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118481343>putting all of your skillpoints in CHA[View]
118468144Did all the black rebels die by the time to Original Trilogy happened or what?[View]
118474929so lads now don't misinterpret me when i say this but i seriously think the mods are in the rig…[View]
118479092SciFi movies can't be emotiona-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR69EKvcW-4[View]
118480532Hereditary: Are they right?[View]
118480826/sg/: Simpsons thread![View]
118481138Great Thespians[View]
118479236Was it kino?: https://youtu.be/cG4aYsvgchA[View]
118479228How does /tv/ feel about the new Tarankino movie coming out? You guys are going to see it right?[View]
118477513The best James Bond: Pierce Brosnan is without a doubt the best James Bond on screen to date. >F…[View]
118480657Just watched this movie on TV. Never heard of it before in my entire life. >Made a decent profit.…[View]
118480880Livestream kino? https://youtu.be/vRz8VHYcvW0[View]
118479575Just finished episode 1 and it seems to be typical SJW liberal propaganda anti-trump garbage. Does i…[View]
118479346What is your favorite Jurassic Park media? What do you think Jurassic World 3 will be about?[View]
118477144Just finished S1 for the first time. What did I think?[View]
118477600Why do no moves/tv take place here?[View]
118479314Why does everyone sperg out about the 'meaningless symbolism' in eva? Like did we forget about all o…[View]
118477103favorite audrey hepburn movie[View]
118476837>character says something >next thing the character does is in contradiction with the previous…[View]
118480063Evangelion: What did I just watch?? Do I need to rewatch 3 times?[View]
118474725biggest whore in all of cinema[View]
118471868Dolby Vision[View]
118480341What are some movies about coming back after years[View]
118474536What's the best Dracula film? For me, it's Bram Stoker's Dracula. First Dracula film …[View]
118477060best bond girl[View]
118479967There is only one good Netflix original and this is it. Fight me you fucking cartoon watching faggot…[View]
118480159oh hai mark[View]
118480068ITT: fun flicks that flew under the radar[View]
118479101Where is pic related from?[View]
118480004he first movie you disliked while seeing it in theatres[View]
118478593Kneel for mommy[View]
118479443>That hairline OH NO NO NO[View]
118477681Does the Dark knight still hold up against films like avengers endgame in this day and age? Is dark …[View]
118477555Is it possible to do what he did today?[View]
118479646When will it get a 'live action' remake?[View]
118476834Epic 3D Adventure: Was this the first 3D movie of our time? Even if its not the best movie, I liked …[View]
118477463I'm sorry, T.[View]
118476058Adapt to this.[View]
118479612Let me tell you about scary, kid. There's all kinds of scary things in the world. Spiders are s…[View]
118479688lynda carter/ wonder woman thread: is it true that shes back in the role?[View]
118478164Sherlocks Holmes This is easily the most visually impressive action sequence ever made, why did cgi …[View]
118478198Yea, I'm thinking he's back[View]
118476986Any other kinos with twist endings?[View]
118472252what are the best bluray releases?[View]
118479164True Detective is about the role of males in the degeneration of females, and their participation (o…[View]
118478923Rotten Tomatoes is fascism. No cap.[View]
118475169essential Willie kino[View]
118475836>The Mummy 1&2 >Encino Man >Bedazzled >Blast from the Past >George of the Jungle …[View]
118467622>mfw I spend all day earthposting on firenationchan[View]
118477956>directed by Bob Saget >Starring Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange now that's what I call ki…[View]
118478557Why is it better than Infinity war and Endgame bros?[View]
118478655daily reminder[View]
118479230This board is dildos. Lets discuss why we will never ever get closure.[View]
118479194Post webcam kino[View]
118477565Quick what should I watch[View]
118475687How shit is it gonna be?[View]
118477794Did RLM ever review Solo: A Star Wars Story?[View]
118477753What's the episode of To Catch a Predator with the guy that has the cowboy hat & coat? Can…[View]
1184769515/10 the music saved the tedious action scenes[View]
118474550i want this misogynistic white supremacist turd to flop so hard[View]
118477879Steve Irwin: Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118467284Me Before You: Would Will still kill himself if his parents had never bought Lou for him?[View]
118474069post actors/actresses doomed to mediocrity despite their upbringing[View]
118470521Was this design really necessary?[View]
118478283What is the purpose of the ex-soldier plot line??: This shit made me rage quit this show. What is th…[View]
118477417MY DOGS: ARE HONGRY![View]
118478444Is Finn the cutest boy to ever work in Hollywood?[View]
118478310Will Hustlers be a kino movie?[View]
118478391>this is the part where you boogie![View]
118477122>Gay or interracial scene in movie or TV show >Immediately turn it off and never finish it…[View]
118476332Back to formula[View]
118472919It's over isn't it? Everyone is an adult child now, hence capeshit. Everyone is literally …[View]
118474442Webm Thread[View]
118478151any movies or shows where the main character knows his place?[View]
118478070It's about damn time![View]
118466964Why did everyone shit on the best MouseWars?[View]
118477367IMAX is shit: Dolby Vision surpasses it in every way[View]
118460474ITT: underrated horror kinos: it's about that time, bros[View]
118471030Alita theater release >lol weird eyes >boring! >it sucks >flop Alita post digital releas…[View]
118465404actors with no makeup[View]
118477726This is what they stole from us[View]
118476081Dark: HOLY SHIT! Can they give the casting director of this show all the emmys already? This is insa…[View]
118477617who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118470707who was in the wrong. >The Instagram post. Shared on 6 August and since deleted, Johnson initiall…[View]
118438925Supernatural: Who is this? edition[View]
118476784We know the cats movie is going to be kino. I plan to see it on opening day, who else is with me?[View]
118474838It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times? You stupid monkey![View]
118477467>Neet vampire returns home before sunrise >Mom hung a crucifix over his bed…[View]
118476366any good movies about hairstylists? All I know is Zohan[View]
118476989>itt: Awkward boner TV shows[View]
118474542>women can't write good mov-[View]
118474163Is Turn worth watching? I was only vaguely aware of this show's existence. I love Revolutionar…[View]
118477213What did Fincher mean by this?[View]
118472167Who’s your favorite girl?[View]
118471081Was Bill an incel?[View]
118477188>'I want my father back you son of a bitch.' What a great fucking scene.…[View]
118472986/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Bella Previously on /bb/: >>11846275…[View]
118477010Any cowboy kino? Western spaghetti is fine too[View]
118468421>/tv/ tells me Rogue One is shit >It's actually amazing and the best Star Wars since Empi…[View]
118476968They underpayed millions...[View]
118471480Most overrated movie of the century so far: Do you agree with them /tv/?[View]
118474734Rewatching TNG: >tfw rewatching TNG >tfw trying to identify with Big Dick Energy Riker or some…[View]
118474885Who is right in this debate ?[View]
118476735Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118476879First DEAF Superhero. Are you ready?: Ah yes, the need to break barriers and be first. https://www.b…[View]
118476856Kathleen Kennedy: Now I know her early career was quite good, but what the fuck was Disney thinking …[View]
118476325/drg/ - Dick rate general: Share your dicks and rate other anons' dicks[View]
118476782will ferrell sucks[View]
118476745Jesus Christ Jackson[View]
118476746I NEED A HERO[View]
118476705Are they even trying?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrE_ujzCm-E >DUDE SUPERBAD BUT WITH KIDS L…[View]
118468114Pick four actors and others pitch a movie based on the cast[View]
118476668Thoughts? i just marathoned the first episode and thought it was alright apart from the BLACKED scen…[View]
118454789>The Pillars of Creation were likely destroyed thousands of years ago and the light just hasn…[View]
118476633help remembering the name of a film thread: I have been trying to figure out the name of movie that …[View]
118471879Movies with this feel?[View]
118476617Do actors really have to endure hazardous work places?[View]
118473026>I do think it is fair to say that Roger Ebert destroyed film criticism. Because of the wide and …[View]
118476598why is she so perect bros[View]
118473354idk what to think about this...[View]
118474104R-Robert? Is that really you? >Hey anon! It's been a while, how are you? Still a Premium Mem…[View]
118475351Mmmmmmm.... Etsubatsu[View]
118476383Man this movie really fucked up my mind[View]
118467836ITT: Books you want to see adapted into movies[View]
118476453SOLO: Aside or pushing for a sequel way too hard, this flick was good.[View]
118474210BLACK WIDOW Comic-Con Footage Description: >Montage of Black Widow’s previous appearances. Voice-…[View]
118475479NUMA NUMA YAY[View]
118473153Crossover Movie When?[View]
118471674TRY THE WINE[View]
118474199Can I get a quick rundown on these 2?[View]
118476363oh shit oh fuck oh shit[View]
118472176Together We Will Live Forever[View]
118476065Knights of the zodiac: This adaptation turned out to be pretty good all things considered Im not try…[View]
118476281What are some films about the survival of the fittest?[View]
118476277Post anything Mads: Pic related is superb[View]
118476260You just watched Jessie Eisenberg Jack off.[View]
118472243Why did she go back to Marvel, bros? I thought she was happy getting away from nerd franchises after…[View]
118476184>one standing in the dark >the other standing in the light >this was the last time they spo…[View]
118476172Black mirror/Bandersnatch: I missed when this first came out, but what did /tv/ think of it? I hones…[View]
118476138Underrated kino songs made specifically for movies that never got the attention they deserved. http…[View]
118466511Hit it![View]
118474297You let a man slide today. You must immediately get inside somebody’s ass when that happens to you. …[View]
118476035DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDveKxl7Ohs[View]
118475451Brad Pitt & Emma Stone Circling Damian Chazelle's BABYLON: >The film is said to be an R-…[View]
118476041Ya like Dags?[View]
118474267Is it true that he's actually an asshole to work with?[View]
118475898Was it kino?[View]
118475480Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118475413This was better than I thought it would be. Gator-kino dare I say.[View]
118475547>Linkin Park >Green Day >Skillet >Imagine Dragons All of these bands had songs in the s…[View]
118474410fuck Korea Japan is superior in every way the recent KyoAni arsonist was zainichi Korean[View]
118472368I'm tired of people posting that euphoria tranny, we all know who the TRUE queen of /tv/ is[View]
118475575explain this movie to a brainlet what was the overall message?[View]
118475766Neo(phyte): Do you support gays?? Yes/No?? Forgot About Morpheus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGg…[View]
118462777Mel Gibson was 23 years old when he starred in the first Mad Max (1979). How did he do it, lads?[View]
118471140Doctor Pavel. I'm SneedIA[View]
118475486Most overrated show ever. Elaine is a 10/10 qt though.[View]
118475612Tobey Maguire: what are /tv/'s thoughts on Tobey Maguire[View]
118475435When did you realize Evangelion was kino?[View]
118474707Ever seen a movie so scary you peed my pants?[View]
118471127And now, Lori Beth Denberg with Vital Information for your everyday life...[View]
118475400Why is he such a little bitch?[View]
118466980is this the greatest documentary of all time?[View]
118472651Ridley Scott To Direct Matt Damon & Ben Affleck In THE LAST DUEL: >The pic is set in 14th cen…[View]
118475100Sheev > Sneed: >Alt-Reddit fever memers disagree >Pretend their brain fried shitposting si…[View]
118470065now that the dust has settled... is kylo's saber that bad?[View]
118475371What am i in for /tv/?[View]
118457628THOR 4 DETAILS: >Cate Blanchett will return as Hela, who will be a secondary villain, main villai…[View]
118475354Just watched this. So was Lisa even real? Or was it just the japanese doll?[View]
118474444This is literally the greatest film ever created: And I bet a lot of you haven't even seen it. …[View]
118475322idk what to think about this...[View]
118474263to anon who reccomended this- luca is a brat[View]
118475301Venture Bros: Admittedly first 3 seasons were just pure gold. never had such a laugh riot recently …[View]
118474527This is Dear Evan Hansen, a Musical that is better than Les Mis, Phantom, Rent, Hamilton, Wicked, Mi…[View]
118473804You know what the problem with Ken Burns documentaries are? They're too damn long. I don't…[View]
118475181Is it in his contract to be eating in half of his scenes?[View]
118472505What are some demoralizing movies? I need some sad demoralizing movies.[View]
118473591https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1563820953259.webm What are some boomerkinos with this aesthetic?…[View]
118474475Ralph Sepe Jr's favorite films: Well, does he have good taste in cinema?[View]
118474090Did you cry when Optimus Prime died?[View]
118474918How can one man be so based?[View]
118474840Film student here Was this movie supposed to impress me?[View]
118474648another day enjoying the comfy NEET life[View]
118473332this joke: i don’t get it[View]
118473454What movie will finally make polyamory go fully mainstream?[View]
118473950>Endgame already btfo avatar >thinking of all the future Marvel movies that’s will further bur…[View]
118474873Will there ever be justice for him?[View]
118473555Best movie about Nigerians?[View]
118473442>Character only turns around his life after meeting a girl[View]
118473588WHAT A GRAND AND INTOXICATING INNOCENCE S H A M E O N Y O U S W E E T N E R E V A R https://www.yout…[View]
118474768Shallow is the best OST ever[View]
118465420>The name's Dano. Paul Dano.[View]
118466626Have you ever seen Hollow Man (2000) starring Kevin Bacon? What would you do if you were invisible?[View]
118458631>fashion/makeup model >accomplished musician >Flash in DC universe >Dumbledore Jr in H…[View]
118474518My favorite Marvel movie is Top 2[View]
118474639>modern agenda shoved into movies about ancient history[View]
118473725What's your honest opinion on Mulholland Drive? Is it the GOAT or overrated garbage?[View]
118473567>tfw become so cynical that movies no longer make me feel like this Where did it go so fucking wr…[View]
118464713What films portray LSD/other psychedelics properly? Not the bullshit like DUDE YOU TAKE LSD AND SEE …[View]
118471491She seems like a lot of fun[View]
118471942cast him[View]
118471511why dont we get the people who made this to make the doom adaptation?[View]
118474258tfw when we will never get another feature film from david lync: i dont want to do this anymore bros…[View]
118473127Why didn’t he just reverse time?[View]
118472254>Insinuate cunnilingus to an octogenarian despite the fact that your position and wealth could ha…[View]
118474071If the entire reason for the factory tour was to find a successor why did he only let five kids in? …[View]
118472923The investigation team in this movie were worse than the actual killer.[View]
118468678Yeah, I’m thinking we live in a society, but unironically[View]
118459605Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film: >2 amateurs made better costumes than 2001: A Space Odyssey and Pl…[View]
118472958This is what happens when Incels can't have sex[View]
118469471>July 2019 >It's been 7 years since the release of The Dark Knight Rises How far can you …[View]
118473982>This isn't the Democratic National Convention[View]
118463070/trek/ - Allah edition[View]
118466003Favourite Drawn Together episode/scene/one-liner?[View]
118472198I like Yellowstone and all: But it sure would be nice if they'd tone down all the 'poor injun' …[View]
118471362When exactly was this man's problem?[View]
118474058>You'd best start believing in clown world, miss anon...[View]
118471386Ngl i'm getting kind of worried about this. Thinking we should institute a couples on policy wh…[View]
118473862whats wrong with liking films by wes anderson?[View]
118466803Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118472691WHERE ARE THE LINKS[View]
118471165Do you think Disney is on the verge of another Renaissance?[View]
118473837movies only you've seen[View]
118473246Which 4077th nurse would you fug[View]
118473572Watching this soon, what am i in for?[View]
118471677howie is funnier than ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjYA4QGhhUI[View]
118461604Any movie that properly conveys the true horror of having a severe mental illness?[View]
118470383ITT: Docukinos[View]
118473693>Arrival >Prometheus >TDKR Which kino do I watch tonight?…[View]
118466157why the hell was hank stuttering so much when he saw peggy like this?[View]
118471250>stumbled upon a lost/deleted potato quality clip of Attack of The Show where Olivia Munn offers …[View]
118468847Any movies where human's DON'T drive organic mechs?[View]
118470605He literally did nothing wrong[View]
118471903was this Kirsten's best role?[View]
118472541>Favorite Brie kino Obviously Kong Skull Island[View]
118473469First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did. She was sent in as Gargamel…[View]
118473503TRY THE WINE[View]
118473501Worst movies from the 80's? This one is just empty garbage, devoid of any meaning or commentary…[View]
118472333Who is the hottest/sexiest woman in a movie? I can't decide between >career opertuinities Je…[View]
118472902Anomalisa: Just watched this. So was Lisa even real? Or was it just the japanese doll?[View]
118469746ITT we post backgrounds from movies and others guess[View]
118468784Was homer secretly rich?[View]
118473331Ey Ton, Where da fuck are we?[View]
118470900Did anyone actually watch this movie?[View]
118469326>I'll take the Armalite AR-18, .45 Long slide with laser sighting >Franchi SPAS-12, >.…[View]
118472911Is he actually handsome or do people just find him so because of his roles and BDE?[View]
118473064Any kinos with this feel?[View]
118472463ITT Netflix Dark What is /tv/ take on the show? Also memes please[View]
118472578This is problematic.[View]
118472996Daily reminder this is not capeshit: >There are no capes >It's not shit…[View]
118472563It would've made for a more kino ending than that pale imitation of LOTR that we got.[View]
118472024is a parking lot job really bad?[View]
118472916Was anyone else worried that based receptionist man was gonna get gunned down?[View]
118472964>I share pictures of my favourite simpsons characters online >With your friends >Yah >He…[View]
118470529Movies with the most interesting plot twists?[View]
118470635Since persuasion through humiliation is completely noneffective, how do you think it is the best way…[View]
118471194ITT: Times you acted like Pinhead >employee of a small cafe >slow weekend, only one working …[View]
118470451>nice beaver[View]
118470257I am looking for the film with the most hellish visuals.[View]
118472758>Bwaaahuuaaaa, the Jews have always been despised for their deception. There was a Germanic Jew, …[View]
118471283What's his name again?[View]
11847086721 BRIDGES Official Trailer #1: Looks like copkino is back on the menu, boys! https://www.youtube.co…[View]
118462750/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Bella Previously on /bb/: >>11845626…[View]
118472472Best B Movie?: For me, it's Hard Ticket to Hawaii https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAaPeMMJLgs…[View]
118466427I think im done: I'm done complain and ask for true adaptations, go ahead have your black littl…[View]
118472294which word did he mean?[View]
118467336Michael B. Jordan To Star In THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR Remake Produced By The Russo Brothers: https://…[View]
118472540>killed by a literal midge and roastie how pathetic can you get?[View]
118471223DEEPEST LORE: Based Raimi.[View]
118472280Idris Elba thread: >Idris Elba thread Idris Elba thread[View]
118472307Sneeder: >do I have your full attention? /tv/: >[stares out the window] No. Sneeder: >Do yo…[View]
118470954>The sand was very evil[View]
118471489is zendaya good as an actress?[View]
118472039rate my new hat[View]
118472259Bison graced Chun Li's village on a tuesday.[View]
118472238I just booked 4 nights at the Bellagio. What are the best Vegas movies?[View]
118470655Reminder that being bald has nothing to do with your Chad status. Statham in a turbo Chad despite ha…[View]
118471200>aragon comes in and fights off 6 of the nazghul. Aka, sauromons top knights. Hahaha this shit i…[View]
118470570Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
118471905Formerly Chuck's: Sneed's seed and feed Also check these dubs[View]
118470838was it christian kino or god-fearing garbage?[View]
118471943>I was with you till the end my brother... my friend[View]
118471275I'm going to start a youtube channel. Give me ideas of kino content you'd watch.[View]
118469978this watchable?[View]
118470999Are there any movies where the viewing experience is improved by taking hallucinogenics/weed? I once…[View]
118472046ohhhhh stifflar your mom so HORNY[View]
118470739How much longer can Bond movies hold out before they are deemed too old fashioned and in need of an …[View]
118471911I want to like Star Wars again? Is Kathleen’s book club gone?[View]
118471851>there is no graphite on the roof >there is no melting ice caps What are some good shows abo…[View]
118471633gucci loafers[View]
118471729if you all hate 'capeshit' so much why don't you become the change you want and make your own d…[View]
118466646Do you think about the property damage in super hero movies? >OH NO THATS HUNDREDS OF MILLION DOL…[View]
118468749waltzes into your living room and steals your heart why is fluffy so based? any other good clean com…[View]
118471632>UK has an entire show dedicated to extorting people for money Why did non-Americans get all the …[View]
118471244Community: He did/said nothing wrong[View]
118467067i'm watching the mummy on hbo. will i like it? looks fine so far but why are they in iraq and n…[View]
118471500What’s his fucking problem?[View]
118454206was he really in the wrong for anything?[View]
118471427Hey, anon we're heading over to Chads to watch the new Alita: Battle Angel 4K bluray. You game?[View]
118470866why did hiro say this?[View]
118471327Disney Wars being bad doesn't mean that the prequels retroactively become good. Make no mistake…[View]
118467763Cast a Saints Row film Getting the obvious out the way; Keith David as Julius and Daniel Dae Kim as …[View]
118468003Villains that did nothing wrong[View]
118469943Just watched this over the weekend. It was seriously not a good film, but something about it made me…[View]
118471197>Hey nigga![View]
118469323James Cameron congratulates Avengers: Endgame on becoming the biggest film of all time[View]
118467759I fucking miss him bros.[View]
118470332Cast him.[View]
118454763I am not those men. I am Salahuddin. Salahuddin.[View]
118470289Why is /tv/ happy that she is suffering? We're supposed to celebrate achievements in film not t…[View]
118471073You're watching capekino on Friday, right /tv/?[View]
118468548Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?[View]
118471044Anybody aware of anybody streaming Godzilla KOTM?[View]
118470851Pulp fiction is overrated and falls under the 'I like this because everyone else does' category.[View]
118468476Are they the next Brad and Angelina?[View]
118469020So why did nothing actually ever happen to them despite the Stalkers fear?[View]
118470976thoughts on academy award winner brie larson?[View]
118466552Is the fight still happening?[View]
118470917>Please calm down, you aren't under arrest and you aren't being detained. I simply addr…[View]
118468102Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Had a 'No Eye Contact' Policy on the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Set: …[View]
118466451/AMG/ American Psycho General[View]
118466379Any more shows with this feel/these tropes?: >humanity is space-faring but limited to the solar s…[View]
118470167Michael Haneke directed the last movie you saw, how does it change?[View]
118470375Why is this pile of trash so popular? I am seeing merchandise everywhere and people rave over it. It…[View]
118466936This was a very wholesome movie. I'm looking forward to the sequel.[View]
118465947HOLY SHIT......DC BTFO: How can Marvel be stopped?[View]
118470139Have there been any realistic American Revolutionary War kinos?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsB…[View]
118470251What were the best movies of the year 2000?[View]
118470776>He spends his days whining about Hollywood's creative decisions Who are you exactly? Holly…[View]
118469488ITT: post a singe frame from a movie and other anons guess what it is.: I can start[View]
118470057The Wire: 4=3>1>2>5 change my mind[View]
118470446who will win, and will it be kino?[View]
118469434u mad bro?[View]
118466641How will disney ever recover?[View]
118470319Movies like SAW.: What classical or not movies someone who enjoyed SAW would like?[View]
118468254/lig/ Love Island: showtime[View]
118466423Anomalisa: Is this any good?[View]
118470101Why did they do a crossover with such a niche character?[View]
118467290Did the americans like this?[View]
118470124>Not the sky! That's where clouds are born![View]
118469594Euphoria: What did you guys think of episode 6?[View]
118469903>btw im a fag lol[View]
118469829My nipples are milk duds, as a joke.[View]
118469887>878 days until Avatar 2[View]
118468565Unplanned - 5 Questions: 1. Why did you like/dislike it? 2. What scene would you add? 3. What scene …[View]
118460302What went so, so wrong?[View]
118470027LEGION: New episode of capekino in 15 minutes.[View]
118469104Dubs decides what movie me and my dominant gf watch pic unrelated[View]
118469047so was Troy McClure a closeted homosexual? Is that why he wouldn't bang Selma?[View]
118469598The Irishman: We looking at a proper Mafia movie from Scorsese along the likes of Casino and Goodfel…[View]
118470371Did we like it?[View]
118465834HOL UP[View]
118468289Did you know that The Force Awakens was filmed in real film?[View]
118467890What does /tv/ think of City Slickers?[View]
118470263Which villian jobbed the hardest in cinema history?[View]
118470007Why didn't Disney cast a white or Asian person as Blade? I mean, they love arbitrarily changing…[View]
118470191What did they mean by this?[View]
118466074Do you watch bad movies on purpose?[View]
118452478How is Stranger Things going to end?: Sorta feel they are abandoning things they alude to as show go…[View]
118470099October Sky vs Million Dollar Baby go[View]
118468778Does watching movies over books lower your IQ?: Are lower IQ people just drawn more towards them?…[View]
118470076From our perspective, this is huge!: I hear he's battling bouts of depression. Why Jim? We love…[View]
118465262Guys postpone your suicide theres new schlock on the menu >The teaser itself depicts Milla Jovovi…[View]
118469131This happened[View]
118470045based el ray network kaiju marathons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuuM1WPg5B4 https://www.youtube…[View]
118456915Amid Box Office Woes, Momentum Grows for Variable Pricing at Movie Theaters: >'Stuber' …[View]
118469273For me: It’s Captain Lee. Chill but professional[View]
118464380ITT: actors who make everything there in better[View]
118469038I just binge-watched this show. Holy shit is it bad![View]
118469901When is DC going to adapt Animal Man? It would be the most kino superhero film.[View]
118464560When you change the sex of a main character from male to female but no one cares because the trailer…[View]
118467994I think having a tv or movie version of The Silmarillion and other Tolkien fairytales could work but…[View]
118469664One ticket for Venom in IMAX at 9:00 PM, please[View]
118469695His Dark Materials: Faggots with their realism shit did it again. >2007 looks better There's…[View]
118467078why are we letting Disney do this?[View]
118468912I drive...[View]
118469157is /tv/ aware of the best new HBO show in a decade?[View]
118462853Bravo Marvel: >Takes the man's name >Takes the man's powers >IT'S HERS! Hems…[View]
118467990BASED Marvel giving us a schedule of all the times we're going to the movies for the next 2 yea…[View]
118454838Will Disney put the Yuuzhan Vong into their continuity?[View]
118468431your name: There is something so incredibly magical about this movie[View]
118468460Outlander/Poldark: Are these two manly ScotKino or just Soap Operas?[View]
118466335Poor man's Robin Williams[View]
118468196https://youtu.be/mr4rsMXANQM: I have no idea what to make of Macauly Caulkin... his behaviour on Bes…[View]
118469395>Uthred >Son of Uthred >Frees Guthred >but actually Osbert Was this really necessary?…[View]
118465614Computer load up Celery Man for me please?[View]
118467221>playstation quatro >juegos[View]
118466588Scent of a woman: What did I think of it /tv/?[View]
118469355Holy shit, this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Why hasn't /tv/ told me about it…[View]
118463364Good newer Mystery/Scifi/Doomer movies: Post some good recent Mystery/Scifi/Doomer movies. Something…[View]
118468132Is this the modern day Lolita?[View]
118469192this is very underrated movie, and Verhoeven is a genius[View]
118467499What youtube videos best encapsulate what it's like to be an american? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
118469223I know her very well....[View]
118469213did he get raped??[View]
118467941Finally got around to watching Pet Sematary (2019) and I have only one thought...: Absolutely thrill…[View]
118467743What's the only good thing here and why is it Doctor Strange 2 and maybe the Eternals?[View]
118469121you went over my helmet?[View]
118468397why was this faggot so obsessed with murdering a 12 year old?[View]
118468701Post your favorite boomer channels: >it's another D-Day episode…[View]
118468499>First half: Kino >Second half: melodrama So why was Tarkovsky a hack for half a film? Everyt…[View]
118462952Text transformer thread https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
118457318How did Yui fall in love with a creep like Gendo?[View]
118468839>yeah, I'm on my way to go see Stuber with my many friends, how could you tell?…[View]
118462582There is always a bigger chad than chad.[View]
118464787Here's what DC needs to do >Completely reboot the universe >Pick 4 lesser known yet popu…[View]
118463721much much better than bruce lee[View]
118467419this movie was fffffffffUCKING awesome.[View]
118463579LOST: Why was Jacob just some dude?[View]
118467199Spirited Away: Why hasn't a single other animated movie surpassed this?[View]
118465813ITT: Kid kino: What is the best kid kino?[View]
118464270Are there any films that have positive representation of NEETs?[View]
118468377I've never seen a more emotionally powerful movie. The entire film is like a gigantic suckerpun…[View]
118468428>you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about[View]
118461180Is this the best alien movie?[View]
118467912I was bred to be a warrior, Kal. Trained my entire life to master my senses. Where did you train? ON…[View]
118466273'I find it sad both Avengers and Avatar, soulless films, made more money than a classic like Titanic…[View]
118468200Chris-chan learned to disable comments on his two newest videos The latest of which is him claiming …[View]
118463099ENGAGED: >name a more kino couple >tfw you can't…[View]
118463291>Movie quote is parodied and quoted in countless series, movies and other media and general pop c…[View]
118465941ITT: Subversive masterpieces I'll start.[View]
118467882I just watched Olympus has Fallen, very entertaining stuff, is London Has Fallen any good? Anyone ex…[View]
118463480Any moves where main character is the villain?[View]
118467867Dumb bitch.[View]
118450747>What am I, your pimp? This is THE best response. Think about it: with this response, Jonah would…[View]
118468007what are some movies i should watch that i can't get on plebflix or amazoomer?[View]
118468005great movie to take your boo to, /tv/, or watch with your grandma. I've done both, with heart w…[View]
118467359>Donnie whips his dick out like an insane person in front of Jordan's next to be wife >Ev…[View]
118466484https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO1Btc9I3iQ I AM COMPLETELY... SANE[View]
118428347are you ready for fat Data?: opinions? you gotta admit he looks funny.[View]
118467066Before Rise of Skywalker has JJ ever had to conclude something before?[View]
118467928>This is the part where you boogie >This is the part where you dance…[View]
118465333Fantasy film power rankings[View]
118461496I liked this[View]
118467587Well that was underwhelming.[View]
118467873ITT: incelcore I’ll start[View]
118418423/RBMK/ Chernobyl General: GAYS NOT WELCOME edition Prev: >>118391880 >The Minds Behind The …[View]
118467699>3 tickets to see Endgame again please[View]
118467670... Yeah, I'm thinking it's kino.[View]
118464421Do you think it's kinda strange that her career died after the Weinstein scandal and the only m…[View]
118467691still the best show aired on television[View]
118466257>GIVE HIM SOME MEDICINE, BOYS How did the Uruk-Hai know what medicine is?…[View]
118464774I never got into Star Trek but is this what TRUE STAR TREK fans are like? What is it even about?[View]
118467547why do i keep watching this? its not even good[View]
118466567Selena Gomez just turned 27 and is starring in a new movie The Dead Don't Die. Why doesn't…[View]
118464546My favorite movie: Discuss[View]
118467020How does your country represent WW1/WW2/ Nu-Wars?: Bong here. Our media has an obsession of making B…[View]
118466761what's the greatest movie ever made?[View]
118449797Terminator Genisys wasn't so bad, if it wasnt for John Connor shit plot twist It would be a ok …[View]
118467325Community made edits: I remember coming across some site where you could find community-made remaste…[View]
118466016Kino gif / webm thread: Post them Closet feels thread[View]
118449981Supergirl: Melissa Benoist will get a new Supersuit for the next season And also (semi) Evil Lena is…[View]
118467300I'm not done yet but i'd like your honest opinion /tv/[View]
118467297Sydney to The Max: It seems content is getting scummier, but children's content remains wholeso…[View]
118458476Just watched this finally and I think it's one of the best films I've ever seen.[View]
118464389>'Great, when you're done with that roll we'll drop it off that the drugstore' What the…[View]
118466827Cast him.[View]
118467172HD remake when?[View]
118464754Any kinos about South Africa?[View]
118465258why in the actual fuck did THIS movie of all movies get a 4K remaster[View]
118466695Suspiria (2018): Is there a deep meaning behind this or did people just love creaming their pants to…[View]
118467065>Shaft ... >Candyman ... >Blade ...…[View]
118466471Hey everyone! It is me, your boy Luke, on my way to Cloud City to help save my friends. Kinda bored …[View]
118467031this show isn't actually that bad[View]
118467032ID. Not IV.[View]
118466985insect kino thread? I'll start BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP[View]
118466363I check[View]
118466631Anyone else hate capeshit not because it's objectively bad, but because it means we will never …[View]
118466922Did she die at the end?[View]
118465245Criterion #1000 spine: According to a Target leak, the Criterion Showa Era Godzilla boxset is likely…[View]
118465830Was Stanley supposed to be the 'good guy' in A Streetcar Named Desire? I don't imagine this cha…[View]
118462894Do I look like a God-cursed sodomite?[View]
118465827FUCKING KINO: anybody else watching this??[View]
118464215You fags have been complaining about Triss and Yennefer casting for days but haven't talked abo…[View]
118466532This remake shit is the worst thing Disney has produced. At least those crappy straight-to-DVD seque…[View]
118464041I want to see it because batmans costume looks quite cool. but will i lose the will to live if i wat…[View]
118455327Unfunny “comedians”: Do people actually find this guy funny?[View]
118464300post good detective films now[View]
118464692Seriously what the hell happened after this It was all around so wholesome and felt more than a cape…[View]
118466585RT for Daniel Radcliffe LIKE for Robert Pattinson[View]
118461491Dance-off bro, me and you![View]
118465571What does the future hold for Star Wars after The Last Jedi?[View]
118463178Are there any good Russian military kinos? Preferably after WW2. 1970's onward preferred[View]
118462953Imagine looking like this.[View]
118465917Time is a flat lawn. That grass is gonna be on the ground again, and again, and again...[View]
118466354Anyone else used to get nightmares from this?[View]
118462761No comfy Simpsons thread? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.[View]
118465704>hey Jord. It's uh me Keegan again, just wanted to know if you got the last couple messages …[View]
118465647Why would somebody use Avada Kedavra on a man before pushing him into the Veil?[View]
118463974This shit is probably the most boring zombie movie I've ever seen. The worst part is that appar…[View]
118466128>Barely any hype >People will still see it because it's either this or the Cats movie…[View]
118465903Borefest.: Yawn[View]
118461989Avatar 2: Predict the box office[View]
118464248What did Hank mean when he said 'my name is Isaac Schrader' on the last season of Breaking Bad? Was …[View]
118464798More shows like this?[View]
118466100This film is in my top ten. Am I a pleb?[View]
118465037>the reluctant director Anyone else loves when this happens?[View]
118463244Vamps: Does /tv/ like vampire movies? What are some of your favorites and why?[View]
118464917HOW WOLF JUDGE LION?[View]
118466078Was he.....the best character of NGE?: >avid guitar player >wasn´t a betacuck with a love inte…[View]
118461142Tell me. Why do you guys hate Captain Marvel so much for not having a narrative arc, when Captain Am…[View]
118463670what happened to him[View]
118465597>WRRRRRGHHh incoming message from the big giant head![View]
118443516Westworld Season 3: Westworld season 3 trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64CYajemh6E Are you l…[View]
118440678Does anyone else ship Mike and Robin?[View]
118457795>pardon my French[View]
118464434Oh, Michael. Michael, you are blind. It wasn't a miscarriage. It was an abortion. An abortion, …[View]
118441942Youtube Kino Thread: Only patricians allowed. Plebs stay away. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j…[View]
118461625>is it a problem? >no, I'm Dunnhier Imagine the infinite hubris required to speak this li…[View]
118463637Started watching 30Rock, why did her career not go anywhere? shes cute[View]
118463096How old was scarlet jo in this scene?[View]
118438907What is your favorite 'Fuck you, it was fun' movie?[View]
118465572>OH NO. I'm not a racist, but >please don't play a stereotypical black woman >ple…[View]
118465625Do you prefer watching movies alone or with a couple of friends?[View]
118463677What the fuck happened to my waifu Joi?[View]
118465656meanwhile on 1980s late night cable[View]
118462994>what did it cost? >everything[View]
118460943i hope the casting director NEVER finds work again[View]
118464666Just marathoned comedy 'Easy A' starring Emma Stone. What did I think of it?[View]
118461708https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQzDeEtbvME Oscar-winner Helen Mirren stars in Catherine the Great a…[View]
118451683How much does /tv/ respect this mans opinion? To me he is normally on point[View]
118465227Funny, she doesn't look appear Hasidic.[View]
118464695Could he have been a famous actor 30-40 years ago?[View]
118465363O.O ...watch the torrents... O.O: Spacey edit: Kevin Spacey crushed this role, but you'll never…[View]
118465491*shatters a keyboard*[View]
118460007What other movie could possibly deserve the #1 position in the future? I'm betting for another …[View]
118463488The best tv series since Justified. Is it because /tv/ is full of zoomers and r*dditors that there…[View]
118462940WHAT WENT SOOO WRONG?[View]
118465366How does this bitch still not know how to speak english?[View]
118464959Why didn't they just get on the camera crew's boat?[View]
118460654So is she out of the Marvel films after the Black Widow movie? That's a pretty weak sendoff.[View]
118465089I felt the rise of that old familiar fire. I hated it. I called it in.[View]
118465173Empire of dust: What are some other racist movies[View]
118457751/pol/: The Movie[View]
118464535Here you go: This is what you get with female writers and a Jewish producer. A century old tale, si…[View]
118464882>makes the Office kino[View]
118463782Is The Handmaiden kino?[View]
118465081BLEHHHHH: What movie or show has been the biggest waste of time so far this year? It doesn’t have to…[View]
118464838What a Shitty Movie: Even the sequel and the remake was better.[View]
118464345This trilogy was badass, imaginative with a fleshed out world and felt like a roller coaster. Is it,…[View]
118464918Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118464825Would you have let Lorraine blow you and your crew if you were Phil Leotardo?[View]
118463297Have there been any films about the EU?: Don’t you think it’s strange how a superstate has no echos …[View]
118448942Roger Ebert Destroyed Film Criticism: >Because of the wide and far reach of television, he became…[View]
118464793Harvey is the GOAT sci-fi character.[View]
118463430RAISE MY CHILDREN[View]
118464677anon, please leave the forge[View]
118464174Youtube kino's. post-em.[View]
118464216Did they publish his diaries?[View]
118462386Nate is pure Alpha, he is smarter, more attractive and better than everyone on that show.: Change my…[View]
118462594> 207 on Witcher himself > 0 on Triss Explain why we've got la creatura…[View]
118462959I've never seen a thread about Ozark on /tv/ why? is it too much kino? the acting is terrific a…[View]
118461828Mandy > Clover > Alex > Sam[View]
118463919Black Mirror theory: Sea of Tranquility appears to be an anime that's being adapted to cgi li…[View]
118462538'Everything on the Island happened': >9 years on and people still think the island was purgatory…[View]
118462324Piccolo's plan to slip past Gero was dumb because he had no idea how strong Gero was at the tim…[View]
118464379How kino was this movie, anons?[View]
118464029psst cmer[View]
118463642Why did everyone have black hair in this movie?[View]
118462650>wake up go to work come home play vidya and watch whatever netflex shat out this season any kin…[View]
118451913What is it /tv/?[View]
11846301624 hours to go.......[View]
118463346Anyone? Holly shit spanish politics.[View]
118461670LOTR MAPS[View]
118464073Batai was based[View]
118462922ITA Film: Post your favorite Italian films. Currently thinking of watching Otto e Mezzo again.…[View]
118462638I am not those men. I am Sauron Man. Sauronman.[View]
118463348Dark: Thoughts?[View]
118463996Is the accountant and ike the spike meant to be parallel characters? Thought about it when seeing th…[View]
118459247Foreman bad: When they weren't making fun of him for being black he was easily the worst charac…[View]
118463947What are some kinos about forbidden romance?[View]
118461311>That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this …[View]
118460845Only good thing to com out in Netflix.[View]
118457152Don't support Tencent Pictures. Can we get a consensus in that? (Fuck China) Warcraft Kong Skul…[View]
118463664Theres a man going around takin names[View]
118462962>He would make a great Joker[View]
118463545>I really have no idea what this thing is worth so let me call in my buddy who's an expert t…[View]
118455929What do you eat in the cinema? What's normal?[View]
118463678Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicis…[View]
118460882Now that the dust has settled, what's your verdict on Rick Berman as executive producer of Star…[View]
118463633Based Japan saves film yet again[View]
118463632Gangs of Wasseypur: has Bollywood ever produced kino of this scale before?[View]
118463624What are some movies that FEEL like a 80s-90s Michael Mann kino despite not being a Michael Mann kin…[View]
118463040What am I in for?[View]
118460462>Beans beans >Have you ever bean in an institution? beans Beans >Do they keep you in a bean…[View]
118460826Trapped in the closet: About to watch this episode for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
118461433Just finished this. Great show, though overly edgy with the sex and violence at times (still no wors…[View]
118449639Here's your goddess of thunder, bros[View]
118462467Anons help me which movie to watch first >Collateral >The man from uncle >Good will hunting…[View]
118461006When will they finally get this off the ground? Supposedly the new show runner said 2020 it’ll debut…[View]
118456237why do zoomers hate films without CGI?[View]
118463097It's going to suck, isn't it?[View]
118459070Don't move. I want your money and your car keys.[View]
118450934>nearly 53 years old >Drunk Parents (2019) >Bliss (2019) >Limited Partners (2019) >Th…[View]
118462499i'm showing you that door cuz i gotta have FAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITH[View]
118461267The death of cinema[View]
118462128Chad Cavill versus virgin Reeves[View]
118463034What's the worst, most loathsome film you've ever watched? For me, it's The Janitor.[View]
118457507Childhood is idolizing Dwight. Adulthood is realizing Andy made more sense.[View]
118451106Fucking James Cameron is being humble about it, why can't Avatards follow suit?[View]
118462950DO IT DISNEY![View]
118462824>flaming hot cheetos por favor[View]
118462622>wm/bf pairing and laptops in the 60's/70s[View]
118462812What are some good colonial era movies?: >inb4 Zulu, The Bounty, Master and Commander and Pirates…[View]
118462723Sorcerer (1977): Was it a better adaptation of the source material than Le Salaire de la Peur (1953)…[View]
118460635>one >fucking >movie How? Why didnt she did more films? She looked like Audrey Hepburn. Fu…[View]
118461062It's always Sunny thread[View]
118462433Iron Heart - May 2 2028[View]
118462010Why does Hollywood want to pander to them?[View]
118461812This feel?[View]
118455213Hes the funniest modern comedian and you know it[View]
118462552what a fucking shame[View]
118456264/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Christie Previously on /bb/: >>11844…[View]
118461260'Time is a flat circle': unironically what did he mean by this?[View]
118460059will it be kino?: >It’s a revenge story of two best friends. Damon and Affleck will play them. On…[View]
118458514Good and accurate time travel movies here. What do you got?[View]
118461499A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VLEPhfEN2M Looks like tears ar…[View]
118462244>My friends - You bow to no one.[View]
118460802When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed a theatrical release of a movie?[View]
118462269Hey! Here's a joke, boy. Man walks out of his house, sees this snail lying on his porch. So he …[View]
118455487Now that the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
118462339Stop putting women on comedy shows, they're not funny. Ever. They're cringy as fuck, espec…[View]
118460307What aboud the blood effects in movies?: Just wanted to keep the old thread going >>118459447 …[View]
118459958>The first person to yiff gets to stay on my airplane[View]
118458502>Netflix recently reported a $17 billion loss for last quarter from canceled subscriptions. Help …[View]
118461446https://twitter.com/officialavatar/status/1153258422244130816 IT'S FUCKING OVER AVATAR LOST, JA…[View]
118460408HAHAHA HEY GOMIE[View]
118440472Just saw this, how the hell did this scene turn into a tfwnogf meme? It’s not about that at all[View]
118461738How did they manage to make it so shit?[View]
118458830Will Netflix make a Friends reunion special?[View]
118461843How can a show go from absolute kino to pure dogshit so quickly?[View]
118461893It's time to fight back, /tv/: >Capeshit & Cunny filter for 4chanX - updated 07/22/19 ht…[View]
118455274Is cinema dead?: What are the best arthouse/independent films of the decade? Pic not necessarily rel…[View]
118461598>muh Seth Trek It's over, fags. Not even that huge tax break was enough to keep this thing o…[View]
118461807What are some kinos about the white and asian man alliance?[View]
118461805>film sequel trailer >'Guess Who's Back, Back Again? Shady's Back, Back Again' start…[View]
118461790IAN FREEZE[View]
118450556Still the best movie ever made.[View]
118461780When you shoot a bird—duck or pheasant, say—your dog, your retriever, picks it up in its mouth—its s…[View]
118455630What did you think of Walter's breakdown in Breaking Bad?[View]
118461696Mar-tinnnnn, Mar-tinnnnnn say what? Mar-tinnnnn[View]
118461231alright, so what the fuck is up with this shit? why is it so highly rated? I watched the first two e…[View]
118454804>tv show about a parasitic race taking over humans and considering themselves gods >we get adv…[View]
118461629Future Man: >''Future Man', a 13-episode half-hour comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that …[View]
118461539What are some movies about dishonesty and subversion?[View]
118461592TheOffCameraShow: Anybody seen these? I've watched a couple, but I binged the Harbour ones toda…[View]
118461102I want to start making movie, should I learn how to do all the main aspects of it by myself? Like ed…[View]
118459362The Pit and the Pendulum: What are some series and movies that use Edgar Allan Poe’s Pendulum trope?…[View]
118447515>Here's your new Star Trek bro[View]
118461152What was the purpose of this character again?[View]
118461458Why did they refurbish the Batcave for TDKR if Bruce quit being Batman when the Manor was still bein…[View]
118448954*keeps muting Len in your path*: Why did they do that?[View]
118455315Rick n Morty sneek peek: Regardless of how you feel about it you cant deny its funny. They released …[View]
118461154any kinos for this kind of feel?[View]
118460452>ITT: Actresses who make you feel funny[View]
118460724Am I suppose to just believe a beautiful woman like Felicity Jones would be married to a fat lard as…[View]
11845303040k live action series made by the guy who made man in the high castle: Astartes will still be bette…[View]
118461092>Americommercials This is only a silly example, but it's actually kind of sad that their com…[View]
118461082WEBM thread Post what you got[View]
118456356Who is your /tv/ waifu?[View]
118458120was she a virgin?[View]
118460005Really missing simple TV about the fellas just having a good time, maybe throw in some broads to car…[View]
118460125no /tv/ and no beer make homer go something something[View]
118459866>tfw no brother Why can't I have a best friend?[View]
118459653ANY LINK TO THE DOCO?: https://www.gq.com.au/entertainment/film-tv/the-chilling-unsolved-mystery-of-…[View]
118453363Rise Of Skywalker: >Movie ends with both side being obliterated >Threat from the beyond closes…[View]
11846008922nd of July, am I forgotten?[View]
118455716Cucks who redeemed themselves[View]
118460631Thoughts on the acting career of LeBron James[View]
118460613was ingmar bergman a pedophile?[View]
118456929/lig/ - Love Island General: The general is dying, hopefully it take me with[View]
118460197gib mobie[View]
118460115What's the deal with this? It's interactive or something? I don't have netflicks but …[View]
118460358Witcher (Netflix): Would you?[View]
118460372>a cinematic tour de france[View]
118450706Heckle her.[View]
118456037How would you make a movie about the Epstein case? His entire island looks like a movie set.[View]
118459500Hey /tv/, Omar is comin[View]
118458913Is this kino that can live up to three kingdoms?[View]
118460219>'Why yes... I do believe the upcoming blockbuster Dora the Explorer starting Isabella Moner will…[View]
118459349I check[View]
118455226I am right about to marathon this big boy. What am I in for ?[View]
118460106So, apparently Roman Polanski didn't like this film. Any truth to that? Why or why not? And las…[View]
118454581WTF Spielberg[View]
118460101Why are they so talentless?: Jews have a stranglehold on hollywood now more than ever before and mov…[View]
118459923We call it The Good Morning Burger.[View]
118460060What a letdown of a movie[View]
118457657Which do you prefer? MCU or X-Men.[View]
118452154Okay, you've had time to let it marinate in your mind. Now admit it was a bad season.[View]
118460009Let me just quote here the words of the great John Lennon: >imagine[View]
118459839Skeleton Twins: Has anyone watched this? It was terrifyingly relatable for me, much more than I woul…[View]
118458856Did Richie Bobby Lupo?[View]
118458229This has to be the worst marketed movie in history https://youtu.be/ZUdy0Cu3f_o[View]
118458498I believe sneed posting is a tragic misstep in /tv/ board culture. We became too ironic, /tv/ create…[View]
118452595Probably their most boring movie yet. The cinematography is legendary though.[View]
118457493Did he write the whole movie just to suck Salma's feet?[View]
118459723You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong wit…[View]
118458665Death of Mainstream American Cinema: Once there was time when film like The Godfather could be highe…[View]
118458862Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118454122Whats /tv/s favorite LES GOLD moment?[View]
118456265Doing this film is just a huge PR move for Hanks to protect him from any #metoo or epstein BS, isn…[View]
118458929What is that thing called when theres an opera, and the man whispers something to his female compani…[View]
118459141The Hobbit & LOTR: O! What are you doing, And where are you going? Your ponies need shoeing! The…[View]
118459472They cursed a lot in the promo video...does that mean the movie will be good? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
118459439>at the cinema >film ends >mix soda with popcorn and pour it all over cushions and floor, s…[View]
118456427Is Moner going to have a real career, or just meme roles?[View]
118459424Honestly feel Attack on Titan season 3 is the greatest ever piece of media produced[View]
118456429Is this the most kino name?[View]
118459386was there ever a more bro moment in history?[View]
118459350*saves Hollywood*[View]
118459347JOHN CENA IN FAST 9: Is this more forced perspective here? Can he fill the Rocks void?[View]
118453450How are they going to fuck it up?[View]
118458086Post celebrities that you could take in a fight[View]
118457551In Watchmen Alan Moore was trying to tell us that superheroes are linked with the dream about a mast…[View]
118458249Which one had the best character arc in your opinion?[View]
118457566Was he right?[View]
118457315ITT: Judge each other's top 5 films: 1. Mommy (2014) 2. Floating Weeds (1959) 3. Brick (2005) 4…[View]
118458769>normal guy living with his normal family and solving mostly normal problems with his mostly norm…[View]
118458739Has anyone seen this, Would you recommend it?[View]
118457112Clever Blade Runner minimalist poster[View]
118456269Would you accept a million dollars (or the equivalent in your country) to let someone have sex with …[View]
118456516Can THOR be saved? What went wrong?: >lost home >lost father and mother >lost warriors 3, …[View]
118457001>Ma-Ma >no children[View]
118457342Never watch the television, it is the greatest mind control device ever created, your mind is being …[View]
118455351Huh-huhh she's a 10 I think: >she's different broo >look at these conventionally att…[View]
118445646We live inside a dream[View]
118457945>the main villain is called Sauron >there is a wizard called Sauron's Man >yup! we sho…[View]
118458574Best girl[View]
118452984I started listening to director's commentaries on Youtube at my new job. Today I went through t…[View]
118458068was adam sandlers character gay for not having sex with these women? why else would he not?[View]
118446083Only 5 months left in the decade...what has been your favorite film of the 2010's? Mine is unir…[View]
118457770FUCKING BASED[View]
118458101And a hotplate![View]
118458341>just went on a 3 hour hike this morning with my best friend, a chocolate labrador >still have…[View]
118458337Cringe Thread[View]
118456795Why is she so cute bros?[View]
11845799690 days fiancé happily ever after /general/: Discuss[View]
118452290Why is she not in films anymore?[View]
118458170>Homer, use the for... use the forks![View]
118458217>The year is 2014 >True Detective S1 is airing >Mad Men is in it's penultimate season …[View]
118458192Disney live-action film, when?[View]
118457602Why does this series feel so disingenuous?: >Series takes place in the 80s >Kids act like they…[View]
118458146And that’s the hardest part. Today, everything is different. There’s no action. I have to wait aroun…[View]
118456182The answer we've been looking for: Virtue signaling is the only way >You wanna hurt me? Go r…[View]
118458080Take me back to 90s Disneyworld with Sam Wright singing Caribbean music with kids with zebra pants w…[View]
118457947More movies with this feel?[View]
118442792What killed the action genre?[View]
118456553What's his appeal?[View]
118455231Will the Cats movie make furries mainstream?: I mean it's pure whacking-material for them.…[View]
118456082Why is a pretentious student film spookier than 99% of horror movies?[View]
118443114A gif that made me believe.[View]
118457768https://www.buildquizzes.com/QRDJMMN what are some movies about a man falling for women's decep…[View]
118456338If you have never seen pic related I don't seem to understand why you are on /tv/ - Television …[View]
118457345Where the fuck is Al these days?[View]
118446120O.W.: I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man. Interviewer: I’ve never understood …[View]
118440674>Write eight books in which the protagonist is constantly ostracized by bigots because he's …[View]
118455708ITT: Gun shop scenes: >phased plasma rifle in 40 watt range..[View]
118457445ITT: perfection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljSuROOUxg8[View]
118455908How hyped are you to see JOKER?[View]
118457354Black and Privileged: I just watched this and I laughed my ass off. AMA[View]
118456556MCU Phase 4: What are your honest thoughts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movies/shows?…[View]
118442664Rape in Television & Film: Rape in television and film: does it serve a purpose, should it be al…[View]
118448806What is this movie going to be about?[View]
118447784Was the dude just takin' a piss???[View]
118454293say hello to the Netflix killer[View]
118455810Whats /tv/s verdict on the white trash project[View]
118456557/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118428…[View]
118454174she will be /tv/ waifu after the first episode screencap this[View]
118449881Can we talk about how great this casting is? I'm suddenly quite optimistic about the upcoming B…[View]
118456926Never been to Alamo Draft house and there is one nearby. Should I go see Crawl or Midsommar? Pic unr…[View]
118454640was she supposed to be hot?[View]
118456975man of steel 2: shit just got real[View]
118455627Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118455309 [View]
118450885Why the fuck did he take it out on a first date?[View]
118456882Hellboy 2019: Fuck you I liked it.[View]
118456766'So you saved me from an STD' There, I solved it[View]
118456861Just how old is Mr. Burns exactly?[View]
118455185Swing Girls (2004): does anyone know where to stream/torrent this film? i can’t seem to find it anyw…[View]
118455489>I'll be useless sir[View]
118447035As a lesbian, this makes me WET[View]
118456064Saw a Slipknot music video in which used scenes of this TV show and now I'm curious to watch it…[View]
118456656>That class room scene with the note Brehs.[View]
118450561Just watched the 5th greatest film of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes: What did i think of it?…[View]
118455438DEY FAWND USS[View]
118447336there was literally 0 logical reason for iron man to die here except a calculated, cynical decision …[View]
118456546Man-Thing: Did anybody even watch this?[View]
118455076What are some /tv/ approved preschool shows?[View]
118455923Is there anything he can't do?[View]
118456198Was he a Communist?[View]
118456021Why didn't they just buy cheese at the supermarket?[View]
118456028Second Spider-Man movies: Have second spidey movies gotten worse or better?[View]
118454608The first time I saw this I was 9 years old at my aunts house. She asked my mom if I could watch it …[View]
118456110If Ryan Reynolds is the only actor who can portray Deadpool in film, what if he died? Whether by hea…[View]
118444833I don't care what Brits say. These guys were a one hit wonder everywhere else in the world. Fuc…[View]
118456128was it kino?[View]
118448337/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Christie Previously on /bb/: >>11842…[View]
118454278I hate mondays[View]
118448046Say one positive thing and one negative thing about Rick and Morty.[View]
118453795Gourmet Makes: This show is starting to feel more and more like The Office. You go your background c…[View]
118453021Now, let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
118453130which one of these should i watch?[View]
118455995Just marathoned this kino. What did I think?[View]
118454050>The Last Jedi is ba-[View]
118454894Who was in the wrong?[View]
118453179HE LOOKA LIKA MAN![View]
118455483I think his face looks fine.[View]
118455707>this is one of the highest rated show on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes Who likes this shit?…[View]
118455594It's a Sony movie. It's okay to go see it.[View]
118453933Cast her first Bond Boy.[View]
118446438tfw you realize your wife would give it all away for one night with Chad[View]
118451237The name's Bond, James Bond.[View]
118455590What next for her career?[View]
118455363reminder that he did NOTHING wrong: just getting the dead to run after him so his senpai gets away…[View]
118455536Based Comedians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDV5VuLxy-Q&t=387s Simon Evans. His bit starts …[View]
118454707>watched Batman Returms as child >now can only get erection with femdom kink >women don…[View]
11845544090 Day Fiance: Happy Ever After: Tell All: Ashley and Jay the ultimate blacked couple. Literally the…[View]
118453824>Man Friday is a British/American 1975 comedy adventure film, adapting a 1973 play by Adrian Mitc…[View]
118455323What the fuck was his problem?[View]
118454197The Wire: Greatest show ever?[View]
118449841>biopics you'd like to see >this one of the greatest comedians of the 20th century.…[View]
118454134What does Disney have against hyenas? The Lion King movie and its remake treat them as aberrations t…[View]
118454148>fool it'll be hiroshima and nigger-saki[View]
118453757あなたはもっとこれを直すか、私はあなたに地獄を解き放ちます Anata wa motto kore o naosu ka, watashi wa anata ni jigoku o tokihanac…[View]
118454865It was at this moment, that thanos realised... The age of man was over[View]
118454723Thank you House, very cool: All of your favourite narrative TV shoes would never have been greenlit …[View]
118454949here's your ariel bro[View]
118454724>Hi I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History and today we're going to talk ab…[View]
118454887Anyone find a decent version of Annabelle comes home yet? Or are they all still unwatchable?. The on…[View]
118453938Why can't they develop good characters?[View]
118454652See, /tv/? You can be a Chad too If you try![View]
118453867Better Call Life Alert: What the fuck was Chuck's problem?[View]
118447150>antagonist is evil because... he's evil[View]
118453319Was it kino or just pretentious symbolic hipster trash?[View]
118454777There was a thread asking for steampunk kino. Here you go, dude.[View]
118454746This movie was so cringe[View]
118454340How shallow do you have to be to only want to see movies if the characters has the same race and sex…[View]
118453558webm thread: let's web 'em, boys[View]
118454701>Skynet sent back dozens of terminators all to different times in case one failed >Terminator …[View]
118454671See Cats, anon[View]
118454523>San Diego Comic-con 2022 >Kevin Feige walks on stage >'Here is the Avengers team that wil…[View]
118452659I was catched Shawshark Redeption on tv... did Andy really received rape by those guys?[View]
118454554She actually looks great: It was just a bad shot in the trailer. Also her body of work is very flesh…[View]
118453698ITT movies you'd unironically watch[View]
118453702Ok so we are gonna have a new Blade movie, ok so what if we change Blade and make him a caucasian ma…[View]
118454270>Hoarse, old woman voice >'Paul, you show great potential...' >*Fade in from black to a des…[View]
118454317I just watched this movie: what did I think of it?[View]
118454476So who was he?[View]
118453665Reboot Craze: Blame Memes for its Popularity: Do you know why Hollywood suddenly to reboot all of th…[View]
118450894i dont understand - how the hell this movie is not feminazi propaganda? literally muh stong wymyn th…[View]
118449196Without looking it up. Can you name one character from James Cameron's Avatar? Apart from Jake …[View]
118453591Have you guys seen the new Supergirl?: New Supergirl is a sad blue berry! She looks like a dude with…[View]
118441412>Why yes, my favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands. How could you tell?…[View]
118454208Walking Dead Comic Con Melissa McBride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55NzDYP1_Xw[View]
118450735OUATIH will be Tarantino's best film[View]
118454121I have a meeting at uh..MENSROOM![View]
118452045Cast the HBO series[View]
118442099where are the webms from last night's episode?[View]
118454106>Make a nog sequel to Big >Don’t call it Bigger…[View]
118448927Why do we rarely see Japanese actresses in Hollywood movies?[View]
118451509Why are young french actresses so laissez-faire about on screen nudity, whilst Americans are so prud…[View]
118453251>Childhood is idolizing Tarantino >Adulthood is thinking Tarantino is a hack thief >Patrici…[View]
118451761CAMERON ADMITS DEFEAT: Like it or not Marvel Studios did the impossible. They did what DC never coul…[View]
118445533>This is a pretzel town, pretty boy. I don't get it, Moleman isn't pretty nor is he you…[View]
118453254films with a theme. films, in the same vein. films with a certain type of actress.[View]
118453846S-sh-she's beautiful!: JFL[View]
118441171Ladies and gentlemen, may I present. Yennefer of Mumbai and Triss of America.[View]
118448310Why didn't he just nuke los angeles?[View]
118453111*Is the only good thing to look forward to from Marvel*[View]
118453917Jesus christ, i feel like i just lost 50 IQ points after finishing this. Everything about it was pai…[View]
118453770Films you shouldnt have seen as a child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Ae0h2pd78[View]
118453875m’ask you summn rick[View]
118420327Why does /tv/ hate that 8K is already being sold and will replace 4K by 2024?: Why 8K is the real st…[View]
118447911Do you prefer Endgame or Avatar?[View]
118453716Tolkien vs Jackson: O! What are you doing, And where are you going? Your ponies need shoeing! The ri…[View]
118453790What was his problem?[View]
118452395nostalgia thread[View]
118453694Since Disney is remaking all their animated movies into live action, when are we going to get a live…[View]
118453098it's over. jim wins again.[View]
118453370>implying lesbians are real what did jewflix mean by this[View]
118452641Fifty-fifty with Cristobal... I like the sound of that[View]
118453600what was the point of the whole murder subplot?[View]
118452605*blocks your path*[View]
118452676M-m-m-m-m-member when howard-stern-type shock jock was on the Simpsons? M-m-m-m-member t-that?[View]
118452607Harlots: Why aren't you watching harlots on hulu anon? There's a new episode.[View]
118450725Natalie Portman will be jacked in Thor 4: Will she get tips from Brie?[View]
118450062ITT: LA actors, comedians and filmmakers that still have soul[View]
118452577Really makes ya think...[View]
118453156What did it cost?[View]
118449222Uhhhhh.... meow?[View]
118453436Tell me why this isn't the biggest MCU casting ever[View]
118453328did he died?[View]
118451728Can someone explain to me what a Final Fantasy TV show will be about? Is there any kind of overarchi…[View]
118453362>stomach growls >sounds like the wind down effect from movie trailers https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
118451963Most based character in Futurama for sure[View]
118453063What are some secondary characters that ended up stealing the show? It doesn't even have to be …[View]
118452194Movies about homewreckers ruining people's lives and disappointing their fans?[View]
118449791Is he just Ted Kaczynski with fur?[View]
118453222File you fools![View]
118451791Biopic when[View]
118451810What are the most memorable, iconic moments of the Star Wars prequels?[View]
118452950Stop watching and discussing capeshit. Stop watching and discussing Star Wars. Stop watching and dis…[View]
118450914>You know, Fisk, they call me 'The Man Without Fear'. Haidakhan Babaji said that such a…[View]
118448247is there such thing as steampunk kino?[View]
118448847What did James mean by this?[View]
118452560>set in the 80s >uses CGI in every 'scary' scene that doesn't fit into the 80s …[View]
118451941this music video was pure fucking shit[View]
118452853Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118450400The Wire: remember like 7 years ago, everybody and their mother pretended this was their favorite tv…[View]
118452815Why didn't they just create infinite resources?[View]
118452804I was a fooking LEGEND on new terra[View]
118451145>the villain listens to classical music[View]
118447816My niece wants me to take her to see Dora.[View]
118451934>antagonist is Dr. Evil because he’s.... evil[View]
118452702Living rooms Bedrooms Dinettes Oh yeah You can find 'em at the market We talkin' 'bou…[View]
118440171Urban Legends: What are some less talked about urban legends that should be adapted to television or…[View]
118452684What movies capture that comfy careless summer feel?[View]
118452679Were they actually expecting Terminator Dark Fate to make money? This franchise was already dead bey…[View]
118449816What is the most grimy noir in your opninion? (No neo noir allowed)[View]
118452333Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’ niggas, who’ll go to work on the hom…[View]
118452087Is the mafia really like this?[View]
118452461The Wolf's Call: Did we like it?[View]
118452361>summer /tv/[View]
118452431Does the script give a hint that she actually loved him?: however minut the change... it's one …[View]
118451554Jesus, what an absolutely uninspired piece of fucking shit from start to finish. Why? Just why?[View]
118452297so is this anything else than john saying >im so sorry to an arab and a grandma halle berry being…[View]
118443739The 2010 Tonight Show Conflict: Now that the dust has settled, and almost everybody involved was fir…[View]
118451915Do you watch any YouTube series’? For me it’s escape the night https://youtu.be/bS2vhgnFddU And 2kaw…[View]
118452202*Sneaks up behind you at night*: What do you do?[View]
11844873440k Eisenhorn: So anons, a tv adaptation of Eisenhorn, the 40k based book series, got announced rece…[View]
118452170Daily reminder that Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murpy in MEET DAVE[View]
118452157pretty disappointing, but far better than seven samurai honestly[View]
118450723The fact that so many television critics still name The Simpsons as 'the best or most influential or…[View]
118452116>There are people on this board who actually waste their time watching movies and tv shows instea…[View]
118452072If there were movies/shows based on Pepe and Wojak, would it be one big cinematic universe or unrela…[View]
118450245i just got it! Neo is an anagram of One! that means he is the one[View]
118450931ITT: /tv/ approved kino's.[View]
118451582TAKE IT OFF[View]
118451536>Jason Alexander was so deeply offended by a stereotypically jewish mohel character in the Bris e…[View]
118446314It's hard to believe this man came out of nowhere to become the greatest director who ever live…[View]
118450066Will she play Wonder Woman again for the CW crossover this year?[View]
118451715Halloween II (1981): I want to like this better than the original, but the increase in violence/gore…[View]
118447872CHILDHOOD FAPS: The things you fapped to[View]
118451790>i fucked a polar bear and I still couldn't get you out of my mind Who read this script and …[View]
118451746>or maybe a serious blackedor like your wife? hahahahahahaha[View]
118451655What is your favourite tom and jerry episode and why isn't it the ice episode? zoomers need not…[View]
118450624James bond 007[View]
118448447Have you done your yearly summer Jaws watch yet?[View]
118437654Did we break them /tv/?[View]
118451468>watching high school kino >no mention of holocaust class…[View]
118446627Do you guys watch Tripping the Rift? I remember getting so many boners from this show when I was you…[View]
118451561Hey, anon, you got that TPS report ready?[View]
118446239Pusher Trilogy: name a better trilogy[View]
118449549I just saw this. It was super boring, really stupid, was full of celebrities no one cares about, and…[View]
118451507odds are he would have amounted to a nothing-burger actor, until Vince Gilliam made him a meme.[View]
118451427>Rigggght... “Chaotician”. >I don’t recall seeing that field among the offered curricula at Ha…[View]
118448537say something nice to the sexiest man alive[View]
118451351Are there any good movies that give you hope for the future?[View]
118447476>watch movie >actress is tied and gagged[View]
118451294What's your favorite dad simulator show / channel?[View]
118445586Henth forth you will be know as Darth...[View]
118451189My son, big hoss[View]
118450492ITT: awful casting choices[View]
118451254Thoughts on Japan's taste in movies https://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/japan/yearly/ This was l…[View]
118449163>Charlie Heaton, who plays troubled teen Jonathan Byers in the Netflix sci-fi hit Stranger Things…[View]
118451232Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118450056what did women mean by this?[View]
118451190HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Alitafags are fucking desperate.[View]
118444835Would you watch an X-Men/Star Trek crossover movie? Asking for a friend who is definitely not a majo…[View]
118449366I don't like SOY24 either but this one was a kino[View]
118446625Predict its RT score https://youtu.be/-VLEPhfEN2M[View]
118451092Reminder that if your movie looks like a cosplay that's already a major red flag. The best adap…[View]
118446887PART TIME[View]
118451073Why has no kino been made about this BASED aussie lad?[View]
118451063People who play the same character in every movie/show[View]
118445493Another fucking simpsons movie??? This might be the most unnecessary movie sequel in all of movie hi…[View]
118449522Movies for this state of mind?[View]
118450857The names Booga, Ooga Booga.[View]
118450922>Jerry, the signs were all there, 35, single, fit[View]
118444885Was Scar from the Lion King actually a Homosexual?: >can't fight Mufasa, has to use outside …[View]
118450729Do these idiots still Force Awakens was a good movie or have they backpedaled? Do they still think R…[View]
118449240>we're on the wrong side of history women deserve equality! fuck this series…[View]
118450813aint it one BITCH of a Earth[View]
118446137How does Lynch do it?[View]
118445480Was it kino /tv/?[View]
118450347What's his best review?[View]
118447786>makes feminazis mad >makes danyfags mad >creates an entire generation of little girls nam…[View]
118442060ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
118449173>It's a good movie, there's lots of great acting but it's like a mumblecore movie.…[View]
118450553Do I have an original thought in my head, my bald head? Maybe if I were happier, my hair wouldn’t be…[View]
118448868>scientist character starts spewing random technical jargon >'in English please'…[View]
118450517What’s a goblin?[View]
118445563where are black people???[View]
118449580AH BLAH BLAHH[View]
118450131>Too late, Ms Bond. I live to see another day![View]
118450443Why are 2Dfags the worst, whether it be movies or vidya the 2019 Lion King was still trash though…[View]
118447454The scene that saved /tv/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2NrnvGpnwA[View]
118448740Ain't nothing gay about getting your dick sucked! You the ones who's gay for sucking MY di…[View]
118450284Hey guys I gotta use the bathroom, just gonna leave my wife right here for a minute. Can ya'll …[View]
118450441Any comedy that comes close to Thick Of It and The Office (UK)? I need someone who liked both of the…[View]
118446160>You'll get your rent when the colored kids stop stealing my Social Security cheques! What d…[View]
118450373You want me to fuck off? How about I fuck off all over your stupid fucking face, you fucking mutt![View]
118450351BFI > Criterion[View]
118450203>Good video game movie doesn't exi...[View]
118450243Um..one please.. achoo![View]
118450198I agree with what you're saying, /tv/.[View]
118450157What is this movie called: I remember seeing this movie where an explosion randomly killed people in…[View]
118448889What is the DOOM of movies? not the dwayne johnson film.[View]
118447480Is it worth seeing? Thought Homecoming was quite bland[View]
118449990So how did they handle this?[View]
118448630>protagonist is male but not white >my face…[View]
118445875Black and White Kinos: Watched pic related last night and loved it, also watched double indemnity th…[View]
118450004This movie is pretty funny. I wish all irish movies were kino like this.[View]
118447269What does the S stand for again?[View]
118447853Godfather: Which is better, Pt.1 or 2[View]
118449828WATCH OUT[View]
118448035top gun is shit right? like betacuk power fantasy like breaking bad.[View]
118448484/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ + /ttg/: >The Minds Behind The Terror >Featuring Dan Simmons, David Kajgan…[View]
118449736WHAT THE FUCK?!! I've fucking had it, when do we burn it all down guys? I'm done waiting.[View]
118448751What’s the best Carey Comedy?: For me it’s Ace Ventura...because I like to shout “LIKE A GLOVE!” whe…[View]
118435501Are you pumped for phase 4 /tv/?[View]
118448909What's /tv/'s opinion on Full Sail University?[View]
118417811MARVEL STUDIOS SDCC ANNOUNCEMENTS ROUND-UP: BLACK WIDOW (May 1, 2020) >Directed by Cate Shortland…[View]
118434612Why did she all of a sudden decide that she wasn’t too good for capeshit? You think she was told beh…[View]
118423061Spike Island: Was Stone Roses really a thing like this movie shows? I never heard about them, just O…[View]
118449483underrated, prophetic comfy kino[View]
118443146I miss Guy Pearce.[View]
118448691Sam Raimi Spider-Man: >OH YEAH! WHO'S THE FAGGOT NOW?! SPIDER-BITCH! AHAHAHA What was the po…[View]
118449086OK, /tv/. It's time for everyone to be honest. Don't feel ashamed of coming clean. Out of …[View]
1184268972019.. I am forgotten[View]
118446287Scrotum armor: daily reminder[View]
118445068OH NO NO NO NO[View]
118449192>The Hemo-Goblin was a vampire created to help a white-supremacy group eliminate non-whites. He i…[View]
118448839When did Disney lose their souls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCoJvu8PF7Q[View]
118447410Got a big enough joint there Rick?[View]
118449177>walks in possessed house >'hello, anybody here'…[View]
118445372CATS: CATS CATS CATS[View]
118443765Olive Oyl was kind of weird looking. What was Popeye and Bluto's obsession with her?[View]
118445367Why do people pretend that Witcher games isn’t the main reason Netflix makes the tv show? >b-but…[View]
118448410what are some good documentaries on hinduism?[View]
118445468Stuber: I liked it.[View]
118443434S E E T H I N G[View]
118448307This is the best doctor on tv. Say something nice about him. Houseshitters not welcome unless it…[View]
118448617What are your thoughts on the 'I Am Jazz' TLC series? Is it kino? Not sure what other word I would u…[View]
118447696How hard are the sequels going to bomb?[View]
118447931Thank you Mum[View]
118448370Look at how happy he is drinking his slurpees[View]
118448283>Want to rewatch polar express for nostalgia sake. >It's not christmas.…[View]
118445997I am 100% certain this was one of you niggas so fes up![View]
118445618True love was never real: Your friends don't love you, your family doesn't love you, your …[View]
118442637So who's gonna be the big baddy now after Thanos?[View]
118448209Movies that wasted their premise[View]
118446678what am i in for?[View]
118448020Recommend movies about loneliness[View]
118439256Reminder that Eternals will be mommy kino and save capeshit as a whole.[View]
118428902/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118418…[View]
118447566This scene was dumb as fuck[View]
118447806>Why yes, I will be supporting Marvel phase 4 and the new Bond film. Im a well travelled man who…[View]
118447593Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118447966Gotta memba to stay hydrated[View]
118447887Any good films about redemption?[View]
118447543ITT: Unrealistic kinos[View]
118442381Marlene Dietrich: What an amazing woman[View]
118447877They're going to make a movie showing what happened between Prometheus and Alien: covenant, rig…[View]
118447512>I found it on the dark web[View]
118446900At the time this happened.. did /tv/ knew he would be revived next season or did /tv/ actually belie…[View]
118447742ITT: real life kino[View]
118447459I miss him bros[View]
118447727Dude, I almost had you.[View]
118446089Why was he the only one that didn't get a happy ending?[View]
118447325Imagine if these two ever made a.collab movie, how fucking gooooooood would that be[View]
118446960Should Westerns have to be filmed in the United States?[View]
118446422Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118437480What movie has influenced your personal philosophy the most? For me it's Conan the Barbarian (1…[View]
118440918James Cameron congratulates Avengers: Endgame on becoming the biggest film of all time: (for now)…[View]
118447458>Are you Blur or Oasis?[View]
118447472War kino: What are some of the best in this genre?[View]
118444631What's the best Yorgos Lanthimos film? Just saw The Killing Of A Sacred Deer yesterday and it b…[View]
118446088>Some motherfucker are always trying to ice skate uphill' It doesn't work.…[View]
118447318'And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder One of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.…[View]
118443277Claire or Molly? If anyone has body pics, please help us out.[View]
118444365>British >Game >Shows Why does it feel like they deliberately make their TV shows unsuitabl…[View]
118447109confess, how often do you rewatch, /tv/[View]
118445666What’s wrong with her FACE??[View]
118434226What was their fucking problem?[View]
118446554Really makes ya think...[View]
118446484/tv/ BTFO[View]
118441266What was the best episode?[View]
118445241Why are people praising the cinematography in this movie? Almost all the shots are absolute shit.[View]
118444178Tony Leung’s casting as ‘The Mandarin’ in Marvel’s Shang-Chi has stirred up a racism debate http://w…[View]
118447056Funny pranks: At the half of the video, spanish speakers will understand better but it is the best p…[View]
118441101What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
118446531Just watched, what did I think of it?[View]
118405202>Is this the most important scene in movie history? One to be taught in classrooms? A high mark o…[View]
118443951>I do apologize Ms. Bond, Casino Royale does not exchange playing chips for EBT…[View]
118446659>have sex, Inceldur![View]
118435969Will it bomb?[View]
118446672>silver leg what the FUCK why was this change even necessary fucking lucas…[View]
118445041>Anon bitches about politics discussion in his mobie thread. >Tell him that movies are inheren…[View]
118445464Post your favorite /tv/ related images[View]
118441977So why was young Putin as a KGB agent in Chernobyl?[View]
118445539post ultimate pleb filters[View]
118446725Cast him https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=ksbBo_1546968281[View]
118444527>is it a problem? >no, I'm Dunnhier Imagine the infinite hubris required to speak this li…[View]
118446234What was it's fucking problem?[View]
118442695Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek: Will it happen? What will it be like? Would a Pulp Fiction like Star …[View]
118446449>Have brilliant, serious premise >Make Jonah fucking Hill a main part of it Why does he keep f…[View]
118446547today I saw a black person on the street and now my day is completely ruined..what are some movies w…[View]
118403928Let's settle this thing once and for all and never discuss it again, /tv/! Did Fuyutsuki like G…[View]
118446246My friend, Jefferson's an American saint because he wrote the words, 'All men are created equal…[View]
118440956>Based Marvel completely destroys DC with their new lineup 'Oh no! guys please don't forget …[View]
118445704I am that one nigger in ten thousand.[View]
118438831Lion King's already made half a billion: https://deadline.com/2019/07/the-lion-king-spider-man-…[View]
118444755>The path of enlightenment is paved with double cream.[View]
118445103will you watch her new movie?[View]
118446288A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: I feel like the twist is going to be that this Fred Rogers guy …[View]
118445195JUSTed actors that came back and UNJUSTed themselves. I'll start. https://www.inverse.com/artic…[View]
118446183What does /tv/ think about Mr. Obvious' take on the Kyoto Animation Arson Case? He says KyoAni…[View]
118446043Voice kino https://youtube.com/watch?v=bYVrbMQx77M[View]
118441579A P O L O G I Z E[View]
118444979Who should play Dexter's mom in the live action film?[View]
118442332Why haven’t you watched this anon ? Quench your kino thirst.[View]
118445407>ITT: Celebrities with no Evil inside them[View]
118443440I'm just getting into Tom Green's material now, he was truly ahead of his time[View]
118445259I need seven hundred seventy seven nigger souls for my crrrrrrew[View]
118443879Secrets of Hollywood: I'm an insider Fact: whenever you see nipples sticking out, they are fake…[View]
118444016A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VLEPhfEN2M this is gonna be pu…[View]
118430464>yeah I'm a huge cinefile... Kurosawa, Leone, Godard... the list goes on!…[View]
118445457So he's had the most impact on cinema of any actor in history right? We're halfway through…[View]
118443866What are some of your favorite really old shows that still hold up today?[View]
118440174>90 years old[View]
118435875was he an incel?[View]
118442650How yall look after sayin avatar would always be number 1[View]
118445489ITT MCU Phase 4 Predictions[View]
118443541>bro comes over for dinner with his GF >dinner starts, excuse myself from the table. >pick …[View]
118445031How were they so fucking lucky?[View]
118441241Alita: Battle Angel Thread: I got mine. Did you?[View]
118442612For me it Dr Satler[View]
118445275Work Passwords: frasier29ALIMONY_[View]
118441965Why doesn’t Ricky Gervais star in big movies anymore? All he seems to do now is shit tv shows for ne…[View]
118441912How the fuck did this get announced and slip under all radars? >Based Ralph Fiennes >Based Gem…[View]
118443981Cows watch moovies. Doors watch keynos.[View]
118440503Paul Dano: discuss[View]
118443386Top 10 movies of all time, RT version https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/[View]
118440837/ccg/ - Cool Cat General: post cool cats[View]
1184439241962: 'Bond... James Bond' 2019: 'Ma'am... it's Ma'am'[View]
118444157What is some revenge kino? My brother kept on stealing my weed and my booze so I farted in his pillo…[View]
118444911>Cast Tony Leung as Mandarin >chinks get triggered by that Marvel is doomed https://www.malaym…[View]
118444882>movie opens with all shots and dialogue synchronized to the opening song Is there a more kino wa…[View]
118443787Now that the mars dust has settled, what's /tv/'s consensus on The Martian?[View]
118444663Movie deal when?[View]
118444776James Cameron congratulates Endgame on becoming the highest grossing movie[View]
118434705/trek/ Space Mall edition[View]
118444628Will stargate atlantis ever have ending? Most likely not. sg-1 and atlantis thread for those 2 jaffa…[View]
118444415>tfw you are hungry but the roastie won't wake up![View]
118444539Who /cumfly/ here?[View]
118444422>start wage cucking >blink >a month has already passed Kinos for this life-sucking feel…[View]
118427070Jason Statham is proof that you don't need hair to be a turbo Chad.[View]
118443074Movies that trigger millenial snowflakes[View]
118442787We made it up[View]
118440127Chaplin: Why millenials and zoomers don't watcg and appreciate his films? His films are so beau…[View]
118434385What was his problem? Also why didn't he waste Shoshanna? He must have known it was her.[View]
118444348I swear every woman I know has a copy of this at their home.[View]
118443035what did i just watch?[View]
118443888George is such a nice fella[View]
118442097What is it that drives these droves of young girls to appear in TV such as Spartacus, butt naked, ex…[View]
118442290what the fuck was he thinking[View]
118441769Can anyone recommend me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118440669>supposed to be the best martial artist in the MCU >hire an actor with no martial arts skills…[View]
118442960>Gone with the Winds? What's that?[View]
118443947Daily reminder that if you love Krteček, you are GAY[View]
118442158So why did it came back? Was it planned or just an afterthough?[View]
118443088I call it 'Sneed and the Feedasaurus!'[View]
118442495need to know the name of this netlflix show: My mom wants to know the name of this show[View]
118443517Why did people hate this film? The concept was interesting.[View]
118440680Let me ask you again anon, what is your name?[View]
118443635why dont we line up on this side to touch the hair[View]
118443719Do you think he is the endgame for Tay Tay or she will dump him for someone else?[View]
118442865Was it based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC3KPm3YpHs[View]
118443510What is next for Daisy?[View]
118435161Why this movie is never recommended ? Just seen it, it's scary as fuck.[View]
118443604the pill[View]
118443331actual footage of women hitting the wall[View]
118441779>/tv/ >pretends to enjoy Andrey Tarkovsky and Bela Tarr movies >also /tv/ >always talks …[View]
118443063Now that Eisenhorn is getting adapted, what else would /tv/ like to see from the 40k Universe? For m…[View]
118443493More movies like this.[View]
118441907>unironically rips off the True Detective opening in your path How is the new season of Veronica …[View]
118442587DUSTIN: >tfw you bought DUSTIN[View]
118441736how do you get 'free' snacks and seats at the movies these days?[View]
118441869All this talk about inflation: Help me understand this /tv/: Endgame was seen by more people than Av…[View]
118433596What does /tv/ think of Memories of Murder?[View]
118443271>it's 2009 again[View]
118442267Post your face and your taste in horror kinos. Pic related is me, i love bone chilling slow burns, i…[View]
118442578>already passed it on its first weekend Remember when gojifags were saying that having humans wer…[View]
118443172Lion King 2019: Such weird, insecure choices. They were so afraid of straying from the original that…[View]
118434642Sarah Gadon: What's next for her career?[View]
118443166CLEAN IT UP WAGIES[View]
118443153Why did the driver work for free? And what kind of person works for free?[View]
118438455Never seen this or any anime for that matter, should I pirate the original or netflix dub? Also, whe…[View]
118441835>write a long well thought out reply >get replied with, 'cool story, bro. TL;DR'…[View]
118442750Worth a watch?[View]
118439299Let's congratulate Joey King for getting an Emmy nominatiom for The Act[View]
118442014Is this payback for electing trump?[View]
118442942They're Inside: For some reason this reminded me of DogTooth. Any other movies with this feel?…[View]
118442918So let me get this straight, anon. You have no sales. There's nothing patented or proprietary a…[View]
118441232For me, it's Amélie[View]
118441958I've been thinking of traveling to the Philippines and would like to see some of their culture …[View]
118442506Why aren't you supporting the release of true Kino and suicide prevention?[View]
118439950>why, Yes i already pre ordered my single ticket to the new dora movie, how could you tell…[View]
118442624When are we getting a Final Destination 6? The concept has endless possibilities[View]
118439766admit it, /tv/ u cried (i did)[View]
118442571Just saw the movie 'The Thirteenth Floor': I thought it was great. Anyone else here seen this movie?…[View]
118441326Seagal eating a carrot.[View]
118437896>downtown >see like 20 asian students in a loose group of mini groups walking around >see t…[View]
118442228/tv/ is for 18-21 year olds ONLY. Anyone else need not be here. We don't want you boomer's…[View]
118442472/tv/, ARE YOU WITH ME?[View]
118442077post comfy horror kino[View]
118442333Main character is in love with a girl that already has a boyfriend. post tropes you absolutely hate…[View]
118442420If Avatar gets rereleased and sets a new record, will Endgame be rereleased with an alternate ending…[View]
118441178How bad do you think it REALLY is in Hollywood? How many actresses have to couch for roles? Are they…[View]
118439825Ben always looked so depressed during his batman time it must have been annoying as fuck to be compa…[View]
118440839Mark Kermode says Lion King's not that bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gMH4HuchJk…[View]
118439243Why doesn't /tv/ like good horror films anymore? Every time I come here now it's infested …[View]
118442296So is the takeaway message that women suck or robots sucks?[View]
118441999Explain yourselves /tv/.[View]
118441279la creatura...[View]
118441898/eug/ Start the damn Euphoria General before I glitter myself![View]
118435972How could one movie of him would work today?[View]
118440372When did that become a priority?[View]
118442036Boomer kinos?[View]
118441820>007: do you expect me to talk? 'No, Ms. Bond, I don't expect you to talk since we aren…[View]
118441955how would Mulder and Scully fare in Stranger Things?[View]
118433312>I won[View]
118441011That´s a big hat[View]
118441881My dear anons and anonettes, cunnyposters and discord trannies, Redditors, phone-posters, zoomers, b…[View]
118440268The kino to end all kino is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZsuug-3r_Q[View]
118440856>what do you think is gonna happen now, anon?[View]
118439936it still hurts bros[View]
118441308Just finished watching it, is it kino or reddit?[View]
118439980Can't watch this cum guzzling shit any more lads. They butchered it[View]
118441783UNSCREWED! with Not Tom Green[View]
118441718Holy shit, so this is the power of the white man.[View]
118436651So he ends up being a balding loser in his 30s?[View]
118441746What are some shows about a person who gets useless meme degrees and stays unemployed forever[View]
118440601Galaxy edge: Galaxy edge[View]
118438447What would you have changed?[View]
118439955What the FUCK was he thinking?[View]
118441248cast him[View]
118439558Star Trek - Lower Decks: >Based black femdom >No pandering to Furries >Cute alien girl Will…[View]
118441327Somehow, I have never seen a single one of these movies. Feels good, man.[View]
118441099Who >/watchesclipsofshowsonyoutubeandtellstheirfriendsthey'veseenthewholeshow/ Here?…[View]
118441272>Club Dread 6/10 >Beerfest 7/10 >Super Troopers 5/10 >Slammin' Salmon 5/10 what nex…[View]
118441194DUDE I’M FAT LMAO[View]
118430439>woa man, lets like make a metal band but also make it a cartoon comedy >one of the best shows…[View]
118440983So none of these were ever apart of the mcu? Why? I suppose it was for the best since they all turne…[View]
118440010Thanks for ruining my favorite anime, Netflix. The new series fails to bring in new audiences and do…[View]
118441304>not running a profitable nootropics website >not selling CBD >didn't cash in on the …[View]
118440868I SAID 'WHO THA HELL IS THAT'[View]
118441318what are some kinos about chinese dominance over whiteys?[View]
118436732ITT: Great films that aged like milk: The first Mission Impossible film.[View]
118440860Any other docukino that's just the men talking about the entire experience?[View]
118436696Is live truly greater than fiction?[View]
118441062>You have been banned from all boards for the following reason: Replying to off-topic garbage. De…[View]
118433587Leave Marvel to us.[View]
118441020chart thread: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ make your charts there post it itt comment …[View]
118440737Why is letterboxd like thishttps://letterboxd.com/michaelhaneke/list/films-directed-by-women/…[View]
118437677Daily reminder hating this movie is a massive sign of being gay[View]
118440996Why do spics and waifufags like this mediocre shit?[View]
118439341>leave /tv/ for 3 months >feel better, more sociable, feel less rage >come back to check up…[View]
118440529Hey hey! Tonight I'm going to suck....[View]
118440030ITT: fuck you I liked it[View]
118439672Is there a more kino drone YouTube channel?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGF4cH9t6SgF5e4OELMbDj…[View]
118440794What the actual fuck were they thinking??? https://youtu.be/iS6chrslAfo[View]
118437180We demand State protection for Sneed and an end to the attacks and insults against this meme in the …[View]
118436334>British 'humor' isn't funn-[View]
118426359ITT: kino people weren't ready for[View]
118437132What movie will finally make polyamory go fully mainstream?[View]
118440754>In February 2019 it was announced that Amazon Studios had dropped A Rainy Day in New York and wo…[View]
118440511Even behind the scenes photos for this are kino as fuck[View]
118440732Let me ask you something? Why don't people trust their instincts? They sense something is wrong…[View]
118439278>target locked far beyond visual distance >isn't any threat anyway because of gen differe…[View]
118436414What did Emma mean by this?[View]
118429999Fuck the Upside Down: So how/why are there 'current' buildings in the upside down? To what extent do…[View]
118421280Why is Hollywood so afraid of casting attractive female asians?[View]
118440667>Anon, you tie up Janny over here! We're gonna draw a little bit of everybody's digits.…[View]
118439910The only next high production value movie I unironically want to see.[View]
118440537>'Crush my cock & balls with a rock? Sure no problem'[View]
118432535I don't care what Brits say. These guys were a one hit wonder everywhere else in the world. Fuc…[View]
118440444This fag is completely redundant in the avengers or even mcu or even the comics themselves There’s …[View]
118411203ITT: /tv/ in 1992[View]
118438252Casa De Papel: Season 3: What did I think of it?[View]
118440256>destroys you on national TV Heh, nothing personnel[View]
118439953How did Disney get away with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39L5kqa00vs[View]
118436645favorite movie quotes: >Now, I have made you become The Departed. post yours…[View]
118439109What's with the little girl into a weapon trope?[View]
118424015Is Rey a Mary-sue?[View]
118440041What does /tv/ think?: https://youtu.be/om2nuaW_aWo Budget of $80k, does anyone know when this will …[View]
118439469>I'm Shary Bobbins. >Did you say Mary Pop- >No. I definitely did not. I'm an orig…[View]
118439523Who should be cast in the live action adaptation of his life?[View]
118439982I've been away for a while. Who's winning the Discovery vs Orville war?[View]
118436852Robson, the niggers are up to something.[View]
118440138What are some gangster kinos?[View]
118439962Neytiri is...[View]
118440011cast him.[View]
118440001>it's a Spartacus thread[View]
118439505I regret to announce this is the end. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.[View]
118437810>why yes, I am currently listening to the The End of Evangelion film score, why do you ask?…[View]
118438877Why didn't Spock just have sex?[View]
118439038Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118435879So this is the most successful movie of all time now. Oh lord, Infantilization has done a great job,…[View]
118435872>Season 1 riddle with charm, a little rough on the edges still a pretty solid show >Season 2 w…[View]
118438706It's another /tv/ BTFO episode: Well ?[View]
118439725Get outta my swamp[View]
118439179Where's my skatepark Bam?: You said you would build it...[View]
118427415How is Zoe Saldana in every blockbuster and still only a C-list celebrity?[View]
118438058Anybody watch Pluto tv or any of the other free streaming services?: I usually just download whateve…[View]
118437364https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ5Jlx8MTp8 What does /tv/ think of Louis Theroux on incels?[View]
118437780Movies for women: ITT: movies men will never understand[View]
118439599is Sherlock Holmes the only good detective character with a substantial amount of content?[View]
118439580https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3vTld5pNlI K I N O[View]
118439452>Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell? Didn't they do medium steaks in this restaurant?…[View]
118439508Hell Comes to Frogtown is perfect.[View]
118438977This is an absolute shitshow and a disgrace to Smith and Jones’ legacy[View]
118435249Was he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9HivyjAKlc[View]
118435991YO MISTE WHITE[View]
118439381What habits did you start because of a movie?: I always have a toothpick in my mouth because of Driv…[View]
118439075Post scenes you wish you could smell.[View]
118427966what are the elements of this movie that make it so great? Why hasn't any other action movie su…[View]
118438971Why is Disney and Hollywood killing the movie entertainment industry? >But Disney made a billion…[View]
118438867Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut: He met his wife at the masked ball.[View]
118435097Is it just me or this movie is not as good as the boomer weebs say?[View]
118439043>Euphoria? Love that show![View]
118438601Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
118438924Marvel released a new Thor poster! HYPE!![View]
118436362Ignoring the story, the movie was beautifully shot. Anyone else love the first shot of kristian and …[View]
118438981>muh nihilism lol other kinos with this feel?[View]
118434639Daniel Craig was the first Bond who's blond and nobody gave two fucks. Why do people throw a fi…[View]
118437948Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118438811Kino cringe thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGHKrh8J8I[View]
118437342it’s true, don’t lie to yourselves[View]
118438736I feel the new Star Trek series is just a soulless melange of selected bits producers think fans lik…[View]
118436279Suppose you were tasked with exporting Bollywood across the world: how would you go about making som…[View]
118434201>inspired T2 >Influenced Drive >Created Tech Noir as a genre >Combined action, horror a…[View]
118436548serious question, what's the point of netflix and chill?: you're binge watching some show …[View]
118437941Wait... so who was the real cuck here? Luke or Kofi?[View]
118436474Your teenage son or daughter will think this wishbone necklace is really cool[View]
118437586Any kinos about the superiority of 2D?[View]
118438627Why yes, I love Star Wars, how could you tell?[View]
118438445Sup niggas, is this worth watching at the kinoplex or is it a big pile of shite?[View]
118431632HOL UP[View]
118436237What the fuck is her problem?[View]
118438518Was the whole point of this show that women are are subhuman retards who can't use logic (excep…[View]
118438072holy crap lois, this reminds me of the time was i was rick![View]
118436685/fantasy/ general: Official rankings 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 2. The Lord of …[View]
118436431The Greatest movie of all time: Find me a top tier quality film that was or is better. I'll wai…[View]
118436641Are the jannies asleep?[View]
118430238>Hitlerjugend Ronaldo, please direct me to the nearest road.[View]
118435007Name a more based A.I. Hard mode: You can't[View]
118437281Will any show ever beat this?: Not trolling, I don’t think it will ever be beat. The characters, the…[View]
118425463SO I MADE A BIG MISTAKE[View]
118435959Post your choice for the next James Bond. Criticize others. Pic related[View]
118433823>Americans need naked Margot Robbie in a bath to explain basic financial terms to them Are they …[View]
118437662Why does Henry keep liking so many young actresses intstagram posts?[View]
118438061>I'll tell you one thing about the jews: they've always been against those starving chi…[View]
118437863>Americommercials This is only a silly example, but it's actually kind of sad that their com…[View]
118435225>we need a chad who doesn't mind being cucked and emasculated[View]
118437895I can go anywhere[View]
118437786What the fuck happened to him?[View]
118436390Sneedposter: Sne- Me: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CUNT[View]
118437812>I’ll call it Red Magic What did he mean by this?[View]
118435164>2019 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but …[View]
118437698>watch movie/ show >for the next few days afterwards adopt the mannerisms and personality of c…[View]
118437033Another Nolan kino?[View]
118435917What would you do if she came out of your TV?[View]
118430459What's a good movie to watch with a girl? Its like the 3rd or 4th time we hang out. I'm br…[View]
118433906Why do so many people hate this scene?[View]
118436142HEE HOO[View]
118437218>new Cats movie >Doesnt show cats as violent murdering psychopaths who kill for the fun of it …[View]
118435129Target the reavers. Target everything. SOMEBODY FIRE![View]
118437433>we dont need you >we need nothing! why was smith and the machines so emotional and butthurt? …[View]
118437353Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118435561>'Why no, Anon, as a responsible father and husband, I don't allow Mary or the children to v…[View]
118434079In retrospect did this really deserve to be named the best film of the century?[View]
118435992Ranking: Name some director that you like and rank their work from your most favourite to least favo…[View]
118436844Are we just going to keep ignoring the greated show in 2k+19 ?[View]
118437288>stupid office worker losers >*proceeds to pull a log of shit mixed with hair out of a pipe* A…[View]
118432843Here's your elf, bro[View]
118433073Cast her[View]
118435151Cobra Kai: Everything bad that happens is Johnny's fault. Daniel did nothing wrong Change my mi…[View]
118433563What's the /tv/ consensus about the Child's Play franchise? Is the reboot any good?[View]
118434568Any movies for waiting 3 hours in your local DMV?[View]
118430247> “Outstanding traditional culture is a country and nation’s basis for continuation and developme…[View]
118436570What a complete fucking waste of time. This makes MIB 2&3 look like fucking masterpieces in comp…[View]
118435217What do you guys think about Anya Taylor-Joy?[View]
118436989>After all these years I have finally become... Harry Potter Left the theatre at this exact momen…[View]
118436862so what was the verdict, /tv/?: i for one watched it for the lesbian scenes[View]
118435605Did he do it or not? This film makes me think he didn't.[View]
118436130>Song in the soundtrack is scarier than the whole movie https://youtu.be/8gBVrJXnqU0…[View]
118431914What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
118435761Attack on Titan: >*surpasses kino*[View]
118434803>just like in my japanese shonens[View]
118435254/tv/ would you like some sausages?[View]
118427870post an apu get a movie rec[View]
118436077What will happen to the Bond Babes now that 007 is going to be female? Will there be a new Bond hunk…[View]
118436392Do you watch Dr. Rahim chiropractic kino?[View]
118430271Why was this so scary back in the day?[View]
118435714Bros I can't stop wasting my time watching shitty romantic movies, i like to watch them but ins…[View]
118424423Imagine /tv/ if this shit got a live action remake[View]
118436218Was it kino?[View]
118433501Was it really that bad ?[View]
118433401Why don't people trust CRITICS anymore?!: Is it because they are racist sexist homophobes?…[View]
118435223So what was that ending all about?[View]
118435212Rank the Mission Improbable movies.[View]
118436145So I was on youtube and this was in my recommended. Than I had the idea to get this on youtube trend…[View]
118432713Live and Let Die: Live and Let Die summed up how we all felt about the decision 46 years before it w…[View]
118433939How much does Cameron hate him?[View]
118435796Was Armstrong autistic?[View]
118434475He was going to turn in his life around, he dindu nuffin[View]
118435580>the perfect trilogy doesn't exi...[View]
118435906Get out.[View]
118429878This little shit can't help but destroy everything he touches[View]
118435102The only worth while shit tarantino has ever shat out was pulp fiction, Django Unchained, and inglor…[View]
118435881>this kinda shit is now impossible T-thanks boomers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtG6niRiRXk…[View]
118434643Movies only men can understand[View]
118433151*spock aint me starts playing* SOME FOLKS ARE BORN MAAAADE TO TREK THE STARS OOOOH THEY'RE RED,…[View]
118435811>You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. >pulls out grenade launcher .…[View]
118427658Why don't netflix shill asians and indians the way they do for blacks?[View]
118433111Just a reminder...[View]
118435743What are some great detective kinos?[View]
118433926this was pretty good: >/tv/ says the movie is some liberal shit >movie literally shits on left…[View]
118435700We live inside a dream[View]
118435315Big Little Lies: Why did the second season BLOW D I C K I C K[View]
118435654Was he right? Were the blacks taking over?[View]
118435652>'Capeshit? Leave that to us'[View]
118433718what a fuck happened /tv/?[View]
118435385Objective truth about why Disney raped the Star Wars franchise:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMF…[View]
118434991>go to kinoplex alone >buy seat between 2 strangers >spread my legs and use both arm rests…[View]
118431858how much does he regret it?[View]
118418030I'm going to my girlfriend's place to watch Alita: Battle Angel with her and her roommate …[View]
118435343Remind of me of who this guy is?[View]
118434997>'I for one welcome our new spider overlods' What are some memorable Simpsons quotes?…[View]
118408812YOU MOWIN' MY LAWN?[View]
118434062What if Luke had known the power of the Dark Side?[View]
118433160Did he died?[View]
118418365>Dr. Manhattan still on Mars Didnt he fuck off to another universe/dimension?…[View]
118432992>'Time to die you purple fucking nigger!' wtf how did the Russo brothers get away with this?…[View]
118434728Say something nice about my wife Ana[View]
118432623>It's a Hal episode[View]
118434205>Makes tiny incision on wrist >nowhere near deep enough >Blood pours out like she just cha…[View]
118434824Have any movies ever taken place at your alma mater?[View]
118432298How come he was the only non asshole[View]
118432610Now that Natalie Portman's been cast as the new Thor, do you think the big bad villain of the n…[View]
118433150Okay what the fuck was that?[View]
118434022>'Hi this is Matt Pinfield, and you're watching 120 Minutes. Tonight are guests are gonna be…[View]
118434715ITT: Shitty movie posters.[View]
118431692Live Action Team Ups!: Share your ideas. Chart makers you can use here... https://bighugelabs.com/mo…[View]
118428981What are some kino movies about a man who can continually get away with whatever he likes?[View]
118434865/tv/ please give me all your Power Ranger marathon images.[View]
118433642I need to swing by the leather panties store real quick[View]
118434150Is there any chance at all of this being good?[View]
118429773Share your live action waifus/harems!: Characters NOT actresses![View]
118433478Just saw this. What did i think of it?[View]
118434709I don't get it[View]
118428892Wild strawberries vs sixth seal which should I watch now?[View]
118425452Why were they blue?[View]
118434156SUMMMER IS REAAADY WHEN YOU ARRRRRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29DKkmZMTlk[View]
118434517But wait, you ain't seen nothin' yet[View]
118414037Holy shit[View]
118432015What was his endgame?[View]
118433739Well, what film, /tv/?[View]
118433790ready for some culinary kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UAE8aBboyY[View]
118431606God I love this show!: Magnificent! Magnificent![View]
118428864my friends think I could be an actress in big movies do you think so what roles would you cast me in…[View]
118430980Is this the sexiest scene of 2019? Part 2 of scene in the next reply.[View]
118419228Did we forget he is king in the norf?[View]
118433564Louis Theroux / Etsubatsu: What's your favorite Louis Theroux kino? Mine is the one pic related…[View]
118433673Any movie recommendations for a guy who has never been in a relationship or had sex?[View]
118434124>h-hey guys, ready to watch some patrician films??? What happened the last time you tried playing…[View]
118434206why is she so perfect lads[View]
118432227Living rooms Bedrooms Dinettes Oh yeah You can find 'em at the market We talkin' 'bou…[View]
118433345WE LOVE THE ALL[View]
118434172How would John Conner be able to run of office after the events of Terminator 2?[View]
118426695What is the quintessential Zoomer kino? What are the movies that defined the zoomer generation.[View]
118433907Based or cringe?[View]
118430913Re-Release when?[View]
118433156>'You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.' What?[View]
118411658>X-Men will be 'quite different' What did Feige mean by this?[View]
118431657Can he still save cinema?[View]
118433494>watching Frasier >realize that the dog that played Eddie is dead by now >feel bad…[View]
118433664What are some other good, wholesome TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show?[View]
118431248Was he grooming her?[View]
118432617Guys, remember Silence of the Lambs?[View]
118428965They did it again[View]
118433842>drops his campaign of revenge and righteousness to fuck a foreign girl in the ass absolutely bas…[View]
118433752JUSTed actors that were able to make a comeback and become UNJUSTed. I'll start. https://www.in…[View]
118433732>Rather get a lobotomy than admit that he killed his cunt wife Was he retarded?…[View]
118433694The greatest film series of the century[View]
118426857>Here's your new Star Trek bro[View]
118431926I GOT A FEELING[View]
118433448And don't forget to purchase some orange drink for the long ride home.[View]
118431328>watching film with girl >she takes out her penis…[View]
118428398When Kim makes a Manwich she uses focaccia bread And would it kill you to put some fennel in it?[View]
118433393Slasher recs: Yeah babey woohoo[View]
118431191What was his endgame?[View]
118421611https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/the-orville-season-3-hulu-1203274526/ >Orville dumped from Fox t…[View]
118432560Why was this show so good?[View]
118428784>most kino moment in American cinema came from a music video MJ was truly the GOAT…[View]
118432911WTF I love Captain Marvel now?[View]
118432602Ironpilled movies/series/ speeches?: So far I have seen Beowulf and 300, Dark knight/Rises. Need som…[View]
118432555Can we get a drive thread going? Post driver posts if you can and driver stories if you have them I…[View]
118432983What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
118432988Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118431535The mask remake when?[View]
118429800Why yes, I am watching Avatar on blu-ray to commemorate a time when ideas not based on preexisting i…[View]
118431679What are some good scenarios for the inevitable reboot? Ernest Joins Antifa - self explanitory Erne…[View]
118432511*inhales then exhales rapidly*[View]
118432832keenyows w/this assdeaddick?[View]
118423030I did not care for The Godfather.[View]
118428642JOKER: Do you think this movie will change society? inspiring all these weak sexless neets to rise u…[View]
118431717>based Mads >based Eva >based Negan Why isn't this /tv/'s favorite movie?…[View]
118418924ARROWVERSE COMIC-CON ANNOUNCEMENTS: THE FLASH >Season 6 will be split into two story arcs, Pre-Cr…[View]
118427524>Call it[View]
118430979Marcy: Trick or Treat[View]
118432581Thoughts on Meadow Soprano?[View]
118423905Rogerr Ebert Destroyed Film Criticism: >I do think it is fair to say that Roger Ebert destroyed f…[View]
118432496Will he ever work again?[View]
118432278ITT: Movies you forgot came out[View]
118429640why did the attempt to #metoo Gordon Ramsay so utterly fail?[View]
118431825>watch spiderman ffh >all the relationship subplots FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK…[View]
118426615Really with how dire the prospects are for any movie studio not named Disney: should The Dark Univer…[View]
118426307It’s the smell...[View]
118425347What do you want to see in the next Halloween[View]
118431945>Adrian: I love you! >Rocky: I love, YOU! >Me: *cries*…[View]
118428395Actors/Actresses who guarantee a good movie: Name an actor/actress whose appearance in a movie guara…[View]
118431859More movies with the dark undertone and theme like this?[View]
118430391Should Ryan Gosling go to jail for taking on this role in 2001? It's the most racist role of th…[View]
118431270Reality show kino. Let's go.[View]
118431585>'I'm putting together a team.' >it's a sports movie…[View]
118431037What did /tv/ think of Alice in Wonderland?[View]
118431723>budget - $250,000 >box office - $3.8 million >labeled a prequel to The Fast and the Furiou…[View]
118429383this is kino[View]
118428851Okay..seriously, I'm in the end of Season 2..Can we talk about this show now one is fucking tal…[View]
118431673So, like, why don't villians take advantage of the clearly superior weapon they already have? W…[View]
118431502>tfw born a sniveling jawlet >tfw the look of my chin only results in laughs from women and Ch…[View]
118429326How is this show still on?[View]
118425137Now that the dust has settled and the show is over, was Daenerys Targaryen bisexual?[View]
118431181>tfw a gay figure skater thats only famous because of his sexuality and orange man bad is the gue…[View]
118431271According to Wikipedia >Pitt has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people i…[View]
118431174Sneed is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look …[View]
118429144ITT we are in the 90's[View]
118430451They say a man should always dress for the job he wants. So why’m I dressed up like a pirate in this…[View]
118431024Any related shark kino's?: I love sharks[View]
118427162THUS SAID THE LORD[View]
118423809What kino shows how stupid Southerners are?[View]
118427251Why do movies make shooting look so easy brahs??[View]
118428794Get out[View]
118431028> Guys, turn on your TVs quickly, see what they are airing...[View]
118423164This was a good movie and i enjoyed it[View]
118430967Frankly I find the idea of a bug that thinks offensive.[View]
118430795It's simple. We kill society.[View]
118429008>most main characters of the story grow old and die and existing characters take lead in a new ge…[View]
118430440Good news everyone! I have invented a machine that allows you to read this post in my own voice.[View]
118430657>that capeshit lineup[View]
118429752what did the artist meant to convey with this scene?[View]
118430587Queen of music and film[View]
118430330What am I in for?[View]
118428081You guys hype for Blade?[View]
118426497>'You know whats funnier than 24?' >'What?' >'25' Did boomers really find this funny?…[View]
118429593was he an incel?[View]
118418912Episode 6 Tonight: Are you ready?[View]
118427701hulk in film: Whats the best hulk that has been presented in film?[View]
118424405Guess the character thread, tv and film edition aiportraits.com[View]
118430239What are some movies that demonstrate the slow corporate takeover of small towns in America?[View]
118430191L'chaim, fatass.[View]
118430197NO, I AM SPARTACUS: how did they not get confused with so many Spartaci in the group? were there num…[View]
118430182>If only you were aware of the strength of the shadows![View]
118430167Should he direct the new blade?[View]
118428030you guys mock her, but if she showed up as your housekeeper or as a friends aunt, you'd think s…[View]
118430009computer load up celery man please.[View]
118429467>Hey Moe, you got change for a five?[View]
118427153Give me a good kino made in the 1980's or early 90's, now. It doesn't have to be your…[View]
118429485Just watched this: It's utter shit[View]
118428476Why is she such a rude obnoxious pompous bitch to everyone?: Especially when everyones just trying t…[View]
118429035who is the worse tv daughter to exist? seems to be between lisa simpson and meadow[View]
118419263Is she the greatest actress of all time?[View]
118429634>............................................................what's that gotta do with me?…[View]
118429518Is this what you'd call... big dick energy?[View]
118428897did you guys see the size of that chicken?[View]
118426931Is it safe to say that interactive meme flicks like Black Mirror's Bandersnatch is just a fad? …[View]
118423456F: >no records >no cultural impact…[View]
118429384joey diaz: Why doesn't he want me to succeed? also is he racist[View]
118422716Why did spielberg write indiana jones as a pedophile[View]
118429184He demands an audience with you[View]
118428102>Ramsay doesnt know a good 'za when he sees one[View]
118429044DON'T STOP[View]
118426626Times when TV and film influenced reality[View]
118428624>movie starts >character immediately looks at the camera and starts teasing me about my cock …[View]
118428866Was this kino? If you haven't seen it, watch it.[View]
118427300david lunch lol[View]
118428718Oof: >Be me >move away from hometown >friends from back home keep in touch and talk about …[View]
118427197Now think about your dad![View]
118427016Come back when? Also, why did the son and mother, who accused him of groping, back out in the end? W…[View]
118428155Which phase 4 Film will be their 'Last Jedi': Where they have to totally cancel their plan of a movi…[View]
118428531>this is the average /tv/ poster[View]
11842824838 hours to go, are you folks ready?[View]
118418563/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118412…[View]
118428149Dear fourchan, (www.4chan.org) It has come to my attention that this is the internet forum that is r…[View]
118428687I may be small, but I will die a colossus.[View]
118426103If the contract is out for John Wick, why doesn’t he just change his name?[View]
118428662Come on in.[View]
118417452She's playing a fucking cat I-[View]
118421967>Who was the better critic?[View]
118420979>Rosa Salazar and Cameron attended Comic-Con >A:BA screening >no sequel announcement. It’s …[View]
118428580concession speech tonight[View]
118427230What the fuck was that !?!.: Big yikes and giant oofs[View]
118428574>complain about 'radio holes' >have podcast infested with them Who are some actors/comedians y…[View]
118428573So /tv/ what did you think of The Lion King 2019?[View]
118427510Are you excited for Thorshlag?[View]
118428508For me, it's Miraculous.[View]
118428435Was releasing a video of a child sacrifice to every news station in Louisiana a responsible thing to…[View]
118428416Was it really karma?[View]
118428388Yes, yes, nice run Avatar, however....[View]
118423256This man is the reason Azn men are cucked in Hollywood: Sessue Hayakawa >'White women were willin…[View]
118417736Standup comedy: Who watches this shit? Why are there so many unfunny specials? why do these keep get…[View]
118428262Who is the Morrissey of television and film?[View]
118421292>It's a Krycek episode.[View]
118427386What went wrong?[View]
118428166Shhh... can you hear that? The Avatards have finally disappeared. Feels good to have won bros. A wor…[View]
118425179How did he get famous? Who ever thought that he was funny or talented? Small children?[View]
118427616holy shit avatar BTFO[View]
118419477who's your pick to take on the role of Wolverine? for me it's Kit[View]
118427957What are some movies about coping with loss?[View]
118427620Are you fucking serious[View]
118426156DC PHASE TWO: >JOKER - Solo stand alone film reportedly not connected to the rest of the DCEU, bu…[View]
118427757Art films pitch: 114 minutes of small talk where nothing is actually said but inane bullshit. Audien…[View]
118426327I check[View]
118426733Why is Jim Caviezel so based?[View]
118427160memes aside this was pretty shit[View]
118427565Damn, girls in MIT math classes really look like this?[View]
118427631Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Thoughts on it? Did you like or dislike the movie?[View]
118425103YVAN EHT NIOJ[View]
118427578We sure did kid. We sure did.[View]
118427543What did it mean?[View]
118423143Am I allowed to like this?[View]
118427490/anxiety/: What are some movies in which the main character suffers from an anxiety disorder? I only…[View]
118426968Any Christian kino?[View]
118423517wtf was the point of this scene at the end?[View]
118425781Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had a chick The swinginest chick I know With a…[View]
118427435Chella Man has been cast as Jericho in Titan Season 2. Chella is a transexual chinese jewish deaf ge…[View]
118425405/trek/: Ezra Miller Edition[View]
118426932Room: Weird but original movie. Brie is such a good wife and mom <3[View]
118426020It's not Al anymore, it's DUNK![View]
118419739Archaeo-Future Sci Fi?: Watched pic related and liked how it was essentially a Western in space, loo…[View]
118427269I felt REALLY stupid for not seeing the twist coming.[View]
118426289Piccolo's plan to slip past Gero was dumb because he had no idea how strong Gero was at the tim…[View]
118410468Who else is hyped? About time we have an Asian main superhero[View]
118423708Ant Man 3: Will it ever happen? The way Rudd is talking it sounds like they are scrapping his charac…[View]
118426393Top Gun maverick: >Tom Cruise’s character Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket as in the o…[View]
118427161ITT: Meme actors[View]
118426950I've found these videos of Trump reviewing film, which despite not liking the guy, I find kind …[View]
118426802 [View]
118426835FUCKING KINO: anybody watching this?[View]
118425639>movie is set in LA >characters are eating In-N-Out…[View]
118412998Witcher: https://youtu.be/cSqi-8kAMmM So /tv/ was wrong again? This looks FANTASTIC[View]
118426877top kek[View]
118426522The Simpsons thread[View]
118425307Superman Returns: Is it underrated?[View]
118426874>you complete me >you had me at hello >show me the money >help me help you How could one…[View]
118426384for me its silvio santos[View]
118425793We're reaching levels of incest that shouldn't even be possible.[View]
118426770Check em: Based if tribs[View]
118426189EL SNEEDITOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x47NYUbtYb0[View]
118424701He didn't deserve all the bullying and harassment he received.[View]
118425594This movie still holds up today and is THE definitive Baseball kino cast the inevitable SJW remake i…[View]
118425704>Stand up, there you go. You were dreaming. >Not even last night's suicide bombing could …[View]
118426585What are some kinos that are too painful to watch[View]
118426579Did you know that the peasants on /bant/ don't even have janitors to clean their diarrhea shit …[View]
118422443OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
118424642>Well well, look at Thassitteezlickerpullen Uppinisfanzijherminkar! Why did he refer to a complet…[View]
118426513>Melodramatic mumbo-jumbo. Exuberant, gorgeous nonsense. Fun? Of course. A profound work of art? …[View]
118425626I'm an ugly beta autist loser 28 year old with no friends, acquaintances or social experiences …[View]
118426499Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118426392Is this the 'Freddy Got Fingered' of the 2010's?[View]
118425784Why did it flop? Would it be more successful today?[View]
118425984>Well if it isn’t Mr. Salad Fork.[View]
118426342Who would you cast for a remake of Blue is the Warmest Color?[View]
118425206CAST HIM[View]
118425081It really was on par with the Sopranos..: What did the final shot mean? Was he gonna break Ronnie ou…[View]
118426239Dammmmnnn, this Evangelion adaptation looks good![View]
118422060READY STEADY GO[View]
118426282THE N-WORD. YOU SAID IT. WE CAME. >'Its just a word!' OH 'NO!'. IT IS A MEANS TO SUMMON US >'W…[View]
118425817>Skywalker's lightsaber, also known as Anakin, Luke, and Rey's Lightsaber, or simply Re…[View]
118426141Bel Powley is ______[View]
118426104>The Biggest Guy came driving in from across the field >He lingered there for Doctor Pavel and…[View]
118425871Who gives a fuck?[View]
118426000wtf did bradley cooper do to have this happen to him?[View]
118424696Films better than the book[View]
118425466I think Israel sucks![View]
118422754The name's Bond...[View]
118424288>ahh another beautiful morning as the number one grossing mov-[View]
118425911Thoughts on Shazam?[View]
118421733This movie was great and deserved to do better at the box office.[View]
118425753When will we get a movie about Yakub?[View]
118424597>Danial Day-Lewis will never act again ;~;[View]
118424180>european movie >americans are the bad guys…[View]
118417711What is this process called where you take all the life out of a movie?[View]
118424462His gf was fucking annoying[View]
118424505>what's going on?[View]
118425493Jurassic Park >Villain = Raptors >Hero = T-Rex…[View]
118425403Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUzaT87etHQ[View]
118425464Just finished pic related Was it kino?[View]
118425012Horror Films With Good Lore: What are some?[View]
118420690Just how accurate is South Park's portrayal of The Mouse?[View]
118422749I've been watching a lot of Dick Cavett on YT. Why the FUCK dont we have a chill late night sho…[View]
118424595ITT: boner inducing characters[View]
118425182Hold tf up. Why are y’all niggas mourning his death? He was LITERALLY the bad guy.[View]
118424758So are they gonna reveal anything? All I see is Marvelshit on this board.[View]
118423947If you only knew the power....[View]
118424900>character goes off the deep end after a breakup >Only gets better after meeting another woman…[View]
118423909*ding* *ding* *ding* I have an announcement to make[View]
118425049/MESSAGE/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG57-TvLJ-A >Buy up the property as it devalues Raise …[View]
118422323I ship them so fucking hard[View]
118422038Marvel Phase 4: The Diversitgers: Stunning and brave.[View]
118419164Iron Man 2: How does Iron Man 2 hold up 9 years later[View]
118422529>A FEMALE THOR[View]
118424921Here's your 'world record' bro[View]
118422370What resemblance?[View]
118423771why didn't Ross, the largest friend, simply eat the other friends?[View]
118422824Why is he crying, /tv/? supernatual thread[View]
118418454Can The Witcher be saved?[View]
118420246>Doesn't accept the money for her family because it supposedly came from evil and unholy thi…[View]
118424720ITT:: Movies literally no one can hate[View]
118413390What was your worst kinoplex experience?[View]
118424381Can I become a movie star without...you know? Im a guy btw[View]
118421572Would you want to be assimilated?: It sounds pretty comfy to me >everyone is your friend >neve…[View]
118423941Ali Wong: Thoughts? Do you guys like her?[View]
118423352How many Natty Daddy brand lagers do you need to take the edge off /tv/?[View]
118418710Let's get real now: Let's get fucking real here, motherfuckers... Who is the best one and …[View]
118422991Would you hug Hannah ?[View]
118424372What if thread: fight club is released/starts production after 9/11, what changes?[View]
118423089Do these movies hold up?[View]
118423991>see all the money Netflix is making and then get jealous >invest untold billions on buying th…[View]
118424363>We have the most advanced civilization in the world and even the Universe >Our technology is …[View]
118420253Give me your most depressing movie /tv/[View]
118424336Who will be cast as the maid in the Clue reboot?[View]
118423700My eyes! The goggles do nothing![View]
118422089ITT we predict plot/setting/shitty dialogue from Rise of Skywalker and the upcoming spinoff movies (…[View]
118423225Does anyone else here go to bed watching old World War documentaries?[View]
118424348What are some movies for people whose brains have many folds?[View]
118424316what the FUCK was their problemm??[View]
118421040>You can have any brew you want, as long as it's a corona.[View]
118423355accio cocaine![View]
118423008Well done Avengers, well done: HOWEVER[View]
118421896>Movie titled 'Seven Samurai' >One of them is not a samurai Is Kurosawa a hack?…[View]
118423975How do i get into Mad Men, I've been watching it on and off since December last year to now and…[View]
118423750The name's Bond...Queen Bond: She's a Queen. Get over it beta cucks. Queen Bond in the bui…[View]
118420825What are some examples of Americana films? Films that are so immersed in American culture that the s…[View]
118424194You now remember The Villain.[View]
118421845Darjeeling > Moonrise Kingdom > Bottle Rocket > Rushmore > Tenenbaums > Life Aquatic …[View]
118422699are there any good scifi tv shows without sjws? aka the strong female character, and that's her…[View]
118420701Oh......ooh my......oooh my oh my. That is possibly one of the best jokes I've never gotten fro…[View]
118422618Is anyone else looking forward to Portman Thor? Not because of feminism or wokeness, but because the…[View]
118424084Sopranos: Well this isn't a real breakfast! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w4jIpJSGL3c…[View]
118423932What kind of people think this is funny? This is absolute garbage[View]
118423842It’s almost impressive how hard and fast TJ Miller managed to crash and burn his own career.[View]
118422419O-T Fagbenle is the Taskmaster.[View]
118424010What even is the point of having actors physically starring their roles anymore when everything can …[View]
118423814This movie was a delight. It was funny, had a nice message even if it wasn’t groundbreaking, had lov…[View]
118423586Why didn't he at least try to sing?[View]
118419676Okay /tv/, who is, objectively speaking, the best girl in Twin Peaks?[View]
118423171What did they mean by this?[View]
118423641Besides gross box office sales what makes a movie kino?[View]
118423081How did SpiKkKe Lee get away with falsely presenting this movie as being based on real life for the …[View]
118423704Do you think, in hindsight, the parents wish they had just turned Burke in?[View]
118421643We live in a society: It’s happening lads https://www.cbsnews.com/video/man-dressed-as-joker-leads-c…[View]
118423438The third movie of the Skyline franchise is being filmed. When a virus threatens to turn the now ear…[View]
118422176Uh is this DC's chance to Step Up?[View]
118421125Is he the new Sam Hyde: Since Sam Hyde stopped being funny, is BG Kumbi the new /ourguy/? https://yo…[View]
118421409what’s the most kino king of the hill episode?[View]
118420723Why does she look unhealthy and unpretty now? Has she lost her magic?[View]
118422019I don't think this movie could be made today.[View]
118422651>want to have a tea party with me, anon? wat do?[View]
118423323'SCIENCE AND MATH BE LIKE THE FUCKING BITCH TITS YO': What the absolute hell has happened to Star Tr…[View]
118423331Is Disney done doing live action remakes shit now?[View]
118423295Mousebros get in here We did it![View]
118423142Will the Eternals be any good, or is it going to be another flop for Disney[View]
118423007What's your favorite cameo appearance in a television show? Nothing comes to mind that can to…[View]
118422186formerly the simpsons moviee[View]
118422895/tv/ will never be saved until we strangle the last Sneed poster with the guts of the last Emilia po…[View]
118422208>*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Anon? >*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Anon? >*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Anon? How do you…[View]
118421856What are some cool /tv/ related rumours you remember hearing back in the day? Remember back in 2000 …[View]
118419026Well that was awful[View]
118422849Alita, check out my gamesphere![View]
118422715The only good thing that came out from Burton’s Batman movies.[View]
118416316Was Lower Decks made on GoAnimate?[View]
118421827What are some “What If” stories you want to see in the upcoming Marvel’s What If.... Animated TV Ser…[View]
118409212What if the Guardians of the Galaxy find event horizon in the space?[View]
118422784Logan Paul is doing another sports event: Oh God... https://youtu.be/Pbwq7BejMRI[View]
118421299What are some other capekinos?[View]
118419124been watching a lot of silent films recently and now i am in love with lillian gish[View]
118422367brigsby bear: who else saw this film? I would have to rate it kino, for kyle and dave's first …[View]
118422230I’m watching this right now: And I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Can someone fill me in?…[View]
118422577We’re here to fix your VCR[View]
118422130Netflix soon to drop Frasier from its platform: how could we let this happen?[View]
118422491So, now that the dust has long settled, did you enjoy your modern gritty high fantasy story?[View]
118421187>shilling for free and buying multiple tickets just so your favourite capeshit can be number 1 fo…[View]
118421906>hackneyed quips/terrible dialouge >jumpscare >'the joker' Was Nolan forced by a studio con…[View]
118421945KIKI GENERAL: post your kikis, bros[View]
118422466What went wrong?: >grey hair >looks 20 years older than he actually is >hasn't directe…[View]
118422418Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118422449Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, NOW![View]
118422450HERE'S YOUR CATS BRO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eEMDfUwS3o[View]
118420834Only 90s shows allowed ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyS_o6lqKS0[View]
118422424how do we stop him?[View]
118421454Spider-Man 3: Shit or Underrated[View]
118421726Is this a scary movie? What would I be in for in watching The Last Circus? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
118422020>audiomachine takes a shit >holywood sucks it out of their asshole why aren't they using …[View]
118422225So is half of the movie told when they're in their 40s?[View]
118421637Is there an app that finds what movies are playing near you? Especially obscure or older ones?[View]
118420346Ayo, wass poppin b's?[View]
118419624Who was in the wrong here? I recently watched this for the first time and I adored it[View]
118421486Mmmmmmhhhhpp: Mmmhhhppp mhhh mhhhhppp![View]
118420746>All women are whores[View]
118412923/trek/ Kai edition[View]
118422094mockumentary thread? mockumentary thread[View]
118422026What are some movies about it being SO FUCKING HOT ALL DAY. EVERYTHING IS BURNING FUCK[View]
118418911Was Sigourney Weaver a good actress, or just shilled by the media?[View]
118421969This is pretty good why don't people talk about it[View]
118421269I've watched 2008's The Day The Earth Stood Still every single day since 2010. Over 3,350 …[View]
118420962Where the fuck is Silver Surfer?[View]
118422002What should I pirate next my dudes?[View]
118421869If I could reboot the DCEU, first thing I would is not mention the fact that its a cinematic univers…[View]
118418760>W-WE W-WON I DONT THINK SO *DABS*[View]
118420859That ain't working (that's the way you do it) Deletes the shitposts on the board /tv/ That…[View]
118417848Why didn’t Sal wanna fuck his wife? She’s qt I don’t get it[View]
118416783all sneedposters should be rounded up and placed in camps. they should be forced to work nonstop unt…[View]
118421179New Man in the High Castle Season 4 clip. https://youtu.be/YCYQ9Cp_iu0[View]
118421898The Brazilian Connection Trailer: Get the fuck in here!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KhuwrdLNk0…[View]
118420625>it's probably a safe bet he never made the varsity team. Jesus Christ Mulder, what the fuck…[View]
118421891Based Katheryn Winnick dabbing on DnD[View]
118416307When does the X-Files get good?[View]
118421700It deserved better[View]
118421840I'm putting together a 2 minute small Edition video for an outdoors apparel company what should…[View]
118418225Can someone make a webm of the first half of this scene when she spits into his mouth? I need to see…[View]
118421769Why cannot they not tell a story anymore: In a linear fashion, begin middle end. now its all multipl…[View]
118421783LITERALLY NOTHING but good faps[View]
118419610YES! YES! YES! WE DID IT /TV/!! https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/movies/avengers-endgame-passes-a…[View]
118417476If the casting is perfect, nobody will complain, not even /tv/: I'm glade this guy is Blade…[View]
118420922>And if you must go to work tomorrow >Well, if I were you I wouldn't bother >For there…[View]
118421025Anyone watch the Alfred show yet?[View]
118420624>PG-13 Blade[View]
118421451wtf was he retarded? why does he talk like that?[View]
118419409Tell me this won't be maximum Kino: Go ahead. I dare you.[View]
118419009Brad Pitt should work with the Cohens more often.[View]
118421576SVU's Defense Attorney John Buchanan: >calls bullshit on all rape accusations >ends up be…[View]
118412709Disney is reported to be launching their own airline: All aircraft will be 100% Disney and Marvel-th…[View]
118421543>THE SIMPSONS THREAD you write a quote, others name the episode. -What’s on TV? -Nutsy the clown.…[View]
118418006Aside from the depiction of Ozymandias as the obvious villain, the movie was absolutely great. The t…[View]
118415050- Henry Cavill General: Inaugural edition For all you Henry-chads out there to congregate jere and d…[View]
118421367>Still no HBO series on the Mercury 7 expanding on The Right Stuff It would be absolute kino…[View]
118413081was it really as bad as people say?[View]
118417647Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider is peak kino[View]
1184212743.14159: 11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything aro…[View]
118421361FIFTY million dollars?![View]
118421495Betty or Al?[View]
118420420ITT: Excellent stills from films: Post the best of the best stills in cinema.[View]
118418983>has the perfect wife >cheats on her with cheap thots why was he such an asshole?…[View]
118414681Henry Cavill as James Bond: Can we start a movement? Once we get traction, it may work. Believe in H…[View]
118420734Will we ever see justice for Alexei?[View]
118415065the state of this board[View]
118420978what a pile of garbage. plot twist was laughable and predictable. can't believe it's rated…[View]
118421344Just watched this: Wtf this was fucking great, literally a better Godzilla movie than any American G…[View]
118421333HELL GOD BABY DAMN NO[View]
118420079So... you posted it again.[View]
118416080About to watch this what am I in for[View]
118421204/ug/ underdog general: Heroes get remembered, but legends never die[View]
118418252'shut up nelly you stupid jap cunt' i wonder what he meant by this. she's not even asian[View]
118419090Warcraft on Netflix: Let's fucking go. Rise of Arthas.[View]
118420560>gets dumped by gf >girl he likes turns out to be gay…[View]
118417230So can a knowledgeable anon explain to me why the audience score on RT is getting higher as of late?…[View]
118399939Do actors in kino get their physiques naturally?[View]
118420848Im Doctor Manhattan NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ[View]
118409968Will you think it adult comedy kino? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LQtkLUwlPYM[View]
118418820Why was she so absolutely perfect in this movie bros[View]
118420697>go on flight >watch matrix >directors >Andy and larry wachowski almost broke down laug…[View]
118420446you are not gonna fuckin believe this[View]
118418776What was his FUCKING problem?[View]
118419738Does he blush?[View]
118420291What is the best Christmas movie?[View]
118420729Hard to be a god: anybody seen hard to be a god what do you think about it[View]
118408740Rachel > Monica > Phoebe[View]
118420718>why no, I haven't seen Avatar or Endgame, how could you tell?[View]
118419919>Skynet sent back dozens of terminators all to different times in case one failed >Terminator …[View]
118416327Why are brits so cringe?[View]
118414282I AM JAZZ: The perfect transsexual human being... I don't know about you guys, but I'd say…[View]
118418987Subtle Futurama jokes you didn't get at first[View]
118420604Ayo niggas wildin' lmao[View]
118419377Will he ever make another movie brehs? >tfw no one has replaced him[View]
118420568>/tv/ is a ship board[View]
118418108What say you, /tv/?[View]
118420244>movie made for adults stars children as protagonists[View]
118420467Don't you think it's about time for a new season of peelse and key? they better hurry up b…[View]
118420452What Avatar did she use to achieve her Endgame of becoming a Titanic Star, Wars she experienced not …[View]
118420294remind me again why onions don't like this kino[View]
118420241>Suck on THESE stones. sack chin. Was this really necessary?[View]
118419703Does watching comedy shows/movies make you a funnier person?[View]
118420375First man was kino and doesn't get enough love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbalce6Mk1Y…[View]
118417236>character washes their hands after using the bathroom >doesn’t use soap…[View]
118420251Was 2014 the best year for film this decade?[View]
118416539Money Heist / Casa De Papel 3: Is it, dare I say... K I N O I N O[View]
118418974>woman are evil[View]
118417203Cast the Squirtle Squad movie.[View]
118419627>His name... is Captain Marvel Holy shit, the Shazam Blu-ray is actually based.…[View]
118419628Roman law.[View]
118419934kick with your balls and punch with your face[View]
118419903Now that the dust has settled about Witcher being a trainwreck APOLOGIZE[View]
118419623>breaking bad but they're genuinely bad people[View]
118418329Go to Frinkiac.com and click the random button. Post results.[View]
118419642Damn this is comfy.[View]
118417963Idris Elba thread[View]
118403088WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE?[View]
118418893What was his name again?[View]
118419566Should I waste my goddamn motherfucking time yo?[View]
118418412Duffmensch orders you to party, this Reich will last a thousand beers, oh ja! I do this, and I…[View]
118419407ITT/tv/ learns they are adapting Hogwarts Mystery into a movie[View]
118419242Favorite Netflix/Hulu series?: I’m trying to find some new things to watch.[View]
118419220>skipping comic Con Has the mouse scared them that much?[View]
118418980The first thing I notice are the tattoos. This movie is marketed to women. Therefore, all women are …[View]
118419380Has there ever been a more blueballing ending to a series?: Than this fucking show right here?…[View]
118416761Any Survival KINO?: This kinda feel, especially when they start murdering the frogs, didn't kno…[View]
118418556Any kinos with a similar theme to pic related?[View]
118417632/elba/: Idris Elda thread[View]
118419171B-bakana bros This can’t be real I feel like I was punched in the gut[View]
118416719Did you know that American actor and former professional wrestler Kevin Scott Nash was raped in the …[View]
118419135Give me the best movies to watch on a hot summer night. I watched Twins (1988) last night and it was…[View]
118414792Was he right?: >These people, they’re insignificant gnats, they’re losers, they have no lives of …[View]
118416872remember when this board used to mock brendan fraser: then now he got his career back and nobody can…[View]
118418197> best Star Wars movie since 00s > soiboys saging it > giving shitty Force Awakens 10/10s T…[View]
118418012is there any other show or movie that could give me the same feelings?[View]
118416526/prg/: THE ORIGINAL RED RANGER IS BACK! EAT SHITTOMMY FAGS! https://youtu.be/p3GzG77QWQk[View]
118418468Any good documentaries about farming?[View]
118418453>/mu/ >/co/ >/a/ >/pol/ GET OFF THIS BOARD YOU FAGGGOTTTTTTTTTTSSSS…[View]
118418918I just found out I have a gene that increases the chance of intestine/colon cancer by 50-80% after t…[View]
118418169'Anon, thanks for coming. Please start your movie pitch whenever you're ready.'[View]
118418714What did you say about cats (2019)?[View]
118418200And now a man I'm proud to call my friend... Homer Simpsno..... Simpson. Dyslexia! Duffman…[View]
118417980Chaos isn't a pit Chaos is a plane.[View]
118418851Lion King opened to $185M. That's crazy! It's even crazier that Disney IS cinema, now. The…[View]
118418808Potat - i mean Bane?[View]
118417972Idris Elba in Fast and Furious[View]
118418502>Oh hey anon, what are you up to? >Going to see a movie? I trust it's not corporate schlo…[View]
118414209Hey I just watched this movie called Super Dark TImes (2017), and it was a pretty solid movie. I…[View]
118417095What do you think of Wes Anderson, /tv/?[View]
118418284wtf was laguertas problem[View]
118418391Cast them[View]
118418696thoughts on this? #niggered[View]
118417580If you see this thread make another Idris Elba thread.[View]
118417183Name literally one thing he did that was wrong. I'll wait.[View]
118418226That thing you do: What was the supossed message/morals of this story?[View]
118418572>lmao this nigga really singing right now?[View]
118418534Who is the greatest composer in all of cinema? >implying it's anyone but this guy…[View]
118417117But it doesn’t matter because I’M Homer Simpson![View]
118416219Most original episode of any show of any series this decade. Directed by Jodie foster.[View]
118412971/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118405…[View]
118418146Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118411982Could you really walk up to a brothel in the 70's and fuck 13 year old hookers with no repercus…[View]
118416835My friends call me Meg. At least they would if I had any friends.[View]
118417228Cast it[View]
118413919This is what diversity looks like.[View]
118418133Are you guys excited for HBO's Watchmen series?[View]
118414161Where do I downlod movies /tv/?[View]
118415987'Superhero movies are the lowest form of cinema.' -Jodie Foster[View]
118418214So how is The Terror going to make an appearance in asia? In 2016 they found the ships wreck, so it …[View]
118411495Marvel actors admit MCU is forgettable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQwk-FJsh8M[View]
118416282What's next for Anya Taylor Joy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG5Sb4hMb5M[View]
118418150afternoon everybody[View]
118414736HOL UP[View]
118417871you cannot name a more bone-chilling song in film than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVnSFj6X…[View]
118418054Idris Elba thread[View]
118416378THANK YOU XBOX FOR FINDING ME A JOB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4W2YNfwLtU[View]
118416381Bart, I have a riddle for you. What's the sound of one hand clapping?[View]
118416453When THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was released in 1980, I saw it 22 times in the theater. I knew I’d have…[View]
118417651Do you guys think Hawk Guy regrets this gay ass haircut in the new number 1 highest grossing movie?[View]
118416772ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
118418014Is Taylor Swift an actress now? She's going to be in that cats movie.[View]
118417481i’ve only been going to /tv/ for a little while. i don’t mind sneedposting because it’s hard for me …[View]
118416256The Strain: When does this get good? I'm halfway through the second episode and it just slogs o…[View]
118416181Now that the dust has truly settled, what is /tv/'s opinion on Mad Max: Fury Road?[View]
118417943>Just turn your brain off bro[View]
118415715Why are you guys even bitching? You know it will make over a billion dollars easy even if people don…[View]
118417906Is Frasier an anime?[View]
118417718>dude, TLJ was bad. It shits all over the lore![View]
118417887Craigslist movies?: What are some kinos about a desperate wizard.[View]
118417805Magnus Bane: Magnus Bane[View]
118415890>your favorite movie >best drink to go along with it…[View]
118416530'One point to Slytherin for every single Jew killed in the Holocaust!' >Slytherin cheers 'Zero po…[View]
118417241The first black superhero film except for Black Panther... POWERFUL[View]
118413924>hey Jord. It's uh me Keegan again, just wanted to know if you got the last couple messages …[View]
118416015ITT: Genres with 0 kinos I'll start: >Bollywood >Found footage >martial arts >music…[View]
118416874Cats (2019)[View]
118391377Spike Island: Who was in the wrong here? Tits or Dodge[View]
118415783Cast the live action one piece: Roger Luffy Coby Alvida Makino Shanks Ben Beckman Yasopp Lucky Roo H…[View]
118417608One ticket to Cats please[View]
118416867A Jewish Thor? >Are you excited for the new Herslag movie Anon?[View]
118416667WHITE PEOPLE BAD[View]
118417518What are some movies about world ending events?[View]
118416546What's this series about?[View]
118416192nothing scared me more than this movie[View]
118416330Which is the best Laurel and Hardy film?[View]
118417411>Greg how come you don't like cats? You prefer an emotionally shallow animal? >You see Gr…[View]
1184162382019....: I am forgotten[View]
118416073Who is /tv/s favorite YouTuber?[View]
118412485DILLON ___________[View]
118417271These movies are pure kino and you know it[View]
118408718Are you ready for Mindhunter S2?[View]
118415713did nobody go see /ourguy/ Riley's new movie? Just got out of a showing and thought it was kino…[View]
118412339Was it kino?[View]
118417111Halloween: Michael is back... again how will the series go down? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sk…[View]
118417269What are your thoughts on The Neverending Story?[View]
118417263Is it creepy to build a holographic fuckdoll, or is it only creepy to build one with a real person…[View]
118416858>Je remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit >Je danse avec le vent, la pluie >Un peu d'amour, …[View]
118416029was this THE most unrealistic fight scene in the history of television?[View]
118416435I miss statuesque blond actors whatever happened to them[View]
118417231ITT: kino that only you have watched: https://vimeo.com/21726417[View]
118415421I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
118412900>Consumerism: The Movie Why did they portray Asians this way?[View]
118417151sunday nights just arent the same bros ;___;[View]
118416903Why didn't he at least try to sing?[View]
118417034Horror movie: Can anyone help me find a torrent for Eli Haye's 'Backtrack' (2017)? It's su…[View]
118414422>Romance movie >One of plotlines is the main character is not allowed to date his love interes…[View]
118416809ITT: characters who browse /tv/[View]
118416461Xena needs sex![View]
118416971Was it real or just a dream?[View]
118410877AI Portrait thread[View]
118415396Who's the best antihero of /television/?[View]
118415505>We’ve been stuck in the desert for days without water. What should we drink? I know, a nice dehy…[View]
118410188I'm putting together a team.[View]
118416862He killed millions[View]
118416518'i just saw ___ and it sucked' 'i just saw ___ and it was NOT GOOD' 'i just saw ___ and it was terri…[View]
118416571unknown early sci-fi film: Can anyone tell me which film this screenshot is from? Any recommendation…[View]
118415383Natasha Leggero: https://youtu.be/WuBg3t6LG-Y tell me what I think about her[View]
118415709i watched the first season of this, and my god is it terrible. why do normalfags love it so much?[View]
118415405A vagina? What's that?: Was Leon an incel?[View]
118413172Captain Fantastic (7/10 story inside): >hear shit on here for >1 year >get turned off Brie …[View]
118416625We are gonna watch Buffalo 66. Are u coming to rabbit?[View]
118414181this shit is now the greatest box office record movie what movie do you think will surpass it in the…[View]
118409215>Once Upon a Time in the West? >Why yes, I have seen it, it's my favorite movie…[View]
118416595movies are finished[View]
118416592Rewatching the return and this nigga literally got his soul shoot out lol[View]
118416585James. You're done.[View]
118416098Have you ever watched a movie just because it had your favorite actor/actress?[View]
118415989His World. His Rules.: Max Keeble's Big Move[View]
118416544Remake when?[View]
118415785fuck bros I'm so lonely[View]
118412444Is he the most influential comedian of our generation?[View]
118415769>no comfy simpsons thread to enjoy with a beer on sunday evening What happened /tv/?…[View]
118415107>'there's no right way to hit a woman' What did he mean by this?[View]
118415870At this rate Disney is going to remake everything[View]
118415942>Japanese characters start smoking weed Immersion broken Movie dropped[View]
118411648>its a Mauler is a philosophy-let episode >its a they just let the superchats roll by without …[View]
118413089Name ONE (1) capeshit moment as kino as this[View]
118409802How did they fuck up so hard?[View]
118415424Imagine being this self absorbed[View]
118416297Would you a Bobeck?[View]
118415810It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.[View]
118416204>chachink >keyrattle.mp4 >VRRRROOOOOOMMMM >VVVVRRROOOOOOOOOMMM >bumbumbumbum >SSSS…[View]
118414269>left Soul >right Soulless[View]
118415450Do you know any other films that capture this type of moment but with other attractive actresses?[View]
118416126>Frodo, you can't leave. Sam's too dumb to cook the books for us!…[View]
118407658Why the fuck did Cameron Diaz retire?[View]
118410431HAHAHAHAH Bitch is scared to show her face! https://www.instagram.com/tv/B0FYLKonODN/?utm_source=ig_…[View]
118414004This little lady cannot act.[View]
118415250>Decide to pick a random film to watch >end up watching josh from drake calling a kid a but mu…[View]
118415800>I think you're 'cool' Homer Simpson. What did she mean by this?[View]
118382027What's your favorite webm of Alita?[View]
118411970should I give it a try?[View]
118415928Any movies about mods who do it for free?[View]
118415127It was good...: can anyone recommend me something similar to this...[View]
118407817The Simpsons may be the most popular and influential show of all time. Despite this, all discussion …[View]
118414912No one is talking about this? It looks really fucking spectacular.[View]
118415848i bet in Wanda Vision, Scarlet witch is gonna do some crazy shit like create another dimension/multi…[View]
118415380Let's envision the biggest SJW cringekino ever made: Post concepts and ideas for an ultimate ep…[View]
118408286>Nice outfit, did your faggot husband make it for you? Jesus, Raimi[View]
118415225It's X-Ma'am[View]
118414344I just marathoned this flick Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of it?[View]
118412895Hello Mr. Thompson.[View]
118415245Who will play him in the upcoming bbc drama about his life?[View]
118415097Pop quiz hotshot, there's a bomb in this thread. Dubs triggers the bomb. Second dubs, it blows …[View]
118414483Remember when Paramount was a major studio in par with Universal and 20th Century Fox?[View]
118415663Any kino suggestions with an Amazon woman dominating manlets? I feel like edging for a few hours.[View]
118413526What are somemovies that are obvious political propaganda?[View]
118414651>lmao, super heroes are bad man God I am sick of both the over done capeshit, and the cynical cap…[View]
118414138Beta mantels cant get la....[View]
118410777>Implying that we will get a sexier catwoman ever Who do you think could top Pfeiffer nowadays?…[View]
118415452Aye Anon, you need some help?[View]
118391880/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ + /ttg/: >The Minds Behind The Terror >Featuring Dan Simmons, David Kajgan…[View]
118415343His name is James (James) Cameron! The bravest pioneer![View]
118412723*blocks your path*[View]
118415141Name your favourite director and your mental illness. Mine: >Martin Scorsese >Paranoid persona…[View]
118410676This is why you lost.[View]
118415258Does /tv/ like goovies?[View]
118414392Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118406185The Blues Brothers: Do boomers unironically like this movie?[View]
118414213It's over Avabros: Maybe we should just commit mass suicide. At least it will make things less …[View]
118410986Abatap: So what is he thinking up there in heaven?[View]
118413603is this the greatest documentary of all time?[View]
118414859>Don't you hate that? >What? >Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's neces…[View]
118414967STANNIS STANNIS STANNIS: WHEN THE BURNING HARTS ARRIVED A cry for help in time of need Await relief …[View]
118415106What are your thoughts on Netflix' The Witcher?[View]
118410807What can account for her incredible rise?[View]
118410041Cleopatra thread: Previous one has been deleted. Let's try again with 1963 Oscar winning motion…[View]
118413213Nat's already started bulking I she going to show her fellow sticc Israeli how to make femcapek…[View]
118414280Lord Whorfin destroyed![View]
118403270When chad gets mogged by uberchad[View]
118407066/Dune/ general: Who else is excited for the kino that will define the next decade?[View]
118414709>not remembered for its story (one told literally thousands of times) >not remembered for its …[View]
118411822Seems like a pretty underwhelming Phase 4 honestly...[View]
118408955Serious Mode: how would everyone have taken it if at SDCC, WB announced they and Zack Snyder made up…[View]
118414306Does anyone actually want a Sony Morbius standalone movie starring Jared Leto?? Now the MCU is getti…[View]
118414395How do you pronounce her name?[View]
118414672Is he /ourguy/?: Think about it... Philip Jennings: >an actually average looking guy, not some f…[View]
118414450What are some great movies about raving lunatics? I just saw Withnail & I and it blew my mind.[View]
118413925>ITT shows you liked as a kid but are pretty cringe[View]
118414502Underappreciated /tv/ mommies[View]
118414627>Not knowing that most of hollywood is transgender: keep snoring[View]
118414603WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW[View]
118414588What are the best Larry King interviews?[View]
118413947David Lynch: Don't know anything about his films except for a few episodes of that new season o…[View]
118413970and your set don't accept ya[View]
118414199Ms. Bond, Casino Royale deals in multiple forms of US currency but we do not deal in EBT, unfortunat…[View]
118413558Ricky, Steve, Karl Thread[View]
118411842What am I in for?[View]
118413338Escape from Alcatraz > The Shawshank Redemption[View]
118412781David Tennant facial expressions[View]
118413742The joke here is more blatant than Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's). How the fuck …[View]
118412881SCRAMBLED EGGS[View]
118412942Music in Movies: Which directors use music well in their films? What are you favorite film composers…[View]
118413679>How do I get to Greenwich?[View]
118414080In 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Pan…[View]
118413135BARTY Crouch...[View]
118412861Is Limmy's carreer fucking over? the homemade show seems to not have been picked. Is he going t…[View]
118409187>Makes all of Hollyjew and normalfags seethe Yeah, i’m thinking she’s /ourgirl/…[View]
118412442>Follow your dreams you can reach your goal I'm living proof[View]
118414190You’re a big maze.[View]
118414018Why are his movies so extremely aesthetic and beautiful to look at?[View]
118413791Would Megaman Live-Action adaptation movie be good?[View]
118406869I want to watch her so hard bros.: What are her best flix?[View]
118413968You? You stand.[View]
118414095how will they do Blade? its going to be pg, so they cant have blood or cursing in it. would be surpr…[View]
118414073/holmies/ - Holmes & Watson General: What made it so kino? Was it the casting or the cinematogra…[View]
118414059>OVER THE LINE GOYIM >MARK IT 0 AND PAY MONEY TO ISRAEL What did john goodman mean by this?…[View]
118412260Things you thought were real.[View]
118410140>ywn save her from being harvested and going batshit insane It hurts bros.…[View]
118413697I told you I ain't got no orange Tang[View]
118413860what was the best film of 2018 and why was it Unsane, directed by visionary filmmaker Steven Soderbe…[View]
118407434>star wars is creatively bankrupt[View]
118412205Was it the last movie made before Hollywood got pozzed ? Is that why it makes libs seethe ?[View]
118412943What are some actors in unsuspecting roles?[View]
118409697witcher: >adapt a polish fantasy series >british accents on all the characters instead of Amer…[View]
118410546New Ad Astra trailer https://youtu.be/hMr4-aYegcM[View]
118406562Will a Elm reboot ever work?: They already tried and it was mediocre at best. Is Freddy too iconic a…[View]
118411615Why were they forced to make this only one film instead of two like originally planned, when the X-M…[View]
118410722Has there been a decent TV series released within the last 4 or 5 years? There's only so many t…[View]
118413665One of us! One of us! One of us![View]
118412454Ay, Tone. I hoid your favorite gum is comin' back in style. Heh heh.[View]
118413649A Serbian Film: Thoughts on this movie? It’s one of my favorites. Also does anyone else have any sug…[View]
118392379Question for capeshitters (srs): This is a serious thread. Respect srs tag. What makes you love cap…[View]
118412490>And people actually think Thor Love and Thunder will bomb because of the bullshit Get Woke Go Br…[View]
118405764>people liking avatar (a big cgi mess) >people liking avengers (a big cgi mess) and quoting th…[View]
118396070Hollywood One Piece Project: Matt Owens (Agents of Shield, The Defenders, Luke Cage) is penning the …[View]
118413569Post series or movies where someones perseverance pays off[View]
118409499> 'The winner gets ME' She made the wrong choice. That guy in the background is absolutely NECK P…[View]
118410212dark knight: Ok I gotta a couple a question about this movie >was getting caught part of the joke…[View]
118413282Fuck you for making me watch this[View]
118409918ITT characters that are literally you[View]
118399600>be a clearly innocent man >none of the actual evidence points to you in any way >just bull…[View]
118413328godzilla: I just watched the 1956 americanized version of godzilla and I only realized the changes t…[View]
118413268In Watchmen Alan Moore was trying to tell us that superheroes are linked with the dream about a mast…[View]
118410290Mein Fuhrer.....[View]
118409138what do you think of directors who put themselves in their own movies?[View]
118404815K I N O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6lCcjv-214[View]
118406182How did they manage to find animals smart enough to act for an entire movie?[View]
118413186thoughts on timothee chalamet?[View]
118403573>Mogs Endgame capeshit when adjusted to inflation Nothing personnel kiddo…[View]
118410952how old does a film have to be before its considered a classic?[View]
118413049Yesterday it happened to me. I watched Antichrist and it was an incredibly dark, raw and despairing …[View]
118412938>broke: Marvel is left wing degeneracy >woke: Marvel is right wing American cultural imperiali…[View]
118410286The Beach Bum: This is the worst film i have seen in a long time. Anybody here liked this? If so why…[View]
118405099/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118393…[View]
118412498*CHAIR CLATTERING*[View]
118412128Alan Moore was trying to tell us that superheroes are linked with the dream about a masterace, linke…[View]
118412824>Jack reads Playgirl and it is implied he is molesting Danny >Dick Halloran's heterosexua…[View]
118410123ITT: Pretend we are in 2050: a fucking white James Bond????? dead on arrival, what a joke. I hope th…[View]
118411665ITT: GOAT background characters[View]
118411513PICARD TO GET RIAN JOHNSONED: Are you fucking ready? The hollywood SJW woke rampage continues....…[View]
118410838>go to take out trash >open dumpster >see this Is physical media dead?…[View]
118412676>X... Men? torrent removed[View]
118410518>explains his motivation and evil master plan to people who already know it in your path Who the …[View]
118412648Is there a horror movie where two Men are kidnapped and locked in a Room and the sociopath puts gay …[View]
118411447********************unOFFICIAL MCU POWERRANKING******************** Strongest Avenger to weakest, th…[View]
118412513Discussion / Analysis please - Mr. Robot.: What is your analysis of this teaser? Are they trying to …[View]
118410573Why is she so cute bros[View]
118410103Weas raras: S1>s3>S2[View]
118410443Fruit Flys[View]
118412342Spine 1k is a godzilla showa era boxset?: https://www.target.com/p/godzilla-the-showa-era-blu-ray/-/…[View]
118412160rent: I saw the theater verson of rent online a long time ago >EVERYONE HAS AIDS >AND WE'…[View]
118410007>5'2' womanlet Thor Oh no no no no What were they thinking? Is the villain going to be defea…[View]
118409052Has there ever been a more cucked Alpha Chad? Thor starts out this long haired, beer drinking, pussi…[View]
118409454ITT: Movies that were made as a joke >based on a fanmade fake movie trailer…[View]
118407562Goodfellas: Why is it considered the best mafia of all time?[View]
118411475can women understand this movie?[View]
118412000ITT times you acted like the Jester. I'll start:[View]
118412106The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: What are your thoughts on this show, /tv/? I really like it. Col…[View]
118412070blacked Haha meme. no room in the world for red heads.[View]
118409528criterion just announced a complete godzilla showa era collection[View]
118410812was it kino?[View]
118410040>this chad stomps in your head while everyone laughs what would you have done in this situation?…[View]
118404267Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Is /tv/ looking forward to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Which actre…[View]
118410917It's happening at D23. Mentally prepare yourself.[View]
118411671Netflix Zelda: http://epicstream.com/news/JakeVyper/Netflix-To-Develop-Live-Action-Legend-of-Zelda-S…[View]
118410830What's your favorite Rob Schneider kino, /tv/?[View]
118411581'And the stars will be your eyes...' 'And the wind will be my hands.'[View]
118409981A. She was a hooah B. She hit me C. That wasn't my kid she was carrying D. I was on a lot of co…[View]
118403642/lig/ - Love Island General: WE'RE BACK BEVVIES[View]
118395337best fuckin movie[View]
118411508Is this the black Kino people have been asking for? 100% Based movie.[View]
118411440>director makes a movie as an excuse to get his dick sucked was he based or retard?…[View]
118411431Fill it out /tv/[View]
118406559Cast It ![View]
118411418ITT: Unsung heroes of SVU[View]
118411128Lion King: Disney took a step in the right direction, but they can still do better. I suggest dubbin…[View]
118410046Harley Quinn the animated series: Hopefully it’ll be better than all that live action shit they’ve b…[View]
118411301You see Larry? You see what happens? This is what happens when you feed a stoner scrambled eggs![View]
118411268What are some movies that make you go Woah?[View]
118404365Why'd he do it?[View]
118409122>Thor looks like THAT now? damn[View]
118410045He moved on, why haven't you?[View]
118410110So everyone tells me to watch Dragonballs and I did, but it's pretty fucking bad. There is a lo…[View]
118410746What's your favorite b movie? For me it's pic related.[View]
118403718What was the point of this scene?[View]
118407887/stm/ - Sonic The Movie General: Last one hit bump limit. 208 days until the greatest kino of 2020. …[View]
118410820>Youtube Kino that ended too soon[View]
118410859What the fuck bros... https://youtu.be/AZbVDwzqxKc[View]
118410626Refute this. You literally can't.[View]
118410835>different media outlets talking about sam raimis spiderman 4 >sam raimi still thinks about eh…[View]
118409683Do you have a little wiener and some tiny nuts?[View]
118408645Name something scarier[View]
118410680California high school movies: Why are they so comfy? Are they literally the U.S. version of anime?…[View]
118409266This was kino[View]
118383914/trek/ - DATA'S BACK edition: I'm not the biggest Picard fan but the new series looks like…[View]
118410488Are you ready for true Power Rangers kino?[View]
118410574Any other soviet kino like this?[View]
118410544Now that the dust has finally settled, who was the best LOST girl? Couldn't be bothered to add …[View]
118410503Cleganebowl: Okay, this was fr*ckin awesome[View]
118407086This was one of the better SNL 90s flicks, why did it bomb?[View]
118410200Dennis is asshole, why Charlie hate?[View]
118408720>Fire at Will! What the hell was his issue?[View]
118409145Is this peak Emma?[View]
118406472Why did this show become all about girl power? The boys are shown as bumbling idiots and the women …[View]
118408747I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
118410355Cat People[View]
118410349Penguin thread: I'd rather watch penguins just doing their thing than every Marvel movie.…[View]
118410285any other wincest kino?: ?[View]
118410259What are your thoughts on John Carpenter /tv/? Whats his best work and whats your favourite? Does h…[View]
118409538>This is the part where you boogie![View]
118406409so this is pretty much capeshit in medieval times?[View]
118410226What are some good romance kinos with chad male leads? Romance movies are really fun when you selfin…[View]
118404566Kino back on the menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4H89rSFUtk >/tv/ has been asking for mode…[View]
118409509Do people really go to see movies in theaters more than once? I rarely want to see any movie a secon…[View]
118406930>It's a Hal episode[View]
118407335I fucking knew these COWARDS would back out of it last minute[View]
118409997How did Buffy find all of the Dragon Balls?[View]
118409994Why is this season so praised? I don't get it, it isn't bad but it is on par with every ti…[View]
118409969British women--now, that's savage cunny. You have to hunt them down like deer.[View]
118409651Post Characters who’s kids nearly died[View]
118409890Will Doctor Who ever reach this level of undiluted KINO ever again?[View]
118406541What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
118409628>gone with the wind being rererererereleased this year CAPESHITTERS AND AVATURDS BTFO…[View]
118409761As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Sneed. It seems that you'v…[View]
118396022Watch Cats anon The trailer is so much fun https://youtu.be/Pv-n0ZZHbSY I hope youre still able to f…[View]
118409169Physical Medium collection: Show yours I have more in the back, but I decide to highlight these And …[View]
118406943How come neither of Will Smith's children made it as actor/actress? You'd expect them to h…[View]
118406866Endgame Passes Avatar's Box Office Record: >Marvel boss Kevin Feige made it official Saturda…[View]
118408553Disney's ROCKETEER Reboot: enjoy /tv/[View]
118408022I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe When will we have the keneaux Lifetime biopic, …[View]
118409658Do you think he'll let her have a LEGO play room?[View]
118409602>We try to link the curse of an Egyptian mummy with the Titanic's sinking…[View]
118406149This show was actually decent[View]
118406463MIDSOMMAR: bros wheres my torrent pls its been A LONG TIME[View]
118409559Toy story 4 will turn your boy into a HOMO I had decided to buy Toy Story at the bargain bin in zea…[View]
118409504How was he able to make such a weird and whimsical film at age 80?[View]
118409158worthy sequel?[View]
118409436I don't get it.[View]
118406441>Producer Akiva Goldsman explained that fans expecting a sequel to The Next Generation should not…[View]
118408600I hear you're an incel now, father.[View]
118407763In light of recent events, let's discuss this. What was deleted from the final cut? Was it some…[View]
118408969Why is the Disney Channel allowed to exist? It presents children with all sorts of strange manipulat…[View]
118407697>French series for kids...[View]
118408217What is this guys deal?[View]
118407678Comfy simpsons thread[View]
118408933what went wrong?[View]
118408602Marvel general: I feel like this board could use a capeshit containment thread. This is now the plac…[View]
118408394Is he the new Idris Elba?[View]
118408190>Leave Marvel to me[View]
118408526Yeah, I'm thinking she's back[View]
118407785How would you have kept Jurassic Park from fucking up? It seems relatively simple if you just follow…[View]
118405388Dude, I almost had you.[View]
118408629Marvel Phase 4: >Sort of was a fan of the MCU >Thought a couple of the movies like Iron Man 1,…[View]
118408693Are you excited for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends /tv/? What are your thoughts on the recent on…[View]
118408679Sheev > Bane > Tayne > Sneed: Zoomers beware. It's treason...then.[View]
118406332Japan produces peak apathy-core kino[View]
118406343Admit it, you popped a boner during 'that' scene.[View]
118407810ITT Characters that deserved better.: I’ll start with the obvious[View]
118407702How does /tv/ rate Arnolds tomography?[View]
118394438Do you think she and Natalie Portman's character will hook up in the next Thor film?[View]
118402069Phenomenon (1996): Just recently saw this. Kino, ya? Score was brilliant too.[View]
118408510The Outpost.Worth watching?[View]
118407809Where the fuck can I find a good version of this movie? And which cut is the good one? Watching thes…[View]
118408281I fucked Ned![View]
118408463#free my nigga bob: where is he now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EO-haWErmw[View]
118408467Fuck you, this was great.[View]
118383124/rlm/ - NEW BEST OF THE WORST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaSkO4TosYo Patton oswalt never showe…[View]
118408405>'So you're probably sitting there thinking: I'm on this date with this girl, who reall…[View]
118405414cast him[View]
118403936Are (((Justin Silverman))) and his asshole friends the worst thing to ever happen to Cinemassacre?[View]
118391770Your physical appearance is now turned into the main protagonist's of the last movie / tv episo…[View]
118408254So the dude who made the How to eat a watermelon is apparently famous. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0…[View]
118396716Jennifer Love Hewitt: Just watched the Client List. Was pretty impressed. Is that her best work, in …[View]
118408538dude, weed makes you calm and opens your mind *pees and shits on himself when someone questions it*[View]
118407471help me out /tv/: I'm looking for movies or scenes that show a character doing what he believes…[View]
118406679Boomer Dad: The character[View]
118406085>there is no Mandarin Oh wait, there’s a Mandarin after all >there is no Multiverse Oh wait, t…[View]
118407760Is this any good?[View]
118402273Nostalghia: Someone explain this film to me. Thanks in advance.[View]
118406971Turn your three favourite movie into a porno >Parass, Texass[View]
118408093what's his best movie?[View]
118408081Vinny The Kid: Hansen walked into the room, and there was a silence. There was a paper in his hand, …[View]
118408080N-Neyitri i-is *starts sobbing uncontrollably*[View]
118408075>2010+9 >he's still chasing women instead of banging escorts Why?…[View]
118407111The great debate[View]
118407965THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE[View]
118394682how did this guy have so much sex what made him attractive to women[View]
118405314Why not have an Asian blade or latino blade?[View]
118404676Black Widow: Taskmaster's suit[View]
118407946Let's give Fiege some credit here, he's not going fully down the recent comic route; he…[View]
118402580What's up with the gun?[View]
118406568Why did Jim Carey wait till Charlton Heston died before making Cold Dead Hand which mocked him?[View]
118406717ITT: characters who are literally you[View]
118407634Eternals: >Angelina Jolie as Thena >Salma Hayek as Ajak LOOKS LIKE CAPE MOMMY KINO IS FINALLY …[View]
118407538>it's another marvel thread[View]
118407776someone wanna get this hothead outta here[View]
118407475>Character is evil... because he's evil Why is he opposing Dr. Robotnik? Dr. Robotnik wants …[View]
118406749What villain could he play in the MCU?[View]
118407610Fincher was obviously hinting at 9/11[View]
118407191WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US[View]
118405754Have any of you watched this? Is from Cinestate (same producers of Zahler's movies) and its qui…[View]
118407653/LOST/ rewatch general - series #1 Episode #3: We have to go back! >Every Sunday and Wednesday 22…[View]
118404108Later Avatards: In time, you'll know what it's like to lose[View]
118406782I'm Hanelle M. Culpepper, director of Star Trek Picard pilot episode: AMA[View]
118407560>the characters do not adhere to racial or gender stereotypes[View]
118407553i do not like rats, leonardo dicaprio[View]
118406769Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118395718>Older movies had limited technology available to them, so anyone who says they like Welles or Ku…[View]
118404628The king of Asgard is now gay, black and female.: Members of the satanic cult Disney rejoice.[View]
118405168Name a better horror movie[View]
118407015post /tv/ trivia[View]
118405359Who approved these logos and who the fuck cares about any of this?[View]
118403496Realistic CGI lions will never be able to pull off expressions like this and yet drones still ate up…[View]
118405875Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118407157>gets his penis cut off >doesnt care at all Was really enjoying the movie up to this point des…[View]
118405211Female Thor satanic rituals: Reminder that Stan Lee's blood was stolen to sign female thor comi…[View]
118405216The current state of sci-fi is depressing as fuck. What happened to creative, hopeful visions of the…[View]
118399348Realistic Police Procedurals: Hey, /tv/. Recently began watching Mindhunters and I really liked how …[View]
118398783how much cgi?: im going to call it rn: there will be almost no cgi shots of a plane in this movie. m…[View]
118399579Why was the Hobbit so shit with the Lord of the Rings was so kino?[View]
118404132How would you portray this event /tv/?[View]
118407077Any more Thai movies like this? Was pretty entertained by it.[View]
118401346WEBM thread post what you got[View]
118406897>main characters have a size difference[View]
118404618>nobody even cares enough to watch it for the sake of making memes was Men in Black International…[View]
118406904>DCucks rely on this man when MCU gets kino directors[View]
118406826mindhunter: >less than month away >still no trailer…[View]
118403256So Gimli was a racist?[View]
118406469Why does the wheelchair guy have a spinning glass box?[View]
118404866Pleb Filter: the Movie[View]
118406758What is the point of this character?[View]
118406720How much longer will Joe Rogan be able to keep pushing his talentless friends into the industry?[View]
118406480What movie feels like it's about you specifically, so much that it becomes uncomfortable? Pic u…[View]
118406535How do superhero movies make your lives worse?[View]
118406646ITT: Shows or movies with this feel.[View]
118405602HEY JEW[View]
118406406Did you know that Luke Skywalker does (almost) everything left-handed?[View]
118404688is Francis Ford Copolla the only person involved here who's career didnt stagnate after?[View]
118406390Capeshitters beware: Are you ready for pure Tarankino?[View]
118403001What were some memorable, unforgettable moments from the Star Wars prequels?[View]
118405930What was this facial expression meant to convey?[View]
118404074What is it about this film? I'm not talking about the hints to jews and that all women are slut…[View]
118404354>yfw you see Tom Cruise[View]
118406219is anyone else's rss feeds completely infested with marvel shit? why the fuck do i have to see …[View]
118406135Here's the new top gun: Notice anything, /tv/? This is the new one, and...[View]
118406321What am I in for?[View]
118402622Name a better cartoon from the 2010's. You literally can't[View]
118406168God I miss it bros. How was every scene depicting life in Batiatus' Ludus so comfy? Is there an…[View]
1184057522019. Not even out yet. I am forgotten.: So it's been confirmed it's R rated... that'…[View]
118404312>watch a few British movies >Afterwards, voice in my head starts narrating everything in a Bri…[View]
118396240Cassie thread: Why no love for the best girl on Euphoria? >Better tits than everyone else combine…[View]
118405727About to marathon this. Do we find out more about Luke's father and why Darth Vader betrayed an…[View]
118405364was she a Mary Sue?: her only fault was she loved too much[View]
118405829Has Netflix ever spoken out about their interracial agenda or why they only cast blacks and whites?[View]
118403956Isnt all day after midnight[View]
118403763>Hey Jean-luc Picard you got something for me?[View]
118405686>Amazon LOTR show will be based on the Second Age cast him[View]
118405496Cast him[View]
118399571APOLOGISE incels of /tv/[View]
118402164girl fights: What's your favorite girl fight in television or film /tv/?[View]
118387653/got/ appreciation: Most underrated got scene???? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cIcumbzVnxk…[View]
118405629For me it's Jason Momoa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah78iBfKF5k[View]
118405642MCU ranking: Every upcoming MCU show/movie that isn't Doctor Strange 2 or Guardians 3 will be s…[View]
118405544Name the baby. Also would you make a baby with Daenerys?[View]
118404820What are some Turkish kinomatographie?[View]
118405569>Something that says 'leather daddy'? >Oh is there such a thing?…[View]
118402343Recommend me some DDR kino[View]
118404920>Everything that you thought had meaning. Every hope, dream, or moment of happiness. None of it m…[View]
118404463>why yes, Westerns are my favorite genre, how could you tell?[View]
118405059I am God: Bend over[View]
118405133How is he still making Kino after all these years?[View]
118402937Are they Ramsays ultimate enemy?[View]
118404639ITT: talentless hacks[View]
118402250What are they reacting to?[View]
118405396Alddin: Did this come out already? Did it flop cant remember hearing any normies talking about it ot…[View]
118405381can they be stopped at this point?[View]
118386221>you can't bruise the cru-[View]
118402120just started watching Twin Peaks: So how seriously am I supposed to take this? I know this is Lynch …[View]
118405331Army Dog: Why did they make abomination?[View]
118405294Watchmen: Squids back[View]
118401016>bruh, I've seen some space n shiet Uhm, okay...?[View]
118405259what is his opinion on bond casting[View]
118401864Well, /tv/?[View]
118398345Was it Dunka-Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeLuQQH1OHA[View]
118404685I'm Frogotten: >made the poster >shilled myself 24/7 on 4chan WTF, Marvel?…[View]
118396856The Witcher series: hyped is an understatement >trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSq…[View]
118403832Why are we not discussing this?[View]
118400427>British humo'u'r[View]
118399929ITT: Great shows that got canceled way too early Starting with the most obvious one.[View]
118403099Why are people acting like this is a bad thing? The world is a lot different now than when Top Gun w…[View]
118403988Friends is Kino[View]
118403142What does /tv/ think about the Matrix trilogy. I'm watching part I at work and remember how kin…[View]
118405083/dtllrg/ Dogs That Look Like Richard Gere General #4: This is a general thread on the subject of dog…[View]
118402948Hey! Take those sneakers off![View]
118388435so i went to /r/marvelstudios to see if there's anything interesting about the shows: And holy …[View]
118403618Oliet Bangs: Die hard is a good movie[View]
118404882I don't get it[View]
118403607MARGE IS TITS LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I8Fb8DiMcc[View]
118393030/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack and Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>11…[View]
118404848Kino Scary Movies: What are som good scary movies?[View]
118403574>And finally we arrive at...[View]
118404579How can a show start out so Kino and end so shit?[View]
118404701ITT: Nuanced comedies that were too smart for general audiences.[View]
118399416Post your favorite -one American, -1-3 European, -one Scandinavian, -one Soviet, -1-2 Asian -1-…[View]
118404632>The last guy nearly ruined this place >He didn't know what to do with it >If you thin…[View]
118404606Yesterday: Good film or shameless cash grab?[View]
118389283Do you think she has any regrets?[View]
118398259What exactly did he do wrong? I don't see him as the villain.[View]
118404041Bros, it's over. https://twitter.com/a92704/status/1153011022631854080?s=19[View]
118403017Holy moley that's the biggest... one of those I ever saw.[View]
118403488GOD DAMNIT[View]
118401615What went so right here?[View]
118402762I am actually in tears right now. Avatar was such an important movie, not only in my life, but lives…[View]
118403150Can someone explain the ending of The Turin Horse to me?[View]
118402760WE STAN A QWUEEN!!!![View]
118403258ummmmm wtf???[View]
118403322>blond king rules, everything is prosperous. the black haired non-blond species are banished into…[View]
118402716Be honest Americans, your cinemas had subtitles turned on when showing this film didn't they[View]
118404078Why was this allowed?[View]
118403237Is it kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b4BtgqHtDM[View]
118403989Anyone want to watch this kino with me?: https://cytu/be/r/mvsprg (replace / between u and b with a …[View]
118395759Has any other actress sent teenage boys hearts racing over 4 decades? (90s, 00s, 10s, and now 20s)?[View]
118394468It's his birthday! say something nice[View]
118402543>all 5 of imdb's promoted news posts are about Disney properties So this is how Hollywood or…[View]
118403766wtf I hate Natalie Portman now[View]
118403543Check it out EXTREME CHEDDAR[View]
118402368He did nothing wrong.[View]
118399617ITT: /tv/ in 2005: Did you guys see the trailer for X-Men 3 The Last Stand? That movie is going to b…[View]
118403548I check[View]
118403730Anyone watching JETT?[View]
118402744>looking straight into the camera What did Demme mean by this? What is this Ozu shit?…[View]
118402942HOLY KINO IS SAVED[View]
118403620How was it so good even with a gay mc?[View]
118403492Which Enterprise is the best, /tv/?[View]
118402573Make ready, this is it. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/warhammer-tv-series-works-man-hi…[View]
118403564Cast her for the mcu[View]
118403483Can someone explain what the joke was?[View]
118402137What are some climbing kinos?[View]
118374666The Onion News Network from early 2010s was extreme kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUT8ec24anM…[View]
118402383>that reference to Beauty and the Beast Ok, I gotta admit. That was pretty well done. Timon and P…[View]
118402423ITT: Movies that gave you an existential crisis[View]
118397610Harley Quinn the anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0EKXzqDrmE Is the pilot only for people at …[View]
118403420VINCE FINNA LOSE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
118398109B-BUT INFLATION[View]
118401719Hey, guys! What's my name, again? I know it starts with cum.[View]
118403192this dude looks weak as fuck, he doesnt even have a jawbone. why is he being casted as blade? is thi…[View]
118403255This is a Borg refugee.Will take her home? Her world and people were genocided by the one known as “…[View]
118402976What other kino are there that take place in a flat earth?[View]
118390552YUUUUP, I'm thinking she's back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoYWO03b71M&t=3057…[View]
118400121Worked on ROTS. Spoilers here.: Opening sequence is rehash of The Battle of Endor with Arab stand-in…[View]
118402892>protagonist wins the movie When will this trope end?[View]
118402466why am I mister pink?[View]
118400810get out of my way!!!! I'm trying to buy my ticket for Dora![View]
118400956Cast him[View]
118395428Did he really killed those kids?[View]
118402958how long on until wb give in and make the dc cinematic multiverse? It’s the only possible way to sal…[View]
118400887Why do people prefer the dog episode?[View]
118402849/LOTR/ Lord of the Rings general...Gimli edition. >watch LOTR first time since childhood >kino…[View]
118402826We are thriving.[View]
118401218What do i think about that interview?[View]
118402870VHS VIRAL: we're unironically living in this timeline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW7oOr4HG…[View]
118402683>dropping off or picking up? i dont get it[View]
118399985Why does everyone distort her dialog into a stereotypical asian accent when her voice is more like a…[View]
118402363The sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet[View]
118401410for as much as people on here say they hate capeshit, they seem to not stop talking about it How abo…[View]
118402327>boomer comedy[View]
118401131Not so fast[View]
118402581Is it kino?[View]
118402351hobbit necromancer: There were a lot of stuff in The Hobbit I didnt understand but mainly the scenes…[View]
118399845Totally Spies: How did this series affect your childhood and shape you as an individual?[View]
118402038Thor, he's back. That kid on the /tv/ just called me a dickhead again.[View]
118402505>DOOM PATROL S2 CONFIRMED >https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/20/20702271/hbo-doom-patrol-dc-unive…[View]
118401991What dish is it for you /tv/?[View]
118402468How's the hand ?[View]
118399206Are there any realistic modern movies that depict the relationship between an introverted, guarded, …[View]
118402382how do you go from this[View]
118401316Cute couple: the strong and powerful Queen and her loyal, cute and blonde wife[View]
118401845>current year + 3 >STILL no movies about the legend of Cu Chulainn He’s basically Irish Hercul…[View]
118385837YOU JUST LOST!: IT HAPPENED! https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/avengers-endgame-passes-avata…[View]
118402340Amazing footage. David Attenborough gives a stellar vocal performance. The only thing that was annoy…[View]
118400627This lanklet better get JACKED if he wants to play Blade[View]
118401204why don't they make films like this anymore what the fuck happened[View]
118401229Do I need to read books about cinema to properly enjoy movies?[View]
118400626Avatar is and always will be a big, stinky NUMBER TWO[View]
118400497HIS DARK MATERIALS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yuIE1OYnVI which animal would be your daemon? f…[View]
118401593What was his fucking problem?[View]
118402244And what of Good Solonius?[View]
118401532Is it the best SciFi miniseries?[View]
118399074They're running a marathon of this kino show on Comet today, anyone else watching it? Just saw …[View]
118402190only a few months until this masterpiece is out[View]
118400354>BTFOs /pol/ >BTFOs /v/ >BTFOs /tv/ They did it, I don't know how, but they actually f…[View]
118400621what would you have done?[View]
118395196Is there ANYONE who can stop the Demolition Man?[View]
118400925Name an apartment comfier than marks apartment in peep show[View]
118401715/tv/ BTFO[View]
118402034Now that he's truly fallen.. can we admit the truth?: The T-1000 make no logical sense. How doe…[View]
118401964>watch this because /tv/ said it's great >it's just dick and fart jokes with Will Fe…[View]
118401806If Dr. Pavel was so smart with nuclear devices, why didn't he Iron Man himself out of Bane…[View]
118401578What was the peak kids show?[View]
118401911How should a sequel be for you guys? Give your ideas[View]
118398861This film was great. /tv/ stopped me of watching it, and now I realize the only people who didn…[View]
118400920The definition of period kino[View]
118398598This is officially the best movie of all times. Name one (1) thing you like about it.[View]
118401024Is this kino?: https://youtu.be/lOD1JrqK34Y[View]
118397495kinda boring and generic. the animation is great tho. is manga any better?[View]
118401652Confessions thread: I used to think Lindsay Lohan rly had an identical twin on the parent trap.…[View]
118401289>If this is where I die, I just wanna say one last thing!! *AHEM* FUCK N- The Raimi Spiderman mov…[View]
118398450DON'T STOP[View]
118401721>Iron Man is dead (no RDJ) >Cap is elderly (no Evans) >Thor is going away (no Hemsworth) Co…[View]
118401407We need to talk about this scumbag. What an absolute prick, probably the most despicable villain eve…[View]
118398974Why are Hornblower and Sharpe so good and comfY?[View]
118387058/patrician/: Welcome to /patrician/, a thread free from capeshits and netflixiers. I'm from /l…[View]
118400191 [View]
118401284is there a more 80's show/movie?[View]
118399965Watched this on Friday night. It was okay, an enjoyable enough movie. However it doesn't even c…[View]
118401525Why /tv/? Why are you still not renting your movies from the Netflix?[View]
118399782>'Just throw my corpse in the water, nigga'[View]
118401078How the FUCK did George Lucas come up with so many kino character names?[View]
118399183These aren't canon.[View]
118401479Did the husbands fuck the swapped wives?[View]
118400655Rome Series 2 is a mess: >episode 1 - Caesars funeral 44BC >episode 3 - Mark Antony leaves to …[View]
118401344Why did they forget how to make good movies?[View]
118400018It's over, boys. Disney are literally unstoppable. Check the numbers[View]
118397432What did David Lynch mean by this? https://youtu.be/up6zyI-cV5k[View]
118401215Is Bigger by the Day peak youtube kino?[View]
118396664This is /comfy/core. Nothing will ever come close.[View]
118401113ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT: Capeshit containment board when?[View]
118400975What actors are the biggest memes?: Judging from the shitposts here I'd go for the holy trinity…[View]
118401160As much as /tv/ sucks its still the best board to discuss film topics.[View]
118395257You excited /tv/?[View]
118399672which will be the better sequel?[View]
118401089Why are all actors with cleft lips awful at acting?[View]
118400388Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118398940Yeah. You Won.: > Wants go beat Avatar > Rereleases into theaters while already being in theat…[View]
118400866Netflix VS MTV: Whose content is more based?[View]
118378244MCU - PHASE 4: ARE YOU READY, /TV/? I am really HYPED![View]
118400732>it´s a truman meets his old classmate and falls in love with her just because she complimented h…[View]
118400861film anniversaries: Does /tv/ like to celebrate the anniversary of their favorite film?[View]
118400909spider-kino is back on the menu[View]
118400733/dark/: >multiverse Martha pulls out time-travel orb[View]
118398210So when does she get her own movie?[View]
118397026>You wake up as henry cavill What would you do when you are living on godmode?…[View]
118400740mr robot: is it worth continuing after s2?[View]
118399308Not trying to be mean, but isn't she too old to play Thor? She looks really rough[View]
118397064Can't wait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNIim3xqsEU[View]
118400197>Yo homie[View]
118400721>capshit is the best selling movie It's time for kino to make a comeback…[View]
118400592>Where you chillin' for the summer, homie? Jumpin' out the stretch Hummer runnin' …[View]
118395202modern cities at night: that netflix movie iBoy was shit but the cinematography made me feel comfy a…[View]
118397564>What are some movies with a 2000’s Spy Kids-esque/Robert Rodriguez feeling. DOA: Dead or Alive…[View]
118400633He knew Endgame would beat Avatar. That's why he pushed back Avatar 2 to make sure he gets his …[View]
118392112How do you go from this https://youtu.be/XkU23m6yX04 to this??? https://youtu.be/nvtqKjEnEiM[View]
118400175comfy friends thread[View]
118400589This recut of S4 is actually pretty good. I did not expect this after watching it at release.[View]
1184005809 days remaining[View]
118398966What are some good SciFi horror movies? I’ve seen a >The Alien Movies >Event Horizon >Pa…[View]
118400134Shut the fuck up, suit.[View]
118392228What's his best work?[View]
118397043okay so what can we expect from the next phase of the MDE Cinematic Universe?[View]
118400172Movies incels will never understand[View]
118397765How come people never say good bye when they hang up on a phone call in movies?[View]
118397352>probably the best capeshit media that's come out in years >gets cancelled because lol Di…[View]
118393991no spider-man in phase 4: so i guess this means sony pulled the rights back. oh well, he's bett…[View]
118400278Remember when The Seinfeld was like this?![View]
118400275>'Humans can't stop killing, it's their nature.' >'Humans should ponder their sins a…[View]
118392652*saves fantasy kino*: >The Dark Tower (2020) >The Lord of the Rings (2021) >The Wheel of Ti…[View]
118389749Doctor Strange: >first MCU movie to be scary 'gothic horror' Let's be real here, this is gon…[View]
118398858What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
118397834Shalom goyim We here at Marvel have been working hard to make a new lineup of superheroes for the ne…[View]
118400115>its a malcolm episode[View]
118397153'I Am Jazz' Off season is hell.[View]
118400053make it look like we're SPANNING TIME together[View]
118399159Lets be honest bros, this is kino. Post more warkinos[View]
118399859The ending of Stranger Things just leaked. Discuss[View]
118397351Ok guise what am I in for?[View]
118399733Stranger Things S3 had similar ratings to the first two seasons why is /tv/ acting like it's s…[View]
118399831Kinos on a menu boys[View]
118399861>be me >new blade movie >feelsgoodmam.jpg >its pg 13 >mfw…[View]
118397567SUICIDE WATCH: Will Avatards ever recover? >inb4 muh inflation meme…[View]
118398178>a 10/10 serious movie about slavery, genocide, religion and the search for self >haha I'…[View]
118399315Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
11839962115 years later and you're still mad.[View]
118398756Is anyone even looking forward to her solo film? The cast looks good but I couldn't care less f…[View]
118398620This is literally the only capeshit I'm somewhat interested in, but I just know they're go…[View]
118399664ITT: great scenes from not so good movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSfZHwWyo14[View]
118399334>coworker directs some Marvel movie reference my way >'Oh, I haven't seen it.' >'YOU. …[View]
118395764>watch movie >actress is tied and gagged[View]
118396831I'd argue that nearly 99.9% of this board watched pic related when they were young. oldest was …[View]
118399589More like La Casa de BRAPel[View]
118396135Disney just killed Netflix.[View]
118398792What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
118394643>You can literally just buy a faster broomstick giving you a clear advantage over poor kids what …[View]
118398275Zoomers ruined /tv/. Back in the golden age of 2011-2012 none of us gave a fuck about ecelebs, SJW t…[View]
118399376The duel between Vader and Luke is so satisfying to me. Return of the Jedi duel comes close, especia…[View]
118398266>ATTACK SPEED[View]
118399447The Lion King: I just got back from seeing this movie. Let me start by saying that I did not hate th…[View]
118398958He just the be THE guy like 5 years ago. What happened?[View]
118396447>little girl vampire it's like if kirsten dunst actually did something in Interview.…[View]
118397240I just came to get something to eat[View]
118398934Why yes I do like atmospheric horrors and hate jumpscares. How could you tell?[View]
118398742Cast them[View]
118399261we need someone pretty and likeable who isn't a bad singer 'i now just the person'[View]
118399063>MCUcks will never have best Zoe (blue Zoe)[View]
118398925>tv likes it because it's only white[View]
118398438I don't think the new Star Wars will be good: I am kind of worried about it because it is my fa…[View]
118398809OH NO NO NO: We where right again. They litterally just confirmed.[View]
118398045Just saw 2fast2furious. what did i think about it?[View]
118398818Dude, I almost had you.[View]
118396813Here is your eternal cast bros[View]
118398565Did anyone else enjoy Star Wars the Last Jedi the most?[View]
118398764Surfing kino is back on the menu boys[View]
118398605WHO can play him?[View]
118397321ITT: characters who are literally you For me.... it's the protagonist from o'malleys bar[View]
118396859Will it be better than the original? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVRHG6z7sN8[View]
118398399James Gandolfini was only 36 years old when the first season of The Sopranos was shot.[View]
118389213>i don't know[View]
118398325I am that very witch.: I am that very witch.[View]
118396884You can only kill off one franchise Which is it[View]
118396912Beata Maria You know I am a righteous man Of my virtue I am justly proud Beata Maria You know I…[View]
118398336thoughts on family matters? kino[View]
118396273Was anyone else freaked out after seeing this episode as a child? Pretty dark stuff for a 9 year old…[View]
118394614What is some Jungian kino?[View]
118397926Destruction of the Movie industry: How do we destroy this piece of shit to have it reborn from the a…[View]
118398172Who does this show have so many sex scenes? Who wants to see Larry have sex with his wife?[View]
118397770Hi, incel[View]
118397853>Otherwise neat video on youtube >Has annoying music playing throughout…[View]
118393076Two new Halloweens: Can’t come soon enough[View]
118397904For me its Jennifer Love FEFFERMAN[View]
118392536why the fuck did do that thing with his gun? you do that with a sword to get the blood off, even if …[View]
118389562HE'S BACK BABY[View]
118397983Blade: Any word on director? Looking forward to this kino.[View]
118397230top 10 best movies of all time: In my opinion, Do you agree with any of them? 10.The lord of the rin…[View]
118395618Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118393430Is she a Borg infiltrator thing, an omnipotent energy being, or Lal?[View]
118397741I LIKE TO[View]
118398034Can someone please post the warwick davis pasta that’s in script format? Not the one where his daugh…[View]
118396870HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?[View]
118397794ITT: Quintessential Black comics.[View]
118397938This is your MCU cast for the next two years.[View]
118396498>Captain Marvel >Endgame >Aladdin >Toy Story 4 >Far From Home >Lion King Why only…[View]
118397893/cunny/ general: Cunny general for cunny pictures and cunny related topics How come most hollywood m…[View]
118387666Is there anything you'd like to say to the actors browsing this board?[View]
118395274Post characters who you relate to[View]
118396638Why do Disneydrones not care when one of their movies gets a bad tomatometer score, but they'll…[View]
118396534>44 >Single >No kids >Was a child star....... >Hasn't had a hit in over 20 years…[View]
118397815When should we expect an Infinite Jest tv show adaptation by him?[View]
118395277>Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO >Midsommar.20…[View]
118394761OUATIH: >best movie of the year, maybe decade, is about to drop >QT's best, even surpassi…[View]
118397452The best half hour show ever made: Here to get you hyper[View]
118397569Justified: Wow that was powerful, any other series around like Justified?[View]
118393588Snowpiercer tv series trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHPlJMx3q80[View]
118394832Here's your Blade bro[View]
118396785Objectively the worst movie ever made: >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can have long …[View]
118396358I thought Natalie Portman had bad issues with Disney during the making of The Dark World and refused…[View]
118394934They already took down Cameron's pic from the wikipedia article[View]
118397167Stranger Things S3: What were everyone's thoughts on it? Story - sub par Visuals - A+ Ambiance …[View]
118395761I'm in love.[View]
118395586Westworld S3: Are you hype?[View]
118380770'I simply refuse to star in superhero movies.' - Ryan Gosling[View]
118396911Willkommen!: Where are we?[View]
118396898i dont like jumpscares pic related is me btw[View]
118392717ITT Movies that were good but had too much CGI[View]
118395518What are some TV/Films that best portray the depression beard (Beard of Sorrow)?[View]
118396219Are we ever gonna see my waifu again? :'([View]
118393330Now that the dust has settled, what was the point of this episode?[View]
118394465Watchmen: >Let's have our new superhero show star an elderly black woman Umm wtf. Who is goi…[View]
118396560Movies about Innocuous characters who suddenly can be seen to be Evil?[View]
118390174Megamind Appreciation Thread: This thread is for the appreciation for the artistry and the masterful…[View]
118395342La Casa de Papel: Is Punished Palermo literally /ourguy/?[View]
118396369>Comes back for no reason and we're supposed to be excited Is Esmail bored making Mr. Robot …[View]
118396639Alright, so what triggers you the most about Phase 4 so far. Portman returning with super powers and…[View]
118396276what are some other movies/shows about neo nazis?[View]
118396618Who will play him in the eventual movie?[View]
118396595>It's a found footage movie[View]
118396296>Watched this >Felt absolutely nothing Am I a psychopath, /tv/?…[View]
118395430Recommend me a lesser-known sci-fi/fantasy movie that's so good it'll make me regret not w…[View]
118396426JANNIES are Faggot why cant you keep this board clean, every two seconds it's nigger this nigge…[View]
118394235Was it gay? Was it cheating?[View]
118396256Dead career general[View]
118395410Why didn't they just wear German uniforms and yell out (in that Berlin talk) 'we got free guys!…[View]
118396071Daily reminder that if you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
118395008Who was the worst Breaking Bad character, and why was it Gus?[View]
118396114>Federal Bureau of investigation, we take the case from here[View]
118396394Damn.... It really do be like that doesn't it?[View]
118395876Can you please suggest some horror kino? i prefer bone chilling slow burns and i don't like che…[View]
118395130Tarantino is a hack[View]
118394961>Sex have, Padawan[View]
118395285Which villain(s) would you like to see in the next live action Batman movie?[View]
118395100Disney: At what point did you realized that they have defeated /tv/?[View]
118395915ITT: Emotional House moments: >They cut out a chunk of muscle about the size of my fist, and they…[View]
118396089white males don't have to be your audience. white males are dead.[View]
118396067Where is it?[View]
118393905SEE YOU IN HELL: Can we appreciate for a moment what a badass, yet a cliche line 'See you in Hell' i…[View]
118396027When will SJW admit they are wrong.: Is the Lion King even going to beat the Original that was made …[View]
118393176They even had to sex change and race change characters in this creepy ass movie, LOL!![View]
118395972>One of these things were actually right for once[View]
118391551>Witness for the prosecution >Dial M for Murder >Sunset Blvd. >Rear Window Just the movi…[View]
118394014Godfather remake when?[View]
118395534>new PewDiePie video >it's not a Minecraft video…[View]
118394763Ummm Guy's.....: H-how? How do we stop them?[View]
118395495Gigachad is a worse meme than sneed: Prove me wrong, I fucking dare you[View]
118395843Why no biopic yet?[View]
118394434ITT: times when /tv/ btfod themselves[View]
118395826what are some movies about being in a relationship with a black qt?[View]
118392659Bob is a confusing ass clown. Who even is this guy?: >Doesn't like Predator Lore >Cums ov…[View]
118395780I do not care about capeshit[View]
118395802Janny Im going to require a sticky if I dont recieve one im going to have to reduce your pay[View]
118389683More like this?: Searching for something with similar art direction and general psychological atmosp…[View]
118393162What does Jewlywood have against gingers?[View]
118395696>You will never be devoted catholic priest being seduced by mentally unstable but very hot, quirk…[View]
118394821My next payment is in four days. Give me one(1) good reason why I shouldn't cancel it before th…[View]
118395578What;s your favorite german sex comedy/?[View]
118394691HOL UP[View]
118395608If they made a re-re-make would he be called Mike /tv/ - Television & Film[View]
118394749Who should play Al Pacino as Scarface?[View]
118394223>you were banned for replying to Off-topic garbage[View]
118393156Chroma Key[View]
118390549guess the character, continued[View]
118390913Where are adventure movies??!?!?: How does it keel to know that some mediocre movies like Mummy or T…[View]
118395123I really think attack on titan could be made in a popular live action series[View]
118394689is real romance as dramatic as it is in movies?[View]
118390885Thor: Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman is the reason I work out. I have this fantasy where we start…[View]
118385943You get to choose one woman from any film or show to be yours, she'll stay like that forever. W…[View]
118394843>thanks for having me over, anon. what kino are we going to watch?[View]
118393290>evening robert >yes that will be one season pass to 2020 marvel cinematic universe >why ye…[View]
118395028Name a hotter 60s bitch![View]
118395290>No Black Panther 2 >No Captain Marvel 2 >Hawkeye Yeah, I'm thinking I'm hyped…[View]
118385522Cast him in the biopic[View]
118394712Would Star Wars have turned out any differently if Luke lost his penis instead of his hand?[View]
118394978The NEW BOX OFFICE KING: Mods you have the sticky ready to go? Lets honor this Masterwork of a craft…[View]
118394110How does a man have the best ass of all the MCU? How does this even happen?[View]
118391120Ladies and gentlemen, he's woke[View]
118395189So I just finished Alita for the first time, and my biggest issue with it aside from beginning of th…[View]
118393999What are some of the best friendship simulators to watch?[View]
118385258are putey games overtaking film and tv as an entertainment form?[View]
118385122Saving Private Ryan: Why did all the soldiers in Saving Private Ryan look like they were older than …[View]
118395015>Watch the original Lion King because people on /tv/ told me it's good >Artstyle of the m…[View]
118393654>implying you wouldn’t[View]
118392116What happened to her career? I thought she was going to be a star after blue is the warmest color[View]
118394207I’m an oil based man, ladies and gentlemen[View]
118393440How women in old movies talk to some dude they just met: Is this accurate? https://youtu.be/NIoc5yMv…[View]
118392552dora the explorer movie: is less than a month away, are you excited guys?[View]
118378510Expanse Season 4: Stop posting capeshit you fucking fags. Space Kino is coming. https://www.youtube.…[View]
118394354Any kino for this feel?[View]
118392573>'ran over himself' >everyone believed this…[View]
118391381Disney's forced diversity casting in the Eternals: Phastos is supposed to be a big muscly white…[View]
118394493How can this character be redeemed? Is he lost forever after the public humiliation of Endgame? Can …[View]
118394560Does anyone know good UFO documentary kino?[View]
118393211I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend that looks like this in fact - I would love it[View]
118394449For me it's Jason Momoa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah78iBfKF5k[View]
118393247Can any Germans confirm whether his accent sounded weird? Would you be able to tell immediately?[View]
118386606Mediocrity is the new cool: https://archive.is/5YSdr https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-mediocrity-of-batwo…[View]
118390861This is the most onions shit I've ever seen. Literal garbage[View]
118376717I don't understand:: >Hemsworth and Natalie >romantic comedy with superpowers >directe…[View]
118388850>keep dreaming marvelcucks avengers will never bea- *deep inhale* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
118394467I finally rest and watch sunrise on a grateful universe[View]
118394000What was going through his head in this exact moment?[View]
118393567Here's your Mandarin bro[View]
118387455Who did it better?[View]
118393296You're Name: Just saw this movie. What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
118392674>MTV turns 38 in August Anyone remember the 30th special on VH1 in 2011? I doubt we'll get a…[View]
118391691城市浮油 Nov 7, 1999 土壤pH值约7.0,最大值8.0 Sneed 饲料和种子 La Di Da 花式德国车 Chuck 他妈的吮吸 Guatemala 良好的美容 The Dabbing…[View]
118390076Joel McHale: What’s next for him?[View]
118391860Let's have a moviecore thread. What grids you got?[View]
118390135>The white male character is the only one that doesn't look confident. We know where this is…[View]
118394204Who is the Samuel Beckett of film/television?[View]
118392134>when your biggest accomplishment in life was being a child[View]
118389477Why does she get so many roles?[View]
118393777Why is /tv/ so afraid of an honest day's work?[View]
118393806Ellen Page: >looked like this as a kid >oh gee, she grew up to be a dyke! who would have known…[View]
118392625>''The MEN in black?!''[View]
118393825Star Trek: Below Decks[View]
118393939Was this movie underappreciated and - I dare to say - KINO?[View]
118393494Bravo, Nolan.[View]
118393660Based Jim: Why does he make redditors and capeshitters seethe so much?[View]
118393924Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: Why are their non-Edgar Wright films so shit? >Paul >Slaughter hous…[View]
118373839Why is Netflix so obsessed with black people?[View]
118393787>What about us braindead Slavs? Huh, I didn't even know Gumble was a Slavic name.…[View]
118388872>try to get jumpscare reaction photo for free >wagie blocks you…[View]
118393624>when he opens his plex kino server[View]
118392967Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118390267What exactly is 'the dark side'? Its never explained[View]
118393748What are some kinos that a i can watch in this gay shit?[View]
118390932>our son the film buff, yup, here's here...[View]
118388907Why did he quit doing stand-up?[View]
118391879tHoSe ArE StAnDaRd nErD TrOpEs[View]
118383174Evangelion: It's time for a live action. Cast it.[View]
118393445My boomer parents refuse to cancel Netflix for a better service despite the price increase and despi…[View]
118391560Taylor Swift's Film Career: I studied for an entire year to be a Cat goddammit! And YOU didn…[View]
118393331Is this the most British movie ever made?[View]
118389630What are some genuine top tier films. Spent the last 3 hours watching the first 10 minutes of a film…[View]
118393423>For me, it's Rian Johnson[View]
118393219Dude this sucks: What was MTV thinking?[View]
118389479Endgame didn't win lol: >B-But this jew at comic-con s-said so!…[View]
118391288Orson Welles: Cringe or Based?[View]
118391455Dark: Starting watching pic related. Seems pretty good so far. How is the second season?[View]
118392757is this your homework larry?[View]
118393274If everything went accordingly to Tylers plan,wouldn't this guy end up as a bigger consumer and…[View]
118393223Thoughts on Star Trek Picard directors?[View]
118386738>Netflix cancels The Expanse >Still hasn't announced season 2 of Altered Carbon >Anot…[View]
118393154What are some kinos and documentaries made in or set in Iran? I've seen Persepolis and Asghar F…[View]
118390377Disney/Marvel is pushing racial segregation: Asian Storyline? Hire Asian Director Black Storyline? H…[View]
118392126stinky smelly bryce dallas howard[View]
118391493This looks terrible[View]
118393019Is Natalie POrtman the most inspirational voice in Hollywood ?: > “I don’t want to be working for…[View]
118392756Go on, strike me.[View]
118389830Almond shorts, Christmas show Marge's fling, Homer's bro' Bart in well, Flanders …[View]
118392934Has anybody seriously tried to make a movie that conveys a new philosophical idea and describe it in…[View]
118391839The only Batman movie with SOUL[View]
118392238This man is not our enemy.[View]
118377087I slumber, a cucumber.[View]
118392851Who was in the wrong here?: https://youtu.be/8R7v4c9Q_mY https://youtu.be/JaFumSTEKTI[View]
118392634gumby gumby[View]
118390316>YOU'RE MINE, SPIDERMAN[View]
118390439Who the fuck is watching this trash?[View]
118392664Name a more classic sitcom scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDJbY0StaLU[View]
118370641Space ships: Post only the coolest space ships in this thread[View]
118389382realistically how large a force could you really equip with what Sarah had in her armory?[View]
118392568>no biopic yet cast him.[View]
118390084>Cyrus is on some terrible hipster podcast with unfunny cohosts >Korey and Leon are hosting t…[View]
118390379How do i start my journey to becoming a true film connoisseur? t: pleb[View]
118391635Could The Simpsons make a comeback?[View]
118392319How do they keep winning?[View]
118392147>Facebook was founded by a bunch of privileged white males Who will play Moniqua Zuckerberg in th…[View]
118390421/McCannErickson/: Who was your favourite Mad Man?[View]
118392260Every night I dream of __________ Warwick Davis...[View]
118389638Kinos for this feel?[View]
118390954>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
118389485Who was in the wrong?[View]
118391709Will they?: No[View]
118391576Remember when kino was a thing?[View]
118372959Euphoria general: episode 6 promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGulRw4HCFQ less than 24 hours un…[View]
118391528>Watch the original Lion King because people on /tv/ told me it's good >Artstyle of the m…[View]
118390384UHF: >30 years old today >Available for free through YouTube right now https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118390411>'You're fired!' >'No. I quit!'[View]
118391747Your thoughts on him?[View]
118383582guess the character keep it /tv/ related https://aiportraits.com[View]
118390491Can you really plant gummy bears?[View]
118389197It's all so tiresome.[View]
118391096>the best thing anounced at SDCC is steven fucking universe BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HOW DOES THAT EVEN H…[View]
118389082Best Godzilla film ever made, prove me wrong[View]
118390042I know what it's like to lose, to feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonet…[View]
118378697>honest director >starring joaquin phoenix >soundtrack by based hildur guðnadóttir >exce…[View]
118389320Could it be done?[View]
118391437>wake up early morning fully refreshed >make myself a cup of coffee using the pour over method…[View]
118391555AVATARDS BTFO![View]
118391178Here is yout new thor bro, ready to hit some bad guys and walls[View]
118384760What are some columbine kinos? How would you make a movie about it? Who would play them?[View]
118390571Why yes, I am excited for Phase 4 of the MCU. How could you tell?[View]
118390617Will we get Cancerverse Thanos in Multiverse of Madness?[View]
118391090is it good?[View]
118389540My son, big hoss[View]
118387887>wife turning bitter and alcoholic >eldest son with no ambition >eldest daughter perpetuall…[View]
118389833>it's a slow dramatic Rheanna remix of a johnny cash song episode[View]
118391247movies about planet Pluto?[View]
118390618>Had a dream I got banned for 2 hours for making a cash cab thread Uh cash cab thread…[View]
118380110Has Steve gone long enough without sex yet to be considered an Incel?[View]
118389087You're a fucking lying son of a bitch, Sam, all right? And I fucking hope you go to hell. Shut …[View]
118387978Nolan is making movie next to my house (Tenet) and he closed down our highway in Estonia. What a cun…[View]
118388172You know what? I'm just gonna say it. It has been on all of our minds since at least 2012. If …[View]
118391097Who's your most obscure /tv/ waifu?[View]
118389101Films containing self-fulfilling prophecies?[View]
118383201>So, how does Ginny fit in the car?[View]
118391030Lynch > Tarkovsky[View]
118390951And so begins a the era of capeshit. Thanks RDJ for setting the stage. We're looking at another…[View]
118388916During comic-con Kevin Feige says that what they have planned for the X-Men will be 'quite different…[View]
118390980The new 'Men' in Black is trash! Trash!!![View]
118390946Thoughts on this black mirror episode? It's my all time favorite.[View]
118390557The Man in the High Castle sneak peak https://youtu.be/YCYQ9Cp_iu0[View]
118390671Holy shit, what happened to her?[View]
118383263Nostalghia (1983): So what's /tv/'s opinion on this film? Where does it rank in Tarkovsky…[View]
118389051>Its 2039 and you are required to see the Disney/Star Wars/Marvel crossover reboot…[View]
118389734>message of the movie is that the natural order must be protected no matter what, the alternative…[View]
118387917Reminder that Tolkien would be nobody without Peter Jackson imagery and the videogames. Tolkien…[View]
118390654Are you going to watch Black Widow? She hot and all, but seems like the most boring hero desu.[View]
118389769>tfw a show this white will never be made again I mean 3 of the 5 literally have 'Mick' in their …[View]
118388957The 11 highly anticipated Marvel Studios productions that will hit theaters in 2021? No, I won’t be …[View]
118390733*KSSSSHHRT* >Houston? We have a bruh moment. Movies for this feel?[View]
118390063There was a cool thread of stills from movies covered into paintings, what app were people using so …[View]
118389152What does /tv/ think of [REC] ?[View]
118390597true story bro[View]
118387300Ever watch a long movie trailer, and have absolutely no idea what the movie is supposed to be about …[View]
118389000Hahaha you think this is the real Quaid? It is.[View]
118387123/tv/ hates it: So is it guaranteed a billion?[View]
118389488>Hero is defeated, comes back stronger in the sequel[View]
118369401I got retrofitted with a new metabolism and discovered Twinkies.[View]
118390002>007 turns black >captain america turns black >little mermaid turns black >blade charact…[View]
118389709You Have Become Old: Dear Anon, It's not that there is a Jewish conspiracy anywhere outside of …[View]
118389802is this Z-kino?[View]
118389248...comrade Dyatlov...[View]
118390283Millie Bobby Brown v1.0[View]
118389674Regrets, I've had a few[View]
118388811S3: how bad is it[View]
118390160ITT: pleb filter[View]
118389921My boyfriend does not eat very good cookie. He doesn't complain about doing it, but he's j…[View]
118390183can anyone recommend some good interesting and kind of creepy films, like the seventh seal or aguirr…[View]
118390245Racing in the rain: Thoughts? I'm sure the false rape scene will either be deleted from the bo…[View]
118389740Now that the Witcher is a show, who should direct and act in the inevitable Cyberpunk 2077 show/movi…[View]
118388661Fantastic Four: Cast them[View]
118390108Gonna take my big tiddy goth GF to see Endgame today to see history made! Pic somewhat related.[View]
118380969Star Trek: Picard: >WE WANT THE CAPESHIT AUDIENCE US trailer >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
118389233>marvel are movies for onions beta cuck nu-male onions onions nigger faggots! >yassssss we bea…[View]
118388693'Asuka? Ask me what?': >oh you're talking about that kid show we talked about online for fun…[View]
118387752This bitch ruins every iconic character she comes in contact with.[View]
118388514Hi, I'm ______: Spotted this in Richmond London yesterday.[View]
118389501Unironically what the fuck did they mean by this? https://youtu.be/FK2rc4NbKco[View]
118387836Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong plane. Big Guy Airways is two blocks down.[View]
118389348What's wrong with zoomers? In the media boomers win. The rock is 47. Most of the main stars of …[View]
118389934 [View]
118385741What are his three (3) best kinos?[View]
118389574>watching Twilight >alright movie >credits roll >decode plays https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
118385477who was in the wrong?[View]
118388962SEE MY VEST[View]
118389609Doom Patrol: Kino got renewed for S2. You're welcome. https://www.cbr.com/doom-patrol-renewed-s…[View]
118388148this fucking bitch was the real villain of the wire[View]
118389331>Robert DeNiro played Frankenstein Why was this allowed?[View]
118389648Cats trailer- diversity: Did they got rid of the noses so that there were no pink vs black noses? Di…[View]
118389318Not laughing now are you James? You little weasel.: NOW you'll sit down and be humble, little b…[View]
118388053>there will be a minimum of 3 Marvel movies every year from now[View]
118389618James Cameron?: More like Lames Shameron[View]
118389391this desu[View]
118387872Peter this is worse than that time you were in the Disney live action Song of the South remake.[View]
118389502And I... am... capeshit![View]
118389554Hoarders : Poop lady edition[View]
118327084/ternobyl/ - /RBMK/ + /ttg/: >The Minds Behind The Terror >Featuring Dan Simmons, David Kajgan…[View]
118389287Ask me Ton'? I don't like that Bela Tarr fellow Heh, you'd think with a name like Bel…[View]
118389322Just a reminder that Get Woke Go Broke is clearly not true and the upcoming Marvel movies will make …[View]
118389400how y'all look sayin endgame would never beat avatar[View]
118389457what if Fight Club and Napoleon Dynamite fucked and a weird beautiful baby was born[View]
118385019Never listening to /tv/ again, this was boring, pretentious trash[View]
118387550How many times would you have sucked, /tv/?[View]
118389275>why yes, i do spam frogs wearing tuxedo saying 'fuck marvel and fuck avatar' on /tv/, how could …[View]
118387387Let's be honest here. This movie ain't that deep.[View]
118389288>movie has a butt of the joke side character who the protagonist and his friends shit all over …[View]
118388605How did you go from this...[View]
118386054WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: No time for losers 'Cause we are the champions.... OF THE WORLD[View]
118388126Helo friends. Wife and kids fucked of for the day. What's 2 or 3 good films i can watch? Haven…[View]
118389251Imagine being him. imagine getting cast in tv show for multiple season with ugly ass nigger goblins …[View]
118389208Most watched television event in history: Can this ever be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g…[View]
118388878I said her. And I said knee.[View]
118389179>watch the Romanoffs episode 1 >Aaron Eckart cheats on his blonde aryan wife with a hijab wear…[View]
118388502Remember watching Blade as a child? Not once did I thought about his skin color. All I cared about …[View]
118389034Give me 1000 dollars[View]
118388768Can you think of a more uplifting scene?: 'Hey kids, it's me!'[View]
118387078I AM ACTING!!![View]
118389053will this summer never end?: Not cunny. Why am I 'not cunny?' Because DQ and the HollyJews have dete…[View]
118387921negative, i am a meat popsicle[View]
118386325its almost the best time of year post some kino horror movie deaths[View]
118388315Why does Riker hate Ensign Ro so much? Cause she's bajoran? Picard was able to forgive her for …[View]
118388985Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118388319What am I in for?[View]
118388974NUMBER TWO: >NUMBER TWO[View]
118388614why would you watch a movie when you can read a book?[View]
118388725Why is it that sequels of popular movies often earn more than the original? Even when the original i…[View]
118388822Remember when Breaking Bad and Mad Men were on the air and people thought they could compete with HB…[View]
118385913How did they get away with this?[View]
118388400What's with the stupid fucking trend where filmmakers take an old beloved TV character and make…[View]
118388481Only 838 days left for Thor: Love and Thunder!: Don’t let Captain Brie Larson see this[View]
118388705My Viking fathers let the magic flow through me one last time..[View]
118386358Could he have flown the plane to safety without alcohol?[View]
118380716Saw that Fear the Walking Dead has reached the mid-season finale, and am hesitantly considering catc…[View]
118386981Who will she play in the MCU? Love interest for Black Panther?[View]
118387426Movies for this feel?[View]
118388122Get. In.... THE BOX[View]
118388201Now he'll always be number two[View]
118388473Lesbian Asgardian kino incoming boys[View]
118388530>Evil Corp[View]
118387578Why don't the Borg just send emissaries to other races proposing voluntary assimiliation for vo…[View]
118388376How to make a great Conan film, /tv/?[View]
118362359I can't pay no doctor bills but whitey's on the moon[View]
118387352WHY do films cast Z-listers for shitty unimportant roles that could be played by literally anyone el…[View]
118380035It's over. We lost.: The MCU has irreversibly damaged cinema as an artform. If movies like Midn…[View]
118387167When will she get her own movie?[View]
118387425Coincidence or WhatIf...?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yRzWELJ-qM[View]
118388406>the real monsters are the friends we made along the way Is this what the /v/irgins were hyping a…[View]
118387738nice i always wanted to see strong POC wymen who beat whities[View]
118387495Nolan is a objectively bad director[View]
118388186What the fuck was his problem?[View]
118388298Cast Him[View]
118388311Why does he look like this?[View]
118387857What's the worst thing he's done? Godzilla '98 was pretty bad.[View]
118388006I've read the script for the prequel (or at least my brother has) ask me anything.[View]
118388330ITT: Kino Soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKlMOblghiQ[View]
118383379I'm putting together a team[View]
118388308Welcome to the reddit school of acting[View]
118386629Does Hollywood secretly hate James Cameron?[View]
118378235What was the best monster of the week?[View]
118388268That scene where Herbie struggled to fully express his antisemitism with exhaust splutters and flash…[View]
118388028film for this feel?[View]
118387718Nice Guys: Was it kino?[View]
118388032Can someone post the gif of the behind the scenes Captain America Civil War clip where all the super…[View]
118387154>I play pot of greed, allowing me to draw two cards from my deck Was this the right move?…[View]
118385953How can anyone respect people who, to any extent, watch, tolerate, condone, accommodate or perpetuat…[View]
118387076why do we have to wait for 2 or 3 fucking years for a new season? what the fuck happened to this ind…[View]
118382343upgrade was amazing. this was the first time in years that a movie made me care about it for days. h…[View]
118387663Was he a Mary Sue?[View]
118387043didn't i tell you ;'): >>118333921 (OP) now who's excited[View]
118388003Is Cavill ever going to be in a Cruise kino again?[View]
118373769Why does this new Picard show look like they're just doing Logan but in Star Trek? >picard i…[View]
118387240'the best way to deal with fantasy is to drop people right in: 'the best way to deal with fantasy is…[View]
118387877>imagine being a mousefag[View]
118379749Netflix is (((brainwashing))) the youth: I tried watching this with an open mind but my god the Cult…[View]
118386455What would the white network be named?[View]
118370302Here’s your new Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau: https://www.deadline.com/2019/07/teyonah-parris-eliz…[View]
118386437>seems like your hippos have lost their appetite, mr. Bond[View]
118387941Guess who /tv/[View]
118387928>Ms bond, I would've to refuse your offer to be your 'side nigga' in exchange of the game.…[View]
118383716movies about losers overcoming their plight because of a qt girl[View]
118387889>you guys hear about mcu phase 4![View]
118387888>Lord Bullingdon >Constantly bullies his Stepfather Bravok Kubrick, bravo…[View]
118387843Pop culture, Mens rights: I hate another movie is getting genderswapped. First doctor who, Ghostbust…[View]
118387820Best Director/Composer Team?: http://www.strawpoll.me/18352881[View]
118387370Can’t wait for Euphoria tonight[View]
118386380ITT: characters women will never understand[View]
118381312Characters you're slowly becoming: or you are already[View]
118385675>Ornella... the little Jonah inside me wants to inform everyone he has a nail bomb under the desk…[View]
118387584the problem with gandalf: Supposedly a god >at any rate the most powerful wizard in middle earth …[View]
118372052Great fucking choice for the new blade[View]
118377409Why are movies still stuck at 24 fps per second?[View]
118386937>Avengers.Endgame.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO Avengers.Endgame.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO …[View]
118387627Was he out of his Vulcan mind?[View]
118385094ITT: Films women will never understand[View]
118387617https://youtu.be/qi_J2AAfuUQ >we're gonna make the first scary MCU film Capekino confirmed…[View]
118387494>another decade of capeshit When will it end?[View]
118379821It's kino, r-right?[View]
118387484don't mind me /tv/ i'm just glassin[View]
118370925>Endgame wins without inflation adjustment >Gone with the Wind wins with inflation adjustment …[View]
118387467Here comes the pain, baby! Here comes the pain![View]
118386090Here are your elves, bro.[View]
118387374low T thread: What cliches always gets you crying? >Stand by me starts playing in the credits aft…[View]
118383279Is he right?[View]
118386265which one was better: We all agree both these were better than all all the new star wars and also St…[View]
118386564>I had a dream of my plane. It had crashed. But it was alright.[View]
118387321who actually believes this is a real ship and not a beard?[View]
118387318CLEAN IT UP JANNY[View]
118378113The great debate[View]
118386572Will they change his call sign to Fries Man?[View]
118384144Consider the patriarchy smashed![View]
118382094They do know Wesley Snipes outta jail, right?[View]
118386927Why didn't they just nuke the ractor?[View]
118383474https://youtu.be/A_HjMIjzyMU Is this the most kino 3D animation scene put on film?[View]
118387092We honor Avatar: Now that Avatar lost we remember why it won in the first place > new generation …[View]
118382309When was the last time he made something good?: I’m dead serious. I know he gets a lot of second cha…[View]
118387016I wanna know Can you show me I wanna know If there's strangers like me[View]
118384706Legit wtf did he mean by this[View]
118386663>2012 was 17 years ago what movie did you wish you got shot while watching >tfw blood sacrifi…[View]
118385706>tfw an actual interesting and balanced take on capeshit >+ bonus anya why isn't this mor…[View]
1183866882019... am I forgotten?[View]
118386430Jussie Smollet: Who are some other prominent black people who roasted Jussies theatrics? https://you…[View]
118386670I’ve never eaten a marble rye. I’ve never even seen one, or heard of anyone eating one. Don’t think …[View]
118385342omg i can't wait to see our caped crusaders in even more degenerate combinations fighting an ev…[View]
118381767>Mfw Deadpool says “what the shit-waffle-on-a-fuck-stick.”[View]
118381614>And I...am........Ironman, you big bald purple space nigger. Did they go too far with this?…[View]
118376287What's the key to aging this well?[View]
118385252Will it flop? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/batinthesun/legend-of-the-white-dragon/…[View]
118385259Have you ever felt called out by a movie? If so, which? Someone in my family with mental health issu…[View]
118386459OH NO NONO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
118384886Color Out of Space (2019): >still no trailer >no news >should be out in September we aren…[View]
118386487I didn't know it was that easy to become Hitler, based.[View]
118384086why maurice was never seen?[View]
118385324Transatlantic Zeppelins Amalgamated Spats Congreaves Inflammable Powder U.S. Hay[View]
118383749looks like chink kino is back on the menu[View]
118386240Who was right here?[View]
118386361Post REAL films. Capeshit very much not allowed itt.[View]
118384641>The villains are a bunch of evil Jews running a sex ring out of a pizza shop What did Nicolas Wi…[View]
118386317When is the new season of Gamer's Atlas coming out?[View]
118384804Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118385359What are some daughterfu kinos?[View]
118386237GET OUT OF MY Swamp Thing Thread[View]
118384298Eisenhorn's first episode will show an Exterminatus and reveal why Chaos is the greatest threat…[View]
118386225https://youtu.be/jTWyh6k9TXM this gives me the heebie jeebies[View]
118385611JOKER: Do you think this movie will change society? inspiring all these weak sexless neets to rise u…[View]
118385865You are hired to make a live-action remake of the entire DCAU Who do you cast?[View]
118378566Would a movie about Halo multiplayer be good?[View]
118386127>Holy shit it's Viper![View]
118384489I am inevitable.[View]
118386015Stupida facking game[View]
118385959Ending Explained: Midsommar: It's out! Don't worry about spending your shekels for my Jews…[View]
118385888What are your thoughts on the new sex symbol of Hollywood?[View]
118384843@Karl Karlos This video has (far and away) the worst comments on any of my videos. If I hear about B…[View]
118380838post actors/actresses nobody dislikes[View]
118385705/tv/ what do you think about...hold on a second *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH*[View]
118381074This was top kino[View]
118385500charatcers that are /tv[View]
118383918What did Emma Roberts mean by this?[View]
118381094What do they stand to gain by pushing the most annoying ethnic groups on us so hard? Are they just t…[View]
118384810I'm going through movies by the decades. What should I watch from 1910s?[View]
118379088Look what they did to our boy! Look what they did to him...: >lost home >lost father and mothe…[View]
118385267So what happens to the best Marvel property now?[View]
118385365Kino TV commercial: I'll start https://youtube.com/watch?v=J66met6SDi4 >tfw sniffing gets yo…[View]
118383472 [View]
118378153Why are there no Polish actors in Netflix Witcher[View]
118384844I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the d…[View]
118384481Why can’t modern directors keep their movies down to a respectable runtime? Only the Coens seem to u…[View]
118383781Name any movies where the main hero would slowly become the villain for the rest of its runtime.[View]
118381046>That garlic shit dont work on me bitch KINO[View]
118385118TITANS S2: Leaked images from the new trailer.[View]
118384845'You've got to be optimistic to be single. Stupid. You have to be stupid. That's what opti…[View]
118384522fixed it[View]
118385022>'And trust me. HE'LL like the difference too.'[View]
118384382Shout Factory announced their new lineup of special edition Blu-rays coming in 2020, and Universal…[View]
118384974tfw not 100% and need your head examined.[View]
118384954Hardware (1990): Was Lincoln /ourguy/?[View]
118384815>My friends call me Meg. At least they would if I had any friends.[View]
118383838Would you accept a Borg refugee girl in your home if she promised not to assimilate you?[View]
118382644>here are your dryads bro[View]
118380481Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO: >Midsommar.2019.720p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO Midsommar.2019…[View]
118384537Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118384528Nearly every popular series nowadays centers around some sort of male fanservice (prettyboi twink pr…[View]
118384408does he like a bit of fry and laurie?[View]
1183756442019 things you wouldn't believe in 2009: They made live action 'Batman V Superman' and it was …[View]
118379041>Makes all of Hollyjew and reddit normies seethe Is she unironically /ourgirl/?…[View]
118374286Why was she so god damn creepy?[View]
118384345Is he a good chef or do people just like his eyes?[View]
118384268Is /tv/ the new /v/? It's like all the underage fags grew up from vidya and moved here thinking…[View]
118381944Any kinos regarding the Incel phenomenon?[View]
118382468I'm 1h 30m in, when does it get scary?[View]
118384048So was he human or not? Didnt the memory lady tell him that his memory was real so that would mean h…[View]
118383848Why didn’t Feige mention this upcoming marvel movie?[View]
118383156Where do I start with Kitano's 映画?[View]
118382722It's time.[View]
118381202https://twitter.com/RottenTomatoes/status/1152768851202850816 ELEVEN MORE CAPESHIT MOVIES ANNOUNCED …[View]
118381107Kinos about social anxiety and isolation?[View]
118383731Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? Fear of saying the word. That's what it is …[View]
118383404Is he /ourguy/?[View]
118383054Walt's an idiot. Synthesizing LSD-25 requires thousands of dollars in lab equipment, an exhaust…[View]
118384009here's your new blade[View]
118383145I hate 'First man'. They actually managed to make moon landing into a depressing experience instead …[View]
118379501Did you just say 80’s setting?[View]
118383922>Given a chance for breakthrough role in Hollywood >Has to play homo faggot >J U S T people…[View]
118383855>No, you aren't in trouble. We just want to have a discussion about some anti-Disney posts y…[View]
118382915Red Letter Media: >children imitating pg13 sexual situations This is unacceptable, made me really…[View]
118381271Can he just get out of my state and stay in LA fucking his hot asian GF.[View]
118379936Why are the MCU Eternals multicultural?: In the comics they are all white. Why would Disney do this?…[View]
118382323What's The Simpsons like on DUDE LSD LMAO? I can never find anything to enjoy on acid but I fig…[View]
118383580Good God! You All...[View]
118377764Would you kneel?[View]
118357492Kino TV commercials: I'll start. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4rqZZgVxnCk >tfw 110° F and b…[View]
118382936Why is the Disney Channel allowed to exist? It presents children with all sorts of strange manipulat…[View]
118371392Do you think this 'woke' trend is a fad that will eventually end, or is this just the way popular cu…[View]
118383302*dodges the public domain forever* How can a mere mouse have so much power?[View]
118382349Snipes wasn't Blade, Blade was Snipes.[View]
118381606Movies about moths?[View]
118382031Leave Marvel to me. HENSHIN![View]
118381276>highest grossing movie of all time is a pro-South pro-white pro-masculine pro-christian movie Ho…[View]
118382055who was in the wrong here?[View]
118383435DEH: It's a DEHly occurence now.[View]
118383190What scenes made you so uncomfortable you had to pause the movie?[View]
118374399Yea, I'm thinking Natalie's back[View]
118380805Are the Japanese OK with this?[View]
118379222Webm Thread: If anyone knows what movie this is from I'd greatly appreciate it[View]
118381794Why didn’t /tv/ tell me it was kino?[View]
118380904True or not?[View]
118372750/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118363…[View]
118379676Answer the question /tv/. Let's make some Muppet Kino[View]
118382089Anon, have you penetrated anyone yet?[View]
118382529I'm reminded of King Louis the whatevah's finance minister...'the' something.[View]
118381621>S1 Annie What's her best moment?[View]
118383158Here's your Star Trek, bro....[View]
118383157I'm so tired /tv/[View]
118383038How’s palps coming back?[View]
118382992 [View]
118382828How can lizardboys even compete?[View]
118379664>mfw I found an LSD blotter while cleaning my room >mfw I'm gonna take it and watch Fear …[View]
118382743omg i can't wait to see our caped crusaders in even more combinations fighting an evil CGI man …[View]
118382978Where were you when Alex Kurtzman become greater than Rick Berman?: Star Trek is at its greatest hei…[View]
118382939>grimdark/bleak reboot of old show or movie >title of the movie is just the first name of majo…[View]
118379265MCU THE ETERNALS CAST: >YIKES! https://youtu.be/mNav-xkY7h4[View]
118382609It’s the Simpsons thread![View]
118381699>that fucking sound[View]
118382684ONLY KHLAV KALASH[View]
118380311post sports kino[View]
118382395Imagine they anounced new Blade is gonna be white[View]
118382476Hm, feed and seed ?[View]
118382732kino: kino[View]
118381181>mfw Picard said 'engage' FUCK how do i become cynical and jaded again?…[View]
118382110>character takes LSD >ONE PILL MAKES YOU LARGER…[View]
118382620>guy does acid >thinks he can fly and jumps off a building Fucking dropped. That ridiculous ol…[View]
118382583The best Star Trek that's not Star Trek.[View]
118382244Kino https://youtu.be/rICI8EO6R2k[View]
118382578Stop being obsessed with franchises: Tell a story and move on. At least make it a trilogy and stup. …[View]
118381331Lower Decks: I'm not usually one to poo-poo a product before I've actually seen it, but I …[View]
118380290papyrus? jc, srsly?[View]
118381010Just seen the trailer for this. I think the word meh describes it perfectly. I don't know why d…[View]
118382020Ecangelion thread[View]
118382400are there any kino's about the Thirty Years War similar to Alatriste?[View]
118382394Post random scenes from movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Sx_dMw8oA[View]
118382038Scarface: is this actually worth watching? all the white trash kids i knew in high school would wear…[View]
118370464STD: This is just a casual reminder that if you don't shorten it to 'STD,' you're a shill.…[View]
118379232What are some good chinese television shows and films? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3u91hBotKc…[View]
118382211>I'm not a faggot[View]
118381251Literally who?[View]
118382171What are some kinos for this feel?[View]
118382095fellas we gotta stop them[View]
118380808Reminder that the soiboys who went to watch Endgame 30 times will only buy one Bluray/DVD. AVATAR IS…[View]
118381875What is up with the Jews?[View]
118381930What is /tv/'s consensus on which is the best movie in the Godfather series?[View]
118381488Don't ask question, just consume product. Then get excited for next product![View]
118381650any kinos about being an insufferable faggot? >pic related[View]
118381410This mummy asks you to become a living god with her. What do you do?[View]
118377702>breaks Endgame's record with Avatar 2. Heh, nothin personal, kid.…[View]
118379745>YOU: (just a few months ago) 'god endgame is the LAST marvel movie i'll ever see i'm f…[View]
118381717>tfw a show this white will never be made again I mean 3 of the 5 literally have 'Mick' in their …[View]
118374161Here is your new Thor bro[View]
118378837How come this movie is so damn good??[View]
118373415Why didn't he cosh them?[View]
118381299turn of the century soundtrack kino[View]
118377988Pure kino. Petersen was great in the 80s.[View]
118380841has zendaya shown her tits and pussy yet? its the only reason i will watch Euphoria[View]
118379721>Natalie Thortman[View]
118379338What’s your favorite LGBTQ+ kino?[View]
118381285Say something about THOR: THE DARK WORLD[View]
118381236Can /tv/ solve this?[View]
118381387Why do boomers like this so much?[View]
118381337What site allows you to talk about modern Star Trek?: Mention it here and you get Midnight's Ed…[View]
118379256Rush Hour: If a man wanted 50 million dubs would he hide in a thread like THIS![View]
118380817Imagine watching MTV in 1991. Within the span of a month, the entire channel goes from hair metal to…[View]
118381029ITT things that existed at one point[View]
118379102First photo of Elizabeth Debicki on the set of Nolan's 'Tenet', for those of you interested.[View]
118380217Just rewatched pic related last night after 15 years. Jesus christ, why is it so difficult for holly…[View]
118378604Wet Hot American Summer: All Series: What's next for the 'Wet Hot' series? Have they run out of…[View]
118373529The Simpsons - Diversity Kittens and Melting Pot Mountain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_N8DafQK…[View]
118380703LOTR/Tolkien Amazon Series: hopes and expectations?[View]
118364177Marvel has officially recast Blade. They have made the biggest mistake of their cinematic universe.[View]
118380333last jedi got 100M on its friday and 600 total dom. they are crowing about this 80 but without legs…[View]
118380142why did they choose to make picard an old bald kike in the show[View]
118380622>be robert e lee >get owned by a drunk kek…[View]
118378242some people believe Henry is NOT going to be the new James Bond let that sink for a second[View]
118379183Who else /hype/ for Doctor Kino 2?: God damn, marvel just keeps the goods coming bros. And lizzie is…[View]
118379531What are some upcoming films that are not reboots, sequels, or capeshit?[View]
118380588*gets re-released in a year and easily takes back the record from EG which barely scraped passed*: W…[View]
118380777'No doubt there will be another Simpsons movie one of these days. Disney wants something for its mon…[View]
118379875How did he escape the me2 movement, the association with Weinstein, the girls foot in his mouth, etc…[View]
118380657>The other life is lived in computers, where you go by the hacker alias '4chan' and are guilty of…[View]
118378659why is she so perfect lads[View]
118380600This poster is hilarious[View]
118379167What did my you think of it?[View]
118380202>Watches Wind River once[View]
118371071How did Alita become such a beloved movie? It seems so mediocre. I am watching it now by the way. Wh…[View]
118378189What would've happened with Bill Hicks' career if he hadn't died?[View]
118376817>lives with 2 girls >has to pretend he's a faggot >couldn't even fuck janet or th…[View]
118378765https://youtu.be/Aq-NFzLMTT8 Why are Croatian TV ads so based?[View]
118379185i wasnt allowed a TV in my room growing up. but a TV channel simulcast on FM radio and i would fap t…[View]
118380652articles saying they put 1 million riders through this >5 min ride for 4 >48rides/hour >76…[View]
118380572>Stop not liking black people.[View]
118361073Why aren't you talking about this?[View]
118380349what the fuck is this[View]
118372345Buffy should have gone to a nudist colony instead of college[View]
118374789Was Frodo volcel or incel?[View]
118380186>I own an island off the Costa Costa Rica[View]
118376711So, its all in her head, right? Shes finding ways to cut off ties with her bf and move on. shes movi…[View]
118379769>a little LSD is all I need[View]
118380162>'Avatar is no longer the highest grossing film ever made? That's just fantastic news'…[View]
118377851Rome: Watching this show rn. This little nigga is kino, but his adult replacement is a fucking spaz.…[View]
118380174Why we never see Maurice?[View]
118378489It’s 2019: I’m still relevant...[View]
118379895>AVENGERS: ENDGAME Snaps Away AVATAR To Officially Become The Highest-Grossing Movie Of All-Time …[View]
118379999>No Moon Knight movie >no howard the duck movie where he partners with Ryan gosling to solve a…[View]
118378266Traded in my netflix sub for this, what kinos do I watch first?[View]
118380037>Donnie did i ever told you that i had a robot who talked? >also my wife died and i don't…[View]
118378011Why does she make normies seethe so hard?[View]
118379516Why is this movie getting so much flak? Disney just wants to make the type of movie they like to mak…[View]
118379451Just watched Spider-verse for the first time. Are they really gonna make the next one a romance betw…[View]
118377983>The names Bond, Aiesha Bond. >Watermelon martini, shaken, not stirred. >Do you expect me t…[View]
118377975why is captain marvel so popular?[View]
118376485So lads, who wants Mark Strong to play Eisenhorn? Who else should play him? Show is being made by th…[View]
118379471Is this the most Kino Ending ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuiZrmzwQJI >3:56 has any othe…[View]
118377915literally who?[View]
118356205>44 >No wife >No kids >Dying career >Plays 3rd fiddle to an aging Brad Pitt and Quent…[View]
118379863What went wrong?[View]
118375626He moved on, why haven't you[View]
118379812>Chad Stark leaves >it all turns to shit Who would’ve thought?! Say “thank you Based Tony”.…[View]
118379416Sup /tv/, Anyone else love this show? The first time I saw it I had the same reaction most people ha…[View]
118377475Was he framed? You have to consider the inherent unfairness of an all white judicial system. Plus th…[View]
118373800Hahahahaha this is going to be epic :^)[View]
118378528Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118378143Wait... TLJ was beaten overseas by fucking Aquaman?[View]
118378299What did he mean by this?[View]
118377753Canadian television: Anyone else watch free canadian tv? Qubo was the shit back then[View]
118377998>/tv/ will defend this[View]
118379376Black actors/actresses are cheaper that is why there are hired.: No grand jewish conspiracy, simply …[View]
118379402>tf busting a fat nut to pictures of your gf Films about this feel ?[View]
118378472woop de fucking doop im gonna go to page 10[View]
118366626Why does every movie have to replace a male lead with a female one?[View]
118376767The Boys: Why no hype for this? Will make Marvel look like kids films[View]
118379162Post your ideal version/look of a celebrity whenever you hear their name 'Weird Al'[View]
118378655Mission Impossible: i think we can all agree it goes 5=6=4>1>3>>2[View]
118352086Who is best girl in the Arrowverse?[View]
118377922Eternals: >Robb Stark >Kumail Nanjiani >Angelina Jolie >Train to Busan Guy >Salma Hay…[View]
118360802/trek/ - Comic Con edition[View]
118368488lets write quips for the upcoming (pg) Blade movie >Fighting frost >Frost says hes going to ki…[View]
118363336Thor 4: >Bisexual Valkyrie >Jane Foster Thor OH NO NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
118378813Not gonna lie, sounds like it could be kino[View]
118378543So Finally Watched SWTLJ......: Friend comes by tonight, told him I am enjoying some pre-Marvel SW k…[View]
118378108I DON'T REALLY HIRE JEWS![View]
118378744Sooo... is bumblebee gunna get a sequel or what?[View]
118370607When will it finally die?[View]
118378521>*surpasses kino* LMAO[View]
118374336hannibal is the best part of the Eric Andre Show[View]
118363974Here's your cape shit bro.[View]
118364822Supergirl new costume revealed: What do you think? An improvement?[View]
118367143Ultimately, what went wrong? Also DC fanboy sadposting thread. Sad that DC doesn’t get a night where…[View]
118378298Was this a subtle jab at us incels?[View]
118378093There is a silver lining for the Phase 4 movie announcements. No Captain Marvel 2.[View]
118375892why didn't voldy just make an air molecule a horcrux? Harry would never be able to find it or d…[View]
118378087The last 40 minutes are so much better than everything before.[View]
118378090Is she a Borg infiltrator thing, an omnipotent energy being, or Lal?[View]
118377822and here come the pretzels![View]
118378056This shit will age worse than nu-metal.[View]
118377947And don't forget to purchase some orange drink for the long ride home.[View]
118378054Why can't you meanies just leave us alone and let us enjoy our capekino[View]
118378012>First MCU horror movie >Best girl Scarlett Witch is in it too Yeah Im thinking Capekino is …[View]
118378006more kino like this please[View]
118377415Does anyone know where i can watch pic related for online for free?[View]
118377612>A white guy and a black guy fighting between themselves while ignoring the real issue Has there…[View]
118376746OH SHIT: Fat Kevin is here![View]
118377375It was funny for me any other fans[View]
118375990I miss him bros[View]
118376787Does anyone know where I can watch Midsommar online for free? pls help[View]
118377671itt post movies only you've seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2MwAy6njlM[View]
118365645https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl_sRAim8WE >Still, if you dont have a job that you like and you…[View]
118375363cinema lost today[View]
118377641Caturday -Moon Landing Edition[View]
118376202Emma Watson: Was she a good actress?[View]
118377588Avabros. It's time we show them what we meant by adjust for inflation.[View]
118375142Into Darkness was better than Wrath of Khan. There was actually a point to the story rather than jus…[View]
118374728I'm new to /tv/. Which are the best threads and tv shows and movies?[View]
118377517>Hey guys. Oh Big Gulps huh?[View]
118375034Wasn't this supposed to be really good? How come, like avatar, it has had zero cultural impact?[View]
118374075remember when people would get bullied for liking superheroes? can we bring that back?[View]
118375944so was LOTR ever kino or not?[View]
118377047>2019... we’re forgotten[View]
118373344>Let's all go get chocolate frosty milkshakes![View]
118372974Film adaptation when?[View]
118377209Rush Hour (1998): >When a Chinese diplomat's daughter is kidnapped in Los Angeles, he calls …[View]
118377017Dobby relished his groinsaw's roar as he withdrew the flesh-choked blade from the astronaut…[View]
118369089Just finished watching this.: I don't know if the facial CGI is just complete shit, or it'…[View]
118377040>evil right wing death squad Rorschach worshipping cult purges minorities Really, HBO?…[View]
118373965Kino: What kind of movie gives you this feel? https://aiportraits.com/[View]
118374894Watchmen: *Incoming Lindelof capekino*[View]
118375040For me it's the Rako Hardeen arc.[View]
118367277ITT: Cinematic masterpieces: What films do you all consider actual masterpieces of film? Persona has…[View]
118374449I love bad bitches that's my fuckin' problem (Problem) And yeah I like to fuck I got a fuc…[View]
118371120So which is the better trilogy?[View]
118376258If boards were movie characters, I will start /k/[View]
118376478What's his favorite movie?[View]
118374502misunderstood masterpiece[View]
118375230Reaction: Are white American girls reacting to Kpop boyband music videos kino? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
118376519Was Rocky mentally handicapped?: https://youtu.be/-1pGoHSz6rw He just stands there getting the shit …[View]
118376433What are some comfy dreamy kinos about young people that fill you with wonder i can absorb to attrac…[View]
118373456https://www facebook com/feilkropp/videos/1463242423929114/ any kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
118376431Is there anything more cancerous than a laugh track? It just tells everyone that your show isn'…[View]
118373914Post yfw 7 of 9 and hologram Data only appear in the premier and Picard dies and they name the ship …[View]
118372087OH NO NO NO[View]
118362982There still hasn't been or there not ever will be a movie trilogy as great as this.[View]
118366134Hershlag kino is back on the menu, boys[View]
118370982Was it kino?[View]
118373108>Godard was the first director to ever shoot outside[View]
118370040When are people going to finally understand this movie for the surreal comedy masterpiece that it is…[View]
118366858Endgame won: So does this mean cinema has officially died? A soulless corperate mcdonalds-tier prod…[View]
118375338>killing off the best character He better just be trapped in the hell world or there’s literally …[View]
118375695https://youtu.be/jehfAGAikwY AVABROS.... Get in here. If Disney won't rerelease Avatar then we …[View]
118375929So what happened to Asgardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: The Search for Gamora? I was actually semi-exci…[View]
118375205In this thread, we only post kino.[View]
118371920>be a clearly innocent man >none of the actual evidence points to you in any way >just bull…[View]
118372335What is your first gut reaction after watching this one minute clip?[View]
118375468Reminder: Hollywood doesn't matter IRL. It doesn't change elections. It doesn't chang…[View]
118374244>it's a 'truman drops LSD and realises that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow …[View]
118373724This always bugged me. Did the joker switch the addresses or did Batman choose to save Harvey Dent f…[View]
118368521ITT: Kino that got (unjustly) cancelled.[View]
118372003Get tot the check lane, see this, what do?[View]
118375747Pleb filter.[View]
118375334This is only pure speculation but was Lal sabotaged by Section 31 and kidnapped right under Picard…[View]
118375737Deadwood: Just started watching this western kino[View]
118373737So at the end of the day are these movies really even about anything?[View]
118375347>year 2019 >still no Harambe biopic[View]
118375639WOW! Look at this funny sneed video LOL!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJMEhzv8cQw[View]
118374539>sneed, feed and seed, formaley known as chuck's[View]
118375645>You have a grandstand seat here to one of the most momentous events in the history of science. I…[View]
118375531This was kino[View]
118375317>Boomers think this is actually scary[View]
118373062>Misery, misery, misery, that’s what you’ve chosen[View]
118361760Can we get an AI Portraits Ars thread going?[View]
118375505'Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket. I myself, I jerk off at least…[View]
118374945when you adjust for inflation we're still winning bros. dont listen to the marvel redditors shi…[View]
118375000>now that your rose is in bloom[View]
118374762>'sorry bro me and my girl got a place over the weekend out of town.' >'Nah dawg, me and my si…[View]
118375086Yo where my Nova movie at?[View]
118373207>mfw there are no trannies in the expanse >mfw this is a lowkey admission that trans bullshit …[View]
118373467Post a crazy celebrity fact below this one: Mahershala Ali grew up Baptist with his parents and the …[View]
118375364what are some movies about unhealthy obsessions?[View]
118375229ITT Perfect casting choices[View]
118374319Hey, this is regular vanilla...[View]
118374476Antman BTFO: >no 3rd film ANTMAN BTFO ANTMAN BTFO ANTMAN BTFO[View]
118371861How can one man be so based?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UDyeJwSTA3s[View]
118366454Phase 4 - Movies only: Are we excited?[View]
118354084MONSTERVERSE TO CONTINUE PAST GODZILLA VS. KONG: https://twitter.com/OMEGAGORMARU/status/11524373616…[View]
118371823Can /tv/ name a good TV show made before the 90s? You can't name Cheers or MASH[View]
118373432Alright here's the plan. all you and Skooks have to do is find Daphne, and get turned on! and t…[View]
118373351Are we talking about Bond getting blacked yet?[View]
118374671>Nomi >no me >no, me Bond >Nomi Bond…[View]
118374328Bonus: Who do you think on board is being paid the most? With or without the bonus.[View]
118372035>90 minute found footage movie >nothing of interest happens for 80 minutes >final 10 minute…[View]
118370850what a scary movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwZ0ZUy7P3E[View]
118372445Post honest filmmaking[View]
118370612Jesus Christ....[View]
118374299Hop on[View]
118372915where do you get your ideas from?[View]
118372696AVATARDS ON SUICIDE WATCH: >No other being has ever had the might...nay the nobility...to defeat …[View]
118372644Does Mahershala Ali playing new Blade renders all Marvel Netflix shows non-canon, because he has alr…[View]
118373746When did you get Winonapilled ?[View]
118370339Unintentionally funny movies: a thread: I laughed extremely at the part where the leaf said 'you…[View]
118372762Looking for good serial killer docs. Prefer online since t.v. docs are an abortion. Side note, why a…[View]
118374188But why?[View]
118371252AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: >Avengers is #1, >Cameron is trash, >When Thanos hits this snap, >Blu…[View]
118372016Predator: Why can’t they manage to make an even halfway decent sequel to the original? This was dogs…[View]
118371701is it true that natalie portman is no prostitute?: Are some of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses pr…[View]
118373966Is this any good? Im a slob btw.[View]
118371766>main character is the most important character in the movie[View]
118371075Least funny sitcom characters of all time. Pic related[View]
118374085Glass Why the fuck did they just straight up murder him?[View]
118374032Who's hyped?[View]
118371770He's still /ourFlash/ bros: https://comicbook.com/dc/2019/07/19/it-director-andy-muschietti-tak…[View]
118373917When will there be an eastern fantasy equivalent to Game of Thrones? I want to know what Liu Bei…[View]
118370985>Fat fuck spends 22 minutes hyping up food challenge >Waiter brings out food >Sits down wit…[View]
118373787Are these two seriously going to be the main focus again for season 3? What the fuck were they think…[View]
118371362Honestly, the uniforms are the biggest sign that Picard isn't for Star Trek fans.[View]
118373315Yes, yes, nice run Avatar, however...[View]
118373841What is the meaning behind the bird flying into her apartment?[View]
118373697post some real niggas[View]
118371393So like...who was he, again?[View]
118370153How much will Natalie Portman bulk up to play Thor?[View]
118373709>tfw you'll never live in a time where you're not disposable The saddest part is knowin…[View]
118373472Here is you Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Kino, bro![View]
118371035Christian symbolism: the show[View]
118373651Is Freaked a funny movie or was I 12 in 1993?[View]
118373638>formerly Blade Hello darkness my old friend[View]
118373506Just saw this for the first time. Am I supposed to relate to John Rambo this much? What a great movi…[View]
118373528Big ups to the staff at Regal Cinemas Plymouth tonight who saw me bringing in a case of this beer bu…[View]
118372704Why is this not available for rent anywhere online? I live in a remote area so visiting the cinema i…[View]
118373309>So here I am getting raped again..[View]
118371602Next time baby[View]
118372046Can we agree that Seinfeld is funnier, but Friends is comfier?[View]
118373165ASCENSION ~! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ67H9JHAHM[View]
118372307Holy based[View]
118371908USE THE FORKS HOMER[View]
118373001my lord, have we sparked the flame?[View]
118366415BLADE: How hard is this going to flop /tv/?[View]
118372954I feel nothing. At a time when my life and the lives of those around me are disintegrating before ou…[View]
118368030ITS OVER GUYS[View]
118358197got: >Why did you think I came all this way? Why are people mad at this finale? It's a 100 y…[View]
118371637/ugbg/the underdog/sir billi/ garfield general: Death to those who oppose us[View]
118366799Saving Private Ryan: I hate this movie so fucking much, the fact that so many guys die just to rescu…[View]
118370528People who likely will die in the next 5-10 years and not get a sticky. Pic related.[View]
118371274Why yes, I am excepted for Phase 4 of the MCU. How could you tell?[View]
118372321Doctor Fate movie when? He was kino in Smallville and Injustice 2.[View]
118371400There has literally never been a single good movie since Iron Man came out. MCU killed cinema.[View]
118363947/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118357…[View]
118371055You are now aware that the original cast of SNL went on to write for SNL, the daily show, wonder ove…[View]
118372462>that saga where Ernie convinces himself he'll never find love so he gets really really fat …[View]
118372077The face of capehaters: >I hate capeshit! It is basically ahit plots and cgi!…[View]
118371329What movie is/was the biggest offender when it comes to blatant advertising?[View]
118367161How come other countries make kinos about America and then other countries perform live music from t…[View]
118362814WE WON[View]
118372273L Y N C H E D[View]
118372271>Thor 4 wil be yuri Is this the only thing left to be conquered by the mcu? how will they sell it…[View]
118371308CALLED IT https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/110904124/#110904124[View]
118372202He’s right you know[View]
118372059ITT: movies women will never understand[View]
118371693>is the only good show on netflix[View]
118371301>Go to a restaurant, table for one of course >Order my food >Finish my meal >Busboy take…[View]
118364916Do girls look at you and smile?[View]
118371981Post gameshow kino https://youtu.be/p3Uos2fzIJ0[View]
118368240I love these faggots so much: how can such a dumb premise be so fucking great? How come I cry most e…[View]
118371307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL2DcWB994s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y89GjDauoBg based…[View]
118371774I am. In. Car. Cer. Ra. Ted.[View]
118371712What should I watch tonight?[View]
118370566But who watches the Watchmen?[View]
118368686thought this said nigger syndrome lmao[View]
118356980How do I get a Dee GF?[View]
118370949Movies for this feel?[View]
118369309Who's your husbando, /tv/?[View]
118360028Men.in.Black.International.2019.1080p.HC.HDRip.X264-EVO: >Men.in.Black.International.2019.1080p.H…[View]
118371527Why did this Leaf cockroach wait till Charlton Heston died before making Cold Dead Hand which mocked…[View]
118371512It's up! https://youtu.be/dPLmPsIbR7M[View]
118369829>character asks for dr. pepper >is mr. pibb ok?…[View]
118365884>message of the movie is that beauty inside is what matters more[View]
118369890>another saturday night spent watching lord of the rings clips on youtube and getting emotional…[View]
118368860Reminder that this happened.[View]
118371318>Why yes, I do piss in a bottle and shit in a bucket to keep the momentum going and avoid any unn…[View]
118369622Why was Sam Malone so damn dark?[View]
118371299Has anyone here seen this movie?: It's called 'Victoria'. I found it looking for German movies …[View]
118371041>black actor cast as harvey dent >black actor cast as catwoman >black actor cast as kingpi…[View]
118364537what was the point of this character? I am being serious, was it poorly written with all of his forc…[View]
118369311I just watched season 1. what did i think about it?[View]
118370802Check ‘em: Tribs and I’ll see about paying the jannies[View]
118369929I check[View]
118365325>it's a Picard goes to Blizzcon episode[View]
118335706Euphoria.: > Tfw this fucking show caused my depression to return.…[View]
118370819not even /tv/ could ruin this movie for me[View]
118371073What would their kid be like?[View]
118370673Here's your Thor bros[View]
118370392cast the modern male[View]
118370300Why do women seem to do better in sci-fi and fantasy roles?[View]
118370618What are some actresses that improved their looks through plastic surgery?[View]
118367586What the fuck was his problem?[View]
118369214movies with this energy?[View]
118367787Hi I'm your next Villain of the Day! I appear in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Blac…[View]
118368548ITT: Post capeshit you actually like[View]
118363690Remember the New World by Malick? I fucking love that movie[View]
118366716What makes this catwoman so iconic?[View]
118369454>honest director >starting joaquin phoenix >soundtrack by hildur guðnadóttir >excellent …[View]
118348117>All the evil kids go here lol[View]
118370320Woah, Disney IP #1 beat Disney IP #2: I know everyone will reply with 'cope' and 'btfo' anyway, beca…[View]
118370048SOUL SOULLESS[View]
118365069THE RIDE NEVER ENDS[View]
118369427Steve Buscemi getting fucked in the ass.[View]
118369716Bond 25: Will it be Kino?[View]
118370600For me, It's Tallie Lintra[View]
118369969why did god not make me a rich hollyjew executive? i just want dove cameron to ride my face bros[View]
118370228>Romance movie >Characters are from different socioeconomic groups and they think their family…[View]
118368559Can someone explain this to me?[View]
118368972When will it fucking end? Its all so exhausting[View]
118368096>black widow >not black Why is this allowed?…[View]
118370439>letts make the shitty movies except as a television show >lets also use the character from th…[View]
118368350>People believing Endgame to be the highest grossing film[View]
118369578How do we get back the 90s vibe? I miss them so much. FUCK[View]
118366251please consider the following[View]
118367973Is JRE worth the time investment to listen to?[View]
118369999Will it ever be topped?: Will Top Gun 2 surpass this kino?[View]
118369405>'Boy Optimus, I sure am glad we beat Sentinel Prime together! Now that he's dead, perhaps I…[View]
118369531>People arguing over the amount of money made by different movies Do not do this.…[View]
118369995>my brotha.. my kang..[View]
118369944What is your opinion on Sherlock?[View]
118367987DISNEY DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE!: It doesn't matter if their remakes suck, it doesn…[View]
118368119Antonioni was a better filmmaker than Godard or Truffaut. Film studies textbooks should be focusing …[View]
118369733Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the[View]
118368379>Marvel has a slated entire universe deep into the 2020’s >Superman can’t even get a sequel AA…[View]
118370012What are our thoughts on him, /tv/?[View]
118369910Hey you kids From The Earth To The Moon was our Chernobyl. We planted a fucking flag on the moon and…[View]
118369991ITT: high energy films[View]
1183690312019....I AM FORGOTTEN: >been around LITERALLY since the first film >since IM2 if you want cou…[View]
118369958HBO his dark materials: will we watch it?[View]
118366499Doctor Pavel, I'm NASA[View]
118369845ITT: /tv/ Podcasts: These guys still aren't that well known yet but they're pretty fun. De…[View]
118369891>wtf why are there suddenly no lion king threads in the catalog >OH…[View]
118369877Put Vito on the phone asshole.[View]
118369850>In a couple of weeks Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Grampa are going to get teleported to anothe…[View]
118369718Was he an incel?[View]
118369236>Hey /tv/ whattup It's yo boy here and today we are talking about KINO. Before we begin don…[View]
118356899post an actor's best look[View]
118364425Post your low budget diy movie ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
118369234MCU panel what if: >be the SDCC panel >end of questions for Kevin Feige >everyone claps, re…[View]
118367608Will they fuck? Does Steve have the power to make her bisexual?[View]
118366109what happened to him ?[View]
118369551ITT characters with silly names[View]
118366254trek animation: How times have changed How technology has evolved How[View]
118369447>destroys cinema[View]
118368252>shit myself again I'm so Fucking pathetic I hate myself. I'm literally sitting in my p…[View]
118367694>family movie night >everyone making little comments every so often or just looking down at t…[View]
118369371>Yes, I'm excited for Westworld season 3, how could you tell?[View]
118366446Will it be lovecraftian???[View]
118369061What is the best version of The Walking Dead?[View]
118367304>character finds a brick of cocaine >Eric Clapton's 'Cocaine' starts playing…[View]
118369327more like cherkinobyl[View]
118367995We need a dedicated capeshit board.[View]
118369193Netflix only makes sh- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMRz6Hfjelo[View]
118368847Based marvel appealing to all representations of humankind while DC casts another white guy to play …[View]
118368338>no howard the duck movie where he partners with Ryan gosling to solve a mystery…[View]
118369118Anyone know any decent, non-pozzed streaming sites? I don't feel like paying 20 USD for season …[View]
118368567What are some of your most rewatched films? I've seen The Toxic Avenger countless times.[View]
118369067Take a step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE[View]
118369003how would marvel handle this scene?[View]
118368281who the fuck is still listening to him? he should have quit with artie[View]
118349964What?: No, not the mind probe![View]
118367359ENDGAME WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BEAT AVATAR: Fucking cheating kikes! Unexplained week gross? Constan…[View]
118367883Just had sex with my girlfriend. Ask me anything (preferably /tv/ related)[View]
118360399why was garfield cg but pluto a real dog?[View]
118368262What went wrong?[View]
118360852The Expanse: New trailer and clip: https://youtu.be/kNIim3xqsEU https://youtu.be/9LrZiNOvp_c Also, S…[View]
118368786So now that Thor is a woman, will she romance Sam Wilson as Captain America like she does in the com…[View]
118368647The Brazilian Connection Trailer: Redpilled or no? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KhuwrdLNk0&f…[View]
118366656This is a really good movie.[View]
118366352are there any kino standups?[View]
118363117graphic design is my passion[View]
118367933>hates woman[View]
118368624Is Bandana Dee the best character in It's Always Sunny and Super Smash Bros?[View]
118368534Hello. My name is Hollywood, and I order you to think black people are pleasant to be around.[View]
118354830Orville moves to Hulu for Season 3[View]
118363432What is /tv/'s favorite soap operas?[View]
118362999 [View]
118367761Saturday Night: What are you watching Bros?[View]
118366359we start a rumor that there is a cyborg movie being made with a white guy as victor[View]
118368269A Rainy Day in New York: Anyone else looking forward to this film finally being released? Yeah, its …[View]
118367683Disney didn't steal anybody's gay ass tie fighter design, their only crime was stealing st…[View]
118367589/ourshlag/ did it bros[View]
118354530Will it be kino?[View]
118368247this show has a lot of barefoot chicks[View]
118368220why are asian guys so fucking ugly t. asian[View]
118368154>Ran is my favorite Kurosawa film[View]
118368001What happened to his career?[View]
118362575What went wrong?[View]
118363453breh look at this dude[View]
118366072Hogan!!! Anybody who posts in this thread shall be sent to the Russian front.[View]
118368037My headcanon is that Truman sued the production company after he escaped and made a ridiculous amoun…[View]
118362922>did you know Godard was the first director to film outside?[View]
118366672What did it mean?[View]
118363830AD ASTRA: >thread search >no ad astra threads it's gonna be kino, talk about it https://w…[View]
118367907Marvel Phase 4: Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 Thoughts?[View]
118365448Jesus wept hehe lol ;)[View]
118365948Just finished watching this with my boomer dad and chad brother: This movie was fucking boring, the …[View]
118366838What do you think of the new superhero husbando?[View]
118367822Here is your new blade[View]
118367805I want you to have that computer[View]
118367795I need a kino to watch tonight, if I don't get any god suggestions I'm just going to watch…[View]
118367772你他妈的黑鬼 这是我的冰淇淋[View]
118367728Most watched television event in history: Can this ever be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g…[View]
118365946Well, it's over.[View]
1183609017 MCU movies in 2021: Holy fuck can anyone stop them?[View]
118366130What's the most horrifying thing you've seen in a film or show? Pic related for me[View]
118367670>mom shut the fuck up[View]
118367659I love this movie[View]
118367487>why yes, my favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Conan the Barbarian, and The Last…[View]
118365315My 600 Pound Life special: Dr Now Goes to Washington: I very concern about Mister Tump. His eating h…[View]
118363129I hate her[View]
118367505the weapons of the enemeh... I've never seen such a thing[View]
118367503/tv/ BTFO[View]
118366067Was he sent there by the devil?[View]
118367341>24yo neet >go out running every other day >best friend: no one >currently doing a BBA …[View]
118366192/taissa/: What's next for her, Taissachads?[View]
118367381>only a 10 year difference why do women age so poorly?[View]
118366905Just confirmed Sony decided to not renew the Spiderman deal. Sonybros.....he's back where he be…[View]
118367281/Us/: I'm about an hour in Why the fuck is this piece of shit so high-rated? Why are there noth…[View]
118367272Please let this man finish what he started.[View]
118367188>I watch movies I choose myself >I watched every Juzo Itami works recently >Marvel? >No,…[View]
118367138Why the fuck is Bob Crane so SMUG[View]
118367103Im voting for Trump after the Disney news today :) suck it normies[View]
118367120ITT live action remakes you want to see: James Franco: Senku Seth Rogen: Taiju Danny McBride: Shishi…[View]
118366760At first we thought of them as Gods But soon realized we weren't thinking calmly They were but …[View]
118365342I don't get it. What if what? What the fuck is Disney talking about here?[View]
118367026>here are your dryads bro[View]
118366482FEMALE Thor[View]
118367011>one shitty film passes another shitty film in earning worthless currency inflated by the federal…[View]
118366725HA HA HA HA HA HA HA[View]
118366966Genuine Kino[View]
118366593Have you done your part to destroy the capeshit menace?[View]
118363678>Sonny With A Chance a chance of what?[View]
118366263No one: Not single soul in whole universes: Marvel: thor is now the jewish lesbian women! What us wr…[View]
118366848A Goofy Kino[View]
118365457Do normalfags who don't even follow other marvel movies know what's going on when they wat…[View]
118364728Cry More.[View]
118366460>Chad Stark leaves the MCU >it immediately becomes bloated shit filled with lesbian jewesses a…[View]
1183651296 million days til Avatar 2: Bros, Cameron is going to have to scrape down everything now...but Disn…[View]
118366694itt: comfy tv shows.[View]
118365982Rate my version of a Phase 1 for the DCEU >Superman >Batman >Wonder Woman >The World…[View]
118366628What are the best sci-fi shorts you know of? https://youtu.be/7tScAyNaRdQ[View]
118366106Shang Chi[View]
118361080So, what was the plot? What an incoherent waste of time. What are some other movies that are vague f…[View]
118366318I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonet…[View]
118366604>casting a black guy as Blade f*ck 2019. blackwashing every classic character.…[View]
118366583>Be washed up James Cameron >talk shit about Avengers >mouse delays your Pocahontas in Spa…[View]
118366574OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Poor Hemsworth: >Get dumped offscreen by GF >Parents dead >Miljo…[View]
118366402Yeah! That's Right cocksucker! Go back to New Jersey![View]
118364930Anyone who thinks Hopper is dead is a fucking moron. A: You never actually see him die. B: The write…[View]
118364928*surpasses kino*[View]
118363062MARGE IS GAMER LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWLa25vIf-k[View]
118364734Kevin Feige confirms Fantastic 4 film is in production[View]
118366250Why did it have to be so realistic?: Scar and the hyenas completely lacked charm. Ed wasn't eve…[View]
118365509Why did /tv/ lie and say this was good? >muh cryptic metaphors![View]
118366396From The Earth To the Moon is now in HD available on Bluray, streaming and pirate worthy. Why aren…[View]
118365551>main character in Seinfeld >has to be a side character in FRIENDS So FRIENDS won in the end…[View]
118360289What's his best filmand why is it The Tenant?[View]
118366185What are some good documentaries (or 'doccos,' as they call them) which expose the cruel r…[View]
118360603>British: Can u Swim? >Indian: No >British: Then a Dog is Better thaan u because It Swims. …[View]
118365665best flying saucers in movie-dom?[View]
118341868What went right?[View]
118366348its over[View]
118366046MCU Capeshitters/Disney shillers are the worst: >No Avengers 4 >No Spider-Man 3 >No Guardia…[View]
118366297any good neet documentaries?[View]
118366276Find a flaw[View]
118365607what did you think about little italy?[View]
118366168Will it be any good?[View]
118366169You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be[View]
118366039>Perfect... they are all perfect[View]
118362223>Hello, i'm a mac[View]
118363425Recommend me movies like The Raid (one and two). Some good shit with nice fight scenes and kind of s…[View]
118365951MCU Thor OFFCIALLY RENDERED A JOKE: >Valkyrie queer bait shit hogs the spotlight >natalie port…[View]
118365963>All the signs are there, single, late 30s, and thin[View]
118358088Would you kneel?[View]
118365821Why are tv shows like this even being made? No one asked for this https://youtu.be/KbXy0f0aCN0[View]
118365197It’s just sad now to see[View]
118365921We did it bros[View]
118363814/allthat/ general: New episode tonight >Shark Cave sketch https://youtu.be/x3wb4TBH-Gc >Prankl…[View]
118350081New Star Wars Promo Poster. Kino.[View]
118365770...comrade Dyatlov...[View]
118364459So you beat some women's picture about space savages?: Don't think that means you stand a …[View]
118364619>Movie from the late 10s >soundtrack includes The Chainsmokers…[View]
118365672How do I cope with the fact that we'll never get an anime like FLCL again?[View]
118364224deaf kino thread (Deaf roles played by hearing actors don’t count)[View]
118365722what does /tv/ think of Samara Weaving's body of work?[View]
118364671Who could defeat him?[View]
118364539Cutest Girl Co-star in all the Elvis Movies: For me, it's Shelley Fabares.[View]
118363313Looks like kino is back on the menu boys[View]
118353688JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
118365605what the hell was her problem[View]
118365094Are they the Cowboy film/tv show fad of the 2010/2020s?[View]
118364719Why does everybody act so hysterical? Otherwise I'm enjoying it[View]
118359678So Brandon Routh returns as Superman is Crisis in Infinite Earths and it seems its going to be KC Su…[View]
118365344i hate white people so fucking much[View]
118365446how many years until zoomers making threads reminiscing about Peppa Pig and Elsa/Spiderman shorts[View]
118365212Any movies about utopias you'd like to live in?[View]
118364976These are the coolest bank robbery masks, but what are the second coolest?[View]
118365367No matter what happens at the box office, the overgrown and massive mouse will reign supreme. Disney…[View]
118364972Marvel Phase Four: Also Blade Thoughts? Looking forward only to Doctor Strange and Thor[View]
118363465>Is anyone still mourning XXXTentacion? He’s a rapper, who was murdered, he’s dead now. He was sh…[View]
118357402Final Destination thread?: These movies are my top guilty pleasure. Desperately in need of a 6th one…[View]
118364939I work here with my pawn shop, Old Man[View]
118363369What the fuck was his problem?[View]
118365143ARE YOU ALRIGHT[View]
118362556Doctor Strange 2: Holy crap, I am intrigued.[View]
118357820SVENGOOLIE GENERAL (NOW WITH STREAM!): SVENGOOLIE GENERAL -- http://www.svengoolie.com STREAM HERE! …[View]
118362121>'The winner. Gets. Me.' Are American high school girls really this slutty??…[View]
118364038>Reminder Disney bought most of the tickets to devalue camron’s bargaining position.…[View]
118361244What the fuck went wrong? A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night was very close to being a masterpiece. Po…[View]
118355990Is there going to be nudity in the Witcher show?[View]
118361074>SEVEN Marvel movies in 2021 It's happening, the capeshit fatigue is coming.…[View]
118363760what is he thinking right now?[View]
118359772Would Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) work better as a horror reboot like Chucky?[View]
118363956>why yes, i adjust prices to account for inflation, it's a basic economic principle…[View]
118362673Are there any Doctors on this board who can diagnose what is wrong with her? Is it autism? Tourettes…[View]
118364518Why the fuck do Jedi/Sith physically hold a button to ignite their lightsabers? In RotS Yoda boomera…[View]
118363568good shakespeare adaptations: ill start: the tempest[View]
118360393Are you looking forward to Terminator Dark Fate?[View]
118363866You're in the club and this guy tells your girlfriend to move along home - what do?[View]
118364186Leave cosmic horror to me.[View]
118360904Hahahaha kids cussing[View]
118361221what say we have a simpsons thread boy[View]
118363590Men should be allowed to breed with any women that is sexually mature (has periods). Prove me wrong.…[View]
118363312https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64CYajemh6E >nobody talking about Westworld SDCC trailer after th…[View]
118363909HOT HOT HOT[View]
118364426Cyberpunk 2077[View]
118363721Was Jesse the true protagonist of Breaking Bad?[View]
118361568Totally Spies: What does /tv/ think of this series?[View]
118346047>It’s an “our computer system is being invaded by an alien virus” episode >it’s very tense all…[View]
118364368What are some movies that are like pic related?[View]
118362551>Great little flick![View]
118364301>NIGGER FARM[View]
118361108When did you realize that colonel Tavington was actually right and the good guy?[View]
118362554Cast them.[View]
118363388>be a clearly innocent man >none of the actual evidence points to you in any way >just bull…[View]
118364003Are people really so poor that they can't afford the $20 a month for both Netflix and Disney+?[View]
118362064>Hear me out[View]
118364013Congratulations Avaturds, you are no longer the biggest pleb: That 'honorable' title goes to capeshi…[View]
118364001Why does this fucker never talk normally in any of his movies?[View]
118355400I M A G I N E M A G I N E[View]
118363958>Can you keep it down? I'm trying to do drugs.[View]
118363907>becomes a genius once he starts doing nofap wtf did they mean by this, bros?…[View]
118362553Stop Not Liking Women and Black People[View]
118362945ITT: actors and actresses with best genetics[View]
118363886*I Was Made For Lovin’ You starts playing*[View]
118363646Whor confirmed: I can't wait for more butthurt quartering/geeks and gamers videos.[View]
118362768Redpill me on the current state of Hollywood[View]
118357398/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: Jackson Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118345…[View]
118359088Is life worth living, anons?[View]
118363738Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back.[View]
118360151A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/merriam-webster-adds-em…[View]
118362720>you fool, no man can kill me! >EXCUSE ME did you just assume my gender??? I'll report y…[View]
118363627Why the rises of sjw movements in media happened same time with the rises of Obama?[View]
118357547Which is the superior film?[View]
118345274What's going to be the next meme since 80s nostalgia is played out?[View]
118363227It's been 104 years and no one has yet to top it.[View]
118363507>capeshit bad >avatar good[View]
118362244Pink Alien: 'Shit off! This is unbelievable.' Saboo: 'You pair of plum preserves!' Pink Alien: 'Oh, …[View]
118363050How the fuck can you hire such beautiful woman (i know that she is not a good fit for Triss) and sho…[View]
118361389Thew fuck was his problem?[View]
118362417i have some video files ready to burn what software do you recommend that works good because i tried…[View]
118359955I don’t know much about this musical Is there any obvious race or gender swapping SJW Jewry going on…[View]
118363178>you’ve been banned for replying to off topic garbage[View]
118363208GONE WITH THE WIND[View]
118363056A D J U S T[View]
118358327Bryce Dallas Howard was in Spiderman 3? Did Raimi knew in advance?[View]
118361764Captain Caveman: >2 live action flintstones movies >a live action yogi bear movie >a bunch …[View]
118361950Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118362039>early 2010s teen flick >Party Rockers in The House Tonight starts playing…[View]
118362526Alcoholism kino.: Hi guys, I liked Leaving Las Vegas, can you recommend me some more movies that are…[View]
118361578What system of government does Fraggle Rock have?[View]
118363006This shit is legitimately cancer. Remember when movies in series took a couple years or more to mak…[View]
118357859How did Disney got away with it?[View]
118361674Richard Feynman: How the fuck has this man not received his true biopic kino yet? When you watch him…[View]
118363032EVERYBODY HAIL THE NEW KING IN TOWN: https://variety.com/2019/film/box-office/avengers-endgame-box-o…[View]
118363026Is this logo supposed to be referencing something or is it just stupid as fuck?[View]
118362897Honestly, who could stop him?[View]
118362910Garfeild: Because Satan* is real and Garfield is intended to be a peripheral theme undrlying the pro…[View]
118359799Mulan: How the fuck did Mulan hide her body for so long? How did she manage her periods? How did she…[View]
118362882The Trade federation has control of the droid army: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5FCdx7Dn0o…[View]
118362696Are there any movies about internet trolling?[View]
118361281>cast as Black Adam in 2014 >movie won't come out before 2021 Is there a bigger gap betwe…[View]
118356461>More Macaulay and Bunny Ears shilling They're not funny. Even if you dislike RLM, those fuc…[View]
118355599Do actors have friends in Hollywood? The industry seems so harsh that I imagine they are all lonely …[View]
118362828>villain is Dr. Evil because he's.... evil[View]
118355443Sci-Fi kinos thread?[View]
118360535F O O D[View]
118362092>This guy was 25 years old here (2000) He looked like an oldcel, easily over 35. But now Christia…[View]
118353889What's your opinion of the upcoming Star Trek cartoon?[View]
118362757What is a good film to watch tonight that is available on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime? I have not watche…[View]
118362451CHUCKS SUCK AND FUCK *knee slap*[View]
118355878‘The Orville’ Moves To Hulu From Fox For Season 3 In 2020: S pretty much confirmed S3 will be its la…[View]
118362101>ywn be Jed Bartlett >ywn be a young, smart, attractive lawyer turned West Wing staffer…[View]
118360349where was she during the events of the sequel trilogy?[View]
118362366>wins an Emmy >immediately goes into capeshit JUST…[View]
118362201How does it feel /pol/ knowing that in the future the Republican party will be long dead and Democra…[View]
118362509>stoner comedy >ironic movie that knows it's a movie >self deprecates to deflect criti…[View]
118361200Why is it so good, dudes?[View]
118352792Here's your Triss Merigold, bro[View]
118361929shmoke and a pancake?[View]
118362543>watch Game of Thrones >google it >mfw it really happened…[View]
118362329AVGN at SDCC: So, James Rolfe is a basedboy now?[View]
118362297Was he a libertarian?[View]
118362421Why was Billy Ray Cyrus in Mulholland Drive?[View]
118361016Was he the Zodiac?[View]
118359696>welcome back John so glad you could make it[View]
118358678Will katee sackhoff's career be rejuvenated with her new netflix film?[View]
118362314Wall street first[View]
118360929Fucking YES[View]
118362219Thoughts on this? I enjoyed it.[View]
118362217Your daughter Meadow, whatever happened there[View]
118359221cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! cats…[View]
118362018'bu-but wait till avatar 2...'[View]
118361183What a bunch of fucking losers! Imagine being this angry for not getting laid. Imagine spending hour…[View]
118360450how did keanu reeves become so popular? yeah he was based in the matrix trilogy but outside of that …[View]
118355886*says a line in the most monotone manner devoid of any emotion in your path*[View]
118360666VICE Documentary kino: what ever happened to 'fish'[View]
118361953More like Jason Basedman[View]
118360559I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
118361939I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see how diverse the casts are :)[View]
118360562Bro: Bro[View]
118361729Emma Stone is a terrible actress[View]
118361864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL2DcWB994s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y89GjDauoBg not bad…[View]
118353743What the FUCK was Don's problem to cheat on this woman time, and time again?[View]
118360570>Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?[View]
118360244You mean Cerberus?[View]
118343171>The scene that saved Far From Home[View]
118359905What went right?[View]
118355194STAR TREK: PICARD: >they have the obligatory sassy black woman with that hairstyle like everythin…[View]
118360999Why do we all assume Sneed and Chuck were the ones in front?: They could’ve just as easily been norm…[View]
118348331First photo of Elizabeth Debicki on the set of Nolan's 'Tenet', for those of you interested.[View]
118356162Has James Cameron ever spoke out and why he felt it nesessery to CGI the main actress for Alita? I f…[View]
118361512any new kinos ready to stream?[View]
118361199We're soaaaaaaaarin Flyyyyyyyin[View]
118360613Watchmen?, More like Watchwomen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ[View]
118360259Why has this website never become /tv/? How come there are no such thing as YT kino and it has never…[View]
118361426DChads at Comic-Con: Represent![View]
118361178Why do women keep going to these Disney remakes in droves even though Jon Favreau keeps ruining thei…[View]
118360694>It's not true that BOB SAGET RAPED AND KILLED A GIRL IN 1990 How did gilbert gottfried get …[View]
118345311>spend years trying to expose Pizzagate >Leader of Pizzagate gets arrested >start staring i…[View]
118360789Was this a man?[View]
118360479Watchmen HBO Miniseries: It's clearly a sequel to the comic book. What do you guys think? Some …[View]
118360405Trust The Process: This show’s pretty good[View]
118361163O.O .... daddy?[View]
118361056Milhouse is my favorite animated TV character[View]
118360686In what way was this dishonest? What do people mean when they say this?[View]
118342193confess /tv/: I'll start I've only seen one akira kurosawa film[View]
118357769I thought this was just some coming of age story with a bunch of boner-inducing lesbo nude scenes. Y…[View]
118358943Based Grace is livestreaming https://youtu.be/YcdMqdqTzR8[View]
118341590HBO The Golden Compass: Is this a joke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yuIE1OYnVI[View]
118359807This is the only good live action Disney remake there will ever be. Prove me wrong.[View]
118359275>30 minutes in audiobook >already boring af Is amazon gonna get kek’d?…[View]
118360921ITT: actors and actresses with the best genetics[View]
118360390Quentin Tarantino Says His 'Star Trek' Film Will Be Like 'Pulp Fiction' in Space…[View]
118350899WESTWORLD - Season 3 Full Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64CYajemh6E will it be better tha…[View]
118360906How the fuck else should you translate this scene to live-action CGI if not like this?[View]
118358204About to watch this with my boomer dad and chad brother, never seen the first movie, what am I in fo…[View]
118360837>Working out on Venice Beach >Driving your Chevrolet convertible down the Pacific Coast Highwa…[View]
118360527This movie will scare the shit out of you: Adrian Griffin will be a fucking psycho. Something betwee…[View]
118358985>lesbian chicks >black guys banging white chicks >black guys banging black guys >chicks …[View]
118358195>the virgin sneed >the chad millhouse MILLHOUSE…[View]
118357570WTF I LOVE DISNEY NOW[View]
118358539Best musical sequence in a TV show?: Almond shorts, Christmas show, Marge's fling, Homer…[View]
118360615What are some movies about weak cowards who fear and hate truth, goodness, family, and above all els…[View]
118356087DON'T SAY IT DON'T THINK IT[View]
118358915>Stop calling me Shyamalamadingdong.[View]
118360590What are some KINOS with this feel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2z6n3yC2nc What's eating …[View]
118359438is there a bigger pleb filter?[View]
118360534this guy says your face looks like a cunt[View]
118360502Imagine, getting a face lift and one week later you're in jail.[View]
118346490The Expanse S4: GUYS https://youtu.be/ySSo74QjHTs[View]
118359710I love her[View]
118360023Alright, I’ve looked up this show and I’m intrigued, however before I watch it, can somebody who’s s…[View]
118360101Millhouse for school captain!: Bane > Sheev > Millhouse > JUST > Tayne > Fat Ogre shi…[View]
118349397Look, if Saddam invested more in the pussy infrastructure of Iraq than he did on his fuckin' ga…[View]
118360403This is a fucking Sheev thread.[View]
118359757For me, it's Milhouse.[View]
118335656what was with movies in the late 2000's where all the hot chicks had this sweaty/tan look like …[View]
118359773What was his problem?[View]
118355507I have to return some video tapes[View]
118359927anyone else see Midsommar? I liked it but her weird stout goblin proportions confused me more than a…[View]
118358418Who fell further?: On a related note, who fell farther?[View]
118359958shhhh, did you hear that?[View]
118350165>I used to kiss his little winkie.[View]
118350238What's his best movie?[View]
118360042How come shows like The Simpsons rarely do anything interesting with the camera? It's always a …[View]
118360126>Actors/actresses make eye contact in movie >/tv: YOU JUST KNOW…[View]
118357021he didnt do it[View]
118354604>She’s back, boys.[View]
118358501How the fuck is such a lying weirdo a multi-millionaire Hollywood star who's chilling with the …[View]
118359049Spongebob: Reminder that is the most kino Spongebob episode[View]
118355038Will he be a famous Chad movie director 10 years down the line?: I think he will. There is no Chaddi…[View]
118357977Just saw Shazam holy FUCK she's cute[View]
118359802Swim my pretties[View]
118359944>finish watching Bronson >mfw he's real person and is still alive…[View]
118359228Why is modern media so racist against the Irish?[View]
118342817Honestly? I'd like to live in a pineapple under the sea.[View]
118359569Everything is a Pressing Issue[View]
118359491Californication: What does /tv/ think of this series?[View]
118359778Underrated mafia movies: ITT Post underrated mob classics Just saw Things Change (1988) after a reco…[View]
118359528Cast it.[View]
118359453Did you know Veronica Mars is back?[View]
118355535Was it Kino?[View]
118348381New trailer is out! Are you ready to be a (bat)woman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptX8O4w6Srs…[View]
118351278Was it Kino?[View]
118359292my son: big hoss[View]
118359738>movie ends >leave the theater immediately without reading the credits…[View]
118359078Your favorite movie and Max Bench: >All Dogs Go to Heaven >395 lbs…[View]
118359746*blocks your path* >'THE BOX. YOU OPENED IT, WE CAME' Wat now?[View]
118359727What can Marvel announce to top this?[View]
118357659the most annoying character in the history of television[View]
118359633It's over guys, Disney bought Orville, it will be milked to death: Disney recently purchased 20…[View]
118353781Slipknot, the man who can climb anything.[View]
118359625Meet the Supergirl cast: All female cast and two black male[View]
118358142Was Joe Buck gay? Was he in love with Rizzo?[View]
118359168What's up /tv/? You wanna talk some shit about my favorite kino? Call now nigga.[View]
118357531I saw what you posted yesterday /tv/ Apologize.[View]
118354128“One day my grandson said to me, grandpa were you a hero in the war? And i said to him no I'm n…[View]
118357562>watch the romanoffs >episode 1 has Aaron Eckart cheating on his blonde aryan wife with this t…[View]
118358929IDK why but I like Nazi's: >probably has to do with something about no gays or 'dark' people…[View]
118347906>this episode aired closer to the moon landing than to the present day[View]
118359474What would you like to see in a Bionic Woman remake?[View]
118357160To Appomattox: All right, I can't find this series anywhere, there iw no wiki, it is missing fr…[View]
118359451Witcher and fail of everything: Look at this like do dislike ratio, it's fucking over, this is …[View]
118358490>Go on take it, take it, take it, take it! Why is sonic such a bad role model?…[View]
118359424Can anyone explain Performance to me? I liked it, but I didn't get it.[View]
118358826This chick comes up to you and say >alright How do you react?[View]
118339651Samaritans: What really happened in Lisa's Story?[View]
118359255What does /tv/ think about the Disney bribe to kill GoT theory?[View]
118358862where were you when these guys saved the world from transexuals and tyranny?[View]
118358587Are there any more shows where the main characters are bisexual? This is legit the only show I can t…[View]
118355334S3 > S1 > S2[View]
118357985Does this get any better, anons? I’m watching ep. 3 as we speak; I really liked episode 1, but 2 an…[View]
118357001Captain I recommend setting destination to McDonald's followed by Krispy Kreme donuts in the di…[View]
118354782Bellucci thread: MOMMY BELLUCCI[View]
118357450Was it kino?[View]
118349068can we get some core images[View]
118355889goodfellas.: i might get banned for this but over here were about family. come and watch.[View]
118352465https://youtu.be/-iwb6fNf2J8 What do we do now that Steven Universe is kino?[View]
118358873Cats vs Star Wars: Am I the only one who saw this and immediately wanted to see that trainwreak Cats…[View]
118357814If Sneed is a meme, does that mean that I can finally be a meme as well /tv/?[View]
118356259Does anyone know where I can find the TV cuts of the showa-era Godzilla movies? I've been rewat…[View]
118358815The janitor at my favorite bar is a turbo autist and spergs out easily. What are some movies that wo…[View]
118358412>the poc lead doesn't adhere to cultural stereotypes[View]
118356595From the Earth to the Moon: What was the best episode? Have you been watching the remastered version…[View]
118358749What are your thoughts on the TLC show 'I am Jazz'? Please keep it civil[View]
118358733Would Freddie be alive today if there was PrEP back in the 70's?[View]
118358727Raph sounded like an angry jontron[View]
118357902Star Trek: Kirk when?[View]
118358095Stranger things poll cont: So who is /tv/'s favorite stranger things character.[View]
118358642Any news on the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths?[View]
118353370NAZIS BTFO[View]
118358438>tfw no gf to calmly soothe you while you die of alcoholism why even live?…[View]
118358594>we need someone for our Lifetime original movie, stat! >h-he's standing right behind me …[View]
118357127Submit favorite movie for social credit determination[View]
118349468Okay let's be honest here. It wasn't THAT bad. Like, it wasn't as good as it could ha…[View]
118356388Petition to make 007 lesbian: Why won't she be a Lesbian in the movie? Why is Hollywood so afra…[View]
118358447damn women in the 80s really had it bad huh? they were sooo oppressed[View]
118358144If these three already have careers as spies and live in mansions, why do they have to go to college…[View]
118352508finish the title of the last movie you saw with '... nigga' at the end[View]
118358336TOO HOT TO HANDLE TOO COLD TO HOLD you excited for 3 bros?[View]
118358367Streaming sites: need some new free streaming sites, trying to start watching curb you enthusiasm…[View]
118358246what the most disappointing movie you saw in the theater?[View]
118354233pop quiz hot shot. there is a bomb in /tv/. dubs triggers the bomb. the second dubs detonates the bo…[View]
118354491Why was he so based?[View]
118356546'I've been looking at your file, 007. It says you've failed 13 out of 50 missions thus far…[View]
118356632Why do they do this?[View]
118352832>they expected people to watch stranger things for this[View]
118357996Who should have fixed the gas leak?[View]
118357994Moral Orel: Fuck Clay. Moral Orel thread.[View]
118357347Now that the dust has settled, which did Star Trek better?: 21st century or 20th century?[View]
118357971Jett: Anyone watching Jett? It's been pretty fun so far. Carla Gugino is hot as fuck. God damn.…[View]
118357893This could not be made today.[View]
118357890Viddy well my little droogies. Viddy well.[View]
118357196Moonlanding anniversary: Suggest NASA themed films. First Man, Apollo 13, Gravity, Apollo 18 and so…[View]
118356799Why are they like this?[View]
118354805Would you a bald Ana De Armas? What does this mean for Bond 25?[View]
118356551alita is now the starwars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF4IdTJ4nFE sequel confirmed?[View]
118343207When are we getting Aztec/Conquistador kino?: When Cortes arrived in Tenochtitlan it had a populatio…[View]
118356663>turn on MTV in 1996 >see this video What do?…[View]
118355301Did you know Killjoys is back?[View]
118357599Professor getting edgy: I'll be honest guys this is turning pretty dark, I don't know if I…[View]
118357543What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
118357457He's not coming back, is he?[View]
118356352Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118355822>starting from top and descending into bottom Is there any other career like this?…[View]
118356925cybermen or daleks /tv/?[View]
118347224WDYWT: What Did You Watch Today Thread: Let's talk about movies and shows you've watched t…[View]
118352352Henry Cavill as James Bond: Watching the Man from UNCLE; why isn't Henry Cavill the next James …[View]
118355795Why do they always call Moe ugly? He looks normal to me, looks like any other simpsons character. He…[View]
118357256>Picard finds a young girl with a secret past and goes awol, finds a crew and brings her to safet…[View]
118355313What will be the rating?[View]
118357289Zodiac: I could have saved her[View]
118356385cast him[View]
118357121underrated couple[View]
118357172>'Dude Gamera 3 is kaiju kino and one of the best kaiju films ever made' >Its actually the wea…[View]
118357181>Why yes, my favorite movie is 'DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.' How could you te…[View]
118355761Did /tv/ like The Neon Demon? Better than drive at least[View]
118356053Why don't plus size women get more representation in movies?[View]
118356848>drink 6 shots back to back >can’t get drunk The first Hobbit movie was alright but the other …[View]
118356957Takes a real man to make a movie implicating a man of murder after he's dead and can't def…[View]
118354414Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead: Uh yeah, I’m thinking zombiekino is here![View]
118345066/bb/ Big Brother 21: HoH: Cliff Veto: TBD Noms: Jack, Jackson Previously on /bb/: >>118326064 …[View]
118355212THE FUCK YOU SAY?[View]
118356922PHASE 4: Thoughts on this /tv/?[View]
118356834I have recently seen the series 'Mr Robot' and always ask me who were these artists mentioned in cha…[View]
118356378Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118354968> ruins your radio show[View]
118354336Same as it ever was[View]
118355434What's his deal?[View]
118355611I'm tired of not having any money, neet bros. I'm tired of never having had a good comput…[View]
118354982What is this movie about?[View]
118353800Kinos with this feel?[View]
118343477Why do people watch movies made before Citizen Kane?[View]
118356346Miraculous thread #236: Who else is watching miraculous right now?[View]
118356631>pirate the series >forgot to check the language >suddenly hear that godawful r*ssian trans…[View]
118355419when will you dipshits realize life is not supposed to be comfortable? stay comfy, stay neet, but i …[View]
118354814>wake up at night >see this on your bed what you do…[View]
118353225OITNB: New season in 6 days...[View]
118355845richard kelly and other hacks: wow it all makes sense now. southland tales was the worst mess I have…[View]
118354502Misunderstood kino[View]
118352090YASSSworld Season 3: Oh god, they literally have to infiltrate everything with more sjw bullshit and…[View]
118354891>Italians have restaurant in increasingly black neighbourhood >blacks want them to change thin…[View]
118355186got /random thread: How was this pencil neck ever supposed to capture the Mountain >send random f…[View]
118352966>zoomer stand-up comedy https://twitter.com/TrevWall/status/1149382035850399744…[View]
118356393The Patrician Kitchen Nightmares.[View]
118353084what the fuck actually happened in this movie?[View]
118355576Will you watch this movie with your cat?[View]
118353010Anyone got some uplifting films that will make me wanna go outside and do something with my life?[View]
118355932Chernobyl kino thread: Dyatlov should have been a sassy black woman[View]
118354009>is supposedly in love with Ulrich >Gets him arrested for a rape he didn't commit when sh…[View]
118356242What are your thoughts on Peaky Blinders, /tv/?[View]
118356214ITT: Comfy movies[View]
118334866What are some good Russian kinos?[View]
118354698Hey /tv/ just got out of prison: Have to build up my bane folder again, can you guys help? Also, any…[View]
118355706Welcome back to the kinoplex, Anon. What snacks will you be needing tonight?[View]
118354174Dark S02: I just finished Dark S02, so basically, Martha is Tiedemann wife that was licked by Agnes?…[View]
118354251why does /tv/ cry?[View]
118354470Who do you prefer? Gerard Butler or Russell Crowe?[View]
118355861Star Wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk0bRElYuXk This franchise used to have soul, and was mea…[View]
118355859Your product reminds me of a business trip I took to Singapore in 2003. I was invited to a secretive…[View]
118355786why is everyone so mean to me IRL is it because I'm ugly recommend me movies about ugly and awk…[View]
118354744What the fuck was her problem?[View]
118353528ITT characters you share an ideology with: For me it's the joker I am sociopath. Years of torm…[View]
118355561Say your a queer aren't ya?[View]
118347897How bad is it?[View]
118354837I'm an ugly beta autist loser 28 year old with no friends, acquaintances or social experiences …[View]
1183555263 man gladiator-style fight to the death. 1 small sword and 1 shield each. who allies with whom? who…[View]
118354486someone give me a kino fantasy idea for my script[View]
118355461Do boomers really find these cringe movies funny?[View]
118350236let's settle it, was Chad: >making fun of the guy >trying to be polite in a situation he …[View]
118355378*looks at the camera sadly for 147 minutes*[View]
118354904>Ornella.. I'd like to take this moment as an opportunity to announce the fact that I was re…[View]
118355359bravo disney![View]
118355353Finally some context to the only saving grace of the Shitquel Trilogy.[View]
118352299>*rock music starts playing* >DUDE I'M AN ATHEIST BUT ALSO THE POPE LMAO!!11 what is thi…[View]
118345979>mid 90's movie >family has no personal computer >kid does not play 24/7 on the family…[View]
118348581Name a more kino show that aired this decade. protip:you can't[View]
118353561Cast him.[View]
118355289I haven't seen this but I have seen it recommended thousands of time on 4channel. Is it worth a…[View]
118350589Why is it that so many English-language productions of ancient Rome use British accents for their ch…[View]
118354004what the absolute fuck is his endgame? is he going for a world record or something?[View]
118350973Sharp Objects: This was better than Chernobyl. Almost as good as True Detective S1.[View]
118354991Was this really necessary? Spiderman just killed the little black girls mother, why did he have to r…[View]
118352583What the fuck?[View]
118354772I'm sitting on the toilet right now. Something better than this movie is coming out.[View]
118354958Guys, what's that gossip site that is posted here a lot, which uses terms like 'beard' to descr…[View]
118353845Was this really necessary?[View]
118354883y'all watchin' Crown Lake?? i like it so far[View]
118354547What's the deal with Jimmy Saville never even heard of this dude until this year when leaving N…[View]
118353895https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ >new watchmen trailer >white people BAD, black peo…[View]
118354820Was it kino? I'm testing if threads of mine that died in the past with no replies will perform …[View]
118353962I just had kanar, with Damar.[View]
118353559Any good mom and son bonding kino?[View]
118354507Why is Tom Cruise so orange lately and how do you replicate it?[View]
118351502Your Top 3 HBO shows: for me, its >1. Deadwood >2. The Sopranos >3. The Wire…[View]
118354430>WE'LL TAKE THE LOT[View]
118348414It was a MEDIA LED, HATE CAMPAIGN: GoT was perfect, fake news.[View]
118349176STAR TREK: PICARD - Trailer (TV): https://twitter.com/StarTrek/status/1152671148372480001 thoughts /…[View]
118352613Why did he pull a sneaky on us?[View]
118352818>select all images with buses >there's no buses only some RV's >click on them any…[View]
118354513ITT: Creepy predictions of the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIP8NsLqo8o[View]
118354289What the fuck was his problem?[View]
118350651Her (thread): Why did she leave him again? Would you date your phone /tv/?[View]
118354416Marvel at Comic Con: Panel is at 5:15 pacific time. Expected to announce MCU Phase 4 slate.[View]
118354409**blacks your path**[View]
118353757why is he so ugly now[View]
118351195Top fucking kek[View]
118354360Wake in Fright: ITT: Wake in Fright. Covering all the important questions: >Are Australians reall…[View]
118354357I do not like any of the star wars movies.[View]
118353452why is homosexuality not allowed to be funny and wholesome in shows anymore[View]
118354107ITT: Favorite movie quotes!: >The apocalypse will not be happening today -Cyborg, Transformers: A…[View]
118348666Reminder that Stanley Kubrick is a talentless hack who ripped off people who did it first and better…[View]
118353760>'You watch PORNOGRAPHY?!' >'You're not some sort of rapist, are ya?' >'Come with us d…[View]
118334281How did these 80s children get 00' new-age morals? No homophobia whatsoever. Even I occasionall…[View]
118352955So they're friends now? What next?[View]
118354153soo i was watching a video i thought it was a critism: and it was the fucking director himself. i lo…[View]
118352724finally got around to watching this. about an hour in. it's..... pretty good I guess. Tony Star…[View]
118354078WATCHMEN: HBKino is back on the menu boys[View]
118353256>sitting around at mom's house with nothing to do and she's just scrolling through the …[View]
118348936I just want a /film/ board to get away from these redditors[View]
118354041Just let it die[View]
118342753I loathe normies with a fiery passion[View]
118342161I don't care if his film-making techniques were cutting edge, his movies are unironically soull…[View]
118348720>throw me in wid da fishes n shit, jus like dem niggas that jumped Wow, bravo Marvel.…[View]
118351469Just watched this for the first time.: Holy fuck this was incredible. More like it?[View]
118353929Who would you cast for Rush Hour 4 to 6?[View]
118353920>What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?!? He had 30 home runs, and over 100 RBIs last year. …[View]
118353627>the Smooth Criminal video is better than Thriller What does /tv/ think? He does have a point . .…[View]
118353732>listen pete, i know you want to stop crime. But you gotta understand, locking up some niggers is…[View]
118352159ITT: Kino posters[View]
118351827>come home late exhausted from work >sleep like a baby for 9 hlurs >wake up refreshed to 80…[View]
118352322And OOOOOOOHH the shame![View]
118353779Jesus Christo: Mayans needs a mexican Jema[View]
118353762To (((producers))) lurking: Free advice: a family-friendly show with white people in a traditional f…[View]
118348542a 5/10 movie[View]
118352742>I'm sorry I don't know much about old films, it's just that newer films are bette…[View]
118353277I just rewatched Rear Window. I thought I'd let you guys know.[View]
118353014Cast him[View]
118353503I'm going on vacation tomorrow, and I feel like it might be the last chance I'll get to ha…[View]
118352807What’s his favorite movie /tv/?[View]
118353573How do you go from this https://youtu.be/XkU23m6yX04 to this??? https://youtu.be/nvtqKjEnEiM[View]
118353560Well look at the city slicker: Where have you guys gone today?[View]
118351560This is unironically a better Star Wars movie than everything that Disney has produced. Discuss.[View]
118353100Why does she always have that smug fucking face?[View]
118353437I will never forget this scene, it was so fucking scary, I don't know what it was Signs was a …[View]
118353504Disney really makes me think of Blizzard, they are a massive cash cow now. Everything they produce i…[View]
118351337I had the pleasure of seeing 'The Aviator' at the Howard Hughes Promenade in Culver City, less than …[View]
118353297ITT: underrated comfy kino[View]
118344589>It's a Hal episode[View]
118353348what is some essential /goycore/ kino?[View]
118353337Name a funnier still from a film than this.[View]
118353301Oh my God... I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it... YOU M…[View]
118350267Ritual: What was his fucking problem?[View]
118333343New RLM: Best of the Worst: Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and ROAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaSkO4…[View]
118353051Bad Kino general: What are some essential bad Kino? Watching samurai cop right now and it is amazing…[View]
118352068Would you, /tv/?[View]
118353159and you'll give your loyalty to a jew before your own blood?[View]
118332217/trek/: Frens edition[View]
118353156Taxi Driver: What would this movie look like if made today? Would Travis be posting on incel forums …[View]
118352257>scrubs episode >shins song starts playing…[View]
118347834What made Pfeiffer’s Catwoman so purrfect?[View]
118334489thank you EU[View]
118350857Westworld S3: What do I think of it, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64CYajemh6E[View]
118352633Money Heist: Season 3: Yeah I’m thinking he’s back boys[View]
118351651Best episodes in the 90s Outer Limits series? Just watched Conversion (1x13) and I was amazed how go…[View]
118351618>When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head…[View]
118350299Let a finally settle this, who is the best?[View]
118352645Why didn't the taxi driver give Jürgen Hinzpeter his phone number or ever made contact with him…[View]
118352852Cuphead is being made into a TV show lads! https://www.engadget.com/2019/07/09/netflix-cuphead-anima…[View]
118352850This movie is like watching a dead horse's roadkill body rot away while a homeless man fucks a …[View]
118351098Is The Dark Crystal actually any good? I was thinking of watching it for the first time before the N…[View]
118352841Should movies in general include more fat woman?: Maybe the expectations of beauty would be subverte…[View]
118339211OOPS: >Fans accuse 'Cats' movie of 'whitewashing' black lead actress after tr…[View]
118351088Is there a high school movie as good as Heathers?[View]
118352810>I'm just hoping its at least decent. Why do people say this whenever something gets made? I…[View]
118352706Mr. Robot Season 4: This teaser makes me feel guilty. I'm probably not gonna watch it. It almos…[View]
118352687Write the plot to a movie with these four. Who else would you cast?[View]
118352338Why does /tv/ like this movie again?[View]
118350803LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm3R2ypn1fk Simpsons Thread[View]
118350686Incredibles - Violet: Did Mr. Incredible get cucked, /tv/?[View]
118352621The is Bond. James Bond.: Aidan Turner = Better choice than Cavill.[View]
118352240I wish I could swim[View]
118352502Greatest scene in film history: https://youtu.be/nPY-KVDz_Js[View]
118352481Is this the most Jewish movie series ever made? 1st movie is actually sort of interesting, shot in a…[View]
118352106Imagine being James Stewart in this scene[View]
118352262YOU DON'T KNOW?[View]
118351967Is 1492: Conquest of Paradise kino?[View]
118348307Somebody here paid to see this. Admit it.[View]
118351719Was this good?: Genuinely curious[View]
118350828LOYAL REEK!!!![View]
118343968PAINT THREAD: Get in here paintbros aiportraits.com[View]
118350542Did you like it /tv/?[View]
118352029Remember when polcecs were posting this over and over a few days back? Has anyone watched it? I actu…[View]
118348943Why didn't he just kill himself?[View]
118351512>sex scene >love scene >teenage romance scene >adult romance scene >friend with a fem…[View]
118351230J U S T[View]
118342734Watchmen Official Comic-Con Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ&[View]
118347749What's up geeks and gamers: It's Jeremy here comingatyouwithanothervideo[View]
118347237If you're able to look past the child molestation, how do you rate him as a film director?[View]
118351868I'm holding for General Hugs[View]
118346613Post legit contenders for the greatest TV shows ever made[View]
118351740This place is like somebody’s memory of a board, and the memory is fading.[View]
118351815Why dont you watch this kino yet?[View]
118350469So I just watched the Evangelion series on Netflix after all the hype and it was no good, just your …[View]
118351521Is it kino /tv/ ???[View]
118330957>plays WOW >was fat >knows all the memes >there's 100% chance cavill visits the 4c…[View]
118350872Jesus, this show is so slow i've watched 4 episodes so far, and not much has happened. these 4 …[View]
118350853*breaths in*: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHAAHHAH[View]
118351720>watch Stranger Things S2 >forget about it in a week >watch S3 >forget about it in two d…[View]
118351438Thoughts? Is it worth watching?[View]
118351543This movie is cute. Any more movies like this?[View]
118351588New blakc mirror type of shit, just marathoned the first episode seems aliright not great not terrib…[View]
118350110Going vending machines. Want anything[View]
118351551>'We need to fuck.' What did Nicole Kidman mean by this??? God, why does Kubrick have to be so fu…[View]
118351468What are some redpilled/nonpozzed/kino tv shows that came out in the last 6 months? Or longer if its…[View]
118340912i love this movie so much. rewatching every year once and its everytime a threat. atmosphere and roo…[View]
118351439was it a crime?[View]
118351421What are some underrated kinos you think /tv/ should know about? For me its Zero Day, in my opinion …[View]
118330272Are people actually hyped for this garbage?[View]
1183513033D Lion King Has 2D Intro: POTTERY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Sdnfi2QoI[View]
118350073Any movies about good, ordinary men pushed to the edge, forced down a path of revenge? Also fuck jan…[View]
118351333DELIVER US[View]
118350043>a group of 11 year old boys pay a 30 year old prostitute to show them her tits How the fuck did…[View]
118351302https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ So what was this all about?[View]
118346368Lamer things: Seen this talked aboutba bit on here >don't have time to watch it >next bes…[View]
118349525Found Footage General fag doesn't post his gay general anymore haha.[View]
118350892Nazi Land this season?: https://youtu.be/64CYajemh6E[View]
118350097he was the zodiac[View]
118347944why do movie characters never share a first name unless it relates to the plot?[View]
118347217Why are people on here happy that a sequel capeshit movie is gonna take first place over an original…[View]
118348800Why does she wear the mask?[View]
118348022Its official, Daddario is the Goddess of fan service[View]
118347256What MCU movies have SOUL?: I begin with the obvious one[View]
118348874How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
118347958/lig/ Love Island General: Unseen Bits Edition[View]
118350745HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ![View]
118347020>Someday? Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. …[View]
118350168Why is this movie so booooring lads?[View]
118342752was she a femcel?[View]
118349728>HAHA what if there was an app on my phone but it was evil! Is this sci-fi now?…[View]
118349576What went wrong?[View]
118349332Dunkirk: What went so right?[View]
118350408Peter Parker, you got something for me?[View]
118348036is he in?[View]
118348843>This is the only black person in the entire Spiderman Trilogy What did Raimi mean by this?…[View]
118349201This might be to broad a topic, but can I get a list going of shitty writers, directors and studios …[View]
118350173Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118350358Itt: characters that are literally you[View]
118349198In the words of John Lennon, 'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not.'[View]
118349940it will keel[View]
118350320Any other movies with scenes like this?[View]
118350303hop in dude[View]
118349120HBO’s Watchmen looks so fucking bad. Zack Snyder is spinning in his grave.[View]
118348890>gives his character a foot fetish so he can suck on Selma Hayek's toes…[View]
118350152>*invents narrative on your path*[View]
118349712ITT: Remakes that were better than the original[View]
118350120Any good obscure 1980s-90s thriller films, where everything is grey, rooms are abstract and everyone…[View]
118348425We all know Silence is the best, but which one is better - Hannibal or Red Dragon? We don't cou…[View]
118345577I check[View]
118346219Couldnt he have given us a clear god damn ending?[View]
118346933Is it any good /tv/ ???[View]
118347303It's an Arnold thread >Favourite Arnold film? >Favourite Arnold one liner?…[View]
118348607decade slippage: I remember in 1999, a movie from 1989 felt like it was quite old. And a movie from …[View]
118344497>Wow Jesus, you sure love carpentry! >What can I say? It's a passion of the Christ.…[View]
118346969If you do not think Eyes Wide Shut is Kubrick's best movie/film/filmic expression, then you are…[View]
118347487HK actor Simon Yam stabbed at a promo event in Mainland China: He is best known to western audiences…[View]
118348677>Hello there anon, looks like it's your turn on the penis inspection day.…[View]
118348221HOLY CAPEKINO, BATMAN!: https://www.cbr.com/burt-ward-crisis-on-infinite-earths/?utm_content=buffer3…[View]
118348639We all agree real kinosseurs don't hit the pause button right? You go to the bathroom, too bad…[View]
118348999>I would like 8 and a half tickets to- >Man of Steel sir? >Why yes, how did you know?…[View]
1183487733 more days until Detective Pikachu digital release. Hard copy in August. Your going to my city righ…[View]
118349347Colonel Jack 'Big Honkin' Space Gun' O'Neill[View]
118341440I thought /tv/ said females cant be funny?[View]
118349104it took me a few years to fully process just what is 'wrong' with the film. For a Batman film, it…[View]
118348004What was Saruman's tax policy?[View]
118349039Any movies about autistic reporters?[View]
118334503Dead careers thread.[View]
118348987Ed Wuncler III: I like this guy.[View]
118347540Funny interpretations of the dialogue aside, why didn't the two guys in the truck see the Joker…[View]
118346119Are there any movies made since 2001 which focus on a guy in his late 20s or older who has never bee…[View]
118347670Who will play Gary Larson in the inevitable biopic?[View]
118338142>kills your surprise plot twists again[View]
118348717> Once you beat the big badasses and clean out Westeros you're supposed to win, aren't …[View]
118348664Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/fgoanR8BAMA[View]
118347387Casper Van Dien: What are your favorite roles/memories of him?[View]
118347118Is Come and See the greatest war film of all time?[View]
118348481What is it he said, /tv/?[View]
118339207/mort/ - Mortdecai General: Last one hit bump limit. What are your expectations for the sequel? What…[View]
118348336>We post only the most Kino kids shows[View]
118345608What's their best movie?[View]
118344802remember when everyone hated her for no real reason? >WAHH SHE'S GONNA RUIN ENDGAME barely …[View]
118347321Welcome to the incel club, gentlemen: Kino kino kino cope seethe dilate[View]
118348420it just werks[View]
118348093>Make the baseline test 5 minutes longer >Remove the flashbacks There, I fixed it.…[View]
118345976ITT: Times you acted like Pinhead >employee of a small cafe >slow weekend, only one working …[View]
118348348>chewbacca is a wookiee >wookiees live on the planet of kashyyyk >ewoks are from the forest…[View]
118348324Literally the same movie only no soul and downgraded music[View]
118348273Grace a cute https://youtu.be/yVdK4K8do0A[View]
118348215Was eb's personality all an act? Was he actually the smartest character in the show?[View]
118348057>Go to the movie theater to watch endgame >Grab popcorn >Find my seat >Business as usua…[View]
118348131More kino with this feel?[View]
118348081Hennessy White boi! Shaken not stirred[View]
118347948I propose a combination of Mortdecai general, Garfield general and underdog general, creating /gorte…[View]
118347576>3rd movie/episode was in 1997 >4th movie / episode in 2008 Will Nick Park make a 5th Wallace…[View]
118345994Where are your memes now?[View]
118347992Draw scenes from movies and we guess where it's from, I'll start with an easy one[View]
118348012>still no biopic about Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck 'The Lion of Africa' kill me…[View]
118344469Sheev > Sneed: Only alt-reddit posers (e.g. snudcunts) deny. It's treason....then.[View]
118347153What villian will Spiderman face that'll force him to summon the Racist Spiderman and the Cring…[View]
118347895This is good.[View]
118347934Any obscure comfy romance movies?[View]
118347905WEBM thread Post what you got[View]
118347236What was Mr. Tinkles problem?[View]
118346032/gg/ the Garfield general: I used to hate Garfield and treated him like a disease. Then I started lo…[View]
118347302Daily reminder this was objectively better than the original: >it's much more realistic. Lit…[View]
118347805Any movies for this feel?[View]
118347784What are some Kafkaesque kinae?[View]
118337498AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL![View]
118347753Who would win in a fight: Yojimbo or Ikiru?[View]
118347736When will this be adapted into the MCU?[View]
118346680>Veidt officialy declared dead Droped[View]
118346759Men.in.Black.International.2019.1080p.KORSUB.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT about to watch this what …[View]
118347318The program called Sneed has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread through 4chan as he has …[View]
118347504Is he soul or soulless?[View]
118346145Lovecraftian horror: I'm looking for anything weird, cosmic or existential, preferably substant…[View]
118346667Cast him[View]
118343813Now that all the dust has settled, can we agree that this is miles better than the prequels and TFA …[View]
118346749I watched it, it was alright. Why do so many think it's the greatest piece of Television?[View]
118347492you're all going to watch her in the new cats film, right?[View]
118346707Netflix: PRESS F: https://www.thewrap.com/netflix-lost-17-billion-value-24-hours-market-cap/…[View]
118343900Why did TopGun Maverick choose to use F18s hornets instead of F35s lighting II's? Was hoping fo…[View]
118347072Dark: This show is pretty good[View]
118347180Asian films: Frens, hit me up with some Asian kinos pls[View]
118347235Fuck marry kill rape - James Cordens backing band edition[View]
118345679>lovecraftian movie >is actually cthulhuesque…[View]
118338770What sort of films does this little island produce?[View]
118345653'Dr. Jacoby, I'm FBI'[View]
118345602WATCHMEN WOKE: HBO completely destroyed this series and turned it into woke shit https://www.youtub…[View]
118346913Who was in the wrong here?[View]
118346583Scott Mendelson admits AVATAR DEFEAT... OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: >there might be just enough i…[View]
118344877That horrible Lion King song sequence: After seeing this I feel like they should have just gone full…[View]
118345786Listen, I'm not a furry, but...[View]
118346013what were the best movies of the 10s: i was in a mood to reminice today , here's a list of a do…[View]
118319457who is the best Violet Baudelaire? Malina or Emily?[View]
118326423How does /tv/ feel about HBO's Rome?[View]
118347198What films are datura core?[View]
118344809>American superheroes become more jewish and effeminate >Japanese superheroes become more mas…[View]
118346801STOP HAVING SEX[View]
118336397I almost fucked Furio[View]
118347123I'm A Celebrity crisis as Joe Swash and Scarlett Moffatt both quit Extra Camp: >https://www.…[View]
118347110Would you pay 5 cents to have a go with this?[View]
118346716Fantasy movie: Tim Burton's Batman 4 5 and 6, all filmed back to back Starring Keaton as an old…[View]
1183426554.9 Mil to go! SOME HOLD THE AVATARDS' HANDS: >that's without the Overseas actuals of l…[View]
118345915ITT directors/actors that only made kinos[View]
118346373Veronica Mars season 4: What did ya'll think of Season 4? I didn't like the fact they stra…[View]
118344558we need a BATGIRL V SUPERGIRL movie tbqh[View]
118346822Can anyone recomment me some horror kino? I’m sick of childish stuff with cheap and infantile jumpsc…[View]
118346601We were unable to find gruppenführer Fegelein. He is not in the bunker complex.[View]
118346400What is the point of this show?[View]
118345936>arrive at new home >literally the first thing you notice outside is a bunch of masked kids pe…[View]
118344987Who was in the wrong here?[Vi