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134693879black is giving us a lot of blowback, yellow is staying quiet, don't know what brown is going t…[View]
134694450>PUNCH THE KEYS FOR GODS SAKE what the fuck did he mean by this? What does punching keys accompli…[View]
134692908you're approaching me stevun?[View]
134694594Epic Movie Pitch/ideas: I’ll start with mine. Title: I.G.G.Z It’s gonna be a full fledged fully anim…[View]
134693125You know it’s a little kid’s movie when you see one of these[View]
134694542You only see what your eyes want to see.[View]
134694526As I browse through the catalog of television and film I take a look at my life and realize there…[View]
134692520DEATHMATCH: dubs determines the winner[View]
134694495Fox News scrambled. Nationwide?: I've never seen Fox News this crazy scrambled as it is tonight…[View]
134693515>Macaulay Culkin gets to fuck this[View]
134694430Who is the Anton Webern of music[View]
134694258>You're in an image board, browsing along when all of the sudden- >which one? >what? …[View]
134694245Wholesome actor quotes: >You're breathtaking, George![View]
134694122What does /tv/ think of the greatest high-concept science fiction series of the century?[View]
134693653I thought this was pretty clever with all police officers are required to conceal their identity.[View]
134693811I forgot the name of this movie pls help: This looks cool and i want to watch the full movie[View]
134692366>it's a holding up a card in the background episode[View]
134693512I See You: just marathoned this movie, it was okay. weird choice to hire Odo from ds9 as a wife…[View]
134693831I know this is a reddit cartoon but the irl quicksave was ultimately a really interesting and horrif…[View]
134677172/trek/ - Star Trek General: ・F・R・E・N・S・ edition previously >>134665675[View]
134693915what are some movies that present unsolvable dilemmas?[View]
134688056What is the absolute worst remake you have ever seen?[View]
134693779>it's a Bobby joins the BLM protest episode[View]
134693400uhhhhh... does nobody else see an issue with this?[View]
134688127yo WB where the fuk is the TRAILER[View]
134692646>I don’t want to be with Robert because he has a child and would be unfaithful >I want to be w…[View]
134689094Now that's some embarrassing Reddit taste[View]
134693410>my favorite character dies in a movie[View]
134692508>I can make you a star baby... Anything you want... I can make it happen, come to my office and w…[View]
134693527What did they eat?[View]
134693071I'm having trouble breathing what should I do /tv/? My temp is 98.8 but my uncle is in ICU with…[View]
134689277>Every normie posted a black picture on social media >>Every single large business has post…[View]
134692799Guys, lets take a break from the racism for one thread. Post your favorite black films/tv shows.[View]
134693246>why yes i go on both reddit and 4chan, how could you tell?[View]
134688274Anon you have three seconds, exactly fucking three seconds, to wipe those filthy looking singles off…[View]
134669095Very funny Freya. Have these bimbos even tried playing Witcher 3? Wtf are they thinking. Nobody care…[View]
134693131MCLUSKY! BADGE AND GUN, NOW!: You are off the force![View]
134692528Do Americans really have such lectures at school? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vivEzQUGHOQ https:…[View]
134693149>this is the best movie the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has to offer…[View]
134690322Nippon Connection Online: https://nipponconnection.com/en/event/film >The Nippon Connection Film …[View]
134693239>S1 >Dothraki are shit vs armored opponents >S8 >Dothraki are invincible…[View]
134688920You can make any movie you want BUT you have to force all of your fetishes in. What kind of movie do…[View]
134672221What are movies you’ve realized it’s a bad idea to tell people you enjoy?[View]
134689156>never seen a stars wars or lotr movie in my and never will[View]
134692805Feed the fucking seed, Sneedy (formerly Chucky).[View]
134693101Who can stop his rampage for marmalade?[View]
134674859/who/ Doctor Who General: Previous: >>134650345[View]
134692991what is some edgelord kino?[View]
134692976What are some films about transgender people?[View]
134692961Meadow I'm going to ask you a question about dad... This may be very painful for you. Did dad e…[View]
134670992O&A Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvI9Ckyjh-M&feature=youtu.be&t=80 post them…[View]
134691427What Hong Kong detective movie is this from?[View]
134691622Why is this board so pretentious?[View]
134691819Mystery film from the early 90s!: /tv/ I need your help. I don't have many details, but there w…[View]
134687715Tiger King's Carole Baskins is now the owner of Joe Exotic's zoo: SHE WON[View]
134692797Have you taken your Prozium II today anons?: You don't want a visit from us Grammaton Clerics n…[View]
134688220Name a more satisfying image in cinema history.[View]
134690913ITT: powerful symbolisms in film and television[View]
134685633>An ordinary guy dropping off the face of the Earth after leaving high school? As shocking as it …[View]
134678445WebM thread: aka the best thread on the board[View]
134683581Do women (female) actually understand Star Wars?[View]
134692364Pure, unfiltered, true kino.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA4tfbjT8DA[View]
134692525MIB 3 > MIB > MIB 2[View]
134691764Who was the better wife /tv/?[View]
134691501Is he the best stand up comedian in the industry right now?[View]
134690620>So you're the man who rules the world?[View]
134691932why did they call him boris the bullet dodger?[View]
134692154Movies that you thought were stupid but you ended up really liking when you actually watched it[View]
134691106White people kneeling LIVE: A latino dude is live streaming in NYC asking white people (specially wo…[View]
134688253ITT: best scenes in otherwise shitty movies[View]
134692278Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, when the people of the sea rampaged the world and t…[View]
134690512Got around to finally watching this for the first time and I didn't really like it, why is this…[View]
134692230What is Timothee Chalamet's best role?[View]
134691736Why did he form a ninja society?: Everything we saw about his background suggested he was more of a …[View]
134689860Taxi Driver sucks: Boring shit film for midwit pseuds to posture how smart and cultured they are. …[View]
134691865Safdie for you: https://www.google.com/amp/s/collider.com/safdie-brothers-nathan-fielder-the-curse-s…[View]
134679950What's this fighting style called?[View]
134692019I watched this movie about a year ago, and it's boring as fuck[View]
134691214What is a good film that can make me feel the anger our black brothers and sisters are currently fee…[View]
134690674Is Logan a good movie?[View]
134691832There is a timeline Sony got the rights instead and did a full reboot in the style of Robotcop/Ghost…[View]
134690945Sun's going down little lady, draw if you've got the guts, otherwise you'd better get…[View]
134691365Kino with this aesthetic?[View]
134691561Peter Griffin Voice: Holy crap![View]
134691878Cult TV Podcasts: I'll start with Sleepless Knights P-oddcast, starring horror host Mr. Lobo an…[View]
134688146What is this? Ice?[View]
134684985So which one, /tv/?[View]
134679805Are women, funny?[View]
134691720Is it kino? I remember loving it as a kid but I just rewatched the trailer and it looks kinda shit[View]
134691649Why was it so comfy, bros?[View]
134689484why don't the /trek/ autists just fuck off to reddit[View]
134691741What Show have you dropped recently and why?[View]
134687938This is unironically Kubrick's worst film. This was the only Kubrick film I had watched until a…[View]
134687294What did Nolan mean by this?[View]
134689836Who will play him now that the Gundam adaptation is inevitable?[View]
134691200Cast him for his inevitable live-action movie[View]
134691417Error: Duplicate file exists. here.[View]
134683999What would you have done?[View]
134691478WONDER WOMAN 1984: Leaks: >Will serve as the bridge between the Snyderverse amd a new DC cinemati…[View]
134690638Hollywood stars + BLM: Why are studios and agents telling them to post the black supremacist fist or…[View]
134689615What I'm in for?[View]
134688048>Jurassic.Park.1993.1080p.UHD.BluRay.DTS.HDR.x265-CarpeDiem.mkv Can someone explain this to me? …[View]
134691380>Where did you learn to fuck like that? >I have 4 brothers.…[View]
134688290Starship Troopers asteroid: When you think about it, Carmen could have warned the Earth about astero…[View]
134687898New MDE project in lieu of World Peace s2: looks like their adult swim pilot and new game https://ww…[View]
134691075Has the right ever made a good show? It seems like every show (And every good show) has some sort of…[View]
134691111So this is actually happening in the real world as well as Dark?[View]
134689840Hairspray: What are some other examples of remakes making the original film obsolete?[View]
134691103Shrek 1 and 2 both premiered in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, competing for the same majo…[View]
134691051Letterboxd: This is the most liked review of this film on this site.[View]
134682639Friendship kino: Any movies for similar feels?[View]
134690969Is there anything comfier than watching Family Guy on a CRT?[View]
134690987When I....was a BOY....in....this swamp...[View]
134688573Was Joker predictive programming?[View]
134690934Kinos for this feel?[View]
134689378What are the best German military kinos?[View]
134690898What are some shows about sucking and fucking?[View]
134690707Best Wire Character.: i've seen very few Characters that go through the Development Bodie had. …[View]
134690815>You don't know who I am but I know where you live... >Hwat?!…[View]
134688784Pure unfiltered disaster kino of the highest calibre.[View]
134690650You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrify…[View]
134690097Gordon Liu: Gordon Liu and Shaw Brothers is totally Kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLDJ2QteN7…[View]
134690006what is /tv/'s favorite pokemon?[View]
134680648Who was your favorite diva growing up?[View]
134686869>nu-wars EU >like 90% of all characters are '''''Imperial Defectors'''''' Reminder that Lucas …[View]
134689046>No job, no drivers license, no.. >Hold on a fokin second! No job? No drivers license? What do…[View]
134689417Shoutout to everyone who works in the industry that has to work on products to promote BLM and all t…[View]
134684817>I wish you good fortune in the wars to come[View]
134690201LIVE kino about submission of women: LIVE documentary portraying the undeniable bond between white w…[View]
134688423fucking kino[View]
134690480Did Peter Sellars ever play someone who wasn't socially retarded?: were all of his characters i…[View]
134690080``Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupid…[View]
134690470Go home and get your fuckin' podracer.[View]
134690278Fucking why? Is the reasoning that Ruby Rose's performance was so iconic that she can't be…[View]
134690436What are some kinos based on fictional books?[View]
134690164Movies that glorify war?[View]
134689931>movie has a vague one sentence premise >it's kino…[View]
134690041mwaHAWWWWW the french[View]
134690276Jacob’s Ladder (1990): Is it really true that cute Latina girls really go for scrawny, nerdy looking…[View]
134688554Just watched pic related. So it’s about how greed corrupts, right?[View]
134689692>the kid in the movie is smarter and more insightful than all the adults…[View]
134689120How do I become a wholesome Youtube/Twitch performer? I was thinking of turning my basement into a v…[View]
134688799You wouldn't steal a car, would, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmZm8vNHBSU[View]
134687363What is it about The Sopranos that keeps it from fading into obscurity like every other TV show from…[View]
134687632Season 4 of Rick and Morty was pretty shit overall, but the last episode made up for it.[View]
134682415Cast them[View]
134682494Why wasn't there religion in Idiocracy?[View]
134690084>Do you feel unloved and cry yourself to sleep every night... punk?[View]
134689306>character wakes up, lying straight & looking up instead of curled up in a sideways fetal pos…[View]
134689826>horror movie in theaters >someone in the audience shouts 'don't go in there!'…[View]
134688649>Romantic subplot in a movie Why do they still do this cringe shit. Any romantic subplot in a mov…[View]
134690008You happy now, son? You got your fucking PUSH?: Happy with your PUSH, kid? Fucking little PUSH! FUCK…[View]
134689961With movies that are shot on film. Why can we usually tell when a movie was made in the 90s instead …[View]
134689476Why are celebrities so vicious about their political views today? They're like rabid or somethi…[View]
134689897What the fuck is this piece of shit’s problem?[View]
134689828Do ahy of you bros ever feel like you're being too cynical towards things you watch?[View]
134689490Irrefutably the 4 best films of the 2010s.[View]
134689739I used to think the world was a tragedy, but now I realize it's a comedy[View]
134689628What is your favorite Best Picture?[View]
134688944Why is the premise for this movie so fucking stupid? >We create these replicants that have no rig…[View]
134681999Hello, who's this?[View]
134687947Recommend me some tacticool movies that are actually good. Don't have to be straight up tactico…[View]
134688716The Last Kingdom: >fucks my waifu in the latest season he can't keep getting away with it…[View]
134686279unironically Tarantino's best film[View]
134689318>an autistic cripple has a better story than Jon Snow wut[View]
134681981Documentary Recommendations: Feeling a conspiracy type vibe. Something interesting with decent evide…[View]
134688970Why are most of the documentaries on Netflix utter shit? Where do I go to find good documentaries?[View]
134689312What did the Joker eat?: Wtf did the Joker eat? For example, after he blew up that hospital, did he …[View]
134689453If you 'rent'/pay to stream films online, what service do you use? I've no idea where to start …[View]
134688230>I have no pity What did he mean by this[View]
134688433Was Quagmire in the right here?[View]
134689364Have you guys ever seen the movie 1984? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTFNEbUcStQ[View]
134683754wow. empowering: >Cersei Lannister: Do you love your children? >Eddard Stark: With all my hear…[View]
134682342Just look at her hair. She should play Moana in live action. Bonus points for dark skin too.[View]
134686176what would their kids look like[View]
134686564>And then one day, out of nowhere, the German people elected Adolf Hitler…[View]
13468466270s Scifi: I watched pic related and I want to watch more, any recommendations.[View]
134689129>Tamara, surprised with herself and worried about the situation, tries to re-establish a teacher-…[View]
134689100What did Lynch mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD-tSHLzn3c[View]
134686308>Scorsese film >there's voiceover exposition…[View]
134688979What was this expression intended to convey?[View]
134688445I just watched this new Dark Knight Rises movie and this scene really stuck with me. Are there any o…[View]
134688894post nigger kino[View]
134688940The Bonus Situation: Can we talk about it?[View]
134688211Find a flaw, it’s fucking impossible[View]
134688814David Lynch work desk. Is that a telephone in a box?[View]
134680445/deutscher kino/: Wer hier ist /deutsch/ ? Das Boot oder Der Untergang Für mich, ist es Das Boot…[View]
134687588whats the most breathtaking movie you have ever seen?[View]
134688637Is the Planet of The Apes reboot trilogy worth watching?[View]
134688721What are some movies with bad endings? As in, the good guys lose, or everything goes to shit at the …[View]
134688652>its that time of year again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw6s8lsh0EQ…[View]
134688490Is this amazon original any good?[View]
134683318Why are Sharks, especially Great White Sharks, always portrayed as vicious monsters in movies? They…[View]
134684964This is my stop Got to get off I may go pop Excuse me Excuse me I've got to be direct (la, la, …[View]
134687967>Going through my parents' movie stash >TFW find rips and bootleged copies of movies Are…[View]
134685339What does /tv/ think of the kino that is Chinatown? And is it worth watching the sequel, The Two Jak…[View]
134688382How do I get this life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meK0G3o9mPw[View]
134687764What are some genres you like? for me, its sports kinos[View]
134686329Give me some movies that feature frogs as major aspects of their narratives.[View]
134688308I can't even BREATHE[View]
134688195I haven't slept in 24 hours because I can't handle the state of the world, Mom is mad at m…[View]
134688291movies that defined your childhood[View]
134679692>get crown put on head >start singing like an autist Do Gondorians really..…[View]
134688186In your shoe....under the bed.[View]
134688181There is a janny who comes to this board from the sea: He comes in the nighttime when the Americans …[View]
134661729Any actresses that surprised you by doing nude scenes unexpectedly?[View]
134685886What would he do during a riot?[View]
134687955Alien Vs Predator: I Liked It[View]
134687554Three Kingdoms: Is the 2010 series the best adaptation?[View]
134687910>Literally just We Live In a Society: The Movie Why does /poltv/ love this so much?…[View]
134685321>nerdy character >gets Japanese gf[View]
134687787>forgotten after one month JUST[View]
134686654If they made a spinoff about Bessie, who should they cast?[View]
134671014He picked... poorly.[View]
134684545>I like turtles[View]
134686799Why the hell do I find the scene where she sheds her skin so hot? What is wrong with me /tv/?[View]
134687839>jk said to the director >why midges? >why? does she not understand why her own works are …[View]
134687536could they have casted this iconic anti-hero any more perfectly? nope, spot on fucking nailed it. if…[View]
134687796Why did Timothee agree to do this movie? Lifetime original movie garbage[View]
134679186What was his character arc?[View]
134687754GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 SPOILER THREAD: Can't wait for this season /v/ros[View]
134678430Great action movies significantly weakened by romantic subplots[View]
134687706All of you know full well, the great pains I've always taken never to be too strict, too rigid …[View]
134685757any kinos about crazy troubled bitches?[View]
134687694https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azkVr0VUSTA This looks pretty good actually[View]
134686784Well that was underwhelming. Why are these films such beloved classics?[View]
134687099Hats in movies: Show me some kino hats.[View]
134687384french movies: where can i watch french movies? tried netflix with a vpn in France but literally not…[View]
134687479Favorite Keanu performance?[View]
134686688I rewatched Hellraiser again Are any of the sequels worth watching? I'm interested in the cenob…[View]
134687380Besides Demolition Man, what major sci-fi movies have a black main villain?[View]
134683372Milk Money: > A group of young boys hire a prostitute to strip for them How was this allowed?…[View]
134687325Studio Ghibli: What is the best Studio Ghibli Movie and why is it Kiki's Delivery Service?…[View]
134684343What are they thinking right now?[View]
134683680WW84 hype train: Watched this for the first time about a week or two ago Two questions tv Why did I …[View]
134687291>a rapist, a thief, and a black man walk into a bar[View]
134682484You know it’s true.[View]
134687268Jenny made a joke about a porg using the force in one of her videos but this could have actually bee…[View]
134680152Who did it better?[View]
134687139reminder: Brendan Fraiser is not 'justed' Jude Law is not 'justed' Daniel Craig is not 'justed' Ther…[View]
134683707Signs: Do you think this guy would be considered a hero in this movie's universe[View]
134683190Ok tv, what’s better. Because I’m considering rewatching MOS then BVS tonight. Just to see how they …[View]
134687147ITT: Movies only you have seen This is Gary Busey and John Rhys Davies as art thieves[View]
134686994JSA movie fancast and plot: Didn't make it in time to the previous thread so I've made ano…[View]
134687128I am speechless[View]
134685981Is this right?[View]
134683087Each decade is a season each year is an episode with each event being an arc? What is your favorite …[View]
134686868Why have we STILL not heard any more about Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy? They assured us it was …[View]
134686953what are some kinos about betrayal? pic unrelated[View]
134686930>You just don't get it, do you?[View]
134684694>don’t talk about Ben like that Han, he’s a great man! Why did Luke consider him a great man when…[View]
134685004What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
134685369To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day...[View]
134686203whats next for her career?[View]
134686547What went wrong?[View]
134686795joe rogan, i swear to fucking god, joe rogan the pain from metal gear solid 3 is real joe rogan swea…[View]
134686068If Everybody Loves Raymond how come there's never been a thread about it?[View]
134673556have you ever had a movie spoiled for you?[View]
134686683The entire 3 Hour documentary is on youtube and it’s pure kino to the fullest[View]
134678693Movies you wish you hadn't seen[View]
134686566Okay /tv/, you win. This movie sucked and is not a masterpiece. I'm sorry for claiming it to be…[View]
134686671>where are you going with that lawn tractor sir? >to page 10 anon, where my brother lives…[View]
134686016Cops as the good guys: Will future police kino be affected by the riots? Is the buddy cop genre dead…[View]
134685860What's her endgame, /tv/?[View]
134685683How would they react to the current situation?[View]
134676941This is platinum grade fucking kino[View]
134685724Soviet Movies Online: Does anyone use this service or has used it before? It looks neat but it'…[View]
134673611Irulan in the coming Dune is confirmed to be one of this three: >Anya Taylor-Joy >Elle Fanning…[View]
134680509Why are there so many references to female pedophilia in this show? It’s really unusual.[View]
134684750So this was a pretty good Far Cry 2 movie. What are some other vydia kinos?[View]
134683968A race of people who destroy their own community in protest of police brutality?: Heh, of course not…[View]
134686131/tv/ YLYL thread keep it on topic[View]
134685426Is Aliens the best Vietnam movie ever made?[View]
134683406Hello /tv/. You seem like a friendly and reasonable board who has insightful discussion about entert…[View]
134686107What does /tv/ think of V and The Final Battle?[View]
134684315What did Marvel mean by that ?[View]
134683752HBO Max had only 90,000 mobile downloads on launch day. How big of a disaster is that? Should we kee…[View]
134685903is her show 911 any good?[View]
134673922FEISTY ONE YOU ARE[View]
134685609*Ahem* FUCK GODZILLA[View]
134684908>I can't do the math, Tony, I'm an autist![View]
134680617What is the best episode of Spongebob? Pic related[View]
134684822WHY did she ask this??[View]
134682697Ghost in The Shell (2017) is actually a pretty great movie.[View]
134684884What did he mean by this?[View]
134685166>>134679064 Captain Marvel just has fast travel speed. She's essentially, just a fast mov…[View]
134679539Howdy do.[View]
134685722beautiful evening[View]
134685059>Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio completely rewrite Batman v Superman after Nolan and David Goyer ex…[View]
134683734Titanic was the movie of my childhood. And you?[View]
134683777>It's too late to save Earth well that's prescient is this any good?…[View]
134684932My gf just made me watch the first season of Search Party, did I like it?[View]
134684666>Actresses you and only you had a crush on growing up.[View]
134683468Is this movie any good? Should I watch it?[View]
134655080Why did Harry Potter marry this thing?[View]
134684792Ok, this movie was fucking kino. How could I live without seeing it for so long.[View]
134685429NNNOO, NOT THE HECKIN' MUSLIMINO: Soooooo, suddenly Netflix became based ?[View]
134685293This movie was supposed to be a commentary on propaganda, right? The basterds are unlikable and inco…[View]
134675806>I only watch Krteček marathons[View]
134683476why does everyone obsess over these dumb fucking kids' movies?[View]
134685076>only 6 months until Nakatomi Tower, the McCalisters and the Griswolds gets unwanted visitors aga…[View]
134685115> The Americans > Deadwood > 6 Feet Under Which one should I start for the first time?…[View]
134684559ITT: Post indisputably 'fun' movies (so I can occupy my time away from faggot normies posting about …[View]
134678424was she hot?[View]
134684920>everything about the concentration camp sucked, everything except concentration camp roller coas…[View]
134683413What's it like dating a girl thats a film fan?: For many of us it would be a dream to share a p…[View]
134684009>dead or alive youre coming with me[View]
134682128Camp Batman: Anyone else hate modern 'serious' Batman? Isn't it strange that the public look up…[View]
134681493BATMAN FOREVER: These last two nights I watched BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS. Should I watch BATMAN FOR…[View]
134682321I'm having a good time on Prime Video but I'm running out of things to watch. What do you …[View]
134670310Journey to the West: What is the best adaptation of Journey to the West for someone who doesn't…[View]
134676011Why do people hate the symbolism in Man of Steel? >But it's so overt and obvious!!! So? Is t…[View]
134684011Hello! I am desperately searching for a film, I think the title of the film was the name of protago…[View]
134684736>Gab in the light >Stef in the dark >this was the last time they spoke as friends…[View]
134684687What are some kinos about tranny jannies[View]
134684672Hail to the Sneed, baby.[View]
134683694ITT: post worst scenes ever https://youtu.be/CDCHaDC6tX[View]
134684520How do you people find the time and energy to watch movies and shows after/before work? I'm to …[View]
134679408why doesn't he just kill himself?[View]
134683619What /tv/ will do in this situation?[View]
134679905What kinos have the best action choreography ?[View]
134681963>watch an old movie >love it >check more info on it >find out the movie wasn't well…[View]
134684536>Cream of the crop yeaaaaah[View]
134684188Just watched the first part. What did I think about it?[View]
134682785this one stings so much more than the ornella[View]
134684275BATMAN RETURNS: >face to face starts playing https://youtu.be/zpaqBXc5MTk Is this the best Batman…[View]
134682705Remember when movies were timeless? They could be entertaining and thought provoking? What happened?[View]
134680078We can agree that the first half of this movie is the best part of any middle earth movie, right?[View]
134683851Is there any other good things about this movie? Other than the fucking Joker?[View]
134677524Name something more tragic than the balding and aging of a baby faced former prettyboy.[View]
134681196I've watched some Seinfeld clips on yt and I haven't laughed once I was born in 1996 and I…[View]
134673749>the most rewatchable movie ever is 3 hours long How'd they do it?…[View]
134680450What will capeshit look like post-COVID-19, post-corporate-fueled-race-riots?[View]
134683295Why is this movie considered to be perfect?[View]
134678582>all the moralfags flooding the site Quick, post problematic kinos.[View]
134684100oh my god, gale *sip* this coffee. I just... *shlurp*[View]
134679734Friends: >normies: this is awesome >reddit: this is problematic >/xpol/: this is propaganda…[View]
134682647What is the most kino thing you've seen on tv tv? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iex4ZdovJ9E…[View]
134684175non-jewish tv shows and movies: Is there any website for finding tv shows or movies without any jews…[View]
134683329Name your top 5 favorite horror movies right now punk.[View]
134681714Cast them: And write a plot for their movie.[View]
134684036>if I were you, I'd start worrying if your fucking life matters and get your fat ass back on…[View]
134683083This one tells you where you're going This one tells you where you are This one tells you where…[View]
134683997The first season was pretty decent. One might even call it good[View]
134683980thoughts on 64 year old reality actress Kris Jenner?[View]
134683927Kinos about blackouts? For me, Asylum Blackout (2011) comes to mind. It's about a bunch of male…[View]
134681966What video services would buy the Lizzie McGuire rights from Disney?[View]
134683179Live Die Repeat: I don't understand this movie at all. How does the time travel work[View]
134675311>build me 1000 ships, and I will give you this world! >wait, what's that? 40,000 trees? 5…[View]
134678672>prime video: 69€ >Netflix: 96€ >Mandatory TV license: 210€ SHEISSE.…[View]
134682210>that scene where the civil rights protestors are juxtaposed with the apollo 11 launch any other …[View]
134683092>it's been 80 years since the character joker was created >there was only like 60 years b…[View]
134667282Bombshell - plot accuracy problem: Margo Robbie's promiscuous '1000 cock stare' chara…[View]
134683648itt: prophetic movies[View]
134683512how did they fuck this up[View]
134677258This is CNN.[View]
134680387If only we had Richard Nixon now...[View]
134681477Who's your favorite cast member? Ghost adventures thread[View]
134681558wich one and why[View]
134678907Hey bros hoping someone out there can jog my memory regarding the name of a TV show I used to watch.…[View]
134683358>ugh the old way of getting birth control[View]
134674984/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema: Balthazar, the donkey edition Prev…[View]
134682822Why do I enjoy films pertaining to the devouring female. Gone Girl Enemy I’m sure there’s another[View]
134683313>make posts replying to big name libtard celebrity virtue signalers on twatter and instagram, lin…[View]
134682583Will it ever be topped as an opening credit sequence?[View]
134679451a mechanical canine[View]
134680497Rick and Morty: Welp, this didn’t age well.[View]
134681750Pacific rim[View]
134677360Eat my s-[View]
134683138This shit any good?[View]
134683075Will the Nirvana biopic happen now bros?: https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/06/krist-novoselic-don…[View]
134682358NO MORE DEAD COPS![View]
134680112That '70s Show: I just started watching this series and after watching 8 episodes I think overa…[View]
134682960What's the most you've ever paid for a physical copy of a film?[View]
134682843That was sad like tongue depressors[View]
134682935Owari Da[View]
134681882All the while[View]
134679305ITT: fictional movies you'd love to see.[View]
134678268I miss these niggers like you wouldn't believe...[View]
134679089Why does this movie cause so much Engl*sh butthurt? You can't even mention it without Brits scr…[View]
134668938So that's it huh, we're some kind of Suicide Squad: Has there ever been a namedrop that di…[View]
134674966Recast the MCU with a fantasy cast (any actors and actresses from any time period) I’ll start: Allis…[View]
134682584>a Rincoln Continental[View]
134682715any of you have or have had a physical movie collection/?: ive only had 15 movies at most in dvd and…[View]
134682754This is the power of Irish comedy https://youtu.be/ZEwVpWFyy3M[View]
134682249Iconic actor/model/photographer/activist Cole Sprouse arrested for exercising his first amendment ri…[View]
134681198joey was so handsome in season 3 then by season 5 was busted bloated mess. what happened?[View]
134682574Sharon Stone is peak female beauty.[View]
134682253Are there any movies about Korean War? Only one i can thought of is MASH.[View]
134676968Name a more kino trailer. I dare you, fags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVu3gS7iJu4[View]
134677831I don't get it[View]
134682427For every mystery there is someone, somewhere that knows the truth. Perhaps it's you.[View]
134682273Gangs of New York has nothing to recommend it. There is nothing in this movie that isn't done b…[View]
134682262Was Terminator 2 an anti-cop movie?[View]
134680647Was Batman being sexist when he donated wayne manor to homeless boys? Don't girls need homes to…[View]
134682147Bravo Nolan[View]
134681018>shortest book >longest movie Why?[View]
134682134Who was Tony Egg?[View]
134682055>the only time we ever see Robb in combat is in S1 while defending Bran shit fucking show…[View]
134681075It's actually decent once Steve Carell stops the Trump impersonation after episode 2.[View]
134681976General Kenobi, I am ARC[View]
134681974You know what ruined this shit for me? When Alisson who apparently was so in love with Scott decides…[View]
134680847Name a more iconic /tv/ duo after Pullo and Vorenus.[View]
134677610Anyone else surprised they haven’t rebooted Wishmaster yet?[View]
134675176RUMOR: Evan Peters Joins 'WandaVision' cast: Role is being kept under wraps.[View]
134680193Live-action animation decision / Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: https://youtu.be/JDI1WR5VwnQ[View]
134681536What did he mean by that?[View]
134680476KINO I N O[View]
134680507It's good to be in something from the ground floor. I came too late for that. I know. But latel…[View]
134681513How would this scene be written in 2020?[View]
134679862Is it any good? how accurate is it?[View]
134674057>I check[View]
134678195How many horror franchises are connected to each other ?[View]
134681396What's you're favorite based on a real life story kinos?[View]
134673673Actors that will die this decade.[View]
134681331Movies about starting from the bottom and moving up the ranks, until eventually you reach the peak?[View]
134681570>live in german speaking country >go to movie theater >it's kino…[View]
134680944Post your favorite war movie:: Others judge your horrible taste.[View]
134676014What does /tv/ watch in the summer?[View]
134677945Why do so many men think that watching movies is a substitute for a personality? It's just a ho…[View]
134681305Chuck Lorre and Suck: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
134679506>2006 teen romance flick >IF YOU WANNA BE WITH ME, BABY THERES A PRICE TO PAY…[View]
134679421there are grown ass adults on this board that unrionically enjoy this shit[View]
134681208>Super shitposting? SIDEKICK[View]
134677388How do you feel about korean romantic movies ?[View]
134680934I feel like there is a YAK on my neck[View]
134677123REDDIT DOLLAR EXTREME PRESENTS: DIAPER WORLD DADDY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_yKBIuX_20…[View]
134674481>absolutely hated the Star Wars movies >did three of them ??…[View]
134681082>Why did I see Basketballs on the roof?[View]
134680805a) she was a HOOAH[View]
134675063Mr Freeze sacrificed himself for THIS??[View]
134678185>The Rickchurian Mortydate >Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty >Rattlestar Rick…[View]
134680841> Monica you don't get it > ((Insert joke)) > ((Insert punchline) > Yeah, but Ross …[View]
134680869The best composer: who do you think is the best composer? for me its 100% genius Shiro Sagisu https:…[View]
134680201South Park thread https://youtu.be/Lab0xxTRMdk[View]
134680626What’s he thinking right now?[View]
134680755Aquachad coming through[View]
134677691Ghibli thread[View]
134679432Avatar: Did Katara seriously have to ruin everything all the time?[View]
134678601did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said dead nigger storage[View]
134677769Mrs America: Is this show any good?[View]
134678592if the main thing was the ring keeping gollum alive avoiding old age then how did he manage to survi…[View]
134680577Will we see more gay blacks because of the recent events?[View]
134680452What the fuck did they actually mean by this?[View]
134677643>...and God help you if you use voice-over in your work, my friends. God help you. That's fl…[View]
134679716Post your favorite shot from your favorite film.: Pic related (Lost in Translation).[View]
134660535Who would /tv/ choose to direct the next Star Wars movie? I don't think Taika Waititi is good e…[View]
134677806>censorship is bad[View]
134679726Post 10/10 scenes[View]
134680369>We've decoded the intel from the Gondor library, and it confirms the worst. >sighs >…[View]
134679307alright, if there's any recent capeshit i should watch, what should it be? i havent even seen t…[View]
134675609Joe 'Just Buy A Flotation Tank' Rogan: He is short, I mean really short. Joe is a manlet. Also he is…[View]
134679586Who was in the wrong here? For the record, I like it. It's not amazing but it's still pre…[View]
134679571oh god oh fuck[View]
134680145Space Force: Just finished it and although it wasn't as comedic as I thought it would be I real…[View]
134675305Now that the dust has settled, what's the consensus?[View]
134674276call me what you want, but old college humor and Jake and Amir was based[View]
134679489slim charles: slim charles[View]
134679129You're breathtaking, George![View]
134677404When are we gonna admit that the Die Another Day opening credits were kino?[View]
134669887>A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. Li…[View]
134677774Time for another Crowposting thread. >You look like a anon who takes himself to seriously. You wa…[View]
134678071X-Files: What are the best seasons/when did the show peak? Do you prefer the alien mytharc episodes …[View]
134678708Is there any place where I can download this shit? Every private tracker I have access to has failed…[View]
134679806good cunny is good kino: She made my peepee hard in sicario 2. Her paniking and looking all sad made…[View]
134677275SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE!: Carole Baskin awarded the zoo once owned by 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic!…[View]
134673843Neytiri is...[View]
134679573THE LOW RIDE DER[View]
134676261Leave it to South Park to have true morals.[View]
134679575https://youtu.be/Jy8TRN4EZSE >it's the ultimate jihad >eliminating Christianity by killin…[View]
134677250Most important movies of all time. 1. Iron Man (started the most popular franchise in pop culture hi…[View]
134675440What’s your hopes for season 3 of Crown Lake.?[View]
134674576>Luke uses his dying breath mock his nephew after he tried to murder him >doesn’t use his gree…[View]
134677950My name? DREW PICKLES[View]
134675961Is anyone else worried about this young fella during these trying times? How is he making money?[View]
134674282“Villains” who did nothing wrong[View]
134675882OH FUCK[View]
134677466Kinos for this feel?[View]
134669486Who would you cast for a serial killer kino biopic series?[View]
134679345kino documentaries: Rick Sebak a Hot Dog Program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsdO6E4PouM…[View]
134677717Chungking Express: What does /tv/ think of this beautiful kino movie?[View]
134679203>the year is 2053 >holodeck-style augmented reality is here >you can order up the stacey of…[View]
134678873Fox News the channel: Are there actually any good shows on this channel? I like Tucker, and Stossel …[View]
134678866Is this worth getting?[View]
134678218Attack of the Clones was a pretty movie[View]
134678735What's with the universally low quality of Brit actresses?[View]
134675745What is the best movie in the ST?: My vote goes to the TLJ. TFA was boring, and RoS was a disaster.…[View]
134679112>we'll just put some of your blood on this dead guy so it looks like you died What the fuck?…[View]
134678106Netflix one piece: Why does it exist? Is japan tv really dead?[View]
134678731What does /tv/ think of American History X?[View]
134676873why does this exist again?[View]
134678834MMMM. CORN SYRUP.[View]
134678804Kathleen....: The franchise, Kathleen..[View]
13467799590 day fiance: Baby love edition Where are Stephanie's OF videos?[View]
134676815Well that was overrated.[View]
134671558Shansha pleash...[View]
134676927Post what you feel to be the best film ever made. >pic related[View]
134677273do you think we'll ever get another vagrant holiday kino?[View]
134671644>Stupid /tv/, be more funny![View]
134678049>pulls out cigarette >hey, mind if i....? thanks…[View]
134675005Here's where I keep the Blu-rays of my movies and TV shows.. Let me show you.[View]
134674779Teh vvitch: This is one of those movies that ruined the horror genre... I almost fell asleep... It n…[View]
134675701Characters you wanted to reach into the TV and punch in the face: SHANE! SHAAAAAAANE! COME BACK SHAA…[View]
134676907>”Northumbria is The Last Kingdom” Season 4 brought to you by female screenwriters.…[View]
134678021what BLACK kino are you watching to rid yourself of white supremacy? For me it's Sweetness in t…[View]
134677901Why aren't there local movie scenes like there are local music scenes? I mean you can make a go…[View]
134677895Full episodes of G.I. Joe streaming marathon on now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JTl6N7ZUjE…[View]
134676861Why does Tulip get so much screentime in this show? Between the three main characters she's pro…[View]
134672833adam sandler: adam sandler[View]
134674755Literally and unironically the most autistic scene in the history of film and television.[View]
134669758Boondocks: What would he think of the 2020s? Are you excited for season 5 coming on HBOMAX?[View]
134677523Were the hangover movies kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Riff1B6c1o8[View]
134675312yo he kinda has a point though: https://youtu.be/peKc4tIVEVk[View]
134676810Is it just me or have the latest American Dad episodes been really shitty?[View]
134677719Is Kathleen Kennedy the next George Lucas?[View]
134677683Great shows that if kept going will turn into shit: Bosch is great but i really feel that they'…[View]
134677563> So, we want... > He's already on the phone, sir.…[View]
134671173I dont get it how this movie is not feminazi propaganda? Literally muh stronk wymyn kicking toxic ma…[View]
134676893Fucking Carole Baskin. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/02/us/carole-baskin-tiger-king-zoo-trnd/index…[View]
134675724give me some obscure giallo What’s your favorite (and feel free to include Italian horror in genera…[View]
134676151daily Allo Allo thread[View]
134675405I believe BCS Season 6 will feature a rather dark twist relating to Gus's meth lab as the const…[View]
134676909WW2 movie thread: WW2 was the most kino sendoff to large scale conventional warfare that anyone coul…[View]
134677437Why did people meme him to popularity?[View]
134676760At the farmer's market with my so-called 'girlfriend'.[View]
134672022Name a show with less sympathetic or less likable protagonists PT: You can't[View]
134677246>Dear god... >God ain't got nothing to do with this.…[View]
134675148BLACK LIVES MATTER: Post your favorite black character from a movie or tv series! For me it’s Chadw…[View]
134675260Black actors with britbong accents are the worst thing in the planet.[View]
134677038How did this completely obvious pedo manage to stay on tv for 50 years in the UK?[View]
134664986Mindy Kaling career discussion: I think Mindy is an underrated actress, what do you guys think of he…[View]
134674336What does /tv/ think about prison break?[View]
134676883>Wants to prevent the holocaust >Is the villain What did Rowling mean by this?…[View]
134677014ITT pitch your Shark Tank idea: What company or product do you have for us today /tv/?[View]
134677006Chuck Norris once worked as a janitor on 4chan. He got paid for it.[View]
134672904LITTLE WOMEN 2019: MEG: Holy shit dear hubby, why the fuck am I poor? This sucks. Can't you ear…[View]
134665675/trek/: First time edition previous thread >>134651017[View]
134676610What advantages does TV have over film?[View]
134674529ITT: Creepy real life tv moments Wtf is that thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otJA8Joi7S0[View]
134659359It's some people's job to animate boobs for children's movies[View]
134673565Why did DFW have to leave our world bros?[View]
134674922Father Ted: why is this show so damn kino?[View]
134676284Kino about being wrongfully accused?[View]
134675288funniest man of Britain Tv: Why isn't he on American TV![View]
134671184/tpg/: Twin Peaks general: dabbing on people who are lynched edition[View]
134675441Do not cause a stir good sirs[View]
134673120This moment. This exact moment, is the moment when he stopped being Walter White and truly became He…[View]
134674170Which one do you like more: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory or Charlie and the Chocolate Fac…[View]
134670279Has a film ever pissed you off because it was so close to being great?[View]
134675341Are popular sitcoms from the past worth watching? Or are they all dated and disposable, products of …[View]
134674589Is there any modern kino that is High T like Conan[View]
134671185Watched this for the first time in 20 years while high: Stuart Little: My childhood movie. Did not r…[View]
134675086Someone needs to bring this back on Adult Swim for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.[View]
134675668If you're gonna snatch a weiner, use a grabber![View]
134665536*African accent* >WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?[View]
134676118He was right all along.[View]
134671458ITT: Films that are good, but not THAT good[View]
134669689Beware the ruthless Bounty Hunter Jango Fett[View]
134676215THE JUDGE: In this thread, you post your favourite film and I judge it.[View]
134674597Hi Steven this is Clem Fandango can you hear me?[View]
134675519Ava DuVernay: >pro-BLM >directs racially charged films >love interests for her black female…[View]
134675633That's alright, I know a little German.[View]
134675621Hector Suarez has died: Good night sweet prince. Hector Suarez, one of the greatest mexican comedian…[View]
134673863Kino: inb4 triggered redditors start seething over the story not following their personal fantasy…[View]
134674998Can I get some misery porn recommendations please, preferably about the north of England but will ta…[View]
134675057should I watch this?[View]
134674154Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134674339Just how intelligent and sophisticated is your chosen film character? Give em some glasses and find …[View]
134669092Why yes, John. I am the best boy.[View]
134669464This movies was insanely good. I know the “muh symbolisum” trope is very overused and a lot of movie…[View]
134667325>earlier seasons: all about the practicalities of war; the deals that have to be made for men, re…[View]
134674738He worked his entire life as a professional unionized carpenter, he didn't have any kids, he li…[View]
134674702>I served with heroes >these men were so brave >oh my god the things they went through Yet …[View]
134674009Is there a good streaming service ?[View]
134672164And then came season 8[View]
134671529>Timothée Chalamet (“Call Me By Your Name”, “The King”) is currently in final negotiations for th…[View]
134674075>Avenge my death, Kimba— I mean Simba.[View]
134674085I can't wait until society finally collapses at the end of 2020 and we get back to pummeling ea…[View]
134650580/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>134646132[View]
134671792ITT: we post athletes we think would make for a decent documentary or biopic after the success of th…[View]
134652660Have you ever met a celebrity?[View]
134650345/who/ Doctor Who General: Best Dalek Design Edition: Previous: >>134628653[View]
134674313>not gay, so confirmed he wouldn't have done anything with a boy >airtight alibi since he…[View]
134674594>pleb filters your enitre audience How are they so based?[View]
134671602>Alzheimer's disease Thsi wasn't as bad i though it would be. https://youtu.be/cW6zcZI…[View]
134672009Which one?[View]
134664608Is Nick Mullen a talented actor?[View]
134672262Will real life ever be as KINO again, best part of LA92 documentary.[View]
134674627How would you rate this scene? https://youtu.be/D-rkW644LHE[View]
134672134Popular movies you can't stand for some reason[View]
134666917Fuck this ugly gook and his pretentious garbage, reading the bottom of the screen and only seeing th…[View]
134674564Just watched this and really enjoyed it. What are other similar crooked cop kino /tv/? Also, Alonzo …[View]
134674588Captain? How did this happen? What did we do wrong?[View]
134672889is this shit boomer friendly? my folks let their directv payments stack up and now their service was…[View]
134673904When will Hollywood make a film about Léo Major?: >Signs up for the Canadian army during the seco…[View]
134672533Literally a masterpiece[View]
134674408What is some good gaykino to watch this month?[View]
134673005Will the new Matrix be Keanu’s greatest performance capping his greatest role?[View]
134673867YOU ARE A TOY![View]
134671922Stop. Hammer time.[View]
134673847Any movies about unsolved mysteries?[View]
134672308Why do redditors hate the fact that James Cameron is gonna make Avatar a franchise, but cream themse…[View]
134673244Whats the deal with color grading?[View]
134673197will any celebrity survive the current events?[View]
134674353Chloe Bennet thread[View]
134672714Glee actress Lea Michele is currently being dragged by a lot of her former costars for being racist …[View]
134672252ITT women getting punched in the face. Preferably by men.[View]
134670390What can we do as fans to get Dafne live Keeno, to reprise her role as X23?[View]
134672736ITT: QUALITY acting[View]
134672569>Character on a date with a woman *enter scene waiter* >hello, what can I get started for you …[View]
134672103movie bad guys who did nothing wrong[View]
134674098Brokeback Mountain: So the asshole father-in-law definitely set up some guys to kill Jack after he w…[View]
134673971Fuck season 8. But Jon killing her represents what white men must do to white women: in order to sav…[View]
134658101What happens in Captain Marvel 2?[View]
134672677Chilli and sea bass, I beleive.[View]
134641600Hassle Kino: Frank and Sam go to the gay pride parade and annoy some fat people. https://www.youtube…[View]
134669314How many horror franchises are connected to each other ?[View]
134671335>563 days until Avatar 2[View]
134670942How was it?[View]
134672104Do Lost Highway and Twin Peaks take place in the same universe?[View]
134671921Ladies and gentlemen. We got him[View]
134670348Do you plan on subscribing to HBO Max when the Snydercut releases or will you just pirate it?[View]
134657800>Taylor Momsen was fourteen when Gossip Girl premiered, same age as her character Jenny. This end…[View]
134661251When will we see her outside of tv shows and low budget movies? I want to see Kiki on the big screen…[View]
134672003NO MORE DEAD COPS[View]
134671469>Movie is straightforward >has one defined genre >'Hey, this is pretty good.' >20 minute…[View]
134672245If I take that mask off would she die?[View]
134673440What's your excuse for not seeing any of these films? https://letterboxd.com/jaydeqt/list/educa…[View]
134672196Post your first /tv/ crush.[View]
134673666thoughts on Die Hard 3?[View]
134671486Are they cringe now?: Feel like they've become a parody of themselves. Additionally, do you thi…[View]
134671435Whats some movies with japanese high school girls?[View]
134673291The best way to check for worms in your feces is to void your bowels while taking a shower, then cru…[View]
134643373Why does the show have zero differentiating between the genuinely schemey predators and the autistic…[View]
134670267Presidential Kinos[View]
134672624Is it really any better than Power?[View]
134671899>Vietnam war movie >It Ain't Me starts playing…[View]
134668624ITT: We brag about how we watched a foreign film and liked it[View]
134673172Post a random screenshot and other anons try to guess the movie[View]
134672936Does anyone else like watching trailers, behind the scenes stuff and fanmade music videos more than …[View]
134672999I just found /tv/'s summer atch list: https://www.vox.com/culture/2020/6/2/21276966/antiracist-…[View]
134671854WE DID IT, CAROLEBROS! https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52888484?xtor=AL-72-%5Bpartner%5D…[View]
134671838What are some good movies about the Galatia people and territory?[View]
134673053why aren't there any movies about intelligent dance music? it's 2020 there ought to be a c…[View]
134670864Name a better casting than this[View]
134670970CHURCH: >Black is going wild, blue can't control it, red is using it as cover for 'revolutio…[View]
134670663The extended version was pretty good. Many scenes made sense thanks to the extra time and allowed be…[View]
134669478we spared no expense: Jurassic Park General[View]
134668874>As an INFP, this kino didn't sit as well with me as my ENTJ friends said it would. Are ther…[View]
134671546Fat Todd: Fat Todd[View]
134672708The good ole' days.[View]
134667585What are your plans for tonight?[View]
134669848Seeding: Do you guys seed torrents typically? If it's movie I let it seed and remove it after I…[View]
134667491How would Leroy react to the current events?[View]
134670121The Sopranos: Tony Soprano is a goddamn sociopath. How can he kill people so easily? By the end of t…[View]
134671284*is the most kino character in ur path*[View]
134667657has there ever been someone in television or movie showbiz that has gotten away with as much heinous…[View]
134671973I've never even heard of this dude but he directed multiple classics. Why?[View]
134669685Community: What are some subtle jokes you didnt get the first time?[View]
134670640>'Shut the fuck up, you pathetic French fucking piece of FUCKING SHIT. I WILL FUCKING END YO…[View]
134664782was it kino?: https://youtu.be/pBmYXmqUowg?t=976[View]
134669481Breaking Bad: >I fucked Ted.[View]
134668777If Michael and Steve's IQs met in the middle, they'd probably have a normal IQ.[View]
134670852Based Disney[View]
134664011Was Leon, Italian or French? Nobody could seem to agree.[View]
134673871Name a more unbiased journalist on television. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n5_D59lSjc…[View]
134670483Imagine being a man without male friends. Any other movies like this?[View]
134663367How much nudity will be in The Witcher season 2?[View]
134671743Productions that were hell: Honestly a show about Glee BTS would be better than Glee itself[View]
134671089You're breathtaking, George![View]
134670649Gay pretentious shit. >Why did /tv/ say it was good exactly?[View]
134671624>so all you do is google '90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days S04E15 torrent watch free' enter... fi…[View]
134669119wild at heart: I don't get it nicholas cage doing a bad elvis impersonation has sex with laura …[View]
134671599>the episode where Red comes into the basement drunk and puts his finger up Eric's butthole …[View]
134670297Marathoned this with a couple yesterday, what did I think of it?[View]
134670757When did it all go wrong?[View]
134669855What did they mean by this?[View]
134666813What are some perplexing kinos?[View]
134670881What's your favorite Alan Moore movie? For me? it's Vendetta The mask it's so iconic[View]
134670100>it's leviosa not leviosA[View]
134669992Why he is so smug ?[View]
134669604You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
134671060This is on prime: Should i watch it, bros?[View]
134671419Was it kino?[View]
134670706>yfw Euroshits have literally never created an historically significant film or contributed anyth…[View]
134671311Did you notice a banner above my board that said dead nigger storage?[View]
134671239Post some 'god I'm so alone please kill me' core television and film https://youtu.be/1EBu6U0bu…[View]
134671155Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin' Tossed salads and scrambled eggs[View]
134671271I'm a American and I just got into Knowing Bros. It's fucking amazing. What other South Ko…[View]
134666233I’m still mad.[View]
134671146For some reason I keep thinking about this movie lately. Is it good?[View]
134663196What are some evolution kino documentaries? Besides the obvious ones of course, like the walking wit…[View]
134671086What are some good movies about the Visigothic and Vandal kingdoms?[View]
134670832What the fuck was her problem?[View]
134667262Based? How am I based?[View]
134670944is it as kino as the poster suggests that it is?[View]
134670037opinion on Roger Ebert?[View]
134667567>Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors![View]
134670846>guy is a clown, goes to the doctor[View]
134670577>Where banana? I smell no banana! Fucking hell, this Chimp. I was in hysterics. Space Force is go…[View]
134670889>There's a good man within you Vincent, but he is wrestling with a giant…[View]
134670885DAS A LOTTA NUTS[View]
134669669Dark Knight Rises: What was he saying?[View]
134670751Ah yes... Avengeurs: La jeu finis[View]
134668594can you guys recommend any good schizo kinos?[View]
134670529Most kino ww2/iii.reich/holocaust docs? In b4 gsnt[View]
134669372Dear journal,[View]
134667352They respected me for saying it.[View]
134668628The ones with an orange line I've seen. What should I see now?[View]
134668215Umm, that's not what he asked tho? Why didn't he just anwer the question?[View]
134654003Do YTP's have any artistic merit?[View]
134670139The outsider: is this good? similar to true detective?[View]
134669146Movies with this sort of setting?[View]
134668341Joker is a meme tier flick[View]
134667601InnerSpace> fantastic voyage[View]
134669055Americans don't know what they gonna get when they eat chocolate?[View]
134670525epstein: Why didn't these sluts realize they were being manipulated? Did they really think thei…[View]
134667012thoughts?: I didn't mind her in stranger things, I actually found her kind of attractive. But w…[View]
134669757Why did the interest for swashbuckling films die? The only popular ones we've got now are pirat…[View]
134670402Will they ever make a movie on McVeigh?: Or a show, similar to the Waco miniseries.[View]
134670362Why are westerns so fucking comfy?[View]
134653245He was right all along.[View]
134670335Post your 'what the fuck' casting decisions: I'll start: >Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine…[View]
134666426Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134666820Why don't people like this movie? It was fucking great. Also one of Kristen Stewart and Jessie …[View]
134670075They abandoned us where we needed them the most...[View]
134670196>Family Guy Lois kills Stevie mmm watcha say[View]
134665912Did anyone else here watch this? It's comfy to watch but did give me anxiety when he was climbi…[View]
134661095Just started this. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was so good?[View]
134669056Vredens Dag > Ordet > Jeanne d'Arc > Gertrud > Vampyr > [all his irrelevant shit…[View]
134669107American Dad: Downtown's changin /tv/[View]
134667699Was it rape?: Well /tv/?[View]
134669844Bitch got what she deserved What the fuck was her problem?[View]
134665157What did you think of this film?[View]
134667662Will he returned?[View]
134666408Is this show irredeemable shit or did I just not understand it?[View]
134668457Make shitty badly dubbed western after shitty boring nothing happens western >Everyone hails you …[View]
134665447The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Is peak comfy kino.[View]
134669425For me it's 187 from[View]
134669100Jack Nasty[View]
134667582Absolute kino of the highest order. Spiritual successor to Jacobs Ladder. 10/10 cinematography+editi…[View]
134666682THIS IS AMERICA[View]
134668581>Eff Murray, Abraham Who is Murray and why does Homer want to fuck him? Also, why does he suddenl…[View]
134666778>The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You …[View]
134668206Short Films: What are some of your favourite short films, lads? Old stuff/classics welcomed, the wei…[View]
134660793Projectile in Blain's death - Predator: This ALWAYS bugged me. Blain's looking at a forest…[View]
134669061Look around bros...he was right about everything!!![View]
134658705>Mountain nearly murders the last remaining male heir of Highgarden >Mace and Olenna let this …[View]
134668545ITT: post stock archetypes in /tv/s that have started occuring recently >the strong career woman …[View]
134667419A toast? How am I a toast?[View]
134668997Just marathoned this kino. I thought it was pretty good. Confused about a few things though. How com…[View]
134668965Reminder this is the GOAT.[View]
134667664Journey to the Center of the Earth: Never seen this kino before. What am I in for?[View]
134668685uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental goa…[View]
134667334>And then there was Adi Two-Times. He got that bane cause he said everything twice like >'Jews…[View]
134662466>who are you >Rey >Rey who >*looks at beam in the distance* >Rey Skywalker did anyone…[View]
134666410The Wolverine: Was she hotter with or without hair?[View]
134667392cast him[View]
134667766Kinos about magical ovens that can reduce an entire human body to nothing but dust in under 20 minut…[View]
134668757What exactly was 'the bonus situation'?: On TLC's hit show I Am Jazz, there was apparently a bo…[View]
134667335Carole wins after all - Tiger King: have you apologised yet? >Tiger King star Carole Baskin has w…[View]
134667155Antisemitic how?[View]
134667697hi /tv/ ive been looking for where the audio clip in this link is for years and still haven't f…[View]
134658380I'm not sure how much wrong this guy really did. The king was clearly incompetent and he was th…[View]
134658624It ended in 2017: Just a reminder to you all that Film and TV died in September 2017. Pic related is…[View]
134667470Big guy how?[View]
134667722Will he have a comeback or no?[View]
134668549thoughts on Tiffany Darwish?[View]
134668529LOUIS THEROUX INTERVIEWS KSI: PODCASTKINO https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08fffrp[View]
134664960Scoob!: Hot damn, what were they thinking?[View]
134667459Who decides if a character is a pop culture icon ?: the fans or the medias ?[View]
134668043The 40 Year Old Virgin - sickest of joke: >I watch film in 2005 >have tremendous time >laug…[View]
134668364cast them: > viggo mortensen > gary oldman > idris elba…[View]
134667901Is Mowgli going to be held accountable for his genocide of thousands of animals?[View]
134666425What do you guys think happened to Amelie??? Did she live happily ever after or did she leave nino f…[View]
134668032QUICK: Mummy and daddy are finally gone to work and i need good Netflix Canada moves to watch while …[View]
134668116This show doesn’t make any fucking sense. I am 7 episodes in and I have lost absolutely all interest…[View]
134660507Things intended to be scary which weren't.[View]
134668055admit that this looks kino https://youtu.be/6Vc0xXO_Sbs[View]
134665980Tiger King: /tv/ bros... This is truly the saddest moment in history[View]
134667965>mfw 2020-2021 box office is now going to be filled with SJW propaganda shit about BLM and Trump …[View]
134667779>>134666391 nta but >cartoon lava that only starts things on fire if it touches them >…[View]
134667929They tried to warn us but we didn’t listen. Now we pay[View]
134667099Why didn't Goku save him?[View]
134665770Jade gave TWO rides![View]
134665695How can one group of people have so much talent?[View]
134667754Excuse me, sir. Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You do??? Well you better let the poor guy out! …[View]
134667514DAS WAR EIN BEFEHL![View]
134663432What do we think of Tomohiro Machiyama (pic related left), a movie critic and the write of Attack on…[View]
134666614KINO RIOT WEBMs: 2020 edition[View]
134667539So why don't Jews make films about hooking up with Jewish women? It seems like they're all…[View]
134666282He's telling little angels to go home and get their fuckin shinebox now.[View]
134666534kinos with this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snrs2nbgAxM[View]
134667574https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9RtsiytUrQ You are protesting, right?[View]
134667548What was his fucking problem?[View]
134666791Jep!! Dieser geht direkt zu meiner Cringe Compilation![View]
134662892>black people can't be cheerleaders would they get away with this scene now?…[View]
134667309>yeb... that's me, top hand corner... oh you missed it >i spent 16 months creating that …[View]
134660479How far does it go?[View]
134666928>The plan? >Start a series of riots at protests to increase sales of glass…[View]
134667304What are some kinos from the world today?[View]
134666368Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?: Was the captain crazy?[View]
134667204>heres 3 reasons why black people are unfairly treated in the US >number 1: they have a 300% m…[View]
134663945Actors and actresses with disabilities[View]
134667191Welcome to Unscripted. I'm Ryan. Gosling. That's Nicolas. Winding Refrin. And we're g…[View]
134665323>movie character is a cold, ruthless monster who kills billions for the sake of the story >in …[View]
134667146I'm sad this became such a progressive SJW shitshow only after 1 season.[View]
134666641>trying to find an online review for Ghostbusters 2016 >all I can find are criticisms of revie…[View]
134666175NO MORE DEAD COPS[View]
134666965>go to local kinoplex >new rules to comply with social distancing >stripped naked and spray…[View]
134666998Mr. Robot: Saw this show hyped up when it was airing and though it was just some fad shit so I didn…[View]
134665120ITT: film moments that women and low testosterone men will never understand[View]
134658034>he thinks Maggie Gyllenhaal is ugly >he hasn't seen Secretary (2002)…[View]
134665942When did it all go wrong for you /tv/?: When did you realize that it wasn't going to get better…[View]
134664468movies with this theme?: More specifically: Incel/Virgin/Depressive man/Broken man/Loner(any of thos…[View]
134650607No! I don't believe it![View]
134666761*Unfriends* What are some kinos about leaving normies behind?[View]
134666758Thoughts on his docuseries?[View]
134666331what celebrity does /tv/ expect to die to distract from the protests/riots? it will need to be a big…[View]
134663922Watching this for the first time just to see why /tv/ loves it so much. What am I in for?[View]
134666703What do you think of David Lynch's TV show/film Twin Peaks The Return?[View]
134662513What's your favorite late night TV ad?[View]
134664743Is this /tv/?[View]
134666670And I thought Nolan was a hack[View]
134655857Holy fuck I didn't even know this guy's real name (The Falcon) and how have I never seen t…[View]
134664833>You’re laughing a US Marshall was killed and you’re laughing. You think this is funny?…[View]
134666560Magnetic Rose: Magnetic Rose is an animated short from the 1995 film Memories. have you watched it, …[View]
134666642>Black Lives Matter! >BUT ALL LIVES MATTER! >Ofcouse, all lives matter. But if all lives ma…[View]
134637379Could you have saved '2 Broke Girls' /tv/? What plots would you have come up with for a new season?[View]
134661030>Hear about an episode of Seinfelt with a masturbation contest >Think it sounds hilarious >…[View]
134662828BATMAN RETURNS: >face to face starts playing Is this the best Batman movie of all time?…[View]
134664409Turn to page 394[View]
134664800Why didn't they just give the Ring to somebody who could wrestle its power from Sauron and use …[View]
134664946Considering that today is International Whores' Day: Who is your favorite movie prostitute? Wha…[View]
134659853DUU DU HAST[View]
134666218>Bu-But... It's a stupid movie! It's just nonsensical action! it doesn't take itse…[View]
134665820...Oh Yeah: >uhhh... h-huh... uhhh... oh yeah[View]
134666274/Ban Evader General/ also /kill niggers kikes and janitors general/[View]
134666229>If you don't like America, why don't you git out?[View]
134664812Who would you cast for the inevitable Netflix live action adaption of Pepe The Frog? I would African…[View]
134666239Was the White Student Union kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ_MHp8iqtQ[View]
134664709seriously, how do they manage it and who genuinely watch it?[View]
134660566How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
134665764>In Fabric (2018) I didn't get it. Was it just a showcase of various fetishes and the world …[View]
134664292post scenes from movies or tv shows that elicit this response[View]
134651703Does tv think Dua Lipa could act? What would you cast her in/as? I think a British history flick wo…[View]
134658314So who opened the door?[View]
134665412masterchef australia: hey /tv/ newfag here, I couldn't finish season 9 because too broke to wat…[View]
134664906>men don't hit the wa-[View]
134660578Moments you stopped watching a movie[View]
134665896>any kinos about [political topic][View]
134665100About to watch this. What am I in for?[View]
134665904Serious question.: Who will play them in an inevitable biopic?[View]
134644075>My name >is >Wilbur >... >Kentucky >...…[View]
134665124THE BATMAN: Will her Catwoman be as good as Batman Returns one?[View]
134665809Looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
134663158When will he make movies bros?[View]
134651017/trek/: You're a Good Geo-rdi Edition On the last /trek/: >>134642027[View]
134662848Does Freddie Benson from iCarly count as a self-insert? >Bland personality, objectively the most …[View]
134665192Jamie Hector is ridiculously handsome[View]
134665641revolutionary kinos? this is going to be like the french or russian revolution, followed by a war wi…[View]
134664907How would Robocop handle the riots?[View]
134664442Anyone watching 'America'. Good season at the moment[View]
134665437The extras who have conversations in the background, what do they talk about?[View]
134665301Movies with this feel[View]
134664045He's 86 years old now and running out of time, but you could probably get 2 more big budget Hol…[View]
134663494I AM JAZZ: Is this show discontinued?[View]
134652559Anyone else enjoying Stargirl so far?[View]
134664448You will see me one more time if you do good, you'll see me two more times if you do bad.[View]
134665147Sneed? Get 'em on fuck, I'll suck it in.[View]
134656604there's no way that he would not call the police or an ambulance. Why would he even leave the p…[View]
134664492How did Danny get away with this?: An early sign of the corruption at Sandford police.[View]
134663716ITT /tv/ but every anon is Gordon Ramsay: >Post that thread, nice and hot >Drop it into the ca…[View]
134655610We've had Baneposting, We've had Bankposting, now its time for Crowposting. >'Would you…[View]
134659883K I N O >lord of the plains[View]
134662787>anon we watching black panthers tonight at my crib? What option?[View]
134663569>tfw i have to fast forward through scenes where the characters are showing affection…[View]
134665144>Sex scene on Netflix >Rewind the scene and play it on every dub language so I can hear the di…[View]
134664305Soipiercer: I'm about 30 minutes in and it's boring me to tears. Convince me to finish it.…[View]
134663529Im watching Charlies Angels right now and holy fuck, this shit is so on-the-nose with the sjw cliche…[View]
134664489My heart will always belong to you[View]
134665161>Don't talk like one of them[View]
134660573Are you actually allowed to grab your opponents sword in a fencing duel? seems like cheating to me.[View]
134663648>Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away.…[View]
134665107>LMFAO - I'm Sexy and I know it plays Beyond kino.[View]
134664588Just watched Salo and A Serbian Film, is that as hard as it gets or is there something harder?[View]
134663541I wish we could have an adaptation of this, it was a very good cartoon. Who would you cast?[View]
134664662Does anyone else agree this is pure 90's American culture kino?[View]
134664729Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134664196>take awf ya trump hat[View]
134663751Any other fans of Julia Garner? I have a crush on her atm.[View]
134664279/tv/ why didn’t hermione give dobby a blowjob it was the least she could have done for the poor chap…[View]
134664613Seethe, capeshitters.[View]
134663224James May: Our Man in Japan: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134664463Comfy Lorax thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlmgIPxfRbs[View]
134657920What are your favorite movies from between 1985 and 2005? Gimme your top 5. I'm trying to find…[View]
134664515I'm almost halfway through. Zhuge Liang just came through with the arrows. All I knew before st…[View]
134657738I always knew my state was based[View]
134661347I want to ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign on the front of m…[View]
134663932How come he only killed black people?[View]
134661857they did NOTHING wrong[View]
134662091Call it...[View]
134663063The protagonists of the movie[View]
134662609You have the infinity gauntlet. Space, Time and Reality are yours to command. Snap your fingers and …[View]
134664313Yes yes you did.[View]
134661880>Well, once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light's winning.…[View]
134664142Reviews that made you wanna watch the movie?[View]
134664113give a man a penis and he can fuck a pussy give a man a pussy, and he can fuck the world[View]
134664031You didn't see Koreans on the roof. You DIDN'T! BECAUSE THEY'RE. NOT. THERE.[View]
134663051pretty much only hollywood is going to survive this coronavirus pandemic while all the smaller film …[View]
134659305What are some good movies about the Vandals and Alans kingdom on North Africa?: I've read that …[View]
134661301is this the first use of '-cuck' in mainstream media outside of the news? https://youtu.be/LaQlPb9hq…[View]
134663121How did they get away with boondocks?[View]
134661000Cast him[View]
134660778How bazzah[View]
134662101What did the colour blue stand for?[View]
134662479So let's be real 'trinity' was probably chosen because it sounds like 'tranny'[View]
134663610Jade gave TWO rides![View]
134663810Based Villains: Why is he the greatest villain ever? TV or Film[View]
134647792>two lead girls stay nude and have sex 90% of the movie find a better lesbo movie…[View]
134658104Anons...I don't feel too good. I might have to take the day off work...[View]
134662959https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgKhz7dCn5A It's UP![View]
134663534Cyrus (2010): Was it kino?[View]
134663162What is the patrician choice?[View]
134663256What are Tomei's best movies?[View]
134660614someone called my favorite movie of all time a 'pure garbage' what to do /tv/ ?[View]
134659787So Space Beth was the clone right?[View]
134661891Is Lea Michel our girl?[View]
134663287>abortion is evil >abortion is murder This movie, Unplanned, is pure propaganda.…[View]
134656686So, what did she really get out of the deal? She’s gonna be eating babies in the forest alone for th…[View]
134663428Anyone got some riot kino? Watching all these protestor faggots get btfod is putting me in the mood[View]
134662807P N GUIN?[View]
134662981Couldn’t you just-[View]
134660706Why did Benjamin Button turn back into a baby if he started out baby sized and grew up?[View]
134662414Best movies about love? Movies for this feel?[View]
134659164what are your favorite seth rogan movies?[View]
134655010Who was in the Wong here?[View]
134658727>Bender 'bending' Rodriguez wtf Bender is mexican??[View]
134655854Was he the best character?[View]
134662480The Goode Family: Why was it canceled and get low ratings? It's pretty funny.[View]
134660303We're not gonna make it are we?: People I mean.[View]
134663143BIG ED: Forget rose, i need a spinoff where BIG ED just goes to the next filipino girl that wants to…[View]
134651367Oz: How well does this hold up? Worth a watch?[View]
134662893If boomers from the 70s like Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, Lucas, etc. are referred to as 'New Holly…[View]
134663129/flick/: Thread for the discussion of action and modern cinema[View]
134663029Just rewatched this. Unironically enjoyed it a lot. The goofy parts aren't as distracting as th…[View]
134658969Name a bigger chad. I'll wait.[View]
134662117You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me :)[View]
134662971good character[View]
134660295Great things...[View]
134661231What do you call those?[View]
134662713what are the best two terminator movies in your opinion[View]
134662978House MD: absolutely love the show, really helped me through some rough times this year while i bing…[View]
134660592What are Ralph Fiennes's best films, /tv/?[View]
134662385A long long time ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEcjgJSqSRU[View]
134655658Are psychedelics really this great?[View]
134659469Don't know how Marvel will handle She-Hulk, if they ever will. But one thing that'd actual…[View]
134661844Here is the TRUTH, the rock hard FACTS. People love to rewrite history now, to say >OoOOOOooO, po…[View]
134662376Church: >Black is going wild, blue can't control it, red is using it as cover for 'revolutio…[View]
134662540I haven’t watched a film in 6 months[View]
134661479Why haven't we gotten an Amberlynn Reid TV show yet?[View]
134662451agent liberty: they make him a bad guy, dont they?[View]
134646537>cant get caughts >get caught how would you target the israeli world elite without geting caug…[View]
134661714What’s the female equivalent of a filmbro[View]
134662274NO MORE DEAD COPS[View]
134660111For me its Al Bore-land and Bob Villa[View]
134660516I haven't been cowabunga, for one minute, in my entire fucking life, man...[View]
134662156>They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You …[View]
134662086What's your opinion on Days of Heaven?[View]
134658514what is the best episode of black mirror[View]
134661751Dios mio...[View]
134662076we post the OC we've made on /tv/, AMA: I'm known for at least 5 well-known memes on here,…[View]
134661159What are some examples where an actor in a biopic gets mogged by the person the movies is based on?[View]
134653768Is Toki Wartooth based off of Varg Vikernes? They look similar to me.[View]
134656980Rebecca Ferguson: Do you think she’s getting the roles she deserves?[View]
134661815For me? It would have to be Scary Movie 3, the best Scary Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-_C…[View]
134657335Deedee Megadoodoo[View]
134656842Post criminally underrated movies and/or guilty pleasures you love >scene where Ryder is unconsci…[View]
134659716What is your honest opinion of (((they))) live?[View]
134661808John Wayne once said “I believe in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsib…[View]
134653424This movie made me hate nerd culture.[View]
134660496Friends! Usually i only reply to threads and not make them. Can you recommend good space opera? Kino…[View]
134660775“Of course, what is genius but an artificial construct in the guise of an empirical truth?” -Jimmy N…[View]
134642266Add a gun to a film screencap, see what it changes.[View]
134660080Would you consider this a de-construction of the super hero movie?[View]
134659988Any good movies about domestic terrorism? Specifically involving technology and the internet?[View]
134661715ITS NOT ME YOU OLD COOT[View]
134660922Joker: Will this movie get banned? Maybe it hits too close 5o home now... Maybe it 'inspired' people…[View]
134661264>the question isn't what time >the question is what world? Fuck this gay ass show. Dark t…[View]
134661635do Zoomers like this movie?[View]
134660056His redemption arc is long overdue[View]
134652655Post webms that you made yourself[View]
134661177We need to talk about Don Jon[View]
134661499thoughts on The Skin i Live In?[View]
134656248Why does he keep doing it?[View]
134660703Just marathoned this. What did I think?[View]
134660848ITT: Post Top 3 Movies[View]
134660319watched this again today, can anything similar be recommended? Also quiz show discussion[View]
134659537>tfw no Elvira gf[View]
134659502>Movie has no ending >It just stops Why do people do that…[View]
134661287What the fuck was her problem?[View]
134660756Is Citizen Kane worth watching nowadays?[View]
134660890this is the unfunniest cartoon ive seen in my life: wow[View]
134654181The sonic movie: how did they fucking do it, /tv/?[View]
134661081What are some movies that are relevant to the events going on today?[View]
134660436Unpopular opinions thread: Share your unpopular opinions anons. >Harry Potter is actually not tha…[View]
134659123>Buy the world's most popular movie series for four billion dollars >4 years later >No…[View]
134660179You don't know what you are talking about,do you?[View]
134659644What are the odds that there would be 4 titan shifters in the same company of recruits?[View]
134658901Why does Guillermo Del Toro hate white people?: Pic related[View]
134660327The Wire was not a good show: Very up its own ass with gay symbolism, poor acting, stilted dialogue.…[View]
134660725Your standing on my neck.[View]
134659875/tv/ meme thread: What memes /tv/ has aside from Sneed and baneposting?[View]
134658120'Gender roles....offensive and out of date, ju-' dropped[View]
134660529He credits Scientology for success.: Why won’t Hollywood and society acknowledge what Cruise himself…[View]
134655974Did you enjoy Two and a Half Men?[View]
134659714I could make a better movie or tv show than any director that ever lived but I'm too lazy to do…[View]
134660392I can't breathe[View]
134658391Anyone going out to the movies in these times?[View]
134660298Actors who guarantee kino in supporting roles[View]
134659978What the fuck did I just watch? Is James Cameron a fucking furry? THIS was his big movie?[View]
134658576with the recent predator remake, and whats going on today, would now be the perfect time to make pre…[View]
134659404Trailer Park Boys: Do you think they will talk about Black Lives Matter and the Nova Scotia shooter …[View]
134656280>You must avenge my death Kimba— I mean Simba.[View]
134660038This was good, but why do some retards call it a horror movie just because there's a spooky mas…[View]
134659452Interview kino thread[View]
134655912Nigella’s cooking[View]
134657791JUST ONE: Name a better kino pro tip you cant[View]
134659605>I can't beat it what exactly did he mean by this? is it guilt or something deeper?…[View]
134658857>sequel >prequel >reboot back in my days those were called uncreative back in my days those…[View]
134658925I've been told it's the equivalent of a post-basketball game meet & greet.[View]
134657671unironically the finest film released in the last three years[View]
134658542Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134657776You can only pick one.[View]
134659005For me? It's Wren.[View]
134658285Why are Jewish actors such passive-aggressive beta males?[View]
134657715Travel Kinos like pic related?[View]
134659553My favorite thing to do during a movie is imagine how much damage I can do with a helicopter in the …[View]
134659546What were the Wachowskis thinking?[View]
134659615Comfy fantasy kinos: Name some other great fantasy kinos[View]
134640410Was Miyazaki based or cringe for doing this?[View]
134659600'BLACK ADAM' PLOT LEAK: >In ancient Kahndaq, Black Adam is a slave chosen by the Council of Wizar…[View]
134659566>i just slaughtered like 100+ people. men women and children >it's ok…[View]
134659547I have some episodes of 'China Beach' on VHS tapes. Is it worth getting the VCR out of the…[View]
134659505am i gay for liking this?[View]
134657779ViacomCBS is honoring George Floyd with an eight-minute and 46-second blackout video, symbolizing th…[View]
134658378Was it manlet kino?[View]
134657814Who was in the wrong here?: >As a matter of fact, I sometimes tell my fellow actors that no one c…[View]
134659218How would a version of The Apprentice go with Joe Biden as the host?[View]
134659222Literally Ronan Farrow on Woody Allen: >He touches my little [sister.] He... fingers [her.] >Y…[View]
134657846Whatever happened to tv about magicians?[View]
134633394Did Malcolm make the right choice?[View]
134659169Any kinos where the villain wins in the end?[View]
134657826These retards are directly responsible for everything that's happening right now in our country…[View]
134659109Better Call Saul: >its a Kim joins the cartel episode[View]
134658929Looks fucking retarded but Ive run out of things to watch. Set aside that the black guy is some yout…[View]
134659051Watched Jodorowsky’s Dune, and while I very much wish their project would have been executed, they h…[View]
134659022This is the cutest boy in drag race history ngl[View]
134658408Does Gotham need the Batman?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lJZkKveZwk https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
134657906>about 3 or 4 seasons wtf what a lying faggot. How are we supposed to be rooting for him? He…[View]
134656687How important is an actor being attractive to you?[View]
134658557Still the best reality show on television.[View]
134655717What are /tv/'s new favorite tv shows of 2020?[View]
134658465hahaha guys look at this picture i found of a cat wearing a cowboy hat lmao how did they get him to …[View]
134657123The film that killed ...or some say murdered Kubrick.[View]
134658866Who was in the wrong here, /tv/?[View]
134658354Was it David Lynches magnum opus?[View]
134656355This was horrible timing for Netflix to remove Bob Ross. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/leaving-so…[View]
134658066letterboxd thread: Post ratings[View]
134658210How do you pitch a TV show idea?: Seems like they'll make anything these days and I want in.…[View]
134653264DUNE 2 Casting Rumors: >Kenneth Branagh playing Emperor Shaddam. >Thomasin McKenzie frontrunne…[View]
134658335>one more mall >one last cop....[View]
134650903So this is how liberty dies...[View]
134658442Should they just have stopped here?[View]
134658437>disney virtue signals about supporting the peaceful riots on social media >'shieeeeet imma bo…[View]
134658245What is some essential /comfy/ kino?[View]
134650031What would it take for you to change your opinion about MCU Spiderman?[View]
134657670Is there a more cucked out film critic?[View]
134657124>Columbo didn't really have a wi... woah[View]
134655492Why does this young girl look like a 30 year old Russian?[View]
134657979X-Files: After I'm done watching this, what are some other shows I can watch with cute feds in …[View]
134657729A story of treachery, betrayal, failure, despair, anguish and vengeance. https://youtu.be/rJC2ydRVBe…[View]
134658179This was a middle class apartment in the 40's.[View]
134658134>joggers run so fast media needs a speedometer to measure his on foot speed BLESS THESE RIOTS, KI…[View]
134657961King shark is a shark[View]
134657987>innocent black man dies in police custody by positional asphyxiation? >We made it up.…[View]
134656409>I'm just so proud of all of you who have grown up with us, and I know how tough it is some …[View]
134657536>go catch the bad guy, detective >just give me 24 hours >you have 7.6 ectoseconds…[View]
134656960Dude depressed horse lmao[View]
134657998what's a good movie to watch that doesn't have drugs or a lot of sex in it? It's ok i…[View]
134658007Anyone else starved for new content make the mistake of watching this?[View]
134657919will i be able to follow BMH2 if I havent seen BMH in a long time?[View]
134656274what was her FUCKING problem??[View]
134657924She's too pretty to be an actress. It takes you back from the movie instantly[View]
134656485OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH[View]
134657948Any good movies on katabatic winds?[View]
134657894>it's another diner party episode[View]
134655891>Timothée Chalamet (“Call Me By Your Name”, “The King”) is currently in final negotiations for th…[View]
134646247THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Reboot Synopsis: >Ambitious businesswoman Melody lives in San Francis…[View]
134651658MONK: Natalie or Sharona? I prefer Sharona cause she was spunkier and had more personality, though …[View]
134642750>slice the garlic so thin it liquefies in the pan[View]
134656649VINTAGE 'THAT GUY': >We need a creepy villain! >What decade are we in? >The 90's. >…[View]
134657784Film adaptation when?[View]
134656932What is some kino featuring Death, the Grim Reaper as a character?[View]
134657751He faced his death at the hands of the communist animals with dignity and bravery.[View]
134657742Actresses I'm currently obsessing over: Lately I've been plowing through the filmographies…[View]
134656526>just found out Nebula is cute holy fuck[View]
134657438Someday these riots are gonna end...[View]
134649256Which Friday the 13th is your favorite?[View]
134657616Was it kino?[View]
13465741230 YEARS: Release date: Jun 1, 1990 (United States) This is where we discuss the greatest sci-fi act…[View]
134657571what are some kinos about pure evil?[View]
134654351What's /tv/ think of the French Connection?[View]
134657565Why is this the best one of the anniversary films?[View]
134657554Goodbye, bros.: It's been fun. But I'm turning a new leaf. Maybe I'll see some of you…[View]
134657459For me, it’s The Joy Luck Club[View]
134639199Hollywood is RETARDED: >Hey Neill Blomkamp wants to do a sequel to Alien/Aliens and retcon all th…[View]
134650526>character says out loud the title of the movie[View]
134657043>Obi Wan can not find a planet in the Jedi archives >elderly Jedi archivist says if it’s not i…[View]
134655827>he fell for the Primer meme[View]
134657195What am I in for?[View]
134653587What's the best season?[View]
134656874The music scenes in this are music biopic kino[View]
134657039Who are the dumbest group on /tv/ these days?[View]
134646545Food in film[View]
134656914I DON’T WANNA WAIT[View]
134637324Do you generally prefer period or present set films?[View]
134657145What was he actually hoping to accomplish with the 13th drawing?[View]
134657173scenes adopted anons will never understand[View]
134641623ITT: post your 3 TOP kinos of all time. Other anons r8 you and judge your personality[View]
134655303>[name of movie] easter eggs and secrets! >thumbnail has a red circle and an arrow pointing on…[View]
134657117As I browse through the catalog of television and film I take a look at my life and realize there…[View]
134657099DOIVE ON IN[View]
134656403>So what's white is right[View]
134656042Does /tv/ like Borat?[View]
134654162>Jared Leto was one of the frontrunners to play Hal Jordan in 2011's GREEN LANTERN alongside…[View]
134654895Is there a torrent for those HD streams of the Land Before Time movies yet?[View]
134654016So somehow Adrian was able to invent an invisible suit but was dumb enough to leave his suit to be f…[View]
134656378What is the best movie to watch in 4k?[View]
134656959Do you think a biopic could be made about him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Donaldson_(activ…[View]
134655572BCS ep 7: What does this even mean?[View]
134655732You know what, I'm gonna say it: I didn't like TJ, who's with me? https://www.youtube…[View]
134656752wtf was her problem[View]
134654241My name? DREW PICKLES[View]
134655264https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVqmOFMqsCw why is north korean kino so comfy[View]
134656779what the fuck are the oscars going to do, the year is about to end and just about 2 movies have rele…[View]
134656381'Experimental' 50s Show: There was a US show in the late 50s hosted/written by a man whom …[View]
134656697It's Christmas. You could steal city hall![View]
134654536Truman eventually figures out he's in a show, but still doesn't know he's in a movie.[View]
134656470Meanwhile, on future /tv/...[View]
134653274Where were you when he destroyed Kimba's career?[View]
134655874Quick, name three buddy cop movies. Hard mode: No Lethal Weapons[View]
134654667Did the series unironically lose its mojo here?[View]
134654004>You're gonna blame me because you were the business head of the company and you made a bad …[View]
134656503Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004): The GOAT comedy motion picture.[View]
134655550>american movie >pick up truck[View]
134656512>FRANK ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP What did he mean by this?[View]
134653554>you now remember that this was Sean Connerys last movie role.[View]
134655425I'm the only person I know who likes this movie. I genuinely think it's pretty funny. Plea…[View]
134655968Lois deserved better.[View]
134652767What kind of Pokémon would actually be useful for a journalist? Because a Psyduck doesn't seem …[View]
134656394Soundtracks from kinos you often listen: I'll start with obvious classic https://www.youtube.c…[View]
134656035I haven't caught up with the new season since Trump was inaugurated, how was it?[View]
134651778How much will the riots push back Alita 2's production?[View]
134656221Can an advertisement tell a story?[View]
134656031Actors with best chin: Post em[View]
134656165Itt we discuss the career of little lulu wilson and other like up and coming young actresses[View]
134656036>it’s my birthday, now it’s time for me to light my candles![View]
134641635I watch women's professional wrestling[View]
134654807>netflix original anime Turns out to be pure Kino.[View]
134656024ITT: Post a film you've watched recently and what you thought of it Pic related, thought it was…[View]
134650466how do i stop this happening?[View]
134654846Name a single genre more kino than the women's prison exploitation flick. You can't.[View]
134655176why not both?[View]
134655870did you guys like it?[View]
134655448Its over Spider-Man, I have the high ground.[View]
134655638For me, it's Jane from the original Tarzan movies[View]
134655175What would a South Park episode look like if they’re making fun of the U.S. riots currently going on…[View]
134654121What the fuck bros, does THIS air on PBS Kids?[View]
134655790I mainly read and watch romance related things to force myself to cry because I no longer feel anyth…[View]
134655784This goes kino from when he goes to prison.[View]
134655038Zoomer here. Can I get a quick summary of this show?[View]
134645470Tim Burton's BATMAN and RETURNS: Just watched BATMAN RETURNS for the first time ever after yest…[View]
134646015The amount of material they have to work with this year is insane.[View]
134653440post ObScure horror movies: preferably comfy ones guys. this one's basketcase (1982) it's …[View]
134655341>camera language[View]
134655316the pedos who shitpost around this time are they real pedos or just attention seeking shit posters …[View]
134654956Scenes that looked unrealistic till it was mirrored by a real world event[View]
134655563Thoughts on Michael Bay?[View]
134655544coven leader calling raven come in raven...[View]
134654419Cast him[View]
134655263how did he get away with it? https://youtu.be/wjlIYsgWGR0[View]
134649663Do you think there love was real like pam's actor claims?[View]
134655435OH N-[View]
134655443What are some films to watch in the home gym?[View]
134654949Now that americans are out as the heroes for any movie, who is taking their place?[View]
134653453Mandela Effect: Is it 'Corpse Bride' or 'THE Corpse Bride'?[View]
134654996>i was on mad tv[View]
134654110Any kinos about conservative architecture?[View]
134645442im shitposting through this movie. seems kinda contrived, what's up with the miniatures? what…[View]
134647830What was his problem?[View]
134652875Is this the only big movie that's coming out for the rest of the year?[View]
134654486Got your lips![View]
134655204>I'm going to learn film production in University! >Maybe even film school!…[View]
134655202What are some films that are Lolita-esque?: Also who should be cast if they were to do a newer versi…[View]
134654928Why is this movie so based.[View]
134655131How is it? Doesn’t look very scary in this pic[View]
134654470ITT: Shows only you watched[View]
134653609chuck from BCS actual mental illness: >muh chuck narcissism wrong while at first it may seem like…[View]
134647354LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Remake: Does it have any chance of being good? >Taron Egerton as Seymour. …[View]
134649900what was the message here? why didn't he step up to them earlier?[View]
134652039Farscape: >It's another mind altering episode[View]
134652581So what actually happened for her?[View]
134653989Dark: >the question isn't what time >the question is what world? Fuck this gay ass show. …[View]
134653406what is the most memorable and nostalgic movie for you?[View]
134653690What's the most fedoracore film or TV show ever made?[View]
134654850>what about yourself mr. adams you think you're safe from this rabble…[View]
134654279We fund and support terrorism[View]
134654422Cast them[View]
134652400How is new content production coming along?[View]
134645039It's Pride Month /tv/. Post some gay kinos.[View]
134653273What the fuck? How did they get away with this?[View]
134654715what's /tv/s verdict regarding stoner films?[View]
134654656Is this the only non-biased Hollywood movie that portrays Israelis as something other than 'dindu nu…[View]
134653091Was he the most autistic /tv/ villain of all time?[View]
134650003>film has an unclear message it's trying to convey[View]
134653498What's the best movie about american heroes?[View]
134653688/RBMK/: Was crashing this board part of your plan?[View]
134654030Kids in the 90s had it good![View]
134654483Who is your favorite Television news host?: For me it’s Tucker[View]
134652849NEW STEVE KINOS https://youtu.be/qEUaqhz5tvY https://youtu.be/9OdUgGJJDt0[View]
134654464ONE CAFE[View]
134650482For me, it's Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).[View]
134649761Ray Wise: Ray Wise[View]
134652827NEW STEVE E W S T E V E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OdUgGJJDt0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
134652862>super competent female character >her only flaw is that she works too much and 'doesn't …[View]
134654237Sorry! My Prada’s at the cleaners! Along with my hoodie and my ‘fuck you’ flip-flops, you pretentiou…[View]
134652642Thoughts? Can’t form my own opinion.[View]
134654207Would a crossover between these two films be the most kino movie in existance?[View]
134653859Cast him[View]
134649806Films about doing the right thing?[View]
134654146What will be the next big trend after capeshit?[View]
134653890when you know the film is good.[View]
134651744>ywn smooch as many girlerinos as Shawn Hunter[View]
134654059what I NEED is my TIME BACK[View]
134654057Give me some movies that take place at sleepovers.[View]
134643517Oh no no Lucasbros, we got too cocky[View]
134652968Is this a good movie?[View]
134653384should hollywood actors be allowed to adopt children?[View]
134653397I've been watching Preacher and so far I have some mixed feelings about it. I like it generally…[View]
134649969Post movies you were surprised they were actually really good[View]
134653822ITT: Good scenes in otherwise shitty movies: Nolan managed to make a good action scene somehow…[View]
134651182After watching mostly heavy and dark stuff in the name of forced patrician-hood i gave this flick a …[View]
134653443You ever listen to Nine Inch Nails?[View]
134653180Why are celebrities above the fucking law?[View]
134637431Imagine being a man and not having any male friends. Any other movies like this one?[View]
134653151heh... yeah I just have a question.. heh... is this a god dam?[View]
134653465*blocks your path*[View]
134652718how can one franchise be so commercially successfully but inaccessible for the average viewer?[View]
134651285If someone is looking for a good show to watch, watch this. I forgot about this sometime ago, just s…[View]
134653163NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE[View]
134649166>That was plan B![View]
134651811>im only on 4chan because all the wholesome shit i see on reddit makes me sad eg happy couples, p…[View]
134648177here's your supergirl bro.[View]
134652623>show, don't tell[View]
134648981Who can beat him?[View]
134652527Warcraft 2 When?[View]
134653021WILL FARREL[View]
134653041Why do I keep seeing this blue filter on more and more lower/mid budget productions? I know I'v…[View]
134651791June 2020... I am forgotten...[View]
134621967is this the cringiest TV related moment of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2cHqZMh3CE…[View]
134650077why dont we see more attractive light skin black girls in movies is hollywood biased against them be…[View]
134652959Youtube kino thread?[View]
134651090>Magic isn't real Explain this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtkmcYMcsM4&feature=yout…[View]
134651195We need more characters like Evil clone Beth. This is feminism done right. Rick and Morty really su…[View]
134652903ME, MY MOMMY AND MY DADDY[View]
134651803>56 years old Will we see another 30+ years of Chad Pitt kino? He looks 35 and is in great health…[View]
134652322>ah, the extra buttons[View]
134652777What are the charges, officer?[View]
134645104>You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time...but you were wrong! The world is cruel.…[View]
134652458Boss Hogg[View]
134652759Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes: https://youtu.be/KSuYDQ7tFEk[View]
134652758i miss this little nigga like yall wouldnt believe[View]
134651904Kinos /tv/ never talks about[View]
134652739Hugh is one of the best and most versatile actors of his generation. It's too bad capeshitters …[View]
134652620Masterpiece theater is one of the last refuges of mostly white television. I know the Brits are know…[View]
134652399>Yes, my favorite part of a movie is the opening credits sequence with the names of the cast and …[View]
134647582/SG1g/: The Ori were a shit antagonist. They could have been improved by making them like the 40k Im…[View]
134652520Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134652558B Movie Action kino[View]
134652299I absolutely adore this film: But I've always wondered what was going on with that scene in the…[View]
134652499What’s next for Erika Christensen?[View]
134650419Will Smith is no longer a bankable star.[View]
134649929>tfw Rick & Morty made you COOM[View]
134650600Any good movies with this aesthetic?[View]
134650742Fuck Kevin Smith, this was capekino[View]
134650875/tv/ approved Martial arts kinos[View]
134650937Why was he such a melodramatic little bitch?[View]
134652235New In Town is a great special[View]
134650787>A sword day! A red day! Ere the sun rises! A coworker told me today the Endgame charge was bette…[View]
134651041He is retiring way too fucking soon. Even Gene Hackman outlasted him. Gimme one more PTA kino, for C…[View]
134651396If you could choose a cast for a new Romeo and Juliet movie, who would it be and why? choose one of …[View]
134645351now that the dust has settled: who was in the right[View]
134652174You shall not ban! I am the servant of the green frog! Wielder of the memes of kek! YOU SHALL NOT BA…[View]
134652050What are your favorite movies about america? >land of the free[View]
134651701you shot my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarents[View]
134649239>I bypassed the compressor![View]
134652122Is Road Warrior the greatest post-apocalypse movie ever made?[View]
134646973Criterion Channel: Is anyone on here subscribed to the criterion channel? Are you a heavy user and a…[View]
134643035So I'm late to the party but this was a really good movie. Why isn't it more talked about?[View]
134651990Why did no one watch it?[View]
134652019Bernie Mac> DL >Steve Harvey>>> Cedric[View]
134652000Mister Poopybutthole :'([View]
134651976so who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134651378>How's Jannie? >How's Jannie? >How's Jannie? >ahhaahahahahahaha >:D…[View]
134651823I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
134651918'Now, look here, i don't like that kind of talk.'[View]
134650712tfw you always saved something for the swim back[View]
134650274ITT: Living actors everyone thinks is dead[View]
134651697*country music starts playing*[View]
134649849Why would Tommy want to get made if it involved getting shot in the head?[View]
134651647How do you feel about the way alien beings and entities are commonly portrayed in cinema? What would…[View]
134651643Does anyone have a good place to watch this online for free? All the free movie sites say they have …[View]
134651251>comedy show becomes successful >starts having a famous celeb cameo every other episode…[View]
134651603ITT: Films that were never made but should have >Harry Potter directed by Terry Gilliam They had …[View]
134651004Who's the better actress?[View]
134651577kinos for this feel?[View]
134650412Send him in.[View]
134651518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvAUa1FcvDk Life really is like a box of chocolates huh Hank Not my …[View]
134650552Kino incoming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjeSKXhXlcQ&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=FoxNe…[View]
134649943What are some of the greatest actors still working?[View]
134651420>what time was the crime committed >last night between one and one thirty >one and one thir…[View]
134651415Do you have a favourite low budget/indie horror movie?[View]
134650720any kino about international cuisine?[View]
134650858Emboldened by the Snyder Cut announcement, Alita fans rented a roof billboard in Koreatown, LA this …[View]
134646737here's your wonderwoman bruvs.[View]
134642027/trek/: Aft Party Edition Previous >>134632280[View]
134651068>Thousands of crematoriums working continuously at maximum capacity for years? >We made this o…[View]
134650149Best supporting characters in Mad Men and why is it Ted Chaough and Trudy?[View]
134649995Lost Girls and Love Hotels. When is it supposed to come out? They finished filming years ago.[View]
134648039Just watched this 'true story'. What a load of shit. But despite that, it was still enjoyable becaus…[View]
134648235Why did nobody tell me about this? It's fucking great.[View]
134647962Is she a good Alita?[View]
134651030>scene in which character uses a computer >mouse cursor is ridiculously huge…[View]
134633983>You're lighter than a feather, Kal-el[View]
134650715ITT: Post the most fucked up movies ever made.[View]
134649930Please recommend me some slavkino.[View]
134648910Hahaha based /ourguy/[View]
134650009Thinking about George Floyd. What a legend. R.I.P.[View]
134646052YOU USED ME SKINNER!!![View]
134650811Any kinos similar to this?[View]
134649887Enemy: How did tv like enemy, starting Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake Gylenhaal[View]
134628653/who/ - Doctor Who general: Previous thread died: >>134609202[View]
134650642any ultraviolent movies? movies that feature men taking what they want and can[View]
134648267>Do you feel lucky, punk?[View]
134649306> Based Grandpa You faggots never told me this was kino[View]
134649340Is it kino?[View]
134645005Why do they need to use a telephone to get out from the Matrix? Why not just unplug them?[View]
134648350>a week to pay back a half a million debt what would you do?[View]
134650955what anime are /tv/ approved?[View]
134647346Please help, /tv/: I thought I was based and patrician but I actually enjoyed this episode. God hel…[View]
134650285A Streetcar named Kino: im bored with this film 20 mins in. Why is my teacher making me watch it ???…[View]
134650553>Say everybody have you seen my balls? they're big and salty and brown!~…[View]
134650504Fuck you, I liked it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXPiQh06tWY[View]
134650539WW84 thread: >”I’m badmanh” What did Gal mean by this? https://youtu.be/WwjSi8cIunE https://yout…[View]
134650491How would you describe his career?[View]
134648134waddya think /tv/[View]
134648916Alright, I'll make you an offer[View]
134648327This is why Cartoon Network will always be better[View]
134647828give me stoner movies pls: Sup /tv/ reccommend me some funny movies to watch while shmacked thx.…[View]
134648688What movie would you recommend to a suicidal 28-year-old virgin?[View]
134648433Movies like this[View]
134647973Ok lads, just finished watching the 1st season of Better Call Saul. As a massive Breaking Bad fan, I…[View]
134646417Was it a heart attack?[View]
134650371Do you still watch shows? I find it hard with the politicization of everything.[View]
134647989Hows that short film of yours coming along /tv/?[View]
134650273May I halik you[View]
134650269La Familia[View]
134646132/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>134627314[View]
134649798name of movie ?: i know i shouldn't be requesting shit but fuck it, I'm at my whits end. I…[View]
134647413Is the ash vs evil dead season 1 finale the craziest season 1 finale?[View]
134650033super groyper[View]
134650070Who's /tv/'s favorite game show host?[View]
134648761What is Finn Wolfhard's best role?[View]
134650192Mr. Robot: Why did this show have a lot of anti-capitalist themes in Season 1, but they basically to…[View]
134647692Ernst en Bobbie: You guys ever watch Ernst en Bobbie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYT1AWfOWDg…[View]
134650136What are /tv/'s thoughts on alien portrayal in cinema?[View]
134650105EY RICK[View]
134645641>talks about some shit no one cares about for two hours Sneed[View]
134648549Die Hard (1988): >You don't like flying, do you?[View]
134649077Say it[View]
134649910Be honest, /tv/. Would you?[View]
134649962Why did he make so many films? They can't all be good...[View]
134649955I wouldn't mock the SWORD OF DESTINY, Michael![View]
134649624What was their problem?[View]
134649811*breathes in*[View]
134648727I have literally this same haircut and hairline[View]
134638312Kingdom Come series for HBOMAX: >HBOMAX is working on a Kingdom Come series which will star Brand…[View]
134649788>most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you, not anymore. Still the greatest ending e…[View]
134643607Why are Asian-American actors and actresses so ugly?[View]
134649706>does bullet time before Matrix: ahemm* nothin personnel .. trannies...[View]
134649695Kino Themes: Kino Themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH4Jx40RRI4[View]
134647753>Look Who's Back sequel about HP Lovecraft in 2020 America Could it work?…[View]
134648926Zack Snyder's favorite films: 1) Excalibur 'To this day, I think John Boorman's film is th…[View]
134647246Films that explain the right wing mind[View]
134643054I still don't get it, what does he actually want?[View]
134649615What are some films about corporate solidarity?[View]
134649191Look at that sheer fucking drop after the first episode of the new season[View]
134648329HERE'S YOUR NEW ACTION STAR, BRO!: >Nick Jonas ('Jumanji') is set to star in THE BLACKSMITH,…[View]
134648760Ernst en Bobbie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYT1AWfOWDg Name a more iconic duo[View]
134648592Kinos that will never be recommended on /tv/ because is full of manchildrens.: Unorthodox[View]
134649387What do you do in this situation /tv/ ?[View]
134648741Best Superman movie[View]
134645343He had dementia at the end[View]
134642965Name it.[View]
134649378Favorite spaghetti western?[View]
134649320>Thousands of crematoriums working continuously at maximum capacity for years? >We made it up.…[View]
134649257Kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
134647586Elizabeth Olsen/Aubrey Plaza thread[View]
134647261It really was a different time[View]
134649175Game of Thrones: how would you have done the seasons after 4?[View]
134649060what was he going to say, bros???[View]
134648363The Hunter (2011): Willem Dafoe kino[View]
134649105ITT: derivative movies that are better than the original work: Super Mario Bros. > Blade Runner J…[View]
134649159RIP Lennie Niehaus: >Lennie Niehaus, the West Coast alto saxophonist, arranger and composer who p…[View]
134649156Why is the potrayal of the Virgin Mary so unnacurate in movies? She was like 13~14 when she was preg…[View]
134646378So do the crew of the Betty spend their lives in prison for this?[View]
134648148Ernst Bobbie en de rest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYT1AWfOWDg the best show ever[View]
134645643>husband complains his wife was cucked >wife tells weak sob story >MC's wife berates m…[View]
134648666Ernst Bobbie en de rest?: Who are these guys?[View]
134648094Ernst en Bobbie: Man, I love Ernst en Bobbie. Anyone else watched them?[View]
134648978turn: fuck washington[View]
134648772why r they here[View]
134643850I miss him so much[View]
134645206How the fuck does Bobby, a fucking 13 year old boy, not know women don't have testicles? Didn…[View]
134648135Morty Smith!: >You are under arrest for crimes against the NEW IMPROVED galactic federation >W…[View]
134648077For me ? It’s Yes Madam staring Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh[View]
134647642DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
134648846How the fuck is it 2020 and cable boxes don't have a way to program your box to auto-change cha…[View]
134646497Besides every film about Jesus Christ ever made is this Hollywood's biggest and most egregious …[View]
134640115>tfw literally never seen this Is it something you should have seen as a child, or does it hold u…[View]
134645024Who is this for?: This show reeks of some Pentagon/CIA entertainment liaison office psy-op to introd…[View]
134648097Which one was the greatest artistic achievement produced by mankind?[View]
134646718>Hey thanks for coming to see my new home theater, anon! >What movie did you bring?…[View]
134647374what went wrong[View]
134644382Game of Thrones was never good. You literally cannot refute this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/theel…[View]
134647474I don't get it[View]
134648176Post only comfy adventure films.: >back to the future >jumanji(original) >indiana jones tri…[View]
134648450what are some kinos about American culture?[View]
134648449Cast him in the inevitable biopic.[View]
134647289Movies with this feel? I'm in the mood to watch something hella 80s[View]
134637001Awkwafina And Karen Gillan To Star In Action Comedy SHELLY: >A decade after an embarrassing prom …[View]
134647065>greatest film ever made >no female characters Hmmm…[View]
134645020>protagonist is on the verge of death >meets his mentors in the realm between life and death, …[View]
134646100Are movie theatres dying?: Will they be around in 10 years?[View]
134648199Female/relationship driven psychological horror/suspense thread?: Just watched left last night Gonna…[View]
134648164What are some kinos that are almost universally loved, but haven't won a single award? Pic rela…[View]
134648132Bitch got what she deserved What the fuck was her problem?[View]
134648108Jesse is a friend[View]
134636784>someone taller Jesus, I thought she loved the man? Why would she say something so humiliating?…[View]
134647864>show with the husband going to jail : gets raped by inmates and cheated on early on by his wife,…[View]
134648073Why is this movie so based[View]
134647377A writer! What do you have to write about? You’re not oppressed! You’re not gay! >Not all writers…[View]
134646177>film is about a crisis between two nuclear superpowers >'we can't afford starting a nucl…[View]
134641510Is iCarly patrician kino??[View]
134638533Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 are the greatest capekino evermade.[View]
134646641what was the bonus situation?[View]
134647850Ready to jack back in, anon?[View]
134646040What the fuck is up, yo? Dan Fucking Harmon here once again to laugh at my personal freak show. I be…[View]
134646518The Island Scarlett: best Scarlett?[View]
134647444>ohh no >ohh yes[View]
134646696Dragged Across Concrete: Just saw this last night on a whim, it's my first Zahler movie. I fuck…[View]
134641986Character is greedy Character is named Greedo was this intentional??? Lucas is a genius[View]
134647440For me, it's Colin Quinn[View]
134645199what are the essential yakuza kinos? I've never seen or heard of any[View]
134646990>i gotta bad feeling about this[View]
134646330twin peaks and mad men are the 2 last shows i haven't seen that frequently make top 10/20 lists…[View]
134647357What was her problem?[View]
134645993now we can all agree that this movie is a masterpiece 10/10 ahead of its ownt time right[View]
134647270>tfw I'm no superman[View]
134646883Why does she have a whip if she never whips anyone with it? Doesn't make much sense.[View]
134647231letterboxd thread: Post your ratings[View]
134646294Keep your Onions Wars, your mandalorian garbage, your Kathleen Kennedy power fantasies. Nothing post…[View]
134643349is it concerning that I identify with Charlie while watching Always Sunny?[View]
134646350ITT: scenes that made you walk out of the cinema[View]
134643100House, M.D.: Will it EVER be topped?[View]
134647150Sasha Banks thread[View]
134646190Is there ANY good post-LoTR fantasy film? Pic unrelated.[View]
134645534Was he the only one that beat Hansen?[View]
134647086>No Mister Bond I expect you to die[View]
134647042>tfw we could have gotten a kino 2d animated Cats movie >we got uncanny valley dogshit instead…[View]
134646874watched nightcrawler for the first time last night. why does joker seem like it was ripping it off a…[View]
134643935Payback is a bitch motherfuck[View]
134646880>2 hours of The Shire - Music & Ambience[View]
134646320>WHO'S THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO TAKES THE PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN >The pictures come in the mai…[View]
134639617>entire movie is kino >last 30 seconds is comic book capeshit literally ruined the movie…[View]
134643040355 (January 15, 2021): >An elusive terrorist organization compromises the world’s intelligence a…[View]
134646173Things that did not age well: >Jeffdunham DOOOOOTTT COMMMMMMM[View]
134644560What a beautiful girl. I loved the movie just because of her.[View]
134646746>mfw when watching pure kino[View]
134643462Kinos with a similar premise?[View]
134640280>improves your 7/10 to a 10/10 kino every time heh... nothing personnel kid…[View]
134646560>You've been sitting quietly for far too long. Tell me. When did doilies and your mother…[View]
134646381Don't just stare at it, eat it![View]
134644564Unabomber Manhunt: Is this good?[View]
134641597The Matrix 4: Let me guess, Neo will get killed or replaced by a female hero who it turns out was th…[View]
134646431What ideas does Avatar offer exactly?[View]
134645857>yo wassup holmes my cousin says you know good movies whacthu want to watch esse?…[View]
134644867NO MORE DEAD COPS[View]
134645587>Spike Lee says it was the right thing to riot and destroy the pizza restaurant Wtf???…[View]
134644821How the fuck was Adam Sandler not nominated for Best Actor for Uncut Gems at the Oscars?[View]
134646323PLEASE CAL-[View]
134646104Movies about multiple identities: >replied to a group text with 'pure cohencidence' instead of 'c…[View]
134645926What's your favorite Scary Movie?[View]
134643992Ahead of it's time[View]
134644779How did Joker managed to predict it all?: Joker predicted things to come just a few months ahead, di…[View]
134645711>reads you wikipedia articles[View]
134644987Ryan Gosling To Star In WOLFMAN: >Ryan Gosling (“First Man”) is set to star in Universal Pictures…[View]
134645717Would you suck Joe Rogan's dick for 20 years of it meant $10M Netflix payday at the end?[View]
134646089Violent kino pls[View]
134645632I miss the late 90s to late 2000s era of blockbusters, bros. >The Matrix >Gladiator >Black …[View]
134624923ITT: Female Antagonists[View]
134645592Why did it suck so bad?[View]
134645708>DUDE non-diagetic upbeat popular music juxtaposed against edgy material LMAO…[View]
134637582Darth Vader Makes No Sense: Something I have never understood -- What is Darth Vader's motivati…[View]
134644589Z: What do you think of this film?[View]
134644784Name a better musical?[View]
134645840Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134627314/film/: Thread for the BASED discussion of arthouse and classic cinema.[View]
134642448GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE (2021): Will it be kino, bros? >Eva (Karen Gillan) is a deadly assassin, foll…[View]
134645335Zack Snyder's favorite films: 1) Excalibur 'To this day, I think John Boorman's film is t…[View]
134645350>THIS SUMMER, CTHULHU AWAKENS >insane in the brain by cypress hill starts playing >AND HE…[View]
134644950why doesn't Taylor Momsen just continue with her: acting career? she seems like she would be gr…[View]
134644110Movie idea: lonely, aging wagecuck mets a cutie on the bus from work[View]
134641175Do people like Spencer Shay exist in real life?[View]
134644532My name is Uhtred son of Uhtred, grandson of Uhtred. Brother of Uhtred (deceased, formerly Uhtred), …[View]
134645408Why do females feel attacked whenever the movie portrays bad women?[View]
134635583Actors in their most iconic role. I'll start[View]
134645384I GO TO WUHAN[View]
134645082Kingsmen: >The global elites are using climate change as a hoax to control the world and kill inn…[View]
134644332was John Hughes a pedophile?[View]
134641651Community: Com-monkey-ty Thread[View]
134645445When does this get good? DOES this get good at any time?[View]
134643452Main character's arch nemesis becomes stronger and stronger and eventually overpowers him?[View]
134645391What other secondary character has totally ruined a show? I loved Schitt's Creek until season 5…[View]
134645185But seriously though, why is all media woke now? 10-15 years ago you would have a lot more diversity…[View]
134643455>movies aren't real >the story is usually complete fiction >the people on screen are j…[View]
134645208>The most kino western is actually from the east[View]
134644361This shit shows up on yts, I need to take several hour-long break and I'm not even 20' dee…[View]
134644548Any movies with similar themes to the film Lolita (1962)[View]
134645226It is possible to get one day a Jason/Crowley crossover ?[View]
134645198Tenet ¿Kino?[View]
134642963Fuck you, I liked it[View]
134644081George Floyd, whatever happened there[View]
134644581Hobbs and shaw: How can one movie be so ridiculous yet so enjoyable? How can one woman be so sexy?…[View]
134644805films you watched because you're waifu recommended them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHGLvi…[View]
134644946>>134568015 Shut the fuck up retard. You don't know me or know what the fuck I watch or w…[View]
134645045is Sponge Out Of Water worth checking out?[View]
134644824movies for this feel[View]
134644994Movies about rebelling towards society?[View]
134642339Vin Diesel on screen deaths: I’m hosting a lockdown quiz and afaik Vin Diesel has only died in Savin…[View]
134642164>multiple series setting up how dangerous The Hand is >individual 'fingers' were able to give …[View]
134644885Just saw this What did i think?[View]
134643264Who is the worst guest, and why is it a tie between Patton, Max, and Macaulay?[View]
134644862Meanwhiles you two are fingerpoppin' each others assholes.[View]
134643772was rewatching this yesterday: who woulda thunk that one of Coens' best would be a remake of so…[View]
134642111DEY FINNA HEA BRUH[View]
134644794Did she like it?: Very disturbing part of the movie...[View]
134643931So I guess the rumors were true?[View]
134644725>to catch a predator decoy looks like this how could they press charges?…[View]
134644719Huh, never thought of it like that...[View]
134643122Post films that have gotten you laid[View]
134644611Which of these pieces was the greatest?[View]
134641730>he's supposed to be the edgy badman in the group >called bender…[View]
134640912When I....was a BOY.....in this......swamp.......[View]
134643470who wouldve thought that a basedfag who ranks dreamworks movies for a living would look like this?[View]
134641817What went so incredibly wrong?[View]
134643855LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS remake cast so far: >Taron Egerton as Seymour. >Scarlett Johansson as A…[View]
134636563Is 8 fucking whiskey sours REALLY too much?[View]
134644330what is your favorite movie about a fat guy hiding in a bunker while his country is being destroyed?[View]
134644489It's a visual medium you see, Kayla.[View]
134641687RACE WAR >don't tell Wendy, she will inform the italians[View]
134644449Naturekino: Post nature kinos. Films or documentaries will do.[View]
134641801*reloads arms*[View]
134631410DC's Stargirl: Was this scene really necessary?[View]
134642220What if it's good?[View]
134644177He did nothing wrong[View]
134641625Is Netflix`s Bright is now...problematic?: 'Ork Lives matter' and all that.... Will they make sequel…[View]
134643611>they expect one of us in the wreckage, brother So Bane really thought that CIA only listed one o…[View]
134644379THIS PARTY'S OVER[View]
134643980McDonalds arthouse[View]
134644120>Look man, you're really cool, I do like you, but I'm the one taking all the risk here.…[View]
134641639Hello anon. How's the thread?[View]
134643045times when the ReMaKe surpassed the original[View]
134642218this show is terrible I love it[View]
134644272>MEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWW https://youtu.be/6nwhoESzAMU What did he mean by this?…[View]
134644227Who did it?[View]
134644260>is a savage abuser irl with her bf is it a prerequisite for the show business to be a narcissist…[View]
134638849skribbl.io: got a custom /tv/ list get in, draw kinos and guess what others draw link (no account re…[View]
134642852Describe this character and his personality without saying what he looks like or what his job is.[View]
134635819Post overrated snoozefest movies[View]
134643197you guys know that mr krabs is a criticism of late stage capitalism,right[View]
134642806>Wanna tell us a joke, Commodus? Ok ok here’s one knock knock >whose there It's the prae…[View]
134643672>cinema nearby plays a lot of classic movies >start going there almost every week >no frien…[View]
134644062Guilty pleasure thread Post shit you watch you know is terrible but you still find enjoyable[View]
134639332This is a giant cock.[View]
134639749WALT >Well. I guess I just wanna say... (shrug) >... Look on the bright side. “The bright side…[View]
134642292Rate my film taste[View]
134642776The Incel Canon: What other kino works belong in the canon?[View]
134643847what a fucking joke. they had no clue what to do with tyrell after the first season[View]
134641050Who is the best at his job?[View]
134643808You have ten (10) seconds to post a better fight scene than this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_…[View]
134643756Make a sequel you fucking cowards![View]
134643750How do I escape the Holodeck? Barclay has gone insane, and hidden all the exits.[View]
134642793Favorite screenwriters[View]
134643512>I would rather be his cumdump than your wife What was her fucking problem?…[View]
134643179PLEASE CAL-[View]
134643465Would be funny if it weren't so sad: >Cops stand by and do nothing while the criminal elemen…[View]
134642270Could it work?[View]
134643257>movie was all in YOUR head[View]
134643410>I'm going vending machines[View]
134642099Vredens Dag > Ordet > Jeanne d'Arc > Gertrud > Vampyr > [all his irrelevant shit…[View]
134637849Who are your favourite movie cops[View]
134643355what does /tv/ think of the DCEU/Snyder channel film gob[View]
134632280/trek/: Let's not make this one a shitshow like every other one[View]
134643277Pedogate Part II from Mouthy Buddha to be released today: https://twitter.com/MouthyBuddha/status/12…[View]
134640753what was wrong with him? i dont think it was depression[View]
134643266So let me get this straight: The point of the movie is 'all women are whores?' The husband is trying…[View]
134643265What are some films that are particularly relevant in today's political climate?[View]
134640433What would have happened if he fucked his mom?[View]
134642274why was J.D. so based?[View]
134642009Jason Momoa And Peter Dinklage To Star In Vampire Comedy GOOD, BAD & UNDEAD: >In GOOD, BAD …[View]
134636983What ever happened to this dude? It feels like he hasn't been in anything since the 90s[View]
134638759Kisame, we're leaving...[View]
134642984>family secret, how?[View]
134643034Finally, a movie where they make all the black/brown people white[View]
134640738So we'll hunt him, because he can take it.[View]
134638459What was his character arc?[View]
134643003Any fellow /fit/ Architects? What are some 'healthy' calorie dense foods that fatten up a bitch?[View]
134642762It was wanderlust kino. Normies wouldn't understand.[View]
134642975> I don't like them... I never have... and I never will[View]
134642541was it better than the film? >There was a lantern hanging just inside the cabin, and she managed …[View]
134639957WITNESS ME![View]
134642743>Star Wars episode 7: Leia and Han are now divorced >Star Wars episode 8: Luke is now a pessim…[View]
134640773Kinos featuring a woman as the villain?[View]
134642866wtf was the point of this character?[View]
134639111movies with great premises that don't reach their potential[View]
134642779>A handicap is what you make of it. I was the unwanted child of a German missionary and a Chinese…[View]
134641388Turksih Soap Operas thread: Do you like Turkish Dramas?[View]
134642638Movies with similar aesthetics?[View]
134642510This is objectively the best post Wall-E Pixar film and only redditors who had already decided they …[View]
134642660Was it kino?[View]
134640668>3 months since the last BotW Is it over for them?[View]
134640962so you're telling me he just sat there for a few hours and thought about whether or not to join…[View]
134641454manchester by the sea: Now that the dust has settled, can we agree it was a snoozefest at best? Lite…[View]
134640440Do you have any Fascist Italy/Italy in WW2 recommendations?[View]
134641891What's on tonight lads[View]
134636260>Watch “The Babysitters” >Katherine Waterston plays a teenage babysitter who starts sleeping w…[View]
134642375>The Matrix (1999)[View]
134642283>Because...you have sex out of wedlock. You kill unborn children. You have man-on-man relations; …[View]
134641953why star trek fags are so autistic ?[View]
134642154I understand the message of Midnight in Paris but I don't believe it I would have definitely be…[View]
134642313ITT:: Monster Hunting Kino[View]
134639392>he doesn’t watch musicals[View]
134642281I just watched The Imitation Game. Is using a computer gay?[View]
134638059Recommend me some authoritarian kino. Feel rage inside like nothing before.[View]
134639873ITT post your favorite characters from music videos[View]
134641432What was her character arc?[View]
134639912ITT: superior sequels[View]
134642174Come on Ladies, Come on Ladies, One pound fish[View]
134641500>mid 2010’s kino >I GRIEVE IN STEREO starts playin…[View]
134621540>lorefags and redditors won R&M is now just Adventure Time for adults.…[View]
134641463I'm about to shitpost through this film, what shoul I expect?[View]
134641916Will this film be remembered for starting the second US civil war?[View]
134641882Are we all Jonah Hill?[View]
134642106OG Law & Order: >tfw you will never have qt Kincaid gf[View]
134641958How can Hollywood recover from this pandemic and the current chaos in the US? The economy is going t…[View]
134640955do you believe in objectivity in film criticism /tv/?[View]
134637426The ride never ends. Also, am I the only one who thought that the episode with Penny's family w…[View]
134641973>uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental…[View]
134642039why does liv make this face when the suspect is released: and deemed innocent?[View]
134636777I don't care what /tv/ says this is kino[View]
134640871>Roz Doyle in Frasier I don't understand this character.[View]
134640205>tfw STILL no season 3 of Barry because chinamen had to eat that bat soup…[View]
134635277Scared, Potter?[View]
134641131Now that the angel dust has settled, what's the verdict?[View]
134640171comfy simpsons thread[View]
134635978Why did he kill his wife?[View]
134637936Macbizzle: >Macbeth >Scottish lord >Likely written around 1605 >Scotland 2011 >96% wh…[View]
134637884ITT: Childhood trauma: Was I the only kid who was extremely terrified of this?[View]
134641735Why can't I watch anything /tv/?: >be me ten years ago >watch 3-4 films a day during the …[View]
134638723What was his endgame?[View]
134640695>Janus Films[View]
134628931>teleport Danvers and Wanda in front of him >teleport himself 100 miles away >let them solo…[View]
134641679So uh...you guys know the series finale will be them bringing back Roseanne and saying her death was…[View]
134641582Why do they love this movie so?[View]
134640370ITT: based alcoholics of /tv/[View]
134627653>WHO IS SHE??[View]
134641243This is Ashley from 'Fresh Prince'. Time flies fast, doesn't it?[View]
134641686What are some movies about realizing all hope is lost?[View]
134641660Could this book be adapted to film? For those unaware it's called Foundation Of Geopolitics and…[View]
134641394For me, It's House Broken with Danny DeVito, and featuring Alison Brie and Kiernan Shipka >h…[View]
134641088Why did he kill his wife?[View]
134641212Post your movie experiences: >be me >14 years old >mom forces me to go to her photography c…[View]
134640043post the last movie you walked out of[View]
134634720>It's maybe hard for you to understand, but there's no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge.…[View]
134638771what does Neytiris lips taste like?[View]
134641461Why don't you make your own films?[View]
134638444Midnight Gospel: Is it any good? On the surface it seems like something I would enjoy, but I could n…[View]
134641440Is it true the OP live action series on Netflix got cancelled/delayed?[View]
134633241Now that the dust has settled, is it better than the Godfather?[View]
134636882that will be 300 dorrah gaijin-san[View]
134641352I don't wanna host this show no more.[View]
134637380Best Disney movie of the century[View]
134641119What was the point?[View]
134641252What do you think of the upcoming 7 Samurai remake with Keanu Reeves playing Kambei Shimada? Will it…[View]
134627887What is it about Batman that makes him more Kino than other capeshit: Especially his villains[View]
134637621The Green Knight: Aren't you guys excited for this ? Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
134638378This is the cringiest thing I've ever seen written about a movie[View]
134639663Why does male mental illness/emotional instability/animalistic rage feature more heavily as a kino t…[View]
134638108is rick and morty redpilled?[View]
134639989Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks tv: WW84 hype? Why was Gal the best choice?[View]
134639803Images from movies that have stuck with you: Last one died[View]
134639739You just dealt with the dawg, bitch.[View]
134640998>you now remember King Kong (2005)[View]
134637328>Got a job within the industry at 24 >working on sport events, corporate videos and ads >mf…[View]
134638451Why is Rogue One so much better than all other disney wars flicks?[View]
134636664ITT kinos nobody has seen[View]
134630245This movie is terrible[View]
134641036OYYY VE-[View]
134636349Carl Sagan thought A New Hope was little 'too white': What did he mean by this?[View]
134637973ITT: Incredible editing prowess only.[View]
134640606Why is there so much (stupid) music in this movie? It is uncanny and takes me out of the film[View]
134638402Head or tails. Call it.[View]
134638875*crunch* *crunch* mmmmmm, I sure love a good chocolate bar from Hershey's™ fellow /tv/sters! an…[View]
134636796Shows / films about the glory of being white: Hardmode: shows cannot be racist or promote racism aga…[View]
134636719Fix this movie.[View]
134640214Why didn't he just stay down?[View]
134640817The photo that could have ended the Cold War before it started[View]
134638719What is the most brutal, harrowing war movie you've ever seen? Pic related. Also Cross of Iron[View]
134640583How do you achieve this level of greasiness?[View]
134640666Why yes, Lizzie Mcguire was my favorite show growing up. How can you tell?[View]
134626763I dont get it how this movie is not feminazi propaganda? Literally muh stronk wymyn kicking toxic ma…[View]
134639580PotA Thread[View]
134639767What are your favorite movies /tv/?[View]
134640425What was his tax policy?[View]
134639729Is she a good actress? I think she has fine comedic instincts and gave great performances in a few o…[View]
134639123*makes /tv/ seethe by getting rave reviews and great box-office*[View]
134639435Cast them[View]
134640232'thank you'[View]
134638237Wow it's like I'm really in a church.[View]
134639159your honest opinion on this shitshow. >inb4 fuck off back to /pol/ >inb4 take your meds schiz…[View]
134636591Which Lisa did you prefer, the movie version (pic) or the TV series version?[View]
1346373861>3>2 In my opinion the introduction to the narrative was unnecessary the audience could have …[View]
134637933>hiring the guy who tried to rape your wife Why?[View]
134636416The Great Debate: Which one is superior?[View]
134639328RECAST the Wizard of Oz: I'll start: The Scarecrow - Dave Chappelle (around 2010) The Tin Man -…[View]
134639784OPEN THE DOOR[View]
134639805What are some famous cases of actors being considered for the same part?[View]
134635621Take me home, country roooooads[View]
134639667His character traits are: >Math >Anime >K-pop >Interracial pornography Is he good repres…[View]
134637486Snowpiercer TV Series: No Snowpiercer thread? Ep3 aired last night this show is kino as fuck[View]
134638664play Amadeus (1984)[View]
134635499Who would you cast as Guy Gardner for the upcoming Snyder cut?[View]
134639218No, no, no, no, no, no, nono..........Yes[View]
134633211Name a more comfy show than Twin Peaks Pro tip: You can't[View]
134639398Is she gonna make it lads?[View]
134638257Name a comfier horror movie. Pro tip: you can't[View]
134639566What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37YknwAr85Y[View]
134639374SPECTACLE > PLOT: Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of scenes of people just exchanging dial…[View]
134638220I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybod…[View]
134639004How do I break into the industry? How do I make a living in film/TV without working a deplorable lif…[View]
134639523First one to talk gets to stay on my broom![View]
134639522Muaaaaaaah, fuck NIGGERS What did Orson mean by this?[View]
134638064What are the greatest fantasy movies of all time?[View]
134637831>So we're square now? >As a block of ice…[View]
134638411What's your favorite Alan Moore movie?[View]
134637916>dig your own hole you racist cracker white ass bitch[View]
134638707What was the best episode and why is it 'Communication Problems'?[View]
134639311Was the polish prostitute a figment of Nikki's psyche, or was it the other way around? Also wha…[View]
134639174Rick and Morty is literally the only TV show I watch, and the only thing that makes me smile wide. I…[View]
134634846anyone here a legit working actor?: I wanna be a character actor and play cool parts in indie movies…[View]
134636960Why did that pagan deity make the choice it did? Why did it choose the only white and blonde man in …[View]
134639164>You fellas are The Untouchables, is that the thing?[View]
134637314zootopia: So what do predators eat in Zootopia?[View]
134639108what are some movies?[View]
134639105¡Terkos por siempre![View]
134638408I don't understand. Who's departing????[View]
134639078Hey guys! Who wants to be in a tv show?[View]
134638509Show me a more painful scene to watch!: You can't![View]
134638998I have a large penis. What are some movies I am sure to enjoy?[View]
134638961>JUMPSCARE BAD[View]
134638224why there is no kinos about going on an adventure with your bro (probably dangerous hiking, camping …[View]
134637547ITT: Characters that are literally you.[View]
134638782why didn't they just beat the shit out of him?[View]
134638859Cast them[View]
134638811HERE'S JOHNNY[View]
134627573two will defend you, the others try to kill you[View]
134635183>Don't laugh you freak, America is burning because of what you did.…[View]
134637824Is this worth watching or was it just a way for Cassavetes to get some cash together for future proj…[View]
134638550>Pride month[View]
134632166kino about this feel?[View]
134636826>Past the age of 26 a man without family can be a bad thing. why is true dettective so quotable?…[View]
134635510Are serial killer kinos a dead genre?[View]
134638109ITS A LONG ROAD[View]
134638101Wes anderson general, i guess >royal tenenbaums Decent >moonrise kingdom Shit >grand budape…[View]
134637726LITTLE FAGGOT[View]
134638085Did Lucas know when writing A New Hope that Vader would be Luke's father and that Leia would be…[View]
134635471>It smells like Thai food in here. Have you guys been fucking?[View]
134638343Soon... God bless.[View]
134632964Images in film or television that for some reason have stood out to you[View]
134637214Quiet! All of you![View]
134638065movie i cant remember: hello /tv/ back in maybe 2013 or 2014 i watched a foreign movie on tv that wa…[View]
134637384Why so many acters are gay?[View]
134638259ITT: dishonest filmmakers[View]
134638258What do you want to see in Captain Marvel 2 /tv/?[View]
134631332>Scott, things aren't as happy as they used to be down here at the unemployment office. Jobl…[View]
134638040any other good movies about hiding in a bunker during a tense situation?[View]
134634499Ryan Gosling To Star In WOLFMAN: >Ryan Gosling (“First Man”) is set to star in Universal Pictures…[View]
134630028What's your Almodovar's favorite film?: I've watched almost all of Almodovar's f…[View]
134637817>All right, Simpson, be honest with me. Is Bangbus real?[View]
134637930I did not care for The Irishman[View]
134638147Sit Ubu. Sit Good dog[View]
134634297What was his arc?[View]
134638104why: >season 3 WESTEROS BAD, HE'S A CROW >season 7 GREAT BIG MONSTER BABIES WITH BIG WOMA…[View]
134635573You ARE watching her show right?[View]
134637118What was 2012's best action blockbuster?[View]
134637984Is it just me, or are things getting crazy out there?[View]
134635458Why does digital still look worse than film?[View]
134637037LET'S GET IT ON![View]
134634725How did Tony not consider himself white? He is literally white[View]
134637910finally catching up on rick and morty, episode 6 and 7 was pretty meh, does it gets better? kinda bo…[View]
134637680people say batman is 'cool' or edgy: Literally fights people called named like The penweign and the …[View]
134637832just marathoned this submarine/operator kino what did i think of it?[View]
134637870well fuck my ozone[View]
134637735I liked the visual storytelling, the characters and the action was great too. Got anything else like…[View]
134636277Remember Boromir's sacrifice.[View]
134637740My juice box![View]
134632176Favorite Noir Films: what are your favorite noir films? you can include neo-noir; it doesn't ha…[View]
134623140No Country for Old Tranny Honey, I Shrunk the Tranny[View]
134637503What the fuck?[View]
134635928>Mr. Mayor, I'm City Council[View]
134636364ITT: movies you're certain you watched but remember next to nothing about them.[View]
134637446Are hedgehogs underutilized in cinema?[View]
134637711Does 60 year old Cynthia Rothrock have what it takes to make a come back as queen of B movie action …[View]
134637187Unintentional Comedy: Unintentional comedy.[View]
134637656lovecraft kino[View]
134637587Is this show actually good or is it just qt waifu bait? I'm gonna watch it anyway but I'd …[View]
134636572>Based on what?[View]
134637072HEEEEEREE'S MOMMY![View]
134637496Jason Momoa And Peter Dinklage To Star In Vampire Comedy GOOD, BAD & UNDEAD: >In GOOD, BAD …[View]
134634177>do you feel me? >we are filming[View]
134635390Movies for this feel[View]
134629325HOLY FUCKING SHIT SNYDER CUT DETAILS: Looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
134636288Is this movie trying to say black superheroes can only exist in fake Africa ?[View]
134629799What movies do you watch when you're lonely /tv/?[View]
134634826>Don't make me laugh Steve >Do you have any idea of how many HOURS it would take to inven…[View]
134635889Are you a true g-forcer?[View]
134633629holy shit, how the fuck did they make this movie? i have never seen such a raw and real adventure mo…[View]
134630269>build me 1000 ships, and I will give you this world! >wait, what's that? 40,000 trees? 5…[View]
134637370Mom and Dad save the World >>>> guardians of the galaxy[View]
134637175Scenes women dont understand[View]
134637322John Leguizamo thread[View]
134633857Anyone think this was kinda neat? Pretty neat looking movie,, but it was mostly ruined by the oppres…[View]
134637310Who's the adoring fan of Television & Film? Sam Gamgee perhaps?[View]
134633828>Star >Wars Really? What stars are at war? Are the cosmo sun stars at war, or the entire popul…[View]
134635450Person of Interest: Anyone else miss this show? It managed to wrap up well but was cancelled for smu…[View]
134637237I wish this film had a more detailed screenplay.[View]
134634501POLL: What is the best English-language gangster movie?: https://www.poll-maker.com/poll2957383x6A5D…[View]
134637172ITT: we post our favorite parodies of television & film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSZmewE…[View]
134633142why everybody call them the sinister six of horror ?: why 6 more than 7 or 8 ?[View]
134636291do you own a doghouse /tv/?[View]
134637099The scene that defined your political ideology: https://youtu.be/Lg7qtUJrLCw[View]
134637101>makes two films at once: one intended to be viewed forwards and one intended to be viewed backwa…[View]
134636524Who would win?[View]
134637083Moshi moshi![View]
134626818>watching Last Crusade >realize that Elsa died because she couldn't let it go Did George …[View]
134635318Despite film definitely being the superior medium compared to anime by far because of the number of …[View]
134636398>Adults pay to watch this[View]
134636937>I tried telling her all about kino, Jeremy. All she seems to be interested in is watching 'cinem…[View]
134636849Why can't Hollywood do sword fights?[View]
134636516This board is now un-der the con-trol of the Da-leks! Name the grea-test film of your cho-sen de-cad…[View]
134636293You know, the Red Army shot 16,000 of their own men at Stalingrad.[View]
134627606Rocky: Sick of all this retarded bullshit let's have a rocky thread, reminder 1>Creed>3…[View]
134634954What was the secret to its success? Their was a high potential for it to be boring given the plots a…[View]
134636874What was your favorite episode of the classic 80s sitcom “Madam’s place” staring wayland flowers and…[View]
134630207Give me some nice romcoms i should watch with my gf[View]
134635649>Knock knock. >Who's there? >It's the centurions, Maximus. Your wife and son have…[View]
134636758Why does /tv/ hate arthur's smile?[View]
134634286Here's your Hernán Cortés in the upcoming biopic, bros: Unironically a better choice for the ro…[View]
134635206American Kino: Why does this genre not exist anymore?[View]
134634771post guaranteed kino enhancers[View]
134631938Fuck yeah Beth, beat his ass[View]
134635064If that's the Mouth of Sauron, imagine what the ass looks like[View]
134635374>Well yeah but at least I got rid of those damn n- I miss old south park…[View]
134635815Virgin Joker vs Chad Taxi driver: Which one do you like more?[View]
134636328Why are weebs still seething over this? Is dog rapist that powerful?[View]
134635911is being in your 30s really this bleak and depressing?[View]
134631905River Phoenix was the one. Joaquin could never compare.[View]
134629407With all the bazillion jews in hollywood, why did they hire nonjew to play israeli?[View]
134635174Hollywood doesn't have any BIG AGENDA or hidden masterplan. Their only agenda is making money. …[View]
134634336What are the best movies based on his plays?[View]
134633724So I just finished this movie, but there is one part that doesn't make much sense. What happen…[View]
134636181Movies about false allegations: After the actor claimed that due to his aikido training he was …[View]
134627323Would the Star Wars sequels have been better received if they were set 1000 years after the OT inste…[View]
134636058ITT: films you watched in 3D: >eva's tits in 3D[View]
134636174What are some kinos where the one of the MCs uses a walker[View]
134633442>still has no iconic films like the Terminator, Total Recall or Predator…[View]
134635813What movie knowledge impresses girls?[View]
134636085Saves television in your path[View]
134635034Who did he cast as the Green Lantern?[View]
134635958Wilbur Baggins![View]
134635294Can’t we all just get along?[View]
134626447Thoughts about the Terminator Series?: What would you like to see in future installments?[View]
134635858Uh guys I don't think cremation works like this[View]
134631541>You’re not a Nazi, Jojo. You’re a ten year-old kid, who likes dressing up in a funny uniform and…[View]
134635848Xmen dark pheonix: She took bullets like a champ.[View]
134635636How will travel vloggers create videos without travel?[View]
134635755The Price Is Right: Time to watch kino the game show http://123tvnow.com/watch/cbs/[View]
134630982Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
134633521One needs to be replaced. Who would you choose and who do you replace him with?[View]
134633023Is it true that Clint gets two threesomes in this movie?[View]
134635284>Dude have you watched [insert popular normalfag shit] yet? It's really good.…[View]
134635579We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with…[View]
134634741What should I watch?: I just wrapped up Spawn on HBO Max, and am going to finish Gran Torino, today,…[View]
134635500>it's been 1 year since the last Marvel film[View]
134635411Got a light?[View]
134634556ITT: Degenerate kinos[View]
134635136Is it possible for a single scene to completely ruin an otherwise decent film?[View]
134635370Why are British actors the most skilled?[View]
134633399Star Wars: why not both?[View]
134626142>The photoshoot was for The Daily Mail which made me feel really posh and upmarket.…[View]
134629625Are we supposed to believe the First Order really garnered so little loyalty from its devotees that …[View]
134635261>Here we sit again, at the end of the long school year... A year of adventure, friendship, joy an…[View]
134629934Is Skins a good show or just mediocre i'm considering watching it because of this qt[View]
134633506Top 5 gangster movies. Go.[View]
134635225i just realized Danny Tanner was a huge dilf[View]
134634613A toast! A toast for my friends at /tv/![View]
134635212see the longer the note the more dread[View]
134629524What are some Nordic kinos?[View]
134632072>be dunston >check in[View]
134619854What is his motivation?[View]
134629289scariest movies thread: im talking full on no sleep paranoia no pussy bitch shit[View]
134635069So, what's next for Star Wars?[View]
134632763>564 days until Avatar 2[View]
134635056What are some movies about asking for forgiveness?[View]
134635004She was a diaperfag https://twitter.com/cenkpesos/status/1266876581676449793[View]
134634133What would John's cameo have been like?[View]
134634619Are there any other movies like Attack the Block? I've already seen all of Edgar Wright's …[View]
134634232>find creepy ass cabin deep in the woods >it was clearly inhabited at some point, also has a c…[View]
134629207Why does /tv/ hate Christopher Nolan?[View]
134634805HEY WOMAN[View]
134634107should I binge watch all Sharknados or all Fast and Furious movies?[View]
134634522Movies that invoke The Streisand Effect: Some retard decided to make it a big deal when this movie w…[View]
134634724WTF I hate the government now[View]
134634703Will we ever get a faithful adaptation?[View]
134632565>reads you wikipedia articles >gets paid[View]
134630695Will Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' kill and/or use a gun?[View]
134633972>An ADoS?[View]
134634076https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l3iLpOiSHQ :''''([View]
134630455>ywn watch LOST for the first time ever again[View]
134634545>he watches encodes[View]
134634454This is the best fight scene in the history of cinema.[View]
134634340What do you think about korean romance movies ?[View]
134634266YEAH, I KILLED MY MAMA[View]
134626649What are some good region-free Blu-Ray players? inb4 torrent[View]
134628279What THE FUCK was his problem?[View]
134634217If Michael and Steve's IQs met in the middle, they'd probably have an average IQ.[View]
134633931favorite movies thread: Post your top 10/20/30 favorite movies[View]
134633525Really enjoyed the first couple of seasons. But im struggle to get through season 3 because his acce…[View]
134632930They are 9 universal monsters, how many slasher icons are there ?[View]
134631816Did she really like him or did she just feel sorry for him? Also, what does /tv/ think of this kino?…[View]
134627943Actors who probably don't have female fans[View]
134633876My life is literally any Ryan Gosling flick without the exciting parts. What kino reminds you of you…[View]
134633704Avatar The Last Airbender ATLA: Did you hear about the Avatar The Last Airbender remake coming to ne…[View]
134633035>wake up >you're in this van What do you do?…[View]
134631915Can anyone recommend me some kinos where you see a lady part her legs very slowly? I'm writing …[View]
134632034I almost murdered my siblings because of an impulse decision Kinos for this feel?[View]
134631918Who was in the wrong?[View]
134630756ITT: Book adaptations that would benefit from a hard-R rating.[View]
134632152>his two ex's became lesbians >and are now scissoring each other Is he the most JUST char…[View]
134632507It finally clicked[View]
134629942Has Brosnan finally met his match?[View]
134626709Who would you cast in the inevitable remake?[View]
134632605Looking for a good movie to watch with my 15 year old daughter. She wants to watch this one. Is it a…[View]
134633204What the fuck was his problem?[View]
134627352Miyazaki Thread: For me? It's Castle of Cagliostro.[View]
134633325The lie of film. Look at all that detail! It's fucking shit. Digital forever![View]
134632331/trek/ incel sex rage edition[View]
134633250What are some films that are blatant plagiarism?[View]
134633195What are some actresses you didn't like until you found out they're only HALF retarded?[View]
134618304Avatar The Last Airbender ATLA: Why don't more people acknowledge her as best girl?[View]
134631232Big Brother Australia: Has this show lost all relevance? would zoomers go for it these days? seems l…[View]
134633091When the kino hits you so hard Makes you say : oh my lord[View]
134632318>dude did you know that kinski and herzog actually planned to murder each other? thats such a coo…[View]
134626396What was the worst change from the books in HP?[View]
134626982Which team avatar would win in a fight? Discuss.[View]
134631433what should i watching[View]
134632893Was he based?[View]
134631226Is this Brad's best role?[View]
134631256>I know I just killed your brother in law which clearly bothered you and stole all your money but…[View]
134631784Blue Harvest: As many of you know when STAR WARS EPISODE 6 was being filmed they tried to hide it by…[View]
134630831https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOjWnS4cMY kino[View]
134632224What's the appeal of horror movies? They aren't scary, only boring.[View]
134624204Why couldn't RLM get this character?[View]
134632625>tfw you watch Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhsta…[View]
134632623my pappy never told me how to knock a nigga out[View]
134629854>FUCK OFF HITLER!![View]
134632192Uvucudu jcuftccufu cucuifuuvic[View]
134631236So has American Dad officially dropped in quality or is it still a good show?[View]
134632476what are some good movies about riots?[View]
134627516>money bad >capitalism bad[View]
134632139ITT god-tier acting[View]
134630029Kate Beckinsale: Do you think that Lily Mo Sheen will eventually step into her mother's shoes r…[View]
134632296We seal off the city. No one leaves, and cut the phone lines. Contain the spread of misinformation.[View]
134630572Cast him[View]
134629052Why arent you watching the funniest show on tv right now?[View]
134627983Is this movie supposed to make you hate poor people?[View]
134631481Pick one. Only one.[View]
134631800>Disappointing and anticlimactic ending because LIFE IS DISAPPOINTING AND ANTICLIMACTIC BRO. Erm.…[View]
134627312Congratulations /tv/, you have won my twisted metal tournament, I can alter the very fabric of reali…[View]
134617641ITT: 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
134628687What happened to the American dream?! It came true. You're looking at it. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
134631187You ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? ...Morons![View]
134631198what are some paradoxical kinos?[View]
134630334There's Funky Winkerbean! Over here, Funky![View]
134629973Most /tv/ moments irl?: Not as in things that happened to you that could be made into a story more t…[View]
134631908I want a crossover between freddy remake and chucky remake[View]
134631098movies you can't into: Dont get this flick Yeah it's well shot but endless dessert shots d…[View]
134630482>Several projects with prestigious directors down the line will you be willing to APOLOGIZE to he…[View]
134631870OH N-[View]
134629386i like to come on /tv/ and laugh[View]
134631808What are some films which disagree with the 4chan/Reddit narrative?[View]
134624693Ahahahaha: ITS FUCKING LESS THAN QUIBI! Disney+ - 4 million first day Quibie - 300k HBO max - 90k…[View]
134631361Extras/minor characters you fell in love with: While watching Pagemaster as a child, I thought the m…[View]
134630954Recommend me some black hole kino.[View]
134627192thoughts?: I didn't mind her in stranger things, I actually found her kind of attractive. What …[View]
134631037CUCKILLIONS: Why the FUCK am I still watching this shitshow? I thought S4's >following proto…[View]
134629860Dunston checks em[View]
134629889This isn't how cremation works[View]
134631271>90s movie >it’s quirky and comfy[View]
134631317Why didn't Goku save him?[View]
134631277>THIS IS KATANA[View]
134630151Kinos about making yourself stronger?[View]
134631071goodnight, sweet prince/and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest miss this fat piece of shit like…[View]
134628463Realistically, how is this even supposed to work? Do red pills who 'read' the code see a 3D environm…[View]
134631146Give em hell, Al-Qaeda![View]
134628280Choose one /tv/[View]
134631060What movie is actually pretty good and not cringe at all?[View]
134630971Based or cringe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QMmz7POQRg&list=PLL495ricb791dz4jbQLvMhfdSvK0f…[View]
134629193/sg/ - Sneed General: I feel the need[View]
134614797/trek/: Maybe they commit more crimes.[View]
134630891>4 seasons of waiting for the show to get good. >It never does. That's the last time I tr…[View]
134624512The T1000 was brilliant, but it ended the series. There's no way they could top the threat of a…[View]
134630560I am 4 episodes in, when does it get good? So far I know is the priest is evil and John Connor is Je…[View]
134630629Need help remembering an episode of The Simpsons: Here's an image of the episode, anyone know w…[View]
134630384Guys....this is shit...[View]
134629788Anti-Racism: https://youtu.be/UvmWxm3nR6E In this thread, we post kinos that cancel racism, as in, i…[View]
134630680>LIQUID SKY >This is the underground rage in N.Y.C. at the moment, playing to sell-out crowds.…[View]
134628405I drive: What did he mean by this?[View]
134600644What anime are /tv/ approved?[View]
134629743we need more 'vs' movies ![View]
134630162What is you're favorite snack for eating while you watch the kino? For me its cookie[View]
134629015>Ramsay doesn't know a good 'za when he sees one[View]
134629952You lookin' at me?[View]
134629930any isolation/existential kinos? space is a bonus[View]
134630451Anybody still watching this snoozefest? This is where I drop it. I didn't ask for a police proc…[View]
134625628ctrl+f webm man i miss the days there was a glorious new webm thread every day. cute fargo girl repo…[View]
134630407>distract villain by getting 14 year old girl to flirt with him. How did Kenny Rodgers get away w…[View]
134629595OH N-[View]
134623189Why didn't he kill the avengers after the snap so they couldn't try to undo his work?[View]
134630240Ive been wanting to watch Fire Walk With Me and I was wondering if there is a cut of the movie that …[View]
134628483What are some videos that feel like interdimensional cable?[View]
134630341The Witcher: >Evil is evil, Stregobor. Lesser, greater, middling, it's all the same. I'…[View]
134629840>90 years old >Still directing and acting Will he ever be stopped?…[View]
134623008I didn't care for GoT but I enjoy The Witcher, and Conan, What do you recommend?[View]
134628536i dont get it. his name is sneed? and it was formerly chuck?[View]
134628344Just marathoned this, what did I think?[View]
134627201Did he do it?[View]
134629403watchmen: What did TV think of this film? i quite enjoyed it[View]
134610308Which of these girls did you crush on/fap to growing up, /tv/?[View]
134629814Sonic bros...[View]
134628980You got a bee on your hat[View]
134627422Better than Silence of the Lambs[View]
134614114what is definitively wrong with Justice League Flash?: what is definitively wrong with Justice Leagu…[View]
134627637People watch these wops?[View]
134629869>wait....wait..... if you pull that trigger youll never find my cunny collection…[View]
134629867Why didn't Goku save him?[View]
134629244People are actually excited for this. Holy shit these all these retarded consoomers never learn and …[View]
134629821>it’s a Dougie episode[View]
134627898Harry Potter and the Holocaust Denier: I used to have dreams about being at Hogwarts - I wasn't…[View]
134629382Fuck lads. What did we make of that finale? We've still got another series to go yet and Villan…[View]
134629776name a more kino time to be alive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxKscPYOOBY[View]
134621700this is straight kino no doubt[View]
134625476your chocolate cake and milk, sir[View]
134629242We can all agree that the Gene storyline won't end well for Jimmy, right? They can't possi…[View]
134629674ITT: approved movies in the future American police state. I’ll start[View]
134629640Simpler times.[View]
134629477cast it[View]
134587733Top-tier antagonist thread. Who's your favourite?[View]
134629433>protagonist daydreams about a successful filmmaking career for so long that he actually experien…[View]
134619419rick and morty: where can i watch the season finale of rick and morty for free live?[View]
134624336'You ouighta see me with a .357 Magnum. I'm awesome.' - Grima Wormtongue https://www.youtube.co…[View]
134627271>What are ya buildin for him this time a rrrrrrrocketship?[View]
134623054what did I think of this?[View]
134625995Nick... What's going on, big guy? You just tripped my wife.[View]
134628723ADAPT TO THIS[View]
134629128If his best movies came out today, they would be critically panned by journalists and Twitter. They …[View]
134629113why doesnt mike make movies anymore?[View]
134628522Good Morning it is June 1st 2020 and it's a Monday. Here in LA, beautiful blue skies, golden su…[View]
134629166He's on the filed flight plan, he's on his way to catch Bane. But he has to shoot a man to…[View]
134629084He downloads shows from 'rutracker' hihi...[View]
134628950So I read that the former United States is so desperate for medical supplies that they have allegedl…[View]
134626746Is this the most kino shot in all television and film?[View]
134621904why can't they make a good Tekken movie?[View]
134612355Godzilla King of the Monsters: This came out one year ago today What’s the verdict?[View]
134626311DECLINE TERMINAL IS BACK: KINO is back on the menu boys! I thought the creators were suicided desu …[View]
134628742The sexual tension is unbearable[View]
134628509Are you an angle grinder to the pussy guy or a lop off her tits with a circular saw man?[View]
134621678>just a lone wolf[View]
134628431Toni Collette: How is she so hot bros? She isn't even pretty, but she just screams sex.[View]
134628326>we like to party[View]
134622622Can they be adapted sympathetically or is it impossible?[View]
134628558why does Hollywood hate redheads?[View]
134619822I really like this movie, the bunker John Goodman built was pretty sweet, don't you think so?[View]
134619965V for Vendetta: was V for Vendetta a good adaptation of the comic? was it faithful?[View]
134627382Y-year of the spoon...[View]
134625425Avatar 2 workers land in NZ: Looks like kino is bouta be made boys[View]
134627962Every movie is boring[View]
134628288Ding dong diddly[View]
134622452Why was it so kino?[View]
134628049what did I think of this?[View]
134627222What are some good movies about mothers and sons?[View]
134627340Whatever happened to anton yelchin? He seemed liked he’d be the next big thing, and then his career …[View]
134626754Ladies and gentlemen, you are not in Kansas anymore. You are on /tv/. Respect that fact every second…[View]
134613518>Kids of the playground! I have an announcement....[View]
134626282Haha, anon what are you doing back here? This is for employees only. C'mon, quit kidding around…[View]
1346276232020, I am forgotten...[View]
134624010>uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental…[View]
134625722What exactly was the point of Count Dooku? The concept of him is kind of neat, being a wise, Yoda-li…[View]
134626842why did hackson cut Boggo from the movies? all the scenes were filmed. not as if he couldn't fi…[View]
134609566/film/: Thread for the discussion of classic cinema and arthouse films Previous: >>134598696…[View]
134627768who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
134627038ITT: Comfy scenes from bad shows[View]
134627670goodnight, sweet prince/and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest miss this fat piece of shit like…[View]
134625727full grown men still live with their moms in korean movies. why is that?[View]
134623756Does anyone know of a good way to get pretty much it episodes for free?[View]
134625990Is it really?[View]
134627058do women respect manlets?[View]
134626840>cage drops >100 brock lesnars drop Who wins?…[View]
134626107How the fuck did they make this? Imagine being alive in 1927 and witnessing cyberpunk science fictio…[View]
134627443Then I look around and I realize, God left this place a long time ago.[View]
134627362There are Disney executives browsing this board right now: H-hey mouse execs, Endgame was good!…[View]
134625771How in the fuck was this his plan? It would take extreme luck to line up every single gang member in…[View]
134627202ITT Post an album get recommended a kino[View]
134625731Why is anyone excited for a Justice League: Snydercut? I feel like this did to the DC universe what …[View]
134618707What's your favorite eposode?[View]
134622006Is CGI nudity really a common thing or just a niche rare thing? Body doubles are already overstated …[View]
134626363Cheers to Mr. Dunnhier Was there ever a more tragic end?[View]
134626665So anon, have you seen the latest KINO?[View]
134621784How the fuck did this get greenlit? It’s so obvious who (((they))) are[View]
134619140In what universe is she a 10/10?: 'Well, frankly, you scored so far over your head when you got her,…[View]
134624092>is called 'the nostalgia critic' >reviews movies from 2019…[View]
134626493where can i watch this for free[View]
134626983What did they eat?[View]
134624123I have my movies organized by decade but I still have no movies from 2020 yet. What should my first …[View]
134625394If he's anti-digital and only uses film, why are his movies so soulless?[View]
134626844So wait...: This guy was literally the basis for Van Wilder, had an entire exposé written about him …[View]
134626869One hell of a soundtrack[View]
134618431No K word edition: WW84 thread[View]
134625283>tfw just wasted an hour and 47 minutes Never listening to normalfag opinions ever again.…[View]
134626813The rape, Sansa[View]
134626657Where is she right now? Is she safe? What do you think she is doing as America burns? Also post your…[View]
134626742is it a true story? accuracy %?[View]
134626710What did I think of it? And was Gyllenhaal black?[View]
134626661Say hi to this psycho leftist Dude literally showed his cock and balls on stream https://youtu.be/ll…[View]
134624909Post cool movie photos[View]
134626198You did it Anon! Look at you, you king. You made it all the way through, ten chicken wings down, all…[View]
134625517Just watched Guns Akimbo. It was a good shoot em up film tailored to nerd interests. What's yal…[View]
134626199so now that the western civilisation its on the brink of collapse recommend m some good korean/japan…[View]
134626555what in the FUCK was his problem?[View]
134625944She's got a great ass! And your SNIFFER IS ALL THE WAY UP IT![View]
134626362>you open that trunk, they go inside[View]
134626381Things will never be this comfy again[View]
134627419>select all images with fire hydrants >fail >select all images with cars >fail >selec…[View]
134625337boy i sure can't wait for all these films to be made about the year rollercoasted year that is …[View]
134626048Dragon Ball: Thoughts about this movie? What could've made it better?[View]
134622806They tried to kill him.[View]
134626357Urge to kill fading... fading... fading... RISING[View]
134626379Stephen King: Favorite Stephen King adaptation? >The original (book) ending to It was based on a…[View]
134625272>Rowling wrote the rules of quidditch specifically to piss off sports fan Was she actually cool a…[View]
134622461Do you guys think that The Boys adaptation is a good doomer show?[View]
134625222One of the best movies I've ever watched, the main character was very relatable. Pic related is…[View]
134625933Care to join me in a power rangers thread? Jannies need not inquire[View]
134625146yawn Up to S3. When does it get good? When does it finally get to the level of Breaking Bad? Pretty …[View]
134622139Can someone explain blowback to me?[View]
134620811What was the message of this film?[View]
134623268>If yous wanna gets to him, yous gotta go through me[View]
134626126I can't remember who, but isn't a really famous British actor (who's quite good), bro…[View]
134613774The galleria?[View]
134622235One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Why does everyone think this is just a commentary on mental in…[View]
134626007Brother Gontai, will you allow me to see you off one last time?: I'm sad, Cao Cao and Chen Gong…[View]
134621843>PowerPuffGirls crash land in your yard. What you do?[View]
134623190What was the message of this film?[View]
134622569Was Childs the Thing? It seems heavily implied.[View]
134625619ITT: best deleted scenes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCB-balUBu8[View]
134625882/india/: What indian film we watching tonight bros? Pic semi-related, just marathoned Pyaar Kiya To …[View]
134625397From this[View]
134625349Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein: Has anyone seen this and knows how it compares to the Netflix documentar…[View]
134625588Is Dasha's acting any good?[View]
134624442Post actors who look like felines[View]
134625344>Hey Bill! Come on! Race war![View]
134625350>He was an idiot[View]
134624213Blodeld in drag: Re watched diamonds are forever . . . was there any point to him dress up as a woma…[View]
134623482the FUCK[View]
134618824How about another joke, Maximus.[View]
134625116ITT: Movies that are so fucking funny they make you wanna merge without looking[View]
134623301Why don't movies have more lesbians in them?[View]
134625508What's up with her eye? Watching Baywatch Remastered is kinda disturbing.[View]
134618183What are the best movies that revolve around a dog?Old Yeller sucks, dont even try to say that shit …[View]
134625387What differentiates a bad actor and a good one?[View]
134624949>first cinema in my city re-opened today >they're showing Blade Runner Based…[View]
134625334Doctor Who - Season 11: It wasn't as bad as people said, but bloody hell it wasn't exactly…[View]
134624149is there a sweatier movie?[View]
134625434Why did it do so poorly?[View]
134622989ITT: TV Shows you are excited for.[View]
134625286hi i'm a perfect movie and a 10/10 comedy[View]
134620509Just watched this trash today. Did people like this?[View]
134624469>so I got drunk the other day >AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
13462168690 Day fiance: How did David do it? Ed couldn't do it[View]
134624409Hi, I'm gay actor Michael Douglas...[View]
134622471Ya know fellas..[View]
134616969why did her career go away?[View]
134620361At any point did the Iron Man MCU transformation look this good?[View]
134624594You give me fever *POP*[View]
134625149>Here we are! Branson, Missouri. >'No paly. This is Brosnan, Missouri.'…[View]
134624215>friday, go ahead and run the 'invent time travel and build a 50ft tall time machine in less than…[View]
134624695Holly Hunter was relentlessly cute in this film.[View]
134623560Does it just boggle anyone else's mind when you see documentaries of how people's living s…[View]
134622445Scenes where the actress obviously had soaked panties[View]
134624881This MOTHERFUCKER has ruined films for me , i can't appreciate any movie that's not dogvil…[View]
134621630is this show as good as people say it is?[View]
134624348the 'outro' wasn't very subtle[View]
134619665What is the moral of the story?[View]
134619307Lynch kinos ranked by Rotten Tomatoes rating: 1. The Straight Story - 95% 2. Twin Peaks: The Return …[View]
134622779Doomcock: Why did Doomcock turn gay and start singing shit 80 year old songs instead of bitching abo…[View]
134623348Why is /tv/ so dead tonight?[View]
134619384Post your celebrity look alike[View]
134623987Irm Hermann, Marlene in The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, has passed away. https://www.theguardian…[View]
134624084John Oliver Is he based or cringe?[View]
134624030There's Funky Winkerbean! Over here, Funky![View]
134621923Why was he so mean to the gas station attendant? There's nothing wrong with honest work.[View]
134624343How should we feel about media's romanticization of American law enforcement?[View]
134624418>Bend too far, and you've already broken.[View]
134622356Why didn't the Jedi just run away really fast from the clone troopers?[View]
134621900>i'm rey >rey who? >rey *looks at camera* Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker …[View]
134608544>Listen to me you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and y…[View]
134621061>Listen kid, I'm not gonna bullshit you, all right? I don't give a good fuck what you k…[View]
134619814Why does film feel dead to me?: I watched over 80 films before the lockdown. Since then, maybe 3 tot…[View]
134622262The Rise of Leslie Vernon: Thoughts?[View]
134623434mood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTYNwwPQH4k[View]
134624005Movie songs that give you the feels?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKh6XxYbbIc[View]
134621293why are netflix documentaries so bad?[View]
134623652Hey anon, wanna go jogging with me after my shift is over?[View]
134606778LOTR reunion tonight: Anyone else gonna watch? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzPpOzBxJfk…[View]
134624024This caused mass suicide in Britbong land[View]
134618122Youtube Kino Thread: Let's kick it off with a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEI_Cd8azBY…[View]
134617846>Movie set in Alabama >Sweet Home Alabama is played in the intro…[View]
134622866Cast him.[View]
134623255Alias Thread: Binging this baby right now and it's comfy as fuck. Such a fun show.[View]
134621765david: is he /ourguy/? lowkey like his jacket and holy smokes lana is a babe[View]
134620489You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go 'according to plan.' Even if the plan …[View]
134620541Kinos that make me hate people less?[View]
134623316Hannibal: wow so abigail was just red riding hood?[View]
134623179What are some suspenseful films?[View]
134623223You are not the father.[View]
134623224damn what are some phil kino to get me through these times?[View]
134623152ITT: god tier sequels only.[View]
134623150kino only ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8_DCEqD49o[View]
134622752/tv/ related conspiracies thread?[View]
134620763Cobra Kai to leave YouTube ahead of Season 3: Will be finding a new streaming service https://deadli…[View]
134619937Was it autism[View]
134622997>Here's your movie set, mate.[View]
134615815The 'how the hell did this performer make it' thread: >Ugly >Fat >Not a great acting range …[View]
134622881OH N-[View]
134611818movies zoomers will never understand: i'll start[View]
134622388Would this be allowed on TV these days? If you don't get the reference of this gif, GTFO.[View]
134621989Seinfeld: Should Kramer have apologized to the monkey even tho the monkey was the one who started it…[View]
134622190Any good B-Movies?[View]
134617247Dear journal,[View]
134622512>Good guy arrests a bad guy subordinate and things start to look promising >Subordinate gets s…[View]
134620276What does tee vee think of the midnight gospel?[View]
134622532so smol[View]
134592916Jenna Nicholson shits on Land before Time (1988): did she go too far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
134620485The CATS movie was utter shite and there’s nothing that was good about that mo- https://youtu.be/vc…[View]
134611400Ping! Pow! Boom! Bing![View]
134619818so if no one shows up to the realtors doesn't hat mean the alien dies?[View]
134622331>This is the kid i was telling you about[View]
134618303The streaming industry is going to crash. Too many services and most of them only have shit nobody w…[View]
134618258John Mulaney: Unfunny and is only beloved by neoliberal normies. Onions humor.[View]
134602933Moments of questionable special effects.[View]
134622101>Moshi mosh~~~ >Americanon-kun?[View]
134620273Fallen Chads: Any other Kino’s about Chad suddenly losing absolutely everything and gradually learni…[View]
134622048Movies for this aesthetic?[View]
134619790>top 5 trending on Netflix Told you fags it was good weeks ago[View]
134621350kimbafags BTFO FOREVER[View]
134621705>Oh hi im Bill Gates https://youtu.be/K1W3LF9Bbzc[View]
134621768what's your favorite documentary?[View]
134621750I was at church and the lady said she liked my snake skin shoes. I told her, 'I'm 70. I forgot …[View]
1346170232010's was the golden age of horror prove me wrong[View]
134616787why are christian movies so shit? are christian directors just utterly incapable of producing art?[View]
134622069im gen z and liked this[View]
134618634Holy shit[View]
134619616ITT: Things your parents say or do during movies.[View]
134621931Why'd he do it bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv1rKHGeMRk[View]
134620022What movie was your first fap material?[View]
134621739is the UK really like this?[View]
134617508Will it succeed?[View]
134619391The only DC capekino I’ve enjoyed in the last decade is Shazam, Teen Titans Go to the Movies, and Le…[View]
134621930who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134621783What's the weirdest, most obscure movie you've ever seen?[View]
134618267You're reading Adventure Call, My name is Falconhoof, and I'll be your guide on your quest…[View]
134621863It’s impressive how every single Kevin and Matt episode is a 10/10[View]
134621857What are some Kagamine Kinos?[View]
134617291This is the most disturbing horror film ever made.[View]
134617929Why is it rated so highly?[View]
134614766/trek/: it's finally over edition[View]
134621203>FIRE! FIRE! FIRE![View]
134621689>went in expecting sci-fi russian kino >it is some retarded 'thot cucking her bf for the hands…[View]
134621632Jerry saves the day: Based based based. Absolutely based[View]
134621612Is it me or are things getting crazier out there[View]
134604649ITT: Strangely specific sub-genres.[View]
134620171My last made me feel like I would never try again But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt …[View]
134620884>Perfect movies don't exis- You may not like it, but tarantula managed to do what nobody els…[View]
134616617I still can't believe they cut this from The Shining just because Friday the 13th ended with a …[View]
134618487I tucked the bed.[View]
134616069why did we collectively allow this retarded piece of shit to ruin so many movies in the 90s[View]
134619948BRUNT: EFF SEE AYY[View]
134621373>Leave Godzilla to me[View]
134617474Do you enjoy the films of Timothee Chalamet?[View]
134620567obscure waifu thread[View]
134620126Fuck you, it was good[View]
134618703are you like travis bickle[View]
134621323What does /tv/ think of television characters named Chuck?[View]
134619463My man![View]
134621378Was he a snitch for the cartel?[View]
134621137What are the best summer movies?[View]
134621336In this movie, Bond is literally about to fuck a girl, but when a prettier one comes in he shoves th…[View]
134621330cast him[View]
134621198>Hey gang, Larry Vickers here, today we'll be taking a look at Weapons of Ass Destruction 2…[View]
134620287This is the best movie ever made[View]
134618158Movies with romance between mature women/young man?[View]
134617748Best millenial comedians and/or funnymen?: Seems like millenial comedians are much weaker compared t…[View]
134613538How come she pulls off the Crack whore look so well?[View]
134621008literal kino[View]
134619255where can i find a clementine gf[View]
134619224He came up the idea called 'post-credits scene'[View]
134621031Jackie Brown: I miss this nigga like you wouldnt beleive. He was a loyal friend, he only fucked up b…[View]
134620036>tfw no french aristocrat gf LIFE IS PAIN[View]
134618618Aunt May, I'm sorry I'm late, work was murder. I picked up a fruitcake. He's in my tr…[View]
134620822...Sudden weight loss??[View]
134619226Any chance that we can get a series based on The Night Land? I think this would be absolutely Bad As…[View]
134620875>in english, Doc[View]
134620050>it's not about the money it's about sending a message[View]
134618638hate to actors: Why do people blame actors when something goes wrong?[View]
134620267Existential kino WANTED: Please recommend. A few movies in this vein that I've recently watched…[View]
134620787>4537 minutes of film How did he make so many movies? They can't all be good.…[View]
134616774If you're the police, who will police the police?[View]
134617481Was he ever confirmed for gay?[View]
134612880Reminder that most movies are made in the most soulless city in the world. This why anime is actuall…[View]
134619108>Why do we fall, Bruce?[View]
134620713Ooooh, naaasty![View]
134617853My commercialfu is back[View]
134619344You don't often see mexicans wearing a suit[View]
134619999Currently watching pic related, what do I think of it?[View]
134598113Is Mann among the 5 best American directors alive?[View]
134620219when did you realized mr krabs is a criticism of late stage capitalism[View]
134620168I want to see a film about nikola tesla' last years: Cast him[View]
134619871Clint Eastwood is Based: Best director working today and over the last 30 years too. Gonna miss him …[View]
134616572Season 1 was kino[View]
134616758>i ....i should've wished myself strong enough to handle the gems and destroy thanos a secon…[View]
134620204What is your favorite of each type?[View]
134615763Hey what's up /tv/? I'm Kraft Punk[View]
134620114Are there any kinos about rioting?[View]
134613798Remastered in 4K when?[View]
134618394When you give communion, Tim, with shots of Jager, it's time to reel it in.[View]
134620052D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
134619995How was it?[View]
134618022What would you have done to ensure Cara's push in Hollywood succeeded?[View]
134619676Gentlemen, I present to you a channel of pure, unadulterated kino: https://www.youtube.com/user/USCS…[View]
134617896The entire concept is retarded.: It's a story only made for comics. And even then it wasn'…[View]
134618820What did I think of this?[View]
134619677things that make you turn off the flick: >adult character >still drinks milk…[View]
134619491Which movie are you gonna watch to kick off summer, anon?[View]
134614953Give me your best cyberpunk[View]
134619590Comedians: Who's your favorite comedian anon? Why?[View]
134619588My arch-nemesis![View]
134613962Is Six Feet Under worth picking up? Enjoyed BCS, BB, The Wire and The Sopranos.[View]
134619246>law and order: /tv/ >69th precinct officer janny reporting to a domestic in a deadwood thread…[View]
134619215>OH, N-[View]
134618913Michael Mann: Have you ever thought about the dichotomy between the film Thief and Heat? In both the…[View]
134616595Is this worth watching on my second monitor as background noise, along with fast forwarding every sc…[View]
134615360I just started this and it's pretty damn kino so far. Does it stay pretty good or does it pull …[View]
134618610I just watched onward with my mom and my lil brother, and she burst into tears at the ending cuz she…[View]
134616823Spoil a movie's ending/twist but don't say what movie it is. The guy ties up his family an…[View]
134617818This film is so beautiful, bros. It's one of those pieces of art than stay with you for years. …[View]
134619017Why do you hate me /tv/?[View]
134613968well... that was depressing.[View]
134616874Why is he so based, /tv/?[View]
134614489is this when keeping it real goes wrong?[View]
134618919>moves from his Alaska homestead to Minnesota What’s going through Duane Ose’s mind right now?…[View]
134618315Who should Elizabeth choose poll: https://strawpoll.com/b1ch31g3 Ps obvious choice is Nathan[View]
134615622>tfw no Joe Pera Riots With You special[View]
134618597Why does fucking the creator give someone control of their properties?: All she did was fuck a guy w…[View]
134618807>high school movie >The jock shoves the nerd inside of a locker…[View]
134618815What was their endgame?[View]
134617900>tfw 2 smart for the street game >tfw 2 dumb for the big game most tragic arc of the series de…[View]
134618508is being a lesbian kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-69ifz_vdLU&list=PLpwkv1a5iocvG3n3oPw3Y…[View]
134618715lord of the rings actors have zoom reunion[View]
134617430Why couldn't they accurately and convincingly replicate this makeup in RotS or Ross??[View]
134618651>this is punch, right?[View]
134618217Id just like to say this board sucks![View]
134618600JACK!: JACK! DON'T DO IT![View]
134618587I'm dunny? How am I dunny?[View]
13461454190 day Fiancé: Starts in about 15 minutes T mart Hairy legs stanky breath edition with Based Ed >…[View]
134583291Ted shouid have chosen her.[View]
134617148How does your top 10 list of FAVORITE movies compare with your top 10 list of BEST movies?[View]
134618039Spiderman 3: It's kino[View]
134616021English comedy in the 2000s: How did we get away with it?[View]
134617565Between Interstellar, Inception and The Social Network, what is the greatest kino of 2010s?[View]
134617496Incel Kino[View]
134617771What did he do again?[View]
134618086Ohoh, no, no, no, no... OHOHOHOH, o-o-o-oh-[View]
134618193was streets of fire ahead of it's time?[View]
134617549Any Kinos about The Dajjal?[View]
134616462what are you watching while the outside burns?[View]
134615067Hermione Continuation thread - Mods deleted for some reason: Continuing response to anon I'm gl…[View]
134618140Captain Solo, I'm 3P0[View]
134617725Star Wars Cast Bullied: Does anyone have screen grabs of the Star Wars cast members being bullied? D…[View]
134616458>Used to be called the smartest show on TV >Most of the jokes are puns and character stuff Ame…[View]
134617343>Dystopian Future movie >Neon lights, giant billboards, smog, unrest in the streets, militariz…[View]
134618090ITT: IRL kino[View]
134616591>my dad has a picture of pierce brosnan on his phone and uses it at the hairdresser to show what …[View]
134615983Hey /tv/![View]
134617551How you holding up /tv/?[View]
134618019this is a janny approved off topic thread. post whatever you want.[View]
134616030Is this drive but with bikes?[View]
134617075>ay yoog i play dah time wizad! >he duz whatever i sez he duz since there are no rulez to dis …[View]
134610479What happened to this guy? Great looks, good acting. Make shitty marvel/dc flicks. C'mon . we k…[View]
1346168751984 (1984): Have you ever seen the movie 1984? https://twitter.com/savageisnumberr/status/126716365…[View]
134614759>Orange man uses twitter >Someone makes an inappropriate comment towards a woman and then gets…[View]
134617420what a fucking retard[View]
134616802My friends, I speak to you from the country of Ghana, my nephew in Canada show me this sit. I know t…[View]
134616232Jesus i thought you guys were kidding about this filter. What the fuck mood is this trying to evoke?[View]
134615317Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue[View]
134617611soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UnjrG_N8hU[View]
134606457ITT: movies so bad they're good[View]
134608972Does FXX have the highest ratio of good shows?[View]
134612135>plays the same boring character in every shitty movie >5'10' >bald >doesn't h…[View]
134602903Would you have had sex with her character if you were in jail?[View]
134616980favourite stand up comedian ?[View]
134608320This is a thread about the career of Nick Mullen, former commercial actor and TV writer, as well as …[View]
134613327what do you guys think of airsoftfatty? is he dare I say /our fatty/? https://youtu.be/thmZr7OMtH8[View]
134616596Me on the right.[View]
134613753“14 words, brother”: What did HH mean by this?[View]
134613643Heresy Thread: You know, I’m starting to suspect this emperor guy isn’t real. Has anyone even seen a…[View]
134617357Heil... myself?: I'm the German Ethel Merman don't you know? the thing you've got to …[View]
134614927>documentary drops >anonymous leak info about the case is this the biggest marketing strategy …[View]
134614784>last movie you saw >what you're watching tonight…[View]
134616109Why have I never seen a Parks and Recreation thread on /tv/? We have a bunch of The Office threads, …[View]
134616303While the riots distract the nation from Obamagate, I would like to address the elephant in the room…[View]
134616371Holy shit this was not funny[View]
134608186what went wrong?[View]
134617167https://discord.gg/6nAwre Join the discord and chat while watching TCM tonight at 2 am EST for 'Sex …[View]
134616329Holy Fuck: rewatching star gate universe and all I can say is sci fi fans are retarded neckbeards …[View]
134617022AWAKEN MY MASTERS https://youtu.be/XUhVCoTsBaM[View]
134613474Why did this get put on the talk show? The bit wasn't good and I doubt he's the only shit …[View]
134617020Is this unironically a good movie or not?[View]
134616655It's 1950 and you're invited to Stalin's dacha for a movie night. What movie do you b…[View]
134561826OH N-[View]
134613636>two old friends meet again after many years >'You crazy fuckin son of a bitch, how the hell a…[View]
134616955Post non-american police kino[View]
134614012ITT: comfy 90s movies only[View]
134616353>Actor dies between seasons >Sopranos did a creepy cgi face >Curb said the character went t…[View]
134612850Anybody feel like this show's dialogue just got overwrought and pretentious in Season 2?[View]
134613893Best Alien movie[View]
134616762>my old adversary once said, 'society only makes sense if you force it to'…[View]
134616543>Dr. Goebbels, I'm NSDAP.[View]
134616209What does /tv/ think of the Riddick film series?[View]
134616743>Why yes I do watch my kino at 480p on VLC player, how could you tell?[View]
134616266what the fuck is this character? why even bother bringing him back[View]
134616368Do you remember this show and if so are you an octogenarian like me?[View]
134615873It's over, Disney+ bros they won[View]
134615783Looking back, this whole scene was kino[View]
134614476>that's right babe, he called him a 'big guy' and then Bane said 'for you' but it …[View]
134616507Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?[View]
134616475As I browse through the catalog of television and film I take a look at my life and realize there…[View]
134612832What the FUCK was her problem ?[View]
134616337You know, we've got a lot to thank Greg Wallace for around here. https://youtu.be/IfeyUGZt8nk[View]
134615732Steve Jobs: It’s great. Rogen can’t hold his own against those veteran dramatic actors though[View]
134613925>tv show has a videogame episode[View]
134616389>ad starts >piano music >now that you're getting back in the swing of things…[View]
134615159>yo have you seen that movie drive with ryan gosling? >yep >what if we remade that same exa…[View]
134612413when are we getting more nature docus?[View]
134615112>direct hit by 125mm HEAT round at close range >:( >punched once in the face by /fit alien …[View]
134611624/filthy rich/ general: Thank God despite all this pedophilia moving through Mar A Lago, the owner wa…[View]
134614418we need him back. now more than ever.[View]
134616282> I need to complete this challenge for my baby back home.[View]
134616158Now that the dust has settled, was it better than the sopranos?[View]
134616179Look what happened because of what you did, what it led to! There are riots out there! Two white peo…[View]
134615921Doing movie night with bros, need some good horror kino.[View]
134615562Lots of known horror franchises have remakes or are being remade. So which horror movie has the best…[View]
134615669>it's an Ancients can help but can't help episode[View]
134616113ITT: Musical Kino Btw, was Jud Fry /ourguy/?[View]
134605716Brits only thread Who was your childhood waifu?[View]
134615784Joss Whedon: sex pest[View]
134612158Based Douge at it again How will avatarfags ever recover? https://youtu.be/-xRASv3SCYk[View]
134609574/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>134598696[View]
134614761I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
134613898This better work, boy. I don't want to end up working on your mother's emu farm![View]
134614073Spaced - Have you even seen it?: I need to know because this show is incredible. One of England…[View]
134614343Anyone suggestion time paradox movies like Coherence and Primer?[View]
134615700are comedians television. and film?[View]
134614811What is your favourite American police procedural and legal drama television series?[View]
134607210Is this the only decent Paul W.S. Anderson movie?[View]
134613610Do you work the compuers?[View]
134615598Serious question...Why does this incompetent hack always land at the top of the best Captains lists?[View]
134612456what's next for his career?[View]
134612481>dude killing the monster makes you the monster trash[View]
134615602You play ball like a GIRL![View]
134611965BlacKkKlansman: This film was actually great, why did you say it was terrible?[View]
134613673Deadpan comedy: Surely you can't be serious?[View]
134615529A true subversive masterpiece: https://youtu.be/DU11he2PR7Q[View]
134615528He's wired in[View]
134604005Is her acting career over?[View]
134614490>yes he gave American corporations a 25% tax cut his third month in office, now get your fat ass …[View]
134613202Anime? Yes.[View]
134615327Who was your favorite Seinfeld side character?[View]
134615385What are some kinos about bullying?[View]
134615328Does this country even have health inspectors? What do they do exactly? Why is every kitchen a bioha…[View]
134613908Honestly... How will he ever recover? Also other stories of actors who completely emasculated themse…[View]
134614591Justice League: Why did it fail?[View]
134614550Was Charmed a good show? Is it worth checking out?[View]
134609121why are they so FUCKING lazy?[View]
134615121You now remember Hard Candy (2005)[View]
134615124well, /tv/? Did your favorite actor/actress speak up or not?[View]
134613961I like to walk around my room and re-enact this scene in my head (and other scenes from Joker). I…[View]
134613300>Executive Producer >Dick Wolf[View]
134613373>May 31, 2020 >I am forgotten...[View]
134612408what the fuck was biffs problem[View]
134613951profanity in movies: >be leaf >watching movie >character says c*nt >tfw seriously using …[View]
134613635In retrospect this show was terrible lmao[View]
134614112Shows with redeeming Season finals: What are some shows with visible decline in quality that somehow…[View]
134614789If Howard was so sure of the value of the opal, why didn't he just buy it at the auction, have …[View]
134614674Some people have called him an 'overrated pop surrealist.' If that's the case, then who's …[View]
134614199any other characters that have germ phobia: or ocd type of behavior? maybe even to the point that th…[View]
134589851So /tv/ have you ever met a celeb IRL?? How did it go??[View]
134614647>that episode where Truman was so horny he bikes for over two hours to meet a tranny from a few t…[View]
134605022webm thread: Haven't had one of these in a while. Post your webms[View]
134614588What are some films where the bad guy actually turns out to be the good guy?[View]
134609202/who/ Doctor Who General: Previous: >>134589955[View]
134613544What are some good drama shows that largely take place in a single family's house?[View]
134612039What went wrong?[View]
134608793>i check[View]
134612997whore gf gets all the money in the end Um...based?[View]
134613989>its elephant but its called olephant! >OC do not steal! Tolkien was a hack.…[View]
134612453Dad's on a hunting trip[View]
134613794$350 for the Magnum, $250 for the .38, One-and-a-Quarter for the .25, $150 for the .380[View]
134612120Avenge my death Kimba... I mean, Simba![View]
134605837Has a television & film ever awakened anything in you?[View]
134613228These types of shows get boring really quick. There's a theme where a character has to make a m…[View]
134613992I miss this little speedy boi like u couldnt believe[View]
134613978Solaris: Movies that sperg you out. Woot, imma gonna think, now?[View]
134613820>watching a movie >there's a dead guy >he's played by alive actor…[View]
134610834Tell me about the times you've acted like Lalo[View]
134611542I dont get it how this movie is not feminazi propaganda? Literally muh stronk wymyn kicking toxic ma…[View]
134612033He found him at the end, right? I would like to hear the arguments of someone who thinks he doesn…[View]
134613499>character is the inverse of the protagonist >their name is the protagonist's name spelle…[View]
134613585Alright /tv, show me your kinos with terrible critic reviews but great audience scores. Pic related,…[View]
134607495What are some 80s neo-noir kinos?[View]
134601190Is there anything good on this? It's the only subscription service my parents have. So far I…[View]
134610123Who was your favorite wrestler as a kid?[View]
134612967Normal People: Am I alone in not being able to get into this? All of the characters feel stale, dist…[View]
134613296Celebrity meeting stories[View]
134606342So who was in the wrong here?[View]
134612424*sniff sniff* Manflesh![View]
134613418Disney needs to produce a House of Cards style show about how Jar Jar rose to power from a marginali…[View]
134613188Gonig camping, Post scary outdoor films[View]
134603172Is Fletch the greatest movie ever made?[View]
134612070worse than jar jar[View]
134612950Which fictional character do you most identify with?[View]
134613284https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrnyjhLOZvQ Thoughts?[View]
134608880>turned our living room into an office because roommate and I are both working from home due to o…[View]
134613268fb 'n' tweets: we control the future the past is controbale[View]
134609572This might have been the most kino scene in the history of tv, nothing will ever surpass it, nothing…[View]
134612888How much would a 16oz bottle of LSD actually cost?[View]
134613227So this is what the year looks like so far during meme virus. How is it compared to previous years?[View]
134613206Where is Judge ''I am the law'' when you need him?[View]
134612062/sag/ Sopranos Aesthetics General: Elliot has a very comfy office I just noticed. I can imagine doin…[View]
134606942>le badass smart lesbian character who loves drugs and secks!!!! cringe…[View]
134612149>sources have indicated to the Hollywood Reporter that sci fi author Patrick S Tomlinson has been…[View]
134609581Batman 1989: Just watched This movie for the first time. What did I think of it?[View]
134612421Why are most of the lesbians in screen black?[View]
134611842Kino about the return of a long lost hero?[View]
134612922for me it was real[View]
134612239What movie or TV series would translate well in to an MMO?[View]
134612899ITT: Real life kino.[View]
134601596Put down, and piss off![View]
134612004Neo nazi[View]
134610870Are...are they gonna fuck?[View]
134610924Thank God despite all this pedophelia moving through Mar A Lago, the owner was not involved. I think…[View]
134611402The Last Picture Show: Jacy was an easy little slut.[View]
134612627>film costs 185 million dollars >the most important scene is two guys talking in a small room,…[View]
134612709old kinos that aged well[View]
134612678he's literally me[View]
134609678what's his motivation?[View]
134606210The Godfather: Part I >Family is corrupt Part II >Business and politics are corrupt Part III …[View]
134604852Anime that can have great western adaptations[View]
134586967were porgs really culturally relevant enough to get a tattoo? I feel as if I only saw them once in t…[View]
134612698Song tropes: >Movie or Scene is set in the 1960s >'Take a little trip and see' starts playing…[View]
134607573So we’re agreed this is the apex of the MCU?[View]
134607152>Used to make based shows like Rome, Sopranos, and early GOT >Now it's all blacked cuck s…[View]
134609364>Scenes that brought tears to your eyes[View]
134612554>scene in the Middle East or India >Sitar starts playing…[View]
134612562shot / reverse shot is the best film technique ever[View]
134602780>Did you just cough?[View]
134612561The Head Hunter: So what did you lads think about this one? Personally I really liked it, there are …[View]
134612558Rest in pieces. Irm. Fassbender heroine.[View]
134610844Holy fuck this movie is beautiful.[View]
134610837So in theory, what would it actually taste like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tEfrKffiLY https:/…[View]
134606999Back from work. Need a movie to escape reality. Any suggestions?[View]
134611451I hate these two so fucking much[View]
134612439Interstella 5555: Is this the first AMV?[View]
134610378Could basedjack possible be turn into a comedy animation tv show? And who will make it?[View]
134610400BLEACH kino?[View]
134610694is there a way to rewind real life?[View]
134609840Is Rick and Morty on tonight? It is right? new episode at 11? What are your expectations for it, how…[View]
134611205That would be the cleanest, best TCAP thread.[View]
134612369How would Thrawn deal with rioters in America?[View]
134611059The End of the Fucking World: did you like this netflix original?[View]
134612291The perfect movie for tonight.[View]
134612207Was he really a bad guy?[View]
134610638Why is it so hard: making a female character feel genuinely intimidating? This specifically seems to…[View]
134611331Why were the Elves in LOTR so prejudiced against men?[View]
134610783wtf?: is Clone Wars that good?[View]
134612235Rift in space edition[View]
134612202TV recommendations: What are some good shows that you'd recommend to binge watch this summer? I…[View]
134610887Boy, they sure do a lot of talking for a group of warrior people. BOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN…[View]
134611925Kimberly Wexler[View]
134611972nothing happens : the movie[View]
134608787ITT: only 5/5 comedykinos[View]
134610790Why was Jim actively trying to get other men to sleep with Pam, his wife?[View]
134611029*saves your series*[View]
134611289Geoff and Vicki: I'm in love with them, how are they so comfy? https://youtu.be/_A9plKfa79U htt…[View]
134611893Finished making number two? Don't bother Cam. First one was predictable and boring. go fish.[View]
134611908I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
134604538How many 'wars' are there in Star Wars?[View]
134611835VGH... THE GIGVCHVDS OF BRITANNVA.....![View]
134611705What were Norwegians thinking?![View]
134609846it's an inanimate carbon rod![View]
134611774He trip[View]
134611772Simple lines that resonate.: >Agu, you are going to kill this man.…[View]
134611118>We have to go back[View]
134609321Is this all a precursor to The Bell Riots?[View]
134611734What are some films where the protagonist makes a horrible mistake?[View]
134609870>we need a jogger scientist[View]
134589955/who/ - Doctor Who general: Guess /who/'s back Red Dwarf/ Doctor Who crossover when?[View]
134610010>female character watches male character awkwardly leave her house >moments later male charact…[View]
134606756Klaus Kinski is one of those underrated actors. He was great in 'Aguirre, the Wrath of God' I just l…[View]
134611525When movies are almost as good as litterature script. also 2001[View]
134609845Well I'm much younger than Leo and Brad so in 20 years your joke won't even be funny anymo…[View]
134611531Do you have any /tv/ related clothes?[View]
134609815You're laughing. A whole country burning down because of what you did and you're laughing.[View]
134611497Why did McKenna think Ike Hill was called Abikka Recar? Did Joe Kurr leave him out of the loop?[View]
134609901peep show thread: I'M NOT SICK BUT I'M NOT WELL[View]
134610850I'm watching samurai kino. What are you watching ?[View]
134606107This would not make a good movie.[View]
134610235Kinos where two powerful good guys have to fight?[View]
134606827Naked by climbing out of Buckingham Palace: Was it just for that dumb TV show? Is there any proof th…[View]
134602876Where do you guys download your kino?[View]
134610152Sneedas Tirith... City of Feed.[View]
134609286Oh n-[View]
134609877Laura Dern was hot in JP.[View]
134610380Inspiring quotes from television & film[View]
134610969What are some movies where the hero is thought long gone, but returns at the darkest hour to turn th…[View]
134608517>grab the wheel[View]
134610925So why did they cuck Finn while Rey kissed the white boi?[View]
134610909As I browse through the catalog of television and film I take a look at my life and realize there…[View]
134595330Latest movie you literally fell in sleep to in theater?[View]
134604817This is kind of a weird question and may be misinformed but why are cop stories a big thing in Ameri…[View]
134594446Has Russia made any Kinos?[View]
134610787So this fucker was 'The First Skywalker', now confirmed canon. What the fuck does it even mean?[View]
134610134Why do so many movies try to 'subvert' our 'expectations'?[View]
134609381Drop the 'nel'. Just 4chan, it's cleaner[View]
134609497Lady Snowblood: I was enjoying this movie up until suddenly a little girl strips naked for no fuckin…[View]
134609517Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134609836Will artificial intelligence write and direct movies and TV shows in the future?[View]
134610447I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't even believe.[View]
134609599Most relevant shows?[View]
134603248Why are there lots of movies about handsome men who have lots of sex but are depressed, but I can’t …[View]
134609029Just watched manchester by the sea, was not enjoyable at all.[View]
134610078why so we have so many actors? 100 are more than enough to cover all the roles in every Hollywood pr…[View]
134609264Is Christian cinema making a comeback?[View]
134605433Why do they keep doing this?[View]
134609706Why are there no Andrew Jackson kinos?[View]
134601558/trek/ - Star Trek General: Social Distancing Edition Stale bread >>134582960[View]
134598696/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema Last thread: >>134578329…[View]
134610058>what time was the crime committed >last night between one and one thirty >one and one thir…[View]
134609682The most heartbreaking scene in modern cinema.[View]
134609430>I didn't know how empty my soul was, untill it was filled[View]
134599993>Lisa: 'Mom I know your intentions are good. But aren't police a force that maintains the st…[View]
134609899Funny and sad that this is more relevant now than it was 20 years ago.[View]
134607828KINO: Actual kino, why aren't we talking about this?[View]
134608360How did Nolan get a way with this?[View]
134607689>No, Ornella, YOU'RE not wearing any pants![View]
134609748genius or misunderstood hack?[View]
134608988He deserves a biopic.[View]
134608772>that time Spongebob referenced a Harmony Korine film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG4-xPRrxxw…[View]
134609662>watch a movie scene on youtube >the actor has an expressive role >check comments >'Yooo…[View]
134608758WOOPI-WOOPI !!??[View]
134603276> Yeah, let's talk business, Conan. First of all, you're all done. King Osric don'…[View]
134609122*ruins your kino[View]
134608567What is the Manowar of television and film? ie films/tv shows filled to the brim with testosterone a…[View]
134608446>20 years later >everyone involved calls it some of the best times in their life >some stil…[View]
134605046is her carreer over?: >named in the lolita express log >not a single new importante project…[View]
134606518Unpopular Opinions: Inception is one of the best blockbusters of all time and is unfairly hated beca…[View]
134607589how come if a movie has religious aspects or even: just as the main focus, it's always christia…[View]
134609514Will we ever get to see the ultimate Ancient Greece kino or are we already past the right timeline f…[View]
134602674Does anybody think LOTR is relevant to the world we live in today? A bunch of nations battling globa…[View]
134608181>Tell me anon, what were you the god of again?[View]
134609404trial documentaries: What are some best non-fiction trial documentary kinos? I like all the document…[View]
134609262Is this the only valid techno remix in history?[View]
134609382ORP: >ORP[View]
134607118Zerkalo > Andrey Rublyov > Solyaris > Stalker > Offret > Nostalghia > Ivanovo dets…[View]
134598350Britta is a thousand times better than Annie, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID FUCKS![View]
134609194MY NAME ISSSSS[View]
134606558Actor with the Gayest vo: When I heard him in translation, they gave him nice pretty boy voice But …[View]
134609221Why did she see a dead version of herself?[View]
134607592Best TV episode of all time?: For me it's gotta be S04E07 of Mr. Robot, '407 Proxy Authenticati…[View]
134609205Is coming home to Kim enough motivation to spend 36 hours in the desert, kill some cartel goons and …[View]
134609179'Was she a large girl? Big through the hips? Roomy?'[View]
134607388If some of the money spent on set decorations were used to hire a competent screenwriter, this would…[View]
134608883Who are some of the best actors of our generation? No, not just because of Joker. I did not care for…[View]
134609059You betrayed me! To be with an AN-NI-MAL![View]
134607913>Game of Thrones isn't worth rewatc-[View]
134606835is it easier to be a black man or a white woman? this episode was made by leftists 10 years ago…[View]
134609017It should have been a Zack Snyder Batman Solo movie. Well it kind of was.[View]
134608835Is there a series more 'woke' than Harry Potter?[View]
134608481Thinking about watching this show, how pozzed is it though?[View]
134607948Poor Chris Pratt, only got to do marvel/dc flick or whatever. When will we see his true acting talen…[View]
134608816>All in all, I had fun.[View]
134608499Cast them[View]
134608786My Top 10: How is it that this show has a more interesting cast than most scripted TV shows?[View]
134608099Rank them in order of how much they did wrong[View]
134607062ITT: Movies only you have watched[View]
134607269What tv shows is /tv/ currently watching and what do you think of them?[View]
134608638>'Pfft, calm down, lady. It's just a word.' I liked The Joker overall, but this scene went a…[View]
134608197What does /tv/ think of Chris Hansen?[View]
134608115Yeah, I'm black.[View]
134608694Anon from /tv/ on da car phone howayou[View]
134606886>you're too good to be ____ to be what /tv/?[View]
134607359Damn. So close to kino, yet so far.[View]
134608635What are some kinos about dysfunctional families?[View]
134608445>jarvis create time machine[View]
134608619Any good horror films on Netflix to piss myself or some good psychological thriller like Shutter Isl…[View]
134605452>tfw no autistic redneck gf[View]
134604261What are the best and worst accents in film/TV?[View]
134605737/simp/ - SIMPSONS GENERAL: The Simpsons General #1 - Genesis Edition >What is The Simpsons Genera…[View]
134608453He’s back[View]
134607558>while i sat there, watching you, i gave some thought to stealing a kiss b-based?…[View]
134606036this was kino[View]
134607552I think the current turmoil is between people that think Homer Simpson is stupid, vs people that thi…[View]
134606950this is one of the best movies I've seen all year.[View]
134606215Was it truly the worst Dreamworks film ever made ?[View]
134608290Any anons got a link to the English version? Been looking for a while but no luck.[View]
134607944if you could live in any fictional universe, where would you live?[View]
134608300FUCK MOBB DEEP[View]
134606808>My friend, Jefferson's an American saint because he wrote the words, 'All men are created e…[View]
134608235Most kino brand of cigarettes?[View]
134607195I do not consider myself as a normal human being, but what the fuck was this movie holy shit. Great …[View]
134606964>HIRO, WHAT DO YOU SEE?[View]
134606461I thought she deserved to win. Not a great season but some of the girls were likeable.[View]
134608041>Now we've got Skynet by the balls ![View]
134604523Where is the Comedian when you need him?[View]
134608021What are some kinos that make you feel really powerful and badass?[View]
134603331Eastwood at 90. Is it even possible to determine his best kino?[View]
134606009FORMERLY DEAD[View]
134607729What are some movies about sibling rivalry[View]
134607489I think I found a plot hole in Always Sunny. How do they always leave the bar when there are custome…[View]
134595614Why is he so irregular?[View]
134594388My girl wants to party all the time[View]
134605194Bergman: i have never watched a Bergman movie, where is a good place to start[View]
134606701>hey let's make a horror movie but without any: >horror elements >thriller elements …[View]
134607584What's your take on Michelangelo Antonioni and his concept and execution of alienation?[View]
134606739>Intense sex scene >Cousin says 'let's do it'…[View]
134606841Overrated Movies General[View]
134606902>hitman is the best character name a single movie where that's not true…[View]
134598786Why aren't Renaissance Faire films a bigger priority?[View]
134600131What does /tv/ think of Frank Grillo?? He was only good part in the purge movies[View]
134606871What are some good 1-hour dramas that aren't Twin Peaks Chernobyl The Sopranos The Wire Breakin…[View]
134597192Celebrity deepfakes: Ok /tv/. I see your Daisy Larson and raise you one Jaime Larson. Say something …[View]
134607148>Villain is ten steps ahead of the hero[View]
134601319Cast it, you filthy N'wahs.[View]
134607321The Vast of Night: Who else has seen this kino? What did you think?[View]
134607308more wine your grace?[View]
134607283Remember to 80's crap horror movies?. Friday the 13th, Halloween, Elm Street, Hell Raiser. Not…[View]
134596556The Night King is coming for us... all of us.[View]
134605951What was his fucking problem[View]
134605652PLEASE CAL-[View]
134607170Uhhh....what....I don’t get it...[View]
134602995Watching Star Trek: Picard and I am a little confused. I thought the Romulans were supposed to be co…[View]
134605990Are there any movies like 'The Brother from Another Planet' (1984) in which an alien, non-human life…[View]
134607073'English' speaking actors you need subtitles for[View]
134605412Do you think the Bratz doll line will ever get a real movie?[View]
134601682Falling down: What's up with this film? I'm 30 minutes in and all I see is an angry white …[View]
134586470>makes 18 hour TV show that could have been easily condensed into 10 hour one with cutting out al…[View]
134603648NEW EMILIA KINO: Murder Manual (2020) trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Rf2_Hi1DI https://w…[View]
134606936Dear femanons: Riverdale is fapbait for everybody, man, woman, and everything inbetween.[View]
134603090What's worth watching on this?[View]
134593098What did Vince mean by this?![View]
134606282>serial killer, psychopath, lab geek >still not an incel what is your excuse again?…[View]
134600708Lambert from Alien was a cute[View]
134599029Gimme some fun movies: I just watched 42 Hrs, Dream Warriors, Police Story, and now I'm about t…[View]
134602846Absolute plebfilter: Blood Dragon movie was already made in the 90s.[View]
134605470>Thanks for inviting me over Anon. So, what are we watching?[View]
134606189webm thread: Post 'em[View]
134604177Based lynch[View]
134605743What would you do in this situation?[View]
134604383>it's the Truman discovers urethral sounding episode I mean, did he have to put the pen in h…[View]
134606299pls gib funding for kino[View]
134606619Was it kino?[View]
134605127JJ Abrams shows how to turn passion into profit[View]
134606593what are some kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
134606335Remember this?[View]
134597814Do the right thing: Current events reminded me of this movie. Anyone here seen it? I thought it was …[View]
134604222Is this the worst Spider-Man film?: >completely ignores Peters character development in homecomin…[View]
134605350>A sex scene? I’m just gonna fast forward through this[View]
134605010Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here? Should Dwayne have broken up the Fast Fami…[View]
134604484Justice League Mortal: Would've it been kino?[View]
134606238thoughts on Alan Resnick?[View]
134606131She kinda hot tho.[View]
134605957What the fuck[View]
134606150Kino hits me so hard Makes me say : oh my lord[View]
134606140What do you think of OZ?[View]
134601533ITT: Characters who should have been the main protagonist.[View]
134604190The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of…[View]
134602814What are some good films that involve a lot of driving?[View]
134604472What are some prostitute kinos?[View]
134603695>Normal words, but a horse guy What do we think of the show?[View]
134605981>christmas episode >they get back together >i was standing you were there starts playing…[View]
134604301Is it surprising in anyway that Iron Mike really hates black people? All of the worst years of his l…[View]
134603813comfy simpsons thread[View]
134604450>BLACK panther >is actually black P O T T E R Y O T T E R Y…[View]
134605828OH N-[View]
134600522Get in here you fuckers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_U0S6x_kCs Lord of the rings reunion premi…[View]
134602013The New Pope: Why was this so crap and disappointing compared to The Young Pope?[View]
134601493OH N-[View]
134600916Why people have fallen for such low quality bait as this guy? Imagine you making a 2 hour staight vi…[View]
134604839I cant believe /tv/ tricked me again[View]
134604212The clock in this scene is at the same time as the sinking of the Titanic[View]
134605464Was his handling of protestors reasonable or a little out of line?[View]
134605031Is Kim enough motivation for you to drink your own piss in order to survive the desert?[View]
134604161Why does he look so retarded?[View]
134604898Why are space themed movies so popular among male audiences?[View]
134604497Well, Seymour, I made it despite your directions.[View]
134605206who will play them in the unavoidable biographical film?[View]
134604118He just like me[View]
134605586>mfw people defend film grain as something that enhances the picture You don't actually beli…[View]
134604611ITT: Post a character actor you always see in movies and TV but can never remember their name >Mi…[View]
134605542What has to happen in a person's life for them to become a critic? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
134603728This is one of the best sword fights in Kino history.[View]
134600192Everything about Season 4 seems so stupid >hack Deus and they lose all their money >don't…[View]
134593977Who could play him?[View]
134602375Clint Eastwood: This based motherfucker is 90 years old today. Say Happy Birthday to him.[View]
134605460Will he have a career after Dunc?[View]
134605459*saves cinema*[View]
134602161Romantic Movies: What are some romantic movies where the couple struggles with the racist society th…[View]
134579177What is genuinely your top 3 films?: Mine is: >Drive >Leon: The Professional >No Country Fo…[View]
134605330OH N-[View]
134601892ITT: Jokes that didn't age well.[View]
134605201someone please go as cia and yell 'he didn't breathe so good'[View]
134604113For me, its clara bow[View]
134604784The details of my life are quite inconsequential. My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulan…[View]
134603366Oh, I don't know, I guess I think about killing myself pretty frequently. And why not? What…[View]
134603121Remember this Chris Rock skit?: https://youtu.be/uj0mtxXEGE8[View]
134604531I didn't get it[View]
134602165if a sequel is made, which characters could be added ?[View]
134604834>in a room that is set to gas you in three minutes >have to gut yourself and rifle around for …[View]
134603658Is there an actor which both reddit and 4chan agree is based niga?[View]
134605101Cast it[View]
134601751What a terrible movie. I love it.[View]
134596526What are her best kinos?[View]
134603365How accurately does Hollywood portray war?[View]
134605004what is a hero?[View]
134605003What does /tv/ think about korean romance films ?[View]
134599326What directors have the most delusional fans?: 1. Lynch 2. Mann 3. Paul Thomas Anderson 4. Ridley Sc…[View]
134604881The umbrella of cherbourg: What did you think about this absolute Kino? Is it better then lalaland a…[View]
134601132can't pay we'll take it away: anyone know where you can watch this online free outside of …[View]
134604820>film chronicles the life of an obsessive deranged lunatic[View]
134604718Crackhead movies: What is a crackhead movie ? How do you define the vibe? Is it straight to DVD 3d s…[View]
134603877You are now remembering that Friends episode about shaming no-tippers[View]
134603429>I can't beat it[View]
134600433Only fucking yanks don't know who this is.[View]
134604430why was he such an asshole?[View]
134604390what the fuck was his problem?[View]
134603477why does this board hate Criterion so much? they've introduced me to so many interesting movies…[View]
134582960/trek/: Out of Options Edition previous: >>134573036[View]
134603160chill kino general: I'm coming down from an acid trip and feeling kinda melancholy. Does anybod…[View]
134604221will you ever want to rewatch the sequel trilogy?[View]
134598556>Jokes aside Cawvuh i'd suckya dique[View]
134602961Do you download 'HD' releases of old TV shows?[View]
134604100NASA SPACEX: WTF was this??? Aliens observing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMSzxmsXXwY 0:20…[View]
134604218What did Nolan mean by this?[View]
134603247Superbad kino?: Write ur thoughts faggot[View]
134602787Hello, based department?: -Indeed, in Burton’s heyday — between 1947 and 1975 — he made love to at l…[View]
134604071Corona & movie/tv industy: What do you think about all the talk show hosts doing their stuff fro…[View]
134602265what the fuck is this show[View]
134604136Sports kinos[View]
134603781DORAH! MONSTAH CARDO![View]
134604032>fun tip >you can put googley eyes on your aborted fetuses to keep you company…[View]
134601729imagine if you were stuck in siberia and all you had to think about to get you through the day was j…[View]
134601925Another Youtuber movie just dropped a trailer.: Budget: Over 300k Trailer dropped. Looks meh. They…[View]
134604003The Last Picture Show: Jacy was such an easy little slut.[View]
134603087Nostalgia movies, doesn't have to be childhood related[View]
134600366>Greatest ever show made in your path >'Heh... Nothing personal, kid...'…[View]
134595857Batman: Should I watch 1989 film or Batman Begins?[View]
134603893>Respect the cock, and tame the cunt! What did he mean by this bros? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
134603735>im amanda maiword[View]
134597643films where the focus is mind battles, outwitting each other?: inb4 catch me if you can[View]
134603707Comfy Andy Griffith show thread[View]
134597033If you're the police, who will police the police?[View]
134603560is making black actors crossdress some sort of hollywood hazing?[View]
134601786I just saw Tokyo-ga. What are some documentaries about urban Japan or japanese life, especially with…[View]
134603577Kino for this feel?[View]
134597378so like i went to the old rich man's mansion for money and then i was like raped which was so b…[View]
134603521Actors who can rock any style naturally: I'll start Isabela Moner From tomboy and over the top …[View]
134602650Arthoe movies: Films that artsy alt girls like?[View]
134603497HE HATES THESE CANS![View]
134603483Weltkino: Just finished with The Captain, does /tv/ have any more German kino?[View]
134597879>*clears throat* >FUCK anime >FUCK Kimba >FUCK Tezuka >FUCK all Japs >and FUCK YOU…[View]
134602499>scene takes place in a college campus during the 60s/70s >LOUIE, LOUIE OH NO ME GOTTA GO…[View]
134599105ITT: 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
134600334What was his tax policy?[View]
134603339He did nothing wrong.[View]
134603304No more blasted shitposts from THIS IP![View]
134603186Katana: Why can't she get a movie? It's so simple and cheap to do and her origin is intere…[View]
134603139what are some movies about romance[View]
134603138If you treat A New Hope as a standalone sci-fi film, what do you think of it and how would you rate …[View]
134603104Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134602259What went wrong? When did they lose the soul?[View]
134602500Should I watch The Rise of Skywalker or masturbate to tranny porn? I'm honestly conflicted as t…[View]
134601268Are there any other movies about some shady organization that involves mythical beings? I know Cabin…[View]
134601714Is this show worth watching?[View]
134601257Kino only you have seen: Post kino only you have seen ITT[View]
134602651Why do some people think British actors are better than American actors?[View]
134601975Movies about speaking to the manager...[View]
134602705What did Cap mean by this?[View]
134602633international ww2 movies: What are some war movies that shows other perspectives than american/briti…[View]
134599953it's harder to believe that a niggress is leading a military operation than big monsters battli…[View]
134601101Extras/minor characters you fell in love with: While watching Pagemaster as a child, I thought the m…[View]
134602806Did he do it?[View]
134600050The greatest director of all time: $10.5 billion worldwide and counting[View]
134574351What was going through her mind at this moment?[View]
134596881Cast it.[View]
134598287Poehler>Fey Don't even @ me[View]
134600652Who is the Frank Zappa of film?[View]
134601293is this any good?[View]
134602552Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
134602518K I N O: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCM0RI6UGM4[View]
134602343Best director of all time?[View]
134599874Train scene: If this were done today, you just know one guy would be on his phone live-streaming the…[View]
134601698was it rape?[View]
134597894Would you watch a movie adaptation of the Turner Diaries: It would be cool for a movie to be made. B…[View]
134602292No Post on Sundays[View]
134602289Been watching some reruns and these girls are truly 'Charmed.' Okay the on the right seems to have g…[View]
134593413The only funny thing about Burr nowdays is how out of touch is he with regular people, yet how hard …[View]
134602222What a cunt.[View]
134587266How do you go from this?[View]
134602159Is this the most kino line ever?[View]
134601028I don't know which board to go to about podcasts: I'm looking for a Story driven paranorma…[View]
134599714CARL'S BACK BABY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQlPb9hqqM[View]
134598937>Lets several innocent people die because him killing one psychopath would hurt his feefees…[View]
134599875Money? How am I money?[View]
134601240bonsoir elliot[View]
134593571How did Wes get away with it?[View]
134601427What movies have the most realistic blood effects you've ever seen?[View]
134599630ITT: sequels better than the original[View]
134600042youtube kino thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFQK5eF_puo[View]
134600973this is it. this is the peak of bigtexposting. https://youtu.be/4rSwIIBmujA[View]
134601376HE'S WIRED IN[View]
134600330It’s funnier than the Simpsons ever was[View]
134601615What movies and TV shows have younger man/older woman couples in them?[View]
134598295Any other kinos so deep that it requires multiple youtube explanation videos to finally make sense o…[View]
134595073This is the best western ever made. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't[View]
134594685Jared Leto was the worat jok......[View]
134601485/ohg/ - Old Hollywood General: for me it's Carole Lombard[View]
134599037Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.[View]
134600150>give me >a keg >of beer…[View]
134594759Sopranos Spinoff: Why did no one tell me this existed? This entire board is obsessed with the Sopran…[View]
134601344This scene feels really appropriate for modern America.[View]
134601165Who was in the wrong right here?[View]
134601296Death to janitor[View]
134599755>His fatal flaw is that he married an American woman What did Coppola mean by this?…[View]
134594413Well I mean, if my bro looked like this I would fuck him too.[View]
134600363Do you think Taylor Swift still has a future in Hollywood? Because Cats wasn't that good[View]
134600318What's next for my gf Julia Garner?[View]
134600866>open your mouth >>wider >>>>wider…[View]
134601095What are some movies?[View]
134601001>I told ya >Oh god[View]
134599526Big Bang Theory: When did it jump the shark?[View]
134601047Just watched this because some of you fags told me its better than Silence of the Lambs And you were…[View]
134600957Cast that ol' chap[View]
134598982ITT: Actors hollywood forgot about[View]
134595178Chink kino.[View]
134600090>blonde boy bad[View]
134600280what did he see?[View]
134600804So, you came back to die with your city[View]
134600368Why is Ryan Gosling unable to find respectable work?[View]
134598714Were boomers really so stupid that they found programming the VCR hard? . Every comedian from the er…[View]
134600871There is a lot of potential for a remake of Dune, not to mention the ridiculous number of related bo…[View]
134598748anything off the trolley dears?[View]
134600853Get ready for some interview kino bros. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA1li8PhLkW/[View]
134600822>Chris Evan's Oh no no no no[View]
134587332Why did Leon wear such a dumb hat?[View]
134599843OH SHIT! IT'S HAPPENING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH1z3TyvayI[View]
134597789Can I ask an honest question?: Why are we still using real locations when you can just make any set …[View]
134599481Who, in your opinion, is the best actress here?[View]
134600503How would you argue with him?[View]
134599987>“You’re not starting on 11. You’ll get to 11 but we’re really starting on 2, and it goes from 2 …[View]
134600562And please, enjoy yourself[View]
134600519I'm not a die hard coomer or anything but this movie was pretty fun. So many times did the fema…[View]
134600483What are your thoughts on Christopher Mintz-Plasse's work?[View]
134578329/film/: Thread for the discussion of classic cinema and arthouse films: Hungary but not Tarr edition…[View]
134599388My ID?!: What, you don’t believe me? You don’t think I’m old enough to buy this beer?[View]
134600389Does this scene from LOTR sum up the archetypal conflict between man and janny?[View]
134599540Was she a mary sue?[View]
134599692What are some good Spanish language Kino? Watched this and thought i was pretty good.[View]
134597782He was a boy She was a girl[View]
134597749What are your favourite Seethe-Cope movies?[View]
134598175friendly reminder that the US didn't start rioting until John K sold Some Good News Prior to th…[View]
134600199I wept.[View]
134598367Hollywood got nothing. Read my books, fags.[View]
134600184>[Character] being/doing [something] for X minutes straight.[View]
134600181>let's remove the 'do not drink' label from bleach for two years and then have a b…[View]
134599722Frasier: What went wrong?[View]
134600108What's the best episode of Kebab and Dirty Dougie?[View]
134598672>this scene comes up >instantly walk out of the theater what was 'george' thinking…[View]
134599647THAT WENT SOUTH SO FAST!!![View]
134600077For me? It’s the short lived sitcom Scorch[View]
134599646Is there a movie that manages to capture the feeling and destruction of raw rage as well as this?[View]
134599773>The Departed was based on Internal Affairs, which was based on Rumble in the Bronx Are there any…[View]
134598192A Serious Man: So what was the point of this movie exactly?[View]
134599702They want N.W.A., let's give them N.W.A.[View]
134598609Who was in the wrong in this scene?[View]
134598122post the last movie you saw and an image >Warrior[View]
134599521cia: small guy (relative to bane)[View]
134599830how good is drive? and blade runner 2049?i need doomer movies beside taxi driver[View]
134599398Favorite tales from the Decameron? For me, it's the priest and the ass and also 'nightingale.'[View]
134594424>565 days until Avatar 2[View]
134598806The film Signs features one of the most dangerous death worlds in existence. 60% of the surface is c…[View]
134596562WE GOT BEETS![View]
134599424Post characters that are literally you[View]
134597914When will they release the sequel?[View]
134592901>I was 8 years old. Some white guy, a total stranger, came up to me at the school bus stop and to…[View]
134599681Rachel Talalay: Why do TV shows still keep hiring her? Has she actually ever directed anything worth…[View]
134568953>You... want to bump this higher?[View]
134591715Do Anglos really do this?[View]
134599452>this is the best film the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has to offer…[View]
134599306The indisputable 18 greatest fantasy movies of all time[View]
134597346ITT: Kino Experience: >be me >be virginal n 16 >at gf's house watching kino >gettin…[View]
134593798what did people do at night before tv was invented?[View]
13459862380/90's dad: What's it with 80's 90's bad father-son relationships in movies, it…[View]
134597259kinos with this feel?[View]
134594090share your /tv/ wall[View]
134599399Now that the dust has settled, what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
134596259>Give a farmer seeds, and he'll create food. Give a musician a melody, and he'll create…[View]
134593066kino adverts? https://youtu.be/2gCk9yBBOUo[View]
134599369Dad, why do people think you will go coronananuts?[View]
13459660050,000,000 Anonymous Posters Can't Be Wrong: Let's get ready to rumble, folks: Peter Griff…[View]
134599266Pass the remote bro.[View]
134596434>Guderian was right... I should have taken Moscow in August 1941...[View]
134598144Will Halloween Kills be the movie of 2020, boys?[View]
134598279What TV shows and movies have the worst fanbases? For me, it's bojack horseman. It appeals to …[View]
134597442Describe this character[View]
134599180Due to my research yesterday, I have found out that pic related is the most based person on this boa…[View]
134598352Isn't it beautiful?[View]
134599090there isn't a precinct in the country where this guy would get out alive[View]
134598938Did anyone else find the scene where they tortured the disabled villager out of place?[View]
134591492der krieg... ist verloren[View]
134595024Just watched Prisoners. Why does /tv/ think Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor? Hugh Jackman totally o…[View]
134597597goodnight, sweet prince/and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest miss this fat piece of shit like…[View]
134598019Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHsGO8a8WOE[View]
134598336What’s your favorite Jar Jar Binks moment?[View]
134597618Atlanta: It's pretty good[View]
134598254Why did the cat burglar steal Flanders Shroud of Turin towels?[View]
134592966Is it called Quidditch because losing to someone catching the snitch despite having a clear point le…[View]
134597644So why did they never find him?[View]
134597523>ywn raise two young girls in the Japanese countryside with supportive neighbors, a loving mother…[View]
134598461>I can read a calendar, all the rest have thirty-one, now get your fat ass back on that goddam Pe…[View]
134595724Lyndsey Lohan: What happened to her?[View]
134597200DEAD GRANDMOTHER?[View]
134596716>watching Sobel videos on youtube >check out the comments >they're all Ross jokes…[View]
134593469Is it really this easy to get dates? Every woman Larry talks to goes on a date with him.[View]
134598510why did christina aguilera never play in movies[View]
134597470Discount Eddie Murphy[View]
134598143>We'll just put some of your blood into this dead guy so it will look like you died The fact…[View]
134598417Anyone know the name of this documentary?: I remember it being about some hick town where the maker …[View]
134595648im so sick of supernatural films: its such a fucking deus ex literally it just works cuz wuuuuuu d…[View]
134597949First, Windsor Davies didn't get a sticky. Now Michael Angelis! Press F[View]
134598330Will it be kino?[View]
134598117>ywn have a Joyce mommy feels bad man[View]
134591716Cast them[View]
134596889How much do anon spend on streaming services on a monthly basis? For me, not much, like 15 bucks[View]
134594742You're Brad Pitt in this scene: How do you play it?[View]
134595917Anyone else here hyped for Ayer Cut ?[View]
134598101listen to me, you assholes watch this tonight. yes. AGAIN[View]
134598210What are some movies where the villains get what's coming to them?[View]
134593012Haunting of Hill House: how did they fuck this up so badly in the last two episodes?[View]
134598165The greatest pleb filter of all time.[View]
134597293He did nothing wrong.: He was the David Attenborough of his time.[View]
134597303SPACE CINEMA: Post posters/images from your favourite movies set in space. All types, all genres. It…[View]
134597741What makes a good movie trailer? You know any? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKO10hKtYw…[View]
134596974Why was she so bloated in this?[View]
134598088I've watched Dolor y Glorìa, F. est un salaud, Death in Venice and Call Me by Your Name. What s…[View]
134593848>you three? Groupies....[View]
134598048is he behind the riots? as a distraction?[View]
134597444>make movie about the diaper astronaut >no diaper in movie What the fuck Hollywood?…[View]
134596941>Listen to me you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and y…[View]
134596939Quick question: How did Dan manage to be in a relationship with Alice for 4 years and never discover…[View]
134596006How did this guy make the best comedy ever, yet so unfunny in real life?[View]
134597870What went wrong?[View]
134594892Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in direct-to-dvd movies now, how do we save him, bros? https://www.youtu…[View]
134588138Are you looking foward to Matrix 4?[View]
134596720People who archive their kinos. 4K SDR WEB-DL or 1080p SDR Blu-ray?[View]
134597797D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
134595532>break into the stock exchange and loot the stocks Is Nolan retarted?[View]
134595346SPEAK: Happy Sunday /SPEAK/ano Family![View]
134597628GOOD LORD!!! MY Stormin' Norman commemorative plates have been stolen again[View]
134597527Is there any Reality TV worth watching or is it all trash? Do you watch any as a guilty pleasure?…[View]
134597615Up In The Air: Traumatized Loner kino[View]
134597598Thoughts on Charlie Chaplin?[View]
134596981>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6S3XibYYjQ What did you make of this?…[View]
134598447Kino. How would batman respond to these riots?[View]
134595617What is you're favorite snack to eat while you watch the kino? For me it's cookie[View]
134595343The fire rises brothers[View]
134596866post the last scary moobie you saw[View]
134596849any kinos that take place in the great state of ohio?[View]
134595478Imagine Trump being so RENT FREE that you make an entire show about him[View]
134597335>Buck Rogers >OG Battlestar Galactica Why didn't you tell me 70s TV space opera was so co…[View]
134597227What a qt[View]
134597291Unironically one of the best rape scenes put to film.[View]
134596626Would you get involved with a bot like this?[View]
134596703pure kino[View]
134596549Why was he such a bad character?[View]
134593959what are some crazy and dark movies?[View]
134597153Why did the police radio chatter in The Wire consist of Apollo 11 transmissions? Like the >Ok Nei…[View]
134595675We are not the same, I'm an American and you're a sick asshole[View]
134597061me and you could rule this city, spider-man[View]
134594345Snyder Cut costs 130 million $: >Snyder Cut costs 130 million $ Remind me, why does WB want to lo…[View]
134597067all shows would be better if they removed all conflict from the stories[View]
134596929happy birthday clint[View]
134597042This show sucks, but Steve Correll deserves to be blacklisted for paying bail for rioters in Minneso…[View]
134595117What are some anti-porn docs? I need to finally stop cooooooming to porn brehs, the things I watch …[View]
134586309just saw this for the first time, did I like it?[View]
134594721Movies that are forever entwined with the music in it.[View]
134596322WHO WERES A CAPE?[View]
134594944Any other Iraq/Afghanistan kino besides pic related, Jarhead and Brothers?[View]
134595008There's Funky Winkerbean, over here Funky![View]
134592155What car would you choose for Race Wars?[View]
134597826Dead careers general[View]
134596568Cast them[View]
134595162Show of the decade.[View]
134596007>that's right, Lieutenant L.T. Smash[View]
134594427Cast and director?[View]
134595723>Protagonist holds his beloved and not a pillow while he sleeps[View]
134596214Crazy movie plots: >A man finds out that he's pregnant with his partner's baby. Dumbstr…[View]
134596300>Why don't you try /b/ from now on? You can post a tribute thread or a BBC and get over 100 …[View]
134596187it did really occur in his kitchen, didn't it?[View]
134596275Little Women 2019: What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
134596345>mfw coom[View]
134595701>Those aren't mountains...[View]
134595028>Fine day Sunday.[View]
134592618What did George Lucas mean by this character?[View]
134594213Who does the better Michael Caine?[View]
134595613Not so improv after all. Well he's still my stone face genius. https://www.theguardian.com/film…[View]
134596079Don't put it in your American Psycho thread. It's your lucky dubs. Anywhere that's no…[View]
134587646How would a Sekiro movie look like? Who would you cast?[View]
134595831>Sex scene on a show/film >It lasts more than 12 seconds and the girl doesn't have a disa…[View]
134595509>what time was the crime committed >last night between one and one thirty >one and one thir…[View]
134595404I HAVE A DAUGHTER[View]
134584519>thinks Social Network and Dunkirk were the best movies of the decade So not only is he an untale…[View]
134588602What would you say about this classic performance from Paul Dano? Would you dare call it a classic, …[View]
134594131just keep swimming just keep swimming haha[View]
134595712Why they don't make a Phantasm reboot ?: same for wishmaster or jeepers creepers[View]
134586685So they just let these kids dig holes unsupervised during reccess?[View]
134595533Name my band[View]
134592880How did this not win any awards? Art direction is amazing[View]
134595602Jane Lane appreciation thread: .[View]
134593291If The Matrix was made in 2020: >Agent Smith 1: HE FLIES NOW? >Agent Smith 2: He flies now. …[View]
134594264I'm fucking sick and tired of seeing this dumb hack everywhere. There is literally nothing wrin…[View]
134590693>Spends 20 years in prison claiming his innocence >Portrays himself as an honest man >Leave…[View]
134595306What are some movies about life in a police state? https://streamable.com/u2jzoo[View]
134593218When did Family Guy die? Haven’t seen the newer episodes and there’s an episode on at the moment fro…[View]
134593664Phantom thread[View]
134595262>I was starting to grow mushrooms out my ass >there’s an image haha…[View]
134594176War of the Worlds: This movie was legit terrifying[View]
134595254Weird flick.[View]
134595246forgotten kino[View]
134592479EXCUSE ME OLD BAG[View]
134593812Is Kimmy gone for good now? Was the dumb choose your own adventure movie the last we will see of her…[View]
134595172So, does anyone want to see the Eric Stoltz cut of Back to the Future?[View]
134594552Break the Game - The Movie: Who here hyped for this kino? Narcissa is truly an inspiration and a god…[View]
134593927ITT movies you relate to: Quadrophenia (1979)[View]
134594839what movies/series have great antagonists?[View]
134593907this is still the single most pretentious film I've ever seen in my entire life, it was like a …[View]
134594993>Watching foreigner movie on the theatre >Subtitled, oh boy here we go. >Be a slow reader …[View]
134595068look, theres no outbreak here youre the victims of an overactive imagination pop culture loudmouth[View]
134588810Why did he sail ahead of the fleet? Wouldn’t it have been best to attack with the rest of them[View]
134595015Was Kevin I'm on it?[View]
134594942>Maga my nagga what did he mean by this?[View]
134593944ITT: Comedy characters who aren't funny.[View]
134594870How come nobody gives a fuck about this movie? It's 100% kino AF.[View]
134594983Can you guess where this is captured from?[View]
134593719Childhood kino thread[View]
134594893>it’s a Jmac episode Pro tip: don’t trust anyone built like an actual penis…[View]
134594254Fine Day Sunday[View]
134594044You've ruled the world long enough, Sid Vicious.[View]
134594846Posted byu/AckwardSonic 2 years ago Hey faggots, my name is John, and I hate everyone. Hey Faggots, …[View]
134590073Knives Out: >25 minutes in when does it get good/interesting?[View]
134594779Do americans really kill the dogs after they've been at the kennel for a few days and nobody ha…[View]
134590479What's the best episode of Norm Macdonald Live and why is it the Andy Dick episode?[View]
134594617You now remember Hollywood adaptation of classic Soviet comedy 'The Twelve Chairs'.[View]
134594613How is the situation in Milwaukee? Do they have to fend off looters from the studio rooftop korean s…[View]
134590505This one goes out to Hugh jackman: which i know is probably lurking the boards Fuck you.[View]
134589031/clint/: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLINT EASTWOOD! Only ten more years for Clint Eastwood to become the second…[View]
134594593>In my country there is problem >And that problem is the janny >He delete everybody posts …[View]
134594584A toast? How am I a toast?[View]
134594571There was an ethnic slur, when you were sat there drinking your grape juice like some fucking king.[View]
134591887Why was he so sad?[View]
134593914MAY I Halik you[View]
134593565Fuck you, I loved it[View]
134594527what are some movies where hot girls die?[View]
134593592Neytiri is...[View]
134591146DC future: Okay, here are all talks that happen at WB right now and Snyder Cut info and future: >…[View]
134593138who the fuck liked this show? im 11 episodes in and it's some of the most boring tv ive ever s…[View]
134593775When reality overcomes fiction[View]
134575922>2020 >still haven't found a replacement It hurts bros.…[View]
134592281Hold ot right there goddamnit![View]
134593257so one of the key features of this series is that summer and winter can last for years? what kind of…[View]
134592309This movie is an embarrassment.[View]
134591720>0 for 8 at the Oscars Lol[View]
134592456>Fucking Ayer Cut is now also a thing Will it still have the following scenes? >They're b…[View]
134594386Was this the most important film of the 90s??[View]
134594179>scene on the streets of Birmingham, smoke is rising from the fires in the industrial shops >c…[View]
134590558What is the comfiest film ever made?[View]
134591688Jaws in 4k: OK I was really excited to get my hands on Jaws in 4k and its finally out. then I saw th…[View]
134594274be honest, how KINO is this? https://www.xvideos.com/video54460229/novinha_gostosa_gozando_diversas_…[View]
134594190P.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n R.i.n.g[View]
134593646You got a bee on your hat[View]
134592252Is Adventure Time Reddit?[View]
134593502>THAT WAS THE MOST INTENSE THING IVE EVER SEEN GUISE xD crossposting mcdonalds arthouse fags need…[View]
134586644*is the greatest villain in the history of television*[View]
134594053Shit actors, kino movies?[View]
134593995This did not need to be 3 hours long.[View]
134594095Kino or cringe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lJZkKveZwk[View]
134586071The very EXACT PINPOINTED FRAME where game of thrones died[View]
134593105KINO BRAVO GEORGE[View]
134590946What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
134575359Yoiks, and away![View]
134593553>I can't beat it what exactly did he mean[View]
134578285ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE: Rundown of everything that will be included in the Snyder Cut, no…[View]
134592492Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134592997fine day sunday[View]
134593182Deus ex machina[View]
134589504What would you do if you found yourself in an elevator with Spielberg? Would you try to pitch a movi…[View]
134593726Vertigo: Normally love Hitch, but for this one... >The ending was too abrupt >I was more inter…[View]
134587406So was the food at Dorsia really that amazing or was it just the fad of the month?[View]
134592857How are you enjoying real life kino so far?[View]
134593728>When Jason was at the table I kept on seeing him look at me when he was with that other girl Wat…[View]
134593710Bruce Lee's rare Jeet Kune Do real fight training footage at home!: https://youtu.be/LpObRjf1Qo…[View]
134592041>You sound like you enjoy the films of Ryan Gosling[View]
134593656Greek cinema is litty![View]
134583894is there any film that manages to capture the horror of the first world war?[View]
134587211Found this next to a dumpster today. 90% positive it’s an original teaser. There was also an origina…[View]
134592049>waaah noo women aren't allowed to be competent and know things noooo stop it Why are Star W…[View]
134591275why does it feel like theres something really missing from this movie? its just >guy tries to be …[View]
134593551Now that the dust has finally settled, was it ahead of its time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P76…[View]
134592619I can't believe she's fucking gone.[View]
134591321How do I become a real human bean and a real hero?[View]
134593495What was his fucking problem?[View]
134589530blue-collar kino: >The system is rigged. They want us to think that it'll protect us but tha…[View]
134592937It keeps getting better[View]
134592573*steals the movie*[View]
134593026Nosferatu: I really wanted to like it as much as everyone else, but the story just wasn't inter…[View]
134592033>Whatever you do, DON'T force me to the ground and suck my dick. >It would hurt SO BAD if…[View]
134582409WB Considering Releasing 'Ayer Cut' Of SUICIDE SQUAD: Would you watch, /tv/? So far this what we kno…[View]
134592914If you have not watched at least 5 of these films, you need to go back. 1. Пиcьмa мёpтвoгo чeлoвeкa …[View]
134587030what went wrong?[View]
134592602Was it black kino?[View]
134591742thoughts?: I didn't mind her in stranger things, I actually found her kind of attractive[View]
134592882>Someone says I love you to the protagonist[View]
134592634>Protagonist is a virgin[View]
134582355Confirmed for film of the decade?: Tarantino said 'The Social Network' was the film of the…[View]
134591528What does /tv/ think of The Hobbit trilogy? Personally, I like them and I don't think they dese…[View]
134592018Why'd he stop?[View]
134587440I watched Leon the Professional, The Orphan, Lolita 1997, Lamb, Moonrise Kingdom, Innocence, Hanna, …[View]
134591475Not your God. Mine.[View]
134592385Why hannibal movies or SAW movies are never associated with the slasher genre ?[View]
134591952Summer is fucken annoying.[View]
134589405What are your expectations for Marvel's Eterenals?[View]
134592756is this the least pozzed streamer?[View]
134592635Belgium, what the fuck? Why would you even make a film like this? This is nastier than Man Bites Dog…[View]
134592657Any films where the character feels like life if pointless but finds meaning?[View]
134591401Best kinos about space travel?[View]
134589717It’s Michael Schur’s worst show, and it isn’t even close[View]
134592158Is it gay to fuck a woman (100% biological, dresses like a tomboy and wears makeup) that identifies …[View]
134592345Brian Wilson likes it. Why don't you?[View]
134591363why are all superheroes american?[View]
134588151Now that Michael Angelis, (aka 'Chrissie') is dead, what is the final verdict on Boys from…[View]
134592460Did he do it? Would you suck his egg for fortune and the fast life?[View]
134592263Call it[View]
134590492ITT: Fucked careers[View]
134591701Good day, dear lads, I seek your wisdom! I’m looking for movies set in the Middle Ages, everything b…[View]
134590087Sticky plz[View]
134591979>you know peter, charles manson predicted all of this.[View]
134591833Movies about how the modern world is an absolute cluster-fuck of overpopulation, stupidity and miser…[View]
134586369What movies can you watch over and over and never get tired of? Personally, I love me some Ginger Sn…[View]
134589129Are you able to seperate the real life actor from their characters? does the real person ever destr…[View]
134587846is reno 911 good?[View]
134591843>Oh no, my friend. This is a mistake, a terrible mistake.[View]
134586097>'Are you american?' >'No sir, Im from Kentucky!' What did he mean by this???…[View]
134591352Watchmen: WTF why is there excessive amounts of niggers in this program?[View]
134591821For me it's a curb stomping scene from American History X[View]
134587359Hahaha, how did they get away with this?[View]
134591117she thicc[View]
134590420Is her acting career over?[View]
134591189ITT: Signs you're about to witness pure kinography[View]
134585232is Scoob! a good movie?[View]
134590070>the streets of tulsa will be turned into extended gutters, overflown with liberal tears....…[View]
134591120Yep, its kino[View]
134589722This guy thinks TENET is an INCEPTION sequel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCGVWmK48U8 Thoughts?…[View]
134590670What did I think of it?[View]
134590405blunders: what are some other inexcusable errors that ruin otherwise great films?[View]
134579196Is this worth seeing? I love the concept of a nigga in time.[View]
134589221Worst movies of all time according to Normies: Thoughts?[View]
134591322AY WITE BOY, wat some movies about me getting my repurashuns and shiet[View]
134591236What are some kinos about blatant falsehoods?[View]
134589274I hate musicals but this. Unironically the best musical ive ever seen.[View]
134590298>b-but mobile games don't count! Men are the REAL gamers[View]
134590903In a West end town[View]
134589990Reggie muthafuckin LeDoux did this??![View]
134590251Pitch your 1 billion movie idea anon >Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves land on japan as european trade…[View]
134589090>I feel like there is a yak on my neck[View]
134589540Yvan eht nioj[View]
134590836ITT you are to recommend movies for people who WILL stay inside.[View]
134590827LABYRINTH 2 and the possibility...: Saw that there was a push for Janelle Monae to be the new 'Gobli…[View]
134590752Any kinos about based rooftop Koreans protecting their property?[View]
134588091>Hold on a sec, having a name would make us sound much cooler. I can't imagine neither Goku …[View]
134588950I wish The Simpsons airs for 31 seasons[View]
134589928Space Force: It's got a good cast, good budget, sets are good, its well polished and put togeth…[View]
134586358What are some shows you watch/ed even if you weren't the intended audience?[View]
134590407>it's a 'boomer tries to impress zoomer by making up stories about their younger days' episo…[View]
134590612>WorkSafeBC has levelled nearly $300,000 in fines against a Vancouver film production company for…[View]
134588821I'm puttin together a team https://skribbl.io/?NgxXvUGAR1Xr[View]
134590547What are some movies about riots?[View]
134588219>when he says he watches things on a monitor rather than a television[View]
134586971When did horror stop being about monsters, danger, and violence and instead about symbolism and psyc…[View]
134590412Is Portland, Oregon really like this? It looks kind of scummy in this film. And very, very gay.[View]
134589789Kinos about the dichotomy of man?[View]
134587352IS THIS KINO?[View]
134588249ITT: Post your personal 10/10 movies[View]
134590037FUCK LIBKEKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQlPb9hqqM[View]
134589283It's not your fault, anon.[View]
134587737How did so many great actors get stuck in this piece of shit?[View]
134589195What are the best known examples of someone going against their typical typecast? The best I can thi…[View]
134588918Kinos about preserving through unimaginable suffering?[View]
134583653Is 4K a meme? Every youtube video comparing 4K with 1080p bluray quality says 4K colours are washed …[View]
134587931How does an imageboard work?[View]
134587684Steve McQueen vs Clint Eastwood: Which actor /tv/ prefers?[View]
134589762Behold, a 1999 cinema matrix cup with beer and energy drink. So old, so broken, so stained with age,…[View]
134577010What are your hopes for the upcoming live action Avatar series?[View]
134588186Do you think he regrets it?[View]
134589807Why movies can't be original and artistic anymore: Directors making mainstream movies shouldn…[View]
134589375Sonarr and Radarr: Can anybody explain to me how these work?[View]
134587810Give me a show to watch, /tv/. I'm bored af. Shows I like: >Sopranos >Mr Robot >Better…[View]
134586769Is this enough reason for murdering dozens of people?[View]
134589535Last scene that gave you goosebumps at the theatre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHi_8FGMObQ[View]
134589391Activate de droids[View]
134585366whats her story?[View]
134586139Is the Planet of the Apes prequel series over? Was quite kino desu, but what will they do with the f…[View]
134587356Come anon we’re going to play some Nintendo 3DS then your going to help me write the script to my ne…[View]
134588016All he wanted was some eggs, brew: Oooh and some Bacon[View]
134588915>cant watch a whole movie without pausing it throughout[View]
134589103wholesome kino, it's okay to just relax anon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS5fTzMP_mg&f…[View]
134587934I really think about this every day. Every time I see a large male, every time I think about a plane…[View]
134589034Polanski: How come all of these people are supporting a convicted child rapist and think he should b…[View]
134589016any kįńø about second world nations?[View]
134588568Remember when he started collecting rocks? Remember when Marie started stealing shit?[View]
134585612No K words allowed edition.: Anyone hype for WW84? Gal is honestly the best.[View]
134584241Who should produce Dr Who instead?: There is lots of dissatisfaction with Dr Who on this forum - The…[View]
134582675ITT: flicks for current events[View]
134587495IN THE WHITE ROOM[View]
134587695Was this kino just a fluke or Shinkai is truly a hack?[View]
134586806>Lets go get some more McDonalds Jesse, I just cant get enough. We should go get Lypo suction soo…[View]
134588551Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134588450>character sees riots on the streets >picks up a rock and says, so this is what we are fightin…[View]
134586766Admit it, they have the best documentaries[View]
134588402It's kind of sad knowing this guy probably got a 40 year prison sentence because he's blac…[View]
134588239>Star Trek: Picard EPIC FAIL[View]
134587281Why can't this shithole make any good movies?[View]
134582521>ruins baseball into sabermetrics boreball: wtf was his god damn problem?[View]
134588146well shit[View]
134587200What was his fucking problem?[View]
134587563>Now go home and get your fuckin podracer[View]
134588121they popped georgie?[View]
134586203Why is Eric so mean to Kraft Punk?[View]
134586573always has been and always will be a lazy ending[View]
134587317Movies you used to love, but now can't stand: >used to love this back in HS >would freque…[View]
134584321What would you bring?[View]
134584010So has this become a situation like The Office where the American remake has surpassed the original?[View]
134587185I'm late to the party but what was the general consensus? I thought it was a reboot of King of …[View]
134581874Studio Ghibli: >finally watch all these flicks because of HBO Max >they’re just shittier versi…[View]
134587776I know I'm human. Check em. And if you were all these things, then you'd just attack me ri…[View]
134587775Is it time for a brand new Seth Macfarlane show with FG, AD, and TCS animation?[View]
134575218You get Prime Carvey for one more role, what do you choose?[View]
134587701Would you suck his egg cock to have access to his luxury home theater to watch the next avengers mov…[View]
134583677>So, you came back to die with your city. >NO! I came to stop you. https://twitter.com/onlyfa…[View]
134586538Boys don't know what they're missing[View]
134587156>Character from Scotland >is named 'Scotty'…[View]
134583753>early 2000's teen movie >i don't wanna waste my time starts playing…[View]
134587597Janny are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay janny?[View]
134587523What are some jewkinos that make me understand them better? Bonus points for documentaries[View]
134587555Found this next to a dumpster today. Based on what i've found, it appears to be a real teaser p…[View]
134582914Friday the 13th was never good. Prove me wrong. You cant. [View]
134585300Is this worth watching? I heard a lot of good reviews but I heard it's about feminism[View]
134587528Alright /tv/, give me your best wholesome core films[View]
134586876X-Men: First Class (2011) - Argentina Bar Scene: https://youtu.be/O7KNC48Qbto[View]
134587106Morning ritual: I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it 'the terminator'. First I cr…[View]
134587297You're letting me loose?[View]
134581630The psyop has already been successful. My parents are watching this as we speak, and they're g…[View]
134586677damn what are some philkino to get me through these times?[View]
134587336>Nowy tends[View]
134587307Just saw pic related, and it's the most boring and cliché take on muh emotions will save us fro…[View]
134583133in these dire times, imagine[View]
134586992Cast it[View]
134587254ITT movies that you didn't expect to make you extremely nervous/scared but did[View]
134587090Emma Roberts: As if she couldn't be any more perfect. Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
134584340Will it happen?[View]
134587249A-Log thread: https://youtube.com/watch?v=B7_C6G194nE&t https://youtube.com/watch?v=R_IEICwwXR4…[View]
134586535FUCK YOU[View]
134575516What director could do it justice?[View]
134586857Hawkeye: https://twitter.com/ayynicko/status/1266903196481421312?s=20 ps mods this is live historica…[View]
134587131Remember when they were so afraid about the Incel uprising in real life? Turns out this movie was ac…[View]
134586070>you mad at the white man why you destroy my business https://youtu.be/wxK8VzylOrQ In the documen…[View]
134585365>chill out 8ch What did Billions mean by this?[View]
134579877Sequel Trilogy: Even though the FO lost to the Resistance at the Battle of Exegol. What makes them a…[View]
134586248Why hasn't it been adapted into a film yet, /tv/? It seems like an obvious choice. It even has …[View]
134583597Im five minuntes into this, what do I think of the movie? also is this kid deaf or something? I don…[View]
134585829>early 2000s show >comfy acoustic song plays during emotional scene Does anyone else miss this…[View]
134585706https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy8SIWTyJNs Why is he so based?[View]
134585513post your kino viewing positions[View]
134587002The Breakfast Club: Why does this movie make /tv/ so mad?[View]
134586446The curfews are set. Gondor calls for military aid![View]
134586922>hmm they said that they are protestors but all they did were looting and vandalize businesses. t…[View]
134587051Relevant kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZ8Bb6t6cQ[View]
134586977honestly I was just gonna make a TCaP thread and read the replies[View]
134587033The Coen Bros are my favorite directors.[View]
134586778/tv/ rises up[View]
134586289I've got HBO Max access, what are some top kinos to watch on this?[View]
134585769Who are they siding with in the 2020 American race war?[View]
134586500Peole of teeheevee... listun to meuhh... Do you luh bla peole?[View]
134586727i liked the lighthouse, would I like this?[View]
134581678Kimba BTFO by based dog rapist[View]
134586667We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forget, We do not forgive, Expect us.[View]
134586907Has there ever been a big budget movie where the heroes fighting against some injustice ended up jus…[View]
134583525So fucking comfy, these have been curing my loneliness and depression bros, just have to learn Japan…[View]
134585885*revives interest in your garbage tv show*[View]
134582534Any japan movies to recommend?[View]
134579478CARL'S BACK BABY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQlPb9hqqM[View]
134585529There are riots out there! Two policemen are in critical condition and you're laughing. You…[View]
134586092> Yeah, let's talk business, Conan. First of all, you're all done. King Osric don'…[View]
134585261We're Tiny, We're Toony[View]
134556909BREAKING: Evangelion Blu-Ray coming out[View]
134576543Are there any good Lovecraft movies? Will we ever get one?[View]
134578575Would it be possible to make a live action adaptation of Berserk?[View]
134586624Based Comedians Making Fun of Other Comedians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1PGPv_Q9sU in before…[View]
134585699Little Nicky (2000) - Satan Punishing Hitler Scene: https://youtu.be/N7itFdNE2Qw[View]
134586091>To answer Julia's question literally, it would be an interesting change of pace for whites …[View]
134586019What a great movie I've just watched[View]
134586517Uhh, based department???? Yeah... you're going to want to see this...[View]
134584928Your BMI is the sum of your total weight divided by your vertical girth. Ergo, a minimum ingestion o…[View]
134585600In A History of Violence, Richie keeps calling Joey 'broheem.' The two men are brothers so I assume …[View]
134585943What should children watch?[View]
134582806Is he actually a Chad? Explain.[View]
134584002Was it kino?[View]
134585122>You bought children's clothes.[View]
134586212Finally got around to this and it might be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. What do you guys t…[View]
134586328>your dad will never be a truck driver that takes you on an arm wrestling adventure When did fat…[View]
134581194>villain listens to classical music[View]
134585585WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN'?![View]
134583274>Can a girl really throw a punch that means anything? damn, Hollywood, are you even trying?…[View]
134584650Zura janai, Katsura da.[View]
134578856IM BATMAN[View]
134586207What are some kino that will give me the feeling of being in the US riots tonight Even though I comp…[View]
134580837Wtf this shows funny u nigs lied, its fun[View]
134585453Good movies about famous outlaws: I've always been a fan of wild west sort of outlaw stories. A…[View]
134586163Why was she unable to get the cap off /tv/?[View]
134585248Finally got around to watching this: It was alright. Don't really get all the fucking sperging …[View]
134584773Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134571778Your opinion on True Detective season 3?[View]
134585775Ay Tone, how come %30 of the actors in Hollywood are Jewish when they make only %3 of the population…[View]
134584271ITT: Your favourite film of the 2010s[View]
134584280TCM UNDERGROUND DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6nAwre Join the discord and chat while watching TCM toni…[View]
134583427was he in the right to do this?[View]
134584182I just realized something: TV is the most accessible hobby. You don't need a powerful PC like …[View]
134580766The Office:: 1. Best episode? 2. Favorite character? 3. Sexiest woman?[View]
134583499>not recasting him as the Baron wtf was Denny thinking?[View]
134565253WebM thread[View]
134584200Stargirl: I just marathoned the first episode, it was completely meh. Have things gotten so bad /tv/…[View]
134585441What are the best add-ons for Kodi, excluding streaming services (already have Exodus)[View]
134585696Eggman movie next?[View]
134584558He aged like milk[View]
134582338Are all the fucking parents in this show irresponsible?[View]
134583925>tfw you only watch Criterion movies and have to convince yourself that you understand why they…[View]
134585682PLAY SALIERI.[View]
134573817What would you have done in this situation?[View]
134580896>harry potter 2 starts off with harry potter getting a warning for using magic outside of school …[View]
134584565Was it just him?[View]
134584497He defecated through a sunroof.[View]
134584971Does anyone know the name of this movie?[View]
134585573I love it.[View]
134583751Oe Kintaro: Who could realistically play as him?[View]
134583555Does this film accurately portray what social justice warriors are like?[View]
134585463>Women ain't nothin' but female dogs to me, bitches! Could he have made the transition …[View]
134571798/who/ Doctor Who General: Best Master Edition: Previous: >>134553231[View]
134585047Was there a more kino scene in the entire show?[View]
134584901I don’t understand, what kind of tactics are these? Anyone who was on the fence hates you now, and a…[View]
134585424What are the best films from the POV of a psychopath? Pic related, currently rewatching Maniac (1980…[View]
134583295>wander into a town looking and acting like a bum >sheriff asks if you need help >act like …[View]
134585001What's going on here?[View]
134585163Is this is a meme forced by shills or is it good? Looking for a new show and considering giving this…[View]
134584591>Hey Jordan, how's it going man? Remember me? It's Keegan Michael Key. We did a show to…[View]
134585080The incestuous themes of Boogie Nights: Dirk's mother acts more like a spurned lover; furious t…[View]
134578626The indisputable 18 greatest fantasy movies of all time[View]
134581738I'm putting together a team...[View]
134584055It wasn't supposed to be a documentary[View]
134583134What’s your favorite Jar Jar Binks moment?[View]
134584989ITT: occasions whence you exhibited jester-like tendencies >need to wake up at 9 tomorrow >sta…[View]
134583629PRESS F: he is dead but they need him for his upcoming movies so they gonna bring in his stunt doubl…[View]
134585090What was her problem?[View]
134583782What are some kino cop dramas like pic related?[View]
134584996Now that the dust has settled what did we think of /our moms/ new show? Eva Green and the qt nurse f…[View]
134584788This was a turning point for R2. He worked with those droids ever since he came off the assembly lin…[View]
134581779Heeeelloooooo, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so YOU don't have to![View]
134583000>Dallas? I don't want you going to Dallas at all. That place is crawling with crackheads and…[View]
134584866Did Fatty Arbuckle actually do it, /tv/? Did he rape and murder a girl and shove a Coke bottle up he…[View]
134583746Kinos where this happens?[View]
134584750It wasn't supposed to be an allegory of the 4Channel board /tv/ - Television & Film[View]
134584759Netflix Premium: If you're looking for people to share a Netflix Premium group plan, you can us…[View]
134584090Riverdale: is this the best show in human history?[View]
134580126Is there a more based tv network?[View]
134583907I really dont like musicals for the most part. But this was just amazing. My love for elton john son…[View]
134584636this is what we need right now[View]
134581234>Hello there! I am Dr. Rabbit[View]
134574500So, I'm tendin' bar there at Ecklund & Swedlin's last Tuesday and this little guy…[View]
134584448ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong, ever[View]
134580368Why do movies about 'using more than 10% of your brain' get people so upset? While other forms of Sc…[View]
134582658I watched endgame last night. I’m not a fan of capeshit but I had nothing to watch. The last capeshi…[View]
134584318Right in the 'Nauts'![View]
134583583Got a light?[View]
134584274What are some films that mix the real world with hand-drawn animation (besides the obvious ones like…[View]
134582610What does Miss Carol think of her kids?: What does Miss Carol think of her kids?[View]
134583430FUCK YOU, I LIKED IT: Best non-Boorman King Arthur movie.[View]
134584069this fucking sucked whatever it was that told me to watch this, fuck you[View]
134584054Canon doesn't matter[View]
134583440DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
134583853>animated comedy >it has an unintelligible character that can be understood by other character…[View]
134573036/trek/ - Proper Syntax Edition: OLD >>134550283[View]
134581032Does Adam Driver have a long career ahead of him?[View]
134583672What's the worst movie you've seen in the last month?[View]
134581556didn't make any fucking sense[View]
134579604>movies about Ancient Egypt starts >*oboe sounds intensify* What's your favorite Egypt mo…[View]
134582503Can someone explain the ending? I don't get it[View]
134583836Hey may be a psycho, but Bateman was right, Invisible Touch is a masterpiece.[View]
134583538This is Quentin's fav show. How does that make you feel?[View]
134583404>2020 >still no kinos about wojtek fuck this gay earth…[View]
134583303a mechanical canine[View]
134581986Do you think he wakes up every morning contemplating suicide.[View]
134582537Anyone else find this part kind of hot?[View]
134582157Here's the kid I told you about[View]
134582701Gentlemen, time to spread the word.[View]
134581655What are some non Japanese isekai kino?[View]
134583636Recommend me some fireside kino[View]
134580956We all agree that this sequence in S1 of True Detective is the highest point in the series, right? I…[View]
134581045This is the highest grossing movie of 2020[View]
134582075Best deaths in tv/movies: i'll start with three: life on mars uk finale lost finale twilight zo…[View]
134583071https://youtu.be/l7kfgkPGX2c Yeah, motivation kino is back on the menu.... Get the fuck IN HERE Jock…[View]
134583100Can slapstick make a comeback?[View]
134580285fuck it. best hair in hollywood.[View]
134578535there are no laws on ceres, just cops[View]
134579796Netflix pledges a lot more social justice programming in the works as a result of George Floyd death…[View]
134580714>they called him Fredo because he wasn't fredo nothing. >real grease-ball shit…[View]
134581082Which is better?[View]
134577815Just finished watching The Wire for the first time. What the fuck went so wrong with season 5? The w…[View]
134581932This is a young Big Ed (No Neck Ed). How would things go differently with Rose if he looked like thi…[View]
134581624HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >Rick & Morty is the only thing that gives me solace in this sick w…[View]
134583346>A man like this is born once every 400 years. And he lived during our lifetime!…[View]
134575368Save the cheerleader, save the world[View]
134582814I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
134583301So it's been a few years, what exactly went wrong?[View]
134582850what if Head was directed by Scorsese[View]
134582983Changing identity: If you had the money, would you?[View]
134580319Kinos back on the menu, lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBOyq64x8yk[View]
134581039whats a good alternative to letterboxd? this site is too reddit for me[View]
134582996Is it. just me, or is it getting crazier out there?[View]
134578903What is your favorite Spongebob joke/quote?[View]
134581485What is this movie about?[View]
134582618Post WWII kino documentaries[View]
134582903I remember when the Internet used to love the Nostalgia Critic so much, back when the 'swearing and …[View]
134583028>tfw 2013 was 53 years ago[View]
134580196Film directors obsessed with their countries?: There are some directors that can't stop talking…[View]
134576597You're not perfect[View]
134580398Will her career survive?[View]
134581848>establish that he sticks bombs in people's asses >doesn't blow himself up with his …[View]
134581048>I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one[View]
134582908times when Simpsons predicted the future[View]
134582864*ruins your kino[View]
134582038In retrospect, Joker was actually right /tv/[View]
134578852Amy Adams Will Produce ‘Willa Of The Wood’ Adaption For TV: https://deadline.com/2020/01/amy-adams-b…[View]
134579473>TFW no dour cynical Russian Consortium waifu with amazing hair Feels bad man…[View]
134581461Post iconic childhood scenes[View]
134580966Fuck movies... and shows[View]
134580149>'If I send a floppy disk you won't be able to track me right?' >'Uh sure?' How the fuck …[View]
134581439Saving Private Robin Hood (2010): Hahahahaha, wait, let me just. BWAHAHAHAHA. Holy shit. What fuckin…[View]
134581648Was he really a Phone?[View]
134579503Does anyone unironically like Garfield over the other two?[View]
134579642ITT: Inbred looking actors/ actresses[View]
134582457I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
134579257>All those years spent training, and nothing has changed...what have I been doing?...[View]
134574942>started reading books from /lit/ >develop enough taste such that movies without good cinemato…[View]
134581509i can't stop thinking about something bad that happened to me, can you rec a movie that will ma…[View]
134580658Is Robocop one of the only unironically good cops in fiction?[View]
134578915Marlon Brando: How did someone who had massive eating disorders, a completely broken family, and bor…[View]
134571087Ozai: WTF was his problem?[View]
134577283>star wars ruined >dr who ruined >star trek ruined what's next?…[View]
134581886Just re-watched this: It wasn't supposed to be a documentary bros.......[View]
134582008I would make him a cripple.[View]
134578807for me its planet of the apes[View]
134582299who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
134576106This show SUCKS[View]
134582271How did Stanley Kubrick get away with this? How did he avoid getting 'cancelled,' /tv/?[View]
134575423Anyone else think this is the most amazing feature of Prime Video that no one ever talks about? Its …[View]
134577481holy dumb fuck[View]
134570068Original pitch for SUPERMAN 3 sounded pure kino: >Another spaceship left Krypton before its destr…[View]
134581236Cast them[View]
134581921Why didn't it work? Do people not respect the acting profession? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
134582007How'd he do?[View]
134581809Why didn't they just hide the money and come back for it in a second operation?[View]
134581797You're about to be Bat-Dadded![View]
134580788I'm in a van damme mood what would you recommend. just watched kickboxer and blood sport. toss…[View]
134581569Were they gay?[View]
134581722Name your favourite romance kinos: For me it’s 1. When Harry Met Sally 2. One Day 3. Eternal Sunshin…[View]
134580946Look, fuckstick, I'm incredibly busy. So why don't you get the hell out of here before I s…[View]
134580385What are your favorite pieces of fictional literature that inspire kino?[View]
134572524Now don't laugh at this next joke[View]
134580799ok, what movie do i see right now? you guys tell me, i choose one of the first 3 (real) replies. no …[View]
134577646Is getting a 4k tv actually worth, /tv/ qts?[View]
134580328Why did SNL get no backlash for firing their first Down's Syndrome cast member?[View]
134580371It was my understanding that everyone had heard.[View]
134581062I still can't believe he killed all those accusers with kindness.[View]
134578655>what time was the crime committed >last night between one and one thirty >one and one thir…[View]
134580951Joker was so unrealistic: Haha yeah as IF some guy getting killed on camera would make all of NYC go…[View]
134581241I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
134577743Was it really Jon Voight's car? Checking the dental imprints in the pencil was a good idea to d…[View]
134581233Best kinos for National Hamburger Day?[View]
134567893What the fuck was his problem?[View]
134561354>Teacher brings this into the room What are we watching?[View]
134581161post your go-to comfy movie, bonus points for high quality screenshots[View]
134577397Is it kino?[View]
134581206Macroeconomics, nigga[View]
134580246I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say...[View]
134580491I have a structured settlement and I need cash now[View]
134576966Recent Hauls: The coronavirus meme is winding down and retail is starting to reopen, so what films a…[View]
134577866this was unbelievably kino and i have two questions: is the tv adaptation worth watching? what othe…[View]
134580996Who would be the protagonist?[View]
134579522What the fuck was his problem?[View]
134581034I think Coolsville SUCKS![View]
134580422*ruins your series legacy[View]
134579679this has all the makings of a reddit classic[View]
134578349This is diabolically bad, who wrote this shit?[View]
134580682Why wasn't Emma Watson typecast after the Harry Potter movies?[View]
134576247How about a /tv/ reaction pic/gif/webm thread?[View]
134580774MTV cribs jackass: What went wrong?[View]
134580773burgerpunk thread[View]
134578909who will play him in the biopic[View]
134571014Cobra kai youtube is retarded: https://deadline.com/2020/05/cobra-kai-closing-in-new-streaming-home-…[View]
134580712is regg /tv/? https://youtu.be/B6Jc-n9widg[View]

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