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154554044>So, Brundino. why you puck me rike this?[View]
154554691I watched queen's gambit at 3.5x speed. AMA[View]
154552925Comfy Riverdale thread[View]
154554702>here's your new papers and some bullshit i just made up about your family history >that …[View]
154552909For me, it’s Jesus Rossi.[View]
154554586>army of the white raging faggots conquer and subjugate shitskins based…[View]
154554679American Horror Stories AHSies is waste of time DOGSHIT: how the fuck do these guys keep getting fun…[View]
154554670https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgdLO-U2mDQ Why does Hollyweod keep ruining fun films by having a fe…[View]
154554592Hey, It's Daniel Stern Here: How's it going tonight? It's me again- Daniel Stern. I t…[View]
154554557i'm gonna slash and gash cut another hole in your ass i spill blood on the walls and play tenni…[View]
154547619Fire! Wang Fire! And this is my wife Sapphire![View]
154552267Disney vs actresses: Whomst'd've do we support, /tv/?[View]
154553614why did it fail[View]
154553606Serious question, are anime characters supposed to be Asian or White? All my life I wondered why Jap…[View]
154553333OH N-[View]
154549174Do you find it weird when they refer to the undead threat, in movies, as 'zombies'? Just plain zombi…[View]
154551297https://youtu.be/Q5D2RvIQwQE >be kicked out from black kids club, because you didn't behave …[View]
154554307They're guilty right?[View]
154552546The cousin Tony character was a ghost. The only other reasonable explanation I've heard was tha…[View]
154547519muchachos, ¿tenemos algo bueno que decir sobre esta puta?[View]
154553804It has been 11 years and it still wasnt surpassed[View]
154553298Did slaves really dress like this?[View]
154545616>rich trust fund kids taking the subway my suspension of disbelief can only go so far…[View]
154554073best director ever was a woman[View]
154551333I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe. What are some boyega kinos[View]
154554028GASP! IT'S LEOPOLD![View]
154553977chernobyl thread: Do you think they ever fucked?[View]
154552936Post actors/actresses with underrated bodies of work: Video related, she's starred in: Mayhem T…[View]
154553925Would it be kino?[View]
154552831What went wrong?[View]
154544794>900MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS >For 8 maybe 10 episodes (if your lucky a year) L M A O…[View]
154553844>Its a Hal episode[View]
154552199Early 2000's homophobia in film: Why can't we go back[View]
154552827Is this movie about the value of no-fap?[View]
154553060>Look Stacy, here's my stupid little brother, anon. Usually he just reads weird books in his…[View]
154553001ITT: Movies only you like[View]
154552479Once Upon a Time: Once Upon a Time thread?[View]
154553418>Annette >by Leos Carax Are scenes like this normal in frogland?…[View]
154553654Frozen I >I'm gonna rule the kingdom >Screw this I'm gonna run away >Actually no …[View]
154549301How should they sell out like that?[View]
154553245South Park chads get in here[View]
154553383We have to go back, Kate![View]
154553591He's All That: >remake of She's All That I'm hyped for this show ...…[View]
154552683>7/10 Imdb tricked me to watch this crap[View]
154553518>Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead[View]
154552518Who was in the wrong?[View]
154553580Are there any Kinos with this feel?[View]
154553067Enemies of the State [2020] by Sonia Kennebeck: https://youtu.be/v4iic_UYyXM >An average American…[View]
154553369/tv/ characters who are you irl[View]
154553507The Holy Mountain: Thoughts on this film? I thought it was surprisingly funny, especially the introd…[View]
154553088Is this real??! Did Tom Cruise really put his life at danger like this?[View]
154551661BRVTAL moggings.[View]
154553468Noonanbros....Get the fuck in here!!![View]
154552095Bond, worst Bond film[View]
154552768What movie is this?: I am unable to find it[View]
154552243What's his name again?[View]
154553427>youtuber has a different opinion than mine >block their channel…[View]
154553363What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
154551786Has he happened to you, anon? were you him?[View]
154552763What would you get if you combined the Jedi's autistic celibacy, and the Sith's autistic h…[View]
154543481Foodgellas (1990): I don't get it.[View]
154551096is he Americas most prolific filmmaker?[View]
154553077The Galleria?[View]
154552090I'm trying to watch The Drew Carey show, but it's getting more frustrating than funny. Doe…[View]
154553258How full are movie theaters around your area?[View]
154551793Scrubs is kino, do you agree?[View]
154551002How old were you when you realised that Shooter McGavin wasn't the bad guy and did nothing wron…[View]
154551383DUNE and movies and shows: Lots of good stuff coming: >Wheel of time show >Dune >Foundation…[View]
154550409Success is the best revenge[View]
154552913American actors/directors liked more by people not from America[View]
154536494Community: Annie or Britta?[View]
154552075How come his movie career didn't take off the same way The Rock, Bautista, and Cena's did?[View]
154549975Are they too old to be Stranger Things now?[View]
154552552>itt: movies no one will ever see[View]
154551682Why did Deb’s therapist in Dexter keep saying she wanted to fuck her brother? Isn’t it kind of irres…[View]
154551870Is the MCU sustainable without white fans?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/black-widow-debuts-at-…[View]
154552895Wow... he's literally me...[View]
154549934they're still seething[View]
154552858Woah Shep, smoke a peace pipe![View]
154552604any last request, Anon?[View]
154549853The essential /tv movies[View]
154552657Britbros, what's the best soap and why is it Emmerdale?[View]
154548829Have you ever been on television?[View]
154549890If you watch this you deserve to be castrated[View]
154551241LORD OF THE RINGS ON PRIME: Got so hyped for the new Amazon show so I bought all 3 LotR books, Hobbi…[View]
154552640>You see it, don't you? Millions of people bought houses they couldn't afford, and now …[View]
154547251>'If you fancy the Jonas brothers, cover your belly.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
154552681Absolute kino[View]
154552671sneed thread: how about a sneed containment thread to make the jannies seethe?[View]
154551573Moon (2009): Wtf? Why didnt /tv/ tell me about this kino and Sam Rockwell?[View]
154552168>It's all a deep end Dredd TV series with Urban when?[View]
154540252itt: characters that suffered the most[View]
154552284>we want the star wars audience this is gonna be trash[View]
154541673What makes his documentaries so good?[View]
154550644Geoffrey? Break out Lucille.[View]
154549998Best Lizzy Caplan Kino?: For me it's Cloverfield[View]
154550778Will the Borderlands movie be in theaters?[View]
154551345Bros.... I didn't know I wanted a Ratcatcher gf until now.[View]
154549505Damn his new documentary series is kino: Reminds me of early Louis Theroux BBC2 stuff, minus the con…[View]
154552486What is your favourite Arnold kino? For me its Conan[View]
154550663You were supposed to be the chosen ones[View]
154549236Whatever did he mean by this?[View]
154551954NO OPTIMUS-![View]
154552384best movies in the spirit of napoleon?: or about something else related to the ETERNAL GLORY[View]
154550094>I don't want lunch. I want breakfast.[View]
154551330>watching tv show >they introduce a character that's just annoying and doesn't serve…[View]
154548165What was the reason behind their 15+ years of success?[View]
154549642Why did they suddenly stop making movies about the Holocaust? In my opinion people should always be …[View]
154548313which one you like[View]
154551019Das rite nazi-boi. Them qweenz finna bouta out for sum WHITE MEAT. >ya WILL fuck da blaq quhweenz…[View]
154552213What is your opinion about the famous producer David Geffen?[View]
154552207What does November Juliet stand for?[View]
154551220*steel drum music intensifies*[View]
154552065>main character dies off-screen[View]
154545917I AM IN MY PRIME![View]
154551470Skinny extra: I understand that a certain main cast is willing to get skinny for the part. But how …[View]
154538977Have you ever bought a short personalized clip from your favorite Television & Film star?[View]
154543162I'm not religious, but i liked this movie.[View]
154552016>You always were a dumb jig. Jesus Christ, Arnie...[View]
154549841Do you feel pity for Gollum?[View]
154551398>Its another Badass Hit man movie[View]
154551970I want to give you money for your business, your seed and feed buisness![View]
154550976Will he find redemption?[View]
154551958Y: the Last Man trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EEQ5Lj-cXM >Please don't fuck this…[View]
154515646What are some other actors and actresses that were beautiful when they were younger?[View]
154548820/L O S T/: L O S T thread jacob edition[View]
154549837biggest jerkoff east of the hudson[View]
154551896>movie has a time limit[View]
154551897Son (2021): >mother must feed people to her son or her son dies This movie is kino. I especially …[View]
154551869>I just woke up one day and I knew >knew what? >what I was never sure of with you what did …[View]
154550070Why did they kill him? He was the most interesting character in Disney Star Wars movies[View]
154551851why do female characters nowdays always have a stern expression?[View]
154551839Just got back from the local kinoplex. What did I think of it?[View]
154551836X Files: Here is how you save the show Lone Gunmen faked their death in hiding. Bring back Dogget fo…[View]
154551417>movie made by black people, with black people in it, and for black people >the only people wh…[View]
154551067Kino movies about LA? Could be modern or old idc.[View]
154548955Behold: the most based character in all of HBO history[View]
154550199New Dunc trailer[View]
154549971Y-y-you.... poopmouth!: Poop! Your a poopmouth, Ron! All that poop coming out of your mouth! Poopmou…[View]
154544246>Gets multiple stab wounds and dies >Comes back to life from CPR fucking RETARDED…[View]
154550647Why would they think it was a good idea to make this while he was still in office? This should have …[View]
154548085Star Wars: What's next for him?[View]
154532702Was he based?[View]
154551113Was he a good or a bad person?[View]
154547973North Water: >WAHHHHHHHHH >WAHHHHHHHHH >WAHHHHHHHHH >WAHHHHHHHHH Last nights episode was…[View]
154550553He was so kino.[View]
154551206>Those who kill their own comrades are sure to die a terrible death[View]
154550143Imagine your favorite trilogy rebooted by Rian Johnson: >Imagine you were given a billion dollars…[View]
154551312>season finale is another cliffhanger episode[View]
154547338What is /tv/s opinions on Leon?[View]
154550975Movies Men will unironically never be able to understand: >ITT Movies Men will unironically never…[View]
154551050I'm willing to accept that a powerful evil organization can make prostitutes and drifters disap…[View]
154543706What does he transform into?[View]
154549909his name,, was Bason[View]
154551065Why Walter cared so much about this goofy ass nigga? He even offered all of his money to jack for hi…[View]
154551042Why is no one talking about this movie? There's barely room on the box to fit all the awards.[View]
154550745Can anyone stop him?[View]
154550936Movies are not art[View]
154550430Basically fuck being a good person.[View]
154549860>Ravonna Renslayer knows when you masturbate, and she disapproves. That's something she woul…[View]
154548405Guilty pleasures: Post your guilty pleasure show or movie.[View]
154548319A Nigger... ?[View]
154550809this Netflix cuties: the movie that blue balled /tv/ and made janny cry. say something nice about it[View]
154548124Why do we allow 5'3' actors?[View]
154549972Did anyone watch this show? What was the trannies glitch? I couldn't get past the first episode…[View]
154550395India Superpower 2021: is it time to exterminate 90% of male population in India?[View]
154549680Star Wars: >Pacific Rim 2 What went wrong?[View]
154546093Is Tom Scott kino?[View]
154550346The Life Of David Gale: Name a more retarded ending than this. ProTip? You can't. WHAT WERE THE…[View]
154548423I love David Lynch, and I love Nicolas Cage. So why do I hate this fucking movie?[View]
154550542Its real, he's back bros. We did it! We helped him.[View]
154547732Was he right?[View]
154550162>good idea, bad execution[View]
154550565Who would you choose to help you pitch your screenplay to studio execs? I got dibs on Ballen.[View]
154548604>the villain is evil because... HE IS EVIL[View]
154548005>it's a Truman masturbates the cat episode[View]
154548596What are the Disney shills going to say when Rian Johnson’s trilogy is officially cancelled? It’s ob…[View]
154550401>Is the best Indy film in your path[View]
154550412what are some kinos about doing jail time? held without bail till sept 16th[View]
154549893Is Gemma Arterton a good actress?[View]
154547198Westworld: Never seen it, is it worth a binge?[View]
154550348the SOY: >Fat baby face >Grow beard to hide it >Fail >Start youtube channel to review mo…[View]
154548297Warhammer 40k cast: I have this picture, and I think most of portraits of primarchs are based on pho…[View]
154550338I am not a fan of Kane Hodder's portrayal of Jason Voorhees.[View]
154546924>Strong male character >everyone thinks he’s so badass and cool >Strong female character …[View]
154549721this is arguably the 3rd best star wars movie[View]
154546455How many of you are actually interested in television and film and not just here to shitpost about p…[View]
154550264When was the last time a high fantasy film had soul?[View]
154549828Whens he gonna get EPSTEIN'D[View]
154547746Quiet, all of you! They’re approaching the buck breaking paddock.[View]
154546756why is he making fun of lonely people with aspergers?[View]
154548411Where did it go wrong?[View]
154550091Have you noticed the shortage of movies lately?[View]
154549444What time does this piece of shit hit HBO?[View]
154550107FRANCIS IS BUSY![View]
154550069Why 99% of the movies nowadays is shit? There appears to be a huge drop in quality as of recent, as …[View]
154548243What does /tv/ think of the 2001 superhero epic 'The Specials'? Written by and starring th…[View]
154548654dopey self-aggrandizing female pays a dopey self-aggrandizing female.[View]
154549918>One year hence you must bring me... a shrubbery Did anyone else they went a little too far with …[View]
154548116Holy shit this movie is fucking trash. You have to be a special kind of onions sipping easily impres…[View]
154546424When are we getting a kino about the most based DC character?[View]
154549488For me? It's Richie[View]
154548340Damn, sexist much?[View]
154546043Will Warner reboot Harry Potter this decade?[View]
154549836ITT: movie villains you relate to[View]
154549469cast them[View]
154548945I don't get it.[View]
154530906THE WHEEL OF TIME: Trailer fucking when? This show is out in November...[View]
154548108>movie depicts Rome as the bad guys[View]
154549658What did I think?[View]
154547456Which one was better? I think right.[View]
154547974Shooting of the new David Cronenberg's movie 'Crimes of the Future' starring Viggo Mortensen, K…[View]
154549587why did they replace the cast of friends with goblins?[View]
154549583>he's not insane because... well, he's just not, okay!?!? he murdered tons of kids but …[View]
154548438She looks really bogged here. When there was narration in the beginning, I was sure it was some old …[View]
154545430The episodes before 9/11 seemed comfier[View]
154547797I hate when Captain Piccard slaps Data across the back of the head and calls him a 'blasted bucket o…[View]
154549400i cant reminbder the last time i watched tv on my big flat screen tv[View]
154549466Matrix: Retirement: Thoughts on the upcoming movie?[View]
154546962>You're not brave >Only MEN are brave Woah woah WOAH hold up. I know this way back in 201…[View]
154549356Sneed Palpatine[View]
154549099Le cinéma club guest-curated a shorts program for the criterion channel.[View]
154549203BATGIRL: Some deatils from the script written by Christina Hodson: >Barbara Gordon is a adopted d…[View]
154549337>I will not fall into a rangeban! I will keep myself hardy until shitposting is opportune!…[View]
154548921Discount John Wick[View]
154548943>losers think Don proves you can fake it til you make it >he is thoroughly unhappy the entire …[View]
154546629>and I said, 'I dont care where you're from, that's gotta hurt'…[View]
154549196Who is the badast motherfucker in cinema history: John J. Rambo or Keyser Soze? A little backstory: …[View]
154545909>Japanese ''''acting'''''[View]
154548220ITT: We speculate on how Season 6 could be absolutely butchered and ruin the entire show. Some ideas…[View]
154549107Is there anyone that could do a Ledger style Joker today?[View]
154548957>storing movies in HD >movie belongs to more than one genres can be put in two or more folders…[View]
154549078>movies that got you intensely erect[View]
154548828Cool Poster: Post cool posters. Bonus points if they are oficial.[View]
154527748This doesn't deserve to be as good as it is[View]
154547120'So anon , what movie are we going to watch ?'[View]
154546076ITT: pleb filter characters[View]
154547749itt: characters that are literally you[View]
154548885any lifting kinos? already seen pumping iron and westside vs the world.[View]
154548509>character throws something in trash instead of recycle bin[View]
154548722hollow man[View]
154548868>This is getting out of hand y'all.[View]
154545683$10,000 for a documentary. Pitch.: I won a grant and now my College is giving me ~$10,00 to spend on…[View]
154548855hey frens: What are the Exorcist kino? I’m looking for the real stuff. This thread is not for faint …[View]
154548765Xena and Gabriel reunited https://ew.com/tv/xena-costars-lucy-lawless-renee-oconnor-tv-reunion-my-l…[View]
154547265If Ghostbusters was about easting breakfast it would be called Toastbusters[View]
154546748Films that should have been added to the Criterion collection by now.[View]
154548270>character takes a piss >it isn't thick and amber colored like corn syrup…[View]
154545273His life wasn't that bad. Why was he so angry?[View]
154548030>start slave riot on Kessel >fucks off when they get what they need >leaves the rest of the…[View]
154548537>War is... LE GOOD![View]
154548599are you watching his dark materials season 3?[View]
154548546Here you go, your vidya movie villain[View]
154538521August 2021... I am forgotten[View]
154545144Dunkik Vs 1917: >4chan shits on Dunkirk >Watch it It's a masterpiece >4chan loves 1971…[View]
154548309What others movie should I watch if I self identify with Travis Bickle? I've already seen Joker…[View]
154542806what's his best role?[View]
154536020The North Water: New episode came out today. I had no idea it was the final episode but it was fucki…[View]
154546427>movie has an autistic character >he's just a violent retard with no charm or intelligen…[View]
154548022They had the audacity to kill Ryan Gosling[View]
154537360Mean Girls: Are there any straight men that like this movie?[View]
154548315Kubrick Ratio: >tfw you find out you've been watching Kubrick wrong I'm talking specifi…[View]
154547115Yellowstone: Really trying to enjoy Yellowstone, which for the most part I am. But this fucking bitc…[View]
1545476114400: Anybody ever seen this great show? Its now in my top 5 favorites with the Sopranos and Breakin…[View]
154548039Based movies.[View]
154547747I like to watch movies that 'break the 4th wall'. pic related. what are some essential 4th wall brea…[View]
154548067>character is going through evidence at a crime scene >has his mouth hanging open…[View]
154544783is he gonna be alright?[View]
154546373The North Water - Why is nobody talking about this show?: Enjoying the series so far, but why is nob…[View]
154548042PRAISE DA LAWRD![View]
154548063Buffy Thread: Do you guys think the Faith spinoff would have worked if Eliza didn't pass on the…[View]
154546275>KINGSLAYER GET IN HERE >WE'RE TELLING subverted expectations STORIES…[View]
154547916>reduces your periphical vision Perfect for someone who shoot a gun[View]
154547997Kino anti-hero[View]
154546335Cobra Kai Season 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8eRMQtjCBE What do you expect?[View]
154547254>pooping expert breaks down 13 pooping scene[View]
154547472This live was on MTV music awards 97, society is collapsing: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CfC5EfUI8mw…[View]
154547979This was a real trip.[View]
154544685Malcolm in the Middle: We're in agreement that this is the greatest sitcom ever made, right /tv…[View]
154536138Gadon: I think she's just a bit too beautiful for Hollywood to cast her in big films[View]
154536636Perestroika Kino: Hey /tv/, I was wondering if any of you have checked out any movies from the genre…[View]
154547850Any plane crash kinos?[View]
154547720What if they realistically had involvement in producing Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi i…[View]
154544457The Suicide Squad: What's the /tv/erdict? A lot of jokes fell flat for me but this has the best…[View]
154547781Can someone enlighten me to the amount a 4chan janitor gets paid on a yearly basis? p.s. mods are pa…[View]
154545713This movie is just Drive but better[View]
154543922What is Netflix trying to achieve here?[View]
154535880Cast her in capeshit[View]
154546978AUGUST 2021.....I AM FORGOTTEN?[View]
154547711Lynch's Dune was never good and will never be good, regardless of how the new one turns out[View]
154545706Me on the right. Post Debicki[View]
154547588>The Marvels wtf bros, it's not a solo Brie movie? how is she happy with it?…[View]
154545961We're putting together a team....: you in?[View]
154547295i saw a movie today oh boy[View]
154547583>chugs warm vodka straight out of bottle >no chaser come one, Hollywood, there are limits to s…[View]
154545315Autistic or psychopath?[View]
154546990>YO XBOX[View]
154545653Why the fuck was this so popular?: This is the safest, softest, most mass-appealing movie I've …[View]
154547593>Called The Green Knight >There's actually a knight who is the color green and also the M…[View]
154544865see mutts, you can make funny movies mocking black people with panache.[View]
154547545What are some films about the work/life balance?[View]
154546889>this bitch doesn't get killed I'm gonna quit watching now.[View]
154547217guys, you know that random observation i just made... well thats why its funny[View]
154536597>bruh what the fuck is a torrent? on god just get Netflix no cap[View]
154546312has anyone actually seen this movie?[View]
154546768What is next for Mia Wasikowska?[View]
154544951Why does modern Hollywood hate /fit/ women? In the 80s and even the 90s there were lots of hot fitne…[View]
154546845Kino that should have been[View]
154545812what are some good romantic comedies to watch with my gf?[View]
154545847Favorite action star ?[View]
154547235what the fuck did I just watch. this is probably the most retarded movie Iìve ever watched[View]
154545648Who has done this?[View]
154546489it's simple we eat the mummy[View]
154546548This guy has the kino touch: Is anyone else entertained by every single thing this morherfucker star…[View]
154546348Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you cared…[View]
154546738Dodgeson! Dodgeson! We've got Dodgeson here![View]
154546970>well snip my pickle and call me Schlomo! how has this show not been cancelled yet…[View]
154546964survivor: Holy shit lmao[View]
154536956films no human being actually liked, but still managed to get great reviews and win boatloads of awa…[View]
154544955>Post-9/11 Middle East invasion war movie >'Tickets to Iron Maiden baby' starts playing …[View]
154544883Will there be a sequel with Elliot Page's character confirming he was a dude to Kate Mara'…[View]
154545041Historical Epics: I'm storing films in HDs, and I want to get all those huge epics. So far I…[View]
154541598Will /ourguy/ ever be accepted?[View]
154546847Why are Euros like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nhQCLzG8Wk[View]
154519706>His [Kinski] coffee was only lukewarm that morning. He stood this close to my face and yelled fo…[View]
154537616>498 days until Avatar 2[View]
154545150how did he confuse the drill sergeant with john wayne?[View]
154546685>ruins cinema forever in your path Heh, nothing personal kid.[View]
154543701ITT: Film posters with big 'gRaPhIc dEsiGn iS mY PasSioN' energy[View]
154546465This comfy show was a perfect combination of action, comedy and romance, why is it almost forgotten …[View]
154546357I miss her bros...[View]
154546509Just got back from The Suicide Squad and I was the oldest person in the theatre[View]
154542857Why did The Sunday Timed wake up and decide to attack one of the most loved actors in Hollywood?[View]
154534242What are some liminal kinös?[View]
154540654ITV Coronation Street's Norris Cole killed off screen after 30 years: Corrielads.... it's …[View]
154545593Dawson's Creek is a show based on cuckold fetishism: Dawson, the main character is a cuck. His …[View]
154543838Why do girls pretend to like Joker?[View]
154545698More movies like this please Mandy was a masterpiece[View]
154545189>some characters are food inside the package >some characters are the package with food inside…[View]
154544097roles in movies you thought were a lot bigger: >gets headshot and dies like a bitch 40 minutes in…[View]
154543852Post kino pinball machines[View]
154544618Django is unironically one of the best tarintino films ever[View]
154544372IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaXma6K9mzo do you think he's going to call Sean a…[View]
154541745Star Wars Boomer BTFOs Tranny, Tells him he will never be a real woman: Lucasbros.... We're fuc…[View]
154546197To good to be true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvdUhDhn3yE&t=420s[View]
154545751I'M ACTING[View]
154545639Oh, uh... fruit please![View]
154544163was jordan a sigma or an alpha?[View]
154533076What is the best Vietnam War movie?[View]
154545533Whats the verdict?[View]
154545971>murders his Karen wife and unborn son because he didn’t want to get divorce raped why aren’t th…[View]
154545969What are some kinos about old age[View]
154545684ITT: Villains who did NOTHING wrong[View]
154540428What’s your opinion /tv/?[View]
154545594Knowing: Why the children lel.[View]
154545889It's ok! I'm a limo driver![View]
1545373542021, I am Begotten.: So did anyone ever actually like this or was it just a 'le ebin /tv/ meme'?…[View]
154545844Three Days (2021) Short Film: Chick I know (the one in the cover photo here) starred as the lead fem…[View]
154530154Uhh... Guys?[View]
154544388Name a funnier sketch[View]
154544395i miss him[View]
154532621Dceu Thread!: Sexiest Dceu Actresses? Rank them! My ranking! > Meagan Good > Antje Traue > …[View]
154544316Why didn't Dawson and Joey end up together?[View]
154544396>disrespecting J R O C it could happen to you cause it happened to him[View]
154543774phone booth: >picked at random by a crazy sniper >starts killing people around him so they thi…[View]
154542636What the fuck is their problem with Mel Gibson?[View]
154543648200,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way[View]
154536505>he's literally me[View]
154543380would he have starred in any kinos like Bowie had he not offed himself? why'd he do it anyways?…[View]
154545550just squint[View]
154544152>I just realized that I should stop calling people faggots very brave, what impressive growth as …[View]
154544582Whats the best Trilogy? Hard mode no LOTR: im going with naked gun since most trilogies are convolut…[View]
154544702Realistically, what would you have done in this situation?[View]
154545054What is your girlfriend's favorite film?[View]
154544708Are there any shows where the wizards fight the aliens.[View]
154541740Fucking plebs. This movie was fantastic, but dipshit normies can't appreciate it. Same thing ha…[View]
154544181>Akira Kurosawa >Ingmar Bergman >Andrei Tarkovsky >Federico Fellini What makes them so s…[View]
154545237Name my band.[View]
154542245>we need Tom Hardy, but we don't have the budget >don't worry sir, I know just the …[View]
154544648there's no one there? is he gonna be in ff10?[View]
154545294Make a move and the bunny gets it![View]
154544224Raimi interview: >In the multiverse of madness, I wanted to flip the idea of heroes and their mot…[View]
154544699I only watched game of thrones for the plot[View]
154542134>character is 33 >actor is 43 >looks 53 What are some examples of actors playing way out of…[View]
154544803Imagine if this was actually what happened after you killed yourself[View]
154544937Look, I am glad Nicholas Coppola finally didn't make a piece of shit. But this poster is fraud…[View]
154544170ITT: Youtube kino: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooG15l_pCko…[View]
154544245It's just porn[View]
154542910Why he smash buildin?[View]
154543618>movie has no women speaking to each other[View]
154544017Why was there a prophecy about bringing balance to the force before they knew there were sith alive?[View]
154544911>Pikachurin, a retinal protein named after Pikachu >Sonic hedgehog, another protein named afte…[View]
154539563what's the point of this character in true detective?[View]
154544143>Mommy! What did Malcom mean by this?[View]
154539675Better than mortal men deserve.[View]
154543438This is a 30 year old guy[View]
154544732>2021 >still the only good documentary series to ever exist how does it do it?…[View]
154543931did the message of The Matrix fall on deaf ears? normalfags are still sucking globohomo dick as if t…[View]
154544500What movie/show is this thing from?: I thought I just dreamt of this thing when I was a kid, but I f…[View]
154544707>LA Knight >Oney Lorcan >Kassius Ohno >Seth Rollins >Karen Kross >Abraham Washingt…[View]
154542427What a garbage ending[View]
154544306Why was Zed making love to the Arby's Man, in this scene. I need a quick rubdown.[View]
154542711Uh-uh, I don't wear a mask[View]
154533522NETFLIX SILENCES KEVIN SMITH: This little vermin lapdog has gone completely silent on Twitter. He do…[View]
154517586>the green knight so why is he brown bros?[View]
154544474>when the title of the season premiere references the title of last season's finale…[View]
15454380124 KISSLES HANDHODLESS VIRGIN: What are some unironic kinos for this? The last nin family female I s…[View]
154543084The talented mr Ripley: What was his problem[View]
154543025MAHAAAA the french[View]
154543956I think there's graphite on the ground, in the rubble[View]
154544459Was this actually a succes? I feel like it failed but it has a nostalgic sense to me because it woul…[View]
154544312Cast them[View]
154542658Are we gonna see her again?[View]
154543428how long could you live on Craggy Island before you killed yourself?[View]
154541586What the fuck is going on in this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6-Ncc5wETc[View]
154543057We're the shitposters saving this board from what might have been. The board will never know wh…[View]
154543757Cinderella (2021): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NeHRuPpoM Thought?[View]
154541087What does /tv/ think about the Netflix series Sex/life?[View]
154540271Men BTFO[View]
154543067after watching this movie, i am fucking glad that fucker had a life he had can you imagine a monster…[View]
154537311>if you kill the guy who murdered 600 innocents, raped uncountable amounts of children, and sets …[View]
154544142anyone else wish they had Tim Burton lenght hair? i just have this fantasy about being the crazy old…[View]
154542007What is this gay shit?: I thought it would be actual karate matches in the final, not just queer lov…[View]
154544070Batbabies on suicide watch[View]
154544089Live action Deus Ex: >Live action Deus Ex finally made >Its 2027, and its already looks retro-…[View]
154542986I know people say this a lot but he is kinda like me. Not literally me but there are some similariti…[View]
154544075SERENITY NOW[View]
154540421actors with ZERO (0) good movies[View]
154543660Mank was Stank worst david fincher movie[View]
154543968>it's a raimi movie[View]
154541939Why does cgi age worse than the original effects?[View]
154543972DON'T MAKE ME DO IT, I NEVER KI-[View]
154541391Mary Magdalene looks like THIS?[View]
154539422which show is better? twin peaks or sopranos?[View]
154543807Was this supposed to be like an old coin or something? Why does it have a loop for a cord like some …[View]
154543596I kind of feel bad about racism after watching this... were we the bad guys all along /tv/?[View]
154543568Who /A24/ here?[View]
154543068Cast the Chris Chan movie. David Cross as Cole smithey[View]
154543492Why did he turn into a skeleton? Was Marv magic or something? Is this a plothole[View]
154542656My top 10 sopranos episodes 1) Funhouse 2) Soprano Home Movies 3) College 4) Two Tonys 5) Army of On…[View]
154542093what the fuck did Tyrell see also would Whiterose's machine actually have worked if Elliot hadn…[View]
154542104Wheels and the Legman!: >Bow chicka bow ba bow ba bow, ba, BA NA NA NA, BA NA NA NA! Oooh! Bow ch…[View]
154543615You know who lives there? Well, I mean you wouldn't know who lives there. But, you know who liv…[View]
154541253Name the best and worst movie in this collage.: Also more /tv/ core?[View]
154543594boats, let's go[View]
154542060Could the popularity of Meth have been casued by Breaking Bad?[View]
154542406>I like your product. I like your business. I like you. And for that reason, I'm out.…[View]
154543149What am I in for?[View]
154543417Hello anon, watch The Suicide Squad[View]
154541726Who the hell names their kid 'CIA'?[View]
154543425>tfw you loved World Peace but can't stand Sam Hyde[View]
154543421Bad case of nostalgia: I clearly remember a cartoon from my childhood where a character takes waffle…[View]
154543192best girl[View]
154541815I'm not a even a big John Wick fan but >Keanu >Donnie Yen >Hiroyuki Sanada >Scott A…[View]
154543353>Who is the janny?[View]
154543159how come basically nobody cares about this film?[View]
154543219>story begins innocent and wholehearted but completely shifts gears and get's dark as fuck a…[View]
154541774My grandma just locked me out of the huse, any movies about dementia?[View]
154539231what are some of the best movies about dying?[View]
154541467He didn't do anything wrong[View]
154541927What is the Maya Angelou of movies? I want to experience what I get from her poems but in the form o…[View]
154540809I’M DIRECTING Post other examples of this /tv/[View]
154542879Ayo I'm going to Blockbuster for sum kino, y'all need anything?[View]
154541342Peaky Blinders: What went so right? I re watched the whole show 4 times[View]
154543015JPJW:// Jurassic Park/World General: The most kino scene in the hole franchise was in the 2nd worst …[View]
154541620For me, it's Kat Dennings.[View]
154542196MATRIX: Is this the new Star Wars? One good movie and 3 (presumably) bad sequels? What a shit franch…[View]
154542648Normies are finding out about how classic westerns just copied the works of Kurosawa[View]
154542814HE'S A BALLOON BOY[View]
154541220What is the worst tv show/movie fanbase out there?[View]
154542790> Garry Hoy (January 1, 1955 – July 9, 1993) was a lawyer for the law firm of Holden Day Wilson i…[View]
154541959I'm a friend of Christine W. Chandler, may I see her please?[View]
154540286James Gunn discussing the once famous director Scorsese's opinions on superhero films[View]
154542696The charges, officer?[View]
154542499>beat that you little fuck nigger My God. I thought this was a children's Christmas film.…[View]
154542692>get warned for posting pic related lol, tranny janny get mad post more salma to make him seethe…[View]
154538383am i supposed to believe this is a true story[View]
154539775All action stars of the 21st century will be female actors.: https://youtu.be/BGDyRJ7H27s[View]
154542638So, there were 2 planes used in the entire battle of Dunkirk and Germany sent 3 planes? That's …[View]
154537584>sit through hours of boring as fuck dialogue to get to the epic showdown >it's just more…[View]
154540450You know there's something you should know, so I'm gonna tell you so![View]
154542625Why didn't they kill the scientist dude at the end of JAWS? Weird that he was in a cage underwa…[View]
154536594Worf is a Klingon weeb: I just realized. Worf is an basically like a Japanese boy who was orphaned d…[View]
154542328James Cameron is so full of shit: >But for Cameron, who took over the helm of the second film in …[View]
154542094Guys, I think Mike has an announcement to make. Any idea of what it could be?[View]
154541159Why do normies think is a great series?: It is a good-dam cartoon, and when you tell them that they …[View]
154537700god tier work ethic[View]
154542555cast them[View]
15453975928 Days Later: Men, it’s been one month since the infection started. We must rape.[View]
154541259The fuck ya lookin' at?[View]
154542337Just watched this with my black gf and had the best sex ever.[View]
154541530What kind of movies do manic pixie dream boys watch?[View]
154542411So Wallet knew Starro was in the tower right and what Starro is capable off? Why wouldn’t she want t…[View]
154542407Discuss Horror,Suggest Horror,or ask for a recommendation If you want a recommend have a similar mov…[View]
154542340what the FUCK is his problem?[View]
154541562Recommend me Guy Ritchie like crime kinos[View]
154542103what the FUCK was this dude's problem?[View]
154541915>think i'm in for a wacky zany romp >its actually a tragedy and end up feeling bad in the…[View]
154542021>Dude let's take the Vanishing 1988 ending and make it a whole movie, normies will eat it up…[View]
154540430>heres your jake from state farm bro[View]
154541105Which one of you was it?[View]
154541857Why do normies hate it?[View]
154521185/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse films Sono Kino Edition >/film/ Charts http…[View]
154541200>movie has gratuitous nudity and/or sex scenes[View]
154540499Are you going to watch Marie Kondo's new show?[View]
154541494>this caused mass suicide in Bongland[View]
154541882Kinos for this feel[View]
154539518What was your reaction when watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?[View]
154541825UH, FELLAS..?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-C9mPu7r_4[View]
154539197Going on 30 years filtering idiots: As great as Aliens was, muh Starship Troopers wasn't the ri…[View]
154539111Who’s the most kino impractical Joker?[View]
154534794Why are his characters womanizers? He is ugly as fuck. >The Sopranos >Boardwalk Empire >Arm…[View]
154541622What was even the point in putting sand in the tanker? Were they worried the gay BDSM raiders going …[View]
154540145Was anyone else attracted to her as a teenager?[View]
154537484Why does Martin Scorsese hate capekino? Is it because he’s jealous since they are so much more creat…[View]
154533696She's grandma age at this point bros, will anyone take up her mantle? Are huge tits in hollywoo…[View]
154541327pew pew pew[View]
154528808is heroin really that bad?[View]
154540311Pic very related.: Post some shows that are spinoffs or even copies that are better than the origina…[View]
154540698Any stand up kinos?[View]
154530778Has film gotten better with its portrayal of women?[View]
154541279Jungle Cruise (2021): >you will never be an immortal beehive conquistador not sure how to feel ab…[View]
154532842This was so fucking cringe[View]
154541101The Last of Us is going to be so fucking kino.[View]
154539190Who did it best?[View]
154540371>says one line and appears for 10 seconds >becomes absolutely unforgettable How did he do it?…[View]
154540444What went wrong?[View]
154540332who cucked whom?: Jim stole a girl from Roy but it took him ages all the while jim was priming pam a…[View]
154540742ITT: fuck you I liked it[View]
154541099you sussy baka[View]
154531355James cucks his own character twice in this movie[View]
154541147I'm testing out monitors and shit: recommend me a short 'lightweight' movie to pirate real quic…[View]
154540354best goth movie?[View]
154541114Texas Chainsaw 3D: is it worth watching?[View]
154537675What’s the best Die Hard film?[View]
154538553Neytiri is...[View]
154535330It was a metaphor for alcoholism btw.[View]
154539895Have you guys ever noticed how the phrase 'Fairly Oddparents' sounds suspiciously similar to 'Fairy …[View]
154540989The only good female Led superhero movie[View]
154540920>#MeToo's the production of her own Predator movie >is stuck doing straight to VOD trash…[View]
154538487https://www.insider.com/james-gunn-implies-martin-scorsese-criticized-marvel-to-get-press-2021-8 …[View]
154540570Remember that one time Stanley Kubrick made action film buff Tom Cruise a cuckold in the hit movie E…[View]
154537940Movies that could not be made today >Global Warming is not man-made but the result of shape shift…[View]
154539812The Hobbit: >I want a manlet as my husband! Fucking unrelaistic movie trilogy.…[View]
154539981ITT: Actors you think probably smell nice[View]
154538439It’s like this movie was hand made to torture me >Steve Carrell plays asshole step dad abusing hi…[View]
154540614Have you ever cried while watching something, /tv/?[View]
154540730Now that the dust has settled, is Daisy the real winner of NuWars? >plays the most popular charac…[View]
154539260Post actors that only look good while on a specific character[View]
154539751I'm an ESL and I can understand perfectly 99% of content on news channels, yet I still need clo…[View]
154538382Wanna fight?[View]
1545371482021, I am Begotten: So did anyone ever actually like this or was it just a 'le ebin /tv/ meme'?…[View]
154539361Did they[View]
154540640This series is pure kino[View]
154535641What did Farscape do so right? I'm rewatching it for the first time in a decade or more and it…[View]
154539903I'm tired of plain old capeshit and i want to pirate Doom Patrol to watch it Is it good? Is it …[View]
154514041ITT moments you realized you were watching kino[View]
154535633This was the original 2001 monolith. Boy Kubrick dodged a bullet: https://londonist.com/london/secre…[View]
154540054ITT: cringiest scenes from /tv/ - Television & Film[View]
154540461>Directs some of the best films of all time in 2 fucking takes.[View]
154540166>jest tu jakiś cwaniak?[View]
154540345>I'm just correcting a flaw in the system, Tom. >This is about cops helping cops. >And…[View]
154540393What are /tv/'s thoughts on this movie?[View]
154540255Reason why her career went down.: For classic HK movie fans : Is there any particular reason why her…[View]
154538693>watching waterworld with my mommy (its our first time) >say that if there actually is dry lan…[View]
154540143The charges, officer?[View]
154540289Any kinos about steadfast morals in the face of a deranged and nightmarish society?[View]
154537911is this effective?[View]
154539289Any cams or rips available now?[View]
154540157Uh spottembros? We got cucked...[View]
154540089>he doesn't watch movies made after 2050[View]
154540068Pardon me. Ahem. Ahem. Fuck the Narns.[View]
154539267Gartic phone TV edition https://garticphone.com/en/?c=170cf22dc[View]
154539357Does Seth deserve the hate he gets?[View]
154536441>my love forever grows with you What did he mean by this?[View]
154527629What was the last post-2015 movie you actually enjoyed?[View]
154538195have you heard the tragedy of Large Mike and his Guys? >dreamed to be a film-maker >incredibl…[View]
154539864Who knows who Leonardo Davinci is?[View]
154539722ITT: undisputed kinos[View]
154536368>Miles confirmed >Miguel confirmed >Silk confirmed >Gwen confirmed >Takuya confirmed …[View]
154539660Letterboxd thread https://letterboxd.com/stanleykubrick3/[View]
154539118High quality animes for white males? >pic unrelated[View]
154536129The last two seasons of the Office effectively make it one of the worst shows in the history of TV: …[View]
154539131She is the best working actress[View]
154538544Harry Potter New Trilogy?: If a new sequel trilogy to the Harry Potter is announced, will it suffer …[View]
154537072Is there a better music documentary than this?[View]
154539507Eh, what's happening here, bros?[View]
154536416Did you feel bad for Steppenwolf? Even a little?[View]
154539243>ynr She's the man[View]
154532649Milla looked tasty in Dazed And Confused.[View]
154536697Black Hawk Down: Now that the dust has settled, was it Clinton's fault?[View]
154539237WISHLIST?: Share yours! > New Quatermass movies/series with Jared Harris!…[View]
154538992Archer: When is this suppose to be funny exactly?[View]
154537974how do i get into /tv/: so far i have only watched the batman trilogy, I didn't like it. what o…[View]
154537766Does anyone else watch this queer shit? It is starting to grow on me.[View]
154537166Anybody going to watch this diversity garbage?[View]
154535683What is next for Natalie Dormer's career?[View]
154538788>DUDE DID YOU KNOW I WAS ONCE A DRUG ADDICT? god, sober people are fucking insufferable. Fuck st…[View]
154539081I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo[View]
154538597Gomorrah: I’m on episode 8 season 3. Season 3 is boring and feels like chore to watch. Should I keep…[View]
154536269>stand up comedian >actually just goes on a long winded senile rant about things he doesn…[View]
154538608>sister and her boyfriend (a huge hung black guy) are making love in the next room >can't…[View]
154538482>I'm Juan Plugg[View]
154530493we live in a Twilight world[View]
154538791>Movie takes place in the 60 >Creedence Clearwater Revival starts playing…[View]
154538922It there a better modern alien invasion film?[View]
154538910You have a choice, anon[View]
154538354Climax movie: What did I think about it? Should I try LSD with bunch of dancers?[View]
154538758>No, this is NOT a honeypot. I’m not honeypotting you Was she honeypotting him?…[View]
154538800I thought you'd fucked a million guys[View]
154538534Eehhh Willbros? What is happening?!?![View]
154537850>meanwhile in africa[View]
154535519Star Wars: What's next for him?[View]
154535369What did you think of /ourguy/ Adam Driver's new movie, Annette?[View]
154537128Ok anons heres a list of tv shows, now you decide what i keep and what i delete Band of Brothers Bet…[View]
154537464Name a more kino duo.[View]
154537408>ywn get a qt3.14 gf unless you're Chad I am gonna kms[View]
154538201>his favourite kino came out post Y2K[View]
154537495Why is Ryan Gosling such a meme on 4chan? Is he like secretly woke or some shit?[View]
154537262is A2A really that bad?[View]
154531532>Excuse me, 'murder' you say detective? Whom is it exactly that i've 'murdered' ?…[View]
154536459the suicide squad: where can i pirate this, piratebay doesnt seem to have it[View]
154535263Just watched this for the first time, was good but overrated. The practical effects looked like shit…[View]
154523047FUCK #METOO: Hell yeah. Kino is back and it's coming to a stage near you. Will you be in the au…[View]
154536323any other movie/tv series that handles the subject of toxic masculinity without being too preachy or…[View]
154538208why was the best character barely in it?[View]
154536348Can someone explain this joke? I seriously don't get it[View]
154537276The house that Jack built: I asked for psychopath kino recommendations and ended up watching this. I…[View]
154537805What are some Sigma-core films and series?[View]
154537231Clone Wars Thread: One of the best endings to a tv show I’ve seen. What did you think, /tv/?[View]
154535198So i just finished watching Brazil (1985) and damn that was quite the kino experience. I am a fuckin…[View]
154537221Disney selling Star Wars IP when?[View]
154537936Thoughts on the film RACE?[View]
154537903Crazy Chris The Nightmare Man[View]
154536862>here I go, diggin' in again[View]
154530803/HOR/ - Horror General: Discuss Horror,Suggest Horror,or ask for a recommendation If you want a reco…[View]
154536030What a nice piece of fiction.[View]
154523209Images that saved /tv/[View]
154536288>pro family >pro America No wonder why (((critics))) hated this kino…[View]
154534068>finally convince a girl to come over for Netflix and chill >don't want to be some cringe…[View]
154537472What's Bam up to now?[View]
154537560Christmas Kino Wonder why “critics” hated it.[View]
154537079/asian/: I'm running out of Korean kinos to watch, /tv/ros...[View]
154537539Intrigue kino: What are some kinos that feature intrigue and scheming? I watched The spy who came in…[View]
154537111Into what does he transform?[View]
154537274LORD OF THE RINGS 2022 CASTING: black with beard is ha hobbit[View]
154530914>they put feathers on a t-rex it’s like they want this shit to flop[View]
154534863>atmospheric horror[View]
154536491>Why yes I keep consuming and making content about shallow blockbusters but I will make fun of pe…[View]
154537253is batman played out?[View]
154536563VEEP: This shit literally sucks, I only decided to watch it on HBO max to see Elaine Benes. It’s so …[View]
154536320>intentional asmr[View]
154530851This was fucking bullshit[View]
154536262Could a reboot work?[View]
154535757ITT: Worst popular actors Pic related.[View]
154534571watching this right now, the music is out of this world holy shit[View]
154536885FUCK OFF![View]
154535642Are you looking forward to the next Jurassic World film?[View]
154535648Holy shit it's actually good[View]
154536297Rank them in terms of importance to a film's success: >Director >Story Writer >Script …[View]
154536948You hear about Pluto? That's messed up[View]
154536536They here[View]
154534141I'M JESSE VENTURA[View]
154536105Why do they want it so badly?[View]
154534433The Architect: The work never ends. May it keep growing.[View]
154535493Pure shit: the movie: So what exactly is supposed to be good or redeemable about this? I just wasted…[View]
154536559ITT: hyped as fuck movies that came and went[View]
154534566>says suicide squad is problematic , too gorey, too anti sjw, and too anti-people of color Sounds…[View]
154536113matrix: Was the matrix based on the philosophical question of free will vs determinism?[View]
154536669Why dont actors playing superheroes have this physique[View]
154536690What are some movies where villain has their comeuppance and it's extremely satisfying?[View]
154536618Someone convince refn to buy up the movie rights of blood meridian from James Franco. Refn's au…[View]
154536535Was a movie poster like this considered 'too much' back in the day, or it was the norm?[View]
154536278Star Wars: Is this racism?[View]
154525667Who's the hottest asian girl in Hollywood and why is it Awkwafina ?[View]
154532227>Sam basically does modern blackface as a skit It's a wonder this show even lasted a season.…[View]
154528666What's next for Rey as a Star Wars character?[View]
154534860Son (2021): >mother must feed people to her son or her son dies This movie is kino. I especially …[View]
154535526Does anybody remember this guy?[View]
154536311Why didn’t they make Urkel: The Movie? Is this that systematic racism I’ve heard so much about? It w…[View]
154535748The Little Vampire: My favorite childhood movie. Say something nice about it.[View]
154535674>movie bout some psycho/unstable/ villainous character >ITS LE SOCIETY FAULT…[View]
154536275Spiderman no way home: Kristen Dunst spotted on the set. Tobey bros...we are going homd[View]
154535964Why is it so good? And when will the FGO movie part 1 come out?[View]
154535658/tv/ avoids to talk about this flick[View]
154533903Tell me, Mr. Anderson. What good is a phone call, if you're unable to oclocga[View]
154536219anymore real life disaster kinos?[View]
154531726>RLM hasn't posted a video for two and half weeks F[View]
154532390What the fuck was their problem?[View]
154534111What are some late summer, reckless, feel good kinos?[View]
154535980>Junior: So the doctor asks Andy Ngo after the thing in Seattle, he asks: 'is it a rib that'…[View]
154534749Chef is gone. I'm your new chef, Mr Derp![View]
154522344Will this raging homophobe ever work again?[View]
154535749hey /tv/ straight guys. when you see a man as attractive as Henry, how can you possibly not want you…[View]
154535117Gods of Egypt: I finally watched this. This could have been some fun kino but the editing and CGI wa…[View]
154534450Star Wars: Has this always been a thing? If you look up Star Wars on Google depending on what movie…[View]
154534754>be me >bored >decide to watch a kdrama >unironically like it a lot are kdrama'…[View]
154534158Why did Hitler hate this movie?[View]
154533986just rewatched the latest episode of rick and morty, that shit is hilarious, convinced that hating t…[View]
154533724https://youtu.be/g74LpP80w4w Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154533725Old directed by M. Shite Shammalan: What did you guys think about Old. I though the directing was de…[View]
154515176HUGO WEAVING 'SHOCKED I'M NOT IN MATRIX 4': “I wanted to do it,” Weaving told FilmInk during an…[View]
154535472Does anyone here still watch /tv/-news?[View]
154535860The crazy/mentally unstable/bad side character has a confederate flag and the audience and good guy …[View]
154531281Why... why does she look like that?[View]
154531436Making Anakin a child in TPM was the biggest mistake Lucas made. Literally no one likes watching kid…[View]
154535011It was kinda reddit but also kinda 4chan. It was a fun for capeshit[View]
154532793Teen Titans: >she[View]
154535644>We're posing as garbage truck drivers today, and we'll have to do whatever the other g…[View]
154530095What are the best Bollywood kinos?[View]
154535414How did he get out of this situation?[View]
154535196Any other television or film that represents the struggles of IBS?[View]
154535318What’s some science kino?[View]
154534293Come on /tv/, we're having a party, I'm breakin' your balls a little, and you're…[View]
154525403Pulp: >I like the kind that says some pulp what did he mean by this…[View]
154534391>Mandrake?...: >Yes, Jack >Have you ever seen a commie Sneed? >Yea, well... I fancy I ha…[View]
154533841Post kinos you've watched at least 25 times[View]
154535471>Hello Batman. Ever since I’ve escaped Arkham. >I’ve found, the mother of all riddles >I li…[View]
154535415>Devil in plain view oh...[View]
154535449vagina boob[View]
154533683I am your singing telegram![View]
154534675>Yeah, but Mr. Brown, that's a little too close to Mr. Shit.[View]
154534234your opinions on the seasons? i liked 1, 2 was ok, i really liked 3 but thats cuz it wasn't in …[View]
154535302Why did Bale's accent sound so forced in Ford v Ferrari? Is that not his natural accent?[View]
154535257Dr. Grant, again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away. *chugs*[View]
154532009EVANGELION LIVE ACTION: Cast them.[View]
154534303Woodstock 1999: Best Documentary of the year?[View]
154527682>just watched black widow >cliche plot, cringy dialogue, forced feminist agenda, hilariously a…[View]
154535194You guys ever hear of this shit? Wow it was crazy. There’s a robot guy and green guy. It’s like the …[View]
154535174I believe in taking care of myself, in a balanced diet, in a rigorous exercise routine. In the morni…[View]
154535168His best film: We all agree on this right?[View]
154532946Welcome to Jurassic Park[View]
154511159Haha, good one, Ornella. I love those kind of jokes and humour, and I love this beautiful country I…[View]
154534326So when is he gonna be EPSTEIN'D?[View]
154533923>As you know, I’m quite keen on comic books. Especially the ones about superheroes. I find the wh…[View]
154535084True Detective: nah fuck this shit everything was going okay until this bitch appeared asking about …[View]
154533293so... what was the morale of this story?[View]
154535032>hey let's rip off Ari Aster's Munchausen >but it's a feature film instead of a…[View]
154533601No friggin way..... LOIS COME HERE!!![View]
154529858Top 3 Comedy Movies: 1. Freddy Got Fingered 2. Stepbrothers 3. ??[View]
154528407>The jerk store called, they're running out of you! What was wrong with this comeback?…[View]
154533155Why are the people running Netflix so obsessed with using same sex couples and BM/WF pairings in the…[View]
154534197what's your favorite Cruise Kino /tv/?: let's celebrate before Maverick ruins his reputati…[View]
154533087My nigga Frasier was a cokehead[View]
154534279i saw a kino today oh boy[View]
154533020Amazon prime: >not one fantasy show for the entire family Why? Will LotR be for the entire family…[View]
154531221Look who I just met![View]
154532195>Be the driving force behind one of the most acclaimed trilogies in the history of film >What …[View]
154533089Non-nude goodness: What else was hotter than this?[View]
154534444Does anyone remember that weird copypasta? It went something like dominos pizza, Tony hawks undergr…[View]
154532655Star Wars: What's with all the Star Wars threads tonight?[View]
154534403So much for the sea shells.[View]
154534080How does a human being look LESS creepy with Eddie Munster makeup on?[View]
154530374what's your favourite simpsons moment?[View]
154534240Name that American 80s movie: Name that American 80s movie where these university guys work out some…[View]
154533121Unironically who can beat him?[View]
154533641Was it kino?[View]
154533902>this is that 16 year old i was telling you about[View]
154534051You ever suck a man's cock, huh /tv/? Show me how you suck a man's cock.[View]
154533617You cant discuss Sascha Baron Cohen movies anymore on /tv/[View]
154517916What the hell was she thinking singing this in front of everybody?[View]
154528979Post nice shots from 2D animations[View]
154533850Lord of the Rings TV Show Will Reportedly Have Nudity but Not Sex: >Amazon's upcoming Lord o…[View]
154533365Dont even think about it[View]
154534023*Crosses your path*[View]
154533973What are some kinos about the hedgehog's dilemma and the failures of human intimacy >Inb4 Ev…[View]
154532995Anon discovers time traveler[View]
154527133ITT: Things you didn't notice as a kid[View]
154526923Stranger Things Season 4 Will Soon Finish Filming: > “I have been, along with the [Duffer] Brothe…[View]
154533754Yer faether wid be proud[View]
154533539Beatles kino: What is the best Beatles kino? Will you be watching the new 3 part documentary series …[View]
154529687Rain Man: Is this still a good movie or Jewish shit?[View]
154528422Looking back to the 2000s, all this talk about diversity seems pretty recent. When you look in the R…[View]
154532455What was his name again? I forgot...[View]
154533416Thats a big heart.[View]
154533576>BITE THE CURB Or else what, you'll shoot him? A bullet seems a lot less painful…[View]
154533516Actors with zero charisma[View]
154531456Times /tv/ lied to you.[View]
154532046>The charges, officer?[View]
154533211He's right, you know[View]
154533452*blocks your path*[View]
154532661Fellow aspiring filmmakers...: I love film. No doubt about it. I have ideas. I have the bare basics …[View]
154530791How can anyone watch this?: I'm so annoyed by the ugly negress with dyke haircut.[View]
154519893Hey Paul![View]
154532133I know every single line in the dark knight by heart[View]
154533402Why are kazuhiro movies so hard to find online? I've been trying to find a stream or torrent of…[View]
154532354Harry Potter: Why the fuck I cannot like these movies like everyone else? There is something about t…[View]
154489963Funny women[View]
154530377Suicide Squad: So uhh... should I watch it? Heard it's actually good.[View]
154533306Who will play this brave LGBT athelete in her inevitable biopic?[View]
154528785Was he based or retarded?[View]
154530694What would a blood meridian adaption look like from him?[View]
154532117Give me a good scary flick /tv/ I'd appreciate if it had some practical gore.[View]
154533000'Oh No'[View]
154530905will we ever see such kino again?[View]
154531276wandavision: why do normies hated Hayward?[View]
154531313Did we like it?[View]
154529775is this chart still accurate[View]
154531453>It was a national tragedy[View]
154532914The cheetohs, officer?[View]
154532884What's the best adaptation of Greek mythology and why is it The Odyssey (1997)?[View]
154526550Why does he wear the red face mask?[View]
154532494This show taught me how to jack off and god has abandoned me since[View]
154528515Recommend me movies like this.[View]
154532766>imagine being height mogged by kiernan shipka is there a worse fate for a man?…[View]
154532765>And the last thing I want, Nina, is for you to do the things I ask you to do when we’re alone to…[View]
154531414What a thrown together cast[View]
154529218>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIdTSv12Hgw >Highlights from RLM Sp*ce Cop Commentary >Col…[View]
154532105Lynchian movies not directed by Lynch: I'll start[View]
154532650Who was in the wrong?[View]
154530615Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade, mm-hmm[View]
154532281>“Race swapping is fine when the race of the character has nothing to do with the character itsel…[View]
154529500Adam Sessler was Morgan Webb's Jannetty and I'm not going to pretend like that isn't …[View]
154531005Why are Olympic ratings falling? Is it because many people are watching them on phones and tablets? …[View]
154532285She was right and cute. I'd join her. She should have won and let us a 18-min post-credits scen…[View]
154530575Women are so cringe[View]
154530722lapti nek, jedi rocks: Prequel niggas who say George had deep, smart intentions at that time, do you…[View]
154530932What was his problem again?[View]
154530964Is it good?[View]
154529353For me, it’s 11 with Amy and Rory.[View]
154530988Biopic when?[View]
154527077Hey there, bros. Thanks for all the recommendations. >watched Nosferatu, and it was pretty good …[View]
154530004why were the 80s such a creatively bankrupt period in Hollywood?: >inb4 seethe look up the highe…[View]
154532113>What's the deal with black people? They're not black, and they're not people! HOW…[View]
154531018He was just salty he didn't get any as a teen.[View]
154531966Abroad in Japan: >openly mocks his friends and guests constantly >videos are just about going …[View]
154530056LORD OF THE RINGS ON PRIME: Got so hyped for the new Amazon show so I bought all 3 LotR books, Hobbi…[View]
154529543/tv/ can't even name one[View]
154524481>Funny how? How do you respond?[View]
154529728Such a kino show, why hasn't it gotten the Batman: TAS treatment? It's apparent Todd'…[View]
154531645Would you watch a miniseries about the life of the Buddha?[View]
154530853Can you read, my son?[View]
154527407Was it kino?[View]
154529114Anyone else looking forward to our Thomasin outperforming that bug eyed skeleton in Last Night in So…[View]
154532025You just KNOW[View]
154532055Quite possibly the greatest character ever portrayed in a film.[View]
154531994Can't wait, bros[View]
154531917Which Harry Potter film is the best? Which is the worst?: For me, it's the first 3 that are tie…[View]
154524561YOU, YES YOU top 5 favorite movies RIGHT NOW or your SOUL is MINE[View]
154530682>sorry i couldnt resist ruining your life they couldve walked the fuck out and came back the nex…[View]
154531886Movie Lost: I can't remember a certain movie and need help if any of you guys might know. I jus…[View]
154531916>Mandrake?...: >Yes, Jack >Have you ever seen a commie Sneed? >Yea, well... I fancy I ha…[View]
154528712>You don't win friends with salad![View]
154531226Where are their good movies after 2000? It's all anime crap[View]
154528124The great debate: The great debate.[View]
154529874It’s 1999 and you just found out this is the new sith lord: shit must’ve been hype[View]
154531263chicas champagne flash[View]
154529262>Japanese movie >shitty special effects >over dramatic actors >anime tier plot Are th…[View]
154528853you have 10 seconds to name a better story[View]
154531072Is it the most kino ending of them all? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9YACdBUrU[View]
154530946ITT: actors that make you shout 'KINO!' when you see them on screen[View]
154531539wtf was aunt jebidisa's problem?[View]
154531558>gallop toward a city >bring horse to a halt >scream the name of the city at the top of you…[View]
154531583ITT: Youtube kino[View]
154530407Why doesn't he just make Terminator movies full time? The rights aren't an issue anymore a…[View]
154526289ITT: epic moments in the MCU[View]
154531066Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as ebony... Some hair dye and Malina Weissman woul…[View]
154531343Davey beating the crap out of a bully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO9INJjVf34[View]
154530038WTF: Why did they cast a straight man in the role of a lesbian woman? This is so wrong OMG like, rea…[View]
154519443Why did she do him like that[View]
154527518I don't fucking get it, man.[View]
154526072>https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/mike-richards-jeopardy-host-alex-trebek-1235034673/ >His mon…[View]
154531166I'm talentless, movies that deal with this? Synecdoche?[View]
154526753Zoomer here. Should I watch this or was it overhyped at the time?[View]
154529506>villain dies >47 minutes left in the film >not even a mid/post credits scene what the fuck…[View]
154525404Why is Saul a Sigma male in Better Call Saul, but in Breaking Bad Saul is a beta male and Walt is th…[View]
154528815Last movie to have ungodly hype behind it[View]
154527038What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
154528729COME ON - SING!!! SING!!![View]
154524076Should I watch Doom Patrol?[View]
154527843monk thread: monk thread[View]
154526049anyone else feel like more and more of society are turning into pic related? This fucking faggot whe…[View]
154530541>ywn be a stoner surfer filmmaker in 1980’s San Diego with a Della Saba gf Why live?…[View]
154526839Still the best historical movie set in antiquity.[View]
154530458You fuck heads said legion of skanks wasn't funny. You lied.[View]
154525619Listen here Joe Rogan, I took maybe a day or two before the guilt started to clear, but the facts we…[View]
154529116Cast her[View]
154527296>character orders a glass of straight whiskey >drinks it casually >doesn't wince or ga…[View]
154525124Why did Game of Thrones fail to produce any A-listers despite its huge cultural following for a deca…[View]
154528567>dude the world is so heckin' messed up >and I'm part of the cause, but it's ok…[View]
154528179>Past a certain age, a man without a driver's license can be a bad thing What did they mean …[View]
154528724Was this actually good? Still watchable today or did it age poorly?[View]
154527114What are some sports kinos? Seems like the genre has died.[View]
154529584Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
154527918OH Y-[View]
154521077How can I watch movies that aren't available online or any trackers?[View]
154528568>makes you gay[View]
154530030Mia you know it must suck[View]
154529647does he have one last kino in him?[View]
154529940>1080p? 999MB? Splendid. Compliments to the YIFY team.[View]
154522784ITT: underappreciated actors[View]
154529265Please,: come forward.[View]
154529991>nipples as hard as little rocks[View]
154529890What Kino Video are you watching tonight, /tv/?[View]
154528231I unironically miss her, bros[View]
154524473Best episode?[View]
154529494Wtf is her problem? Also what the fuck is up with her face?[View]
154526878fuck you this is good[View]
154526938Tyrell Wellick: What was his ceiling and why did they drop the ball with his character?[View]
154529703why is Pluto in the Seinfeld logo?[View]
154528719picture this: let me set the scene...this 'woman' (human? someione confirm this) is sitting at her l…[View]
154529558Jodie Turner-Smith Eyed For Calypso In Sony's KRAVEN: https://www.theilluminerdi.com/2021/07/28…[View]
154528585What's next for the talented 22 year old actress Kara Hayward? What roles would you like to see…[View]
154529631holy shit this guy is this kid later on[View]
154528283The truest kino[View]
154528613>she keeled over, Kay putz[View]
154527808This documentary is insane: any others like it?[View]
154529606>episode called 'the fat lady sings' >show not over for another four episodes Also is spendin…[View]
154527544>not a PM or a trader >not CFO, COO, CTO, CIO >doesn't bring in business, doesn't…[View]
154526602What do you guys think about the Criterion Collection?[View]
154529356this best part about this move is that it works perfectly in real life[View]
154528090'Octavian, have you penetrated anyone?'[View]
154528646Is Jason back on the menu? https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/407973/corey-feldman-claims-the-friday…[View]
154523231Why would you charge headfirst at cavalry instead of using your increase maneuverability to flank an…[View]
154529207Why didn't the Eagles just kill all the Nazgul?[View]
154529263That feeling when the only thing I want to do is eat a bucket of fried chicken and jacks Daniels and…[View]
154526484Oh, son, they kill you. They shoot you to pieces.[View]
154529192why did louie try and destroy that youn man by telling him something so untrue?[View]
154529203Do you still consider Vanessa Hudgens careers to be on stable footing? Excited about any upcoming pr…[View]
154523854im pretty sure this is the best movie ever made[View]
154529071What does /tv/ think of Corner Gas?[View]
154528607>Doesn't watch Breaking Bad[View]
154529015Based or cringe?[View]
154528152Why didn't he just not kill his kids?[View]
154527119Let me here you say: >Whats up Vito?[View]
154522912It's out baby: MAXIMUM GARBAGE[View]
154528259>Murr, go cum in that guy's sandwich.[View]
154517159Pirating is the moral thing to do because if you go to the theater chances are that your money ends …[View]
154528281is there a more terrifying movie than Jaws?[View]
154508292ITT: Scenes women will never understand[View]
154528072I got a better idea...no fucking way.[View]
154528387So who will play him (them?) when netflix eventually actually makes this[View]
154526089Essential gun kino?[View]
154525990Was it customary to kiss children on the lips in 70’s sitcoms? Happy days creepy afv8ag[View]
154525654Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that he HAD to get it on, right?[View]
154528685This place is what it is, no matter what shit you post, there's always a Janitor who don't…[View]
154528641Can you imagine a world without lawyers?[View]
154526774Why is this the best season of animated television? What couldnt 2002 do?[View]
154511247>This is how american teens look according to Marvel[View]
154526520>*record scratch* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situ…[View]
154526518>you got some idea how my wifes pussy supposed to smell?[View]
154526557The most bluepilled speeches in the history of film: I'll start >In the end, it's only …[View]
154525882ITT: Stanley Kubrick tier directors[View]
154527403I like fucking MY lawn[View]
154528366What's the problem here?[View]
154526562OH N-[View]
154527863Why wouldn't actress that look cute as fuck in short hair keep their short hair? for example Mi…[View]
154527891ᴴᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴺᴷ ᴴᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴬᴺᴷ ᴮᴿᴼˢᴺᴬᴺ ᵂᴬˢ ᴼⱽᴱᴿᴿᴬᵀᴱᴰ ᴬˢ ᴮᴼᴺᴰ ᴰᴬᴸᵀᴼᴺ ᴳᴬⱽᴱ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴮᴱˢᵀ ᴾᴱᴿᶠᴼᴿᴹᴬᴺᶜᴱ ᴹᴼᴼᴿᴱ ᵂᴬˢ ᴿᴱᴬᴸᴸ…[View]
154526141Okay sir, you're an Anon, I'm a Anon, that's terrific, but I'm very busy, as I c…[View]
154526307OH N-[View]
154526155Name one movie.[View]
154528027The Bounty: Is this the most underrated movie of the 80's? >Mel Gibson as Master's Mate…[View]
154527932>Whoa, he's literally me Do incels really?[View]
154528168>Don't you hate it when the liberal intelligentsia in this country comes down with this tay-…[View]
154526698Did you ever fall in love with a character from the Horror genre? I love her bros[View]
1545277382021 >Cavill is dead >I live[View]
154526129OHHHH SHIT[View]
154525362This episode seemed kinda weird?[View]
154528064Nobody has ever made a good movie[View]
154528002What are some /tv/-approved comedy kinos?[View]
154525777>Carnage is created by Cletus biting Eddie's hand There goes any sense of realism the movie …[View]
154522833Rent free[View]
154527965did you know that adam sandler actually pelted kids with dodgeballs in billy madison? that's hi…[View]
154527290>whispers sweet nothings in your ears[View]
154527859Was it kino? Or was it cringe?[View]
154525838Patlabor 2: Why did they turn this wholesome, upbeat and colorful series Into this depressive, vague…[View]
154518050This was a dick move. Sobel taught this ginger faggot everything, he should have been more grateful …[View]
154527501>If only you knew how significant 3.6 roentgen actually was.[View]
154526060>movie is about racial issues and also about running a race >is called RACE >the title is t…[View]
154526578Lost Thanksgiving Movie: This movie has been haunting me and a few others for years now, if anyone h…[View]
154525951admit it, you miss them[View]
154527630House of Cards: Woah...[View]
154527397what are some hair kinos[View]
154506421/bb/ Big Brother 23: HOH: Christian Veto: Christian Noms: Whitney / Hannah Wildcard: Claire Previous…[View]
154525642>the fries are 5% too crisp how exactly did he figure that out right there on the spot? Cringe.…[View]
154527378What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154523146brando has what plants crave, youtube has this for free, what did i think of it?[View]
154526867All American adult animation is horri-[View]
154526191Fuck you I loved it. Hope they make a sequel with Annasophia Robb.[View]
154526754>We need a new Batman >Get the guy who looks like he has aids…[View]
154525936What went wrong?[View]
154524337Essential Autumn Kino: I saw a thread last night asking for essential autumn kinos. I was typing a p…[View]
154526213Hail to The King, Baby.[View]
154524982Why do some people (mostly white males) think quoting movies is a substitute for an actual sense of …[View]
154526896LA criminals, most of them mono-racial crews, competing in Race Wars. They had to know what they wer…[View]
154526163They had to take daily injections just to leave the house. Thats so crazy.[View]
154523520Why is motion smoothing the default setting on all TV's these days? It's fucking awful and…[View]
154525605Meme's aside she is a really good actress. What's your favorite anyakino?[View]
154525726haha this was pretty funny[View]
154526670What if 30 rock was called 30 cock?: That would be pretty funny I think.[View]
154526083IT'S NOT AL ANYMORE[View]
154526748This is the last capeshit thing I've seen Yes, that includes the R-rated capeshit that's b…[View]
154526605What’s the general consensus of The new Dune movie here?[View]
154525080So what's the final consensus, /tv/?[View]
154515084/trek/: Cunt Edition PREVIOUS >>154504981[View]
154524808>the most based character in television and film is a car[View]
154526490How many women did Agent K rape then erase their memory of it afterward during his career as an Man …[View]
154526587>YouTube video essay of a bad movie >Author intentionally misrepresents and misses the point o…[View]
154525686>The charges, officer?[View]
154525985cindy need your help anon please help this bitch out she won t stop bothering and pestering my ass[View]
154526217Don’t you put that saddle up just yet, hoss.[View]
154523228ITT oscure actors that do a really great job every time.[View]
154526530What’s some yourtube kino I can watch while in bed? I like “spooky” stuff and mysterious stuff like …[View]
154525476Why didn't they just operate a safe nuclear plant with reactors which did not have fatal flaws?[View]
154525945What did Mike have to say, /tv/?[View]
154525929movies americans will never understand[View]
154526453ITT: 'Always the bridesmaid never the bride' - type actresses[View]
154526438Pardon me. Ahem. Ahem. Fuck the Narn.[View]
154513181Can't we have one civil thread where we discuss the top three slasher franchises? Yes, we know …[View]
154524983Why was he so sad? His life wasn't that bad.[View]
154525244Do they intentionally give Q the hot girls as partners? Like are they trying to set him up with some…[View]
154526320What is your favorite moment from this fail and what is your favorite number?[View]
154526306For me?: Its Crazy Chris the nightmare man[View]
154523612ITT: Good Concepts, bad execution.: Kiefer was based, but the movie was a slog to get through and it…[View]
154525950You ready, kid?[View]
154523239What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
154525954why was he so based?[View]
154523853Are we getting fat Brendan for Killers of the Flower Moon?[View]
154523748Cast him, mate[View]
154525772>2 seasons i've watched. >twice i've laughed.…[View]
154523543CAVILL IS COMING BACK AS SUPERMAN: https://www.google.com/amp/s/cosmicbook.news/henry-cavill-superma…[View]
154526058What are some movies that portray realistic relationships?[View]
154525269Wait I don't get it. Was he a finook?[View]
154525373https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolph_Valentino https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_Doll[View]
154523749I STILL BELIEVE: -that the jannie who banned me for a draw thread claiming 'off-topic posting' will …[View]
154526000Movies that predicted events?[View]
154524776Charlotte Ritchie General: What are her best works? Now that her Fresh Meat co-star Zawe Ashton is i…[View]
154523715Choose the form of the Destructor.[View]
154525861Were the rumors about her true even before the news broke about husband dying?[View]
154523738Peggy just farted on her whole class[View]
154524828AND THEN?![View]
154503865This needs to stop![View]
154518681Actual /tv/ merchandise thread[View]
154524092HENRY CAVILL IS COMING BACK AS SUPERMAN: READ THE ARTICLE https://www.google.com/amp/s/cosmicbook.ne…[View]
154522249The Trio of Trash: choose one, the rest fade away forever[View]
154523276Who will pay to watch this?[View]
154525729I just discovered Nos4r2: Since I loved the Heroes series that aired a decade ago with zachary quint…[View]
154525759Well first of all Scrubs is fucking forgettable trash. Yeah it had one spicy /v/ermin meme but NOBOD…[View]
154519774Would you watch a Spider-Gwen film?[View]
154525494Fight Club: The Movie General: >NOOOOOOO >I HAVE A STABLE WELL PAYING JOB AND THE ABILITY TO B…[View]
154525568Latex leather pcv rubber spandex in movies and tv: Starting with quite fresh one from American Horro…[View]
154525357What's the most disturbing movie you've ever seen?[View]
154525641I like that sweet old man like you wouldn't believe. https://youtu.be/3g_xTAwxaKQ And I like yo…[View]
154524374Comfy X-Files thread: Trying again[View]
154520008Why are Northern and Western European males the only people who seem to enjoy these films?[View]
154525543Green Knight more like desaturated grey cgi fog knight. Clifford the Big Red Dog is a true movie, Gr…[View]
154524020The promise 2016: I rented this movie two years ago. At the time I became interested in history and …[View]
154522081seven samurai: i just watched this kino, where do i go from here[View]
154524815Ciaran Hinds: >leaves a wake of kino in his path How does he do it?…[View]
154519748Has a movie ever made you cry? What was it?[View]
154522414Why was Ned such a retard?: If he listened to Robert and they killed Danny like Robert planned on do…[View]
154524289Why didn't they appreciate Tuco's cooking? Those burritos looked amazing[View]
154517136Let's play a game, /tv/: >your favorite film >your age >your occupation >do you en…[View]
154525072I hear you're the most pozzed board on 4chan now /tv/[View]
154525292>tfw Dunc soundtrack won't have SOVLful 80s synth and anthemic guitars https://www.youtube.c…[View]
154525379Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
154522814>that little fagoit with the earring and the makeup What was their problem?…[View]
154525329>”Gay sex tv?! Alright!”[View]
154501419Jesus this was awful[View]
154521600Is torrenting dying or am I outdated?: I can't find a decent H.264 version of Alien Resurrectio…[View]
154523246What are some based black characters in movies/tv shows?[View]
154523014Bogart Thread[View]
154512899Goodbye old friend. You've served me well all these years while watching kino.[View]
154523419not watching this crap[View]
154519168Snyder with a sigma mindset[View]
154522821Why are there no evil women in Lord of the Rings?[View]
154522714Patient presents with >low sperm count >low potassium >abrasions on penis shaft / glanse …[View]
154524302here's your multiverse ironman[View]
154525131Halfway through pic related and I've already watched Hornblower What am I meant to do after Sha…[View]
154525151why don't we ever see curly-headed leads anymore /tv/?[View]
154524748Who was in the wrong here[View]
154524936How do we fix the Predator series? Should it be laid to rest or can it make a triumphant return?[View]
154523005The emperor is coming to post here?[View]
154523118Anyone else ever watch UK tv show Line of Duty? It's pretty decent cop show[View]
154524894i liked Ally Sheedy in Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire, it's surreal seeing her so youn…[View]
154524968Should I watch it? My time is extremely valuable and I can't risk wasting even a moment.[View]
154524325is this a good movie? Shall I watch it on my kino station tonight?[View]
154523314Movies that confirm your good taste.[View]
154524779When did it take you guys to learn that the majority of directors and creators in Hollywood were Jew…[View]
154512029The North Water: >penis inspection day >ships surgeon pulls back your foreskin >examines cl…[View]
154510667>Here's those kids I was telling you about[View]
154524836Ozark: so... which kind of ending /tv/ wants for Ruth Langmore? Also, Ozark last season fucking when…[View]
154515771What did you think of Demi Moore's performance in the film Striptease (1996)?[View]
154519111Oh no guys! Lydia is sick! Looks like a bad case of the mumps! Let's write her a get well card.…[View]
154522166how can you be this good looking but still pump out garbage movie after garbage movie? the only dece…[View]
154520575Will we ever have a moment like this again?[View]
154524606What the actual FUCK was Rawls problem? >b-but i need to suck cock and make my rate go up Fuck yo…[View]
154524687>WAR IS LYNCHIAN[View]
154523353Character A is walking away. Character B: 'hey.' Character A stops and turns around. Character B: 'b…[View]
154524286First time watching. What will I think of it?[View]
154521718Just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
154524010On the next Arrested Development...[View]
154524551the best movie of this decade is in the can and released. but will the Academy even recognize it? If…[View]
154523992What's the Wuthering Heights of movies?[View]
154522389Alright, I take pity on this shit board so I will enrich you brainlets. >Saruman=Saturn >Radag…[View]
154524496>You must be confused, Ornella. I'm not that what you say, but you are. Boom, destroyed.…[View]
154523075What is it about true crime documentaries and shows that captivate people so much? I swear every per…[View]
154524291This movie is ASS[View]
154524089do you ever think about that blonde buxum secretary from WRKP in Cincinatti? Of course you don…[View]
154524328beedeebeedeebeedee: hey, buck.[View]
154523136Will we ever have a moment like this again?[View]
154524295Is this worth a watch[View]
154524231Worst dvd/bluray packaging ever. It comes with instructions on how to remove the discs, but they don…[View]
154463614Latexkino: Post your favorite latex scenes in cinema[View]
154524247>>154518475 Well first of all Scrubs is fucking forgettable trash. Yeah it had one spicy /v/er…[View]
154524269NICE GAME, PRETTY BOY.[View]
154523950He should play chris chan in the bio pic[View]
154519512Gonna watch Space Jam, what am I in for?[View]
154522559what movie comes to mind?[View]
154510314What went wrong?[View]
154512513What was a trip to Blockbuster Video like?[View]
154523842Did USA TV Network ever make a show a consistently as good as this? The first season of Mr. Robot wa…[View]
154523877>What songs do you listen to /TV/ on the Great open road of freedom? https://youtu.be/XUhjIoDC7Pg…[View]
154513835>Is the best Indy film[View]
154523604Objectively who was in the wrong in this relationship?[View]
154520870why are these two always meeting up in alternate realities to bang?[View]
154522237black anon here: are white people really like this?[View]
154523630>Ender's game >kids are trained to micro/macro a war against a race of zergs >the MC i…[View]
154523111Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Removed People From Her Weekly Routine Over COVID-19 Vaccine Views: htt…[View]
154522953The green knight is brown.[View]
154523438It's only I just realised /ourguy/ Ciaran Hinds was in Harry Potter[View]
154521027Release the Villeneuve cut![View]
154521683Just finished watching Buck Breaking, I consider it a masterpiece and its a contender for the best m…[View]
154503307/who/ - Doctor Who General: Chibedition Previous: >>154454779[View]
154522147what was his endgame?[View]
154522707Would you try one of those pies? I'd probably try it.[View]
154520653any good japanese tv shows that are not anime?[View]
154520787Absolute kinography: >(upbeat) SHON! SHON! SHON! >(melancholic) shon shon shon.... shon shon..…[View]
154516420I didn't get it: Does anyone like this film? I couldn't understand what this what supposed…[View]
154523206Post tv shows that give you hope for the future[View]
154521213>Why am I me, and why not you? >Why am I here, and why not there? >When did time begin, and…[View]
154523186>*kidnaps your kid* >*blames you for it* 25 thousand for clothes and a watch? Hey, 25 thousand…[View]
154514819Remember when this and Smallville were the epitome of superhero television?[View]
154523153does tv like the cremaster cycle?[View]
154523011Spider-Man No Way Home WILL be delayed to March 2022: Yes I have a position at Sony Pictures and thi…[View]
154521372I too am rewatching house[View]
154519398In the jungle you must wait until the dice read 5 or 8.[View]
154523067Name a more perfect ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAWL_bdpXWA[View]
154492899Does it have soul, or is it another soft reboot passing the torch cash grab?[View]
154522064Don’t you put that saddle up just yet, hoss.[View]
154518045Now that the dust has settled, my estimation of Bobby Bacala fucking plummeted when he threw that su…[View]
154522893>You can make a hand turkey[View]
154522126KATE: > Another female john wick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHB2D1hRLtI…[View]
154521635JAMES GUNN WILL MAKE OTHER DC MOVIES: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syfy.com/syfywire/more-james-…[View]
154522834>My name is Ross L. Cool I'm sure he had his reasons but why did Nolan have to shoehorn such…[View]
154519162It's GOOD!: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-04/many-saints-of-newark-review-hbo…[View]
154521850>Make your own future[View]
154518475Lets finally settle this[View]
154522014Oh my god this candyman movie looks so awful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPBH3XO8YEU[View]
154521591Was Vincent in the right?: Marvin MUST have had an opinion?[View]
154522701>We wuz atats 'n sheeeit[View]
154522069>here's your vax for covid >ps you can still get covid…[View]
154515798Hollywood needs to stop casting well known actors and go for unknown shitty ones. I don't like …[View]
154521453>Mice are portrayed as sympathetic >Rats are portrayed as villains Why is this? Aren't th…[View]
154518439Remember when[View]
154522539I know this is a long shot but does anyone know what movie or tv show this picture of Keeley Hawes i…[View]
154519196Say the line /tv/![View]
154518753Will it ever be surpassed in Kino?[View]
154521897>Capitalism is bad because...government does bad things. why did they take 4 seasons to distill t…[View]
154516951Say hello to the new host of Jeopardy[View]
154510919Did you like Jungle Cruise?: It's a soulless Disney corporate project. Filler. It has no soul. …[View]
154522356What's your go-to food for watching kino?[View]
154519144Tell me /tv/ what the fuck was his problem?[View]
154522326BE QUIET[View]
154522085>heres your dobby bro[View]
154518438Which 90s cartoon about a balding Jew was better?[View]
154521698slopping down some pig shit with these fat fucks and im the fattest of them all. If I died tomorrow …[View]
154515214literal best girl[View]
154520313Autism aside, can we agree that this is actually a good movie and maybe the best Star Trek movie?[View]
154522001>'hey yall clarice, want some of my orange fanta?'[View]
154521086>We post kinos made before 1990 We post only kinos thats other anons need to watch made before 19…[View]
154519550My name is....Khaaaaaan![View]
154520978Recommend me buddhist movies[View]
154521959>What does the dosimeter say about his power level?[View]
154521956Martin Wallström: What are your thoughts on him? Aka Tyrell Wellick from Mr Robot.[View]
154521823Looking back, the Costanzas were pretty good parents[View]
154519604Illegal Immigrant: >Seasoned war fighter, killed hundreds of infidels >Wants to be a fageleh …[View]
154521101I got twipps[View]
154520332Why can’t I find this anywhere?[View]
154519903I am Frederick Loren, and I have rented the house on Haunted Hill tonight so that my wife can give a…[View]
154520698I wasn't going to watch this but this kind of got me hyped. Is there a chance it's actuall…[View]
154521654haha you know what would be really scary? a lesbian wearing a latex catsuit that watches hardcore po…[View]
154520712*Bob Dylan starts playing*[View]
154518532Call Me by Your Name: What went so fucking right?[View]
154521320So they did it right?[View]
154520516How did a revenant overpower a literal god? And why did the revenant abandon killing that god, who i…[View]
154521466I watched this show with my girlfriend and now she is my mother LOL![View]
154520441why does hollywood keep trying to convince me women can be action heroes the only action they'r…[View]
154521028BULGARIAN MIAK[View]
154521425OH AND SENATOR: love your sneed…[View]
154519401The baron Munchausen 1988: According to the baron, the moon and his wife reach their peak of their i…[View]
154521375AUGH >my favorite part is when Nicky gets drunk and tries to rip off the Tangiers for 50k after A…[View]
154518140'Polly Pocket Movie In The Works With Lena Dunham Writing & Directing'. https://www.google.com/…[View]
154521033Best movies of the 70s. Go.[View]
154521049*solos your whole extended universe* is there anyone in /tv/ history that could stop Heisenberg (Se…[View]
154504366is this documentary accurate?[View]
154520861>70 y/o father wants to take a 12-hour road trip >wants to drive lol no, but I'm still go…[View]
154520421Realistically what would you do in this situation?[View]
154520620Oh n-[View]
154518080Should I watch this movie? I am also a self-destructive alcoholic, but I tried watching the first sc…[View]
154519489What was the goo?[View]
154518840Was he in the wrong?[View]
154520580He was too based, sad they killed him off.[View]
154520558Rosebud is the name of his sled.[View]
154520326This show gives me hope, we need more shows like this NDT is a good host as well, if a little too sm…[View]
154520855u sombitch.[View]
154517017Recommend me some kino: where the antagonist redeems himself in the end[View]
154519378Who is the best character of all time?[View]
154518456How the fuck did Deb hit the wall SO HARD after Season 1? I mean she was kind of okay with that shor…[View]
154515742/wed/ - WEDNESDAY THREAD: https://vaughn.live/rubberchickens Join us for OG ADDAMS FAMILY, it's…[View]
154519570Whatever happened to Louie Anderson? I thought he was so funny when I was a kid. He was everywhere t…[View]
154520537>want to download an old film from the 40s >3 seeders >only alternative is a legal 'archive…[View]
154520270There's a lot to unpack in Max Caster's rap[View]
154520333RISE UP SIGGYBROS[View]
154519313>main character lies alot >it is literally named Liar who writes this shit?…[View]
154519636>makes himself hairless so no one can make polyjuice potion of him 4D chess…[View]
154519671>I'm playing like Paul fuckin' Newman by the way[View]
154520260You're killin' me, Smalls![View]
154520097why is kat dennings small time shows like dollface?[View]
154520022HOW DO I BECOME A MAN?: Someone like pic related, when you see him, you automatically knows he is a …[View]
154518729It's totally in your Q zone, alright? Your family doesn't care about you! ONLY I LOVE YOU![View]
154510008*casually mogs a24 'horrors'*[View]
154519890The way of the Gun : spermbank: That fucking scene is hilarious https://youtu.be/ngu0RKsv3qE lmao…[View]
154519499ITT: 'she's cute, but she can't act'[View]
154518260What will become of our girl Kim in the final season?[View]
154519383this movie sucks bro[View]
154515807We often talk about shit we hate from new movies/shows, but what are some things you hated about old…[View]
154519517>non cliche original plot >good alien design >nice twist Where were you when Amazon deli…[View]
154503723>Jake Gyllenhaal as the new Black Panther and Lupita as female Black Panther working together as …[View]
154514802Her career is over[View]
154517819Were you shocked seeing this reaction kept in the director's cut? Even if he shot it I thought …[View]
154519446Why did they remove Daria from Hulu? I thought it was a cult classic[View]
154517508Just seen it and its really amazing[View]
154514768God I wish that were me.[View]
154515197this little faggot completely killed whatever appeal the spider-man character has[View]
154506125/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse films >/film/ Charts https://mega.nz/folder…[View]
154512766>RICH PEOPLE...LE EVIL!!![View]
154516647Why did they stop making movies that weren't just live action adaptations of anime?[View]
154519179whats your favorite bakshi flim?[View]
154519170>OOH AH AH AH AH[View]
154518317What are some film makers whose movies take place in the same universe? Not like the MCU or DCEU or …[View]
154518416>Sorry Wendy I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die…[View]
154519050Historic News Stories: What major news stories do you recall witnessing? Where were you when 9/11 or…[View]
154515874Possession (1981): Why it's so kino?[View]
154518802Delocated Finale: Anyone watch the finale to this show? I can't find it anywhere without cuckin…[View]
154518974Why is there so much transphobia on this board? Can we just talk about television and film please?[View]
154518756Movies that were ahead of their time.[View]
154518495was Eddie Valiant the first weeb?[View]
154518773So is Captain America Mormon or what[View]
154518900>Ruins a season of your late 00s kino what'd they go on strike for even? It's not like …[View]
154509733Can't help but love when these two niggers work together. Easily the best dynamic in the show.[View]
154518499Suicide Squad: So what is suppose to be the difference between these characters? They have the same …[View]
154514964The shitranos is really fucking bad[View]
154518334>oh my gosh, where have I heard all this information from before? I can’t quite put my finger on …[View]
154516192>“Harry”, Dumbledore said calmly as he peered over his half-moon glasses “the time has come for m…[View]
154516560ITT: satire that became reality[View]
154518648QRD on German Chile before I watch this?[View]
154518559Will Sigourney Weaver reprise her role as Ripley?[View]
154518214>I fucked Sneed[View]
154518371Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about this 10/10 masterpiece?[View]
154506697The only actress who ever worked out for a role[View]
154517523did our basedboy Wil did it with prime Ashley Judd?[View]
154518553>You're not killing them yourself McNulty, at least assure me of that…[View]
154515751ITT: Historical figures/events you want to see adapted to Kino[View]
154517674Started watching X-Files the other day and it's not bad so far, but how am I supposed to focus …[View]
154516150>people took an experimental vaccine that will kill them[View]
154517891Battlebots Gets Two-Season Pickup at Discovery Channel. What do you think[View]
154518301why is it always shonen that gets adapted into live action movies/shows? if someone adapted e.g. Da…[View]
154518321What kind of IQs do actors have anyways?[View]
154514349The Suicide Squad Actors Support Theoretical Release of David Ayer’s Director’s Cut: why did wb fuck…[View]
154517681fuck you[View]
154517361>You’re awful Mary.[View]
154518432where is his career[View]
154511981Ringo stabbed his wife with scissors Paul choked his wife John smacked his wife George was a womaniz…[View]
154518325How cool would it be for Disney to make a Cinematic Universe based on their very own theme park…[View]
154515923Lets finally settle this[View]
154518392>Crispin Glover gets replaced as Mr. World by black actress Dominique Jackson >Glover always h…[View]
154518369UMD Movies, did you ever watch any of these? they were a cute novelty, way better than a lot of thos…[View]
154518230It’s FREEEEEEE[View]
154516175I just finished watching TRON and now I'm looking for more movies with early/primitive CGI. Any…[View]
154517719Phil Tippett's 'Mad God': Do you think it'll be any good? I'm not familiar …[View]
154510188LORD OF THE RINGS ON PRIME: Got so hyped for the new Amazon show so I bought all 3 LotR books, Hobbi…[View]
154506201What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154515165Gossip Girl was a hot series.[View]
154515506I like this movie.[View]
154518172>tfw you just lost an argument on /pol/ and have to post on /tv/ to vent you're anger Kinos …[View]
154506562This was on MTV, society is collapsing: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CfC5EfUI8mw[View]
154518141I'm Thinking of Ending Things is one of the most comfy movies ever made I put on my bluetooth m…[View]
154517766jesus christ clint[View]
154512335Was it sexual assault?[View]
154502471How much did the sequels destroy the star wars brand?[View]
154507965it's happening[View]
154514615>kills his wife[View]
154511224Adam Driver's character in Girls was based on Sam Hyde, who in real life was allegedly 'obsesse…[View]
154517658Code Geass is infinitely superior to Attack on Titan.[View]
154491533For me, it's Benny.[View]
154517903This post just made me blow air out my nose[View]
154517835What was Mel's problem? People in power kill folks (even prophets) who questions their power.[View]
154517448did mohicans really look like this?[View]
154516224Jeff Bezos made employees follow his 12-step guide to making “iconic” TV: >Amazon Prime Studios h…[View]
154509248So I'm guessing WB pushed Gunn into including her in the film? You could remove her from the st…[View]
154507693When did you realize you only like it because it's a weaboo's wet dream?[View]
154516548>Goodbye Jews! Why was she happy to see them go?[View]
154506030Literal best girl[View]
154516125So what was his fucking problem?[View]
154517572I want you to say you are a false janitor, and your bans are a superstition.[View]
154517019This sounds slightly strange, but I think Sadie has that Chad big dick energy. She's never the …[View]
154517294All black version of this film when?[View]
154517436>you like Christian and The Hedgehog Boys? >they’re ok >their early work was a little too n…[View]
154517334was he a sigma male?[View]
154513035Why is it so trash and soulless?[View]
154514322How come you guys never talk about this Movie? Have you guys never watched it?[View]
154517189Any Paladin kino? HARDMODE: No Excalibur, Kingdom of Heaven, Black Death, Flight of the Dragons[View]
154517351she is right ya'know[View]
154512918Which duo had the most soul?[View]
154516734>Suicide on aisle four, I guess he tried to change timelines[View]
154516631Why is WB afraid of fun? It's been movies that you can't see what's going on because…[View]
154514667>watching movie >kissing/sex scene comes on >instantly pause movie >stand up >pace ar…[View]
154517258Horror movies with the best sex scenes?: Or just nudity.[View]
154516812anyone seen Hannibal lately?[View]
154502606>well shorty was a cop >and she ain't dead…[View]
154516393Ladybug miraculous being a stupid show: Miraculous Ladybug be like: >Oh Adrioah! >Somebody get…[View]
154515693Who is your favorite gook actor? Mine is Charles Bronson.[View]
154509833Pitch me your sequel Jason X: Hard mode: no 'it was all a dream'[View]
154511579What the FUCK[View]
154516360Mind hunter season 3 pitch: Bill and Holden go to visit their most dangerous felon yet, Christian We…[View]
154517047I don't get the people on this board. Are you saying that there are people who are autistic or …[View]
154516253>Space Kino series >I have to find out from BBC iPlayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6FdCk…[View]
154516711>I am Aguirre, the Wrath of God.[View]
154509412Movies about the battle of good vs evil?[View]
154516939What are some kinos about over-socialization?[View]
154515464>Lights cigarette >ARFAH >WOPS >Lights cigarette >Has sex >One last job and we…[View]
154516860>there was never an episode where Dwight bought a mechanical keyboard with MX Blue switches to be…[View]
154516724Thanos was just crazy but zoomers think he's a complex character.[View]
154514791Do zoomies even know who David Blaine is?[View]
154513708Meiko Kaji is based[View]
154499901ITT: films you regret watching It was just so shit compared to the first one and the ending especial…[View]
154516700SOMEBODY SUCK ME[View]
154516356Hello. I have access to Amazon Prime and Disney+. What should I watch /tv/? I watched Dumb and Dumbe…[View]
154516629B.K.: No actor today could do a fraction of what this guy did (looking at you Dom Gruise)[View]
154515917>gets away with murder in your path[View]
154516264God I wish that was me[View]
154509474why arent there any films where jews are the bad guys?[View]
154501245It's gonna be the first kino live action anime.[View]
154516314VEVO KINO: >member when music videos were KINO? I KNOW WHO I WANT TO TAKE ME HOME TAKE ME HOME CL…[View]
154514222Ron Livingston General /rlg/: American family edition[View]
154513665What the fuck was her problem?[View]
154515378When does it get bad? About midway through season 3 and nothing sticks out to me as a bad episode ye…[View]
154516219What are you hoping to see from Marvel's The She-Hulk starring our girl Meghan?[View]
154514478Fuck (you). I love this guy's movies and I always enjoy them. They're feel good pieces tha…[View]
154504981/trek/: Space Fitness Edition previous: >>154499113[View]
154511608>hype from writers >nothing shown in trailer, Rick-focused episode Is this the turnaround seas…[View]
154514510Imagine flipping out for days because someone called you by the name of a kino character[View]
154513934Here you go sir, the butter machine if over there to your left.[View]
154515976Why were we surprised Chris Stuckmann's a fag again? Anyone with tats like this is definitely o…[View]
154515428Looking for wholesome flicks from the late '70s to early '80s. What's some of your fa…[View]
154515186GARLIC BREAD?! GARLIC? BREAD? https://youtu.be/YpclZV3P84k[View]
154516013>I go to Wuhan[View]
154516009Kinos about degeneracy?[View]
154512952Quick, tell me your favorite war kinos. Bonus points for non world war 2 stuff. the Pacific theater…[View]
154515992>Oh, don't try to scare us with your ooby-dooby magic talk, Helmet Man. Your 'I'm a hor…[View]
154515608I want to watch a pretty obscure documentary about a pedophile ring in 80s USA, but i don't wan…[View]
154515510>I'm on the pill >I'm on the pill! >I'M ON THE PILL! What are some other kin…[View]
154515952'one little thing Susan, when you bring me out can you introduce me as Sonichu?'[View]
154515773Capeshit: DCbros.... This is our time https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1023578/ >Mera (Amber Heard) is…[View]
154515880What did he mean by this?[View]
154514641Is it kino? It just looks like another generic made for tv drama[View]
154513905I don't get it.[View]
154515782Can method acting go too far?[View]
154514817Now that the dust has settled. Let's agree that Interstellar is the single best movie ever mad…[View]
154501199What movie has the best goth girls?[View]
154514681Does anybody else feel like retard watching certain shows? I could never be as big brained as Macgy…[View]
154515628It's simple. We, uh... cancel... the Batman[View]
154514767I don't get it. Don't people notice the stench of alcohol?[View]
154515349american sci-fi television: There's not a single good science fiction TV show ever produced. Th…[View]
154512085Season two and three are memes[View]
154507211The normies just don’t understand Marvel movies. Too abstract.[View]
154514696Oh say can you see..[View]
154509634Name a single film thats better[View]
154502232A boomer at work was telling me how this is one of the best stories ever told in TV and how people a…[View]
154515240Was it kino?[View]
154511670Whats the worst movie poster of all time?[View]
154515303Could she pull it off?[View]
154514189>wageslaving at Walmart >mfw Funky Town plays for the 10th time…[View]
154513884now that the dust has settled, who won?[View]
154513629favorite episode?[View]
154515312>The Asian coded character is literally a bug person[View]
154514880Romero is an over-rated hack[View]
154511803Why did this flick resonate with /tv/ posters as much as it did?[View]
154512370One of the best animated films I've ever seen.[View]
154515115>BUST HIM PAPA![View]
154502695In the outside world, I'm a simple geologist, but in here...I am Falcorn, Defender of the Allia…[View]
154507005Worst reviews you have read in Letterboxd?[View]
154511202did boomers actually like this gary stu or was it just some sort of weird wish fulfillment?[View]
154515023I'm almost at the end of season 1. why hasn't it gotten good yet?[View]
154513887Dunkirk is a masterpiece[View]
154514361What did I think of it?[View]
154514005watch the hulu television series, dollface[View]
154514458Conspiracy kino[View]
154512953>netflix >How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) >S3:E2 >14:14…[View]
154514284WTF was this guy's problem?[View]
154511664/lig/ Love Island General: 'Cringing' - Edition[View]
154512223Get a job hippie[View]
154502897/tv/ humor thread[View]
154512877An invonvenient truth: I can't believe New York is going to be under water in 2017. We have to …[View]
154508387cast them for the MCU[View]
154513256I don’t care, tv. I like it. I really, really like it.: I love tv but I like to hear *spoken* langua…[View]
154513551Comfy shows[View]
154512988Wheel of time: So, this is better than HoT and LotR or just a meme? Why no trailer?[View]
154513949ITT: PURE KINO ONLY: >People had more than they needed. >We had no idea what was precious and…[View]
154513038what was his name again?[View]
154514253Did he deserve it?[View]
154513901Jack would be alive right now if Kate Winslet wasn't so fat.[View]
154511504I recently returned from an early screening of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and I'm here…[View]
154514294>Kinotures Its simple, we post kinotures[View]
154506282Ella Balinska: What is her best role?[View]
154514085Give me 1000 (You)s.[View]
154511135James Gunn saved the DCU. Never forget[View]
154513694>2nd all time highest per day average after James Holzhauer Will anyone ever stop Matt Amodio?…[View]
154513627Fucking Hell she died at the end, I thought she was dreaming.[View]
154514097Is it how they dress in the 90s? So provocative[View]
154512665>the beginning of the end of America started with this movie I was a young pup working in corpora…[View]
154511042Are you going to watch Annette on a big screen?[View]
154503655WTF was this ending? It had so much potential. Where's the sequel?[View]
154513278who was in the wrong here?[View]
154505988>deranged feminist invades stage yelling 'Bobby Lee raped a 12 year old!' >bunkerchan psyops l…[View]
154513353Would he be a Q-anon follower?[View]
154492177why he was suck a jerk to everyone[View]
154512541Why don't you see him in anything anymore?[View]
154513706An african american?[View]
154512451Ok but there's no way someone could actually eat all those eggs, right?[View]
154509571Lol, fucking manbabies grow up. You're adults now, get over your stupid glorified toy commercia…[View]
154513306What the fuck was her problem?[View]
154512834It's Up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh4AwC_3lL0[View]
154512903>hey, all the gangs in the city sorta like has their own unique and original uniform to differ th…[View]
154513823OH N- >AUGH![View]
154511987ITT sub movies: pic related top 2 without a doubt and probably the best french film[View]
154513654>hey, I'm back[View]
154512498who was in the wrong here? obviously it wasnt the based nig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph8ZXK5…[View]
154513458Garlic bread?!?![View]
154512792This guy talks like a character in a tarantino movie[View]
154513616What are your favorite MTV moments?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2ZkTvLdH2o[View]
154513612>monster finally gets the drop on a Winchester >decides to tie him up and hold him hostage eve…[View]
154513145What God do you pray to?[View]
154513588True Crime thread: Netflix adaptation when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT3LPLybmys[View]
154513372Love him or hate him, I hate him. You can't refute this.[View]
154504931Both of these men went down drastically different paths after this show. Why did Kimmel sell his sou…[View]
154510633WE DID IT!@!!!@!!!!!: WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /TV/ IS SAVED[View]
154508374I can't believe they are still seething about scorsese two years later. He really hit a nerve.[View]
154506947Is Disney's Black Beauty starring Mackenzie Foy a good film?[View]
154511107why is kevin smith always wearing an oversized womens blazer?[View]
154510866Late Night Comedy News Was The Downfall Of Humanity.[View]
154513289SHARKS ARE... LE BAD: Bravo Spielberg[View]
154511965Mew is a badass now[View]
154498974>Alright then. Two of 'em. Both had my father in 'em. It's peculiar. I'm olde…[View]
154509984Comy X-Files thread: Second try[View]
154513281>leia calls for help >entire galaxy just says nah and lets the first order win >lando calls…[View]
154512428muh england: how would alfred react to 21st century England?[View]
154507631What are some kino where the thread dies as soon as you post in it[View]
154513231KINO trailers: What are some trailers that make the movie or season look better than it was? https:/…[View]
154511982Holy asspull, Batman[View]
154512725/tv/, my cancer is back[View]
154512321>Character goes into club >Dancefloor is packed >Music playing is one of: Ready Steady Go (…[View]
154512950Japan be like: >Are those flashing lights??? >IM GOING INSANEEEEEE…[View]
154511380Why couldn't he get it up when he was with the hot black girl?[View]
154511561Cast it https://technclub.com/gaming/final-fantasy-live-action-netflix-series-in-development/…[View]
154511993Now that the dust has settled, is Harley Trilogy kino?[View]
154511456how do they make fake movie tattoos? looks real[View]
154511262>Shit overrated films I'll start[View]
154512213For me its Connery as Bond[View]
154508721Pray Away: Imagine living in the U.S and paying money to zealots to 'cure you of your gayness'. Just…[View]
154512389Why is Hollywood refusing to hire Anya Taylor-Joy?[View]
154510501None of his movies hold up[View]
154510951ITT: /tv/ approved actors[View]
154512660What are some movies about finally moving on?[View]
154511296Funny/obvious historical inaccuracies in movies: Lolo was watching ghost of war and spotted this bea…[View]
154509358The World to Come: Lesbo kino[View]
154511722>look ma I’m road kill >HA HA[View]
154511536the painting that saved bill murray's life.[View]
154512340sopranos thread my favorite paulie scene is where he murders that old lady that was mean to his mom…[View]
154511810Why wouldn’t he just kill the roastie and her kids? I thought he was the bad guy[View]
154510346Is Irreversible... KINO?[View]
154512398They were meant to be bought by Disney[View]
154507918ITT: sequels better than the original[View]
154512288Broen/The Bridge: What the fuck was her problem ? Autism ?[View]
154512231Gimme some kino war movies. I liked >paths of glory >come and see >all quiet on the western…[View]
154512082Which movies have the best costume design?[View]
15450924010/10 noir: Post only 10/10 noir kino, I'll start[View]
154510015What other Asian horror movies are amazing? I've seen Shutter, Cure, Dark Water, Battle Royale,…[View]
154510963Who was the best Friend?[View]
154511612>child narrator that can hardly speak English What is this style of filmmaking called?…[View]
154508546Was I just filtered?[View]
154511291Recommend me some Delon kino. I've seen: >Le Samourai >L'Eclisse >Le Cercle Rouge >…[View]
154511632>first of all you smell good which is surprising wtf?[View]
154510303>DEY [read 'THEY'] HEA [read 'FOUND US'] what did she mean by this[View]
154509836Why did he stopped getting roles and got the Josh Hartnett treatment? He was the biggest star in ear…[View]
154511466Give me some charming films[View]
154510970Just watched this: What did I (not a mutt) think of it?[View]
154498790Was this kino?[View]
154511397>show does a writers room bit about what not okay to joke about >mentions Selena Gomez kidney …[View]
154503717what do you think of the blair witch project? I personally really like it because of how genuine the…[View]
154510140Robin Williams: I miss him bros, so fucking much[View]
154511017haha my girlfriend is awesome :)))))[View]
154507613ITT : Kino cancelled shows: I'll start with an easy one.[View]
154505692Special FX that don't hold up anymore.[View]
154510915>yfw when you watch Space Jam: A New Legacy[View]
154484104[SCARY AUTISM NOISES][View]
154511298Kino commercials thread[View]
154508106Season 1-3 > Makes the viewer wonder how much must be sacrificed to achieve the greater good and …[View]
154509780Coronation Street: >Be Tyrone off Corrie >Manage to ditch your deadegger ginger ogre of a wife…[View]
154510011>runs a chop shop >doesn't want to buy a brand new lincoln navigator because it has some …[View]
154511039Friday the 13th, lads[View]
154500104>I know a thing or two about a thing or two.[View]
154503116what's next for hamill[View]
154497297>muh beybie >Chaaaahlie >beybie >Aayyrun >i kent trust yah, Chaaaahlie >muh baaayb…[View]
154510598>Nothing happens: The Movie[View]
154508438>nothing matters so let your wife cuck you and pay for her abortion[View]
154510939now that's a salty dog. what did Sheriff McGraw mean by this? nvm, incel zoomers who inhabit /t…[View]
154510904Shows you watch to feel less lonely Sad but true, this shit happens[View]
154510567Comfy simpsons thread[View]
154506375do you still have your..? can I see it? >[View]
154507947/tv/ peaked on May 23, 2010. Everything afterwards has just been an epilogue.[View]
154510297Walk in: See this. What do?[View]
154507018>Turns your movie into kino[View]
154509152Star Wars: How do you save this franchise?[View]
154507237he's got the whole world[View]
154510694>Kino? What's kino? Can I spend it?[View]
154510054I think we've forgotten how beautiful prime Courteney Cocks was bros so I'm posting her le…[View]
154510497>I suppose they were upset because they thought I was ruining their fantasy with the intrusion of…[View]
154510590Spider-Man NWH leak: I know this vid was posted a while back, but do you guys think it’s legitimate?…[View]
154494103/tv/ merch thread of interesting quality[View]
154507354Does hollywood purposely write these storylines to make women look stupid: >I’m bored I’m gonna c…[View]
154506406His career is over. S[View]
154509681Why would a football coach care about his players losing a singing competition to nerds?[View]
154510147My name a borat mah waife[View]
154509400This is a thread about WANTED (2008)[View]
154509481Midsommar confirmed kino: and pleb filter.[View]
154510278Has he ever made a movie with a beginning, middle and ending?[View]
154505933Tarantino only ever made 2 good movies and those were his very first ones An argument could perhaps …[View]
154505534Closest thing to a kino capeshit movie: Just saw this and I thought it was highly likely it would be…[View]
154509923das rayciss[View]
154498725Why aren't there more movies/TV about greek gods and greek mythology? It's kino[View]
154503848>'physics degree? Wow you're smarter than me' >Goes into interrogation at midnight witho…[View]
154510119Funny youtube content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-0bfSWvBGM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f…[View]
154510048>m-muhf faffvorite direcfftor is funny man in white hair[View]
154509947Maybe I am dumb, but what is the phenomenon of this movie? I'm not saying it's a crap, but…[View]
154509890>Inspires a generation of antifa[View]
154498173>/tv/ tells me Sopranos is better than Breaking Bad >give it a watch >it's just borin…[View]
154509653This is where people should live. As a northern cuck i freely admit it. Warm climate, beautiful and …[View]
154509982so who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWQDGTTY6W8[View]
154508668You, you're ok.: This one, real fuckin' ugly![View]
154509207Damn, this Spanish bitch was sexy like a comic book character[View]
154503917TSPDT's Top 10 Greatest Films: >10. Seven Samurai (1954) >9. The Searchers (1956) >8. …[View]
154509579>Kills his own mother in cold blood >People call him a victim Arthur was a monster and a narci…[View]
154508403Don't you sometimes feel that watching films as a hobby has become boring? I don't see the…[View]
154503399Kate: looks kino, without all the sjw bullshit https://twitter.com/getFANDOM/status/1422921990554390…[View]
154502398About to watch interview with the vampire for the first time will report back in 2 hours see you guy…[View]
154509652Do you remember your first /tv/ love? Is she still the same?[View]
154508373Yet another classic ruined by forced diversity and wokeness[View]
154509689Kinos other than The Other Guys (2010), starring Samuel L. Jackson and Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson, th…[View]
154509687>DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY[View]
15450823540K WAITING ROOM[View]
154506318*turns your flick into kino*[View]
154509574>Mhhhh... Do you know that the original Ghostbusters was supposed to have Eddie Murphy in it?…[View]
154508486WHY NOAH WHY WHY?[View]
154505569Could a female Clockwork Orange remake work?[View]
154508274Why does he always have this stupid fucking look on his face?[View]
154505538Are the early 1990s the pinnacle of American Cinema? In the span of 5 years we have: Shawshank Juras…[View]
154505310>King George puts Adams in his place Kino, what are some other more shows where the Britons annhi…[View]
154509486>RLM becomes a scent-free workplace because of Rich's allergies >they now have to smell e…[View]
154505567Hollywood is run by Jews.[View]
154509159Dude, capitalism is bad[View]
154508073what a little fucking cunt[View]
154507109Movies about ruthless killers?[View]
154501473TANAKA: THAI KICKKU[View]
154505591ITT: The stupidest looking villains[View]
154506715All this guy proves is that benzos make you funny.[View]
154509246What are some quintessential tomboy kinos?[View]
154500449G.I. Joe Movies: What does /tv/ think of the G.I. Joe movies? Snake Eyes included. I've been th…[View]
154508493Could someone pls explain the Star Trek/Wars timeline? So I know what movie I should watch first[View]
154508302Nu-Wars: Worth a watch if I haven't seen any Shart Wars besides episodes 1-4 when they came out…[View]
154506809Hey, don't be such a fuckin' smartass, will ya?! I know the guy thirty-five years! I'…[View]
154509062Daily yvonne thread: I love yvonne[View]
154505541Why did he go for the vault?[View]
154508818If the rest of the movie was like the first 40 minutes this would be a 5 star movie[View]
154503659>We love each other so much[View]
154502489Only 2 seconds of screentime in the entire trilogy: >has more impact than any other character How…[View]
154500770Early seasons of Heroes was only 'capeshit' tv show i like.[View]
1545087332 'broke' girls have a massive apartment with 2 sperate rooms, backyard large enough that can house…[View]
154508527for me it's the naboo starfighter[View]
154506168Movie Posters[View]
1545086531 team 8 people 7 gold 1 silver Cast the inevitable biopic[View]
154506727>you thought it was the witch's fault? >Just kidding you fucking retards it was the evil …[View]
154508138Source: Malcolm in the middle 4x03 Requiring help from amerifats: what the hell is that rubber thing…[View]
154500699What the fuck was his probem?[View]
154507907>His wife was called Sha're because he Share'd her with Apophis. BRAVO…[View]
154508186>WE KILLED YOU[View]
154492645What went wrong with this show?[View]
154496782CINDERELLA: are you ready, /tv/? the kino of our times is almost here[View]
154503350Who’s character got assassinated harder. Starlight lost her virtue and is no longer any different th…[View]
154506765would you rather a mameha or hatsumomo?[View]
154506120We're never going to get this right?[View]
154505039Anya Taylor-Joy is the new queen of /tv/ and you’ll just have to deal with it.[View]
15450771111th place[View]
154496252Anybody watched the new Tom & Jerry movie? How was Chloe's performance in it?[View]
154501259Now THIS is a big guy[View]
154503933Tom and Jerry but what if it was shit?[View]
154507578Why did Channel Zero fail?[View]
154506501I AMMM ROCK N' ROLL[View]
154504640Anyone else sick and tired of Bongs stealing American roles?[View]
154507342What was his fucking problem?[View]
154507460Tell me again why people see Sauron as a villain?[View]
154507517>Ayo fuck whitey Wow this guy is a really complex and interesting character, he make a lot of rea…[View]
154497785No Suicide Squad thread?: How is it possible that there's no thread for this movie Same yesterd…[View]
154507335Does anyone have the “Useless.avi” video that use to be on NPFNP? Every old thread that links it lea…[View]
154507186>that era when all normalfags referred to brother/sister incest as 'game of thrones' I fucking ha…[View]
154506913>God = Good >Devil = Evil What hack wrote this book?…[View]
154507436When did it jump the shark?[View]
154507285Is king of the hill the simpspns for adults?[View]
154503588>QUICK we need someone that will generate 1 billion revenue for our movie- >she's already…[View]
154507516Are there any kinos for this feel?[View]
154507439Which of these should I watch[View]
154505929Almost have 1tb of movies on my hard drive. Any hard drive recommendations?[View]
154504530What should I see at the kinoplex on Friday? (I do have HBO max, but still)[View]
154505619Tolkien is turning in his grave...this is literally 'white people bad - the show. How are they …[View]
154507359>reverse hentai[View]
154492613Lord of the Rings REBORN: Anyone else happy about the return of LOTR? We are getting the Amazon show…[View]
154507267those were the days ... ... ...: Dear Maureen Callahan: Hi, HR Director here with you. I reviewed yo…[View]
154507213Django, have you always been alone? (Django) Django, have you never loved again? Love will live on, …[View]
154506667>Bangs, oilet[View]
154506802Could he diagnose your mental illness?[View]
154507252What do I think of it?[View]
154505489MUBI: Is MUBI worth it?[View]
154507233the original friend simulator[View]
154504219what’s the best movie involving bees?[View]
154507138Garbage day![View]
154507000i would literally close the door on a /tv/ gas chamber just to hold hands with prime Maggie[View]
154507117excuse me sir, where is the bathroom for dolphins?[View]
154506231how and when did you realize dancing was an euphemism for sex?[View]
154506779Were there any actors that turned into world class athletes. I know Arnold started as a bodybuilder,…[View]
154505544As much as it can be criticized, its about a fuckn loser who is randomly given a large amount of pow…[View]
154503836Why did Tommy kill himself? He just got suspended. They were probably just gonna force him to go to …[View]
154505981Post boomers you can't wait to see kicking the bucket: I'm eager to see this creep dying…[View]
154506390what is your favorite House episode?[View]
154506803>The episode when the soup zionist showed up in Jerry’s apartment, stealing his cans of Campbells…[View]
154506395alright, hear me out it's a light-heated comedy about..WEED and we get high all the time. Not w…[View]
154500329The Wheel of Time: This is going to be the next GoT! Forget LotR. This is big. 2nd season already or…[View]
154497223This was a nice pleasant surprise. Super dumb but surpisingly heart-warming buddy cop movie. James W…[View]
154505851Anyone watched this on BBC? I just started watching it now and it's actually pretty funny[View]
154505425*mogs all her younger Riverdale castmates[View]
154506317Movies are a useless hobby where sexual deviants get you to pay with your money and time for them to…[View]
154505637How do i beat this nigga?[View]
154502771>remember the Mummy >remember The Pirates of the Caribbean >what if we combined them and Ju…[View]
154479587How was this allowed?[View]
154506316>when you lose you win How does that work?[View]
154504513Who was in the wrong here?: I see a lot of female comments saying ronnie was toxic so clearly ronnie…[View]
154503727SOMEBODY STOP ME[View]
154505785What's his next move?[View]
154505130Why do libs love Tarantino again? he was a problematic shitlord before Kill Bill[View]
154503869>BRO DID YOU HEAR THAT?[View]
154505896Comfy lotr thread: >Your favorite movie >Your favorite scene >Your favorite song bonus: …[View]
154506056LORD OF THE RINGS: >Inceldur! Cast your cock in the pussy! Fuck it! >No. >We could have end…[View]
154505158it's a pretty good movie[View]
154505178What do mutts think of prime British stock? Pretty FIT right?[View]
154505700pig: This whole movie was Nicolas Cage, with Nicolas Cage inside playing Nicolas Cage. And some indi…[View]
154505826Ah bin a so ronry![View]
154502365TRAILER SOON: https://www.instagram.com/thematrixmovie/[View]
154505760Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
154502901Post characters that are literally you[View]
154492976So... where's the cube?[View]
154505734Jordan Peele's Nope: > From the twisted mind of Jordan Peele...…[View]
154497535What did she mean by this?[View]
154505106I'm in love with a nooooormiiieeeee AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!![View]
154505642Would the Japanese enjoy Jerry and George’s sitcom ?[View]
154505621>this made /tv/ wet their pants[View]
154505517ITT: Underrated horror.[View]
154497035lowkey one of the best movies ever?[View]
154505449What did we think of this season?[View]
154503870>Although Poe Dameron might not have understood how Palpatine returned in Star Wars: The Rise of …[View]
154502577Streaming service btfo Don’t ever try to shadow throttle the resolution, next time I will just pirat…[View]
154503593What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154505271>One less Cher right?[View]
154505192https://youtu.be/6hslK9iF8Ug What did the Garbage Pail Kids movie mean by this?[View]
154502956this movie was very soulful and good,definitely a 9/10[View]
154504860>co-workers start talking about movies[View]
154502530What celebs went broke after making millions?: >mike worth 300k after having 10 million 5 years a…[View]
154505135JROTC bros are you really like this?[View]
154503721What does /tv/ think of Joss Whedon but with talent >The Kino of Hill House/Bly Manor >Occulu…[View]
154501066wtf tom hardy can actually act[View]
154499113/trek/: Space Chicken Edition PREVIOUS >>154482352[View]
154504531>ended up watching family guy funny moments compilations for hours again…[View]
154504922Stewart related that midway through filming, Wayne asked him why he, Stewart, never seemed to be the…[View]
154479023/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse films >/film/ Charts https://mega.nz/folder…[View]
154501479Made in Abyss live action movie: What in the actual fuck? It's literally pedoshit: the manga.…[View]
154504914Is Three Dog Night the official band of /tv/?[View]
154500914>porn is good and has no corrupting effect on society: the movie[View]
154496360Is there actually anyone more talented in genre filmmaking? This man created kino after kino after K…[View]
154504778I’ve become obsessed with this movie. It’s so disturbing. I must find out what mental affliction ove…[View]
154503337Word on the street is the Harry Potter franchised is being rebooted, and the announcement is to be m…[View]
154503282What kind of SFX/sound design would fit this piece of television?[View]
154500784How could it have so much SOVL?[View]
154503724Is this true gaybros?[View]
154504643ok so when was someone gonna tell me this nigga died[View]
154504549This guy is such a shitty actor. Why was he in the show?[View]
154504574Its shit.[View]
154504463Just finished it. Pretty good i would say. No idea why Disney made it thou, because its literally Pi…[View]
154504572why didn't they make the banna splits or willy's wonderland found fottage movies? it would…[View]
154504526Just marathoned this flick. I like its style, cinematography and sound direction, but I feel like it…[View]
154504516Brehs, what an ABSOLUTE QT[View]
154494246I am going to return[View]
154504375>I am Joshua and these are the children of Israel what would (You) do in this situation?…[View]
154502939Just watched this. Made me sad[View]
154502570When do you think he'll finally get MeToo'd for preying on underage fans?[View]
154504371Watching Life of Pi... People actually thought this movie was good? The movie doesn't start unt…[View]
154504363Drseuss and Mero: These guys are terribly unfunny and awkward How do they have 3 seasons of a Showti…[View]
154504355>Tickling is sexual too >Leos Carax is he a lost french brother of Tatantino?…[View]
154504292Would you vote for him?[View]
154502111Unironically better than all of the Disney renaissance movies[View]
154504278if one of your favorite franchises veers off into a direction you don't like do you establish y…[View]
154503259>The Truman Show becomes a real thing, with much more variety >Every single person is insuffer…[View]
154502259>if promises were crackers my daughter would be fat What did he mean by this?…[View]
154502523This shit was so goddamn cash, why did it just vanish?[View]
154501444is this an illegal simpsons episode in 2021?[View]
154503644what's don cheadle's endgame?[View]
154502084What am I in for?[View]
154503554tv & movies: This is the mentality of zoomers and wokefags in entertaiment today, if a show or m…[View]
154503532What went so right?[View]
154490360Where is the love for cinema's creator?: >Cinema’s integration of image, word, and music pro…[View]
154503730Im unbanned again. Heres my list for greatest movies ever made in no particular order >The Good, …[View]
154503372Why was joker so sad?[View]
154503594>this was an unsually muscular and powerful man in the 1950's what the fuck happened?…[View]
154500650What did it all mean?[View]
154501062>supposed to just be some mobile game cashgrab movie >right wing nationalist message out of no…[View]
154501691what do we think of tarkovsky?: the words hack and fraud are not allowed [View]
154496990What was his arc?[View]
154503573Name a better movie poster than Yogi Bear 3D. You can't. It's impossible.[View]
154502069Why don't we get anymore star crossed lovers kino anymore? Stuff like romeo and julier but mode…[View]
154489556which cryptid would make for the best movie?[View]
154503598Is this his best joke?[View]
154503574>Trilogy begins and ends with Jack sailing on a small ship They really don't make poetry lik…[View]
154501756Italian Thread: Hit me with your best shot. I'll start with mine.[View]
154497084What anime did Malcom watch?[View]
154503299Jew worship: the movie: Sharon Tate died painfully and in fear. Quentin is a coping incel mad that h…[View]
154501851Fuck me, Fuck YOU, and FUCK OFF[View]
154503451Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154501788What are some essential Autumn kinos? Im trying to get prepared.[View]
154501490Are you looking forward to the new Amazon Lord of the Rings series?[View]
154496798Anyone remember Christopher Lambert?[View]
154489258Netflix Cowboy Bebop: It's coming out in a few months. Why no trailer?[View]
154503172Post your movie ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
154500348This was pretentious masturbatory bullshit. And I really like Charlie's other films.[View]
154502147WE WUZ KANGZ There's absolutely no way the portrayal of this character is not related at all to…[View]
154501032This looks so shit.[View]
154503139Hot damn, I've never ridden in a convertible before![View]
154502151Show me a more in-depth character in fantasy. I'll wait.[View]
154454779/who/ - Doctor Who General: Vomit. https://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/the-diary-of-river-song-seri…[View]
154501689Genera+ion: Did anybody watch this show? I downloaded it off a torrent site and watched the first ep…[View]
154501768Let's talk hardware Show your setup What do you recommend[View]
154503091what was benjamin button's endgame?[View]
154502388Are you looking forward to Ghostbusters Afterlife?[View]
154501414ITT: Kino actors.[View]
154499465Is this the biggest retard in Sopranos?[View]
154503086What's his endgame?[View]
154499036Xolo Maridueña playing Blue Beetle: Thoughts?[View]
154494286Actors that have become impossible to discuss on /tv/ without devolving into baseless insults.[View]
154500819/tv/! I have to tell you something![View]
154499643Why do they keep doing this? Don't they read their contracts?[View]
154500887Coincidence or was 69 already an innuendo in 1921?[View]
154502455Why has this kino gone so underappreciated?[View]
154502928>Quentin Tarantino wrote a much longer version of the Bruce Lee fight scene with Cliff soundly de…[View]
154501585anons, what are some good sites that post new TV episodes for free in actually good quality in a tim…[View]
154497104Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim: This getting approved is proof that the Tolkien Estate gives…[View]
154493360You're out for a traditional nighttime stroll in your neighborhood when this fellow blocks your…[View]
154492635>YOU WANT IT TO BE ONE WAY[View]
154501722Protagonists that are literally you[View]
154502565Movies where woman don't act like woman[View]
154501810What are you going to watch in hell?[View]
154501218what is the best zombie movie?[View]
154502504u sonofabitch. actually nailed the perfect '10' https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078721/ my 9…[View]
154501906Nerdy characters who turn into fuck machines the ladies love. https://youtu.be/ehsjS6Arqos[View]
154502122>Rats. The rats. We're the rats. We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats.…[View]
154496238Movies with this aesthetic[View]
154499588What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154500689Characters you want to become: I just want to stop being a loser a be a hero with wacky powers…[View]
154500494Foreign kino recommendation thread[View]
154501560This guy is in the Obi-wan tv series: Thoughts? So far the cast is extremely pozzed.[View]
1544995193 > 1 > 2[View]
154501616Famous actor Tommy Dorfmann came out trans! What rippling effect will this have on the landscape of …[View]
154499348You know what, that was a good fucking episode. I'm currently watching the expanse and this shi…[View]
154501125Favorite television&film tropes: >you're a loose cannon, but DAMMIT you get results!…[View]
154501907Was Dr. Edgemar real?[View]
154501865should i watch this or should i fuck off[View]
154501361Tonight I will (re)watch Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain (2006)[View]
154501550How do I get the Commentary track/ Japanese DVD version of this? I want to hear his autismo in actio…[View]
154501147Is Annette at your local cinema?[View]
154495385What's the greatest nuclear movie?[View]
154496742>Disney hasnt even started filming season 3[View]
154498703>low budget direct to video action flick from mid 90s >better jokes >better acting >bett…[View]
154499773Flicks that made you angry[View]
154501450>watch movie >it wants me to think[View]
154500988TM Movie/Series at Marvel: Marvel is considering a Taskmaster movie/series. I red a half-completed s…[View]
154501524Jesus this was awesome[View]
154498113Car chases: Car chase kino? Recommend movies with the best car chases[View]
154495331Is this the ideal space ship design?[View]
154484996Things that are common in tv shows and movies that you haven't experienced[View]
154500871What if 100 people opened it?: The chest curses everyone nearby, and Imhotep must consume all of the…[View]
154501412fuck women[View]
154500537What was it about the Vietnam war that just breeds absolute kino?[View]
154500020>this made black people shit themselves laughing in the early 2000's…[View]
154501291CHRIST KID LOOK OUT[View]
154500701What is your favorite silent film?[View]
154499634The first season is actually pretty good: I watched it just for the naked chicks, I swear. Unironica…[View]
154495409VOTE BEST / WORST DCEU FILM?: BEST - https://strawpoll.com/4yw6obo64 WORST - https://strawpoll.com/x…[View]
154495932I wish RLM would have Shane Gillis on as a guest. I want to see the intense bully-bullied-bullied-bu…[View]
154490040Bree is the best girl Prove me wrong.[View]
154496001Could YOU do the unthinkable?[View]
154492739>rewatching Batman Forever >suddenly prime Nicole Kidman HHNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG…[View]
154499417>No can do![View]
154500856Is MBB's carreer already over? wtf[View]
154499026>watch movie from the 50s >everyone is sweating really badly what happened in the 50s…[View]
154500876>'bane?.. i'm more of a big guy myself' >an executive shitposting on /tv/?…[View]
154496893do women like star wars?[View]
154497924What is your favourite Charlotte Ritchie kino? I dreamt about being a fresher and sharing a flat wit…[View]
154499675An elephant never forgets[View]
154500717>sci fi show with futuristic touchscreen technology >it has LCD shimmer…[View]
154500454To Entrap A Predator: I'm Chris Hansen >No you're not How do you respond?…[View]
154500535What a fucking inspiring story[View]
154500561Krusty the Clown and his famous catchphrase: The flesh sings.[View]
154495346Was he lying about his 8:30 Friday res at Dorsia?[View]
154500564OH N-[View]
154493689Well marvelbros, we had a good run. But it's officially over[View]
154482352/trek/: Schizo Edition PREVIOUS >>154473778[View]
154499091torpedos are in the water, missiles are in the air[View]
154494934>New JRE episode >x is a standup comed- >Close tab…[View]
154500506>show seemed to be wrapping up >it gets renewed for 3 more seasons…[View]
154497097>congratulations you got your wife fat ... so what’s the next step in your master plan?…[View]
154500444I fucked Ted. Caspere knew this.[View]
154492600Bros, this is like the tenth Nissan ad with that dirty dang Brie Larson. I thought we won after disl…[View]
154481839>Don't chew gum or you'll become a giant blueberry >Don't drink soda or you…[View]
154499866>supposedly the worst Wizarding World film >still is more entertaining and better put together…[View]
154498025how is this individual famous?[View]
154500302i watch kino while remaining ignorant of the actors and those who created it, i cover my eyes any ti…[View]
154498900>I THINK COOLSVILLE SUCKS why would Fred say this?[View]
154496738Is this a joke /tv/? What the fuck is happening here, who are these people even supposed to be? It l…[View]
154500079I have no legs! I have no legs. I have no legs! I have no legs. I have no legs! I have no legs. I ha…[View]
154494565How can we combat harmful Asian stereotypes?[View]
154500049Groundhog Day scene where Bill kisses an old lady and punches annoying soiboy: I want to try this in…[View]
154491426>You can check in[View]
154499934‘Valdemar Universe’ books get TV SHOW - GAY FANTASY SHOW with HORSE PEOPLE: FANTASY TV IS BACK! >…[View]
154499371>Nostalgia - its delicate, but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek nostalgia literally means ‘the…[View]
154496203Just watched this kino. Whats the consensus on this?: Best Brad movie by far[View]
154499766Why was Bob hired to shot chinks?[View]
154493523Who are some actors/actresses you think would do well in a Tarantino film?: Pic related[View]
154498876Is this really what people wear in the future?[View]
154499696i only watched all of wandavision and failed to complete loki and falcon and the winter soldier beca…[View]
154498287What was his deal? How did he get through the academy?[View]
154498037ITT: characters who are literally you. For me it's Waiter #2 in American Psycho.[View]
154496106David Lynch rank thread: 1. Mulholland Dr. 2. Eraserhead 3. Lost Highway 4. Inland Empire 5. The Ele…[View]
154494645Almost 10 years have past and no new show has come close to replacing it. Why? Where did all the goo…[View]
154482541Walter White would defeat Tony's entire crew at their strongest single handedly.[View]
154499495LITTY: ok /tv/ how do we stop this man? He's become too powerfulh. This shit shouldn't be …[View]
154499493Will the Lando series be a sequel to this?: will maul, emilia clarke and alden solo be back in live …[View]
154499203I need more space kino[View]
154499376>imdb 6.2/10 y or n[View]
154497586He did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
154497122itt: shows you wish you could watch again for the first time[View]
154498770One of the best things Netflix ever produced. A genuine 6/10 flick Discuss[View]
154482598/bb/ Big Brother 23: HOH: Christian Veto: Christian Noms: Whitney / Hannah Wildcard: Claire Previous…[View]
154492180How did /tv/ influence you: I saw silence of the lambs when i was like 14, and the part where jodie …[View]
154501127Invincible: I've rarely seen a show start off so interesting and turn into such a pile of shit …[View]
154495141Justin Roiland on Cusp of Coming Up With Third Voice: Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland is pu…[View]
154499137>remake The Mummy >but without the Benny character What a shitshow.…[View]
154494134Is he the biggest fake tough guy in Hollywood?[View]
154499247Nolan-sama I KNEEL: I thought Nolan while good was a tad too overrated but the past few years have t…[View]
154497654Was Alice's dream where she tells Bill she got fucked in front of everybody just a dream or was…[View]
154498814/got/: Why was Aegon completely absent in the show?[View]
154497368>Aussie kino doesn't exist—[View]
154494838ITT: The stupidest characters in film[View]
154497815>he's literally me[View]
154497194Neytiri is...[View]
154498881Wandavision deleted scene: >Pizza time. >Peter Parker? lady, you must have me confused?>I’m…[View]
154492256what the fuck happened?[View]
154498131Wow. The best Star Wars has to offer. Genuinely refreshing and brilliant.[View]
154498621Hey /tv/ do you want to get in my Van? Got some pris.. good actress here with me[View]
154498713Was there a worse episode than this one? Just rewatched and this was pretty much the only one I skip…[View]
154497632LORD OF THE RINGS 2022 CASTING[View]
154495655Awww, look at him, he's a father now![View]
154491006Why didn't he check to see if there was a tracking device when he found it?[View]
154498629>Dying for Everest provides a brutal look at the conquest of climbing the summit of Mount Everest…[View]
154486536What is this shallow focus effect called and why does every hack filmmaker use it?[View]
154498311Does 2001: A space odyssey hold up in 2021?[View]
154498454For me it's Iqbal Achieve.[View]
154496853Lord of the Rings:The New Shadow: Tolkien Estate just approved WB's request to do a sequel movi…[View]
154496346I am in love with this movie bros and I don't really know why[View]
154498502>yo what kind of knees are these? >chiknees xDDDDz good job Anderson…[View]
154492095About to marathon The Wolf of Wall Street™: What will I think of it?[View]
154498163Rodney McKay of the Leaf People[View]
154496928>'What was his name... The Departed?' You're a hack and a fraud Scorsese…[View]
154498247Fat fuck thread: Say something nice about this Welsh lad who objectively saved youtube critiques…[View]
154498239he cute[View]
154498223Cinderella (2021) Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NeHRuPpoM Thoughts?[View]
154498114>As a woman chef it’s all about empowerment, believe in yourself and you can do anything. I’m her…[View]
154496167Here is your popcoin, sir.[View]
154497631>film critiques capitalism >it presents all it's issue's properly >the whole thin…[View]
154493215What if war...was bad?[View]
154497556Here is your Christian Bale as Gorr, bro[View]
154497995I’m circumcised anon[View]
154495708How to become a millionaire with a combination of your own narcissism and mental illness?[View]
154495137Best /tv/ beards and mos[View]
154490235What's the biggest plot hole in the Terminator franchise?[View]
154497103admit it, this was SOUL[View]
154496575*steals your heart*[View]
154497139The little bitch is awfully sorry the little bitch drinks you up In this seed is death indeed Did y…[View]
154497789>They’re goblins Harry. Clever as they come, goblins, but not the most friendly of beasts How did…[View]
154489547>Hey, baby, I'm so glad you came over. Here's some popcorn I made in my Whirley Pop. Yo…[View]
154497235*dies from cooming*[View]
154489527What's his name again?[View]
154493891One of the most pretentious films I've ever seen.[View]
154497058Could Rose and Jack have shared the door in titanic?: Or taken turns?[View]
154497625MFW the glowie catches me spying on him in his closet[View]
154497621Heroin movies: What are your favorite movies about heroin addiction/heroin lifestyle? And how are yo…[View]
154495459Thats not bad actually. Just finished Person of Interest and started this one. currently on 3rd epis…[View]
154495990Who was in the wrong here? https://streamable.com/q2pl11[View]
154497435You leave that zipperhead chink gook bastard alone. He's my friend.[View]
154497401'I've killed women and children. I've killed everything that walks or crawls at one time o…[View]
154481186Butters, go buy world of warcraft, install it on your computer and join the online sensation before …[View]
154496383SILMARILLION: Movie or show fucking when?[View]
154491736BOSS ACTRESSES: >multiple DUI arrests >hispanic >Likes white boys >wears tight leather…[View]
154494920Got to hand it to Liam... he never fails to make a not uninteresting film hardly filled with inactio…[View]
154495057I had to sit down and watch this film in 3 parts spanning 3 days because its boring and long just to…[View]
154497014I cheered. I shouted. I fist pumped the air. I cried. I stood and cheered. It's absolutely ever…[View]
154491166Did he do anything wrong?[View]
154496999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr9ZDDXUWUM robin bros....[View]
154492848I still cant believe this was on TV[View]
154494112So here's the kid I was telling you about[View]
154494778ITT: film characters you idolize[View]
154495556How the heck these small kids make perfect beef Wellington or perfect lamb chops?[View]
154496868How based is the x-files[View]
154495848itt: unintentionally disturbing scenes[View]
154477155What did /tv/ think about The Green Knight?[View]
154493096How would you film it? Which director would do it better?[View]
154493785So is ninja gonna be in free guy?[View]
154496263What are the worst shots put to film?[View]
154495710What is the ULTIMATE DEFINITIVE western? Or at least the top 5? I’ll say: 1. Unforgiven 2. The Sear…[View]
154496343Most kino trilogy in existence[View]
154495985ITT: best Kermode reviews: there are many i'm forgetting right now, but for me it's betwee…[View]
154496207>does literally everything wrong what the fuck was their problem?[View]
154496481What are some kinos where people fight wild animal hand to hand?[View]
154486709>western animation is dea-[View]
154493983I don't get it[View]
154496316It's called 'Demon Killer' Who should play in this contemporary classic? is China based sometim…[View]
154495581season 1 of bad batch is still not finished[View]
154493517Do girls really have orgasms from eating cake?[View]
154495938Midway through S4 I appreciate that this is kind of a spoiler but at some fucking point does she eve…[View]
154496037is it kino?[View]
154494868So what was he?[View]
154495506>In a sense, we really are experiencing an Apocalypse Now... Fucking really? Jesus christ.…[View]
154491751Post your favorite actor[View]
154495915The flightplan with the agency isn’t the most practical thing, but in the context of the story, it s…[View]
154495995Thoughts on this movie? I thought it was kino, and had the impression it was seen as this, but it ha…[View]
154495958>ITT: favorite Italian movie from Italy[View]
154491656This has yet to be refuted[View]
154495664>browse /tv/ >check if the torrent has downloaded >'sneeding'…[View]
154478763which hey arnold character are you?[View]
154493314JAZWARES GETS LORD OF THE RINGS LICENSE: >The Jazwares toy company, behind the Fortnite action fi…[View]
154484012End of an era, bros: >”Ethan just didn’t want to make movies anymore. Ethan seems very happy doin…[View]
154495475Why did Liam Neeson agree to do this movie?[View]
154490332I watched Lost Highway last night and was very put off by the constant sex scenes. Start watching In…[View]
154495336In this new documentary we take a closer look on a old closed case and point our fingers on some dud…[View]
154491769What is the point of films like these? I hate women.[View]
154495299Hansen Vs Predator: this is the best reality show on tv[View]
154491841what are the best scooby doo episodes?: i like the jaguaro one[View]
154495014What is your favorite Danny DeVito kino? Mine is Big Fish.[View]
154495143>𓁁 𓁂 𓁃 𓁰 𓁱 𓁲 𓁳 𓁴 𓁵.[View]
154495062THA ORIGINAL OG ZOD[View]
154473207diversity done right[View]
154494266I'm the main character of life[View]
154494864rec sum movie for antinatalist (me)[View]
154493471*ends cinema*[View]
154491610Is Law and Order: SVU good? Seems like it is probably good.[View]
154494121>best /tv/ show on netflix >no one is talking about it stop being pleb /tv/…[View]
154494640>villain is corrupt business man hellbent on making money[View]
154482303Looks like kino is back on the menu, boys[View]
154494372Why are there no female YouTube critics?[View]
154494536Fuck you I liked it[View]
154493950> Hire two iconic Batman actors to play vilains. Cringe.[View]
154494341How do you prepare for a kino viewing?: How do you get extremely comfy for a movie? >time of day …[View]
154494732What did we, uhh, think of this movie /tv/?[View]
154493377Could this work? I'm copying it from the last night's thread. 'found footage film from the…[View]
154493353Will we finally get rid of Affleck's cgi over the top batman? Costume looks kino[View]
154476933What movies did you watch with your friends at sleepovers in the 90's?[View]
154494648>We're in danger! >No... I AM the danger!…[View]
154490860>these walls weren't supposed to stop us getting in >they're supposed to stop *it* g…[View]
154494474>looks like art house next to the Star Wars prequels >but not showered with praise while havin…[View]
154494186>late 90s teen flick >kids are optimistic about the future…[View]
154493001Would you ever give two fucks for a Chinese character?[View]
154493966Cry Wolf: I liked this movie.[View]
154488164How I get seriously into film? How to improve my taste?[View]
154494039How long does it take you to watch a 90 minute film?[View]
154494265>biblically accurate angels >soul vs soulless >nintendo is the only developer making games …[View]
154494151>Terminator Salvation(2009): John Connor survives >fans: they should've killed John Conno…[View]
154493810>this gave boomers nightmares[View]
154493957The Blob (1988): Grade-A High Octane Nightmare Fuel The effects make it even more traumatic[View]
154493335Jungle Cruise was mind boggingly bad. The Mummy, but every single thing is green screen. Also incred…[View]
154492395Barnes unironically did nothing wrong.[View]
154493979So who took him?[View]
154491907Does anybody know where I can watch this movie, preferably the NC-17 version? It's not on ant s…[View]
154490948he dindu nuffin: >“You were born rich and privileged and you were handsome,” Taki quoted Weinstei…[View]
154493654Do you realize: that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we …[View]
154492656Politically Incorrect: Did anybody else enjoy this show? I'm not really a fan of Bill Maher, bu…[View]
154493417He was never funny[View]
154493586>tfw will never live in a highrise above Manhattan and stare out into the sparkling lights every …[View]
154493328Somehow, kino has returned[View]
1544923851999 and 2000 were great for movies, that era has such a vibrant feel that seems absent nowadays[View]
154484658>the latest rick and morty had the chud character Holy shit[View]
154491887>boomers thought a plane could run over a guy on the ground without crashing…[View]
154493194I’ve never seen The Sopranos or The Wire or Breaking Bad.[View]
154476398What went so horribly, irredeemably wrong?[View]
154492208What did Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg mean by this?[View]
154493384Open: the pod bay doors, please HAL.[View]
154490441Venom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMhbU6YWEpQ What the fuck[View]
154483725>watch season 1-3 in 2 weekends >slow down a bit on season 4 >1 week into season 5 and i…[View]
154488442What's the /tv/ version of this?[View]
154491691This is unironically much better than Return of the Jedi.[View]
154493209Who are some models that have transitioned to acting?[View]
154493263Instead of saying you rewatched a movie shouldn't you say you reviewed it?[View]
154493213These nuts would be more than happy to rest against your chin[View]
154488642Buckley v Vidal: who was in the wrong here?[View]
154492887LORD OF THE RINGS ON PRIME: >season 1 has 20 episodes >season 2 now in the works So, are you h…[View]
154491886ITT: movies that show pre-9/11 America, before it died from the inside out and a sliver of optimism …[View]
154493072Who's going to play Christian Weston Chandler in the biopic?[View]
154492992who /earthrocker/ here[View]
154490827Did she have an orgasm after licking John's blood?[View]
154492694OH N-[View]
154490582Why does Hollywood keep trying to convince us that only big chests = sexy?[View]
154492918Blow me.[View]
154492906Let’s see Paul Allens’s electro funk band[View]
154488913>Now Homer, don't you eat my pie What did Marge mean by this?[View]
154483767Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: So what the fuck was the point of this movie and why is it considered…[View]
154490759Kino or waste of time?[View]
154492808When did kino die?[View]
154492721What if merry and pippin took the ring?[View]
154492805Cast him[View]
154492794NoOOO CORL[View]
154492742Any kino about generational gaps?[View]
154491068I don't get it[View]
154487498>Character's name is Frodo >His quest is to fro-do ring into Mount Doom Thank you Tolkien…[View]
154492593>7.6 on IMDb[View]
154490711Power Slop[View]
154492178HOYVIN FLAVIN[View]
154492640Sip this drank nigga[View]
154483939What movie will make me less racist?: not bait I want to get rid of this burning hatred I feel towar…[View]
154490997The Mist: This was pretty damn good. How is the TV show? Anyone ever watch it?[View]
154490943Best Poirot: Without doubt the best tv sleuth Colombo is a close second ngl though[View]
154489531postapo: Post and discuss postapo movies. Movies with other huge disruptory event are also cool, e.…[View]
154491177This was a real mess.[View]
154491786Media hasn’t had SOUL since 2014[View]
154488551Just finished The Shield. What did I think of it?[View]
154481653>political bullshit Every. Fucking. Time.[View]
154491390What is their best work?: Matrix, Matrix 4 or V for Vendetta?[View]
154492359>watch movie >wonder why they even bothered making a boring movie about a subject like that …[View]
154488543ITT post the best ever ACTORS period. Not 'movie stars' or celebrities. Barry Pepper edition.[View]
154491439Does the 'S' stand for Super?[View]
154490805>Casually shows real, live footage of some mental patient getting his dick and balls chopped off …[View]
154492169>gets fucked in the ass >wtf I love black people now! Amazing movie.…[View]
154492205CBS-FBI General: >It’s a “Aww shit we let them get away with it before we were able to stop them”…[View]
154492165every time they puke out new pozzed garbage from past IPs it just helps me discover good old content…[View]
154491158>wholesome family movie about the importance of family and faith in god >panned by critics no …[View]
154489354Why is kafkaesque film so rare?[View]
154477764>My strong suspicion is we get the world we deserve[View]
154489151Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace Pilot: Title says it all. I've been searching a long time f…[View]
154487742Why am I just now hearing about this? This show is too damn good. Any other shows like this? I’m at …[View]
154490837Could a live action adaption of Neon Genesis Evangelion work?[View]
154489864cast a movie with these two[View]
154491588Comfy x-files thread[View]
154491576this movie kicks ass, it's free to watch on youtube[View]
154489230A nigger.[View]
154490486I love trashy Italian broads so God damn much[View]
154491646What do I think of it /tv/?[View]
154490292>one, two, ten what did he mean by this?[View]
154490088Spielberg: He didn't do it. Look at him not only he is the greatest film director that ever liv…[View]
154489533>tells 28 minute long story on his youtube channel about his respect for the Aryan Brotherhood an…[View]
154491495Write a buddy cop movie staring these two.[View]
154484054Does /tv/ really hate the spinosaur?[View]
154490818I'm giving you a choice.: Either put on these glasses, or start eating that trash can![View]
154490293>that time freddy dabbed on a capeshitter Based[View]
154481936>tough guy wakes up in hospital >pulls off his heart monitor, saline drip, and oxygen mask…[View]
154491509Betrayed yet again! But 'tweren't Sugura who blew me off - 'twas my new nemesis - THE…[View]
154491206Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154489965TRANSFORMERS RISE OF THE BEASTS: I don’t know if it’s already been talked about here on the boards b…[View]
154491259It's too bad she won't sneed.[View]
15449143110 Leaked Pictures From Thor: Love and Thunder Set https://tellmedoyouread.blogspot.com/2021/08/10-…[View]
154490525movies that make you cry[View]
154491364>It's a Gus Fring Episode.[View]
154489410Why didn’t he just stop gambling?[View]
154491063Anglos really forced everyone to find this attractive[View]
154482131T minus 5 min. Will he be on?[View]
154490597why did everyone pretend to hate the new star trek movie when one of the classic older ones has time…[View]
154490647This was pretty good desu I liked it: t. racist[View]
154490056>ok sal go up to that black guy and just start reading off crime statistics…[View]
154486419holy kino[View]
154491142>gallop toward a city >bring horse to a halt >scream the name of the city at the top of you…[View]
154489829What does the cumshot scene mean ?[View]
154488906Fight Club: The Movie General: >NOOOOOOO >I HAVE A STABLE WELL PAYING JOB AND THE ABILITY TO B…[View]
154490922I don't get it.[View]
154485396>Why, I haven't seen you in a coons age What did he mean by this?[View]
154488984This and toast of London are the most kino comedies to come out in the last 10 years.[View]
154490720>I wonder where you were going? >'Mulholland Drive' David Lynch is a hack and a fraud…[View]
154489347Is Dr. Evil the funniest character in the history of cinema?[View]
154490274is Margot Robbie a great actress or eye candy?[View]
154484967holy fucking kinoli[View]
154488129Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back https://deadline.com/2021/08/brendan-fraser-joins-killers-of-…[View]
154487170Martin Scorcese: Is he unofficially retired? Devil in the White City feels like it has stalled, and …[View]
154489323Anyone else feel like in our current social climate with dog whistles and ironic racism on the rise …[View]
154480771Limp Bizkit in Woodstock 99: This was a kino performance. Call it white trash or whatever you like, …[View]
154490666I saw this webm early today and noticed girls really wanted to use the toilet because they even brok…[View]
154486650I can't wait!!: https://youtu.be/koMKUP2o08w[View]
154490631dunc: Why did he do it?[View]
154489158Frasier > The Wire: I'm assuming /tv/ is on board with this[View]
154487494Why haven't they made a DB Cooper kino yet? The story has a lot of potential.[View]
154490498Biopics: Fact or fiction?[View]
154489913What was the last thing to go through his mind?[View]
154488121is there an example of director using very calm ambient music for an intense fight scene?[View]
154488131What is there was a tv show about/tv/?: What would it's genre be? What would the genre be? What…[View]
154490417What was her problem[View]
154489064Where the fuck do I apply this?[View]
154487672why are they so bad at cinema compared to their american counterparts?[View]
154489949>tfw just watch/read summaries of movies instead of actually watching them these days…[View]
154489150You are all wonderful people and I'm glad I got to spend time with you today. Good night /tv/ ^…[View]
154489464this movie was right about all the surveillance stuff[View]
154490247Alex the lion, what the hell are you doing in my car?[View]
154489251>character flosses his teeth >his gums dont bleed…[View]
154489697scenes i will never understand because my dad died in the gulf war even though he promised he would …[View]
154484589which is the best harry potter movie, and why is it the one you like?[View]
154482718What's the ugliest film ever made? Rolling with the third Hobbit, where everything is on a gree…[View]
154489283X-23: What was her problem?[View]
154489971OH N-[View]
154486057>Iphone bad jokes >Social Media bad jokes >Susan Boyle reference Is this the most dated and…[View]
154484273Why does /tv/ like American Psycho so much? What was so great about him?[View]
154489936What was the last thing that went through her mind?[View]
154489872What are some films that fight white supremacy?[View]
1544896413 2 3 4 4 2 3 and...[View]
154489823What’s his name? Al Pakino thread[View]
154489789there will never be anything like it again[View]
154489680>My favorite movie? Why, it's Dunston Checks In, of course.[View]
154489784>tfw the episode ends with all the characters standing around laughing[View]
154489758>Tell Daxos that I want him and 20 of his best eager, sober and ready for the next charge. Game o…[View]
154486430>This made boomers shit and cum their pants in the 40's[View]
154488991>its meant to be ambiguous >ambiguous >white screen = lobotomy >just about everyone co…[View]
154489384Friendly reminder, Lucas didn't direct the Star Wars movie everyone regards as the GOAT[View]
154487493Do women really?[View]
154488368>dead body in movie >You can see them breathing…[View]
154482561the Hitchcock of our times[View]
154487107Candyman (2021): They fucking retconned him into George Floyd nigga you shitting me[View]
154487999Movies with crazy nazi girls?[View]
154487623Underrated kinos[View]
154485689>film features 16 year old and 23 year old in relationship >doesn't get cancelled do aus…[View]
154488858how does he die in the comics? if you say hubris i'm going to dig up stan lee my self and knock…[View]
154468496What's the most hyped you've ever been for a single film and was it a letdown or did it li…[View]
154481568ITT post 'a-list' actors who suck at acting[View]
154487769Name even 1 (ONE) movie.[View]
154489109what was the Appeal[View]
154489229Simp: The Movie[View]
154488226Granted that this list is 'as of 1999,' how fair do you think it is? It seems like when it comes to …[View]
154484824Do you agree with this casting?[View]
154489184>this is zoomers' Howard Stern[View]
154488241Please,: come forward.[View]
154483808When he acts in movies, is he doing the wooden acting thing because he's David Lynch or is he r…[View]
154489038what was his endgame?[View]
154488705Bout to marathon this but it is Netflix so wanted ask you bros if the Greeks are negroes in it first…[View]
154489018>sittin with your bitch and this dude walks in what do you do?[View]
154489007Marvel: Let’s get Kat Dennings who’s known for big boobs and cover her up so she looks like a fat co…[View]
154488470Any other vets have an issue watching military tv shit?: I was watching some tv show the other day a…[View]
154489029Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154487820p-please don't tell my mom Nurse Ratched[View]
154488983I hate screen bugs. they should get rid of em.[View]
154487084Gotta give props when it's due: Black people did it better.[View]
154488941OH N-[View]
154488826>look up top lists movies of year 2020 >nearly all are black, feminist, political rewriting hi…[View]
154488919the boy ruined it for me other than that it was pretty good[View]
154487696You did get the newly released collectors edition blu ray, right?[View]
154488821movies about scumbags[View]
154488227For me? It's explosive comedic union of the new age stand up titans that are Mark Normand and S…[View]
154488404Such a waste: Such a waste.[View]
154487666>downing half a glass of scotch/whiskey/vodka straight like it's nothing do people actually …[View]
154487786Step out of the thread please, sir.[View]
154488527>Go home and get your fuckin shiny box[View]
154474853Yes, Gandalf, that was what they used to call me. Gandalf the Regular. I am Gandalf the Large.[View]
154488489How to tell a Pleb: If this guy is not in your top 3 favorite directors, know that you are a pleb.…[View]
154488157RICHIEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH: name a more devastating ending scene[View]
154487312What was the last thing that went through his mind?[View]
154488306>Bobby, look. Samefagging is fine when you aren't trying to trick anyone. I mean heck, I…[View]
154485615>please don't leave me >Why are you doing this to me? Who should play her in the biopic?…[View]
154488321The greatest filmmaker of all time: John Cassavetes on top[View]
154488273Character gives a shit about any of his family members.[View]
154486817Is he the best actor of all time in terms of pure skill? I can't name anyone better.[View]
154487441He's not even a doctor.[View]
154487993He's not even a doctor.[View]
154486595How bad will it be?[View]
154487986Huntah? Wricka? Ikko? Tik?: Does anyone read me?[View]
154476051blessed /tv/ images.[View]
154487835how many disney movies are among your favorite movies of all time?[View]
154487622>hey Hollywood execs, I have a brilliant idea for my next project >it’s about these guys doing…[View]
154488018Why did he go for the vault, bros?[View]
154487750New joe pera season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD45qe7O1U0[View]
154483138Stepbrothers thread[View]
154487946Granted this list is 'as of 1999,' how fair do you think it is? It seems like when it comes to film …[View]
154467364>OH N-[View]
154487565I've seen every television show shilled by /tv/ and i gotta say that films are so much better a…[View]
154487191itt: actors who anons are 4chan call bad actors just because they dont agree with them politically.…[View]
154482802The Sopranos[View]
154486553why does this show have such an obnoxious fan base?[View]
154487428What the fuck was his problem?[View]
154487546>Greetings, travellers, I am Jingle, quick of wit, I’m fast and number. >Many jokes and many q…[View]
154486771Why are there basically no NEET shows?[View]
154487370Let's be real.. Rocky doesn't even know who Fellini is. Little things like this just remin…[View]
154487145ITT: Flawless movies 10/10 only movies[View]
154487466Is peak hollywood performance now just shitposting on youtube and social media?[View]
154487362Dear journal[View]
154483578why didn't his career take off?[View]
154485996The Jannies are n-*BONG*[View]
154485500[mumbles some inaudible shit][View]
154477144What's essential Deano kino viewing?[View]
154485914Fact or fiction: Time Machine claims we'll devolve into a separate monkey race.[View]
154487231CWCVille, whatever happened there...[View]
154485645Not even an obituary in the paper today... damn[View]
154485192So was he supposed to be their be their biological son? He looks like a different race. It normally …[View]
154486657Rosemary's baby: Whats the deal with this film, i mean its good and sometimes can be unsettling…[View]
154481630Finally watched this. What did I think of it?[View]
154484960the sun shines bright on my old kentucky hoooooome[View]
154478058Anyone excited for the new show?[View]
154486926why did incels hate this?[View]
154480539Why is Hollywood so afraid to adapt his story? also cast him[View]
154486353Movies about going home?[View]
154487007itt: pure kino[View]
154486287For me it’s the even Stevens episode where ren gets the D from her woodshop teacher[View]
154483545The opening theme makes me feel incredibly nostalgic and suicidal.[View]
154484525What /tv/ threads would he create?[View]
154485144>hey Anon! Now that covid is over, I thought we could get together one last time before the summe…[View]
154486446one sided bullshit.[View]
154486811Post cinema snacks[View]
154485861Looks like that little retard Jason ran out threads. It's Freddy's time to shine now, bitc…[View]
154486857kinos for this feel?[View]
154486804ITT: Scenes that made you stand up, turn 360 degrees and moonwalk out of the theater[View]
154483929What’s your favorite GAS TV program?: Mines ‘Word of the Day’[View]
154485277Don't mind me, just being the best heist movie of all time of all tome[View]
154484846This is Ginger (Gilligan's Island) now.: Say something nice about the last surviving cast away.…[View]
154485251What was their fucking problem?[View]
154486383in hindsight, this show doing well makes no sense, why did we watch it /tv/?[View]
154482527What's the difference?[View]
154486470sopa de macaco.. por favor[View]
154486534Damn, what a stinker. 80% of the movie is just Hallmark family drama shit, and the ghost scenes don…[View]
154484690What are you currently watching?: The first few seasons of American Dad for background noise while I…[View]
154485758>Counted all 17,072 holes in the metal seats at the psych ward again You are already dead, but al…[View]
154485705Post 10/10 TV shows made before the 90s, and prove that you're not a zoomer[View]
154485405Which one is better?[View]
154486154Did people actually do this in theaters back then?[View]
154486381What are some films about personal growth?[View]
154486009Whos Was In The Wrong Here?: Additionally: Who Aged Better?[View]
154485782we all know that it declined in quality after season 2 but this episode here is fucking great[View]
154485160'It’s not funny anymore. Far right extremists’ use of humor': Here is by a PDF made by the European …[View]
154474881I'm zoomer who wants to watch westerns because I really liked RDR2 what movies can you suggest …[View]
154484431Aside from Irreversible and Clockwork Orange, what films show extreme violence against women?[View]
154481157>watching a michael j fox flick on my PC >hold down f11 whenever he's on screen…[View]
154486267what the ABSOLUTE FUCK was his problem[View]
154473704Since the game last night was fun: Can you name any actor/actress who has: >Never played a villai…[View]
154485245Was he a good captain?[View]
154485159dude slow panning shots and long pauses lmao[View]
154486084Why have people forgotten the original?: The 90s movie was mediocre at best. Meanwhile the 60s TV sh…[View]
154482259>5 died because of an incest fetish[View]
154485486Now that the dust has settled...: Kongbros...we got wayy too cocky.[View]
154483322Was Reggie a brony?[View]
154485261Yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
154485046How did this half retarded junkie figure out Walter poisoned the spic kid? Because one joint was mis…[View]
154486005>generic pretty girl character who serves as the love interest of one of the heroes >is actual…[View]
154485875So did Chris Stuckmann make an entire ARG just so he could shill his movie that’s probably gonna suc…[View]
154485857OH N-[View]
154484139Any good kino about 4chan users irl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYoHcExQjV4[View]
154482427Why don’t Russians have any regard for human life?[View]
154485471Ruh... R-Raggy..?[View]
154485523>the sequel is a commentary on how sequels are unnecessary[View]
154485665Einhorn is a man!?[View]
154485073This is what I want.[View]
154485655Any movies that are so cringe they're based?: Or movies that are so based there cringe?[View]
154473028James Gunn Reveals Characters He Almost Included In THE SUICIDE SQUAD: https://collider.com/deathstr…[View]
154483392The exact moment when a film turned into kinema[View]
154484360The good news: Nothing will ever top it The bad news: Nothing will ever top it[View]
154485478Stay out of this Elias, this aint your show: Which side of the platoon would you be on? Barnes or El…[View]
154485372I only watched Korean films if there dubbed in another language, purely because the sound of the lan…[View]
154485227trope that didn't age well: no one would blindly open their door to these two fags ever again r…[View]
154485400Why does he spend 45 minutes in the toilet every time he goes? Every time it's brought up the a…[View]
154482465Obi Wan...p-please tell me you know how to use force heal...[View]
154484105Itt the real meaning of movied: Forest Gump: >jus let her whore around until she's ready for…[View]
154485303>take the jab and i'll let you jab me what would you do tv?[View]
154485118>Capitalism... le bad?[View]
154481376Ad Astra: Is it kino?[View]
154475964A24 is the definition of pretentious[View]
154485290What are some movies about people who completely disappeared and whose friends and colleagues preten…[View]
154485207so you're in the Via Flaminia on a stroll with your gf and this guy comes along with a legion a…[View]
154462395Dwayne Johnson Confirms FAST & FURIOUS Exit, Addresses Vin Diesel's 'Tough Love' Comments: …[View]
154485158Best holocaust movies?: seeing as unvaccinated are about to be treated worse than jews I figured it’…[View]
154480894Holy shit girls really do like guys like Bateman. I'm in![View]
154476147What are some flicks about wasted youth? Like coming of age but with regret instead of fulfillment[View]
154485016>just get the fucking vaccination eh? was jim being a little harsh here or was he in the right?…[View]
154484732Is this the best Sion Sono's film? Also modern japanese kino thread. Post recommendations.[View]
154482521>and the charges officer?[View]
154483503What was his point?[View]
154484072Have you forgiven him yet?[View]
154484891this was pretty good up until they focused on the daughter[View]
154484862If you've never swam in the ocean then of course a pool seems deep.[View]
154483744It was good desu I liked it: t. racist[View]
154484470This made people shit their pants in 2009[View]
154481879Roland Emmerich's MOONFALL: Disasterkino is back on the menu! >A mysterious force knocks the…[View]
154484204What are the /tv/ approved martial arts flicks?[View]
154483837Why is the letterboxd community so fucking awful? Even worse than /tv/, you literally could get bann…[View]
154482694>ask for the lamb sauce again you britbong fuck i'll gut like a fish…[View]
154478533Post your movie ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
154484564Best comedy of the 21st Century so far[View]
154484474What are the best fight videos on YouTube?[View]
154483210>one of the best films of all time >barely anyone on /tv/ has seen it How come?…[View]
154483982scenes that take place in a classroom[View]
154484407Why aren't you watching coomer kino? Such a fun show[View]
154478212iCarly: Why isn't Jennette McCurdy ( Sam) in the reboot? Did she put out a statement about Dan …[View]
154484451we got him bros: Will they make another movie about the Zodiac after the case is solved this year?…[View]
154484504underrated kino[View]
154481418one of cinema's greatest tragedies is that hong kong used to consistently produce pure kino, an…[View]
154484356Marriage shitmovie: How come fucking Ted 2 captured marriage better than Marriage Story? Tammy is so…[View]
154484344What are the best Fascist kinos? >Captcha: SUK4P[View]
154479165How would this movie had been like if Spielbergo had directed it?[View]
154482317In the studio: >'Damn it, we need to to create an Oscar winning depiction of the American Dr…[View]
154483314Ok, where do I start with this fella?[View]
154482847memes aside, is it worth watching?[View]
154484182The Mask: This is a good movie. Also they did the right move staying away from the edgy comics…[View]
154484171Klaatu barada ni-*cough*[View]
154484026can I sue the filmmakers for having used the rights to literally my life without permission[View]
154483196Is Lola the ultimate slut name? Also I just watched Space Jam for the first time[View]
154483997>main character’s name is “Call” >he taps phones for a living who the fuck writes this shit?…[View]
154475655He fucked those kids.[View]
154481887Midsommar beginning - 'everything's black': What did Dani's sister Terri mean by this? Was…[View]
154480192>people beg for 20 years for a decent Cowboy Bebop adaptation starring Keanu >the man himself …[View]
154482528How do celebrities come back from really embarrassing stories?[View]
154483379This is what they took from you[View]
154480838>huge fan of he-man >destroys he-man Why does this keep happening?…[View]
154481919Twilight but better[View]
154482421Do you have a favorite Hammer Horror movie? For me it's the first Dracula film they did.[View]
154482723Movies your older sister loves that are legit shit.[View]
154480714Watched it for the first time. Despite some of the plot being questionable at times. It really is a …[View]
154483775What went wrong?[View]
154483729The first three Saw movies are my favorite movies of all time. I hate what the franchise has become.…[View]
154480203I´M ACTING[View]
154483556What kino does this song remind you of? https://youtu.be/kTWTN_uxNcQ[View]
154483642>bl*ck character survives[View]
154483209last episode was underwhelming I think the show is gonna flop its last two episodes bros[View]
154483590Black Summer: Thoughts on this series? I think it's pretty fucking good.[View]
154481509What is /tv/'s opinion on homosexuality in children's cartoons?[View]
154480047ITT: Post a movie, watch the movie below[View]
154483488https://youtu.be/2z60qzKR89Q?t=301 any other kinos like this?[View]
154482848Was Bates Motel kino?[View]
154483274ITT: high testosterone film[View]
154477701Was Daisy Ridley the best choice to play Rey in nuWars?[View]
154483118>The charges, officer?[View]
154479879Movies with mostly/only White Cast.: Suggest me Kinos that have almost 100% White cast. No diversity…[View]
154481198I just realized Guy Richie is not Lionel Richie.[View]
154480053How can one movie contain so much soul[View]
154482594Now that alternative superheroes are popular with Invincible and The Boys, we will finally see a kin…[View]
154482557Just popped this in: What am I in for?[View]
154479597*turns your flick into kino*[View]
154481655Rome thread: All citizens, be aware that the vassal, Prince Herod, Tetra of Galilee, has come to the…[View]
154482961shes afraid[View]
154479121>WAAAAAH, RDJ AND THE BOYS ON THE TEAM MAKE MORE MONEY THAN ME! That's because their the le…[View]
154482590v for vendetta[View]
154482969Why is it so comfy bros?[View]
154482150Will the ex-FBE actresses and actors have some future in Hollywood?[View]
154480755ITT: bone chilling slow burn done right[View]
1544808563 years ago[View]
154482917Why do straight white women like Ru Paul's Drag Race so much? The show terrifies me[View]
154481844Why do you hate strong women so much /tv/[View]
154482837>and the charges officer?[View]
154480918Donnie is the best TPB character[View]
154481875>I want everything to get through that porn blocker. >What do you mean everything?…[View]
154478705Was it rape?[View]
154479318HEY POO[View]
154479841SHE PEGGED ME JERRY![View]
154480458what's the best movie about the Great Patriotic War/Eastern Front?[View]
154482470What was Kubrick's vision that he wanted to achieve from this performance? Did he just straigh…[View]
154475359>capitalism is... le bad?[View]
154482638>'[tv show/movie] is funny without being offensive!'[View]
154482286Luuuke Skywalker: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Luuuke_Skywalker[View]
154481114Lawrence of Arabia: I am watching it. Great movie so far.[View]
154482280drag kino[View]
154482428:::breathes in:::[View]
154473778/trek/: Doppelganger Edition PREVIOUS >>154446574[View]
154482324WHAT IS 'KINO' EXACTLY: I mean why use that particular word? Is it a reference to Kino Lorber? Becau…[View]
154480986>lets the adulation go to his head and decides to write his big movie instead of just directing, …[View]
154482194>NOOO you cant be open with your sexuality or do drugs or be diverse you are all going to suffer…[View]
154469498Why is every /tv/ poster like this?[View]
154475892Predictive Programming: What are your favorite examples? >billionaire thinks overpopulation is an…[View]
154475431Who is the best actor turned musician? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLe_BZ1mo3I[View]
154480807>Main character is about to kiss >Gets interrupted…[View]
154481260Why are men inherently cooler than women?: There has never been a female as cool as Al Pacino in Sca…[View]
154482195>I love you, wife What did he mean by this?[View]
154481237>duuuuuuude im jack nicholson look at me i'm freaking acting, look at me doing this silly fa…[View]
154480379Was it a paid product placement?[View]
154473368>MWWWAAAAAH theeeFREMENsssspice has always been celebrated for its prescience…[View]
154474719Award Winning Actor Eliot Page: This thread is for the discussion of Eliot's long and fruitful …[View]
154470739Which one are you?[View]
154479431So...Cool beans?[View]
154481921https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm0wz0ZlYqc scenes that are absolute kino[View]
154472535AnaBros...incoming kino.[View]
154481869I HAD SEX WITH MY SISTER?[View]
154481865what are some films dealing with gardening?[View]
154471539I really am going to have to homeschool my future hypothetical children aren't I?[View]
154478261Now that the coronavirus has been defeated, I'm going to make good on my promise. Going to buy …[View]
154473307>sci-fi movie >no space elevator >immersion broken…[View]
154471553I'm so sick of it all: Just post kino scenes from kino movies. Nothing else. https://www.youtub…[View]
154481320Are these good? Its been on my to watch list for over a decade.[View]
154479010https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPScwQ-FAbI&ab_channel=IGNMovieTrailers >is edgy and gross fo…[View]
154480222>starting a lawsuit against the people who hired you during a global pandemic just so you can hav…[View]
154480931What’s something scary to watch? Was this any good ?[View]
154481228/tv/ WISHLIST!: Share yours! > Daisy Ridley gets work. > John Boyega does not. > Witcher - …[View]
154478968How do you feel when you see people kiss in films and on tv?[View]
154481451Norm on Curb: What role would Norm play on Curb your enthusiasm? Is he too insincere for the show?…[View]
154480301Bill Paxton has died: F[View]
154441438/bb/ Big Brother 23: HOH: Christian Veto: Christian Noms: Whitney / Hannah Wildcard: Claire Previous…[View]
154470367As the warmth of the day! Makes way! For the COOL embrace of the night, let us! Throw caucion. To th…[View]
154481340>I went to the padre to confess... Ended up washing my arse in the font…[View]
154481344Harvey: Alpha male Mike: Omega male[View]
154468459Has anyone ever thought about how weird of a name 'betazoid' is?[View]
154474151The debate that divided /tv/[View]
154479950what do you think of ella gross? is she a future american actress?[View]
154480932>This was comically fat in the early 00's[View]
154480137Couldn't they have found someone with a less annoying voice to play this role?[View]
154478588Harold Perrineau: This guy has been in a million different movies and shows. But I never see threads…[View]
154481156ITT: Movies you've watched over 100 times[View]
154473382Fucking awesome. Film of the year hands down. James Gunn has totally outdone himself, try topping th…[View]
154478313My name a borat vary naice[View]
154481040Are you excited for his new Rom-Com?[View]
154467512Titan A.E.[View]
154480903Daily yvonne thread: I love yvonne[View]
154480925Harry/Dumbledore/etc copypasta thread?: Dumping what I have[View]
154480821Euphoria is kino, I don't know what you guys mean.[View]
154480551>protagonist paces around his empty house crying again asking himself why does his life have to b…[View]
154480922What's your favorite fantasy movie?[View]
154450795I just watched King Arhur(2004) because Keira Knightly wears pic related in the movie[View]
154476180>this made boomers fliterally faint in the movie theater What went wrong?…[View]
154480668Films that should've ended earlier.[View]
154480394Get woke go broke, lets see those movies[View]
154479915holy shit peter griffin! FUCKING EPIC!!! XD[View]
154480648Are there any kinos about ww3?: I think a kino about world war 3 can have the potential to be very v…[View]
154476724>tfw Waterworld becomes a reality[View]
154480636Favorite noir. Pic related[View]
154472101>tommorow night >you >me >party how do you respond?…[View]
154480576Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154476780the bachelorette: the bachelorette season 17 holy shit this whore really wanted to fuck all three of…[View]
154480531I don't know how people watch this shit. When everyone looks the same how do you differentiate …[View]
154480527>be albino bodybuilder >fly to earth in a giant black space dildo for cocoon mode >take pre…[View]
154477615How do I fix my attention span? I can barely even watch television or film anymore without getting r…[View]
154480366>He goes to the cinema alone.[View]
154478694Why is he popular again?[View]
154480445>Que dites-vous ? C'est inutile ? Je le sais ! Mais on ne se bat pas dans l’espoir du succès…[View]
154476823>pass the remote control bro[View]
154478364I've become so much like Henry Drax, it's scary. I wear Irish woolen sweaters, verbally as…[View]
154480340What are some based alien movies??[View]
154479762Apex kino.[View]
154477516>There's nothing there What did he mean by this? I was watching it with my boyfriend and he …[View]
154478561Homelander's sudden transition into a Nazi makes no sense to me. He despises all normies, black…[View]
154478362Oh yeah, that was a thing[View]
154469789Being a white middle class girl isn't that difficult. It wouldn't have killed her to smile…[View]
154472247>be Dunston >check in[View]
154480200>tfw you realize there are like only 5 wallace and groomit shorts[View]
154479148Holy shit /tv/, look who I met.[View]
154480107Why'd cruise shoot the colonel BROS? And how did the colonel just shake it off?[View]
154478262why do people act like a movie cannot be rated r for violence, and that pg13 movies can get away wit…[View]
154479867Why does all dyke propaganda follow the same formula? >cold, uncaring men >charismatic woman e…[View]
154475436Why do chads typically have double chins?[View]
154479006So when is this shit coming out?[View]
154479460post your favorite character[View]
154479961What deleted scenes you would like to watch but will probably never be able to?[View]
154474823>still no biopic[View]
154479389Name a more bullshit death[View]
154479862s&box: Post your s&box queue position.[View]
154479962Told em they should’ve made a #Drax movie but noooooo![View]
154478899Who would you cast as the protagonist in the film adaptation?[View]
154478041things that really bothered me about this show 1) why the gratuitous foot scene and $1000 bj offer? …[View]
154478810Holy shit look at these washed up faggots. It will be so fucking gay, bros.[View]
154479566Daisy Ridley would be a good choice to play the action heroine in new Alien sequels don't you t…[View]
154477382/Food & Cooking Kino/: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz5z8AFWGvI What is your favorite co…[View]
154479789Mr. Conner, I'm galleria[View]
154479889discuss this gookkino[View]
154479309>first rule of Fight Club: you do not talk about Fight Club[View]
154478298Childhood is being angry at Sid, because he likes to destroy toys. Adulthood is knowing that Sid is …[View]
154478599i hate goobacks[View]
154478825LORD OF THE RINGS 2022 CASTING: black guy with beard is a hobbit ancestor[View]
154478115How have you prepared yourself for the Unjustening?[View]
154477920WTF, happened to american television?: Where are my fun new /tv/ shows? Give me something like Bansh…[View]
154477264Post the most reddit scenes you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SzrYSYIK4Y[View]
154479680this is the skinny kid I was talking you about[View]
154479540Ready to play Jeffrey Epstein in your biopic.[View]
154479016I'm going to start doing YouTube film reviews. How do the likes of Ryan Hollinger get clips wit…[View]
154479104'Who is this?'[View]
154477202>Five fingers at a bullet a piece >I ain't got but the one bullet left…[View]
154477283>why batman, what ‘eggsactly’ do you mean?[View]
154478814HUH: HUH[View]
154478557Grow the fuck up.[View]
154459135>Reasons cited include: >PRC portrayed in negative/unflattering light >Shang-Chi saves the …[View]
154479484>merv Griffin as the elevator killer Is this the biggest twist in cinematic history ?…[View]
154459167BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER Adds Mabel Cadena As Namora: https://thedirect.com/article/black-pant…[View]
154477539will our boi sam ever create anything as kino as kickstarter tv?[View]
154466841BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER Adds Dev Patel As Doctor Doom: The Direct is reporting that Dev Patel…[View]
154479356Ben Affleck is a fucking loser and anybody on this board who self-inserts as him and obsesses over h…[View]
154478380So this is Pixar's best movie and nobody told me about it[View]
154470890>Which version shall it be? >St. James! >The Vulgate of St. Jerome! >Vulgate it is!…[View]
154479174characters who are literally you I'll start[View]
154474991What are some kino noir films from the 1940s? I have already seen Gilda Dark Passage Double Indemnit…[View]
154479160for me it's Summer School (1987). i love the goofy vibes, simple plot, romance, and humor. used…[View]
154472383What does /tv/ think of Everybody Hates Chris?[View]
154478762>proper trigger discipline in films and television[View]
154477614The only good shot in Attack of the Clones.[View]
154472581cast him[View]
154478896Pure Kino podcast: Will it live up to the acclaim of the first episode with Borko?[View]
154468904What is the best BOOBA in film of all time?[View]
154478270Are there any other films that have a similar feel and vibe as Mirror? Mushishi is the only one I ca…[View]
154477224Loathsome characters of television and film: Hate these little cunts.[View]
154477372What movie should I watch next?: Just watched a movie. Which one should I watch now?[View]
154471696ITT: celebrities nobody likes, not even for fapping.. Pic related. She was in only one great movie a…[View]
154478877Am I the only one watching Batkino in 2021?[View]
154477336I liked Cara's space movie. I even liked the two leads. Not every movie needs Chris Pratt as th…[View]
154477566>this made millenials shit and piss their pants with laughter[View]
154478215>LA Knight >Oney Lorcan >Kassius Ohno >Seth Rollins >Karen Kross >Abraham Washingt…[View]
15447853080 days until ⊃∪∩⪽.[View]
154474448M Night: Who shoots a movie like this?[View]
154478657Ever since this show came on CN I’ve started jerking to trap porn[View]
154478679>just a few more months for world of the dead kino, world of the mulefa kino, war of the heavens …[View]
154478568Horror kino[View]
154478399Wrath of Man: I am actually mad. Such an incredible build up for a complete limp-dick finale. Absolu…[View]
15447826730 minutes in and its utter garbage. Almost no dialogue, awful acting by Arny and everyone else, the…[View]
154477315>Post a pic >get a film recommendation[View]
154478482Must criminally underappreciated movies: THe delta 1-9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed43UpJiQgE…[View]
154476241I just realized women have no idea what it feels like to itch your balls. What are the emotional imp…[View]
154478154The Shining: The best horror film ever made and it’s not even close. The Exorcist drops hard in the …[View]
154476182Gene Hackman ended his career with Welcome to Mooseport shorly before his death[View]
154477102The sopranos: When does this shit start getting good? I'm on to the second season and there has…[View]
154476452>Barges into Satanic funhouse >Intent on cleaning it up & fulfilling his end of the barga…[View]
154478278I cannot believe this was a thing that was actually made. holy shit.[View]
154478339Anyone else prefer the musical version ?[View]
154477627Why can't Hollywood Jews make a good movie anymore? It's all capeshit, remakes, animated m…[View]
154478274>black superhero >has the word 'black' in his name >was named after a revolutionary black m…[View]
1544782092049... IS... LE BAD!!![View]
154476765>all these movies where a 3/10 man gets a 9/10 girl any movies with hot guys and ugly girls?…[View]
154476391Sansa should’ve won the game of thrones. It was the only logical conclusion.[View]
154474712is this movie worth watching?[View]
154471073ITT: Commercials stuck in your brain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8EvnM2XUTI AND THE TIGER POST…[View]
154474081>The movies keep telling us how badass he is >Is actually sluggish as fuck in action scenes, m…[View]
154477871Damn this was kino[View]
154477878>come on man....the Deck?[View]
154477791shitty bullshit[View]
154477788ITT: Dadcore movies[View]
154474382Did this scene cause seething in Asia?[View]
154477396>He imagines himself giving interviews for his new movie on talk shows.…[View]
154476285Eomer's sword falls out of its scabbard when he gives aragon those two horses. Peter Jackson is…[View]
154475479>movie is over 2 hours[View]
154477408OH N-[View]
154477397Ideally, how many sessions should it take you to truly appreciate a film on all levels ? If a film d…[View]
154469899Why is he such a low-IQ cumbrain?[View]
154477485What are the best '70s New York' kino?[View]
154476883How many Oscars will DUNC get?[View]
154459450/film/: Thread for discussion of classic and arthouse films >/film/ Charts https://mega.nz/folder…[View]
154476820Vampires. I hate vampires: Nomak was a kino villain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY715BNmKJE…[View]
154477261I’m Acting thread: You acting to me???[View]
154476675Alright /tv/, everyone sit down.[View]
154477016The soundtrack of this movie was great.[View]
154477200Hey guys my nephew keeps talking about becoming a 'sneed farmer'. When I asked him about it he told …[View]
154477170thoughts about him as a character and the character in general and the show as a hole? I know it is…[View]
154476405why didnt? he just use a height spell to not be a mutant[View]
154475356why did New York elect Moe as governor?[View]
154477036I'm just here for my files Marty[View]
154476932Was this her best film?[View]
154477035Any kinos with that feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALpOzyKCWOo[View]
154476827Something wrong old sport?[View]
154476700>Your mother sucks cocks in hell Did people in 1974 really find this scary?…[View]
154476609> Here's your Bart Simpson, bro.[View]
154473006People complain about modern The Simpsons but honestly there's still some great episodes. What …[View]
154476424>Brendan Fraser Boards Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ & Legendary Comedy ‘Bro…[View]
154476652>main character can track anything[View]
154456663Yes yes, well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin. HOWEVER[View]
154476798what are these blokes best movie-film? and which one more based?[View]
154474131Black pandering: Black people of /tv/, don't you find it insulting that you are constantly bein…[View]
154476817I am a brainlet and just watched this, so the fox was his mom right? who were those giant women and …[View]
154476674so dense[View]
154472565do you guys watch movies without pausing and rewatching scenes that were cool or a bit confusing? sh…[View]
154476111What was the point of this storyline? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRWDwP6tjuM[View]
154455625Are you guys excited for the new Louis Theroux docukino?: https://twitter.com/bigmonkey1469/status/1…[View]
154476639About to watch this again. I expect this thread to be up when I'm done so I can read what you a…[View]
154476610tv webm[View]
154476571We will never get KINO like this ever again. It's endless remakes, political propaganda, and su…[View]
154469680What's the best 'za for watching kino?[View]
154470616OH N-[View]
154476453Don't mind me, just being the best heist movie of all time[View]
154476384need me a western zombie kino why isnt this happening[View]
154476273Evening /tv/ my name is Buck, now which one of you crackas is breaking me?[View]
154475316It's nappy time: what's some good shows to leave running during nappy time[View]
154476338Could he direct Blood Meridian?[View]
154476261Brazilian Movies: hey /tv/, recommend me some Brazilian films I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese…[View]
154472234>ITT actors/actresses you forgot were dead[View]
154475850>/tv/ - Television & Film, a medium grounded in the mixture of moving images and sound >do…[View]
154453686what is his greatest flick?[View]
154474704>the belt stays ON when we fuck[View]
154471197accuracy was all i asked.[View]
154476178The one time /tv/ was right: K I N O[View]
154466563Who should be in the inevitable upcoming sequel ?[View]
154474020It's time for the Sorting, /tv/.[View]
154473001What if there were children in the crowd?[View]
154476081Was she coomer?[View]
154469851Will Graham Linehan ever get his career back?[View]
154473201True Detective season 2: >dense, layered plot about corruption involving the police, the governme…[View]
154472613This could be you, yes (you) but in another timeline just not this one.[View]
154475985Jasper VS Emmett: Both fully bloodlusted, both think the other killed their girl. who takes it?…[View]
154465470Holy shit[View]
154475651Any romantic movies where the guy is a moron who believes in anti science scams?[View]
154475965Farscape is fun but god do I hate Jool[View]
154473211Do we like Jennifer Coolidge?[View]
154475903Why do so many actors have lazy eyes? Does it help your career to look like a retard?[View]
154475354What was the last thing that went through his mind?[View]
154475158>Killed the evil wizard who betrayed everyone >Gets shot randomly for his trouble Why?…[View]
154466766Game of Thrones: >HOW COULD IT HAVE GONE TO SHIT?!! >HBO WROTE A BLANK CHECK WTF!!! This is wh…[View]
154475740'that guy' actors thread[View]
154475611He should have been the new Indiana Jones, not that overrated fat Chris Pratt or elderly Harrison Fo…[View]
154475647>NOOO YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE A GOOMAR Tony should have broken her legs right then and there.…[View]
154473606How come van helsing still has the best werewolf design to date? Also why the fuck havent we got a g…[View]
154474193Realistically, what the fuck would this guy had to have done during his career to have such a reputa…[View]
154475204Bittches Leave: Bitches leave[View]
154473629>turns your kino from 6/10 to 9/10[View]
154475348I'D LIKE TO FILL HER VOID[View]
154475563You know /tv/, 13% of the population is African American, so there should be more black people on te…[View]
154474258For all doubters: >won several awards >strongest avenger by miles >has a successful youtube…[View]
154467279>Stan, I have Covid-19. There is only a 99.85% chance that I will live.…[View]
154446574/trek/: VOYboys Edition[View]
154471510The absolute state of the Tune Squad score: Considering the movie was about as entertaining as a wet…[View]
154462339literally me.: I am completely incapable of analyzing art, subtext, metaphors, themes and all that p…[View]
154471168...and she is definitely a pioneer of conservatism whose impact can propel the hope that will lift t…[View]
154475134ZOG's boot[View]
154474013who killed him /tv/ ?[View]
154475264It actually looks like their lives have improved since Tony got murdered by the guy wearing the Memb…[View]
154475255Can someone explain this movie to me? Billy was the only human in his family. So was he adopted? I d…[View]
154475105My entire life... All I've wanted to do was smash the patriarchy... Now I finally realized... I…[View]
154475184What are your thoughts on drive-in movies?[View]
154473586ITT: Movies with a 10/10 ending[View]
154474780/YM/: 'Humphrey we can't simply let criminals commit gang violence in broad daylight with mache…[View]
154471399/lig/ Love Island General: 'Tfw Get To Ditch Faye' - Edition[View]
154475009>Big John Routldge is alive Why is he in hiding?[View]
154474263>war movie >it's actually an anti-war movie…[View]
154472722Harry nervously stretched his legs around the headmaster's office, awaiting his certain punishm…[View]
154474650based characters only[View]
154474645Coen bros…[View]
154446400What do you guys think of the documentary 'American Murder: The Family Next Door'? on netflix? I thi…[View]
154452667>500 days until Avatar 2[View]
154474089How would a school shooting in Hogwarts look like and who do you think would be the perpetrator?: I…[View]
154467058Post your kino station: I’ll start. And yes, this is connected to my laptop through a hdmi cable.…[View]
154472965I wasn't expecting it to be this good. Last time I enjoyed a thriller this much was Don't …[View]
154473182Brendan is back[View]
154473516Okay, but really, why does he cut the pizza with scissors?[View]
154474489kino docus: kino docus only, additional points for the true crime genre[View]
154473188James Animay[View]
154474549One of the most handsome men I have ever seen in a television show. What is it about him? He got bar…[View]
154474423>one copy of Drive (2011) please[View]
154474531Why don't we have more Western live action manga adaptations? The market is clearly there. >…[View]
154469487HE'S BACK: Brendan Fraser has joined the casts of Martin Scorsese’s[View]
154473839ITT: Actors whose talents are so great, they should be placed on a pedal stool.[View]
154472076STAR TREK 4 IN 2023: After his success directing the limited television series WandaVision (2021), M…[View]
154473008is she still a tranny?[View]
154474407oh y-[View]
154473741post based film music i'll start, this one's from cowboy bebop the movie https://www.youtu…[View]
154473928fuck you tards. this was good.[View]
154471797Holy fucking kino, Hollywood will never again dare make such a movie[View]
154473644>WMAF most successful pairing in real life >close to zero hollywood representation Any reason …[View]
154474090Was it rape?[View]
154472661>have a small role in The Mummy 2 where Brendan is the star >steal the sequel of Journey to th…[View]
154473421Is Spaceman kino back on the menu?[View]
154474095The Shining: The best horror film ever made and it’s not even close. The Exorcist drops hard in the …[View]
154473746Diesel Bros....what the fuck is this?: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO N…[View]
154473874How would this episode of better caul saul play out?[View]
154474047So they failed right? >no aliens >no time travel >no time travel no toxin needed.…[View]
154474044ITT: Kinos only (you) have seen: It's literally people talking in a booth but it's extreme…[View]
154469866CHECK CHA[View]
154471827Have you seen her new miniseries? Should I start watching it?[View]
154474012I hope Jake Abel's character does not die. Jake Abel is relentlessly handsome.[View]
154473628What is your favorite up and coming actress?[View]
154473627i fart on apples at the grocers[View]
1544546571) your age 2) favorite Arnold movie[View]
154473971JROTC BROS[View]
154473940Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
154472732At first I didn't realize I needed all these bucks, I had a little cottage, And that cottage wa…[View]
154472036>What a season he had - he became the first defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy. Congratul…[View]
154470285Everything involving Minas Tirith was disappointing as fuck in the films[View]
154457837>'y-you're godd-damn.. you're goddamn r-r-right'[View]
154473410What is next for the King Arthur/Camelot franchise?[View]
154458282Confess your sins. I’m nearly 30 and haven’t watched a single Star Wars film.[View]
154473168What is the most ideal male living space ever captured in a motion picture?[View]
154473077WHATS GOIN ON HERE?[View]
154470935Lena Hamplanet: Imagine the sex smells[View]
154473226Say what you want about other aspects of the movie, but you can’t deny that the OST was fucking beau…[View]
154472982Did your highschool have..: ...after school hangout restaurants?? I thought high school would be lik…[View]
154472809When will the Wikipedia page acknowledge how hated this film is, beyond just saying some people call…[View]
154473366Dune: A reminder that we could've had a 10-hour kino in the 70s, with Salvadore Dalí as Shaddam…[View]
154472674>but I didn't pray for the thief to get cought >I prayed for his repentance and for him t…[View]
154467541The owner of this board has treated me to one pair of dubs[View]
154465135I've rewatched WV 4 times... when's the new season bros? I need new Wanda, badly.[View]
154472552The great debate.[View]
154473359Mr Robot plot doesn't make any sense: Was Mr Robot unaware about the existence of the Master Mi…[View]
154473345ITT: Horror movies that honestly scared the shit out of you[View]
154473282HEY MICKEY![View]
154473316>I was sheriff of Greene county when I was twenty-five years old. Hard to believe. My grandfather…[View]
154473275>this summer bucks will break[View]
154467708What's your favorite moment in an interview?[View]
154473237*creates infinite energy simply by turning the batteries*[View]
154470393Marvel really does think of everything! During Black Widows funeral, the remaining original avengers…[View]
154473155What kinos would you have put in?[View]
154471586what’s his best role? also Spacey general[View]
154473129The Virgin cyclist approacher vs the Chad pussy hunter https://youtube.com/watch?v=wITehMWNV_0&p…[View]
154471089The world of Kino will fall. https://youtu.be/RAtCaY9Auf0[View]
154467457>Hey Ted? >Yeah Bill? >Our daughters are most bodacious babes! >EXCELLENT!…[View]
154471279I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
154445963Amazon LOTR Series: tell me why I should hate this because it looks gorgeous[View]
154451584The Next Speilberg[View]
154472131What are some good sci-fi TV shows that actually give a fair representation of science? Not Rick and…[View]
154472972cast him[View]
154465582South Park: is still pretty good. There, I said it[View]
154465431waterworld is KINO, i don't care what tr****s on letterboxd say. it's LITERALLY jurassic p…[View]
154466214NO MORE XMEN: https://screenrant.com/marvel-mutants-movie-not-xmen-mcu-theory/ >Marvel Studios co…[View]
154466311>movie doesn't end with bloopers[View]
154472843Simpsons women.[View]
154472699Post the freakiest TV monsters/creatures[View]
154465404Netflix and HBO are both moving their headquarters from California to Texas Is this the end for 'wok…[View]
154457234can Nymphomaniac be classified as propaganda?[View]
154469263What did Ryan Murphy mean by this?[View]
154470920Kenny, get ready to turn on true-shot aura. At that moment, I will use intimidating shout.[View]
154471505Ever think about it?: What if all the cool guys already left and we're all just fags?[View]
154470033Bowie: I honestly have no idea what this guy is famous for aside from being weird and having a few g…[View]
154472310He's better than Patrick Bateman[View]
154472519SNL fired this guy and now he puts out better skits than anything SNL does and is a better actor tha…[View]
154470487Here's your ancient norse god, bro.[View]
154472618LIVE KINO THREAD[View]
154468778>could you supple, lovely young girls point me to the galleria?[View]
154467721Selena Gomez: Discuss[View]
154470437>Kit Harington Says ‘Game of Thrones’ “Directly” Led to His Mental Health Issues >The actor sa…[View]
154472543Before this season, I thought it was Q > Sal > Joe > Murr. Now that Murr has honed his acti…[View]
154463088A 50 year-old man has to be mentally ill to actually dress like this, right?[View]
154470164I was shocked to find out that Kathy Griffin is only 60 years old. She looks fucking 80, even after …[View]
1544713462021 DUNE AND KINO SHOWS AND MOVIES: Lots of good stuff coming: >Wheel of time show >Dune >…[View]
154468666How many years is Star Trek set before Star Wars?[View]
154469831EVERY SAGA HAS AN END[View]
154472328>hey kids stop enjoying those fun exciting kinos about superheroes >watch my movies glorifying…[View]
154470312TITANIC Near-Castings: Which would have been the most kino alt combination? >Tom Cruise, Brad Pit…[View]
154470807Who is your favorite actress of color?[View]
154470888Who is in the wrong here?[View]
154470394'bout to watch this for the first time bros! will post my reaction if the thread's still u…[View]
154463470It's not just a dildo, it's a key too.[View]
154464028RIGHT WING MOVIES: What are some serious, no bullshit, sincerely right wing movies? Serious replies …[View]
154466684why does this art style make me want to cum[View]
154471756He was growing into middle age, and was living then in a bungalow on Woodland Avenue. He installed h…[View]
154472121God I wish that was me[View]
154459464Greg Johnson BTFOs Cuckentin Cuckantino: >Some of the greatest dramas of all time are revenge sto…[View]
154471728Euronymous did nothing wrong.[View]
154471562Dont be afraid to use your nails boys! OHOHOHOHOHO![View]
154468430Will Lord of the Rings series have this[View]
154464348What a childish cheap amateur theatre piece of shit. Did people in the 90s actually consider this a …[View]
154468337This movie was really, really, really gay. I thought a young Jennifer Connelly would counteract that…[View]
154461195Movies only you watched 10+ times[View]
154471722>fan theory >characters represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Seven Deadly Sins …[View]
154470793>prequels >supposed to take place before the OT >ships look more shiny, clean, and advanced…[View]
154468313>Jerry: BUT GEORGE, Kramer is IN the hospital right now because he waited too long to take the va…[View]
154471178best female assassin action film: Discuss[View]
154469584This was never funny.[View]
154470182Chris is fucking Barb[View]
154469150Hansen vs Predator: Will there be more of this kino?[View]
154471681Wait a second ... Uwe Boll is doing a Sonichu movie? Is Kino back on the menu?[View]
154471636/HOR/ - Horror General: Discuss Horror,Suggest Horror,or ask for a recommendation If you want a reco…[View]
154469804we ain gonna be hongry no mo[View]
154471127What's with the obsession over this stuff?[View]
154470848>writers make a dog and force him to suffer for years for uninspired, manipulative drama >casu…[View]
154461322how would their careers have changed without the hooded light eyes?[View]
154467125What are some other legendary movie characters that had a very brief appearance?[View]
154471238there are no laws on ceres, just cops[View]
154468893did picard fuck up by not uploading a virus into the borg collective? they were literal parasites, t…[View]
154470640Suicide Squad: This is Katana... Her career ia dead[View]
154469931'Ahhhh help me, I fell down 3 steps': >dies Nolan sure likes his realizm…[View]
154469704/tv/ characters you wish you could beat up[View]
154470799I...am...your singing telegram![View]
154469418AHHHH the Frenccch....ccchampagne...[View]
154470041HELLO FATHAH![View]
154469942>Not printed center >No space between “&” and “P” >”Acquisitions” is spelled wrong Wha…[View]
154471029New York state is now requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining and gym going: what are some …[View]
154469814Essential normal core?: Almost time to go back to college, and am trying to socialmaxx, but I don…[View]

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