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137832377Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Now that it's over, what did we think of it?[View]
137832502Kickassia > Golden Hour > Julia > Space Cop[View]
137828841BORING: >nothing gets explained... ever >unintentionally funny at times when it's suppose…[View]
137831897What is a 'siege'?: The Show[View]
137812779Who would you write in?[View]
137832359LOW IQ: Do people with low IQ get easily confused by this show? I remember when Normis were bamboozl…[View]
137832180This guy was one of the most popular actors in the world 100 years ago and you don't even know …[View]
137813877/trek/: Dancing Doctor Edition[View]
137832292Tfw Pixies episode[View]
137832256kinos for this feel?[View]
137831770Name a better sitcom. I’ll wait.[View]
137828851Anyone else still watching this train wreck? I'm glad it is ending because this last season is…[View]
137827911Enormous faggot[View]
137832128Last time I check prices were around 50 dollars average. Why the sudden price increase for older gam…[View]
137829239Neytiri is...[View]
137831556I miss him bros[View]
137830782So, now that the dust has settled... Why didn't they just time travel and kill Voldemort when h…[View]
137831844Was it kino?[View]
137817512Cast a movie with only monkey pictures, I'll start: the wise old mentor[View]
137831967OH N-[View]
137832011Post films that you like from recent years that never get attention.[View]
137831810>we need a director, VFX/SFX artist, actor, editor, stuntman, producer... Say no more…[View]
137831335Oh you CUNT what a CUNT[View]
137831903Thoughts on Hunter Schafer? Why didn't she get any big roles after Euphoria?[View]
137831445Sluts: >Gay Dumbledore is blissfully unaware that these sluts are seducing his students…[View]
137828754Cast the inevitable true love romance film[View]
137830783What was the point of this movie?[View]
137830050What are some kino about complete fucking failures?[View]
137830840I haven't seen either of these movies. I only got shit for having not seen Anchorman irl.[View]
137831220https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSVUIe0raHc Steve-o is currently livestreaming himself ducktaped to …[View]
137812375will olivia munn return with g4tv?[View]
137830843Do people think this is acceptable? The amount of noise actually made me think something was wrong w…[View]
137831620I bet the actor deliberately did multiple takes of this line ;)[View]
137830253Was it kino?[View]
137830448why did hbo fuck this character so hard >lesbian office clerk >disgusting woman takes his home…[View]
137831532Frank Hassle Battlestation[View]
137829913>No TENET Threads What's wrong with you? Let's talk about this kino…[View]
137827202>Gemma Arterton isn't the perfect Lara Cr[View]
137827463'Steals the Spotlight ' Thread[View]
137829459Okay I got nothing to do besides jerking off and I'm growing bored of that too, I just realised…[View]
137829924Do Harry Potter fans watch any other movies??[View]
137827955since police body cameras revealed the george floyd media hoax, should cop shows like LivePD and COP…[View]
137830354>VRRMMM *SKREEE* *CRASH* >ergh... ah... i dont remember... >walks free…[View]
137824414Would you get one?[View]
137831205Leatherface (2017): Thoughts?[View]
137831320Post your /tv/ waifu: >pic related just kill me already[View]
137830760Hoooly shit JUST MY JUST UP SENPAI[View]
137831143Wtf this was awesome. How many films did The Matrix steal from?[View]
137830951Name this year’s more boring major Hollywood movie with forgettable characters than 1917[View]
137831211Choose your fighter (top 3, amateur actor to star in the next worldwide phenomena of a TV series. ht…[View]
137827352>”Are you my deadhead?” How do you respond?[View]
137831107>going through another cannibal phase kinos to help me cope?[View]
137826514>Okay. I'll tell ya. You are the worst person I know. You constantly hit on your best friend…[View]
137831026>I'm no superman[View]
137831019Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries, we find out who gives a shit about Bigfoot.[View]
137830913>turn on a John Barrymore movie >first words out of his mouth: 'time for a drink' …[View]
137829598>But to sit there and say ISIS is less of a threat than America is? I mean these are obviously ki…[View]
137829817masters of kino[View]
137829217>'so, you've come to die with your city' >'first im gunna kick your fuckin ass, then im g…[View]
137827731>Allen and his band played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival on two consecutive nights …[View]
137830521Was he a good teacher?[View]
137810215Post operator kino >inb4 garbage like John Wick[View]
137828101Former Personal Assistant To David Caruso Settles Balance of Suit Against “CSI: Miami” Star: https:/…[View]
137826051How would this movie be different if it were set in China?[View]
137830470Was it really that bad?[View]
137830647but what of good solonius?[View]
137799946>17 million people. If this were a country, it'd be the fifth biggest economy in the world a…[View]
137824561Why don't you just walk away anon?[View]
137830332On your left[View]
137829016What's the theme of the Sequel Trilogy?: Prequel Trilogy themes: >Shakespearean Tragedy …[View]
137822850>The screen is flickering with an endless stream of garbage https://youtu.be/T7wgOltlVlc…[View]
137830424Andi is the wife of Tim, who is collecting venom from poisonous eels on a tropical island. She comes…[View]
137817895Be very still... if you don't move it can't see you![View]
137826335Cast him[View]
137822044>saw Wakanda for the first time yesterday in Infinity War So it's an advanced monocultural s…[View]
137823899This is the same episode over and over again. Death involving cheats or money[View]
137830036ITT: films only watched[View]
137830273is this any good[View]
137829248Would you do Christina On The Coast?[View]
137829824Is it normal for a 28 year old woman to still live in her parent's house, in a room filled with…[View]
137830112>Well hello beautiful LOL love that joker[View]
137826841Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Cancelled Over Creative Differences: I’m guessing that one of the …[View]
137826981Is it a meme to hate movies like these?[View]
137830187Since WB is going to make a batgirl movie who would you cast as the titular lead ?[View]
137825585PENINSULA: About to watch this tomorrow with my sister. How does it match up to the first movie? It…[View]
137828246Why does he lie so much?[View]
137829923Floyd Chungus[View]
137828676What went wrong?[View]
137829985>turns off the internet 2 days a week Go outside /tv/! The world is waiting for you!…[View]
137828768Why is this so beloved? All I’ve ever seen of it is typical shrieking “wacky” burger humour[View]
137829697The only reason people dislike The Lost World is because it's not JP 2.0[View]
137830051MIND = BLOWN[View]
137829140I want to be him.[View]
137829456Kinos about gross abuses of power?[View]
137829714favorite stoner flicks?[View]
137829513>I ain't no jive-ass black nigger, honey what did he mean by this?…[View]
137826531Conratulations Alfred.: Lets celebrate the 121st anniversary of the best, most creative and worshipe…[View]
137828770Why do people say he is a sociopath?: He clearly loved people who were close to him like his family …[View]
137809282Who is your all-time favorite actress, both in terms of acting ability and physical appearance?[View]
137828014>your leechcraft would have me crawling on all fours whilst you play with my nipples from behind!…[View]
137828254>The Godfather >The Conversation >The Godfather II >Apocalypse Now Name a better initial…[View]
137828651>Netflix can't produce good original mov-[View]
137828139What the heck was his boggle?[View]
137829053This is pretty kino so far, but who the fuck thought it would be cool to use London calling for this…[View]
137826738Anime that would work as a live action movie[View]
137829221Why are you not watching the Simple Life right now anon?[View]
137829572Thoughts on Julia Butters aka The Hollywood Cocksleeve? You just know this bitch fucks.[View]
137822657The Art of Propaganda: ITT: Blatant Propaganda films[View]
137828459why didn't it kill forest whitaker's career?[View]
137827884Caché: Georges did nothing wrong. Was he supposed to not assert himself? I would have done nothing d…[View]
137829071Is he finally becoming an A-Lister?[View]
137829349Have you swallowed the 4K Ultra HD with HDR support pill yet?[View]
137828394>it's a 'the couple divorces halfway through the build' episode[View]
137829271FUTURAMA PREDICTED PUBG!?!?!?[View]
137824454Donald Pleasance appreciation thread[View]
137828161Movies about missing that girl in your life[View]
137826971/burt/ - Bandit general: Went to post on a burt reynolds thread just now and it died without any rep…[View]
137828976I FOUND A WAY[View]
137829080Post ending in 63 gets dropped[View]
137825894The Big Bang Theory: Why are Indians so freaking obsessed with this show?[View]
137828999ITT: Forgotten gems[View]
137828217Kino that you got laid to in high school[View]
137828924Youtube stories: Why did youtube add these stories shit? You can’t pause and rewind the videos, you …[View]
137828723>I’m pretty sure you just compared the vagina to the asshole[View]
137826115>'You don't have any friends' Golem is literally me[View]
137824999Improve the film 'Instant Family' with only one change.[View]
137828717i will not watch the new dune movie because the main actor is jewish[View]
137828680>muh influence >muh revolutionary film No one gives a shit about it now.…[View]
137826509this is the most important piece of media ever produced (at least in america) as it perfectly summar…[View]
137827481More like Kim SEXler![View]
137828709So, the Dune movie adaptation is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2020 and I finished readin…[View]
137827061Are the any modern tv shows or films that aren't stuffed full of woke shit?[View]
137827845Are women simply incapable of understanding themes of honor, camaraderie and duty?[View]
137826975godjirra general: does /tv/ like godzilla? favorite era? favorite monster? favorite film?[View]
137827744Give me your best anons: I missed a lot of movies growing up, What must I see?[View]
137826984Any movies about realizing you're the NPC of someone else's story?[View]
137828434Does anyone know of this shitty Australian cartoon movie where the main character is basically johnn…[View]
137827775it's gonna suck https://twitter.com/NetflixFilm/status/1293895158375673856[View]
137828433What did they mean by this?[View]
137827830Do you think the dude from Retroblasting beats his wife? Or at least yells at her in the grocery sto…[View]
137825707>Welcome to the family, Brian[View]
137827626Have you seen this?[View]
137827291ITT: Americans in foreign shows[View]
137828411>Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast[View]
137815311How powerful was Tony Soprano?[View]
137825391>Director meant you to dislike the characters >People idolize them What movies do this?…[View]
137826813You losers didn't tell me how fun this show is. >No season 3 ever…[View]
137820539Why the fuck isn't she big?!?[View]
137828144for me, it's Adam Scott in Torque[View]
137828089this character had to be a woman. Prove me wrong.[View]
137827721Will we ever get a star wars as based as ep3? Is it even possible?[View]
137827618Any volcel kinos? I've already seen 40 days and 40 night[View]
137827022This is bad on purpose because Lynch hates Twin Peaks fandom, right?[View]
137828028why was he so based?[View]
137828026Oohhh noooo Quibi bros, it was our time![View]
137827973Sarah Van Freckles: Thoughts on this girl? What kind of kinos do you think she watches?[View]
137827918I don't get it. Why was he so angry? He had a loving girlfriend.[View]
137827863>lives is soviet system, locked to slave wage >wants to show his wife Moscow >sees flash of…[View]
137813774what is the best depiction of satan in film or tv[View]
137826213Help: I want to watch Eyes Wide Shut for the first time in one sitting with no distractions. I think…[View]
137825993Any movie with this feel? Already watched The Man Who Sleeps (1974)[View]
137823479>New American Pie Movie >It's about females What were they thinking? https://youtu.be/f…[View]
137826589Peyton List's new movie Swimming for Gold is out.[View]
137799638Yes, God, Yes (2017): is it kino?[View]
137827507Discuss Asian movies[View]
137820895shawshank redemption: >We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders, and felt like free men. We…[View]
137827359>science fiction takes itself seriously[View]
137827191Mad Men: I'm surprise a lot of Mad Men fans don't consider Michael Ginsberg as,their favor…[View]
137826648How was Los Pollos Hermanos not busted before Gus dies?: I'm rewatching season 4, and in episod…[View]
137827364How did Michael Myers swap places with the paramedic? Did he walk around without his mask? Where did…[View]
137810629What went wrong?[View]
137825187Memories of Murder: I just rewatched this and it's just as good as I remember. I'm sure ot…[View]
137827229>virgin Netflix The Witcher >Toss a coin to your witcher lol >chad polish Hexer >Ne poko…[View]
137824493Rango: >Spends the whole movie whining about 'MAH DADDY'S RANCH' and just generally being an…[View]
137826660martin scorsese movie = >50s 'doo wop doo bee doo' music >lots of f bombs >old white guy sa…[View]
137825517https://youtube.com/watch?v=cOlNHXQCT_4 Who was in the right? What was he going to do when he said t…[View]
137827104We all know a dark drama about Chris would be unadulterated kino.[View]
137827127YO HOMIE[View]
137826144What's with all the nuclear weapon films that came out in 1983/84 specifically? Not really befo…[View]
137825115What are some anime kinos[View]
137826957cast him[View]
137822986The Last Jedi of Terminator films.[View]
137826901what is the /tv/ equivalent?[View]
137827029are you ready /tv/?[View]
137818429Franchise General!: So right now the score is... > Alien > Predator > Terminator > Juras…[View]
137826082Ivan's childhood is his best[View]
137826620Previously on 'Everything Happens for a reason'.. Kate: Jack!... Jack: What is it?! Kate: It's …[View]
137816326I don't give a fuck what anyone says.: This is the single best animated TV ever made. It was on…[View]
137825942IT'S UP (part 2)[View]
137822438Hannibal Season 2 Finale: This is one of the most kino season finales ever made. If it wasn't f…[View]
137824651Why are movies about prostitution always so unrealistic?[View]
137824608reminiscence bump: I have seen quite a few 90's threads lately. Do you think this is a legit ph…[View]
137826734I need some of that disease you guys invented.[View]
137826129How great is it to see strong women getting represented properly through the exciting new medium of …[View]
137820482Joker (2019) is without a doubt one of the movies ever made.[View]
137826672jessie we have to cock[View]
137826664>Sure we break balls here tonight, but we go way back. And in honor of recent humiliations, it is…[View]
137824351Righteous Gemstones: Why hasn't anyone been talking about this? It came out a year ago and have…[View]
137826592Childhood is calling actors by their character's names Adulthood is calling characters by their…[View]
137826498>'He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, 'You want so…[View]
137823528>popular comedy actor >gets the leading role in some prestigious dark drama movie >is nomin…[View]
137826454What are some shows where the premise of the second season is very similar to that of the first?[View]
137826434What are some good movies about the Holocaust?[View]
137824333Goddamn, this show was so good[View]
137824741Tenet: from the director of the dark Knight trilogy, and Inception[View]
137826236>*Filters 99,5% of /tv/*[View]
137825698JUST https://twitter.com/lostbeforefate/status/1293706934076538880[View]
137823738Time of the Apes> Planet of the Apes[View]
137802470I just, like, really want those kids back. This is like, really bad, just like, I hope nothing bad h…[View]
137826210I'm addicted to House M.D. I believe this show has a perfect structure it's almost like a …[View]
137825481When does it start getting really good (without spoilers)? I'm on episode 4 and I was thinking …[View]
137826008So /tv/ is just /b/ now. Where am I supposed to go to actually talk about films?[View]
137821198Don't mind me, just being the most kino lightsaber duel in the saga[View]
137824258Why do actresses go through a sudden and rapid decline after their careers end? It seems like actors…[View]
137825009George Lucas 'Star Wars is for 12 years old': The films were made for 12 years old. I said that from…[View]
137826020The hobgoblin story is pure kino[View]
137825507>King character >His name is Theoden King…[View]
137824653Why does /tv/ hate him? His films are simple yet brilliant.[View]
137825962What are some movies that make you go yas queen?[View]
137825514How many phone breaks do you give yourself when you settle down to consume some kino? I usually have…[View]
137825475HELP Actually good, smart spy movies with more personal drama and high iq plays than just shooty sho…[View]
137824138Based of cringe?: >The Australian TV station Eleven—which is home to a host of shows, which inclu…[View]
137823037Sci-Fi kino.[View]
137824033I do believe I'll give room service a jangle and have them send up some Étouffée[View]
137825294He finally found a way[View]
137822159Top 10 space movies: Post em please, looking for a good list.[View]
137824151I wanted to watch some Mel-kino and I've never seen Hacksaw Ridge before so I decided to watch …[View]
137825336Why did Solomon think that posting the n-word from the President's twitter account would destro…[View]
137824169Money Plane (2020): How embarrassing[View]
137824129>Female character tries shooting a gun for the first time >She's a crack shot…[View]
137825521Why are niggers so dumb bros?[View]
137823933>Where are you taking them?[View]
137825257Oh n-[View]
137825272Avatar 2: In Theatres March 2043[View]
13782429690 day fiance: For me, it's Jess[View]
137825483>10 minutes in Wait where is the dialogue? How am i supposed to follow the story? Why is it in bl…[View]
137825491Thoughts on hanna /tv/? This movie is really good, I give it a 7.5/10. Here are negative reviews fro…[View]
137823785How does /tv/ feel about Kino's Journey?[View]
137825412Burt Reynolds: What're some your favorite Burt Reynolds films? Do you guys miss him as much as …[View]
137825306*ting ting* *cough* uhm -I have an announcement to make, pls gather around. Take a seat, get comfort…[View]
137817636Give me that BWWM kino[View]
137824701crackhead kino sewer edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0uDsL0xAdQ[View]
137820923Fire Walk With Me: What the fuck is this movie? What's with all the cheesy 'horror' elements?…[View]
137824969Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137824926Is it kino?[View]
137824131Will anyone ever adapt the complex clusterfuck known as Infinite Jest into film?[View]
137815850Is that what you anons mean by, “Did Romona Flowers ruin a generation of women”? https://youtu.be/qg…[View]
137824445Cast this father and son duo.[View]
137823873sleep tight, aniki: goodnight, bb[View]
137824439>you need to kill the rich can you be a bit more specific?[View]
137824786The Deuce: Explain to me why there has NEVER been a thread about this show. Is it too much dick on s…[View]
137824232Actresses that didn't fuck Harvey Shekelstein: How many are there if at all any?[View]
137822755Why's she so hot? Also what order do you watch the films in[View]
137824771Was she real?[View]
137821137The Boys hype thread: Ouchie edition[View]
137822948What is this picture from?[View]
137824670ITT: Kino TV series that didn't have a bad episode https://youtu.be/8CvURidpkCY[View]
137824657I'M AN ASSMAN[View]
137824642did he really have a grant from the government to do autonomus research in Poland?[View]
137818481Cast it[View]
137824204>dude the government totally isn't spying on you just go for to make even where you're …[View]
137824502Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137824459>I DID NOT ENTANGLE HIM >That ones called anger…[View]
137822119What was his problem?[View]
137823441>when he plugs his laptop to the tv[View]
137819689>makes sinners in Hollywood absolutely S E E T H E[View]
137820802What’s your favorite T Hanks film?[View]
137824116>ITT: Guess the film based on RT review blurb[View]
137821972>watching asian film >can't keep track of the characters because they all look the same i…[View]
137814566What are some dinosaur kinos?[View]
137824266>holy crap lois![View]
137819834the holy trinity of cinema[View]
137823298Why is the Two Towers so comfy?[View]
137824265Who is the most underrated actor: And why is it[View]
137821858Holy fucking kino....i know im late but, thoughts?[View]
137824200You sick bastard Harrington! She was only 12[View]
137824061Is this film worth watching?[View]
137821489a while back someone on /tv/ called mel gibson 'a force of nature' and now this movie come…[View]
137819392Ive never seen /tv/ talking about this movie[View]
137822478What was his problem?[View]
137820857Jeepers Creepers: Where did you get those peepers[View]
137821700he is slowly losing it: i saw all his kinos Trainind Day is light years ahead of The Tax Collector…[View]
137806099How yould pose on the red carpet?[View]
137823783Lola naymark: Your favorite porn scene with her ? Calm down janny, It's just a joke. She's…[View]
137819201Why are millennials, particularly millennial women, so devoid of talent, creativity, and so intellec…[View]
137823761i would laugh at this fat faggot if i saw him irl, lol[View]
137822531films about abuse of power?[View]
137803026I’m working on The Batman 2021 as an assistant to the editor Ask me anything[View]
137823488Make it happen, Netflix[View]
137820504ITT: funny moggings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U362EJ5dvL0[View]
137816112>CEO being fired by his board of directors without warning What the fuck?…[View]
137820063Fuck Star Wars!!!: I don't get the admiration for this overrated piece of shit. It would have n…[View]
137822805One man in this frame is a known statutory rapist: The other 2 are Tom Hanks and Vin Diesel.[View]
137822774Was it based?[View]
137821791How the fuck did this trash win best picture? Those manlets running around acting tough and screamin…[View]
137823250How long would the $60k he blackmailed his boss for last if he was spending $2k a pop on weed?[View]
137812456What's with the tail in Shin Godzilla[View]
137823208What did he want from her? Did he want her to be his surrogate daughter? His lover? Was he simply tr…[View]
137821539Fox is over now: 20th Century Fox Film -> 20th Century Studios Fox Searchlight Pictures -> Sea…[View]
137815182Guys I'm worried about him[View]
137823461>dude, the replicant prostitute is real, you gotta have someone real in your life >dude, your …[View]
137822385Whatever happened to this guy? Haven't seen him in anything since.[View]
137822898>It's not the house that's haunted....it's you[View]
137814466What would you do during The Purge?[View]
137821293Do you like Haruhi?: Cinematic masterpiece.[View]
137823236I LOVE TO SING-A: a-bout tha moon-a An tha June-a An tha spring-a![View]
137822665Does anybody knows any other good movie documentary about Australia?[View]
137822713stop it d[View]
137823067The best comedy.[View]
137821605Was it kino?[View]
137819633I'm going in anons, post kino tv series.[View]
137823242Truly they were...a hitch-hiking team.[View]
137822595What movies does Don watch?[View]
137821057What are you ideas for a sequel 20 years in the future?[View]
137823089What are your thoughts on the upcoming Halo tv series?[View]
137822855'I'm Rey... Rey Skywalker' is one of the most powerful moments in the entire Sequel Trilogy. Re…[View]
137822943I watched Redline again yesterday and crave more uncompromising action movies without any bullshit. …[View]
137823017Clairo Bio Movie when?: It's time, she deserves to have one.[View]
137819653You idiots lied again, show is trash I couldn't care less about fictional rich morons and their…[View]
137819327Star Wars: Have entered a new 'interwar period'? As you may know nobody cared about sw from like 85 …[View]
137822209tfw no centuries old Irish gf[View]
137822589What are the best movies to take place during the Victorian era?[View]
137822848Based Christian or a Bitch ?[View]
137822839>they saved the earth more times than the avengers >none of this shit will ever be canon hilar…[View]
137822834what are some kinos about being a 60 year old neet?[View]
137808078How common are unsimulated scenes in film REALLY?[View]
137821190Anyone else looking forward to The Mandalorian season 2?[View]
137822426what was the point of this character[View]
137822729Is the Muppets Now worth buying Disney+ for a month? It doesn't look the best but it's har…[View]
137818462It's not a bad show[View]
137816628Meanwhile, on 2030 /tv/...[View]
137814837DC FANDOME TRAILERS: Got a chance to watch them recently. - Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is pretty conv…[View]
137821416What the fuck happened to Fuse TV? Fuse thread.[View]
137784796Alexandra Daddario: why she didn't make it big ?[View]
137819855i had a dream last night where i met her and instantly coomed in my pants what does it mean?[View]
137821815British Alex Jones >>> American Alex Jones[View]
137819939Was this the last western kino?[View]
137822416The greatest film directors, visual artists, writers, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, comp…[View]
137822111>I hate them white mothafuckas! >Guys don't let me turn white. I'd rather die. >B…[View]
137819983>Completely abandons the charm of the TV series >Set in the mid 2000's instead of peak so…[View]
137821603/co/ or /a/ movies, /tv/?[View]
137819955OH NO NO NO[View]
137819938Is /tv/ going to watch this Netflix special? https://twitter.com/sarahcpr/status/125347477270242918…[View]
137819575is this show worth a watch?[View]
137822117>Ugly people nice and personable >Attractive people bitter and angry…[View]
137822135Cast this movie[View]
137822082julia roberts is the most beautiful woman to have ever graced hollywood[View]
137822075retard appreciation thread: thank you to all the mutts, normies, virtue signalers, in general retard…[View]
137822091Bane desu?[View]
137821947Favorite episode of Drake & Josh?[View]
137821961DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
137821919>Johnson, I want everything you can find on this guy. Find me all his social media accounts, his …[View]
137819027What's next for Maggie's career?[View]
137821904Movies only for low IQ and high IQ people. No in between.[View]
137820588> David Chase > David Simon > David Lynch What is it about Davids that causes them to make …[View]
137820779Dink Smallwood[View]
137821491ITT: kinos that only you watch[View]
137821335So I'm not really an anime-watching incel but lockdown got me watching this and I loved it. If …[View]
137821597Why did they have to drop the ball so bad, bros. It really seems like the world's been shit sin…[View]
137820396For All Mankind: What did he do?[View]
137814083T3 was good.[View]
137821651Let's get decadent![View]
137821552only 10/10 movies[View]
137821629Watch it, Renly.[View]
137821601Gump sat alone on a bench in the park[View]
137821469noot noot[View]
137821098What's some youtube kino?[View]
137821461Daily reminder that the SW franchise will remain non-cohesive and contradictory to the point of bein…[View]
137815314>Dude, let’s have the gang turn black for an episode, and use cherrypicked what-if scenarios base…[View]
137821410ITT: worst finales ever[View]
137821458Name a Director with the biggest Flex[View]
137820411Will it be good?[View]
137818381>it's not about time travel Nolan says Then what the fuck is it about?…[View]
137820150>Onslow, did you free Excalibur from the stone?[View]
137815309Why is Shooter with Marky Mark and Kate Mara so good?[View]
137821236Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137821158Can anyone recommend me some good Bonobo kino's?[View]
137821177Is he right?[View]
137821122Childhood is rooting for Obi-Wan because you think democracy works. Adulthood is rooting for Anakin …[View]
137821088DOA?: >This really brings a lot of young audience to the table,' Bob Bakish told an investors con…[View]
137817572>we got your redstone microwave ovens How'd they predict minecraft in this song?…[View]
137819561https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiQiy62FBlE How does /tv/ feel about this graph?[View]
137819119It was all a dream?[View]
137816492/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137820877PINGU?: PINGU. nootnoot![View]
137820891I made this thread years ago asking if anyone knew what the symbolism behind the child abduction, Sa…[View]
137819102He's a mediocre actor at best.[View]
137819010ITT: Fictional /tv/ characters you have a crush on.[View]
137819817What did I think of Warrior Nun and in particular the performance of lead actress, Alba Baptista?[View]
137819774Was Cary Grant gay?: In the movie Charade with Audrey Hepburn he was the only one who was uncomforta…[View]
137820430Do you have a dvd/blu-ray collection /tv/?[View]
137820527>you having a Good Time®? I turned the movie off right there[View]
137815705Bourdain: >In early June 2018, Bourdain was working on an episode of Parts Unknown in Strasbourg,…[View]
137820493finished this yesterday yeah, it's good, the acting's on point and I liked the 'what do yo…[View]
137820042Recommend me a movie based on my music taste[View]
137811077>the skating scenes were made by a skater and then Margot's face was added by CGI. Why are t…[View]
137806600>'Did you get that for killing Jews?' >'Bravery.'…[View]
137820303What's your background,Noel?[View]
137815326Beetlejuice thread[View]
137819296I yearn[View]
137796777Mulan costs $30 to stream: https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/4/21354593/mulan-release-date-disney-earn…[View]
137817441>hurr durr celebrated and timeless classics of cinema bad!!!!!! >trashy anime goood!!!!…[View]
137815631Finished Mindhunter, what did I think of this? Also, would you trust this man?[View]
137820257'Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.' Whoa.[View]
137815557Who actually enjoys this heaping pile of pseudointellectual garbage?[View]
137820172I won't tolerate with plagiarism: Fuck Hollywood.[View]
137819861I didn't read the book, but couldn't they just send the eagles straight to Mordor with the…[View]
137819511Police/Detective film thread: I have been binging crime related movies recently and would love some …[View]
137820003Why was the final episode a cartoon?[View]
137819237It wasn't all in his head. He fucking won.[View]
137819657Children of the night. What music they make![View]
137816866Feeling nostalgic: Favorite old movie stars babes. Keep it classy[View]
137818507Just marathoned this flick, what did I think of it? Was it Fincher kino?[View]
137817524>The country is burning. 95% of us can't pay rent. 40% of us are facing eviction. 20% of us …[View]
137818529Hello? 4chan technical support. How may I help you today?[View]
137813769the most reddit movie of all time.[View]
137817081Welcome to Costco,: I love you[View]
137817697Have you guys seen Undone? I'm half way through it, I like the animation style, I saw the studi…[View]
137818868I forgot how comfy this show was[View]
137819534I FOUND YOU, FAKER[View]
137819552who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137819050Did Hank Hill have autism?[View]
137818687Was it good?[View]
137817864Who's your Sopranos-fu? For me? It's Ros[View]
137811471Is it a good movie?[View]
137816923Glenn Martin, DDS: Why did this show exist? What was Nickelodeon thinking putting such an ugly, slig…[View]
137818675Brutal blackpill[View]
137816811Post some YouTube Kino: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t-wHKOcF9Qk https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pk7U…[View]
137819078Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137817010Imagine being trapped in a bunker for 2 years, with MEW, haha...[View]
137818581SOULLESS vs SOUL[View]
137818979So... ... Did he?[View]
137819012>ahh! Why’d you slice off my glans?[View]
137817479Don't mind me just pirating this baby![View]
137817715Is Peggy a bad person?[View]
137818824>dude the government totally isn't spying on you just go for to make even where you're …[View]
137817495UNCUT gems: >cast a jew Explain[View]
137818339Gothic Action Horror: Are there any other Gothic Action Horror kinos?[View]
137814088>the bad guys are LITERALLY Jews >they get killed by a blond semi-Nordic looking white guy …[View]
137802620Because after dinner, everybody ought to have a cigar. So, I tried it, well, the rest is history. I…[View]
137817067Underworld: People who watch the Underworld movies, are Awakening and Blood Wars any good? I stopped…[View]
137808569what happened to this chad?[View]
137817565>be 10/10 gigachad that can have any girl on this planet >choose to be fucked in the ass and s…[View]
137818708What was his fucking problem?[View]
137816721Why didn’t anyone just shoot him?[View]
137818660Alright you fucking faggots, listen up. I am desperate. AND I MEAN FUCKING DESPERATE. I've been…[View]
137818523why isnt kat dennings cast in movies anymore?[View]
137818477Comfy Twin Peaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npVellnR6D8[View]
137817907Who’s gonna play him in the remake of Belly ? Who’s gonna play Durk Duck or Tooka or Odee[View]
137818143i'm thinking of ending things: looks like kaufman kino is back on the menu https://www.youtube.…[View]
137818425I haven’t driven for 10 years[View]
137818341Cast him[View]
137817536Zoomers don't understand this post: I feel sorry for them https://youtu.be/Ph5i8x-USQU[View]
137818280Is a coronavirus biopic inevitable? Cast it.[View]
137816738Have you pre-ordered your Fellini boxset yet?[View]
137817051do they make good movies[View]
137813872How accurate is this?[View]
137818178>watching 90s teen comedy movie >green day starts playing…[View]
137803447It's all so tiresome. When will it end?[View]
137817638When cringe becomes based thread: http://knowledgeglue.com/man-uses-katana-stop-home-invasion-gory-a…[View]
137817604>watch an incredible kino >go to log it in on Letterboxd >see that most of the /tv/fags I f…[View]
137815533Anon, if you gave an order that Santiago wasn't to be touched, and your orders are always follo…[View]
137818069Red Dragon is x10 better than Silence of the Lambs[View]
137816808i wish i had skills and talents[View]
137816974Any more shamelessly exploitative slasher schlokino? I already watch Sleepaway Camp 2.[View]
137816381Luke, ever tell you a general, I was? Fought in several major battles, I did. A Jedi uses the force …[View]
137814322this bigot movie was considered funny in the 90's[View]
137815934What keeps you alive? Shutting up and obeying.[View]
137816116Apple TV Plus: What is this bullshit service? It's $5 a month and then you have to rent/buy wha…[View]
137816409Cast it.[View]
137816976Remember when she was gonna be the next big thing? What happened?[View]
137817797I only watch sci-fi and horror[View]
137817631You just KNOW.[View]
137816093>would thoust like to live deliciously?[View]
137815164What was the last film to make you feel this way?[View]
137814728Imagine, if you will, a peaceful, affluent community made up of mostly white families. A community w…[View]
137817782>chinky chinky 1 strinkry drinkery AH HA HA[View]
137804321RIP: Water tribe will be black now. Aang will be transexual. Fire Nation white, and everyone else b…[View]
137817674Is this the ultimate pleb filter bros? I've had a couple of friends tell me how they loved Brea…[View]
137817731Thoughts on Jennifer Morrison?[View]
137817664Absolute kino[View]
137814063What's the outrage?[View]
137816176>Ey Puss, she really even exist? Well, did she?[View]
137816434How does this make you feel anon?: We will never get a version of the penguin this good on the big s…[View]
137809657Why don't more shows/movies have characters that shit on modern woke ridiculousness like Johnny…[View]
137816698is she a good actress[View]
137817440the choice that destroyed /tv/.[View]
137806444was it rape?[View]
137817135he cute[View]
137817354Films with this aesthetic?[View]
137817352itt: Characters that are, utterly, unmistakably and unequivocally, you.[View]
137815617Any good schitzo kinos?[View]
137807747You can sit on it but you can't take it with you[View]
137817316any quinoa about hypocrisy[View]
137817233Who are the truly charismatic leading actors of today?[View]
137810306series finale on now[View]
137799383/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137776923[View]
137814734Oh, Uncle Martin, I am so glad you're here! I got on the train to run away, but a person tried …[View]
137813882Why the hell did Hackson leave out the 50 year gap between Bilbo's birthday party and Frodo sta…[View]
137815842The lack of non-cgi filled, real extras and special effects in the background type scenes is part of…[View]
137816653What are some cases of extreme whitewashing? Ill start with an obvious one.[View]
137817090what's next for Joshua Jackson?[View]
137816551what is your favorite motivational kino?[View]
137813615>Karate Kid but its a black guy that was a former UFC fighter teaching a white incel how to fight…[View]
137816819This fucking episode of ATHF HAHAHA! https://youtu.be/7abReXKTP6A[View]
137816904What killed cable news?[View]
137808709This movie is a masterpiece[View]
137816932Post comfy Bourgeoisie films. The unwashed and the laborers may not post ITT[View]
137814793Call me onions but Walter is so goddamn fucking unlikable that I can't finish the 5th season.[View]
137816676wtf was this[View]
137816763Funny celeb moments[View]
137816766Why hasn't Candice made it big in Hollywood?[View]
137816694Why the FUCK hasn't hollywood picked him up yet?[View]
137814914>tfw no more AMC Movie Talk and Collider Movie Talk[View]
137816186Why would a norse god have a shaved chest[View]
137814638Is Walter White a real person?[View]
137816315Will he ever get the Oscar he deserves, bros? His performances in Magnolia and 4th of July were fant…[View]
137816490>Humanity's soul must be shaken to its very depths, frightened by unfathomable and seemingly…[View]
137816426Why Marty?: What does Marty get out of this relationship? Doc needs someone to film.......is the pay…[View]
137811588Will culture ever be fun again like it was in the 80s?[View]
137815174how the FUCK does this guy only have 2 kids when his wife is this hot? whats wrong with this dude? a…[View]
137813896Why did he kill his career like this?[View]
137816329>You fought in the Star Wars™?[View]
137815987CURSED?: whos next, /tv/?[View]
137815132I need help, /tv/. There was a raunchy teen movie that for the life of me I can't recall. Prett…[View]
1378158832013: 2013 was the last good year, before the sjw shit started to get invasive.[View]
137814036Mad Max Fury Road[View]
137780617DISNEY REMOVING SEQUELS FROM CANON: Would it be an administrative smart decision by the Mouse or it …[View]
137813108KINO SHOWDOWN: everybody wants some > dazed and confused[View]
137814369mfw all the villains in Batman are natural enemies of bats.[View]
137814271Leave him alone. I hate bullies and you guys are going to far, every movie I've seen him in has…[View]
137816158IT’S THE JAAAAACKET[View]
137815817>dae le not like other girls haha xd[View]
137814891Realistically, off screen, he had to take a shit at least a few times. The movie takes place over li…[View]
137810923post a picture get a recommendation: I'll start[View]
137815970*chair clatters*[View]
137811595kino's back on the menu booooys, bon appetit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P52mGNLNJ1g https:…[View]
137811437/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137801052>eeht will khillll: how tf did this show last beyond a single season but deadliest warrior is kil…[View]
137809624What kino would you recommend teevee?[View]
137812256It’s really not even close[View]
137811035>mfw I realize all the villains in Spiderman™ are natural predators of the spider…[View]
137813101I am bored. What should i watch?[View]
137813923Let's be real here. Elon Musk is 100% going to get a biopic at some point. If Bezos keeps up hi…[View]
137815128/capeshit/: The containment thread Cast him[View]
137815679Meme Off: Ok lay it on me /b/ Which one is the ultimate meme to end all memes? SNEED or STEAMED HAMS…[View]
137808835why are modern critics so shit?[View]
137814979It’s actually good[View]
137814089>mfw I realize all of the villains in Thor are natural enemies of Gods[View]
137814438Name a better side character[View]
137815497>'That crossover of whether it's entertainment or news is the biggest crock of b.s. in telev…[View]
137814269>this movie was bad 'Why?' >it didn't make me feel good…[View]
137813435You memed me again, /tv/.[View]
137812243true story: Anyone seen this? Holy fuck, I thought it was going to be trash but it was actually the …[View]
137815285There's a 100% chance this guy is evil and will betray everyone.[View]
137815427Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn [2020] by Muta'Ali Muhammad: https://youtu.be/4-BCcFZ4i2g …[View]
137806651Was it really her in the sex vid, or was that a double?[View]
137814985>father chokes his son on numerous occasions >americans laugh >boy pulls his pants down and…[View]
137815173CAN YOU COUNT, SUCKERS! I SAY THE FUTURE IS OURS, IF YOU CAN COUNT! now look what we have here befor…[View]
137813605lucky fucking cock-sucking fast-talking faggot. Not 1 movie but 2 movies with our Imogen 'Gay' Poots…[View]
137815184I was watching the tv show 'Chuck' which I happened to enjoy until S1E7 totally ruined it for me. Th…[View]
137814690What in the fuck was his problem?[View]
137812874Fury Road: >Re-watch pic related >The grit of the first two movies is totally gone >As a r…[View]
137811775How the FUCK was season 3 so acclaimed?: It's a total fucking dumpster fire. This wasn't a…[View]
137809432got a big enough joint there rick[View]
137815069Was getting caught part of their plan?[View]
137813087Alien Encounter ExtraTERRORestrial: Is it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9FmFnMbcgk…[View]
137811268I just watched Gretel & Hansel. What did I think of it /tv/?[View]
137811214Feeling down: Post feel good movies where the guy gets the girl.[View]
137814799how did he do it?[View]
137813422>that scene where he hears them have sex and the next day he orders a prostitute shit really hit …[View]
137813426What would she have done if he kissed her?[View]
137811906Jared Leto is the worst actor ever, he should have been actually killed in American Psycho. Why does…[View]
137812711what films are embarrassments to their country?[View]
137814386post your 5 favourite films, others rate[View]
137802981>400-year-old books are in perfect condition.[View]
137814568This little fag needs some discipline, don't you think?[View]
137813671>You probably never gave it a thought, but all great films, without exception, contain an importa…[View]
137814494>Former sopranos cast member >Had a KINO pleb filter nu-simpsons episode >Makes great pop …[View]
137809840>writers retiring didn’t work >falling ratings didn’t work >dozens of jaded “what went wron…[View]
137813560This man is more successful than you will ever be.[View]
137813902Just realized all of Ironman’s enemies are natural enemies of Iron......[View]
137813780Cast the movie and write the plot[View]
137809494This guy was one of the most popular actors in the world 100 years ago and you don't even know …[View]
137808638If we dove into a movie or show just about the Future War; no John, no Sarah, no Arnold, no timemach…[View]
137810280>blackface (and almost won an oscar for it) >making fun of retarded people >sterotyping vie…[View]
137812597MFW I realize all of Batman's villains are natural enemies of bats and rich people[View]
137814339What did Paulie really do wrong again?[View]
137814319Technically the worst he could be charged with is kidnapping.[View]
137814253You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you.[View]
137812470Movies hated for redpilling normies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSmbayUJCo As of December 2018…[View]
137812273CATCH THE WAVE[View]
137814224>Main character goes to prison for a minor crime[View]
137813268Black-ish Episode ‘Please, Baby, Please’ Released on Hulu After Being Shelved by ABC: >The “Pleas…[View]
137813966VAs say the darnest things: We should start a thread of voice 'actors' tweeting the wok-est, stupide…[View]
137812593*gets naked* *gets fucked*[View]
137814159Zac Amico's Midnight Spook Show: Who's seen it? 10/10, worth the gas digital subscription…[View]
137814064>gf tells me this is the hottest disney prince uhhhh bros?[View]
137811576>not casting Lauren Cohan as Jill Valentine >instead casts some literal who mutt Why?…[View]
137814061for me, its little children[View]
137813663Favourite Movie Posters: What are some of your favourite movie posters? I'm talking real poster…[View]
137813899Remember when stewie had masochistic fantasies about his own mother sexually dominating him[View]
137813843ITT characters who were hiding they're power level.the whole time[View]
137790610/trek/: bajoran death chant edition prevs: >>137766578[View]
13781101647 Ronin 2: >#2 on the list of biggest box office bombs >sequel makes sense https://en.wikiped…[View]
137813889Oasis created the greatest rock documentary.[View]
137812661Just act natural[View]
137812934>sharks im going to sell female intimacy to tides of lonely men. i call it onlyfans >what…[View]
137813167So what happened to her? At the end of the movie she was still under indictment in her part of a cri…[View]
137813689Best scene in any Jurassic film[View]
137813354tv kino[View]
137813521Which weasel would outweasel them all?[View]
137813601Hey Wolf Moon! Come cast your spell on me.: Ginger Snaps General[View]
137811977you're not THAT guy... right, /tv/?[View]
137804600I'm struggling to get into it desu[View]
137812279/Sharpe General/ music edition featuring Liz Hurley: >Sharpes music is masterful https://youtu.b…[View]
137813481negan is a good guy now btw. here’s him killing the s10 villain https://youtu.be/m4yCfULfkXk[View]
137812973Why does everyone act like House is such a mean, unpleasant guy? Most of the time he's funny an…[View]
137811844What are some kino about the lives of Japanese salarymen?[View]
137813373What movie does this scene I can't find come from?: What I remember from the scene was some mus…[View]
137813427Thoughts on Netflix's Work It? How does it compare to other movies about dancing?[View]
137811579Heel, unbreakable, scion.[View]
137813154How did Bergman directed over 45 films while acclaimed directors from today spend 5 years and millio…[View]
137811982Underrated Kino: Why isn't fiveish more popular? Especially on here I'm surprised its not …[View]
137811321Kangaroo Jack/Planet of the Apes (2001) chick is god tier. Early 2000skino[View]
137813327Good news everyone! I turned myself into a pickle and with that I will be able to scare the neighbor…[View]
137813199Help: I need help, /tg/. There was a raunchy teen movie that for the life of me I can't recall.…[View]
137802670Blade Runner 2049: Joi: >ethnicity slider um based?[View]
137813189Why did they larp as if he's going to be a president?[View]
137810234How the fuck was it so based[View]
137813132The Dan Schneider iceberg[View]
137812930>I'll be right here What the fuck did he mean?[View]
137812852>plot twist is the protagonist was actually the villain all along[View]
137810696How did Michael Myers swap places with the paramedic? He walked around without his mask? Where did h…[View]
137807686I think it would be cool if Falcone was the main bad guy and the Riddler was more of a like a kooky …[View]
137812681>and YOU must be Freddie Mercury[View]
137811301As someone that usually hates superhero movies i really enjoyed this one, why the actual fuck did it…[View]
137812962>She had me finga, you know...[View]
137811383Netflix: What went wrong?[View]
137812946What are some sequels to good movies done by the same writer/director, but posses ZERO of the good q…[View]
137805723people who dislike uncut gems are stupid[View]
137811534Is Call Me By Your Name kino?[View]
137811458*ego trips in your path*[View]
137812820>Ralph broke up with this for the ogre named Janice Soprano was he shoot homosexual?…[View]
137805292New Zealand launches new anti-porn campaign: Is it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94mINLDSWlk…[View]
137812797about to watch eyes wide shut for the first time soon, is it kino or what does it have a good atmosp…[View]
137812743female protagonist: Who is the most badass female protagonist and why is it either Ripley or sarah c…[View]
137812781>its an 'o'neill gets space autism' episode[View]
137812141You know what's remarkable?: How the Urban centers of Vietnam look absolutely nothing like the …[View]
137812085>Watch The Office >British Pam This is considered a 10/10 in England…[View]
137812318>It’s not what it looks like[View]
137798635ITT: Stupid and Weird Translations[View]
137812512>Scenes that couldn't be made today[View]
137807724>No, just uh... Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.[View]
137812082You wish I had died and Boromir had lived[View]
137810730Hello /tv/, I am Bizbard. I travel the 4chan boards bringing news to anons. Gather around, I come to…[View]
137812162I've seen shitposts you people wouldn't believe.[View]
137810859>touch girls hand while ringing her out >instantly hard…[View]
137811965Do you have your authentic SPOCK helmet yet?[View]
137812006Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little gi…[View]
137812275 [View]
137810942Cast him[View]
137812191>villain is forced to team up with the hero in order to take down an even greater villain >'Do…[View]
137810509How did Tom Cruise manage to achieve a higher level of success than the rest of these guys?[View]
137810600>you can have a 50% chance of living >no thanks, I’d rather have a 0% chance of living because…[View]
137812167“Blacks are dum-“: post some movies that tore down a negative stereotype or bias you previously had…[View]
137811560What's your excuse?[View]
137812143>tfw don't own a Blu-ray player >tfw have never even watched a movie on Blu-ray in my ent…[View]
137812000It's over dirt bag that girl was covered head to toe in your semen care to explain?[View]
137812126so that shit is a hoax for that long now?[View]
137811846The Wasp Network: You guys like it?[View]
137811958>but its not an S, on his planet it represents hope. Snyder is the greatest film maker of our gen…[View]
137811843IRL STREAM IN CHURCH: I had an idea to do text-to-speech irl streams where I live in the south cause…[View]
137812018>tv steals jokes from family guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8mYLi3PGOc…[View]
137811880>director of cloverfield and apekino >last non-dceu dc movie was the most remarkable cape movi…[View]
137810499Did /tv/ ever have threads about Flight of the Conchords? What is the consensus on them?[View]
137811956https://youtu.be/AFZ32r05gbI >'Fare Game: P.O.P. Goes The Weasel' is a 10 minute video…[View]
137811954It's interesting to note how many other people you can find just by following one actor. I orig…[View]
137811811Was it good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2uNzjBCxYc[View]
137810408Be kind to one another[View]
137808916This......is not meth[View]
137811062Wait a minute. This makes no sense. And apart from making no sense it was also boring.[View]
137811878>feel good movie of the summer[View]
137809652T2 > T1[View]
137807869Didnt he straight up tattoo himself irl for this role, too?[View]
137799135Troy: >all white historical epic with no gay agenda how does it feel you'll never see anythi…[View]
137811571>no my invincible son... we stay together by staying apart[View]
137811212Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
137811736I just finished all three seasons of Legion and even though Syd sucks, it's one of my favorites…[View]
137811657Wait, did Batman go back upstairs after saving Rachel? Why didn’t he just throw a batarang at joker …[View]
137809616Rhea Seehorn is the most beautiful actress on the planet.[View]
137810729it's so fucking good[View]
137807984Alita: Battle Angel 2: Already being worked on. Has there been a better year for film than 2020?…[View]
137811364Minimalist Poster Thread[View]
137811550>Hero and the Villian have a conversation before the final fight >https://streamable.com/t7me3…[View]
137811246is it kino?[View]
137811517What's the last 'based on a true story' movie that made you cry /tv/? Its been a while, but for…[View]
137811487>Implying this guy 'raped' anyone[View]
137811482She was only 17 years, 11 months, 29 days, 23 hours, and 56 minutes old you sick freak![View]
137811102Help: I need help, /tg/. There was a raunchy teen movie that for the life of me I can't recall.…[View]
137811478WMD RI CHERE RI CHERE[View]
137809328Arnold was 56 here. What’s your excuse for being a fat ass at 20[View]
137810806What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137810318times a scene made you go 'fukn kino' to yourself in the theater[View]
137807720Criterion Closet: What’s you pick /tv/?[View]
137811304Steve Buscemi isn't a leading man. It's weird that after all of those years of watching hi…[View]
137811330Controversy aside, I don’t get the hype. It’s just a third-rate ripoff of Moonrise Kingdom.[View]
137808754Rank David Lynch’s movies[View]
137811169>https://youtu.be/PxNDvm3nT-8 OH SH-[View]
137811218CANT REMEMBER MOVIE: The only thing I remember was this guy talking about the end of the world or ma…[View]
137808548Nobody remembers a single scene or line from these whereas every moment of the the decade-older LOTR…[View]
137811183uhh later dudes: S you in your As dont wear a C and J all over your Bs[View]
137799010>no gloves >puts his fat smelly greasy hands on the client's food Do Americans really ?…[View]
137809829Did /tv like this?[View]
137811084>”give me that Death Grips sound except made by actual hood niggas and not some art school fags” …[View]
137809479Jojo Rabbit is a good movie[View]
137809714ITT: BTS images and webms: post behind the scenes /tv/ content[View]
137809988>'Hey son, have you seen 'The Irishman' yet? It's kino.'…[View]
137810879>reading The Expanse books >about halfway book three >still no Drummer Any other instances …[View]
137810774Nietzsche? I didn't know you have a dark side, Clark.[View]
137809284Why didn't you become an actor?[View]
137809923>spend hours creating a perfectly articulated text to send to my ex >detailing the pitfalls, w…[View]
137810658who was in the wrong here?[View]
137810692Why did he do it bros?[View]
137808985Scarlett Johannson is legitimately ugly and every time normies talk about how she's the most be…[View]
137810236What would he say about modern actors and directors?[View]
137807806/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137810403No fucking kidding I thought this was Tommy Wiseau when I first saw this flick[View]
137800153>Weird Science (1985) >Two high school nerds use a computer program to literally create the pe…[View]
137810472Disney is Cancer: Disney just ended the 20th Century Fox brand, one of the most storied names in ent…[View]
137810633nothing happens: the show reddit: the show overacting: the show unrealistic characters:the show[View]
137810024shid 2022 is lit[View]
137809292What the fuck happened to him? If you watched Disney Channel at all in the 00's, you remember t…[View]
137809814Any other films where the sidekick is replaced by a woman in the sequel?[View]
137810379Mr Wynn, for your crimes for shitposting... I sentence you to the Cube.[View]
137810607who will play him in the inevitable biopic? >post yfw he gets a cameo in Master & Commander 2…[View]
137810320ITT: most iconic one-liners in cinema history: I'll go ahead and get the obvious one out of the…[View]
137810555Movies like Triangle, Timecrimes, Exam, Coherence, The Cube?[View]
137805443There are two types of people: >those who recognize that it's the greatest sci-fi movie of t…[View]
137810570HELLO, HENRY[View]
137807908i miss mummyfu threads: post ahmenet/boutella[View]
137810547So was he dreaming or not? The movie doesnt make it clear[View]
137809210What was the last film to make you feel this way?[View]
137809414What, exactly, is his talent?[View]
137809844What did Ozymandias mean by this?[View]
137810153I bet this movie sucks.[View]
137810406>The age of sneed is over. The age of basedjack has begun.[View]
137809271Braze sucks.[View]
137810073What do you think of editor and film restorer Garrett Gilchrist?[View]
137810327HANSEN! DOUBLE CROSS ME, will ya? get out here you no good, yella bellied, son of a gun. you've…[View]
137809646What did he grow up to be?[View]
137810244whats a horror movie that'll absolutely fuck me and my friends up.[View]
137807986>Yo Joe, when I was 25, I fucked this sexy Latina woman. She had the finest ass I’ve eva seen. Sh…[View]
137807915Why are snow globes considered a 'faggot shit'?[View]
137810168ITT: Characters that are literally godesses[View]
137810044>does nothing wrong[View]
137809263Twin Peaks: Its that time of week again we got the Season 1 finale going on here join in and get com…[View]
137805243Capeshit: Having just rewatched most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Iron Man (2008) to Capta…[View]
137809970Is it time for Goose to make Lars and the Real Girl 2?[View]
137807388the UNDEFEATED Christopher Nolan[View]
137810007>It's a Worf/Dax episode and I don't have the willpower to kill myself…[View]
137809987/SG: Screenplay General:: I need help with my script. Everyone is welcome here. Share your stuff.…[View]
137807353WB's THE FLASH Will Be The First Superhero Movie With No Villain: >The 'villain' will be the…[View]
137809802>Dude Catholicism is bad[View]
137809394>Ambiancé is an upcoming experimental film that is directed by the Swedish director Anders Weberg…[View]
137807532What did Gore Verbinski mean by casting this sickly, gollumesque invalid as a businessman for his 20…[View]
137809917>nameed Harry Goodsir >is a good sir really?…[View]
137809497>DR. KYNES IM DUNE[View]
137809672Where does /tv/ stand on Upstream Color?[View]
137809152why is every other character black why is zues black wha happen[View]
137806086Why did he inexplicably change from a based far-right Austrian to what he is today? Are there pics/v…[View]
137807669Given that only one or two female actresses makes substantial sums of money in any given year, how w…[View]
137809424watching this right now....this movie is worse than i possibly could have imagined so far[View]
137809694thoughts on this[View]
137805148Times /tv/ Lied TO You: Fuck you, /tv/. I finally watched this and it was garbage.[View]
137805486yeah I’m thinking kino[View]
137805773my body is SO ready for the new Doom. How about /tv/?[View]
137808868Mulan: What the fuck[View]
137808508>Mike and Bryan GONE >Netflix having full control >Basically its going to be M Night 2.0 F…[View]
137808558Let me tell you buddy[View]
137809360>'In 1976, a Richard Lewis Stapleston (age 77) was found washed ashore Newfoundland on an almost …[View]
137805842Has anyone here seen this? Clearly, 'Amy' is supposed to be the director, Amy Seimetz Did …[View]
137809465What was Kevin Nash's greatest cinematic role?[View]
137809435George Miller deserved it. History has proven Birdman/Revenant forgettable minor works, while Fury R…[View]
137807345redpill me on horror cyberpunk[View]
137805986Quantum Leap is a comfy show: > white guy travel in time > he helps and fixes the situations f…[View]
137809363I found it to be very powerful[View]
137806635>destroys Betty's innocence to the point that her life never recovers no matter how hard she…[View]
137808951ok bros what happened here? why is paw patrol a top torrent?[View]
137808964>After nine years of Baneposting being a meme, you know what I realized?…[View]
137809330A lovely cheese pizza just for me.[View]
137805669Ray Fisher doubles down: This guy is gonna manage to nuke what little career he has left.[View]
137805697What was his problem?[View]
137803669JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH: Unironically looks kino. >In the late 1960s, petty criminal William …[View]
137789935What was the last film to make you feel this way?[View]
137808035>killed by semantics[View]
137806807Holy frickin' cr*p Lois, check who it is![View]
137809187What are some films where the protagonist is a comfy NEET?[View]
137807748Now that the dust has settled[View]
137807401>finished Billions >the series fell off a cliff when (((they))) introduced this…[View]
137803209>name a sexier female antagonist in cinema I bet you cant[View]
137807436Name a picture with more beauty[View]
137806791is it kid kino?[View]
137809016i dont think there would even be a trial.[View]
137808530Yeah I'm thinking its kino[View]
137807488what's the first thing you would do?[View]
137808973What’s next for Isabella Merced[View]
137802235/tv/ look who i met[View]
137805328Is Scott Pilgrim worth watching?[View]
137807622Steel Ball Run 'cast': Is it possible to make a movie out of it ? Cast them[View]
137808387ITT: movies so bad/boring you couldn't finish[View]
137808186synecdoche new york: what did i think of it?[View]
137808050h3kino is finally BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCjN_yBkyDk[View]
137807855I am looking for anon. Where does he work?[View]
137808340Does it bother you that people call you retard?[View]
137807687>in movie theater >small town practically empty theater >dumb girl has to sit down right ne…[View]
137801265https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRkxMR9uO1Q Oh no Shatnerbros we got too cocky[View]
137807144>Dark >12 Monkeys >Goodnight Sweetheart >Timeless What are some more comfy tv shows abou…[View]
137803262>try watching a movie >get bored and stop How do I develop the attention span necessary to sit…[View]
137807380who wins?[View]
137808684>we need a guy that will act like kevin hart[View]
137806332Shut up! Shut up! Kiss my butt! Shut up! Go to Hell! Go to Hell![View]
137804216Fuck you /tv/, this was GREAT![View]
137801198Is there any movie franchise that follows this path?[View]
137806811*lands in front of you*[View]
137808226Didn't even give Will Farrell's Eurovision movie a chance: Why does anyone listen to these…[View]
137808468So, who you think won the bowling tournament? I was expecting to see it in the movie kek[View]
137808346Why do people think the Ayer Cut will redeem anything? You saw the movie. The Ayer Cut will remove t…[View]
137807922When did you release the Uruks are the good guys[View]
137808338Goodfellas Fanfiction[View]
137808001Where's the money Lebowski?[View]
137805283just watched this what did i think of it?[View]
137806999Why aren't there more kinos about serial killers?[View]
137806150Liam Neeson fights corrupt FBI agents in HONEST THIEF: Neesonkino is back on the menu! https://www.y…[View]
137791977>I saw what you did with my hair, you little dwarven pervert.[View]
137803995How come Larry David got away with making an anti-circumcision episode?[View]
137808099recibo Observatory Featured in James Bond Film 'Goldeneye' Shut Down[View]
137807267Trailer at the end this month: ahoska will be in it[View]
137807891What's a movie that you just refuse to ever watch?[View]
137808068What are some good show business Kinos? Bonus points if protagonist is sad. Seen Californication and…[View]
137808059itt: /x/ kino[View]
137806667Orion or Twi'leks: >Both are slave races >Both good at dancing >Orions are essentially…[View]
137806980Do you think Jesus watches movies? What film and television shows would he like? How many shows on D…[View]
137806904>Actresses only you remember[View]
137803257>music can contain literature >film can contain music and literature >video games can conta…[View]
137807016Stranger Things season 4: what are your hopes and expectations for season 4 /tv/?[View]
1378077411917: Why was this so disappointing? Newman's score is great though. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
137806226Jordan Peele pitch thread: We come up with an idea for a Jordan Peele film. Post the genre and the s…[View]
137807574Woah, nobody ever told me that NuWars was actually based http://www.youtube.com/w/tANWgf1YoUY[View]
137800251/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137807458>Bill as Bob, Scarlett as Charlotte: BRAVO COPPOLA![View]
137807117Shane thread?: Shane thread[View]
137805882Well, was he right?[View]
137807327give me some good edgelord-core movies[View]
137807318Why is stuff like this getting so popular nowadays? I blame game of thrones and HBO in general, ever…[View]
137798345Padawans only want one thing and it's disgusting[View]
137803143What kind of name is BLAZE? Ghostwriter thread[View]
137807194Who framed roger rabbit 2: Reminder that there is an IMDB page for a sequel set for 2022 Will it be …[View]
137806685If dubs, Mila Kunis is the new dubs guy...[View]
137805013This character will always be a joke because the burning skull is fucking risible in a movie[View]
137807088High Court Enforcement / Elderly People Edition[View]
137804852was it kino?[View]
137806897>its always sex[View]
137807028Anyways heres 'Pork and Beans'[View]
137806950>Philo T. Farnsworth was a man ahead of his time when he theorized the basic principles of electr…[View]
137804900Even pro wrestling matches follow this story structure. How did it become so ubiquitous?[View]
137806245I want to watch a movie with my roommate, he seems lonely lately. The problem is that we don't …[View]
137806894Why does it filter so many plebs?[View]
137806020Movies that have had the biggest impact on your life?[View]
137798603GF made me watch this movie. Why the FUCK did they cast such an ugly girl as the lead?[View]
137806825Movies that teach you to always pay attention to potential dangers?[View]
137804696Is this the best space movie of all time?[View]
137804486Why is the time the same?: >11:21[View]
137805325Lord of the Bling[View]
137801452Beetlejuice Beetlejuice[View]
137806467>'You look lonely. I can fix that.'[View]
137806687I just finished watching Bad Boys For Life, I thought it was pretty good, forgettable maybe, but I e…[View]
137801398is it any good?[View]
137805945Hannibal had no right to be this good a series[View]
137806356Do you think Quinten Tarantino will make an outright anti-cop movie?[View]
137806588Movies about a fulfilled man whose only problem is his cunt wife?[View]
137805959Why are kid's cartoons so shit today? And poorly animated as well.[View]
137806519Daaaaaa na na naaaaaaaaa naaaaa naaa naaa naaaaaa NAA NAA NAA NAAA NAAAAAAAAA...[View]
137805891So kidnapping is ok if a hot guy does it?[View]
137799545I’m 12 minutes into this shit and the fucking music still hasn’t stopped wtf[View]
137804839Was this actually about Adrenochrome[View]
137806431The Sunlit Night: it's pretty kino[View]
137803598>can't think of a good title >thinks of vague keywords >adds 'American' to the front …[View]
137797103>The UK's first socially distanced gig happened in Newcastle last night. >500 separate ra…[View]
137804400This movie is incredible. I think the most suspenseful I've seen[View]
137806295*saves cinema in your path*[View]
137805312How did he get away with treating Shelley Duvall so terribly while filming The Shining?[View]
137806128Does /tv like this?[View]
137801482People tell me to check out shows like this, Office, Parks & Rec, etc. and I just don't get…[View]
137803869Let's discuss shoddy writing here. I really hate it when writes use extras as props to highligh…[View]
137804294ANTEBELLUM: Three trailers in and I still can't quite figure out what this is about, each trail…[View]
137806006>we need a sp-[View]
137802243He is literally just like me[View]
137805121what do you think happened between david Lynch and his boys?[View]
137804285Do I have to watch inception before I go to see this or can I skip it?[View]
137805835What are the best films about transformation?[View]
137804563Is he a meme?[View]
137806016ITT: characters you're slowly turning into[View]
137805138Would a docuseries about “LINKmarines” be Kino?: Give their backstory and the story of Chainlink? Wo…[View]
137797556Peter Pan movie.: What´s /tv/ favorite character? for me.. it´s Wendy.[View]
137805755is First Cow (2019) a good film?[View]
137805976film recommendations for someone who wants to kill themselves?[View]
137804663he did something to cause Joe's car accident, right?[View]
137804829Why didn't Frieza blow up Namek as soon as he discovered the Dragon Balls were gone?: The Drago…[View]
137805785>Dark >12 Monkeys >Goodnight Sweetheart >Timeless What are some more comfy tv shows abou…[View]
137805451Cast them[View]
137799181Why aren't there any shows like Avatar about Western culture and history?[View]
137803016>Ugly characters good >Attractive characters bad…[View]
137805310Madonna biopic in the works:: WHO SHOULD PLAY HER?[View]
137805539Ooookay /tv/... I just rewatched THIS masterpiece. Then I realize it filled with practical technique…[View]
137804836How many times was Nick molested as a child?[View]
137805498Underrated show[View]
137803679What books?[View]
137802269I know! How about another joke ornella?[View]
137805444Give me 1000 (You)s[View]
137805252How long until the inevitable LSD synthesis video?[View]
137805377>romance film >the male lead attracts a female without needing to self-improve or do no-fap…[View]
137803224All STAR TREK Movie Projects On Hold: >The first project, a direct sequel to the 'Kelvin Universe…[View]
137805376ITT: shows you like but the rest of /tv/ hates[View]
137804690Name a movie,television,book,anime series with a wider range of villains than hunter x hunter. You c…[View]
137801853I cant watch The Terminator 1984 without the original mono soundtrack. Do you watch it this way. htt…[View]
137805319Stargirl is the best new show of 2020, prove me wrong[View]
137805106Prepare to have your mind blown - Ash Ketchup is voiced by a hot girl[View]
137805038>movie about teenagers makes you realize what you missed[View]
137805236OH N-[View]
137802330this lil nigga broke my jaw in like 2 or 3 days back in 1965[View]
137804854/ff9g/ Fast & Furious 9 General: Familia... Post about your hopes and wishes for the next exciti…[View]
137805134im the backwards man the backwards man[View]
137804122Quick tell me how to direct the camera and shot composition.[View]
137803301>being gay is cool >also I am black[View]
137805033>Developer kills himself and his wife and pets after releasing this game Or did he?…[View]
137792671ITT we witness Morsov: WITNESS MEEE[View]
137801536Nolan: Don't move or the wife/mother character gets it![View]
137805000Whats the fucking point of making a live action series, movie of an animated feature? Its not like y…[View]
137804936Holy kino[View]
137804786Post a pic and anons tell us the first movie that comes to mind.[View]
137802797Netflix's Live Action The Last Airbender Remake is Dead: I can already tell it's because N…[View]
137804847How do liberals cope?[View]
137803249BUT WHY: Wasn’t the original one of the biggest box office bombs ever?[View]
137804864Whats some reggae kinos? i like the rockas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJMfQDmaxxw[View]
137804859'Cause I'm not like everybody else[View]
137804845Name a picture with more beauty[View]
137801229Have any good movies came out this year?[View]
137790848What are some bad fight scenes in big budget films[View]
137803916Why did it fail?[View]
137796859>Cardassian culture valued family highly, as demonstrated in a Cardassian saying that proclaimed,…[View]
137804263Whats next for her? im afraid it was her opus dei[View]
137801758Let's discuss what it means to be a director vs. a producer and cinematographer.[View]
137800964This will not end well[View]
137793198What happened to blonde haired, blue eyed he-man? Is this cultural appropriation, or 'diversity'?[View]
137787015Did D&D failed him?[View]
137804424I'm going to make it all go away[View]
137804565I'M BACK BABEH![View]
137800878Need a lawyer. Who do you choose?[View]
137804354>Aunt said I remind her of Dwight today[View]
137800768Why it's called blue ray?[View]
137804475What does /tv/ think of him?[View]
137803048What should I expect?[View]
137804350You have ten seconds to prove you're not a shoobie[View]
137802377Jorge Godoy One of the most interesting men in have ever seen The last narc was amazing https://yo…[View]
137803862>This, is crack[View]
137803334Is this the worst movie ever made?[View]
137804156Tell me your reality show idea. Mine is: >20 neet incels >put them in a house >challenge t…[View]
137803623>I'm going to cancel all my french interviews and force you to apologize in the next program…[View]
137804238Al Roker is undergoing surgery. Is Al reassigning gender now?[View]
137803457ITT: Post favorite tv commercials hard mode: no sears commercial[View]
137804209ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
137802771Is this the greatest movie of all time?[View]
137804044What are some loomercore movies? oh god how do I make it stop[View]
137784855/who/ Doctor Who General: Last christmas binge edition Previous: >>137783291[View]
13780300190s country was pretty based.[View]
137801613When did YouTube go from sketch comedy platform to reality TV?[View]
137803968will axiom's end get a live action[View]
137803225what’s some good /cringe/-kino https://youtu.be/XGSVjE4Jb1s[View]
137803658>I want...a yearly onlyfans subscription of my favorite e-girl till she hits the wall…[View]
137800316Going to start watching this for first time tonight. What am I in for?[View]
137803796What's next for /ourguy/?: He's been awfully quiet[View]
137795356What does /tv/ think of him?[View]
137803786The single best episode of Seinfeld[View]
137801582Last Chance, /TV/!: Well, here is your last chance, /TV/ >Money can buy nostalgia at the rate of …[View]
137803235>maybe, but I’m still gonna kick your ass[View]
137802381JOHN WICK 6 Confirmed, Will Be Shot Back To Back With Fourth Installment: https://deadline.com/2020/…[View]
137803469Cast him.[View]
137801656JOHN WICK 5 Confirmed, Will Be Shot Back To Back With Fourth Installment: https://deadline.com/2020/…[View]
137802971why did he suddenly stop tweeting at the end of last month after such a manic flurry of tweets in th…[View]
137803450>I wish I could Ornella but Brad won't return my calls since I asked him for a dick pic, jus…[View]
137802229Nobody: Not a soul: Not a being in the entite universe: Not a quark, atom or unit of material: Andy …[View]
137803369Avatar 2: Will it be kino?[View]
137802580Éowyn team here.: Arwen fags can rot in hell for all I care.[View]
137786762>Well, there’s a big difference, too, between someone who’s making an incredible amount of money …[View]
137803324>so the newspaper writes an article about him and calls him Sgt. Angle instead of Sgt. Angel, so …[View]
137802450How would you have responded?[View]
137802937Is better than any Toy Story movie[View]
137802897JOHN WICK 7 Confirmed, Will Be Shot Back To Back With Sixth Installment: https://deadline.com/2020/0…[View]
137803169Kinos about cool knights?: It's Kingdom of Heaven the only one?[View]
137788131Why did Meadow turn out so different from AJ?[View]
137803038How was a silly movie about teenage turtles so unironically kino?[View]
137800456>Be into weird indie sci-fi movies in the 70s >Make a simple adventure story, don't think…[View]
137801705Yakuza movie in 2020 ?[View]
137799032Why people either get filtered by this movie or love it?[View]
137798609Name a More Toxic Fanbase[View]
137799679Who had the best verse? https://youtu.be/eDuRoPIOBjE[View]
137801975Now that the dust has settled, how many of the people on this show were paid actors reading a script…[View]
137800820What is the best movie where someone researches in old books? I fuckin' love movies like that.[View]
137801913Why wasn't Shelob this sexy in the movies?[View]
137802429Daivd Caruso was a douche on the set of NYPD Blue and caused David Milch to almost die after an argu…[View]
137802953WHom will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137802319Did Star Wars take place in the DC cinematic universe?[View]
137802761James Schamus To Direct ‘College Republicans:’ Logan Lerman Plays Young Lee Atwater: https://deadlin…[View]
137802748Why does he always look like he's in pain?[View]
137802859What are some kinos that deal with mental development?[View]
137802740Sumner Redstone suddenly dies: One of the most powerful media executives in modern US history sudden…[View]
137802418Was it kino?[View]
137801654>character references media >actor playing character was in said media…[View]
137802249Post only pure indisputable 10/10 tv shows[View]
137802674You do not have what it takes to be Ink Master™. Please pack your machines and close shop.[View]
137802621‘Tenet’ Fever Grips U.K., Claiming Over Half of Ticket Sales for Vue Cinema Chain - Variety: At the …[View]
137802456IT'S HAPPENING: ![View]
137802424What went wrong?[View]
137802028there is nothing to watch[View]
137793385Why won't this sick fuck get married & have kids?[View]
137802505Trying to watch The Shield, but there is nothing but bl*ck people: I thought you said this was suppo…[View]
137802665>SURFS UP BIG KAHUNA![View]
137790563what do they eat[View]
137802631>Watch Seinfeld at work. >Leave it playing when I go home >Come into work next day >Its…[View]
137802572Avatar creators leave netflix live production of their own show Uh oh thats not good >https://new…[View]
137776268Perfect from start to finish?[View]
137801632What’s his end game[View]
137802459The Boys: Ummm bros...she's just pranking him right ? Haha...[View]
137802110>Welcome Lord Vader, we’ve been expecting you[View]
137801117You will now watch batman forever.[View]
137802487this movie feels really pretentious to me and i don't know if i'm supposed to feel somethi…[View]
137800851Dark: Was she really that bad ?[View]
137795364What went shit ?[View]
137788023Person of Interest: About to start watching, what am i in for?[View]
137801561Yfw realized that Tom Cruise is actually a good actor?[View]
137796016how come females hate pixie girls in movies?[View]
137802299Any kinos set on the chad island of Gibraltar?[View]
137802380Florida Man (2015): What is it like to live in Florida? Is it really that different from the rest of…[View]
137801287>I have never seen Star Wars[View]
137802128True Detective: S1 > S3 > S2 Finally finished S3. To be fair, 2 & 3 wasn't that bad, …[View]
137802297What was the most JUST advert in history[View]
137790147name 1 best western[View]
137802232Post workplace kinos.[View]
137800863What the fuck? Did we need the sex scenes to be this graphic?[View]
137802159What was Max Park's problem?[View]
137802136the editing in this is abysmal[View]
137799834>comfy 1930s Texas aesthetic >virtually everybody is white >/k/-tier knowledge of guns >…[View]
137800529Drunken master 1978. Great fun. But what's the best Kung fu movie?[View]
137799815What's happened to her ?[View]
137801977>Say I'm going on a diet >Actually end the day off by lying in bed with two tubes of Prin…[View]
137800917Kino movies about food/cooking: post em, I feel as not enough are recognized[View]
137801541Does anything actually stay relevant for more than a week these days? It feels like there is simply …[View]
137801981ENTER REPTILE[View]
137798212>See the sad thing about a woman like you is in about 50 years you’re gonna start doing some thin…[View]
137800480what did carmela mean by this?[View]
137799210Explain this /tv/[View]
137797396Kinos about white trash? I'm looking for something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Delivera…[View]
137801302Who's the Kate Beckinsale of our generation?[View]
137795724Was he always evil? Heard a theory that said he suffered from double personality and Joker was just …[View]
137799918>2020 television show or film >most intelligent advice giving character is a black female …[View]
137800551Is the one-shot long take thing ever a worthwhile technique or just a cheap gimmick?[View]
137800887Are there literally any movies where an adult male who is no longer young (25+ years old) experience…[View]
137798813BURGAH U R G A H[View]
137801248What went wrong?[View]
137801072Did Tim make the right choice?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyo_1HIygBU[View]
137801388Do you think an inaccurate lie detector on a daytime TV show has ever ruined an innocent person…[View]
137799517John Mallory Asher: kinda popular in the 90s I bet you've never thought about him in the last 5…[View]
137801298>salt cringe[View]
137801365>Just throw my shit in the ocean with my grandmama nem, B. Straight up.…[View]
137798841>Reading the Bible >Suddenly remember this movie exist >Vague memories of it from when I sa…[View]
137799905how is it ?[View]
137801308Look here, the point I'm making janny is this: moderating and rulefagging, they ain't the …[View]
137801165Kinos about best friends slowly growing apart?[View]
137801259Piss yellow and puke green: This is probably the best quote in the whole movie[View]
137800992>Stunt double Olivia Jackson was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on set in South Africa…[View]
137799925>Past a certain age, a man watching tv alone while eating microwave dinners and drinking beer can…[View]
137801055shit really happens in the states?[View]
137801214Indy film. Good, bad, ugly, or all the above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inkd_ryIMZc[View]
137801170webm thread[View]
137797023ITT: Obvious CGI.[View]
137801042HELLO, HENRY[View]
137794901I was watching the tv show 'Chuck' which I happened to enjoy until S1E7 totally ruined it for me. Th…[View]
137800063ITT: movies about the average 4chan user[View]
137799646Was this the only good episode?[View]
137800918Uh shid What's he going to do? Karma is a bitch though ain't it[View]
137800892Janie's got a gun[View]
137800877Kinos for this feel?[View]
137800564Helen Slater is 56 years old[View]
137779449Why didn't Cameron show the people who were still alive inside the ship in air pockets when it …[View]
137800113Am I crazy or does the intro to 'Gimme Shelter' play twice in some scenes because the cool part of t…[View]
137797969>tattletales on you and your brothers What a piece of shit[View]
137800465PRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖHHH :DDD X-----DD[View]
137799008Maybe the most successful as campaign ever? How often did you use it?[View]
137799931Are they last real movie stars?[View]
137799754i never noticed how much fucking product placement there was in this when i was a kid[View]
137800682Commits genocide in your path: >Let’s just exile him lmao What the fuck were his parents thinking…[View]
137799695American Pie: Girls' Rule Trailer: OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGjfQjI…[View]
137800671>End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Debt is just another path, one that we all must take…[View]
137800653Hello /tv/ bros, Im currently halfway through the second season and its been really comfy, there are…[View]
137797215RATATOUILLE IS RACIST: I just realized that the RATS are based on the stereotype of the Gypsies In t…[View]
137799564cast him[View]
137788773What the fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
137798790John is having a sleepover on friday. Make sure you bring your controller anon[View]
137800572Cast him[View]
137800563>Movie refrences 4CHUD or /tv/[View]
137800253when will it stop, when will contemporary television and film just stop being modern political propa…[View]
137799880Holy fuck, this was in a kids movie[View]
137792064>white man bad >chinaman good[View]
137795755What was his fucking problem?[View]
137800320Spree: Are you ready for the Zoomer American Psycho? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erM9PAi_QYQ…[View]
137799822what's wrong with this?[View]
137800230Bad? Good.[View]
137799483from now on you can only watch tv/film only if it has an actor from your choosing in it. who do you …[View]
137800254movies where the third act delivers: >This guy's a gangster? His real name's Clarence…[View]
137799320Which one had a better second season?[View]
137800099why is hollywood black washing african history? This darkness is supposed to be a Numidian man, as …[View]
137800179MOVIE TROPES: 'What's plan B?!' 'That was plan B!' Also I have never seen a vagina. Kinos for …[View]
137800176music kino cont from >>137797640 >>137797439 was it kino https://www.bitchute.com/video/…[View]
137796939>So, anon, what's your idea for a new park you wanted to pitch me?…[View]
137800024For me, it's Judge Marilyn Milian[View]
137795234>ur mom goes to college Dare I say, based?[View]
137796205>camera pans very slowly DUH NUH NUUUUUUUHHHHH DUN DUN DUN[View]
137799451What are some good Holocaust movies? I've already seen the Schindler's List[View]
137798781Why didn't you guys tell me about this kino?[View]
137793403First Look At Netflix's REBECCA: >After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo with handsome wid…[View]
137799308I am the Mindfreak (MINDFREAK!) There's no reality[View]
137795343who is your favourite comic relief character from the mummy?[View]
137799877Book to Show/Movie Recommendation: Post a Book. Anons who haven't read the book will make a mov…[View]
137797640Comp-ton Comp-ton Comp-ton[View]
137798804Critique my story outline about Alexander the Great. It is supposed to be the first in three films: …[View]
137795100Why does he talk so fucking fast? Is it so he can finish the video quickly and get back to eating ch…[View]
137799795>Just throw my shit in the water with grandmama nem, B. Straight up.[View]
137790907Since they are making a Metroid movie who would you cast as Samus???[View]
137799755famous on-set fights https://youtu.be/7SG43wa7Alo[View]
137799009Kino soundtracks only ITT[View]
137798656>lets go to Moria >hey Pippen, shut the fuck up and don't touch anything, there is a fire…[View]
137799641>Soijack, can you please turn this crap off? It’s so boring, just a bunch of white males walking …[View]
137792693Why aren't there more balding actors in movies? It seems like it either full on bald with a sha…[View]
137799662C L A P I F Y O U L O V E[View]
137780784/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137798659Hey ! What’s up ? It’s Kraft Punk ! Check out my new hidden camera show : Kraft Punk’d ![View]
137795734Im not really into blondes but margot is such a hottie https://youtu.be/k0a6t4oEgv8[View]
137799642Was it kino? https://youtube.com/watch?v=iFVmT4nxqo4[View]
137798359Jewish racial neoptism having negative effect on the film and television industry: I feel like this …[View]
137799573>forget it tommy, this is batts' town[View]
137799555You know what a 45 does to a janny's pussy? Its ruff stuff.[View]
137799537Is it?: is this the comfiest and coziest show available for streaming right now? I'm pretty sur…[View]
137797967Just watched this for the first time. It's a masterpiece[View]
137799469>had sex yesterday >still an incel any films for this feel?…[View]
137798808>How's your cornhole, Andy?[View]
137798415Have you ever felt the need to rush to the nearest store to buy your favorite movie DVD?[View]
137797252>ITT: Movies where the supposed bad guys are more relatable and likable than the good guys…[View]
137776923/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137762517[View]
137799286Make the galaxy great again[View]
137797439HELLO THERE[View]
137799250how did they bring this thing up there? it looks in top shape, does the night guard put oil on it ev…[View]
137797382Why is Glee cursed but High School Musical cast are doing just fine?[View]
137797278Was he wearing a human mask the whole time?[View]
137794072>and then she was like i am no man and ripped the helmet off[View]
137796941At what age did you lose the ability to concentrate and enjoy tv and film? I'm nearly 30 and I …[View]
137799078Okay. Get septs.[View]
137799088Come on, /tv/! Cabbage patch![View]
137798912So, is he dead ?[View]
137794954Who are some actors w/ Charisma: 10, Acting: 5 or less?[View]
137799012Hello, we are the three best romance films ever produced Say something nice about us[View]
137785314Jeez, what a hack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E4cQHejFq0[View]
137798209You great... soft... sissy... girlie... nancy... French... bender... Man United supporting POOF!![View]
137795214Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Series Finale: 2 more episodes. Who's gonna die? Why do ((they)) end the …[View]
137798984I’m converting to Judaism next week. Recommend me some kinos for this feel.[View]
137798973It's all so tiresome...[View]
137796355Find me a better horror movie. I'll can't. Protip: you wait.[View]
137796948Adventure movies are garbage: >watch adventure movie >have more than 2 digit IQ so I know good…[View]
137796819Horse Girl: So..did you watch our gal's movie? What are your thoughts ?[View]
137798889What are some good deep sea kinos?[View]
137798761Episode to tie up the ending of Sopranos: >new season premiere is a flashback of meadow parking t…[View]
137796261Post your favorite BOATS kino[View]
137798686APPUH BOBBING[View]
137797635can someone fill me in what happened on set of Star Trek Voyager?[View]
137798666>will never be topped[View]
137797877Fargo S3: >Ms Swango, the problem with niggers is that they are low-IQ. This doesn't just me…[View]
137797513ECLETIC DIRECTORS: What are some filmmakers that, for better or for worse, try their hands at differ…[View]
137798586Any television or films about the simple art of seduction?[View]
137797152FEMINIST KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU: >In RUN, SWEETHEART, RUN, Cherie (Ella Balinska), a timid and …[View]
137798105Plot Armor : The Movie[View]
137794677Steve Schiripa >loathes Carmela >loathes Meadow >loathes all women in general >loathes f…[View]
137797691Is this worth watching?[View]
137798456>'Men have been shot for less' the actor[View]
137795212What was his fucking problem?[View]
137797911Viacom boss is kill: (((Murray rothstien))) finally died[View]
137774282This is a good movie. Why do people trash it?[View]
137798409what are some other truly breakout roles? these are movies where an actor got major acclaim in their…[View]
137797488why the fuck was there so much advertising in it? the only good part was robotnik[View]
137794958what would you do with a death note (from the 2017 American neo-noir supernatural thriller film loos…[View]
137797280It's MY money and I NEED IT NOW![View]
137773107what’s the worst performance to win an oscar[View]
137796407Bob Kane is a piece of shit. As soon as I finished watching Batman and Bill it became apparent. He d…[View]
137796013Mr Deeds[View]
137798124Post YFW you surf The humunga cowabunga from down under[View]
137791310Was he a coomer?[View]
137796527Why didn't they just dig to the center of the earth and put the ring there?[View]
137797810Incest kinos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qw6k-69hm90 >Dat perfect banter between the brother and…[View]
137796924Any good films about midwest/flyover? Napoleon Dynamite is the only thing coming to mind[View]
137798003Looking for some films about futility and general stubbornness-- about how a man can never really ch…[View]
137797983What are some films where the main character goes through constant embarrassment and failure?[View]
137797545Would the Coens be better directors if they were gentiles? I think so. They get preoccupied with hee…[View]
137797955/tv/ Ideas/Treatments: Alright. This is a /tv/ ideas and story treatment thread. What's a film…[View]
137797454are these movies good? never could get into them[View]
137796485>a truly scary movie will never exist[View]
137797832love story kinos: i need to feel something. tell me about good love story movies[View]
137794599Avatar the Last Airbender - Netflix Remake SPOILERS: the reason that Mike and Bryan left the show is…[View]
137796767>dreamt again that /film/ was made >see new board banner on 4channel >get excoted >/vmg/…[View]
137797625Merida has the best film, doesn't she?[View]
137797721>media claims corona is some super deadly virus that everyone will get infected with if someone w…[View]
137797610I don't know what this movie was about Dakota would get my Johnson[View]
137793389POST REDPILLED MOVIES: I start >Cypher[View]
137797553What are your favourite kinos with cats?[View]
137795746>NUCLEAR WAR BAD[View]
137793543why is he so popular?[View]
137793822First Look At Hulu's MONSTERLAND: >The eight-episode horror anthology series follows broken …[View]
137796612>You're on a siamese knitting board when all of the sudden you look down, and you see a frig…[View]
137795810Does the chair know we gonna look like some punk ass bitchs?[View]
137794543Was Broad City any good?[View]
137797378Kino letterboxd reviews? https://letterboxd.com/fuchsiadyke/film/the-danish-girl/[View]
137783317What did /tv/ think of: The Wasp Network?[View]
137794147Does it still work nowadays?[View]
137785420MCU women are less attractive then MCU men[View]
137797304What's next for her career ?[View]
137791982Ummmm why didn’t you watch my show anon? Am I not cute enough for you?[View]
137796110Netflix's RATCHED: 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' prequel about Nurse Ratched. Looks al…[View]
137793783Is England really this grimy and depressing?[View]
137795544“Slower, David?”[View]
137795274Be kind to one another[View]
137796808I fucked Jack.[View]
137797211After seeing the Sheinberg cut of Brazil I'm convinced that American audiences are brain dead.[View]
137795088Minority Report>>>Blade Runner 2049>Total Recall>Blade Runner>>A Scanner Darkly…[View]
137796690Why the fuck does RLM allow a murderer to come on their show?[View]
137796820>I'M ACTING: the actor[View]
137796413Saturday night will be my first night off in 2 weeks (I work as a nurse during a Covid outbreak in m…[View]
137796312What happened, /tv/?[View]
137792540ITT: female comics that don't rely on their vagina to get laughs.[View]
137792731Neytiri is...[View]
137796967Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137794175>so right before he snaps his fingers he says, 'i am ironman' like that one black sabba…[View]
137795944>“I realized I couldn’t control the creative direction of the series, but I could control how I r…[View]
137792822ENTER CHADKOB[View]
137796202>He'll never be a 'lad'. Boy to geek to drone. Thats the Corrigan trajectory.…[View]
137795218Well I've seen a little on /tv/![View]
137795819Boxers have Rocky movies Golfers have Billy Madison Street racers have Fast & Furious I'd l…[View]
137796889What are the best Hong Kong movies in the vein of classic Jackie Chan ones like Police Story, Projec…[View]
137795051Daily reminder that Gul Dukat did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
137796814A TOAST TO ORNELLA[View]
137795883>movie is under 7.0 stars on IMDB[View]
137795990GET LITTY. GET PISSY: Daddy Rock BTFO of the competition yet again asserting his dominance in the mo…[View]
137793670This is our son, he's quite the film buff...he uh...he doesn't get out much...[View]
137796733I see why they call him the Joker[View]
137794535Oh shit it's maladaptive daydreaming shower-time what kino goes throught your head?[View]
137794117Aside from the tranoid theory, what are your favorite Matrix theories? >Agent Smith was the real …[View]
137796223What do you mean you are replacing me with 昌色 ? I've worked here for 15 years, I thought we wer…[View]
137795316>we want the Broad city crowd[View]
137796345Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137796572WMD RI CHERE RI CHERE[View]
137791273>watching AD Astra for the second time >it feels like the first time >I don't remember…[View]
137795331Just imagine...[View]
137796127*record scratch* *freeze frame* >Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got in…[View]
137795687People just do nothing: Based, or cringe?[View]
137793151This is Kawennahere Devery Jacobs. She almost landed the part of Rey in 2015. Do you think she would…[View]
137785147Fellowship of the Ring is 20 years old.[View]
137794633>*eerie music starts* >No... No not this movie... I promised myself I'd never review it- …[View]
137796288This is wistful to the point of tears, what would have movie with them in it looked like? I feel it …[View]
137796280How much cocaine do you have to do to fry your brain to the level Kurt Metzger's at?[View]
137795108Maybe next time.[View]
137792403is it based or cringe ?[View]
137795712>call Maggie Gyllenhaal beautiful >win an Oscar What did he mean by this?…[View]
137795898Guys... I'm in love![View]
137795405I still don't get it bros...[View]
137795795A fifteen-year-old girl's Dad is murdered by Tom Chaney and she wants revenge. All she needs is…[View]
137791298Is this real life?[View]
137795275Any kinos about midian genocide?[View]
137795741cast him[View]
137793247Movies that are carried by the soundtrack: This is a good film but it wouldn't be anywhere near…[View]
137781254Perry Mason, 2020: Watch and shill this, you fucks. We need more seasons of it.[View]
137795878Is he a simp or a chad? On the hand he obviously puts women on a pedestal and has a sickly obsession…[View]
137787780Is there a bigger example of soul vs soulless?[View]
137795862Is this actually good or did /m/ meme me?[View]
137795834for me, it's Moe Bamba[View]
137795467What does /tv/ think of Disney's Stunt Robots? Will they shake up the movie industry and lead t…[View]
137790753ITT: characters you're slowly turning into[View]
137795803Tell me your top three favorite kinos RIGHT NOW![View]
137795787They just couldn't help themselves right?[View]
137793127Netflix's THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME: >Names line up with the actors' faces What kind of so…[View]
137795757Thoughts On British Actress Keeley Hawes?: You may know her from Bodyguard or Ashes to Ashes or Line…[View]
137795727>Dream my dream[View]
137795286>director gives himself a role in his own movie[View]
137789791How the fuck is this basic flick rated as the best film of all time on letterbox?[View]
137795679ITT: non import-able shows/movies. Regardless if they get imported as is or it gets remade to make i…[View]
137745393>IT WAS THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT plays in your path on another Tuesday morning >Previous >…[View]
137792817Dougie Jones: Dougie was the greatest thing to grace television last decade.[View]
137795622Give us the GOLDEN ASS[View]
137795556Which one sucked more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwvAgDCOdU4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R…[View]
137795578>see film released in the past 2 years >not 4k or HDR >garbage picture quality Why do they …[View]
137788375Hello there chap! To whom is this autograph addressed to?[View]
137790999they were not kidding with this movie[View]
137792325>Speaks in awkward[View]
137795437>main characters friend >you know I cant let you do that…[View]
137794908ay miss fuck you miss[View]
137778641Has any network gone to shit so badly, so quickly?[View]
137795304What are some good adult film parodies?[View]
137795308What was he looking at?[View]
137789093If you only had this much space for your movie library, what would you put on this drive? Absolute c…[View]
137795301Your job's a joke, you're broke Your love life's D.O.A It's like you're alw…[View]
137795280Who was in the wrong?[View]
137794342>They'd call me Johnny 600 if they knew the truth Holy based[View]
137792960Do laserdisc hipsters exist?[View]
137795194Avatar Netflix live action remake SPOILERS: so the reason that Mike and Bryan left the show is for t…[View]
137792370what's the funniest film you've ever watched?[View]
137792289name a more overrated movie[View]
137795175it was gonna be kino, wasn't it[View]
137791797Why did Sandman kill Uncle Ben?[View]
137795158Why did Amazon add V but not the original miniseries to Prime? Do you think the content isn't s…[View]
137794586Scenes from the best movies made in the last 15 years. I’ll start https://youtu.be/DkDoTS_m65A[View]
137794969here's your big studio bro[View]
137795077why does nothing make any sense in this film? I’m convinced it’s a non sequential story, even though…[View]
137790555Absolute kino[View]
137795098>I'm the bad guy? How did that happen? >I did everything they told me to.…[View]
137789309James Cameron had written and directed The Terminator by the time he was 30. What have you achieved…[View]
137793976I can feel them... But I can't remember them.[View]
137795005Recommend me some books on how to write screenplays /tv/[View]
137777152Why did Prometheus drink the black shit?[View]
137793080what's the darkest film you've ever seen. As in hard to see. I just had eye surgery and ca…[View]
137793681>uhh excuse me my face is up here >character looks up from actress' feet…[View]
137793764This is a good film.[View]
137794955>I'm amanda waiward[View]
137794371Only true Bombadilheads will get this[View]
137794926COSH — NICE AND LONG[View]
137789155Where do I start with Godzilla kinos?[View]
137792580Huell Babineaux, what the hell happened to him after the finale of Breaking Bad?[View]
137791793This is seriously the best fucking show to come out this year Why did none of you tell me how kino t…[View]
137794831Over 1 hour of Blue Velvet Footage Found: LYNCHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_WgJSCtI5k…[View]
137791306Andrei Rublev: Just marathoned one hour and it fucking sucks I'll watch Chinatown for the seven…[View]
137789293Jar Jar Binks: Even if you love the prequels, how do you justify this guy? He had no point.[View]
137793765Is /tv/ too young to enjoy Gumby?[View]
137793367Meat, street.[View]
137786853rate the last movie you watched: 6/10[View]
137794658What’s your Go to kino snack?[View]
137792587Where does this horror movie poster style comes from?: Many 70s-80s horror movie posters seem to fol…[View]
137776941avgn FILM DISCUSSION: Discuss the avgn FILM[View]
137774387Zack Snyder's 300 Remains INTENSELY Problematic: >Director Zack Snyder's 2006 period ep…[View]
137786192Now that the dust has settled... What is his best film?[View]
137788743Nerd Thread: Alright here is the great debate, order Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings f…[View]
137792888What happened with Jaden Smith? His dad got him movie connections with some of the most well known n…[View]
137792551Just watched this at 1.5x speed.: What did I think of it?[View]
137794392Has Mike ever been really rough with Jay?[View]
137792110Best bond girl.[View]
137778531I couldn't even get past episode 1 . The housewife confesses she's saving pennies to escap…[View]
137791275Disney puts an end to 20th century fox: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53747270 F or S?…[View]
137793906Why didn’t he just stay in Scotland ?[View]
137793503Why don’t they make charming little comedies anymore ?[View]
137787909What's next for him?[View]
137794035>it's a Tony weighs himself at the doctor's office episode[View]
137794124'At last, the revenge of the Sith!' I left the theater right there[View]
137794031>Ozymandias blows up Moscow with his Dr. Manhattan energy gadget >Perimetr activates https://e…[View]
137793746scenes that make you cry everytime: >mama take my hand >papa take my hand >promise me to ne…[View]
137786294>856 days until Avatar 2[View]
137792294Why aren't any found footage films set in the medieval period?[View]
137785666The Coen Brothers' movies may usually be mediocre, but often have a strange charm making them w…[View]
137793823Why are people upset that a few Negroes have been cast as Fremen?[View]
137793952Avatar: The Last Airbender creators exit live-action Netflix series due to creative differences: Ava…[View]
137791661*trots into your office to ask for a promotion five days after her last one*[View]
137793777What is the best episode of Star Trek: Voyager, and why is it Blink of an Eye?[View]
137793884Would you go through his training if given the chance?[View]
137793249What countrie has the prettiest actress?[View]
137790631What the fuck was this movie trying to tell me?[View]
137793662Who is your favorite female comedian?[View]
137793747What are some movies where the female protagonist turns out the villain?[View]
137793731What are some films that capture the feeling of homelessness?[View]
137789920what was his problem?[View]
137781770Kathleen Kenndy cracking down on leaks: If you guys start to see fewer leaks coming out about Star W…[View]
137791391Lost all the liquor money boys... The way she goes.[View]
137791726More like Kino Hill[View]
137793059Lost Media General: Discuss.[View]
137791346Whatever happened to PG13 fapbait shows? There used to be a shitton[View]
137792441>Eww. Oh my god I did not even know I sent that, eww. I did not know that.…[View]
137793390Why they don't make anymore kino guitar movies? Is guitar gender irrelevant in 2020?[View]
137792983Avatar the Last Airbender: I always thought Avatar the Last Airbender was made by Asian-American... …[View]
137793286Remember when Starscream was beat up by a girl?[View]
137792002No lawyer? No witnesses? What sort of due process is this?[View]
137791015>Dude, what if we took Fresh Prince and removed all the funny? The comedy is what the drama of th…[View]
137793207Most famous American family: Say something nice about them[View]
137791072For me it's MEGAMOB.COM[View]
137793002The Watch: Are you exited for Terry Pratchett's Discworld: The Watch on BBC America?[View]
137781038If you were to watch an old Audrey Hepburn movie: Between the two, would you rather watch Roman Holi…[View]
137792920where do you rank tcap on the GOAT tv show list? it's gotta be like top 20 at least[View]
137790343Supposed best film of 2019: I don't... The investors ruined this film for me: >The film was …[View]
137790745How much do you spend a month for movie products and such?[View]
137792396why are these 80s boomer movies so fucking comfortable? they make me wish i lived back then[View]
137788327>OPTIMUS HOL UP[View]
137792127what's the most retarded thing you've cried to in a movie/tv show[View]
137791119>turns out the real monster was just an animal from Africa[View]
137790870What the fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
137792456>kill their kid >get away with it >write a book about it was it based?…[View]
137792639Belly: So just what the fuck was this dude's problem?[View]
137789466Is X Files actually good show or is it just popular because of the the 'illuminati confirmed' meme?[View]
137788176I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
137786156Anyone else want to punch this bitch?: Everyone knows how she got a part in S3 because she can'…[View]
137792423Time to cancel Blade Runner: That's right the already sexist and mysoginistaic robot hologram s…[View]
137792210literally SPEAK: the tv show[View]
137791282How convenient for the plot that Sauron's land is a perfect rectangular wall of mountains...[View]
137786781>Come on, buddy. Choose two movies and let's go get that pizza on the way home…[View]
137792118What are you gonna do..[View]
137792425>what the hell is in going on here?[View]
137792268Don't have kids.[View]
137792387y-you get a job, you become the job![View]
137791884Where can I meet a weird, quirky but cute girl who would initiate a conversation whith me and laugh …[View]
137792341>Am I being detained?[View]
137792239cast him[View]
137792337Just finished marathoning this. Anyway what was Winstons problem? Why did he think he could take do…[View]
137790354name ONE (1) movie.[View]
137792191What are some essential /incelcore/ movies?[View]
137766578/trek/: objectively best girl edition prevs: >>137755065[View]
137791469Movie flops: What are your favorite failures?[View]
137791972>127 days until Dune[View]
137787710>Wearing a dog collar to work >Conducting unsanctioned experiments with government resources W…[View]
137790358>Fuck me. This is perfect[View]
137791331BATMAN: What are your predictions/opinions on this film and possible new bat trilogy?[View]
137788583Ashley Boettcher: Seriously I thin her career is dead. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2172001/ Outmatch…[View]
137791752I'm going to the cinema for the first time in 6 months to watch this. Will most likely be ident…[View]
137791103>characters start talking about sex grow up[View]
137791940This movie is pure CHEESE and I love it what did you think /tv/ I thought the ending was pretty spoo…[View]
137791176supernatural movie monster ranking: >werewolves > zombies > vampires > ghosts (this was …[View]
137791872Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137791645With the prequels Lucas proved that he was the only person in hollywood having fun.[View]
137791628Heard you fuccbois talking shit?[View]
137791364ITT long-ass movies that are worth your time[View]
137788864Ales lads?: >fate of Middle Earth on the line >Just barely escaped the Nazgul >Straight out…[View]
137791766Is this film acceptable if I only want to watch it for the animal characters? I heard some people sa…[View]
137790803Why man simply don't give a fuck about being sexualized?[View]
137784724Kinos with this feel?[View]
137789041Why is he so insufferable?[View]
137790622Altered Carbon: Imagine spending this much money and effort advertising some garbage Netflix series.…[View]
137789963Will we ever get a big budget live action film version ?[View]
137791456>'HA HA HAAAA MY MAAAN, what's going on baby? Oh is that right? Oh is that what you're …[View]
137790142Did they make a good couple?[View]
137788062So who can identify these? Elaine is holding The Crying Game. Third from the left on the second row …[View]
137791446>it's another Truman meets new people and they immediately ask if he is gay episode…[View]
137791370>In the favelas of Brazil, there are six-year-olds with Glocks. They roam in packs, stealing what…[View]
137791182Will Jeopardy come back any time soon?[View]
137787190>movie about Queen >movie about Elton John >movie about the music of the Beatles >movie…[View]
137789186If you've noticed that stunts in Hollywood productions have been getting worse over the past th…[View]
137791242What are some malthusian movies?[View]
137789990>Best Robert Rodriguez film >Antonio Banderas at his best >Great Action >Very quotable s…[View]
137791163>Anthology series >Wait no it’s actually all related…[View]
137790229Is he allowed to have a happy ending?[View]
137787830The Mummy (1999) is the comfiest movie ever made[View]
137784966What's your siblings favorite movie?[View]
137790976Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137790223Name a better sitcom than pic related. I fucking dare you.[View]
137785692Is Dune a “white savior” narrative? At face value, it’s easy to slot Dune into this category: a pale…[View]
137785930>Oh noes, i can't touch this ring, i'm afraid to get invisible…[View]
137787907It's time we have a That's 90's Show[View]
137790556Welp, bout time for me to be hitting the ol' dusty trail.[View]
137790781When will it be getting released?[View]
137784860Post actors you want to punch[View]
137790515I AM the FBI[View]
137776097Any movies that have that New York setting feel. Preferably the more bright/ summer Central Park rat…[View]
137790554when did horror movies become SJW hotbeds? was it Jordan Peele's doing?[View]
137786289If you had a time machine, what kind of /tv/-related stuff would you do?[View]
137785063talkmbout a place down south where the rich folk go[View]
137785155Why did Eva Green's career die?[View]
137787067Why does Hollywood refuse to give us what we want and make a kino about the Supreme Gentleman? They …[View]
137783279Are you going to watch this show?[View]
137785877Photo Cucks: >Imagine getting photo cucked by your hero How long do you think these relationships…[View]
137782484What's his endgame?[View]
137788103>*does a magnificent job in a shitty movie in your paths*[View]
137786950What was the last movie you saw before the local kinoplex shut their gates?[View]
137782391How did they get away with so many topless scenes?[View]
137782760'LOL I wish they'd come home' *repressed laughter*[View]
137789976Femanons of /tv/, how would you react to this situation?[View]
137789803What do you think of Cobra 11, /tv/?[View]
137790129Look at him go![View]
137789438Pick one For me its the number 3[View]
137788952Bio Digital Jasmine What did Flynn mean by this?[View]
137789885So now their book idea blew up in their face. How long until we get some Netflix documentary about t…[View]
137788946what was his problem? could he have been saved?[View]
137785516What am I in for?[View]
137788271Well he is finally dead: I guess 2020 isn't so bad after all[View]
137789608Cast him in the inevitable biopic[View]
137789582Any kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
137788356its like Sex in The City for men[View]
13778503323 movies. Zero cultural impact. How?[View]
137786249Is it possible to determine what are: the most famous horror movies characters?[View]
137787652F The American Dream, at least that of the .1% Father owned a regional theatre chain, Sumner went to…[View]
137789287What are some athletics kinos?[View]
137787209Maisie Williams[View]
137788472She’s being replaced by James Corden: What is it with Americans liking our unfunny comedians? Same s…[View]
137788624ITT: tv shows only you watched[View]
137787460>good luck trying to get inside that room after I fart in there, 3 days of french cheese Ornella!…[View]
137787808speak: >Sir we successfully removed the 90 pound mole from your wife's fat ass >click…[View]
137788374comfy american dad thread[View]
137787483What's the best B movie you've ever seen? pic related seems interesting but I dunno if it…[View]
137788906Why didn't they just hyperspace ram the Death Star?[View]
137789196Is he Stanley Kubrick of our generation?[View]
137788500>/tv/- television and film >television isn't being produced in the pandemic >film isn…[View]
137788405It's like Taxi Driver for women[View]
137788905What is the most shocking , brutal or otherwise fucked up moment in Television history? my vote goes…[View]
137789023AH THE RAT! SO IT HAS A NAME.... IT *HAD* A NAME[View]
137788004They remind me of me[View]
137785111ITT: Shows you never wanted to end[View]
137787098We are putting together a team[View]
137787530This is capeshit from now on, deal with it incels.[View]
137787215is the movie any good?[View]
137788522No singles please. It's a waste of good posts.[View]
137788010Recommend me any movies that take place in the Walled City of Kowloon.[View]
137788139Any good movies like pic related?[View]
137783766What was the best year in kino history?: I'd say 2004 > Shrek 2 > Spider-Man 2 > The I…[View]
137787966Cast Away: No matter how you spin it, Sacrificing your life for a volleyball is a sick idea[View]
137786550I was watching Good Morning Vietnam last night and had this thought.... let me get this straight. Th…[View]
137783662So why did the joker turn gay at the end? Is that supposed to mean gay people are evil or that his s…[View]
137787205Watching italian movies from late 70s and early 80s is something else. Everyone is so attractive.[View]
137788229Surveillance kinos: Do you ever buy an autonomous drone and train targeting neural networks on it so…[View]
137786036American Beauty: Is it really a masterpiece or just a good movie being simply overrated? What meanin…[View]
137786940With the advent of the internet, the “Block Buster” died: When was the last time you waited in line …[View]
137784698I like blade[View]
137788227did you like Aes Anderson's Debut Film ? pic related[View]
137787164How was the bad guy able to have superhuman durability? He beat the shit out of him like twice[View]
137786802Which movie should Hollywood gender swap next?[View]
137788201What was his problem?[View]
137788077Hey wait Great smile[View]
137787086Holy fucking based. Orson Welles was the GOAT[View]
137787040Forget tarantino. Geoffrey Fletcher is the master of feet kino! Prove my wrong. Please, can we meme …[View]
137787995What are the best british kinos?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0z62IALjqM[View]
137786536Peyton List new movie Swimming for Gold is out.[View]
137784066Do you still enjoy Limmy?[View]
137787191Andromeda: Is there a documentary or something similar that explains just what in the fuck went wron…[View]
137787783do good child actors exist? has there ever been one that didn't ruin the movie?[View]
137786750Elon Musk, Kanye West and 130 other high-profile accounts were compromised: >Zoom trolls flooded …[View]
137787896>Parents never went to blockbuster as a kid >I would ask to go to blockbuster because all my f…[View]
137785348>Sophia and Sistine Stallone are not waxing their eyebrows, they’re baring it all. From adulting …[View]
137787867The thing I hate about you, Rowntree, is the way you give Coca-Cola to your scum and your best teddy…[View]
137787294Movies about missing an ex?[View]
137786922Movies that showcase the dangers of systematic oppression and socio-economic factors?[View]
137787687I'd like to take his Face/Off[View]
137783896WHY has nobody told me about Nice guys (2016)???[View]
137785282Do these guys have sex lol[View]
137787711'This is Jim. Jim's been losing about 8 grand a month. He's in $500,000 worth of debt. The…[View]
137787360The Expanse: Now that it seems obvious he’s going to be recast because of the allegations, how would…[View]
137787042how come mat and trey parker haven't been cancelled for their ableist depictions of certain typ…[View]
137786115Anyone watched that new Netflix dance movie Work It? Is it like the Step it Up movies?[View]
137787346Movies for this feel?[View]
137785043Who was the most kino 90 day fiance couple?[View]
137786849In the process of watching this for the first time, and just got to the part where his mom forced he…[View]
137786764Why was he so fucking smug?[View]
137787429Top 10 movies by year: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/4chanmusic/images/8/86/Mucore2.jpg/revisi…[View]
137787464Black people bad. Racists good. The Movie.[View]
137787463film contains any sort of sex scene[View]
137784026You bought your ticket to see this kino, right anon??[View]
137784742Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137786912>Has been a Gen Xer >Millennials >Zoomer >and is now an Alphoomer…[View]
137786197How did Tom Cruise set himself apart from the rest of these guys?[View]
137786147Now that the smoke cleared - will the Oscars continue to be a political organization that awards fav…[View]
137781761Summer Vacation with an autistic child the movie It was ok.[View]
137783131Where the hell did TYT go wrong? It used to be so good. Now Cenk is an Armenian genocide-denying man…[View]
137785355Why is there not more medieval kino? Any recommendations?[View]
137778824How a video game has a better storyline than most movies ?[View]
137784661>first 30 minutes are kino >spend the rest of the film scrabbling about on the floor >every…[View]
137784475>they actually went through the hassle of writing a script and hiring actors just to have a big s…[View]
13778682912 Monkeys Sucked: I can't be the only one who thought this film was the biggest piece of shit?…[View]
137778323What did Katie Holmes mean by this?[View]
137758854Kinos for that 80s japan feel?[View]
137786999LET PRIMUS SORT EM OUT![View]
137786046Will you be watching Black Beauty starring Mackenzie Foy?[View]
137786430What's the name of the kino this picture is the poster for?[View]
137785530Started watching this, 2 episodes in and it still feels like very little happened when I think about…[View]
137785886Hey Hey Let’s Go! 喧嘩する 大切な物を protect my balls 僕が悪い so let’s fighting Let’s fighting love... Let’s fi…[View]
137775816Was he based?: >How do you taste Dr. Bloom?[View]
137786244Just watched this for the first time. It's kino[View]
137786463SO I 'm fukcig bearthing in all thims oosld an then I inhaled a bunch of water brom the bottle cryst…[View]
137785493Do you remember the year and the last kino you rented from the video store /tv/? I do not. The time …[View]
137786546How come nearly every line in that trilogy is so goddamn memeable? Who wrote this shit?[View]
137786567For me, it's the BFI IMAX at Waterloo.[View]
137784316bababooey: What's /tv/ opinion on Hazbin Hotel?[View]
137777479He doesn't kill people, the coin does. He's just the messenger. It's a dirty job but …[View]
137781951What is your favorite Japanese film?[View]
137785810>doing Mushrooms with some friends >Rick and Morty comes up in conversation. >I politely sa…[View]
137786453>both fat lying pieces of shit >both are dark complexioned and they even look similar >Davi…[View]
137784642post your top 10 films, others rate[View]
137783291How do we fix Doctor Who?[View]
137782996is this the ultimate NEET wish fulfillment movie?[View]
137785429Don't put the gas away yet.[View]
137785888Ladies and gentlemen, German state television: 128K likes. 36K Dislikes. Germans overwhelmingly supp…[View]
137780191Yo wtf this film was actually really good what gives?[View]
137783502Give me good Space Paranoia films.[View]
137784257Ready Player One: Now that I have control over the internet I will be shutting it down twice a week.…[View]
137786108Favorite queer films? Tie between Skin I Live In and pic related for me[View]
137782262Sex Trafficking Movie: I'm trying to remember this one movie from a while ago, it was about eit…[View]
137785598>I'M CASTOR TROY[View]
137784904What does everyone think of this?[View]
137785463cast it[View]
137785327Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137784951HULU/NETFLIX DUMP 8/12: NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED, BROWSER LINK ONLY. Fresh acc dump, I post these weekl…[View]
137785955This is going to go down as one of the most important YouTube videos before the revolution. It'…[View]
137785855What happened?[View]
137782017Disney ends the historic 20th Century Fox brand: F[View]
137783149>woah Jon Snow has shown he will do whatever it takes to keep people safe even if it means taking…[View]
137785747What is /tv/'s opinion on Japanese TV?[View]
137784538>Highest paid actor in hollywood for a second year straight How does he do it? I always thought t…[View]
137759893Best ape & monkey kino?[View]
137785665Villeneuve will never capture charm like this[View]
137776440>doo wop doo wop skiddy diddy doo wop doo wop >They called him Jimmy Two Hats because he wore …[View]
137783750post good movies /tv/ hates[View]
137785559What’s the most iconic scene in 21st century cinema ?[View]
137785551Kinos for this feel? Hard mode: no Barry Lyndon[View]
137780590why did al bundy refuse to fuck his hot wife? was he a closet homo?[View]
137785485LET'S FUCK[View]
137785374Mark Wahlberg is not a jew?[View]
137784865Can it be done, /tv/? What does it take to love the enemies you must inevitably defeat?[View]
137781264Films that /tv/ will never understand[View]
137784023He made a mistake: by killing Teddy. Teddy gave him a purpose. Without it he is nothing. Why? I don…[View]
137780928Can we all agree, Monica > Rachel > Phoebe[View]
137785067did jonas cuck himself in season 2 by kissing martha before present day jonas had kissed her?[View]
137785031Bel-Air: This will be cringe, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAfJpyBgcgA[View]
137784756>eat nothing but fast food for a month >become millionaire 'B-buh muh capitalism....muh merito…[View]
137783775Which movie has the best OST of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdCAfK_CN8U[View]
137785174>it's okay to eat insects, whales, and horses, but it's not okay to eat dogs and bats…[View]
137784439What documentary needs to be made? pic unrelated[View]
137782360Filmmaker thread: How is your short film coming along /tv/ ?[View]
137783260ITT: Biggest losers in tv & cinema.[View]
137773985Marvel Studios' SPIDER-MAN 3 Title Leaked: https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/spidey-3-allegedly…[View]
137775503Why do so many people on this board dismiss and hate Interstellar?[View]
137784564Best movie ever made. Fact![View]
137784938Need scary movie: Not to big of a fan of horror but want to scare a date coming over in a hour or tw…[View]
137781718Any good kinos about bears?[View]
137783808>Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a yea…[View]
137784859People just do nothing: Based, or cringe?[View]
137773270When is Kate Mara's A Teacher coming out on Hulu/FX? Seems like it's been forever like the…[View]
137784781When is his inevitable biopic?[View]
137778687What is this movie about? Also don't watch it with your girlfriend[View]
137784110What the fuck was her problem?[View]
137783773:O: :O[View]
137782357.....but you already gave it away[View]
137782844is this good? just looking for something to binge[View]
137780857So can we agree that McFarlane is a hack that burns to the ground everything he creates?[View]
137782401So I watched the two new Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts movies and why was this guy the bad guy again…[View]
137784619It's like a sauna in here[View]
137782371Pics To Make You Cum Instantly[View]
137784604Dr Strange movie pushed to 2022 right?[View]
137783981How the fuck did he actually make a decent movie? Also I need to see more of that Rachel mcadams but…[View]
137781621HOLY SHIT[View]
137784262>you now remember owen wilson[View]
137766796I just finished marathoning Alita: Battle Angel for the 27th time. What did I think of it?[View]
137784462>it's a Fall Out Boy makes a cameo movie[View]
137783908Decline of Western Civilization II: >based Lemmy being based >Ozzy is a grandma cooking breakf…[View]
137783243my daddy and my mommy and my daddy and my moomy da daddy and my mommy and my[View]
137784407>Dude, like, free will exists and it trascends space and time![View]
137783080Americans are really too dumb to know what a 'Duck' is[View]
137784320when will this 'new storytelling method' meme end? I'm so sick of it, it's not even a Shya…[View]
137783251Welcome to Sarajevo: If you google the film 'Welcome to Sarajevo' you will see no discussion of it. …[View]
137784259Is Ellen cancelled?: Left of centre people BTFO[View]
137777238Watching la dolce vita.: Let's see how good it is.[View]
137784288English >A Shark's Tale >a pun on the word 'tail' German >Grosse Haie Kleine Fische …[View]
137774954How did Heat's sound and cinematography not receive Oscar nominations? It's so odd that it…[View]
137780624What did Washington in Hamilton mean by this?: >Enough, Hamilton is right >Mister President...…[View]
137781794Do anyone else get mad when the normies around you talk about movies you like? for some reason it is…[View]
137779619Do he actually do it?: Did he actually kill anyone or did he just imagine it all?[View]
137774852What are some essential burgercore documentaries? These two are my absolute favorite: https://www.yo…[View]
137757968So I've been rewatching all the Harry Potter movies and something made me confused. Why on eart…[View]
137783570At What Point Did You Realize Your Kino Era Was Kaput?: For me, it's likely sometime between In…[View]
137783933So... who is Dumb Ray?[View]
137777574>main protagonist lost his memory >turned out at the end that he is the bad guy…[View]
137781771>I go to Wuhan[View]
137782971What are you going to do today, Napoleon?[View]
137783841who will play them in the inevitable biopic?: for me, it's daniel radcliffe and idris elba…[View]
137783838Why is there no inevitable biopic about Michael Hubert Kenyon, the Illinois Enema Bandit, and his Il…[View]
137780572>feels like i'm already an hour into a movie, maybe more >check time >only 20 mins in …[View]
137772868>so that's why you gave me the blowjob earlier backstage uh?[View]
137783645sequels that were better than the original. Pic related[View]
137783644Subway (1985)[View]
137781248Lovecraft Country: https://tv.avclub.com/lovecraft-country-is-a-stunning-horrific-look-at-a-gro-1844…[View]
137780306ITT: Literally you[View]
137774505I'm watching a movie I really enjoyed, Jojo Rabbit. What did I think?[View]
137763635ITS UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvL_211nrOs[View]
137777908But doctor I am Robin Williams[View]
137783370lol britbongs are so fucking stupid they don't even know what 'ninjas' are[View]
137769212>i can't beat it[View]
137783107>protagonist is hunted by the bad guys >hides in a crate >'bloody hell this crate is heavy'…[View]
137779953Abe should have married a more traditional wife and not a hippie cunt like Mona[View]
137781887Whats his price?[View]
137780531name a more iconic opening[View]
137779701What we do in the shadows: This series is pretty fun, glad it got a third season. >best character…[View]
137782361How would it be received if this was released today? (Also assuming that the corona virus was never …[View]
137781304Anyone here watching this fat boi?[View]
137780827any KINO about throwing it all away?[View]
137782291I fucked Jack.[View]
137781376Did this movie btfo cam girls?[View]
137777428How did Arnold not know English when he was Australian?[View]
137781263more movies with no dialogue?[View]
137775394Will it be kino?[View]
137782606>Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0JhC3LO0-8…[View]
137782448>Alright everyone CHILL[View]
137782084any kinos about kidnapping?[View]
137782458Why is the force so boring in Star Wars? They talk it up as this amazing thing, but all it does is j…[View]
137780478Youtube Kino Thread: post your favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2dm4_cIxFQ[View]
137782431Post autism kinos[View]
137782321Is The Umbrella Academy really that deep? https://youtu.be/aK1cueNnnro[View]
137778591Seinfeld or Curb?: Which is the better series?[View]
137782330ITT: Movies about cuckold: this one about Idris Elba finding out he was getting BLACKED by his white…[View]
137775719What would you use the Eternal Sunshine machine to forget?[View]
137781924Are there any kinos about a 1st world nation that makes back to back legislative failures?[View]
137782102Was it Kino?[View]
137780717Choose your side.[View]
137781070NO I won't create an account NO I won't suscribe NO I won't click your fake links …[View]
137780524Why Hollywood doesn't make movies about young guys with older women anymore?[View]
137781311What happened to her at the end anons[View]
137781802SOUL: The Movie[View]
137781007best indy girl?[View]
137775918I like girls from the old west.: Recommendations?[View]
137781629DO DO DO DOOO DO WAAAAH[View]
137781152>”hey, I’m looking for some kino schlock that only could have been made in the 2000’s” Say no mor…[View]
137780240Has he finally lost it?[View]
137780719How would an orc even know what a 'menu' was?[View]
137781039>I'm afraid my conditioners have left me COLD to your pleas of mercy…[View]
137781620Man drives volvo to save city from idiot robot that stole sigs. https://youtu.be/n_n8toR4Bxo[View]
137780444Only 10 more days for the Daredevil Season 4 trailer and nobody cares[View]
137781522is carl gonna live?: >what did he mean by this?[View]
137778010Left: Jude Law. Right: Christian Law[View]
137774862>I KNOW I KNO-[View]
137771933How come y'all didn't tell me this was absolute kino?[View]
137781397>see black people acting normal and civilized in a film >cognitive dissonance kicks in…[View]
137778453Was it kino?[View]
137781305Hop in.[View]
137779368How do I loosen up and stop taking myself so seriously, so I can enjoy silly immature movies again i…[View]
137776382why didn't it steal our hearts like the sneedsons or futurama did before it[View]
137767405ITT: 00s nostalgia 2000-2005 awesome 2006-2009 sucked[View]
137780012I cry like a bitch on this scene. bro...[View]
137781130Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
137771902WTF: The movie was supposed to be set in 1992? I have thought for 8 years that it was set in 2008. T…[View]
137780867>I'm rerouting the packets from their mainframe[View]
137780735What am I in for?[View]
137780779Take it back. I am not cringe.[View]
137779665Going to sleep while missing her feels bad man[View]
137780167ITT you thank me for seeding what's now your favorite obscure movie on that sketchy Russian sit…[View]
137780949>2013 movie >I'M WAKING UP I FEEL IT IN MY BONES…[View]
137780889If only you knew the things I know, I was the good guy all along. >the star wars franchise is all…[View]
137780842Korra could outperform any girl in the gym: And she would let me jerk off to her while she works out…[View]
137778941Normie Tier Shit You Don't Like and Do Like.: ITT: Post normie-tier movies and shows you don…[View]
137780791Ill be gone in the dark Thread: Thoughts on the HBO documentary about Patton Oswalt's druggie w…[View]
137780773What are some films about women going insane?[View]
137776621What is /tv/'s opinion is the greatest film ever? Pic related was voted by /v/ as the greatest…[View]
137775844Which is the better movie?[View]
137775623Will Black Beauty starring Mackenzie Foy be worth subbing to Disney+ for?[View]
137780643>Tonight's forecast a FREEZE is coming[View]
137776103Is there any decent movie critic nowadays (apart from our boy Armond White)?[View]
137779389>Thats not a cockroach its a baby frog[View]
137780591Lel I get this feels all the time[View]
137780554Kate Barlow did nothing wrong[View]
137779544Think about what we could have had, bros...[View]
137778445I wish she had bigger roles. She was great in ghost whisperer. it was comfy daytime television.[View]
137780509Who could direct a movie on this topic?[View]
137780391Why does Skylar from breaking bad look like troll face irl?[View]
137779938Jim is the real villain of the show: https://youtu.be/weAm7pmddiw[View]
137756466Martin Scorcese on The Sopranos: >Martin Scorsese has said he only ever watched one episode of Th…[View]
137780474Kinos for this feel?: Aside from Scarface, Carlito's Way, Miami Vice and Heat[View]
137778651For me, it's Azula[View]
137780342best Jackie film / fight scene?[View]
137778282How long until we get movies about the corana virus pandemic?[View]
137776080/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137780264https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtj_5jkaOnY kinos for this feel?[View]
137780279werner zieeeegler[View]
137778696An outside party is attempting to intefere[View]
137756488What's the objectively stupidest reason you've watched a film?[View]
137779696>But the loss of Count Dooku[View]
137779196Someone please explain.[View]
137779993>S.P.D Emergency! Post Power Rangers kino[View]
137779013As a child, I hated the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[View]
137778667what's his endgame?[View]
137775396She's silently been the hottest Bond girl the whole time.[View]
137779933Acting like an autist: Post your autisme while watching kinos /tv/ >tv remote has to point to the…[View]
137777551People in 80s though that this was 10/10[View]
137778338Which two movies affected your emotions more than any other?: For me it's braveheart and gladia…[View]
137775955ITT: celebrities as children: Pre fame preferred. Its always funny seeing how many of them just look…[View]
137776109Was the last season of Game of Thrones really that bad?[View]
137779734>Tell me about some of the films you've been in >Um... I've been in Blacklisted 2 - …[View]
137774795Criterion is releasing a Fellini box set and it looks really good.[View]
137779257Oh look, daddy’s home[View]
137778493Why was Foyfu's career such a flop?[View]
137774194So why did the Empire go back to using human soldiers instead of clones? Clones seemed to be working…[View]
137778428>pick random actor >go to their wiki filmography >watch every movie Have you ever done it /…[View]
137778523HOW did Mel do it?[View]
137777693>orangutan wraps his hand around Julia Roberts neck ready to choke and rape her >'I'm sor…[View]
137767223im from quebec and i think our cinema is bland boring uninspired but mostly pretentious its either a…[View]
137777751Was Kramer just joking around here? Obviously no one would spend the day drunk.[View]
137775735Anthony Bourdain: >Eats your fucking food >Shits his brains out in a tub >Sleeps in your sh…[View]
137779530>/3/ is making fun of /ic/ again[View]
137767669That ending was so stupid and melodramatic. Why would you hold the hand of someone who tried to kill…[View]
137778766CAN YOU?[View]
137773433Daria or Jane?[View]
137779338Why does the janny keep banning everyone?[View]
137774018Now you listen to me. While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the fact is that I am a naysayer and…[View]
137773760>Listen to a song >Immediatly think of ways to use it in a film…[View]
137777541What are some relentless films?[View]
137779027Why does /tv/ think this is a bad movie? I like it.[View]
137777407What was his problem?[View]
137778168Name one (1) movie[View]
137779131trying to remember a film >french >about a pretty lady that goes to see about getting a job at…[View]
137770632left > right[View]
137777151Just saw my blue heaven comfy as fuck Wished they made comfy movies like this nowadays[View]
137766097>it's a 'Frank and Lutz rape Cerie' episode of 30 Rock They always start out good but trail …[View]
137776637Alex Jones finally loses it, does show with Llamas: How can anyone deny that he's pure kino? ht…[View]
137777356I’m too indecisive: I doubt every decision I make. I try to examine every option, create flowcharts …[View]
137774612Bravo Todd[View]
137778419Who will play Duck in the inevitable Netflix series and or movie about Chicago’s drill scene More i…[View]
137778370What do you guys think about the absolute state of TLC? I find it horrific, yet impossible to look a…[View]
137778621tfw nobody gets in my belly any kinos for this feel?[View]
137778578>tfw fart and the vibrations jiggle my balls Dumb roasties will never know this feel…[View]
137773711>Alright everyone CHILL[View]
137776850What exactly did the producer of Netflix’s “The Witcher” mean by this?[View]
137776215It was fun[View]
137776537Is this worth watching?: The tv’s been playing it for a while now, and whenever I catch some scenes …[View]
137778108allegdra edwards has a huge ass[View]
137777061Man what the fuck. Fuck this dumb ass movie. >filled with horror tropes >lifeless and unbeliev…[View]
137775896Was he a good dad?[View]
137777956>The perfect example of milking a franchise to death Who really wanted and asked for a new Hallo…[View]
137762150YOU POISONED BROOOOOOCK! >refuses to cook for the gang that knows where the people he cares about…[View]
137778116Just finished these 2. I thought they were good. What did you think? Are you interested in the 3rd m…[View]
137778161Make /tv/ based again: Once upon a time /tv/ used to be the most based board, but then the 4channel …[View]
137778065Your levity is good. It relieves tension, and the fear of death.[View]
137778141>movie starts with a drum roll[View]
137778138>You're just too good to be true >Can't take my eyes off you…[View]
137776684I liked this way more than I thought I would. My least favorite part was actually John Hamm.[View]
137777780I feel so lucky[View]
137777592what was Altman thinking?!?[View]
137777224>even though you're a perfect saint who's never done any bad and he is a super mega vil…[View]
137777578How do you go from this... to THIS?[View]
137773660ITT: movies that, if you play close attention, teach you how to live an honorable, worthy life.[View]
137774651Watching this show on Netflix... it just feels like something is sincerely missing It’s just like …[View]
137777774Sneed: That’s all, folks![View]
137775927Unhinged: Anyone seen this yet? How was it?[View]
137774277>I hate this website. This image board. This chan. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I …[View]
137775533>it's a competition myth[View]
137777512Be a pal and recomend some good body horror movies[View]
137777587>watching some kino >actor makes a phone call >pick my phone up and have a nice conversatio…[View]
137772711Rumored cast for DC's New Gods movie: Is it kino?[View]
137776825What Puerto Rican whores had Phil been seeing that looks like goth Vito jr.?[View]
137777499you HAVE started writing a screenplay, haven't you?[View]
137777524Finally saw Hamilton on Disney+. Ehh, I’ve seen better... The Spongebob Musical > Hamilton Dear E…[View]
137776964Why don't you live in a French village?[View]
137776392>'The truth is... I am just scared of being alone and different, I have to post on this board in …[View]
137777107>I'm sorry anon, I can't let you post that. This board's quality is too important.…[View]
137777126What was Pasolini trying to say with this film?[View]
137773033Saurians, The unarchived polonia brothers film is finally in my hands: For a while now I've had…[View]
137775540when did horror films (and horror film reviewers) become so basedboy?[View]
137775894Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.[View]
137777358>save the USPS[View]
137775351Was he a homosexual?[View]
137777306Such a bad actress they gave her ZERO lines in John Wick 2, an ACTION movie where no one cares about…[View]
137772900What was the most kino song you've heard in a movie? Mine is pic related.[View]
137777142Tonight on ABC's What Would You Do, A couple of Drumfkins are wearing MAGA caps and being annoy…[View]
137772998pris is cutest replicant[View]
137776906Why did every middle aged woman in 1997 lose their mind over this movie?[View]
137776939Are there any good Canadian Westerns?[View]
137776577Charls: Is he the only one of the mde crew that are worth a damn now? His streams are rather comfy.…[View]
137776971Her biological clock is ticking, /pol/: wat do?[View]
137775305Reminder that Jennifer Anniston starred in this flick. The real talent here (they were indeed …[View]
13777595990s tv was newage kino: Ocean Girl, Sea Quest. Dolphins whales pyramids underwater, blonde people, e…[View]
137776956Hello, Comfy Department?[View]
137776191shibe palpatine[View]
137775723Flight of the conchords: Whats your favorite song from the show? For me its too many dicks on the fl…[View]
137776560Why the hell is it called Last of the Summer Wine?[View]
137774789I’m only posting on this board out of respect for my fawtha.[View]
137776851BTS 'DYNAMITE': Coming on August 21st[View]
137776869Who remembers?[View]
137774161For me, it's Skyler Samuels[View]
137771333Reign.of.Fire.2002.1080p.BrRip.x264.YIFY: Taking a trip back to a simpler time.[View]
137775797Why did he do it?[View]
137769832we watching this weekend? anyone here read the book?[View]
137776224How would you adapt his story?[View]
137775476>I just want to watch teenagers have sex[View]
137775312Ella Balinska is hunted by mysoginistic demon in RUN, SWEETHEART, RUN: >Timid and hardworking sin…[View]
137774356Looks like Synderkino is back on the menu bros[View]
137770487Now that the dust has long settled, was it cringe or kino?[View]
137776640>Clatter, crash, clack >Racket, bang, thump >Rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, bam The mus…[View]
137775371The Night Of: Did /tv/ watch this?[View]
137775781Get Out: >The sunken place I keep seeing this word Is 'sunken place' a new niggerspeak or somethi…[View]
137776265>i'm going to murder you you shit brained mudblood loving poverty ridden piece of fucking ce…[View]
137771618'THE NEW GODS' SCRIPT DETAILS: >The script is standalone and doesn't reference Zack Snyder…[View]
137776521What’s next for Isabella Merced[View]
137774841Why? That doesn't make any sense. Sorry. There's no known way of saying an English sentenc…[View]
137776402Any of you guys watch that battle rap show on mtv? Like somewhere around 2005-2008 Contestants would…[View]
137776274Daisy Ridley as Rey Skywalker[View]
137773597The box[View]
137776460Bel Air Drama remake becomes official, Will Smith involved: >Hello, Based Department? https://the…[View]
137771803Why did they decide to make her so hot?[View]
137774312Best TV Show Theme Songs: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rS0VQOHX7lM >Cheers…[View]
137768454movies with little to no violence: i watch movies with my mom sometimes but she doesn't like vi…[View]
137772530Why do newfaggots nowadays not accept film is the worst medium?: Paintings are better as a visual me…[View]
137776240>YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A N-[View]
137773689what is the first transgender allegory put to film?[View]
137776198Mr. Shekelsberg, I really need to see my family[View]
137774313Are you going to watch Sabrina Carpenter's new Netflix movie 'Work It'?[View]
137774566This was the best episode (?)[View]
137770787>Anne with an E You're never going to get me to accept that retarded Americanized title.…[View]
137771483Why can't I leave this hellhole website? I just want to go. I hate you fuckers so much. You…[View]
137775233any kino with this aesthetic? Only think I can think of would be Manhunter or anything else by Micha…[View]
137772848/alc/ kino thread?[View]
137775228What was the first film you saw in cinema after quarantine? I saw Inland Empire last night, wasn…[View]
137774683Now that the hype has quieted, is it a classic or another Oscar winner to be forgotten[View]
137771230>We intended South Park for anyone that was smart >We were watching Monty Python when we were …[View]
137771896/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137771982You know what's remarkable? How the jungles of Vietnam look nothing like Southern California![View]
137775580I don't wanna break the rules, so is it okay if we post Youtube Poops of established /tv/? Here…[View]
137774004>movie theatre chains permanently closed >movie studio shuts down >movie franchise is cance…[View]
137774620Vampire kinos??[View]
137770870Just watched this on HBO. Damn good film. Why did Twitter have such a meltdown when it got a best pi…[View]
137772778Holy kino[View]
137765150Anyone got the LotR version?[View]
137775245>she doesn't like Transformers (2007)[View]
137771521>He was always dead BRAVO[View]
137762517/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137756457 /film/…[View]
137775206Zack Snyder Netflix Anime: will it be kino? https://screenrant.com/zack-snyder-norse-mythology-netfl…[View]
137766047He is a replicant, right?[View]
137771852>I know that number. >you know how I know that number? >becaaawse it was >the same numb…[View]
137775337>COOL party[View]
137775278Edward Scissorhands: I miss him[View]
137773645best special effects: god tier special effects and make up only. I just watched this with my mother …[View]
137770260I miss her, bros. Do women even know they have this power[View]
137773267Can we talk about Red Dwarf?[View]
137772466>movie is called There Will Be Blood >there is, in fact, blood kino…[View]
137772236>fucks strippers >his wife is ugly >constantly does rehashed impersonations >retires to …[View]
137771950What the fuck was Spielberg thinking?[View]
137774951Any good survival kinos? I already watched cast away and all Lost seasons[View]
137774918Red Ryder, standing by.[View]
137772102what is the best onscreen representation of demons?[View]
137774846so we can all agree this was the ultimate heist movie, right?[View]
137755984What is the funniest south park episode[View]
137774559>post yfw /pol/ is actually losing influence[View]
137773504WHEN WILL: the perfidious Mouse remove the Sequel Trilogy from canon? I want to like Star Wars again…[View]
137773458What was Spongebob's problem?[View]
137774107I've got full blown AIDS[View]
137774429ITT: Movies /tv/ refuses to discuss..[View]
137772245Why did she do it?[View]
137770161The Straight Story: Why is this Lynch film so overlooked? I never heard about it until yesterday, I …[View]
137752016Alright kid, you've got 30 seconds, pitch me your billion dollar movie idea[View]
137761963Crystal Skull is better then Temple of Doom.[View]
137773840BETTER IN STEREO[View]
137772942>Thank you for attending this press conference for our new movie. We'll start with the gentl…[View]
137765132Just realized that there isn’t a single brown eyed character in LOTR[View]
137773909What made it so good exactly?[View]
137774260What are some films about how Gen-X'ers had life on easy mode, being handed millions of dollars…[View]
137772208Just watched this. It was great[View]
137772249Battle of Britain: >Spectacular air scenes and shots of ww2 aircraft (REAL NOT CGI) >Epic tale…[View]
137772769You now remember Gina Gershon,the actress, not the porn star who drink piss[View]
137773928How come y'all didn't tell me this was absolute kino?[View]
137767873king of /tv/[View]
137773989Boy this was absolute dogshit, huh? I don't think I've ever seen an adaption so boldly mis…[View]
137772872Kinos about couples working together?[View]
137750515Based or not based?[View]
137774029Movies with similar graphics to this one?[View]
137773740Why is it so damn comfy?[View]
137773557Taimanin Asagi Live Action: Cast it[View]
137773463Who are your favorite retro actresses?[View]
137761355And you thought Comcast were the bad guys.[View]
137770384will it be kino?[View]
137771027will we ever seen a legionesque-spin off? srsly, this ranks among the top shows I've ever seen.…[View]
137773748kinos pertaining to the current state of this board?[View]
137772678stop being fat[View]
137773855Best love movie that isn’t ESOTSM: I want to feel guys please help me feel something and give me a g…[View]
137768479Who was the best friend and why was it Chandler?[View]
137772097Are these characters auto... erotica?[View]
137764709>empire bad >communism good Was that the movie's final message?…[View]
137773680>put up a movie you want to watch >Watch said movie It really isn't that hard, how come s…[View]
137769077Crime, Mafia, Gang, or Trashy: Can you recommend to me some good movies that have that alluring sex …[View]
137771199do american know what corner gas is[View]
137772758Finn Wolfhard and Jaeden Martell were both in the same movie Stephen King movie adaption It chapter …[View]
137760763/blg/ - Bug’s Life General: In retrospect, how was it?[View]
137771705will Millie Bobby brown be successful after stranger things?[View]
137772244/lowerdecks/: I'm a pseudo-ironic hipster. Is this show perfect for me?[View]
137773054>pointless sex scene Are directors just sex perverts?[View]
137772457The last movie you watched now has Warwick Davis as the lead. Is it kino?[View]
137768701I miss futurama[View]
137769714Why did Rust drink warm beer?[View]
137772985TBS having 'Roger's Best Persona' poll for 300th American Dad Ep: https://www.tbs.com/shows/ame…[View]
137766751Now that the dust has settled, who was actually in the wrong here[View]
137767003sex scenes: What are some sex scenes in shows or movies where you were almost convinced that the act…[View]
137751426If I was in his situation I'd have probably masturbated to girls from my class for days and the…[View]
137767039>the worst part of the trailer was the best part of the movie How did The Force Awakens pull it o…[View]
137771024All the episodes are the same, how can you sit through 8 seasons of this show?[View]
137769887Drive: The greatest movie of the 2010’s. Do you remember how you felt after you saw it?[View]
137771241What did I tell you? Hold onto your cock when dealing with these desert people.[View]
137772653Father Vincent is so hot!![View]
137772651>For Rothschild[View]
137772637Musicals are about the whitest Television & Film can get. And that's a good thing.[View]
137772416is the chad meme dying? i haven't seen it really anymore on any boards[View]
137769242Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown[View]
137771518I'll stay[View]
137770994>hey remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx?[View]
137769781Kathleen Kennedy explodes at leakers, YouTubers - leak: If you guys start to see fewer leaks coming …[View]
137772307Open the door, ma'am[View]
137765556A BAT CREDIT CARD?[View]
137770793Why did he do it?[View]
137766851ITT: Post 3 movies you hate irrationally For me it's gotta be: >Joker >Once upon a time …[View]
137769767It can happen to you because it happened to me[View]
137771555Why did Ernie not sell out Jimmy? What fucking reason did he have not to tell the truth? It's s…[View]
137767776Is she practing for Tarantino?[View]
137772001Massage Envy is still open[View]
137772110Into the Night with Harmony Korine & Gaspar Noé: Can we talk about this? Is this the best kino a…[View]
137770344Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE3voC8RAnk[View]
137767161Is Phanton Menace really for kids or is George coping?[View]
137772008'I had an aunt, her cat would only sit at the exact corners of the table, staring at her, or at the …[View]
137771972>love can do everything BRAVO[View]
137771955>do i need one more? nah i think im good[View]
137765848Alternate timeline: river phoenix doesn't die & leonardo shitcaprio never gets famous…[View]
137768853Any good movies about making a movie?[View]
137767233Movies sequels that are the equivalent of someone spitting in your face.[View]
137771127it's time to sit down for music video kino time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPiW0tkWfeg bon…[View]
137771094>Actually its called Frankensteins monster.[View]
137771740>How the turntables...[View]
137771670Does Cool Adam have what it takes to make it in Hollywood?[View]
137771663Which are some underrated animated films?[View]
137771560What was Steiner's fucking problem: what a cuck. Now we have to endure this clown world because…[View]
137760290Zack Snyder's Justice League's Steppenwolf design: Capekino Part III Snyderchads stay winn…[View]
137769925>2011 >career taking off again with the Marvel stuff >zero reason to do anything that could…[View]
137769278Boston vs Jersey: Who wins?[View]
137768194>looks like standard 9pm shit your mum would watch on bbc >turns out its absolutely kino Anyo…[View]
137770044NAME A BIGGER SIMP[View]
137768292What did I think of it?[View]
137771394>What does that mean? I literally have no idea what that is suppose to mean!…[View]
137771235Chicken Joe: Sheboygan, Wisconsin[View]
137762012/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137761315Fargo S04 Starts Sept.27th: https://deadline.com/2020/08/fargo-sets-new-premiere-date-chris-rock-sta…[View]
137771087why didnt you save him?[View]
137762772what do you think?[View]
137765272I'm Maverick.[View]
137751618Series finale wasn't even THAT bad. You're crazy if you compare it to GoT series finale. I…[View]
137743713This kid wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds on /b/ back in my day.[View]
137770422>watch one patrice video >now youtube thinks i'm a woman hating pseudo pimp wtf I just t…[View]
137769055Now that the dust has settled, who was actually in the wrong here? strawpoll.me/20755965[View]
137769517>everything was a dream BRAVO NOLAN[View]
137770674The Spoony Fag: How long until this faggot kills himself?[View]
137771095OH NO NO NO NO[View]
137768911>Inspired by films such as Thriller – A Cruel Picture (1973), Death Wish (1974) and Taxi Driver (…[View]
137769518What went wrong?[View]
137770980I don't need to join a gym,: the hills, the trees, the rivers, they are my gym.[View]
137770094were they in the wrong?[View]
137770972They looked so cute together[View]
137770122if you have your pronouns in your letterboxd or twitter your opinion doesn’t matter[View]
137769765Was it kino?[View]
137768497https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZm6WoSlnQ What sort of world is it where something like this can b…[View]
137769776;_;: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cPtcjWwWzw[View]
137769969>'I'll suck your dick for $2' >'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' What did Spike Lee mean by this?…[View]
137770408What does /tv/ (Television and Film) think of 1967 comedy spy parody film Fathom? Particularly the o…[View]
137770335>Welcome back sir, but I'm afraid I can't serve you this popcorn tub unless you're…[View]
137769764What's the best US TV streaming service?: AT&T TV Now Sling TV Hulu Live YouTube TV Locast …[View]
137766371I don't get it[View]
137769617Terminator 3 is The Last Jedi of Terminator films. >Ree, not muh Terminator. >Ree, too many jo…[View]
137769784SFW dream asses: Post some SFW asses that stirred you in your youth. The first time I saw Alien was …[View]
137769923>Window breaks >stock 'startled cat yowling' sound effect…[View]
137768399What happens if thing assimilate transgender??[View]
137770302Thor's Hammer, you can't lift it, but if you put it in a elevator it would go up also MCU …[View]
137769722Did Jesse ever learn any real science?[View]
137744895/who/ Doctor Who General: Previous Thread: >>137715900 Wilderness Years edition[View]
137770424Damn this is good shit[View]
137770317>The Mosfilm logo appears on your screen What starts playing, /tv/?[View]
137770403arent these two underage (in the series)? poor blondie got cucked to death[View]
137769644Name a more loveable dude[View]
137770087>a tour de force[View]
137762964Little neighborhood joint called 'Doemeenoes'.[View]
137770199The Old Gaurd: Just saw it, solid 7/10 movie. Great action, the entire main cast was pretty good, an…[View]
137767682Imagine, if you will, a peaceful neighborhood made up of white nuclear families...[View]
137769189I still cant watch it The cringe is too real[View]
137770043When will tv networks start shutting down, declaring bankruptcy? Networks like MTV, VH1, Comedy Cent…[View]
137770051/TMG/ The Matrix General: In this thread on /tv/ - Television and Film, we will be discussing the Fi…[View]
137769197BladeRuiner: An hero, be one.[View]
137769975based Skeeter[View]
137764294Wtf was his problem?[View]
137765472So which ones are kino? Which are shit?[View]
137769702the movie starring those two fellas is imminent, dont you think, /tv/?[View]
137767508What is his greatest project?[View]
137768795Was it kino?[View]
137769051What is your favorite 80's horror kino?[View]
137766750>scifi then >enemies must work together in order to survive a hostile planet >scifi now …[View]
137768638>Well, you seen much sneedposts? >I've seen a little on.../tv/!…[View]
137764391The Way Back: I enjoyed the film. Loved the landscape, characters and the ending. Also Valka & M…[View]
137763321The show died when he died. Prove me wrong.[View]
137768817I could have fixed him[View]
137763583Post cursed webms.[View]
137762905>be dunston >check in[View]
137765350Movies like this[View]
137769196best teen movies?[View]
137766527What exactly is his obsession with having his characters introduce themselves? They do it at the str…[View]
137769213>FIRE ON THE COCK SUCKING BASE whoa how did Disney get away with this[View]
137769210Well she's a guy, so...: >Create ad >Ad is humorous and well-received >Runs for severa…[View]
137768337Was that troll thing driving her around supposed to be a jew?[View]
137766652Kaiju?: If Kong is considered a kaiju in the Monsterverse, then do the monsters from Rampage qualify…[View]
137769158Stoner kino[View]
137769124>WHATCHA BUYIN'? Who on earth could possibly play this man in the inevitable RE4 adaptation?…[View]
137768206Look rand: I'm mowin' the air.[View]
137769140>this slowburn has been brought to you by the jewish fellers at a24 films…[View]
137769114Grace Randolph: how fuckin' stinky are her shits?[View]
137768608*tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick*[View]
137769078Father Ted thread: >dies[View]
137767197He defined a generation of filmmakers. He did good.[View]
137767505>Ugly characters are nice and personable >attractive characters are bitter and angry…[View]
137768582Tell me about the ring. Why do hobbits have to carry it?[View]
137768885how is New Legend of Monkey on netflix or whatever the fuck its called? pic unrelated[View]
137768421When was the last time you cried from watching a movie or show?[View]
137766456ghost whisperer with jennifer love hewitt was top tier comfy daytime television[View]
137768752Its not that I dislike rick and morty, I dislike how people use the show as a personality trait or t…[View]
137766402How in the fuck did he live? Did he lie about the auto pilot?[View]
137765778Whatcha viewing tonight, anonbros? Joker and Dead Man Walking for me my amigos. What bout you?[View]
137768782All these threads will be lost in time... Like tears in rain.[View]
137768824IT'S UP: Ballbuster 2020 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO Ballbuster 2020 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO Ba…[View]
137760541Why didn't they cast her as the goth hacker in NCIS?[View]
137768574>This. Is crack.[View]
137768630kinos for this feel?[View]
137763208>Better Call Saul >short scene of exciting legal hijinks >followed by extremely lengthy, aw…[View]
137768609>NO! NO ME GUSTAAAAA![View]
137765173What are some of your favorite kinos made by less well known countries?[View]
137768566Earthlings: What did you think about the 2005 film Earthlings?[View]
137768515>Though the intention was for there to be a moral dilemma in Tuvix, Wright couldn't see it; …[View]
137767836Who is the hottest lieutenant and why is B'elanna?[View]
137766911yeah galo sengen[View]
137764001Fresh Prince Reboot: Did you ever watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and think to yourself “this show…[View]
137768441ITT: Best autistic movies[View]
137767969>Vegetable Lasagna couldn't even get to 1st base with Elaine Benes…[View]
137766427finding highest-rated TV shows: Is there a way to see what the highest rated TV shows are currently …[View]
137768397Is this still the greatest TV moment of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iViMrXn5IIs[View]
137765885Oh no bros. The Mommy Cinematic Universe isn't looking to good. https://mobile.twitter.com/jes_…[View]
137768017I don't get it. What was the message of this movie?[View]
137767416Patrician Film Society: You may post the name of one (1) existing film to prove you have what it tak…[View]
137767548>movie about a virus >'Right now the virus is located in these areas' >'in 72 hours it will…[View]
137766070>Rico Why did Harvey say he was the mastermind and they could charge him yet he's never brou…[View]
137766740Just realized I have no clue why I knew who Wallace and Gromit were when I was a kid. This was in th…[View]
137768166Which is better?[View]
137767965Cast them[View]
137768044Just marathoned this. Who is your favorite autist? I think based Michael is /ourguy/ plus his mom is…[View]
137767984Cast John McAfee in the inevitable biopic[View]
137736234Was Sauron a human?[View]
137767953What do you think Lalo is going to do?[View]
137766657Batman can't fly.[View]
137757644Name a flaw[View]
137763247>you have just now realized that Karl Urban was the traitor dude in Riddick.…[View]
137767726what if this show wasn't fiction and 90% of it is real[View]
137766885Ladies and gentlemen place your bets[View]
137767649>mfw someone says there's a better action star than Charles Bronson.…[View]
137767012>someone talks about palpatine in the prequels >LOL he was the best part! He was awesome, so o…[View]
137764196Where did he get 23 years’ worth of food, water and oxygen from?[View]
137767424Is the horror genre dying as audiences grow up?[View]
137767134Did this movie got inspired by rick and morty?[View]
137766812Gentlemen, I've discovered how we save Star Wars[View]
137758822>kong has axe now: >made of one of godzillas spines[View]
137764125What went wrng with X-Men?[View]
137765886Are you exited for the re-reboot? It's probably about their daughters, yeah? At least they scor…[View]
137766738IIT: Post your favorite character from Batman: For me it's Masketta Man[View]
137767204I went to an AMP so I can stop thinking about my ex. Her penis reminded me of her[View]
137766822Danger! Danger! Sophia lillis is now black: Danger! Danger! Sophia lillis is now black[View]
137766923Name a single thing he did wrong.[View]
137767065Thoughts on this number?[View]
137767028Why has there been no thread? i miss /gsg/ bros...[View]
137765877how did they make ring so big?[View]
137764766Why is this so popular again? This was recommended to me because I was looking for something to lis…[View]
137766364What was his tax policy?[View]
137766950I WILL FIND HIM[View]
137765717show me a better use of music in a /tv/ show: than 'In the Air Tonight' in pic related[View]
137746091post your 3 favorite films, others rate[View]
137766910So why do you guys Rob Lowe?[View]
137766909>By Osiris and by Apis, you are now a woman. A woman.[View]
137766111Big Movie studios can now buy and own large theater chains.: >One of Hollywood’s oldest and most …[View]
137766731Why people like this shit? only season 1 it's decent and season 3 it's full retarded[View]
137766486Alright Krystal, what's on your radar?[View]
137766568*random shitting noises*[View]
137763257the scene that broke /tv/[View]
137766002What will it be, amigo?[View]
137747364>30 SECONDS, MAY GOD BE WITH YOU what would you do in this situation[View]
137765548Can't Cope: >Be watching Drive with 3 female friends >Two of them stay on their phones fo…[View]
137766699Is he really a golden god?[View]
137766212Will we get a Joni Mitchell biopic?[View]
137766690Nathan! Stop it! This is why you keep getting molested[View]
137765661>from the visionary director...[View]
137765401Vocaroo thread https://voca.ro/4QW9IzjrpAe[View]
137765247ITT: Good actors who only did one good film[View]
137766556>No more live action mechino since Pacific Rim 1 Is this even possible on a small budget? I'…[View]
137765976Why aren't there more kinos like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GUrLWhifYQ Mainland Ch…[View]
137766315Las grasas de cerdo americano nunca tendrán un entretenimiento superior que es El Show[View]
137765901>I'm innocent! >No. You're The Departed, now available for streaming on HBO Max. …[View]
137765547Apocalypse Now remake witha racial angle: Instead of chasing colonel Kurtz throuh the jungle, our bl…[View]
137766370Das boot TV show: Is it kino[View]
137765186Has there ever been a more brain dead bitch then Dr. Bloom from Hannibal? Also why did they turn her…[View]
137766200how long until this movie gets cancelled because it's about Bond killing a bunch of blacks?[View]
137766065>At motel getting some ice >minding your own business >'Hey'..…[View]
137766179>The dullest franchise in the history straight up dropping kiddie versions of a nigger-bomb Dare …[View]
137765942I HATE YOU[View]
137759982>Anon you gotta see it it's hilarious it's right up there with Superbad. finally proof …[View]
137757798Will anyone ever make a film as disturbing as the August Underground series?[View]
137764040ITT: Sequels everybody likes that you don't[View]
137758395Im so glad we at /tv/ universally hate this clown as posing loser.[View]
137765282How long until Warner makes a sequel, ruins the film and starts to milk it?[View]
137763197Do you have a respectable physical media collection of all your favorites?: >pic related With str…[View]
137764510Budget $12.9 million[View]
137755065/trek/: arooooooo edition[View]
137759281>Hong Kong In 70-80's Name a more kino time and place for a film-lover to be alive in.…[View]
137760502Robert Altman is one of the greatest American filmmakers. What’s your favorite of his work?[View]
137765423Post the best moment in a TV series[View]
137761761Jason could take GodZilla[View]
137765686Any good films about farming?[View]
137765319Cast him[View]
137764908Roger Roger[View]
137761947i fucking despise this quote, I watched this movie when i was 11 and it was the first time i ever fe…[View]
137765637>this giant douchebag[View]
137764461We all now know The Matrix was a Tranny fuck festival allegory. > does this mean Agent Smith repr…[View]
137762804How was he not considered autistic?: His stupid act never ends and is just constant stupid jokes wit…[View]
137761780T1 > T3 > T2[View]
137765424Anon Watches ST: Enterprise (Thread 2): >Captain Boomer Bastard >Chief Engineer Cletus >Sub…[View]
137757658OFFICIAL ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES CHARACTER POWER RANKINGS: 1. Trigger 2. Del Boy 3. Rodney 4. Grandad …[View]
137764936I love this frog, I hope he never dies.[View]
137764562Ok i just finished this, what did i think of it?[View]
137764292Who will play them in the biopic?[View]
137759898ITT: Post an album cover. Get a movie recommendation.[View]
137764482Prove me wrong. Breaking Bad is just a sexist Weeds knock-off. I'm waiting...[View]
137755262Better Call Saul: So, after rewatching this series I've come to terms with a couple of things t…[View]
137765042do you?[View]
137754944This hot weather is really getting to me, so tonight my girlfriend said we should just hang out and …[View]
137765236Umbrella Academy: What's the consensus?[View]
137763909what is your favorite ntr kino?[View]
137765156Watching every 1977 movie.: With one of those 3 do I watch nexr /tv/[View]
137765203>look out greg, look behind you[View]
137765199What's the defining movie of the early aughts? Many are saying Mulholland Drive.[View]
137760771>her favorite movie is Love, Actually Based or cringe?[View]
137762531ITT: Post Youtube kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A4HyRHrsTU[View]
137764985Im confused: These two seem more like Spongebob and Patrick than they do C3PO and R2D2[View]
137764659Oh no January bros, we got too cocky[View]
137764917I aint no bitch chef: All it took was 5 words to ruin ramsays tough guy image. What a little bitch g…[View]
137765053Characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
137764423>walk away bitch[View]
137765004>Those things will kill you, you know[View]
137765000What are some kinos about effeminate men taking pride in their impotence?[View]
137750539/speak/: Speak.[View]
137764752>'i'm retired'[View]
137764934>WAAAAHHHHH NOBODY LIKES ME BECAUSE I DO DRUGS AND RIDE BIKES Were stoners always this bitchy?…[View]
137764619>was whoring around with a different boss in each movie what did bruce see in her again?…[View]
137764901I May Destroy You is utter kino. Why have half-hour-long dramas been emerging as such a god-tier for…[View]
137763930>New Board: /vmg/ - Video Games/Mobile[View]
137761162How many of you could go 1 month without internet?[View]
137755176>ITT characters you were happy to see die I'll start[View]
137763446What are some good conspiracy films?[View]
137755129>2020 >I am forgotten[View]
137764484What went wrong?[View]
137763988I think it's suppertime.[View]
137764628What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137763811Gritty Fresh Prince Reboot in the works: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/enterta…[View]
137764669>character says[View]
1377616961 Breaking Bad 2 The Simpsons (Classic) 3 Twin Peaks 4 Cowboy Bebop 5 Battlestar Galactica (Remake) …[View]
137763758Got a free rental from redbox: What do I get /tv/?[View]
137763634image the calories 3 full grown, fire breathing dragons need per day? i assume they would eat weste…[View]
137763978Was he really in the wrong?[View]
137764147On the line[View]
137764426how did 4chin react when her mother raped him?[View]
137751237She could have just said no.: Is it common for women to blow someone just to advance in their career…[View]
137764374If you’re an incel, watch this movie immediately. It will make you feel better.[View]
137760719>Sure thing, Ornella. I'll just call up Brad and Leo and tell them that some aging weathergi…[View]
137764377>Not populat enoughin japan >God of high school stole his popularity in the west >Chicks th…[View]
137736712>Why dont you kick the door Mr.Bond? Or you will lose your oportunity[View]
137764355Joker is better than Taxi Driver and King of Comedy and you know it[View]
137761863I don't get it, can someone explain it to a brainlet like me?[View]
137764264What are some kinos where the main character gets fucked up because of what they said?[View]
137761876Why can't Americans go back to being awesome? https://youtu.be/HGV3yV9q4Q4[View]
137764193>high intelligence >strong >extremely flat feet >cute as fuck how come there's not …[View]
137762936If there are movie theaters in Hell, you'd be forced to watch this on a 24 hour loop.[View]
137764057Cast him in the MCU, fo shizzle[View]
137751466/swg/ screenwriting general: What you working on anons? Anyone want to share their ideas for screenp…[View]
137759504Are there any funny female comedians?[View]
137764011Trump Appreciation thread. I mean he has done so much to fuck up the economy. Dab on Trannies.[View]
137763336what is he thinking here?[View]
137762356Pure kino[View]
137762625Why did he go back to destroy the hunters if it was just explained to him that he cant change shit?[View]
137757257If he didn't do it, why did he smirk?[View]
137757925Entertainment Theory: Discuss.[View]
137763225>Ghost in the Shell but reddit[View]
137757721Could it work?[View]
137763642original mad max: So let me get this straight: society hasn't collapsed yet and max is cop and …[View]
137763766Seven o'clock in the morning And the rays from the sun wakes me[View]
137763640Mac Tonight[View]
137762224this was a very good film. just sayin[View]
137763688Was it kino?[View]
137762400For me, it's Agent Scully's knickers.[View]
137763468What if a 4channer got a hold of the book?[View]
137761040Why would he wear the black suit when he's good and the blue suit when he's bad Snyder say…[View]
137762423Is the Joe Rogan podcast going to fall off once he moves to Spotify?: Something tells me that Joe Ro…[View]
137762205https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/blockbuster-airbnb-bend-oregon/index.html >blockbuster air…[View]
137763434/tv/ I've pierced my foot on a spiiiiike[View]
137759657Will tv ever be able to equal film as a medium? There’s great stuff like Twin Peaks and miniseries b…[View]
137759552>comedy central futurama was ba-[View]
137763338'Who has a better story than Bran?'[View]
137761835>kino features a bat credit card[View]
137763119> he's french > called frenchie brilliant…[View]
137763101Did he ever get his tic checked out?[View]
137762554Death of a superhero: Was it kino?[View]
137762171just finished mad men. it's really really great, one of the best I've seen, but no way bet…[View]
137761525What are some good kinos to watch with your kid?[View]
137763130Kinos for this feel ?[View]
137760958This was great[View]
137763087What's a respectable amount of movies to have seen? I only have 900 logged on letterboxd and I …[View]
137753376Probably the most mid-90s movie in existence.[View]
137762906Vaporware: Post films that were in development that never came to fruition.[View]
137763058How this lost best picture is dumbfounding. I avoided watching this thinking it was more Hollywood g…[View]
137762234Once again Marvel is the last one across the finish line.[View]
137756968>btfos Sopranos forever Will zoomers ever recover?[View]
137762843Is this good?[View]
137761403How did Charlie get women all the time?[View]
137762930Scenes that give you a rush: https://youtu.be/HaWtWAvUb-4 Post movie scenes that spike your adrenali…[View]
137762674I'M THE MAP! I'M THE MAP! I'M THE MAP![View]
137760227Meanwhile, on female /tv/...[View]
137756209Carol Baskin killed her husband[View]
137762636>was he based?[View]
137761429more Samurai Kino? not necessarily by Kurosawa, I'm relatively new to the genre[View]
137762505Best 'za on television?[View]
137762816*coughs blood* why does asian dramas always do this?[View]
137757727You know that Voight-Kampff test of yours /tv/, did you ever take the test yourself?[View]
137762662This was pretentious shit[View]
137762347Good movie, glad they lived to tell the story.[View]
137762506He is soo fucking unfunny and boring and yet for some reason i can't stop watching him it'…[View]
137762335Why is Boston Public relatively forgotten compared to other David E. Kelley projects like Ally McBea…[View]
137756457/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137740138 /film/…[View]
137762494Is everyone hyped for Stranger season 2?[View]
137761889Why do video games and anime make impressionable men become trannies? Will there ever be a kino abou…[View]
137759026who's your favorite predator?[View]
137758149>audience relates to the movie's theme >'it was all satire, bro. you weren't meant t…[View]
137761245What was exactly Michael sin that made him die a miserable bastard (or at least have a shit life exc…[View]
137760254To war![View]
137758398why is everyone so mean to peter?[View]
137761046Talking Sopranos: Is Schirripa still a fucking retard?[View]
137762233>It's the Jungian thing, sir[View]
137761927>That's some funny shit, huh? HAHAHAHA[View]
137761603FUNNY movie: Great movie[View]
137762175>People were unironially scared something like this would happen IRL when it came out >The fir…[View]
137762152Are there any kinos for this feel?[View]
137762050Two and Half Men: >Walden proposed to Alan so they could adopt a little black kid Was this the lo…[View]
137761865who unironically watches video essays?[View]
137755576>the force is more than just lifting rocks oh for fuck sake rian[View]
137761984>RIP 20th Century Fox Looks like Futurama was wrong again![View]
137761913ITT: Post your collection: Share those movies and shows you've gathered through the years >p…[View]
137759232Highest paid actors of 2020: >1: The Rock - $87.5M >2: Ryan Reynolds - $71.5M >3: Mark Wahl…[View]
137759890What are some more conferderate kinos?[View]
137761354How would you try to survive ?: Alright, so here is the scenario: >you hear that a deadly infecti…[View]
137758063Which is better?[View]
137755951I mean why would you want to live in a shithole?[View]
137760195So they want us to believe these 2 morons somehow just shitted out Oscarworthy script (with zero pri…[View]
137761244And now, we add the sex scene that only pads the thing between the actress I want to fuck and the ac…[View]
137760047In Billionaire Boys Club this cock sucking bitch betrayed his partner and friend. Why he did that? A…[View]
137760161Why did he give up his successful up and coming career for clout?[View]
137759840ITS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlgIWfBb0Ys ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS FUCKING OUT!!!!!…[View]
137761823Why was it so boring?[View]
137759656So was it really Seth McFarlane's fault this got cancelled?[View]
137761672>This thread has been pruned or deleted[View]
137757907What was his tax policy?[View]
137761682was there ever a more accurate portrayal of the conniving and manipulative nature of jews than natha…[View]
137761555Crew Thread: Has anyone ever worked on a film in crew capacity (Grip, Lighting, Sound, Cam,etc.). Le…[View]
137761472any new movies worth watching?[View]
137755147Guys I need your help. This nigga is living rent-free in my head and he's belting out songs all…[View]
137756745Season 1 is the best season. How wrong am I?[View]
137760902What was the problem with Ecclestone? For me, he was the best doctor[View]
137759928will it ever be topped? >inb4 better call saul is already better i don't mean only in quali…[View]
137742495/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137761376Can’t pee and talk at the same time: I know there is a character from some show or movie that strugg…[View]
137758590What's your favourite film in italian cinema?[View]
137761231Most overrated trite I've ever seen. And before you go there: I speak Japanese, so none of its …[View]
137761311Hell: What movies have best portrait of hell? >'Needless to say we were shocked to make such a di…[View]
137760249What was his tax policy?[View]
137761302>kills off the main villain of the trilogy in the open 20 minutes >the rest of the film is vi…[View]
137760489>best Die Hard movie >soi chuds hate it ????…[View]
137735945>And they're all Jaime's >Thank the gods. In the rare event Robert leaves his whores…[View]
137760321>goes hunting in a desert >doesn't carry a water flask immersion ruined…[View]
137750844It's remarkable how they managed to make a movie in which the people are less human than dinosa…[View]
137760887Did I tell you I'm gonna open my own gay bar when I get back home? It's gonna be called Th…[View]
137758563Spider-Man 3 SPOILERS: >Working title is Spider-Man: Home Run >Peter is attacked by Scorpion i…[View]
137760861Chance would be a fine thing. A fine thing indeed.[View]
137761138what is the brockhampton of movies[View]
137760882>by the way I am a gang rapist laugh out loud What was his problem[View]
137759589Fresh Prince reboot is a go-go: >But this time the story of the streetwise teen who moves in with…[View]
137759195Any of you guys seen this one? Love Altman but had never even heard of it until recently. Super weir…[View]
137760679Will BDH return to the directors chair and produce kinos and blockbuster films?[View]
137760995how did helen not see it coming[View]
137756692im amanda wairward[View]
137760952>In Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker, a new biography on the late filmmaker by David Mikics, i…[View]
137757303>be normalfag >become mod of biggest VR game in world >ban it for 2 days a week give me one…[View]
137760109kino music videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze6BqAtlqTg[View]
137760927Wow I'm 20 minutes in... this is REALLY awful, it's kinda funny how bad it is I did not li…[View]
137760872Just marathoned this, what did i think of it?[View]
137759671Goddamn was this absolutely dogshit. Horrible adaptations of PKD’s short stories and filled with SJW…[View]
137759931Why didn’t they just toss the ring into Eowyn’s stew?[View]
137760802>You see, it's very simple >It happens all the time >Understand what's going on …[View]
137760540>Yes yes well done Ornella, well done. >HOWEVER ..…[View]
137759910You can only revive one: Who do you pick?[View]
137759513>clap at the end of the movie[View]
137757932Umbrella academy sit-in episode: I know this may seem like /pol/ bait but I want to make a serious c…[View]
137758808Have you ever tried this irl? I'm thinking about giving it a shot[View]
137760571James Bond: Best Bond Girl/ Worst James Bond[View]
137758084What are some negatives things that can be said about this movie?[View]
137760381When you guys talk about mogging I feel insecure[View]
137760468What are some kinos about irredeemable losers?[View]
137760446>From the mind of George Lucas[View]
137745525Scenes that hit a bit too close to home[View]
137759762Post the exact moment a movie or /tv/ show jumped the shark.[View]
137757666Did they provide their own clothes? They don't look like uniforms so they must have. What did t…[View]
137757686As great as torrents are, they NEVER include the behind the scenes content. Titanic's BTS is am…[View]
137755962You are part of the Supreme Leader's bodyguard when he is murdered by the second-in-command in …[View]
137760138intolerance (1916) directed by d.w. griffith[View]
137757963Organized Crime Kino: >yakuza >mafia >russian mob >all other form of organized crime Why…[View]
137758021Movies for this feel?[View]
137760025Movie Ideas: It starts out as a rom com but then it's revealed the romantic partner is in fact …[View]
137758361Emilia Jones (Locke & Key ) Rumored To Be Stargirl in Shazam Sequel[View]
137758545The Great Debate: Chilean Sea Bass Or Chili And Sea Bass[View]
137759884Damn you Riggs[View]
137757797Nobody asked for this: All the TV and movie reboots and sequels of 2020: https://nypost.com/article/…[View]
137759915what's this guy appeal?[View]
137750622why did she go to the witness protection program and move to Pawnee?[View]
137758793holy fuck could this shit be any more boring[View]
137753712John McTiernan (Predator, Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance) is making a return to filmmaking with…[View]
137759722>he has entire non-existent films and TV shows plotted out in his head[View]
137759499Trannycore thread: Trannycore thread again because apparently mods don't like it.[View]
137757565What the fuck did I just watch? I thought you guys were overreacting as always[View]
137759706Mr. Fox is there anything in R&D that can mask foreign polynucleotides in vivo? Ummm, Alfred…[View]
137757443Which of them is the better actor?[View]
137757805Can you name all the references in Hollywood Steps Out?[View]
137755347What's your favorite PKD movie /tv/? Here's a PKD primer: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b…[View]
137757554Holy shit, is this guy supposed to be likeable? What a faggot[View]
137759344What the fuck is wrong with America: Just watched this, I had no idea things were this fucked. Ameri…[View]
137759457>You can't spend your life being obsessed with death. >You're not Jewish, are you? W…[View]
137759453>Tfw no more Clancy Brown hate speeches >Tfw we'll never know what Lodz meant be 'I'…[View]
137755131>Vows to fight for Berlin to the last man >Commits suicide when the Soviets are on the outskir…[View]
137755759It's been six years today[View]
137759185I had a hard time focusing on the horror aspect of this movie because every single woman in it was d…[View]
137759135>Watch broadcast tv >Every single fucking ad >soft piano music >black guy: thank you …[View]
137751540A long time ago, I was in Burma[View]
137759055Godspeed, Spider-Man.[View]
137758988Download: I want to know what is the best link/website to download for free the movie 'The DuFF' in …[View]
137758926>watching Avengers Endgame in the kinoplex >scene where Thanos gets killed >slump down in…[View]
137755843cast strong but dependent-on-robin starfire[View]
137756952Watched this yesterday, it was trash[View]
137758502Has your favorite star evere won a prize for his/her career?[View]
137758719what did we think of it?[View]
137758413>Ernest Hemingway once wrote: 'The world is a beautiful place, and worth fighting for' I agree wi…[View]
137758697So Bad it's Good: Movie reviwer edition[View]
137758696Just walk away[View]
137756039OH N-[View]
137754386Why does every Scorscese movie have narraration? https://vocaroo.com/kyMcU0X0YV4[View]
137751026Serious Simpsons thread: What's your favorite episode from the classics? What's your favor…[View]
137752856Knock knock[View]
137758536Only the finest are offered in the House of Batiatus![View]
137744981cinema is a lesser art form than music.: Sadly, cinema can never match the grandeur of music. This i…[View]
137755548ITT: Retardkino[View]
137755864Share your movie ideas.: I would like a movie based on this music video. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
137757800>handsome, tony soprano build butcher should have to settle for a jawlet femcel the notion that …[View]
137758305Better Call Saul S5 is never happening: Future anon here and Better Call Saul superfan. I come from …[View]
137757128not gonna lie, i walked out of the theater at this point.[View]
137758228What's a respectable amount of movies to have seen? I only have 900 logged on letterboxd and I …[View]
137758209What did Ptolemy mean by this: >Before Alexander there were black people. After him EVERYTHING wa…[View]
137756769>3rd season cancelled It’s over bros. No more aidan gillen govt propaganda...…[View]
137758160What are some movies about gender inclusiveness?[View]
137757406Go back where you came from you fucking APE!![View]
137756267Foreign posters of dogshit movies[View]
137757373Little bit of kosher salt[View]
137757708Is he going to appear on Better Call Saul??[View]
137756609Kinos about taking down racists?[View]
137755001Fuck this stupid cunt. She ruined every scene she was in. She should not have been in the show.[View]
137758243who was in the wrong here?: >inb4 off topic it was on BBC Television…[View]
137756557educate me in russian cinema.[View]
137754219How could a shoe salesman with two kids and a neet wife afford a house like this?[View]
137753826If a serial killer believes his murders are an art, then is it art?[View]
137751070>Goddamit! breathe! >Goddamn, you bitch, you never backed down from anything in your life! …[View]
137754002Keep your loving brother happy[View]
137757172>Hey, did you know that crime doesn't pay in the end? >you do? >Okay, I'll be bac…[View]
137754802What do you hope to see with Euphoria season 2?[View]
137756910>Ah. The good cop, Batcop routine? A little on the nose, Nolan.[View]
137756335I'm the next Kubrick.[View]
137756310DCU/Snyder Cut: How does he do it? How does he do the perfect Superman?[View]
137755383What's next for Cate Blanchett?[View]
137756979How did this movie do good?[View]
137754618Warhammer Cinematic Universe: Meet your Emperor of Mankind.[View]
137755993how many days would you last?[View]
137756388Chris Lilley: Is he the most underrated comedian ever?[View]
137754820I liked it. Discuss[View]
137757047ITT: Characters you are slowly turning into.[View]
137756347Yeah, I’m thinking they’re back. https://twitter.com/blockbuster/status/1293201636236627968[View]
137755708>no sticky[View]
137752889Haha what a used up WHOAH[View]
137757207>protagonist attends university just to meet girls whats the premise of this movie?…[View]
137755136Cast him for the LOTR Amazon series[View]
137757203>The entire production of Francis Ford Coppola's epic masterpiece was riddled with issues. …[View]
137757194>youtubes video has animated narrator avatar >instinctively click out of the video…[View]
137757157For me it's the Ricketts.[View]
137756292>karl, would you like to be american? >no, not at all >get on me nerves >they call it th…[View]
137743163What season does it start to fall?[View]
137748948I used to love Kevin Smith, but I swear after the weight loss he's became more insufferable som…[View]
137752989If this was being made in 2020, how would you cast it?[View]
137756945I talked to Barzini[View]
137756302>Greyhound. Greyhound, Greyhound. >This is Gray Wolf. >We hunt you and your friends Eagle, …[View]
137749063>Found footage >And you GET OFF THAT FUCKING CAMERA…[View]
137756666OH N-[View]
137756807i will always leave the kinoplex filthy![View]
137754285What are films with the mood and aesthetic of ethereal forests and violence? Twin Peaks comes to min…[View]
137756674what the fuck was this guy problem[View]
137756695>Early 70s movie >'THAT'S THE WAY UH-HUH UH-HUH I LIKE IT UH-HUH UH-HUH'…[View]
137756309The Other Woman (2014): For me, it’s Cameron Diaz[View]
137751791You have to admit, it was a pretty damn quick escalation. How do you go from >Oh no I killed the …[View]
137755803Onions. Nice and fresh. Slice.[View]
137753333The best comedian of all time[View]
137755915Hahahahahaha. Bronsons's advice is ONLY for women Mr. Crowe[View]
137755726/fr/ le ptit fil francais: Édition des Américains soufflés la baise dehors Ancien : >>12848142…[View]
137755552What are some truly immersive kinos? the kind of movies that instantly suck you into their worlds yo…[View]
137754560just started succession, what does /tv/ think of it?[View]
137750681Does India really?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R_2HHmiZk-g&t=52s[View]
137756223Nuclear kino[View]
137754684was it autism?[View]
137752925>The new version, titled Blazing Samurai, will focus on a dog who wants to be a samurai and is tr…[View]
137756358Download: I want to know what is the best link/website to download for free the movie 'The DuFF' in …[View]
137752526Guess the kinos[View]
137751894I can't get into this show. I have tried more than once and I always gave up after the first ep…[View]
137753823Will he ever get his Lovecraft movie, or has that window closed?[View]
137754292Jared Leto will star in Trons 3 and promises it will revamp the franchise.[View]
137753663This movie is unrealistic, you can't flip a plan and save everyone while being an alcoholic at …[View]
137756246Rich Evans is key to all of this, if we get him working: Because he's a funnier character than …[View]
137756226The past and future of kung fu movies: I have always been a fan of kung fu movies. Pic related is ju…[View]
137755655What’s his motif?[View]
137753552Recommend me films: Heres some of my favorites >Timecrimes (2007) >Re-Animator (1985) >shot…[View]
137756116Anybody know where it's possible to download movies posters in bulk? Trying to set up my new sc…[View]
137755941>128 days until Dune[View]
137756071>Trannies and Gentlemen >Anons of the board >Janitors of 4channel dot org >May I have yo…[View]
137756634Why didn't he just get a girlfriend in his teens or twenties like everybody else?[View]
137744810These are unironically good movies.[View]
137752817how does he do it?[View]
137751403What are the best martial art films?[View]
137753821When is she going to get a movie role that matches her acting ability (webm related)?[View]
137753364>I'm Rey >Rey Star Wars[View]
137755904What are some kinos about uplifting speeches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RILRdOPH4S0[View]
137754781>that episode where Steve and Carl transformed into Bruce Lee in order to fight some gang members…[View]
137755807Is it kino?[View]
137745316man it's a hot one[View]
137740138/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137754548Some SJW looking bint is reading this on the tram: Could it be adapted to film?[View]
137755449nicktoons: did anyone else watch this kino in the early 2000s?[View]
137755650>Dooku's a political idealist, not a murderer! >First to falsely accuse Ashoka of bombing…[View]
137754605based or cringe? is it worth watching?[View]
137745765Coraline: So what the fuck was she? A demon?[View]
137752759I'm fucking sick of HD. I'm sick of ultra high resolutions and 'clarity'. I'm sick of…[View]
137755595>rarbg >bittorrent >that's all you need.…[View]
137755530>I have become...an Outlaw King what the fuck was Mackenzie thinking? This line totally took me …[View]
137755016How does /TV/ cope with Jesse getting BTFO by this man?[View]
137752670Who was he?[View]
137754488>school scene: >character explains cliques to the new kid after he tries to sit with the popul…[View]
137753236Anyone seen the Animal Crossing movie?[View]
137755370Is it still possible to get a superchillin account?[View]
137742006Why was this a box office disaster?[View]
137753652>COOL party[View]
137752770Where's Blu-ray[View]
137752827Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead Winslow! HAAARK! Hark Triton, hark! Bellow, bid our father the S…[View]
137755123>Tell you what. I got you 20 bucks, I say he's a beaner. God I wish we could deport all you …[View]
137754941>THE KING ORDERED IT![View]
137755057did he think he was tough or something?[View]
137753642Solitary Gourmet: Absolute food porn This shit is similar to porns in so many ways >the eating sc…[View]
137754980The look of a dead man.[View]
137754481Did I get filtered or is it actually bad?[View]
137754789The 100 General , Number 1000 , Raven edition: We did bros 1000 The 100 generals this edition is ded…[View]
137753160so what did we learn /tv/?[View]
137754665Who would win?[View]
137750714Ok I admit it. I just got filtered, Hard.[View]
137752698THE FORCE IS FEMALE[View]
137754858>'Saul! Saul, it's me! Bucky Buchanan!' How did Benedict not realise he was getting played a…[View]
137733043/trek/: There is no rule being violated by these threads, stop being such humongous faggots.[View]
137754350OH N-[View]
137752352Daisy Ridley is going to star in MCU: Daisy Ridley is reportedly going to play a new female characte…[View]
137754598are the tomb raider movies worth watching?[View]
137753912What is the trinity of horror ?: Thoughs?[View]
137752684YO YO PIRAKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acl4mZmCE5E[View]
137751587>Watching twin peaks on my phone[View]
137753083Why is he doing it?: You can't win the lottery twice so it bust be there some other reason behi…[View]
137752179Absolutely overrated stoner shit[View]
137754683howard, wheres the money right now?[View]
137748589Chrissybros, we got to too cocky...: What did Adriana La Cerva mean by this? 2:04 https://www.youtub…[View]
137751887Can we settle once and for all who the best Disney female is?[View]
137738490Starship Troopers love: What fucking witchcraft did they use to make the bugs looks so good so long …[View]
137749334The Matrix co-director claims The Matrix is a 'trans metaphore': >'The Matrix films are…[View]
137752197It was shocking and just came out of nowhere, is the ending of Sleepaway Camp really one of the best…[View]
137753460/tv/Humor Thread: Search 'humor' and nothing comes up. Stop slacking off and let's start!…[View]
137748202Reminder if your favorite director isn't on this list you're a fucking pleb: 1. Charles Lu…[View]
137752420Spin-off idea: ITT : we come with our best (or worst) spin-off ideas. I'll start : Being AJ : S…[View]
137752076>movie is badly made but you like it because the theme/subject is unique Are there such cases?…[View]
137751682You faggots tell me what TV shows you like and then we scream obscenities at each other until the th…[View]
137746149wtf Charlie Kaufman wrote this? Must be unironically kino[View]
137754072Does singer/model Caroline Vreeland have any future in film or television? She has a really unique l…[View]
137749443What would this show be called today?[View]
137750311Jeff Goldblum says nigger in this movie[View]
137753986THIS IS SPARTA![View]
137750250What's the best time travel movie? I don't think I ever saw a good time travel story.[View]
137743916>your move Bond.....[View]
137752457What do you think we shall get in season 3 of Crown Lake?[View]
137745792what will be the first kino you'll watch with this kino enhancer?[View]
137751673Post best Survivor Chicks[View]
137729088>Superman took 48 hours to build 1 computer[View]
137753332>I'm a soldier, not a murderer[View]
137753079These are FAKE ARMS![View]
137751006>european netflix series >lesbianism >le quirky gay assistant >brother sister incest …[View]
137750483OH NO PHYSICAL MEDIA BROS, WE GOT TO COCKY >there were no plans at [Disney] going forward to rele…[View]
137749859>Scott Pilgrim walked away from this Was he based or cringe?[View]
137753532Rome: THIS MAN IS NOW... EVOCATI[View]
137753567Thoughts on this show?: Is it worth a watch? No one talks about it here really.[View]
137750472>That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the suburbs! >You unlock this door with eas…[View]
137752782Imagine joining the Devil just because you like butter[View]
137751781Is this true?: Did the Abomination Brothers really stole The Matrix from a real woman of color?…[View]
137753249Remember when a male getting a single earring was enough to cause a catastrophic scandal? I wonder i…[View]
137751401If it were a book how would it portray Patrick's character?[View]
137753200>Be poor deformed bastard >Scarjo lures you back to her house >She doesn't fuck you or…[View]
137753268What did Ptolemy mean by this: >Before him there were black people, after him everything was poss…[View]
137753264>moving to another city to study >not a single one of my 'friends' expressed in any way that t…[View]
137753072ITT: missed casting opportunities >a female Sherlock Holmes reboot[View]
137746286Why doesn't anyone take the Oscar awards seriously anymore?[View]
137751812Oh /tv/, I almost forgot about this! here...[View]
137751616'Im fucking gay, ova' here!'[View]
137751758Tetsuo the Iron Man: It is actually pretty deep.[View]
137750248Hello, first post on this board. I'm wondering what /tv/ thinks are the most imporant movie cri…[View]
137749021WTF why didn't anyone tell me Mary was Muslim?[View]
137752558Budget Theroux(louis' older brother) has made a documentary short about tiktok pedos in japan a…[View]
137751626>Hey, there's a balloon machine in the bathroom! I don't get it.…[View]
137751321Why didn't Bruce Wayne just hire a private militia to help him take out the Joker? The guy was …[View]
137752519We need more dark fantasy films. There's so much creative potential.[View]
137745950Raya and the last Dragon: Are you guys excited for it?[View]
137752619Post your favourite /tv/ commercials I'll start with a classic > https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
137751324Scottish propaganda[View]
137752661Do you like the Deadliest Catch series? and Who is the your favorite Skipper?[View]
137752585Is there any actor chad enough to play The Batman Who Laughs in the DCEU?[View]
137751055Disney Pixar Monkey King movie: >Disney Pixar is working on a new movie based on the legend of Su…[View]
137752459Are my fellow kinoiseurs ready for Lovecraft Kino?[View]
137752028New Dark DC Stories/Universe?: > “Todd called me and said, ‘I have this crazy idea for this sort …[View]
137738237ITT: Post Characters who are literally you I'll start[View]
137751769Is Blaxploitation based or cringe?[View]
137752277>I'm sorry I cannot go with you. >Tonight I have poker with Mr. Bond.…[View]
137748912>I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby >come with me friday, don't say maybe >…[View]
137752254TO WAAAAAAR[View]
137752326What are your thoughts on Dacre Montgomery, talented or just a pretty face?[View]
137750488Are there any films that deal with the depressing aspects of being a wagie? Office Space comes to mi…[View]
137752278allison season 1: >spends it all lamenting the loss of her daughter's custody >she bursts…[View]
137748806What did he mean by this?: >Jar Jar's the key to all this, if we get Jar Jar working. '…[View]
137752213What are some movies that illustrate the feeling of your ex linking you on tinder?[View]
137751901>This is Sauron without armor[View]
137752128Could a show like this be made today?[View]
137749116Did he deserve it?[View]
137750508Lost Media Thread: What's your 'holy grail'?[View]
137750527>Rome was canceled[View]
137747278What a fucking snoozefest. Why is this so highly rated?[View]
137746248>Egads, you foul wench! You haughty, contemptuous peasant! Your incessant assaults pierce my supp…[View]
137750114the commander in chief of the army of the confederation is literally Robert E. Lee with a light sabe…[View]
137734856The best Star Trek in over a decade[View]
137751513>Main character is a functioning alcoholic/druggie Half Nelson, Flight, Leaving Las Vegas…[View]
137752025heheheheh I should have you for dinner hehehehe[View]
137749184is he /ourguy/? Also Norsemen/Vikingane general[View]
137750081Silence of the Lambs: >You see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high-powere…[View]
137750279>creative exhaustion the show[View]
137750817>finish listening to Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina >go to close the incognito tab >my s…[View]
137751841Cunnysitters Club: What does /tv/ think of this Netflix kino? They’re not allowed to wear shoes in t…[View]
137751198List of films featuring time loops: post your favourite films from this list https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
137751102Obi-Wan (and Yoda too, for that matter) give Luke practically zero background information on the war…[View]
137749298Phineas and Ferb: Wait, Vanessa and Freb end up together? WHY? HOW? ISN'T HE YOUNGER ANYWAY??? …[View]
137751751Boring as fuck also the ending straight up copied Drive kek[View]
137751562Movies for clever people?[View]
137750356>find a film/series with an interesting premise on Netflix >add to watchlist >look forward …[View]
137751700What an fascinating story. So glad these girls are all still alive to tell it.[View]
137750056Movies about doctors?[View]
137749007In GLASS, would the sniper bullet have killed the beast it he hadn't turned?[View]
137748053ITT God-tier braphogs post your favorites[View]
137751533he or beet?[View]
137749964What are some good dinosaur movies besides the Jurassic Park/World ones?[View]
137750158>female reboot[View]
137749401>letterboxed film >subtitles still go over the visual part Why?…[View]
137751296Hey baby i hear the lungs a-wheezing Tossed phelum and scrambled health[View]
137751195Youtuber movies: These guys have a bit over 100k subscribers with most of their main videos getting …[View]
137747860Based Tropes: >bad guy teams up with good guy to defeat worst guy…[View]
137749181>female protagonist is partying in a club >stares at another girl >they immediately know th…[View]
137750111Heat (1995) still holds the best gunfight I ever seen. The sound is amazing.[View]
137750093Standup 'comedian' Stavros Halkias: How can someone be so repulsive?[View]
137749170ITT: Time to write some Jordan Peele´s Twilight Zone plots.[View]
137746971>Skinner: Er, um, we need a name that's witty at first, but that seems less funny each time …[View]
137750904So... Snoopdog invites weedlmao guests, they get high and then talk about useless shit in a stoner v…[View]
137748930Dad wants to watch Fight Club together again[View]
137749654>You know Walter, just because you killed Jesse's Jane doesn't make you Jesse's Ja…[View]
137750575>cover body in real tattoos >don't show them…[View]
137750656This movie was pretty good[View]
137750792What was his problem?[View]
137732408What was his problem?[View]
137746694Best Movie Titles: I'll start[View]
137748479Actors who died too early to experience twerking.[View]
137748388>There's a Mongol horde coming, Mr. Stussy. The population of Africa is set to quadruple in …[View]
137750857>not this time....[View]
137739328Will BDH ever sit on the director chair and produce masterpieces like she did in Mandolarian?[View]
137745505Just marathoned this, how did I feel about it?[View]
137746508How come film fans are always prefer watching and discussing older titles whilst anime always try to…[View]
137747998>857 days until Avatar 2[View]
137748382can i get some tldr[View]
137750650Sopranos 'to Junior!': so nobody saw that camera directly under the fucking name sign? are you kiddi…[View]
137750610Everybody hates Jar Jar, but honestly, he's the least of the prequels' problems. The bad w…[View]
137749726Cast them[View]
137750135Is it true that wizards and witches used to shit everywhere?[View]
137750500Movies about struggling to connect with other people?[View]
137750413He's literally me ![View]
137750421Post forgotten Kino[View]
137748270Men don't hit the wa-[View]
137750396You choc blocked me bro![View]
137746060Alexandra Daddario: Why she didnt make it big ?[View]
137749029>I'm nothing without my job[View]
137750263honestly, fun's fun but who needs it[View]
137747159Realistically, what could he be charged with? >defends his property from blatant home invaders …[View]
137748463Kathy Geiss[View]
137749451wtf is this fag's problem[View]
137749512its up https://youtu.be/RN8uoBwRr1k https://youtu.be/RN8uoBwRr1k https://youtu.be/RN8uoBwRr1k[View]
137749537Zac Efron to Star in 'Three Men and a Baby' Remake for Disney+: Gordon Gray, who last made…[View]
137749361Ornella, can you repeat that again?[View]
137747405Is he the father?[View]
137748827> I tell ya Mr Yo, it's the day I take orders from a NIGGER! Woah.... I don't remember …[View]
137727451What’s your opinion on the wildly popular and innovative news program ‘All Gas No Brakes’[View]
137748470Cartel kino[View]
137746580where's the torrent?[View]
137745539Why wont they let him in the MCU?[View]
137749867What are some kinos to watch after post op?[View]
137748001Why are these used to represent female power so often in film?[View]
137746087Why is he so handsome, bros?[View]
137749700For me its Marla Bloodstone from Gremlins 2: The New Batch[View]
137745901Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137746661Where is the trailer, Deni?[View]
137748802From Beyond (1986)[View]
137747089>our last winter caretaker went insane >don't worry, I'm not gonna go insane >goe…[View]
137742226Abraham leaving Rosita for this Negress was the biggest plothole in Walking Dead: Name a bigger JUST…[View]
137749552>my favourite director? John Boorman of course[View]
137749449Who should play the reclusive Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman in an unauthorized biopic?[View]
137748516>Here's the story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls....…[View]
137746853is this supposed to be bad[View]
137749312More kino like this?[View]
137747423Fuck Gus' blown off face, this is the most ridiculous thing that ever happened in Breaking Bad.…[View]
137741382No, Biff. You leave her alone.[View]
137749221How do directors get away with making bad movies? Does nobody else read the script?[View]
137748975It's elementary my dear Riker[View]
137743907>be me >12, edgy phase >google disturbing kinos >#1 is irreversible (2002) >decide to…[View]
137748681Lower decks, picard and discovery posters, your attention please. Your attempt to seize control of t…[View]
137748284Disney Jordan Peele movie: >Disney and director Jordan Peele are working on a new live action ori…[View]
137749165You guys are the heroes /tv/[View]
137743073>/v/ is making fun of /a/ again[View]
137747963Has /tv/ ever been bullied: I know this board is pretty famous and you all basically directed your o…[View]
137745546>First season could conclude the story >Second season ends with a cliffhanger…[View]
137745315Glaxy quest kino: How did sigourney weaver get so hot for this movie? I never found her attractive i…[View]
137744706What are some kino similar to bridesmaids and weeding crashers[View]
137742590Apocalypse Now: I've never seen it before, which version should i watch theatrical cut, redux o…[View]
137748797How did she find out about the origin world?[View]
137747786When and how exactly did this guy become the joke he is now?[View]
137748812Mars: Thoughts on this new Netflix series?[View]
137748740Cast him[View]
137748735>No Chief seriously there is something i dont understnad... >What is it Kowalski? >Despite …[View]
137747591Favourite movies with cyberpunk/dystopian future elements?[View]
137749609Do music videos count as /tv/? they are on the tv.[View]
137748660Was this scene realistic?[View]
137747214They did nothing wrong.[View]
137745770>Old star wars >Ferris Bueller >Back to the future Why dont they do manlet protagonist adv…[View]
137747700Any films like The Lover?[View]
137747092Cosmonaut Pavel, I'm NASA[View]
137747620Breaking Bad: Anyone else find Jesse's love of Science to be infectious?[View]
137748163Do you like this TV show?[View]
137744897Did Spider have it coming?[View]
137747853Hello, this is Thailand again: Reminding you all that we're the best place on Earth.[View]
137748240They interact with the bride way too much at all the weddings they crash. Any bride is gonna know w…[View]
137745017So Anon... I heard you have something to say to me[View]
137746878ITT: Actors you thought were actually tall. I didn't know DeNiro was such a short fella.[View]
137747740subtitle for russian movies: anons, where do you find english subtitles for russian movies? pic rel…[View]
137748061Listen up /tv/, I just got one thing to lay on you cats then I'll split: that I am declaring wa…[View]
137744220Sopranos thread: Was there a more kino scene than Junior becoming boss? Link and image related youtu…[View]
137744744I can't take it anymore I NEED new kinos I NEED to go to the cinema.[View]
137747816Lost or obscured movies: There are a lot of films out there seem to be lost to time or are buried so…[View]
137746759Can someone recommend me some /psp/ kino?[View]
137746328>this was a thing[View]
137746394>Start watching Entourage >Feel bad for E during the first season having to put up with everyo…[View]
137747107Me and my friends waiting for the Snyder cut release[View]
137745551I just wanted to say I love you guys and had a lot of fun talking tonight. Those convention threads …[View]
137747798I love him so much lads.[View]
137747833This is Portland now: and Antifa and BLM are Street Thunder[View]
137746289What was the last movie that you actually liked?[View]
137746970When did it all go wrong?[View]
137744727Is a female capable of understanding something like this?[View]
137747156Was this really a prequel to Fast n Furious film Franchise ?[View]
137747152Why aren't you watching her show?: https://youtu.be/bFDfX9qlaXg[View]
137746475What are some horror movies that actually have a plot and aren't just a sequence of retarded ju…[View]
137745738Kino about dealing with grief?[View]
137746766>put on movie from 2007 >HEY HEY YOU YOU I COULD BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND starts playing…[View]
137747245You sound like the ugliest son of a bitch I ever heard.[View]
137747183>2014 movie >EH EH OH EH OH[View]
137745455Give me a good comedy show to watch that is underrated[View]
137746064>dat zoo bee zoo[View]
137732201Why isn't Hollywood allowed to film here? What are they trying to hide?[View]
137746874Hail to the King Baby[View]
137746488>4chan......shit......im still on 4chan.....[View]
137746977Hey T, its me. Just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday[View]
137744642why did the hobbit trilogy not have contrarians come out and say its kino the way the star wars preq…[View]
137743107Epic Kinos: Which are the most 'Epic' films in your opinion? The ones that transcend the sheer scope…[View]
137746906How long before the woke brigade decides to cancel Hitchcock?: A lot of his movies are 'problematic'…[View]
137744831Who's your Gothamfu?[View]
137746832what are some movies where the bad guy was actually saving the world all along?[View]
137739842Why didn’t they just use a camera instead of a dude on a pole[View]
137746719>You were banned from all boards for the following reason: >Replying to off-topic garbage. …[View]
137745912What movie has the best end credits transition? Like the moment the end credits pop up on screen. Al…[View]
137745445What does /tv/ think of this show?[View]
137746549Your opinion?[View]
137740783>Enter!......Yes what is it, anon?[View]
137744919Name a manlier show You cant[View]
137744715>He lists 'plot-holes' in his review as legitimate complaints Daily reminder anyone who does this…[View]
137746611I once was lost, but now I've found TRUMP.[View]
137746582Hey tuesday, pig'n a poke.[View]
137743698F >https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/08/entertainment/jonah-hill-dead-massive-heart-attack/index.ht…[View]
137746464Cast them[View]
137746280>I get no replies I tell ya! >I got no (You)s. >It's hard to make a thread nowadays …[View]
137736800>6 years ago today[View]
137744998>Mike, please, I apologize for saying Star Trek is stupid[View]
137744709Neytiri is...[View]
137744634This has got to be the worst show ive ever seen. It feels like it was made by people that have no id…[View]
137745933You've got to save the future, Electric Rod Boy.[View]
137744901Kinos about disappointment?[View]
137742525Has he apologized yet for this?[View]
137740569FOOD ALRIGHT?[View]
137734595This movie is 20 years old. What was the reaction like to this CG?[View]
137744820oh no[View]
137745662What the fuck happened?[View]
1377447544chan, really? A man of your talents?[View]
137743642Sophia Lillis is a black woman: Breaking News: Sophia Lillis is a black woman[View]
137745364Old Godzilla was hopping around >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQR5kX5ppXo…[View]
137745059Scenes in film or television that got you[View]
137744563Why don't natives make movies?[View]
137743800What's your opinion on Troma films, /tv/?[View]
137743896Tron Ares: How come nobody here told me about this https://deadline.com/2020/08/garth-davis-tron-seq…[View]
137745172Biopic when?[View]
137743486What about him needs to changed for the actual show?[View]
137745715Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137745183Είσαι ο Μαρκάτος;[View]
137743440This is the T-X. She was created by Skynet to counteract reprogrammed Terminators, and she is my wai…[View]
137741162what happened?[View]
137733636The most embarrassing show that /tv/ was ever obsessed with[View]
137745106Cruise' best performance? Yes or no?[View]
137743482What the fuck, man. This poor dude couldn't catch a break.[View]
137743336>Lesbian >Gets raped by Bond >Taste a dick >She’s now heterosexual…[View]
137744701What steps in life must I take to become more like Dr. Hannibal Lecter?[View]
137742476So Obi-Wan hands Luke a lightsaber without explaining how it works and obviously Luke points the bla…[View]
137745400OH N-[View]
137743076Female pedos: Films with female pedos, aka the rarest type of movie. Seriosly why is this narrative …[View]
137743233If you could spend Mother's Day with any fictional character from /tv/ - Television & Film,…[View]
137742881Movies with unnecessary sex scenes: A good example is Terminator. During the morning after scene in …[View]
137745185This is literally American Dad the movie[View]
137743397Post good war films. Bonus if they are not from american point of view.[View]
137743687This movie achieves something very special that I cant quite put into words.[View]
137745245>Halfway through second episode >'Oh yeah, Paul Haynes was great at fact checking. He basicall…[View]
137745099This film is terrifying holy shit[View]
137745329>DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK![View]
137745239Mann's Best: Try to refute this. You literally can't. MV is pure 2KINO.[View]
137744798What was his endgame?[View]
137744938god I wish I was that orange[View]
137740991Lakeith About To Commit 'Suicide': What did he find out that they don't want us to know?[View]
137740436just finished season 4, when does it get bad?[View]
137744582'Captain Marvel 2': Brie Larson Reportedly Does Not Want to Be Overshadowed: http://archiv…[View]
137745212What are some pacific front kino?[View]
137744581WINston: Are there any other decent Churchill flicks besides Darkest Hour?[View]
137738796Is it peak parody kino?[View]
137740958Season 1-3: >a perfect example of a powerful female character Season 4+: >a literal yasssqueen…[View]
137745035What are some movies that depict the miserable existence of wagecucking? Already seen Office Space[View]
137726576>blows away his grandparents with a hunting rifle after his mom sends him to live with them cause…[View]
137743333Are you righteous? Kind? Does your confidence lie in this? Are you loved by all? Know that I was, to…[View]
137737923Do you relate with AJ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afXM4LlY4vE[View]
137744854how can one man have so many female fans who smell funny?[View]
137744265NOT OUR JIMMY[View]
137743992Underrated Kino: Nobody ever talks about Coriolanus yet it's great.[View]
137743054Favorite alcoholic kinos? Just watched Flight, I remember watching that Paul Giamatti movie where he…[View]
137744755Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137744815>made out with a girl in my dream again kinos for this feel?[View]
137744530>hey beat it jannie! This don't concern you!![View]
137744026What is the /tv/ equivalent of this album...?[View]
137743801Dead Man's Chest: Pretty kino sequel all in all, but can someone explain why the fuck there wer…[View]
137744382Movies for this feel?[View]
137739453Only virgins hate Grandpa Joe[View]
137742167patrick schwarzenegger abby champion: disgusting[View]
137740789High Fantasy Movies or Shows: Good evening anons. I am looking for some high fantasy recommendations…[View]
137742826Why this movie flopped? Its fucking Pokemon[View]
137744644VOILA!!: In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vic…[View]
137744626Why no NuPicard?[View]
137738471ITT: Gen X Celebrities as children: She looks pretty nuch the same[View]
137737607Was Halle Berry really paid $500,000 to go topless in swordfish? Are there a lot of celebs that go n…[View]
137740773Have you ever watched a film just to see one actor in it?[View]
137742579Films about being invaded by double digit IQ retards because their daycare was closed down?[View]
137740570>Eats your fucking food >Sleeps in your shithole motel >Banging a wonderful, strong feminis…[View]
137744419>dating newmans old hag seinfelds a beta[View]
137742185Why is japanese media industry so unoriginal? They have produced enormous amount of various media co…[View]
137741070You know they're gonna remake it in 30 years right[View]
137743617Little House: Little House on the Prairie thread[View]
137742757>when you say your sister...do you mean your sister....or your...friend...…[View]
137735189Thoughts? Overrated? Underrated? Appropriately rated?[View]
137743927Can you think of anything to top it /tv/?[View]
137743441What are some horror movies that involve rape?[View]
137743285who was in the wrong here?[View]
137744001'One day, someone like me is gonna kill you, and your whole fucking race!' what did he mean by this?…[View]
137742042How to save Star Wars?: I say give this man a shot.[View]
137744191So, how's that acting career going, anon? Sure you've landed some minor roles by now, righ…[View]
137742354why did he do it?[View]
137736626Midgets in Film: I feel like I used to see a lot more midgets in film. Not even necessarily playing …[View]
137742040Who is your favorite female comedian?[View]
137743381Janie's got a gun[View]
137744156This was a good movie.[View]
137740327How come millennials have failed to create a single good film?[View]
137743374>1.78m tall manlet >born in 1965, old geezer >slays prime Angelina and Halle >gets more …[View]
137743929If he was in the closet about being a separatist why the fuck was he dressing up in one of those Nei…[View]
137742644>before you know it you're a hideous, bottom of society woman who still doesn't matter …[View]
137742403Was it a tour de force or a glib facsimile?[View]
137733587Why wasn't he also played by a black guy?[View]
137733679What's next for Sabrina Carpenter?[View]
137743772>Execute Order 69 Would Episode III still be the best film of the series if this surprisingly lew…[View]
137743419Scarface: Why was he so autistic?[View]
137741851>that's the hottest sauce out there? https://youtu.be/3yji2djI8r8?t=403…[View]
137738659How can such a boring film be made?[View]
137743385any /tv/ 'villains' that actually did nothing wrong?[View]
137742968We're talkin' softball... From Maine to San Diego. Talkin' softball... Mattingly and …[View]
137742073Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137741306My master Sauron the great bids THEE WELCOME[View]
137741210What was his fucking problem?[View]
137741644I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
137734941Actors when they were your age: Mel Gibson >33 years old >...…[View]
137713991Can't we just settle this over a pint?[View]
137743430Do you think the guy from RetroBlasting beats his wife? If so... how would that be like? Lol[View]
137741034Absolute Kino of a flick! 10/10 ranchy actionhero blast[View]
137742202to be fair it was a little bit insulting. telling someone they're funny after making a joke, it…[View]
137740506I've never watched a Steven Seagal movie and I want to change that. What's the best thing …[View]
137743323Help with movie name: Can't remember movie name. I don't know if this has spoilers A movi…[View]
137739065>Get out of the left lane you stupid asian bitch How did Seth get away with this?…[View]
137735162>you will never see this episode again[View]
137743171What are your favorite bicycle tours in movies or TV shows?[View]
137743137What did he see /tv/?[View]
137738803Should i watch Apostle on Netflix? I'm bored..is it based or cringe?[View]
137738710Subway > Leon the Professional[View]
137740102Matthew Perry: What went wrong?[View]
137740167mindhunter: marathoned the first 30 mins of episode 1 and this shit is extremely cringy. What's…[View]
137738859Versus Thread: Which is the more underrated Arnold flick?[View]
137740912I'm looking for some transformative films e.g. The Station Agent, and Mary and Max[View]
137742111For me? It's James Gandolfini[View]
137741574Is the new Planet of the Apes series better than the original?[View]
137742903Why did this assblast everyone here? Like I understand it was rushed as fuck (like all of Season 7) …[View]
137742844It's the /tv/ show with our very special guest stars Chuck and Sneed[View]
137731094How do you go from this[View]
137742729>critic is a film school graduate[View]
137740826Why did it fail?[View]
137719178Jurassic park: Dennis Nedry never meant to kill anyone. he timed his escape for when the tour was ov…[View]
137741424>black man strapped to a chair by a white suburban nuclear family >dogs barking and kids playi…[View]
137724400Darth Vader Burger.[View]
137742129What is the /tv/ equivalent of this album?[View]
137741853You're a filmmaker. Which one do you cast in your movie?[View]
137740792Recommend me something mindless and entertaining. Nothing deep or controversial or challenging. Just…[View]
137739015Which of the Cannes Grand Prix-winning films are worth watching, /tv/? I picked one at random (from …[View]
137739070>I'm afraid my conditioners have left me COLD to your pleas of mercy…[View]
137742080So, the Dune movie adaptation is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2020 and I finished readin…[View]
137737684/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137733677Would you watch a real snuff film?[View]
137741330So i found a website that had this show, i clicked play on ep 1 and watched it until ep 4 or 5, i th…[View]
137739988Ey Rick! M'ask you somethin, why don't you Shanepost no more mang?[View]
137741815Chicken Joe: Sheboygan, Wisconsin[View]
137741770Will you watch it?[View]
137739457go crazy?[View]
137741105ZeroZeroZero: Holy fucking K I N O. Why didn't you guys tell me about this show earlier? Jesus …[View]
137733740How long do you think you'd be able to hold up under interrogation?[View]
137741729recommend to me some riot kino[View]
137740462>You're 32 and she just turned 20 you cradle robbing son of a bitch. Bet that gets you off h…[View]
137741195Hello Betsy. Hi, it's Travis. How ya doin'? Listen, uh, I'm, I'm sorry about the…[View]
137741555can anyone compete when it comes to history kino?[View]
137740920why are zoomers such uncultured, consumerist trash?[View]
137741400Seinfelt was never funny. It was aired because reasons.[View]
137741373This waifu insert ruined the new season. I wanted ROTS kino, not more OC circle jerking and villain …[View]
137740975Korra is a gym mom: She lets me jerk off to her while she works out. Afterwards we both get nude. Sh…[View]
137741231I'm hearing rumors that Jeff Sokol has died: Is it true or bullshit?[View]
137738206Shrek is the best Animated Movie by far ever made in America[View]
137741213watch sunny. kino.[View]
137740624Why did americans go from being the 'cool good guys' to being the 'ugly losers and not so good guys'…[View]
137739608Starting in 30 mins or so, heard it was scary, pic related[View]
137741163>be soldier in Eomer's cavalry >get sent 600 leagues away by Theoden >some old man on …[View]
137741136>overtly leers at female partner's boobs >offended by accusations of adultery Seems legit…[View]
137741132What does /TV/ think of this show?[View]
137739209>2020... I am forgotten What the fuck even happened? There were Wes Watson threads daily when he …[View]
137740749why is psycho so good[View]
137737516>45 >no kids >no wife Where did he go wrong?…[View]
137739650Meeting with Producer tomorrow, lost in own work: Hey /tv Long story short, I am in post production …[View]
137738547How did he last 13 years?[View]
137737987Which was better?: Let’s end this /tv/[View]
137736901>try to watch musical >get embarrassed after first couple songs and have to turn it off Why? W…[View]
137740679>”youtube isn’t cinem-“[View]
137740784Was Audrey the perfect woman?[View]
137737023Bad movies that aren't really as bad as they're let on to be[View]
137740325>Women are stupid and I don't respect them[View]
137739488I was trying to watch a movie about a black dude who flies planes, fucks whores, and does coke, not …[View]
137739676finally a character i can self-insert as[View]
137739476There is a three tittied catwoman dancer in Star Trek: The Final Frontier.[View]
137737515So they really caught him because he painted a house green?[View]
137726860Why didnt you see it in theatres, anon: ?[View]
137737866Is it kino?[View]
137737132How did this no-talent fatso even make it to US television?[View]
137739469>its a Vivian centered episode[View]
137740351I'm the next Kubrick.[View]
137735610Cast him: How kino would this movie be, brehs?[View]
137740519Endings That Make You Think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fKbzX7-I2Y >Amanda falls unconsciou…[View]
137740228did he honestly do anything wrong?[View]
137738600>Tonight's forecast a FREEZE is coming[View]
137739294Movies featuring fiesty chicanas[View]
137737722Jack Nicholson eating at a Lakers game.[View]
137739264Dialog that didn't make sense: >See you at the party, Richter' How is Richter supposed to at…[View]
137739870>All of the Americans are asleep, I finally have inner—peace[View]
137735852Hey drangus[View]
137735513Would you ever name your child after a character from a movie or TV show?[View]
137739199Was it kino?[View]
137736273I'm only 30 minutes in, but holy fuck this movie is depressing. I thought he was just a robot. …[View]
137738945The Matrix was always about protesting police brutality.: The Wachowski fags never stated this but t…[View]
137726499Qui-gon is named after Quigong from Daoism, it means 'do nothing' and alludes to the 'effo…[View]
137739313>Black could be anywhere: Could this scene be made today?[View]
137740207If they were so smart why didn't they make their parents' deaths look like an accident rat…[View]
137739388Sorcerer: It is now time to talk about this kino. What did I think of it, lads?[View]
137740147film: Thread for the intellectual discussion of sharthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>137…[View]
137739632>that episode of The Bernie Mac Show where Jordan get's stuck in a hot air balloon at his bi…[View]
137739052>Japanese cine-[View]
137740052The Double: What did (you) think? I found it rather uplifting in all its bleakness.[View]
137738137I'm going to trust you: Okay /tv/, without trying to be 'le snuff' post absolute kino…[View]
137739869Did he deserve better?[View]
137739700why did she break so quickly while all the others were hangin out with the one ring for months and w…[View]
137738502Nice night for a walk.[View]
137736714Because after dinner, everybody ought to have a cigar. So, I tried it, well, the rest is history. I…[View]
137739671Was this a good film, what did you think about it?[View]
137739257wtf was there problems?[View]
137733339These are the new DCEU actors that will be announced at DC Fandome: From what I understand, they…[View]
137738800CHONG LI! CHONG LI! CHONG LI![View]
137739228Underbelly: What does /tv/ think of the Australia Crime Drama series Underbelly?[View]
137731071Did she get what she deserved?[View]
137739524>What killed the dinosaur's Batman? The ICE age[View]
137739466>Vince, whyrewefilming my scenes first?[View]
137738738Why do people meme that he can’t act? He’s legit the best part of whatever he’s in.[View]
137738873Why isn't he in anything these past 15 years? The dude is a good actor[View]
137738604When I was 12 seeing this for the first time I didn’t think it looked that bad.[View]
137739315Tfw no Rich Evans friend irl[View]
137716113Large portions of everything, and anything we don't take, THROW OUT THE WINDOW![View]
137735515what do you want to see in the next jurassic world?[View]
137739061WATT'S UP?[View]
137734752....NOT gay sex[View]
137735299So now that its picked up for a first season: How good will it be? Will Helluva Boss get picked up o…[View]
137738478>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
137738850>I could squash you like a bug right now. Oh. Squash him. Like a bug. Like a spider. Because you …[View]
137738958>I'M A GOOFY N-WORD! It's a shame Sam didn't get to realise his vision by having h…[View]
137737650What does /tv/ think of this kino[View]
137737087looking for a black and white movie, which I've seen several clips & images throughout my l…[View]
137732787Terminator 3 is purified pleb filter. It filters T2 babies on so many levels. It deconstructs John C…[View]
137735445Opinions on the film Lawn Dogs? Would it ever get made today?[View]
137738410What are some good things to watch in the background while working from home?[View]
137738968Breaking Bad's cast is too white: I think we should either cancel the show or remake it complet…[View]
137736448Why did George McFly employ the guy who tried to rape his wife in high school?[View]
137733983What exactly would you say Star Wars is all about? What is its essence of story?[View]
137716027Supernatural: CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON[View]
137738795*leans forward*: What about the flat tire?[View]
137738149>classic raypunk on my slate to watch this week.[View]
137738752Chinese/Taiwanese tv series recommendation: So I just watched The bad kids and I think China is gett…[View]
137738270I fucked Obi Wan[View]
137738304>he rates his movies using a numerical scoring system[View]
137738582I missed you baby sweet.[View]
137738517One of the most Reddit movies I've ever seen.[View]
137738479Where can one get a hat like this?[View]
137737251When I came to open up one morning, there you were, with your head half in the toilet, your hair …[View]
137738419shows that made you feel like this[View]
137738296>tfw you see it[View]
137737613What did they mean by this?[View]
137735017What's another good poser filter movie? One that you know if someone praises they are just doin…[View]
137738258Who will play The Dr. Manhattan Who Laughs in S2 of HBO's Watchmen?[View]
137738341What are some kinos about overcoming hardship?[View]
137737337itt: post a movie and then 2 movies that do it better: Midsommar (better scandinavian pagan horror) …[View]
137731443ITT: Best movie posters[View]
137738220Friends: Is this the ultimate normie show? My mom loves it and I think its complete unfunny garbage…[View]
137734331Which of these shows was better (in its prime)?[View]
137736269That's not what you said last night[View]
137736472You ever wonder what you would do if you somehow got superpowers, Peter? As in, life-changing powers…[View]
137737577so this is just an allegory about being trans, right?[View]
137737003>Sheldon! Have you been listening Oswald Mosley speeches again![View]
137738148>You have done an excelent Job raising your team Mr.Bond but my Milktank and My Garchomp are the …[View]
137735342Why did critics hate Temple of Doom so much? I’ve actually come to like it a little bit more than La…[View]
137738108Thoughts on Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes?[View]
137736566Say it[View]
137737929This literally makes zero sense Like in the episode where Dale burned down the Fire Department, Boom…[View]
137737632Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?[View]
137734373What are your hopes for season 4 of stranger things?[View]
137734044ITT: Washed up Actors who sold out to China: >During World War II, five different Chinese people …[View]
137736690The only good thing about this was the opening, then I would switch channel.[View]
137737794Why did Suicide Squad 2 get canceled?[View]
137737879>Yoh! Mr.bond, i Saw you running through the river Moments ago, i'm waiting for the circule …[View]
137726900/film/: Charley Varrick Edition : 'Pipe hittin' n*****' Thread for the intellectual d…[View]
137725032Indiana Jones is Cancelled: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5wnay/indiana-jones-has-aged-terribl…[View]
137737545>My apologize, but my last card is a +4, so i win.[View]
137737255Why was Hellboy in Star Wars?[View]
137735999Fun Fact: If they ever named a plaza after Aubrey Plaza it would be called Aubrey Plaza Plaza.…[View]
137737740Comfy Rust[View]
137737720/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137737454people actually think this was better than the original? hahaha holy shit[View]
137736653Actors who hit the wall and maxxed out their looks[View]
137735284>will never get in a fight with someone long as you live >spent hours a day training for self …[View]
137737656WASSUP! BANG BANG![View]
137737370Seen Been[View]
137732251This movie fucking sucked.[View]
137736338Is there anyway we can save her?[View]
137735437Why was Metallica on the Simpsons?[View]
137735440So we can all agree he's a bluepilled liberal version of Sam Hyde, right?[View]
137737523Who should play Dean “Candy Man” Corl in the much needed biopic[View]
137735587Budget Theroux(louis' older brother) has made a documentary short about tiktok pedos in japan a…[View]
137737281Aye Corona! watchin' me some 'Blue Lagoon', in the nude, of course. you have to get into the sp…[View]
137737349I can't believe Puss in Boots got Coronavirus[View]
137736223can someone help me with the name of this movie?: I remember watching this movie when i was a kid. I…[View]
137737452>I'M A GOOFY N-WORD! It's a shame Sam didn't get to realise his vision by having h…[View]
137732485For me, it's Splash Mountain.[View]
137730807Do you lament the fall of Rick and Morty?[View]
137734240So was he really psychic or just psyching them out in the end?[View]
137734137>Mr. Stussy, did you know the US Senate recently passed a bill to give lsrael a minimum of $38 bi…[View]
137734432>JACK BE NIMBLE, JACK BE QUICK...[View]
137737158>blocks your path.[View]
137737167Movies with incoherent plots that end up recieving critical acclimation due to pressures from their …[View]
137737182Run while you still can anon.[View]
137737036>What a impresive resolution by yours Mr.Bond but I call UNO, first.[View]
137737284The Today Show's Natalie Morales is a slut: I've been seeing on other forums that this chi…[View]
137736894Any realistic portrayal of shy stalkers in TV or Film?[View]
137731986Whats the best movie youve ever seen stoned?[View]
137737094JUST: Compound Media is going bankrupt and it's bleeding onto Ant's bank account, they hav…[View]
137735709>Well, the truth is, in Judaism, there’s very little hellish imagery. What’s funny is, as a kid I…[View]
137736303He did nothing wrong.[View]
137736904Ask a Pepsi sales rep anything[View]
137736802It seems I own both the Boardwalk and Park Place, Mr. Bond.[View]
137735934With talks of a reboot, how will they do it without John C Witherspoon? I know deep fakes exist but …[View]
137735479Why do we feel nostalgic towards the 80's if we didn't live in it?[View]
13773494210 Real Videos You Can't Find On The Internet: Here is something interesting for you, /tv/. Thi…[View]
137731851Dorner: The Movie: Given the uneasy racial tensions in our country today, what if a film was made on…[View]
137734318Why did she have to tell Bart she had a boyfriend?[View]
137733295ITT: actors that compel you to watch a movie no matter how shitty it is: I’ll start[View]
137735337could this filipina actress make it in the US[View]
137734062What will his theme be?[View]
137735793>So we looked at the data.[View]
137736707kino PSAs & commercials https://vimeo.com/239714978[View]
137735954Are there any movies or shows you outgrew?[View]
137731795/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137735224did they ever?[View]
137736598Movie when?[View]
137734343What makes a movie 'arthouse' ? no sperging please[View]
137736221>'take that silly mask off' what did Rian Johnson mean by this?[View]
137729466What the fuck was JK thinking?[View]
137736089Japanese Horror in the internet era: Pulse and Perfect Blue are really good examples of one of my mo…[View]
137735909What did /tv/ think of the Nerd Crew?[View]
137736424It’s the jacket![View]
137730127Where's the Peep Show thread Jeremy?[View]
137734230Were they trying to destroy Star Wars?: I really don't get it[View]
137732455Why aren’t you watching NOS4A2?[View]
137734722Was it kino?[View]
137735907Horny Old Men: That's the good grape juice.[View]
137734204Howard the Duck had a nice romance wouldn't you agree?[View]
137735539>new job >female coworker has two gay friends whom she kisses in the lips regularly >one we…[View]
137734955>watching a Zack Snyder film[View]
137735978Do people actually do coke in bathrooms?[View]
137734793What is the film equivalent to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons?: Unironically asking[View]
137728441>Horror movie >They use a lightning strike for a jump scare.…[View]
137735011I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
137734758Is she a good actress /tv/?[View]
137734618what movie has the best onscreen representation of demons?[View]
137733616Cast her.[View]
137735906Whoa.: So this is the white culture chuds want to preserve.[View]
137735893Why doesn't Trevor get more roles? I don't even like gta but he's a good actor.[View]
137735889so if palpatine could just clone himself why didnt he commision a clone army of himself back during …[View]
137735845>director includes yet another wisecracking one-eyed frog sidekick[View]
137735846Imagine, if you will, a man whose work is to clean up after others: a janitor. There's nothing …[View]
137735562what does he eat?[View]
137729862Joel Kinnaman Eyed For Kraven In Marvel Studios' SPIDER-MAN 3: https://www.murphysmultiverse.co…[View]
137735015IT'S A JOKE[View]
137733892>I'm Buck, and I'm here to fuck[View]
137735706Lost films thread. I'll post first. -Shoeshine Boy (later titled Prank) (2000)[View]
137731393Christian Bale is Gorr the God-Butcher, in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER: >Gorr is an intergalactic warr…[View]
137735506>Actually I always meant for the savior of humanity to be an LGBT latinx woman, the studios just …[View]
137735630>Spends 5 minutes blathering until he reaches an idiotic punchline Why do people like him again?…[View]
137735574What are some non-full-retard critically panned movies that you enjoy?[View]
137732936What’s some good contrarian kino? >everyone hates Trump so I like him >everyone wears masks so…[View]
137734544Any atheist kinos?: Also, Just a reminder: Countless people have died because of YOUR god[View]
137735181Name my band[View]
137735152>Control Quentin Tarantino and Jennifer Aniston in a '90s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game htt…[View]
1377355379-1-1 LGBTQIA+: >decide to try a new show >enjoy procedural police dramas like Law & Order…[View]
137732854>vampire awakes from his slumber >tube piano starts playing in the background…[View]
137735394https://youtu.be/DbX2P9IyzLI >Si quiere' vivir mejor >Si quiere' vivir mejor >Si …[View]
137732115DRINK ME![View]
137735196Any kino for a forbidden relationship between a girl soon to be 17 and a guy soon to be 30 ?? Pic un…[View]
137735336This is I believes calleds food libraries[View]
137734610Your momma's so fat she has type 2 diabetes, AND congestive heart failure! Snap![View]
137718914No More 4k Blu-Ray Releases From Disney: >“Beyond new release theatrical titles, animated fare fr…[View]
137734673>Just 8.6 Fuck IMDB users[View]
137733470Actually pretty fun actresses Can’t rarely name a few possibly cate blanchett also[View]
137735185Why don't you film yourself while you watch movies, /tv/? You could be making a lot of money.[View]
137730443ITT: Characters who would refuse to wear a mask[View]
137734655So what do you think Austin Powers 4 should be about? Pic related is the best I've seen so far…[View]
137735071Why are they so blatant with it? https://youtu.be/VS08cWZrlQA[View]
13772870990 Dat Fiance -> Game Thread: >90 Day: B90 >90 Day: The other Way >90 Day: Pillow Talk L…[View]
137734788Why is Jai Courtney incredibly boring and wooden in everything else I've ever seen him in, flat…[View]
137731208Oh shit she's turning into Hillary Clinton[View]
137734992I usually like Michael Bay but: Fuckin yikes[View]
137734858>cavill has one half brown eye and black hair Shitskin comfirmed Look at this non white subhuman…[View]
137728868When did you realise you've been mostly consuming childtens media all along?[View]
137734140Everything you consume has passed through the censors: let that sink in https://youtu.be/wgj8V3OMrjU…[View]
137734840What does /tv/ think about english actor Johnny sneed?[View]
137733427Jonah wins: >Great, I will give Brad a call and negotiate the fee. Maybe the both of us can have …[View]
137732314Disney+'s MS. MARVEL Character Breakdowns: >KAMALA KHAN / MS. MARVEL (Female, Pakistani-Amer…[View]
137734333Chungking Express: I really dug this movie. 90s as fuck, great film for sad boi hours.[View]
137733844now that the dust has settled, what did you think of the Dora the Explorer live action film?[View]
137734744ITT Potential super villains in the future.[View]
137734728>fucks her bf life so hard he ends up in a turkish prison >still has the gall to demand his he…[View]
137734717Why are movies from 1998-2011 so full of jokes about fat people? I want to watch some movies with my…[View]
137730584>No new movies in cinema until july 2021 because americans refuse to wear a small fucking peace o…[View]
137730929And then he turns himself into a pickle![View]
137732165I've been watching old RLM and Jay Bauman said he really liked The Dark Knight Rises in his rev…[View]
137731193What's the deal with this movie? Should I watch it or not?[View]
137731975Comfiest movies and shows to help you forget how depressed and lonely you are.[View]
137734197>Well Johnson, what do you have on our main suspect? >He fits the profile of a possible mass s…[View]
137733306What's a computer?[View]
137733612>New kids on the block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick Ok how the FUCK did he get…[View]
137734118>MAKE SAFE THE CITY >REFORM THE LINE >CHARGE was theoden fucking retarded? why not just kit…[View]
1377327081972 - 2020[View]
137734215What are some movies with this theme?[View]
137733345Hello Brian[View]
137732905https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wQpHTnji68 what a fucking joke[View]
137731598>$250 price Will you be buying the full set /tv/?[View]
137733951I just noticed this while browsing through IMDb's top 250 list and was wondering is it really g…[View]
137733517>it's a ranger shoots a furry on the side of the road and pretends he thought it was a coyot…[View]
137732281So i guess it was confirmed that this was the 'Cis straight white male' filter episode huh?[View]
137732876>It's Monday night and you're browsing 4chan's Televison & Film board >Sudd…[View]
137733646Why was shot in reality TV format?[View]
137734074>Director is Jewish[View]
137734066He killed millions...[View]
137732798How can one man wield this much power?[View]
137731336Kino where the MC has anal at a young age[View]
137733871>Dooku's a political idealist, not a murderer! >First to falsely accuse Ashoka of bombing…[View]
137733487Mr. Shekelsberg, Can I go home?[View]
137732389You guys tricked me: After hearing the hype surrounding this movie I convinced my parents to buy it …[View]
137728271>You see clout is all that matters, you would suck my dick if you had the chance. The sad thing i…[View]
137732993Arrest development: Why was Michael such a chicken?[View]
137732391Curb Your Enthusiasm S9 and S10 General Curb Discussion as well: I hate to be the sort who lets poli…[View]
137732231Rosebud Frozen Peas...full of country goodness and green peaness.[View]
137733822bring the bottle back[View]
137728459What happened to that Lost reboot we were gonna get?[View]
137727061>watch any European or South American film >drawn out sex scenes for no reason >long shots…[View]
137733537What makes this borderline experimental?[View]
137733577how is this a 5/10? it’s an 11/10 romcom. i’m stunned[View]
137732171>I'm the bad guy?[View]
137717017This is really confusing. I've read it 5 times and I still don't know what this show on Ne…[View]
137733745Landscapes in film: Which ones are required viewing?[View]
137728034How come no one ever talks about these movies or the actors of them?[View]
137733639what did Lynch mean by this[View]
137733417lord of the rings zoom reunion: why is it so depressing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_U0S6x_kCs…[View]
137732709Be honest Do you actually watch tv? I haven't watched anything on cable or broadcast in years a…[View]
137733465reminder: >If you're Jewish and a faggot in Hollywood, you can get away with whatever you wa…[View]
137733432Will it be reddit?[View]
137733549If something like 'Hamilton' can be made into a film and released online, why not a far su…[View]
137731933Adventure Kino: Man this was good. And why does Michael Caine keep crossing paths with Martini-Henry…[View]
137731437> Oh boy, it's time to auto erotic asphyxiate myself. My penis sure is in for a treat.…[View]
137733401>come in with the milk >come in with the milk >come in with the milk >come in with the m…[View]
137731113Why was Gandalf called a wizard when he was clearly a warlock?[View]
137732181how come there's not hot actresses from japan besides her?[View]
137731724has Bill Nye recovered from this?[View]
137731042Redeemed Vader(ROTJ) is teleported to Jakku at the start of TFA. What changes?[View]
137727039How did she get away with it? Is the woman card + jew card combo?[View]
137732514What does /tv/ think of Lindsay Anderson?[View]
137731823What is OBJECTIVELY the best flick to watch whilst going through a couple of crates of beer with the…[View]
137733355Name a better and more talented cast in the history of tv shows. You can't.[View]
137733344Why is everyone so asshurt that she acts like a prick with her guests? She's a fucking comedian…[View]
137733343Who was in the wrong-LOOK DADDY I'M A FARMER![View]
137731516For me, it's Cindy from Chicks Who Love Guns[View]
137731814this episode is comically bad. I cant watch it[View]
137732313>yfw you lose the Battle of Actium[View]
137733198Dont let the bed bugs bite[View]
137730759you are a big gay[View]
137733134Dead Poets Society: >character kills himself because his dad is propping him up to go to Harvard …[View]
137733129Captain Marvel 2: how hyped are you?[View]
137733120Kino coming through https://youtu.be/3KYEzXQZlRQ[View]
137727931Cast him[View]
137731742What is the best spaceship in /tv/ - Television & Film?[View]
137732767Best movie of the '10s?[View]
137728171I’ve already seen Lolita what are some similar kinos[View]
137730230Just a reminder that this movie is a pleb filtering masterpiece[View]
137733024How many minutes of American television and film does it take to equal one minute of gay porn?[View]
137723470let's discuss (without /pol/tards)[View]
137732802Goat /tv/ couples[View]
137732949Paolo Bonacelli: Favorite Bonacelli film? Mine would have to be Salo, while Caligula is a close seco…[View]
137732762WandaVision (2020) General[View]
137732229The fuck did I just watch? How was this made in current year?[View]
137731484Why was it so kino?[View]
137732669Pls recommend me the best films about the ww1[View]
137732749Essential faggot kino?[View]
137732416I don't get it. Why did he fucked his friend?[View]
137732775>Mr. Stussy, did you know the US Senate recently passed a bill to give lsraeI a minimum of $38 bi…[View]
137732623Post your favorite movie and anons judge you for it[View]
137726744Do you want a sequel?[View]
137724991What does /tv/ think of the award not winning show Big Mouth? It is a comedy hit? or is a controvers…[View]
137717976Malcolm in the Middle reunion: RIP in peace Dewey edition[View]
137731538Were they kino?[View]
137730616Lost media thread? Lost media thread.[View]
137729898What did Kubrick know?[View]
137732466I'm thinking of writing a SPVW sequel script. Scott forget his anniversary so they break up. Sc…[View]
137732517Childs: Was it him, /tv/?[View]
137730832Uhhh Nelson what are you doing?[View]
137732334Why did he fix his tie? Surly he had bigger worries at the moment[View]
137729700Do manchildren like these exist irl?[View]
137732430is /tv/ really going to pay for that?: >Justice League Scyder cut >literally the same garbage …[View]
137721492Movies that were or still are in development hell[View]
137730826Is Come and See a good movie or just a meme movie?[View]
137729196Is it Whiterpoon's peak?[View]
137730346what should I watch while I eat my Stekums dinner? random pic unrelated but if it was kino I'd …[View]
137729984>me in 2010: Man, that Macgruber movie sure was funny! I really wish they’d make a sequel! >fi…[View]
137731916Sean Connery voted best Bond: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/aug/10/sean-connery-voted-best-b…[View]
137732244I just found a loop hole to finding the best movies on rotten tomatoes: Put the tomato meter from 0-…[View]
137732241Im worried about Cody: What can we do to help?[View]
137731326>we need a menacing black guy with a smooth voice >say no more…[View]
137729972Will it be kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wogleLdPk38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo094wb…[View]
137730676>Is solving a mystery >Name is Solverson BRAVO COENS…[View]
137730889>He called you names. He called you a little piece of chicken.[View]
137730823Here's your She Hulk bro.[View]
137731292What’s some good secret service kino? Anything that has to do with the secret service protecting the…[View]
137732069holy shit[View]
137721635What was the message of this movie?[View]
137706371you guys always talk about the best depiction of the devil in movies what about the best depiction o…[View]
137731515>movie is set in america >the currency is dollar…[View]
137731973what the fuck is his problem ?[View]
137730575Pure kinography.[View]
137731648any movies about a protagonist with demonic willpower that becomes another person through weight los…[View]
137731874>homophobic character is secretly gay Post more films with this completely accurate trope…[View]
137729688why are africans shitting on beyonces new movie black is king? a nigerian coworker of mine actually …[View]
137731152based Skeeter[View]
137731846What are some movies with bad CGI?[View]
137727185>oh hi anon! We were just talking about movies. What's your favourite?…[View]
137731133Kinos only you have seen: Post them, can be tv shows or movies Pic related was my gulty pleasure com…[View]
137730521> The humans were the real monsters[View]
137725227This is a better Die Hard 4 than Die Hard 4.[View]
137729860American tv isn’t ready[View]
137730809This movie would have been better if it were about reality-warping spider monsters attacking the cit…[View]
1377310728 Most Epic Fistfight Movies Available Now on Netflix[View]
137729565Was he really a racist[View]
137731420me on the right, 9 seconds in[View]
137731331>The ICE man cometh[View]
137730053The Lighthouse: HURRAH, ME YALLER GIRLS DOODLE LET ME GO[View]
137731035ITT: Movies that could not be made today.[View]
137729508overlord: ok im only just watching this and im sure this topic has been beaten to death but like... …[View]
137731259Did he do it for free?[View]
137729745>Allow me to break the ICE[View]
137731242Okay lets settle this ONCE and for all, y'all: Which was the better moon lighted ? the original…[View]
137730355>Mike is a floor sweeper at Home Depot >Linda is stay at home mom >their budget is $895,000…[View]
137731198What are some movies about angry English people in America? Pic related[View]
137731183Kinos for this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHstigtbyGA[View]
137729755do you want me to post the plot or nah[View]
137731048post more underrated[View]
137730010Essential stare at your phone until something decent happens: Netflix shit needs to be less boring a…[View]
137730997>Kinoplex still closed >decide to go to the Drive-In >'Anon, In addition to the normal peni…[View]
137730830Personally I'd starve Warwick Davis. It should not take too long given his size. Make him stick…[View]
137724479/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137717481what's the first thing you would do?[View]
137730682What the hell was his problem?[View]
137727256Was it a mistake?[View]
137730285what did michael cusack mean by this character[View]
137728771are there any movies about the northern ireland conflict[View]
137729238Was it kino?[View]
137730555What did Ralphie mean by this? I thought the Irish hated big asses?[View]
137710233Who is the most wholesome mother in all of film or television?[View]
137727247No More Celebrity Crushes: Throughout The 80's and 90's there were all kinds of swashbuckl…[View]
137719987Issa Rae To Star In Jordan Peele-Produced Thriller BIKE: >A thought-provoking movie that engages …[View]
137724986I met ENDGAME![View]
137728035Any kino about brother/sister relationship?[View]
137730297I miss this little nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
137726470Movies from the Commonwealth: Can we get a Commonwealth colonies thread going? Movies from current C…[View]
137730988/tv/ buzzword of the year: What's gonna be /tv/'s buzzword of 2020?[View]
137730000/tv/ meetup was lit[View]
137727928>matrix always was a tranny allegory Does it mean that people who unironically call themselves re…[View]
137728174>literally won Iwo Jima single handedly >never get any movies made about them why are native a…[View]
137730300Rumble in the Bronx: Haven't seen people talk about this movie. Outside Rush Hours was this Jac…[View]
137730244SHARK WEEK 2020: Niggers vs. Sharks edition[View]
137725498gotta admit, gordon ramsay got punked big time[View]
137729364>Your not sending me to the COOLer[View]
137730197>FREEZE well[View]
137730142How would /tv/ respond to Homelander?[View]
137729251So Powerful[View]
137727641Is style over substance really a bad thing when it comes to movies?[View]
137729787What's she looking at?[View]
137728535Salud, /tv/[View]
137717782What are some coke kinos?[View]
137728119Hey guys, can you recommend me any good neo-noir, or comedies? I know, different genres and all, but…[View]
137730063is it better than taxi driver? >yes is it better than king of comedy? >yes is it better than g…[View]
137730052ITT: Classics that still hold up[View]
137729969what are other good adaptations from good authors aside from Tolkien and Rowling?[View]
137728699Is Billy Jack /tv/ approved?[View]
137730008Sitcoms: What the actual fuck happened to modern sitcoms? I've been switching back between Rose…[View]
137729929MOMMY...Baby wants to FUCK![View]
137727069>Tolkien writes Sauron as a metaphorical symbolic eye, that is always watching. >Hackson makes…[View]
137729826I know I stand in line, until you think you have the time To spend an evening with me And if we go s…[View]
137729905I need help remembering something. I have a somewhat vivid of memory involving a 3D animated short t…[View]
13772805830 FPS should be the standard for film. 24 is too low and panning shots make your eyes bleed. 60 is …[View]
137727751>he doesn't watch his kinos at optimal viewing distance[View]
137729882Why didn't they go in by boat and simply go to the coast with the lighthouse?[View]
137729673What went right?[View]
137726403How many films have you seen this year, anon?[View]
137729254How will Covid-19 affect the film industry?[View]
137728384What are some New Zealand kino?[View]
137729351The Office reunion when?[View]
137721971Chris Broad: >be a handsome British Youtuber >get to visit the most beautiful locations on ear…[View]
137729297>Decide to watch The Godfather >Everything is all good >Marlon Brando comes in the picture …[View]
137729605Are there any movies with a love triangle that specifically focuses on a male protagonist who hasn…[View]
137727541If a movie adaptation were to be announced today, forget everyone else, who would you cast as Arthur…[View]
137729581Bored out my mind because of Covid - what to watch?: No fucking new movies and I usually go to the m…[View]
137728487I wanna make an action movie with Tom Cruise where everybody deals with the fact that he's a ma…[View]
137729374Watching Sharpe's Rifles, so far liking it. Is the at any point I should drop off this show or …[View]
137729467Monster of the week episodes VS Ongoing alien conspiracy arc episodes Which is best?[View]
137726914It's not Al anymore, it's Dunk.[View]
137727509Can't tell which's better[View]
137729295Why does men cross dressing always have a comedic effect but women cross dressing isn’t even conside…[View]
137729385Wanna know how I got these scars?[View]
137726878Black people bad?[View]
137729446SnK: Will this be the kinoest ending of our time?[View]
137729428>This is getting a little weird, Howard.[View]
137727149Women aren't fun-[View]
137729402its: /tv/ tropes you love: >Character is undergoing a change in morality >In a small moment o…[View]
137728783Godzillafags...this awaits you![View]
137729174Who would win?[View]
137728942What are some doomer classics, /tv/?[View]
137728857Was I the only one who liked this show? >what's the story WISHBONE…[View]
137727508just watched knives out what a total stinking heap of shit. this movie was literally made for tv/net…[View]
137729214ITT: movies that grind your gears i'll start[View]
137728583Next time baby.[View]
137728945Why haven't you told me how good this movie is, /tv/? Literally the best sci-fi of the last 10 …[View]
137728851Deutschland thread: Will it be kino? I'm hoping it's better than 86 and more like 83…[View]
137728821Last night I got fucked up on Delsym cough medicine and hallucinated that I was Sam Hyde. It was hel…[View]
137728008Itt characters that are literally you[View]
137722964Dylan, my best friend![View]
137723394Is season 4 of stranger things going to be better than the previous three seasons or not; thoughts?[View]
137729038>nofap day 14 >jerked off to porn again Kinos for this feel?…[View]
137728066Westworld Season 3: Opinions? honestly, i didn't enjoy it much. season 1 > season 2 > sea…[View]
137722153'BAD' SHOWS THAT YOU STILL ENJOY: It has fallen a long way down from the capekino days of seasons 1-…[View]
137728627How much more punishment can Will take? After being cucked now he loses his teeth[View]
137728795>God, she’s so beautiful >Am I right or wrong? >I mean look at her >How am I supposed…[View]
137726912Did she deserve better[View]
137713880>No Peg. Crowd erupts into wild hysterical laughter and applause.[View]
137728225Better call saul/ Breaking Bad: TFW you realize that decades off planning and effort by dozens of pe…[View]
137728752>Jerry, it's Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back!…[View]
137727054ITT: movies with such profound and deep storylines that even now, a decade since its release, copyca…[View]
137728353The normalfags are crying because college football might be canceled: I hope all the normalfags’ bre…[View]
137728466did he really deserved to be killed?[View]
137727783What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
137728492Realistically, when did he peak?[View]
13772809918 Days Until Bill&Ted 3: Will it be Kino bois? https://youtu.be/1gPGeAYo3yU https://youtu.be/wU…[View]
137724616The Boys: Is it clever capeshit satire or still capeshit? What do we think of it?[View]
137725330Because I touched the pan and I hurt my hand![View]
137726690Did you enjoy 24?[View]
137727385>You have a uncomfortable opinion about social issues and strangers? >AAAAAHHH I WISH YOU WERE…[View]
137727286Tell me about Buffy, the Vampire Slayer[View]
137725929HI ETSUBATSU[View]
137728533Kinos like stargate?: Besides Gate, the literal JGSDF propaganda anime, is there anything with a sim…[View]
137715900/who/ Doctor Who General: CYBER BRIG EDITION Previous: >>137703591 Binge Water: >>137715…[View]
137727907What are some good foreign films? Pic related /tv/mentioned this to nme 5 years agoo and it was grea…[View]
137727323HBO Teams With Judd Apatow To Make Two-Part Documentary On Comedian George Carlin: Article: https://…[View]
137728103What does /tv/ think of Freida Pinto?[View]
137726890>Hey, Mario! Look what I made![View]
137727033I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah[View]
137727058are you her dad?[View]
137727396Anon... you still have time...[View]
137724647I found the Asuka for the NGE live action.[View]
137727984....who are you people?[View]
137728149Just a reminder that this film literally features a group of Klansmen in full dress robes cheering a…[View]
137723218/tv/ refuses to discuss this movie[View]
137727602post whatever you want as long as it's /tv/ related[View]
137719164Was Gattaca good? Please respond with only yes, no, or fag[View]
137726469John Carter: Rewatched this last night. Didn't think too much of it at the time of its release,…[View]
137726428What went wrong?[View]
137704642Another webmless /film/ thread: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinem…[View]
137728139Steve Martin's best film[View]
137714825Man this is so funny. Cobra Kai is like the closest thing to an IRL anime I've ever seen in my …[View]
137727364So an anchor baby daughter of an illegal immigrant steals a house out from under a mean old white fa…[View]
137728021Was seriously disappointed that he didn’t get tased. Seeing cute guys unconscious makes my dick hard[View]
1377276082020 August... i am forgotten[View]
137727673Is he a good actor?[View]
137721646Recommend me a kino with this aesthetics[View]
137726680Whats your favourite shitty movie: My favourite b movie is Firewall er Starring Chuck norris[View]
137723883What a fucking mess[View]
137727874>what the fu-[View]
137727829PRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖHH :DDD[View]
137723686Whats your favorite movie?[View]
137727728What's next for Mike Ehrmantrout?[View]
137721366/mu/ was doing an Album of the year contest for each year from 1960 to 2019. Would /tv/ be okay with…[View]
137727740post doppelganger kino[View]
137727659Was it really necessary to show his dick flopping around everywhere?[View]
137720673Can we have a minimalist poster thread?[View]
137722532So that's what that means[View]
137727588No one on /b/ knows, or cares, why there were 20 fans turning...they were turning... Why 20 fans wer…[View]
137727585Post good movies that inspire a ton of garbage. I love Pulp Fiction, but hate almost everything that…[View]
137726426Nonsensical titles[View]
137727051news story reporters: Other than Chris Hansen, what other entertaining news story reporters are ther…[View]
137727427What franchise should he lead next?[View]
137726593Is this the comfiest sitcom of all time ?[View]
137723431HANGING OUT[View]
137727244Kram BERST in to jerys aparemtnet JERY: hey wheres your mask ELANE: (backing away) ya KRAM: oh im w…[View]
137726773Anyone else like over-the-top Mexican/South American dramas?: Like pic related. They remind me of Am…[View]
137726827Is this accurate?[View]
137723516>You are so pretty anon, let's ride to my place[View]
137727330>Just drove several hours to meet your online friend >they invite you in and wander off >th…[View]
137725137>They're going to cancel me tomorrow, and you - it's almost a certainty. What are your …[View]
137724279>barn door creeks open What year you going to /tv/... and why?[View]
137726539So why did marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
137727160Literally Chad[View]
137725978What happened to comedy movies? Me, myself and Irene Meet the Parents There's Something About M…[View]
137725281*I* win[View]
137707585When was the last time a movie made you cry? Don't be afraid to admit it.[View]
137727139/sotm/ general: It's just too good to be true[View]
137726996>kino kino[View]
137724813>I don't believe a child is responsible for the sins of his father....or his grandfather. …[View]
137721215DUNE THREAD: Who here is excited for /dune/? Hopefully movie theatres open back up[View]
137726338Why don't Americans like this movie?[View]
137723468Is The Conjuring the only good horror movie of the 2010s?[View]
137726979This movie is dumb. They never explained any of the plot or why kill the lawyer if she was going to …[View]
137725600Can't say much at the moment, but if you like brown cuties naked this will be an enjoyable show…[View]
137725725Series finale was lit[View]
137726947Why didn't they give him a hot choccie?: Is this seriously what happens when you get rescued? T…[View]
137718119Was it him?[View]
137726913Joker cringe thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsbIdSGwoEs[View]
137723214What's his problem?[View]
137726864Lost Media General: /tv/, discuss lost media.[View]
137726167I had a dream about this board...[View]
137726855What are some kinos where the sequel drastically overshadows the original?[View]
137711829Doom Patrol: Why haven't you told me it's pure fun?[View]
137726823>I appreciete that BUUUT ...[View]
137726102You're very own cheese pizza.[View]
137726797Song of the Sea (2014): Anybody else saw this movie? I can't remember a single thing about the …[View]
137726789I can be bothered with the hassle of watching movies or tv. If I want a story, I read a book. If I w…[View]
137726663'Um Im, like, Batman, you know...'[View]
137726691>its a most of the team are aged over 40 episode[View]
137723520what was the point of dons vanishing and his roadtrip through the country? what I got from it is tha…[View]
137724597It's interesting that two long running shows just ended recently without much of goodbyes by fa…[View]
137726722>do you have to do anything anyone tells you? >If I paid you ten cents would you kiss.........…[View]
137721006time to settle it once and for all iz dis shit kino or cringe?[View]
137722701>shows up in only one film and one season >moggs the entire rest of the cast How does he do …[View]
137718150Is the Joe Rogan Experience the closest thing to a digital cultural landmark? Once Joe Rogan retires…[View]
137726551The Alpha of Agriculture. The Brute of Barns. The Cultivator of Corn. The Duke of Domestication. The…[View]
137724880Why are most directors functional retards? If you watch interviews of successful artists in other fi…[View]
137726520Colonel, we are SG1.[View]
137726182ENSIGN, are you disobeying a direct order from your captain?[View]
137719924Godfather 3 is objectively better than Godfather 2.[View]
137725792Is this real or CG?[View]
137722666>I will not be blackmailed by some ineffectual, privileged, effete, soft-penis'd, debutante.…[View]
137723839This is ironic considering it just touts the same mainstream ideologies that have been pushed by the…[View]
137724446Fonda's character questions this guy's ability to remember a film by asking him details of…[View]
137722868Movies You Haven't Seen: ITT: describe what you have always imagined movies you haven't se…[View]
137722381what movie should me and my bf watch next? we mostly like movies that make us horny. pic related is …[View]
137721431Why does he make for such good viewing? Where does his entertainment factor come from?[View]
137726065>I'd like to cancel the manager please: Who will play Karen's progressive cousin Sue in…[View]
137722561Is the Matrix really an allegory for transgenderism?[View]
137721573wait so was he gay or not? am I gay if I sympathize feel the same?[View]
137726269>kids movie ends with a musical sequence[View]
137726048Trying to find an old horror movie: When I was a kid, I saw about 30 seconds of an old horror movie,…[View]
137722545Adria Arjona Co-Starring In STAR WARS: CASSIAN ANDOR Series: >Deadline has revealed that Adria Ar…[View]
137726243Can you recommend some divorce kino?[View]
137723671Meanwhile, on Bizarro /tv/...[View]
137725133Please recommend me some kinos or TV shows that take place ins Space. I just finished a trilogy play…[View]
137726166>You wanted me to do the due diligence on the advertising deal? Well I found some irregularities.…[View]
137726049>Written and directed by Sam Raimi[View]
137725006What's next for her career?[View]
137724592Why didn't he put some brothers on the wall?[View]
137721944Remember . Cheating is not Bad if you are lesbian.[View]
137708209The fact that Star Destroyers can blow up planets now is the most broken thing ever brought into the…[View]
137719880why was Kendall and Kylie Jenner's sci-fi novel 'Rebels' never adapted into a movie? …[View]
137724393Imagine that you could push a button that would generate an incredible, perfect, mindblowing film ev…[View]
137725327Has Hollywood written Daisy off already? They didn't even give her the chance to prove herself …[View]
137724836WE'LL TAKE THE KNOT[View]
137725132How can a movie be so shit and based at the same time?[View]
137725770Was he a bad person?[View]
137725192is this show worth a watch? I tried watching season 1 but I stopped like 4 episodes in. Did I get fi…[View]
137721840What would you like to see more of in the historical drama space?[View]
137710148I'm ready for you all to call me a norm or a woman, but I don't get him or his schtick. Is…[View]
137725758What did he mean by this?[View]
137725751'Quiet, numbskulls, I'm shitposting!'[View]
137724795The human condition 1959-1961: The real best movie saga ever.[View]
137717183The lead of the last movie you watched has been replaced with the last actress you fapped to. How do…[View]
137724169what are some bright, colorful, energetic, fun, and GOOD movies? the medium of movies never really i…[View]
137724586Who can stop him?[View]
137724430There is no series better than Euphoria. I literally came out as a trans girl because of it ^^[View]
137725484If he was in the closet about being a separatist why the fuck was he dressing up in one of those Nei…[View]
137725346Here, take two of these.[View]
137725377>I'm not that kind of guy, boss![View]
137721311so. what are you watching tonight /tv/?[View]
137725331If you could take ONE movie character out for a romantic dinner, who would it be and why?[View]
137722116Is he a good actor?[View]
137725019>be me >be gone to ameriFAT haha >be inside of the california >be on hollywoo bolevard …[View]
137725292Would you accept her heart?[View]
137721821What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU_FK7SunR8[View]
137723833Post underrated actors[View]
137724746>movie is about how our modern life/society is horrible >has no real solutions or even tips to…[View]
137720159Ah,yes the country with the best dub in the world[View]
137723080Where the fuck is my season 2, Netflix?[View]
137725198Opinions on The Head Incident, produced, directed and starring up and coming auteur James Rolfe? ht…[View]
137724888>still no /film/ board >Getting tired of having my hipster social media filled with plebs watc…[View]
137708093why were the sequels almost as profitable than the prequels but not more profitable?[View]
137725010Don did this[View]
137725013Recommend me a Korean film that isn't the same 15 films that get recommended here every day.[View]
137722266I love her[View]
137724249>When you remember that time in 2016-2017 when you watched “Woke SJWs owned/debunked“ YouTube vid…[View]
137724693>innocent Commodus >YEAH SLANDER HIM What the fuck was Ridley Scott's problem? You want t…[View]
137724935What films or shows have depicted realistically neets and people who are on Internet 18/7?[View]
137723887Why was incest so prevalent in the Seven Kingdoms?[View]
137720288Why was this so hated?: I thought it was pretty comfy and had a nice and timeless message.[View]
13772478990 day fiancee: This will just enable Coltee's cuck fetish[View]
137721781Do Americans really: The Show[View]
137724381What was his end game?[View]
137722059What is the Michael McDonald of film and television?[View]
137724467uhh... is this ever coming out? only kino ive been looking forward to this summer https://www.youtub…[View]
137723119>You shall be the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Jackson is a hack.…[View]
137723940You don't say[View]
137720259>drugs are bad m’kay Did we need an entire movie just to say this[View]
137722613You need to get your what? What is an HDD? I thought we were gonna watch Netflix anon...[View]
137724288I know I'm a little late here but this costume would have been much better than a scarf and a k…[View]
137721645Would've been better without All the Leo and Sharon Tate parts.[View]
137724344>Movie references 4chud[View]
137724211I'd like to watch a good documentary series. please suggest something new[View]
137701470>Horse archer man bad >Vikings good You would think from the amount of times the media jerks o…[View]
137724104The Crying Game (1992): I'm NOT an 'alphabet' person but this is one of the best movies I'…[View]
137724219Does anyone else watch period films in their native dubs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYga6Ptla7…[View]
137722196ITT: Almost Castings: https://www.google.com/amp/s/churchpop.com/2017/01/07/fr-mike-schmitz-almost-p…[View]
137716556/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137720720Jerry's Financial Trouble: What kind of financial trouble was Jerry in? What are your theories …[View]
137723877I must not sneed. Sneed is the mind-chucker. Sneed is the little-chuck that brings total obliteratio…[View]
137722883Shitty Movies: ITT: Movies /tv/ recommended that were actual dogshit.[View]
137712515I have watched Rome and Gladiator, are there any other good roman kinos?[View]
137719369I don't get it. I just don't fucking get it. Why would he pull out an IV when he clearly k…[View]
137723181>Ma, sooner or later, there comes a point in a man's life when he's gotta face some fac…[View]
137711572What are the best kinos without cheap jumpscares[View]
137714382Why was this so confusing?[View]
137723338>S1-5: As his mental health care provider it is my duty to do my best to help Anthony Soprano wit…[View]
137718927i got IQ of 6000, ask me anything, Anons[View]
137721710Now that the dust has settled: Was it Kino? I say yes. The first episode of Stargirl was rough, but …[View]
137719152What the F*CK were they thinking[View]
137722053Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
137723151I am not crazy! I KNOW he said “stinkin hunka mustard”! I know those were the lyrics! It was never “…[View]
137723451You get back here and you make love to my wife![View]
137720310SOME WALK BY NIGHT[View]
137723421What are some kinos about a love that burned so bright that even death couldn't extinguish it?[View]
137711698/trek/: Tattoo edition[View]
137716156literally me[View]
137721826Mr Iglesias: Alright-ish show single handedly ruined by 1 (ONE) character. I only gave it a shot bec…[View]
137722066Favorite movie ever: Fantasia 2000 is better than the first in every way, shape and form. Stunning v…[View]
137722093'intermission': how come we dont have these in movies now of days/[View]
137722928Does /tv/ support #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut?[View]
137721800Is he the last great comedian?[View]
137719972What is your 28th favourite movie of all time?[View]
137720005Why do liberals fall for propaganda and media lies every single time?[View]
137723153>tfw a woman strips off and starts squeezing a steamy, dreamy log out of her beautiful anus.…[View]
137709640Scorsese's best dialogue, acting, directing and editing wasted on a movie with no story lmaoooo…[View]
137722885>Started watching Umbrella Academy >Character dies >Scene explicitly plays out like the cha…[View]
137722024>what are you trying to tell me, that I can download a car? >No, Anon. I'm trying to tell…[View]
137723095What did they mean by this?[View]
137708946>American kids don't know what a philosopher is...[View]
137723038What are some movies about insane people?[View]
137722999How does this make ANY sense?[View]
137721195This was stupid: Why didn't they drop a note from a plane? Why didn't they send multiple r…[View]
137722594What did you think of Black Sheep?[View]
137722874>Always WINTERize your pipes[View]
137722313Imagine David Lynch giggling in his directors chair as he films this scene knowing the absolute reta…[View]
137721633JOJO RABBIT: Were they...?[View]
137722058This Week on the Twilight Zone..: >here is DeShawn Washington >a south Chicago man who despit…[View]
137722113JUST DO IT[View]
137720231MacGruber Teaser Trailer (HD) - New TV Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvWwpZcB9wo fan of th…[View]
137722653ALL YOU KNOW IS POO, YES? IS IT NOT SO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IFViMU5IN4[View]
137721983Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
137722487Hollywood monsters: Simon Cowell, judge from America's Got Talent looks like a monster in recen…[View]
137720180gimme a kino film to watch right now or ill blow your brains out[View]
137722600Medellin (2007): What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
137722584>you were warned. you must view this before posting again. Oh really, janny? Must I?…[View]
137722509How much clunge do you suppose Tomasz Schafernaker gets?[View]
137722455>I'm afraid my conditioners has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.…[View]
137720481William! My boy![View]
137721813>see this shitty poster >it’s actually based anyone else seen this horror meisterwerk?…[View]
137702321So let me get this straight. Gandalf knew Bilbo had the Ring during the events of The Hobbit, knew i…[View]
137719701HOLY FUCKING BASED https://mobile.twitter.com/ETheFriend/status/1292835282476240897[View]
137701716Sooo the boys season 2 is going to be completed ruined by feminism right? Like pretty much the whole…[View]
137721951Recommend me some nice obscure movies to spend the evening with.[View]
137719132What was the weakest part of The Sopranos?[View]
137722169>'We the jury find the defendant Selma Ježková to be guilty of being kyoot, and sentence her to b…[View]
137722173not the best film i have seen this year but i did enjoy the visualls of the garden what did you guys…[View]
137718505>If you're in trouble he will save the day[View]
137721136WAS IT KINO?[View]
137720857Making merch for those movies that bomb must be a strange experience.[View]
137722030>ITT: underrated sci-fi films[View]
137719168I just rewatched it and I still don’t know why everyone feels like they need to hate it. Can someone…[View]
137721023RIGHT NEAR DA BEACH![View]
137721097It seems like every child actor becomes addicted to drugs. Is there any way to fix this short of ban…[View]
137721882Was it kino?[View]
137721954I don't get it ....: Was I filtered ? Or was it literally just poignancy for the sake of poign…[View]
137717684What's the lupin of western franchise?[View]
137718376Crap or kino?[View]
137721880Look here, the point I'm making janny is this: moderating and rulefagging, they ain't the …[View]
137720679Romantic Films: Any good romantic films?[View]
137721829Give me a pound of your finest chiba[View]
137720499Cast them[View]
137719720ITT movies you can't bring yourself to watch: Which (mostly) critically acclaimed movies you ca…[View]
137721664TONIGHT on top gear: James commits a hate crime by mistake[View]
137721547Your best movies about the loneliness of men?[View]
137721661A communications disruption can mean only one thing...a coup! Naboo is mine, Amidala![View]
137715607>Mr. Stussy, did you know jews were expelled for subversion 1,030 times?…[View]
137715891https://www.ign.com/articles/tron-3-sequel-with-jared-leto-finds-director How is Disney going to fuc…[View]
137714167Okay anon, help me make a perfect cast for Archer live action. I'll start with Alison Brie as a…[View]
137717283Who is better?[View]
137717123On this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to su…[View]
137721365/tv/, I've pierced my foot on a SPIIIIKE[View]
137720483>Donatello, Harry. Why did he use his last breath to mention his favorite Ninja Turtle? Harry was…[View]
137716075>But you see how this looks right? What is your response?[View]
137721391>Oh yeah, that exists.[View]
137719735ITT: Modern plots for old TV shows[View]
137715878Acclaimed movies you don’t care to ever see: Pic related[View]
137720962So say we all.[View]
137721346JUST: Just fuck my vegan ass up senpai.[View]
137706395Post the most pretentious movies you've ever seen. For me it's either this or The Social N…[View]
137709538memes aside why the FUCK did Steinfeld make Bee Movie? He's rich and could have done anything b…[View]
137718752Any kinos about nuclear weapons?: I feel like watching a movie where a nuclear bomb is dropped.…[View]
137719162Is fear and loathing in las vegas the ultimate anti-drug film?: Though it does idolize the life and …[View]
137720967I'm savin' for one of those new microwave ovens I've been readin' about. You can…[View]
137720764Mr Inbetween Thread: >Be Australian >Obsessed with true crime biographies >Never act in or…[View]
137721011Many filmmakers considered adapting Tolkien's book, among them Stanley Kubrick, who thought it …[View]
137719640>director shoehorns in another frog riding a goose scene[View]
137720968>animated show >the characters in the show watch a cartoon on television Do the characters s…[View]
137720115So if Jurassic World was an alternate take on what would happen if the park opened, what other movie…[View]
137720411>ruins your show[View]
137715382Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991): >black sidekick where was the twitter outrage?…[View]
137719633>down the hall and to the left[View]
137720467I’m a girl that makes cute people fat and I love it: Hot. I love this. Best kind of people finally g…[View]
137718042CHUT UP![View]
137719500I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tri…[View]
137720639ITT: kino actors who might never ever grace a film set ever again. This is kind of a tough topic to …[View]
137716139Hi there anon, thanks for coming in on such short notice. I've been hearing loads of buzz aroun…[View]
137717995Would you reject matrix?[View]
137716761Who's got the sweetest disposition? One guess -- guess who![View]
137720640Oh my fucking god im fucking cooming[View]
137719865cast him[View]
137719366>we need a charming brit in our period piece fi- >he's already here sir and bedded severa…[View]
137714196arnold in this film is the pure definition of what it means to be a chad.[View]
137718579>I think its typical >..typical? >You have some dumb jungle bunny get in a shootout with mu…[View]
137720136Fantasia 2000: Better than the first. Stunning visuals, insane amounts of energy, and great music (o…[View]
137717889if somebody likes this show past 20 years old is that a sign of mental deficiency?[View]
137718438Oh anon, I haven't seen you since the kinoplex was closed indefinitely.[View]
137718589How did this movie do the 'Muppets for adults' concept so much better than Happytime Murders?[View]
137720349This show is kino. Why did S2 filter people?[View]
137719758Am I the only one that found her sexy?[View]
137720272Where. do. you, keep. the. nets. that. you. put. on. the. bottom. of. guy's. balls. to. stop. t…[View]
137719643HEY O'CONNEL!!!![View]
137720237Movies undeserving shit and jokes they get: For me its secret life of walter mitty, everyone i met o…[View]
137719335I've been posting this frog ever since I found this site about four years ago.[View]
137719074>The day anime became kino[View]
137720007Let me guess, you 'need' more[View]
137714789Why am I supposed to hate Paul Thomas Anderson again?[View]
137720010THE KING ORDERED IT![View]
137719568WTF did I just watch?[View]
137718824ITT: Movies only you saw[View]
137719687Surf kino.[View]
137716809Exorcist Kino: Hi /tv/ Can you please direct me to Exorcist kino please I’m a big boy for you and ca…[View]
137718788Dechu Kozo: It is better than Tetsuo the Iron Man.[View]
137716525>Imagine if you will, for one second. >You are an African American family >Doing your daily…[View]
137713102You know you're not supposed to admire characters like Tony Soprano, Walter White, or Don Drape…[View]
137717642Would you pay to watch something so boring you fall asleep?[View]
137717944Do Brits really?[View]
137717184when you see this, you know that your kino is ready to be served, however still a pretty homo compan…[View]
137718324What is the most heartwarming movie ever made that also involved gay anal sex?[View]
137719435Shawshank Redemption: How is this the highest rated movie of all time on IMDB? lol[View]
137718938Rick and Morty but for shit encrusted boomer chuds[View]
137719193This show is why every show makes cringy meta humor now.[View]
137719503Is she going to apologize?[View]
137714860What was Adam sandlers best movie? But was was also peak /Sandler/?[View]
137719364Dark: It's been a month and I still don't really know how I feel about the final season.…[View]
137719477rate my bars yo: https://soundcloud.com/ultmatekenny9/black-lives-dont-matter-in-the-hood…[View]
137719457What would you do in this situation[View]
137718039ITT: Youtube kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3HDYHe4j7k[View]
137719200Anyone here ever been in an awkward moment like this in everyday life where death was a possibility?[View]
137718497He defecated through a sunroof.[View]
137717095According to Danny Boyle, before he started making Yesterday, he wanted to make an Oasis biopic He a…[View]
137718628Why are they always together?[View]
137719260I had a fake tan, leather pants, I was fighting invisible monsters they weren't really there, b…[View]
137717625Just watched My Days of Mercy with Kate Mara and Ellen Page: Discusses capital punishment amidst a l…[View]
137718339Did you like the 1960s time machine ? I thought it was pretty cool especially the based Morlocks[View]
1377182873rd Rock from the Sun: 3rd Rock from the Sun[View]
137709786It's over[View]
137719155Now that Hollywood casts will be required by law to be 50% black, when will Hollywood producers also…[View]
137709469What the fuck is wrong with women?[View]
137717769The banking clan will sign your treaty.[View]
137718745Survivor Chicks: Post best Survivor girls. I'll start. Liz - Seazon 32[View]
137718363Movies about internal struggle?[View]
137717200The Fanatic 2019: So it was just a 1.5h pity party?[View]
137719015All those things I could do...all those powers...and I couldnt even save him ;_;[View]
137716859How did it go from this[View]
137718163How did they get in his room without waking him up?[View]
137718690Is he responsible for ruining comedy? Or is he just a product of the new woke Hollywood?[View]
1377169652000s thread[View]
137718808I'm a toydarian, mind tricks won't work on me, only money.[View]
137717559>Wait Anakin, Palpatine is the Sith Lord![View]
137718384Hey kid, would you like a Hershey bar?[View]
137716836>Right now Dark Knight Rises is on AMC while Interstellar is on FXX Which Nolan kino should I be …[View]
137718401Sleepaway Camp: WHY is this movie so fucking hot?[View]
137717571I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
137718621> FUCK YOU RONNIE, nice hat you stupid MOTHERFUCKER[View]
137716622Are there any films that portray the Holocaust™ in a fun and light hearted manner?[View]
137716602Can Disney ever recover? They haven't announced any live action remakes in almost a year.[View]
137717330Best MI movie: Discussing the new trilogy only as I have not seen the first three. Why was it so muc…[View]
137718430>ywn have two older sisters that forcefully dress you up a woman.[View]
137715840First Bale, now this: There is no stopping Marvel[View]
137715363Did the Hobbit trilogy ruin the Lord of the Rings as a whole? Will Amazon take it further? Are all b…[View]
137716929what was his problem?[View]
137718248What are some movies about complete and utter hopelessness[View]
137718220Why can't we have nice things?[View]
137710267The Ricky Gervais XFM Show: Was it the pinnacle of humour?[View]
137717133All my homies hate paw patrol[View]
137712822Troy and Abed in the morning.[View]
137717657Laura Palmer[View]
137718024Once upon a time in America.: Excessively long, uninteresting characters and could have lasted an ho…[View]
137718098What are some of the greatest non-anime openings? Starting with a classic: https://youtu.be/rS0VQOHX…[View]
137716607Moving quickly is necessary.[View]
137717988> 'you can't wear a native american headdress, that's cultural appropriation.' > pro…[View]
1377175942010's nostalgia thread[View]
137716672This scene is legitimately terrifying[View]
137717620Name 3 diffrences[View]
137717503Undiluted kino.[View]
137716347There's sometimes a buggy, /tv/. How many drivers does a buggy have?[View]
137716576What were they thinking...?[View]
137715541Star Trek insider leak: new show in development at CBS: Some interesting stuff I’ve heard about and …[View]
137716029About a mo th ago I've rewatched the first part and I got so hooked that evwry second day I wen…[View]
137717645Do you consider this to still be violent or very tame for a film by now?[View]
137717570Why is Harmon wasting his time with such a talentless, unfunny cunt? Community is better than anythi…[View]
137717347He made Thriller... Thriller[View]
137714921The picture that saved /tv/[View]
137717443Literally us.: Literally us.[View]
137716478We call you normies[View]
137715944Excuse me, is this where I can get a Permit A-38?[View]
137717384Dare I say... Kid Kino?[View]
137717314Why did they hate dogs? Is it a Jewish thing?[View]
137715907>give me an S: S >give me an A: A >give me an L: L >give me a T: T what did he mean by t…[View]
137716741Do bosses like Lumbergh really exist?[View]
137717037What film/tv show scene made you pull this face?[View]
137711540The 5 greatest film scores ever, as rated by thousands of Rate Your Music users[View]
137717325What are your thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s career?[View]
137715738Scarface: Will there ever be a movie like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FmRi7qkNYQ…[View]
137715111Movies people sleep on: Post a pic of film no ones talks about but are sick af[View]
137716272what am I in for? girl recommended this to me[View]
137714371what happened to his career? he was supposed to be the next brad pitt[View]
137717187>4 hours movie >Not a single dull scene How do the Nips do it?…[View]
137717250ITT: shows that were too smart for their own viewers[View]
137716408It’s his birthday. Say something nice[View]
137714461get pwned warsie scum, LOL[View]
137716426CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2019): It actually wasn't that bad. Elizabeth Banks and the Mission Impo…[View]
137717206SPIKINO: His best since Do The Right Thing, cheap shots at Trump aside.[View]
137713121Not funny. Worst Friend.[View]
137717094Tron is a bad franchise. Stop making these movies.[View]
137714899Jordan Peele's MuLLLato movie: >Jordan Peele's next horror film is going to feature som…[View]
137716506What is /tv/ opinion of this?: which is your have episode?[View]
137716366We know that black and white movies exists, but does black and red movies exists?[View]
137716887Can you recommend any books about TV and pop culture for someone who loves pop culture?[View]
137716459>I'll try spinning. That's a good trick.[View]
137716918Kinos for this feeling?[View]
137715721THIS WAS BASED: Raimi still got it.[View]
137715316WAS IT KINO?: I'd say 'yes'.[View]
137716784Hungarian TV: Just think /tv/, by this time next year, we'll all be millionaires.[View]
137716235Pic related lowered the movie score by at least 8 points. I do not stand dishonest film making such …[View]
137715413Cast them[View]
137715635Where the fuck has this guy been? It's been six years, damn. producer credits don't count…[View]
137715678is this an accurate depiction of American High Schools?[View]
137713440The best Maher episode[View]
137707305Time to have the Bond ranking argument again.[View]
137716642What are some films about swimming?[View]
137714985>actors that simply don't give a fuck![View]
137714757I'm looking for a new show to watch. Is Kingdom any good?[View]
137714444>do you have to do anything anyone tells you? >If I paid you ten cents would you kiss.........…[View]
137709425Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Conan of 1982's 'Conan The Barbarian' replaces…[View]
137710902I dont get it[View]
137716514Hi Eddie.[View]
137716479What are some movies where they trying to make a movie?[View]
137716377>tv show has an episode featuring your fetish >it's making fun of it…[View]
137714613ITT great shows canceled after 1 season, meanwhile shit shows get 4,5,6 seasons? INB4: Firefly.[View]
137716246DONT STOP[View]
137716415if I could have been her manager (and bf, hehe) I would have insisted that she only do 'dragon' role…[View]
137711388I LIKE TO[View]
137696774why cant americanfats take in adult amination that isnt a comedy[View]
137715435Dominion vs the Borg, who would win?[View]
137710235Are there stories like this but in the game industry?[View]
137704573Normie Test: Time for a normie test. The lower score the better. How many of these movies have you s…[View]
137716227This is so bad its good in a shitty way but can't stop watching this entertaining train wreck o…[View]
137716196>put those guns away jason[View]
137709045What were they thinking?[View]
137715757I hate most stand-up but I like him[View]
137714691I will take it. I will take the ring to Mordor![View]
137710913Why do people pretend like he was ever some ultra-liberal cuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRDX…[View]
137715269Matt and Trey need to do a part 2 but it's Kathleen, JJ and Rian raping Like.[View]
137712073>Umm, cool it with the anti-semetic remarks. Wow, you guys lied to me. I didn't know this fi…[View]
137698770/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Cody Veto: Enzo Noms: Kevin, Keesha Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar …[View]
137711491This is a good show.[View]
137715925/who/ Doctor Who General: Binge S8 finale thoughts and The mask of the berserker edition[View]
137707173George > Kramer > Jerry > Elaine[View]
137703591/who/ Doctor Who General: Ecclescakes is back edition![View]
137715873BEST CATFISH EPISODES: 1. Guy who thought he was dating Katy Perry 2. Jess & Artis slow clap 3. …[View]
137712812What are some actual good horror movies?[View]
137714084>computers bad >books good ah yes, the intellectual TV show…[View]
137712066How does Zack Snyder live with himself?[View]
137715760>By the way I'm a gang rapist ha ha! Was this the worst plot twist in cinema? Why would the …[View]
137709489What was his problem?[View]
137713408Can someone explain to me why this bitch is famous? I'm not American, so I guess it's a cu…[View]
137715711Comically bad[View]
137715134I made this thread... outta respect for my fawwwtha[View]
137714244Dark science, cloning, secrets only the Sith knew.[View]
137714226Squidward if he real[View]
137715629what's the charge officer? nothing more serious than kidnapping I hope.[View]
137712184Was he tempting the gods?[View]
137713777Hillary Swank Mission To Mars Netflix Series: https://youtu.be/3f_REapPwio https://youtu.be/3f_REapP…[View]
137715011Who was in the wrong here?: https://youtu.be/UVSk4NvsFZE Also YouTube crackhead drunk spun out kino…[View]
137713584why are king kong movies so fucking boring[View]
137714561>So this is how liberty dies...to thunderous applause.[View]
137712446Is this the only instance of TV capekino?[View]
137714625Wtf this is literally CP. How is this allowed?[View]
137714524Why do sex-havers love this dumb show so much?[View]
137702458What's next for my boy the Deep?[View]
137714432Like it or not, this is the best news show on cable TV[View]
137715307>This...is not meth[View]
137714954She did all that for done butter?[View]
137712191What does /tv/ think of Judd Apatow?[View]
137715162>always liked you anon, always will[View]
137712900Kara Milovy: I have no doubt, she is the best Bond girl[View]
137714969PREVIOUSLY ON X-MEN[View]
137711175GORDON'S ALIVE?[View]
137715080any other shows/movies that focus on dangerous jobs?[View]
137710391Tony, there was no other way.[View]
137714857Movies only autistic, lethargic manbabies will understand >A.k.a (you)[View]
137712735Imagine if this show aired in 2020 as it aired originally.[View]
137712918Kinos with this feel: >mfw At World's End really hit some buttons for such a silly premise.…[View]
137714096Has there ever been a more KINO plot twist in the history of film?[View]
137713257>4K blu-rays of True Lies and The Abyss will NEVER EVER happen. Why live. https://twitter.com/The…[View]
137714842>Aquaman review >Mike says that DC movies lack the gravitas of Marvel movies >Mike calls th…[View]
137709761Why does he filter so many?[View]
1377148072020, I am forgotten[View]
137713791Garth Davis To Direct Disney’s New ‘Tron’ Movie With Jared Leto: https://deadline.com/2020/08/garth-…[View]
137714535Confess: Confess[View]
137712438> All the Reviews call it a more pretentious Mullholland Drive Am I the only one who feels exactl…[View]
137709008ILL BE BACK IN A JIFFY[View]
137709613ITT: Boomer-core movies[View]
137714770What's the best way to watch the X-Men movie franchise? >Doesn't need to include all f…[View]
137713084This move aged like wine. It's nowhere near as bad as people say.[View]
137714748Wick, John: These films would have been better with some practical blood splatter effects instead of…[View]
137711771>highly paid technical skilled supervisor job >big house >two cars >shenanigan fund so w…[View]
137714676>grand tour is never coming back[View]
137714102Listen here I want as many lesbian scenes as I choose and the straightest actress you can find. Got …[View]
137714419>read reviews involving a movie if it has sex scenes or other romance in it >dont watch it if …[View]
137713493/film/: For the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Slow Cinema edition.[View]
137705417/jap/: Thread for discussion of Japanese television and film. What are you planning on watching toda…[View]
137711439>Lord Macbeth https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tragedy_of_Macbeth_(upcoming_film)…[View]
137714596Anyone else watched this?[View]
137702924Jordan Peele next movie is Sci Fi: >Jordan Peele's next movie is going to be a sci fi horror…[View]
137713477Beyond Thunderdome > Fury Road > II > I[View]
137713804Why /tv/ doesn't talk about this kino?[View]
137711739so was it kino?[View]
137714043were they in the wrong?[View]
137714118Lina From Lima: It's pretty comfy[View]
137712731Based or cringe?: The film was at least interesting.[View]
137713827Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree it was kino[View]
137712898Where's part 2?[View]
137712755who /vicandbob/ here?[View]
137702953What are your favorite Chinese movies?[View]
137714147Romance movie with male protagonist: >He chases The Girl Romance movie with the female protagonis…[View]
137712541Rate them.[View]
137713885I wish I was a spaz, just floating through life with everyone handing everything to you and you…[View]
137714076ITT: 2000-2005 Kino. Post your favorite flix.[View]
137714095excuse me[View]
137712148This movie is a masterpiece of the highest order[View]
137709780>3.5 hours Was this really necessary?[View]
137708164Coldhearted bitchkino incoming. Does she really have the chops to play someone so dark?[View]
137707800wait what he didn't actually die in water?[View]
137713298What are the best kinos made by Japan? Live action, no /a/ shit.[View]
137713521Tonight on TV back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory.[View]
137708356>Dune was written in the 1960s when certain types of coding were common for villainous characters…[View]
137713949GVK: Let’s find out the truth of GVK[View]
137713723>That's Ramilda Vaine.[View]
137712730What are movies that portray how women look without makeup? Not going through mud in the jungle or s…[View]
137713897Name a bigger chad pro tip you can't[View]
137713783He doesn't >Piss on her mouth >do anal >scat on her chest >bitchslap her >call h…[View]
137711164El Chavo: (https://thecostaricanews.com/mexican-series-el-chavo-del-8-goes-off-the-air-in-all-latin-…[View]
137701815Favorite Christmas movie?[View]
137711420>villain is evil because... he’s evil Bravo, Rowling[View]
137713813Has anyone seen this film?[View]
137713807>this is the Oneitis that sunk Community[View]
137713049can someone please explain to me why this character what treated like such a piece of shit? >work…[View]
137712431Anybody seen this?: Is it good? Will it fill the void of 'ruthless guy becomes powerful' that Succes…[View]
137713494I miss Sheldon like you wouldn't belive Bazinga![View]
137710191Was Don a good father?[View]
137713615What are this guy's best roles? I never saw him in any other movie.[View]
137712301So was he gonna kill Walter or was Walter just paranoid?[View]
137711861do you think she got horny whenever christopuh smacked her face[View]
137710051IM CHECKING IN[View]
137713352bicycle kino[View]
137712820T2: Judgement Day: I loved how Dyson is just an ordinary guy, a family man just trying to leave the …[View]

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