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179828751Seeorsha Sayrsa? Saworsee.[View]
179828502A New Hope to Empire: What happens between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back? How many years pass? …[View]
179828243What's her fucking problem?[View]
179829896Any movies about people in power being total retards?[View]
179826640What does it feel like being an alpha male?[View]
179831029JCVD> Lundgren > Stallone > Arnie > Willis[View]
179830041they're turning Eric into an incel hannibal lecter what the fuck are they thinking >https://…[View]
179828402You give me the fucking creeps, you know that, Dexter?[View]
179831139YOU'RE GASBOMBING ME![View]
179824494Kino ending: You may not like Terminator 3 as much as the first two but you can't deny it went …[View]
179830908The Jew fears the BPC (Big Palestinian Cock)[View]
179830849ITT: movies that made you cry: *NO PEDO SHIT* This movie was fucking sad[View]
179830401>'Hey want to come build a big bomb for us?' >'Okay sure' >'AAAAAAAAAAAA NO I KILLED A BUNC…[View]
179826799Did they create this scene just because they knew it would create controversial discussion due to th…[View]
179830078>That's a T for tolerance[View]
179824138>hottest non-white woman of the 90s >no career outside the Waynes World movies WHAT HAPPENED?…[View]
179827698>the 3rd story of season 3 What did Stephen Hillenburg mean by this?[View]
179818283Now that the dust has settled, what did any of this have to do with mens shaving products?[View]
179828279>show friend movie I really like a lot and want to share >he spends half of it looking at his …[View]
179827348RIP Robert. The kinoplex hasn't been the same without you. We will miss you.[View]
179830116>is the best character of Big Bang Theory in your path[View]
179825033You have to admit, this episode was kino[View]
179827775You are watching the Titanic re-release right CameronChads?[View]
179830174which is the better show? Which had the more pristine discography? Which is more worth canonization?[View]
179830258What the hell was his problem?[View]
179828706Please don't leave me[View]
179830241Why women such shit taste in everything? Reminder that if a woman considers a movie bad the it'…[View]
179828899Did anyone else growing up in the 90s have a gay asian friend?[View]
179830259Rick and morty is 10 years old, say something about it.[View]
179827746Why the fuck wouldn't Hammond give his literal son a raise?[View]
179827877This is literally genocide[View]
179830163what the fuck hiroshimoot[View]
179822248Will you be watching the Frog and Toad TV show?[View]
179826927Why is no one talking about our guy Jonah's new movie? Did no one watch it?[View]
179830059>Will you stop saying 'kino' all the time. It's boring, /tv/![View]
179830076The simpsons[View]
179826544I keep seeing Australians claim this is a 100% accurate depiction of life in Australia, but there ar…[View]
179829422>FIRE IN THE HOLE[View]
179828860>grandma starts raping faster than eminem[View]
179828754>90s Hugh Grant movie >AND AFTER ALL YOURE MY WONDERWALL…[View]
179829914decent movie so far. it's obvious Ed Nortons character is essentially Elon musk. what in the ac…[View]
179825681How will they show the scene where: >Draupadi fucks a dead sacrificed horse as part of a ritual …[View]
179829752These days are ours: Oh happy days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hre2TtmAWBc[View]
179829940>only slept for 4 hours again[View]
179829984What are some kinos about former friends turned rivals? >We burned coal together...…[View]
17981825980s and 90s /tv/[View]
179829841Why did Al Pacino give such a great performance in this humilation ritual movie?: I mean, did he do …[View]
179827642Why are redditors so obsessed with this shit?[View]
179828367K W A B W A B[View]
179829379Why do I get called a pedophile every time I call her ugly?: I am literally not attracted to her, re…[View]
179829726how come Shannon Whirry doesn't star in movies anymore? her body of work is legendary![View]
179829389Why didnt they just use their coats and zipline down the cable[View]
179811078>We need someone to play Abby >I know just the guy…[View]
179816915Marie Kondo admits she’s ‘kind of given up’ on tidying: >“Up until now, I was a professional tidi…[View]
179818341So did Vito want to fuck him or kill him?[View]
179825201bring out your surreal headfuck movies that you can get lost in[View]
179829278I hate this faggot so much, whats even worse is knowing that he's a parent. Share and discuss o…[View]
179829154Venom made more in China than The Way of Water. Pathetic.[View]
179827787>A homicidal car tire, discovering it has destructive psionic power, sets its sights on a desert …[View]
179829409>protagonists that canonically have a small penis[View]
179827749‘ate news ‘ate sports ‘ate politics loov midge poastin[View]
179807641Who are they going to cast as Xavier for Wednesday's season 2 now that Percy Hynes White is goi…[View]
179826888I saw Aida Turturro at a grocery store in Atlantic City yesterday. I told her how cool it was to mee…[View]
179826746ITT: Zillennial kino: Post stuff only people born in the late 90s will understand.[View]
179825328Why didn’t Voldemort just feed baby Harry rat poison?[View]
179825009Is it good?[View]
179819654No more oscars for the white women Hopefully they will replace her with a black woman.[View]
179828179Post unnamed characters[View]
179824564Why are women so kino illiterate?[View]
179829007You weren't supposed to idolize him[View]
179827920>They were once men; not-so-great quality of men. Then Dr. Sauronberg the Deceiver gave to them n…[View]
179826612Give me some /comfycore/ movies[View]
179826798>Democracy is all well and good but it's weak and it's decadent, you need a strong lead…[View]
179821611The Last of Us: Bella really nails the role of Ellie[View]
179828929Are there any chick flicks with a man who is a muscle bound chad who resist the womans ideal man tro…[View]
179827454How was it so kino[View]
179823588So what was his problem?[View]
179826517what the hell was his problem?[View]
179825980>what do you mean you forgot the map???.[View]
179828495am i a psycho if i thought requiem for a dream was tame?[View]
179825850this shit is hilarious i need more is there anything like it?[View]
179819832The great debate[View]
179828394The sequel trilogy extended cuts will turn the trilogy from a 7/10 to a 10/10[View]
179828474Why is he such a miserable old fuck? >pontificates on the failures of japanese parents despite b…[View]
179826781I'm outside your house[View]
179828412Scooby Doo vs The Thing: How would the plot of The Thing (1982) be affected by the presence of Myste…[View]
179826994>that fucking scene where they pretended to be dogs lmao[View]
179828292When you realize these retards didn't have to do anything since Voldemort couldn't have go…[View]
179826911examples of conveying a lot without dialogue https://youtu.be/wBsHHpfR62M?t=117[View]
179827890What was the point of her?: What was the significance of this scene in American Psycho? I have liter…[View]
179826921we must encourage and protect her smile, /tv/![View]
179827427Holy kino. Kevin Sorbo DESTROYS cancel culture, Satanists, and vaxxtards.[View]
179827134I don’t get it.: Is it just a nihilistic movie or what[View]
179827432We'll both have the lamb. Rare with very little mint sauce.[View]
179826730best movie maker coming through[View]
179826801>I'm Dunnhier[View]
179827485Watership Down: Why have we fallen so far from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5px3E5FwLw…[View]
179827791Aside from Match of the Day, what does he watch?[View]
179827785I never thought a Tolkien movie could be this unwatchable.[View]
179827001>I can't keep up with this guy, he's changing the encryption to our database as we spea…[View]
179823362Realistically, how much would you pay?[View]
179827911>I'm the sous chef here[View]
179826106It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZTzCV0i6_A[View]
179819868Just finished it. Good bread this. (Rome thread).[View]
179823135Time flies bros..[View]
179821991The webm that saved /tv/[View]
179825005What do you think everyone in that room is thinking?[View]
179827381was dolemite gay?????: >Moore never married. His long-time manager, Donald Randall, said in 2012 …[View]
179809721I can teach you how to dilate the wound and ensnare the nerve endings. I can tell how to grow breast…[View]
179826489Sequel trilogy went hard[View]
179827543Movies that names you can't remember; others try and figure it out: I've been trying to fi…[View]
179826312What's going on big guy?[View]
179826539Sopranos Star John 'Artie' Ventimiglia's Daughter Dead at 25: WHEN YOU GAVE MY DAUGHTER THE VAC…[View]
179827668ITT did nothing wrong[View]
179827294How do people take indian movies seriously when they break out into 3-4 minute song and dance routin…[View]
179827583>millennials never watched this masterpiece Post zoomer kino[View]
179825895>I WAS IN THE POOL! I WAS IN THE POOL! What does the pool have to do with eating a cannoli and sa…[View]
179824901Who the fuck dines in public before committing a crime[View]
179827520Why is he so unfunny?[View]
179825801>What would you say is your greatest invention? >My son.…[View]
179826651so will the leg crushing be brought up or explained in the third season?[View]
179826279Literally every problem that Walt had to deal with throughout the series was because of Jesse being …[View]
179825162i look like this and sound like this and act like this[View]
179825059/tv/, you're going to love this, trust me.[View]
179826422>MORAINE, Ohio (AP) _ The mother of a 5-year-old who started a fire that killed his younger siste…[View]
179827325Vénutia-Ludivine Dubé-Reding: Vénutia-Ludivine Dubé-Reding[View]
179826101To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand to benefits to beating your long-term girl…[View]
179827215Thoughts on Brazil?[View]
179826465Wolvesbros . . . .[View]
179826416Nacho nacho man I want to be A nacho man[View]
179827055*Unintentionally destroys your faith*[View]
179826797If this character came out today /tv/ would bitch about him being 'reddit'.[View]
179825823when is a copy of the tubby lard man going to come online already? it's like the only movie i c…[View]
179826250how do you respond to this, realistically?[View]
179823194space jam 3 CANCELLED: King James has spoken. Chimpouts cancelled.[View]
179826829Debicki thread: She's literally perfect edition[View]
179826341This is not photoshopped[View]
179826761“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in…[View]
179826786Was it kino?[View]
179825981'To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.' Th…[View]
179826741what did Riker mean by this?[View]
179826031I once met Sonic backstage of a Bruce Springsteen concert high on cocaine. I hope that info doesn…[View]
179825018Why do women have boobs?[View]
179826690*fucks your girl*[View]
179826668thoughts on this?[View]
179826628Edge of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise's best movie.[View]
179826403>you are NOT a pirate[View]
179826277Who was in the wrong here?[View]
179825323Do movies about loneliness with women work? I find it hard to believe she couldn't eat at a nic…[View]
179813932In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a Master Ri…[View]
179819831Succession season 4 coming in March[View]
179817385After much thought, I've concluded that this is the best way to watch Star Wars. The first, the…[View]
179826550How would /tv/ have done during the alien invasion in Independence Day? The little flags in the fina…[View]
179825742Only the best movies about alcohol[View]
179826407was Nagilum racist?[View]
179826075I need to see your balls[View]
179816063Why is /tv/ so afraid to discuss this movie?[View]
179825146>G-Grandpa f*cked up bad morty >We- *burp* >w-were gona need to switch detentions again …[View]
179826331Did you hear about the Chinese godfather? He made them an offer they couldn't understand.[View]
179825691Japanese Kino: what was the last japanese kino you watched? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 . Pic rela…[View]
179816863What made Two and a Half Men so popular?[View]
179824716Doom Patrol has been canceled: HBO Max Announces Seasons 4 of Doom Patrol and Titans Will Be Their L…[View]
179826176I saw Shrek at a grocery store in Duloc yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person,…[View]
179826240didn't so much improve my opinion of fat people but rather lowered my opinion of people general…[View]
179819546Physical media bros... I don't feel so good..[View]
179825911what did /tv/ think?[View]
179824945>Why yes I have never paid for a single movie in my life and have just gotten shit from the libra…[View]
179826158look at him go!![View]
179824048>*Destroys your business*[View]
179826140I haven't seen The Last of Us but does Shane do a good job at playing Ellie?[View]
179826120What are some movies about a single guy who don't know how to cook?[View]
179823403>Liberalism is... le bad![View]
179825960What’s Eggers’ best movie?[View]
179825643What was in the wrong here?[View]
179826013>I don't like you because you're a fucking retard, Padraig. You're a stupid, borin…[View]
179824343why are her eyebrows like that. every time i watch this it's all i can focus on[View]
179811674/avtr/ - Avatar General #140: Murder Mommy Unleashed Edition Previous Thread: >>179795124…[View]
179824947Just marathoned this, what did I think about it?[View]
179824951>the director told me this scene didn't require nudity i took my clothes off anyway and they…[View]
179825966>You wanna go where people are all the same >You wanna go where everyone knows your name Take …[View]
179823580He's called Jim Carrey because he carreys your film[View]
179825919Hitchcock is... LE GOOD! The Sopranos is... LE BAD! Is Camille Paglia even considered a film critic?[View]
179824714This was my dinner tonight. Now I’m about to go to the store to buy a 6 pack of bud light tallboys[View]
179820417>First month of 2023 >Done nothing but watch /tv/ shows…[View]
179823581First episodes are absolute shit but then it becomes kino.[View]
179824665>The point is, Gary Cooper.....the real Gary Cooper....or anybody named Cooper, never suffered li…[View]
179824007How do I avoid this scenario?[View]
179825834I had the incredible privilege of being introduced to zombies through this movie. Blood-chilling! Wh…[View]
179809907/got/hotd/: training arc edition prev >>179789484[View]
179825831Who was the best Star Trek character, and why was it Engineering Chris Chan?[View]
179825816>stop laughing right meow[View]
179825207rhymes with dino[View]
179823344Ah well...There's plenty more fish in the sea for me.[View]
179825446What's the correct sentence? 'I just watched kino' 'I just watched a film' 'I just watched a mo…[View]
179822607Why isn't right wing media profitable anymore?[View]
179825283One for diabetes, one for high blood pressure, TWO for high blood pressure, and one for thyroid[View]
179820970Painfully Unfunny: Yet, i still see people pretend to enjoy it to look cultured, fuck monty python…[View]
179821976I don't need, I WANT Twin Peaks thread[View]
179821266jfc this aged badly[View]
179822536What did Rian Johnson mean by this?[View]
179824461now that it's over whats the alternative[View]
179823965> Leave Sauron to Me![View]
179825204You can’t post about me like that I’m a captain now[View]
179824354Why didn't Spoons Parisi react to having a gun pointed in his face?[View]
179825315Tulsa King: A nitrous balloon dealing biker gang? Really?[View]
179825077>Nooo please don't curse me with...immortality and godlike powers!…[View]
179824699Brittany Murphy: Now, that the dust settled... what happened?[View]
179824669Louis CK's 2015 SNL monologue hit on every political talking point: >racism >israel >g…[View]
179825011>Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. I…[View]
179825198turned injun didn' cha didn' cha[View]
179823656Javert did nothing wrong[View]
179823877>were gonna need a bigger boat[View]
179824842>movies aren't really about anything wow so deep cronenBERG[View]
179824339/trek/: Voybros Pt. II editie old thread >>179797431[View]
179823888Is it really that bad?[View]
179824909This goofy fuck ruined what could have been kino.[View]
179824557>through it’s a Small World pretending I was a UN Interpreter, GOOD LORD…[View]
179821432im mad Cady didnt take M3gans side[View]
179821835I know she's not as universally hated as she once was but I'm surprised how much people st…[View]
179824158>black movie >THIS IS HOW WE DO IT[View]
179816799does Seinfeld hold up?[View]
179824728It's the best one[View]
179824295>Goes through the same character arc in ever movie or show he's in.…[View]
179824536Why did Colony get cancelled?[View]
179822008What the fuck... Did anybody watched this?[View]
179820845>Sifl >Well - Sifl! >Dude, what's wrong with you man? >*sigh* >This happens to h…[View]
179824617I'm good.[View]
179823394Were they simps or just guys in love?[View]
179823925I am a 22 year old grown man and I was genuinely too stupid to undertand this movie after watching f…[View]
179823391Channel 4: Why is it quite so lowbrow and plebian? Compared to the BBC (which I know has its own iss…[View]
179823871WE NEED ADAM DRIVER FULL FRONTAL: >65 Are you excited[View]
179824518What if a princess...could look like me?[View]
179819751is she a good actress?[View]
179824529Any kinos about the struggles of men on dating apps?[View]
179823385Before I ever ran a casino or got myself blown up, Keleb De Melo was a hell of a handicapper, I can …[View]
179824476Any fight kinos I should watch?[View]
179822998>good morning sir, no charge for the blody basdard[View]
179823886Damn it’s actually funny. And for my chudbros it’s pretty critical of rich liberal Jews.[View]
179823428What's his REAL name?[View]
179823182I miss this big nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
179822528How did Tarantino managed to get that spectacular cast in Pulp Fiction?[View]
179823435When did you realize Disney plants actor rumors to keep you talking about their product[View]
179824234What was the last movie that made you scream this at the top of your lungs?[View]
179822983Favorite father/son duos from TV/film?[View]
179820437>still the best female MC as of Jan 2023 (approaching gay Feb)[View]
179819937It was good right?[View]
179824151Any kinos for this feel?: I'm 37. I have my own house. I've worked my way through misery a…[View]
179824130What are some other locations where Indiana Jones could have fought the bad guys?[View]
179822799He literally did nothing wrong[View]
179823655What movies would /tv/ suggest I watch? Trapped at home tonight because of riots in my city so had t…[View]
179823759i sat through season 1 and 2 (admitted kino) season 3, the fuckin' abysmal shit show that was s…[View]
179824005Wait, so you're telling me that the moral of this movie is that eugenics is good and that poor …[View]
179824014Leftist Kinos: What is the quintessential left wing film?[View]
179824043>and when will I do... are you gonna stab me with that broken piece of plate?.. So I guess he…[View]
179823425The great debate[View]
179823949https://dezgo.com/ Improve your favorite movie[View]
179822515The Last of Us renewed for Season 2: The only thing funnier than the seethe caused by TLOU2 is seein…[View]
179821873Gopher, anon?[View]
179821170So what did we ultimately learn /tv/? There was a lesson here for every anon: jock, nerd, mom, dad, …[View]
179823879He doesn't live up to Troy Baker's performance And its entirely the line delivery and acce…[View]
179821461What would you serve if you owned a movie theatre?: Me, I'd serve crab legs.[View]
179823340More Hong Kong Kino like Police Story please: Police Story is such a good film! What else should I a…[View]
179823040they did nothing wrong[View]
179823824Street Outlaws thread[View]
179823808Which countries punch above their weight when it comes to kino?[View]
179822533Not my problem[View]
179823761>'We need our piece elevated to kino' >'He's already on his way sir'…[View]
179822163So Smeagol plans to help Frodo and Sam into Mordor by sneaking them through Cirith Ungol, but after …[View]
179823718>wins every award there is how does he do it?[View]
179822703WRITE MY NAME[View]
179823717Leave the Ninjas to me[View]
179823727Sam Hyde becomes a member of MENSA https://twitter.com/wigger/status/1619146668544499712?s=20&t…[View]
179823523>ruins your movie/tv show[View]
179822052What do we think of Girl Columbo?[View]
179803594/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ charts https://mega.nz/…[View]
179823323what am I in for?[View]
179822024What happened that movies went to shit after 2013?[View]
179818880Top Gun 2 enemy country: Who was this supposed to be?[View]
179823483Alright so what am I missing out on bros[View]
179823350>sharon... you have to take over tegridy's.[View]
179815127Was this the last chance for 90s nostalgia to catch on?[View]
179822056Why the fuck did he think this would be a good idea for a date?[View]
179823076Pedophilia In Gotham City: That Feeling When No Robin[View]
179823169I see you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wdS0HXvZ-0[View]
179821476first day in the yabba?[View]
179817015>Streamlines the business after ethically acquiring it from people who could never expand the bus…[View]
179823130BARTY CROUCH[View]
179823115And I'm Steve![View]
179822215What was his problem?[View]
179823118Dresden Files: How would you like a tv show for this play out? I want a gen z blondie to play karrin…[View]
179821290What would you have done in this situation[View]
179819609Frasier bros its our time[View]
179822986You just know[View]
179822459Marion Cotillard is Cleopatra in the new Asterix directed by husband[View]
179816105Chill out, dickwad.[View]
179822232PLEASE recommend me some movies that have a similar style and tone to this[View]
179822935Gen Xer. By far my favorite show. Even zoomers if they are not gay can get into it. Season 1 is my f…[View]
179805529/jazz/ - I Am Jazz general: Blank Canvas edition NEW JAZZ NEXT TUESDAY AND EVERY TUESDAY LET'S …[View]
179822766Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.[View]
179816156Threads (1984): holy shit[View]
179822304You fags better go support this.[View]
179822894>JARVIS, using all historical data and processing power available, simulate a scenario in which G…[View]
179822830Julien donkey boy: Any other movies with this feel?[View]
179819107Movies need to stop using this plotline: I am seriously sick and tired of the 'poor dad just wants t…[View]
179820963Lolita is a lovestory about a gullible but caring man that becomes emotionally abused by a young cun…[View]
179822675>season 1: great >season 2: what the fuck >season 3: great…[View]
179822763>Bill Burr >Tom Segura >Brendan Schaub >Shane Gillis >Matt McCusker >Dave Chapel…[View]
179821587Has drew barrymore always been a cute little slut?[View]
179820697im drowning: help[View]
179822721>and when will I do... are you gonna stab me with the broken piece of plate?.. So Walt is apparen…[View]
179821608What are movies with the most practical weaponry?[View]
179822274Scenes that made you so hard you had to pause the movie and jerk off[View]
179820647ITT: Kinos[View]
179821443If no one reads then how is anyone doing all the writing? Also, who made the IQ tests to recognize w…[View]
179822638>Janitor applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!…[View]
179820942Scary Movie 3 is best scary movie[View]
179822157I have a use for you[View]
179822611Rian Johnson and John Ratzenberger: How the fuck did this happen? How did Rian Johnson, a virulently…[View]
179821938I really love ozark. What should i watch next?[View]
179822576Who was /tv/'s most revered teen actress?[View]
179797431/trek/: Voyboy Friday edition[View]
179822015he was a simp incel who couldnt read the signs, tarantino was truly ahead of his time.[View]
179822208>TV show goes on long enough that you can see the hot actresses hit the wall in real time…[View]
179821449FIRE OUR SHIT![View]
179822280Cronenberg's son is batting 1.000 and Mia Goth has the most perfect body ever committed to film…[View]
179822036How intelligent is this thing?[View]
179821277Best Scream sequel[View]
179821318Season 6 is better than 4 and especially 5 and I don't know how people are gaslighted to think …[View]
179821568FUCK: Discuss why she isn't real and laying in my bed next to me right now[View]
179820268What's the most racist move ever made? The worst most offense, insensitive, angry films you can…[View]
179820806>Ghost in the Shell threads >Brains behind it made picrel >It's considered /a/-shit 'S…[View]
179822141Is it kino?[View]
179821678Wild Wacky Action Bike! The bike that's hard to ride![View]
179821924So they just straight up ripped off fallout, didn't they? https://youtu.be/qWIX2sjne-k[View]
179821632>character's name is 'Furio' >he's often furious Bravo, Chase.…[View]
179815663“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.”[View]
179821945Love is a dog from hell[View]
179821944>She's right behind me, isn't she?[View]
179821144Seriously though, what will they do with the season 3 of Euophoria? Season 2's ending was a mes…[View]
179820173Was it kino?[View]
179821849>characters entire party is made up of ex villains/rivals he beat that decide to join him on his …[View]
179821596What does /tv/ think of actor Nicholas Galitzine?[View]
179820704In 2006, California pornographic film company Red Light District attempted to distribute a 1999 sex …[View]
179821663Essential dadcore: What are the best dad movies?[View]
179820286'To be truly effective, a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics. In fact, a good narcoti…[View]
179821857Movies you liked with weird names that you can never remember making them a surreal blackbox of kino…[View]
179819156>Bond. James Bond.[View]
179821460Twitter is making fun of us again: How do we cope?[View]
179821740Most /tv/ shows are pure garbage, struggling to fill their runtime and I'm sick of people prete…[View]
179821652I feel like they really could have done this better.[View]
179817209>finish movie >search '[movie title] ending explained' on youtube…[View]
179821720MARIE KONDO BECOMES SLOB: https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/marie-kondo-stops-tidying-up-home-messy-1…[View]
179821701Nëgrophilia In Gotham City: What arë thë political implications of “The Batman”? What is all this ta…[View]
179815432Familiabros...what the FUCK is happening[View]
179816825Cast he[View]
179819434Does he wear a wig or did he get a transplant? How do you have this much hair at 90?[View]
179821542Literally fell asleep to it: I'm fine with a slow pace, some of my favorite kinos are long ass …[View]
179820257>blood 'ell[View]
179820271For me..... its Cheers[View]
179819948Hollywood hates this.[View]
179819794>You don’t listen, do you? I don’t think you ever really hear me. You just ask the same questions…[View]
179809554Velma: ...what the fuck guys? Really?[View]
179815977I'm curious about this movie but I don't really want to watch it if it's going to be …[View]
179818335>wasted years[View]
179820452ON PATROL LIVE: tfw you live near one of these godforsaken hellholes edition. first shift now, live …[View]
179820253moviesjoy is down[View]
179809901Unironically what happened to hathaway. For a moment she seemed to become the face of Hollywood but …[View]
1798193308 years later and /tvpol/ can't recover from this[View]
179821686Occult documentary: How do they get away with flaunting that they are sex traffickers in broad dayli…[View]
179821385>tfw into SPH but have a large P any movies for this feel?[View]
179821138Were the ancient legends true? Does one not, in fact, win friends with salad?[View]
179820850Miss these lil niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
179821298Starting a business looks hard.[View]
179817388I liked it[View]
179812279/tv/ btfo[View]
179810281Plot holes: >redneck rural cop >old school, old fashioned, nonsense. Loves his country. >no…[View]
179821161this subplot seems so incongruent with the character building they did up to this point[View]
179820826has /tv/ made a film?[View]
179818690What are some good pregnancy kinos?[View]
179819027wtf was his problem?[View]
179821131>Howdy. I'm just gonna ask you a series of questions. Answer them honestly and you can go ho…[View]
179820285Why don't you just believe Scully? The things you've seen and you keep trying to disprove …[View]
179820728>I have many names, son. But you can call me The Master.[View]
179820087ˢʰʰʰ…ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᵇʸ ᶦˢ ˢˡᵉᵉᵖᶦnᵍ[View]
179820989he didn't deserve this. he was building a house.[View]
179820481You wanted him bitch?[View]
179820767I kill shrek for he[View]
179820930What are some films about bucks breaking other bucks?[View]
179819458>Jay Leno reveals he's broken several bones in a motorcycle accident, a month after garage f…[View]
179819175gonna see avatar 2 again tonight any advice?[View]
179816927Name the crime[View]
179818997>YFW you’ve heard it through the grape vine[View]
179820710Hercules: TAS: if the animation budget was at least a little larger, it'd be a GOAT cartoon…[View]
179820648I dont give a feck about Mozart, of Borboven, or any of them funny name fuckers. I'm Padraic Su…[View]
179815112Titanic: why did he say it?[View]
179818947Actresses from any era who could credibly play the next step in human evolution.[View]
179820029Five reasons Primer is the ultimate time travel kino >1. It's not the squiggle chart Anyone …[View]
179820527day in the loife of a true brexit geeza[View]
179820517Last movie you watched ironically and the last movie you watched unironically: For me it's: Iro…[View]
179820392>Yup, that was before the big thaw What did he mean by this?[View]
179820275(((WATTO))): How did George Lucas get away with this? >merchant >nose >slaver I mean he has…[View]
179818716>DUDE EPIC that white guy's head just exploded! >wow. just wow. did movie just kill a Bla…[View]
179818132Just finished S3. Thoughts? I kind of like how hateable every character is now. Very realistic.[View]
179818959The styleless Spielberg. https://youtu.be/UcM6sDKrX1M[View]
179819023>Not this time. Not this fucking time. No. No no no no no no no no no! No! No no no no no no no n…[View]
179820370/tv/, learn this: Mistery is intellectual. Suspense is emotional. https://youtu.be/-Xs111uH9ss[View]
179819507>he calls it 'sorcerer's' stone[View]
179818546Is obesity still an acceptable punchline in American media? If not, when was the last time it was?[View]
179820069>I'm Dunnhier[View]
179820326>the big bad villain turns out to be a white man who happens to be her father yes, that's ri…[View]
179820319This is a genuinely good netflix original series. Plus, everyone's white :D[View]
179820247Damn, shit, that is wack![View]
179820225what's the 2023 version of this song? https://youtu.be/FshU58nI0Ts[View]
179819690What are you watching besides TLOU?[View]
179817723>TFW we aren't living in the timeline where Britney married JT and lived happily ever after…[View]
179815352How many movies do you watch in a week /tv/?[View]
179817643The Northman was the best movie of 2022. What will be the best movie of 2023?[View]
179818423>friend shows me pic related >laugh until I almost black out I don't care if I suspect it…[View]
179820106Well, it's Repost Day... again... and that must mean we're up here at /tv/ waiting for shi…[View]
179819896What does /tv/ think of Nicholas Galitzine? He’s been acting in a lot of queer roles despite being s…[View]
179818436CREED 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHmCH7iB_IM Who will you be rooting for?[View]
179816757This jesus guy was bussin, why they had to do my nigga like that?[View]
179816821This was pretty good[View]
179819943>struggles to read a plot synopsis I used to think you had to be a good actor to play a retard…[View]
179820009ITT: Shows that are better than The Sopranos[View]
179819992>Hello, I'm Bustie O'Slutjugs >But of course you are…[View]
179809414Jesse is nothing but a poorly-written forgettable manchild/plot device who is used to lazily advance…[View]
179819410>Yer fond of me lobster aint' ye /tv/? I seen it! Yer fond of me lobster! Say it! SAY IT!…[View]
179819424Which trades do elves work in?[View]
179819090Character always drinking coffee to show how hardcore they are[View]
179818039>villain made of liquid metal >dies by falling into a fat of liquid metal bravo…[View]
179816358What's the /tv/ consensus on Wednesday? Kringe or cino?[View]
179818556Jewish horror movies: Post your favorites[View]
179819194>Character starts arguing with the narrator[View]
179819703>YOU >*pulls out wallet* >YOU >*rolls out a stack of Benjamins* >YOU WORK >*hands …[View]
179814773holy shit TULSA KINO[View]
179818705star wars: I've watched 21 episodes of these fuckers and I still have no idea what the protagon…[View]
179819606You will never again witness such kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDOrOMuo-9o[View]
179817363What is Quentin Tarantino’s best film, and why is it Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2?[View]
179819279WOWW.... this has NOT aged well! has Jim Carrey ever publicly apologized for this character??[View]
179817344>from the midwest >ugly as fuck >somehow defies all odds and becomes an a-list star who did…[View]
179814998Release the fucking video already. I'm so fucking hype.[View]
179818937what happened to red hair le quirkly girls in holllywood films?[View]
179808713/swg/ Screenwriting General What are you working on?[View]
179817007What’re some life events that you would put on film?[View]
179816988Was it really that bad?[View]
179819313Reckon we outta roll over to Memphis, see if they need any help Andy?[View]
179819135>Ummm yeah actually women run motorcycle clubs and totally aren't treated subhuman in real l…[View]
179818527>A man, a man provides. And he does it even when he's not appreciated, or respected, or even…[View]
179819127>gruff, serious, no nonsense tough guy character >does something goofy due to a misunderstandi…[View]
179817974are old movies better than new movies? looking for something to watch tonight[View]
179811731What are the best jewish kino[View]
179818452how would Scarlet Witch beat Kang the Conqueror?[View]
179818929>comedic relief character shows or says something gross >reaction shot of a crowd moaning in d…[View]
179818544*fucks your girl*[View]
179818826This was NOT okay![View]
179818868>Ywn go on a scientific voyage of discovery to the South Pole with your science bros Why even liv…[View]
179817925I bought a 65-inch 4k OLED two months ago and have been thinking about picking up a 4k blu ray playe…[View]
179818464Hey Vasquez, ever been mistaken for a man?[View]
179817976>Back in 82 I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile[View]
179818814While Neytiri delicately cradled jakesully's tender human form, Colonel Quaritch lay within the…[View]
179817688What's your favorite true crime kinos? For me it's 30 minutes or less, Monster, Compliance…[View]
179818477Is Skinamarink the greatest horror movie of this decade thus far?[View]
179816824pick one[View]
179818749fuck soniku unleashed you will watch the Mario movie and you will like it[View]
179816174>make nigger character >his personality is either chimping out or rapping What did Japan mean …[View]
179818697Succession returns March 24: New trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWlURhM5P5Q[View]
179816837Poker Face: what do we think of the new Rian Johnson kino? I really like the style.[View]
179816206cast him for the HBO adaptation[View]
179814319Who are some actual good female leads that are neither sexualized or Mary Sue's in movies?[View]
179818592Avatar 2: This movie was absolute dogshit and you cant change my mind. also theaters are fucking dyi…[View]
179817929Why did this movie have absolutely zero impact on pop culture? Seems like it had all of the right in…[View]
179811263What did she mean by this?[View]
179817269Is it any good?: ATJ kino finally landed on Star +, gf forced me to watch Black Panther 2 instead of…[View]
179818113MCU: Adam Driver as mister fantastic Who would be SUE[View]
179818508What if the body of Jesus was found? https://youtu.be/FZllO9w0DKA[View]
179818378Movies you should have watched by now, but haven't.: picrelated[View]
179817942Can you guess all the actors and actresses, /tv/?[View]
179818478CLEAN IT UP JANNY: Friday night, about to go see Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist and have some d…[View]
179818474>'Do they eat just like regular food?' >'No, no, no. The opposite.' Is this a reference to puk…[View]
179816871Will I be a hero if I shoot some pimps and politicians? Gwsaxw[View]
179818267Watched this again last night. Great movie, everything holds up. And honestly, CGI was perfect here.…[View]
179814778Extremely comfy kino. More like this?[View]
179818055Post the most obscure /tv/ trivia you know: There is a ship in Star Trek named Urusei Yatsura[View]
179818264Jews can’t stand that people like Flanders. They Flanderized him so you support the degenerate Simps…[View]
179818318Name one flaw. Protip: you can't.[View]
179806673Why do you spoil stuff for others?[View]
179817278The CIA Is....: ....le bad![View]
179817707>A 25 yo man who's still a virgin? >Our writers came up with that one, a little too farfe…[View]
179818031Reading books is.... LE BAD![View]
179818278Who disturbs my slumber?[View]
179816413Which philosopher needs a biopic?: Also, are there even any philosopher biopics to begin with?…[View]
179818043By the time you finish reading this, you'll be working for me[View]
179818228Universal monsters nu-canon: All 3 new dark universal movies are on netflix, so dracula, mummy and i…[View]
179817097>eric looks literally exactly the same >this is donna Another one bites the wall…[View]
179814117why did they all treat him like shit? he was a good and pure lad[View]
179793418ITT: posts instances in television and film that showed 4chan being used in a prejudiced and horrid …[View]
179816886>It's a 'Truman sleeps with his old tesdy bear because he can't talk to anyone else' ep…[View]
179816972we're probably going to start having a lot of movies and shows set in the 00s soon, aren't…[View]
179818140What's your ultimate filmic guilty pleasure?[View]
179818130borderlands movie: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
179816150>3 of the 5 biggest films ever are directed by James Cameron How does he do it?…[View]
179816096>I drank the Ugandan Waragi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL3UHF5SlEU Remember when Vice docume…[View]
179810529>BRO EVERYONE IS DUMB EXCEPT FOR ME LMAO Also what the fuck was up with the eugenics overtones at…[View]
179817975..you like cooking anon? we're not friends anymore, faggot.: wtf was his problem[View]
179816055>I don't want you getting dubs no more[View]
179817849Which was superior?[View]
179817841Where's the fucking sticky[View]
179815592What equipment should I buy to make a semi-professional looking short film? Complete noob here[View]
179806444Can someone explain to me right now what the fuck I just watched? Why is is it that every single tim…[View]
179816898>21 >married >child >house >a huge pile of gold saved up…[View]
179817816rocky loves emily[View]
179817810Is Ancient Aliens the most redpilled TV show?: I understand that some theories are complete asspulls…[View]
179817791>God damn, you love Russia, don't you?[View]
179816892Why are women like this?[View]
179817410Redpill me on this show[View]
179817658This is the first time I remember relating with a movie character. Like the boy, I was just a kid wh…[View]
179814766>It's Fifteen Minutes Into The Episode And This Cocky Aussie Asshole Says Oi Mate It's …[View]
179817333>No one: >watching TV with my family >Magnum ice cream commercial comes on >My family: s…[View]
179814791Will there be a second shitstorm? Or will Druckman get away with it again?[View]
179815353Why is it called a 'blowjob' and not a 'suckjob'? Do you blow into the dick? Movies.[View]
179810055Heightened but Low-Key 'Fight' flicks: Tell me what are the most simple but fun action flicks you lo…[View]
179817449What the fuck was her problem[View]
179812431You're off the case[View]
179806413w40k: CAST THE EISENHORN CREW[View]
179817200>be vampire girl >fall inlove with wolf because he is handsome >all your vamp homies say do…[View]
179817327inglorious basterds: the rat argument was bullshit. of course you wouldnt be as hostile to a squirre…[View]
179817290Fantasy can't be kin-[View]
179817316Children from the Stars documentary: I've been looking all evening. Where can I find this old d…[View]
179811191the most kino athlete of all time doesn't have a biopic[View]
179817265I remember watching Revenge of the Sith in cinema back in 2005 and the whole movie felt genuinely fu…[View]
179817239BUS WANKERS: Indisputable Inbetweeners Bird Ranking: Top Tier >Rachel (Carli's brunette frie…[View]
179817195I EAT MORE CHICKEN ANY MAN EVER SEEN (The Doors is a 1991 American biographical musical film directe…[View]
179817194movies ruined by a shitty title[View]
179814888Hmm.. I wonder who this fella is...[View]
179815103i give it a 3/10, not worth watching[View]
1798164596 shooter: Who would you be,?[View]
179809530Reminder that Mike hasn't been in an RLM video since last year.[View]
179812436Arcane: Are we even going to see Ekko in Arcane Season 2?[View]
179816870Why do 80s/90s movies feel so comfy? Specially this type of set[View]
179815590im about to maratone first episode, what should i think about it?[View]
179794630>Indian actress in Hollywood vs Indian actress in Bollywood what gives?…[View]
179805979Watch Causeway starring Oscar award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.[View]
179814902So what was message of the movie, was there a morał to the story?[View]
179816862An evening stroll with friends I would so enjoy that[View]
179816935>Where is the paper towels? is he stupid? they're right behind him…[View]
179813374Bebop creator confirms that NF is shit[View]
179816781ITT: Pleb filters[View]
179816326What's it like being in love?[View]
179816265Las & Order SVU: >we found a little girls pussy in a bodega chopped cheese. DUNUN…[View]
179813071Do you own any cool VHS tapes?[View]
179816687The book was better[View]
179816550Why?: >Father of modern music >Still not a single good biopic after 250 years…[View]
179816408I can't take it anymore bros[View]
179816702>hey Alan, you and your child need to get the fuck out of my house before I bash both of your fuc…[View]
179816675Considering that Luke is essentially the Star Wars equivalent of Jesus, his appearance represents th…[View]
179815815*gets set on fire*[View]
179816353>literally saves the lives of thousands and kills hundred terrorists >is treated like a bum an…[View]
179809136Can Reddit petition Ryan Reynolds to be a guest on RLM so that he'd be cancelled within six mon…[View]
179810934>Watching Saving Private Ryan >This dude surrenders, pathetically begs, grovels, spits on Hitl…[View]
179811959Good series/movie about time travel? I’ve already watched Continuum and 12 monkeys (show) and it was…[View]
179816428WHERE IS HE?[View]
179816516are there any good muslim kinos? i only saw this one from palestine, hollywood hate it for some reas…[View]
179814742After Comics: What will be the next top movie trend after superhero movies?[View]
179815309It's time for a Jurassic Park tv show.[View]
179815333He's a protective silence. A dark watcher. A night guard.[View]
179814889Is there anything more jewish nog?[View]
179814708>Don't shoot! we're women! wtf Speilberg[View]
179815455ITT: Literally you[View]
179815056What did he mean by this?[View]
179816210Did he deserve it?[View]
179813237/lig/ Love Island General - something might actually happen tonight edition: Get in here /lig/gers T…[View]
179814828>hyped up as elite cartel hitmen >complete jobbers…[View]
179816117How would you redo it?: Do whatever you want - forget the asylum angle entirely if you want.[View]
179816168Do you think Tony knew that Junior put the hit on Dickie Moltisanti? What would he have done if he f…[View]
179807222Watching a film from 2004[View]
179815150>her eyes were green as the ganges and her lips plump as a plum, she was mother earth and I her s…[View]
179811573Lindsay Lohan was ranked in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 7 years in a row by FHM magazine …[View]
179815216Why was he the bad guy?[View]
179815645Is it the GOAT boat movie?[View]
179815956I honestly hate Seinfeld. Bla Bla. Yeah.. Huh. Me too. Kramer faggot. The fat guy. I could write th…[View]
179815783>Turn on MuchMusic in 1998 >'Sucks to Be You' by Prozzak starts playing…[View]
179814268Post scripted YouTube kino[View]
179812718kinoest intro thread[View]
179814903He should voice Shadow in the Sonic 3 movie.[View]
179815474Cast them for the Netflix live action series.[View]
179814846>Watch extended cut >That scene where you see some dresses and makeup in the sailors bunks and…[View]
179802014>ynr prince of persia[View]
179815772>693 days until the release of Avatar 3[View]
179814799>characters say the name of the movie in the movie[View]
179794830What's the last movie that you watched?[View]
179815770>How about I give you the finger We're not that well acquainted yet... Mr. Anderson…[View]
179813197Mission Impossible 7: >comes out in 6 months >0 hype Is it DOA? They didn't make a kino t…[View]
179813999Let's settle this once and for all. Was she good in the movie?[View]
179811344About Shit: >having a BBW strip and get in a jacuzzi with you is… LE BAD why were boomers so low …[View]
179813531>effortlessly mogs Paul and John How the fuck did he do it?[View]
179808431Kino inbound[View]
179815569Marathoning This Right Now. What Am I Going to Think About It?: Pretty engaging thus far.[View]
179815424Hey anon. Got any ju jus?.. I'm out. Wommp[View]
179793562Best sight gags[View]
179814496Why don't we see this kind of body in Hollywood movies?[View]
179813504damn Nedry was /fa/ as fuck[View]
179815402the last 5 minutes of The Pothole is quite literally the funniest shit ever filmed.[View]
179815005Cast war in Ukraine show on netflix. This is Zelensky >also short >comedian…[View]
179815233>give them a thread, for pity's sake[View]
179806625Is Berserk 1997 worth watching? I have only watched anime a few times, but I saw the first episode o…[View]
179814256Mad Chads assemble for a thread discussing the all time GOAT kino[View]
179815227Watch Parasite[View]
179814699mile 22: im starting pic related right now, by the time you read this im already gone and wont retur…[View]
179814476Should have been called Unnecesariblé. >literally ripping off Memento How contrived. Sad!…[View]
179812997holy shit: >eating an extra large fast food meal 3 times a day is bad for you!…[View]
179815006Plot Armor: who had better plot armor, ryan o'reilly or dexter morgan?[View]
179814945>Hey guys... i'm not sure you're aware, but racism's bad m'kay…[View]
179815252Is New Jersey really that bad?[View]
179813752>I'm fighting for trans rights[View]
179815102Luke, did I ever tell you about the cancer causing ingredients in bacta?[View]
179815010Science fiction movies are becoming too intense[View]
17981496210/10 kino[View]
179814501The name's Bond: DJ Bond[View]
179813006Wacky space adventure show thread[View]
179814967who was in the wrong here?[View]
179814281Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that television peaked with the character George Cos…[View]
179814728Forget about Lolita, they could never make this movie today[View]
179812227>it's bluray, so it has to be blue[View]
179814755Is Blumhouse the new Hammer Films production?[View]
179814602>I'm glad i fell into your universe[View]
179813101>G-Grandpa f*cked up bad morty >We- *burp* >w-were gona need to switch detentions again …[View]
179812891Would anon travel to unknown places, knowing he can never get back?: No. That's a pretty good q…[View]
179813813>Hundreds of people must die because I'm le bored... OK!?[View]
179809693Is this worth watching?[View]
179813467> 1976, 26 is a comically old age to have 0 ambitions and direction in life in the 1970's…[View]
179809531Imagine using colour filters to convey seasonal changes. What the fuck are contemporary film directo…[View]
179813939what is the greatest britbong movie of the 2020s?[View]
179808510/tulsa/ - Tulsa King General #5: I Show You Up By Showing Up Edition Catch the show at paramountplus…[View]
179807779How did that script you worked on for the 2-3 years of lockdowns end up working out for you, anon?[View]
179814339>I'm sorry ryan all your brothers fucking died...[View]
179812181So who is going to win?[View]
179812351WTF was his problem?[View]
179813602Average /tv/ poster /thread[View]
179810672What the fuck is her problem?[View]
179813913women exploitation is le good/bad fuck men tho[View]
179813348'Back again today, are we?'[View]
179814365Sometimes I Think About Dying: Daisy will win an Oscar for this[View]
179813812There is a concerning lack of green in modern television & film[View]
179813120You get paid 1,00,000 to manage /ourguy/, /tv/-personified, Artie Lange and plan his comeback. How d…[View]
179809206>has intact hairline >natty body >plays old, fat, balding character What is Adam Driver…[View]
179814254colin farrell career ending moment: >gets sodomized on live TV >acts like a le tough guy after…[View]
179813099Creepiest actor of all time?[View]
179788233How does he fucking do it?!![View]
179814263Physical:100: Anon, you know who the fuck you are. What do you think about this show? How do you thi…[View]
179814244Kinos about betraying those that look up to you?[View]
179814107My local theater just implemented it's first Singles Friday in over 5+ years. I'm about to…[View]
179811801>Anon, seriously, flush the toilet.[View]
179807767What went right?[View]
179814178What was their fucking problem[View]
179811979Was it rape?[View]
179811925* Game of Thrones - Oberyn Martell * Narcos - Javier Pena * The Mandalorian - The Mandalorian * The …[View]
179811345Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
179810912been a long time since I genuinely enjoyed a movie this much. I pirated it but I have to go and rewa…[View]
179811104Was it Kino?[View]
179812675>Women are not the problem. You are. Powerful.[View]
179800090Is it good?[View]
179814030It was a midget in a suit.[View]
179813975>Character is a failure divorced dad who fucks up everything >Kids still love him anyway…[View]
179812792Rom-coms: Why did the genre die off? >inb4 Hallmark channel Until 10 years ago there were a few …[View]
179802987Why is Star Trek so inherently cringe and uncool to the point it only appeals to nerds on the spectr…[View]
179813742Who’s the DKOldies of cinema?[View]
179812047>Cute dog gets introduced >It gets killed…[View]
179811715/avtr/ - Avatar General #140: Tsireya appreciation edition >>179795124[View]
179812120What's the best opening to a horror movie? https://youtu.be/b2tt_X5OZ6U[View]
179812954Opinions on Athena (2022)?: Just watched it and i found it very kino, absolutely great film, one of …[View]
179813737>still the only good fantasy show ever in your path Why has no one else made good fantasy shows?…[View]
179810776The americans are waking up[View]
179813704>Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! It wasn't my war! You asked me, …[View]
179794206What do you think about the actress for The Last of Us?[View]
179806943Children of men: How do anon thinks it holdup? Me? Boring stupid story.[View]
179810471I don't understand[View]
179813444>force a black kid as the next Jaden Smith >Reduce Miguel Johnny and Robby to the back of the …[View]
179813540Was Delon ever paired with a woman who wasn't mogged by him?[View]
179810011Is there even a way out of this situation? How could you live with yourself afterwards?[View]
179813528No Johnny. Those /tv don't believe in afterlife.[View]
179812871>all these posters unironically believing the movie is bad if the actress is not attractive how b…[View]
179805048Let's settle this once and for all, is this show called MXC or Takeshi's Castle?[View]
179813428Why do all movies have the same ticket price at the cinema? If a movie was very expensive to make, a…[View]
179811835any sites that have that spine-tingeling, genre-redefining, slow burn already as stream for free? an…[View]
179811121>peace? I hate the word[View]
179813246/lig/ General: Ded series edition. Can we get more than 8 /lig/gers in here tonight?[View]
179813322>this made 1920s girls swoon so hard that they killed themselves[View]
179803281Mel Gibson: Can we have a Mel Gibson appreciation thread? I know there will be some anti Gibson shil…[View]
179813119more slop for the goyim: >be me >liked the game, thought the concept was cool >just know th…[View]
179813115https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIc671o9yCI this unironically looks like the best superhero movie ev…[View]
179813005>Husband cheats on wife >tries to break it off with his mistress >she threatens to expose h…[View]
179812602Wait... Wolfy McWerewolf was a werewolf????[View]
179811794Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
179812689Why is Hollywood the most evil industry?[View]
179812937Tranny jannies care to explain how I get banned for posting Emma Myers but when I post BBC they don…[View]
179812762DYKESISTERS????: I thought Daphne was a lesbian, how could they do this??? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
179811114How many drivers does a buggy have?[View]
179811006ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
179810175what is THE best sports movie?[View]
179810888If the show doesn't come back, neither should I.: I woke up from a coma last week. What the fuc…[View]
179812803>mogs your favorite stop-motion animated film[View]
179812369Genuinely Bizarre[View]
179812565What type of torture did Marsellus Wallace inflict upon Zed? He said a pair of pliers and a blow tor…[View]
179812757owner of the hardest dick in the world[View]
179812218Forget Gosling: How do I acquire Paul Walkers personality?[View]
179812445Daily America’s next top model thread: This is Norelle from Season 3. Say something nice about about…[View]
179812665Who will play him in his inevitable biopic?[View]
179812651cast it[View]
179812524when I say the name...biggus...........DICKUS[View]
179812011Atia of the Julii, I call for justice. Atia of the Julii, I call for justice. Atia of the Julii, I c…[View]
179812466>SHOCKER!!!!!!! >SHOCKEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!![View]
179811016This isn't a meme 'haha they should cast Idris Elba and [WAIFU OF THE WEEK]' thread. But you kn…[View]
179811960Who's the greatest bad guy in movies?[View]
179812164>refering to portal fantasy as 'isekai'[View]
179812531What's your favorite show on the IMDB top 250?: I made a poll so you can vote and see the resul…[View]
179811568Is this what redditors watched in the 50s?[View]
179812488*is wholesome in your path*[View]
179809898Did anyone understand this movie? The trailer is misleading, 20% of the shots arent even i the movie…[View]
179812450Real or fake? Butter or margerine?[View]
179812441Most successful horror franchise: Annabell 257 million Annabell Creations 306 million Annabell Comes…[View]
179812314>Anon, you don't come to /tv/ and talk to a man like Mod Greene like that!…[View]
179806682Is Marvel phase 5 already dead?: >According to new data shared by Box Office Pro, Ant-Man and the…[View]
179812169what are some underwater kinos?[View]
179806782These guys fucked. Unironically the coolest troopers[View]
179811709Anyone have any good tips on where to find 4k discs for cheap? I look at half price books, goodwill,…[View]
179811451>runtime: 251 minutes[View]
179795124/avtr/ - Avatar General #139: Economic domination edition >>179774918[View]
179806352Which jacket color era of Lupin the 3rd is the best worth watching?[View]
179811097I wasn't on /tv/ in 2006, what were the threads like when This is England came out? Was it well…[View]
179807698>OI WAS ROIPED INNIT holy shit this was bad. and the whole symbolism with him wanting to keep th…[View]
179812061What gives?: >Love Masterchef professionals >Food kino of the highest order with great and inn…[View]
179812045>new personality unlocked[View]
179809821MMA is the only TV worth watching: Capeshit is geared towards manchildren, tv-shows cater towards wi…[View]
179806287Today is the 40th anniversary of his death. What does /tv/ think of him? Is it true that he is unhe…[View]
179793792Have non-irish, non-bongs /tv/ users seen this?[View]
179811347Why is the 2020's so soulless?: Life seemed so much more exciting in 2011, nowadays even 14 yea…[View]
179810732Why'd they just write him out?[View]
179806066You may only post actors with KINO hairlines in this thread[View]
179811510you just know it'll win best picture[View]
179811052Kino Deaths: What's your favourite cinematic death? Be warned for spoilers ITT[View]
179811780Thoughts on the upcoming Netflix Adaptation of Lupin III? What should it include?[View]
179808163What are some kino documentaries you watched recently? Recommend me something nice. I'll start …[View]
179805480>Two minutes left on the clock, my plate's looking a bit empty. >That's when it hits…[View]
179809132I watched this movie after I saw the meme and what the fuck is this shit? It's like a teenage m…[View]
179807587Fix it.[View]
179811514Cast them.[View]
179810384*ruins your show*[View]
179811587So in other news...big ol' Two Scoops is at it again.[View]
179810559To me she's beautiful... Rubenesque![View]
179808658Buffy thread: Continued from the last thread >>179796409, discuss all things Buffy/Angel and e…[View]
179811035Damn, Hayden Christensen has always looked like an old man[View]
179810398Mathematician biopics: Since we have biopics about scientists and inventors (The Theory of Everythin…[View]
179808375You People: Yup I watched the racebait movie. >Jews are constantly lumped with white people despi…[View]
179811442I know you've marathoned movies, but when was the last time you sprinted a movie? Personally, I…[View]
179811425I don't know anything about this Ryan Johnston by Poker Face is easily the best show I have see…[View]
179809631Watched this for the first time at 2x speed while having a podcast in the background, it's actu…[View]
179808644>advertised as a boxing movie >its just a romance drama with a boxing match at the end >sti…[View]
179811318Was winona just audrey hepburn for xoomers?[View]
179806152Do men actually have their apartment like this?[View]
179811163>Alexa… this one’s for you[View]
179809986Posted this yesterday and got nobody (this show just came out). Has nobody on here watched this yet?…[View]
179808794>some random woman got kidnapped by a group of dangerous fiends we're not sure are human and…[View]
179810415Movies where woman protagonist is a lone survivor her boyfriend/ on screen male counterpart is piec…[View]
179809801>You are a worthless, friendless, faggot-lipped little piece of shit whose mommy left daddy when …[View]
179810863What happened to her career? What was her best role?[View]
179809829What's your favorite show on the IMDB top 250?: I made a poll so you can vote and see the resul…[View]
179802633/tv/ webm thread[View]
179810687>So what we get drunk? >So what we smoke weed? >We're just having fun >We don'…[View]
179809141Would anon travel to unknown places, knowing he can never get back?[View]
179809926At least we get the free toaster[View]
179810834People are already making simple music videos or narrations with AI, this is getting out of hand. I …[View]
179801313>starts singing CRINGE[View]
179810492Behold, the last good comedy movie[View]
179808128Wolf Of Wall Street thread: What world are these people living in wherein 'lick my twat' is an insul…[View]
179810702Rural/poor people kino: How were the early seasons of TPB so eerily accurate?[View]
179809460Was Johnny Sack making a mistake not letting Ralphie join the New York Family? His earning ability w…[View]
179810199dumb cunt[View]
179810486OOH OOOHH AHH AAAAHHHH!!!!![View]
179809350Why was it so bad when Mando was so good? Did they have different writers?[View]
179809211Greatest film of the 2000's right there[View]
179810348Have you seen the new 'Riget' ('The Kingdom – Exodus')? Where can one find that? I loved the origina…[View]
179810015Why do zoomers love this movie all of the sudden? Do they just put it on as background noise while t…[View]
179809374Mercy? After you scrub all the floors in Hyrule, then after you scrub all the floors in Gamelon, the…[View]
179810423DOG NIGGAS[View]
179809432>trilogy >third movie is the best one Any more cases?…[View]
179807761Is he more popular than Darth Vader? Is that way George hates him?[View]
179808769Oh yeah, haha namasayin'?[View]
179803607give me your kinoest gook flick and I'll watch it tonight[View]
179805308do Americans really?[View]
179807275I've seen Banshees, Elvis and Everything, which others are worth watching?[View]
179807364A Communication’s disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
179799490Tulsa Cuck: >tough mafia man kicks ass, extorts businesses, commits crimes >but he won't …[View]
179810210Do you watch 90 Day Fiance?[View]
179809798>Problem, chud???[View]
179805963I want to bully her until her self worth is so low she thinks she shouldn't be a lawyer anymore…[View]
179806150this is why hollywood will never make a decent mecha movie[View]
179809057ITT: 'huge' movies nobody remembers[View]
179809887it didn't deserve the hate[View]
179789484/got/hotd/: Rhaelicent edition prev >>179780003[View]
179794323The Simpsons renewed for seasons 35 and 36: have no fears, we've got stories for years[View]
179809947Why did she do it bros?[View]
179809042hey anon!!! any weekend plans?[View]
179808729You will be streaming his special tonight, right?[View]
179809796>you people are all fucked[View]
179809820I'm feeling skinny, Tony![View]
179809428Cocaine... is evil[View]
179808487Oh my odin so true!!![View]
179806265Is this the best western cartoon of all time?[View]
179807922>kino slot[View]
179795472What's the verdict?[View]
179809484because Grant's like me, he's a[View]
179806658Should I watch 1 before this? Is it worth it? Apparently it's worse than last wish[View]
179809538Bobby Boar: https://youtu.be/37YS_zCxng8[View]
179809506Uh... chudsisters? what now?[View]
179806438for me it's /The Hoff/[View]
179797193What happened to western animation?[View]
179808212So I just watched this for the first time, it was a speed watch (1.5x fast forward, it’s a long movi…[View]
179809268Willem Dafoe is in talks for Robert Eggers' Nosferatu: Looks like kino's back on the menu.…[View]
179807127What's the most generic movie you've ever seen?[View]
179808081Approved meta thread: This board is dead. I've been seeing the same 10 threads in the 'log…[View]
179809262WILLOW SEASON 2[View]
179809150>I'm putting together a team... >fade to black >*BWAAAAAH* >'we'll need a slic…[View]
179809217Just started watching this for the first time and I'm on season 1 episode 2, enjoying it so far[View]
179809215>confirms that Chris was a giant retarded snake and Tony did the right thing killing him Uhh base…[View]
179791487he should have won, he thought of every detail fuck this gay ending[View]
179809105Another Friday night is upon us /tv/ what'll you be doing? Something gay no doubt[View]
179804532What're done kinoes about the Roman empire?[View]
179807278It's Shit: What am I missing here? Do people just like zombieshit that much?[View]
179807567I did not care for Daniel Craig's James Bond.[View]
179806965For me it's the 3 original Disney princesses[View]
179807045You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.[View]
179805142guess the movie[View]
179808767>It's a Truman spends another Friday alone episode[View]
179806488How come no one told me: This is really good. And it also happens to be the prequel to the best movi…[View]
179802944I WILL now watch Shazam![View]
179808838>you’re not crescent fresh![View]
179807637ITT: actresses you'd like to beat to death with a hammer[View]
179808751Night of.....: First zombie flix. Best.[View]
179802735>we need someone to play an ethnic minority with poor social skills and signs of autism >say l…[View]
179807342>I le dont want to work[View]
179801846>Baywatch, at its peak, was broadcast in 142 countries with more than 1 billion viewers…[View]
179801833> SILENCE![View]
179805389Copenhagen Cowboy: new Miukino just dropped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dircodj6oNY Netflix is …[View]
179804121what the fuck happened to Shia?[View]
179808620wolf pack: anyone watched this shit yett? is it good for teenager supernatural drama thing? like com…[View]
179807897if Narnia was realistic mr Tummus would've raped Lucy[View]
179808310Did anon also see those 3d horror flix in the 80s? Whoohoohole.[View]
179807479>surpasses kino Literally the best coming of age film ever made[View]
179808026what movie will make me feel less alone this weekend?[View]
179804246What went wrong?[View]
179806801watch GI Jane[View]
179804415Scarlett Johansson spoder webbing scene in Eight Legged Freaks: In this scene she is obviously saved…[View]
179808320What's your favorite show on the IMDB top 250?: I made a poll so you can vote and see the resul…[View]
179806044Is Stanley Kubrick the closest thing cinema has had to a Michelangelo?[View]
179806285How would you feel if you had a son like AJ Soprano?[View]
179804446Go bears![View]
179803646What was her fucking problem?[View]
179807597Poker Face: Kino of the season, so far so good[View]
179805736I dare you. Post her worst movie.[View]
179802405Now that the dust has settled, was it trash?[View]
179806418My Bird: That’s it. I’m done pretending. Iron Man 2 is the best film in the MCU and it’s non negotia…[View]
179808137>be American >get shot >everyone starts clapping…[View]
179807409And if you can believe it, its a friday once again! And not just any friday, the last friday of Janu…[View]
179773407WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 10 MOVIES OF ALL TIME?!: This one was really hard. I think i should have gone for …[View]
179805502wtf it's like he's photoshopped[View]
179808004Anyone else watching this shit? It's written for women but it's pretty funny.[View]
179807659In The Sopranos when Tony is done beating Georgie he says 'I pay you a fucking salary!' What he did…[View]
179806086What are some /tv/ approved anime? I liked Log Horizon[View]
179790556Could Buffy the Vampire Slayer take on the vampires in other vampire shows?[View]
179806542>*ruins cinema*[View]
179807486This could have been big if they were allowed to continue[View]
179807619the best horror vs. movie[View]
179805291ITALY: I went to Italy in the summer. Went from the north down to the south. At first the north was …[View]
179806870Flight of The Navigator: Why hasn't there been a sequel or remake of this?[View]
179807677I've watched everything there is, so there is nothing to watch. Well unless you count movies no…[View]
179804367Cast him, but do it fucking properly: No actors who are 30 years too old for the role, no Bryan Cran…[View]
179807650>tfw no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf5WDuvjFbM[View]
179806081The Office: Why the double standard?[View]
179807635he's literally me[View]
179804207Is it any good? I usually like scifi[View]
179800551What franchise reboot hurt you the most?[View]
179799791>Because the presenter of this series, Graham Hancock, proposes a theory and story do not align w…[View]
179807402holy shit[View]
179805582ITT: We write a letter to Christopher Nolan one word at a time. I'll start. Hello[View]
179803890How is it HBO is the only streaming service still even remotely trying to put out quality content? I…[View]
179806203>laughing at bulemic people >laughing at getting illegal immigrants deported >caricatures o…[View]
179807001What went wrong?[View]
179807055Anyone else here enjoy gritty Italian police movies ?[View]
179807081>HON SOWLO...YARRA DEED MON[View]
179805004Why didn't it make much money?[View]
179801356>uh I'm sorry >don't stop big stud who was in the wrong here?…[View]
179805368>omg I was SO worried about how they would adapt this part from the book/game but they did such a…[View]
179800947>half the world's population >not a single kino How?…[View]
179807022Film Pitch thread: I'll start >Therapist (Ben Stiller) is haunted by the ghost of a schizoph…[View]
179803600Why did he do it?[View]
179805385Cute kino!: Bubbly Japanese girl meets buff black guy https://youtu.be/XBjB1ztZDX0[View]
179806816Foreshadowing: How did Rian know?[View]
179806514Why was the ending so flat? I thought the two incel brothers would have kept the Frenchman alive as …[View]
179806441Are you prepared for the next Thanos?[View]
179806817Recommend me movies about a villain turned saint (good guy)[View]
179805557How on earth is Rian the most successful hollywood director out there ? How did do it ?[View]
179805216Would you be a good Rick and Morty replacement?[View]
179804280MCU topped with its very first movie: Why didn't they reach the kino levels of Iron Man again?…[View]
179804109Would a shrew Even at the size of a dog be all that scary ?[View]
179805754He’s one of us! Salute![View]
179806622does any other kino catch the essential feeling of ”i fucked up bad”[View]
179797304Any other dogshitcore movies? I find this to be an interesting genre[View]
179805456Wtf did i just watch?: >guy's wife dies and he says he never loved her nor cared that she di…[View]
179806450What's your favorite show on the IMDB top 250?: I made a poll so you can vote and see the resul…[View]
179798263Are you looking forward to the new Frog and Toad show?[View]
179806428Why is this allowed?[View]
179805828GOD DAMN THAT'S EDGY[View]
179795290>DID A FULL 180[View]
179803657>typical A24 enjoyer[View]
179805071>I'll win your war. >now tickle my pickle.…[View]
179806178The Last of Us season 2 Who will play him?[View]
179805880Why was Citizen Kane best movie ever? I forgot.[View]
179794370Hunter Schafer makes her film debut this year: >Schafer plays the main character in Cuckoo, a hor…[View]
179803913Why didn't they stress that Phil Leonardo was gay?: As far as I noticed there was one fucking s…[View]
179804905am i supposed to believe he made all that by himself?[View]
179804580What do I torrent today /tv/?[View]
179802718I'm your Huckelberry[View]
179805573I am being at the cinema right now Avatar is fucking boring[View]
179805334Does he deserve the Best Actor Oscar?[View]
179804333>only 281 days until the next Toho Godzilla Film[View]
179789557>still in cinemas >already nobody talks about it Yup, I'm thinking ZERO cultural impact a…[View]
179805618What's his endgame?[View]
179805127Are there any good movies about working retail?[View]
179805607take the dano pill: explain the effect he has on young women and how do i replicate it[View]
179803266Kino: https://youtu.be/u5n7RRKgDog[View]
179805611what did he mean by this?[View]
179789481/jazz/ - I Am Jazz general: Tranimorphs edition NEW JAZZ NEXT TUESDAY AND EVERY TUESDAY LET'S G…[View]
179805553IIT: legendary movie props[View]
179805551Holy KINO: The halo tv show blows the last of us out of the water. halo is the best video game adapt…[View]
179803919wouldn't it infect animals too? considering that the story goes that the fungus evolved to huma…[View]
179805330watch law and order SVU, parent characters find out their kid had sex with a male teacher: >they …[View]
179805482Based or cringe?[View]
179804561For me its Sheila[View]
179804110>'HARRRRYYYYY POTTTTTER!' >Y-yes, headmaster? >'I'm going to slip you 20 points to Gry…[View]
179803561Is this movie historically accurate?[View]
179805273How are Warrior Nun fans feeling right now? Last of Us only 2 eps in and already receiving the green…[View]
179803559THREAD ALRIGHT[View]
179805356for example, this post right here is about the wonders that Tony Kaye has brought to cinema, especia…[View]
179801703Television & Film for this feel?[View]
179803971Scrubs: >The thing about working in a hospital is . . .[View]
179805349A serious man: This was a great movie Do you really have to be jewish to fully understand it though?…[View]
179804792Bend the knee /tv/ or ill destroy you[View]
179805422Would this save millennial men?[View]
179803955>the actors on screen look straight into the camera and talk about some of the most traumatizingl…[View]
179796569are women kino repellant?[View]
179802793Do you think the Workaholics post on 4chan. Watching the show for the first time watching an episode…[View]
179795141Two weeks is a long time for a hike, right?[View]
179792814/tkg/ - Tulsa King General: Been waiting my whole life edition[View]
179804412I can picture perfectly how Tarantino came up with the idea to make this movie >Tarantino watchin…[View]
179796111Movie about gnosticism or demiurge?[View]
179804668Come up with a premise for a new Adult Swim cartoon.[View]
179805010Bellabros, we won!: >The Last Of Us has been officially renewed for season two. >Its premiere…[View]
179803660>the empire is evil because...: the series wouldve been better if we learned what they wanted to …[View]
179804729'Play Salierri.'[View]
1798049392D > 3D Brighter, everything doesnt look like toys and your eyes don't hurt[View]
179804329I always thought Koreans were weak thinks. Turns out they’re fuckin’ badass. The grizzled old guy wh…[View]
179804841listen, im just not sure were getting a good deal here. pimping out our own daugther to this interna…[View]
179802845TRANNYUS REPELLO!![View]
179804707Firefox is garbage: Fuck Quentin Tarantino.[View]
179796078Was this real or CGI? How did he get away with this?[View]
179804674Wait, there will be a black character call Kang in the Ant-man movie? They really wuz kangz and shie…[View]
179804666How do I stop watching garbage just because I recognize the actor's in it?[View]
179803860so these bums just react to music videos?[View]
179803620Women in this movie don't have friends Why?[View]
179799605Was the really the bad guy?[View]
179802697Was Perks of being a Wallflower her last good role?[View]
179804538this made 1920s girls swoon so hard that they killed themselves[View]
179800149how come jewlywood only makes movies where the protag wins? what happened to tragedies?[View]
179802135MCU Phase 4 in a nutshell[View]
179802590Watch Crossroads (2002) for peak Britney and young Zoe[View]
179803665What was his best role?[View]
179804132Hey /tv/, I'm Guy Fieri, and you know what I need? I need you riding shotgun! I'm on my wa…[View]
179804365>tries to act[View]
179802662>BOG OFF ELAINE YOU STUPID PAKI it was a different time[View]
179804283When will Tariq Nasheed make a documentary about the Flugelrods?[View]
179804098Who influenced filimmakers more Kurosawa or Hitchcock?[View]
179789032Whoa yeah, shit, yeah, whoa, I guess I never really thought about like, whether I want them to come …[View]
179803983/tv/ is staunchly team Roman.[View]
179801187ITT: Movies that make Disney embarrassed: I’ll start.[View]
179804041>Having children is... LE GOOD[View]
179797839Why do trannies and zoomies seethe so hard about Sopranos on here lately?[View]
179802753YOU DON’T WANT NO BEEF: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vn7o-SfmdLo[View]
179802230>using the word newfag as a deterrent in the year of Our Lord 2023 How was the archive?…[View]
179803707m-master Yoda?[View]
179799815>bypassed the compressor[View]
179800765is mike rowe the realest nigga on tv?[View]
179803655>let me understand, you got the seed and feed, the sneed and the chuck >the sneed goes with th…[View]
179800282Koala Man's google history[View]
179803599name a horror movie King Ass Ripper COULDN'T solo Pro Tip: you can't[View]
179803409Loki: Read this Article and tell me what you think!!! It's really well written and makes some a…[View]
179803591What's your favorite Eastern European film?[View]
179802436Who was the better movie bunny? Lola, or Judy?[View]
179803569television and film or something[View]
179803491Be my friend you son of a bitch.[View]
179802773I present the only movie where Will Ferrel was funny[View]
179802095Things like that never happened at my school.[View]
179803378What's Cate Blanchett's best work?[View]
179794819These are two actual shots from a movie nominated for 11 oscars.[View]
179801208In a better timeline....[View]
179793123Based? Based.[View]
179802895>horror movie >The antagonist is just a human…[View]
179802085kino like this?[View]
179803273he's next[View]
179801770If Billy had a hairline like Jason Statham, this would've been a horror story[View]
179797378What did you think of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)?[View]
179803244Have you ever visited places in a tv show? I want to see the yellow house.[View]
179801295Was there ever an explanation as for why disarming wizards in movies before Half Blood Prince never …[View]
179803085>mogs Clint and Gian every time they're in the same scene in AFOD he would've mogged Cl…[View]
1798030143 kino for the price of 1 what a deal[View]
179801700Kaiba 2008: >Slaps your gf's ass and makes this face Wat do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
1798025336 months ago he was auditioning his replacement: Word on the inside is they couldn't keep it fr…[View]
179801061>Boy does bad thing >Is rewarded by being shrunk small enough to sneak into the girl's lo…[View]
179801513What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie, /tv/?[View]
179781786How are you supposed to get past this security system?[View]
179799984ITT: characters who are literally you[View]
179800851how they doing this[View]
179796932I know I know I'm beating a dead horse here but why couldn't they just get a cute girl? it…[View]
179802604Why do women love to imagine two male characters as boyfriends?[View]
179802649Are documentaries and reality TV being slowly replaced by Youtubers?[View]
179797638How is it possible to go from making movies like Alien, Blade Runner, and even Thelma and Louise and…[View]
179799103>I'm fighting for no free Healthcare at home[View]
179799377Who wins ?[View]
179802351>single mothers are worse than death[View]
179801261Better Call Saul is boring as batshit compared to this[View]
179795570ITT: Movies/scenes that fucked you up as a kid[View]
179801274Are there people on this website trying to make me schizophrenic?[View]
179798569still funny after 40 years[View]
179799997ITT: characters who are literally you.[View]
179799721What's the appeal?: >Liberals........IN SPACE!!!!!! As a zoomer, am I supposed to be impress…[View]
179801508What snacks do you eat while watching your kino?[View]
179802024Hey guys![View]
179802377How would you handle the masturbation situation? No-fap for a couple of years or something else?[View]
179793131>Do I look like someone who cares about what God thinks?[View]
179801968> We're back! WCRST, Succotash and the Bird in the morning. The Christian zoo radio hooty-ho…[View]
179801934>There’s no purple lightsaber?[View]
179802188>Tyrant >Commits genocide >Kills his right hand man for insubordination >Sacrifices his …[View]
179801786He says there is no racial prejudice, but what about sexism and homophobia?[View]
179802280>pew pew cool lasers[View]
179802210BULL: SHIT[View]
179802209Pruitt should've removed the picture of him as a young man and hidden it somewhere else in the …[View]
179800854Disney want a new movie for 2025[View]
179801258ITT: your favorite movie soundtrack[View]
179801276>call it[View]
179801714Times you acted like the mad men™ >go into work >guzzle 5 bottles of scotch >smoke 58 ciga…[View]
179800733Movies where the bad guy is actually good?[View]
179800219My ancestor[View]
179795474How the hell do we stop the emasculation of Black Men in Entertainment Media?[View]
179801928What did he do?[View]
179798394>friday Why are you here?[View]
179801812Why would they expect one of them in the wreckage? They would obviously know (from the damage due to…[View]
179801688ANSWER!!!: ANSWER!!![View]
179800648>Five, and that's my final offer. >Four.…[View]
179801848Another Friday night upon us,what'll you be doing /tv/ something gay no doubt?[View]
179801608What went wrong?[View]
179801058You have almost exactly five (5) seconds (+-0.23) (POINT TWO THREE) to name four (vier) kinoes, 9 (n…[View]
179801098>watching Mad Men >character states or implies that Elisabeth Moss is attractive Seriously, w…[View]
179801656>sequel kills off the main character[View]
179795534>got blackout drunk last night, don’t remember a thing >upon waking see that I tweeted ‘I’m g…[View]
179801278can somebody explain to me why indians have an obsession with zach snyder and his movies[View]
179800221>villain arcs[View]
179798727Seriously, a scene like this, in a movie or TV show, would be (rightfully) considered completely unb…[View]
179800595What films best encapsulate the experience of living in modern day china?[View]
179801430What happens to the value of Justin Roiland paintings I've acquired with valuation advice from …[View]
179801457What's your favorite musical? For me, it's Axe-Assassin Albertson.[View]
179801228Wayne’s world 3 when?![View]
179799474It was a humiliation ritual.[View]
179801392The charges, officer?[View]
179797951pitch an idea for the upcoming Terminator 7 movies /tv/[View]
179800191>trying to focus on watching kino >sister and her bf (a huge hung black guy) are getting it on…[View]
179766741Why are there almost no claustrophobia kinos out there? It's one of the most common, universal …[View]
179801291How is it even possible for a film to be this good?[View]
179799493>have a nightmare >'this is feminism!' What did she mean by this?…[View]
179799341is 'sustained bad judgement' a forgivable flaw in the business of movie critics?[View]
179794761Who would you cast in a live-action version of Bayonetta? Hard mode: No Tina Fey.[View]
179799362We all agree that Strawberry Fields Forever is their best song, right?[View]
179799427He career is just starting.[View]
179801079Kinos about good race relations?[View]
179799460Unironically, why did he do it?: He already graduated. He became a real Marine. He won. He made it. …[View]
179798599Now that the dust has settled, can we admit he did nothing wrong and this was a good sandwich?[View]
179799470get a medical capsule immediately[View]
179799569How is it possible there hasn't been an at least decent quality tv show with hardcore porn in i…[View]
179800946>Film has a dance / dance off segment Why do they do this? It's incredibly rife in animation…[View]
179793860>I missed you, baby sweet.[View]
179799517cinema is a lesser artform than music: Sadly, cinema can never match the grandeur of music. This is …[View]
179799770Why does he play the same character in everything he's in?[View]
179800365i drive[View]
179797064I don’t get it: What was the point of it all?[View]
179800102Why are so many oscar flicks got carried by supporting cast?[View]
179792651ERIC-CELS OUR BOY IS ALIVE >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCSu09mt1I4…[View]
179792661Was this really necessary?[View]
179798800The Prince of Egypt (1998): is this movie historically accurate?[View]
179800645ITT: the exact frame a movie lost you.[View]
179792351Why was this old fuck so incompetent at hiring new teachers? Every single year, a new fucking weirdo…[View]
179799771which video games surpassed the movie they were based on ?[View]
179800575Jewish nepotism[View]
179800527LOL! Those TOP KEKS got arse blasted by this scene. https://youtu.be/PlPPjUhZ7AM[View]
179798638>I really hate that Chilli and Sea Bass[View]
179799906I didn't know neccslut was in the Waco series[View]
179800388> $500M budget[View]
179789999Has /tv/ watched my wife Anna's new drama series on the Aussie's new channel broadcasting …[View]
179798476>here's your borderlands adaptation bro[View]
179799876>build up Anakin as the protagonist for 3 movies >In the final fight he jobs to Obi Wan, a sup…[View]
179797872A villain more dangerous than death itself[View]
179793962What other popstar comes close to Michael Jackson in kino music videos?[View]
179799527zoomers dont watch movies, how come they act like they are movie characters 24/7?[View]
179796087The Good The Bad And The Ugly: More like 'The Handsome Prick, The Lawful Evil And The Lovable Fool'.…[View]
179793929Russian big cartoons now are with English subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjnasSEu…[View]
179796900/sopranos/ - General: .[View]
179788787what makes this one so much better than the rest?[View]
179797767Full Metal Jacket in Vietnam: Was Full Metal Jacket even aired in Vietnam? What do Vietnamese think …[View]
1797995941917 woudl have been much better if they didn't maske it a one shot film: 1917 would have been …[View]
179797329why is everything coming out now soulless?[View]
179799167Why aren't there any horror movies about pitbulls?[View]
179799604/who/- Doctor Who General: London 1965 edition[View]
179798328HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS?: >Shin said she was inspired by the 1999 romantic comedy 'Never …[View]
179800052thoughts on good will hunting? i thought it was kino myself[View]
179800023>Alan... g-get out of my house.[View]
179795172I accidentally took more than the recommended dose am I gonna die? Any movies about this by the way?[View]
179795829>Show that's whole premise is mocking cringeworthy shit >Sniffs it's own farts eager…[View]
179798181The silence is DEAFENING[View]
179799349What are some quiet foods to eat while watching movies?[View]
179799702>I'm part gay >Supposedly we all are What did Papa Steve mean by this?…[View]
179796407Eliza Dushku: Why did her career burn out so quickly?[View]
179799673no way this skinny blonde bitch could hold onto a rusty pole with 1 hand while the person attached t…[View]
179798683I feel like talking about paintball on /tv/ and I dare a mod to fuck with me about it.[View]
179785344You did this because you lack self control[View]
179798577>Oh my science... killing is LE BAD? I know it's an old meme at this point, but don't s…[View]
179798102Dayum computer scientists look like ***THIS***?[View]
179799288Who was in the wrong here[View]
179799489How do you do fellow kids?[View]
179798027Is The Outsider worth watching?[View]
179799036Kingdom of Heaven has the best soundtrack of all cinema history[View]
179799334Okay let's analyze this, if she a genius hacker or the ED209 had a very poor security and OS?[View]
179797034Please ... come back[View]
179797234This is the best movie ever made[View]
179798920Barbara Streisand was the Lena Dunham/Mindy Kaling/Amy Schumer of her era[View]
179797606>mother was an Ashkenazi Jew whose parents were emigrants from Minsk, Belarus, then in the Russia…[View]
179799025Family? They're a glorified crew.[View]
179793603Mid: The show[View]
179786144Will you be viewing Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, starring Sophia Lillis as Doric the…[View]
179798239Will it be pre-apocalyptic kino? Anybody read the book?[View]
179796993Operation Fortune: Saw this yesterday, bit shite. Apart from Hugh Grant's character it didn…[View]
179798873*ruins your show*[View]
179797663If Elon Musk were to acquire a company like Netflix or Disney, he could produce high-quality enterta…[View]
179798976I saw my baby crying hard as babe could cry,: What could I do?[View]
179798507Literally Mes you never updated: I didn’t get any of the Ryan Gosling updates. Anybody else running …[View]
179797885Whoah, did I just watch an avantgarde film adaptation of the Torah?[View]
179798906Kinos about hypocrisy?[View]
179794810Why don’t they make movies like this anymore? It’s just the story of a man, but why is it so kino in…[View]
179798863How can they make a show about an entire decade that was politically incorrect, and zoomerwash it. T…[View]
179797125itt: movies so bad that its kind of baffling itself[View]
179798746ITT: Kinoses[View]
179798004name my weapon: Dubs name it, trips change the description[View]
179798807>buccal fat removal[View]
179797766i hope the last of us results in more video game television shows[View]
179798216They took this from you[View]
179798697What was in the bathroom again?[View]
179798693I watched and enjoyed Jlawkino and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
179793986>Investigators found that the fire had started in three different locations, something which NEVE…[View]
179798556What went right?[View]
179795731>does a better show than Netflix with 10% of the budget nothin personnel laowais....…[View]
179798511Netflix sucks but a part of me doesn't want it to fail because it will just mean that Disney wi…[View]
179797298Why do Bangladeshi people look chinky?: They look like chinky indian poos. Did they mix with east as…[View]
179797646Why couldn't he form healthy relationships?[View]
179792521Anna Kendrick: She’s the complete opposite of me.[View]
179798279Squid game: Remember that year when everyone was doing the squid game cosplay? It was .... the last …[View]
179796929What movie are they watching?[View]
179792854>Dude, it's bad...on purpose![View]
179796233Goodnight Sweet Prince[View]
179783520what went wrong?[View]
179795383is this any good? or are there at least a few scenes of her jogging or something[View]
179792812What was the message of this film?[View]
179797688>bro this shit is Shrek 1 dude[View]
179796246What happened to comedy movies? The last ones I remember are the Hangover films and that was a decad…[View]
179796867Sorry bros...I'm going to watch the little mermaid[View]
179797269Aubrey Plaza's Feet: The Movie.[View]
179794309>TFW we aren't living in the timeline where Britney married JT and lived happily ever after…[View]
179797258what a brilliant independent female mind: too bad you're going to prison for life on 4 accounts…[View]
179794831Why doesn't Hollywood make wholesome films like this anymore?[View]
179796400>dog character escapes >WHO LET THE DOGS OUT starts playing…[View]
179792884why can women kidnap men?[View]
179797645what did he mean by this?[View]
179796935>says BR 2049 is a soulless piece of shit[View]
179796748Movies about good times with your bros?[View]
179790236What kind of dumbass would give his daughter her friend's stolen car and expect her not to imme…[View]
179796644HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE HIS NEPHEW: >A report by deputy Garret Leone, obtained by the Press Associa…[View]
179793855Superman: Now that Toby Maguire wants to be Spiderman again there is really no excuse for Gunn to no…[View]
179797509The ONLY option for Wonder Woman![View]
179797027Hey remember that time Agnes drugged Jenny and left her unconscious to almost get gangraped by a bac…[View]
179792293>mogged in powerlevel by kid naruto during first episode >never recovers any over examples of …[View]
179795642What kind of porn do you like? >lolicon LOLICON? FUCK THAT SHIT! REAL-LIFE-CUNT-NEE…[View]
179797686The Glory: What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
179794617>Kristen Stewart is set to direct THREE music videos for Phoebe Bridgers-led indie-rock supergrou…[View]
179794421Toby Stephens: >*Best James Bond in your path[View]
179796138This is the most Reddit show in all existence. This is ten thousand times more Reddit than Rick and …[View]
179795995Was this a reasonable reaction to the situation? Also I dont get this show.[View]
179797615>Amazing, every word of what you just posted is against the rules. >The Janny is reborn today,…[View]
179797397Television vs Film[View]
179796365Looking at new movies and shows and 100% are utter shit Guess I just look for some show to rewatch …[View]
179791188Tobey Maguire would return as Spider-Man again: >If these guys called me and said, “Would you sho…[View]
179797500/ffg/ - Firefox (1982) General: Clint in disguise edition.[View]
179796229>here's your willy wonka bro >oh btw it's an origin story lol this shit is gonna flo…[View]
179794393>Cursing and stuttering = le funny[View]
179797021Sex with Heather[View]
179797415Mark my words, he was taken down because he stuck up for Pewds in 2017 and is friendly with Elon Mus…[View]
179789965She killed billions[View]
179796048Scarjo+Lizzie Olsen+Billie Eilish's attitude=M3gan[View]
179797404Movies with Kino facial hair?[View]
179797041I genuinely don't get it. What's the point? That the current world where women are the top…[View]
179795081the fat gay asian kid needs to go. why the hell did they think it could be funny to have the fat gay…[View]
179797308>DA JANNY CAN SOCK ME[View]
179794988>I am... le acting[View]
179796741>Jigsaw: Stop being such a good cop. Forget about your friend. Let the rapist go Wtf was this lma…[View]
179797085Rian Johnson is better than Spielberg and Hitchcock: Rian is a writer and director. Spielberg and Hi…[View]
179795344aaahhhh yes... I see that you know your judo well[View]
179796377>Is equally passionate/dirty >Spits in women's mouths >Tongue kisses >Fucks their a…[View]
179794496Was he innocent? Why? Why not?[View]
179789029The Great Debate.[View]
179795451cast him[View]
179796311>Dan ACK-Kryod[View]
179793470What do they eat?[View]
179791112*suddenly aliens for no reason*[View]
179795910>TV and films should 100% get rid of gratuitous sex and nudity featuring women Yes or no? Persona…[View]
179795407Why she bash the box?: Was she too stupid to complete the children's puzzle? Also, why did Mile…[View]
179795107The modern concept of an actor is so weird: Let's imagine how things would work, if we didn…[View]
179795680Is bam back? Steve o is showing him off like an exotic circus ape on his new tour https://youtu.be/P…[View]
179794394How is this scene filthier than any nude scene in TV ever? Blue is the Warmest Color has full flesh …[View]
179795148What's their problem?[View]
179796284new personality acquired[View]
179795990This idiot has never directed a movie that's actually good.[View]
179796154an actually good Michelle Yeoh movie[View]
179794728>Netflix can't make kin-[View]
179782869Random actor trademarks >Harrison Ford points[View]
179795967Why does this guy from Hellraiser look like Sam Hyde?[View]
179795850What are the top five movies featuring the Ricci Flow?[View]
179793992I urge everyone of you to write a letter to your congressman and ask em to let season2 of tulsa king…[View]
179788528I'm afraid there will be a war between Montana and Wyoming if the second season of Outer Range …[View]
179793800What was the bonus situation?[View]
179791902>Ratatouille is the last good Pixar movie[View]
179795428How did they do it lads? It was even better than I expected.[View]
179795862Why didn't you guys tell me this was kino?[View]
179795877what did i think of this /tv/[View]
179795521>Somehow Quaritch returned...[View]
179794741Has a director's ideology ever been so fundamentally opposed to yours that it's tainted th…[View]
179795231I call this painting 'celebration': It's sexual and violent[View]
179795329Is there a more badass actor than him?[View]
179795409>cheap car challenge >cars are actually going decently >randomly 'modify' aka break/deface …[View]
179794268>The anti-hero is a total piece of shit who kills/scams people >Makes a point that he is again…[View]
179774918/avtr/ - Avatar General #138: Cultural cheddar edition >>179757816[View]
179795493What are some good director quotes?[View]
179791865Why did Transformers disappear as a worldwide blockbuster? It ruled the roost for a full decade.[View]
179795080Just watched for the first time. I feel more cold and empty than I was before[View]
179795332Oi, I may say fucked up things, but at least I ain't no racist.[View]
179794947House Of Gucci was rather fun.[View]
179795109Let's write some new Seinfeld scenes: >Jerry walks into his apartment. >Jerry pours himse…[View]
179790475I hate him bros: He adds NOTHING to the story in any of the original 6 R2d2 carried the message for …[View]
179783318Hilarious out of context /tv/ images[View]
179793342Just finished Pussy n' Booty: The Last Hoes. Movie felt kind of empty but I dig the animation. …[View]
179794344Best films and television shows with unexpected plot twists?[View]
179793469Why are redditors so obsessed with this trannime? >it's slow and nothing but dialogue THEREF…[View]
179794613>If you don't eat meat at all you become a pussy.[View]
179783537Why does Ireland produce so many kino actors relative to its population?[View]
179794144ITT: Scenes from TV shows or movies where you had to pause so you could enjoy it even further.[View]
179784048So you were having sex with the big fella then?[View]
179793786Cooking with J-ACK[View]
179794502ITT: actors who are surprisingly NOT jewish[View]
179792015itt: approved kino collectables[View]
179793364Hey, Smokey back here takin' a shit![View]
179794867>The last time Raimi hurt Bruce Campbell on camera[View]
179791749I want to boom in her: If you catch my drift[View]
179794839Zoomer here, I can't believe that once upon a time it was okay to make fun of people who had do…[View]
179794378I WANT A BEAN FEAST[View]
179790707There's nothing quite like pushing a tape into a VHS player.[View]
179793531YOU ARE FIRED![View]
179791478would you betray the jedi order to save her?[View]
179790066Was Jane just a gold digger or did she really love Jesse?[View]
179794411Pre-YouTube commentators and critics were magnitutdes worse than YouTubers, without exception.[View]
179793145Was it ever explained why he reacted like this?[View]
179770255So... what is white man?[View]
179794499Cast the inevitable motion picture: https://news.sky.com/story/holocaust-memorial-day-survivor-share…[View]
179794491What is it with Corman movies and monster rape?[View]
179793025>'I came here to tell you I am leaving. I am off to Thailand to save some kids from a flooded cav…[View]
179794432Let's discuss what made this flop. In my opinion: - Jason Momoa didn't fit the role at all…[View]
179792550Why did boomers eat this mafia themed shit up so much?[View]
179792280We have to stop them because uhhh.....ummm..[View]
179794342Okay, night night /tv/! Hopefully I dont have awful nightmares like last night.[View]
179794327Give me the “lazy eye”.[View]
179794250Times you acted like The Batman. >Friday, 3 AM >/tv/ is a crowded cesspit overrun with shills …[View]
179789834ALITABROS, I….: > At the premiere for Avatar: The Way of Water, Alita: Batttle Angel producer Jon…[View]
179794040Always Sunny: https://youtu.be/okYS3odTxpc oh man this show really went off a cliff[View]
179792755Hey Quagmire, do yourself a favor: don’t get married.[View]
179794305I know John I do know I can't get the fog to clear[View]
179792894Are you looking forward to the Borderlands movie?[View]
179793052What’s the most based thing ever done by a filmmaker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1gfB-l1Qt8…[View]
179792849Has anyone here tried live entertainment, public access television, or some sort of acting in your l…[View]
179777039happy birthday to you. got salsiccia for you.[View]
179791366What should I watch at the new beverly cinema in February?[View]
179792374>he thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice[View]
179793836Did you watch Puss's movie?[View]
179793047Beautiful biracial basketball with a blossoming brotherhood and a bittersweet ending. >8/10…[View]
179793627TRRAAAaaAaAAaAANNNY: TRANNY IN THE WOMAN’S RESTROOM I just thought you ought to know *faints*[View]
179794070You shall get pie'd /tv/[View]
179785521>isn't a natural redhead >always plays one why is this allowed?…[View]
179789284>Hello class, I'm filling in for Professor Wolf Wolf >Please open your textbooks to the c…[View]
179794029based and based[View]
179791126Radio Series: Howdy/tv/ it's that time again the time we share our favorite radio series partic…[View]
179791380SOUTH PARK BTFO: https://youtu.be/8TttI60-mjQ[View]
179793527What are your favorite films?[View]
179793838any chronic insomnia kinos besides the machinist?[View]
179768329How can they go about adapting Part II for the TLOU show? And what happens if they finish it and the…[View]
179790940Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter analysis?: Has anyone made the argument that the two films almost…[View]
179792314>Corporations are.... LE BAD!!!111111[View]
179793789Lars and the Real Girl: was it kino?[View]
179792094r there any movies with the theme of farts or sharting[View]
179791859So the answer is that the modern film industry is incompetent?[View]
179793427Hating him is like hating Nickelback[View]
179792122/tv/ core[View]
179793635>i dont got time for aimless shitposting paidric >not aimless shit posting , good normal shitp…[View]
179792876How was this not a retread of Nolan Batman?[View]
179792275Is it worth wasting my time watching picrel?[View]
179789303Is this kino? From what I read of it I think I would enjoy it Is it worth it or did Spacey leaving r…[View]
179792883The Last of Us: The worst casting choice I can remember. Bella Ramsay is genuinely ugly and looks no…[View]
17979346110/10 kino: Unironically the only film to actually make me more compassionate - I don’t give too muc…[View]
179793335How do you make monster hounds actually threatening instead of impossibly sexy? Is it even possible?[View]
179792925Anybody here ever met somebody from the movies?: I grew up in Cleveland Heights, and one time when I…[View]
179790099okay. i'll tell you. the name on the grave is _____ _____.[View]
179781675Klingons are lame[View]
179793161>episode is certified kino >redditors reduce it to a meme about a scene early into the episode…[View]
179792022Of all the songs, her mom has her sing this... Terrible parenting. https://youtu.be/__41WtN9jRM[View]
179793246Which is the best space scifi show? (Must have aliens)[View]
179792552ITT: Subtle symbolism and imagery in film[View]
179791845What's up with the gay shit between Frodo and Sam?[View]
179793038Hollywood execs be like >hey let's get the director of this to do the next part in a series …[View]
179793114who will play him in the cooking biopic once he's gone[View]
179790640>it's a Chinese guy nearly drowns in two feet of water episode[View]
179793118What the fuck did I just watch Besides kino, I mean[View]
179792341>We asked 100 anons... >...Name a type of person who might be mentally ill.…[View]
179793013Was it the biggest plottwist in history?[View]
179790312should their cinema be considered apart of America since they're practically the same and share…[View]
179791640How I can I get into the comfiest job in the world, acting in tv or movies? I want to make millions …[View]
179789696how did this get 7 seasons.[View]
179792895We're never getting anything as interesting, funny, intense and spiritual again are we?[View]
179788049shows only you watched[View]
179791858Does it hold up?[View]
179792892They have been laughing for as long as I can remember, but they will not be laughing anymore.[View]
179790181281 days until the Big Boy Returns: godzussy edition[View]
179792180>that kid who kept telling people to get in his belleh[View]
179791751>Big city scene >Welcome to the Jungle starts playing…[View]
179792630>In 2010, Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews, then an aspiring model and actress, alleged that Michael Fassb…[View]
179792633And what of Good Solonius?[View]
179791071Julia Butters is 13 years old, the same age as Ellie in the first TLOU game, and she has a resemblan…[View]
179789673>He didn't wanna become his job He's right. People eventually become their jobs, as tha…[View]
179791143old cuddy can't hang[View]
179792492BYE BOOK[View]
179792547The bane plane scene is not funny.[View]
179788587Do you own any multiple copies of the same film?[View]
179790764at the time i didn't rate this show particularly highly and i still don't but i'm rew…[View]
17979089430 Rock is so underrated[View]
179792403The world will end on February 23, 2023.[View]
179785897>Smores are...le BAD![View]
179792317>Sly Stallone is a truck driver that arm wrestles for the custody of his son This should be one o…[View]
179787723I'm looking for a movie I saw about a decade ago. I think it was an indie film. The salient det…[View]
179789024>ITS AN EXPLOITATION FILM Why do I see so many fags use this word on letterboxd reviews…[View]
179790733This is the most bullshit white savior movie I ever seen in my life >loosely based off a real eve…[View]
179791648>oh boy, 3AM[View]
179790042How accurate is this movie? I'm talking about the prison...do Mexicans actually allow families …[View]
179783252Is eating a 5-10mg thc gummy every night bad for you[View]
179786525>characters yell out the names of their attacks as they do them[View]
179790882Hello fren.: Tell me about the movies that touched you deeply.[View]
179791286watching cartoons turns you into a pedophile[View]
179791441>this is not.. LE METH! >360 roundhouse kicks tuco in the face >entire building explodes …[View]
179788808>sit down to watch some Jackass kino >ready for some hearty laughs with the boys >see kne…[View]
179789404>be dunstan >check in[View]
179791989>The best advice I can offer to those heading into the world of film is not to wait for the syste…[View]
179772275What's your favorite Italian film? Hard mode: No Giallo.[View]
179791823>movie script gets leaked before the movie comes out[View]
179772495What do we think of this casting?[View]
179791935what was his endgame?[View]
179791926One Buy a cardboard box[View]
1797916608 Part Netflix adaptation when?[View]
179791090>make loser male character >but give him...LE CHARISMA XD so he can carry the show Bravo, Vin…[View]
179791234>when I watch a movie in which a tranny joins the 41% It's like, they didn't have to do…[View]
179786476>hark! Blimey old boy quite the kurfuffle there. Quite the crum-a-grackle. A right tuff. Cheerio …[View]
179791795Since this board likes Tulsa King so much can we have a Stallonekino thread?[View]
179791715Holocaist remembrance day: What's the best Holocaist movie of all times? For me it's The P…[View]
179791708thank god I only took a tiny sip[View]
179791039>*calls for help*[View]
179789987ITT: Films only you know[View]
179779872Name me one movie or show (not documentary) where a character eats and finishes just one entire slic…[View]
179791585LOOKS LIKE A24 KINO'S BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS!: >When.You.Finish.Saving.the.World.2022.2160p.…[View]
179791537Here's to feeling good all the time[View]
179790035You all right, Tom?[View]
179784598>Be Egyptian Pharaoh >Have rocks and people >Have the people stack the rocks Pic related ha…[View]
179790351Anna Kendrick is 37 years old: >Do not try to avoid the wall, that's impossible. >Instead…[View]
179791465Ginny Sack had a 90 pound mole taken off her ass[View]
179785852So, we can all agree that this is a good movie, right?[View]
179791350What can man do against such reckless moisture?[View]
179789443what are you watching?[View]
179784857Would you guys like to watch women talking?[View]
179791278This is next fucking level https://www.reddit.com/r/toptalent/comments/10ma5al/do_you_know_interstel…[View]
179787951Who brought the live rounds to set?[View]
179791195>Be successful dentist >Go full retard and start killing people because muh wife cheated on me…[View]
179788582Newfags will never know how many boners this movie popped when it came out.[View]
179790360Walkable lines?[View]
179788164Was this the last chance for 90s nostalgia to take off?[View]
179791109>I'm terrorizing London, Fuck the 7/7 Bombers: What did he mean by this?[View]
179789636Does this really work?[View]
179790340>this made SCP zoomers shit and piss themselves[View]
179789756ITT: Kino Reviews[View]
179790396Goddam he fell off hard[View]
179788336I hated he wasn't even mentioned in The Dark Knight Rises, as if the most respectful way to hon…[View]
179785193>Has yet to be surpassed How?[View]
179790333> To me, it hurts the comedy any time anything real creeps into it. I know people have different …[View]
179778834ITT: Short-lived A-listers that suddenly disappeared Alternative title: 'Ohhh I remember that guy'[View]
179781996Movies with real conspiracies?[View]
179768500>doesn't let you download without a VPN now For fuck's sake I'm not a burger I don…[View]
179790257Why was he so interesting?[View]
179789857Give me a reason why in Alien movies, aliens invade a planet that is technologically inferior to the…[View]
179789035KINO CINEMA[View]
179786447What was his IQ?[View]
179788898>Every single white character will eventually be played by a black guy What’s going on here?…[View]
179787052Kino Fuck Ellen was such a waste[View]
179789366>antagonist that presented himself as calm and collected suddenly loses it once he's about t…[View]
179789801Are zoomers too sheltered to appreciate cheerleading kinoes?[View]
179783980>*blocks your path* >'Someone told me you're the throader' What do?…[View]
179786797here's your 'blondie', bro[View]
179790268>Ruins horror forever in your path Nothing personel kid.[View]
179789941>Three tickets for me, my wife and my wife’s son for the newest A24-produced, genre-redefining, t…[View]
179790009>makes fun of retarded people This is what people find funny these days?…[View]
179789176>A man who hates women because he never asked one out? Truth is stranger than fiction…[View]
179786824Which television & films does he watch?[View]
179789974The Tick: Is the dog Midnight a regular character on the show? Is he in every episode? He's the…[View]
179789971>Aliens again Mulder? Yes you were correct everytime but in this case you're being ridiculou…[View]
179789764Which movie really stinks?[View]
179789379Rick and Morty voices: Hmm isn't this a bit suspicious. Why did they do this 6 months ago? Almo…[View]
179789773Why didn't Andy tell him why, sir? Tell him why, sir.[View]
179789728>the matrix has attacked me[View]
179774394General /tv/ reaction image thread[View]
179778903will he make a comeback ?[View]
179789681You are my buddy Until the end More than a buddy You're my best friend I love you more than you…[View]
179782555Wtf is his problem?[View]
179787568The Strays: https://youtu.be/o9_UteTT9wA The symbolism is really nuanced in this. I wonder what it a…[View]
179780003/got/hotd/: Groomer edition Previous >>179767919[View]
179783312You know what an arbitur is stayven?[View]
179788442What's the most rewatchable episode of The Sopranos?[View]
179789247Matt Groening: Matt Groening[View]
179789584oppen heimer style![View]
179772621/jazz/ - I Am Jazz general: keep rollin NEW JAZZ NEXT TUESDAY AND EVERY TUESDAY LET'S GOOOOOOOO…[View]
179785201/swg/ Screenwriting General What are you working on?[View]
179786316So a buddy is going off about this weird 90s movie he remembers when he was growing up in the 90s. H…[View]
179786464times when the movie was better than the book[View]
179788782>when her ass is 10 but so is she[View]
179789384This film is kino. I especially liked it when the Communist American and the Capitalist Russian get …[View]
179788683his best role[View]
179789111Who would play Churchill?[View]
179785938Watching the movies from Rocky I - Rocky Balboa What a depressing fucking life Rocky has. His traine…[View]
179789346>no female characters in the original Hobbit >not a single one >this is what they went with…[View]
179789340The Whale (2022): Is The Whale (2022) in torrents already?[View]
179784771Will Millennial writing destroy the Television & Film industry?[View]
179787157He would've slept just fine had he taken his fucking shoes off[View]
179778565>Cady, seriously, flush the toilet[View]
179789055was Shaggy technically a pedo in Ghoul School? since the monster girls were underage[View]
179787057JACKIE BROWN or OUT OF SIGHT: Which is the better Elmore Leonard adaptation?[View]
179786058>Black hole sun >Won't you come >And wash the rain away...…[View]
179789125Albert: Listen here, chudjak, because I won't say it twice. First of all, I ain't here to …[View]
179789059Daddy Daddy, come over now, save my life, you made a vow[View]
179786920How did they have their own house?[View]
179787512Comedians that you've never found funny: I've never found him all that funny I remember pe…[View]
179787751>doesn't connect the dots until he realises Walter White's initials are WW How the fuck…[View]
179782374She would make an amazing Ishtar.[View]
179788521When does it actually get good?[View]
179788095>daddy daddy if you want it drop the atti[View]
179788839>His name is robert paulson[View]
179787960Who was in the wrong here?[View]
179786965RIDDICK BROS....Vin is teasing us again...: He keeps posting these teases... Why must he make Furyan…[View]
179787801Lol, lmao even.[View]
179787634Can melee sets be kino?[View]
179788605is this as good as the original movie it was based on, starbuck? I loved that movie, and I'm wi…[View]
179788381was I the only person who watched this? I thought it was bretty good.[View]
179788275I liked it[View]
179787035>this made boomers piss and shit their pants in horror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmXqf768bj…[View]
179785815Seriously, bongs, just rename it already. This is getting ridiculous.[View]
179786148How would you describe his character?[View]
179788330He definitely browsed /tv/ before the zombie apocalypse[View]
179784840Halloween Ends: I hated it when it came out but It grew on me, Kills is still trash though. 2018 one…[View]
179787072Taylor Swift New Music Video: Why is she such a fucking foot slut?[View]
179785294I don't like how the role of a white person was co-opted by a latina here. I cannot unsee that …[View]
179788404>early 2000s children's movie >protagonist is sad because he received a barrel of jet fue…[View]
179788226>tfw Na'vi furries are throwing body paints everywhere and making the beach sand look disgus…[View]
179788362>enhances your kino Loved moneyball and the social network. What else should i watch bros?…[View]
1797884363rd Rock From The Sun 3D Episode: Did you catch the 3rd Rock From The Sun 3D episode when it aired o…[View]
179784137I got memed into watching this. It doesn’t have a quarter of the soul that is in Dell Toros Pinocchi…[View]
179788343oh yeah...[View]
179784498cinema is saved[View]
179788176Hehe...Janny...You're so gullible mate...This isn't a thread, It's a shitpost[View]
179787884Yeah, it's kino.[View]
179782248this show had much larger impact on American popular culture than The Simpsons ever did.[View]
179787909>Boy does bad thing >Is rewarded by being shrunk small enough to sneak into the girl's lo…[View]
179786491Looking around this board tonight and I'm seeing a lot of pinheads. Low class bloviating pinhea…[View]
179785988>had to rewrite the entire movie to change the antagonists from China to North Korea, regardless …[View]
179787958Scorsese fish[View]
179787944>exposes how most actors cope with balding based alan https://youtu.be/hfAGGVvc4To…[View]
179787912FWAMIN DWAAAGON[View]
179787743>you need a toe I can get you a toe dude What are some movies scenes that ended up happening in …[View]
179787078What made Gordy chimp out?[View]
179785446Based Willem Dafoe and three fags. Not looking good for our guy Eggy[View]
179739990Cast him[View]
179787601I sleep[View]
179787389>'women' are now 'birthing persons' Whoa there George, that's kinda transphobic don't …[View]
179787508wtf is she wearing a prosthetic? is this some collin farrel in batman shit? wtf happened to this bit…[View]
179787483Yeah, this album is dedicated To all the discord trannies and the chuds that shit up holy /tv/ To al…[View]
179787370boomers shit and piss themselves in fear at this[View]
179784416Any movies about construction workers?[View]
179783939Which is the best space scifi show?[View]
179786712A ton of sex.[View]
179781105Are you watching Shotgun Wedding?[View]
179787222Dat nigga GREASY[View]
179785756>show gets immediately gets better and changes course halfway through the first season Any other …[View]
179785900Why did Anakin program his droid to be a faggot?[View]
179785931young Joe Rogan was literally JoeyTribbiani[View]
179785989>You cook with obsession, not love. Even your hot dishes are cold. You’re a chef. Your single pur…[View]
179787188>mogs your favorite actor >did 38 projects in 2022 alone KNEEL…[View]
179787150I ROFL'd when emo Harold showed up on screen![View]
179786804> hi i’m here to pick up your son john, he should be dressed as an indian or construction worker…[View]
179786034Take a seat anon.: Help me understand what you're doing here. They said they were 14 and yet he…[View]
179783146>Today we are going to look at Nah I don't think I will[View]
179785754Is this a movie about my friggin wife?![View]
179786233Name of actress?[View]
179786119Frasier Reboot incoming: Are we ready for Frasier reboot? Will it cater to zoomers? How will Frasier…[View]
179778911>What film are we watching when we get to your place, Anon?[View]
179786870After a certain age, watching a movie about a robotic child for any more than an·thro·po·log·i·cal p…[View]
179786751ITT: Odd Movies: I wonder what odd movies you've seen that nobodies ever heard of, kino or not,…[View]
179786789https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTapoA5RQyo What are your favorite themes from movies?[View]
179783611I drink only one glass of water every few days.[View]
179786504Justin Roiland and Bill Cosby are linking up for a live action House of Cosbys adaptation. Need it o…[View]
179786723>Did this really happen? Was Moshe Cohen really masturbated to death in Auschwitz by a Nazi robot…[View]
179785208Is it just me or does this movie have a subtle redpilled agenda.[View]
179785896Do you like Cosmic Horror?: Here's a 20 minute short film that I feel encapsulates the genre wi…[View]
179786455Is anyone worried that the future of American media seemingly revolves around kids who were involved…[View]
179778268Tobey Maguire says he would return as Spider-Man again.: GIVE ME SPIDER-MAN 4 DIRECTED BY RAIMI!…[View]
179786569TV trailer: what is the best trailer? obvious choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAGVQLHvwOY…[View]
179783461Soul. Does the new one measure up? Haven't watched it yet: It doesn't look period accurate…[View]
179785557>HAVING A BIG DICK IS...LE GOOD why is modern pop culture so phallic?[View]
179786441What are some kinos for a man who has nothing?[View]
179785822What in the fuck is catsup? I've literally never heard the word uttered outside of this episode[View]
179785799U JELLY, /TV/?: Gonna get comfy and watch my new 4k Alita Battle Angel disc. Then maybe in 3D tomorr…[View]
179783373When did this happen to you?[View]
179786403late 80's early 90's anons: lets list good film from the golden age of 90-early20's m…[View]
179785720Nostalgia Critic BTFO[View]
179786330Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
179784823How does one become a stunt double preferably for big budget blockbuster movies.[View]
179783664Is he actually the greatest director alive?[View]
179785086It's a total fabrication.[View]
179783819/tv/ Rekt[View]
179786186live tv peaked with WCW 96-98 nothing has even come close since then brother[View]
179786229Does anyone else feel like they should have hired My Chemical Romance for this part in Goblet of Fir…[View]
179785721>”Where are those droidy cars?!” >droids are wheels Good one, George.…[View]
179785863Hey Anon, you want a cigarette?[View]
179784830Has there ever been a corporation depicted as the good guys in movies?[View]
179781512Only dream I ever have...the surface of the sun... DOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOO[View]
179785613There is only one race: the rat race[View]
179784965They work for the masketta man? *slips a fresh sawbuck into your palm* not anymore[View]
179783231M3GAN is for___[View]
179780261Why did he kiss his sister?[View]
179785887ITT absolute gems that should have been more popular[View]
179783884left: sovlless right: SOVL[View]
179781400I'm Dunnhier.[View]
179785265What the fuck was her problem?[View]
179785671What kino comes to mind when you see this?[View]
179782193The matrix agents: Why are they all white men?[View]
179785558I'm finna watch a movie.[View]
179784879KINO: just saw it again in theaters. Clark Gable is the most charismatic actor of all time.[View]
179781150The eternal debate.[View]
179785636Kinos for this feel?[View]
179782885Before we judge, may we remember this atrocity.[View]
179777397Make fun of him all you want but he's out here busting his ass to get his art out there while b…[View]
179785510This movie is so unrealistic.. there is no way there's people who are this old and still virgin…[View]
179784613ITT: movies only you liked[View]
179785367>watch movie >lose[View]
179785467'It was an accident!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA582tX6UOE[View]
179785264wtf went wrong?: >waited almost 20 years for sequel >much more experience >much higher budg…[View]
179785452When does this shit get good? Korean zombies are more entertaining than this.[View]
179765072Percy Jackson meet Zeus and Poseidon: https://twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1618686064138522625?…[View]
179785002Lala land: Am I a faggot if I felt sad and moppy they didn't end up together?[View]
179782533ITT post a musical album, get a movie recommendation based on it. can even just be based off the cov…[View]
179784643Split (2016): Great movie and all but what does it have to do with Unbreakable (2000)?[View]
179784269Movies or Television shows with this feeling: >2004 >in High School >In a work group with 2…[View]
179784288Was John Wayne the Steven Seagal of his time?[View]
179784832Was he an incel?[View]
179785271chatgp/tv/ thread[View]
179783125>Carry on, Biff[View]
179785168Empire Strikes Back: What did C-3PO see? And who shoots him?[View]
179780433How do the books compare to the movies?[View]
179784167Wtf is this guy's problem?[View]
179785047>OH N-[View]
179782892>dude, so I've been reading this book every night this week[View]
179785023>Justin Roiland canceled >Max Landis canceled >Ellen DeGeneres canceled IS THIS THE WORK OF…[View]
179784838Kek: What was his fucking problem?[View]
179782001It's so over for him.[View]
179784952ummm its actually kino? at least fred and daphne are[View]
179784287>movie audiences are... LE BAD no wait... >movie audiences are... LE GOOD no wait... >cinem…[View]
179784093>She weren't the first dame to shoot me in the back, but she's the first who really mea…[View]
179782228OH NONONO HAHAHAHA https://youtu.be/u5n7RRKgDog[View]
179777572How did he return?[View]
179784720>77% mainstream academia chuds btfo[View]
179784346How exactly is the eating of an orange a lot like a good marriage?[View]
179765229Whose Dance was better?: Wednesday or M3gan?[View]
179781434Why did he do it[View]
179782641HE BASED HE BASED[View]
179783192I can't come to the phone right now, I'm a little tied up.[View]
179783420what a brilliant independent female mind: too bad you're going to prison for life on 4 accounts…[View]
179784612I could've gone out with my friends and improved my social skills and standing but instead, I p…[View]
179781180Shelley Hennig stars in the new Teen Wolf movie out today. She will also star in an upcoming Netflix…[View]
179781457What are some germanic kinos?[View]
179784222Got any 'offensive' comedies?[View]
179775951Sam Rami is a fucking creep. Gross groomer shit in a children's movie.[View]
179784307He was solid[View]
179784429Servant: Anyone watch the latest episode? What is Leanne going to do to those lesbian mediums?…[View]
179783415>black movie >grandma starts raping faster than eminem…[View]
179784361Great insult scenes: https://youtu.be/nJ-dG9LwjbM[View]
179781856Anyone want to be movie watching buddies and watch movies/ shows all day together? preferably NEET[View]
179784203Ticktock capeshitters[View]
179783482imagine a movie that takes place in a bleak midwest city that isn't Chicago. protip you cant[View]
179784082expedition unknown: just how fake is this show?[View]
179782676Why does he immediately throw the ice cream away after saying this?[View]
179782928>'You're... a teacher?'[View]
179782980>The guy behind the pedo parody of Back to the Future is a pedo I can't believe it…[View]
179781423Now this is real cinema.[View]
179781946Why did this style of film die?: The college/high school sex comedies. They all did really well so w…[View]
179783646Did you know that Paul Dano was in the Sopranos?[View]
179782831Should there be more representation? /tv/ feels like it's too much.[View]
179783576okay... okay. I'm counting. TAEN: NNINE EIGHT SEVEN. *CLICK* PEW PEW PEW PEW why is rick'…[View]
179783783Was he supposed to be a good Buddhist, or good Nazi, or merely motivated the self-interest of career…[View]
179778927IT WAS ALL A DREAM[View]
179780552Banshees of Inniwoods. I liked it, very somber tone but I was interesting to see where it went, it …[View]
179782256>the international league team of almost all white people gets schooled and taught how to play by…[View]
179780730What are we watching in the month of love?[View]
179779519It filters zoomers by the millions.[View]
179782041>AAAAAAAAVEEE MARIIIIIAAAA lol classic Dano[View]
179783632why didn't Lou Ellen and Sugar just chill & smoke some weed then go spend that money on 4 w…[View]
179779373Any other comfy cold war spy era movies like Firefox?[View]
179779241Any tv heroes with a higher kill count than Felicity?[View]
179779359Don’t lie: you would trade places with Denis Nedry even if it meant reliving from the scene in Costa…[View]
179783582oh and look at the time: you guessedd itt, it's time to give ouuutt the freeeee, tame imapalaaa…[View]
179783112Why didn't he move out of New Mexico (or at least sever all ties with Chuck) after it was appar…[View]
179778742>10%? That's quite strong isn't it?[View]
179781387Oooh so he was trying to save his nephew aaah I seeeee now. What a hero, just like the movies he…[View]
179782363Mandela effect check...: Who else was put under the impression that Dennis was ~John Hammond's …[View]
179782977It was 'a good show[View]
179783403We are going home lads[View]
179782208This is the part where you boogie... This is the part where you dance![View]
179780248Kinos with this vibe?[View]
179783260I think Mrs. Matuschek is a very charming woman.[View]
179762138/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ charts https://mega.nz/…[View]
179782079>james kinofoy AND christina hendricks why does nobody talk about this, is it bad? i'm about…[View]
179778148Can you say in one sentence why America is the greatest country in the world?[View]
179780500/trek/: moot watches TNG edition previously: >>179760908[View]
179777091>*sigh* 'Somehow Quaritch returned...' --Jake Sully from DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE SPACE INJUNS H…[View]
179781478movies zoomers will never understand: Zoomers genuinely can't understand kino made before 2012 …[View]
179782692(during scene of two men having a rendezvous in a dark abandoned building) >you got me curious …[View]
179779874I need subtitles to understand this geriatric accumulation of botox.[View]
179781535>jim wouldn't sleep with her despite pam most definitely cheating on him…[View]
179780466“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.”[View]
179780971kinos only you have seen[View]
179782782Does Chrissy make a Lou Gehrig joke?[View]
179778668>tough mafia man kicks ass, extorts businesses, commits crimes >but he won't tolerate a H…[View]
179777996The Rings of Power: Where's the budget?[View]
179776520>author believes life and being begins at conception any other television or film like this?…[View]
179783001We are the ones that will make you feel better[View]
179782975webm thread[View]
179782804Notice how norville's 'dad' is white and looks like Shaggy, while norville is just as black as …[View]
179782912About to watch The Whale what am I in for?[View]
179782909Idk what you misogynist bigots are on about, she’s perfectly fuckable.[View]
179782637here's that kino you ordered[View]
179780050I'm a couple episodes in. Am I being filtered?[View]
179781831Anaconda (1997): Kinoconda[View]
179780768It is no secret that David Lynch, the writer-director-composer-painter, has an unusual relationship …[View]
179782366>Anon... fuck man. You smell like shit. When's the last time you took a bath? >What? No I…[View]
179782809Did he get standard Gabriel killed on purpose? He gave him bad advice[View]
179780666How do you respond?[View]
179782775Bro this shit is so good[View]
179782681Thoughts on Colin Farrell's acting career?[View]
179770186Neil deGrasse Tyson on 'Don't Look Up.' (2021) I am 99% sure from this clip that we a…[View]
179782263Was this kino?[View]
179782592Cùck and Cùcky Woman Lover Show: ARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS YET ARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS YET ARE WE OUT …[View]
179782326Honestly if it were me before shit hit the fan I would've snuck into heathers tent and carefull…[View]
179781407California here we come right back we started from[View]
179781205Who do you work for?[View]
179780753Post your favorite actor: Anons make assumptions about you. Copied the premise of this thread from a…[View]
179780238Artie bros...[View]
179780853If the Xenomorphs in Alien are silicon based life forms then couldn't they be killed/fucked up …[View]
179782506I can't think of a more cucked powerful fantasy villain than Voldemort.[View]
179782527avatar will make more than titanic: heckin ebic[View]
179781610Movies you expected to make you cry and did: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IN1qy9nl52A[View]
179782415What are your favorite Japanese movies?[View]
179779934I will make things right: Someday and that day might not come for a long time. I will write and dire…[View]
179781330So that's what restaurants were like before desegregation. It was quiet What did they mean by t…[View]
179778134A Girl and Her Dog coming soon to a theater near you[View]
179781521>Constantly swearing child[View]
179782088Is this the only modern example of a good reboot/remake?[View]
179782222>Oh, oh, what took you so long, IDIOT! How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
179772745Did they ever explain why Harry was so fucking rich? Did they ever explain why he never offered to h…[View]
179782290>Yeah but you know it's up to him to mend himself and we're giving him every opportunit…[View]
179777260/seinfeld/: favorite gag?[View]
179782237>Free men = Fremen[View]
179781972What’s Brad’s best role?[View]
179782102There's a pube on my deoderant stick. Any kinos which deal with these sorts of dilemmas?[View]
179780824capeKINO: post capekino[View]
179777469Actresses who hit the wall[View]
179780965>Watching Saving Private Ryan >This dude Surrenders. But not only that, he pathetically grovel…[View]
179779630Unironically the worst movie I've ever seen[View]
179781143Grossly Understated: Gen Xer. Before this show, there was no Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy or res…[View]
179777807The ONE time in recorded history that werewolves were ever scary.[View]
179781573Shouldn't the Night King be defeated by someone like Dayman instead of some random assassin?[View]
179781945>johnny couldn't handle a little of this and ended her career over it…[View]
179781023That Time The SAS Got Cucked[View]
179781943>There is a castle on a cloud, >I like to go there in my sleep, >Aren't any floors for…[View]
179778494rarely did they handle going to church respectably[View]
179776612nasal spray[View]
179781595Is hollywood dead?[View]
179780962Okay... let's gooo..[View]
179780114>GIMME BACK MY GIBSON!!![View]
179780770>Simpsons didn’t have political satire during golden er-[View]
179780939>2023 >still no Ajax kino[View]
179780431What went so incredibly right?[View]
179778548How long do you have to study the British language before you can watch their movies?[View]
179780502>two hambuguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?[View]
179767697Would a skyscraper really just fall over if nobody used it for 20 years? Or did the Zombies somehow …[View]
179781605What a beauuuty![View]
179780405>sir, we need to elevate this lowly motion picture into a bona fide kino >i know just the guy…[View]
179781314>4 CHAN, Jeremy? That's insane.[View]
179780789Why do nobody post about this movie?[View]
179774416Was it injust?[View]
179780808they finally linked up: sneed it or keyed it?[View]
179781356Huh... would you look at that.[View]
179781345Animation is a bit wonky but it's a breathe of fresh air after watching american goyslop[View]
179780441Rupert Grint On His Harry Potter Return: Harry Potter series actor Rupert Grint, who portrayed Ron W…[View]
179780273>actor falls during filming >Spielberg keeps the take anyway DEVILISH!…[View]
179780301do you relate to him?[View]
179768072mmm nootka[View]
179780474>orbits malevolently in your path what do you do?[View]
179773339How much are you supposed to tip your popcorn barista?[View]
179773608>Bourne also is fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Dutch, Russian, German, …[View]
179780944>anna sophia robb's career tanked after this but mew's didn't Was a dress literall…[View]
179780982Why didn't Andy tell him why, sir? Tell him why, sir.[View]
179754819Why did Rust nut so fast?[View]
179780509She will forever be my Diana.[View]
179780956You gotta be shitting me[View]
179779772> HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME![View]
179775305>wins Academy Award for Best Actress at 26 >stars in capeshit and Fast & Furious…[View]
179779384ITT: Subtle symbolism in film: Examples of the use of symbolism in movies to send a message to the a…[View]
179780511Why did they cast a decrepit old boomer like Stallone for Tulsa King? Should have been Colin Farrell[View]
179780821What are some movies with humor similar to the one presented in American Psycho?[View]
179780637Reminder that jannies and mods suck horse cock[View]
179780710What was his problem?[View]
179780689what are some movie scenes that make you gag[View]
179778788It was basically the cartoon version of Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979): I'm surprised no one e…[View]
179780251Pardon me, but I believe you may have inadvertently killed some of my business associates in the cat…[View]
179780532Hello? *rings bell* Is there anyone there? *rings bell* Robert? Is there anyone at the kinoplex? *ri…[View]
179774219Succession /wsrc/ /fuckoff/ /succ/: New season 4 trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWlURhM5P5Q…[View]
179780487I'm in, and because of that, I'm out[View]
179776916Great casting[View]
179780068previously on the sneed[View]
179779981Fucking terrible movie[View]
179780274Come come Mr. Bond[View]
179779844Gay fish: This episode aged like fine wine[View]
179779476you have a fat huwhife[View]
179780254I think somebody needs to do something about these Dupont guys, something pretty serious[View]
179779495Should Kate Mara have won the Emmy for House of Cards? Watching now and she's great.[View]
179778213>/qa/ couldn't mobilize sufficient forces for a raid. The mods locked the board…[View]
179754233>no jnco >no chain wallets >no skateboards >no flannel >no cd players >no grunge …[View]
179778014Fredo looks more indian than italian to me. My eyes hurt sometimes.[View]
179773120/tulsa/ - Tulsa King General #4: I Kept My Mouth Shut For 25 Years Edition Catch the show at paramou…[View]
179766337What do you even do in this scenario?[View]
179779900Give this kino a better name.: Well anons?[View]
179779943Here are your new rick and morty VAs[View]
179779597why does CGI puss in shrek 2 looks so much higher quality than in puss in boots 2? i can't be t…[View]
179767055It finally happened, /tv/. I found my 'he's literally me!' >dull >needy >obsessive …[View]
179767919/got/hotd/: YOU WHORE edition prev >>179755804[View]
179780067What are some films about racial profiling? I've already seen Menace II Society[View]
179777123>I'M NOT NO BITCH CHEF Seriously, who was in the wrong here?[View]
179780028>As the number of tomboys increased in the early twentieth century, so did the variety of media i…[View]
179776739Why does he want his unborn child to be a male? Whats with this obssession? Women can be great leade…[View]
179778209>don't let yourself be hurt this time[View]
179768845Why did Redheads go extinct in Hollywood? They used to be everywhere in the 90s and 00s, even when t…[View]
179779948you now remember this shit tier 90's family comedy ripoff subplot[View]
179775934ITT: Zillennial kino: Only late 90s babies will understand.[View]
179779356/enid/ - General: .[View]
179778068A hogwarts spinoff series is inevitable right?: Considering success of Wednesday and Hogwarts Legacy…[View]
179779640I drank it. I drank the wine. I drank all three leftover bottles of random assorted wine. I'm h…[View]
179779699Hi, I’m Devin.[View]
179778390what are some bible kinos?[View]
179778826Worst game. Greatest game story.[View]
179749691/who/- Doctor Who general: Dr. Eighth edition[View]
179775887>You are not a pirate. :([View]
179778168Shoot Em Up: kino or reddit?[View]
179773612Who gave Harry all those gifts through the years?[View]
179779739>There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation 'til school comes along just to end…[View]
179776690Supplemental course: Cheeseburger - Just a simple, rustic burgah[View]
179779677Now THIS... is podracing![View]
179779664Name This Show: Name the show or documentary[View]
179776429Why did they take the character that was molested as a kid and turn them into a slut that dies of AI…[View]
179777354Why aren't fun, comfy, and engaging shows like this made anymore?[View]
179774407Is James May one of the greatest actors of all time or does he genuinely get that pissed off at Clar…[View]
179779527Who will play him in the inevitable Jedi Academy Disney+ show?[View]
179776280Animation Domination is back on the menu boys[View]
179779504is this any good?[View]
179779482is he finished? we must admit get out has a creative and joyful plot, but in the other hand, all stu…[View]
179777082The horn of /tv/! Anonmir![View]
179778031BUILD-A-FILM: Let's make a film Post actors to fill out the cast. 1st set of doubles - Protagon…[View]
179771437While I think the actress is really cute, wouldn't a 'Captain Israel', which Sabra basically is…[View]
179779523Who was in the wrong here?[View]
179779514Oh n-[View]
179776898No seriously, what did Roiland mean by this?[View]
179779296FYI all American media has been diverse and overtly anti White since at least the 60's. If you…[View]
179778429ITT Logos that let you know it's kino time[View]
179779276>movie has a love making scene >parents le walk le in >LE SORRY LE MOMMY AND LE DADDY, BUT …[View]
179777436Why did the priest do a 360 at the end and abandon his mission?[View]
179778871How did he fail where Dave Franco succeeded?[View]
179778457I'm reopening the X-files thread.[View]
179779173call it[View]
179776195Have they contributed anything to the Film and TV industry?[View]
179778535Are they going to restore monster universe franchise?: Turns out The Invisible Man wasn't one-a…[View]
179772759How did this movie manipulate so many people into thinking it's good?[View]
179779153I hope you're not too miffed. Byeeeeee![View]
179778061>This was once considered morbidly obese[View]
179779211Favorite kinos about fathers and sons?[View]
179777261Can anyone tell me what the difference between the quipping emblematic of Marvel and the puns that J…[View]
179779088WE'RE BONED[View]
179779129Ever have a dream you’re watching the most kino thing possible? Then you wake up mad it doesn’t exis…[View]
179779021https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bureau_of_Magical_Things Was it Kino?[View]
179772526So these people just got druk on a normal thursday? They just went to work and started drinking? I a…[View]
179778929>main character becomes hero because he names the (((one))) who must not be named Whoa Rowling, a…[View]
179778753SAY IT![View]
179778719>I'm Ryan Dunn and this is the drinking and driving[View]
179776955>Do you know what's waiting beyond this thread? >IMMORTALITY! TAKE IT! It's yours!…[View]
179778711yfw there will never be a sequel. why even morb[View]
179778694Hey. Be my friend.[View]
179778133283 days until the next Godzilla movie: Well sourced edition. Here's what we know so far: 1) sw…[View]
179774120What went so wrong?[View]
179777002best lifeguard kino? >inb4 baywatch[View]
179778281She's into being cut open[View]
179778186When /ourboy/ will get a new movie?[View]
179778520Finally got around to watching the final season: What in the mother fuck. What a waste of time this …[View]
179776753>Two middle aged balding men fighting >Love interest is a 6/10 >Blockbuster movie What a ti…[View]
179778492When all this silly nonsense eventually ends, you think future generations will looks back at this c…[View]
179778488>Rick: (stumbles in drunkenly, and turns on the lights) Morty! You gotta come on. You got--... yo…[View]
179775326The scene was pretty scary desu. Mexicans are scarier than blacks IMO.[View]
179771592racist bitch[View]
179773405Poker Face: was expecting to like this show but it's too basic and opening always shows who did…[View]
179772754The Strain: >fuck you i liked it was a bit slow on the start but its certified vampire kino…[View]
179776951>It's an anon gets brainwashed into becoming an honor killer in some vain attempt at escapin…[View]
179776960I like it, but it would have been better if John Laroquette was the judge and Melissa Rauch was a pl…[View]
179778201post kino red carpet: For me, it's a teenage Saoirse Ronan at The Lovely Bones Premiere in 2009…[View]
179778330They just couldn't handle her 11 hour boot camp every day. What a bunch of pussies.[View]
179770031IT WAS KINO: And I'm tired of pretending it wasn't.[View]
179778271I took one before watching a movie. This shit's nasty. How the fuck do people get addicted to c…[View]
179776626what are some pirate kinos?[View]
179771802Bend the knee[View]
179757265/tv/ webm thread[View]
179774240Is she still considered famous or no?: Is doing an episode of Hot Ones considered a step down for he…[View]
179778137best reality kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1bi_TuJZXI post 'em[View]
179778019Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
179777203Well boys, I ain't had the best of luck lately. Found out my wife has been cheatin' on me.…[View]
1797780397 toughest days: I want to know about racial competition. Do black men perform well in the survival …[View]
179777163Seagain vs JCVD: Can we settle this once and for all? >who has the better movies >who was the …[View]
179777961watch [show][View]
179776444you would think o block would have it's own kino by now[View]
179771247Best Australian series?[View]
179774451what's the moral lesson here?[View]
179777574I'm going to find out one day.[View]
179777823who was in the right here?[View]
179777524The holy trinity of zoomer filters[View]
179776764>take me home to fuck. >but wait, you aren't one of those creep dudes? [stares intently i…[View]
179776050Is this worth watching?[View]
179777618Beyond Belief: Fact or fiction did Epstein get murdered by Hillary Clinton? No… I’m afraid not; it’s…[View]
179776305Better than Interstellar[View]
179773330ROB NO[View]
179776232They got this thing right The movie is like the chef, a grandiose, overthinker, try harder, spectacu…[View]
179777514>is a way better actor than his brother.[View]
179775964true detective: anyone else feels that ray is a more relatable character,rust always felt like a lon…[View]
179777517Now, John, you've got to wear clothes in proportion to your physique. There are definite do and…[View]
179774855Any good war movies that arent Dunkirk or Saving Private Ryan?[View]
179777297*tap tap* uh ahem excuse me /tv/...[View]
179776530The Last of us show is so SICK!![View]
179760908/trek/: Mutually assured destruction edition Previously on /trek/: picrel[View]
179777179What shall the future hold for Latina Bonita, star of stage and screen, and Hollywood “It Girl,” señ…[View]
179775213Remember those couple of weeks when this weird bitch's personal life and dogshit movies dominat…[View]
179774291holy kino[View]
179773768Cast them[View]
179777078It's impossible to dislike this movie. It's almost perfect.[View]
179767546When exactly did the office jump the shark?[View]
179776964Hey /tv/ I require your assistance finding sauce on a single (I think foreign) film: I'm not su…[View]
179772006If Padme was a zoomer[View]
179772399>biggest TV show in history >never had a live-action adaptation How come?…[View]
179773606Your Top 5 of 2022: Mine, in descending order: >Aftersun >Tar >EEAAO >The Northman >T…[View]
179776798Who here is rehydrating with some Three Body Problem episode 13?[View]
179773453in 55 years the Patterson-Gimlin film has been neither authenticated nor debunked. What gives?[View]
179776860The first two are considered kino. What does /tv/ think of the third Extinction?[View]
179776519Why didn’t his career go anywhere(before the racism)? He’s easily the best character on the show.[View]
179776104FUCK MICHAEL[View]
179776835/dcg/ Dead Career General: Wilde really fucked her over, didn't she?[View]
179776822Who goes on reality shows?[View]
179775124Who else is hyped for The Rings of Power Season 2?[View]
179775222Is it still good?[View]
179776697I literally worked the red carpet event BTS for this and still haven't bothered watching it. Th…[View]
179774943Nosferatu: Willem Dafoe has been cast in Robert Eggers' 'Nosferatu'. And suddenly I…[View]
179773190>Sex scene with Eva Green in 300 >Father adjust his position to hide his boner…[View]
179776588>acting is so wooden that she might as well be pinocchio What exactly does hollywood see in her?…[View]
179775243Poker Face: its female nu columbo and its not bad. in the second episode there is an incel kek, rian…[View]
179775265I thought the show was going to do something interesting when she picked the bloke instead of Albie,…[View]
179776664Movies that start off happy, but ultimately have a sad ending Please recommend them to me.[View]
179776590Severance Thread[View]
179776252Picture a child sitting next to a projector…[View]
179776613Better Call Saul would have been better if it were this instead.[View]
179774724>tfw we will never get a CP2077 movie directed by Villeneuve[View]
179776583>Mulder, can you please stop looking at the Big Foot with breasts drawing…[View]
179776460what did you think?[View]
179773142The Office: Jim was always a misogynistic character[View]
179774135>I brought you into this world >It's only right I take you out of it…[View]
179770589>Here's your S.T.A.L.K.E.R reboot, bro[View]
179774792i want to fuck the autistic na'vi lain[View]
179773837>produces unrelenting amounts of kino in you're path[View]
179762064It's still a flop, right Marvelbros?: It's only the fifth-highest-grossing film of all tim…[View]
179776358Kinos about the impending collapse of civilization?[View]
179769800>Cinema dead because no one like my moobie[View]
179765447Cast him[View]
179774116Which was best?[View]
179776182>Fundip and cherry coke >I like the way you laugh when i tell a joke VGH.…[View]
179776174Kinos about fallen heroes who rise from the ashes? https://youtu.be/UoOxxNxmHV8[View]
179776159Did I ever tell you about Rohm? He, along with his organisation known as the Brownshirts (Sturmabtei…[View]
179774950why didn't the Avengers save him from evil Dr. Plow?[View]
179776129What are some kinos about mysterious disappearances?[View]
179776052Thursday. Today is Thursday.[View]
179776081>movie implies character is intelligent >said character believes in the big bang theory & …[View]
179776080Rey looks constantly sweaty in this movie.[View]
179776078Only women, queers, and normies watch this. And I know for certain there's no women on /tv/[View]
179773192I fucked Ted.[View]
179773261>Plot details of Weapons are being kept holstered, but it is described as an interrelated, multis…[View]
179775877>To start with the old business Brother Hibbert will read a report on our efforts to rename every…[View]
179775147You are now aware of an earlier version of Downfall with Anthony Hopkins as Hitler[View]
1797746805 months Indy bros[View]
179775691The fact that this spongebob episode predicted synthetic meat: Is so accurately scary because its go…[View]
179774411Did she peak with Shooter and House of Cards or is her best still to come? I liked A Teacher.[View]
179775674>if we pay more can we maybe get some grease or fat? based.[View]
179774931What are some snooze kinos?[View]
179775272AFTERSUN: How realistic is that somebody with ADHD would commit suicide because of it?[View]
179772717The eternal debate.[View]
179775492>A'ight then, rockbusters...[View]
179775344an argument between these two would be priceless[View]
179775458/tv/: >80s movies were colorblind, none of that woke bullshit Meanwhile the 80s: >*makes a mov…[View]
179772542What tf kind of government is this?[View]
179771012Write the Justin Roiland cutaway gag.[View]
179775296itt: Movies that people weren't intelligent enough to understand[View]
179760270>This has been on my list of places to eat for a while. I was very disappointed. Having friends a…[View]
179775000>so-called “Golden Age of Hollywood” >AAAHHH! I’M MELTING LOOK AT ME I’M MELTING! cmon…[View]
179773760>wind gust blows woman's skirt up[View]
179775053Fuck Banshees of Inisherin, this is the superior Gleeson/Farrell movie[View]
179767486it do be like that[View]
179775018>uhhh Chi-Chi...right?[View]
179774965>Kino wasn't on the menu, it had to be unlocked[View]
179769764When will this be on putlocker wtf[View]
179770760Live TV Kino Moments[View]
179773438>I would like to buy a amburer[View]
179770575How the hell casted this girl and thought: > 'Wow she looks exactly like the original character'…[View]
179774150Memes aside how did the board go from lighting the letters up to turning the letter after Randy said…[View]
179774052BRING ME REDDITBOB![View]
179774119What movies do zoomers like[View]
179772040Another bad and pretentious movie /tv/ made me watch[View]
179771942Yellowstone thread[View]
179770391What went wrong?[View]
179773792>anime can't be kin-[View]
179773795RIP Boogie2988: Love him or hate him, he was an internet legend[View]
179773561>'No, you can't kill this man who literally killed millions and raped your daughter, if you …[View]
179774558She should have played captain marvel[View]
179775047ITT actors you were surprised to discover are not jewish[View]
179773848any football kino?[View]
179775013Why do we have 3 daily Alec Baldwin shooting threads but nobody ever discusses the interrogation tap…[View]
179773075I find it hard to believe that this is from the same person who has written Seinfeld.[View]
179774617more than you can afford, pal... f e r a r r i[View]
179769591Meanwhile, on Bizarro /tv/...[View]
179757816/avtr/ - Avatar General #137: Drippy edition >>179738018[View]
179774699>Just open the border. Let everybody pour in… will there be all these problems? Yes, there should…[View]
179774352Who was in the right here?[View]
179774263American psycho 2 in the making: >>>/fit/69694004[View]
179767210she should win the oscar. why isnt /tv/ talking about her?[View]
179773959how was season 3 so good?[View]
179774018Is The Outsider a good television program?[View]
179774402>actress is tied and gagged now i will watch your movie[View]
179769303The engine room scenes from Titanic gave me a fetish for heavy industrial equipment[View]
179771658Who is the target audience for these 'explained' videos? How the fuck this instance in par…[View]
179774314Why did the 'dateline' genre die out? There has been somewhat of a revival of youtube vide…[View]
179774160Okay my nigs, dig this[View]
179774203God forbid a woman does anything[View]
179774196oh yeah, that happened[View]
179773547My reflection, dirty mirror[View]
179772812Good horror movies without cheap jumpscares? Bonus points if the protagonist is male. I can't …[View]
179768439Is Total Recall Sharon Stone's hottest film?[View]
179772991PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT: >ruins your movie[View]
179773992HE GOT OUT A SUITCASE!!!!![View]
179773611There can only be one replacement.[View]
179774016He completed the mission objective in honour of his great nation.[View]
179772927What will it be, /tv/?[View]
179771051I don't get it[View]
179772446Did they make the right choice?: >The original cut of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…[View]
179766148post painting, get movie rec[View]
179752351Scarlett Johansson webbing scene in Eight Legged Freaks: This scene triggered a very specific fetish…[View]
179773001Which director do you think has/had an IQ high enough to be considered a genius? pic semi-related[View]
179771215After all... Why not... Why shouldn't I post a LOTR thread?[View]
179772003What are some architect core films?[View]
179773023BASED MARCIA LUCAS SHITS ON THE SEQUELS: >Now that she’s (Kathleen Kennedy) running Lucasfilm and…[View]
179773038Who should play the new Buffy?[View]
179772139>rich kids take a day off from school Wow such an original concept.[View]
179773684Anyone tried this? Any good?[View]
179772983It pains me to no end, that The sinner, the greatest tv show ever made, has never gotten a thread of…[View]
179773622*erases you*[View]
179770651Watch Millennium, Season 1, Episode 01, 'Pilot' 10/25/1996[View]
179773579how do nazis make the best kino? https://youtu.be/GlzGNb8OWZ4[View]
179771160How long would it be before you went insane?[View]
179773499i miss young john cusack also this movie of his coming up looks breddy good https://www.imdb.com/tit…[View]
179770806SOVL vs SOVLLESS[View]
179773477>walk into town >start punching people, stealing things >no one calls the police what kind …[View]
179773413Reddit and Morty Is Getting Cancelled: What are the implications of this, how will this impact the c…[View]
179772285If it was rated R it would have been KINO! I hope theres a directors cut[View]
179762493Hey, I got a full house![View]
179760980Are you hyped for the next season of The Boys?[View]
179772698I can't believe Velma's fucking dead.[View]
179772310It's amazing how dead Star Wars is.: Not even an allegedly good show like Andor can reignite in…[View]
179771832anybody have a magnet link for this film? cant find it anywhere. just recently watched brother and b…[View]
179772773I have a private screening of Avatar in 3 hours: What snacks from concession should I get, knowing I…[View]
179763207Why did westerns die when we had so many kino westerns?[View]
179770580>hi you, i can do more than cook[View]
179773176movies for this feel[View]
179772910Show me your kino for the night[View]
179772365James Cameron: So it's confirmed he's the greatest of all time right?[View]
179772124Who goes that long? Why would the writers put in such an unrealistic line?[View]
179771461It’s so easy to not go on camera or a recording and say you find 13 year olds hot. It’s the easiest …[View]
179769862Wait I don't remember this episode. Why don't I remember this episode?[View]
179768297prestige cinema for netflix viewers[View]
179772226The Last Of Us: Apologize, /tv/.[View]
179772304'Fartin on my roommates door' the movie[View]
179770315they kinda cute bros ngl https://youtu.be/06vvAAEXFqc[View]
179771037Why do you guys hate him[View]
179770364>In an alternate timeline, Vito Corleone doesn't die and gets prescribed heart medication…[View]
179772765How would it compete against Darkstar?[View]
179772737What’s next for Hunter’s career as an actress? She’s surely included in the conversation for the nex…[View]
179770615Hahahahahahaha fatman dropped le chili on the floor.[View]
179771438So who was a thing at the end?[View]
179767866He's literally me[View]
179770718Is she one of Hollywood's biggest sensations in 2023? She has two movies coming out. Not many b…[View]
179772497Everyone's so melodramatic these days....[View]
179752039>he lost both his shows and his video game company He's going to kill himself. There's …[View]
179769350Name a better director. That's right, you can't.[View]
179769191'CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME' When are they releasing this movie /tv/?[View]
179772389Do sequel shows exist only to demoralize us: >Girl Meets World: Cory has not kept in contact with…[View]
179772272TV shows only I've seen[View]
179770346BREAKING BAD >baby 'threatened to shoot him if he told anybody,' https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-…[View]
179772167>tfw marathoned The French Connection and To Live And Die In LA >tfw shit slaps frfr on god Wh…[View]
179755706>tough mafia man kicks ass, extorts businesses, commits crimes >but he won't tolerate a H…[View]
179758479/jazz/ - I Am Jazz general: The Eternal Mentally Sound Condom Sucker edition NEW JAZZ NEXT TUESDAY A…[View]
179772328Reminder: It's okay to take breaks from watching kinos. Wether it's days, weeks, months or…[View]
179770722Willow season 2 coming[View]
179765980'The Mummy' is a loose adaptation of H.R. Haggard's 'She': Not joking, even the poster looks li…[View]
179770592Do you want to hangout this weekend[View]
179771088>I'm not Jewish >Its okay no body is perfect…[View]
179768867>character hangs up phone without saying goodbye[View]
179771530it's when rewatching mad men for the 9th time i conclude there will always be two very big thin…[View]
179772065>Full motion video my ass, I'd rather it be full fucking screen[View]
179768571Apprentice UK thread, starting soon[View]
179769153>Mogs the Zombie Apocalypse in your path[View]
179769433>64 years old Would you?[View]
179771617How fix a show: Should’ve called it Elora Made more like Last Airbender. Get rid lesbian ahit, adds…[View]
179759761why did she make white Mexicans seethe so much?[View]
179771276>NIGGA From The Bronx FOOLS Penn and Teller with EPIC Welfare Card Trick (Crowd SHOCKED)…[View]
179769108/lig/ Love Island General: Tea audit lads?[View]
1797708232 billy[View]
179771789You guys remember that minute when this was an entire genre of its own? That was weird[View]
179771808Remember when you wanted to be Jason Bourne growing up? You were so goofy lol[View]
179771428>T, I don't feel so good...[View]
179763837>Luke, Leia.... We are your parents.[View]
179770622It's over, anon. They won't make another one again.[View]
179769362>I am Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States, AND YOU WILL FREE THE BLACK PEOPLE OR …[View]
179771151Watching Firefox now. What am I into?[View]
179771462Spoonfeed me a kino recommendation to watch with my mom. Nothing lower than 7.0 on imdb. Also no nig…[View]
179767854Not gonna lie, this hurts We are dumb /tv/.[View]
179770698Which 90s-2000s space scifi is the best and why? Let's settle this once and for all.[View]
179769985What the fuck is his fucking problem?[View]
179766453*solves Chernobyl*[View]
179769643What emotions does this image elicit?[View]
179770515Atwhat point did awards lose their meaning?[View]
179770169Has anyone else seen this?[View]
179770358Was this character really necessary?[View]
179770596ct bf rs gf[View]
179771392Why didn't we get this... instead of Reva: And they even set up such a possibility in the recen…[View]
179770344For me? It's Jennifer Lopez in Enough (2002)[View]
179771369>Tarantino mentions shitass obscure movie >anons post threads…[View]
179770980House: What the FUCK was his problem???[View]
179769942Three Body Problem: Is good[View]
179771178OH N-[View]
179770612Lets settle this. While there is 20 years gap between these, they are somehow similar. Which one do …[View]
179771038How will the show change now that Dan Harmon has full creative control?[View]
179769930What do you think of Steven Spielberg as a director?[View]
179771161>ableist >trump supporter how the fuck this nazi chud wasn't cancelled and RLM banned fro…[View]
179770331>I turned myself into a sex pest, Jay![View]
179770890YES!!!!!!!: ‘The Simpsons’ has been renewed for a 35th and 36th season.[View]
179769294>mfw trying to buy a television for my dad Tizen? Roku? Fire? What the fuck is this shit? I just …[View]
179770939Goosebumps: Dear lord, how horrifying.[View]
179768299>694 days until the release of Avatar 3[View]
179766481I Think You Should Leave: LETS SLOP EM UP https://youtu.be/buK45NW_ikI[View]
179769577Every villain is a straight white male.[View]
179770679>It transferred a bottle from the trash to the recycling bin. >Whatever this thing is, it…[View]
179770745Seinfeld thread: >A full sized Twix only cost 50 cents in 1998 Its not fair bros, Twix are half t…[View]
179770757Alright niggas, let's play some basketball https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHOCdOPJyuM[View]
179770157>Gary Oldman >Is an old man Who writes this shit?…[View]
179769404Will you be watching the upcoming Frog and Toad show?[View]
179770228Is this guy the ultimate case study for wearing out your welcome with the public? I find it interest…[View]
179769408Irish cinema: Favourite movie/show made by/starring irish folk?[View]
179769139ITT: the most keyed acting performances of the year[View]
179770610poetry: this is where Obi-Wan learned the 'point of view' gaslighting technique he later uses on Luk…[View]
179768367post a single kino from the last past 5 years pro tip: you can't[View]
179767702Why does every Bush docu focus on the war on terror and never talk about all of the good things he d…[View]
179768985This is a very sad day in box office history. I can’t believe the public allowed this garbage film t…[View]
179770572honestly: I'm thinking kino[View]
179770421I HATE BROCOLLI[View]
179769075Why dont Indian movies have many dark skinned Indian actresses?[View]
179767454Torrenting films IS stealing![View]
179769385Women do be talking though boy that’s true ain’t it[View]
179767514WE'RE GOING TO THE KINO: I'm at that part of S3 where they plagiarize The Shield and every…[View]
179768687..: I don't know half of you Anons half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of …[View]
179769131I love this review. But I can't watch the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvSBq-uueL0…[View]
179770103JL is a copy of The Avengers: JL is a fucking copy of The Avengers: >both make up the group in th…[View]
179763619he didn't do anything wrong. Steven was just really frigid. what is the point of friends if you…[View]
179769693literally who? remember when SNL actually got real celebrities to host it?[View]
179767753Kate Filmography Thread[View]
179768946>character wakes up >doesn’t have morning wood…[View]
179769186Thinking about watching Babylon tonight: What should I expect?[View]
179770054Actors or Actresses the industry and everyone insisted were good when you were young but you knew so…[View]
179770051>tfw just found out how boring the western frontier was compared to how Hollywood depicted it WHY…[View]
179768735so... they fixed it?[View]
179769568Firefox (starring Clint Eastwood): Thoughts? Are there any other similar 'plane spy' movie…[View]
179770015Is this a High IQ movie for Low IQ people, or a Low IQ movie for High IQ people?[View]
179761091Are you excited for the next episode with a special guest?[View]
179757343>AGEING PILLS! Can we get an Oz thread going while the hacks ain't looking…[View]
179769993Halt, best LDR episode coming through.[View]
179769015Yup: >Yup[View]
179769668was it really that bad[View]
179768584I watched two shitty movies in a row[View]
179768841Was Batman Returns good?: https://youtu.be/0zXbSQArGFI[View]
179769756Is this shit any good or is it just for simps and zoomers?[View]
179769036>'What about their cocks? They don't need those.'[View]
179769077Freddy vs. Jason has, at times, been described as a cynical film, and that's not entirely wrong…[View]
179769626It just works.[View]
179769720>Mr. President, the size of the asteroid is the same as the one that extinguished the dinosaurs…[View]
179765821how would she know what a hotel is?: I love the hotel scene in the show where Ellie pretends to chec…[View]
179767481Is anything in Hollywood real? Especially most couples.[View]
179765113What's the best desert horror you've seen? Asking cause I watched pic rel recently.[View]
179768056ARTIE BUCCO'S DAUGHTER DEAD AT 25: >John's former The Sopranos costar, Stevie Van Zandt…[View]
179753054Why? Literally why do they need to do this? What is the thought process? Why?[View]
179769146Warlock/Boxing Helena Bros...Is He Gonna Make It??[View]
179766683>is the most overrated actor in your path What do you do[View]
179768653Are you excited for the 4th movie?[View]
179755379>no Niles, Roz, Daphne >gonna be about Frasier's son in college Oh, okay. So it's go…[View]
179765902What are some kino musicals?[View]
179763458ITT life events you’d put on the big screen: What are some events in your life that you would put on…[View]
179764538lost: >show considered good due to nostalgia googles[View]
179769099>interested in a show >see it's on paramount plus, hbomax, nowtv etc. >immediatly disr…[View]
179768069Now are going to discuss finding ways to support the entertainment we enjoy https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
1797691902023....I am forgotten...[View]
179769175will he ever get a fair shake by mainstream filmographers? I remember a movie in the 80s that center…[View]
179769032Would you guys be Hitler or Hobo?[View]
179769053Something in the way[View]
179768357>Now, I admire Spinosaurus, I do.[View]
179759786the only good Star Wars character: why is Megan so oddly pretty and adorable brother men i want to p…[View]
179768186Birdemic 3 has been out for days why is no one talking about it? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt157018…[View]
179767880>For every action, there is reaction. And a Pikey reaction... is quite a fucking thing. pure kino…[View]
179768157Yo this nigga is a nerd[View]
179763707He's too wimpy to be Joel. Honestly, how hard is it to bulk up for a role?[View]
179767326>Its confirmed Kino Another L for chudcels[View]
179766692one of these 2 actresses is 10 years younger than the other can you guess which?[View]
179766757irl he would get molested.[View]
179764175Frasier bros..... S12 sounds fucking terrible.[View]
179768812Why does she only play femcel characters?[View]
179768418>'Cashflow is king baby!' >buys bitcoin[View]
179768014Movies where the character is trapped in a planet? Similar to The Moon, The Martian and so on.[View]
179757286Why the FUCK don't they make shows like XENA anymore?[View]
179767811Help: Is this show any good? I’m sick and stuck in bed today so I wanted something I can put in the …[View]
179768209>movie starts with a prayer[View]
179768569Super Cop: Meet the cop that can't be stopped[View]
179767153what are some 90s kinos? i cant keep rewatcing the matrix[View]
179765127would never happen[View]
179767587Sometimes I Think About Dying[View]
179764484Alright... let's get this over with... Which one is better?[View]
179768598Bro this bitch is 25 what the fuck[View]
179761699Lolita, movie or book? I like the movie more, more depth and character development and script is bet…[View]
179763873>Bow to your Queen![View]
179766779What is the best crossover episode in television history?[View]
179768346Was Buffy good because of him or in spite of him?[View]
179767930So /tv/, you have a movie for me?[View]
179768495>Here's that POC latinx director I was telling you about[View]
179766842Have you ever seen a TV show recorded live?: I went to see Jeremy Kyle being recorded, if you ever w…[View]
179764781This is an actual shot from a movie nominated for 11 Academy Awards.[View]
179768469Be a director! https://youtube.com/shorts/U78ZEDp-GV4 >b-but it is youtube shorts Go fuck yoursel…[View]
179768463What do we think of amit's body of work /tv/?[View]
179768226Hello, I'd like a ham and cheese Whomelette, and an order of Wham Fries...[View]
179755915fucking owned[View]
179766009I heard these guys ruined movies because hollywood now caters to them by making easy to understand c…[View]
179768433When do you think Hollywood movies will eventually just devolve into a collage of blacked scenes? Th…[View]
179764710Why doesn't /tv/ like goodfellas?[View]
179767270re-watching the expanse if I want more spaceslop should I read the books from the start or where the…[View]
179768290Tim Robbin's hands are fucking huge[View]
179767579Reminder that the writer for the Frasier reboot, Joe Cristalli, was part of the Netflix Chappelle pr…[View]
179767439/midwit general/: >watched picrel in Directing class today >everyone loved it but I fucking ha…[View]
179766853any good sci fi lately?[View]
179766736Like locking Fort Knox with a plastic padlock.[View]
179767538Why racist characters in tv shows and movies don't use racial slurs anymore? Or I have this imp…[View]
179764811Dead Career General: Who else?[View]
179767510what's the funniest shot you've ever seen?[View]
179764851Rian Johnson is better than Spielberg: Rian is a writer and director. Spielberg is a fraud who doesn…[View]
179767894>I do my own (You)s, and the replies I get, I know them well, I wrote them. I make it my business…[View]
179768004maybe he would have lived if he wasnt such an immature aggressive faggot to everyone he interacted w…[View]
179766859>And my tax! What did Tolkien mean by this[View]
179768046I'm sure everything will be fine.[View]
179767619Why did this movie make so little money, it's kino[View]
179768021Fresh Ryan: Fresh Ryan just dropped https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mOmWrobois8[View]
179766733Now that he has been cancelled, it's time to cast the new Rick and Morty. Am designe their char…[View]
179761380Shazam Fury of the Gods new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=AIc671o9yCI…[View]
179755804/got/hotd/: Varys' riddle edition prev >>179731099[View]
179767704Which sequel was the worst?[View]
179765523What's the consensus on Scream 5? I saw it for the first time yesterday after watching the othe…[View]
179767802Kinos about a deeply closeted homosexual?[View]
179765420Actors that make your kino shit[View]
179767467wtf was his problem?[View]
179767758so mid what the fuck is smg actually doing? this is like her third show since buffy. just reboot buf…[View]
179765971Peter Griffin is right about this movie. It does insist upon itself. It's really not that good[View]
179766536Lotte from Babylon Berlin is my smart slutty hotwife![View]
179767265What happened to cinema in 2020? Did film just die and we're wallowing in its ashes?[View]
179765315>Hold on, you can't pass unless you prove you're not infected what do you?…[View]
179767660>We need to go deeper[View]
179766074/ourguy/ Charls is irl schizoposting on YT right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxktlQslZnM…[View]
179767430Who was in the wrong? Was she even that bad?[View]
179767497Lethal Weapon: What kind of badge was Leo holding in Lethal Weapon 4?[View]
179766256What Went Right?[View]
179767344Describe the dialogue in his movies.[View]
179766304anyone else enjoying this show more than the Interview with Vampires?[View]
179766432DAISY RIDLEY BACK ON DISNEY+: Young Woman and the Sea is an upcoming American biographical drama fil…[View]
179767380more and more normies are starting to use the word 'based'. need movies for this feel of p…[View]
179767324My baby takes the morning train[View]
179766466So what happened to based Coop? Did he win? Is BOB gone for good?[View]
179766785I don't get it, was this anti or pro America propaganda?[View]
179767214Is there any evidence that Arnon Milchan (Mossad agent) produced the 2001 TV series 'The Lone Gunmen…[View]
179764388Moments you realised you were watching kino: >It's you Colm! You're the Banshee of Inis…[View]
179765053>you thinking what im thinking?[View]
179757408Why was being a bad guy in movies and TV shows once considered a bad thing for an actor's caree…[View]
179766927>3 hour long movie Movies should be 1 and a half hour 2 hours top. If it's longer than that …[View]
179765747>Help, help! Cedric Diggory has been killed! Yes, Cedric Diggory, my main rival as Hogwarts Champ…[View]
179766107when did it jump the shark?[View]
179766037I was drunk and stoned last night and I walked into some graveyard and masturbated on some dead girl…[View]
179766530You literally could not get more comic accurate than this. MCU chads stay winning[View]
179766136They belong together bros[View]
179763636Imagine, if you will, how you would feel if you didn't have breakfast yesterday[View]
179766844What’s your favorite /goofy/ and /random/ kinos?[View]
179766161The only capeslop I care about is Guardians of the Galaxy.[View]
179759423why we cant find more about her?[View]
179766784>Character's name is 'Kang' >He is cast as a black guy…[View]
179766625>claims to love fiction and stories >haven’t read a single book since high school Sigh……it’s …[View]
179766610What was he talking about?[View]
179766765thoughts on this kino?[View]
179766743Good times[View]
179766212why is everyone on this board so mean?[View]
179766511OH NO NO NO NO[View]
179766614What does /tv/ think of her body of work?[View]
179761623Avatar 2 surpasses Infinity War at the box office: capeshitterbros...[View]
179764746>only 282 days until the next Toho Godzilla Film[View]
179765997>kryptonite >crypt tonight[View]
179763260It's boring and drags on far too long. They could have told the same story in 90 minutes.[View]
179766391What are tv’s picks? What should I watch? I live in Los Angeles should I watch any of these at the n…[View]
179766102he was the guy[View]
179766097Whatever happened to fury roads followup movie(s)? Was confirmed for like 2 years and then it just n…[View]
179766429Cast him properly[View]
179765846When did you, and how did you feel, when you realised life was not like the movies?[View]
179766053Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: This is the winner of the 4th season, Naima Mora. Say somethi…[View]
179764133>makes fun of liberals and conservative >no one likes it…[View]
179765706george enters jerry's apartment looking disappointed jerry: hey how'd the tinder date with…[View]
179766250Guess the movie[View]
179766110Was this a better sequel than $2billiob-3hour-wateraliens movie?[View]
179763756> Ehm, look. Sorry, sorry. I just, ehm, well, this is a very stupid question and... , particularl…[View]
179751871Why does the Sopranos make references to Goodfellas and other mob movies when half of the cast is in…[View]
179765258Why would he give his life for a woman with a husband and kid and why didn't he keep the money …[View]
179766163Why is necromancy so Kino?[View]
179766058This is the greatest show ever made and I'm tired of pretending it's not just because peop…[View]
179761307All right, look. Look at it this way. You know, a man takes a job, you know? And that job - I mean, …[View]
179764038>Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do >I have a perfect puzzle for you >Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee…[View]
179766001You can only sniff one side of her underwear, which would you choose? >front side >back side…[View]
179764793>2 billion+ made looks like we're in for another 3 full lengths kinos after all…[View]
179765226WE NEED ADAM DRIVER FULL FRONTAL: >65 What color are Adam Driver's eyes?…[View]
179765967You're out there, Shire Baggins, and I'll find you.[View]
179754151Severance Thread[View]
179765894why are the mystery meat goblins they always force onto modern shows always the worst actors? The ki…[View]
179764649Kino is back on the menu[View]
179763417Ask me if my ass is fat[View]
179762018Why cant the nips make a good live action mecha like this? A fucking fat latinx beat them to the pun…[View]
179765742about to watch for the 17th time. what to expect?[View]
179765595Why did this fail so much when Artie became an icon?[View]
179763571Webm thread[View]
179765047I don't get the hype It has some cool shots (like the one in picrel) and the theme song is nice…[View]
179763568>*goes through more character development during a time skip than during 6 seasons of the show*…[View]
179761065Still don't know what to make out of it?: Cringe or kino?[View]
179764409Come on Barbie, Let's go party[View]
179742758Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back baby!: LES'T FUCKING GO!!![View]
179765577Implying this beauty would sex a misogynist geezer like Bill.[View]
179764130What was their best show?[View]
179764862Imagine Drinking...: And watching some awesome kino. Which of you /tv/irgins has something good to w…[View]
179764929Chinatown: Can we talk about this movie? Excellent movie all around, but holy what an anticlimactic …[View]
179761536Scrubs: i love this show so heckin much[View]
179753297/tkg/: Tulsa King general 30% of your dubs belong to me weekly edition[View]
179762175PEOPLE OF ETERNIA[View]
179765377Dear Marquis, I hope this letter finds you in good health and stead. I’m doing fine, although I wis…[View]
179758903>destroys son's sense of self worth and self esteem through years of verbal and emotional ab…[View]
179738032LOTR thread? Nonsense...There hasn't been a LOTR thread for a thousand posts![View]
179763455Why was he still holding the gun: They already got the briefcase, killed the w-what guy, and left th…[View]
179758997this should’ve happened before cranston got old and fat[View]
179762549What were your top 5 shows and movies of 2022? 1. Severance 2. The Bear 3. Slow Horses 4. Black Bird…[View]
179765329for me? it's /DRUK/![View]
179764708>Don't you...forget about me.[View]
179764936Why they don't make movies like this anymore?[View]
179764123March 26th and we're back in action baby[View]
179765178Meet me at the parking garage at 11:30. Come alone and make sure no one sees you.[View]
179765167any movies like pic rel?[View]
179764218Does anyone know where I can watch Chris Hansen's new pedo sting show without paying for anothe…[View]
179765124Will Scream 6 be kino?[View]
179761432haven't watch 28 days later for a long time but did the army not know they were quarantine from…[View]
179736804Imagine how many boomer actors got away with stuff like this because social media and cancel culture…[View]
179765066Last of Us or Zombie shit: Im just saying. If i was in any of these situations i wouldnt let it spir…[View]
179765061>You don't have the guts to post in their thread them when you ban them... You gotta hide wi…[View]
179760319Any other coastal elitist kinos like Succession on TV? Im tired of all the flyover slop and want som…[View]
179764898Why did he try to strangle that guy? What did he know?[View]
179764808No show has been able to blend its comedy with its serious moments as well as Gintama did[View]
179764976I like Kevin Smith's Randall character, but I have to say a big FUCK YOU to him for making fun …[View]
179761248That 2000's show: Whether or not that 90's show turns out to be successful can a 'that 200…[View]
179755674What's wrong with Chinese cartoons?[View]
179764368Fuck off chud[View]
179758283For me it's Previously on the Shield™[View]
179762078The great debate: Which is better?[View]
179764818What’s next for Riley Reid and daughter Emma[View]
179764800Moments of movie violence that were censored on network or basic cable: You can add swearing moments…[View]
179764502This is the real reason why Kubrick did a lot of takes. https://youtube.com/shorts/uU6CGBwmSiA[View]
179761160Is she the biggest most insufferable cunt in all of television (inb4 Skyler)[View]
179749268What were your most disappointing theater experiences?[View]
179756047they do it on purpose: Disney is wasting millions upon millions of dollars just to own the libtards…[View]
179761038remember you were inside your mom longer than any other woman you will ever know.[View]
179764641I am Groot[View]
179764598Murtry here, rig the thread with explosives. If Anon or his shitposting friends try anything, detona…[View]
179764564My wife invented BBC sucking.[View]
179763525ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
179758063Any Mario movie blackpills? How bad is it gonna be?[View]
179764428ITT: The most generic movies you can think of[View]
179764411Don't bother answering if you don't currently watch, but is anyone else done with watching…[View]
179763746it's gonna be shit right?[View]
179764018>Black Panther for white women[View]
179762752The greatest filter in sitcom history[View]
179761309New 'toss[View]
179764222Leprechaun 4: In Space: Leprechaun 4: In Space[View]
179762470>What are you waiting for?[View]
179763064Why doesn't Bollywood have many dark skinned indian actresses?[View]
179764086Yellowstone/Tulsa King Crossover: This would be the ultimate boomslop kino. >everything we do, we…[View]
179764010>Sonic tells children to buy The Secret by Rhonda Byrne did Jim Carrey ask them to put this in?…[View]
179763822>mmm whhat you say[View]
179760186>Please welcome to Hogwarts, uh... Lenin![View]
179763621They all had pretty terrible careers after the show ended. The only good movies from any of them are…[View]
179762984Is it the best samurai movie ever made?[View]
179756661>I'm the sinister masked 'Christian'. P-please, fear the 'Christians'…[View]
179763792Magagas the movie looks lit[View]
179763753>gets yellow fever in his 60s Now the dust has settled, just what the hell did he mean by that?…[View]
179762697Pitch a movie where the title is just the name of an animal.[View]
179757640ITT: We guess the movie by the IMDB Parents' Guide[View]
179763225>Jabba, you're a wonderful human being What did he mean by this?[View]
179762685What font do you use for movie subtitles?[View]
179763696I never see this movie recommended in the medieval threads and it's absolute kino.[View]
179763599>I-I was just trying to save my nephew guys I swear Yeah bullshit. Why did they keep this heroic …[View]
179759024Which trades do elves work in?[View]
179760115Which show did it best?[View]
179756816>I always thought you were bigger mate Bane bros?? https://www.youtube.com/shorts/5PTeOiSC3wE…[View]
179761793>Jack Jack Jackity jack-a-black is bringing out the fun >on Nick Nick Nickety Nick a lick-a-ti…[View]
179759762This board is done for. Nobody’s left but literal drooling retards reposting the same nonsense over …[View]
179763087Meanwhile Velma gets a second season: Literal clown world Clown car world[View]
179762960YOU DON’T WANT NO BEEF: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vn7o-SfmdLo[View]
179761161Woke bros... NOT LIKE THIS[View]
179759544Love this movie[View]
179762766What film resembled your childhood/adolescence the most?[View]
179761246yes, the Simpsons did make fun of the misfortunate too[View]
179761653people like to bandy the word 'kino' about like its so easy to assign, but this friends.... this is …[View]
179763116OH N-[View]
179760719Hannibal: Which Hannibal movie/series is the greatest kino /tv? Enthrall me with you acumen. pro tip…[View]
179763175I still cannot get over how fucking hilarious this shit was.[View]
179762089Why did he spare so much expense?[View]
179763016Watch Goemon (2009).[View]
179761572Neytiri is...[View]
179762599>Mia Goth breastfeeding Alexander Skarsgard IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME[View]
179760621>have a sentient, mind reading hat that can learn your innermost secrets and reveal your moral fa…[View]
179762000>hack director actually makes kino for once >it's universally panned by critics…[View]
179759729Does anyone really want to watch yet ANOTHER Hollywood movie about Hollywood and how hard it is to b…[View]
179747938Streaming Is Dying: >“Investors and executives have accepted that streaming is, in fact, not a go…[View]
179745375Why did Kristen Stewart's cinematic career fail?[View]
179762334>villain’s name is Cos Dashit because he causes da shit Wow... why did Lucas pass up on this scri…[View]
179762707The Expanse: When will somebody resurrect this sci-fi goodness?[View]
179757104>tell this girl I fell in love with her >'Oh that's nice let's see us again!' >Sh…[View]
179762566>'Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing.' W-which age, exactly?…[View]
179762691Heaven and Hell: What are some movies with good depictions of heaven and/or hell?[View]
179754272ITT: moments that ruined an actor's career[View]
179759534>you can't fire me, I quit![View]
179726073>Comments are turned off. Learn more[View]
179762600What do you guys think of The Howling from 1981? I always thought it was a really creepy movie. The …[View]
179755192New Rian Johnson kino dropped! What do we think of it?[View]
179762102Glass Onion: Was this the most pretentious piece of trash to come out in years? This was a legitimat…[View]
179759862what do you watch on repeat?[View]
179761855>watching Jack and Jill >Jill is annoying, stupid and loud So just like every American woman I…[View]
179760510>anime can't be ki-[View]
179761715In prison you're somebody's BITCH[View]
179762505aren't you gonna wish him a happy birthday?[View]
179759820What did the 'let's go kill dogs' scenes amount to? What was the goal? Was it some sort of meta…[View]
179762019methinks he enjoyed the roll a bit too much... which might be considered a sin[View]
179760950Disney Lois hits different[View]
179760736Two hollywood phonies try to give me their autograph...[View]
179761862It's No Way Home but for Ant-Man. The word of mouth on this is going to be strong as fuck. Cape…[View]
179762235Any kinos about cold approaching women?[View]
179761492>walks in >shouts at everyone >fires half your staff >replaces the entire menu with one …[View]
179760218>over half a year later >still see branded food, toys, lunchboxes, etc. that never sold from t…[View]
179762128Why did boomers love Arrested Development's chicken dance meme so much?[View]
179762052That Time The SAS Got Cucked[View]
179761486>hero or villain is unconventional Any kino's like this?[View]
179761512good morning sirs this was so good thank you[View]
179750524So this is what doing some silly voices gets you[View]
179761894Was it kino?[View]
179761814>MALE! >MALE! >FEMALE! >MALE! >FEMALE >MA - wait a minute, what is this? I have ne…[View]
179761748pure kino[View]
179761673What went wrong?[View]
179758001Movies only you have seen[View]
179761533I think it's time to accept that maybe Jurassic Park 3 was better than the Jurassic World trilo…[View]
179760978Was it kino?: You wanted him bitch?[View]
179750752Just finished this series. It truly is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, and I recommend all…[View]
179753892I’m still trying to figure out which one of them was in the wrong[View]
179760550Movie Ideas: A 90's bully is sent into the future to the present day to a school full of trans …[View]
179759907Is there a more failed franchise? Even with multiple movies and tv shows it's still miserable a…[View]
179761123I will never watch this shit but damn she CUTE[View]
179761113this is like the less extreme version of Grizzly Man except the octopus gets eaten instead of him[View]
179757866Good movie until the dumb sex scene with the attack against the athletes in the end. So, Louis was w…[View]
179711929/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ charts https://mega.nz/…[View]
179756252Pewdiepie, at the bridge![View]
179759787Yosemite Sam was a confederate soldier[View]
179760290>and did you know that despite being only 13% of the population[View]
179758006Are you a real... woman? >Well, uh... technically, uh nah Have you ever caught a mental illness, …[View]
179761053Why is there no leading man with the energy to play him today?: >In one of his infamous fights wi…[View]
179760595I wonder if this is actually a mantis or an animal that just looks like a mantis. I doubt it’d even …[View]
179760931>Ben Stiller in a fatsuit dancing to Milkshake by Kelis[View]
179760926right now pretty much anyone can be fired over some shit he posted years ago imagine what going to h…[View]
179760912Favorite high school/college kinos?[View]
179760903Christbros....: ....we lost.[View]
179759860What are some 'there's something wrong with this spooky town' kino? I enjoyed this recently[View]
179758996Do people actually watch Seagal's movies?: Is it true that his movies are all a giant money lau…[View]
179759687how are they gonna do the whole david storyline with her? in the game it made sense for david to wan…[View]
179756899What the FUCK happened to Charlie in the eighth season?[View]
179760703It's a mouth, not a mustache.[View]
179759833Remember that time you hit your knee on the coffee table? It was me, anon.[View]
179759623Chaos reigns nigga![View]
179760693Characters that single handedly ruin movies?[View]
179759600Do you think her performance in EEAAO was really worthy of an Oscar nom?[View]
179754606AVP: Why are the aliens so overpowered in this movie? It's a massacre, no competition.[View]
179760629What is the best transgender movie of all time, and why is it Tangerine?[View]
179757166This is the greatest action movie of all time[View]
179760524claim your newsfu[View]
179760513ITT: /tv/ characters who are literally you BUT: they have to be of the opposite gender[View]
179756250Why isn't she in movies anymore, bros?[View]
179748254>A pint of blood costs more than a gallon of gold. Unironically what is wrong with this line? It …[View]
179759616Will they ever make a movie about him?[View]
179742414Scenes that genuinely scared you: Saw this with a friend and both of us jumped when this shit showed…[View]
179760338Apprentice thread: Apprentice is on the tele tonight. Where my rochellechads at?[View]
179746861Why are you grown ass men watching this trash?[View]
179759903This made zoomers piss and shit themselves with laughter in 2017[View]
179759060>fine dining BAD >Fast-food GOOD >capitalism BAD >communism GOOD…[View]
179759360Have you ever seen your mom naked?[View]
179759715As general MacArthur said in his farewell address at the Point: 'the corps, the corps, the corps.'[View]
179760073>Adult Swim says Rick and Morty will continue without Roiland >Hulu has fired him from Solar O…[View]
179757529Yeah, I think the golden age is officially here now[View]
179759421See what happens when you diss Succession on /tv/ Your thread flops that's what happens. Succes…[View]
179758579Now that Justin Rollin is on roll, should I watch Solar opposites or Rick and Morty? I've never…[View]
179760142Look how I massacred his boy.[View]
179759928>blocks your path[View]
179756986I just dont like no more /tv/, you are dull.[View]
179758193Don't be lazy /tv/![View]
179756446Just watched this. What did I think about what should I expect of what we are supposed to be thinkin…[View]
179759382Was he a good villain?[View]
179759646ITT: signs you’re about to watch kino[View]
179753079lads i don’t feel so good[View]
179756395What is your favourite saoirse film?[View]
179751783Your final veredict on Twin Peaks... ?[View]
179757632new 'toss get it while it's still hot[View]
179758979Ella Balinska - Queen of flops: >Charlie's Angels: flopped >Resident Evil: flopped >Fo…[View]
179759716What did you think of this? What do you think of short feature length films in general?[View]
179757290What's his next plan?[View]
179752621In the 90s there was a bunch of movies about losers and failing guys. Is there a modern equivalent? …[View]
179759156JRE Hetfield vs Mustaine: Who had the better episode?[View]
179759441University of /tv/ we'll start with you. This two-word meme was a line from a twenty-oh-eight f…[View]
179758852>'Well actually I want to thank you for that statement. It has motivated me to start therapy and …[View]
179759531>'Another victim detective... He was forced to crush his hands to free himself from getting cut i…[View]
179758252m3gan was pretty good[View]
179757750Japanese kino: What are some good rising sun kinos that aren't horror?[View]
179758725Movies Liberals Can't Watch Anymore[View]
179759491Horrors with this trope?[View]
179758832Has /tv/ correctly leaked details about a film before? What's the closest that /tv/ has ever go…[View]
179757126>scientist character demonstrates the theory of relativity by allowing a well-endowed black man h…[View]
179756150no problem rust, i just don't ever want you fucking my wife in the ass...[View]
179755668>are you a shitposter?[View]
179758573Are news anchors considered actors?[View]
179758652What are the best movies about the war on terror?[View]
179758796JUST GO AHEAD NOW[View]
179758040How antisemitic were soviet movies?[View]
179758913>I AM A CASTAWAY WILSON Subtle[View]
179758222>director has a cameo[View]
179758321Saw 2 > 1: discuss why this is the right opinion.[View]
179758768>main protag is completely delusional kinos for this feel?[View]
179758429What are your favourite sports or music movies? When done right they're so good.[View]
179757415>I don't feel so good, T[View]
179758355What the fuck was his problem?[View]
179758051Will Burgerpunk surpass Cyberpunk as a genre?[View]
179758670What’s next for Mary Elisabeth Winstead ?[View]
179758668The new Avatar didn't include these guys... AGAIN James Cameron is a hack, 0/10 unwatchable. An…[View]
179758426Latest picture of Stefanie who says shes filming something. Looks like my ex who was 40 year old red…[View]
179756848what the fuck was Snyder thinking?[View]
179758399This mf gave me nightmares when i was a kid.[View]
179756932Can we all stop pretending for a moment and admit that we love Rick and Morty?[View]
179758593>a chinese odyssey is kino[View]
179756752Who wins ?[View]
179757738Whose /hype/ for the upcoming Avatar 2 killer?[View]
179755295Here is your Abby bro[View]
179757820is it me, or the algorhythm?: I just given similar subject matter even if its delivered by a nasal i…[View]
179758119>Presses one button >The ship blows up ???…[View]
179754013Rachel Weisz Is she right?[View]
179741403>look up conan o'brien >the irrelevant faggot runs a podcast network now OOF…[View]
179755570>ruins your kink[View]
179758286Why has India produced so much SOVLFUL films this past decade?[View]
179757639LOL Epic Fail ![View]
179756954everytime i see a trailer for a biopic about a black person I immediately don't believe it ever…[View]
179758257What movie is the most movie[View]
179757231Unchained Melody[View]
179757620What is happening in this scene? What was this dialogue all about? https://youtu.be/xQP0QB4xWHo[View]
179758106We've got a really busy show, no time for- https://youtu.be/zHFUBEFjL7M[View]
179756109>Democracy is all well and good but it's weak and it's decadent, you need a strong lead…[View]
179757987/mhg/ Memoryholed General: Post classics lost to the sands of time...[View]
179755698>Razzies nominate kid actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong as worst actress for 'Firestarter' >They back…[View]
179758109How do you think the Glory will end?[View]
179757825Is watching LazyTown good for your health?[View]
179758073The 60's seemed so comfy[View]
179756545BROS, WHICH RAID WAS YOUR FAVORITE??!: No, seriously, how would you rank them? For me its the first …[View]
179755299I've already pre-ordered mine, have you?[View]
179738018/avtr/ - Avatar General #136: Antipodean slime edition >>179721689[View]
179754649Why do Americans have such a hard time reconciling average looking people in media: It's not so…[View]
179756485>waddles into your mind[View]
179747533Anyone else in the mood for a third 300 movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75R4g08ImzY[View]
179757698>shit actress, in no good movies >most famous woman of the 20th century What did she mean by t…[View]
179746920MUH dick: I will now watch your show.[View]
179757861>Candace Owens…. That rotten Bitch[View]
179756232Any other film scores where every track is the same theme played slightly differently[View]
179757383Remember Nurse Jackie? I think my grandma used to watch this show... like 16 years ago.[View]
179753389How do you respond?[View]
179757018Can we all agree this guy is the greatest and best horror hoast?[View]
179752968I don't get it, lots of older movies were diverse as fuck yet I couldn't give one fuck and…[View]
179757153>'LMAO brainlet' >this is the major pivotal point of the series Bravo Straczynski.…[View]
179754614>zombie movie >zombie by the cranberries starts…[View]
179756328So was he mocking Jews or anti-Semites?[View]
179757625best PKD film adaptation? What's left to adapt?[View]
179751700Absolutely keyed[View]
179756142A conversation between these two would be... EPIC[View]
179756573Aside from the horrible intro, how is it?[View]
179756672三体 Three Body Problem: Why does the Chinese government blur out the word 'POLLUTION'? I've noti…[View]
179756179my favorite streaming service, Paramount Plus featuring Tulsa King[View]
179754820Boomslop Kino: Times you acted like the Tulsa King. >go to grocery store at 5a during elderly hou…[View]
179757192>/qa/ couldn't mobilize sufficient forces for a raid. The mods locked the board…[View]
179756040has anyone here been an extra on a successful film? I have. picrel is me[View]
179756357choose wisely[View]
179752049>cable now cheaper than netflix >taxis cheaper than uber >hotels cheaper than air bnb >o…[View]
179743845>The 1950s were LE BAD[View]
179742419>We will never see this level of effort in movies again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8Bj5nAsW…[View]
179757118I'm not crying[View]
179756943>(you) are who you choose to be[View]
179756827>new netflix show >gay couple >trans character >black guy/girl >asian guy/girl >…[View]
179756865this movie was cuck kino and one of the best comedies ever[View]
179754176Where do I start with Tarantino? I've never seen his films.[View]
179756732You didn't watch Charlie's Angels even tho it was a harmless little movie you could have t…[View]
179756559What is the greatest Boomer Power Fantasy in Movie History?: Tulsa King seems to be a solid contende…[View]
179753551/seinfeld/: your favorite episode?[View]
179732056Movie Theater stories: share them /tv/.[View]
179756651Post underrated performances that you really like.[View]
179748104Can we all just agree on this?[View]
179755427Kampen om Narvik: >Is Ingrid Tofte a Real Person? >No, Ingrid Tofte is not based on a real per…[View]
179752936was it kino?[View]
179756274‘Jon Snow Sequel’: They’re hiding the main idea here. They’re going to revive (try to save) Thrones …[View]
179737993Do actresses do nude scenes for critical acclaim? Why do some do alot from a young age (Sweeney, Win…[View]
179756048What are the best sitcoms out there >I really like that 70s show and the big bang theory…[View]
179756383kinos about mysterious disappearances?[View]
179751571>What the hell is Is ray el? >It's just something Rick starts talking about whenever he…[View]
179731099/got/hotd/: King's Landing edition prev >>179722109[View]
179753553I'm married to a man[View]
179756207What was the point of this scene? Why does Druckmann add unnecessary torture porn to media directed …[View]
179755680>Make you feel good, huh? Make you feel gooooood... to call OP a faggot. Make you feel biiiiiiiig…[View]
179754296Aurora Borealis? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized e…[View]
179751499Amelie remake[View]
179755095Babylon: Nothing short of amazing, albeit flawed. Makes no sense it didn't even get a nominatio…[View]
179755987Succession: Garbage[View]
179752210I watched Eurotrip recently and it was disgusting to she how much the teenage Michelle Tractenburg w…[View]
179755712What's your comfy show to fall asleep to? I've been watching SVU before bed but I was get …[View]
179755891>But I think we need to invest in posting our 'kino' to obscure image boards that would get us ca…[View]
179739886/Jazz/ - I Am Jazz general: What do you think went through Sander's mind when the realization h…[View]
179753557uh, bros?[View]
179755024I'm just gonna rest here for a bit. You go on without me /tv/.[View]
179754655Mel Brooks: In Memoriam 1926 - 2023[View]
179755652There's a high level netflix employee of Jewish origin watching this and giggling right now[View]
179755672IT'S THE NUTSHACK[View]
179755514anons will watch the following webm and some of them will even dare to say that this is not pure KIN…[View]
179755597Why do (((they))) hate the snyderverse?[View]
179751491Why is there no good live action anime?[View]
179752381why cant americans look like that anymore[View]
179752216post burgerpunk kinos[View]
179755479It fucking sucks that Charlize Theron will not be back as Furiosa.: Fuck you, alien girl![View]
179752496we just weren't ready for it[View]
179755380>pick medieval movie >*DING DING DING DING DING* can’t watch these noise piercers…[View]
179755339and the breast actress of the year award goes to....[View]
179749256Will they acnowledge Erin Moriarty having so much plastic surgery in the next season of the boys? Or…[View]
179755096Characters you are slowly turning into.: For me, it's Bumblebee Man.[View]
179750846Casca love Griffith more than in a fraternal-messianic way: I'm new in Berserk, I haven't …[View]
179733301Too bad they never did a movie together[View]
179755186ITT: Shows that hit different when you reach a certain age. Zoomers not allowed here[View]
179750971Did Doctor Who peak in the early 80s?[View]
179754656I liked it. I can recommend this for anons. It's called 'The Menu'.[View]
179755193ZAMN this board be full of some pussy ass BITCH niggas ufeelme whaddup?[View]
179752533KWAB: The Movie[View]
179754999Alien > Aliens The Terminator > Terminator 2[View]
179755147Explain the ending because I do not fucking get it.[View]
179753796Netflix made a good movie with 0 POC and /tv/ doesn't talk about it. How come ? Oh now i get it…[View]
179753458Shout out to the anon that recommended this absolute kino Post more French/yuro neo noir[View]
179723938If you should feel alone Or that your world has come apart Just reach out and you'll see A frie…[View]
179754389Cinema in 2022[View]
179755000Favorite father/son duos in TV/Hollywood?[View]
179754383When will we get a film about the NFT bubble?[View]
179754470>if he was gonna get plastic surgery he wouldn’t get THAT. Come on.[View]
179753692YLYL - /based tv sneedition/[View]
179754943>make an attempt at speaking *nglish >'you sound scottish' we celtic now…[View]
179751521I found out parents arent backstreet boys fans i literally walked, The problem is i dont have a job …[View]
179754842>getting hit with deep, weary nostalgia >because i saw a caramelldansen youtube thumbnail…[View]
179752812/tv/ and Pewdiepie meme'd me into watching Kitchen Nightmares and it's actually based as f…[View]
179751087What killed Kiernan Slutka's career?[View]
179754300Should I watch the new movie?[View]
179751835Human Centipede - profound Black Knight moment: >2 cosmopolitan White females go on a trip to Eur…[View]
179754697>tfw no Lindsay Weir gf[View]
179749437Avatarbros is truly fucking over, Me contro Te completly blows away Avatar 2 at the box office in it…[View]
179750467>Men can’t get pregn…[View]
179753280Why are they so bad?: >specializing on action films >have a roster of old stars than made some…[View]
179752451current box office gross of this year's 10 Best Picture nominees[View]
179754308What a boring slog: Seriously, how can you even take such an interesting idea and make into somethin…[View]
179746673Why are there so few cyberpunk movies? It is by far the greatest genre that exists.[View]
179752955>Fry dates robot Lucy Liu, bender spends the entire episode seething, everyone calls Fry gross …[View]
179752371>1980s movie montage >I'm walking on sunshine Whoa and don't it feel good starts pla…[View]
179753460What would be the modern version of 'I have to return some video tapes'?[View]
179754460Kinos about people overcoming hatred for each other to defeat a bigger enemy.[View]
179754249who should play Naruto and Sasuke in the live action Netflix adaptation?[View]
179754443Kinos about the bright future?[View]
179750946Will the female Indiana Jones series be good?[View]
179754038Why are true crime adaptations often so low quality? Many cases could make for great movies but rare…[View]
179749479>the old symbol of the old kings >cuts himself with it, it's still sharp >is frightene…[View]
179754108And then *sob*... The glass jar broke inside his a-...[View]
179752726How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
179753844>WHEN THAT CLOCK STRIKES HALF PAST SIX BABE what did he mean by this?[View]
179751989Do you think we would literally have a perfect Utopia if there were no jews? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
179753986Plus: Why are streaming services all branding themselves as 'Service Plus'? >Disney+ >ESPN+ …[View]
179750952I CAN'T HEAR[View]
179752996Why did he do it[View]
179753847You don't need more than a HEVC x265 6GiB encode.[View]
179753498>you're the eventuality of an anomaly >uh, in english doc??…[View]
179750090For me it's Jules from HBO's hit series Euphoria[View]
179750505Boogie Nights: What did I think of it[View]
179744705If Justin Roiland looked like this, do you think he still would have been dropped by Adult Swim?[View]
179752413I'm only here out of respect for my fawtha.[View]
179753644Now that the dust has settled, was it /k/ino?[View]
179751867NHK shows: Do you like cute host interacting with a female comedian wearing fruit puppet show?…[View]
179748064Daily reminder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwR5OP4jtwA[View]
179749451That 80s Show: I saw this when it aired and it sucked How does it compare to That 90s Show? Has anyo…[View]
179742670>barely 3 months since premier >already forgotten and no one cares enough to talk about it wha…[View]
179749933Why does everyone say 2 > 1 ? Somebody please explain, because I literally can't think of a …[View]
179748573Name 5 famous lesbians. Why aren't lesbians known for anything significant or having an impact?[View]
179750373It was implyed that he was a FAAAG with the whole Louis thing, right?[View]
179752211he's the new keanu reeves. who will be the next?[View]
179752279How would a Taxi Driver set in 2023 differ from the original?[View]
179751605>aliens/monster/cryptid/UAP are found >glowies wearing pic related show up This is my favorite…[View]
179749723Whoever doesn't post in this thread is a FUCKING FAGGOT[View]
179753347>I can barely see (you), George[View]
179751600I've been watching films at x2 speed by myself for so long I forgot normies don't do this.…[View]
179752497I don't get it...[View]
179746610>millennial 'humor'[View]
179753000>gets called a “sloth-bitch” >sloths are from South America so how would a Viking know what a …[View]
179753199>[long pause] I can't talk about that. Will we ever again get journalist asking about state …[View]
179753171This is what i call, SSS-Tier Acting.: how did she do it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wqXNKYn-f…[View]
179752498I used to be a different man, a man with a different skin color: I used to be black. But that was a …[View]
179737043ITT: unreliable narration kinos[View]
179750987Justin Roiland Fired from Solar Opposites: Well at least I still have so-ACK https://variety.com/202…[View]
179751730Bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-h1ERyxbQ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIJrSSIHkek…[View]
179747604Cast the inevitable HBO adaptation[View]
179752718>tv show or movie makes a dated reference[View]
179752802anyone else enjoying this? it's way better than the gay vampires one.[View]
179750100Gentlemen,: Synchronize[View]
179752790For a supposed Vegetarian tribe, M'Baku sure got bigger lmao: What the fuck lmao[View]
179750911DOTD (2004): >uh... you can't kill bitten people >Why? >YOU JUST LE CANT OK…[View]
179749639Are you an angel?[View]
179751357Fuck Kelly Kapoor[View]
179751148Long live the fighters![View]
179752362Doc Chads win again[View]
179744727The only capeshit I ever cared about[View]
179751597>Literally Mary Sue: the race[View]
179748878have you watched simpsons episode where homer turns into super fat homer :D if you have money proble…[View]
179750546In the Talking Sopranos interview Chase confirms that >Tony killing Chris was actually positive …[View]
179750742What years would a person have to be born to find this nostalgic? i want you to really think about t…[View]
179751841How can a space-faring civilization be so incompetent as to get owned by tree people armed with stic…[View]
179752105Pathaan (2023): Sirs, what do I think of this action kino?[View]
179750713King of the Hill: what am i in for?[View]
179749719It's stargate SG1 but carter just dials abydos after failing to connect to earth and uses their…[View]
179751998What was his fucking problem?[View]
179751023Out of all the shitty adaptation this one hurts the most.[View]
179751895Best of SNL: For me, it was the Totinos lesbian scene[View]
179751647ITT: movies that end on a high note[View]
179751831Aus/tv/ kino thread: Straya day edition what you watching how many tinnies deep are ya. Any new good…[View]
179747355is chinkwood the new hollywood?[View]
179751598Watch Yellowstone[View]
179748497It wasn’t meant to be a documentary[View]
179747915>this made millennials shit their pants 20 years ago[View]
179750080>k-kid movie bad...CUZ LE EUGENICS[View]
179751668The Marie Antoinette BBC series was surprisingly kino[View]
179751690>ITT: movies everyone on /tv/ loves[View]
179750120>day by day he gazed upon her... why didn't it work?[View]
179751369Fav actresses with gummy smiles?[View]
179749982*saves the horror genre*[View]
179749939I've traveled far from my home on /co/ I'm here to tell Riddles if you must know. So Nigg…[View]
179745937sirs how does he do the trick[View]
179751173>video games Hollywood is to cowardly to adapt[View]
179750188Cast him season 2[View]
179748975Lower Decks is My Anti-Depressant: I haven't been doing well emotionally lately. For years, act…[View]
179746711oppen heimer style![View]
179747971dr pavel sir i'm microsoft technical support[View]
179747763Hear me out on this one[View]
179750671How does she do it?[View]
179750247My Cousin Vinny: Kino film, comfy as fuck but i have to ask burgerbros here something, Are people i…[View]
179751046>good morning sirs >age of the men of the west is drawing to a close >men of the east sup…[View]
179750947it's better than Star Wars nowadays. trade in your lightsabers for dragons.[View]
179751027ITT: bad casting[View]
179749998PLEASURE: I don't understand the hate for this movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwEjon3m…[View]
179740975>when you eat do not le eat[View]
179749216Stu? What are you doing?[View]
179749909So, that is his secret... https://youtu.be/BC63BPsx-1s[View]
179735362hanging out[View]
179749878I want to fuck this lizard.[View]
179750984>remember a show you hated as a kid >go watch it >its actually good…[View]
179750739>I'm the best one.[View]
179750919ITT interesting making of/behind the scenes footage: Avatar early mocap test 'u bring probrems' http…[View]
179750474Houellebros… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1gfB-l1Qt8 (This is a documentary film, so /tv/ relate…[View]

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