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159771137Based Sandler[View]
159764056How did a loser junkie get a cute goth gf?[View]
159770613Here’s your covid variant bro.[View]
159764720Wheel of Time General /WOT/: tfw no big titty forsaken edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume seri…[View]
159768294>please insert disc 2[View]
159770819Why does this picture give House Atreides vibes? Are the Atreides Russians?[View]
159770817>It's huge! It's a lion![View]
159770914Transformers: >his name is Omnicron, but I can show you how to kill him.…[View]
159770905Any movies about women dreaming about meeting a weird guy and holding him in their arms? My friend l…[View]
159769144Bad Santa or Bad Santa 2?[View]
159769657I wish more people knew about this kino, I don't even like baseball and this is top 5 of my fav…[View]
159768499What are the most autistic fan theories you've heard?[View]
159766430>Every Better Call Saul flashback[View]
159755281I watched this: after watching DUNC and I found Dune 1984 to be the superior film. yes it has flaws…[View]
159769223What the fuck...[View]
159770029Movie Red Flags: >runtime is > 90 minutes[View]
159767967Any good small-town america films?[View]
159767767What actors should star in a film together sometime, who haven't crossed paths yet?[View]
159768892kinda done with ryan reynolds. his acting is so stupid post-deadpool. almost as if every character h…[View]
159767287Was there some super amazing circumstances surrounding this show that I'm not aware of? How has…[View]
159770629chad peaks: literally what did he mean by this?[View]
159769800Well hello beautiful![View]
159766916Kino for this feel?[View]
159770536Damn Marlene looks like THAT?[View]
159770509Imagine being friends with him.[View]
159770072>I never fucked anybody over in my life that didn't have it coming. Chu got that?…[View]
159763783Best performance un GoT?[View]
159770469Just rewatched this, if I commit Sebuku will I honor my name?[View]
159761176WARRRRIIOOORRSS: Is there some kind point in this scene? I always thought it seemed out of place. Al…[View]
159767948Fuck you, I liked it. A cute Christmas movie, anyone else enjoy this?[View]
159764748I unironically have to keep pausing because of her scenes. Cursing nonsensical stuff like, 'Shitball…[View]
159763915/ARCANE GENERAL/: Here to stay edition Previous thread >>>159752346 Season 2 is a go go wha…[View]
159764177Imagine drinking a litre of vodka every weekend haha[View]
159770199Why did he tell him to throw dough? I though they didnt have much food left[View]
159752043Star wars bros...: We got too cocky..[View]
159768082What the fuck is a 'filmbro' or 'dudebro' and why is this fucking website so obsessed with them?[View]
159751003Here's your Squirrel Girl bro[View]
159767761command and conquer movie when[View]
159767553What the fuck was wrong with boomers?[View]
159770014When we come back after the commercial break...: >'Can The Mythbusters defeat The Raping Blob?'…[View]
159768543Why is RLM trashing this so much while also sucking off Force Awakens? This is harmless fun at worst…[View]
159768919Ghostbusters Afterlife thread[View]
159769541A while ago I saw some of the best memes come from this episode of the dog whisperer. Drop you holly…[View]
159769904>She looked me in the eyes through the television screen and said 'Don't wake up now - they …[View]
159763435What would you like to talk about?[View]
159769852Seriously /tv/, has this ever been debunked? The resemblance is...uncanny. It's undeniable at t…[View]
159766382Cowboy Bebop - You deserve it because you watch anime.: This is the adaptation you entirely deserve,…[View]
159768317It makes me sad: I used to be such a good athlete. I was amazing at soccer. I started young and I wa…[View]
159769831When do we get the sequel song? “Harley Quinn ruined the current generation of woman.”[View]
159769822Why the fuck was O'Reileys mom allowed to randomly roam all over the prison?[View]
159768467Why was Peter trying to feed Tom Selleck through the TV, that doesn’t make any sense[View]
159766415will thor 4 save the mcu[View]
159769606Why didn't he fly to Mordor on an eagle?[View]
159767561Hart plays an alright bad guy, but the show still is one beat at best. Snipes is the best actor in t…[View]
159764950The name's Bond, Jane Bond.[View]
159764432Cyberpunk Movie Night is up and running starting with Bladerunner Link in next post[View]
159769195Wypipo be like: >The stylization was too spicy AHHHH! Fuck you, you knew what you were up to the …[View]
159767270Was it a critique of capitalism?[View]
159767825What the fuck was her problem?[View]
159765980Whos your favourite night show host: I think it's Colbert since he's not afraid to speak t…[View]
159763416What happens if you do this on your remote?[View]
159769199What movie/TV show has the least amount of propaganda?[View]
159769456>Autopsy scene >Coroner mentions contusions, lacerations, blunt force trauma and petechial hem…[View]
159769497whats his endgame[View]
159768789Why did he suck so much at time traveling?[View]
159769381who was in the wrong here?: https://youtu.be/fuO_njzqGSM[View]
159766362What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
159769388>But Anon and I could never be mods, because we had straight orientation. Didn't even matter…[View]
159766656Whats this fuckers secret? How does he not age? >This is a photo of Larry David from 2010…[View]
159764794Are you more interested to watch it now?[View]
159769248>a story within a story >evil two-faced auntie who hates the outdoors >unnecessary characte…[View]
159767269Non-cringe female joker[View]
159768449>passes on Neo >passes on Django >does Deathshit instead The Black Sean Connery…[View]
159766665I met Ed Helms, about 6-7 years ago. I got roped into watching my 3 month old niece while my sister …[View]
159767872Bros... episode 3 made me cry....... I haven't felt that way in a long time[View]
159751777Do you like Hawkeye? If not, any hope for later episodes?: like Hailee doing a hot sex scene…[View]
159768806This is the worst movie ever made.[View]
159767908Did he de anything wrong?[View]
159768166REQUEST: Recommend me some good action/sci fi/adventure/fantasy movie that comes out the past 6 mont…[View]
159768955How many times did they need to clone dinosaurs before figuring out it was a bad idea?[View]
159765473Once again I must ask, why are americans so anti art?[View]
159768346Any kino story watching a movie on theater? >Watch Joker >Some woman gets out of the room with…[View]
159767236So. Much. This.[View]
159768031What movie has the best special affects?[View]
159768882Post Stolen Valor KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VdXSztLKxE[View]
159767475Daisy Ridley: What's next for the queen of /tv/?[View]
159766106Why does he make other comedians seethe?[View]
159767472A man addicted to endangering his own life neglects his family & traumatizes them for life. For …[View]
159767956The best film of 2021.[View]
159768466Thoughts on the works of Anya Taylor-Joy? Her breakout film is her best imo.[View]
159767273Movies where trusting the science goes horribly wrong[View]
159768150a toast to another fine weekend of kino[View]
159765332>Dukat called up Kira in the middle of the night just to say 'I fucked your mom lol' How did they…[View]
159768361>Honey, uh, you want to know who really killed JFK? What the fuck was Michael Bay getting at?…[View]
159767019When did it happen to (You), /tv/?[View]
159767454How was it?[View]
159757541One Piece: Can anything good come out of this Netflix adaptation?[View]
159768118not gonna lie: shit's bussin no cap for real[View]
159767240Scrubs: Was Scrubs good?[View]
159767863Genuinely wondering how he stayed so relentlessly handsome[View]
159765514Whatever you wish, it shall be granted. Come to me, /tv/.[View]
159766639You're awful, Anon.[View]
159743322What happened to that? I want my kino now![View]
159768120What was the significance of the prairie dogs on tv?[View]
159767973>late 2000s/early 2010s indie flick >I'M FEELING ROUGH I'M FEELING RAW I'M IN T…[View]
159767831>hit man confesses everything because 'it's the right thing to do' Is this fake?…[View]
159767634I want to kill the Hepburn family in GTA. I would saw through Katherine Hepburn's throat with a…[View]
159765953Where the hell are the jokes?[View]
159766781what happened to him?[View]
159767322This is the original captain marvel that was meant to be introduced at the end of age of ultranation…[View]
159767780Is there any good movie featuring a straight white male protagonist post 2018, or are such movies re…[View]
159767794dishonest Cinematography thread[View]
159767768What was it like growing up being Boyz n the Hood?[View]
159766253Alright anon. Pitch us your billion dollar movie plot idea.[View]
159766203>Here is your new leader of the Avengers and face of the MCU bro[View]
159766616Cast them[View]
159766209Post feel good movies or I will be sad [View]
159767452ITT: 'It wasn't suppose to be a documentary' -core[View]
159767210It’s a don and roger episode: Tfw no don and roger spinoff where they sling cocaine in Miami[View]
159767609kinos about the best motherfuckin country in the world?[View]
159767596Thoughts on this?: This had some awesome writing for a Netflix show.[View]
159766755I'm Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes[View]
159759955Latinx niggas be like >We can make kino too, puto!!! Just watch Guillermo del Toro!!! And I do. A…[View]
159753068Member those coca cola bears?[View]
159767330ITT: Misunderstood souls of /tv/[View]
159763664>Hey, ginger balls. What are you, on your way to a dick meeting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
159766483Favorite films of the 80s[View]
159755143How is it that a video game has better character design and CGI than a billion dollar movie? Hell I…[View]
159746208Favourite Pom Klementieff film?[View]
159765156>he watches live action animes from Hollywood[View]
159767363Kinos with this aesthetics?[View]
159766169>Arya Stark, Gandalf, and Mad Max confirmed >Neo extremely likely >The Neven-Ending Story i…[View]
159766909Cleveland Brown: What's the deal with Cleveland in family guy? He doesn't really have any …[View]
159765774Just found out Eden Perkins was born a boy which means Radical Ed (my childhood waifu) is being play…[View]
159767111>90's family comedy >'EVERYBODY DANCE NOW'…[View]
159766569Space Trilogy films would’ve been cool in the 80’s[View]
159764637videogames that could actually made into a good movie[View]
159767172One bite everyone knows the rules[View]
159762028so the message was to not be racist?[View]
159766400Do you think he ever watches his daughter's films?[View]
159752859Composer Stephen Sondheim dead at 91: >https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/new…[View]
159767050i'm a colonel in battlefield: >movies not in color[View]
159767018Is he the new Brad Pitt?[View]
159759583We need them back more than ever[View]
159762202Post your favorite movie. Your actual favorite movie, no shitposts. I dare you. You won't do it…[View]
159765318/essential/ - #18: From here on until the end of 2021 we're going to conduct a survey to compil…[View]
159758643Seann William Scott[View]
159766705I'm looking for a comedy kino i remember airing on comedy central about the hasidic jewish comm…[View]
159766614Nobody can realistically can him, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbS-Zhz31CA[View]
159766773Fun Fact: Daenerys never actually shouts 'I am a Dragon!' in Game of Thrones.[View]
159759921New York city is a weird motherfucking place.[View]
159766815Arcane: There are some interesting philosophical ideas that Arcane tries to show. The speech given b…[View]
159762716>finish movie >search 'movie bloopers/gag reel'…[View]
159761079Just saw the finale of Mad Men, what did I think of it and the series as a whole?[View]
159762917What went wrong?[View]
159766477Welcome: To Jurassic Park[View]
159765558Season 4 finna be lit![View]
159766633Help me find a lost movie: Lost Christian movie I watched as a kid, there’s two friends, one of them…[View]
159766626soo...is it ok?[View]
159765463Ghostbusters Afterlife: Where the fuck is the torrent??[View]
159766554There's a scene in the original Clone Wars series that has Yoda performing a mind trick on Capt…[View]
159766402Arcane: wtf it's actually good /tv/ told me it was bad![View]
159764074Why was Bart such a cunt in this episode? Like he's a scamp, yeah, but he literally tried to ru…[View]
159761017Does lily rose depp have a promising future?[View]
159764651Some kind of monster: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
159759633why didn't he just shoot the Baron with a laser?[View]
159766285THIS MAGIC MOMENT[View]
159751541Are we hyped for Euphoria season 2 on January 9th?[View]
159766273Films about Islam history?: What do they show in the class rooms in Islamic States?[View]
159766269Is there any good movie featuring a straight white male protagonist post 2018, or are such movies re…[View]
159753473It insists upon itself. Why doesn't Peter Jackson know when to cut stuff[View]
159766242>One off character that was only used once in the Scully era >Beaten to death in the Al Jean e…[View]
159763762>5 hour flat earth documentary Looks like kings back on the menu boys. https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
159766216US (2019): Just marathoned the first 8 minutes of this movie, what did I think about it?[View]
159760610Do you think that 2000s queens like Lindsay, Britney and Paris should make a comeback to their actin…[View]
159763829>GoT made by Netlix/Amazon in 2021 what's change?[View]
159765610Did the Jews do this?[View]
159765612>ROBERT DUVAL!!!!!!!!!!!! .........Okay??? Why did Chris think yelling one of the actors names ou…[View]
159766159Is this the most perfect movie ever made?[View]
159766157the moment political correctness entered Hollywood[View]
159766143Realistically, could she have made it without her wealthy father's connections?[View]
159765302>gallop toward a city >bring horse to a halt >scream the name of the city at the top of you…[View]
159766107/nolly/: thread for discussing Nigerian cinema[View]
159764510What horror movie am I watching tonight?[View]
159763932How much money would this make ?[View]
159764616It's just, paedo, phobe, I mean, they're both bad. I thought you were saying you were a me…[View]
159763632Jarvis, set the birthrate of pure white and Japanese children being born to mindblowingly high and b…[View]
159764743What is your favorite comedy film?[View]
159762545This dude is kind of an idiot. His dating advice is geared toward getting low self esteem black sing…[View]
159765754Cast them.[View]
159759681/xxx/ - sex scene general: Previous thread: >>159721987[View]
159760917>I see anon, he sees a pretty girl at the grocery store, she looks at him, but he doesn't ta…[View]
159765804What are some films about man vs nature?[View]
159765777>the city gallops towards you >screeches to a halt >screams its own name out from every spe…[View]
159764489Genuinely wondering how he stayed so relentlessly handsome[View]
159762999What did they mean by this?[View]
159764721What's a town tart?[View]
159762644The most kino tv show of all time[View]
159765008It was good[View]
159765663So is this basically a...: Chaos or genestealer infestation happenIng in real time? What are they go…[View]
159764043/tv/ on the Ukraine[View]
159764491Is Dexter a psychopath or he is actually possessed by an ancient spirit?[View]
159764903Does /TV/ love the Autistic Island wife?[View]
159759973This show should've ended with Season...?[View]
159756413It was worth it[View]
159764684What am I in for?[View]
159765225What we’re pirating tonight lads?[View]
159765198i dont get it: why do people call him saul if his name is jimmy ?[View]
159764725Now that the dust has settled: Was this good?[View]
159765330Quotes: ITT: Your favorite quote from a celebrity. I'll start: >'If I was on that talk show …[View]
159764350Brit Kino[View]
159762655Jim Carroll: Anybody read the book, watched the movie, or listened to this unrelated song by the sam…[View]
159763455Yeah, I'm thinking it's kino o'clock[View]
159759938What are the hidden jewels of current tv? My most recent one is pic related and that's been off…[View]
159743628>regarded as the 'Savior of Star Wars' by soiboys >destroys the lore before Disney ever came i…[View]
159765177>Hey baby how about we leave and go back to my place. I have my HDMI setup plugged in and we can …[View]
159763935Post your top 3 movie/tv show ideas right now[View]
159764777S O V L[View]
159765116ITT: Plebfilters: I'll start: Stan Brakhage; he filters 99% of /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
159764298Wojak Horseman[View]
159763406Name better universes than this, I'll start >the vixen cinematic universe…[View]
159764867>German cinema from 1933 to 1945 is bad because it’s… LE BAD[View]
159764824Its ok[View]
159760848Did he die[View]
159764809Movie Tidbits: Did you know that the Thiel twins who appeared on Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Night…[View]
159763531The only subscription I have at the moment is amazon prime and I’ve watched the majority of the good…[View]
159764773The prince of Egypt is kino: >fills your screen with KINO[View]
159763734no: this is patrick[View]
159764709Makeup for black women. They should call it 'Ethnic Cleansing'.[View]
159764515>/tv/ tells me it's pozzed bullshit >It turns out to be pure kino Why did you lie to me?…[View]
159764643Would it work?[View]
159764697A sack shrater: Why the fuck did he want to bone Shania Twain so much?[View]
159763949Was House gay?[View]
159760042Who's the best stand-up comedian?[View]
159764424A smart north korean would never study in america they would be in seoul national university slaving…[View]
159763917This: So much this[View]
159758163Le epic memes about le epic hitler man aside, is it actually a good film?[View]
159764315What was his problem?[View]
159762311Did we change timelines?[View]
159760901Star Wars is the biggest psy-ops to have come out of hollywood to prime the masses into believing th…[View]
159764379Was Pierce Brosnan a producer for the sopranos season 2?[View]
159762427Truly Spiderman's most diabolic foe. Thoughts?[View]
159764192What's the modern equivalent of 1950s monster movies?[View]
159757339What is Hailee Steinfeld's best role?[View]
159764163>Superheroes inspire me to be better in my own life[View]
159763976why is this filmed in front of a green screen with large amounts of CGI for the sets?[View]
159764054Supermansion: Watch Supermansion[View]
159761074Mad Men Reaction: Hello. I got a new laptop and I am not easily abot transfer over all my 4chan pics…[View]
159763295>problem /tv/?[View]
159764059>Character's thoughts have reverb[View]
159764044>OH N-[View]
159764031But is spaghetti and meatballs really his favourite? He seems a little too upscale for that these da…[View]
159762319Godzilla: What is the best way for a new person to get into Godzilla movies? I loved the original ye…[View]
159763865war is.... LE BAD[View]
159762372a based and uplifting tale in many regards seen and unseen, yes this was our world in the 1970s and …[View]
159763838Holy kino[View]
159762270>this makes zoomers shit their pants into laughter[View]
159763771movies that zoomer's find scary >t. 1998 zoomer[View]
159758792/VHS/: post favourite VHS say something nice about the VHS you see[View]
159762801You are a physical movie buying patrician aren't you /tv/? What recent additions have you made …[View]
159763755Those we couldn't save: Post those characters we wish we could save but were destined for a tra…[View]
159763753Left got season 1-4 Right got season 5-8[View]
159761156This made zoomers shit and piss their pants with laughter[View]
159763317>never relax: the movie[View]
159759227I'm George RR Martin and this post took me 47 minutes to write[View]
159763700What are some kinos for this feel?[View]
159759263>The report states that one student called Chappelle a 'bigot' before adding: 'I'm 16 and I …[View]
159760376SANTA IS GAY: >A Christmas TV advert made by Norway’s Posten showing Santa Claus in a gay relatio…[View]
159753661WHY DID HE DISAPPEAR?: >also coffee instant type II /MRESteve/ thread…[View]
159763656What are the essential chudcore films?[View]
159763649What was his problem?[View]
159763614Silent Protagokino: More like this, More like this[View]
159759639Wheel of Time General /WOT/: Simple 'As edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume series of high…[View]
159725559She’s a bad captain, the show was originally slated to be about a crew member who isn’t a captain. I…[View]
159763477I laughed so hard who knew Netflix was this funny[View]
159763504Zack Snyder is the greatest director[View]
1597628361 > 3 > 2 > 4[View]
159763466GUUIIIIISSSS, I'M BOOORRED. creepy webms?: I was just laying in bed now hovering and kinda grab…[View]
159763393Holy shit how did they get away with it?: >The song “Get Back” was about immigration, with origin…[View]
159763285Please don't tell me that some of you people actually watch movies like this. SHYGDDS.[View]
159763160>maybe you just like have a little more swagger going on or something How can it possibly be this…[View]
159762803In the 70s this was apparently the peak of attractiveness in a woman. I'd totally write a whole…[View]
159762250FUCK YOU JAMES: This cuck said that avgn episode 200 would be out by the end of November. Lo and beh…[View]
159757628Was it prophetic?[View]
159760694ITT: >Shit movie >Great scene Go.[View]
159762994Does hawkeye have any sjw bullshit in it?: I'm gonna watch it later tonight with family, but ma…[View]
159757266Yellowstone: Why haven't you watched Yellowstone yet? Are you going to watch its new show set i…[View]
159763259>ENEMIGO DEL CARTEL!! Jesus did Jimmy have a death wish or something?[View]
159762895Now that the dust has settled, is this show worth a watch?[View]
159762184Why was season 6 of the Sopranos so gay? Vito had more sex scenes than Sil's entire series run…[View]
159762802>when he pulls out his 13 in Toshiba, starts typing on a website the name of the movie, scrolls t…[View]
159762529Based on what?[View]
159753529Honestly, lads, I think this might be one of the best comedic performances ever. Dude channels Lesli…[View]
159763166I'm really digging this show.[View]
159762773>rebelscum will call you racist for not wanting to accept these creatures into your society…[View]
159762946OH N-: OH N-[View]
159756462Okay I'm 40 minutes in when does the movie get good[View]
159763105Lets see paul allens loud house fan art[View]
159762959Why don't you guys see this as a movie than inspires hope?[View]
159763079Kinos about regret?[View]
159759746You should be able to answer this.[View]
159759553>419 episodes how does he do it, bros?[View]
159762446Cowboy Bebop: >Spike was willing to throw his life away for this…[View]
159762151>consuming media over 10 years old[View]
159762862>What did you just say about sex workers?[View]
159759919>Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.[View]
159762059Teen Angel: Teen Angel[View]
159762905Awesome and innovative back then, but totally overrated now I'm serious, it's absolutely o…[View]
159761984Why was he such a shitty santa?[View]
159762458What the fuck is this?[View]
159761063Aight, eses: I'm back & I'm reppin tha realest mofo on television: El Jefe Carlos muth…[View]
159762719I don't get what this movie will have to do with cinderella besides the loose shoe relation[View]
159762383kino incoming... who else watching?[View]
159761491How could they take something with so much SOVL: and pervert it to such an obscene degree?[View]
159761539>*bzzzzzt* >'It's George'[View]
159762619>Tell my tale to those who ask... >Tell it truly... >...the ill deeds... along with the goo…[View]
159757616>spills wine on a couch >spills coffee on a klan robe >spills onions sauce on a sweater…[View]
159760831i get it[View]
159756197Le chemin: film[View]
159759543Kino work stations[View]
159762502I enjoyed this movie by wes anderson[View]
159762470What are your favorite 'Making of...' film documentaries, /tv/?[View]
159762379Is he /tv/'s funny name of choice?: No comedian better personifies /tv/ like Karl, Nobody.…[View]
159758517What is favourite movie: I like Interstellar. You?[View]
159752346ITS PURE SOVL[View]
159761537Is Sam Hyde a real-life BOB from Twin Peaks?: I mean, think about it: he's a bogeyman figure fo…[View]
159760428>You see, Dennis, I don't think you're getting it. What's really hilarious about t…[View]
159760322What are some other fun, well-done tv shows that are made with love?[View]
159762123i dont get it[View]
159760644For me it's Toast.[View]
159761985>ignore all Disney movies >finally come around to watch all five >old enough to understand …[View]
159759107Harry potter whats he gonna do next?[View]
159750157You guys told me to watch -magnolia- and -vanilla sky- and I did. They were pretty good. What other …[View]
159762102Supermansion: Watch Supermansion[View]
159759063>simps for a roastie coal burner >gets back stabbed by a kike…[View]
159753478ORPHAN PREQUEL COMING IN 2022: it is a prequel to the 2009 film Orphan. Isabelle Fuhrman reprises he…[View]
159759861I could've saved her...[View]
159761232find a flaw[View]
159761971Rome: Why did 'Rome' on HBO fail? If you had unlimited money, resources, and time, and you could bri…[View]
159761081>I'm acting[View]
159757647holy fucking shit, this was good. best kaiju movie ever?[View]
159759490im fucking scared bros[View]
159759685>another year without ancient Roman kino centurionbros…[View]
159758157I think we can all agree.[View]
159759382What's the final consensus?[View]
159761713Arcane: It's fucking Kino League of Legends is still gay tho Moba's are gay in general…[View]
159761238What is your favorite, most natural feeling, on-screen romance?[View]
159761698Did Sienna Guillory start tanning, lifting weights, and getting lip injections? I don't remembe…[View]
159761652Does anyone know what this is from? It interrupted the Fox Sports showing of Washington-Washington S…[View]
159761470Guys I want to watch Yellowstone.[View]
159758355First image from Cronenberg's next film 'Crimes of the Future', featuring Léa Seydoux, Kristen …[View]
159758818Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159760690>Zoomer Home Alone turns out to be better then the original Is it time we can acknowledge the new…[View]
159761496whats your favorite sneed[View]
159761414How is Spy Kids 2 generally regarded?[View]
159759662Collateral: I have to rewatch Collateral. https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1637182897679.webm Also, isn't…[View]
159738772/who/ - Doctor Who General: Our Lord and Saviour Edition Welcome to Nu/Who/. There must be no backli…[View]
159760743true detective season 2: why plebs cant understand this season,all they do is seethe about no atheis…[View]
159761256he browsed /tv/[View]
159757576Why did Star Wars not make Mark Hamill a star? Why did he do so little film work in the 80s and 90s?[View]
159760782Why did Cutler put a spoon up Robson's ass? What message was the director trying to get across?[View]
159760570Why does this happen every single time in Hollywood?[View]
159759884Remember Simon Birch?[View]
159761105>You’re still not with mom and dad’s company are you?[View]
159760058Is this movie any good?[View]
159759915> Iron Cross Otto, Iron Cross![View]
159760821>invite wahman in rented apartment >open up Netflix >whaddaya wanna watch? >I don’t kn…[View]
159760899What were they thinking? Surely there are better looking asians in the usa, right?[View]
159754262LOTR, but every character is Isildur: >Nine companions... so be it! You shall be The Fellowship o…[View]
159760329'I used all the pills and dick pumps, but it doesn't do anything it just makes my dick bright r…[View]
159759561What was the significance of the prairie dogs on tv?[View]
159760786Kinos about android users?[View]
159748320Goddamn that's a big fat ass!: S5 predictions?[View]
159758642Congo: This was supposed to be the next hit franchise after Jurassic Park. For some reason it never …[View]
159756896Name a trilogy with more soul than this one: Rewatched the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy recently. Th…[View]
159760689GO SEE GOD[View]
159750712Women aren't funny: the show[View]
159758891So bros what do you guys think of my new show Wheel of TIme? Pretty good right?[View]
159756713The Koreans are taking over the entertainment industry[View]
159760638Tokyo Drift (2012): They weren't kidding with this movie[View]
159758967>One of the most successful films of the 90s. 679 million dollars on a <50 million budget …[View]
159754797Post 80's sci-fi kino >pic related[View]
159759808Why do people still make Jack the Ripper documentaries years after he’s been identified? It’s Nathan…[View]
159760617Um, what did Virgin Mary mean by this?[View]
159759881What an asshole[View]
159760492Well, that was shit. If you want something from Almodovar, go watch Volver that is on another level.[View]
159759470>A movie about a white family saving the day >/tv/ hates it…[View]
159760005>16 yo girl shows interest for the main character[View]
159754421>a comedy show Is it though? I didn’t know that 5 minutes of Sandler era screaming and yelling du…[View]
159758726The best sci-fi movie ever made[View]
159750644What's /tv/'s verdict on SOUTH PARK POST COVID?: And where can I watch it[View]
159758327LOST: How would the Others feel about 9/11? Would they care?[View]
159757437NOOOOOO Braduu Pittu prease not infront on mah famiry[View]
159757261Did Norm actually make him bitter? Or was that part of the joke?[View]
159757785every single character: boo hoo hoo, poor me; no one else knows suffering like I do[View]
159755458>anti-vaxxers are dumb >woke comedy sucks >everyone is too grumpy nowadays Wow, such brav…[View]
159760101Tom Cruise: Why do you guys like him so much? Is it because reddit is so anti-scientology and you f…[View]
159759871Snake, have you ever watched the Chernobyl miniseries?[View]
159745275Gosh this sucks[View]
159741672Do you think this is true[View]
159758871Computer, spare no expense.[View]
159758928Belfast: >Not much violence, just broken windows and a punch >No bad language >No adult sit…[View]
159759849I’m not a fag, I never was.[View]
159759788>21st century zogbot production #36248 the captivating story of a soldier guy who, like, totally …[View]
159759387The only /tv/ approved live action anime(?)[View]
159759308What the hell do they even do on this planet?[View]
159759690Supermansion: I just binge watched all three seasons in the last two weeks. Better than most anythin…[View]
159759687about to marathon the first episode. what did i think of it?[View]
159755722Godzilla vs. Kong was the best movie of the year.[View]
159759683Would you ever wear a Ghostbusters merchandise and post pictures of yourself wearing it on social me…[View]
159759326>Its a Hal episode[View]
159757897dreams are messages from the deep.[View]
159757509Any comfy movies from the 80s /tv/ doesn’t talk about?[View]
159721987do you like sex scenes?[View]
159758364BRAVO CHLOÉ: I didn't know Druig can erase volcanoes[View]
159759487John Cho would have made a more believable Mao Yenrai than a Spike Spiegel.[View]
159759391>they made the gif canon[View]
159758816Post unpopular opinions: Die Hard With A Vengeance was better than the first Die Hard[View]
159758213What does /tv/ think about Castle?[View]
159759373Juice Murderer 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4owG1qH3Lk[View]
159758927Does this establish the movie as a dying Leto II's ancestral memory?[View]
159746332Predator is the greatest film ever made[View]
159756982killdozer: He was completely justified.[View]
159731436funniest man alive[View]
159759167>movie gets sequel #57737643 despite that at that point no one really cares about the franchise a…[View]
159753944Late late toy show #2[View]
159758545Buddy cop thread: Post your favorite[View]
159757859Is this movie any good?[View]
159756669Is color more kino than black&white?[View]
159754951Damn Peggy Hill looked like THAT?[View]
159757272Who would you say won this fight?[View]
159758756Why are half the characters black?[View]
159758034Seethe: A Documentary: >So here's the deal, anon. We're going to make a documentary abo…[View]
159757333How do I cope that Lance Reddick will play Albert Wesker in the upcoming Resident Evil series? Doesn…[View]
159757685Did it really insist upon itself?[View]
159758276/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse cinema and classic films. >/film/ /lit/ https://meg…[View]
159758639Why did he let him take the gem?[View]
159758494Whose your favorite actor /tv/? For me, it's Michael Fassbender.[View]
159753830who are some actresses that have caught your eye in adverts?[View]
159758706Can we discuss DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)? Are there any good kinos or documentaries on…[View]
159758762>I think in all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do. For instance tomo…[View]
159757870Mein fuher... Steiner...[View]
159758116what can i dew for yew t'day?[View]
159754096Wheel of Time General /WoT/: Two Woolheads and their Horses edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume…[View]
159757166Anyone want some pie?[View]
159754785You’re late.[View]
159755339Why do soiboys hate this kino?[View]
159756576>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
159756374Computer, load up television from the 1990's. Now load up the house I grew up and the school I …[View]
159757197Daily dune thread: >Paul, I can see your future. You’re going to give birth to my quadroon Muslim…[View]
159758254Dancing Walking Rearranging furniture Bab is Shopping I let the bird out of the cage[View]
159742484Is Tina Goldstein master of the Elder Wand?: So Grindelwald takes control of the Elder Wand when he …[View]
159757727Is their any way to tell hollywood to get off their ass and make this? It doesn't need to take …[View]
159741449Doesn't get more kino than this[View]
159758237At this point, they’re doing this just for the sake of humiliation[View]
159757477Made it home. Ask me anything about this fine establishment, which I shopped at earlier today[View]
159754575Was the IT Crowd Big Bang Theory but funny?[View]
159757448Scenes where it's ok for men to cry[View]
159757634Demons are evil... BECAUSE THEY JUST ARE! OKAY?[View]
159756857>We need a handgun. >Say no more.[View]
159755804Hawkeye LARP scene. INSTANT KINO: >https://youtu.be/D7frj47_zqI >https://youtu.be/mbf5FgP62UQ …[View]
159755389When did kids tv shows peak?[View]
159755705movies similar to trainspotting pls pls pls[View]
159758072>It's a Bayliss is bisexual episode >It's a Pembleton acts arrogant episode >It…[View]
159754876Just Saw House of Gucci: What did I think of it?[View]
159755859>Life Cereal, it's lifeted. What the actual fuck did he mean by this?…[View]
159757969Whats the kindest watch in cinema?[View]
159757981KangChads rise up!: Are we pumped for Ant-Man 3?[View]
159740084American Psycho: would it work with a female lead? could she get reservations to dubsia?[View]
159755008>Danny Elfman's Responsability theme starts playing[View]
159754376Less than a month untill /tv/ apologizes.[View]
159757644Are any other actresses like her?[View]
159757121>Black players get together and decide 'it's time' for a black person to win Survivor. >D…[View]
159757315Covid imagry in Transformers: What's the deal here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce06ig0-MRA…[View]
159757700>villain is evil because... he doesn't want to live in bongland what did they mean by this…[View]
159754814Films > TV[View]
159754886The critical drinker: >writes books >Shits on modern filmmaking >Averages about half a mill…[View]
159756123Hank this feels bad... but feels so right.[View]
159757791Underrated hbo kinos[View]
159757788Why does he look like Christopher Moltisanti?[View]
159747156This is Abbey Lee Kershaw. Please say something nice about her.[View]
159756219i hope you woke cunt fucking die[View]
159757148>le 3.6 roentgen face[View]
159757498Was this scene really necessary?[View]
159752369He really is the greatest American filmmaker[View]
159757171I abstain from watching Hollywood films. Call me the wrath of god and the end of the intolerable but…[View]
159756874Hey baby. Im a big guy…huh huh…uh for you or something.[View]
159755786What is by far the worst Simpsons episode?[View]
159757273Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3ZGGIdpfEM[View]
159756987Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
159756288I know this steak doesn't exist.[View]
159757105What comes after Capeshit? Hollywood can't keep milking this cow for so long, can't they?[View]
159756830>tall >rich >wealthy Why was Cal even wasting his time with a dumb, broke, whore like Rose?…[View]
159741155This made boomers piss and shit themselves ROFLing[View]
159749861What is it with this series and 40 year old boomers revering it so much?[View]
159756668What did he do?[View]
159754841Here's the deal /tv/, I'm gonna let you guys decide which kino I'm watching tonight. …[View]
159757035Is your refrigerator running? This is Mike Hunt[View]
159756536What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Mine is Frozen II.[View]
159757020What made the final fight in black panther so bad?: To me the suits do look kinda rubbery and a lot …[View]
159757016Yeah im thinking South Park is back[View]
159754982Why didn't they have a railing?[View]
159732883/trek/: Green edition Previous: >>159703620[View]
159753922Was this actually a KINO choice or was there a better film to watch before dieing?[View]
159753643Why didn't he tell anyone that he was in charge?[View]
159755821this site is a joke[View]
159756156but the package said honeymist auburn[View]
159755863>I get like 10 UTIs a month[View]
159749507But you dream, /tv/![View]
159756611Remember Terry Goodkind's Word of Truth series? What if I told you that Sam Raimi made a TV sho…[View]
159756395great actor: horrible takes[View]
159752244pete is the best cast member of saturday night live, funny and a heartthrob no wonder women lust aft…[View]
159756391Is deconstructionism the lowest form of humour?[View]
159754582Resident Evil: >I've been a bad, bad girl How did Ol' Wes get away with this?…[View]
159756433James Gandolfini had to step up and make sure Jamie-Lynn Sigler was being taken care of at home.[View]
159750009Live-action Faye is hot& sexy and I'm tired of /tv/ pretending she's not[View]
159754026What was Aragorn's policy on reintegrating surrendering orcs into the empires of Gondor and Arn…[View]
159756268>”the extremely rising birthrate of pure white babies being born is the wrath of god” How is that…[View]
159756414Why didn't Voldemort just use magic to steal a nuke and blow up Hogwarts? The protagonists…[View]
159752591Why does my girlfriend only want to watch friends on HBO Max?[View]
159748917Anybody else here resubscribing to Netflix because of their awesome groundbreaking korean original c…[View]
159733806Why Professor Tolkien hated Dune again?[View]
159752443MarvelChads we won...[View]
159756327>parents ask me if I should watch this >tell them it's really good, yes >completely fo…[View]
159754743Reylo bros we won Adam is coming back[View]
159756307Bill Murray's in Ant-Man 3. It'd be kino if he's playing a more comic accurate Kang V…[View]
159756272It's the law of the jungle uuh hoo-hoo ho[View]
159756209Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 are genuinely great films that rise above the rest of marvel schlock…[View]
159755748I'm watching a French film. What are you watching ?[View]
159755864Spiderman 3 thread[View]
159751628i dont understand, why? whats the point of remaking an animation with live action?[View]
159756165What are some films that over the years, have grown in your estimation?[View]
159754166Better than the original?[View]
159755876Star Wars has been the biggest psy-ops that have come out of hollywood to prime the masses into beli…[View]
159756102any kinos about bonding over your shared love of kinos?[View]
159753101What does /tv/ think about Seinfeld?[View]
159755059Imagine drinking[View]
159754370I want this but reverse.[View]
159749949Is Hollywood unironically racist towards black actresses?[View]
159754086This was complete garbage[View]
159749849>ruthlessly murders an unarmed diplomat Here's your protagonist, bro >Inb4 muh books >…[View]
159755935Did anyone watch this? I had to turn it off before finishing it because Val Kilmers new voice was ma…[View]
159755889>he's green as if he was a goblin.. Wait a minute[View]
159755036The Friends of Eddie Coyle: Worth watching? Considered a film?[View]
159755673these are the times now people, okay these are the times we will all remember were you there? what d…[View]
159755752Dunstbros... I Kneel...[View]
159754590Which Jumanji is the best one[View]
159755717Could this actually be adapted into a really good movie?[View]
159752840What are some books that could never be adapted for film?[View]
159755670*distant Sam shouting 'Frodo!'* >I wish the ring had never come to me... I wish none of this had …[View]
159751969Anyone watched it yet?[View]
159751051>Ben Kingsley episode I thought I imagined this as some kind of fever dream, wtf is this? It…[View]
159751950>'I told Oscar the line was 'we shall rule Arrakis by desert power', instead he just ke…[View]
159755524movies for this feel[View]
159754188Do anyone else not buy his whole warm dad schtick[View]
159752258Why do people pretend to like this film?[View]
159752679AYO RIG *rubs head* MASK YEW SUM *runs into the woods* *runs back* WHATCHA GON DO TO SURVAHV RIG?[View]
159754621Why didn't they show the children again at the end of the original movie? By not showing them t…[View]
159755304>Kiss my wife bro[View]
159755279I can't believe they killed Stephen Sondheim to promote the new West Side Story movie.[View]
159755276I'd fug his asshole while he rambles aboub god doesn't real or some shit (no homo)[View]
159755177So, killing cheating businessmen Is good or le bad?[View]
159744208What is your opinion on male nudity in television & film?[View]
159751982pot belli[View]
159748459Official Child's PlayPiwer Rankings: 1) Child's Play 2 2) Bride of Chucky 3) Cult of Chuc…[View]
159754358Now You Can See Me 2: Now You See Me 2 Movie Explained in HINDI | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4…[View]
159752316The first capeshit movie.[View]
159747727BIBLICALLY ACCURATE ANGELS: Which tv/film has the coolest depiction of angels?[View]
159754857>tfw I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel[View]
159754850Jerry Lundegaard[View]
159754750what's his problem?: seriously why'd they have to cast this fucking whale redneck[View]
159751770How did Netflix let this one slip by? Just pure historical kino without any nigger revisionism or sj…[View]
159753969SHE WAS A GOOD FRIEND[View]
159754392Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
159752919Webm thread: Webms of television and Film[View]
159754793so this was fucking horrible. She took pre-revenge on an innocent? What a fucking cunt. Ruined the w…[View]
159753434They actually made 007 a powerful woman of colour[View]
159754529>the cheese has melted[View]
159754415how come the teenage ninja mutant turtles wear domino masks? i mean, the only reason why you wear th…[View]
159754269>erases her parents' memory of her >doesn't erase a single other person's that …[View]
159751535what do you call this hair style?[View]
159753832hmmmmmmm yes tomorrow will be a most excellent day my friends[View]
159752845Basically yoda 2.0: Old Short Inept Wise Kicked out of council[View]
159754458>I just didn't think that- >THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, YOU DON'T THINK…[View]
159754244>Set 28 years after Home Alone and 27 years after Home Alone 2 >Rated R >Movie opens with a…[View]
159752329Is there any hype for this? It didn't even break the internet. No one talks about it.[View]
159745165Why would they hire such an old actor?[View]
159753383Best Skit?[View]
159754292Can someone post my nudes?[View]
159753458Was Kubrick the original Sigma male?[View]
159753994This is one of the best movies ever made. Jet Li's best. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/fearl…[View]
159750880KEANU 'MATRIX 4 IS ABOUT THE NEXT 20 YEARS': Lana Wachowski 'We showed the film to Keanu, and he rea…[View]
159752184Post your favorite movie so other anons can judge you for it.: Don't be a pussy either, post yo…[View]
159752837Why did she got closer[View]
159727761/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse cinema and classic films. >/film/ /lit/ https://meg…[View]
159753116What are some things that happen in real life but which NEVER happen in movies? >Guy messages wom…[View]
159754130>Making fun of men pretending to be women How did they get away it?[View]
159752784Main characters who ruin shows[View]
159753260>mellon zoned[View]
159753921holy shit[View]
159753751Will Marvel ever be able to top this moment?[View]
159751664Will he ever be surpassed?[View]
159753446Why did he flip?[View]
159750046Braveheart is the only movie I've ever cried too: Why is this?[View]
159753358How does the Animaniacs reboot hold up? Does it live up to it's former glory or it was butchere…[View]
159753809Blade Runner animation series: This shit any good?[View]
159753743>there is nothing good on televi…. WOAH! Get hyped my /tv/bros! Nash Bridges in HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!…[View]
159752934OH N-[View]
159752761>Dr. Yueh, I'm See Al'Yey >he wasn't alone >Uh, you don't get to bring …[View]
159751254ITT: underrated kinos[View]
159748608What TV should I buy to watch my kino on? Looking for at least a 50 inch or bigger[View]
159753687any kino about ancient times? pic related[View]
159747702Holy fuck. How cheap can Marvel be??[View]
159749153What's the verdict?[View]
159752983Better than Dr. Strangelove[View]
159753468>hot girl enters a scene with Tony Soprano >you know instantly they're going to bone beca…[View]
159753432She took advantage of the sharks... https://youtu.be/eEeL3PCjEqM[View]
159745087late late toy show thread: how'reya /tv/, ye tuning in tonight?[View]
159753015A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
159747506ITT: 'wow, he is literally me'[View]
159751846Tobey and Andrew in Spiderman: No Way Home: Screentime? Thoughts? Predictions? >Inb4 they won…[View]
159753134I don’t like American TV[View]
159753138MK Ultra: What does the average /tv/fag look like and why is it pic related?[View]
159753094I'm JJ from TV's Good Times and I'm here to tell you that calling the Medicare Helpli…[View]
159745208who would you cast in a pokemon live action series?[View]
159752952Why is /tv/ the only board that never changed in quality?[View]
159753050Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage[View]
159752739>60 years later >Still comfy as fuck How did they do it?…[View]
159748027I am worried about Mike Stoklasa: all jokes aside, he's gotten morbidly obese the past few mont…[View]
159752279Stanley, listen to me... I have SARS... There's only a ninety eight percent chance that I will …[View]
159753039>Each episode ends with the villain unmasked as a regular person and disproves any supernatural e…[View]
159752374>character smokes one Marijuana >ONE PILL MAKES YOU LARGER AND ONE PILL MAKES YOU SMALL…[View]
159751486Any 6 foot 9 actors with a big built who can also act? If not, Berserk is out of the live action mem…[View]
159752908GOOD TIMES[View]
159752825You have 17 sir...[View]
159749420Wheel of Time General /wot/:: I like how characters in the poster are in almost direct opposite of t…[View]
159750251King of Queens: Was King of Queens the most comfy 90s to 2000s sitcom?[View]
159747111wtf i thought old timey black and white girls were wholesome waifus who didn't care about shall…[View]
159752437What do you think a sequel to Social Network would look like?[View]
159751512There exists >gods and demons >superhuman powers >highly advanced tech >magic >adva…[View]
159752737Was it autism?[View]
159751819>hot goth girl dates a drug dealer Literally impossible, unrealistic shit.…[View]
159752651Only your parents and weird people still watch movies and tv.[View]
159752409Any of you guys using your crypto gains to start a movie studio?[View]
159750729Arcane LoL: So, why does this show have so much jungle fever? Mel, Sky, Mel's mother, etc etc…[View]
159745373Just finished the show. This is the kind of masterpiece that only comes once in a generation.[View]
159751791ITT: TALENTLESS HACKS: pic unrelated[View]
159752478>WEED IS NOT A DRUG[View]
159751440This show sire does show a lot of dicks.[View]
159752395who was in the wrong here?[View]
159751786>You have failed to block my blue missiles, Mr. Bond[View]
159751439Put Vito on the phone, asshole.[View]
159752364>excellent interconnecting plot threads base- >the resolution to those plot threads is either …[View]
159752306The best[View]
159752353ITT: 7/10 movies[View]
159737855Marvel Sues Stan Lee’s Family: Fuck Disney. I'm done. I'm absolutely done with Disney and …[View]
159751818When was the last time you cried?: I cry every morning, hearing the Covid Deaths, its getting to muc…[View]
159741827/comfy/ simpsons thread[View]
159751382Oh lol Lo LMAO[View]
159751233>So I can sit next to John krasinski and Fred durst Wtf was Eminem a fan of the office?…[View]
159750195Succession: So is this true? Do rich people just gather in a room and pick the next president? Is de…[View]
159752150Do rich people really?[View]
159745489Joss Whedon was right[View]
159746793HAPPENING: IT'S UP!!![View]
159752177Why do the smallest filmmakers make the biggest and bestest movies?[View]
159750789>Leon is a doofy, dumb, comic relief character that barely knows how to handle a gun Why did they…[View]
159752040Unironically the best episode they've done in years[View]
159748778/imaceleb/: Late thread again edition[View]
159752145Arcane: Was Mel a good character? Did whe really love Jayce?[View]
159750162Today's number is...8! See you tomorrow[View]
159752022Cast a biographical about yourself >name of movie >genre >actor playing you >supporting …[View]
159751568What are some French low-bro movies?[View]
159751956so what's your ship /tv/?[View]
159751937>date cancels last minute Kinos for this feel?[View]
159751915>High ground is an area of elevated terrain, which can be useful in combat. The military importan…[View]
159750039What did he mean by this?[View]
159750355>Insects have a very interesting consciousness What did he mean by this and why did he bring that…[View]
159751832Fuck you, I liked it. >wholesome >Superman is in it >chick is super cute girl next door typ…[View]
159751847Ghostbusters Afterlife: Venkman and Dana are a couple again at the end of Ghostbusters Afterlife, re…[View]
159749755Remove Ted, what happens?[View]
159750416Why do INFP overrepresent most of the noteworthy film directors?[View]
159723537Cartman turned his life around, why can’t you?[View]
159751715The Terror: Just watched it. Is it certified Boat Kino? I kinda liked it. The whole supernatural el…[View]
159739394ITT Dishonest filmmaking[View]
159745928Did produce Seth Rogan fag-up the Invincible TV show?: Or was the original comic already woke? Prota…[View]
159750897Is this show anti-white? i kind ding with the plot but i am not sure[View]
159749488Anyone else find the ending unrealistic?[View]
159751642The only HOT actresses: That I would actually feel bad for looking at in front of my wife are only 2…[View]
159751131>cant use adblock anymore RIP, any other kino sites?[View]
159750575imagine your city is governed by a little doggie thing[View]
159751513factually incorrect /tv/ opinions: >/tv/ says movie is shit >turns out its actually kino why a…[View]
159751503>watch a comedy from the 60s considered to be one of the best of all time >don't laugh on…[View]
159746228Have you taken your Allison Pill today, anon?[View]
159751011How do I stop my dad from watching Discovery Network channels. Guy cant stop watching ghost shit.[View]
159742804Cast him.[View]
159750763can retards stop using AI to upscale old footage? it always ends up looking like pic related[View]
159751109Is Dennis Renyolds a sigma male?[View]
159750817How can I be cool like Mads[View]
159747452Can I get some Macaroni and Gravy. Gravy... Tomato sauce[View]
159749609Worth watching?[View]
159751189Any of you guys have experience working at the movies? I've been out of work for a while and I …[View]
159749902Character Designer of OG Bebop confirms Spike was White: In a 2019 interview regarding the live-acti…[View]
159751170Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159749509Arcane: Was he based or not?[View]
159750142DUNE AND ARCANE: China gave us two of the best kinos we ever got in 20 years and none of you have ap…[View]
159749792does anyone else remember the episode in King of the Hill where it is revealed that Peggy has enormo…[View]
159749568>I'm Pahk Deem Bak[View]
159750174>Big stars >Good reviews >Good action >Entertaining Why did this bomb? Do people not lik…[View]
159750430>Anon, stop arguing about movies with autists on the internet and come have dinner with me. I mad…[View]
159750702I know how to hurt I know how to heal I know what to show And what to conceal I know when to talk An…[View]
159750744Will it be kino?[View]
159738437Find a flaw[View]
159749401guess the movie[View]
159750720>A Christmas Story but with 80s nostalgia instead of 40s nostalgia Pretty cringe HBO…[View]
159750358I don't get it. What was the meaning/purpose of this scene exactly ?[View]
159749112>'Spider-Man is going against five villains!' >It's actually three Spider-Men and redeeme…[View]
159748295Food porn in movies thread[View]
159749614Portuguese-speaking space kino: We had a comfy thread here yesterday about Brasilkino. Let's ex…[View]
159750652>Rules Don't Apply a film where Matthew Broderick plays a driver How did he get away with th…[View]
159750096Favorite movie lines: >Patrick, it’s you!! You’re the American Psycho?!!…[View]
159748810Why is Hollywood refusing to hire Liv Tyler?[View]
159750495What does /tv/ think about Friends?[View]
159750485Kate Bishop is cute and funny. I love her![View]
159744206Was he a good King for the people of Westeros? I know he drank and whored but did that affect the pe…[View]
159749445Ghostbusters https://youtu.be/0SEuh08a0Xc[View]
159748333Stoker: I liked it.[View]
159744078How does /tv/ feel about Helen Hunt?[View]
159749055Cast them.[View]
159749484>Because what flavor is it? It is neither root beer, nor cola. Nobody is sure what flavor Dr Pepp…[View]
159750273BAN ?[View]
159750264kinos for this feel[View]
159750206Do any of you know the tale of how cornmeal came to be?[View]
159749330Anybody who tells you VHS tapes are a bad way to watch movies probably has some sort of streaming se…[View]
159750136>Omnicron Variant got you too, huh anon? Don't be so down, all your friends from /tv/ are he…[View]
159745051this was good. this was VERY good. better than the OT, nevermind the prequels no wonder it filtered …[View]
159750139During the 90s, a pin monkey can support a family of 4[View]
159747396Yo Mike Judge was based?[View]
159749711There's not one, NOT ONE, interest tv or movie released recently that we can watch. How do we s…[View]
159746536this movie sucked[View]
159749339What's the best way to watch this? I know it didn't come out chronologically. Ive just bee…[View]
159749999Mckenna Grace general: did y'all watch Ghostbusters - afterlife already? Who will play her in t…[View]
159749683>They need to go back to the past because things were better, you know who else members when thin…[View]
159746433>The number of actors in Los Angeles is: 108, 640 https://hollywoodsapien.com/2012/07/05/how-many…[View]
159748568What did Andy Serkis mean by this?: Character's super power is being really loud. Cast as a bla…[View]
159746783Hawkeye: I hope kingpin comes in and just body slams Clint or Kate into a table but marvel will prob…[View]
159749243Movies about China? https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202111/1238161.shtml[View]
159749126How is it so fucking kino?[View]
159749113Cast her[View]
159747455Who should play James Bond next?[View]
159749393why are they so good?[View]
159749715What's the point of even fandoming a franchise, when inevitably, your kids will call is 'camp',…[View]
159749698ITT: Capeshit before capeshit.[View]
159747282I made it postan’ more tonight[View]
159745664>Peter.. the truth is I was a cuck. I enjoyed watching Aunt May get fucked by this jogger, you’ll…[View]
159748079Why did he do it bros...[View]
159749518What is the best production job outside the big ones (director / producer / screenwriter)? I'm …[View]
159749473>lunch break at work >the alpha boomer says he saw Dune at the cinemas yesterday >he starts…[View]
159748264>makes a masterpiece >makes a continuation of that masterpiece >its even better any other e…[View]
159745386Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
159748189Post the most obscure film you enjoy[View]
159746409What are some Russian crackdown kinos?[View]
159748756Why did they feel they needed to reboot The 4400?[View]
159747959Why did they make leon such a pussy?[View]
159744930>Blocks bad and pozzed movies from the west from entering his country >Local films exalt the h…[View]
159746920I just marathoned this screenshot of Radical Edward from Netflix's Cowboy Bebop live action ani…[View]
159746953>Friday night What kino are you watching?[View]
159748819L TO THE OG[View]
159748186>character is older than 15 >still sleeps in a single bed…[View]
159747138Why didn’t he just stop gambling?[View]
159745977Go to a shitty diner. The waitress is a 9/10.[View]
159748670>number 453, called anon a faggot even though he was right. >anon, what can I do to cross you …[View]
159749171Dude, arabs![View]
159747738What did he do to deserve this fate bros?[View]
159732216Is Herzog autistic?[View]
159746441Little Miss Sunshinebros...[View]
159746401The frost, sometimes it makes the blade stick.[View]
159747521Why is Vangelis so kino compared to any other movie composer?[View]
159747927OUT AM I[View]
159745693To Isengard![View]
159748252Well? Is she?[View]
159748878>Teen Michelle Carter's actions shocked a nation - but what really happened behind closed do…[View]
159747947Does he wear a metal diaper? Do they stick a funnel up his ass? How does he even sit on a toilet?[View]
159744002>You see, Dennis, I don't think you're getting it. What's really hilarious about t…[View]
159748673>gruesome/shocking scene >black character: DAYUM…[View]
159746622South Park Post Covid: What went wrong?[View]
159747941>over-the-to premise >corny acting >disregards muh realism >tackles the very essence of …[View]
159748612>They go through bone like butter.[View]
159743742This ruined TV as a medium for me. Nothing will ever compare.[View]
159748537You DID read the 200 pages about the sewers of Paris before critizing the 2012 movie, right anon?[View]
159746929Jesus fucking christ this movie was fucking awful[View]
159748425What can I do for you, 5'11 masters?[View]
159744645What is the worst CGI you've seen in modern films?[View]
159746075What is his catchphrase again?[View]
159748451>*points at Drew Barrymore* You can act >*points at Cameron Diaz* I know why you're here …[View]
159742237Why was she there?: The stories were all true, she just sat their and contributed nothing besides we…[View]
159748432Listen to this my dudes: https://youtu.be/i8A9Gdkn6gE[View]
159747242The Vampire Diaries: What do we think?[View]
159747408imagine this being done to you except it's Lady Jessica and she's naked LOL can you imagin…[View]
159744305109th Footballer Collapses and Dies due to Covid Vaccine: https://streamable.com/moag2h https://twit…[View]
159744501Tony soprano in the walking dead universe? What happens, bros?[View]
159748164what went wrong venomchads?[View]
159744973>We asked 100 married white women, name something you fantasize about it bed.…[View]
159745862ITT post characters you look up to[View]
159746790What would change if Buzz was the one left home alone?[View]
159744191Wheel of Time General /wot/: Egwene's mole edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume series of h…[View]
159742924I mean... at least Kate isn't a Mary Sue who bests Clint at everything?: Like I was worried she…[View]
159747950Whelp, I knew that there was a catch to having a perfectly cast Nami[View]
159747454Was the Forbin Project the inspiration for Skynet? This movie was made in 1970 and they already had …[View]
159747893Lee Atwater: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
159745884What do you think Walden and Benny are up to in 2021? Running identity theft and crypto scams?[View]
159747578>he killed orcs... and not just the orcmen but orcwomen and orcchildren too... he slaughtered the…[View]
159743921legitimately grew up thinking this was anime[View]
159747553Life protip: when a guy doesn’t like a unanimously hot actress it’s because they have a sister who l…[View]
159747055Is it worth watching?[View]
159735419Warhammer > Dune[View]
159736491Skipped to this scene, immediately turned it off: Saw what I needed to see >.> Would've r…[View]
159746043ARCANE: Was Silco /ourguy/ or not? On ep 7 right now, I think this show is changing my life.[View]
159747299Is this movie good?[View]
159746418Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
159745477Should he be cancelled?[View]
159747667I never saw a actress that looks like me Why are latinos no underrepresented in Hollywood?[View]
159746606What's her best role, It sure as hell isn't Bebop[View]
159747401Test your ass[View]
159747472HOUSE OF GUCCI directed by Ridley Scott: >Two days after release >I am forgotten why no thread…[View]
159747030Do girls like Drive?[View]
159745160>men bad >women good what the fuck is this shit? the only good male in this series is a retard…[View]
159742687Who came up with this shit?[View]
159747350>You know what, Spider? That's alright, I know I shot you in the foot earlier, a little joke…[View]
159742107Only good part of the movie.[View]
159742984Why did Mackenzie Foy's career never really take off?[View]
159747200This is what actually happens at Star Trek conventions.[View]
159747291Dexter: Why are they treating the serial killer like it’s a mystery when it’s clearly Clancy brown? …[View]
159747286ITT scenes with realistic depiction of pain and screams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENooEA_V6_I…[View]
159747261>I'm putting together a team of writers... >I'll need every gender, disability, and …[View]
159738274Never forget what Netflix took from you[View]
159747182>SOVL >SOVLLESS[View]
159747181>Kills Pierce Brosnan's career![View]
159746656They won't take it from us[View]
159734357what made Friends so popular in the 90s?[View]
159745696Is there a better actor than Nicolas Cage?( there isnt ) Also i cant believe how blatanlty Breaking …[View]
159746855Let me just die right here Just outside the thing I tried to keep secret[View]
159745512ong fr[View]
159741979British people aren't funny[View]
159745649If a genuinely great TV show started airing, would we even recognize it?[View]
159746941Wow. What a visually stunning movie. What a great story. Classic redemption story of a self-absorbed…[View]
159746334Who won?[View]
159746829Share your favourite youtube channels: What channels you guys watch the most? mine are: 1- ADV Podca…[View]
159744589literally the most selfish character on the show[View]
159746730>THX 1138 >American Graffiti >Star Wars <stops making films…[View]
159746721Office UK: i swear all of you try to be the special flakes by saying that it's better than the …[View]
159712271/hor/ - Horror General: Kino Sequels Edition Last time on /hor/: >>159665682[View]
159746702What the hell is azazel's problem?[View]
159729660>AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! >PLEASE NOT THE NECK!! NOT THE... >*snaps*…[View]
159740355ngl this is pretty based[View]
159743151Any of you anons buying kinos on this lovely black Friday?[View]
159746650>The victim died of blunt force trauma causing massive internal bleeding >UHHH CAN WE GET THAT…[View]
159746595>YA FIYAD wtf was his problem?[View]
159743841>SPIKE SPIEGEL![View]
159746267when will sony stop making awful shit?[View]
159746496This guy tries to destroy you verbally. What do?[View]
159746565>He was part of that whole.. Yale thing...[View]
159740758>Whilst Jocelyn was making certain that all was in readiness for the supper, Dorcas helped the qu…[View]
159739510What celebrity app would you download?[View]
159746102Crackers, Gromit![View]
159743091Memes aside was it actually good?[View]
159746062Fuck You[View]
159746274Post your favorite cinematic moments. Mine is pic related.[View]
159745230Uhhh... Taskbros... the lineup for series 13 isn't looking too hot. >Ardal O'Hanlon …[View]
159739177LOTR: Just got done watching this, and my God, I thought maybe I liked ot because of nostalgia, but …[View]
159743607>you keep saying based >based on what?[View]
159746081When will this sexy motherfucker get a movie? If done right, this has tremendous potential, but it h…[View]
159746107>Abbot and Costello >70 years or so later >Comedy is still hilarious How'd they do it…[View]
159744549What the fuck was his problem?[View]
159746145>'Best animated show EVER!!' >Only has 1 good character So, that is all it takes, uh?…[View]
159745567There's literally not a single good thread on this board.[View]
159744098What are some n3Tfl1x orIgiN4ls that surprised you for not being shit?[View]
159745965how did it turn out that he is the least biggest piece of shit?[View]
159742065UNCHARTED Plot Leak: >The movie begins with Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) working as a bartender in …[View]
159741874Goodfellas: As far I remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.[View]
159744371What does he do during his decades of free time?[View]
159745465Remember this is the last movie of Wachowski sisters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09ckBIXZ044…[View]
159745911>Pleasure's fun. It's great, but you can't keep it going forever; just accept the …[View]
159744702Why did Harry an hero if he specifically trained Dexter to kill psychopaths?[View]
159745804doomer bros..... how will we ever recover? is this our fate? is this the average cop from shitholes?[View]
159744742So, killing cheating businessmen (probably jews) is good? What las the purpose?[View]
159744950Wait Elaine looks like THAT?[View]
159745717What was the moral of the story?[View]
159745514Cast her next role....[View]
159745294I am going splur little bit into my bluray collection, do you have any good recommendations from vin…[View]
159744841Sex is canon This is not a drill Sex is now canon in Masters Of The Universe[View]
159744212any obscure christmas kinos besides the classics?[View]
159745500Saw pic related and i love it Recommend me some space kino[View]
159744817>I'm a big boy![View]
159742605What do they eat? I get that for water they're drinking their recycled piss and sweat. But what…[View]
159739995You're supposed to hate this chad, anon[View]
159745159I could have fixed him sisters...[View]
159745316Seinfeld: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159744611I am sitting here thinking about how I will never watch arcane[View]
159744754>I'm from Rhodesia.[View]
159745014>*chorus starts*[View]
159734684The galleria?[View]
159736309Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
159745262best torrent site for just documentaries: whats a good torrent site that keeps track of every docume…[View]
159744243IAN FREEZE![View]
159744740>DUDE LOOK I'M BALD I'M ACTING God I hate this fucking retard so much. He can't ac…[View]
159743181Before Dune...[View]
159745111Gordon Ramsay: Let's settle this once and for all. Is he kino or not?[View]
159739909I DON'T GET IT: >'Parker, take a picture of us with the Mayor and his girlfriend!' >Mrs. …[View]
159744490Pink Floyd - The Wall: >everything is Hitler, including myself Bravo Roger…[View]
159740867HALLOWEEN ENDS Character Breakdowns: >SCOTT (Male, 52-57): Stern and strong. A straight shooter w…[View]
159744615Satyajit Ray: Read Christopher Nolan is a fan of this guy. He has a lot of movies. Which of his do y…[View]
159744903Me and the boys getting ready to not watch Arcane[View]
159742889Fringe: remember this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DybrM4CSNy4[View]
159744852do Americans really do this?[View]
159739872You a shitposter?[View]
159744747Its simple we uh eat the batman[View]
159744682>character in a movie takes a shit >doesn't wipe his ass, checking each consecutive wipe,…[View]
159739169Who wins?[View]
159744033No hamfisted PoC, trannies, stupid women or quirky reddit shit. Just pure sound, vision and emotion.[View]
159744545Why is Lady Gaga so good.[View]
159737919How do I find a girl like her?[View]
159742792Just watched this movie for the first time and it was pretty kino and full of good, non-pozzed messa…[View]
159744429Cowboy Bebop: I clapped.[View]
159744591itt hidden underground gems only rare kino not intended for mass consumption itt[View]
159744451All she needed was a little dicking[View]
159727557Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of it?[View]
159741504I won't watch Arcane.[View]
159744486>Directed by M Night Shyamalan[View]
159742178>/co/ says venom let there be carnage is shit >its actually kino /co/ btfo'd yet again…[View]
159743373anyone know any films that are similar to road trip (2000). My girlfriend just broke up with me and …[View]
159734621Arcane kino edition: Which scene impressed you the most?[View]
159744392>Your just an angry little man[View]
159742857Why did a bunch of grown men cry like pussies because a dinosaur beat another dinosaur, like who giv…[View]
159744330MAMA! I CAN;T BREATHE *GLAAARRGHGHRRGG* *dies* kinos for this feel?[View]
159744049Here is your Green Goblin[View]
159744157https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rufus_Buck_Gang >The Rufus Buck Gang was an outlaw Native American …[View]
159742421How hyped are you for no way home?: Are you as hyped as these grown up adults? https://www.youtube.…[View]
159744225>GLOBAL RU- ACKKKKK[View]
159744173What are some kino documentaries?[View]
159744200Well, is he right /tv/?[View]
159740491Wheel of Time General /wot/: Logain did nothing wrong edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume serie…[View]
159744164>Harlots, hussle![View]
159741713Is this shit worth watching for somebody that enjoys fantasy settings? I've heard it called wok…[View]
159743516Could this movie get a decent reboot in the current year?[View]
159743877>opening scene of spike clumsily extinguishing a cigarette that isn't lit Is this a meta com…[View]
159718901Hello I'm Mike Stoklasa. Writer, director and producer of the 2016 film 'Space Cop' allow me to…[View]
159744055Why is she so based?[View]
159743898What was his fucking problem?[View]
159741260How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
159743790>late 90s fight scene >CHANGE MY PICTURE, SMACK MY B___ UP…[View]
159743894Wim Wenders is my favorite director[View]
159743794what's next for Jamie Chung[View]
159742867>casually comes to the table and coughs >ITS THE DUST god damn nolan is a hack, is there no ot…[View]
159743847Who's your favorite depressed character ever written?[View]
159743866>Radical Ed was perfectly cas-[View]
159742164/tv/ humor thread: Post em[View]
159743862This made millennials cum and shit themselves at the same time.[View]
159743527how come an indie song can get massively popular but I never hear about indie movies making it big?[View]
159743544>I pity the foo of a took[View]
159731307why did he kill himself? and why did he treat it like some religious ceremony when he was using a bi…[View]
159743772>be dirty cop >muh “pay is shit and I can’t survive when I hit retirement therefore I need to …[View]
159743746>The Galleria?[View]
159741988>yfw you cannot leave /tv/[View]
159742391Dick Wolf: is Dick Wolf the biggest hack in /tv/ history?[View]
159742406For me it's the Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show https://youtu.be/SVEfKFlhDik[View]
159743669post actress in unrecognizable rules, pic related is a early 80s film with Morgane Freeman and Merli…[View]
159743574arcane dubs: calling all arcane bros all over the world to report in how your dubs are. cringe? base…[View]
159742619Happy Black Friday /tv/!: Y'ALL CAN SUCK MAH FAT VAGINER[View]
159743209>To the plant! We'll take the Spruce Moose! Hop in![View]
159742590Power Rangers and its many iterations.: You DID watch Power Rangers, right?[View]
159743405They are trying to cancel Big Bird now https://youtu.be/nmNhEc-u0Lc Clowns[View]
159743511I watched the movie Awakenings, and it was all nice and comfy and pretty sad, but when i saw this sc…[View]
159743314Transformers (2007): It's funny to go back and watch this now. It was considered egregiously ba…[View]
159741991>And for my next movie I will be casting myself as the handsome young playboy whose hobbies invol…[View]
159742777Any movies about cowardly losers getting their life on track?[View]
159743108What went wrong?[View]
159740555I could have saved her.[View]
159742613Why are there so many niggers?[View]
159742177What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
159742358Movies where the real hero shows up out-of-nowhere to save the day?[View]
159735798Anyone here bought the bladerunner coat from Amazon? Is it good?[View]
159741544What was his problem?[View]
159742344What happened to him?[View]
159740785Did Tony love Dr. Melfi?[View]
159735281KANSAMIDA, /tv/. KANSAMIDA[View]
159743139John woo and Tom Cruise make kino >ohn Woo Yu-Sen SBS (Chinese: 吳宇森; born 1 May 1946)[1] is a Hon…[View]
159742918ITT: random pics of TV/Film stars hanging out[View]
159742911Who the fuck puts a TG sandwich on rye bread? This tastes like garbage.[View]
159743110ITT: only the most based filmmaker quotes[View]
159742128Was there a specific moment Shameless jumped the shark or was it a subtle slide downward?[View]
159738572Harlots, hussle![View]
159738695What am I in for?[View]
159742949I didn’t think it could become more unwatchable: I didn’t see a single straight white male in the en…[View]
159735165I unironically can't enjoy any show anymore because everything seems like crap compared to arca…[View]
159739373>Are you in or are you out?[View]
159741489>second season at least 2 years away >statistically speaking, some viewers will have died by t…[View]
159742898Christian Bale's Batman and Ben Affleck's Batman are one and the same. This pic is from Bv…[View]
159739587/ag/ arcane general: Havent seen anyone talk about this show, is it even good?[View]
159742676Scarlet-Spider solo movie when???[View]
159742856Are there ANY good Spanish language series that aren't filled to the brim with stupid soap trop…[View]
159742714Acting: Let's say you want to find out wether you can actually act or not. Where do you go to g…[View]
159739284Jules and Nate are the only interesting characters from this shitshow[View]
159742451I'm about to marathon season 1: what am I in for?[View]
159742694>Please Turn Off Your Mobile Phones[View]
159739610>Can easily bang top tier cute Aspie gf (Cassie) >Choose basic bitch Stacy wannabe instead (Mi…[View]
159740889/essential/ - #17: From here on until the end of 2021 we're going to conduct a survey to compil…[View]
159741695IT'S KINO[View]
159740312Am I the only one who found the DC references in Eternals really awkward?[View]
159740289What are they going to discuss?[View]
159736253I can't someone would be hurt like that, just because they are black![View]
159737961Nostalgia Ciritc's The Wall is one of th3 kinoest parodies of ALL TIME[View]
159742555Thoughts on Green Goblin's MCU suit?[View]
159741424i'm putting together a team...[View]
159742442Is her role as Diana in The Crown finally going to make Debicki an A-lister?[View]
159741838Oppenheimer (2026): > LE BOOM BOOM BAD[View]
159741878Are these made just for him or it is made for him because he is a world famous talking dog?[View]
159737888kinos feel like this?[View]
159732918you missed the point by idolizing him: the character[View]
159732670She’s not alone[View]
159733197I love how millenials who shit on euphoria watched this equally shit show back in 00's.[View]
159741568Directors you think made a deal with the Devil: A Faustian bargain is the only way I can understand …[View]
159731331Cowboy Bebop: /tv/ always argue about Spike's visual(race) but how about acting and action? Do …[View]
159742221This was terrible. Also, Idina Menzel's ass was revolting. Another case of rich new York jews h…[View]
159742423/gg/ Gomorrah General: Tutto a posto. Which season was your favorite and what are your predictions f…[View]
159741548>The funniest Seinfeld character? Why it's Jerry of course[View]
159742373https://youtu.be/LC9pAXY-QTI >funniest >shit >ever >seen…[View]
159740805Counterpart aged like milk: >Plot is about two paralel worlds feuding >World One releases a bi…[View]
159742284Are they homo?[View]
159741165Severian: Boyega Thecla: Ana de Armas Dorcas: Anya taylor joy Baldanders: the rock[View]
159740235Catto: A D film[View]
159740385>Honey, that's not my favorite Nabokov[View]
159738921Post your Black Friday hauls: $30 grand total. All used except Drop Dead Gorgeous is brand new…[View]
159742236What do you think Walden and Benny are up to in 2021? Running identity theft and crypto scams?[View]
159741500Spiderman: Do you know how much I sacrificed?[View]
159742101>Me, I don't talk much... I just cut the hair.[View]
159740882>448 days until The Marvels[View]
159742022Holodeck Episodes: For me, it's 'Bride of Chaotica.'[View]
159739755Seinfeld: These guys act like they’re in the early twenties but most of they got bald spots whats th…[View]
159739081if daredevil is coming to the MCU will we get anything as kino as pic related?[View]
159741973should I watch squid game? my coworkers talk about it but I get the feeling they only do so because …[View]
159736524Was it a joke?[View]
159741172how would she have handled the Rittenhouse trial?[View]
159741831>Arcane is my favorite anime[View]
159741139I can't banepost 4 u. >BUT I CAN SNEEDPOST (YOU)![View]
159736643>could've used the infinity stones to make Thanos and his goons good, ending the conflict wi…[View]
159741252THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Who the fuck gives their boyfriend a framed picture of his own car as a birt…[View]
159740374How was this allowed?[View]
159740588Have there been any kino movies or shows made yet about the early Internet?[View]
159740545KINO tv spots: Post kino commercial spots. Can be christmas related. Here one from germany. https://…[View]
159741283>Dr. Erso, I'm Empire.[View]
159741349Chucky TV Show: >plays the most despicable character of Cult, to the point that even Chucky is im…[View]
159737541is this realistic or just women crying how they're victims?[View]
159740928Are you ready for Jurassic World: extinction?[View]
159741364You guys thought it was gonna flop lol. You guys got blown the fuck out it more than made it's …[View]
159739645OH N-[View]
159741290>I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll be cumming out of your ears. Is this a good pickup l…[View]
159740416James Rolfe looks like that?: It’s over for avgn….[View]
159741296what are your thoughts on David Chase?[View]
159741281Why does /tv/ always go out of its way to forcefully shill flavour of the week garbage? And no I don…[View]
159741171I've been baneposting for years and I haven't even seen the movie[View]
159741267Penis van Lesbian[View]
159737960It's my Urkel sleeping bag. Isn't it kewl you guys?[View]
159741222We need a remake: What happened to hollywood? Why dont they make movies like this anymore?[View]
159740508what's this facial aesthetic called?[View]
159741163What was the point of this scene?[View]
159738322What are some favorite movies of famous people outside of the industry?: Today I found out that Rich…[View]
159740398/tv/ approved shirts[View]
159726240Look at that subtle off-white coloring; the tasteful thickness of it… Oh my God, it even has a water…[View]
159741068What's your favorite fantasy series?[View]
159735318Did you enjoy Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back? >The.Beatles.Get.Back.S01E01.Part.1.Day…[View]
159740596>Negative hype It's over, Disney+ Chads. Time to back our bags.[View]
159740941dude this was so boring lmao never trusting you faggots again[View]
159741008how is she so perfect?[View]
159740751why is /tv/ not talking about the best character?[View]
159738097I wonder what this movie is about[View]
159740714How the FUCK did J. K. Rowling get away with this?[View]
159738530The beggar in that movie, what does he represent?[View]
159740894Upcoming Marvel leaks: She Hulk will feature Daredevil in costume. It's not the Netflix suit bu…[View]
159740739Empire’s Top 100 Movies has been updated. Is this better or worse than the garbage list /tv/ would p…[View]
159740741Let me know when someone beats this creature so that I don't have to look at it.[View]
159737895Was this one of his best performances? Compared to his last shitshow 'The Little Things'. Also /booz…[View]
159739813what's his favourite movie?[View]
159740743Why do theatrical actors sucks so bad?: Why do everyone who play in theatre are failures with a god-…[View]
159740122>Kills women and children >Still more sympathetic than most modern movie heroes How the fuck d…[View]
159731886recommend me good Japanese films[View]
159740678Midnight Mass: He was right and could have conquered/saved the world if only he was more misogynisti…[View]
159740684thoughts on this british tv series?[View]
159740082did they do it?[View]
159715526Netflix's Cowboy Bebop general - /ncbg/: This thread is for deep discussion of radical kino…[View]
159738903ACROSS 110th STREET[View]
159740617Youtube kinos: There is a different charm to the late 80s and 90s movies on youtube. Post your favou…[View]
159736720Was it a critique of capitalism?[View]
159739418So which one was the best, and which one was the worst?[View]
159740567>English...LE BAD???[View]
159740223>This a 29 year old man in Bongland[View]
159735274BBM: BIG BLACK MOMMA[View]
159736420/tWoT/ - The Wheel of Time General (/wot/): Based Thom Merrilin edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 vo…[View]
159738491Say something positive about the future film star Thomasin McKenzie[View]
159738081*improves your panel show*[View]
159740447Such absolute dogshit that it's kino again! Watch it.[View]
159739962>swiss bank account[View]
159739483would've done the same tbqh[View]
159737188Winter sucks: What are some summer kinos to take my mind off the cold[View]
159740316Silent Night (2021 film): Can someone please tell me how this movie ends? Does anyone survive at the…[View]
159735636Favorite movie lines: >'I guess I really am the joker...'[View]
159740083Why isnt there harambe kino? It was literally the turning point for meme culture and the downwards …[View]
159709742How should it have ended?[View]
159738739Senile old fraud[View]
159740264How would you cast it?[View]
159738073Top 30 best episodes: 1. AWESOM-O 2. Butters' Very Own Episode 3. Tsst 4. The Death of Eric Ca…[View]
159740236This fucking sucks[View]
159739790What went wrong[View]
159737473>'Go ahead, shoot me!'[View]
159740113https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dinyOvO2EEo Congratulations, you've now seen the entierty of He…[View]
159738166Why yes, I DID turn Beyond The Pines off after 40 minutes and never watched the rest of it. Why do …[View]
159740111What would be the rules if (You) and your gigachad imaginary friend started a fight club and domesti…[View]
159738423Are cucktolics really this cringe???[View]
159740061>you're my favorite nephew anon. You're coming over for Christmas dinner right?…[View]
159734717Top 10 New MCU Characters Of 2021: Do you agree, fellow Marvelbros? >10. Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) …[View]
159739563I would die for Joe Don Baker[View]
159739122SING 2: Who asked for this?[View]
159739466What will happen to him if his next movie fails?[View]
159739684>Fuck a lotta women, kid, I have no reason to lie to you. Not just one, a lotta women.…[View]
159735094Did she have the most botched main character plotline in GoT?[View]
159736009>I've been like a father to you. Please be a son to me now. >I had a father, Chucky. His …[View]
159735704Ding fries are done[View]
159736752What's his problem?[View]
159739698Thoughts on Cersei?[View]
159738797you like huey lewis and the news ?[View]
159739618Arcanefags! we are the best anima- >No, this happend B-b-but at least the best one from Ne- >N…[View]
159739187Movies about being an insufferable fat fuck parasite neet?[View]
159738788COULDNT CUM AS KID CAME IN MOUTH AS ADULT: Why isn't this talked about more, BIG may be the mos…[View]
159739503>Holy Crap! Lois, it's normal words but a horse guy[View]
159738584>gets sick because he’s winning too much Is stuff like this realistic?[View]
159731558this aggression will not stand, man[View]
159739532>20 days until Spiderman: No way home[View]
159739118Should I avoid YouTube like the plague?[View]
159739097was it deliberate when patrick mixes up ed gein and ed kemper?[View]
159735219ITT: Romance kinos[View]
159727240Poison Ivy is asian now[View]
159734680will you watch Encanto ?[View]
159738045Oscar Isaac almost gone Dune cancelled: >'Oscar Isaac really put his heart into his portrayal of …[View]
159736808Happy birthday Tina! Our queen. https://youtu.be/Gcm-tOGiva0 https://youtu.be/IO5qzXitXxY https://yo…[View]
159735609Im about to marathon this masterpiece. brb[View]
159739206>Oooh I'm so depressed I can't even walk... Von Trier's worst. I'm never trus…[View]
159739004I don't even care if Arcane is actually shilled or not, or actually good or not. just seeing th…[View]
159738603For me, it's Skyfall: One of the best Bond films[View]
159738342Who was in the wrong here, /tv/?[View]
159739156what are some films with kino soundtracks?[View]
159738295What was the point of Nolan rotating Joker when he was hanging upside down? It looked ridiculous, es…[View]
159734791Did you gays watch the HAUS of gucci? is it kino?[View]
159737996Was it gay ?[View]
159738886British People aren't funny: Bong humor: >holds up le random spork xD >'I'M SAYING …[View]
159723408What went wrong?[View]
159735852what went so fucking wrong? the guy got off to a good start[View]
159738222So you two, uh, dig up...dig up dinosaur bones?[View]
159737449>has cute girls >has cute boys >is actually funny Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about thi…[View]
159737945Im not memeing. This is literally the best show on earth rn[View]
159738748What are some kinos with sexy babes?[View]
159736763Is pic related the only good MCU movie?[View]
159736068>tfw it's been 8 years since spartacus ended >tfw nobody makes spartacus threads anymore …[View]
159737840Does Juno still hold up?[View]
159729180was this good? should I watch it? and does it get shitty at some point? it's 5 seasons.[View]
159738527who is playing roger in the live action?[View]
159737464Bill Murray admits a painting saved his life.[View]
159738553The ‘victims’ featured in the first couple episodes of this documentary are fucking retarded and mad…[View]
159737545Cursed productions[View]
159714797Moments filmmakers/actors exposed their IQs.[View]
159738420Two Cowboy Bebop DVDs from Netflix for me and my girlfriend, please.[View]
159729140Generic YA trash. Whoever greenlit this needs to be fired.[View]
159735142Arcane is good movie[View]
159717091damn this bitch got real fat real quick[View]
159730515>Ghostbuszters Afterlife is a bad movie because it doesn't follow my list of things that a G…[View]
159737826This is a pretty solid argument.[View]
159738160Is this worth watching? From the creator of Haunting of hill house which was pozzed garbage[View]
159731353Which Ghostbusters is better, 1 or 2?[View]
159735986*enhances your kino*[View]
159735554/GIRLS/: Now that the show hit its 10 year birthday, it's time to decide /tv/... Was it kino?…[View]
159737918Why do Federation star ships have flame holes on the bridge?[View]
159738216>wedding episodes are always terrible…. Woah[View]
159736780Who will play her in the upcomming american live action adaptation?[View]
159736661>Bear featured in countless films and TV shows dies >Bart the Bear II, a famed grizzly bear wh…[View]
159737794why do chuds hate this show again? it's hella bussin[View]
159736172Could they do this today?[View]
159737092Can a movie about politics be kïno?[View]
159737894Movies with this feel?[View]
159737854>DO NOT RIDDIM[View]
159731393>M99s you >Wraps you in plastic room >Takes blood sample >Stabs you >Chops you into n…[View]
159733871Pleasure: Is Sofia Kappel going to win an Oscar for her performance?[View]
159736246In your opinion, what kino offers the most realistic depiction of romantic love? Incels need not ans…[View]
159736703Perfection: Just re-watched Chicago for the first time in 7 years. I had forgotten how good it was. …[View]
159736705who is the Brad Pitt of this generation?[View]
159737793What are your thoughts on Maisie Williams[View]
159737692Why is 'Crank (2006)' so relatable?[View]
159737784Finally vinegar syndrome put our something good[View]
159737318How was this movie so prophetic?: https://youtu.be/Prhi3_Nvt3U[View]
159735330ITT: Actors you've been told you resemble.[View]
159737238Kino analysis-er: Who is the greatest television & film Kino analysis-er working today? IMO it i…[View]
159733628ARCANE: Did this set the bar too high for animated shows now? Not even The Last Airbender is good an…[View]
159718907How did Disney go from being genuine kino to releasing shit like Turning Red? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
159731693*ruins your kino*[View]
159737337this will happen in the hawkeye show?[View]
159736531literally the effin proof that live action anime will NEVER WORK[View]
159737225What's the white equivalent of blaxploitation?[View]
159736806What am I in for?[View]
159735848>Islam is a religion of p- Fuck this Chris Morris kike[View]
159734487How will Ridley Scott ever recover from this?[View]
159734657wtf /tv/ why didnt yoh tell me this was pure sovl[View]
159735355Arcane: Recommending this Kino af[View]
159737107Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
159733446why did it flop?[View]
159735962Japanese ''acting''[View]
159734971So why did he choose to come back at that specific time anyway? He was just waiting around doing not…[View]
159733690The kino that made me love Tarantino again.[View]
159730976>villain is bad because...... gender dysphoria[View]
159735147THIS is Anakin Skywalker[View]
159730560>bringing back Kingpin >just so they can humiliate him and make fat jokes Fuck…[View]
159729289Its a bros before hoes movie[View]
159732749What is your most re-watched show or movie? And what keeps bringing you back to watch something you …[View]
159736827>mfw watching the new Beatles documentary[View]
159719789lɒɿɘnɘӘ oHW ɿoɈɔoႧ - /oHwho/ - Doctor Who General: :osƨo >>159698238[View]
159736300someone made a thread earlier asking for recommendations for movies like pic related. i just watched…[View]
159734006Name a more kino hacking scene[View]
159734609If he really wanted to help the people, he'd of accomplished a lot more by donating his wealth …[View]
159736778I went to the movie theater for the first time in ages and noticed that the projector has running at…[View]
159733460His look was pure dimes. How didn't he get any roles?[View]
159736713>There is no one more full of shit than a janny, except for a janny on /tv/.…[View]
159734944The Great: Worth a watch?[View]
159736400So, did it get shelved?: I can only imagine it’s because 100% of the black people they tested it on …[View]
159734368Remember the episode from Australian “Wilfred” the Doggfather?: Wilfred meets a female dog called Ca…[View]
159733588How did they have sex: Obese women can't have kids right?[View]
159736418I have come here to huff jenkem and eat ass: And I'm all out of jenkem[View]
159733938Boba gonna get some Twilek pussy[View]
159736404a thread about your self insert characters[View]
159718926Who the fuck watches this shit?[View]
159732326This is the greatest director of the 20th century.[View]
159728030Guess the Movie: >neuralblender.com >Write down title of movie >Guess movie Starting with s…[View]
159732697What's the best and the worst film you've ever seen in the cinema, paid or not?.[View]
159735438how can so many different species even live alongside each other in the galaxy? i mean in a physical…[View]
159727746This is unironically the best Tomb Raider movie ever made Underrated kino[View]
159732155>impressive. You're really an expert in demolition, man Don't you love it when they do …[View]
159728434It's out.[View]
159736003What did they mean by this?[View]
159734846The greatest action franchise of our generation[View]
159735396>The protagonists estranged mother lives on a different planet and barely has any communication w…[View]
159735910I'll have the rootie tootie >fresh and fruity[View]
159733912The fuck was this shit?[View]
159735836It's been 23 years since the last funny comedy.[View]
159735713>Shit from movies you know is fake or exaggerated from personal experience I had a friend acciden…[View]
159734321> *saves netflix*[View]
1597341277-7,5/10 Another Korean kino[View]
159735635LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MR BIGGLESWORTH! *dramatic musical sting*[View]
159732701>lives with his mom that he argues with all the time >NEET >gambles >deadbeat dad Is he,…[View]
159728711Be honest, you all enjoyed it when you first watched it but only started to pretend to dislike it to…[View]
159734496Where are the people of color?: Why do I not see any African-Americans? LatinX? Muslims? People on d…[View]
159732419>”Gandalf should’ve stayed dead” >brings back Jon Snow Why does anyone listen to this hack?…[View]
159735260What did they mean by this?[View]
159735381>top billed starring role in Midnight Mass >worst character and worst actress No wonder this s…[View]
1597353248-bit chirstmas: In 1980s Chicago, a ten-year-old sets out on a quest to get the Christmas gift of h…[View]
159726556I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
159735135So did they fucked ?: So did they fucked ?[View]
159730768Logain Ablar edition The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume series of high fantasy novels by American auth…[View]
159728214Is this the hardest a character has ever been cucked?[View]
159733311>Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA. Where's everyone? Hello?[View]
159734730actually better than the first one[View]
159733654It really distresses me that these 2 had to do an absolute shit movie to work together again, taboo …[View]
159731494This is peak Cruise. This is as 10/10 a man can get.[View]
159728362Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
159733177Was he really an idiot or secretly behind it all? Everybody thought he was retarded but every once i…[View]
159732936>Clint says Wanda wants to go to high school in Age of Ultron >which means she was meant to be…[View]
159728519>ITT relatively new movies that are aging like fine wine this is to gen Z what the SW prequels we…[View]
159729658Dr Yueh being Asian was racist: A good move in the original Dune was to have Dr Yueh not be Asian - …[View]
159734669>The Hollywood-mandated love interest from Part II immediately dies at the beginning Based.…[View]
159734582Who is this captivating executive in the original RoboCop? Who plays her, what's her backstory?[View]
159734637prison and training scenes of batman begins are truly inspirational. rest of it is generic capeshit …[View]
159733644>Lord Vader. The fleet has moved out of lightspeed and we're preparing to—ACK…[View]
159734098how does Nic Cage still have a career when he's essentially just a ham sandwhich[View]
159733619HERE WE ARE[View]
159733475Santa Inc: Whats your opinion on Santa Inc with Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman? https://www.youtube.…[View]
159734492Thoughts on Vnutri Lapenko?[View]
159734172What did Leto mean by this: >In Caladan we ruled by sea and air power. In Dune we must scrabble f…[View]
159734265Is this the best comedy movie of the last twenty years?[View]
159733455UNCEL BENJEN[View]
159730856Has there ever been a remake that people don't shit on simply because 'muh nostalgia'[View]
159730387Favourite female bond villain?[View]
159733318Leaving Neverland: What the fuck? This kid had a cool life. He almost sounds like he misses it.…[View]
159732395What is next for Daisy?[View]
159732834Have you noticed that both of the biggest pleb filters in the Television & Film history are neo-…[View]
159731785Best movies to watch with your mom? Looking for heartwarming and funny kinos.[View]
159733689What kind of movies do normies on this board watch?[View]
159724974You get to bring one kino with you into the kino shelter. What do you bring?[View]
159732797Why don't they spell check movie titles anymore?[View]
159733320Hellbound: Squid game killer[View]
159729920Wait...so how did they bring him back from death again after the events of X3?[View]
159733900Buff, brown nu-Jill Valentine: Hannah John-Kamen made for a great action girl in the new Resident Ev…[View]
159711473Lesbian kisses[View]
159732476>*DUN* *DUN* *DUN* *DUN* >*FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* >*DUN* *DUN* *DUN* *DUN* >brief leitm…[View]
159731318ITT: KOREAN MOVIES[View]
159733717wtf were they thinking?[View]
159733707DUDE BLADE RUNNER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cuNFF0uZ78[View]
159733616>TFW they are working on releasing the 3.5 hour cut of Planes Trains and Automobiles…[View]
159733315I have downloaded pic related and shang chi. Which one is more kino, and hence worth my time, /tv/?[View]
159730571>be racist >stop being racist, because being mean to black ppl is bad >convince your brothe…[View]
159732879was he red or blue pilled?: on first viewing, he seems pretty naive and perhaps bluepilled but the m…[View]
159728406This show is one of humanity's greatest achievements[View]
159730921Brad Pitt vs Leonardo DiCaprio: Who is the better actor and who has been in the better movies?…[View]
15973346125 years? Oh boy can't wait to watch Simpsons again[View]
159732750>anime can't be kin-.....[View]
159733261ITT: overrated trash: Everyone dicksucks this kino because the director is a woman, and they're…[View]
159728740'Space Jam was never good': Why do people keep spreading this lie?[View]
159733133Ghostbusters: Why would a major corporation release such a scathing critique of capitalism, comrades…[View]
159720149On a scale from 1-10, how mad do you think conservatives will get when they realize Battle Angel is …[View]
159729954These movies literally show how to legally kill people. Why has the government never banned them?[View]
159703620/trek/: Superchad edition Previous: >>159681259[View]
159732206Watch Supersonic[View]
159732404snowfall: /tv/erdict[View]
159732788Arcane: First episode is finally out. What's your opinion[View]
159730179Transformers: What went so wrong with this franchise?[View]
159720284Memes aside this is genuinely kino of the highest order[View]
159730041NOOO! Not our heckin' frienderino! Not out respawnywarny muteytooty background characteraracter…[View]
159731929What is your favourite kinoplex snack? I love me some corn on the cob[View]
159732690Marley and Me is pure, unadulterated KINO: I just watched Marley and Me again for the first time in …[View]
159730648Official list of the most overrated films on /tv/: American Psycho Drive The Tree of Life The Dark K…[View]
159732467Spartacus is a good television show.[View]
159731812this show goofy as hell[View]
159732432Bruised: I really wanted to like this but it was awful >every fight movie cliche in the book >…[View]
159729262Doon: Did he make it out alive?[View]
159731764>Korean tv series[View]
15972463488%: How? This is a steaming pile of shit[View]
159732331>tfw no ambition to do anything >tfw just want to be away from everyone Movies for this feel?…[View]
159723252It would be peak comfy if it wasn’t all about death[View]
159730475If the heckler opened fire would it have been justifiable self defense?[View]
159732086Post your best[View]
159732282Not watching chank chink Not watching blacked widow Not watching eternals Not watching south park sp…[View]
159731404Mario Movie Producer Suggests Chris Pratt Won't Be Doing an Italian Accent: https://www.ign.com…[View]
159732090>scientist explains a very simple concept using basic scientific terms >'In English, doc'…[View]
159732259Hello sirs good morning: Anybody know how watch Now You See Me 2 Free HD Subtitles in Tamil pls…[View]
159731862Kino: until Magneto becomes a hacker and takes over the sentinels, that was so stupid[View]
159732076>watch Knight of Cups >barely any cups >not a single knight the whole movie fuck you Malick…[View]
159732219Nice house, but there's no bathroom in it![View]
159731888Se7en: How do you pronounce the title?[View]
159728557this was so boring lmao never trusting you faggots again[View]
159729224GOODBYE CROW[View]
159731988Place your weapon on the ground. You have twenty seconds to comply.[View]
159726914will tom holland & jamie foxx do this?[View]
159732065this was stupid and retarded[View]
159730313What am I in for?[View]
159731032OUT AM I?[View]
159729076ITT: 'LOL HE LITERALLY ME'-bait characters: starting with an easy one[View]
159731513Was ethan hunt behind the syndicate?: So I recently watched pic related and I think that CIA chief w…[View]
159731788Makes me sick[View]
159729708Where did he disappear at the end of the fourth season?[View]
159731837Was he justified in his actions?[View]
159728375Liking horror movies is a female trait.[View]
159731756are there similar scenes in the saved by the bell reboot with the non-binary person or do they have …[View]
159720438RE:WTRC: So actors say that the played the games and fans of the Resident Evil. Director says that h…[View]
159728073>*itches his butt* >*smells his fingers* >*deep breath in* >IM ON STEROIDS RIGHT NOW BEC…[View]
159727644Is this the only notable film set around Thanksgiving?[View]
159725482Dare I say, Kino?[View]
159731561guys should i watch luke cage?[View]
159731591All they have to do to make a good Resident Evil movie is something similar to this but they tie in …[View]
159730922Sex scenes should be banned from cinema[View]
159731482Fuck you AmeriKKKa and your propaganda movies . It's now the year of Korea movies . Dea; with i…[View]
159729412Hi, my name is Harrison Briggs: Let me get straight to the point. Lisa you framed me for rape and I …[View]
159731363post your favourite movie character[View]
159728956South Park is kino again[View]
159731343*Sigh*: Somehow the Baron Harkonnen has returned.[View]
159725754>WAR IS..... LE BAD[View]
159731321>I dont quite like where the tail attaches amigos[View]
159724213Now that the hype has died down, what did you think?[View]
159731279trying to remember a name of a movie that had a young boy and young girl with a gypsy or jewish mom …[View]
159716057Arcane: This is by far the most undiscussed piece of media I've never seen here. Never seen suc…[View]
159723686So which was better the anime or the tv show?[View]
159728209*laugh track*[View]
159727319scientifically explain why left is better than right[View]
159730929>do you like jazz? >you're a black guy right? >lets go see some jazz was this racist?…[View]
159729534Worth a watch?[View]
159730674Plastique machine?[View]
159720675I;ve never seen a single episode of South Park since I wasn't allowed to watch it in the 90s. W…[View]
159730813McKenna Grace thread: What's next for her career? Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?…[View]
159730453So who is the killer ?[View]
159730392If you have autism, there is very little to differentiate the prequels from the original trilogy. Ep…[View]
159728495>the charges, officer?[View]
159730667damit lloyd why did you do it. all because of a buckle bunny[View]
159729205Movies that made you want to travel?: Luca made me want to visit Italy[View]
159730533Produced by Weinstein company[View]
159729259Mmmm Danone[View]
159730493My name is Maximus Sneedius Chuckius, commander of the Armies of /qa/, General of the Gem Legions an…[View]
159730471Late Late Toy show tonight lads: Are we excited for this years favourite cringe inducing diverse sho…[View]
159727870Better actress: Cuta or PUTA?[View]
159730076Is it just me who gets the impression that the women's team generally beat the men's team …[View]
159730427Were the 90s so bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmaYqCsTDQc&[View]
159727120What made Austin Powers fail?[View]
159728022>episode name spoils the show[View]
159730331Gary, now I know I was wrong I messed up, and now you're gone Gary, I'm sorry I neglected …[View]
159728154>movie called The One >'One (Nothing Wrong With Me)' by The Drowning Pools starts pl…[View]
159728776This is the real Cartman. He travelled to the future. The other members of the family are paid actor…[View]
159727560what are the movies like this and good Will Hunting?: inspiring real emotion types of movies that ar…[View]
159726939i have no basis for saying this but, bollywood is all plagiarism and cringe right? what are some bom…[View]
159726058What a shit load of fuck of a movie: What were they thinking[View]
159729842Realistically, can it be surpassed?[View]
159730027KNOCK KNOCK[View]
159728298does it hold up?[View]
159728880>Dr. Manhattan says he’s going to a different galaxy to create new life >He didn’t even leave …[View]
159727173Was it kino?[View]
159725688>hasn't gone bankrupt yet What went wrong here?[View]
159729888>what about this guy that looks like a tree with a beard, what chall me call him Jacksson? >i …[View]
159722063Why couldn’t they just let Bond retire with his French waifu?[View]
159712942/tWoT/ - The Wheel of Time General (/wot/): The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume series of high fantasy …[View]
159729779Why the fuck can't he get any projects made? How does he even make a living if he only makes on…[View]
159728518Sci-fi epics like pic related: No Dunc or Star Wars please[View]
159728571Almost every Christmas movie is the same: >man doesn't like buying worthless shit just becau…[View]
159729657WATCH OUT JANNY, GET DOWN!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e88n0b_7wc4[View]
159728679Pennywise lands in South Park, Colorado instead of Maine, Derry. Can Cartman and his friends beat th…[View]
159729343Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
159729627will are lozza save tv & film?[View]
159729614Any kinos about claustrophobic cave exploring?[View]
159716131Just watched this: 6/10 Pros >Nice mix of family drama and adventure movie >Good production de…[View]
159723936ITT: Post characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
159724085Is this the most blackpilled doomer movie ever?[View]
159728516So, who was in the wrong?[View]
159728635How many of your friends have I killed?[View]
159724797was troy the last film to have a vibrant color palette? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MACk55oxmmE…[View]
159728226was it autism?[View]
159727245What would his charges be?[View]
159729357Thunder lightning vision adventure[View]
159727452What did they do wrong?[View]
159729235>lunch break at work >the alpha boomer says he saw Dune at the cinemas yesterday >starts pr…[View]
159728272Remember What They Took From You[View]
159728041Literally the most famous actor alive today.[View]
159726580anybody see this? what'd you think?[View]
159727759Any rogue planet kino?[View]
159728834Who would you unironically cast as Morgoth/Melkor?[View]
159727141This is where TV peaked. Nothing will ever top it.[View]
159727620>Constantly neglects her son >Wasn't even there to support her son when he was undertakin…[View]
159719044i want similar vibes to this movie[View]
159729048new to the Jabber?[View]
159729015Agent 47, my archnemesis.[View]
159727704>Start out pretty shit with a few moments that are outright cringe >Eventually develop into a …[View]
159726015Squidgamebros and Euphoriatrannies: Does /tv/ ship?[View]
159728582I haven't been here in ages Why is everyone calling me a tranny rather than a cuck? What happen…[View]
159728842Daisy Ridley-tier acting[View]
159728870Was it kino or pe-do?[View]
159728854The perfect /tv/ set up[View]
159725259Holy shit what a stupid movie.[View]
159728383I don't get it. What is a Joe?[View]
159726766Is Chucky the best slasher tv series of all time? Also what are your predictions for the finale?[View]
159728084I haven’t watched this yet: Is it any good?[View]
159717771Characters your are slowly becoming[View]
159728443Anon, in the case of Anon Jr, you are....NOT the father[View]
159728009Are they truely the best films ever like every film critics says?[View]
159722794In hindsight this was a little silly wasn’t it?[View]
159728092Lady gaygay is taking home an oscar and you can do nothing to stop her[View]
159724612Was Squeed Bane a critique of capitalism?[View]
159727499The Bridge on the River Kwai: PIECE OF SHIT[View]
159727393why aren't there any realistic movies set in the bronze age?[View]
159721278What a wild ride bros[View]
159725665Best Batman Worst Joker[View]
159723820Get Out (2017): What was this scene supposed to represent?[View]
159728121>Now, if we did that right the Doctor and the Patient are supposed to get red in the face, but I …[View]
159725189So which one is it?[View]
159727544>is the only good David lynch movie in your path[View]
159724534Veal Parmesan sandwich… Fuck you.[View]
159728139DON'T STOP-[View]
159727567fuck it let’s crash this thing[View]
159728104The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called 'Sneed's Feed & Seed', where feed and seed bo…[View]
159726393why does everyone think that squid game is about the evils of capitalism when it is really about peo…[View]
159727889how did this fat fuck score such a babe?[View]
159727657Arcane makers: these three French boomers are the directors and creative minds behind the widely suc…[View]
159725732Are ANY of these worth watching?[View]
159722477I think he got into Judaism with the intent to fuck with Kyle, but as the group drifted apart he end…[View]
159725843Has a movie ever made you want to join the army?[View]
159726103show stealer[View]
159725496Dear journal[View]
159727888I always thought LARPers were a bunch of fat white nerds: It's actually a hella diverse communi…[View]
159724224RedLetterMedia won #1 & #2 in 'Best talk shows in TV history' https://stacker.com/stories/1978/b…[View]
159727414/tv/ is always arguing about catholic or protesant films. What about Orthodox kino?[View]
159726804i love the films of michael bay[View]
159726042SECOND PARAMOUNT+ SOUTH PARK FILM PLOT REVEALED: The second of 14 original South Park movies purchas…[View]
159727593>it’s a prequel Uhhh what?[View]
159727508out of these three guys, who was in the wrong here[View]
159723793he's cool, I like him /tv/ directed me to his performances like in Happiness 1998. what else sh…[View]
159726463College age Claire Redfield.[View]
159727570What are some movies and shows that atheists enjoy?[View]
159725117>dude weed lmao! >the f word![View]
159727558Damn... That could be one of us someday[View]
159714905>we began to hunt the enemy day and night[View]
159722543Just watched it. What did I think of it ?[View]
159712927Hank this feels so bad.... but feels so right.[View]
159727314He's funny as fuck. Yes he's a faggy liberal, but he's nowhere near as bad as most of…[View]
159725526Survivable Horror Movies: What horror movies could /tv/ survive? Would it include pic related?…[View]
159727216What are we, some kind of Stargate?[View]
159726374Movies that were made for some reason[View]
159725759This was a great movie, but it got me thinking… for black people in the US it’s always about being b…[View]
159726721https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1UoqbIQpnU&ab_channel=whocares%3F Unironically kino.[View]
159727147Westworld: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
159727101true story: i got dumped by a woman after expressing my distaste of a Miranda July movie.[View]
159727080Kinos about parents remarrying?[View]
159725489Netflix’s K-On!: Yui - Hailee Steinfeld Mio - Millie Bobby Brown Ritsu - Chloe Moretz Azusa - Sophie…[View]
159723796>‘Star Trek: Voyager’ cast member Jennifer Lien exposed herself to children: police What did she …[View]
159725169>making my way downtown >sois are masked >jews get gassed >and Im not vaxxed >Staring…[View]
159726114the magic cloning machine ruined it, it makes it just like any other dumb science fiction shit[View]
159722790>You see, Dennis, I don't think you're getting it. What's really hilarious about t…[View]
159726568Today's number is...5! Im late edition. See you[View]
159726768>kills 400 poorfags because... LE I don't trust people[View]
159722185I was working on a flat tax proposal and I accidentally proved there’s no God.[View]
159724113manpearpig was supposed to be global warming right? well that was a backfire lmao.[View]
159725606Unironically a kino scene in a dreadful season of a show that went to shit.[View]
159725791>it's ya nigga whistle boy >*Phwwwwwhht* >it's ya nigga whistle boy >*Tweeeet*…[View]
159726323Beck > Benson Just got back to season 7. Gotta say Beck was a more interesting partner than Olivi…[View]
159726246I literally can't stop caring about the characters on this show: They feel real to me, even mor…[View]
159723189Who was your favorite Game of Thrones character? Mine was Cersei.[View]
159726145Daily reminder that this is the greatest scene in the history of cinema[View]
159723994comfy tv shows[View]
159725964Watch this Leo Sayer vid and tell me Adam Sandler didn't steal all his mannerisms, moves, faces…[View]
159723835Listen to this one then; you open a company called the Arse Tickler's Faggot Fan Club. You take…[View]
159724188This movie was irresponsible and probably inspired people to commit murder.[View]
159725560>on my way to binge the new netflix original[View]
159724776Post /tv/ charts and cross off ones you've seen[View]
159719874Why were the 80s and 90s so obsessed with mafia movies? Were people just fetishizing organized crime…[View]
159725742Most kino movie[View]
159725113Orange Fool[View]
159721037Jon bernthal: I like him, what are his best films[View]
159725427>board sound like bored! >Americans: Hihi you so fuunney!…[View]
159725581https://youtu.be/2bm0nDMRoKA GHOSTRANNIES BTFO REX VIPER REDEEMED[View]
159723393Cast it[View]
159725517He did it again: Not even Ridley Scott remained safe from his twisted vision. Rumor says that Leto w…[View]
159719050>Father mysteriously adds a latina teen to his new band of adopted kids What did he mean by this?…[View]
159724667Wtf /tv/; why do Canadian men hate women so much?[View]
159721683Movies that bombed but were good and deserved sequels.[View]
159719758Happy Thanksgiving, frens. What's your favorite Thanksgiving kino?[View]
159722331>hated by Bill Murray >didnt talk to him for 40 years >brought him back as CGI ghost after …[View]
159724045/XFiles:: Favorite episodes[View]
159721032Are cucktolics really this cringe???[View]
159725154oooouuuuuuuuut on the waaaaaaaaaterrrrrrrr[View]
159714337how do we stop Nolan?????????????????[View]
159723912Why did women dislike Eternals?[View]
159724142Stuff that doesn't exist, but should.[View]
159724238Genuinely wondering how he stayed so relentlessly handsome[View]
159723315let's be real: this was kinda funny[View]
159724349if he only knew what the future held...[View]
159723352good night /tv/[View]
159721880ITT: Misunderstood heroes[View]
159724231>I baby drive Was he retarded?[View]
159723593>/tv/ shits on every movie that comes out >rlm shits on every movie that comes out >therefo…[View]
159724843ITT: Movies with kino theme music https://youtu.be/BSf5tx4e_PA[View]
159723803Can I get some Macaroni and Gravy. Gravy... Tomato sauce[View]
159723316This is kino, and I'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
159724135Gus is getting the best dick[View]
159723137just watched it what did I think about it?[View]
159722683Is it true that despite black people being 13% of the population, they appear in 50% of commercials?[View]
159723850Off till Monday: And about to marathon all seasons of pic related. What am I in for bros?[View]
159714369WB Reportedly Eyeing Samara Weaving For A DC Role: Cast her.[View]
159713332KHAZAR MILKERS[View]
159724476This was such an unbelievably disturbing scene Marsellus is a feared boss-man and yet a r*pe victim …[View]
159723723What is Spike saw this face instead?[View]
159723202What went wrong ?[View]
159717220You weren’t filtered by Young Sheldon, were you?[View]
159724416/tv/, what's your doe's status?[View]
159722488>instantly makes your movie comfier[View]
159715155The top 3 films released in 2021, let's hear em.[View]
159723785What’s some Brando kino?[View]
159717495Zero hype. WB killed The Batman[View]
159721555The Wall: what does /tv/ think of Roger Water's (and I guess Pink Floyd's) The Wall? What…[View]
159716921ITT: Books that you desperately want an adaptation of[View]
159724260these men are pawns[View]
159712293actually, it’s not the chicken or the egg that came first: it’s actually bacteria[View]
159724269I climb waterfall for she[View]
159720981She drives up to you and asks if you want to see her naked, what do you do?[View]
159715736>it's SUPPOSED to be bad![View]
159720667Just marathoned this kino for the firs time. What did I think of it?[View]
159723301What's next for Hopkins?[View]
159721239Scene design[View]
159721341What did they mean by this?[View]
159722751about to fuck your gwen stacy![View]
159721823>best Christ kino is made by a gay marxist atheist God has a sense of humor…[View]
159722060>has a new man every episode why didn't any of the guys slut shamed her?…[View]
159723959Was he really a saint?[View]
159723238Libertarians are worse than commies. Lowest scum of the earth[View]
159723999What did /tv/ think about the fourth episode of Wheel of Time?[View]
159721270>wreck it ralph was 9 years ago >Paul Blart was 12 years ago >Mortdecai was 6 yeard ago …[View]
159721958>it's another western front movie why is hollywood so afraid to show the eastern front a.k.a…[View]
159722164Comfy movies you can watch 1,000 times[View]
159723149Diego Sans is Leon: Why did they hire Diego Sans to play Leon Kennedy in the new Resident Evil: Welc…[View]
159723640favorite dystopian kino?[View]
159722173Name a more kino asthetic. 80% of the shots in this look like paintings. Snowkino[View]
159722376How did Raimi get away with this one[View]
159723267Dear witches, I could use some uplifting and positive energy. Been feeling super down for the last t…[View]
159722279British people aren't funny[View]
159723724What the actual fuck? This is not fake btw[View]
159722721What never? >No never! What never? >Hardly ever! He hardly ever posts Sneed on /tv/…[View]
159716247>Thanksgiving Night Why are you here?[View]
159723644Reddit or kino?[View]
159720501>Pippin's nobility cut. In the books he is a slightly arrogant landowner, in the films him a…[View]
159718207What are the best film noirs?[View]
159723451what are some red flags in trailers for you? >trap music[View]
159714712What stuff from the books would you like to have seen in the TV show?[View]
159722793Kino. The only good Marvel movie was the first modern Marvel movie[View]
159723425Two meteorites[View]
159723411Aaron sky?[View]
159723344Based screenwriters[View]
159723242What are some good computer and programming kino like this?[View]
159722587is this based on true story?[View]
159722675>At what point while making the original film did you decide that Deckard would be a Replicant? …[View]
159723309why were they all such fuck-ups? except for steven yeun's character, he was cool. actually the …[View]
159720863Almost most films of old or new critique capitalism, but are there any movies that criticize sociali…[View]
159722894what are the best 90s new york core films[View]
159722379Celeborn's Real Name is: Teleporno. Would you trust a guy who looks like this and is named Tele…[View]
159719750>watching a movie >characters have a super emotional heart to heart moment >pause movie, st…[View]
159719563There has never been a good MCU movie[View]
159719062What was the last movie you really enjoyed in a theater? For me it was 2001 A Space Odyssey[View]
159723162ITT: Bad fictional movies: Make them 'throw your remote into your TV set so you don't have to w…[View]
159712535Lord of the Rings TV series: $1.6 Billion Dollar budget with an additional $500,000,000 was just add…[View]
159721974Was she too cute to be reallistic?[View]
159715496hon hon hon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjzGlXD6bsQ[View]
159721718I don’t care for this type of thing at all https://youtu.be/F25W1AIHbFQ[View]
159722765Who's the Jannetty?[View]
159693408Daily Dune thread.[View]
159721650It’s like narcos: But with nigs[View]
159718005Have you ever fallen in lobe with an actor?[View]
159716389Who was in the wrong here: >This is not a game. >Our situation is precarious. >You know the…[View]
159721969Colossus: the Forbin Project: Why do you suppose Colossus wanted to evacuate the population of Crete…[View]
159722257South Park two days before Waukesha attack: https://youtu.be/DhVsTHZvOPw?t=22 https://breaking911.co…[View]
159709376/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse cinema and classic films. Previous: >>159667546…[View]
159720543What's your favorite Seinfeld joke/scene?[View]
159722250what Simpsons' meme should I post next?[View]
159722605Are you supposed to hate pedophiles more or less after watching this?[View]
159718330>It's a 'Wolverine Beecher' episode >it's a 'Aryan guy gets anally raped with a spo…[View]
159702694>anyone else enjoying WoT? >anyone annoyed by the sountrack? >anyone really like X? >why…[View]
159722514Julia Anne Robinson: One major film, The King of Marvin Gardens. Decides to quit her career, moves t…[View]
159720554>tell a topsider to have a good day >i don’t mean it EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE MY ENEMY…[View]
159721199ITT: your first /tv/ crush I came across the intro to this show recently and had a flashback to watc…[View]
159713006Which trilogy is better?[View]
159722198The Chris Columbus movies were actually better than the later movies, in retrospect. With all the bo…[View]
159716393>voted sexiest man alive >rich >funny >famous >marry some 3/10 Is he gay?…[View]
159721451I want a movie that makes me want to kill myself.[View]
159722052>'Lost Loves' segments on Unsolved Mysteries[View]
159720693What are your plans for the big day?[View]
159720380What separates a good actress from a bad actress?[View]
159722192what are some good directors[View]
159722035Unironically and genuinely divorced from political ideology, politics and ethnic hatred, why the fuc…[View]
159715292this show sucks. the three lead males are retarded and the female is a slut.[View]
159720775Love Never Lies: Is this really what Spanish people are like? A country of overly passionate people …[View]
159721784>mfw people think Judge Dredd is a badass[View]
159720003would you?[View]
159720579>protagonist has vision of dead person from their past >WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE ME?…[View]
159721828Thread making test[View]
159721738I liked it. It was was full of ass pull in the final episode but I liked it. But I have to agree wit…[View]
159714968>this traumatized Americans so much that Congress had to have hearings about it…[View]
159720492It's the best movie ever desu. Pure SOUL[View]
159719407The protagonist of the last movie/show you watched is now taking the ring to Mordor. How does it go?[View]
159721798Why is some banal stuff censored on tv[View]
159719631What do you call an actor who has ascended beyond kinos?[View]
159721356>Pain and Gain, The Rock, that Benghazi movie What else is worth seeing by michael bay?…[View]
159719459Is there any kino set in suburbia that isn't about how bad suburbia is?[View]
159719040do you think he redeemed ( not in the redeem the card but in the traditional sense ) himself? I thin…[View]
159715799Honestly it's one of the best tv shows of all time[View]
159713059gun to your head: what s Renner's best movie?[View]
159721116Bow down before your king you shits: https://mobile.twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/14639630120254…[View]
159717662cast him: >I JUST DIED IN YOUR ARMs TONIGHT[View]
159719090>bullies the local autist >everyone cheers him on…[View]
159720544recite your baseline /tv/[View]
159718899>movies should ditch cgi and use terrible practical effects like they did in my childhood because…[View]
159719829>Black.And.Missing.S01.1080P.HMAX.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NPMS Black.And.Missing.S01.1080P.HMAX.WEBRip.…[View]
159719929Who is your favorite reactor?[View]
159721440just got back from the winery with a good bottle or dry red wine for thanksgiving, what’s a good mov…[View]
159721223Where is Peter with that cranberry sauce?[View]
159716568>I'M BLUE[View]
159719580Gentlemen Broncos tf is this shit?: I got to the part where the mexican guy from Nacho Libre is blow…[View]
159721331Thoughts on squid game?[View]
159703359never 4get bros... ;_;[View]
159721176eh I liked it.[View]
159719673it sometimes takes me over 6 hours to finish a 2 hour movie[View]
159692806Henry Cavill as Superman...: ... doesn't look all that super Was the character miscast? Could s…[View]
159720114>this made Snyderfags piss and cum all overthemselves what happened?[View]
159717425Why the fuck did Arishem create an immortal robot with a disability?[View]
159709472Films for the whole family to watch: Mighty Duck is racist and anti-semtic. Any other Disney-like fa…[View]
159718741Thank you, Netflix[View]
159720990Rank them[View]
159720055why do characters in films cover their face with their hand before shooting another character? is it…[View]
159719527Cloris Leachman's performance in this was amazing.[View]
159720038let it be - hackson: >sweet loretta marvin thought she was a woman >but she was another man wt…[View]
159720960Disney is for women, children, and fucking queers: The old fairy tale movies were gay as fuck, their…[View]
159720791they're still making new shows[View]
159717914Your average /tv/ user: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUzcO-Jtk70[View]
159718895Didn't Matt and Trey say that a future episode would be the last episode of South Park?[View]
159720762>385 days until Avatar 2[View]
159718397ITT: your celebrity doppelgänger: What celebrities have you been told you look like? Pic for me…[View]
159720531Was this about the mafia or America?[View]
159717109If they made him a woman, could it work?[View]
159720765Any kinos about this area?[View]
159720657Films that encourage disobedience: Just watched Luca with my family. I want to read your thoughts an…[View]
159718137say what you want about the Eternals, but this part was absolute KINO[View]
159717040RIP Sweet Prince: https://winteriscoming.net/2021/11/24/bear-actor-game-of-thrones-passes-away/ HE W…[View]
159720634Baking Impossible: I started this show and don't know who wins, but it was funny watching these…[View]
159720607>he doesn't have a personally curated television & film collection on a streaming platfo…[View]
159718912Any One Tree Hill chads in the house?[View]
159720207>obese >smoker >balding >alcohol use disorder >slav How long does he have left?…[View]
159716839Will the GoT spin-off finally show us Bessie? Who should they cast?[View]
159719003Is there a bigger midwit take than saying the pagans in The Wicker Man were actually the good guys?[View]
159720205What am I in for?[View]
159720187Flying on a broomstick sounds extremely uncomfortable on the balls and taint. Couldn't they enc…[View]
159720105Is he the new Depp?[View]
159697431Oh no no no: HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL KEEL![View]
159719690IGNORE ME![View]
159720452This screams psyop >hurr durr nostalgia bad when we pack almost every scene with callbacks >li…[View]
159719614Chucky: Anyone have a link to all Chucky episodes?[View]
159719676This is peak 80's kino, I'm going to get drunk and rewatch it tonight.[View]
159720166this show made me hate women[View]
159720362Thoughts on his body of work?[View]
159719112Was Get Back by The Beatles kino?[View]
159720258The wheel of time: Is this any good? No shills honest reviews only. I need something else to watch a…[View]
159719059so the vikings tv show was right about this[View]
159719877Finally! A woman is dominating in jeopardy[View]
159719612Did he ever recover from this?[View]
159716348It WAS pretty gross, you must admit[View]
159719518>A couple making minimum wage were able to afford this house and eight kids This movie really has…[View]
159720029If he was so mighty then why did he duck?[View]
159719988she kills him in the last episode[View]
159711344Wow, this shit is boring[View]
159719864Would this have been a better Birds of Prey than what we got?[View]
159718879Post your favorite freeze frame endings[View]
159719281What made him change his mind about more Ghostbusters?[View]
159719845Do you think that a tv show that portrayed evil alien trannies would air in 2021?[View]
159719773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io0PZTAcBes >look, we've been to Saturn! hey, I've been…[View]
159717200What is the happiest film you've seen?[View]
159716485Travis Bickle: who else thinks its a bit strange how well he fits as the 20th century version of the…[View]
159718779what is the ultimate kino?[View]
159717186I'm a person and my name is Arya![View]
159719299>no, your child doesn't need the vaccine, all your child needs is a healthy dose of lemon ju…[View]
159719537Why did they turn to skeletons?[View]
159716829Could a Jin Roh adaptation work if the setting was adjusted be an authoritarian USA /tv/? The Korean…[View]
159713225Bros, this could be the one, this could be the best Live action adaptation[View]
159718046Cast them.[View]
159712376Any recs for poor white trash kino: I just watched The Devil All The Time and Sharp Objects and I ne…[View]
159710841Pure Kino.[View]
159719317>survival show >you can tell whos gonna live the longest based on how attractive they are…[View]
159718071What's the last 1950's movie that you watched, /tv/? How was it?[View]
159719081I don't watch movies with female leads for the same reason I don't watch female sports. Th…[View]
159718587Kinos only you’ve recently stumbled upon[View]
159716284>kid's smarter than he looks. we're not gonna be able to get a forced confession out of…[View]
159715738Ngl this series was overrated no cap[View]
159710048turpin documentary: thread for discussion of abc’s new 20/20 special 'Escape from a House of Ho…[View]
159716760>omw to binge watch the new netflix original[View]
159717338Why was The New Pope so much worse than the kino that was The Young Pope?[View]
159719063I miss Walt so much bros[View]
159717622He only wanted to save you /tv/[View]
159718949When is the new season coming?[View]
159718092Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159714993Tony Soprano in South Park: Tony Soprano in South Park[View]
159718885he spittin fo real[View]
159714693I liked it. What does /tv/ thinks about it?[View]
159704566This is by far the most heavily shilled piece of media I've ever seen here. Never seen such a b…[View]
159718038Why did Neal turn into a skeleton?[View]
159716308best brazilian movie i’ve ever seen, based af, the ultimate redpill[View]
159718336How different would King of the Hill have been if Hank's brother Juniciro became a main charact…[View]
159718097why is she so terrible in Midnight Mass?[View]
159717237ITT: post a kino and another anon replies with a kino that is similar[View]
159718341I'm blue da-ba-de-ba-da-di![View]
159716001What are some good conspiracy documentaries? Ufo, secret coverups, shadow societies.[View]
159717871Was it a critique of capitalism?[View]
159717087OH N-[View]
159718202What are the chances he's getting out of prison?[View]
159718161Zhangjiajie: Remember where they sampled landscape for Avatar and Transformers?[View]
159718064I used to think that Goose's character from BR2049 was literally me IRL but now I came to reali…[View]
159718124On King David nigga I cant watch this shit anymore lmao everytime I try I keep thinking of when I se…[View]
159717641Times you acted like The Mask IRL? >be me >in class >girl asks me if I want to come to the …[View]
159717392what's /tv/'s opinion of young sheldon?[View]
159717222>I'm MIster. Seed Seller >I'm mister feed >I'm Mister porch lounger >I…[View]
159716094ITT: Only based superheroes allowed[View]
1597169812021... I am as forgotten as the wicked wraiths of Tartarus.[View]
159717149admit it he had a better character arc than both rust and marty[View]
159717751>if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best Is she, dare I say…[View]
159716600>Ooooh sweet lawdy gawd in heaven, massa gon' make me squirt[View]
159713108Wheel of Time Episode 4: best episode yet you can call me a shill all you like but fuck me that was…[View]
159714157I DERIVER A MESSAGE[View]
159715565We’re putting together a team…[View]
159711464>Ey mate, can I have some of your coke?[View]
159717639Chaos Walking: what did i think of it?[View]
159717457ITT: underrated acting careers[View]
159716618Del, what are you doing here? You said you were going home, what are you doing here?[View]
159717530Will be the first good live action anime?[View]
159712951Wheel of Time General /wot/: Logain Editon The Wheel of Time is a 14 volume series of high fantasy n…[View]
159717512haha do these shows find such losers. is this scripted?[View]
159717627Why did Del turn into a skeleton?[View]
159717600Transgressive Genius: Now that the smoke has cleared can we all agree that pickle rick, and Rick and…[View]
159714790post your dad's favorite movie[View]
159717428oh no poohchads...[View]
159717319booba: You HAVE watched this Netflix kino, right anon?[View]
159715840>harry is rich as fuck >people literally can't stop giving him free expensive shit anyway…[View]
159717399>We'll let the niggers, kikes and spics grab for their piece of the pie. Can't blame th…[View]
159717382Upload: I like this show, and main girl is cute[View]
159709342Happy Thanksgiving bros: what is a good kino to watch alone on thanksgiving?[View]
159714390Who was it? Yueh's wife?[View]
159717168What're the essential after dinner movies, /tv/?[View]
159717134Based as fuck[View]
159716063What was her fucking problem?[View]
159711161What does /tv/ think about Castle?[View]
159716980>Chuck's full name is Charles Tamzarian >Skinner's full name is Armin Tamzarian what…[View]
159716915>Fuck off back to Georgia dead boy![View]
159701840ITT: The most miscast lead roles.[View]
159717111What do they eat?[View]
1597170923 2 3 4 4 2 3 and[View]
159717031Just one more thing, Mr. Bateman[View]
159710717Make that thread, if you're so great.[View]
159714113Best Incel Movie?: For me it's One Hour Photo with Robin Williams playing an incel with no frie…[View]
159716849>comedy kino contains romantic subplot[View]
159715668>What the hell are you doing out here, Fred?![View]
159713414ITT Dishonest filmmaking[View]
159714388Seydoux bros? She's never looked hotter[View]
159716038/who/: Wibbly wobbly schizo edition. >tfw I'm bad at being racist >hate daleks >one of…[View]
159713943Is this true?: do non-americans really see us as narcissistic deranged psychopaths?[View]
159714053>KOTH thanksgiving marathon on [as] Fuck yes[View]
159712992OH NO NO NO ATHEISTS BROS: Why Christianity exists in my Secular CapeKino?[View]
159715459women military kinos? maybe with a little lesbo?[View]
159716864You are an NPC Retard if you like the MCU: I've given around 10 of these movies a fair shot ove…[View]
159716851ITT: Post movies you love that are never mentioned on /tv/[View]
159715482AVGN EPISODE 200 TOMORROW[View]
159716276Lets be real, you wouldn't say say shit to me in real life, you'd probably just awkwardly …[View]
159715788I never watched Arcane and never will: What kind of a faggot watches a gay show with pink/blue haire…[View]
159716574>native american heritage days eve Why are you here?[View]
159716352those nerdy black girl characters from movies make me throbbing hard[View]
159716202>all the “tough guy” actors in movies & TV were theater majors in college…[View]
159714859Why does DC allow The CW to make dogshit like this?[View]
159716675>Chief Frog-who-sneedposts says that janny dishonor the sky spirit. He bring bad medicine to this…[View]
159714249Will he be a good Joker for Robert’s Batman?[View]
159711962HBO Mini-Series when?[View]
159715879What is it that makes the Moomins so unsettling? Everything is pleasant but it still creeped me out …[View]
159715417what kdrama are you watching anon[View]
159715037Was Spiderman better before Disney got their hands on him?[View]
159715589>every Also, 2>3>1[View]
159716507Where did they get the ingredients to make their toast and custard? There aren't any crops. How…[View]
159716245>makes the absolute worst capeshit you've ever seen.[View]
159708889One Piece: Tell me one thing that you're unironically excited to see in the Netflix adaptation…[View]
159715941Bram Stoker's Dracula should have ended after this scene. Nothing in the rest of the movie topp…[View]
159716138>Greek hero >Blue eyes and orange hair >6 black women good movie, but these were shitty asp…[View]
159700950Twin peaks: i'm going in with as little info as possible. only know that this is some kind of d…[View]
159716117what is some /Television & Film/ that seems childish but actually has deepest lore?[View]
159716295Is Wes Anderson the capeshit of hipster liberal woman and manchildren?[View]
159713803Any movies about Lesbians? By the way why American girls are becoming lesbians?[View]
159712775We need to go back...[View]
159716215>CIA good[View]
159712318Why do soiboys hate these movies so much?[View]
159713990Dua Lipa is joining the DCEU: Who is she going to play?[View]
159716118is it eventually kino?: started ep 1 and i'm about to quit @ anikan skywalker looking mf wearin…[View]
159716170This is so much better than Army of the Dead BTFO Hack Snyder[View]
159715542This is actually metal as fuck.[View]
159704588>lives besides peter parker since he was 6 >never notices him >continues to never noticing …[View]
159716087What's the comfiest procedural? For me it's pic related[View]
159714119Underrated Movies: Underrated movies that are not talked enough about. Pic related[View]
159712646Post a pic and get a movie recommendation[View]
159716046What can I do for you, 5'11 masters?[View]
159716039Explain yourself[View]
159715348Why did Del turn into the devil?[View]
159715785They bought the piece of shit for 11. They could sell him to 16, make 5 grand. Or they could make $5…[View]
159715825bags of wet cement (i got u anon)[View]
159714449why no movies about the Castaneda type of genre /tv/?[View]
159711811who will play her in the live action?[View]
159706230why are they refusing to review Dune? are they going to do a mr plinkett?[View]
159714106Women who will not hit the wall.[View]
159715365hey anon, i need to borrow a couple blurays[View]
159715644Excuse me, did I do something wrong? I get invited then ignored all night long[View]
159715144>Jonah Hill: You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city's steps. You insul…[View]
159715616Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
159715428The Prisoner: Worth watching? Considered patrician?[View]
159715502Speed Racer: The only successful anime adaptation[View]
159715555Avatar bros, it's different this thanksgiving: Its never been less than 700 days in November be…[View]
159704726Discussion Thread - 'South Park: Post Covid' - Damn...: After almost a year, South Park returns once…[View]
159714180LOTR show incoming, get ready for the quips: >so I take it all bets are off? >on the contrary,…[View]
159715049Can someone please explain what the fuck is going on in this show? Why the fuck is he making some bi…[View]
159715123Is there any fantasy as comfy as this?[View]
159714078This show kind of sucks[View]
159714016Rachel getting married: I saw this movie 10 years ago and thought it's well made and fun. 10 y…[View]
159710927Breaking Bad Theory: What’s your favorite Breaking Bad theory, /tv/?[View]
159710340Why are actors like this?[View]
159715122Spider-Man: No Way Home: IN, AM I?[View]
159714399*sniff sniff sniff*[View]
159714972Here's your Beatles documentary goy![View]
159715100>this guy pushes you and asks if youre some kind of fag how do you respond?…[View]
159692339Now You Can See Me 2: Now You See Me 2 Movie Explained in HINDI | Now You See Me 2 Ending Explain ht…[View]
159715219>do you like jazz? >you're a black guy right? >lets go see some jazz…[View]
159713913are there more examples of a continuation of a tv show being better than the original pic very relat…[View]
159704793What are YOU watching right NOW[View]
159714130we burned down the village[View]
159714655>Yeah *Exhales loudly*[View]
159715152Bone Tomahawk: >tfw no cutie limbless eyeless concubines[View]
159713665Interpretation of Lost in Translation: Why is Lost in Translation categorized as 'Comedy/Drama'? To …[View]
159707184Name a single better film[View]
159713672Redlettermedia: What went wrong?[View]
159714444Who was in the wrong here[View]
159713267>year 12,000 >only one known robot exists that is 10,000 years old >future still relies on …[View]
159714696> You won! Alright? You came in, and you killed them, and you took their land! It's what con…[View]
159714839The 90s[View]
159714829OH NO-[View]
159713097she cute Is this good?[View]
159712784for me, it's The Return of the First Avenger[View]
159712809How is Cavill not the obvious choice for the next Bond?[View]
159714629MadTv, why is it so much better than whatever crap you are currently watching?[View]
159706539Why is Hollywood just rehashing old franchises now? I have so many ideas for new and fresh stories. …[View]
159711105Why didn't he just decline the role if he hated it so much?[View]
159710796Any movies that are genuinely funny without Apatow's vulgarity, The Paul Feig/Adam Mckay riffs,…[View]
159714640Was The Sentinel a good show?[View]
159709334...bros...its OVER...[View]
159714507>Look who's come out of there cave to join us for thanksgiving dinner! Oh, you were watching…[View]
159702546>No Thanksgiving kino How come? Is it because it's the worst holiday?…[View]
159714373Why is he smiling?[View]
159714176The thought of my future son seeing me during an average day in high school is haunting[View]
159712417munchy munchy[View]
159714324Dr. Pavel I’m CIA[View]
1597130012 hours i will never get back[View]
159714471Why did HBO decide to cut their scissoring scene?[View]
159711976>literally zero discussion other then le 'week it' meme what went wrong?…[View]
159713452ITT: Post Soulful guilty pleasures[View]
159706569>HIV positive >makes it his goal to fuck as many virgins as possible What the FUCK…[View]
159712664chart thread: post your kino charts template: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/[View]
159711987Who else watched the iKino reboot?[View]
159653894/who/ - Doctor Who General: You Would've Done It Too Edition based edition backlink>>1596…[View]
159714318Why was Frank Grimes so aggressive towards the always good willed Homer?[View]
159712778just finished this kino did i like it?[View]
159710402Why are all media and human artforms so shitty nowadays? Is civilization dead?[View]
159714175how do you handle this situation?[View]
159711421Ohnonono duncbros....[View]
159714111>No WKRP turkey thread.[View]
159712388>wow anon, none of your coworkers or friends invited you to Thanksgiving? Really? How do you resp…[View]
159712169Why is the new Cosmos so much worse than the original series? It's like night and day.[View]
159712472How the fuck does this shit get made? Not even the soiest of sois pretends to be interested in trann…[View]
159712144This movie is bad and none of the girls are cute[View]
159712248>first time >binge watch at least 4 episodes per day >get to season 4 >get tired after 2…[View]
159712609Will it be kino[View]
159709787It's crazy to think that these 4 cartoon boys went vehicles for shock value to characters we ac…[View]
159710673wtf was her problem?[View]
159714008is this where the romance genre peaked?[View]
159712816why do people actually defend this movie? its fucking garbage, on its own and especially compared to…[View]
1597115282D Annie >>> 3D Annie[View]
159710596Was it kino?[View]
159712812>be Megatron >see that your people and your homeland is dying >gather army to plunder inf…[View]
159713952Another Thanksgiving spent alone.[View]
159712940is there a pagemaster but about movies instead of books?[View]
159713887What are some good movies about blacksmithing?[View]
159706701Thing 2011: I've seen /tv/ dump on this movie for 10 years and I foolishly believed you. Its ac…[View]
159712291i am truly thankful i got to experience this over an entire summer, one part at a time just as lynch…[View]
159710052ITT: Kino posters ONLY[View]
159680826>this kills the Netflix shill[View]
159713636Who would win in a fight? Thanos with all infinity stones or a toddler with a gun? I dunno those kid…[View]
159711758Good acting or bad acting?[View]
159713618>”I hate it because it’s too referential to the original.” >”I also hate it because it doesn’t…[View]
159712523>le zoomer Battle Royale[View]
159708129Is Phantom Menace the comfiest Star Wars film?[View]
159710993Rank the trilogies[View]
159713423so... THAT happened[View]
159713122Anyone remembered this at all?[View]
159711370Was this scene sexist?[View]
159711002is this movie the biggest seethe? >waah! I wanted to be important at disney, not you!!!! disney s…[View]
159712923>when you watch the prequels and realize the people saying 3 is the good one were just sharpening…[View]
159707228What are some other fun, inoffensive, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing shows out there?[View]
159713392I miss this lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
159712713KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmZm8vNHBSU[View]
159711380Move over, Twin Peaks…[View]
159707235I don't see a problem with this.[View]
159713057Now that Hawkeye is out, is it time for the Jeremy Renner app to return to help spark interest?[View]
159713082How did we go from this...[View]
159705057You DID watch Hawkeye for me, didn’t you anon?[View]
159711932Movies that make you fucking seethe[View]
159712980combine two actors/actresses[View]
159711545I'm Joe Grizzly, bitch!: halloween (2007) was SOUL desu[View]
159702463is it beatles kino?[View]
159706484why did it flop?[View]
159712469Howthe fuck did this get 8 seasons[View]
159711679would you have sex with her?[View]
159712807The fuck was her problem?[View]
159708227That's a cute outfit[View]
159709313Movies women will never understand[View]
159712723Are you excited for Jurassic World 3?[View]
159712709The father, the son and the Holy Spirit[View]
159712045OH N-[View]
159704712how tf am i supposed to watch this movie if theres no torrent available?[View]
159712494Will GoT have an 'ironic' unironic revival in love like the prequels in about ten years?[View]
159712454Why were the hitmen kinda retarded?[View]
159712569>I hurt myself today[View]
159710901What's the best breast expansion scene in a mainstream movie?[View]
159698238/who/ - Doctor Who General: The Doctor Is Swole With Your Seed Edition backlink >>159653894…[View]
159679523CARTMAN AS AN (((ADULT))))[View]
159712443This will destroy capeshit once and for all[View]
159711980Any good anime tv shows that have a shot ton of smoking and drinking?[View]
159712418thoughts on part one? i thought it was based to include no pakistanais[View]
159712415Why were 90s teenkinos so SOVL?[View]
159712189Why does he look so ”jewy“[View]
159710602I thought this movie was >poo poo pee pee man[View]
159708740No nudity from Freya or Anya in season two of The Witcher[View]
159706581PLAY IT LOUD[View]
159708061How can Britta even compete?[View]
159712028I flipped out on the dinner table because people kept chewing with their mouth open[View]
159712278Lexx Thread: Class 4 Shitposter Anon. You will reply to this thread with 'I worship His Shadow' or y…[View]
159711945I miss teeth-fu like you wouldnt believe[View]
159711958>tfw we will never get to see Tony Scott’s remake of The Warriors using 150,000 real gang members…[View]
159712177Was this shot really necessary?[View]
159712159William shatner on star trek fans: >You know, before I answer any more questions there's som…[View]
159709363how did we go from this[View]
159711559>Lets hope you find the strength and inspiration to follow your purpose and try not to be seduced…[View]
159711896Maz Kanata Mais Que Nada[View]
159703184What film/show are you thankful for? I am thankful to Elliot Page for giving us Kate Mara nudity in …[View]
159706477WoT/ - The Wheel of Time General: WoT/ - The Wheel of Time General - Logain Editon 1 hours and 15 mi…[View]
159712064>Based on real events >It actually isn't Woah...that's so deep…[View]
159712047>You fucking suicide. You're disgraceful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YzEpI1-83U…[View]
159711778Damn… who was this again?[View]
159710524How do I become more like this? What an absolute alpha.[View]
159711470Cringe in the making[View]
159711390how could you betray your little sister like that[View]
159711965These scenes are the best in all of Star Wars[View]
159711503So who was this kid?[View]
159711944>Watch box office failure from years ago >It's kino Why don't you support good cinem…[View]
159711864Fight Club: What are some other movies that feel like literal spiritual experiences and make you fee…[View]
159711934Do you think you would win this game? No time to practice either Yes or no[View]
159706936Oh, we're dancing now?[View]
159711898if you could take everything you own and risk it on one game of pitch and toss, and loss, and walk a…[View]
159710599>boomers shat their pants at this Perhaps the lamest 'horror' movie I've ever seen.…[View]
159711870Resident Evil Welcome to Wuhan City.: >Big scary corporations create deadly viruses that destroy …[View]
159710489AY YO !!! LITTLE MAN !!![View]
159711841You know what I really want in a gritty drama about violence inside the New Jersey mafia? A subplot …[View]
159711463If you ruled a country would you set up rules for movies and shows people can and cannot watch?[View]
159711816What are /tv/'s thoughts on The Chosen?[View]
159707671Any movies about Russian girls who are trained to be assassins?[View]
159709518MY NAME IS TALLULAH[View]
159711641It was kino, and its poster art was kino, too.[View]
159710577this was a kino moment[View]
159711614Jurassic World: extinction: >JW prologe release.. already selling interracial and cuckold. This …[View]
159710961How did this series end?[View]
159710831Give me one reason why modern TV writers can't make Star Trek shoes as good as TNG.[View]
159707804For me, it's Cinderella[View]
159711471GOAT Thanksgiving movie. I will hear no other opinions. God bless Al Bundy[View]
159711401Is Hollywood unironically racist against black actresses?[View]
159710849Steiner's attack will fix everything[View]
159710670The Blair Witch Project: Per tradition, I watch this with my family every Thanksgiving It still hold…[View]
159665682/hor/ - Horror General: Why are they morons? Edition Previously on /hor/: >>159615796[View]
159711286Chase the good life my whole life long Look back on my life and my life gone Where did I go wrong[View]
159702005are foreign made war movies better?[View]
159710648What business is it of yours where I'm from, friend-o?[View]
159711168>we've had one booster, yes, but what about second booster?[View]
159709420My sister watched Sucker Punch on Netflix and now is unironically shilling for Zack Snyder on Twitte…[View]
159711155chink I know that runs the laundry.... tells me 21 is the year of the pig.[View]
159711143What the fuck was his problem?[View]
159700975Your Favorite Deconstruction Of Suburbia: For me, it's Todd Solondz's 'Happiness'. https:/…[View]
159709852Millionaire actors can afford literally the best treatment in the world. How is it possible for them…[View]
159707152I don't get it: Bagels? Bugs?[View]
159706450any other movies that are as fun to watch as this one?[View]
159704951>Arm yourself because no one else here will save you: https://youtu.be/YnzgdBAKyJo[View]
159702207why did it take 16 years to figure out Robert was being cucked?[View]
159711005>64 year old chairman of CBS any longevity kinos?[View]
159709281So this leaked today on plebbit and it is weird: Ewgene is the Dragon Rand is her Warden Why did the…[View]
159710877Welcome: To Jurassic Park[View]
159709752Nolan's Oppenheimer (2025): Oppenheimer Directed by Christopher Nolan Release New Poster[View]
159710767totally human: ....[View]
159710196>power rangers marathon was more than 4 years ago bros...[View]
159703549How did this sneak attack work? Does House Atreides not have satellites that monitor for things like…[View]
159710802>Do it now You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do o…[View]
159710661ITT: Kinos[View]
159710725What's the deal with slime?[View]
159710595OH N-[View]
159706496Any one of these women could have played a better Wonder Woman than Gadot Imagine being mogged by yo…[View]
159710580>See, the hardest thing for me was leaving the Sith. I still love the Sith. And we were treated l…[View]
159705292What's next for Emma Roberts as she's entered motherhood and stands undefeated.[View]
159703508Did he do it?[View]
159709967Have green and blue bubbles been discussed on tv or film?[View]
159707388What did they eat?[View]
159709991>Signs your treaty[View]
159704987Will Marvel give X-23 her own solo movie? The other girl is Scout, her clone. Marvel needs to stop …[View]
159710446So I was watching Toy Story 2 the other day and as I was about to cum, I fingered my uretha and forc…[View]
159710350What happened to this film ? Where is it?[View]
159710403>It's the Michelin man[View]
159705448Another kino classic coming soon bros[View]
159698957Tim Heidecker goes on le epic takedown of Joe Rohan and toxic male nazi chud comedian podcasts! ‘‘Tw…[View]
159710317Friday the 13th: Jason Takes a Break[View]
159708325Fuck off![View]
159710305>What are you cooking for us today, Anon?[View]
159709879>i drink….and i know things[View]
159710286I wanted to be like Neal Caffrey but this happened:[View]
159693231>already forgotten What the FUCK went wrong? Hawkeye too lame? Ugly female lead?…[View]
159710156Super Mega Fucked UP Movies? Anyone seen or heard of Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth?[View]
159708863Why do people on /tv/ bitch about capeshit so much? Their legitimately more annoying than capeshit f…[View]
159709243Where should James May go next?[View]
159707742>My grandfather told me you can discover everything you need to know about everything by looking …[View]
159710000Wait, Alexa looks like THAT?[View]
159705330Why didn't these motherfuckers wear bulletproof armor or a plate carrier?[View]
159709965are they tv related?[View]
159709098whats the best torrent site for movies now[View]
159708496kinos women will never understand[View]
159708484Imagina el olor[View]
159707181hi, femanon here are there any good movies about abductions/rapists? i need some suggestions for my …[View]
159709789>Tolkien's LoTR FUCKED >GRRM's SoIaF FUCKKKKKED >Jordan's WoT HAHAHA WHY ST…[View]
159704120Anyone else completely sick of them but unable to stop watching?[View]
159709746Try and stop me, bitch.[View]
159709701Do you sneed?[View]
159709697>when you play the game of thrones... you play for keeps what other movies and shows have great t…[View]
159707254Gandalf the Grey's character to be 'deconstructed' in new sequel trilogy: Amazon Stud…[View]
159709674>Good morning Miran- >*THUD* Clean it up, Emily.…[View]
159708358ITT: Kinos that couldnt be made today[View]
159709242HUMAN PLAY DOM-JOT[View]
159709550Thoughts on Anya Taylor-Joy's body of work?[View]
159709549any good thanksgiving movies? also, how did norman's speech go in this scene?[View]
159706815Who would you cast in a live action Fallout New Vegas movie/series?[View]
159709297Cobra Kai: >Daniel offers Kyle sushi and assumes he must like it just because he’s Asian >late…[View]
159698388Characters that will NEVER, ever, EVER EVER EVER EVER have sex?[View]
159707930This was fucking awesome! Why did nobody tell me? I wish I had chosen to see this shit in theaters, …[View]
159707234CRT user here Can you guys recommend any kind of movie, documentarie and tv show that is 4:3 or 1.33…[View]
159693793Why is nu-Hollywood so obsessed with raping classic fantasy and sci-fi series?: >Game of Thrones …[View]
159709395these three French boomers are the directors and creative minds behind the widely successful and acc…[View]
159677785You will eat the bugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re-k6soeE54[View]
159707781The Departed: So, who was the cuck here?[View]
159707907food kino[View]
159708090At first Bill was disgusted by the thought that had quickly flitted through his meager brain. He eas…[View]
159709101The north water: Does this show represent the modern man in Victorian era? Why was this guy so whine…[View]
159667546/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse cinema and classic films. Previous: >>159631602…[View]
159708416can I get a physiognomy check on the left one?[View]
159683219favorite spaceship in film and tv?[View]
159705943Isn’t it always after midnight?[View]
159706694U watching the comfy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsUixihhUSk&ab_channel=MYSTERYSCIENCETHEAT…[View]
159708259Why is he so scared to set a film in the modern day?[View]
159708640i'm sorry...[View]
159704255What is with the autistic obsession people have with the Criterion Collection? I understand that if …[View]
159706365Anything good on basic cable tonight?[View]
159709031>There is no previously written contractual agreement, with both parties having signed and a witn…[View]
159708840Have any of you actually seen this movie? Does it hold up today?[View]
159703928The Beatles Get Back: Did anyone else find this hard to follow, or am I dumb? Like I got the impress…[View]
159703535Why was Padme only upset at Anakin the SECOND time he killed a room full of children?[View]
159695751Constantine: Lou, what took you so long?[View]
159707248Cowboy Bebop: Was she a good Julia /tv/?[View]
159707959What's our opinion on yellowstone?[View]
159707533Al Pacino has looked like a walking corpse for over 30 years[View]
159707096Euphoria: Are you ready for a second season of more Hunter goodness?[View]
159705631What film is similar to how you feel when you see redditfrogs posted here every day?[View]
159704875holy shit, it’s over for marvel: >didn’t even know there was a wanda, loki, and falcon show >d…[View]
159707383Bane ?[View]
159707886what was his problem?[View]
159707462>2001 >respects the audience's ability to understand why they couldn't just fly the …[View]
159707923have we finally exhausted the nostalgia for movies set during the 80's?[View]
159704917ITT: Post a video game, get a tv series/film recommendation I'll start: P.S. Hardmode: try to a…[View]
159707815Is it possible that Hollywood goes bankrupt from lockdowns usering in an era of new filmmakers[View]
159702116/imaceleb/: Day 5[View]
159705892Heres your adaptation bro[View]
159706279I'm so fucking excited for the 30th iteration of batman. I wonder what's going to be diffe…[View]
159705021Am I the only person on /tv/ that has watched this film?[View]
159699008The only good Marvel film: What do we think of Logan?[View]
159707739>be Texan >sit with 46 people on Thanksgiving >all family >all shitting on biden, fauci…[View]
159705331fuck off trees what are you doing do you know how long I worked on this home base[View]
159705544/TV/ Art Anons General Just made some art. Unfinished, think to make the eyes and some rest later. N…[View]
159707109Why doesn't America embrace the beach episodes anymore?[View]
159704504>casting that /tv/ seethed about the most originally >turned out as the most well acted and fa…[View]
159706318>Its a Hal episode[View]
159706887John Wick 3: Why did this character make me erect?[View]
159707029Hey! You're not supposed to be back here![View]
159706710Why did Ava leave Caleb to die a horrifically slow death via dehydration?[View]
159707407consider me your based uncle Joe. We're downstairs while the women are upstairs, we're tal…[View]
159706766When people say a scene was 'improvized', what does that actually mean?[View]
159706927Why couldn't Frank Grimes handle Homer Simpson's success?[View]
159706229Bondbros... what have they done...[View]
159707262Deliverance: Thoughts on it? What made the banjo scene so iconic?[View]
159703911>dude I almost had you![View]
159707052Once I get Alzheimer's, can I enjoy my favorite shows like I enjoyed them the first time?[View]
159700254The movie that filtered /tv/[View]
159707015I Am Watching Boardwalk Empire: What the fuck is wrong with frogposters?[View]
159700662Is this guy a hack?[View]
159704711What was his endgame unironically?[View]
159706880>The Screen Actors Guild definition sets the minimum length of a movie at 80 minutes, while AFI a…[View]
159706822>Computers should.... LE talk to you![View]
159706755What is the best live action anime adaptation?[View]
159706792rate my top 10 favourite actors >Mel Gibson >Chris Pratt >Mark Wahlberg >Denzel Washin…[View]
159705835based fraudster boomer[View]
159706716>it's no longer showing at the local cinema Feelsbadman[View]
159705737i miss these niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
159706668What will be the 1st shooting biopic?: Or will there be some compilation like Crash? I can’t keep up…[View]
159705461How was 90s sci-fi so bodacious?: https://youtu.be/t8z1pwt-_f8[View]
159695760Was Oz an accurate depiction of what happens in prison?[View]
159703854im glad nobody will talk about the rebuild movies ever again[View]
159704926is there anything worth watching[View]
159704810Comrade /tv/, what does the dosimeter read?[View]
159706500Movies about male jealousy?[View]
159706130YAM DE SPURDO[View]
159705015>Bonsai, bok choy, wise guy, water boy. Bright light shine in the old town tonight What did she …[View]
159704072What a pretentious flick: >Hurr durr I know everything and the chosen one of the reality itself b…[View]
159704554>Reliable sources are saying that Toad, a popular character from the Super Mario Bros video game …[View]
159701640What are some christmas horror movies that dont involve nudity? So far Ive got krampus and rare expo…[View]
159696832I'll never trust your shit again. She is hilarious and practically makes the show. I haven…[View]
159706169Why did they change the eye colour of all the characters to blue for the TNG movies?[View]
159705176Does this get better after the first season?[View]
159694864WoT/ - The Wheel of Time General: WoT/ - The Wheel of Time General - 4th Episode Edition The Wheel o…[View]
159705985>main character becomes a tranny squidsisters...[View]
159706113Arcane: This is more than 'just' a TV show for me. History will consider this show to be a monumenta…[View]
159704581will we get a Satchmo movie sometime soon? heh, satchmo mo'[View]
159706071Is Uncle Buck metaphorically Del Griffin after the events of Plains Trains and Automobiles?[View]
159705720Shut the fuck up about South Park for a second. Who here is watching some based Bill Burr kino?[View]
159705745>I have nothing to watc-[View]
159700186Who's got the drawing? There was a fucking hilarious drawing of Finn when this interview came o…[View]
159703801THIS DECEMBER[View]
159704930Why is it that females are always unfunny in cartoons?[View]
159704402Is he the most likable actor right now?[View]
159704947>Released yesterday >Already forgotten The last duel and now this ridleybros? What went wrong…[View]
159705881Cowboy Bebop: Did you find the Spike / Julia romance believable /tv/?[View]
159705813What are some of your favorite animated films be it 2d or 3d that have pleasing cinematography ? Pos…[View]
159705846It's kino time for the holidays. Are you happy, /tv/?[View]
159701364Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut: Worth a watch? It's 3 hours long so I might watch it in …[View]
159703127Was it kino?[View]
159705489>character falls in love with a whore/prostitute etc More kinos like this. Ray Liotta's char…[View]
159704824>Why yes, I only watch movies rated 7.0 or higher on IMDB. How did you know?…[View]
159704078A Loud House Christmas Thread: Kino tomorrow[View]
159705742>is the best character in your show[View]
159705187Could he have been a good director /tv/? https://youtu.be/80cCp4oM4io[View]
159704515>i go to wuhan. suck on bat dick.[View]
159702481Which movies give you a warm fuzzy feel?[View]
159703140ITT: Completely unrealistic characters: I'll start >character has parents who love and suppo…[View]
159704415Neill Blomkamp: His short films are better than his feature films The whole Adam series had S O U L …[View]
159703261Cast it[View]
159704527Why didn’t the FBI ever get any arrest in the Sopranos?[View]
159696738kek what the fuck, Sony?[View]
159702860What movies could motivate me to accept the end of my life? Movies that will inspire to commit suici…[View]
159705295Excuse me, I'm not Incredibly Obese Black Man: I'm Incredibly Black Obese Man[View]
159701341I will never understand this casting.[View]
159705199/CBG/ - Cowboy Bebop General: Was this the only kino shot in the whole show?[View]
159705008Which is more kino?[View]
159704594Is there a film about a large group of entitled and pretentious people that post anonymously on the …[View]
159687428Was hiring a 50 year old Korean with no charisma that can't do stunt work without breaking a le…[View]
159702265Actors you respect for their intellect, stance and worldview.[View]
159702944oh yes...gritty bond: >nanobots are canon in this universe[View]
159705084Did he really have to call Gus the N word? That's a little too far I think.[View]
159702145What would you do in this situation?[View]
159704592Does anyone actually like this show?[View]
159700766Can he be saved? I defended for a long time but turns out hes pretty fucking retarded[View]
159704894>He's my friend >So was I How would DC handle this scene?…[View]
159704877Itt: movies that were bad on purpose to spite the actors in tbem[View]
159700713Any movies abuot Cthluhu?: And I mean about him precisely not some lovecraftian stuff like The Mist.…[View]
159704256>openly defends criminals like George Floyd and movements like BLM >His whole stick is that he…[View]
159703614>villain talks about the 'greater good'[View]
159704226I'm going to prison so ban me you piece of shit scumbag motherfucking cock suckers https://www.…[View]
159694791Are lesbian kinos the only good type of romance kinos?[View]
159700610music videos peaked here[View]
159704380This was garbage,[View]
159704140There was a purge tv show...[View]
159704575So /tv/ yall aint talking about this? Enjoyed the first episode, tell me what my opinion on this sho…[View]
159694720i don't get it[View]
159704546Pro-prepper movies: Can I get a list of movies where doomsday preppers/gun nuts/rednecks are not onl…[View]
159704011THOSE ARENT PILLOWS!!!: Ummm… wait so is the joke that John Candy had his hands between Steve’s ass …[View]
159701503i was howling at this for the first 20 minutes but then i slowly realised, i wasn't watching a …[View]
159693857You now realize that this MJ is 100% legitimate now that they're dealing in alternate universes…[View]
159703954BING CHILLING[View]
159694379How should an Akira movie look like? What about the cast?[View]
159703013Eggers: >The Witch A very good first movie, but as Eggers has admitted to himself: feels like a s…[View]
159704172What are some good interactive movies? ('walking simulators' are actually just normal computer games…[View]
159703048Whats the best Indiana Jones film?[View]
159704327So what’s the message, American culture is retarded and packed with whores?[View]
159704270Masters Of The Universe: Skeletor is and incel[View]
159701763What in God's name are we doing here?: What kind of threads are these? We're children, we…[View]
159702871If only he didn't went with her to see swedish porn...[View]
159703641>mfw Rogers musical is a meta-commentary about how SOULLESS the MCU is[View]
159698010saves you thousands of dollars in subscription-based streaming services[View]
159703839Realistically speaking, can a Californian guy in his late 20s with no connections to Hollywood make …[View]
159703369post your favorite TV movies[View]
159703262I liked it and I'm ready for the sequel[View]
159703913What was the point of this scene?[View]
159700774Donalds voice: Like did Donald pick up smoking or something in DuckTales 2017. Like he was fairly un…[View]
159692566/tv/ webm thread: Post em[View]
159702751This “sport” has zero good movies[View]
159703868S O V L[View]
159704063Top Kino thread[View]
159702646Fantastic Beasts 3 has been leaked and it's a DISASTER: Once again for a lesson for /tv/ Just b…[View]
159681259/trek/: Little Ship of Horrors Edition Previous: >>159648167[View]
159699487Will this style of humor ever come back? There are no good comedies these days[View]
159703912Do you enjoy coffee with kino this time of year?[View]
159698165Dave is still btfoing the mentally ill pedos. https://www.thedailybeast.com/dave-chappelle-is-back-…[View]
159703885Happy Thanksgiving bros[View]
159691526'Just watched it. Okay first act but then just degenerated into incoherent trash. Honestly, the mome…[View]
159701192ITT: Kino locations[View]
159700238this dude really got cancelled for having a weird fetish huh?[View]
159701813Ridley: Based Ridley dabbing on capshitters. I've been saying he is based for years, APOLOGIZE …[View]
159702052>Are we brothers, Francis?[View]
15970278637 year old cocksure bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel[View]
159695000Ghostbusters Afterlife thread[View]
159702393Why did they hated the gelflings so much ?[View]
159699037What are your hopes for this movie?: Just asking cause there are absolutely no good threads today…[View]
159703567Sonic movie trailer 2 today: Let's go[View]
159703728kinos that make me feel thanksgiving[View]
159701897I've never seen this show talked about here. Why? Binged it recently and it's easily my fa…[View]
159703497Post feet get a movie[View]
159701434Cast it[View]
159703111is there a more redpilled movie?[View]
159703451Tatort: he did it once again.... when will Lars Eidinger finally play da jokah?[View]
159700260>thanksgiving day Why are you here?[View]
159693126Arcane no shills edition: What' your sincere opinion about this show?[View]
159696335Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned: >Mucci…[View]
159697681Arcane shill edition: Can you give me you dishonest opinion about this show?[View]
159688306House of Gucci? More like House of Kino: Fantastic movie. I didn't think Ridley Scott had anyth…[View]
159697463They don't make films like they used to.[View]
159703072He's got a gun!: DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE![View]
159702757>I'm feeling fat and sassy Has 'Rejected' ever been topped?[View]
159702835>No sticky for Bart the Bear II MODS[View]
159702924Yes yes well done Slytherin… HOWEVER Where are the leaks [View]
159702360Turkey Ass.[View]
159701379Top 25 characters: 1. Butters Stotch 2. Kenny McCormick 3. Randy Marsh 4. Eric Cartman 5. Chef 6…[View]
159699759de wanna wanga[View]
159702208>Caribbean Paradise Some people say it's better than bustin' a nut…[View]
159694493Did they really kill Joe off screen Flash bros?[View]
159698952ITT: we post the worst characters in their shows[View]
159702701>is supposed to be a defeated incel >gets propositioned sex by real women all the time…[View]
159700657Is South Park back or not?[View]
159701042Should they introduce Gwen in the next Spider-Man movie /tv/?[View]
159701714>decides to make movies >theyre all good[View]
159702642For me its Scrubs[View]
159702425YOU NEED PEOPLE LIKE ME..[View]
159701707We won Victoria bros..[View]
159702111Is the movie Orange County kino?[View]
159701749Is Orange County movie kino?[View]
159702294I can't care about characters that aren't white. I don't want to be like this, but I …[View]
159702357Point Break: Its a movie you should give a second chance[View]
159702465>get flyer through the door about the local church in my area encouraging people to come along …[View]
159702409>what if a bunch of dark skinned hulks showed up and started punching people!!: haha crazy idea n…[View]
159702246Scrubs: Why doesn't anyone talk about Scrubs anymore[View]
159702155>Climax of film >ex-wife of protagonist says she regrets leaving him…[View]
159702286whats next for /our guy/?[View]
159700378If rlm wont review it, He will[View]
159700706Confused about what the documentary doesn’t cover: Everything just seemed so tense and angry, but wh…[View]
159700626What exactly are the chances that two people having a completely unrelated conflict would accidental…[View]
159700926buy and watch ghostbusters 2016 on 4k blu-ray hd or i will fucking murder you[View]
159691828Mike Stoklasa on suicide watch[View]
159701883Only 1.5 million for fucking dinosaur embryos? Shit would be worth billions or at least hundreds of …[View]
159702079Is House the most based TV character of all time? I think so[View]
159702066>Brazil (1985) >terrorists detonate a bomb in a restaurant >band starts playing Hava Nagila…[View]
159700875Are the Rumors true?[View]
159701746>wha did ya say bout my momma, Malfoy?[View]
159696706>Capitalism is... LE BAD![View]
159701594wow, they look completely different[View]
159701478AHHHH....the FRENCH...ccchampagnehasalwaysbeenknownforitssexelence...[View]
159701666House of Wax: Was it kino?[View]
159700202>Past a certain age, a man without a wife, three kids, a $400,000 suburban house, a $120,000 per …[View]
159698924Who are today’s cool actors[View]
159701075What does /tv/ think about The Big Bang Theory?[View]
159701631why the fuck did he think the jewels in the belt were worth more than the actual belt?[View]
159701621Femdom scenes in mainstream media?[View]
159701306>'Now open your mouth and lets have a look at that brain' >'no the other one' what do, ./tv/?…[View]
159699134Post your favorite obscure characters[View]
159697550Invisible man 2020: How could such a blatant female power fantasy be so kino?[View]
159674492>Willing to cook the most deadly drug that plagues the country and has killed millions out of she…[View]
159690583>3 episodes in >WAHMEN IS... LE STRONK! FUCKING DROPPED…[View]
159701356i have to fast forward scenes with this thing[View]
159700645What was going through his mind?[View]
159697882Cancel culture literally doesn't exist[View]
159699002ITT: books that Hollywood should adapt[View]
159700938In retrospect, how well did The Brap Barn Theory hold up?[View]
159700154Rewatched since childhood and it was actually nice. Why Anderson did not continue with the same atmo…[View]
159701077Fall and Thanksgiving Kinos: What are some good films for this time of year? So far I have: pic rela…[View]
159699033>*broods the whole movie* He's a hack and a bad actor, timmy is only picked because he'…[View]
159692406Actually it was never meant to be good: The absolute state of entertainment[View]
159700192Mulholland Drive bullshit: This IS Ronette This is NOT Phoebe Augustine This IS Laura This is NOT Sh…[View]
159700858Worst versions of characters: Worst Batman[View]
159700979I'm trying to find a Christmas cartoon, made before 2010, 2D animation. It's about a toy s…[View]
159700970Orozco the embalmer: Has anyone watched this?[View]
159698234I just like to watch you guys.[View]
159689210>Cartman wins at life over Kyle Best timeline[View]
159700944/Druk/ /A&W/: Another Round of A&W![View]
159695794Amerisharts seething[View]
159684491ITT: Cast photos[View]
159700597>this made boomers pee, poo, shart and fart their pants[View]
159700714Yep. It’s kino.[View]
159700753What is this movie a metaphor of?: My major takeaways were that it represented the power struggle be…[View]
159700681They think if you suck pussy, you’ll suck anything[View]
159699926Why did Netflix make her a l*sbian? What is wrong with Americans? Why can't a qtrong woman be s…[View]
159686536What would you do if you met Warwick Davis?[View]
159699966Am i the only one exited for this Oscar-Bair Kino? >Coen Brothers >A24 >Based Denzel 'We wa…[View]
159692210Wow what a badass and intimidating character! I bet in the sequel it will be very difficult for our …[View]
159700483Non-whiney war films: What are some good war films that are triumphant and epic with lots of battle …[View]
159700383Is this a good movie?: Anyone see this for Thanksgiving?[View]
159700545Thoughts on the new resident sneevil?[View]
159700071I can't believe normies hated him[View]
159700530>Another gay man[View]
159700481Based Harv still pulling strings from Cell Block D[View]
159700474Season 2 of Euphoria is the only future release worth giving a shit about right now in television.[View]
159700471Cruel tricks pulled on the audience.: Post examples, I'll start with the one that hit me hardes…[View]
159699098>Don't forget, I'm a strict catholic what did he mean by this…[View]
159700448When will they make a mini-series about Donald Trump? Who will they cast as him?[View]
159700053HO HO HO[View]
159700439What is the cinematic equivalent to I Have a Special Plan for This World. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
159700165Get a load of this biggot: BIRTH OF A NATION? A 7?!?![View]
159669373>here’s an 8-hour documentary about an album made by a band 50 years ago do boomers really?…[View]
159696987>amassing wealth...bad! I wonder who could have funded this film.[View]
159700288I could have saved him.[View]
159699319happy thanksgiving fellas[View]
159700219>thanksgiving day Why are you here[View]
159697974Please tell me what is the best site for cataloging movies?[View]
159700205The Forbin Project: What was Colossus going to build on the island of Crete that it needed l the pop…[View]
159699889Did he give the girl to that guy for her to get raped while passed out ?[View]
159700026SPIKE SPIEGEEEeeeeeel![View]
159699441Survival kinos in the cold? Already watched Prey and the one where theyre stuck in the ski line[View]
159698902Man i just feel like this nigga and i'm about to snap[View]
159699994this is LITERALLY the BEST SHIT EVER[View]
159698425more shows like this? I haven't watched most TV dramas, always preferring movies instead, so an…[View]
159700055I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
159698911Based Terry Gilliam[View]
159699785What’s the best space horror movie?[View]
159697062There is no excuse NOT to have a subscription on Disney +. Just look at all the stuff you can watch …[View]
159695896how does a semi serious actor like hardy end up in these embarrassingly bad movies[View]
159700044>white men are... LE BAD! >black men are... LE GOOD!…[View]
159695490As a straight man, is it gay to watch gay romantic films?[View]
159699653>Oh hi anon, were you really in your room all day while we were out here catching up? >Well an…[View]
159686583we're never getting another Pirates of the Caribbean movie aren't we?[View]
159697812The last great comedy film[View]
159699849did she preform some satanic ritual to curse her coworkers?[View]
159699699She's so cute in movies but ugly IRL[View]
159698823>black pitbull good >white lab bad Who the fuck wrote this movie, shizos from/tv/?…[View]
159696266>be me >read the script for Ad Astra before movie came out a few years ago because excited for…[View]
159696828Why does /tv/ hate this?: Quintessential boatkino.[View]
159699083How is the storyline of Tony Stark's romance with Pepper allowed? He is her boss and direct sup…[View]
159697390In Cowboy Bebop's defense you need to have really shit taste to enjoy it[View]
159699544If Spider-Man was a woman in this scene, there would be so much outrage, as well as massive boners h…[View]
159699499All of you chuds shitting on Marvel movies would jump at the chance to be in one of those films!!!! …[View]
159694186Arcane: Is it really THAT good or everything is simply too shitty in comparaison? It was just a cons…[View]
159699011>Suspense movie about parasites/monsters invading a local area >Final scene is ethier a shot o…[View]
159699664>watching the new Resident Evil >THAT GUY appears Why is this guy in everything?…[View]
159698858Imagine the meltdowns over this[View]
159699043Not even Ridley Scott remained safe from his twisted vision. Rumor says that Leto was so deep in cha…[View]
159696156>It was a customary protest[View]
159699612Autism man and his autism plan.[View]
159699577Hey it's time for christmas ads! What are your favorite past and present ones. I like the Coke …[View]
159699473Imagine watching movies in 1999[View]
159698931if Russell was literally his own brand name, he'd be Russell, err, Brand.[View]
159685794He's unironically my role model[View]
159696775>Corporations are... LE BAD.. because... uhhh... making money is bad i guess…[View]
159697207What kino are you watching with your thanksgiving dinner tonight?[View]
159699115Ah /tv/, I'm sorry I'm late, work was murder. I picked up a fruit cake.[View]
159697523Movies with similar vibe/aesthetic?[View]
159694428i don't get the ending, why did he just randomly decide to die?[View]
159699090Name a worse addition to a shows core cast[View]
159692969Watch Supersonic[View]
159699251What is some conservative kino[View]
159699300>we will never have late 2000's soulful kino ever again It hurts bros.…[View]
159699280https://youtu.be/qshAh3Di4rg >Director Gary Sayre will be scouting for talent after the screening…[View]
159699238portal g4: >cast to play The Incredible Hulk >permanently dyes his skin blue What the FUCK was…[View]
159697086>accidently clicked RARBG_DO_NOT_MIRROR.exe >immediately hurry to the computer, almost acciden…[View]
159698039DC Bros, we got our new Joker and he looks like America now![View]
159699172>ruins modern cinematography Thanks reddit.[View]
159697279Careful sir, your mom is hot![View]
159693203This movie is way too fucking short, to its detriment. Good performances though[View]
159696914My 70 year old mother is coming to visit me tomorrow and she's staying til Sunday. Recommend me…[View]
159697866Why futuristic sci-fi movies have unrealistic plot elements?[View]
159699017The Battle at Lake Changjin: Is there a non cam, subbed, version yet?[View]
159698628Hot Take Thread: The prestige is Nolan's only good film also the machine worked[View]
159698977Dark: >Alt-Martha pulls out world-travelling orb dropped[View]
159695064>Movie is Joe Dante's unofficial Gremlins 3 meets Toy Story >The villains are far more co…[View]
159698971This's a pretty mellow top-secret operation. Nobody's getting uptight, everythin's co…[View]
159697880finally the capeshit killer https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/new-power-rangers-universe-plans-reveal…[View]
159697665>its ok to hit women What did he mean by this[View]
159695534Down Town Abbey: Why can't I stop watching this show? It's basically a soap opera with a b…[View]
159694286>386 days until Avatar 2[View]
159698828Any kinos about this area?[View]
159697032Was Squeed Bane a critique of capitalism?[View]
159698715>Just go outside Alan, Be confident bro[View]
159697110ICH DARE[View]
159696519Where did it go so right?: How is everything Costner does so kino[View]
159697919How do the movies all look so samey if it's a whole bunch of different directors?[View]
159698567BBC Inside the factory: >no plasticizer, cloudifier or vitamin C additives were used in this epis…[View]
159688999MST3K Turkey Day: No Turkey Day Thread yet? For shame. Currently: S5E13, 'The Brain that Wouldn…[View]
159697466> Boom Boom[View]
159698321Strike back: Just finished the first season of this and liked it. Does it go to shit at some point o…[View]
159691317I'm a man of action, yes sir-ee.[View]
159694221Does anyone remember these two kids shows or movies from the 80s or 90s? First one was a dinosaur sh…[View]
159697943What did they mean by this?[View]
159698376>What a sad, little life Jane >you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck with no tyres …[View]
159698327Who said this? What does it mean? I don't get it.[View]
159698281Any good movie with her beside 'Annie Get Your Gun'?[View]
159698172Dexter: New Blood: Seems obvious that Hannah trained Harrison like Harry trained Dexter. Harrison pr…[View]
159698232Hey, I am Larry David. Let me tell you about that situation I got myself into.That guy was like >…[View]
159683335Does your favourite movie pass this test? Or is it a trash movie?[View]
159696427There are anons which never saw The Matrix. They are perusing the board right now.[View]
1596981328-bit Christmas: He didn't even get his Nintendo.....pfffhahahahaha c u c k e d[View]
159697992>Squid Game, but actually good and American apologize[View]
159698161Detonating this nuke... with no CGI![View]
159696756comfy turkey day Joe Pera TWY shill thread what's on the menu today frens?[View]
159671417Any of you fags pirate Hawkeye yet?: Hawkeye.2021.S01E01.Never.Meet.Your.Heroes.1080p.DSNP.WEBRip.DD…[View]
159695829Kino scenes in bad movies: https://youtu.be/SSUhVLaxlZc any other examples of a nugget of gold you e…[View]
159695402>5 minutes![View]
159688342>'I'm just saying, Mark, that the guy was defending himself and he should totally get off'…[View]
159695309Do television formats really work on internet platforms? What do we think of their show?[View]
159695987>DMT is... le good What am I missing?[View]
159697930earth must come first[View]
159695632tell me about Radical Ed. Why does she wear the goggles?[View]
159696633>here is your adopted brother, son[View]
159695872The greatest television program of all time.[View]
159690970Why did David kill the Aliens in Prometheus?[View]
159696068I was supposed to be an astronaut..[View]
159696619Peter, those are cheerios.[View]
159697332carnage: well, this was shit the first half of the movie basically nothing happens, and then when th…[View]
159694787Cast him for the inevitable live action adaptation[View]
159696441Sopranos: what's your favorite episode? mine is pic related[View]
159695443Have you heard the good news?[View]
159697414>I Come In Peace[View]
159697469This movie is gay as fuck: Gun ownership le bad. Blatant propaganda. Any other movies like this whic…[View]
159696448I liked it[View]
159696606Don't just stare at it Sabrina, EAT IT: this really is the american psycho (2000) to order some…[View]
159696466just started rewatching this, this shit rules[View]
159688233>generic upbeat pop music >nothing happens >parkour >nothing happens >parkour >a l…[View]
159686480Vi: Vi[View]
159695287fucking shit skinned space fucking nigger fucking fucking space nigger shit fucking shit skinned fut…[View]
159696293When are we getting proper 40Kino?: Preferably about the Tau because fuck the Chimperium of Manigger…[View]
159696856Post a better Thanksgiving episode Protip: you cant[View]
159695967will Debicki win an emmy for her portrayal of princess diana in the crown?[View]
159695088>Miss us yet, /tv/?[View]
159696044What’s going on with will smiths acting career: Why do I keep seeing him cry or be fat Does he act a…[View]
159695016>black guy hits on her >locks him in a vault with his coalburner whore Was she, dare I say, BA…[View]
159693699Did you know Avatar was banned in China?: >Avatar has irked Chinese censors who are worried that …[View]
159689434When exactly did serialized tv officially surpass feature films as a narrative medium?[View]
159695308>So you won't get vaccinated because of...shellfishness?[View]
159696292Is he alright?[View]
159692794Will you be watching Annie Live! this year?[View]
159696468Gods i was a boar then[View]
159696465Leon “behead those who insult Islam” Kennedy: Jill “infidels and unmixed whites shall die by my hand…[View]
159696055Why the fuck does it matter that the original VAs voice their characters in a movie. Nobody goes to …[View]
159690698ken bros im scared[View]
159678851It's so much worse with sound, holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-0CF_Ch0DI&t=0…[View]
159695343Best Michael Caine kino?[View]
159692758How is this piece of shit film so popular and well-known? I've had to stop watching after about…[View]
159696210I did not know this existed until someone mentioned it in a thread. Reviews are pretty bad, but afte…[View]
159695584Are there any more films centered around Thanksgiving? Only pic related comes to mind for me.[View]
159695726>Iri Hi Katamukuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu[View]
159696033What did I think of it?[View]
159696104So what advantage does this have, exactly?[View]
159687605So.... the chinese trailer for spiderman no way home just dropped, and along with it a lot of commen…[View]
159696069Hey buddy[View]
159696013Ed Sheeran: Ruins your kino.[View]
159695921>Here's your Spider-Man 4, bro[View]
159694333arcane visual: is it just me or does this look better than any animated movie in the last decades? i…[View]
159694513I SOLVE DA CASE[View]
159693573>JEWS YOU FOOLS Holy based, how did Jackson manage this?[View]
159692154Characters you hope will never have sex or show their boobies to anyone?[View]
159694202>21 days until Spiderman: No way home[View]
159695817The thing about turkeys is, they got no sense of direction.[View]
159691609>Sorry I'm late. It's a jungle out there. Had to beat an old lady with a stick to get t…[View]
159695385what's his name again?[View]
159694156good morning sir[View]
159693844Bravo Jackson[View]
159695713post actors/actresses who are clearly punching below their weights[View]
159693176Actors with butt chins.: Aaron Eckhart.[View]
159694104haha 69![View]
159695620>Without your health, you're nothing. Some people are nothing even with health. I fall into …[View]
159689095Seasons one and two were so good. Why did they have to fuck it up.[View]
159695276Why the FUCK didn't /tv/ tell me about this kino? It's like a Korean Breaking Bad but with…[View]
159693329Baby Yeed: Baby Yeed[View]
159695460Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
159695432> Rudd was born in Passaic, New Jersey, the son of English-born Jewish parents.[4][5] His father,…[View]
159694241Wheel of Time: Age of Legends film coming soon: Zack Stentz, co-writer of Thor and X-Men: First Clas…[View]
159695441FROM NOW ON IT IS ILLEGAL 2 MAKE SHIT FILMS OR TV SHOWS: from nahl on it is illegal 2 make shit tv s…[View]
159695416What are some kinos where the heroes prevail?[View]
159694139so AS USUAL: I'LL BE THE BIG MAN!~[View]
15969364664 slices of american cheese[View]
159694040What is the best Jamie Bell kino?[View]
159694163I, for one, enjoyed the Sunny podcast.[View]
159694810Name a better show.: lol you can’t. You simply cannot find an better show than the goat. I know some…[View]
159695247/Puppetry general/: Was dark crystal on netflix THE best puppet kino? I've literally never seen…[View]
159691721Help me find a movie i saw a while ago: >punished military officer (did some warcrimes lol) is se…[View]
159691024Life sucks: the motion picture[View]
159694826Violence in movies is fine but nudity isn't because Amerimutts are supposed to go to war, not t…[View]
159694955I saw this in theaters with my parents at 13 year old: https://youtu.be/WvGqCvy2dZc?t=49[View]
159693714>Peter.. I was a KKK grand wizard don’t tell aunt may >dies…[View]
159695176ayo where da earth wimmins at[View]
159686931will we finally have some right wing kino?[View]
159689430Was it kino or was it kino?[View]
159691946I did it for Sneed.[View]
159693936>Happy Thanksgiving anon![View]
159686552>villain is bad because..... he's trans[View]
159694082Do you think Kristen Stewart will win an Oscar for her role in Spencer?[View]
159694120> Diane was a closeted lesbian I'm not a historian but I don't remember hearing any men…[View]
159689907Casting Asian actors into white roles is now called 'piss-washing'. Spread it around, everyone will…[View]
159693953*literally MOGS every fucking gay and tranny anime movie made by burger westerners*: http://www.yout…[View]
159694984This show is funny.[View]
159694801>suggest character is autistic once >never bring it up again or even write them as autistic Is…[View]
159667973Shouldn’t comedians be allowed to say whatever the fuck they want? They’re making jokes ffs.[View]
159694773where can i watch France (film)?: i've been trying to find a copy of this film online for a shi…[View]
159693873comfy series that never get talked about on /tv/[View]
159694914For me it's Doakes[View]
159694909Why do they keep remaking shit IPs?[View]
159688670How do TV shows and movies get kids to cry on cue?[View]
159694395This movie starts rajasic, and it ends tamasic.[View]
159694346Well I ate thanksgiving dinner so it's now officially the Christmas season, this is now a heat …[View]
159690065>Arcane is my favorite anime[View]
159687595Post you're literal 10/10 show[View]
159693214Fuck you, Obi-Wan... you were.... a shit apprentice.[View]
159691875When were you when Jack Nick Olson dies?: ?[View]
159694398It's such a waste to have half of a Wes Anderson movie in black and white Painter>Commie>…[View]
159693775ITT times you acted like Jinx: >first day on a new job >take the wrong bus by mistake OH OH TH…[View]
159694339>thanksgiving day parade >doesn’t actually broadcast the parade, just people talking and flooz…[View]
159693072Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
159694279Seinfeld Evangelion: This is what millennial/zoomer Seinfeld would _actually_ look like https://yout…[View]
159693947ITT: things you're not watching despite shills trying to make you for me it's... Arcane Tu…[View]
159689419Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159693902Thanksgiving day... why are you here?[View]
159693945ITT: Ultimate pleb filters[View]
159688911Does Jared Leto deserve to voice Mario instead of Crisp Ratt?[View]
159688304>gets ordered by hot MILF cousin to fuck her and kill her asshole husband that hates him why did …[View]
159692247What's the best series to day drink to? The wire Madmen? What?[View]
159693974>character is trying to ride on an out of control animal >'WHERE ARE THE BREAKS ON THIS THING?…[View]
159693900Have they ever been mogged?[View]
1596932522021… I am forgotten[View]
159693409Anything more scary than squidwards suicide?[View]
159693327>mumbles and tweaks like a meth addict What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
159692971What kinos are you watching this Thanksgiving, /tv/?[View]
159693652How did Ed become radicalized at such a young age? Did she watch Candice Owen videos?[View]
159692099HARRY NO[View]
159692473which blue rays are you gonna get you filthy consoomers[View]
159692211What does /tv/ think of House of Gucci?[View]
159691576Cast him.[View]
159693027The guy has talent and the looks, why is he not a bigger star?[View]
159693632Happy Thanksgiving /tv/! what are some good time loop movies?: chart related is what I've seen …[View]
159692936This smug bastard is from a movie, but I cannot seem to remember what the movie was. Anyoen remember…[View]
159686984So what does /tv/ think of Hawkeye?[View]
159678189The difference in shot composition is astounding[View]
159691947Is it going to be surpassed in its genre in near future?[View]
159693007Who was objectively the worst Friend™ and why was it this frizzy-haired jew[View]
159693351So now that the dust has settled, what is the best kino of 2021? Could be either television or film.[View]
159693429Squat game: >marble game >50/50 chance to win every round >loses like 10 games in a row lit…[View]
159693343>70 year old man and prime Catherine Zeta-Jones How did he manage to maintain his sex symbol stat…[View]
159686773By far the most emotional scene in cinema history.[View]
159693501Invisible man 2020: How could such a blatant female power fantasy be so kino?[View]
159693446schizo kino[View]
159683506>gaylord cousin tries to kill some dude >gets killed instead >Achilles: omg, how could you …[View]
159692495Uh-oh What happened to the diversity, Hollywood?[View]
159688172Rewatched this for like the tenth time yesterday and I still cannot figure out who it was that sabot…[View]
159693371https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHalXjs0cDA What happened to great music at the movies? Where did it…[View]
159693244>question has a willy in it[View]
159693298On the one hand, I haven't read the books, so I don't care about faithfulness. On the othe…[View]
159679674I'M SICK OF DYKES EVERYWHERE: Name ONE, literally just ONE Netflix show without any l*sbians…[View]
159693276I'm trying to find a Christmas cartoon, made before 2010, 2D animation. It's about a toy s…[View]
159690975MACY'S THANKSGIVING PARADE - THREAD 4: NBC stream - http://live94today.com/watch/nbc-20201017/ …[View]
159692879Do you think Brother Dutch has a career in film after Spider-Man finishes up?[View]
159692743Anybody here actually interested in Matrix 4?: I see very little in the way of buzz over it. Are we …[View]
159692504>I’ve always been a stand-up guy Ray. You’re more like a sit-down guy. Problem is we’re both play…[View]
159691140Could Community make a film and have it be good?[View]
159691096Arcane: This is the best rated Season 1 in TV show history. Say something nice about it[View]
159688026FAYE IS LATINX AF[View]
159692916>Ho ho ho, Anon! >What kino do you want for this Christmas?…[View]
159692950you can't stop what's coming[View]
159692929>you aight white boy[View]
159689260Why the fuck are zoomers so scared of grain?[View]
159691649now that the dust has settled was she the best spider-man's love interest in the movies?[View]
159690423Who was in the wrong here?: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
159691887/essential/ - #16: From here on until the end of 2021 we're going to conduct a survey to compil…[View]
159691332DUDE 80S LMAO[View]
159692830>Devon Sawa, Ivana Baquero, Michael Jai White, Bruce Campbell, Well, that's a random casting…[View]
159683281*Looks bored*[View]
159690878#ReleaseTheWebbCut: https://youtu.be/eb9AMV_6BJ4 6:09 In this little fragment of deleted scene it sh…[View]
159691985>Mom told me to clean the house for Thanksgiving >Only room I cleaned was my own >Now have …[View]
159688404time is a cruel mistress[View]
159692407Wheel of Time: Age of Legends film in development: Zack Stentz, co-writer of Thor and X-Men: First C…[View]
159692072Love this guy, clearly the best RLM member. Prove me wrong.[View]
159684647One piece live action thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x16cdbW2mcw[View]
159686559Whoa re some actors who have killed people? This dude shot his wife and got away with it.[View]
159687606The name is Bond, Juanita Bond[View]
159691386What's your go-to comfy kino for the holidays[View]
159690501Blank Check with Griffin and David. Blank Check with Griffin and David. Don't know what to say …[View]
15969033930 years later: And its still the best example of sound work in film[View]
159672422South Park Post Covid: Is there anywhere to watch the stream online it starts in like 20 mins[View]
159692466Would you consider taking a tattoo of your favourite series?[View]
159686156/WoT/ - The Wheel of Time General: Z'Dar Sedai edition The crotch fruit of the cretinous Rafe J…[View]
159690987>AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! >After 3 days I'm free, time to conquer /tv/…[View]
159692437Why did the USS Sulaco not have any naval staff?: Why a ship of that size only deploys a squad??…[View]
159692404>my kid keeps saying she wants to watch thanksgiving shows >there is literally nothing, even …[View]
159692402Why do so many shows have >The one where they go to tokyo episodes?[View]
159692401Spider-Man No Way Home Final Poster[View]
159691241I would watch the 127 hour long cut[View]
159691501ACROSS 110TH STREET[View]
159692198Why is HP Nostalgia BIGGER than Star Wars?: HP was always better. Prove me wrong[View]
159691742fullmetal alchemist live action: now that live action anime is taking /tv/ by storm cast the inevita…[View]
159690393YVAN EHT NIOJ[View]
159691898why didn’t he just cure himself with his healing finger?[View]
159690473Favorite celebrity couple you would like to see work together in a show or movie? I would love to se…[View]
159685945ITT: Movies you never see mentioned on /tv/: >Sharon Stone when she was still really hot >Gene…[View]
159692215What are your thoughts on using CGI to put dead actors in a movie?[View]
159686018'I'm an atheist and I smoke weed': That's what you can literally apply to every role playe…[View]
159691211So this is what boomers used to do on the internet? Make shitty websites?[View]
159692067I wish 4chan had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.[View]
159690238Is it faithful[View]
159690234Any movie recommendations about Russians training their assassin females?[View]
159692020>scene meant to portray a character in a negative light before they're killed off >/tv/ s…[View]
159691582>...what jacket?[View]
159691827Why was he always licking his lips?[View]
159691962/tv/ humor thread[View]
159688530soul vs soulless https://youtu.be/9mWTAmyjO1I[View]
159684428turpin documentary: thread for discussion of abc’s new 20/20 special 'Escape from a House of Ho…[View]
159679872>Put her in the middle. It will definitely make people wanna see the movie! yes it's a real …[View]
159691858STEVE had crackers...[View]
159691343Childhood is idolizing Twin Peaks Adulthood is realizing Wild Palms makes moe sense[View]
159691719Show me a 2021 movie worth watching. I dare you I double dare you, just one movie[View]
159691508>released in 1993 >still holds up in 2021 >it doesn't only hold up, but is better than…[View]
159684024remind me again why did dykes believe that this beautiful and pure christian Queen was one of them ?[View]
159689416Cowboy Bebop: Was she a good Julia /tv/?[View]
159691229NEW NWH POSTER: Is /tv/ getting more hyped?[View]
159691494Post properties for the next Netflix live action adaptation[View]
159687020Name five movies that came out this year that you’d consider to be an 8/10 or above.[View]
159688796Sibling Actors: Who is the best sibling actors and is it talent or neopolitan that they get so many …[View]
159683707Was it justified?[View]
159684567>completely forgotten two months in >google search going lower and lower,even koreans gave up …[View]
159690518George gets a gamecube[View]
159687379Simpsons filmposting thread: Describe a movie in four Simpson's scenes. Others guess the movie.…[View]
159685303WHADAYU WANT?[View]
159691328A toast to Television & Film.[View]
159687213Which one are you?[View]
159691302>No doubt that (no doubt) >I'd love to (I'd love) >Sniff on them panties now >…[View]
159690730>Who are you? >I'm Rey >Rey who? >Reyd Shadow Legends…[View]
159680329Who else is HYPED to find out just how bad war really is?[View]
159689607Holy based[View]
159686878>Howdy , Pilgrim Favorite John Wayne film? for me its Searchers[View]
159675228I miss him so much bros. He was the only filmshitter that could actually make me laugh. >he was j…[View]
159690690A communications disruption could mean only one thing[View]
159690983How come Wolverine gets pushed on his own but not the other X-Men? Do they just not work on their ow…[View]
159690954do they really[View]
159690880Happy Thanksgiving, /tv/! I want to say I'm thankful for the janitors who do such a lovely job …[View]
159690877https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfxg4GIei-w >this shit >actually happening in real life pick u…[View]
159689209MACY'S THANKSGIVING PARADE - THREAD 3: Raw stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE1_bewlbQA …[View]
159690664>Why yes, I do only purchase blu-rays and 4k UHDs from boutique publishers like Criterion, Eureka…[View]
159690349I missed him a lot today[View]
159688857This was one of the weirdest guest star episodes >The Who comes to Springfield! >but for some …[View]
159683028This guy will be Doom. >known well-enough but still not a huge name >willing to wear a mask/h…[View]
159690297#ReleaseTheWebbCut: https://youtu.be/eb9AMV_6BJ4 6:21 In this little fragment of deleted scene it sh…[View]
159690246June again: This copied Green Book's cover.[View]
159686862Morality and film: Could you watch a movie featuring a morally reprehensible person? Can you dissoci…[View]
159680560>DUDE LARRY IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE LMAO Why is this season so fucking terrible? Why is Larry such a f…[View]
159689281Post movies men will never understand[View]
159686340Why did he never impose himself?: Howard Hamlin. Why didn't he show any sign of ambition or lea…[View]
159690048Have anyone watched this shit[View]
159690129Watched the first 3 episodes back to back. The first one was ok. Cant say the same of the others. W…[View]
159690157the rest of ya'll know when i durn to yuh[View]
159686254Is this bitch unironically more retarded than Boyega?: At least Boyega waited for the ST to end befo…[View]
159688988what's a good film i can play for my family? preferably something children could watch as well[View]
159689270THIS IS NOT A JOKE SONIC MOVIE 2 TRAILER COMING TODAY! https://twitter.com/LeeMajdoub/status/1463875…[View]
159684313imagine literally busting a nut to ones and zeroes.[View]
159690038>There is no one more full of shit than a janny, except for a janny on /tv/.…[View]
159690040nope, sorry, kevin baker wasn't in footloose[View]
159690009>Who’s ready for *film* starring Dwane Johnson and Kevin Hart![View]
159687621Amazon Lotr: What do we know about it? Will it be kino?[View]
159685980SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: What went right?[View]
159683257>jobs to spino >jobs to giga >can't win a 1v1 against the i-rex >can only win again…[View]
159689786based or cringe?[View]
159684211What did he see?[View]
159688105>not titled “feed me a stray cat”[View]
159684989Now that the dust has settled, what is your true and honest opinion of ''Equalty'…[View]
159689760Dexter: >They got an actual sociopath to play a psychopath[View]
159654754Were you a fan of Power Rangers™ /tv/[View]
159684561so dubsia is where jean wants to go ,,,[View]
159687330>POOR PEOPLE BAD[View]
159686117Welcome: To Jurassic Park[View]
159685835Was Oscar Wilde really this intelligent and witty? How could he command the language so well and so …[View]
159686564Why/how did these two sellout (before the COVID special, I mean)? I don't get it.[View]
159683280Why the fuck is Edgar Wright afraid to lay his hands on Anya Taylor-Joy? It’s like she straight tel…[View]
159687529Henry Cavill will cameo in THE FLASH and BLACK ADAM. Ben Affleck will cameo in THE FLASH and BATGIRL…[View]
159688454Innocent man spent 16 years in jail for raping author Alice Sebold: >Anthony Broadwater was convi…[View]
159687625MACY'S THANKSGIVING PARADE - THREAD 2: Raw stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE1_bewlbQA …[View]
159686561HEY PAUL ![View]
159689115does anybody else think they sound like Eleven when talking?[View]
159685996Reylo or Finnrey?[View]
159682552>uncut gems >main character is a jew (circumcised)…[View]
159687061How do you feel about megamind becoming the cult classic among zoomies?[View]
159688052LORD OF THE RINGS SEQUEL TRILOGY IN THE WORKS: Amazon Studios has just secured the rights to develop…[View]
159686721cast him[View]
159688789What are some movie quotes you use irl that just come to you in certain situations. Whenever I see a…[View]
159687995Times you wished you were James Bond[View]
159688759Could it work as a movie? Or would it work better as a mini-series?[View]
159688566Do things like this often happen to professors?[View]
159688689Who is the superior Spider-man and why is it Dutch Brother?[View]
159688545Does anyone else fucking love him? Like he makes me laugh so much[View]
159685014>you are now realizing there will never be regularly released Adam Sandler comedies ever again...…[View]
159684579Britta is the best girl[View]
159687739r u excited for armor wars[View]
159686398Who could possibly stop the Axe gang?[View]
159685973Thank you Rita and Lord Zedd for making us laugh at love…again[View]
159688258kinos for this feel?[View]
159684558We all agree this scene is where capekino peaked, right?[View]
159678823Inside job: Never seen this show before why does the design style look so similar? Also I just saw w…[View]
159685894What are some other fun, inoffensive, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing shows out there? >Pic r…[View]
159684831What did I think of it?[View]
159686785Recommend some celt kinos[View]
159687024Please help[View]
159676433Hi guys, never saw the anime. Is this Spike's love interest? What is the sex like?[View]
159687882Big Mouth: Hello sirs Thoughts on this? Worth watching for all five seasons?[View]
159687671Red dead 2: movie adaptation when?[View]
159687153The House That Jack Built: Women... they never shut up, do they?[View]
159687002Have watched the new Indian kino yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eavWxym8DGw&ab_channel=Li…[View]
159670186Why did so many people go crazy over this movie? Was is the 3D gimmick? Because I didn't see it…[View]
159686129Daily reminder that Villeneuve peaked with this scene[View]
159685086Why do people mistake sincerity for 'absolutely no humor whatsoever'? This movie is boring without a…[View]
159685084MACY'S THANKSGIVING PARADE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE1_bewlbQA What do you hope to see…[View]
159686957good films: i really really really like this film[View]
159683998Venom: Unironically the best gaykino of 2021?[View]
159681162I've been watching this for 9 hours. What have you been watching[View]
159687181Happy Sneedsgiving, seeders & feeders!![View]
159687065Mega media Corp is shilling some shitty flash animation video game character. No one cares, stop it.[View]
159686388ITT:: Films everyone else hated but you enjoyed[View]
159683747americans really celebrate a holiday for eating[View]
159685641Show me a better list[View]
159687360You guys ever watch this? How is it?[View]
159677381I love my schizo wife[View]
159685290lol (from the new Hawkeye series out now). It's just like 'Hitler was right' memes (because he …[View]
159684842>sends out a group of assassins to kill Maximus >they never return >'yep he must be dead'…[View]
159676023*sssssip* Yep, they just don't make em like they used ta.[View]
159687012Here's that high school kid I was telling you about.[View]
159686303Vroom vroom![View]
159687186What movies you watching with family today? Last night I watched some Woody Allen movies with my wif…[View]
159687055*BTFO Darksneed*[View]
159687062>more staying power than The Simpsons, The Wire, The West Wing, Seinfeld and every other 90s/00s …[View]
159686366Post iconic scenes[View]
159686986>It's a 'friendsgiving' episode! >according to zoomers...…[View]
159686825What's (You)r comfiest sitcom set? For me, it's the Charlie-era TAAHM beach house.[View]
159684027Can /tv/ recommend good french cinema?[View]
159685527It's over: Nephew just broke my kino watching machine his father bought me when I entered neet …[View]
159682163Arcane: This show has changed my life. I actually regret watching it because: 1. I'll never be …[View]
159685850> Hello, you've reached the law offices of James M Mcgill esquire. Why yes, Mr Mcgill's…[View]
159686703Henry Cavill: ... does not look all that Super if I'm being honest. We needed a Superman with a…[View]
159684729Viva La JUST: >2021 What will he do next? I thought you were supposed to come out of rehab a new …[View]
159686565when are they going to adapt David and Goliath with this twink as David?[View]
159686470I'm working a 13h security shift tonight in my car. Give me some movies to watch[View]
159686600How do you transport your kinos /tv/?[View]

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