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174752796what will be the last time you ever saw before the great astral chains and mnemonic device is not co…[View]
174752765Vic Mackey: Famous people who got their start working minimum wage on the Seinfeld set.[View]
174751951Who is the target audience of horse movies? I always hated them when I was a kid[View]
174752158>be me >japanese >uncle adopts me >he's rich >some gaijin comes into my country …[View]
174752577>mfw I was the Seventh Samurai[View]
174752443Perhaps I judged Nolan too harshly: He's trying to bring spiritualism in a globohomo gaytheist …[View]
174748695This film s growing on me[View]
174749572Was it really that bad?[View]
174752310ITT: Movies you know you watched but cannot remember a single detail about.[View]
174751067I'm in england and I do love American films and tv obviously that's a strong point over th…[View]
174733154>Hello, mother. I am beautiful, now.[View]
174751994She's so fucking ugly and sounds like a man. Give me back my monke.[View]
174749303Just marathoned this flick, what did I think of it?[View]
174748254Autistic man gets to fuck attractive women and have a succesful carreer. Is jealousy why /tv/ never …[View]
174752132Can someone explain how Light managed to take a bag of chips from his kitchen, walk with it upstairs…[View]
174749134Nothing Happens - the movie: I think I got filtered as well. Post your thoughts. Rate hate and bait…[View]
174750318/got/hotd/: I am not crazy! edition Previously: >>174748157[View]
174746480>Talkin' 'bout killin'?[View]
174751957thoughts on Ben Stiller?[View]
174747367>You were torrenting a movie and as soon as it finished downloading you stopped seeding >Withi…[View]
174750009>tall, hung and rich chad is sad because he gets so much sex that even his own sister gets pussy …[View]
174748069you now remember that norm (pbuh) was colonel sanders once[View]
174750145>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174751740>What part of 'off topic' doth thou not understand, chud?[View]
174751589how can i be a film/tv/anime critc??[View]
174751544is there anything /ourqueen/ can't do?[View]
174751383I don't get it, what are they trying to tell us with this scene?[View]
174749754Peak cringekino[View]
174746844Is Tika Sumpter good actress[View]
174751125whats taika thinking here?[View]
174750652Based migrants dabbing on the Frenchies. Nothing better than seeing white Eurotrash get what they de…[View]
174751264>noooooo how dare she fulfill her duty to the realm and not run away with me to some eastern shit…[View]
174751235what the fuck is this marvel superhero bullshit? im 40minutes in and all thats happening is that som…[View]
174751219Was this the best pre-Mythbusters content on the discovery channel?[View]
174751128Pseud: The Movie: High concept, sloppy execution. Felt like a mediocre episode of Black Mirror stre…[View]
174750273Remember when the simpsons movie showed us a 10 year olds penis.[View]
174751024>watch reaction for HotD 1x6 from youtube >reactor is literally wooden plank >at the end of…[View]
174724159The Last of Us Part 1 HBO Demake: look at how they massacred our Baby Girls brothers... unacceptable…[View]
174749723Caption this!: Tokyo ain't the only thing I'm destroying tonight...[View]
174745084>hates pozzed media >Speaks out against feminism >Loves conservatives Wtf bros I'm in …[View]
174748584ITT: Movies that you turn off after the first half[View]
174747345Why do people say this show is 'smart'?[View]
174743655>Pray tell, who leads this inquisition? >Tis I, my Lor- >Not henceforth.…[View]
174749868The last truly good Ridley Scott film.[View]
174750494Now that the dust has settled: Who was on the wrong?[View]
174750343How did she get away with it?[View]
174747412Blonde (2022): Is it out yet?[View]
174750377The Lord of the Rings: It's back thanks to the Amazon Rings of Power show. But these are based …[View]
174750306Actors who don't give a fuck[View]
174750390Logistics of dragonriding: So, /tv/, we already know that, war-wise, dragons are more or less flying…[View]
174747433>Black male protagonist >His gf/wife is a white woman *Click*…[View]
174748601ITT: Dead careers[View]
174748157/got/hotd/: I'm finna keep it a stack on god. Dorne is not bussin, no cap. Previous: >>1…[View]
174747024Who Did it Better?[View]
174749345The Goblet of Fire: The Night before the challenge in the Great Lake. Dumbledore calls Ron and Hermi…[View]
174749305>War is…LE BAD[View]
174747882How is it? Did Zombie shit on another franchise like Halloween?[View]
174746155I'm just gonna say it: Kitty was best girl and anybody who says otherwise can go drown in a lag…[View]
174750185>one woman's journey for self-discovery and turns into a harrowing tale of survival.…[View]
174745866Hypothetically speaking, would you be able to fuck a dude in the ass and bust in his asshole at leas…[View]
174749841In this HBO series…: Joel takes Ellie to a sex reassignment surgery.[View]
174750054what's next for January Jones?[View]
174744262Overwatch would make the perfect videogame movie[View]
174745521What was it bros?[View]
174749924Quick! Grab a weapon and battle! For the mountain![View]
174748796Meadow had her father killed, end of story. If she didn't complain about that night with Coco, …[View]
174749535What makes you do this? For me it’s either: >Mixed race couple >The smartest character is gay…[View]
174749828ugh guys... how will Joe Biden justify that one?[View]
174747162This is the only Michael Bay movie I enjoyed.[View]
174749563nothing happens: the movie[View]
174749314What a terrible series. Starts with such promise and ends up retconning itself and changing its own …[View]
174743431>We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer w…[View]
174737216The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997): What went so horribly wrong?[View]
174740626>zoomers thought this looked cool[View]
174744956What is wrong with Australians?[View]
174749316Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?[View]
174737435I hate this nu age marketing to millenials, it even worse when some actually collect all 3…[View]
174749567What did Jessica Lange mean when she said that the deep route save her life?[View]
174749038We've come a loooong way, baby: Remember the time in which an unlikable female lead in test scr…[View]
174749224'Put on some clothes, Pam... no one wants to see your wrinkly sagbags': How did they get away with t…[View]
174747033>'SUPERMAN BUT... LE BAD!' Can we end this stupid fucking trend already…[View]
174743476it unironically bums me out that these two hate each other[View]
174747800Is this show any good?[View]
174749063I liked the part where they said 'It's Jeepin' Time' and drove a jeep all over those guys.[View]
174746806I've watched every Tom Cruise movie including ones he cameos in. what now?[View]
174749371Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
174747985>I am an actor who cannot act. >It doesn't really matter though because your love interes…[View]
174748330ITT: shows that are completely retarded that you still love: for some reason[View]
174745789Post a clip or webm from your favorite movie. Right now, my favorite movie is American MC, and my fa…[View]
174746050Tomorrow Star Wars bros[View]
174734799Should it be adapted again?: I don't know why this was ever considered 'unadaptable' at all bey…[View]
174749048Why was Asmongold in Rings of Power?[View]
174749216Elvis Presley: No one has ever been able to capture his charm, good looks, and talent. There is no p…[View]
174749155Tsu’Tey bros....we won.[View]
174745463would you?: throw your name into the goblet of fire?[View]
174747401Charles Foster Bane[View]
174744894Emilia Clarke secret invasion[View]
174741596so fucking true whats your fucking problem you millennial freaks[View]
174746435Which one was the Jannety and which one was the Micheals?[View]
174748966Hannibal Rising: 182 KB JPG It was a rather shitty flick, but I found it very atmospheric, aesthetic…[View]
174748956>oh by the way i heard a little rumour that there's a certain ex trucker living.....in the d…[View]
174748696Leave the black anons to me[View]
174747802911: I just found this show its pretty good, and while almost everyone is fat for sitting all the da…[View]
174748476>wooden puppet famous for his nose growing when he lies >literally lies in one scene the whole…[View]
174748422Was it actually entrapment?[View]
174744779Why didn't she blow up?[View]
174747396>You know how Pinhead and the cenobites were used sparingly in the first movie? Yeah, let's …[View]
174748394Did any of you take drama classes or do theater and school plays as a kid? I remember auditioning fo…[View]
174742533'no cultural footprint': One of the unchanging cultural touchstones of the last decade has been peop…[View]
174748700Squid Game: The Challenge: https://youtu.be/3ay0kD3FSEU >Losers will go home empty handed What…[View]
174748228Based Mr. Enter BTFOing all of Hollywood: https://youtu.be/jAo05hITbqQ?t=581 How can the Turning Red…[View]
174748568Johnny Sack should’ve been the final boss.[View]
174748231any good kino in space? is Interstellar really that good?[View]
174741779>saves star wars nothin personnel, kid[View]
174747220How will they ruin it?[View]
174746742What's the best version of Seinfeld? The mulvacoded one is the bad aspect ratio[View]
174748390I know this gets memed a lot on here but do alcoholics really drink like this? How is it even possib…[View]
174747152I wish to breed them[View]
174748075HOLY FUCKING KINO! I can't believe I waited this long t o watch BB! What a show, what a ride![View]
174748316>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174747617Harry Potter Plotholes Thread: Why didn't Barty Crouch Jr. just grab Harry during a Hogsmeade t…[View]
174748106I prefer....Magneto.[View]
174746340*recommends Thor: Love & Thunder*: Why is he like this?[View]
174748262This movie made me a misogynist.[View]
174735134Do you think Jennifer Lawrence cries her self to sleep every night knowing Margot Robbie stole her c…[View]
174746880this scared the british boomers into shitting themselves...[View]
174745283>Working class joe with a wife and three kids >One night stumbles upon a UFO >Goes absolute…[View]
174748239He's literally me[View]
174714098/trek/: Threads Keep Redshirting edition >previous transporter accident…[View]
174746411Tarantino's favorite films: He's doing a podcast series with Roger Avary and in one of the…[View]
174746241/got/hotd/: Dragon size chart Edition prev >>174743809[View]
174744853How does an animated Japanese children's show mog everything that has come out of Hollywood ove…[View]
174735474Why are Replicants ilegal on Earth if they can only live 4 years?[View]
174744473Is the importance of art direction/aesthetic overstated in creating an atmosphere/mood?: I was watch…[View]
174745343/hor/- Horror General Toni Collette Edition previously on /hor/ >>174732260[View]
174739168>How can we show that this character is naive and innocent? >I know! Let’s have him take a dee…[View]
174746330This movie was shit. Don't bother watching it. It was boring and filled with cliches. I didn…[View]
174744599>Plays the riddler >Didn't have any riddles…[View]
174746329Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen: It took me 40 minutes until I realized that an other actress plays the …[View]
174747106Damn, this was a good episode. Almost felt like prime GOT level. Would be a 10/10 if they didn’t cas…[View]
174746134What does /tv/ think of my top movies? Cringe or Kino?: Also share your own I wanna see 'em…[View]
174745634Shieeeeet muhfucka you been done know dat shiet my bad also Oppenheimer (2023) hype thread[View]
174747548Was Alex Mahone our guy?[View]
174742709>waterfall >on a floating rock detached from the ground >with no water source…[View]
174747519Hotlips from Mash: Why was she such a slut?[View]
174747786what's the verdict?[View]
174747349What are some shows which ruined an entire generation of women?[View]
174706326https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyC6574X3CM IT'S UP[View]
174747360>We want Rings of Power to be appointment TV with public watch parties in bars It's not, nob…[View]
174747681Riddle me this Who occupies most of the jails But has the sweetest entry tails[View]
174747107>sister is schizo cow >dead brother is a schizo sister >ex wife is a bogged mess How did Da…[View]
174743795ITT:: >your favorite kino >your credit score…[View]
174721422Honestly if you think about it sucking 37 dicks isn't all that bad. With Veronica being 22 year…[View]
174736823/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Sauronbros....I think they onto us.... edition Previous >>174736…[View]
174747248This had to be intentional, right?[View]
174747403How many times have I told you guys I don't want no horsing around on the board?[View]
174745359ALL HANDS ON DECK: Fuck me boys. I work in investment banking and this client we're working wit…[View]
174745161how does father stu have such a good rating?[View]
174746067That more than anything, led to my drinking problem.[View]
174745950what happened to spongebob to make it go from an timeless masterpiece of comedy suitable for all age…[View]
174746224The king of comedy Shane Gillis is back with an all new feature length sketch comedy special https:/…[View]
174737633Why does Adam Sandler get away with routinely making garbage?[View]
174745007I got sick of the circle jerking over on reddit and am moving here. My first question is: where are …[View]
174745784What the fuck[View]
174746238>frozen to death in the back of the truck Damn...[View]
174746291I know it was you[View]
174741585Westworldbros, how the fuck did this happen?[View]
174737978Has a movie ever made you feel this way?[View]
174745155Suits: I can't believe she wasn't getting paid for this[View]
174742633Holy fucking shit it isn't overrated.[View]
174743713IT'S UP[View]
174745417communism is...LE BAD[View]
174745987what is his tax policy?[View]
174742890Is it good?[View]
174741925>It's been a month since my men have touched a woman Jim a MONTH! They can't hold out m…[View]
174746564Why he looks like this in the Mermaid remake[View]
174744433god damn it bros this movie is so fucking good, i cried.[View]
174742945Michael Jackson using his normal deeper voice during a performance. Discuss. It's surreal heari…[View]
174741483>Guess what? This isn’t Meth.. heh[View]
174746326Get a thread going![View]
174746339Your men love you, if I knew nothing else that would be enough. But you also tilt when you should wi…[View]
174746066>DUDE JUMPSCARES LMAO when are audiences going to start ostracising filmmakers who pump out this …[View]
174743809/got/hotd/: Aegon discovers his kink edition Previous: >>174742358[View]
174745824>I AM LE DANGER... I AM... LE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!!!![View]
174744522Just finished this after starting it the other day. What did I think of it?[View]
174741164Comfy: Shitty early 2000s movies that are comfy[View]
174746030Why are there no hot girls in slasher films anymore?[View]
174745917Are you validated, /tv/?[View]
174742276Mr. Hand, Mr. Book, Mr. Face, Mr. Tits, Mr. Kino, Mr. Piss[View]
174745780What do they eat? Will they just wear the same set of clothes forever?[View]
174742928Did they fuck?[View]
174745763>ok and this job mark, is it? >what jez is it what? >paid….? >well no, I do it for free …[View]
174745389Why Anime is so Inferior to Capeshit? Why all their Live Action adaptations End in failure? Goku and…[View]
174739667'and the best picture goes to... *slight smirk* Get up here you street shitters, RRR!'[View]
174743053I dropped the show after this line.[View]
174744124We live in a dark and complicated world. I think shows like Breaking Bad appeal to this. It's c…[View]
174745573> The Whitest Kids U Know > The Kids in the Hall…[View]
174744772wait a minute....a chocolate briquette was ok for his mother but not for his daughter?[View]
174732260/hor/- Horror General: Cannibal Hillbilly Edition previously on /hor/ >>174722818[View]
174745399>because she's MY waifu[View]
174741535Floating sky islands like the ones from avatar are kino, why don't more fantasy/scifi movies in…[View]
174745156O MY CATHOLIC GUILT[View]
174739993>Hee Zhout, right? Why was he asking his name while they were getting shot at? Seems like the wor…[View]
174745192WIPE DOWN THIS[View]
174740540The Elephant Man thread.[View]
174741700what's the most overrated film ever: This is fucking trash[View]
174736202>'There was one meme that really affected me, of me walking into a hotel with a pizza box in my h…[View]
174743987>group of white supremacists play basketball at all >they win against blacks even though they …[View]
174745186>Dr. Malcolm downstairs please[View]
174739015So, Superman and Wonder Woman are brother and sister? That's weird.[View]
174743446You know the drill[View]
174738017For me, it’s scary.[View]
174744778Name a human protagonist with thicker plot armor.[View]
174743030Wouldn't Dinosaurs basically cause the extinction of every mammal on Earth?[View]
174743381It's good but it lacks dabid's commitment to humor, shock value and gratuitous nudity. Fee…[View]
174744805Unironically, this is the best Christian TV show ever made.[View]
174744846>I used to be a famous celebrity, ya know[View]
174744407Dahmer..... starring James Rolfe[View]
174737554Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
174744725oppen heimer style![View]
174743996How anyone can watch this and not think this guy is a grade A cunt is beyond me. Howard had more dec…[View]
174744113Unironically the funniest man in Hollywood.[View]
174743746What was his fucking problem?[View]
174738280Dead for a Dollar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOnkAEJx8p8 >premieres in the US on 30th Sep …[View]
174741650Cool outfit.[View]
174744520BEN AFFLICTION.: How does /tv/ honestly feel about this man and his movies?[View]
174743518Did Family Guy go too far? This did seem p dark[View]
174743037You've got your grade 10, don't you /tv/?[View]
174744097>Marty I want to be president of the world. >You have 3 seconds.…[View]
174742712Looks like Ayylmao is back on the Menu[View]
174742164>another incest joke what did they mean by this?[View]
174744303Reminder that Cats 2019 is technically an anime film: >the film was made with motion capture simi…[View]
174742112What went wrong?[View]
174741919>cinema sins ruined film criticism exhibit #15493221 >t-there was a pandemic in one the most r…[View]
174743991Sopranos: What was it?[View]
174740697>The movie was originally supposed to run for 120 minutes, but that edit came back with a X ratin…[View]
174741418why is smeagol eating the catfish less gross than tomato scene[View]
174742084Is there any hope for it?[View]
174742283>millennial humor[View]
174743865She's the best waifu on Cobra Kai[View]
174744304Kinos for this feel?[View]
174742114shitpost kino: know any >films that are basically shitposts[View]
174742651why don't they make horror films in the pre-1933 style anymore?[View]
174743668Why is the narrative around Rhaenyra that she's some kind of rebel when the only reason she…[View]
174742676What are some good snacks for movies?[View]
174744004D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
174742855So, this is an adaptation of The Shadow over Innsmouth, right?: Impressive.[View]
174733371there's all kinds of movies about guys going off to college and having wild times, what are the…[View]
174737965I can’t believe how good it still is compared to every other cartoons.[View]
174742358/got/hotd/: ser jokah baybee edition Previous: >>174740716[View]
174743843>I want you to go back to /tv/ tomorrow. You were going to spend all day on 4chan anyway. See man…[View]
174743694Funeral live: Live funeral[View]
174741789Are they the 2 most talented men in comedy?[View]
174724234I was going through old work from high school and I found this[View]
174741892Why did normies give up on the Walking Dead?[View]
174743710What are some movies with this aesthetic? Either live action or animated. I already watched Heavy Me…[View]
174740684What are some scenes that made you cry?[View]
174741950Just Got Out Of Don’t WTF Did I Watch??: >I liked seeing Florence’s nipples and O face, tho.…[View]
174741708I want to kill myself But which movie should I go watch in theaters right now? Top gun? Avatar? Some…[View]
174743203https://twitter.com/pattonoswalt/status/1573407506088722432 What did Patton Oswolt mean by this?…[View]
174740265Eggie thread[View]
174742398>Dr. Malcolm downstairs please[View]
174743086Europoor here, how popular is James Dean in America? Is he still a thing? Do zoomies know him?[View]
174739116Say what you want about Rick and Morty. This episode was cool.[View]
174732145un fucking believable[View]
174741764>guns are.. LE BAD!![View]
174742837What do we think of Uncle Boonmee?[View]
174738488Why do so many movies portray bullying as a negative thing? Sure, it's bad for the person getti…[View]
174738536It was all in his head, right?[View]
174741757Who the FUCK actually enjoys this late night horseshit? It's not funny. It's not entertain…[View]
174740659>America LE BAD >White people LE BAD >Capitalism LE BAD This made boomers piss and shit the…[View]
174741405I left this place a year ago. I now return, maybe. I think my story is interesting to tell and this …[View]
174741782>Bullet.Train.2022.2160p.WEB-DL.x265.10bit.HDR.DDP5.1-NOGRP ITS UP…[View]
174740942Anon, you've finally been banned from the theater! Oh thank God! I'll never have to serve …[View]
174737271this movie really unnerved me, i wasn't expecting much, and it fucking drained me, honestly fel…[View]
174742683you see deez bones?: >you wanna know what made deez bones?... >you dont wanna know what made d…[View]
174742507Stay away from the phone.[View]
174742476Harry'll do it, I know it. He doesn't know how to fail.[View]
174740731/got/hotd/: Prince Jacaerys 'the Cute' Targaryen-Velaryon-Strong edition >>174738642[View]
174730385Here’s your Ellie bro[View]
174739566I watched a bunch of noir and private investigator/mystery movies and now I want to become a private…[View]
174740954Andy Richter loses Jeopardy on purpose (RIGGED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9Z5xtGQRc[View]
174741139I check[View]
174742554>'I have been concerned about the language and some communications that have reached my desk, in …[View]
174739222Watch The Handmaid's Tale.[View]
174742496The Mystery of Animal Kingdom: The show has now ended after six series but I go to Youtube and nobod…[View]
174733841When is his “Monster: Dahmler” equivalent going to come out? That scene in dahmler with him was fuck…[View]
174740493>The Batman? Nahhh >IS THAT ANOTHER DOGSHIT MARVEL MOVIE? FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!…[View]
174738136What would a modern reboot of Seinfeld look like? Same actors playing the same characters but 24 yea…[View]
174740716/got/hotd/: Aegoomer II edition Previous: >>174738642[View]
174742313>0 oscars is the Academy full of retards?[View]
174738104i havent watched mst3k in a while who is emily and is she any good?[View]
174739011I just watched this: What did I think of it?[View]
174739513Don't shitpost i'm scared has an episode about trans rat eye skinny annoying eagle people …[View]
174735106>shows that have fans apparently[View]
174741397ITT jokes you missed: >you'll all be doing this by labor day >he's wearing white pan…[View]
174740164>Chessani >Dixon >Osterman >Laura >Lenny >Holloway I just finished season 2 and I …[View]
174740976Is it worth the watch? 1st episode was kinda boring but at least there wasn't any diversity cas…[View]
174738122did anyone ever really truly like robin williams[View]
174740702Why does 'True Crime' attract this crowd?[View]
174741843>rhaenyra scene >filmed, edited, and scored in the most dishonest way to make the selfish enti…[View]
174741626Why did this special make /tv/ so mad?[View]
174742032>i have never watched a sequel in my life, and never will[View]
174740775Anyone just see the 4chan screenshot on Gutfeld? LOL...[View]
174682932>Is it a problem? >No, I'm Dunnhier. Imagine the infinite hubris required to speak this …[View]
174733833YOU'RE NOTHING[View]
174740532wtf did I just watch, how is this getting so much praise with 2022 being lauded as some all-time-gre…[View]
174741728>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174737409Why was it so kino?[View]
174741689Stand Up General: What grade did you give the Andrew Schulz special?[View]
174740791Mulder, it's me. There's been another X Files thread.[View]
174734899It's the best one.[View]
174741196Age Ain't Nothing but a Number is the debut studio album by American singer Aaliyah. It was rel…[View]
174740464>Anon, it's time for my Pon Farr. You must mate with me or I will die. What do?…[View]
174741189>hold on back it up, BEEP BEEP BEEP[View]
174729476what's this expression meant to convey?[View]
174741446Was banned from r/filmmakers for asking questions related to the craft of filmmaking rather than que…[View]
174736329it's out: >Bullet.Train.2022.2160p.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.SDR.H.265 >Bullet.Train.2022.2160p.WEB-…[View]
174738699Doctor Pavel I'm CIA.[View]
174739208Why is he being shilled so much by the media as of lately?[View]
174730701Character whose personality you are currently copying[View]
174738814/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ literature https://mega…[View]
174740589Young Woman and the Sea: Will you watch the next Daisykino?[View]
174740814Watch tv. Coom. Eat. Shit. Sleep. Make money. Stay in shape. Etc etc So.. this is it huh?[View]
174741254Thoughts on the legendary show KOTH and the legend Ted Wassanasong?[View]
174740172>boomers thought this was cool[View]
174732163I cant believe you fags didnt tell me this existed.[View]
174741122Why didn't they fly the eagles to drink the acid and block the needles with shit and piss? ffs[View]
174739706you gotta admit: this was Cool.[View]
174733289>Exposition Dump >Fade out >Fade back in >Oh yes. I forgot to tell you >Additional ex…[View]
174735866When someone tells me the glass is half full...... well its time to starting looking for a lake[View]
174729423Tolkien's son destroys Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: >>Invited to meet Peter Ja…[View]
174739787What are some good NON-American courtroom/legal dramas, /tv/?[View]
174740828are we supposed to empathize with the Euphoria characters? who could possibly, in a million years, r…[View]
174739707Strong bros , i miss him so much already[View]
174740256Will Sonic 3 be good?[View]
174740821Imma keep it I think this movie might just be a masterpiece as well as Oscar Isaac’s only good role.[View]
174737090>SLIM SHADYYY[View]
174740782>Dr. Malcolm downstairs please[View]
174733419BALD IM KINO[View]
174727964why bros[View]
174735485After the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog film franchise, what's next for Euphemia LatiQue 'T…[View]
174733039she cute[View]
174740462This show is way better than I thought it would be[View]
174739735>you find out your boyfriend is a Leon the Professional fan How would you react if you were a gir…[View]
174739791Great films ruined by retarded endings general?[View]
174740440Can you blame him?[View]
174740107ITT: Characters spitting facts and truth.[View]
174738642/got/hotd/: The Pink Dread edition Previous: >>174736613[View]
174737520Remember when the french Road to El Dorado director and the female Shrek 1 co director teamed up to …[View]
174736395Here's your new Black Panther, bro. FLOP INCOMING. All those little black boys looking for a su…[View]
174739740>gets captured from his exotic native land >gets brought to America in chains >gets exploit…[View]
174739520>10 years ago >haha the actors from twilight are gonna have a dead career for the rest of the…[View]
174732179Prey was kino[View]
174739974mind = blown[View]
174737044Who's it going to be bros?[View]
174739586Alien 3 and Resurrection are pretty good. Fight me.[View]
174738173Do you think he's still grateful?[View]
174739833recommended escapism kino for lonely disaffected men?[View]
174739949ITT: Movies you regret not seeing in theaters[View]
174738018Fuck you I liked it.[View]
174722791ITT: shows that absolutely could not be made in current year.[View]
174733114Imagine drinking tap water.[View]
174733440Retarded tropes: >put a rush on the DNA >if you do _____ I'll talk to the DA…[View]
174739782>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174739670I need the old Blade Runner I need your magic[View]
174734251Rangs of Powah sisters...not like this....not, like this...[View]
174727292ITT: Most Iconic Images in Film History: Is this the very most?[View]
174739102HOMIE DON'T PLAY DAT![View]
174715933How the fuck did an F-14 take out not one but fucking two SU-57???[View]
174737669Zack Estrin, Writer-Producer Known for ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Lost in Space,’ Dies at 51: RIP Zack Estr…[View]
174738700Why is she so hot bros?[View]
174739304why the fuck did he do it[View]
174739211>i-is that... a BLACK WOMAN on my screen? I'M GONNA SPAM HER ALL OVER /TV/ EVERY DAY FOR YEA…[View]
174737984Any good food kinos?[View]
174739063Good evening gentlemen! I am mildly inebriated. Please recommend kino. Best regards, Anon[View]
174736618I hate this faggot and his spastic show and his love of musicals so much. Fuck him and fuck his gay …[View]
174737447>what are indians?[View]
174727904K watch out hes a ballchinian[View]
174735310What's Kurosawa's best non-samurai movie?[View]
174739314Prince of Tennis: How come a Japanese cartoon about tennis is so kino?[View]
174737757Frozen live action remake now: There needs to be an immediate live action remake of Frozen to help s…[View]
174738622TOOLS DOWN[View]
174738731actually kino MCU moments: when will this guy get his own Disney+ spinoff series?[View]
174738831I captured warwick davis and now he has to fight at my coliseum to earn his freedom[View]
174738332What is the Brothers Karamazov of film? I'm not referring to the themes, but to the epic scale …[View]
174734879What gives pre-2010 movies this type of feel?[View]
174736789Pitch your big idea: Whats your big movie anon? Here's mine: >Set in ghetto New Orleans befo…[View]
174738605Why did Victorious fail while iCarly became a huge hit?[View]
174724193I heard that The Matrix has tranny subtext. Is that true?[View]
174738873Scenes women will NEVER understand.[View]
174737728>first and only superhero movie with kids >It's hated by 'fans' who are middle aged men w…[View]
174737660ITT: Films you've well and truly mastered[View]
174737226>Watching Seinfeld >Hear that S8 and 9 are a low point >Get to that point >It's the…[View]
174738930Thoughts on the legendary show KOTH and the legend Ted Wassanasong?[View]
174737351>Dr. Malcolm downstairs please[View]
174738880dead tv memes: unsauceable edition[View]
174738634For All Mankind: I just finished Season 2 and this has to be one of the most poorly written shows I…[View]
174738787Films about car loss?: >what happened? I had a doctor's appointment, (and this isn't go…[View]
174738671This is the most dishonest film ever made[View]
174736613/got/hotd/ general: Ridiculous Architecture Edition >>174734977[View]
174735019is there any reason to get the 4k over the 1080p versions of the same transfer?[View]
174737400Okay /tv/ What went wrong and what went right? Why are people so hard on this movie? I think the ma…[View]
174738487Bros, how can this film be so good? I loved every minute of it, every scene is there for a reason. H…[View]
174730979TIL some Disney Channel Original Movies are actually considered tv episodes for a tv show called The…[View]
174735839PEEP SHOW IS GETTING MORE BASED AS TIME GOES ON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdCmv-H0-Us[View]
174736188New personality: How are you guys coping with the new personality change? It was rough at first swit…[View]
1747378322022 has been fantastic for movies, nothing but instant classics one right after the other. how can …[View]
174738147Am I the only one who thinks this looks like garbage? The trailer came off as the safest, most unfun…[View]
174729670yum yum yum yum yum yum yum[View]
174734813Drives into Drive In* Oh hi there Chud I haven't seen you since high school. I moved to the Big…[View]
174731888A hot meal[View]
174720104Remember the insane hype of this show while it was airing? It was like 30% or more Chernobyl threads…[View]
174737475East Asian Kinos: Post some kinos with white men partnered with oriental women >Blackhat (2015)…[View]
174726775>do some of the worst police work of the 20th century >get put on paid leave >welcomed back…[View]
174737746Was Xerxes gay or just flamboyant?[View]
174737561One ticket for Disney's The Little Mermaid™ starring Halle Bailey, please[View]
174703180Woman Kang Bombs: >budget: 50 million >box office gross: 37.6 million OHNONONONO AHAHAHAHA…[View]
174737725Why didn't they just leave him bl*ck then?[View]
174736384Ronnie? Ronnie Ronnie.[View]
174734463How's that script coming along anon?[View]
174737462Meesa back.[View]
174736612I don't get it, who would make candy-shaped rat poison?[View]
174737336we shouldve let netflix have a monopoly: >dude just pirate everything even pirates have to admit …[View]
174736678PUSH IT[View]
174736858Was the rat eye annoying skinny worm eagle a reference to the trans community?[View]
174733834>I'm at a loss, /tv/ was part of that whole chan thing[View]
174730718>YALL AINT GONNA DISNEY + ME >*career dies* lol…[View]
174733982What is some Italian kino?[View]
174735264Lucas: Geroge is a genius[View]
174737329what are the numbers for?[View]
174735940Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the new James Bond: You were expecting someone else?[View]
174732737i watched this for the first time a second time today, it's a great movie, but is it a good chr…[View]
174737355Was it autism?[View]
174736526Niche Kino: ITT: Kinos only you have seen. Let's post some cult and underrated classics. This o…[View]
174734186I'm real tired boss. I'm tired of anonymouses being mean ta one another. I'm tired of…[View]
174736546>Abbott Elementary: Anyone here watched this? My mom likes it.[View]
174736422Eat the sandwich, anon.[View]
174737248Stop watching video game movies Embrace board game movies[View]
174737209Cop shows: Will this show have a lot of running down stairs?[View]
174733139What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174737221What are your thoughts on the new season?[View]
174735285Kaitlyn Dever was the only good choice for Ellie: despite being in her mid 20s, kaitlyn was the only…[View]
174736041Was it good?[View]
174729493Why is the re-release doing so well[View]
174732878My favorite scene in Hereditary is when they said 'Hail Paimon' and threw apple pies at each other. …[View]
174735816Where The FUCK Do I Watch Napoleon 1927[View]
174736859dios mio...[View]
174733403Who's hiding, dickhead?[View]
174732862Name a /tv/ villain with a bigger brain[View]
174734347>Mogs the live production in every possible way[View]
174736127GET DOWN GET DOWN[View]
174736676webm thread[View]
174736024Place your bets now: What are the odds that Avatar: The Way of Water features a na'vi gay coupl…[View]
174729910Chappelle's Show: >How DARE a white crew member laugh at a joke I wrote for my own comedy sh…[View]
174735445I am the enforcer I hold the shank[View]
174733933Why did his career end bros? Was he too kino for the industry?[View]
174736626Thoughts on the famous show KOTH and the legend Ted Wassanasong?[View]
174729790Why cant they just shut the fuck up?[View]
174734830>The pigs will have me in their custody, but that's okay. Because then it will be your turn.…[View]
174734930Who is more Evil? Who ruined the Franchise the most?[View]
174736564Desi movies that aren't overly cheesy[View]
174735790>HARRY! MY OFFICE! NOW! >My dear boy... did you swap out the estrogen pills with testosterone…[View]
174734977/got/hotd/ general: Dragon dreams edition prev >>174733322[View]
174734178tick tick boom time bomb[View]
174736211Why was George Lucas intensely hated by Boomers to the point of making his own documentary just to S…[View]
174735766How would (You) have reacted if you had the epiphany that Forest Whitaker's character wanted to…[View]
174735931>kills 28 women is this the only serial killer who wasnt gay?[View]
174734541I live for this shit.[View]
174722588I know you guys said this show was reddit, but I wasn't expecting it to be THIS reddit.[View]
174736085Don't let it spill[View]
174736070Is tv/film dead because companies are required to show growth? By using corporate jargon 'Phase' the…[View]
174735221>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174733964Do you think Shazam posting will help the new movies sales?[View]
174735648Andy Richter loses Jeopardy on purpose (RIGGED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9Z5xtGQRc[View]
174736047Your Average /tv/ Poster: The Movie[View]
174734464IT'S OVER ANAKIN[View]
174734575>I seen spaceships my nigga Seriously?/[View]
174727648Is Arcane the only good thing Netflix has put out in the in the last 2 years?[View]
174732532This has one qt redhead MC and another redhead antagonist in S2. Worth watching for them? Or is it p…[View]
174732486Sam Hyde: Does he have any real friends? He seems to be covered under so many levels of irony that I…[View]
174731989What was it like when VHS and Betamax came out? I simply can't fathom the idea not being able t…[View]
174726626Did you like Jackflop?[View]
174735680Anime is not real television.[View]
174735206>Types Sarah Jessica Parker's name in Google's search box >Only 'sarah jessica parke…[View]
174734880Why did it made critics so butthurt?[View]
174734947what’s the best movie that ever happened?[View]
174723697>[phone rings][View]
174724186Bros I think I'm in love[View]
174735302I hope Mackenzie had a great day[View]
174704989/who/ - Doctor Who General: “I love the dialogue Chris wrote for my regeneration,” she says. “It cap…[View]
174728108Images of the cast havin a good time thread > special points if the actors' characters are e…[View]
174733122>I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. >So do Alwo Livtocesu…[View]
174733518Is Mary Elizabeth Winstead right? Is CGI ruining movies?[View]
174721806You've got a major decision to make. A wizard has cursed you to only watch films made from a sp…[View]
174732228>found this hilarious as a teen >actually find it kinda disturbing now What's wrong with …[View]
174733255>46 days until Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[View]
174733487This was a joke from the writers right?[View]
174734857god damn this show was really great. I doubt we'll ever see anything like it again[View]
174734887>I can't wait for the next Super Hero movie![View]
174731920Wait: So A24 makes the dumb, fun, slasher film while Blumhouse makes the atmospheric, thriller, conc…[View]
174732886This was surprisingly sad: What are other dumb comedies that are surprisingly sad?[View]
174725687>effortlessly fends off a dozen super soldiers[View]
174732103Why is it that the scientific community has largely ignored Ancient Aliens and its discoveries? Is …[View]
174729739kino about math?[View]
174733913GOTCHA: FRECKLE TWAT all these characters lie out of their ass on this show way to make the best of …[View]
174734386Why English girls are ideal casting choice for movies based on English literature.[View]
174733322/got/hotd/: ded edish >>174731594[View]
174731183>two hambuguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?[View]
174732795Are any of these good or are they just for women?[View]
174734222>'Harry,' Dumbledore yelled calmly, 'come stretch your legs with me.' Harry came and the two stre…[View]
174733636Isn't he being the main actor in another big series total proof that he just voices The Mandalo…[View]
174733606>first half of the series was a good reenactment/horror kino >second half was written by the A…[View]
174731789He's the bad guy because he's LE HOMOPHOBIC!!![View]
174734525Cryptozoology/Monster kinos?[View]
174721839/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ literature https://mega…[View]
174729211give me a rundown on the pedophilic symbolism in the Saturday Night Live sketch 'David Pumpkins'[View]
174734452'The Lazy are wiser in their own eyes than 7 men with dicernment'[View]
174725036>throwaway CGI from 1999 is miles better than billion dollar modern superhero CGI what the FUCK h…[View]
174733810Hey what's the deal with age of consent laws[View]
174730347What's his fucking problem?[View]
174724466/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Quiet time edition Previous >>174714791[View]
174732897Secret Invasion set leak[View]
174734311The woman chuck: Now you are the writer, write the story[View]
174733338Starting off the season with an anthology of lazy movie parodies. Why the fuck was this approved?[View]
174733457Capeshit Hate Thread: Daily reminder that Capeshit is garbage and if you enjoy it your a faggot reta…[View]
174733990What are the best movies that feature metal in the soundtrack? Bonus points for non-/metal/ films su…[View]
174733218Say what you want about the series itself but Evan Peters fucking nailed Jeffrey Dahmer[View]
174729883The Graduate: How does /tv/ feel about this film?[View]
174723744I wish I had a JOI to keep me company too.[View]
174729266House of Dragons Problems.: Slow and too much politics. Not enough action and violence. None of th…[View]
174726860what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174730612What was her problem here? Why couldn't she just walk away?[View]
174733806KILL TONY #576 Livethread[View]
174733692Over here: All right open them. This is it. Hahahaha yeah, you wanna reply? I made up this post yest…[View]
174733554Hannibal Rising: It was a rather shitty flick, but I found it very atmospheric, aesthetically pleasi…[View]
174728600What's your call sign bros? Mines Mamba.[View]
174733406>I can do..[View]
174719818Where does Sophia Lillis' acting career go after Dungeons & Dragons?[View]
174733356>oh by the way i heard a little rumour that there's a certain ex trucker living...in the dum…[View]
174733147>that episode of the Truman show where he lost it and shot his wife[View]
174729018SHE WON[View]
174722331What Women Want (2000): so what did they want?[View]
174733028Alec Baldwin as Binger[View]
174733193>They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out >Find out what?…[View]
174731814which version?[View]
174733176Thoughts on the psychology of film buffs? Reading reviews on rym or imdb makes it clear that these p…[View]
174732840Most based MAD TV cast member. he was way funnier than Key and Peele[View]
174733161>It's a 'the movie is actually kino episode.' What are some others?…[View]
174733111>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174732421Apparently they’re airing old episodes of Regular Show during Adult Swim hours now[View]
174728159Princess Ahmanet. Beautiful, cunning, and ruthless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQyrsotgIHw[View]
174732415DUNK: Which one of you made this?[View]
174733026>tfw no BCS boxing alternate timeline where Jimmy and Howard got hooked on boxing and left lawyer…[View]
174714747>“You can take Atlantis from Greek myth, or you can adapt from a real culture,” argues Huerta. Ra…[View]
174731497>Anon actually made the conscious choice to watch Rings of Power because they cast a single white…[View]
174732381>university classes cancelled wednesday-friday due to hurricane ian what disaster kinos should i …[View]
174731594/got/hotd/: Season 1 finale >>174729619[View]
174729455would you drink from the snake cup, bros?: i would drink from the snake cup for monke[View]
174732822School of Rock is 20 years old today.[View]
174729372Yeah Christian, I'm sure that was the reason.[View]
174712109House of the Dragon cuck bullshit: So this fucking show made the only proper black Valyrian nobility…[View]
174719171>WHAT COLOR IS THE BOATHOUSE AT HEREFORD? how the fuck do you get out of this one?…[View]
174730919>he say you braderunner![View]
174732567Perfect casting doesn’t exi–[View]
174730265This is the pure form of Tony Soprano, his essence distilled.[View]
174727415Why does a certain ideology keep ruining things?: It’s certainly on purpose right?[View]
174730529>I asked her for 1% interest >She gave me 3…[View]
174720750New Spielberg movie: >I, Steven Spielberg- the most commercially successful director of all time,…[View]
174732012I miss this lil hymie like you wouldn't believe[View]
174731045Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
174729472>Dave Filoni takes an hour to do what a 2 minute scene did in Genndywars Lmao, filonifags…[View]
174732303Chance would be a fine thing[View]
174719395>You see this watch? This watch costs more than your car... How do you respond without coming off…[View]
174731462>watch one of the worst movies of all time >enjoy it >watch a classic masterpiece >it su…[View]
174716530music video thread: PSYCHOSOMATIC ADDICT INSANE[View]
174728398Three dimensional, deep and morally grey characters are better than two dimensional ones.[View]
174732008I have been waiting since 12:30pm pacific standard time to log in.[View]
174722818/hor/ - Horror General: Killer Waifus edition Previous thread >>174709735[View]
174727869What's the most terrifying nightmare scenes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56RsdDNjGI4&a…[View]
174732019Caesar Bros: What the fuck was he thinking wearing this to a meet and greet?[View]
174725888>Saladin is this the most based arab warlord depiction ever to be on film?…[View]
174730544What time do you go to bed[View]
174730109Prime torture kino. Can you clear something up though?: How did Paxton know the Dutch guy was a part…[View]
174728737Times when the villain outsmarts the other villain.[View]
174731392>the dishes are done, man[View]
174726543So he’s just playing the mandalorian again?[View]
174731804This movie talks about the Great Reset in a Hypo-utopic way[View]
174728939Damn... Hitchcock demolished Avatar before it even existed...[View]
174731749Where did this purple dragon come from? I was watching a DBZ movie and everyone was acting like it…[View]
174731787ITT: come up with a funny/original/interesting movie idea A found-footage horror/sci/fi/whatever mov…[View]
174730174Say it[View]
174731381Why do they hate beautiful people?[View]
174729403Oh, and one more thing. This. Isn't.. LE METH *brings his legs up and pushes himself off of Tuk…[View]
174721157>Starts as a 10/10. >Ends as a 3/10.[View]
174730289>night scene >it's obviously broad daylight with a dark filter…[View]
174729619/got/hotd/: Codd edition Previous >>174727308[View]
174730120Are there any movies that portray journalists or scientists in a negative light? And not just ones s…[View]
174730765This thread is presented in a 4:3 format to preserve the integrity of Zack Snyder’s creative vision.[View]
174721228>no more Milly Alcock: What were the casting directors thinking vros[View]
174729411Roman Roy[View]
174717879is pic rel a good flick?[View]
174728185Remember back when Disney movies still had SOVL?[View]
174726926>a show about a guy that women pay money to have sex with >Cast an ugly jewish manlet Yeah, …[View]
174730156What the fuck happened to movies? I haven't seen a good new one since 2019.[View]
174728825Would Song Hye-Kyo be a good Little Mermaid?[View]
174723705The actor that played detective Murphy did a pretty good job, but I feel that he could’ve done it a …[View]
174730895Hello? Hello? Can somebody hear me? This is Montana Civil Defence. Somebody please come in. Is there…[View]
174725979'Star Wars' prequels? More like SUCK WARS!: The 'Star Wars' prequels FUCKING SUCK!!!!!! I HATE Jar J…[View]
174731278His smile and optimism: restored.[View]
174729038>2022 >I am forgotten Where did Gemma Arterton go? Does she have any upcoming kino?…[View]
174731157Would Spider-Man had beaten Avatar if it came out before the coof?[View]
174729373What happened to the perry mason reboot? There was one season and that was it.[View]
174729886Why didn't he just go to the gym? Healthy body, healthy mind.[View]
174723298What's the moral of this story?[View]
174730968What did /tv/ think?[View]
174710175Describe your sexual tastes with a film title[View]
174730883>comfy New England (It's actually Canads) rainy dreary, run down everything >neighbor cho…[View]
174729671Stunning visuals and soundtrack in service of pseudo-pop philosophy and hackneyed noir tropes. I wan…[View]
174728495Never mind that shit[View]
174730659DHMIS: /tv/, what do (You) think happens when we die?[View]
174730461>are you an alternate sorcerer supreme? >in this universe, the title is Grand Wizard Thats a w…[View]
174730551So Avatar didn't leave any sort of cultural imprint: since no one remembers any line of dialogu…[View]
174728557Beavis and Butthead: I think it's funnier than it's ever been[View]
174728855>How bout a bumper sandwich, nigger lips? Heheheheh.[View]
174726767Post characters only you and no one else identifies with[View]
174730263what pre-2010 movies gives this type of feel?[View]
174730381perfect casting doesn’t exis–…[View]
174730365Rob Zombie's The Munsters: Just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
174730164>this made millennials shit themselves in laughter https://www.cc.com/video/nlng6v/the-colbert-re…[View]
174725083>Walter White couldn't have done it without me. I really was the Better Call Saul in all thi…[View]
174716190Rolling Stone - The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time: Thoughts? https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-mov…[View]
174728591favourite american dad newspaper joke?[View]
174722069The umbrella movie - the one film that unites all anons. Which one is it?[View]
174721517why did he disappear from Instagram? Is it because jealous /tv/ losers kept bullying him for absolut…[View]
174727970This felt like an actual scam. It didn't end it just stopped[View]
174721088General /tv/ WebM thread[View]
174728421Marvel's ECHO Plot Details: >Echo returns to her hometown and struggles to hide her criminal…[View]
174722236Do redditors really watch Breaking Bad and actually think to themselves they could become like him a…[View]
174729637Everyone's thoughts on the famous show KOTH and the legendary character Ted Wassanasong?[View]
174729100How do I become chad? Pic rel[View]
174723008When Disney bought him out I was genuinely excited and thought they could do better. I'm so so …[View]
174729543Is it ever okay to shred tears because of a fictional movie?[View]
174710716Behold: the first man to say 'shit' in Star Wars[View]
174728778>villain has a dance scene Why do they do this?[View]
174726108>. . .[View]
174727308/got/hotd/: New poster Edition prev >>174725632[View]
174726520Best moment in the film: Bateman cleaned the streets of that pathetic panhandling nigga. He was righ…[View]
174725967why is 'crowd work' so popular with 'comedians' nowadays?: Just when you thought standup couldn…[View]
174726917Television & Film.[View]
174725935Push it[View]
174729145Kinos about suicide being the answer? If I was a rich jew I'd make a film called 'The Answer' a…[View]
174729045>Hello, Gene Wilder. I just wanted to say I'm a big fan and I thank you for giving me my blu…[View]
174729019Lower Decks saved Star Trek. End of.[View]
174729054What’s your favorite DB movie? (Was gonna post this in the /a/ thread but there’s not much discussio…[View]
174726482Oh fuck, Olivia Wilde really is finished[View]
174723577Greatest actor of his generation.[View]
174727549For me its Blond haired blue eyed Dan Ackroyd[View]
174728886Who's going to die in the final season?[View]
174726327has any other actor suffered more for a role?[View]
174715780So what did we think?[View]
174728884TAPE #1: Too many people make ironic garbage threads, but when I do it I get banned.[View]
174728726they grew up together, surrounded by the same people, in the same enviroment... so why were them so …[View]
174727342Better than Parasite[View]
174725709>punches a highborn nobleman and friend of the price consort to death and also assaults the princ…[View]
174728470GO TO SLEEP![View]
174726445>Is the funniest sketch show in your path[View]
174711987Bros: Are straight people gonna watch this?[View]
174728085>Hollywood actors you suspect would have made good pornographic actors[View]
174728322>Bollywood is now doing remakes of small indie kinos Why? Are any of these good?…[View]
174728407ITT: the purest souls in kino who didn't deserve their fates[View]
174728241Fred Ward DEAD: rip Fred Ward[View]
174728388>'I want my phone, Cawl.' Wait, so I can believe Joker planned out this whole scenario in advance…[View]
174726751why does he only play psycho roles, is he clinically insane or what?[View]
174724513What was your favorite moment in this film?[View]
174716390MI MI MI MI MI MI[View]
174723659Yes that's right. It's another episode of, 'Is she good, or just pretty?'. This one is Amy…[View]
174723353why does ellie look like she has downs syndrome[View]
174726931I miss them bros, they were like the indie Coen Brothers. My favouritr new age filmmakers.[View]
174727731>be in 3rd grade when a show about 3rd graders comes out that everyone in 3rd grade is quoting al…[View]
174725391tv kinos with this aesthetic?: tv kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
174726269when are we getting an all female remake of: LORD OF THE FLIES[View]
174725097If I buy a movie from the iTunes Store, how much of the money I spend goes to Apple and how much to …[View]
174727743>we need a guy who can be a masculine badass while saving a child that won’t get us cancelled by …[View]
174727198Damn injun brat...[View]
174726040Has anyone seen this movie? I thought it was pretty damn good.[View]
174725807Dahmer starring James Rolfe[View]
174720318cast it[View]
174723119Action stations. Action stations. Set condition one throughout the thread.[View]
174727588What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
174727667What true crimes or unsolved mysteries would you like to see get a Netflix Adaptation? I still want…[View]
174709012Netflix presents - Blackpill: The motion picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8o9f4TWh4w >Fa…[View]
174722746Jacob's Ladder: Hey just watched this, can someone please explain it to me? I have a dinner pa…[View]
174727612Fatty Arbuckle biopic when? Preferably the book I, Fatty by Jerry Stahl adaptation.[View]
174726664Is there any director more pretentious than Paul Verhoeven? People are quick to jump on anything th…[View]
174722083Michael Richards at the laugh factory[View]
174725915Shane Gillis 'The Special': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPsCixgROOI >Gilly and Keeves: The Sp…[View]
174727324No cap, the situation in Dorne is not bussin Previous: >>174725632[View]
174726343Is there a better 'everyman' actor?[View]
174725632/got/hotd/: The only good fucking Hand edition prev >>174722403[View]
174726695>Constantly hear about Walter White being le most evil character ever >Watch show >He’s jus…[View]
174724013are there any zoomer filmmmakers yet? if so, what are their movies like?[View]
174724350Licorice Pizza: Have you watched it yet?[View]
174724367Oh lawd, dem rangz We need to find da kang, fo de rang From them elvish niggas To them human niggas …[View]
174716632there's an alamo drafthouse opening near me. is it worth it to go to one alone? are you suppose…[View]
174723239Daniel didn't deserve her: >Yes Mom! I WILL get Straight A's! I WILL become the best co…[View]
174727184Andy Richter loses Jeopardy on purpose (RIGGED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR9Z5xtGQRc[View]
174706659How did people ever watch this fucking goober completely seriously?[View]
174726100are people being paid to shill this unfunny show as the OMG ITS THE FUNNIEST THING OF ALL TIME!!!! o…[View]
174721222POWERPUFF GIRLS: does anyone remember how HIM was defeated? in any episodes? i can't be going …[View]
174724330Anon do you find it odd that I don't switch my fork when I eat? Actually it's not at all. …[View]
174684820I thought Representation mattered?: Why shouldn't Dahmer be tagged as LGBT?[View]
174714629Cast him hard mode, no dude weed roles[View]
174720743Is it just me: ...or did the hype for this die off really quick? It got massively promoted leading u…[View]
174725108why does nobody take big risks with new media anymore?[View]
174726413Have a good day in school today? Learn a lot?[View]
174722583I don't trust the bad reviews this got. It was fucking awesome and I loved it as a kid. I wish …[View]
174725386Figuratively me.[View]
174686831What's the best zombie movie[View]
174722394>Highest grossing movie of all time >Spielberg refuses to make sequel to preserve the innocenc…[View]
174725075Why is rearscreen projection so much more sovl?[View]
174722710What's their team called again?[View]
174726219Revolutionary Films: What's your favourite one? This one is dropping in Japan tomorrow. I think…[View]
174726217Cable TV Era: >what do/don’t you miss about it? >do you prefer streaming? (as a concept not fo…[View]
174717250You lied to me /tv/: >Browse /tv/ regularly >Repeatedly encounter threads about Monty Python a…[View]
174725886Why no biopic?: ROPE doesn't count. Seems perfect timing to make a biopic today as these are cl…[View]
174726094How did this guy get a podcast and an HBO doc?: Seems very fishy. Both pieces of media portray him a…[View]
174725563Poor me Poor me Pour... me another drink[View]
174723733>Plays troon >Goes on to neck himself Coincidence?…[View]
174725701>you look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it'll be yo…[View]
174725941I'm watching a pirated version of this film with arabic subtitles baked in, and it's shock…[View]
174723388Kim sisters, how did it all go so bad?[View]
174720948This was more comfy than I expected. The first half was sursprisingly witty with the dialogue showin…[View]
174725533Is Jay from RLM actually retarded?: He's made a bunch of stupid ass criticisms in the past but …[View]
174713360Is this the worst fucking casting of all times?[View]
174725612Mahone thread[View]
174724739Animated kino: One of the best Disney movies I have ever seen. Full of spiritual concepts, kind of p…[View]
174725684https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLsBzSVLaXM name the recent irl news, based on this family guy scene…[View]
174725403As I boy I loved Goku As a man I became Vegeta[View]
174722403/got/hotd: Little valyrian edition prev >>174720540[View]
174725564Thoughts on this movie?: Was the black community as focal to his development as an artist as the mov…[View]
174718416CORSAGE - trailer: This is such a powerful new film https://youtu.be/P7LpMtLRe2E >A fictional acc…[View]
174722264for such a smart actor, why did The Rock hedge his comic book vehicle on Black Adam ? why didn'…[View]
174722218Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174725462>nature documentary >shows off an animal >says how you are killing this animal through clim…[View]
174723591LET THE BASTARD CUM[View]
174724905What kinos capture the nu metal aesthetic the best? We honestly didn't appreciate what we had b…[View]
174724957What the fuck is her problem?[View]
174725361When is his inevitable biopic coming out? Sponsored by Timberland[View]
174722772You missed the point if you worship or think Patrick Bateman and Tyler Durden are 'cool' The directo…[View]
174719001The Joker (2020): Why did Hollywood seethe so hard over this show? It's message was literally …[View]
174701991Sorry incels, not all content is made for you[View]
174723222where the fuck is the Neyney centerfold Jim?[View]
174719139The Bad Seed Returns: Name one thing she did wrong.[View]
174724996This is the highest cinematic achievement in the history of kino[View]
174725149Post best Marvel moments[View]
174720987>mfw every single LOST thread gets shat on by an obsessed retard IT'S FUCKING OVER…[View]
174725022Unironically, this was a great film: The only things wrong with it was that it was too short and the…[View]
174724959>The Departed, Good Will Hunting, The Town, Mystic River, Spotlight, The Boondock Saints, Shutter…[View]
174724069SEE: Was Tormada dropping LSD here or what? Never heard of people dropping acid on their eyes but he…[View]
174719191My name is Bond. James bond.[View]
174724685Should I watch the Twilight movies if I like Kristen Stewarts feet?[View]
174720949Why isn't there more trans representation when it comes to live action superheroes? All that co…[View]
174714077remember what they took from you[View]
174722402Panos Cosmatos: Is he the next Kubrick? What did you think of Beyond the Black Rainbow and Mandy? ht…[View]
174723256Why couldn't she keep her legs closed?[View]
174723323She-Hulk Will Appear In CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER: https://thedirect.com/article/she-hulk-cap…[View]
174724593WHAT? WHAAT??[View]
174721749>this is not.. LE METH[View]
174722647Apoogize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174722525Anyone Else Excited For HBO's The Last of Us?: It looks just like the video game! So exciting! …[View]
174718768Wall-E: How come a fucking pixar movie became the most accurate dystopian future, far more than any …[View]
174720368Not normally one for war movies, but I loved this.[View]
174714791/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Mariners edition Previous >>174700184[View]
174715325I just watched this last night and I don't get it at all. Every time a coherent story was formi…[View]
174714759>vidya adaptations always go well https://youtu.be/rBRRDpQ0yc0[View]
174724183What are some kinos about coming back at the turn of the tide?: And who will play her in the inevita…[View]
174723899Are u borderline retards seriously blaming him for everything?? He got the only thing he had to his …[View]
174719639TV & Film dissatisfaction: >watch old tv/film >lament 'this era of cinema is dead and soci…[View]
174722068Ham Burgera[View]
174718473Is this show good? Never saw it discussed here so I guess it has to be kino. Tell me about it.[View]
174721302Rockwell has never been married and stated in a 2007 interview, 'I definitely don't want to bec…[View]
174722065The Matrix Truth: Oh, the pods? Those are just for people that want a specific kind of BDSM type wor…[View]
174722370/got/hotd/ general: Forgive me, Criston-sama....I need to go all out, just this once....edition prev…[View]
174722908Why didn't he just go on a diet?[View]
174719819>Hello? Me no speaker the englash[View]
174723629In 2002 this filtered everyone.[View]
174720520Why don't they look more like dwarves?[View]
174723520Exit (2019-): anyone watch this show? it's about a group of norwegian finance guys hooked on dr…[View]
174722631David owns his own equipment, makes movies on his time, shoots on digital, has been making 'Unrecord…[View]
174722882>2022 >I am forgotten Where did Gemma Arterton go? Does she have any upcoming kino?…[View]
174714917Recommend a film that most people won't have heard of. I'm in the mood to watch something …[View]
174721235Shootout to the motherfucker that has been blueballing me with Haxan for the past three days. Stay l…[View]
174709530>Don't make me laugh. 'We're one people'. It's a myth created by Thomas Jefferson.…[View]
174723196what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174720045>Makes three of the biggest kid's movies of the oughties >Adults say they suck >Points…[View]
174718811Cyberpunk:Edgerunners: Mainechads wyt?[View]
174721929Cast him[View]
174722401Is there any piece of media that actually portrays a serial killer in a more heroic/anti-heroic ligh…[View]
174720664his name was sneed[View]
174718423literally me[View]
174721269What the fuck is this guy's problem?: .[View]
174722672Is Daniel Day Lewis a great actor?: He just seems like a wildly over-acting ham to me. I mean he…[View]
174721595FUCK YOU ANAKIN[View]
174722755EVIL DIES TONIGHT![View]
174719792Before and after thread: Let's get a thread going. Why do they do this if their face is what ge…[View]
174709735/hor/ - Horror General: Mr. Hyde Edition previously on /hor/ >>174693219[View]
174722045This sneaky Jew really wrote the script so that he can touch and kiss a new woman in every episode.[View]
174722589I just solved capeshit. Every actress gets a cut of the Halloween profits. Skimpy suits will make a …[View]
174721712>this made boomers shit their pants in 2001[View]
174722524i watched the previous 3 films, this one is next, should i see Covenant next?[View]
174709685Tarantino's 'acting': I'm sorry but why keep shoehorning yourself into your movies if your…[View]
174722424/GOT/HOTD/: Useless Dragon edition Previous >>174720540[View]
174721871Should 'filmmaker mode' (on Sony TVs, Expert preset) be used when watching rips? In other words are …[View]
174717695Trannyraiser: We will gape your asshole apart[View]
174714460Dodge this[View]
174720540/got/hotd/: Surrounded by Strongs edition Previous >>174718719[View]
174722211Your brother Genichiro, whatever happened there.[View]
174716484As an actor is it weird filming sex scenes with your friends? How do you separate the intimacy of wo…[View]
174722103Kinos for this feel?[View]
174721778>NES 001 guys[View]
174722041What to expect from the new Wizard of Oz remake: Please add more.[View]
174721187Saw this in a bin in the park the other day. What did they mean by thus?[View]
174719061we haven't found any semen samples on the homless bodies.. yet[View]
174721880>Exposition Dump >Fade out >Fade back in >Oh yes. I forgot to tell you >Additional ex…[View]
174719404what's wrong with his jaw?[View]
174612166/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ literature https://mega…[View]
174721838Why is lesbian sex so fun in the movies, but so boring in real life?[View]
174719306I found out actors and just anyone working in a movie dont really watch their own movie, if they don…[View]
174720879Cast him Bonus point if you cast Solid Snake too[View]
174721748Strong boys are based Targshits remain cringe[View]
174719135Is a good X-MEN movie even possible now?[View]
174720769what am I in for?[View]
174715013Post your favorite actor: & anons make assumptions about you[View]
174718635Whats /tv/ opinion on Pedro Pascal as Joel?[View]
174718782I BETTER CALL SAUL!!!![View]
174719141This would've been a 9/10 if it weren't for the biasd, forced racial angle Shitflix tried …[View]
174705897Why did this trigger people so bad?[View]
174721436The fuck was his problem[View]
174717049Snoochie boochies bitches!!! It's official!!!: Critics can't stop RAVING about Clerks 3. S…[View]
174718050Hey! Thought you could leave without saying goodbye?[View]
174711290Wokus Brokus 2: >the Sanderson sistas were actually peaceful Wiccans persecuted by le ebil christ…[View]
174720867one billion dollars. you had one fucking job.[View]
174713001>'Hey, maybe people are more complex than empty and distilled archetypes, and maybe good vs evil …[View]
174718687People often say he was a foolish retard but I think he was pretty based. Die in the pan or die in t…[View]
174717945>dude look at these numbers >WHOA that's crazy >if these numbers get more numbery this…[View]
174721022>The Emperor has told us to abandon these lands >so we fought for nothing then how very apt…[View]
174718689I'm a pretty normal guy, I'm a pretty okay guy, but the unholy things I'd do to have …[View]
174713038Silicon Valley Thread: What is /tv/'s opinion on the show Silicon Valley? I've been watchi…[View]
174721205Would you risk it all for some Pearl cunny pussy anon?[View]
174713129>could have been living the fat life off the lufthansa money >absolutely had to fuck it up by …[View]
174720533>unironically thinking James Bond is cool Peak corny ass boomer behavior…[View]
174721156'Hey Jarvis, insert a butt plug into my ass.'[View]
174721143>First female StarTrek captain >Immediately gets her ship hopelessly lost…[View]
174717259I can not believe they shat out one of the best episodes ever in fucking season 6.[View]
174718604I don't get it[View]
174718021Nope was a surprisingly scary film[View]
174707814Did anyone check out the new Quantum Leap show? The critics seem to hate it. I actually enjoyed the …[View]
174720530Spot of tea, lad?[View]
174719499I drank the VB, LONGNECK at 20 to 8 in the facking morning[View]
174713996did you watched Avatar Remastered on theaters?[View]
174718226Nickelback kino: anyone have any recs that have a nickelback americana feel, it can be cheesy and st…[View]
174720475>Give us your house. >I won't ask again.…[View]
174720423This scene was kino cause it was actually like the cartoons. I wish they had done more stuff like th…[View]
174718719/got/hotd/: Amiable harmless guy edition prev >>174717002[View]
174717553Have you seen this boy?[View]
174706895Whats some Kino that takes place here that isnt Trainspotting or Braveheart[View]
174718570Kino is back on the menu boys[View]
174720110No ticket.[View]
174718810>out on torrents >literally not a single thread BradduBros, we got too cocky……[View]
174719462> Most Hollywood produced slop and even global shit pushes gay shit, trannies and ethnics. >Ve…[View]
174715173Can you guess how?[View]
174719215Jeff Goldblum: Is he really an actor even? It seems to me he just plays himself in every movie. Has …[View]
174719348Godzilla and Kaiju: This needs to be a general[View]
174718304What are some propaganda kinos?[View]
174718348Literally no one is talking about the rings of power anymore.[View]
174716554>character is a cunt because she cant have children[View]
174717885Nonfiction movies where the main character is the bad guy?[View]
174716137The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bo…[View]
174717773Bald im kino[View]
174719732Kinos for this feel?[View]
174719309Why did Instagram randomly recommend me pictures of these two specific actresses?[View]
174719674Stay out of my yard.[View]
174703717Neytiri is...[View]
174715399>Be Fletch >Confess[View]
174718566I see, yeah... Paul's dubs disappearance yeah..[View]
174715843thanks to Rick and Morty i was inspired to watch Die Hard, it was a pretty good movie, i cannot beli…[View]
174719520Squid Game unreleased scene released. This changes everything[View]
174719232Pure Valryian Stock[View]
174715512Has the trend of crossdressing “comedy” in Hollywood been responsible for the uptick in transgenderi…[View]
174716110Was he just a misunderstood buck breaker?[View]
174717423what went wrong?[View]
174718572Which house has the cutest boys? My vote is for the Velaryon boys[View]
174718856I hate when they put unnecessary music in a movie. The kind to make a scene more exciting or sad. So…[View]
174710179Life of Pi meaning: So this was based on a true story but in the end it wasn't really animals i…[View]
174715149Actors don't need to physically look exactly like the characters they are based upon, especiall…[View]
174717467Harry Potter and the 5th Return of Voldemort[View]
174718942Spend eternity with a cute and loving Latina in pre-9/11 NYC? No thanks[View]
174718911She's so based and cool. I bet normies hate her for having some integrity.[View]
174718546How the fuck did he get away with everything?[View]
174717897>Delete that.[View]
174713725Why does he do it bros?[View]
174714441>Six letter captchas? We made it up. No one in their right minds would settle for such a thing.…[View]
174718382>Earlier this week, Marlon Brando met with Jewish leaders to apologize for comments he made on La…[View]
174715734>shoot out scene >characters using cars for cover…[View]
174713607Is Vikings worth watching?: I'm in the mood for some historical kino. Will Vikings fulfill this…[View]
174708431Why were her kids darker than her[View]
174713322FOX MULDER, FBI[View]
174717002/got/hotd/: VHAGAR ISN'T UGLY! edition prev >>174715153[View]
174718679why did they fuck up the cute girl[View]
174711445you're not brave enough to do this[View]
174716272* gives impotent men raging boners *: How did she do it?[View]
1747182911. what was he thinking? 2. why didn't anyone stop him?[View]
174718490T-that's my grandma's house, nice try![View]
174710582Just saw this kino. What am I allowed to think of it?[View]
174718132Nothing of Value Was Lost: if only She-Hulk had been canceled for the same reasons ( it's shite…[View]
174716745ITT: edgy movies.[View]
174718241Charges officer?[View]
174705670Gone but not forgotten[View]
174715272Anyone excited for Iron Heart, the new TV show about Iron Man's replacement?[View]
174696953What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
174704450*kills your kino*[View]
174717849women started absolutely seething when this aired[View]
174708641>There was one time when NBC was suggesting there be a crossover night where the characters from …[View]
174713731Signs you're about to watch kino[View]
174717057Did you kill a cheetah?[View]
174717975Citizen Kane of horror: Just saw this and was surprised people call it that, it actually just sucks …[View]
174700354Why does this faggot still have a career? he's literally cuck tier[View]
174712236DC is so fucking dead lmao. Marvel is making masterpieces like Hawkeye while DC makes musicals. It…[View]
174717691For me, the action is the juice[View]
174717387>dude sometimes young happy people kill themselves for literally no reason, and it's actuall…[View]
174715141mythbusters: put mythbusters on record months ago now i have all the epsiodes best ones?[View]
174715772God King Cameron[View]
174714545Ghost in the Shell: Why did Scarjo walk like a sack of potatoes during this whole movie[View]
174715025So fucking depressing, hate how she turned out[View]
174717422cast them[View]
174717532>Blind >Dumb poor guy[View]
174717476This photo implies there was a point where Marty had a brother who walked around without a head.[View]
174711062>here's the 14 year old girl I was telling you about[View]
174708943why did they make Meg so hot in Supernatural, she exudes charisma, this is all done by the actress a…[View]
174716591Post actors/actresses that have great voices but are actually ugly.[View]
174717299Slap Thread: post em lads[View]
174706704DISNEY BTFO: 1m views its over for wokecels[View]
174717225Don't mind me, just the superior homo killer kino in your path.[View]
174717222are you still loyal to the Disney ™®© corporation?[View]
174717166What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174713959Recommend me some cheesy sexy vintage sci-fi[View]
174717047Why didn't he move to Canada and get a respectable job as a teacher?[View]
174714718>I Am Jack's Medulla Oblongata >I Am Jill's Nipple >I Am Jack's Colon >I …[View]
174716954I watch for she[View]
174716934Mah neega, I need yo clothes, yo boots and yo motorcyclah[View]
174715153/got/hotd/: Remember the good times Edition prev >>174711597[View]
174713763Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174715757Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story: Are you looking forward to it? I think the trailer is not bad a…[View]
174712235>'We need a new Ellen Page' >'I'm sending Isabella Sermon up right now, sir!'…[View]
174705603What happened after?[View]
174709245>steals your heart and fucking dies heh... nothin personal gaijin[View]
174713098Fire again, fire again[View]
174715750This fucker just won't die: Honestly, if he had given up the ghost earlier the successorship of…[View]
174716435>Look at me, chud. I'm the Chris Farley of late night sketch comedy now.…[View]
174708479Just watched this: why do they want to turn me gay or go biracial on a relationship? 5 episodes in a…[View]
174715842Where's the film adaptation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVJgmp2Tc2s[View]
174714895It really is Not that Bad[View]
174683295ITT: Actors who have orgasmic voices. Male or female.[View]
174716338Eyebrow Raising /tv/: >that episode of Full House where DJ fasts for 3 days for weight loss >…[View]
174716434>It takes two to make a thing go right >It takes two to make it outta sight…[View]
174715845>Into the light I command thee.. >Into the light I command thee >Into the light I command t…[View]
174716411>TV Show about growing up in Queens New York in the early 90s >Selling drugs and crime >3 e…[View]
174699787Let it go? LET IT FUCKING GO?[View]
174715426>hello protagonist >my name is darko evilenemy >lets be best buds Now that's what real…[View]
174714094I think we're gonna make it.[View]
174715741The vibes are shifting.[View]
174716179>biden becomes president >absolutely no movies or tv shows about him >no characters that pa…[View]
174714677thinking about going to see this today. is it any good?[View]
174714924why is Hollywood so racist? hardly any whites in movies anymore[View]
174711841Why don't incels and cat moms just fuck each other? Are there any movies with this premise?[View]
174701830Cobra Kai umped the shark.: > Miguel goes to Mexico to find his real father. Pointless. His dad i…[View]
174715710Just finished the first Spy Kids movie: turns out there arent any actors that come from african or a…[View]
174711073The Last of Us HBO trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBRRDpQ0yc0[View]
174715516fuck it's that fucking cat Furio[View]
174714368What are some essential 90's kinos?[View]
174714068I feel like the most outrageous thing about this movie is that people would watch a guy live a borin…[View]
174715518Obi wan episode 6: Plot hole question. [spoilers]How did the lightsaber-stabbed third sister to Tato…[View]
174715479Bruh look at this dude[View]
174714815ITS NOT FAIR[View]
174715123This scene hits different after recent revelations...[View]
174715209What are some movies that portray the real nature of woman?[View]
174711597/got/hotd/: TullyGODS our time is fast approaching Edition prev >>174709824[View]
174714790>I CANT GET SLEEP[View]
174714988Apologize. https://youtu.be/rBRRDpQ0yc0[View]
174713193Holy Kino Is 3 even worth watching?[View]
174709387El marginal: >better writing, character chemistry and script than any shows recent memory >it…[View]
174713147>”Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist, and an actor, and a musician, a…[View]
174700184/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Twink editon Previous >>174691759[View]
174714597Is Kween Charlotte secretly based?: >Slavery Abolition Act, (1833), in British history, act of Pa…[View]
174714217what was his name again?[View]
174714516I'm so glad we finally got proper representation in mainstream media, autistbros. I love her.[View]
174712339Should i watch Game of Thrones Season 1?: i´ve watched the sopranos, wire, six feet under, the young…[View]
174711048Yay or Nay?[View]
174713016You get to sacrifice Season 2 and 3 of TD in exchange for your favorite actress recreating this scen…[View]
174711140The Last of Us HBO Trailer: It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBRRDpQ0yc0[View]
174714223Why are moids obsessed with mob movies? Is it to cope with their insecurities?[View]
174714439>world will be mine, but the glory and power will be always yours, forever[View]
174710008She's supposed to be his student here. I always thought they were colleagues of a similar age. …[View]
174709963Movies about police incompetence?: https://youtu.be/OyKyGJ3jb40[View]
174714414Why are you #madatmorb?[View]
174710977Alita: Will we ever get a sequel?[View]
174708135Firefly: Would a Firefly reboot still work without Whedon? They've got 30+ comics to adapt plus…[View]
174696368This is so dumb. They parted on good terms. So now Anakin wants to murder his best friend/father fig…[View]
174714342What's the worst book-to-film or book-to-series adaptation you have ever watched, /tv/? I nomin…[View]
174713113The Way of the Gun more like The Way of the Kino[View]
174714273doing a Lost rewatch, holy FUCK is she annoying[View]
174714197What are some good movies about sexy and sassy Italian-American ladies? Are there any Italian-Americ…[View]
174714184'With death comes gratitude for life - if a man has lived to old age knowing only peace, how empty t…[View]
174707908>Nausicaa >humanity at odds with the toxic forest and Ohms, through Nausicas determination and…[View]
174713868I'm African and this movie made me cry. I can't believe this is what Africa would be like …[View]
174714045YO JANITOR WHAT'S UP[View]
174711397Has comedy peaked here?[View]
174711480How much of the 'real world' did the Matrix actually simulate? Was it just Earth? But what…[View]
174709033Your opinion on this movie?[View]
174712192How bad does Season 2 get?[View]
174708396ITT: things that zoomzooms will never understand[View]
174713749>YOU are a worthless sand nigger. You were a born a sand nigger, you’ll die a sand nigger, and on…[View]
174713759Monke: I want your children,: you won't have children with the gay monke, you'll have chil…[View]
174713756>it's a youtuber complains about the liar reveal episode again[View]
174713497>10 minutes in >interracial couple have an 'open' relationship, woman broke up with her bull a…[View]
174712050Batman: Keaton: Based on 30's/40's Gothic comics Kilmer/Clooney: Based on 50's/60…[View]
174711172Jurassic Park Dominion: I usually don't notice Blackrock brownie points, but this movie was so …[View]
174713631Post 'oh it's that guy' actors[View]
174713606Fantastic Tales , new feature film between horror and science fiction: The film is an anthology of e…[View]
174710471Why is X-Files memed as Scully not believing in the paranormal when that only happens in Season 1? I…[View]
174713594Artie Nightmares of Non-stop Assrape[View]
174712641>the new jurassic world is...... LE HECKIN SEXIST!! chudsisters.... he fucking betrayed us…[View]
174713523ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
174709569Underwater (2020) A movie with that guy from Silicon Valley and discount jodie foster have to surviv…[View]
174710574I HATE this show like I’ve never hated anything. I’m worried about everyone I know who has seen it. …[View]
1747132766 new episodes, lads. Where are my ghostbros at?[View]
174713252>New Rick and Morty episode is a scary episode with a scary T.S. Eliot quote, followed by a scary…[View]
174713242Didnt like it. Just a completely not enjoyable movie for me. Not of an explanation for what the fuck…[View]
174711396>There is a tempest in me![View]
174711659Rickman hated Sorcerers Stone, said Halfblood had zero story just spectacle, and his death in Hallow…[View]
174711589/got/hotd/ general: Lyonel Strong rest in piss edition prev >>174709824[View]
174712481Eat My Shit![View]
174712683so was it all a dream?[View]
174702416Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174713055Does Grandma have good taste in TV?[View]
174699459What were they thinking?[View]
174710207Andor: Why are we supposed to be rooting for the main character? Unlike the beginning of Rogue One, …[View]
174712237>I caught him, Bunk. On The Wire Season 3 Episode 12 'Middle Ground', I caught him Exce…[View]
174712715Alice in Borderland 2 is coming soon[View]
174704120>this was state of the art CGI in 1998[View]
174705357Shit, guys! It's another fun one! I think we might actually be back[View]
174712394>the whole movie was caused by an Asian woman seeking BWC Lmao what[View]
174707114The stand: How bad is this? I am watching the 1994 series right now and while it is OK, the acting i…[View]
174704017What are your first impressions of the new Princess Rhaenyra?[View]
174706727Unexplained plotholes: Why did Rick never find his dead wife in the tunnels?[View]
174711227What is it about the ending of Return of the King that makes a grown man tear up without fail?[View]
174701762Name me some Aussie kino.[View]
174711849Better than the original in every way.[View]
174709750/hor/ - Horror General: Kicking Ass for the Lord Edition Previously on /hor/: >>174693219…[View]
174695937Why is this show so gay now?[View]
174712441What does /tv/ think of Julie Ann Emery's body of work?[View]
174711846Hideous fucking goblin[View]
174710947SAG-AFTRA: Is unionizing dubs a good idea?[View]
174708380stupid fucking white man[View]
174712126Why was /tv/ shilling this so hard back in the day?[View]
174712226HOTD: H-how?[View]
174708446Give me the breakdown. is Matrix 4 a bad movie, or a bad Matrix movie? I have time right now to watc…[View]
174709979Should I go see Avatar in IMAX 3D? I've never watched a film in 3D before. Am I missing out?[View]
174712085Hannibal: His show was gay and so was he[View]
174712031The Little Mermaid: >The one with autism is murdered only halfway through What did they mean by t…[View]
174711699Who was in the wrong?[View]
174711138I haven't browsed this board or watched any films since 2019. has there been any notable releas…[View]
174711191They are now straight up taunting you, dangling over your head the one thing you really want and ref…[View]
174707318Why did the australian fella give such a fuck about his wife's son? Are the writers trying to n…[View]
174711879>'Hahah, don't make me laugh!' >'Uh, could you repeat that in ENGLISH, doc?' >'If you …[View]
174710531Why do so many TV shows and films copy the brother dynamics of The Brothers Karamazov?[View]
174711799>Mogs every hollywood goyslop from the last decade >Makes Arcanetrannies seethe and cope >P…[View]
174709441is this shit or is it getting bad reviews because of some screeching sheboon?[View]
174711736Justin Lin's One Punch-Man: 'I'm just regular guy who's a hero for fun'[View]
174711673>I baked bread.[View]
174711430Toy Story didn't age well...[View]
174709824/got/hotd/: Helaenas edition prev >>174707865[View]
174710556What expression is he trying to convey?[View]
174711541Any kinos where the good guys lose?[View]
174711045What's the next step of his masterplan?[View]
174710764Why was Mr. Aziz so full of shit?[View]
174711312>The Exorcist 3. I watch it every day.[View]
174711280Kira Yoshikage, America[View]
174698524what's is /tv/'s favorite Mickey Rourke film?[View]
174710667>When I speak his ears close up. >So speak louder. Was it autism?…[View]
174708990Blue balls in your heart: So I just finished True Detective season 2. Can someone explain to me what…[View]
174711039In my local park the other day. Saw pic related. What did they mean by this?[View]
174709636What went wrong ?[View]
174710690Yeah, Im thinking its based[View]
174711139Which season was the final nail in the coffin for The Simpsons?[View]
174711010Why is McNulty in this film?[View]
174710935What is next for her career?[View]
174704783Just saw this for the first time. What did I think of it?[View]
174708134Name a movie with more memorable sound effects >rain on car roof >computer beeps >trex foot…[View]
174711000Worst Casting Choices: Go[View]
174709267Give me one good reason to watch this.: I just read the plot and it just seems like a bunch of rando…[View]
174710814I'm Mr. Wasted Franchise I'm Mr. Woke I'm Mr. Money Launder I'm Mr. Going Broke …[View]
174710812Zack Snyder would be a way better cinematographer.[View]
174710769'Uncle, please sit': Was this when GoT jumped the shark?[View]
174710301ITT: Infomercial kino[View]
174710744What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174709017For all the bad faith people gives to Avenger and its contribution to the film industry, at least it…[View]
174699671House of the Dragon: This doesn't even feel like Game of Thrones anymore. It feels like somethi…[View]
174710558What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174695194Admit it This past episode was fucking amazing and the show, although started slow, is picking up an…[View]
174710603was it good?[View]
174710656My name is Bond. James bond.[View]
174710638FUKIN' BEANS!![View]
174710614/druk/- DRUK General: ITT Discuss the 2020 film DRUK[View]
174708932ITT: Chick flicks you liked even though you're not a chick.[View]
174710470Mike Stolaska: 'A movie that is intentionally bad is still bad' So what were they thinking with Spac…[View]
174696475/trek/: GornHub edition[View]
174709971I heard The Matrix has tranny subtext. Is this true?[View]
174706596Littybros…I don’t feel so good[View]
174709771Who is your mom's favorite actress? Pic related.[View]
174708086Was he a nonce?[View]
174709513>go to movies with gf >think its gonna be some chick flick >its actually kino Harry Styles…[View]
174709758Non sexual scenes that made you pitch a tent: The CBT scene in Casino Royale was well executed but n…[View]
174710112Is '...but not today' the most kino comeback line of all time?: Doesn't matter how many times y…[View]
174709330>we want the female audience How can anyone watch this shit?[View]
174709218Which of the 'iends was your favorite 'iend?[View]
174709695When will we get an all female reboot of this?[View]
174710014Why does this scene make me feel so good bros?[View]
174709796Fuck you: this is my favorite SW movie[View]
174708189>I will do anything to passs your class[View]
174707900My father was a dentist and a fiend.[View]
174699411>Decent cast >Main actor looks and sounds literally like mike >Accurate storyline >enter…[View]
174707620I will take the ring to Meowdor….but I do not know the way[View]
174709238Favourite movie quotes?[View]
174707333why are westerns so boring?[View]
174708137Why is he giving off school shooter vibes?[View]
174706325Tolkien (2019): I just watched this and expected it to set the stage for the ROP fiasco but apart fr…[View]
174708272Decided to watch the midleton show called Rick and Morty Start watching the 3rd episode of the 5th s…[View]
174709189I can't see shit[View]
174708914How did they get Erik Estrada? https://odysee.com/@YMS:1/yms-cool-cat-saves-the-kids-%28part-1-of…[View]
174709132>The time has come! Jets! Dinos! Thors! The internet freaked out when Jay and Mike reviewed a han…[View]
174699556How was this possible in 1998?[View]
174708080Movies only you like thread. Pic related, there was a chick with a Garfield shirt in it. She was cut…[View]
174707865/got/hotd/: Lil cute Vermax edition prev >>174706394[View]
174707983Prince of Persia: This is the best videogame movie and I'm tired of pretending it's not...…[View]
174698313Is it bad I find myself resonating more and more with this man?[View]
174707793What was Takeshi Kitano thinking trying to break into Hollywood? Brother is so bad[View]
174703799Why, at the peak of The Troubles, would MI6 have made an Irishman their most trusted asset?[View]
174708402The worst part about Dahmer was that he was homophobic.[View]
174709068Why would God tell him to kill the guy who was killing gays? God hates gays too[View]
174709354its spooktober soon only horror flicks allowed for the whole month what are we watching? anyone got …[View]
174699152Two pork chops please..[View]
174709201Lubricant, and amyl nitrate[View]
174706823Should I watch Part 2 where he's in Los Gayngeles?[View]
174709187the fat black lady in lord of the goyslop is kinda fun[View]
174693219/hor/- Horror General: Satanic Panic Edition previously on /hor/ >>174684174[View]
174706863comfy simpsons thread[View]
174707068>I will motivate you, Private Pyle, if it short-dicks every cannibal on the Congo! What the fuck …[View]
174707145Grolton's the dog[View]
174706357Star Wars fanboys are insane: Totally insane.[View]
174708922>over an hour since their last content release is the channel dead? where did they go?…[View]
174708788Now that 1movieshd got raided imma kms post your face[View]
174707835You missed the point by idolizing her, touch grass.[View]
174707409mmr8tk: TACA TACA TACA TACA EN MI CABALLO[View]
174707455It's funny but the plot is pretty dumb. I'm supposed to believe these two people are so br…[View]
174707671TED LASSO: next gen kino[View]
174708653overpowered as fuck[View]
174703087Saw this at Fantastic Fest, it's better than 94. Anyone want spoilers?[View]
174705439Too many blacks: Before it was just House Velaryon and that was already a stretch but now they'…[View]
174707567What is the biggest Hollywood fall from grace you can think of? Low-hanging fruit would be Weinstein…[View]
174705604Ser Oneitis of the Kingsguard: >Be virgin who forms a bond with a qt3.14 >Lose virginity to sa…[View]
174708400What have WE forgotten?[View]
174707054Babylon: I think this movie is going to be all that and a bag of potato chips. Anyone else looking f…[View]
174708160What's his deal?[View]
174703979Speak THE WORD and enter[View]
174707936I will now, be a faggot[View]
174706920RLM: It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyC6574X3CM[View]
174697885>Hackson tries to ruin his character >Still has the best lines/scenes in the trilogy…[View]
174705966Retarded or intergalatic 5-d chess big brain 500iq scene?[View]
174707779screw this guy. this guy sucks.[View]
174694111Lol, they're just laughing at you at this point.[View]
174706198This should have been a tv show.[View]
174707798>scientist/civilian complains about not being combat-qualified >badass character cocks gun and…[View]
174706708Will I enjoy this film if my uncle is trains man?[View]
174707263Millie once again saves Netflix from impending financial doom https://youtu.be/5DaReyzLe2c[View]
174706313police squad or airplane I havent fully seen either.[View]
174706394/got/hotd/: Cute crazy eyes edition prev >>174704928[View]
174706021>yep its a trash episodes again[View]
174707822ITT: Kiss scene[View]
174704553Oh, Sheheqazaramesh, will you ever learn?[View]
174707723>Stu has sex with a Hispanic woman >Immediately after takes a lifetime vow of celibacy and bec…[View]
174705844Could he beat Goku?[View]
174704012Sopranos is peak reddit. No wonder every meme about the show online is sterile, unfunny twitter-tier…[View]
174706192come the fuck on[View]
174706129Why do people compare this movie with Taxi Driver, Fight Club or Drive? Lou is nothing like those gu…[View]
174707696IT'S UP! https://youtu.be/LyC6574X3CM[View]
174705960itt we discuss our favorite jewish kinos[View]
174706201What are the essential Emma Roberts kino?[View]
174705362I've already forgotten there was a Matrix 4. At the end of the day it doesn't really matte…[View]
174706241Do you want to go see this movie together tv?[View]
174705736Ban IP Laws: I think there's a conspiracy where great concepts and ideas for stories are purpos…[View]
174704759Is it really illegal to walk in America?[View]
174707254Strangerbros...can we solve this before reddit does?[View]
174704007I hate social media movie critics: I never understood the 'it has no cultural impact' meme? Good suc…[View]
174706831The real good place: was escaping samsara all along weren't it bros?[View]
174700890I saw Avatar 2 new 15 minute scene in IMAX after the movie ended. I have to say this movie will defi…[View]
174706061>Womb Raider >Good Will Humping >Black Cock Down >Lord of Cock Rings…[View]
174706978>Casts Kate Mara as a teacher who sleeps with her student. >90+% of comments I see saying how …[View]
174706185What does /tv/ think of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?[View]
174703572>trying to enjoy this dumb show >here’s another scene with this fucking faggot this faggot tak…[View]
174707314Jesus christ this movie was so fucking boring[View]
174702306>Inspired by true events[View]
174707246Could the Simpsons be rebooted? Would they dare? What would a reboot look like in current year?[View]
174692502Halloween Thread - 35 Nights to Halloween: Previous thread: >https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread…[View]
174690332>big muscular guy character listens to girly pop music when he's alone…[View]
174706982is gomey still a beaner in this? are the natsocs in s5 still natsocs? is it like a nick fuentes type…[View]
174707154Where does Sophia Lillis' career go after Dungeons & Dragons?[View]
174706845Does film piracy hurt Hollywood or merely perpetuate it? What can a man do to hurt Hollywood?[View]
174705857Whats on the top of that list of things Pierce Brosnan can't live without, /tv/?[View]
174707095it's boring[View]
174705970Similar to Escape from New York: Any recommendations for movies like Escape from New York? I guess a…[View]
174705293IAN FREEZE![View]
174706936ITS UP!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyC6574X3CM&ab[View]
174703234>87 days until Alice in Borderland Season 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vba9e_hSvro&featu…[View]
174705494Chinese harem dramas: Yay or Nay? Personally I love them, they're like big budget soap operas w…[View]
174706879Barbarian: What the fuck did I just watch[View]
174706673Hey: Do you think if star wards was only in the ocean they would call him obi-prawn-obi[View]
174706411/got/hotd/ general: Queen monke edition[View]
174695519>Oh, and by the way, this isn't.. LE METH *Jumps and does a back flip in slow motion, in mid…[View]
174706068>We had a good thing you stupid son of a bitch! We had child-murdering Fring who employs children…[View]
174705488Any mom/son kinos ?[View]
174706348Can we admit this movie sucks now?: The writing on this movie is Alan Moore tier trash and is a shit…[View]
174703307Interstellar: Now that the dust has settled (heh), what did we think about it?[View]
174706034UH OH: UH OH[View]
174705851>'We're some kind of Defenders ?'[View]
174704928/got/hotd/: My cute wife edition Previous: >>174703513[View]
174706417Just marathoned this, was pretty great.[View]
174706307This... is cwack[View]
174697511Survival of the Richest[View]
174699206The Woman King: What happened, /tv/?[View]
174706211what happened to her?[View]
174705644He got nerfed so hard in season 6: They fucking ruined this character by making him stupid[View]
174699701How the fuck was Rhodes the bad guy?: Because he made a few sexist jokes? Rhodes was trying to maint…[View]
174703801What are your favorite food scenes, /tv/?[View]
174693336did he kill jared leto or not?[View]
174704092Soipranos fags will never have a moment like this[View]
174704348What's your favourite 'Meet cute' moment in television and film?[View]
174703396Warner brothers is $55 billion dollars in debt[View]
174695703nosgalgia: which films make you feel nostalgic?[View]
174704330god damn fuckawful ugly morticia why did nobody complain about her, but they're complaining abo…[View]
174704486Ludokino https://youtu.be/HFqVJ9-AbwQ[View]
174705180what the fuck was his problem?[View]
174703267You and he were.....BUDDIES.... weren't you ?[View]
174700496anybody want to watch movies with me all day? im lonely and bored[View]
174699317This is purebred Valeryon stock: And I will believe it[View]
174702811I enjoyed this a lot, any other films with a similar atmosphere?[View]
174701139When this show first aired /tv/ loved it and said it was better written than Breaking Bad. Now /tv/ …[View]
174703169Why would any woman do this?: Why would it be depicted in a film as well?[View]
174692870What would it take for you to like South Park again anon?[View]
174702780What did you think about the ending?[View]
174703550>eat my shit! She says this to Stormfront. What did she mean by this?[View]
174701944>YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE How was that a joke? I don't get it.…[View]
174705285>we've got company![View]
174693600should they bring it back?[View]
174704483>the hat looks like the downside of the alien creature >the alien costumes are white with two …[View]
174705258>kids live action tv show >black kid is named Jackson…[View]
174702923She's based and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.[View]
174700365>gets a bunch of questions wrong >team goes home with money What was he thinking?…[View]
174704143Fuck you I liked it[View]
174705146Any Pretty Little Liars fans here? What do you think of the HBO reboot?[View]
174705143McCarthyism: >What are some movies about people who were right about everything?…[View]
174703604$200 Million plus CGI Dragons versus $1 Billion[View]
174705110But what about....my shreeedddderrrrrrr[View]
174690008Severance: what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
174703039Is Europe really this dangerous?[View]
174702710WE HEA[View]
174700179can someone shit on this film?: i just want to know why this film is considered bad by the general p…[View]
174703513/got/hotd/: The Pink Dread edition previous >>174700657[View]
174703730How did they find food blind?[View]
174704948I'm looking for some tonally confused, rushed, and badly written Kino. Pic related.[View]
174703497I've cried 3 times and I'm only at season 1[View]
174704061https://youtu.be/Ecurpcghs0c How did it go so wrong for Brendan Fraser? This interview is a complete…[View]
174697420Alex Kurtzman dies in an unfortunate 'accident'. You are tasked with saving Star Trek. What do you d…[View]
174702465Clerks: Kino or cringe?: >Dante - Hey, whatcha rent? 'Best of Both Worlds'? >Randal - Hermaphr…[View]
174704658Frozen live action remake when?: what black beauty will be cast in the lead role[View]
174704559Do you think Tom Hooper will ever make another movie or is it impossible to recover from Cats[View]
174703229This season has become utter garbage: And show is losing its uniqueness that it had the first three …[View]
174702032/pod/: ~podcasting general~ what have YOU been listening to anon?[View]
174704471Hello, Joker I am in a world of shit[View]
174704420What's his fucking problem?[View]
174703343James Bond has been whitewashed this whole time.........i feel sick[View]
174695684Underrated kinos. Any other good dc animated movies worth watching? Constantine any good?[View]
174704370I have a cousin at the Bank of England and friends in parliament[View]
174703081Why do all the hot young women find him irresistible?[View]
174704183Wildesisters...we lost[View]
174702652>mid 2000s teen comedy >prom night >grandma starts drinking from the punch >she gets dru…[View]
174704128Is this the best movie of all time? Both regular viewers and critics says so.[View]
174698863What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
174689772This guy was a legit dumbass. Who is the real GOAT serial killer.[View]
174702023Did anyone else think this was Hunter Schafer? I'm not face blind, am I?[View]
174701344>Villain is evil because...he defecates through a sunroof[View]
174703934>i will not go see the latest marvel movie. greerheads rising. did you take the pledge anon?…[View]
174702896Mayday: Air Crash Investigation: Season 23 Episode 1 - January 4 2023 - Independent Air Flight 1851 …[View]
174703985Would you fook her over a Tory bench?[View]
174671398MOVIES OF 2023: What will you be watching, /tv/? >True Haunting (January 6, 2023) Directed by Gar…[View]
174703074>Ayo Mr White, maybe the real Breaking Bad ain't us, but like, the friends we made along the…[View]
174703849It feels like I’m walking in Memphis[View]
174703817>Star Wars was always about the Rebels Vs. the Empire >the entire galaxy was subject to a tota…[View]
174703774What a shit movie: Shit acting, shit pacing, shit werewolf design Coppola deserves the rope for bein…[View]
174701813He's giving off major incel vibes[View]
174702444It was the best Nic Cage kino.[View]
174702071Soulful sharpe thread: >you will never rise from the ranks to become a celebrated hero women thro…[View]
174700657/got/hotd/: Coomer edition prev >>174699470[View]
174700682Movie where actress make fuck pussy sex face[View]
174693848Name a better vampire movie: >pro tip you can’t[View]
174700907AVATAR: Its kino[View]
174686627/bb/ Big Brother 24: Winner of BB24: Taylor Previously on /bb/: >>174682376[View]
174700655Elisha Cuthbert used to be one of the hottest names in Hollywood, what happened?[View]
174702961>What were you cursing at them for? >Because they're niggers How did she get away with it…[View]
174698631favorite nuDoctor?[View]
174702969House of the Dragon cuck bullshit: So this fucking show made the only proper black Valyrian nobility…[View]
174699622What is the best depiction of Jesus in cinema?[View]
174702939Product placement thread[View]
174702842Star Wars is overrated. There I said it.[View]
174701316>'Is there anything worse than dating in your 30s?' -She-Hulk[View]
174702801Any one watched this? Main character is a cute[View]
174697481House of the dragon recast: Bye bye monke[View]
174684051One of the craziest race swaps I’ve ever seen. Meant to be some pale skinned light eyed magical arya…[View]
174702548Let's show Dahmer fans who's the real boss[View]
174699594this movie is such a huge dissapointment first half is kino but then it turns into a chaotic mess an…[View]
174699231wait, so he took life without parole on purpose just so he could kill a nazi?[View]
174700302Do they think we are idiots? The two on the left are spot on but the new girl doesnt even look remot…[View]
174700604why can't people cut anymore: >download show >episode is 80 mins long >nothing happens…[View]
174702387>This one scene is better written and acted than their entirety of RANGZ OF POWAH (5hrs+) Why…[View]
174701032Who is your mom's favorite actress? Favorite actor? Pic related. Favorite actor is George Cloon…[View]
174701797Share your dream Television and Film projects: Here's my dream tv series which will never get m…[View]
174700063Well... at least Kim and my brother who ruined my life know I'm a good person now... sure glad …[View]
174699086ARE YEW STEWPID?[View]
174698989What stopped him from becoming a genuinely big deal in America? In the wake of Leon's success, …[View]
174702098It would've been kino if it just took place in Vegas with some scenes set in the past. Baz Luhr…[View]
174699603Gen Z here Should I watch pic related or is it just a midicer show memed by boomers?[View]
174700654/got/hotd/: Bug princess edition previous >>174699470[View]
174702066>What IS the Man-Grate, you ask?[View]
174702063>be Rosalie >go shopping Seriously hollyweird?!?…[View]
174701844Netflix is saving anime from moeshit[View]
174698870>“BLOODY BASTARD WHITE BITCH, WE DON’T SOUND LIKE THAT” >no complaints about Apu being a scam …[View]
174700937what went wrong? season 1 is so kino i dare say its a milestone in human history[View]
174701824>be young >movie makes you feel something you don't understand >years later realize mo…[View]
174698015can you fit your own boiler in USA? What about having the suitable certification to work with gas?[View]
174662337post: scenes where men are allowed to cry[View]
174696600ITT: cool posters of little known movies...[View]
174700205Brendan-posting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBbRL7aupZ8[View]
174701681What are some films with zero mentions in the /tv/ archives? 1999's 'Drowning on Dry Land…[View]
174695584Critics are saying Werewolf by Night is the best Marvel Disney+ project yet! Disney is on a roll bet…[View]
174699205He doesn't look like Robert Evans. What was Richie thinking?[View]
174697748Wow Europe looks like THAT?![View]
174691454LOL, so true! What's the equivalent of this for Saul?[View]
174698312This actually had so much potential. The orc scenes are legitimately 10/10, cool characters, cool wo…[View]
174701514Eh it was pretty good. Certainly better than Kingsman 2. Ralph Fiennes was really good in it and I e…[View]
174701350>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174701363movies about inner city youf?[View]
174699801>We had a good thing you stupid son of a bitch! We had child-murdering Fring who employs children…[View]
174698459Panzram show when?[View]
174694055Do you think seinfeld made the right choice by ending at s9?[View]
174700926They embedded something in this show..: Be me. >normally not scared from horror/ true crime. >…[View]
174699280what's the best rom/com?[View]
174696730Brand new week ahead, civilians cueing up on the highway to sit in the office, but that ain't m…[View]
174700816Why did everyone in the wire pretend she was super hot, it's literally just an old white woman.…[View]
174700756Good Will Hunting: >movie called 'good will hunting' >it doesn't take place in a wood …[View]
174698168>jesus any other oldfags still on here? >well well well, reddit fag >Look at you funposter…[View]
174694692Is Lawrence of Arabia (1963) any good?: A local independent cinema is going to have a screening of i…[View]
174698835>11 months >0 charges[View]
174700826what the hell is your problem?[View]
174694516>We are selling to willing buyers at the current fair market price![View]
174696748>You blew it all up you stupid son of a bitch! You and your autism![View]
174678787>You're watching that movie AGAIN? Which one is it, /tv/?[View]
174697473what the fuck was her problem?[View]
174700201what was his fucking problem[View]
174699470/got/hotd/: Vhagar didnt deserve to suffer edition prev >>174698425[View]
1746997162022 I am forgotten.[View]
174698922>beats up our guy Criston >proceeds to die like a fag House of the Dragon is the best. After t…[View]
174698852Women owe me sex.[View]
174699055why don’t you have a dailywire+ subscription, anon?[View]
174692760Why did she say it so weird?[View]
174694752It's not fair bros...: https://www.tiktok.com/@iamlesliegrace/video/7146999456255249706…[View]
174694335RoP is really good. I was wrong: Like a lot of people I was sceptical after seeing the trailers, but…[View]
174692334Remakeshit has officially eclipsed capeshit[View]
174691759/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Shady character edition Previous >>174675908[View]
174698172You speak English, buttsteak?[View]
174699763What are those 'literally memes' about?[View]
174697403is Tika Sumpter (Sonic movies) a good actress[View]
174698473Lostposting: Don't talk to me about FAIR How does Lost still filter people?[View]
174695877If Veruca made it to the TV room how do you think she would have reacted to Mike being shrunk?[View]
174694353comfort shows?: What's your go to comfort? For me it's midnight diner.[View]
174698675Why'd he get up during the finale of the mvoie? He got up from his seat at 2:04:04 and sat back…[View]
174699696Fuck you I liked it[View]
174699481he died a happy man[View]
174699638What would Tony have done if he didn't catch a fish with a gun in it?[View]
174698658Why did they jump to make Rhynaera turn into an old hag but kept Alicent as a qt314? Is it some flat…[View]
174698425/got/hotd/: BALERION THE DREAD previous >>174697163[View]
174699351Firewall: About to watch this, what am I in for?[View]
174697779Pick 7 Movies: You are tasked by your friends to host movie at at your house every day for one week.…[View]
174699194ghost rider leak art for mcu[View]
174697690>episode 1 >black gay sex WTF Netflix?[View]
174669625What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
174697926Hey shut up, Wonka.[View]
174693843>gets criticized once >dies[View]
174698698>see tapioca black woman in movie/show >'OMG she should play Storm!' Love Grace but I'm t…[View]
174698327Bezos of the writer of the series[View]
174695583feel good[View]
174698569Since when is war funny?[View]
174698997holy crap...[View]
174693462What's the best werewolf movie?[View]
174693772>i'ts really fucking good >/tv/ is silent did you guys like this or nah? I loved it.…[View]
174698993Kinos about imminent climate catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions?[View]
174698179Before Avenger Endgame we had...[View]
174691978What was legitimately the scariest movie you've ever watched?[View]
174696452Talk me out of trying to write a screenplay[View]
174698783Wat Tambor Appreciation Thread: If you know him, met him, worked with him, or performed with him, sh…[View]
174698347The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uBOIBHPY6eM[View]
174695088good night sweet prince[View]
174698762Most dramatic physical transformations for a role: I'll start. AIDS.[View]
174698695Emma d’arcy (they/them) are really good at playing woman[View]
174692302A Communications Disruption can only mean one thing...[View]
174698573Just got back from the Woman King and you know what? I kinda liked it![View]
174688570If Captain Marvel was so successful how come they still haven't made a sequel?[View]
174693776Who’s the fruity tuity Willy Wonka fan?[View]
174698213Did this guy seriously murder his own family just to impress the Queen?[View]
174698119Bros, I fell in love with this super sweet and caring black girl from my neighborhood. What should I…[View]
174692254Why do women love this sad fucking movie?[View]
174697694Good stuff to watch: ok /tv/ yall are quick to point out the awful state of modern media and disappo…[View]
174697163/got/hotd/: Cuckston Cope edition previous: >>174695896[View]
174696461A good movie about Dahomey[View]
174693020Why did this retard kill Tony?[View]
174684018This shit KINO as fuck, why doesn’t /tv/ talk about it?[View]
174697213Tonight on….[View]
174692758Louder for the people in the back[View]
174693295This was regular show tier[View]
174697091HOLY CRAP LOIS... IM SONIC[View]
174694687Imagine sitting nude in a glass decohedron for 100+ years[View]
174698116I don't get it. Why is no one complaining that all of Daemon's kids are black ? They look …[View]
174695774Netflix created a new genre called teen suicide porn.[View]
174695159>”MC that’s not just any old leaf you’re rubbing on your face….that’s poison ivy!”…[View]
174697531Good morrow, sers[View]
174695740Hong Sang-soo: Kino auteur or absolute hack?[View]
174689896post kino villain deaths[View]
174696578so he's an incel now?[View]
174695512It's not that bad[View]
174697479Why hasn't Disney rebooted their original superhero IP for Disney+ yet? A live action My Hero A…[View]
174697254any kinos that predicted the future? any mussolini kinos?[View]
174697837I was filtered[View]
174696778wtf how it this shit even legal?[View]
174697291Doctor Who General - /who/: Daddy Doctor Edition[View]
174696425watch Cyberpunk: Edgerunners[View]
174682714When I die I hope I get reborn as her with no memory of my previous life. This time I'll actual…[View]
174686228>I'm not a good kid. Dad, I'm not a normal guy. I don't fit in. I'm weird. I…[View]
174697432>the ATF were.....LE BAD!!![View]
174692979Where's the audio?[View]
174694654Star Trek TOS was bigger in the 90s than in the 60s: My local Fox station aired it in syndication, 5…[View]
174682995parasocial streamer for boomers[View]
174693460How did they get away with it?[View]
174696496>5/10 youtube shorts turns into 10/10 comedy series >10/10 pilot short turns into 5/10 comedy …[View]
174696279Will 4chan ever get fair representation on television programming?[View]
174693604What a HORRIBLE ending. At least that cunt Sally lost everything.[View]
174697214/bcs/ - Better Call Saul General: first season kino edition[View]
174695896/got/hotd/: /better than RoPe/ edition previously: >>174694731[View]
174683214Go Team Venture![View]
174696907OYE, OYE, OYE, OYE https://youtu.be/mOn6SmZf2-c[View]
174693227This Show is Boring: I've watched all episodes due to being a fan of Game of Thrones but holy s…[View]
174689811Uhh... Avatarbros?[View]
174692440What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174696760M'ask you somethin, what are your thoughts on this?[View]
174696631look at her..[View]
174695072why are westoids so anti children?[View]
174696398When will they stop with this madness? Even the normies have got to be waking up at this point?[View]
174692767Will Morf become a household name like Emilia Clarke?[View]
174695778DISNEY BTFO: 1m views its over for wokecels[View]
174659110>A bird shit covered PS2? >That's a hundred dollar bill right there every day…[View]
174692187The better version[View]
174684935rick and morty: frick and mortimer new episode is airing nowish. who has the link ?[View]
174686668Soooo are we mad at this or what[View]
174694008>chaosh is a stair lift[View]
174692748I honestly think Sophia Lillis should have been cast as Princess Irulan in Dune instead of the pig a…[View]
174690879why is house of dragon making childbirth seem like some super hard thing to do? can't be harder…[View]
174695395let's make /tv/ related pics with AI[View]
174693117Wednesday, September 28 at 3:00 a.m. ET Mark your calendars. The wait is almost over. 2 days. 1 hour…[View]
174694731/got/hotd/: Last time on Game of Thrones Ball Z >>174693446 Raise your glasses, m'lords.…[View]
174683408What an asshole.[View]
174692322well, this pretty much explains the Rangs of power shit https://arkhavencomics.com/2022/09/15/how-di…[View]
174695388Why in the absolute fuck would a Wal-Mart have Evangelion merch?[View]
174695442anyone else find kids movies/shows from 2000 to 2010 to be oddly comfy and happy feeling?[View]
174695304>Kills the dealers to protect jesse even though it jeopardizes his job under gus. He loved jesse…[View]
174693969>Don't you talk bad about my mutha, my mudda was a saint[View]
174695000Underground/extreme: Anyone enjoy extreme cinema?[View]
174692815Was it rape?[View]
174690977get some sleep /tv/[View]
174694537Why did he do it? What a retard.[View]
174691521Is Sadie the most talented actress on the show?[View]
174691542Phillip Seymour Hoffman thread[View]
174684683How much longer will it take feminist writers to completely destroy Disney and Hollywood in general?[View]
174691821>perfects and concludes comedykino[View]
174693255Coke vs. Pepsi: Cast them.[View]
174694246It was fantastic and will be remembered as such. Autists who obsess over plot details in a fictional…[View]
174694044>theems that your wing chun is the fathtest[View]
174693446/got/hotd/: Father Son edition[View]
174694298Yeah I better not have any kids. >gee mom you made me capable of being a literal demigod and the…[View]
174692328American Beauty: >Want some weed, bro? >That'll be $2,000 >I know you're good for…[View]
174694558why are they so white?[View]
174689510Any other movies about finding love in the workplace and going crazy?[View]
174694215Is there anything worse in a movie than toxic masculinity?[View]
174694104>scenes you can hear from looking at a single frame[View]
174692249BOB HAD BITCHTITS[View]
174685890Jesus fucking christ… why was she allowed to be this hot??[View]
174692400Scared the fuck out of me in 1982[View]
174681629>is that a heckin upper class lifestyle with a loving husband where I'll never have a care i…[View]
174692477Kimo no Na wa live action confirmed: Can anything top the ultimate pairing of Boyega and Shafer in t…[View]
174693335Dahmer: This whole series is a anti white racist subliminal series. Absolute falsehoods and fiction …[View]
174693721>TARS, whats your shitpost setting? >Thats a 100%, Coop >Better bring it on down to 90%, sl…[View]
174688947Hypothetically speaking, what would television look like today if this man died on 9/11?[View]
174691346POV: You're white woman and you just got peanut butter ready.[View]
174693427>Is an expert at piloting an X-Wing >Is an expert at manning the Falcon's guns >Makes …[View]
174692098Cast him[View]
174691713Batman is SHIT: A /tv/ user told me to watch this, saying 'if you like comic accuracy you'll lo…[View]
174693399Why can't I get a gf like this to watch movies with?[View]
174693330Dear journal[View]
174688365[spoiler[It was kino.[/spoiler][View]
174692866>TROONS BAD: THE MOVIE how did this get released?[View]
174688239Is this worth checking out?: I don't watch shows longer than two seasons unless they're co…[View]
174692946Lord of the Rings raised entire generations on black-and-white morality, pretentious moralizing and …[View]
174693426> starts the rumour about Jon Snow being a legal son of Stark and Targaryen > Spoils the relat…[View]
174693403Kino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaNF9Tc1N7c[View]
174692676He's LITERALLY ME.[View]
174693022Just got back from the Woman King and you know what? I kinda liked it![View]
174686558The Sopranos: I've been binging it and just got to the first episode of season 3 which has easi…[View]
174688121The Adventures of Milo and Otis thread[View]
174668725Blade Runner 2049, sexist?: My girlfriend hates this movie for the sole reason of Joi. She states th…[View]
174692947>To be fair, your honor, Cece did start the fight when she threw the chicken nuggets at my client…[View]
174693214>granny pulls out a nine, bust some caps in a ashy niggas's ass, whips out a ice cold steel …[View]
174685441What went wrong?[View]
174686714Normal words, but a dog guy![View]
174684174/hor/ Horror General: Superior sequels edition previous thread >>174672536 >>174672536 …[View]
174677783Which one are you? Me on the left.[View]
174692601Who are the up and coming cute sluts that will take her place in the rest of the 2020s?[View]
174693028>only reason to watch lord of the rings tv show edition >imdb says shes in all episodes >sh…[View]
174692492Ravenous: >actually, Amerindians don't eat people and consider it evil. It's white men …[View]
174691847/got/hotd: Harrenhall edition Previous >>174690829[View]
174692985>childhood friend is really into animation and cartoons >he makes comics that look exactly lik…[View]
174692421Remember Bates Motel?[View]
174692853THIS QUEST SUCKS[View]
174691464Beyond based.[View]
174690957>download The.Dark.Knight.Rises.2012.DVDRip.exe after hearing /tv/ meme it forever >think exe…[View]
174692755>MY DOGS ARE HUNG GARY What?[View]
174690559Like I’m supposed to believe someone smart enough to be a geologist would’ve have guessed the obviou…[View]
174691589>..it was built on an indian burial ground: woah..what wasn't ?[View]
174692239Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174692225>Accidentally unleash horrible evil upon the world, getting countless people killed >Can end i…[View]
174692581>'Today I'm going to review a movie.' >'Why no, I don't actually know the technical …[View]
174690678Your opinion of Los Espookys season 2?[View]
174688332Why is Fry, a man in his 20s during the late '90s, a fan of Star Trek TOS rather than TNG or DS…[View]
174691419What went wrong?[View]
174692272Damn: Y’all white boys crazy lol Any other documentaries like this one? I’ve already seen the ‘wild…[View]
174690057>owning things is...LE BAD Did Klaus Schwab produce this movie?[View]
174692354Sleight: I was expecting someone to invite him to the avengers team at the end.[View]
174690335'AI bad'[View]
174691699They've got everyone fooled for now, but if the secret gets out that these lil' white boys…[View]
174688589Find a flaw.[View]
174679672Pitch Captain Falcon a cramped space to have a fight scene in: Hard mode: No elevator.[View]
174672643Why you leaving?[View]
174689389>have hot, loving girlfriend that’s basically an /r9k/ posters dream >she has an onlyfans and …[View]
174691625mom walks in[View]
174691473like superbad but actually good[View]
174691937>went to dorset the other week[View]
174690836When you realize there will NEVER be a black Tarzan, becuase Hollywood wouldn't have the balls …[View]
174691931Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
174690829/got/hotd/: My niece-wife's son >>174689845[View]
174690329Wtf, it's kino? Why did the critics hate this so much? This was like a good pizza from your loc…[View]
174691550This shit is kinda gay[View]
174685819>2005 was 17 years ago[View]
174691209Gonna watch the new GOT for the first time what can I expect?[View]
174675908/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Sunset edition Previous >>174669326[View]
174691616When I'm down in the dumps I like to imagine Grandpa Joe bursting out into song during wonka…[View]
174680384>47 days until Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[View]
174688801Do they really expect us to believe a woman can do 200 push ups: Literally the most unrealistic part…[View]
174687701>her whole family is killed >cries can't control her emotions >Anons think she is anno…[View]
174680029Reminder that Conan will soon get the Rings of Power treatment[View]
174686079What would Veruca have done if she made it to the TV Room without being punished and saw Mike get sh…[View]
174691201What's this guy's deal?[View]
174691427currently chilling[View]
174691469Is /tv/ turning on House of The Dragon?! I thought we got over the race swaps and they fucking ackno…[View]
174687323What made her such a out of control whore. Really just one wild night with her uncle?[View]
174681232So is it consistent with the original web series?[View]
174661823Battlestar Galactica: Action stations. Action stations. Set condition one throughout the thread.…[View]
174689205Ummm... Tolkien bros?[View]
174672467Firefly was better than Atlantis[View]
174684151Is it a requirement for women on this show to be overcompensating uncooperative cunts?[View]
174690101For she, I kneel.[View]
174690519Indian Office > US Office There I said it. I'm watching it now on Hulu and while the plots a…[View]
174686753Buy Flantasy Flan! Buy Flantasy Flan![View]
174691065Haven't even watched the latest episode yet and I miss them already...[View]
174684251Unbelievably kino. Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen.[View]
174690699Would you go see this movie if it were real?[View]
174687760Pro-war propaganda[View]
174690928What's some horror kino that generally gets overlooked? Want to get spooky a bit early this yea…[View]
174687102Recommend me some kino ninja movies from America.[View]
174685649Missing 411: The madman did it. He fully showed his power level. Any normies who only knew him from …[View]
174691105>tfw I will be a 24-year-old boomer one day Sadge.[View]
174691095Damn English pay in wampum and smallpox blankets.[View]
174691075>'I know I've never kissed you like that honey, but you must understand, it's only acti…[View]
174675935She's right, you know.: And getting mad about it only proves her point.[View]
174690771Doctor Pavel, I'm CIA.[View]
174669369Guess the prompt: 1. Post an AI (Stable Diffusion) image related to /tv/ 2. Guess what the 'prompt' …[View]
174688605Cobra Kai: What should I expect on the final season next year?[View]
174688000What is some good feeling lost with my direction in life kino[View]
174689845/got/hotd: Sunfyre edition Previous >>174688852[View]
174689834Famous on-screen animals that may possibly be advancing in years[View]
174684900Coca Cola, por favor[View]
174690450Do you have black friends, /tv/?[View]
174690639Suits: But even more stupid[View]
174688439I don't understand?: Laena was going to die anyway but from what I understand there was still a…[View]
174686409Aegon The Coomer is thinking about cooming[View]
174688074This show any good? Also anyone extremely confused if she's attractive or old?[View]
174688995>WELL, KILL ME ! DO IT KILL ME ![View]
174686870Did it hold up? Or is it already dated?[View]
174678284White people are.... LE BAD![View]
174687312This might be the hottest bitch I've ever seen in my life.[View]
174685979It is better than X right?[View]
174686470Punch Drunk Love (2002): >I would say that's that, mattress man.…[View]
174684879>White woman >Can't get hard >Anouther white woman >Can't get hard >Asian w…[View]
174679151Unexpected kino: Post unexpected kinos This was a pretty cool movie. A simple, fast paced story. Coo…[View]
174690066>'You just don't get it, do you?'[View]
174686941>I'm forming a team[View]
174690221>I wish I didn't waste my life watching shitty movies and TV sho-ACK >beep...beep...beeee…[View]
174679471>this isn't... LE METH *does a jumping 360 and anime throws it against the wall causing a hu…[View]
174682762How do you think Netflix will handle Momoiro Island and the Okama in the One Piece live action adapt…[View]
174690069underground films > mainstream films: underground films chad, mainstream films gay[View]
174687931HAVE SEX HAVE SEX[View]
174686913Was it autism? Because then it'd be not only one of the first black superheroes (Meteor Man ope…[View]
174688548>at the theater watching Blonde with Dad *graphic blow job rape and vulva scene* >Dad yells 'I…[View]
174689522Ya Winnin', 'Ma?[View]
174684479Name a better duo.[View]
174688367/trek/: Seven of Nine Edition[View]
174688852/got/hotd/: 'I feel certain you will reward me, when the time is right.' >>174687642[View]
174688629The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak: This film should be a bigger cult classic, it…[View]
174679039ITT fuck you I liked it.[View]
174687715what does /tv/ think about pedro almodovar?: well?.[View]
174688753How was this? I only saw the first episode.[View]
174677740Your personal five favorite TV shows of all time. The Wire House MD Seinfeld Avatar: TLA Breaking Ba…[View]
174688933The millipedes has vestigial eyes because of natural selection you dumb cunt[View]
174687861You there. What is your gender?[View]
174666505Gervaisbros.....did we lose?[View]
174688040General /tv/ WebM thread[View]
174687531How do you like him on Celebrity Jeopardy so far?[View]
174689321kirk holding a massive dildo[View]
174679907KDrama: KDrama thread! ive been watching Twenty-Five Twenty-One recently and finished episodes 7 and…[View]
174687415I dislike this man after watching his streams: He's insufferable[View]
174689219I listen to this song and I think about the actor for grandpa Joe in the remake. He was in a movie t…[View]
174684887Isn’t Westeros based on Europe? And kings landing is specifically England/London? Why are there nogs…[View]
174687673Why does the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon still exist? It is third place in the ratings (imagine l…[View]
174688823>JANNIES GOT A GUN[View]
174687743>Last line of the movie is the title said backwards[View]
174688258movies where the protagonist is unapologetic about being rich (dubsman, the game, limitless) also wh…[View]
174688488Will this be any good?[View]
174687233Did he just take buck breaking too far?[View]
174688632I can't wait for this misogynist, homophobic piece of shit chud to die. One little taste of Rh…[View]
174687580OH N-[View]
174687642/got/hotd/: Shotachads won >>174684156[View]
174688030What does Tariq think of him ?: Cucked by a white man and a faggot. All his lovers are also white me…[View]
174688371OYE OYE OYE OYE https://youtu.be/mOn6SmZf2-c[View]
174684701ITT: Shit 'films' /tv/ convinced you to watch: What the fuck was this laughably bad piece …[View]
174684823have (You) and I ever been in the same theater?: can you recognize other anons when you go out to se…[View]
174683560I mean I get that he lost his wife/gf, but holy fucking shit was ching chong annoying[View]
174684849>Jesus Christ. That's Jason Born.[View]
174687988Do you think this is a space odyssey 2001esque[View]
174688016overrated tv comedians thread[View]
174687272>subjected thus, how can you say to me I am king? ;_;[View]
174686528Time travel is retarded, never makes sense, and ruins any show or film that has it in it's plot…[View]
174680727Best Cusack films? The only ones I've seen are 2012, Being John Malkovich and Identity[View]
174687210>character called indiana jones >he's from new jersey…[View]
174687143Are you smoking yet?[View]
174687451>flopped so hard there won't be a second season shills on suicide watch…[View]
174686705>smacks lips profusely SO HOL UP HOL UP >steals SO U BE SAYIN >gets jiggy with it SO HOL U…[View]
174674909It's all so tiresome[View]
174683364Why did the CW do it /tv/?[View]
174683887What made him do it?[View]
174682480Well, you opened up /tv/. What's the next step of your master plan?[View]
174684156/got/hotd/: They fucking won edition Previous: >>174681421[View]
174687017Sweet Tooth: When season 2 comes out?[View]
174687078Im Kino[View]
174687212>Yeah you know that delicious hasperat we've been going on and on about >Jokes on you …[View]
174687209>The trailer for Lover is pretty neat, people tell me it's a good trailer >Oh the bong sc…[View]
174685462He didn't disappear, he was skinned alive![View]
174684362Are we as a culture tired of Lord of the Rings content at this point?[View]
174682599Pitch me your film ideas that you are too lazy and untalented to actually make yourself so that I ca…[View]
174682510The Midnight Club: >At a manor with a mysterious history, eight members of the Midnight Club meet…[View]
174687066Any other 3-some relationship movies I can self-insert in?[View]
174684052who’s ready for pozzedkino[View]
174680075'I can fix her': Post characters you could fix[View]
174684894sinew in nicotine base/help me out: In the cult classic film 'Withnail & I' which has been one o…[View]
174686852The Whale: Will it be Brendan kino?[View]
174686122>it's an 'sunglasses wearing boomer panicks and starts up his non-descrepit motor vehicle as…[View]
174684955I don't get if Mike Nichols is just extremely naive or retarded.[View]
174686544So were the rest of the Wormtongue family honorable and upstanding people and that's why nobody…[View]
174668665The next Daisy Ridley[View]
174682202What's are the best Claire Danes kinos?[View]
174679587Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174685430She did nothing wrong[View]
174686188Why does Joss Whedon like making shows about MKultra women so much?[View]
174686383/tv/, is it kino?[View]
174686448sister! give birth to any new bastards lately?[View]
174686442Now that we decided people can only play characters who align with their race and gender identity, s…[View]
174686392Its gonna bomb! look at next image.[View]
174686400Barbarian sucked. What are you guys talking about?[View]
174681964Confess, Fletch: This was pretty good, Jon Hamm is a great comedic actor, and I hope this gets a few…[View]
174685772Why is phase 4 bad? I keep hearing people say it is like it's just a fact but everything so fa…[View]
174685194/got/hotd/ general: Bugfu edition prev >>174684152[View]
174682731What's the best Bond movie? Thinking about marthoning them[View]
174676658V for Vendetta: What did I think?[View]
174685566>does nothing >dies offscreen what was the point of this character?…[View]
174685327Is this worth a watch or is it just a ' le reddit edgelord cynical deconstruction of the original se…[View]
174684064Couldn't he have landed right there on the beach. He was right there. One of the biggest plot h…[View]
174685975if they made this into a live action movie they would make johnny quest black[View]
174664851Is it worth watching?[View]
174684776So far the movies of singers: Bowie > Mercury > Elton[View]
174685874Cast it[View]
174680564ITT: Hair kino[View]
174683424>NO, I DON'T NEED HELP[View]
174685870'I'll make you fun-size!'[View]
174685841Less than two weeks away woooo![View]
174684782>The B-list tough guy actor in the news recently, threw a conniption fit at the female airport co…[View]
174675730Cleopatra asks you to impregnate her: What would you do?[View]
174685781>Your dad got blown up.[View]
174684968What have Johnny Depp and Amber Heard been up to since their infamous public court case?[View]
174685746For once, I'm rooting for the blacks: Don't tell /pol/[View]
174682518She-hulk thread: What did you think of the transgender wedding episode?[View]
174684723oHh... what's up with that Giesha looking chick? That's kinda weird and doesn't reall…[View]
174681611Fuck the Emmy Awards: Three Emmy's between the two and not one win... They were robbed![View]
174682376/bb/ Big Brother 24: Finale Previously on /bb/: >>174667571[View]
174685600Team Green Trump is no longer the president, but they don't forget about them.[View]
174685592The shrink ray from willy wonka would've been useful in this movie. That way she could just sne…[View]
174685282what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174685136What the fuck is this?: >proceeds to make thousands of martyr whose blood served as the seeds of …[View]
174685390What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
174683640I love Kahlen[View]
174683518Did he deserve to get pepper sprayed?: He didn't physically threaten the officer or attempt to …[View]
174680590the fuck is that[View]
174682612Remember when Family Matters was a grounded show about the struggles of a black family? And then Urk…[View]
174684152/got/hotd/ general: We're back. We never left. prev >>174681421[View]
174685034Which did it better?[View]
174674026>uhhh mmmm[View]
174681710>saves star wars nothin personnel, kid[View]
174684201>New Netflix show comes out >All the white men are evil or incompetent >All the women are r…[View]
174674203Why isn't anyone here talking about this movie? Is it because none of you have a girl to go wit…[View]
174684819ITT: Fucked up casting[View]
174684037I'm sorry Mike.: This... This whole thing could've been avoided.[View]
174684754>working hard and reaping rewards from it is... LE BAD[View]
174684307This is a comedy? There's not a single comedic moment.[View]
174684561If I fed one of these a few minutes after midnight, like 12:05 AM, would it still turn into a monste…[View]
174670639Post your /tv/ related tats: I got this one a few years back. Let's just say it's attracte…[View]
174684730He killed his own father why?! To protect his brother?[View]
174683060Why doesn't Japan make movies as entertaining as this anymore?[View]
174683527Say my name.[View]
174677739>mogs every Netflix documentary in its path Nothing personal kid[View]
174681297>b-but muh character names >but b-but pocahontas! >b-but unobtanium?! >b-b-b-but what ab…[View]
174683649Pitch a new TLC show.[View]
174684464>you’re going to listen to the fish? He drinks where he pees.[View]
174683571*voice cracking* PUT THE MONEY IN THE FUCKING BAG[View]
174674942>be wise magical wizard >has to ride to Gondor and back to read some obscure scripture about t…[View]
174684272It used to bay-ay That you loved may-ay But now it's nineteen-ninety-heyay-ha-hayy And I have t…[View]
174684254Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's WIFE, Ethan.: Mission Impossible was kino af. A classically…[View]
174673783Scream: 1=4>2>3>5 Also 90s Neve Campbell a cute[View]
174681421/got/hotd/: /got/hotd/ Time Skip Edition Previous: >>174679901 >>174679901 >>17467…[View]
174684157>student from the russian hogwarts >he's called The Krim…[View]
174683911What happens if this shit hits the floor?[View]
174684103Janny can ya get me off the hook? For old times’ sake![View]
174680984I cried at episode 8 when they showed the monument and all the names[View]
174680525Prometheus: Why did he start killing the humans? Wouldn't he wanna know what year it is? Would…[View]
174667803how many ethnic groups could he pass as?[View]
174684006What's your TV tradition on the runup to Halloween?: I like to watch old Halloween TV specials …[View]
174683553>Will you marry me?[View]
174680943aw you stupid cawksugher[View]
174683489Star Wars turned this poor boy insane. Daft apeth[View]
174683796Wat Tambor Appreciation Thread: If you know him, met him, worked with him, or performed with him, sh…[View]
174673760Why was every Scream movie after the first one garbage?[View]
174678415What are your favorite 'American goes to Europe' kinos?[View]
174681857CALLING IT NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG3dyTXyrU4 [Embed] Black wind girl from the Rock…[View]
174679993Frodo, did I ever tell you about the 2 weeks I spent alone on a life raft with Sauron? He took me in…[View]
174681983RRR: i was fucking laughing at the end, laugher of joy unironically, this is kino in its own way, we…[View]
174676649What are some good mental illness kinos?[View]
174683240Why was it so KINO for americans at the time to watch nixon visit to China? I heard he literally kic…[View]
174683536Is Morf a good actress or just eye candy?[View]
174683509this. is. a. crisis.[View]
174682044What would Veruca have done if she made it to the TV Room without being punished and saw Mike get sh…[View]
174682527Can we have a Pantheon thread?[View]
174682986zoomer kino[View]
174677230/90 Day/: 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? watch thread It's 8:30am in New Delhi edition Sunda…[View]
174680124WTF happened to Tap Dancing in film?: most kino used to have a tap dance number before the '70s…[View]
174683398How did he outdo the Japs?[View]
174683388Why was there never a rematch?[View]
174683382Well done.[View]
174679638Actors who had more talent than you knew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVcNoe5hfXY https://www.you…[View]
174683261ITT: Side characters who deserved better[View]
174672536/hor/ Horror General: Chili champion edition Previous thread >>174661142 >>174661142 …[View]
174679955are there any movies that make you lose youre mind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv7LwFPp3SY[View]
174642179/trek/: Interspecies Mating Ritual edition >previous ???[View]
174681274Host (2021): I'm marathoning this right now. What do I think about it?[View]
174682289why didn't Vincent Price just gave him normal hands?[View]
174667545Rings of Power has, by far, the best live-action portrayal of orcs.[View]
174682912my favorite Top Gear presenter was Vicki Butler Henderson[View]
174678708Belongs in a toilet[View]
174681404/got/hotd/ general: War crime enjoyer edition prev >>174679901[View]
174682602What if a late night comedy show hired a female minority to work for their writing staff??? Who come…[View]
174681148Why didn't we got mad at this again?[View]
174682679Who directs local ads you see on tv?[View]
174682819i dont feel so good[View]
174669129RINGS SEASON 2 FILMING NEXT MONTH: >To compete for eyeballs and Emmys, Amazon spent about $468 mi…[View]
174682618Leon the Professional: Did they, dare I say it, fuck?[View]
174676497bring the /bcs/ back[View]
174682035I watched billy Madison last night with my mom and when this scene came on she looked at me funny an…[View]
174677519Characters you are slowly turning into[View]
174681144Alaska belongs to Russia kinos?[View]
174667215>Exposition Dump >Fade out >Fade back in >Oh yes. I forgot to tell you >Additional ex…[View]
174679571Sup, Party Rockers?[View]
174681739Say my name[View]
174671798not the diversity they want: mixed Keanu isn't mixed enough for them[View]
174682459I just watched this, what did I think about it?[View]
174673265Actor Heights: Why are nearly all actors manlets?[View]
174681333It is over sirs[View]
174681475Name a more /tv/ character in movie history, I dare you.[View]
174678095Waterworld: Watched this movie again today and I still don't understand why people hate it so m…[View]
174680042this for all my homies in Bruges[View]
174679772>welcome to your tape /tv/. w-what does it say?[View]
174682144Do non slavs have posidelki kinos?[View]
174680361NO SPINOSAURUS *snap* ACK!![View]
174676941Hellraiser: What would happen if Pinhead fought the Ghostbusters?[View]
174682096>He has your nose[View]
174682013NONONONONO RoPBROS![View]
174681571Two chicks at the same time[View]
174675482Just finished it, did I like it?[View]
174679677Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane sce…[View]
174681807this was kino right? im not imagining its alot better than flubber[View]
174679687Hey, I just saw that Home Improvement is on Hulu. I'm going to start from the beginning. Is the…[View]
174681765>Simon my grandson, did I ever tell you of Galadriel during the 2nd Age? She was actually a feist…[View]
174679201Why couldn't he just calm down and relax?[View]
174679943If you ignore the historical revisionism it's actually pretty entertaining[View]
174681628Why was Hollywood do cruel to Brooke Shields?[View]
174681591>I'm in your house.[View]
174680051We're really calling Multiverse of Madness Raimi's worst movie when this generic, boring a…[View]
174667571/bb/ Big Brother 24: Part 1 HoH: Turner Part 2 HoH: Monte Going into finale If Turner wins part 3 pl…[View]
174679901/got/hotd/: The anvil Edition prev >>174678359[View]
174681373ITT: only the most kino tv advertisements[View]
174627413Since i was a kid i've always been scared shitless of these things. Seriously they haunt my dar…[View]
174679239correct me if I'm wrong, but this kid has the appeal of a young Tom Hanks[View]
174680751Let's guess what will win academy award for best picture for the year 2023. I feel like we have…[View]
174679209Hah-hi it’s me again![View]
174678966>Let me ask you a question. Why would a man whose shirt says 'genius at work' spend all of his ti…[View]
174670155What's next for Milly Alcock after the HotD and Upright?[View]
174679750Say it[View]
174680007wtf you didnt tell me brad pitt could act?![View]
174679882cool party[View]
174677440Was it really possible to walk up and lie straight faced to people in the 50's or is it another…[View]
174679971odd movies aren't scary: seriously. Not a single one scares you and the ones that say they do a…[View]
174680182Man this new season of Joe Pera Talks with You got really dark...[View]
174680490waynes world: >two ham buguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?…[View]
174679509Post actors who have been brutally bogged[View]
174680230This was so out of character and happened so quickly and randomly, and then the show just quickly br…[View]
174680533It was kino. Don't deny it.[View]
174680301Did boomers really?[View]
174672243Ok, I get you wanted a black actor, but why did you pick THIS one? Is it because she looks like a li…[View]
174676842Good movies set in a time of no technology?[View]
174680036>Woah haha, yep that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.…[View]
174676350Was Springtime for Hitler controversial?: The Producers came out only 2 decades after WWII ended htt…[View]
174679636Shrek 1: What makes it so kino? I can rewatch this every damn day[View]
174680247>main black man is a clumsy manchild >main black woman is a schizoish womanchild who believes …[View]
174676690>Buena Vista Pictures/Disney >directed by David Lynch The fuck is this?…[View]
174677148OK this is kino Probably the best use of multiverse concept ever been made[View]
174678376What are some really good mystery movies?: Seems like we've been getting fuck all in terms of m…[View]
174678967What are some stories from your life that you’d adapt on the big screen?: Surely some anons here hav…[View]
174678194Ricky, Julian and Bubbles go to visit J-Roc. The three knock on the door to no answer. Ricky looks t…[View]
174677221what do we think of the new Julieta?[View]
174679230Holy fuck, that kid is legitimately the most irritating thing ever put to film.[View]
174677868>american movie >character starts to masturbate >needs to grab a bottle of lube from his dr…[View]
174678359/got/hotd/: AAAIEEEEEEEEE SAVE ME AZOR AHAI edition prev >>174676163[View]
174660715Why do faggots hijack this show and try to slap a >They are gay homosexual men whose love is forb…[View]
174679418Wheel of Time: Does anyone have any hopes for the new season of Wheel of Time? It is my #1 book seri…[View]
174677478fuck you i liked it[View]
174675325Why is /tv/ not talking about this?[View]
174669717What was Private Pyle's major malfunction?[View]
174679732Hot DAMN this was some kino. I also watched Big Trouble in Little China, that one is an absolute cla…[View]
174679113Why did Jimmy put up with this? He already became a certified bad ass by the end of BCS.[View]
174678096Only retards think that he's a villain.[View]
174679661What are some movies that only smart people understand?[View]
174679635WEBM Thread: Post your favorites[View]
174679361If /tv/ was a person: https://youtu.be/A8uELeDcdME[View]
174677612Movies that predicted the future: Smart House (1999)[View]
174667745Who Does /tv/ Prefer?: Battinson or Batfleck? I'm a Battinson man myself, but what is /tv/…[View]
174675523Attention freaks, it’s me.: We’re supposed to be starting our new DHMIS thread any moment. How do we…[View]
174675434Where's Lisa's pussy?[View]
174679203ITT: comfort food TV shows[View]
174666768What are the absolute worst examples of Flanderization?[View]
174678346>Jerry these are LOAD-BEARING WALLS! They're not gonna come down![View]
174672715This is a 10/10 in america[View]
174677266>Andor >doesn't feature Awoks[View]
174673187What did she mean by this?[View]
174679016Infomercial thread[View]
174678092LMFAO This is the funniest fucking show I've ever seen. Holy shit. The cringe is off the fucki…[View]
174676453Shows about teaching your immediate family a lesson?[View]
174676264Rings of Power insider here: Ill give you 9 guesses who this guy really is[View]
174678186>I have a father. his name was [person who is not my actual father] ???????…[View]
174674281>I AM... LE DANGER!! I AM.. LE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!!![View]
174672439Who would win? Mr. Miyagi or Ip Man?[View]
174678940>Unironically becomes the best character in your show[View]
174675717How did they reproduce?[View]
174678760why is this fat fuck on the opening credits?[View]
174662089why is it so divisive?[View]
174678447Just got back from Avatar do you pieces of shit have baby bladders or something? every 10 minutes so…[View]
174678149/rest/ - Comfort Films Thread #1 - Ambiance: What is a comfort film with good ambiance? Whether musi…[View]
174678508>two hambuguhs and a whammy bah What did Tia Carrere mean by this?[View]
174678411Caption this[View]
174676776Will there be a hot werewolf transformation to masturbate to?[View]
174676552>So, uh, 9/11. No I mean, I've always wanted to have a conversation with, about it. With peo…[View]
174677995Was this Kubrick's best film?[View]
174677456What are some devilish movies?[View]
174663435>movie is incredibly, unapologetically American >high anti-American sentiment all throughout …[View]
174678005Kaiju /tv/: Bring him back you fucking cowards[View]
174676163/got/hotd/: Black haired Rhaenys edition prev >>174670295[View]
174674515Because he's MY butler[View]
174673380Batman: Mask of the Phantasm thread[View]
174678203Pretty interesting twist. Basically incels with government mandated girlfriends[View]
174672343>it's a romance fuck you /tv/[View]
174672327which seasons should i watch, which should i skip[View]
174675216AHH Teal'c help me[View]
174672595Has there even been a movie where the big twist at the end was that it was apart of another movie…[View]
174670459Top gun maverick is total bullshit. They gave too much plot armor to NATO capabilities.[View]
174678021>A REAL MAN COULD KILL ME FUCKING LOSER What was her problem?[View]
174677338The midwit millenial trilogy[View]
174675275RIP the real Darth Vader: And welcome to the age of fully AI characters.[View]
174675297Escape from...: How is Escape from LA? Worth a watch? And why didn't Escape from Earth ever hap…[View]
174677853https://youtube.com/shorts/6JmGJqBm0kQ?feature=share (Spartacus spoilers)[View]
174675847I'm looking for a word I saw a few weeks back. It was on a thread that was deleted about why di…[View]
174677680Whos your favorite reality show star?[View]
174672610DAD YOU ARE FUCKED![View]
174677058zoo wee mama: I miss the past[View]
174674665anyone wanna play heroes 3[View]
174677566Italian cinematography: *vast African landcape viewed through waves of heat* *calm emotional synth m…[View]
174672593Just watched Prometheus. Had some great concepts and terrifying scenes but plenty of flaws too. What…[View]
174674452Can you feel it, /tv/? That's the feeling of... CULTURAL IMPACTING[View]
174675802Why did all the pimps and pedophiles in Taxi Driver look like they belonged to the tribe?[View]
174671260Did you watch Waking Life as a teen so other kids would think you were cool and deep? Me, yes[View]
174677260>dooo dooo dooo dooooo doooo dooooo dooo >WE'LL MEET AGAIN >DON'T KNOW WHERE >…[View]
174676381>Frodo, did I ever tell you when I fought the Hand and the Mouth of Sauron? Dreadful and unforget…[View]
174677191ITT: funny movie scenes: https://youtu.be/DZ9bht5H2p4[View]
174676033…so what happened to the groceries?[View]
174674520what would you do in this situation[View]
174671321comfy shows to fall asleep to?[View]
174676429HE'S DONE IT AGAIN[View]
174673471What did he mean by this?[View]
174676742OYE OYE OYE OYE OYE!!!! https://youtu.be/mOn6SmZf2-c[View]
174676847My IQ is 160+. What are some films I’ll enjoy?[View]
174674010ITT movies with unrealistic plots[View]
174662913Why did they make a show about the clone wars when they had just spent years making a shit ton of co…[View]
174672750has anyone else totally stopped watching movies in favor of just looking up clips and highlight reel…[View]
174675011absolutely kino songs from films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egxyRSb_XtI[View]
174673766How the fuck do I watch it? Why aren't we doing a watch along. Fuck them rangs I wanna see this…[View]
174676189/got/hotd/ general: A LYSENI WHORE ON AN OPEN FIELD edition >>174670295[View]
174674851Why are you grown men so upset over casting for a movie for kids that you weren't planning on w…[View]
174675516Looking back, this was the pop culture moment that shifted the paradigm[View]
174672905Why are moids obsessed with mob movies?[View]
174675057>Movie title is the first sentence of the movie[View]
174676324>movie about a black mermaid >”nnnooooo this is too unrealistic” >show about gay serial kil…[View]
174673816Why did Skyler cry in this scene? She only knew Holly for like a year.[View]
174674487ITT Underrated bit parts: What doesn't Scotty know exactly?[View]
174672529ITT: Sequels that weren't as bad as people make it out to be[View]
174675016>YAS MASSA[View]
174664833I'm still mad M. Night managed to fuck up this perfect setup[View]
174675304America the story of us: Anyone remember this? I remember watching it in school and actually being i…[View]
174670295/got/hotd/ general: Bastard Hunter edition prev >>174667786[View]
174675845https://youtu.be/pl3WOfepEs0 In my head canon this is a show about Jesse becoming a tranny and movin…[View]
174672886Cast my friend[View]
174675938really tense horror movie, i didn't have any expectations and it blew me away. but that ending …[View]
174662602>You sucked your uncle's cock? I'm going to war against you, you slut.…[View]
174672633post movie characters that got the cuck ending in their respective universe. Pic related[View]
174675604>Movie title changes halfway through the movie[View]
174669326/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Windy edition Previous >>174664850[View]
174675735ITT: secretly a Fed/Sleeper Agent[View]
174669733Still the best jump scare ever made[View]
174674317My neighbor told me that Xena is actually a Zionist brainwashing tool for the new world order. Is th…[View]
174664582Boomer Horror: What's your favorite boomer horror film, /tv/?[View]
174675645>frank commits countless rapes via deception >is never brought to justice Why do people act li…[View]
174674011>refugees go back to their home >it's a good ending…[View]
174675593>Hackson tries to ruin his character >Still has the best lines/scenes in the trilogy…[View]
174675484thoughts on jimmy's lack of self control? would it really be so hard not to do it given the sit…[View]
174657002Bros, I really want The Expanse to return.[View]
174672387ITT: David Lynch's Star Wars: Return of the Jedi[View]
174666661>destroys thanos effortlessly[View]
174657965what’s the best speed for watching movies?[View]
174675098What's some good KINO for tonight uce[View]
174672091it's actually pretty good and i say that as a racist[View]
174674925Is there a board for live theater?[View]
174674906Apologize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174672785why do they dub over his voice in movies[View]
174674558I know this is super late to the party but I just watched the episode where he died and just have a …[View]
174674358A couple of times with an open fist until his cheeks start to turn red and tears run down out a bit …[View]
174666343Better call Saul: What a mediocre ending. If it had stopped at season 6 ep 9 and left the ending up …[View]
174672578What's your favorite book about filmmaking?[View]
174670394What is he reading?[View]
174672113>cringe begins[View]
174670804Will there ever be a resurgence of horror kino again?[View]
174668526Why did this scene trigger /tv/ so much?[View]
174671971Was he a good villain?[View]
174674563Movies you boomers will never understand. If you're a boomer, stay out. You're not wanted …[View]
174674288why aren't you watching her show?[View]
174674534Me pregunto qué pasó con Tony al final. Creo que lo mataron.[View]
174674594What if Harry Potter but he hates women.[View]
174664710>humans killed her sister and childhood friends >humans are mining her moon and destroying nat…[View]
174669291Things that could've saved this dumpster fire: They should've: >casted Jackie Earle Hay…[View]
174649971>anime can't be kin---[View]
174672800Gangs of New York: Just watched this kino What does /tv/ think of it?[View]
174660573Is Joe Bob aware of Darcy's past?[View]
174674242Reasons why charlie shouldn't have inherited the factory: >zero business experience or any f…[View]
174672479Hey uhh, anybody want a soda or something?[View]
174661185Avatarbros......we won[View]
174673873so.... were sicilians actually spawned by niggers?[View]
174668595James Dean: What do you think of his work as an actor?[View]
174674163>First couple of seasons are a nice change of pace to Breaking Bad, a slow burning dialogue drive…[View]
174670148Blonde 2022 will finally be available to stream on Wednesday. I can hardly contain myself. Has anyon…[View]
174662881everything sucking general: i know about the blackrock esg score thing, but everything is purposeful…[View]
174674126did anyone else enjoy Dragon Ball Evolution? i thought it was good performance on part of the actors[View]
174670352>plot: stretched nothingness, don't even bother with the point, the coherence of it, it…[View]
174673534What would be the modern version of this?[View]
174670614HOMICIDE - Life on the Street: When does the series hit the brick wall? Season 1 is surprisingly dec…[View]
174673713Thanks Nolan: >Every live action Batman must be realistic, dark, and gritty >Every villain mus…[View]
174671537Was this ever addressed/explained?[View]
174673743If you work for a living, then why kill yourself working?[View]
174670989>Pinocchio was on tv >watch the beginning with great nostalgia >expected to see a gorgeous …[View]
174655156Why are they like this bros?[View]
174672310>I'm fighting for no free Healthcare at home[View]
174669159Background Hotties/Busties: Was wondering if we can get an unsung background beauties from movies an…[View]
174673484>It was all personal to me >BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Is this the most rewatchable film of all…[View]
174672125who was more evil: dahmer or gacy?[View]
174673182Just got back from the re-release. Holy shit, the water in the post-credits scene looks realer than …[View]
174659761Is this the only horror movie where the main character makes all the right choices and still loses…[View]
174671459It turns out people had actually been watching ALL of them this entire time until a year ago? No won…[View]
174673038>tfw you realize that The Woman King was never meant to be “historical fiction” >it was filmed…[View]
174671594I hate this pig faced cunt so much, bros[View]
174672668>SHALOM, /tv/. SHALOM.[View]
174671966Rings of Power is basically the anti-Game of thrones. GOT (or HOTD) tries to shock its audience with…[View]
174670285/got/hotd/: I disagree Edition prev >>174667786[View]
174671390what is your favorite country farm scene?[View]
174672764Talk me out of trying to write a screenplay[View]
174673004>coughing up blood kinos for this feel[View]
174672572>Al Pacino and Madonna publicity photos from 'Dick Tracy', 1990 Al Pacino?…[View]
174671404I miss him so much its not even funny.[View]
174670520Their army training program is impressively standardized.[View]
174659723Let's hope that doesn't happen, because that would be really bad haha.[View]
174666784Imagine you're in your 60s. One day, late at night, the police calls you to inform you that you…[View]
174672776You'd wake me up if I was missing some good /tv/, right?[View]
174672788Can I help you?[View]
174672627I just watched the Pilot of Dahmer, and it genuinely scared the shit out of me. Been two hours and I…[View]
174672018Greetings Bond fans[View]
174672518Rare image of /tv/ janny.[View]
174672516What was his name again?[View]
174671176Why did AJ choose Blanca and her bastard son over this fine piece of aristocratic pussy?[View]
174671725ITT movies that engraved in your memory[View]
174668836What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174666456Just marathoned Fall (2022), what did I think about it?[View]
174672309Was it a satisfying ending?[View]
174672268>'Ello, and welcome to Niggernometry. I'm generic looking Brit >And I'm the guy…[View]
174670626What movies did you watch this weekend? Did you enjoy them?[View]
174661142/hor/ Horror General - Handsome Devil Edition: previous thread: >>174651020 >>174651020…[View]
174672098>It's a Scott sketch >>FFW>>…[View]
174667539>bro what if the famous Batman villain the Joker became the joker because… he was literally an in…[View]
174669659Why did he leave 4chan?[View]
174663863WEBM thread[View]
174670388Dwayne Johnson: What does the entertainment industry have on him?[View]
174670177Recommend me some Korean kino. No Squid Game or Parasite thoughever.[View]
174671850Kaiji is better than Squid Game: If for nothing else, Squid Game's stakes are death, thus MC ge…[View]
174671514IT'S UP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs92pS4E7fc[View]
174670099Emma D’Arcy is non-binary and uses they/them: With this episode being their debut in HoTD I think a …[View]
174671458>'With great white power comes great responsibility' Jesus Christ Raimi...…[View]
174670704What the fuck?[View]
174670293Heh-heh. How's it going?[View]
174664262why didn't he just go to therapy or get a hobby?[View]
174667473This show fucking sucks[View]
174669314Frodo, did I ever tell you about the 2 weeks I spent alone on a life raft with Sauron? He took me in…[View]
174669343You and he were buddies, weren’t you?[View]
174671300Movies about the airforce fighting ayyliens?[View]
174668966The Wailing: Why would this guy team with a Japanese devil over his own people?[View]
174668744>this is made into a tv series Cast it.[View]
174664813>previously on LOST[View]
174666277New Hampshire is so beautiful, how come it isn’t used more as a setting for films/shows?[View]
174670005This movie got to me, bros. >foreboding sense of dread. >polite scandi folk >innocent lil c…[View]
174659732>what's that? Kino about a 4chanian lad? >PUT AN OBESE BLACK WOMAN IN IT ASAP…[View]
174668045>Bread? Burnt. >Cheese? Frozen. >Simple. Rustic.…[View]
174670065Post the most kino last episodes of long-serving TV hosts. I’ll start with an obvious one https://yo…[View]
174671171What happened?[View]
174669106Creature / Animal based: Anyone got any tips Just started checking out some creature-based horror-is…[View]
174669258Downfall: Beside the Steiner meme... How is it?[View]
174670059What was the point of this?[View]
174671065ATTENTION RETARDS: Goyslop is for MASS PRODUCED, LOW QUALITY FILMS for normalfags I.e. capeshit and …[View]
174670369Best film of 2022 so far: kino and post modern take on slasher genre important metaphor about how zo…[View]
174668467Good thing she didn't.[View]
174670927I hate this mumbling, pig-nosed, lanky piece of shit.[View]
174669760>I am forming a fellowship. Who will join me?[View]
174668844if this doesn't win best documentary at the oscars i am literally never watching the oscars aga…[View]
174665981Based opinions only: Eva Mendes > Jessica Alba Jessica Biel > Kate Beckinsale[View]
174667537BRB imagining a MAN OF STEEL sequel[View]
174663943What is your favorite meal to enjoy while watching movies? Inb4 pizza. Fuck off[View]
174670856Any other movies about meeting a GF at work? Aside from 500 days of Summer[View]
174670849We all heard of goyslop around here but what constitutes here as GAYslop[View]
174670838Things only you remember: Lost media also welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGtRmcBeO9w…[View]
174670351>Keep your loving brother happy KINOOOOOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/qwb3P0fuM1c…[View]
174665316>Don't worry. I'm only burning my HALF >It's not about the money. It's abo…[View]
174666247He’s literally the greatest living director and he’s doing the fucking weather report every day inst…[View]
174670631This film is fucking stupid but I liked it[View]
174663857Have you ever gone to the cinema alone? If so, why?[View]
174667486By rights we shouldn't even be here...: >... But we are. >It's like in the great st…[View]
174668344He wasn't even that smart hiding his crimes, how the fuck they take so long to take him?[View]
174667747>'That's a pretty gay fucking outfit your husband made for you, did he make it after you two…[View]
174670648Wait, I thought these two actors were one person: My whole life has been a lie[View]
174669012Where's the goddamn adaptation, you kiddie fiddling tribesmen?[View]
174668143>Julian, I was watching that movie Terminator 2 Judge and Jury Day and out of nowhere Bubbles sta…[View]
174670618What does /tv/ think of The Rain? All I hear is shittalk about it on other websites, but I like the …[View]
174668254Korean kino thread: Good movie desu Made by the director of oldboy[View]
174667001>Stay. Out. Of my.... LE TERRITORY[View]
174666617>gay main character >movie is not about him being gay Does such a movie exist?…[View]
174670254>It's just a prank, bro![View]
174670396I'm cool I'm hip I'm with it: tuk tuk tuk tuk[View]
174668122Scorsese Tarantino Lynch Malick You can move one director up in the ranking, or add a new one at the…[View]
174669188i need a movie to impress a coworker. any tips /tv/?[View]
174670290>Bilbo, did I ever tell you about Nori Harfoot? She was your exotic hobbit teenage great-great-gr…[View]
174667786/got/hotd/ general: Though All Blacks Do Despise Us edition prev >>174665527[View]
174669341What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
174667667GOATed Movie: This is objectively the best movie ever made and no one can tell me otherwise.[View]
174665266What's her name, /tv/?[View]
174669863The elephant was mine...you're playing the game I started in 1969. I'm gonna have to play.[View]
174668989WHAT AM I TO TELL HIM SIR[View]
174669884The only good student film[View]
174665970Six Gaylords Under: Why is this show so often in the top ten best shows of all times list? It's…[View]
174669209She wasn't a very good therapist, was she?[View]
174669793What are some kinos where evil empires get beaten by a small rebel group of good guys?[View]
174669026The most blackpilled film ever made. You shouldn't watch stuff like this too often anons, it ca…[View]
174669701>Programming: with assurance we are each somebody >People on this board don't think that …[View]
174669382YLYL yarn: Corpse laughter.[View]
174668245Who was Godzilla's coolest enemy?[View]
174667645I feel like this fucking SNL skit has more relevance than anything in the 9th movie[View]
174669261Kino tier: LaserDisc Reddit Tier: Betamax DVD Retard Tier: HD-DVD Blu-ray Fat Bearded Men Tier: Film…[View]
174669076Neil Breen is literally the greatest film director of all time, not only does he direct, act and pro…[View]
174669355Actresses doing funny movements with their facial muscles thread. Yes, I'm baiting for Morf web…[View]
174664850/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Spanking edition Previous >>174660703[View]
174667712why didn't he try to struggle? why did he sit there like a cuck and just took it? he knew damn …[View]
174659597Do you think some classics are vastly overrated?[View]
174669116the shield: was she actually the barns best captain? david assinvader sure as hell wasnt that good, …[View]
174668538why there's a tribe of latino kids on a planet ?[View]
174650955Woman King overperforms!: >stunt coordinator shits on men and brings up how men whine about being…[View]
174669104>This was considered acceptable in 1962[View]
174653556What are the best TV series, movies, and documentaries involving motorcycles and motorcycle clubs (M…[View]
174668954The jannies are on a thread deleting spree, what are some movies about custodial work they can watch…[View]
174668080>There is an idea of a Marolyn Manroe . . .[View]
174667566Star Wars: That's where disney failed, they put a villain who looks more like a disney prince t…[View]
174668698How much longer must we wait Jim?[View]
174668716'We fucked up with Nora.'[View]
174668662If nobody bought tickets to see a film at the cinema do they still run it on the screen?[View]
174666138This shit is hilarious as fuck. Unironic kino comedy. Go watch it.[View]
174667997Oh, look at that! It's like an ad for a weight loss center. Before, and way before![View]
174666212Name me some British crime kino, /tv/[View]
174666494Get ready for kino of the highest order[View]
174668387>here's your remote bro[View]
174667295What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174667559Check out this absolute fucking chad. The first person to ever get to say 'shit' in Star W…[View]
174667381So he was gay right?[View]
174662538would Gandalf have been corrputed by the One Ring had he taken it?[View]
174663230schizo ideas for sequels: I couldn't help but think that since the 'soul trees' are basically g…[View]
174666729Can someone give me a genuine answer to why people like these movies? Like they have all of the game…[View]
174662416defend this[View]
174663450>So, Anon. What exactly would you say... You do here?[View]
174668022finished true detective s1 last week. Thought his acting was pretty good and made me think of other …[View]
174660461>Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear? Name a more kid kino scene h…[View]
174667902Have you seen SGT Kabukiman NYPD one of the greatest films ever made? Also let's discuss all t…[View]
174662765I could have saved her. I would have saved her. I would have gotten her out of this place. We would …[View]
174664464what's the greatest western of all time?[View]
174666713Best Scorsese movie.[View]
174666902The Devils a mother fucking liar[View]
174667600>just immediatly hands over his money and his woman's jewelry without a fight when confronte…[View]
174664025How and why did this movie get made only like 5 years after the launch of Facebook?[View]
174666920>Boba Fett is a cold blooded killer who worked for The Empire[View]
174666464imagine not owning your media and being happy. think about it, you wake up the next day, you watch s…[View]
174665757How true is /tv/?[View]
174666794ALL SIRS REPORT IN[View]
174667112>this made 1910omers piss themselves laughing[View]
174661864Kino. even the Netflix seasons[View]
174665749did they forget to add jokes to this movie? i don't get it[View]
174665527/got/hotd/: Alicent edition >>174662846[View]
174667626>Episode ends >This starts playing Pure Kino…[View]
174666990looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
174664554ITT: Characters you fucking hate: I hate this little fucker so much everytime he open his mouth he t…[View]
174658149Why is Hollywood so gay?[View]
174666969I STAND with Otto Hightower I STAND with Ser Criston Cole I KNEEL before my queen Alicent Hightower …[View]
174664870Damn this was cringe. Hope he doesn't stay like this for the rest of the season.[View]
174660185Would you watch Seinfeld if it wasn’t jewish?[View]
174667422>movie about the carefree bachelor life >ends with protagonist getting married…[View]
174666454at least the police did the right thing[View]
174667369I warned you boys, don't fuck with an angry woman with tats...[View]
174664712I like to watch movies[View]
1746566308 hours of my life. And that was it. I'm so fucking disappointed. Everything the show build up …[View]
174662340Name a cooler actor: pro tip: impossible[View]
174667103I am in love with Gloria Burgle[View]
174667175Universal monsters: I decided to check these old ones. More than half are straight up garbage and th…[View]
174667180>Hey Flanders, heading for church? Well I thought I could save you a little time. >Oh, found a…[View]
174667160staphet: youtube.com/watch?v=O8LIqGfuvQw[View]
174664012Amazon, STOP IT!!: I'm not watching your globohomo fantasy show. No one will. Get over it…[View]
174666909>start watching his show >the intro theme is copying incestflix's theme song: please tell…[View]
174655308Makes you think[View]
174665651Would you watch James and Mike Mondays?[View]
174662976Bodies Bodies Bodies: >A group of friends come together to play AMOGUS irl but there is IMPOSTER …[View]
174666818>I don't quite see how you cherish the memory of the board by deleting another thread, and, …[View]
174666645Slasher season 1: Just finished season 1 of this dogshit. Does it get any better? I don't know …[View]
174664726What's up guys, this is Hellsing920 and it's time for an epic rant.[View]
174665144This trilogy had Spy Kids-tier blue screens[View]
174666006>if you don't let your wife of 20 years become transgender and let her engage in a lesbian r…[View]
174663178>watching picrel for the first time in almost 20 years >so much stuff that went over my head a…[View]
174666003>Amelie Poulain = BAD >Amelie Poulain but Asian = GOOD…[View]
174664859it's been a while since a movie made me feel so uneasy, but why is it that every movie lately s…[View]
174666448>shills for rings of power its over[View]
174663444>tv says it's kino >it's actually shit What movie?…[View]
174665638Any movies like this? I like to call it 'lo-sci-fi', where there are sci-fi elements but it still fe…[View]
174666324Was he 4chan or reddit[View]
174652575Checkmate, Incels https://twitter.com/SheHulk/status/1572935098722394112[View]
174666344WHAT'S WRONG WITH SAYING 'SNEED' ON /tv/?!?[View]
174655593Hulu's Hellraiser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUlgwJNdu2I thoughts so far? Pinhead seems t…[View]
174663876This image speaks volumes.[View]
174666312will the twilight zone 2019 be looked back on fondly in the future as we do now for twilight zone 19…[View]
174665355Isn't it too soon to be exploring this subject matter?[View]
174665875Is he 4chan or reddit?[View]
174664402Euphoria: What's the /tv/ verdict?[View]
174665541You boys screwed up, and I'm under a lot of pressure. I have the mayor, the community, Jesse Ja…[View]
174666258General film and TV reaction images thread[View]
174665565So, uh, what was the message?[View]
174666236In LOST, Season 1 Episode 24, there is a several-frame shot of a boat near Michael's raft. Why …[View]
174663821>Protagonist is a femoid or a nigger in a modern movie *Click*[View]
174666076Why are there no big budget touhou life actions? They're loose with the IP and genre could be l…[View]
174666037Is Blonde out yet?[View]
174651083Andor: So apparently this has been released and understandably next to no one cares. Those who have …[View]
174657269This movie was garbage.[View]
174661980Can someone remind me name of a tv show?: For some reason iam reminded of a tv show where italian ma…[View]
174666057Shit You Got To See In Theaters Top 3: Fight Club A New Hope Titanic[View]
174666079Any kinos where the good guy turns out to be evil the entire time?[View]
174665365is this what happens when u turn gay?[View]
174662310This can't be the same guy who made Clerks.[View]
174665931You know, Janny, I've been thinking you know how you thought I had a 'second cell phone' I was …[View]
174650118How the fuck is this allowed?[View]
174665825Women's indoor volleyball is golden.: Vols Rocky Tip[View]
174665804Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174665625Why did they hate Americans so much to the point where the organization could charge their members e…[View]
174664828Just watched Miracle(2004) and it was great. What's another good hockey kino? I've never p…[View]
174662846/got/hotd/ general: Greychads always win edition prev >>174660381[View]
174665430who is responsible: which one of you is buying out indian youtube channels to post kino i would like…[View]
174662698Was this supposed to be an impressive body (Crazy Stupid Love 2011) ? Looks average af.[View]
174664637How come Disney keeps dumping all their major horror IPs (Prey, Hellraiser, Werewolf By Night, Hocus…[View]
174664108Jodie Turner Smith in Star Wars Acolyte: https://deadline.com/2022/09/the-acolyte-jodie-turner-smith…[View]
174665484Aliens: How much worse would it have been for the colonial marines if this shithead had gone with th…[View]
174665476NO NO NO NO NO: NOT LIKE THIS!!![View]
174659355>Who do you think that anon is right there![View]
174664358fookin ell[View]
174651945So how is this show? /tv/ rates it?[View]
174665394>watch favourite tv show >its a episode[View]
174665260This was breddy good[View]
174664249Name a better year, I'll wait. captcha: Please Wait...[View]
174660533Lads... Were old timey cute traditional girls really like this?[View]
174663968ITT : Horror movies that don't rely on jump scares[View]
174662962he's literally me[View]
174665166Are laserdiscs kino?[View]
174665099>Post apocalyptic >Gays everywhere Are there any post apocalyptic movies / series that are ful…[View]
174665072>The man suffered from severe autism—no, I’m not talking about some kind of lonely genius choosin…[View]
174662120Why did people hate this movie so much in 1995?[View]
174659609It's only possible to ignore/forgive plot holes when the film is good.[View]
174664996>its a Walt installs a combi boiler episode >he says its state of the art technology are combi…[View]
174664246I just checked out my first dvd from the public library[View]
174664683Cast it[View]
174664061Robert Eggers bros...: >https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3711616/robert-eggers-continues-to-ha…[View]
174660703/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Dark Lord edition Previous >>174654884[View]
174664796Yeah I can give you a thousand dollars, because I love you. I could give you more. I could give you …[View]
174664756General /tv/ WebM thread[View]
174662935I really liked the Sharpe series. Is Horatio Hornblower worth watching?[View]
174663021What the fuck was this kids problem?[View]
174661920do anacondas eat black people in real life, or was this film practicing inclusion?[View]
174664625'NOODERS could be here' he thought, 'I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could b…[View]
174664581.: .[View]
174662751this is what they took from you[View]
174662030Kevin Hart: How much old rancid cock has this retard sucked to get where he is? He's not funny …[View]
174664508kinos about racists dropping their bigotry and hatred for greener pastures?[View]
174663807Go head and kill me you caawksucker. .[View]
174664209What's the /tv/erdict on this?[View]
174664269>The planet is Arrakis, also known as Dune.1984.1080p.BRrip.x264.YIFY.mp4 What did she mean by th…[View]
174664214The greatest character introduction in cinematic history: https://youtu.be/NfqLYfsVSy8[View]
174662335>that episode where Aku becomes transgender just to troll Jack[View]
174657017I will give it a try: I need to watch GOT to understand? Because I stopped in the fourth season to r…[View]
174663671>Ah yes, it's the episode that ends with Chad Brannigan having sex with Leela right in front…[View]
174663097>Eat the sandwich, I wanna see if you like it... What would you do in this situation?…[View]
174664137>cheerleaders sing about touchdown >they only ever play soccer…[View]
174656892I just finished the documentary. Did he do it?[View]
174663122>went from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to having Pinocchio sniff turds What happened?…[View]
174657693Sell me this pen.[View]
174662307>Go on...[View]
174663470It was at this moment he became literally me[View]
1746620138 Legged Freaks: >16 year old Scarlett Johansson gets pinned to the wall and coated in gooey webs…[View]
174663927>I think cancer is a small price to pay to lick Catherine Zeta-Jones' pussy.…[View]
174660973shows that peaked in the first episode: The animation style was so good. It was unrealistic but cart…[View]
174663617Real fucking subtle lmao. Also Pantheon thread, it doesn't seem all that terrible so far honest…[View]
174662850ON FIFTY FIF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyU-b1XGKFU Aw Lupes a great woman. you five me?…[View]
174662644>I'll murder this kid at school because he ripped me off wtf rowling???…[View]
174662773>voice actress gets fucking murdered >character in the movie dies in a similar way HoIy shit…[View]
174660946people complain when female characters are good at everything but what about: harry potter, he is: …[View]
174662460>Watch Netflix >Interracial gay sex scene Why do they keep forcing this into everything? It li…[View]
174663765Kinos like that or about journalism, please?[View]
174662491Remember when those Hollywood elites tried to convince us that we are going to get into a new ice ag…[View]
174649424Le sociopath: >cries and keeps apologizing while killing crazy 8 >Cries and is visibility dist…[View]
174660362Marvel is gonna make Spider-Man get with Shuri. I hate the wokes.[View]
174659869Is he the greatest friend that you could ever have?[View]
174662471Underrated flick[View]
174663491So... Was he into trannies, into crosdressing men or just plain homosexual?[View]
174657531Great news! The Dacia Sandero, I got a new picture :)[View]
174656801Why were his hair pink ?[View]
174663576The Piss with Pisstiano Cucknaldo.[View]
174661947When does it get good?[View]
174661503What does /tv/ think of Grimes? What did you think of her roles in The Eric Andre Show and Saturday …[View]
174661833What do you even do in this situation?[View]
174663484why do people give their opinion on stuff they haven't seen? same with most of letterboxd'…[View]
174663308/tv/ is mostly populated by teens. In general, Disney appeals to kids because their animated films h…[View]
174660624Who is the greatest threat to freedom of speech in film and television and why is it the ADL?[View]
174663407>no bitches Vincent?[View]
174663402>Let me tell you something. You don’t get these lines right, I’m going to blow your fucking brain…[View]
174658185who was your favourite Mr Robot character?[View]
174659751>That's right cocksucker, go back to white lodge[View]
174662225Dragonheart 4: Is this a copy of Daenerys?[View]
174659418Is anyone catching Jon Liebowitz’s new show?[View]
174661669Do you watch your kinos at the original aspect ratios with black bars? Or zoomed in and the sides cr…[View]
174663223RINGS O POWER SEASON 2 FILMING NEXT MONTH: >To compete for eyeballs and Emmys, Amazon spent about…[View]
174653475Munsters: what the fuck am i watching?[View]
174652419Neytiri is...[View]
174655598Why didn't he just go to the gym and get another job?[View]
174662884>market the movie as coomerbait >it's about 2 unfunny brit faggots instead…[View]
174661725Connor Cruise is Tom Cruise's 'adopted' son.[View]
174660381/got/hotd/: FUCK (((MAESTERS))) AND FUCK THE FAITH edition prev >>174656292[View]
174662791Just saw this movie, what did I think about it?[View]
174660783How would you have handled this situation?[View]
174655954would you work at Dunder Mifflin scranton branch?[View]
174655155TEASER OF ASTERIX WITH MARION COTILLARD AS CLEOPATRA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_lHPnmsCFQ…[View]
174655360Whiplash Ending: You can tell the character of a man's soul by his reaction to the ending of Wh…[View]
174661416I desperately want to have hot sweaty vaginal intercourse with Judy Greer in her Californication hoo…[View]
174660391they need to wrap this up with tact and finesse, this is the overarching story of the entire series …[View]
174661653What was his fucking problem?[View]
174660577Just watched this episode. I can’t decide if this is gay or not.[View]
174662133Has anyone else watched this kino?[View]
174662565>House of the Dragon’ Star Olivia Cooke Was Told to Play Her Character Like a Trump Supporter …[View]
174659295RIP: 1942-2022 He was a Goodfella.[View]
174660072If mac was gay the whole time then why was he so attracted to Carmen?[View]
174661856Hello my name is Drew Pickles and today I will be posting on /tv/.[View]
174662451>I did not care for the Godfa- ACK!!![View]
174659919Last thing you watched that was so bad you turned it off without finishing.[View]
174661786Best Star Wars film and why is it the The Force Awakens[View]
174660338ITT: Meme directors[View]
174660046Walking Dead: This is when the Walking Dead hit its peak, including the first 4 episodes of Season 5…[View]
174662326It says here you're on a Vegan diet but you're somehow still fat....Care to explain?[View]
174653699what's the best louie scene and why is it link related? https://youtube.com/watch?v=eZZM6_Hery8…[View]
174662110>Fuck Targaryens.[View]
174661341Lucas The Hack: >You see the real problem I think is that these adults who are watching this don…[View]
174659366Has anyone watched this?[View]
174659577Why didnt narcos torture him after his capture?[View]
174659922God this show makes me miss living in the Country. Letterkenny is genuinely hilarious as well. https…[View]
174660401Why do normies hate her so much?[View]
174660641i wanna know who is this girl the sopranos season 1 episode 4 . 7:29[View]
174660074Tried to steal our bit, but you like shit, but we're the ones who are down with it https://yout…[View]
174658975>Is an expert at piloting an X-Wing >Is an expert at manning the Falcon's guns >Makes …[View]
174659093they even misspelled his name, lol.[View]
174661907>movie agrees with my narrow political views THIS MOVIE IS LE GOOD, SO AUTHENTIC AND VISIONARY …[View]
174661855Post a character and what boards they would browse. I'll start: /tv/[View]
174661159What was her problem?[View]
174661774House of 1000 Corpses is kino[View]
174660865>Mulder. I don't care if you saw bolts in that man's neck. Frankenstein monsters don…[View]
174661025>The charges, detectives?[View]
174659753What am I in for?[View]
174650714/tv/ WEBM THREAD[View]
174658311Why did he do it?[View]
174661384What are some female directors that don't make chickflicks?[View]
174661468>we need a crazy christian lady >say no more, sir.…[View]
174650670>Finn will have the best career among Stranger Things cast[View]
174651195Dune: What makes the Harkonnen evil again? They're just mining the spice, like the Atreides are…[View]
174656392What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174659245Jerry Lewis: America's Greatest Export: & I detested the kikes. God bless him for loving Pa…[View]
174661043>Job is to find dangerous phenomena >finds a drone for an aggressive imperial alien species t…[View]
174657802Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
174654934Do you guys listen to any film podcasts?[View]
174659038Ted Lasso!: Imagine the sex[View]
174660992does anyone have the blood meridian test footage?[View]
174661125A fucking PENCIL.[View]
174661115>ruins your already mediocre shit[View]
174661113The Disaster Movie = reddit Best F(r)iends = 4chan[View]
174660926They'll never review Dahmer because it hits too close to home.[View]
174658760she died a hero[View]
174658599>is the most plausible and grounded depiction of time travel in media in your path…[View]
174656811What went right and wrong in your opinion?: Right >Rorschach >Comedian >That mars scene wit…[View]
174651020/hor/ - Horror General: Horror States Edition: Which one are you? Night of the Living Dead here Prev…[View]
174660088why did dahmer like killing black people so much?[View]
174647015>Your parents death was not your fault. It was your father's What Thomas Wayne supposed to d…[View]
174659616Was it kino?[View]
174660494mfw i watch all of bcs and kim gets literally zero comeuppance[View]
174660604Cast it[View]
174659962ITT: post only the tastiest grub in cinema. Pic related here is the iconic sandwich featured in The…[View]
174660721Its kino[View]
174654884/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Southlands BTFO edition Previous >>174648199[View]
174651502What's the cringiest movie you've ever seen?[View]
174656934Riget Exodus: Anyone else looking forward to this kinographia? When is it even coming out?[View]
174659509Why the fuck did Tony put the gun in the fish? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il4BQFmYL0g[View]
174658776ITT: Zillennial-era shows.[View]
174659015My Friend Dahmer vs. Netflix's Dahmer: What do y'all think?[View]
174660394Missed threads[View]
174656292/got/hotd/ general: Will no one rid me of these troublesome Targs? edition prev >>174652295…[View]
174655142Milk Stop drinking it[View]
174657303Jim Caviezel: >every movie he is in is kino 4chan /tv award for kino goes to this dude.…[View]
174650290Is it kino of the highest order or simply kino of the highest order ?[View]
174658693Surfing Movies: Huge waves from a hurricane coming to my local beaches. This is what I live for. I t…[View]
174660103What would you have done in her situation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJiml5xzK68[View]
174657352Is he really like this in real life or is it an act ?[View]
174660198Pic unrelated. I'm just trying to find the name of a movie I watched a handful of years ago and…[View]
174656776>muh mommy issues Bravo PTA[View]
174658872White Girl (2016): Sexy. Real. Hard Hitting. Why did it flop?[View]
174660069Bros. This movie hurts so much I can't stop crying :'([View]
174660051What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174646508Do you guys think Morf will achieve Emilia Clarke level of fame with Rings of Power?[View]
174659646>cheesy 1970s Italian sex-comedy >has better looking sets & locations than 99.99% of all f…[View]
174659613Uma Thurman height?: I thought Uma was 5'9 or 5'10[View]
174653706Ghibli films ranked, your favourite movie unironically determined your intelligence[View]
174656891Re-release flop.[View]
174658695wtf did he mean by this?[View]
174658830Are we looking forward to Transformers Rise of the Beasts? Why hasn't there been a trailer or t…[View]
174658627Who will be playing Ursula in the new little mermaid?[View]
174659118To Live and Die in L.A.: Is it worth watching?[View]
17465813210 million dollars? This guy is supposed to be a Mafia boss and could not scrape some lousy 10 milli…[View]
174659453/THEWIRE/ General: Comfiest bedroom edition[View]
174657733>character is a donkey >his name is Donkey bravo Nolan…[View]
174656968Am i forgotten bros?nwhy my dad arrived home all pissy and moody ?[View]
174659189People say I look and act exactly like Dahmer in the show.[View]
174658731Did you guys like The Riddler?: I think he was a great character and Dano did a great job, but got r…[View]
174655522New Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Does /tv/ like the new episodic show ?[View]
174659632It's The Shield but for women.[View]
174658976I don't want to get old bros[View]
174657756IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCZkp023MdY[View]
174659339Kid named finger[View]
174655526SNL is getting funnier and it's making /tv/ nervous.[View]
174657332STARGATE THREAD: Gold??[View]
174659425Cast them.[View]
174659436>program on tv gets louder without having touched the remote[View]
174659415They think they can laugh about themselves or self parody....are we going full circle now? Benito Ju…[View]
174656729I really hate that this series just embrace the >It's not a bunch of alien entities from a f…[View]
174656830bitch ass nigga[View]
174659309underappreciated Youtube kino: This video just hits a nostalgic chord with me. I like to imagine the…[View]
174659243So Norwegians just got denied one of the greatest kinos of our time for no reason? How is this right…[View]
174659211/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
174657441Was he autist ? Or what was that 'america gave me wings' bullshit ?[View]
174658770>i want dark series with bad ending >*actually gets one* >noooo this is trash hurt durr t…[View]
174658644What went wrong? he had everything and was a good actor[View]
174658895Spongebob feels the weight of being a wagie for the first time.[View]
174655554Dumb bitch[View]
174659042Apologize RIGHT FUCKING NOW.[View]
174657028amazing opening sequence, fine flick overall. both leftoids and rightoids are triggered by the endin…[View]
174658283>open movie >runtime: 2:23 >open movie >runtime: 2:36 >open movie >runtime: 2:42 …[View]
174658916What was his fucking problem?[View]
174658140>Bye have a beautiful time![View]
174651622>So much debt... What men can do against such reckless rates?[View]
174657792>Unfortunately anon, we could not find someone to fly out for your loved ones visit, so you will …[View]
174658642>ITT: MST3K characters that are literally you[View]
174658455Womb(2010): Womb(2010)[View]
174658701I’m confused /tv/ this movie wasn’t about him making anyone fat and he looked way less charming than…[View]
174658394Know what?[View]
174658525Is this worth watching?[View]
174656513Anyone got a link to episode 3?[View]
174653859Serial killer: >Since this movie every serial killer writes like this…[View]
174656357The last few series of better call saul were shit. I'm sick of pretending they're not. No …[View]
174655915I can fix her[View]
174657831what are some films?[View]
174657755The older I get the more I relate to this character and why he hates teenagers[View]
174657752Who are some bug bunny like characters? Not Kinda like clever, nonchalant, wisecracking characters w…[View]
174656943why does this feel slightly racist?[View]
174657590He's a saint.[View]
174657435I keep forgetting every movie i watch. Even my favorite movies? Should i be scared or is this normal…[View]
174656213Why she was such a bad seed?[View]
174657601Sam Hyde was a greek commander.[View]
174657367Has any show had a harder mood whiplash ending than this one?[View]
174654969when the kino hits[View]
174657215Anyone else here a Doofenmaxxing Evilcel? I realized my incel life has always been dictated by bein…[View]
174656191There is no crime she cannot solve.[View]
174657198And for my next guest: you better be goddamn sure before you follow him round the store it's Ty…[View]
174655911Is this what wagecucking does to you?[View]
174657025he's literally me[View]
174647355Name a more kino opening text[View]
174656368A: 10 V: 10 thank you YIFY[View]
174656815ROP SEASON 2 FILMING NEXT MONTH: >To compete for eyeballs and Emmys, Amazon spent about $468 mill…[View]
174656725best girls boarding school moobies? I've already seen st. trinian and innocence[View]
174656461>Stick the baloon up your ass to save the white race, friend[View]
174655722What's your favorite idea? Mine is being a racist.[View]
174655177What was the point of this movie?[View]
174656536Official Reno Sheriff's tier list >Says 'Nigger' To Her Black Coworkers' Faces tier Wei…[View]
174656456what's a location you would like to see on film?[View]
174656490Why did Netflix make Yusuke a pinoy? Will there ever be a decent live action anime?[View]
174653488did you buy the stanleycoin?[View]
174654788>13 movies >only 1 financial flop[View]
174650103>no sequel ever Pokebros...[View]
174654369Movies about main character slowly losing his/her humanity[View]
174646217I was just rewatching X-Files in remux quality and I think I can see Scully's bush. That is all…[View]
174656210ITT: Images you can hear: >Big City Life[View]
174654591The year is almost over, what movies are you looking forward to before it ends? For me, it's Ti…[View]
174654614Cast him.[View]
174650101What makes Seinfeld so comfy?[View]
174652295/got/hotd/: the witch of Hightower edition prev >>174646428[View]
174653040Why do people get so caught up about historical accuracy in movies: They're movies, if you want…[View]
174651510/who/ - Doctor Who General: AFROC edition Fated: >>174606212[View]
174654397Why didn't Homer just ask Bart to translate the French instructions? It was well established th…[View]
174653303i love her bros, i want to join her death cult[View]
174646848>blacksmith REACTS to forging in films[View]
174654607Black actors back in the day used to have normal names, now if there is a black actor in a movie the…[View]
174655281The Dark Universe 'most likely' to be revived; Gosling to play Wolf Man.[View]
174656077>New Xbox commercial >has Aaron Paul advertising you can play games while watching breaking ba…[View]
174656016Will this be confirmed Catholic kino?[View]
174652976What are some good episodes of the Simpsons after season 15? >inb4 none…[View]
174656138What are some movies about the end justifying the means?[View]
174656118ITT we post everything we have and know about 4chan's moderation and how the site works in gene…[View]
174654837What are the best breakup movies?[View]
174656007what are some good films that take place here.[View]
174651455Tokyo Vice: Is anyone watching this kino? Sato is my guy.[View]
174652195Holy shit! $19,000,000 in 2022 That’s crazy money Over performing all the way to the bank[View]
174655055Any good kinos that are set in Imperial Russia?[View]
174655646>I GOT NO ZITI OVER HERE James you dont need to finish your entire plate before you say your line…[View]
174654925Grolton is the dog[View]
174655886>that will be $1,000,000,000 + tip[View]
174655052No lawyers, no witnesses, what sort of due process is this?[View]
174655786YEP YEP YEP YEP YEP YEP[View]
174655812ITT: 'that guy' actors/actresses[View]
174655233I hate niggers, but for some reason, whenever they wear a black leather jacket, all black, sun glass…[View]
174654802The movie 300 lost a golden opportunity to: include a character called Doriticus where Leonidus says…[View]
174632137Characters you act like in social situations: Whenever I'm at work and don't know how to a…[View]
174653185I can fix her[View]
174655617Just watched it. What a medicore movie.[View]
174654997Was this an accurate portrayal of boomer life in the 70s?[View]
174654723>That would be 1 billion $ Thank you come again[View]
174655574This is just Evangelion without mecha fights.[View]
174653360I enjoyed this film and I think Oliver Stone is based[View]
174645020Why would Jews do this?[View]
174655521Bonus meth?[View]
174654493So Jay, what did you think of Milwuakee's pride and joy, Jeffrey Dahmer?[View]
174653576>Yes, I collect Funko pops. How could you tell?[View]
174650407david lunch lol[View]
174654826which freddy Krueger movie is this?: when i was a kid i remember watching one of the freddy movies a…[View]
174655184Why are there americans in Middle Earth?[View]
174653633when did you realize that the gray jedi were more of a threat to the universe than the sith who brou…[View]
174651135After the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog film franchise, what's next for Euphemia LatiQue 'T…[View]
174640991>60mil an episode[View]
174655016Any of you cunts watched this filth?[View]
174654891Who is Disney making this game for?! They are definitely a whore for their own IP now, but they…[View]
174654774Rings of Power is giving heavy Foundation vibes. Bad reboot, I believe, is responsible for both thes…[View]
174655168Kevin Smith's next movie: What will Kevin's next movie be? Mallrats 2? Dogma 2? Chasing th…[View]
174655002>Takes over your mind[View]
174647005So his lifetime killing spree came to an end because he got green paint on his ears. Who writes this…[View]
174655176What do I think about Lady Gaga as an actor and performer? I might be in love again.[View]
174654895Mindhunter: Did it get cancelled for actually giving an honest portrayal of blacks in the second sea…[View]
174653902Will they upload new stuff after the recent drama shitshow[View]
174651433Do brits really find this funny?[View]
174655039Spoorloos: So, if Saskia somehow %%was freed/escaped from captivity%% would you go back to her or st…[View]
174654974Billion Dollars Idea: VR where you can watch kino along with cute girls[View]
174654945Name a better film about being an alien and a private eye IM WAITING[View]
174654515What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174653922He has an acting career and you don't. You don't get to make fun of him.[View]
174652301Does /tv/ still buy DVDs?[View]
174652880How many physical games do you buy in a month? Do you consider yourself a CONSOOMER?[View]
174654842are the flashbacks canon?[View]
174654784I've seen you before. You're the asshole on /tv/.[View]
174654406>picking up a man in a bar and getting prostate orgasm is...LE GOOD!!![View]
174648199/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Chekhov's hammer edition Previous >>174643619[View]
174643244Explain this fucking movie to me please[View]
174650664Why didn't you buy a copy?[View]
174653982there is nothing netflix wont ruin[View]
174653498Are you looking forward to the next season of The Witcher?[View]
174646639What exactly is 'desert power'?[View]
174652692Was this considered attractive in 90s ?[View]
174651908Cast it[View]
174652835Fuck you I liked it.[View]
174650220Cate Blanchett could still pull off Galadriel today[View]
174654464Is this the best ever creature design? Truly terrifying and original, especially the way it decapita…[View]
174654447How did Raimi keep getting away with it?[View]
174653113Silenced: This is the most iconic shot of the movie[View]
174653692>watch reactions from people who’ve never seen Rocky before >they all think Rocky is a rapist …[View]
174654289Where are the new videos??[View]
174653836Guess the movie[View]
174650975who's exited for Better Rim Kim?[View]
174654220>You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted to fuck a woman, but I co…[View]
174652756So when did you realize he completely stole his '''style''' from James Gunn[View]
174654014What if Moonlight...but white?: https://youtu.be/dh3jIrD8C24[View]
174653317*speedruns the maze* No, seriously, how did he suddenly appear there at the end?[View]
174653363>watch a new movie or tv show >fall in love with the main actress Why is this keep happening t…[View]
174651636What's /tv/'s general opinion on the modern film industry? I think they're too 'woke'…[View]
174650561Why is this movie rarely being talked about?[View]
174653297Why did they make Dahmer's murderer look like a black superhero in this situation? He was a lit…[View]
174654000Which would win?[View]
174648095>Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny? An obese man... a disgusting man who could barely stand …[View]
174653198Where is season 2?[View]
174654020This is getting out of hand...[View]
174652279>in the film Inferno they visit the Hagia Sophia and look upon the tomb of Enrico Dandolo. >t…[View]
174653914>“See you you cunt“ >“I'll cut you first“…[View]
174653371Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Was it kino?[View]
174641935This show probably set back nuclear power acceptance in this country by 10 years if not more. Good s…[View]
174653625Bodies Bodies Bodies: >Pete Davidson >Lee Pace yep, I'm thinking I'm in…[View]
174617224HOLY KINO[View]
174648955Just saw the two Paddington movies: What did we think? Which one did we like better?[View]
174644018why is foreman such a bore, he's the worst part of the show[View]
174652259>this is __________, a great, great song - a personal favourite what song, /tv/?…[View]
174651944>ywn see the shrike in action[View]
174652074Stream starting soon We'll be watching 28 days later Stay tuned! twitch.tv/peteblank[View]
174653736Meteor Shower: Take evasive action[View]
174653725Those anons.[View]
174653546>5 episodes in >literally nothing has happened Why is it so boring?…[View]
174626042How long until Hollywood makes a Princess Mononoke live action movie?[View]
174653629Dragon Ball Evolution 2: starring the Shameless cast[View]
174652401I had a really weird dream of this movie. It was like a complete different movie but still the same.…[View]
174653074ITT: your /tv/ dreams: I dream about breeding Sophia Lillis and leading a peaceful life out in the c…[View]
174653091we were KINGS[View]
174651329who was in the wrong here?[View]
174653434Cooper: what were his last thoughts?[View]
174648761Yeah, but I will have a degree. And you'll be serving my kids fries at a drive-through on our w…[View]
174653414tfw sugar is not being number 1 stop geting bullied[View]
174645974You are given 100 million dollars to make a full length film adaption of a video game of your choice…[View]
174653355Was this actually a stealth red pill on the abnormality of gay people?[View]
174653329>mfw watching suits (I'm not enjoying it)[View]
174650500What other series are there with such a steep decline in not only quality but the overall tone? This…[View]
174648540why wasnt this exciting?[View]
174653296ITT: the last film that filtered you[View]
174652160Have there been any decent science fiction films made in the past 10 years, /tv/?[View]
174650907Who's this guy? Why is he everywhere on YTube?[View]
174651187there has not been anything good to watch for 2 years[View]
174634651>no season 2[View]
174652134what will I do with all this guilt?[View]
174652992Gabagool? Ovah here[View]
174653042>bad smell is.... le bad[View]
174650557this was kino ngl[View]
174649563Watching Sins of a Father: The Green River Killer on Tubi and this comes on the screen[View]
174651485>The Unusuals (2009) >Fargo (2014) >Legion (2017) >Alien (?????) Is Noah Hawley an under…[View]
174651901what's next for Richard Lewis?[View]
174652284What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174652891Continuity error: I noticed in Drive (2011), after Shannon's death, Ryan Gosling is shown to ha…[View]
174652887Cast Him: ... with a twist 2 actors: one for before transition, one for after. This is for the long …[View]
174650558top 5 animations.[View]
174638960Milly Alcock is one of the finest actresses I've ever seen. Shes so fierce and spunky despite b…[View]
174648142wat happen[View]
17465279180s Megatron VS 90s skeletor: It is amazing how good 90s skeletor is. Truly incredible he actually h…[View]
174652764>OOH is this a blooper show? I love these >Watch this, ok, see the guy in the cap right there?…[View]
174641321why did they need a big Gandalf ?[View]
174651102>Brits make a 'comedy' >It (rightfully) falls flat on its face >Americans reboot the same c…[View]
174651897MR HARRIGANS PHONE - from the TWISTED MIND OF STEPHEN KING: https://youtu.be/dSp7FjACr1E A WHITE BOY…[View]
174650897Stephen King movies are all dogshit, without exception[View]
174652417No pacts between lions and men: Shouldn't he have said lions and sheep or something[View]
174650415Athena: 4K rip when?[View]
174652314Cast Her: ...with a twist: 2 actors - 1 for before transition, 1 for after. This is for her biopic t…[View]
174652180This is simultaneously kino of the highest order and hot garbage[View]
174649615>What are some lines with the word though at the end?[View]
174652030>Called himself 'The Crocodile Hunter' >Didn't even hunt the Crocs, in fact actually help…[View]
174651312Are you sitting in a chair right now? STAND THE FUCK UP FOR GEORGE LUCAS!!![View]
174650736But the Centauri... >ARE A LOST PEOPLE >They are to be pitied, they are already on a course fo…[View]
174639439I seriously don't get why there is so much reeeeing over Discovery. I'm not saying it…[View]
174652001This is a perfect role for Kevin spacey[View]
174650501Why are Anya and Foy sharing the same dress? That's kinda hot desu[View]
174651408I just marathoned this very peculiar piece. What did I think about it?[View]
174646428/got/hotd/: >Robb, who had been more a brother to Theon than any son born of Balon Greyjoy’s loin…[View]
174651151What would the movies section look like?[View]
174652071Anyone remember watching this kino??: Sunshine Porcupine (1980) https://youtu.be/OgarKvKKp80[View]
174652061When the Lucas Sequel Trilogy is Finally Released[View]
174652054why didn't they just dig a hole in the ground and hide there until they left?[View]
174651437IT’S UP: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vw5ug0Axt4I[View]
174651634What are the essential Alain Delon kinos (other than Le Samourai)?[View]
174649054Post irl shit: Any real life things welcome. Interviews, police chases, anything, just can't be…[View]
174650646Did he deserve it?[View]
174650760>Well done, Slytherin. Well done. However...[View]
174651139>I used to think that my life was a tragedy...[View]
174651739Did gay mens really except drinks from strangers in the 90s?[View]
174624654>Someday? Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. …[View]
174651871>raindrop >droptop >gotta watch that new disney goyslop…[View]
174648714Matrix Resurrections wasn't that bad.[View]
174643725Even plebbit sees through The Batcringe as a soulless movie: Only /co/mblrinas and twatter rate this…[View]
174650364Good morrow, sers[View]
174649444Bigfoot kidnaps human females to fuck and keep as pets: They end up turning feral like the fat one a…[View]
174651391Ive read books[View]
174647969So how accurate was this Netflix series? Did the father really introduce taxidermy to Jeffrey? Did t…[View]
174651486>Life ends Is there a sequel and what's it about?[View]
174647919I fucking hate Caleb. If you like Caleb, do me a favor and walk into traffic. /tv/ is officially a f…[View]
174648796A well made borefest What a waste of time[View]
174649594History Kino: what are your favorite history kinos?[View]
174645481What are some good true crime documentaries?[View]
174649057House-of-the-Dragon: Why so orange?[View]
174649771It's sort of a boring film. It would've been more suspenseful if his defection was actuall…[View]
174650247I could've saved her[View]
174641773How can I tell a shill from an honest shitposter?[View]
174651222Prey should get a sequel.[View]
174651018>infamous studio head Daryl Zanuck was Protestant that's surprising…[View]
174649312Anyone know where this is from?[View]
174649678I didn't order this...with sausage!![View]
174650089Best part The Lobster is when Colin Farrell said 'I taste better with butter' and transformed into t…[View]
174645543/hor/ - Horror General: shitty parenting edition Previously on /hor/ - >>174638862[View]
174647744Mawwrty, get a fuckin' divorce![View]
174650139Literally me: the movie https://youtu.be/WP6Q34uRdPM[View]
174651066So that's it, huh? That's great ma. Just take my brother and go chase UFOs?[View]
174592466Louise Fletcher Dies: Oscar-Winning ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Actor Was 88: https://deadline…[View]
174647600I loved my daughter! But the abomination growing in her womb was a betrayal of me and the white race…[View]
174649109If your favorite movie doesn't have end credits readily available to watch on the internet it…[View]
174649639Yo, Mr. White![View]
174650844This Brazilian soap opera about a slave girl is the most-dubbed TV show in history. It was the first…[View]
174650916This is actually good what the fuck[View]
174647300ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
174612273was he reddit or 4chan ?[View]
174650756>this made boomers shit their slacks in laughter it's all bathroom humor…[View]
174648549Emma d’arcy (they/them) are really good at playing woman[View]
174649800>good movies are still being produced >you have... uhhh…[View]
174650114>he's the one who's doing it doing what?[View]
174622215What the fuck was going on in the early 2000s?[View]
174650319Name the movies[View]
174649348So they are supposed to be black people?[View]
174650690Rounders (1998): Teen is thinking he is boring Young adulthood is thinking he is smart & respons…[View]
174650685Benny was an idiot for not nailing the first girl who brought her car to the shop.[View]
174650656Alice in Borderland season 2 is coming What do we expect???? https://youtu.be/vba9e_hSvro[View]
174650274>I'm fighting to protect trans kids[View]
174650627Does anyone else watch Peppa Pig in order to learn a language? I've seen almost every episode o…[View]
174649525>netflix and chill That died down, didn't it[View]
174650596If you want a beautiful life Take a cunny wife For there will be no strife[View]
174650151>”Michael Jai White ?” >”Can I laugh in your face?”…[View]
174649832Will we get S2 ?[View]
174650497I finished Better Call Saul and i love how it ended. Why was /tv/ shitting on the ending ? It was qu…[View]
174643144/rangz/ - Rings of Power General: no one even noticed it was gone edition Previous >>174626229…[View]
174649656>Ecstatic. >Elated.[View]
174648005When did Michael Schur stop being a sucessful showrunner?[View]
174646727so true[View]
174648438YOU'RE NOT A GOOD SHOW[View]
174644406Why is this movie so forgotten? It’s such a perfect action comedy.[View]
174645527>'but if the people in the matrix are real people, what difference does it make if my friends and…[View]
174647269How do you feel about the casting of Disney's live action adaptation of Snow White?[View]
174649179HUNTER IN HER NOW MOVIE 'CUCKOO': >Chased by a mysterious woman, 17-year-old Gretchen (Hunter Sch…[View]
174649393Sam Hyde cameo ca. 1987 (86 film year) - 'Hellraiser'. probably coming to kill someone in …[View]
174639772Klendathu orbits a twin star system.[View]
174648069Why is Gloria considered such a catch for Jay? Is considered really attractive? She just seems old, …[View]
174650069/tv/, have no fear! Your grand vizier, Zizag, is here![View]
174650021With the recent rapid gains in ai art, will we ever get to a point where ai can write a script and c…[View]
174650013You know you're deep into ARGs when you're getting recommended fresh ones like this!: http…[View]
174624288Cousin Greg: He may be the only character who literally does nothing wrong, also I love him but not …[View]
174649897>But you know what's on my mind right now? It isn't the coffee in my kitchen, it's…[View]
174649873Are you a big bad guy?[View]
174649254it annoys me that this film acted like the twist was a twist. everyone knew what was happening while…[View]
174647508Watched the first episode of this and thought it was decent, is it worth it to continue watching?[View]
174648947Can someone explain to me why James Cameron is devoting years to making a cartoon version of the Dan…[View]
174649355now that the dust has settled, what did it do?[View]
174648094A bunch of smart white guys made a kino with hardly any women and no bipoc. How the fuck did they ge…[View]
174649643>Trannies are demons from Hell Based Hulu[View]
174649607>lost to an incel[View]
174648871as the spooky season approaches I think it's time to admit that this is the greatest horror fil…[View]
174645682Number Two in more than one way: Films which were a great start, then absolutely shit the bed with t…[View]
174647241The City of Ember: Uniironically one of my favorite movies.[View]
174648297Babysitters Club on Netflix: Season 3 when?[View]
174649068>Hold on babe let me get the HDMI cable[View]
174648169Tell me where is my wife, the lady Galadriel, for I have not seen her in some time.[View]
174645231Ahoy me mates, the name's Cap'n Joji. I'm a 27 year old Japanese seaboo (Pirate fan f…[View]
174647697Take a guess: another edition of /tv/ makes a movie or real movie: >overweight Sara, is tormented…[View]
174649336You're a true kinosseur and watch auteur cinégraphigue, right anon?[View]
174648135What went wrong?[View]
174648039Do you think she ever regrets getting involved with the Harry Potter franchise?[View]
174644011How many inofficial kids has he actually fathered?[View]
174648337What emotion is this?[View]
174648706What were the slices of cheese on Picard's head meant to be?[View]
174646465/comfy/ general: time to get comfy boys. anything goes[View]
174648988Why do you all want to be like Patrick Bateman? The guy's a total loser![View]
174648772>A year ago I was two inches shorter. Sheer willpower.[View]
174648367Is it me or 90% of movies I've watched don't exist? The Dinner Man Lost Catacombs The List…[View]
174647706Did anyone else find the suite life on deck sea school to be very comfy or am i just imagining i wou…[View]
174647476thread's shit the thread is shit[View]
174623756What should she have done, turned down the role?[View]
174648777Keanu Sneeze[View]
174648866I recently wrote a movie called Death at the Niger River It's about nigger killers in Niger. Th…[View]
174646882What kind of films do ayyys watch?[View]
174641624>Did Americans really shoot at innocent Vietnamese during the Vietnam War? Yes.…[View]
174647923Why doesnt warner brothers, seeing the success of Arcane and Edgerunners, revisit the Animatrix and …[View]
174644850Three Thousand Years Of Longing.[View]
174641205Does the idea of Freddy Krueger of being a pedophile who molests kids ruin him for you?[View]
174647574It's universally agreed his greatest interview was when he was about to die, and was terrified …[View]
174648600>Marty, I need you to make me a /tv/ thread and get it to the bump limit. And it must be on topic…[View]
174648264Hey guys. Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later![View]
174642857did he just take buck breaking too far?[View]
174648272He stuck his fingers in a woman's mouth and now he's working in the bingo halls. how can h…[View]
174634241Holy shit why are breaking bad fans so retarded? Everyone in 2008 said faggot.[View]
174647699your favorite animations.[View]
174648220Ed, Edd n Eddy: For me it's Ed Co[View]
174647344Doctor Sleep: If Andy can see death flies on the face of people who will die Why can't he see a…[View]
174643895What's your favorite movie(s)/tv with motorcycles or motorcycle club (MC) content? Do you have …[View]
174645647Hey Anon! Robert? I'm afraid he's in jail for armed robbery... I'm Sophia! What can I…[View]
174647802Why didn't Jafar just send Iago in if the rules don't seem to apply to animals?[View]
174640885*is cancelled*[View]
174646979/tv/ WISHLIST?: SHARE YOURS! Mine for Sci-Fi > New Quatermass movies or series with Jared Harris …[View]
174648316Thoughts On Atlanta S04E03 Born2Die?: For me, I thought it was a great representation of the Rap ind…[View]
174645177Post-apocalypse shows should revolve entirely around matters of engineering, production and the prac…[View]
174646500The Batman: Paul Dano acted better in There Will Be Blood[View]
174643619/RoP/ Rings of Power General: Raw edition Previous >>174626229[View]
174643610I've got...dipping sticks.[View]
174640697I'm in the middle of season 6 and I can't finish it. It's so fucking bad[View]

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