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174658760she died a hero[View]
174658599>is the most plausible and grounded depiction of time travel in media in your path…[View]
174656811What went right and wrong in your opinion?: Right >Rorschach >Comedian >That mars scene wit…[View]
174651020/hor/ - Horror General: Horror States Edition: Which one are you? Night of the Living Dead here Prev…[View]
174660088why did dahmer like killing black people so much?[View]
174647015>Your parents death was not your fault. It was your father's What Thomas Wayne supposed to d…[View]
174659616Was it kino?[View]
174660494mfw i watch all of bcs and kim gets literally zero comeuppance[View]
174660604Cast it[View]
174659962ITT: post only the tastiest grub in cinema. Pic related here is the iconic sandwich featured in The…[View]
174660721Its kino[View]
174654884/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Southlands BTFO edition Previous >>174648199[View]
174651502What's the cringiest movie you've ever seen?[View]
174656934Riget Exodus: Anyone else looking forward to this kinographia? When is it even coming out?[View]
174659509Why the fuck did Tony put the gun in the fish? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il4BQFmYL0g[View]
174658776ITT: Zillennial-era shows.[View]
174659015My Friend Dahmer vs. Netflix's Dahmer: What do y'all think?[View]
174660394Missed threads[View]
174656292/got/hotd/ general: Will no one rid me of these troublesome Targs? edition prev >>174652295…[View]
174655142Milk Stop drinking it[View]
174657303Jim Caviezel: >every movie he is in is kino 4chan /tv award for kino goes to this dude.…[View]
174650290Is it kino of the highest order or simply kino of the highest order ?[View]
174658693Surfing Movies: Huge waves from a hurricane coming to my local beaches. This is what I live for. I t…[View]
174660103What would you have done in her situation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJiml5xzK68[View]
174657352Is he really like this in real life or is it an act ?[View]
174660198Pic unrelated. I'm just trying to find the name of a movie I watched a handful of years ago and…[View]
174656776>muh mommy issues Bravo PTA[View]
174658872White Girl (2016): Sexy. Real. Hard Hitting. Why did it flop?[View]
174660069Bros. This movie hurts so much I can't stop crying :'([View]
174660051What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174646508Do you guys think Morf will achieve Emilia Clarke level of fame with Rings of Power?[View]
174659646>cheesy 1970s Italian sex-comedy >has better looking sets & locations than 99.99% of all f…[View]
174659613Uma Thurman height?: I thought Uma was 5'9 or 5'10[View]
174653706Ghibli films ranked, your favourite movie unironically determined your intelligence[View]
174656891Re-release flop.[View]
174658695wtf did he mean by this?[View]
174658830Are we looking forward to Transformers Rise of the Beasts? Why hasn't there been a trailer or t…[View]
174658627Who will be playing Ursula in the new little mermaid?[View]
174659118To Live and Die in L.A.: Is it worth watching?[View]
17465813210 million dollars? This guy is supposed to be a Mafia boss and could not scrape some lousy 10 milli…[View]
174659453/THEWIRE/ General: Comfiest bedroom edition[View]
174657733>character is a donkey >his name is Donkey bravo Nolan…[View]
174656968Am i forgotten bros?nwhy my dad arrived home all pissy and moody ?[View]
174659189People say I look and act exactly like Dahmer in the show.[View]
174658731Did you guys like The Riddler?: I think he was a great character and Dano did a great job, but got r…[View]
174655522New Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Does /tv/ like the new episodic show ?[View]
174659632It's The Shield but for women.[View]
174658976I don't want to get old bros[View]
174657756IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCZkp023MdY[View]
174659339Kid named finger[View]
174655526SNL is getting funnier and it's making /tv/ nervous.[View]
174657332STARGATE THREAD: Gold??[View]
174659425Cast them.[View]
174659436>program on tv gets louder without having touched the remote[View]
174659415They think they can laugh about themselves or self parody....are we going full circle now? Benito Ju…[View]
174656729I really hate that this series just embrace the >It's not a bunch of alien entities from a f…[View]
174656830bitch ass nigga[View]
174659309underappreciated Youtube kino: This video just hits a nostalgic chord with me. I like to imagine the…[View]
174659243So Norwegians just got denied one of the greatest kinos of our time for no reason? How is this right…[View]
174659211/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
174657441Was he autist ? Or what was that 'america gave me wings' bullshit ?[View]
174658770>i want dark series with bad ending >*actually gets one* >noooo this is trash hurt durr t…[View]
174658644What went wrong? he had everything and was a good actor[View]
174658895Spongebob feels the weight of being a wagie for the first time.[View]
174655554Dumb bitch[View]
174659042Apologize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174657028amazing opening sequence, fine flick overall. both leftoids and rightoids are triggered by the endin…[View]
174658283>open movie >runtime: 2:23 >open movie >runtime: 2:36 >open movie >runtime: 2:42 …[View]
174658916What was his fucking problem?[View]
174658140>Bye have a beautiful time![View]
174651622>So much debt... What men can do against such reckless rates?[View]
174657792>Unfortunately anon, we could not find someone to fly out for your loved ones visit, so you will …[View]
174658642>ITT: MST3K characters that are literally you[View]
174658455Womb(2010): Womb(2010)[View]
174658701I’m confused /tv/ this movie wasn’t about him making anyone fat and he looked way less charming than…[View]
174658394Know what?[View]
174658525Is this worth watching?[View]
174656513Anyone got a link to episode 3?[View]
174653859Serial killer: >Since this movie every serial killer writes like this…[View]
174656357The last few series of better call saul were shit. I'm sick of pretending they're not. No …[View]
174655915I can fix her[View]
174657831what are some films?[View]
174657755The older I get the more I relate to this character and why he hates teenagers[View]
174657752Who are some bug bunny like characters? Not Kinda like clever, nonchalant, wisecracking characters w…[View]
174656943why does this feel slightly racist?[View]
174657590He's a saint.[View]
174657435I keep forgetting every movie i watch. Even my favorite movies? Should i be scared or is this normal…[View]
174656213Why she was such a bad seed?[View]
174657601Sam Hyde was a greek commander.[View]
174657367Has any show had a harder mood whiplash ending than this one?[View]
174654969when the kino hits[View]
174657215Anyone else here a Doofenmaxxing Evilcel? I realized my incel life has always been dictated by bein…[View]
174656191There is no crime she cannot solve.[View]
174657198And for my next guest: you better be goddamn sure before you follow him round the store it's Ty…[View]
174655911Is this what wagecucking does to you?[View]
174657025he's literally me[View]
174647355Name a more kino opening text[View]
174656368A: 10 V: 10 thank you YIFY[View]
174656815ROP SEASON 2 FILMING NEXT MONTH: >To compete for eyeballs and Emmys, Amazon spent about $468 mill…[View]
174656725best girls boarding school moobies? I've already seen st. trinian and innocence[View]
174656461>Stick the baloon up your ass to save the white race, friend[View]
174655722What's your favorite idea? Mine is being a racist.[View]
174655177What was the point of this movie?[View]
174656536Official Reno Sheriff's tier list >Says 'Nigger' To Her Black Coworkers' Faces tier Wei…[View]
174656456what's a location you would like to see on film?[View]
174656490Why did Netflix make Yusuke a pinoy? Will there ever be a decent live action anime?[View]
174653488did you buy the stanleycoin?[View]
174654788>13 movies >only 1 financial flop[View]
174650103>no sequel ever Pokebros...[View]
174654369Movies about main character slowly losing his/her humanity[View]
174646217I was just rewatching X-Files in remux quality and I think I can see Scully's bush. That is all…[View]
174656210ITT: Images you can hear: >Big City Life[View]
174654591The year is almost over, what movies are you looking forward to before it ends? For me, it's Ti…[View]
174654614Cast him.[View]
174650101What makes Seinfeld so comfy?[View]
174652295/got/hotd/: the witch of Hightower edition prev >>174646428[View]
174653040Why do people get so caught up about historical accuracy in movies: They're movies, if you want…[View]
174651510/who/ - Doctor Who General: AFROC edition Fated: >>174606212[View]
174654397Why didn't Homer just ask Bart to translate the French instructions? It was well established th…[View]
174653303i love her bros, i want to join her death cult[View]
174646848>blacksmith REACTS to forging in films[View]
174654607Black actors back in the day used to have normal names, now if there is a black actor in a movie the…[View]
174655281The Dark Universe 'most likely' to be revived; Gosling to play Wolf Man.[View]
174656077>New Xbox commercial >has Aaron Paul advertising you can play games while watching breaking ba…[View]
174656016Will this be confirmed Catholic kino?[View]
174652976What are some good episodes of the Simpsons after season 15? >inb4 none…[View]
174656138What are some movies about the end justifying the means?[View]
174656118ITT we post everything we have and know about 4chan's moderation and how the site works in gene…[View]
174654837What are the best breakup movies?[View]
174656007what are some good films that take place here.[View]
174651455Tokyo Vice: Is anyone watching this kino? Sato is my guy.[View]
174652195Holy shit! $19,000,000 in 2022 That’s crazy money Over performing all the way to the bank[View]
174655055Any good kinos that are set in Imperial Russia?[View]
174655646>I GOT NO ZITI OVER HERE James you dont need to finish your entire plate before you say your line…[View]
174654925Grolton is the dog[View]
174655886>that will be $1,000,000,000 + tip[View]
174655052No lawyers, no witnesses, what sort of due process is this?[View]
174655786YEP YEP YEP YEP YEP YEP[View]
174655812ITT: 'that guy' actors/actresses[View]
174655233I hate niggers, but for some reason, whenever they wear a black leather jacket, all black, sun glass…[View]
174654802The movie 300 lost a golden opportunity to: include a character called Doriticus where Leonidus says…[View]
174632137Characters you act like in social situations: Whenever I'm at work and don't know how to a…[View]
174653185I can fix her[View]
174655617Just watched it. What a medicore movie.[View]
174654997Was this an accurate portrayal of boomer life in the 70s?[View]
174654723>That would be 1 billion $ Thank you come again[View]
174655574This is just Evangelion without mecha fights.[View]
174653360I enjoyed this film and I think Oliver Stone is based[View]
174645020Why would Jews do this?[View]
174655521Bonus meth?[View]
174654493So Jay, what did you think of Milwuakee's pride and joy, Jeffrey Dahmer?[View]
174653576>Yes, I collect Funko pops. How could you tell?[View]
174650407david lunch lol[View]
174654826which freddy Krueger movie is this?: when i was a kid i remember watching one of the freddy movies a…[View]
174655184Why are there americans in Middle Earth?[View]
174653633when did you realize that the gray jedi were more of a threat to the universe than the sith who brou…[View]
174651135After the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog film franchise, what's next for Euphemia LatiQue 'T…[View]
174640991>60mil an episode[View]
174655016Any of you cunts watched this filth?[View]
174654891Who is Disney making this game for?! They are definitely a whore for their own IP now, but they…[View]
174654774Rings of Power is giving heavy Foundation vibes. Bad reboot, I believe, is responsible for both thes…[View]
174655168Kevin Smith's next movie: What will Kevin's next movie be? Mallrats 2? Dogma 2? Chasing th…[View]
174655002>Takes over your mind[View]
174647005So his lifetime killing spree came to an end because he got green paint on his ears. Who writes this…[View]
174655176What do I think about Lady Gaga as an actor and performer? I might be in love again.[View]
174654895Mindhunter: Did it get cancelled for actually giving an honest portrayal of blacks in the second sea…[View]
174653902Will they upload new stuff after the recent drama shitshow[View]
174651433Do brits really find this funny?[View]
174655039Spoorloos: So, if Saskia somehow %%was freed/escaped from captivity%% would you go back to her or st…[View]
174654974Billion Dollars Idea: VR where you can watch kino along with cute girls[View]
174654945Name a better film about being an alien and a private eye IM WAITING[View]
174654515What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174653922He has an acting career and you don't. You don't get to make fun of him.[View]
174652301Does /tv/ still buy DVDs?[View]
174652880How many physical games do you buy in a month? Do you consider yourself a CONSOOMER?[View]
174654842are the flashbacks canon?[View]
174654784I've seen you before. You're the asshole on /tv/.[View]
174654406>picking up a man in a bar and getting prostate orgasm is...LE GOOD!!![View]
174648199/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Chekhov's hammer edition Previous >>174643619[View]
174643244Explain this fucking movie to me please[View]
174650664Why didn't you buy a copy?[View]
174653982there is nothing netflix wont ruin[View]
174653498Are you looking forward to the next season of The Witcher?[View]
174646639What exactly is 'desert power'?[View]
174652692Was this considered attractive in 90s ?[View]
174651908Cast it[View]
174652835Fuck you I liked it.[View]
174650220Cate Blanchett could still pull off Galadriel today[View]
174654464Is this the best ever creature design? Truly terrifying and original, especially the way it decapita…[View]
174654447How did Raimi keep getting away with it?[View]
174653113Silenced: This is the most iconic shot of the movie[View]
174653692>watch reactions from people who’ve never seen Rocky before >they all think Rocky is a rapist …[View]
174654289Where are the new videos??[View]
174653836Guess the movie[View]
174650975who's exited for Better Rim Kim?[View]
174654220>You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted to fuck a woman, but I co…[View]
174652756So when did you realize he completely stole his '''style''' from James Gunn[View]
174654014What if Moonlight...but white?: https://youtu.be/dh3jIrD8C24[View]
174653317*speedruns the maze* No, seriously, how did he suddenly appear there at the end?[View]
174653363>watch a new movie or tv show >fall in love with the main actress Why is this keep happening t…[View]
174651636What's /tv/'s general opinion on the modern film industry? I think they're too 'woke'…[View]
174650561Why is this movie rarely being talked about?[View]
174653297Why did they make Dahmer's murderer look like a black superhero in this situation? He was a lit…[View]
174654000Which would win?[View]
174648095>Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny? An obese man... a disgusting man who could barely stand …[View]
174653198Where is season 2?[View]
174654020This is getting out of hand...[View]
174652279>in the film Inferno they visit the Hagia Sophia and look upon the tomb of Enrico Dandolo. >t…[View]
174653914>“See you you cunt“ >“I'll cut you first“…[View]
174653371Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Was it kino?[View]
174641935This show probably set back nuclear power acceptance in this country by 10 years if not more. Good s…[View]
174653625Bodies Bodies Bodies: >Pete Davidson >Lee Pace yep, I'm thinking I'm in…[View]
174617224HOLY KINO[View]
174648955Just saw the two Paddington movies: What did we think? Which one did we like better?[View]
174644018why is foreman such a bore, he's the worst part of the show[View]
174652259>this is __________, a great, great song - a personal favourite what song, /tv/?…[View]
174651944>ywn see the shrike in action[View]
174652074Stream starting soon We'll be watching 28 days later Stay tuned! twitch.tv/peteblank[View]
174653736Meteor Shower: Take evasive action[View]
174653725Those anons.[View]
174653546>5 episodes in >literally nothing has happened Why is it so boring?…[View]
174626042How long until Hollywood makes a Princess Mononoke live action movie?[View]
174653629Dragon Ball Evolution 2: starring the Shameless cast[View]
174652401I had a really weird dream of this movie. It was like a complete different movie but still the same.…[View]
174653074ITT: your /tv/ dreams: I dream about breeding Sophia Lillis and leading a peaceful life out in the c…[View]
174653091we were KINGS[View]
174651329who was in the wrong here?[View]
174653434Cooper: what were his last thoughts?[View]
174648761Yeah, but I will have a degree. And you'll be serving my kids fries at a drive-through on our w…[View]
174653414tfw sugar is not being number 1 stop geting bullied[View]
174645974You are given 100 million dollars to make a full length film adaption of a video game of your choice…[View]
174653355Was this actually a stealth red pill on the abnormality of gay people?[View]
174653329>mfw watching suits (I'm not enjoying it)[View]
174650500What other series are there with such a steep decline in not only quality but the overall tone? This…[View]
174648540why wasnt this exciting?[View]
174653296ITT: the last film that filtered you[View]
174652160Have there been any decent science fiction films made in the past 10 years, /tv/?[View]
174650907Who's this guy? Why is he everywhere on YTube?[View]
174651187there has not been anything good to watch for 2 years[View]
174634651>no season 2[View]
174652134what will I do with all this guilt?[View]
174652992Gabagool? Ovah here[View]
174653042>bad smell is.... le bad[View]
174650557this was kino ngl[View]
174649563Watching Sins of a Father: The Green River Killer on Tubi and this comes on the screen[View]
174651485>The Unusuals (2009) >Fargo (2014) >Legion (2017) >Alien (?????) Is Noah Hawley an under…[View]
174651901what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174652284What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174652891Continuity error: I noticed in Drive (2011), after Shannon's death, Ryan Gosling is shown to ha…[View]
174652887Cast Him: ... with a twist 2 actors: one for before transition, one for after. This is for the long …[View]
174650558top 5 animations.[View]
174638960Milly Alcock is one of the finest actresses I've ever seen. Shes so fierce and spunky despite b…[View]
174648142wat happen[View]
17465279180s Megatron VS 90s skeletor: It is amazing how good 90s skeletor is. Truly incredible he actually h…[View]
174652764>OOH is this a blooper show? I love these >Watch this, ok, see the guy in the cap right there?…[View]
174641321why did they need a big Gandalf ?[View]
174651102>Brits make a 'comedy' >It (rightfully) falls flat on its face >Americans reboot the same c…[View]
174651897MR HARRIGANS PHONE - from the TWISTED MIND OF STEPHEN KING: https://youtu.be/dSp7FjACr1E A WHITE BOY…[View]
174650897Stephen King movies are all dogshit, without exception[View]
174652417No pacts between lions and men: Shouldn't he have said lions and sheep or something[View]
174650415Athena: 4K rip when?[View]
174652314Cast Her: ...with a twist: 2 actors - 1 for before transition, 1 for after. This is for her biopic t…[View]
174652180This is simultaneously kino of the highest order and hot garbage[View]
174649615>What are some lines with the word though at the end?[View]
174652030>Called himself 'The Crocodile Hunter' >Didn't even hunt the Crocs, in fact actually help…[View]
174651312Are you sitting in a chair right now? STAND THE FUCK UP FOR GEORGE LUCAS!!![View]
174650736But the Centauri... >ARE A LOST PEOPLE >They are to be pitied, they are already on a course fo…[View]
174639439I seriously don't get why there is so much reeeeing over Discovery. I'm not saying it…[View]
174652001This is a perfect role for Kevin spacey[View]
174650501Why are Anya and Foy sharing the same dress? That's kinda hot desu[View]
174651408I just marathoned this very peculiar piece. What did I think about it?[View]
174646428/got/hotd/: >Robb, who had been more a brother to Theon than any son born of Balon Greyjoy’s loin…[View]
174651151What would the movies section look like?[View]
174652071Anyone remember watching this kino??: Sunshine Porcupine (1980) https://youtu.be/OgarKvKKp80[View]
174652061When the Lucas Sequel Trilogy is Finally Released[View]
174652054why didn't they just dig a hole in the ground and hide there until they left?[View]
174651437IT’S UP: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vw5ug0Axt4I[View]
174651634What are the essential Alain Delon kinos (other than Le Samourai)?[View]
174649054Post irl shit: Any real life things welcome. Interviews, police chases, anything, just can't be…[View]
174650646Did he deserve it?[View]
174650760>Well done, Slytherin. Well done. However...[View]
174651139>I used to think that my life was a tragedy...[View]
174651739Did gay mens really except drinks from strangers in the 90s?[View]
174624654>Someday? Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. …[View]
174651871>raindrop >droptop >gotta watch that new disney goyslop…[View]
174648714Matrix Resurrections wasn't that bad.[View]
174643725Even plebbit sees through The Batcringe as a soulless movie: Only /co/mblrinas and twatter rate this…[View]
174650364Good morrow, sers[View]
174649444Bigfoot kidnaps human females to fuck and keep as pets: They end up turning feral like the fat one a…[View]
174651391Ive read books[View]
174647969So how accurate was this Netflix series? Did the father really introduce taxidermy to Jeffrey? Did t…[View]
174651486>Life ends Is there a sequel and what's it about?[View]
174647919I fucking hate Caleb. If you like Caleb, do me a favor and walk into traffic. /tv/ is officially a f…[View]
174648796A well made borefest What a waste of time[View]
174649594History Kino: what are your favorite history kinos?[View]
174645481What are some good true crime documentaries?[View]
174649057House-of-the-Dragon: Why so orange?[View]
174649771It's sort of a boring film. It would've been more suspenseful if his defection was actuall…[View]
174650247I could've saved her[View]
174641773How can I tell a shill from an honest shitposter?[View]
174651222Prey should get a sequel.[View]
174651018>infamous studio head Daryl Zanuck was Protestant that's surprising…[View]
174649312Anyone know where this is from?[View]
174649678I didn't order this...with sausage!![View]
174650089Best part The Lobster is when Colin Farrell said 'I taste better with butter' and transformed into t…[View]
174645543/hor/ - Horror General: shitty parenting edition Previously on /hor/ - >>174638862[View]
174647744Mawwrty, get a fuckin' divorce![View]
174650139Literally me: the movie https://youtu.be/WP6Q34uRdPM[View]
174651066So that's it, huh? That's great ma. Just take my brother and go chase UFOs?[View]
174592466Louise Fletcher Dies: Oscar-Winning ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Actor Was 88: https://deadline…[View]
174647600I loved my daughter! But the abomination growing in her womb was a betrayal of me and the white race…[View]
174649109If your favorite movie doesn't have end credits readily available to watch on the internet it…[View]
174649639Yo, Mr. White![View]
174650844This Brazilian soap opera about a slave girl is the most-dubbed TV show in history. It was the first…[View]
174650916This is actually good what the fuck[View]
174647300ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
174612273was he reddit or 4chan ?[View]
174650756>this made boomers shit their slacks in laughter it's all bathroom humor…[View]
174648549Emma d’arcy (they/them) are really good at playing woman[View]
174649800>good movies are still being produced >you have... uhhh…[View]
174650114>he's the one who's doing it doing what?[View]
174622215What the fuck was going on in the early 2000s?[View]
174650319Name the movies[View]
174649348So they are supposed to be black people?[View]
174650690Rounders (1998): Teen is thinking he is boring Young adulthood is thinking he is smart & respons…[View]
174650685Benny was an idiot for not nailing the first girl who brought her car to the shop.[View]
174650656Alice in Borderland season 2 is coming What do we expect???? https://youtu.be/vba9e_hSvro[View]
174650274>I'm fighting to protect trans kids[View]
174650627Does anyone else watch Peppa Pig in order to learn a language? I've seen almost every episode o…[View]
174649525>netflix and chill That died down, didn't it[View]
174650596If you want a beautiful life Take a cunny wife For there will be no strife[View]
174650151>”Michael Jai White ?” >”Can I laugh in your face?”…[View]
174649832Will we get S2 ?[View]
174650497I finished Better Call Saul and i love how it ended. Why was /tv/ shitting on the ending ? It was qu…[View]
174643144/rangz/ - Rings of Power General: no one even noticed it was gone edition Previous >>174626229…[View]
174649656>Ecstatic. >Elated.[View]
174648005When did Michael Schur stop being a sucessful showrunner?[View]
174646727so true[View]
174648438YOU'RE NOT A GOOD SHOW[View]
174644406Why is this movie so forgotten? It’s such a perfect action comedy.[View]
174645527>'but if the people in the matrix are real people, what difference does it make if my friends and…[View]
174647269How do you feel about the casting of Disney's live action adaptation of Snow White?[View]
174649179HUNTER IN HER NOW MOVIE 'CUCKOO': >Chased by a mysterious woman, 17-year-old Gretchen (Hunter Sch…[View]
174649393Sam Hyde cameo ca. 1987 (86 film year) - 'Hellraiser'. probably coming to kill someone in …[View]
174639772Klendathu orbits a twin star system.[View]
174648069Why is Gloria considered such a catch for Jay? Is considered really attractive? She just seems old, …[View]
174650069/tv/, have no fear! Your grand vizier, Zizag, is here![View]
174650021With the recent rapid gains in ai art, will we ever get to a point where ai can write a script and c…[View]
174650013You know you're deep into ARGs when you're getting recommended fresh ones like this!: http…[View]
174624288Cousin Greg: He may be the only character who literally does nothing wrong, also I love him but not …[View]
174649897>But you know what's on my mind right now? It isn't the coffee in my kitchen, it's…[View]
174649873Are you a big bad guy?[View]
174649254it annoys me that this film acted like the twist was a twist. everyone knew what was happening while…[View]
174647508Watched the first episode of this and thought it was decent, is it worth it to continue watching?[View]
174648947Can someone explain to me why James Cameron is devoting years to making a cartoon version of the Dan…[View]
174649355now that the dust has settled, what did it do?[View]
174648094A bunch of smart white guys made a kino with hardly any women and no bipoc. How the fuck did they ge…[View]
174649643>Trannies are demons from Hell Based Hulu[View]
174649607>lost to an incel[View]
174648871as the spooky season approaches I think it's time to admit that this is the greatest horror fil…[View]
174645682Number Two in more than one way: Films which were a great start, then absolutely shit the bed with t…[View]
174647241The City of Ember: Uniironically one of my favorite movies.[View]
174648297Babysitters Club on Netflix: Season 3 when?[View]
174649068>Hold on babe let me get the HDMI cable[View]
174648169Tell me where is my wife, the lady Galadriel, for I have not seen her in some time.[View]
174645231Ahoy me mates, the name's Cap'n Joji. I'm a 27 year old Japanese seaboo (Pirate fan f…[View]
174647697Take a guess: another edition of /tv/ makes a movie or real movie: >overweight Sara, is tormented…[View]
174649336You're a true kinosseur and watch auteur cinégraphigue, right anon?[View]
174648135What went wrong?[View]
174648039Do you think she ever regrets getting involved with the Harry Potter franchise?[View]
174644011How many inofficial kids has he actually fathered?[View]
174648337What emotion is this?[View]
174648706What were the slices of cheese on Picard's head meant to be?[View]
174646465/comfy/ general: time to get comfy boys. anything goes[View]
174648988Why do you all want to be like Patrick Bateman? The guy's a total loser![View]
174648772>A year ago I was two inches shorter. Sheer willpower.[View]
174648367Is it me or 90% of movies I've watched don't exist? The Dinner Man Lost Catacombs The List…[View]
174647706Did anyone else find the suite life on deck sea school to be very comfy or am i just imagining i wou…[View]
174647476thread's shit the thread is shit[View]
174623756What should she have done, turned down the role?[View]
174648777Keanu Sneeze[View]
174648866I recently wrote a movie called Death at the Niger River It's about nigger killers in Niger. Th…[View]
174646882What kind of films do ayyys watch?[View]
174641624>Did Americans really shoot at innocent Vietnamese during the Vietnam War? Yes.…[View]
174647923Why doesnt warner brothers, seeing the success of Arcane and Edgerunners, revisit the Animatrix and …[View]
174644850Three Thousand Years Of Longing.[View]
174641205Does the idea of Freddy Krueger of being a pedophile who molests kids ruin him for you?[View]
174647574It's universally agreed his greatest interview was when he was about to die, and was terrified …[View]
174648600>Marty, I need you to make me a /tv/ thread and get it to the bump limit. And it must be on topic…[View]
174648264Hey guys. Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later![View]
174642857did he just take buck breaking too far?[View]
174648272He stuck his fingers in a woman's mouth and now he's working in the bingo halls. how can h…[View]
174634241Holy shit why are breaking bad fans so retarded? Everyone in 2008 said faggot.[View]
174647699your favorite animations.[View]
174648220Ed, Edd n Eddy: For me it's Ed Co[View]
174647344Doctor Sleep: If Andy can see death flies on the face of people who will die Why can't he see a…[View]
174643895What's your favorite movie(s)/tv with motorcycles or motorcycle club (MC) content? Do you have …[View]
174645647Hey Anon! Robert? I'm afraid he's in jail for armed robbery... I'm Sophia! What can I…[View]
174647802Why didn't Jafar just send Iago in if the rules don't seem to apply to animals?[View]
174640885*is cancelled*[View]
174646979/tv/ WISHLIST?: SHARE YOURS! Mine for Sci-Fi > New Quatermass movies or series with Jared Harris …[View]
174648316Thoughts On Atlanta S04E03 Born2Die?: For me, I thought it was a great representation of the Rap ind…[View]
174645177Post-apocalypse shows should revolve entirely around matters of engineering, production and the prac…[View]
174646500The Batman: Paul Dano acted better in There Will Be Blood[View]
174643619/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Raw edition Previous >>174626229[View]
174643610I've got...dipping sticks.[View]
174640697I'm in the middle of season 6 and I can't finish it. It's so fucking bad[View]
174647596Cast her[View]
174645275apparently this was lauded as the greatest british movie ever made in 1999. I found it kinda boring.…[View]
174647812Would you have saved Marsellus Wallace from the buck breaking? Or just left?[View]
174643982Steven Seagal Thread: >cia asset >mob ties >took on the yakuza >broke James Bond's …[View]
174646900NTBTSTT/ntbg/: Nirvanna/Nirvana The Band The Show The Thread, you know what to do. >Matt and Jay …[View]
174647526>music is really loud >character removes their headphones >music becomes quiet/stops…[View]
174646437I swear, all Star Wars actors hate Star Wars except these 2, and Mark Hammoll.[View]
174646286Who are some actors that because of their name/image, tricked you into thinking you were about to wa…[View]
174644938Why is satanic worshipping always so sexy in movies?[View]
174645302The fuck was his problem?[View]
174647804This is the holy trilogy of gangster films[View]
174644009>Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me? Nevermind 'who said that.' What the fuck does that even mea…[View]
174647789>Pinocchio More like Finocchio.[View]
174647419Failed to make me laugh even once but all (except one) of the girls were pretty hot: Also, the movie…[View]
174647272Four Avatar sequels, James? That's insane.[View]
174641787The government should erase this movie from every digital database in the world and have every physi…[View]
174647638He has zero presence or fan following outside of his le quirky iron man gimmick[View]
174647560Do you watch teen dramas? This one is pretty good and has autistic queer representation in it.[View]
174645924Why didn’t Clubber Lang ever get redeemed?[View]
174647582Lets see Paul Allens dubs.[View]
174647334WIPE DOWN THIS[View]
174642479Is this worth watching?: i love rocky but never but I never watched these movies.[View]
174642740I'm tired of pretending this isn't kino[View]
174605788General /tv/ WebM thread[View]
174647305>Hey nice Jeffrey Dahmer's biopic you got there. Now, what about making it entirely about RA…[View]
174644090DISNEY BTFO: gina carano get another sweet gigs meanwhile nobodycares about andor its over for wokec…[View]
174647363/tv/ watch party when?[View]
174645072It's time: We've given this show 5 weeks, it's time to admit that it's shit. Eve…[View]
174645883What are the best films about horses ? I've already seen Spirit.[View]
174641798post more binge able comfy kino[View]
174646626Who pops into your head when you hear superstar?[View]
174641361Will we ever get a good live action anime adaptation?[View]
174642984>is loyal to a man that has less money and lower social status than her most bullshit written ch…[View]
174644754I hate Arabs: What the hell was he than?[View]
174646562Why didn't he just stay quiet?[View]
174646373>character is an English rose >name is Rose BRAVO CAMERON…[View]
174634947SNL season 48 starts next week, how excited is /tv/ on a scale of 1 to 10??[View]
174636800How bout a bumper sandwich, booger lips? Heheheheh[View]
174643042HIMYM is popular because it assures college-aged kids that life after college will be just as childi…[View]
174646127>https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/167398352/#167398406 This was a good thread. Just found it …[View]
174645938Did Marty and Rust ever have sex with each other?[View]
174625757Are we excited for Squid G-..... Uhh I mean Alice In Borderland Season 2?: https://twitter.com/netfl…[View]
174646292>You can chase the dragon, Corlys!: >...you's got pure valyrian blood. What did Mama Vela…[View]
174643812Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: This is a aristotelian tragedy disguised as a blood pumping cyberpunk anime…[View]
174642780Celebs you hope die soon: picrel[View]
174640408/got/hotd/: The Realm's Delight edition >>174633925[View]
174646382Are there any kinos about the Sumerians?[View]
174645860Good kill: After seeing many videos of drones overturning wars I feel this anti-drone movie is outda…[View]
174645843>members only jacket excuse is a massive stretch >the scene is just Tony getting more anxious …[View]
174643628>Oi is that a fooken zambee?[View]
174646091>really enjoy show >the ending is sudden and explains little >cancelled after one season An…[View]
174646046>Mission Impossible is actually about the IMF being 'the good guys' Holy kek and I thou…[View]
174645995I like Avatar's story.[View]
174645767Is this what people mean when they describe a filmmaker as an 'actor's director'? Who are some …[View]
174645259I'm sorry, Anon The Woman King is only to be viewed by racist[View]
174644810Just finished this and really enjoyed it[View]
174644381'Their is to much iron in your blood.'[View]
174645722oppen heimer style![View]
174643713When is Hollywood going to rape Gygax for all of his shit?[View]
174645243Because he's MY butler[View]
174644442I've been watching Historical documentary series. Which ones are the best? This one was ok but …[View]
174645413Why didn't he get a sticky?[View]
174645625Augustus should’ve won. If he could’ve gotten his obesity under control, his passion for Wonka’s mai…[View]
174645090You will never have taste this good.[View]
174645729What the hell were they thinking[View]
174643258>Steiner found a way![View]
174645012>I can reassure that Hiroyuki and the rest in Tokyo are doing everything they can, talks are ongo…[View]
174645488After (2019), After We Collided (2020), After We Fell (2021), After Ever Happy (2022) rate the quadr…[View]
174644031>superman choosing to surrender himself is posed in front of an image of christ doing the same Ki…[View]
174639007She looks like the type of woman who would cheat on you and then laugh in your face if you got upset…[View]
174644925Neytiri my beloved[View]
174638862/hor/ - Horror General: Daily Reminder Frank Henenlotter's Filmography is Essential Viewing Edi…[View]
174644540The Disaster Movie = reddit Best F(r)iends = 4chan[View]
174644999This was actually a great movie but cringe how Florence Pugh's boyfriend/husband gets radicali…[View]
174643425What is Uwe Boll's best movie?[View]
174644510I miss them already.[View]
174643243Would you turn off that rockin rock music[View]
17464441460 fps Television in the 90s: As the kids say, it just 'hit different' https://youtu.be/CIzRmhIb5Lc…[View]
174637375The Batman 2: >co-writer of The Batman 2 posts this out of nowhere today We're getting Keogh…[View]
174644176People rate this series based on the one liners and dialogue. if you think about what is happening o…[View]
174639878>new Bowie kino in theaters RIGHT NOW >No threads Figures no one on /tv/ actually watches anyt…[View]
174643445I’M ACTING[View]
174644620Any kino about unhabited lands?[View]
174643989So we're just not going to talk about this?[View]
174644688Boomers be like >WHOA he wants to COOM and hell kill himself if he cant BASED BAseD BASED Holy sh…[View]
174642541How do you think she feels ruining the lives of innocent men?[View]
174639368it finally makes sense... woah[View]
174637469What exactly makes him a way more popular character than super man world wide if they are pretty muc…[View]
174638142Are Escape Rooms actually a thing people do or is it just a thing that's constantly parodied in…[View]
174644665Do I watch this or will it lead to buyer's remorse?[View]
174642985Post lazy writing[View]
174644195Why the fuck does he try to kill the politician? Felt like a bunch of scenes were missing. Fortunate…[View]
174643469what’s the best film ever made? and why is it the godfather?[View]
174642016TrannyaRaiser: Your dick! You cut it off We Came![View]
174644336>what if Caillou managed an office? What sort of monster enjoys this show?…[View]
174644486There's only god god ma'am and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that[View]
174644604add the '-nel'[View]
174644077>Don't you know who I am >IM THE CHUDERNAUGHT BITCH!…[View]
174644493>elf army >dwarf army >orc army >human army So who was the fifth army then?…[View]
174638537So is there actually any substance to it or is it just special effects? I didn't like in 2009 w…[View]
174643421What's next for actress Virginia Gardner after the success of Fall?[View]
174642942is this worth watching[View]
174643363/mtg/- Midget Torture General: ITT we discuss all the many ways we would torture midgets like belove…[View]
174641298You wake up and find yourself in the body of a Mormon teenager. These are the rules. What kinos do…[View]
174643016Emma D’Arcy is non-binary and uses they/them: With this episode being their debut in HoTD I think a …[View]
174640301I sleep in a racing car, do you?[View]
174639808This episode is now 30 years old. Homer the Herectic will be old soon, too.[View]
174644377Fancast: Brah these fancastings are getting pretty sus[View]
174639472Behind John Boyega’s Abrupt Exit From Netflix’s ‘Rebel Ridge’: Why's this guy such a fucking di…[View]
174641592>I'm in your house.[View]
174643718Any movies with this feel?: >tfw always guy on the right[View]
174643776Was it rape?[View]
174644183More time has passed since the 1st movie to the 3rd, than the 3rd to now: The Mummy came out in 1999…[View]
174644225Let's play a game: Post a 2d Disney movie and try to guess who the will blackify >Fetus wil…[View]
174643550Was it kino?[View]
174644190>Dear faggots, I can't believe how bright things are on the outside. I saw sunlight once whe…[View]
174643637>the box >you opened it >we came…[View]
174642098>makes American cuckservatives seethe holy based Andor[View]
174640201I just watched Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. What are the other essential Pacific …[View]
174643249Monica, Queen Elizabeth is dead[View]
174642297recently rewatched world peace, whats your fav sketch: mine is kid six[View]
174643922Twin Peaks: This show was kinda shit[View]
174643923Why does /tv/ not like Paranormal shows?[View]
174643903Sequels better than the original[View]
174643832Insomnia thread: When you think back to sleepless nights or bouts of insomnia during tumultuous or a…[View]
174642785Why didn't Walt and Skyler sell the house?: They make out they are so poor boo hoo we have a po…[View]
174643789Wat Tambor Appreciation Thread: If you know him, met him, worked with him, or performed with him, sh…[View]
174643735House Lannister thread: /tv/ is a Lannister board officialy. Fuck Targs, fuck Cucktheons, fuck Stark…[View]
174643714Guess what movie I'm watching[View]
174643349The Rehearsal: Why couldn't he just stick to the premise of the show and make 5 more episodes l…[View]
174642383IVE YADA YADA'D SEX[View]
174643226What is her best role?[View]
174640867Speak the WORD and enter[View]
174643032Kevin Smith: He is the best of Hollywood[View]
174639521I know I'm biased coming for being an incel but how come women kill themselves more in media? W…[View]
174643332what was his problem?[View]
174643510>SUPERMAN IS NOT JESUS >Stop making Christ allegories…[View]
174642610'GIVE ME THE MEAT AND GIVE IT TO ME RAW!': This is literally a line from Rings of Power. This is wha…[View]
174642440I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars[View]
174640648'Who am I? Let's just say I'm GALAD to meet you...': Christ, you guys weren't kidding…[View]
174639152This has to be the worst art direction I’ve seen for any animated series https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
174642542>steals Chris Farley's schtick and manages to be horrifically unfunny >this serves as ato…[View]
174641362I don't get it?: Can someone explain?[View]
174643256What name does Homer Simpson go by when he becomes a toy mascot and a serial killer? Geoffrey D…[View]
174632802We won: This show is a massive flop and is quickly fading into obscurity. There is LITERALLY 5x the …[View]
174638902why hasn't there been a film that accurately depicts a life of a neet?[View]
174642567Kyle Katarn, the greatest Jedi, in Andor: Andor has a bryar pistol, this means Kyle is canon.[View]
174642963The ONLY Breaking Bad spin-off show that can happen after BCS is BREAKING GOOD! NO other spin-offs! …[View]
174641707Why was this allowed?[View]
174639367Based furfag[View]
174643179>indians scriptures n shiet[View]
174637518Who are the Mythsters?[View]
174639201Who would have thought that a woman might be good at playing a woman...[View]
174633484Best dragon ball saga?[View]
174637122>THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!![View]
174643018Should I watch the final season the walking dead with my niece?[View]
174637725Posting on /tv/ on a Saturday night That's soldiering[View]
174638626how can one man be so unlikable?[View]
174639642what in the fuck was that[View]
174631269Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
174642526He tried to warn you. He tried to tell you that constantly consuming these crime shows and dramas th…[View]
174639705>87,000 companions[View]
174639578On the verge of dropping this.[View]
174638049Is Bo Burnham funny?[View]
174642512Hawkbros.... how did this happen?[View]
174633444Holy based[View]
174639592Allamaraine, count to four. Allamaraine, then three more. Allamaraine, if you can see. Allamaraine, …[View]
174641481>'I wasn't thinking' >'No you weren't'…[View]
174637675Dark Side of Comedy: The Chris Farley episode was so fucking sad[View]
174633020A Goofy Movie: This movie is timeless. It's amazing how well it holds up, considering it's…[View]
174641377>based on a video game and panned by critics >it's actually good Why does this happen?…[View]
174640451This is one of my favorite comedies, /tv/. Post your favorite comedies.[View]
174636125>protagonist listens to Beach House[View]
174638489'Za Thread: It's late and I'm not driving.[View]
174642319Post your fav actor[View]
174641558The Summer of George frfr[View]
174642262AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just watched this hunk of shit. Are you feeling exposed, chudbros? How will …[View]
174641136So this is the most comic accurate Batman adaptation of all time: If that's the case then the s…[View]
174639747>Throws some CGI on to a 1970s films where everything else looks like a cheap costume >Wow it…[View]
174639097Just marathoning this today, >Brand spends 3 minutes monologuing about her decision to go to Wolf…[View]
174642167Films about the average anon that goes on /tv/[View]
174642138thoughts on pic related? >teen girl physically overpowers grown adults and superpowered interdim…[View]
174641638comfy Euphoria thread.[View]
174636885'Andor could've been great if they'd just cast a white guy as the lead instead of a Mexica…[View]
174641989Films about you? !נא להחזיר את החיים האלה לאלוהים[View]
174636992>perfectly normal white guy >goes to prison >turns into this what did HBO mean by this?…[View]
174641908Is he the new Master Shake? Same vibes (the show version)[View]
174641500Just watched this for the first time. What did Ennis mean when he said I swear.[View]
174641689More kinos like this series please[View]
174641886Why are there so few kinos about occultism out there? I've already watched this a million times…[View]
174641059I saw a thread last night bashing Aliens for being woke No, you stupid braindead nigger ape. Ripley …[View]
174639202The body will start stinking long before they land. How do you think the stewardess will react when …[View]
174636151How do we fix Marvel?[View]
174638203Yo homie, that my briefcase?[View]
174641208Eat shit Walt! Eheheheh[View]
174639411Top Gun: Makarov: Like Top Gun, but this time the Russians win. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
174630615Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night …[View]
174639811>unapologetically wipes out entire planets and species, and destroys earth more once >afraid t…[View]
174636361Is anne of green gables any good?[View]
174639806New Final Destination leaks here.[View]
174637054>Asian comedian talks about how asian their parents are Is this as common as female comedians tal…[View]
174636330What time do you go to bed[View]
174637578Why did chuds get so angry that there was a black mermaid? Did they even watch the original animated…[View]
174640988What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?[View]
174641219Can a robot write a symphony?[View]
174641332Whoops.: Guys, I think you meant 'Gonk'. Legit surprised there hasn't been a shitstorm about th…[View]
174641312ITT: Moments that elevated capeshit to actual kino: >Bruce Banner: Stop! >Father: STOP WHAT???…[View]
174638914You have a bunch of mens locked up...in ONE board All of em get hard...all of em get horny So what a…[View]
174639153Why don't we get proper buddy cop movies anymore?[View]
174641046Is it goyslop, or worth watching?: Just wondering if it is just typical you go girl propaganda, or a…[View]
174640637ok i’m at the bestbuy parking lot where are you?[View]
174640809>What about this - We just say that some Elf and Balrog fought at the top of Khazad-Dum and the E…[View]
174640704we want the reddit atheist crowd[View]
174641022No fuckin way...[View]
174636524>Jeffery dahmer tapes and Ryan Murphy’s dahmer show coming out within the same month of each othe…[View]
174640104Is it any good?[View]
174640635>I thought I told you then, Guts, that you belong to me. If you want to leave my grasp, the rules…[View]
174637920What makes a kinostation comfy?[View]
174640861What are some of the best tummies in /tv/ and film?[View]
174640530>Hacker doesn't google codes to hack computers[View]
174639157Why did they drive into the tunnel in the direction of the wall and not out of the tunnel in the dir…[View]
174638972You can join the council: but you will never be a Jedi master. You smell funny, Anakin.[View]
174640171This is actually not so bad[View]
174640808See How They Run: went to the kinoplex today and saw this what did I think of it /tv/?[View]
174638876This should've had multiple seasons. It was way ahead of its time and the sole season still hol…[View]
174640659Standup is incredibly unfunny and cringey: Was it ever funny? Why is “crowd work” so popular nowaday…[View]
174633768Classic actresses.[View]
174638679Which is the better underground movie?[View]
174640646Too late our scientist discovered their true identity.[View]
174638098ok but why did we need to see his tiny blue wiener?[View]
174638711I wish that they still made these[View]
174640625not the samurai of sex![View]
174638338The two new stars of Fast X, what can they bring to the franchise?[View]
174636969Alien3 Appreciation Thread: >Good Christian Values >Death of Hicks and Newt is the literal poi…[View]
174639953The Prince in Little Mermaid 2023[View]
174637350Now that the dust has settled what is the official /tv/ consensus on The Mask?[View]
174640496hate my life: i was so tired and wanted to go to sleep but i had to call the hospital at 8 am to boo…[View]
174639298The cry of the cat episode of this was actually fuckin good[View]
174635561In the outside world, I'm a simple geologist, but in here...I am Falcorn, Defender of the Allia…[View]
174639608The Thing: Find a flaw[View]
174640271Leaked Chris Pratt Mario Voice!: https://twitter.com/LightsCameraPod/status/1573050124561166336 LEAK…[View]
174635329romantic scenes are so painful man[View]
174639795SMEARTOBER IS ALMOST UPON US: Whats your list of Halloween movies bro? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
174640309just started watching primal after avoiding it for 2 years. what's the general consensus on thi…[View]
174639959WHERE IS THE CUBE?[View]
174637887I'm probably the only one who liked this movie.[View]
174633925got/hotd/: Previous thread: >>174629694 Planetos Edition[View]
174637023Mr. Robot: Still hurts. I still don't understand how Alex Garland could write a magic machine w…[View]
174640219>Quiet, all of you. >They're approaching the Trannysaur paddock.…[View]
174639434wow he's literally me[View]
174630261I refuse to believe this was ever a fashionable haircut or even acceptable. There is no way someone …[View]
174639716https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/eragon-tv-series-disney-plus-1235325019/ (Re)Cast it.[View]
174640074I AM NOT CRAZY! I am not crazy... I know he hides these ingredients! I knew I had to use pickles. On…[View]
174638070I liked Lake Mungo[View]
174619817/trek/: More Strange New Worlds edition >previous >>174574968…[View]
174638860Things actors would never get away with nowadays: >Hugh Jackman ad-libbed the “what do they call …[View]
174638628ITT: Post your favorite /co/ related /tv/.[View]
174639927Ahora vas a conocer a Sicario: una película de Denis Villeneuve[View]
174639242He wasn't the nice guy around but he was far from evil. He is more a self centered greedy assho…[View]
174630871Why did wonka give his multi million dollar company to a poor boy with zero business experience, or …[View]
174639884Thoughts on the legendary TV show character Ted Wassanasong and the legendary show KOTH?[View]
174633676>99% isn't suspicious when a white male lead gets it[View]
174639234Fuck you. I liked it.[View]
174631190Who was the better man?[View]
174638033Finally. Are you ready for true kino? Fuck mario bros[View]
174638375Toy Story: How did they get away with it?[View]
174639670Meanwhile, in the lands of the desolate east...: Where there's a whip, there's a way... Wh…[View]
174639655OHHHHHHH he was trying to Gay Mr White!?! OHHHHHHHH Thanks better call Saul for clearing that up.[View]
174639583is this the coolest film of all time ? any other movies like fight club ?[View]
174638550Today marks what would've been Phil Hartman's 74th birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
174637877rate the kino I'm about to watch[View]
174638367Movies about being saved by Faith?: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2022/08/shia-labeouf-catholicis…[View]
174639271ITT: Sad /tv/ trivia: >After winning an Oscar for this film Walter Huston told his son, 'From now…[View]
174630517Pacino won an Oscar for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd10x8LiuBc[View]
174639265Joker vs Taxi Driver: Who was more lonely?[View]
174634932Godzilla thread: Discuss Godzilla and other giant monsters.[View]
174639344What are some films or tv shows about the upcoming future, but realistic?[View]
174639310Sad movie: What movie would make me cry like pic related? I haven't cried in months and I'…[View]
174631602Did Kevin Smith set a new trend for celebrity grown men to post faggy teary eyed selfies? Wtf are wr…[View]
174637994The first all white commercial of the 2020's: Gentlemen, I give you Soggy Doggy, the savior of …[View]
174638857Drive: What is /tv/s's verdict? (besides the memes)[View]
174627198>Sansa queen of the north >Bran king of Westeros >Jon exiled…[View]
174623704I like that /tv/ is generally in agreement that this is one of the better bond films, and that every…[View]
174629715Shrek 1: What makes so kino?[View]
174638971King of Queens: This is one of my favorite shows[View]
174639219Rewatchable as fuck[View]
174633960Is there not a single threat about Andor going on right now? I know that it's boring as fuck, b…[View]
174637770Usual suspects: Isn't Kobayashi supposed to be Japanese?[View]
174636583It 'insists' upon itself[View]
174637513Was She The Reason: Why he became a homosexual, and a serial killer?[View]
174638470What is your favorite Resident Evil movie?[View]
174638823Call it male pride. Old fashioned, pigheaded, working class... pre-fax machine, car phone, masculine…[View]
174638930/druk/: im so fuckin druk right now, kinos for this feel? also /druk/ thread[View]
174636302The Imperfects: Anyone else watching this show? I was just curious, because it’s among the few Netfl…[View]
174636725just started this. does she ever stop being a cunt[View]
174637819>KANEDA! WHAT DO YOU SEE??? What was he expecting? Some big revelation or something?…[View]
174634662Did audiences really piss and shit themselves over these special effects or was it all marketing hyp…[View]
174626735/hor/ - horror general: Trash Back edition Last thread: >>174611346[View]
174638815Who’s your dream cast?[View]
174638613/orc/ - Orcposting General: Maggoty Bread Edition[View]
174638060>down to 2 videos a month (not counting the filler)[View]
174638764How come nearly every series and tv writer is a delusional retard that thinks women are as bad ass, …[View]
174636556Hangsight's 'State of the Address': https://youtu.be/Ku0SQ-GL61I It's like the Union of t…[View]
174634381Who's your favorite actress? For me it's the bad seed herself McKenna Grace.[View]
174633345>bad guy is… <spoiler>LE BAD</spoiler>[View]
174638663Tusk: I Love Kevin Smith movies!![View]
174635885Please recommend me a movie where: a ship gets lost in space and society on board gradually devolves…[View]
174638614>wagwan bro wats dat vape sayin' >*SUUUUCK* >*blows out* >zaaaayuuuum dat shit…[View]
174637603Finish h....[View]
174633416Is Kevin Smith a talented filmmaker?[View]
174638531lol holy shit the whole tranny teacher with big plastic tits just trying to get fired so he can sue …[View]
174638299NO SPINOSAURUS *snap* ACKK!!![View]
174638479This was a cute film. Simple story with good moments and cool characters.[View]
174638217>disappointing more often than not, even though it had 4 seasons to prove itself…[View]
174635984What fantasy franchise is next to make it big?[View]
174623269Why are modern movies and shows total ass now? Anyone have any theories? Will we ever recover?[View]
174637737>That's right. She's got the 'munchies' for a 'California Cheeseburger'!…[View]
174637527Maybe I'm just incredibly retarded but I always laugh when I watch this scene and peter says 'y…[View]
174638185Confirmed racist actors Ill start with keanu reeves known for hating black people and pitbull dogs[View]
174634452i fucking loved this[View]
174634886Ever since I watched this 10 years ago I have believed that everybody is a secret spectator of my li…[View]
174637982why dont you just watch a movie without complaining[View]
174638062>Chinese food, no soul food here SOVL[View]
174638261>'Hahaha sheet I'd rather die from a shoggoth than eat this sorry as wypipo food, it ain…[View]
174635233It's not going to flop.. is it?[View]
174631664>'dad were you a gamergater?'[View]
174638180Three Body Problem. 2023.[View]
174635458Two best archers in Middle-earth[View]
174637748What did Jane see in him?[View]
174636530the CBC posted about the critical drinker: they are afraid[View]
174638123AAAAAAAAA!!! HELP ME KARL!!![View]
174637945Belongs in the toilet[View]
174633186RLM: It's been 17 days since actual content.[View]
174637852Far over, the Misty Mountains cold.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PSXjr1gbjc[View]
174636793This is Star Wars in 2022[View]
174635624ITT pure romcom kino[View]
174634422> walks into an office building > ask out the cute girl > despite knowing that she knows th…[View]
174635208JUST FUCKING SAY IT!![View]
174636249Jeffrey Dahmer Talks with You[View]
174637803Smeartober is almost upon us: Whats your list of Halloween movies bro? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
174621820I see this boomer show shilled all the time, so is it actually good or not?[View]
174637275How come most capeshit directors used to direct at least one horror film or at least a horror adjace…[View]
174633261Fellow 4channers, we have been made. Follow protocol 653[View]
174615927>You‘ve officially been pimped[View]
174629387The rise of political correctness in Hollywood and it's consequences have been a disaster for t…[View]
174637650Has anyone played it?[View]
174636775the Quantum Leap reboot is ok, but not bringing back Sam was pretty gay[View]
174637055Fuck off.....[View]
174637337>Told you I aint never goin' back >...'yeah' Absolute kino…[View]
174637253>click on webm on 4plebs >it starts downloading a .web file…[View]
174635116Let's see Paul Allen's card..[View]
174636346Licorice whip![View]
174635129What are some gambling kino?[View]
174637154are any of the star wars shows good? Or is it all goyslop?[View]
174635942This Was Real?: I just started watching this. I thought Netflix made it all up. It was too exaggerat…[View]
174636275How could he have improved his life?: Learning to code in my opinion[View]
174630173lets say he stays dead where would the story go?[View]
174635867Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, that smells like a steak, and seats 35?[View]
174636727What's he looking at?[View]
174631413I M A G I N E[View]
174636229Augustus should’ve won. If he could’ve gotten his obesity under control, his passion for Wonka’s mai…[View]
174609973>Reeeee No race mixing in my house! Rewatching the Underworld series.[View]
174636976He's literally me. Except for the whole killing and gay sex thing.[View]
174629697/got/hotd/: My beloved husband! Edition Previous: >>174625546[View]
174636379/tv/ on a Saturday Night: How accurate is this?[View]
174635317East New York: > Premiere in less than two weeks > literally zero hype on /tv/ Who else is amp…[View]
174634954>just charge into a wall of swords without any armor bro was Ridley Scott a hack?…[View]
174636617>It was you, Jake Sully! You're the Avatar! What are the most memorable lines in film histor…[View]
174636854what was the last movie this based? Trouble with the Curve?[View]
174633124Monster: Jeffy D: I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to care about niggers. I grew up around them …[View]
174636518Just watched episode 1 of this show, probably the first show I've seen that doesn't portra…[View]
174635369Are alt girls interested in the new amazon lord of the ring show[View]
174636597>You want me to hack the planet?[View]
174636689You may not like it, but these people are on the forefront of saving film and culture as we know it …[View]
174636669What triggered the 'critics' this time?[View]
174635652Is Batman vs Superman the most mature and intellectual interpretation of the DC universe?[View]
174636032Around the survivors a perimeter create[View]
174635589https://youtu.be/wA-NRyWoYII What is /tv/'s opinion on this film series?[View]
174636541>48 days until Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[View]
174626717Graggle Simpson: What's this stuff about Graggle Simpson not existing? He was always a second t…[View]
174636215Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
174635385Monk: Why didn't he carry his own toilet paper to use instead of relying on the public restroom…[View]
174633026Daily reminder that canonically Reverend Lovejoy's 'wife' is a MtF transwoman whose dead name w…[View]
174636273Watch Ravenous (1999)[View]
174636455What are some movies that do a good job with making you wonder if the main guy is just nuts or there…[View]
174632185Boardwalk Empire: When did the show go off the rails?[View]
174635734You there, what’s your favorite survival kino?[View]
174636091>bzzzzz >'Aaaahhhhhhhh' Is this the most subversive sound in all of television?…[View]
174634610The Sopranos (1999): who was your favorite character, /tv/?[View]
174633498wtf?! I hate women now![View]
174635865Who wins in a fight?: The movie versions.[View]
174628903>Its a Hal episode[View]
174635912JUST FUCKING SA-ACK!![View]
174633966>Sauron is bad because... he JUST IS OK?! >He wanted to industrialize middle earth! Even thoug…[View]
174634232So did we ever find out if it was foul play or not?[View]
174633613I was just going home to crack open a few brewskis. We can smoke some weed, and lift some weights in…[View]
174636045DON’T WORRY DARLING: Wow, that twist was absolute shit. Pic related is literally the twist[View]
174636024Whos ready for the only kino of 2023?[View]
174634113Why did he do it, /tv/?[View]
174635523Yo /tv/ pick up the phone![View]
174635036heem everyone even myself[View]
174634976how come Hulu is not a option in Europe,[View]
174635665They're here, sir! Coming up starboard 200 metres[View]
174635849Young fools...only now...AT THE END, do you understand[View]
174633759>you're 18 and you haven't had A GIRLFRIEND...that's how people wind up gettin…[View]
174634093hey don't have a stegosaurus man[View]
174632928I'm gonna fold your bluffing hand someday you chicken shit motherfucker.[View]
174629921How come he’s never gotten a great movie? Young Guns was corny and the old ones are cringe.[View]
174635427post underrated films[View]
174635214Did /tv/ get filtered by The Joker?[View]
174634392The Lighthouse: Sages of /tv/, by triple dread I humbly beseech thee, spell it out for me, WTF was g…[View]
174635266Maybe a random Mexican on a bus really did tell him about a job opportunity[View]
174635471/shameless/: I keep watching through this despite not giving a shit about any of the storylines past…[View]
174633075>Robert Pattinson has something in common with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart; they both live …[View]
174634446>two hambuguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?[View]
174632799>I took a pill from a man in a trench coat so that means I am living in a higher plane of existen…[View]
174635291Why was it never established Phil was Christopher's real father? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
174633108Every single nanosecond that doesn't revolve around mexican cartel is absolute waste and a stea…[View]
174635220G-Force: I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn’t believe.[View]
174635202>youtuber has a cartoon avatar[View]
174635154Kino???: Kino? Kino.[View]
174634549Memoryholed celebirty moments[View]
174634959>I'll be your Huckleberry. What did he mean by this?[View]
174633252Who are the Mythbusters?[View]
174634732>The name Frodo Baggins is an English translation of his Westron name Maura Labingi. We've a…[View]
174632361I've never seen it. What am I in for?[View]
174634056what the fuck[View]
174634889Why didn’t he just stop being autistic[View]
174634887this movie was pointless to begin with but this was definitely the dumbest scene in it. dumber than …[View]
174634842Was this an appropriate response?: https://youtu.be/ivo5aF10zrA[View]
174634779hypothetically, if mrs. doubtfire 2 came out tomorrow, how do you think it would do on steaming serv…[View]
174633178I’m tired of pretending this show is good. It’s shit. It’s forgettable. It’s nowhere near Game of Th…[View]
174633437>I have no daddy[View]
174634341Beavis deserved so much better than Butt Head[View]
174632391They call him samurai.[View]
174633011>'He makes long videos that millions of people watch!' Is that seriously the only argument agains…[View]
174633874I'm Shae the funnay horr[View]
174634595Is it kino?[View]
174627350Why did the Witcher Netflix anime fail relative to the Cyberpunk one?[View]
174634486THIS........IS MY DESIGN[View]
174633837Ryan Murphy is in trouble guys: >Family of Jeffrey Dahmer's victim says they're retraum…[View]
174632605DAD YOU ARE FUCKED![View]
174633448You are hereby commissioned: to teach at Willy Wonka's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You w…[View]
174625208>*destroys all of Pixar’s movies* How did they do it ? Finally a cgi cartoon movie for ADULTS lik…[View]
174634237What made Princess Bride an onions movie?[View]
174632365TABOO bread: Why does he walks like that?[View]
174634216What are some actually good Halloween kinos? Pic unrelated.[View]
174634261what’s next for Grimes[View]
174633857I just watched 5 episodes of this bullshit and I'm sick to my stomach and gagging all the time.…[View]
174634189>Omg Avatar sucks it's just pocahontas with blue people you're all so stoopid for likin…[View]
174634151What’s next for his career?[View]
174628920>Honor Bad >Bravery Bad >Virtue Bad >Masculinity and Men Bad >War Bad >Righteous A…[View]
174633199Why was she so mean to Johnny?[View]
174629375Lawrence Of Arabia: Which version is best?[View]
174634097Wtf was he talking about wasn't Rust was in his mid thirties? he was still a kid[View]
174634098How come more people don’t bring up how dated and in bad taste Employee of the Month was.[View]
174631189Do we really smell that bad?[View]
174634066What a boring piece of shit[View]
174633903Adult men, virgin, no wife, no kids, no job. You fucking disgust me.[View]
174633230I get shitfaced and watch this movie more than any other because its kino.[View]
174634039Are there Janitor kinos? I'm not being ironic- I genuinely think cleaning a big empty building …[View]
174628667/tv/ images taken moments before disaster[View]
174633493Would betray your race for a hot blue Catgirl?[View]
174633696Biopic of these women when?[View]
174632918Saturday night: WHY ARE (You) HEEREEE??[View]
174629694/got/hotd/: Belwas edition prev >>174625546[View]
174623954>Yes...Gandalf...Thats what they used to call me...Gandalf The Grey...That's what Merry and …[View]
174627367Why did Brian let Quagmire, a literal rapist, lecture him on how bad a person he is? Brian's bi…[View]
174623502ITT: Actresses who look better with short hair[View]
174632541I just realized that Sandler destroying the bathroom in this movie was a devious lick.[View]
174633820Alcoholic Kino: What are we drinking tonight For me it's fireball[View]
174632464Is it really that bad /tv/?[View]
174633714Why aren't there anymore book/franchise crazes like Harry Potter and Twilight?[View]
174633782What are some good movies about redemption?[View]
174633756>what if jaws was...cruel say no more[View]
174631390hardest challenge: Name a single character's name without googling it[View]
174633610We have had a doozy of a day[View]
174633692What do we think about this show?[View]
174629163Was Xerxes gay or just flamboyant??[View]
174633599What did /tv/ really think of Django anyways? Anti-white or just another elaborate tarantino shitpos…[View]
174633206Did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
174633572>I wanna hear your heart...because I'm gonna eat it... Realistically speaking, What would yo…[View]
174632828>But Marge, I want to annex greater Palestine![View]
174631349what did I think of it? about to watch it on netflix[View]
174633191Why do they do this?[View]
174632944>Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds[View]
174631378>unexpectedly good in your path[View]
174632269FUCK YOU SANTA[View]
174618278What next for them?[View]
174628738Reminder this actually happened.[View]
174626544>Mario >Mad Max >Marvel Why does she keep getting roles in huge franchises, her acting is n…[View]
174631460Scenes that make you feel insecure[View]
174632232So Batman is as fast as the Flash? This is so fucking dumb.[View]
174632031>says 'Okay' the entire movie despite Leon telling her to stop Why?[View]
174633393*does nothing wrong*[View]
174633387I didn’t get it. Main guy should Star in a Paul McCartney biopic. Nigga looks like he’s a step away …[View]
174633067I want to protect her smile.[View]
174617533Could a KotOR series work?[View]
174632111>Box Office $9,265,215 Why did the re-release fail so massively? Did people not want 'more fun st…[View]
174632722How did it get through the helmet?[View]
174632014So unbelievably based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVp5AGte_4Q[View]
174631202Why do all the small white female movies get creamed by the big dogs so often?[View]
174623914>WE’RE MORE AMERICAN THAN YOUR WIFE Lmao, the Simpsons has still got it XD https://youtu.be/ErhaW…[View]
174632840Unironically the greatest joke in TV history >inb4 sneed[View]
174632248Why were they afraid of losing at all ever? Everything was going according to Eru Ilúvatar's pl…[View]
174630269Not to sound like a /pol/tard but: Anyone else go to the theaters and see the previews lately? It is…[View]
174632880House M.D.: Which one of them do you think had the best approach at dealing with a crappy boss? >…[View]
174633007BIX: This is Bix. If you were a black man and you wanted to see her to be naked, what would you say …[View]
174632408Why is he so fucking popular?[View]
174631446What's next for Milly Alcock after the success of HotD and Upright?[View]
174632642>ITS JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS kinos with limp bizkit on the sound track[View]
174617198>is everywhere in 2012 >zero roles in 2022…[View]
174631430Would anyone like to discuss this?[View]
174629979yo dis niggas vibes straight zesty like a bottle of giardiniera[View]
174632403i know some of you are gonna make it: but i BETTER NEVER SEE YOUR STUPID ASS IN SOME FUCKING GATORAD…[View]
174631414good show for old people?: How old are these guys in the show? Is it a good show for old people tryi…[View]
174617139Hopes predictions?: >main villain Mad hatter Dream choice Warwick Davis second choice Rory Kinnea…[View]
174630718How would a live action Dragonball Universe work? How many movies should they make? Me thinking: …[View]
174624775>An entire show about ripping off unsuspecting old people How did they get away with this?…[View]
174632787You guys told me this sucked. It's the best father-son kino I've seen since Pumpkinhead an…[View]
174630682Did his career really peak with Superbad?[View]
174616289The Walking Dead: Say what you will about the show, but the crew always seem to be having fun and re…[View]
174631900What do you guys think about this leak about rings of power?: Basically telling us what's going…[View]
174632049I SAID IM FINE[View]
174630948I thought this was pretty entertaining lol.[View]
174630584i kinda didnt like it[View]
174632579No more reports, Anon. Maybe you didn't hear about it, you've been banned a long time. The…[View]
174632493alice in borderland: yamaken bros... cant wait for december trailer is out https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
174632528>I have a confession to make... for years I've claimed that I have a master's degree wh…[View]
174628818This was better than the original.[View]
174626229/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Inter racial edition Previous >>174620104[View]
174632467Hey Sully how does it feel to betray your own race?[View]
174623691How do you fix the modern horror genre?[View]
174628371What is the best TV Show of all time?[View]
174632422Pinocchio: Just catched Pinocchio on tv, and thought I would ask for more Tom Hanks Kino. Any sugges…[View]
174628580Dr Pavel, i'm VDV[View]
174631134>doowop doowop music plays >'In the old neighborhood, things had a way of getting done' >mo…[View]
174632326This is a masterpiece and I'm tired of pretending it's not[View]
174632324Kendall: he cute[View]
174632223I don't give a shit what your doing, come and get me.[View]
174631871>acquires Warner Bros What would you build first?[View]
174630409bill murray is the best actor of all time. you cannot dispute this[View]
174632040I haven't seen this since I was maybe 12. I don't really remember it. Should I watch it to…[View]
174630564Hugh Grant kino getting buried for featuring Ukrainians as bad guys.[View]
174617082>Not really traumatic childhood or anything >Pretty handsome and good looking >Good physic …[View]
174627190>it was an offtopic thread, highly inappropriate, if you want, ill demand hes banned. ill crack h…[View]
174631196Would you prefer a white or black villain?[View]
174632008>Man is sad in a movie. >He's either violent, or crazy. Is that all there is for men? If …[View]
174629059Is Julia Butters aka Pumpkin Puss a good actress or a great actress?[View]
174626698>draw a movie scene >others guess what movie it is from…[View]
174630964WHERE IS MY MIND[View]
174631733>Is there an F5?[View]
174626486'Yo, rape is bad yo.' wow so deep[View]
174617913Netflix is SAVED[View]
174631860I thought pic related was really good, does anybody know if Ryan Murphy is planning to make more ser…[View]
174628938I'm going down to 'Sharty Gonna have myself a time Coaly jakkies everywhere Humble posts w…[View]
174631655What are some movie/tv characters that have this hairstyle?[View]
174630808back of joes head[View]
174627362Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles, and Space Balls are not that funny. Sorry, no sorry.[View]
174631294George C Scott thought he waa giving a serious performance in a serious film. When he saw that Kubri…[View]
174629506If you like this movie you should seriously get a life. It's such a slap in the face to the ori…[View]
174630934What a simp.[View]
174631537I don't get it[View]
174629959>Decide to watch Shrek 2 >Movie starts >Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love starts playin…[View]
174630187I implore you to reconsider.[View]
174630377Which Nick era(s) did you watch growing up?[View]
174630913SPOOK STREET[View]
174631218Why Clark, that S I branded on your chest while you were sickened with kryptonite is healing nicely.[View]
174630648is Amy funny? How is she funny?[View]
174630559When do we eat[View]
174631214fuck Hannah. I'd go gay for Tony. dat hair[View]
174631213Really...'Dan the Man' Schneider? What kind of a 'man' makes young girls wiggle their toes in front …[View]
174606912>gets better every season COBRACHADS I KNEEL, SHOW ME MERCY[View]
174616263Kai Winner edition Previous: >>174574968[View]
174631099>2022 >breaking bad still as relevant as ever >game of thrones is forgotten Meth bros, we w…[View]
174629054Was he an incel?[View]
174627767WAIT A MINUTE... THIS WAS REAL!?: I thought this shit show was fictional. You're telling me thi…[View]
174630393Hey guys it's me your boy Conner O' Malley[View]
174623541Why are they rigging it?: Don't they know nobody buys a 99% score?[View]
174630232How did they get the gopher from Caddyshack to dance? was it trained or was it cgi ?[View]
174626061Is this true, is Netflix correct?[View]
174629925Why did you guys tell me this was great? The plot makes zero sense until the very end, theres about …[View]
174630763Up where they's educated, up where's they's got jobs Up where they's got moms an…[View]
174629587well, what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
174630550what's your favorite bug kino[View]
174626331The Old Jarrett Silvermania Leaks: Hey nerds, in case anyone was wondering if those old Silvermania …[View]
174629095Watching this and realising I'm practically Ash Williams. That's not a good thing.[View]
174630551*wheeze*: SAUDDDDDD*inhales*RON I SMELL HIM HE HAS RETURNED[View]
174630540Death Notes: The live action did it better. It also ended better in the 2nd film instead of carrying…[View]
174623918>SS? No, I'm with the /ss/.[View]
174630451Has it surpassed the podcast?[View]
174628817Come on guys, stop mucking around. We only have five minutes until our show's on.[View]
174629033Na'vi are the sexiest thing to ever been to be on the movie screen[View]
174629367what was his fucking problem[View]
174628010>Bollywood is in the middle of a protracted death throe and no amount of CPR seems to be helping.…[View]
174625193Does anyone else actually find this movie incedibly wholesome, innocent, and beautiful. I hate how a…[View]
174629353So ants are just jews according to this?[View]
174629486>*gets stabbed* >'I... I wish I had a Dad...' Those were his last words? KWAB…[View]
174629132She Hulk Thread: What did you think of the transgender wedding episode?[View]
174628976Peak cable: Is there a specific year that /tv/ would consider the year when cable peaked? I was thin…[View]
174628344>leave suaron to me[View]
174625688when you a hulk but u still dumb[View]
174629900>THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE[View]
174626910does /tv/ like true story reenactment kino like Locked Up Abroad and I shouldn't Be Alive?[View]
174628813It's time for your monthly Peacemaker rewatch, anon[View]
174629409What do you drink when you watch your kinos?[View]
174629182Simple yet interesting premise Recommend me more movies like this[View]
174629845Consume all media. Upgade your mind. Delete all non-essential humanity.[View]
174629896Why does every single new release have a scene or moment like this one?[View]
174629963Autism the movie[View]
174629961I know this going to come across as a country fight bait thread but this is an honest question: Why …[View]
174629735ITT; Good self insert characters.[View]
174626678It was all in his mind[View]
174625866They went a little far with this episode.[View]
174626886Get Ron out of jail because i say it. Ron was set up!!!!!!!!!!!: I know its way past the time to do …[View]
174627938what ur expectation for s3 euphoria[View]
174625413bodies bodies bodies: Anyone see this shit yet? Is it worth it to see Rachel Sennott?[View]
174625546/got/hotd/: Rightful King edition[View]
174629675Walter wouldn’t have ruined a good thing goin for Gus and Mike if Jesse was killed off in season 1 o…[View]
174629403*heh* well.. I guess appearances can be deceiving....: They're really going with the most vanil…[View]
174628554SPOOKINO IS BACK ON THE MENU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HDkw100sXQ[View]
174629443>re-release of 13 year old film >3c looks absolutely stunning >some high FPS scenes >2/3…[View]
174607684was this line really necessary?[View]
174623216Labyrinth: Was it based or cringe?[View]
174627778Which actresses has the thickest thighs?[View]
174628536It's just British Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I like it[View]
174628794This man's career is about to skyrocket[View]
174629074Could Tom Brady beat up Tyler Durden?[View]
174627366it was me, james[View]
174626693What if Shredder was female[View]
174627954It surely has to get cancelled. They simply cannot afford to burn this amount of money over such a l…[View]
174628654What do you think about Basic Instinct?[View]
174627084Here’s your Namor bro[View]
174628077I don't mind vaginaswashing as long as women are hot and likeable[View]
174626711Can't believe he passed away...[View]
174628043this film is gonna be bad.: just so you know..[View]
174628146ITT:: Movies where MC uncovers a conspiracy[View]
174608565New Selena Gomez kino is dropping November 4, 2022: My Mind & Me, docu about her life and how sh…[View]
174626705Brit Kino thread[View]
174628798>I'm in your house.[View]
174626952Joker backstory:: He was literally an incel and a chud.[View]
174621186This series is literally just a gay power fantasy.[View]
174628573Why didn't 55th strreee get a sticky?[View]
174628646what resources do you use to watch movie news?[View]
174628621One Day At A Time: Thoughts?[View]
174626919Emma D’Arcy is non-binary and uses they/them: With this episode being their debut in HoTD I think a …[View]
174625266Viking grey and grim blue[View]
174627858True Detective: “This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, time is a flat circl…[View]
174627664>genius main character >doesn't have a math degree…[View]
174622194Who was the best Predator and why was it The Doctor?[View]
174627859Poor me Poor me Pour... me another drink[View]
174619105>we need an incel[View]
174625452Hollywood bias against older actresses?: Who's your favorite older actress? I feel like any of …[View]
174628071what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174627740Clerks III / Jay and Silent Bob: You can't deny Kevin Smith's huge contribution to Comic B…[View]
174628311Buenos Dias. I'm guessing this isn't the future you had planned for yourself when you firs…[View]
174628212So what do you think happened?[View]
174627921ITT: post comfy movies only you saw[View]
174627896What animes can be considered films? Most are flicks at best[View]
174626931What went wrong ?[View]
174625884Why were normies calling it 'rape'? How the hell can you RAPE your WIFE?[View]
1746275402022... I am forgotten...[View]
174626346Succession: I want a Succession thread. NOW[View]
174625963Comedy legends bros. They haven't missed a beat, probably got 15 years left, if anyone will gi…[View]
174627632Why do you even like the yankees[View]
174621188>'dood everyone hates the USA because they're jealous of our power and freedoms, and they do…[View]
174626480Just branded myself a son of Gondor[View]
174626146Remember when it was implied Quagmire raped a middle schooler?[View]
174625391Actors with zero range >always plays a black guy[View]
174626306Why are there no 'loser' type of comedies featuring female characters?[View]
174626765Yam-Yam. Shanghai Sally.[View]
174627166>almost 6 fucking hours[View]
174626429Anyone seen this gem ?[View]
174627627hit it sweetheart[View]
174627171pinocchio is an adult in the book[View]
174627574How do you consume kino?: https://strawpoll.com/polls/LVyKxWP76n0 Curious to see what the spread on …[View]
174607171Star Wars: Andor: I see you retards arnt complaining about it guess it has to be good[View]
174627391Will any movie ever top this?[View]
174620733Is Mike a good bad guy? Or is he a bad good guy.[View]
174627363when hayao miyazaki said that true love was two people inspiring each other to live…recognizing just…[View]
174625652HOLY FUCKING KINO[View]
174627440>While Cameron was preparing to release the 3D version of [Titanic] in 2012, he received what Cam…[View]
174627434Less than two (2) months remain WakandaChads! Coogler finna bring the fire fr fr no cap.[View]
174627346>See? I told you! It's Better Feed Sneed![View]
174627357They actually improved it for once[View]
174615492Neytiri is...[View]
174627340/Primal general/: Daddy edition[View]
174626391*ruins an entire industry and you're childhood too*[View]
174625143>You were a werewolf all along!? I never would have guessed, Wolfius Lycan.…[View]
174625387Morning benders[View]
174624737https://youtu.be/waAlgFq9Xq8o kino for simps who 'fall in love' with a girl just because she was nic…[View]
174624444NTBTSTT/ntbg/: Nirvana The Band The Show The Thread >ITT we talk about the best show in canadian …[View]
174626152Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: What did you guys think of season two?[View]
174622748How did marvel get away with this?[View]
174624514why did he fall off so badly?[View]
174618922Prometheus: Ok, so feel free to ruin the movie for me, but how does Prometheus tie in with the alien…[View]
174623659Daily reminder that canonically Reverend Lovejoy's 'wife' a MtF transwoman whose dead name was …[View]
174619860Can you guess the question it answers?[View]
174624715WE must return to 4:3, for the sake of kino[View]
174627068JJ Abrams MadLibs For Making Genre Shows: Rings of Power is giving heavy Foundation vibes. Bad reboo…[View]
174627064My hairballs are solid, Waltuh[View]
174624569Arny or Sly?[View]
174601870The worst haircuts in film & TV[View]
174626996“A man must have a code.”[View]
174626974I met this 6 year old child with this blank, pale emotionless face and the blackest eyes, the devils…[View]
174624084Name ONE show that was a bigger let down[View]
174624679one of the trucks[View]
174614941What was his problem?[View]
174626073She Hulk: What went wrong?[View]
174626786What's his greatest work?[View]
174626546Did Avril Lavigne hit the wall or is she still hot?[View]
174624167Love death robots: So is this shit good or not? I got put off years back by the cringe name but rece…[View]
174626722This man epitomized the golden age of American cinematic comedy and he's been gone for 20 years…[View]
174624151Dishonest filmmaking[View]
174624636>fandom of every tv show now >ALL MALE CHARACTERS SHOULD BE GAY AND DATE EACH OTHER AND BE PRE…[View]
174625737>A 17th-century nun becomes entangled in a forbidden lesbian affair, but it's her shocking r…[View]
174624723What's next for actress Abby Lee Kershaw after her breakout role in Old?[View]
174626622Why did you fags not tell me about this michale bay /operator/ Kino???[View]
174626309how tf do you *forget* to be peter pan?[View]
174626371>The film takes place in Alabama during the 1960s, instead of the novel's 1980s England and …[View]
174623314Who will play him in the inevitable live action adaptation?[View]
174622505This has to be the worst place to study, how can you survive 7 years in here? >Go to the bathrom …[View]
174625403He literally looks 90% Spaniard why do they cast him like he's some indigenous straight from th…[View]
174622752John Boyega gets cloned by the government in Netflix's THEY CLONED TYRONE: https://www.youtube.…[View]
174625647/tv/ on a Saturday Night: Accurate?[View]
174622714Repeat after me: I have no talent.[View]
174607067Is this a movie aproved by /tv/? (Pic obviously related.)[View]
174625993Hermione's bedroom![View]
174623848Can the Jurassic Park movies be considered horror films??[View]
174625209>six million[View]
174626310What Did He Mean By This?: >Firey, 'cause what? He's Asian? What did he mean by this?…[View]
174626303There has to be more Sex n Violence kinos like these two, right?[View]
174625042>how dare you disrespect the man I murdered in cold blood for my schizo boss???…[View]
174623647Netflix's Midnight Club reboot from the Hill House / Midnight Mass creator: https://www.youtube…[View]
174611346/hor/ - horror general: Soul Food edition Last thread: >>174598296[View]
1746248922022... I am forgotten...[View]
174626187“Dont worry Harry, ILL get him!” What did he mean by this?[View]
174626108>wypipo 'comedy'[View]
174625245shark tank LIVE lowkey slaps fr[View]
174624187>purple eyes >pale white skin >white hair Were they albinos?…[View]
174626084BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnn…[View]
174625340I'm glad Phil Hartman is dead[View]
174625431Lord of the rings for women[View]
174620104/RoP/ Rings of Power General: (Ar)Pharazon edition Previous >>174615654[View]
174620988Kino: What roles would I be most suitable for on /tv/? What parts should I focus on auditioning for?…[View]
174625412Is it REALLY that good?[View]
174624081Women in media: >goes from dating an extremely funny, multi talented comedian, musician, game des…[View]
174624964Japanese make the best 'unseen forces' movies.[View]
174625238>literally Problem Child[View]
174625056Hey guys, looks like your free ride's over huh? Have fun living on the streets. Okay cool good …[View]
174620845What are some psychedelic kinos? I don't care about tripping balls, I just love the aesthetic.[View]
174625009THE DOOOOOOR[View]
174624026What was the moral of the story?[View]
174622367/got/hotd/: Purple eyes edition prev >>174617187[View]
174623415>ohh ohhh dude, uh officer sir hes totally sus >sus like in among us, you know among us? oh o…[View]
174623437>Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark In the movie why didn't the Americans after s…[View]
174621565'Tää jätkä on Blade Runner. Se on vitun vaarallinen. Annetaan sen olla.'[View]
174622551great films made under fascism: not interested in propaganda movies only great or interesting works …[View]
174622950>le white man bad le woman kills bc white husband is so awful for buying a home and providing for…[View]
174624199This scene had me crying… when you think you’re alone, know that your ancestors are your entourage! …[View]
174625229Was Return of the Jedi really that fucking good? Feels like forced, contrite shit.[View]
174622114I always thought he was a she[View]
174623897Episode 5 was absolute kino[View]
174624998Jannies think their ugly girlfriends are hotter than 15 year old Chloe Grace. ayyyy lmao[View]
174623840The most kino current thing.[View]
174624382Cast him[View]
174613659What the fuck?![View]
174621593Andor™. It's real Star Wars for the fans!: I too was skeptical after the past few Star Wars off…[View]
174625047>We're not so different, You and I...[View]
174620184It's great[View]
174625032He was playing this 'Tomb Raider' game where he was a girl.[View]
174624671what does this say about me?[View]
174607927das ding :D[View]
174625064whats your favorite drink to get when you go to the kinoplex? For me, its Oliet's Bangs[View]
174624664I literally can't understand what they are saying.[View]
174622949Is this real??!!??1!?!: Is this real?[View]
174620251>Send Marines to the desert >There is no water >They lose >Surprised Pikachu.jpg…[View]
174624981That's it, I'm gonna have to check this show out[View]
174624969Love Island USA: gf is out of town for a few days and honestly the only benefit is catching up on Lo…[View]
174624953For me, its Alice. That vapid whore looked like she could slob a peen real well.[View]
174624868Mein Führer...[View]
174623293The Prince of Egypt: Why don't they make animated films like this anymore? You don't see t…[View]
174614082>hire a tranny to play the monster in your horror movie What the absolute fuck did hulu mean by t…[View]
174624777>90s college movie >the last scene of the wet whistle >pitball players cast another free ne…[View]
174624638>Live Free or Die Hard >No Country for Old Men >There Will Be Blood >The Assassination o…[View]
174622816Atom Egoyan: Is Atom Egoyan a good director? most of his films feels like erotic thrillers from Cine…[View]
174623485Prince of Space Cucks: >Eldest son of King Vegeta >Father gets gutted >Never take over the …[View]
174623267Mathew Fox. Why didn't his career take off?[View]
174623201well I liked it[View]
174624586Yes, even me...[View]
174606430This can't; be the same fucking person as Kevin Smith from the 90's and 00's.[View]
174624295Imagine If This Was You: And you just heard this about your son. How would you react? What if it was…[View]
174620505remember when norm almost won a million dollars on who wants to be a millionaire but the host gaslit…[View]
174618824How can a zoomer series contain so much SOVL? It's ridiculous, it puts Skins to shame[View]
174620872>Saves Cobra Kai[View]
174624539just how can he be so kino?[View]
174624519Cast it[View]
174624419Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
174624428Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a year? I…[View]
174622139>They were once Men[View]
174621896you WILL have a MauLer plushie and you WILL love it[View]
174623988SHARK TANK IS RUINED: >live studio audience for the new season >audience cheers and claps and …[View]
174624220Naomi Watts' house has its own stalker in Netflix's THE WATCHER: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
174624192Can I laugh in your face?[View]
174623837instagram is BASED![View]
174624076SOUL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUoS-CBi4iA[View]
174616014In a few hours I'm off to the kinoplex to watch Avatar in 3D and I'm really excited and ju…[View]
174623146SLUMBERLAND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqT3x59zr_M >Stallone >Schwarzenegger >The Roc…[View]
174623004 AMOK AMOK AMOK[View]
174619372What are /tv/s recommended movies of 2022 so far, starting with… The Northman, by Robert Eggers[View]
174623327was four naan really too much?[View]
174623935Russian Leo died in ukraine today, press F to pay respects.[View]
174623903'st it[View]
174615929Why do so many idiots here still buy streaming services like Netflix when it's far better to pi…[View]
174616823What are some mindfuck movies like Seconds?[View]
174623561>that time Christopher Nolan directed a Seinfeld episode[View]
174623507Holy shit, this is much worse than the original series. I just finished season one and I'm dism…[View]
174623393really enjoyed this movie but cant say i understand it at all: visually its incredibly entertaining …[View]
174623630You yell 'barracuda,' everyone goes, 'huh? what?' But you yell 'shark,' and we've got a panic o…[View]
174623544whose this guy?: so who was this guy?[View]
174623522An A.I tribute to Norm MacDonald: Post your best boys.[View]
174621059This film was about ____________.[View]
174622856>Daddy, I want to star in a big budget summer blockbuster!!! >Sure thing sweetheart, just let …[View]
174623413Why did he owe anything to the ex-wives he didn't have children with?[View]
174623032>we need a plot device[View]
174623192Why did this show turn to shit after season 1?: Everything was perfect and had its own atmosphere an…[View]
174622310Well, why are you so threatened by a black elf?[View]
174620746ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
174619554Post kino which predicted the future[View]
174621185What is the best AI movie?[View]
174621695why were her hands wet?[View]
174621018Is The Miniaturist (2017) any good?[View]
174623035how did he get so lucky in the 90s? what was his secret?[View]
174623124romantic movies like the terminal 2004: about 2 years ago i was in the hospital. a cute nurse looked…[View]
174623086What era had the most kino aesthetic for Films and TV shows? It was the 90s[View]
174617331What kinos are most inarguably top 10 for you? For me: There will be blood Good will hunting Gone wi…[View]
174622764Wtf was Colonel Kurtz’s problem?[View]
174619124This and Smiling Friends are proof internet creators can make good shit for TV[View]
174620749Typical goolslop[View]
174619712>totally unscripted outrageous moment how did he get a mic that was wired into the pa?…[View]
174622727why all he just wanted gas? this characted development makes no sense[View]
174622544He literally looks Spaniard why do they cast him like he's some indigenous straight from the so…[View]
174613806Is West World 'woke'-free? Or rather, it is /pol/ approved? (I know you lurk here)[View]
174605640>barely any rings of power threads is anyone still watching this or even the hatewatchers are don…[View]
174622213From now on, your life is Mondo Burger.[View]
174610186Absolute best WW1 or WW2 war kino?: Post the best of the best. I am talking 1917, Band of Brothers, …[View]
174622774What really makes this skit for me is the small tinge of sadness when he says 'kill jester'.[View]
174621232i cant be the only one who hated this: even as a kid seeing it in the theater with my dad i thought …[View]
174622519ITT post penis kinos Pretty sure this scene turned me homosexual[View]
174622643Discuss this show and recommend other shows like it. What do you think would've happened in sea…[View]
174622685Is there a similar site like imdb, but which actually rates good movies and not marvel heroes with p…[View]
174622296Alice in Chains Unplugged: was it kino?[View]
174620865christopher mintz-plasse: where did our guy go? i haven’t seen him in a while bros.[View]
174622702Frasier thread[View]
174620929So You're Telling Me...: NOBODY could overpower this fucking lanklet?[View]
174620666Girlfriend Movie Time: Why does she make this face whenever I touch her while we are watching a kino…[View]
174622464Well you've got trouble![View]
174621399Avatar rerelease: >earns 11 million more This needs to be updated…[View]
174621791Weird movies: Until recently I thought I had hallucinated this movie when I was a kid. How'd th…[View]
174619238>When people ask me if I went to film school, I tell them, 'No, I went to films…[View]
174621100How are the Lethal Weapon films, /tv/? Been thinking of rewatching them, just wondering if they stil…[View]
174621086New personality. What do you guys think? Already had two girls asking to meet up.[View]
174617187/got/hotd/: They're real Edition prev >>174613849[View]
174621691>He doesn't exclusively watch pre-code cinema ngtmi[View]
174622173DOO DOO DA DOO DOO[View]
174620527Looking back, were Leviathans our guys?[View]
174622108When will Fearnor show up in the show[View]
174615313What are some times when a show went to far?[View]
174621984One thing's for sure: if you like anime, you are gay.[View]
174621256Shagrat and Gorbag: best friends forever https://youtu.be/gjY62xa1B6c[View]
174621969Law & order s 20 e 9 Mea culpa: >you raped me! I mean I don't remember a thing but you r…[View]
174619206MCU hate thread[View]
174620001lol these zoomers with their tikkity tok and their podcasts, what's the matter little zoomie do…[View]
174619374Claim your Orc Pic related. He's literally me.[View]
174618086The scene where they destroy the lab is unironically done better than it was in BrBa.[View]
174617721Crazy little thing called sneed[View]
174616643Every Hollywood movie ever made is 'goyslop' No exceptions[View]
174621081ITT post movies/shows, /tv/ decides whether it's kino or goyslop: I'll start.[View]
174614478>character is hungry and lost in the woods >finds and eats some mushrooms that just happen to …[View]
174620340/tv/ would probably have bitched about this degenerate getting to direct Lord of the Rings back then[View]
174621255was he right?[View]
174620570Is it kino?[View]
174614851I'VE GOTTA BE FREE[View]
174620010/tv/ slapped[View]
174621251Magneto will be Ukrainian in the MCU. Screencap this[View]
174621243I don’t care what people say: It was better than Animal House[View]
174619966Is there anything men can't do better than women?[View]
174621473>it’s fucking mouthwash, leave me the fuck alone i don’t get it[View]
174621257>As long as our officers and troops performs tours of duty limited to one year, they will remain …[View]
174621437Does your heart beat fast when you watch a scary movie?[View]
174620481Why were they so fucking mean Nick Notle lol[View]
174620120>Two thumbs up! >WAY UP![View]
174596347ITT: Booba kino[View]
174615959Woman King sisters...we fucking won.[View]
174615090>you got a problem with anything, just dont fucking call me ok?[View]
174617356George Miller's raging fat fetish continues. The Quentin Tarantino of lard lust.[View]
174615824Ted Lasso: Watching the first season. What’s this MILF’s endgame?[View]
174620579>Character's name is Alex Hunfraude >Commits election fraud Seriously Tolkien? What are s…[View]
174611774ITT: /tv/ in 1986: We pretend that it’s 1986. What shows and movies are /tv/ watching?[View]
174620901> da money is always greena, when somebody else ha paid > You dream about forging dolla > B…[View]
174620876>I don't get it. Can you explain it to me, anon? >Mom, it's about...ahh never mind.…[View]
174620834Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans: This was great. Brilliant performance from Cage and it make…[View]
174619098If Tolkien was alive today, he would have names this character 'Notsauron'[View]
174613146So this guy can pickpocket Jesse to get his ricin cigarette/weed? lmao it's up there with Vito …[View]
174620093>all these garbage off-topic, capeshit and shitpost threads stay up >thread about gun kino get…[View]
174618184What was the last movie you watched in its entirety? Be honest.[View]
174614221Why does the media depict national socialism as being inherently evil? It would be more interesting …[View]
174620008What's /tv/ opinion on laugh tracks? Does it hinder your enjoyment of a show or it actually mak…[View]
174616385I hate this stupid fucking character so much.[View]
174619689...where do you think we are?[View]
174618756Incestkino: I need to add some more to my list.[View]
174620438Whats the worst Seinfeld episode?[View]
174609602Fantasy Action Adventures: Recommend me some D&D Style Fantasy Action Adventures Films or TV Sho…[View]
174620323give me recommendations: shows I like: black mirror breaking bad bcs got the walking dead shows I di…[View]
174620387DO THE MARIO[View]
174620133Kino with this feel[View]
174620061>No one on /tv/ bats an eye Heh, it's all according to plan[View]
174574968/trek/: Bluefu edition Previous: >>174540199[View]
174619455The more comic booky and more lax on his no killing rule, the more kino Batman is.[View]
174615654/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Subtitles edition Previous >>174611486[View]
174617821Let the right one in 2022: Why[View]
174618225Masturbation is a painful process, any kinos that’ll soothe my woes?[View]
174616295Dwight: Why didn’t he shoot up the office?[View]
174614687>Bond. James Bond.[View]
174620002WHO HYPE[View]
174618626*incoming kino* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umIeYcQLABg[View]
1746187491899: Yeah I'm thinking kino is back on the menu boys[View]
174617183/got/hotd/: Aegon III upheld that his own mother (Rhaenyra) was a traitor and that Aegon II had been…[View]
174619669IT’S UP: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vw5ug0Axt4I[View]
174619850What happened to the parody kino genre?: I remember there was at least one parody kino every year sh…[View]
174616999>and who could forget dear ratboy?[View]
174619267What does /tv/ think of Bill's new comedy special?[View]
174619876Why won't Hollywood cast feminine naturally voluptuous actresses?[View]
174619870*laughs at you*: What do, /tv/?[View]
174618814Would you have been able to resist the temptation?[View]
174619675Why can Japan make gay nigger characters that aren't automatically cringe? What is western medi…[View]
174618877Are you ready for Galadriel to be in the war of the last alliance? Are you ready for Galadriel to fi…[View]
174610920the worst thing about dahmer was the racism[View]
174618660I watch Woman King for her[View]
174618529recommend any film[View]
174619352this is my comfort food[View]
174616237Would you eat it?[View]
174616449I'm going to make an anachronistically black and white film >and I'm gonna cast Madelin…[View]
174619620Punisher: There is now chance nobody would recognize him in that bar[View]
174617399>so uh what should we call our next Star Wars thing that nobody is going to watch? what's li…[View]
174619145>the last half hour utterly rips off Brazil Not horrible in itself, only the problem is the fact …[View]
174615387annnnnnd memory holed[View]
174618598What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?[View]
174619246greatest movie posters of all time[View]
174619402Cast her (for biopic): you may choose one actor, or 2 different actors - for before transition and a…[View]
174616167Dude: there's a car, that runs on water.[View]
174618355>so that's it huh? we're some kind of suicide squad[View]
174618532You dont waste your time with torrents, do you?[View]
174609150THE GALLERIA?[View]
174619009Psalm 137:9: Close your eyes. Let your ears listen to the radio. Do you hear my voice? Can you hear …[View]
174618990>Shhh, I'm trying to teach the baby to gamble. >Why? >I got a job at Burns's casi…[View]
174618407What are some essential queenos?[View]
174617039Don't Worry Darling: I can't stop laughing. Olivia Wilde has brought us the retard kino of…[View]
174609526What went so right?[View]
174612491will maXXXine wrap it all up nicely?: or do you think they will get greedy and make last minute shoe…[View]
174614045Why don't more shows openly pander to Boomers? >Aging sheriff. >Old Boys' club ral…[View]
174617767ARE YOU A FREAK LIKE HIM /TV/[View]
174617012Oh no.. its a Margaret Episode.: why did the crown waste so much time on this retard and her cringe …[View]
174618605>he doesn’t watch Americas Next Top Model[View]
174618518Just watched this. Do exorcists really exist?[View]
174602859Do you think Jeannie would grant inappropriate wishes?[View]
174591850Did they make them even sexier for the remaster (toner tummy and sexier belly button)[View]
174617378I keep forgetting every movie i watch. Even my favorite movies? Should i be scared or is this normal…[View]
174614904i just had sex with another beautiful woman[View]
174618350What do you think of How I Met Your Mother: I was introduced to the show back when I was kind of a b…[View]
174617396Once again, this is a hair kino thread.[View]
174618297>film is about Halloween >gets released in November What shit were they on?…[View]
174605803KINO: https://youtube.com/watch?v=bQqpEbIPy7A[View]
174618283Why did it fail?[View]
174618323What am I in for?[View]
174618236I don't care how close to the book it is, stop using that as a crutch to defend this piece of s…[View]
174618157“Can't you see I'm free ?“[View]
174615952>ask for more representation >NO NOT LIKE THAT…[View]
174618037Films with this aesthetic?[View]
174612692Zed? Hello? I could be Agent M.[View]
174616693Why there's a tribe of latino children in Star Wars ?[View]
174615857>I'm more than just a pretty face and I should be treated with respect >Literally sells h…[View]
174615877new validator AI bread: image limit reached, continuing from >>174604171 post input https://w…[View]
174613882You're tasked with making a movie based on this. What's it gonna be about?[View]
174617440HOTD: Is Vermax the most useless dragon?[View]
174616430Eight GOD DAMN whiskey sours. I couldn't stop at fucking three or four?[View]
174613014movies that aged poorly[View]
174617222Is there an option on Disney+ so it doesn't show what you've been watching when you open t…[View]
174616854i just want a marvel movie where spiderman tragically dies of cancer and the film is the other chara…[View]
174616802If the game only sent Robin Williams to the jungle is there a reason why he couldn't just walk …[View]
174617694>741 days until Joker: Folie à deux[View]
174612180anyone here unironically watch Riverdale for the plot and the story?[View]
174615663I have never seen Citizen Cane, Vertigo, M, or The Wizard of Oz, and I don't think I ever will.[View]
174616452What the fuck was this shit?[View]
174615847Lines from movies you quote regularly: >I didn't eat corn![View]
174617500>destroys hacks like Bill Burr, Joey Diaz, etc. >makes plebbitors seethe…[View]
174617474>Don't you know who I am? >IM THE CHUDERNAUGHT BITCH!…[View]
174602231As of right now, I'm closing the X-Files[View]
174616867What is the /tv/ consensus on Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?[View]
174613060Why do zoomers love the 80s so much?[View]
174616296How is this? I liked Haunting of Hill House.[View]
174596267Litty bros... What happened?[View]
174617305why doesn't harry just make a horcrux and throw it in the ocean or something gg ez voldemort ca…[View]
174617111Hot take: Impractical Jokers is better without Joe[View]
174617289>Phuck Yu, that’s my name Uhhh bros, was Alec Baldwin supposed to be Asian in Glengarry Glen Ross…[View]
174614320wow.. such honor.. how glorious..[View]
174613849/got/hotd/: feeling cute, might kill your son later edition prev >>174610631[View]
174616233>if I can’t have a gf… le no one can! Do bookfags really like this shit…[View]
174617102Being John Malkovich: So they all got AIDS when they went through the tunnel right?[View]
174605730How many times has Peter Griffin been raped? I remember him being raped by his wife twice, his daugh…[View]
174613338It's the fridge... it's broken...the meat went bad...[View]
174617041Stranger things: This gives El in 2022[View]
174617006Ryan Murphy: Why does he always take real events and people but then add fictional crap that never h…[View]
174617015Put Kel Mitchell on SNL!! https://chng.it/cpTTchQZqb[View]
174614820what are your opinions on the new don't hug me I'm scared to show? is it better or worse t…[View]
174616803Guilty Pleasure Thread[View]
174604171Validator AI: Pitch an AI your film/show idea https://www.validatorai.com/app[View]
174616541Kino is finally here.[View]
174578871What is the worst commercial you've ever seen[View]
174606212/who/ - Doctor Who general: a pint of guinness with Katy edition[View]
174615476Stop eating meat.[View]
174616508What is the future of comedy?[View]
174615378ipsa dis you pissy little bitch[View]
174614765Loki season 2 LEAKED TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtXx9vDSFZw&ab_channel=MarvelEditx…[View]
174605466Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is pretty bad.[View]
174615218pretty much every remake made this century is utterly devoid of soul[View]
174605796>Harry Styles is going to make Chuds look sexy to girls[View]
174613683I got memed by /tv/ into watching this garbage, fuck you guys.[View]
174616224The Greatest Friend: She was right about everything. https://youtu.be/A8Znuj70ajc You can see the st…[View]
174616190Amazon bros[View]
174614602Seen any good movies lately /tv/?[View]
174611863Make up in movies: How much is too much?[View]
174616026The peaceful race strikes again.[View]
174615064Rings of Power is the anti-Game of Thrones and I’m here for it: Rings of Power is basically the anti…[View]
174615810>It's a medieval universe >All the peasants are ugly, dirty and mean for some reason…[View]
174614321Bond... Juan Bond.[View]
174611372Why do these hack frauds seem to like or not hate every star wars that disney shits out except rogue…[View]
174615967what happens if an actor adlibs the nword?[View]
174604823Getting raped really helped Joan grow as a character and have her learn to be less of a bitch[View]
174611428How do you even win?[View]
174615845>this guy made /tv/ shit and piss their pants in laughter[View]
174615798>Yulian, I- ACK[View]
174615796I see you.[View]
174615719Guess the actress?[View]
174614996DAS RITE[View]
174614023Traitor: Traitor[View]
174615073why are they so mean to this poor person? whats wrong with brits?[View]
174610737Movies with product placement.: Was watching Disturbia and noticed there was a lot of product placem…[View]
174610598Mom I'd Like to F...[View]
174615382Avatar has no cultural impact, no merchandise, no fanfics, no spin-offs, no products, no fandom, no …[View]
174614334What the hell was his problem?[View]
174611486/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Dworfs edition Previous >>174606254[View]
174615490>Luke, did I ever tell you about House Kallea? House Kallea was a noble house on Brentaal IV. Mem…[View]
174613358>movie about slavery in the US >they call black people negroes…[View]
174613883I've seen every Edgar Wright movie that was less quirky and annoying than this.[View]
174614586the ending was fine[View]
174595368What's Disney's best movie they ever made?[View]
174596002>The fault was not mine, sir. >Major Lennox must answer.…[View]
174610370Im 4 episodes in, I still dont know what the plot is.[View]
174613144BEN AFFLICTION.: How does /tv/ honestly feel about this man and his movies?[View]
174609786>I just realized that Lydia has the names and I can get them from her What a stupid asshole…[View]
174611070Why did he throw it all away?[View]
174609654Who would you cast for this?[View]
174609556>You wake up on Monday February 8, 1999 >You turn on the TV What kino are you watching?…[View]
174613865My fancast: Would it be kino?[View]
174610320They're all gone.[View]
174610908Apparently this is biased on a true story. I did not know such evil actually existed in real life[View]
174615055Incels insult women’s intelligence when they’ve been the invisible hand behind men’s achievements si…[View]
174614972Do girls actually think he's sexy?[View]
174612988Huh. This is actually pretty good. I'd say it's even better than Mandalorian.[View]
174607770It was fucking kino and I'm tired of pretending it wasn't.[View]
174603328How bad is it?[View]
174611334What's next for the Top Gun and Jurassic movies? Will they continue to milk these franchises?[View]
174614945Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174614814>ITT: your most anticipated upcoming film or kino[View]
174614937Chrissy wake up I don’t like this Chrissy wake up[View]
174614914Are they fucking with us?: >valyrian >Velaryon >Rhaenys >Rhaenyra >Aemma >Baelon …[View]
174614484Happy Birthday, Pedro Almodóvar Caballero! His best kino: youtu.be/Gm8XTqv_K80 Honorable mention: yo…[View]
174614646If this show isn't in your top 3 then your opinion is most likely whack.[View]
174614848Let's take a break from talking about GoT and rangz for a moment. Is your favorite actor/actres…[View]
174606504>morbidly obese >balding >wears the tackiest and dumbest clothing >still manages to look…[View]
174614718There will NEVER EVER be another Chronicles of Riddick film. Riddick will never go the Underverse. S…[View]
174611537Why is digital cinematography so soulless?[View]
174612383Kendall Roy: Why do women love him?[View]
174601867What would you have done in this situation?[View]
174613286How does Hank Hill's half brother look like him if Hank got his looks from his mother?[View]
174611820What do they eat?[View]
174613432he looks like someone more famous but i can't put my finger on who it is[View]
174614563How does he do it? How does everything Cameron touch turns to gold? T1 was some low-budget b-movie w…[View]
174607885Keep puttin' in that work, anon[View]
174613099Rome (2005): Did they do mark Antony dirty? I keep getting quotes from him on a philosophy app and …[View]
174614013ATHENA: Are alt-right people really this evil?[View]
174614578Have you noticed that the lefties love to romanticise poverty and dysfunctional communities/societie…[View]
174614416Brawl In Cell Block 99: Is medium-security prison really this comfy?[View]
174614517What are some films with amazing twists?[View]
174614355they want the wanga[View]
174608101No country for old men: I loved the movie and it has birthed a lot of quality meme's but has an…[View]
174614462Best Hercules episode? for me it's this: https://archive.org/details/Hercules_The_Legendary_Jou…[View]
174604810Is it worth watching or is it just getting stupider?[View]
174614305Night Gallery: Lets make Twilight Zone again but with a useless gimmick that 99% of the time doesnt …[View]
174612909Rape them all: >There it is. That's the look. I've seen it for 17 years on face after f…[View]
174613104What did they mean by this?[View]
174613652>The box... you opened it, you came.[View]
174611636Post movies that you randomly think about every so often - in good or bad ways.[View]
174609125Straight from imbd >Domhnall Gleeson is an Irish actor and writer. He is best known for his portr…[View]
174614161Best plot-twist of the last 10 years. Image related.[View]
174614085L.A., Miami, New York Say no more get on the floor[View]
174614069watched this recently. not good as first one. isabelle fuhrman is really uncanny in this film. i hop…[View]
174612751> Look sheriff, I know you just saw us murder 15 people in cold blood. But you can't arrest …[View]
174613956I like to get drunk and watch romance movies.[View]
174613166>Gondor calls for financial aid.[View]
174613913*guitar screech*[View]
174610631/got/hotd/ general: Sic semper draconis edition prev >>174607510[View]
174613456Still angry[View]
174613569JESSE, WE NEED TO RAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph9qcBaIhQ0[View]
174611360I thought seinfeld was very funny. Cry about it[View]
174612941Television has collapsed[View]
174612627You have had lots of boyfriends. Gay ones.[View]
174611958Are there any other series in which zombies consistently feel like a legitimate thread as with pic r…[View]
174611991Admit it, this could happen to most Westerners[View]
174611591Best episode(s)?[View]
174609368When is our girl going to have her own prequel anthology star wars tv series?[View]
174608134This has to be the saddest scene in the history of cinema[View]
174613245Wonder Woman has caught you with the lasso of truth, what are the first words out of your mouth?[View]
174612370V For Vendetta got a big Hollywood adaptation, when will The Turner Diaries get one?[View]
174613304> Luke, did I ever tell you about April? April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the…[View]
174613229Movies about defying the Gods?[View]
174612984>this was released 3 years ago[View]
174612597They should just delete an their Star Wars content. They no longer generate views yet attract the st…[View]
174613225What does /tv/ think of the show Kung Fu?[View]
174613148Just saw the sneak peek after Avatar remastered. Holy shit.[View]
174612000Any kinos that embody this emotion?[View]
174609723Is her acting career over?[View]
174609802Allison Brie as Misato Katsuragi: think about it[View]
174612464Should I go to the movies to watch the Avatar remaster in IMAX 3D? It's either that or spending…[View]
174610865I was elected to LEAD not to READ.[View]
174607304Here is the she-hulk writing team, say something nice about them.[View]
174611784Any movies like Drive (2011)?[View]
174605542The X-Files 2018: I just found out about this, it could not have been good. What’s the deal?[View]
174612837'David, why are we shooting my scenes first?'[View]
174604506>characters name is william >everyone calls him billy what the fuck…[View]
174607966What does an actress' weight have to do with her acting ability?[View]
174612690The Woke Critic: The Woke Critic praised Rings of Power on Youtube. I cite: 'Such impressive acting …[View]
174612336we are finally getting the spin off we wanted[View]
174612162>HEY, you know that off joke we do sometimes about Dennis being psychotic? Lets make that his onl…[View]
174610653mite b cool[View]
174611788>this was a 39 year old man in 1967[View]
174601340>Begin Exposition Dump >Fade Out >Fade In Oh Yes. I forgot to tell you >More Exposition …[View]
174611964This is Star Wars in 2022[View]
174612199Don't worry darling: It's quite unironically a dumb fun watch. The third act is so joyousl…[View]
174610233What were they thinking ?[View]
174608572When did you start watching kinos alone?[View]
174602344Acting siblings thread[View]
174610906why are his characters assholes?[View]
174611734Just marathoned this because my laptop is broken and the only app I have access to on my TV is Netfl…[View]
174611946Could an ambitious. Billionaire build himself a gigantic most high quality private cinema and watch …[View]
174610733Dark: I just saw the show on Netflix and it was pretty entertaining what does everyone think about i…[View]
174611418>netflix comes out with a based series about our 4chanian guy dahmer >apparently they shoved a…[View]
174605784What does /tv/ think about Yellowstone? I like it, although it is just a glorified soap opera with s…[View]
174610879When will the first AI movie be made?: Considering how awful current movies have been, AI can probab…[View]
174611039wait so the movie where an accidental shooting happened is actually about an accidental shooting?...…[View]
174611216it's weird when one of the main characters has the same expression for the whole movie[View]
174606254/RoP/ Rings of Power General: previous thread: >>174603215 filter to enhance thread quality: h…[View]
174611054You're so beautiful...[View]
174611178>is the best The Hulk in your path[View]
174607270I think I've seen every good movie ever made. Should I start watching foreign movies? I don…[View]
174610789What kind of roles would you like to see Daisy in?[View]
174610964Wonder what he and the other hobbits really think about this shit show. They can’t say people don’t …[View]
174598296/hor/- Horror General: Superior Sequel Edition previous >>174573707[View]
174611034You leave me no choice, Agent Mulder. I'm putting the X-Files into eternal limbo.[View]
174608964What makes it better than most 'kid shows but TWISTED' pieces of media?[View]
174609951So... who killed Kennedy?[View]
174610997How do you go from Big Wednesday to this trash?[View]
174610013Why are Tory and Samantha so fucking fat? The late middle-age hags are all thinner and better lookin…[View]
174610273>another saturday night >no movies to watch how do you deal with the fact that there's li…[View]
174604336>Yes Sauronman, I will join you. Now, I must go and do evil tasks outside the tower It would have…[View]
174610292What is your favourite James Cameron film, /tv/?[View]
174610844Is he the best taiwanese actor?[View]
174610041Candy: he literally did absolutely nothing wrong and Candy is a crazy neurotic bitch[View]
174608356This sufferboy and angrygirls ship drama is going for too long[View]
174608682Rape is hard. This was maybe my answer to Jack, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Na…[View]
174604922Is Aubrey Plaza incapable of not making kino?[View]
174610619Black Mirror: >this is terrifying for normies They wouldn’t last a day as a loser…[View]
174605359Predators suck: I think Predators are actual cowards. Think about it, they are invisible when they a…[View]
174610529Do y'all use that thing on Amazon Prime Video where it narrates the scene as you are watching i…[View]
174610156It is ?[View]
174607510/got/hotd/: >>174603174[View]
174605229Land of the Pharaohs (1955): Underrated as fuck: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048283/ If you'r…[View]
174608794Why the fuck: Did a kids tv show have a character called Fat Pussy in it[View]
174609668I am reopening the X-Files as of 3 PM today.[View]
174610229>Dario Argento What went wrong ?[View]
174607345you wan some?[View]
174610384Janitor Alertness Test: Janitor Alertness Test: Dear Janitor, This thread is a surprise evaluative t…[View]
174598006Imagine getting blown the fuck out by a woman[View]
174609681Which decade did they stop making kino? Inb4 anime[View]
174599090What in the actual fuck was that third act?[View]
174610298Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: >Characters women will never understand[View]
174608855>They were like making a student film but with a 150 million to spend on it Jesus christ, Nolan B…[View]
174609673>questioned the concept of the duty of a soldier and following orders >insisted on not attacki…[View]
174595485george lucas shits on capeshit and capitalism https://twitter.com/zei_squirrel/status/1561288776055…[View]
174609920I HATE BROCCOLI[View]
174610155What are some good medieval movies?[View]
174610080ITT: Narcopunk kino[View]
174599820Name the most obscure TV show or movie you can think of that you watched and liked to prove you…[View]
174610003The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only institutional religion (besides ISIS) th…[View]
174605980Game of thrones: Soul vs soulless[View]
174606871>tfw no tall mommy gf[View]
174603803>Murmur of the heart, It's one of those nice, gently French movies where you have incest whi…[View]
174602688Why have most movies nowadays become so sexually obscene and perverted? Even if you look back at old…[View]
174608834We're breaking out of here... TONIGHT![View]
174605844Here’s your Targaryens[View]
174608829>I fucked this city like a cock from hell Was this really necessary?[View]
174599592'Like you'? Who in the hell ever said I got to like you? What law is there that says I got to like y…[View]
174605297What are your top 5 to 10 Stephen King film/miniseries adaptations?[View]
174608736Should they make 3 ?[View]
174609243Sha la la la la la la Mmm Uh huh[View]
174609234Honestly? I felt bad for him.[View]
174608774Any kino regarding Charlemagne?[View]
174606781Why couldn't the elves be fucked with dealing with the forces of evil spreading? Weren't …[View]
174605367Was Battle Angel Alita really that good?[View]
174604428did he just take buck breaking too far[View]
174607967Qui Gon, no![View]
174609167Whats the most kino bino of all time?[View]
174608054ITT: historical settings you want to see in a 300 style movie[View]
174608669Quantumania leak: Antman bros,what happened?[View]
174608972You cannot deny that this looks very gay. It's literally a homoerotic relationship developing t…[View]
174607404I always end up sitting next to a damn baby[View]
174606980I miss the old WWE...[View]
174604009Why didn’t they just age her with a little cgi? What the hell?[View]
174605798Hey gang are we all looking forward to Dune part 2 :)[View]
174608747RACE MIX[View]
174608676Which one has a higher power level?[View]
174608807saturday television kino thred: some lesser known kino tv shows you could BINGE WATCH today.. rescue…[View]
174606805Three Halloween Ends clips were released yesterday. Yep, it looks like shit https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
174608462What are some other movies that make you think?[View]
174599177>shoehorns entire episodes around racism in a series about a serial killer it's almost impre…[View]
174607703What the fuck was the point of season 2?[View]
174601149/tv/ toolkit: Gonna watch this epic kino with the gramps. Hope that'll change their minds on ol…[View]
174607939Eye of Sauron[View]
174602243XEV vs ZEV[View]
174608436I would imagine this would be /tv/ s favourite show[View]
174606151how do you eat it?[View]
174607561Here's your Tupac[View]
174608192Can Disney+ surpass Netflix as the goat streaming service?[View]
174608570Holy shit[View]
174608502Possible F4 plot leak?: So I heard some rumors of Matt Shakman wanting to adapt the 'Rama-Tut…[View]
174606546what was her problem, honestly?[View]
174608333Had a dream that I was living with a couple and I could see every time they had sex through the wall…[View]
174608177Unironic retard yet deluded herself into thinking she was an auteur What an embarrassment[View]
174608042>”Smallville actor” >”Riverdale actor” >”Supernatural actor” He was in like one episode of …[View]
174596065What was his name again?[View]
174607028The show should've ended here[View]
174607779guy on omegle told me being homeless was the most fun experience in his life was fight club right wi…[View]
174603920the most famous tv shows of the month[View]
174579334This was once an acceptable physique for a superhero.[View]
174600582>Fuck up the sequel trilogy >Fuck up the Han Solo movie >Fuck up the Boba Fett series >F…[View]
174608146Character is saved at the last moment[View]
174606783VOTE FOR BEST!: Best Trilogy - https://strawpoll.com/polls/e6Z2eVMe8gN Best Single Film - https://st…[View]
174607422>NUCLEAR WAR IS... LE BAD[View]
174607612The most recent film I've seen is Avatar (2009).[View]
174607969Dahmer too woke: They should have race swapped his black victims to be white, that way it wouldn’t b…[View]
174607862Good morrow, sers[View]
174607298>even though they think they may have seen the film, they really haven’t seen it. I kneel…[View]
174604349ra'as al ghoul is baseder character (not a villiain he is antihero at best) than the teenage id…[View]
174607765Are you validated, /tv/?[View]
174606564P O L S L O P[View]
174607781>it's quirky, fast paced and irritating, just like every Edgar Wright movie >also Joey Ki…[View]
174604278You already bought and built your Home Alone set, right? RIGHT?[View]
174607302>The pizza box. You opened it, I came.[View]
174604466>rippes off kino and turns it into long boring generic pedowood movie yeah scorsese is a hack…[View]
174607615Tick tock, Mike[View]
174606046The Rings of Power's original sin is having Galadriel as the main character. It should have bee…[View]
174606516Please make it stop.[View]
174605185Princess Carolyn was kinda based for this.[View]
174607249>racist chuds are all just passionate homosexuals Is this an accurate portrayal?…[View]
174595605How could anyone defend this filth? It's right up there with son of the mask as one of the wors…[View]
174605501I'm an incel and I really want to see this, am I allowed to see this? I don't hate woman, …[View]
174597080cant wait for the long form, frame by frame analysis to tell me what to think about this show!![View]
174603110>that cold American town feel I need more movies like this bros, I'm not even American but i…[View]
174607032>Find out Kubrick faked the moon landing and keep getting gangstalked even more now…[View]
174607192/tv/ trivia thread: In the movie Jack and Jill, there is a fake Dunkin Donuts commercial in which ac…[View]
174603174/got/hotd/: More crabs, your grace? Edition Prev >>174598885[View]
174607285people so want it to be true that matrix copied shitty dark city (it didn't) that they miss how…[View]
174604303Athena, directed by Romain Gavras: Does /tv/ like Athena? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Fr6xokoz…[View]
174607321>I RULE…THIS SCHOOL >…you rule the adult illiteracy program? >OH YEEEEEEAH…[View]
174607020Why did he do it?[View]
174604774What Was His Fucking Problem???[View]
174607102Finished this: Wow, talk about underrated. I need more, what should I watch now?[View]
174607050he's literally me[View]
174605807What is your favorite documentary? Personally I think the genre is kind of gay, but I can't sto…[View]
174602685squid game: this was good[View]
174601820Is 138 minutes too long for a slasher movie?[View]
174605066So now that the dust has settled, what did /tv/ think of this lesbian revenge kino from Oldboy direc…[View]
174605940How do we save Halo?: Should Halo make their own anime?Halo Edgeruners[View]
174606179>“I get here, and I don't know what to do with myself. I've always made a point of not …[View]
174606056Cobra Kai: literally anime now wtf is netflix thinking[View]
174606155Oh you are a Serb? I hate Serbs. Now i will genocide all of you. I will make Nato look like a teapar…[View]
174599770why wont they let him earthrock in peace?[View]
174605984Meanwhile in bizarro /tv/...[View]
174606348Cobra Kai General - Julie-san Edition: How can they top Season 5?[View]
174605461>she say “soul brother too beaucoup!” Bravo Kubrick[View]
174606236Will the remake's Triton be faithful to the cartoon?[View]
174605086Kinos that made you a better person.[View]
174606495This made zoomers piss and shit themselves with laughter in 2017.[View]
174605874Worst death by movie monsters? Getting eaten alive by a pack of raptors? Getting squeezed to death b…[View]
174602831*sigh* somehow it's about black people[View]
174597267Just rebinged the whole series and wanna kill myself[View]
174604790When we were kings[View]
174601222Now that the dust has well and truly settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
174604123The Big Bang Theory: Now that the dust has truly settled, can we admit it was just some harmless fun…[View]
174603215/RoP/ Rings of Power General: AAGGGGHHHH edition Previous >>174601223[View]
174603898Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: I don't like the show, short web videos were the perfect for…[View]
174598267But seriously… What were they thinking?![View]
174602772why does Seinfeld's logo have jupiter in it?[View]
174602341>5'4, 110 pounds >Multiple 6'5 men twice her size Thanks for the warmup, teehee!…[View]
174605922L'CHAIM, L'CHAIM TO LIFE!![View]
174600111>Debit cards? >I swipe that.[View]
174605734Rate My Takeaway: Ey up /tv/, Ows it going? Back ont road again[View]
174602452>show me your genitals[View]
174601203What movie would you make if you wont the lottery? Would you buy the rights to any IP to stop a shit…[View]
174605710Chad is Back![View]
174602830/tv/ images taken seconds before disaster[View]
174604946The wire was boring after 1 episode Breaking Bad was boring after 1 episode I couldn’t get through t…[View]
174605670I must consult my trusted friend Hell-Brand[View]
174603933Toast of Tinseltown: >new toast of london show has been announced >not even once post about it…[View]
174558322/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ literature https://mega…[View]
174603842Did anybody else get filtered by the ending?[View]
174604766I can't believe the police would behave like that.[View]
174604772>Watch trailer >Expect an eerie mystery thriller >get softcore lesbian porn instead…[View]
174602274Other kinos with this feel?[View]
174593617>This made Millennials burst into water works[View]
174605348https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZktSPrGSck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRZAk2rfESU https://www.…[View]
174605438When, lo, there came about them all a great brightness and they beheld the chariot wherein He stood …[View]
174602563>Take me back to the ghetto. >frfr[View]
174605256Why do I see so many 'alt' ish/weirdo guys idolizing Ryan Gosling and trying to imply some kind of r…[View]
174605298Put that coffee down!: Coffee's for closers only. You think I'm fucking with you? I am not…[View]
174604886You either die based or live long enough to see yourself become cringe.[View]
174603387My main problem with this show was the weird-ass dialogue. Shit like >I AM... WHAT YOU MADE ME! N…[View]
174598243Everyone is mad that Ariel is black but no one minds seeing Yusuke as a Pinoy?[View]
174602478>Finally, at long last, I have rid myself of both Pride and Prejudice! Literally walked out of th…[View]
174604993Paddington 2 is seriously the best movie I saw in 2017.[View]
174604022Confess Fletch is a movie, in which things happen and those things get resolved. It has actors in it…[View]
174583265RuPaul's Drag Race star Cherry Valentine has died aged 28. RIP![View]
174597189What's the most preposterous and unrealistic movie or TV project you'd like to see anyway?[View]
174601714Sally Hawkins: When is she due her breakout role? She deserves it... So underrated...[View]
174604882>don't look >treat yourself[View]
174599936how would you recast matrix?[View]
174599216ITT: Understated /tv/ memes: for me , it was satisfyposting[View]
174603371Cast the remake. I choose either Christina Hendricks or Gina Carano (must have multiple brap scenes)[View]
174604593>super based idea >makes thematical sense >ruined at the last second by forced neo lib 'le …[View]
174602971Does ellen still have a nice body? If she hasn't chopped off her tits and still has a nice puss…[View]
174604877>no more dead cops this line would never make it into a movie today[View]
174600072Bond Is Evolving as Men Are Evolving: what do they mean by this?[View]
174604371Where are you 3k bros..why is this board filled with western slop...[View]
174582361Favourite Harry Potter plot hole/criticism/problem?: Why is Harry such a beta loser? For example, in…[View]
174598222hor/ - horror general: David Collins Edition Previous: >>174573707[View]
174603368How do I become like him[View]
174603475He did nothing wrong.[View]
174603434Get some rest Pam. You look tired.[View]
174601189i miss them, lads.[View]
174604227Angourie Rice: what does /tv/ think about Australian sheila, and noted talented thespian, Angourie R…[View]
174603541Why didn't the Rebels just drive through the death star in hyperspace?[View]
174603163'Give me the meat, and give it to me raw.'[View]
174603677Kino Commercials: >Allow me to introduce myself >My name is TAY >It's T A Y >T A Y …[View]
174602472Why won't Sony make it? They still have all the hype around it, Tom Hardy and Andrew are keen o…[View]
174603831What does /tv/ think about beloved and acclaimed Canadian actress, Sarah Gadon?[View]
174604034Marx Brothers: Animal Crackers > Monkey Business > The Coconuts > Horse Feathers > Duck …[View]
174603832>Druggie character is woken up by an alarm that's been ringing for hours…[View]
174602601ITT we write an open letter to D&D: Dear...[View]
174603107FART BALLS 4 ANNOUNCED: Holy shit fartchads we did it >farts balls 4 officially happening for 202…[View]
174599810How do we save Halo?: Should Halo make their own anime?Halo Edgeruners (studio ufotable)[View]
174603148Academy award winner, David Lynch.[View]
174592677ITT: Post your first /tv/ crush[View]
174595494Give it to me.[View]
174601586I Got Worms.[View]
174601940James Earl Jones Officially Retires As Star Wars' Darth Vader: >An icon is putting his time …[View]
174601613Joker (2019) but actually good[View]
174600918Why does it make /tv/ seethe so much?[View]
174599200Was she the original bunnyfu? Who are some others before Neve?[View]
174600861What is the worst scene or moment in the Prequel Trilogy?[View]
174586335After the success edgerunners and revival of popularity in the game is there a chance of a live acti…[View]
174601752Movies are great because it preserved beauty.[View]
174603459What are some films which accurately depict the areas in which they are set? 'Drugstore Cowboy…[View]
174598557Faceapp thread?: Faceapp thread. /tv/ related, of course.[View]
174600979Does anyone has this movie´s scene webm where Harry Styles browses 4chan?[View]
174602152Was Milky the true antagonist of TIE?[View]
174599223People shit on Harry Potter but unironically name another digestible and accessible fantasy franchis…[View]
174601223/RoP/ Rings of Power General: A toast! edition Previous >>174598822[View]
174599987Face/Off was originally written in the early '90s with Stallone and Schwarzenegger intended for…[View]
174599665you look thirsty[View]
174602309He was out of his god damn mind[View]
174602391What am I in for?[View]
174603117its over litty bros[View]
174586069Holy fuck, Dick Cheney was a piece of shit.[View]
174598885/got/hotd/: Larys and Alicent edish >>174591756[View]
174599951Janeane Garofalo Appreciation Thread: I think we can all agree she was a solid standup, but compared…[View]
174601548Why do people mistake this as a Sinbad movie? I very clearly remember it being a big deal that this …[View]
174602346>Insomniac character still can work and do everyday things[View]
174599940Johnny Got His Gun: /lit/fag here. What does /tv/ thinks about movie adaptation of this novel?…[View]
174599969how the fuck did normalfags watch this and still think that WW survived? this wasn't a Tony Sop…[View]
174601397What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174601418The combined power output of this battle station is tiddlywinks compared to the power of the force.[View]
174601976Films with saturnine themes?[View]
174601640>it was an offtopic thread, highly inappropriate, if you want, ill demand hes banned. ill crack h…[View]
174598112They shat the bed hard with the forced diversity in this show. And season 2 is somehow looking even …[View]
174601122Both Aleksander AND Bill Skarsgård in the running to play John DiFool in Taika Waititi's The In…[View]
174601367pure kino[View]
174601667Let me tell you a couple of three things, /tv/. There's no stigmata attached to passing a Horsh…[View]
174602040>we must climb inside a tard's ass to travel back in time something is wrong with the Britis…[View]
174601810What are the best examples of tv goyslop[View]
174599595VOTE FOR BEST!: Best Trilogy - https://strawpoll.com/polls/e6Z2eVMe8gN Best Single Film - https://st…[View]
174601631Little Children (2006)[View]
174601740>start watching a movie >realize it's based on a book i haven't finished >now to …[View]
174601484As W.C. Fields would say, 'I'd rather be here than Philadelphia.'[View]
174601671How well do early internet video memes hold up as works of cinema 30+ years later? Are any of them s…[View]
174599736It's not a meme. This kid is a fucking genius. He's a total, unabashed, absolute fucking c…[View]
174599070-ACK!: Post best -ACK moments in film and tv[View]
174597740STOP!: Tell me the best TV series AND the best movie you've seen this year that was ALSO made t…[View]
174601343RIP LOUISE FLETCHER Estelle Louise Fletcher (July 22, 1934 – September 23, 2022) Best known for her …[View]
174599100anyone else super pumped for the Black Adam movie? He looks so fucking badass in the trailer and the…[View]
174601266My granmama used to tell me if I ate so many strawberries I'd turn into one. So tell me, what /…[View]
174600080Why she black?[View]
174589376Characters you're slowly turning into[View]
174600610Smoke some Crack with me, Ornella![View]
174598812Why, Mr. Anderson, why? Why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you…[View]
174596191If Lia had gone into proper TV acting ,would her fate have been different?[View]
174601014>putting ''''butter'''' on your popcorn at the kinoplex I think I just puked in my mouth. None of…[View]
174596877Aniara (2018): I don't get it. It's a directionless film because... it's about a dire…[View]
174598822/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Kinda qt? cultist edition Previous >>174595602[View]
174599495What does /tv/ think of Freaks and Geeks?[View]
174597990i didn't like it[View]
174601144Sighs you're in for kino: >Season 1 Episode 13:The Perfect Storm >Seaon 2 Episode 3:Betra…[View]
174598684What were they thinking?[View]
174595367Midnight Diner: When I lived in Japan the only late night food places I could go to was Soba and Ram…[View]
174595748Well /tv/, what level are you?[View]
174596123been re watching this show, friday night thoughts?[View]
174598010MAGIC PIXIE DREAM GRILS: Are MPDGs an authentic artistic expression of young male romance and mispla…[View]
174600679Look down there.[View]
174600903What are some films that feature age gap relationships?[View]
174571947What was being a ninja fan in 80-90's was like, with the considerable amount of games and movie…[View]
174600567Movies about self-made prisons?[View]
174598667Anyone else watching this shit? Its been solid so far[View]
174596393honest thoughts?[View]
174600822evening ma'am[View]
174600800>horror comedy >no horror >not funny…[View]
174593770If you had a medical condition you needed diagnosed, would you go to him?[View]
174598765Blacklist: Tomorrows Kino Today!: >https://blcklst.com/ >go to 'annual lists' >read a scrip…[View]
174600674Why did they make this the poster?[View]
174599306>A hundred foot tall monster! I'm gonna shoot it. was it autism?[View]
174600682How the fuck does this young man let himself be killed by this old crazy man?[View]
174599276So what do you watch when you want agreeable, comfy background noise while doing dishes, light brows…[View]
174592526Now, you best give me one gosh darn stinkin reason why you hate Fivel Goes West /tv/?[View]
174600076The Rehearsal or Nathan For You Thread. I still cannot stop thinking about this show. How are they e…[View]
174559705/tv/ webm thread[View]
174600539YOGS VARRO: ----------->ello Parro https://youtube.com/watch?v=3KvSa7SqIMA[View]
174600060Who is your favorite Steven Spielberg?[View]
174599804I want to watch some cool criminal adventure movies, heard F&F franchise is all about that. Can …[View]
174600252Kino actor thread[View]
174600238What am I in for?[View]
174595554>Live, laugh, love. Are you fucking shitting me?[View]
174597318>They were genuinely always gods for real but didn't realize it Was this secretly the true k…[View]
174600256What do they eat in Moria?[View]
174600297What are your honest thoughts on Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?[View]
174598753Why do zoomers idolize this guy so much?: They do understand he's a satire character and not in…[View]
174600008Wasn't this bitch really fucking wrong for reminiscing about some fucking bum she shagged 50 ye…[View]
174600083And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts And I looked, and behold, a pale horse And his n…[View]
174600089>turn around >this is the last thing you see from the back of your head >bullet travels int…[View]
174599727MEKTOUB MY LOVE PART 2 IS COMING: BUT CENSORED !!! https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/2022/8/30b0pcrjk…[View]
174600096I like how Dahmers dad is the Step Brothers dad, mash up trailer when[View]
174595516I just can't unsee it anymore[View]
174597876Pathetic boomer power fantasy lol[View]
174594499I just saw my first Tarkovsky film, Stalker: And I didn't care for it. What am I missing? Stalk…[View]
174599887Does Fandango notify you if a movie time you ordered tickets for has been cancelled? I've got t…[View]
174599268Aliens? Ha that's crazy but I do like hanging out with you :)[View]
174598239Not bad, but the writing is lazy. At least it's actually back in Atlanta this season.[View]
174598939How can I write a script without getting distracted every 30 minutes?[View]
174598420/hor/ - Horror General: Horror States Edition: Which one are you? Night of the Living Dead here. Ol…[View]
174599418Yup: Already better than Margot.[View]
174599653bcs & bb: the intense episodes of breaking bad were better than the intense episodes of better c…[View]
174599561Is it worth a watch?[View]
174598231Why is italian and french cinema so good?[View]
174597327The original Toy Story is the best modern day animation by far. Its almost absurd how well the cast …[View]
174595098go to sears you sack of shit[View]
174598650Holy hell[View]
174599344Why has Teleporno not shown up yet?[View]
174598647>it's a Zak pretends to get possessed episode[View]
174593734Best part of The Lighthouse is when Robert Pattinson lit the house.[View]
174599161All I wanted was a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi.: And she wouldn't give it to me.[View]
174593517I'm about to start True Detective. What am I in for?[View]
174598758Worst game. The greatest story.[View]
174598970How's the new Gossip Girl?[View]
174588201Friday Night 'za: Gonna eat this watch the original Ghostbusters.[View]
174597266corny movies: >The corn, it's all around us Other movies with corn?…[View]
174593302Is pic related true?: Is it true?[View]
174599014>I'm on my way to page 10. I sure hope the woofman doesn't stop me.…[View]
174599012Thoughts on Oliver Stone's Nixon biopic?[View]
174598949IT'S NOT A DOCUMENTARY CHUD !!!: DA HOMEY !!![View]
174597623>that was an extremely inappropriate thing to say and I hope you do some self reflecting on why y…[View]
174591756/got/hotd/ Aemond and Vhagar edition Previous: >>174588378[View]
174591803dead by the end of the year[View]
174598851It's one of those movies: The more I think about it, the more I like it.[View]
174585742Is he right? I haven't seen many of these to be perfectly honest.[View]
174598801Kinos about imminent climate catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions?[View]
174598729Gruesome deaths for cartoon characters.[View]
174596957Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.[View]
174595602/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Isil edition Previous >>174590159[View]
174595879Is this show for women?[View]
174593735Are you watching Barbie (2023)?[View]
174598687Are you ready for the new Futurama[View]
174596388why aren't more celebs getting droned at home? everyone has this tech now but you don't se…[View]
174598338He truly was in the middle[View]
174598041The fact that they can't stop shitting onto this film ought to tell you something: Not saying y…[View]
174596580korean 'acting' lol[View]
174598408had a nice thread going talking about Bresson, Truffaut. look for it again— gone. can only assume ja…[View]
174597784Realistically: How was a retarded manchild able to wire up a rape dungeon and an abandoned summer ca…[View]
174598473Okay you can join the jedi council: but you will not be a Jedi Master. You are not ready. You never …[View]
174598445this episode was an important lesson and one that hollywood refuses to learn[View]
174595962Cobra Kai: Finally got around finishing this season, all I can say now is >1 > 2 > 5 > 4…[View]
174598452itt: unintentional redpills in movies[View]
174598434my power was out when this premiered how was it guys?[View]
174597222Why did they make him sound exactly like Joe Pera? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSTixeqrkIw[View]
174598380RULES OF NATURE[View]
174585156Why was there no anti woke backlash when this came out? By the way, the movie fucking rocks.[View]
174596409Is the Office (US) or the Office (BL) a superior series?[View]
174595877I tried 3 times to watch it. What am I doing wrong?[View]
174591067>Mike /tv/ Based and /ourguy/[View]
174597570>I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. McDaniel[View]
174597393Would Dinosaur/Human hybrids really have been better than the giant locust shit that we got instead?[View]
174597958Which is Grolton and which is Hovris?[View]
174598139>The show/movie can't stop making star wars references[View]
174587854I think the good place was the best sitcom in the past decade. What do you think of the good place?[View]
174598237>you know what builders are like, they sort of move about from building to building just building…[View]
174594473What are some essential snacks for kino time?[View]
174590517Saw it at the Dolby Cinema today. Movie holds up really well. The Avatar sequel preview footage was …[View]
174595350Can I just recommend getting some Pregabalin and taking about 300mg before watching anything. I just…[View]
174578082DON'T WORRY, DARLING: The twist is they're in a virtual reality simulation modeled after t…[View]
174594757Can you guess which one, /tv/?[View]
174597836i send a pestilence and plague into your house, into your bed Into your streams, into your Streets I…[View]
174597614Bogged Kinostars: You called, we answered.[View]
174596795>...He was a disgusting loathesome pimp, and he was charismatic as hell, only a great actor could…[View]
174596018We were wrong. 'Galadriel' is actually Sauron: The Witch King is Halbrand, Ador is the Mouth of Saur…[View]
174597966Recommend me some kinos for this feel[View]
174590326KDrama: KDrama thread! ive been watching Twenty-Five Twenty-One recently and finished episode 1! com…[View]
174594551A prequel to a prequel that also has flashbacks in it. What the fuck?[View]
174597587What movies have booba envy as a core theme[View]
174596043James Earl Jones has signed his voice away to Disney so they can continue feeding his lines into AI …[View]
174591499This movie had quite possibly THE WORST twist I’ve seen in a movie all year. And on top of that, it’…[View]
174597106Was La La Land actually a good movie, or did it just have a good cast?[View]
174596148Does boomer horror holds up?: watched poltergeist last night and it was boring. the only thing i lik…[View]
174585283Classic Animated Movies: What was this face meant to convey?[View]
174597482What could've been done to help fix this movie?[View]
174593723I'm the guy, the real guy[View]
174597452Why did she even need to build a time machine to travel into the future? Couldnt she just wait?[View]
174597302people rate this movie based on the acting and one liners. If you think about what is happening on s…[View]
174597434I like teen dramas: I like teen______________dramas.[View]
174597065Has there ever been a more kino television intro?[View]
174597025My friends: You bow to no one.[View]
174597381>I WANT TO TAKE YOU TO A GAY BAR.[View]
174594195Konig did nothing wrong.[View]
174573707/hor/ - Horror General: Fair Dinkum Edition Last thread >>174553554 >>174553554 >>…[View]
174595798Did he deserve all of the hate, stalking, and death threats? Or are manbaby Gen X prequel haters jus…[View]
174595380UP AND AT THEM![View]
17459702115000 Irish men built this ship: Big Irish Hands[View]
174596539He's literally me...[View]
174591182/TGIF/ - Thank Gnome It's Friday General: Thank GNOME It's Friday Edition! [KEEP ALL GNOME…[View]
174596969Chronically Online Kino: Any movies/shows about being chronically online? Being extremely obsessed w…[View]
174591263Don't fuck me Tony. Don't you ever pull my pants down when we are alone and fuck me hard.[View]
174587187>'Harry, you can't just break the Elder Wand, it's the most powerf--' *snap*…[View]
174596442Oh no guys I have terrible news... Alina is dead.[View]
174591091>Friday Night Why are you here?[View]
174595995>As the money is moved I go to Hong Kong. Far from Dent's jurisdiction. And the Chinese will…[View]
174595117He didn't fly so good[View]
174596783Do non-lolicons agree that Luc Besson is amazing?: I gotta admit, I got into Luc Besson because I wa…[View]
174596622>2 MORE WEEKS[View]
174596707I ask for a non woke bs movie and you recommend me this absolute garbage[View]
174595769>Don't waste your talents like this! You're good at math! >You're good, Will Hu…[View]
174592897/tv/ i'm fbi u ever been abducted by aliens[View]
174596688How did they get away with this?[View]
174596182Is this the best thing that Luc Besson ever did?[View]
174596548>i'll never watch Dahmer >i'll never watch Women King >i'll never watch the …[View]
174595272And where do you live, Simon?[View]
174596463Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight Someone's thinking of me And loving me tonight[View]
174596144Why did he do it?[View]
174596236Why weren’t there any girl orcs?[View]
174596469John Carpenters Holloween Anthology Speculation!: Imagine if 'Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch' was a…[View]
174595132Can Hawkman become as popular as Iron Man and Captain America: He is now as popular as they were bef…[View]
174594415I've been here for seven years. Nothing works here. I hate this place.[View]
174596260Any britbong kinos?[View]
174592729What was his name again?[View]
174594859Is it true that almost every american eats cereal for breakfast like movies and TV shows show? I alr…[View]
174583542lol are you kidding me with this woke garbage? >le stronk women has to rescue the male marines wh…[View]
174595349Was this line really necessary?[View]
174595617What are some examples of kinos that improved in later seasons?[View]
174592687How kino will it be?[View]
174596138Remember the time we wrote our names upon the wall[View]
174595993This wasn't that bad and felt like a more accurate adaptation of its source material than the R…[View]
174595119Did they ever release the video?[View]
174594613Wait was I supposed to hate this? This was awesome[View]
174595811Explain this[View]
174590142DAHMER: Monster: Okay, if it wasn’t racism how in the FUCK did this motherfucker keep getting away w…[View]
174595965>LOOKS LIKE MEATS BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS How do they know what menus are? Are there restaurants i…[View]
174594411Why did he do it?[View]
174595530It's Pearlin' Time![View]
174592781After the success of HotD and Upright, do you see Milly Alcock crossing over to movies?[View]
174591517disney BTFO: https://youtu.be/GCvb6TfBXFk gina carano get another sweet gigs meanwhile nobodycares a…[View]
174594174Movies that filtered retards: I'll start[View]
174588569Shane Gillis is literally the funniest comedian working today. There is very few people that embodie…[View]
174594566'I have always strived to do what's best for my people. Given the recent crisis, as the monarch…[View]
174591614How do they expect non Indians to keep up with this?: Complicated, repetitive Indian names and a con…[View]
174594678>character is so based his basedness transcends the fourth wall[View]
174595440Rings of power thread: so you’re telling me the entire plot of the elves/dwarves story line is that …[View]
174594157I rewatched it and it sucked ass. The previous ones were so good, especially the second one. What ha…[View]
174595524Decided to revisit my childhood with the Bionicle movies. Still good movies, albeit short and confus…[View]
1745954309h 26m: Is it worth it?[View]
174595459So was he sentenced to prison for 7 years or 86 years?[View]
174595438Kinos about imminent climate catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions?[View]
174580967>Is the only kino left on TV HOW did they do it?[View]
174594310What is the Angel's Egg of Western cinema?[View]
174594496ITT: It's 2007[View]
174594462Absolute kino[View]
174594351Clerks Three: what the fuck was he thinking?[View]
174585844So you're telling me that there were several guys waiting on top of different snowy mountains f…[View]
174594712>What is our plan B? >Plan B? >THAT WAS OUR PLAN B!…[View]
174595159Remember when Sense8 first came out and /tv/ lost it for a while and all it could post about it for …[View]
174594679holy Kino...[View]
174595074Help me bros: >Remember reading about this film, it was a classic european film set in a school b…[View]
174589467create a story for a 'backrooms' movie[View]
174594630Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZQLeeNo6Qw[View]
174594984I just went to go take a piss and my urine smelled like fried chicken. Here’s the thing, I haven’t e…[View]
174595094>post thread >devolves into Trump vs Biden political shit flinging within 10 posts…[View]
174593540RIP she did nothing wrong[View]
174593570Was he really fly fishing while Marge was out working?[View]
174594396>hand it over. That thing. Your dark soul! How would you make a dark souls movie work?…[View]
174593446What went so unbelievably right?[View]
174594953Why were there never any threads about this movie?: It was great, one of those comfy movies that tak…[View]
174594038i'm attracted to a fictional cartoon character again[View]
174594554They loosely modeled the namekian race after the african moors. A spiritually advanced civilization …[View]
174593808What the fuck was her problem?[View]
174594894Best movie werewolf. It isn't even close.[View]
174594291>Russians will die in Ukraine and stop seeding obscure movies[View]
174594374it's not that funny[View]
174594422What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174593501>His armor...it wasn't protecting him...it was restraining his true power…[View]
174590159/RoP/ - Rings of Power General: sauron edition Previous >>174586735[View]
174594774Why do none of the scenes in this show look like the characters are actually in a fictional world? E…[View]
174588378/got/hotd/: Just for Lady Rhea! (Daemon is a fag) edition prev >>174584848[View]
174594526/Cobra Kai/: >>174586717[View]
174594673you will never take a pixie girl out hunting at balmoral castle[View]
174590533Killing homosexuals is le bad[View]
174587863Why is Rotten Tomatoes using 'Verified User Scores' for Woman King and the Woman King only?[View]
174591547>shows that apparently have fans but literally no one ever talks about them this has 6 seasons. n…[View]
174587637so which one should i watch?: give it to me straight, lads. which one is less woke?[View]
174583199Impossible movies: Movies that cannot be made in 2022[View]
174593390I really liked this, what are some other Fassbender kinos worth watching?[View]
174592416Was it real?[View]
174590660Tis kino[View]
174594203Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
174594363What does /tv/ think about Aunt Grandma?[View]
174593304She deserves so much more[View]
174594379Post a YouTube video, get a movie recommendation. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g…[View]
174594357Busta Rhymes “break ya neck” music video[View]
174593745>he doesn’t watch Americas next top model[View]
174592936Ayy these zoomers these days, they got PODCASTS and they use TWITTER, am I right guys?[View]
174577683Why did she sound like she had a speech impediment throughout the movie?[View]
174594186Will he get a sticky thread?[View]
174593065Post the worst poster you can find for a movie that you like.[View]
174594171Pantheon: >western animation so expect it to be super pozzed >no niggers, mostly white cast …[View]
174588409I'm dogsitting next week and need some movies to watch. Some of my favorites are: >Eyes Wide…[View]
174578605>this will sell our movie[View]
174593268It is truly unreal how fucking trash Australian cinema is. Like it blows my mind.[View]
174592589So what did I think of the new Don't Hug Me I'm Scared?[View]
174584384Okay smarty How’d you end the series ?[View]
174594096Daddy is the bread winner: You dig?[View]
174593859Why is he so relatable?[View]
174582148/bb/ Big Brother 24: Part 1 HoH: Turner Part 2 HoH: Monte Taylor is finito Previously on /bb/: >…[View]
174594093Was this Cage's peak?[View]
174593190Don't mind me, just posting one of the best Sci-Fi's ever made[View]
174594068>whos cedric, ya girlfriend? this is NOT okay[View]
174593357My body is ready.[View]
174593769Similar films as I Saw the Devil: What's some other gory, over the top asian kino?[View]
174593573What did he think was going to happen?[View]
174592287movies only you know about[View]
174592176>turning Sauron into conflicted bad boy Wtf were they thinking?[View]
174590724'I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel'[View]
174593685The pacing in this show fucking sucks[View]
174593652Thoughts on film recap channels?[View]
174593314SHOOT the Director I rented this movie,,,I felt like hanging myself with the tape,but I was sure it …[View]
174591245>this will sell our show[View]
174586594Worst theatre experience?[View]
174584214ITT: we pretend it's 2011 again[View]
174589721Itt: /tv/ in 1986: So what’s the shows /tv/ would watch in the great year of 1986?[View]
174591430>Cuckoo is an upcoming horror film written and directed by Tilman Singer. The film follows Gretch…[View]
174587670What's your favorite movie featuring Ellen Page? For me, it's Super.[View]
174593493what's next for Benjamin?[View]
174593157>boomers thought this was revolutionary comedy and pissed and shit themselves laughing https://ww…[View]
174592062DRINKS ALL ROUND[View]
174593213Is there truth to the Hollywood phrase 'write Yiddish, cast British'?[View]
174590349What is the point of this show? Hugh Laurie is just an abrasive tit[View]
174592601He will raise the bar.[View]
174591779what the fuck this is based[View]
174592622Recommend me some kinos with this feel[View]
174593070One morning I came into the Bing and Chrissy had his head in the toilet. His hair was in the toilet …[View]
174592860Roger Roger[View]
174593133Kinos about imminent climate catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions?[View]
174592733At least when they remake ET, we'll have the perfect person to play the titular character - and…[View]
174592099Why are there no found footage films set in medieval times?[View]
174588219How long until we get another God's Not Dead film?[View]
174592791This movie is alright if you just skip the last scene. Perfect inflight movie[View]
174591141But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made.[View]
174591568Why did he kill his wife?[View]
174591551I survived this experience. Anyone else on /tv/ survive through an event that was later turned into …[View]
174585216NO OPTIMU-[View]
174582397Post your top 4 kino. Harshly judge other people's taste. 1. Metropolis 2. The Grapes of Wrath …[View]
174592668>He's right behind me, isn't he?[View]
174592593Imagine fucking[View]
174592090FRIDAY MOOBIE NIGHT: what moobies and or tv shows you frens watching tonight?[View]
174588532I'm thinking based[View]
174592320This shit is hard to watch: They do a good job portraying a sociopath calmly describe some fucked up…[View]
174590574>it's another convenience store cashier is too cute and truman stutters a lot just to ask fo…[View]
174591578Geez, kinda dark for a comic book movie don’t you think, Raimi?[View]
174582797>Black Adam projected to open lower than Sonic 2 OH NO NO HAHAHAH[View]
174592502>Despite his box office success, Bay's work has been poorly received by film critics, and hi…[View]
174592399Reformed Prussia: Any kinos about Frederick the Great?[View]
174591838> YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON[View]
174592321Would you pay double the price for a steelbook version of a movie? I used to think it was retarded. …[View]
174592313I will now watch your show.[View]
174589403cast zyzz biopic[View]
174589159What are some more shows like Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, and Smallville…[View]
174589960HOTD: Did anyone else find the opening to this episode a little distasteful? Playing the brutal murd…[View]
174592244Was it a warning?[View]
174592009Last words thread: LARRY STOP POINTING THAT FUCKIN GUN AT MY DAD![View]
174592087>Cuckold Stories: Danish version[View]
174586067>character is on the brink of ending it Don’t recommend me kinos, I don’t care…[View]
174591613Korea Travel Thread: This is a thread to discuss our travel to korea plans.[View]
174592015When is he coming back?[View]
174591882America’s Next Top Model thread[View]
174586482Cyberjunk EDGERUNNERS: they've unironically done it lads. they've normalized loli among no…[View]
174591919Has anyone seen this? Cause >Colbert makes me thing it's just gonna be more le evil Trump ga…[View]
174589950Haha can you imagine dying and being brought back as a beautiful woman, then raped and impregnated b…[View]
174591783>marches over the bridge >Loses the king's colours >Dies >Somehow it's simmers…[View]
174591686Have you ever seen a movie so kino it kind of ruins other movies for you because you know nothing wi…[View]
174590051Warner Bros can't let go of Zack Snyder: This is honestly sad. This and Black Adam marketing re…[View]
174591858>They took my likeness, they took my rear end, they took my sexual misconduct!…[View]
174590824Would she have worked in live action?[View]
174590981>yeah this is a good look for you >you're maybe only the world's second biggest homo…[View]
174589164Which movie has the best kissing scene?[View]
174591658Why did /tv/ like Battle Angel Alita so much?[View]
174591256Finnish film crews be like 'Hey, where the fuck is our naamiointisuunnittelu? We need her on se…[View]
174591771You know, even if you argue they're being more faithful to the source material. Jamie Clayton d…[View]
174591432I Think the bench design is from a corporate perspective and homeless people aren't connecting …[View]
174591623Simpson predicted dolan trumpo: Simpson predicted dolan trumpo Watch video for proof (1998): https:/…[View]
174591275I went up and down areas with a cosh[View]
174590296More like WOKERAISER amirite[View]
174591522tv and movie webms desu[View]
174587667OldSchool Runescape movie: who'll play them?[View]
174591549>its a disneyland vacation episode[View]
174589031Was The Ending Of “The Batman” Changed?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=du-Paw52xic I think it may be…[View]
174589511I'm legitimately thinking of marathonning The Bing Bong Theorem. What am I in for?[View]
174591444What is the point of it all?: Why watch movies and shows?[View]
174587902Just the most based character in the show coming through.[View]
174589961Attack of the Clones: Finished shooting 22 years ago[View]
174591360There were loud audible groans in my theater at the end of this movie. I've never experienced a…[View]
174590441The black list: What makes a screenplay from the black list be financed? What are studios looking fo…[View]
174589561>cinematic still, nicolas cage as john travolta, dramatic lighting, sharp focus, in the style of …[View]
174591029how much would you pay to watch movies?[View]
174590610Halfway through the third Hercules (Sorbo) movie. It's fucking cringe and boring. Hercules and …[View]
174591170lets post movies that make you feel 'fml that will never be me'[View]
174591108Jesus fucking Christ[View]
174585581What is next for America Chavez?[View]
174584536>get sentenced to death >instead of a last meal, you get a last film Which movie do you choose…[View]
174589910Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174588856>always see memes about It Ain't Me being the essential Vietnam War song that gets used in m…[View]
174590896>49 days until Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[View]
174590880>How did you hurt the hamstring?[View]
174580398holy kino[View]
174589452What would he think if he was alive to see the current MCU projects? Especifically the shit factory …[View]
174589407>talking to coworkers about television & film >someone mentions South Park…[View]
174582999Manners. Maketh. Man.[View]
174591014How many times are you going to ask, Anakin?: We can't keep covering for you any longer.[View]
174591003Could they really have sued Kramer for a million?[View]
174590974>barges into your forest >correctly guesses your name after 5 or 6 failed attempts >tells y…[View]
174588627Wall-E is a zoomer movie.[View]
174580581Ana de Armas gets disected by a professional: Lmfao this is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj…[View]
174590668ITT: movies that are a legit 0/10[View]
174586735/RoP/ - Rings of Power General: Halbrand is a nice guy edition Previously: >>174580937[View]
174589007 Noot Noot! [View]
174590358Cobra Kai guys… Why are we filming my scenes first?[View]
174588275>judge: “I sentence you to death!” >also judge: “take care of yourself”…[View]
174589999What's he so mad about?[View]
174584242Why does Hollywood cast less attractive people now?[View]
174588817Mogged every show ever made and continues.[View]
174588447What was with roasties in the 90s and early 00’s wearing these big stupid hats? I hated this look[View]
174566928Was it really that easy to meet women pre internet? It's like they date every woman they like. …[View]
174585506Whats the best episode of Seinfeld?[View]
174586082Any school shooting kinos?[View]
174575793>puts small screens everywhere in your car so you have to squint wow, thanks for 'pimping' my car…[View]
174590432I was thinking of young Olivia Coleman today...[View]
174590231Doraemon: >just watched Stand by Me Doraemon This turned out to be the most chad shit I have ever…[View]
174588555It’s up[View]
174585853Who killed captain alex 2 is delayed after film crew were thought to be a real gang.[View]
174590036>late 90s/early 00s teen movie >CAUSE I'M IN TOO DEEP >SHE LEFT ME ROSES BY THE STAIRS…[View]
174588787I fucking hate capeahit.[View]
174583845You have one hundred of these things at your command. What do you do?[View]
174586370is attack on titan good? hulu sucks and it's the only thing on there i have not seen or is not …[View]
174589052is she based?[View]
174589555This is Slipknot, he can climb anything. Say something nice about him[View]
174588608It was a different time[View]
174589922>If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Dona…[View]
174586713YOU'RE IN A JOHNNYCAB[View]
174589825>after the break: he never gets paid, he always cleans, this animal is a lean mean banning machin…[View]
174583596It’s actually good[View]
174586991Black Adam: >meant to be middle eastern >cast as Samoan Where’s the outrage?…[View]
174588143now that the dust has settled, which is the best Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker kino?[View]
174567910>is better than 99% of western media on your path post your favorite moments, anons https://www.y…[View]
174581187>new fbi recruit is forced into listening a tape of a teenage girl getting tortured into death wi…[View]
174587398It all comes down to this moment.: All of human history. For this.[View]
174589431>Your daughter, foolish brother >she is the true the house of the dragon Srsly?…[View]
174588812what are some good paleontology kinos?[View]
174585190Imagine drinking[View]
174588796>character is a hackerman >bypasses the mainframe…[View]
174588937Meanwhile, in the lands of the desolate east...: Where there's a whip, there's a way... Wh…[View]
174588883>its an episode where two characters who never interact much have to spend the day together while…[View]
174588965Apologize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174589130The Rings of Power & House of the Dragon: 5 episodes in, halfway point, what are your genuine th…[View]
174588153Changes from source material that are far superior to the original:[View]
174589090>During a battle with French soldiers at Adegon on 6 October during the second war, the bulk of t…[View]
174580353*is a Mary Sue in your path* nothing personnel[View]
174586236Is there a writer shortage in-Hollywood?: How can these people be hired?[View]
174583416>the eyes... he has the same eyes![View]
174588281WTF IT'S GOOD?![View]
174587225Enola Holmes 2: Was the first movie really that succesful?[View]
174585540True Detective: I don't get it. Why does he want to raise another man's child?[View]
174587251/tv/, bad news. The Dacia Sandero, its delayed.[View]
174586978why aint this fat jew kid in movies anymore[View]
174569385>Those awful things? I threw them out.[View]
174588749>Pearl Harbor is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how, on December 7th, 1941, th…[View]
174587409Today, September 23rd, is the day Audrey II arrives to Earth in the musical Little Shop of Horrors (…[View]
174587663The most must-see, compulsory watch for film fans, absolutely famous film everyone has seen....that …[View]
174585169Did /tv/ like Irma Vep?[View]
174585763Give me the meat, and give it to me raw.[View]
174587849What are some /tv/ shows that you like but others hate?[View]
174588404When did you realize this man was the sole person responsible for actors not being extremely ugly?[View]
174588098When the Lucas Sequel Trilogy is Finally Released[View]
174539178Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: What do I think of the new TV season?[View]
174585983GOT bros, I miss her...[View]
174588598Tom, I'll need a ride home.[View]
174588543Best films about india?[View]
174583739Daily Woman King anti-male, anti-white goyslop shill thread[View]
174587562dark city: how was the matrix able to rip off this movie completely?[View]
174587128Final Destination is BACK: >Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, the filmmaking team known for their …[View]
174584237>I'm sour on this plan, Galadriel.[View]
174579845Powerful: /tv/ BTFO[View]
174588314Everyone's thoughts on KOTH and The Wassanasongs?[View]
174588304New JIGSAW tv show Jigsaw is black now[View]
174584239Cassian Andor: Is Cassian Andor the new Star Wars hero that children can't stop talking about?…[View]
174587446I can't believe they want that hack back. I thought the new guy was based, but apparently not.[View]
174587448Jim Henson's Alien[View]
174584848/got/hotd/: Best house words edition prev >>174580743[View]
174587401WTF is wrong with gay men? are the lgbts ok up there?[View]
174587855Cast him[View]
174582798Do you think their food was better or worse than KFC?[View]
174587965Well that was fucking grim.[View]
174585586What would you do in this situation?[View]
174586522ITT post your weird 70s-80s animated series style spin off show proposals for 21st century shows Exa…[View]
174586629>fiction in 1981 >documentary in 2023[View]
174584730Sticky? >London (CNN)George Ward, a star of the British version of 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' has…[View]
174581808>2022... I am forgotten[View]
174587886Which Kino do i watch tonight? In the mood for something medieval or autumn kino.[View]
174586696Reacher worth watching?[View]
174585936What was his problem?[View]
174587296Anyone got the Mega link?[View]
1745822442001: A Space Odyssey: Rate it[View]
174577837>hot br*tish actress >is actually French why is this so common? same with Emma Wattson…[View]
174581744>You'll never have a below average female friend who you spend all your time with and eventu…[View]
174586752sadie sink: is she the best thing to come out of stranger things? she’s not as good an actress as mi…[View]
174586967Andor is actually really good[View]
174585869Movies where this happens? Does this happen in movies?[View]
174586816>BE A MAN![View]
174584867>This was considered hot in 2007.[View]
174585122No more, Butchie No more of this[View]
174576264>we need an actress who can play an emotionally vulnerable but adorable teenage girl >She…[View]
174587100How long do you give WB until Harry Potter remakes? DC is obviously not working for them.[View]
174587274who would win, the four hobbits x 4 pitbulls?[View]
174586689What are some /tv/ approved podcasts? I mostly listen to JRE and that’s it[View]
174586315wwyd if these guys showed up at your doorstep with a high court writ?[View]
174587154What are some films about eastern/Asian mysticism?[View]
174585819What is the greatest sports related movie? For me it's Escape to Victory. (pic related)[View]
174587069Fucking punk ass pieces of shit, what did you forget I’m a janny?[View]
174587065City slickers HATE him[View]
174586216>.....mmmmmmm *SCHLURP* *SCHLOP* *SHLUP* *SCLOMP*[View]
174586948was this the best franchise of the teen dystopia book adaptations ?[View]
174585467What is the most /tv/ scene in film history?[View]
174586818I drank the vodka[View]
174584277Is there any chance that this show is actually being written by Alexa AI? I can't really explai…[View]
174585653Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174578353Do superhero movies create unrealistic beauty standards for men?[View]
174583285>Inside Out 2 will expore Reiley's turblulent adolescent emotions I wonder what kind of boy …[View]
174584489Do you know what this means /tv/? - We're going to see imaginative new worlds, creatures and ve…[View]
174584278Why are women directors so bad bros? All they can make is movies about hating men.[View]
174586444>*inhuman squeeling*[View]
174584417Apologize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174577143Gentlemen, how do we save Star Wars?[View]
174585124ITT: The acting performance you were most impressed by[View]
174583538Are movies that are predictable, unoriginal or generic inherently bad?[View]
174586472Everyone's thoughts on KOTH?[View]
174576986There is not a single good TV show on right now[View]
174586329''Melanin'': Remember that Disney is the most predatory and soulless corporation on earth, and every…[View]
174585195>movie has a poc protagonist[View]
174585954Would letting him off the island REALLY have been that terrible? Honestly what's the worst that…[View]
174586231ME SO SOLLY[View]
174584600This shot always stuck with me as a kid. I remember watching the movie again in high school and wish…[View]
174585330>police detective character has a cool jacket[View]
174583997A True Masterpiece: It's Lost meets The Leftovers.[View]
174585086Are you enjoying the modern look of Star Wars? The way they shoot these scenes takes me out of the i…[View]
174585279Any more movies like these? They scratch a particular itch.[View]
174586113Was this based on a true story?[View]
174584820This shit was really boring lmao. How did anyone manage to enjoy it?[View]
174586041How is that possible that a cgi greenscreen shitfest like Avengers endgame was more expensivee to ma…[View]
174585650Does anyone else feel like it's all ending? >no upcoming movies/shows to look forward to …[View]
174583358Yea… top-gun maverick was some GRADE A BULLSHIT.[View]
174585580anybody else likes watching movies stoned? why is it so good, lads?[View]
174586070>a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk[View]
174586013So where did he stealthily park his dragon? Wouldn't people notice a long-necked boyo? Wouldn…[View]
174584210>Created the characters of Rey and Ahsoka >Did not create - but, in fact HATES - the 'charact…[View]
174584244What's everyone's stance on people talking when you're watching a movie at home? Pers…[View]
174584723I will not watch dahmer[View]
174584120Is this the greatest twist in cinema history? I did NOT see it coming.[View]
174585944Since Sin City i have a thing for Jessica Alba.[View]
174585924OKAY THATS IT. Need War kino that ideally features Russians: Need some Russian War Kino[View]
174584987Babylon Berlin: >new season in a couple of weeks >no hype It's over...…[View]
174585014kinos but like this?[View]
174584414>Jumanji board game decides to update itself into a ColorDreams/WisdomTree pirated NES cartridge …[View]
174584960Where does /tv/ go for its television and video news? For me, it's: >Tucker >Hannity >…[View]
174583731Stop asking for second seasons. Make a show that ends after 1 season. Chernobyl did it, the terror d…[View]
174584697>Mum walks in >Why are you watching a children's show?…[View]
174585743ITT:: Kino set in the American Midwest.[View]
174584871Brendan Fraiser: He did it. He is finally back. He unfucked himself. https://youtu.be/LocTbsosUl8…[View]
174576392What is the most historically inaccurate movie ever made?[View]
174585438>no live-action fantasy with this aesthetic >all women in fantasy have to wear pants, i.e. the…[View]
174585208Fight like a man...[View]
174584972kinos with ALL WHITE casts: post any decent shows or movies with no diversity whatsoever. pic is my …[View]
174585483Why Helen? Why do you do these things?[View]
174583653Sopranos: Great show, but too inconsistent to be a 9-10/10[View]
174573189>it's not a bad show, you just watched it wrong t. Kneel Gayman[View]
174584460Rings of Power: Which race do you relate to the mostest?[View]
174580376How the fuck did India do it???[View]
174562894The chemistry during the trial was unbelievable but I'm still honestly surprised this became a …[View]
174583604What are the craziest sets in movie history?[View]
174566753the worst thing about dahmer was the racism[View]
174585282https://twitter.com/gomikari/status/1570903282457120768 What did they mean by this?[View]
174584825Keyed. Keyed. Do you derail threads on /tv/ by typing sneed? Keyed. Keyed. How does it feel to get d…[View]
174584508Slava Ukraini: Heroyam Slava[View]
174584929I wrote a joke please give me your opinion: Bruce Wills walks into a drug store. The drug lord says:…[View]
174575967Is this even biologically possible?[View]
174570147Miyazaki destroys Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: >In an interview that dates from a few …[View]
174584834name a more based character, I'll wait[View]
174585125Not for nothing, but why are Jews so over-represented in hollywood? Every other “white” actor/tress …[View]
174584964Friday night: WHY ARE YOU HEEREE??[View]
174584550this nigga always made me feel weird[View]
174585052Sopranos season 2: This character sucks dick like a retard with shark teeth, she sucks at even sucki…[View]
174583516Pacific Rim is such a good movie, bros.: https://youtu.be/dLptjP1RKmQ[View]
174583880Remember this is what Disney took from you Never Forget[View]
174584796>Lord Celebrimbor, our light saturation levels are too low! >Increase mithril output by 17% …[View]
174580937/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Southlands 9/11 edition Previous >>174577405[View]
174583692Scorcese: I’m new to his movies and I’ve only seen Reservoir Dogs, what kino of his should I watch?…[View]
174581851>I'm looking for Commander Zero, huh. I've got business with Commander Zero, bru.…[View]
17457474310 Cloverfield Lane: So did he really have a daughter or what? Who was that other girl who was in th…[View]
174584863Has anyone here even MADE kino? Doesn't feel like it...[View]
174568317what were they thinking?!?![View]
174583757The Police Story Trilogy 4K: IT'S FINALLY OUT. Jackie bros where you at? hopefully his other c…[View]
174580743/got/hotd/ general: Supereffective against Bastard-type edition >>174577305[View]
174584031What can't this man do? Just realized he was in Death Stranding, as well.[View]
174584461>Birth of a Nation >Triumph of the Will >Africa Addio >Cannibal Holocaust >The Human …[View]
174584728All I wanted was a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi.: And she wouldn't give it to me.[View]
174584297How can Hollywood reach zoomers?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_Q5-UocHdE[View]
174580802what are your favourite and least favourite stephen king adaptations? top 5, worst 5? underrated, ov…[View]
174579684The new Avatar 2 sneak peek was kind of bad desu[View]
174584202How do you watch black and white movies?[View]
174584584Sally Field is so cute and deranged in this film.[View]
174572949W-What age bros...?[View]
174584287Old CGI that gave you nightmares as a kid: this is from an old WWF PPV called Unforgiven 2001 https:…[View]
174575010Is this even remotely true?[View]
174584100Greatest achievement in capeshit filmmaking: Mogs Dark Knight and Spiderman trilogies.[View]
174581343Was Mad Men the peak of television?: After this show I haven't enjoyed any other series writing…[View]
174582975Best Snack while watching TV /Films?[View]
174583611What's he up to these days?[View]
174584276Why did I have to be handsome instead of early? Today I am late, but that other thing, whatever hap…[View]
174584273>detective approaches a crime scene >what have we got…[View]
174584271>Ganny seems a little belt fed this evening[View]
174584260Actresses who peaked late in thier careers[View]
174583724Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
174577953This guy is a modern day DDL yet hardly anyone even knows who he is[View]
174582092Neytiri is...[View]
174583898>/tv/ btfo: Lmao. Chuds get fucked.[View]
174584141He moved his arms and legs today! https://youtu.be/XNB1i2DQPJw[View]
174582488Why did he hate Winslow so much?: Was Winslow really such a jerk or a bad guy? I don’t know why old …[View]
174583387Why do they keep using walkie talkies: Why can’t they use cellphones[View]
174584079The Bastard: Mads is again teaming up with A Royal Affair director Nikolaj Arcel for Danish historic…[View]
174583356guess this movie from only this image,if you guess it right you get gold[View]
174582315Why is John Carpenter so sensitive[View]
174583346Love the film, Series worth a watch or will I be dissapointed?[View]
174581996What went wrong?[View]
174583524Too late motherfucker: You could’ve apol-ACK![View]
174581228Are you ready for the BLACK ADAM Cinematic Universe?[View]
174577074Why don’t we ever talk about Dune?[View]
174583946Times when it took you way too long to recognize the actor[View]
174583890Everyone's thoughts on KOTH?[View]
174572142Who writes this shit?[View]
174583263This will sell our show[View]
174581750Why dont they just make good shows instead of making bad ones? Don't they want money?[View]
174583687I decided to upload serval different cuts of Blade Runner on Odysee, being the original Workprint, t…[View]
174582684how exactly do you survive a shot to the head without some kind of brain damage at the very least?[View]
174583407Death stalks you at every turn[View]
174583590>images that make you nostalgic for the days you rented tapes every day at your local video store…[View]
174582928Blade Runner: If no one a movie on the first viewing, can it really be that good?[View]
174582950GROND: GROND[View]
174577404>Wake up one day >You are George Costanza What do you do?…[View]
174582851>Bond. James Bond.[View]
174576000Why don’t they make climate disaster movies like The Day After Tomorrow anymore?[View]
174580930is kino in your path[View]
174583036I am uncomfortable with how close to my own life and family this mafia show is[View]
174583149ITT: Movies that delight in torturing children[View]
174582749what the fuck went wrong?[View]
174582150>*rapes the lore obesely in your path* what other directors have done as much damage to a fandom?…[View]
174582293Is there a movie similar to the downfall?[View]
174576259You have until the count of three to apologize to George Lucas[View]
174583276The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Literally, the best film ever made[View]
174583006Don’t mind me just posting 100% kino[View]
174583032Too late motherfucker: You could’ve apologized.[View]
174581736What no one has talked about is the amount of seethe that the little mermaid '23 is gonna cause…[View]
174583218>this will sell our movie[View]
174581012>actress looks finnish >forced to get plastic surgery to become unrecognizable why is this ok…[View]
174580699How is he able to consistently convey so much emotion through a simple blank stare?[View]
174579996>Welcome everybody to the grand finals of the annual international Quidditch tournament >We…[View]
174570121Are you ready for greater delights ?[View]
174582863Did you kill a Cheetah?[View]
174581914What are you drinking, /tv/?[View]
174582425>'im putting together a team.'[View]
174577629Describe his personality[View]
174582841>Gta VI >Cyberpunk Edgerunners >Latino/a leads >Everyone loves them >99% of the Latin…[View]
174575891Imagine killing yourself at 91: Kinos for late-life depression?[View]
174582595It may be me, I may be naive and dumb (yup..), but I just watched the 1min trailer for this and I…[View]
174581048“Someday, a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”[View]
174582542Is My Days of Mercy Elliot Page's best movie?[View]
174582152Are there any good wartime comedies?[View]
174581561Do you prefer the style/tone of Manhunter or Silence of the Lambs?[View]
174581984Hans Zoomer[View]
174554961why was he so angry all the time?[View]
174582747VOTE KYLE TO SUPPORT THE WHITE RACE cbs.com/bbvote They tried to cancel this man for racism. We will…[View]
174578720What was his problem ?[View]
174560902For me it's the AT-TE[View]
174582443Is there a horror movie where the people actually do what you would expect in a life-threatening sit…[View]
174581532Please make it stop.[View]
174581541>exclusively kills black folk Why did he do it?[View]
174582724I hope his next film is just clips of him btfoing critics for two hours[View]
174582512Dumb guy's idea of a smart director.[View]
174582417>Leia was ALWAYS a bitchy girl boss >Han was ALWAYS a doofus skirting by on charm and pure lu…[View]
174580833They're gonna keep this part in the show right?[View]
174579962>'Do not go to war or your planet will die' >vietnam starts 4 years later why didn't we l…[View]
174582662kinos about brutal moggings?[View]
174577238>Homer, what's wrong? >Oh yeah, like you don't know. We're gonna have sex! >…[View]
174566739Are you ready for Pixar's newest?[View]
174582241Good morrow, sers[View]
174575805>'Dorsia' Yes, I know it's a little late, but is it possible to reserve dubs for two at 8:00…[View]
174581690What the fuck is Snyder's problem? This isn't even in the comic[View]
174580070>meet a nice and pretty girl, and you hit it off well >you both have a good connection and lik…[View]
174578072this shit any good if i'm not really that much into rome?[View]
174579120>saves the entire planet and the Na'vi race by helping the good guys escape from prison >…[View]
174580622What even is that thing? Looks like a piece of carpet glued to his scalp. A toupe would be 100% more…[View]
174581003Just saw the pilot and it's not bad, especially by recent Star Wars/Disney standards What reall…[View]
174577660bring the /bcs/ back[View]
174576737Is he right ?[View]
174582111What would you call this trilogy?[View]
174582005I see you[View]
174581008I am tired of the hypocrisy of Hollywood: https://www.essence.com/celebrity/jordan-peele-not-casting…[View]
174566572>previously on LOST[View]
174580650The theme of Hellraiser: Could one understand the point of the story as hedonism leading to selfishn…[View]
174581707Earlier this week I saw a picture of Isabella Moner hiking with a guy who looked exactly like me. If…[View]
174577954How can one show contain so much SOUL?[View]
174582063KOTH: Thoughts on Koth and TED?[View]
174578641WHO HYPE[View]
174581974FUCK YOU[View]
174581697>this made zoomers shit their pants[View]
174581168>Are you proud of me now, dad?: How long before the GOT girls #metoo the producers?[View]
174575120I FEEL GOOD[View]
174580645Who the fuck asked for this?[View]
174577228Was she a a villain?[View]
174581444Why didn't he just invest in funding the police?[View]
174581222why did he get a reputation as a tv show curse?[View]
174578319Just saw her movie bros...[View]
174580793>Its funny because....they're autistic lmao Millennials had the worst sense of humor, I swea…[View]
174581522>the lord of the rings the rings of power >there is no ring…[View]
174576660Dexter said calmly[View]
174581586>brooooooooother >stinky Lisa >stinky Lisa for a day…[View]
174576968When did you realize Vince Gilligan is completely full of himself?[View]
174579037What did /tv/ think?[View]
174581161ITT: Kino Enhancers: I'll start[View]
174579755m-mommy said I can't watch Breaking Bad because they use the f and s word and it has violence i…[View]
174546261>hey man like throw away your entire life and piss in peoples food with me lol Why do guys take t…[View]
174581378>mfw the vaccine is now bussin[View]
174581087>'We need someone of the tribe that can easily double as a white person' >'Finn Wolfhard is al…[View]
174570759Now that Cavil is confirmed coming back can we stop pretending this was a bad film?[View]
174581245hey don't have a stegosaurus man[View]
174580973>subgenres so bad that they each literally have one good movie in them >they both have the sam…[View]
174576819>tfw found out Chris Morris is actually a cringe cuck IRL[View]
174580826is his hair gonna get Brendaned aka JUSTed ?[View]
174580342Anon. What is best in life?[View]
174581111how: how did this stupid CGI scene managed to grow on me so much? i even feel nostalgic of this dum…[View]
174580053God damn it, Dutch! How many favors do you have us running for the DA!?[View]
174581051>its a black girl gets completely ignored, led on and friendzoned, or is too awkward to flirt epi…[View]
174581056Character is green: >name is 'Commander Gree' BRAVO[View]
174581010>be a new hot young actress in Hollywood >everyone wants you to do sex scenes as soon as you …[View]
174578626The great debate: Objectively Morfyddriel> Jewdriel[View]
174577405RoP/ - Rings of Power General: tits throwback edition Previous >>174573354[View]
174580227what the fuck was his problem?[View]
174580247Lol: https://www.thegamer.com/cyberpunk-edgerunners-rebecca-loli-character-design-cd-projekt-red-net…[View]
174576884Dark Universe 'most likely' to be revived: What should we expect next? Ryan Gosling is supposed to p…[View]
174578685Hopes predictions?: >main villain Mad hatter Dream choice Warwick Davis second choice Rory Kinnea…[View]
174580694Why do Onions Boys loves Buying Toys from Capeshit so much? Does they know they are not Kids anymore…[View]
174578847His transformation: It is almost complete[View]
174569358>it's the 'depressing ending with weirdly fitting melancholic pop song' trope and yet it…[View]
174580698...You've seen these films![View]
174577305/got/hotd/: Cave edition prev >>174573802[View]
174578447>modern horror movie >monster represents grief…[View]
174577610How the fuck do you get this buff just by grinding a wheel while living on a thin stew made of gruel…[View]
174580596>or you can be the one who pees on the floor of an outhouse >and you can be the one who bangs …[View]
174580589>Tonight's Special Guest Star: >Robert Goulet[View]
174580239Aging: So how do you think this would play out in real life? We all stop aging at 25, so age matters…[View]
174571710What's going on here?[View]
174580434The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long[View]
174576133I watched several episodes. This really is 'Reddit: the Show'.[View]
174580382kino scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFWnVdsSgxs[View]
174579606IRL kinos that should be made into movies[View]
174577454why did all those teen actors from nickleodeon fell into obscurity after the early 2000s teen sitcom…[View]
174579294Jesus Christ. What’s wrong with Liam neeson https://youtu.be/PIWrlk4WJM0[View]
174579792Why are Chinese censored endings so kino?[View]
174579532What should I do?: The lead is cute, but this movie is so boring…[View]
174580146Producers >> Directors[View]
174580164greatest scene in television[View]
174572259Why was her scene so funny?: >acts like a schizo bitch trying to figure out his plan while he sta…[View]
174578534>this was comically fat and undatable in the 90s[View]
174577616Was he right? What's yours?[View]
174570803Who is the biggest jobber in television and film and why is it Yamcha? >never made it past round…[View]
174577819TRAILER FOR RINGS EPISODE 6: https://youtube.com/watch?v=kfn7MRNDbTI[View]
174579912The Matrix without the action movie mold and three sequels worth of padding.[View]
174577663What the fuck was lynch even trying to say?[View]
174577623Fucking hell[View]
174579368Set this show in 2022[View]
174579768Wow, they're terrible for each other.[View]
174568535Is this the Tyra show or has this turned into Nightcalls all of a sudduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…[View]
174577445Terrifier 2 first 8 minutes leaked: It’s kino https://youtu.be/_7hBH3M7EI0[View]
174578450Post your top 4 kino right now. Insult other people who don't agree with your taste. Metropolis…[View]
174574155She Hulk and her stunt doubles[View]
174579598she was protecting her young[View]
174576970Caption this[View]
174579468reminder the RoP leak has all been proven right: Character who falls out of the sky like a meteor, i…[View]
174576793>If you said 'If you were our advisor, what would you say?' Then I would say 'Delete that'.…[View]
174574897What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
174578096Richie Aprile.[View]
174578882But Star Trek has always been woke...[View]
174575098do you have a girlfreind?: what do you watch with your girlfriend?[View]
174578914Have you ever felt legitimately sad when a horror character died? Pic very related.[View]
174576358https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_a0XryYjsg Does the FCC regulate saying T**** on network television…[View]
174578477It looks like /tv/ has finally found their waifu![View]
174577709This show sucks so much.[View]
174579215ITT: best villian origin stories[View]
174579068>Creates the purest crystal meth the world has ever seen, saving thousands, if not tens of thousa…[View]
174578877Same shit different pile.[View]
174579144You are going to buy the disney funko choo-choo train, right anon?[View]
174577861>Every conspiracy in the world is real >Molemen, hollow earth, lizard people rule the world, s…[View]
174573173Not worth it.: it's the 'if you listened to all the niggers,he would of been caught years ago' …[View]
174578344Who is the greatest action kinoture of all time?[View]
174575299Where are they now?[View]
174577534The show to finally dethrone The Sopranos…[View]
174578807This feels like a 2015/2016 show that was made to trigger 'SJWs OWNED!' YouTubers.[View]
174578537>SHE WAS A HOORCRUX.[View]
174575464>Westerners ruin all their >Now they want ruin anime as well Why can't we just have nice…[View]
174578466Every phase 4 MCU project has been shi-[View]
174578819I'll have you naked by the end of this so-[View]
174578814>Theres no scraps in my scrapbook what? so its an empty book???[View]
174578795Why did Dumbledore allow Snape to harass his students that hard, especially Harry Potter.[View]
174577136>...and now girls jumping on trampolines! wtf happened to Comedy Central? it used to be the most …[View]
174577035What Went Right?[View]
174578553He's back boys. Forreal this time[View]
174566591Super Mario Bros. Film: I hope Pratt is right please, please, please be good, I can't fucking w…[View]
174578473How the fuck did this work? nigga should have just charged him[View]
174578087Does this happen to anyone else?[View]
174578273>the charges, officer?[View]
174555632Generation Kill: I've talked to the General, and we're back in the game. Godfather needs a…[View]
174576318>Cast black actress as Little Mermaid >Outrage causes movie to get more attention than it woul…[View]
174577170You guys fuck with scary perry?[View]
174578204What kind of work would you like to see the youngest Olsen sister star in?[View]
174575502I dare you to name a TV show as comfy as King of Queens. Absolute peak comfiness.[View]
174540199/trek/: Mr Woof edition Previous: >>174522592[View]
174576758/see/: dumb edition[View]
174577947>make Kano so iconic he is permanently changed in the Mortal Kombat canon >make laser hallway …[View]
174577946>*solemn expression* blah blah blah HONOUR blah blah blah HONOUR blah blah blah le... HONOUR *sco…[View]
174577816Impressive. Very nice.[View]
174573112When Arnold Schwarzenegger lifted that log in Commando was it a real log or a prop log?[View]
174577806White Blade now: Thanks to the recent global consciousness, our society is starting to experience a …[View]
174577448for a netflix show, is it worth watching?[View]
174570651When's the /tv/ meetup[View]
174577174>its another truman falls into a depession and jerks off 40 times in a day episode…[View]
174577560Any kinos about the differences between the west and asia?[View]
174576935He wasn't a fucking rat[View]
174576327So True[View]
174576782>Episode 5 >I am forgotten Just how hard did the attention for this drop after the first two e…[View]
174574520BvS: Holyshit this was actually really good (if a bit flawed) Why did it filter so many people?…[View]
174577383Why Do Actors Get So Horny Making Movies?: Sheesh![View]
174573339What's with all the fucking mixed race couples?[View]
174573802/got/hotd/: good sex edition >>174567418[View]
174548607So Rotten Tomatoes is just fake now right?[View]
174577049What am I in for?[View]
174577235Warrior exists... https://youtu.be/r-hlh1rjd0A[View]
174572257Was it really his fault or was he screwed over by JJ making episode 1?[View]
174577100Has a tv show ever changed your life?[View]
174576438This is Katana. She's got my back and a katana[View]
174577070how different would his actions be if he had an IQ of 100 for example, instead of 158[View]
174577044Who was in the wrong?[View]
174573917>/tv/ says its Kino >its actually Shit What film?…[View]
174575743MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Stunt Video Features Deleted R-Rated Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv…[View]
174571380>all the characters in these animated films look like spastic toddlers with down syndrome >you…[View]
174576850Any MOMMY kinos ?[View]
174573789Cobra Kai actor is Filipino: As a Filipino myself, it's so nice to see this representation. Muc…[View]
174570909>here's your military commander, bro[View]
174574421Does anyone else prefer Batman Begins to The Batman? Both are good but Begins is just so much more e…[View]
174576620This has to be the saddest scene in cinema history.[View]
174571250What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174576559What a beautiful family[View]
174575774House of The Dragon: has there been anymore sex scenes in this yet?[View]
174573354/RoP/ - Rings of Power General: raped edition Previous >>174570565[View]
174574222What went wrong?[View]
174572445HOLY KINO[View]
174574925holy fuck this is good[View]
174576429/tv/ tropes you hate: >boomer power fantasy[View]
174575695Mods, Sticky[View]
174573120Here's your Batgirl[View]
174572585He doesn't even, like, get us man[View]
174564451I'll take a side of kino with my burger and beer, thank you.[View]
174573929Any logical explanation for this?[View]
174575624>want to listen to a show about economics >What about black people doe? Every fucking time…[View]
174575522I don't get it, what did they call him over there?[View]
174575933Bond: James Bond[View]
174574585Films that ended entire legacies[View]
174574972>Michael you must take the deal. I need your Father's political contacts >I must also kil…[View]
174576191It's about time we had proper trans representation in the fantasy genre[View]
174568058How did toryiama get away with this[View]
174575248how does /teevee/ cope with bad endings in Television & Film[View]
174576134Cringe Kino Thread: Post Cringe Kinos[View]
174573885I hate this stupid meta shit actors are doing now[View]
174574686Re-watching BB after BCS: Even if Walter is Mr Brain Box Science Man, why would he chance hitting a …[View]
174576111>Its a Jerry episode The worst[View]
174571308>We had a good thing you stupid son of a bitch! We had child-murdering Fring who employs children…[View]
174576048THE BOX !!: You opened it ! They/Them came ![View]
174572123This movie supports murder. Any other interpretations are incel cope.[View]
174571558Today is the day. I got my tickets to see Avatar in Dolby 3D. Who else is watching tonight?[View]
174575654smol: smol[View]
174575888>From CHAD to twink WTF? I thought girls prefered guys built like the left…[View]
174573728>tell somebody to do something >they do it >youre responsible Nice legal system you have th…[View]
174575403Why didn't they just bomb the site from orbit?[View]
174575142>movie has a subliminal message[View]
1745729273 billies[View]
174575792>Bond. James Bond.[View]
174569806powerful: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/andor-star-wars-diego-luna-politics-153016822.html…[View]
174567730>video essay >British accent[View]
174575084They're trying to fool me, aren't they?[View]
174572009What did /tv/ think on it?[View]
174572852who is the better actor, aly or aj?[View]
174566769I finally caved in and watched the first episode of this. It’s like a less talented Nicholas Winding…[View]
174570446Is Trevor Noah the best comedian of our generation?[View]
174575151kino. https://youtu.be/wVpQadgErfM?t=321[View]
174559971>No Warcraft The Movie sequel >forever denied Night Elf kino…[View]
174574559You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted to fuck a woman, but I compro…[View]
174575495They don't cast chads like these anymore.[View]
174575160FIRE AND BLOOD BITCH !!![View]
174575205Wheel of fortune 9-21-2022: >spins wheel “D!” >”Yep you got two of them” LOL…[View]
174574542That time your nephew shot a baker in the foot as a Goodfellas easter egg in front of the actor who …[View]
174575029pure English kino[View]
174573884Do you own any /tv/ related merch?[View]
174574620This shit should be Illegal Teaching black people how to Rule us Black /tv is now something we shou…[View]
174569702ITT: villains who did nothing wrong[View]
174573989any other good examples of schlocky bad movies that still manage to be fun?[View]
174575310>ALL YOU KIDS, GET DOOOOOOWN!!!! Jeepers Creepers 2 is so goddamned comfy. I watch it everytime I…[View]
174571552Why didn't Andor just kill him?: It's not like he has any qualms about killing people. He …[View]
174567418/got/hotd/: Children Edition >>174563420[View]
174572320This guy just went to prison for killing his mom LMAO I guess they gave him the incel roles for a re…[View]
174572090Triples makes it safe. Triples is best.[View]
174573433He's a big guy[View]
174573975The Fuck was Gordon gonna do at the end of Godzilla Final Wars?: He's standing against Godzilla…[View]
174574511Post your weird /tv/ related dreams: I was dreaming about being 5 years old and on vacation with my …[View]
174567843>NO MORE SERBIANS[View]
174570045Itt: Minority Characters/tv/ actually likes: Let's prove we're not racist[View]
174574848Dungeons and Dragons kino?[View]
174572780Anyone else a fan?: It's on right now.[View]
174574100Apparently nothing in this film actually happened. The creation of Facebook was just Zuckerberg and …[View]
174561042Zoomers are insane[View]
174572364was he telling the truth?[View]
174574750what moment of a movie you saw only once and yet you remember it ?[View]
174572343Writing is hard. This was maybe my answer to Martin, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble wit…[View]
174561239Do bongs actually pay a tv licence to watch other people watching television?[View]
174574757>I have been a bad girl,mommy. >I need to get punished.…[View]
174571193Did anyone see this? Supposedly it's one of the most expensive mini series of all time but I ne…[View]
174573730JJ Abrams MadLibs For Making Genre Shows: What the fuck is this. Rings of Power is giving me major F…[View]
174569592She was such an evil, treacherous character. Genuinely unforgivable and irredeemable.[View]
174574547post your (realistic) /tv/ wife[View]
174574506Crazy Stupid Love: Movies suck because acting is awkward as fuck, only actors who are already autist…[View]
174572885I love Riddick[View]
174573163Write her origin story, /tv/.[View]
174573160I'm not buying this guy's explanation that Twin Peaks was supposed to be some grand, elabo…[View]
174574112>look up something in the archive >end up seeing 10+ pages of some autist making the exact the…[View]
174571120>bro, it's slow burn BB and BCS fags will cope with this and screech 'filtered!' w…[View]
174573349Prison Kinos: What are anons' favorite Prison kinos? So far I've seen >Shawshank Redemp…[View]
174565475>Star Wars is a dying franchise run into the ground by gender weirdos and morons. >The MCU is …[View]
174567697Why is RLM taking such a long break since the last HITB?[View]
174573942>He's a good looking boy, do you have any more pictures of him?[View]
174573280An N word...[View]
174562854>movie has any kind of romance related plot in it FUCK OFFFFFFF[View]
174573496Star Wars: From an interview with Boyega: >John Boyega: 'I was filming the womans king with Gina …[View]
174572656>hates technology >uses a typewriter[View]
174566616How do we solve the numale problem?[View]
174573799>Marvel >Super Mario >Mad Max How does she keep getting roles in huge franchises, her actin…[View]
174573204>caves in a fags skull for no reason >in the very same scene she asks for her uncle to kidnap …[View]
174573655Who was in the wrong here and why it was Tony?[View]
174573320why did he do it[View]
174573630How does this fat british boomer consistently produces the best tv content on the planet? It's …[View]
174573194Hollywood bombs on purpose, again!: The name's Bond, Dickless Bond[View]
174553554/hor/ - Horror General: Killer Klown Kino edition Last thread: >>174536759[View]
174564961Why am I still watching this in 2022[View]
174573457It's time to go home avatarbros...[View]
174570465What am I in for?[View]
174572483If you are young and disagree with whatever the Nostalgia Critic says about film you have no heart. …[View]
174573378Tremors: I've seen all seven movies now. 2 & 3 were way better than I thought they'd b…[View]
174570565/RoP/ Rings of Power General: HalChad edition Previous >>174566526[View]
174570682Is it worth it ?[View]
174568877Imagine getting filtered by this kino[View]
174569967Watch your profamity.[View]
174554701What’re the most stunning title drop moments in film /tv/?[View]
174573069See: Thoughts on the new episode?[View]
174560962>okay well sperm is alive and everytime you masturbate millions of them die Zamn, he's got a…[View]
174573015this was unironically one of the scenes I liked the most so far because galadriel actually showed po…[View]
174572247Would you throw away a year’s worth of work?[View]
174570600Momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates: the good parts are gone quickly and the rest s…[View]
1745629632 MONTHS WILLOW BROS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da7BYWyvwO8[View]
174569300>cause of death undisclosed Kek[View]
174572816Sir, I know for a fact that you did not commit the murder. But here's the problem: You have a p…[View]
174570539Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
174553216Sorry incels, not all content is made for you[View]
174572795>there is a moment what was he about to say? surely this is something the audience must have been…[View]
174572684Hey you, come here. You call that a shitpost? GET A GRIP[View]
174571230What did you gonks think of this show? Me and my chooms though it was preem[View]
174572546>You're not a real horror genre! for Christ's sake? Analog Horror? What a joke. I worke…[View]
174567393>put on Viva La Bam >the world disappears >feels like 2006 again earth rocker bros we need …[View]
174572468Grace Randolph: And her painful arrogance: Imagine being so unhinged towards a fan base that you let…[View]
174571565>MC looks at a letter >it's not narrated by the sender…[View]
174568283Adult swim or adult swim-like tv shows worth watching? Man, i really have nothing funny to see left.…[View]
174571215Almost Heroes: Why did they get Chandler and not David Spade?[View]
174569048Today is the day. I got my tickets to see Avatar in Dolby 3D. Who else is watching tonight?[View]
174570458Would u nibble her butthole?[View]
174571928>we want the marvel audience[View]
174572080MOST Kino: https://youtu.be/uE9fN89Jc0Y[View]
174570372>THAT scene What the fuck is wrong with David Fincher?[View]
174557331The time has come at last. The invasion has begun. Choose your /tv/ weapon to defend yourself with.[View]
174571802What went wrong?[View]
174572019thoughts on theo von?[View]
174552476RoP episode 5: Another great episode tonight When will /tv/ admit that this show is actually good?…[View]
174569176Merveilleux! Kino! Best french movie I've ever saw![View]
174559238ITT movies you will never watch[View]
174571788He never killed anybody[View]
174571717>'complete collection' >no shake like me and thats why i pirate…[View]
174567136It’s insane how this twisted Adnan to be a good guy. Why the agenda? It’s such a cut and dry case. H…[View]
174570455catherine called birdy: it looks like a fun kino[View]
174571594Anyone else a fan and by virtue gma3? Which is on now. But I think she needs her own show.[View]
174564671HEROSISTERS...: IT'S OVER.[View]
174569247Cavillsisters... We're going home...[View]
174571382i hope the next season of Stranger Things comes out sooner rather than later, how did you guys enjoy…[View]
174565471what did they mean by this[View]
174570961I think the 1998 Psycho remake starring Vince Vaughn is better than the original which doesn't …[View]
174571376>woman he is in love with falls to her death >laughing and joking 12 minutes later Wtf is Juni…[View]
174567544This scene alone made me take up beer alcoholism. i drink an 8 pack in one sitting now.[View]
174571309Am Xzibit and Am about to pimp your ride[View]
174569402>main villain Mad hatter Dream choice Warwick Davis second choice Rory Kinnear third choice Johny…[View]
17457133290s/2000s Leaf nostalgia thread: Just the other day, I randomly remembered this show's existenc…[View]
174571316I'm not watching dahmer because i'm not a stupid fat white woman obsessed with true crime[View]
174571221Enola Holmes 2 trailer TOMORROW![View]
174569840Why do you faggots keep praising this? It's a 6/10 at best. The original is better in every con…[View]
174571055You're fond of me thread. SAY it[View]
174570429Why Hollywood refuse to cast people who look like this?[View]
174571116ITT: /tv/ moggings[View]
174564839Is there anyone on the planet more based than Elizabeth Olsen?[View]
174568024why do people try to guess whats going to happen in a show? why not just watch it and be surprised?[View]

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