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168348775Idk what camera they used for this but this movie doesn't deserve to be as beautiful as it is.[View]
168343850ITT: Times you acted like Riddler I'll start >wake at 4 PM >time for my regular 4channel …[View]
168347686I honestly don't know what your problem with him is. He is legit entertaining[View]
168347285I saw this movie when I was 15. Was it supposed to make me less racist? It didnt work.[View]
168347196molly shannon: I'm glad that she is getting roles now. >The White Lotus >I love that for …[View]
168345569what'd you guys think of this? anyone got a torrent[View]
168348595>Guy comes home with a bouquet of flowers for his wife >I guess I'll have to spread my le…[View]
168345520I don't get it[View]
168347571Pitch your Family Guy cutaway gag: >PEYTAH, there was another mass shooting, we need to ban assau…[View]
168347343It's my Birthday, it's Saturday night, I'm alone and I can't think of anything t…[View]
168346557Star Wars: >Favreau and Filoni should be in charge of Lucasfi-[View]
168345779say his name: Whats his best film?[View]
168347830>love interest is mom[View]
168347380>suck my dick Johnny! What did she mean by this?[View]
168348224>I like ya and I want ya. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours. What di…[View]
168346851Is this any good? I never see it posted on /tv/ despite looking like it'd appeal to a 4chan aud…[View]
168330975What the fuck is dishonest filmmaking?[View]
168347596>movie about crooked cops and rats >a rat (the animal) appears in the final scene Is this supp…[View]
168346095>tv show >it's not 16:9 or 4:3[View]
168346883Favorite movie lines: >it's morbin time[View]
168346914Best Batman Getting a sequel Cope[View]
168347831Yiff in hell, furniggers.[View]
168348243Any kino about living in your dream home? https://www.rockethomes.com/homes/frederick-dr-frederick-c…[View]
168345668>watch Re-Animator >Barbara Crampton is hot as hell >look her up >she's still a cut…[View]
168346179Pure. Kino.[View]
168345127Post movie cars with soul.[View]
168347794Remember that episode where Truman spent 3 hours flirting with his imaginary girlfriend, before real…[View]
168346567Power's out[View]
168348029I'm the World Record holder in chewing gum. I'm not afraid of anything![View]
168348007Let’s post our favorite movies and judge each other. I’ll start.[View]
168348027>it's like a documentary except it isn't true consider my expectations subverted!…[View]
168346412There are only two kinds of movies to choose from nowadays: Derivative capeshit and pretentious 'art…[View]
168347981kids show adult actors: What are they like behind the scenes?[View]
168346486Would Mogwai be good pets in real life?[View]
168336121So let me get this straight. They kidnap a famous cartel leader's daughter in order to start …[View]
168347733>Maggie slowly falling in love with the guy that killed the father of her child…[View]
168344738>live action drama >JAV tier acting Who is the target audience for this?…[View]
168347758Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168347719>Expect Memento-tier kino about amnesiac hitman >Get absolute clusterfuck of events instead Wa…[View]
168347139post films with good soundtracks[View]
168346480Guys, I have a confession to make I fucking love Ghost Adventures[View]
168346108why do they talk like that?[View]
168346712why hasn't she been cast in a Tarantino film?[View]
168347618so a guy put me on to this film. what does /tv/ think about Devil's Advocate?[View]
168347612/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
168347592activate ze monkeypox[View]
168336842Sulked into a bagel: >sucked...intooo...a bageellll[View]
168345448'Capeshit Basedwars:The Buggening follows its multibillion boxoffice hit with a huge following on st…[View]
168347351I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
168347179Does anyone remember the movie where the old couple pretends to be the grandparents of these two kid…[View]
168345227>Chip: >Is boring >Is a lame insurrance scammer >becomes a cuckhold >Fails to identif…[View]
168343706Why is this the only good film Snyder ever made?[View]
168345598post underrated kinos[View]
168347272Big Brother 24: ANNOUNCEMENT IMMINENT LETS GO! [View]
168346947Why would a young, seemingly emotionally intelligent and kind, good looking man choose an affair/rel…[View]
168344854Dubs decide what film I watch tonight. Recently I've watched: >kpax >la confidential …[View]
168346312this was garbo[View]
168343239this aggression will not stand, man[View]
168347198Pure Raw Talent[View]
168345505>Burn Notice >Monk >Psych >Justified Post more comfycore basic cable/network TV kino alo…[View]
168345012Mah name was on the streets?[View]
168346038I see you like cutting the eyes out of photos of women. My son is a big fan of that too.[View]
168347149This is the script of the Red Dragon movie: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???[View]
168345635Who was the real patriot?[View]
168347062>mheheheh! hey butthead, that girl is so hot mheeheheh! >uhuhuhuh! Beavis you're a dumbas…[View]
168346995What did he say?[View]
168344503>I will take the ring to Meowdor[View]
168345241How could Brazilian make kino like this? What are some other third world operator kinos?[View]
168346917Are you Buster, Gob, Lindsay, or Tobias?[View]
168343656>have sex[View]
168346437>enhances your kino[View]
168346847How do you keep your movies /tv/: Blu-Ray ? You just download and delete ? External Drive ?[View]
168346686is /tv/ still mad@morb?[View]
168346075OH N-[View]
168339382What if he was born today?[View]
168346430What's the official /tv/ consensus on John Cusack?[View]
168346663ITT: Hawrawr Films.[View]
168344950How come people are so obsessed with gadet but not chip and dale themselves? I mean, look at them, t…[View]
168346754IT GETS WORSE[View]
168346259Bane....now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.[View]
168346732Late 90s/00s: I need some recommendations in regards to such movies. I find them extremelly comfy, p…[View]
168344754Now that Mary has been confirmed to join the star wars franchise, which role do you think she got?[View]
168346666Breaking Cuck: Se 4 ep 4 >it's real[View]
168345275Is Trust with Victoria Justice and Katherine McNamara worth a watch?[View]
168346370**TERRAIN AHEAD** **PULL UP**[View]
168346607Man of Steel 2: What would you want to see from it?[View]
168338726Who should play him in a potential Netflix documentary?[View]
168346561I've been treated by the moderator of this board[View]
168337583This is what they took from you[View]
168345899Star Trek Voyager: Why did Janeway murder Tuvix?[View]
168345284Where do I go to buy cheap blu-rays?[View]
168346545They don't make kino like they used to anymore, man.[View]
168346341Its going to happen. Its the current trend, she-hulk will Subvert Your Expectations. But how far wi…[View]
168343536My idea for a Breaking Bad sequel or spinoff: Ten years have passed since the end of El Camino. Jess…[View]
168346314It's over for Marvel.[View]
168342499why did joe leave? :([View]
168346230Yo buddy, still alive?[View]
168339517LotR: Rings of Power: Why do people hate it, /tv/? Give me one reason that is blatant small dick ene…[View]
168344375War is...le good[View]
168345775Ae all Irish people autistic?[View]
168346147>sex in the title >sex scene within the first 30 seconds turned it off immediately. worst show…[View]
168346142I did it for me.[View]
168344976>Russia has an autistoc obsession with the chimpmunk girl, they even made a cult about her >Di…[View]
168344279I am convinced this is definitely a Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0FzLCE_GnI[View]
168345806who was in the wrong here?[View]
168344760Upcoming Gummi Bears reboot predictions: Grandpa bear replaced by strong gay woman lead Iggy is a ga…[View]
168339165>tell me Wanda >are your boys in the room with us now?…[View]
168344534Doggy Fizzle Televizzle.[View]
168345758Comfy RLM Thread[View]
168345914>Starrs in the Northman >Starrs in Atlanta how can one man, honestly?…[View]
168343389OH N-[View]
168338281Tonight on Svengoolie Dr. Phibes Rises Again! Vincent Price returns for more surreal kino! 8pm Easte…[View]
168343342Still the handsomest man I ever saw on TV[View]
168344812>Amazon took the Tolkien scholars on an all-expenses paid Tour of places significant to Tolkien…[View]
168345613Media Essayist Quinn Curio: Best up and coming media essayist by far. She’s covered Gotham, Riverda…[View]
168345474SWORD GIVE ME A SWORD[View]
168343138Imagine if he had watched the new Rescue Rangers movie[View]
168345530Black guys (handshake) White guys Bottom text: Asian wives[View]
168344792Which character has been the most soiled by modern disney, Gadget or Peter Pan ?[View]
168339798/tv/ related GIF thread: That's right. GIFs not WEBMs.[View]
168342464By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing... kill yourself. [audience laughs and cl…[View]
168327111Love, death & robots: New season was pretty good. Mixed bag of some pretty good short stories a…[View]
168345359Gonna watch Batman: Mask of the Phantasm for the first time tomorrow, what am I in for?: I hear it…[View]
168345452Did not watch Chip and Dale rescue rangers, even though it was a part of my childhood, I don't …[View]
168341104>greatest cold war movie is a Star Trek joint Amazing.[View]
168341827Looks like Disney was ahead of the curve just making actors hold sticks with pink tape on them[View]
168345228>tfw you will never be a Youtuber making hour long (part 1 of 12) videos about everything wrong w…[View]
168344372>ruins Western animation forever[View]
168343572Brendan Schaub is: The Gringo Papi[View]
168337388She's so perfect bros.[View]
168325554Why was Dwight so shit compared to Gareth?[View]
168345192/stargate/: In this thread we discuss about Stargate.[View]
168344917Meanwhile on a Japanese children's show[View]
168344498Soul vs soulless[View]
168343208I liked it: >never watched rescue rangers as a kid >not coomer/furshit so don’t care who fucke…[View]
168344832Picture the scene: The other fuckin' week there, down the fuckin' Volley with Tommy, playi…[View]
168345064How we Roll: This is the most 90's shit ever. How was this on in 2022[View]
168344220/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
168344991>I will never stop hunting Karen Page... or fucky Nelson what did he mean by this? who is fucky N…[View]
168341033>The Northman was the chance for Vikingkino to make a comeback >Flops and those who watch it a…[View]
168342780Gee /tv/, what do you want to do tonight?[View]
168342702/GoT/: muh honor[View]
168334057Good ship movies: I watched and loved: >Hornblower >The Terror >Pirates Of The Carribean I …[View]
168344361Was Knives Out a fluke or will Rian repeat the kino in the sequels?[View]
168344901Who is your /tv/ waifur[View]
168335885/who/ - Doctor Who General: The could have been thread with its posts of meanwhiles and never weres:…[View]
168343210See, it's okay to make a video, fanart or any other work shitting on Jar Jar or Ahsoka because …[View]
168343308>House, please let me kill the african patient WTF? How did this ever get aired?…[View]
168342477Post 'White people be like' movies[View]
168344804>sexy scene in comedy movie >let's get it on starts playing…[View]
168339906Late Night HBO Television Host Bill Maher has come under fire for his comments made during Friday ni…[View]
168341093... Dale bros?? Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
168344779american ninja warrior: Don't tune in this summer. No one won. No Point. 5 Finalists, 0 winners…[View]
168344723>Villain about to kill main character >decides to make an impromptu 20 second speech right bef…[View]
168342818Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers: >Movie filled to the brim with Disney characters >No Donald Duc…[View]
168344656One Piece live action when ?[View]
168344544did they make this digitally?: I was right there not long ago, a month at most that exact location a…[View]
168343271Adam bus driver[View]
168342284Going to see Shin Ultra-man tomorrow afternoon: what am I in for? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ…[View]
168344543When are they getting a movie?[View]
168344566Fight Club: How would this scene play out if you swapped Lou out with Tony Soprano?[View]
168344065*calls you a Bitch*[View]
168342903>THE SACRED JEDI TEXTS![View]
168342293Spider-man kino: Why we have to watch Spider-man for kids while this masterpiece exists[View]
168344469The new season is actually funny as fuck.[View]
168344450>Films with peak female aesthetics.: https://youtu.be/mzlQDtSpxr8[View]
168342136This has no business being as good as it was.[View]
168344447>this was considered fat in 2001[View]
168343858*trips menacingly*[View]
168340592Didn’t like it. Was I filtered?[View]
168344411They should make Remo Williams 2: the adventure continues with Jon Bernthal since Fred Ward just die…[View]
168344215i don't get it[View]
168342900>shitting on The Clone Wars even though it has best girl (in her prime age) ISHYGDDT…[View]
168343435Why is this allowed? How does Disney get away with this?: Rami bros...what did he honestly mean by t…[View]
168342944>Lol weed is funny, dude. How do they keep coming up with such innovative comedy?…[View]
168344263What did he mean by this?[View]
168344260Cruella thread[View]
168342666Anyone else had a crush or fantasies about this lady when they were kids?: Everyone talks about thei…[View]
168333031What did /tv/ think about the Warriors?[View]
168343386#IStandWithUglySonic He deserves better and did nothing wrong[View]
168341668Wait, so how was he supposed to be the 'bad guy'?[View]
168338870>The desert is a circle. >To find the Four Masters, we'll have to travel in a spiral.…[View]
168343977Movie/broadway musicals suck. Name me one good musical that’s not made by Sondheim. JUST O-[View]
168339705Why do actors almost never admit to using gear to get in shape? We all know it's a job.[View]
168343835There are some film reviewers online that shouldn't be reviewing films. Mostly all of em. There…[View]
168342173Why does he hate Mongolians so much?[View]
168342837do you think howard hamlin's wife is hot?[View]
168342970Nicole Kassell Will Direct Amazon's Live-Action SHE-RA Series: >The upcoming live-action ser…[View]
168343387>Let’s build a campfire, sing some songs.[View]
168343743Post bad movies you enjoyed.: Rules: >The film must be rotten in both critics and audience ratin…[View]
168331203Tokyo Girl is a comfy show.[View]
168333996I finally got around to watching this garbage because I thought it would just be a comfy viewing of …[View]
168343088Where can I stream this?[View]
168343457Its the best movie ever made, period. I laughed I cried I stuck a dildo up my ass. It surpasses The …[View]
168341903>friend mows your lawn so you don't have to >get pissed about it what an asshole…[View]
168336601Is it really that good?: Or is everyone gaslighting me again like with The Lighthouse and Green Knig…[View]
168322556This was a children's movie.[View]
168340003Is this really that big a deal? I mean, a lot of people already have gluten free diets. Just eat fru…[View]
168342608I've never seen a planet of the apes movie. What's a good starting point? And soon don…[View]
168343445any kinos about this?[View]
168342865Frasier Day Rally: why didn't they rehearse this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKlge0jfg48…[View]
168321655Actors who are in everything but you couldnt name them if your life depended on it[View]
168343377what if vin died instead[View]
168342403SHE WAS 18 YEARS AND THREE DAYS OLD, YOU SICK FUCK Cary sisters, it’s over for us, isn’t it?[View]
168340680SHARE THE LOAD... THE LOAD... THE LOAD...[View]
168340816Yo 4chan what the fuck is this shit[View]
168339324Why the INCEST?: She was a mindbroken hoor or a shrewd calculating Lady Mcbeth-lite?[View]
168343248Do people still watch 3D movies?: Didn't Cameron mentioned that you won't need 3D glasses …[View]
168343000The Northman: What was this implying? Who was his daughter?[View]
168337350Why did Breaking Bad have this cringe scene?[View]
168342993Kang is descended from Reed and Kang is black.[View]
168324224UH MEN BROS!?[View]
168343152If Breaking Bad was set in 2022, what video games would Jesse play and what music would he listen to…[View]
168342921governor > negan governor is a realistic and scary psycho negan is pure cartoon[View]
168342161>What I'm hearing is... choose my words carefully here. >*smacks lips* >It's pret…[View]
168343037ITT: Things that made you drop a series[View]
168342027Did her ass ever quit?[View]
168340212Name a flaw: Literally name a flaw[View]
168341640Why did he do it?[View]
168335734REC: Best found footage ever and one of the best horros of 00s[View]
168341715OH N-[View]
168339303This movie is pretentious[View]
168328589John Mulaney is a based chud https://twitter.com/testosteronejew/status/1527832790565376001[View]
168342398USA... Ulcered Sphincter of Arse-erica, I mean what else can you say? Here was a country that had ev…[View]
168342615Mad Max director made a big budget cuck movie for you guys to enjoy. Not bait hehe get it??? Mad Max…[View]
168336175Avatar is disgusting, demoralizing antihuman propaganda. People like to say that the movie rips off …[View]
168342258DAMN, Valkyries looked like THAT?[View]
168341263Is acting really that hard?: is good acting really that hard? when I watch movies I just think about…[View]
168342426/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
168342165Plane crash documentary kino: Anyone else watch this stuff? Stories of pilots doing the impossible? …[View]
168341131Any other folk horror kinos like this?[View]
168339844whats some good johnny knoxville kino?[View]
168330654Here is you're new wife bro[View]
168341914>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARvhLbJyzww 'Knock knock!' 'Knock knock!' We're not in. Bro…[View]
168342188Why doesn't anyone talk about this movie? I guess it's before toby's spiderman roles …[View]
168342054What's the final verdict on Aladdin (2019)?[View]
168341393Differential diagnosis for being obese, having an unkempt beard, poverty and a neurotic obsession wi…[View]
168331756why are their no comfy roman movies? It's all political or gladiator bullshit.[View]
168342155movie writing is bad: how much do you agree or disagree with him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B…[View]
168340663Cast a Deadly Spell: >Cool noir setting with Lovecraftian inspirations >Practical effects out …[View]
168339598>aaaaaa im actingggg[View]
168341821Where are the bloody jokes?[View]
168340968Euphoria > Skins[View]
168337337/Galatica/ Thread: This show is so fucking Kino. The Pilot knocks it out of the park with the vibe. …[View]
168342040Will it be considered child abuse if I let my neighbors' 10 year old watch this?[View]
168341945Rerd 2 standing by.[View]
168340350>If you want it, make me give it to you y-yes mommy[View]
168341800Have black nazis ever been depicted on television and film?[View]
168341643Has any film ever had any sort of legitimate impact on (you)? Anything goes.[View]
168341801Recommend me movies and shows about terrorism in Britain orwellian dystopia+islamic terrorism = kino…[View]
168341414I just saw Birdman (2015) and it's the best movie there is so i will stop watching movies from …[View]
168341092Neytiri is...[View]
168341659ITT: Scenes that were your sexual awakening: Scenes that gave you your first boner. For me it was Fa…[View]
168333210What did we think of the ending? Also how come there's never any threads for this? Does no one …[View]
168341662How did he do it?: He can't keep getting away with molesting and damaging women https://youtub…[View]
168340939What's the best space sci-fi that has aliens in it?[View]
168339555You now remember Eliza Dushku[View]
168339664these 2 were the soul of GoT[View]
168333273/bcs/-Better Call Saul: 'Please' edition Previous >>168327256[View]
168341495What do you think about 'Only Murders in the Building'?[View]
168340814Derry Girls: A decent finale to a fun series but did we ever get an explanation for all of the midge…[View]
168337443how are these 30's movies so kino?: just watched picrel and Captain Blood for the first time. P…[View]
168341034Do dumbass Americans and globo honor really think all Asians are the same? Also does this include Ru…[View]
168336154I NEED TO KNOW NOW[View]
168341412Has anyone here actually studied marine biology? Downloaded a textbook on zlib and it looks cool and…[View]
168341005>ruins your show[View]
168341154600 threads on /tv/, /v/, and /sp/ combined...: 0 good ones. i wish all of you weren't so borin…[View]
168341247Kept you waiting huh?[View]
168341336Joji/Flithy Frank: which actor would best suit to play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
168339133Why did they want to rape Emma Watson?[View]
168338804HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME![View]
168341125Movie about his adventures when?[View]
168341124Ash vs Evil Dead praise thread #2: Janny, bless they/them 'soul' , closed previous thread, so I am c…[View]
168337821I'm whitey now??: Sheeeeiiit.[View]
168338950>>168334057 The Bounty (1984). It's a flawed movie and weird in places but deserves to be…[View]
168339812Who was in the wrong here?[View]
168339187OH N--[View]
168339693>Makes the protagonist of his new trilogy a smelly girl >Turns his old self-insert into a disi…[View]
168340797>Did I just witness a man discriminating a women?!?! Did we travel back in time or something? Wha…[View]
168340266Assassin Creed: >woman cries to camera >runs on the field >sad violin starts playing Fuck …[View]
168338723I needed 32 years to realize Chip&Dale are references to Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I.[View]
168340972Her Letterman interview made me love her even more[View]
168336574Just saw this at the kinoplex. How did Anno get away with pulling a Tarantino? >Leading actress p…[View]
168338086Matrix Bombed And It’s Your Fault: Your self esteem isn’t high enough.[View]
168338830immersion destroying plot holes: How could they build a sophisticated lie detector machine, but not …[View]
168336362Who is your favorite post-2005 doctor and when did you stop watching? >Tennant >mid Capaldi…[View]
168336987hey tv, what is the best movie about retards[View]
168334790Will you watch the new Amélie movie?[View]
168334397>been rewatching the series this guy is the biggest irredeemable piece of shit in television hist…[View]
168336078EMMA THOMPSON: I'M GOING NAKED AT 63: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJcbZoJFLTU She’s famous …[View]
168334250>youtube reviewer has an evil alter ego and they have to collaborate to do the review…[View]
168340017KINO!!!!!: The soundtrack and desert dream sequences are so comfy. This is the best hulk movie. Peri…[View]
168333992How much did his family make a year?[View]
168338983We've all seen the bulldog in those early Frasier posters for the first couple of seasons, do y…[View]
168334706I don't get it, why did Eggers use 'AD' instead if 'CE'?[View]
168340249Give me your best low-brow cringekinos[View]
168340730>grandma gf dumped me kinos for this feel?[View]
168334610What shitty b movies do you genuinely like? for me it's pic related. Is Xtro any good, by the w…[View]
168336180The Batman: The Batman was my favorite movie this year. I'm trans by the way.[View]
168340564/tv/‘s thoughts on Batman: Broken Promise?[View]
168334422rise of skywalker is kino[View]
168323606/trek/: The First (and Last) Good Moment of PIC Edition. Previous: >>168309956[View]
168339481A Clockwork Orange - 10 Full Metal Jacket - 9.5 Dr. Strangelove - 9.5 Paths of Glory - 9 The Shining…[View]
168339960What the hell was his problem?? Nobody likes drinking juice with floating pieces in it[View]
168340085What do you think happened to the Marty from the second timeline, the one where George knocks out Bi…[View]
168339425What will be his next masterpiece?[View]
168339888McDonald's Arthouse: the Movie[View]
168338641Is it good?[View]
168339130Don't you dare try to stop me this time, smee. Don't you dare try to stop me this time, sm…[View]
168337209why is it the weakest of his films?[View]
1683396999/10 btw[View]
168338819>want to put some movies for me dad >he 'ates fantasy stuff, if he sees a spaceship or ma…[View]
168337396holy shit how do you fuck up the Viking remake of Gladiator so bad?[View]
168329832Why is pic related still considered 'shocking' in 2022? I've seen anons on this board acting li…[View]
168339955Dragon Fire: >Destroys castle and magical ice walls no problem >Doesn't phase a pile of r…[View]
168339941This movie boring as hell.[View]
168335670Anyone else simp for simcoe?[View]
168338599MS MARVLEL[View]
168339701They have a point you know[View]
168337992Is Alexander any good? Which cut should I watch?[View]
168339671Blood Meridian casting/Nathan Lane: He would be perfect as Judge Holden >weird baby face >ve…[View]
168336965RRR / రౌద్రం రణం రుధిరం 2022 2160p WEB-DL DD+5.1 H.265-PHDM: Sirs, the kino of the century is out! H…[View]
168339565>Black women spits in his face and he goes into the bathroom to fap What did they mean by this?…[View]
168334189Who is actually more influential on the finished piece of art: writer, director or producer?[View]
168339284>character sits in the front passenger seat >character in the back passenger seat strangles h…[View]
168336826I think I’m done with marvel films. I was so confused the whole time. Enough with the multiverse and…[View]
168339375>Black Mirror doing yet another 'Trapped forever' ending Come up with something new…[View]
168338142>mcs friends vanish one by one >creepy villagers says they decided to leave by themselves with…[View]
168337700The most underrated in the last 5 or so years, surprised I haven't found any thread here[View]
168339211>use opensource subtitles >link to schizo website at the end anyone else encounter this?…[View]
168323738Name a TV show or Movie from the past year you actually like. If you can't do this you need to…[View]
168332800Do you jerk off?[View]
168335339Let me get this straight... >Remember that nothing matters and that's the point >There…[View]
168337892I miss sleazy Italian horror films.[View]
168339178did mexico ever make any westerns? and were there any good ones[View]
168338849Okay this was actually a kino idea.[View]
168337121Nobody talks about Two-Face in TDK: It was a great performance[View]
168336040Speak up, I can't hear you.[View]
168335425Has there ever been a non reddit marvel movie?[View]
168336635What are some essential tv shows/movies of the 21st century? >inb4 sopranos, the wire, true dete…[View]
168339002>We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms.[View]
168338115>movie stars Terry Thomas I will now watch your movie[View]
168334938Does David Lynch have a secret film premiering at Cannes next week?[View]
168336898Shut the fuck up whore, why to foids like to scream so much[View]
168335761Now that helicopter lightsabers are confirmed to be in Obi-Wan Kenobi, will we see barbed wire light…[View]
168337298Girls Next Door: Who was your favorite back in the day /tv/? Bridget, Holly or Kendra?[View]
168329488fill in the rest.[View]
168338015>You are not your job >you are not the car you drive…[View]
168338884>marries a fly in a world where every human guy has a cock that’s as big as her whole body Furrie…[View]
168335970What did they mean by this?[View]
168333216Is it worth marathoning?[View]
168334777Story Thread: Have you ever met a famous actor, actress, director, screenwriter, etc IRL?[View]
168334977Who makes the more Kinoest Kino to show in the Kinoplex?[View]
168338787This alone made the whole movie a 10/10[View]
168336950In Bruges appreciation thread: Just watched this kino the other night, and I have to say, Ray really…[View]
168336377This is what Jame Cameron want[View]
168331229why this show is so perfect?: 0 shit CGi very good pacing strong morale I only did not really love…[View]
168338570>Oh yeah... that happened.[View]
168338197American History keks: >imagine that black and white parts of the movie is like that thing from a…[View]
168338452how did the na'vi know that they could transfer the conciseness from an alien to an artifical h…[View]
168338318What's the deal with Anglo-Saxons playing Roman characters?: Still better than blackwashing, ye…[View]
168337633R.I.P. SNL[View]
168338109How controversial would this character be in today's age if she were a main antagonist in a Sta…[View]
168336510Dishonest filmmaking[View]
168334770I fucked Zipper[View]
168336606Thunderbolt Fantasy: >a fucking STICK[View]
168334869For me? It's Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Don't like him? Go fuck yourself 20 YEARS OF WOLVE…[View]
168336142Birdman bros. just give him a couple more turns! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pb8XFlRKsI[View]
168337524Mola Ram, prepare to meet Kali in hell![View]
168332609Is he satisfied with being memed into winning? Especially for a movie that has been completely forgo…[View]
168337853Parnassus: What did I think of it?[View]
168337731Character goes into a bar >I'll have a beer[View]
168334294So was the director a faceblind autist or was I really supposed to act like these two totally hot im…[View]
168337545'This city is filthy': >Something in the way >Mmm-mmm >'And I'm the cleaner'…[View]
168335219I just watched the second star war In the second star war, when the crew leaves the Millennial Falco…[View]
168337535YEAH BITCH: MAGNETS[View]
168336881'IM ACTING', the actor.[View]
168337462Why are these two so popular here?[View]
168336410Wait a minute... Is that Pac Man selling insurance to Count Chocula?[View]
168327256/bcs/ Better Call Saul: Amber Edition: will she come back?[View]
168337301The worst scene in /tv/ history[View]
168336658The best superhero to ever appear on film is RDJ's Iron Man.[View]
168337115La creatura el ogro de los dibujos animados...[View]
168337272Name a director and their musical artist equivalent I’ll start with 3 big ones Lynch = Radiohead Sp…[View]
168337227Cast him[View]
168336623Anna Taylor Joy isnt sexy[View]
168335676>209 days until Avatar: The Way of Water[View]
168336832Maggots? In my vagina? It's more likely than you think![View]
168333288There's still no actor that can play him >inb4 calvill no his tiny hands laughable and he…[View]
168328792Utopia: KINO but is there any hope for a third season ?[View]
168334714Shamelessly ripping off The Lion King[View]
168336639What other movies have all 3? Intermission Tons of narration Men in heavy makeup[View]
168336731>Don't be stupid, this is the shootout.[View]
168335463this is pretty much the worst board ever made[View]
168336752The Spice must Flow: I wanted to reply to this thread, (>>168244914 ) but I was banned by an a…[View]
168336586Yo, thanks /tv/ for giving me my own show[View]
168336387ITT: Perfect castings: I’ll start.[View]
168332365Why was this so comfy?[View]
168336463>What is Gangster's Paradise?[View]
168336576Films would be better if celebrities didn't exist. Discuss.[View]
168336029Why do they ruin the kino with these midwit takes[View]
168334857There are just some movie reviewers online that really shouldn't be reviewing movies[View]
168334638Which one?: Twitter is calling The Batman the best Batmovie ever and mocking The Dark Knight. Are th…[View]
168335343Daisy Ridley has a new movie on Disney+: Young Woman and the Sea is an upcoming American biographica…[View]
168335514>movie is bad because... it just is OK?[View]
168335644>be me >31yo depressed nihilist >have existential crisis >see a Youtube ad for The Chose…[View]
168336199How much is this guy earning by making videos with wikipedia?[View]
168336117Now that the dust has settled...: Are they right? Is it a masterpiece?[View]
168336010Stargate general thred - asgard rubber puppet edition: they were our bros, but they were also a bunc…[View]
168332752Pixar announces their new film Elemental coming June 16, 2023. It's based on 'cultures of NYC'.…[View]
168303459They're 24 years old now today, say something nice.[View]
168326852Why do pajeets love Synder so much?[View]
168327896this is the thinking man's DBZ[View]
168336005Famous Movie Lines, Animated: >you shall not pass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vML6LUOjHE8…[View]
1683357596/10. It was pretty standard, with some good moments but nothing too great; truly very slightly abov…[View]
168330676Why do weebs do this shit? Pretending their juvenile comics and cartoons are more profound than they…[View]
168335827So...: I’m convinced this show brought dead characters back as animals. The crow at the window durin…[View]
168335365Britbong kino.[View]
168335707this is shaping up to be peak Littykino[View]
168335554now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict?[View]
168335529How did humanity get nearly genocided by a bunch of barely sentient, blind space apes that can'…[View]
168332457Jesuschrist...: Why haven't they adapted Arkham Asylum instead of Year One? I didn't know …[View]
168331851>'Before landing The Office, John Krasinski was strongly considering giving up his dream of actin…[View]
168334725>you look like a puerto rican hooaah >make me sick…[View]
168335414>capeshit su-[View]
168335222I always thought these two are cringe as fuck in anything they appear in, turns out they are brother…[View]
168327261are gingers fairly represented?[View]
168332325>Zdravstvuyte, /tv/[View]
168333484For me it's Amelie. but seriously, this is the best episode in tv so far this year[View]
168326754why do TV and movies only portray the left side of pic related?[View]
168335200Watch BattleStar Galactica[View]
168335149Kinos about obsession?[View]
168335074I only watch movies that have less than 1k reviews on Letterboxd.[View]
168335092Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Raimi Scene: >One gross-out idea that never got further than previs “was…[View]
168334000please stop doing this millennials: >everything is subverted and backwards >your favorite char…[View]
168334879How come they're the only ones without a career?[View]
168334598Why are americans and russians still fighting nazis in 2022?[View]
168334591He coul've saved her[View]
168332875>Back in my days you used an oven for making cookies >But these German folks... They did H…[View]
168334972Literally me.[View]
168334532Clint Eastwood, famous actor and director, aged 91[View]
168334932We are building a team...[View]
168334727hey tv how does it feel that this retarded man got more pussy than you plebs[View]
168333120Would you? Also Gremlins thread.[View]
168334145>TFW you can call me Ray[View]
168333561Becky is so OP[View]
168333401so was he always evil at heart or did the criminal world turn him into a prick[View]
168331370>the best crafted character on television[View]
168328051>Louie meets his soulmate >they hit it off but he doesn't have her number >after she q…[View]
168330011I liked it. Was also proof a CROSSED adaptation is possible.[View]
168331102The future of the MCU.[View]
168330026is bob lazar legit?[View]
168333218George W really dodged the wall[View]
168304712>Make me feel goooood. Do actors really go the extra mile during sex scenes?…[View]
168331718Will it be kino?[View]
168334557>the only one of his gang who survived Based[View]
168332889Maggots crawled out of there[View]
168327013What the fuck was her issue[View]
168333864I fucked Ted[View]
168333778Academy member convited for child molestation: One of spielbergs top guys goes down in flames >Je…[View]
168334432jackass 4.5: >didn't even mention bam earthrockers... rise up…[View]
168334447Breaking Bad: >”That’s good, Jesse…” Did Walt love Jesse more than Flynn?…[View]
168334394What are some movies I can watch and steal moves from?[View]
168334243explain to me how Star Wars isn't capeshit[View]
168334060TIGER MAFIA[View]
168331931>Jarvis, bribe all Stark X flight attendants I flashed my penis to. If they do not accept the bri…[View]
168333899This is absolutely kino. Why is it hated so much? The art, animations, humor, characters, etc. are a…[View]
168323769What's the verdict?[View]
168334107>Here is your Dr Doom, bro.[View]
168334083Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor. He is best known for portraying Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish in the …[View]
168334078Hello /tv/, as movie critics, what's your thoughts on Kojima? does he have any talent in filmma…[View]
168333887OMFG it's the weed man from that funny show East Park![View]
168334016I think we can all agree that Adam Sandler should play King Terry in the inevitable biopic.[View]
168325360i'm currently watching this, what do i think of it?[View]
168330575What kino are you watching tonight?: For me, it's gonna be TMNT (2007)[View]
168332283Just found out some ancestors came from Scotland. So now can I get Groundskeeper Willie cancelled li…[View]
168331417Backlog thread: ITT Post a bunch of movies in your backlog and get recs on what to watch next. >p…[View]
168332541Have you seen love death incels ?[View]
168333824I liked it. Why did they cancel season 2?[View]
168332201>Check backlog >movies to watch from 2018: 31 >movies to watch from 2019: 13 >movies to …[View]
168330057That´s the moment his heart break.[View]
168333145>Harry loses his arm >Tyrone gets abused in prison >Sara losses her mind >She gets to ha…[View]
168332945Reminder: Minions served Roosevelt from 1933-1945[View]
168329438Most KINO actress. If you disagree, you're probably a poorfag or nonce imao[View]
168332174>iamverysmart: the show[View]
168331272BASED: Based[View]
168333548>Hello, Chad. You are proud of your manliness and have fun spending time shitposting in 4chan, po…[View]
168332225did any of you guys watch Conversations with Friends? I thought it was kino, apparently it isnt gett…[View]
168333217>/tv/ for liberals[View]
168333189Three Thousand Years of BBC: Full trailer is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyLQPUP5Hro&ab…[View]
168333513Is Lindsay Lohan the most unfortunate figure in Hollywood?[View]
168330280>Awkwafina Who the FUCK names her child after a water bottle?[View]
168327576tripping the rift TV show[View]
168332866There was(were) time that men are calm, cool (in the real way) not that long ago.[View]
168333197>shits on William Hartnell's grave[View]
168332254Why the hell did Jackson focus on this character so much?[View]
168329393Will Rings Of Power have any scene as kino as LOTR?[View]
168332755Fixing to rewatch Brazil for my favorite scene.[View]
168329809is this an agenda? why does this keep happening in television and film?[View]
168332901Why the coolest fantasy story does not have a proper movie?: Like a really good one with over 100mil…[View]
168333023Yup, literally me[View]
168327157Why can't there just be a Batman adaptation that plays everything straight?: https://youtu.be/O…[View]
168323401webm thread sexful edition[View]
168327284anyone else think she was the she-hulk?[View]
168326762Uh Mormonbros, I don't feel too good...[View]
168331343>Childless single woman >Kills herself by being crushed under a wall…[View]
168329200will we we ever get an auto-biographical kino about this man and how he was innocent?[View]
168330673The greatest adventure action movie of all time[View]
168325256This is what happens when you only read Nietzsche and no Greeks[View]
168332465Can’t wait for the next season.[View]
168332606House S02E02[View]
168332518It's a sunny day: Why aren't you outside playing with your friends, anon?[View]
168332211i just want to watch one kino with a drum and bass OST bros[View]
168330456Northman: > pretentious dialogue pretends to be “authentic” > still uses words like “bastard” …[View]
168330383Any good monster movies that aren’t The Thing/Alien/Predator?[View]
168332256What are some monke kinos?[View]
1683321442022: is cinema saved?[View]
168332340What was his fucking problem?[View]
168332413Remember, if you weren't dying of laughter at this, it means you're a retard who didn…[View]
168332368He won How does that make you feel?[View]
168330200>movie has buff Asian >they're either a poo or gay Why is so common? Seriously, watching …[View]
168327441The Bad Guys (2022): Is it kino?[View]
168332274>i dont carry a gun, i drive What did he mean by this?[View]
168320234So uh she was a pedophile[View]
168331550what went wrong[View]
168332228Underrated Kino, and I don't care what anyone says.[View]
168331053THIS WAS SHORT ROUND? best part of the movie hope he wins an oscar or something[View]
168329633What episode of X-Files scared you the most /tv/?[View]
168331932Rrrrrrrrrraaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! SHE IS STRESSING ME, SLUG. SHE IS FUCKING STRESSING ME.…[View]
168331016Some people stay in the darkness ...[View]
168331531Lets see Paul Allens dubs.[View]
168327689How do I become like Don Draper?[View]
168331859THIS: is a 10/10 in Bongland.[View]
168332060is anybody else hyped for sweet tooth season 2?[View]
168325968>REGGIE.... LE DOO[View]
168329981Was he autistic or a psychopath or what?[View]
168329859>Do you feel that? >You better hold on >This is about to get ugly…[View]
168331974Hyperion: my greatest regret is that I will never see an adaptation of this with Gilbert Gottfried a…[View]
168331903What happened to modern men?[View]
168331922Where are the Stranger Things S4 spoilers?[View]
168329230What scripted show makes you laugh the hardest and most often?[View]
168331803>teeth hurts like a bitch >still reluctant to go see a dentist because fuck leaving your house…[View]
168331883The Revenant: In 2023 it will be the 200th anniversary of Hugh Glass' expedition (1823), depict…[View]
168329948MMXXIII: Year of Medieval Kino: I'm going to binge a ton of medieval kino beginning from Januar…[View]
168330462Why are orcs exclusively dehumanized in LotR? Do orcs not have families? Do they not mourn their dea…[View]
168331860What do bad memories smell like?[View]
168331048Heat is the only movie i watch anymore. everything else seems gay in comparison[View]
168328512Battle Royale: does it hold up?[View]
168330861how did bunch of retarded jersey mobsters know so many pop culture references?[View]
168330935Hahah fuck youuuuuuuuuu[View]
168320623will it be kino /tv/ ? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11737520/[View]
168328861What the hell was his problem?[View]
168331073ʸᵒᵘ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵏʳᵃᵇᵇʸ ᵖᵃᵗᵗᶦᵉˢ, ᵈᵒn'ᵗ ʸᵃ?[View]
168330917alright, i think i'm starting to get it. the noahide (rainbow) connection gets lost here, but k…[View]
168327332>MUH FAMILY DRAMA Wow what an amazing and original concept. Fuck A24 and fuck this industry.…[View]
168330978hey do you remember we were in the office? it's only been ten years[View]
168331430was it all in Cameron's head?[View]
168330829>A mega...pint?![View]
168326902so why exactly is Disney portraying Bobby Driscoll as a villain in the new chip and dale movie. Very…[View]
168329714> Ratata alala lol Really ? That's your riddles ?[View]
168330706break rooms in movies[View]
168329915What vintage (20+ years old) television show would you end up trapped in for your knowledge of the s…[View]
168330734everything everywhere: so when they die as humans they pass on and live forever as a non life forms?…[View]
168329575DE BOSS CAN SOCK ME.[View]
168326467The Staircase (hbo): Anyone watching this? I just marathoned the first 9 minutes and debating if I s…[View]
168327218what was that facial expression trying to convey?[View]
168330795What went right?[View]
168317957Is this the best TV series ever made? Nothing even comes close to the consistent quality of this sho…[View]
168328668>I WANT[View]
168329703What's the best portrayal of anger you've seen in a movie?[View]
168328091GOAT. Prequel boomesr will seethe[View]
168330910What are some kinos about dementia?[View]
168329053Best show I've watched in years.[View]
168327787Hulu is better than Netflix ????: >Netflix owns hulu >but hulu is better than netflix what the…[View]
168330901Is this the best movie in this century?[View]
168329941>WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS[View]
168326820What would you do in this situation?[View]
168327913WELCOME: To Jurassic Park[View]
168329344Whatever happened to hipster culture?[View]
168329689any films that portray haute bourgeois/aristocratic families in a non-reddit way (i.e. rich people b…[View]
168329280What's your pleasure, anon?[View]
168330700thoughts on fight club the film?: this image has the poster of fight club in it. in the subject i am…[View]
168330386Prince of Egypt: What's your excuse for having never seen this absolute kinography?[View]
168328131>it's a Bobby starts taking HRT episode[View]
168322570Men: Anybody else see this today? Seemed woke but not really when you consider it next to ex machina…[View]
168326815Name a better season of television than Season 5 of the Walking Dead...(hint: it's literally im…[View]
168329450This is going to be heartbreaking. An hour of standup with late stage dying in a month cancer.[View]
168328968My mind refuses to register Ryan Gosling's name. Every time I look at a picture of him, which i…[View]
168328961I'm sad that there will probably not be anything like this show to ever exist again, but I…[View]
168329413>some men, you just can't reach >so, you get what we had here >which is the way he wan…[View]
168328043Did Kojima save the horror that TWD turned into? https://twitter.com/Kojima_Hideo/status/15278954352…[View]
168329188Wtf was his problem?[View]
168329810Finally watched this for the first time and I was embarrassed at how 'literally me' it was. Not even…[View]
168327960What was your favorite show on Animal Planet? For me, it’s River Monsters[View]
168328068>Rescues your bar, your community, and your heart[View]
168329964jeez I liked the movie[View]
168329952>mfw when incels praise phoenix Joker performance[View]
168328592>its tropic thunder but toon >every toon is fucked up in their private actor lives >3d surg…[View]
168317865How did anybody like this shit?[View]
168329376>POV: you're about to watch kino[View]
168327115>I like you[View]
168328515Bros...: I was going to kill myself... but then I remembered that Avatar 2: Way of Water is only six…[View]
168327521and I'm forgotten[View]
168329581MCU Namor: >what Namor should look like >versus what they casted him like How difficult would’…[View]
168329242Who would win in a fight between Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, and Leatherface?[View]
168329084who are some actors that make you go 360 and walk away?[View]
168323015Why won’t Disney just allow her to be happy?[View]
168329302There's a huge uptick in UFOs in the San Francisco area. Apparently the aliens heard going to W…[View]
168325801I dont care she turned to ogre shes much hotter than before Id wife her if shed be real[View]
1683273975 feet eight inches[View]
168328271Her best movie?: For me it's All the Boys Love Mandy Lane[View]
168328898Even childrens' cartoons feature cuckoldry now.[View]
168321247/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: South Wall Edition Previous >>168315050[View]
168326631>LOL WE'RE SO RANDOM[View]
168328835D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
168328829>oh boy, 3AM[View]
168328502>you're going to watch my show, right Master Anon?[View]
168327404Sherlock Holmes: Who do you define as 'Sherlock Holmes' from everything?[View]
168326983zoom zoom[View]
168329158Wtf was their problem?[View]
168328209Land of the Dead: Romero never recovered from Return of the Living Dead. What went wrong[View]
168326383Are you looking forward to the D&D movie starring the queen of /tv/?[View]
168328535Most Prophetic Film/show: Post anything where most of it's plot actually happened after it came…[View]
168327599Better Call Saul used to be so good: >The writing was better >The directing was better >The…[View]
168286842What is Catwoman trying to convey here?[View]
168329034This is your brain.[View]
168329042How did they go from this...[View]
168328858What’s the worst movie-adaptation of a book that you’ve seen? As in, the movie itself can be good bu…[View]
168326540this was kids show[View]
168326190Why did he fuck Chrissy over?[View]
168327446Love Death & Robots: >beautiful show with cutting edge technology and amazing visuals >stu…[View]
168328058If you haven't gone to the woods to live off the land and raise a family then you're dumb[View]
168328056New french extremity: What does /tv/ think of this movement/genre? Why do the french make so much sh…[View]
168326406This is meant to be watched high.[View]
168327365Admit it /tv/ he deserved a second chance[View]
168325873Does this have anything good on it?[View]
168327614>Snyder fans are STILL seething lmao #ReleaseTheTVCut[View]
168315615The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs: Season 4 week 4 starts at 9:00pm est. The clue from Joe Bob t…[View]
168320266Movies with this atmosphere?[View]
168327681Now that the Rescue Rangers reboot looks ro be a mega hit, how would you feel if they did a Darkwing…[View]
168327103ITT: Historic Miscastings: I'll start with an obvious one. He's a terrible Banner and an e…[View]
168327712>this is disney in 2022[View]
168327915More details about Frank Langella's Inappropriate Behavior Emerge: >Langella had the habit o…[View]
168326861WHY'D YOU JUST SAY THAT?[View]
168328560What is the most erotic and sophisticated movie of all time? Deftones of cinema, if I dare[View]
168326849How could we help him?[View]
168328514Recommend me a kino to watch tonight[View]
168328370What does /tv/ think of pic related? It should be on every 'short list' of best movies ever made. Ma…[View]
168328198After finding out how many cast members have died, it's weird watching Seinfeld now[View]
168326784Why do otaku love the japanese acting style?[View]
168323099give me one move that's nearly as kino as this one[View]
168328256Already forgotten Disposable Will only be briefly and poorly referenced in the next mcu product No d…[View]
168327895*mogs svengoolie for jewish*[View]
168324878Was that reaction really warranted? That pizza looks delicious.[View]
168324351Why did PJ remove pretty much all of Frodo's badass moments and make him into such a weak wille…[View]
168328034>It's going to be years before i can see any Eggers movie on the big screen. I regret so muc…[View]
168324759Recommend me a Neflix kino to watch with my mother[View]
168324865The only Kubrick film with homosexuality and it's loaded with it. No? Am I forgetting something…[View]
168327039alright, season 3 is out and I watched it pirated, its solid but the last episode felt like it was d…[View]
168326825why didn't the sea dinosaur just do this to regular ass people walking around?[View]
168323696Have you seen these individuals?[View]
168328016Does this magazine cover actually exist?[View]
168326788Are we allowed to discuss Helluva Boss here?[View]
168327876Frasier Kino incoming[View]
168323962Has anyone watched Victoria Justice's new Netflix movie A Perfect Pairing? Movie doesn't l…[View]
168327651Michael Richards and Fran Drescher are the only white couple in an all black neighborhood. As the se…[View]
168327639Let's be honest, the English dub salvaged incoherent Jap groomer shit and made it kino. If you …[View]
168327659Red Rocket: >We are here to do 2 things...get his money & get him out of the house >Ok, we…[View]
168327387Becky is the coolest chick ever[View]
168325499>we’ll stay warmer if we stay close >bet you’ll freeze before I do But she might cut your thro…[View]
168327618Does your country have a trashy daytime show like Maury Povich in America or Jeremy Kyle in England?…[View]
168327616The 'sausage king' of Chicago.[View]
168325853Name a more Reddit show[View]
168326558>obscure movie title is actually just the main character's last name…[View]
168327181awoo: awoo[View]
168326526>What do you do? >...I Cliffhang. Somebody got paid to write this…[View]
168327358*is better than its pozzed version*[View]
168325953Godzilla vs. Kong 2 trailer just dropped. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdy-A3fex10 Discuss.[View]
168323735wtf was scorsessy thinking, this sucks ass[View]
168327189>I was disappointed that you tried[View]
168327072Why was she such a slut?[View]
168327090>willing to play human characters even though he's a dog >but will only play straight whi…[View]
168323837Best mermaid movie?[View]
168325311>Contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.[View]
168326872WHERE IS HE?[View]
168326886>average /tv/ user[View]
168325849>pranks you heh, noting personal, kid.[View]
168324455NEW EPISODE OF BASED TIME WITH BILL 'OURGUY' MAHER IS UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMBzfUj5zs…[View]
168326830I didn't get it[View]
168326605why is his character in the series so fucking creepy?[View]
168326184Is the silence movie worth it? It looks kino and all but I'm not sitting through 200 minutes of…[View]
168322513Have you ever met a tv celebrity in real life?[View]
168326778it's not possible to burrow instantly in sand unless your body size is comparable to sand parti…[View]
168325322>filtering normies for almost 40 years[View]
168326634>just eat the sandwich already, you fruit[View]
168325594What are some good (finished) shows you can confidently marathon? Like: Breaking Bad Hannibal The Le…[View]
168322638Indian movies have better CGI than Marvel flicks. lmao. Man, what a timeline.[View]
168325766have you ever met an actor?[View]
168325935>SNL actually used to be halfway decent a decade ago How did society's standard of what is a…[View]
168306683Millenials think this is a 10/10: Why did people think Emma Watson was hot?[View]
168318050See this outside. What do?[View]
168326542>HAAANK HAAAANK THAT WAS A TRANNY THAT SUCKED YOU OFF HAAANK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRy6…[View]
168326505Dat Human Feel: What are some movies that celebrate humanity/make you feel good about being human? M…[View]
168321546Any more kinos like this?[View]
168323982Was Tyler Durden a demon that possesed the narrator? Was project mayhem a plan to bring hell on eart…[View]
168326015Tolkien would've hated these movies[View]
168326325Which is the superior detective kino?[View]
168324511I love him because i related to him[View]
168300342What's the best cooking kino? Hard mode: No gorden ramsay.[View]
168318835Are we entering a new golden era of cinema? 2021 was a pretty incredible year in itself, but 2022 al…[View]
168321235Better Call Saul Season 6: Holy shit season 6 sucks so fucking much it’s unreal. It’s so boring. It …[View]
168323948>2022 >I am forgotten...[View]
168325190Freddy should have called her a nigger[View]
168326349Mogs your capeshit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjOTjbUo5OI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2Xg…[View]
168324203ITT: Signs you are about to watch kino[View]
168326289Devs Kino: Devs (2020) Kino.[View]
168326238>1:21 am >thinking on either watching a movie or going to sleep what would you do…[View]
168326277The moral of the story is...: Don't act like Howard Stern Don't go to Canada simple as…[View]
168324259>The voice of a generation[View]
168325568>this is a 10/10 for zoomers[View]
168325742who was in the wrong here?[View]
168325829What’s a movie that looks good tinted orange? I block blue light from my screen to protect my eyes[View]
168322110This is Thomas Jane, my husband. You better say something nice about him.[View]
168325257Tariq Nasheed has made a documentary based on helping incels get laid. What do you think? >https:…[View]
168324896Pitch your idea for the Family Guy Series Finale.[View]
168326067OOHHHH N—-[View]
168324516Midsommar: This movie is great >B-b-but this is the white people bad movie! Yes. That's why…[View]
168325906certainly the most kino opening sequence of all the Trek series.[View]
168326052Eyy I see you ma nigga[View]
168322376What are some good early 20th century NYC or other city shows/ films[View]
168319600KOTOR: casting them (no jews)[View]
168305629Tila Tequila is schizoposting again. Claiming to be married to white Jesus, all kinds of stuff. http…[View]
168324033this movie would not be allowed today[View]
168323550what the fuck was his problem?[View]
168322528>French soft-core icon Emmanuelle is returning to screens. >Léa Seydoux is set to play the cha…[View]
168325562IT'S UP: https://youtu.be/ywVxpZ4XUBM[View]
168320282You're watching the new Millerkino, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWGvntl9itE[View]
168325713Derrickson makes boring “serious” horror movies with little to no distinct flair. All of which are m…[View]
168320568mr hickey. present bussy and serve everyone in this thread at once![View]
168325652>British ''humor''[View]
168321984ITT: Actors that literally no one cares about[View]
168324925I cannot—repeat—cannot wait for this movie https://deadline.com/2022/05/dune-part-2-christopher-walk…[View]
168325189So Marty McFly stops his dad from being a spineless dweeb and helps his mom stop drinking so much an…[View]
168325445Who is the most kino survival show person and why is it Les Stroud?[View]
168322094ANDY DICK LIVE INTERVIEW: FUCK JANNIES THIS IS /TV/ RELATED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCC_couf…[View]
168325570What is the greatest movie scene of all time? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cHjhdFh2oso[View]
168321078It's Predator VS. qt Indian girl in Hulu's PREY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3s2vfci6…[View]
168325559ITS UP! https://youtu.be/JvHEkz7KCFc https://youtu.be/JvHEkz7KCFc https://youtu.be/JvHEkz7KCFc[View]
168325127Movies with this character?[View]
168323255Elvis Biopic Final Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jFklrR1-YA If this isn't the final s…[View]
168320896The time of wholesome relationships is over. The Age of Cucking has come![View]
168323386>people actually like the dogshit rescue rangers movie[View]
168323973Finally, the classic youtube channel spirit is back, it doesn't suck and takes a huge steaming …[View]
168322751Post your top ten favorite movies and suggest movies/shows/anime/youtube/etc to others based on thei…[View]
168321996What did Disney mean by this?[View]
168321795Reno 911 Defunded: I caught some episodes of this on Roku, and it's breddy gud.[View]
168324713What could have been….[View]
168325086>Hey guys. Looks like your free ride's over huh? Have fun living on the streets.…[View]
168323970They spelunk now???[View]
168324362>King Oleron: (…) take off my head? Your Majesty!? >Iracebeth: He tried to kill me! HE TRIED T…[View]
168321622Im putting together a team[View]
168311839Who actually likes him?[View]
168325278Petition to change the add to this[View]
168325265This will save the MCU.[View]
168325235all of these movies came out in the lasts 8 months: this shit would make Eric Robberts blush No one …[View]
168325174uniroincialy epissed ieiute my fucking head form town lads rate this lasssssss[View]
168322172>Tarantino rip off is better than any Tarantino flick[View]
168321435Did they fuck?[View]
168323760What the fuck was her problem?[View]
168324240>they were once men[View]
168325100why did saruman take out a large insurance policy on isengard before the 3/3 attack?[View]
168322961Is this movie just made to create memes, does the media create its prodcuts hoping to be memed, does…[View]
168323253What's the best courtroom drama?[View]
168325015What did they mean by this?[View]
168322552>SHA LA LA LA LA LA[View]
168321317Just saw this for the first time in 15 years. It holds up well[View]
168306184ITT: We post things zoomers will never understand[View]
168324672Feel like killing myself , recc me a good Simpsons episode to cheer me up bros[View]
168322415I will rewatch Apocalypse Now redux cut (the best version there is) and nothing you can do to stop m…[View]
168323487cast him[View]
168324047Oh come on politics, biases aside, tell me that isn't fucking cool. https://www.youtub848y.com/…[View]
168319414why do incels hate her?[View]
168324210How long would you last?[View]
168321651I would like a sequel to this movie. Call it 'As Below So Above'[View]
168323852What are some good movie trailers: All I can think of are the ones with the generic voiceover guy or…[View]
168318622Anyone else get the creeps from this guy?[View]
168322269>'I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you o…[View]
168324252what happened to this dude? he did warn the goverment about an alien weapon, the giant was a potenti…[View]
168317162If I hear this song in one more movie I'm gonna flip my shit.[View]
168322693post dead careers[View]
168324594Finally, a GOOD anti-hero movie[View]
168324268Name 1(one) better noir film.[View]
168324442Folk Horror: What are the essential kinos? I've done Wicker Man, Satan's Claw, Witchfinder…[View]
168321620Why don't tv series have female casts like this anymore?[View]
168299145Love, Death & Robots Season 3 discussion: Rate the episodes >Three Robots: Exit Strategies …[View]
168313284Post movies women will never understand[View]
168318172What are some essential tv shows/movies? pic unrelated >inb4 sopranos, any IMDB top 100 movie, th…[View]
168316155*saves the MCU*[View]
168320754>movie is a continuous series of events occurring over the course of a few days >characters ne…[View]
168324253>A movie for children is released[View]
168324130Got another one.[View]
168324120>Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.' I agree with t…[View]
168323739This was peak America.[View]
168322619What kinos do they watch[View]
168323795What went wrong?[View]
168324036what did i think of this?[View]
168323813is it just me or the new cronenberg film looks retarded[View]
168323272tfw just coomed to a lady with large breasts again[View]
168321343Why does everyone hate it? I watched it last night. I thought it was fun and better than the 4th.[View]
168322938ITT: forgotten kino[View]
168322551So I'm watching picrel for the first time. So far I can see it clearly inspired Fifth Element, …[View]
168323627/tv/ lost[View]
168323786party rock is in the house tonight[View]
168323345will it be kino?[View]
1683233112022: is cinema saved?[View]
168321756TRUE LIES is getting a TV reboot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4Q667JuzE Thoughts?[View]
168323538Pure. Kino.[View]
168323605Will it be kino?[View]
168321398draw thread[View]
168320927what are some roles you would like to see lara mcdonnell play beside elf?[View]
168321521Did you watch her new movie, anon?[View]
168323592>absolute kino >/tv/ refuses to discuss it Many such cases. What are some other overlooked kin…[View]
168317938/scdp/ - Mad Men: What makes The Suitcase and Signal 30 the absolute kino pinnacle of television?…[View]
168322671>where were you when they built that ladder to heaven[View]
168309956/trek/: SMACK Edition Old: >>168296195[View]
168319342Name one movie that is better than this.[View]
168323557ITT: Historic Miscastings: I'll start with an obvious one. He's a terrible Banner and an e…[View]
168323546Why do Millennials feel so nostalgic about this movie?[View]
168320748What kinos do they watch[View]
168320528>What next the fucking end credits trope? >it actually exists Yep, TV Tropes really is that au…[View]
168321425First Look At Kevin Bacon In Gay Horror Film THEY / THEM: >Kevin Bacon and Carrie Preston play a …[View]
168323117.: .[View]
168323381https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G982GjpWZDU oh no... OH NO!! DON'T TELL ME THEY STRAYED FROM SO…[View]
168323365Watch Succession.[View]
168319840Maria von Zarring aka Mia Zarring. Will she ever be in an english speaking kino? She's only bee…[View]
168322089What's his best role?[View]
168321590Brady Bunch goes to the Grand Canyon and gets molested by Jim Backus Vs Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii a…[View]
168323245cast him.[View]
168319077ST S4 ONE WEEK!: Summer of Millie begins … sqweeeeeeee![View]
168320458I miss this kid like you wouldn't believe: He didn't deserve to be quipped to death. https…[View]
168323113They knew what they were doing: They knew that Gadget was oue waifu. They knew that we self inserted…[View]
168323109Howdy Partners: Why you didn't tell me Nascar had women drivers? And why they show Wallace like…[View]
168321853It was goofy to think humans would be colonizing other planets using synthetic humanoids as slave la…[View]
168321408post the sweatiest scenes: i want the drippingest, shiniest, saltiest screenshots you got[View]
168322309Who was he?[View]
168317096DU DU HAST[View]
168320591Suggest some comedy movies for us to watch?[View]
168322017Random /tv/ related images which amuse you[View]
168322980Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168322979Why are mcu movies pressured into having diversity while auteurs like scorcese are allowed to make 5…[View]
168318525>dua lipa with be in the new barbie movie Gonna be epic. Is this the start of a new career?…[View]
168321497Is this the definition of disingenuous?[View]
168322612/shootercore/ is a good genre. Who should be next? Lanza? Roof?[View]
168320780Your clothes do not hide you, The.Northman.2022.1080p.WEBRip-YTS[View]
168322780>OUR LOVE CAN DESTROY THIS WHOLE FUCKING WORLD >rides off into sunset on giant metal cock…[View]
168321346movies no one hates[View]
168322567evil pusy[View]
168322571OH N-[View]
168322418>finding out actors read a script and not made up the story as it goes along Did this freak out …[View]
168320685Do you guys have faith in the King of the Hill reboot that’s coming out? I need this in my life![View]
168322403Elizabeth Olsen: The Wanda character is officially dead in the MCU, so what's next for Elizabet…[View]
168319039What is your favorite Hayley role?[View]
168321426>could dance >could act >could direct Is there any modern actor that can compete?…[View]
168321185do women always fuck their bosses?[View]
168322372Why he did it?[View]
168322243Is there anything more disgusting than a binge-watcher? Honestly, might as well go get your brained …[View]
168320182>dumb star bitch >a place that podcast your personal memories on the street >British girl c…[View]
168320861Please name some dramas that have no protagonist.[View]
168321803Did he really deserve the tragic ending?[View]
168322332The piggyback fight scene was kino.[View]
168299964/who/ - Doctor Who General: Doctor Who Teneral Past: >>168290268[View]
168322250Best horror film of all time? Most comfiest.[View]
168321488What am I in for?[View]
168320296State your name and power[View]
168322214>I'll try >WOAH LORD >I'll try…[View]
168304821How would you get out of this situation?[View]
168321983Behind the scenes[View]
168316547What the fuck was his problem?[View]
168321003What the fuck is wrong with gen Y writers[View]
168321614ITT we celebrate the most based people in Hollywood: >In one phonecall, Mr Gibson, 54, allegedly …[View]
168321772nobody actually finds this guy funny, do they?[View]
168322009Jurassic World comes out in about a month. Are you going to watch it or not?[View]
168307564>Friends isnt base.....[View]
168321562cobra kai: >cobra kai in 1984: tough aryan gigachads >cobra kai in current year: fat black tra…[View]
168321595Yoga pants.: They hide a lotta stuff.[View]
168320726Is there any reason to watch SNL now?[View]
168319467Why do Zoomers get the blame when picrel are actually Millennials according to their birth years? (T…[View]
168321362>Urban scene >Welcome to the Jungle starts to play…[View]
168320637Am I missing...an eyebrow?[View]
168319307This movie was excellent[View]
168316740>you become trapped in the world of the last movie you watched >the main character of the movi…[View]
168321613What did we think about Anne Hathaway in Cannes 2022?[View]
168320697Jeff Bridges goes full operator in Hulu's THE OLD MAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2lhM_k…[View]
168320250Robert's Kinoplex is now open. Currently showing Sharkino starting with Jaws Link to the show i…[View]
168320831*completely changes the world as we know it* where is the steve jobs movie that focuses only on the …[View]
168321120>adapts your shitty novel into a widely acclaimed horror classic[View]
168318920The Tyranids have invaded the last movie/show you watched. What happens?[View]
168321531>He buys blu rays >He uses cables >He has an antenna >He uses his phone >He torrents …[View]
168321366Shit that happens during horror movies: >watching the Conjuring 2 (just now) >box falls over o…[View]
168321524Was 04 BSG 'deep'?[View]
168319718what's with the recent upsurge in cuckolding scenes lately? is it finally catching on and becom…[View]
168319670>breaks records >starts the 3D shit that infested theaters for 10 years since >absolutely n…[View]
168316802chicanery: >I am not crazy! >I know he swapped those numbers. >I knew it was 13/50. >…[View]
168321227Mark Walhberg opens up about recent Buffalo shooting: Mark Walhberg gave his thoughts about the rece…[View]
168321222Looking back, what went wrong?[View]
168320033ITT: Movies that are good in every aspect but the story[View]
168320146Holy shit I love this director[View]
168321353Was the Chip and Dale movie even good?[View]
168320703Vangelis died bros why is no one here talking about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a-HfNE3EIo…[View]
168311427Do theaters actually make more money off of theater food than the money they make off ticket prices?…[View]
168315002Snow White more like Snow Black[View]
168317470Does anyone remember 'The Tale of Despereaux' (2008): Starring Emma Watson?[View]
168315050/bcs/ - Better Call Saul General: In the Bathroom Edition Previous >>168306631[View]
168319890How did ATHF stay good throughout its entire run but Squidbillies, the other Dave Willis show, fell …[View]
168317176>'Hmmm I dunno Shelley, I think we need to do another take.'[View]
168315995Is this a historical accurate representation of Greece in the year 300 CE?[View]
168321104Let him reboot Superman. What could go wrong?[View]
168319389Star Trek: what if a captain of a star ship was an alcoholic[View]
168319792BRO! did you hear that?[View]
168318329>bears the temptation and dangers of the one ring not for duty or victory but to help a friend …[View]
168320943Right, ice cold, whiskey in[View]
168319306Why did this dumb fucking movie outrage /tv/, /co/, /v/ and the other degenerate porn boards? Why ar…[View]
168320431Great movie. My favorite scene was when Wernher von Braun taught them how to do a proper Nazi salute…[View]
168319810Dance Kino Has Arrived: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsU0CGZoV8E Britisherbois on suicide watch…[View]
168320785I haven't slept for two days I've planted nothing but gummy bears And I've made chuck…[View]
168320294With parts made in Japan I am the modren man[View]
168320025So why do they add pointless lgbt scenes to their shows? I was unironically enjoying Hacks but the l…[View]
168320035>every character in the show has an interesting backstory or some trauma that defines their behav…[View]
168320210>Entire steel industry's gay >Aerospace too, and the railroads…[View]
168305270now that Antiracist Baby has been canceled by netflix, can we expect an abundance of bigot children …[View]
168320451So, essentially... Never get married.[View]
168320101ngl the interracial dating scene wasn't that bad[View]
168320227'Who am I to you?': 'treasure.' Remember when Disney was wholesome and pro-family?[View]
168320015>a double turkey sandwich on white, a side order of fries, one of those large knockwurst, three b…[View]
168320473Wealth beyond measure, Outlander.[View]
168317672How did they get away with this?[View]
168318151What’s it about this fag that gets everyone all fired up? Never seen anything like it[View]
168317191Where the white rodents at?[View]
168320495All memes aside, was it actually good?[View]
168318032If Seinfeld came out today:: >GEORGE: I can't believe it! >JERRY: Believe what? >GEORG…[View]
168320377/tv/ said this movie was absolute kinography: >co-star is Armie Hammer, cannibal rapist who is th…[View]
168319570Which movie are normie zoomers going to ruin next?[View]
168319390>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
168320406How did they make better sand worms than those in Dune?[View]
168317295Freddie Highmore And Maisie Williams To Star In Crime Comedy SINNER V. SAINTS: >Based on a true s…[View]
168318883Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel And Forest Whitaker To Star In Francis Ford Coppola's MEGALOPOLI…[View]
168319554KILLED MILLIONS[View]
168320173>kino after kino after kino after kino after kino How?[View]
168320264How many baby mamas do you think you could sustain and still be /fit/ I think 2 would be the limit f…[View]
168320062I love Italian-American culture.[View]
168319496What the fuck: Was his problem?[View]
168319909The MCU is currently in a funk. Is it time?[View]
168319852It’s the best Star Wars movie[View]
168314039Legendary /tv/ screencaps[View]
168317559Reylo + next trilogy: Since we have established that every sw film needs to have new gadgets, new tr…[View]
168319993This ain't a song for the brokenhearted[View]
168318814>Listen Peter, with great power comes great responsibility. Take Israel, for example. It shouldn…[View]
168309390*is a complete and utter bitch to you*[View]
168313016You lied to me /tv/, this was fucking dogshit[View]
168319726Who had the best lava duel?[View]
168319207I forgive you.[View]
168316156>She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan. >The flashy girl from Flushing…[View]
168317582>She-Hulk is a perfect young slut with the body of a godess >He-Hulk is an old unattractive no…[View]
168319595how is this still going[View]
168319445literally who?[View]
168318928Has anyone else been psyopped into falling in love with Chloe Fineman? I don't even think she…[View]
168319493Timeless Movie Songs: >FREEZE FRAME >'Yup, that's me...Guess you're wondering how I …[View]
168317896Just saw this. Its a genuinely unique climax. I havnt been at a loss for words to explain whats goin…[View]
168319788>Truman you need to breed me already, you know your mother wants a grandchild.…[View]
168308399*desaturates the superhero genre*[View]
168313849Post your top ten favorite movies and suggest movies to other based on their lists[View]
168319439FX's Reservation Dogs Good or Bad?: How do you guys feel about Reservation Dogs? Does it repres…[View]
168319743Lmao, they're STILL making this shit? How the f- How?[View]
168318213How does /tv/ rate Slow Horses?[View]
168319674You're a crumb bum creep coward, and a lush[View]
168319522>May 2022 >I am forgotten[View]
168313636Everything everywhere all at once: The movie that defeated nihilism[View]
168315770>no check fraud >never murdered anyone >got to be Red in the motion picture Rocky bros, we…[View]
168318539This was fucking fantastic.[View]
168319561Jackass 4.5: Turned Netflix on and to my surprise Jackass 4.5 was waiting. I always liked the .5 fil…[View]
168318411In Living Color: >always mogged SNL and MAD TV to oblivion would it be good if they brought it ba…[View]
168317975E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): How do we feel about this kino, lads?[View]
168319286What scene from a David Lynch film do you feel best represents society in 2022?[View]
168319228>faggot with dead parents gets left to die and screams while he starves to death holy shit any mo…[View]
168317976>My father was Adrien Kerr Anna Fein[View]
168319092>Maya says I'm lacking in depth[View]
168319186That's my handwriting.[View]
168313194What the fuck was his problem?[View]
168319351'He scared me, Charlie'[View]
168316792KKK? THAT'S NOT GOOD[View]
168316036Was anyone else disappointed?: Everything, Everywhere was more kino.[View]
168318589>uplifts your movie from flick to kino Favorite Brolin kino? mine is Gangsta Squad (2013)…[View]
168314913you have 5 seconds to name a good movie that i can enjoy. R rating preferred. many have failed with …[View]
168319012ITT scenes that made you walk out of a movie[View]
168315445are the Hobbits ancaps?[View]
168318280For me? it's Hardcastle and McCormick[View]
168319177How did Louise understand Stewie in this scene?[View]
168317642what's the best rdj kino?[View]
168319076Why are there no alien abduction kinos?: The closest we get is Fire in the sky, but only about 20 mi…[View]
168319144Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168317189Why is nobody talking about this? Any other anons watched this kino? J never saw anyone discussing i…[View]
168317254Any yall know if this is worth watching?[View]
168317855>I love you >You're a cunt. Wow, that came out of nowhere. What was Lucas thinking?…[View]
168318585>dont make me beat you till your legs don't work the BCS mike wouldnt have done that. did th…[View]
168313884>watch a movie >something cringe happens >pause it >start pacing around the room How do …[View]
168317589favourite movies that are about beer?[View]
168318840what do they eat?[View]
168316468The Grand Huntress of Anacreon: We've been waiting for 25 years for a female character to mog S…[View]
168318520What movies are depressing in how realistic and keen to banal ity they are?[View]
168317214Why didn't the g*rmans surrender instead of getting BTFO by the MED BVLL army?[View]
168318545Why did they turn this into a serialized drama in the later half of the series[View]
168317153woah... Mike & Molly has gone thru some interesting re-tooling this season[View]
168316476flicks that makes you go pic related[View]
168317907I’M ACTING https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EWpT6NV8eQM[View]
168318587My gf just put this on and I made it to the scene with the gender queer kids at the cafeteria and I …[View]
168318286I fucked ted[View]
168313343Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch because a cartoon chipmunk had sex with a fly? In s…[View]
168316622Why didn't this dude try out free gibs from that one trader guy and just incest fuck his sister…[View]
168318537what's your favorite HST /tv/?[View]
168318483>Space Cop, do you even know what's in hot dogs? >Yeah, processed horse penis and Chinese…[View]
168317512>2022 >still no benicio and brolin sicario tv series…[View]
168312264What's the lateralus of movies?[View]
168313410RED POWER RANGER ARRESTED BY THE FBI: Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd have infiltrated the FBI and are us…[View]
168316441When did it jump the shark?[View]
168309917Maisie if she american[View]
168318478Why is he so based? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eymr9NZpna8[View]
168315105What did we think of Kasumi Arimura’s performance in Asadora, and what does the future hold for her …[View]
168317103those to the market in keev[View]
168304294I'M NO SUPERMAN[View]
168318396What are your thoughts on Bruce Campbell? I really like him.[View]
168316374Kino cinematography[View]
168316028>I hate this product, but I'm sexually attracted to you, and for that reason, I'm in…[View]
168316246About to watch The Matrix What am I in for?[View]
168316263SOAP DROP, NIGGA?[View]
168318122https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L93z5qoIdb0 >film/show uses this song >it instantly becomes ki…[View]
168314785Saving Cinema: Show /tv/ that you’re actually creative. Pitch a movie that would be for the coomer a…[View]
168317327Oh shit, it's the Sparevengers![View]
168316234Why no Vangelis threads? RIP to my nigga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaJVxPBvuB4[View]
168318230Why did a Japanese director make a Korean movie? Is Japanese cinema dead?[View]
168317161Is 'Drive My Car' actually a euphemism for 'Fuck My Wife'[View]
168315026Breaking Bad: Jesse was insufferable in the last few seasons[View]
168316649Peter Pan & Wendy: Sex with Wendy![View]
168315000What were the last three movies you saw in the theater? For me it was BR2049, Alita and Joker.[View]
168310440Pete Davidson now believes he’s too good for SNL[View]
168312997What is Dick Van Dykes best role?[View]
168317152>finally get around to kong skull island >almost perfect film Why did they have to have her on…[View]
168317600When the robot asks 'can you?', he is actually curious about human creativity and not insulting Will…[View]
168315047Apparently they wanted her to he even more muscular and hates how skinny she is now. But /tv/ calls …[View]
168316201Who would make the best 90s Riddler outside of Carrey? >Robin Williams >Christopher Lloyd >…[View]
168317351What's your favourite Thomas Vinterberg kino? For me, it's Festen[View]
168317826spend 1 day with evil white supremacists, they shave your head and leave you unharmed yet this child…[View]
168317792I'm ready to talk about Ghostbusters now.[View]
168316989>Severely wounds Amleth's arm >Instead of killing him at once, wait for him to regain his…[View]
168317549You'd watch it.[View]
168317245How can Strange and Thor even compete?[View]
168316343>it insists upon itself[View]
168316057Why's she so smug?[View]
168317109Americans won't remake this because they're PUSSIES. Even HBO. Prove me wrong. You can…[View]
168317421what happened to the whole 'I want to be the best' thing that pushed Abrahams to get a trainer? Didn…[View]
168310079He's back[View]
168317222why do all YouTube critics films suck dick? Ralph sepe, AVGN, RLM, Nostalgia critics. Every single o…[View]
168315523Whats your favorite episode of television ever, anons? Interested to hear. For me, its pic related. …[View]
168314805I HATE MULTIVERSES: Multiverses are the future of television and film. It's nothing more than a…[View]
168316777>DID you get it? THE ROCK[View]
168316605So /tv/ are you as excited for Bitch got a penis 2 as I am?[View]
168316905a SITH lord??[View]
168315659Medieval capeshit.[View]
168312909How come both Natalie and Tessa got ripped for the new Thor movie but ugly, lazy Brie hasn't do…[View]
168295621Stargate thread: Hopes and dreams for new Stargate series? With Amazon's purchase of MGM, it…[View]
168308003this will sell our movie[View]
168316931If you put your own ideas into Starship Troopers is it about a Black Future and the bugs are Asia? A…[View]
168316488I didn't understand Jurassic Park 2 took place on a different island because I was like 4 and I…[View]
168314151>Rent a whote >Talk about his favorite music why?…[View]
168315516NamorChads, it was supposed to be our time to shine and dethrone Aquacuck...[View]
168316853Batman: >You think they deserved it! AND you think it didn't happen! Well, guess what, Batma…[View]
168314002>muh ring why is this so acclaimed?[View]
168315578Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
168306443He fought til the and died an honorable death. The man that started it all.[View]
168315620Recommend me some lesser known good shit: I've watched at least 1 movie a day for 20+ years. M…[View]
168315721Friday night: WHY ARE YOU HERE??[View]
168315451Who's the Jannetty?[View]
168316788>You know... You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go 'according to plan.' E…[View]
168315657>the gang's all here[View]
168316781we're down bad man[View]
168316524Were they autistic?[View]
168316761What do we think of it? It's unironically one of the best things DC pushed out recently[View]
168316747'I dream for a living'[View]
168316704Old: Why doesn’t /tv/ talk about this movie?[View]
168308205https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJb0AQOWSYk Alison Brie used to be the hottest, quirkest white woman…[View]
168313879He’s s awsummm XD ~~~ do yu like twin peaks? :3 it’s my fave show eva cc:[View]
168313712Cast it[View]
168312065What is the funniest movie you've seen? For me it's Kung pow[View]
168312679Comfy bottle rocket thread?: Comfy bottle rocket thread.[View]
168315710>Her name is... Veronica Crabtree, bus driver for the elementary school. She was considered an an…[View]
168314857Just got out of the hospital, what did I miss?[View]
168309453They are 100% going to make the black inquistor the main character on the Kenobi show. Theres a reas…[View]
168316375I’m Barney Google!: with the goo-goo-googley eyes![View]
168314816perfect organism my ass, its just a tiger crossed with an ant, big deal. the thing organism deserves…[View]
168316333any kinos about how to make real friends?[View]
168309950Was anyone here disappointed? The Northman was more kino[View]
168313867WHY DID IT FLOP: >remember that thing from rick and morty >muh multiverse >directed by Sam …[View]
168316269Somebody's poisoned the waterhole![View]
168283545Why didn't tanking Star Wars ruin his career?[View]
168314635The Legend of Zorro is kino of the highest order.: https://youtu.be/UGfSSYuubsY[View]
168316178Harold and Kumar: What did we think about this movie? Why Kumar had a slutty GF to turn him into a d…[View]
168316180Futurama: https://youtu.be/YuQqlhqAUuQ Remember when futurama warned us about the dangers of sexbots…[View]
168302438Can a facehugger implant a xenomorph in your ass?[View]
168315094Is the MCU at a point where watching everything is unrealistic for normalfags? Are we already at a p…[View]
168301712I know this steak doesn't exist.[View]
168316135Who was in the right here? Fucking no one? >guy is robbing shitty New York Bodega >wagie stop…[View]
168315355Why do plebs get so filtered by this movie? >The aliens are allergic to water but invade a planet…[View]
168313099Why is Randy Marsh in a Chip N Dale movie: So are Disney cool with Matt and Trey shitting on them? A…[View]
168315984You're a bit autistic, aren't you[View]
168314148>not calling an orbital strike on the temple[View]
168313476>I’d say I’ve worked on more films that want to find the imaginary version of New York than the r…[View]
168315775>this was considered the shittiest movie of the year What the fuck is wrong with 1988 people…[View]
168311068Just watched Jackass 4.5 and now I want my balls destroyed by Missy here.[View]
168315846Joe Biden is 96 years old!: He's doing the best he can! Is Katt Williams new netflix special ev…[View]
168315739>Remember that nothing matters and that's the point >There's no reason why we shoul…[View]
168314341I hope they don't kill him off and keep him for the Hercules movie. Crowe as Zeus will be kino.[View]
168311030Mike... This feels so bad... But it feels soooo good.[View]
168315695>it’s over jimmy[View]
168315611how zoomers into old movies get[View]
168311521What do you think? Everybody seems to hate it.[View]
168312632What the shit is this movie about?: One side says it's about a conspiracy by the rich, the othe…[View]
168315178This will sell our movie[View]
168315201IDEA for a capeshit: black suit Spiderman goes around killing minorities and there are NO consequenc…[View]
168312107Contagion (2011): > Expert Fact-check > In many ways it gets the science right, but I was stru…[View]
168315213/wot/ - Wheel of Time: Season 2 has wrapped filming so they dropped this https://twitter.com/TheWhee…[View]
168315203>I have a 9 year old daughter who loves Spider-man. Who's she supposed to look up to now?…[View]
168314335>anime can't be ki-[View]
168315176/HOD/ House of the Dragon: Are we hyped? August can’t fucking come soon enough bros. Trailer: https…[View]
168314903>Frankly may dear, go fuck yourself.[View]
168311741>Where was G-[View]
168302752biopic when? beatles got one so why not them[View]
168306631/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: NAMAST3 Edition Previous >>168302131[View]
168314983>wow hold on a second, barney! >you're saying that this mask keeps you alive?…[View]
168313922Cassiebros, how are we feeling?[View]
168303259Looking at her was the only redeemable part of this flaming disaster[View]
168313035Why didn't he just pay his taxes?[View]
168314939WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: Moon Knight: >Early drafts featured Marlene Alraune as Marc Spector’s wife.…[View]
168313290I just finished watching The Place Beyond the Pines, it was pretty good 7.5/10. Given that I'm …[View]
168314922reddit: the show[View]
168313094>'wot if Prometheus was ebil and he wuz ackhtualy Lucifah n he wuz a robot; fokin mental innit?!'…[View]
168313597Based Disney is going to deconstruct Obi Wan like Fox did with Logan and WB did with Joke.[View]
168314838Which fighting movie is better?[View]
168314745name a more reddit director[View]
168314726Would you eat from her chip and dip?[View]
168314825I don't get it. If the Laddie ritual was so important why didn't they get him to impregnat…[View]
168312019Hey why didn't you fucks told me there's an asian CUBE remake? Is it any good?[View]
168314756Here's your high school teens.[View]
168311130Star Wars: Who was the worst?[View]
168314092BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION: What did /tv/ think of this movie? Also what the hell did the ending mea…[View]
168309682why didn't Baywatch have any niggers? isn't that racist?[View]
168312026Does he browse /tv/?[View]
168313673Minister Shadov, I'm the Crew Chief.[View]
168314133Act cool /tv/ this is your new landlord and next door neighbor.[View]
168308900why was she so mean to Jack Nicholson?[View]
168314636does /tv/ have any sci-fi recommendation chart? tried to watch battlestar galactica and it was cool …[View]
168313423>Give me back that Filet o' Fish[View]
168314415I hate this pretentious reddit serie so much holy fuck[View]
168313551What's the angle they're working with here https://twitter.com/IGN/status/1527692387853664…[View]
168313288What are you opinions on horror movie Maximum Shame (2010)?[View]
168312532How the fuck is Disney able to reference Batman and Zack Snyder's DC movies?[View]
168313366IDEA for a movie: A millennial male receives a Death Note and writes the name of everyone who works …[View]
168310716Discussion about the 2020 film DRUK[View]
168314387>MFW you can kiss my grits[View]
168314121russel makes every movie hes in a kino[View]
168314031what are some other movies where the main character is down horrendous?[View]
168314122Why isn't it called 'Chuck's Fhuck & Shuck'?[View]
168294743I wish there was a movie where dinosaurs never went extinct and humans had to live alongside them[View]
168313657Downton-chads, where you at? Just got home from the theater. Movie was good.[View]
168312751*enhances your kino in your path*[View]
168313589Anon, it's not your fault.[View]
168314108A real Futuristic movie: when a real futuristic movie by real i mean a logical film with social medi…[View]
168314081hmm, what do we have here?[View]
168313323So I can just pretend to be a pilot, lawyer or doctor and get paid?[View]
168312686For me, it’s the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee[View]
168313991What's South Korean television like?[View]
168307523Okay. I need some serious kino. No more weak sauce. Give me the real stuff.[View]
168311539Tfw no good shows airing in 22/23: It’s literally over[View]
168313306What's your opinion on this show?[View]
168313945Who here ready for some > watitikino[View]
168312315>Wanda, Dwilight can destroy you from one whisper from his mouth...[View]
1683119572 in the bush is worth 3 in the tree[View]
168312263>make movie for chuds >they all wait to pirate it instead of supporting it Is this why enterta…[View]
168313536Why was Todd fat[View]
168313859The New Texas Chainsaw Massacre is garbage.[View]
168311047Who is the most lethal killer?[View]
168309553Name ONE show with a worse ending?[View]
168313652> genetic modifications is forbidden in the federation: YOU LITERALLY GENETICALLY MODIFIED THEM L…[View]
168312734Japanese kino thread: was it kino ?[View]
168313368So this just ripped off Lion King[View]
168313473was Forrest Gump supposed to talk in southern drawl or like a retard? ESL here[View]
168313563Becky is so awesome[View]
168312743Best kinos to relive that early 2022 nostalgia?[View]
168309423Just finished it. I really like the action and CGI. Other than that, the movie's basis is absol…[View]
168313502This show SUCKS. It's nothing but fart jokes[View]
168313493This is the actual ending. I turn it off after this part.[View]
168313484Thoughts on this movie?[View]
168310206What is your favorite episode of Kitchen Nightmares?[View]
168298974From sneed to cringe[View]
168311101People used to actually have to rent DVD'S from stores: in order to watch movies. How pathetic.…[View]
168307852How come the literal who Dr Strange movie raked in almost 2x more than The Batman?[View]
168309522why can't they make good cape movies anymore and why they insist on making everything grim, ble…[View]
168308092JERRY: I don't believe it.. I just got banned from /tv/! GEORGE: Banned? For what? JERRY: I hav…[View]
168312881STREET SWEEPER[View]
168312661Could you resist Mitsuko's attempts to seduce you and defeat her?[View]
168312007movies either based on historic events or myth/legends? examples being movies like the green knight …[View]
168312641>Previously, on the Shield[View]
168313081Hi, I'm Troy McClure: You may remember me from such films as 'You Will Never Be A Woman', 'Your…[View]
168312956give me movies where characters literally experience heck. as in it's a physical place they are…[View]
168308208I need more pro white kino[View]
168298264Humphrey Bogart considered a sex symbol in the 40s 50s I don't see it[View]
168313012So did she kill her clone and take over the clone's 'life' or what[View]
168311316Is Asian cinema making a comeback?[View]
168312649cast him[View]
168312866Are Community colleges as bad as they are portrayed in Community?[View]
168311580Just watched Druk, what did I think?[View]
168312748>I dont think we're finished mr Salamanca >finish the word mr Salamanca >Is it 'seed…[View]
168306939Give me the best martial arts KINO you can imagine.[View]
168309340Why hasn’t there been a 10-part HBO series yet?[View]
168312711>Ricky Springfield...he's a buddy of mine![View]
168309769>yfw you hear they're talking about a jap remake of squid game[View]
168311433>AVENGERS..... assemble they were already assembled though[View]
168307658Actor Tom Cruise slammed for height: >being short is a green light to be maligned and insulted de…[View]
168312399I am already forgotten: mcusisters I don't feel so good[View]
168312539>Here's the truth, so now you can hate me. Larry fucked me all night. I enjoyed it. I came. …[View]
168312458So is he dead: if john ded then who was phone?[View]
168312499You now remember that Operation Clean Stable was a complete success[View]
168311425What are some of the best filmed concerts?[View]
168312375Good Movie Bad rating Why?[View]
168312055When will they learn?[View]
168312368How much time does he have left bros?[View]
168312110Gal Gadot hates blue pens: $1200 + $500 = no blue pen Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtu…[View]
168308241What's wrong with Zoomers? >However, he wasn’t recognized for his works until the 2000s and …[View]
168312255The Sadness: He's literally me[View]
168310009>smacks lips >'wassa bitch gotta do to get some kool-aid a'ound hea'…[View]
168309979Good fucking riddance[View]
168310338Why does it make them so mad bros?[View]
168311351Why does the directing on this show feel so much less cinematic and expensive compared to Breaking B…[View]
168306257I loved Man of Steel and I was excited for a direct sequel. But then they did the Batman V Superman …[View]
168312009Look what you guys did to him.[View]
168311929>open it up, think maybe it might be better than I am assuming. >Obama in first scene >Ins…[View]
168311095How come this was actually a good movie? It's such a retarded concept and the 'meta' shit has a…[View]
168311435How do you even plan movie nights nowadays when there's LITERALLY nothing to watch and you and …[View]
168293598Who drinks a beer like this?[View]
168309933why did this kino filter so many? It's a perfect sequel[View]
168311882Where's my gun? Where's my gun?![View]
168311818coldblooded: that was pretty kino, brandon killing people for money[View]
168300845Where can Fast X even go? What haven't they done?[View]
168311648> Only episode written by a woman > Howard's wife is introduced just to humiliate him…[View]
168310707What was he grinning at?[View]
168310838Why do they depict Mr. Burns as a super villain, when he's more oft a coffee-addicted senile ol…[View]
168311579Is this the board to discuss Broadway shows? Idk what else would apply. Anyway, discuss this btw Im …[View]
168311511Wasn't this kinda fucked up? This is literally child abuse.[View]
168310121Where is all the money going if not to CGI for marvel productions?[View]
168309967/trek/: It's my culture edition Previous: >>168296195[View]
168311017Other movies like pic related (A scene at the sea by Kitano) that have those slow beautiful shots th…[View]
168308536Name a better serial killer kino[View]
168308398what's his name again[View]
168299943The webm that mindbroke /tv/[View]
168306575>guys I have a great idea, I'm gonna open a doorway to the pain dimension OH NOOOO THE PAIN …[View]
168311205God I love female villains[View]
168310017This makes adam sandler movies look like the godfather. It's not even good enough to watch whi…[View]
168306040based or cringe?[View]
168307815Can the ‘She-Hulk’ Series Escape Its Comic Book Issues?: >The 'She-Hulk' comics frequen…[View]
168310610Does he have a point?[View]
168311297>Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble…[View]
168310533Why the fuck are they going after 8 billion people one at a time? That's stupid, that's du…[View]
168309199>Out on a date with a transgirl >Accidentally bring up The Skin I Live In…[View]
168311280I want breakfast..[View]
168311271>it’s a Tetsuo type movie[View]
168311070>noooooo you can't put onion powder in a steak rub What is his problem?…[View]
168309097what are the JNCOs of film?[View]
168305289Where did America go wrong bros?[View]
168311158>dude where are we lol Was it dementia? Why did Dr.Cox have such a fugue episode?…[View]
168310343>'Listen to this' > Cronenberg:'I'm all ears'…[View]
168311136I might watch some recent normie flick this weekend. Is there anything recently with a tolerable lev…[View]
168311133#releasetheuglysoniccut We fans demand to see the original directors vision. Paramount is just sitti…[View]
168310479>Illuminati were making a move man, i had to get it on[View]
168311048Yup: Yup[View]
168311022WHAT A LOAD OF[View]
168303672Was Tywin the best casted character in the show? Joffrey was great too.[View]
168310542are you waiting captain marvel 2[View]
168309771Stupid hat[View]
168308512Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers made fun of the Snydercut with the help of Larry Fong and Snyder himself…[View]
168310740goy mirror: >see this online and get interested since I love TOS etc. >the look, the set and t…[View]
168301402Which Television series most realistically depicted alcohol consumption?[View]
168309201he seems like a rapist[View]
168309951Tony Soprano was a sex symbol.[View]
168309777Fun, cheesy movies: What are some fun cheesy movies fittable for watching with friends and beers? St…[View]
168309833Under the Banner of Heaven: So far it seems like the message of this show is if you meet a group of …[View]
168310638>Giant ugly feminist woman kills your cute makee waifu What did mk ultra Hollywood meant by this…[View]
168310675>Yeah, fucking mods. Nothing changes. Fucking mods >They were mods dude? >Oh come on Anon, …[View]
168307828Best submarine kino?[View]
168310519What are the best movies that feature cats?[View]
168310517I literally walked out of the theater after this[View]
168310489Who’s up for some Iceman volleyball fellas?[View]
168309977Mods, when are you gonna ban this 'Anonymous' guy whos always spamming? Every fucking thread i see t…[View]
168310470MEN: Can honestly say I didn't expect Mpreg.[View]
168308515So what's next for John Halo? Where are they going with this show now after that latest episode…[View]
168309711ITT: movie titles that contained a spoiler. >there will be blood and there was.…[View]
168310115This is the quintessential femcel kino.[View]
168310310Disney made the Ben Affleck's Batman Movie before WB[View]
168310219Any kino with jav-tier japanese beauties?[View]
168310302Sexy Beast: >is the best and most unhinged and uncomfortable villain in your path…[View]
168307636What are some shota kinos?[View]
168306426>'I'll take responsibility for this Cameron' >'No Ferris, you don't have to do that'…[View]
168308044Keith David got cast in Shelby Oaks: Chris Stuckmann singlehandedly destroyed /tv/ https://imdb.com/…[View]
168307462Which upcoming movies are you excited for?[View]
168310155Is this actually a good movie or what.[View]
168308933>Chip got cucked by THIS[View]
168310130What Poppy Playtime (TBA) should be about: Screw all the FNAF-esque lore the games are doing, Poppy …[View]
168292157They made She-Hulk smaller[View]
168309431What am I in for?[View]
168310020Taken 5 is out[View]
168310008Kinos about the real America?[View]
168309955what makes this scenes like this so hot?[View]
168309396EAT MY SHORTS[View]
168309935so are they lesbians that kill vampires or vampires that kill lesbians?[View]
168307889Chris Stuckmann assembles his cast: Will /ourguy/ deliver kino?[View]
168309923This wasn't very good. The cute girl had a moustache.[View]
168309746atrocious awful cheap crummy dreadful lousy poor rough sad unacceptable blah bummer diddly downer ga…[View]
168309864Why was it dead on arrival?[View]
168308959>I tell ya I get no respect >I was on /tv/ the other day and the Sneedposter called me cringe…[View]
168307809This was dogshit, was it made my Twitter bots?[View]
168309595What the fuck is this shit psy op ? I'm not watching this kike garbage[View]
168294568For me its Gibbs[View]
168296195/trek/: Jess Bush Edition Previous:>>168285240[View]
168308129Can someone explain how this character is great in anyway she was in the movie for 20 minutes almost…[View]
168299805whats the funniest comedy central role[View]
168309421>WHO GETS STUCK WITH ALL THE BAD LUCK >[angry duck sounds] >WHO ELSE BUT DONALD DUCK >T…[View]
168305907looking for more sigma characters to impersonate[View]
168308239>Enhances your kino[View]
168308608This wasn't very good[View]
168309449Did it live up to your expectations?[View]
168309481Is this the most kino Finnish movie ever made? How did they get away with it?[View]
168308186Is this the best female writer in the last 20 years?[View]
168309391Kinos for this feel?[View]
168296931>this movie is bad because it’s racist >Japan loves it ????????????????????????…[View]
168307081Why isn't Kelly in Top Gun: Maverick, /tv/? pffffft[View]
168308034Who will they cast as Ursula?[View]
168307177>'why don't they slap me in the face with more feminist bullshit'[View]
168308266Why can't westoids reboot franchises properly?[View]
168308132So you are telling me this Harry Potter kid put his name in the Goblet of Fire?, thats just crazy.[View]
168291837Miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe :([View]
168309216What did we learn today?[View]
168309113i love sally so much, bros[View]
168309159Honest thoughts on filmmaker James Rolfe?[View]
168307857A prophylactic wrapper?[View]
168308629Give me one reason why I shouldn't have my boy here pull your head off.[View]
168303998>Triss Merigold[View]
168308115Kung Fu Hustle 2: Will it be kino?[View]
168307366itss the Sopranos but he is freddy krueger[View]
168307995This is one of my favourite action movies. You?[View]
168305711Literature has killed my interest in television & film[View]
168307488my favourite character was moe simpson :)[View]
168308324apparently reddit things s4 ep9 is 2 hours and 30 minutes wtf[View]
168305470Hades: Hades[View]
168305547he's officially jumped the shark[View]
168308589I think I've watched everything there is bros.: I keep trying to find 10/10 or even 9/10 or eve…[View]
168305780This made boomers shit their pants[View]
168306866Just started this show, its pretty good[View]
168308826Surely nobody can drink this much?[View]
168307032>Only one week away to finally release >Literally Zero Hype What happen? Its Star Wars its Ob…[View]
168308654They fucked.[View]
168301526This movie is corny as hell but also a gem.[View]
168308491>HE DEFECATED THROUGH A SUNROOF Do Americans really??[View]
168307989ITT: Cliches you hat The wife or girlfriend who tells the main character to give up on his dreams or…[View]
168306201I'm starting to think he doesn't actually have a secret film premiering at Cannes[View]
168307431The Searchers: Just finished The Searchers, solid John Ford installment, great performance from Wayn…[View]
168307481>Well what about this, I'm a sort of James Bond figure and I have to go to Iraq to rescue so…[View]
168308095>IT'S A LION >IT'S HUGE never forget…[View]
168308358Who was the best action kinoture?[View]
168306945Why was this scene considered so offensive?[View]
168307751st or sg?: who was in the wrong here?[View]
168308476APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9-Fbl2QVJc&ab_channel=PetrMuller[View]
168308287What are some kino starring young hot babes?[View]
168308142actors with only one memorable role[View]
168307755its a commentary on masculinity and explores the topic of masculinity.[View]
168307806Documentaries about charismatic cult leaders? https://youtu.be/tR_NZ6PpcSI[View]
168308158Mormonism is.... LE BAD![View]
168307753>sorry kid I don't date retards >okay, you can touch my tits while I wait for chad to com…[View]
168306489I think its good. I don't give a good fuck about mouse girl fucking a fly. I don't give a …[View]
168307342watchmen ultimate cut: >the many men, so beautiful! And they all dead did lie: And a thousand tho…[View]
168296956EMMA THOMPSON WANTS AN ORGASM IN HER NEW MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJcbZoJFLTU Emma Tho…[View]
168306711>b-but, them kids was fake. How could they exist in a different universe? PLOT HOLE PLOT HOLE REE…[View]
168307978Oh goodness me.[View]
168308114What are some movies about drug addiction?[View]
168306931New Black trans hero in Doctor Who[View]
168308084The best thing about being me... There are so many 'me's.[View]
168303928Is nudity in film from big name actors a successful marketing tool?[View]
168300654KINO: ENABLED[View]
168307350>charges officer[View]
168307851Cast it.[View]
168305961>well if it isn’t my oldest friend raylan givens[View]
168303553Nobody watched this?[View]
168307308This will sell our tv-series[View]
168306938Of course The Boys and Zack Snyder would be jerking each other off and shit all over Joss Whedon. Pa…[View]
168302450Were you a fan of Immortals /tv/? Was it better than 300?[View]
168307623Which Lupin III movies are the most kino? J**** banned my IP range from /a/ so I can't ask them[View]
168295713You just know.[View]
168301768Why is Star Wars shit?: How does a guy like Filoni, with every benefit society and money can provide…[View]
168304997Yea, they were good, but don’t even fucking try to compare them to Fury road[View]
168307567You guys think Rob still browses /tv/?[View]
168307512Barry season 3: is Sally hypocrisy self aware? has to be right? i can't tell nowadays[View]
168301113Was Todd in the wrong here?[View]
168294078Here's your Snow White bro: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10837533/Rachel-Zegle…[View]
168306576Why are writers so afraid of showing traditional families in a positive way?[View]
168304449This is a high budget Japanese movie...[View]
168304568How bad will it flop?[View]
168306465Wheel of time yay or nay: I heard the books were great but the tv adaptation has very high leftist r…[View]
168307452ITT: Comfy kino.[View]
168302305Is this any good, or is it just the cutscenes from the games but live action?[View]
168306068Do you remember this ever happening in a film?[View]
168305597Ciinema is dying[View]
168303415What is the shittiest movie /tv/ has recommended you? Pic related for me. Absolute garbage[View]
168307201Kinos for this feel?[View]
168305396Season 4 of your hit show just wrapped and the author of the source material tells you he's nev…[View]
168305818Dark horse/unconventional waifu thread[View]
168306520>...Re-remember 'An Hero'? >..Remember 'Pool's Closed'? >Re-remember '#CuttingForBiebe…[View]
168307063Holy fucking kino. The absolute freedom of creation that made this is dizzying. So much soul. Movies…[View]
168299206Can someone reccomend me a comedy movie or show that made you laugh out loud, something not corny/cr…[View]
168304771would you take a sweaty 50 dollar bill that was shoved in someones shoe while they were jogging? who…[View]
168305520Daniel Kaluuya: What's his ceiling as an actor? Is he reliable Black Lead alternative to Michae…[View]
168306983Kids. They're not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex.[View]
168305761Fuck this shark toothed bitch and fuck her gold too! She got off easy. I bet her asshole didn't…[View]
168305577>I have made terrible mistakes in my life[View]
168306874Why did the French take cinema so seriously?[View]
168306320How did you react when this happened?[View]
168300072Why didnt Sauron just besiege Minas Tirith and Helms Deep?[View]
168292361Wanda...had a hard life[View]
168303086What is the best kino released on proper 4K?[View]
168306306What did Halo only on Paramount Plus mean by this?[View]
168302131/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: Waltuh Latte Edition[View]
168304934I want to have sex with a Xenomorph. I haven't even seen any of the movies.[View]
168253270>Phil you cocksucka! You put your name in the Goblet of Fire?![View]
168301507>mmmmm....yeah, yeah...if we could all just *inhales and then exhales* just maybe uhhhhhh..mmmmm.…[View]
168286036The new Chip and Dale movie is fucking amazing. https://youtu.be/hffiZqZWOq8[View]
168306343Iron Man (2008)[View]
168306126I just want to be a rich asshole and get away with it. I just want to be left alone and enjoy my mon…[View]
168305170I hate that everything is a 10-episode miniseries now when the story could've easily fit in a 2…[View]
168304324Whatever happened to Stewart Lee?[View]
168306146I love this movie.[View]
168306031>Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Conway Twitty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2aeRg_yMSE…[View]
168304978>Moments where it's okay for men to cry[View]
168306109dude slow burn with static angles leads to a graphic ultra violent resolution lmao[View]
168306162lol funny raccoon[View]
168301949Neytiri is...[View]
168304956Cast her[View]
168305968You're supposed to be my father: Remember when EastEnders was the most exciting show on British…[View]
168305883>YIFY >1080p BrRip x264 >VLC media player >A: 10 >V: 10…[View]
168305862>Heya /tv/, did ya miss me?[View]
168304944Young Sheldon: >young sheldor if he girl[View]
168304098>old asian movie >character speaks for a very long time >dub: ok…[View]
168287153ITT:: Funky /tv/ webms[View]
168288106I didnt know it was this bad: I just watched the first episode of Euphoria. I feel absolutely genoci…[View]
168283977/film/: Thread for the discussion of classic films and arthouse cinema. >/film/ literature https:…[View]
168294384Rey, you're a Palpatine[View]
168305696>Ma, sooner or later, there comes a point in a man's life when he's gotta face some fac…[View]
168305474Here's your Sue Richards, bro.[View]
168302510This was supposed to be DC's next Watchmen.[View]
168305233Disney Will Have Black Santas In Its Parks For The First Time In The Company’s 66-Year History: http…[View]
168303067>Movies from Taiwan can never be Kin-[View]
168303921>Capeshit >Star Wars >Reboots/Remakes If you could get rid of one forever. What would it be…[View]
168305069>I want 0 dollars every day for the rest of my life[View]
168305501You want a thread about television and film, but it's a sneed thread.[View]
168303161This could be a hilarious comedy in the right hands. Maybe a touch self-aware.[View]
168302066Were both movies communist propaganda?[View]
168305355John Hughes is a faggot[View]
168304199Theodore Rex (1995): Should I watch this?[View]
168303978Stop, my invincible client![View]
168304299I've never seen this movie because my mom wouldn't let me when it came out. Did I miss out…[View]
168305307This was a lot of fun. I must've only seen the sequel before because I kept expecting Rosie to …[View]
168305046Is it possible to shit yourself and cum at the same time? Also The Terror thread I guess[View]
168305285Does anyone else feel bad for her?[View]
168304665Who thought the Reddit robots were so funny that they needed a second episode?[View]
168284227>that historical kino that will never be made name it.[View]
168305185So was the plot leak real? Is Pluto really the villain?[View]
168305030So what was the event, and why was it so terrifying? https://youtu.be/22mt0cVyW5c[View]
168304258It's Friday night motherfuckers! >DRINKAN? >WATCHAN? >EATAN? >FEELAN? Me? Gonna hav…[View]
168297446Capeshit: The only movies I pay to see in theaters anymore are cape shit movies or the occasional no…[View]
168304367>4 years since his death >no biopic yet Vros, not like this...…[View]
168304035I THINK TERRY GILLIAM MOVIES SUCK: >some kind of ugly haze/bloom in every movie >cheap looking…[View]
168305038Comfy RLM Thread[View]
168301716Poetic movies about love?[View]
168304933senso tanaka is my shidoshi[View]
168304879Why does he always get snubbed at the Oscars?[View]
168304500Back when capeshit actually had soul[View]
168296359>this was considered buff in the 80s[View]
168301585>His silence is deafening[View]
168304743House of the Dragon: How can someone root for the blacks when the greens were clearly in the right? …[View]
168302448The ride never ends and why should it?[View]
168304721>ITT: first sign you're about to watch kino[View]
168285811So America becomes a third world style shit hole full of incompetent brown people?[View]
168304442When did he truly become Bitch?[View]
168302765UTTER KINO - BEST FILM OF 2022 SO FAR: Never thought we’d see the day a new Top Gun is up there with…[View]
168304368Itt: /tv/ forced zoomer reddicore memes that didn't age well[View]
168304510I like the one that says some pulp.[View]
168302563um, lads[View]
168302319How about a kino set in this age?[View]
168296972good morning sirs: kino[View]
168303884stoner films: have 3 ounces of death star to burn, what kinos are best experienced when on the reddi…[View]
168302531>Black comedian >All jokes are about being black…[View]
168303021YOU SEE, KURT[View]
168304331>but I couldn't remember how it went down >logo flies up kino…[View]
168304364>I am Tijuana Knox I thought his code name was Heisenberg?[View]
168302677Kino about poker ?[View]
168304306Gee Zipper, how come Disney lets you have TWO older mommy gfs?[View]
168304232What is next for the career of Timothee Chalamet?[View]
168284621The best film of the year is now on Netflix, you have no excuse not to watch this pookino.[View]
168303754Was Batman kino?[View]
168304026A big action movie with China as the baddie would be a era defining blockbuster in America: >Acco…[View]
168301007Imagine drinking Romulan Ale.[View]
168304081Things you stole from movies: >be 18 >be working at local sandwich shop/bar >first week in …[View]
168302766ITT: Movie normies will never understand.[View]
168303868So they're not actually brothers now, right?[View]
168302888How the fuck did this guy get so much funding?[View]
168303899Fuck Good Solonius![View]
168303924…movies without sex scenes[View]
168301693Can we talk about fun horror concepts in movies? Dr. Sleep was really great except the parts that we…[View]
168303593What made the Starks such shitty and obnoxious characters in particular?[View]
168299444This movie sucks. It's one of those movies that everyone pretends is good but is actually dogsh…[View]
168302933>Mike... this feels so wrong... but so right at the same time...[View]
168302053h-howard bros...we are gonna win r-right?[View]
168303562All these channels lost in time, like tears in rain[View]
168302877https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeEv7Q__HoU&ab_channel=MarvelEdits%5BAEditz%5D /movie[View]
168300906Tom Cruise is the last real actor left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I720xCnnPUY[View]
168285891Is this really what life is like for the average Australian?[View]
168303612why was he the only one with his real name[View]
168300891The Time Traveler's Wife (HBO): What did you think? Do they have enough onscreen chemistry?…[View]
168302312What did /tv/ think on The Hills have Eyes?[View]
168303430What are your thoughts on physical media: On one hand, I think it's cool to have DVDs of your f…[View]
168300126Thoughts of Stephen Kings Firestarter? Reviews are pretty bad but I really liked it[View]
168303372Meesa thinks Rey and Sequel Trilogy are big doo doo heads. Meesa thinks they took big doo doo all ov…[View]
168302813no way this is real[View]
168302733what the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
168297289>My name is Isaac Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself. i thought his name was hank wtf bros…[View]
168302157which kino is the best representation of how you want the world to end?[View]
168303215What the hell is an aluminum falcon?![View]
168302286Itt: scenes that Dave Filoni got from Robot Chicken: Here’s a example of a scene of one of Robot Chi…[View]
168285135YEAH! PARTY IN THE USA![View]
168302324i am kino[View]
168303137How do i become George Costanza?[View]
168301854The Sopranos and early Simpsons are the only American TV shows with any artistic merit[View]
168300864Why didn't she help her fellow Illuminati as they were being demolished? Is it because they wer…[View]
168299337This felt like there was a committee meeting on restricting Raimi to making references to his own di…[View]
168301844What do you think about Aquamaan, the most successful film ever?[View]
168301535What was her problem?[View]
168301813HE LIVES[View]
168302552Any chance for She-Hulk being good?[View]
168300779Thunderbolt Fantasy: Where the fuck is season 4?[View]
168302238This is DRUK. What do I think of it?[View]
168301438>austin saint john going to jail for fraud >red wild force ranger killed a guy with a samurai …[View]
168301931What the fuck was his problem?[View]
168302457>That's it, then? That's the secret, grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow. You …[View]
168302516>Leave Gustavo to me[View]
168301862The great debate: Toshiro Mifune vs Tatsuya Nakadai[View]
168301968What were Cooper's final thoughts? Did he go to Heaven?[View]
168297194Why did Anya become successful?: This was clearly the better looking actress. Also mixed race. Also …[View]
168299440Is he genuinely the most overrated actor in history?[View]
168302223Soulless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GrinnzwV30 vs Soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb5S0QH…[View]
168300349MY NAME IS[View]
168302417Stay gold, Ponyboy.[View]
168301444The Wire >>>>>>>> The Sopranos[View]
168299601Be honest: Is television in better shape than cinema these days? Let's say I pick a random tv s…[View]
168302365Why did he have such a hard on for Vito?[View]
168299186>Hit me like the dirty slut that I am. What did she mean by that?[View]
168302315What are other redpilled kino like these?[View]
168302230Gentlemen, the plan is simple: We mass clone Hitler.[View]
168302213Thoughts on Jackass fourpointfive?[View]
168296686Why do they hate conservative values?[View]
168299727Couldn't have flown for 3 more minutes before dropping them off? Their destination is LITERALLY…[View]
168302140I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me[View]
168298447/bcs/ Better Call Saul General: European Vacation edition Previous >>168292267[View]
168296305Morbius: This was ass. Why did I watch it?[View]
168302000Was it kino?[View]
168291031>Wait, no... I didn't mean! ACK[View]
168302042It was a different time..[View]
168302006Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168298242Need road trip content: I am going on a long drive tomorrow, but I will ear earbuds in to listen to …[View]
168301524What was your favorite role of Kiernan Shipka and why?[View]
168301953Any Singapore kinos you recommend?[View]
168301644She fucked a fly and birthed maggots in a new wholesome Disney flick. Say something nice about her![View]
168301889oh brother /tv/ STINKS[View]
168301698>strike me down >no, not like that![View]
168300734I just watched this... I don't even know what this was about? What was the message they are try…[View]
1682977597 days[View]
168300439Why isn't /tv/ talking about this movie? qt Karen Gillan fights her clone to the death[View]
168298770I am so incredibly hurt and disappointed right now.[View]
168300748He literally carried the show.[View]
168300764KILL WHITEY[View]
168297979Stranger Things: The first volume will consist of the bulk of the season, with seven of the nine epi…[View]
168301185What the fuck is this movie? I mean take a look at the summary[View]
168289678Rings of Power: These Tolkien Influencers were flown to London, wined and dined and then shown a 20m…[View]
168299592Why couldn't they just leave this man alone? I don't get it.[View]
168301106>my story begins where most stories do: at the beginning[View]
168300085>the most bonechilling slow-burn, the-wind-was-the-real-monster-all-along horror movie in history…[View]
168301362>Mike... this feels so wrong... but so right at the same time...[View]
168296930IS IT GOOD?[View]
168301194Bros RED BAND trailer: https://youtu.be/pKHngFCFDTw So basically a Judd Apatow movie but gay[View]
168297423Can this kino be adapted?[View]
168301322well boy you ain't a real cowboy is you, you one uh dem cityfolk[View]
168300243>secretly homo character finally accepts his homosexuality and decides to reveal it to everybody …[View]
168261335>Oh, you're American >No sir, I'm from Kentucky was the point of the line to portray…[View]
168300185>uhuhuhuh! >mheheheh! >uhuhuhuh! >mheheheh! >uhuhuhuh! >mheheheh! >uhuhuhuh! …[View]
168301027DID I DROP SOME CHANGE?[View]
168295198Has any director had a decade as good as Takeshi Kitano's run in the 90s? >Boiling Point …[View]
168301150>when you realize all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain…[View]
168297576i miss him[View]
168296617So long Forest, as of now I have very important matters to attend to..[View]
168296016Snow White. Will it be kino?[View]
168299854So the next episode is directed by the guy who directed the 'Tell me again' episode, the one where w…[View]
168300955OF COURSE I LIED[View]
168300750what is the point of this film? it's cool and edgy but who is it actually aimed at?[View]
168297713Mayonnaise: The Movie[View]
168294318ITT: Photos taken seconds before disaster[View]
168300149Hey bros Been Mia for a while now, and only here because I’m bedridden from COVID Suggest me movies…[View]
168298821Chris Hemsworth is a mad scientist experimenting with people's emotions in Netflix's SPIDE…[View]
168300960I want more movies like this[View]
168299433will this be kinó?[View]
168300866>Bobby, I've got propane in my urethra.[View]
168300612If they make Joker 2 should they add Harley?[View]
168296416What is Japanese television like?[View]
168300215POST VEGAS KINO[View]
168299371SOMEBODY STOP ME[View]
1682997247 year itch: Movies with similar feel of greater times[View]
168298599I want Batman to be fun again, /tv/.[View]
168300302Is it worth watching 138 episodes of this garbage? At least for Kat's BOOBA?[View]
168296438/tv/ is a Jason board, freddychomos keep it moving[View]
168300511>Two shares in Erie Railroad, Mr Bond? Well I just might sell all my stock then. After all, I hav…[View]
168300477The Forgiven (2022): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktr-rgPLS0w Chastain and Fiennes run over some …[View]
168300353MitM Thread: What did they mean by this? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rfWop0NwQk…[View]
168300422>inadvertently stirs up culture war in America[View]
168297695Was this realistic?[View]
168298370Why the hell wasn't Dolph in The Northman?[View]
168297328>Viggo Mortensen thinks Crash is better than Titane well /tv/?[View]
168299175What: In your opinion what movie has the most rewatchability? For me, it's gq[View]
168299533>Sequel to a movie from 30 years ago >The actors are all really old now >Movie is about how…[View]
168299893Barry: Season 3 hasn't been fun to watch like the other seasons. I knew it wasn't going to…[View]
168298941Jackass 4.5 is out: what did you think of it?[View]
168292507Fox, I'm a scientist. I believe there's a scientific explanation for everything.[View]
168299713WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?![View]
168295703Bros...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWd-AuIgCrc[View]
168298064Just add a little contrast. Why are marvel movies so flat?[View]
168298627How do you feel about the character 'big booty Judy' in 2 Broke Girls?[View]
168299450>Democratic politician guest stars in a sitcom >Main character acts like they're meeting …[View]
168297908Why was Grievous such a bad ass in the show and such a pussy in the movie?[View]
168299877>Walter, you're never gonna see Gus again. Just don't go to the fast food restaurant th…[View]
168299645KKK? THAT'S NOT GOOD[View]
168296934Favorite Kino to get drunk and watch: For me it's TopGun[View]
168285646Halo on Paramount+: Alright, so what direction would you take the show, now that season 1 has ended?…[View]
168299884The Simpsons: UP AND AT'EM edition.[View]
168292797>ayyy lmao[View]
168276955>actors will never be this high test again what went so terribly wrong?…[View]
168299856Shouldn't he be in shape for this? Or is Aquaman 2 about Arthur getting fat and lazy?[View]
168299823A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
168299788Rifles are good[View]
168299249Is it possible to sex a chipmunk? He stole my heart, and my penis.[View]
168298708Test screens are in and it's iffy lads. >Ffar too many characters and feels like a soft JL f…[View]
168299407First tv crush?[View]
168299553why did everyone say that it's a leftists propaganda? it literally shames all their values[View]
168299524This was great. RIP super butch lady.[View]
168292686So how does Halloween Ends end?[View]
168295084'Representation' in Disney remakes: If Disney cares so much about minorities, why don't they ju…[View]
168297654Comfy kino: Hello teevee I'm hungover and currently on benzos. Need some peak comfy kino for to…[View]
168297587Was Devil's Advocate a good movie?[View]
168299386who was in the wrong here? would you have taken the shoe 50?[View]
168299369Do you think they... you know[View]
168297313I miss him.[View]
168293202Is this the modern version of >Seth Rogan's character gets together with a beautiful shiksa…[View]
168296559https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt81CJcWZy8 This movie looks so fucking good. Why the hell does it h…[View]
168297697Heartstopper: Netflix renews gay teen romance Heartstopper for two more seasons. Will this save Netf…[View]
168293693Leave Star Wars to me[View]
168299280Terrorist movies: Post em[View]
168299262What was his problem?[View]
168290268/who/ Doctor Who General: Cucks Not Welcome Edition cucked: >>168281950[View]
168295579The Leftovers: Rewatching The Leftovers in hopes that I will finally feel something again. talk abou…[View]
168299185What did he mean by this?[View]
168273467AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM Test-Screening Leaks: >The movie tested well, but not as well as the…[View]
168298636>HEEEELP MEEEEE What did the bear mean by that?[View]
168292226Why doesn’t every Jedi just get a double bladed lightsaber and use it to fly?[View]
168296558hey what about this guy[View]
168298957>Send all the slytherin students innocent or not to the dungeons , let them be tortured and be he…[View]
168298127I cannot live another day without air conditioning[View]
168298815>'Your ass is mine' >'Hey, pretty boy! Over here!' What did Paul Verhoeven mean by this?…[View]
168293282George Miller kino: https://youtube.com/watch?v=8zGnPDFCPE8 his next movie is Mad Max with Anya Tayl…[View]
168298807>Tears of the Sun >Shooter >Olympus Has Fallen >now The Terminal List Why would a black …[View]
168298784Eleven was unironically the villain all along.[View]
168296982>Ben Affleck (and Michael Keaton I guess) are DCEU >The Baman is a different universe >Joaq…[View]
168281305LOVE DEATH AND ROBOTS SEASON 3 IS FUCKING OUT BROS!!: >Love.Death.and.Robots.S03E01.1080p.WEB.H26…[View]
168297795Magnets BITCH[View]
168298760new george miller flick has a trailer. what are your hopes/fears for this movie https://www.youtube.…[View]
168298502Why did they take the original actors and then make them look less like the characters they were por…[View]
168281594iCarly.2021.S02E08.iM.A.USA.Bae.2160p.PMTP.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.265-TVSmash: >iCarly.2021.S02E08.iM.A.…[View]
168298536>I will kill Yurin Van Dotter Who was he talking about? Some european rival drug lord?…[View]
168298435Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168294252I hated this cunt like you wouldn't believe[View]
168293248I'm going vending machines. Anyone want a soda or something[View]
168293418>Multiple 5ft10 men twice my size, not a problem...[View]
168292267/bcs/ Better Call Saul General: Average American Park edition Previous >>168286005[View]
168297782Britta > Annie[View]
168278279Kingdom of Heaven: so the crusaders were the bad guys?[View]
168297936Hey guys, it's me again, back from the darkness. Haven't written a review in a long time. …[View]
168298145Post scenes that lives rent free in your head: >King Oleron: (…) take off my head? Your Majesty!?…[View]
168297616For real, who was in the wrong here?[View]
168291459He would unironically be a good choice for a new terminator in a soft reboot.[View]
168296422Reddit: the show[View]
168295018I need some /tv/ recommendations like picrel[View]
168285240/trek/: Computer, create /trek/ general edition[View]
168296221>me preparing to shitpost on /tv/[View]
168294638Captain Michael Burnham has already been the main character of Star Trek for longer than Kirk or Arc…[View]
168296595LMAO: this show felt more like a Song and Ice and fire than Game of Thrones did WTF[View]
168290732ryan gosling[View]
168293615What was this movie's message?[View]
168297488>Redfield. My office. Now.[View]
168297337im so fucking unbelivably sick of everything being a crossover. it used to feel like an event when t…[View]
168295879ITT: Movies with great intros[View]
168290599Today, Disney decided to take a shit on the corpse of a man they indirectly killed.[View]
168296372Its Morphin Time!: https://www.yahoo.com/news/original-red-power-ranger-faces-131750991.html Origina…[View]
168297356>Ignored the signs >Led Zion into ruin after everything Neo achieved Why did they make Morpheu…[View]
168297204Vicoria JUSTice: lmao[View]
168290072unironically the best kino ever made, only edgy contrarians deny this[View]
168297379Who says I raid!?!?!: Hes a saracen. He lies.[View]
168296782i just love your britches and they're stinky, stinky britches[View]
168288137One is Kino, the other is Cringe; can (you) guess which is which?[View]
168285794This man will singlehandedly revolutionize horror films with Shelby Oaks[View]
168297211>uhuhuh! hey beavis, Lil Nas X is so cool uhuhuh! >Mheheheh! jail videos are awesome Mheheheh!…[View]
168297106You can't do that on television: What did the do that couldn't be shown on tv?[View]
168297158Oh, I beg your pardon, this is Leon Averill and Igor. Igor isn't impolite. He simply can't…[View]
168296457>Her knock on the door >See this What do?…[View]
168297092is 'municht he edge of war' actually netflixs fiirst ww2 era movie which is enjoyable to watch witho…[View]
168284512Post your top ten favorite movies and suggest movies to other based on their lists[View]
168297069recommend more wagecuck movies?[View]
168296992>mister mister...can't find my momma Why did this gay scene made me cry bros…[View]
168295644>movie is based on a book I hope you realize that you are a secondary if you go to see it…[View]
1682912812020s: What does your top 5-10 of the 2020's look like so far?[View]
168295058>You must admit Mr. Bond, I am now undeniably 'The Man with the Golden Gun' Jesus christ, really?…[View]
168296847Will she be the next big breakout star from SNL?[View]
168293724>/tv/ is now almost exclusively capeshit and other braindead normalfag media how do we solve thi…[View]
168288261is the Knives Out a libtard fantasy,filed with soybois?: or i am just overjudging this bullshit movi…[View]
168296479I can't believe they made a movie from that meme.[View]
168286799Bernadette > Penny[View]
168296789>'Waltuh stop flashing your dick, I'm in the middle of posing for my TV show Better Call Sau…[View]
168296754My name's Trent, I'll be taking care of you today.[View]
168295220Why did they make him gay and implied he's running something like... OnlyFans for furries? What…[View]
168292036Post your fancasts[View]
168296500For the longest time I thought these two were the same person[View]
168293071>makes unnecessary changes to the classic Jackson is a fraud[View]
168293740Okay let's make this sporting, /vr/: If you can tell me why I shouldn't close the X-Files …[View]
168293438LAUNCH THE MISSILE NOW!: what, if any, legal consequences did Mansley face after this incident?…[View]
168296224>trailer for new show >blacks, women and homosexuals throughout >'I'm only human after…[View]
168296336HE'S BACK[View]
168293830what are some good 70s films?[View]
168283114so brave i can't believe they said that[View]
168296448/rmg/ Rick and Morty General: Rick and Morty: The Anime has officially been announced this week (May…[View]
168289308Miriam Margolyes: Actual talent or just neopotism?[View]
168296261mah name was on the streets?[View]
168296138ye bussy be lookin might fine there winslow[View]
168292463It's literally the same thing but even more boring[View]
168293467ANON, MY OFFICE.[View]
168296311Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168296173>pool party scene >no one is ever swimming or chilling in the pool fucking why?…[View]
168294216Finally watching The Shield: Because of /tv/, I laugh any time this nigga is on the screen. Just kno…[View]
168295210PERFECT BURGAH[View]
1682950822022…: I am… forgotten…[View]
168296121No fucking way...[View]
168296111The name's Bond, James Bond >be a 'spy' >introduce yourself to everyone you meet with you…[View]
168294391R I P Vangelis: >no sticky Good job mods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OankX_bMnus…[View]
168296002Why was Julia Roberts considered a beauty goddess in the late 90s and early 00s?[View]
168295880Greatest of all time. The last of his kind, no, truly one of a kind. Watch Top Gun Maverick. He…[View]
168295953wow, this is not very good[View]
168294399We've seen the Enterprise been decommissioned.. in the weird season 4 episodes. 'Just assume tu…[View]
168294730>chubby 5'3 jewish girl with no superpowers >defeats a bunch of 6 ft 200 lbs guy with kic…[View]
168293004Sum this show up in one sentence[View]
168281631A Clockwork Orange - 10 Full Metal Jacket - 9.5 Dr. Strangelove - 9.5 Paths of Glory - 9 The Shining…[View]
168295757This made kinophiles cum and shit their pants[View]
168288609Just finished Old... Abbey Lee Kershaw can't act.[View]
168294240I am not crazy! I know Anakin killed those younglings. I knew it was Order 66. One after Order 65. A…[View]
168290258>What Todd did; you and I have done things that are just as bad! ...what? How is killing drug dea…[View]
168295335>15/10 kino >/tv/ refuses to talk about it Any more examples of this?…[View]
168288385forget about it cuh[View]
168294239What are some essential autism kinos?[View]
168294390Immortan Joe's human milk farm.[View]
168295531Any other kino out there like Conan?[View]
168287084Do you think Hayden watched The Clone Wars in chronological order?[View]
168295276The fury road of tarsem singh[View]
168292140I'm... An impostor. That man is the real Seymour Skinner![View]
168294410Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and th…[View]
168291577what did you guys think of the return of ugly sonic in the new chip n dales movie? https://www.youtu…[View]
168290036>It's still dark. Better use the generator >*grunts of exertion* What are some scenes in …[View]
168292079>The film was not released in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman due to the depiction …[View]
168294213Mobius: what did i think of it?[View]
168294539For James, England?[View]
168295170>TADAAAA >it's magi...gone uhh what did he say?…[View]
168293333Yup I'm thinking Kevin Spacey is back.[View]
168293434prepare for immediate starburst[View]
168295042>Peter...the process of cremation of the human body takes from 3 to 4 hours depending on the powe…[View]
168294672Holy mf kino[View]
168294728Did tony die? Or did we die?[View]
168295004Ahsoka series next year written by Dave Filoni[View]
168293254Post the exact moment you realised a series became soulless.[View]
168293727REAL HUMAN GREEN[View]
168293126I don't get it. Is this supposed to be a good movie?[View]
168292234Batman and Robin: As a fan of the first two Burton films, would I like this?[View]
168294148Assuming Idris is too busy to play everyone, who would you cast?[View]
168283455Here's your Scooby-Doo spin off[View]
168294562>Try to watch The Batman >176 minute runtime >Nearly fall asleep at multiple points in the …[View]
168294856https://twitter.com/allthingskenobi/status/1527617070820884480: Are you bros ready for the most kino…[View]
168294850Ewan McGregor is a gem that must be protected at all costs! XD[View]
168294600What's his next project?[View]
168294765OH N-[View]
168291220https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/daredevil-disney-plus-series-matt-corman-chris-ord-1235272299/ It…[View]
168294605A TOAST[View]
168294359Signs you're about to see kino[View]
168293388Taika Waititi: Say what (You) will /tv/, but What We Do in the Shadows was kino[View]
168265735Dinosaurs /tv/. We watching this next week? Also wtf at water balloons on it's next.[View]
168294173The Age of Meta: How do you feel about this age of film we are in where the metatextual elements of …[View]
168294301How the fuck does he do it?[View]
168292606Love, Death and Robotsisters. For the third time in a row, we have saved western animation.[View]
168290162What if Velma was Indian?[View]
16829154810:30 gotta be….. Hour and a half… lunch. Half way fucking point. Don’t look at your watch; not yet.…[View]
168274271>we need a dog for our castle set[View]
168294184>I just like to watch you guys[View]
168294070>I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead. Hunted by scavengers. Haunted by those …[View]
168293111What did Hank mean on Breaking Bad's last season he said 'my name is Eyesack Schrader'? Was tha…[View]
168293862Uhhh, Thompson bros!?: >She’s famous for playing sensible women. But in her new film, Emma Thomps…[View]
168292094NO SPOILERS: Just got out of an early showing of this film. Easily the most unique horror film I…[View]
168291066How are you planning to celebrate this incredible achievement and milestone fellow morbheads ?[View]
168281571>Viking kingdoms >30-40 people that lived in mud huts…[View]
168291143Gay Children TV Series is a smash success for Netflix: The series focuses on gay nerd Charlie who se…[View]
168293741>villain's evil plan is... to make low-budhet knockoffs of popular Disney films lol Yidsney …[View]
168289212what's her sith name?[View]
168291722check the news[View]
168293564>tell me it's not you, Elmer Fudd[View]
168292745Why did he keep the dice in his pocket?[View]
168289965Obi Wan : Inquisitor can fly with saber[View]
168292132WTF was his problem??????[View]
168288559>Someone recorded me masturbaiting? Better kill somebody lmao Whar a shit episode…[View]
168293579>instantly enhances your kino[View]
168288400What are his 5 best films?[View]
168289324How in the FUCK is this actually so good?[View]
168293437this movie was hot garbage, what the fuck were they thinking???[View]
168293242What could've been...[View]
168293336ITT: Times where you dropped a series: Seriously, Tyrion is writing a book called 'A Song of Ice and…[View]
168284873New Samara Flick!!!: >The.Valet.2022.2160p.DSNP.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.DV.MKV.x265-SMURF >The.Valet.202…[View]
168286030Who was in the right here?[View]
168290931I recently upgraded my LG soundbar with rear speakers, so I'm now a proud owner of a 4.1 home c…[View]
168290825Zahler is dead man. miss him miss him miss him[View]
168282095Netflix lays off dozens of employees involved with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Projects: https://nationalfile.c…[View]
168293197I like medieval series[View]
168293170/got/ general[View]
168293163Yellow washing: So are you going to be as mad about yellow-washing as you are about black-washing in…[View]
168291109What did /tv/ think about Pontypool?[View]
168291072Betsy Kettleman crying >>> any bcs girl: God idk what it is about that stupid scamming whor…[View]
168292926C.H.U.D: Maybe the real chuds we're the friends we made along the way[View]
168290944>Look Nicky. I'm a man like you >Except I dont look like a faggot and talk all educated…[View]
168283154DUNE: Damn, we dodged a bullet brod[View]
168289855His name is Doctor Robotnik.[View]
168291649Wednesday, November 6th.: >Batman: The city is underwater. The National Guard is coming. Martial …[View]
168291609>Nacho Varga scene comes up[View]
168290099So all those people would not have been harmed if he just got a gf? Sad![View]
168287380Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
168292573Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
168287206>Here’s the thing about me guys, I did not really do my research. I read one issue of Thor as my …[View]
168291959What made her on screen presence so special?[View]
168291090I don't get it. Why didn't he just pay back his debt to the mob?[View]
168292540Holy shit: Why you older guys kept this gem from me? It's lit as fuck fr It's very intense…[View]
168280912Which 80s & 90s movies do you actually hate that everyone likes?: For me, it's star wars, t…[View]
168288191Unironically who was in the wrong here?[View]
168249168RIP Vangelis: https://youtu.be/RScZrvTebeA Mods sticky[View]
168292326i don't care who did it. this was kino of the highest order[View]
168286279ITT movies that predicted the future[View]
168292086>We want the 4chan audience[View]
168290557So this is now officially a movie genre. What's the future of the CGI reference fest?[View]
168289687>You now remember this: pfffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO NO NO NO[View]
168286005/bcs/ Better Call Saul General: SOOOCK ME IN ALL TIMELINES edition Previous >>168281691[View]
168287632>left : soulless >right : soulful[View]
168292018What are some films with good use of hues?[View]
168289195This is the worst renaissance Disney film[View]
168291412Whatever happened to Mr. Snrub? Could he save The Basedpsons death spiral?[View]
168291583I have hard time believing this is a real movie. It's the most elaborate shitpost of all time.[View]
168291890Movie thread: talk about movies[View]
168291370Why didn’t Doctor Strange just make Wanda forget about her kids?[View]
168291071TRON 1982: I love Tron Legacy but I never watched the first, is it good?[View]
168289455now that the dust has finally settled...what went wrong?[View]
168289155https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCIu4nTacYE It's already kino. The Professor is the main villai…[View]
168289322>this made millenials coom in their pants[View]
168290083Are you excited about avatar sequel?[View]
168288950>be me >be a fan of Scream series since the beginning >always consider Neve Campbell OK, bu…[View]
168288052X is a 2022 American slasher film written, directed, produced, and edited by Ti West. It stars Mia G…[View]
168291547What are you're thoughts on the upcoming Baymax?[View]
168290198One of the movies of all time.[View]
168291435Demonlover: I don't get it[View]
168273973why haven't you watched Succession yet?[View]
168290300OH N-[View]
168282377ITT: Defining Moments Of Television[View]
168290342Quizt/Trivia scenes in fiction: I'm trying to compile some of them. So far I have the Moops sce…[View]
168291352Ignoring the first 2 minutes, I kinda likd the episode Should I bother with the rest of the season c…[View]
168290438They fuck. Say something nice about them.[View]
168291134Literally me.[View]
168288447Do americans really live like this?[View]
168289109Can someone suggest some shows based on my favorites? Youtube stuff works too ofc[View]
168290805Casino: What was she trying to accomplish by doing this?[View]
168291089I kneel, Disney-sama.[View]
168279589What the fuck happened to this guy?: >extremely funny and soulful vids >somewhere between pand…[View]
168275222A toast! to the return of the Rescue Rangers and more Gadget lewds[View]
168286651One of few movies that works for studying ancient Germanic beliefs[View]
168288685I personally thought she was very good at chess and deserved to be world champion.[View]
168286922Are you ready for the sequel?[View]
168288564When I left you 9 years ago in ObiWan show I was the learner: now I am the master[View]
168286182Animation geared towards adults peaked with Bakshi and we are never going to get anything of quality…[View]
168262668Everything Everywhere All At Once: This is, without a doubt, one of the worst films I've seen t…[View]
168290034The Big Bang Theory: It was kino admit it[View]
168289345The Spine of Night: Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about this lsd kino?[View]
168289104>i didn't care for Doctor Who[View]
168290207Which Game of Thornes character: did D&D ruin the most?[View]
168277633The Northman saved white cinema[View]
168288165>ywn have psycho cult leaders wife Amy Adams stare deeply into your eyes and read erotic literatu…[View]
168280236How has she remained relevant for so long?[View]
168290320Scenes only you enjoyed[View]
168290050this show was really funny honestly, i hated it for a long time but it turned out to be good, it…[View]
168265013Looking forward to the new season of Stargirl /tv/?[View]
168282367RIP Godzilla[View]
168276110>I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in human evolution. We became too self aware; na…[View]
168273044>budget: 250 million it will flop[View]
168289979Why does everyone look so clean in these Fantastic Beasts movies? Were the wizards really this fly? …[View]
168289018DUDE 'I SAW IT AND I CLAPPED': the movie[View]
168289799This was a 50-year old man in 1984[View]
168289115I would be hyped for this if it wasn't for the main villain Sith lord being a black woman. It…[View]
168281950Doctor /Who/ General: Is there really no /who/ thread up right now? Shameful edition.[View]
168277701Red Power Ranger actor arrested for fraud: He's facing 20 years https://www.justice.gov/usao-ed…[View]
168288929>What about the flat circle?[View]
168286550In the future movies will just be called Marvels[View]
168289566Godfather observations: Here is one detail to The Godfather movie that is a little nod to the viewer…[View]
168289339it is astoundingly bewildering how this made a profit[View]
168289208Will you give Morbius a chance now that it's on home video?[View]
168288587Could Bryan Cranston play Gordon Freeman in a possible Half life show?[View]
168281395Damn that new Sonic movie is looking good[View]
168282456Did vikings actually have fart and all serious burp ceremonies or is this another 'look how crazy wh…[View]
168282155Mad Max director George Miller's latest film: Starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. Will it be…[View]
168288343>My estimates suggest 6% of all priests act out sexually with minors. Are christians really that …[View]
168285227>If you fancy the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly What’s the best response in this situation?…[View]
168284942Where can I watch this movie for free?: I wanna see how racist it gets.[View]
168284684Guess the movie based on the artwork[View]
168285049>That feel when no Pullo bro[View]
168287950Based Stacy Number One[View]
168288157Moar like this?[View]
168286722Cruisechads...It's over...[View]
168284083How did this shit get so popular last year? It's entertaining but it's fucking ass.[View]
168287904Wow, look at that.[View]
168286858Why is Randy Marsh in the new Chip and Dale movie?[View]
168288601i fucking hate watching modern movies[View]
168286388Vito Spatafore is an ASS-MUNCHER![View]
168286363>40 straight minutes of exposition dump followed by exposition dump every 10 minutes BRAVO SCORSE…[View]
168288612Lets the Penguin go after he murdered dozens in a car chase.: >You’re not my dad Alfred…[View]
168281691/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: Saul Phone Edition Previous >>168276063[View]
168276153Is he funny?[View]
168288493>sits down while waiting for his friend, clearly expecting to have to wait a little bit >immed…[View]
168288515Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
168288451Post your top ten favorite shows and suggest shows to other based on their lists[View]
168288155Any other movies with an extremely unrealistic premise?[View]
168288380I based my personality on this guy.[View]
168273168Star Wars Diversity: I've never understood all the 'I don't want black people in my Star W…[View]
168288329Vangelis dead: Big F for Vangelis. >https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/may/19/vangelis-greek-…[View]
168286739A horror movie starring a regular patient at arkham breakout and the antagonist is batman: Imagine: …[View]
168287642monkeypox is happening[View]
168288338The Janitor (from Arthur): God, I hate this faggot. What a fucking loser, probably a virgin too…[View]
168282588Could it be adapted?[View]
168287831How do you go from this...[View]
168286699I can fix her...[View]
168286488MCU: Phase 5: Happy Hogan is the main villain in Ironheart or Armor Wars[View]
168287286Ive watched Breaking bad like 8 times but never watched more than the first episode of Better Call S…[View]
168287933this guy had absolutely no role in the movie except talking funny and getting killed off[View]
168287282>Reddit bots episode heckin reddit musk sassy robots tech bros! trash 3/10 >Finch Eldritch kin…[View]
168287798>I will give you a snake cup young lady.[View]
168286203ATLANTA THREAD Even tho it's the weakest one, i think they'll bring it back: This Season f…[View]
168285580How did this manage to get 4 seasons?[View]
168284769Why did they give him a platform? I didn't like him[View]
168278668Gordon Ramsay: What's this guy's fucking deal?[View]
168286369What the fuck was her problem?[View]
168287803>Humans were the monsters all along Are there any movies for this feel? No, really. No meme'…[View]
168284731These Final Hours: What am i in for?[View]
168284500Stan Lee is Back![View]
168287693>meters of shit pile up on the diaper[View]
168286744A remake of nightmare on elm street but the the blacks kids are actually safer in their dreams[View]
168286098Just finished it: And yes, I liked it. IMO? 7.9/10 Also, wtf was the mothers problem? Dumb whore gl…[View]
168283817Finally: After three years, the Orville is coming back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LThmwpdJx4o…[View]
168287510is taking this much blood through a shirt normal for Star Trek?[View]
168285288Why does Richard put up with Hyacinth's bullshit?[View]
168278821>did you think you could just make a movie with a midget without receiving my blessing first? Is …[View]
168287049What movies should I watch that are essential but are also movies your average fart-sniffing Letterb…[View]
168287192Love, Death and Robots Season 3: This shits been out for hours now, why dont I see a general on it??…[View]
168283387How the FUCK was it so good?[View]
168287388Why is Roger touching Eddie's dick?[View]
168284822And I'd never ever kissed a woman before But Lola smiled and took me by the hand And said, 'Dea…[View]
168287370It's over: DC sisters, we lost a real one. Aquaman 2 is gonna suck now.[View]
168282672American Psycho full movie (no sound sorry)[View]
168285574Why did they hate Americans so much?[View]
168287085>Be me >90s-2000s >Gay teen >Love King of the Hill >Turns out I'm gay for Hank …[View]
168287124Trees are evil.[View]
168280858Ambulance: Kino[View]
168283682Watch 'Once Upon a Time'[View]
168271176Men = bad[View]
168284343What the fuck is this thing[View]
168286373The greatest superhero ever on screen. RDJ's Iron Man.[View]
168274791what are some tactical kinos like pic related?[View]
168284698Criminally underrated movies. I'll go first[View]
168283476Will Wheaton formerly Wesley Crusher.[View]
168279301200 million dollar budget: You get a budget of 200 million dollars to make any tv show or movie you …[View]
168286654Cast him[View]
168285057>$50,000 a month[View]
168285893any good neo-horror thrillers[View]
168283505This made Boomers piss themselves in fright.[View]
168285062More like the Flopman[View]
168283936Pats thinks billionaire playboy Batman is borderline sociopathic?: >The actor’s confession came d…[View]
168284073Leave Star Wars to us[View]
168284200Best 4k filesize?: What is the deal with these file sizes?! How on Earth is the exact same SDR relea…[View]
168286094>I have printed one hundred million dollars to dust looking for Anti-Gold. Looking for those who …[View]
168274043ITT: Films that went though notable title changes during development or production[View]
168285232Imogen Poots? More looks Imogen Poops. What a shit show.[View]
168280454What does /tv/ think of Harlan Ellison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsbiB_4AEqI[View]
168280598What should I watch now?: >finished Star Trek alrighty, now that that's out of the way, what…[View]
168283193How bad is this going to be? They've already ruined Han and Luke.[View]
168285935do you make experimental films in your free time?[View]
168283922I've had the latest Bond movie downloaded for six months now and had zero compulsion to watch i…[View]
168284753Kim: Discuss[View]
168285007Sheldor Completa: Sheldor Completa[View]
168282861Does /tv/ love the Whedon cut since you all hate Snyder?[View]
168281834any movies that feel like this one[View]
168285721>itt: dead careers Post them[View]
168263561Barry renewed for season 4. Bill Hader to direct every episode: https://www.thewrap.com/barry-season…[View]
168285537Is this the first buck breaker in cinema history?[View]
168284667How is he so based?[View]
168285476Is it legal?[View]
168285470Walter, just flip me over and let me sizzle in peace[View]
168285415The Northman: introduced me to Danish actor Claes Bang. I watched Netflix' Dracula with him and…[View]
168283323JACKASS 4.5: >jackass 4.5 comes out >no threads >bam still isn't in any of the footag…[View]
168280634Every single line in Attack of the Clones was ADR's due to the loud humming of the primitive di…[View]
168285080>may 2022 >forgotten already damn...[View]
168283640Gentlemen. How do we kill capeshit?[View]
168284348>Only 14 mill views on official trailer >Nobody talking about it It's over Cameronbros...…[View]
168284959https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/168128323/ APOLOGIZE /TV/. HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING.[View]
168285137/trek/: USS Flavortown edition[View]
168282177>a blowjob Would you have done it?[View]
168277817>the weirdest Christian film.[View]
168284845... did they??[View]
168282239What are some TV shows where I can watch pedophiles suffer and die?[View]
168285098What the hell is going on?[View]
168284691>heh those plebs just like the star wars movies because they recognize the references and lore he…[View]
168284504>wow did you see those laser beems? No, not really.[View]
168284902Raised By Wolves: We’re never going to find out how it ends, are we?[View]
168284158Conan vs Palestinian: Who was in the wrong https://youtu.be/1jqf5awTdAY[View]
168283755is the new suicide squat movie any good[View]
168284740your take on this man?[View]
168284712What are some movies about true nature of women?[View]
168281901ITT layout autism[View]
168282951hi tv, any melbanon here? Palace Pentridge is still screening The Batman Anyone wanna go see it? Or …[View]
168281114How do you get alot of guys for everything like Mike does? I know he went from cop to parking garage…[View]
168283100Hey /tv/, do you like Wizard of Oz?[View]
168284473/tv/ crushes: Was this show any good or is it just nostalgia boners?[View]
168284450This is the staff kitchenette in the Severnaya outpost bunker. What else is like this?[View]
168283496How did she see him being if he wasn't moving?[View]
168284035>and he was a good friend will rate the obi-wan show a 10/10 if he says this…[View]
168283091>Hi there![View]
168284293She deserved better[View]
168279202>heh-heh-heh! hrr-rrr-heh-heh-heh! heh-huh! he-hrr! ha-hrr![View]
168282214Gus the director, so he director now? This good episode[View]
168281751Battlestar Galactica: Im half way through season 3. Also this is my wife[View]
168274645>The Dark Knight is a bad Batman movie It's the best depiction of what Batman is about >…[View]
168282805COME ON![View]
168282923Damn Schneider...[View]
168283066Disney is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural.[View]
168282474>Write an Evil Dead movie >Call it Doctor Strange Why did Raimi do it?…[View]
168280780who is right here?[View]
168282731I've never seen a celebrity more desperate for attention. It's a bit sad. https://youtu.be…[View]
168281917What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
168283565any good schizo kinos? i've been in the mood for one lately, and here's why: >every tim…[View]
168282911Love Death and Robots season 3: Love.Death.and.Robots.S03.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-SMURF …[View]
168283297Love death and robots vol 3: >first episode shits on libertarians, Texans, and the super rich uhh…[View]
168278435Recommend me more coming of age crime kino.: These were both great.[View]
168281655Halo LOL: Paramount made Master Chief commit suicide so Cortana could take control of his body to sa…[View]
168278155mega kino[View]
168282772LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS SEASON 3 : JIBARO: Bros why is she so fucking sexy? I can't take it anymore…[View]
168283395>only one?! wow[View]
168283151Still love this lil brat.[View]
168283103What was his problem?[View]
168258631Webm thread[View]
168279613She can never go back to being hwhite now because that would be erasure lmal[View]
168269302With the boom of televised amateur boxing of internet celebrities it shows there's tons of pote…[View]
168265868It wasn't supposed to be a motherfucking documentary.[View]
168281848Is this ok?[View]
168264445when’s the last time an actress shot to super-stardom so quickly? Gives me Hepburn/Shields vibes[View]
168282872Could this movie have worked?[View]
168282564netflix should adapt Elder Scrolls to television, no way to screw that up, i got a lot of faith in t…[View]
168261339ITT: Childhood crushes.: I use to watch this show with my sis. The girl from Ned Declassified use to…[View]
168279181Acceptance and tolerance?: Why that's a breeding ground for HOMOSEXUALITY!![View]
168279118She is ready.[View]
168282675How did they get away with this?[View]
168277463what kind of kino do they produce (in our current year)?[View]
168280024Why didn't he just shit on his dick?[View]
168279992Vangelis, the composer behind the scores for Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire, has died in France a…[View]
168279889APOLOGISE; IRON CRUISE IS COMING: Same exact aged current face. When the leaked photo surfaced we ha…[View]
168277612supernatural prequel The Winchesters: I checked the archive no talk about The Winchesters trailer th…[View]
168282044What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “post-kino”?[View]
168280650Are there any TV shows or movies with an ork as the main character?[View]
168278711This any good? Was just uncomfortably reminded that the first movie released 15 years ago, and remem…[View]
168281852What would Kratos look like in Xena-verse?: Hmm?[View]
168282137Mulholland Drive general[View]
168281973Fox, I'm a scientist. I believe there's a scientific explanation for everything.[View]
168279145Mein Gott this may be the most jewish film I have ever seen. It may as well have been called 'Those …[View]
168282061>Mommy and a commando in the leads[View]
168279255I have but one question: what doth life?[View]
168272841is this going to be the most critically acclaimed film of the decade? its 8.7 on imdb and 4.6 on let…[View]
168276063/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: Yes Edition Previous >>168271042[View]
168281612Why was it so bad? How did they manage to get their all star cast with such a bad script? Who was th…[View]
168280603>Elder law? I just really wanted to be a big shot lawyer like my brother Chuck.…[View]
168279590What did you guys think of Ellen Barkin's testimony about Depp constantly being drunk during th…[View]
168261048How long until someone makes backrooms movie?[View]
168256218Stop being mean to him.[View]
168281715A high quality production photograph of actress Anjelica Huston from the film 'The Life Aquatic with…[View]
168281598Best movie of 2021 was Knives Out[View]
168268434Halo: The Show is an absolute train wreck.: Following with the tradition of corporations taking popu…[View]
168281160Best Catwoman[View]
168260916Great party, Satan.[View]
168274737>trying to save jfk is more important than banging hot blonde puss[View]
168279732Dude, Matt Damon bought a ZOO?![View]
168281230Is he based?[View]
168280921How I met your father: So HIMYM was considered popular enough to get a remake, and not just a Friend…[View]
168281317He's back[View]
168279485Joel > Mike[View]
168280838Homer? Who is Homer? My name is Guy Incognito![View]
168281233Becky is so OP[View]
168276554Is he based?[View]
168278247>Here's your cappuccino, Anon[View]
168278932Rating of recent film noir/neo-noir I've watched after /tv/'s recommendations: 1) Memories…[View]
168265177>Offers you a place a the table as part of the family >Gives you a bottle of Corona >Asks…[View]
168277704The first movie is a classic, original sci-fi story The second movie is generic as all fuck capeshit…[View]
168275339Netflix’s new series look great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwaQcSQi6gs[View]
168279360Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back[View]
168280976Post your favorite fantasy movies, shows, shorts, etc on YouTube or otherwise made by people online[View]
168280866Someone should make a movie where two hitmen are hired by Hollywood executives and ordered to kill S…[View]
168280841How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?[View]
168269563the nips figured that that they can't draw all the horses and CGI horses will be shit and decid…[View]
168277106*Beats literally every TV character in history*[View]
168277229>it's real velour[View]
168280411I really hope he's ok[View]
168279457>Opens portal to all black dimension >screams n word at the top of his lungs >leaves Was th…[View]
168278134what's the appeal of this franchise? it's cheesy and dumb.[View]
168280203What happened to the baby?[View]
168277607>Take care of my child after I die of AIDS you mentally retarded cuck Boomers worshipped this mov…[View]
168279917Imagine having a catalog of great movies but your crowning glory is some adaptation of a run-of-the-…[View]
168279920Did any of you gay dudes ever encounter a reverse trap?[View]
168280105Comfy shows? Post em Shows you can watch before bed, during lunch or breakfast, bored lazy Sunday af…[View]
168280209>And for no reason at all, I decided to take my Nike™ Cortez® sneakers for a little run My name i…[View]
168278085Steins Gate: Is it kino?[View]
168268772/trek/: Woke TNG edition Previously: >>168254582[View]
168279620So here's an idea never been done before: >FEMALE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES…[View]
168277028Name one celebrity from the last 10 years who became famous organically and not through astroturfing…[View]
168280087We will never get a good early/mid 2010s nostalgia inspired series because of the late 2010s[View]
168279324If they make Joker 2 should they introduce Harley and finally make him lose his virginity?[View]
168279058Do you really need a DVD player anymore?[View]
168279087>TALK TO ME NOW I'M OLDER[View]
168278693>tfw no Helly R gf[View]
168273923If the show so far takes place before the fall of Reach wasn't Master Chief technically never v…[View]
168279592Was he an incel?[View]
168277316Why are his movies so much easier to watch than other black and white films? I remember being a kid …[View]
168263238Name a better waifu. Protip: you can't[View]
168278629Doctor who: look at Tennant and his tranny companion: oh, no no no no no no no[View]
168279455Do you like sand?[View]
168276728Why has this movie series aged so well?[View]
168278848Will anyone be interested in a fancut of the Halo show? I can make it if you fags can come to a majo…[View]
168278258What does /tv/ think of Deadliest Catch this season?[View]
168276036>I sleep in a racing car! Do you?[View]
168279734ITT: Educational films: Project X[View]
168277217Wagie bros....[View]
168279699>Their god is a corpse nailed to a stick B-but I thought this film was for white people...…[View]
168278707itt: films you'd like to see[View]
168279168What's your favourite Disney movie? For me it's Emporer's new groove and lilo and sti…[View]
168279138>Ok, I want 2 teams, one of the left of the street, one on the right side of the street, we'…[View]
168276320You idiots told me west world God Canceled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-0MwZPWKD4&ab_chann…[View]
168272578Does anyone else watch movies/tv shows just for the chance of nudity from their fav actresses? Do th…[View]
168278997Pirates of Silicon Valley, ISteve, Jobs and Steve Jobs. Which is the best Steve Jobs kino?[View]
168277673Is it going to be a GoT tier train wreck?[View]
168276567>it's another Truman drinks a little too much alcoholic seltzer water then continues to face…[View]
168275858Why did he keep looking at the camera like that?[View]
168276006HAI, GUY!: y2k animation only you remember: liquid, mtv, flash animation, early adult swim, ytv, spi…[View]
168276714Why is this so good and Lady Bird so fucking bad?[View]
168276125best movies on pseudoscience[View]
168278007red hot chili peppers: >only one month and 3 weeks... I'm already forgotten…[View]
168278129I recall a fondness for balloons.[View]
168275876What's the best slasher?[View]
168277374Caption this, /co/[View]
168273565Comfy RLM Thread.: Where's the Northman review?[View]
168276790Kino? Or boomer shit nostalgia?[View]
168279047Batbros!: https://youtu.be/OsMyCL-iA4c[View]
168275312what kino's setting has the most desolation ?[View]
168278657I didn’t even know Buscemi was in the Sopranos. Anyway good show.[View]
168275458Why didnt sauron just besieged minas tirith and helms deep?[View]
168276947Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168277534Are you going to see it before it leaves theaters?[View]
168272091Following The White Lotus, what roles would you like to see Alexandra Daddario take next?[View]
168277901which batsuit is the most kino i think the newest with batfleck's cowl would be unbeatable[View]
168273133LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (2024): Insider here, a league of legends movie is in the making at Netflix right …[View]
168272715And what of Good Solonius?[View]
168278620NamorChads, why did they do us so dirty?[View]
168274593what did lucas mean by this?[View]
168276069>the most advanced operating system...it's called Unix What did he mean by this? https://www…[View]
168278346>22 years old >Never kissed a woman in my life >Only friends are the same guys from high sc…[View]
168277016Super rare Chinese horror comedy kino: Just saw this kino as fuck Chinese horror comedy movie. I can…[View]
168276624Are you hyped for it, /tv/?[View]
168275463This any good for an action fix?[View]
168276210>Lord Vader, very directly shown as an occult- and politics dabbling aristocrat. >Now he'…[View]
168278067Movies for this feel?[View]
168277398i said what what in the butt[View]
168277887I hope he wasnt in a pool[View]
168267569What the F*CK did they mean by this?[View]
168276133I miss this nigha like you wouldn't believe[View]
168269750>anon, anon wake up. >You were talking in your sleep again. Something about a virus, world wa…[View]
168277199ITT: Youtube kino https://youtu.be/KcrFywOJNXY[View]
168277679What is a good flick/movie/film/kino/cinema/cinéma to watch?[View]
168273629What are some Hollow Earth kinos?[View]
168277714What was his fucking problem?[View]
168276087Why is their fanbase so loathsome?[View]
168274972Tv btfo[View]
168274453Why are American shows depicting Mexicans or other Latinos as retards with Le funny accents? Not all…[View]
168277287Is Mickey Rourke due for another comeback?[View]
168274278Trapped in the Closet: is it kino?[View]
168277261>Killing my friends and child was...LE BAD![View]
168276430What was his problem?[View]
168277171Normal words But a schizo girl[View]
168271144Why are you here on friday night?[View]
168277031Was it kino?[View]
168276365>Shang chi fucked around doing nothing with his life for 10 years >I fucked around after schoo…[View]
168275585I love movie hacking scenes more than anything else in the world.[View]
168274537Rescue Rangers: Moviebob review is in[View]
168276696Watch this movie and report back. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2K5sRggO8Qo[View]
168276683TOLKIEN SUPERFANS ! ! ! :O: 'I can fix Souron! I will let Souron buck me down with his ringed cock r…[View]
168274751so do you guys think he was the zodiac? the film strongly implies it, but a lot of true crime fans s…[View]
168275925>Remember, she'll like it too Why will she like it too?[View]
168270452What's your favorite curb moments ?[View]
168271256This is a 10/10 in the Dundler Mifflin office[View]
168276549She's the most talented person to come out of SNL since Eddie Murphy.[View]
168276394How is that movie room coming along?[View]
168276007Which show should I watch for the first time?: Hello gentlemen, I'm bored and want to start a n…[View]
168242901Stargate: >Start season 9 of Stargate for first time >A literal who is leading the SGC >Sam…[View]
168274711>the things you own end up owning you Was he right?[View]
168276239>anime adaptions never wor-[View]
168275845>zombie film/series >zombies are called anything BUT zombies…[View]
168275353i am fucked up.[View]
168271042/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: Fat Lalo Edition Previous >>168264223[View]
168276096>being a power-hungry manchild is.... le bad![View]
168275617Tehran: Tehran is the story of Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad computer hacker-agent undertaking her very f…[View]
168271370soapbros....RIP 37 years young[View]
168274298David Lynch - What are his best films?: I had watched Eraserhead bout a year ago, liked how weird an…[View]
168275901>All I wanted was the American Dream. What every immigrant wants when he comes through our shores…[View]
168275034azula always lies. azula always lies: rewatched avatar the last airbender. it was kino, but i notice…[View]
168273548HAHA HOHA watseUUp /tv/, in this thIs threEEEEEED we try to talk like juACCK BlaAAacckk.[View]
168274306Are Celebrities really this dumb, or were they just pretending to be stupid? https://youtu.be/tv5xbx…[View]
168275755Oh no, the floor is lava![View]
168275563JAG SPAARROOOO[View]
168273493Daredevilbros... We won.[View]
168274602based lalo[View]
168245838Pagans are...LE SAVAGES[View]
168271596Why didn't he ask for a handjob from the guard's wife? That would have made him feel more …[View]
168275361>tfw we never got a Halo movie in the 2000’s How do you cope?[View]
168275431Manic Pixie Dream Grils: Are MPDGs an authentic artistic expression of young male romance and mispla…[View]
168274085Was it kino?[View]
168275567What is this? A test? Reveal your intenshuns. Show either your face or your bodyy uuuh.[View]
168272218How does this happen? Like can't the actor fucking see it's not painted and tell someone o…[View]
168272645Two twos.[View]
168273275She's constantly stuck on the tragedy stage of the hero's journey and Marvel doesn't …[View]
168275370So why didn't they materialize the daughters and let the ilyrian catch her disease, fight it of…[View]
168272661this is why i lift[View]
168271081for black lives matter, james?[View]
168275308New Kannada kino[View]
168275013Was he actually autistic or just shy?[View]
168272962What do you think of Tariq Nasheeds documentary on helping playas get laid? it has a lot of useful t…[View]
168273328>its a great deal![View]
168274730>turning cortana into a fucking cuckold[View]
168271139Was this scene a retcon?[View]
168270848>Nowadays everything is coated in sarcasm, self depreciating irony and cynicism. is everything re…[View]
168273313They are the Snazgul.[View]
168272708Well /tv/?[View]
168274922why didn't the UNSC have the EMP cannons charged from the moment Halsey's ship even landed…[View]
168263041ITT: movies forgotten by time[View]
168274905this is the best time travel movie ever written ruined by a ludicrously low budget[View]
168274290What season: Did it turn to shit?[View]
168274742>WALTER IS BREAKING BAD?![View]
168274677>SHANSHA... PLEASH, I...oh.. o-oh God.. oh god what- .. uhhh... Shasha... y-you look... ummm... d…[View]
168274238*laughs in boomer*[View]
168272302What was his philosophy? What are his values?[View]
168270209ITT: Netflix but it's actually good: Post em[View]
168274721What are some shitty movies /tv/ raves about? picrel The movie put me to sleep.[View]
168274634ITT Scenes that men are allowed to cry to[View]
168274147movies that are a fun rewatch. ill start.[View]
168274550I feel like Brad Pitt, Shoshanna, and Landa all share screen time equally. So who the fuck is the ma…[View]
168273143Dont mind me, just being the last good star wars anything there ever was or will be.[View]
168262182Who's their target audience?[View]
168273944I'm curious to know if there's any spoilers in this movie. Are there references to past Ni…[View]
168272107Men: >another A24 movie where it's a boring 'slow burn' where nothing happens until the end …[View]
168274269What's the best season of Sopranos?: SEASON FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR[View]
168274590Anons, what sort of thing can I watch with a relative that likes to constantly shitpost about all sh…[View]
168272148>Sussin' or bussin', call it.[View]
168273202Super Mario Bros Super Show?: Guys I think YouTube might have made a mistake[View]
168274440Why aren’t visionary artists appreciated in their time?[View]
168272703RBW: CANCELLED[View]
168264310OUR BOY ELLIOT PAGE LOOKIN FINE IN THE NEW UMBRELLA ACADEMY TRAILER https://youtube.com/watch?v=04Wn…[View]
168271718Is this it? Is this the pinnacle of cinema?[View]
168274103Nostalgia Critic: What are the best? What are the worst?[View]
168274307It was good[View]
168274346CAN I GET AN ENCORE[View]
168273955It took us 9 eps to get thru the grueling jewish actors and storyline. Finally got action, that does…[View]
168274011Is it really this easy to get laid as a 40 something in calafornia?[View]
168273796In a world.. where war is... LE BAD?!?[View]
168272027Cast our own Halo show: ITT we cast our own characters for a halo tv show. I'll go first, Samue…[View]
168267857Will any of the Riverdale actors have a career after the show ends or will they all go the route of …[View]
168272704Do you think it will be worse than Boba Fett?[View]
168273085How accurate is this?[View]
168271900NOTHING WRONG: with following biological instinct[View]
168271483Dino King: There is a mysterious Korean man named Han Sang Ho who has directed 3 or 4 of these movie…[View]
168272851It's happening again: https://bnonews.com/monkeypox/[View]
168273599post kinos[View]
168273994>it's actually really fucking good well damn.[View]
168273948hey! quick question! tranny janny will ban me for pic but before that VOTE: should i watch fargo se…[View]
168252685Is there an attractive actress under 30 that can pull off Rogue? I'm prepared for the worst whe…[View]
168273919in the mood for a Euro-horror-fantasy-kino? Well here ya go buddy, enjoy![View]
168273747Babadook: Look anon, it's your favorite movie[View]
168273807Ghosts of Mars was John Carpenter's last good movie. What went so wrong with his career?[View]
168273087Why do they keep calling the submarine 'he' when ships are always 'she?'[View]
168267022Euphoria actors express concern over characters ages: >With season 3 of Euphoria going into pre-p…[View]
168273656It was a great slasher and certified genre kino.[View]
168272181any more fun japanese kinos like this?[View]
168272983desert kino, list em already watched lawrence of arabia and not interested in dune[View]
168272157Why is Arcane still the only good video game adaptation? Why can no one else get it right?[View]
168269810Find a flaw. You literally can't.[View]
168271496What did he see?[View]
168273378>Yo there’s a sith lord that has infiltrated the senate >NUH UH!!!! Why was Obi Wan such an id…[View]
168273370Paul im here: Does anyone have that post where some guy translated the batman cia scene script throu…[View]
168272832Mythic Quest Discussion: Who's your favorite character? I like Poppy and Sue. What's your …[View]
168272215kino back on the menu[View]
168272054I want to be as clear as humanly possible about this. Anyone, I mean literally anyone who unironical…[View]
168272756Why did he do it?[View]
168273106>instead of raceswapping or genderswapping known IPs and characters, creators should either try t…[View]
168272762YOU FUCKERS!!!!![View]
168273164The movie that the Star Wars fanbase deserved[View]
168271984what was the point?[View]
168267765What if any movies featuring pirates do you enjoy?[View]
168271438Why wasn't he cancelled for this?[View]
168273146>has montage of Radcliffe reading antisemitic literature for research >whole time he is frowni…[View]
168273096Khartoum this was pretty good. Did you know that's Laurence Olivier in the middle?[View]
168269565>Acts so degenerate that the Lord God smites you with fire from above Why'd they do it, /tv/…[View]
168272787its happening again[View]
168272441>men age like win-[View]
168271770They really thought this would 'break the internet', didn't they?[View]
168271690>Hey anon. What are we watching tonight? I hope it has some really good sex scenes ;) What do…[View]
1682695219/10 btw[View]
168272382The threads on here have been fucking trash today[View]
168271457Beavis & Butthead: What are some of your favorite episodes?[View]
168271989Is The Big Bang Theory really that bad?[View]
168269433For me, it's Janine Turner as Maggie in Northern Exposure (1990)[View]
168266187I watched pic related last night. Why is it so hated again? It has some incredibly soulful and memor…[View]
168272840take a theme song and make it gay: >blow blow power rangers you megay suckin power rangers…[View]
168269264he literally overdubed this outdoor monologue. he is completely removing all soul from his content h…[View]
168272525This is, without a doubt, one of the best films I've seen these past few years. I wouldn't…[View]
168272478Jesus Christ, Cage. It's just seared pigeon with foraged wild chanterelles and huckleberries.[View]
168270447Did he make the right decision?[View]
168271824Pimento sandwich[View]
168272559Madsbros... we're never getting Hannibal S4, are we?[View]
168272537Do you have any idea who you're stealing from? You and your friends are dead![View]
168271537cast him.[View]
168260427Would they still be A-listers if they looked like this?[View]
168260950Is there ANY chance that this might be kino?[View]
168272374The Mummus: Don't let Harrison Ford's perfect jawline and erotic whip skills cloud your ju…[View]
168270953>Protein farm, Schwab design[View]
168251882>Oh? Did you feel it as well, Cortana? >In my own way, yes ma'am Kek…[View]
168264653Remember when /tv/ used to shill this? What happened?[View]
168269052Gimp Man: Why can I see Robin’s pee pee? ;_;[View]
168264091Why does feminism have to ruin everything?[View]
168269494Only zoomers will remember that awkward era when they made a cartoon based on Napoleon Dynamite. It …[View]
168272131Why are some of you so threatened by black people on tv and in movies that you literally count the n…[View]
168271325Essential Cusackino?[View]
168272287The masses are feeding you pozzed Disney and Warner Bros dogshit and hiding the real kino from you i…[View]
168268770Why didnt Sauron just put Minas Tirith and Helms Deep under siege and setup a perimeter defense?[View]
168271413this feels like a shitty Tarantino movie. I am disappointed in Lynch[View]
168268172How dare Sophia Lillis where this outfit in front of us: Little underdressed aren't we?[View]
168271870>You WILL hate older movies and call them racist/sexist >You WILL like the newer movies based …[View]
168267565>this one quote makes redpill manosphere mgtow fags shit piss and cry[View]
168271078>tfw no Amélie gf[View]
168271723BANE OF HUMANITY![View]
168263889What are some more, 'nothing movies'. You know, where there isn't really a set desitination, pl…[View]
168267725okay, so yea, the new fantastic beasts movie is not good yada yada. But the recast for grindelwald i…[View]
168271994Tony Soprano getting fucked in the ass[View]
168271866This better be decaf[View]
168261512>I don't know what the fuck I did wrong https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1652996190598.webm…[View]
168271739Alright state your name and power[View]
168271056Men are... LE BAD[View]
168268231>*mumbles* *mumbles* /tv/ *mumbles* *hehehe* *mumbles* *mumbles*[View]
168271388how did Villeneuve menage to make this masterpiece?[View]
168271746this is the average capeshit fan[View]
168271649puppetkino thread: Thunderbird 2 is the undisputable GOAT thunderbird.[View]
168264223/bcs/-Better Call Saul General: Lurking Edition Previous >>168258211[View]
168264815Ryan Gosling destroys Avatar 2: Oh no limpwristedracistavatarbros https://youtu.be/CakCrPwN1U8…[View]
168269800im so tired of cape shit bros[View]
168270608So its basically a really long Rick and Morty interdimensional cable episode?[View]
168271251MEGALUL New Chris Chan?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr5EyBcFvaUOlM4LjoKnzBap07ktNIK5G Is…[View]
168236384/film/: Thread for the discussion of classic films and arthouse cinema. >/film/ literature https:…[View]
168271121Glee anniversary: Did you watch this cursed show?[View]
168271490Farmers, on the porch. Homer, his car Guatamalan.[View]
168269380Why didn't he just ask Kaiba for some of his technology and Yugi's help with his puzzle if…[View]
168270664>We sentence you to death, by snu snu[View]
168268078Netflix hires /tv/ to write a Netflix Original Movie/Series. What do you pitch?[View]
168269819Better than Goodfellas: .[View]
168270499Why don’t studio comedies exist anymore?[View]
168268629Thought I told you, Dirt! No one wants you here! No one wants you around period![View]
168269770If anyone ever tells you they watch these or that you should watch these, you know right then and th…[View]
168270489And I was considered lowest among the brotherhood.[View]
168270285Rank em and what’s your favorite Godzilla design[View]
168270291>Pokemon S1 E16 >Ash and co + Team Rocket are trapped in a sunken boat >'The gang' unironic…[View]
168270634How come Indians are putting out kino while Hollywood is only shitting pozzed capeshit. Is over for …[View]
168268936Movies that deal with Creepy Dopplegangers: I don't mean le clones or w/e. I mean the original …[View]
168271058So, he's got best actor locked up, right?[View]
168269612>Burn down, burn down, burn down the Hot Topic![View]
168270712did Back To The Future really predict 9/11? https://youtu.be/AFqOJO1Gn34[View]
168270828What caused this change in direction for the Smith family? Before https://youtu.be/bmaErg4FUAc After…[View]
168269542Why can't they just fucking line up actor names with their faces? What the fuck is wrong with t…[View]
168270853Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse (The Kenowsha Kid) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVYFu57T58c[View]
168270961MEN: MEN ARE... LE BAD! who's seen it?[View]
168270956Worst casting director ever thread? >ginger brother >neither parents redheads >clearly mexi…[View]
168270929Has /tv seen this kino?[View]
168270493where the fuck did the whole 'main villain is actually the protagonist from the future' trope come f…[View]
168267437Secretly the best film of 2022[View]
168270837Elisabeth Moss, the Scientologist superstar: Elisabeth Moss defends Scientology after fan compares i…[View]
168262276Did Boomers really fantasize about banging porn stars: >A teenager's dreams come true when a…[View]
168270309Fargo: >This is a true story >its not a true story What the fuck!?…[View]
168260006anyone else here use wireless headphones with their tv?[View]
168269798Assuming Idris is too busy to play everyone, who would you cast?[View]
168270693who will play Hunter Biden in the inevitable biopic?[View]
168268385What are Betty Gilpin's best works?[View]
168269455You bros excited?[View]
168270649>Makes it as a Hollywood director despite everything working against him (i.e., being a straight …[View]
168268330Which /tv/ trope triggers you the most? >Capeshitters >Speedwatchers I'm something of a s…[View]
168269330>critics compared this to Pine Barrens[View]
168269467When it's over That's the time I fall in love again[View]
168270572Damn I wanna be a beat reporter in Japan fucking prostitutes and having my Japanese friends busting …[View]
168270567ANOTHER SCORCHER![View]
168265472I close my eyes.. and I drift away..[View]
168269575KENNY SHUT UP[View]
168268381showtime presents[View]
168270465>*Mouse points gun at head* >'Alec Guinness, as Obi Wan Kenobi, did some of the most amazing w…[View]
168270443what the FUCK was that 'switching' thing they were doing with the beers?[View]
168268144The mount rushmore of European kino.[View]
168266199>BRO! did you hear that?[View]
168268081Why was this film was based?[View]
168264536Did she make the right move letting Marky Mark in?[View]
168270177Who are some television and film characters you look up to? Pic related for me.[View]
168264194Is this what american's strive for? Is this your fucking dream? I shiggy fucking diggy desu[View]
168270175take the healthcare pill, bro[View]
168270101Safdie brothers Jar Jar Binks movie[View]
168270098>goes over the wall How does she do it?[View]
168269319why the fuck does this show turn into a music video every time this bitch does drugs[View]
168267487Do you own any /tv/ related apparel?[View]
168269928https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S5I0_hjS3c >3 minute shoestring budget video game ad is more kin…[View]
168268084Capeshit Horror: Which did it better?[View]
168268759Best Film of 2022 so far[View]
168269108Comfy RLM Thread[View]
168266927how faithful is the cgi remake to the original pokemon movie?[View]
168269845it's like he's 12yrs old and schizophrenic[View]
168267186Who was the other homer?[View]
168259800LA or NYC/Chicago noir: which is more kino?[View]
168269719IT'S OVER[View]
168269452You did make that heard, is that right Ms.Turd?[View]
168267033>'he still buys Blu-Rays and even DVDs, what a faggot.'[View]
168266127Imagine being so pathetic at the box office that you’re main competition isn’t even Top Gun or Juras…[View]
168265881How did audiences know episode names of tv shows pre-internet? Watching older shows very few episode…[View]
168259841‘Daredevil’ Disney+ Series in the Works: >A new “Daredevil” series is moving forward at Disney+, …[View]
168264669>this made boomers piss and shit themselves from laughter[View]
168267405Is a /tv/ adaptation possible?[View]
168267224why do boomers hate jar jar so much for? he was funny kids liked him[View]
168268886What movie name/plot would sound like an adult film out of context?[View]
168265959Judging from this promo image, what would you say the new Netflix show Workin' Moms is about?[View]
168265332I know where to go online to watch cartoons for free but where do I go to watch /tv/ media for free?…[View]
168268823Empire: >get picrel framed and put in my office >have a virtual meet with several co workers …[View]
168266911It’s like watching someone took your favorite musical, puked all over it before violently fucking it…[View]
168269131>'I CAN'T FIND PUSSY ANYWHERE' why was tony such an incel?[View]
168266371Top Gun Maverick: Just seen Top Gun: Maverick, can confirm it is certified kino[View]
168269115Holy KINO[View]
168268001Based or hack?[View]
168267591how do we get zoomers into old film[View]
168268887Why didnt he shoot judge mcpherson before throwing her out of the plane? (Movie is half past dead)[View]
168268417i don't get it[View]
168267319what would you be doing if The Sopranos didn't exits[View]
168262569How many celebs do you think browse /tv/?[View]
168268733this place is unironically like CinemaSins when it comes to movie critique. You all are dumb as fuck[View]
168261526wow, capitalism win! those millionaire CEOs do have a heart![View]
168254582/trek/: Strange New Worlds Edition Previous: >>168238768[View]
168268566I'm gay[View]
168268685Cheryl. Puffy had another oopsie on my favorite chair and Blue Bloods is comin' on. Grab the pa…[View]
168266372what are some good movie cars?[View]
168266777>Oh my god it's Russell Crowe[View]
168232018Underwear Ripley vs. Slave Leia: Name the sexier iconic sexy science fiction outfit,[View]
168265620Does /tv/ watch classic films?[View]
168253341>A wizard is never audited, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he ever dodging tax. He pays his due precisely …[View]
168266779Vangelis just died :([View]
168250452Halo: >'J-just give us another chance guise, we won't fuck up your franchise again, I swear!…[View]
168268427What are the best serials?[View]
168268459coldblooded: that was pretty kino, brandon killing people for money[View]
168264805Did he die with honor or did he die like a bitch?[View]
168268416Everything Everywhere is two hours of keys jingling.: There is no hope for modern audiences.[View]
168267871Will never finish.[View]
168268180I watched pic related last night. Wow, what a great movie! How had I not watched this before?! If yo…[View]
168260428Is she the new Eva Green?[View]
168268282What are some good kinos inspired by MK Ultra or Project Monarch[View]
168268277>two hambuguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?[View]
168243383Name one (1) plot hole in Breaking Bad[View]
168267625>Well hellloooo mr fancy pants >I've got news for you pal >You ain't leading but …[View]
168267304What is next for television star Tila Tequila?[View]
168266319Extension Du Domaine De La Lutte: Everybody's probably seen the 'it's over' webm this pic …[View]
168267960why was Rad such a Star Wars fanboy?[View]
168265667seriously lol? dropped that shit 30 minutes later like its a hot potato.[View]
168257517/who/ - Doctor Who General: QUEL DOMMAGE DAVROS edition Vworp: >>168238521[View]
168264581Fantasy movies: The movie on the left is a $1 million low budget fantasy film. The right is SEVERAL …[View]
168263934Past the age of 25, a man without a family, 3 cars, a house, at least 4 kids and a dog, can be a bad…[View]
168263621>'I think when you are casting in the modern day and age, if you are limiting yourself based on, …[View]
168267608how do I stop getting banned every time I post?[View]
168266288Why are these movies so bad and yet made a lot money?[View]
168267769well no because *brings the mic closer* every 10 years your cells in your body actually completely c…[View]
168267789She-Hulk: Single Female Lawyer Edition: >YOU’LL LIKE HER[View]
168264391Is he right? Is Meg abuse not funny?[View]
168266175ITT: movies that woke you up late at night[View]
168256724Why are this two such a wholesome acting duo?[View]
168266298It's never professional or appropriate to tell your boss to fuck off. Was this movie trying to …[View]
168267583Jesus christ am I supposed to believe this shlock? The amount of variables needed to go right... wha…[View]
168266370What went wrong?: Now that the dust has settled.[View]
168265704you've posted 120 times on /tv/ in the last 2 weeks. Care to explain why you are ignoring the m…[View]
168266377>IT'S TIME, ROBBY! IT'S TIME! Wtf, /tv/? You guys told me Mark Ruffalo was a bad actor …[View]
168266884>the bicentennial man >jumanji >patch adams >jack >mrs doubtfire >flubber he deser…[View]
168267533Prehistoric Planet: https://youtu.be/w7EvnNIV8_0 HYPE[View]
168266103just in case any of you were wondering if this series is kino, I can confirm that is indeed kino[View]
168267427theres a place in France where the alligators dance and the food is clean but everybody sneeze[View]
168267127I demand a Luke cage and Danny rand live action buddy crime fighter now[View]
168261348>main character gets called into work and will miss their kid's birthday/school play/basebal…[View]
168265693After all the verbal abuse Pyle experienced it's obvious he was acting in selfe defense.[View]
168257745Why does he keep getting cucked? Can't be the star of any show or film?[View]
168267121No more Chuds No more Trannies I just want the old /tv/ back Also, movie for this feel?[View]
168265653>The average person touches their face 2- or 3000 times a day. Three to five times every waking m…[View]
168266987Whats with faggots always wanting a happy disney end all the time, especially when it doesn't e…[View]
168265004Under appreciated kinos: For me it’s gotta be Sucker Punch. Why did this movie get so little love? I…[View]
168266933>Charles Laughton reportedly worked well with the boy playing John, but did not get along with th…[View]
168263691ITS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA6_my28pj4[View]
168264300Yo Gandalf, u finna hit this?[View]
168266751> Crafting a Rom-Com That's True to 21st-Century Gay Life. Billy Eichner and the “Bros” team…[View]
168266337Biff has been characterized as a 'bully,' but he's really a high achiever from an impoverished …[View]
168266476post shots that let you know your in for some kino[View]
168266352>what did you say about my movie?[View]
168257936Ocean movies: Are movies set above or bellow the water better?[View]
168263645Did he do it?[View]
168266232The great debate[View]
168263783It was really a different time...[View]
168263618I love James Cameron's Avatar.[View]
168266100Whenever Lifetime makes a movie with a gay couple, it refilms the scenes with the same-sex partner t…[View]
168265937Who was the angriest famous manlet of all time I vote Sinatra[View]
168265389Their movie wasn't that good, honestly.[View]
168262820>part man, part machine, all cop: original tagline >part man, part machine, all hero: new tagl…[View]
1682509194chans Best films of 2010-2019: Does this need updating?[View]
168252281Is the found footage genre dead?[View]
168265591Season 3 is dropping in about 8 hours, anyone looking forward to this? - https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
168265688ITT we discuss the career of Dakota Fanning and her body of work[View]
168265455ITT: Acting careers that are dead in the water. Pic related. The only movie she has in the works is …[View]
168255332Anakin, you must overcome your temptation while I wear this sexy dress[View]
168247451>go to a bar >order a white russian >'oh, you must love The Big Lebowski' >stop ordering…[View]
168265554First look at Amy Adams in DISENCHANTED: Excited /tv/?[View]
168263914Was she worth it?[View]
168265514>girl sits next to you on train >fall in love Kino for this feel?…[View]
168265354Viceroy, we have captured the queen.[View]
168265479Who should play Ozzy in his inevitable biopic?[View]
168265451SpongeBob: We're like brothers. Also SpongeBob:[View]
168256250Netflix has cancelled a planned animation adaption of Antiracist Baby: It's over... https://var…[View]
168258812Hey Hersl... masku somthin? What the fuck is... Pat Ron? Some kinda Boujee high class shit?[View]
168265334Becky is so awesome[View]
168262374There's a notable lack of Avatar porn; only like 4-500 hits on rule34 sites. About 50 on pixiv.…[View]
168259750What is his problem? Why can't he just accept his height?[View]
168264162>Right. Oil, in the pan.[View]
168265206>Burn down, burn down, burn down Hot Topic![View]
168264459Is this the final boss of cinema?[View]
168264957>Almost a month since the last BotW episode It's over.[View]
168263425was he wrong?[View]
168264243Did they really kneel to a _____ man? >Yikes![View]
168263492I drive[View]
168263453why do I find women infighting so hot? women taring each other down, verbally shitting on each other…[View]
168264923How come dogs are elevated to such a high status in movies but not cats?[View]
168263457It finally clicked.[View]
168264558Was South Park ahead of their time?[View]
168249733What was going through your mind when you saw this in cinema for the first time?[View]
168263211the movie of the fucking decade is here THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING absolute KINO incoming[View]
168262336Ang Lee's best film coming through:[View]
168263426wmbf kinos: my favorites are Loving Where Hands Touch (pic rel) Everything, Everything[View]
168262192Who would win?[View]
168264390I'M AN OILMAN[View]
168263970Walt...my Bucks are solid.[View]
168256656Pitch a movie starring these four[View]
168262259BARTY CROUCH![View]
168264645>The perfect time travel film doesn't exis....[View]
168264612mcufags weren't kidding. this movie sucks: only gave it a chance because mcufags hate anything …[View]
168264410>character is about to kill someone but is conflicted >they pull the trigger/lunge with their …[View]
168264050Cinema is dying.[View]
168264524Holy Shit: Tilda Swinton is gonna buck break Idris Elba. You ready for time travelling weird thin la…[View]
168264374Avatar 2 discord mods banned me you fucking limp wristed racist idiots: Valerian and nu Planet Of Th…[View]
168264406Will my state lodge intention to petition look up my 4chan shitposts? I have some scots blood[View]
168264104Interview With The Vampire: Why is this extremely homoerotic film so kino? Same with Hannibal. Is it…[View]
168264210What are your feelings on Sex and the City?[View]
168264252KKK? THAT'S NOT GOOD[View]
168263218What would you do if you met famous actor Warwick Davis?[View]
168258211/bcs/ - Better Call Saul General: Banana Jimmy edition Previous thread: >168253985…[View]
168262965What a blunder.[View]
168263769OH N-[View]
168262251>kisses girl >god smites her father That was a bit much.…[View]
168264180Is there a more based kino character than Yukon Cornelius?[View]
168264092Is he /ourguy/?[View]
168263228>One who returns from the great beyond does so at the peak of their prosperity. >still old as …[View]
168253568Is it surprising when a famous actress does nudity later in their careers?[View]
168263458>Hey! Did you just take his wallet!? >He just took that guy's wallet! >I think he took…[View]
168264019Reminder that /tv/ is an America Chavez board[View]
168262029This is canon for George Lucas: Maul survived Episode 1 and became a spider[View]
168254681Why did she jerk him off?[View]
168262626Salem's Lot 2022: It's being released in less than four months and theres no teasers, prom…[View]
168263950something is off, it's like they cast a midget to pretend to be a huge person[View]
168259935When did you realize that Marvel doesn't make movies but poor quality animated visual consumabl…[View]
168262596Did she spy on people in the bathroom?[View]
168263809Should have got his fuckin shine box[View]
168263655>your best years are behind you >your best years weren't even that good…[View]
168259558https://youtu.be/w7EvnNIV8_0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i58DTJ_9qWE who's ready for the be…[View]
168262945>'So Harry, I hear you think you've got what it takes to be a tri-wizard champion now do ya?…[View]
168263417Did it surpass the throat singing guy in DUNC?[View]
168260081Über - Adaptation when?: >The comic depicts an alternate World War II in which the Third Reich de…[View]
168262392Thought /tv/ said this was good? Its just centered around cringey atheistic dialogue[View]
168255897How do I get into horror cinema if I don't like gore or jump scares?[View]
168262901What are some good kinos set in Tokyo and have good shots of the city?[View]
168263565REDBAR Season 20 comeback on May 28th!: How Kino will it be?[View]
168263183Breaking News: Actor James Gandolfini Dies: The actor was 51 years old. R.I.P.[View]
168263497>Black Bolt can destroy you with one whisper from his mouth[View]
16826339390% of new movies are remakes or shitty sequels nobody asked for or wants[View]
168263518Choose (a) or (b)[View]
168263471Call me[View]
168263470I'm looking for action/adventure films set before the 80's, Bonus point for supernatural e…[View]
168263461What are some films to watch with your mom?[View]
168263443biden leaks: im looking through the biden leaks, these are the youtube videos he watched. also he ha…[View]
168263212Scully don’t you understand?: 6 million? While they’re fighting a war!? It just doesn’t make sense.…[View]
168260373is this the greatest independent film of all time?[View]
168255809How does this flick look so aesthetic? There's something about it, i can't quite put my fi…[View]
168263243Rose Tico is cute: CUTE![View]
168256883'I have the cunning to break men's minds': >proceeds to do fuck all the entire film except g…[View]
168263281I like it. sue me.[View]
168261573The official cinema tier list: If you disagree, your opinion on cinema is unvalid[View]
168262456>create character whose main gimmick is throwing knives >have her be useless because actually …[View]
168262955Only females disliked this movie[View]
168262889There Was a Fire Fight!![View]
168263117Bald and beta: >le soviet thing or place. WOW BASED[View]
168259241>/tv/ says it's shit >it's actually kino Name the movie…[View]
168259173The last season of this lost all of the charm of the first 2 seasons, all of the characters felt lik…[View]
168263064I don't get it[View]
168260366The pasta is hilarious, but I would and you would too.[View]
168251508True Detective: Will it ever be beat?[View]
168237809They namedropped 4chan on Family Guy. It really is over. If you ever broke rules 1 and 2 it's y…[View]
168262039>the movie is actually better than the book Name 1 (one) time this happened.…[View]
168259420What went so wrong bros? How did he age 50 years?[View]
168262967I do not like Jim.[View]
168260409>I'M ACTING I'M AAAAAACTIIIIIING The most punchable face in cinematic history.…[View]
168261397I don't get it. I think this is the first highly reviewed movie I wasn't even able to fini…[View]
168262872Strange New Worlds: >cast in lead roles attractive white/asian actresses with big racks >overw…[View]
168259658She grew up in my hometown: Stop being mean to her.[View]
168262731It fucking should've been twincest.[View]
168261772>David Lynch will die before he makes another kino How do you fuckin cope with this fact?…[View]
168257291If he was facing 20 years, would he have flipped and/or done the allocution like Johnny Sack?[View]
168261097Joe 'I've talked to Johnny Depp on the phone once for 30 minutes, hes a sweet guy' Rogan[View]
168262502I can fix her.[View]
168257184Composer Vangelis has died aged 79: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/may/19/vangelis-greek-com…[View]
168258732Why didn't Frodo just sail to Mordor??[View]
168262528Suicide to escape physical pain: Are there any movies with scenes where a character commits suicide …[View]
168262475>tfw wasted 2.5hrs watching this shit[View]
168261775Mike actually looks older in BCS than in BB Is it for a deliberate action?[View]
168258419Is the greatest boats kino ever made. Better than master and commander, speed 2, deep blue sea, tita…[View]
168259910Where do you stream your movies?[View]
168260876>Life, uh, flies away. what did he mean by this?[View]
168262354The Sopranos and Deadwood both got movies. No one remembers either of them.[View]
168261659>The slower the cook, the better the taste[View]
168259158>SHAQ: What kinda women they got down there, Chuck? >CHARLES: They got some big ol women down …[View]
168261984ITT: Objective facts[View]
168261821Walter, I...[View]
168261246>I f-f-f-fucked Ted[View]
168257591How does HBO consistently get the best casts in Hollywood, despite not paying as well as Netflix or …[View]
168259802Ultimate which was the worse haircut?[View]
168261831>still no trailer Where's the trailer?[View]
168256503Do people really have skincare routines? Does that shit work? My face has a lot of wrinkles cause I…[View]
168261929Elizabeth! here comes the big one![View]
168261717Holy shit I just got what the joke is. God I feel so stupid[View]
168260595>nooooo you can't just judge your girlfriend from her nasty sexual past, she was *experiment…[View]
168250929why do they hate him so much? what's their fucking problem?[View]
168261101Why did he do it bros[View]
168259815Since when did stand up comedy turn into a bunch of political grandstanding? I'm getting really…[View]
168247440What would H. P. Lovecraft think of his TV show?[View]
168262023Kinos about hypocrisy?[View]
168261807>apocalyptic/disaster movie >guy in suit bursts into the oval office in a panic >'sir, you …[View]
168261862How would you go on about making Wacraft Kino?[View]
168261789What's his deal with mother figures? Every single one of his movies has a hot milf in it[View]
168261737What are some nice movies about the Qarabag Liberation War?[View]
168256560What the fuck was his problem?[View]
168260291KINO PAIRING they should be a couple irl[View]
168257355Boy Kills World (2022): Produced by Sam Raimi and directed by Moritz Mohr >In the forthcoming fil…[View]
168261682Hint at Walt being a meth cook: Every single time onscreen. This is just cheap tension building, aki…[View]
168261683>“Ay Korra… wooden gates?”[View]
168260563This will sell our movie[View]
168261609What do you think of Lisa Ann Walter's work?[View]
168261552Post and rate kino collections[View]
168260156I'm morbidly morbius[View]
168259639Gully: Anyone seen this? I've never seen a movie with a rating this low before. What exactly ha…[View]
168260333Can't wait till deepfakes are good enough to simulate behind the scenes[View]
168234600You are being forced to write and direct a bioshock movie. How do you do it?[View]
168261127are guys allowed to like twilight AND be straight?[View]
168261384>Woah did you catch that? That's the WOOKIE scream.[View]
168257437Here, take two of these.[View]
168260576Matt Reeves is no Chris. Nolan.: https://youtu.be/uiaRYQlsjy4[View]
168261262>Planet Earth 3 >Blue Planet 3 >Our Planet 2…[View]
168261248> I would say the same thing, just to be polite. Let me tell you something that might be a bit da…[View]
168258374You people laugh at A24 and sorts for making 'shitty' horror films. The true reason seems to be clea…[View]
168258114Remember when you racists said the first black female James Bond 007 would be a flop?? Do you feel s…[View]
168260918Who was the best Ghostface?[View]
168261036Was Sonny a bro or mental?[View]
168260645objectively correct list of best films of the last 5 years: >2017 Call Me by Your Name >2018 S…[View]
168245156What are some Nietzschean kino?[View]
168261092Actors who could pass for father/son (mother/daughter)[View]
168261069Biographical documentaries.: Post and discuss biographical documentaries you have enjoyed. >Crum…[View]
168252970What kind of jokes does he tell?[View]
168261056y'know my favorite marvel hero is eye-run man[View]
168260641Top Gun: Why didn’t any of you faggots tell me this was kino[View]
168260831For me it's Ro[View]
168260795How will deepfake change cinema?[View]

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