View]
145594013>PG-13s in your direction[View]
145592832>Hold on babe let me connect the HDMI cable to the laptop real quick[View]
145590641>Mogs both Godzilla and Kong[View]
145589256Is this peak boomer core?: >Xi Jinping is known to love U.S. films such as Saving Private Ryan, T…[View]
145593598Fav movies[View]
145589443Reminder King Kong is an allegory for Transatlantic slave trade being carried over by a boat and in …[View]
145592523>bring it[View]
145593860DEY HEA[View]
145593824literally only zoomers will call new seasons soulless. Best shit to put on in the background while p…[View]
145592138Saw this plus its sequel. What did you guys think of it?[View]
145592530What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
145590251>That story about a ghost...its True seems unlikely[View]
145593586>you don’t like this movie/tv show and think it’s shit? >uh, dude. It’s for kids. Stop critici…[View]
145564097DRUK: Ive finally watched this movie and it is an absolute kino Im gonna pop some jagermeister and l…[View]
145593652In general I enjoyed it, but desu this was a very complicated way to show Peace and Daisy wishing th…[View]
145592852Pure kino.[View]
145593368If yes, what do you love about it? If not, what's your issue with it?[View]
145592661Growing up what sitcom did you think your life would turn out like? For me its Seinfeld[View]
145593267Delonbros...: I just saw Rocco and his Brothers, incredibly overwhelming, especially the ending wher…[View]
145593343what's your favorite Stanley Tucci film? for me, it's Transformers: Age of Extinction[View]
145593551is he right?[View]
145593166Quick pitch a Jamaican tv show foucs with a slight anime spin. You give minutes[View]
145591541>first mission cross a bridge with a spooky ghost >last mission Kill god…[View]
145588549Mira Furlan: Babylon 5 and Lost actress dies at 65: Farscape > Babylon 5 > Star Trek >>…[View]
145591306*guitar riff*[View]
145559340Will Disney be angry she posted a nude?[View]
145593433>Turn on MTV in 2008 I'MA DO THE THINGS THAT I WANNA DO[View]
145592741How long was your longest movie drought? Mine was 2 days without watching a movie.[View]
145592242I bought a new pair of expensive high end binoculars that record video and have night vision. What k…[View]
145593320Wait... this can’t be real[View]
145593306Movies only you know that you like[View]
145585765ITT: Shows that insists upon themselves[View]
145558346SHUT UP[View]
145592491>massive coward >manipulates others to follow his orders why wasnt he called dr womann?…[View]
145590452DEY HEA[View]
145589346>It’s a Bobby episode Yeah... I’ll pass[View]
145592452The Matrix: What did they mean by this?[View]
145590037Why was he only in one Tarantino film? They're a perfect match for each other.[View]
145592755>OH MY GOD WE'RE HAVING A FIRE sale[View]
145587768I get that he’s trying to make people healthier but is fat shaming really nessacarly[View]
145592229Is it canon?[View]
145590310>This is canonically the first LGBT character in Star Wars So progressive and brave…[View]
145593025>reading about mechagodzilla >'In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, Mechagodzilla is built as an …[View]
145578018If you had to write a final episode for the Simpsons what would you do? And what do you think they w…[View]
145588789Obsession: How long did it take you to become like this ? For me probably like after the 3rd or 4th …[View]
145591022What is your record for most feature-length movies watched in a single day? Mine is 6 after I harnes…[View]
145583041What was her fucking problem?![View]
145592220Larry King is dead: And that's beautiful.[View]
145592278Godzilla vs. Kong: So y'all noticed there was Mechagodzilla in the Trailer, right?[View]
145590805Based or cringe?[View]
145592303Thirsty Space Bat-Gnome: A Star Wars Story: Are you excited by the upcoming Thirsty Space Bat-Gnome:…[View]
145590854Matthew Broderick here AMA: I'm here to answer all your questions.[View]
145592429The fk?? Pinkman can fly?? Why the hell didn't he just float outta that hole the neo nazis kept…[View]
145589170>on /mu/ you can discuss and even post the original cover of scorpions virgin killer without cens…[View]
145589059This guy is sent on a mission to kill you. What do you do?[View]
145591571Schizophreniac (1997): Anyone else heard of this trashy masterpiece?[View]
145592195Tell me recent (2010s) kino to watch with my mother.[View]
145591105https://youtu.be/HTROgQORCt4 >ticketyboo >yankee pankee >paddywhacker Do English people rea…[View]
145589233Are we witnessing the end of comedy?[View]
145592041>AMANDA MAIWURD[View]
145591507Teen Titans: ITT: Cast your adaptation of Teen Titans, and who you would want to direct. Also Teen T…[View]
145592086OOH OOH AAAH AAAH[View]
145592083Nature Documentaries: Which animal would you love to see a high budget documentary be made about?…[View]
145585100Star Wars: If Luke Sywalker had heeded Emperor Palpatine's tempist words to come to the dark si…[View]
145591966is he, dare i say it,: /our heeb/?[View]
145588282Oh god, what were they thinking? It’s never going to make any money overseas! Everyone knows interna…[View]
145589807remember when rick and morty was originally some weird back to the future parody where doc sexually …[View]
145591931Do you thing caleb got to at least enjoy some of the premo witch pussy?[View]
145584752>you're favorite film is WHAT?[View]
145590741What are some good radio dramas to start out with?[View]
145590860I'mma prison snitch.[View]
145590032Why was Kahn such a kissass to Ted Wassanasong to the point of joining his militia and almost going …[View]
145591676YOU'RE RETARDED[View]
145588557Will it be kino?[View]
145591489Are you ready for Kino?[View]
145591572>we truly are the kickassia[View]
145591560>weekend pass revoked[View]
145591270* hip-hop music starts playing *[View]
145589826why was he shooting at God?[View]
145591384what was the point of having people not believe in the lunar landing here?[View]
145588850Ayyy fuggedaboutiiiiiiiiit[View]
145591381>What if Daniel and Johnny grew up to be hipsters with competing coffee shops and instead of kara…[View]
145591089why didnt you guys tell me master of none is kino?[View]
145591237Feisty one you are[View]
145586480What did /tv/ think of Kong Skull Island?[View]
145591012Comfy masterpiece shows?[View]
145591175Who's gonna play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
145582601>Pick a film >Go to 14:58 >Take a screenshot…[View]
145591144>Mike, it's Jonah. Yeah, I want to call off that Grand Journal thing this Friday. Uh-huh. Ye…[View]
145587964Best top ten comedy shows of all time >Brass eye >John benjamin has a van >Stewart lees com…[View]
145590818>we want the Asian audience[View]
145587562Are there any celebs that you want to see get the gunge/slime?[View]
145590739Would the movie been better if he took off that suicide bomb vest, blew up the bad guys, and ended t…[View]
145582249The dialogue in Deadwood is somehow Shakespearean but also seems normal and colloquial. How do I lea…[View]
145588435What is the /tv/ consensus on Holly Willoughby's body of television work?[View]
145574509>dude 20 minutes of le sitcom homages, 30 seconds of 'something's wrong' and 7 minutes of cr…[View]
145589734They used to deliver 2 cups[View]
145590976>fantasy films are just cheesy garbage and can never be kino sure[View]
145581813WANDAVISION Spoilers: Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver appears as the 'crazy uncle' sitcom ch…[View]
145585542I hate this face so much[View]
145589396Would this have happend to me if my Parents let me watch the Little Mermaid as a Kid[View]
145588977have Jews ever heard of Gravy or condiments?[View]
145588360>giant monkey chimps out >rap starts playing uuuhh, based?…[View]
145590868so what was the moral of the story here?[View]
145589064Most pretentious movie i've ever seen[View]
145586467The most engaging and thought provoking sci-fi character in the last 20 years. Nothing personal Trek…[View]
145590115Does Aidan Gillen know about Baneposting? It's been 10 years[View]
145589470>Say the N-word, I must https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuMFetOK74g…[View]
145590360>dave infects everyone with covid Will comedy ever recover if they all succumb to it?…[View]
145587381Cast them.[View]
145590632Was it kino?[View]
145590753How long until they cure the virus will Hollywood do movie again in way they did when covid unfortun…[View]
145589188Who is worse?[View]
145590617Why Bruce could only produce daughters?[View]
145589993The best dressed man on tv[View]
145588046>filters you[View]
145588370https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM_cC1wuLIw New sitcom kino about trans boy coming soon to TBS, are …[View]
145581254TRIVIA THREAD: >Michael Jackson wanted to play Charles Xavier in X-MEN and aggressively pursued t…[View]
145588035I fucked Ted.[View]
145590428Frankly, it was just way ahead of its time.[View]
145589498I've been lied to, Terminator Salvation was pretty good, you all have shit taste.[View]
145590225Isn't it time for a female black panther?[View]
145588127/who/ - Doctor Who general: Wendy edition[View]
145587326What are some well animated tv shows?[View]
145584987Is there a niche for white latina actresses in Hollywood? What kind of roles should they play? https…[View]
145589974I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT[View]
145583730ITT: your mom's favorite movie.[View]
145589814>This film has outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence.…[View]
145589112Attack on Titan: how does a single show create so many KINO scenes constantly every episode?! seriou…[View]
145586882She's Right, You Know.[View]
145585086How do we fix Star Wars?[View]
145588732Your Amazon Prime deliveries are in, anon! What kinos did you score?[View]
145583264Any more films that take place in one room?[View]
145588886>was it being hopeless part of the plan? >But of courshe it is, Since a long time. Since the o…[View]
145582044How did this stupid fuck not realise he was being cucked? All his children looked nothing like him. …[View]
145590047Just watched this for the first time...really liked it, but what are /tv/'s thoughts on the who…[View]
145589948Paul Rudd as Chris Watts Kat Dennings as Sha'nann Watts Melissa McCarthy at the fat nosy friend…[View]
145589507THIS SUMMER[View]
145585615>Singlehandedly ruins the best American comedy tv show ever made[View]
145585420LOUIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoHpUokjGJM [Embed] Holy shit this show was top kino It'…[View]
145585895DAWG roll call[View]
145586107AI 'VOICE' Deepfakes is a thing now: Homer Pick Rick https://youtu.be/Fdsomv-dYAc[View]
145587368Could a Jedi knight IG-88? or only a Jedi Master?[View]
145588306kong bows to no one[View]
145589651Rewatched this kino recently but holy fuck season 1 is absolutely TERRIBLE. Why did George let this …[View]
145589483If you changed every nigger on TV and movies with catgirls, the quality of them movies would increas…[View]
145585911Any movies that are about religious mysticism?[View]
145580486Casper was a groundbreaking film for its visual effects. How come no one ever remembers for that rea…[View]
145588842>They should've sent a poet[View]
145586399guess the post credit scene of the godzilla vs kong flick[View]
145589485>Kong bows to Nowan: Who is Nowan? Obviously a kaiju but I’ve never heard of him[View]
145586795You guys think he fantasized about BBQ Timmy ribs while making those gentle scenes?[View]
145588441What's been good from East Asia in the past 2 years?: Curious if anyone is in the know about wh…[View]
145566837Webm thread[View]
145588764How accurate is pic related?[View]
145589402Anons! The mods and the jannies, have formally declared that I am an enemy of 4channel! They have de…[View]
145589017Let's discuss the cinematic language and techniques of the greatest meta post modernist directo…[View]
145588611Fuck Robert De Niro[View]
145589300A fucking thunder hit my fucking house and fried nothing except my computer how am I supposed to wat…[View]
145589005White boys like Godzilla But my super nigga my King Kong Played his ass like Ping-Pong[View]
145588992Godzilla vs Kong[View]
145588997Ver iz my Ring: Giv ze ring to me[View]
145589058They made Godzilla look like a bitch[View]
145587604Why is he called Mad Max[View]
145589046Godzilla is more bigger, Kong is over.[View]
145588024>pulls out a gun and shoots himself live on air KO, JONAH WINS[View]
145588989>actress gives you that secret smile that proves she is your gf[View]
145587160Which one?[View]
145588858Christopher Nolan Reportedly Breaking Up With Warner Bros. After HBO Max Debacle: >https://www.sm…[View]
145588115Whose side were you on before the movie came out?[View]
145588399sorry, babe i tried the best i could[View]
145586224The Boss of Comedy[View]
145588779B/C list that are always a treat when they randomly show up[View]
145588756ITT: Post characters that are literally you.[View]
145588726Now that the dust has settled, what was he actually doing out there? https://youtu.be/qiBt_pXbXmQ[View]
145588621HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME[View]
145586163>writing is crutched on shock value and dumbshit mini plotlines that make you think they're …[View]
145588465My name's Bond. James Bond.[View]
145587209Real quote from Tracy Morgan: >But what I really wanna talk about is my passion for poopchuts. I …[View]
145588494What are some kinos that filtered you during the first viewing, but were based with repeated watchin…[View]
145585442>all jobs are good jobs as long as it's honest work >NOOO YOU CAN'T PICK POO LIKE TH…[View]
145581464For me its Brosnan[View]
145582721Who are the most psychopathic and evil people involved in the Television & Film industry? Why ar…[View]
145585711ENTER: HERE WE GO[View]
145588344>Dad, don't act like the fascist dictator Mussolini. >Ooh, I thought I was doing Donald T…[View]
145584036What went wrong?[View]
145588304What are some films which have the following >loner is messed with by people >turns out he’s a…[View]
145586689Idiocracy: I'm about to marathon (with some pauses maybe) the entirety of this film. What am I …[View]
145561949>gandalf should've stayed dead >resurrects Jon Snow this guy is a hack…[View]
145588172https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TxSXabRS5M Kino its back on the menu[View]
145587218Larry Sanders: Can any boomers tell me if this is kino or not?[View]
145582091We live in a society where people would rather spend hours and hours of their lives listening to som…[View]
145563408Vikings Retrospective: So Vikings is over. Like almost every other show these days that starts okay,…[View]
145588043Did a janny really just get a Godzilla vs Kong thread removed?[View]
145587810what's different about you[View]
145586746watch season 31 of the simpsons[View]
145587983The Croods: One of my favorite family movies is The Croods. It is an animated movie about a family w…[View]
145555220/who/ - doctor who general: How will Chibnall write him in the 60th? Last Thread: >>145521784…[View]
145579724/trek/: Honorary Farscape Edition featuring Gigi Edgley in Star Trek Continues Previously, on /trek/…[View]
145582410What are some Native American kino?[View]
145586253How many Star Wars fans are actually film nerds as opposed to franchise nerds?[View]
145585618Wait, this isn't Danny Devito?[View]
145587307>Three Rings for the Elven-Kings under the Sky, >Seven for the Dwarf-Lords in their Halls of S…[View]
145584895Is there anything close to Last Kingdom?: >inb4 GoT faggotry >inb4 meh Vikings pseuds…[View]
145586604Was he meant to seem 'slow'?: Why was all the dialogue so slow as well, it just took a while then bu…[View]
145586897I. DRINK. YOUR. MILKSHAKE![View]
145584570/icg/ - Iron Chef General: Iron Chef General - Waito Piggu Go Home eddition https://youtu.be/qRmMqjZ…[View]
145586452/tv/ in the future: *BZZZZZT* You are fined one ban for violation of the anti-sneedposting statute.…[View]
145586145This was cringiest shit I have watched for a while. i'm partially asian and couldn't find …[View]
145585672The Isle: I'm conflicted[View]
145583621Realistically speaking, what could you even do in his situation?[View]
145587511kong, in my office, now[View]
145585708literally what is the moral of the story[View]
145576993/wars/ - Star Wars General: Ultimate Sith Edition Previous: >>145569776[View]
145587043Kino of the highest order[View]
145587090Insane /tv/ Fanfiction Thread: Post the most bizarre movie/TV fanfiction stories you know of. inb4 H…[View]
145586325what do we think about Ben Shapiro's directorial debut?[View]
145587510Wandavision secret twist spoiled: she finally broke in the Raft prison and never, NEVER, left[View]
145583712>That's antisemitic.[View]
145587028Why did jones kill streambro????????????????????[View]
145587203There is only one thing more pathetic than watching twitch streamers (get real friends), and that is…[View]
145572046>Godzilla is hurting people and we don't know why He's back to his roots.…[View]
145586952Name a better titledrop in history of cinema[View]
145583508Best GameShows: Post your favorite game show moments.[View]
145587081You get ONE time skip and it has to be /tv/ related. What do?[View]
145585238>most based character ever created in jewlywood[View]
145587174When i saw this scene in theaters I literally walked out[View]
145580963>*pranks you, and everyone in the office, cute female coworkers included, laughs at you* Nothing …[View]
145585211>how about another joke ornella? >heart aching monologue about how wrongly people treat him …[View]
145578473live action Alita[View]
145587123they really don't make them like they used to. peak, randomly waking up at 2:47 in the morning …[View]
145580014This is who DC will cast as the new Superman. How does that make you feel?[View]
145585164>grow up watching american movies >in parties they put this gelatine red liquid in a big bowl …[View]
145585406What happened to Harry Connick Jr's acting carrier? He was supposed to be the next big thing[View]
145585676He was right[View]
145582444Anyone else notice this about the ending of Psycho? >big five minute scene where the psychiatrist…[View]
145585817Do people really need to have shit like this spoon-fed to them? Does this really need to be explaine…[View]
145586977Lok'tar ogar[View]
145581952Its actually kind of kino[View]
145586929would you watch a female blade runner movie?: also would you let her retire you?[View]
145586563You don’t have an ass fetish do you /tv/?[View]
145586418Can we appreciate how his franchise is just titled Saw 1-7 with no edgy subtitles?[View]
145586868who was in the wrong here[View]
145586312What if the roles were reversed?[View]
145584463did You like Das Boot (1981)?[View]
145578835Hello /tv/. Tom Cruise here. what's your favourite movie starring me?[View]
145583265The new minions movie looks like it’s about to be lit af https://twitter.com/minions/status/13534166…[View]
145585733Denethor bondage party interrupted.: GOONdorian sexfort besieged by citizen soldiers of Sauron. Gand…[View]
145586628Just watched The Passion of the Christ I can't believe they killed Jesus like that, that's…[View]
145586218ITT: Jokes you were too young to get: I was just watching Royal Rumble 2000 and noticed that popular…[View]
145586543Is Sacha Baron Cohen the most based comedian in Hollywood? https://youtu.be/s9PFJHAKnFg[View]
145584511Name one movie that isn’t garbage[View]
145585988Ornella Muti always looks horny in every movie she stars in[View]
145585612Hollywood Babylon: Rumors or dark aspects you know of directors, producers and actors living or dead…[View]
145569980Ben Affleck appreciation station: Do you think he will survive 2021?[View]
145586116if Van Damme joined guardians of the galaxy he would snatch away the babe from Mac.[View]
145582737Considering the fiasco that is the Monsterverse, is it time for us to see if the first attempt at Am…[View]
145586045Ape loving americans are going to make Kong the new King of Monsters reeeee how did the japs allow t…[View]
145585299>watch James and the Giant Peach >want to fuck the Spider…[View]
14558632480s movie studio meeting: >we need a Tom Hanks type, but without that pedophile energy... wait...…[View]
145586216>Finish movie >Youtube search '[movie] explained' >Pick the video with the most obnoxious t…[View]
145584031Excuse me /tv/: Where's the lobby?[View]
145584974why don't normies care about truth, objective reality and evidence?[View]
145585759Pure Uncut Testosterone[View]
145585326How did magical world deal with mentally ill people?[View]
145585285What are some terrible films that people pretend are good?[View]
145585093Reminder:GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS: was shit.[View]
145585793>mfw a thread died for this[View]
145585930I can't recall ever watching a comfier movie. Its plot isn't necessarily top tier its sett…[View]
145580855who belongs to the class of 2021?[View]
145585551>REEEEEEEEE THE PHANTOM MENACE DOESN'T HAVE A PROTAGONIST Has this asshole really never hear…[View]
145585568This Cinema Style: What is this style of cinema called my colleagues?[View]
145585838What are some kinos about alcoholism[View]
145579431Friendly reminder that girls get it done[View]
145585799monkey beats lizard! monkey always beats lizard! monkeys rule, lizards drool! never will lizard be…[View]
145585110This scene is the peak of all film.[View]
145575939What kino and meal would you pair up for your last meal?[View]
145584542ITT: /tv/ approved actors[View]
145585015>At last, I have become True Detective Literally skipped to season 2 after this.…[View]
145585302recommend me some good kino[View]
145582622scream: the series: i totally ignored this when it came out, but over the weekend i've been doi…[View]
145585394Mad Men Thread: I'm going to tell you this, and you can tell all your little anons. This is a d…[View]
145584098I just needs to check inside ya assho, sir.[View]
145572323He followed his heart.[View]
145584858No contest[View]
145584659Events That Should Be Movies: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/timeline.com/amp/p/115ae488164c As a capit…[View]
145585404https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpCQEmmAyTY& lets be honest here, it's not going to live up…[View]
145584088remember when Adam Wingard said GvK was going to try to capture the atmosphere of the 1954 film?: I…[View]
145581831Soul Pitch Meeting: It's up[View]
145580025The greatest King Kong movie ever made. Peak mainstream kino[View]
145579858was this guy supposed to be some kind of mastermind or something?[View]
145568446Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145582232What is he watching?[View]
145584875>asdic bad[View]
145584120Why does he always look like hes in the middle of climaxing[View]
145583366I'm not feeling so good about this one Godzillabros[View]
145584940I don't get it.[View]
145583951What happened to Entourage: What happened to this show? All I remember are journalists outlets getti…[View]
145582828What does /tv/ think of Selena Gomez?[View]
145580230I unironically love Benjamin Button. The Social Network remains my favourite Fincher, but I adore th…[View]
145582874Order of fights and hopes: I'm really fucking hoping the last fight in the move is just a gigan…[View]
145584953what did he tell him?[View]
145582906I enjoy bitches with big butts and are young and french. Especially 14-17 year old big booty bitches…[View]
145583665Does /tv/ - Television & Film like The Office [UK]?[View]
145584803>tfw you will never have a qt time traveling gf[View]
145582413Why is Xander so relatable?[View]
145575510>Went from producing shows like Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire, Carnivale and Deadwood to…[View]
145583005I kind of want to do a Mister Rogers show. No money, just to help people. Am I crazy?[View]
145584611It happened again: The fire rises brothers[View]
145582805What were those children doing on the highway?[View]
145584703>tell me... do you bleed?[View]
145584305Claim your Kongfu. Claimed[View]
145582946Would you frell a plant?[View]
145575414Um...Z-Zillabros??: Did we just lose... Kongchads are laughing at us again. this cant be happening..…[View]
145584583I didn't understand any of it. What a clusterfuck.[View]
145583101Is she in her prime? When can we expect new material?[View]
145584318Devil all the time: Do dudes in West Virginia really bully cute girls for no reason?[View]
145580412Why didn't they just come up with a spell that can block Avada Kendra?[View]
145577292Name three trilogies where the first, second and third film is the best, respectively.[View]
145581726What's the moral of the this story?[View]
145584354Kong wins because americans will never let the japs win[View]
145571036>/tv/'s attention span is too fucked up from tiktoks and star wars to appreciate this film M…[View]
145584086>larry king death pin gone already kek[View]
145583920you just cut down my forrest, what's going on big guy?[View]
145579821Someone, please, explain this to me once and for all: The CIA agent randomly, almost as a non sequit…[View]
145576210Yoooooo! What the fuck did I just watch?!![View]
145582886Ok fuck this shit. I got a Fire Stick I got Prime I got a fucking Netflix and I just want to watch a…[View]
145584143>sniff sniff...[View]
145575346>driving a vehicle in a secret mining base on an abandoned planet >Still wear helmet ???…[View]
145580306what's next for this beautiful and talented actress? she was very titilating in this role. also…[View]
145583384what was his problem?[View]
145584101>tv show is called Young Sheldon >it turns out to be about Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory wh…[View]
145584124>/tv/ is shit board >Into the trash it goes >I'm a big guy >4U…[View]
145580847>50+ minutes long movie 'essay' >whiny british voice starts talking…[View]
145584071Hey Zilla Bros!!: Will we ever see our bad ass kaiju villain Bagan be in a Godzilla movie?[View]
145584061Kinos like this? About virgins finally getting into women. Not the american pie sex comedy crap, jus…[View]
145583990Has Television & Film always been propaganda and I just never noticed it before?[View]
145583964>Kong appears >Rap music starts playing wtf Warner Bros…[View]
145581574>Character slips on a banana peel[View]
145580176Whats your honest opinion on El camino?[View]
145583863are they commies or anarchists?[View]
145583182Daily reminder, Jessie was most based character in Breaking bad[View]
145583376>”Hey kids, look! The ducklings! They’re trying to fly!”[View]
145583374>Everyone already forgot about the only Kong film that matters[View]
145578521GODZILLA VS KONG-THERE IS MORE: The director said what we saw in the trailer is little compared to w…[View]
145582625Name some movies that prominently feature water. Water, as it's one of the characters in the mo…[View]
145583291aww shit sons, Denzel is BACK. We okay nao.[View]
145583494ITT: series were 90% of viewers got it wrong[View]
145581954Saruman spoiling of the Shire as Shakey is one of the most kino arcs in the book. Powerless, he deci…[View]
145581289this is what you look like when you insist on showing a movie to your 'friends' to bless t…[View]
145583268Medical Examiner says they OD’d on some new narcotic called Saigon Lightning. It’s made from pepper …[View]
145583427were there any Shmorky animations in particular you liked? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLpQ7yDj5…[View]
145583402>Spoils your kino with the autoplay trailer/description heh.... nothing personnell kid...…[View]
145583000What is the tweest going to be?[View]
145583129>Why do you keep touching me Armie, we finished filming[View]
145570891Right. Olive oil in. That stops the pasta from sticking together.[View]
145582810robin williams robot[View]
145582812Was it autism?[View]
145583258>OH, I'M NOT GONNA KILL YA...[View]
145583246>I am familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda[View]
145582195I'M A MAN[View]
145583010How do you become an illuminati BVLL?[View]
145583183Wife swap is such an interesting show, but what if the Husbands were swapped, instead. Also, Wife Sw…[View]
145573018>Destroys your favorite podcast[View]
145581701TV soundtracks that have aged well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1w85qMqIjs[View]
145566818why was this evil little faggot piece of shit so damn cute?[View]
145582001Chloë Moretz[View]
145583095Will we ever?[View]
145577948Why is this talentless unfunny ugly garbage so popular on youtube right now?[View]
145583039POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER![View]
145581084Is it worth marathoning?[View]
145581274Who the fuck was this bitch and why did i think that she didn't really die[View]
145562115What season will it realistically finally die?[View]
145574566Every time there’s a female masturbation or girl-on-girl scene in a movie, you know it was written b…[View]
145582830Thoughts on this film? Also is there a list of ninja kino that someone can share?[View]
145580211Is this really one of the best comedies ever made as people say?[View]
145582801hehe, this.[View]
145582621Movies about betrayal?[View]
145579703Just binge watched Snowpiercer and holy shit guys, liberals can destory everything. I don't kn…[View]
145581386this makes me want to drop the show. why is he with ugly bitch when he has that hot latina?[View]
145582712Scenes that hit too close to home: Bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktXm7CRXbsE[View]
145582685Now this is Kino[View]
145576355>it’s another America ruins a show because of their demographics episode…[View]
145581383This show is surprisingly funny. I find this waaaay better than soi Simpsons.[View]
145582447>go to a guys place after a date >we get ready to watch some black and white movie about satan…[View]
145582586>Main character finally was sex >nothing changed What are some kinos about false prophecies?…[View]
145581143Did Bikini Bottom just get filtered?[View]
145581800got drunk and tried to watch this and got bored halfway through when he calls her at the diner and s…[View]
145572977What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
145581845>every movie portrays being a rebellious, anti-establishment underdog as cool >in real life it…[View]
145580135How? How is the monkey so big?[View]
145581067Who was the best Friend?[View]
145581398what is /tv/'s opinion on the greatest television series of this century?[View]
145582277uhm.. BASED?[View]
145582369Are there any kinos about a man falling in love with a giantess?[View]
145581590Does shit like this actually happen?[View]
145582267Tolkien, as much as I admire him, had a very naive view of the progression and conclusion of histori…[View]
145581646Unironically what’s wrong with Norman[View]
145582176Godzilla vs kong trailer: KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0[View]
145582129Mr. [deadname][View]
145580572I never rewatch anything[View]
145581200>2021 >we are forgotten....[View]
145579718Literally unironically recommend me some Television and Film to download I gotta stay in a hospital …[View]
145582132Childhood Heroes: Come on /tv/, fess up. Who's your childhood favourite that you still cherish …[View]
145576497films about incest[View]
145580376Last hour of the movie is fucking boring dogshit. Ending was kinda kino though.[View]
145582097Tony Soprano Impression: Ladies and gentlemen, and transgenders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbqO…[View]
145580594Did this video warrant such outrage from the mainstream liberal media?[View]
145571553Thank God Kathryn Bigelow couldn't ruin that kino! And what a kino! Atheists will shit their pa…[View]
145581617For All Mankind: So I did a quick search of the archives and could find literally two threads exclus…[View]
145580625Why doesn't he ever make any public appearances?[View]
145581928>we want our hitman to look like the hitman from Hitman[View]
145578346Never forget what they took from you[View]
145580588Man, Nolan used to have SOUL[View]
145581785>bl*ck character knows how to read[View]
145577891Rate it: Alien > Prometheus > Covenant > Alien 3 > Aliens (Alien 2) > Alien Ressurect…[View]
145581782One of the shittiest movies ive seen. They wanted to send nwords into the future[View]
145581703IT'S FUCKING UP[View]
145581558Are there any good modern films like this? it's about the military putting together a ragtag t…[View]
145574449How did they know: Gollum's history and that he was named Smeagol? He murdered some hobbit dude…[View]
145577628Godzilla vs Kong: https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0 KONGCHADS I KNEEL THIS LOOKS FUCKING KINO MUST WATCH …[View]
145581622Who will play him in the inevitable motion picture?: >inb4 Idris Elba https://www.reddit.com/r/Jo…[View]
145581623Is this the best movie ever made? >jew sends stacy to collect chad's previous fluids >inc…[View]
145581572Is there anything more onions than watching a TV series? I don't think so.[View]
145579995>How long does it take to power up the LM? >3 hours by the checklist >You have 15 minutes…[View]
145580857Which was the more entertaining clusterfuck?[View]
145565246Why are women like this?[View]
145580291why do normies ruin everything they touch[View]
145579624do these photos exist in jpg format?[View]
145581381Shrek's Fairytale Freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oJ9KYkn0ys[View]
145581426>That's a great speech >Too bad New Zealanders are a bunch of cocky assholes who descende…[View]
145581407>hmm...i wonder how i'll misinterpret children's comic books today…[View]
145581393They’re a funny, entertaining bunch[View]
145579736>Those aren't mountains....[View]
145581272>Chris, Chris look at these toys! I got them early, I use them as a directing tool so my crew can…[View]
145571239Euphoria: What was the point of this fucking episode?[View]
145581207Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145565106>'there are 15 people in this house' >orders 10(ten) large pizzas Do americanos really?…[View]
145581288the single thing that destroyed tv forever. irredeemable beyond recognition. this shit ruined years …[View]
145580722SANODKAN - Great miniseries from the 70s: /tv/, you do know about the italian kino called Sandokan, …[View]
145581000Was he ultimately in the right. or should he have stopped his black market dealings?[View]
145579577Godzilla looks old in the new GvK trailer.[View]
145576248Why were the 70s so based?[View]
145572441It's a shame Community ended after only 3 seasons.[View]
145581141I miss it so much bros...[View]
145581137Missing 411: The Hunted: What does /tv/ think about Missing 411? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khw…[View]
145579026Godzilla vs Kong : ANCIENT WAR: >there was an ancient war between Kongs and Godzillas What did th…[View]
145573726The Great Debate: The Great Debate[View]
145576189Mistress Please[View]
145581069nonsense i would rather have an android family rather than abusive dad who beats me and an alcoholic…[View]
145580573>Chris Hansen use to approach people at McDonalds and baselessly accuse them of being pedophiles…[View]
145578828Cast him[View]
145579723Now that dust has settled, what's the final verdict?[View]
145579661>humans very bad![View]
145579778was there any doubt?[View]
145580512Not a menorah /tv/. You spin a dreidel.[View]
145578781>watch any HBO tv >Minimum two loud sex scenes in ever single episode >frantic race to turn…[View]
145580661Use of a Saxophone during this shot: if you've seen the film, what's the use of a Saxophon…[View]
145579090American ‘comedy’: Seriously, what kind of country makes a guy like John Oliver a ‘star’?[View]
145579997What are you gonna do[View]
145579374*Heavenly tune*[View]
145580308who are the box office draws of the 21st century?[View]
145579946Based: 'Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity ab…[View]
145577119Soul, Soul, Soul, Soulless, Soulless[View]
145580104What do they eat?[View]
145576828I can't believe they made a show about this.: Jesus fucking Christ[View]
145580044Unironically who was in the wrong here? >while Caesar and the rest of the Apes are now largely pe…[View]
145579752>tfw the only good thing about the movie are few nice pit shots[View]
145579996when are they gonna release the real season 8?[View]
145578787why would he want that white bitch from the first karate kid when he can have this sexy ass latina?[View]
145570317>laugh along like you're in on the joke, appearing self-aware and confident >the story (i…[View]
145579130/Conan the Destroyer-1984/: Have Hollywood become more conservative?[View]
145578110Just watched this. Anymore evil rich kino like this?[View]
145578050ITT: lines women will never understand: >In a thousand years of peace, what have you accomplished…[View]
145579935>it's a Jack Bauer robs a gas station to buy some time[View]
145579563holy kino[View]
145576820Fight FIlms: What's your favourite/least favourite fight movies? Love: Raging Bull Hate: Rocky …[View]
145579070*farts wetly*[View]
145569030/trek/: teleporter accident edition previous: >>145561329[View]
145579785/trek/: calling your parents on skype once a week edition[View]
145571655>just a touch... >*glug glug glug* >...of oil…[View]
145579773What did Youtube mean by this?[View]
145579768Are you a Nice Guy?[View]
145569776/wars/ - Star Wars General: Surely you must realize you are doomed Edition Last Thread: >>1455…[View]
145579312Why didn’t you tell me this was secret lovecraftian kino?[View]
145579402>Look at me a little closer...[View]
145577933Why don't we see more NEET protagonists?[View]
145577530>they bring back the best character only to cripple him, humiliate him, and then turn him into a …[View]
145572333OH NO NO NO[View]
145568258it's gonna be LOST all over again isn't it[View]
145579354/Screenplay/ General: ITT: Screenwriting, screenplays, getting ideas Does anyone have the google dri…[View]
145571724>Hi I'm forrest gump. And this is a story about how my best and only friend and love of my l…[View]
145579284Was it kino?[View]
145579182I honestly haven't seen an American tv show in well over 5 years. So I'm looking for recom…[View]
145577520Watching Superman II commentary right now: By DICK Donner and Tom Mankiesdfweeeeerwrkfkhdh (writer) …[View]
145579151>Movie is so shit they had to add porn scenes[View]
145577043Has your favorite actor or actress ever been portrayed in an animated show?[View]
145574973Gina Carano is getting fucked by Star Wars: The Dommy Mommy is getting hate on Twitter and Star Wars…[View]
145577560Why is he hated?[View]
145578557Is this the most kino car?[View]
145578766>burn baby burn[View]
145577145ITT: Kino that couldn't be made today[View]
145575835based classic https://youtu.be/QG_tkxZZMkk[View]
145570299I still cant believe it bros.[View]
145578375Anon, you spent all day Saturday rewatching Drive, Blade Runner 2049, Her, Nightcrawler, and Taxi Dr…[View]
145577061What's a time you've been let down by a movie or tv show? For me it's the show Castle…[View]
145575516What did he think of the Godzilla vs kong trailer?[View]
145578812How did people react to this scene in the 2000s?[View]
145572078Godzilla v Kong TRAILER: HOLY FUCK KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!!!! https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0…[View]
145578850What the fuck were they thinking? How is she beating up those armored dudes with her bare hands? Wit…[View]
145576809What the hell was the police's problem in this movie? He just wanted to get something to eat[View]
145578324Now that’s the dust has settled, 5 seasons later which show was better? BCS or BB?[View]
145578714ITT: Emmy winning performances: https://youtu.be/BDZTUKWDBJI[View]
145574976So Godzilla is definetly going to win, right? I mean, he already sort of 'died' in the last movie, s…[View]
145578618Rank them[View]
145578629>expecting trashy reality TV gold digger/mid life crisis television >got a weirdly well paced …[View]
145578143opinion on this kino: Did it made you think about your lifestyle ?[View]
145577750Why do horror movies never win any awards?[View]
145575965>no dialogue why are frenchies so shit at making good kino[View]
145577547>Kong bows to no one Godzilla fags btfoed[View]
145576783>faster than Godzilla >smarter than Godzilla >stronger than Godzilla Zillabros, I don…[View]
145573606When I watch movies about black people I feel like I’m black. I feel like my mind changes and feels …[View]
145575270Is Brie in GvK?[View]
145575874>go to the bar >talk about TV and movies with my friends Is there any more comfy feeling?…[View]
145578240Godzilla vs. Kong: Will it be kino? I loved John Boyega's performance in the trailer.[View]
145576981Which one do you most identify with?[View]
145575469Have you ever met a celebrity?[View]
145578253>You see, he's just a white man[View]
145572645wtf was this nibba on about[View]
145577829What’s the best beverage for kino?[View]
145577913>it's a female guest episode[View]
145569712ME-Wins-thread: will her career rebound? what roles would you like to see her in?[View]
145576563>teacher in inner city school >Shakespeare is just like rap…[View]
145575477Ah, nothing like jogger rap in my kaiju kino trailer[View]
145577999>HERE WE GO![View]
145578046Why are masocore games so based?[View]
145577818Mr. [deadname][View]
145577978Which actress would make a great sith lord in a live action star wars kino?[View]
145577794I know not to expect anything modern especially post sandy hoax but are there any pro gun/2A movies?[View]
145574866Post your kino-station.[View]
145571344>2021 >still no Hollywood live action makes no sense…[View]
145576277How did they get away with this?[View]
145575782What an unfunny piece of shit.[View]
145573460The Prequel Trilogy was avant-garde[View]
145565578>Binging Sopranos with my gf >She’s getting really into it >Therapy scene with Milfi >Sh…[View]
145576065Why did Kong drink sea water[View]
145577726How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower Somehow defeat a global superpower? How do we e…[View]
145572757i hate this guy: this nose breather ruins everything he is in.[View]
145577564Why'd he do it bros?[View]
145577709*never stops being funny in your direction*[View]
145577666> When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Try and shoot me, Colonel. Just try. Is it the best duel…[View]
145574560I bypassed the __________ ![View]
145575545So, why is Godzilla so fucking small in this movie?[View]
145577132Post your pleb filters! Pic related[View]
145576864*sighs* ... It's Godzilla[View]
145577459With great white power comes great responsibility.[View]
145576869Who here Team Mechagodzilla[View]
1455759851.Jumper 2.Wanted 3.Hancock 4.The Dark Knight 5.Iron Man 6.The Incredible Hulk 7.Rambo 4 8.The Happe…[View]
145572353America is not the greatest country..[View]
145575703Who would win?[View]
145577156>A handful of pocket lent and six nickles!?!? >That's $400 dollar bill all day long Brand…[View]
145566200Fraiser General Just started doing a watch through a few weeks ago, what are your favorite episodes?…[View]
145576429It's really fucking over, isn't it?[View]
145576798TNG: The final mission: This horrendous episode made want to quit watching TNG[View]
145576664Yes Queens SLAYY!!!!: This is better than even Harry Potter!![View]
145576908>All I can say is that my life is pretty plain >I like watching the puddles gather rain >An…[View]
145576768GODZILLA VS KONG: Yeah, this is fucking kino. Looks fun and I'm gonna watch this on the biggest…[View]
145575521DANIEL-SAN: What made him so based? Is he the most based character ever?[View]
145575347>The 'Underdog' is the character the movie clearly favors to win >The logical would-be winner …[View]
145570735What's the /tv/ equivalent of slice of life anime?[View]
145576719it still hurts bros nina didn't deserve it[View]
145576114He had a chance to work on Godzilla vs King Kong if he took the offer from Adam Wingard. Do you thin…[View]
145575756>has multiple succesful cooking television shows >hotel hell, kitchen nightmares, masterchef …[View]
145575774Why are you gay?[View]
145576560Help Computer: A boy approaches a dog to pet it saying, 'Aw, hell no, what's up, dog?', but the…[View]
145576544>anon you're watching my show, right?[View]
145574438What is the best way to support Godzilla vs Kong? Seeing it at a movie theater or watching it on HBO…[View]
145576214kong bows to no one[View]
145570559The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser: this is an excellent film. have you seen it? It has a relaxing atmosphe…[View]
145573410The Rookie: Anyone watches this? Can we expect the entire season to be about BLM?[View]
145576279>movie has kissing and sex scenes[View]
145576274ITT: shit that stretches your suspension of disbelief Characters in zombie movies/tv shows always lo…[View]
145576237Was he the good guy all along?[View]
145573311Formerly chucks: This is sneed right because he’s running the store. What is the name of the guys si…[View]
145574622>the living will envy the dead[View]
145576056>10 years in 3 months I still remember the hype..[View]
145576180GYM TAN LAUNDRY[View]
145575945Do you bleed? You will...[View]
145576027OH N-: Zillabros... I..[View]
145575278This made brits shit themselves with laughter in 2004[View]
145572706THEY MADE KONG THE HERO OF THE FILM: >the world needs him, we need him >godzilla killing innoc…[View]
145575526Mixed Race mongrel can speak with Kong: >no father in sight >hapoid can communicate with Kong …[View]
145568358Monster would work as a live action tv show.[View]
145575988>I certified the electoral votes against your orders. Biden won.[View]
145571625Oh look, cinema snacks have arrived![View]
145575933the address is cbs[View]
145575653So is this the last kaiju film we'll be getting for a while? This is the last movie Legendary h…[View]
145571189Lost season 2 finale was kino tbhwy[View]
145561532What kind of shitty chef serves chilli and seabass?[View]
145575303>Princess Mononoke on a Sunday evening Who else is comfy right now?[View]
145575563>I'm not too busy, Stan[View]
145568956Annette: Can Leos Carax just drop this on some streaming service? No one is going to see this in cin…[View]
145574614I'm surprised no one's ever made this comparison before, but here we go. >American vers…[View]
145573213ITT: Films that only you have seen[View]
145570416>Directed by Edgar Wright >Anya Taylor-Alien >Girl from Jojo Rabbit with surprisingly big …[View]
145575361>1.1GB Yify BDrip YTS > Thanks V10/10 A10/10…[View]
145574629I was actually excited for it. Will it ever come out?[View]
145575605Kaijubros.... we're heading home[View]
1455755251 hour in When does it get good?[View]
145575541I miss him bros..[View]
145575480>trailer >action scene imminent... >suspense music changes to... >HIPHOP…[View]
145575542*record scratch*[View]
145575493I THINK KONG SUCKS[View]
145574905>raptors outsmart a seasoned dinosaur hunter and park ranger >two kids outsmart raptors…[View]
145574376What is some peak jodokino?[View]
145572957I liked it.[View]
145557055Is there such a thing as a good prequel?[View]
145575249NO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtMO-omeo5s[View]
145570463I have nothing to watch, is this good? The Uk original was okish[View]
145574552Little Girls Kissing - On Live TV: When did it suddenly become NOT OK for game-show hosts to kiss 10…[View]
145572391Once I saw I was getting through the war, I looked around and said, I said, 'From now on, whatever h…[View]
145561781He really ruined it for black leads[View]
145575315KING ARTHUR BAD what did they mean by this?[View]
145569572Post comfy tv shows[View]
145569139Why are sci-fi shows these days about politics and which crew member is fucking who rather than expl…[View]
145568474>'Just one more thing, /tv/'[View]
145575216>90s TV-movie >Still the best cinematic retelling of the King Arthur-saga to date How did they…[View]
145575151HE'S IN[View]
145575172Failed cinematic universes: I'll start with a classic.[View]
145572871Seriously, how fucking retarded do you have to be to get hit by a train? They're big, they…[View]
145571783Television & Film: I made the third search engine after google and Yahoo, whose name is yaagle!!…[View]
145573433Oxígeno...: Oxígeno..[View]
145573642Will she appear in Servant S2?: Im really not interested in watching otherwise. Its been 2 out of li…[View]
145575035druk documentary everybody take a pint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX2opvj7WE8&ab_channel=BB…[View]
145568946Who was in the wrong?[View]
145574146>BTFO of every Netflix murder mystery/serial killer show How does he do it That Chapter bros?…[View]
145572700>”ey doc so uh, if you’re so smart, explain how your people *takes a drag* commit so much crime d…[View]
145569759>Starts becoming crazy >Pretends to be a woman BRAVO PIXAR…[View]
145562867Everyone in this thread knows about the classics, but what about the underrated ones?[View]
145574917Kim 'falls in love' with Jimmy when she sees he is fairly competent at fucking over HHM, the company…[View]
145571416>You're pure evil! Is this something a ruthless and opportunistic business man would say or …[View]
145574890Is this a mechagodzilla’s head?[View]
145572936How did people find this funny?[View]
145572575What went so horribly wrong with the television and film company, Rooster Teeth?[View]
145574705Top tier: Crank its the best action movie ever made, yes, better then 300 and The Bourne. Crank 2 it…[View]
145571417We live inside a dream.[View]
145572908Sopranos: I was really disappointed that there were no ducks in the last episode.[View]
145574569Alright I'm done, this looks retarded.[View]
145571775John Wick 2 and 3: They became so stylized, that it ruined the music and arts that appeared in it. A…[View]
145574448This show is 93% editing. I've watched it too much since it came to HBO and ruined it for mysel…[View]
145574539don't be rude morty, they goblins[View]
145574330How would you alter your life by time-traveling back to your previous experiences?[View]
145568250Watching Superman II commentary right now: By DICK Donner and Tom Mankiesdfweeeeerwrkfkhdh (writer) …[View]
145574447Why did the son even fall for his bullshit?[View]
145572788stop frying food[View]
145572852What was his fucking problem?[View]
145574348>Korean movie >https://vocaroo.com/19AEkRxvJbrS…[View]
145571473How did they do it?: LOST - the greatest show of all time. An ensemble cast of well developed charac…[View]
145574095How the fuck does the king of monsters get BTFO by a literal who???[View]
145574212A gold chain would be a good retirement gift for a really good slave[View]
145573218This is the most profound moment in television history.[View]
145572897alrite?: alrite?[View]
145569398Now that the planes have been crashed and the digits have been checked: Which was Bale's defini…[View]
145573551Why are all these servant murdering masters movies coming out?[View]
145572463Childhood Heroes: Come on /tv/, fess up. Who's your childhood favourite that you still cherish …[View]
145574292Was it autism[View]
145571160>movie starts with an alarm clock scene That's a hard pass.[View]
145560306>this is a 16 year old teen[View]
145574091Tony Scott > Ridley Scott: ITT We discuss the great body of work from the late Tony Scott. It…[View]
145573532Stop arguing of why are they fighting. They give you two hints that is mechagodzilla, this is one of…[View]
145572197Are you related to anyone who works in Film/TV? guy on the right is my dads cousin. https://www.imdb…[View]
145573998Hey /tv/[View]
145568668what the fuck did I just watch[View]
145573387so this is the power of rowing.... I kneel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK6xeGXayps[View]
145570456Kit Fisto[View]
145552446/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Literature - h…[View]
145572710lol how did they get away with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUEkOVdUjHc[View]
145568130What do /tv/ chess players think about this show? Also anyone with ELO below 2000 is not allowed to …[View]
145573540WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?![View]
145571157yo watching the expanse and this old bitch boice makin my dick hard. what do????[View]
145539244boob humor[View]
145572933>You pre-cummed a little bit, you got a little out of order yourself >No I didn’t pre-cum, I …[View]
145571539GODZILLA VS KONG: IT'S UP https://youtu.be/odM92ap8_c0[View]
145572887Oh, Michael. Michael, you are blind. It wasn't a miscarriage. It was an abortion. An abortion, …[View]
145572761>It's the police ma'am. Your son's been hit by a drunk driver. He's dead. I d…[View]
145573051Are there any modern films like this? it's about the military putting together a ragtag team of…[View]
145562732Paul Dano is one of the best actors on earth, but the 'classic Paul Dano' meme has almost ruined him…[View]
145546513Is the imitation so perfect that even the imitation doesn't know it's an imitation until i…[View]
145571980>720p.BrRip.x264.YiFY 700 MB[View]
145572838RUN HIDE FIGHT: fuck this was great. Like a school shooter version of Die Hard[View]
145563476>Still seething about Joker after all this time Why can't they just move on?…[View]
145572459It's going to end like this, isn't it?[View]
145571135The barrel monster looks fucking cool![View]
145560765Live tv boners, goofs, and mistakes: On December 4th, 1999 Christina Ricci hosted Saturday Night Liv…[View]
145571851Was it kino?[View]
145570906>I bet your parents taught you that you mean something...that you are here for a reason.…[View]
145570927Remember when Rick and Morty had to shill an absolute dog shit video game for three hours with Justi…[View]
145570874Which actor has the most scary voice?[View]
145572300Was he right?[View]
145571617>Light Turner[View]
145570490Is he overrated?[View]
145569754Henceforth you shall be known as DARTH.....[View]
145569327What was his fucking problem?[View]
145571906Neytiri is...[View]
145568630>let's do an American version of Doctor Who but with a fraction of the budget, a dozen compa…[View]
145571782ITT: times you acted like Dougie[View]
145559693>commit crime >get detained >are given a Miranda warning >’Having these rights in mind, …[View]
145563559Bridgerton: Is this series worth watching? I saw a lot of people both praising and bashing it. I wo…[View]
145570749Man oh man. Man oh man oh ma-[View]
145571658Have you taken the janicepill, anon?[View]
145569796im kino[View]
145570742I'm Luke Starkiller I'm here to rescue you[View]
145547515who was in the wrong here?[View]
145558392Why did it flop? Literally no one gives a fuck about this show.[View]
145570405Did you experience this in cinemas back in 2005? I'll personally never forget it. https://www.y…[View]
145570383Licorice whip![View]
145570357The moment Lost peaked https://youtu.be/e9ldNOB-4-U[View]
145570025How does he do it, lads?[View]
145566348Just soup isn't a meal Jerry owed him a proper dinner[View]
145571386>The jaded cynical manchildren on this board will make fun of a guy this passionate https://www.y…[View]
145570671Was it kino?[View]
145561329/trek/: Kelvin Edition Previously, on /trek/: >>145553617[View]
145571149DEY HEA[View]
145571039anybody know the name of the movie: ... where they give a ride to a woman and she kidnaps them and t…[View]
145565827What is next for Maggie Gyllenhaal's career?[View]
145571228Any other DDD chads on /tv/? Coziest watch there is, for my money[View]
145569494OH N-: OH N-[View]
145571253Holy shit, this is great. How I haven't seen this masterpiece before?[View]
145571308Snatch: >Protection from what? Ze germans?[View]
145571265Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145552701What in the hell was his problem? Also KOTH thread.[View]
145571162>Survivors.Guide.to.Prison.2018.1080p.WEB.h264-OPUS The US prison system is completely, utterly f…[View]
145569964>it's a guns bad and gun owners are inbred hicks episode[View]
145571191>Picture mode: Vivid[View]
145571183SAHMMMM TTIMEES, AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!![View]
145570384>I call it Billy and the Cloneasaurus.[View]
145569911/tv: the movie[View]
145570966Seriously, who was in the wrong here?[View]
145571054Thoughts on the new Euphoria episode?[View]
145570790Can bisexual lighting turn you gay?[View]
145569971Why they blacklisted him?[View]
145564039I don't eat bananas. I prefer banana-flavoured energy bars made from tofu.[View]
145570244Why did no one like it? I thought it got kind of boring halfway through but everyone I saw complaini…[View]
145570951can't believe how much of a kino it its[View]
145570943Pretty hype to see how they handle the part with the Metatron. Hope we actually get the War in Heave…[View]
145570865this guy was fucking retarded[View]
145570866>Donkey, I just keep moving forward...[View]
145570829Why don't I have a screenplay?[View]
145569879>here's your t-rex bro[View]
145557516What was his fucking problem?[View]
145569504Could he KO Conor?[View]
145566389ITT: We post good movies from this part of the world[View]
145570312JUST: JUST[View]
145569908so we all agree that Wrestler (2008 film) is best Aranofsky work right?[View]
145568927Best performance in the Irishman[View]
145570576this was the last time they spoke as friends: (((ruins your vision))) nothing personal kiddo[View]
145570249>watching x-files >episode is just 45 minute uninterrupted cut of Scully giving anal birth to …[View]
145568025how can you prefer the boring and fucking retarded lord of the rings to the hobbit?[View]
145570539>Han >Han who? >Han Skywalker?…[View]
145567804What was the moral of the story?[View]
145563962/wars/ - Star Wars General: Jedi Dance Fight Edition Last Thread: >>145552887 Thread Theme: ht…[View]
145570356The best plebfilter of this century[View]
145570197When will we have realistic alien représentation in movies ?[View]
145569870Star Wars: Was the First Galactic Empire actually based? I'm pretty sure that the Rebels are a…[View]
145563397>691 days until Avatar 2[View]
145568177So what i gather from these reviews is that Run Hide Fight is kino[View]
145566373'I'm a twin. His name was Pietro' First time I've felt something in a capeshit movie since…[View]
145570250What are some movies about this theme?[View]
145568700Short Person Power Fantasy[View]
145570209What the hell, bros? Prodigal Son was kinda kino in season 1. Now I remembered season 2 started, so…[View]
145568346I liked this but it would have been much better if it didn't have such a high stakes villain. I…[View]
145566910Wish someone made a comin of age film about a girl like Julie. She is fat, ugly, nerdy, and awkward.…[View]
145563585Is Elle Fanning a good actress?[View]
145569632star trek enterprise: was it so bad?[View]
145570061I showed you my rib answer me[View]
145558379So what did this guy actually do to deserve to be king? Why would the people of Gondor just accept t…[View]
145567855>literally the average /tv/ poster[View]
145568800Malcolm in the middle: What a modern remake of this show would look like?[View]
145567788>Russian dub is just one guy speaking the lines over the completely unaltered original audio, so …[View]
145569610>well helloooo beautiful[View]
145567031>sir, we forgot to pay for security this month and Eric Roberts has forced his way into the produ…[View]
145568671>plays a role of a mom wanting to fuck her own son >plays a role of a girl wanting to fuck a d…[View]
145568397Why are these two so sad all the time?[View]
145566067You gonna.... waste that crab gut?[View]
145569530What did they eat?[View]
145568964>WAAAAH MY LIFE IS HARD SO NOW I'LL BECOME A MURDERER AND A MONSTER Why do people think the …[View]
145561036Hey faggot, lunch money! Now! Or do you want to get a knuckle sandwich?[View]
145569481How do we stop the spread of the fried chicken flu?[View]
145569483My master, Biden the Great bids thee welcome.[View]
145568684Based? Based on what?[View]
145569442Quick wuestion: Does Uncut Gems have a lot of ambience music at the beginning. It sounds like I’m pl…[View]
145567324>'what did you say??' Boom, done.[View]
145556740He said it perfectly. All you fags whining about movies getting worse are just that: fags.[View]
145558594ITT: Extremely punchable faces[View]
145565851What kind of plot could make this work as a movie? Would you include the Wizard and Odlaw and all th…[View]
145563307Why are all rehashes so bad?[View]
145569141Best poker TV shows?: Was there ever a poker television show better than World Poker Tour, hosted by…[View]
145566915>Is an all knowing, all powerful wizard. >Doesn't even cast a single useful spell, or eve…[View]
145561635stalker: what the fuck did i just watch[View]
145568681Why didn't you try to reprogram the mup da doo bidda muhfugga bix nood?[View]
145569305>'Love, love, is gonna to lead you by the hand...'[View]
145569041>mfw screenplay coming along nicely[View]
145568270would you?[View]
145569075>mom puts in too much vanilla extract on cinnamon rolls >become DRUK WHAT A LIFE!!!!…[View]
145568036What is the best horror movie in your opinion? I like The VVitch and Blair Witch Project. All of the…[View]
145568658Eww, this place has got old man stink![View]
145567486How realistic are the events depicted in this movie? From what I've read this is not exactly w…[View]
145569043kinos about mass hysteria[View]
145568998I'm retarded: Almost every joke in this show flew over my head as a kid. I had completely misse…[View]
145568930television and film?[View]
145566243who was in the wrong here?[View]
145568698>tfw the movie is cheesy[View]
145568556floor spaghetti[View]
145568917Is this worth watching if I'm a 28 year old KHV?[View]
145563611you guys like this shit or nah[View]
145558692ITT: dad loves it[View]
145568607Whatever happened to tiny cutesy men?[View]
145568465why do people adopt obsessions about or care to learn about the personal lives of actors? They…[View]
145566491Feed (2014)[View]
145568765Birdnest: Anyone else think John Malkovich's character was the best? He was the only sensible p…[View]
145563684so this was 657843654238765482376x better than The Office rite?[View]
145565471>Bare necessities The minimum things needed for life >Bear necessities The minimum things nee…[View]
145567532What happened to music in movies? I can't remember a single movie theme song from the last 10 y…[View]
145568062Imagine if the races were reversed.[View]
145564576Is the Irishman any good?[View]
145567282why i'm going to start buying blurays again: >watching netflix >1080p >decent bitrate …[View]
145567816>asks effusive, embarrassingly complimentary question >gets vital detail wrong >is called …[View]
145568526Algorithmic recommendations: Do you use any websites with algorithmic recommendations for finding an…[View]
145561692why do indians like this scene so much?[View]
145568331Where the FUCK is the trailer?[View]
145568300Why didn't Harry get with French sex goddess Fleur who clearly adored him after he saved her ba…[View]
145568291At what point did you realize pirating is simply not the way to go?[View]
145562365ITT: porn degenerates kino: no nudes, no coom material, nothing. just feature porn degenerates being…[View]
145568416What the fuck was this shite?: Honestly made it 15 mins into the first episode had to shut it off.…[View]
145567512Goofy's kinda a shithead in the movie, like sure Max is a moody teenager but Goofy took him on …[View]
145568338I just watched season 2 and felt like there was lots of wasted potential. It feels like they went li…[View]
145566792so who was the bad guy behind this movie?[View]
145568241Come and See[View]
145565440Post the most satisfying and well-written relationships in TV and film. I'll start. >tfw no …[View]
145568126'All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things y…[View]
145567442Disenchantment: >It's actually a good show. Fuck you /tv/ I like this show.…[View]
145567107>Loser character wins in the end[View]
145567082What the fuck was her problem?[View]
145565647The March (1990): >A group of several thousand Africans migrate westward across northern Africa a…[View]
145567195Whose ready to watch another rocket blow up? Get in here Space X is getting ready to launch. https:/…[View]
145564933when you think about it, we're just watching adults playing pretend. makes ya think, doesn…[View]
145567668Anime sucks: Without fail, I have yet to see a good anime. It looks good when you're 12 and too…[View]
145565019I don't get this line: >It belongs in a museum >So do you! Is he implying Indy is old? Th…[View]
145566029Dystopian movies: What are a list of dystopian movies from the 60s/70s? I really like this THX1138 m…[View]
145567719Who #cloneclub here?[View]
145567215What was the point of this movie?[View]
145565192JESSE!!!! We have to check our white privilege![View]
145564726>what do you do? >i baby drive did a 720 and walked into the seat behind me right after that…[View]
145567652*singlehandedly destroyed Sparta*[View]
145567694She just tried to repay his kind.[View]
145567707>makes nihilism cool to hook you in and make you see just how stupid it is >it backfires What…[View]
145565287what is her best role? what's next for her career?[View]
145566307is Nietzsche the most over-used philosopher in television&film?: before anyone tries explaining …[View]
145557679why doesn't tv buy and watch UHD discs?[View]
145567624My name is prime cunny btw What would you have done in this situation[View]
145558094What city has the prettiest skyline?[View]
145556639What happened to Russell Brand's career?[View]
145567185>Nazis, I hate these guys[View]
145567547Not one but three defective players to replace Giambi?![View]
145566644what are some shows that have this kind of comfy feel, pacing and narrative?[View]
145567457hawk: is he kino?[View]
145565233John Boyega to star in Bionicle film[View]
145563829Is Tom Hanks a good actor?[View]
145562906This show is so cringey.[View]
145565389Growing up means realizing that Maverick was the bully[View]
145566916>go to actor's Early Life section on wikipedia every time[View]
145567140cast him[View]
145565404Anna Gunn is extremely talented and insanely hot[View]
145565582This movie was Blackpilled about Woman[View]
145566657>Nature documentary >Not narrated by David Attenborough It's just not the same.…[View]
145564686Imagine if the roles were reversed[View]
145559778Netflix Original: Ah yes another generic sjw trash show, I made some predictions before watching the…[View]
145564216It’s a ‘Tony corrupts cousin Brian’ episode[View]
145563027DEH WANAWANGA[View]
145566316>>145564136 mike will die before they shoot season 6. vince fucked up by not wrapping it up in…[View]
145561111Cast it[View]
145560925dare i say... kino?[View]
145562745is this based enough for me to watch with my 10yo boy? i don't mind violence, but i don't …[View]
145564871Favorite movie trailers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELeMaP8EPAA[View]
145565761Disenchantment: What did we think of it?[View]
145566438>Christmas episode >its almost always kino…[View]
145566409what did Bane mean by this line? And why four of them?[View]
145566404Would you watch it, /tv/?: .[View]
145566293Lost: Is there any show where the quality drops this bad after S1? This shit had the potential to be…[View]
145566183I almost had you man[View]
145556753Imagine the kinos if napoleon won[View]
145562122you's a weak-ass nigga man[View]
145555138I'm going to ruin this whole movie for you: The embryo holder given to dennis wasnt whipped cre…[View]
145566239*licks dagger*[View]
145563537>infiltrates your crime syndicate Anyone else watch this documentary series?…[View]
145562521cast them.[View]
145565382The other pairs of actors that were considered besides Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone …[View]
145564249Vatos locos forever carnal[View]
145562988>remove jerry's stand up scenes >its now perfect was that so hard larry?…[View]
145565818Post actors you want to hate but you cant.[View]
145563478Ah, SuperNintendo Chalmers! Welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.[View]
145565875Godzilla Singular Point: Forget Godzilla vs Kong, this is the real kino.[View]
145564711Now that the dust has settled, who was the better brother?[View]
145565668Take it like a man, boy, and do everything your little sister says.[View]
145565742Why is Cobra Kai so popular here? It's not like /tv/ even liked or discussed Karate Kid before …[View]
145565734>This mountain stronghold is supposedly protected by their deity. When we destroy it, we will bla…[View]
145564523what exactly do people like about her? she is as flat as a fridge. for me, it's women like BDH[View]
145565577>what's going on everybody, welcome to After Prison Show and TODAY…[View]
145555497What went wrong?[View]
145565517Where can I get this with the original music and good video quality?[View]
145564620'There he is': The Show[View]
145562930>I'll tell you just one word >TOILET…[View]
145553617/trek/: Redshirt edition. Previously, on /trek/: >>145519624[View]
145563975>Show is building towards a mystery that will unravel at the end of the series >He instantly g…[View]
145565219Nothing? You never understood, id you? Why we did this? The audience knows the truth- it was always …[View]
145561922God what a piece of shit movia and director. /tv/ has a misguided inbred culture.[View]
145565136What was his problem?[View]
145565098Looking for a movie: Hello /tv/ I'm searching for a movie, i once saw it in a glimpse by zappin…[View]
145564319>a Quentin Tarantino movie[View]
145560750Hello, i'm Shelley Duvall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrVoJgQ7u8w[View]
145554313Why did the media fear the Joker[View]
145564793>hiiii yag sbarro[View]
145562057whats the deathconsciousness of television and film?[View]
145563973I was ok with the show until the indiscriminate racist remarks started[View]
145564728let's discuss the cultural impact of the 2017 episode Pickle Rick[View]
145561030Can /tv/ recommend to me some other supposedly liberal but actually pretty conservative movies?[View]
145564565>Put on movie /tv/ recommended >It’s shit >Down a few glasses of alco >Turns into kino W…[View]
145564450he killed millions[View]
145564242What did Sersha mean by this?[View]
145559567Why did his career die?[View]
145564419Crabble, Goyle...we are leaving...[View]
145552887/wars/ - Star Wars General: Grandmaster Luke Skywalker Edition Edition Last Thread: >>14554308…[View]
145564111Walk away. That's right Howard. You know why I didn't take the job? Because it's too …[View]
145560943*transforms you into a socialist*[View]
145559291>HDMI cable & chill[View]
145564058>I think it's a literal ending that serves the movie's theme of faith vs science. Pinba…[View]
145560260What movie represents best the year 2020 ?[View]
145562501Do you watch movie/tv show reactions on Youtube? I just love to see other people's reactions to…[View]
145563452>Character snorts cocaine >High all night long, rather than 15mins which is how long cocaine l…[View]
145563840>Cyberpunk is a night setting Fuck you[View]
145563142Cast it[View]
145563810I'm running Mothership for CNY. How is this system? Some of the rolls seem a bit odd and despit…[View]
145563796Alright guys it's me, the writer of Wandavision. AMA[View]
145560086Shows that make you make this face while watching it[View]
145562296John David Washington walks funny[View]
145561952https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAj4FnUhGWE what gives a TV series this cheap look? example here…[View]
145563143What was his fucking problem?[View]
145563570How many court cases are actually broadcast on television and did they stop after Zimmerman?[View]
145562378'literally me' scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd2DI0nzeoU[View]
145563620Kinos about unity and healing It's time to heal[View]
145563341How did Hawkeye get away with this?[View]
145563411>[I]f Lucy had really met a faun—that is, a satyr—the result would have been a rape, not a tea pa…[View]
145562719How to have a female character and STILL be able to tell a good story:: Here is how to write a story…[View]
145563462Will this be any good?[View]
145561484>This show started out as a Family Drama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CzULs8UB5U&ab_chan…[View]
145537081Why are her videos so comforting to watch?[View]
145563329Sneedbros... How come none of you have noticed this from Badlands (1973)? It even has an inverted fa…[View]
145557636Why make Rammstein's music videos so kino?[View]
145552099I just finished True Detective season 1. Is season 2 even worth watching or should I just skip to se…[View]
145562830>Sit down kid. We need to talk.[View]
145560112>watching a movie with friends >something incredibly dumb or illogical happens >feel the ur…[View]
145563222Any cult kino I could watch fellas?[View]
145557922i want to hear from people who had been an OT fan, then seen Ep 1 in theatre, then went to see this.…[View]
145563212What could've been....[View]
145563089Fiona this got me wondering, do you you ever feel like Shrek 2[View]
145562293ITT actresses who hit the wall harder[View]
145561597>go to sleep while vaguely wanting to take a shit >drwam about going to the loo >wake up th…[View]
145562956>series has backstory episode half way through a season[View]
145562614are you ready?[View]
145562799>Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right? >Left. What did they mean by this?…[View]
145561482>its a queen mother gives absolutely dreadful advice that ruins someone's life episode What …[View]
145560467Call Me[View]
145562288Greatest Revenge Films, GO: What is the absolute greatest revenge film of all-time, and why is Ms. 4…[View]
145562606>it's HE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!!!! HOW HIM speaking that on HIM or getting OMG the CLOSE …[View]
145547196Just finished marathoning this. Should I read the manga?[View]
145558382Soul or soulless?[View]
145562655i miss him bros[View]
145558534The show was fucking horrible after he left and they should have never continued without him. In fa…[View]
145562795Maladolescenza - 1977[View]
145559842I confused Heat for Resevoir Dogs and thought I had already watched it, just saw it. >I told you …[View]
145562714Syriana (2005): Thoughts? my 2 cents are that it's a really good movie with all the petroleum p…[View]
145561130Cast him.[View]
145561154pov u think connery is best jams bond[View]
145561702Was Spongebob too harsh on Squidward?[View]
145561295>blue balls plebs for an entire season How did he get away with it??[View]
145560571The Irishman massive plothole: When Jimmy Hoffa and Frank Sheeran first talk, Jimmy asks him if he p…[View]
145561832>Young me >''Hes fucking crazy'' >25+ me >I'm becoming like him…[View]
145562375>the intro music is changed to fit to the music of the cold open[View]
145560159Lucas is a genius[View]
145561713YOU'RE BROWSING /tv/, THE WORST BOARD ON 4CHAN(nel)[View]
145562238'doing basement renovations' 'digs up bones' 'spooky shit happens'[View]
145562213This is kino[View]
145561239SO WHAT?[View]
145558986Where should I start watching The Simpsons and until what season?[View]
145561227>Korean movie >https://vocaroo.com/19AEkRxvJbrS…[View]
145560440Major plot hole: Despite Ritchie Valens having psychic premonitions about his own death, he still ge…[View]
145558449What are some of the most horrendous examples of plagiarism in all of storytelling?[View]
145561988>Why yes, I interpolate all my kino to 60fps, how could you tell?[View]
145556520What did you think of this outfit?[View]
145561136What the fuck happened to this girl?[View]
145561746The Terminator > Terminator 2[View]
145556239It's prime Aus time, so let's talk about the best TV show to come from down under. Persona…[View]
145560753Oh no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vln9D81eO60[View]
145560093Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you You're cool And fuck you I'm out![View]
145561622Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
145561633kino movie milfs.[View]
145560465Yorgos Lanthimos, Panos Cosmatos ... who else?: Are there more greek filmmakers?[View]
145550066Missing 411: The Hunted: An interesting documentary with several strange cases. The one that I found…[View]
145555553What's your opinion of the Supernatural series?[View]
145560724>No no no no, it's STEEN sir, Epsteen >That's what I said EPSTEIN…[View]
145561453Movies about unsolved mysteries?[View]
145559714>cold winter sunday >it's cloudy and raining >you are in a warm room under a blanket …[View]
145558057Tv and Movie fun facts: >Fraiser is a spin off of Cheers I did not know this until today. Any tri…[View]
145561309/star trek/: star trek[View]
145548639who's the hottest 90's babe?[View]
145561258>Rollin' faster than a Muthaphukkin' dirt bike >Never met a piece 'a pussy that…[View]
145552322>Why, yes ... I am the Terror. >*credits rolls up*…[View]
145560206Neytiri is...[View]
145561119>I would like at this moment to announce that I will be retiring from this program in two weeks t…[View]
145561101Cast him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCDUSv2qRwU[View]
145514208Larry King dead at 87[View]
145560205What did they mean by this?[View]
145559061>But I'm the protagonist of this operation BRAVO NOLAN[View]
145558426>how shall i fuck up the themes of a children's story today?[View]
145560650Surely the most creative sitcom of the late 2000s/early 2010s, right?[View]
145557704'H-Hop on, Neo... we're going t-to the cyber retirement h-home...'[View]
145555402OPERATOR SERIES: justi finished watching this for the first time. awesome ride. I'm watching Ho…[View]
145560283>’Anywhere I go, I always carry a babble with may’ >puts it in the front pocket >gets shot,…[View]
145560228>can't commit to a film or tv show for longer than 30 seconds[View]
145560471Behind the Scenes Thread[View]
145558464What was the point of this 'prank'?[View]
145557831How would the youth of today react to a movie like this?[View]
145558319>run out of algae >start eating humans >never consider eating bugs Am I supposed to believe…[View]
145552153So let's end this debate once and for all: is it really unfilmable?[View]
145560568RUN HIDE FIGHT: fuck this was great. Like a school shooter version of Die Hard[View]
145560518Thoughts on the new Euphoria episode?[View]
145560476People called Romanes they go the house?[View]
145559537Wwyd if The Punisher had a bounty on you?[View]
145556269guys.... she’s actually funny[View]
145556813>sister & I force mom to marathon all DBZ movies with us despite her knowing literally nothin…[View]
145556489>Only trans character in the entire show commits suicide ...How did Sam Esmail get away with this…[View]
145555686>i forgot he died life is pain[View]
145560174Moby Dick: Is this movie worth watching? The book was ok, is this any better?[View]
145560278Best news channel?[View]
145559549Just ended things with my best friend. Need a release. What film would you recommend?[View]
145556850who is next?[View]
145560002Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145560238Are there *any* new movies worth seeing in theaters? I already saw Wonder Woman and Promising Young …[View]
145560148>autistic kid has superpowers trope[View]
145559576We are never getting a Sequel, are we? https://youtu.be/voTcaxKWV80[View]
145557020Any movie, TV show, etc made pre-2000 is pure garbage.: I’ve gotten a lot of crap with this opinion …[View]
145559719Source Code movie: What. A. Stupid. Movie. I could rewrite the 96 minute production into 5 minutes e…[View]
145558164What kind of fucking ending shot is this?[View]
145554856Do I need to believe in God to appreciate this film?[View]
145555464>Fine then... beat me up...[View]
145560030Yellowstone: I just discovered a show that has given me a feeling never felt since The Wire. I’ve on…[View]
145559832The mark of absolute kino[View]
145556627Eddie Murphy is overrated[View]
145559987anyone seen this Hongkongese female robocop remake I Love Maria (1988)?[View]
145558086It's seriously not that bad[View]
145558129When you walk in on Sophia Bush and Kate Mara having a threesome...[View]
145559871What the fuck was he hiding?[View]
145554610This dude is a huge piece of shit. Straight up put his Aunt on blast on a podcast of thousands. He…[View]
145559836Tomb Raider: Say what you will, I liked them.[View]
145558743how was it so kino?[View]
145559849Isn't it a little gross that they have kept Chaz's deadname for reruns of this episode?[View]
145558682Patrician Test: One of these: a cheesy, kitsch melodrama inflated to the status of art by undiscerni…[View]
145556710DONT STOP[View]
145559755Who are some of your favorite actors who had a big fall from grace?[View]
145555786the sound of metal: I watched only the trailer and it made me cry . Stop using ur airPods anons . …[View]
145559277Is “Television & Film” a pleb or patrician hobby?[View]
145559711>Besides, Butch. How many fights you think you got in you anyway? >One? Two? Three? Four? Fi…[View]
145555080Why didn't she just get a job?[View]
145558773The Good Morning Burger[View]
145557946what are some good kinos for INFPs?[View]
145559644strwrs: what if the dark side isn't the only wrong side. who killed uncle ben?[View]
145559616I bet all my money on A-ha singer being the viking.[View]
145558078your biography if you didn't discover 4chan in middle/high school[View]
145559429why won't they expand internationally?[View]
145548878What is the harry Potter fanbase opionion on the chamber os secrets? God the twist of it being Ginny…[View]
145554323>ywn watch drive for the first time ever again[View]
145559347MY DINGALING[View]
145559450ITT: CIA sightings: Pic related from Taxi Driver.[View]
145559229Rest In Peace Larry[View]
145556087>wonders why Home Alone is more popular than Jingle All the Way: is he retarded?[View]
145557003Hey, jannies, why did (((Lawrence Zeiger))) get a sticky, but not Mira Furlan?[View]
145557747>take college class about intro to video >really enjoy it and awaken a passion for filming and…[View]
145559074What was his fucking problem?[View]
145548996AY YO DOCTAH[View]
145548520Is it going to be kino?[View]
145559219Allow myself to introduce...myself.[View]
145557264>movie length >more than 2 hours[View]
145557414What did I watch?[View]
145559056This scene ruins the entire trilogy. What the fuck?[View]
145555711Any movies about old mates sharing a cool refreshing ice cold CocaCola™?[View]
145554691I love this show so much.[View]
145559049Monologues: 422 years later is this still the most kino monologue ever written? https://www.youtube.…[View]
145558421>tfw no qt 3.14 Gondorian gf[View]
145555408Anyone remember this 90s movie about a suburban family that were really large insects? Have you ever…[View]
145554789Are they ever going to get over the fucking Joker movie?[View]
145546587ITT: Post >Year you were born >Favorite movie >Favorite show I'll start >1999 >T…[View]
145548825ITT: state your movie pitch.: You have 15 words or less to explain your pitch movie has a budget of …[View]
145557962Arguably the funniest TV show ever created. Which seasons are the best? I've only watched the f…[View]
145557561>word to the wise >remember _____[View]
145542333Armond White Exposed -- Here are his dumb quotes:: >Inception -- It is the work of a con artist …[View]
145557757What are the essential space kinos?[View]
145550566do you like real girls?: I wish I had a tall gf[View]
145551681Fired by Disney: A group of us have been let go from Disney after the Virus and we were on the Simps…[View]
145558569Was it reddit kino?[View]
145557668What zero pussy does to a motherfucker[View]
145558467What's the best way to kill yourself if you do not have access to a gun or transportation? Woul…[View]
145530306I have never seen something more cringeworthy and stupid on tv than the sixth season of sopranos. It…[View]
145551209Childhood was idolizing Joel. Adulthood is realizing Mike was right the whole time.[View]
145558180Jared Leto Talks about his role as Mr.J in Zack Snyder Justice League https://youtu.be/b9enpIunFWc[View]
145557545Now that she's retired from her previous career, does she have a shot in Hollywood?[View]
145550590>the best hacker in the world is a middle aged white woman with dreads[View]
145558125Does anyone actually watch all these horrible shows they churn out? Who the fuck is their audience?[View]
145557700>A word to the not so wise about your little girlfriend: DO WHAT YOU NEED TO WITH HER THEN BROOM …[View]
145557651>my favorite film of all time is The Cabin in the Woods What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
145556419She DOES have a big post-GOT career coming right?[View]
145556431Hey ya'll I'm having trouble sleeping. Can someone recommend me something light-hearted?[View]
145555104This movie has aged well. Never heard it talked about here. So her dad was an alien the whole time? …[View]
145554752Reminder that Nedry threatened to run him over with the jeep. It was justifiable homicide.[View]
145556821Trey Parker and Matt Stone made a deep fake startup: This is the trash they've been working on …[View]
145557192What is life after getting caught on 'Predator' stings? This can include TCAP and other ra…[View]
145555440what is her favourite movie?[View]
145556737How is this, /tv/? Also, how's 'Don't Look Back'?[View]
145556220Things that made it perfect: Other than Goose.[View]
145557422Watching Kong Skull Island when suddenly...: >There'll never be a more screwed up time in Wa…[View]
145550521>Look up Frylock's VA >He's a poor dishwasher who barely made any money off the show…[View]
145556343ITT: Shows that somehow got eight or more seasons[View]
145556642Only one film on a desert island with a small cinema, choose carefully.[View]
145557424>NOW I ADMIRE CASSIUS CLAY, I DO After years of torment by Caucasian Americans, the average Asian…[View]
145555509This would never be allowed today[View]
145556836>bad guy wins >no sequel >no spin off >thats it >he wins…[View]
145557385*ahem* Fidelio[View]
145553550Are Terrence Malick's movies the last remnant of whiteness and beauty in visual media?[View]
145557352What’s next for the cast of Stranger Things?[View]
145551283hey I searched the catalog and there's no wandavision thread? episode 3 was really good![View]
145555917but ms. you said i could do mine on Tupac!![View]
145557316I rarely get this uninterested or bored by a movie that I start flipping my phone. Why the hell is t…[View]
145556261ITT: Forced scenery[View]
145556522*blocks your path*[View]
145557206>Character 'Werner Ziegler' in Better Call Saul is called 'Werner' because his death has some sim…[View]
145555691okay so i checked out his old, abandoned channel and yeah, this fatass is unironically a comedic gen…[View]
145555636>It isn't meant to be exciting. >It isn't meant to be funny. >It doesn't hav…[View]
145553040Did you know that Rosemary's Baby has a sequel?[View]
145551025Has a movie ever made you cry?[View]
145556739What’s a film you don’t like but would still recommend people see for themselves? I’ll go first:[View]
145554364Ah HA! Comedy![View]
145554961The Matrix Reloaded: What was the point of this character?[View]
145555775HD quality cameras ruined film[View]
145551222What kinos have you watched multiple times?[View]
145556857>this is the so called /pol/ that frightens and triggers trannies and redditors so much…[View]
145549680Which of his films LYNCHED you?[View]
145556369>I liked Twin Peaks but I find the rest of Lynch’s work to be absolute trash, especially his movi…[View]
145550880/Michael Shannon/: Discuss[View]
145555192Is there a more uncomfortable movie? Btw I've only seen some clips.[View]
145553635ITT: Go to www ratingraph.com/tv-shows/, choose a tv show, take a screenshot of the graph, and other…[View]
145553720Little Girls - Kissing on TV: When and why did it suddenly become NOT ok to kiss little girls on liv…[View]
145554578ITT: first childhood crushes[View]
145551619closest thing to true detective s1 I've seen in ages[View]
145556090Where is the FUCKING trailer[View]
145551877Wait so did Johnny cure Miguel of Asthma? He has it at the beginning of episode 2 after a single pun…[View]
145552805Why aren't there any major movies or tv shows taking place during the pandemic?[View]
145554859In the near future when they set films in the 2010s, what do you think the soundtrack to them will b…[View]
145555611Press F to pay respect. A bee legend.[View]
145555928These two men created two very different yet equally treasured experiences, incredibly, for the same…[View]
145555774Uuuoooooaaaaaaahhhhh I love chess now[View]
145551853>If he dies, he dies.[View]
145555201>The Resistance is dead, the war is over, and when I kill you, I will have killed THE LST JEDI! I…[View]
145553999Just Watched This Again: A beautiful testament to the triumph of human resilience. Not to mention th…[View]
145556077Pobre hombre, murió protegiendo a su amada para dejarsela a otro, triste[View]
145555378SNL thread: post 'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRyCQcu0ygE[View]
145556316Was it kino[View]
145550712For England, James?[View]
145556206Whoops my anarchy symbol[View]
145556156Will Patrick Schwarzenegger become the next big action star?[View]
145552914Food from TV/Movies: Have you tried recreating them? How did it go?[View]
145553201Why won't Hollywood hire Michelle Ryan?[View]
145546097itt: childhood faps[View]
145553906Euphoria Part 2: The Family Jules: It hurts, bros...[View]
145554710Clockstoppers: >friend brings up picrel to group >talking about what we would do if we could s…[View]
145555815it wasn't that bad.[View]
145552916Teddy was right[View]
145555829>the booba what did he mean by this[View]
145554493Why do new fantasy shows always look grimdark, grey and monotonous? They lose their fucking creativi…[View]
145552248DAMN: This can't be real...[View]
145555766how do you guys feel about piers morgan?[View]
145553874Why didn't he do it?[View]
145551118Favorite kino drink: Remember this one?[View]
145554525Megan Fox: Where did she go? Why was she so popular for a short period of time and then disappeared …[View]
145552029Is there a bigger hack? Even Adam Sandler is less of a hack[View]
145546526What kinos did he order from Amazon Prime?[View]
145555680Movies about the Average American in 2030[View]
145550836Image reply limit was reached What's the most beautiful someone has looked in any film? My pick…[View]
145553279It's a campaign of fear and consumption[View]
145553002Why is it always male human / female elf? Aragorn and Arwen in LoTR for example.[View]
145555548BEN AFFLICTION.: So now I really wanna know........ How does /tv/ honestly feel........ About this m…[View]
145553987I'm going to bed in a bad mood because some people on here won't take covid seriously.[View]
145553994Hoooolld the fort...[View]
145555347was he retarded?[View]
145551193>Terrible in Peaky Blinders >Terrible in Playmobil: the movie >Terrible in New Mutants Thre…[View]
145554892I honestly didn't care for the original Gojira, the sequel's one of my favorites however. …[View]
145554926Rip lil nigga: His best movie?[View]
145554603>screwing around in VLC player >go into Effects and Filters >add film grain >wash out th…[View]
145554280Here's your female joker /teevee/[View]
145555349when she says she has gabagool[View]
145555077I don’t want nerds staying in this hotel[View]
145553682What do?[View]
145554774>5 tickets to Tenet, please[View]
145550526I'm Yoda! I'm a soldja![View]
145550934Be honest.: How many times did you jack it to this movie when you were younger?[View]
145519624/trek/: Happy edition Previous:>>145503576[View]
145555143What kind of trap would John Kramer put Jigsaw in?: .[View]
145555131Hollywood Babylon: Stories or obscure and little-known aspects related to actors, producers or direc…[View]
145555055It's UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAIvcYnrGas[View]
145554985is there any truth to this documentary?[View]
145553680*pats itself on the back for approaching a sensitive topic with seriousness amidst the humour*[View]
145554988who could play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
145542452GOSLING THREAD: Is he literally you, anon?[View]
145554138After watching this entire series again, this is still a quality and wholesome show. Can we get an a…[View]
145547828>You will never live in the 70's[View]
145554897Was it pride?[View]
145554632whaddup dawgz[View]
145554408Post your current mood with a /tv/ image.[View]
145545048how do i become like the master and commander?[View]
145551715bollywood fags which movie is this?: Actress karisma kapoor actor is ajay devgan[View]
145552838>tfw this show doesnt even seem far fetched anymore kino[View]
145554429He did nothing wrong[View]
145553095He deserved it.[View]
145552833I'M IN THE MOOD TO SCAM![View]
145551469Han. This is Luke. I have an urgent mission for you. Do not contact Qi'ra. I have broken her co…[View]
145553205Should I watch American Gods?[View]
145548510Besides the Lion King, are there any other kinos involving Lions or other wild cats?[View]
145543085/wars/ - Star Wars general: Pleb filter edition Previous: >>145539205[View]
145553675How did DreamWorks get away with this?[View]
145554199What went wrong?[View]
145543822What the fuck?[View]
145551139Why was she so obsessed with chess?[View]
145553965Why is Bart an old lady?[View]
145553402cinema with that moobie feelio?[View]
145548864In other news... Rest in peace George Floyd![View]
145553847is this movie actually good?[View]
145552708I'll never understand the obsession with Sebastian stan to play Luke skywalker & reading po…[View]
145552321I always had an uncomfortable feeling that there were kids in there[View]
145543996Bart to the future is one of the worst episodes of the Simpsons. >lol native americans run casin…[View]
145549944Funny how?[View]
145553488was it a dream? I say no. Deckard also wasn't a replicant.[View]
145553690You ever hear about the scorpion and the frog?[View]
145549629Over/Under: Director Edition[View]
145553750BEN AFFLICTION.: So now I really wanna know........ How does /tv/ honestly feel........ About this m…[View]
145551113I just finished this two nights ago and the shit Netflix-post series tonight. I thought it was real…[View]
145553654NOW SAY GOODNIGHT[View]
145553458So Gone to the Wind is literally just about a bitchy thot that gets exactly what she deserves and ne…[View]
145551130Dude, I almost had you![View]
145553138HBO's Finding Jesus: >We set out to uncover new details of Jesus's historical life and …[View]
145553590'Actually Ellen, that's not true': Was this the beginning of the end for Ellen?[View]
145541284I was explaining to my friend that it's impossible to understand Avril Lavigne without understa…[View]
145537645It’s gonna be shit isn’t it[View]
145543451>I have a message for Germany![View]
145552600DISNEY NOOOOOOO[View]
145550576Why does tut tut girl from Boardwalk make jannies seethe so much?[View]
145540412What went wrong? He used to be a funny, sympathetic dude. Now he's Lena Dunham level trash.[View]
145550379>When asked if he believed in God, Carlin responded 'No. No, there's no God, but there might…[View]
145553149What did it mean, though? What was the message here?[View]
145553132BRAVO VINCE[View]
145553169Umm hello can I speak to the kino department?[View]
145548976How did he do it bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtkmcYMcsM4[View]
145550071>I am the Nightcrawler![View]
145546991What ever happened to Budnik?[View]
145552827> ctrl f > no biodome thread lets fix that…[View]
145552975Why are great depression episdes so KINO?[View]
145529118Drunk thread[View]
145552032You know, when you get down to it, these movies are really about a nerd and a jock competing for som…[View]
145550274why was SVU much better than the original?[View]
145547080Movie scenes that make you feel like that?[View]
145552476What kinos go best with an honest day's work?[View]
145548648Are american parties really like this?[View]
145541613Every single character this guy plays is an asshole, douchebag, or just unlikeable. The only excepti…[View]
145545527>dunk & egg This a joke?[View]
145550263ITT: Revivals that destroyed the show’s legacy.[View]
145551791This is a weird question but if someone with a bunch of money (Not like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos but…[View]
145547067OI KORAA[View]
145549384>Why didn't YOU save him?[View]
145549465Minas Tirith, formerly known as Minas Anor, capital of the Kingdom of Gondor since T.A. 1640, city o…[View]
145546416Carl did nothing wrong.[View]
145549720Any other lads watch Harry Crane /tv/ kino?[View]
145548399Is this any good?[View]
145542073Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night …[View]
145551612>When she's 18 and rides the hairbrush like she owes rent[View]
145552096errrr now you just have that finance of yours come down to the station and give a statement to an of…[View]
145544778Zillabros this CAN'T be happening![View]
145546567Star Wars: Would you watch a Princess Leia series starring one Millie Bobby Brown?[View]
145547493What are some legit scary movies? I find it pretty hard to get spooked nowadays[View]
145551309>I've covered wars you know[View]
145552034Its always been funny to make fun of individual men who do traditionally feminine things. That'…[View]
145552030>so we're back to what's white is right, Mr A1 model citizen[View]
145551604Is Orville a good alternative to modern Star Trek? Is it good at all?[View]
145549655>You now have to buy whatever was in the last ad you saw How fucked are you, /tv/?…[View]
145551390>wow lalo..thats alot bigger than Jimmy's, Im not sure if I can take it…[View]
145550430>called 'Whiplash' >not a single whip in the movie Disappointing.…[View]
145549448Any thoughts, /tv/?[View]
145551762Why did he do it?[View]
145551891Tom, I'll need a ride home.[View]
145551881i don't get how the same ppl that think everything is a psyop to degenerate western civilizatio…[View]
145550658OH N-[View]
145546562Black people can't make kin...: /pol/acks are so stupid, and such gays in the closet.[View]
145551178What went so right?[View]
145548699>here's your 17 year old[View]
145550967I won the decathlon you know.[View]
145550652What happened to dewey: I just discovered about this 'conspiracy theory' that dewey and other child …[View]
145551223If Sean Connery was acting out then he'd be Sean Ornery[View]
145551474what the fuck[View]
145549969was the sole purpose of this movie just to make me coom hard?[View]
145548851I'm trying to remember the name of a Pokemon movie where Ash Ketchum switches bodies with some …[View]
145550937/Phil/ general: I didn’t start this thread just to buy you a couple a sundaes.[View]
145551475Work for free how?[View]
145549872Dear journal[View]
145550410>What do you mean you like Ferris Bueller?? He's the fucking villain of the movie!!…[View]
145549320ITT: Times you acted like Daniel Plainview[View]
145544095KINO ALERT!: LITERALLY /TV/ https://youtu.be/0HB7ZWzo5wU[View]
145549540Good movie. Shit ending[View]
145549994You can save one of them from hell. Which one and why?[View]
145550872So does shit like this just randomly happen on weekdays in Chicago?[View]
145549013I smoked tons of weed tonight. what obscure movie do i watch to get my mind blown.[View]
145549296What are the Oscars going to be like?[View]
145549780This is Carharine Daddario., does she have the looks for Hollywood?[View]
145548800/tv/ was right, Jim Carrey is the greatest American douchebag. A serious dick. I'll never defen…[View]
145550855he killed millions[View]
145549899Alright, what about this?[View]
145525532tick tick boom time bomb[View]
145545936My dad said prime Steven Seagal could beat prime Van Damme in a fight. I called him retarded. Who wa…[View]
145547001Admit it: He'd make a good cast for guts[View]
145550876Now that Camp Cretaceous season 2 has been released, are you exited for the 3rd Jurassic World movie…[View]
145548168Was the late 2000's peak The Onion? They don't make videos like this anymore https://www.y…[View]
145550774Dubs decides what I will spend tomorrow writing a short story about. I will post the first draft of …[View]
145549350Do you collect anything movie or TV related for me its vhs tapes especially sold as blank tapes[View]
145550720Tenet Inverted Machine/ DBZ Time Chamber: Imagine the Tenet Inverted Machine, had a room inside, and…[View]
145550660TV Funhouse thread: how did he get away with this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8wHUuXEIbU…[View]
145549207The brothers fucked up by not selling him their restaurant.[View]
145547287Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Richard Quest are a part of the CNN's gay cool kids club. But wh…[View]
145550572What are your thoughts on the episode ratings of the acclaimed emmy-award winning comedy The Big Ban…[View]
145546444>[bites lip] hnnng[View]
145550472>stole a bunch of tamper stickers from a few chains when I went to deliver food >any remotely …[View]
145550432If You haven't seen a movie in a while, and You remember nothing other then it being good, do Y…[View]
145549928hot damn this movie must be good[View]
145549128What a sick son of a bitch: >backshoots jesse after living in his home for free and treated like …[View]
145535910>Plunges the horror genre into an age of ingenuine irony that it never truly recovered from >A…[View]
145550423What are some kinos that will replicate this feel?[View]
145550389This shit is boring as fuck.[View]
145542632Why didn't he stay in the closet?[View]
145550270Name that movie[View]
145543818What's the most depressing movie you've ever seen?[View]
145548459characters ruining good shows pic super related he sucks[View]
145548121I saw this movie yesterday and i don't remember what it was about. Who was in the weong here, m…[View]
145545937What movie should I watch bros?: I want to be thoroughly riveted.[View]
145548439j-just run very fast? I can do that h-haha[View]
145550042gurm's dragon dietary habits: why does the fat man leave so many unanswered questions about his…[View]
145550003Cast them[View]
145549894wtf where's the /film/ thread?[View]
145549925An educated jew[View]
145549773If you consider yourself a 'fan' of any particular franchise or series beyond enjoying each piece fo…[View]
145549797What are some good male power fantasy movies with no bullshit? I only know of Wanted[View]
145549030Is this movie[View]
145546233Rank them[View]
145549865What is De Niro best role?[View]
145543750What was his name, again?[View]
145548498Is Russian cinema dead?[View]
145549148What kind of cocktail of prescription drugs do you need to take since childhood to have this thousan…[View]
145548770She's got a point.[View]
145549614anons please i need sad kions that unironically will make me feel happier[View]
145549533ITT: Living Kino Masters With some people, everything they touch or do is kino. Post some examples …[View]
145547914He is one more #ForceTheVote fiasco away before turning into Joker. I love his passion and bitternes…[View]
145549205Brainlet: Is anyone else unironically too stupid for movies? I will watch a film and have absolutely…[View]
145549186I'll be Gus the lovable chimney sweep! Clean as whistle, sharp as a thistle, best in all Westmi…[View]
145532308Could a live action Berserk adaptation work?[View]
145546393Why don't more wrestlers become Hollywood actors? These guys are pretty charismatic[View]
145546068ABSOLUTE KINO: Also Vincennes > Exley > White[View]
145523749What's the most beautiful someone has looked in any film? Male or female is fine[View]
145547981What's the hottest shower scene?: and why are there no unisex showers?[View]
145548336>ruins your kino[View]
145549315I need serious fucking help, guys. I can barely watch any movies from the last two decades because I…[View]
145547629Be as unironic as possible, how come we don't see a lot of new weird studio movies like Naked L…[View]
145546969They barely talked about columbine. Michael Moore just used it as an excuse to spew his dumb shit ab…[View]
145539940Was he based and redpilled?[View]
145547484How is it that Japanese Kino is so emotionally stirring? >Nobody Knows >All About Lily Choucho…[View]
145548897What was his fucking problem?[View]
145548362>You didn't turn that frown upside down when you were given the opportunity. The choice is y…[View]
145549179So is there still snow on Mount Kilimanjaro?[View]
145548706ITT: Movie ''Villains'' you could easily take in a fight. I'll start.[View]
14554914210,000 pounds would I freely give to say on earth that my Franklin do live..[View]
145548557This scene triggered me pretty bad. My teacher also took advantage of me when I was a kid. Felt bad …[View]
145538402why do women suck at everything? holy fuck this movie was god-awful. why did hollyjew think some bit…[View]
145547433What did he mean by this? Another one of his classic jokes perhaps?[View]
145531750berserk: picture this but with money behind it, good actors and with the same backing as game of thr…[View]
145548192*Invites you over for a Kino viewing*: *But you have to wear booty shorts and a tight shirt* Do you …[View]
145547136>watch some videos on YT about gaming, movies and other normie stuff >the guy sound like a typ…[View]
145549055/Michael Shannon/: Discuss[View]
145549081marry Kelly, fuck Jessie, kill Lisa[View]
145549060Charlie M?[View]
145549032>'my sister decided to join us. we share everything...together.'[View]
145549022Inglés what would you do in this situation?[View]
145547875Why didn’t you save her?[View]
145547918Too bad this movie sucks because the idea of Dracula being Judas is pretty good[View]
145548726Is it smart to avoid movies that are style over substance? I can stomach SOME of that shit but, a lo…[View]
145548623r8 my gf from oklahoma[View]
145548809ITT: 7/10 movies[View]
145547412>Welcome, Nighthawks. We've been... expecting you. The hour is late but you’re already readi…[View]
145548752ITT: Actors you hated for their career choices...but later earned your respect[View]
145548389/BEN AFFLICTION/ general: https://youtu.be/f-8dtqSS-24 where will this end for him?[View]
145548658WHY DID IT ONLY GET ONE SEASON??? FUCK YOU COMEDY CENTRAL YOU CUNTS! Why do they do this? Make a won…[View]
145544354Well, what film, /tv/?[View]
145547015why didn't they just get an education?[View]
145544114Starship Troopers: >make a satire of fascist propaganda >becomes unironically an endorsement o…[View]
145540030Why does 21:9 exist?: It looks silly on 16:9 tvs.[View]
145546130Why did you tell me this move was bad?[View]
145540952Wandavision: CUTE!: Fuck you I liked it[View]
145548402Nii-san wants to watch a movie, need suggestions I like: Sci fi, Japanse, historical, anime He likes…[View]
145548466I think about them a lot[View]
145546364Andy Richter: While I would like to see Seth Meyers dead the biggest levels of disgust I get from ta…[View]
145546984Fantastic movie that dropped the ball the very last second because the writer wanted to force an 'ep…[View]
145548415Did He get a sticky?[View]
145547059I fucked Ted[View]
145548262>Shaka, when the wall hit[View]
145547852ITT: Bromance kino[View]
145546532Jonah Hill's mental illness and attention whoring reaches a whole new level.[View]
145546241>Man, Band of Brothers is such kino, this re-watch is so fucking good, I can't wait to see w…[View]
145544254Why'd the Architect keep a programming bug (Neo) running for so many time? Is debugging too adv…[View]
145548227Nate: Everybody talks about the boring annoying and talentless Jules, but nobody talks about the bes…[View]
145548208Is Sasquatch real?[View]
145548103Movies /tv/ was filtered by: you guys are plebs, this is a 10/10[View]
145547469Sniper got the Skip....[View]
145546404What are some good RIDER movies?[View]
145548049You should watch Why Women Kill. You should watch Alexandra Daddario's body of work.[View]
145545589What movie premises would you like to see done with a big budget and A list celebrities?: >Scient…[View]
145548022Well done, Slytherin. However..[View]
145548013>Tfw you will never have a bro like kevin[View]
145545859I've always wanted to eat at the Show Biz Deli[View]
145547901He's an A-rab if that helps[View]
145547065>mogs the living even in death is there anyone more Chad than Brad Pitt?…[View]
145547861>British women, now THAT'S savage cunny[View]
145547671>i'm just looking up ways to kill myself again Did Ornella go too far?…[View]
145546524Any recommendations for Pike kino? Also how did he do it? This 5'9 heroin addicted ugly broke n…[View]
145545766The Stand: Trash Trashcan Man Edition: That's your Trashcan Man? Really? Really. That's yo…[View]
145546422What did the red goo taste like?[View]
145545159You don't know who I am, do ya?[View]
145547732Will it be kino /tv/?[View]
145543652IT'S HAPPENING[View]
145546752>every bully in a 90s movie[View]
145545155'Bad Boys II' is probably the closest we as humans will ever get to a 'perfect' movie. The…[View]
145547630>Black could be anywhere What did Cuaron mean by this?[View]
145543109>It insists upon itself what the FUCK does this mean? are there examples?…[View]
145547587>Welcome to Papa Song.[View]
145547586Do you think Ryan tasted her?[View]
145546114I just watched all 7 of the films on Netflix and this shit is phenomenal, any word on the next one o…[View]
145547191I just finished watching this and I really enjoyed it. I felt it was the best movie I've seen i…[View]
145547506>OH D-[View]
145546898ITS TAPE[View]
145546826do we like it?[View]
145545592The future of good, nonpozzed, non pandering, media is apparently in Spain.[View]
145546882What's with Nolan and the spinning obsession?[View]
145546511You are tasked with filming the Hobbit, how do you not fuck it up?[View]
145547195>drink 2 bottles of kombucha >Become druk What a life!…[View]
145543974Hey LegalEagles![View]
145547147>Besides, Butch. How many fights you think you got in you anyway? >One? Two? Three? Four? Fiv…[View]
145544868WAS IT KINO?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6v252cYhp0[View]
145547189Legolas! What do your elf-eyes see?[View]
145541816i want to watch dredd which one i should pick?[View]
145547117Was it kino? Yeah, it was[View]
145545271Kino that takes you back to the 2000s like in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=yout…[View]
145546558But am I not /tv/ enough for the /tv/ Club?[View]
145544884Gordon's alive!?[View]
145543157He was the only sensible character in the show[View]
145544869Star wars romance: So did Daiver really happen then boyOz? Give some clues please and no hate[View]
145545694Kinos with this feel?: https://youtu.be/o__qcqfhjpU[View]
1455449502021, I am forgotten...[View]
145546196Now that the dust has settled..: Was it kino? For me, its better than anything star trek ever did.…[View]
145546940Is it still good, or was it just 'good for its time'?[View]
145546906Is he the David Foster Wallace of film?[View]
145543650Lol Brad Pitt has like the gayest hair I've ever seen. Do white people really do this their gay…[View]
145544969He used to slice the blueberries so thin they would liquefy in the muffins: It was a very good syste…[View]
145546789Have you ever thought you were a movie character before?[View]
145527232Anyone watching Junior Bake Off this year?[View]
145544713Name ten horror movies that couldn’t be solved if the protagonist just carried a gun[View]
145542550Bridgerton: Is this series any good?[View]
145545877RIP Julio (Gregory Sierra): Dead at 83. Sanford and Son and Barney Miller, both great shows with mor…[View]
145546655Are you excited for the new episode tomorrow?[View]
145545811Characters who didn't do anything wrong[View]
145546620how did such a decadent society deal with pedophilia?[View]
145544579Why did Uncle Junior worship JFK so much?[View]
145545725Why didn't you guys tell me Enterprise was so good?[View]
145545033Uuuh I don't like where this is going[View]
145539926>normie girl spends life on cock carousel ignoes the incel >covid wipes out everyone else in t…[View]
145545523Just finished this. The first season was good but kinda boring, seasons 2-5 were great, seasons 6 a…[View]
145546348What should that person have to be /ourguy/?[View]
145541082The Pacific: Everything that was not related to Sledge and Snafu is trash. Melodrama, romance subplo…[View]
145543786DUNE 2020: The Remake: Part I is CANCELED?!?: What are the odds this piece of shit is just flat out …[View]
145541494Was he in the wrong?[View]
145533649Are you enjoying the new direction of Colbert's show now that he's dropped politics?[View]
145544370It’s not Ben anymore! It’s Dunk![View]
145541462What are the essential spaghetti westerns? I'm a longtime fan of the Dollars trilogy but I want…[View]
145545403Has anyone here ever Breaked Bad?[View]
145545062Don't mind me! Kino is taking a trip to the kinoplex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF716BFv9…[View]
145544875>Buh-bye, Bill...[View]
145531549Help: I’m looking for a movie which I only know because of an scene at the end. A woman is driving a…[View]
145540900/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. /film/ Literature - h…[View]
145545966Any good Russian kino?[View]
145546170Only shows from the golden era of television are allowed in this thread. Starting with a classic[View]
145546042You blow your father with that mouth.[View]
145544066>Asta Nielsen is considered one of the first cinema sex symbols, whose erotic presence on the scr…[View]
145544605The charges, officer?[View]
145539349Oh, my God. They found me. I don't know how, but they found me.[View]
145545090Ricky wouldn't have died if he took the situation seriously.[View]
145544634Is he the coolest actor there’s ever been?[View]
145545951This is LITERALLY the alcoholic cinematic universe. They take alcoholic partying and make it deepest…[View]
145545704TWAS A DIFFERENT TIME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdV3VomzKdI[View]
145545956>I wonder who the real Cannibal Holocaust is. Turned off the movie right there.…[View]
145543894I'm named after my Grandad... My full name is Zach Grandad Galifianakis.[View]
145545657Any predictions on what his new project Wisteria is going to be about?[View]
145544155Post your favorite stand-up comedian ITT[View]
145544641Hello? Hello? I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it.[View]
145545887>We have to cook, Korra[View]
145545691Do the machines care about rapists in the matrix[View]
145544294>movie about dancing and fun >the ending is absolutely tragic and hopeless What the fuck…[View]
145545870>black people in the film industry can't be bas[View]
145545825normies keep telling me to watch this. is it good?[View]
145545558GET REAL[View]
1455457222020 was pretty much just one really long Black Mirror episode.[View]
145535986>Its a Hal episode[View]
145540243They haven't uploaded in weeks, are they ok?[View]
145545649'specially since they're such good size an' all.[View]
145542491The older I get, the more I'm becoming like George Costanza (minus the part where he dates hot …[View]
145529628ITT guilty pleasures[View]
145545595The charges, officer?[View]
145545593Best war flick of 2020 hands down[View]
145545577/WoT/ Wheel of Time General: >Does it make it past the second season?…[View]
145545366What's that one tv show or movie that you watch when you're feeling down anon?[View]
145544059Side characters who stole the movie: For me, it's Skeletor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cR…[View]
145543979ITT: Post underrated movies[View]
145545476Was this sending up George W Bush? Why did the Simpsons do an entire episode of boring political sa…[View]
145545471For me? It was Butt Ugly Martians.[View]
145545469>historyanons seething at fantasy media keep seething, i dont wanna stop laughing LOL…[View]
145544497Explain to me how Dougie Jones was able to marry a 11/10[View]
145537327thoughts? i liked it, I've seen it when i was 7. I'm 33 now.[View]
145542861Just saw this: Was bored up till the end, his tv speech was kino, but honestly as a whole the movie …[View]
145545419>I was wrong about you, ornella[View]
145545396>https://youtu.be/_I_F4a-oUyA?t=59 Its not possible to make the green lantern constructs look goo…[View]
145543957>I've been in a cave >for forty days >only a spark >to light my way is it OK if I c…[View]
145545332>virtual interview >virtual premiere >virtual photoshoot…[View]
145537960>Watching a film >Product placement >Turn off the TV…[View]
145545305Post the last movie you watched and have /tv/ judge you. You do watch movies dont't you?[View]
145545151>Age 20: Laugh at him >Age 30: You are him…[View]
145534375>3 straight episodes of 'perfect sitcom world........................................ OR IS IT???…[View]
145538291Was he an incel, or did he hook up with Lilly or anybody ?[View]
145542948The Conversation (1974): This is a total masterpiece[View]
145545060Noir means black. So does nigger >question[View]
145544904You guys did watch mall kino, right?[View]
145543277hey, guys. i'm feeling pretty down today because i accidentally shid my pants after eating a Su…[View]
145543631you got attracted because of familiarity but didn't know who the familiarity was from? How sad.[View]
145544897They will undoubtedly be focused on the as-yet- unsolved execution-style slaying of Soprano family a…[View]
145540119Why the fuck do people like these movies so fucking much? Their not even good.[View]
145544845Get your ass to Mars[View]
145543806Thor 4: Filming starts next week, where my /taika/chads at?[View]
145543761ITT. Movie Mashups.: What movies sequels would you like to see Mashed up with? Me? I would love to s…[View]
145536296What does /tv/ think of 2 Broke Girls?[View]
145531237>Anya Taylor-Alien gets absolutely MOGGED by a beautiful female interviewer Wtf, bros, I thought …[View]
145543668was it autism[View]
145543105>lets take a bright colorful fantasy and turn it into a bland, modern, capeshit…[View]
145542828>We can do this the easy way....or the hard way.[View]
145544676What happened to her career?[View]
145542229Romeo Must Die (2000): was it kino?[View]
145519966>secret stairs to mordor >100 yards from Dead City filled with enemy troops…[View]
145541846itt: we post our favorite actors[View]
145541588What kind of movies zoomers like??[View]
145527692L O L[View]
145542519>Action movie set in Brazil >scene of someone running across favela rooftops Every time…[View]
145542354we talkin bout practice[View]
145543748How do dragons eat ash?[View]
145544406what is last movie you have enjoyed?[View]
145544043/Michael Shannon/: Discuss[View]
145537780Most shocking scenes in Television and Film[View]
145544199*acts clueless while you embarrass yourself*[View]
145540556Is there any high fantasy movies/shows that are as good as game of thrones? I need some good escapis…[View]
145541349i need good action flick, but with interesting plot think Verhoeven's sci fi films or strange d…[View]
145537648What will women ruin next?[View]
145540728ITT: Scenes that changed your life[View]
145544090>watch Holidate >he bails her out of an awkward situation when she bumps into her ex and his n…[View]
145544264I have never watched the plane scene.[View]
145535880I have watched over 11 hours of 'tenet explained' videos after watching this movie so ama[View]
145544235Paul Rudd as Chris Watts Kat Dennings as Sha'nann Watts Melissa McCarthy at the fat nosy friend…[View]
145544228The Matrix: Is it just me or is The Matrix an incredibly underrated movie? I mostly am talking about…[View]
145544179Not quite my tempo[View]
145543621Is this one of the best comedy movies ever made?[View]
145542337ITT:: Kino you would watch with your dad.[View]
145540391zooby zooby zooooo[View]
145543660>Right now you're feeling helpless[View]
145543584ITT: itt weirdest movies you have never watched yet[View]
145543508ITT: the most kino scenes of all time[View]
145539351>my favorite film of all time is Pi What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
145541738Wanna work on the Animaniacs reboot? They're looking for a new Production Manager.[View]
145536353why is she so sour?[View]
14554385430 Coins: Haven't seen a thread on here yet. Anybody watching? I like it. Perfect amount of stu…[View]
145543388Billy, can we talk?[View]
145540866Are they kino?[View]
145543160How are some people good voice impressionists?[View]
145543724This has to be the worst thing Sam has ever put out. This was demo reel, Doug Walker tier. Hs Sam fi…[View]
145543671ITT movies you regret recommending[View]
145537962>watching with gf >this scene comes on Uhhhhh…[View]
145543565Ahem, we can still test for covid with it. Guys?[View]
145543553Alright, yeah, what about this?[View]
145542599Fuck you! this was worse than the anime version.: fuckers memed me again with this gay shit.[View]
145532582>This was 2019 in the 80s[View]
145542047American History X 2030[View]
145543423Any good fat kinos?[View]
145543482Anyone have a link to the fight?[View]
145543265ghost pussy[View]
145541985What did you guys think of this? I'm almost finished the first season and am enjoying it a lot[View]
145543129THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
145542792ITT: One-time wonders[View]
145541862>Sweeney was born and raised in Spokane, Washington.[2] She has a younger brother named Trent.[3]…[View]
145542029Alright Kirsty[View]
145541708>That bandit, in the forest in Burma, did you catch him?[View]
145543266Guys, please, it's a fucking joke, come on.[View]
145543073COMING THIS SUMMER....[View]
145542949>Character is called Sadie Enward[View]
145539205/wars/ - Star Wars General: Obi-Wan Kenobi Edition Previous thread: >>145533572[View]
145542953Best seasons of House?: Hello, I started watching House MD and I'm currently at season 1. I rea…[View]
145540212yeah the POTC movies weren't that good, but Jones was kino[View]
145541694You have remembered to watch legendary movie renaissance man's James Rolfe's retrospective…[View]
145540304What the fuck was her problem?[View]
145540560>Only monster in the entire franchise Godzilla wasn't able to beat >Only monster in the e…[View]
145542923>Friendly robotic companion embarks on an adventure. >Is rewarded in the final scene with a sh…[View]
145541179I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oi…[View]
145540158Small Soldiers: This movie has always been a classic from my childhood. I've watched it dozens …[View]
145541318I feel bad for this guy.[View]
145534488Strong female characters[View]
145541080I legit feel like this show is subliminal messaging[View]
145542767why did he look like God here?[View]
145540868HOLY SHIT I get he’s trying to make people healthier but stop fucking fat shaming these people. They…[View]
145541608Recommend me some burger punk kino[View]
145540949little girl kissing on live tv: Was tv in the 60s thru 80s just too based to comprehend or was it ju…[View]
145542092Why the driver put gloves before slapping her?[View]
145539601>loan white man money >charge insane rates to get back at colonizers I never understood how th…[View]
145541288how has there not been a scarier movie than The Exorcist (1973)[View]
145542556Do executive producers in films play a part in content or finance? What’s their contribution to a fi…[View]
145542586with no survivors[View]
145541922what are some good first contact movies[View]
145542344What even was that icon Coop was seeing on top of the slot machines?[View]
145540367Dubs decide the fate of the new year[View]
145542170>'Beyond a particular age a man that doesn't have a family isn't a good thing.'…[View]
145542501Thoughts on this franchise?: Anarchy > Election Year > The First Purge > The Purge[View]
145541330Sharpe: Think it's about time we got some more 90s Napoleonic kino on this board. Discuss your:…[View]
145530171Is he based or reddit?[View]
145540305ITT: stupid death scenes[View]
145541666/msg/ Martin Scorsese general: Discuss your favorite Scorsese films here[View]
145542364Any other kino celebrity deaths?[View]
145540041Did you like the new episode?[View]
145512501The Expanse: Do you like this season of The Expanse so far? What would you like to see more of? Wha…[View]
145537482Is Shooter (2007) a good action movie or guilty pleasure?[View]
145542277> I'm going down to El Honto...and I'm gonna lock myself in a motel room...with a bottl…[View]
145542097Why can't regular kinos reproduce the same feels anime does?[View]
145542147Name a more badass intro theme. Protip: you can't[View]
145541186what the hell is wrong with parents exposing their kids to the media when they're still under 2…[View]
145531971What is your favorite shower scene in a movie or tv show?[View]
145541618Fads which you wish stuck around: For me, it's parkour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g9-ms7L…[View]
145541716If James Bond ISN'T a code-name how can Judi Dench be the new M in GoldenEye and Bond has been …[View]
145540973Is it good?[View]
145541005>My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get …[View]
145541793>EL SEEFA FUCK THE HOOOOOTA what did he mean by this[View]
145541785Kino's finally back on menu[View]
145537762Gandalf the White...? Gandalf the FOOL![View]
145541364>I love you Patrice. Why are you dressed like a gay umpire?[View]
145541579How did they get away with this?[View]
145539296Why is this considered anything other than mediocre?[View]
145539030Why is Michael Madsen only good in Tarantino films?[View]
145521784/who/ Doctor Who General: Chibsorbaloff edition Retconned: >>145486426[View]
145541590Just imagine the kino documentaries about the trump years. Can’t wait for the Ken Burns docu but we’…[View]
145539259ITT: Legimately dumb Hollywood figures Apparantely he didnt know SNL was a live show Hard mode: No…[View]
145541501I'm 4 minutes in. When does it stop being shit?[View]
145540977What do you want?[View]
145541504I fucked Bane.[View]
145540361Lost media thread: Starting off easy.[View]
145541485Will Whoa the One-Boobed be in the sequel?[View]
145540941ITT actors everybody likes.[View]
145540748MMMmmwaAAHHH the frensshhh[View]
145538316https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=074SIoz3DDw >'We need Kong. The world needs him'. >Kong in cha…[View]
145540297https://skribbl.io/?VWwY5DXSEaXp https://skribbl.io/?VWwY5DXSEaXp https://skribbl.io/?VWwY5DXSEaXp[View]
145541417>Fucking roastie, living off me. >ENOUGH. Holy shit, Nolan…[View]
145540914If you ever feel bad about your life, just think of the guy who got cucked by a literal insect.[View]

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