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121318367If you didn't see this at least 3 times in theatres you don't deserve to post here[View]
121314587will JOKER change capeshit forever? will it finally become a serious genre aimed to adults instead o…[View]
121318439ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself. Pic related for me. >Wear black shades and black lea…[View]
121318370>based >cringe >seething >yikes…[View]
121302351Post your 80s waifu[View]
121318559What was literally this guy's fucking problem?[View]
121318000>Depressed character drinks in the morning and goes on his usual routine…[View]
121298686Me Before You: Wasn't Lou technically cheating on her boyfriend with Chad?[View]
121316932It was cute and fun[View]
121314990>According to James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, who is a strong advocate for gun control, tried to…[View]
121316579is this what 40 year old zoomers find humorous?[View]
121315862is the kino maker: Gets no love from tv All Karl or Ricky fags[View]
121314989Now Rick, l'me ass you summin[View]
121317790Do you have trouble staying awake while watching late night movies?[View]
121301187Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and a played girl bunny?[View]
121313822Why couldn't they have thrown it in the sea? Tie a big rock to it and have the elves take it on…[View]
121313842Most underrated show 2019[View]
121313700How the fuck is a real working smell-o-vision not a thing yet, /tv/?[View]
121299598People only like Citizen Kane because it was the first film to actually have cinematography, before …[View]
121314768This thread again[View]
121308099Are there any movie critics you respect[View]
121308199Titans S02: Titans.2018.S02E03.Ghosts.1080p.DCU.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-NTb[TGx] ... Titans.2018.S02E03.Gh…[View]
121316024I don't know why /tv/ hate this show lst episode was absolutly kino[View]
121317650Why do so many Korean films end violently?[View]
121314390What are the best 'Netflix and Chill' films?[View]
121317339who would even come back? john krasinski, steve carell, and mindy kaling actually get work outside o…[View]
121317909Why the fuck would you name your kid Albert Einstein?[View]
121317252Movies for this feel?[View]
121311315What's your favorite movie, anons? Mine is pic related.[View]
121317767'One ticket to Joker please'[View]
121304683Will 8K Televisions improve the picture quality of existing 1080p and 4K kinos?: >falling for the…[View]
121312383How come there's no black people in NYC?[View]
121314292'this is for tupac' wtf[View]
121308251Predict the box office.[View]
121312556>gay is okay >respect cow worshippers >but not Christians, they are shit I'm an atheis…[View]
121317581ITT kino commercials[View]
121317663any other kinos with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k30bOba64KQ[View]
121317659Sound in space lmao[View]
121317313Any America kino?[View]
121312791>No, I never knew who the Goldenstate Killer was prior to my wife's publication. No, I never…[View]
121316326I remember having a fondness for balloons.[View]
121316911The Joker opens Oct 4th: What are you predictions opening week?[View]
121316096Why do talk show hosts always ask billionaires/presidents/senators if they cook their own meals to e…[View]
121316689Prison Kino Thread: Post some prison kino. Can be interrogations and shit too. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
121317083Batman v Superman: How many years left until it is fully understood? https://youtu.be/SQDDdvSKX2E…[View]
121316374Does anyone know what movie pic related is from?[View]
121313072Why didn't she just hit the alien with the space axe? A little acid isn't going to ruin th…[View]
121315520post ebert kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAAEFRVQU14[View]
121315748ITT - genuinely sympathetic bad guys[View]
121313498what feeling is this picture trying to convey?[View]
121316841ITT: We post only based actor/actresses Jews[View]
121314899How did Burr get away with this?[View]
121317176Imagine the smell.[View]
121317166little know movei factoids: 22 down vote accepted The prisoners we chanting 'Deshi Basara', which is…[View]
121292296Shadow Moses is the only MGS story worth adapting.[View]
121314530What did Disney mean by this?[View]
121317053ITT: Movies that you never expected to make you cry, but they did.[View]
121315809all memes aside: name a better trailer than the teaser you literally can't[View]
121316998Will we ever have King Arthur kino that matches this movie?[View]
121316336Do The Right Thing.: So why did they trashed the pizzaria for no fucking reason and went for the Kor…[View]
121316994HE'S A FAAAAAAAAG.[View]
121315836Soul vs soulless[View]
121311382IT child group sex scene from the book: Were they right not to accurately adapt it onscreen?[View]
121316843 [View]
121316798Have you checked the children?[View]
121316209>all these shills posting about MUH JOKER >everyone completely ignores the TRUE joaquin phoen…[View]
121311260The pic that saved /tv/[View]
121311524How did they get away with making this so anti-Semitic?[View]
121316736Thoughts on this absolute Kino[View]
121316316Joker Negative Review:: How does a film get a 7/10 and still get a rotten score?[View]
121316684>get the camera out of my face[View]
121316670MmmmMMmMMm I hunt power. MMmmmmMMmMMMm[View]
121301915>gets btfo by an actual doctor[View]
121314229>character drinks milk: >doesnt get stomach grumblings and fart all day…[View]
121314743It has been years...[View]
121316177What is the real reason japanese cinema is dead?[View]
121315235I never got the appeal of this show[View]
121315367'In grade one, having been heavily influenced by the action film First Blood, he took steak knives t…[View]
121315131Blade Runner 2049: >Let's begin. Ready? Recite your baseline.…[View]
121315443Things you've watched or read in your childhood that sexually awakened you. I'll start.[View]
121316390Oddities: Any other cases where the adaptation of a movie in a different media actually had a better…[View]
121316376Hey /tv/, you got a joint?[View]
121315766Anything more like this?[View]
121314752Hook was a good movie.[View]
121315579Why did Europeans stop making degenerate coming of age kinos?[View]
121316163Why is she so rude?[View]
121311179Cast them[View]
121313564Was it kino?[View]
121316225Why was he so based? Smaug is such a pussy in comparison. Imagine not being able to cast spells[View]
121316008has any other character been blown the fuck out this[View]
121316188Dead Actor Appreciation Thread: >tfw Bob Hoskins will never appear in another kino…[View]
121312902>You keep asking the same questions... 'Do you have ever get repeating digits?' >.…[View]
121315094best girl[View]
121315005I need help identifying a kino, /tv/ What's that movie where Jack Black is an immature manbaby …[View]
121307832Just watched it and the story was kind of lame and seemed a bit forced but the whole reason people w…[View]
121315675Why did you tell me that it sucked? It was great![View]
121315405what are some televisions and films that have ruined an entire generation of women?[View]
121300760Fuck sake[View]
121315772concentration of awards: Is it normal for one channel or company to be nominated in the 100 categori…[View]
121299096What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121315757kylo ren rey shit characters dont care for star war no more[View]
121315756incel villains: which kinos have obvious or less obvious incels as villains? Hitchcock's Psycho…[View]
121309275Ok what the hell did I just watch? This movie made no sense. Im actually angry[View]
121315623ITT: underrated comedy kino[View]
121315547>90's movie action scene >The Chemical Brothers/The Crystal Method start playing…[View]
121315507/Rambo/ General: What is your favorite movie and why is it First Blood? Are you excited about the up…[View]
121315063Do you remember?: /tv/ can I get a show of hands? https://youtu.be/Gs069dndIYk[View]
121310970Hey Luke, did I ever tell you that in old, pre-1999 ideas for the prequels (some were EU, some were …[View]
121314379Anything similar to this? Haven't really seen any other anime besides this and FMA.[View]
121312996And over here Alejandro has prepared a delightful meal for us. The tasty yet repulsive Chili and sea…[View]
121306292Was GT the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
121315360>Meredith... no... no no no.... no... Meredith... no... Would you do it, /tv/?…[View]
121313228dey here[View]
121314778How do you think Doug Walkers interpretation of Pink Floyd's The Trial compares to Gerald Scarf…[View]
121298132How long would someone last in real life wearing this in Harlem?[View]
121312529What was his fucking problem?[View]
121313519>'I'm here to talk to you about the jannie initiative'[View]
121315325Red hair and a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Sneedsley.[View]
121311605New Simpsons meme: Homer is boomer and Bart is zoomer[View]
121312954Is Wes Anderson a meme?[View]
121315113>rating movies on a scale from 0.5 to 4 >rating movies like school grades (A to F) >rating …[View]
121313381>there have been no kino Disney Star Wars fil-[View]
121314563cast him in the inevitable filmatization[View]
121304450What would happen if this movie was relased in the current year?[View]
121312719Has there ever been an experiment where they tie up a person to a bunch of science equipment to read…[View]
121315191Any poo kino?[View]
121312728So, I'm a male prostitute. I have one old client who I just massage his shoulders for 45 minute…[View]
121314656>hey guys i'm a republican but btw republicans are always wrong and racist, i'm written…[View]
121309137Late with Lilly Singh already seems to be failing.: The show has been getting 3.7 out of 10 stars. I…[View]
121309742Officially Caturday here. Any good movies about cats assisting humans?[View]
121314725>They think we'll all just sit there, and take it, like GOOD LITTLE BOYS…[View]
121306677This was fucking great[View]
121314781Love me as though there were no tomorrow. Oh my darling, love me, don't ever let me go.[View]
121312166Ad Astra Sucks: Sorry bros its not good. I only looked at the critic reviews and the trailer and tho…[View]
121314915Name a worse celebrity cameo than this[View]
121312818He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him.[View]
121313287Anon, you're fired.[View]
121313758So, did he swallow? And did he do the right thing or should he have taken the bullet like a man?[View]
121313265And what is-a-this?[View]
121314233What does /tv/ think of the second installment of the 2019 screenplay of Stephen King's 'It' 2?[View]
121287214Oh no no no no: Some people are getting pessimistic about box office. How much will this movie make?…[View]
121314484>used to make dumb will ferrell comedies >now makes movies about American politics that talk d…[View]
121312852>light verses dark[View]
121309102How does metal stop a laser?[View]
121312705Leonardo Dicaprio is the same age as Johnny Sins. Do you think Leo is depressed that a pornstar has …[View]
121314647Have any movies made you cry? What was the last movie that elicited a strong emotional reaction in y…[View]
121307999So, if they did a Gremlins reboot/remake...: Would they use CGI? Are they that dumb?[View]
121314417Was he right about The Matrix movies?[View]
121314591television and films about being an alcoholic[View]
121314198What a retarded twist[View]
121308208'You're a real creepy dude': Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121314482is this worth watching several seasons of? i'm not sure if i wanna marathon it but i am interes…[View]
121288719WEBM Thread: Webm thread? Webm thread![View]
121309505The Greatest Film Ever Made[View]
121313797ITT: Biblekino[View]
121313257Fuck you.[View]
121313782Disney Live Action Remakes: What's been the most kino Disney live action remake so far, /tv/?…[View]
121313632All in all an ok movie, I just didn't appreciate the slurs[View]
121311596Why does this exist?[View]
121313489What a fucking twist. Holy shit, all is redeemed![View]
121312585Was John Lennon a good actor?[View]
121313922What's the best 'Once upon a time in...' movie?[View]
121312209Between Joaquin's Jester and Tudyk's Mr Nobody, have we entered a new era of DC villain ki…[View]
121313981Analysis of the Booth vs. Lee scene: Cliff's face is perfect. Were his face expressing as much …[View]
121312337/tv/ thinks it can make a better movie than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1bBnpkDjNI[View]
121313983Anyone else have a feeling that Joker will be one of those films that's almost universally reve…[View]
1213138482019... I am.. forgotten.[View]
121301056Heidecker Joker: Would Tim Heidecker make a good Joker?[View]
121313268Opinion on Jon Favreau?[View]
121313938Damn, Ezra Miller looks like THAT now??[View]
121313889What horror movies made you scream out load?[View]
121312210Velvet Buzzsaw: Art that kills people? YES PLEASE![View]
121311666Was it kino?[View]
121313774based slayer of Americans[View]
121311218Dave Chappelle - Sticks & Stones (2019): >Dave Chappelle: Why can I say 'nigger' on…[View]
121309896Lost Luke Outfit?: There was a photo I saw a few months back with luke (Mark Hamill) in an unfamilia…[View]
121311335Anyone else work here?: Does anyone else here actually work in the Film or TV industry? If so what d…[View]
121295124What would you have done differently?[View]
121311007Why is she so perfect?[View]
121312648Itt: good friend simulators[View]
121309703>turn on tv I see her >watch YouTube I see her >watch Netflix I see her >go to /tv/ I se…[View]
121313496Mr Steal your Grandma[View]
121313630The sequel to Batman v. Superman is looking pretty good.[View]
121312817What are some good /tv/ certified shows? All that the internet recommends is just not interesting an…[View]
121307125>Ooo la-dee-da, Mr. Frenchman![View]
121312804What's a good cinema snack besides popcorn: I'm serious. I've been to the cinema ever…[View]
121312628SO LOOK ME NOW[View]
121312745ITT: movie posters you have/would like to have in your house >inb4 the runner on the blade…[View]
121310339comfy south park thread[View]
121313105Steve Sutton: Was it iced tea kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFLiuaEtvdo[View]
121304595Shakedown...1979: Cool kids never have the time[View]
121286474itt: movies only youve seen[View]
121312598Is there any other director out there with a similar style to Wes Anderson?[View]
121305377Joaquin Phoenix Joaqs right out of Joker Interview: >During an interview with The Telegraph, Phoe…[View]
121312779>90s/00s show deals with a societal that has been going on since the sixties >wow this show wa…[View]
121312875Le Shiggy Donatello[View]
121312835Leader women: Would you take orders from a woman if she knew 100% what she was doing (real life, mov…[View]
121308968Comfy Family Guy thread.[View]
121311386are you jealous of male pornstars[View]
121308872Unplanned: >abortion is murder This movie is plain propaganda.[View]
121312168More than this.: There is nothing. More than this. Tell me something...[View]
121312001Why was he overlooked as /tv/'s incel brother?[View]
121311212I am the law.[View]
121304947Squidward Suicide is canon: the absolute MADMEN did it >ep: Spongebob in randomland tomorrow is …[View]
121304267DUDE REMEMBER THE 80s LMAO?[View]
121312602Im at jay fai after watching netflix “streetfood”. What do I order bros??[View]
121312254is this film accurate?[View]
121311308*makes a kino*[View]
121304529Are you ready for The End of a Saga?..: Destiny comes to a close in 3 months..[View]
121310826What do you guys think of this movie?[View]
121311476This film will ACTUALLY destroy /tv/. In truth it will be an OK film, 5.5/10. But it will inspire re…[View]
121309170Face genetics are not everything in film: How did nolan get away with this cgi testosterone to impro…[View]
121312421Do the chickens have large talons[View]
121311855Why most movies that people perceive as feminist involves killing shitload of men?[View]
121310620So I'm constipated /tv/. I'm sitting on the shitter. Give me a kino to watch while I give …[View]
121310781How you holdin' up /tv/?[View]
121304757HEY YOU!: hey you.[View]
121310152>so Jay, what did you think of Promare?[View]
121312238Don't lie, /tv/. You'd drink the fuck out of Fizzy Bubblech if it was real, right?[View]
121312042why isn't the owner of pornhub jealous of all the men getting prime pussy thanks to him while h…[View]
121309811First 2 seasons of The X Files: Soooooooooo comfy. Where did it start to go wrong? The motion pictur…[View]
121309054does this get better? i'm having to pause every 2 minutes out of boredom.[View]
121309179Is there any truth to the rumor about world Peace being picked up by Netflix?[View]
121305533So...he’s dead right?[View]
121312101emma stuno desu![View]
121312028pure kino[View]
121310859I want to go back[View]
121311908why hasn't chico ever been in a movie?[View]
121311876I'm sick of seeing this fucking thing, I just want relevant lists[View]
121311970>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
121307770This. I like this. Recommend me more things like this.[View]
121308688Why did she fall in love with the white guy who murdered her asian husband so quickly?[View]
121303447anyone seen this yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbseuQR2G8[View]
121311652>kids cartoon references internet memes[View]
121310399Was it too good to stay on?: Masterpiece of modern TV[View]
121305477This is a good movie[View]
121311744Why is it the only good cartoon?[View]
121306210You can't recommend me a single dark fantasy film.[View]
121309856Pointless meandering.[View]
121311081white women no thanks[View]
121309048Did they...?[View]
121311526What are some Autumnkino?[View]
121307707I was thinking about watching pic related but before investing that time I wanted to get a consensus…[View]
121309424Childs Play 2019 = Soulless: Why the fuck do they have to make it complicated? >chucky is also an…[View]
121289761Seriously tho, how did this get made in 2017? It’s literally a $100 million art house movie[View]
121311434Commercial Kino: Post yer best ads[View]
121311413Well what a surprise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFdSwkr5tOo[View]
121309327How is it the Swedes managed to make the most disturbing movie in the past few years?[View]
121311376What did Pooh mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd6nD9Qgrs8[View]
121303106My night is looking pretty good...[View]
121308524what are some good films with recurring themes?[View]
121309105What did you think about this movie? I thought there would be more than just 2 deranged hill billys…[View]
121309577*is a bland, bad actor*[View]
121308730Is he /Ourguy/?[View]
121307435Why is the original Red Ranger so much less popular than the Green Ranger? Also, Power Rangers threa…[View]
121301578Contact (1997): is this the best science fiction film ever made? I would dare to claim that it is.…[View]
121308118https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05-q_-adfDA >>>/biz/15660469[View]
121310715Why were the trannies so angry?[View]
121310988Biggest hollywood cliches that needs to retire: >character punches someone >is knocked out for…[View]
121310612Unironically the best movie I have ever watched.[View]
121302269I like Brad Pitt, but this is just diet Apocalypse Now and an even more diluted Heart of Darkness. V…[View]
121310129>I know; shit is weak, but, y’know, shit is weak all over. The thing is, no matter what we call h…[View]
121308766Kino Music Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT6oZGThwis[View]
121311004tfw no more kino interviews from him[View]
121310683Is this a good representation of what pikeys are and how they live? Fill me in euroanons.[View]
121309873>quick! we need a budget version of Zach Braff![View]
121309852what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
121309309I give it a 7/10. There was a shitload of blood, what did /tv/ think?[View]
121303656What do you think of this show /tv/[View]
121307580What did he mean by this?[View]
121310284Save him[View]
121307515Comfiest movie of all time.[View]
121310520Talk about the pot calling the kettle black[View]
121310434Any Russian kinos?[View]
121310576ITT: Times /tv/ predicted the future: This one is scary.[View]
121309406>Literaly the highest grossing singular film director of all time just behind James Cameron. >…[View]
121309647What was going through Ted’s mind in this moment?[View]
121306336>literally has buckteeth >could still find work ????? Are you gonna watch her Amazon hot ballo…[View]
121307463'I Want To Go Back' Kino Feels: https://youtu.be/PI6KHrPD4ks[View]
121309845Carnival Row: I never expected Cara Delevingne to have such nice titties. The blanant refugees welco…[View]
121306562This is the greatest film ever made[View]
121309765Any kino with this feeling?[View]
121307252Wilson Bethel: What does /tv/ think of him?[View]
121304818mindhunter bullshit: >'these serial killers receive sexual gratification from their horrific crim…[View]
121309682The Jogger opens Oct 4th[View]
121307025Nothing left I haven't seen: I ran out of kino. I've watched a film every night for the pa…[View]
121309373Pure kino[View]
121309120>yeah well you're like the captain of the varisty slut team or something hehe ;) marty is su…[View]
121309386>Be movie director >Approach mayor of major city >Threaten to make his city look bad in you…[View]
121308623Anime can't be kin-: https://youtu.be/dTDy8XVdRSk[View]
121309285What the fuck was wrong with this guy?[View]
121306443Name one Jack Nicholson role he wouldn't be able to pull off.[View]
121305673Wow this is actually way better than the last jedi, besides the feminist robot character, Solo was p…[View]
121306487Only three weeks left lads. Will it be kino?[View]
121309274Why did they think this guy was scary?: I've gotta say IT 2 was pretty based i thought they wou…[View]
121308580wait these are two differnet ppl? i thought she was in the star wars movie but then i googled it and…[View]
121307401Why is British television so much comfier than American television?[View]
121305134Who asked for this?[View]
121309182Does /tv/ watch foreign shows?[View]
121307417How did he take the latest season and make it actually not shit? Every single one of his heartfelt s…[View]
121301524Is she the sexiest ugly actress of all time?: Watching the Between two Ferns movie and she's ma…[View]
121307250Sparda's story is the only DMC story worth adapting into a live action film.[View]
121295417Mentally ill? Born psychopath? A product of crazy parents? A normal man that went crazy after losing…[View]
121307429'Hey Steve, I don't get it, why do you want me to stay away from the World Trade Center on the …[View]
121308759So we want a documentary about how works the mind behind Microsoft but instead of that Netflix gave …[View]
121307942What are some other pure white men Hanks can play?[View]
121296604Favorite theater chain and why?: additional topic, do all movie chain popcorns taste the same? or is…[View]
121305773Why are they making this face?[View]
121306647Any family kino?[View]
121307915What are the most powerful moments in Star Wars?[View]
121308727Where are all the good horror or thriller movies in 2019?[View]
121307422I check[View]
121307118This sub is basically a sad cross between /pol/ and /b/. The memes are stale >Just marathoned a …[View]
121293017No Mike, leave me alone Noooooo![View]
121308290You wouldn’t punch an anarchy capitalist wearing glasses would ya?[View]
121308288>Late 2010 movie >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5Fq3U_FjYc…[View]
121308203Dump all of your movie Pepe here.[View]
121307571Why didnt Cersei kill the 2 people she wanted to kill most when she could? She destroyed half us we…[View]
121308201Brazil (1985): What are your thoughts on it /tv/? I watched it for the first timeyesterday and I lov…[View]
121308018>game ships your waifu with another character[View]
121301995was it kino?[View]
121305523Kino or overrated?[View]
121308056Ambien Walrus Strikes Again![View]
121307016I miss late night with conan obrien[View]
121308109What was his endgame?[View]
121308068Thoughts on Sal?[View]
121307478Which character is superior?[View]
121304142What the hell did is it with David Lynch and purposely making a puzzle out of his movies? I already …[View]
121307693I hate this board[View]
121308001What are some films with white females and Asian females in lesbian relationships (or at least toget…[View]
121305767>just jerked off for the third time tonight >climaxed, but no cum actually came out kinos fo…[View]
121306104It's like if Comedy Bang Bang was hosted by my parents Compete kino[View]
121307875And once we've all said goodbye you take a running leap and you learn to fly[View]
121306229Believe women.[View]
121307860why was she the highlight of the new rambo flick bros[View]
121307802Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121305332>Zendaya as Chani[View]
121307328HELP: don't know if depression or adhd but I can't even manage to watch a movie. >inb4 …[View]
121307563is it a removeal ?[View]
121307222Just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
121306638>First Blood >Rambo: First Blood Part II >Rambo III >Rambo >Rambo: Last Blood…[View]
121306246Just marathoned this so you guys don't have to. It's a nice idea, kinda like Battle Royal…[View]
121306137Guaranteed kino.[View]
121307357>We want the /tv/ audience.[View]
121307174Say it.[View]
121306964>2019 Am i forget?[View]
121306179Noel COOM: Thought's on the work of actress Noel Coom? I loved her work as Farmer #1's mot…[View]
121306790Was it kino?[View]
121303743DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
121304791david lunch lol[View]
121301415This is fucking hilarious! Whoever made this show is a genius.[View]
121298980has there been a better depiction of nuclear war than Threads or T2?[View]
121301846Rambo creator calls new film 'a mess'[View]
121302975How old is she? Is she legal?[View]
121307094What's your kino dream? for me it's a sci fi movie in a future where either only men or on…[View]
121301286What do you think of Jim Carrey?: Tried to go back and check out some of his older stuff. Pretty cri…[View]
121307056You're missing out if you haven't seen this movie.[View]
121306738>the characters in this movie act extremely unrealistic; I mean not once do any of them try to ha…[View]
121295994> MFW Star Wars land at Disney was actually kind of fun > MFW something of that scale + scope …[View]
121302208I keep reading how great modern television is, but I can't name any current shows that I'm…[View]
121306917Snapple Week: Stay tuned for Snapple Week next week and help me get on the Ellen Show. Share this wi…[View]
121302281what does /tv/ think of better call saul?[View]
121299664After Mission Impossible and Hobbs & Shaw, what's next for Vanessa Kirby's career /tv/…[View]
121306860Post generic gimmicky movie titles[View]
121306822Just got out of the gym after an intense upper body workout, bought a six pack and a digiornos pizza…[View]
121304813ImageNet Roulette: >ImageNet Roulette is a provocation designed to help us see into the ways that…[View]
121305394>tfw you will never be friends with the goose why even live lads[View]
121286644/trek/ make new thread 2.0 edition[View]
121306544Do we like Succession?[View]
121303975What did i think of her?[View]
121306272Ah, I'm feeling in the mood for quality discussion on my favourite television shows and movies.…[View]
121295577You can destroy literally ANY PERSON online, male or female, by simply pointing out the fact that he…[View]
121306565>anime can't be kin-[View]
121293067>26 years later >Still the greatest action movie ever made What went so fucking right? It…[View]
121301435TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Reboot On The Way: Direct sequel to the 1974 original, ignoring all sequels …[View]
121306614Make way for the greatest sports kino of all time[View]
121306511completely forgotten I am..: mmmmMMMmmmmm...[View]
121305639What went wrong?[View]
121306447My god sits in the back of a fancy german car[View]
121306492name a more awkward and pointless scene than the Tits scene in Inland Empire[View]
121306462I'm doing a rewatch of Breaking Bad before El Camino comes out. So far I am midway through seas…[View]
121306206Rate my concept[View]
121305066>'Golden Lion' who? Never heard of this worthless award >The Eternals is totally gonna be kino…[View]
121306298Ah, man, this movie had it all. It had action, drama, comedy, suspense and dance.[View]
121305603Reminder that both normies and critics are OK with Arya killing the Night King but get absolutely bu…[View]
121302715What's the deal with Spike Lee?[View]
121290004Mary Elizabeth Winstead (MEW): Based on her acting career so far, what roles would you like to see h…[View]
121303446I'm putting together a team.[View]
121305588was he a god or something?[View]
121305652We started making out And she took off my pants But then I logged on to 4chan[View]
121306233>Unicorn blood can improve my HP >But it cannot help me max-out body upgrades of my own…[View]
121305007Our Boys is kino: reminds me The Night Of but more jews[View]
121305809>janny deletes my joker thread >i make another one FEELING LIKE A FREAK ON A LEASH…[View]
121305097'find me an actress who people didn't mind in stranger things, but who really clonked the audie…[View]
121304880How come most of the good looking actors all came from the south and grew up in a conservative setti…[View]
121304150Cast them.[View]
121299821Which one did a better job of the whole time travel shtick?[View]
121296360Although this show dipped in quality towards its latter seasons (especially seasons 10 to 13) it was…[View]
121305214>is Reddit’s new Chuck Norris joke[View]
121306065Who was the most based comedian in 2019?[View]
121304750look out /tv/ i think moto moto likes you[View]
121305959What’s your favorite comfy reality show? For me, it’s Party Down South >Fuck PDS2…[View]
121303960 [View]
121305404Finally saw this after putting it off for over a decade. One of the best movies I've seen in my…[View]
121305989It deserved Best Picture, not No Country for Old Men[View]
121304263/tv/ will defend this[View]
121305975>ywn have a cuban-spanish holographic girlfriend fuCK[View]
121296925Last Blood: How’s the action? Is it satisfying or is it a bunch of shaky camera jump cuts and cgi bl…[View]
121305933You're finest Joker Gear: two for the JOKERS PLZ? Concealing something? Nah, it's just col…[View]
121305884I'm sorry Dave, i'm afraid I can't do that.[View]
121305297I'm running out of space on my HDD. What should I delete?[View]
121305165Can Jim Gaffigan get into the Oscar conversation?[View]
121299277Convince me that pic related isn't an absolute, unabashed masterpiece, as well as the only anim…[View]
121304113How is it possible to hit the wall this early in life?[View]
121304305Why is /tv/ at this time better than at any other point in the day?[View]
121305683Ladies and gentlemen, the statement I am about to make is controversial and inflammatory. But, I bel…[View]
121304408Quite frankly, it's the best one of the trilogy and the patrician's choice.[View]
121304319>from lead of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift to pic related What went wrong?…[View]
121297938ITT: Actors no body hates[View]
121305090How did Chuck get that Watson 25 V16 Revenge?[View]
121300925Why did everyone speak so fast during this show?[View]
121304016What WOULDN'T You Consider Soy Horror?[View]
121304765>whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD MUSIC >whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD EXPL…[View]
121305493More furries in movies, please.[View]
121303136the truth about senfeld: its awful.. it’s the totally myopic worldview of a serial dating narcissis…[View]
121300368Was the underlying message of the film just an asian flex on the west? >Let China sleep, for when…[View]
121300837It's a Saturday night in the 90s and the gangs all here. What're you watching /tv/?[View]
121300280>Being a bluepilled cuck that #believes women and doesn't yet know that they are all cheatin…[View]
121305234'ID, not IV' haha[View]
121304304> it's only for carl[View]
121304937>Tell me something whore, am I gonna find you passed out near the hotel door…[View]
121305038i want to write a movie script for fun. which book(s) should i read before to know how to do it in a…[View]
121305271>What can you tell me about the Janitor >Im at a loss. He was part of that whole neet thing. …[View]
121303824This was horrible[View]
121305197Why do some people think this is a significant movie and one of the best of the 10s? It seemed to me…[View]
121301233Band of Brothers: This series was blatant propaganda. A terrible romanticized version of the war. I…[View]
121304782Ad Astra: Good visuals, good Heart of darkness plotline, but flatter then a soda left out for two da…[View]
121300324>I was saying Boo urns[View]
121304335is it just me, or does spotify speed up the music? listening while drunk makes me feel like the pace…[View]
121299604Disenchantment: Season 2: Seems just as mediocre as the previous season, perhaps worse, and definite…[View]
121291018Far From Home: I really liked this movie[View]
121304997For me, it's Francine Smith.[View]
121304914is he autistic ?[View]
121300899GET OUT GET THE FUCK OUT !![View]
121283443Best films about necromancy?[View]
121303232What do we think of him?[View]
121301908why does /tv/ consider Paul Dano 'based' and 'kino'?[View]
121302923Name a better TV show[View]
121294219How come all the greatest movies are conservative?[View]
121299076Why was this shit?[View]
121304329The I-Land: Big fan of Lost here, I was really interested in this one since the story is very simila…[View]
121303394Breaking Bad vs. Peep Show I started watching Breaking Bad again over the weekend due to all the thr…[View]
121304177American Factory (2019): Why are American workers so lazy and inefficient, /tv/?[View]
121302231what am I in for?[View]
121303495What was the symbolism behind this scene?[View]
121304157I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT[View]
121300050.: >not preferring Laserdisc as your home cinema format >not having a Laserdisc player with a …[View]
121300676>open /tv/ >see Sneed thread >see Joker incel thread >see Wojak thread…[View]
121303844Do you like 'American Psycho'?[View]
121303727When was her last movie? Is it over for her now?[View]
121304232>When shadows fall and trees whisper day is ending, >My thoughts are ever wending home, >Wh…[View]
121303950OK it's A Fish Called Wanda tonight, after a long list of kinos my wife was into it.: What am I…[View]
121304141*Blocks your path*[View]
121300838>mfw I realize I've been cast in a shitty live action adaptation of an anime…[View]
121303776Was it kino?[View]
121303977What are some kinos about going above and beyond to reach your goals by whatever means necessary?[View]
121303942>12 years later >still one of the greatest TV shows ever made…[View]
121301533I'm at the lowest point of my life recommend me a feel good movie or maybe a comedy to make me …[View]
121303774Wrong Turn: Is this the best and most underrated horror movie franchise of all time? What was your f…[View]
121302608For Me? It's The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory And Mal! And you?[View]
121303030What was the last movie you saw that genuinely impressed you on a special effects level.[View]
121300952Cutella more like :3[View]
121303578Ad Astra: what went wrong?[View]
121302619hop in dude[View]
121302225DIE A VIOLENT DEATH[View]
121303563Name <one> TV show that is as equal to a 3-hour film[View]
121303598I'm from Buenos Aires and I say let's wait for more information before critically damning …[View]
121292587Is it true?[View]
121303204Why do theaters exist? When will new movies be available to rent from home?[View]
121303151What the FUCK did you just say about Christopher Nolan?!?!?!?![View]
121298454Heartwarming update from Louis Theroux: Joe from his 'Drinking to Oblivion' programme is sober and d…[View]
121303178Undone on Amazon Prime: Is this kino? I just finished episode 2 and it’s tripping me out. Very uniqu…[View]
121302558>Ah tah tah, lets not -blow- things out of proportion...[View]
121302311Amazon is making a wheel of time series.[View]
121301171Should I watch Euphoria on HBO starring Zendaya Coleman and Hunter Schafer?[View]
121302005Is FWWM Dona best girl?[View]
121302564Society? I am society[View]
121302937Everyone loves LOG![View]
121301723Actors who you didn't mind in one thing, but who really clonked your bonkers when they appeared…[View]
121298139It 2: What exactly was so bad about this film?[View]
121302922Honest vs Dishonest[View]
121302970>whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD MUSIC >whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD EXPL…[View]
121301702Anybody else just feeling really tired of society?[View]
121301353Does /tv/ like pink?[View]
121302814What lies at the dream's end?[View]
121302326I choose now to live as a gay man.[View]
121291199I want... ten dollars[View]
121302392>Main character gets contacted by his ex >He gets excited, only to find out she called him to …[View]
121302808Glee is dogshit compared to this show: /tv/, which Greg is best Greg?[View]
121288542This is the resistance[View]
121300044Darth Sidious vs Thor Odinson[View]
121302280Did anyone else think 'Japanese Kramer?'[View]
121298815Is Jimmy actually smarter than Chuck?[View]
121302221Does this intimidate you?[View]
121299506Movies you love but don't own: Not on vhs, dvd, blu rey, hd what have you, you get the idea. Pi…[View]
121299299>you are walking in the club when this guy slaps your ass right in front of your gf what do you d…[View]
121300270Friday Night Joe Bob Extravaganza: Join us on Bretty good dot com for a spooktacular night of concen…[View]
121301120I just watched 'Bullet Head' on Nflix and I fckn cried. He was such a good boy[View]
121301594Get me de-tec-tive Bosch....[View]
121302496Completely arbitrary comparison, but who's your favorite David? https://www.strawpoll.me/18671…[View]
121302145>person mentions marvel movies >whole room goes crazy…[View]
121302081I'M FUCKING COOMIN: charger from left 4 dead was ahead of his time[View]
121302288>its a Cas dies episode started season thirteen, hoping to catch up before the the fifteenth sea…[View]
121297842seinfuld ideahs: jeri get ipad kramr drive uber elaine swipe tindr georg date trany[View]
121299996Comfy Simpsons Thread :)[View]
121301292>name is the Greek >not Greek what did they mean by this?…[View]
121299867Ad Astra: Just saw ad astra Very Kubrickesque towards the end Better than Gravity Not as profound ov…[View]
121286154Which of his stories would make a good movie and who should direct it?[View]
121298940AHS:1984: Pure kinography[View]
121302202John Wick 3: How does someone survive that drop? And what went wrong?[View]
121302073>protagonist comes to a profound understanding by ways of child saying ''why can't…[View]
121298032Why does a guy from Los Angeles have a southern accent?[View]
121301882>How about another joke? >What do you get when you take Sneed's feed and seed, and replac…[View]
121301856Would you watch a full feature of this https://youtu.be/CHe_LDCegDs[View]
121299538ITT: post /yourguy/[View]
121276232Worst movie theater experiences?[View]
121301837Randy...: I am the liquor.[View]
121301925I’d like to remind the janitors that I post whatever I want because it takes more time to ban me tha…[View]
121301833She said what? No, that was consensual, Barry. First of all, women like that kind of treatment.[View]
121301717>ITT: Shows that were popular in your school as a kid but you could never get into…[View]
121301231Post your top ten movies: >Top movies? In no particular order the Fellowship of the Ring, Master …[View]
121298862>Friday night >at the Kinoplex >ticket for 1 please What should I watch lads?…[View]
121298481Was this a fucking Berserk reference? -Kneeling in a pool of water -Eerie red eclipse -The stone was…[View]
121300811First Look At Emma Stone In Disney's CRUELLA[View]
121301117Why did Patrick Batman? Or was it all in his head?[View]
121301623what went wrong[View]
121301678For me...it’s Arthur and the Invisibles[View]
121301664>Tyler shoots Clay >Pumped up kicks starts playing >Proceeds to walk in the dance and kill …[View]
121296646Why did she go out with him in the first place?[View]
121301532>i like the MCU[View]
121298679What would Yugioh look like as a 12 episode Netflix series?[View]
121299645Say it[View]
121301385> hold my beer[View]
121301534>Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in movie history…[View]
121301500>Fire in the hole![View]
121300459>white man so angry not even death can stop him[View]
121299007But what happened to the grill?[View]
121299897This movie sucks. Why do people like it? Some of the acting is good, but the mom character is just r…[View]
121299021What's your favorite shootout scene? I like the police station shootout I Terminator or the hos…[View]
121299921People Will Die: How do we save them?[View]
121301447is there a more kino scene in cinema history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncySiTOMAHc[View]
121301023Who should play him in the inneveteble biopic?[View]
121301333Do it.[View]
121301316>whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD MUSIC >whisper whisper whisper whisper >LOUD EXPL…[View]
121300449Personally I think that only the movies are canon in the MCU, everything else isn't canon to me[View]
121297908 [View]
121299801Kino's about wanting to die?[View]
121295420Stop watching capeshit.[View]
121298423...where’s Robert?[View]
121300942I don't case what you fags say, this movie was kino as fuck[View]
121300976>I'd like to thank Harvey Weinstein[View]
121300993What are some films about personal sacrifice?[View]
121300450ITT: Post movies women will never understand[View]
121299643>dios mio,the chupacabra >look at those arms ,bigger than my uncle miguel angel who's wor…[View]
121300783What's the best War of 1812 movie?[View]
121299825>You'll get your fucking rent when you finally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide! Jesus fuck…[View]
121295749Galaxy’s Edge Failing at Both Disney World and Disneyland – Disney Desperate For Attendance: STOP TH…[View]
121300486'Cranberry Juice.'[View]
121300644What are movies where the janitor is the protagonist?[View]
121300491THAT'S MY BOY[View]
121292425Ad Astra: >44% of audiences didn't like it Ouch... what happened?…[View]
121299250>Hello sir! Whatever can I do you for? Uhh, where’s Robert? >Why, I’m right here sir! >Unle…[View]
121300165Oh god, please help me![View]
121298701>Drinking against the grain of the liquor[View]
121298574Did he go too far?[View]
121287862Great movie but they should've left those monkeys on the cutting room floor. What did you think…[View]
121300109grrr im a scary edgy clown who doesn't follow society's silly rulez[View]
121299185Now that the dust has settled what is the /tv/ consensus on Titanic? And who was in the wrong(pic)?[View]
121298931clean your room bucko[View]
121293545Constance Wu is such a hot slut in this. This movie is a Coomer's dream btw.[View]
121300139I just started this. How bad is it? I can tell a woman directed this because there are so many past-…[View]
121300062>so when does Walt actually break bad?[View]
121300043What are your thoughts on the independent anthology film 'Yep, I'm on T.V. :)'?[View]
121299886They can sing They can dance Excuse me Miss I've shit my pants[View]
121300020Who plays the Arizona Ranger in the inevitable Amazon Prime series?[View]
121298872Is /tv/ watching the new season of Black Jesus?[View]
121276407>Watch the 1st season of Age of Resistance on Netflix >Ends with the creation of Garthrim >…[View]
121299791This is almost too kino for it's own good. Best British comedy since Peep Show.[View]
121299605What did you say BITCH nigga[View]
121297854Comfy Friends thread[View]
121299559mmmmmMMMMMmmmmmm Chamberlain>General[View]
121299647Good Place: Look, I adore Kirsten Bell as much as most, but the question of the show... she doesn…[View]
121298829Beat Takeshi: I need a detailed explanation on why people like Kikujiro so much, I don't see ho…[View]
121294874Is Angry Andy one of the best post-apocalyptic films of all time?[View]
121292195This film was incredible and because it was incredible I bet /tv/ hates it. Am I right or wrong? Wha…[View]
121297950>there will never be an animated movie as good as this one[View]
121298795>Going on a flight soon >Better watch a ton of episodes of a show about planes crashing Anyone…[View]
121299415I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
121298446Will it be kino?[View]
121299452What, exactly, is an Artisan Film?[View]
121298857Live PD General: >season 4 premiere tonight >no thread Get the fuck in here and discuss cop ki…[View]
121299461You are the janny, Mr. Tranny. You've always been the janny.[View]
121299393>genderbent deformed character at worst has a few scars[View]
121299394>2 weeks from release >still no Funko POP announced…[View]
121298279I do not care for black people[View]
121299045> I said ID, not IED! > '' خطأي ''[View]
121298123Any modern-day sci-fi shows with this aesthetic?[View]
121299320DON'T MIND IF I DO![View]
121294697>Oh, Rainier Wolfcastle, star of McBain and the upcoming film, 'Help! My Son Is A Girl!' >I re…[View]
121299174why tom ford make movies and ralph lauren not?: he is rich jew who make money with aspirational visu…[View]
121295530Kill Bill 3 when?[View]
121299202I want to introduce you to Alicia Rodis who is breaking ground in film and television! >Growing u…[View]
121298615Why am I such a fucking nee/tv/irgin guys... >yesterday >playing zelda remake >mum knocks …[View]
121297786THE FLASH INTO THE SPEED FORCE: Warner is just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks and the …[View]
121298752I miss this motherfucker like you wouldn't believe[View]
121298296in the end of IT chapter two when they all chanted 'clown' did pennywise get a taste of cancel cultu…[View]
121298834Where is the bot who used to spam /tv/ with cute pictures of girls?[View]
121298995All things we've seen. All things we've experienced. All those memories will eventually lo…[View]
121298901>when a video game has a better story than billion dollar budget disney movies…[View]
121295209Just marathoned pic related. It was fucking epic, why won’t hollywood make more movies like Troy??[View]
121296472/TV/ BTFO[View]
121298710Is this show 'kino'?[View]
121298474Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
121287726Watch Euphoria[View]
121298900>a nigger cook >a nigger? >a Jewish cook >a Jewish cook? >a spic cook >a spic? …[View]
121296972>tfw when you go down to the archives and start pulling some old files[View]
121297902>Die Hard is my favorite christmas movie!![View]
121295027It's Friday Night, weekly reminder that it's not your fault[View]
121295984It’s kino[View]
121296528>tries to be Cesar Millan[View]
121298655Bros, I just found out Fat Albert was a fictional character and that the cartoon wasn't voice a…[View]
121297913Duck you sucker![View]
121296992You're claiming I did WHAT? *sighs* Jeeves, get the checkbook and the crop. No, just the riding…[View]
121297143It's like if Comedy Bang Bang was hosted by my parents. Absolute gold.[View]
121292580Cast Power Girl[View]
121293943>constantly takes the piss out of nerds on XFM >plays a nerd on the Big Bang Theory years late…[View]
121298584I wanna see a sequel to Friday the 13th that is exactly like Last Blood. Jason Voorhees meets a fam…[View]
121298165Guys I just tried ordering a Joker ticket on regal and I got this message. Wtf, are they really refu…[View]
121292825tony hawk biography when?[View]
121298563>some gay opinion about skub[View]
121298528Watching this British dude interact with the dregs of society is more interesting that the subject o…[View]
121298513>[revs engine][View]
121298108Hily Crap! Guys Squidward Suicide story is 100% canon. It was alternative dimention.[View]
121298338what's the best season?[View]
121297678Why didn't Frodo just use the Vapor Eagle's jumpjets to deliver the ring to Mt. Doom[View]
121298374Kino joyeux noel: the best christmas movie of all time thread[View]
121296315>Main character's ex bumps into him >Is willing to talk to him instead of just yelling a…[View]
121294893All That Jazz (1979, dir. Bob Fosse): Kubrick called this movie technically perfect. Do you agree? h…[View]
121297881What are you watching tonight[View]
121296834When will Disney bring Underdog to the MCU?[View]
121298356Proof that Hitler was right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TavVZMewpY[View]
121297367This is so dumb that my mind is slightly blown. How do you make a movie this disingenuous and obnox…[View]
121286867>BUT IT'S MY CAR![View]
121292581what did /tv/ think of her noah interview[View]
121297342D-... Don't let Rafe and Amazon... Ruin... my... HARRIET!... opus...[View]
121298299Hey Britain, keep your disgusting inbred horrible actors to yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
121297329Did anybody else besides me watch this? Anybody?[View]
121295389The Witcher: >here's your Ciri bro! Would you be more open to raceswapping of characters if …[View]
121297920Should Hollywood create a live-action adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?[View]
121298189>just finished watching mad men again >can't stop crying oh fuck bros, why is it so good?…[View]
121298042>Dozens of people, including a guy he was friends with, were just murdered >Instantly cracking…[View]
121298239Do you guys think we're gonna get another David Lynch movie? The world needs it[View]
121298197I Dun Kirked me ed sir[View]
121294522*tries her best to salvage your show after the NK jobbed*[View]
121296518Post news kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoYvf8L0SKc[View]
121298181>I LOVE APPLIANCES! Who here watched this before going to bed, while on vacation in Florida? Comf…[View]
121298156Movies should not run longer than 90 minutes.[View]
121296310What is his best movie?[View]
121296930It's been 7 years and no meme has been critically acclaimed as Baneposting[View]
121296505/TGIF/ - Thank Gnome it’s Friday General: Try to keep all Gnome related discussion ITT.[View]
121297469When Matthew Perry auditioned for the role of Chandler he only had 11 dollars to his name. When the …[View]
121297346Will This Be MTV's Music Video of the Year?[View]
121293679it hurts so much bros[View]
121288645Rate the last few films you watched (for the first time): Prisoners >7/10 The Road >6/10 Snat…[View]
121297210>I will MAKE it legal[View]
121294643Why did Elrond just let this fucker walk away with the Ring?[View]
121293862Why is this whole network so trash?[View]
121296115You guys ever watch short films? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeQi4zbT8fA[View]
121297793films that should have had a porn adaptations: a female porn star is shot to hell. her whole body is…[View]
121293180Who is this..sexy thang?[View]
121274230Were The Beatles really big enough back then to warrant having their own movie?[View]
121285105Best films of the 2010s?: Post your top 5 or 10[View]
121296511>nobody pays attention to Till Lindemann >his solo act is actually good https://www.youtube.co…[View]
121296548ITT pitch your movie ideas: I think they need to do a movie about the Svalbard seed bank. I envision…[View]
121297076/arthur/: Who was in the wrong, Arthur or DW?[View]
121295245Don't push me[View]
121297381>HONK >HONK[View]
121281802What's the best trooper armor?[View]
121296254>original cut alexander is a terrible film >directors cut is a brilliant film am i wrong?…[View]
121296622are we sure this isn't a mockumentary[View]
121296603I'm gonna fucking recoome[View]
121296600Am I the only person who remembers watching the power rangers turbo movie when they were a kid?[View]
121297368What movie have you replayed more than any other in the past year?[View]
121295200Will Enola Holmes be any good? She's only getting meme roles like Madison in Godzilla[View]
121297307Kong Skull Island: Is it Kong kino?[View]
121286530/tv/ leaks: >Kino: 'Jughashvili' >Year: 2021 >Director: Cristopher Nolan >Starting: …[View]
121292162Hellooooooo I'm the Nostalgia Critic! I remember it so you don't have to![View]
121297241>its an aging pills episode[View]
121293649>the names Bond, James Bond[View]
121297126what was your favorite power ranger season? mine was jungle fury[View]
121297123SOULLESS Even the worst bayformers flick is better than this[View]
121296294Vimeo kinos?: https://vimeo.com/100747052 The practical effects here outdo modern major releases…[View]
121296984Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 and 5: Phase 4 Black Widow (May 1 2020) The Falcon and the Winter …[View]
121297064you don't WATCH film, you EXPERIENCE it[View]
121297047Birds of prey: >Since the events of Suicide Squad, Batman has disappeared, leaving Gotham City un…[View]
121293133Capitalism ruins art: Prove me wrong. The bar is so low and it's a race to the bottom because o…[View]
121296006Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121295527How did he make money /tv/?[View]
121296486What was the point of this movie?[View]
121296802your thoughts on this?[View]
121295224This was complete garbage. Awful. He hasn't done anything good in at least a decade.[View]
121295646>watching youtube clip >hosts turns to face the camera and states your full name, date of birt…[View]
121287364CAN'T HE JUST BUY IT BACK?[View]
121296720Where the fuck is the hammer and time traveling equipment? What the fuck did this boomer do with the…[View]
121295477Her biggest crime?[View]
121291138Hands up who likes me![View]
121296695holy shit, what a giant pussy lmao[View]
121296690Who is watching this shit?: 530 scripted tv shows in 2019, 500 Hollywood releases movies. So much sh…[View]
121294656THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
121290078Was Tony Soprano a bad father?[View]
121294129So I just watched this: Could’ve been a great movie but it was striked with “made in 80’s in America…[View]
121294917Is he this generation’s Leonardo DiCaprio?[View]
121293609Dude... Imagine... These two... Together... It would simply be EPIC![View]
121280725Post a pic, get a film recommendation[View]
121296589>japanese ''''cinema''' what happened?[View]
121296002He liked it. /ourguy/ confirmed[View]
121296473Is this the most realistic depiction of VR since the Matrix?[View]
121296087Green Book was a really nice wholesome film: Why did it get so much shit on its initial release? See…[View]
121293259What's his endgame?[View]
121294979I love the smell of braps in the morning[View]
121296365>How about another joke? >What do you get when you take Sneed's feed and seed, and replac…[View]
121291351Why does he love The Comedy Store so much? It's no different than any other shitty comedy club …[View]
121294018What’s your favorite Cynthia Rothrock movie?[View]
121294029>i don't like deliverance[View]
121279092/ourguy/ was on /ourshow/. What did you guys think of the interview?[View]
121294782Is anyone else drunk as fuck? I just had 2 Jamesons and 3 Caronas at the bar. What should I watch wh…[View]
121293327What did you take away from this film?[View]
121294637I talked to Barzini.[View]
121293047who was in the wrong here?[View]
121296114>you have been temporarily blocked from posting this block will expire in 6 minutes…[View]
121295343How can one man be so based?[View]
121295478>Vietnam War movie >'Pleased To Meet You, Won't You Guess My Name?' by A Rolling Stone st…[View]
121294862This is Trevor Noah's fan base[View]
121295774Joker is Team Fortress 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TomOGxKbRs&feature=youtu.be…[View]
121293061>Cletus Van Damme[View]
121295357Is there anything he can't do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNiVW7R16no[View]
121295091>Shawshank Redemption gets a fantastic adaptation Ok, so where’s my Low Men in Yellow Coats kino…[View]
121295882Why was Terry such a bitch to Jack when he had a hard life?[View]
121293402why does he refuse to be in a new predator movie but is in every shitty terminator sequel?[View]
121295751>Bearer...seek your father...seek to stop the surges....lest Earth go hollow https://en.m.wikiped…[View]
121293840So, what horror movies are you anons planning on watching for Halloween?[View]
121271611Yes, you will watch it[View]
121294938Is warehouse 13 worth watching or is there any better show similar to cabin in the woods or scp foun…[View]
121293412/UNCUT GEMS/: sandlerkino is back motherfuckers >Release Date is December 13th >94% on RT >…[View]
121295067Dammit, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a[View]
121294110who would you choose to direct this kino?[View]
121292430Ad Astra: Just watched it in IMAX, pure kino that reminds me of space odyssey.[View]
121295273>tfw no death row gf[View]
121295296Was Pablo Escobar an exceptionally violent criminal for his time? How does his organization compare …[View]
121294688>No Mr. Bond I expect her to DIET[View]
121294962Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121294256Why is this board so bad? You have no knowledge on cinema.[View]
121295564what are some movies featuring cats? I've seen Garfield Garifled 2: A Tail of two Kitties Cats …[View]
121293511I can’t be the only one who turned it off half way through can i?[View]
121293683>80’s movie >guns make cannon sounds[View]
121295463Are you hyped for the new seasons of The Boondocks next year? This show is so woke and so redpill at…[View]
121295445Succession thread: We're listening[View]
121293954My gf's top films of all time, she likes horror like every thot on this gay earth[View]
121294493When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his name. …[View]
121295212wtf guys you said Hereditary was a slow burn keep you on the edge of your seat no jumpscare kino?[View]
121289182How did she go from this?[View]
121295100>we need someone to play a native american cop >he's already here, sir…[View]
121293202That's just, that's very funny to me... y'all ain't laughin though[View]
12129510417 Minutes in Captain Brie Fungi appears: Why does this film have all the MCU faves?[View]
121295175Angela is the hottest tang in the office: Fuck you jennafags[View]
121292781Why was Marlon Brando's (and to a copied extent, James Dean's) brand of mumbling so fascin…[View]
121295122He must've known this would totally fuck Django[View]
121290313Where is Jessica Hyde /tv/[View]
121291792Garden of Words: Thoughts?[View]
121294033Not Great, Not Terrible: Does anyone have the link to the chronological edit of HBO's Chernobyl…[View]
121291492kinos where a small group of rebels land a critical blow against a more powerful opponent?[View]
121295013>Director Name's Movie Title[View]
121294880>white male sexual fantasy um... no thanks[View]
121294328>white male power fantasy um... no thanks[View]
121294933Just marathoned the first episode. Pretty good. Rita and Xavier are definitely gonna be killers.[View]
121294699>flick > movie > film > cinema > kino Is that correct?[View]
121288078The Wheel of Time: Is there any chance R. Kelly and Blind Guardian will be tapped for the soundtrack…[View]
121292359Recently I've had this issue with my TV not displaying my computer output properly. I'm no…[View]
121294687When you’re pushed, killing is as easy as breathing[View]
121294682MASUKE NO OTOKO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSRylVSfxyw[View]
121294225can we get a comfy simpson’s thread?[View]
121294632overrated garbage[View]
121291631Why the fuck was Saruman belittling Gandalf for smoking weed when he had barrels of the finest weed …[View]
121294548Who should play Britney Spears in the inevitable biopic?[View]
121293595>I don’t mind flying Anakin, but what you’re doing is suicide!![View]
121293959>Ice to meet you Kino lines from films[View]
121294112>8 seasons of Frasier and I finally realized its just the Big Bang Theory of its day…[View]
121293910>this blondie approaches you in a bar, asks to see your feet, then offers to show you hers >wa…[View]
121294258comfy autumn horror like It Follows or Halloween?[View]
121294382This is, um, Raisin Bran, not Raisin Bran Crunch...[View]
121292072David Cronenberg: Visionary genius or talentless kike?[View]
121294302Movies that are stuck in a format.: Post movies that are only on DVD or only on VHS. Not on bluray o…[View]
121294292there are a lot of interesting wide shots in this sequence. can you see future harry and hermoine in…[View]
121294276Well she has a point[View]
121288099>I guess It was really a Voice From The Stone™, Verena What did Jacob meant by this…[View]
121294087I'm from Buen- hey, I'm not really comfortable saying that. Yeah, no- yeah, I know we agre…[View]
121293391The dullest show in the history of TV shows. Each episode following the Starks and their pals from W…[View]
121290427Ridley Scott: When is this AIDS infected POS gonna make the Forever war? His alien movies are cancel…[View]
121293601About to watch pic related for the first time. What am I in for?[View]
121294094>previously on the shield[View]
121293055Ghost and the Darkness and similar: Top this motherfucking kinoest kino. Is anything even remotely a…[View]
121293908you guys have any drawings or posters of current celebrities at home?[View]
121293891why is next gen so good?[View]
121293776What were they thinking?[View]
121284936Anybody else sickened by the Netflix show where this girl gets raped? Just seems wrong to “entertain…[View]
121293663ITT: Scenes that make your balls itch[View]
121293668Anti-climax: the movie[View]
121293741this is actually really fucking good netflix are capable of dropping absolute bangers[View]
121293196Nothing But Trouble: >Drop the beat, J https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS8EolrR2Ck…[View]
121290505These are objectively better than the books: the books are thoroughly interesting but can be a bit o…[View]
121290780Am I stupid, Deep?[View]
121287774ITS OVER BROS[View]
121243482TV shows you jerked of as a child (or still jerking off)[View]
121292249ITT: actors/directors/producers/writers you would perform fellatio on[View]
121293466When will RLM admit to being hired by Disney to publicly humiliate George Lucas?[View]
121291275There's something special about their friendship[View]
121293387Say it[View]
121293552Has Tarantino outdone himself?[View]
121293524>just turned 30 >tfw no gf What are the best >tfw no gf films? I hate not having a girlfrie…[View]
121291634who would voice pepe in the pepe movie[View]
121293495I'm about to finish this man's whole career.: Boom bam bop boddabop bop POW[View]
121293114YOU YER CUNT[View]
121291104How is she still so popular? The Office ended ages ago[View]
121291994What did you think of it?[View]
121292446Just marathoned The Hateful Eight, what did I think of it?[View]
121290227Has any of y'all seen Red Letter Media's 'Space Cop'? i love their videos but wanna know i…[View]
121286906At Cinema City in Israel Quentin Tarantino waits in line for his 40 shekel popcorn like everybody el…[View]
121290509So how exactly did he manage to stick his head out the rear window while driving the car?[View]
121287471>tfw they think we'll just sit there and take it like good little girls…[View]
121292189This movie's premiere will make 9/11 look like a fucking joke.[View]
121292956So what's the deal with this dope? Is he tarded or something?[View]
121293002>mute pulp fiction >play bad moon rising and then sister, both by sonic youth >enjoy…[View]
121293115shut up blek[View]
121292118Analysis of the Booth vs. Lee scene: Cliff's face is perfect. Were his face expressing as much …[View]
121291574*flawlessly destroys your favorite flick*[View]
121293000Has anyone seen this? I'm bored and it's available.[View]
121292987Best scenese Gave me shivvers[View]
121292870JOKER: >I live right here in the city with my mother.[View]
121292828*crack* *sip*[View]
121292943The ending sucked general: At least they should have let us watch that fat guinea fucks brains splat…[View]
121291116What am I in for?[View]
121290334What went so wrong?[View]
121292918Carl Sagan's Cosmos: Hello /tv/, I recently watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos again, and while i…[View]
121291833The Goldfinch: Has anyone seen it? Despite the terrible review, I wonder if it’s actually that bad…[View]
121292853What are some kinos about sacrifice?[View]
121292821The names Bond, Kino Bond[View]
121291871what does he say in the credits?[View]
121292725Why is there so little airforce kino?[View]
121289526Rambo: Last Blood: This movie is absolute kino. We all know it is going to have great action but bey…[View]
121292720What the fuck was her problem?[View]
121261852Another Big Miss for Critics: Why are critics so out of touch with the audience? Seems like this is …[View]
121291679A long time ago...[View]
121291555Movies for this feel?[View]
121292361was there a more kino experience than watching UMD movies on your PSP[View]
121292241>everyone's hype for the Jester when in fact this would be the moty…[View]
121290926Kino of the highest order. Just sublime.[View]
121292418Where they incels?[View]
121291732Christmas movie[View]
121290370/zoomer movie feels/: >Twilight gets hyped with Decode music video >expect it throughout the m…[View]
121291718>I'm the real one! Shoot him! He's the imposter! >No, Shoot him! I'm the real o…[View]
121292305Thanks to Rob Ager for recommending this. It was fantastic. I like it more than the original[View]
121272987Stellan Skarsgard Says Denis Villeneuve Had “Pretty Free Hands” Directing ‘Dune’: >'It’s fun when…[View]
121292136Is that little girl on middle down (near Tolstoy) - Shirley Temple?[View]
121291670Lads I've scared a Russian Babushka![View]
121287623>hey Anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight? C'mon, don't be a pussy.…[View]
121291285no one: literally nobody: not a single soul: movie critics in 2019: >BOMALD BLUMPFFFFF…[View]
121291372found lost city of z to be boring. will i like this?[View]
121288267Who was the Becky and who was the Stacy?[View]
121288435Fuck you Rick Berman.[View]
121286138Trips confirm what his last film will be about[View]
121290180Fuck you cutesy mother fucking MCU loving fucks, I'm gonna watch Hell Boy in spite of you all.[View]
121291947Blues Brothers reboot when?[View]
121290344Now that the dust has settled, was it kino? It personally blew me away way more than I thought it wo…[View]
121291525Wtf: https://youtu.be/sklqvDSGjCA[View]
121289363>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
121289203He was right And you know it[View]
1212908252000's tv shows[View]
121288991Could it be made today?[View]
121286912Nearly cried at how frigging kino this was. Thanks /tv/[View]
121290289me after watching the office (u.s.) back to back six times[View]
121290546Cast this film[View]
121290856It's been 3 hours.: Where is it.[View]
121291130It's a chip 'n dip.[View]
121287283Why would an acotr have to keep quiet about a role, Wouldn't news about it bee a good thing?[View]
121290718The Sopranos: A. She was a hooah B. She hit me C. That wasn't my kid she was carrying D. I was …[View]
121290829He did nothing wrong.[View]
121290911>netflix pozzed another kino' does anyone really believe this conpiracy bullshit?…[View]
121290799The way the killed him off was so gay.: I still think he is one of my favorite characters ever. I ju…[View]
121287632 [View]
121291129>Get out![View]
121291565a shitlord?[View]
121288911what did /tv/ think of her Colbert interview[View]
121287198Just watched Game Of Thrones: Are the books any good?[View]
121291539Has anyone here seen “The Pursuit” by Arthur Brooks? I feel like every documentary nowadays talks ab…[View]
121281521Why don't they make more tornado movies?[View]
121289869The Profit: Has anyone seen this gem? It's better than The Master and has an interesting backst…[View]
121284663bye bye jokerfags: I don't even like marvel but this shitty McDonald's arthouse isn't…[View]
121289669Here's your Egwene bro[View]
121289390What is your favorite moment from the Alien movies?[View]
121291187fuck you.[View]
121290737*curb your enthusiasm theme starts playing*[View]
121291119Good movie, even if the pacing was too fast, and the volume weirdly low. Maybe would have been bette…[View]
121290647Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of the Raimi cut?[View]
121291051Films with snitches?[View]
121264946/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH Part 1 winner: Jackson HoH Part 2 winner: TBD HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previo…[View]
121289130Could Hal be more based?[View]
121287062ITT: Sequels nobody asked for[View]
121289745This movie is fucked up.[View]
121289322GIT 'ER DOOOOOONE[View]
121289384>No, I didn't kill my wife... and If I did I wouldn't tell you.…[View]
121290290why did she leave us bros ;_; she left when moot left, right?[View]
121291008Is it MOTY: Why do the Koreans always make kinos[View]
121288715Cast him[View]
121289752Post a character who reminds you of yourself: For me, it's definitely Cal Jacobs. >successfu…[View]
121290781Post Kinos that only you have seen.[View]
121290066Goddamn this show is good, I can't believe I haven't seen it before, and I can't beli…[View]
121290006Can I have a piece of toast?[View]
121289858Ask a kinoplex worker anything. I work in the box office while most employees never make it out of t…[View]
121290154I'm putting together a team[View]
121288035How about a a movie about a female predator that falls in love with a human commando during the hunt…[View]
121290457This is a Stanley Kubrick appreciation thread. So much gets lost in all this talk about genius when …[View]
121290657What are some films that were overhyped but turned out to be nothing?[View]
121290059Anyone know if this is good?[View]
121290435>'Lovecraftian' >'Lynchian' >'Tarantino-Esque' The easiest way to filter a pleb…[View]
121289989I hate capeshit with every fiber of my being and even I feel hopeful about this. It looks like it wo…[View]
121290535Why are feminists in love with this?[View]
121290501How would he fare in the Marvel Cinematic Universe[View]
121289262Try to find one flaw[View]
121290282No other capeshit will ever top this moment.[View]
121290069claim your knight-fu Chad mace or virgin axe?[View]
121287789This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream - the mind revealing itself to itself. In my…[View]
121288770Tarantula: What did /tv/ think of this? I loved it and I think we need a second season. I'm pla…[View]
121283799>Movie is called 'Batman' >Batman is only in it for like 6 minutes Thank god for Nolan's …[View]
121290034Only First Blood is kino: Just a reminder, in light of current shitstorm. Sure, the others are somet…[View]
121288820What are your favorite movies about soldiers returning home?[View]
121290024>pride is a poor substitute for intelligence wat[View]
121290003Wait a minute, pickard had sex with a Borg? I dont remember that at all!!![View]
121290097Rate hate thread This is my girl 'friends' account. She has absolutely shit tier taste, what y'…[View]
121281016What is the /tv/ consensus on Ezra Miller and his career? I think he needs to branch out and return …[View]
121289867Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
121286762this was even gayer than Top Gun[View]
121286160King of the Monsters: Is it kino?[View]
121289933Why is he such a fraud? Even my stories would be better suited for movies.[View]
121289728The Agenda: so whats really going on here?[View]
121288512Does Black Panther support the Accords or not?: In Civil War, T'Challa backs the Accords, but o…[View]
121289340Was it kino?[View]
121289038was it kino?[View]
121289893Would you explore her body of work?[View]
121281307IAM JAZZ[View]
121289865Is Kramer okay?[View]
121282024>'Hollywood has given us unattainable beauty standards that didn't exist years ago and I…[View]
121285126WHY DO YOU STILL PAY FOR MEDIA: all this bitching about streaming service & cost when all media …[View]
121288405>I did not say that >that is a splice I never said that…[View]
121288059Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNHbm7GBHwg[View]
121289732you look like a puerto rican hooer[View]
121289690>tink tink >AHEM I’d like to raise a toast - yes, a toast! - to my /tv/ brothers and sisters! …[View]
121288896Times you acted like Bullseye thread[View]
121287881Who had the most kino reaction?[View]
121289652Is that why he called Bane a big guy?[View]
121289615I'm laughing so hard[View]
121286476Is this the ultimate stupid-but-fun 80's action flick?[View]
121288091>Morpheus is gonna suck Neo’s dick[View]
121286115Amy: Was it a kino documentary?[View]
121288328Pi: 4:44 restate my assumptions[View]
121289513ITT /tv/ writes the script to a shitty youtube video: WHATS HAPPENING INTERNET[View]
121287153Remember that time Jimmy Smits was in fucking STAR WARS?[View]
121287035>Original author of First Blood outs the latest Rambo film Can there anyone be as JUST as Sylvest…[View]
121282926Who would win between these two distinguished and equally talented actors?[View]
121287951So does Kino just translate to, 'Relies too much on masturbatory cinematography over plot substance …[View]
121288327another night on /tv/[View]
121289380the great Linkara![View]
121284751>desolation of Smaug >unexpected journey >five armies Bonus >two towers >return of th…[View]
121289186This was kino[View]
121288882Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like having sex. They can't approach, talk t…[View]
121288386The Goldfinch: Has anyone seen it? Despite the terrible review, I wonder if it’s actually that bad…[View]
121282680If you got somethin' to say to me, fishboy, spit it out.[View]
121288862Uh, bros, that's a little too dark, isn't it? I guess it means we can't miss Phase 4 …[View]
121288497Oh christ no[View]
121277678What did /tv/ think of Kick-Ass?[View]
121284160Does degenerates come to Hollywood or is Hollywood turning people into degenerates?[View]
121289147>In 1998, two former hosts filed a lawsuit against QVC. The lawsuit went on to state that QVC ref…[View]
121279072What are some kino's where the protagonist tries to fight the passage of time but loses at the …[View]
121285610Best season to start with?[View]
121286352Will he succeed now or will he forever be the clown guy[View]
121284894Post you're VHS bros[View]
121286901VMAs Hit All-Time Ratings Low for 3rd Straight Year[View]
121273778>Uh-uh. I don't tip. >Whaddaya mean you don't tip? >I don't believe in it. …[View]
121284788Why did everyone hate it? I get that it's no masterpiece, but it's better than Hereditary[View]
121288579SHE'S BACK: >Erica Durance To Reprise ‘Smallville’ Lois Lane Role In Arrowverse Crossover On…[View]
121284850RIP Kino host[View]
121287218>Rey is the Spanish word for “king” which is obviously the word that defines a male monarch. The …[View]
121287191What does /tv/ think of Suits?[View]
121284653Why didnt he do it?[View]
121288098>I'm no hero, never was, never will be.: woah that's deep.[View]
121287478Gives you radiation poisoning[View]
121287850Fox didn't renew and it's going to Hulu[View]
121286772>You in this for the long haul, detective? >I've been a cop for 20 years, Is that long en…[View]
121287040hop in dude[View]
121287753The King of the Hill movie: Cast you favorite characters.[View]
121283461Mary Bromfield is...[View]
121286863John, m'boy we're turning back around! Swing the jib starboard!: What happened to the Rach…[View]
121287190great british bake off forged in fire great pottery throwdown blown away more shows like this?[View]
1212878542001 is now irrelevant. Welcome our new Space Kino Overlord.[View]
121287990Ad Astra: >'ok kids, our daytrip at the moon is over, time to go home' >'everyone put on your …[View]
121287703Zeroville: Has anyone here seen this new work of genius by the maestro James Franco?[View]
121287790Wilson Bethel: What are /tv/‘s thoughts on him? He’s great in everything I’ve seen with him in so fa…[View]
121270984ITT: Actors that completely kill your interest in a film/show the moment they appear[View]
121279611What was the first tv show you remember watching?[View]
121287686What are some movies with spankings?[View]
121287582ITT: Biblekino[View]
121282855Why is Star Wars land so empty? The next movie comes out in few months...[View]
121286240What does /tv/ think about this new B-tier movie(trailer) ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLHhr8X…[View]
121286283The Rise of Skywalker: Just saw TROS in my dream. I'll answer any questions. But here is the bi…[View]
121274185Rambo: Last Blood is a MAGA fantasy that portrays Mexico in a bad light: >Some also accused the f…[View]
121285613Now Tayne I can get into![View]
121287382IT'S UP, BOIS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTDNEhDyKdo[View]
121276078Post your favorite quotes from reviews of Rambo: Last Blood. >'This massively enlarged prostate o…[View]
121279587Why did Count Dooku use a solar sailer to escape Geonosis and get to Coruscant? Wouldn't that …[View]
121287337I miss these niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
121287375> Holy shit, you idiots werent memeing in all those frog threads, this shit actually happens.…[View]
121287201ITT: scenes so bad you left the theater[View]
121284780The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001): Why haven’t you seen the Coen Bros best movie?[View]
121287205How do we stop these green men?[View]
1212873091. Did Omar set up Tony? 2. Wouldn't killing the Columbian dealers, and stealing their coke lea…[View]
121287254Live and love, Incel.[View]
121286821Well that fucking sucked[View]
121284561Grudge Reboot first look[View]
121284841Essential Lynch Kino: What Lynch movies are considered essential outside of Twin Peaks/FWWM and Blue…[View]
121284461Am I the only one getting 'repressed pedo' vibes from this?[View]
121286056I want... one hundred dollars, every year, for the rest of my life[View]
121285809What was his fucking problem?[View]
121286514what did i think of this movie?[View]
121282410Let's have a movie quotes thread. Simply post your favorite movie quotes. 'Did you engage hosti…[View]
121286682>I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs! >That's very funny! >A fly marrying a …[View]
121286893why was it so kino[View]
121286598*brings you history kino*[View]
121286819Why does he talk like that?[View]
121286696wah gwan Is that ting good or what innit?[View]
121285956Peter Hackson: Have perfectly visually told book for adaption >have 2 years to plan >change pl…[View]
121285419Why did critics hate Jumanji (1995)? It had more pathos than most family films made today.[View]
121286647Watch White Gold[View]
121284376Why are scenes involving cocaine so kino?[View]
121286721why was she the highlight of the new rambo flick bros[View]
121284769ITT: movies only you have seen[View]
121286683What are some kinos about disgust?[View]
121286675Why did dreamworks give up on this potential to carry the film This was fun to watch as it’s own sta…[View]
121286125Any other examples of directors being doubted for having less reputable first films?[View]
121286651/trek/: 'make new thred' whispered quark incessantly until sisko got his fat ass off the chair and d…[View]
121285734>1st page >CTRL+F >no Disenchantment absolute state of this board shame on you /tv/, shame …[View]
121286571I check[View]
121285552Yup. I'm thinking Steven Universe: The Movie is based.[View]
121284528Give me some some Alien kinos I'm in the mood[View]
121286477>that face when Sam (((Hoidel))) asks you to star in yet another shitty video that will take 15 h…[View]
121273837What was this movie called again?[View]
121285304>It's a dramadey[View]
121283753Dr Pavel, I'm CIA[View]
121284801He did nothing wrong.[View]
121285260Youtube kino.: My favorite parts were >thats the wrong nigga And >get that nigga https://m.you…[View]
121286332Welcome to my board Janny can't control now We can't slow down We don't have to go …[View]
121264914Diversity done right.[View]
121285380What did I mean by this?[View]
121281322Rad general - /rad/: Welcome to /rad/: A weekday Rad discussion and recommendation thread with a foc…[View]
121286181what's your secret /tv/[View]
121284489Give me all your GOD DAMNIT pictures[View]
121285895>watch Big Mouth >it's actually funny Looks like /tv/ was wrong AGAIN…[View]
121284772Its that time again: SAY IT[View]
121286193>female character eats a whole hot dog in one bite >'I grew up with 5 brothers.'…[View]
121285432Any kinos for this feel[View]
121282803>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing what did he mean by this?…[View]
121282423so whats the beef with this movie? i actually liked it[View]
121285755>There are people americans that unironically pay fees for Clearplay or VidAngel to watch clean v…[View]
121285051> I want an extended cut with all Heath Ledger outtakes[View]
121286079Skankfest comedians > Clusterfest 'comedians' Every single one.[View]
121285946FROG THREAD![View]
121271544>76 tickets to Joker please[View]
121282781What was the worst thing she ever did?[View]
121285766There was an idea...[View]
121285819zarek did literally nothing wrong[View]
121269968Why is British television so much comfier than American television?[View]
121285705What kino is he watching, /tv/?[View]
121284470I watched Leon the Professional, The Orphan, Lolita 1997, Lamb, Moonrise Kingdom, Innocence, Hanna, …[View]
121284291ITT guess the (((critics))) talking points when reviews are released >a cinematic triumph for str…[View]
121274792Will it be remembered as the defining kino of the 2010s?[View]
121285894FROG THREAD![View]
121285252>sam is now relegated to working with these yes-men lackeys cringe![View]
121284825Is chad astral any good?[View]
121284513'It's macabre.'[View]
121285568>character breaks up with Taylor Momsen AFTER fucking her Lol What do we think of Paranoid Park a…[View]
121285559Rambo Last Blood: >'Didnt your gringo President say he was going to 'Make America Great Agai…[View]
121284671>Rats: Rats, we’re rats, we’re the rats! We prey at night, we stalk at night, we’re the rats! …[View]
121276685/trek/ make tread edition[View]
121285393What do you guys think of Ryan from Cinemassacre?[View]
121280160What will they actually do in RotS?[View]
121284190wus for brekbis[View]
121285395Have you seen me?[View]
121283980kino you watched on recommendation of your parents[View]
1212827077.5 billion tickets to Joker (2019) please.[View]
121285207Chaos Walking: Yesterday pic related had a test screening near to where I live. I didn't manage…[View]
121285223what movie should I take my gf to?[View]
121283847uno farto[View]
121282802Entourage: Is it worth watching?[View]
121284059Well, that sucked[View]
121283857What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner WITH A SOCIETY THAT ABANDONS HIM AND TREATS HIM …[View]
121284650Fuck this series. A 10/10 cutie vampire literally betrays her race of ancient, powerful, immortal an…[View]
121284943How creatively bankrupt Disney is exactly? >Starkiller base was mined with repurposed bombers bec…[View]
121282122>eats baby in front of parents How did they get away with this[View]
121283492Brainlet tv shows[View]
121283906Why is Satan in Star Wars?[View]
121284197Stop making 'Frog Thread's.[View]
121283418/sneed/ general #001: post all sneed related stuff here[View]
121284444Who's your favorite YT movie critic? For me, it's Droolbatz.[View]
121284826Centurion: Anybody watched this Romekino?[View]
121284804>goes from absolute ruler of the galaxy to cyborg raisin on life support JUST…[View]
121284779does your girlfriend like movies?[View]
121245733/hmm/ Dark Crystal general: Skeksis glory days edition previous thread >>121223861[View]
121284749where is he did he make enough money off of small ville to stop hollywooding[View]
121284638Why does every Berserk adaptation suck?[View]
121275502>There's a man goin round, takin names[View]
121278511Ad Astra: What did you think /tv/? Overall i thought it was bretty good but there was still lots tha…[View]
121282881If Pennywise came after you, what would he do to mess with you? Since I have an avid fear of spiders…[View]
121284471What are some movies for this feel?[View]
121284468FROG THREAD![View]
121284453Frog Fred[View]
121282083Jonah Hill drops ONE big iced coffee in Los Angeles[View]
121284327FROG THREAD![View]
121284276I have to be honest here, /tv/!: It fucking sucks to be a DC fan and see shit like this made with my…[View]
121280862>You want ONE ticket to THE JOKER?[View]
121283739FROG THREAD![View]
121283701FROG THREAD![View]
121284079The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.[View]
121284195)))Counter-Programing((( that is the new Rambo.: The Chad reviewer vs The virgin SJW (Grace Randolph…[View]
121284133Nobody likes him, he isn't interesting, his twitch is corny and a failure, and he is shit at vi…[View]
121283931FROG THREAD![View]
121281709>no one talks about this anymore Why has The Return completely been forgotten?…[View]
121282789>gives right wing movies high scores is he /ourguy/[View]
121284207FROG THREAD![View]
121281930>mooooooooooooooooon river >wider than a mile i love firefly bros…[View]
121284115FROG THREAD![View]
121282257>recast non-speaking background character with a new actress because the old one wasn't avai…[View]
121281044Power Ranger Waifu Thread: and post dudes if you swing that[View]
121283914>king off /tv/[View]
121283974FROG THREAD![View]
121283809FROG THREAD![View]
121283796new netflix movie Marianne: What did netflix mean by this?[View]
121280230Osborne... Osborne Cox...[View]
121280526I call it 'Billy and the Cloneasaurus'[View]
121283831FROG THREAD![View]
121272041This was a really enjoyable movie. Jared Harris was superb as Moriarty. Why didn't people like …[View]
121283818Rule of Acquisition #10: Greed is eternal.[View]
121283756how come it was never made into a movie? a big studio bought the rights, one of writers of GOT wrote…[View]
121283795FROG THREAD![View]
121282827/somg/ - son of mask general: ahem 'my bad'[View]
121280582>past the age of 18, being a virgin can be a bad thing Was he right?[View]
121283669Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
121274471>90 days until The Rise of Skywalker[View]
121283255People who would make great side characters if a movie was made about the person they're connec…[View]
121283698Can we discuss Star Wars lore?[View]
121283689>ooh-ooh-OOO ! *scratches head* Gentleapes...[View]
121283685what are some movies about tomboys[View]
121279403ITT: Post 10/10 films[View]
121283367......yeah, I thinking Disney & JJ ran out of ideas, so they're not even trying anymore. …[View]
121273128The great debate: What is the most defining tvkino of the 21st century?[View]
121267158Which movie protagonist can beat him?[View]
121279094Could Prometheus have been good Or was it always going to be bad because Of Ridley Scott's shit…[View]
121280050Inception is a stupid ass movie.[View]
121283581what are some kinos that remind you of the times you were a happy teen[View]
121283148What does /tv/ think of the Riddick franchise?[View]
121280803One ticket for Rambo: Last Blood please... Robert is it?![View]
121282355I'm a native Buenos Airean, yes. I really dislike what's happened but need a little time t…[View]
121268806>two women try to prove they need no men >they decide to become stripers >think it is easy …[View]
121281757What did i think of AHS 1984? Thye nailed the feel and look, but the killer is literally taken from …[View]
121280134Hey /tv/, here’s to you.......... suckin my dick! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!![View]
121281449https://youtu.be/AdE7yos6COw Has a movie ever pegged you so hard you just wanted to die?[View]
121282564comfy autumn movies thread: post your favorite[View]
121282437Stanley Kubrick is a hack[View]
121278929Name it.[View]
121282600Movies about killing depressed war vets?! Like this one streaming show that happens to be animated a…[View]
121276508THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
121283169Yup, I'm thinking /ourgirl/ is back: https://youtu.be/WTDNEhDyKdo[View]
121283436actresses that are not known for being hot that you find attractive but wouldnt fuck because youre t…[View]
121280066The Deuce: Andrea > Abby[View]
121277282for how long is it okay to be engaged to a quiet qt faithful girl?[View]
121283281Tarantino blu-ray: which film of his has the best looking blu-ray release? I'm specifically loo…[View]
121283051Moments that ruined careers.[View]
121282128Why was he a nihilistic yuppie with a dangerous sense of humor[View]
121283291>most legendary Chinese martial artist in the world nearly gets turned into a vegetable by a rand…[View]
121281479Is the movie decent? Also Americans may not reply to this thread, please. Nobody wants a climate cha…[View]
121283244What are some movies depicting life under a fascist regime[View]
121279379I was an intern at Nickelodeon Studios for a year in 2005 for my degree in animation.: It wasn'…[View]
121283012You can try to come for me, Architect, but day by day, my powers grow stronger than you could imagin…[View]
121278773The Terror: What is /tv/'s opinion on this[View]
121283208Hey, /tv/! I can smoke my stogy ANYWHERE i want. I don’t have to find a hide out place LIKE YOU! OHU…[View]
121276458Based traditionalist Tolkien DABS all over communist GRRM: >Ser Like Sir, get it? >Westerlands…[View]
121283194https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2WPFNVinFk >behind the scenes of season 1 episode 4 new video!…[View]
121282776ITT: overrated actors[View]
121281990Why did skynet give their infiltration robot a silly accent?[View]
121281242>Our lives our in your hands and you have butterfingers?[View]
121283030Anyone else feel this would have been perfect as a poster? It's much better than any official a…[View]
121282921>a man yelled at me from across the street, calling me peckerwood >I thought it was a term of …[View]
121274611What does /tv/ think of these slick minimalist covers?[View]
121282906Erica Durance to reprise role as Lois Lane: COME ON CW PLEASE WE'RE THIS CLOSE DON'T STOP …[View]
121282889Holy shit, Joaquin[View]
121282392Was it kino?[View]
121282839What are some films where people die a violent death?[View]
121281961Who would you cast as batgirl in the upcoming batgirl movie ?[View]
121281896what was the point of this character?, should i feel sorry for him?[View]
121280822Did they sell captured prisoners as slaves to european slave traders? . Did their elite ally with th…[View]
121272771>tfw when you go down to the archives and start pulling some old files[View]
121282692Hear me out boys: Spider-Man 2099, but with br 2049 atmosphere/cinematography Oscar Isaac plays Migu…[View]
121282626>Ten seconds, Mr Marsh..[View]
121281630any slasher movies where the bad guy kills everybody but isn't stopped at the end, and he doesn…[View]
121282629What are some films with white females and Asian females in lesbian relationships (or at least toget…[View]
121281835ITT: ACTRESS WHO WILL PEAK IN THE FUTURE: Mark my word teevee she WILL became super sexy hot[View]
121277932>it's a love letter to....[View]
121281753OTGW: I finished 'Over The Garden Wall' the other day, and I was wondering if there was something si…[View]
121282593>tfw no chain smoking, alcoholic, frumpy, insecure about her boyish looks /lit/ gf…[View]
121282241crappy posters thread.: its almost 2020, why does this shit still happen in movie posters? it did gi…[View]
121281084PRIME Adam Sandler is now the protagonist of the last movie you watched. Is it kino?[View]
121269792Between.Two.Ferns.The.Movie.2019.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-CM.mkv Between.Two.Ferns.The.Movie.2019…[View]
121281876>dozens of deaths from e-cigarettes >news mentioning their harm every day >this man is sti…[View]
121282474why you guys hate her,she looks adorable[View]
121274547I didn't mind her in stranger things, but when she appeared in once upon a time in hollywood it…[View]
121282383Jean Grey: Heres your jean Gray bro[View]
121282358Spitting Image: Will any show ever compare?[View]
121280688So far most DCEU villains have been grey punchy things. What villain should they use for a new Super…[View]
121277340>Morpheus just called Neo a weenie[View]
121273386name ONE good movie that came out this year[View]
121273542>Promotional BTS photo >Still more kino than almost anything made in the 21st century…[View]
121282099Ad Astra: Space monkeys and moon pirates, what's not to hate about this boring pretentious piec…[View]
121264915>he thinks the murders were in Bateman's head[View]
121282134>it's a punishment Q ya gotta do it >yeah buddy we need some new cunnyposting material Ho…[View]
121280727What movie is this from?[View]
121282093What do his peers think of him?: {spoiler]This is what I don't want to be[/spoiler][View]
121274884Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121279885lmao Rambo came in dead last[View]
121281933Movies about this feel[View]
121281503the call that saved K.P. Plumbing[View]
121281133Go ahead. Try to name better CGI than in this moment. >You can't[View]
121280648Wrestling Magazine Penpals: why don't they let children publish their pictures and where they l…[View]
121278572So if they wanted to turn him dark, why didnt they just brutally execute Wesley, Mexican cartel styl…[View]
121278733How much do you pay for AmeriKKKan propaganda?[View]
121237825what's the most fucked up, depressing film you've ever seen?[View]
121278123Star Trek Discovery. Had a steamy dream about Captain Pike. Does this make me gay or just normal?[View]
121278219> Joker deals with the themes of mental illness and its effects, and its depiction of the Joker h…[View]
121278597I am going to die soon. What should I watch before the lights go out?[View]
121281768>One ticket to Joker please[View]
121280655Was this supposed to be scary?[View]
121281616why are succubi tales such an unexplored theme in film and television?[View]
121281695What are some kino commercials? I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L5gR1kWtFg[View]
121281744DEY HEA AND IDGF[View]
121278531Post historical docukino[View]
121281089Have you ever dressed up like a movie character?[View]
121281410Stop my invincible son.[View]
121281397Is it kino?[View]
121281592>A slow-burning, chill bone of fear and seduction[View]
121276935What are some Paleolithic kino?[View]
121279733DO IT[View]
121277641>wedding episodes are all terri- Woah[View]
121281147What are the best films about coming back home after being away for years and years?[View]
121279725Is he the same Batman from Batman vs Superman and Justice League? If not, that means The Batman take…[View]
121281121The Lords Of Salem is an extreme pleb filter[View]
121281074Hello my baby, hello my honey[View]
121251493Is it good?: >'The filmmakers have made Mexico seem like an infinite wasteland of crime and death…[View]
121281027is he next[View]
121281001Daily reminder that Buffy Summers was a mental patient in a sanitarium and hallucinated everything.[View]
121273910OH NO NO NO[View]
121270646I'm going to ruin Citizen Kane for you with one question. How did they know his last word was R…[View]
121277735House of Cards: Given current events, it's hilarious to think that in the world of House of Car…[View]
121280927Hidden meaning?: What was the message/ meaning they were trying to convey to the audience when Emma…[View]
121278407favorite skit from hit TELEVISION show Million Dollar Extreme?[View]
121278050Post perfectly shot scenes.[View]
121275761ITT: Sex Worker Kino[View]
121277791Ladies(and gay men) would you fuck slimgood body?[View]
121271884He's fucking back[View]
121277964>got to the kinoplex >only buy a large soda and get a good seat >leave my soda on my seat s…[View]
121280625Fatman and Boy Blubber: You can`t make something like this today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX…[View]
121280682>you like movies, anon? What's the last film you seen at the cinéma? >ermm, Godzilla.…[View]
121280284Favourite movie? A Man Without A Past directed by Aki Kaurismäki for sure.[View]
121278588Is it ok to do blackface in movies?[View]
121278496 [View]
121279493What is some violence kino from film and television?[View]
121277977'Well Ferris, I guess this is the day you get off.' what did she mean by this?[View]
121279998When are we gonna get a Chuckie anime that does a deep dive into his character[View]
121278441OI CUNT[View]
121279974This is not meth.[View]
121276538>Why yes, I am. How could you tell?[View]
121278436>le funny robot killer with a quirky tie why was this show good again? oh, right... cause season …[View]
121277913>Man, how the hell did you get fired on your day off?[View]
121279442There was never a more kino Australian show than this[View]
121279826Did he honestly believe that he'd get $10 million a year for the rest of his life without getti…[View]
121279991KARMA KRAMER?[View]
121279329obscure 80s slasher films: are there any others like this or Silent Night Deadly Night? I'm tir…[View]
121274407Just finished season 4. What a waste this character is.[View]
121279811When will they finish the trilogy?[View]
121278274What actors can make you go to almost any movie? For me it's pic related. I saw one of the Tran…[View]
121279346How would you use the 'Death Note'? How would you avoid getting caught by 'L'?[View]
121277839Terrence Malick: What's /tv/'s opinion on Terrence Malick? Also is he the best American di…[View]
121278461Need help finding a movie: There's a webm from a movie that i want to see, but i don't hav…[View]
121277992I'm looking for movies and TV shows where authorities lay down the law. When crime is rampant o…[View]
121279068>episode 2 >god is black >'i invented they, before he/she. They didn't write that down…[View]
121269611How did they greenlight this scene?[View]
121279459Me say No Say Ah hullo and curana Nanimo, Nanimo Ah orcmahu.[View]
121279322I didn't know how to categorize Youtube under links.: I ended up putting it under Movies. Does …[View]
121279319did you guys see the latest Family Guy? pretty relevant to the times also very awesome and funny[View]
121272211No Country for Old Men is 10/10: Is No Country For Old Men the only film /tv/ agrees that it's …[View]
121279125>rey already defeated kylo once >they expect us to think it won't happen another time…[View]
121274259Why am i so normie?[View]
121278923Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121277503What the fuck was his adjusted net income?[View]
121277923When main character=worst character: Is JRE best example of?[View]
121261763oh no no no no Poor triggered Grace is having her own fans turn on her. https://youtu.be/__sI77fl7ck[View]
121276362ITT: Sequels better than the original[View]
121279009Where my Downton Abbey bros at?: The film is comfy Kino. Mary is still sexy as fuck[View]
121276030Yes, Prime Minister: What do you guys think about it?[View]
121278544Why did they change this part of Rambo 3?[View]
121277510Whats the consensuses on 1 and 2?[View]
121272917The best movie ever made: And the only time a sequel was better than the original. How the FUCK did …[View]
121278897Underplayed motivation thread: Muh JESEEEEEKAAAAAA![View]
121278871Is this show worth watching: Redpill me on it /tv/[View]
121277028GOAT music videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMSFqXGZ5TQ >pic unrelated…[View]
121278129ITT: Movies ruined by normal fags[View]
121275463Was he an incel?[View]
121278312>Get digital code for a movie >Redeem it and then download >Delete movie >Download movie…[View]
121275430Product Placement: Post product placements from shows and movies[View]
121262096MOMMY NO! https://youtu.be/__sI77fl7ck[View]
121277101That's not a knife… THAT's a knife.: Ahnold comments Rambo`s knife.[View]
121278643what does /tv/ think of puff puff pass[View]
121275923I fucking hate Ed Helms[View]
121277867What's going on here?[View]
121277583ITT: We write a letter to our new tv related overlords Dear[View]
121278445>Send more cops![View]
121261042What is your Halloween movie list that you are going to view this year /tv/?[View]
121276211How do I go from retail cuck to legendary art house film director?[View]
121277904horror thread bros? recommend and talk about horror movies in this bitch. i need foreign recommendat…[View]
121277553>me and the boys getting ready to rush area 51[View]
121277813>tfw Star Wars has become so shit the only interest you have in it is seeing how poorly the next …[View]
121278793H-HE'S FAST[View]
121278237Hello and good morning, folks, welcome to The Games Workshop[View]
121277856How old is she now?[View]
121271925Better get those cameras rolling folks: Today is the day of Area 51 kino[View]
121278118Rambo's Last Blood is based on Alejo Garza Tamez[View]
121277153What is the difference between a film, a movie, a flick and a kino?[View]
121277786What was his fucking problem?[View]
121261729Rambo: Last Blood: Rambo Last Blood is over the top and irresponsible in todays climate. https://you…[View]
121277341Why yes[View]
121276185Parasite: Ok, so why i'm supossed to hate rich family? Father had kinda sensetive nose and wife…[View]
121273106well done /tv/, you were actually right for once.[View]
121276888Mr Robot: Watch her show.[View]
121275550television & film[View]
121276972Has a Comedy ever won an Oscar or other prestigious award[View]
121277740I don't get it. What was his problem?[View]
121273145Imagine if you will... you, having friends. It´s Saturday night. You're watching 'so bad it…[View]
121277573Holy FUCK, they messed up new Star Wars so BAD they actually decided it's best to bring back Em…[View]
121276436Monica > Rachel > Phoebe[View]
121277449Why are their no classic Fox shows on Disney plus?: I would think they would have some of the more t…[View]
121273461Nothing Happens: The Movie: Call it a ‘love letter’ all you want. It’s a meaningless phrase to cover…[View]
121275399he started out with such a promising career - what happened ?[View]
121279120What went wrong?[View]
121277565this show is pretty good: really tense and gritty. reminds of The Night Of[View]
121275567Sad to say but Brad doesn’t draw dimes anymore[View]
121273040why Harry Potter is so popular around autistic spastic fucks? erotic fanfiction, declaring youre Hu…[View]
121277525Has anybody else seen the Australian film Breath? It’s was boring surfing wank for the most part, ho…[View]
121277379what does /tv/ think of onions green?[View]
121277411Trailer starts: >seems like lately... everyone’s tryna build walls[View]
121270932When did you realize that Spider-man never actually climbed any walls in Far From Home? It's li…[View]
121276737I haven't wathched a movie since i was 10, where do I start? Is there any good book on history …[View]
121277343>a character is insane >starts drawing symbols…[View]
121277460basedposting by tyler daddy[View]
121277224What is the directorial equivalent of RATM? Tarantino? Bay?[View]
121276130Every year hundreds of indie and direct-to-video movies that no one hears about get made. Do they ev…[View]
121274656Name a single line from this hit TV show that ran for five years.[View]
121276572>Sorry kid, I work alone.[View]
121276273Cast a mindlessly enjoyable sitcom with your favorite actors and actresses. Kat Dennings and Christi…[View]
121276894Did anyone else find the female gremlin in Gremlins 2 kinda hot? Hahaha...[View]
121274753what do you think of this /lit/ pseuds director list?: obviously, the meme trilogy: >bresson >…[View]
121276309Anyone else don't go to a movie theatres because you don't have any friends or family to g…[View]
121277122the fuck was his problem?[View]
121274446xfm: >the episode where Karl suggests that someone should fill the volcanoes on Lanzarote with ce…[View]
121276747Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
121275696What are some underrated episodes? I watched all the popular ones[View]
121277018Why yes, I am that I am, how could you tell?[View]
121274403Do you feel it?[View]
121276908>(((abraham drexler))) really hates racists and women[View]
121275934Well...I guess he's back?[View]
121273737Post movie scenes that triggered you[View]
121276395Hello /tv/, thank you for coming here to the scene of my big announcement!: I have a biiig announcem…[View]
121272311Wasn't Magneto a jew?[View]
121275826Sandler Kino: >its an adam sandler film >he's superhuman in sports and is a master hand t…[View]
121271047oh my god-: zilla[View]
121270044I want to watch Korra for 2D thots. Is watching old series mandatory or skippable?[View]
121275643Did he got what he deserved?[View]
121274921What does /tv/ think about this one?[View]
121273194Greatest moment in the history of art, literally nothing else comes close to this.[View]
121274496I've always been avoiding those two movies, although I do enjoy Emerich's crap. Are they w…[View]
121268870>So I'm 300 years old?[View]
121273738>Friday night why are you here?[View]
121275774>A popular war hero with the best blood claim to the crown becomes king? This is highly unrealist…[View]
121275106Pure garbage, the sequel was a million times better[View]
121276111You're the red white and blue The funny things you do America America this is you[View]
121276249Why can’t women understand movies?[View]
121271277/tgif/ general: /tgif/ general[View]
121273391What's your most watched movie? And how often do you watch it?: I pretty much just watch the la…[View]
121275730I just finished season two. What did I think of it /tv/?[View]
121275324christine: what's tv's opinion of christine was it kino in your opinion?[View]
121274651what are some comfy films for a cold dark night?[View]
121270171What are the best Trumpian fantasy movies?[View]
121274983Was it Reddit?[View]
121273498your suggestions /tv/ ?[View]
121274514Can someone recommend me a good forum for discussion of film and tv?[View]
121273899>left-wing propaganda movie ends up proving the right-wing is correct What other movies do this?…[View]
121270660critics are such pieces of shit[View]
121275564Been rewatching That 70s show, and it didn't age all that well. But it did made me think how Re…[View]
121273522this was unironically good. its not without its flaws but its a charming film an dare i say fun…[View]
121274680Sell me some kino[View]
121254241/trek/: Changeling World Order edition Gas the Goos SPACE WAR NOW[View]
121275454are tv e-drones or aewchads[View]
121274478>tfw no Trudy gf[View]
121274955*Hyena Laughter*[View]
121275301She’s like Wynona’s younger hotter sister[View]
121275246>garland greene >serial killer who has killed more than thirty people including children >d…[View]
121274336>like tears in the snow BRAVO VILLENEUVE[View]
1212736422019 .. i am.. forgotten[View]
121273426Reminder Forrest Gump invented the smiley face[View]
121273254DCucks will defend this.[View]
121272162Why is that one guy not moving at all?[View]
121271117What do you think? Will Reylo actually happen in The Rise of Skywalker?[View]
121273416I love Starlight.[View]
121269799I don't understand. His 'reviews' all just read like a wikipedia plot synopsis. He doesn't…[View]
121274637Live and love, Incel. but seriously, why all the most important modern art is fighting for the souls…[View]
121268528>What are you doing here?[View]
121274977Thoughts on this political drama?: >Britain just take Merkel’s migrants like other bitchboi Europ…[View]
121270416Any Qualley Kino?[View]
121266786Has /tv/ seen the Napoleon trilogy?[View]
121272337>Sir, you need to see this. >What is it, Johnson? >So, our suspect is taking a shower... …[View]
121274493are reviews essentially worthless now? the disconnect between RT reviewers and normal people is at a…[View]
121274271ITT: Movies that you never expected to make you cry, but they did.[View]
121271934The main character of the last movie you saw gains possession of The Mask. What is: -The movie'…[View]
121274456ITS HAPPENING[View]
121274544What are some magical boarding school kinos? >inb4 Hairy Pooper 'No!'[View]
121267605Perfect Blue: Filming it as a cartoon was an unnecessary gimmick. Using real actors would have suffi…[View]
121274649/tolkein/ LOTR general: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0gNjGbKZeRe[View]
121273726>595 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness[View]
121274684>How do we kill something that can't die? >We destroy what it needs to not die.…[View]
121274673What do you think of Walt Disney?[View]
121273998>you just don’t get it, do you?![View]
121273941why does every modern tv show have to shake the camera all of the time? even when it's a still …[View]
121274447Who was in the wrong? The chad dad or the incel son?[View]
121274233Joker 2019 Poster: Jokers new poster is kino as fuck, nigga.[View]
121265961You have to make a kino film about 90's grunge music: You have $100m budget and can cast anyone…[View]
121273538Cast them[View]
121274254>that's petty >that's petty >it is not petty was it petty?…[View]
121269757name a better sitcom character[View]
121272906I still miss him, bros.[View]
121273101real question. do people ever fuck on shows like survivor behind the scenes?[View]
121273824What happened to this guy, he hasn’t made anything since the Revenant[View]
121267770Rate our TOP10s: 10. A-Team 2010 9. Troy 8. Training Day 7. Never Back Down 6. Law Abiding Citizen 5…[View]
121273977how do we get the best female director in history to make more movies[View]
121272500I organically decided to watch this a while ago. It's good, just wanted to let you guys know[View]
1212738923 from 2005: ive lurked /tv/ since the start of the week and noticed a severe lack of any rob zombie…[View]
121272035please post more pics of her.[View]
121273898Gemma Arterton: Thoughts on her role in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters?[View]
121273039Why in no alien movie was ever tiger used to show how powerful an alien is. Imagine.[View]
121268497Who is the most based in Mad Men cast aside from Roger?[View]
121273688Feeling like a big guy, might delete later[View]
121273771It wasn't supposed to be a documentary[View]
121265797The Thin Red Line: What's the verdict on this film?[View]
121266314I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU-OOOOOOO: How does it feel to know zoomers already find classics like Sein…[View]
121273697A MAGA hat? Really? Why does Trump exist in the Rambo universe?[View]
121272789The House Bunny: Anyone else seen this kino? Would you?[View]
121270309>villain is a God fearing priest >highly trained assassin >frequently takes his hat off and…[View]
121266990every scene of Meadow being a stacy puts a dagger in my heart: > tfw Meadow is every girl who you…[View]
121271078Why does she keep being hired to ruin shows and flicks ?[View]
121273510Got Milk?[View]
121263532IS 4K OLED WORTH IT?[View]
121272902Well, now what? Marvel isn't putting out anything of note until 2022 at the earliest.[View]
121262325What happened to epics?[View]
121271564Cast him.[View]
121272477Yellowstone: halfway into Yellowstone S2, how do I find I crazy bitch like this /tv/? asking for a f…[View]
121273083who will play the dog in the inevitable biopic?[View]
121271777Best dialogue I've ever seen[View]
121272208Greatest moments in news history?[View]
121269717What's your favorite Yorgos Lanthimos kino? For me it's 50-50 between The Lobster and The …[View]
121273251You seeing anybody lately, /tv/?[View]
121264028Yeah, I'm thinking it's time for an animal kino thread[View]
121273202Why didn't he just take the thot to her father?[View]
121267823Best MCU villain: Jake made capeshit kino[View]
121272856Before I kill you, Poe, I just wanted you to know that the last thing that little Casey Poe ever get…[View]
121273122the current state of cam rips in 2019[View]
121272417Who else is hyped?[View]
121272177>we were like the Roman Empire >once I dont get it. By the end of the film, the Corleone famil…[View]
121271653I asked for *light* starch on my nightcap![View]
121273053The Vicious Kind (2009): Any more depressing movies that are completely realistic and aren't tr…[View]
121271864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuUB3d2xcMY will nate and jules hook up in season 2?[View]
121270754some of my best friends are gungan[View]
121271558>No forced diversity >No forced stronk independent womyn >Just European historical kino Wtf…[View]
121267717Will Lizzie ever have a breakout role?[View]
121263490why can't anyone else do a strong female protaganist correctly?[View]
121271073Did /tv/ like it?[View]
121272928Dark Crystal - You've got purple on you edition: Anyone got that sketch of Conqueror and Wander…[View]
121256560I just saw it. What do u wanna know[View]
121272814I didn't mind her in stranger things, but when she appeared in once upon a time in hollywood it…[View]
121263518Films that made you cry?[View]
121271229ya'll ever just relax and watch a barbie movie as an adult man without any shame cause they are…[View]
121272439What are your top 3 most overrated movies? You cant say Godfather.[View]
121272677CANCER OF THE PRICK[View]
121270765>I'd rather be dead than do that >then DIE…[View]
121270874is Emily Jean Stone the most talented actress under 50 today? What upcoming project of hers interest…[View]
121272672Not enough car chases and flashbacks for the seppo crowd? The coconut who threatens the bully is the…[View]
121272358Did they fuck or were they just frens who made a 'blood bond' like boys playing indians?[View]
121271812You just know this is going to be unbelievably kino[View]
121270678>It's not your fault[View]
121272148>want to watch a mystery kino >turns out to be a whodunnit flick…[View]
121272565What if there are no clouds that night in Gotham?[View]
121271980Who are the best non Hollywood actors(past and present)? Whenever anyone here talks about the best p…[View]
121268061anyone know where I can watch this online? every site I try wants me to sigh up or either doesn’t wo…[View]
121272074Good night, sweet prince.[View]
121266554The Batman: Is this going to be part of DCEU? If so, we will have shitty Jared Leto Joker in this tr…[View]
121269588Why does Tolkein and his movies make fun of Hobbit meals?: Are Britfags so fucking poor that they ca…[View]
121272253post chad movies[View]
121265335>'We've seen vendors like Samsung get bustedhoovering up and collectingliving room conversat…[View]
121272246hey /tv/, just watched this film. did i like it? was it any good?[View]
121270755Kino performances only[View]
121270981to say that this was anything more than a platonic friendship between professionals in the movie bus…[View]
121271341I didn't mind her in the runaways, I actually found her quite attractive, but when she appeared…[View]
121271822Whatever happened to this guy? This nigga pulls bitches like he's on easy mode. https://youtu.b…[View]
121272232Is Star Wars lore good?[View]
121269074What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121271781>so Jay, what did you think of Rambo: Last Blood?[View]
121266507Now that Daniel is jailing every black rapper in existence, I think it's time to consider the m…[View]
121264859>Masseur who accused Kevin Spacey dies >A man who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault…[View]
121271031it was bad, but not as bad as force awakens refute this[View]
121272181>Drinking and chewing at the same time Why do they do this?[View]
121271936'Dude, Where's my car?'[View]
121270872>need to infiltrate a foreign agent for the most ambitious and sensitive secret operation ever co…[View]
121270666>And all the girls say I'm pretty fly[View]
121270288Who’s in the wrong here?[View]
121257618>FROM THE DUSTY MESA[View]
121271915Kino kino kino[View]
121269580What did he mean by this?[View]
121268078What are some quintessential Gibson kinos?[View]
121271887Which one do you reckon will be the bigger fuck-up of the decade?[View]
121271680ITT terrible movies with great scenes[View]
121265511Reminder that this man killed Batman and Superman in the eyes of the public. It's actually kind…[View]
121269201What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
121271673>ITT: GOD tier tropes Protagonist and Villain gain a mutual respect for one another and part ways…[View]
121270841What did Warwick Davis mean by this?[View]
121267673What was his fucking problem? Also it's a spongebob thread.[View]
121243310Even the Simpsons knows how easy Asian girls are.[View]
121270919What did /tv/ think about this? And that demon shit is real, isn't it[View]
121266561Aesthetic Smoking and Dancing Kino: Any good examples of this? https://streamable.com/0doc3 https://…[View]
121271448Why do men cheat with women that are uglier than their wives?[View]
121269678Memories of Murder: >After more than three decades of dead-ends, police believe they have found t…[View]
121271235OH NO NO NO LOOK AT HIM[View]
121268950PC -> TV media player?: So whats the suggested /tv/ approved media player these days? using HDMI …[View]
121271397Bloodline: Best performance ever made[View]
121244837What’s /tv/ veredict?[View]
121270709Any kinos with a genuinely happy animal protagonist?[View]
121267192ITT: Good female driven films[View]
121270531He was looking for intelligent life fom and couldn't find any on Earth[View]
121266919Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121268939>Hey Fatty, I got a movie for ya What movie did he have for Homer, /tv/?…[View]
121270776So... Rambo: Last Blood gets panned by critics because it's apparently 'problematic', although …[View]
121265812AD ASTRA WAS AWFUL: How this movie was so critically praised is beyond me. Did anyone here even enjo…[View]
121270264so.. his name's 'Tigger'right. ...'Tigger'.. and he just happens to talk about himself third pe…[View]
121270954>Literal cuck I thought he was based for the first half of the season how could I be betrayed lik…[View]
121266471Based lucas You couldn't get away with this kind of character design today How did you think he…[View]
121270097Venom: if Venom is a biological entity why the fuck does he 'flash' like a glitch?[View]
121264048Has one movie generated as many fandom tears as this one? Think about it for second.[View]
121266652>German guy >calls himself Mr. Universe How was this allowed?…[View]
121270584Has there been a better tv movie since?[View]
121270889where were you when they announced the villain of Star Wars, Episode 2 would be... Count Dracula? th…[View]
121270899I didn't mind her in stranger things, and I actually found her quiet attractive, but when she a…[View]
121270766so what was the point of him in the end?[View]
121268374Why did he ruin most of his films by putting his wife in them?: Why Bros? She kinda works in devil…[View]
121269877What are the worst fantasy movies you've ever seen?: 1. Conquest (1983) 2. Deathstalker (1983) …[View]
121265340American Psycho: Watched this kino last night for the second time. Absolutely loved it, but there…[View]
121263606ITT: Games that should get movie adaptions.[View]
121269019Will he do a sheevspin in Ep 9 ?[View]
121270346If you had to pick best movie of all time from your country. Like to represent your homeland in an …[View]
121267318>2000's American sitcom >Second Life episode…[View]
121260979Did Walter survive? Let’s settle this once and for all[View]
121270515Peaky Blinders Season 5 Trailer: Joker's not the only kino coming October 4th lads: https://www…[View]
121269592about to see the new Rambo in 1 hour - is it as based as the others?[View]
121268786Mr Inbetween: Hey /tv/ Anybody else watching this little gem of a show?[View]
121258467Was he right?[View]
121267834ITT: Childhood Sexual Awakenings: For me it was young Sally Fields in Stay Hungry.[View]
121269335THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
121267078Why is John Wick so groundbreaking to normals? Surely they know that Asia has been making action mov…[View]
121269297Here is your average movie 'critic' bro.[View]
121270161what the FUCK is his problem ?[View]
121269984Are there any decent streams/torrents on once upon a time in hollywood that aren't cams?[View]
121270081Who’s in the wrong here?[View]
121261486Who shall go down as the Saturday Night Live icon of the decade? Will it be Bill Heider or Pete Davi…[View]
121270212*guitar intro* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *guitar and drums* Dragon ball Z... DRAGON DRAGON ROCK THE DRAGON Dra…[View]
121268416Box Office Thread: Anyone here follow the box office? Anyone browse BOT?[View]
121265664Name a bad Cronenberg film, I'll wait.[View]
121265844So what happened to jesse in the end? He has no money, is one of the most wanted criminals and looks…[View]
121268204Why is he so fuckin retarted?[View]
121269300What would the porn parody be called?[View]
121266201>/tv/ says it's good >it's actually one of the blandest movies of the year Hellboy 2…[View]
121266794Love it or list it Vancouver > America Jillian is such a sl.. sweet person[View]
121269273ayy lmao: >He thinks aliens arent real https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/8xw83b/ufos-navy-confir…[View]
121269906she bang, she bang oh baby she move, she move[View]
121267623>watch tv with mom >tampon and douche commercials everywhere…[View]
121244704Spike Island: Was the Stone Roses really that big of a deal?[View]
121264849I feel like Joker is blessed to be the ultimate Batman movie. It's timed perfectly to coincide …[View]
121268673Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows Lies the seed, that with the sun's lov…[View]
121268104It must cost you sleep. The guests you drive off, the chances of thievin' and bilkin' you …[View]
121260966>I love you Honestly /tv/, how would you respond?[View]
121269337Why doesn't he just kill them?[View]
121269154Ladies and Gentlemen, I am am proud to announce Stanley Kubrick's true heir of 21st century Kin…[View]
121266927Did he ever finish his filet-o-fish?[View]
121263563>A self-destructive punk rocker struggles with sobriety while trying to recapture the creative in…[View]
121268969why did they give Mr. Hankey a gay southern accent?[View]
121267351How did they get away with this?[View]
121269381>The Yellow Man and the Girl is racist[View]
121264205Films about long lost relatives?[View]
121265109Why doesn't this ever happen with a female character?[View]
121268719what the fuck is with this trend of charles manson movies lately? all but one have been disrespectfu…[View]
121269073How many mockbusters have you seen? What is the 'best'? What is the worst?[View]
121267568what's next for Bobby D ?[View]
121266347What’s your girlfriend’s favorite movie[View]
121268390RIDDICK: Riddick 1 or Riddick 3 ?[View]
121261542King of Comedy: Omg I can't watch this. So much cringe.[View]
121265314What was her fucking problem?: >Says she wishes her parents dissolved in a vat of acid >snitch…[View]
121268391Shelley Duvall: Why did he do it bros ? ;_;[View]
121268783Anne Hathaway's Catwoman: kino?[View]
121268731For decades, I liked Star trek: Voyager with it's strong lead of kate mulgrew but now she'…[View]
121264853Just saw this in Futurama, can someone explain this to me? I don't get the joke[View]
121268726What were your favorite childhood movies from 2010?[View]
121267125Why are all piracy websites so fucking slow to load the movies? I have to stop and let it buffer eve…[View]
121268300my dick status = diamonds[View]
121256272I WANT CANDY![View]
121266290>you illegally boarded a spacecraft which resulted in the deaths of the entire crew? >lol no b…[View]
121263598>tfw you born at the right time to watch Drive There’s nothing like it. Not before and not after.…[View]
121268263>Frasier! >What happened to you?![View]
121265899but, why?[View]
121268248>Charging 18 dollarydoos for this piece of shit fucking KEK[View]
121266245Will Phil appear in The Many Saints of Newark?[View]
121267942this guy is a kino machine[View]
121266451i Robot: Meme all you want. But this was a very great sci-fi movie[View]
121266467>and not dying? I suppose that's off the table as well jesus christ…[View]
121267721Images fires the neutrons.[View]
121267828Mann Kino thread: Just finished this, I liked the ending, but can't help feel a bit disappointe…[View]
121267257Face genetics are not everything in film: How did nolan get away with this cgi testosterone to impro…[View]
121266997So is he going to put the suit on this time?[View]
121264261>Johnson, what about those two people visiting, claiming to be his parents? >I picked up somet…[View]
121260251Whats the name of the Kingdom?[View]
121260401What are some of the best movies or television shows with really good Director's Commentary? Th…[View]
121256366Is it true that Mike destroyed the prequels' reputation? I remember that right before RLM'…[View]
121259003Parasite (2019): wtf i hate rich people now[View]
121267060Black Moon Rising: is this film worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD0g8aZix4g…[View]
121266321Do you watch Better Call .......?[View]
121266514Next Addams Family when?[View]
121263511>I won't date a woman unless she uses baby wipes after using the toilet Unironically what di…[View]
121266405Jewish male + black female weddingkino: >gay porn like overractin like it's shakespeare dram…[View]
121266831>the menagerie parts 1 and 2 aren't the best episodes of season one…[View]
121266793Easily the most underrated action kino of the 2000's and the best Rambo after First Blood.[View]
121258360>*shitty MKUltra circus music starts playing* >I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN >*…[View]
121262806Did he rape her before sawing her in half?: She was a hot piece of ass all vulnerable with her tits …[View]
121261075Forget it, Jake. There’s nothing but fucking chunks in this town.: What did he mean by this /tv?…[View]
121266551Thoughts on Chris Chappell? Is he /ourguy/?[View]
121266329What's the non-tourist equivalent of Anderson?[View]
121266495What are some films with white females and Asian females in lesbian relationships (or at least toget…[View]
121265040What did you think of the Apocalypse Now Final Cut /tv/? Is it the best version or do you prefer the…[View]
121266091Just so you know, Anon. You are now creating 6 different timelines.[View]
121266040Why did I he swing at the armed robber? Didn’t he know he was gonna get shot? Or was this foreshadow…[View]
121266112Comedy sketches where the actors start corpsing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfPdYYsEfAE[View]
121266032Any movies based on Ben Garrison comics?[View]
121264661This is the biggest pleb filter of the fucking decade. What is it about this film attracting the mos…[View]
121261722Let's say they don't go with the comics version of how Homelander is killed. How could the…[View]
121265210So now that the dust has settled Was rugrats /kino?/[View]
121234783What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121261732/DarkPhoenix/ General: Where my X-bros at? Discuss the latest and final kino in the franchise now th…[View]
121262190There are plenty of movies about psychopaths, but why aren't there any movies about sociopaths?[View]
121264363Why no one told me about this? Its like trump era zoomer version of 8 mile with shitload of redpills…[View]
121265523Blade Runner: What was the significance of this scene?[View]
121265045Remember you brought this on yourselves.[View]
121263347Moonbase streaming: Whatever happened to that moonbase or something streaming site where we used to …[View]
121263324>Middle school flashbacks in modern movies are now set in the 2000's…[View]
121264659I dance I dance I dance, Around a mexican hat[View]
121264750What are some other films about autist? I keked when he told the chick that one of the dolls was des…[View]
121264133Why doesn't /tv/ like Andy Samberg? He's pretty cool and funny. Also Popstar: Never Stop N…[View]
121265367If they were outside of school, who do you think would win?[View]
121265552movie twists that took you by surprise: The last part of the movie, when Andy says >get busy busy…[View]
121254820How come there is no Falklands War kino?[View]
121262910What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
121262971When did Christopher Nolan come out of the closet?[View]
121265521What does /tv/ think of Wes Anderson?[View]
121254998This guy demands satisfaction in your path. Wat do?[View]
121262050We all agree he was the best friend right?[View]
121265369Post good prison kino[View]
121263887>MC hates God because there is evil in the world[View]
121264690favorite skit from hit TELEVISION show Million Dollar Extreme?[View]
121265330What are some films about total and unconditional redemption?[View]
121262083pure kino, comin through[View]
121257792WAHAAT?! He does exist![View]
121264902Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again.…[View]
121262456What was her end game?[View]
121265098question: what even is the point of shooting on film anymore when all cinemas use digital projectors…[View]
121253297All wings report in[View]
121265168Surveillance kino[View]
121253255Anti-White, Pro-Diversity...It's all I see.: Trying to explain to my friend that the Anti-White…[View]
121263002Is this the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
121258857Mutafukaz: Recommendation: If you plan on watching this film, watch the French dub, because the Engl…[View]
121262507Why is it unfashionable to like Fight Club in today's society? How do we change this?[View]
121265038was the funnest high school / coming of age movie American Pie? or was it American Pie? I was ok wit…[View]
121264045LAST NIGHT[View]
121261327Yeah, I'm thinking he's fucking back.: >violence orgy >not PC-cucked >'critic' pi…[View]
121264942Shay Mitchell: What are /tv/'s thoughts on her roles and career?[View]
121262708>listen babe, i'm a good vampire >i only kill animals and shit >im like 115 years old …[View]
121263038New Rambo is like....: Home Alone for adults lel[View]
121264357Movies with this feel?[View]
121264781Did you guys hear about the new netflix original? >takes place in a quiet town where multi-racial…[View]
121251435The premise of this movie was absolutely retarded. Why would someone want to control all the water i…[View]
121264782Are they too old for this shit ?[View]
121264532What did I think of it?[View]
121264226Who is this cunt sucking off? How did some skinnyfat Asian bitch with no tits or ass get cast as the…[View]
121235776Tom Welling to reprise role as Clark Ken/Superman: Who else here /hype/?[View]
121250823films about heckin furbaby goodboyes ??[View]
121257953absolute kino[View]
121263804You a photographer?[View]
121259120XD why is rick and morty a cultural phenomenon?[View]
121258187how come this guy didn't do shit besides play the piano, what the fuck was his deal[View]
121264490According to news, Ryan Gosling will be portraying Arishem the Judge in his next movie.[View]
121261133Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Have you ever had a friend like Siegfried Kircheis?[View]
121260999>this is what atheists actually believe OH NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
121257232/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH Part 1 winner: TBD HoH Part 2 winner: TBD HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previously…[View]
121261168ITT: Lesbian kino[View]
121249268Is Molly's Game (2017) one of the best movies based on gambling in recent years?[View]
121264141All women of a certain age should produce monster fantasy dildo porn videos.[View]
121239865Wheres his heart?[View]
121263056>You'll get your fucking rent when you finally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide! Jesus fuck…[View]
121262680Which character is the most kino and why is it J Roc?[View]
121263559Why is that one guy not moving at all?[View]
121262489Webm Thread: You know how it is. Post them.[View]
121263078DAMN sophia turner looks like THAT?![View]
121260930What even is the story here? Will we finally find out?[View]
121262026Has /tv/ been watching this? It's actually pretty good.[View]
121263700This movie is fucking garbage and so was once upon a time in Hollywood. before you say anything, No …[View]
121260544ITT post actors at their charismatic peak[View]
121262833For me, it's time of the titans[View]
121260885DO YOU SUCK DICKS ?[View]
121261669alchie kino: for me its Last Samurai and The Departed, they are amazing drink wise what do you guys …[View]
121262439They should have called this 'Abomination' and it would have done a lot better.[View]
121258682>*is the only good capeshit to ever release*[View]
121262642What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121257140Damn who could live like that?[View]
121262419films where kids get blown the fuck out[View]
121261419please don’t be shit[View]
121262900This is the worst movie to come out in the last decade.[View]
121261647youre dole dippers madam[View]
121259478HADOUKEN: https://youtu.be/doihYFkeWsQ[View]
121263059So...the whole point is that he already slashed her up before the movie timeline started and that…[View]
121261786bowling kinos?[View]
121260782Black Head of the CIA: Black Head of the CIA[View]
121261334Is this worth watching?[View]
121262945What are some films with white females and Asian females in lesbian relationships (or at least toget…[View]
121261326Who has the better movies?[View]
121258311ITT: Movie licensed games: Where did they go? Which ones are your favorites? Do you think they will …[View]
121262495Hello fchan.com, we are FSociety. For years we have witnessed the Anomalous hacker group perform dee…[View]
121262234i can't /tv/ too long, i gotta poo[View]
121260975>movie is about the dangers or isolation and lack of emotional connection with other people how …[View]
121260389>it's a Luanne-centered episode[View]
121261558films about a friend that you miss who was wronged by the powers that be[View]
121259115So, I'm starting the 2nd season of mad men Please tell me this unbearable brat will die[View]
121261268Looking for a movie. It was a WW2 movie, probably made in the 60s or 70s. The protagonists were airm…[View]
121262411Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121262330Why are audiences and critics so out of touch?[View]
121259716Were Robin's hands given a wake, funeral, and burial ceremony?[View]
121260307>black critics like it >asian critics like it >hispanic critics like it >white women hat…[View]
121262329Bossfights that never happened, but should have.: also Sopranos thread.[View]
121262009This is actually based[View]
121262204Most based man ever?: He seems to get under all the fags’ skin more than anyone else. And they can’t…[View]
121261210post rare boomers[View]
121261550why did the neighborhood kids want to kill them: at the start of the movie?[View]
121261720>Welcome to Star Wars Galaxys Edge(TM) >as you can see here, we have installed the new Jaba fa…[View]
121261484based Hank[View]
121260454What's with all of the toxic male movies coming out??[View]
121252423Biopic when? And who should play him besides Idris Elba?[View]
121259740I want to invite Warwick Davis to my penthouse apartment for drinks, and then when we get there, I g…[View]
121258739what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
121260367>Jumpscares in movies? Love them, really gets the blood flowing.[View]
121256531Imagenet Roulette thread about actors and their faces of work, thank u based AI[View]
121261144Why is this whole network so trash?[View]
121260737A long time ago...[View]
121260398>40 years later >No capeshit has ever been able to top it…[View]
121261832This is very redpilled. The old man represents europeans, who out of plain vanity crippled themselve…[View]
121238398That's not a fucking typo: Oh god, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be tr…[View]
121260352He's right, you know.[View]
121256049Was it real?[View]
121245450Are all romance movies just fag shit or are there any kino ones?[View]
121261596goddamn dirty PRIMATES[View]
121254746>yeah do you want something? >if you're not gonna buy a ticket could you stop holding up …[View]
121260532Critics about to be totally BTFO[View]
121259316Could a movie with this premise be made today?[View]
121259754what's tv's favorite dance scene[View]
121257370is this show Power any good? or is it over-rated? racists go away[View]
121235165WebM Thread: Since there is no webm thread in the catalog, post what you have[View]
121260452What's the Hospice of cinema?[View]
121256034Why was Tony so haunted by his death? So much more than anyone else he whacked or ordered whacked? W…[View]
121259584Remember when Gosling was a twink?[View]
121255383Wait, when was this guy in fucking Burma? Why was he there? How did he go from hunting bandits to be…[View]
121260908ITT: Movies with dark twists: >>'Buried' with Ryan Reynolds[View]
121257456Is military science fiction by far the most underappreciated genre of them all? I'd wager it is[View]
121257762Does Riri deserve a second chance at making kino?[View]
121257591>I fought in WWI but I had to lie about my age to get in to the army.[View]
121252147What's next for Candice's cinematic career?[View]
121260859This board is homosexual[View]
121259258I don't get it.[View]
121251989faces of /tv/[View]
121259924>If you must know, I am in the safe hands of Eddie Trojan. The Bonemaster.…[View]
121256336it was fun[View]
121260179Famous celebrities that you met.[View]
121250168it's the worst spider-man movie[View]
121256685Anyone else watching it?: I've been lurking for like 3 days waiting for a thread, and when I ma…[View]
121259529They're obviously not going to play this as a basic slasher shitfest. So what retarded Ryan Mur…[View]
121258707What's the worst thing she ever did?[View]
121260152OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
121259994The wire is pretentious trash[View]
121260593Favorite /tv/ tropes: Robo-nigger[View]
121252348she's an amazing actress. The best human part in Godzilla, and her encounter with Ghiddorah is …[View]
121260572What The Fuck: >Why did I just waste my time watching this? Am I this lonely? Easily one of the w…[View]
121260560Can someone please help me figure out the name of a movie I have a memory of from my childhood. Its …[View]
121260189I present to you the ultimate pleb filter[View]
121260017I think you're cool, Homer Simpson![View]
121253069Here's your Asuka, bro.[View]
121234718IT'S BEEN ALMOST 2 YEARS: SO.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCgdtnMcfE Sure, 2 years is …[View]
121259170I'm watching the original French rips of Inspector Gadget and in every episode he has a funky m…[View]
121259499Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in 'Blonde': will it be shit /tv/?[View]
121254321>ANON. WE HAVE TO COOK[View]
121259542What did he mean by this?[View]
121259622Like Scorsese but about incels[View]
121260200This guy[View]
121258873Looks like space-kino is back on the menu[View]
121260115Remember when these idiots increased Best Picture nominations from 5 to 10. And they don't eve…[View]
121257453'Good' guy uses an evil undead army to kill his enemies[View]
121258053Why isn't there a fucking torrent out for this that isn't cam? Hereditary torrent came out…[View]
121259375>boy character gets hit in the nuts[View]
121258799Is he the Lou Reed of film?[View]
121259340who does no one talk about this?[View]
121259847>In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, w…[View]
121259105What are the best series or some shit about serial killers on netflix?[View]
121259731For me? It’s Ben.[View]
121253293Would you like to hear my interpretation of Superman if I could make a movie? It's pretty angst…[View]
121252392>I'm supposed to believe that a guy that looks like THIS is a school shooter who would kill …[View]
121249931So who was he?[View]
121259492Digimon - The Saban English Dub: So I finally got Seasons 1-4 of Digimon on DVD. Watching it has br…[View]
121257973Just watched. Lots of fun. Is the second any good?[View]
121257709So tell us more about Gobekh-lee Tepey and the Younger Dry Ass period[View]
121258849I remember that, after Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005, and again in 2012 after he sold SW to D…[View]
121259312ALL FUCKING GUNNS[View]
121259304this shits on kungpow[View]
121259068Did nothing wrong[View]
121257901I love Raimi and all, buy you guys have to admit he isn't that good of a director. Being known …[View]
121259162Was it justified?[View]
121259021Hi, I am Chris Hansen. You may know me from 'To Catch a Predator' or 'Wild Wild Web.'[View]
121248789How did a bunch of loser neckbeard atheists create the WWE of podcasts, but then fall of the radar e…[View]
121259159When shall Limmy return? Him being a twitch streamer is undignified and a waste of his talents.[View]
121258985>I SAW IT IT'S A LION IT'S HUGE[View]
121257247>cast is all black >everyone acts white[View]
121258300Who was right?[View]
121258686/ourguy/ Jonah is back bros, looking manly and /fa/ as fuck in this pic[View]
121258924Anon, how many times must we tell you? You can't come see a movie alone.[View]
121258922Are we friends, /tv/?[View]
121258851YOU HAVE LOST. ROME![View]
121256806>Day-o, day-o >Daylight come and me wan' go home…[View]
121257610What are some great comedy films?[View]
121235730I finally decided to watch this after seeing so many memes floating about /tv/ over the years. Compl…[View]
121258721What the hell was his problem?[View]
121258692YOU'RE THE MAN NOW (Anon): The evolution of women in professional wrestling i.e.The WWE, are th…[View]
121258613This is Katana. She's got my back.[View]
121257918ITT: lesbian kino >impossible mode: They don't die[View]
121257930>need to infiltrate a foreign agent for the most sensitive war operation ever conducted >send …[View]
121258607>The mysterious client who calls himself Louis Cyphre was Lucifer all along.…[View]
121258610How would you adapt Castlekino?[View]
121254319Why did Joe Rogan shill for Disney NuWars in this podcast? It was jarring and literally like an ad f…[View]
121253687The one where we discuss the best films that nobody talks about anymore.[View]
121258336'Tigger' eh? ...'Tigger'.[View]
121239691Marvel cucks officially btfo’d[View]
121255222“”Villains”” that did nothing wrong[View]
121258118Comfy Family Guy thread.[View]
121258363Why did they think this was a good idea?[View]
121251539>hitting the wall at age16 wew[View]
121257693What was his name, again?[View]
121254448Daily reminder that Anita Mui will never be alive again.[View]
121257345Luis J. Gomez is THE most powerful man in comedy today.[View]
121244163Rambo V - Last Blood: Just watched this. I have no idea how this movie was allowed in 2019 but it wa…[View]
121257585>scene with rich people in mansion >Luigi Boccherini: Minuetto starts playing Ahhhhh.... Yes..…[View]
121248594Who is your favorite mixed race character in a film or television show?[View]
121253771Are you planning to see it this weekend? I'm not sure yet. It looks like interstellar and Inter…[View]
121257719I smell bad haha[View]
121256773What did I think of this?[View]
121254693one last hurrah one final film from one of the biggest action stars of the 80s after this there is n…[View]
121255123Movies like pic related?[View]
121258004Anybody see this yet?[View]
121257420Why does /tv/ never talk about the greatest show ever made?[View]
121257469>Television & Film[View]
121257824Wholesome update from Louis Theroux about Joe from his 'Drinking to Oblivion' programme.[View]
121257898What was his fucking problem?[View]
121248575Lilly Singh: how is her new late night show so groundbreaking anons? HIGHLIGHTS https://www.youtub…[View]
121256903>42 days until mask posting is back i can hardly wait[View]
121256478fuck you.[View]
121256111>Character works in wall Street >Depicted as a psychopath…[View]
121253402Why was he such an incel?[View]
121257828Soul: https://youtu.be/Dm_ZLpCsgFs?t=9 Soulless: https://youtu.be/3kNqc5Hrh0M?t=140[View]
121256549Hey jannies, what's up[View]
121246730Recently had to reset my PC back to factory. Thinking about trying something other than VLC, what do…[View]
121257603>when the leading lady is Latina[View]
121256995Black Mirror - Does it get better?: I'm in Season 4, just after the fantasy starship one. Anons…[View]
121255437What went horrifically wrong?[View]
121257658>3 years later and stil being talked about >Over a year later and not ecen a peep Yeah, I thin…[View]
121251917'...And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consul…[View]
121257622Damn that was good: Rambo: Last Blood thread Promare was amazing btw[View]
121257510Whats /tv/ opinion on Busta Rhymes carrear in holliwood?[View]
121255780>Seeders: 1 (2) >Leechers: 0 (3)[View]
121256662you like sneed, don’t you moeposter...[View]
121257597What is your opinion on Rose Marie?[View]
121256800Who is best American Ninja Waifu and why is it Jessie Graff?: https://youtu.be/4sirsvk1OSg[View]
121255600Villains who were definitely incels[View]
121257137>never ages >lives to pester jon Is Garfield an rouge stand?…[View]
121257322>scene is done in one long shot[View]
121253068When was the last time a film truly moved you emotionaly?[View]
121256621>villain becomes a good guy after one season/film[View]
121247594Why no kinos about MMA life?[View]
121257423i miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
121256056What's the In-N-Out Burger of television and film?[View]
121256966ITT: popular movie characters who will burn in hell for all eternity when they die.[View]
121257310what the fuck was his problem ?[View]
121255961PROMARE: Just finished watching some anime KINO. How did you guys feel?[View]
121257234Admit it you cried[View]
121254212D O M I N I C D E C O C O[View]
121256803Who’s the king of B action movies?[View]
121255200Would he have been a good Joker?[View]
121257162How do we save the body horror genre?[View]
121257118what are some films about multiple groups of people misinterpreting a joke and taking things too far…[View]
121254146/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Nicole Noms: Holly/Jackson Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>12123…[View]
121253753Have you ever coomed to a non x-rated movie or show?[View]
121255607>how do we make this thing dark? >OH I KNOW LETS INCLUDE A RAPE SCENE Does anybody else just r…[View]
121256977I had a weird dream, fucking random. When i think about it, it seems like it'd make a good movi…[View]
121254161Medieval kino thread: Post 'em, lads.[View]
121256317ELLO FATHA[View]
121253351 [View]
121251944I'm thinking Christina Hendricks was always destined for greatness.[View]
121253218Films in which small opponents take on much larger foes?[View]
121254609Welcam back sir, I an I know you wand de popcone crahb leg speyshal like ya always doo. O, an don wo…[View]
121256738Why was Jude Law in The Dark Knight Rises?[View]
121254932>mfw comfy Simpsons threads are gone forever.[View]
121255835We'll be right back after these messages[View]
121256697What are some great KINOS about school life?[View]
121251093Actresses who are above the age of 40 and still really cute: Post actresses who are at least 40 year…[View]
121250311>women are unironically attracted to this look[View]
1212565102020 is Approaching... Best films of the 2010s?: What are some of the best films/series of 2010s? Ye…[View]
121256629You guys watching the new season of Terrace House?[View]
121256467first things first Rest in Peace Uncle Phil[View]
121255471who else here sneak food into the kinoplex? once I sneaked in some lasagna[View]
121254088King Kong 1933: Could he beat Godzilla?[View]
121254925Is this the best movie song ever? Pro tip: Yes https://youtu.be/gtf9nmtTC7Q?t=94[View]
121254717What ethnicity is she?[View]
121256334Directed by Christopher Nolan: Could this be his Magnus Opus?[View]
121256239>Have you got something to post? Careful..you don't want to post the wrong thing…[View]
121255857If Jews own hollywood how did they let italians dominate the film business in the 70s[View]
121239128DOGFUCKER LIKED JOKER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdbnLC5cu2Q[View]
121247821big if true...: >Matt Smith plays the Son (of Mortis) >The Son was Snoke >Chewbacca dies …[View]
121255682Dude, what if we make a 2hr movie where almost nothing happens But then we add shitty CGI space and …[View]
121255711Only funny SNL cast member ever, prove me wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6-p6Cdk6-I…[View]
121254885>*tgtgtgtgtgtgtnuuuuu* *tgtgtgtgtgtgtnuuuuu* >*tgtgtgtgtgtgtnuuuuu* *tgtgtgtgtgtgtnuuuuu* >…[View]
121253331Yea, I'm thinking she's fucking back.[View]
121245621WHERE DID THE HAIR GO?[View]
121254665>tfw when you go down to the archives and start pulling some old files[View]
121255845Why aren’t you watching the Nolan trilogy on Batman day /tv/?[View]
121250282OH NO NOT ANT-MAN :((((((((([View]
121255693i think white people hate me for being a brown bisexual woman when really they just think i'm n…[View]
121254842Help me remember a show, /tv/. I've had this short scene stuck in my head all day, it's mo…[View]
121251970When will we get a big budget Discworld movie?: And who will play Death, since the actor who was bor…[View]
121253729>tfw my best friend who recently came out as gay is bringing his bf over to meet me tonight What …[View]
121255800The right is starting to get better at comedy and it's making lefties nervous https://twitter.c…[View]
121254015When did Howard Stern peak?[View]
121244388it was fun[View]
121255890>incel son vs chad dad[View]
121255880what is the subway sandwich of cinema?[View]
121255830When is Better Call Saul season 4 going to be on netflix?[View]
121255140THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
121255669cast him except the guy who played luther[View]
121255768Shark Tank: Listen, I love you alright? You've done a great job selling your product. >drama…[View]
121252546'So long Ms Bond, I now will leave you here alone, much like every man who has knocked you up! ahaha…[View]
121255289This is Sam Raimi's best film[View]
121249605She hated the new Rambo: How do we feel about this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=__sI77fl7ck…[View]
121255022Why do women love this show so much?[View]
121253261Has anyone seen it yet?????[View]
121252551>mfw they think we'll just sit there and take it like good little boys…[View]
121255579t. movies/shows which resemble your own real life cases[View]
121255550>one of the biggest child stars in Hollywood history >all the DVD releases of her films are mo…[View]
121253597Movies for this feel?[View]
121253996What is the best way to write movie titles on /tv/?: Straight up, 'quotation marks' or ALL-CAPS?…[View]
121251443hey: hey[View]
121255044my son, big hoss[View]
121253188>Anon! What the hell?! You said we were watching '10 Things I Hate About You'! I'v…[View]
121254979>MUNKY CHEEEEEEEEZ What did he mean by that?[View]
121254692>It's over Anakin, I have the high ground![View]
121254263>It’s as satisfying to me as cumming is, you know, as in having sex with a woman and cumming. So …[View]
121254674She looks like Wynona Ryder’s attractive younger sister[View]
121254605If you’re an avid movie watcher like myself and struggle to pick a movie to watch, try this...: So, …[View]
121251995WMAF looks like THAT?![View]
121254149>this is the power of math my non binary peeps[View]
121254472Daily reminder Shooter McGavin was cheated out of the gold jacket.[View]
121253547Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.[View]
121254392why does /tv/ laugh when actors go bald but not when actresses do does /tv/ hate men?[View]
121254239/tv/ don't ask how i know this except theres a willy wonka game in development for the xbox by …[View]
121253758we found it lads[View]
121253219Who did it better?[View]
121253025Am I stupid, Deep?[View]
121253612What was the moral of the story?[View]
121236790It: Chapter 2: What went wrong? And why is it the unwillingness to show the fucking Turtle scene? as…[View]
121253522>Zombies? Oh you mean munchers.[View]
121231856/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Nicole Noms: Holly/Jackson Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>12121…[View]
121249885The Black Plague: Why isn't there a worthwhile tv show or a movie about this amazing period in …[View]
121253897Shows that you stop watching after the 3rd season[View]
121252433ella freya thread[View]
121252244Does it have any SJW shit?[View]
121249637this is the best hitchcock, right?[View]
121251706I really wish BR2049 didn't have the flashback scenes.[View]
121254011The Wheel of Time: Amazon's developmental fantasy show 'The Wheel of Time' has, regrettably, be…[View]
121246508>Following its premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, multiple media outlets c…[View]
121250958Was it Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9yK1QndJSM[View]
121251961WOO! I like this![View]
121252021>turned Harry into a bland hero >turned Hermione into a Mary Sue >turned Ron into a moron B…[View]
121252908John Wick Parabellum: I heard that the new John Wick is the worst so I didn't watch it until no…[View]
121248767What was his problem?[View]
121250595>I am not an animal. I am not an animal! I am a Yuhmann Beeng! What?[View]
121253760Andlikethat... hes gone Is anybody else excited by the Spacey accusers death? Now we can take a deep…[View]
121251145>Don't talk like one of them! You're not - even if you'd like to be. To them, you…[View]
121241233Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 and 5 line-up: Phase 4 Black Widow (May 1 2020) The Falcon and the…[View]
121253571why did junior snitch on richie to tony and warn him that richie wanted to whack tony if he himself …[View]
121249348Let's pretend it's 2015 again[View]
121251457In all seriousness, what's next for boundary-pushing comedic visionary Shane Gillis?[View]
121252809ZE PLANE[View]
121218247>'I need a gun that looks futuristic that normies have never seen' >'Say no more'…[View]
121253585>managed to witness marie calvet blowing roger >managed to witness don poking sylvia rosen See…[View]
121251292Comedy is dea-[View]
121241846/trek/: Pleb filter episodes edition[View]
121250739Is this just GTA the movie?[View]
121251964The VVitch: I just watched this film Did I like it?[View]
121253482what are some movies with this type of feel?[View]
121253474Heredy heredy May they all say my name in forever's bliss The Queen reigns supreme in the broth…[View]
1212527772001: A Space Odyssey: So, I saw this movie for the first time not long ago Thankfully I read the bo…[View]
121253164SHOOT HER[View]
121251383>horror movie ends by hinting that the antagonist is still alive even though their body was absol…[View]
121252887Why the fuck did they kill the asian guy? This is one of the most anti-climatic things I've see…[View]
121253209>Childhood is idolizing joi >Adulthood is recognizing luv was the right answer.…[View]
121238802How did this talentless hack become popular?[View]
121252272I'm a historical protagonist. This is a show set in the past. I kill people. I torture people. …[View]
121253155Look at this dude[View]
121252965Is it good?[View]
121237398Don't you think it would be better if Rambo was more fun and had lots of quips, like a Marvel m…[View]
121249500>category is: people who annoy you[View]
121252289Buster Scruggs Thread: My favorite movie of 2018. What was your favorite segment?[View]
121249866What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
121248989TONIGHT'S the NIGHT![View]
121248862While, youtube are pieces of shit a lot of the time as a company anyone sick of the youtubers who co…[View]
121251925>NO! I have no heart, I feel no love, nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow. I am hollow…and I will live …[View]
121252754The critics love this movie. Why don't you? 88% on rotten tomatoes[View]
121251723Take the fucking Stepford Pill: Post a more patrician fetish than bimbofication. Warning: you fucki…[View]
121251490Ren Stevens is _________.[View]
121251942One is tasked with killing you The other is tasked with defending you Who do you choose to defend yo…[View]
121250092why doesn't anyone talk about this show? seems many shit shows are discussed on release and the…[View]
121250444This dude is 100% faking it right?[View]
121248171Which Hollywood actor will you miss most when they retire?[View]
121252326What’s her problem?[View]
121252181Movie: My friend remembers a scene from a movie but can't remember anything else. A woman in th…[View]
121252283What are movies with excellent parenting lessons?[View]
121252359>mfw no new episode of Country Music tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVOZl671ssY guess i…[View]
121252412is it the best movie ever?[View]
121252287Post 2000 forgotten kino: What Kino and What a Cast! >What they msut have given up to get a cast …[View]
121252338Anyone have that screencap of why not to be a NEET? Image had Rust Cohle in it.[View]
121247711You weren't kidding when you said you should skip the first few episodes. It goes from YA garba…[View]
121249643What was the message this tried to pass?[View]
121251919hey anon what kino are we going to watch[View]
121252204Morris Day and The Time > Prince[View]
121246901So the last video rental store in my area is going away in a couple weeks. The buildings were bought…[View]
121251469why does deliverance never get talked about nowadays?people of course remember duelling banjos and t…[View]
121251138Peeay dat meehan hees munnee[View]
121248675>Tfw Bruce Wayne won't give you 10mil a year for the rest of your life…[View]
121249402>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
121252005Nice hug... I can tell you're the physical type.[View]
121251589SEND IN[View]
121247837What THE FUCK was her problem?[View]
121250498>OOH OOH AHH AHH AHH *pounds chest* OOH OOH OOH Damn Joe Rogan really 'gets' it…[View]
121250134I didn't mind her in stranger things, but when she appeared in once upon a time in hollywood it…[View]
121249854Characters that were misogynists neanderthals[View]
121248693films men will never understand[View]
121251810The Addams Family: when are we getting a new live-action movie /tv/?[View]
121248270Prometheus - Opening Day: >its 2012 >get high >show up to the drive-in movies 10 minutes la…[View]
121251609> character is evil because they're evil[View]
121238569Adam Ruins Everything: I know everybody keeps saying how amazing and influential this show is. I als…[View]
121249401>Let's combine everyone's 2 favorite dinosaurs into one. PEOPLE WILL FUCKING LOVE IT TH…[View]
121250386Have you ever been brought to tears by a trailer??[View]
121249669is he better than the dogfucker[View]
121249090massively enlarged prostate of a film[View]
121251476IT'S ME AUSTIN[View]
121251448Why was he right about everything?[View]
121250102Just because it takes place at Christmas doesn't mean it's a Christmas film. Everything t…[View]
121249552Was it kino?[View]
121249469Why yes I enjoyed IT Chapter Two, it had its flaws but it was one of the most interesting horror fil…[View]
121245978'Feminism. Cancel culture. LGBTQXYZ. The world keeps changing, and he's madder than ever. Try n…[View]
121246697What is the message of this movie?[View]
121250882What a pair of fucking awful people[View]
121251014HES GONNA GET YA[View]
121250822There has been too much violence, too much pain. None here are without sin, but I have an honorable …[View]
121250578Post the synopsis if they made a movie about your life. 1-2 sentences[View]
121251000Movies for this feel?[View]
121251128Thoughts on The Art of elf Defense (2019)?[View]
121250480Well now, I'm not gonna talk about Judy. In fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, …[View]
121251019SOMEBODY SAAAAAAVE MEEEE FOR REAL THIS TIME! Welling is back in the crisis crossover.... As Clark Ke…[View]
121249974I'm a chad and I got invited back to a chicks house recently and she put this faggot movie on a…[View]
121246367They're trying to remake Princess Bride. This cannot happen. Link posted in thread.[View]
121251063Undone: Anyone seen this? Thoughts?[View]
121250119I'm Sick. What are some fun, chill 80s kinos to watch?[View]
121246497So I guess 'cancel culture' is a myth after all.[View]
121247732What is your favorite television moment /tv/?[View]
121250683Cows watch moovies. Doors watch keynos.[View]
121250815SEA BASSSS!!!!![View]
121250914>Want to watch a noir-inspired expertly crafted murder mystery >turns out to be a whodunnit…[View]
121250850What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121250094are movies that are deconstructions, like scream, half of tarantinos movies, nice guys etc the defin…[View]
121246116How would you rank them?[View]
121250877>tfw you realize the vast majority of audiences are genuinely entertained by Marvel movies They…[View]
121248282ITT:: What the FUCK was their problem?[View]
121249752> character is about to explain wormholes > grabs a piece of paper and a pen…[View]
121244908Any comfy 80's fantasy kino like Krull? Preferably with shitty but cool practical effects.[View]
121250684>I hope youre not serious.[View]
1212498882019... I am remembered.[View]
121249659>2 months since the last half in the bag. It's over isn't it?…[View]
121250507Why did he think it was so funny?[View]
121248048How can one man be so based?[View]
121250256>just go through the asteroid field bro[View]
121249378>was a college athlete >Didn't know he could lift an enormous amount of weight…[View]
121249997Guy Ritchie[View]
121243232Can sex robots solve the incel problem?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1OclD_uFjiI[View]
121250328>it's a k-ci and jojo episode[View]
121250181>Hey Dabid remember that 10 year old character from the books? >What if we make her really hot…[View]
121250432Is he a Larry Sue?[View]
121250383Are you excited for the funko pop movie /tv/?[View]
121250378Just got out of a one and a half phone call with my boomer parents trying to remotely configure Netf…[View]
121228593The fuck did I just watch? In what universe do people think HEY LET'S COMPLETELY FUCKING BUTCHE…[View]
121242898>hey Anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight? C'mon, don't be a pussy.…[View]
121249182Are the critics right this time? Does it actually suck?[View]
121247854You know what his problem is, if he was a critic in the 70s he'd be assblasted about Kubrick sa…[View]
121245607KINO INCOMING: what film of the last decade was shot as beautifully as this?[View]
121249608The Thing would be better if you cut out the title scene with the ship crashing to earth and just st…[View]
121250112What are your expectations? kino / 10? shit / 10? will it be kino?[View]
121250070holy freakin ding dong diddly based[View]
121249372Esto es por meterte con mi zona[View]
121249849Is he /ourguy/? https://youtu.be/_SEzAfjVDjg?t=134[View]
121237399>they would probably prefer a higher quality escort[View]
121249611Duuun dun dunn dundundun *star trek theme*: No signs of coom detected here, beam me up Scotty[View]
121247526Why do Marvel movies look so fucking atrocious?[View]
121249111Rest in Peace Department? Rest in Police Department? Sorry I don't get it[View]
121249234Just watched Her (2013) in preparation for Joker. What did I think?[View]
121249807Was he actually Bane's blood-related brother?[View]
121248077Should I watch stargate? I watched some of it as a kid but remember about 0%. Concept sounds cool as…[View]
121248499just saw it. my verdict - BASED.[View]
121248763>Please don't do this super fun thing we told you about[View]
121242266It's alive! It's alive!: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2XxN5LhA7e/[View]
121249602Guys, help me make out what this video means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UCHCh3OZtw[View]
121246645Some of you terts are alright. Don't go into the city tomorrow.[View]
121248216about to watch this, what am i in for?[View]
121248383Barney Gumble beat his wife[View]
121248504What the fuck guys you said this show was funny[View]
121248221The black actress that plays the social worker in the Joker trailer also stars as a Wayne Enterprise…[View]
121249398I did not care for Mulholland Drive[View]
121246557ITT: Movies that do a deep dive on a character like Taxi Driver or pic related[View]
121233868/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ and /ttg/ - Chernobyl & The Terror General: Are you guys ready for the Emmys…[View]
121246551so what did homer invent? >inb4 sneed[View]
121249400What are your favorite childhood movies from 2010?[View]
121244921Do the creators have a cuckold fetish?: It seems like every male character in this show either raise…[View]
121249336>2019, I am forgotten I doubt normalfags even know he's the CGI raccoon…[View]
121247796What the FUCK was his problem?![View]
121248854>jews determine that Anti-PCness has become profitable[View]
121249200Well this was a disappointment[View]
121241141Unpopular opinion. Twink Henry > Chad Henry[View]
121247616>Star wars is released >Hear all the buzz about it >Watch it and it turns out to be a fun m…[View]
121249230was this ever released? i've been trying to find a stream of this or even a trailer but it…[View]
121249220Goood shit: Never seen a movie pick up like this in the third act[View]
121249178>one of the theater patrons doesn't offer enough tribute at the cinema shrine for the full f…[View]
121249071Thoughts on Justin Theroux?[View]
121246149So Teal'c's character, as ultimately developed through the entire series underlines every …[View]
121247805Why did he smell her hair when he captured her?[View]
121248968Seeing Ad Astra tomorrow. Anyone seen it yet? It looks great.[View]
121247980ITT: Suspected Coomers in TV and Film[View]
121243872Eastern Promises: Now that the dust has settled, did he deserve it over Daniel Day-Lewis? Just rewat…[View]
121247973Black: I've seen 5 episodes and I'm still not sure if it's so good or so bad. literal…[View]
121246276I accept your apologies[View]
121248954What are some movies that actually used memes well?[View]
121246235I literally don't get it[View]
121247897The board is now alive. I am the board. Ask me a question.[View]
121248886*breathes in* that would be... a waste of time[View]
121248231What the FUCK did he mean by this?[View]
121237620this is good, why doesn't anyone talk abouti t?[View]
121248803>Supporting character is more interesting than protagonist[View]
121248092Why does this film have so many brown people in this it?[View]
121247078was this the laziest scene of the whole show?[View]
121247642Do you have a film that you can't remember how many times you've seen?: I can't remem…[View]
1212444912019....Still no Stalin kino: Who would you cast in the lead role? Do you think it would work better…[View]
121246964Why would a seafood clerk, in the store, kill a fresh lobster one picked out from a tank? What exact…[View]
121243263Rambo Last Blood is racist AND misogynistic: Are you still going to see it? https://youtube.com/watc…[View]
121248540Is The Tall Man worth watching?[View]
121248435https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZFc6ie5jpY Cast it /tv/[View]
121248648Etsubatsu: Who /kodiLee/ here?[View]
121247600why? ;_;[View]
121247828And here to talk more about racial differences in IQ is my good friend, Steve Sailer! Take it away S…[View]
121248264The Great Debate[View]
121248446Sneed: Do people actually not understand this shitty sign gag?[View]
121242836IT'S A TRAP[View]
121248257You are now in charge of directing the inevitable film adaptation: How would you film this scene? Ru…[View]
121246781best character[View]
121248365What was his problem?[View]
121246167Enlarged Prostate of a Film General post your favorite EPFs[View]
121247084You finished? I mean, it's so much self-pity, Arthur. You sound like you're making excuses…[View]
121242274Who are some of your favorite bald actors? For me, its bruce willis.[View]
121233837ITT: kino hair cuts[View]
121241755What the fuck was his problem? Why didn't he just join Reinhard and help unify the galaxy?[View]
121248095Simpsons Sign Thread: Get in here Sneedbros https://twitter.com/iresimpsonsfans/status/1174443763596…[View]
121245203>hosts the biggest podcast in the world >his Netflix special doesn't get enough attentio…[View]
121247362Would he have made a good Aladdin?[View]
121247892>Jennifer Connelly and Ludo, Labyrinth (1986)[View]
121247317Did you laugh at this scene, /tv/? Because I did.[View]
121245668literally me[View]
121247928Any kinos about the absence of humanity?: >More than 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains have…[View]
121246577>Guy loses his faith in god >Gets it back in the end Any Kinos with this feel…[View]
121246792Why yes I only watch movies with wholesome values that support community, family values, and brother…[View]
121241961Some random French series on Netflix is somehow the best horror series we've had in years[View]
121242787THE CRAFT Remake Cast Announced: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3584693/full-main-cast-announce…[View]
121244570>Movie is so kino that it unites Reddit and 4chan to actually agree on something being good How d…[View]
121246444Why are there no good female adventurers, Do you think Tintin as a female could work?[View]
121242513Which fictional characters would post to 4chan? Pic related[View]
121246021Rose was more of a compelling character than Mad Max was in Mad Max shitty road and she's more …[View]
121246131> It’s either a near-perfect masterpiece, or it’s a dangerous manifesto for radical and lonely wh…[View]
121242534what do we think of frank?[View]
121244606Why are countryfolk always depicted as fat? Shouldn't all that hard work burn a lot of calories…[View]
121247613Webm & Gifs Thread[View]
121244183IRONIC HUMOR BAD[View]
121246319post wonderful CGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmnSMlAstMc[View]
121246422DROPPED: OH no no no no[View]
121244964Is this worth a watch?[View]
121228975Star Wars Rise of Skywalker: >Palpatine is not a FORCE GHOST, he is actually alive and decrepit. …[View]
121246233These are my parents. They've been married for 25 years. Say something nice about them.[View]
121247402DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
121245749Is it kino?[View]
121239398In hindsight, was this the right move to make?: Should L really have revealed his identity to Light?…[View]
121241039Mary Bromfield is...[View]
121242546Was it kino?[View]
121245473Is there anything more kino or boner-inducing than a beloved show coming back with a movie several y…[View]
121247106Now that we have this over-accumulation of knowledge related to visual media, what are we going to d…[View]
121245951Bill Murray stopped a scene pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu saying in order, …[View]
121247043Mamoru Oshii Stray Dog: Was it shit?[View]
121246771>Eye contact >Sex[View]
121245746Hey /tv/, do you like Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
121238372Was he wrong?: >There’s a hilarious aside where Miyazaki, seemingly unprovoked, starts moaning ab…[View]
121246586Hellboy was ruined by 'diversity': What the fuck is this garbage? A Nazi demon child is su…[View]
121246981james gunn's ex girlfriend. who also happened to play violin in the fantastic avant garde metal…[View]
121244915The Matrix 4: So I guess they'll finally be putting in action the MIAM (Matrix in a Matrix) the…[View]
121240053Anyone seen Ad Astra yet?: I really like it. Maybe more than Once upon a time in Hollywood[View]
121246299How many times have you watched it?[View]
121246798I talked to barzini[View]
121245246what are some kino fighting movies?[View]
121243603JOKER: It’s up https://youtu.be/OdbnLC5cu2Q[View]
121246607What are some films where against all odds the hero slays all tohse oppose him and makes a triumphan…[View]
121246596What would you have done if you were in Japanese Kramer's position?[View]
121241947Why was he always so excited to do the news?[View]
121246442Imagine the things we would have accomplished if my partners were like you: I'm proud of you, s…[View]
121244182When will we have a proper ala Joachim Phoenix femcel Harley kjno?[View]
121244289What do you call this hairstyle?[View]
121244679Why didn’t she wear this outfit on the show?[View]
121240948Twelve Forever cancelled: OH NO NO NO NO[View]
121245681Why hasn't Hollywood been able to make a good Superman movie since the 80's? You would thi…[View]
121244876It's a chip 'n dip.[View]
121245917What is this expression trying to convey[View]
121245003Dave Chappelle[View]
121237192Sam Esmaul Battlestar Galactica: Sam Esmail is doing a BSG sequel series for next year. Are you read…[View]
121246065ALL FUCKING GUNNS[View]
121245446What are some massively enlarged prostates of a film? https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/sep/19/r…[View]
121243432JOKER GET 10/10 FROM IGN: Who else /hype/ here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kozkmhIyP0I…[View]
121245279One time when I was like ten I stole the DVD of this from my friend when he was moving away and when…[View]
121244934Who was on the wrong here?[View]
121245957Sopranos General?[View]
121231571Shia LaBeouf on hot ones: what crazy shit is he gonna say on this eps? https://youtu.be/lMbseuQR2G8…[View]
121224918>After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee …[View]
121235733/swg/ screenwriting general: how's your script coming along?[View]
121243638>Jasmine's signature outfit from the animated 'Aladdin' is iconic. You know the look: low-ri…[View]
121242657>l-leave drug dealers, murderers, and sex traffickers alone! They're brown :( https://youtu.…[View]
121244605https://youtube.com/watch?v=1G3x5KJTVmw Secret prequel released.[View]
121245856i feel like i've never left 2006[View]
121245775NO MORE DEAD COPS![View]
121245392>one ticket for the Joker, please[View]
121245130Now those were some tough jews[View]
121243531scenes where man are allowed to cry[View]
121242588What went wrong?[View]
121242965Fucking hell I thought it was a meme. Just finished the first episode and I can't believe how m…[View]
121243941These people are monsters[View]
121245192>21 year old zoomers who grew up on gay soulless shit like Drake and josh and Totally spies, inst…[View]
121242799This just made me hungry for some burgers desu[View]
121245501Name a better Netflix kino[View]
121244081https://twitter.com/bigmouth/status/1173945716378673153 Get your PhD in Puberty.[View]
121245387what are some shitty extras[View]
121242502I check[View]
121243212/Sopranos/: Johnny Sack in the bathtub edition[View]
121245371Nothing to see here. There is no Temple show on HBO. Move along, folks. Move along.[View]
121245364Shoenice: Can you beat Shoenice in a staring contest https://youtu.be/0KDukBXWkMc[View]
121245338>Anon, you ready for the gamer uprising Hosted, by the Joker?[View]
121242332>why yes, I am an NPC meme drone, how could you tell?[View]
121245252okay this podcast would be epic dont @ me[View]
121244645Awkwafina: What can account for her rapid rise to stardom?[View]
121244609Do they not have real silverware in the future? What's the deal with the plastic fork?[View]
121243211Cast him.[View]
121243890i just watched this what did i think of it[View]
121244473>HBO's Chernobyl is completely inaccurate >they even spread false belief that radiation i…[View]
121242417Confirmed Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Spoilers >>> >Palpatine wants Rey and Kylo Ren tog…[View]
121242113Your favorites: Post your personal favorite movies Make your chart: https://www.neverendingchartrend…[View]
121239133Debicki: Cute. She makes every film better. What roles would you like to see her playing in future?…[View]
121242190Why are there never any movies where alien invasions are a regular occurence and humans are complete…[View]
121244838On Cinema Season 11: LOOKS LIKE KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU[View]
121243585Would you watch a live action adaption of The Sea Prince And The Fite Child with Anya Taylor-Joy?[View]
121244748Hey lois....diarrhoea[View]
121244747>tfw have to do an 80 line essay for tomorrow but all I want is watch movies and shitpost…[View]
121244733Do you know other fine examples of the Travis Bickle / Betsy dynamic?[View]
121243244>tfw teacher movies for this feel?[View]
121243326Why does Hollywood constantly have to make shitty unnecessary sequel after shitty unnecessary sequel…[View]
121244124Welcome to Sneed's store, we've got feed and seed We got Gucci loafers honey, we know the …[View]
121237840What are some good 'dark' movies?: Not edgy, just honestly dark, distressing or depressive movies. I…[View]
121242957will we ever get another live action Guyver movie?[View]
121243602If you were a director what would your distinctive hot be?[View]
121243938It is odd to watch with what feverish ardour Americans pursue prosperity, ever tormented by the shad…[View]
121241916How about another joke Ray? What do you get when you take Sneed's feed and seed and replace SNE…[View]
121227118Was Jacob Autistic?[View]
121223861The Dark Crsytal: /hmm/ Heretic better not die edition[View]
121243467>Anon why are you asking me for a movie ticket? This is a concession stand inside the theater and…[View]
121241530Imagine missing the point of The West Wing this hard.[View]
121241599Is money heist worth watching / good?[View]
121243820What a dumb movie.[View]
121243747How do i upvote this[View]
121242540why aren't there more cop shows/films about the american burger police force?[View]
121243562>Hi, I’m in Delaware[View]
121243572>Alright Jakey Jakey, 'bout to make a big...mistakey[View]
121243078>Movie shows the horrors of war >'What a Wonderful World' starts playing…[View]
121243387Who were these people?[View]
121243555Super Army Soldiers[View]
121243303Movies that women can't understand[View]
121240380OPTIMUS PRIME NO[View]
121242374What are the best movies about the lolocaust, in your opinion?[View]
121222964post favorite movies for when a grill comes over[View]
121242030You're minding your own business collecting sulphur-crested cockatoos when this frumpy femcel o…[View]
121242930Question:: If Annoying Orange from the webseries Annoying Orange decided to get a little horny with …[View]
121243215Was Jacob Autistic?[View]
121243335>heheh yeah, Imma count a bunch'uh motha fucka's in here[View]
121243313Okay /tv/, no bullshit. What are your thoughts on the Criterion Collection? What titles do you own? …[View]
121241268>Hire the lead singer of one the most popular nu-metal bands >Arguably the most famous person …[View]
121236545Why was this show forgotten so fast?[View]
121242952itt films only you enjoyed[View]
121242702ITT: Your favorite obsolete video formats: For me? It's PSP UMDs. and for you?[View]
121234581watch my series anon![View]
121242649do 'men' also hit a wall /tv/? and is that what they mean by JUST?[View]
121243103terrorism documentaries: what are the best documentaries about terrorism? anything goes, internation…[View]
121236733What's his best film?[View]
121241840Leo was pretty bad in this[View]
121243010▲ ▲ ▲[View]
121242659>Adapt to this[View]
121242003Undone: Kinda based[View]
121238502Am I fucking crazy here?: or is Ninja Scroll the GOAT? or am I biased because it was my first anime.…[View]
121242954Doctor Who thread: so lads what are your hopes for the next series will there be darlicks[View]
121241932Absolute fucking kino[View]
121242904Dark Side Prequel, Prequel: The Sheev Palaptine Story First film: >Hego Demask for the Muun banki…[View]
121239959way she goes boys[View]
121241551When will we get a good TMNT movie?[View]
121236026>tfw when you go down to the archives and start pulling some old files[View]
121242814>Still no spinoff about Dennis Duffy Why[View]
121240835>been binging the big bang theory for the past week >get to season 12 >try to download seas…[View]
121242760What song will Todd sing at your funeral?[View]
121229449post examples of actors aging[View]
121241642Not my boyfriend![View]
121233414>i put a zip tie around her neck and told her i would pull it if i didnt like what she was doing …[View]
121238748that motherfucker really gave away his dog that was a part of his family for 8 years without even lo…[View]
121242369gonna see Cheech and Chong live in Toronto on Sunday and i've seen only their films form the 70…[View]
121240939Kino: or is it?[View]
121241206Mad Men--The Milk and Honey Route S7E13: Don gives the thief from the motel a lift at the end of the…[View]
121242017Best movie witch?: For me, it's Eva from Dark Shadows. Or that old bitch from Pumpkinhead.…[View]
121241903Was Jacob Autistic?[View]
121242572The most cinematic ability is lethally throwing inanimate objects at incredibly high speeds with ins…[View]
121242504woah this looked like shit[View]
121242551who are some blacklisted actors/actresses that 'hollywood is refusing to hire'? https://archive.4ple…[View]
121242484... are you in charge here?[View]
121242135>many of these trees were my friends![View]
121242378Did Carpenter compose the main theme or did Morricone just replicate his style extremely well? The m…[View]
121241753Why does she look so fertile?[View]
121242344>The Joker? Single tickets this way sir.[View]
121239005What's a contender for the worst TV show of all time?[View]
121241019What kino roles will she have?[View]
121242213le puzzled and bewildered african american man: Does he put on a show or is he really this confused …[View]
121239925Why does /tv/ hate this? It's actually pretty good.[View]
121240447Ancharman are the worst not fun film i have saw becas i never lagh one time u?[View]
121240664Prisoners: Did Hugh Jackman live at the end?[View]
121242042I think you're cool, Homer Simpson![View]
121237848Would Mass Effect cinematic universe be kino ?[View]
121229682Rambo is Boomer KINO: >crosses the border by driving through a shitty fence >gets asked why he…[View]
121242037favorite skit from hit TELEVISION show Million Dollar Extreme?[View]
121241988Happiness 1998: is there more heart crushing kino? where the dynamic between man and woman is not al…[View]
121240410Don’t see the new racist redneck Rambo movie[View]
121241942Nostalgic 2015-2016 kino music clips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDxJlW6cxRk&app=desktop…[View]
121240039Why didn’t they just send Legolas to follow Frodo while Aragorn and Gimli look for Merry and Pippin?…[View]
121241987You know Joker, I’m something of a comedian myself[View]
1212352752 NEW JOKER POSTERS https://twitter.com/RottenTomatoes/status/1174723485676916736?s=19[View]
121241007Christopher Eccleston says Doctor Who producers should have cast a woman instead of him: https://www…[View]
121240691This episode was a reference to citizen kane actually[View]
121229090Cast him.[View]
121241856Bedtime kino: What do you watch on a soul-crushingly lonely night before sleep? I wouldn't know…[View]
121235183Do you guys think Alexandra Daddario would be interested in doing caprshit?[View]
121241833Just reposting to remind janny I can do whatever I want.[View]
121231026/trek/ Pedos Are Gross Edition[View]
121240896incel movie: guys i was thinking now that incels are in, i mean now's the time to strike while …[View]
121238662Best Time Ever?: Was 2007-2014 the best time for television, movies, music and video games?[View]
121236204Why was he such a cunt[View]
121239103Shoenice: How will this man die? https://youtu.be/hksbQdaqf7g[View]
121241402Whats up Julian[View]
121236752Name films that transcend the medium, and become actual Art[View]
121238815I need more ultracomfy futuristic kino like pic related[View]
121241321is this canonical coomer-core?[View]
121240354Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
121241114OH NO NO NO NO https://youtu.be/OdbnLC5cu2Q[View]
121238786Which is the better AI kino?[View]
121240508YMS Joker review: ITS UP https://youtu.be/OdbnLC5cu2Q[View]
121241351Why did slapstick genre die?[View]
121241154Saddest simpsons episodes? This has to take the cake.[View]
121241326ah tv help me!!!: i have dieded[View]
121241121We make up an idea for a horror movie.....[View]
121240570After the trainwreck that is the sequel trilogy, pitch me the next great Star Wars trilogy[View]
121239608Okay, so I'm not exactly caught up on the leaks. I didn't read the script. What the fuck i…[View]
121237421Why isn't anything done about (((Disney)))'s monopoly over the entertainment industry? Are…[View]
121238562True blood of Rigney!: Wheel of Time by Amazon has started filming. and. it's. going. to. be. b…[View]
121240990What do you guys think about the Disney buys Sony Pictures rumors? They could control: The Karate Ki…[View]
121236290What is a movie that everybody has seen but you didn't? mine is pic related[View]
121237891X-Men: What are the odds that Rupaul will be MCU Xavier and would it be kino?[View]
121240579VHS is the superior format. If you disagree you can fuck off to r e d d i t[View]
121233374seriously is there anything this woman can't do[View]
121240769Any kinos shot entirely in Downtown?[View]
121240745ITT: Good films to with with your family.[View]
121238587Pregnant Hero: Krystina Arielle was cast as Black Mask in the DC TV show Sisterhood:Arrow. 2 months …[View]
121239901Damn,you can really physically notice this lil nigga sliding into basic pillhead-whiteboi-opiod mode…[View]
121237219How was this guy a jock at his school?: He looks a dork[View]
121237270Chad Astra: >No women >No gays >No quips, no jokes >Cinematography >Space exploration…[View]
121238980>white phosphorus BAD[View]
121238536Its up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbseuQR2G8[View]
121234396The streaming wars have begun![View]
121235915Who is your favorite actress with an underbite?[View]
121238380>uhh, you don't get to bring Nazgul[View]
121239796I love Lydia![View]
121240262Would this scene work in 2019? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wup1cEdgOWs[View]
121238466more netflix kino is here woke blokes[View]
121238690>After all, AIDS is a deadly, incurable disease. But no matter how you come to judge Charles Whee…[View]
121239912https://twitter.com/greggturkington/status/1174736876869013504 It's back[View]
121238236What the actual fuck did I just watch?[View]
121238947Expect a locked account and a knock at the door. Cheers![View]
121239337We live in a SOCIETY Heheheheheh[View]
121217628there's no fucking way this would be possible[View]
121238601Just watched this, what did I think of it? Also how to get my own Kyoko?[View]
121238280I miss them so much, bros.[View]
121237867itt. movies that were better than you expected[View]
121239374>yes, For a Few Dollars More is my favorite western[View]
121239650It's a long story but I met Stephen King and he was much more different in private than he was …[View]
121237484Unappreciated KINO that tests whether you're a pleb or not. p.s. Boris Balkan should have won.[View]
121235002The D.A. and the mayor are taking turns fucking my wife. You better have this case closed by the end…[View]
121215036Korean Suspense Films: Owo they finally found the Memories of Murder killer. >Police identify Hwa…[View]
121239149get out of that jabroni outfit[View]
121238681Is there a good documentary about Ted Bundy?[View]
121238597>anon my office NOW what do you do?[View]
121237378i love this[View]
121229759Zoomers don't even watch movies or tv shows anymore, all they care about is youtube. What does …[View]
121239093What are some movies about the aspirations of western women?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEtFNU…[View]
121237853Why does nobody talk about this movie?[View]
121238627Imagine being physically and verbally abused by cute frenchy weather girl. Wouldn't that be wei…[View]
121236269Warner Bros. withdrew copyright takedown on RLM's Gremlins 2 re:View, and the video is back up …[View]
121238410>why yes, I own you and your family, how could you tell?[View]
121234306*saves cinema* How does he keep doing it?[View]
121238932GRIND AND POUND[View]
121238833>Triplets confirmed to have finished script, will star Arnold, DeVito, and Eddie Murphey >Cona…[View]
121236472After Episode 9 flops, what will the next Star Wars trilogy be about?[View]
121237454How would /tv/ react to this?[View]
121238394Literally the only good scene in this shit ass movie[View]
121238717Was young Babs attractive? I'm on the fence.[View]
121238700Henry looks bad, guys. What Netflix did with him?[View]
121234323similar movies?: as in >depicting actual wars, preferably ww2 or ww1 >german (or other 'bad gu…[View]
121238651Happiness 1998: can we discuss this please?[View]
121228587Chad's google history! It's bloody Chad's google history![View]
121238577>how did you know that was going to work? >i didn't…[View]
121238554krycek had a hard life[View]
121238540>In 1998, two former hosts filed a lawsuit against QVC, claiming that they were discriminated aga…[View]
121238441>say it! >SAAAY IT! >Mylee... >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
121236368TIL When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his na…[View]
121238425Werewolf, mayhaps?[View]
121233538This is a plebs only club. Absolutely no patricians will be allowed in.[View]
121237232Was this movie ahead of its time?: I believe whatever doesnt kill you simply makes you...an incel…[View]
121238368Hey... I need some air.[View]
121237496so i'm coming around and who do i see? this big prick again. so i say 'bing, whadya still doin …[View]
121236833can anybody recommend me some movies from the 2000s that are related to spirited away? doesnt have t…[View]
121230274/tv/ is a Rogu board. Comfy American Dad thread.[View]
121238097What if Disney makes The Simpsons as good as it once was?[View]
121236402Chink Faggot: Why does SNL hate straight asian men who are actually funny and don't get offende…[View]
121233290How much will it make?: Will it reach $1bn? Will it overtake The Dark Knight? Will it hold it’s own …[View]
121238106How I met your mother: Thoughts on the finale?[View]
121238039>'I WILL NOT BE THE LAST JEDI' B R A V O R A V O[View]
121237873>ywn mentally travel back in time and fall in love with a qt socialite, get transported back to t…[View]
121237020was she autistic[View]
121234470Sandler Kino incoming[View]
121237953Thoughts on Raiders of the Lost Ark?[View]
121233321Make up a story idea where the protag has been transformed into a xenomorph by weyland.[View]
121232991Any more mental illness kino?[View]
121231066>I fought in WWI but I had to lie about my age to get in to the army.[View]
121235675>you have been WARNED you must first view this WARNING before you continue posting..…[View]
121237875Live action adaptation when?[View]
121237782ITT post characters who are literally you[View]
121237631Don't know how much longer I have in me lads[View]
121236816Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
121237290What's your favourite performance of the last decade? Not favourite show or movie, or even best…[View]
121236650Wholesome update from Louis Theroux: Joe from 2016's 'Drinking to Oblivion' is sober and doing …[View]
121236516Abhorrent. This shit should have ended like 3 seasons ago. What's /tv/'s verdict?[View]
121235372Why are they such bigots[View]
121233245so /tv/ who will you choose[View]
121236428Uncut Gems. Safdie brothers. Lopatin returns to score the soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
121237594Harry you must know all about muggles! Tell me, what is the meaning of a coomer?[View]
121211812Times you’ve acted like the Joker, baby: >get a girl’s number >never text her FORGIVE ME FOR M…[View]
121236727post some blackface kinos[View]
121227392EARLY Gemini Man Screenings : Will Smith and Ang Lee deliver KINO: >First Reactions Hail It As A …[View]
121237534What films would you considered a 10/10. Also how do you determine a films quality?[View]
121234196Guys I'm obsesed with Joker. I need to protect t his smile. I need to make him happy. I think I…[View]
121235503Do you think he got away?[View]
121236700Who's the deadliest Hollywood actor currently living?[View]
121233074My WoW Discord decided to rank their top five movies. Here are their opinions.[View]
121237240Here’s your The Craft reboot cast[View]
121230578'Dude, Where's my car?'[View]
121204587itt kino dialogue: >I bet your parents told you that you were special. That you were here for a r…[View]
121235797DORA IS A HIT!: Expect sequels! https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=main&id=doratheexplor…[View]
121224842I'm ten episodes in. When does it starts being funny? So far is Two and Half Men level[View]
121235238ITT - 'Why did I watch this?'[View]
121237302Why would you watch movies on public transport? It's distracting[View]
121231437What's next for Auli'i Cravalho's acting career?[View]
121235964Effects still hold up[View]
121234699Megan Amram, writer for The Good Place and Parks and Rec, is officially cancelled[View]
121236064ITT: intros you never skip[View]
121236887A woman once told me that we are all unique, beautiful, and wonderful snowflakes, every one of us. T…[View]
121235522best films(s) of last 5 years: >Go![View]
121235652ITT: post things that can tell you the movie is garbage without even watching it. I'll start: …[View]
121233317>character has sex >is depressed[View]
121236453Do you think we will see good merchandise from the new Joker movie?[View]
121235369ITT God tier title sequences and tv show credits https://youtube.com/watch?v=pxtNi3dytcY. Movie was …[View]
121235187Is she right?[View]
121236864Just finished Christiane F. What are some more heroine kino?[View]
121235127And remember /tv/, don't lose your cool.[View]
121233662Will we ever get more Necromonger kino?[View]
121236793Makes your movie kino[View]
121236455How do we bring him back?[View]
121234236Find a single (1!) flaw[View]
121232555Undone: I just wasted 4 hours of my life. Is anybody as stupid as me haha.[View]
121236755hehe this chick has three boobs woah..wonder how many butts she has huh huh[View]
121236699TIL When Janny auditioned for the role of janitor on 4chan he only had $2 dollars to his name. When …[View]
121212712just started this show: what am i in for?[View]
121236676just watched Shazam, what did i think of it?[View]
121235571JUST: Crixus has sadly gone the way of the Brendan.[View]
121233897baciamo le mani[View]
121234548Was this supposed to be a happy ending or a bad ending? I unironically don't know how i should …[View]
121236146so anyone watch LUCIFER?: just started it 7th episode season1, is it get any good ? i thought he was…[View]
121234565*bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*[View]
121236341Is this the best movie about fitness ?[View]
121235604Post overrated films[View]
121233583So, is it good?[View]
121232968ITT - genuinely sympathetic bad guys[View]
121236228>Suspension of disbelief.[View]
121230184Honestly. This show is fucking garbage.[View]
121235636whatever you say, stone cold steve austin[View]
121231137The OC: Should i watch this? what can i expect?[View]
121233842Jogger: The original artist whom created this Joker artistry died last year in October.[View]
121234138Star wars rise of skywalker leak: Matt Smith is playing rey's father. Palpatine will manipulate…[View]
121232504None of my friends enjoyed Mandy because of the admittedly slow first part. What movies did your fri…[View]
121235447What is Scorsese's best movie and why is it Casino?[View]
121234165Favorite Simpsons gag, /tv/? Pic related. BUENAS NOCHES MEIN FUHRER[View]
121229650Euphoria: What does /tv/ think of Euphoria?[View]
121231846>The sheriff is a ni-*BONG!*[View]
121235779>reprimands his gf for twerking on a male 'friend' in public while everyone stared and chattered …[View]
121234036Kanye West selling people horribly expensive Crocs is the best way for us to wrap up this past decad…[View]
121235213Any kinos with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8P1oGF2nnA[View]
121235289Is it, dare I say, kino?: https://youtu.be/r4JmeXXRmZg?t=305[View]
121235708He did nothing wrong: 100% unironic[View]
121230113Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
121234166Why does reddit hate it so much?[View]
121235010>well hello beautiful Whoa, so that's why they call him 'The Joker', huh?…[View]
121233848Remember when Adam Carolla was funny? How did he fall so far? I agree with his politics but he needs…[View]
121233243He killed billions[View]
121234975How is /tv/ celebrating Talk Like Elvis Presley day? Also discuss rock and roll kino[View]
121233181What was his problem?[View]
121234242Was it autism?[View]
121234821Remember when Daft Punk released new music during SNL without any warning back in 2013? Not gonna li…[View]
121231646What is to be done about YouTube film ''''critics''''?[View]
121232085Post actual pics of you watching kino.[View]
121229824'That was the best acting I've ever seen!': Leo suggested that line himself, right?[View]
121231313Absolute garbage: Unironically the worst fucking movie I have ever seen, how the fuck was this even …[View]
121234912What are some movies where the main character gets away with murder and rape?[View]
121229977What's next for actress Lucy Boynton?[View]
121231970What does this have to do with incels?[View]
121232688what the fuck was his problem[View]
121232534Can yall give me a quick rundown about the overlap between the Seinfeld fanbase and RingDings enthus…[View]
121234675If there is a live-action for Blasphemous, who would direct it?[View]
121234509They should do a downfall style movie about Jefferson Davis[View]
121234555underrated Theroux-kino: >that time when Louis implies to Joe Jackson that his son might be a fag…[View]
121220439Unpopular positive opinion challenge: Name a movie that... (1) you genuinely like (not 'so bad it…[View]
121232277>Ey yo Adrian!! Hahahaaa, remember Rocky fellas? Remember Rambo? Hey guys I need some money alrig…[View]
121222648What was 'disgusting'?[View]
121234430>villain does absolutely nothing wrong[View]
121226840How did they fit inside a picture frame?[View]
121234149why is butcher called a Brit in the show when he has an Aussie accent?: was he a Brit in the comic a…[View]
121233640this the funniest movie I've seen all year. I can't believe it's more autistic than K…[View]
121230602Best movie of 2019: without any doubt[View]
121232566itt: movies you didn't expect to make you cry but did[View]
121233309now coomer is proven to be an discord psyop, can we go back to having normal comfy sneed threads pos…[View]
121234102idc what you guys think about tim, this show is funny https://twitter.com/i/status/11730171786159063…[View]
121216726what the fuck did I just watch[View]
121233915What is the funniest Mad TV skit ever and why is this? https://youtu.be/tLnH5n3XcOk[View]
121229731Movies that filter out the plebeians.[View]
121233758Uncle, sit down.[View]
121233821Cast him for the all-american remake[View]
121231494How in the fuck is this possible? Going 40 days without sex sounds like a nightmare to me.[View]
121233761I'm watching the original French rips of Inspector Gadget and in every episode he has a funky m…[View]
121233095Chad, is there something wrong with your table?[View]
121229667>thanks for having me over, what kino are we going to watch? >hey, where can I sit?…[View]
121233185>Tfw when you go down to the archives and start pulling some old files[View]
121233604Is it safe to say he got away with it?[View]
121233005The one when Ross does brownface[View]
121230177What if Yoda had a cousin from New York >EH WALKIN' HERE I AM[View]
121233475Any good movies on inflation? Inflation is the Elite's nastiest trick, and the main reason why …[View]
121232748Just watched Margin Call. Is it a good representation of what happened a decade ago? Is it too high-…[View]
121231975FROG THREAD![View]
121231479FROG THREAD!!!!![View]
121225806Looks like Stallone Kino is back on the menu boys.[View]
121231951If you had two pet lizards what would you name them? Hard mode: not chirpy boy or bart sn…[View]
121231403FROG THREAD![View]
121229093Just finished watching this piece of shit. There is literally a scene where two gay men fuck, and af…[View]
121233284/tv/ is a sfw reddit /b/ tier board now: Fuck the zoomers and pajeets for that[View]
121233179Lets get some interesting episodes recommendations here. I'm talking about stuff beyond the mos…[View]
121233071I thought this died months ago...[View]
121232972Rule of Acquisition #231: let your customers know who the former owner was.[View]
121231796fuck jannies and their chink master[View]
121233148Would it be kino?[View]
121233043GET UP GET UP GET UP[View]
121227198To the three other anons who enjoyed this shit, will you be watching?[View]
121225802Genndy Tartakovsky wrote the forward of the Steven Universe artbook. Pretty based if you ask me[View]
121232049>How many people want Homer banned from this place for life?[View]
121232687Cast him Select a director for the film[View]
121232915ENOUGH from the frog![View]
121232262>gay subplot emerges Dropped.[View]
121232850>the best character in a series is non canon and deliberately unacknowledged by the brand holders…[View]
121231633>Bart, I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do. Your lizards are banned by federal law…[View]
121232508>lol everyone's gay/bi/tranny now >lol Bash is a cuck >lol Sheila drops the furry shit…[View]
121230553What was the joke here?[View]
121231874>I cant wait to see Joker >Shits gonna be so dope…[View]
121232413Would Jerk Off Instructors be a hit and socially acceptable if they were ever created. or would it b…[View]
121232730you're the man now dog[View]
121232685How did Nedry know who Oppenheimer was?[View]
121232430 [View]
121231158People who deserve a movie based their life or certain event in their life: I'll post first D.…[View]
121232611What happened during that dinner?[View]
1212310825>3>1>6>>>>>7>8>4>2>Spin off[View]
121231689Underrated kino?[View]
121225163>Disney is not a money laundering oper-[View]
121232408>be me >spam frog thread >fuck jannies…[View]
121232320Past a certain size, a big guy without a mask can be a bad thing[View]
121230899>We need a forgettable face with no particular talent >How about what's his name? >Per…[View]
121232203>2012: I'm glad Disney killed the expanded universe, it all sucked! >2019: OMG Episode IX…[View]
121232357I'm watching Robert Pattinson's films. What are your thoughts on Pattinson?[View]
121209528>Disney killed Star Wars! >Nobody actually cares about the new trilogy! >The boycott is wor…[View]
121229021Wtf I didn’t think he was THAT powerful[View]
121232265Star Wars and Marvel movies were shit BEFORE Disney got a hold of them[View]
121218367James Cameron determined to make Alita sequel with or without Disney: https://www.sausageroll.com.au…[View]
121231839FROG THREAD![View]
121222208He was guilty: End of story[View]
121231914FROG THREAD![View]
121232160Lemme just uh... FROG THREAD[View]
121231888Hunger Games: General consensus on the movies?[View]
121231684>FROG THREAD!!!!!![View]
121231872MTF actors? Pic related[View]
121230043Allen Gregory: would this show have been attacked by the woke brigade for having a gay guy force a s…[View]
121231440FROG THREAD![View]
121231250Fuck this shitty board: >/mu/ is full of people talking about independent music and music outside…[View]
121231603>820 days until Avatar 2[View]
121231527FROG THREAD![View]
121231866FROG THREAD![View]
121231903was this a metaphor for hollywood child sex trafficking?[View]
121232003FROG THREAD![View]
121231988 [View]
121231509Bang my wife /tv/[View]
121231774Post retired actors.[View]
121231879What are your thoughts on the Incel movie?: I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someonedecided …[View]
121230316I want to kiss Joker. I want to hugh Joker. I want to marry Joker. I want to protect Joker. I want l…[View]
121231864What are some movies about overcoming the odds?[View]
121231695>watching a movie >fades to black >i see my face on the screen…[View]
121231449>'Ripley is a well written female character unlike the Mary sues we get nowadays.'…[View]
121228345why isn't this a cult film?[View]
121231187Is this the most kino of all time[View]
121228930Why haven't you watched the best fucking show of the year?[View]
121228142Post good things from the Resident Evil movies[View]
121229000JOKER: A SOCIAL VICTIM: I've got a friend that really hates the new JOKER, he says that putting…[View]
121229528What would you do if your wooden puppet became a real boy?[View]
121230163What makes him special that he gets to be a part of the avengers?[View]
121231561Cooking Show Kino.[View]
121228834What are some absolute MUST-SEE movies of 2010s?[View]
121230498#TeamSiskel Ebert was a fat little nerd who took movies way too seriously[View]
121230676>the flight plan I just filed with the Jedi Council lists SHMI[View]
121230590Mindhunter: Post Baboon Slaying Unit OC[View]
121228639>first intellectual capeshit >Joker steals its thunder…[View]
121229696Why are they doing this to us? Are they this starved of material?[View]
121230885How do you think his life played out after the documentary?[View]
121224984will he ever do a tell-all interview about all the shit he's seen?[View]
121231359chicago cab: why the fuck isn't there a working torrent anywhere for this? all I could find was…[View]
121228121I DID MY TIME[View]
121231326>late 90s/early 00s kino >Mariah Carey starts playing What are some more of your favorite tr…[View]
121231297Terrace House: Anyone watching the new season, what do you think so far?[View]
121225791THEY FUCKING CAUGHT THE GUY also what are some other True Crime films of this caliber? https://www.k…[View]
121224494How were the critics so wrong? This was one of Lynch's best kinos.[View]
121221907I didn't mind her in the wolf of wall street, I actually found her quite attractive, but when I…[View]
121229530Wanna hear a joke, /tv/? What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that tre…[View]
121229122I'm going to be so let down when there's no shooting.[View]
121231191Season 2: The Child: >'Acknowledged Enterprise. Transfer complete. Good luck on your mission.' …[View]
121224340OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
121231172>based and ____pilled[View]
121231002>Vader, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. …[View]
121226931Why is /tv/ so vain and shallow?[View]
121230098What's the consensuses?[View]
121230990Why did she start sucking her toes?[View]
121230921Am I really the only one who finds Skeksis very attractive? Seriously, imagine the smell.[View]
121221285I still cant believe she's dead, bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MuhFxaT7zo[View]
121224373What does /tv/ think about Marie Kondo's cleaning show?[View]
121229937Why did he do it?[View]
121228910I think you're cool, Homer Simpson![View]
121230321>It is I, tactical SWAT armor super suit man![View]
121230873Bark Kent, Daily Planet.[View]
121230952*Masturbates furiously in front of Gabby Gabby*[View]
121229863Uh, hey, everybody. I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt, and my butt smells and…[View]
121228692/tv/ related walpapers: This is mine[View]
121230347This scene was unironically disturbing and unnecessary[View]
121225461This could have had so much potential Started off so good but went down hill towards the end comple…[View]
121230234>mfw character has a vagina[View]
121227763Hey now![View]
121229134Recommend me some serial killers kino. Documentaries are welcome.[View]
121230695Moe sure changed after The Simpsons stopped airing.[View]
121229053ITT:What could have been[View]
121229348>'Thank God, finally, a bar!' >'Sorry Sir, we don't serve alcohol here.'…[View]
121230528Somebody makes a movie about football in the 10s: Cast them.[View]
121228435>dude there was a guy I haven't mentioned or even hinted at before hiding in the basement th…[View]
121222072how many kinos does Pitt have at this point[View]
121220528Can vidya movies be kino? Or at least watchable?[View]
121228924What's his endgame?[View]
121227885Post good Hippie movies.[View]
121229072Has anyone watched this Netflix show “Unbelievable” about a rapist who targets young women? Is it an…[View]
121228224>Quentin Tarantino has never made a bad mov-[View]
121217575/trek/: Black Incel Edition[View]
121225267Supernatural: 'As it is written, so it shall end' edition >FAQs This shit is still going on? Yes,…[View]
121230150What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121228431you want him to appear more?[View]
121230080Face genetics are not everything in film: How did nolan get away with this in improve young Timothy…[View]
121230182why do people listen to Howard Stern and why does he make 9/11 so funny? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
121227050These are the greatest Japanese directors of the last 30 years.[View]
121229375The Beach is my favorite movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CzoSvt6HtI[View]
121229983>Second episode in a series >Episode info: Our heroes face their toughest opponent yet…[View]
121227794Best movie tv show on Netflix right now: I have 3.5 hours until Europa league start, what should I w…[View]
121227234*walks into your thread*[View]
121229955What are some films featuring heckin good pupperino bois who are probably dead[View]
121229892Somebody got to the blood![View]
121229898Why didn’t they Eat them?: In the future we will all eat bugs.[View]
121229208The Rhythm Section w/ Blake Lively: Trailer https://youtu.be/SBK5Z_N_4TE[View]
121227705So she’s gonna be a killer right? A sleepaway camp homage?[View]
121229742what is the best sitcom ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYknC0pyKxg&list=PLkLimRXN6NKyY4tm…[View]
121229772>I guess I've always been a romantic kind of guy. I just never had someone to be romantic wi…[View]
121228710Wouldn't most crimes be just petty theft and vandalism Wouldn't people organize vigilante …[View]
121229616Who plays him in the biopic?[View]
121229443the picture that destroyed /tv/: Who would you cast as the next James Bond? Keep in mind these terms…[View]
121228363how were they such a cute couple /tv/bros[View]
121229607Elizabeth Olsen: What are our thoughts on her roles and acting career, /tv/?[View]
121229507This piece of shit won best picture over Taxi Driver & Network Gave Stallone ego he needed to ma…[View]
121229329>tfw complete failure at life Simpsons episodes for this feel?[View]
121229541I Eat Her?[View]
121225521I just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
121229453What are the time travel rules for Back to the Future? >Marty went back in time and played the Ch…[View]
121225275Isn't it crazy to think that 2004-2020 was as long a time period as 1984-2000?[View]
121224863Before /tv/:[View]
121209615David Oyelowo Eyed For Professor Charles Xavier In MCU's X-Men[View]
121228365Whats a computer?[View]
121229327>Such a small percentage of the population could never have such a disproportionate effect on soc…[View]
121229398I think Pilgrims suck[View]
121229343https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAKS3rdYTpI was he right?[View]
121229319Have you read Ayn Rand? Atlas Shrugged. That's the one.[View]
121227012Why are male actors always comparing dick's sizes? WTF is wrong with men? https://twitter.com/S…[View]
121224075Well that sucked. Last time I listen to /tv/[View]
121229298/tv/ comes clean: I post this art to /tv/ everyday posing as the original artist, even though the or…[View]
121220308Sophie Turner is a talented actress, but Dark Phoenix turned out to be a critical and box office bom…[View]
121197006>Can a robot write a symphony >can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece…[View]
121228187ED-209: You are Mr Kinney. You drop Desert Eagle pistol on the floor. >ED-209 malfunctions You n…[View]
121204265>every Baratheon in history has black hair >some of Robert's bastards are known in court …[View]
121225579When John Krasinski auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his name…[View]
121227579based or cringe?[View]
121227882>go to the woods >see this wat do?[View]
121228860>Homer, use the f...[View]
121228841Best terminator cast ever: They guy that hired her was a fucking genius.[View]
121228815this guy really stood out as a bad actor to me. he has the voice of someone that cooms too much[View]
121199432The Wheel of Time by Brandon Sanderson: By the Light! Amazon is making a Wheel of Time series and it…[View]
121217918Post films that reddit thinks are hidden gems...: and says the same goddamn thing about them every o…[View]
121228781ITT: The most frightening horror movies you ever watched[View]
121227238>tfw I just got my first pay as an actor[View]
121225144I just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
121228623Sex, have.[View]
121228627Will the Nostalgia Critic ever be able to top this?[View]
121224042Antman 3 is cancelled: >Hulk: No confidence that he can carry a film >Iron Man: Dead >Capta…[View]
121228604>there will NEVER be another animated series as kino as ATLA again feels bad, lads…[View]
121227445>japanese cyberpunk horror[View]
121223067>“I wish I dressed as fresh as Shia LaBeouf' Kanye West How come he could pull of the transforma…[View]
121222520Serious question guys, do we believe in RPatz Bats?: At his age could be the next Dark Knight for li…[View]
121225865Who is the best Star Wars female character ?[View]
121228539Do you feel it?[View]
121227485Baby Driver: Did you know that Baby's jacket is based off Han Solo's look?[View]
121220981Is Shelly best girl?[View]
121228446What am I to see?[View]
121226586Twitter wants to know what your favorite sign from the simpsons is! https://twitter.com/i/events/117…[View]
121224483Why did Prometheus get 9,458 bad reviews on imdb?[View]
121227472I hate Tom Hanks I hope he gets hit by a car[View]
121209984Give me one fucking reason why this wouldn't work? Not only is sailing most of the way (Like a …[View]
121228235What are your thoughts about HaCOLnks[View]
121214728It Homophobic??: https://www.out.com/film/2019/9/07/pennywise-surprisingly-anti-queer-it-chaper-two…[View]
121228262Thoughts on Euphoria?[View]
121227127Will it be good?[View]
121228123I shall return[View]
121224554>'We need the literal perfect wife.' >'Say no more.'…[View]
121223099ITT: times you acted like Cliff Booth[View]
121228082WB still haven't unblocked the Gremlins 2 video.[View]
121227776He wanted to believe[View]
121226949cast em[View]
121223087>My name is John Crichton, an astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. …[View]
121224201>I haven't been fucked like that since grade school what did she mean by this!…[View]
121225503Why do women have to be so front and centre? What is the purpose of this pose? Why is she doing that…[View]
121227774But what if we didn't live in a society?[View]
121227588American ''''''''''''''humour…[View]
121227740Timothée Chalamet: Face genetics are not everything in film, How did nolan get away with this?…[View]
121227023Ha see, you should watch the Ranch with Sam Elliot and Ashton Kutcher see, yeah see[View]
121226627I didn't mind her in stranger things, but when she appeared in once upon a time in hollywood it…[View]
121220927Remember that time when Rick and Morty became popular and then /tv/ started pretending they like XRA…[View]
121227600>when the loose cannon detective gets thrown out of the case[View]
121227505A-koo-chee-moya. We are far from the sacred places of our grandfathers, and from the bones of our pe…[View]
121224631So is this worth watching? Or just another middling Netflix show?[View]
121227519Thoughts on the hit sitcom 'Two Broke Girls' from Michael Patrick King Productions?[View]
121226515This propaganda is pretty kino, lads. https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1174352714232475652…[View]
121227432why was he denied his redemption?[View]
121223199What can we find out about life from American movies ?: The huge New York apartments are available t…[View]
121224418The O.C. tv series: Friend of mine suggested to me to watch this tv series some months ago. I found …[View]
121227132>596 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness[View]
121218701Critics are not liking Rambo Last Blood because Rambo kills mexicans[View]
121222594What's the name of this haircut?[View]
121226166what the fuck is his problem?[View]
121225837daily reminder this is a shit service and you should cancel it[View]
121226711You know, Q anon predicted all this[View]
121215710what was the point of this character?[View]
121218861Disney Wants to END Backend Royalties to TV Show Creators?!: fuck the mouse >“They can run it 10,…[View]
121219360Is cinematography the most important thing?[View]
121223997>Shes still in his head[View]
121226302will it never end[View]
121226958what are some scenes that removed a whole demographic from the gene pool?[View]
121227027What was his fucking problem?[View]
121224476the look in her eye, you just KNOW they banged liam neeson is known to be THE most hung guy in holly…[View]
121226886Why is he so goddamn hot?[View]
121226325*stops to change her tampon*[View]
121225082Star Wars Rise of Skywalker: >Palpatine is not a FORCE GHOST, he is actually alive and decrepit. …[View]
121224474ITT: live action tsundere[View]
121210277Fuck this shitty board: >/mu/ is full of people talking about independent music and music outside…[View]
121226541What is the best currently airing kino to take a girl to see?[View]
121225255>just watch this korean reality tv show, it's kino >Episodes are 3 hours long >Annoyin…[View]
121225793Welcome to Pheonix Farms![View]
121225890You're doing fantastic /tv/. This is LITERALLY the greatest film and television-oriented anonym…[View]
121221458What did she mean by this look?[View]
121226360Im beginning to believe those white female aging memes[View]
121224295Stacey GF: Is there girls irl like Stacey from Goofy Movie?[View]
121226517Do you ever feel like your life is like one monumental screw up?[View]
121226352this is a thread that pertains to her roles and career please post accordingly and respect the mods …[View]
121222915>'Silicon Valley' star Thomas Middleditch says swinging 'saved' his marriage …[View]
121226310'You almost had me Ms. Bond. Now I shall do what every man who has knocked you up has done, and vani…[View]
121212229Can anybody recommend some good Christkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_6tJ9qk9SY[View]
121226201What will be the next project in his Breaking Bad Universe now that he's proven he's a hac…[View]
121215770The Wire is fucking garbage.[View]
121226178What a pussy bitch, literally hides behind a little girl. Batman sucks[View]
121212319What's your favorite American Dad joke/quote?[View]
121226126>ronny/lily Was it kino or self-indulgent shit?[View]
121225929>A girl's foot sweat will never enter your bloodstream. Why. Even. Live?…[View]
121222211It's a perfectly cromulent word.[View]
121225040How do we save film criticism from this menace?[View]
121225191*it's a Zak and crew investigate a mentally ill family episode*: Is it kino?[View]
121224712Name one bad thing she's done: So?[View]
121221957based or cringe?[View]
121220605>BUSTIN’ MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!![View]
121217840Give me that cheesy and hammy wild west movies anon. Enough with the dark and gritty revisionists. h…[View]
121199945The Texas Chainsaw Masscre(2003): was this the best horror film of the 00s?[View]
121224889Cast him.[View]
121224444Most expensive TV show in history: Is it time to apologize to Amazon? Also how BTFO will Netflix/Wi…[View]
121211325Was it justified?[View]
121224425Wtf was the season 2? Why was it so shit? They killed off all the main characters. Is the 3rd season…[View]
121225618Whats next for him?[View]
121223320Last Christmas: Its coming soon lads and interviews are starting soon also[View]
121223149Where does one start with Akira Kurosawa's films?[View]
121219114If you’re an avid movie watcher like myself and struggle to pick a movie to watch, try this...: So, …[View]
121223935kinos like this?[View]
121223341I love these dudes, every scene with them is like a retarded /tv/ thread[View]
121217394film recommendations: >post an image >get a film recommendation These threads are always helpf…[View]
121225842How can white bois even compete?[View]
121223732ITT: draw a movie, anons try to guess it[View]
121224457>Halloween episode of a sitcom >main characters are convinced a side character is a real vampi…[View]
121223411Underrated animated kino[View]
121224540Say what you will about this movie in terms of memes, but this film still resonates through my soul …[View]
121223823HELLRAISER reboot in the works: >Another 80s horror classic ruined by many half-assed sequels. 'H…[View]
121220919>never seen this movie >gf made me watch with her for childhood nostalgia >kind of stupid b…[View]
121224860ITT: Based retarded characters[View]
121223831Is he /our guy/?[View]
121224833I just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
121224574What are the chances that new Jumanji will beat Rise of Skywalker in box office?[View]
121223226Does he still browse here?[View]
121224580What is the best Netflix original and why is it Maniac?[View]
121223824He was guilty.[View]
121220952how would /tv/ feel if they brought back the raimi spiderman universe but [spoier] it's a passi…[View]
121224595I know I'll get hated for this, but are there men who have this beautiful light in their smile,…[View]
121224229What do you think about Elle Fanning's character in Live By Night?[View]
121223870Where's the turtle?[View]
121222174With those Apple bottom jeans...[View]
121223707I didn't mind her in the wolf of wall street, but when I saw her in once upon a time in hollywo…[View]
121223328so I just watched the first ep of this do I think it was nigg-kino?[View]
121224113>watching vet show >its a dog gets put down episode…[View]
121223211>white people movie >I miss the bright side starts playing…[View]
121223901How did they get away with this?[View]
121223955I think you're cool, Homer Simpson![View]
121223780MCU leak: good day lads[View]
121223856ITT We post our favorite films and receive judgement for it[View]
121220424>21 year old zoomers who grew up on gay soulless shit like Drake and josh and Totally spies, inst…[View]
121222875HBO Dr Manhattan trailer reveal: All the remaining crumbs of hopes I had just vanished in the wind. …[View]
121221985What do you think about the films of Shunji Iwai?[View]
121222290Films about this feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTNrSZX0qLo[View]
121211535Watch Succession: do it[View]
121222853>episode 1 Hate the supes and want to see them all die on principle >episode 8 Just feel pity …[View]
121223487my face when my favorite hobbies include television and film[View]
121222545What are some good films with kino endings?[View]
121224019is /tv/ excited for the crank yankers comeback? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=70&v…[View]
121223874What does /tv/ think of Ireland's newest political party: by Simpsons fans, for Simpsons fans. …[View]
121223100FUCK /POL/!: You're dead inside if you're not hyped for this.[View]
121219438Why do people say this movie is better than Red Dragon 2005? The acting from the supporting characte…[View]
121223096What the fuck is his problem?[View]
121217540>Movie sets will never be 3 football fields again[View]
121220642What is /tv/'s opinion on French actor Juicy Smoliere?[View]
121221426Cast him.[View]
121223669>HS loser ends up being successful >Chad becomes a fat alcoholic…[View]
121220161Whoopi finna look like that dude on The Walking dead[View]
121208705List of comedians who have defended Shane Gillis (Real Ass Dudes): Luis J Gomez Nick Mullen Joe DeRo…[View]
121221363Name a better duo: I'll wait >Inb4 sneed[View]
121222522I thought it was just a meme[View]
121223619Why didn’t she wear this outfit on the show?[View]
121222194Is there literally anywhere I can LEGALLY download /tv/ series to watch offline without some shitty …[View]
121223660Dreamatorium, set coordinates for page 10[View]
121223618What are some films that sounded good but never made it into production: https://www.dailymail.co.uk…[View]
121223171>Morpheus is fighting Neo[View]
121218846comfy south park thread: no feed or seed allowed what are some /comfy/ episodes of this show?[View]
121223197I don't get it, where was the baby?[View]
121222864It's never going to end is it? Like The Simpsons.[View]
121222052Whats next for Bridget Regan?[View]
121214544A LITTLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH (watchthread): tonight's guest - Tracee Ellis Ross. show airs 1:…[View]
121218577What the fuck is this shit Two seasons and nothing happens, half of the scenes could be cut with lit…[View]
121210311Write a zombie simpsons episode[View]
121216781Why the hell does he stand like this? He's not even holding anything.[View]
121206467Who could play Judge Holden from Blood Meridian?[View]
121221212Why do horror makers cast attractive women as leads? That being said is she the most attractive fema…[View]
121192578Good use of greenscreens and CGI?[View]
121220363It’s about fucking time we see some Jewish representation in Hollywood[View]
121219639Was it Kino?: https://streamable.com/0doc3 https://streamable.com/h1ws3[View]
121211688/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Nicole Noms: Holly/Jackson Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>12120…[View]
121222743I WANT CANDY![View]
121221245Where do open matte copies come from? How are they even available? I don't understand how there…[View]
121213079Is this the greatest show of all time?[View]
121166859Is it kino?[View]
121222403Don: Jackie Jr. Underboss: Matthew Bevilaqua Consigliere: Sean Gismonte[View]
121219722was it kino?[View]
121222159So, did he really kill all those people?[View]
121220537Films about how men really feel?[View]
121215904This biggest pleb filter of the fucking decade What is it about this film attracting the most low br…[View]
121220826Serious question, I know /tv/ hates the prequels, but would his planned Sequel Trilogy have been bet…[View]
121221279Who is the coolest superhero?[View]
121222533Films with this type of feeling[View]
121218791I dont shine shoes no more billy, you've been away a long time nobody came up and told you, i d…[View]
121218965>After Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert gave the film a negative review on their show, David Lynch iss…[View]
121222272Movies where the hero lives long enough to be the villain[View]
121222357Coming out on the 60th anniversary of the 'worst movie ever made' and the 25th of Ed Wood, a bio abo…[View]
121220818How successful will the MCU be going forward?[View]
121222241ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
121219624El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: Reminder he survived[View]
121217910Reddit the show.[View]
121218726What do you think of that you ass smelling, cheese drinking, crisp bathing, lard gargling, Wingstop …[View]
121205550Why do gamers all of a sudden have a problem with 'politics in video games' while film goers never c…[View]
121221273Pardon me, but what was the point of this character?[View]
121203179Ant Man 3 cancelled: How fucked is the MCU considering how their future has been planned after Endga…[View]
121221204who was your favorite interviewee?[View]
121219597Why was this allowed in a movie aimed at children?[View]
121222087Rate Storage Wars?[View]
121221308Just saw this. Confirmed kino.[View]
121219250this is the most beautiful movie in the world[View]
121220490WHERE'S THE GIANT, MANSLEY??![View]
121221246HOW X-MEN AND MUTANTS CAN BE INCLUDED INTO THE MCU!!!FACT!!!: Now that Disney owns Fox and most of t…[View]
121212196Halloween movie thread: What are you watching this October? Also, if the anthology idea had continue…[View]
121221414just finished this kino. anymore like it?[View]
121217868This is such a messed up episode >Have a son >His lesbian mom takes him away so you never see …[View]
121221749I was rewatching some disney films and this still holds up Kino[View]
121221004Spinel The Movie (ft. Steven Universe): I don't wanna stay in /co/ you guys... It's a nowh…[View]
121218567Weird things in the background of movies and tv shows most people don't notice[View]
121220777girlie films you used to watch when you were a kid[View]
121219247Pound for pound, Revenge of the Sith and The Last Jedi are both the most kino Star Wars films. Both …[View]
121215998>I look so cool, nothing could go wro-[View]
121218161This is a great show, but it's impossible to keep the timeline straight between episodes/season…[View]
121218928Hi /tv/, can you help me? I'm looking for the name of a movie. I thought it had Ryan Gosling in…[View]
121221081Why did Prometheus get 9,458 bad reviews on imdb?[View]
121219433Brits BTFO: https://youtu.be/KyhrrdpA2YA[View]
121209665Why were there so many kino movies in the 70s? >The Godfather >Taxi Driver >One Flew Over t…[View]
121189732Boondocks is coming back: It's gonna be shit and nowhere near as good as the original, right? A…[View]
121221261what are some movies about the ocean?[View]
121221141Can /tv/ get comfier than this?[View]
121221184What was his problem?[View]
121213700>international action/adventure movie >has set pieces in Paris, either next the Arc de Triomph…[View]
121221037Was it kino?[View]
121219542>tfw we never get a movie where cliff saves pusy[View]
121218551Bale is the best Bruce Wayne ever. Maybe not the best Batman, but the best Bruce Wayne.[View]
121219155*plays a lesbian in your path*[View]
121217562Utopia Thread: So i just finished watching both season of this show. Really enjoyed season 1 but hol…[View]
121218210itt: advert kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5ykNZl9mTQ[View]
121207193Don't you just hate it when series that have been around for decades end on a low note? X-men, …[View]
121220736In many ways I actually agree with the critics, it's a decent film but a 3.5/4.0 out of 5. Othe…[View]
121217859what the fuck was this ending?[View]
121220681How old is Abe simpsons if he was in wwi? https://youtu.be/bjmWU3U1wc8[View]
121220138I study for 10 hours a day. I am in the library from 9AM - 11PM. I take a 1 hour break for meals. an…[View]
121220489I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road Ride til I can't no more[View]
121219829What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
121215050Who was in the wrong here[View]
121217464Just watched the recent Joe Rogan podcast with Rob Zombie and i'm disappointed we may never see…[View]
121219988>watch punch drunk love >start punching the walls and screaming like an autist every time I…[View]
121218103Almost everyone in this show is a fucking asshole. How are you supposed to root for these norseman f…[View]
121219291Had funny moments but the plot was terrible. Forky was a pointless plot device character[View]
121216696The only genuine femcel kino.[View]
121218646Blade (1998): when capekino was art.[View]
121220404Favorite Mondo Cane documentary?[View]
121220403it won't be long before A.I. will be able to scan photographs and video to create high quality …[View]
121220400Did he order Tomás' death?[View]
121219165I didn't mind her in stranger things, but when she showed up in one upon a time in hollywood it…[View]
121220135Is he, dare I say, 'our guy'?[View]
121220097>Can you sing, master hobbit?[View]
121213735Who's the ultimate character to emulate if you wanted to be brave, charming, and cool?[View]
121220143Face genetics are not everything in film: How did nolan get away with this?[View]
121218745comfy show so far >Season 7 Episode 16 >a sassy asserting black woman oh fuck. should I drop t…[View]
121217623What did he mean by this?[View]
121219857>'I put the Phil Hartman hex on you — you're the next to die'[View]
121219110HELLO FATHA[View]
121219158Movies that end in a weird place: >I need you Hoggle[View]
121219614What did /tv/ think of pic-related?[View]
121219643The I land: The only thing good about this show were the hard nipples with no bras.... It was litera…[View]
121219371What are some of your favorite Easter eggs in shows?: I love discovering little things the producers…[View]
121217777Far From Home: did you like this movie?[View]
121218951How come the news are against cops but movies are pro cops?[View]
121219033How is this show still airing?[View]
1212186734K HDR restoration when?[View]
121210390Asking the big question.: Hero, anti-hero, or villain? Was he a revolutionqry, was he a natural bypr…[View]
121218776trad kino[View]
121217096A true kino This movie left me speechless, it was so damn good with both a good plot and subplot. Al…[View]
121214818Seriously, what the FUCK went wrong?: https://cosmicbook.news/star-wars-galaxys-edge-dead-rise-resis…[View]
121218023Could she have been a proper movie star? She was massive, but then wasted her prime years getting na…[View]
121213611What happened to Cap being a vocal Christian in the MCU?[View]
121218485The original basedboy, cuck, frequently asked question, cringetopia. I don't know whether to ad…[View]
121197296Why is Star Wars' Disney Park tanking so hard? Don't people care any more?[View]
121218410Reminder this is the only good medical drama S5-7 feels like a cheap reboot but still holds up…[View]
121217167How many of these have you seen?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palme_d%27Or#Award_winners…[View]
121217603>synthesizer rhythm opens movie >DOO DO DO DO DOO DRR DR DR DR DRR DN DNN DN DN DN DUN DU DUN …[View]
121216642How do you stop him?[View]
121218162So I was putting off watching the walking dead because of how shit it is, but I finally come back an…[View]
121217591What's his best work?[View]
121216118the difinitive wes anderson rankings: >Bottle Rocket 1/5, bunch of white males acting quirky >…[View]
121214189>you're terminated, fucker Cringe. >I'm about to be strangled to death by this robot…[View]
121217557How likely is this thing being an out-of-time joke? Like parodying the jokes of the liberal establis…[View]
121216546I really love all the detail that went into making Coraline, Henry Selick is criminally underrated.[View]
121216880mif was near perfect two more cruise MIs is almost a reason to live x top gun sequeal?! tom cruise i…[View]
121217937King of comedy: So the end was just another one of his delusions right?[View]
121215676*waves to you in early 2010s TV drama sign language*[View]
121204269THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE REVIEWS ARE OUT!!!FACT!!!: https://bloody-disgusting.com/reviews/3582526/tiff…[View]
121216146yeah im thinking based[View]
121217678>Fire in the hole![View]
121217823October 4th 2019[View]
121214966Y'all misbehavin'?[View]
121214195Movies in which there are no protagonists/antagonists?[View]
121217792ITT: painfully mediocre.[View]
121216670Why did he have to die like a bitch in space? He was based.[View]
121217610Long ago in the distant thread...[View]
121216935why do movie characters wear shoes indoors?: breaks my immersion desu unironically no memes[View]
121193198this is the dumbest fuckin show ive ever seen. why is this manlet so obsessed with seeming tough.[View]
121216971Will he ever make a return to acting?[View]
121214433>'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder o…[View]
121214423>In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man…[View]
121217556The better call saul present time scenes are way more interesting than the show[View]
121217501Anthology tv shows: What are your favorites?Any good ones that came out in recent years?[View]
121216656I don't understand Dave Chappelle's car analogy during his Sticks and Stones special. How …[View]
121215172uhhh, what are your superpowers again?[View]
121215241>Jim is the villain in The Office >Die Hard is a Christmas movie >Villeneuve is a noteworth…[View]
121215928Dave Chappelle[View]
121217384>33 when will she hit the wall and free us from the curse?[View]
121217388What was his end game? Was he /ourguy/?[View]
121213970Jonah Fill[View]
121216769>Well yes, of course Midsommar is my movie of the year so far[View]
121217343What's next for Jamie Clayton's career?: At age 41, she still looks insanely cute. Now tha…[View]
121208720If you were making a movie, what actress would you rely on as your female lead: six time Academy Awa…[View]
121208343Well?: https://www.filmstories.co.uk/news/we-should-be-talking-more-about-isabela-moner/…[View]
121215411Webm Thread: Post em[View]
121216483We need a GoT prequel: Roberts rebellion and Tom hardy playing him that is all[View]
121217086Chink Faggot: Why does showbiz hate funny, straight asian guys?[View]
121217107Wow. A true wake up call to America But was it accurate?[View]
121215992I talked to barzini[View]
121215338What did Netflix mean by this?[View]
121210698I've noticed that a lot Millennials tend to defend Batman Forever from haters, due to childhood…[View]
121214649Was it Scorsese kino?[View]
121216907My Master, what were the first sixty five orders?[View]
121202428What are your favorite drug related films?[View]
121212024ITT: we post an actor/actress' sexiest role >pic related[View]
121213895Former gang member gives 15 year-old a reality check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEKbDFzvP3o…[View]
121214718Artie: Who in the hell did he think he was?[View]
121216718>Let's make some sweet bunty little smubbles What did he mean by this?…[View]
121210615Would you watch a biopic about the life of Kaiser Wilhelm II?[View]
121215534https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideaki_Anno#Subsequent_work >Make Evangelion >Literally making…[View]
121205370Kinos for this feel?[View]
121214662>H-Hi anon. Maybe we could not worry about the no singles policy...together....if you want...…[View]
121213425nostalgia critic cringe kino: 30:31 and onwards in the video will go down in history as the absolute…[View]
121215853The perferred late night host of the alt-right[View]
121216153Victoria Justice on onscreen kissing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJptQHA5Zoo[View]
121207878ITT: The Imagine/Webm that saved /tv/[View]
121215594Here's your Winx Club bro. https://www.spoilertv.com/2019/09/fate-winx-club-saga-abigail-cowen-…[View]
121214975>Hey Bonnie, I'm back from college, how's Woody? >I hope you're treating him we…[View]
121216447Only you can help prevent Little Donnie Disease[View]
121216271/justtrillthings/: >Be Trill >Work hard to get into the Symbiont program >Actually get sele…[View]
121215497Who thinks Bam will get sober? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P82gsB7vU-c[View]
121212594How can the west even compete?[View]
121215829I'VE BEEN OUT WALKING[View]
121189419I've never watched this. New season looks fun tho. Do I need to see the previous seasons to enj…[View]
121216168>I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston…[View]
121213702Say it[View]
121216132Ryan Gosling: What are you thoughts on Ryan Gosling? His career and choice of films? The fact he has…[View]
121215361Does it hold up?[View]
121216042Game of Thrones: Why didn't he turn the midget fuck into a shish-kebab as soon as he saw him an…[View]
121215351>Travis is a walking contradiction. He hates the scuminess of New York but frequents porno theate…[View]
121216090Why are bad movies so bad ? It take a shit ton of money to make a movie. How the fuck does something…[View]
121215385who is this?[View]
121215414Power Rangers: How do we fix the Power Rangers franchise?[View]
121211726Less than 13 days until October: Are you ready for your Halloween spooky moviethon?[View]
121215025Cast it.[View]
121205874>2019.... I am forgotten...[View]
121215682>yfw it's real[View]
121214512Lisa Simpson New Head of Talent Relations at FOX: What do you think /tv/? Will she be able to handle…[View]
121215641>That is not my name[View]
121212670u can pick any current musician to be in charge of the score of your dream project/movie. who is it?…[View]
121214463If one eyed Willy was alive he would have killed and raped everyone in that room[View]
121213590Top Cop Kino?[View]
121208852>This site is now on my ISP's auto-block list Where did it all go wrong?…[View]
121214451This movie is a fucking MASTERPIECE[View]
121215438Just keeps getting better[View]
121215413What was her fucking problem? Why didn't she just stay on the boat?[View]
121215270But why is her nose so small?: walt disney would not approve[View]
121212204MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm... Baked to perfection.[View]
121215357You ever wonder what it would be like if your left hand was smaller than your right hand? Do you thi…[View]
121215355Loved this anthology series. Next batch when?[View]
121212624This show was kind of trash[View]
121215300Gracie Abrams: What do you think of this nice Jewish girl?[View]
121212939>Brent we're going to need you to get back down to 1992 weight for my new series. You are af…[View]
121215122Why didn’t she marry an asian dentist?[View]
121213947The Onion: What went wrong?[View]
121215074How come I never see anyone talking about this show? The original was very popular around here and t…[View]
121215211Is /tv/ ready for homosexual romance noir? This aint no brokeback fellas. Got the cajones to watch t…[View]
121214342Eyes wide shut - Gene stealer cult Full Metal Jacket - Imperial Guard He really could have pulled of…[View]
121213420ITT: Post characters that are literally you.[View]
121214205Four Tickets For Joker[View]
121212868Did you know that the Lawrence of Arabia was explicitly gay in the film? David Lean told Peter O…[View]
1212150783x3 bread: post yours, r8, h8, judge each other's personalities[View]
121213739Kung fu panda 2 & 3 are shit: What went wrong?[View]
121213978I'm gonna tell you something. You know what's the matter with this country? lt's gett…[View]
121212785SHUT UP[View]
121214965It will sticky?[View]
121214861Sex House was KINO https://youtu.be/0App7QizQCU[View]
121195917Kimmy Gibbler is ____[View]
121209631Best film Noir and you literally can't prove me wrong[View]
121211559ITT: Actors who make you rage everytime you see them: Why does she make me rage? I didn't mind …[View]
121214874What do you think of Auli'i Cravalho's body of work?[View]
121205643/trek/: The Dubsminion has endured for 2,000 /trek/ threads and will continue to endure long after t…[View]
121214281well it’s official, Doug has snapped https://youtu.be/DPdMkwLYL3w[View]
121210521kramr get uber: >BUT IT'S MY CAR[View]
121212014JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA Movie Reportedly In Development: https://dccomicsnews.com/2019/03/15/warn…[View]
121212984Horror movies are the bottom-most rung of all cinematic endeavors.[View]
121213116>Hold up. If you aren't sitting at The Comedy Store on a Tuesday night for 4 hours listening…[View]
121214289>help me take this mask off >...but you'll die…[View]
121212127Why do all the patricians I follow on Letterboxd rate this movie so low? I really liked it. 4 stars …[View]
121214648GET UP GET UP GET UP[View]
121213382How did he get away with it?[View]
121214118Post scenes which hit close to home https://youtu.be/IaGW3qVjI4I[View]
121213325>I'm creating a team[View]
121214577Anyone got any good documentaries on Columbine? Youtube videos are okay too[View]
121213730>half of all amerifats are gonna be obese https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22608371 Can I get …[View]
121214359What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121205756why did you hate it?[View]
121213796>mfw the fat hobbit won't take the shitty rope as a gift[View]
121213939Melissa Benoist is one of the best actresses in television at the moment. She should be hired to pla…[View]
121212439Unexpected boner scenes[View]
121213627If you think Rachel was right, you are most likely a roastie and should leave[View]
121214484Fuck off cinelets: What's the best world cinema kino you've seen recently[View]
121213706What is the best The Simpsons meme and why is it 'That's a paddlin'' ?[View]
121212746Trailer Park Boys, finally got around to it: It's pretty good, for once everyone wasn't wr…[View]
121213375What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121214244https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBq0kuoNBKA Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121213845what was going through her mind in this scene?[View]
121212312Shane Gillis: Norm MacDonald is in full attack mode, backing Shane Gillis and calling everyone who d…[View]
121177572Supernatural: 'As it is written, so shall it end' edition >FAQs This shit is still going on? Yes,…[View]
121206839No thread?[View]
121213528Any movies about the people who really killed Kennedy? Pic very much related[View]
121213679Why is he so perfect?[View]
121199492What was the best era for Cartoon Network?[View]
121210525Rob Zombie: Are his movies any good? What film do i watch first?[View]
121213981What am I in for?[View]
121212958Post an image get a movie recommendation.[View]
121210688fuck you.[View]
121206008Why do they have to specify she’s Jewish?[View]
121205069who is the best boy?: and why is it kyle?[View]
121212757based Jaime: i can't believe they ruined him[View]
121201568Casino was better[View]
121212985Excuse me but... I'sn't The Simpsons an all ages show? This isn't the type of content…[View]
12121204850 days[View]
121202720does it seem like to anyone else that every new/modern actor nowadays looks like this? what happened…[View]
121211642god fucking damn it[View]
121212841> NNYEAAAAAAHH[View]
121213437Fictional characters you strongly suspect were mostly based off yourself: I start Joaquin Phoenix as…[View]
121213595>Chase has stated that he 'loathed and despised' television shows, watching only The Sopranos and…[View]
121212927is this fucking thing ever coming out?[View]
121211413NI: This is the best comedy ever made if you disagree you are a massive faggot https://www.youtube.c…[View]
121212065Here's your new Batman bro.[View]
121213469What is the Dr Feelgood 2003 by Interphase of television & film?[View]
121213342How is it’s that Hollywood is still so homogeneous in 2019?[View]
121211049Was it KINO?[View]
121209564>dying to a wack ass fish[View]
121205395Does anyone else find 4:3 more enjoyable and easier to watch? It's like there is less informati…[View]
121212486Why haven't you watched the most kino show of 2019?[View]
121212525If a movie is good, I don't mind watching it a second time.[View]
121213216Mom says I gotta get a job or she'll kick me out. Can anyone lemme know how much janitors are …[View]
121211941Absolutely powerful and intelligent take on religion.[View]
121213057What are some good podcasts about movies? Pic unrelated[View]
121211006I can't take it anymore, bros. I'm gonna werewolf.[View]
121213136American Graffiti (1973): Was it a food film? Pic somewhat related[View]
121206938Do they really think they can fit all of Dune in one movie while keeping the quality up? Honestly th…[View]
121209829So I finally got around to watch the new Dave Chapelle, and I was expecting heavy stuff because of t…[View]
121207606David Lynch: Rank your favorite Lynch-kino[View]
121213080OH NO NO NO NO NO: >Rian Johnson doesn't know Star Wa-[View]
121213001 [View]
121202586If Disney can give us a young Leia prequel with Millie Bobby Brown playing her then I'll forgiv…[View]
121210890comfy simpsons thread[View]
121211565What's the /tv/ equivalent of a walking simulation?[View]
121209755 [View]
121212783Any movies where the character wears a nice hat?[View]
121209882WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
121212095Hey, /tv/. A guy gets on the MTA here in LA, dies. Think anybody'll notice?[View]
121212228Movies for this feel[View]
121212815i don't get it[View]
121211154It's only a matter of time[View]
121212792So Chastain is rumored to be playing the Flash's mom in the movie directed by the It guy. Good …[View]
121212742Here's your Ad Astra writer/director bro: every single time[View]
121212713Docukino General: What are some must see documentaries?[View]
121212134Could Mexican actress Aislinn Derbez be successful in English language films?[View]
121212002Is there any place worthwhile to watch tv and shit online free anymore?[View]
121211717Suicide Squad: >'they're bad guys?'[View]
121210582>still the best superhero origin story to date How did they did it, bros?…[View]
121212456How did Luke manage to afford getting a cybernetic hand? How long do you think he had to wait before…[View]
121211108Geraldo, I'm CIA: https://youtu.be/GJJmDz44VBs[View]
121210551What went wrong?[View]
121211710Was it autism?[View]
121212335Did you love his nuts?[View]
121207824whats your favorite werewolf movie?[View]
121211345>have a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and growing >move to a dying format with…[View]
121210853Help! Help! The accuser has fallen![View]
121211587Did anyone grab this before it went down? I was at work when it got uploaded and I was looking forwa…[View]
121212135Was it kino?[View]
121212085FUCKING NIGGERS[View]
121212011/tv/ loves capeshit more than anything else. What does it think of Kickass?[View]
121209734What is the worst movie genre and why is it found footage? Prove me wrong. Name three found footage …[View]
121210063Constance Wu: What do we think about her roles and career so far, /tv/?[View]
121210328post yfw you're watching a movie and Mark Ruffalo shows up in it[View]
121211715Reminder: Hollywood doesn't matter IRL: Everyone of you freaking out about mind control and deg…[View]
121207521Can I eat first?[View]
121210042After giving birth to a son, what kind of roles would you like to see Lake Bell tackle?[View]
121208042i'm about To watch this: the Nutcracker[View]
121208205What is the saddest film ever?[View]
121204274What is your honest, non-meme opinion of Family Guy?[View]
121208570anon the virgin meet /tv/ the incel forum[View]
121211744You let a man slide today, you must immediately get inside somebody's ass when that happens to …[View]
121211697Why yes, Trick R Treat is my favorite halloween movie, how did you know?[View]
121211698Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121206841Why doesn't /tv/ discuss classic film anymore? We used to. Why did it changed?[View]
121207581Oh no[View]
121211639Is this the most plebeian review Doug has ever done?[View]
121205818/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Nicole Noms: Holly/Jackson Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>12118…[View]
121209357>character is supposedly depressed, suicidal tier >still has enough libido to masturbate…[View]
121210517>The 14th Reason Why: Opening Night of 'The Joker'[View]
121208098is menace 2 society neo-noir?[View]
121206637I'm getting ready to torrent a movie. What should I watch?[View]
1212112784/10. Not sure what I was expecting but not this. at least the girl died after getting pumped full …[View]
121208117What horror movies should I watch for spooktober?[View]
121207343Are you going to watch her new show, /tv/? AHS: 1984 premieres tonight at 10 EST / 9 Central.[View]
121209122What is it with science fiction and killing your father/mentor figure??[View]
121211162OH MY GOD NOOOOOOO[View]
121211074>No one asked your opinion >You filthy little nnnnn-…[View]
121211118>fuck the mods >bring me a chicken[View]
121209167How long does he have left?[View]
121210352Which one is the biggest jobber? There is an objective answer[View]
121209964Please help me. I am trying to compile Aspie-core.[View]
121209260Who was in the wrong here? I hope this not the last we will see of Neill[View]
121209862is there anything she can't do?[View]
121210316What happened to the a24/“jumscare bad” s o y jack poster? I miss him[View]
121196236Hard To Be A God: >dude, fuck religion >like, it fucks up science and shit >like, we’d be S…[View]
121203792Why hasn't the cutest startlet in Hollywood been in more prominent roles yet?: Seriously, she…[View]
121210304>tfw no mouse bro[View]
121204293Lords of Chaos: All this time I was wearing my Burzum t shirt and didn't know that Varg was act…[View]
121208293https://youtu.be/FYbc-IemllI absolutely peak kino[View]
121210637billy bitchtits btfo[View]
121210638>OMG MARVEL CAPESHIT!!![View]
121208699ITT: Comfy Films[View]
121207903Post brutal moggings in movies[View]
121210452Dark: Which character had the worst fate? My vote is for Ulrich, very emotional. Also, Dark thread.…[View]
121208980>Be me >Just watched a kino >Want to discuss it >See this on 1st page >Hangs self Tha…[View]
121208826Whats's the most ironic movie you have ever seen?[View]
121204374Will Bowen Yang save SNL?[View]
121209931S or F?[View]
121208700I have a father. His name was Tony Stark.[View]
121190858favorite skit from TELEVISION show Million Dollar Extreme?[View]
121210091Terrace House: Are you guys watching the new season? What do you think so far?[View]
121208667will it be, dare i say, kino?[View]
121204485Why was this movie hated?[View]
121209288Post your strangest, weirdest /tv/ crushes[View]
121209935What went so right? Why is this soap opera set in the 60s so compelling?[View]
121205063>Purple Lightsaber >Robotic Arm Is Lucasfilm actually fuckin serious?…[View]
121209275He did nothing wrong.[View]
121206892What movies kind of movies are good for marathoning?[View]
121209374How did he forget his name was Gandalf the Grey when he knew his new name was Gandalf the White?[View]
121205323Just saw it today, it was pretty good.[View]
121209232Does /tv/ like Undone? Why can't Rosa Salazar get work outside of cartoons and playing cgi robo…[View]
121208304Any good doc or doc series to stream?[View]
121209725Movies to watch without spoilers: Over the years, I've managed to watch a handful of movies wit…[View]
121208323Is anyone interested in the font I made for Bam Margera's weird alphabet Laskian Striggoi?[View]
121205269>Why yes, I do call the monster 'Frankenstein', how could you tell?[View]
121208394Cgi movies: >2d movies are dead >le buuu >cgi is showing great upgrades like pic related.…[View]
121209573/tv/ seems pretty boring today[View]
121209600Potential box office hit: Has the trailer been leaked yet?[View]
121209318How come politics are allowed to influence critics?[View]
121209439What happened?[View]
121209502THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
121199197Does /tv/ like Garfield?[View]
121209494i smoke my stogie anywhere i want. i don’t have to find a hide out place LIKE YOU[View]
121209493Quails: >Quailing and pollutin' ya block[View]
121209492Cast them.[View]
121204936which is more kino?[View]
121201140How come serial killers aren't a thing anymore?[View]
121198342>I’ll protect you. All you gotta do is take this pocket right here, and your life’ll be all peach…[View]
121208268Predict the high score: 11[View]
121208441Who's got spoilers? Does Rambo die?[View]
121209185>character tries to pick up a girl >are you an archeologist?…[View]
121206550This is what true love looks like[View]
121207942remake when?: we need it more than ever[View]
121209291/Trek/: What are your 3 favorite episodes of TOS? Mine are: >Balance of Terror >Space Seed …[View]
121204299>disney slightly changing everything about star wars so they dont have to pay lucas >totally n…[View]
121208949What am i getting myself into?[View]
121206143what the fuck was his problem?[View]
121208336severely underrated films[View]
121207788YOU GET[View]
121206449This board will argue about anything.[View]
121208794Best ralph moment of the entire tv show[View]
121206504How are the War Boys even slightly jacked? there is barely any food in the world they live in.[View]
121206784ITT: unexpected kino[View]
121207947Kevin Spacey accuser dies in midst of sexual assault lawsuit: You're going to support Kevin…[View]
121207224'So long Ms. Bond!! I now will leave you like every man who has fathered a child with you!'[View]
121207268New BSG series not a remake: https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/09/18/battlestar-galactica-reboot-in-d…[View]
121208796what is some kino?[View]
121208686im going to post poop[View]
121207574>it's a suicide attempt episode[View]
121208550This won a Golden Lion.[View]
121206140Why does he hate gay people so much?[View]
121208617Harvest of Jannies: Never hungry Never sated Because they do it for free I've but only one drea…[View]
121204503I WANT CANDY![View]
121208555Thoughts on the latest Simpsons episode?[View]
121205178ITT: overrated garbage flicks from hack directors[View]
121206093More series like this?[View]
121196724Ever squeez out a little fart on the first episode of your national talk show but play off like noth…[View]
121205020>You're right, actually. I am pretty- I'm pretty troubled and I'm pretty confused,…[View]
121202089How much will it gross?: Will it flop or be a huge success?[View]
121207714I need a COMFY film immediately please[View]
121208050ITT: Movies/shows that attract a specific type of person[View]
121208359It's never explained what happened to these guys.[View]
121208357YOU HAVE LOST. ROME![View]
121208000>this is for Tiananmen Square, you piece of shit! >NOOOOO THAT NO HAPPENEDURU RET BURADU…[View]
121205631Does /tv/ like based Michael Cera?[View]
121208261MY BODY IS READY (why did they reveal this)[View]
121207381You a fuh-tographer?[View]
121203945>YOU ARE PART OF THE REBEL ALLIANCE AND A TRAITOR TAKE HER AWAY! why was he so pissed off this ti…[View]
121204999>refers to main villains as the 'big bad'[View]
121208166>that red light is all we have left![View]
121203829D-1: Will you be watching, /tv/?[View]
121208150>NOW, JUST OPEN THE FUCKING ENVELOPE! This is the best scene in Taboo and you can't prove me…[View]
121207246Is The Guardian right?: Is Once Upon A Time in Hollywood really one of the 100 best films of 21st ce…[View]
121206313You like Godzilla? His early work was a little too lighthearted for my taste. But when Godzilla vs D…[View]
12120664250 Dorra Beewu! 50 Dorra Beewu![View]
121204279What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121187633fuck sake[View]
121207566Lets have a joke /tv/, do you know what you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society t…[View]
121204952Stranger Things: what do u predict for season 4? will we see Kali again? is Hop dead?[View]
121207668More kino with this aesthetic?[View]
121204742Times you werewolfed like the Joker[View]
121202233Why did he do it?[View]
121207616Fox News Evil. CNN Divine.[View]
121207573Why Janny not friend to skeksis? HmmmMMmmm?[View]
121206410Why didn't he just leave the Jedi Order? It's not like they would have punished him if he …[View]
121207543What are your thoughts on this film?[View]
121200610Just rewatched season 1 of this. Pure kino and maybe the only good season.[View]
121205497>Your love of the halfling’s leaf has clearly clouded your mind[View]
121201182>That scene where they journey back to their home in the middle of the storm So fucking good…[View]
121207405No, he isn’t dead: Thank you, John Carpenter.[View]
121205041Lets discuss and recommend underrated crime kinos[View]
121207062loved it.[View]
121204835Why did the A-Team movie fail?[View]
121205804Louis started the coomer meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIyP4156Ac0[View]
121204464my son, big hoss[View]
121205498Why In The Fuck Did That Supreme Hack Aziz Get To Come Back But Based Louie Didn't?[View]
121206916How accurate is this?[View]
121205936What's quintessential halloween-core? Getting my spooktober folder ready for the season[View]
121207017What are some American Realist movies? all I can really think of is American Beauty[View]
121206405Why didn't he just hop in?[View]
121207004chopsocky kino[View]
121203476>it’s a Cesar kicks your dog episode[View]
121201281https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz2p5nk-X-E >O-Dog is rude and confrontational to the owner and h…[View]
121206966/tv/‘s thoughts on George Carlin?: >It just seems to me, *seems* to me, that only a really low IQ…[View]
121204826Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Jadzia Dax is a shitty Mary Sue and people only like her because she…[View]
121206903Why did he make him stir the sauce so much?[View]
121204273Niggas gonna hear clapping before the movie over[View]
121206824this was literally me as reddit came back on online after an uncomfortably long outage[View]
121205099Ishtar Trailer (1987): >Let's pretend it's /tv/ on 1987 and this trailer drops THESE ME…[View]
121205702>ugh. Saruman, can you like STOP cutting down my trees?[View]
121206769>this week's episode of Lodge 49 >period flashback episode >guest actors are terrible …[View]
121206262Has /tv/ ever gotten a movie tat? I have, got inked up last month. R8 it lads![View]
121205594It's a perfectly cromulent word.[View]
121205754For me, it's the DC solo films[View]
121203972Kubrick appreciation thread: We can't agree on anything at all because you are all faggots but …[View]
121205780>completely changed the landscape of comedy >being one of the pioneers in using youtube as a p…[View]
121206684Cameron Diaz: Do you miss her?[View]
121205342stop enjoying Lord of the Rings[View]
121202998Are there any movies about the modern day workplace?: Most movies involving the workplace show eithe…[View]
121206522comfey pokemon thread[View]
121200510>I let Ted brutally fuck my face and collect all the excess spit in a bowl then use that gooey th…[View]
121205546Did you want your Happy Meal™ super sized, sir?[View]
121206426Are there more movie analysis like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKVinEUTcLs[View]
121206181Did anyone else see this shit?[View]
121206378ITT: Times You Acted Like the Niggler: I’ll start: >at the corner store >ebt machine is down …[View]
121206142Give me your best frat movies. Any movie about college age dudes trying to get laid with a bad imdb …[View]
121206247This is chocolate kino[View]
121206291What was his fucking problem?[View]
121204183Welcome to Sneed's, we've got feed and seed We got Gucci loafers honey, we know the memes …[View]
12120428880's horror movies: You know the ones, i 'll also take late 70s early 90s horror, those we…[View]
121206101Still no good Morrissey biopic: Wtf is wrong with Hollywood?[View]
121183277STOP FUCKING REMAKING EVERYTHING: AND STOP THE FORCED DIVERSITY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txDY…[View]
121203502>all of the books adapted so far are a little under 600 pages or so >Spend two and a half seas…[View]
121205198out of the 16 movies which one is your favorite of the Witchcraft series?[View]
121203389You now have to watch the Joker movie with one of these 4 groups. Who do you choose?[View]
121205429Is this Spielberg's greatest film?[View]
121198290When did you realize he was the villain?[View]
121201291IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUHEf1nuB9E[View]
121195974I want to go to California now. It seems truly like heaven to ride a car on some Hollywood freeway w…[View]
121203017The Joker, huh. Excellent choice sir, I heard the movie was slow burn atmospheric gut wrenching bone…[View]
121204787ITT: Real-life kino[View]
121205169Good coming of age films: Looking for more to watch. So far I've seen Breakfast Club, Fast Time…[View]
121203608Ground troops shooting at Tie Fighters with handguns[View]
121204428>my favorite film of all time is Pulp Fiction What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
121203547Bill VS Dave: Both of them are not on top of their game, and they haven't been for a long while…[View]
121204178Do you think we will ever see a definitive movie / mini-series on the fall of the Soviet Union?: I f…[View]
121205529>cute girl in movie >only one not to show tits i hate when this happens…[View]
121205858OH SHIT[View]
121205584Rey: Is she the modern day Ellen Ripley?[View]
121205654whats /tv/s consensus on the 2004 film Sideways?[View]
121202430*Jazz music starts playing*[View]
121187666/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Nicole Noms: Holly and Jackson Veto: Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>1…[View]
121202773Crazy Rich Asians: Now that the dust has settled, was Crazy Rich Asians good or bad for Asian repres…[View]
121203370Who should direct a box office 40k movie?[View]
121198035Why are shills attacking this special so hard?: I've seen a bunch of threads on here suggesting…[View]
121190245Best western that isn't the Good the Bad and the Ugly: are there any good cowboy films besides …[View]
121205366Remember when Matilda was on the Nostalgic Critic?[View]
121205260Blade invented bullet time. Demolish Man invented downloading kungfu skills into the brain. Wesley S…[View]
121201220Who would you cast as Ramona Flowers in the inevitable remake of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?[View]
121205129SEND IN THE CLOWNS[View]
121202008Super Girl: is this show worth watching? I unironically watched all of Riverdale btw[View]
121204949Literally the last 30 minutes is the only good part, and the trailers spoiled it all[View]
121203398movies? ....I remember movies[View]
121205275Gone too soon. Heaven got their angel back, we'll always miss you Light[View]
121199483Are you a Freddy Chad or Jason Chad?[View]
121201876What are some actresses who can't smile?[View]
121202649Any good Conquistador kino?[View]
121197554Yep, I'm thinking he's back.[View]
121205080YouTube Boomer Kino: I used to be a liberal, but then I got a job and fixed my budget. Started watch…[View]
121204935 [View]
121205170Surly Jan the Janny...[View]
121204769Ancient Aliens: How is this show still going on?[View]
121203982Her new movie, Office Games, is on Kickstarter. Will you support her /tv/?[View]
121204506Sophie Turner is something else... Why did people hate Dark Phoenix so much?[View]
121203318>smart character says a big word >'gesundheit'…[View]
121202760Robert DeNiro's character is now black: what changes?[View]
121203943So... we jigglin or...?[View]
121203880Willard Carroll Smithman[View]
121199282Is /tv/ finally ready to admit that it wasn't that good?[View]
121204573> ibida GENIUS![View]
121198214why did walt constantly protect this little bitch?[View]
121198028Not my boyfriend![View]
121202930>Tfw no clingy gf who only wants unending love[View]
121195270/trek/: Forbidden Topics Edition[View]
121203886Are you guys going to #JoinTeamJazz ?[View]
121204606Blade (1998): why so fucking kino?[View]
121204415 [View]
121202436True colors will be revealed October 4[View]
121202160Harrison Ford: even though he is a kike after his mother and a sperg he kept away from pedo shit lik…[View]
121204563>'A long time ago I was in Burma fucking ladyboys' How did they get away with it?…[View]
121197620How do you feel about his movie scoring a 96% on rotten tomatoes?[View]
121198343Just watched Chad Astra. AMA[View]
121203304IT WAS ALL A MEME: >I used to read quibbler magazine >fred, george and me up in the quidditch …[View]
121204390Films which changed society?[View]
121203177Well, /tv/?[View]
121201273caged or bringe?[View]
121204142Is it Sneed?[View]
121194727ITT: 10/10 war movies[View]
121202279Let's discuss horrorkino.[View]
121203968In real life bosses[View]
121201912Umm /tv/? Who can stop him?[View]
121202169Is it kino?[View]
121203698.: .[View]
121202911What are some essential boring-kinos?[View]
121203406Where Helmets: Are there any documentaries about The Syrian White Helmets staging chemical attack’s?…[View]
121202101if only he were slightly more talented[View]
121202775Real life ruined the ending.[View]
121202596Cast her[View]
121202839To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely su…[View]
121184455WebM Thread: ... and go![View]
121201462What's the next big thing after streaming?[View]
121203503>him and his friends get mistaken for the Aryan union and ride a limo to a protest at gunpoint …[View]
121193361Guiltiest of pleasures. What kino secrets do you hold, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQvf1…[View]
121201734Aspiring Actress Taylor Swift Disowns 4chan: >Swift also talked about how she dealt with the disc…[View]
121203182wtf was his problem?[View]
121202623Andlikethat... he's gone[View]
121203501>The 'retro' movie is closer to the time period it portrays than the present day…[View]
121202795>Simply FANGTASTIC to meet you, anon...[View]
121203414>Make best episode of tv of all time >Make a time travel movie with no plotholes, unprecedente…[View]
121203382>At first we relied on a magical gay man >then we found and relied on a different magical man,…[View]
121203185So who really is the modern day Cynthia Rothrock?[View]
121203378What’s your favourite dialogue delivery Mine is where’s your fucking bouy from the departed[View]
121201989Known deleted scenes include a meeting scene between Weir and people in charge of the mission in whi…[View]
121198323i miss sabado gigante and don francisco[View]
121201454Dental plan[View]
121200334I’m putting together a team[View]
121202935>BEIM BERGSTEIGEN??[View]
121203145Whats the film version of Wodehouse? I'm not talking about adaptions, but films/television that…[View]
121200527What was his name again?[View]
121203135How much time we got?[View]
121175186We guess the opening joke: >Who talks first? >Call for General Hugs. What hilarious joke will …[View]
121193846Woah it's in black and white! It must be good[View]
121192676Ewoks: Why are they hated?[View]
121202446>foids talk shit about boat movies >greatest chick flick takes place on a boat…[View]
121188662The Wire: You want it to be one way[View]
121199139i want more violent slapstick. any recommendations?[View]
121202899>the flight plan I just filed with the Jedi Council lists SHMI[View]
121200876I vant to serve you popcorn: bleh[View]
121191906Why do people like the Skeksis?: I'm curious but can't exactly put my finger on how the sk…[View]
121202710what's your pleasure sir?[View]
121202808Thoughts on The Righteous Gemstones?[View]
121201712what the hell did they do that everyone wanted them dead?: in the movie[View]
121202640Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121197302What does /tv/ think of The I-Land?[View]
121201623Why doesn't Leia seem upset after Alderaan is destroyed?[View]
121180026New RLM: Gremlins 2: The New Batch - re:View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-RoBdHHkcQ[View]
121202575Sex gifs[View]
121202559Here's some standard operating procedure...[View]
121196185Why didn’t he just cover Zod’s eyes?[View]
121202527HOW TO INCORPORATE X-MEN AND MUTANTS INTO THE MCU!!!FACT!!!: Now that Disney owns Fox and most of th…[View]
121202516>one woman's personal journey to stop being a total fucking cunt I'm 2 episodes in and …[View]
121201379Y'all support movies you like and want more of by buying the bluray? If yes, what's the la…[View]
121200202What up coming films are you guys planning to see?[View]
121201728Knives Out: I hate Rian but I have to admit, this looks very good, this goes back to his early days …[View]
121202360Just Running Scared: What has the Seventh Calvary running scared in HBO’s highly anticipated pseudo-…[View]
121202316>peacefully watching kino >any kind of romance involved in the plot >turn it off and start …[View]
121201606holy mother of based... /ourguy/ is truly untouchable[View]
121201493Your popcorn & soda, sir.[View]
121202171>movie is made with puppets[View]
121200633>watched Saving Private Ryan >watched Inglorious Bastards >watched Band of Brother Now that…[View]
121175864Living in a Car on $800 a Month: https://youtu.be/b0EoyTzcFOI[View]
121201080someone told me this movie isn't about raptors. I'm confused.[View]
121200557Was I the only one who found it uncomfortable every time Aykroyd talk about the purity of his Vodka.[View]
121200542And this is our sons room, he's quite the film buff.[View]
121194806INVISIBLE MAN Remake Synopsis Reveals Modern Feminist Take on Classic: >Emmy winner Elisabeth Mos…[View]
121193500Generation Kill: I expected cool military action. Instead I got camo guys singing karaoke.[View]
121201274https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/09/police-identify-the-infamous-1980s-hwaseong-serial-killer Th…[View]
121200319>has 90%+ score on rotten tomatoes >Into the trash it goes…[View]
121201694Does /tv/ really hate It Chapter 2? I thought it was a solid six. Worse than the first, but all the …[View]
121201789>sequel of a beloved classic ruins it[View]
121201548Goodnight, sweet prince...: Harold Ramis dies today, aged 69: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/26327020…[View]
121196158Cliches in /tv/ that you want to make a comeback[View]
121184830ITT: a story from your teenage life is being turned into a movie. Is it kino?: nerdy teenage girl in…[View]
121199297'I don't believe this story you're telling me. It's macabre!'[View]
121201587ITT: Celebrity encounters IRL: I once met Warwick Davis at a book signing in Liverpool. I shook his …[View]
121200164What is your favorite horror sub-genre?[View]
121197552Incoherent drivel.[View]
121200135This show is the only thing keeping me from suiciding rn. Gonna spend the weekend watching it. Just …[View]
121201330Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
121199236Goodbye horses...[View]
12120128650 days until the big day.[View]
121200607Will Disnee race swap any of the Simpsons cast?[View]
121186256Armond White Exposed: His Dumbest Reviews: This a list of all of his inconsistent and troll comments…[View]
121199635Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
121192094What's the most pretentious movie ever? I really mean it. The most infuriatingly up its own ass…[View]
121196793>hey Anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight? C'mon, don't be a pussy.…[View]
121200064Would a live action Miles Morales Spider-Man be even possible anymore now that Spiderverse is a thin…[View]
121198124It's pretty impressive that 11 of the top 20 movies of all time were made in this decade.[View]
121197782/tv/engers: I'm putting a team together. >You in?[View]
121196744What was he looking at anyways?[View]
121199106cinema is closed for crackers[View]
121199688ORANGE MAN BAD![View]
121201127Do you know how many times Lynch mentioned cherry pie, bisquits, donuts and coffee in Twin Peaks? A …[View]
121200733Coop, don't go into the BLACKED Lodge[View]
121200941What actor should play him in live action adaptation?[View]
121199481>You don't want no beef?[View]
121201045Gaspar Noé: Why does this bald fraud shoehorn incest in virtually every movie he's made? Go to …[View]
121194213Name a superior All-American film. Pro tip: You can't[View]
121200735>No Mike please dont kill me after I have found out the secret multi million dollar underground h…[View]
121198529LOTR /tv/ bingo creation thread!: In honour of the new LotR tv show being announced, I think it…[View]
12119054410 best sci-fi shows of 21st century: Post your top10 and rate others comfy and rec thread 1. Person…[View]
121200174>we want a fake British knock-off with a tacky mid-western vibe say no more…[View]
121200415If I hear 'objection' and 'sustained' one more time today, I'm gonna scream![View]
121200764>2 niggas in the front >2 niggas in the back >that's 4 niggas ridin' strapped in …[View]
121200122Are the sequels any good?[View]
121197899OH NO NO NO NO HA HA HA HA[View]
121192452Cinema has unironically peaked with this moment. This is what they invented cameras for.[View]
121199936Now that the dust has settled, was is good?[View]
121200570films where women and children get btfo[View]
121200023MY NAME IS LADY BIRD![View]
121185212Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121200265I'm about to begin pic related for the first time. Any tips on what to skip, where the movies …[View]
121198992Reddit is down, so killing some time here. What's your favorite Nolan movie? Mine is the underr…[View]
121200046Jesus I got memed hard by the press with this one[View]
121200253why was she so smug[View]
121200352What are some movies that deal with prolonged dizziness or vertigo?[View]
121199472movies with this feel?[View]
121200310You watching season 3 of The Good Doctor?[View]
121200126>tfw no wuxia gf[View]
121200300I-is the coast clear? That seafood clerk just went berserk and murdered one of my friends[View]
121198539You got greedy, Martin.[View]
121199321NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURES LEAKS >September 3rd 2019 >Subject: Revival >We will continue to rev…[View]
121200163What a nob.[View]
121199852Shows only you liked[View]
121198525Aquapedo https://youtu.be/GZxZVSWJcTM[View]
121199802Mad Men: Don Draper is literally female sexual fantasies personified. Probably the best character ev…[View]
121186150HONK https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/kevin-spacey-accuser-dies-midst-sexual-assault-lawsui…[View]
121198187does someone know an apocalypse movie where everyone knows a meteor is gonna crash the world and eve…[View]
121199826Which version of Scooby Doo is the best?[View]
121198450The Big Chill (1983): Is it the boomerest boomer movie ever made about boomers?[View]
121199814I need more films to fuel my hatred for women and inner sociopaths behaviors. Please recommend me go…[View]
121197544Was it ever explained why they were drawn with yellow skincolor? Why do some characters then have bl…[View]
121195826Loser Kino: Can we post some other genuinely good loser/incel core movies that are good since drive …[View]
121196252This movie was fun. The climax was great. Anything else similar to this?[View]
121199726Yep, that's right. I'm runnin thangs. I'm runnin thaaaaayayayaaangs.[View]
121196253Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
121197271Oh my God, he's like some sort of.... non giving up.... SCHOOL guy![View]
121199641love me Pan love me Roger love me Serafina love me Iorek love me Mr Scoresby love me Will love me Dr…[View]
121199396Was this show kino?[View]
121199607What’s the most difficult accent for actors to pull off? I feel like South African is the hardest[View]
121199602Everybody gangsta until This nigga becomes Super sloth[View]
121194374How was he so based at first but ended up being pussy wiped by a greek whore and a heroin addict?[View]
121194076Who are the Sly and Arnie of our generation?[View]
121196460Which actors can star in both blockbusters and artsy indie films? The goose and jake are obvious[View]
121199373*tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf chink tuf tuf tuf tuf tug..reload....tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf tuf ru…[View]
121197015Recommend me some movies about animals[View]
121196660Gremlins 3 confirmed[View]
121199288Audrey > Donna >>>>>>>>>>> Sh*lly[View]
121199252What is your favorite arthouse film?[View]
121199244Could the Marvel films have been inspired by season arc on Entourage?[View]
121199238Sonic Underground the movie - Showdown with The Boys - Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/AjCIAeo2u7E …[View]
121197463This is my last plea to Hiro and the rest of the mod team. Please consider filtering the word sneed…[View]
121199148What’s your favourite chick flick? For me, it’s The Devil Wears Prada.[View]
121199084WTF happened to this channel?: >normie movies and tv shows >ads >censorship…[View]
121198915What's your favorite movie studio?[View]
121198742How did SNL get away with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9TS1pRmajU[View]
121198920Are you ready to apologize, anon?[View]
121198479THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
121196671When did he stop being funny?[View]
121198898ITT: Characters who literally did nothing wrong[View]
121198792Dude: If I learn to play the guitar will the popular chick at school fuck me like in this?[View]
121195246>2019... i am forgotten[View]
121197150Why did Nancy choose John again?: He seems boring as fuck[View]
121198843Serious, what was his problem?[View]
121198845ITT: scenes women will never understand[View]
121191626What... is your favourite movie?[View]
121198740*tink* *tink* *tink*: Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Jannies are mentally ill troglodytes…[View]
121198520*ruins your 100% RT score of the most influential movie of all time 103 years after its release*[View]
121198183Was there any proof he really killed fiddy men?[View]
121189199Best actress to play her in the future films?[View]
121198658Stacey GF: Are there any irl girls like Stacey?[View]
121195120Does /tv/ enjoy Live PD?[View]
121194395here’s your new mystery gang bro[View]
121197106why do people on /tv/ hate hereditary so much? i think it's great.[View]
121198494What if cum pussy fuck many? I think fuck cock anus anus sperm mouth many cums.[View]
121197344>get to parking lot for local movie theater to go see Joker >see a tiny yellow car with red sp…[View]
121196505Naked attraction thread, get in here lads.[View]
121198281what are some movies that accurately portray what african americans are thinking? looking for someth…[View]
121196273TONIGHT ON TOP GEAR....[View]
1211978862019 I am forgotten until next season[View]
121195505When will get a Martin Luther biopic?[View]
121194589>this made people cry, faint, and shit their pants in 1973[View]
121197642>anons how's your relationship with your father? Also ITT romantic kinos…[View]
121198077YouTube kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NEqlfWSOrQ&t=1s[View]
121197454>My favorite TV show is The Office teehee[View]
121194332Why do countries get films with slight variations e.g. Philosopher's Stove VS Sorcerer's S…[View]
121198007Some scenes to do with funerals get to me[View]
121197983Post an album cover, get a film recommendation[View]
121197934Ten minutes in... this is the show you guys love? When does it get good?[View]
121197895Whats your favourite grim/dystopian/depressing film?: Some of mine : The Road Requiem for a Dream N…[View]
121194380Sopranos thread. kino scenes only edition[View]
121197041why couldn't Tarantino afford real cows?: why couldn't Tarantino afford real cows?[View]
121195972Me fail English? That's unpossible.[View]
121197795Carnival row: Anyone watching it? Watched the last 2 episodes last night and enjoyed it[View]
121197794What are /tv/‘s honest thoughts on Adam Conover?: I just watched him on Joe Rohan, he seemed fairly …[View]
121197791Dradis contact: Bearing 348, carom 120, one ship. Getting recognition signal. It's another rebo…[View]
121197764What're some kinos to drink alone to on a Wednesday night? Think I'll startup Dark City a…[View]
121197743What are some movies similar to Limitless (the movie), where a protagonist reaches his true potentia…[View]
121197648Mary Bromfield is...[View]
121196030What does /tv/ think about the princess bride: Watch or skip?[View]
121196971Big Lez: did the choomah plot ruin it?[View]
121195392Why do I forget everything about the movie as soon as the credits roll?[View]
121197534More like >Coringe Amirite?[View]
121197333Would you say this is a fair ranking?[View]
121195057Has he made any good docs lately?: i live in the US so it's harder for me to access his videos…[View]
121191023n̶o̶t̶ my Ariel[View]
121197369Have sex, incels.[View]
121196894Zeroville: Will this be James Franco's masterpiece?[View]
121196906I'm gonna pay you 100 dollars to join my Trailer Park Boys thread [View]
121194966Hows Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge doing ?: Just wanted to ask is it still dead ? hows Park Rey…[View]
121197393MIS BE HAVIN[View]
121197378Copied from some thread that had no answers. Hoping yall might have one: This MTV2 bumper was shown …[View]
121197349Why did he have to die? He looks so healthy[View]
121190746Kinos with this aesthetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nl6Y_clQ1w ?[View]
121196621when this post hits 88 you're gonna see some serious shit[View]
121197301*angelic chorus* The Sneeeeeedsoooons[View]
121197224I am so ashamed of myself.[View]
121194545Thank you to the person who posted this kino this morning, somehow I missed this until now. Great st…[View]
121178393How isn't this illegal? https://twitter.com/bigmouth/status/1173945716378673153?s=19[View]
121196102Harold and Kumar go to White Castle[View]
121197175what are some kinos about the esoteric[View]
121196559>montage of people reacting to a character after they undergo a makeover >Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch…[View]
121197141What went so right?[View]
1211955862019...I am forgotten[View]
121188871What's West of Westeros?[View]
121195599What movie disappointed you the most in the past decade?[View]
121196087>Let me get this straight Legasov, you used 5,000 tons of boron to drop onto the exposed reactor …[View]
121196916Will they do an Epstein episode?[View]
121196106September 2019... I am forgotten[View]
121196907Imagine if this movie wasn't produced, directed and ruined by the Wachowski sisters.[View]
121196602Marianne: this is scary af[View]
121196819Why didn't he turned into a rat to the FBI like Frank?[View]
121194583ITT: Shows that started out good and quickly went to trash tier[View]
121194897Are you excited for your favorite cartoon?[View]
121193529Got to peep the Shang Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings cast list: >Steven Yeun is cast as vil…[View]
121183014I keep seeing ads for the Tall Girl movie everywhere. Will it be kino?[View]
121196690What are some comfy movies like beetlejuice and addams family for Halloween?[View]
121182267Ad Astra is Space KINO: The plot is a tiny bit like Apocaylpse Now but set against space and a brave…[View]
121196718>saw the trailer for the fucking tall girl show >plot is about the adversity she faces due to …[View]
121186832Would a DC Cinematic Universe have worked better if it was based off of Nolan's Dark Knight tri…[View]
121196625>My dear old Uncle Herman said that French folks should be German. Was Uncle Herman /our guy/?…[View]
121196219Child's Play 2019: What is the concensus on Child's Play reboot?[View]
121196526Who was in the wrong?[View]
121188179As a fan of The Beatles what did I think of it?[View]
121192823>post a colour >other anons recommend the first movie or tv show that comes to mind…[View]
121188139Korean police announced today that they finally caught this guy. He's been in prison for the la…[View]
121183940How could someone live like this?[View]
121194303>September 2019, I am forgotten[View]
121196379Thoughts on Jason DeMarco? Has he been doing a good job at Adult Swim?[View]
121195706Tarantino has gone too far.[View]
121195526>Computer, disable safety protocols[View]
121187569Seems like Universal Dark Universe Monsters are not really dead...[View]
121196291>muh ape movies[View]
121195224The simpson was referencing citizen kane in this episode.[View]
121196085did krusty actually frame side show bob? pretty sure bob was a christian man..[View]
121196076Whatever happened to these two? I haven't seen either of them in anything in a while.: https://…[View]
121195507Stryker is attacking the X-Mansion. Dubs to see who escapes.[View]
121195945Ohh boy a show about Pure white people white a elitist superiority complex cant wait https://www.yo…[View]
121195631protect his smile, bros[View]
121194470Why are women incapable of understanding imagery and symbolism in cinema and rather want a romantic …[View]
121196040GIBE: Thread 404'd before screenshotting so one more try: best sentimental pretentious philosop…[View]
121195461Film and television memes Why? Because this place has gotten way to serious[View]
121169691>Actors that look like aliens[View]
121195970were they real?[View]
121195365>she looks at you like this What do anon?[View]
121195959>first date with gorgeous woman >take her to see a porn movie kek why did he think would happe…[View]
121195916Remakes that are better than the original[View]
121195574Dril: The Movie: Who could possibly play mr. Crapped On Daily?[View]
121193859This is an episode that could not be made today. It took a neutral stance on such a divisive topic. …[View]
121194586What the fuck was this shit?: Jesus Christ this was so fucking shit and boring[View]
121195802What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
121195789if you buy ANYTHING online, you should use WIKIBUY.[View]
121195772What movies have a similar mis en scene?[View]
121195595First man ? More like Kino man[View]
121173590Is it really the greatest superhero movie?[View]
121192801Literally what the fuck did I just watch? Why does this movie exist?[View]
121190406>821 days until Avatar 2[View]
121181139they're on a crusade to subvert and destroy every memory I hold dear[View]
121195199For me its Jamie Vernon[View]
121195553What are some kinos where the hero lives long enough to see himself become the villain?[View]
121191729What the fuck was his problem.[View]
121195492>use public WiFi >everyone else can see your bans…[View]
121194432>Reddit’s new Chuck Norris joke[View]
121195430Do you really think you have a chance against us Mr. Cowboy?[View]
121194315Why does teevee hate this movie again? Try to describe why it's bad without using the words 'cr…[View]
121193778What a pile of shit[View]
121179987What's his best film?[View]
121192259Before Netflix releases The Irishman, you should watch the following films: Mean Streets Goodfellas…[View]
121194326Best comedy of all time, let's go. I'm talking bout the actually funny shit.[View]
121195262>The fire on that cooker, is it sourced from the gods' hell? >No chef, it's just reg…[View]
121193081Arrested for going to Area 51 cast them[View]
121195125are hanukah movies automatically a slow burn?[View]
121195219>... >'Robert?'[View]
121195033BASED slayer of Americans[View]
121193145Turns into the MOTY in 2019: How did they made it? The first movie wasn't even good[View]
121190723Was the american psycho peak retro kino?[View]
121195070Top boy: Thoughts on Top Boy?[View]
121189525Did he deserve it? https://strawpoll.com/7zs285wa[View]
121193075>It's not bad. Just turn your brain off while watching it[View]
121194700do americans really like this movie?[View]
121194922>human character dies >... >dog dies >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE DOGGO OH MY GOD NOOOO…[View]
121184971/trek/: Armus was a lil bitch edition[View]
121194816> Successful self made businessman > Supports the local economy > Creates jobs > Role mo…[View]
121194830Is it the worst roast?: It was so tame, really boring. Even Jeff Ross didn't have the balls to …[View]
121194733>ANON, HE'S GOT A GUN![View]
121194780>I love you 3000[View]
121191989Saved by the Bell: >The new straight-to-series comedy explores what happens when California Gov. …[View]
1211920972019.. I am forgotten...[View]
121192128What's the Friends of 2010s? Did any of the popular sitcoms become anywhere near as renowned du…[View]
121194703Tekashi Snitch9nine[View]
121191625Post good spanish/mexican movies/tv shows[View]
121194568Upcoming blockbuster: I heard Snyder is going to direct it after Nolan was dropped (no clue why) and…[View]
121185836Drawthread: Draw a scene from a movie and other anons guess which movie it's from[View]
121194517Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?[View]
121194469I WONDER IF YOU KNOW[View]
121181878And this is our sons room, he's quite the film buff.[View]
121194203So when they remake The Princess Bride in a couple years, will it finally be kino?[View]
121194451a retard who only remembers if a movie had tits in it, a contrarian with shitty taste whose favorite…[View]
121194446WHAT ARE YOU THEN, BILL[View]
121192829why arent there more movies like elephant?: its very relevant[View]
121194378Just watched this. What did I think of it?[View]
121194154What has been going on with Grace Fulton? I haven’t seen her in anything lately. Seems like she got …[View]
121194407Cast them.[View]
121189655Star Wars Rise of Skywalker: >Palpatine is not a FORCE GHOST, he is actually alive and decrepit. …[View]
121192478/tv/'s Show of the 2010s Tournament: Winner Announced: Here are the results of /tv/'s Show…[View]
121194343So was the soup the meal?[View]
121187713What is your honest, non-meme opinion of Family Guy?[View]
121192882Why is comedy so dead? Why is there nothing you can just sit down and relax to anymore?[View]
121194137What was your favorite part of the new 'It' films, Anon?[View]
121194122When John Krasinski auditioned for the role of Joey on 'Friends' he had $9.11 to his name. When the …[View]
121193625What should be the first movie we show the aliens when we inevitably meet them?[View]
121194272it's weird that maybe two years from now game of thrones, marvel movies etc will just be more..…[View]
121191871This movie is fucked up.[View]
121183496>then may the christian lord guide my hand against your roman popery![View]
121194996I check[View]
121192165>tfw amerifats missed out on the greatest gangsterkino of the 90s[View]
121194180No, you're not thinking. You're too busy being a smart-aleck to be thinking. Now, I want y…[View]
121194093Why am I not allowed to say...[View]
121193878would you watch Star Wars?[View]
121193020Roma: Can someone tell me what was so good about this movie[View]
121193236When the time comes, will you take it like a good little boy, or werewolf and go wild?[View]
121175389here's your new magneto bro[View]
121191562Post pictures you’ve taken with famous actors[View]
121192421IN A WORLD[View]
121192702this is going to be a disaster. they're too old and the digital aging effects look horrific[View]
121193336Lynch is a hack[View]
121192633Movies with this aesthetic[View]
121192129Trent in The Way Way Back: What was this dickheads problem?[View]
121191868>dude, like, being a peasant in the 1800s like, sucks!!! >like, war is a thing that’s, like, b…[View]
121187699>i'm not wearing hot gay pants what did he mean by this?[View]
121193662>is it worth it >let me work it[View]
121193655Is it worth watching?[View]
121191685was watching feet joi and it struck me, there's no way a family cartoon would make a joke about…[View]
121192864guys I need help finding a movie a man is framed for a robbery/murder in a convinience store (it…[View]
121193621what are some movies about recovering from injuries?[View]
121193613Night sun: Absolute Kino masterpiece[View]
121187268Why does this feel more like a parody of the first film (aka Scary Movie to Scream) than a sequel?[View]
121192035Stranger Things: They actually did it. They actually fucking made a scene about Reddit. No dog whist…[View]
121190945>hey nephew, let me tingle your peter What did she mean by this?[View]
121167360Why did people hate this movie so much when it first came out? Now its regarded as one of the best s…[View]
121192545The Creeper>everyone else[View]
121193158So was he gay?[View]
121184954name a better sketch show[View]
121193399Yo, Adam's fuckin gay dude... heheheheheheheheheheehehehhehehe[View]
121193283ITT: Worst Episodes.[View]
121192352What does /tv/ think of Wheatley's magnum opus?[View]
121190257What are some cool /biz/ness movies?[View]
121193310>how I wish you could see the potential the potential of you and me[View]
121193303>rival cineplex raided the popcorn mines again >Have to pay 50% premium for last week's k…[View]
121193001Have you taken the Jimpill yet?[View]
121191902DC Kinoverse General: Now that Joker has officially launched the DC Kinographic Universe as a financ…[View]
121189604best disney film[View]
121188914Masterpiece: Literally the next game of thrones[View]
12119314950 Dorra Beeuw...[View]
121189488Why hasn't Hollywood made a modern adaptation of Sailor Moon?[View]
121192099>Nothing good happens in the entire movie and the family fails at everything >Still a more pos…[View]
121191167It seems today, that all you see is violence in movies and SEX on tv[View]
121189710Is Fringe kino?[View]
121191516The Fog (Mad Men) S3E5: When Betty giving birth to baby Gene, Don hangs out with a prison guard in t…[View]
121179913Is anyone still left from old /tv/?[View]
121192963 [View]
121190173Looking for a movie, or scene of a movie to be more specific, that I saw as a kid in the 90s. It had…[View]
121192995DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
121190462what are some good kino with BLACK lead actors?[View]
121182401this was the most unfunny stand up special I've ever seen. old guy ranting and chuckling at him…[View]
121192639BoJack on /tv/ - Television & Film? What is this a crossover episode?[View]
121192697Was he, you know?[View]
121191656Why does she sound so weird when she says, 'She's not alone …'[View]
121192311what went wrong?[View]
121191592>everything was better bef-[View]
121189095It's a long story but I met Stephen King and he was much more different in private than he was …[View]
121192423>I'm Just Harry What did he mean by this? There's nothing in the movie that points to h…[View]
121192362>My lords... my Jannies... AND EVERYBODY ELSE, NOT USING A 4CHAN PASS.... TODAY.... today, you fi…[View]
121192326HAHAHA OY come check out wots on the telly nigel, that bloke is copying his every move![View]
121192232Rumble Fish: Why does Rumble Fish get no love on here? This scene is a really elegant metaphor for h…[View]
121192210Jurassic Talk: >Recent News. >Battle at Big Rock is on Youtube >Jurassic World extinction i…[View]
121192147Trailer/Commercial trends: >movie commercial >narrator quotes positive reviews >clip of sup…[View]
121190937>tfw wanting to werewolf but I’m actually not a clowncel and have a gf and a job and a social lif…[View]
121191917>Reddit’s new Chuck Norris joke[View]
121190892Say what you will about this movie but the final fight with spider-sense is pretty kino[View]
121186044Who was in the wrong here ?[View]
121191372Which movie endings do you hate?[View]
121191810wow why is it so corrupt?[View]
121190440Favorite crazy euro kino?[View]
121191689WE ARE VENISON[View]
121188436would you an arthur fleck?[View]
121191641Tarantino directed Black Lagoon series. Make it happen[View]
121191202>silly caucasian girl likes to play with samurai swords[View]
121187151Movies to fall asleep to: Hello. I did an all nigther yesterday and I m going to bed early. I need a…[View]
121187972https://www.instagram.com/p/B2jlfhAA8GR/ Norm doesn't look that good bros.... He should auditio…[View]
121191615Why did they have to do my man like that? It still hurts.[View]
121188602This man is a millionaire, married Kirsten Dunst despite being born with Down syndrome face. What…[View]
1211906311959 - 2019: Press F to pay respects.[View]
121191563Stanley Kubrick: > Every Frame a Painting Let us celebrate one film's greatest directors, St…[View]
121190677>character looks through binoculars >looks like pic related…[View]
121189596Planet Earth: >fake sounds >dishonest whimsical music for cute animals and action music for pr…[View]
121190715Memories of Murder: Will we get a sequel now that they caught the real murderer?[View]
121189825Old Movies: I've dated now three girls recently that 'don't like old movies'. Pretty much …[View]
121189041>A world where Anon never went to the Kinoplex[View]
121191315What's the most recent comedy film you enjoyed? For me I think it's pic related. I can…[View]
121191412Say what you want, I think Zilla (formerly Spinosaurus) was a great addition to the Godzilla franchi…[View]
121190520Spared no expense.[View]
121173598Why announce the numbers when they weren't final, and even dress the entire room in Slytherin b…[View]
121191367Could this BE anymore of a friends thread?!?[View]
121191314Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121191171>First episode of a new season is a glorified recap episode[View]
121190390Damn do Jews really hate white people and obsess over them as much as this marvelous mrs maisel show…[View]
121189957Post intruder/invasion of privacy/stalker kino[View]
121184491What do we think of Director/actor Bella Thorne's latest film? You have watched it, right?[View]
121191166Why do people say star wars is their 'religion' or star wars teaches u things? I don't see anyt…[View]
121190216Dark Crystal Thread[View]
121189916Contra Movie adaption: Should it happen? Which contra game would make the best movie?[View]
121191201Why are horror movies featuring aliens so rare? They're way scarier than your random psycho or …[View]
121191092Oz The Great and Powerful: What the fuck is this movie? Did anyone see it in theaters? Has anyone se…[View]
121191197What was his problem?[View]
121189702who was in the wrong here?[View]
121190280ANON: Are you okay? JOKER: Yeah... I think so... ANON: Don't move, you will get hurt *helps him…[View]
121191044>so we just need someone to be the male lead in this shitty rom com it can't be too hard to …[View]
121188685Is he this generation’s Leonardo DiCaprio?[View]
121190904>What are you thinking? >How are you feeling? >What have we done to each other?…[View]
121187593Everything has lost its soul.[View]
121188702>Creates a utopian timeline for his wife and children where only white people have nuclear weapon…[View]
121188993Real Life Kino: post em[View]
121180221>Anon! I heard you need financing for a movie you wrote. Go ahead, pitch it to me. What's it…[View]
121188515I can suspend my disbelief and accept time travel, advanced Stark tech that we won't see for 10…[View]
121188239So my wife...my black wife...she's black...[View]
121187523Why didn't Sauron just kill everyone?[View]
121189442Who was in the wrong?[View]
121187611I FLY A STARSHIP[View]
121185484The Guardian's top 50 Comedians: Oh My Days: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2019/sep/18/best…[View]
121190481>works 15 hours per month >no time muh kidz…[View]
121188204>'Oh, this swastika scar on my forehead? Well I was a German resistance fighter and the Nazi…[View]
121189186>it's a Louis overplays his card and the interviewee knows what's up and calls him out …[View]
121190383This was the last ERB that was good[View]
121180794WTF is her problem?: And why does she always has this bitch face all the time, even when having lesb…[View]
121190334The Irishman: Before Netflix release The Irishman, I'm going to watch the following films: Mean…[View]
121190348Find a flaw[View]
121188892So just how into film are you? At what point can one consider themselves a patrician?[View]
121186887was it kino?[View]
121190279A BAG OF PLUMS[View]
121186838American Sniper: Imagine taking vets with PTSD to a shooting range[View]
121190167Cast him Hard mode no Martin Sheen[View]
121184991What will surpass BD?[View]
121190150POW, RIGHT IN THE KISSER![View]
121177347Hayley Atwell: What will her role be in Mission Impossible?[View]
121190086will it never end[View]
121190050Who represents snail cinema?: Do the french have a filmmaker who's as synonymous with their cin…[View]
121184104Its time for DVDuesday >inb4 munn. fuck her, she ruined G4[View]
121189951What are some kinos about Elizabeth Warren, the 46th President of the United States?[View]
121188333Artbell: Artbell[View]
121183027OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
121189832I miss early 2010's Louis CK[View]
121188369The Breakfast Club Criterion: Is this worth grabbing for the extra 50 minutes of footage?[View]
121185446>*drives away without the money*[View]
121184852Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121189735>OOF! >Right in the rings of power![View]
121188622what are some horror movies[View]
121188321STEP UP or NO FURY ROAD 2: How do you respond?[View]
121186552Genius or hack?[View]
121186945 Juicy Smoulé[View]
121187544Why didnt the T1000 just turn into a bomb and blow up John Connor?[View]
121188590There's no way it'll be worse than Spectre: Or Skyfall for that matter.[View]
121189538'Take a seat, you fat cunt'[View]
121187380is this the best thing on television right now?: for once, /tv/ was right. i hadn't even heard …[View]
121188344Cast it[View]
121189108Amazon's LOTR will be filmed in NZ: Looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
121188165https://streamable.com/h1ws3 who was in the wrong here?[View]
121184509WTF was his problem?[View]
121188874Hi, I'm Scott Bakula[View]
121185563which side would you be on /tv/? A. Killing japus, likely live, but maybe get head chopped off. B. D…[View]
121189178when will they realise that we just don't care?[View]
121189362>I just want you to think! You know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word for changing yo…[View]
121179529Did he really kill Paul Allen?[View]
121188531Can buckteeth be kino ?[View]
121188616Searching for Sugarman: I love how this movie painted a fake picture of what really happened, He was…[View]
121184258Asshole of the week: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/rambling-reporter/thomas-middleditch-talks-se…[View]
121187250Quality spy shit thread. Inb4 James Bond[View]
121187793Sophie did it better...[View]
121183650what a horrible movie, i hated every second of it.[View]
121188661>First Class: 1962 >Days of Future Past: 1973 >Apocalypse: 1983 >Dark Phoenix: 1992 Who …[View]
121186692they re back![View]
121189124ANON: Are you okay? JOKER: Yeah... I think so... ANON: Don't move, you will get hurt *helps him…[View]
121187533The Boys: The Boys is just another capeshit. I fell for /tv/ memes again.[View]
121179644>finish a movie >Google 'Ending of movie explained' Did you ever do this? For what movie did y…[View]
121184916>OMG OMG a brand new RLM video!!![View]
121187210Now that the Facebook movie proved to be a success, when we getting a twitter movie?[View]
121186668Have you listened to her new podcast, anon?[View]
121188695Who wins?[View]
121187531Of all of the beautiful Twi'leks in the Galaxy, why did Jaba own some of the ugliest?[View]
121188865why did moore lie to us[View]
121188387Sorry Nolan and Raimi fans, *this* is the greatest capekino trilogy[View]
121187275Is this worth watching? I am not a zoomer so I have somewhat of an attention span but I don't w…[View]
121188748Could John Lennon's hit song 'Woman Is the Nigger of the World' be adapted into the big screen?[View]
121187729Chadzilla thread?[View]
121188653>CHOKE ON THUUUUM >*breathe in* >CHOKE ON THUUUUM what did he mean by this?…[View]
121184213BRAVO, J.J.![View]
121184393Worst show ever?: Or just worst show for women ever?[View]
121184332Favorite sports film?[View]
121181068>tfw you remember this man was once the king of 4chan what happened?[View]
121187497When you're down and troubled And you need some love and care And nothing, nothing is going rig…[View]
121187660Watch The Boys now.[View]
121188430thoughts on the acting career of Lindsey Pelas? I thought her last role was good, if not a bit woode…[View]
121187880Euphoria: will this kick start her career?[View]
121185769Kinos about the wholesome teacher students relationships: Post Kinos that focus on a female teacher …[View]
121187050>I shit you not Joe Rogan I saw Spiderman's face[View]
121187345House: what does /tv/ think of House?[View]
121188150/tpg/ - Teacher's Pet general: November 12, 2019, I am remembered. Excited to see that Teacher…[View]
121184592and YOU... must be Freddie Mercury[View]
121188193What is the appeal of pre-code films?[View]
121188116SEXMAN FOR MAYOR[View]
121186191How did they get away with this?[View]
121188081What the fuck? He didn't deserve that.[View]
121188048>'Oh, Ron, l got Nancy on the line!' Bit of an inconvenient time to get a call?…[View]
121178854As a European this is just too rich. Both extremes (lazy fat Ameritards vs soulless bugpeople) just …[View]
121187830what what[View]
121187829wtf was his problem?[View]
121187931What are your guys thoughts on the trend of adding mixed race actors to diversify films?[View]
121186608>past a certain age, someone that is not a made man can be a bad thing[View]
121181310KINO SHOTS: >Othello 1951 (Orson Welles)[View]
121178991What was his best role?[View]
121186738Character's who unironically did nothing wrong Starting with the obvious.[View]
121184179Which was the best Mad Max film?[View]
121183912I finally watched it and now I just want to die[View]
121186484Shane Gillis foresaw his inevitable demise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DECqrt9p5SA[View]
121187794Forged in Fire: Weird competition shows you like?[View]
121187605why is she so cute bros? every time she's on screen my heart goes boom. am i suppose to love he…[View]
121187740Joker: Good Little Boys don't go werewolf. Bad Big Boys do. Poetry[View]
121187668Do you think he could play Mac in the Always Sunny bioepic? Cast other actors for roles if you have …[View]
121187032Why is there no sequel?[View]
121186379the best tv show of all time[View]
121187540The Langoliers: Why is it so comfy guys?[View]
121184774Tenet: Why does Nolan need a $225 million budget? His highest budget was the Dark Knight at $185 mil…[View]
121187339It hasn't aged well.[View]
121187453Will this be the most massive kjno rape of human history? How many will get wh*te fever?[View]
121185567Who is your 'Newsfu' Mine is Dana[View]
121186507This movie is fucking garbage: >oh noe!! how could someone kill such a heckin cute dogger pupper …[View]
121174153It’s watchable, but Righteous Gemstones is McBrides worst HBO series. Something just feels missing o…[View]
121187178>Constantly dabs on cringy youtubers How is he so based, bros?[View]
121181222Just watched Triangle. What is my opinion about it?[View]
121185964Was it kino or lowbudget Mad Men?[View]
121187198;Pennywise sister: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsHlL5yQNd0[View]
121186562>6:27 >Ok my nigs dig this https://youtu.be/Gz1PBiq-2OE?t=387 What did he mean by this? Whe…[View]
121186356Lily Singh, the new host of the late show just had her first show where the jokes were nothing but h…[View]
121187239For me, it’s Loonette the Clown[View]
121182604ITT: unfilmable novels[View]
121184097Do you think the new Saved by the Bell will be as entertaining as the original?[View]
121187193A LITTLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH: where were you when late night TV was saved? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
121187058Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121185398scenes you aren't intelligent enough to understand[View]
121186968Leave Avengers to us.[View]
121187106Homophobic villains[View]
121185735Darkman (1990): Why isn’t this movie discussed more here? It’s edgy capeshit not capeshit capeshit w…[View]
121186877>'silent' movie >orchestra music playing during the whole runtime…[View]
121186847Who's gonna play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
121186906>unique legacy IP is revived >it’s just them failing to blend in with modern day society…[View]
121185017This was a thing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrI94OIJ67M[View]
121183126>260 days until Wonder Woman 1984[View]
121186797This is your Egwene (left) Thoughts?[View]
121186569not gonna spoil this movie but, Jesus Christ this movie is comfy af my dudes. go and see it lads[View]
121155058>literally ruined in the last 3 episodes of the series i'm still mad…[View]
121184351watched part 1 yesterday and part 2 today: i thought the leper tongue bit was a little scuffed but i…[View]
121185958Lovecraftian thread[View]
121186239ITT: /fa/ movies: Post some hairkino beardkino jacketkino[View]
121186310Which The Office is better: So I haven't watched a single episode of The Office. Which is bette…[View]
121184936/pfg/: /pfg/ - plebfilter general Pic related is one of the greatest pleb filters of all time. You h…[View]
121185450why does he wear the mask[View]
121186372How's amazon going to deal with the inclusion of peaceful orc children in middle earth[View]
121185817>The last frame of the movie is now useless Kinda mad tbqh[View]
121183347ITT: Films you turn off halfway through[View]
121183996Dark Waters by Todd Haynes: Trailer for new Todd Haynes film. Looks pretty good, i wonder why it was…[View]
121162230TV Waifus: Post your first TV waifu.[View]
121182623>People hated the prequels long before Plinkett, stop saying it started with Plinkett you zoomer …[View]
121185139>love story between a borderline retard and a woman with cerebral palsy that begins with an attem…[View]
121178655Kinos for this feel? https://streamable.com/j2p4m[View]
121185401>the flight plan I just filed with the Jedi Council lists SHMI[View]
121186024im bored what are some movies with meme actors that are enjoyable?[View]
121186026If actors were real: I look like a bird,[View]
121186012>He doesn't know how to use the three seashells.[View]
121183116What is love?[View]
121184331Any movie or tv show about father x daughter relationship?[View]
121181499Rise of Skywalker: >Palpatine is not a FORCE GHOST, he is actually alive and decrepit. He some ho…[View]
121185921What are some films about calling out hypocrisy?[View]
121184625Face genetics are not everything in film: How did nolan get away with this?[View]
121180160ITT Oh yeah, that happened[View]
121182594Here's your next Agent 007 bro[View]
121184576Holy fuck they didn’t even bother to render his cape lmao[View]
121185745Was Michael Cimino a misunderstood genius?[View]
121185732I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
121185712Try to define a movie/series or character with just one color and others try to guess[View]
121184058>'Steve, what did you mean when you said we can't go on our anniversary trip to New York thi…[View]
121183346Wes Anderson's 'The French Dispatch' Cast: Kino[View]
121185485Ah ta ta, lets not -blow- this out of proportion...[View]
121184943>Lighthouse >The King >Tenet are we about to experience the Robertaissance (Pattinaissance)…[View]
121185522fantastic movie[View]
121184726https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideaki_Anno#Subsequent_work >Make Evangelion >Literally making…[View]
121185322300/302: >For as the good king lay dying, all his greatest generals and advisors were summoned to…[View]
121185440>HEY O'CONNELL[View]
121185050>200,000 precisely ordered punch cards comprising the world's very first tic-tac-toe program…[View]
121183962'Pro' war movies: What war movies exist that do not have a rampant 'war is bad, mkay' theme thoughou…[View]
121185211Tfw no German Luftwaffe bro kino[View]
121181208Ugly celebs who are forced as beautiful by television and film[View]
121184420Why does he hate gays so much?[View]
121185060>the villain and hero join forces despite their differences to fight against a mutual enemy any k…[View]
121185191Shane Gillis: What are our thoughts on his career and comedic work so far, /tv/?[View]
121183869>Oh, I'm just razzing ya.[View]
121179943Are you enjoying Carnival Row ?[View]
121183920>aren't you a little short to post on /tv/?[View]
121184986ITT:: Movies only you have seen and don't remember https://youtu.be/hmcxf7BzHS0[View]
121177695based or cringe?[View]
121183113Why did Tumblr adore him?: His entire song was about social darwinism. Were they just too busy orgas…[View]
121184507James Cameron determined to make Alita sequel with or without Disney: https://www.sausageroll.com.au…[View]
121180973It's a chip 'n dip.[View]
121183891i don't get it[View]
121183024>Netflix will have both Seinfeld and Evangelion What? You're too poor to spend $15 a month t…[View]
121181805>Black is extremely dangerous... Jesus Raimi[View]
121183828Is it the greatest sitcom of all time?[View]
121184589Lets assume we're okay with the whole diversity bullshit they keep doing. Now answer me this, w…[View]
121184753>it's a Frasier prescribes himself opiates and locks himself in his room all day jerking off…[View]
121181416Wouldn't the pizzas be all fucked up if you carried them like this? Spider-man was so fakey.[View]
121159267>Just get some whiny loser to dress up as clownman and create some riots or some shit >Just ma…[View]
121184675Your thoughts on Mr Bean?[View]
121183678What do you think of Scaruffi’s top films of all time? https://www.scaruffi.com/cinema/best100.html…[View]
121184191>2019... >I...am forgotten....[View]
121184562Why hasn’t any 21st century sci fi film topped this yet? What happened to sci fi films?[View]
121184417>That's how it starts. The fever, the rage... The feeling of powerlessness, that turns good …[View]
121184577>comes late to the fight[View]
121179211So I just finished watching this and I couldn't help but think what the fuck is wrong with the …[View]
121183957Movie for this feel ? (read greentext) >Let's suppose that you were able, every night, to dr…[View]
121169744just drop some personal fav horror movies no judge no fightin just movies[View]
121184000Guys, I absolutely love you. Not only these threads make me laugh by just looking at the picture and…[View]
121183835married with children season 3 episode 7 7:08 timemark check it out for me[View]
121184409What as his fucking problem?[View]
121179416Brapper Diaper Howard[View]
121184273Carson Daily recently retired from his Last Call late night show.....yea you heard me that show was …[View]
121183687any other good 'white guy always right, all women chr want to bang him' like the first two seasons o…[View]
121179468you merely adapted to the comfiness I was born in it molded by it[View]
121183816If the Langoliers were real, won't you encounter them back in real-time?[View]
121181054DON'T STOP[View]
121183494What am I in for? https://youtu.be/_M1Z9BBffSc[View]
121178829Admit it, you thought this actor was retarded.[View]
121174531Post franchises still alive only because of boomers.[View]
121184157>show/film uses blue grey filter for every scene to show bleakness >Music and ambient noise is…[View]
121174948WTF why was this allowed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZLfasMPOU4[View]
121183060>Why are you taking me on a date anon? You never liked me before >2 tickets to the Joker pleas…[View]
121184041>download movie >prepare food >eat food while sort of watching movie >plate's empty…[View]
121183932>the world's greatest detective[View]
121183953Was this based on real events?[View]
121180566What are some kino featuring WMAF couples?[View]
121183862Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid.[View]
121182113Would like to visit?[View]
121182007What's their endgame?[View]
121180443>The new Herzog documentary Is it kino? Should I watch it?[View]
121168969/trek/: Best Admiral Edition[View]
121183809>Kino-Einsatzgruppe shot my falcon for the curve of its beak What's some bullshit you have t…[View]
121183008LOOKS LIKE RIAN JOHNSON KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://youtu.be/isKzKEal5T0[View]
121182533Is Amandla Stenberg a weeb?[View]
121183543Why does she want to be taller than Bart?[View]
121163611Post a poorly drawing pic, others guess the movie[View]
121183716FO' CHEAP TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FO' CHEAP TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
121172541What movie would you watch on your death bed?[View]
121179081Is this how britfags treat old people?: >thanks for saving us from the huns, but cough up…[View]
121183643was it kino[View]
121183579Bravo Nolan[View]
121181356Many people have been asking me to review things, especially movies. So last night I went to the ope…[View]
121182193Did you know that there's a direct correlation between the decline of Spirograph and the rise i…[View]
121183594'Mr. Gorbachev, hit my back wall!'[View]
121181148I never read the books. Can I get a quick rundown on why he turned evil? Isn't he supposed to b…[View]
121183564>Watch film/tv show >Go on the tvtropes page for it immediately afterwards…[View]
121182319Do you think an Attack Of The Show style show work on Twitch/Youtube today? Or has Disney killed/mut…[View]
121182997Shane Gillis Cancelled on SNL: What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
121183421Ever have a dream about a movie sequel that doesn't exist?: Had one last night, it was the sequ…[View]
121181488Wayne > Colin = Ryan > Greg > Brad >>> everyone else[View]
121182718>it's already 'ironic ugly sweater' season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-RoBdHHkcQ…[View]
121183043Rio Bravo jail scene: >just my rifle, pony and me is there a more Kino music scene in existence? …[View]
121178122Just booked tickets for the kinoplex. What am I in for, brehs? No spoilers pls[View]
121181450Should I watch this?[View]
121177694Ghost Adventures: Why is this show so based? What are your favorite moments? https://youtu.be/e--X0P…[View]
121181204Have you or your parents ever met a celeb?: >be mom >be 7 or 8 in 1972 >bumblescum colorado…[View]
121183297Based Bill does it again: Corden on diabetes watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm4TAdiEFn0…[View]
121179771What are some great movies to watch with your family?[View]
121182459>two anons arguing >give them the correct answer with an explanation >other retard makes …[View]
121182403What's the gayest shit you watch?: >me >pic related Simpler times…[View]
121183186>Joker movie, Cuck movie, incels are hot topic move along, real incelkino here…[View]
121180470>I have this tiny... Why did Collette look worried?[View]
121183233you think im afraid of that parade float? no offence...[View]
121182644So why didn't Kylo just freeze the blast Chewie shoots at him so we would be at 100% to fight R…[View]
121179316I have to write a dissertation for my master's on a dystopian film. I was thinking Blade Runner…[View]
121182083What are some examples of kino with a truly huge and intimidating female character?[View]
121183018Why exactly did they make The Joker an incel?[View]
121183092The Mask (2017): >Stops your car What do?[View]
121180433You wake up on Geonosis.[View]
121179074'Memories of Murder' serial killer caught thought DNA evidence: https://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?oi…[View]
121182935What would've happened if Tim Burton merged Batman 89 and Batman Returns into one movie? https:…[View]
121180791What the fuck did i just watch? Is this supposed to be autobiographical? Also holy shit, those shots…[View]
121183023Reminder that Terry said he was going to run for president in 2020 10 years ago. Get out and vote fo…[View]
121182731If you know the name of the movie you'd like to see, press 1[View]
121176956i just saw this what did i think of it?[View]
121182701>muh noble savages >muh buffalos Terrible movie, cant believe this horribly acted tripe won mu…[View]
121176045Why was she so quick to fall in love with the white guy who murdered her Asian husband?[View]
121181891Why is this guy in everything nu-wars? He's even in side cartoons and licensed children's …[View]
121181926Here’s your Nero bro[View]
121181895NOLAN KINO IS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDFviey1cJc&[View]
121181912Why was it so bad?[View]
121179958ya'll ever try shawarma?[View]
121180332Is she right, bros?[View]
121179157What is your opinion on Critics?[View]
121182352>emo evil bad guy >'hmmm what should we call him?' >*hits pipe* >'how about More Goth?' …[View]
121182317ayy: What are /tv/'s thoughts on alien portrayal in cinema? Too edgy? Not enough edge? Ridiculo…[View]
121181382>THE NEGA CHIN[View]
121178629/suc/cession: for me, it's greg 'gregory' the egg[View]
121179090>not a single bad episode >all memorable characters >still the best, to this day how did th…[View]
121181586>'You can have any brew you want, as long as it's this filthy Mexican pisswater.' …[View]
121179035What the fuck was his problem?[View]
121181967Is this a comedy for 40 year olds?[View]
121180022tell me about BTK, why does he wear the mask?[View]
121181977https://youtu.be/uMKV1wvGG74 > What did he mean by this?[View]
121180864>References to large adult sons, the answer being with us the whole time, and, hear me out now, s…[View]
121181257Joker: Are you ready for the inevitable Revolution, /tv/?[View]
121179920*shits all over your gay ass calarts show*[View]
121179462>I only watch the Original and Prequel Trilogy movies! >That's the REAL star wars!…[View]
121178437Neytiri is...[View]
121177905Will he get a biopic?: >survives Nazi occupied Europe as a Jew when a boy, including escaping one…[View]
121181486Watch Euphoria....[View]
121161883The Dark Crystal: Are you prepared for gelfling genocide in season 2?[View]
121179245Lockpicking Kino: Why is his voice so soothing? https://youtu.be/D15QH72xfPA[View]
121180894Stephen Merchant[View]
121179084Was Dany a good character? I'm talking both book and moviewise.[View]
121180420Bros what do I do? September is trudging along at a snail's pace. I just want to watch Ad Kino …[View]
121180596ITT Kino music videos >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwxIGe1oOJQ…[View]
121175462Just finished watching his masterful deconstruction of Oldboy 2013. Ok /tv/ you were right. I admit …[View]
121181057top boy: >they fookin took our food innit bruv >get the bloody mandem and do they head in…[View]
121177226Theres nothing to watch...[View]
121180184imagine being Irene's bf after the events of Drive, and having to compete with her momories of …[View]
121179484They think that we'll just sit there and take it like good little boys, that we won't WERE…[View]
121181038Remember when Brad Pitt was abducted on Jackass[View]
121178923>Your move, King to Rook 1. >My move, Rook to Knight 6. >Checkmate. >Checkmate. What …[View]
121179383So this is why Van Damme is cool. That face/off scene was kino[View]
121179294>you will never enter a rental store again and smell the aroma of fresh popcorn, walk down the ai…[View]
121180220https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb1837rWq9I holy shit this is fucking cringe. Not only does he get b…[View]
121171392Will there be a biopic?[View]
121180733How did Nolan get away with this: Timothee Chalamet keep scoring films like he is a Dicaprio reborn…[View]
121177692YOU STOLE FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS, YOU GET NOTHING!: how do you respond?[View]
121180679Six Feet Under used to scare the shit out of me. My mom would binge watch this show all the time gro…[View]
121179429Post best scene from a movie.[View]
121180836>597 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness[View]
121170812>I'm on the pill, and it's NOT birth control[View]
121178081Flying saucers?[View]
121178125what award will this get?[View]
121168635Why are modern zoomer TV shows so much funnier than shows from decades earlier?[View]
121180708>listens to the voicemail >Ridgeman says 'sorry' >'that's not what I wanted to hear' D…[View]
121180700Are his Shakespeare films any good?[View]
121180693>Dad, who was aXXo[View]
121180648What are your thoughts on the American actor/director Paul Dano?[View]
121175536Honest Joker Thread: Let's all be very real here. What are the chances, from 1% to 100%, that a…[View]
121180345How do you escape this awkward situation?[View]
121179988Should people that have never been to a film festival be allowed to post on /tv/?[View]
121179488Theoden king stands alone[View]
121180097Face app thread[View]
121179289If you had a chance to make one game into a movie, what would it be? How would you translate the sto…[View]
121172672Was it kino?[View]
121177013Aaaaaand dropped. Anything good happen in the last two episodes? Unironically cancelling my netflix …[View]
121178928>cheats on her husband with her boss >goes back to her husband as soon as she finds he's …[View]
121179718Joker: >'Joker' Is a Terrifyingly Realistic Window Into White Terrorism >We need to …[View]
121181137who is your favorite female actress[View]
121178971did your mind explode?[View]
121179641how do you 'make it' in Hollywood?[View]
121179030How was it?[View]
121180003R2 Buster: Why hasn't this been done in the movies yet?[View]
121177427So many problems. Tariffs.[View]
121180031>no child who was aborted ever grew up to be anything the writing on this show was amazing…[View]
121178380This is too sad[View]
121175861What did you think of the last season?[View]
121174768>'mm-hmm, got nothing left to lose' why did he sound gay?[View]
121179770This movie fucking sucks. 'omg le shock horror gratuitous violence with details, and paedophilia!' …[View]
121168434>it’s an early 2010’s feel good flick of the year kino >PARTY ROCK IN THE HOUUUSE TONIGHT!!…[View]
121176638why do boomers love making movies about woodstock? it was just a bunch of degenerates fucking in the…[View]

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