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137699550John Connor, it is time.[View]
137699546[spolier]I know I stand in line until you think You have the time to spend an evening with me And if…[View]
137698698Why are all the comments on this video supporting jonah?[View]
137697299What's the most valuable movie you own and how much did you pay for it?: Robot Jox bluray $75 a…[View]
137697238Warrior Nun: I'm currently on episode 6, and wondering when Ava (MC) stops being an insufferabl…[View]
137686269Batman Begins is the best out of the three movies.[View]
137697423This nigga is so kino Post Based Character Actors Thread[View]
137698602>2016 /tv/ thought this was funny[View]
137698683Luke, I am you are father Name a more iconic line in movie history[View]
137694998ITT: Actors you hope blow up in the 2020's: Mine is pic-related. Not even a good actress but we…[View]
137699272What was her fucking problem?[View]
137687107I thought it was pretty rich that they took umbrage with Adam Sandler for making low effort, sub par…[View]
137698183Would you have accepted it?[View]
137697016Why do people shit on this guy? Is he a bad person off-camera? Or do people not like his success? wh…[View]
137697989>$29.99(+$6.99/mo) Black Widow >Still no new Marvel shows airing on D+ Is the MCU finally dead…[View]
137697599I made this in college.[View]
137687390Who /plex/ here[View]
137699151So who's the next caller ross? <it's janny from /tv/ board, says he can't take it …[View]
137698219>remove thy shift[View]
137696974Is there any chance for Kate Upton to become a successful actress? Or will she just keep growing bi…[View]
137689318>oh yeah lemme complicate my escape by spending 30 minutes on this display for shock value Hannib…[View]
137695839Is William Shatner based or cringe?[View]
137698918>Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time. For y'all have knocked her up.…[View]
137695931What the fuck: I was on some meme site, I saw a link, it went to that one video that is a clip of so…[View]
137698909mortal kino[View]
137695855When did George Lucas learn to fire like that?[View]
137698427oh no no no[View]
137697531He’s adorable![View]
137698705ITT: We post underrated animated qts.[View]
137698429The fuck was his problem?[View]
137693286Now that it's been a bit, what did you think of this movie?[View]
137696161This was a cute movie.[View]
137683663Forget Sopranos or Breaking Bad, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the greatest TV show of all time. A…[View]
137698678Au Hasard Balthazar: Opinions? I thought it was masterful and emotionally resonant. The donkey was g…[View]
137698671>Powerful and respected character dies in a humiliating way Bravo Martin…[View]
137696811Stuart now what does mama say about posting on /tv/?[View]
137698546What's with franchises being gutted left right and center?[View]
137698533kino movie posters[View]
137697789Harry was literally about to get this bitch worshipping his Gryffindor cock but ended up with Ron…[View]
137695165Funniest shit I've ever seen[View]
137698042Cabaret: This film is quite progressive and degenerate even for current standards. Fucking shit prop…[View]
137694304>tfw no gloria gf[View]
137696151Do you have a ‘tv family’ do your parents just zone out in front of it all day?[View]
137695139Mac and Me[View]
137697219There's nothing better than a good lie![View]
137695843>cool it with the antisemitic remarks Simple as[View]
137693629Issa Rae To Star In Jordan Peele-Produced Thriller OAK: >A thought-provoking movie that engages w…[View]
137698213>We've driven that guy over. Lets bury him in the forest and have sex on his grave as he is …[View]
137698207Favourite movie quotes? >You either die a virgin or live long enough to get fucked in the ass…[View]
137694828/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137694855What do we think about the new legal changes in the movie industry, bros? >https://www.youtube.co…[View]
137696587Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137697978Who will play as him in the inevitable live action?[View]
137698053absolute kino[View]
137696358Anyone have a guy like this in their family?[View]
137690359Daily reminder that Terminator 2 is objectively superior to 1 in all aspects.[View]
137696047Just came up with the perfect plot arc for BCS’s next and final season (s6) Imagine that Kim leaves …[View]
137679965Imagine how easy it was to be a serial killer before they invented security cameras, dna, and smart …[View]
137686299POST YOUR TOP 3 MOVIES, GET RATED: ITT: post your top 3 films, rate other people's choice. base…[View]
137695920if you think about it logically, the movie is about anti-capitalism[View]
137697860>28 DAYS, JIM.[View]
137697598Movies that made your dad tear up[View]
137696418>funeral scene for a character >character stands from a distance watching his own funeral…[View]
137697243>Sith are treacherous snakes who want UNLIMITED POOOOOOWAAAAAAHHHHH >Jedi are hypocritical, au…[View]
137697251similar films? i heard that there was a list?[View]
137697675Doctor Who: Is Doctor Who good yet? I haven't watched it since the last episode of the first se…[View]
137694811covid took him this morning. RIP[View]
137696639This movie made me realize that I don't just hate black people, I also hate poor people and poo…[View]
137695721Post a duo that has caused more irreparable damage to cinema. >Pro tip: you can't…[View]
137693639I want...[View]
137697486Listen fellas I've had a really rare morning[View]
1376976044chan, really? A man of your talents?[View]
137694867The Umbrella Academy: thoughts?[View]
137694519/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137693429Joe Manganiello is DCEU's Hawkman: Announcement soon.[View]
137695958Jannies, please go to sleep now so we may resume posting off-topic (pronounced: good) content. That …[View]
137697384Reylo would have unironically been better if it had been yuri.[View]
137697360Post your favorite mascots.: I’ll start[View]
137697267Why is Hollywood refusing to hire her?[View]
137694095Good or Bad?: And why?[View]
137689123How come no one told me this was kino[View]
137694335Are the seasons with Dr Forrester and TV's Frank the best ones?[View]
137696883Have you forgiven him yet?[View]
137695828>I STILL BELIEVE[View]
137693575I mean he is not wrong tho[View]
137693168ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
137697047Chocolate rainnnn[View]
137684792>Actors or actresses that would make great vampires[View]
137693632What's next for actress Lulu Wilson?[View]
137697020How do you decide what to watch when you're not in the mood for anything in particular?: 1. ran…[View]
137696917https://youtu.be/MXyqJJ-QJR4 Name a bigger fall from grace than Patrick Stewart[View]
137696272Remember when Disney movies were good?[View]
137696919Check these[View]
137696443Best movies set in 30s-50s New York?[View]
137693497What should I watch tonight? Give me your all time best[View]
137696263ITT: Dogshit /tv/ tricked you into watching[View]
137695655Why did Chris-Chan continue to record himself?: Why did he do it?[View]
137696769>builds whatever he wants >has fun doing it >broken multiple Guinness World Records >hug…[View]
137696564>movie has no non-whites with speaking parts[View]
137694590/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137695668You guys ever pitch a show? How'd it go? What happened? How'd you set it up?[View]
137696342was it rape?[View]
137691783ITT: We write new Seinfeld whats the deal with kosher food? does getting the thumbs up by rabbi make…[View]
137695830This movie was like a warm hug: What a cozy movie. Just watched it with my girlfriend and will never…[View]
137689935Who is the worst film critic in your opinion? To me, this fatass[View]
137694276is this good?[View]
137693597This was actually good and unlike other high budget capeshit. Why did /tv/ hate it?[View]
137695145>he doesn't start his day with antipasto, cold cuts, ziti and an episode of the sopranos Wha…[View]
137695962Why were there blacks and pajeets[View]
137691171What have been the best nude scenes in television and film history?[View]
137693336Forgotten Films: Does anyone else have like...movies they watched avidly as a kid, that they have no…[View]
137695803Was it just me or was top row middle girl Caroline getting completely cucked by second row far right…[View]
137695508How does a man this untalented become a successful comedian and film critic?[View]
137694498wtf is this /tv/?[View]
137693516Steven Seagal to star in EXECUTIVE JUSTICE: Seagal will play Neil Manjack, a former Delta Force oper…[View]
137693874A view to a kill 1985: This is the most underrated Bond movie, great action movie from the 80s…[View]
137676968Why is nobody torrenting movies anymore? The whole piracy scene is dying. Do people seriously prefer…[View]
137695620Fuck you. I liked it. Was actually a funny male take on the Freaky Friday trope. The baby kitchen sc…[View]
137695551The most successful ad campaign ever. Used this shit all the time when I was a lad.[View]
137692597>Wake up >see this What do?[View]
137695605This is Hector , the fool who thought he killed Achilles.[View]
137694608Watchman HBO: One episode in. I was expecting low-key superheroes like in Snyder's movie. Inst…[View]
13769556866: http://www.police.pref.nara.jp/[View]
137694187wait there was a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel? Why did it make zero impact? Did anyone see i…[View]
137693939Is videotape still a viable option for movies or just found footage shit?[View]
137695323Was this Snyder’s greatest kino?[View]
137695131Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137694889yooooooooooooooooooo: this movie is fyeeee[View]
137695019Introducing: the roastie-flick: Can you pinpoint the exact point in time when chick-flicks and rom-c…[View]
137692979This was pretty kino.[View]
137678212>Bomb defuse scene >0:04 seconds left, it starts beeping faster…[View]
137691512how many days did he live and die?[View]
137695045>According to William Forsythe, Steven Seagal told Forsythe, 'You really need to work on your Bro…[View]
137692033>make sure you unhook the trailer, bitch >3 seconds later >doesn't unhook the trailer …[View]
137695027Kill Paarthurnax.[View]
137694748Youtube as a second job/hobby: Hi. I'm trying to make a youtube channel like Exurb1a's …[View]
137691161DChads can't stop winning: Marvel is afraid[View]
137694118so what we thinking. will he be able to live up to the cowl? bale wasn't able to live up keeto…[View]
137693796ITT: post top 10 films, others rate[View]
137693541Is anyone here actually going to pay $30 for Milan? Was wondering how many people here planned on do…[View]
137693651Is this scene possible in real life?[View]
137694330>hahaha, oh wow, ok. >So back to the movie…[View]
137694862/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137693764Menacing voice: -Im Batman[View]
137690164Hes in it for the money...not the science[View]
137694812Why did people dislike Pluto Nash? It had some pretty big draws[View]
137694701/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137694361Is guardians of the galaxy good? i'm not a fan of super hero movies really, i liked spider man …[View]
137694660youtube kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA0eqCrExgw[View]
137694552So there's this shadow, I think it was in america.[View]
137694641What are some movies you watched as a kid that your parents should NOT have let you watch? For me, i…[View]
137694638/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137694628BTFO's all Chinese cinema before and after its release: How did they do it? Pure Kino[View]
137693681It should not have been possible for it to be as fun as it was[View]
137694261/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137693509Daisy: Daisy[View]
137694226>What I mean is, the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for.[View]
137694541What are some films that changes its genre in the last act?[View]
137691815>It's 50 bucks to me, plus a blowjob later on Is this setup worth getting your ass kicked oc…[View]
137694129Normalfags have ruined anime. I no longer feel like the out group for watching it. Are there any oth…[View]
137693683If you ever have kids, what series would you show to them? Also what went so fun?[View]
137694409'we blew it': What did Captain America mean by this?[View]
137694357So what was this guys problem?[View]
137691762/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137692453I vant to suck your blood: Bleh[View]
137693493was he right?[View]
137689673answer in the form of a question[View]
137687088ITT: combined the last two movies you've seen.: I'll start, barry lyndon's day off.…[View]
137684212Is Gal Gadot one of the most iconic actresses currently?[View]
137693972What if: Lovecraft Edition: What would be the true horror all along?[View]
137693583Not funny, worst Friend.[View]
137688021Perry Mason: Perry Mason[View]
137693334Good books on Buddhism /lit/?[View]
137686942There will never be another timepiece like it. From now on everything set in our past will be refere…[View]
137691260Is he the Harold Bloom of film?[View]
137692663Best use of a movie in a commercial? I find this play on American Me absolutely hilarious https://y…[View]
137693416Remember Balloon Boy?[View]
137693798I've coomed to this four times since she posted it. I'm about to again. What's next?[View]
137694009>You got any idea who you're stealing from? >Ewan Yafrenz are dead! who was this Ewan ch…[View]
137690258What’s your dad’s favourite movie?[View]
137691469/mpg/: MINIMALISTIC POSTER GENERAL I'll start with 3 classics right here[View]
137692345>Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich[View]
137692327I guess I've been interpreting The Matrix completely wrong all of these years. Well. Matrix 4…[View]
137693354>movie doesnt feature a strong female protagonist[View]
137684839ITT: Post your top 5 films, others rate[View]
137693054remind me again why harley wasn't in the dark knight?[View]
137693714Well that was shit[View]
137692201This is Barbara Palvin. Please say something nice about her.[View]
137693671The only good thing about this movie was Claire’s rack. Jeff goldblum stares into the camera and say…[View]
137691554>most iconic and celebrated actress of all time >couldn't act >never nominated for an …[View]
137691246>Australian gigachad removes curry kebab for 2 hours[View]
137692723Ask a Pepsi sales rep anything[View]
137693640Is dating an actress cucked?: I don't get it. Help me out[View]
137692426What movie comes to mind?[View]
137691631It's 2007, it's your senior year of college, you just finished watching the Season 1 Final…[View]
137693587For me it’s Britney Spears Pepsi commercial[View]
137691269How do I become screenwriter[View]
137666163>we need a na- >he's already here, sir…[View]
137693502Were we the bad guys here?[View]
137693276It involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone, and the anus.[View]
137693360Was 'Project Elrond' shoehorned into The Martian because of Bean or is actually an adaptat…[View]
137691648I don't understand the high praise for this movie, someone explain. >protag trying to leave…[View]
137692177wtf this was actually good[View]
137693414>the film is a capitalism allegory[View]
137686322Man of Steel would have been kino if Superman was more conflicted about whether humanity was worth s…[View]
137689970Big Trouble in Little China (1986)[View]
137693164I tell ya, I get no respect at all.[View]
137693314The films of David Lynch make no fucking sense. They're good though[View]
137693101Is Florence Pugh a good actress?: What's next for her career?[View]
137693147Lmao get fucked cheeto fuck[View]
137677102Why do chuds hate R&M so much? It's frickin' hilarious[View]
137691805Lesbian kino recommendations?[View]
137693024Should shows and movies have an IQ rating as well as their age rating?[View]
137687416Any chance Star Wars regains its SOUL?: seriously[View]
137692912What movies best reflect your personality[View]
137692716The man that divided /tv/... https://youtu.be/-e5gTx1fVU4[View]
137692513Well that sucked[View]
1376919064 year old faps[View]
137684575Is the actual joke that they ruin meat by using propane instead of superior charcoal[View]
137692388Why won't Asuelu just pay the money? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yxCvLiPpKY[View]
137691265Was it autism?[View]
137690470Zak Bagans is Autistic: > be me > massive Zak Bagans fan > browse youtube > find Zak Bag…[View]
137691569>Let me get one of them too What was he looking at, lads? What was he trying to buy?…[View]
137692779What website can i find movies for free? I don't want to pay for netflix, or torrent/download.[View]
137690632Can she still recover and make a comeback.[View]
137692775I'm watching it right now, and its literally my life... ...Any other kino like this? Dont say D…[View]
137690887What was in that BBQ sauce ?[View]
137692713Pretty kino actually[View]
137692449Would he get away with saying the n word?[View]
137692646Whats Carine Van Houten been up to since she bitched about being on GoT?[View]
137682426It's literally impossible to get a body like this without Hollywood help[View]
137691157What are some good performances in bad movies? An obvious one is Julie Andrews in Sound of Music[View]
137692516PAPA DON'T PREACH[View]
137675928Why are involuntary celibates so derided by the press, television, film, and the mainstream culture?…[View]
137686943For me it’s gotta be Crystal the monkey[View]
137692314Another scorcher.[View]
137692269>movie uses big words[View]
137692415>So that's the kid, huh? I knew he was green but you never told me he was THAT young.…[View]
137690781Take a quote from a movie you like and add 'due to the pandemic' at the end of it. >Do you think …[View]
137691344The Cosby Show(1980-1988)[View]
137692380The Hero Yoshihiko: Will anyone ever sub the entirety of S3?[View]
137690660What are your expectations for the next season of Stranger Things?[View]
137690159/tv/ was right for once: This movie was great and I even showed my kids[View]
137689194Why is most media in the 21st century so depressing, dark, violent, and boring? All of it, music, mo…[View]
137689536Soulful: Peak soul.[View]
137691934I-IS THAT A... BAT CREDIT CARD?!?![View]
137692074So why do they grow and worship infections and viruses? Such a strange fetish.[View]
137691264Overrated films from garbage genres.[View]
137688024Can his work be adapted? Would the plebs watch it?[View]
137691916Why does Skyfall get hated on so much?[View]
137692049What were the latest box office releases on the day you were born?: 1. Go to your birth year's …[View]
137687900What's /tv/'s favorite Woody Allen movie? For me, it's Bullets Over Broadway[View]
137691321what's this guys fucking problem[View]
137691873is there even slight chance for him to unJUST himself like macalauy culkin? Eddie if you are here br…[View]
137691940Movies no one likes but you[View]
137691704i really liked goose man in this.[View]
137683805Am I still cringe or am I reaching based territory yet?[View]
137686293>character does something cringy >i pause the film and go jump on my bed for a few minutes How…[View]
137690744Will Isabela Merced ever be an Oscar tier actress?[View]
137690740Bluepilled Sam Hyde wannabe[View]
137691685Post anti-jewish movies[View]
137690821This movie is kinda like a A24 film[View]
137691716Well shit, there it is.[View]
137690734>You’re awful Ornella >Telling demeaning jokes.... inviting me into your show.... you just wan…[View]
137691583>50 years old >fit af So what's your excuse anons…[View]
137691671This is the best movie I've seen all year.[View]
137691618Just finished the last season.... Who else is going to miss this show? I unironically liked both cas…[View]
137688888/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137691518Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'. I'll catch this janny for you, but it ain…[View]
137690229is the robocop tv show good?[View]
137689473ITT: Draw a film scene in MS Paint, others have to guess which film it is.[View]
137690074Skynet goes live on August 29 2020[View]
137688385Now that the dust has settled, was it as good as /tv/ says?[View]
137690794any kinos about letting the past go?[View]
137691216I've got your post number and I'm going to wring your fucking neck[View]
137689077Is working in an office anything like this show?[View]
137691195The women of Twin Peaks are so perfect bros.[View]
137691103DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
137691101This film is madness. I feel I'm missing a hundred little secrets, clues, and hidden meanings. …[View]
137689176Did your parents let you watch violent films as a kid? If so how do think that affected you (if it d…[View]
137690508Mr. Shekelsberg , it’s Sunday night andI have to be back here tomorrow morning, can I go home to see…[View]
137691074>In June 1986, then-15-year-old Wahlberg and three friends chased after three black children whil…[View]
137690960Was it kino?[View]
137690909HEY BILL[View]
137690059Comfy weather channel thread: It's time now for your LOCAL ON THE 8's[View]
137690748What's his endgame?[View]
137690993Name it, the most forgettable film you've ever seen (but can remember the existence of).[View]
137690010ITT: unsolved mysteries that could be made into kinos[View]
137690706now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
137687599Why didn't they just leave at this point?[View]
137690919Are there any Frantz Fanon inspired kinos?[View]
137690885You expecting someone else?[View]
137689984Did 'I Am Jazz' get cancelled or will we be getting more Jazz kino soon?[View]
137689847YAYA DING DONG[View]
137687910Whats with the meme of this film being kino when it's boring as fuck?[View]
137690255>hundreds of DVDs just collecting dust for years What do I do with these things? I’d feel terrib…[View]
137690841above average for this meme studio. dare I say, cow kino?[View]
137690153Kinos about lonely men who spend their whole lives slaving away for no absolutely monetary compensat…[View]
137684635Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137690697I think it's about time we all finally admit that the so-called 'classics' are actually boring …[View]
137690590your all time favorite line from a movie or tv show and anons can guess where it's from if they…[View]
137690690I want gummy bears everyday....for the rest of my life[View]
137682853ITT oh yeah, they made that into a movie[View]
137690357You’re worthless and weak!: A Twisted Sister pin?! ON YOUR UNIFORM?![View]
137690495who will play him in the movie adaptation?[View]
137690595What's the best reality tv show?[View]
137681398Ensign Anon. Counselor Troi tells me you’ve been masturbating on the holodeck.[View]
137686948Name a single director with a worse fanbase than him. i'll wait[View]
137690380what is the /tv/ - Television & Film equivalent of water?[View]
137690430>be Larry >starts going to bsdm dungeons where people shove needles on dicks >wants to be c…[View]
137690086how about i NJP all yar asses?[View]
137690388How can a kids channel like this be so kino?[View]
137688748Does anything even come close to this show? I don’t even want to watch anything else now, the dialog…[View]
137690400Yo janny, be a good bitch and sticky my thread l: And do it for free, LOL![View]
137690279we're from bah-ston, you bastahds[View]
137690376you are beautiful[View]
137683538amy > leela[View]
137689026If we confined /tv/ on a single Room, How long would It take untill we start raping the zoomies?[View]
137690215Name a more loveable dude[View]
137688464>psychopath of a villain appears >classical music plays…[View]
137689740Why does everything follow the heroes journey? If you stray from it, the audiences will reject you. …[View]
137687245The Batman: Do you think this movie will be good?[View]
137686287>I should have watched more movies ....[View]
137687683what episodes would season 4 of deadliest warrior be about? Also spetznas are the best, fuck green b…[View]
137690213>everything it touches turns to putrid shit[View]
137690211Emma Stone is looking great. Any movies she's planned to be feat. in?[View]
137683025what's happening, forum?[View]
137689962Star Wars(1977)is an epic odyssey,a folkish,hyperborean mythical archetypal tale,a masterpiece of ar…[View]
137687360They stayed together, right? Also Klenzendorf was based, Sam Rockwell is incapable of not being kino[View]
137688860I am forgotten.[View]
137687804The Japs, with the exception of the Trade Minister, are portrayed as real jackasses, while the Nazi…[View]
137688844Itchy's a jerk[View]
137689454ITT: Movies women never understand[View]
137681529Holy fuck shes hot in this show lads[View]
137686993Is there any within this route with authority to treat with me?[View]
137686964Got through a few episodes in season one but it's too cringy and seems poorly written. does it …[View]
137687756Welcome to Chud Park[View]
137689355>It used to be quiet around these parts....that is, until he showed up.…[View]
137689953RIP KAMALA HARRIS[View]
137688934Disturbing movie recommendations? I've seen >man behind the sun >120 days of salo >gu…[View]
137686255WTF was his problem[View]
137689881Ra's Al Ghul wants YOU to wear your mask![View]
137689860T3 was good.[View]
137688313>be me >live in wales >go to college >do a film course >people are forced to make sh…[View]
137689794What are some movies about dictators?[View]
1376881893x3 thread[View]
137681231I'm coming back, LOVE, cruel Heathcliff! My one dream, my only master.[View]
137689779>show is called dark >there are no dark people in it woah…[View]
137688116Movies that make men cry.[View]
137689630Alright who's the real one?[View]
137689530>Yeah, I'm thinking I'm black.[View]
137688992I’m King of the Chuds[View]
137685926I bet you $50 bucks that none of /tv/'s zoomers can even NAME this movie[View]
137689595First Look At Remake of Hitchcock's REBECCA Starring Lily James: https://bloody-disgusting.com/…[View]
137686419Women like a clint Eastwood type not effeminate twinks or skinnyfat 'people'[View]
137689553Just watched Bram Stoker's Dracula, and while it was flawed I enjoyed it very much so. Any kin…[View]
137687955do occult sex orgies among the rich and elite actually happen often in real life?[View]
137689461>quick, get us someone that can pla- >he's already here sir…[View]
137685201Eiza Gonzalez Rumoured For 'Hawkgirl' Role In BLACK ADAM: https://boundingintocomics.com/2…[View]
137689430Is anyone watching survivor mexico[View]
137678439/trek/: Severe lack of Dukat edition Fuck Bajewrans and fuck Alex Kurtzman sub edition[View]
137687937>Caryn Elaine Johnson (born November 13, 1955), known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg, is an Am…[View]
13768528790 Day Fiance: 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After watch thread Sunday night live TLC Starts NOW Pillow…[View]
137689302>Swing me Richard! Swing me higher![View]
137689156What they eat?[View]
137688706Movies like this? Where theres not much story, just a lot of cool sword fighting scenes[View]
137689237Get out of my house, Alan.[View]
137689236>I'ma do the things that I wanna do[View]
137687321How can one show be so comfy, yet so spooky?[View]
137689132Are you ready to have your world reshaped, /tv/?[View]
137689191>Sir it would seem our ghost has gotten a match on the tinder aplication. >With who? The ghost…[View]
137685789>Mike, you don't come to las vegas to talk to a man like Moe green like that! Who was in th…[View]
137684113>'Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?'[View]
137680394Why don't modern writers understand star trek?[View]
137689063>get me my potato sack mask, i need to put some fear into these people[View]
137689027Fighter Kites (2016): https://m.imdb.com/title/tt5849466/?ref_=m_nm_knf_act_i1 Does anyone know wher…[View]
137689024What's everyone think about allthingsbbq's new cutie?[View]
137687358Shadows / Umbre (2014) - anyone seen it: is it the Romanian Gomorrah[View]
137686921A P O L O G I Z E[View]
137688351Will s4 be as kino as s3?[View]
137687445Season finale of The Alienist tonight at 9. Who's watching?[View]
137688380What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137688691>teleports behind you[View]
137688665was this movie supposed to feel like a black comedy? because the acting is horrible in a lot of scen…[View]
137684935How the FUCK does he maintain such hair at 80? I literally have worse hair at 19[View]
137688508Power Ranger's Benefits: Hi, I'm trying to make a class presentation about power rangers a…[View]
137688574Just marathoned an hour in the middle of this movie. What did I think of it?[View]
137688123Don't women objectify themselves way more than men do though. Look at this. Then tell me if som…[View]
137688474Donnie Darko ruined an entire generation of men.[View]
137688476JUST THE TWO OF US[View]
137684223What’s the best white trash kino?[View]
137688342Kinos about gay black men navigating this Systemically racist homophobic toxic masculine society?[View]
137685076/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137688434Krypton sucks.[View]
137684213Don't you know who you're stealing from?[View]
137687289Why is Peter so fucking racist in these movies?[View]
137684434Are TV show ratings as a judge of quality outdated thinking?[View]
137688228THIS IS A STICK UP[View]
137687569Chaos reigns.[View]
137688010>Blade >Raimis Spiderman >The Punisher 2004 >Hulk 2003 What in the fuck happened to cape…[View]
137686141>meets the devil >stays an atheist Bravo, Harmon…[View]
137688327any kinos about letting the past go?[View]
137688310>automatic kino[View]
137688186>I wont to be haerdreghzzer >you are faygola?…[View]
137688283'We need a stern authority figure.'[View]
137687591Why ewan did it?[View]
137688236My name is Anon. I used to be a shitposter until.....'We've got a Ban Notice on you your blackl…[View]
137688204What are some movies about tyrants who abuse their power[View]
137684155Call it anon: I said call it. FRENDO[View]
137682989>cute girl offers to dance with him at the christmas dance >he rejects her outright and yet pe…[View]
137688146Warrior Nun: I'm currently on episode 6, and wondering when Ava (MC) stops being an insufferabl…[View]
137680517is true detective season 2-3 worth watching ?[View]
137688108Waiting for the barbarians: It was interesting ... but no well made. What did /tv/ think about it ? …[View]
137686379Reddit: the movie[View]
137687753Can we have a thread about kinos that show the true nature of Japan?[View]
137682387You know what Katie, you always was a silly ho. I'mma tell you like this. I'm royalty, and…[View]
137687431seven fingers: will someday this look be a trend in hollywood? with plugs and stuff, cause, personal…[View]
137686632Why did so many people get filtered through the use of 10th grade vocab words?[View]
137686038>we need someone with a punchable face that looks like a sleazy little weasel who'll have au…[View]
137657271>here's you're new Steppenwolf bro[View]
137686204you know what I would like to see? A show where people who love their life, love their bodies, love …[View]
137685958>nooooo being real poooh-lice is hard >most kinos about homicide have dialogue like this Are c…[View]
137687722Schizo: the movie.[View]
137686690>Jews speak English, Germans speak English >No Hitler walking around with a flame thrower roas…[View]
137687427Was Alan us?[View]
137687556>I. AM NOT. A CHUD. I AM A HUMAN BEING![View]
137687036Name my band[View]
137687601three's company: Could this be made today? Cast the remake. And also, they were fucking right?…[View]
137687187>This kid was great. They used to call him 'arty boy adolf.' I swear to god. Oh, he'd paint …[View]
137684488Best show of 2020: Devs is just pure kino[View]
137687271Did he actually steal anyone’s girlfriend?[View]
137683082>spend 10 hours a day browsing /tv/ >haven't watched tv or seen a movie in years Kino for…[View]
137682220MOTHER OF DRAGONS[View]
137683901This was the last true kino documentary I watched. What are some other good docs to check out? I was…[View]
137682282Simp: The Movie[View]
137686110>despised by almost everyone in King's Landing >blow up the Sept of Baelor >killing al…[View]
137685940>You have to wear a mask sir[View]
137687082And this is our son's room, he's quite the film connoisseur![View]
137685463Breaking Bad: *accomplishes nothing in your path*[View]
137687076BASED or CRINGE[View]
137687246Did anyone really take this pretty boy Batman with DSLs seriously?[View]
137685053Dark: What is the point of this character? Lots of screen time but never does anything other than st…[View]
137683940Airplane!: Anyone else think this guy ruined every fucking scene he was in? He seemed to be the only…[View]
137686669What kind of movies does Alexa does?[View]
137686841>serial killer movie >they find the killer's apartment >it's covered in newspaper…[View]
137684423Animorphs: >>>'Animorphs' Movie in the Works from Scholastic Entertainment, Erik …[View]
137685009>ITT:shows that were completely forgotten about[View]
137686172Is this the holy trinity of war movies?[View]
137676799Why did he let her go?[View]
137684784At what age did you realize wrestling was fake?[View]
137684887what's it about?[View]
137686876>i can't wait to #metoo this fucker[View]
137685386Chicago Drill scene is more entertaining than The Wire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZL9dmrormw …[View]
137686493star trek: what's the best TNG episode to introduce someone to the series?[View]
137686665>Just gotta breach through their firewall...ok, I'm in. You've got 2 minutes.…[View]
137686627But... doctor....[View]
137683828Anyone else been rewatching the only sketch comedy show better than snl?[View]
137685867Movies that are good sober but god tier while high[View]
137686629What are some films with this aesthetic?[View]
137686589>Imagine if you will, an imageboard in which a population was so mediocre they produced more bad …[View]
137686342Kinos about being an egoist?[View]
137681357name the show[View]
137676596ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
137686403ITT: Films that couldn't be made today.[View]
137676964I tell ya I get no respect.[View]
137678151Best theater experience you've ever had?[View]
137673546Can anyone explain this cognitive dissonance to me?[View]
137670306I am not crazy! I KNOW he put his name in the goblet, I know he got an older student to do it for hi…[View]
137680079South Korean cinema: Why are South Korean movies so kino[View]
137672161I'm watching it again[View]
137677506Lost Media Thread: Discuss.[View]
137686042>4,5 months until next kevin basey kino[View]
137685586What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
137685636So I fell for this meme, this is trash like interstellar, it could have been a great series but it f…[View]
137685609At some point in your life you need to stop checking her social media accounts and move on[View]
137685956You lied to me /tv/, you told me there were no kino modern shows. You lied. Succession thread.[View]
137685954>What's the status on our suspect? >You won't believe this sir. We haven't been…[View]
137685945>you think i could connect to spotify through the batsuit so i can listen to huey lewis Alfred?…[View]
137685928The moral of this shit movie was that women are absolutely useless[View]
137685922Stop eating my sesame cake...STOP EATING MY SESAME CAKE[View]
137685799BWA HA HA HA![View]
137685679>character is a werewolf >named lupin Who writes this shit?…[View]
137684706What is wrong with this board?[View]
137685786The Masketta man: BANE?[View]
137684949Comfy Simpsons thread[View]
137685736What are some movies or shows for high IQ people like myself? (Verified 120 IQ from an online test)[View]
137685625Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137685603It's been 2 years, and still no kino is made about him and his journey - until now~! Rumor is a…[View]
137684818>tfw you discover the breast examination / autopsy videos on YouTube[View]
137685520Lost G4 skit: Hey bros, think you can help with this one. I remember seeing this on G4 back in the d…[View]
137684372Boogie Nights: It's anti-pornography or pro-pornography?[View]
137685476Is he schizophrenic? https://youtu.be/L3ZDXZy83m0[View]
137685339ITT: TV shows that got cancelled[View]
137685136This machine launch is still kino to this day[View]
137683546Why Simpsons went downhill? Aren't there good writers to hire? Are they too expensive?[View]
137685296What the fuck was Spielberg thinking?[View]
137682676Cracking post, Gromit.[View]
137684334Why do you feel like you must hate this man? Jay Bauman is not your enemy. I repeat, Jay Bauman is n…[View]
137671768Star Wars (1977)[View]
137684718how do i stop focusing on camera cuts?[View]
137671003Modern youth: Tried to watch Euphoria for a fucking 2nd time. I still can't go past the 1st epi…[View]
137683890>imagine gay poops come ON now[View]
137684703Is David Lynch a pervert?[View]
137683441times you acted like Tony Soprano thread >be me >140lbs but wear 2XL hawaiin shirts >stru…[View]
137684557>action movie >bad guys attack the city >they manage to destroy 3 buildings with 2 planes …[View]
137668523What movie does this accurately describe?[View]
137684969>Secret agent how much is that? Ahhhh, let me tantalize you, you are a top operative, back under …[View]
137685039How does she look 16?[View]
137685049/tv/ you have no taste in movies...Kisame let's go[View]
137685047Sword of Doom (1966) in 10 minutes imdb.com/title/tt0060277/ bestkeytube on cytube[View]
137683943>John Carpenter will die within the next sixth months[View]
137683909this shit is so boring: I watched this play to see what all the fuss was about and while the 1st act…[View]
137684958for me it's girls in tight jeans desperate to pee[View]
137682689ITT: scenes modeled after your life[View]
137671328she better not be overshadowed by an evil white male[View]
137676389/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: >Not sure what letterboxd is all about? The mission of /lbg/ is to pr…[View]
137684947Thoughts on this guy?: He used to be funny not anymore[View]
137677106/who/ Doctor Who General: Comfy Fantastic Nostalgia edition Previous: >>137669277[View]
137684233couldn't just pick one, I had to settle onathree-way tie. https://www.quora.com Who-is-yo... Wh…[View]
137684900Alright mister what do you think you're doing?[View]
137684749Cast him[View]
137682479SOUL: >the surface of the sun, only dream I ever have This is a modern classic and it will be rem…[View]
137679368THE ONE: I am Yulaw! I'm nobody's bitch You are mine. I don't need to know you You on…[View]
137684686ITT: movie credits you sat through to listen to the song[View]
137679935How many movies did you watch this year bros? I think I capped out at 50.[View]
137683999>I’m not taking a fucking miracle jew vaccine somehow developed in under 12 months Joe Did Mel go…[View]
137684687Next big fantasy tv show right here.[View]
137678387Is it fun? torrent link? [View]
137684581A drug dealer >with a heart of gold[View]
137684568you know why why i do this janny? because without me you wouldnt have a 'job' and you could actually…[View]
137684482I wasn't expecting a lesbian toe-sucking scene in this film, but yet, there it was.[View]
137682385Essential /overrated/core: What is some /overrated/core? Also, what are some overrated shows?[View]
137683361ITT: Movies where a relationship with a large age gap is shown in a positive light. Why has this bec…[View]
137684375>morpheus is fighting neo![View]
137683485Boute bros, it's that time: of the week we have been waiting for.[View]
137678180/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137684359Is he dead? What the hell happened to Norm?[View]
137682163I've been posting this frog ever since I found this site roughly four years ago.[View]
137684315>not a single nigger what a great film.[View]
137682134Why didnt he just nuke LA?[View]
137684081Why do internet reviewers think they can actually direct good let alone competent movies?[View]
137683456The Simpsons might have gone on for ANOTHER 30 years, but it took WOKE culture to destroy it. RIP Th…[View]
137682339I just watched this. Was it really necessary to include a car chase scene that takes 30 minutes?[View]
137677735Why did he hate karate so much? His films always had a Karate guy get his ass beat, was it because h…[View]
137683759>think my name's funny do you?[View]
137679479What kind of movies do girls like?[View]
137683855Don't that picture look dusty?[View]
137683765>Heh heh, chud.[View]
137665309Terminator 2 is an useless childrens version of the first one.[View]
137683807Was Vietnam really that bad?[View]
137683921pure kino[View]
137680895Is Viola Davis actually a good actress or is she just black?[View]
137683788what the FUCK was his problem , /tv/?[View]
137681517I watched lord of the rings and it is filled to the brim with occultist and esoteric symbols. was To…[View]
137683679>burns your wife alive because you lied once >dodges all of your charges Unironically is he un…[View]
137682858CapeKino: >please... we need you to hope again DoFP should've been the ending to the FoX-Men…[View]
137683778Emily Perkins: Emily Perkins[View]
137681008As we say in Hawaii[View]
137682998Rate my top 10 films /tv/, these are my favourite, not necessarily the best I have ever seen, but so…[View]
137681118George is a chad[View]
137660465The Expanse: Earth or Mars?[View]
137683699How will /tv/ ever recover?: absolutely btfo[View]
137666642Why doesn't he just retire?[View]
137679714is it theft if youre ripping off ips zoomers never heard of?[View]
137681636Ozark Season 3: This is easily one of the most boring seasons of any show I've ever watched. Th…[View]
137681948Sony ask you to write her a movie vehicle: What's the plot?[View]
137676412IIT: Kino Opening Sequences[View]
137683609Celebrities who have aged well >50 years old[View]
137682880Mindhunter: It was pretty good, any other series similar to this?[View]
137682787just finish watching this piece of shit movie for the first time and its fucking ass. too much viole…[View]
137667852Why do people hate Skyler?[View]
137682237Can you guys recommend any movies about astronomical coincidences? https://www.boredpanda.com/fathe…[View]
137682731>there are bizlets missing out on $LCX as we speak what do? how do i make them buy so they wont o…[View]
137683388Downloading/Torrenting Movies: I'm gonna be staying in a RV with my friends for a night or two,…[View]
137683532What are some kinos about being at the wrong place at the wrong time? I've seen pic related, Mi…[View]
137683447Letterbox is retarded: why does it exist? its absolutely useless, made only for attention whoring an…[View]
137683484Yeah, they stereotypin' 'Cause they know a nigga keep ten rifles And they know a nigga kee…[View]
137682490damn: F[View]
137683460>this slowburn has been brought to you by the jewish fellers at A24 films…[View]
137683343comfy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzsMcjhM0fg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdUe4OaIhcA https…[View]
137683342post your setup[View]
137679680Umbrella academy: What does /Tv/ think of it? i thought it was zoomer trash. Shoehorned black histor…[View]
137683295>There's a tiny door in my office, Maxine.[View]
137682326Just rewatched this great show after the dissapointment that was series 4. Any reccomendations for …[View]
137679743This is the poster for the original Scary Movie. Notice anything strange?[View]
137679941ITT: Movies that seemed to have been played a disproportionately high amount of times on cable[View]
137681959People in Shitsburgh really lives like this?[View]
137683253Is there any other show as interesting and hilarious as venture Bros?[View]
137681364>You're awful, Shinji. Jerking off to me in a coma. Making me live with you. You just wanted…[View]
137683070Yes, it was kino.[View]
137682428I've stumbled upon a type of youtube kino groups of friends just climbing towers that are under…[View]
137672091You now remember Gina Gershon (the actress, not the pornstar who drinks piss)[View]
137682756>así viene el sandwich men[View]
137683195Unironically the greatest tv show of all time[View]
137683186Can somebody do a sneed edit of this[View]
137682049Let's have another Sofia Boutella thread but this time try to keep it related to movies and rol…[View]
137682506how do you feel about this now that rick and morty is worse than this?[View]
137681754STOP IT WHEDON[View]
137679187What is she?[View]
137680089this kid is how I picture most anons on /tv/[View]
137682951What's the /tv/ consensus about Honey Boy?[View]
137676831How I Met Your Mother: Why does this get so much hate, again? I'm like one and a half seasons i…[View]
137682782Daily reminder that Gul Dukat did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
137682854Phantom of the paradise: Thoughts on this film?[View]
137681651When did HBO decide to become BET?: They're not even being subtle at this point. It's bord…[View]
137682623>there are joyless faggots on this very board that will babysit cancerous generals and whatever n…[View]
137682752ITT: actors that were robbed when awards come around >tfw no Emmy for Bob Odenkirk or Rhea Seehor…[View]
137681818Taskmaster US: https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/taskmaster-cw-replaces-series-after-one-low-rated-…[View]
137682741Favorite horror satires[View]
137682593What did I think of this ?[View]
137682726>This logo appears on your screen What starts playing, /tv/?[View]
137682687What are some kinos with pic related as the protagonist?[View]
137682122chuck's feed and seed?[View]
137680750>scene takes place in hell >'hold on I'll be right back, we're shoving a pineapple u…[View]
137681164We could have had a great ass kicking readhead on tv in the form of Triss Merigold but they felt it …[View]
137682572ITT: movies that destroyed entire generations[View]
137682562Let's talk Brett Ratner: So, I've noticed as I look around the internet that many, many pe…[View]
137682548Weird ass Trek development half truths up in this: Saw that post that made the rounds over at Bendin…[View]
137681626Bravo Disney[View]
137681120Is he the best actor of this generation?[View]
137678058>Godzilla (2014) is not kin-[View]
137678796He couldve been the Brad Pitt of our generation What went wrong for Thomas Jane?[View]
137680971Why does he love car chase scenes so much?[View]
137682301Why were the reapers in star trek: picard?[View]
137682171Sneed: Simple. Robust. Based.[View]
137682249>that'll be $30 + tip[View]
137677011Lovecraft Country Trailer: New Trailer: https://youtu.be/dvamPJp17Ds Thoughts? I think it looks grea…[View]
137680360Should Phantasm get a remake/reboot like with Star Trek did with the alternate timeline/time travel …[View]
137681638Next time, maybe...[View]
137681990cast them[View]
137679461Can someone help me understand how The Things works? It came down to Earth as just a single being. L…[View]
137681919John McTiernan, the greatest action director of all time, is back: >Tau Ceti Four >Starring Um…[View]
137681099Why do we hate this guy again?[View]
137681825oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no[View]
137679810/tv/ The Movie (Boxing Helena): Boxing Helena >Beta male tries to get with 10/10 >She doesn…[View]
137680907>this game is rigged man, we're like them little bitches on the chess board…[View]
137680506Scenes that made you gave a movie a standing ovation[View]
137681745This is the reason women should not be considered equal to men.[View]
137681719best thing to come out of 2019[View]
137678018Almost halfway through marathoning this, what do I think of it?[View]
137680554Now that the dust has settled who won? Answer KIRK[View]
137675925>same actor play multiple characters name 1 (one) good kino like this[View]
137681409What to watch on BBC iplayer Tonight?: decent selection[View]
137679296What the fuck was HER problem?[View]
137679442Remember 2013 tumblr fan girls?[View]
137681481Does movies somehow influence real life? It honestly feels like we're more and more becoming wh…[View]
137678876Garbage: Why didn't he just use an orb to go back to the origin world in 1986 and slash the tir…[View]
137676992Perfect Dark needs a film adaptation[View]
137681081Kinos that feature only one actor?[View]
137680749>Masta Wayne, I turned myself into a tangerine >I'm Tangerine Alfred…[View]
137679849What's the point of this movie?[View]
137679253What did Dan Schneider mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osp3ael1dZk[View]
137681329Who would you cast for the eventual biopic? (Thinking ahead in terms of actors ageing in 10-30 years…[View]
137680283three billboards outside ebbing missouri: Just watched this, what did i think of it?[View]
137680134Roasties cancelled him over literally nothing[View]
137681265Shit that no-one asked for[View]
137681279Just marathoned this, it's super good and the girls are hot When is Season 3?[View]
137679927Can you live with the fact that you will never be Andy Dick?[View]
137681213Wow, this was just pure anti-American, ani-Japanese, pro China propaganda. The Americans involved wi…[View]
137677742why does this trigger so many people[View]
137681102>Anon... What if you stayed this time?[View]
137674598Tarantino flicks: Rank 'em: >Inglorious Basterds >Once upon a time >Reservoir dogs …[View]
137681026Thoughts on the actress Helen Mirren?: Whats her best movie role?[View]
137676875as someone who's never seen much Star Trek, is TNG a good place to start?[View]
137679092Cast this next taika waititi billion dollar production.[View]
137678068GROND THREAD[View]
137680737>It's an Arthur tricks DW into taking off her clothes so he can take photos and sell them on…[View]
137680842OH N-[View]
137676814Derka derka, Muhammad jihad!![View]
1376780522KINO: What's the essential 2000sCore?[View]
137679630Half way through this. Does it get good at any point? Am I being filtered? I'm almost impressed…[View]
137679579If you like this show... FUCK YOU. That's all[View]
137673982Jordan Peele's Black Snow (2021): >Black Snow follows Augustus Ennwerd (John David Washingto…[View]
137673203I turned myself into a pickle morty[View]
137680500Are you in the nigger-torturing business /tv/?[View]
137680390Post 10/10 Curb moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEhk5N32Tec[View]
137666232Why on earth didn't Harry and Luna become a couple? They had all the chemistry needed. Ginny ju…[View]
137680178When I....was a boy....in this.....swamp...[View]
137680173>creeps into your bed[View]
137680121In 2000 years people watching these movies will be the equivalent of us reading Plato and Aristotle[View]
137680032bros jerma has an area set up come join: https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,-18809,17720,41[View]
137678521I just rented a movie for $3.99 from my local convenience store. I am based.[View]
137679682This bitch ruined all of season 9[View]
137679821I'm bored new memes[View]
137679833My fucking god what a ride this was: It was unironic kinography of the highest sense. I dont think w…[View]
137674370Hey /tv/, post some of your favorite soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zVpzfCDNao…[View]
137678613How does it feel knowing your beloved Alien was played by a black man?[View]
137678087what's his endgame?[View]
137679735UNO, DOS, TRES, CATORCE[View]
137651551Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137677867This has to be the worst interview ever televised[View]
137679765>schizo character makes perfect sense to me[View]
137677559>everyone always raves about The Wire saying its the best show ever >decide to try and watch i…[View]
137679542what did QT mean by this?[View]
137677582I stopped watching Doctor Who years ago. How was this?[View]
137670701/trek/: /deck/ edition[View]
137679655>biggest celebrity that ever was my multiple magnitudes: >no big screen biopic wtf is the prob…[View]
137679623>a genderless burger experience[View]
137678310I cant believe it faded to black like four times. I had to piss so bad[View]
137675939Who was in the wrong here?: Was Mike just being a hateful misogynist incel?[View]
137679360There's a wasp and a cricket havin' a wrestle.[View]
137678260>''The Pit of Despair''[View]
137679228is she going to apologize for playing aliens as well?[View]
137678756Pop quiz hotshot, there's a bomb on the bus. Dubs triggers the bomb, second dubs it goes off. O…[View]
137679471Yes, yes... well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin. HOWEVER! SIX MILLION POINTS TO MISS HERMONE GR…[View]
137677966Who is the best actor of all time?[View]
137679444itt: directors that do good, consistent work but fall through the cracks >Antoine Fuqua…[View]
137678033ITT: Unexpected Kinos[View]
137677777If you were Jaime would you have chosen Brienne or Cersei?[View]
137678944Was the matrix really that good?: What other movies can drive you mad?[View]
137678015RECOMEND ME ONE KINO MOVIE: to watch this night so i can forget about my miserable life RIGHT FUCKIN…[View]
137679336Cartoon Network lawsuit image during a broadcasting in Venezuela: When I was a 11 year old kid, I wa…[View]
137677965South Park jokes you never get[View]
137672845What went wrong?[View]
137678819Is bong joon ho right?[View]
137678201>We need an inoffensive Jew who dates out of his league[View]
137677540What is your favourite Ahnuld movie.: My is The Running Man.[View]
137678921WHOA: >'Too often I think studios and filmmakers have a preconceived notion of what audiences…[View]
137679159>great >20 feet short >dumbass holding up the tunnel >another dumbass ruining it by goin…[View]
137678762Am I retarded for not getting it?[View]
137679051I MAY HAVE A FUNNY VOICE: But Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in nineteenninety[View]
137679011Go back to /pol/[View]
137678850Do you like my TV set?[View]
137678249Jordan Peele next movie is Sci Fi: >Jordan Peele's next movie is going to be a sci fi horror…[View]
137678943Was Barney kino?[View]
137678922And the actor Warwick Davis, whatever happened there.[View]
137678378Ready for shark week?[View]
137668739Would Chris & Snoop be able to deal with Barksdales at their prime (S1)?[View]
137670525What was in the case, /tv/?[View]
137678753When are we going to get another Tmnt movie as soulful as the original?[View]
137677334For me, it's the films of Taika Waititi[View]
137675676You're turning violent, Violet![View]
137665320>It's the final episode of a series >Episode name is named around 'All good things...'…[View]
137678691>That's the thing you come to learn about Carl, his unfailing ability to destroy the things …[View]
137674528Who disturbs my slumber?[View]
137675967Lads i need some obscure/underrated kino to watch with my dad today, we watch movies every sunday an…[View]
137674751>I WANT MY MTV[View]
137678621Pure Kino: Futurama Fags BTFO[View]
137678362Leia: What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
137677889>film characters that are literally you[View]
137678505>Character is smoking a cigarette >Can smell phantom smoke in my nose…[View]
137677164*presses cigarette on your chest and spits wine into your mouth* truly mad men's best girl[View]
137677560What am I in for? I loved The Raid 1 and 2.[View]
137678440AMC Reportedly Developing Limited Series For Negan[View]
137677693Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137676785Why did slackercore die out?[View]
137677487When and why did Netflix start advocating drug use?[View]
137677501Do you like my TV set?[View]
137676345What's your favourite irish movie?[View]
137677162You Can’t Handle the Truth: Actors whose entire careers have been subsumed by a single catchphrase. …[View]
137678379This Movie was kinda weird[View]
137678370You guys learning Chinese yet?[View]
137668762>Pokémon knockoff >3 frames of animation per minute >horrible CGI >has more soul than an…[View]
137676902I miss my ex. She was my motivation for basically everything in life[View]
137675375Will they ever be topped?[View]
137678069>Character is a functional alcoholic[View]
137678013Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137676171ITT: We post the best minimalist posters[View]
137677989>80% of the catalog at any given moment is off topic kino board[View]
137677611Can you feel it?[View]
137677827wow... he's literally me..[View]
137677963can't wait for the moment this happens on the big screen: it'll be glorious :-)[View]
137677387>the old chinese egg-bomb villain was only for the first few episodes oh.. is there any point wat…[View]
137677810Fortune pisses on me[View]
137676413What's up with the nigger music in this movie?: Shit is so out of place[View]
137677855cast the inevitable biopic[View]
137677754if you could only make one change to improve this what would it be?[View]
137675797For All Mankind: How do they shoulder and aim the rifles with their suits on?[View]
137672404why did this flop[View]
137676256Are Br*ts really this evil?[View]
137671651/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137676863OH N-[View]
137677403I think Ali Wong is the only asian american actress whose husband is asian too. Isn't that weir…[View]
137677677>delays your kino[View]
137676747How do we save him /ck/?[View]
137677502More kinos like The Fall?[View]
137674916Why is Jesus always portrayed as a white man in movies when he was middle-eastern in reality?[View]
137676523>this was comically fat on tv 20 years ago[View]
137676091mfw i hit the dab after i say the phrase 'tell that to zod's snapped neck' when the g…[View]
137675297*hacks*: I'm in.[View]
137677500what does /tv/ think of chinese drama got any recs for chinese kino?[View]
137674593Ciri and Kelpie.[View]
137669277/who/ Doctor Who General: Eccleston's BACK edition Previous: >>137658684 first dubs in th…[View]
137677489Why does he crash the car intentionally if he knows he will die if he does that[View]
137677446Career womeme btfo, never to recover https://youtu.be/ThynLccDWcQ[View]
137676762Is there a more recent, more rewatchable blockbuster?[View]
137675755Sharp Objects: >from the writer of Gone Girl How good is it?[View]
137674839NEW GODS: An alleged twitter account for DC's upcoming New Gods movie following Darren Criss, G…[View]
137677328MGS: >When you need one actor to play five characters.[View]
137674347WASABI: Holy fucking KINO[View]
137677208oobaah oobaah[View]
137669019What did /tv/ think of 'Oh God Yes'?[View]
137676835What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137658705What does this board think about this movie?[View]
137676081Scared, Potter?[View]
137653325Alexandra Daddario: why she didn't make it big in the film industry ?[View]
137673308Kino of the decade[View]
137677035are there other movies or tv shows out there that depict someone having super powers in the 60s or a…[View]
137672453Women don’t like Twin Peaks S3?: Is he right /tv/?[View]
137676982>If I had a dime for everytime I heard that Ray, I'd make myself deaf.…[View]
137670180Ideal Half-Life adaptation: >full blown series with 40-minute episodes >episodes loosely adapt…[View]
137676895rate the TDs: >god tier Rust Roland >good tier Marty Velcoro Woodrugh Purple Hays >shit tie…[View]
137676890Can anyone recommend shows like pic related? I tried watching the Netflix remake but the hosts were …[View]
137676391was it kino?[View]
137673273I'm considering watching this. Is the poo worth the loo?[View]
137672733Now that the dust has settled, was it based?[View]
137673200ITT: 'you're my present this year', and other incest kinos https://youtu.be/rmebj9QBt1A[View]
137675868>We need a stern authority figure.[View]
137675193THE KINODROME EPISODE I: Was it kino?[View]
137676688Tom Cruise is an Alien[View]
137674114Movie when?[View]
137676686Waiting for the Barbarians: >NOOOO YOU CAN'T HAVE AN EMPIRE THAT'S NOT ALLOWED…[View]
137674901No, I don't believe it![View]
137675767What's the process of stuckmannization?[View]
137672716Check out my short film I made called 'Chlorine':: If you guys have any tips about screenwriting or …[View]
137676309>no orc rape in lotr how do orcs make more orcs without raping[View]
137672623name a better military feature, here is a tip, you cant[View]
137675697>road movie[View]
137674823*becomes television*[View]
137676313Kinos about man versus society?[View]
137676266Would you a young Audrey Hepburn?[View]
137671826>first episode of a show >title is 'Pilot' >last episode of show >title is some variant …[View]
137676466>movie file has image subtitles Why do they keep doing this? Image subtitles barely work. You mis…[View]
137676494Push-Up (1984): Would it have been kino? https://youtu.be/Pk9BJI0C5rg?t=3180[View]
137676029Reddit Aside This is An Amazing Show[View]
137673950I have friends that still watch and love SpongeBob, so I decided to torrent the first season for nos…[View]
137674052It's not Al anymore. It's dunk.[View]
137675892what went wrong?[View]
137673616was it kino?[View]
137671316>A long time ago, I was in Burma. >My friends and I were working for the local bandit, of the…[View]
137671576Threads is the most important movie ever made.[View]
137675822Name one kino about end of world or big disasters: I can't think of anything good.[View]
137675558Why are white guy skits always sarcastic and black guy skits always 0-100[View]
137664673What the fuck happened to Dane Cook?[View]
137676157When I read that Rose’s granddaughter is 16 I was like WTF How does she look 16?[View]
137676053>Why don't you go fuck yourself, Tommy?[View]
137675335>'I should of known the Jews were planning to take over!' Really lucas?…[View]
137671281How many kinos do I have to watch to a get a girl to look at me like this bros[View]
137676021Fate. Destiny. Fatestinatey. People toss those words around like tennis balls. Well, I eat balls for…[View]
137670819Neytiri is...[View]
137675956Thoughts on William Fichtner /tv/?[View]
137673789Jurrasic Park films: Rank them, feel free to leave out world Idc about it either[View]
137674947YOU AND ME[View]
137673294Give una thousan dolla[View]
137675720Are any of you faggots watching Plex™ Movies & TV?[View]
137674265DC FANDOME ANNOUNCEMENTS: >Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer. >Wonder Woman 1984 trail…[View]
137674870can someone say Mary Sue?[View]
137673790Tarantino's Star Trek film is set in the 1930s with a plot about gangsters. It will likely actu…[View]
137674351Why didn’t you like it, weirdo?[View]
137674881James Bond: Do you agree with the ranking of James Bonds based on their style? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
137674230I just watched Swordfish and in this scene Hugh Jackman was getting a blowjob while hacking He kept …[View]
137674961Have you let the days go by? Let the water hold you down?[View]
137674787'My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Leg…[View]
137675466Crown Vic: >Impossible to be made today >Possible to be made year ago…[View]
137675450Why Travis just didn't join Uber and raped drunk women in his back seat?[View]
137670545>I wannabe like Lars Von Trier[View]
137675092fuck bad people[View]
137675324Now that the dust has settled, does this shit really work? Also name a modern equivalent.[View]
137667912Is working in an Office really that bad?[View]
137672941When are films gonna stop using unrealistic CGI?[View]
137675211ITT: Movies with style over substance, or vice versa. >pic related, it's substance over styl…[View]
137674970>Grant’s like me.... he’s a nigger Holy shit, Spielberg[View]
137675234>out of respect for my faulder[View]
137674869JUST: is he gonna make it?[View]
137673649What did you think about this documentary?[View]
137674042>Attempting to watch the first season Apart from the vulcan with the big tits, does the series ge…[View]
137674837>Obi-wan....get closer...I have to say something...hurry...I don't have much time left...…[View]
137675009Is Timothy Dalton the most good looking Bond ?[View]
137653155Gal Gadot BRUTALLY MOGGED: https://twitter.com/SameeraKhan/status/1292223833437593612[View]
137674425They're no match for droideka.[View]
137673914>soul >soulless[View]
137674878how do i get xenu energy[View]
137674657I watched this. what do I feel about it[View]
137674315>tfw /tv/ calls your movie kino[View]
137673788>Dennis, you are a nigger. A blonde haired, blue eyed, pale of skin nigger. Do you have any idea …[View]
137674541Where is all the persians in tv&film?: Why isn't persians/iranian people more represented i…[View]
137640998/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137673878>2020 >still no film about the most epic military intervention in history Who would you cast a…[View]
137671634For me it's Tia Dalma[View]
137673493Just watched this kino today, what did I think of it?[View]
137669927ziegler did nothing wrong, and was a damn good engineer.[View]
137674583are investigative tv reports kino?[View]
137672074Do Americans really behave like the contestants in this show?[View]
137672023name a single flaw[View]
137673780Why was it free of charge?[View]
137674538>tows your car[View]
137671744For me, it's Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)[View]
137673754Oh no no no Hemsworth bros we got too cocky[View]
137673855What are your favorite cameos or small guest starring roles? for me it's picrel - Burn after re…[View]
137673149don't cry in front of the mexicans[View]
137669081>the final boss is a woman with a katana[View]
137674493How would you do a RE movie series reboot? Apparently its in the works[View]
137674121get some rest anon you look tired[View]
137670884Was Odo getting paid by the Bajoran provisional government or was he doing it for free?[View]
137669016ITT: Movies/shows on your need-to-watch list.[View]
137673765best family guy song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eeg4J8yNk4g >FCC Song…[View]
137672785>12 years since Bernie Mac died[View]
137674195>people really liked Muldoon but he's dead, what do we do? Say no more, senpai.…[View]
137674023>Here's your new Wonder Woman bro. Who do you cast to play her?[View]
137671079What was wrong with his jaw?[View]
137674117>finally get around to watching Dark >pretty enthralling, get really invested >come to this…[View]
137668595I'm looking for cold war spykino. Preferably slow and boring ones like pic related.[View]
137674194*blocks your path*[View]
137673423burger, nice and tall[View]
137673395What is Roman Polanski’s best work?[View]
137674101is he a sexual deviant? whats his obsession with feet? shouldnt that be a crime in 2020???? lock up …[View]
137669319Buster Keaton thread. He was pretty based.[View]
137674078>Picard, I will rape and kill everyone on board and then destroy your ship Captain, I'm sens…[View]
137674073I just watched Narcos and it was pretty good. The only thing that confused me was at the end how did…[View]
137674062what is the most accurate portrayal of neanderthal man in modern film?[View]
137674031What would he being doing now if he were still alive?[View]
137666667Holy Fuck: Zoomer here. Holy fuck, why can’t they make movies like this anymore? I just watched it …[View]
137672694You have 5 sec to post how this picture makes you feel No cheat[View]
137673984Incel's Yellow Fever: The Movie: >prove me wrong[View]
137673973Can anyone explain this movie?[View]
137671848'Pocahontas' Movie Is Rumoured To Be In The Works At Disney+: >At this point, it is sta…[View]
137673526What The Hell?[View]
137672555I'm looking for a kino to watch in family, but specially my ol' dad He like 'realistic' mo…[View]
137672413Hes in it for the money...not the science[View]
137672452Who is the most handsome golden age actor? >6'3[View]
137672158Is this watchable? I hate movies but I can't stop downloading porn when I'm bored.[View]
137673751>HASHTAG! >HASHTAG! >HASHTAG!…[View]
137668557DChads........we're home: >Darkseid and black suit Superman restored >Steppenwolf CGI com…[View]
137671939F >https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/08/entertainment/jonah-hill-dead-massive-heart-attack/index.ht…[View]
137664562>Chef Ramsay is a bad pers-[View]
137671894>sex scene over >she lights a cigarette[View]
137668649Shots fired[View]
137673573What’s next for Isabella Merced?[View]
137673418Hey /tv/ how often do you guys jerk your cocks? I just can't seem to stop jerking my cock and I…[View]
137664408ITT: Take a screenshot of a movie at 19:05, other anons have to guess[View]
137673177Obscure JK Simmons movie: I'm trying to find a specific movie that JK Simmons had an extremely …[View]
137672568What's next for Chandler Riggs' career?[View]
137670149What is the best Red Carpet look?[View]
137672518>Is that a problem?[View]
137665359What to expect?[View]
137666910Was original Perry Mason as degenerate and anti-Christian as HBO's Perry Mason?[View]
137672806Shark week: Is mike Tyson going to kill a shark tonight on shark week? I hope not![View]
137672593What's wrong with looking like the Shah of Iran?[View]
137673071>clark can't take banter from a drunk truck driver at a bar >destroy his livelihood and p…[View]
137673398What's the point of morning shows?[View]
137672936>Mulock committedsuicide by jumping from his hotel room inGuadix,Granada,Spainin May 1968, while …[View]
137673247>tfw will have to wait one year to watch Florence Pugh with a russian accent…[View]
137669780Malkovich malkovich. Malcovich malkovich malkovich, malkovich malkovich malkovich? Malkovich malkovi…[View]
137671180How do I get shallow cheeks?[View]
137673178>watch show/movie set in the '50s >wish I could have been alive during that time Is there…[View]
137673174I don't get this. How's having a drink going to make the tape easier to watch? At this poi…[View]
137669136Thougths? Better or worse than Netflix?[View]
137667024Comprehensive Guide of Essential /tv/-memeable movies: I'm in the process of creating a compreh…[View]
137673136>We need an actor to play an immense douchebag.: >He already signed the contract, sir.…[View]
137668475>le white male punching bag: Why do soi shows do this?[View]
137662278Dev Patel will be the new James Bond. I dont like it either but theres nothing you can do.[View]
137671786/classictrek/: This is NOT a duplicate thread. This thread is for discussion of all classic Trek. Th…[View]
137670002What are some seriously disturbing flicks?[View]
137672857Why did he had to be so rude like wtf[View]
137672930Given the pandemic slowing production down on many films and tv shows, should actors begin moving to…[View]
137672872>Jazz-E, we got to cook nigga[View]
137671787The Dirt: I expected the usual netflix trash but this was pure unadultured kino[View]
137672812>kid turns into adult >immediately go drink beer and hit the strip club Very based…[View]
137670175>Coming-of-Age movie/show set in the 80s >'...Yeah but Boba Fett could kick Han Solo's as…[View]
137671684>4chan...... I'm still on 4chan.. ...[View]
137658312Hmmm, you know what? I don't need this. >Gets up and leaves Would he have looked like a bi…[View]
137672744Seethe Cope the TV Series[View]
137672421SIT DOWN BE HUMBLE[View]
137672614wat I liked Red Dragon more. I liked Anthony Hopkins Lecter more I liked autistic Ed Norton Will Gra…[View]
137671907>Getting a boner. what did he mean by this?[View]
137672308Top Gun: How will they explain her disappearance in the sequel /tv/?[View]
137672354Orson Welles: What were his greatest acting roles?[View]
137671490What was his fucking problem?[View]
137672405It's watchable, but the hosts are fucking horrible. Jenny McCarthy is the least grating one. Ke…[View]
137672388>movie starts with the top from inception still spinning[View]
137668693Ball pit cinemas, yay or nay? I personally find it comfortable I just wish there were was a better w…[View]
137672282What’s a waifu, man? Can you smoke that?[View]
137672245>Is this 3 minutes shot of my vagina necessary, Alain? >Yes…[View]
137666078Color Grading: How far is too far? >inb4 bluray is blue xd[View]
137671859Is there anything worth watching on here? I just got access to this through a friend.[View]
137671337ON MY WAY[View]
137669300>Villain became evil after losing the one girl he loved[View]
137668932Hood Interviews: I came across an interesting video on YouTube of this guy conducting interviews in …[View]
137671725I like how The Simpsons put subtle jokes in a lot of signs. Are there any more of these?[View]
137662692It's treason then[View]
137669998What are some film pranks that simply go too far?[View]
137669557Mission Impossible: Which movie was the best? And which was the worst?[View]
137671874Psst.. This is an allegory of toxic masculinity: >big >clunky >polluting >pilot has a fa…[View]
137671691https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E4cQHejFq0 > Oversized blocks of cheese that aren't even cl…[View]
137671863>actor actually shaves his head clean just for one scene[View]
137670906Classic YouTube kino thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAh9oLs67Cw[View]
137671595Well...Heres to us[View]
137670501The Moors did so much fucking[View]
137671699Here's your Batman cast bro.[View]
137671607Movies about eccentric people?[View]
137670459beaver unit: >beaver unit beaver unit[View]
137671306movie about song in Drive deleted actual thread about cuck porn and shit eating not deleted what th…[View]
137671226What did Rowling mean by this?[View]
137671087What the fuck was her problem?[View]
137671562>im gonna be a blue skin god[View]
137671023/tv/ What is the best apocalyptic movie?: > Not even a debate, just want some more to watch > …[View]
137671560Non-American Mafia Movies: Anybody know mafia movies that are not american. Like pic related? (Or or…[View]
137669543Alcoholic kino coming through: Based Lip is the best character in Shameless[View]
137671529>YOU are not a GIRL >you're not capable of being a GIRL >you had a penis but now you d…[View]
137670817remind me again why video games needs FIVE FUCKING BOARDS FOR ITSELF AND WE CAN'T EVEN GET A SE…[View]
137669358Is Clint Eastwood actually a good director?: Everyone shits on the stuff he made in his 80s, but he…[View]
137669506A mob movie set in the Star Wars universe: could it work?[View]
137670993>I KNOW NOTHING[View]
137667686What’s his best film?[View]
137669436>watch movie/show with HS aged characters >'oh yeah i just finished my application to Harvard…[View]
137671356What are some kinos about life in california?[View]
137671109/cmt/ Community General: 2011 was a different time...[View]
137671626>IT'S LATE TONIGHT !!![View]
137670777>And I... am... Chad Lad Okay, now this was epic! Ralph is fucking based!!…[View]
137669761Reboot: Just remembered this show. What are your thoughts about it? I remember it being great.…[View]
137671238What is wrong with Indonesia? Also thoughts on this kino?[View]
137671217>''The pit of despair...''[View]
137671160>mirrorphonic sound: How the fuck do you make a sound recording with mirrors?[View]
137668428Leave No Trace - Ben Foster[View]
137671172ITT: Films /tv/ will never understand.[View]
137668275You could have saved her, /tv/[View]
137671045>it's a 'wife must repay her husband's debts after he dies suddenly' episode…[View]
137654998/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137666484>be super smart inventor >become invisible >what would you do ?…[View]
137670637>makes you instantly change the channel.[View]
137670828say hello to my little thread[View]
137670932Is Deception, with James Franco and Lindsay Lohan kino?[View]
137660160Imagine being pathetic enough to make something like this[View]
137657505Anya: How is she so perfect, bros[View]
137670668>I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I…[View]
137662235/trek/: Sexitude edition[View]
137670696Throw it out RIGHT NOW.[View]
137670656>I am a Kids Lover What did he mean by this?[View]
137670671A man's butt.[View]
137670465I've been posting this frog ever since I found this site three years ago. Your thoughts?[View]
137670598Who is your favorite Jewish comedian?[View]
137668883>The guy that hired Joos...: Who was Joos?[View]
137670196why did ralph get chucked through the window?[View]
137668341Why don't you try Fat Burger from now on? You can get yourself a cheese and fries for 2.95, fag…[View]
137669540Any kino about the horrible U.S justice system and its third world tier prisons?[View]
137670464Kinos for this feel?: I just need something to mark that >yeah, I'm done, tomorrow's th…[View]
137670451When you get dissed and blocked by the Shat.[View]
137670400Post more mommykino[View]
137669684I am not crazy! I know he swapped those numbers. I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I …[View]
137667469What if the ugly girl from Hereditary had an ugly baby with the ugly boy from Stranger Things how ug…[View]
137670373I will never care about another TV show again[View]
137659228>from the creators of westworld Its going to be fucking horrid isn't it?…[View]
137662103>What do you think the collective IQ of this board is? I mean it's just observation and dedu…[View]
137668834SOMETHING'S BREWING AT D&D....[View]
137667713What, no YOLO thread? The new episode is out. https://www.adultswim.com/videos/yolo-crystal-fantasy/…[View]
137669781>start watching movie >weinstein company logo pops up >turn off movie…[View]
137670289Kinos for this feel?[View]
137669663What is Don’s favorite movie?[View]
137670273This year sucks man...[View]
137661642What's your home theater setup? You're not pathetic enough to watch movies on your PC or L…[View]
137670037>it's called 'Enter the Dragon' >there is no dragon in the movie movies with misleading a…[View]
137670178>BUILT FOR BGC[View]
137668092Was it kino?[View]
137670013Who is your favorite female comedian?[View]
137670043OH N-[View]
137668967Movies you were obsessed with when being a toddler: For me it's the mask. Apparently this movie…[View]
137669650ITT: Movies where a relationship with a large age gap is shown in a positive light. Why has this bec…[View]
137667648These made zero fucking sense and were, while not the only, a large part of why the third movie suck…[View]
137666506Italian and french movies that you love?[View]
137668191>woah, what?[View]
137668193Three Kingdoms: >1/4 of each episode is decided to messengers yelling REPORT >1/4 of each epis…[View]
137668918why not just use massive landmines? the forcefield doesn't work directly underneath them, so a …[View]
137669754Can't we just settle this over a pint?[View]
137669444>ITT: shows no one on /tv/ recalls[View]
137668972>isjonahhillfat.com Is this the website?[View]
137668944>We asked your 8 year old son what he likes and he said the word shark so we've installed a …[View]
137669642How could all you be so mean to comfy Simpsons threads?! Sound to me like you are all on crack!![View]
137669632*ruins normalfags brains permanently*[View]
137658684/who/- Doctor Who General: Binge Water/Binge in Heaven edition previous: >>137628914[View]
137669588ITT: Movies that make you feel sad just thinking about them[View]
137669573>last episode of show >name is some variant of 'All Good Things...'…[View]
137669445/tv/ be always askin' me[View]
137668835How much contrarian pills do I need to swallow to consider this a bad movie?[View]
137669317Who did this?: Cowards[View]
137669482We need someone to play a 40 year old beta male: Say no more senpai![View]
137668653The pic that destroyed anglos[View]
137669333how did she figure out that Joe Black was death?[View]
137669161My cock is HUGE! >I have a HUGE cock, /tv/! I can't believe how HUGE my cock is! >The HUG…[View]
137668045>'Concerning Hobbits' starts playing...[View]
137668776>Tell me Will[View]
137668066Am I supposed to think that their retarded way of speaking is funny or cool?[View]
137652753Hazbin Hotel has been picked up by A24: https://twitter.com/A24/status/1291781153066643456 Yeah, im …[View]
137669160Jimmy Fallon is Latinx now.[View]
137669150>YOU are not a GIRL >you're not capable of being a GIRL >you had a penis but now you d…[View]
137669134apology for poor english when were you when heat legend dies i was at home drinking brain fluid when…[View]
137663473What does /tv/ think about the БPAT movies?[View]
137668993i think i saw this once in the 90s. is it worth revisiting?[View]
137668962Supernatural: CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON[View]
137664888ITT: 'Heroes' who did nothing right[View]
137666317Post actors that always steal the show in every film or show they're in.[View]
137666885>Americans have never heard this before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmpRLQZkTb8…[View]
137668084Cast them[View]
137666818>we've managed to slip. Evolution's leash now, haven't we? We can cure any disease…[View]
137665930is she autistic[View]
137668778What do?[View]
137668513FMK 4th one is fill in the blank[View]
137668790So, how fucked up will be The Wheel of Time by Amazon?? It would got a third season?? (this have gre…[View]
137668742I don't like blacks: they're coarse and they're irritating and they're everywher…[View]
137668726>We've driven that guy over. Lets bury him in the forest and have sex on his grave as he is …[View]
137668701hey kiddo[View]
137667736>Opponent activates this What do?[View]
137665328I've never seen the Final Destination movies. How are they?[View]
137668577What was Captain James Tiberius Kirk holding?[View]
137668229im half an hour in when does it get good?[View]
137667084Who would win?[View]
137666612How do we get rid of the simps? They are the sole reason that pushes all that ethot/onlyfans market …[View]
137668006This was hot shit a little while ago. What happned?[View]
137662414It's over.[View]
137667916Reminder Palpatine won. All Skywalkers are dead and his line survives[View]
137668502Real wonderwomen: better pics for wonderwoman[View]
137667796Neet Election (2015): A jobless young man, with equally unsuccessful friends, runs for a local offic…[View]
137664050IMMORTAN JOE APPRECIATION THREAD In the brutal and hopeless world, a few saw a vision of new world r…[View]
137664763Are commercials /tv/?[View]
137666964Eating ass is redpilled[View]
137667719Yikes, this didn't hold up well![View]
137668069>tfw no Ben Affleck bf[View]
137668300>Xena theme starts playing >immediately hyped and hard Name one other show, impossible.…[View]
137665170Recommend racing kino The feeling of going fast, fast, fast knowing that one slip up will turn your …[View]
137665578/sopranos/: GABAGOOL![View]
137667711I want to get my girlfriend interested cinema. What films should i show her?[View]
137647372Is she right?[View]
137668189Kinos where the bad guys lose?[View]
137668168>How MUSLIM was London last time you left it?[View]
137668017absolutely gorgeous.[View]
137663170Why is Japan obsessed with Tommy Lee Jones?[View]
137665768Female characters who didn’t deserve the hate they got from incels[View]
137667940Girls that were worth the trouble.[View]
137666254Free Solo: what was the message of this film?[View]
137668007I am not crazy! I know he swapped those numbers. I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I …[View]
137667860his plan with Ives was genius, im curious as to how he got caught[View]
137667859What film describes /me/?: I laughed in a girls face because the first time we met she said 'I just …[View]
137663260who were the target audience of this proto-sjw garbage? I sure did not enjoy this depressing crap wh…[View]
137666902Anyone else find it weird that Arnold was from Australia but sounded European[View]
137667854>second movie has mutant villains >parents so upset with how 'dark and violent' the first movi…[View]
137666202The 2 films and 2 shows you can't discuss on /tv/.[View]
137667689How many here have actually watched their TV shows or read their books?[View]
137665754movies where horticulture played a large or pivotal part.[View]
137665368>Hannibal >cannibal really[View]
137665221Be Honest. Did you cry?[View]
137667081>A long time ago, I was in Burma. >My friends and I were working for the local bandit >of …[View]
137667727Just make the movie[View]
137667538I swear to god, of all the people that should have just shut the fuck up, I-[View]
137667622Kinos for this feel?[View]
137666705I Saw The Devil: This was pure kino. Is there a better revenge movie? I think not.[View]
137661160Is it just me or did they want to fuck each other?[View]
137667591Horror movie boners: Post images from horror movies that gave you a raging boner. I will start. Meli…[View]
137666478Now that I've robbed a convienvence store and two dudes at an atm I finally have enough money t…[View]
137661156DUNC: It’s not DUNE anymore...[View]
137667575what did we think of this season?[View]
137665420Why don't they make westerns anymore?[View]
137665458just finished mr. robot: >muh personality yeah so what? shit ending made absolutely no sense…[View]
137667529Any good?[View]
137665257Yup. This is what he looks like in 2020.[View]
137667491>kills you[View]
137667072Well /tv/? Yes or no?[View]
137667400Why is Western media like this?: >The historic Gaspar de Carvajal (1500–1584) was a Spanish Domin…[View]
137667369Kinos that are abstract in presentation?[View]
137661976webm thread[View]
137667322>im gonna be a blue skin god[View]
137665296>It was the heat of the moment[View]
137667188>We need two guys to play this uneasy and somewhat reluctant buddy cop-team. >Sir they both ar…[View]
137667163Post movies that should have been on MST3K. Evil Brain From Outer Space Yor, the Hunter From the Fut…[View]
137666296What is your favorite cruise-kino?[View]
137667120>this movie is bad because it sends out the wrong message >what is the message we're supp…[View]
137667108Dose tv watch Primm's Hood Cinema? This nigga kinda funny[View]
137660748/tv/... shit... i'm still on /tv/[View]
137660117Did you ever fall in love with a character from the Horror genre? I love her bros[View]
137666992Daily reminder that if you just stay POSITIVE, great things can happen.[View]
137666846You know remember this exists[View]
137666971So, you guys hear that shit about this crazy motherfucker possibly bankrupting Patreon? He could be …[View]
137665958Disney is making a cartoon series about Chicago inner city high schools.[View]
137666077What grinds your gears /tv/? https://youtu.be/L5tTyd90iRA[View]
137664090most underrated SNL cast member?[View]
137663448The difference between J.K. Rowling and Lilly Wachowski: The Matrix was written with trans allegorie…[View]
137654243>Zed, what about that position you've promised me?[View]
137666874Kinos about the true nature of the anglos?[View]
137664994>sex scene has nudity[View]
137666223So you had an explicit chat with a 17 year old girl. Get out of my sight you... sick fuck.[View]
137665689>the movie has an unnecessary kissing scene[View]
137665243Marc Maron: Who was the best director or actor guest on WTF with Marc Maron? For me, it was Paul Tho…[View]
137666707>DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i…[View]
137666313Army of Darkness: Army of Darkness did season 8 of GoT better >better night king >better long …[View]
137663738Are most actors really dumb attention-whores like people say? Who does /tv/ regard as a smart actor?…[View]
137666609What is the most historically accurate film about the holocaust?[View]
137666246Who's the best character[View]
137666721Was he based?[View]
137662649What's that movie that ends with a black guy(I think) saying 'I did it for the kids'.[View]
137666553What’s next for Isabella Merced[View]
137665199>haha Hollywood amirite haha you’re all paedos haha that’s why I host your awards haha I BTFO Chr…[View]
137666538Kinos for this feel?[View]
137666014How come they have not made a movie[View]
137666497>This is going to be very entertaining.[View]
137660845>859 days until Avatar 2[View]
137666115Mr. Shekelsberg, it’s movie night with my family, can I go home?[View]
137664435Where do people download movies now that PirateBay and Limewire are gone?[View]
137665459Why don't they just not rape little kids?[View]
137664998Overrated overextended boomer movie[View]
137666279just watched this movie what did i think about it?[View]
137665894EU >'I'm going to take George's setting and make my own stories in it. Many being very …[View]
137665064What the fuck was this guy’s problem?[View]
137666016>Women can't direc-[View]
137666109What’s your favorite Emilia Clarke role?[View]
137666058>tfw the U-Boat Captain starts howling at you again[View]
137666034What did he mean by this?[View]
137666064Movies that risk-averse Jew studios will never make general. >For many years he wanted to make a …[View]
137662705I just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
137659839Helga was too good for Floki. Also best vikings girl[View]
137665995I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137664143Annoying celebrities general: How, why, and for what is she getting so much PR while simultaneous be…[View]
137665662Fallen YouTubers: Who was it and why ?[View]
137659812Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of this?[View]
137656000Is he the most overrated comedic actor ever, or does he just pick shitty scripts? I've recently…[View]
137665671>Right away Mr McFly![View]
137664671Kino. Pure kino. It should have ended with season 2.[View]
137662388La La Land was released almost 4 years ago.: And nothing came close to its comfiness.[View]
137664997have you ever read the rarbg comment section? It's reddit and facebook on crack[View]
137664655What about the bush situation?[View]
137665806>Do you smell that, Mr. Anderson? That is the smell of bacterial infestation. It is the smell of …[View]
137663417Just watched this, I can't believe how bad it is. Rami Malek looks ridiculous and the film itse…[View]
137663321Awww Why can't I find a Sersh to hug and kiss?[View]
137664820tfw you are fatter than King-Size Homer[View]
137660006Characters you're slowly turning into[View]
137665724>we need a mildly irritating villian[View]
137665177Was he unreasonable?[View]
137663952>17yo falling in love with 45yo 1. Why are japs so based 2. Western media, are you even trying? 3…[View]
137664424Come on Bart, catch the ball so we can all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes.[View]
137663661has /tv/ watched pic related yet?[View]
137665471Capone movie: Unironically the biggest pleb filter of the year[View]
137665617Died 25 years ago today: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137664880>Take the red pill, white boy![View]
137661871This is the greatest movie[View]
137665171Revenge of the Smiths: >You were the Chosen One! >It was said you would destroy the Smiths, no…[View]
137664286>japanese 'acting'''''[View]
137665390What am I in for?[View]
137665314would you watch a seppuku ceremony /tv/?[View]
137663555>tfw literally me[View]
137663659Only shows you have watched[View]
137665282Rank them.[View]
137665247who was in the wrong here?[View]
137663440This bitch is fine as fuck and has an amazing ass.[View]
137665145I was watching the tv show 'Chuck' which I happened to enjoy until S1E7 totally ruined it for me. Th…[View]
137664320they were not kidding with this movie[View]
137651319Does Dasha have any chance of taking her acting career to the mainstream?[View]
137665091Was he based?[View]
137662428if there was an acting career I'd aspire to it would be that of Rufus Sewell. based motherf…[View]
137663706Baby sneed[View]
137657849Cast him[View]
137663908>kate winslet was considered chubby in the 90s how times have changed. dont care. titanic is stil…[View]
137664881What are your thoughts on Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon?[View]
137664713Mr Robot: Anon, come party with us, we are having a lan party at Elliots crib, you still bringing yo…[View]
137664738Did I like it /tv/?[View]
137659337What makes smoking look so aesthetic[View]
137663159Hot Tub Time Machine came out in 2010 and was the last decent comedy film to come out of hollywood. …[View]
137661630Reminder that KStew confirmed in an interview that Robert Pattinson regularly asked to lick her armp…[View]
13765996220 greatest film directors according to Paste Magazine: 1. Akira Kurosawa 2. David Lynch 3. Martin S…[View]
137657909Fine Day, Sunday. In my opinion best day of the week. And why is that anon?[View]
137660940Why was this considered such a bad movie?[View]
137664463>Literally names the Sith >'I don't believe you'…[View]
137662709POTTER MY OFFICE NOW![View]
137664405What are essential /hornycore/ movies?[View]
137664023>3000 episodes of rng boxes How did something so mundane last so long?[View]
137664356War Kino's from the enemies perspective (non American)[View]
137662435Who's ready for the return of natural disaster porn this coming week? >eskimo? more like es …[View]
137663762Foundation series by Apple: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&t=1m10s&v=xgbPSA94R…[View]
137664289Ohhhh Nothing makes me sadder than The agent lost his bladder On the aaaaeeeerrrroooo-plane[View]
137664263Yes, that's french they're speaking and no these children aren't french. They're…[View]
137663587there's never been a comfier show than this and there probably never will be[View]
137664195I want my early 2000s IMDb forum transcripts. Do you think the NSA has them still?[View]
137664187What is the point of it all? Consume media, is that really it, distract yourself until the final sle…[View]
137662727Movie when?[View]
137661213Without Sammo hung, jackie chan would be nothing today yet you barely see him or chinks giving him p…[View]
1376636515 year lurker breaking norm today share a very important futurama theory/questions/anger In season …[View]
137663989Are the rumours true that they've made the Baron Harkonnen in this movie have orange hair?[View]
137658675Is Pet Sematary a zombie-film: Is Pet Sematary a zombie film? >be a well known local film connois…[View]
137660612Podcast documentaries are unironically better than TV documentaries at this point[View]
137663206What do the Muhammad and Immortan Joe have in common?[View]
137659213Trash /tv/ memed you into watching: >watch pic related >few minutes in >obvious commie prop…[View]
137663836>rock,I want you to punch this bag like youre punching the messiah himself…[View]
137661538This can't be happening! I'm in charge here![View]
137663752Imagine whining about this frog ever since I first got here and started posting him over 2 years ago…[View]
137663452How did they manage so many of the LEAST jewed movies of the modern era?[View]
137663596Who was in the wrong?[View]
137655315What the heck[View]
137662731What is your favorite Andy Sidaris film and who is your favorite of his featured actresses?[View]
137663560Nice try Harry, but I know you can't perform popery outside the Seminary[View]
137663460What are some movies that piss you off No fucking /pol/ or meme shit we're actually discussing …[View]
137657232>most powerful wizard >can't fix his own face What a bitch.…[View]
137655707Crackhead Kino: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma0KmHILhzg[View]
137664831As 2020 wears on, one image rings truer and truer.[View]
137651641Marvel Has Reportedly Cast Their She-Hulk[View]
137659606>oh hi anon! We were just talking about movies. My favourite is the Shawshank Redemption. What…[View]
137661216Hey all you cool cats and kittens[View]
137663371Who was in the wrong here: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/eva-green-sued-a-patriot-a4519006.html…[View]
137661098Ummmm yeah if you could just go ahead and give me an upvote, that would be terrific...[View]
137663249>A new horror movie! Oh neat maybe thi- >With a female lead! Oh nevermind the- >CHILD IN DA…[View]
137663283There's just something about two hot naked women singing beautifully together in a shower which…[View]
137663287Kinos ahead of their time[View]
137651426Introducing: the roastie-flick: Can you pinpoint the exact point in time when chick-flicks and rom-c…[View]
137657607Are there any other examples of films that will conveniently use the coronavirus pandemic to be memo…[View]
137662701ITT: Post Chads[View]
137659718>Bad British Scorsese: the director[View]
137661243To Catch A Predator: Would you rather >be caught by Chris Hansen and get exposed as a pervert on …[View]
137662934>watch Paddington 2 >look up the actors >find out the girl who plays the daugher is already…[View]
137661775How lucky are we that 9 of the 15 best movies ever made came out in the last 4 years?[View]
137660966Why didn't he want her bros?[View]
137663101>get this babe, he dodged all the bullets because he can look two minutes into the future…[View]
137662980Ah yes, the cubism resurgence in the late 1970s showed its mark on policework[View]
137655552Why aren't there more Dinosaur TV Shows/Movies? Its literally Jurassic Park and nothing else. W…[View]
137659397How can I watch this show in good quality? There are no DVDs, bluerays, vhs.. is it lost forever?[View]
137661138Tell me about Kongming. Why does he use the chair?[View]
137662060Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137651610OH N-[View]
137662651it's kinda cool[View]
137662779What is your favourite decade for movies? For me its the 80's[View]
137661341What's Happening Forum?[View]
137659457>not even a single thread about the best show of 2020[View]
137661408Itt: We.write the plot for the next matrix movie. >Neo you must take the testosterone pill or the…[View]
137662673>READ THE BOOK[View]
137662473Kinos about manufacturing textiles?[View]
137660834>*marches elephants through Alps in winter fueled by nothing but sheer hatred for r*mans* most Ki…[View]
137661705Is the new version of The Secret Garden any good?[View]
137662420Hi diddly ho neighborino[View]
137661180How do you think the wachowski sisters transformation will affect the new matrix film?[View]
137660578This is handsome Pete, He dances for nickels. Same something nice[View]
137658426>we clone a computer what did he mean by this?[View]
137662424things /tv/ tricked you into watching[View]
137662146Why do people still watch TV?: Why do they do it bros?[View]
137660781Woke: Yes, its literally called 'Woke'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYt5HEabwvM[View]
137662318>I was Loki in the 90s, before it was cool this film is great[View]
137662271/trek/: Collectibles Edition[View]
137644837Does /tv/ have 3x3 threads?[View]
137660765Comfy Victorian Farm thread[View]
137662168/tv/ lied to me, this is trash[View]
137661520Have you ever watched a Turkish movie?: idk why but they're mostly sucks pic Eşkiya, (1996)…[View]
137656081/trek/: ZAZZY edition[View]
137660920What does /tv/ think about German television?: 128K likes. 36K Dislikes. Germans overwhelmingly supp…[View]
137661468Any kinos about the last living sibling of a noble family who's trying to come to terms with pa…[View]
137661034Morning anon, what will it be today? Oh Robert? He's on the night shift.[View]
137662030>Testicles of mute >I guess he is transsexsual now How did they get away with it?…[View]
137661856For me it's the Columbo episode with Dick Van Dyke as a murderous photographer.[View]
137661530>I got five kids to feed![View]
137661605>matt groening visited epstien's pedo island and received foot massages from loli sex slaves…[View]
137661559FUCK TRUMP[View]
137657008hih heee shhamonehh![View]
1376610692020… I am forgotten[View]
137658024the midnight gospel: Is it all new age preaching?[View]
137661914Hey baby i see the babies falling Tossed foetus and scrambled eggs ~~~~merci[View]
137650844Kino is back on the menu: https://cosmicbook.news/star-wars-luke-skywalker-movie >Directed by Geo…[View]
137655026Who's funnier?[View]
137657438Was it autism?[View]
137661843Thoughts on Hot Ones? Is this peak interviewing?[View]
137659440Why is Disneyland still closed? I want to go to the Harry Potter and Star Wars parts[View]
137661257*ting ting ting ting ting* AHEM I have an announcement to make:[View]
137661532HAPPY BDAY MOMMY[View]
137659957What was the most he could charge AJ with?[View]
13766140389 cents[View]
137661750She literally had no effect on the plot of the show. The whole show could've gone on without he…[View]
137658438Real Heroes Wear Masks in The CW’s Latest Arrowverse Posters: >Earlier this year, the COVID-19 ou…[View]
137658815Why does Jay often have a huge Starbucks cup in his hand during Half in the Bag? Why is he giving St…[View]
137660230Bad Kids: If one day you can see some Chinese drama series, I recommend this I like this scene becau…[View]
137661617The Alienist: What did I think of this? >every episode had the jew brothers being told they are w…[View]
137660174Was it bromance?[View]
137653599Is this the end of Shatner's career?[View]
137660498You guys ever just watch a random film and then Meghan Markle appears in some minor role and you jus…[View]
137630458Hats off to Kate Mara's wardrobe department in Shooter. Also really fun movie.[View]
137661060Overrated directors. I will start. Mamoru Oshii.[View]
137658559The 100 General , Number 999 , Octavia edition: Previous general here >>137591222 The 100 doe…[View]
137657245How the fuck is Jeremy Renner a movie star?[View]
137661437so is this movie The Room tier oblivously made bad movie or just reddit haha lmao so bad imaright mo…[View]
137659585Why does this look so current?[View]
137636707/TROS/: haha rise of skywalker just gets shitter with time. every week a new way it fails comes to m…[View]
137661305The original incel[View]
137660970Why in the heck did she have almost no ammo in her mag /tv/?[View]
137661171'John Connor, it is time.'[View]
137660685>Now, I admire Jackie Chan, I do[View]
137661106Damn, I liked this even more than Snatch.[View]
137656786/tv/: Is he unironically the most interesting person in history? His whole life was a complete myste…[View]
137659181>OH, BEHAVE[View]
137661074A broken heart will never fully heal[View]
137653374We need a new and better live action Kim Possible[View]
137657543>it's another 'movie tries to be woke but ends up redpilled' episode…[View]
137658676For me, it's Van Helsing[View]
137660893Kinos about betrayal?[View]
137657526Explain pic related >Andrew Upton is an Australian playwright, screenwriter, and director who has…[View]
137659580Why didn't Jason Bourne take off as much as other action stars like John Wick or Mission Imposs…[View]
137653713Attractive female hacker: Why is this trope so common these days?[View]
137635564What is the point of age restrictions in movie theaters: When shit like this is available on YouTube…[View]
137655566Movies where a hero gets corrupted[View]
137654728it fucking sucks[View]
137660704What if Ricky drove for Uber?[View]
137655712HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Simon Cowell was undergoing back surgery on Saturday night after a bad bike …[View]
137660680This one's for you mutts[View]
137660548>hacker character calls someone >electrocutes them through the phone line…[View]
137660348When Joker said 'I don't kill people,' that's one of those lines that I found to be really…[View]
137660589>This is your last chance, after this there's no turning back. >You take the HRT,the dysp…[View]
137660571Why are so many cartoons about child on child incest?[View]
137657337ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
137657496Why did Ted design a robot that looks like a little girl?[View]
137660502Is this worth watching? I really enjoyed God's Not Dead, will I enjoy God's Not Dead 2?[View]
137653621SILENT HILL[View]
137658639I dreamed I have my own family, /tv/ros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuhWGt0en8Y[View]
137659157Does the month you were born have any bearing on your taste in kino?[View]
137655936I know you are waiting for this /tv/[View]
137658982What was their tax policy?[View]
137660339>Character is fat slob >Last name is Chip man Who writes this shit?…[View]
137654324Should this be a cinematic universe?[View]
137660302Industry Thread. Share your Stories: Hollywood really is a sex cult. I knew this guy worked as a gri…[View]
137659870>A fucking video game has a better soundtrack than any film in the past 10 years https://youtube.…[View]
137660028Michelle Williams: What was the highlight of her acting career? She's been in quite a few kinos…[View]
137659516>the writers never saw a problem with the implication that a human fucked a Klingon and gave birt…[View]
137658808Kinos about racemixers getting their comeuppance[View]
137659967Have we started the fire?[View]
137657381Satanic pedophile Jews stole your 4skin?: Good.[View]
137657760How come he never became an A-lister?[View]
137658902Is he the epitome of dishonest acting?[View]
137658782American humour is some cunt whining about things on stage for 2 hours without telling any jokes.[View]
137659978Commissioner Burrell? I'm Mayor[View]
137659875>Im gonna be dr manhatan Wtf is this shit ?[View]
137646512Do people only like the Wire's second season because it focused more on white people than black…[View]
137659880what are /tv/'s thoughts on Philip Kindred Dick /tv/? Remember, as you watch this, he died in 1…[View]
137657946so what year was it guys?[View]
137651741Yeah I'm thinking the MCU will be safe[View]
137657285Everyday i wish i forget about the existence of this place[View]
137655865Does it get any better? I've just finished Part 1 and the entire plot seems like bs. The master…[View]
137658856I think it's about time we all finally admit that the so-called 'classics' are actually boring …[View]
137643984ITT: TV foods you wish were real[View]
137658798ITT: Post movies only you have seen[View]
137659104OHHHHH GAWWWD[View]
137658615Post you favorite album and get a movie recommendation[View]
137656338The Cell, 2000: https://youtu.be/gWVTP7jBv-8 Is this film an accurate description of a deranged cauc…[View]
137659577>From the producers of[View]
137659103>le epic anti-Hollywood Hollywood man Wow, so controversial they keep letting him host!…[View]
137656758Listen sheriff, I know you just saw us murder 17 people in cold blood, but you can't arrest us.…[View]
137659345Does anybody else deliberately not watch IMDB Top 250 movies (or any other 'movies you should watch'…[View]
137659423'The Voice: Kids' is dystopian as fuck: Just when I thought talent show programming couldn't ge…[View]
137659392any incest kino recommend?[View]
137656764>that Biff! What a character![View]
137655261For real, I thought he's gonna say Guillermo van Helsing.[View]
137654043Don't mind me just the greatest television show to ever exist coming through[View]
137658570Does this really work on women /tv/?[View]
137656892Was it autism?[View]
137657584They fear the samoan aquachad[View]
137658157>Conservatives want LIVE babies so they can train them to be DEAD soldiers.…[View]
137657718Movie/kino game: >age >country of birth >favourite movie/kino (off the top of your head) …[View]
137658303The Alienist: why is this not talked about here? i liked the first episode. does the quality drop on…[View]
137654173Holy fuck I'd bang carmen SO FUCKING HARD OH MY GOD[View]
137657836Did he die?[View]
137658573Just watched Snatch.: It took me a while to realize that this gypsy was played by Bread Pit.[View]
137649368Explain this[View]
137656277ITT: Movies where a relationship with a large age gap is shown in a positive light. Why has this be…[View]
137658181anyone else addicted to watching accident case studies? Ive never even been in a plane https://youtu…[View]
137655300Do you smell that, Mr Anderson? That is the smell of inevitability. It is the smell of your death.[View]
137656699Why didn't she just give him some pussy?[View]
137655972What's /tv/'s opinion of The Librarian?[View]
137658699>put on a flick from your top fapperino actress to coom >sit naked and unexpectedly enjoy the …[View]
137652926What does /tv/ think of the Comedy Central original show The President Show?[View]
137658678The Sheriff is near![View]
137658548Do you know the fable about frog and scorpion?[View]
137657207>6 millions[View]
137657927Best films about science?[View]
137658281These are the supposed 100 best films ever. What do you guys think?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
137658289Ford v Ferrari: wtf guys, I just realized Americans were the bad guys all along.[View]
137647329best war movies?[View]
137655209Do you guys know any movies that have a really raw take on violence? Something like the ending of Ta…[View]
137658155A CISTH LORD?[View]
137657977'Okay, Marty. Go and stand by that well so I can take a photo of you with your ghost brother and sis…[View]
137658001What was this expression intended to convey?[View]
137653377Watching ferris bueller?: Let's see the fuss boys.[View]
137658093You know, it's during times like these when I can also feel my Dark Passenger writhing beneath …[View]
137657150Does /tv/ hate him?[View]
137658012Career is over?[View]
137657664>i checked the literature man, unlike these people i actually did the reading, and that's wh…[View]
137657920What am I in for[View]
137657993All the reused Twin Peaks footage in The Return is widescreen instead of the 4:3 footage it was broa…[View]
137655074>I'd rather take a fucking poopy turd fuck shits triceratops penis than play fuck this flami…[View]
137657959What are some films starring Anya?[View]
137657282>tinky winky film >characters stand around shooting the breeze and make ironic fourth wall-bre…[View]
137657504Oh they have the internet on computers now![View]
137654124remake when?[View]
137656945lol was dis nigga Spanish or what ???[View]
137656834Fred Hampton movie: IT'S UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSjtGqRXQ9Y No racism, please…[View]
137657211Honestly, who have the time to watch 1001 movies?[View]
137657371What's his favorite movie?[View]
137657500>cut to a scene of guys sitting around a table and drinking >'...so the rabbit asks, 'wel…[View]
137657649Anon have you been a bad boy?[View]
137657538It’s that tranny smell...[View]
137645728ITT: remakes that are better than the original: I'll start[View]
137656790What's your favorite John Goodman role?[View]
137657582Anyone remember this?: Nip/Tuck[View]
137655400i miss him bros[View]
137637225/trek/: Stronger ship takes all, suck it Ransom edition[View]
137658450Rate my audio set up[View]
137652796Egyptian gods cinematic universe when?[View]
137657389What'd you think of Antiviral, /tv/?[View]
137655399Fast Forward Feature: As a board full of consoomers would any you ever increase the playback speed o…[View]
137651312what do you think of the quirky black girl trope /tv/[View]
137657062Whats the film equivalent of this?[View]
137657157This dude has become god of literal catgirls: What are your excuses[View]
137656069Why did Jonah say it?[View]
137655789What the FUCK happened to modern composition and lighting and colors?[View]
137641669ITT: Post your top 5 films, let others rate[View]
137657294Now THIS is epic.[View]
137655873You! Yes, you! Post your favourite film without caring about the opinions of others. For me, it…[View]
137655254Movie top lists: What's the best best movie list? I was looking to work my way through the imdb…[View]
137657237Battle Royale theatrical or director's cut?[View]
137653733Am i being memed by this show, nothing happens[View]
137657170Could anyone be fit to play him?[View]
137652734torrent sites: What are some good torrent sites? I used 1337x.to but it doesnt have everything i nee…[View]
137657080>This is what a person with a 166 IQ & member of the 99.997% of humanity looks like…[View]
137656078oh wait[View]
137657061what is the Drain Gang of filmmaking?[View]
137656968When messa say prequels, yousa say sorry. PREQUELS[View]
137654180The Bad Kids: If one day you can see some Chinese drama series, I recommend this[View]
137655599How would you feel if Lucy Lawless carried you?[View]
137656982i thought this movie was pretty good besides what the critics think. The ending was different from t…[View]
137656909> Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast[View]
137655368Why did he do it?[View]
137656702Just marathoned this kino, what did I think of it?[View]
137655691>SAURON'S man Bravo, tolkien[View]
137654611Chris Career Discussion: In this thread we discuss the careers of any actor named Chris[View]
137653253If he were alive today, what would his favourite film be?[View]
137656013Binge watching this. What am I in for?[View]
137646283What is his greatest movie?[View]
137656467What lies beneath your feet?[View]
137656679Ja, ja, hopp Schlangenhaus, aber...[View]
137655587It's another 'Truman decides today is the day he finally starts catching up on reading books an…[View]
137656579I have chigger bites all over my feets bros AAAAAAAAAHHHH IT ITCHES SO BAD[View]
137655674American film's two golden decades were the 40's and the 70's. Can we ever return to …[View]
137656627What are some kinos about the end of the world?[View]
137649863Now that the dust has settled, can we all finally just admit that it's not very good?[View]
137654979>character is a 'evil' because he neutralized a squad of National Guard deserters, gave the tax-f…[View]
137653740Do you think rumors about Lynch making short series featuring Naomi Watts and Laura Dern are true? I…[View]
137655854Cast him[View]
137655838>scene with main character watching a movie at home >doesn't pause it during tense moment…[View]
137655170>went through a warp hole in space >shows up many decades later alive and barely aged >lite…[View]
137655887how are you holding up /tv/ frens?[View]
137656281Was Derek really the victim here?[View]
137651642Because after dinner, everybody ought to have a cigar. So, I tried it, well, the rest is history. I…[View]
137656395'I'm Chris Hansen.' 'WOAH! For real?'[View]
137656301Why was this allowed[View]
137655774Who did it better?[View]
137656324>actor who played a main character returns later on in the series as a one-off character with a d…[View]
137654211>YOU EVER HAD YOUR SHIT PUSHED IN?! How do you respond?[View]
137656205Una vela...[View]
137654364You're Not Funny: >_<[View]
137656024WTF JK ROWLING[View]
137652636Kinos about eggs?[View]
137655983I miss these lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137655962助けて... 助けて...[View]
137653284This show was funny over a decade ago, it started to go downhill around Season 9 which was also near…[View]
137655027Movies you really look forward to seeing but were a huge disappointment[View]
137645099Dude wheres my city?[View]
137655867The Matrix is about being trans: www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/newsbeat-53692435 Enjoy the retroactive revi…[View]
137655836WHAT'S NEXT FOR HER CAREER ?: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1227864/[View]
137655834Television & Film: Television & Film[View]
137655833OHHHHH, MY FILES[View]
137653869was this anti-communist message?[View]
137655784Was the soundtrack for Glory re-used for the soundtrack for Good Will Hunting[View]
137650529Need recomendations: Holy fuck thos movie is so fucking good. Any recomendations ?[View]
137655672>main character tries to quit smoking >eventually relapses and never ends up quitting…[View]
137647646You have 10 seconds to name a movie where nobody dies[View]
137654662How do you objectively critique a movie or tv show?[View]
137655589>Truth is, I died years back, on 4chan. Thought you knew that.[View]
137655495Aah... WIRE[View]
137654844The game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nCqRmx3Dnw[View]
137649422Federal Judge Approves End of 71-Year-Old Rules Barring Studio Ownership of Movie Theaters: This is …[View]
137650797What films should I watch in order to better understand the mind of the average Gen X'er?[View]
137655514It would've been so kino[View]
137654599Tetsuo vs Metal Fetishist: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137652598Not trying to act tough, but horror movies are fucking gay[View]
137654125OH NO NO NO LOOK AWAY ZILLABROS: We got too cocky! This fate awaits ALL us lizardfags...[View]
137652627Does Isabela Merced have a bright future in show business? Serious answers only.[View]
137654886They did /ourgirl/ dirty, guys[View]
137652434Remote hate thread: I don't think there has been a remote I've hated more than this piece …[View]
137654237>Zou Bisou Bisou[View]
137655325Why didn't this show succeed, /tv/?[View]
137652350Why do we hate adult swim?[View]
137652578>aaah I wondered what would break first your spirit or...YOUR BODY[View]
137653567When did it peaked?[View]
137654085>HURR DURR THEY'RE NOT ROBOTS THEY ARE ACTUALLY ALIENS Get this straight, they are actually …[View]
137653366You talkin' about my webbos?[View]
137653789did Lucas really overuse CG? especially compared to modern standards[View]
137653960Zendaya career discussion thread[View]
137654537You'll never wakeup next to 1986 demi moore why even live? https://www.strawpoll.me/20741487[View]
137653496Can someone explain to me why I get so hard when I look at her belly and boobs?[View]
137654323Analyzing Angela Anaconda As Art: Very intriguing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV2qYRfG5jo…[View]
137649782Is it possible to do an actually good biopic of a hugely popular band? Every time it just seems like…[View]
137653729Your heart. Give to me. Now![View]
137653692Meanwhile, on female /tv/...[View]
137649599What's his funniest movie?[View]
137654833Honor Kneafsey: Is her career already dead ?[View]
137654797Now that hazbin's been picked up: Does this show still hold a chance?[View]
137646963Who's the hottest, pantyhose-wearing woman in all of cinema...?[View]
137652939What if GTO but set in USA?[View]
137654497Fuck Tessio[View]
137653923Maddest of Lads: This show really surprised me goddamn the writing is good[View]
137652444Why wasn't there a scene showing the people who were still alive inside the ship when it hit th…[View]
137652041https://youtu.be/QUU3HP-xmRg Was this peak capeshit?[View]
137654536NASA have announced the astronaut who will set the first step on Mars. As well as the flag that will…[View]
137653982What did I think of it?[View]
137653851it's pretty much an absolute guarantee after all of this theaters wont be back they way they we…[View]
137652118Any documentary kinos about Rwandan genocide?[View]
137652893How did Mel do it?[View]
137654267Name a worse special[View]
137650431Mac and Me[View]
137653228House: Characters from 'House' that could cure covid, assemble your dream team, can mix from any era…[View]
137653076>villain is evil because... he wants to sleep on some coins and jewellry…[View]
137650786/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137654198>teen flick >it perfectly captures the spirit of adventure, the strong bond you have with your…[View]
137649165>villain is evil because....he's evil[View]
137652608they kino[View]
137648920Why was this guy ever a thing? Unfunny, annoying, sucks.[View]
137653006When are they gonna cancle Adam Sandler for blackfoot?[View]
137653706In the end, who was in the wrong?[View]
137652937He did nothing wrong.[View]
137653906Is Graham Linehan's career over?[View]
137653992What does /tv/ think of Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone?[View]
137652091I watched this on a flight. I didn’t know lil peep was such a faggot. Also, why did they let his mom…[View]
137640457Streets of Fire (1984)[View]
137651215ITT: shameful movie boners I had one for the mom in Hereditary. I can't explain or defend it, b…[View]
137653881WTF was his problem[View]
137653831TCAP: What was his problem?[View]
137647814What's the most egregious or inaccurate use of science you've seen in a movie?[View]
137647137Based Tarankino not even trying to hide his mental illness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkIM76cQ…[View]
137640904Why can't we have more werewolf kinos? I think the last one was Wolfman in 2010[View]
137653751What are some kinos about suicidal characters who find a reason to live where they expect it least?[View]
137653109I know I’m very late to this thing but seriously this was The most stupidest thing I’ve read all mon…[View]
137653725Is there is any more kinos like 'Greatest story never told'?[View]
137652539>Mike, you don't come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Greene like that!…[View]
137653644Why did Nick leave Ghost Adventures?: >Fans attribute Nick's departure to a perceived 'ego t…[View]
137647702Favorite Episode? And why?[View]
137652557ATTENTION TV FAGS: 5 year lurker breaking norm today share a very important futurama theory/question…[View]
137652958So: she got raped, right? It's a feel-good metaphore for used up fuckholes a.k.a. thots. Haven…[View]
137644747Just watched american psycho, the ending was really interesting. It made sense that he didn't r…[View]
137653040>there are actually nibbas on here who do not think this is David Lean's best film ISHYGDDT…[View]
137653543/tv/ humor thread[View]
137652882> Makes me think that I'm in >over my head >Over my head >OVER. MY. HEAD…[View]
137653418It is not that bad.[View]
137651316Hey, let's pretend there was a competent writer, with a plan that wasn't devoted solely to…[View]
137653509Refns Dad is editor of all Lars Von Trair films: >nymphomaniac >antichrist >melancholia …[View]
137653026Well anon whats your favorite TV show?[View]
137653172It feels good being Captain. Yes it does.[View]
137651937How do you fuck cunts like this bros?[View]
137651402>your favorite franchise is now tranny garbage[View]
137652215Arizona movie (2018): what were your favorite and funniest scenes, /tv/?[View]
137653271What are some films that give you the same feeling as this?[View]
137652224You ARE next![View]
137649953apology for poor english when were you when heat legend dies i was at home drinking brain fluid when…[View]
137651701is this the kissing movie[View]
137629472SNYDER CHADS WIN AGAIN: Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns BTFO[View]
137651920Is this happening or what?[View]
137645076Horror Film List: Now here, creeps, punks and freaks, I´m making a list of movies for a friend, we b…[View]
137652975>An ex-CIA is the point man for a government organization dedicated to time traveling to correct …[View]
137652742considering how common it is with remakes how come there hasn't been a remake of what's ar…[View]
137652210>is Japanese the whole time.[View]
137652868Legacy of lies ( 2020 ): WHAT THE FUCK WITH THE SEX SCENE ? WHAT THE FUCK WITH THE ENDING ?[View]
137649546>¡Somos carnales de por vida, buey! FAMILIA. We got la misma sangre en nuestros CORAZÓNES! Can…[View]
137652158>20XX >Hollywood finally produces a good DOOM movie >DOOMguy doesn't say a word, all h…[View]
137632197Is she still considered to be the most successful actor outside of Thrones? She obviously was a part…[View]
137651441Did I like it?: ?[View]
137650915Do you let the kino you watch influence your political opinions and decisions?[View]
137652749Why do Normies still try and hate Tom Cruise?[View]
137638875Why are YouTube comments often so mind-numbingly stupid?[View]
137652417It is called 'Ju-on' in Japan.[View]
137652616Who is the Hideaki Anno of film directors?[View]
137649694>anon gets a job at a movie theater, his dream[View]
137650263The Millennium Prize Problems are seven problems in mathematics that were stated by the Clay Mathema…[View]
137651181Don't you think it's strange she hasn't been in a single movie since Weinstein got ex…[View]
137647287me on the bottom left[View]
137652370Would you fuck your mother when she was young?[View]
137646441>I'm jake, from state farm[View]
137649144Is Joker worth watching if I'm not going to jerk off over how well it portrays mental illness?[View]
137651030Kiss me I love the bearded barley[View]
137652328Who should play Everett True in the upcoming movie? I'm going with that big ogre looking dude f…[View]
137646181Who is the Lana Del Rey of cinema?[View]
137648863I will take it. I will take the ring to Mordor![View]
137646598Shia is a retard.: >be Shia LaBeouf >get complete set of tattoos for upcoming gangster movie s…[View]
137636609Why are fat people considered funny in television and films?[View]
137645119Turning on the news.: Erin Burnett[View]
137652086SFTV: Live on Internet, SmileFaceTV - broadcasting from Kepler-10c, located around 608 light-years, …[View]
137648597Should I watch Stranger Things or nah?[View]
137649880What did this final scene mean? What was disgusting? And why did Shinji choke Asuka?[View]
137646750ITT: worst character redesigns: I'll start[View]
137648770Do you guys actually like this movie or is it just a meme? This was actual fucking dogshit[View]
137650341was it kino?[View]
137650969>Would you settle for a PG-13 relationship?[View]
137651877Will we ever see the return of YouTube's best show, Norm MacDonald Live?[View]
137651823Was this a good idea?[View]
137628817>A balrog. A demon of the ancient world.[View]
137647254I broke the dam[View]
137650536Your thoughts about this show? Is it showing Palestinian/Hamas side in a bad light?[View]
137651734thoughts on type omega civilizations /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhFK5_Nx9xY[View]
137651632Just marathoned this flick, what was it supposed to mean?[View]
137645068What went so horribly wrong? I actually really like the first half of this movie (despite some glari…[View]
137651169Why was this movie so silly? I don't think I've ever seen anything sillier[View]
137650453Watch 90 day fiance: https://www.twitch.tv/u/cinema90[View]
137638881>ANOTHER LESBIAN What happened to cartoons, man?[View]
137651600was this any good[View]
137651451should we watch Japanese fitness shows moar?[View]
137650190>movie has a 4 minute opening credits >STILL has an end credits What the fuck was the point of…[View]
137649809Why is this movie so lost in it's own plot?[View]
137650597What are some genuinely cursed movies/shows out there?[View]
137650206Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010): Was it the best video game adaptation of all time?[View]
137649848What the fuck is his problem?[View]
137649183I don't get it. How did he come back to life. But then he doesn't remember anything. yet h…[View]
137651343For me? It's Zac Amico's Midnight Spook Show.[View]
137649053First Look At 'The Witches' Remake starring Anne Hathaway: fan of the original movie/book …[View]
137651269007 Theory for a Reboot: ok here me out of this James Bond Lore Thoery in case of a reboot to the Ia…[View]
137650262Now that the dust has settled. Can we just admit this was pure kino?[View]
137643951What were the Lion King animators thinking?[View]
137639142Is this the most kino documentary?[View]
137651186Why /tv/, was he useful?[View]
137649323Tony, when the ice sits out for a while... It gets watery. It waters down the drinks. Especially the…[View]
137623879Interrogation And True Crime Kino: >high school drop out >murders her child in cold blood >…[View]
137650862Cast it[View]
137647913Kek: https://twitter.com/A24/status/1291781153066643456 From the studio that brought you The Lighth…[View]
137650860Steven Seagal: Okay was no one gonna tell me his movies were kino? Or was I gonna have to figure tha…[View]
137648786Next stop goondawindi[View]
137644362For me, it is the 1967 comedy spy parody film Fathom. Particularly the opening sequence. https://you…[View]
137649529>13,023 days since Dune[View]
137646155>his favorite movie is a horror movie[View]
137649657You have 1 minute to pitch me a coronavirus movie. Can be about any aspect[View]
137650170Is it worth a watch? never seen a lynch film.[View]
137648120So how does Randal Curtis and George Lucas existing in the same universe work in The Simpsons. Is Co…[View]
137649835Without using google, explain as much as you understand of the plot of Twin Peaks The Return[View]
137648097Do you think they'll make a new Game of Thrones when he finishes the books?[View]
137649829Bad Acting: So I've been watched Criminal Minds on Netflix because I didn't feel like watc…[View]
137638135Is there a more kino decade than the 2000s?: >Raimi Spiderman >LOTR >Pirates of the Caribbe…[View]
137647266Here’s your Batman cast bro[View]
137650191confirmed for getting a gay porn parody titled 'Dragged Across Asscheeks'[View]
137650308But why[View]
137644254Enjoying the show so far. But i have one major problem. How there is no eye candy or cheesecake? I w…[View]
137650332Do you think any of them browse /tv/? Kelvin is definitely /a/ and /d/ for sure.[View]
137650167Did you like this movie?[View]
137650136Umbrella Academy: He is the only one in the show with above room temperature IQ. Please tell reddi*t…[View]
137647051Just finished watching Big Love. I enjoyed most of it, except for the political stuff towards the 2n…[View]
137649013>130 days until Dune[View]
137648777They should have hired almost anyone but Ellen Page to play the character who you have to feel sympa…[View]
137647468/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137647162What are essential movies to watch?: Shill every kino you know.[View]
137649083>Taxi Driver is bad and inferior to Joker On reflection, is he right?[View]
137649354>social outcast >deformed >incel, no gf >owned by chad jock ARRY POHA >goes back to…[View]
137646955What's your opinion on Sex Tape (2014)?[View]
137650027why most modern talk shows suck: You know how people complain about modern talk shows? and boomers a…[View]
137650008why do beta males choose women who dont clean the hosue of dust?[View]
137645353so i married an axe murderer?: how is this considered a classic? Mike Myers is unbearable here…[View]
137649444Help finding quality History Documentaries: A Thread.: I have seen a lot of documentaries and I go t…[View]
137647204season 1 of this show was genuinely the best, even if people call you a pleb for saying so[View]
137648035Are we ever going to get another film like this again?[View]
137648243Comprehensive Guide of Essential /tv/-memeable movies: I'm in the process of creating a compreh…[View]
137643108Real life kino moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L7SlqDtRnc[View]
137649547How does this scene make you feel?[View]
137648447Finishing the series finale felt like something special ended. Will we ever get anything like it aga…[View]
137638021Why else didn't understand this scene as a kid? I thought she shit herself[View]
137647762Holy shit[View]
137649467How come Chad's World never got a second season?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bNx-j6DyMw…[View]
137645966ITT: Cringe Kino: I present you, real life quidditch... https://youtu.be/ZRfPKXbLnas[View]
137649405How would you rate the Girls Gone Wild series in comparison to other porns you seen? And mods just t…[View]
137649352What do you want me to do?[View]
137646025This film is pure KINO[View]
137649203I guess i could toot some[View]
137646410What the F U C K was his problem?![View]
137646824>tfw no kinos about a popstar[View]
137646856what happened to millie bobby brown, this generations greatest up and coming actress?[View]
137637322Does /tv/ like Louis Theroux?[View]
137641018Issa Rae To Star In Jordan Peele-Produced Thriller FARMHOUSE: >A thought-provoking movie that eng…[View]
137644897New All That revival > SNL’s newest seasons[View]
137640771Any good bike kino? Pic related is first that comes to mind.[View]
137647920Damn, Russell Crowe looks like THAT??[View]
137646795His movies are all good and fine for the most part, but would you really consider any of them specta…[View]
137642295The Orville moving to Peacock: Some early leaks for you >Orville Season 3 will air on Hulu, but i…[View]
137649015>Look here, the point I'm making janny is this: moderating and rulefagging, they ain't …[View]
137648905/кинo/: who else watching кинo tonight?[View]
137648652kinos about controlled opposition?[View]
137645605Robert Pattinson lived like this for three months prior to the start of production to prepare for Go…[View]
137648050>I am Duwan Hu Knox Didn't realize he has such a mixed heritage[View]
137645619Godzilla VS King Kong Poll Thread: >https://www.strawpoll.me/20740852 We all know who's goin…[View]
137648565Was he really the Sheriff of Red Rock?[View]
137627477whatever happened to goth/alternative chicks in television & film?[View]
137643774Hows he holding up?[View]
137648617>I'M ACTIIIIIIIING[View]
137648532The janitorial staff on this Chilean model rocketry forum is simply RETARDED I am a GOD[View]
137646981Now that the dust has settled, is Bruce Lee really beatable?[View]
137648497Is Jennifer Aniston actually in Mac and Me? Supposedly she's a ballerina in the dance sequence …[View]
137648275Anyone else feel privileged to live at this time? My grandparents never got to experience the MCU, p…[View]
137648439you're going through[View]
137648200Unironically fell in love[View]
137648392Today we'll be checking out...anon's room. Is it going to be a beautiful place reflecting …[View]
137647199He called you names. You know what he called you? He called you a little piece of chicken![View]
137647273Is there are more forced romance than this?[View]
137645611Watching a movie for the first time is quite the rush of emotions[View]
137645457beat the devil out of it[View]
137648273Why did the make a new music video for such an old song? Why is it full of such utter faggotry? Even…[View]
137639215>hasn't directed a film in over 6 years >has nothing slated for future release except a d…[View]
137644737What is the most overrated director?: Pic related is a strong contender[View]
137648126>stabler, you gotta let her go. we just got the dna results of the semen. it belongs to a man…[View]
137647771So is TLC's 'My 600LB Life' cancelled? Last season they cut it short with 6 months of filming r…[View]
137648034Muaaaah, the French...[View]
137647621>Do you belive in God?[View]
137647697my favorite simpson was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
137638987oh wait[View]
137637583>Boomers found this hot[View]
137646831> The Wire > the cast is black > theme was written by a white guy > Mad Men > the ca…[View]
137645935Question about the VVitch.: Why does Thomasin need a broom when she could simply fly away in her fl…[View]
137645985Characters you still can't forgive.[View]
137641580What's your favorite cinema snack?[View]
137646719>Cheats on his hot ass wife to fuck Glenn Close Fatal Attraction is such a comical movie. It…[View]
137647557Name a more kino guest musician appearance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIb9MZvT6Tw[View]
137642117If he didn't know how to swim then how did he survive his drowning?[View]
137646724Which Vietnam movie is the best?[View]
137645410Vivarium [2019]: So, I watched this last night. What did I think of it? Pro: - Disturbing horror/s…[View]
137646680I want to drive you through the night, down the hills[View]
137647431Faggots hahaha[View]
137644972Just watched Three Kinoboards outside Ebbing Missouri. Wtf why didn't you guys tell me to watch…[View]
137647091Kino ahead of its time[View]
137646661Aguire The Wrath of God: I don't get it.[View]
137644970>Put the gun down, Charlize![View]
137646572ITT characters that you're slowly becoming: pic related[View]
137645474I like T3[View]
137646202>tell Lady Gaga, she can quit her job at the post office, she's still a male lady (OH!) Woul…[View]
137645336Which one of you is this?[View]
137647100>PAPA DON'T PREACH[View]
137646938Why was she so hellbent on getting Rust a gf?[View]
137646866is Manhunt: Unabomber any good?[View]
1376470004 touchdowns, 1 game.[View]
137646941Jordan Peterson has COVID-19: >Jordan Peterson reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19, is suffering f…[View]
137646845/Comfy/: Just got some snacks ready and I’m about to spend the night watching Frasier episodes. What…[View]
137641129What kinds of cable news stories exist in the Pokémon universe?[View]
137646376I want to ______ Boutella[View]
137642662Boys season 2 lol you guys gonna watch it or what haha[View]
137646484Every copy of E-I-E-I-(annoyed grunt) is personalized do NOT research[View]
137646486The official /tv/ server is: https://discord.gg/mXEKFGP Enjoy anons[View]
137646779>add movie with interesting premise to watchlist >check genre >'queer cinema' >remove fr…[View]
137646713It’s going down[View]
137639640Unpopular opinion thread: Just about every space opera and science fantasy property is more interest…[View]
137646709who was in the wrong here?[View]
137646698https://youtu.be/Y2otY8nVEsI Pitch Perfect 4 with DSM when?[View]
137645654For me it's Kylie Minogue circa 2002[View]
137644838Am I based yet or still cringe?[View]
137637936How about a terrible special effects thread?[View]
137642292/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137646041Just saw a trailer that said this is gonna be in theaters in twenty days. I really wanna see it but …[View]
137646552was it kino?[View]
137646527Don: >La Notte >YASSSS was she really into foreign films or just bullshitting?…[View]
137646365How could she be so cruelhouse?[View]
137643714What are some good movies about a character being betrayed/fucked/whatever that then trains and goes…[View]
137644404remember the problem solverz?[View]
137628220Objectivity VS Subjectivity: From the last thread: >Noooooooo, you can’t criticize shitty films b…[View]
137645915Is he right?[View]
137637562Princess Ahmanet. Beautiful. Cunning. And ruthless. Sole heir to the throne of Egypt. Without mercy …[View]
137646275>When Joe Biden sniffs your smelly ballsack[View]
137643569What would you have done in this situation?[View]
137644411>We are watching 4chan... What are some other cringe inducing qoutes from movies?…[View]
137640978They're such dreadful actors.[View]
137645179Was Allen us?[View]
137646085Horror movies aren't scary.[View]
137646129Yeah lol: Yeah bro lol Simpson’s and futurama are penis[View]
137642610would you be ok with this joke in futurama[View]
137633212Was it good? also have you been to a party like this[View]
137645911>animated remake of Blazing saddles but with Dog and Cat Samurai >Has been on the back burner…[View]
137646000>Coming-of-Age movie/show set in the 80s >'...Yeah but Boba Fett could kick Han Solo's as…[View]
137645214movies where an ugly subhuman is trying to get laid[View]
137642534Welcome to my park.[View]
137644346>movie is scary because axe murderer[View]
137643839I watched all four norm of the north movies: they were all amazing. it was an incredible experience.…[View]
137644962ITT kinos you cant get your friends and family to appreciate: picrel[View]
137645426Lets settle this once for all /tv/, does rain enhance a kino?[View]
137645337Is there anything as genuinely kino as Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness? Spiderman 1-3, especially 3…[View]
137645573>its a Junior sings for 20 minutes straight episode[View]
137642052this perfectly captures the current state of politics and media in present day America[View]
137645535Is it worth watching the 218-minute version of this film, or is the theatrical version enough?[View]
137645578Name a cartoonist more based than John K. You can’t.[View]
137644360Who's up for some cherry pie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npVellnR6D8[View]
137645526Why do you feel like you must hate this man? Jay Bauman is not your enemy. I repeat, Jay Bauman is n…[View]
137644137Watching Braveheart for the first time. What am I in for?[View]
137644794It was kino.[View]
137634709How would you have wormed your way out of it?[View]
137644954>Next time, baby[View]
137645062What is the modern equivalent of this moment?[View]
137644530Nobody: Not a soul: Not a being in the entire unive... >recordscratch.midi Ayyylmao: •○○○▪¤¤¤▪ Do…[View]
137643980'You're going to learn what a bad day is!': 'Incel vs. Karen' movie: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
137644167Trips decides my sexuality[View]
137645090Etsubatsu: This towering person descended from the stairs while everyone else was on the ground, hol…[View]
137643257What games are worth trying?[View]
137645154pleb filter[View]
137641400What am I in for?[View]
137638862Boomers found this hot.[View]
137643902*lands in front of you*[View]
137645058Godzilla fans find this hot.[View]
137641694Who's gonna win /tv/?[View]
137639727>I'm David Hasselhof Is there a more Reddit movie moment than this?…[View]
137644958This was such a stupid movie, why did i even finish it. any other movies about feeders that are actu…[View]
137643900>I want one grain of wheat in the first square of this chessboard, two grains in the second, four…[View]
137643015DARK: Is this worth watching[View]
137643461>Uh, no, I'm sorry I don't know the number to my savings account because believe it or …[View]
137643703What happened to your queer party friends?[View]
137644044>nazis bad[View]
137644616ITT: Celebrity couples that have been through thick and thin.[View]
137644486The Hudsucker Proxy: You know, for kids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV9E9HPeHSM[View]
137644302this is real cinema: it is the third norm of the north movie[View]
137642697/itysl/: What is the best sketch show of the 21st century and why is it I Think You Should Leave wit…[View]
137642808Why wasn't there a scene showing the people who were still alive inside the ship when it hit th…[View]
137643744https://youtu.be/c2-2CO_OYOw?t=45 >OOWWWWWWMM'KAY lol[View]
137640877What the fuck was her problem?[View]
137635056They straight up cancelled rental reviews. Holy shit. Truthers really fucked with them that bad. htt…[View]
137642171>'HA HA HAAAA MY MAAAN, what's going on baby? Oh is that right? Oh is that what you're …[View]
137643361What are your top 10 favorite Sopranos scenes?: Off the top of my head: 1.) Junior and Tony's l…[View]
137630222What's up with Brooks' acting style? When he delivers lines as Sisko it's like he…[View]
137643215Movies like American Psycho?[View]
137644022What is some prehistoric kino? Stuff that's similar to the BBC stuff.[View]
137641923How would you rank the series/their respective seasons?: Show ranking DD>JJ>LC>IF>Defen…[View]
137628914/who/ Doctor Who General: Terry Nation's Birthday edition Previous: >>137613387[View]
137631166Name the best musical ever: And the correct answer is the rocky horror picture show[View]
137644350based or nah?[View]
137643812>movies title is just the first/last name of the protagonist[View]
137644272Greatest TV shows of all time: Twin Peaks Dekalog Scenes from a Marriage Mad Men True Detective:/Sea…[View]
137640298This is the most disgusting TV series that was ever created and showcases how gross, immoral, and se…[View]
137643535straight drooooooop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma0KmHILhzg[View]
137643757Why was this Fucking allowed for a Kids show!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHFb3YmoylU This is a…[View]
137643736yo this was fucking great[View]
137643833Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, r…[View]
137643997Where were you when Breaking Bad was noted as the no. 1 Best TV Series of All Time: https://www.trea…[View]
137643750Why does he wear the blanket?[View]
137644082Is The Untamed a good chink Drama? I was somewhat disappointed with Legend of the White Snekfu[View]
137643713Ive recently found joy in watching movies again :)[View]
137643024Movies with worlds that would make for good videogame settings[View]
137644050Somebody! Please! My name is Clive Trotter and I'm an American and I am in trouble![View]
137644032Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137643251Name one movie.[View]
137613110Is it possible to adapt Blood Meridian into a movie? Who would you cast?[View]
137643945Why was this show so comfy? Are Latin countries really that bright and cheerful?[View]
137643369why does this junky horsefaced bitch only play roles of degenerate lesbian characterless filth[View]
137643400How do you think the overall better call saul/breaking bad timeline would have changed if Howard hir…[View]
137643553BIG... BLUE...[View]
137643862Imagine whining about this frog ever since I first got here and started posting him over 2 years ago…[View]
137643671pleb filter or just shit?[View]
137642039wtf was his problem?[View]
137643291>what's plan B? >there is no plan B[View]
137643800the feature that saved youtube[View]
137643795My body all over your body baby.[View]
137631925forgotten movies thread: post movies that you've seen but can't remember the name of, be a…[View]
137642750After watching this, I feel a longing for more dark fantasy of a similar tone and possibly aesthetic…[View]
137642005itt: kino you only saw[View]
137642391If they decide to do a Luther movie, who do you think would be the best choice? For me it's Bil…[View]
137642007what are some of your favorite moments in tv/film that illustrate the abuse of women?[View]
137639632Just stop eating you fat fuck.[View]
137643310What are the red flags that warn you that a /tv/ thread will be terrible >is a Simpsons thread …[View]
137641073What did we think[View]
137634696Why wouldn't he sell him his potions?[View]
137638629Why dont they make good adventure films anymore?[View]
137642536My Americanize Wife (1992): A Hong Kong family illegally emmigrate to the United States. The father …[View]
137642998THERE IS A MOMENT-[View]
137643362Watashi wa L desu.[View]
137642900Do you hate him /tv/?[View]
137642934Bad Batch series leaked art. Thoughts?: Are you excited for more Filoni circle jerking of these two.…[View]
137637843Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night …[View]
137642422Lost media thread? Lost media thread.[View]
137643161How does this shot make you feel?[View]
137642978Constance wu: Discuss her career. And her choice to only date white men.[View]
137642594I really, really, really want to be friends with this rabbit.[View]
137642991Why did he ask Tom Cruise to take his clothes off in front of everyone at the party? If he did it, w…[View]
137643137b-tier film idea: aight so its a political movie, as some are. it involves gi-ants wreaking havoc on…[View]
137641666who are some good mature actresses?[View]
137641139Because I touched the pan and I hurt my hand![View]
137643082When her career in politics comes to an end could she potentially have a career in television and fi…[View]
137642902Alright, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in Pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we’re slashing puss…[View]
137637474What the fuck is wrong with netflix?[View]
137642945He did nothing wrong.[View]
137642918What the fuck do I watch?[View]
137642812What the fuck did I just marathon?[View]
137642843How do you fuck up this bad?[View]
137642841Your very own cheese pizza.[View]
137640942What is the most historically accurate film about the holocaust?[View]
137635651Jussie Smollet's sister is the star of this?: >hard pass[View]
137641817>Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 second…[View]
137642745Kino?: Did I miss out on Kino because of my anti Hollywood views?[View]
137640014can i get a quick rundown on monthy python (show and movies)?[View]
137642543WHAT'S GOOD NIGGA[View]
137642123Hey you guys are browsing /tv/ the worse board on 4chan.[View]
137642691What are some films where an insecure man undermines the will of congress to try to cover up his Cov…[View]
137642322/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137642635>movie doesn't line up with people's headcanon >harass everyone that worked on the f…[View]
137642670>2020 >Boris Balkan still did nothing wrong.…[View]
137641224Spoke to my parents over the phone after banging a Russian hooker. I feel dirty[View]
137642609I'm legit hyped bros[View]
137641023Why do Americans wear their shoes in bed? And right over the pillow too...[View]
137641259What will Raimi do with it?[View]
137640948When will we get a Hitler kino?: Was jojo rabbit any good?[View]
137639661What are some other 'magical switch' movies? Bonus points for chick flicks. It doesn't have to …[View]
137638449You now remember this cringe.[View]
137638557wtf is wrong with Bongs[View]
137641836GIMME A HELL! GIMME A YEAH![View]
137640876Latex movie costumes?[View]
137642283what the FUCK did I just watch And can anybody recommend me some time travel kino[View]
137642204Has there ever been a plot in a Tarantino movie?[View]
137640013Why is this movie considered a bad sequel? Also ITT: Sequels that are not really bad.[View]
137636413This is what a perfect season of television looks like.[View]
137641750who's going to get slushied next?[View]
137640668No other musical artist has produced as much kino as them[View]
137639251Has there ever been a Lovecraft-type movie that didn't suck besides In the Mouth of Madness?[View]
137642226>I just wan't to address the plight that is destroying this country. The specific group of p…[View]
137639507Max and Ruby... Ruby and Max[View]
137636972Why did they do it?[View]
137640869>I forgive you, Ornella.[View]
137641396>'You going to make me beg you? C'mon just stick it in there.'[View]
137640095movies for this eel?[View]
137641559Was he an incel?[View]
137642011Blazing Saddles Remake CONFIRMED: >The Los Angeles film company Align is helping develop an anima…[View]
137639733>She was only..... 15......years old.....[View]
137640939What was her endgame?[View]
137639722jesika , oedongttal illinoi, sikago gwa seonbaeneun gimjinmo geuneun ne sachon >bee boo…[View]
137640392>Nice shitposting, son. What's your name?[View]
137639283>video touted as Stewart owning Tucker for 15 years He didn't make any real point other than…[View]
137633778Why was every character in Twin Peaks obsessed with Laura? She had a fat face and a man chin. They s…[View]
137626999Favorite Episode? And why?[View]
137634209A Silent Voice: I haven't hated a movie so profusely in a very long time. Such vapid, shallow g…[View]
137641266why was Will allowed to wager his soul in the game of Liars' Dice when his soul already belonge…[View]
137641840Bane-san desu?[View]
137641540*Angerly walks in your path*[View]
137641792So I just finished watching the Raimi Trilogy and I liked it but I have some questions. Namely why i…[View]
137641659Recommend me some bad movies to watch, Like, the kind of movies that would be on MST3K. Preferably B…[View]
137627329I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo…[View]
137640470I need kino about magic ships, magic on ships and anything regarding some combination of magic &…[View]
137634399Why can't they make good movies?[View]
137641680I read the new: TV janny is a cunt. Is this true?[View]
137639670Somewhere Over The Rainbow still makes my eyes well up.[View]
137640746>OH N-[View]
137641489Why isn't the DC franchise given to James Wan?[View]
137640567is this worth watching? I don't want to sit through 12 22 45 minute-long episode seasons unless…[View]
137639590What should I watch on netflix tonight /tv/ ?[View]
137641177is he really a genius?[View]
137640171DO IT[View]
137635941/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137641420HALT INFECTED[View]
137640489>ornella your jokes aren't bad but must I remind you i'm a guest it's generally no…[View]
137641383Imagine whining about this frog ever since I first got here and started posting him over 2 years ago…[View]
137641205admit it, /tv/. you know you would.[View]
137640450SSSSSSSATURDAY NIGHT ANONS what are my friends up to? post those kinos, snacks, kinostations, etc[View]
137638442For me, it's the brook trout with radish vichyssoise sauce served with russet potatoes, Brussel…[View]
137639533Why isn't she getting more leading roles these days? She's young, she's pretty, she…[View]
137640266>oh hi anon. We were just talking about movies. My favourite is Shawshank Redemption. What's…[View]
137641188why is the 4:3 aspect ratio so pleasing?[View]
137635881She is very underrated in Sopranos: Every scene with her is good[View]
137641001Dont mind me[View]
137617693After Valerian, does Rihhana have any future in the movie industry? The movie was a flop, which is a…[View]
137640491>oh littlefoot >i will always be with you >even if you can't see me…[View]
137636310Dirty Simpsons jokes you didn't get as a kid[View]
137637577I hate my boring uninteresting life. someone please. take me to fantasy world[View]
137613959What are some deeply unsettling movies?[View]
137638906thee... rosato brothers![View]
137638753what's the consensus /tv/?[View]
137639059I must get out of here.[View]
137638023How does Randal Curtis and George Lucas exist at the same time in The Simpsons universe. Do the Gala…[View]
137637005How many proteins per body weight did he eat to get that big considering there was no livetock (meat…[View]
137638515>is that your swimsuit? >is that your overbite? What did they mean by this?…[View]
137640183Well, /tv/? What will the trailer be like?[View]
137639717Holy. Fuckeroni.[View]
137640483Star Trek: Why does starfleet overhaul their uniform so much? Why are the Enterprise’s senior office…[View]
137630446Do you take the directors word as final or do you form your own interpretations? I read that Scorses…[View]
137638619Trans body horror: Forget the Matrix. Are there any body horror films that convey the trans experien…[View]
137639709Salud mi familia[View]
137640380wonder why this show got camcelled...[View]
137639146>All the actors you know and love from the past 40 years of film will die in your lifetime How do…[View]
137638897How can Family Guy ever recover?[View]
137639121SHE BANGS SHE BANGS[View]
137639089Wtf is this shit? An arthouse action movie?[View]
137640189I fucking HATE bugs: If I see or hear a fly it’s my instinct to kill it, what movies will people lik…[View]
137638723>Meanwhile at Netflix...[View]
137640167What are some worlds they will go to in the inevitable reboot?[View]
137640080Whats some GIBBON KINO?[View]
137640126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCK7vbWQ2Ms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCK7vbWQ2Ms https://www.…[View]
137634806Yennefer of Vengerberg[View]
137634120“I am Iron Man.”: This one line changed pop culture forever. Was it a blessing or a curse?[View]
137635960Why do waifufags continue to waifufag even after their waifu hits the wall? Why don't they just…[View]
137638076So uh when are we getting a film adaptation of the eminem mgk beef? Both MGK and Eminem are actors …[View]
137639676Are all vietnam war movies set in the same 'cinematic' universe?[View]
137639938>any movie ever >DON'T SLOW DOWN YOU'RE GONNA CRASH…[View]
137639774reminder they had to change the title of this movie because american audiences wouldn't want to…[View]
137638968Post the moment an actor/actress solidified your respect for them https://youtu.be/XDT9Aok3QXE[View]
137638975The Expanse: >humanity is finally united under the United Nations >instead of an age of peace …[View]
137638320Snydercut nay sayers are fucking wrong.[View]
137635945Admit it , this was one of the most hyped trailers ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5Humz3ONgk…[View]
137638357What do you think[View]
137639725Is kino a social construct?[View]
137639470/tv/ will defend this[View]
137639865Matilda: What Makes her so Great?[View]
137634952Nothing Even Comes Close[View]
137639637Why be strong when you could be stronger?[View]
137639575>Be Robert Meyer Burnett >Have your one shot at relevancy by creating a pitch with Bryan Singe…[View]
137635257>theaters reopening announced >postponed by months >now they're uncertain if they…[View]
137639040Normal statutory rape but a deer girl![View]
137639545what are some kinos about retarded frogs acting retarded?[View]
137639348AND I'M JAVERT[View]
137631169What was your favorite episode?[View]
137639421You think they could solve most of these mysteries?[View]
137638605Layer Cake (2004)[View]
137639296Neytiri is.....[View]
137638623what slice of za do you usually go for at your local movie theater, Big mac or chicken n waffle?[View]
137608646/FIlm/: Film thread for Arthouse and Classics Previous >>137593011[View]
137636586Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)[View]
137634167Does it ever piss you off that he was killed off[View]
137638476films that embody late 90s culture: remember when kids used to do this with their belts?[View]
137632471the Hobbit trilogy is better than the Lord of the Rings >it takes itself way less seriously. >…[View]
137638458Will he get away with beating his wife?[View]
137638222How did he know where to meet Pablo at in the park?[View]
137638734Was he Kino?[View]
137638851so is he cringe or based?[View]
137638244the pic that saved /tv/[View]
137636745Mulder, you can't seriously expect me to believe, after several UFO sightings, a vampire, a sha…[View]
137637961Are there any conservatives working in Hollywood?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfRQFy1JIPc&t…[View]
137635531Just make the movie[View]
137638690Thoughts on the Room 237 movie? And what's with the discrepancy in pic related?: Only just foun…[View]
137638266Kinos about man versus man?[View]
137638600anyone see this? would you give up that high power career for the comfy family? its weird hollywood …[View]
137638194What was this scene implying now that we have the full story?[View]
137635515Who the hell did he work for? He killed the three boss-type guys in the movie.[View]
137636125why won't 4chan(nel) cooperate?[View]
137621548So it turns out The Matrix was an TRANSGENDER ALLEGORY all along. Do you agree or is he pulling a J.…[View]
137619481Why did Luna wear the lion hat? Why didn't she and Harry get together at the end?[View]
137634744Remember when 'And theeeeen?' was the height of Western comedy?[View]
137624772/goj/ - Gojira General: Which is your favourite Godzilla film and which is your favourite version of…[View]
137638441what are some anti women kinos?[View]
137630014Is there any other comedian that chuds like more?[View]
137638223>We need brains not brawn! >But sir, we have both…[View]
137637108Kino movie posters: Had to start off right[View]
137636285Did anyone else just realize out of nowhere that Idris Elba is actually black?[View]
137638215would you jump on her bike /tv/?[View]
137631242This is the best way to watch TV: >>buy a $30 rasberry pi >>buy a 16 gb micro SD card …[View]
137638139Shadiversity almost sold me on the Cinderella movie till he let the stag scene played out in full th…[View]
137638260What are some good obscure J-Horror movies that are genuinely creepy? The best stuff I've seen …[View]
137637753>Hey guys, I went way overboard in the defense of my home and then couldn't cope with the po…[View]
137637027recommend me some movies based on my favorites :)[View]
137638133Gonna be here for a while? Have a Sniggers bar[View]
137638122This is my tomboy wife Sophia Lillis. Say something nice about her![View]
137637298How come Brighton Sharbino's career fell of the map? She was on two wildly popular TV shows whe…[View]
137635227Love, Death & kino: which episode was the most kino? I say the one with the spaceship where he f…[View]
137637766You now remember fidget spinners.[View]
1376366662020 Box Office: #1 movie for 2020 is going to be Bad Boys 4 Life How does this make you feel?…[View]
137637133Is there any hope of theaters surviving?[View]
137637715Are you old enough to remember these infomercials on late night TV?[View]
137636727Shows made for intellectually challenged[View]
137637925Kinos you thought were going to be bad.[View]
137606600Any hype for Stranger Things season 4?[View]
137637821why didn't they just share their life force with each other?[View]
137637820Go on...trick us again /tv/, and your suffering will be legendary[View]
137636772>cats vs dogs movie >'Critics give it two paws way up!'…[View]
137637419What did they mean by this?[View]
137637044Why wasn't there a scene showing the people who were still alive inside the ship when it hit th…[View]
137637656I'VE GOT A JAR OF DIRT~[View]
137636223Are you a Hoot, a Chief, or a Sonswa?[View]
137636338I was watching the tv show 'Chuck' which I happened to enjoy until S1E7 totally ruined it for me. Th…[View]
137636188what the fuck was her problem[View]
137636940Are they the true successors to Opie and Anthony?[View]
137637118What is some more essential burger kino?[View]
137637166I’m in touch with humanity[View]
137636726>2020 .... I. am. ....forgotten..[View]
137636802Ip Man 4: Been hearing about this movie and how it's expected to be coming out for so long I ac…[View]
137636147I wish Liv Tyler was my wife the best girl in Hollywood[View]
137637476When will we get a proper street fighter movie?[View]
137636434>You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. Why do they always cast Hardy as a…[View]
137632478Sky High (2005)[View]
137637430It's okay.[View]
137637339Anyone know what's coming on these channels tonight? I want to purchase it but I will wait a li…[View]
137628604Just marathoned this kino, and wow just wow. It was the most powerful movie I have ever seen. What d…[View]
137634552>'Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?'[View]
137635996What's with all the unnecessary and random unfunny liberal shit in this movie? I was having fun…[View]
137635685What did David say to this gentle giant?[View]
137635656>Danny... come play with me...[View]
137637303ITT: Surefire signs it's going to be kino[View]
137634726Is this it? Is this the pinnacle of all cinema?![View]
137636397THANKS DR. PAVEL![View]
137635362What did it mean?: I unironically don't get it. Throughout the film I get the feeling that the …[View]
137637209so this bitch stole the falcon, lukes X wing AND Kylos ship...[View]
137626284Watched this movie again yesterday, and I wanted to hear what other people think he meant saying his…[View]
137631156shot caller is a good movie: any fans[View]
137636105Favorite death wish and why is it 3[View]
137636889>watching Aquaman >Aquaman and Mera goes to Africa >Africa by Toto cover by Pitbull starts …[View]
137636932>NOOOO IT'S GOT A KNIFE FOR A TAIL NOOOO This thing would get absolutely flattened by a heav…[View]
137636857Damn this nigga based[View]
137633538What does /tv/ think of Criterion?[View]
137635491What went right?[View]
137626369R8 em[View]
137636447I know the memes are fun, but why don't you guys actually like this movie? It's great. A b…[View]
137635880Why does Ford seem to be much happier to return to blade runner compared to star wars?[View]
137612388/trek/: Girly edition[View]
137633210The charges, officer?[View]
137636705This kino just blew my fucking mind[View]
137632131A Cure for Wellness: I thought this was good, what did you think?[View]
137630124>10+ years of this trash >2 memorable movies max >No memorable scores Why do normies fellat…[View]
137636065how can they breathe??[View]
137633104Kinos about the true nature of women?[View]
137635211Why is she so ugly, bros?[View]
137636448What would you tell an eighth grade girl to watch if she wanted to get into movies? >8th.…[View]
137636575Season 2 > Season 1[View]
137636554Where has the youtube kino king gone bros?[View]
137634680why were there so many space movies in the past decade? is it some kind of conspiracy?[View]
137636160Mha is a garbage show[View]
137634134Post essential stoner kinos, I'll start[View]
137635942What happened in the end?[View]
137635980Hoc: https://vimeo.com/226744530 Kino shots kino characters kino sex what more could you want?…[View]
137636361THE FUCK YOU SAY[View]
137616770right, olive oil in[View]
137634402Did anyone get into the Malcolm In The Middle reunion thing? https://twitter.com/BryanCranston/statu…[View]
137635188Any films to watch similar in style to this?[View]
137636269Are you ready for some woke boss?[View]
137630518This is Shelob, last direct descendent of our Queen and saviour Ungoliant. You may now say something…[View]
137636038How do I get a gf with cute brown feet bros?[View]
137633577ITT: Actors you've been told you look like[View]
137627127They literally did nothing wrong. Their society was not any worse than the human's and arguably…[View]
137632203>Fine then..... beat me up......[View]
137636123Go on... but trick us again /tv/, and your suffering will be legendary even in Hell![View]
137635953Wow this was complete pseud garbage, what a waste of time[View]
137635965WHAT TIME IS IT ?[View]
137634920Live Action Anime: >extremely diverse cast >all races are represented well >schlocky capesh…[View]
137635999Squidward if he real[View]
137636041red flags: >netflix original[View]
137636020My man is really named DEEP ROY[View]
137635289Unironically the best MCU movie and where the series should've ended[View]
137635503Dr. Jackson, I'm SGC.[View]
137635957DON’T FALL AWAY[View]
137633188Why didn't they get away with it?[View]
137634517These are the people in charge of Lucas's New Museum: OHNONONONONO[View]
137635045>Drop the taco, get in the car[View]
137635121SNEED?: Yes, Sneeds.[View]
137635866Can I ask for some classic videos from Youtube of the past decade or so? I just watched pic and link…[View]
137635596>character sniffs their fingers i never understood this joke just WHO does that?…[View]
137632779Movie theater stories: The movie theatre near my house when I was a kid in the 80's-90's w…[View]
137629964Holy based[View]
137634815Do Americans really?[View]
137634998So instead of getting shut down for EPA violations, is this new movie's equivalent of Walter Pe…[View]
137632903Howdy ho niggers! I love Chiles, I can tolerate almost any heat level[View]
137635778Who here excited for the movie? Word on the street is, it's gonna be tight, ya'll![View]
137635746the little mermaid: cast her[View]
137633587Vidya is getting it's fourth(?) board. Why can't /tv/ finally split into tv and film? It…[View]
137635044Any movies about trying to find your faith again?[View]
137618736why didn't you guys ever tell me this was kino?[View]
137635470Why was it such a disappointment[View]
137635534Why hasn't another television show topped this scene yet?[View]
137635416This sucks.[View]
137635406>The funniest film you've never heard of Where was the marketing for this kino?…[View]
137621941Trailer fucking when?[View]
137635365is there any more boat movie like this[View]
137628045L O L O L https://twitter.com/NetflixFilm/status/1291439319245234177[View]
137635325God damn, just finished watching wolf of wall street, my dick is fucking hard as hell![View]
137633256Always do the right thing.[View]
137628757/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137634217Tonight, on Unsolved Mysteries[View]
137635279We ain't never gonna make it[View]
137633309>The fuck did I do?[View]
137635182Was it autism?[View]
137635275>Heil Hitler[View]
137634350comfy simpsons thread[View]
137634158babby's first rated r movie: What is a good 'first r-rated movie' for a modern kid (8-10)? bonu…[View]
137635230Movies with posters like this?[View]
137635173The film that triggers all zoomers on /tv/[View]
137634608Does nobody else get the impression that Picard is an asshole? Not that he does blatantly immoral th…[View]
137634924ay ese whats the word on the streets homie. good or no[View]
137634893Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueius the Wise?[View]
137633167Did OP deliver?[View]
137631846What a beautiful failure[View]
137633564Sam Rockwell appreciation thread[View]
137633405How do I into Star Trek? I've seen a few episodes of the original show and that's it. I th…[View]
137618963Is pic related any good, or am I right to assume they over did it a bit with the wokeness that it tu…[View]
137634821What's your opinion on this movie? I watched it for the first time recently and really liked it…[View]
137633630This was hot shit a little while ago. What happned?[View]
137634786wtf why didn't you guys tell me The Double (2013) was kino?: >futuristic 50s aesthetic >f…[View]
137634080what gary cooper movie is this?[View]
137633819Female characters that for some incel reasoning /tv hates[View]
137632530what went wrong?[View]
137633935Why don’t they make good kids movies anymore? It’s like they stopped putting in any effort in the la…[View]
137633957just watched this did i liked it?[View]
137633159The name? DREW PICKLES[View]
137633982Hot heads: Someone get this hot head outta here[View]
137634773I'm incredibly fucking angry /tv/, the most angry I've been in years. what are some kinos …[View]
137632217Way longer than it needed to be[View]
137634711ITT: comfy early 2010's zoomercore kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Fn9IAHMEI[View]
137634207>torrenting movies ishygddt[View]
137634379Fuck bros...i actually teared up here...is that bad ?[View]
137634470JJ, I warned you.[View]
137632000You knew Ronald McDonald?[View]
137628875There was no witch in the Blair Witch Project.[View]
137632781I'm trying to find some movies about the struggles of women in our current age https://www.yout…[View]
137634052You can find this baby in the sporting goods department.[View]
137632262Post melancholy films[View]
137633801The symbolism behind this cover art is astounding.[View]
137625331Post kino TV ids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rubsTEZP8ew[View]
137631931Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
137625291/speak/: speak[View]
137630125Tonight's the night, bros. Perhaps we'll meet again. In a different world. A better world.…[View]
137631562What is the best movie you have ever seen?[View]
137634316Jesus christ, the soundtrack is obnoxious[View]
137633942You think they'll keep this detail in the reboot?[View]
137633152Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137618553What was the last film to make you feel this way?[View]
137633867>tfw 10 years from now we're going to hear normalfags obsess over this guy the same way they…[View]
137633202French extreme: Let's talk about this wave that started in the 2000s , I'm France. What…[View]
137629887Jodie Foster: What do we think about Jodie Foster as an actress?[View]
137630365W H Y H Y[View]
137634024Reminder: Predators are so strong because they steal DNA from other species, and they need to steal …[View]
137628876Cardigan by Taylor Swift: What the fuck is a Cardigan?[View]
137632501OLIPHANT: >house sized shit >needs swimming pool sized drink >you can't feed something…[View]
137633886Films about it being too fucking hot?[View]
137631172Can I help you, sir?[View]
137622675Explain yourself, Americans[View]
137633655>ywn be a kid again and watch avatar in 3D[View]
137631096slap bass: whats the deal with kosher food? does getting the thumbs up by rabbi make the food magica…[View]
137633857system shock: could it work as film or series? also cast it[View]
137633871Redpill me on Married with Children[View]
137632763How has such a great movie with such a star studded cast been so forgotten? It's Ferrara's…[View]
137633866A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon: What do you think about Bart Sibrels documentary on t…[View]
137633740Kinos about depression?: Today is my birthday and I am miserable. A bunch of my friends are coming o…[View]
137629965ITT: Real life kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tpS3MSeNhs[View]
137633539Live Action Anime: >extremely diverse cast >all races are represented well >schlocky capesh…[View]
137630093>villains you realized were right as you got older[View]
137630787Does /tv/ like Gaspar Noe?[View]
137630247I did not care for the bane meme [View]
137633593What's your opinion on Shrek? Was he a good guy?[View]
137633573What would his career have looked like in 2020 should he have never died?[View]
137629178Name a more based sci-fi character[View]
137628147Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow were great friends in the 90s, and reportedly even lived together f…[View]
137633345Mr. Shekelsberg, can I go home?[View]
137633317What should I watch? Mind you I have seen none of these: >buffalo 66 >the lord of the rings: f…[View]
137633219I'm going to need you to lose 200lb in 15 minutes, okay?[View]
137632470>Yo we need someone to play a beta male[View]
137632376Son bend over so I can see your asshole, it‘s dingleberry season.[View]
137630092Pajeets made hairlet kinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veJ6ejMjzgE https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
137633254Why do so many kid sitcoms have the other characters shit on the smart character?[View]
137632349How did this movie manage to be so incredibly fucking comfy?[View]
137633186They took this from us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLrtfEWJz3s[View]
137623116>compared to 5 years ago he lost alot of weight and his posture became hunched he doesnt have muc…[View]
137633109Fuck this was overrated: Maybe it was groundbreaking 30 years ago, but it's reliance on cgi doe…[View]
137632941What does she foresee?[View]
137633066>'I think it's time for plan B!' >'That WAS plan B!'…[View]
137628555where does he get more arrows from when he's on the road?[View]
137632953Now that the dust has settled: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137632196Which of the 9256 Alexander Biopics is your favorite?[View]
137632934Kinos for this feeling?[View]
137628508Your flesh is a relic, a mere vessel. Hand over your flesh and a new world awaits you. We demand it.[View]
137632895>film is called 'Short' Cuts >it's actually over 3 hours long, with several slo…[View]
137632426tfw she was feeling everything[View]
137632467Cast him[View]
137632179Because I touched the pan and I hurt my hand![View]
137632851hbo > hulu > prime > netflix > everything else >>>> d*sney all agreed? >i…[View]
137632818Rate this weapon[View]
137632835what the fuck was he trying to do? hit on him? This scene weirded me out.[View]
137631806Season 2 finale of The Alienist tomorrow. Anyone here been watching?[View]
137631928I've never seen Creed II: but this looks like an amazing deleted scene. Why the fuck would you …[View]
137630996Good movies to watch Just post anything that is worth watching, doesn't have to be top tier art…[View]
137628782>The Matrix >Transgender allegory[View]
137632703>Now, I admire Jackie Chan, I do[View]
137631081Kinose thread: ITT kino noses only[View]
137629715This movie is so messy.[View]
137632576Shia Labeouf as The Kid Michael Madsen as Captain White Scott William Winters as Toadvine Steve Busc…[View]
137630037So did you all buy your Jessie toy, masturbate and cum on her face, then leave the room while you im…[View]
137632546>NOW YOU FUCKED UP[View]
137632032What was here character arc?[View]
137632520When /tv/ calls a 10/10 an Embarrassment[View]
137631635Has any actor ever thought >this is my chance and slipped it in while he was filming a sex scene…[View]
137621710>I'll phone them up and see what we can do.[View]
137631694Movies with this aesthetic[View]
137630392mind = blown. it doesn't work IRL[View]
137631380I'm alright Nobody worry 'bout me[View]
137630300>alien >event horizon >high life what are some other near-future spaceship kinos, i'm …[View]
137632396Its hard to believe that a generic origin story evolved in to such a complex character study.[View]
137625814>works in a garage >wears a Patek Philippe…[View]
137632273was this the worst episode of TPB?[View]
137631319These ads are even on the radio im gonna FUCKING go postal[View]
137632113I'm sick of celebrities talking about politics/[View]
137632688Refute this[View]
137631788>SAY IT!![View]
137631165Now that we know Jigsaw never killed anybody, did Jason kill anybody?: If you thinka bout it, everyb…[View]
137631074We bring in a studio this morning one of the gay rights activists.[View]
137628951Girlfriend Simulator For Robots 2049: I watched it once when the BluRayRip came out. I've made …[View]
137632034Kinos about traditionalism?[View]
137632031nice mellow shows that are good to take a day nap to. This is a multi-hour nap where you have watch …[View]
137631598You get that for killing jews, big guy?[View]
137631972Revenge of the Sith as a trans allegory: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is an allegory f…[View]
137629040>actors with kino heads[View]
137626509Galaxy Quest (1999)[View]
137630976Based Shatner is going off.[View]
137630830Is Deanna Troi one of the most useless characters ever presented in a show?[View]
137631885What do you think of her body of work?[View]
137630207I have a challenge for /tv/: Post movies that feature a family consisting of a mother, father, and t…[View]
137630347You've been living a lie[View]
137631633/FWG/ - Finn Wolfhard General: > Friends sometimes drift apart over time. Occasionally, they reco…[View]
137630306This is good, maybe you should watch it[View]
137631730anyone have any good recommendations for movies that kind of have like an eldritch horror theme to i…[View]
137629269Post a picture, next poster creates a film name for it.[View]
137628940*lands in front of you*[View]
137630400Did he deserve it?[View]
137631549What project will Hollywood use to push ruby rose next? They will never give up[View]
137628571What the fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
137630493Why did this movie filter so many Nolan fanboys?: Why did this movie filter so many Nolan fanboys? T…[View]
137630203What had a better series finale: DS9 or TNG?[View]
137631295Remember me Eddy? when I killed your brother I talked JUST LIKE THIIIIIIIIIS[View]
137628696What in the absolute fuck? Even for lowbrow comedy standards, this is incredibly unfunny[View]
137629665OK, now the dust really has settled, who was truly in the wrong here?[View]
137627523Drake Bell: What's next for his career?[View]
137630221Turned 33 yesterday. What movies would you recommend?[View]
137631349Cape kino thread?[View]
137629483What do you use to track the things you've seen /tv/, if anything? I was thinking of Letterboxd…[View]
137630927>Who's square!? I'm not square, you're square![View]
137631266I’m shitting my pants in Walmart[View]
137630734Disneys's AladbalA[View]
137623194Game of Thrones: Was Daenerys wrong to intervene the business of the Slaver's Bay? Not all slav…[View]
137631109Should we remind them they had no problem 'whitewashing' the best blockbuster of the century...[View]
137630874>had to evacuate the house because the carbon monoxide detector went off movies about narrowly av…[View]
137630367>Got any messages for Jimi Hendrix? >Yes, 'pick up your puppy'.…[View]
137631199Nashville: Why did he do it?[View]
137631097>'It's a slow burn' This show slowly and in one of the most boring ways possible is just set…[View]
137631126We takin ya cunny too WHITE BOY[View]
137631115Chuck and Buck suck and fuck.[View]
137630001You're fond of me lobster ain't ye?[View]
137631071He was wrong[View]
137626523ITT: “villains” who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
137630930>the main villain in How I Met Your Mother is a bank with a pentagram in the logo How did they ge…[View]
137630689is this a good action movie or just America propaganda? bored and wanna watch a sniper movie similar…[View]
137630108For me it's Michelle Burke in Coneheads[View]
137630872what is the best war doco?[View]
137627016Thor was in open space when this was happening. How the fuck was he breathing and talking?[View]
137630821>Anticipation denotes intelligence.[View]
137630811Absolute kino[View]
137628539What is the most based boss fight in film?[View]
137630619Why do I get depressed whenever there’s a children’s choir in movies?[View]
137630301Why are people on /tv/ obsessed with this scene?[View]
137630691Thoughts on Andrew Schulz?: At first he comes across as a typical liberal Jew but watching a view of…[View]
137628254Movie trivia: Leo DiCaprio couldnt draw for shit so based Jim Cameron drew Kate naked[View]
137617047Was it a good film?[View]
137630526Whats the most accurate portrayal of our generation in cinema?[View]
137630252Why didn’t Gandalf cast invisibility on everyone?[View]
137616235Put yourself in his position. If you entire war campaign against Europe has been time and time again…[View]
137630522Was he really the best Bond?[View]
137630448>trailer park boys taking a DUMP on DRUMPF now this... is EPIC.[View]
137629769Would it really work?[View]
137630357The Birth of a Nation (1915) directed by DW Griffith is often said to be the most influential film e…[View]
137618935He’s going to commit suicide[View]
137628874A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin is 20 years old today! Say something nice about it.[View]
137625706>dude eventually the Stacey of your dreams will realize your 'nice guy' internal characteristics …[View]
137625498What is the point of it all? all i do is consume media, is that really it, distract yourself until t…[View]
137628863>*huff* >*huff* >*bzzz* *elevates your movie from mediocre to Kino in 56 seconds*…[View]
137630113What are some good movies to masturbate with?[View]
137626218Dan Schneider: >two and half years into the Me Too era >not a single actual credible accusatio…[View]
137629343Was it always a comedy?[View]
137629995How does she look so much like Carla ?[View]
137630103Hey guys you hear this about The Matrix being a trans allegory?[View]
137626096131 days till Dune[View]
137628418Was he racist?[View]
137627960ITT: kinos for 15 year olds[View]
137630039what a terrible film[View]
137629973Better space adventure flick than the two last Star Wars.[View]
137629970>reveals you as a snitch when interrogating a gang member that you snitched on…[View]
137628996I need your help /tv/. I watched a movie a few years ago that I cant remember the name of. It was se…[View]
137629910Best Opening Themes: Pic related has yet to be dethroned as the series with the best opening them so…[View]
137629983What went wrong?[View]
137629571JCVD: He's my favorite action star ever. A genuinely nice guy with deep character flaws. What i…[View]
137629108>Han 'Solo' >has a Wookiee partner that he's worked with for years even before the first …[View]
137629916Anna plays a woman who lives in the big apple and over the course of years has one night stands with…[View]
137624646Lord With No Ring: so LOTR fags, riddle me this: if Sauron needed the Ring to get his full power bac…[View]
137629907Velma Gomez: >Jinkies![View]
137617314HI ETSUBATSU[View]
137627864>start watching this again >call everyone cocksucker irl…[View]
137629752Does Gromit even like cheese?[View]
137628532Why is Rick and Morty so popular with autistic people?[View]
137623016Hidden Gentiles: Post actors, directors and other celebrities you would swear were Jewish but turned…[View]
137629667Don't count your chickens.[View]
137629245>la la la la la >ouchy[View]
137629532Cast him: There will be a movie. There is simply no other way.[View]
137628711Post /tv/ games[View]
137628483I don't get it.[View]
137629587Thoughts on THX 1138 and American Graffiti? Never until recently felt the drive to see them, but I…[View]
137627616What is the /tv/ verdict?[View]
137629200Why hasn’t a movie been made by filming it entirely through a mirror yet?[View]
137627770The Fanatic: Was it kino?[View]
137623812sell all your chainlink at $13.60[View]
137627448just watched suicide squad for the first time and im not familiar with the DC Comic characters.Is cr…[View]
137629452Your thoughts on Jodie Foster?[View]
137629318Wow, there is zero room for suspension of disbelief in this show anymore. The writing in this last s…[View]
137629423Could some Holywood studio move to Europe and save European cinema ? Please Ameribros we are despera…[View]
137627185Inconsistencies: This show was like a project to see if writers could handle time travel, they can…[View]
137629083>Just filed for divorce Any kinos to celebrate my new freedom with?[View]
137628330This shit is just harry potter for zoomers and redditors, why do you guys act like this is peak tele…[View]
137628931>neighbour reported me for watching movies in the garden again[View]
137629338I feel like I haven't seen that many movies: What are some movies I should watch?[View]
137629191films where the hero falls for the villain?[View]
137619959Drei gläser[View]
137629272the male wall doesn't exis-: >Steak Mashedpotatoesin.[View]
137628745>tows your car[View]
137627572>bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEEEEEEEEEErrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooo . . . >bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr…[View]
137624936False advertising the movie[View]
137628144do you think she would've even been interested if he hadn't been an overnight billionaire?[View]
137629153I am on fire, and I dance![View]
137629026Am I comin' or goin'? I can barely decide. I just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive…[View]
137629057Hi everyone this is my first 4chan post so kinda nervous bear with me here haha. What are your favor…[View]
137628945'Fuck that ending' endings: Just finished pic related after originally forgetting about the show aft…[View]
137627724What do average girls watch?[View]
137628780Cast him.[View]
137628577What was her problem?[View]
137624418Where was the fucking chili?[View]
137613387/who/ Doctor Who General: Previous: >>137586856[View]
137628852>modern drama >random yelling over each other >LIKE LIKE LIKE FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCKING FUCK S…[View]
137628731/bb/ Big Brother All-Stars: HOH:my brother cody Veto:tbd Noms:kevin and keesha Safety Suite:King Kay…[View]
137626230>fiance hates spaghetti westerns. Loves doctor who and marvel shit >fiance hates soundgarden a…[View]
137628796>Oh don't mind me just gonna peep on my best friends family and be jail bait What the hell w…[View]
137627957This GUY: This guy is just pissin'- He's pissin' all over us! He's pissin' …[View]
137628762I LIVE I DIE I LIVE AGAIN[View]
137627265>kramer is 6'6 WTF[View]
137626791sometimes I think about how close I came to being in this photo, like i was hanging out with a bunch…[View]
137628586hey /tv/, E-Chad here: Itt: Post your favorite WWE Studios Kino[View]
137628218Es bleiben im Raum: Potter, Diggory, Krum und Delacour.[View]
137623214Does still hold up?[View]
137620608>abortion is evil >abortion is murder This movie, Unplanned, is pure propaganda.…[View]
137625888how tragically will Ignacio, aka, Nacho, get the hammer? and, if I know Vince, it will come as a pos…[View]
137628602Is this movie any good? I only watched gantz 0 and read Gantz G[View]
137627505Why do we love this movie so much?[View]
137624583Are there any movies set in the most beautiful place on Earth (the English countryside)?[View]
137626285Suf dudes with attitudes[View]
137624934The Portuguese police is a joke There's no way the parents did it[View]
137628482Based characters normies can't appreciate.[View]
137626035Uh oh[View]
137627768What does seinfeld thinks about this[View]
137622979Gib comfy comedies frens[View]
137628282fuck you, i liked it[View]
137628325FUKUNAGA? MORE LIKE FUKINOGA: >no time to die already kino >maniac with peak Jonah >true de…[View]
137628164Now that her show is coming to /tv/, what do we think about it?[View]
137628233ITT: Movies that could never get made today[View]
137628165Is this film CIA mind control?[View]
137626058itt: Life Time movies kino >Flowers in the Attic >Baby Sellers >A Mother's Nightmare…[View]
137625886Affleck: How come one is 6’4 and the other is 5’9. I’d kill myself if I had a brother that much tall…[View]
137628041>mfw rewatching Gone Girl[View]
137627900How would Nolan Batman take him on?[View]
137619456*grabs you by the shirt collar* what the fuck did you just say about the films of wes anderson, chud…[View]
137627901Sopranos a great show: Is this a meme or something? Started watch it and it's just a slow burn …[View]
137625983JOCK! START THE ENGINE![View]
137626977entire generations of men[View]
137627979If you disregard a movie because it looks too 'artsy' or pretentious or too old then I aut…[View]
137623900>It seems today, that all you see, is CIA in movies, and sneed on /tv/[View]
137627940Local Theatre Horror Stories: There used to be a movie theatre near my house when I was a kid in the…[View]
137620242/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137627883KINO: Kino[View]
137606316ever met a celebrity? why what happened: about 6 years ago i saw lindsay lohan while i was buying gr…[View]
137626827debookz are debookz and dashow is dashow[View]
137620889*saves comedy*[View]
137625631Is The Matrix a trans film?[View]
137627284>The most revolutionary film of this century, about ordinary people being used as slaves, and wak…[View]
137627784>throws a $10,000 toupee out the window because she hates George is elaine the worst character?…[View]
137627177Recommend me some coomer cinema: Got any recommendation? Pic related. I cum hard everytime i watch i…[View]
137615905Objective VS subjective critique: I've recently seen maulers discussion with justwrite about ob…[View]
137626001What do I do now since I finished watching The Sopranos?[View]
137627533based 'movie theme songs' thread: Here comes jannie in again With the twitter rule 1 They do it …[View]
137627323What genre is it, horror?[View]
137627492Your top 10 movies of the 2010s and what it says about you: In no particular order > Whiplash …[View]
137627075Rich & Powerful: Any movies similar to this? I want to escape and fantasize for a few hours...…[View]
137627098>Have girl over >Watch pirated episodes of Sharpe from my laptop plugged into the TV…[View]
137626951Do you like Ray Wilson? I've been a big Genesis fan since the release of their 1997 album, Call…[View]
137626627Do you have the time to listen to me whine?[View]
137622458>antagonist is evil because... he's evil[View]
137626665Double Feature: Sexiest movie of all time and best film oriented podcast please..: Now is the time a…[View]
137625205What exactly was gandalf's problem with theodan going to helms deep. He had 300 shitty troops …[View]
137627104Escape From New York wasn’t supposed to be a documentary[View]
137627182What’s next for Amber Heard?[View]
137626431I avoided this movie for a while because I thought it was going to make him out to be a creep, but h…[View]
137624695I'm 33 and still Love this Movie?[View]
137626289>did nothing wrong >undisputed champion >undeniably based >only betas and trannies hate …[View]
137623513for me it's Stanley Kubrick's daughter[View]
137627007>And rule fell to lesser men[View]
137626569Canonically speaking, what happens to Rey now as a character? also did they rehire all the reys afte…[View]
137624777Think about how soft his ass cheeks are, how spreadable they look. Look at his foot to the lower lef…[View]
137626874What's the most cathartic movie you've ever seen?[View]
137626929MOVE THAT BUS[View]
137617624>You must pay a monthly fee for the streaming service >But you must also pay an extra fee for …[View]
137625174>4 different vidya boards >still no /film/ and /cel/ why…[View]
137626286Do you need to finish a movie to determine it's quality?[View]
137626044Groundhog Day: What special skills would you have learned in his place, /tv/? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
137626526Is he correct?[View]
137625793What is the best high school movie?[View]
137625325do you think he will ever come back?[View]
137625301>in space no one can hear your scream Why aren't movie posters as kino as they used to be?…[View]
137623719Hello sirs I require one thread of your finest dark lords[View]
137626551Haven't seen this movie since its theater release but I remember it being enjoyable for what it…[View]
137626321Which of the 12 Angry Men are you?[View]
137624773Greatest opening of all time?[View]
137623926Season 2 was absolute dogshit: I need some show/film to wash the aftertaste.[View]
137620097>whistling intensifies[View]
137624259I read the news today, oh boy…[View]
137626297Kino movie soundtracks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0EQlIzPowM[View]
137624896Why is it surprising that Jonah smells good? I would assume all rich actors smelled good.[View]
137626273>sex in popular media[View]
137619651>Meanwhile, on black /tv/...[View]
137626243Have you seen it?[View]
137625167Let’s talk about the overrated pile of crap known as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shall we?[View]
137626032ITT: Worst Netflix shit[View]
137624450best episode[View]
137625276>the duck of death >duke, bill. >duck I says fucking based.…[View]
137625682Cast it.[View]
137625978What are some public access kinos in your local area? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHk1Yr20Z_A…[View]
137621972When will Abbey Lee get more prominent roles? She was great in Neon Demon.[View]
137619449one of the worst things ive ever watched shia deserved better[View]
137625662I hate reviewers: What is it with reviewers following always the same formula? If they hate the movi…[View]
137625578>eagerly await Last and First Men adaptation >turns out to just be narration over some black a…[View]
137624428when did it jump the shark? 2014?[View]
137625690Why is there so few Egyptian Kino out there? yeah, Historical Epics in general are few, but this is …[View]
137625874WITNEEEEESSED !![View]
137624222Most kino film of the decade[View]
137624903Is banging rampant on movie sets?[View]
137624713Solo: A Star Wars story.: This was pretty good, I enjoyed it.[View]
137625674We lost her bros.......: these photos always kill a piece of me[View]
137625028they were not kidding with this movie[View]
137623851Stinky hunka mustard! Yeah yeah yeah![View]
137623247>we fly of course![View]
137617343I want one (1) rocketship...[View]
137625122Did he actually steal anyone’s girlfriend?[View]
137625289>tfw no billionaire, intelligent, compassionate mommy[View]
137625078After hearing his version. Who was in the wrong in the end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFdhoEw8…[View]
137625100Are you looking forward to the upcoming film Black Beauty starring Mackenzie Foy?[View]
137622046itt: shameful /tv/ faps[View]
137624847Why did he do it?[View]
137625540would you do it? let a couple of producers use your bp, let them twiddle your underdeveloped pecker …[View]
137625517Black Panther Reboot: It's established that this film was a medicore B level Marvel film that w…[View]
137624255Why were people expected to cheer on a greasy midget wog like Stallone over a giant Aryan God like L…[View]
137624323Cast him /tv/[View]
137625455>When your wife is a dumb whore[View]
137625413posts that dont contain the word sneed bore me[View]
137625292its been a while since i read about cia-mafia connections, project gladio, etc and even longer since…[View]
137614587Do you own any movie franchise clothes?[View]
137625302> Tfw Lena Headey is a more kino director than Dumb & Dumber > https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
137617867the tenant(1976): Any else ever see this Polanski movie? What did you think about it? I really enjoy…[View]
137622976Honestly she is the worst part of the show. It's not even the actress's faults, it is just…[View]
137625127>why aren't you wearing your mask? there's a pandemic >we've already had it …[View]
137620398OCD ruining everything: I suffer from ocd and intrusive thoughts and it’s completely ruining everyth…[View]
137619576>Interstellar travel may be impossible >Intergalactic travel is definitely impossible It'…[View]
137624864Was he right?: > Thousands of years ago the first man discovered how to make fire. He was probabl…[View]
137617299What did he mean by this?[View]
137625030Why was the warden being Obtuse? Who was doing the books while Andy was in solitary for 2 months?[View]
137624636Now that the dust has settled,[View]
137624270What did he mean by this[View]
137624692How do I get a gf with cute brown feet bros?[View]
137624067What’s this movie about?[View]
137623439It's time to call someone right? Chris made a last will and testament and thinks he's real…[View]
137623328>Spend my late teens looking up to ideal male figures in classic Hollywood as replacement for a f…[View]
137623933Joker is unironically my favorite movie of all time.[View]
137622864>What do you mean we can't ram icebergs? I was told this ship is unsinkable…[View]
137623905Was it kino?[View]
137618186Why did this movie split /tv/ so much?: Is it actually a masterpiece like some claim or is it medioc…[View]
137624609I don't know, kind of excited for this, and not just cuz I have the stiff one-eye for Halle.[View]
137624490>main character doesn’t immediately put his phone in his pocket and starts walking a little faste…[View]
137624420>Hello gorgeous! Was this line meant to be ironic?[View]
137620304Was the original Perry Mason as anti-Christian and pro-degeneracy as HBO's Perry Mason?[View]
137624622What are some movies where the protagonist suffers from social anxiety?[View]
137616339Why is Hitler always portrayed as the bad guy?[View]
137619930>Welcome everybody to the grand finals of the annual international Quidditch tournament >We…[View]
137621939YOU CAN GO SUCK A FUCK[View]
137624403Why are you writin' that down?[View]
137611521Will western animation ever make a film with a pairing like this again?[View]
137624338Is Joe rogan the only cool and civilised celebrity?[View]
137624353What makes male friendship so amazing, /tv/?[View]
137610720Who can direct the film adaptation of Axiom's End?[View]
137624355>character gets dealt a heavy blow, physically or mentally >takes a moment for the realization…[View]
137621304Is it kino? Admittedly I haven't seen any post-All Dogs Go to Heaven Bluth films.[View]
137624055I'm based? What do you mean I'm based? Based on what? What the fuck am I based on?[View]
137624317What are some winter olympics kinos?[View]
137611255How did he become such an asshole?[View]
137623043>female (female) wants to come over and watch House (1977) with me >i don't own a tv and …[View]
137615497Under the radar kino: What are some series that you see as underappreciated or forgotten, and that y…[View]
137624052kinos that achieve comfiness and disturbingness in one feature?[View]
137623552What did you think of it[View]
137623435How can one movie be so kino?[View]
137624135Actors who only play themselves[View]
137623484was this his best movie?[View]
137623967Is it true that season 5 and 6 are good again? I dropped it at season 4 as that was an abortion.[View]
137623258I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
137621769>dude eventually the Stacey of your dreams will realize your 'nice guy' internal characteristics …[View]
137623724Floop was the greatest villain ever put on screen I will die on this hill[View]
137623955What are some movies that completely break the stereotype?[View]
137623938Cast the inevitable movie[View]
137623897I happen to be a Vice President: >D Girl >Gets the D BRAVO VINCE!!!…[View]
137612449Why weren't all of the guys peeping arrested for sexual assault and rape?[View]
137623437Was she a SHOTA ?[View]
137617885How come there are no more sports kinos being produced? Does it have to do with summer olympics canc…[View]
137623793What’s next for Isabella Merced?[View]
137591952it wasn't bad? i literally expected another Picard or STD but somehow it didn't suck. ther…[View]
137623731> Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast[View]
137620151Good morning /tv/! And isn't it a lovely morning?[View]
137623600Who would win?: Given the same case, who would win ('do it better')? Columbo vs. Sherlock Homes Burn…[View]
137621248What are the best political kinos?[View]
137621721>its a Carmela episode[View]
137610910IT'S UP!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKC_N_9aJ8o[View]
137622586How would Roman Polanski’s career have turned out if he didn’t rape that girl?[View]
137622159ITT: Only the best /tv/ bros Just watched Norsemen, and this guy is bro hall of fame. >Comb frien…[View]
137622156New Jurassic Park series on Netflix coming in September Thoughts?[View]
137622873Why is House so often associated with procedural drama when there are literally dozens of other show…[View]
137622063Was pic related the last good comedy made?[View]
137623369Cast him[View]
137623103Movie when?[View]
137623356>Character is a “functioning” alcoholic[View]
137623307>2020 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, retarded or prehaps both? …[View]
137623296>character is about to reveal the truth to 'everyone' >characters ally >I cant let you do t…[View]
137623156why do i find her hotter than the actuall voice actress?[View]
137622140ITT post your ideas for billion dollar TV shows. >wook version of Jersey Shore…[View]
137618032Name a better child performance[View]
137621869>does an excellent job acting in a dogshit movie[View]
137623201Hey, there's a broad-there's a broad right there-Hey! Yeah you, dingbat! I wanna pitcher a…[View]
137623060Female Appreciation: Post movies that make you appreciate women more[View]
137623195Why the fuck are they so good?[View]
137623129>THE JANNY IS A N- *BONG* >What's that? >He says the janny is near! >NO DAG BLABBIT…[View]
137622571It's actually pretty ok. I actually honestly laughed once or twice. I mean, it's not BAD. …[View]
137621006just marathoned the first two episodes what am I in for?[View]
137618323Now we'll begin by - oops[View]
137623013Best Simpsons episodes: >Homer vs. the 18th Amendment >King-Size Homer >Sideshow Bob Robert…[View]
137621658Why the fuck was he trying to create 'the perfect little girls'?[View]
137622944I dream of taxposting threads coming back[View]
137622323NOTHING literally nothing happens: the movie. Atleast it was good till the battle scene after that …[View]
137621661How the fuck did he manage to pull this off?[View]
137619034keenos with this feel?[View]
137617269This movie is not scary at ALL. Why is it constantly praised as the best horror movie ever made? I …[View]
137616505>Another happy landing[View]
137622922Is it kino?[View]
137622780Leave it to Beaver: Why did Wally and Beaver have to share a room when they lived in a house this bi…[View]
137621978What does /tv/ think of the films of Wes Anderson?[View]
137622709Covid kino: Is this the first movie set in the age of corona? >Six friends hire a medium to hold …[View]
137621402welp, looks like movies are getting BTFO now everything is trans...i guess..[View]
137619318its kind of /comfy/ knowing that im just going to continue to work my regular job and endlessly writ…[View]
137619944I caught the SARS2 2019 Human Coronavirus. What movies do I need to watch before I die?[View]
137622603Pretentious crap[View]
137622536So they're done, right? 5 people have now quit[View]
137622419Post kino about men being fed up[View]
137622393what was it about?[View]
137622266It's my day off from wagie torture. Are the National Lampoon movies any good? I need something …[View]
137622405Movies about this phenomenon?[View]
137620643Your fries sir, enjoy the movie![View]
137619735Men what's your excuse for not looking like this?[View]
137622343>word to the wise >remember the six million lmao how did they get away with this…[View]
137622185>paying for streaming services[View]
137618506Who is the most demanding director?[View]
137621332Was he autistic?[View]
137621730What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137622052Best films to watch baked?[View]
137622172is it?[View]
137620964*lands in front of you*[View]
137622088What movie should I watch as I enjoy this delicious spicy BBQ chicken with brown rice and broccoli?[View]
137613741There's not a single character in the history of television that's more based than Peter G…[View]
137619039Still Cruise's best movie. Literally cannot be debated.[View]
137621856Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137619861Is this redpilled or just cringe?[View]
137620869I just remembered this existed. Anyone watch this show as a kid? Pure K I N O.[View]
137621877what in the fuck is wrong with him?: and why did the wagie did not just go home and call it a day…[View]
137621852Footage of a 2nd American Peep Show remake from 2008 has leaked https://streamable.com/l5xi7t[View]
137615929How is it? >its got some blacks i dont give a shit about that[View]
137619377The absolute state of marvel fags[View]
137621229>Coming to a theatre near you, a brilliant comedy, described as the Mr. Bean of Mass Shooters. 5 …[View]
137620403If /g/ made a capeshit movie: New capeshit video boys, this time made by the Free Software Foundatio…[View]
137621866What are some kinos about moral degeneracy?[View]
137620022Now that the dust has finally settled, was it REALLY the biggest one anyone had done since the silen…[View]
137613557LGBT Movies Everyone Should See: WEll, /v/? What movies are they? What is the best LGBT movie?…[View]
137621385What your favourite episode of South Park?[View]
137621528>'In a love letter to Hollywood...'[View]
137621526What’s next for Al Pacino?[View]
137620627Big short Margin Call Is there any other financial KINOs that I should watch?[View]
137621239'I'd Like to Take his-his Face...OFF'[View]
137620929>Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?[View]
137606767Big brain take time: The point of this show, from a social engineering perspective, was to displace …[View]
137619538dubs and we all get laid[View]
137620560Rotten Tomatos Adblock: >So we will ask you nicely. Holy shit they sound like the mafia.…[View]
137619618In this ITT: american movies hated by americans but loved by europeans.[View]
137621255> Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast[View]
137619681Films about the brutality of the Animal Kingdom?: >https://youtu.be/ZCobPpLgAws…[View]
137618287War of the worlds is extremely good[View]
137621160have you seen Amelie's newest movie /tv/?[View]
137621067Girls always believe they're theater buffs because they watched this once[View]
137606752MI: How long can they keep it up?[View]
137618699Movies to watch on my day off? >t. wageslave with sore feet[View]
137621136What are some documentaries about this?[View]
137619323When will kino practical effects become standard again?[View]
137621040under appreciated favorites: what are movies you never see talked about on /tv/? I downloaded this …[View]
137620999rocketeer remake: cast it[View]
137620250>British comedy >American actor absolutely mogs everyone What did A Fish Called Wanda mean b…[View]
137620975>/tv/ shills a movie >it’s reddit as fuck Every single time…[View]
137619880Why does /tv/ never talks about this kino? Just saw it and it was great.[View]
137620967>Jew me, sue me, everybody do me >Kick me, kike me,…[View]
137619650What is wrong with his head?[View]
137620653What exactly is going on here...[View]
137619768Summer is almost over. Share your favorite movies about summer or that takes place during summer. Th…[View]
137617157a video tape recorded over nine-hundred THOUSAND years ago[View]
137613692Apocalypse now: Which version is best?[View]
137620088What went wrong?[View]
137619782Survivor: Why was it cancelled?[View]
137620725Ban me pls: Ban me[View]
137618003Emergency. There's an emergency going on. It's still going on.[View]
137620777What the fuck were their problems?[View]
137616499>Cuckolding is when a man has an affair with another's wife So, cheating?…[View]
137619354Imagine whining about this frog ever since I first got here and started posting him over 2 years ago…[View]
137620077They have a cave toll![View]
137620600>[Not spanish]: Post kinos that are not spanish[View]
137615263What went right?[View]
137618614Hey Mario, I gotta feelin'. I gotta feelin' we're not in Brooklyn no more...[View]
137608029>defeats the world's greatest detective and is finally free to enact keikaku dori >t-pose…[View]
137620633Stick Death: https://youtu.be/9dfk9aCeuPA[View]
137620607Would you have pizza with Ed[View]
137620591if someone crossed Lost Highway with Napoleon Dynamite and kabuki in a kind of incest, this would be…[View]
137620310What are some Kefkaesque films?[View]
137620167Was it good /TV/?[View]
137619567When will be see the first post corona made movie?[View]
137619815Does Kim really know Jimmy?[View]
137619925When are talented pair of dudes gonna review such films as Gingers SNaps, Jeepers Creepers, Super Ma…[View]
137616645What is the point of it all[View]
137619798LF thriller suggestions(no monsters/supernatural preferably). I liked, >prisoner >silence of …[View]
137603620For me? It's Colin Quinn[View]
137614202I just saw Schindler's List and it's a masterpiece Could it be Steven Spielberg's bes…[View]
137616322Show me a bigger cuck than fucking Cyclops!: lel![View]
137619626I just watched this Top Gear episode. Would anyone know if they will build this VW?[View]
137620228>I was raised in Japan. I was schooled in martial arts. I was given the title of master. They tak…[View]
137615922Why can she take a joke and Jonah Hill can't ?[View]
137620174Daisy Isobel Ridley was the lead in the top grossing movie of all time: And she can't get a sin…[View]
137617540It's a Nadine and Eddie scene >>|[View]
137620104>you say this is your safety >well this is my boot son and it will fit up your ass with the pr…[View]
137617291>quick we need an ugly male lead, whos kind of a creep and yet still somehow still ends up with g…[View]
137618087>ywn watch The Fellowship of the Ring for the first in the theater ever again.: https://www.youtu…[View]
137615858Why are they making fun of disabled people on British TV?[View]
137618037Comprehensive Guide of Essential /tv/-memeable movies: I'm in the process of creating a compreh…[View]
137618580Me in the middle.[View]
137619235>Getting harder to hide his hate for Jay and Rich and disappointment at how his life turned out H…[View]
137619098I'm checkin' In ![View]
137614312what movies do you consider reddit and explain why you consider them reddit[View]
137619831What if he was just pretending to be retarded?[View]
137606468ITT: Brutal moggings[View]
137619680What was her fucking problem?[View]
137619610Well that sucked. Removed all the best bits of the first movie, toned down the action and had even w…[View]
137611834Matrix co-Director confirms films were trans metaphors.: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-5369243…[View]
137618103Should she have bitten the bullet and gone topless on film when she was A list, rather than be event…[View]
137616989Perfect (1985): Why were 80's romantic comedies like this?[View]
137614567>860 days until Avatar 2[View]
137617749ITT: we post funny (modern) family guy cutaways: I'll start https://youtu.be/eruut08sRZM[View]
137619314Why Boondocks (Season 1) is so half super unfunny and half super funny? I am currently on S01EP10 an…[View]
137616950A dwarf, an anti semite and aquaman walk in a bar[View]
137615372Hollywood isn't full of pedophi-[View]
137617391Swiss Army Man is a 10/10[View]
137617375It was good except for the niggers[View]
137604590Supers: >he gave up his powers[View]
137616363Was he a good king?[View]
137619210Hannibal: Why no historical film about Hannibal Barca? Or an HBO miniseries about Hannibal?[View]
137619171Am I the only one who feels more nostalgic for Ghostubsters II instead of the original? Maybe it…[View]
137616675Why do girls with horse faces turn me on so much bros?[View]
137616583Is it kino?[View]
137619076What is the name of that French movie that compares sex to Capitalism and its 'winners and losers'?[View]
137618915>ywn fuck your high school teacher[View]
137618974>Coast to coast >LA to Chicago[View]
137618445Kinos with this aesthetic: >Bubble boy >Bio some…[View]
137618789Was this a good depiction of Breivik, i felt like they skipped a huge chunk out of the IED building …[View]
137615322>MOMMY... MOMMY... I WANNA GO HOME Do Americans really do this when they die?…[View]
137604447Was there any way out of this?[View]
137618816>provides you with three-year-old poker tournaments, Canadian cookery shows and bad parody movies…[View]
137616101>well i've got a joke for you >i'm gonna tear you a new asshole What's the joke…[View]
137618390Why do these studios consistently produce kino? What studio does it for you bros[View]
137614619actors with 100% kino record[View]
137618727Gozer the Traveller. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vu…[View]
137615919So many funny moments https://twitter.com/startrekcbs/status/1291826446135001088[View]
137609307/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137618156FUCK KENNY HOTZ[View]
137618079What 3 films impacted your emotions more than any other?[View]
137618545Was the original Perry Mason as anti-Christian and pro-degeneracy as nu-Perry Mason?[View]
137618607What's your opinion on Midnight in the garden of good and evil?[View]
137615932Adam West is dead! RIP in peace! Why do the pretty ones always die so young?[View]
137618437What is the best low-budget heir to To Catch a Predator?[View]
137618417I think a biopic in the vein of Ed Wood about Seagal would be great.[View]
137618383Is Doug Walker Unstoppable?: >Career survived the anniversary specials. >Career survived Demo…[View]
137610715>stunning and brave niggerinos >evil whites >evil white cops >every woman is automatica…[View]
137618279And bingo, Dino-DNA![View]
137610950>I am a murderer and rapist of women[View]
137617167What does Romulan Whiskey taste like?[View]
137618122>I love to sing-a >About the moon-a >and the june-a >and the spring-a…[View]
137612983It was the dawn of the third age of mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The Babylon Proj…[View]
137616523films that feel like pic related?[View]
137618027No Ganja[View]
137614098Blessed Hoff eating floor burger[View]
137615398>long john >is a manlet[View]
137617538So where the hell is the next Korean kino? Was Parasite an anomaly? Will So Dam Cute get to work wit…[View]
137616957*sip* ah they don't make em like that anymore[View]
137616044>Execute order I. A.M. E.V.I.L.[View]
137617025Why is /tv/ obsessed with convincing each other they are too cool for movies?[View]
137615056I know it was satire, but this character literally predicted everything. Wdhmbt?[View]
137617627did he fuck glasha?[View]
137616140Anyone else think Jordan Hare is a great actress? Emo the musical was surprisingly funny[View]
137617529I love the nightlife[View]
137615195is Tom gonna be okay bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpT2hMREAfQ[View]
137616344Don't google image alligator pussy[View]
137617446>Dammit, man! I'm a doctor, not a physicist![View]
137617127Can someone tell me where I can find this one Dexters Laboratory where Dexter got himself some 'magi…[View]
137614606This will be pure kino[View]
137616280Anyone see this wholesome movie?[View]
137615866I think I hate Star Trek and Dr Who fans more than I hate Star Wars fans.[View]
137617324Why are fans of this movie so rabid, infantile, and arrogant?[View]
137617304Kinos that deal with socioeconomic themes?[View]
137616763Question: How do you EQ a film?: You know, give it that warmth sounding feel (Equalisation)[View]
137610654She's too strong[View]
137614298Is something wrong with comedians?[View]
137615931What the F*CK is their problem[View]
137617644Any good movies about the consequences of social distancing?[View]
137617235What are some leftist kinos[View]
137615294Does Blaine's stuff even count as magic or is it just cheap camera tricks and stooges?[View]
137617142Josh Brolin was an excellent choice for Cable. But we all know that Jim Carrey would have been perfe…[View]
137617107What are some actual mindfuck movies that mess with your brain?[View]
137614076>breaths heavily through nose >acting[View]
137605951Why didn't they kill him?[View]
137609196Television and Film Characters You've Been Told You Look Like[View]
137613329Farscape: God damn, she still looks hot and her room is like a teenager[View]
137615643Jordan Schlansky: Is this guy playing a character?[View]
137615377shia got his entire chest tattooed for some vod movie with awful reviews[View]
137616771was it kino?[View]
137616882Holy fucking shit, this movie is absolutely fucking intense. What a hard watch.[View]
137612216Salud mi familia[View]
137616706Look who's Here[View]
137616090Uncle Leo > Frank > George > Newman > Kramer > Lloyd Braun > Putty > Elaine …[View]
137615245How come there are no movie studios in the Midwest? >inb4 that one soundstage in Chicago that was…[View]
137608284Terminator 3 John Connor is best John Connor. Terminator 2 John Connor was an annoying brat that spo…[View]
137607360What went wrong?[View]
137615820Love, TARS.[View]
137614088I... heh.... quite rather.... ENJOYED this piece of... kino ;)[View]
137615563Do they really expect me to believe that rich people good at heart?[View]
137616221>there's black people, and there's niggas[View]
137613312How does /tv/ feel about Apple TV+?[View]
137616417american psycho: >it was all a dream Turned the movie from an 8 to a 4.…[View]
137615895Whats the worst movie that you ever sat through for some nudity? I spend 2 fucking hours watching th…[View]
137616206Does a more kino musical exist?[View]
137615795When I win this competition I'm gonna to buy two walk in coolers, that's all I really want…[View]
137616327Your in charge of the setting and actors of season 4 of True detective. Who do you chose and where w…[View]
137613847Battlestation Thread: Post your movie watching setup.[View]
137615661Movie when?[View]
137616144Anyone have this cut of fire walk with me? the youtube guy is inactive so it's basicly lost and…[View]
137610825Elle Fanning to Star in Hulu Series Based on Michelle Carter Texting Suicide Case: https://variety.c…[View]
137615946>snitches on a well known neighborhood drug dealer to avoid getting suspended from school >get…[View]
137615748Is George meant to be a stupid character? I remember in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David and Jason …[View]
137615010For me, it's the Rural Juror.[View]
137614885ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
137610294I don't get it[View]
137616075>That cunny thread, I wonder if it was deleted?[View]
137614382Was she a Karen?[View]
137615573I THINK /tv/ SUCKS[View]
137615768Your way... it won't work.[View]
137614193fight club ruined entire generation of men[View]
137615716this blonde brat should have exploded as a blueberry! Don't you think?[View]
137614233any kinos about life-threatening obesity?[View]
137588718Best movies where main character has an alcohol problem?[View]
137615935Any kinos with this feel?[View]
137614216>literally me Who /Tommeh/ here?[View]
137612269Why didn't he just lie to David?[View]
137615588Hasn't Hollywood learned from Cats already? And do they seriously plan on releasing this during…[View]
137596512All Star Trek Movies cancelled: Confirmation from multiple sources. >All Trek movies have been pu…[View]
137615766>whos watching this in 2020?[View]
137615735>tfw finally got out of toxic relationship with a vapid hoe slamming the door on my way out Kinos…[View]
137606086>a straight hour of people hitting into things while exaggerated sfx play and the announcer makes…[View]
137615224We're're going to Schaffhausen! american dad thread[View]
137615589Anyone wanna watch some Star Trek: TNG? Streaming it now at live (dot) sydneylabs (dot) net[View]
137615482>HOW CAN SHE BRAP?!?!?[View]
137612587Why is it so boring?[View]
137614050Julianne Moore's carefully-trimmed little ginger bush was the best part of this film.[View]
137614465Would you a Penelope? Be honest[View]
137613989How the FUCK did he do it?[View]
137609631Post facial hair kino from Film and TV[View]
137612791>Seth Rogen: I’m ‘Actively Trying To Make Less Things Starring White People’ Well, at least he…[View]
137615526who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
137611707There's a tiny door in my office, Maxine[View]
137611184>'Music videos can't be kin-' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsm4poTWjMs…[View]
1376154454chan, really? A man of your talents?[View]
137613546Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137614351Neytiri is...[View]
137614180>dont read long posts >dont care what you think…[View]
137615464What’ll it be fellas; feed or seed?[View]
137613904What was /tv/'s reaction to the finale when it aired?[View]
137600767why hasnt she gotten more roles?[View]
137615422HARD GAY HOOOOOOO[View]
137615259>Battlestar Galactica I'm told the mini-series and season 1 are worth watching. How does the…[View]
137596785Was it kino?[View]
137615247>Leave racism to me.[View]
137591421/tv/ approved tattoos[View]
137606181>We need an actor to portray a hacker! >But for current year! >Got it sir!…[View]
137614467How would you describe his voice acting to someone who's never heard it?[View]
137615121What have you been enjoying on Quibi so far?[View]
137612742Wtf, just watched Season 2 episode 1 of peep show on Netflix Why did they remove the scene where Jez…[View]
137614665>movies to some films to others[View]
137615063Distribution: 'We think there is a fundamental misconception about piracy. Piracy is almost always a…[View]
137614998Why didnt the black knights just use their undead horses to get to the other side faster than the ra…[View]
137612832What's the most kino episode? Personally, I think it's The Tale of the Sorcerer's App…[View]
137614747I am not a Rapist: just had to clarify that because i get accused of that all the time-not sure why …[View]
137614797> character is making gunpowder > assistant inspects it over an open flame > character quic…[View]
137612172has anyone seen this yet, whats the verdict on the /tv/ streets homie[View]
137614956Maybe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3hkRjJrfs8[View]
137607108Is there any recovering from this?[View]
137614102Remember when pic related tried to remove Spider-man from the MCU >we can do it better, we got gr…[View]
137613479who here hype for s2[View]
137608462Which is the coolest looking Godzilla?[View]
137614822What is your favorite slapstick humor scene?[View]
137614017cast the live action adaptions[View]
137602324Any of you nerds seen the 2000s star wars movies? they are cringe kino. haha he eats a pear with a f…[View]
137611251>XFM Thread XFM Thread Post your favourite moments[View]
137608476Why are they so fake, pretentious and unlikable[View]
137611871I'm just here in Austin at this restaurant here, the name of which I gotta say is DRAKULA, alth…[View]
137614555Hence the crisps[View]
137609446Must have kino: Post kino every /tv/ anon should have in his dvd/blu-ray collection. Only 'must have…[View]
137608098Sorry to ruin your perfect fantasy movie but I found a fatal plot hole that renders the whole story …[View]
137611199Fight the real enemy![View]
137588329/trek/: They Will Not Divide Us Edition imposter thread >>137588211[View]
137612991>where are you going? To peg some white boys[View]
137613438https://datenightmovies.com/ The recommendations from this make me wanna kms. I mean, I have no peop…[View]
137614038who was in the wrong[View]
137612403*filters you*[View]
137613933What we do in the shadows: She’s just so fucking cute guys. >tfw she will never turn me into a v…[View]
137612397Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons: Is it really hard to find or did I catch a break when I downlo…[View]
137612343Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
137613861>music by Danny Elfman yep, it's gonna be kino[View]
137613104Bruh look at this dood[View]
137613810'What transporter paradox?'[View]
137612082Literally, comfy as fuck desu.[View]
137613732more dystopian kino like this?[View]
137613698You guys gonna watch that? Looks interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFOYTE3RtCs[View]
137613653>You’re awful Ornella >Telling demeaning jokes.... inviting me into your show.... you just wan…[View]
137613648By now we need a second Social Network movie[View]
137613668>it’s a game freak exclusively designs furshit and hallways thus the series is dead episode…[View]
137613643Scrubs: Was this the best insert song moment in the show?[View]
137613625Any kinos about bugs?[View]
137613596CREEM documentary: Anybody see this yet? Worth watching? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUcCMNRTZpI…[View]
137612230*Interwined stories*: Yikes[View]
137611722I think Jasmin is the hottest princess. She has a firm toned ass, nice jugs with to scale nipples. A…[View]
137612212BASED, yeah I'm thinking he's back.[View]
137613472Kinos about Catholicism?[View]
137613548Jesus fuck this was so incredibly bad[View]
137613120>You're saying you have a problem with the state of Israël?[View]
137612849Comprehensive Guide of Essential /tv/-memeable movies: I'm in the process of creating a compreh…[View]
137611731Has any film ever actually shown a realistic approach to hacking?[View]
137613497>Film ending is resolved because lol a wizard did it[View]
137612419Robert doesn't work here anymore[View]
137612149Recommend to me some Georgian кинo, guys[View]
137589806ITT Early 2000 music video kino: >zoomers will never know what it feels like to only have mtv to …[View]
137612600What does /tv/ think of Eddie Yang's last film?[View]
137606239ITT: actual incest kinos, and not just some step family brazzers bullshit I'm starting us off s…[View]
137611122was he right /tv/?[View]
137611622KONG THREAD: NERDZILLA fans will ignore this thread! There can only be one![View]
137607441Comfy 80s thread? Post favourite kinos and musics from the era. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRYF…[View]
137614422Why are people like her so underrepresented in movies?[View]
137612008Anyway, how's your sex life?[View]
137613265>watching Black Panther at the movies >intense fighting scene between protag and antag >slo…[View]
137612533>hey anon, you have watched my show right? Give me one reason you haven't watched the tribe.…[View]
137612550in trying to quantify the Brad Pitt, I've come to realize that he is the incarnation of none ot…[View]
137613228Butterfly Kisses: I know /tv/ is practically dead at this hour but has anyone seen this movie? What …[View]
137613032is it possible?[View]
137612837Jesus Christ, Spielberg. It's just chili and sea bass[View]
137612002tfw no season 5: why on hearth is gossip girl getting a reboot and not this one[View]
137612699I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007): >'Do you want a bite? No, feeling them's enoug…[View]
137613136but what does it mean?[View]
137611093>If Tenet doesn’t come out or doesn’t succeed, every other company goes home. It’s no movies unti…[View]
137611556Hi /tv/ my name is Buck. What's your name?[View]
137611666Thank you Daniel Jackson[View]
137612954I can't help but remember that the trailers from before Snyder left Justice League fucking suck…[View]
137610722>tfw no heathen goddess gf[View]
137612993Favourite movies: After all, a witch for example 1. Rita Hayworth - The Key to Escape (1994) 2. The …[View]
137612956>What I mean is the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for.[View]
137612123>Where are you taking them?[View]
137612891I liked this but I wish it didn’t force politics down my throat. I’m sick of this SJW bullshit. What…[View]
137606057>80% of Scorsese movies >*doo wop music plays* shoo bob shoo bob >VOICE OVER: In the old ne…[View]
137612807Are you ready for Drake's big screen debut?[View]
137612702IT'S NOT AL ANYMORE[View]
137610767What’s that one movie that had a profound effect on you?[View]
137612402>I'm in![View]
137612493It wasn't supposed to be a documentary.[View]
137606846This didn't aged very well.[View]
137603189>walks miles miles from civilization >arrives at an archaeological dig >walk across the dig…[View]
137610000scared, potter?[View]
137608729>Jesus... Mr. White- What was he gonna say?[View]
137609861>finale aired june 10 2007 >iphone released june 29…[View]
137612374is Mike Myers the Gene Wilder of our generation? both goofy actors both retired too soon[View]
137609486what are some of the best horror tv shows out there? or ones that are your favorite(s)[View]
137604119so these are essentially chinese propaganda films, right?[View]
137605463superbad thread[View]
137611282Why doesn't /tv/ love this show?[View]
137612227>I need a second okay? >Why can't anybody give me a goddamn second? Is The Happening™ on…[View]
137611727Cast a modern adaptation of Moby Dick and post how the story would go[View]
137605548When are Rooney and Kate going to make a movie together?[View]
137612171I am the dude that entire cities would choose to isolate and hold parties away from. They snap, twee…[View]
137612081>Look around you, can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe? I fucking love Galaxy Quest…[View]
137603708manic pixie dream girls: Are mpdg a legitimate reflection of young male idealization of women expres…[View]
137610486>'I'm sorry, I just hate racists SO MUCH I had to kill him, even if it meant me dying and pu…[View]
137605838Lately my dad's nightly routine has been getting drunk and binge watching Denzel Washington act…[View]
137612043As sure as my name is Boris Karloff, this is a Thriller![View]
137610769Go ahead: try to refute him[View]
137608874What order should I watch these?: Are they hard to understand without a guide? Im a turbo brainlet w…[View]
137610867Mad Men: I thought women were meant to be loyal and demure back in the 60s, is this show accurate or…[View]
137608315What are some /tv/ approved masks?[View]
137607290I don't get it.[View]
137609090Oh no! If Marge marries Artie, I'll never be born[View]
137602286>The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not…[View]
137604412What noise does he make?[View]
137611825What are some films with twist endings?[View]
137611517Anon, you ARE the father![View]
137611770How come 'the bad guy was secretly the people/group the protagonist was working for all along…[View]
137611642cast him[View]
137611470Which films about various mythologies are actually worth watching?[View]
137609416Mt.Rushmore of Entertainment: Who else should be on here?[View]
137611619I'M CRUCIFIED[View]
137608639How is the worst board on 4chan? What does it say about tv and movie nerds?[View]
137611544How come we never see scripts laying around or being held in bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes, …[View]
137611033What does /tv/ think of Herzog's 1979 Nosferatu? Personally I love it although I wish they…[View]
137608906hes cute[View]
137608692ITT: Best dystopian kinos: My list: >Never Let Me Go >Elysium >Minority Report >Alphavil…[View]
137611458>Character experiences traumatic or heart-breaking moment >Character begins to trash everythin…[View]
137606350Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137607490Movies to watch with your gf?[View]
137610460>'Mr. White...' What was he about to say?[View]
137604880Unironically the GOAT Actor: Has any other Hollywood actor been this dedicated to the craft? >los…[View]
137600879Damn, this was really good. I should have watched it sooner. Felt the cartoon pig, anime girl, and n…[View]
137611337Privateer 2: >way better than Blade Runner >Clive Owen is a chad >Christophen Walken is ama…[View]
137610488now tha she has been picked up by A24 is it safe to say tha vivziepop is /ourgirl/[View]
137611295>my cat really needs me right now.[View]
137609225Spiral SPOILERS: So here is the complete plot leak for Spiral. 100% real, believe me, there is no on…[View]
137610589Sors Bandeam: Sors Bandeam[View]
137606424Top 3 Movies Every Year To 1920: 2019 Parasite The Lighthouse Marriage Story 2018 Roma Isle of Dogs…[View]
137610466What is next?[View]
137610154I don’t get it.[View]
137608750yeah, well adapt to this[View]
137608949>an empty movie theater >a rainy day >a bottle of whiskey Is there a comfier combo?…[View]
137607948Is a actress getting paid extra to do nudity any different from your standard camgirl/Onlyfans chick…[View]
137604030OCD ruining everything: I suffer from ocd and intrusive thoughts and it’s completely ruining everyth…[View]
137607422I just watches An American Pickle what did I think?[View]
137611112Tch tch tch... Such a handsome boy...[View]
137598332how could this be allowed in progressive hollywood?[View]
137601544ITT: Unfairly typecast actors[View]
137610681Why were they so mean to spongebob?[View]
137610505>If you're in trouble he will save the day[View]
137609477I'm Sheriff John Brunnel[View]
137610892Are the popular kids now really chinks and fat fucks?[View]
137609145The Secret Garden (2020): Why did they make this character black in the remake of The Secret Garden?…[View]
137609811Hannibal: >One of the worst characters I've ever seen >Laughable super power bits where h…[View]
137608269he was a little out of order himself[View]
137610711>gimme that time machine and ill do what you shoulda did ten minutes ago…[View]
137610341In another few hours the sun will rise.[View]
137609957George picked the worst kid[View]
137608273why are russians always involved in some way or another?[View]
137608820Muppets Now: Would he like it?[View]
137606817'Comedian' David Cross: Censorship is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msPTG_ORwbA[View]
137601981Hey, wassup fool? I heard you’re something of a movie expert or some shit. Pick a good movie for me …[View]
137603413Would you a Penelope? Be honest[View]
137609986Any good films about combat medics? Hacksaw Ridge is the only one I know of and I thought it was pre…[View]
137610468Dude pickles himself, funniest shit I've ever seen.[View]
137608255Wait... I thought M. Night Shyamalamadingdong makes bad movies?[View]
137609316What went right? [View]
137610364The most kino threequel to ever exist.[View]
137603140I don't get it.[View]
137607105does /tv/ care for Joe? What are your favorites?[View]
137610166I vant to suck ur blood!: bleh?[View]
137610090Clive Owen in Saving Private Ryan.[View]
137609685Homstar Runner The Movie: Strong Bad - Lance Reddick Homestar Runner - Andy Samberg The Cheat - Amy …[View]
137608546Was it kino?[View]
137607425what are we, some kind of uhh... yeah ha-ha, ha-ha Suicide Squad?[View]
137609730Was Sabrina a transsexual? In this shot you can see her humping Christie but we never see a strap-on…[View]
137598214Was pre-cancellation Family Guy more soulful?[View]
137609974wtf he was actually innocent[View]
137609276Hollywood Habsburgs: Jay Leno is definitely a descendant of the Habsburgs. How can one have a chin a…[View]
137609647The most excitement I get in a week is when I miss a step while walking up or down stairs[View]
137609429I am incredibly squeamish and cowardly with films. I can't even watch SAW movies. Is it bad?[View]
137608789why is this kino so underrated?[View]
137609596Goddamn you Cypher![View]
137609575Come in my arms, my vulnerable offspring[View]
137607336what are some good nihilistic films?[View]
137577046The master does it again. Sasuga Anno.[View]
137609415satanic cabal[View]
137608822worst character redesigns: I'll start[View]
137606123What's with this guy and feet?[View]
137609160Jannies deleted my previous thread because I guess they cannot read and understand that it was a thr…[View]
137609139Fort Apache, The Bronx: worth watching? cant find a download anywhere.[View]
137608457Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137605451Wouldn't it be immediately obvious that people were going into the barbershop and not coming ou…[View]
137608924What's the first movie that comes to your head?[View]
137608891Grumple: Grumple chumkins[View]
137604785Heres an actual comedy special with punchlines, one liners and witticism in 2020 https://www.youtub…[View]
137608856https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QWsobCRSWnQ This cringy shit vid is funny for boomers????[View]
137602459I KNOW I KN--[View]
137607472name of this film[View]
137605404heat > collateral > thief > the insider = manhunter[View]
137608412Why wasn't there an animated series made from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow?[View]
137608572Not a bad movie but what a shitty adaptation. How do they adapt the story and completely cut out mol…[View]
137605722/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: >there was a website where a bunch of people were saying I'm …[View]
137604281he was right all along, i am a bad thing. 25 neet, virgin loser, obsessed and craving intimacy with …[View]
137608089What if AJ went to the military school?[View]
137600827ITT: we write family guy cutaway jokes: >peter drops his freshly baked muffins >'ah crap this …[View]
137605215what are movies that feature characters with a snus habit?[View]
137605341>131 days until Dune[View]
137608271so im just about to start the audrey and daisy documentary on netflix. is there anything thing i sho…[View]
137606923I turned myself into a turkey Jerry![View]
137602967Childhood is thinking you are Raymond. Adulthood, realising you were Robert all along.[View]
137607467Anon, I can see your chicanery.[View]
137607894>Your new empire??[View]
137607776Nocturnal Animals: WTF was this sad shit!? Literally one sad thing followed by another I can't …[View]
137607476What is it about movies with loose plot structure that upsets people so much?[View]
137607907Is Ancient Aliens any good?[View]
137607957Well?: What's the consensus?[View]
137605035YOU SAY.: I only hear what I want https://youtu.be/i9HGwRbMiVY to.[View]
137607353What was her endgame?[View]
137606486These lil niggas had the best commercials.[View]
137607639what are some movies and tv shows that the other boards wouldn't approve of?[View]
137607556Shark week starts Sunday.[View]
137598090One of the biggest enigmas on the history of entertainment: How and why has Vince Vaughn functioned …[View]
137607519>white cop gets falsely accused of racially-motivated violence against a black man and demonized …[View]
137597393Im going to Jail for 3 months from next week Wednesday for order drugs on the dark net I need some P…[View]
137607636in the last week we have gotten TWO new boards for vidya, the most recent is a board dedicated to th…[View]
137606261tick tick boom time bomb[View]
137593011/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. /film/ Literature - https://mega.n…[View]
137602553Are you guys hyped for the 4th (and final) season of Attack on Titan?[View]
137603435Being older I’ve realized something...: everything on tv sucks. Movies, tv shows, comedy shows, yout…[View]
137607314>creates that kino movie Lost in London >most people didn't watch it he truly is a misu…[View]
137604156Did people like this movie when it came out?[View]
137603227A Rapist and his Dog: So basically the story follows a telepathic dog and his rapist human and they …[View]
137601566>Stanley Kubrick >Ridley Scott >Quentin Tarantino >Wes Anderson >Christopher Nolan…[View]
137607190Why aren’t there more fiesty chicanas in movies?[View]
137603025How did all the races in LOTR exist so discretely and why is there no race-mixing e.g. half elf half…[View]
137603858What the fuck is Star Trek's problem?[View]
137605431Anyone know any good websites for tv shows? I have amazon prime, and I wanna watch psych on my pc, b…[View]
137606979I get Al Neri and Rocco, but this guy just seems like a complete bumbling idiot.[View]
137606374The Shivering Truth: yall on this shit yet? Goddamn that's some trippy shit[View]
137606843Do you like to ever cosplay as /tv/ characters? I brought my bf home some masks to keep in same from…[View]
137606673>Why the hell do you brush your teeth at work? >Why the hell do you brush your teeth at work? …[View]
137606911PINGU?: PINGU. nootnoot![View]
137606285What are the best weddings in film? Ceremony, party, etc?[View]
137602680The Birth of a Nation (1915) is often said to be the most influential film ever made.[View]
137603897>mfw there is 1 (ONE) good thread on this shit board[View]
137606195WHERE THE FUCK DID HIS HANDCUFFS GO?: He's clearly cuffed in the police car (as he would logica…[View]
137606524This movie is objectively better then Kubrick's entire filmography.[View]
137606606Cast him[View]
137606563what are your thoughts on British Television? is it better than the american television?[View]
137606407My preferred kpost image has evolved as I've become more experienced and connected to kposting …[View]
137606533What’s next for Mexican actress Isabella Merced?[View]
137604008Unpopular Opinions That Are Also Facts: This show would have been much better without Danny Devito…[View]
137605016The Sopranos: Top five episodes. Let's hear it. 1) Whitecaps 2) Where's Johnny? 3) Cold C…[View]
137599517Holy fuck: Human beings are retarded.[View]
137602061ITT: Movies that might not quite be kino, but you still enjoy and feel have worth as films.[View]
137606162Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her She's the only one who knows, what it is T…[View]
137602546i have totally given up: my dreams have been downgraded from wife career and family to not being kil…[View]
137605873Explain this scene please[View]
137604093>American movie >School has a metal detector and airport security at the door >all bags mus…[View]
137606324ITT: Awful shit you got tricked into watching by /tv/[View]
137603618>interesting premise >inevitably goes to lesbo route I fucking hate french cinema…[View]
137601008How do we save the Kaiju kinos?: >Pacific Rim - pure kino, great cinematography >Godzilla - ki…[View]
137606289if you'll excuse me I'd like to make an announcement. Fuck Bug Heads Chinks Trannies Libsh…[View]
137606094Was Colleen the best female in Futurama?[View]
137599456>he's past that certain age and doesn't have a loving gf and children…[View]
137606034Similar schlock movies?[View]
137604690I’ve been majorly depressed and suicidal these past few days, give me some depression/suicide/mental…[View]
137606004>tfw no brooke gf[View]
137602152Kinos that scarred you as a child.[View]
137606042Debra, I want sex. *laugh track*[View]
137604951It is unfathomable how shit this runs on playstation, is it like this on every platform?[View]
137604097I'm gonna keep posting Alkaline Trio until one of you acknowledges it.[View]
137604034Why are there no antinatalist kinos except for TD season 1?[View]
137602749I don’t get it.[View]
137605922>mfw no more Cheers on Netflix to drink beer to[View]
137602880It was okay[View]
137603226I miss him so much bros[View]
137604005What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137605686He makes kino, yet people seethe because art hoes like him.[View]
137605478>watch a film starring a gay actor >they’re playing a straight character but they still come a…[View]
137597486UPCOMING MARVEL PROJECTS ROUND-UP: CONFIRMED MOVIES >Black Widow >The Eternals >Shang-Chi a…[View]
137593901What was his catchphrase again?[View]
137605645>character is dying or in a hopeless situation >'everything's going to be okay'…[View]
137604828ITT: Post scenes that made you crap your pants[View]
137605281Kevin Kline is amazing in this kino[View]
137604973Yo homie, that My Briefcase?[View]
137603509dun dun dun dun ddddddrrr dun dun DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DU…[View]
137604636It's firiday night everyone DANCE THE MAMUSHKA!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
137600165A24 has officially picked up Hazbin Hotel: https://twitter.com/A24/status/1291781153066643456 Discus…[View]
137604829Itt: 'villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
137596218What would you have done in this situation?[View]
137604425August 2020... I am forgotten.[View]
137604680american propaganda: >shitty sob story about muh country >directed by a irrelevant boomer >…[View]
137604633This is a masterpiece[View]
137604504Is it kino?[View]
137604036>33 years old[View]
137605250Before you disrespect J.R.O.C.: it could happen to you, 'cause it happened to me[View]
137597042X-MEN TRILOGY PRODUCTION STORIES: It's amazing those movies came out as well as they did. >B…[View]
137602171/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar a…[View]
137603132Commercial thread Looks like Kylie Page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvRn5jGX-RQ[View]
137602988PETAAAAA GRIFFIN!!![View]
137605111Why did middle aged Jonas think he could close the hole and stop the cycle if he’d already met Adam,…[View]
137604157You guys seen the best film of all time yet? BLACK IS KING available now only on Disney+[View]
137604896Is horror dead?[View]
137604053Where where you when: ?[View]
1376032516 AM here bros. Smoking a big joint of weed thc. What movie could I see? I put the pledge with Jack …[View]
137603109Hey Anon, can you please stop staring at me and taking creepy pictures? I'm out with my bf.[View]
137603974>ITT: Wikipedia articles they should make into movies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ota_Benga…[View]
137603641So who won? Ford or Ferrari?[View]
137604618Who was in the wrong here?[View]
1375811652020.......: I am forgotten[View]
137604784Gran torino: >chink, gook, spook, zipperhead >yet can't say the N word Thoughts on Gran T…[View]
137604744What’s next for actress Lulu Wilson?[View]
137600727This really hasn't aged well. these midgit special effects just seem like people highlighted in…[View]
137603450>Drop the taco, get in the car[View]
137603146>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think we reached it. Pure kino[View]
137604468What's your opinion on this. I think it's way better Rick & Morty.[View]
137604463tfw no Ripley gf[View]
137604413Heelloooo, I'm the Nostalgia Critic! I remember it so YOU don't have to![View]
137604295Is King of the Hill the best American animated comedy show of all time? It went 13 seasons and never…[View]
1376038071 was the most based movie ever made 2 and 3 were pure garbage what will 4 be?[View]
137595867Music Video Kino: https://www.reddit.com/r/HipHopGoneWild/comments/i57928/wap_cardi_b/[View]
137601837Do you guys think creepypastas have kino potential?[View]
137604210is this just about autism? i dont get it[View]
137604212ITT: Biggest Asian Kinos: For me, it's Sakura Ando.[View]
137601123What will the future hold for acclaimed British actor, Star of Stage and Screen, and Hollywood “It G…[View]
137603473>we've got a team of scientists working around the clock[View]
137603049For me it's May 16th 1999[View]
137603639Stupid /tv/! Be more funny![View]
137602756Movies that have no right being as good as they are.[View]
137591597best film poster of all time?[View]
137601263Is Beetlejuice just a really good actor?[View]
137603826>There will never be a season 2 What went wrong?[View]
137596839USS Voyager crew teased after the success of ‘Lower Decks’[View]
137601418the fuck was his problem?[View]
137601303What went wrong? Did Nolan stop caring?[View]
137602055is it true that once you watch every movie in the MCU, you 'get it,' so to speak?[View]
137602669>We need an evil agency to use as a plot device say no more, f a m[View]
137602007Post people you’d cast for potential Dresden Files /tv/: What do you guys think, I feel like pic rel…[View]
137603153Why did Tony forgive junior so easily for trying to have him wacked?[View]
137600407It’s his 60th birthday. Say something nice[View]
137603051Was him being a cunt supposed to be a twist? I just rewatched Aliens and he actually seems like an o…[View]
137602290Please welcome the wickedly talented, the one and only, Adele Dazeem.[View]
137603331wouldn't it be kino if after juror 3 changed his vote to not guilty fonda said he thought the b…[View]
137597779Sofia Boutella thread: Yes.[View]
137601522Series that only you remember and like[View]
137600601Did he deserve it?[View]
137603259Kino for this feel?[View]
137603215>So I had a spot at the laugh factory and I was all ready to go out on stage. I look behind me. K…[View]
137600350I liked it.[View]
137603150>character writes letter he never intends to send >accidentally sends it…[View]
137603117Every movie would take half the time.[View]
137601569Best scene stealers of all time and why was it Philip Seymore Hoffman? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
137602064Is china kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4kfhy5Kzkk[View]
137603082Post underrated live-action character designs[View]
137602229What did she mean by this?[View]
137602954English Drama Kino I haven't seen?[View]
137603013Superman is an idealist's hero. We live in an age that ruthlessly shits on idealism to encourag…[View]
137599890will he ever have a downfall? hes flyin too close to the sun lately.[View]
137598347Perhaps the most underrated war movie of all time[View]
137585906Who is your favorite female comedian?[View]
137601762133 DAYS: can villeneuve pull it off, /tv/?[View]
137599237Did it age well?[View]
137601883Pregnant Roon.: Pregnant Roon.[View]
137602758You take the blue pill, you go to sleep and believe you're the gender you were assigned at birt…[View]
137596862Is this worth watching?[View]
137602398Does /tv/ have a list of conspiracies like this one?[View]
137599368Looking for some War Kinos: Is Dunkirk any good?[View]
137602642Who are you calling cootie queen: You lint licker[View]
137601866OH N-[View]
137600893what are the best movies by Kelly Reichardt?[View]
137600094opinion on this kino?[View]
137602585ITT: We stan Domlene[View]
137602446Hindsight is 20/20: The prequels were great. I'm sorry you didn't appreciate them.[View]
137602557Any good movies about fighting?[View]
137602547Now you remember millennial ingenue of Oscar™ winner “American Beauty” and equally comedic powerhous…[View]
137602039This thread about the Sopranos will get zero replies. Do not, I repeat, do not, post in this thread.[View]
137602526>This here game is like a plane, Ray. Flyin through the air without a care. But I ain't gett…[View]
137601859Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee are literally the same person in two different bodies. A }'reverse-f…[View]
137602518This is some pretty good cinema[View]
137602486JUST YOU AND I[View]
137602483Any films or television about nuclear accidents besides HBO? I just got done watching this https://w…[View]
137602476>whatever you want Jerry[View]
137602442Wynonna Earp: Did Syfy go too far?[View]
137602422Is this the best movie about the fall of Constantinople?[View]
137602362Was Freddy Krueger always a pedo or is that an invention of the reboot[View]
137600325>wears Disney merchandises what did cohem mean by this[View]
137601166>movie starts throwing down life lessons[View]
137598460Do white american teenagers really act like nogs?: That was cringe, holy fuck.[View]
137599965>Second season drops >Literally no one cares How did they fuck this up so badly?…[View]
137599578imagine having a low wage job haha imagine working 40 hours a week and not being able to afford a st…[View]
137600807Rod Serling: Was he killed? Did he knew too much?[View]
137597158what is the most based and redpilled kino of all time?[View]
137595708ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
137600377whats his endgame?[View]
137602078Defending Jacob: this show was weirdly comfy considering the subject matter. Really shows off how ni…[View]
137601312What is the film equivalent of a liminal space?[View]
137600964im 35 minutes in but i cant tell what the fuck is going on because literally everyone has the exact …[View]
137600478All Kids Love Log™![View]
137600294daily reminder you peasants are missing out on 1 of the most awesome brit crime kinos: hyena 2014…[View]
137601572Why is he so laid back?: Mofo just survived a murder attempt![View]
137601393ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
137601211Golden boy and other similar animes: What else?[View]
137601711What is some good streaming service horror? I loved pic related but it is the only good one I'v…[View]
137584771Audrey's Dance: Audrey's Dance[View]
137601823>/tv/, can you not throw your dirty old piss jugs around, please?![View]
137601219does alcohol enhance the kino viewing experience? I can’t smoke DUDE anymore, so I need an alternati…[View]
137601467This is the best film ever made.[View]
137601349Why does this stupid board still exist? Imagine watching tv unironically in 2020[View]
137601697>is the most kino Police Procedural of all times in you're path poor zoomers will never know…[View]
137592925Starship Troopers idea of satire was literally >make perfect society >but look they’re wearing…[View]
137601623anyone see this episode. rob lowe seems like a pretty good dude.[View]
137599248Name a show with more beautiful women.[View]
137598600/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: Keesha, Kevin Safety Suite Winner: Janelle,…[View]
137597826Why do actresses have these tattoos?[View]
137600257>I think it's typical..[View]
137601318I told my dad that Scooby-Doo met George Takei in a recent episode and my dad said 'so he has sex wi…[View]
137601340>'B-A BA' >'B-E BE' >'B-I BICKY-BY' >'B-O BO' >'BICKY-BY BO B-U BU' >'BICKY-BY BO …[View]
137599044Claim your baking waifu[View]
137597072>I need some air >Point that air at me[View]
137600600Don't mind me, I'm just posting the best animated series of all time to ever grace a telev…[View]
137601097Hansel, so hot right now, Hansel.[View]
137601141perhaps the most wistfully romantic and tragic movie of all time. also: i just estimated that I…[View]
137601178Recommend horrors or thrillers.: Please anons, I'm drunk.[View]
137598916>SAY IT[View]
137601193>Prequelfags will never accept the truth that this was the only good thing to come out of any Sta…[View]
137601155WAS IT KINO?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQHPYelqr0E[View]
137600012So, how fucked up will be The Wheel of Time by Amazon?? It would got a third season?? (this got gree…[View]
137598518One Hour Photo: Do people like this really exist irl? No hobbies, no friends, no gf?[View]
137597025Star Trek Lower Decks: There’s a fan comic with a couple hundred pages about O’brian that’s the exac…[View]
137598938/KINO/: recommend me some kinos /tv/[View]
137598920Post underrated sophomoric comedies that are detested only by prudes and snobs.[View]
137599495Perfect Blue: Filming it as a cartoon was an unnecessary gimmick. Using real actors would have suffi…[View]
137598256can we talk about how awesome CJLP is? Philosophy, ethics, and a handsome man at that. He is my capt…[View]
137598457>They retroactively made Jake black and are now turning him into a mascot due to the success of t…[View]
137599946Who are your favorite Japanese kino makers?[View]
137600996Gayest show ever?: >Will and Grace[View]
137599682So when the hell is Adult Swim going to give us another season of our favorite chompsky honk? It…[View]
137600878His new special was delightful.[View]
137600913Best music themes. Best cinematography. Best stories.: Is it any wonder Marvel fags are jealous? ht…[View]
137599125Was he an incel?[View]
137600592Why didnt that schizo just take his meds?[View]
137600081There's a man... going around... taking names...[View]
137592938Will it be kino? https://www.eonline.com/news/1177403/elle-fanning-to-play-michelle-carter-in-hulu-s…[View]
137600464>Why yes I'm a Hufflepuff, how could you tell?[View]
137599082DC's STARGIRL: >How do you want your telepathy-enhancing machine, bro? >Just Cerebro my s…[View]
137600630Why didn’t you guys tell me this was kino?[View]
137600611>Why can't we see the air all around us? No reason. Why are we always thinking? No reason. W…[View]
137599986For me, it's The Apartment[View]
137600614Well this puts the nail in the coffin. This movie is absolute pure kino. And warren Beatty is based.[View]
137599650The great Gatsby? more like the great SIMP.: So the moral of the story was that you should never tru…[View]
137600110if you've reach a level in society to be depicted on the Simpson's well then I'd say …[View]
137599449I miss this lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137599661I was the victim of a horrible train derailment back in December 2017. The accident gave me total am…[View]
137600513What movies have the best commentaries?[View]
137600470>Right. Let's sort the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy, and those who trus…[View]
137592275Who is the best fictional kingpin?[View]
137596327Any more good movies set in one location?[View]
137597713The Dark Knight Rises discussion: How did CIA instantly know that the masked terrorist that the merc…[View]
137600319ITT dinosaur kino[View]
137574863ITT: Shows only you remember: Alias[View]
137597317why the fuck does no one here ever talk about Power Rangers?[View]
137599568>SAY IT! SAY THE WORD, ROBIN!![View]
137594158they were not kidding with this movie[View]
137600245Who'll play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137598640Was Nelson an incel?[View]
137599300memes aside, how does one realistically cope with the fact that his wife's ass is completely bl…[View]
137599416Brad Pitt is a better actor than Leonardo DiCaprio. Change my mind[View]
137597573i don't get it[View]
137599134Is it true that you can't really appreciate this movie unless you've worked in a chain res…[View]
137600029What did we think of Snow White and The Huntsman ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d58VJ-sC1uY[View]
137599729>/tv/'s favorite studio is teaming up with /co/'s favorite series Will we like it?…[View]
137599644Didn’t they do blm four year’s ago?[View]
137599509NO MATTER WHAT[View]
137584907>THIS IS MADNESS[View]
137595832fucking JUST[View]
137591921Stop! You’ve violated the law![View]
137599815Can we even be sure Will's 'dad' was even his dad?: I mean Idk how well I'd trust some bla…[View]
137599792What are some kino shots?[View]
137593708God could you even imagine? Cartoons sure are crazy sometimes[View]
137599719What the fuck happened? Its nigger shit 24/7[View]
137599655So Tell me what happened[View]
137598536what did 4channel mean by this?[View]
137599679Are there any critics that claimed that The Passion of the Christ was a bad film for any reason othe…[View]
137581568Which movie scene was the most terryfing to you?[View]
137598596What films do you expect to get censored in the coming years?[View]
137599627Has anyone ever taken an old, poorly received, or bad B movie, gathered all the available filmed mat…[View]
137599625Is there even a single non-pozzed series on Netflix? I've been browsing this catalog for an hou…[View]
137599602damn this is quite the kino film[View]
137599056What's next for Julia Fox's career?[View]
137596386What movies have you simped over recently?[View]
137599021Any love for this movie? A kaleidoscope of neo-noir and thriller subgenres from sleazy 80s erotic th…[View]
137599040You now remember 9gag[View]
137599421>'Let her go, she has nothing to do with this.'[View]
137586856/who/ Doctor Who General: Midnight next doctor reveal edition Previous: >>137572400[View]
137598629ITT: characters you didn't realize were played by the same actor[View]
137599076WAKE ME UP[View]
137599163i'm bored as fuck, post a good samurai kino i should watch right now[View]
137598436Ellen: Is she autistic?[View]
137598298how can anyone take this seriously: I'm two episodes in and it just gets less and less probable…[View]
137599236Good movies like this classic?[View]
137596952Tonight, on Unsolved Mysteries...[View]
137599058Suggest me some good arthouse/avant garde/experimental kino for tonight please.....[View]
137599171Who would make a better biopic?[View]
137599026>do they float why did he ask this?[View]
1375991006 million? Baked in an oven?: I saw that movie, I thought it was bullshit[View]
137592883i miss him bros[View]
137585470It's literally impossible to get a body like this naturally.[View]
137598815Best GOT Actor: Be interesting to know /tv/'s picks for the best actor/actress in Game of Thron…[View]
137599052>You definitely don't have an Angel Heart™, Johnny. Dropped the movie right there. What the …[View]
137598111How is The Simpsons still an ongoing show?[View]
137598842With how fucking pc everything is nowadays, I'm surprised this hasnt been brought up but a lot …[View]
137598734This movie had no right being as good as it turned out to be. It's not exactly a good Bean movi…[View]
1375966099TH GATE THREAD: ULTIMATE /TV/ FILTER >Corso >What did you expect, an apparition? https://www.…[View]
137593375Holy shit, it actually IS Possible to make a Good Anime Live Action Adaptation!: Yet it might not ge…[View]
137597111I, as a person, am kino[View]
137597269Imagine not pooling your infinite resources and your best production crews to create a big budget Di…[View]
137597462Why did he do it /tv/?[View]
137597238What the fuck is this shit movie? I couldn’t understand anything besides the fact it’s pretty transp…[View]
137596917Ya I’m thinking he’s back: https://azm.to/movie/the-tax-collector[View]
137598597So what’s the consensus?: In some ways it’s not as bad as I expected, but in other ways it’s even wo…[View]
137598543>I'm Max Cherry, I'm your bail bondsman.[View]
137598137What was renowned TV Actor Jussie Smollett's best performance?[View]
137598534Thoughts on season 2?[View]
137593808>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
137597677Better than Silence of the Lambs[View]
137598513First Look At Remake of Hitchcock's REBECCA Starring Lily James: https://bloody-disgusting.com/…[View]
137594670200k and mostly by starvation[View]
137598235why do men and women hate each other so much in sitcoms?[View]
137596438OH N-[View]
137597638What's next for Freya Allan's acting career?[View]
137593055How the FUCK was it so good?[View]
137595369So, we agree this is better than Breaking Bad, right?[View]
137596504>Get back to your cell, dyke inmate.[View]
137591936Which Black Widow is the best and sexiest?[View]
137595549SAMURAI COP (1991): Was it kino?[View]
137597461Take the call /tv/[View]
137598201Represent your job with a Movie or TV character.: What are the jobs of /tv/?[View]
137597282The ones that got away.[View]
137596016>give me 4 hours >you have 3[View]
137596841How does /tv/ feel about the webcam horror genre?[View]
137590608A24 is going to be making Hazbin Hotel into a tv series.[View]
137598191Kinos that give you this feel?[View]
137598187cast him[View]
137592357/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Safety Suite Winner: Janelle, Kaysar pr…[View]
137596696Is he a hack?[View]
137596661>*Makes super kino on your path* I'm gonna miss these lil' niggas like you wouldn'…[View]
137593445ITT: episodes you always skip[View]
137597067what the fuck was mocha joes problem[View]
137598121>Paying to watch reruns of old sit-coms. Why do people do this?[View]
137596602Imagine thinking you can truly enjoy this film outside of a theater setting? >but i watched it on…[View]
137596617>heh heh heh >this board sucks heh >mhm mhm heh…[View]
137596391>Howard Stern got a movie but not Opie & Anthony[View]
137597118LUKE... use the force and run Run to Dagobah, Run to Dagobah[View]
137597802Kinos that are double-features?[View]
137595719DC FANDOME'S MYSTERY ACTORS: DC just announced the guest list for DC Fandome and there's a…[View]
137595720AFTA DINNA[View]
137597590>My Führer...[View]
137584963was it kino?[View]
137595525I cant even finish it. Why is every scene, every plot point, every line and its delivery so fucking …[View]
137595292What am I supposed to think of this? Why was the ending so fucking retarded? [View]
137597667>be voice actor >literally just normal acting but with half the talent taken away >think yo…[View]
137597492Family Guy movie: Wasnt there supposed to be a movie? I also heard some article a while back mention…[View]
137596746>You have been banned from /tv/ for the following reasons: >replying to off-topic garbage…[View]
137585166Why wasn't there a scene showing the people who were still alive inside the ship when it hit th…[View]
137597555good news everyone[View]
137596029How will the events of the past year influence the horror genre?[View]
137596573He's Right You Know.[View]
137596112Cast him (the famous Youtuber MrChiCity).[View]
137597490There's an old discussion regarding The Exorcist that was also very popular on the iMDB forum f…[View]
137597465Honk kong cinema appreciation thread: This chinks inspired a shitton of american filmakers and vice …[View]
137596554lost media thread: discuss anything related to lost, or unreleased, media.[View]
137597379Is that movie ever happening or has it been swallowed up by Hollywood development hell?[View]
137597398Why did Kong drink s[View]
137597037It’s Friday night, post her pic[View]
137597369Seriously though. What about the bonus situation?[View]
137596473No Tread thread? Let's change that.: Just saw this heroic revenge documentary, what did tv thin…[View]
137597305Why did Tony let Chrissy have his Toblerone?[View]
137596065Grand Designs: Toppest lad on the show[View]
137597068it seems today that all you see is maga chuds and incels and simps on /tv/[View]
137597124Should I put time into watching this? Hard mode: I dont care about roosterteeth[View]
137596824Why did they want this pulled?: It's like watching porn to me. Very satisfying.[View]
137592408Just marathoned this absolute Kino. Can't bruise the cruise.[View]
137595591Why was everyone else in his town such dicks[View]
137596984>movie has an unreliable narrator[View]
137596769This trash is WAY worse than the fucking prequels!: What the fuck happened here?[View]
137595888What went right?[View]
137596377Look mom, I'm Barry Lyndoning[View]
137583526It blows Rick and Morty out of the fucking water.[View]
137593180Hottest couple in film?[View]
137591415What lies beneath your feet?[View]
137592393Saldanabros...: On August 4th, Saldana sat down with Steven Canals, the creator and executive produc…[View]
137595635For those that don't understand the appeal of older movies 1960 and previous: I just saw this a…[View]
137595254What are your opinion on this movie? I liked it but I thought that the pacing was all over the place…[View]
137594262Could a 'live' action film version of Futurama work?[View]
137595081The ultimate plebfilter[View]
137596724Where Da Homies At?[View]
137596806how did he get everyone to hate him so much? he has less dirt on him them most people[View]
137594811X-Men an allegory for the GAY experience: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/bryan-singers-t…[View]
137596562OH N-[View]
137595086Is he /our guy/?[View]
137594585Has anyone else ever noticed how tiny this taco restaurant was? Just where in the hell did CBG telep…[View]
137591745Why do we do it?[View]
137596493So um... it's her father, right? i mean... right, /tv/ bros?[View]
137596413Help me out guys. What is this from?[View]
137594230DS9 vs Babylon 5: Which is the better science fiction kino? And did DS9 rip off Babylon 5?[View]
137594910It was ok, I guess. It was pretty thin and insubstantial, unlike the girl. The only thought provokin…[View]
137596223Kinos about experiencing déjà vu?[View]
137596409What are the good martial arts movie from the last decade? Wuxia is fine too, if there is any. Alrea…[View]
137590529Who was the best American Pysho Gal, and why was it the redheaded prostitute?[View]
137588353when the fuck is it gonna be released? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWF6UBz9Amc[View]
137595012Why do you feel like you must hate this man? Jay Bauman is not your enemy. I repeat, Jay Bauman is n…[View]
137596168I don't mind Disney Spider-Man: Those movies are a solid 7/10.[View]
137596190Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/VVptKSGROXQ[View]
137567411The mouse is getting the guillotine.[View]
137596267>characters smoke weed >white rabbit plays Bravo Stone…[View]
137593783Sinclair vs Sheridan: Who was more based?[View]
137576048Top kino moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNlmRId2FVQ[View]
137596216Patrick Bateman is such a city slicker, ain't he? He even stole Paul Allen's gucci loafer…[View]
137596157The names Bond. James Bond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emwFSTv71-I&t[View]
137571575buenas noches mein fuhrer[View]
137595940>CIA spy movie >Bad guy is Russian or Iranian…[View]
137595786OYSTERS CLAMS AND COCKLES!!!!!!!!![View]
137596140Spooktober: We're just 2 months away from having regular non-dead horror threads again. I am ex…[View]
137587252How much do the corner boys earn for a day's work on average? It can't be that much as peo…[View]
137595755I can break these cuffs.[View]
137595711My brother is a fa/tv/irgin (he told me that's what you fellas call yourselves - he himself is …[View]
137588314This shit scared me as a kid[View]
137595976Be at peace son of Gondor[View]
137592928Space Conan was kino.[View]
137595807movies for this feeling[View]
137595908Is he really the best?[View]
137587013Did you know...: >While shooting 9 to 5, Dolly Parton would take a shower on set after a long day…[View]
137593478Here's your set bro[View]
137589906There is a god and he is good. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/walt-disney-company-posts-first-…[View]
137588200Willem Dafoe: What are his best movies? Everything he touches turns to gold.[View]
137595634People who gave their life to create kino?[View]
137588390Which are the best episodes of this show? For me, it's the episode where House cures the patien…[View]
137595756I heard he got a movie and TV show. Was it any good?[View]
137594414>Strange as it sounds, this one's true. It happened in Poland between 1941 and 1945.…[View]
137595703Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137594511best film of the 2010s[View]
137595662The Sequels were great: Im glad these movies exist because they are comedies and make the retards th…[View]
137595686they were not kidding with this movie[View]
137595667Cast them in the inevitable remake.[View]
137595379Hereditary fan poster acrylic painting[View]
137593624Only white guys hate Watchmen (2019)[View]
137595540ITT this thread /tv/ characters who are literally you I'll start, for me it is Rick as I am sma…[View]
137593878What went wrong?[View]
137594846Has it ever been explained why they stole her look for the girl in Wreck-It-Ralph?[View]
137594822>nearly gets eaten by tigers in this moment >treadwell got eaten in the same scenario whats wi…[View]
137595544shit was fucking cash[View]
137595543How does /tv/ feel about the webcam horror genre?[View]
137594800OTIS, PLUG IT IN[View]
137594373The only good thing he's ever done is Mulholland Drive. Why do wannabe intellectuals love to sh…[View]
137594919>I play videogames and the piano more like you're a fucking faggot who wants to shoot up his…[View]
137595408What are some good movies about the Holodomor?[View]
137595419/tv/ at universal studios[View]
137587529which one of you is it?[View]
137593632Are there really people who didn't like season 8 of House?[View]
137595414You are one pathetic loser![View]
137590324I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I didn't like it. It took an interesting …[View]
137594233>See people online treat Moonwalker as a joke for years >Finally watch it >It's kino…[View]
137593979Which would you order?: Smaug Burger and Dwarf Dinner for me.[View]
137593990Well you tricked me into watching a terrible movie. Really funny meme guys.[View]
137595314>believe in out of body experiences? >READ THE BOOK…[View]
137593097Let's settle this once and for all, /tv/. Which one was better?[View]
137591867Are there any good LA based movies set in SFV and not in central LA or the beach cities or Compton?[View]
137595189>it's an Ancients can help but can't help episode[View]
137594310Say it[View]
137594476didn't smile once[View]
137595102>reject modernity >embrace monke other movies with this feel?…[View]
137595020>tropical drums start lightly >tropical drums get louder >louder >aaaAAAaaaa >aaaa…[View]
137594746Number 15, Willy Wonka is a serial killer: What did he mean by this?[View]
137590781FUCK Issa Rae that bitch hate black men & ADOS & everything she makes is for the white liber…[View]
137593169>Snake in the eagle's shadow More like Kino in the eagle's shadow…[View]
137592540Why are you so mean, Ornella?[View]
137593574>Sonny Black gets a fancy german car- I ain't a mutt. Thirty years busting my hump. And for …[View]
137593748What are you drinking and watching tonight?[View]
137592001>You dago, wop, guinea, garlic breath, pizza slinging, spaghetti bending, Vic Damone, Perry Como,…[View]
137594718>decides to adopt a Jewish name despite having zero Jewish ancestors >becomes a list celeb Why…[View]
137584902Waiting for the Barbarians: Was it kino? It seems RT was filtered hard by it.[View]
137592794Harry Potter with GUNS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3bayNGdrQ0 It's KINO[View]
137594644Film Thread General: post your favorite film /tv/[View]
137586303Which is the definitive Vietnam film?[View]
137594053Have you heard the story of Frankie Pentangeli the wise? No, it's not a story the Corleone fami…[View]
137593089>And when you became Denise, I told all your colleagues, those clown comics, to fix their hearts …[View]
137594337Nanalan Nanalan Nanalan Nalalan Nalalan Na la lan![View]
137589634Smoking in television and film[View]
137594359'I Used to Go Here': Gillian Jacobs is a delight[View]
137592930i-i kinda like this[View]
137593638>those beautiful women? >they used to be men…[View]
137592500I scrolled through a thousand Fantasy History sci-fi productions by Netflix. They all look extremely…[View]
137594224The Illegal Radio Show: hey bitch check out this fuckin radio show it sucks cock so hard LOL.. there…[View]
137591222The 100 General , Number 998 , Mummy edition: just two more generals yo go till we get to 1000 gener…[View]
137594169Watching the Haunting of Hill House...how the fuck does she look so much like Carla ?[View]
137594145Let her go, Anakin![View]
137592161anyway, $4 a pound[View]
137593933was 90's Janeane Garofalo the peak of women?[View]
137590247What some bull kino?[View]
137593309Is this kino?[View]
137593358ENTER CHADREN: The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination…[View]
137580908Right. Olive oil in[View]
137593692Will i enjoy this if i don't like musicals?[View]
137593057What's your favorite Criterion kino /TV/?[View]
137594017tick tick boom time bomb[View]
137592846american kids thought this was a pile of colored pepperoni[View]
137592621Ywnh a 5.5/10 bake you cookies with nuts: Why even live?[View]
137589452What are /tv/'s opinions on Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities? Personally? It makes me…[View]
137593710did you left the theater after the first credits ?[View]
137593562oh yeah is that actress!: post 'that' actress that pops up every once in a while.[View]
137590278As a kid, I thought the final shot meant that the hotel had claimed Jack's soul in death and th…[View]
137585530Does /tv/ like Woody Allen's movies? Also how the fuck did he do it?[View]
137593205What does he do next?[View]
137592363Holy fucking kino. Get your popcorn and strap in boys, this video is 45 minutes and about his WIFE. …[View]
13759322190's Nickelodeon: So if this thread is already on the board I apologize. I was just remembering…[View]
137590460Why was Simon simping so hard for her?[View]
137593161How does /tv/ feel about the webcam horror genre?[View]
137592261Fuck you I liked it[View]
137591564I just bought a coat like Writer’s from Stalker. Have you, or have you known someone who has, bought…[View]
137593227I think you're the fucking antichrist, /tv/.[View]
137592425Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
137591845of all the Disney+ princesses, I like Moana the most ^.^[View]
137581810Am I based or cringe?[View]
137591734Villians who did nothing wrong.: > Dedicate life to fighting for the federation > Enemies stra…[View]
137575244Why don't they make kino teen movies like they used too? I think the last good one was The Edge…[View]
137593052Daniel Day Lewis: Is there any other actor who can do accents as convincingly as morissey?[View]
137592602Who’s speaking?[View]
137592951we are ALL going to make it bros[View]
137592932Knock knock[View]
137591003remember the subway guy? he lost a bunch of weight by only eating at subway what's he up to the…[View]
137590913Why didn’t she become more famous? She’s only got like 2-3 mainstream movies[View]
137592756Are there any movies where the clown is the good guy?[View]
137592850This is the second to last cape shit I watched and it was the best.[View]
137592300how did MacFairlane get away with homosexual pedophilia references like he did with Mr. Herbert? Wou…[View]
137592807Did you watch her movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqcP_wkcl2I[View]
137591350So why was Jakku made into just discount tatooine when the concept art wasn't that?[View]
137592033What's the deal with this suave fucker?[View]
137591636Biopic when? You'd think it'd be a no brainer to make an adaptation of their career, since…[View]
137591593NO SEAT BELTS, NO LAZY-BOY RECLINERS: Suspension of disbelief ruined WTF![View]
137589022Just marathoned this , what did I think of it?[View]
137592282What is the best nature tv show?[View]
137589268Films that trigger /tv/[View]
137592645You got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled.[View]
137592639fuark she was hot in this movie[View]
137592623what are some movies/tv shows that are like 'achewood' in terms of humor[View]
137591413Am I missing something or is this movie bad?[View]
137589440They are right, it has always been a trans movie, they predicted everything[View]
137592489This was pretty good aside from the dated digs at Trump. Denzel's kid got a good future ahead o…[View]
137591097Only movie to ever make me cry[View]
137572018What was the Tuunbaq supposed to really be? Is it supernatural? That really changes the whole flavor…[View]
137589106Will Shin Godzilla ever be topped or is our good friend Goji as good as dead? I lost all hope after …[View]
137587904Best Repeat Day movie: What's the best time loop movie ever made? For me, it's Edging for …[View]
137590504Movies only smart people will understand[View]
137592366/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: TBD, TBD Safety Suite Winner: Janelle, Kays…[View]
137580604/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema Previous: >>1375…[View]
137591887scenes that turned anniefags into brittachads[View]
137590778What the fuck is wrong with Hollywood?[View]
137592185>'light turner's heart stops beating at midnight' >lol okay bitch i'll just burn my …[View]
137577654>star trek is dead >star wars is dead >doctor who is dead Is Sci-Fi as a genre dead /tv/?…[View]
137592110What are some KINOs for this feel?: https://twitter.com/HaloCEofficial/status/1291782709161984000…[View]
137591743cast her[View]
137591769This movie sucks[View]
137590363The movie 'Pulp Fiction' is shit and here are the reasons why: 1.It's about people in…[View]
137591980>I'm going to need some...ice cream...[View]
137591781Uhh kino?[View]
137591024My first Bresson film and I hated it. What's the hype all about?[View]
137588204Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?[View]
137591238>Zodiac >Memories of Murder The great debate. While these are the best two of their genre, wha…[View]
137588012Umbrella Academy: the best part of the show, hands down sweet, gentle Vanya deserves more in life, E…[View]
137591783Welcome: To Papa Songs...[View]
137591677*is the best horror movie ever made*[View]
137566591What was the last film to make you feel this way?[View]
137590693How do you go from this....[View]
137589148Hustlers/Fuck ups /General/: Men the System Reject[View]
137590452cast it[View]
137584575is eric andre funny or garbage[View]
137591122Will she ever star in a truly great movie?[View]
137591605Thoughts on Secret Garden (2020)? Has anyone else watched this yet?[View]
137590164The Shining - music cues: I've done it, lads. After several days of careful review and close co…[View]
137591089ITT - Your Favorite Comedy Bits and Comedians: Anything goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyKJMs…[View]
137588870The mandalorian episode 4 >woman knows mando for literally 1 day >wants him and baby yeed to s…[View]
137591483https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNzT5iTG4i4 >RLM is a friend simulat-…[View]
137591454>IV tube Insert visible on hand >On the verge of being obese >Literally cannot “Just danc…[View]
137590864Joe List's new special is so good. A lot of these free specials guys are putting out now are be…[View]
137589949>How about methodist? >NO[View]
137591405We're some kind of SUICIDE SQUAD ©[View]
137589879How does /tv/ feel about the webcam horror genre?[View]
137591271What are some good animal kinos?[View]
137585176/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Safety Suite Winner: Janelle, Kaysar pr…[View]
137588927No good film exists: On a scale of 1-10, I have yet to see a film that is 6 or above. I have seen 50…[View]
137590250Best Comedian of the 2010s: Post your vote ITT I vote for Marc Maron. He made me laugh in 2010 and c…[View]
137591035After debacle of a few years ago, will they dare to make another Mary Poppins movie in the next 50 y…[View]
137586485Star Trek: Lower Decks: >Gene Roddenburys vision for Star Trek was an idealistic future where our…[View]
137590405Pawn Stars: Is this the best Tv show of all time?[View]
137590736They fly now?!?[View]
137591059What happened between Trolls 2 breaking records on home streaming release and now where all movies a…[View]
137589538Hence the crisps[View]
137589319COVERED IN SHIT[View]
137590643Cajun......... Kick Ass[View]
137590949Would you let a retard be your doctor?[View]
137590838Britta: Why is she such a hypocrite? She claims to be a feminist but she spends so much time on her …[View]
137589999Can I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream be adapted to film?[View]
137585640COME FIND ME, /TV/![View]
137590756>you now remember the arc where Matt becomes a mime you need to rewatch Nip/Tuck…[View]
137589592i find black people to be shallow and pedantic[View]
137589523How can ppl watch this garbage? Literally every episode contains either kissing or direct sexual rel…[View]
137590734>Ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aps, wait...[View]
137588308Moe's Tavern, who's this?[View]
137587759> Finn Wolfhard’s directorial debut short “Night Shifts” will premiere at the virtual edition of …[View]
137589985Have they confirmed whether or not I Am Jazz was cancelled or renewed yet?[View]
137590650ITT: Shows that your mother watched[View]
137584676CAPTAIN MARVEL 2 Reportedly Includes Other Avengers And Adapts SECRET INVASION: >the movie is als…[View]
137590201Naddy?: Is it possible to get this physique naturally?[View]
137590406Overrated shit.: >expect some subversive masterpiece >get poc pandering and 'REFERENCE TO THIN…[View]
137590439>>The year is 2024 >>After many delays, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 …[View]
137588315Charlie Kaufman: Based or cringe?[View]
137590514Wooden doors?[View]
137575036https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqiPZBZgW9c How do you like the future of cinema?[View]
137590019>Casino Royal >Trading Places which one should I watch?…[View]
137590005>the wrong kid died[View]
137590373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY1bA23hGMU Fuck the Janny-nani, Fuck the Janny-nani, That Tsunami-n…[View]
137588731>no more crazy messy actresses >not even any crazy musicians to transition into acting why is…[View]
137590028ITT: Scenes that awakened you sexually[View]
137590052Why wasn’t he a suitable wartime consigliere?[View]
137589234Something Weird Video: Any experience with this distributor?[View]
137588679EL CID: Could this kino be made in 2020?[View]
137589954Do they have the same fanbase?[View]
137590043>he doesn't like the REAL Paprika[View]
137589082>Ricky, can you turn off the religious horseshit? >It's stuck on this fucking channel, I …[View]
137590113Do we deserve anything good ?: Whenever I go into something parasite related I keep seeing people ta…[View]
137590111PBS Kids: Was it Kino?[View]
137589581How did they fail to regurgitate the same old shit?: its the same story being told all over again bu…[View]
137586483/speak/: speak[View]
137589789Was he behind it all?[View]
137589384car chase live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEEpUF1LjUg[View]
137590012What was her endgame?[View]
137586693i'm on the mood of kinos recommend me some[View]
137589910Alien 3 > Howard the Duck[View]
137589284Trying to remember a movie: Help me out, /tv/ I’m trying to remember a certain quote from a certain …[View]
137589405Any 2000s kids?[View]
137588674Movie viewing on twitch: Are there any other twitch streamers who watch movies on stream and comment…[View]
137589818Dances With Wolves done right.[View]
137589647Why aren't films being remastered like videogames are? Same plot, Same lines, Same everything j…[View]
137589796>hey babe wait sec till I setup my kinostation with HDMI..[View]
137589730Would a real, non-movie window actually break like this? And is a human even psychologically capable…[View]
137589696What is Clint Eastwood's best movie as a director?[View]
137589656What are some movies that made you think twice?[View]
137589627>movie starts with the villain winning[View]
137589623>What an amazing spider, man walked out of the theater right there[View]
137567058ᑐᑌᑎᑕ thread: I have seen the future. It will be a masterpiece.[View]
137588822How does attractiveness affect the popularity of male characters in television and film?[View]
137588082Characters you despise: Fuck this dumb bitch for ratting out McNulty. She ruined everything, stupid …[View]
137575616>This here game is like a plane, Ray. Flyin through the air without a care. But I ain't gett…[View]
137587968Issa Rae To Star In Jordan Peele-Produced Thriller CAR: >A thought-provoking movie that engages w…[View]
137589493What are some films with CGI?[View]
137587475Kinos that can be classified as high art?[View]
137582208What is your favorite Cruise-kino? Doesn't have to be the best movie, just Cruise at his best.[View]
137589023A tiger could easily kill a bear....with millions of years of instinct the tiger will go for the let…[View]
137586770>What are you gonna do, shoot me?[View]
137587245Black people were the silent voices of truth in Seinfeld all along: Reminder Seinfeld was pro-black …[View]
137589047I'm almost done with season 3 of last Kingdom. Do I like it?[View]
137588994Did I just get cucked by google? My foobar thingy didn't work, nothing I could, no clue in the …[View]
137582385So this was way dumber then i expected[View]
137587947>watching Mafia shows like the Sopranos where the plot is told by fat gay Italians who pretend to…[View]
137588094WTF did nickelodeon mean by this?: it was so disturbing[View]
137587923Why did Biggie make film actor Tupac Shakur seethe so hard?[View]
137585919what the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
137573796Snaps recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Anyone wanna talk about this movie or the sequels? O…[View]
137588130this was so much better than the first[View]
137585718Wtf: >be me >dark knight rises in imax yesterday >only watched it once at home >its digi…[View]
137588992What happened to my freakin car?[View]
137587659K I N O[View]
137588938Oh and remember, next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day. So you know, if you want to, go ahead and, uh, p…[View]
137588900>I'm double parked guys hurry up[View]
137588442>main character just finds out he's going be a father >him and significant are well beyon…[View]
137588885Did Kevin Costner fucked Whitney Houston ?[View]
137588725What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137588839Could a fully animated street fighter movie be successful these days Live action would be shit, so t…[View]
137587395Why do you watch films /tv/[View]
137588721KDrama thread? How did you guys enjoy crash landing on you?[View]
137587564The Platform: Just watched this kino. What do we think /tv/?[View]
137587275Worst case Ontario you get caught.[View]
137580627what a dickhead[View]
137588578now that the dust has settled who was in the wrong here https://vocaroo.com/kyMcU0X0YV4[View]
137588090WHAT THE FUCK[View]
137578465>Does a nude scene >Chickens out at last moment and has it edited out of movie Why are celebri…[View]
137588576why didnt they have a sword and gun at the table: And what type of sword do mafia people use? One of…[View]
137586221Hey, it’s me squidward, I’m real![View]
137588629Please PLEASE tell me he spaff on her khazar tits[View]
137588595Poo who got falsely metoo'ed: I'm looking for some indian actor who got falsely accused of…[View]
137588588Eternal Glory![View]
137585382How do you do, fellow nighthawks[View]
137576434Characters you're slowly turning into[View]
137586070a pandemic is not a joke jim, millions of families suffer every year[View]
137584031Jurassic Park Question: I understand inviting a paleontologist, paleobotanist, and a lawyer to tour …[View]
137587890Gucci Mane has an IQ way above the level of genius. For entertainment, he watches the films of Fassb…[View]
137586117Is this tv show really as mind-fucky as people say? After six episodes it seems rather casual compar…[View]
137588379Movie going experience thread? I’ll start >watching Avengers: Endgame in theaters >end of the …[View]
137576239why is she the most clever broadcaster on global television?[View]
137588209ITT Shows only you watched.[View]
137587243It's not your fault.: It's not your fault.[View]
137586398Did you know this guy's official name is Penishead? Like Eraserhead, but—penis.[View]
137584311Got something to say to me, /tv/?[View]
137588152best episode?[View]
137588320Just saw this movie: I'm not an atheist no more, I'm convinced[View]
137584622https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/eva-green-sued-a-patriot-a4519006.html Film star Eva Green has be…[View]
137588257Is this pure kino or pure cringe? Also general youtube kino thread[View]
137585600I'm thinking Merry could just destroy any of these other fuckers with irrefutable facts and log…[View]
137582911I haven't seen her in movies since Neighbors - what happened to her career ?[View]
137588239Now, I've been happy lately Thinkin' about the good things to come And I believe it could …[View]
137580700Explain why this is better than Joker: Ever since October 2019, all i heard was >TAXI DRIVER IS B…[View]
137581320C A N C E L E D What the fuck? Why?[View]
137588121holy shit this film is great. any other films like this one ?[View]
137588033So /tv/: How do you feel about A24's next kino?[View]
137584961why didn't he just apply for 600 dollar a week unemployment?[View]
137587010What is your favorite slapstick comedy?[View]
137587510I wish tv channels in America were as based as they are in England[View]
137587263Badlands: Could this kino be made in 2020?[View]
137588011Movies about loneliness? Any and all...[View]
137587996DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
137587978ITT: Post French masterpieces[View]
137585848Whose best Buffy boy and why is it Oz?[View]
137575694I am the spark[View]
137586111>camera inside fridge as character pulls out food >camera inside trunk as characters look into…[View]
137587853S̷̙̾T̵̸̹͉̰̟̈́̾ͩ̌͘I̢̩͖͐̇͆N̫̍Ḵ̨̧̟̤̮̣̣͗ͪ̈̂ͦͩ̏̽͟I̧͇͚͔͕̻͉̜͇ͭN̨̛̫̑̄̿͑̄Ǵ̺̜ͬ̑̿ͭ̆̿́̓́͘ ̴͔͓͍͖ͦ̒ͣ̏͒H͎͂͗͗͆̋͘͢͞U̴…[View]
137586598Where is the Yoko Ono and John Lennon biopic?[View]
137587444I wanted to hate him so fucking bad but Josh is alright damnit. He won me over.[View]
137586080You wanna win by one point or fucking thirty points, KG? I see you out there when the fucking stadiu…[View]
137587123>hollywood movie made in america >evil capitalist antagonist huh…[View]
137587740Bob Greenblatt, Kevin Reilly & Keith Cocozza Out at WarnerMedia: https://www.hollywoodreporter.c…[View]
137587662>earn a living filming themselves pointing out all the flaws and laughing at other people's …[View]
137574836Is this the absolute peak of an actor's narcissism? Why did nobody stop him?[View]
137587684AM I AWAITED?[View]
137587673How can one man be this based?[View]
137586437What do we think of her?[View]
137587582Boomer/Yuppie kino?[View]
137587452You hate him: Why? Give one valid reason.[View]
13758604820 years hard time: how does it feel?[View]
137587467movies that could never be made in today's social climate[View]
137584064So I recently started watching Seinfeld from beginning to end. I haven’t finished watching it all ye…[View]
137587201Devices similar to EW 112P G4: What other companies offer great Lavalier mics aside of Sennheiser? I…[View]
137585264Oh man what are men going to do about it? Nothing.[View]
137569211How was a fat bald fuck like tony soprano able to pull women like this?[View]
137587151Why did boomers like Ebert later disown The Graduate? It was one of their most iconic films and hold…[View]
137585331what will be the next step by white supremacists of Hollywood?[View]
137586123uh, hey guys, what are we, uh, doing this weekend? huh-huh. can i be meme now?[View]
137587317How does /tv/ feel about the webcam horror genre?[View]
137587315Not even 10 minutes in, and it already is the greatest kino of all time.[View]
137587287What are some movies where beards play an essential part? I can only think of Serpico.[View]
137583268Why do so many disparate groups of people hate Woody Allen so much? His movies are great and he was …[View]
137569038>*commits a war crime in front of everyone*[View]
137585762Remember that time Harry Potter author Hermoine Jean Granger summed up the problem of both partriarc…[View]
137580833‘John Wick 5’ Confirmed By Lionsgate; Sequel Will Be Shot Back To Back With Fourth Installment: Are …[View]
137587076This is the year all movies went to shit and they've never gotten better since.[View]
137586960>I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath do your research.…[View]
137585840Is this really appropriate attire for a Senator?[View]
137586167Heebie Jeebies: https://youtu.be/ns9sm68PE5U Anyone see this lovely scam of a movie?[View]
137586412Was this faggot supposed to be scary or something? I watched SOTL after people told me it's one…[View]
137579952Has he lost his comedic edge? He made lots of risqué jokes in his old Plinkett vids and old BOTW epi…[View]
137586129>reading the wikipedia page of some director/actor of the movie I just watched >Early life…[View]
137586671The Pete Best of the Fanged Foursome: Poor Penn, I totally forgot he exists I got around to 1x11 Som…[View]
137572400/who/ Doctor Who General: Last of the Graskes edition Previous: >>137541510[View]
137586892Would this game make for a good movie adaptation?[View]
137586403What are some essential simp kinos?[View]
137578501did he had any redeeming qualities except being kinda funny in a dickish way?[View]
137586813Is True Blood worth watching?[View]
137586505How'd he make it through a drive thru?[View]
137585270>My sexual fantasy would be that we'd meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d…[View]
137579623Mia Wallace ruined a whole generation of women before Ramona Flowers[View]
137585174ITT: dishonest films[View]
137586710>implying /tv/ has good taste[View]
137586328What did they eat[View]
137582395I'm too much of a pussy to actually watch Come and See. What's happening in this scene?[View]
137579508Did Jonah do this interview in a sneaker shop as a promotion for the movie or just to show off?[View]
137583337>so, Chase, what should this sociopath mob boss sound like? >Bugs Bunny…[View]
137561648/trek/: The Unsettling Overtones of Proto-Vulcan Influences Edition previous: >>137546881…[View]
137586486>tfw your brother talks out loud in memes Fucking Tyler i know you post here saying sneed and at …[View]
137584100Just so we're clear, Total Recall as a trans narrative is pretty obvious once its pointed out.[View]
137586650Why do they call him the Bullet Dodger?[View]
137586155>main protagonist is black[View]
137586094what was his endgame?[View]
137573739This is even worse than Picard and Discovery[View]
137586578Have you seen this masterpiece yet?[View]
137583144Episodes where they knew exactly what they were doing[View]
137586559Let's settle this. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137585674The world's Most Kino Production company has picked up the Gay Demon Spider: https://twitter.co…[View]
137586103This would be a kino horror movie. Why isn't Jordan Peele making this?[View]
137586484Stainless Steel Rat: Why nobody made live action movie already?[View]
137586279Post relentlessly handsome characters[View]
137586154Why has Total Recall been scrubbed from the Red Pill Wikipedia entry?[View]
137586318My 600lb Life - Béla Tarr (2012)[View]
137586308there should be a movie theater with a secondary scrolling screen nearby where people watching can s…[View]
137586278HOLY KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v068zQDXYsE[View]
137584752Was he really that strong?[View]
137585709character says sneed[View]
137586203Wiener wiener wiener wiener wiener[View]
137585458>mahfks with bellys like dat are defintly on the cheesebugors dawg[View]
137585495>Okay. Okay. So everybody's everything now huh. >HA HA HA HA my man Charlie. >Mhm. Mhm…[View]
137570677>Chichi, get the yayo! What did he mean by this?[View]
137561109What’s the best Whitest Kids U Know sketch?[View]
137585402You look lonely, Joe.[View]
137586008reminder that banks also played the best commissioner gordon to date[View]
137585953Movie when, also fuck you[View]
137585800I dont understand She was real or not ?[View]
137583552what went wrong in this mans career?: he used to be in everything[View]
137585792this was boring as fuck what the hell why did you meme me into watch it. and the quality was shit to…[View]
137584646That’s a yikes from me dawg[View]
137585588Mean spirited is bad?[View]
137585425Elle Fanning to star as Girl from Plainville[View]
137585740Uhhh. Wait, what?[View]
137585715they call them movies, but have you ever seen them move?[View]
137574609Rate the last 10 movies you watched: The 39 Steps - 7/10 The Colour of Pomegranates - 5/10 The Ladyk…[View]
137585770Thoughts on this classic show?[View]
137585514Did you just say the N Word?[View]
137585736What's the best cinematic kill you've ever seen?[View]
137585581>We are not so different you and I[View]
137583946is his species really called yeed[View]
137582091ITT: movies with the most unexpected plot twists[View]
137585679>the dune trailer is dropping this month[View]
137584816Ho! Ho! and up she rises. Ho! Ho! and up she rises. Ho! Ho! and up she rises, Early in the morning.[View]
137584979What is your fav sitcom /tv/?[View]
137584988What went wrong?[View]
137556804the single coolest looking mother fucker in any movie, ever. villain design will never surpass this …[View]
137583864Was she really an aspiring actress? Which director killed her? Why didn't she just accept being…[View]
137585477German time travel show. Doesn’t mention Nazis[View]
137584133Alright pants off, Anon. Time to check if that cock is up to code.[View]
137585548Is there a comfier couple in the past 2 years of television?[View]
137584233What are some youtube kinos you always go back over and over again? For me is Matthewmatosis' D…[View]
137583766Rose Tico is getting real acting work while Daisy Ridley is stuck doing voice roles? What the fuck[View]
137585453Why don't women like science fiction movies?[View]
137584467Kino that would be literally illegal today[View]
137585098Maybe nobody knew who he was because his music wasn't very good.[View]
137584025Everytime it looks like jannies have defeated Sneedposters you always find a way to come back: Bravo…[View]
137580787>rewatching this now for the first time since I was a teen >loved the american version since, …[View]
137582018Is olivia jensens career over, has she even done anything recently?[View]
137585318What’s next for Jordan Hare? She needs to break into Hollywood instead of being stuck in Australian …[View]
137584648BOSE HEADPHONES[View]
137575705ITT: Dishonest films[View]
137583959>KUROSU CHENJA![View]
137585271Do you think Dom and the familia can use this extra year of planning to figure out how to defeat Jak…[View]
137583258Lower decks aka kino trek into kinos: >it's kino WE GOT TOO COCKY RLM MIKE BROOOSSSS…[View]
137582987>Just finger yourself in front of me, I know you want to[View]
137580522What was the best season?[View]
137584833What was her fucking problem?[View]
137583877Todd Phillips is a fucking hack: If it wasn’t for the lead actor in Joker improvising most of the ti…[View]
137584167How did he do it bros?[View]
137583336Tyler gaslighted the narrator into being an scapegoat[View]
137585170ITT: based kino makers[View]
137584173Why does he hate Han Solo so much?[View]
137585136Character frantically swallows pills, winces in pain[View]
137583629What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
137573081can we please have a futurama thread without the S word[View]
137584241Dougie scenes > Twin Peaks scenes > FBI scenes[View]
137584732i didn't know they still made kino like this[View]
137583945>People here are literally BURSTING with war.[View]
137584717this nigga really tatooed his body for a shitty movie[View]
137582985Matrix 4: Here you have your new Matrix villain bro.[View]
137584746i think he went a little too far here[View]
137583835>movie where you thought you saw the ending coming from a mile a way but ended up pleasantly surp…[View]
137584679Did he have autism?[View]
137583521My prejudice against bazingashit, anglo comic-books and capeshit is something out of this world. But…[View]
137581185Detective! My office! NOW[View]
137584617Who are those actors in Spoony's Robowar review? They don't appear in any other video.[View]
137570794/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Safety Suite Winner: Janelle, Kaysar…[View]
137579147What in the fuck is that rating distribution? Is this movie good or not?[View]
137584423The diabeetus got him[View]
137582756Genderless acting awards are coming[View]
137584414> Through shadow to the edge of night[View]
137584382Where are all the new movies?[View]
137576906What's the best season?[View]
137584297>friends: hey anon check out this scene it's hilarious: >mfw it's red-it humor and c…[View]
137583417best of dr.phil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFdZ_cW4Fmw[View]
137572573What is the most comfiest show you've ever seen?[View]
137581792step out of the board sir[View]
137584030ITT: essential suicide kino[View]
137582809Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017): >Shut up, internet. Just shut it. Your poseury is showing. If yo…[View]
137579332korean kino: was this list ever updated eventually? or is this still the latest available version?…[View]
137584203best episode of family guy? >pic related where quagmire marries a crazy chick and louis breast ge…[View]
137582066Kinos about ancient entities being woken from their slumber?[View]
137584199Kung Fu Hustle: Just rewatched this masterpiece again. What's /tv/'s thoughts on it?…[View]
137583325I live in Roundup, Montana where a Democrat hasn't won my county since Lyndon B. Johnson. As I …[View]
137582861PEELE DOES IT AGAIN[View]
137581902Drive: Someone please explain why people like Drive (2011) so much. Is Ryan Gosling autistic IRL or…[View]
137583943anime girls[View]
137582529Why do leftist zoomer consoomers obsess over this woman?[View]
137583933I'M THE JOKAH BABY[View]
137562096Predestination: This is the only time travel kino.[View]
137583917Claudia, Adam and that one cop in S2 saved this show[View]
137583897Alone with Her (2006): Pussy residue, pussy residue oh my pussy residueeee !!!!! Back before Found …[View]
137581283Kinos for this aesthetic?[View]
137583660Jasper, your time has come![View]
137583458Why is there a jewish children's show where they hang around a $5 bill[View]
137569401Star Trek plaguerizes again: Turns out Lower Decks was stolen, just as Discovery ripped off a videog…[View]
137581610>Gets shot >screams in pain W-wait, can robots in Star Wars actually feel pain? Who would do …[View]
137583668>collector's edition[View]
137553485Remember when Ellen page was attractive? What the fuck happened?[View]
137583613Weird Movie Details: Maybe I am a brainlet, but why the fuck was he foaming at the mouth? The meteor…[View]
137583196Did Newman really eat all those eggs?[View]
137579852What the fuck is his name?[View]
137582745The Matrix: Just so we're clear, the Matrix as a trans narrative is pretty obvious once its poi…[View]
137582759Star Wars Prequels vs TNG movies vs The Hobbit Trilogy: Which series was the best? Which was the wor…[View]
137581338>(USA 1999) Faithful husband (Tom Cruise) takes part in almost ritualistic orgies. Masterful dire…[View]
137582862What Primarch do you think would be best for a 40K movie?: Curze would be good for a shakespearean t…[View]
137581390Nicholas Gerrs: So was whitey evil? Or are they blackwashing history?[View]
137574943>861 days until Avatar 2[View]
137582777>Plato said that it's ok to pretend you don't like Brie Larson while still enjoying the…[View]
137583366Did The Lives of Others really deserve to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2006?[View]
137582677>filmography repeatedly contains the 'N' word and many scenes exhibit a clear and obvious foot-fe…[View]
137574991Why was there a lava factory in the middle of LA?[View]
137581440Tony Soprano on Lithium: Why was he put on Lithium? Was he schizo?[View]
137582991'Adult-oriented' cartoons such as Bojack Horseman and a billion other Simpsons' rip-offs aren…[View]
137565123Why does smoking look so kino, but is so gross in reality?[View]
137580989solid 8/10 except if you are a mutt, then it goes to 3/10[View]
137582125what movies girl like[View]
137583071I miss this show like you wouldn't believe.[View]
137581601Tax Collector Thread: Best Film of 2020 Coming Through[View]
137577380Post the best movie from the year you were born?[View]
137579922Because he's MY butler.[View]
137581827Was he an incel or a volcel?[View]
137583118What did i think of it?[View]
137582604Is this actually worth watching or is it just another netflix meme? Will I feel bad if I watch it an…[View]
137581785Amazing Season: Amazing[View]
137573547What's your favourite Irish kino?[View]
137581072>there are people on /tv/ who claim to be film fans but watch new movies on their laptop instead …[View]
137580839Uhhh, in English, Doc??[View]
137582945Recommend me some good mystery/documentary podcast series. Preferably well produced ones instead of …[View]
137582901Just rewatched this again. Still great. And this scene still gives me a boner just like in 1999 when…[View]
137581156>you have your mother's eyes He can have the eyes of Ron's dead rat for all I care…[View]
137582887ITT actors that mean you're about to watch Kino[View]
137581077>dance scene during the wedding: Who's idea was this scene? Only americans could come up wit…[View]
137581738R... Rajkumar (2013): Rajkumar, an aimless youth, works for a drug baron and is sent to kill a rival…[View]
137582683ITT: actual incest kinos in feature/indie films, and not just some step family brazzers bullshit I…[View]
137582815I am a free man.: I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. Bu…[View]
137582662The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: Let's discuss this film.[View]
137582073Have you heard about this, this TEE VEE? ... What a MISerable board that is[View]
137582704Movies like this?[View]
137581313L..Listen you fuckers, you screw heads, here is a man who would not take it anymore, who would not..…[View]
137582645Code monkey like Frittos Code monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew Code monkey very simple man With big,…[View]
137572493Neytiri is...[View]
137581334movies that kids in your high school wouldn't shut up about[View]
137582428born to play Leon Kennedy[View]
137582262>movie has voice over holding your hand through scenes[View]
137582118For me, it's the Heisei era.[View]
137582168*BREATHES IN*[View]
137581488Now that the dust has settled, was Gone with the Wind racist?[View]
137582538Dish Netion-DirecTV merger is 'inevitable' says Dish President: https://deadline.com/2020/08/dish-ch…[View]
137575459A normie.[View]
137570715>this was made 9 years ago >closer in time to the original trilogy than to today >ywn go ba…[View]
137581663who are these people?[View]
137569095How many calories would a monster the size of Godzilla need to consume a day to survive?[View]
137581454He's gonna be known as the guy who plays the lonely white incel character[View]
137581514god tier movie until mark ruffalo dies [View]
137580812Any movies with a morally intersectioning ecstacy?: Like Clockwork Orange or EOE with third impact. …[View]
137578782What are the best movies about horses and horse culture.[View]
137580971So it was autism right?[View]
137582034What are some films you watched with low expectations but turned out the movie was actually good?[View]
137582030What the fuck happened?: Great season one with unique look at suicide, ends with a cool cliffhanger …[View]
137581284I liked the pickle movie.[View]
137581078How can someone be so confident in his wrong conclusions? Fuck this cunt, he ruined Twin Peaks discu…[View]
137579827What went wrong?[View]
137570294Dougie Jones: Dougie Jones[View]
137580902Weird Movie Details: Maybe I am a brainlet, but why the fuck was he foaming at the mouth? The meteor…[View]
137581831Devices similar to EW 112P G4: What other companies offer great Lavalier mics aside of Sennheiser? I…[View]
137581776cast her in the inevitable biopic[View]
137577626Post TV/movie characters who fit the ACTUAL definition of Mary Sue.[View]
137570186What's the worst movie to win a major category Oscar (directing, writing or acting)?[View]
137579867I don't get it.[View]
137581452>bitter >selfish >neurotic >uncompromising >holds grudges is there anymore of a /tv/:…[View]
137577534This movie sucked.[View]
137580388name one good movie from this country[View]
137581006Why didn't Chad Power from the '3 Ninjas' movies ever make it as an adult actor? He's lite…[View]
137571104Ridley Scott: He's back[View]
137581344>scientist explains difficult concept to main character >in english, virgin?…[View]
137578381>movie about how a tall girl struggles to get with Chad >meanwhile short men struggle to get w…[View]
137581221wagie vs neet movie when?[View]
137579661ninja scroll is pretty good[View]
137580106>mfw that eastern front hits just right[View]
137579495Is he the next jim carrey?[View]
137579638>Our name will be forgotten >In time >No one will remember our work >Our life will pass …[View]
137577433Post female empowering movies you liked.[View]
137581289Squidward if he real[View]
137576039So, after all these years, are we now smart enough to know how to use pic related?[View]
137581251Star Trek Lower Decks: Do you miss me yet?[View]
137578624R + L = J and D[View]
137574336Why didn't Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter end up together? They seemed to have a special bond. …[View]
137543431The Boys: Is he the only reason /tv/ likes the show?[View]
137579608why is every 'strong female' character always just an insufferable bitch who gropes men for some rea…[View]
137579103Name a more overrated filmmaker[View]
137580014Cast it![View]
137580941she's right[View]
137579166>mfw I log onto da chan and see a twitter thread on /tv/[View]
137580424Walt Disney Company Posts First Quarterly Loss In Almost 20 Years: OH NO NO NO Mouse shills on suic…[View]
137580242Bullworth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS9V2ixTwrs[View]
137577513ITT actors who make every movie better[View]
137572126ITT: Most Depressing Movie You've Ever Seen: I'll start[View]
137579743What are some other films where the wrong guy won out in the end?[View]
137578816ITT: Woke blogger movie review clichés: >It's current year. Can we all finally agree that [f…[View]
137578610ITT: Romcom kinos.[View]
137578849why is he so cute lads?[View]
137580426Name a more underrated filmmaker[View]
137579629ITT: Movies that deserve an HD release: >tfw there's been a placeholder for the bluray of pi…[View]
137580615>Look, Homer, there's that bird you like to argue with. >Well, well, well, if it isn…[View]
137579992>it’s a British/Australian comedian >at least 90% of their material is “Americans amiright?”…[View]
137579780Seinfeld Season 7, Episode 11 'The Rye': So Elaine is dating this locally renowned jazz saxophone pl…[View]
137580050Just seen this and it was amazing. Why does /tv/ hate it so much?[View]
137576589Looking for goofy shit to watch while high. Give me some recs like Tokyo Gore Police[View]
137580428Chandler Bing ruined an entire generation of men[View]
137577727This movie takes place in 2016. Couldn't they just let her upload her script to a website inste…[View]
137580425Thoughts on the Chinese movie Shadow?[View]
137572733el kino hombre[View]
137580303https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nGQLQF1b6I Was it kino?[View]
137578049>You didn't watch the Avengers Endgame? Get out of this party right now…[View]
137579037Is this the only britcopkino in existence?[View]
137576743what movies would be considered 'middlebrow'? stuff like tarantino or coen bros?[View]
137580236Ridley sci-fi kino is back on the menu boys![View]
137579613For you[View]
137579711Hello good sirs and madams I require one thread of your finest dark lords[View]
137579238I love Chinese people too, but come on: https://youtu.be/dECLi0uu2FE[View]
137579805'VS.' movies, thoughs ?: freddy v jason was kino AvP was pure shit BvS was kinda meh[View]
137580104youtube kino: post youtube kino here >vagrant holiday https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNqlRGqHd…[View]
137580080What are some movies that explore the deep mystical bond between humans and animals?[View]
137579930maybe i should help this girl ou-[View]
137578060God, this was bad, and it didn’t even give me my harry potter fix. Main dude also has the most punch…[View]
137560022/speak/: speak[View]
137579157Casting Thread: Share your ideas![View]
137562173RUINED: The Matrix is a trans allegory. My teenage memories ruined, I used to wear a massive trench …[View]
137562865/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema Real American hours ed…[View]
137579578Challenging movied to watch? For me it is thinker tailor spy. Watched 3 times, 2 till the end and st…[View]
137577808>tfw /tv/ calls my movie kino[View]
137578255What are the best movies about catgirls?[View]
137579322Undercover movies[View]
137575734>How do you pronounce her name? >Hayek, Selma Hayek >wow her name is as pretty as her boobs…[View]
137579194has anyone seen the new trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s51W0Sj7I8&feature=emb_logo…[View]
137579520Boy, have we got a vacation for you[View]
137574406What other kinos do Futuristic Burgerpunk besides Idiocracy and Futurama?[View]
137579438enty here I just heard about this place so I'm here to do an AMA as proof here is my latest bli…[View]
137576723When I was a kid in the early 90s, I thought that HBO was just a channel that adults paid extra for,…[View]
137579340Did Grover just say what I think he said? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va2rJicOPYk[View]
137576638Survivor Discussion Thread: What are your thoughts? Does the show suck now? Is it better than ever? …[View]
137572659why do people dislike The Polar Express?[View]
137578792Michelle Trachtenberg in EuroTrip (2004)[View]
137572292Buffy Thread: >Everyone bitching and moaning about whether Angel, Spike or Riley is best boy >…[View]
137576689>You probably never gave it a thought, but all great films, without exception, contain an importa…[View]
137576989Is it just me or after the Spotify deal the media has been attacking Joe Rogan and his friends a lot…[View]
137578747>be a good guy >fellow good guys call me bad kinos with this feel/theme?…[View]
137576352Why is /tv/ so conflicted about this kino?: The cognitive dissonance is real.[View]
137578668Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.[View]
137578354>whats our vector, victor? >requesting clearance, clarence >roger, rodger wow, hilarious…[View]
137577928I just want to leave the goddamn planet already.[View]
137575687E! News has been canceled after 29 years on the air[View]
137578371Athelete A. What did we learn from it?[View]
137577125What would you have done in this situation?[View]
137578312>insults his entire audience by calling them watching his film nerds who runaway from life Well t…[View]
137578362Is /tv/ pro-FAITH OF THE HEAART?[View]
137578331The name's Bond. James Bond.[View]
137577030Anything worth watching from these in the current year?[View]
137576770Where did it all go wrong?[View]
137575970Why did Frank go back in time to warn Donnie about the plane? Surely if he let Donnie die, there wou…[View]
137575473What does this expression convey?[View]
137577845Are you ready for this Kino and its burgerpunk potential ?[View]
137571128Are you an angel?[View]
137577854What’s Ron Pearlman up to nowadays?[View]
137577968Here's yout set bro[View]
137574698Bruh moment[View]
137575958What's the most kino kissing scene you've ever watch, /tv/?[View]
137577972What are some 80's kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQEcRSMthfo[View]
137577961>Hello, I'm ACTING![View]
137576484Is Tom Cruise the last true Hollywood action hero?[View]
137577929Kinos for this feel?[View]
137573229We don't hurt little girls in dorne.[View]
137577114Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137577630What's their fucking problem[View]
137577704Singing sinking dying diving loving leaving pulling pushing falling feeling swinging swimming[View]
137576685Why does he hate good movies?[View]
137577514uhhh jonahbros?[View]
137572315They tell me there's another Battlestar Galactica remake in the works. Should I check out the 2…[View]
137577043TV habits that your family has: >watch family feud >always root for the white faimly…[View]
137576972Chinese families won't have their 'Black Panther' moment: WTF[View]
137564930Do you have a favorite actress?[View]
137577495What kind of movies should she star in so that her career can reach new heights?[View]
137577381There's any product like gritty Scooby-Doo? Ie paranormal vigilantes being extra-judicial?[View]
137575723Who would you cast as Austin Powers’s side chick in Austin Powers 4? For me, Alexandra Daddario.[View]
137574704Why do chuds hate this show so much?[View]
137577142I'm deaf, help me out: what does he say?[View]
137567591Why do proper pretend to like boring old movies?: No one will think you’re intelligent, you just com…[View]
137576619The girl I'm trying to fuck really wants me to try Stranger things because 'it's her favor…[View]
137567118>Where are you going? >To kill Thanos Unironically based dialog.…[View]
137576063What's the ideal JOI setup?[View]
137577276Im looking for a movie: Help me find a movie. Saw it on tv ~20 years ago. Towards the end people fa…[View]
137574055ITT:: We discuss Yes, God, Yes and the best girl that stars in this small time kino. I will post mor…[View]
137577224>do you realize...? do you realize something? let me tell you: If the jannies on /tv/... see thos…[View]
137576831How the fuck did this garbage flick make 1.3 billion $?[View]
137560337Mods are asleep, post 10/10 actors[View]
137577147Does /tv/ watch University Challenge? If so who's your favorite player, waifu, question etc.[View]
137576448/nature/: What do they eat[View]
137577105The Avengers: >Everything special about you came in my mouth What did they mean by this?…[View]
137576071>deep philosophical themes >great acting >fantastic soundtrack >good plot >faithful t…[View]
137577067kinos for this feel?[View]
137576224Post your local Kinoplex: I'm missing the theater boys. They may be dying. Post your local movi…[View]
137576332Wtf /tv/, you lied to me. This show is actually comfy as hell.[View]
137576191If they got rid of the parts with that bitch Jada this would be the best movie ever made.[View]
137575565Hasn't Hollywood learned from Cats already? And do they seriously plan on releasing this during…[View]
137576278Would Harry Potter work better as a HBO tv show?[View]
137575630Shared Universe Thread: every horror fans wants that, what are your thoughs ?[View]
137576814What're your thoughts on American Psycho?[View]
137575010Fell asleep during the first episode. When does it get good?[View]
137575363Are there seriously people who believe he didn't kill muh 'o pie? It's so obvious. Es…[View]
137571911It's salt.: It's salt.[View]
137565193How come they had such shitty ratings? Easily two of the funniest shows of all time, and the humor i…[View]
137573667DUDE PICKLE LMAO[View]
137575984>And apparently the audiences did rage about it. I was absolutely delighted when David Chase and …[View]
137576499when I came home there were dubs in my house you find these digits[View]
137575840>Ugly people nice and personable >attractive people bitter and angry…[View]
137574165Thought this would just be a meme trilogy of >hehe monke but Serkis' performance was bretty …[View]
137576327Reminder this was this year... and there’s more than a third to go yet[View]
137576398I THINK /TV/ SUCKS!!![View]
137576337Well Jay, you are going to hate me for this... But I loved it.[View]
137576194I lost my virginity today and i don't wanna watch movies anymore.[View]
137576159>Your turn to pay for the popcorn, Anon. No excuses.[View]
137572635>Waiting.for.the.Barbarians.2019.1080p.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-CM >Waiting.for.the.Barbarians.2019.…[View]
137573439are there any good movies (non-documentary) with animals in them that aren't children's mo…[View]
137576040Why does he always overact?[View]
137567528>2 hours of 'dude 60's lmao' >ends with 20 minutes of Tarantino violence, just because it…[View]
137576017What kind of movies would a person who enjoys this album like?[View]
137570068>dies >nobody cares Why bros? I like going to the movies.…[View]
137575946Why do trannies like this movie so much? Is it okay to like it if the trannies do too?[View]
137571251Should I watch picrelated? It's got english subtitles on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
137571755Why does it seem kind of forgotten compared to the other big sci-fi franchises like Star Trek, Babyl…[View]
137575938>japanese tv[View]
137573033>character gets beaten up >other character (woman) stands around and screams instead of helpin…[View]
137575856Are you a philistine /tv/? Also thoughts on this flick.[View]
137575379>haha he's pretending to look shook and really upset! >He's actually making fun of t…[View]
137575681Was Daisy victim of bad writing and directing?[View]
137575560How did this shit become so pozzed so quickly[View]
137570879I'm literally postponing suicide for this[View]
137573768What's next for Ice T now that SVU is dead?[View]
137568253>Dr. Brown, I got this letter from the future and now it's erased. What does that mean? >…[View]
137574661I say PREQUELS. You say SORRY. PREQUELS[View]
137575762I'm Maverick.[View]
137573119Why did Tony Soprano marry a bitch like carmela?[View]
137568562Why do the onions in /co/ hate these kinos?[View]
137575548Should there be a mini-series following the events of Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destr…[View]
137572363Why did he wear the ring in such a way it could easily be severed ?[View]
137567316Just finished true detetive season 2: What did I think about it?[View]
137565408whats the funniest movie of all time?[View]
137571740i'm thinking of ending things: Why do i find Tony Colette in this shot hot ?? What's happe…[View]
137570505Anyway, how's your sex life?[View]
137575431Pink Flamingo: Is this really the best movie of all time like people say it is?[View]
137572918Is pic related adaptable for kinoplexes?[View]
137571717>yfw you realize Godzilla has never touched a woman[View]
137574659ITT: side acts that deserve their own movies/tv shows these guys have one of the most based designs …[View]
137574253its pickle isnt it?[View]
137575245How do you feel about the film 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding?': I don't know if this is the right p…[View]
137573934>all those women who named their daughter khaleesi before the final season of game of thrones…[View]
137573836how’s that red pill working out for you desu baku senpai!?[View]
137575103What are some other movies with similar vibe? Hard mode: No Wong Kar Wai[View]
137574846Is olivia jensens career over, has she even done anything recently?[View]
137574939>guy in a movie has a chance to explain his very odd behavior to someone who is actually listenin…[View]
137574428I daydream and act out unrealistic situations I wish happened to me, sometimes hours on end. Is this…[View]
137574852Everybody was debating where to take the story next; could they even come up with something worthy? …[View]
137573706Always sunny thread: What's does /tv/ think of this show? What kind of people watch it?[View]
137574816Scenes that were 100% pure kino: Pic related. That sitcom parody scene from Natural Born Killers…[View]
137573061Why do americans like Star Trek so much? I saw a video about the lore and it was super interesting …[View]
137574664why did the crowd turn on him?[View]
137574633What did Adriana La Cerva mean by this? 2:04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_xvpfu4j5Q[View]
137574641What are some films about seeking retribution?[View]
137564966Can we agree this was one of most underrated movie of 2019?[View]
137573558>a thread about SHORT ANIMATED FILMS gets deleted why are jannies so fucking retarded?…[View]
137573677Are children who are in horror movies or films that are rated R/18+ allowed to watch the finished fi…[View]
137574429Odd things you never noticed before in films.: I just realized the cop at the start of Home Alone wa…[View]
137574454I absolve you all[View]
137573449The great debate.[View]
137572938>Georgey porgey, puddin' and pie...[View]
137573240Little Shop of Horrors: What does /tv/ think of this flick?[View]
137572657>ends racism and gender inequality bravo cohem[View]
137574167I just watched this and you guys were right. Her ugliness made the plot very unbelievable.[View]
137574192What are some movies that portray normal behavior in an unnecessarily negative light?[View]
137572227>When you like The Terminator more than Terminator 2, but also like Aliens more than Alien…[View]
137573517Wow, the show is actually still really good. I was nervous after how bad Series 7/8 were, but they …[View]
137571440What's your favourite serial killer movie?[View]
137570415I am from the future. I have come back in time to warn you about the new upcoming Picard tv series w…[View]
137574017What are some films with tactical realism?[View]
137555807>You a photographer? >I'm a combat correspondent. >Well, you seen much combat? >I…[View]
137568375>Single attractive guy in his 40s with no kids >Not one scene where his co-workers assume he…[View]
137573741Why the praise?: I certainly enjoy watching his films, but that's about it. The movie leaves me…[View]
137573740What are some movies where the protagonist is put in a humiliating situation?[View]
137573429every day i awake shaking with the trauma of nightmares: i never remember any of them, theyre too ho…[View]
137573498Hey /tv/ What do you think of this film?[View]
137573044Why do americans have such a low impulse control?[View]
137573631What is your profession /tv/?[View]
137572549What are some Kefkaesque kinos?[View]
137573490Anyone else think Erin is underrated?[View]
137571195>And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand.…[View]
137573354GIMME JIMMY[View]
137571768What should I watch next?[View]
137571621This is Katana. She's got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps th…[View]
1375732374chan, really? A man of your talents?[View]
137566641Watching Barry lyndon.: Let's see what the fuzz is about.[View]
137565930Du Könntest du schwimmen[View]
137572293ITT: Worst movie you’ve seen recently[View]
137569958Francine Smith![View]
137567183if done well are black and white kinos superior to colour?[View]
137573207Seasons 4/5 Mac & Dennis was the fucking peak[View]
137571282What are /tv/'s favourite Uwe Boll movies? Also is he based or cringe?[View]
137571960what are your thoughts regarding this phonomenom, /tv/?[View]
137572623Why did the Star Trek reboot movies: attract so much more interest compared to the new shows?[View]
137567034>Works the Hebrews >Works the Latinos >Works the eggplants >Works the nerds >Works Sp…[View]
137570432A Chinese actor.[View]
137572631>i must apologize for /tv/. he is an idiot. we have purposely given him the worst board culture, …[View]
137570058Was Cotton based?[View]
137570773Negative reviews that don't sound like it: ..and seem to be negative only to give a certain fil…[View]
137567202Alexandra Daddario: why she didn't make it big ?[View]
137570818Judas and the Black Messiah: blackkino is back on the menu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSjtGqRXQ…[View]
137573026Godspeeb Spideman[View]
137572498Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137572961>Now We Are Free starts playing Bros, I...[View]
137572309ITT actors that just play themselves in every movie but not in a way that makes you think yes I need…[View]
137569965How old were you when you began to acknowledge the genius of this goddamn masterpiece?[View]
137571904I said that's life that's liiiiiiiiiiife[View]
137571535Does Carpetbagger have a future in tv or film?[View]
137572906May, 2005 Light Side or Dark Side, /tv/?[View]
137559050Post rare cases where women make kino[View]
137549285HOLLYWOOD FUCKED-TICKETS SOLD BELOW 300m: ROFLMAO ITT: post a scene from a film that shows yfw holly…[View]
137571917What the fuck was her problem?[View]
137572771Just finished watching Fortitude, season 1 and 2. Anyone else watched this or have some good reccs …[View]
137571644/webm/ Thread: cute girl only![View]
137572696What are the best films set in the World War II cinematic universe?[View]
137572354Does anyone else believe in an entertainment psychosphere? Maybe its an entertainment psy-op ad camp…[View]
137572009Don't give no dang shoots about a ban: To the anon who posted the top tier pole kino. What was …[View]
137571682Why is it more offense that John Wayne was cast as Genghis Khan: than the fact that a movie was made…[View]
137556422Women like Brad type not pathetic emasculated twinks[View]
137571491itt: great movies you've never seen mentioned on /tv/[View]
137572159Why was it so incredibly bad, /tv/ros? At least the 2014 one had some great cinematography, but this…[View]
137572261'The key to great storytelling is catastrophe and violence,'[View]
137572192Agent Cody Banks was a fucked up PG movie: To much sexual content, including adult women acting inap…[View]
137570755did /tv/ even watch this show?[View]
137572134What are some movies, where the 'Bad Guy' wins or kills the main actor? I'm sick of seeing the …[View]
137567676so what are some super heroes shows or movies that /tv/ can recommend me[View]
137569092Scenes that fucking destroyed you: Fuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRrFvapV4ms[View]
137571371I thought this was gonna be like the Tree of Life, but it's actually an interesting movie[View]
137567573How do you relaunch it? What will you add to it?[View]
137569838This movie comes out in 3 months but theres no promotional material for it, not a single still no ta…[View]
137570873When did you grow out of television and film?[View]
137565692Felina: Is it the greatest ending of all time? >filters plebs >subverts expectations in a good…[View]
137569995this shows should get discussed more[View]
137564563ITT: Claim your 80s waifu: Dubs steal Trips confirm Mention your favorite movies starring them.…[View]
137566035Finally finished my screenplay[View]
137563013Omg how have I not noticed[View]
137571760The fuck is wrong with her career?[View]
137570266Alright /tv/ this is Clem Fandango here[View]
137570999What's the best Tom Clancy adaptation?[View]
137546042Let's talk about the AVGN: The Movie and James as a director/famed critic.[View]
137571158Could this movie have had a less interesting protagonist?[View]
137570090>TIL that the Breaking Bad team was offered $75 million to produce three additional episodes afte…[View]
137569515What was the motive?[View]
137571140>Do you understand the toad?[View]
137570986>the series has two timelines >a present timeline were unexplainable things happen to the prot…[View]
137568336Realistically speaking, how could the la familia handle him?: please tell me they have a chance, eve…[View]
137571017Fleabag: This show is actually good what the fuck. I heard it swept awards and usually that means no…[View]
137570981>Argo, fuck yourself![View]
137570863what did he mean by this?[View]
137569986What shows are you watching /tv/ ?[View]
137570737is there a group therapy for (You) addiction and trolling in general ?[View]
137570472Who is your daddy, and what does he do?[View]
137569699>Ur mom goes to college Dare I say, based?[View]
137570122Why does Ocean Man sound so compressed in the movie version?[View]
137564889Ineffectual Heroes: What are some good movies where the protagonist has little agency or effect on t…[View]
137569431For me it’s Ralphie. Edgy, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humour[View]
137569596are there any films or TV that explore antinatalism besides TD season 1[View]
137565933>All fucking niggers must fucking hang! >risks life and limb trying to save black man later in…[View]
137558326Found Footage Thread: Has anyone got that collage/list of recommended found footage movies? Also gen…[View]
137567738South Park[View]
137565147Say it[View]
137568693hes v cute[View]
137564142What am I in for?[View]
137569984Would you trust your children to watch a Disney movie today? Is any media safe from political ideolo…[View]
137566152Are there any other movies like this? I actually enjoyed it.[View]
137566980>Boys, where in the fuck are the Trailer Park Boys threads? I told you to make those three fuckin…[View]
137565285Come and See (1985)[View]
137563458Stories too fucked up for a feature film[View]
137569413Is Uncle Tom good?[View]
137565882Guardians of the Galaxy: Recast if shot in the early 2000's. I'll go first... Sean William…[View]
137569673ITT Society Burglars: any kinos with gentlemen thiefs beyond the obvious like to catch a thief, both…[View]
137568540Are nature documentaries porn? If it was humans fucking it would be porn. But lions and tigers fucki…[View]
137569655Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137565379/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: TBD Noms: TBD Safety Suite Winner: Janelle, Kaysar pr…[View]
137569552What are some kinos about police brutality and the unfairness of life?[View]
137568770I don't get why people say women aren't funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ilu0Px_wE4…[View]
137563922>/tv/ suddenly hates him what happened[View]
137563887Jazz, I am jazz life of jazz: No jazz thread? Less discuss the famous beautiful and talent Ivy Leagu…[View]
137569362>there was one watchable character in the prequels >he died in the first part of the first one…[View]
137567655What was TV like in the year 2000?[View]
137567729zoomers be like 'love this kino'[View]
137568856Mr Redcorn, are you sure the white man did all that stuff?[View]
137561317*blocks your path*[