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141005623Which is the better trilogy?[View]
141005726>'The alien has a sweet, heavenly voice... like Urkel! And he appears every Friday night... like …[View]
141002146Find a flaw >you can’t[View]
141005582>imagine being Johnny Depp and waking up to find Amber heard shit in your bed only to find out th…[View]
141004569I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
141005575FUCK we got too cocky copbros[View]
141005433>Rian Johnson Ruined Star Wars Wrong[View]
141005476Ahem I have an announcemente to make[View]
140998964Why was Mayor McCheese killed?[View]
141001649Could Emma Watson play batgirl?[View]
141005203Marlon Brando thread: >'You're neither.' >'You're an errand boy.' >'Sent by groce…[View]
141004590Who are some extremely gorgeous asian actresses?[View]
141005403What did you think of Hamsterdam?[View]
141003899for all their whinging about >muh mudbloods are just like us why didn't they marry mudbloo…[View]
141004601Willow is getting a new show on Disney+. Will you be watching it for /ourguy/ Warwick?[View]
141004895Nigger? Nigger nigger, nigger nigger nigger. Nigger - nigger nigger! Nigger.[View]
141004432What's next for McKenna Grace?[View]
141005295I've now heard a saxophone cry[View]
141003919Is this the most wholesome Halloween movie ever? I hate Adam Sandler but this is just too good[View]
141004423I'm going to kill myself tomorrow[View]
140991282are indians the future of american cinema? this is the young lady from Mr. Robot. what is /tv/'…[View]
141005218Why does every mega-popular franchise have a major character who is a simp? >Game of Thrones: Jor…[View]
140998370>this was considered a 10/10 in the 90s[View]
141002950Name one good Canadian tv show (other than TPB)[View]
141004060What are you going to watch tonight?[View]
141004743'So you want to be a Sicario 2: Day of the Soloado?': I walked out immediately after he said this…[View]
141004621Was Xerxes gay or just flamboyant?[View]
141005051Can we get a list of women who used their producer/director husbands to further their career and the…[View]
141004985Films that kill off the title character?[View]
141004668How the fuck did he get away with it?[View]
141004922Did he really kill all of those children?[View]
141004998Oh, just one more thing I need to check on, it's nothing really but my boss, he's a stickl…[View]
141002216should violence against women be shown on television haha[View]
141004497[*]: Today, A famous Polish actor, Dariusz Gnatowski has died of Pneumonia and severe respiratory fa…[View]
140994950ITT pitch ideas for new Simpsons episodes >Title: Homer's Simp Son >Bart becomes enamored…[View]
140998560for me, it's chocolate milk[View]
141004122wtf was his problem?[View]
141004178>Anon, I think that's enough about me. Why don't you tell me more about yourself?…[View]
141004852Post The Devil from movies.[View]
141001228Merciful Father, I have squandered my days with plans of many things. This was not among them. But a…[View]
141004328Cast it[View]
141004583>The charges, officer?[View]
141004676>casually makes one of the best horror movies of the past ten years with an iPhone Why is Soderbe…[View]
141004662Finding a Horror Movie.: Here is the description. I think is from Spain, Mexico or South American. I…[View]
141004696Is there a manlier genre than war movies?[View]
141000779what was the most fucked up thing he did?[View]
141004589To the Lake - looks like pandemic is back on the menu: its Russian but pretty high production value.…[View]
141003176Help me find a movie I dreamed of: It was one of those movies where everything goes to shit at the b…[View]
141000763Why did they turn out to be such fuckin weirdos?[View]
141001198why is not geralt making moves on ciri? why the father daughter relationship? they're supposed …[View]
141002894Why do people like this character so much?[View]
141004225Post underrated actors that you like.[View]
141003432When is he going to make a new video?[View]
141003974Straight drop Minnesota: This is the beginning... go ahead. Straight drop, part one.[View]
140973801Here's your Ciri, bro[View]
141000233The BATMOBILE of BAT WOMAN in season 2[View]
141001968Why can't Hollywood make good Noir films anymore?[View]
141001266>it's an unnecessary sex/nudity scene[View]
141003986What made this so good?[View]
140999149why do chuds like this movie so much? do they not realise it's making fun of their 'preferred' …[View]
141004190What's the /tv/ equivalent of this?[View]
141003531>le tough mafia men actually are sweet underneath their exterior BRAVO KEKOLDSESE…[View]
141004297>Oh! And also, you should go meet my good friend Beorn. He's quite useful when it comes to k…[View]
141002668Movie title: Can we have one of those please? Title of the movie jokingly put into the dialogue…[View]
140997213/GBBO/ - Bake off thread: Kim joy edition[View]
141003730BABY WANTS TO FUCK[View]
141003981Soul vs Soulless thread[View]
141004222Why are directors often so self deprecating in director's commentaries?[View]
141003471are the american highschool movies involving bullying true? >hanging nerds on their shorts >th…[View]
141000390How do aspiring filmmakers find the time to be creative? Especially if they have families to take ca…[View]
141003934ITT: Movies that got debunked[View]
140995970The Two Towers[View]
141004030How can i become as cool as Ray Velcoro?[View]
140993386/trek/: STAR TREK PRODIGY TRAILER WHEN? EDITION Previously: >>140982076 >PRIME DIRECTIVE: …[View]
141002711>Ware's my sisteh?[View]
141001896Why do a lot of Italian actors play Jews and vice versa?[View]
141002255>have to wait an entire year again for ᑐᑌᑎᕮ Why even live?[View]
141003979Jesus Christ, John. Have some respect for your self.[View]
141000202The Fairly Odd Trannies: Timmy is a sissy girl That no one understands Mom and Dad and Vicky Still i…[View]
141001051So /tv/, what other movies are modern day propaganda?[View]
140999746This episode make me cringe more even than the Gaga episode. It was the begging of the boot licking …[View]
141003921Helstrom: What's the consensus on this? Just watched the first episode, and so far I like it.…[View]
141003852Ketchikan is actually a pretty comfy town, I don't know why he keeps sending people there for p…[View]
140999458The Nephilim took this from us[View]
141000653>What time should we go back to?[View]
141000983Hey guys i have a feeling lars have some minor misanthropic tendencies, but i might be wrong obvious…[View]
140977302Why didnt the basilisk venom kill the horcrux inside of harry[View]
141002091sequel aliens are so bad[View]
141001734Why are there no women in this?[View]
141002500Is it any good? It's in top 10 on Netflix worldwide, Russian series and absolutely no minoritie…[View]
140998670Battle of the Billionaires: Was it kino?[View]
140996988i just watched dune why?[View]
141002222Halo Landfall is still pure Kino[View]
141003548What are some kinos you can really relate to?[View]
141003506I know a lot of times people bring up the 'got no time' thing from James and shrug it off as sheer i…[View]
141003528Whoa... I had no idea Sullivan was a queeahh... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgSja633_F4[View]
141000891TV thread: Post your TV[View]
141003431Kino is back on the menu[View]
141003459On a scale of 1 to modern Saturday night live how pozzed will it be?[View]
141002458Why did Catholics briefly control hollywood?[View]
141001654I hate 4chan.[View]
141002583Favorite movie lines: >Would you look at that, he's Godzilla King of the Monsters(2019) now.…[View]
140999263what did the letter say? is kim ok bros?[View]
141000142can the mind of a wagie truly appreciate kino?[View]
141001914*saves western cinema*[View]
141001648He did nothing wrong[View]
141001034/tv/ - The Boys[View]
141003250There are no aliens in this. Do not recommend[View]
141003019Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich, Malkovich.[View]
140998356what do we think of Geraldine Viswanathan?[View]
141003203Cast him for the inevitable biopic based on his book[View]
141003180>le ebin contrarian edgy zoomer man[View]
141003200The X-Files General: >X-Files Wiki https://x-files.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page >Latest NSFR Epis…[View]
141002811Congratulations, You Are Still Alive. Most People Are So Ungrateful To Be Alive... But Not You, Not …[View]
141003055Why the fuck did they keep him in a glass cell?[View]
141001941Don't you guys miss the times when charisma and big jaw were valued more than roided pretty fac…[View]
141002683hey anons, can someone help find what movie this is?[View]
141002749Any hollywood insiders post here? Actors, directors, writers, producers etc? What's the word in…[View]
141001562In retrospect, the Prequels were good.[View]
141002939How is Manhattan not cancelled yet ? Did the millennials not see it ?[View]
141002842Advice on turning my books into kino? I took some screenwriting classes in college, but I don't…[View]
141002072Is Batman a capitalist or a communist?[View]
141002821Why is Nick Hogan so much cooler than his boomer father?[View]
140999636star trek discovery is OK. but I can't the gaping holes in the story and most of all, the chees…[View]
141000126One day you're posting in a thread and then it gets deleted and OP gets a 3 day ban. Eerie. Ver…[View]
141002658What was the point of this movie when Get Out exists?[View]
141002647You're taking a vacation from normalcy. The setting, a weird motel where the bed is stained wit…[View]
141000839>Hufflepuff ya shits! Obviously you little nonces did the worst. Who would’ve guessed that the ho…[View]
140999996Gretel and Hansel: Is this any good? Why is her name first?[View]
141001567Tony Montana dancing in the club: https://youtu.be/jR7y7g8h1y4[View]
141001464What went wrong with this series[View]
141002509always sunny: a Mac is the evolved form of a chud and /tv/ is infested with Macs[View]
141002445Was there ever an absolute CHAD like Al Bundy? He puts bitches in their place, especially fat chick…[View]
140999123Blade Runner: which film do you prefer? personally, I prefer 2049 :)[View]
140994056What's the best cooking show? Or anything food related.[View]
141001193>tfw I'm one of those gay retards that actually enjoy the movies that teachers play for us i…[View]
141000466You’re executive chef at the soon to be approved and open Jurassic Park. This is a wild and insane d…[View]
141002135MASTER OF THE BOARD[View]
141001439ONE THING[View]
141002054pusy: pusy[View]
141000639why was he so opposed to sending harry to hogwarts?[View]
140999974errr so you say those are called 'funk-o-pops'? Well, you have quite the collection of those little …[View]
141000406why was it so bad?[View]
141000386The wire: Favorite storyline and character? Hard mode: No ziggy’s duck[View]
141001778>characters make out in the back seat of a taxi and don't even feel embarrassed by it or ash…[View]
141001913What were the best Simpsons episodes?[View]
141001908*makes kino in your path*[View]
140997431Comfy Simpsons in the house tonight Sn**d shitters gonna have a bad time And we gon make them lose t…[View]
140996970Cast him[View]
140991054She's right, you know[View]
140999344why does it have to be so loud?[View]
141001189I'm over and hour in and I'm fucking booooooooooorrreeeed. There is no plot, just self-ref…[View]
140999857Why isn't Warner Bros as big a company as Disney? They're almost mirror opposites of each …[View]
141000890If I were to unironically become Jewish and move to either LA or Atlanta and use a synagogue to netw…[View]
140998627>actress on talk show expresses her love for me via a series of blinks and facial expressions…[View]
141000544Are YouTube comments the final frontier of communication?[View]
141001502Robot Jocks is a great movie...[View]
140999337ITT: shows/movies women can never appreciate[View]
141001340https://mvla-net.zoom.us/j/91825035458: https://mvla-net.zoom.us/j/91825035458 Wednesday October 21,…[View]
140997447How about another burger Murray?[View]
140999891Couldn't they just decapitate him the with invisibility + portal abilities?[View]
140996274>you are so hot that I will betray my own army of 10,000 >oh you want me to fuck off while you…[View]
140999011Cast him[View]
140999966>the guy who played Christopher Johnson in District 9 Name a more underrated performance.…[View]
140998301>Am I the only one who understands the complexities of this ambitious cinematic masterpiece?! Wha…[View]
141000873>Who am I gambling? Why would he talk about casino right before a battle?…[View]
141001185What movies do you really feel like watching now for no apparent reason? Pic related[View]
140997577Deadliest Warrior: >american history show >Washington's army would totally whoop Napoleon…[View]
141001148thoughts on this kino[View]
141001032Noroi was boring. The movie is often reference for its realism but early on it tried to sell me on a…[View]
140992448They weren't real people, he did nothing wrong.[View]
140998215>Ha... so this is it isn't it.... im finally breaking bad.[View]
140997780How did they take such a silly subject and turn it into kino? 1 of the characters literally say 'Arr…[View]
140992606ITT: Characters you're slowly becoming[View]
141000971Can you recommend me more movies like this?: Been on a binge of adventure period pieces with a class…[View]
141000695Is this the best MacGuffin? Everyone has their own personal motivations for wanting the chest. It…[View]
141000864>he keeps doing it why bother watching Lynch's films when there's one definitive answer…[View]
141000577name a more kino channel[View]
141000862the cosmos of course: y'all been watching the cosmos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVPRyK_06…[View]
141000840Happy Days: when did it jump the shark?[View]
140996906It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPJ6EzM4QAY Can you guess what today's number is?…[View]
141000004>go to watch mobie in cinema >literally 1/2 of the time, the room is dark I'm glad this …[View]
140996237>we need somebody to direct us a söy horror film >I know a guy…[View]
140998080Are the sequels as good?[View]
140964740The rumored titled for the Spider-Verse movie is SPIDER-MAN: HOMEWORLDS: Can Marvel actually pull th…[View]
141000545You're a faggot.[View]
141000715Has this even been refuted?[View]
141000694>it's so realistic >the science checks out and it's exactly how NASA would do it…[View]
140998779So why didn’t Feige let Mary Jane look like Mary Jane in Homecoming?[View]
140999571Back in the USSR: What the fuck was he going to do with that rabbit had he got his hands on it?…[View]
140998275what's your favorite classic Disney movie?[View]
140989332The Fagpranos: >What happened to Gary Cooper? The strong, silent fag. That was an American. He wa…[View]
140992065Does this movie suffer from the slow burn or does it help it?[View]
140998579Teen flicks will never be this comfy again: It makes me really sad[View]
141000364In The Dark Knight, the joker kills 10 black people. Why isn't this movie considered problemati…[View]
140984291>“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a faggot.” What's your favorite quote…[View]
140999979So, did we ever find out what actors he was doing the stunts for?[View]
141000120One Day at a Time aka Tumblr the Show: How bad is it fellas?[View]
140998808I never understood what the deal with Itchy and Scratchy really was. Why they kept making repetitive…[View]
140997314Unsolved Mysteries General: Volume 2 is up. Is it kino? https://youtu.be/uaBJc1XZ8nU https://youtu.b…[View]
140997980>It grossed over $255 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in the franchise and…[View]
140990757>le mafia tough guys actually have hearts of gold underneath their badass and really epic exterio…[View]
141000014Yo jannies, Monke has something to say https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1603223956812.webm…[View]
140994707What was this guy's problem? Did he have a food fetish?[View]
140999921Which lesser known works would you call 'extreme kino'?[View]
140998130Just watched, what do I think[View]
140996951Cast them[View]
140997985Watch Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Now.[View]
140999889Why didn't Disney cast Hayden in Rogue One?[View]
140999827What are some lost movies you hope are found one day?[View]
140995494The fact that a Polynesian-Jewish person gets to direct major franchises like Star Wars and Marvel s…[View]
140999839I wonder what was his mistake[View]
140997365What's your top 3 horror movies? For me it's 1 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is The Fly And 3 …[View]
140999835Mandatory viewing.[View]
140974701X-files what's your favorite episode?: >Watching x files >s6e8 >min5 and 30 seconds …[View]
140999823Will MCU X-Men be shit /tv/?[View]
140997289Favorite kinos with asian qts?[View]
140999497TV are you watching Helstrom?[View]
140991444is Lea Seydoux a good actress?[View]
140997943Movies that are genuinely FUN: I hate Marvel movies and fake corporate cashgrab movies generally, an…[View]
140997811Well, hello beautiful...[View]
140996549Daily reminder that this is a Jewish man larping as an Italian Gangster. This is a well known 'secr…[View]
140992138/hor/ - Horror General - Who's afraid of a big black bat: some people apparently can't han…[View]
140999630>Norman Jewison >not Jewish Bravo Nolan[View]
140993631Directors cuts: What's the point in a director if the studio and ultimately the editor decide w…[View]
140999589>at your house >call me[View]
140995277Well, /tv/?[View]
140999392Friends: So no one told you life was gonna be this way[View]
140997421DIABOLIK - Trailer (2020): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuKt_UZN7SU Excited /tv/?[View]
140999335actually i'm quite comfortable[View]
140998826Why did this guys career die?[View]
140997441ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
140997757actors that make you instantly drop a movie[View]
140999407Nick and Sam together are kino[View]
140998326AYO JAMIE[View]
140999261>Wake up >Go to imdb >Scroll to the birthday section >Pick women to add to my make-belie…[View]
140999274Did you know CW almost made a Wonder Woman show called ‘Amazon’ starring Amy Mason? Would you have w…[View]
140999233She was still in law school you sick fuck[View]
140998752>Okay, very funny, who put the Chinamen in my office?[View]
140996619>10 years later the brown people can't maintain the equipment and people are using the heali…[View]
140999045How do you make a movie more based/kino than this? >No black people >Comedy gold >Jew gets …[View]
140998758>Your way... >it won't work[View]
140997113Did white people like Black Dynamite?[View]
140998423Why do I like this?[View]
140998628ITT: Signs you’re about to watch absolute kino[View]
140998916Sure we break some balls here on /tv/, but I go way back: It light of recent humiliations it's …[View]
140997528Richard Lewis was the best part of Curb imo[View]
140998577I'll ask the same question that's been asked a hundred times, effortless reboot or is soul…[View]
140998827gordan... easy on the scallops...[View]
140987301BORAT 2: NEW VIDEO >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cD4aHTIlfI…[View]
140995088Rank them.[View]
140996444/terror/: Can we have a comfy terror thread?[View]
140998603POWER RANGERS MOVIE AND TV REBOOT: Shared Power Rangers reboot universe with tv and movies being can…[View]
140998269Why did nobody ever tell me how fucking based this movie is??[View]
140998555Verne Troyer: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
140998461Name a better movie[View]
140998260>Khabib is a baneposter[View]
140998181Willow Series: Will it be Kino?[View]
140998404Uh... bros? Thoughts on the witches reboot?[View]
140998316Worst show this year?[View]
140997207>people that arrive just after the lights dim and have seats in the middle of the row…[View]
140996487What's his name again?[View]
140997052holy shit /tv/ look who i met today[View]
140995747>Film your first documentary >It's a surprise hit >Make a $100,000 >The government …[View]
140997170*bleh de la bleh ah bloo bloo bleh*[View]
140998284>the good guy introduces his children to the bad guy any kinos for this?…[View]
140998235>character falling down the stairs scene[View]
140997779* FUNNY * INSIGHTFUL * IS HARSH BUT FAIR Why aren't you watching Filmento's videos?[View]
140998157I can’t believe the episode were he got into a fight with a monkey! What a nut![View]
140998140The worst Jurassic Park movie is JP1 Now don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty good movi…[View]
140998106Who else here chipmunk kino?: Alvin and the Chipmunks> Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel…[View]
140994955where did they get all of their oil?[View]
140997211New picture of AVATAR 2: will it make more than 1,5 billion?[View]
140996812is it confirmed that zombies are played out and we should just accept humans as being the best horro…[View]
140997104Fuck that bitch, this is Russia.[View]
140997795What did y’all think[View]
140997914Must be the season of the witch[View]
140997898whats the best shrek movie?[View]
140997257>Oh, so you wanna play in the big leagues huh? Well your scrawny ass is already in my office, so …[View]
140997024What would he say in this scene in 2020?[View]
140983324/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>140950199 /film/…[View]
140997794>I heard you guys were Raised by Wolves. Seriously HBO Max?[View]
140996404he said 3 years[View]
140988334Here's your minority Little Mermaid[View]
140993058What's the best tank kino?[View]
140997583>the good guys justify doing horrible things to the bad guy why is this allowed?…[View]
140994001>that episode Jerry roofied a girl to play with her toys[View]
140995057I remember reading about a new Pirates movie featuring a female protagonist. In this case, Margot Ro…[View]
140994975Why didn't you warn me to not watch season 6? I never seen a bigger piece of shit tv than The s…[View]
140997162I don’t get the hype for De Negro: >gets outacted by pesci in goodfellas, casino and irishman …[View]
140996575Was anyone else put off by Victoria Pedretti's (Dani) acting in Bly Manor? Her dialect and acce…[View]
140980204best Mr Bean sketch? for me it's the exam[View]
140995698I have the best taste in film on /tv/. Post your favorite film and I will tell you whether it is goo…[View]
140994229Is Peaky Blinders a good series?[View]
140996794The FBI is seeking information related to the murder of Tammy Jo Alexander: >Reward: The FBI is o…[View]
140996480>cancelled series thread So we can abandon our hopes[View]
140993684What the FUCK was Steve's problem?[View]
140992568WTF: I love Peter Jackson now[View]
140995059eight fuckin whiskey sours[View]
140994930>Anime is saving cinema Apologize.[View]
140997128A Brighter Summer Day: The greatest film ever made[View]
140990321If you like any superhero movies, regardless of what brand, company, director, or rating is is, you …[View]
140995945What did Nickelodeon mean by this?[View]
140996032OH N-[View]
140996657This hasn't been very Hitchcockian.[View]
140995937AWAYBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY: What went wrong?[View]
140996592What do I think of the 2002 movie The Master of Disguise?[View]
140995448> “our love... was truly... titanic”[View]
140995883>best horror movies list >get out, us, hereditary, midsommar...…[View]
140994521It's like a slow burn. I liked it[View]
140985641We are supposed to believe this twink beats up criminals every night?[View]
140995471was the apology necessary?: surely there are much better ways to start a conversation[View]
140985298>'Its not about the stone, Mr. Lovett' >'Its about life and the friends you made along the way…[View]
140997018>Face it, you're just not that good, Will Hunting[View]
140991138Say something nice.[View]
140995224best shows in Spanish: What are some good shows from Latin America and Spain? Is there something goo…[View]
140986108ITT:Combine the plots of the last 2 movies you watched: Whats it about?[View]
140995922So whole movie, one dead from suicide and guy playing until his fingers bled, just to get this guy n…[View]
140996777Apart from the HP movies, has Emma Watson been in anything anyone can remember? Has there ever been…[View]
140996900Whose inclusion is the most surprising /tv/?[View]
140993088So if /tv/ was to actually make a documentary on itself and the anons who use it, what do you think …[View]
140996750Here's your Irish mythology bro[View]
140994552Good news, everybody! I've turned myself into a pickle.[View]
140990237>Calm down mate I didn't call you Fatty soon as I saw you[View]
140993612You reckon he browsed /tv/ in between classes?[View]
140996645Why does the mainstream film/television industry treat the voice acting industry like such a joke? T…[View]
140996473shining: Poor Danny was the way in to understand to hunted hotel.[View]
140991987What's going through his mind at this moment? Bonus Question: Where will his children end up i…[View]
140996513You are the worst posters I know. You constantly shit on the best animated sitcom, the show provides…[View]
140990227columbo thread: columbo? more like kinolumbo[View]
140991252I go to Hong Kong.[View]
140994841>record my first movie review >realize I have an incel voice…[View]
140993087When did Homer Simpson turn into an asshole instead of a loving father.[View]
140994372>end of the film is foreshadowed in the first frame of the film[View]
140996061Do The Right Thing: Couldn't finish this. I liked the colors and the overall style, but is it n…[View]
140996204The only good “feminist” movie[View]
140994881Oh shit, I'm sorry.[View]
140996180There's nothing to watch anymore that does not have baboons shoehorned in. Today I made the mis…[View]
140994131The Stand: Just finished the epic 1994 miniseries The Stand. What does /tv/ think of it?[View]
140995527Is he really the greatest actor of all time or is it just the Jews hyping up one of their own?[View]
140995274Actors and actresses with this body type?[View]
140995167Give me another ball.[View]
140995324So this was basically an ego trip of a very pathetic man, right?[View]
140995979Cast it, but with a twist. Every actor has to be the correct nationality.[View]
140991893>Ywn spend eternity with Nadja Why live, Nadjabros?[View]
140994141What is your favorite Kristen Ritter show or movie?[View]
140988302How was this?[View]
140995443Movie when?[View]
140954043You have my Bowl[View]
140995809was it autism?[View]
140995623>WHERE IS THE WOMAN?![View]
140994996UNHINGED its out and certified russel kino: its kino from start to finish[View]
140993996Pray For Mojo: Why has this classic episode been completely forgotten?[View]
140995608what the fuck was his problem?[View]
140994341M*A*S*H thread: When the sun goes down, the tide goes out The darkies stand around and they all begi…[View]
140994278When is Captain Britain, aka Psylocke, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?[View]
140995570>former priest regains faith in the end[View]
140992329Unironically great[View]
140995490Have any anons ever been in a car chase? Is Ronin a good representation of what it's like? http…[View]
140994273why didnt that absolute unit in the back do anything?[View]
140994900Tremors Shrieker Island.: It’s been a long road my friends, it finally ends. What’s your favorite mo…[View]
140995372movies you watched as a kid that you thought you made up/dreamed but they actually exist[View]
140994896Neytiri is...[View]
140995141I finally got around to watch this. Fuck me. Chihiro is such a pure and beautiful person[View]
140988604>Bull fucking shit, woman, I fucking saw your ship jump away from our secret Imperial planet, we …[View]
140991353>When my time comes, will I stand up? What did he mean by that?[View]
140994544Anyone here own some laserdiscs?[View]
140990064I used to love these movies as a kid, now I see its just disney marketing occultism to children..esp…[View]
140995066A sex scene is always unnecessary, but a rape scene is always necessary. This is true.[View]
140995058I just LOVE films!!!![View]
140994534What are the charges, prosecutor?[View]
140994860>The charges, Nigga Windu?[View]
140994835It's the 25th anniversary of DDLJ. You rewatch it yet today?[View]
140993692This movie is truly amazing.[View]
140994826who will play him in inevitable biopic`? https://youtu.be/lBA9ckGyKcw[View]
140992164Should i watch Vamp (1986)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfVewf36ugs&ab_channel=hippolytos70…[View]
140985115Things you say because of The Sopranos >Gimme a piece o' bread, huh.…[View]
140992545What happened after he left the dome?[View]
140994690Thoughts on Lindybeige?[View]
140994673Is it a dolphin in a bathtub?[View]
140993080Why the fuck does this movie make Letterboxd and Twitter so fucking mad?[View]
140992758what the fuck was his problem?[View]
140993029Is there a purpose to sex scenes? All they do is make you feel uncomfortable bc you're likely w…[View]
140994307>'HARRRYYY.... HAAAA-RRYY...!' Dumbledore moaned like a sadistic ghost through the echoing halls.…[View]
140994262Pickup that phone![View]
140991501Criterion Flash Sale: For 24 hours, all in stock discs are 50% off. What are you gents buying? For m…[View]
140994492Question for my fellow Friday bros... why does Jason favore the machete when it’s the weapon that ki…[View]
140990888So they obviously used real animal parts for this, right? Did they make an animatronic out of lamb…[View]
140993714>I'm not your friend, Palooka What the fuck was his problem?[View]
140994304DID THEY ALL GET AIDS?[View]
140994295Cosby: HEY HEY HEY[View]
140990211Most loved character in the show is a Nazi: How did they get away with it?[View]
140979872/who/ - Doctor Who general: Nicola's puppies edition >>140955637[View]
140989870what the fuck bros it's not fair, /ourguy/ Luka was clearly innocent and the documentary didn…[View]
140993501Why did the G made her wet?[View]
140992370Why is he so joyful?[View]
140994174https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWeMWD-Yagg Kino. This one scene redeems the whole movie.[View]
140994094I enjoy the films of Taika Waititi[View]
140993943any good big worm kino?[View]
140993242What's your favorite episode of this season?[View]
140987262What are some tree kinos?: I looked out the window and noticed the trees grew no different from mold…[View]
140988721This guy is a terrible actor[View]
140992354Was Rust a realistic character?[View]
140987282Fargo season 4: Redeeming season 3 one episode at a time[View]
140993770Itt Only the manliest of kino allowed: Zulu is hotblooded[View]
140993913why did he do it?[View]
140993806>Takes her mom's house >Throws her brother's weight around >Makes her brother get…[View]
140990134Was It...Kino?: >GOAT King mini series, plus a nice European film cut >Filters dumbasses with …[View]
140993123Rejoice Sershbros >https://twitter.com/bl4nch3tt/status/1317607902744662016?s=21 >https://twi…[View]
140993455>White people are evil because... they're evil bravo Jordan Peele[View]
140991902what did she mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9C3SAdw-AA&list=LLazm6TnU-2g7l1BL4N-…[View]
140992400best of all we don't pay council tax[View]
140993061Why are they already filming a prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead? The first one isn’t even o…[View]
140993700What do we think of Better Days (2019)?[View]
140986987Essential Chris Pratt kinos?[View]
140982076/trek/: When Shills Surrendered Edition PREVIOUS: >>140969948 PRIME DIRECTIVE: Fuck STD, fuck …[View]
140992934Bros what's that TV show you love, that will help me get through seasonal depression? I've…[View]
140987760FUCKING THORNS: How is this guy not dead yet? (Or is he?)[View]
140993288>spending the autumn watching the full series COMFY OVERDRIVE[View]
140993094>actor gets punched in the face >punch myself in the face to increase immersion…[View]
140992844Would you watch a Calvin and Hobbes series?: I know Bill Watterson has refused to market Calvin and …[View]
140989565'oh dr saddler im gonna-' *BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* 'dr grant your sharts are delicious, keep…[View]
140993117> Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland Announces Tell-All Podcast from Prison >Dumpster Fyre premieres …[View]
140993358>what else is on? There you go. The peak of cinema, right there.[View]
140992958>I drive-thru[View]
140982516The Expecting. Anyone watched it?: Can't find any webm's of Anna's amazing plot yet.…[View]
140993172Hey folks! Matt Easton here, Scholagladiatoria. AMA[View]
140992272Based actors thread[View]
140992330> You killed little George Floyd? Why'd you do that for? You put your knee on his neck!…[View]
140992928Hello /tv/. robert pattinson here, AMA[View]
140992374It's an ugly planet, a bug planet[View]
140991849why did ralph get chucked through the window?[View]
140985961>Hello /tv/, today I'd like to discuss why every single one of my videos is kino…[View]
140990725>Come on, Russell, it's the perfect role. You're gonna be sitting in the car the whole …[View]
140991381Finally crossed the border over into Zombieland[View]
140993000Chris Chan trolling forum? Is any still up? I got muy juicy stuff to sell[View]
140992954How was his pull game so strong?: Nigga fucked every woman in baltimore.[View]
140992436Lovecraft Country: Who was the best character in S1 and why was it Hippolyta?[View]
140990818>I-it’s a joke Why didn’t they believe him? Doesn’t everyone like dancing with their friends…[View]
140991780why didn't the investors give this car a shot, someone should make it today, I'm sure it w…[View]
140992688what are some mountaineering kinos?[View]
140991206Fast and Furious Power levels released: Guys I got the new rankings for the power levels![View]
140979006100 nazi scalps ![View]
140992161Hubie Halloween: I enjoyed this.[View]
140992543>One more thing: Price of the brick going up[View]
140988408>sir your neighbors called because you appear really intoxicated and emotion. are you ok right no…[View]
140984067>Emmy Rossum Shuts Down Critic Shaming Her for TV Sex Scenes and Nudity…[View]
140992413Blade Runner[View]
140987559This was my first crush. Thank God it wasn't a cartoon animal.[View]
140986669how was she able to afford a $2500 guitar as a freshman in high school?[View]
140991466>Who is Don Draper?[View]
140992231>IT'S MY JOB!!! >HARRY! >HARRY I LOVE YOU!!!!!…[View]
140989543I like how this scene accidentally points out that the only 'good' supes they've written are wo…[View]
140990901Why didnt the T1000 turn into a bomb and get jon conners?[View]
140991405Just binged Bly Manor. I shouldn't be surprised by how bad it was, but I am. Especially when yo…[View]
140990089Is Brazil really like this ?[View]
140992011How do you sit when watching kino? Me on the left[View]
140991221What animal do you think he turned her into?[View]
140966720Directors won’t hire her because she makes others Actresses Look Ugly: And producers can’t afford he…[View]
140980447>Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing too much and.... I don't want it to be that.…[View]
140991720Hello /tv/ my name is Kyle and I'm here to tell you I hate every single one of you. You are a w…[View]
140991852What's some debooking kino?[View]
140991675>That was NOT the Wilhelm Scream bitch, that was the Howie Scream. Don't get it twisted.…[View]
140989917Well deserved Oscar wins[View]
140991274How does this piece of kinomatic delight manage to stand so far above all the rest Hacksese has chur…[View]
140981826So with this and dick leak in mind, it is safe to assume Chris Evans went crazy, right?[View]
140991693Meanwhile, in Star Wars Top Gear:: HAMMOND![View]
140989679I don't understand the 'gay' voice, ever since I saw glee scenes years back it's…[View]
140969635/hor/ - Horror General: Witchfinder General edition previous >>140950140[View]
140977301What the fuck was wrong with this guy? Was it scurvy?[View]
140990438>I win because I choose to I don't get it[View]
140988866He committed zero crimes[View]
140991420Who should be cast for their inevitable biopic?[View]
140991105I don't get it.[View]
140989665Why was he raging[View]
140986462The perfect movie[View]
140990983Was it autism?[View]
140990823>Look, honey, It's Anon! My favorite customer. >Anon, I want you to meet Shaniqua.…[View]
140983234>Hires a stuttering autist, a fraud who molests students, and a murderer to teach self-defense to…[View]
140991021>fun action series >season 2 begins >introduce a gay chinese man who is also a great fighte…[View]
140990123Why didn’t you save him[View]
140990793Why don't women get beat on tv shows[View]
140990474I dislike goodfellas: does any of you also dislike goodfellas? i'm sorry but it's just not…[View]
140989969Fuck, Marry, Kill: Film Edition[View]
140989874Will Hollywood rendition of Bungo Stray Dogs be widely accepted?[View]
140988601Cast her[View]
140989506Misses brown bros.....it's over[View]
140988945Is it true that Will Arnett divorced Amy Poehler because he found out that Amy and Tina Fey scissore…[View]
140990554>come on lars let's stop fighting, were not Some Kind of Monster.[View]
140990490ITT: TV series's peak[View]
140990061cast them[View]
140967727Will it be kino?[View]
140985537How bad is the Hollywood adaptation going to be?[View]
140990278Finally, a TV show that portrays 4chan posters[View]
140982305>Here’s your new beauty standard bro[View]
140987109Why Vito was called The Godfather? It was his wrestling nickname or something?[View]
140987829TAKE IT OOOFF!!![View]
140989182Comedians who are /our guy/: I’ll start. Pic related.[View]
140990286roadkill: anyone watching it?[View]
140982765>Netflix's 'Don’t Look Up' Features a Ridiculously Star-Studded Cast >The film …[View]
140989709I miss Disney bros :([View]
140989396The Day Today: Is it still the greatest Satire show to grace the british channels? What are your fav…[View]
140985968>Why yes, I do watch the History channel and play strategy games. How could you tell?…[View]
140988600Dubs decides what movie i watch tonight[View]
140989465Books that would be kino[View]
140987853>mfw he doesn't want to ruin a half billion dollar company with 300 employees…[View]
140989880fargo: the message of the film is 'dont get a job, people get mad at you for doing your job'[View]
140985314Early’s VA spoke out against blm and the riots so Squidbillies is canceled. Write the covid episode.[View]
140988838Stephen Colbert Returns To Showtime For Live Election Special: >The special will allow the late-n…[View]
140989835I made my first video essay You can watching it and insult it if you want Also Coen Brothers general…[View]
140988500erm... hello... is this thing on??[View]
140989269>When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him.[View]
140988022>Is real Zombieland 2 in your way[View]
140989764You've always been Tracer.[View]
140989346TOO. GOOD. TO. BE.[View]
140989688>It was revenge for countless cunny threads, and a lot of other things. And we had to sit still a…[View]
140987788'There is no tool in this pool.': >Can I join your crew?[View]
140989624just bingewatched all of twin peaks for the first time please somebody fucking explain the ending I …[View]
140984877What is this What does it mean[View]
140987722was it kino?[View]
140985770tumbling doll of flesh: Tumbling Doll of Flesh is a 1998 Japanese pornographic splatter film written…[View]
140970596Youtube Kino thread- Orgins Edition https://youtu.be/W0quDfpfRUQ And no, zoomers. That DOESN'T…[View]
140989488What are some movies where the protagonist lives a long and healthy life surrounded by people who lo…[View]
140967203How would you defeat Jason?[View]
140988304Just finished this movie. Was I filtered or was it not as good as the previous movies? I much prefer…[View]
140985263where did this image of Van Helsing being a bad ass vampire slayer came from? he was just a doctor i…[View]
140986075Okay, when the fuck is she getting an oscar? Its ridiculous that she's been getting snubbed tim…[View]
140985731Mando S2: Is going to be bad isnt it? Every discussion (depending where you discuss it) devolves int…[View]
140979316Is it possible to make a decent movie on next to no budget?[View]
140988980Alf the cartoon > Alf the sitcom[View]
140989300Static Shock Movie: They are going fuck it up aren’t they?[View]
140988822>One custom order popcorn for your mother[View]
140986065Is VLC player really that bad? I've been using it for years Is it all just another /tv/ meme?[View]
140988546is this the worst horror movie of all time?[View]
140989006So, when will studios start making movies set in the Covid era? Main characters wearing masks and so…[View]
1409888042020, we are forgotten[View]
140988989/tv/ BTFO[View]
140987068I miss him so much bros: it hurts[View]
140988806Why didn't she become a mega star?[View]
140987805what image would best describe this board? also why don't we have a sticky?[View]
140989102How did they get away with this film?[View]
140988074>Are you bi-polar? >I'm bi-winning.[View]
140980902Has there ever been an actress more beautiful than Natasha Henstridge[View]
140988118>Heh, I guess it really was a Game of Thrones[View]
140988007Were they incel?[View]
140989021Unpolished Designs: ITT post character designs, sets, etc from early years of shows and movies that …[View]
140989011Wow i cant believe this actually happened...[View]
140988816'Hey Avengers, i have a plan: help me to collect those magic stones so we can create more resources …[View]
140987465Childhood Crushes: Post 'em.[View]
140988123Ju-On series: rank em[View]
140988857Scared, Potter?[View]
140988689wtf you guys told me evolution was fake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al1szdluLo4[View]
140988193I once had to interview a Nazi with tattoos all over his face for a show about woodcutting[View]
140985760What would you bring for movie night?[View]
140983283does he deserve to die in prison?[View]
140987712Do you guys think Robert smells like a new car?[View]
140987893Takes a long time to say anything in ooold Yiddish[View]
140988631>Sir, do you realize you're not drinking regular coffee but columbian decaffeinated coffee c…[View]
140986677They did my guy Doctor Senator real dirty :([View]
140986619Bout to fire this baby up on Hulu: What am I in for lads?[View]
140986212Bone Collector the movie: I am watching the new series and it reminds me of this kino of '99 Th…[View]
140988515Any kinos about gypsies that explains why yuros hate them so much?[View]
140988432When I'm sad I wrap myself in a blanket like a burrito and watch netflix and brap under the bl…[View]
140988398I walk a lonely road..[View]
140987457>'Wow, I sure do hate white men but the one in this movie was SMOKING hot so 4.5 Stars' Every fuc…[View]
140988251>And then there was Jimmy Two Times, who got that nickname cuz he said everything twice. >'I…[View]
140988218jurassic world: am i the only one who thought Chris Pratt being able to train and domesticate the ra…[View]
140983642Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside 'Round the outside, 'round the outside[View]
140984402Post your favorite scenes here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fT-l0YYLHI >Agents build up to b…[View]
140988187SO JIMMY: Just checking in to see if you've had any more thoughts on that job offer![View]
140988150avengers: What was the purpose of this scene? Was Joss Whedon just making fun of Michael Bay?[View]
140988148Has anyone watched this yet? It looks pretty shitty, but I'm interested if it's worth watc…[View]
140988021>ye have gone completely mad, Max! Mad, Max! Is the writing in Mad Max 2 any better?…[View]
140987946>They can't find the body of D.B. Cooper >Gnome skeptics expect to find the body of a gno…[View]
140986085Does Martin Scorsese's daughter, Francesca Scorsese, have any future in Hollywood?[View]
140983833Did people really hate this movie when it came out?[View]
140985379What are some good underrated tv shows?[View]
140985590how does one acquire a phoebe gf?[View]
140985299Cast the inevitable Netflix adaptation.[View]
140987902This skit was probably one of the few skits recent SNL actually made me laugh. But listen to how fuc…[View]
140987622Anakin, my allegiance is to my wife, to the sanctity of marriage![View]
140987739Paul Dano directorial debut: > First try behind the camera > It's kino and way better tha…[View]
140987804Is multiverse just lazy writing? Anyone getting tired of that shit?[View]
140986496Mr Anon, good to see you again! Here to see the latest kino?[View]
140987542Finally watched this( director's cut): What did I think of it? AND. Is the theatrical release b…[View]
140984101devs: >vaguely interesting premise >average story told poorly >zero likable characters >…[View]
140947946/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: Chess HOH Comp Episode Tonight HoH: Enzo Noms: Nicole/Xmas Veto: Cody…[View]
140987681Thank god[View]
140986195is The Nun a good movie?[View]
140987316They taught me to kill japs[View]
140987616what are some movies where you sympathized with the villain?[View]
140986221>Movie so unfunny the sequel is animated and released episodically online.…[View]
140986624What was his fucking problem?[View]
140983918That's Nicky Cage's best kino.[View]
140987510Why is comedy genre dead now? Why don't they make good comedies like in 80s and 90s?[View]
140984350Imagine making this joke in 2020[View]
140985730Why are there no good sports kinos anymore?[View]
140975278Chris Pratt is CANCELLED[View]
140983872Is your puppy trying to rape you? More at 11[View]
140975854Ok I get why Zod wants the codex and the birthing ship.....that makes sense. Hes a traditional kinda…[View]
140987224FILMMAKERS OF /TV/: Anyone on /tv/ filmmakers? I make tiktoks https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1602877876906.w…[View]
140987189>signs you’re about to watch kino[View]
140987188MANK: MANK[View]
140985579Umm wtf Cartoon Network?[View]
1409811195'11 vs 6'0[View]
140986548This show should've died long ago[View]
140987027>*blocks your path* >*buys your path from you* >*sells the path to someone else for five ti…[View]
140987005Kinos where the protagonist is betrayed by an ally?[View]
140986472This is kino tv. Why it never gets discussed here?[View]
140984412This guy is pretty good. I think he should get a gf so he can be less cynical though[View]
140985259Which one was less shit?: i say the first one.[View]
140986932I NEVER FELT LIKE[View]
140975779>female main character has beta cuck male in friend group she constantly treats like crap >he …[View]
140981010ITT: dogshit movies boomers memed you into watching. Pic related.[View]
140984242Why'd he do it?[View]
140986724>Promotional pic for TV show >cast is reenacting Last Supper…[View]
140984012You are policeman. You have rules.[View]
140985307>Size matters not Was he an incel?[View]
140986839K-on the movie the live action[View]
140982404This is Queen Philippa of Denmark (formerly of Lancaster). Say something nice about her.[View]
140985409wake the fuck up[View]
140986809Oh God No[View]
140986723Top 10 Simpsons episodes: https://theriseandfallofthesimpsons.wordpress.com/2020/10/20/top-10-episod…[View]
140975681holy shit /tv/ look who i met today[View]
140984337The Grapes of Wrath: When was the last time you got drunk on wine with your best mate and watched Bl…[View]
140985010IT'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs13fJuP0F4[View]
140985852Which one is better?[View]
140984973replace a letter in a movie title[View]
140984279That kid's name... was Moe Greene.[View]
140976805Sure thing, we can watch that kino, just let me plug in my audio cables real quick.[View]
140983699>Shut the fuck up, Clyde! You faggot! Fucking skinny butt-munching faggot. I hate you! You know t…[View]
140983950Be honest, you forgot he died this year.[View]
140985154Suits: Why didn't Harvey just let Mike pass the bar before coming to work for him? At least the…[View]
140986210So what happens if an inverted person gets beaten up to death by a non-inverted person? Keep in min…[View]
140984925What are some high rated imdb movies that I should avoid because they were rated highly for terrible…[View]
140985571What would the plot of this movie be?[View]
140986144San andreas movie when?[View]
140985624Aaaaah the French....[View]
140985859>Cuts Booba nothing personal anon enjoy your kino[View]
140979077man I would cum so much if I had access to a holodeck[View]
140982634Reminder to burn your video nasties if you haven't already. For the sake of children.[View]
140985876>MY NIGGA THATS A MAN! https://youtu.be/XD0fnWUGdkM Was it transism?[View]
140982462>787 days until Avatar 2[View]
140985643Why is it so kino?[View]
140984826Whose your favorite artist and why is it Weyes Blood[View]
140984636Which episodes should I check out in season 2?[View]
140985779Why didn't he fund paramilitary death squads in south america?[View]
140980712Rooney or Kate? Dakota or Elle? Maggie or Jake? Ben or Casey? Chris or Liam? Luke or Owen? Zooey or…[View]
140984947Why the fuck did they make him gay?[View]
140984366Were we supposed to know who Foxy Jen was?[View]
140981663ITT: In Honor of October, We Discuss John Carpenter's Halloween[View]
140984040You've just been hired to direct and produce the live-action adaptation. Cast it.[View]
140983018Help, I'm stuck inside your computer.[View]
140983840Home Again (2017): This is quite honestly one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Describe how …[View]
140983925What are your dressing up as this halloween /tv/?[View]
140985467Is this worth to subscribe to Shudder, even for the free trial? Reviewers are ranting and raving on …[View]
140985498just watched the 2 first episodes of this, looks like shit and poorly written, does it gets any good…[View]
140984612His was fucking Mike’s idea wasn’t it?[View]
140984847That Feel[View]
140984225I love Blade Runner but i think the series has really started going downhill after Blade Runner 1683[View]
140984149>Star Trek[View]
140984196Star Trek V is filled with soul. It is marred by production problems, but it shines with an inner, k…[View]
140985332Why was he so afraid of getting shot by his wife? He survived getting electrocuted and blown up with…[View]
140983668What is the kino equivalent of Cocteau twins? >inb4 Jean Cocteau[View]
140984085Best Weinstein movies?[View]
140983733Top scene of the last decade. Go. I'll start:[View]
140982959Would you watch a silent movie made today? Or is the concept too outdated?[View]
140984544When did he give up?[View]
140983454What's next for Brendan's career?[View]
140983068is he the most watchable actor out there?: i can't think of a single performance where he hasn…[View]
140983300What are some good Disney movies with homosexual implications?[View]
140983384Fighting the frizzies, at 11.[View]
140983957I've got the gun, son. I think it's you who should behave.[View]
140984029For oxygen, James?[View]
140984340Do you think we'll even get to point where actors are completely replaced by 3D modelled charac…[View]
140982047The Mole (2020): Holy shit, what a ride. This is hands down the documentary of the year for me and o…[View]
140981035*cute laughter*[View]
140984004Is there anything good to watch?[View]
140980626Name a better actor.[View]
140983366Am I the only one that hates the idea of the live action Spider-verse? The original trilogy is by fa…[View]
140978969How would you do in The Platform? How many months? What would you bring with you?[View]
140981770What do japanese people think about this show? Is it ultimate cringe?[View]
140984022Bet you'd have your nose pressed against the glass to watch that conversation. No, you know wha…[View]
140983981Why has Jay gone full homeless? He knows the barbers are open, right?[View]
140983895What does /tv/ think of Spitting Image?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj7a8gxxonI[View]
140983152Am I the only one watching this on /tv/? It's not as good as Gomorrah but it's not gloomy …[View]
140982349File it under expenses Isildur. Deduct it![View]
140983713Cast him.[View]
140983019ITT moments where you walked out of the film you were watching[View]
140983317>zooby zooby zoo[View]
140982041wanna take a look at this?[View]
140983650House: And...DROPPED! Absolutely disgusting![View]
140983616I don't get it[View]
140981729hes been in some good movies but you have to admit hes a shit actor[View]
140980904Anyone else enjoy watching films?[View]
140982487>My father told me it was his favourite show growing up and it would give him nightmares >Star…[View]
140983238Haha it's funny cause it's child abuse![View]
140982722Best horse kino?[View]
140981574I didn't understand this sketch. Was the parrot dead or not?[View]
140977113Was he ex-military?[View]
140981852What are some good Will Smith movies? I need something to watch with my wife and her boyfriend this …[View]
140983633This is the true pleb filter. S2 of The Wire is better than the whole 6 seasons of Sopranos.[View]
140983660any movies with this king of scene[View]
140982544The Batman set pieces: are you stealing them ,anon?[View]
140978720Holy shit why didn’t you tell me this movie so fucking good?[View]
140962162Did plebs not realize this scene was supposed to be funny? Why was it so hated?[View]
140982362Scene was kind of sad tbh: She reached for her gun without wasting a second and everything..[View]
140975312Battlestar Galactica: When are we going to get some new information about the 2nd reboot?[View]
140983355What the FUCK was his problem[View]
140983592Post actors you've interacted with in some capacity.[View]
140982444Tell it to my heart Tell me i am the only one[View]
140982907Enola Holmes: Is this kino and/or worth watching?[View]
140981683We can all agree that the Patterson footage is real proof that The Bigfoot is real right?[View]
140983185Hollywood is a mess, even the reporter is slurring her words.. too much cocaine in this video lol ht…[View]
140980339The Revolution: Holy shit. This was better than GoT. I really hope there's a second seasoning. …[View]
140981925How come in 1993 they knew about a movie that wouldn't come out for another decade? Was POTC in…[View]
140983183Mob Movie Monday Review 'The Godfather' with Michael Franzese is out! https://youtu.be/70rcXfeKoVA[View]
140978753Lisa, if you don't like your job, you don't strike. You just go in every day and do it rea…[View]
140979878Why would they be expecting one of them in the wreckage? Bane already established CIA was bluffing,…[View]
140976205is she actually the best?[View]
140977437Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park[View]
140981927Damn this show had a good start. > Turn of the Screw is one of the greatest works of horror ever …[View]
140982878what are some kinos?[View]
140981970Anyone else hate how Saul does this hands thing all the time?[View]
140980374Any other photos of beta orbiters trying to compensate for getting mogged?[View]
140967818I unironically don't get it. Why did he do it?[View]
140975194Just started this show. When, if ever, does to get bed? I’d like to know when I should stop watching…[View]
140982753>We reject the trinity and pray devoutly to you, Great Paimon. Give us your knowledge of all secr…[View]
140978143UNO DOS TRES CUATRO[View]
140982766Here's your minority Little Mermaid[View]
140979497How about you, anon. You remember your first blowjob?[View]
140969948/trek/: Aren't You Dead? Edition previous: >>140962815[View]
140982419Hallowen 3 >>>>[View]
140982714>Thanks for letting me join your ranks, now I'm one of the X-Men 2…[View]
140979739why are there no honest depictions of this guy?[View]
140950199/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>140923906 /film/…[View]
140982685Nick and Sam together are kino[View]
140982613will we ever know what happened between them?[View]
140981016How does it hold up in 2020?[View]
140982236'Hey Avengers, i have a plan: help me to collect those magic stones so we can create more resources …[View]
140981661Why is there no more good sketch comedy shows?[View]
140980248Student Papers: Our current lesson for philosophy is entitled 'Death, Suffering, and Happiness.' As …[View]
140981102Anyone else get diamond hard at the thought of her getting pounded by a Black Man? That smug face of…[View]
140982309How is he still able to have sex after having his balls and dick crushed?[View]
140982390FACT: Canadian television peaked with YTV.[View]
140982445#CancelBond: Why are you still supporting the celluloid jew?[View]
140981077>We are who we are >gays, lesbians, trannies, blacks, italians What did they mean by this…[View]
140982273Physical Collection: Post your latest haul.[View]
140982275How did we go from this..[View]
140981854>American politics in real life: 'i dont wanna nigg@rs living next to me' vs. 'I dont care if the…[View]
140981336>a sweeping American epic about a Korean family putting down roots in the rugged heartland. Will…[View]
140982266ITT >fetish starting scenes[View]
140982075so youre actually not just a guy from around here youre actually a paparazzi guy: so youre actually …[View]
140982148>Hagrid was out in the forbidden forest in the dead of night, he couldn't sleep for Fang had…[View]
140979615Peak anglo performance[View]
140981643>wears a mask >introduces a lockdown in the city >hates the (china) bat(s) He was a Super H…[View]
140982102Batman is really about blacks Hear me out His parents get shot in a mugging in Marvel New York and t…[View]
140977943I know I'm in the minority but I don't really like the Nolan Batman movies: I just think t…[View]
140980808what's some mountaineering kino?[View]
140982018Why did this chud get so mad at Walt after he found out he was a drug lord They could have worked to…[View]
140977131>Diagnosed with lymphoma Bros...[View]
140966354Honestly...this was a terrible design for battle droids: Prove me wrong[View]
140981743ITT: Lines that describe /tv/[View]
140962506Excuse me. We're just going to have a nice simpson's thread here, with NO DEAD MEME's…[View]
140976522I think Chaos Walking will do better than DUNC[View]
140981660>guy goes outside and nothing happens[View]
140981666Do not forget my name 24601, or you'll be les misérables![View]
140981756>watching TBBT because my fiancée likes it >they have their super asymmetry meme paper >for…[View]
140978233American High School movies: Which one is your favorite /tv/? For me it's Clueless.…[View]
140981691>”We are the Transformers 4”[View]
140981766Halloween is saved: Last chance to preorder Amnesia m'boys[View]
140980957Seminal Kino: Revenge of the Nerds: Which was your favorite? Protip: IV Nerds in love.[View]
140980136>villain plays an instrument while his lackeys do his bidding[View]
140972715Even as a 14 year old I remember thinking this was weirdly bleak.[View]
140980130I dont get it: was it a sexual joke?[View]
140981008Sadtimes by Wil Wheaton: http://wilwheaton.net/2002/12/sadtimes/ ''I sit there alone and c…[View]
140980494STD S3 Spoilers: >Discovery crashes in Ep2, it takes a few episodes to get it flying again, it ge…[View]
140981424>horror film >set in an old mansion >music box starts playing in the middle of the night…[View]
140981281>You see the woman in the window?[View]
140980613>HOLD THE LINE[View]
140980003WHERE IS THE SEQUEL?[View]
140981313>it must feel REALLY good[View]
140981326Fuck you, I liked it[View]
140977295snydercut: future power couple?[View]
140981309Any kino about fighting nazi?[View]
140979745>CRACK THAT WHIP[View]
140980594fan casting[View]
140980853HAZBIN HOTEL coming to TV: >inb4 Murdoch Murdoch >inb4 Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi >inb4 Clone Hig…[View]
140978561>watching kino >phone starts ringing >characters stop what they're doing and all look…[View]
140979552>put on a random episode of this show >instant virtue signalling scene about muh evil racist …[View]
140980485What did they mean by this?[View]
140981064cast them in the inevitable biopic[View]
140981009ITT: Movies That Made You Cry The First Time You Saw Them: >the part when Don Billingsley's …[View]
140977263>biting critique of fascist society >literally everything is perfect what did they mean by thi…[View]
140980032Netflix Unsolved Mysteries: Thread got pruned by seething tippers Cast her >On June 3, 1995, the …[View]
140977145why did he keep getting up?[View]
140978672Black Mirror: The Entire History of You: He did nothing wrong[View]
140979240Help me understand this please /tv/. I felt like I missed out on kino and was too dumb to know why[View]
140972848>be a decent sub-villian >fans want moar spike >guess I better show up and just be a series…[View]
140979717Remember when this dude's burgeoning career was destroyed overnight by unproven allegations but…[View]
140979972Boy Meets World: I'm thinking about binge watching this. Is it worth it?[View]
140980390Hollywood Star 50 Cent endorses Trump: >The Power star later teased himself in another IG post th…[View]
140980497Cast him[View]
140978467You know what? Charles Martinet, who's decidedly not a dago, guinea or a wop, does a pretty off…[View]
140979822Allen Stewart Konigsberg: >“We would meet almost every day. He got involved in a crooked dice gam…[View]
140977526Why did she age like milk?: https://youtu.be/-GaoFLJJfbk[View]
140963812What was the worst time you ever had at a movie theater?[View]
140980183The Boys: What do you guys expect for next season? I Think Stormfront would come back in a minor way…[View]
140979697why did Carpenter cast a tranny on They Live?[View]
140973440What’s the best South Park episode?[View]
140975728Life of Pi: Is this overrated or does it live up to the hype? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_of_…[View]
140974954Hey dicklick, a face mask is required to see this film. Put it on or I'm calling the cops.[View]
140980164LUV ME LOBSTA[View]
140980307Just got told to move to a different town or get fired, with 1 day notice. Kinos for this feel?[View]
140956522RLM: It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs13fJuP0F4[View]
140967014Why is there a documentary on pepe and 4chan on pbs right now?[View]
140977107'oi, wot if, there was like a place where virgins would post about how lonely they are all day? mad,…[View]
140979440What kind of name is topanga??[View]
140980099Julie Andrews was the most beautiful actress of all time!FACT!!![View]
140978771No, Biff... You leave her alone.[View]
140978932he actually said it[View]
140975082>boobs boobs >sex sex >kill kill Why do people think this show is good?…[View]
140978578https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK4TWXWEKAQ cant even come up with a snarky ironic way to make fun o…[View]
140979493>Cheese Itz. It's toasted >GOD DAMMIT DON YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN…[View]
140978963Name a worst backstabbing cunt[View]
140976984I don't know this time bros. A master thief, assassin, high performance driver. Faster, stronge…[View]
140973540Boy Meets World: >First season was good >After that it immediately went downhill What were the…[View]
140977758>Say his name 5 times and Jordan Peele will produce a dumbed down, self-aggrandizing woke remake …[View]
140979661Why do Tv and film cyborgs have such shitty anatomy?: cyborgs are cool, the whole metal arm trope is…[View]
140971246>finished The Wire >finished Sopranos >finished The Shield >watching Evangelion >st…[View]
140979399Do mathematicians write from ladders?: . . .[View]
140979549I could have asked her about the buttered corn phenomenom[View]
140974462*improves your kino*[View]
140979298why did he do this?[View]
140978614Why doesn't Batman have super genius intellect in his movies?[View]
140973107Why is getting your screenplay read such a complicated and mystifying process?[View]
140979248books based on /tv/ shows/films you read and recommend?[View]
140969273Major Devs spoilers: Why did the future stop showing after Lily died? And the machine start working …[View]
140975280Batman: How did he go to the bathroom during missions? Was there just bat-shit littered on the roofs…[View]
140977835You tiny thing.[View]
140979108I just coomed all over my belly and I’m too lazy to clean it up. Kinos for this feel?[View]
140978945>IM FUCKING ACTING![View]
140977743The rest of ya'll know.[View]
140971989How did she get away with it?[View]
140976613This board is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan[View]
140978920Saw this last weekend. Surprisingly good.[View]
140978443Reminder that witches actually did these sorts of things back then. In fact they're still doing…[View]
140934158Jennifer Connelly: What are her best roles?[View]
140972757CWC and Society: Recently I've been trying to catch up to speed on christian, and have been won…[View]
140977686ITT: Describing movies using pictures of toilets >Brazil (1985)[View]
140977875is it kino even if you aren't a christcuck[View]
140978372Will he come back?[View]
140972463Is this guy fucking crazy? A cheese pizza charge vs armed robbery? Fuck, possessing a handgun in the…[View]
140975581How do you exactly defeat it?[View]
140976814Joe Rogan Experience Cancelled: Because Jaime got COVIED[View]
140978422Green Lantern to begin casting soon[View]
140978359Penny Dreadful/Gothic Horror: >found this too cheesy/boring back in the day and dropped it >de…[View]
140976607I miss those little nuggets like you wouldn’t believe: This might be the laziest documentary Netflix…[View]
140969369was it kino?[View]
140977396What was Sauron's tax policy?[View]
140978344>2011 movie >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
140978308Impractical Jokers: Joe is our big loser tonight and his punishment is to coach the La Lakers[View]
140972535You can't prove that it DIDN'T happen.[View]
140978264Movies for this feel: 'When AI and robots took over so much of our work, we suddenly had time to eat…[View]
140978232The charges, officer?[View]
140976163why couldn’t they be a couple irl?[View]
140976371Does anyone have the Ammonite scene?[View]
140977070Euphoria: Kino is back on the menue boys[View]
140978025As the greatest athlete this side of the turn of the millennium, who could possibly play him in the …[View]
140976686You Deserve to be Happy: I don't know if anyone on this board needs to see this, but just in ca…[View]
140974729Hell is overflowing! And Satan is sending his dead to us! Why? Because...you have sex out of wedlock…[View]
140977962Sir, I'm gonna need a pass phrase, the prompt is 'KIPLING'. >Yes, of course. >Take up the…[View]
140977342Ratched: Nurse Ratched, just finished it. Tell me what I think. I don't understand why Edmund i…[View]
140972052The x files thread: Just made it to season 5 for the third time, going to make it a point to finish …[View]
140972169If he isn't real, how is he holding up this glass?[View]
140963947Oh shit...: Get the Fs ready :([View]
140977790What would an updated remake for 2021 look like, /tv/?[View]
140976897Kidnap the Sandy Claws[View]
140977778What are some /tv/ approved halloween costumes?[View]
140976271Seinfeld: To all my Seinfeld cats out there, what episodes are the most slept on?[View]
140976820webm thread: I made a new webm, so webm thread. I used to make hundreds of them several years ago an…[View]
140974822ITT: Kino discount actors: >We need Harrison Ford[View]
140969857I would literally kill everyone on this website if it meant I could marry Debra Morgan.[View]
140976775I miss this nigga like wouldn't believe[View]
140976822>Couldnt have it any other way. I am a lonely taxi driver.[View]
140969622Why is she always so smuk[View]
140962443Does anyone have a Hulu press pass to watch the new Kate Mara TV series A Teacher? https://press.hul…[View]
140977607*elevates your kinographic experience*[View]
140974999Spawn: Was it Kino?[View]
140974119If...: Well that was interesting. Certain things were mildly confusing (Like that guy being in the h…[View]
140977376What kind of food do they serve at your local kinoplex?[View]
140975524The breakfast club is garbage only faggots with nostalgia goggles on like it[View]
140974328Season 8 wasn't that bad. Season 7 was worse. Even season 6. It jumped the shark with hold the …[View]
140968404IT'S OVER: >https://youtu.be/9CSFE5jvpqQ >out in less than two weeks >barely any new p…[View]
140976947Why was Abe such a simp?[View]
140977255Fast and Furious Power levels released: Guys I got the new power rankings! Make sure not to share it…[View]
140975060>This californication is over[View]
140973881This movie literally has the same ending as Eraserhead[View]
140975232IS BEHIND[View]
140972419>Classical music >Violence Name a more kino pair, I'll wait.…[View]
140976815>vietnam movie >I'm supposed to feel bad for americans invading another country…[View]
140976095The Original Series is unironically better than The Next Generation.[View]
140977097Chief Manykino say, movie should be free - like buffalo.[View]
140973939What went wrong?[View]
140973918iiiiindyyyyy mooohhguuuul[View]
140976929So was Morty really the fusion of Rick and Morty into one person?[View]
140976149character study: i'm not very knowledgeable about cinema and i'm looking for films that fo…[View]
140976520Cast him[View]
140976780>Born too early to be a Space Conquistador Why even live[View]
140976803We put drugs in the water Now we gotta microwave that water So the stream drugs The people The drugg…[View]
140975335Damn, he ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3[View]
140969830What don't we have prank shows any more? The only prank show I know that's current on TV n…[View]
140975012So the two ghost lovers wanted to possess the bodies of underaged siblings? This is almost a Cuties …[View]
140973305So, you've fapped to barely pubescent girls again[View]
140975629/riley/: Get in here Rileybros Loving the new 'le footie lad' haircut >Riley Stearns Sets Sci-Fi…[View]
140959214>publicly intoxicated in lake county illinois >you see this What do you do?…[View]
140976310>Deploy the fleet, Admiral. Now is the time for the Empire to strike back.…[View]
140972764>historical movie >soundtrack has instruments that weren't even invented yet…[View]
140973222>Surreal and atmospheric therefore it good[View]
140976389why was season 1 so kino and season 2 a 4/10 melodrama? they squeezed 25 years of history into seaso…[View]
140973393What does /tv/ think of Mr and Mrs Smith?[View]
140972900Can you agree? Or will you perish like a dog?[View]
140974381What human being in history has ever talked like this guy? Everything he says sounds like a poem. Fu…[View]
140972462Why no threads this time? This season was better than the first imo. And the first was remarkable.[View]
140963433What do you consider to be the greatest movie ever made?[View]
140974565>ripping dvds in 360p off a shitty TV forum in 2003 to watch BSG >cracking open a mountain dew…[View]
140973779Why did he do it?[View]
140974137My name is Rod and I like to party[View]
140976041>then he said he was a film buff! ahaha![View]
140973409Soul or Cringe?[View]
140975068is amazon prime worth it? i hate subscriptions but wanna watch borat 2 this Friday or should i just …[View]
140968469How would you defeat him? assuming the allegations of murder are true[View]
140967056What's a woman?[View]
140974520Why don't more actors pull a Pattinson or a McConnaughey?[View]
140973953>tfw it's Halloween time again already IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…[View]
140966005Post a picture and i’ll create a movie idea based on it >Kate Upton plays a brood mother in an ex…[View]
140969421Name your top directors.They mustn't be white and must have made something within the past 50 y…[View]
140968525If you haven't watched this yet, what the fuck is your problem?[View]
140968187I was rewatching Breaking Bad and having a grand ol' time but just reached the point where that…[View]
140974407for me its the deep[View]
140975497Honestly this show got a lot of hate but I personally enjoyed it a lot.[View]
140973611>the best Bond theme is from a video game[View]
140974681What's in your mind grapes /tv/?[View]
140975249What are some kinos about snitches? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KZnu054FFA[View]
140975146Cucumber Boat Wire.[View]
140963088>drinks 200+ ounces of sugary soda a day >still looks young and healthy How?:…[View]
140967932Can Data shit? Can he adjust the length and girth of his shits however he wants? Could he shit out a…[View]
140973093Penelope Grace Garcia is a fictional character on the CBS crime dramas Criminal Minds and its short-…[View]
140973103David...if you think I'm the real killer...then you are reddit.[View]
140972458What was Macguyver's job? Who did he work for?[View]
140974470why would he eat tar toast?[View]
140968426How would you defeat him?[View]
140972708Was he the best on-screen portrayal of Batman?[View]
140972993>He doesn’t watch the film with a binder that includes printed script, lore, director/actor bios,…[View]
140974696I just realized: I could be getting hammered and watching lotr right now Later /v/irgins[View]
140969526why do americans insist on ruining every show they get their greedy hands on?[View]
140972684Are you guys excited for Cinemassacre’s first all original horror movie in years?[View]
140974619How about another joke, Murray?[View]
140963822Hubie Halloween General: Movie would’ve been better without the stupid voice. Also, Sandler’s wife i…[View]
140974544You seem confused[View]
140973518I AM ACTING[View]
140974435Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
140971649>John Carpenter? Never heard of him[View]
140973589Why did he talk like such a fag?[View]
140971848Rate their filmography: Quentin Tarantino: The Tarantula has some definite hit or misses, but his hi…[View]
140974011I don't look for the meaning in movies[View]
140955972The Sopranos: >the movie is going to be pozzed racism shit[View]
140972846K I N O I N O[View]
140973391itt: things that you will never see in modern television anymore >male character gets gang raped …[View]
140973868He's gonna take you back to the past[View]
140973781what horror kino are you watching this month?[View]
140971068Which one is it tv?[View]
140971153I need help in getting this movie out of my head. Something about the way it feels and looks gives …[View]
140973323Best movie you haven't watched. FACT.[View]
140973167>4chan documentary >first user is a tranny frogposter Someone finally got it right…[View]
140971912I swear to god, one of these days I'm going to make my own movie and I'm just going to use…[View]
140968407Hey boys! Anyone got any movie reccomendations? Something a college aged girl would like? Thanks[View]
140973124Buddha say material desire is poison. Then that union-busting tub of tard's gonna find a boot u…[View]
140971923Does anyone else think Ghostbusters 2016 was unfairly maligned. like you don't have to love it …[View]
140968701Why do actors put so much effort into looking taller in movies? Is it toxic masculinity?[View]
140958480What's the ultimate 'holy grail' of lost media?[View]
140972787Crowe is unhinged and the heavy in more ways than 1: Russell Crowe is big and beefy and evil and ful…[View]
140969030>ITT: poorly reviewed movies that you watched in the hopes that it'd be better than its nega…[View]
140972948What's the most kino use of licensed music in film? My submission: https://youtu.be/kIsyHKsjftY[View]
140972534Why does /tv/ hate this movie so much now?: >OMG, YOU CANT LIKE SHAUN OF THE DEAD >THATS REDDI…[View]
140972017The Phantom Killer: You think he was also the same guy who committed the Zodiac killings? https://en…[View]
140972869>muffins? I thought I specifically ordered crumpets.[View]
140966841>token black character >ends up being the best part of the show BASED…[View]
140972205>looks like it's time for plan B >what's plan B? >RUN!!!!…[View]
140972761I am redpilled on all things film.: Post your favourite film and I will give it an objective rating.…[View]
140972686why did the kino played to grow from a next ways on film?[View]
140972201You Guess the Movie From the Riddle: Go[View]
140972590>Ignore the nightmare in the bathroom. Post relatable movie lines[View]
140970793>Emily in Paris >There's no muslim raping and pillaging on the streets Immersion lost…[View]
140971797>these god damn niggers and jews are trying to take over our country and we have to take it back!…[View]
140971471What is the best Kirsten Dunst film?[View]
140972436I'm Raphael Rowe and I'm going to spend a week in my toughest prison yet: Anon's bedr…[View]
140971442Great opening scenes: post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQLXYu6plhg[View]
140970781So. You back here to die with your city?: No. I came back here to stop you.[View]
140971305What's your favorite animated film?[View]
140971404why'd he do it?[View]
140971184Cast her[View]
140970844YOU. YES YOU!: >QUICK! What kino are you currently watching right now? I'm watching Mad Max …[View]
140970699could nick make it mainstream?[View]
140972372how come she has no subs?[View]
140970921ITT: movies you forgot existed. Pic related, nic cage as a guinea pig spy[View]
140967165Post people who are human kino.[View]
140969222How did Victoria Justice become the least successful cast member of her own show?[View]
140969463Whose throat you gonna cut, old man?[View]
140972136What was his fucking problem?[View]
140971467Is this the best Disney movie of all time?[View]
140972019This movie is incredible, I've never seen a film like it. Feels like the culmination of decades…[View]
140972177My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legi…[View]
140972176I genuinely can't decide who was in the wrong here. On one hand, adulterers deserve death so th…[View]
140970979Wow!! This just made 2020 a bit more hopeful. I love CN![View]
140972146>'Sign the document and take the oath to Hitler and you will be set free' >'I am already free'…[View]
140971448how did such a meme movie won best picture? honestly very suspect, almost like there's some sor…[View]
140971273Was one of them the Thing?[View]
140971698Anyone else like to use Wikipedia to read about television and film?[View]
140965589Television Kinos: >The Boys >Westworld >Stranger Things >Dexter >Game of Thrones >…[View]
140971571nothing I do will ever be enough for my parents[View]
140971655Help me compile a list of the best movies of all time? I'll start. The legend of 1900[View]
140971954YOU ARE A TOY![View]
140971181>'You've done well, My children. At last, after all your trials and tribulations, it is time…[View]
140962373>Your love of the halfling's leaf has clearly slowed your mind[View]
140968080>kino is a historically accurate depiction of documented atrocities committed against Belorussian…[View]
140968704What's his best work?[View]
140967194How has Lucas not been cancelled for this yet?[View]
140971680UNDAH DA SEA[View]
140970593can I please have some recommendations for stuff I can watch with my gf our relationship is a bit ro…[View]
140970984>jannie shows up >all the good threads get deleted…[View]
140971759Dear journal[View]
140971761What are some good films about male friendship?[View]
140971722Why wouldn't she take off the jacket?[View]
140969431Why didn't he pull a Sandler/Ferrell/Stiller career move and make comedy movies every year rega…[View]
140969853>Crime is like an opera. And we are the Sopranos of it. Jesus Christ, Chase.…[View]
140971030i got filtered :/[View]
140971082Dead meme general[View]
140963556Why did he let it happen?[View]
140968317>watching titanic >not a single black person >look it up >no black people on Titanic hol…[View]
140969929what the fuck was their problem??[View]
140970736now that the dust has settled, can we talk about The Boys?[View]
140956263>2020...I'm forgotten[View]
140969266HBO Max's GREEN LANTERN Series Will Feature Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Alan Scott And More: …[View]
140971391>new ryan get in my off...hey you look ripped >no I just lost 300 pounds...MY VIRGINITY!…[View]
140965856Why did no one tell me about this kino >dat animation >dat late 90's edginess >todd mc…[View]
140971260What was the next step of her master plan?[View]
140971249Detective Chinatown: Saw the first ep. so far so good. This is a chinese series but it's set in…[View]
140971216itt: cryptofascist kin: post em[View]
140970421I just paid $20 to watch this and it's probably the worst thing I've ever seen. Dylan O…[View]
140959490First Look At Camila Cabello As CINDERELLA: >The cast also includes Idina Menzel as Cinderella…[View]
140964252have any of you guys watched /evil/? its pretty cool[View]
140968584JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: DC is banking on them to be their Avengers equivalent after the blunder …[View]
140970888Wtf do Greeks really act like this?[View]
140969995How are my cupcakes Ted?[View]
140967446Why the fuck did he think doing meth with his son was a good idea?[View]
140969649I'm finna boutta watch The Young Pope. What am I in for?[View]
140970695Just pressed play on this. Did I like it?[View]
140970464>another episode beginning with Stav singing about how small his cock is out of tune…[View]
140969206What happens in Captain Marvel 2?[View]
140966414I dont like it. Needs more /v/.[View]
140969432Why the fuck is there daily threads about Scorsese ripping off French noir? Can some explain it to m…[View]
140970651Muahhhh the french...emperor...[View]
140970570Anyone seen these films?: They’re low key unintentionally redpilled. They portray gays as predatory …[View]
140967854The Deep: Why didn't he just have the whale capsize the boat and tell the dolphins to drown eve…[View]
140970185based Jadav: this would make the greatest biopic. Does /tv/ agree?[View]
140969467>Movie set in the future >It's set in the USA…[View]
140969531Is there a TV show responsible for your fetishes? The Nanny made me forever love tights and pantyhos…[View]
140968370>movie espouses conservative values[View]
140964136Is this actually good or just another meme film?[View]
140970316Kinos about never giving up?[View]
140968208Has American animation finally peaked? https://youtu.be/nWWY0gPcXwQ[View]
140969520Can anime be kino?[View]
140967124How do you feel about the ending?[View]
140970232This movie could have been based.[View]
140970226>Movie made by black people >It's actually good WTF bros?…[View]
140965893he tried to warn us[View]
140967512Why are 4k bluray players still so expensive?[View]
140970068if I'm such a bad dad, why are we all dancin?[View]
140965715Stop making Texas Chainsaw movies. All of them besides the original are shit.[View]
140970010hello? Mr. Eh ugh Janny? Am I Senate yet? The thing? The office thing?[View]
140969580Must be the season of the witch[View]
140969821where can I watch Avengers Endgame Super Ultra Mega Special Uncut Limited Digitally Improved Upgrade…[View]
140969867Time Commanders: We'll never see kino like this ever again, huh?[View]
140966934SACHA BARON COHEN IN TALKS TO PLAY DOCTOR FATE IN BLACK ADAM: Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) has in talks…[View]
140969381Has there ever been a movie based on the Bible? Like a literal screen adaptation of the Bible.[View]
140968775Raised by wolves: Was this always the plan? Was mother designed to birth snakes?[View]
140969612Cast it.[View]
140969500Ryan Haywood: So how long until he pulls a ProJared and redeems himself?[View]
140969694>deliberately post inflammatory and stupid garbage on /tv/ for sweet delicious (You)s >get no …[View]
140968490The Wire is the greatest tv show ever made: David Simon is Jewish[View]
140969098What would you have done?[View]
140969167Do you guys still watch movies or TV shows on a CRT? I find it quite comfy to just pop in a disc int…[View]
140968527What is the definitive film of the 1970s?[View]
140969566Unhinged has finally leaked HONK HONK[View]
140967161My DVD player won't show old TV in 4:3. Old movies are fine, it's just television and they…[View]
140969542James Woods is kino. You cannot dispute this. Any movie he is in is automatically kino.[View]
140969541I don't get the hype for him: >gets outacted by pesci in goodfellas, casino and irishman …[View]
140969469when will he get his inevitable biopic?[View]
140966983Was he... dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
140969410are you looking forward to brie larson's upcoming movies and/or youtube videos?[View]
140966661>You are now remembering the smell[View]
140968860When China takes over Hollywood and American/global pop culture, will they ban brown skins from appe…[View]
140969370What does /tv/ think of this movie:: >lose against somalia. One of the best war movies ever made …[View]
140969367>the real ghost was the grief we made along the way Fuck this show.[View]
140969290'This is how we survive; we tell ourselves we are the walking dead'[View]
140967451kino about philandering alcoholics?[View]
140967720>As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a priest. *Doo-wop plays*…[View]
140968870ITT kino you picked when the girl finally came over to “watch movies”[View]
140969234A sequel to 'The Head Incident' was announced. will you guys watch it? I didn't watch the first…[View]
140956574Why do they keep doing it, tradbros?[View]
140968880I sure miss those kids...[View]
140968346ITT: We post our favorite movie quotes.[View]
140968511>antagonist is evil because... he's evil[View]
140968884https://youtu.be/IVuDpkRBsJo?t=46 Sorry to inform you indie cinema aficionados but the long awaited …[View]
140969038Why were people in 2019 so retarded?[View]
140967993Ben Affleck's Daredevil was NOT a bad film. Another misunderstood Capeflix imho.[View]
140966647Culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.[View]
140967956Holy shit this is the worst and most toxic couple I've ever seen in a movie[View]
140962384>be dunston >check in[View]
140953870I started watching Twin Peaks a few months ago (and just picked it up again today). It's pretty…[View]
140966011Mandalorian S2 Special Look: Looks boring and soulless. What would this season have to do to kill th…[View]
140940798NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! IMPURE!! IMPURE!!!!!! https://twitter.com/them/status/1318196176630501376?s=19…[View]
140967761Just rewatched Scream and it's still great but how are the sequels? Are they any good or just s…[View]
140968228Twin Peaks FWWM: Who’s this guy?[View]
140968819it's so strange how similar this movie is to the fast and the furious >blonde, blue eyed roo…[View]
140968090What's your favorite scary movie, anon?[View]
140950140/hor/ - Horror General - comfy Oc2ber ferret edition: im still here lads[View]
140968693ITT: Your boys[View]
140968675your thoughts?[View]
140961979Has there ever been a more negative reaction to a movie trailer than this? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
140966236How would a Warhammer 40k movie/series with unlimited budget look like?: I unironically believe the …[View]
140963732Which was better[View]
140966927Why are filmmakers still reluctant to put in actual sex scenes between men in mainstream movies? Str…[View]
140965739What's your favorite couch gag?[View]
140968549movie wallpaper thread[View]
140967438I'm still hilarious.[View]
140965635John Cena. just think about it.[View]
140966437What's your 'fuck this, I'm just gonna go rewatch X' go to movie?[View]
140968524>watching Seinfeld >Hello, Newman...[View]
140967828>sequel to horror movie >protagonist of previous film dies in first scene…[View]
140967544Who can possibly defeat him?[View]
140965479Who would you cast as Wonder Woman?[View]
140966501Did anyone ever find a way to beat his 'pretending to be retarded' strategy?[View]
140962381Some cementwork from the late John Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys: https://youtu.be/3mcQfP8k51s Damn…[View]
140962815/trek/: Mickey D Edition previous: >>140953580[View]
140963935Name a better ending than THIS[View]
140959647Is Star Trek fucked?[View]
140965858cyberpunch: Looking for more movies like lawnmower man / cyberpunk Thanks[View]
140968216I'm tired of pretending it's not superior to the original.[View]
140968237Good movie, plus she cute.[View]
140965366St. Paul, I'm RCIA.[View]
140965108Was she planning to fuck Travolta?[View]
140965957>shows up in some form >kid gets scared and runs away >he stands still and disappears Does …[View]
140967307The Vow: Imagine the orgies[View]
140964988*filters the men from the boys*[View]
140966943This movie sucks[View]
140959570Bros... what's happening to Millard Bobbie Brown?[View]
140967655Help me understand /tv/: Why a pretty good art film with some entry level philosophy sprinkled in it…[View]
140967927how the fuck did they get away with a kid saying a curse word in a childrens movie?[View]
140967096>Fat Russell Crowe goes on a murdering spree because a white woman didn't say sorry to him i…[View]
140967900What are some movies with a similar aesthetic to Blade Runner? By similar aesthetic I mean bright ne…[View]
140966050so what's the final verdict on craig's bond flicks?[View]
140967703do people really raise a full glass to their mouth and sip a small microdose of liquid and put the g…[View]
140967740i'm the monkey in charge of the bananas[View]
140964721wait so were christians the bad guys?[View]
140963429>It's impossible. N-no charges... >You never saw it coming, right officer?…[View]
140966057Fookin...: Up late at night, watching the /tv/ See a few shitposts, the sneeds, the banes Fockin.. a…[View]
140965270Is he based?[View]
140967620I talked to Barzini.[View]
140966899this and day of the dead are the two best zombie kinos[View]
140967577Men only kinos: I hate all females and don't want to watch movies starring them or being involv…[View]
140967567Now that the truth about Hila is out, what’s next for Ethan Klein?[View]
140967471/MM/ Mad Men General: >young Don edition I love how the show can be split and viewed as two diff…[View]
140963048What are some Navy Seal kinos?[View]
140965947Paul Rudd made this movie kino af.[View]
140966495Are people from Toronto really like this?[View]
140965964Will we ever get peak Lena back?[View]
140964201Ok, that's just mean.[View]
140965826>you will never live in the pre-covid world again is there any kino that encapsulates a feel such…[View]
140967348Best TV show 2020 for me. Russian, No SJW bs. Great acting with likeable characters and plot. Go wat…[View]
140965823For me, it's Skade.[View]
140967293He kills people because... he's a killer[View]
140966800What films fit the Dark Academic lifestyle?[View]
140966147Die Amerikaner, die kämpfen wie Weiber[View]
140966624Watch where you're goin', ya fool![View]
140964482What's his angle?[View]
140965994Why was he so uncomfortable in this scene?[View]
140967067Idris T. Elba: Who is the biggest male sex symbol in Hollywood? And why is it pic related?[View]
140966835There going to ruin Yoda’s race I guarantee it. Lucas wanted Yoda to be this mysterious guy that no …[View]
140965203I've been waiting a long time for this[View]
140963205>Hello there, my fellow african-american brother[View]
140966995>millie ramsey she never had a chance did she?[View]
140959262What are some horror movies with realistic ghosts?[View]
140961497>No comfy Sopranos thread[View]
140964641Why is the extended version, RotK especially, riddled with really weird monologues? The penultimate …[View]
140966867Whos is the actor or actress that instantly turns you off from a movie and you will never watch it?[View]
140966555Cast him.[View]
140964534How in the hell did anyone get the idea that this movie was anti-hate and anti-racist? It had so muc…[View]
140963728Hello, this is Johnny Sack. Who am I speaking with?[View]
140966636Why, at the height of his career, did Clint randomly decide to do a movie where he played a supporti…[View]
140966353>Say what!? >Yeah...the voice actor for Smaug wants to come to the studio and ...'act it out'…[View]
140967949>'chris you cock sucking shit eating deadbeat piece of human fucking garbage how the fuck are you…[View]
140967673Cast him.[View]
140965651Not a shitpost, serious answers only: What is supposed to be on their hats?[View]
140966766Podcast recommendations / Podcast General: I like history and economics podcasts.. In Our Time SRB P…[View]
140966775what are some native american kino?[View]
140965528/tv/, what's your favorite quote from movies/tv shows? 'Ad infinitum and afterwards!' - Buzz th…[View]
140961484Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140956057>Let's get together, guys. It's movie night and anon gets to pick the film today. What …[View]
140966427WHAT DOTH TASTE?[View]
140966188What went wrong?[View]
140963409>'YOUR MOTHER... ATE MY DOG!'[View]
140955637/who/ Doctor Who General: Best Scottish Doctor Edition Old shit >>140946164[View]
140966088Why is this film so divisive? Its fans regard it as one of the best horror films ever made, while it…[View]
140967800So was this guy speaking above his station, or did he actually get this agreed? Why would Mike and R…[View]
140967292>movie is about the holocaust[View]
140965898Jeff Bridges announces cancer diagnosis: F[View]
140960571Are movies inherently political? Pic unrelated.[View]
140965154Bane?! Is that you old buddy? My god. It's been 35 years...[View]
140963477>2020 >I am forgotten[View]
140952503Mission impossible 2: Why is this hated so much? Because of Thandie?[View]
140964575>'Say the words, say YOU want this. Nothing happens until I hear you say it' >'I want this' …[View]
140965073How many actors take Dutasteride to stop balding? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv9gu1zJdRo[View]
140966272What was his fucking problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtvYlgVyyAs[View]
140953168what went wrong?[View]
140963147>film has jokes[View]
140964914why didn't hawk shake her(his) hand?[View]
140966127American Housewife: WTF Butterbros, we got too cocky new girl looks kinda cute and funny desu…[View]
140965764ITT name the worst episode of your favorite TV show. I’ll start. The ‘Breakage’ episode of Breaking …[View]
140965557Bruh, Space Jam 2 is going to feature the WNBA[View]
140959612ITT: moments in movies where you laughed inappropriately[View]
140965699Criterion release when?[View]
140965640cast her in the inevitable?[View]
140965839any kinos about the mysteries of ancient life?[View]
140965711>'She didn't say. She was too busy calling me a pathetic servant of the capitalist fatcats!'…[View]
140963378>Running time: 163 minutes[View]
140965504Whoa, what?[View]
140962160WHOLESOME ADVENTURE KINOS: Post movies I can watch with my little nephews. Along the lines of: >t…[View]
140963747What did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/eG9i7d8yfKQ[View]
140962983What was his end game?[View]
140964633>Jamie Foxx: *exists* >Brie Larson: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career…[View]
140964346True worst movies you’ve ever seen: No memeshit. Post anomalously bad movies preferably in a list fr…[View]
140959590Not bad: why has there been zero recommendation of this on /tv/, just finished season 1 and it was q…[View]
140954265OH NO NO NO[View]
140949038post your kinostations[View]
140958005Now seems like a good time for a random Red Letter Media thread.[View]
140962000JEFF BRIDGES DIAGNOSED WITH LYMPHOMA: https://twitter.com/TheJeffBridges/status/1318341223384518663…[View]
140965596>Massive effects budget >Ratings hovering around 0.6-0.7 by the finale >Fans and critics vo…[View]
140965227>You're special...You're the BladeRunner 2049 Had to stop the film there. How did anyo…[View]
140959838Dark Fate: I liked it[View]
140964104Her: 7 years later and it's still the best cuckino of all time.[View]
140965427How?: >Be gay >Tell vegan movie star if she eats a piece of raw meat she gets to fuck you >…[View]
140965105MCU Fantastic Four: These are the names I've been hearing for Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben.[View]
140965406Seinfeld: This is such a moralfaggot show. Name a single episode where their problems couldn't …[View]
140965191Just watched the finale and boy was this a shitshow. I don't mind the way racial tensions are p…[View]
140964127>delays your Halloween specials heh, nothing personal kid[View]
140965283>ITT Movies w/ kino soundtracks and music videos[View]
140964958Is Lovecraft Country antisemitic? >Like more than 1 million Americans in each of the last three w…[View]
140952749*takes 17 years to find out that the ring is evil in your path*[View]
140956607name a more bassass character introduction[View]
140965217What are some movies that you expected to like a lot more than you did? Don't get me wrong I…[View]
140965117>What are the charges, officer?[View]
140963426damn didn't realize this movie was so fucking old. just watched it. it fucking sucked ass. brad…[View]
140945103DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Adds Xochitl Gomez In Pivotal Role: Here's your Ame…[View]
140962016Saturday Night Live is making fun of Japan again[View]
140963853>if they set that android free it will be the end of all of us >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
140965115anyone else watch ufo hunters back in the day/?: >mfw they got cancelled because they dug into hu…[View]
140964899You would watch Wonder Woman 84 if Gadot was THICC??[View]
140965112>two tickets to Dune, please[View]
140963797And finally, Joker movie took it's first victim, we tried to warn you and you didn't liste…[View]
140965056>BROO the SOPRANOS is so funny I didnt laugh once. Hack rip off of French noir…[View]
140964947Imagine you're in a /tv/ thread, and you see this:: >heckerino >chud >oh no no no no…[View]
140964965Cast him[View]
140965006.webm thread: Post what you have.[View]
140965001Alien Franchise: >mfw we're in the pipe, five by five Also: >SPUNKmeyer…[View]
140964985Harold and Kumar: We will never have a movie like this again.[View]
140964862Just finished this. I really stopped liking it the second I realized mikkel was just going to chill …[View]
140963299>late night comedy shows >they aren't funny…[View]
140963323Anyone else pissed that it got patched? I can't seem to find the Cursed Version, before they ed…[View]
140964469>>Liam Cunningham Refused to Let ‘Thrones’ Make Davos Crush on Missandei: ‘I’m Not F*cking Doi…[View]
140964837What movies do chudposters like?[View]
140957157Dead Career Club[View]
140964686>popular and entry level >dark and gritty deconstruction of a juvenile genre >has a lesbian…[View]
140964783Post real kino: Actual fucking kino mega.nz/#!LugXCS5T!Ly-WS0cRHisqYtwXnQhj1TkybFDh2j8KIHT5U2AbAkc…[View]
140964226Matrix 4: How pozzed will this be when it comes out? Do you think the big reveal is that Trinity was…[View]
140964505Show me your best YouTube alien and conspiracy kinos.[View]
140964193ITT: characters that remind you of yourself[View]
140964388it's easier for me to watch films with extreme violence than romantic comedies. is it just beca…[View]
140964694>Protagonist uses restroom >The doesn't look down the toilet and scream in fear before fl…[View]
140963061>looks like its time for plan B >what's plan B? >RUN!!!!!!!!…[View]
140964116BARTY CROUCH!!![View]
140964273Why did Lucas sell to Disney?: bros I need to know, is there any info on this yet?[View]
140951981She could've been a good stormfront.[View]
140964481History and Film Intersecting: Times when history and film happen to land on the same square. I…[View]
140964462Actors that bring Soul[View]
140962129Can't understand a fucking thing they're saying[View]
140962893Granger? I hardly know her![View]
140964404[mic drop.][View]
140964380Did you watch the second best documentary this year next to Feels Good Man? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
140960664The Boys (2019-2020): >RACISM B-[View]
140964305>word to the wise: remember pearl habor[View]
140958766has /tv/ seen this flick?[View]
140963923Alita: What's so special about Zalem? Why didn't they show what life was like outside Iron…[View]
140962450Why has this show aged so poorly?[View]
140964245Crissy or Janet?[View]
140964169Holy fucking shit! This movie is for me!!! Do you have a movie just for you?[View]
140963059help with homework: my teacher ask me for videos that combine different shots, like bust shot turn i…[View]
140963898How long could you last, /tv/?[View]
140941660What's the worst (rdddt) movie you were ever tricked into watching by /tv[View]
140964106Dracula Untold was a far better Universal Monster movie than The Mummy (2017) and The Invisible Man …[View]
140962632Is there such thing as 'Cinema Gods'?[View]
140962454What is your favourite Egypt set or Mummy themed movie /tv/?[View]
140964054'The Vow': Why are White People so vulnerable to cults[View]
140963885I'm looking for a movie about Guantanamo Bay. Some arab gets kidnapped by special forces and pu…[View]
140962946>It's quite simple really. The beer and cigarettes are the only things keeping the cancer fr…[View]
140963733https://youtu.be/rkh-bOujn40 Now you know.[View]
140958657With hours to themselves isolated for whatever reason whether it be lack of friends growing up, fami…[View]
140963887Shows you've watched over and over: For me it's Frasier, just never gets old.[View]
140957776When was the last time you had sex anons? I refuse to believe it's possible for someone to not …[View]
140963385>watch this >it's actually kino Why can't they come and cleanse our planet, bros? I…[View]
140963807is it the eyes?[View]
140963614>these filthy iberian peasants will never set foot on American clay[View]
140962656Most underrated film of the last 10 years?[View]
140963495This movie is real life nightmare fuel. Other than my family, I can’t name more than 10 people I wou…[View]
140963494Okay I’m subscribed to criterion channel. I’ve watched artsy foreign shit like Ashes and Diamonds, …[View]
140962335Was television and film really that problematic in the late 90s and early 00s?[View]
140960975>Try to escape my nerve gas now[View]
140962531ITT Christkino: Where my catholic school niggas at[View]
140959182ONE TWO THREE FO[View]
140963664This is in the top 5 TV shows of all time[View]
140962444I was actually enjoying this but it got pretty bad at the end of season 1. How is season 2?[View]
140961338>'You're covered in blood! >'It's not mine.'…[View]
140961502>That's good. >That's bad.[View]
140953580/trek/: SEXY INTO DARKNESS EDITION Previously: >>140937537 >PRIME DIRECTIVE: /trek/ is the…[View]
140960754Am I crazy, or does she look like a bag of trouble?[View]
140963359Netflix’s OUTLAW KING: Just marathoned the shit out of this Netflix hyper-kino over the last 5 days …[View]
140960079Name a kino that's more fun to watch than this.[View]
140960798I need something good to watch tonight, no rules, just make it kino[View]
140961839pure, unfiltered and raw kinography[View]
140960460Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
140962922Why did people hate this movie? It’s kino.[View]
140957973recite your baseline[View]
140962613Kinos you've had sex during?[View]
140962138This movie made me realize how much of a fucking loser i was in highschool. I wasted my life...[View]
140961932>London Fog... 'Never let anyone know you're a faggot or I will fucking end you' Very subtle…[View]
140952476>write yourself in a corner >'it was all a dream'…[View]
140962029>Not me shawty, I'm beautiful[View]
140962337>high school in the mid/late 00s >incessantly quote Borat and Superbad I want to go back, bros…[View]
140959956Amazzonkane: Kino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWe78cpJ76w[View]
140963116>”If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s a Parasite.”[View]
140961013Should I just skip to the part where Lenny wakes up?[View]
140963097>wasted years[View]
140962999>Forget it Jake. It's Chinatown.[View]
140957180What's his name again?[View]
140959814Mirror Mode: Post mirrored screenshots, not movie posters[View]
140963039Robert Redford and his 60 year old son[View]
140962871kino is back on the menu: DECEMBER 6 and another special episode tba https://deadline.com/2020/10/eu…[View]
140962057What in the FUCK was Todd's problem?[View]
140961725what are the best 50 cent kinos?[View]
140962927I have not related to a character this much since Tony Soprano[View]
140961858Your favorite movie lines I'll start with a classic[View]
140962881AJ was a fucking loser[View]
140962545>We are currently at the site where the gruesome double murder suicide took place.…[View]
140958027>Nazis are the good guys Fuck this shitty movie.[View]
140960742TV Pleb Filters: Pilot episode of Mindhunter: >start the show, the hostage negotiator fails >m…[View]
140958199is he dishonest?[View]
140962659>dude, everyone is just inexplicably killing themselves! Who the fuck comes up with this garbage?…[View]
140953497HIS NAME IS...[View]
140962326Name a better ending than this.[View]
140962587>delays your Halloween specials heh, nothing personal kid[View]
140960631what the fuck? nobody told me this was a feels movie[View]
140961741Jeff Bridges diagnosed with Lymphoma[View]
140960727How do i write a script?[View]
140960216I caught this movie on T.V. and I can safely say watching it as an adult was a completely different …[View]
140962399got that purple lamborghini lurkin'[View]
140959630Does film (and other forms of art) expose the fact that men are obsessed with women? Think about it.…[View]
140960827>Nobody could tell he was a rat[View]
140962321ITT: Scenes that are still being made today[View]
140945637What do you think about when you watch his videos? They make me want to go on an adventure :)[View]
140961996Movies about masturbating at the most inopportune times.[View]
140958017Why did the Friends writers include this? Do they really think this is believable?[View]
140961244Did they?[View]
140962133What did Harry Potter mean by this?[View]
140962069Anime can't be kin-: >Akira Kurosawa, the legendary filmmaking titan, put My Neighbor Totoro…[View]
140961431Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140957648Got any merch from a film you like?[View]
140957362>Show is actual kino >Gets dropped Many such cases…[View]
140961665signs your about to watch kino[View]
140960076Hello citizens of /tv/, I was wondering which edition I should of Citizen Kane. Just the normal edit…[View]
140958103This seems inappropriate.[View]
140959653What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
140961327Joaquin Phoenix: Why does he acts like an autistic and lonely middle age man in every single movie?…[View]
140960232Saw Aidan Gillen today and the arrogant bastard didn't even wear a mask[View]
140961729>James has always been cool What did she mean by this?[View]
140961249ITT: Underrated kino[View]
140961242> It's called gaslighting[View]
140961623Reddit: The Show[View]
140961190https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlord_Era >Zhang Zongchang, known as the 'Dogmeat General', was d…[View]
140959876Why did she kill her kid ?[View]
140961598Cring: Any movies you can't stand?[View]
140958871ᑐᑌᑎᑕ: Why the movie designs are so fucking shit? Even fan art does it better.[View]
140957698Why is he in the movie portrayed as a villain?[View]
140937537/trek/: D'k tahg Edition PREVIOUS: >>140929023 PRIME DIRECTIVE: Fuck STD, fuck SPIC and f…[View]
140960973Water Park and Traffic Jam. This is the comfiest two parter in television history. You can't na…[View]
140960614Is it any good?: Good action and suspense or just meh? I’ve been on a Bourne tear and would like som…[View]
140958372The Boys: How does the physics of this scene work? If you are already sitting on someone's fac…[View]
140961460I know my rights, man.[View]
140957730where the fug is ICE in 2020, we got problems, he said he'd solve it.[View]
140958713itt: kino with shit endings[View]
140958810Why did Walt stop Skylar from becoming a mermaid?[View]
140958823Ok just delete the thred when we start a good discussion: This is your setting The main characters a…[View]
140959993Did this guy only have two ideas?[View]
140961313When are the Peps getting the biopic they deserve?[View]
140960869What was wrong with Chris' suggestion here? How did an irrational hothead like Johnny become bo…[View]
140957076>'Hey geekboy, give us your popcorn money!' wat do[View]
140957137ITS UP[View]
140960949itt: obscure kino I just watched this hidden gem. Unironically one of the best movies I've seen…[View]
140958837Is there a better living director?[View]
140960539>character’s name is Micheal Such a boring and unoriginal name. Anytime there’s a character named…[View]
140961047Leighton T. Meester: What went wrong with her career, /tv/?[View]
140957274How is Carol?[View]
140950212>I do a lot of push ups and sit ups >And I drink plenty of juice…[View]
140961065>There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. >It is a dimension as vast as s…[View]
140960995>When you look at me, you see Slippin' Jimmy.[View]
140958941TOP 10 /tv/ BETRAYALS[View]
140959831Why was there a magma factory in the middle of LA?[View]
140956650Show ending real ending: >there are people who think Jon being denied his birthright but ending u…[View]
140960835What are some kinos about a man who realises he's wasted his life chasing some false dream and …[View]
140960657>movie had vampire hunters >they hunt at night…[View]
140960800>delays all your Halloween specials heh, nothing personal zoomers[View]
140960497These are the only two that matter.: Mike only needs Rich, and he should stuff the others in the sam…[View]
140960719I’m an oaf[View]
140956248STAR WARS' Waiti filming in Ireland in december: “It’s great that Star Wars have decided to use…[View]
140960654Just what is it that you want to do?[View]
140956967IT'S UP (more of it)[View]
140959232>How the hell are you, Don?: One of the few people Don seemed to actually like. How was Crab Coul…[View]
140960338FNaF Movie leak: The film starts at a birthday party for a young boy at, of course, Freddy Fazbear…[View]
140945598How do you exactly defeat it?[View]
140953701>it's a scene where a murderer gets upset because his partner got killed Man those are alway…[View]
140941802What impact is this going to have on western cinema?[View]
140959707holy shit /tv/ look who i met today[View]
140950409Outlaw King: Just marathoned this. What did I think about it?[View]
140959007Criterion release when?[View]
140955035Have any of the GoT actors been in something good since the show ended?[View]
140958329Any wuxia fans here that can tell me if this film is worth watching? The only other Zhang Yimou film…[View]
140958845One of the most epic moments that I have watched in a tv series. https://youtu.be/HWcKNhueAIc[View]
140960020What the hell was her problem?[View]
140957720Yep, time for the time travelling kino[View]
140958256SAW: Why are all the movies numbingly retarded? The entire plot falls apart when you ask for a simpl…[View]
140954178you can pinpoint the exact moment he let his hubris destroy his career right here[View]
140959904First poster for next Texas Chainsaw movie: This is unrelated to Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) and Leathe…[View]
140958454Is it worth my time? Thinking about starting this one. Watched couple of clips on YT. Likes: the nat…[View]
140959668>female character >she gets acid thrown in her face for being a western slut…[View]
140958246Vixen: Who will play her in the upcoming solo film?[View]
140958992>silence of the lambs >we don't know if Clarice's lambs ever stopped screaming garba…[View]
140959399>I’m Wilford Brimley and I have diabeetus[View]
140959024chudbros have no cool actors to look up t-[View]
140957279>'Hy здapoвa, aмepикaнeц. Я - Бpaт 2.'[View]
140959521The best thing is these nigger jannies believe I have a thing for kiki and didn't just use her …[View]
140957489Name a better movie[View]
140958484this is the greatest and most influential film of the last 20 years[View]
140957130Probably one of the most complex and deep characters ever written on the history of TV[View]
140954879Im Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.[View]
140954472>'chimping out is a white man's luxury.' How cucked are the writers to actually have him say…[View]
140941854Still the best werewolf ever put to film[View]
140958848>AUGUST 11TH >NK searches “How to prepare for anal sex.” >AUGUST 12TH >CW kills his fami…[View]
140959247I encourage you all to watch. Hate is not welcome here ;)[View]
140958943Gogool how 2 maek fren[View]
140954573biopic when?[View]
140959174How are they doing all of this without slowing down?[View]
140959025Thank You For Smoking and other 2000s kinos[View]
140957991Goodfellas or Casino?: For me its Casino[View]
140959081What are some movies that you can smell?[View]
140959044Not Justified: In the television & film kino show called justified the namespace and premise of …[View]
140957023How far do you go /tv/?[View]
140957469I asked for but one whiff of her butthole: >She gave me 3[View]
140958989ITT: Kino interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqiWFLsgVi4[View]
140958761>Dodge this[View]
140958780'You wanna take his face.....?' 'Yes - His face.... off...'[View]
140952557>the 100 year old BOOmer face: AHHHHHHH UGHHHHHH HNNNNNNG IM GONNA IM GONNA BOOOOOOO![View]
140950374I'll take a pound of nuts[View]
140954658Choose one.[View]
140958650hey /tv/[View]
140958114I miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
140958402Detective Chinatown: One day we shall watch this together.[View]
140942449Chief Manykino say, movie should be free, like buffalo.[View]
140958471Who's gonna join me in watching this absolute kino now? It's free here: https://www.nfb.ca…[View]
140958379Any kinos about bankers and people who deal with currency?[View]
140957697Kings: This moment was one of the greatest scenes in TV history.[View]
140957474Is it meant to be the same Pee-wee in the show and movies? Why do the two seem so different?[View]
140957889Give the dividend to frodo[View]
140955304>chungking express first half vs second half[View]
140953699Marathoned this, now what did I think of it?[View]
140957766Just finished Vice Principals, pretty good, I've heard Eastbound and Down is similar, is it any…[View]
140954221>Ruining a countries economy because of a virus with less than 0.1% mortality rate? >Yes, this…[View]
140958096JOKER: And I thought my shitposts were bad... REDDITOR: Give me one reason why I shouldn't have…[View]
140958068name a worse movie. pro tip: you can't.[View]
140941289>tfw you will never enjoy kino like kanye[View]
140958089who would win in a fight?[View]
140957871Funniest one yet![View]
140955513Thanks mom :)[View]
140957914What are some films about >what are some films about >>what are some films about films abou…[View]
140957844Kinos where the protagonist rises from the ashes in the third act: https://youtu.be/6_6zwVNn88o…[View]
140953751So why the F U C K didn't this moron figure out who Arya was? He certainly knew that Arya was m…[View]
140956048Post a picture and someone will create a movie based on the image[View]
140957590He's totally into weed, right?[View]
140957037Masketta Man is always kino[View]
140957625Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director of all time, and A Clockwork Orange is one of the greatest …[View]
140957484Could it be cast in 2020?[View]
140957452I'm watching Bladerunner for the first time. If I like this I'm gonna watch Bladerunner 20…[View]
140953724>Schwarzenegger has Terminator >Stallone has Rambo >Statham has The Meg >The rock has...…[View]
140957556Rob schneider is: Which one was the most kino?[View]
140956524Why are shows like this popular? To make people feel better about their own weight?[View]
140957480metal skin: anybody seen this? it's on youtube now fyi[View]
140954378Sydney Sweeney was supposed to be the next big thing. What went wrong?[View]
140955925Why didn't he make a suit out of vibranium? Thabos wouldn't have stood a chance.[View]
140957349Chris Watts is trying to get an early release. can the mad man actually do it? https://youtu.be/FHNo…[View]
140957379I don't get it lol.[View]
140955624Why'd he do it bros?[View]
140956098I want to do this but with xenomorphs, I think it would make me feel cool.[View]
140956213How can he be killed?[View]
140957369Because Grant's like me.. hes a digger[View]
140951393How badly will they fuck this up?[View]
140957182Was he... you know... gay?[View]
140953312Literally the only thing 2020 had going for it: And it's not even getting a 2020 release.…[View]
140956952Is there anyone in the entertainment industry who's an even bigger cuck than Jimmy Kimmel?[View]
140956647NEW BATMAN KINO COMING NEXT FALL!: Are you anons ready?[View]
140957202Adriana made it to California. The rest of Sopranos was fake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctZLmy…[View]
140956903This image broke /tv/[View]
140957110Post image, recommend a kino[View]
140957172Hey, where's everybody goin?[View]
140957167You wanna talk sum sheit?[View]
140954543>watching tv >main actor turns toward screen >says my name, address, date of birth, and soc…[View]
140952181>Please don't kick my ass bully-sama, I kneel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMbN_MzCpw…[View]
140954322>stocked up on Kino balls >NEET bux now deposited in to my account >BLACKED subscription re…[View]
140957070Kinos with this feel?[View]
140956078post best underappreciated 90s/00s films[View]
140956986Does anyone remember what the planter express ship's license plate was? I know they show it but…[View]
140957075TOP 10 /tv/ BETRAYALS[View]
140956644Help, I'm stuck inside your computer.[View]
140955404Good actor or just eye candy?[View]
140957056Let them fight.[View]
140951155When the capeshit fad will end (as it already fades in popularity) will we get the renaissance of me…[View]
140954742What's your least favorite season of Family Guy?[View]
140954115I recognize Pennywise but what is the girl's costume supposed to be?[View]
140926595>Remus Lupin >Remus - Romulus & Remus, two brothers from Roman mythology who were raised b…[View]
140956982What did Raimi mean by this?[View]
140955719Was this really necessary?[View]
140956566Do people actually think like this?[View]
140956664How do you go from this...[View]
140954734Are you more of a Homer or more of a Lisa?[View]
140956418HEY N-[View]
140956856Kinos where people get called out on their stupidity? https://youtu.be/MJcfkvll4Nc[View]
140956634What do they eat?[View]
140954625Peep Show girls: Which one would you stick your dick in?[View]
140956684>tfw i wasnt born Italian why even live[View]
140956499>Be Harry >Be with the Hendersons[View]
140956649With was Jackson trying to convey with this scene?[View]
140954131Are the second and third films any good?[View]
140956142Open your yaps, boyos![View]
140954206Cast the inevitable live action big screen adaptation[View]
140945692Boys: Alastair was S2's best character and he deserved a better ending[View]
140953138There is always a tinier manlet[View]
140955924What is the most KINO /tv/ dinner?[View]
140955885Are the rumors true?[View]
140946164/who/ Doctor Who General: Capaldeyes Edition Previous: >>140932838[View]
140954750Jojo Wabbit: wtf, I love Jews now[View]
140954775I'm not worried bros Yes, Jakob is stronger, but there's something even stronger than him …[View]
140955790Movies & Propaganda/Subversion: Hello my friends! Let us discuss propaganda and the state of mod…[View]
140948041Jesus Christ who wrote this intolerable crap?: Oh, of course it was Aaron Sorkin. Leave it to the gu…[View]
140956157>that captured subtle balance between sexual attraction and genuine family-esque affection and th…[View]
140952635What are some other movies that could be described as 'dangerously based'?[View]
140956064Sorry, I only watch REAL kino[View]
140952617Unhinged: >Unhinged 2020 720p WEBRip >Unhinged 2020 720p WEBRip get it while its hot lads.…[View]
140952420Why don't more movies explore the theme of incest?[View]
140955799>I have had it with these motherfuckin Chuds, on this motherfuckin board!…[View]
140955987>I talked Tobarzini What language is Tobarzini? Why did say 'talked' (implying past-tense). Does …[View]
140955872>the movie review is longer than the movie itself What's the point? You can just watch the m…[View]
140955973Superman I remake in pre-production!: Are you anons excited for some brand new superhero kino?…[View]
140953434Who are they going to recast as Star-Lord now that Chris Pratt is confirmed a racist?[View]
140954969>388 days until fantastic beasts 3[View]
140955014how do you go from this[View]
140955916How's your portfolio, anon?[View]
140953817ITT: Scenes that m*n will never understand[View]
140955382I'm stronger than batman and superman and captain america and the hulk and green lantern and an…[View]
140953514I can't get this Jurassic Park thread back online without Dennis Nedry.[View]
140955747Check it out /tv/, we’ll cover you.[View]
140954574Based or cringe?[View]
140955222bro what the fuck[View]
140955723fat and curious:: > the most retard franchise ever made. Now its barely about cars, They went fro…[View]
140954047>he isn't investing in runnercoin[View]
140950274/hor/ - Horror General: It Came From Outer Space Edition Last thread: >>140934777[View]
140955563Finally a kino worth pozzing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWyJvohEFj8[View]
140955524>There is a Moment... I left to go get more popcorn, what did he say?[View]
140955466unfunny twat[View]
140955425I wish i could smother that demon spawn again.[View]
140955406Three films in and this is incredibly sad. Mother thinks she watched her son die, son watches her di…[View]
140954716Kajillionaire: Since this is the only film that I can see in cinemas before my country goes into loc…[View]
140954106>Protagonist in horror movie is about to open a door and the music keeps getting louder…[View]
140955327Muh references...: https://twitter.com/thegoldbergsabc/status/1318099817621606401?s=21[View]
140955047Iconic Movie Lines Thread: Name a more iconic quote in film than when Captain Hilts scanned his eyes…[View]
140952316Hannibal: >serial killer kills random women that looks like his daughter >because he wants to …[View]
140954421Is it Canuck Kino?[View]
140955251For me its, Monky ( 2017)[View]
140952477Biopic when?[View]
140947575what are some interesting ship designs, working on a project and need some inspiration and would lik…[View]
140955177How much would you pay for these Oreos?[View]
140954070Monster Hunter: >Black Diablos is the flagship monster for the movie >All Black Diablos are ju…[View]
140954009What am I in for?[View]
140953426THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN: Now that its finally out, did you like it? I thought it was a bit deriv…[View]
140951298>character draws a sword >*shwiiing*[View]
140955039Well, boys, just landed my dream job (won't be sharing it), what are some kinos for what I…[View]
140952799Any Jewish people on /tv/? What do you think of Unorthodox? Is it realistic or exaggerated?[View]
140954111>fbi shows up >'We'll take it from here'…[View]
140953452A sequel to 'The Head Incident' was announced. will you guys watch it? I didn't watch the first…[View]
140954733>Our hero is like the ultimate overpowered badass, so we need a villain who could credibly take h…[View]
140942649What the fuck is wrong with American network TV writers?[View]
140948242*sip* Mmm! Gale, this coffee, I... *shlorp* My God[View]
140954756Why didn't he get the cutie in the end?[View]
140954562why was cat Hermione such a bad thing in-universe? she looks pretty nice to me[View]
140950596C'mon honey, It's just until we're finished with our tour of Sneedon[View]
140954599We're The Toddlers. Are you dumb?[View]
140953557I guess we aren't getting a Home Improvement reunion[View]
140953420>'And that's when I found Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'…[View]
140952438why does every fucking blockbuster movie take place in either >new york city >la >london wh…[View]
140953766>'HARRRYYY.... HAAAA-RRYY...!' Dumbledore moaned like a sadistic ghost through the echoing halls.…[View]
140954484Not while one of my fans needs me[View]
140954079Discuss the film 'star kid'[View]
140953607Fuck you, I liked it[View]
140952468Please rec me a comfy movie to watch with my family. We are so tired of watching Salo so many times[View]
140949400Anon tell me about your favorite kino[View]
140952727technology has come a long way since 2006[View]
140941870>he's seen less than 500 films[View]
140945730I had to pay them money on Patreon to get this exclusive gif (that I had to convert to webm because …[View]
140954148Missed opportunity, shit young actors (the old ones pulled through). I wanted to like it because of …[View]
140952521>Forget the soap, Ward, he's tough. Just shave him. Dry. Seriously, what the actual FUCK was…[View]
140954266Dennis Nilsen ('Des'): Why'd he do it?[View]
140954056OБЫTEЛЬ ЗЛA[View]
140953760Are the rumors about him true?[View]
140952994>Huge cultural phenomenon for eight years >Forgotten as soon as it ends Why?…[View]
140954196>Hey, Janny! All dressed up and doing the town! >Look at this Janny! OH! Janny!…[View]
140953876What the F*CK was hus problem?!?[View]
140954186>2020.....I am forgotten[View]
140944065webm thread boys[View]
140954141Kinoisseur Joker would like to give you his honest opinion about The Force Awakens. https://youtu.be…[View]
140954122Kinos for this feel?[View]
140954046>...until their spirit breaks completely[View]
140952762SG1: When does this get good? So far its nothing but them finding primitive cultures that are all Ea…[View]
140953145So, can ANY vampire movie from the 21st century stand up to this one? Because it's perfect.[View]
140953993What did they mean by this?[View]
140952506was it good?[View]
140951522What the fuck happened to Murr?!? He looks so old[View]
140949867anyone see The Faculty (1998)?: which one of the three main girls was it for you? for me, it's …[View]
140952069So how do the three seashells work?[View]
140953908Well, at the very least- At the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM- you have a woman to love and grow old with, right?[View]
140953230whats the best way to consume kino on the daily commute? I feel like I’m missing out on essential vi…[View]
140951340wasted years: It's October, I hope you've rewatched her movies.[View]
140952657Just marathoned Sunshine, goddamn Chris Evans' character was an absolute champ in this movie IT…[View]
140953852What kind of movies will they be making up in Canada soon?[View]
140951223Movies that were better than they had any right to be[View]
140952658I just watched Borat. It was unfunny and cringy[View]
140946433Why can't women seem to understand or appreciate well-made films? Is it genetics, or brainwashi…[View]
140953682Julien Donkey boy is kino[View]
140953733>It feels like we're dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight, almost like some sort of.…[View]
140950479https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmsVGIPC5I how long can you hold out before laughing[View]
140953747With the Dune movie coming out, anyone get to the cliffhanger at the end of book 6? http://chng.it/m…[View]
140950185How did they get away with this?[View]
140949229Judging by their careers, who are the greatest blowjob artists in Hollywood? I've got to say e…[View]
140952421Would you smoke tons of weed or drink tons of liquor?[View]
140952059German Actors: Are German actors bigger than American actors? In what way[View]
140950548I'd like to start with some simple word association /tv/. Just tell me the first word that pops…[View]
140953306>every tick of the clock represents 7 years back on earth Pure kinomusic…[View]
140950948What went right?[View]
140953360ITT: Movies that are actually garbage but you acted like they were good to get laid[View]
140951817>maybe the dingo ate your baby What's so funny about this line?[View]
140950262Remind me why /tv/ hates him again?[View]
140945638ITT post your top five favorite action movies. >Predator >Commando >Terminator 2: Judgment …[View]
140953486Every now and again they get it right: Best casting choices?[View]
140953238Go web go![View]
140953391Red Forman is beat TV character EVER.[View]
140941746788 days to Aquaman 2[View]
140950511Denis Villeneuve Star Trek: >During an interview with Indiewire, the director of Sicario and Blad…[View]
140953026I miss horror movies that had actual monsters, everything nowadays is supernatural bullshit or soich…[View]
140939138You know what they never did again in Star Wars? Force powers in starfighting like in the end of ANH[View]
140952488DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
140953190yo mister WAHIT[View]
140952852>Adapt to this...[View]
140947465And those who are prideful and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made into dust.[View]
140951641she's right you know[View]
140946202cast it[View]
140952334Movies women can't understand[View]
140953051Does anyone have any of these missing episodes?[View]
140950836My last little monkey thing that ive made and premiered on /tv/ yesterday got very good reviews: htt…[View]
140952850Looking back, was it Kino?[View]
140951946Kino or cringe?[View]
140952670I'm crazy about the movies of Baz Luhrmann. Does this make me gay?[View]
140952906Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
140949836Jayne Mansfield: The thinking man's Marilyn Monroe[View]
140951682I just woke up It’s 2:49 pm I’m 24 years old Unemployed Never had sex[View]
140950939the man in the high castle: >season 1 >everything is easy to follow >season 2 >don'…[View]
140952818>It's his first day on /tv/, give him time. what did he mean by this?…[View]
140952039Why don’t all Austrians look for gold? It looks easy.[View]
140952741>Protagonist is supposed to a drug addict turboloser >Still has a job, a car and a loving girl…[View]
140951154LOTR: The world is changed... I feel it in the water... I feel it in the earth... I smell it in the …[View]
140950911Are both overrated?[View]
140952553more like the empty theater lmao GOT THEIR ASS[View]
140950762Tekno3d - Tron: Legacy: Has anyone heard of Tekno3d? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILHFcJQXQqw…[View]
140952486how do they do so much kino?[View]
140944947Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?[View]
140945439is this an accurate portrayal of schizophrenia?[View]
140951835The best capeshit movie ever made[View]
140952396What’s your favourite alternative film poster and why?[View]
140952320we're getting a second season of this, right?[View]
140950936fargo: what did he mean by this?[View]
140945458WTF is wrong with JAPAN film industry??: Why are grown men watching these and breaking box offices?…[View]
140952241>IM THE WIZ >IM THE WIZ[View]
140951025Who's the best singer turned actress that you know of?[View]
140949050>a re-imagining of a classic story, but it's set in the present day…[View]
140949720You just KNOW she's being held in a facility somewhere while she's repairing the body part…[View]
140952194>villians motives are arguably better than the hero's[View]
140949175Help: What is this actors name?[View]
140940610When you see The Batman, this motherfucker is just going to remind you how ugly you are for 2 hours.[View]
140943888Celeb Cultural Appropriation: Another such case of a celebrity stealing the culture of another race…[View]
140951391what the fuck was his problem?[View]
140951592Movies where the villain tries to persuade the hero into making a horrible decision?[View]
140952040based or cringe?[View]
140917698>Wow Jesus, you sure love carpentry! >What can I say? It's a passion of the Christ.…[View]
140951891>mfw I tell her I have access to every movie ever made in crisp 360p[View]
140951944Who's the best actress?[View]
140951315Ich bin du.[View]
140948442its over[View]
140949355>boomers thought Hostel was based on real life[View]
140931820TIL that Random Task from Austin Powers is currently imprisoned for gang rape. Are there any other m…[View]
140951788hey hey yo yo it is me big tasty my rhymes are silly and they call me billy tasty is my name and r…[View]
140951119>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable[View]
140950607Name a non-Hollywood film studio that has produced more high quality films than pic related?[View]
140949497>I love you >again[View]
140950893Who is your favorite Jewish actress? For me, it's Kat Dennings.[View]
140950319Lets talk about the fast series, which are your favorite? I really liked Toyko Drift.[View]
140949729Trots into your office: >With a bottle of whisky and some lucky's.…[View]
140950158I unironically enjoyed this.[View]
140951598>plays a silly super hero in the movies >is actually a cunning, modern villian irl Kinos for t…[View]
140951584Comfort Kino: Had a rough day. Need something comfy to watch like pic related.[View]
140951244ITT: Movies you thought were kino until you became more educated on cinema and realized how the movi…[View]
140946699all pooping scenes on movies and tv are fake[View]
140947048I just finished watching Twin Peaks and I have to say I think I fell in love with Dale Cooper. He…[View]
140951486https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waAlgFq9Xq8 what are some incel kinos that give you a positive feeli…[View]
140951342Will this AMWF be kino?: based on a true story so miracles can happen. https://youtu.be/mWyJvohEFj8…[View]
140950527ITT: blaxploitation kino: itt we post blaxploitation kino[View]
140951198Is it true, Michael?[View]
140950638Was this the singlemost Chad action ever taken in animated film?[View]
140949010Sonic the Hedgehog breaks Marvel's cinematic streak in 2020: How do you feel about this, lads? …[View]
140948417Booooring Also it looks like it was made for TV, this must have been so laughable in theatres[View]
140950646>yesterday I saw a soldier demon trying to chew its way out through a little girl.…[View]
140947829Is this any good?[View]
140951243Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal episode 8, 'Coven of the Damned', dropped last night. Only 2 episod…[View]
140950965Anthony Ramos And Naomi Scott To Star In Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy DISTANT: >A blue-collar asteroid …[View]
140951077Michael Franzese is a murderer[View]
140951084>i'm the boss[View]
140950813The biggest pleb filter[View]
140950854What the fuck was the point of this scene?[View]
140946162Nothing Even Comes Close[View]
140950066Favorite Home Improvement episode?[View]
140949293Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140920408ITT: The earliest red flags in films. This has to be in the film itself, not from promotional mater…[View]
140949408HELLLOOOOO FATRE DE GRACE!!!!!![View]
140950805I like weird films most of the time but this one was objectively bad[View]
140946426>watch critically acclaimed/famous film >its shit what’s her name /tv/…[View]
140945844I though Zack was redpilled? What happened to him?[View]
140940444This joke was in poor taste, in my opinion.[View]
140923732Is the MCU ultimately harmful to society?: Is there a lesson from this? If so, what is it?[View]
140950369>Damn, that Rorschach guy is so cool and badass, I want to be just like him!…[View]
140948956What's with all the Family Guy threads lately and why are they about season 8 specific? Did I m…[View]
140950260Here’s your whitewashed Cleopatra bro[View]
140949601Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140943402>finished Rescue me all seasons >don't want to watch anything else because it was so good…[View]
140949649Giant social media companies are spending millions of dollars on AI that's designed to keep us …[View]
140950468This just Training Day for for Jews.[View]
140950352>200,000 tops[View]
140950581Goliath season 2: just watched this and i am astonished by how little sense any of the plot or other…[View]
140950579>That one episode where Rick and Morty find a dimension that therein they can only observe an imp…[View]
140949707>mfw a character breaks the 4th wall[View]
140948634I think about Eddy a lot lately. Why did he always eat alone? I wonder whats he doing now...[View]
140943485Question. If Hollywood were to implode wouldn't that mean a competitor could swoop in and take …[View]
140949901October’s here, post kino monster movies.[View]
140950519roles did that not happen repeat: What roles were cast what no one complaints about. We complain abo…[View]
140950492damn it, this. someone make a fun movie again where the good guys win![View]
140948355>I'm acting[View]
140950454https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnpE-hGNVj8 >Bikers have been served a bunch of opened beers; not…[View]
140950414>ultra advanced space ship >weapon systems need to be fired manually Bravo, Lucas.…[View]
140950090>pretend to be retarded on /tv/ post >reply low-quality shit just to quote myself what did I m…[View]
140948962>Go-go gadget destroy ballot box![View]
140939508Why did they make this ambiguous?[View]
140948780WTF? How did he film himself???[View]
140949297Want to make a Harry fucking Potter marathon. At what movie is it acceptable to masturbate to Hermi…[View]
140920348What is the single greatest television episode ever aired?[View]
140948107this nigga based ngl[View]
140949883What are the best films directed by women? Pic related has to be up there.[View]
140947899Is there even a point in watching this show, now that I know it rips off French noir?[View]
140948882Kanye JRE[View]
140934777/hor/ - Horror General - comfy October ferret edition[View]
140949995was she more fucked in the head than him all along?[View]
140948716Why does /tv/ hate Rick and Morty?[View]
140948174i miss kevin spacey[View]
140949854A PSA: If a movie's official synopsis or general promotional material goes out of its way to me…[View]
140949829i cried[View]
140948588Movies you keep meaning to watch: Post your list of movies that you keep meaning to watch and /tv/ b…[View]
140949793>How do you say hamburger in Japanese? Hilton.[View]
140949792We went to the moon...in 1969[View]
140949604More like this?[View]
140949746movies i have not seen: itt[View]
140945970Here's your Carlos Oliveira from your new RE movie[View]
140949513>one more thing(s) in your path[View]
140949611ITT: unfiltered kino https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s_2smr5TsUw[View]
140949561Cats are racist now?[View]
140923906/film/: Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>140…[View]
140948707What's it call when you look at your phone throughout a film and then come to /tv/ to talk abou…[View]
140948290>after so many years of searching, turns out, the real Wolf of Wall street was the friends we mad…[View]
140946889>be me >college >watching The Boys with roommate >Season 2 Episode 5 last 3 minutes >…[View]
140949259He was originally called Stringy Bell in the pilot script.[View]
140949422Are there movies about absolute losers going to boxing and eventually becoming Chads?[View]
140945891>Arent you a little short for a storm trooper? MANLETS BTFO[View]
140949361Enter CIA[View]
140946049What's his religion?[View]
140945292weirdkino that kept you up at night when you first saw it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_h2G6QMMj…[View]
140947563Is there a single /tv/ character that could possibly defeat Doc Holliday from Tombstone?[View]
140943484>trannies are ok in anime >ruin any 3d media they're in why is this?…[View]
140944660Why does he need big muscles if he's a robot? Were the engineers gay?[View]
140949173Goose thread: post your goslings[View]
140946851What movie should I watch? Dubs decides[View]
140948640What's the appeal of sadistic horror films?[View]
140949183Could this poorly drawn cat on a random hillside be the work of an extraterrestrial civilization? An…[View]
140935145>788 days until Avatar 2[View]
140943371What did /tv/ think of Moonrise Kingdom (2012)?[View]
140947512Make My Wish: ton of streamers, onlyfans, youtubers, don't make a dime. not every dying kid ma…[View]
140947623>Golden Age DC Comics character Ma Hunkel will appear in BLACK ADAM. In the comics, she is a sing…[View]
140948969What happened to this nigga? He was pretty kino too nice casting[View]
140948201Any kinos that flip this trope on its head?[View]
140948936We need a prequel and a sequel[View]
140949035who ever came up with captcha deserves the a slow and painful death. also janny please serve me a pe…[View]
140948714>character turns in the TV >it’s a commercial for 2 for $5 breakfast burritos at Taco John’s (…[View]
140944827Wrong answers only, what startled Gus[View]
140948085>The Thing(2011) was 9 years ago.[View]
140948610Are you watching Fargo S4?: You do know that Africa is the birthplace of civilisation, right anon?…[View]
140947837Hi, I am the person who has never watched Star Wars.: But you got me sick with your threads, and I d…[View]
140944926MIB: How amazing was mib? 1-3 encapsulated everything I want from a trilogy. Never really got 4, I t…[View]
140946650I know covid and all, but it's been rather quiet over on the MCU front for.... Well for some ti…[View]
140946028>Old cartoons weren't degenera-[View]
140947522Star Trek Animated Movie Announced: >Paramount Animation is working on a brand new Star Trek anim…[View]
140937387What's the quintessential 80s movie, /tv/?[View]
140948701Why the fuck didn't she just use the stairs more? Why the fuck did she keep using the slow ass …[View]
140948079>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
140947296Yo why the fuck they dancing? America really gave this shit Best Picture?[View]
140946946REMINDER: Both of these films were released in the same year, but only one of them made over $1 bill…[View]
140948487Is this the /tv/ goat?[View]
140948271Has science gone too far?[View]
140948203pick kino I'm watching tonight[View]
140939964What are your expectations for Suicide Squad: The Ayer Cut?[View]
140946858Mommy Coppola Kino: Looks like Mommy Coppola kino is back on the menu boys! https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
140947316Huh... when you really think about it...[View]
140946900Yo, /tv/! Just wanted give a quick shoutout to all my bros before I hit the production studio today.…[View]
140946702How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days? Help me to recollect.[View]
140943827When did Joe Rogan get so out of touch?[View]
140945167What were they thinking with this scene?[View]
140937829He said 3 years. Is this the greatest scifi movie of all time?[View]
140945873Disney+'s LOKI Adds Jack Veal, Cailey Fleming, Richard E. Grant And Sasha Lane: >Veal and Fl…[View]
140947138John Boyega in talks to play Mark Antony opposite Gal Gadot in 'Cleopatra': https://deadline.com/202…[View]
140942894SO TIRED of getting INSULTED by the title of series I will never watch!! IMAGINE if they made a show…[View]
140945704I love this shit lol[View]
140945052vlc: Why do other boards make fun of me for using this?[View]
140945624>libs have to resort to making up shit and literally characterizing a system as some sort of Saur…[View]
140936511Jackie Chan will die in our lifetime[View]
140946338ITT: Favorite movies of criminals and quesitonable historical figures: >Sandusky is a fan of the …[View]
140947893Gems of the 2000's: Kino opening[View]
140936839Game of Thrones nostalgia thread: What is dead may never die.[View]
140944867The only two charmed sisters that matter. The other two craizies can get the rope[View]
140947801What are some movies with poor acting performances?[View]
140945880If this were produced in Season 7 then Peter would just >come into the kitchen very abruptly and …[View]
140947723If I take that off will you die?[View]
140945524Why is so hard for niggericans understand that they have nothing to do with egyptians? That egyptian…[View]
140947500Started watching Star Trek The Original Series last night. This had so much soul, it was so refresh…[View]
140947250Such kino, it's a shame the continuity error on the window ruins it a bit.[View]
140945836I, for one, welcome our new glorious overlords.[View]
140947270oh i clapped[View]
140943957name ONE flaw[View]
140946095>'Say the words, say YOU want this. Nothing happens until I hear you say it' >'I want this' …[View]
140945327He me[View]
140945553>No Time to Die delayed What I am supposed to watch now? Is anything worth watching coming out th…[View]
140946413>le mafia men are actually nice guys underneath their tough exterior Is there a more overrated pi…[View]
140947414worse than voyager you say...?: if id had my way it wouldnt have been so bad[View]
140945198>ye found of the lighthouse ain’t ye? Robert Eggers is such a hack[View]
140946161How did they get away with it?[View]
140947348>GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE'S SON what did he mean by this?[View]
140946365Bruh, I just remember this shit: Well, let's do this. Years ago when I was a child, I remember …[View]
140947258Meta /tv/ question You remember the bitter bloke who posted a forced meme thread on /tv/ with some h…[View]
140944944>And my son, Big Hoss.[View]
140943816>People on my side are sincere and kind >People on the other side are just straight evil This …[View]
140947234Guy Ritchie: is he the most based director or what?[View]
140936356Why'd she do it, bros?[View]
140946940Hahaha what a unique and quirky way to direct. I think i'm gonna like this guy![View]
140947171The Flash(2022) Cameos, characters, DC/Marvel crossover: Besides Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. The…[View]
140945332post indian/bollywood KINO[View]
140946780‘Tenet’ Spurs Private Watch Party Business Boom For Cinemark Theatres: >Since launching the conce…[View]
140946230>that episode when joe has another existential crisis when a guest doesn’t know he does comedy an…[View]
140936367So the Istari are supposed to be gods or angels or something and extremely powerful, but Galadriel i…[View]
140945721Name a more kino ending. The shot of bubbles coming up the stairs makes it https://youtu.be/9j0MitrX…[View]
140946956Were they the peak of cinema?[View]
140943572Dare i say, Based[View]
140945893... -. . . -..[View]
140945096pickle wick 4 when?[View]
140939473Itt: Signs you're about to watch kino[View]
140945401What is the best reality show? For me its this kino[View]
140944201Who the fuck watches Hellraiser movies?[View]
140946166>you are not the guy, you’re not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don’t >you a…[View]
140946532Any kinos with a similar feel to this? >inb4 pretentious teenager movie I know it kinda is. But t…[View]
140946405I really liked season 1 despite its flaws, should I watch season 2? I've read online that it…[View]
140937591>Murder is forgivable >But racism isn’t Bravo Seth…[View]
140946208Luke did I ever tell you about your father? Whom, despite being invovled in a fraternity of super n…[View]
140943133ITT good movies only you have seen[View]
140943141Who would you cast as PowerGirl in the new HBOMax series ?[View]
140932838/who/ - Doctor Who general: sleepy mcgann edition >>140899995[View]
140944202Best racing movie ever. Prove me wrong.[View]
140945043>movie is named Mad Max >isn't even about him >instead it's some weird feminism p…[View]
140946266>apartment doesn't have an entryway, you just step straight into the living room with your s…[View]
140944042What's his name, /tv/?[View]
14094589612 hr 4k Nature Relaxation: What are the best nature films without voiceovers?[View]
140946156/who/ Doctor Who and /pbj/ Pigbin Josh General: Furge thangering muck witchellers rock throbblin…[View]
140943867Excuse my good sirs: i'm looking to destroy an object of great evil that has done nothing but b…[View]
140946107>When you play video, please credit Nightcrawler.[View]
140942553What can you expect From filthy little heathens? Their whole disgusting race is like a curse![View]
140946068ok i have to admit this is pretty fucking funny[View]
140944730Name the scariest film you've seen[View]
140945942post secret kinos[View]
140945790Finchers worst movie[View]
140943237If you are interested in films do you think you should also have an interest in film theory, /tv/? H…[View]
140945446What tv show/movie is your go to watch when you are bored out of your mind?[View]
140944143Party time! https://youtu.be/wfaD82-prUk[View]
140939017The best character in the whole show.: Better than Jon, better than Daenerys, better than Stannis, b…[View]
140945794Surely Jeanne Tripplehorn's ass was worth more than some paper?[View]
140945163>They can't find the body of D.B. Cooper >Gnome skeptics expect to find the body of a gno…[View]
140944553princess diaries 2 was underrated[View]
140943952Paul Dano: We can not confirm whether Does Paul Dano Smoke? sporadically, usual, or not done at all.…[View]
140931583'Fuck, they're on to us! What are we gonna do?!' 'Just shut up and Bladerun'.[View]
140943903Does anyone know where to find the trailer for the Plinkett review of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? …[View]
140944447i don't get it[View]
140945509Damn, a PTA coffee table book?[View]
140945426>A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite…[View]
140943011Marlon Brando Thread: I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a n…[View]
140945502What are some movies about self-defense situations?[View]
140944689Is Noah Baumbach's latest effort any good?[View]
140944847Just get in a balloon and wait it out.[View]
140945169What movie have you watched the most times?[View]
140945433Jerry Seinfeld: How did he manage to be the unfunniest person on his own show? Even Elaine is funnie…[View]
140945423Kinos where the ending is just 'everybody dies'?[View]
140945179Sneed: https://theriseandfallofthesimpsons.wordpress.com/2020/10/19/sneed/[View]
140943965Can you say why /tv/ is the greatest board on 4channel?[View]
140945053Feel good movies: Hello /tv/ I’m going through a rough patch right now. Please recommend me some fee…[View]
140945051>Soul >Soulless[View]
140942028Why are there so many dicks in this show?[View]
140942087Snyder Cut will have Superman finally say >'I believe in Truth, Justice, and the AMERICAN way!' …[View]
140943558Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140944745this is where the downfall of sneed started[View]
140940520>director peaks with first film, is literal 10/10 perfection >nothing else he makes even comes…[View]
140933195Best Emma: How do we save her career?[View]
140943695ALt-right wet dream: Why did Damon Lindelof, the prince woke SJW make an movie where the heroine is …[View]
140935666It's just a guy getting tortured to death for 2 hours. Am I missing something?[View]
140942030Show surrealist/experimemental kino to friends >'what the FUCK did I just watch lol' >'the dir…[View]
140944825VOTE FOR BEST!: https://www.strawpoll.me/21120506[View]
140943216ITT confusing movies: I have seen this movie twice and I have no fucking clue what its about or what…[View]
140944754David: Covenant: >Shhhhhhh[View]
140943529Anon's got a chub-on![View]
140941582They really said that.[View]
140943930What was his end game?[View]
140944271MAGICAL GIRL FRIENDSHIP SQUAD: Why isn’t /tv/ talking about this kino airing on the SYFY channel?…[View]
140944398Did anyone curl up into a ball and cover your ears when this would come on? Just me?[View]
140944667Name a more based character[View]
140944131LOTR: This is the worst on screen couple I have ever seen in my life.[View]
140940376Who would win?[View]
140943105What is the perfect blockbuster?[View]
140941399Scott Adkins is...hellblazer (live action big screen movie in the dceu cinematic universe)[View]
140944270JOKER: And I thought my shitposts were bad... REDDITOR: Give me one reason why I shouldn't have…[View]
140941770Five episodes in, what the fuck is wrong with this man? He actually wanted his literal 10/10 adorabl…[View]
140943368How did they get literally everyone for this movie?[View]
140943994Tobey wants to be in the spidey sequel: And he's not letting the Disney suits ruin his return…[View]
140944321Cast them[View]
140944211Imagine if Von Trier had direct this.[View]
140942353>that scene when Steve tries seducing her and she opens up, not believing anyone could love her b…[View]
140941254Has /tv/ ever walked out on a movie because it was so bad? Pic related for me[View]
140943283What's the point of watching movies after you realize 95% of them are poorly disguised ideologi…[View]
140943098Why doesn't Hollywood hire Indian actors?[View]
140939098I have it figured all out. Boomhauer is Bobby's father. Both their names start with B, Peggy wa…[View]
140939577Just watched this last night and seriously what the FUCK was this guy's problem?[View]
140942861What’s their best release[View]
140943097holy shit /tv/ look who i met today[View]
140936427Don't you just LOVE Halloween?[View]
140944071I'M ACTIN OVAH HERE![View]
140940403>“I know what you drink. Grape juice!” Was he right?[View]
140943551Why does American find him funny? I genuinely dont understand[View]
140942676When will the most influential incel of all time get the kino that he deserves?[View]
140942802>house on the outside shows bay window against the side wall >house on the inside shows full s…[View]
140943431>'DirectorShin had been kidnapped in 1978byNorth Korean intelligenceon the orders ofKim Jong-il, …[View]
140943953why are there so few kinos where it's a white guy who gets with a black girl? name some kinos[View]
140943884>This is the second time I've been fucked by Dairy Queen![View]
140942522The Boys: Karl Urban as Homelander[View]
140943756What are some examples of mogging in the film business? Pic is Willa Holland and her 6y younger actr…[View]
140923336Will it be kino?[View]
140942201>download YIFY's 350mb DVD rips >upscale them to 1080p by using a neural network >uplo…[View]
140939039Buffyverse General: Why is Buffy the worst character in her universe? Didn’t really realize it until…[View]
140943093Cast it[View]
140943561>go on youtube to look up movie clip >TOP QUALITY ABSOLUTE BEST ON YOUTUBE HD >Uploaded 200…[View]
140937358What the FUCK actually happened? They led me on a wild goose chase.[View]
140943650what are some kinos involving horses[View]
140939542SPIDER MAN 3 FULL CAST: >Tom Holland - Spider-Man >Tobey Maguire - Spider-Man >Andrew Garfi…[View]
140941775replace a letter in a movie title[View]
140941054what a piece of shit[View]
140920537LOVECRAFT COUNTRY SEASON FINALE: Well, that was lame.[View]
140942922The Boys: Is Homelander against racism?[View]
140943111The Boys 1 & 2: I have lived under a rock the past couple of years in terms over television show…[View]
140943478>abortion is evil >abortion is murder This movie, Unplanned, is pure propaganda.…[View]
140941986how does she get out, bros ?[View]
140942216Twin Peaks thread Why the fuck didn't you save her? Edition[View]
140942504quotes: quotes from television shows[View]
140942508Adulthood is when you realize that Poet Man makes more sense.[View]
140943403Was she stalking Travis at his workplace?[View]
140934132>listen, if bob lazar was full of shit, then how could he possibly have predicted element 115? th…[View]
140937865how come he didn't just shoot the gun if he was in a standoff? if you remember, he was just sea…[View]
140943318>Really like a actor/famous person for long time >Want to know more about the person >Find …[View]
140943280Is this normal for America?: I'm Danish, I love Hollywood, and I LIKE the Russos and some of th…[View]
140933392god she is such an annoying cunt how do people watch this show.[View]
140913839Name a better actress from the 21st century.[View]
140941867You owe me a life.[View]
140943012>check catalog >not a single Harry Potter thread…[View]
140941993Anyone else watch classic Hong Kong action movies? I watched Winners & Sinners for the first tim…[View]
140943091I'll just leave this here[View]
140942735What was the meaning of the red room here?[View]
140935166>The Simpsons are going to Auschwitz![View]
140940067Should capeshit movies return to the fetishistic roots of the genre? I'll post examples; tell m…[View]
140942768I don't understand. Why was her mother so upset over the missing bra and panties?[View]
140942061Post jumpscares that really got you[View]
140941363Help: What is this actors name?[View]
140941073New mini-series of Dexter, thoughts? 10 episodes, set after the finale of S8[View]
140938645Was it kino?[View]
140942174>american '''cinema'''[View]
140934747Why do plebs appreciate realism in movies?[View]
140936305Is he a vampire?[View]
140942851Imagine a world in which the captcha works the first time you answer it. This may seem impossible on…[View]
140942844Do you agree? Were persians more fun than the dystopian sparta?[View]
140941315Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
140938219Lets discuss the Hidden Colors documentaries by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed[View]
140940842Just watched this kino. What did I think of it?[View]
140940770Are any of the garfield movies any good? I always loved the comic strips but I imagine the movies mu…[View]
140942710Is he coming back?[View]
140942705My daughter, have I ever told you about my former fiancé, Caledon Hockley? He once took me on a luxu…[View]
140937775If he wanted to rebuild the Confederacy, why did he have a Mexican concubine?[View]
140938903so this is what they do for money......[View]
140940762Was the final jump scene in his imagination? That air mattress was tiny compared to the wide range o…[View]
140942063>meanwhile on Japanese tv and film...[View]
140934082Was he in the wrong about anything?[View]
140942534Its been almost 4 weeks what the fuck[View]
140942244>hates women >marries one Uh... What? Bill Burr is not only a racist, but also a hypocrite.…[View]
140942096I didn't see the movie. Did they reference his love of chili dogs?[View]
140942253Is it worth chucking him 5 ameribucks a month for his content?[View]
140940883>Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes...[View]
140940065Why is the extended version, RotK especially, riddled with really weird monologues? The penultimate …[View]
140942259will it be kino?[View]
140925766filtered by the Lighthouse: OK, I fell for a /tv/ recommendation once again. I was hyped, no pol bs,…[View]
140942188Post redditcore tv series, i'll start. Lovecraft Country The Boys[View]
140942182>Stallone can't ac.... >https://youtu.be/7FscnxeTD20 >https://youtu.be/0pS5MzF9U_k Als…[View]
140940823>I got octopus coming out of my fucking ears![View]
140940571>flicks to some >movies to others[View]
140939632https://twitter.com/MrTommyLand/status/1137066081019817985 Sick burn! So when we will be able to wat…[View]
140941753https://youtu.be/IntyLvKL2W4 It’s not ALL I watch, but it does me more good than any other art, and …[View]
140942090Leaked Script For Hollywood Children's Film: https://gofile.io/d/n2blje[View]
140940895Did you enjoy this kino ?[View]
140933913Patrick its you! You were the American psycho all along![View]
140941496What's the appeal of horror movies? And more specifically, what's the appeal of those old …[View]
140941111Alice in Swaziland[View]
140939410scene women never comprehend[View]
140941880It's time to defeat racism once and for all. Where is it hollywood?[View]
140941862>power to the workers >unless they want to leave lol What are some movies set in cold war Berl…[View]
140939698Can we all just agree that there are only seven Star Wars movies?: Six great numbered episodes from …[View]
140927248What happened to the I am Jazz show?[View]
140941575Is Taxi Driver overrated or properly rated?[View]
140940241The new face of /tv/: Say something nice about him.[View]
140936627>ok lets see here.. >blah blah blah, Ya ok, got drunk at a cocktail party.. tainted designer d…[View]
140941264Ebic article about the history of the sampsons: https://theriseandfallofthesimpsons.wordpress.com/20…[View]
140930621RIP History: >Classic movies that feature racists stereotypes and other problematic elements now …[View]
140939488>ITT: actors or actresses that turn everything they touch into kino[View]
140939036First Look At Camila Cabello As CINDERELLA: >The cast also includes Idina Menzel as Cinderella…[View]
140933875How did they put him there?[View]
140941044>How many times would it take before he got it right? Three? Four? Twenty? >I've decided …[View]
140941251Is there a horror movie where the horror stems from a mentally ill person trying to live in mainstre…[View]
140935719Funny youtube videos thread. Share your favorites and get recommendations![View]
140940538'Frederic Raphael, who co-authored the Eyes Wide Shut script with Kubrick, says that the director on…[View]
140941360Did someone say my name?[View]
140940875Silence of Lamb: How did he put the it girl in the well without bumping the skin he wanted? How did …[View]
140936860>It's a mirror maze scene[View]
140937040Fucking hell Frodo, you just dusted a Nazgûl[View]
140938099ITT: kino scenes you don't understand: >I'm so fucked up I don't get it. Fucked up…[View]
140927127How does someone go 40 days without sex?[View]
140941027Who tf watches these emotional vampires? The View, The Social on CTV, imagine living with a woman li…[View]
140934669Tell me, /tv/, did (You) get filtered?[View]
140940534>character has dry mouth, dry eyes and chapped lips >starts drinking more water >he just pi…[View]
140940876THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE![View]
140940676It was that scene with Lucy the Whale that convinced me that maybe this is the greatest TV show of a…[View]
140939226Fuck Liam Gallagher and fuck Oasis[View]
140940124Was this an accurate depiction of gamers?[View]
140937680>One of these days, I'm gonna get organiz-ized… I don't get the joke…[View]
140940706Ebic article about the history of the sampsons: Thoughts?[View]
140940319alright /tv/, you're about to be stranded on a deserted island and you get a choice of 5 movies…[View]
140935749Top 9 Clone Wars episodes to Watch if you like The Mandalorian: https://editsbyalex.blogspot.com/202…[View]
140940716>Draper, are you coming to my bachelor party tonight?[View]
140939269Just seen this, what did I think?[View]
140940618>character goes on a killing spree >DON’T STOP ME NOW! I’M HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME…[View]
140937269seagull: wha happun >dey took er *inhales* well I'm sorry to hear that cause now *inhales de…[View]
140940685remake when[View]
140940328Pretentious: The movie trilogy[View]
140938390First sci-fi show in forever that is genuinely unpredictable and doesn't play it safe.[View]
140940540The space tit is star wars and Mark Hammil is Disney desperately milking it. The look of disgust on …[View]
140939479>still Michael Gross as Burt Gummer after 30 fucking years, he's still filming this shit, fu…[View]
140935279ITT:: We post a weapon and anons try to figure out which character is most closely associated with i…[View]
140940419Faster and more intense.[View]
140936082Update the title for 2020: White men can't ____[View]
140926685REJOICE IN THE LORD: Is this the most based fucking movie of all time? Why didn't you tell me a…[View]
140938993>400 Bad Request >Request Header Or Cookie Too Large >nginx…[View]
140940001And here we are. The moment of truth. When you know, your daddy Is the best chef in the world[View]
140938647Where do I find a girl like this?[View]
140934544>Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys! Why did Tolkien write this? How do Orcs know what…[View]
140940150What did /tv/ think of All About Eve?[View]
140938289When did you realize you were AJ?[View]
140940237Jaime le Prometheus[View]
140938020>loud clicking sounds as guns are pointed or aimed[View]
140936901Get some rest Pam, you look tired.[View]
140936567was it all a dream?[View]
140940044Hermione, you're a girl.[View]
140935327Let's assume that Sony takes back the rights for Spider-Man and you are given the creative cont…[View]
140936104So when can we expect part 2?: I thought it was already finished 3 months ago[View]
140938067>Nolan's Batman isn't well-write-[View]
140931418>physics has left the chat >gravity has left the chat >Big Chungus has entered the chat…[View]
140939925Primal: Is it kino?[View]
140939791> Although Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat takes strident and frequent swipes at bigoted thin…[View]
140925017Are you dressing up for Halloween this year, /tv/?[View]
140937871film opinions that you get you this[View]
140938167CRUELLA Movie Synopsis Released: >Troubled teenager Estella (Emma Stone) has a dream: She wishes …[View]
140939283she was perfect...[View]
140929023/trek/: Yours is a Superior Edition previous: >>140918206[View]
140939853Neytiri is...[View]
140939847I don't get it, why did Phil turn into a house?[View]
140938490I guys I am Italian and I doing a research for and article for the newspaper of my parish church abo…[View]
140939126>these murder wops are better than other murder wops because they only murder heroin dealers! …[View]
140939621baby yoda on the front page[View]
140939412Um, hello? Based department? In before Sam and bloody midget girl spic posts. Um and yes jannies, th…[View]
140937332*closer by nine inch nails starts playing*[View]
140937921so in the sequel they're saying the CIA killed his wife and daughter in order to 'make him' and…[View]
140939530Good morning, ma'am! And isn't it a lovely morning?[View]
140928704IT’S OUT: https://youtu.be/WXaG5mOsceY[View]
140936774>Coolers are like scissors, everybody wants one but nobody has a fuckin idea how much they cost. …[View]
140939456What changes?[View]
140936814Who is your favorite transgender actress? For me, it's Anna Kendrick.[View]
140938259I though Gallo was just a /tv/ meme until I watched this. Not only its masterfully made and well act…[View]
140938249okay. so kong is a monkey. I get it. but how does being a monkey mean he can beat godzilla?[View]
140938670>LaMorte became a born-again Christian after a highway encounter with a Christian biker gang whil…[View]
140939225>i dont know how or why but i just ended up looking at the /lgbt/ board for 5 minutes while till …[View]
140936010UNSOLVED MYSTERIES VOLUME 2 AKA S15E7-12 ARE READY TO DOWNLOAD!!!: >Unsolved.Mysteries.S15E07.Was…[View]
140938526>Bart and Lisa both have multiple romantic interests throughout the series >they never have as…[View]
140937704There's no spoon[View]
140938948Janet or Crissy?[View]
140938875>after this we'll see if you post cringe again[View]
140938827>Mike and Rich have amazing comic chemistry on camera because they've tried to kill each oth…[View]
140938674star wars: whats your fav n least fav star wars movie? my fav: revenge of the sith least fav: the p…[View]
140936022Great British Baking Show/Bake Off: Bake Off General The contestants this year are several steps bel…[View]
140938646>don't talk to me you filthy little mudblood! What did he mean by this?…[View]
140938727Yeah I really enjoy Lovecratian films. H.P. who? Lol, I thought it was just an ironic take of the ro…[View]
140938473Why is it so good?[View]
140937876What are the best feminist kinos?[View]
140937918Is this any good? It has lesbians in it so it must be good right?[View]
140938610Thread for the intellectual discussion of arthouse and classic cinema.[View]
140938621Remake when?[View]
140933980There will literally never again exist a TV series as good, successful, popular, and ubiquitous as B…[View]
140934496El Cid upcoming tv series: on amazon prime Let's discuss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8pLZ…[View]
140934798Why don't we have more Japanese movie threads?[View]
140929991>characters keep talking to themselves conveniently explaining what is happening >everything o…[View]
140937469Black Hills Forest: The theories that anons have about Josh and Mike killing Heather are retarded, b…[View]
140936914I'd pump, dump (drive-in N chill), then she'd be back in nice guy George's arms in a …[View]
140937930Is this any good?[View]
140938242>tfw I have watched and enjoyed so much garbage and regarded it as 'kino' because I'm a NEET…[View]
140938076>shows the should have just been a video game[View]
140936590Characters that look like you: Literally look like this.[View]
140934575Grace Jones is unironically kino[View]
140929957amazon was able to predict 4chans reaction to this character lol.[View]
140937079Monky (2017): Was it kino?[View]
140937373>What does it take? What does it take to change the essence of a man?[View]
140935457Why isn't this film talked about? Because it's Russian ?[View]
140934106Post favourite Sopranos quotes[View]
140937919Why hasn't there been a good adaptation?[View]
140937623Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140936110When does it get good? I'm almost an hour in and I wasn't expecting any scary horror but a…[View]
140937369I'm so hyped for season 3[View]
140937151Why has sensuality in films disappeared?[View]
140937732>Tell them your name. >... Brian Douglas. >Are you the REAL janny? >No... >No? No? Th…[View]
140935480This thing lost me the moment he fucked the redhaed It was clearly supposed to be a father/daughter …[View]
140924773Jesus christ that obi wan guy was in this movie[View]
140937067I want to ban each and everyone of those faggots[View]
140936854Kinos with this feel?[View]
140937512Favorite movie lines: 'It's me.. i'm the American Psycho'[View]
140937620How come in movies when there’s a character that is somewhat that whereas they could have gone eithe…[View]
140937602I may have gone too far in a few places.[View]
140936744sends chills down my spine every single time[View]
140937544Any kinos about being hot and muscular?[View]
140937355whats the male version of bpd and extasy ?[View]
140937339More like this?[View]
140937062The Fellowship of the Ring came out 19 years ago[View]
140933962Room mate going out tomorrow finally leaving me alone to enjoy kino on the big tv. He usually just h…[View]
140937312Dunston Checks In General /DCI/: Le stinky monke edition. So, how many times have we all watched our…[View]
140936087Louder, Jimmy![View]
140936096Anyone else notice anything weird about this spinning punch?: It doesn’t even contact batman but has…[View]
140935414Post-Collateral Michael Mann movies fucking suck. Digital filming looks absolutely awful and the scr…[View]
140937111What are some movies/TV shows in which the villain is genuinely smart and hard to capture as a resul…[View]
140933684gouda morning /tv/ what are some good films featuring a mouse?[View]
140935892Which film do you want to see a female remake of?[View]
140937042Because of the quarantine this man was unable to go to the kinoplex for seven months, here is what h…[View]
140936916>we need gun[View]
140935930In The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore calls Voldemort by his birth name, Tom. This foreshadows the…[View]
140934067Why was he so retarded? Shouldn't it have been obvious that Sheev was the one manipulating him …[View]
140933700You guys seen 'Anything else' by Woody Allen? I just watched it and thought it was pretty good. Chri…[View]
140936842*ruins your comic adaptation* Nothing personal, goys[View]
140933968>Kelvin's Book (2021) >The ten-episode series is set in a dystopian world and will tell t…[View]
140933132Why is giallo so fucking retarded?[View]
140925348Why didn't he have a better cover for his badly spoken German? The first time I saw it I was th…[View]
140935835Stop it, stop it, turn it off, TURN IT OFF, STOP IT STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!!![View]
140933455>boomers actually shit their pants to this[View]
140929633ITT: patrician opinions[View]
140935376>old movie has celebrity cameo >don't even know who the fuck it is…[View]
140935494Luna Lovegood General: Cho Chang not allowed.[View]
140936473REAL GOLD PLATED ENTERPRISE D COMING SOON. >To my knowledge, no one has ever reproduced this dis…[View]
140936588>illegally crosses the border >destroys a city >murders innocent people >sneaks in a hor…[View]
140934206/pol/ and incels aside, is this movie any good? Has anyone seen it?[View]
140936127kung fu kino of all kinos[View]
140936122What do you think of this season of America?[View]
140936430Rewatched this recently. Completely forgot it's certified kino.[View]
140936403DUUUDE LOVEGRIFT!!!: >'There’s an H.P. Lovecraft sort of approach, this inter-dimensional being t…[View]
140933990Sigurd snake in the eye? More like sigurd dick in the ass[View]
140934638You don't actually think the grudge is good... right /tv/?[View]
140936312I could just sit down and watch this little nigga working for days...[View]
140930105Jared leto really fucked up. Him turning her into a huge whore made me depressed[View]
140935594How many pranks did he pull on the BBC's in prison?[View]
140936105What is a spiritual film?[View]
140935731Did a plot twist in a movie ever actually surprise you? Which one?[View]
140935245New Trilogy > Prequels: NuWars might be dumber than spit but PT is boring political crap with atr…[View]
140936045Kinoplex Experiences: What’s the funniest/strangest movie theatre experience you’ve ever had?[View]
140936121raised by wolves: just finished watching this kinography, what did I think of it?[View]
140935113Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nofcrsk5Hx4[View]
140934751Which was the best season of this show?[View]
140935879You're gonna sell me some gas[View]
140935976> It seems I have lost the Star Wars[View]
140931973Homelander at the end of season 2... spoilers... why was he jerking off while screaming 'I can do w…[View]
140935576What did /tv/ think of A Ghost Story (2017): Just finished watching it. At first the pacing caught m…[View]
140933692>see this guy on the screen >immediately know this is going to be kino what other actors have …[View]
140935800Why was everyone so mean to her, /tv/?[View]
140928695cursed /tv/ images[View]
140935341What are the best bar/club scenes in the history of cinema? On the top of my head I have: Christiane…[View]
140932662Gondor.... home.[View]
140935392The lazy hedonistic prince who flees responsibility trope: Except this time he's the hero...And…[View]
140935699>Well maybe in your own mind, janny, but in the real world I don't answer to you. Not today,…[View]
140934895When do The Simpsons actually go full libtard? I'm doing a full rewatch and just reached half o…[View]
140932833ringu: going to watch the first one any of the sequels worth watching?[View]
140935599A Series of Unfortunate Events: Why didn't these two get together? They were literally perfect …[View]
140933738For me, it's the Rural Juror.[View]
140935561'Illuminati' movies: I just watched Society (1989) and it was fucking awesome. What are so…[View]
140934703Don't eat.[View]
140935514It began with the founding of the Great Banks. Three were chartered by the Swiss, frugal, wisest and…[View]
140931562Can we please have a thread for Hong Kong cinema? best films/scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
140933260Church of the Collective: Do you want a Fresca?[View]
140935252Does anyone give a single fuck about Walking Dead?[View]
140933239powerful...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvKDp54YjM[View]
140935352didn't get the ending of this movie: any big brains explain why it ended like it did?[View]
140934681>...and this is anon's room. she's quite the film buff![View]
140935105This could've been a spiritual successor to leon the professional..[View]
140935331The misconducts, janitor?[View]
140933003Why did they make this season all about race?[View]
140934128>Movie about a band >doesn't feature any music from said band nor does the plot have anyt…[View]
140935213It makes more sense to me that the convenience store would be the Black Lodge, because that's w…[View]
140934680I made it to about 15 minutes in then bailed. The fuck is this junk?[View]
140935133>black bald dyke that needs no man episode[View]
140935116Kinos about payback?[View]
140932680If you think about it, The Sopranos is a show following Tony getting more and more angry as he sees …[View]
140927774What does /tv/ think of the new Bane?[View]
140934977was it kino?[View]
140932474The only MCU show that didn't get cancelled.[View]
140932177Say something nice about him.[View]
140934745who is your favorite Harry Potter character and who is the most underrated character[View]
14093411912 oz mouse: Third season was fucking meh, show literally lost its soul[View]
140924001Why isn’t she casted more often?[View]
140933299Fuck you, I liked it[View]
140932528REC was pretty fun[View]
140934303>jannies >come out to play-e-ya[View]
140933058Remember that time they let a grandpa play James Bond? What were they thinking?[View]
140934769The theories that anons have about Josh and Mike killing Heather are retarded, but I read a good the…[View]
140934247>Errrr.... is it the government total cockup?[View]
140929328Silence:: >One of the biggest disasters of Scorsese’s career Why did this movie flop so fucking h…[View]
140934704This guy comes up to you in the club: and slaps your country on the ass What do you do?[View]
140930616Spoilers: How does one even watch a movie after getting it spoiled? How do you deal with spoilers?…[View]
140934297ITT: Horror movie villains literally everyone was cheering for.[View]
140930430Why did Walt stop Skylar from becoming a mermaid?[View]
140934636How did the Aquaman writers get away with copying the Arthurian Legends?[View]
140931652I fucking hate this family of lowlife scums. Just the absolute bottom of the barrel societal filth[View]
140934602>it's simple we uhh... kill the janny[View]
140931705best scene of the show by far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV9zDdFWI9Q[View]
140929463ITT: Films you wish you could unwatch[View]
140932461What's your favorite Kafkaesque film?[View]
140934533Logan: Don't be what they made you.[View]
140934415Movies about ancient Sumeria: Don't UNDERstand HIStory Instead INSIDEstand OURstory[View]
140931143>dude... what was that noise? >dude, this is crazy, I'm freaking out right now, I heard a…[View]
140917035Any good movies about other dimensions?[View]
140934424>Look at the photo! Those guys knew each other. >Photo is a cheap fake because it's obvio…[View]
140932618KINO as fuck[View]
140928812Nigella and Bettany best tv mommys?[View]
140933927Name one American movie in which the antagonist is Jewish, but the protagonist is not.[View]
140931934is watching films in VR a gimmick or not?[View]
140934196who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
140931734cast fire punch kino hard mode: no Idris Elba[View]
140931289Say what you want but i fucking love this tall handsome nigga. Post some vincekino[View]
140930971>'time is a fat circle...' really?[View]
140934092>James has always been cool What did she mean by this?[View]
140928423John Adams: That hbo miniseries streaming Stay awhile and listen https://bongstream.live/north/…[View]
140921235Apparently Rosario Dawson was confirmed as Ahsoka Tano earlier this month. I'm fucking livid. W…[View]
140931646all of a sudaa[View]
140933669Share antenna story: Share your story of TV antenna[View]
140932649TNG: >like this show >people recommend firefly and dr. who whenever I want more like it >no…[View]
140929800symbolistic jokes in movie: what are some examples of subtle jokes about weird fetisches snucked int…[View]
140933892Can someone explain this ending to me like a retarded? Did she astro project while the devil complet…[View]
140933832What was the greatest film of each generation? >pic related[View]
140933655I was expecting a horror but I instead couldn't stop wanking to a milf running around a house i…[View]
140933767Big HP fan, 99% sure watching this would be a mistake.: >muh cosmic horror = racism >muh shogg…[View]
140922011/hor/ - Horror General: Granny Edition[View]
140926419ITT: Anime (shows and films) too good for weebs.[View]
140932040Whens Mando?[View]
140919921This episode was depressing.[View]
140933695/homely girls/: Just had a Liz lemon nightmare sex dream. Kinda made me want my Cheap Columbian pair…[View]
140933647is this the lowest budget kino film ever made?: any linklater fans indahouse? https://youtu.be/3-9l7…[View]
140932965Would you be at baseline during the test?[View]
140932385Who ate all the gabagool?[View]
140924478I'm a collector[View]
140932080You mirin'?[View]
140932054What was Raimi thinking? Scenes like this just don't hold up in 2020[View]
140929201Camp Cretaceous: Damn shame she got eaten[View]
140931837Is Sideshow Bob the best Simpsons character?[View]
140930828Is it kino?[View]
140932263Give me your address there.[View]
140932534ITT characters who are literally you[View]
140926380What's wrong with superheroes being for kids again?[View]
140930759Was he right?[View]
140930569>Visiting family in America >Decide to watch AMC because Scarface is on >Audio goes blank e…[View]
140927529What a self-indulged piece of shit.[View]
140930379Family moments at Cinema: >See movie with family >Hot girl show booby on screen >Dad and me…[View]
140926633FUCK this movie yes, i know 'filtered blah blah' fuck you[View]
140914819Magical Negro: Which film is the worse at using this trope and why is it The Green Mile? https://en.…[View]
140932999Adult Swim Episode streaming?: I'm trying to watch the newest episode of Primal and can't …[View]
140930822How will it end for her?[View]
140932847>Why yes, I do go to cinemas loudly boo whenever a nigger comes on screen. How could you tell?…[View]
140930363Nu-lethal weapon riggs, based or cringe ?[View]
140931875Not me, nah never.[View]
140932228>8 tickets to Uncut Gems, sir.[View]
140929891>hanging out with your exhausted local reporter-gf on her local news election night party coverag…[View]
140932896>show starts >Brand new Lamborghini fuck a cop car plays >of course, its kino…[View]
140927653Mr Robot: Will there be a spinoff to this show? I fucking loved it.[View]
140899995/who/ doctor who general: Non canon doctors edition. Last thread >>140886781[View]
140929171What's your favorite game show, /tv/?[View]
140931782jay lenos garage: Peak comfy. Hundreds of hours of interesting and well presented car documentaries.…[View]
140926108ITT: movies where the antagonists are actually the good guys[View]
140931338why'd he do it?[View]
140931685Were they incels?[View]
140932706>How long have we known each other?[View]
140930282Movies that will help cure my racism[View]
140930597THESE EYES[View]
140932599Soul Soulless[View]
140932545Father, why would you marry and interbreed with a human? Don't you know that their small popula…[View]
140932538What are some good movies depicting the holocaust?[View]
140932426What movie is this? >Two young friends living in the corn belt are both very close with the one f…[View]
140929588Who told Michael this was a good idea?[View]
140932287What are some other wagecuck-core movies?[View]
140932489https://youtu.be/DFjqRe2loa8 how is cbs this creatively bankrupt?[View]
140926741Familia bros... Is it over?[View]
140930932RV 6: Why are you missing the Television event of 2020? https://streamable.com/2xqfzv[View]
140932424Thank you mommy[View]
140928556My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys: Whatever happened to this documentary?[View]
140931166I thoroughly enjoyed this movie[View]
140929798Frames that defined an entire generation[View]
140932372How many pranks did he pull on the BBCs in prison?[View]
140930953What are the best lonely men kinos?[View]
140931597Vera Farmiga should be in more movies, she's very talented and beautiful.[View]
140899656/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: HoH: Enzo Noms: Nicole/Xmas Veto: Cody previously on /bb/ >>140…[View]
140929889It was just a couple beers, Mom.[View]
140931555Should i watch this movie?[View]
140927615>be me >in operating room >get the mask of anesthetic >before going under see this Wat d…[View]
140932089The world needs gay men[View]
140932081Hey /tv/, what are some kinos to watch when high on Ambien?[View]
140931364Can anyone recommend a decent documentary on the assassination of Malcolm X, which isn't an obv…[View]
140917323/fargo/ - episode 5 discussion thread: >ctrl+f >no fargo thread Is this show completely dead a…[View]
140918113Half Life movie: Could it be done? How would you make it kino?[View]
140931955>Ever heard of Cadillac, Cadillac Eldorado? >That's what I drive >I drive cars that s…[View]
140930116Here comes the fuzzzzz[View]
140928506>My only chance of losing 15 pounds is at a British casino[View]
140928624Crossovers: The crossover that saved /tv/ & /tg/[View]
140929238What personality is Adam Sandler trying to emulate? Retards don't even talk like this.[View]
140927632Summarize a film by posting a single frame from it.[View]
140931295What are some weird faggy movies about sexually-degenerate Boomers?[View]
140923553Well, /tv/? Would you?[View]
140927543I want to get a general idea who we speak to on /tv/ Post age bracket: 18-20, 21-29, 30-39, and so …[View]
140928338What the fuck[View]
140923806The Crow isn't just a masterpiece, it's a miracle of post-production salvaging. Brandon Le…[View]
140931655Did Hollywood just rip off every episode's idea?[View]
140930193One day the sadness will end[View]
140922311Who's your favorite Jewish actor and which role is their best?[View]
140922672>'haha... nice..' is this the moment he knew?[View]
140930937>makes you his prag[View]
140927707Why can't Spider-man have his own movies instead of having other characters people don't c…[View]
140922730What Godzilla movies should we watch /tv/?[View]
140931205>retired professional criminal is approached by people who are still in the game >they offer h…[View]
140927472What should I think of this flick[View]
140931072ITT: Opinions on television/film that makes you think lower of someone >Thinks South Park is stil…[View]
140931188movies that made you cry[View]
140930270Parasite>Memories of Murder>Mother>The Host>Barking Dogs Never Bite>Snowpiercer>Ok…[View]
140931118>You got me...I'm True Detective any kinos with best scenes like this ?…[View]
140929352[Tower Defense]: I liked the idea of holding a spot against non-human invaders;gimme what comes to m…[View]
140930944Cast him.[View]
140929388Americans aren't really this comfortable publicly talking about masturbating, right?[View]
140929253whats the american football of television and film?[View]
140930920Why did Jett Rink hate Mexicans so much, /tv/?[View]
140925667anyone here actually enjoy this? I absolutely hated Lovecraft Country and was looking for a new show…[View]
140929803>Get me Harrison Ford! >Sir, we cant afford him. >Ive got just the man for the job!…[View]
140930528what are the best BMWF kinos?[View]
140925623>I am the Nightcrawler.[View]
140930295>I did it all for the Boogie Immediately did a 360 and walked out of the theater…[View]
140927190Why won't they remaster cartoons like Ed, Edd, and Eddy or Dexter's Laboratory?[View]
140925298>muh niggers >muh patriarchy >muh womb Why is this so show fucking bad and does it get any …[View]
140928977Is there anyone else on TV who's as based as this man?[View]
140929905>Gino What did they mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwmcmYwQQTE…[View]
140928380What is the 'Die Hard is a Christmas movie' of Halloween?[View]
140923890What's this style called?[View]
140924792Why are cis actors allowed to play trans characters?[View]
140930374Does anyone remember Doom House? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeBjr8Bm_wA[View]
140928035Would you watch it if they made this into a movie? Maybe have the stories intertwining and straight …[View]
140922924THE GREAT DEBATE: Did Jason rape her in that flashback from Part 3?[View]
140924430>looks like its time for plan B >what's plan B? >RUNNNNN!…[View]
140918206/trek/: CBS marketing department coffee break edition. PREVIOUS:>>140908026[View]
14093017911 KB JPG >friend comes over >put on Hamilton >can see he's visibly pained by it >t…[View]
140929948I really wish this had gotten at least one more season.[View]
140921555>so yeah, Neo, nothing in your world is real everything you've sensed your shitty cubicle li…[View]
140921969Zodiac Killer: >Described as being armed with a standard issue at the time M1911 Colt >Wore wi…[View]
140930056WWII movies about Eastern Front: Is this really how they fought in Eastern Front? Communism was a mi…[View]
140925903>main character dies randomly in the middle of the movie >the characters move on without him …[View]
140926167'HOTHEADS could be here' he thought, 'I've never been in Uzbekistan before. There could be HOTH…[View]
140928039why aren’t there more nc-17 movies being made? with shows like the boys, game of thrones etc being p…[View]
140929929CinemaSins: Is he an actual cuck? I heard he’s in an open relationship.[View]
140929944>protagonist goes out drinking with friends and has a good time >the next day he's told h…[View]
140929012What happened to Lambert?[View]
140923612What shoes do you wear when going to your local kinoplex? For me, it's the Chuck Taylors[View]
140925935Would a scene like this work today?: I feel that they would just say Carlton is a privileged rich ki…[View]
140929725Well, that was disappointing. Even more so now that I'm in love with Emily Perkins and she bare…[View]
140929770whats some good female buddy comedies? always liked this underrated one from the 80s[View]
140921668Anyone watch the new Supermarket sweep tonight with Leslie Jones?[View]
140929708what are some good dvd/bluray menu easter eggs?[View]
140929581Why no z budget adaptation yet?: Basically the infinity war but instead of thanos wanting to kill ha…[View]
140929333Reminder that this is the most BASED video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldGXEIlufHE…[View]
140896964We all know about zombie simpsons. When did to zombie avgn start?[View]
140928933>If we are ever to defeat The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring must prevail.…[View]
140922179right in the fuckin slot[View]
140929382It's not about wcaring you, it's about showing you the power of love :-)[View]
140917002Why are pseudo-documentary TV shows about aliens so much better than movies or regular action/drama …[View]
140927171did this nigga really kill his first wife?[View]
140927557Fat Girl (2001)[View]
140929334Best young directors working today?[View]
140925688>its a Joe Rogan Questions Everything episode[View]
140921262>it's bad because it's not exactly like the game!!! Why are people like this…[View]
140929309>The gayest and most insufferable person in this group of late 30 year old men is the only one wh…[View]
140928966It actualy happend[View]
140928299Would you have gone back and saved him?[View]
140929221>stormfront >nothing to do with the daily stormer damn the writing really is a mess this seaso…[View]
140913996How would you survive The Circle?[View]
1409188431980 was 57 years ago[View]
140927337Jesus christ she's horrible in friends Bitch can't even read any of her lines without smil…[View]
140929044Bros I feel really paranoid right now. What are some kinos I should watch to take my mind off these …[View]
140926863Me on the left[View]
140919675> Mackenzie Davis was really naked in the scene where Grace fights the cops in the nude. The cost…[View]
140925022Just watched this. What exactly was the point of this movie? It was alright, just all over the place…[View]
140925528Did that bitch get raped ?[View]
140928867HEY JANNY: FUCK YOU[View]
140928850>tfw no qt inuit gf[View]
140928127>tackles your mother[View]
140928100Test my Plex library: I have a very very extensive Plex library. If you can come up with a film that…[View]
140926979Was there really innuendo in this show?: I saw somewhere on 4chan that there was in some in the olde…[View]
140928669hey tv, i just read that Dan is /yourguy/ on another sub. is this true?[View]
140926223What... happened? I can see this movie turning out bad. But not THIS bad. I just... how is that even…[View]
140927304Are there any based sitcoms nowadays? It seems like everything I liked ended around 2015 and there h…[View]
140926441We are the knights who say Ni![View]
140928549Now that don't kill me, it only makes me stronger. I need you to hurry up now because I can…[View]
140920435Below is the list of shows aired on Cartoon Network the year it started. Today the channel is the te…[View]
140928450https://youtu.be/OcMS-RcJtQY I don’t get it[View]
140928381'LOOK AT MY FUCKING BICEPS, YOU THINK I CAN'T GET A GIRL?!?!?': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
140923190why is silent hill the only good game->movie adaptation?[View]
140927747What was Jay thinking?: https://youtu.be/rBjKpAqrOmU[View]
140926613Will the movie industry ever recover from covid? Everything is shit[View]
140928033>ORANGE SKY BAD how would Legolas instinctively know this[View]
140927401>make letterbox account >get done rating about 300 kino >realize I'm using my arbitrar…[View]
140921354Watch any good old timey kinos lately?[View]
140928076coke and xbox[View]
140923801I enjoyed it. I'm not talking about it on /co/, they're gay[View]
140927311The following is a conversation with Chuck Swindon. Chuck is a cattle rancher, farmer, small busines…[View]
140923209>Donatello, Harry. Why was his favorite Ninja Turtle his final message for his son?…[View]
140927514>This thread is over[View]
140927916I wanna speak to Milli from the pop dance group Milli und Vanilli.[View]
140888840I can't believe Vanessa, my bride, my one true love, the woman who taught me the beauty of mono…[View]
140926607>movie starts >movie stops[View]
140926574ITT: Romance kino[View]
140927002Youtube Kino: I wanna watch some KINO. Post your best.[View]
140926850>Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of Bane…[View]
140927787I can hear what you're thinking All your doubts and fears And if you look in my eyes, in time y…[View]
140926911>you have to check the news now! >character flips to on tv and it’s already on news channel ta…[View]
140924570>Family Guy? Never cared about it.[View]
140927424>movie starts with a shot of the main character doing something autistic and a voice over saying …[View]
140926947>watch movie >one actor in particular is annoying >check wikipedia >he was violently mur…[View]
140926302What does /tv/ think of this movie:[View]
140927500Political bullshit of [ CURRENT YEAR ] aside, this is a genuinely great film. Just saw it for the fi…[View]
140926134I WANT TO BE A CELEB PLZ HELP ME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL5tyQ_SFhI I HAVE AUTISM…[View]
140925990Jane Margolis[View]
140925047Was it trash?[View]
140927085>”Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is.” Why is the Wolf Warri…[View]
140923115How do you defeat it?[View]
140926641If Scarecrow used the fear gas on you, what would you see?[View]
140927206Am I getting too old? Because I'm rewatching all of Malcolm in the Middle again and I find Caro…[View]
140924166Now that the dust has settled, was he in the right?[View]
140927186courtroom fu*king kino[View]
140927179our boy deserved better[View]
140927036T O M O R R O W[View]
140924753Hello, my name is Bad Bart.: Who the hello are you?[View]
140924425This was a bit much.[View]
140926433why do they even have this shit in the pantry![View]
140918471Was Neil Armstrong actually known for being a quiet autist or was that just Ryan Gosling bringing hi…[View]
140921870ALADDIN Sequel In The Works: >John Gatins ('Flight') and Andrea Berloff ('Straight Outta Compton'…[View]
140926627Will we get cholo kino ever again?[View]
140926571Has anyone else seen this movie? It’s without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen, yet it has d…[View]
140926026Do you think they'll ever make another wow movie?[View]
140924836ODDLY SPECIFIC CLICHES: >Buddy action movie >One of the leads hooks up with the sister or daug…[View]
140926472who was he talking to? they dont mention it in the director commentary[View]
140926823Let's see Paul Allen's card[View]
140926758TFW you will never marry Louise Brooks[View]
140907088what would you have done in this situation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMbN_MzCpw[View]
140920223It's like Alien but actually entertaining, scary and without a Mary Sue lead.[View]
140926608What are some movies that are still good despite having Mary Sue protagonists?[View]
140925122This wop nigga knows only two things. Mob movies and catholic guilt.[View]
140923488hershlag thread. What're your favorite movies of hers? 1.The Professional 2.Black Swan 3.V fo…[View]
140926540>Need for World War Z The Fury Road to Busan[View]
140925777undeniable kino[View]
140923492The great debate[View]
140923604Yo this nigga just like me[View]
140926177ZA WARUDO[View]
140926372How did he do it? Besides the leitmotif shit[View]
140925248Barton Fink: So whats the big fucking deal about this one?[View]
140926323>salads what? why did he bring up salads in the chat log?[View]
140926269>True or false, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman looks more like Catwomanberger or Catwomanowtiz? True o…[View]
140925988>Dawn of the Seven >No Lamplighter >No Translucent >A-Train written out The VCU is ruine…[View]
140926036>Somehow... Anon's loneliness and hornyness has returned.[View]
140923556I don't understand this movie, why did they keep showing the same scene over and over again? th…[View]
140922954What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
140910823itt. kinos that women don't understand[View]
140925874What are some movies to experience what it's like to fall in love and maybe go through heartbre…[View]
140924276Let's settle this. Which is the best Paramount trilogy? The Godfather trilogy or The Jackass tr…[View]
140925831ITT: Last movie you saw in theaters and your rating: For me it was Joker (2019) 10/10 masterpiece fo…[View]
140923298Film and Pop culture peaked in the 90s: The late 80s and the 90s were full of references, homages an…[View]
140921236TIME FOR SOME RANCH[View]
140925145Riddle me this: >Just like me, this man is of fame. A whole new blend is his greatest claim. What…[View]
140924505Why is this so perfect for DC Movies?[View]
140920653How in the literal fuck does this happen?[View]
140924757ITT: Movies that happened: Pic related[View]
140925563Cute and funny: What are some cute and funny shows I can watch?[View]
140924979https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlord_Era >Zhang Zongchang, known as the 'Dogmeat General', was d…[View]
140918492What did I think of it?[View]
140925541Favorite Movie Quotes: >'OMG there were two moles!?'[View]
140925267Scott Pilgrim SUCKED: >indie rock >manic pixie BPD whore with died hair >le quirky leddit h…[View]
140925015So this is what a True Kinophile looks like: Nostalgia Critic BTFO[View]
140923456>credits roll >walk out of theater in slow motion…[View]
140921934Terminator 2 - T1000: What's the first thing you would do if you had the T-1000's shape-sh…[View]
140924995>it's an 'uncle phil forget about his roots' episode[View]
140925446Stop fucking recommending me this, YT, the song is shitty[View]
140925434Could a film be made of the exploits of Neall Ellis? The Mercenary Gunship Pilot, that with his team…[View]
140922128Blackpink Documentary: I learned literally zero (0) new things about Blackpink from watching the doc…[View]
140923428Why didn't Salieri fuck Mozart's wife?[View]
140925395I stuck it in you and you became a maan.[View]
140923827Madison Davenport: What happened to her? She was set to make it big after having a prominent roll in…[View]
140925364What are some movies like this? Also if you've seen a movie like Pan's labyrinth[View]
140924578Was he gay or what? Did he hate women?[View]
140925340Daisy Ridley Career: Why did this bitch think it was a good idea to shit talk TLJ and Rian Johnson? …[View]
140921966>Quark: You Hew-mans. All you wanna do is please your women. You want them to be your friends. Bu…[View]
140924336say something nice about mel rodriguez[View]
140908429Leslie Jones left snl and she don't miss it. AT. ALL.: https://deadline.com/2020/10/leslie-jone…[View]
140925114HANGING OUT[View]
140925125Die Amerikaner, die kämpfen wie Weiber[View]
140924798*Everything Is beautiful' Starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP6IOM4qcYk[View]
140920055>this made kids piss themselves in fear in the 90s[View]
140922735ITT moments where you walked out of the film you were watching[View]
140923737Leon vs. John Wick: Who would win?[View]
140921475Was he based?: Was he based for giving up his life for a young Natalie Portman?[View]
140915438Was Freddy Krueger a pedo?[View]
140924932I’ll show you a boiston pizza you wouldn’t fucking believe[View]
140924457>saves Season 3[View]
140923596Should Stumpfront make an appearance in season 3? Discuss.[View]
140923671>The charges, officer?[View]
140923305All my exes live in Texas[View]
140924789>White people are evil vampires who steal everything good from lower income communities and ruin …[View]
140921615True kino tv: why isnt it discussed more here? This is so good and way better then 'dark'[View]
140924702what was the last film you remember watching before you died[View]
140923577Is Grace Helbig kino?[View]
140924611Patriot: >tug boats onto your screen and makes kino[View]
140923588Schitt's Creek: thoughts?[View]
140921601Will you guys miss movie theatres?[View]
14091511090 Day Fiance The Other Way watch thread The hacker known as 4chan edition Sunday night live TLC St…[View]
140923583So Thomas was insane the whole time, right?[View]
140924502he did nothing wrong[View]
140922691Name a funnier crossover episode[View]
140922553Was he an incel?[View]
140922781>find new YouTube channel >videos look interesting >click on one >hear woman's voic…[View]
140921525Man I don't know what it is about this series but as a grown fucking man I'm still able to…[View]
140922408Making Freddy innocent was an actually interesting creative choice and I'm forever salty that t…[View]
140923361Remember how big this was? What happened? People just forgot it ever existed.[View]
140923841: )[View]
140923432why does /tv/ never talk about Ruby Sparks?[View]
140923651Why this movie pleb filter many people?[View]
140919251STRANGER THINGS SEASON FOUR: Looking forward to it. It seems that the cast is suffering due to Covid…[View]
140924088Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
140916025Imagine watching a FUCKING SEVEN HOUR film in black and white. Can't think of a bigger waste of…[View]
140923999Godzilla vs the Blob: Godzilla returns to Tokyo one night and finds things very different. For one t…[View]
140923996Seduced Inside: did you like it?[View]
140923797the fuck[View]
140923203an argument between these 3 would be epic[View]
140922657>Watching movies a second time[View]
140922987Why is 26 episodes the perfect season length?[View]
140923310Just put it out of its misery FFS[View]
140923647Which actors or actresses do you watch any movie for just because they have a role in it? For me, it…[View]
140923637>'No. Let me plug that HDMI cable for you.'[View]
140922779Did you ever have the chance to be one of his friends?[View]
140923489matthew rhys: other than the americans, what are some other matthew rhys kinos?[View]
140922944>I have nothing against black men. In fact, I’ve dated several Well damn…[View]
140921725He really is quite great, in more ways than one.[View]
140921187Watching this movie right now: Wish me luck bros![View]
140923347>antagonist/monster with super strength gets his hands on the protagonist during fight >instea…[View]
140923339it feels like everyone in my life is in a conspiracy to humiliate me kinos for this feel?[View]
140923301Thoughts on the finale?[View]
140922921Pleb filter.[View]
140922082I just watched Treehouse of horror XXXI: Guys, I've seen TOH XXXI, here what happens. There…[View]
140923162Somebody has patched us through, Ron[View]
140919020It was kino[View]
140918544Will Freaky finally turn things around for hairy actresses?[View]
140921417THE LION KING Sequel In Development With Barry Jenkins Set To Direct: >Plot details are being kep…[View]
140923052What are the best films that truly reflect life in the 'Hood'?[View]
140921987my deduction skills as a detective tell me has quite possibly never had sex[View]
140921905>oh no my life is so hard[View]
140920748Sal: Did Don honestly have to fire him? What the fuck happened?[View]
140922322Why aren't you sending your old DVDs to the troops?[View]
140922784Are there any kinos women can enjoy?[View]
140909438/hor/ - Horror General: Found Footage Kino Edition Last thread: >>140898626[View]
140922946What is the comfiest 80s movie and why is it WarGames?[View]
140920703Based Lars Von Trier > Made a movie about the nature of Women being evil (AntiChrist) > NeckBe…[View]
140921212>makes the Switch obsolete this if the future of gaming. stop wasting money on next gen consoles …[View]
140911601why is he so unlikeable? his laugh seems out of place and does not feel genuine. its like he is cons…[View]
140921254>You will never be this handsome How to deal with this feel, bres? ;_;…[View]
140922675>Ask you something? You're a groundskeeper yeah? >No. >Well, then what do you got the …[View]
140920422>*reaches under the chair and genttly cradles your swollen eggy weggys* >”shhhh mr Bond, thats…[View]
140922603This episode was hilarious[View]
140891879Blade Runner (1982): Which version do you prefer?[View]
140922724Hey /fit/, I just found out you weigh more with your clothes on. My goal is to squat 2xbodyweight, s…[View]
140917795>I need a female character to look quirky >I know, just have her wear a rock band t-shirt…[View]
140922716>Hey there...shitty, shitty fag, fag shitty, shitty fag, fag how do ya do!?…[View]
140919538ITT: 90's Childhood Kino[View]
140920812What do you think about film actors doing theater?[View]
140920995> opens a package > puts some of the white powder on a finger > proceeds to rub his gums w…[View]
140917673Do you have a respectable physical media collection of all your favorites?: >pic related >my D…[View]
140922609>I WANNA BE ADORED[View]
140922538Scream 5: excited for the next instalment starring pic related /tv/?[View]
140920305she was actually pretty cute[View]
140922618Subway (1985)[View]
140917843>'The alien has a sweet, heavenly voice... like Urkel! And he appears every Friday night... like …[View]
140922385I don't get it[View]
140920000Normie Opinions Thread: I really like Inception. the layered heist concept i thought was really well…[View]
140901173/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>140881600 /film/…[View]
140921468Sunday: Fine day. Best day of the week in my opinion. Why is that, anon?[View]
140922527What are some movies that are about the blackpill?[View]
140922497Kinos about the moment just before everything went wrong?: Changing the course of the future.... for…[View]
140917273Mr. Kramer, you're under arres-[View]
140897565Why are Irish actors so based?: >Daniel Day Lewis >Liam Neeson >Brendan Gleeson >Colin F…[View]
140922437Oh Shit It Has Turned!: >basic mathematics >TWD uber teenie…[View]
140922298What is some good Hillbilly kino?[View]
140922154Cast it[View]
140907947>Murder is forgivable >But racism isn’t Bravo Seth…[View]
140922366Who would win?[View]
140909983Favourite movie lines: >At last we meet Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone…[View]
140922266What was the purpose of this flick?[View]
140920992Movie theaters are dead, streaming films on consoles is the future: It’s over[View]
140913152What will be next for Mackenzie Foy after Black Beauty? Will it be a flop or a hit? Will her career …[View]
140919143Uh oh[View]
140921201too long since I watched YouTube. so a couple of videos of this guy. what is the red pill on this gu…[View]
140922144how was he so wise for being so young? He was right about everything by the end of the movie.[View]
140922081Thoughts on her filmography?[View]
140920151I demand more ancient egyptian KINO[View]
140921840A Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald: OH SAY CAN YOU SEE? BY THE TUBE'S HOLY LIGHT! America…[View]
140921584how do you want that milkshake, martin and lewis or amos and andy?[View]
140921981So this guy at work was talking about being raised in a cult and he said that this actress in Fast a…[View]
140921030Recommend me more movies with aliens trying to take over the planet bonus points if the aliens are …[View]
140921060Licorice whip![View]
140921920So... any good movies out?[View]
140920353>Character is depressed >has a gf/bf[View]
140921954The Kino Detective: Did anyone else see this? It was a lot better than I expected it to be. Mainly b…[View]
140915107Why are there so many adult Disney fans?[View]
140918719>Hey I got an idea. >What? >Why don't we turn the most populous city in the country, w…[View]
140921461Uhhh this was not ok[View]
140919499Hey, Anon! All dressed up. All grown up and doing the board. Look at this Anon. Anon! Oh...OH! Anon![View]
140921715Did Americans really open their landing craft from the front? Directly into what they expected machi…[View]
140920565Why doesn't he get more leading roles? Is he not relentlessly handsome enough?[View]
140921683I saw this on Prime today and decided to give it another watch.I do remember it being bad and all th…[View]
140921281>as a warrior... no road left but the one that leads to the end[View]
140921043https://youtu.be/BdsM7QdvJaA HOLY SHIT[View]
140921595WHY HER?!: -What are the charges, officer? -Sir, you have married this stupid bimbo who can't a…[View]
140894190How would you beat it?[View]
140921397Why wasn't Director Kessler in the /tv/ adaptation?[View]
140921504Are there any shows that actually teach you to cook?[View]
140904023>make out with a woman >pitch a tent as expected >she gets disgusted Do women really?…[View]
140916185Over 1000 episodes. Still miss its prime. Great moments? Mine's when the crew guy got shot at t…[View]
140919403>this is the most confusing movie ever according to normies[View]
140904232Why did this scene make people so angry?[View]
140919668Was Billy an incel?[View]
140901042this was life changing. humans suck, i no longer want to eat any animal products.[View]
140918570the new mutants[View]
140921157When's the movie coming out?[View]
140921250Post a pic with more raw acting talent[View]
140914418>watching random kino >actors take my phone and start going through it while laughing Anyone e…[View]
140920536Dune: it actually looks so good[View]
140920364I don't care what anyone says. This was good.[View]
140920634I literally haven't watched a film in over 6 months. Where do you guys go to discover new films…[View]
140921305ITT: Forgotten 2000s sitcoms >starting Bradley Cooper as Anthony Bourdain https://youtu.be/GDSq…[View]
140921271Don't even pretend you wouldn't[View]
140920512How badly is he still seething?[View]
140920037Huey Lewis and the Dubs. Great stuff! You heard it?[View]
140919827This is sooo much better than S1+2 combined. Just finished the first episode.[View]
140921184what norm bits are the best?[View]
140920543Hmmmm...what could the next frame POSSIBLY be??[View]
140920827Literally me[View]
140918642Holy shit, why was this so much worse than Hill House: Boring. Repetitive. Not scary. Half the plot …[View]
140921162Buried Alive (2007): This movie was so bad but the blondes body of work was great.[View]
140920925AUGH AUHG AUGH my boy really did it this time, Wilson[View]
140921099Why weren't the Slytherins simply lead to the dungeon and gassed immediately following the sort…[View]
140914305Haha whoa this alternate history sure is disturbing to think of what could've been haha, I…[View]
140920398god, i wish that were me[View]
140921050/tpg/ - Starring Kyle MacLachlan: Where my bros at?[View]
140921036Favorite movie lines?: >I man Iron man too[View]
140921019ODDLY SPECIFIC CLICHES: >Buddy action movie >One of the leads fucks the wife/sister of the oth…[View]
140920636this kills the bobafags[View]
140920986A state's secrets are a heavy burden to bear, Agent Mulder...[View]
140920830It was crap[View]
140917421>get a literal retard to play a tech genius in your movie because they kind of look alike how did…[View]
140920767>Most popular TV show of the 1980's in the US and a number of other nations >Largely forg…[View]
140920510>I CAN'T GO FOR THAT[View]
140915722itt actors you often confuse[View]
140911959For all the anti-capeshit people, what makes superheroes INHERENTLY childish? I'm not defending…[View]
140919661post movies with soul[View]
140920407First I'm gonna rip the buttons off your blouse one by one...[View]
140918813What is some Machiavellian kino?[View]
140910702Now that the dust has settled: I love the original and prequel trilogy, I even liked Force Awakes an…[View]
140920463Name a more comfy show than Supernatural S1 - S5 (where it originally ended)[View]
140920533>I think I want you to fuck me in my ass Alot of people go on about unresolved mysteries in True…[View]
140920519My favorite animal is otters. What are some movies about these lil fellas? Already saw Finding Dory.[View]
140920490What's the weirdest move you've ever seen that wasn't a horror/thriller?[View]
140912845Tom cruise as a vampire: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140920447ITT: movie scenes that still make you laugh like crazy[View]
140920022Reminder that if half of a director's studio releases have a director's cut, that means he…[View]
140908018Haunting of Bly Manor: why was this the first thing in YEARS to finally get gothic horror right?…[View]
140915905My name is Vincent Gallo and I'm here to answer your questions:: AMA[View]
140918198October kino: Post good movies to watch in spooky month Can be comfy like pic related or horror film…[View]
140919541>Says 'fuck you' to his childhood sweetheart and fiancee after she randomly cancels their wedding…[View]
140918269BLACK ALERT[View]
140920198>miiichaelll? is it true? are you the Godfather? >NO BITCH! this is the Godfather: Part II!!…[View]
140918588replace a letter in a movie title[View]
140917635>Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them…cheer them…scream their names. And years later, …[View]
140918605Uh.... Jodie Foster's kid looks kind of familiar.[View]
140918391What does /tv/ think about the hit TV show based on the Breaking Bad universe, Better Call Saul?[View]
140919981what would you have done in this scenario[View]
140915893man I promise[View]
140919092What is /tv/'s opinion of the Tremors franchise?[View]
140917337Why do the prequels get so much shit?: They were absolutely kino, besides maybe JarJar. They actuall…[View]
140920029The “Scorsese gives opinion on King Kong vs Godzilla” meme was made specifically because he hates ca…[View]
140920033>makes nothing but shit for a decade >almost kills one of the greatest careers in Hollywood hi…[View]
140916797Sometimes when I watch old 70s and 80s movies there are young women that seem genuinely excited to t…[View]
140919437>this is the best tv show ever created according to /tv/[View]
140919903Who will direct it? Who will be the main cast?[View]
140916782>star in billion dollar franchise >use your bucks to fund and star in indie and quirky films o…[View]
140917917It's Pat appreciation thread: I'd fuck Pat[View]
140917849Masketta man is back[View]
140919593What’s better invisibility or flying?[View]
140917448Any dictator kinos?[View]
140919750Through the darkness of future's past, The magician longs to see. One chants out between two wo…[View]
140918283What movie is /tv/ stoked for?[View]
140915704Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight Was I the only one?[View]
140874082> >You act Asian; you look Native American; your name is possibly Jewish. What are you?…[View]
140919474well sir what do I know about hats? I'll have to take your word on that, I wouldn't know a…[View]
140919713How was Different Strokes popular enough to get a ripoff?[View]
140919684do people actually fall for this?[View]
140918729For me, it's Kim Cattrall from Big Trouble in Little China[View]
140919423underrated acresses. a thread[View]
140918240Hello 4channel's /tv/ board. I just wanted to let you know you're all just so perfectly sp…[View]
140918785Do Americans seriously have lifetime judges? Can't even imagine the amount of senile bullshit y…[View]
140919061>what do you do? >I drive[View]
140918737>Good Will Hunting >watch the movie >the guy's fucking name is Will Hunting jesus chri…[View]
140911994Marvel bros....WE GOT TOO COCKY: >the Russos have called in Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark…[View]
140918778>movie has flashback scenes set in the past >the scenes are all shown in black and white >…[View]
140918673Why is there no more breast expansion in movies?[View]
140918016My roommate and I like to do movie nights once in a while, but our interests have very little overla…[View]
140918380Are my fellow Canadian Chads watching this kino?[View]
140919184Believe me, theres plenty I'd like to forget[View]
140918959>You yell 'SPIC!', everybody says 'huh? what?'. You yell 'NIGGER'? And we've got a panic on …[View]
140918941what did she mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9C3SAdw-AA&list=LLazm6TnU-2g7l1BL4N-…[View]
140918121I wish I could have seen The Sixth Sense without getting spoiled by pop culture.[View]
140918450>Today is friday the 13th I go nuts every thime he says it.[View]
140919162itt: post unironic kino[View]
140918922>watch lion king on repeat as child >grow up wanting to sniff mufasa's asshole and become…[View]
140919069Any kinos about Chiraq?[View]
140914872Was Galaxy Quest the peak of Sigourney Weaver's career?[View]
140911085What's the most inconvenient and rude experience you have ever had at a movie theater[View]
140917661OHHHhhHhhHhhHhhhhhhh SIR[View]
140918433This movie had nothing to do with the band[View]
140915742What is /tv's opinion on Logan? Saw it yesterday on cable TV and thought that Hugh Jackman is o…[View]
140917709What's next for the career's of these giants of cinema and why does the UK and Australia p…[View]
140917302recommend some kinos from this country[View]
140918874Who's watched this series? I think the end sucked and Clarke became unwatchable with her one mi…[View]
140918807movie quotes: Movie Quotes[View]
140918722Commercials: Can commercials be kino?[View]
140916148>literally just live action family guy[View]
140916640>go to prison >he slaps your ass What do you do?…[View]
140918023Open the box.[View]
140917053Greyhound: Thought this was about driving a bus. Is actually WWII boat kino. What did I think of it …[View]
140918584You know it wasn't very long ago and that you used to wait in the car. And as far as I'm c…[View]
140915855BEST CRAIG BOND ACTION SCENE: Prove me wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZxNbAwY_rk You can…[View]
140918388This series is responsible for so many fetishes[View]
140918494I could eat a hos.[View]
140915898Show about the world that the 2% who 'died' in the Rapture went to when?[View]
140917443Is this /tv/'s most anticipated movie of 2021?[View]
140904864How do you actually defeat it?[View]
140908026/trek/: UHURA IS SEXY AND BEYOND IS A GOOD MOVIE EDITION Previously: >>140899433 >PRIME DIR…[View]
140917517The only good part of Game of Thrones.[View]
140916300The Sessions: Have any of you seen this movie? Is the story of a guy on his late 30s who's para…[View]
140918124any other boxing horror movies[View]
140913492Who should play this Brazilian Wonder Woman legacy character in the DCEU /tv/?[View]
140918096She looks scary[View]
140918073will he be the best actor of his generation?[View]
140917845this is the best kind of ending shot, just pure catharsis and nothing else[View]
140908453Quiz Time!: Post your: >Favorite movie >Favorite show >Age >Number of sexual partners…[View]
140917937Best Star Trek episodes?[View]
140916675Recommend me some 'saint' kino. Doesn't matter what religion.[View]
140912504Now that Disney+ is labeling things as problematic, what classic Disney movies are immune to critici…[View]
140916930First time watching BB, just marathoned the Fly episode Hated it from the outset and it's easil…[View]
140917114ITT: Midwit movies Every average IQ person watches this and thinks they are Joe[View]
140915199i enjoy the films of wes anderson. what type of person do you imagine?[View]
140915783was anyone else mad when they made her out to be the bad guy in that season 3 episode? she knowingly…[View]
140917308FRANCHISE REVIVALS DONE RIGHT: What are some examples?[View]
140916458>Yeah, I know it. It's on Pico.[View]
140916841Emily in Paris: Frenchies are buttmad and Lily is gorgeous.[View]
140913307Will you be watching Borat 2 /tv/?[View]
140914503OBVIOUS STUNT DOUBLES IN MOVIES: The parkour is random enough, how obviously not Shia LaBeouf it is …[View]
140906314is this movie worth it?[View]
140917568Unfathomable levels of based[View]
140917410Stop saying kino.[View]
140915287It's over.: It's over. Dune 2021: The Remake: Part 1 will never see the light of a project…[View]
140917603What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
140914295name a bigger cuck than this pussy[View]
140916571So what do we think of Borat 2?[View]
140911861Nic Pizzolatto's show for FX is a successor to True Detective. Set in an alternate WW2 aftermat…[View]
140917553Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140916985Whose gonna play gambino in the live action series?[View]
140916301ITT: films about manlets[View]
140913588I've watched this every night for a week now. I don't even find it particularly funny. Sho…[View]
140915576Was Schroeder the original MGTOW?[View]
140914748Long time ago, I was in England. My friends and I were working for a strange train. They were trying…[View]
140915656what are some reincarnation kinos?[View]
140913984Why did you lie to me and hide this kino from me?[View]
140916147Should age restrictions be enforced more thoroughly? Kids and teenagers might get the wrong idea abo…[View]
140916238Can someone explain season 8 of Family Guy being so violent?[View]
140916358Ben Stiller is the Charlie Chaplin of our time.[View]
140913865so you want to date our daughter, anon?: she says you're a genius! say something smart.[View]
140913264>Never give up! If you fall down, get back up again! Defeat is only in the mind! Tom Cruise was w…[View]
140913751Was she a proto-Jennifer Lawrence >Can't act, only hired for looks >Eventually gets angry…[View]
140915716Which Harry Potter movie is the best?: for me, its the Prisoner of Azkaban[View]
140915614Just watched this, did I like it?[View]
140915577>/tv/ shills me this show >decide to watch it >its just Roadside picnic/Stalker for pedo we…[View]
140914892What are some of your favorite older movies?: For me it's The City Without Jews (1924). https:/…[View]
140915979Waking Life: How do you know you're not dreaming right now?[View]
140916954a little defense[View]
140911774If this site really gets shut down...: then let's have one final 10/10 thread bros Post them…[View]
140914441>Opening credits? What are those?[View]
140914841Are there any film review websites worse than Rotten Tomatoes? Why do people use this shit?[View]
140916826more sci-fi kino like this?[View]
140916199It's just a ride[View]
140911569Fuck this show is so gay this is the worst Star Wars after The Sequels why people pretend its good?[View]
140916646Thoughts on this show? I thought it was funny as hell. Loved how it gave a message behind the humour…[View]
140916295Do kids really act like this?[View]
140915612Really comfy, what a ride. It has the best cinematography and soundtrack i'v seen in a while. I…[View]
140916169Deat journal[View]
140916603Into Great Silence is kino: https://youtu.be/IntyLvKL2W4 It’s not ALL I watch, but it does me more g…[View]
140913200>I was banging seven gram rocks[View]
140906545>no the boys thread in catalog: What so you want to see in The Boys season three?[View]
140907589Was this the best film of the 2010s?[View]
140916486im too high for this shit[View]
140916343All movies are propaganda and all actors are child molesters. Prove me wrong.[View]
140890656Peter Pan (Movie) is now officially considered racist by Disney Plus.[View]
140892944why do we no longer see biblical adaptions in film?[View]
140916222When are we getting more Jazz kino, bros? It's been so long...[View]
140916154>Marge,I ate those fancy soaps you bought for the bathroom[View]
140913857Will it be very nice! As borat himself put it.[View]
140915998>movie is more than 120+ minutes long Yeah, that's a 'no' for me[View]
140911165How do we get the masses on /tv/ to watch better films, and stop consuming capeshit and Star Wars?[View]
140891831holy shit: I can't believe some of the shit in this actually happened, kino[View]
140916122>trailer is a montage of action scenes and explosions with Beethoven’s Ode to Joy Chorale as soun…[View]
140911033What should be next for our exotic cutie dancer-turned-actress Sofia?[View]
140915986Watched this last night[View]
140914577I need help to find the version of the movie 'the Mummy' dubbed in Japanese: I love this movie very …[View]
140915971wtf is this movie?: She was meant to be feral, raised by wolves. But she knew some words of English,…[View]
140915940These glasses speak French https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF-vUG3JIpE[View]
140909578Sabrina sucks..All those hours wasted: Cringe and dropped[View]
140915897I don't get the ending.....[View]
140913640For me it's still Phoebe Cates[View]
140915842rage doc recommendations: The Devil We Know (2018) your turn fellas[View]
140915836Is BvS the best Dia de Muertos movie?[View]
140915564Yes /tv/ is my favorite board how could you tell[View]
140911052Film/Tv that predicts The Future.: Jesus christ this whole first season is everything that is happen…[View]
140911785>romans speak latin >no poc >period correct armor Yep, I think Rome kino is BACK…[View]
140915120ITT: Italian Chads of Cinema: Whether they are really Italian, partly Italian, or really convincingl…[View]
140915441It’s not Al Anymore, It’s Dunk![View]
140913877>had so much sex to ken burns civil war i can't watch it without thinking of my ex now…[View]
140913368HEEERE WE ARE[View]
140909404ITT: Perfect movies[View]
140880980Why are singers so good at acting? I seriously can't think of any singers turned actors that tu…[View]
140913592After watching this, I don't ever want to hear a white person complain about the OJ trial again…[View]
140915385Rebecca starring Lily James: will it be kino /tv/?[View]
140896267>white people bad >rich people bad >marriage bad >women stronk It's so tiring lads…[View]
140915312Get me Rex Kramer.[View]
140913976It's gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon Yesterdays lack of m*deration site wide makes s…[View]
140908297Sherlock Holmes: I didn't like this movie, should I watch the sequel?[View]
140914948>smiles during sex >btfos amelie poulain[View]
140914913If I'm a zoomer, can I enjoy this series? I thought the original Star Wars tribology was medioc…[View]
140915159Something's brewing at Warner Brothers!: (Wow! Capeshit!) It's not shit any more, it'…[View]
140914406Since when were they anti-Christian?[View]
140915334>You're supposed to hate it, it was satire[View]
140913962roommate recommendations?: My roommate and I like to do movie nights once in a while, but our intere…[View]
140914829____ _____?[View]
140911927Rate them.[View]
140913288>'dude Krampus is going to go down in history as a modern horror-comedy classic!' >fucking no …[View]
140910257If a girl tells you this is her favourite film how do you react?[View]
140912958Did /tv/ like it?[View]
140909985>dude just spend a thousand dollars to live like a bum and sleep in the fucking dirt for a month …[View]
140914170Is this film any good?[View]
140913733Thoughts? It was kinda confusing but still good lol.[View]
140914692saw this for the second time four years later, it isnt as good as i remembered it[View]
140914270Horrorfu thread: For me, it's this big tiddy witch gf.[View]
140914632I miss Sheevposting[View]
140912461Jojo Rabbit: Was it kino?[View]
140913809if he was smart why didnt he just walk out of his cell and leave?[View]
140910374ITT - Shitty movies that pseuds pretend are 'pleb filters' when in actuality they are just shitty mo…[View]
140912754Post the most overrated TV shows of all time[View]
140913437What are you watching tonight? What should i watch tonight?[View]
140914277>I’m Ash frum wha’cultcha[View]
140906388MOVIE DUOS WITH LEGIT CHEMISTRY: Romantic, platonic, familial, you name it.[View]
140914250https://youtu.be/DFjqRe2loa8 how is cbs this creatively bankrupt?[View]
140912690Why did this kid become a meme a couple years ago?[View]
140914203Sums up the last twenty years of culture no?[View]
140913002Red Sparrow is JLaw's masterpiece[View]
140914160>blacks could be anywhere Uhhhhh[View]
140911944>The Deep? More like The Creep[View]
140914061>celebrity goes on a killing spree against the paparazzi Yikes[View]
140905756ATHF is love. ATHF is life.: All normal people are Meatwad as a kid, Shake as a teenager, Frylock in…[View]
140913275ITT: Superheroes who deserve movie adaptations.[View]
140913668movies about wasted time[View]
140912786what the fuck is /qa/ and why is it filled shit posting and /tv/ threads?[View]
140913844When did he jump the shark?[View]
140910949I am forgotten....[View]
140913835Why has Owen been in more higher grossing films when Luke is clearly the superior actor? Also the fu…[View]
140913460What is the best documentary/movie about him? All of them seem to be very low ratings for some reaso…[View]
140910172I'm looking for tv shows or movies with female characters that dress like this: Post recommenda…[View]
140913716Realy talk, does any psychological horror film manage to drop in quality between establishment and p…[View]
140912265I don't like movies[View]
140913454How does /tv/ feel about Pam Grier?[View]
140904958>Spotify: has 90% of all music ever published >Steam: has 80% of all video games ever publishe…[View]
140912908>In 2004, during the filming of The New World (2005), Malick forced Christopher Plummer to climb …[View]
140904707>I AM COMPLETE[View]
140909343>Susan Stark of Detroit News called the film 'misogynistic and disgusting', questioning if Carpen…[View]
140908376Are there comfy films that take place during the autumn?[View]
140912326For me? It's John Slade.[View]
140905743Girl movies: I am a straight man, a man’s man if you will. I like all the stereotypical things this …[View]
1409134423 months to go lads, you looking forward to shitposting in/on your Gibson?[View]
140913426What's next for his career?[View]
140909538This is the best war film of this mellenium[View]
140908037What of the huge mountains of content Netflix, Amazon and all the other streaming services and TV ne…[View]
140911998>a show so high IQ that it can only be understood and made sense of if you read an in-depth inter…[View]
140910484Will he return next season? What’s his endgame?[View]
140913335Lesbian vampire kino[View]
140910813James Cameron: Discuss his work ITT. How does he do it? Puts so much thought into every detail of th…[View]
140913329Really Stanley? Ruining your Kino with spoopy skeletons?[View]
140911499Stunning and brave![View]
140912122Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140911362ITT: movies you didn't know had sequels[View]
140909159ITT: Famous actors who browse /tv/[View]
140912633what were they thinking?[View]
140910923What is the absolute best movie released between 2010-2019?[View]
140908649Who should play Death in the upcoming Netflix adaption of The Sandman?[View]
140905107my favorite movie is meet the spartans, what kind of person do you think i am[View]
140913100Holy crap present day present time hehehehehe[View]
140909657What's the worst season of your favorite show?[View]
140912989the charges, officer?[View]
140912982We won: The janny is no more. It's over. It's finally over bros.[View]
140912588How come Norman's didn't realize he was kino?[View]
140912804Guess the movie /tv/ >a bunch of jews enlist the help of a small jew to help them steal the shek…[View]
140912345'How's 4channie? How's 4channie!? Hehehehaaahhehehe!'[View]
140911133Ratched: How do I get the Mildred Ratched aesthetic? This is a really good show so far wtf Netflix…[View]
140912844kinos for this feel?[View]
140910394Everyone laughd when he said that: Turns out his career is actually over. I guess it was worth it…[View]
140909481Absolute KEK: > Seven rogue soldiers launch a preemptive strike against a newly discovered alien …[View]
140908148Is this movie any good? Do I have to watch the series? I'm not really into anime.[View]
140910082I don't know about you guys but I feel like I already watched all the good movies out there.[View]
140899047NEW DIE HARD!: WHAT THE FUCK! https://youtu.be/5IO9Z5XRiGA[View]
140910728a ladder to heaven? that's fucking stupid.[View]
140911642It’s time to admit this was a masterpiece[View]
140910679So /tv/ was it kino or cringe? Heath Ledger was relentlessly handsome[View]
140910849have you met a celebrity?[View]
140912439>Anon, I like you. I always have, always will.[View]
140912200It feels hard[View]
140894117Why can’t the BBC find good hosts for this show? I thought all British people were good at banter.[View]
140912421Chess movies: What are some good Chess movies? Is 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' good?[View]
140911958You niggas was tripping last night. Did the new batch of jannies come in yet?[View]
140911657>non-white male appears on screen[View]
140912311Who's the most talented black actress?[View]
140909942>harasses a veteran for no reason Seriously, what the FUCK was this guy's problem?…[View]
140907891what scarey movies should I be watching this season /tv/?[View]
140911161Why can't horror movies just be fun instead of this slow-burn drama bullshit?[View]
140912234Have you seen this? I'd say it's the best show of this year so fat[View]
140912184>Kingsfoil? Aye, it's a weed. Why did Aaron Gorn think getting high would help save Frodo?…[View]
140897103>What if superheroes were more concerned with their public image than saving innocent people Yes …[View]
140911513Ruh roh. https://www.fox13news.com/news/home-improvement-actor-zachery-ty-bryan-arrested-for-strangu…[View]
140911159Listen kid. I don't give a shit what the FDA or anyone says. Just take the fucking Chantix®. Yo…[View]
140912038Vanilla Sky: How kino is this? Is it better than the original?[View]
140912022the only thing i read is subtitles BOOK FAGS GTFO its called television and film not table of conten…[View]
140911059And what do you call these wind monkeys?[View]
140879084Why is this allowed?[View]
140903605>Antony Starr wants to be Wolverine >Aya Cash wants to be Jean Grey, Rogue or Beast >Gianca…[View]
140909585Best film for each of the seven deadly sins?[View]
140909798Borat 2: It's going to suck[View]
140911743Josh Trank's original Fantastic Four was body horror: And this is a Jazz Thread[View]
140910778I turned it off once I realized it was lesbian propaganda[View]
140907768Still the greatest IM ACTING moment in tv history? https://youtube.com/watch?v=xecaRSNxioo[View]
140911588What are you watching tonight, /tv/? For me, it is: >The Crow >Jews Love Black Cock >The Ou…[View]
140911442What was his endgame?[View]
140900163>Schwarzenegger has Predator >Stallone has Rambo >Statham has The Mechanic >Seagal has..…[View]
140909357have you ever been this mad about anything /tv/?[View]
140910756Are you ready to admit that all three movies are great?[View]
140895352what a fucking retard[View]
140910041He has Aspergers[View]
140911235>The Holohoax, Scully, how could 6 million Jews be gassed and burned in a period of 4 years? That…[View]
140908005>men bad :)[View]
140910622THESE MEN ARE PAWNS[View]
140911157It was his movie.[View]
140909997post monster movies in the spirit of october: this is Digging up the Marrow (2014). basically ray wi…[View]
140909514Just watched this,what did /tv/ think of it?[View]
140910955What will pop culture look like in this coming decade?[View]
140905546Why didn't Skynet send two T-1000s? or three?[View]
140907598How do wizards keep dragons a secret from the world?[View]
140909127Are we Slackers?[View]
140908924Will her new show prove that she's more than just a pretty face?[View]
140909129>lives underground >LARPs >stalks his oneitis >loses her to Chad >ugly inside and out…[View]
140911184was it autism?[View]
140910968What are some good movies where the villain keeps getting away with it?[View]
140910805Has there been a less interesting top ten? >10. Home Alone >9. Wizard of Oz >8. Mulholland …[View]
140909050What would you do if Norma Bates was your mommy?[View]
140910794Who was the best girl of Mad Men?[View]
140909152Wow! Son of the mask invented the popular trollface meme in 2005![View]
140910865>Blade Runner 2049’s problem stems from more than its nearly three-hour length. It starts with di…[View]
140910863itt: antagonists who were actually the good guy all along.[View]
140908101>black character wears glasses to show that he's intelligent and mature…[View]
140910859Anyone ever watch Ashes to Ashes?: Its a cop show where a female cop gets sent back in time to the 8…[View]
140910298>someone recommends me a movie >new tab >look up the Wikipedia page >protagonist is a wo…[View]
140907617Was he an incel?[View]
140909565What do they eat?[View]
140909217>cold and dark outside time to watch it again[View]
140909825is vampire diaries worth watching? I remembered I had a lot of trashy fun watching true Blood when t…[View]
140910597First, repeat after me: I have no talent.[View]
140910722What's up with the Dc/Zack Snyder shilling on /tv/? I want to own the libs as much as the next …[View]
140910293ITT: Favorite Disney musical scenes: >I WANT TO KNOW >CAN YOU SHOW ME? >I WANT TO KNOW ABOU…[View]
140907936James Rolfe announced he has indefinitively postponed the making of his feature horror film. When wi…[View]
140910324If I were rich, I would setup my own MMA 'Foxcatcher' team and compound: I would sponsor female figh…[View]
140897232Caitlyn Jenner Launches new series 'Cooking with Caitlyn Jenner!': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
140909968Good teen movie: I know most teen movies suck and even the good ones aren’t that great. I’m just goi…[View]
140909268>the 2010s are over in 2 months[View]
140910296She's hot in a fucked up way, innit[View]
140909899ITT goggle kino[View]
140909737>plug my laptop into my 70 inch 4k LED TV to watch Lawrence of Arabia >see the runtime…[View]
140901707I stopped watching Walking Dead in season 7. Did it ever leave its slump?[View]
140910266Alvinolagnia: What are the best movies for this interest?[View]
140910488>When the kino hits[View]
140905854I enjoy the films of Taika Waititi[View]
140910249Is there a single mystery series that actually manages to match all the expectations they raised alo…[View]
140909368what's next for my wife amy?[View]
140908211Recommend a movie or tv series on Netflix, thx.[View]
140903517>I just realized that Lydia has the names. I can get them from her.[View]
140908784Who is the best joker?[View]
140910147Femcel rapes a fish person - the movie.[View]
140910177>movie was made past 2001[View]
140909748Reboot: Discuss[View]
140908632>so, uh, whats the bat stand for? >it's what I was afraid of as a child. >uh..why so s…[View]
140909256What was her fucking problem?[View]
140909043The Craft 2: Legacy - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPIwK_RiMeA did the Craft need a sequ…[View]
140909995Destroying property, arson, sexual assault with a concrete dildo?[View]
140909927What movie should they star in together?[View]
140909939>'Don't try to understand it, feel it.' ..aaand just like that /tv/ got filtered.…[View]
140909704Shot Caller: movie was pretty alright but they kept switching to scenes of the black parole officer …[View]
140907122Yeah babe, I got a GREAT tv show for us to watch[View]
140909940I miss Muggy Mike, the dude was legit handsome (no homo) as fuck, its a total shame he offed himself…[View]
140909865Hey Hughie, I know I killed your girlfriend but me giving you this file means we’re even now :) Anyt…[View]
140909920'HEY THAT GUY DIDN'T PAY!'[View]
140909682why was it so bad?: it started pretty well. what made it so terrible?[View]
140909112Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
140909822>movie and tv is dying: >Miss me yet?[View]
140907954Is he the only character that has no good qaulities at all? Maybe Richie as well.[View]
140908378>watching movie >main character’s name is “Bofdeez”…[View]
140909298Its the new Game of Thrones[View]
140909711>uh oh, looks like we gon' needa do a lil fixin up round here! >..but we're poor, my…[View]
140908021What would your ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma be?[View]
140900409ITT characters that are porteayed as 'attractive' but are really just average or not attractive in t…[View]
140907520Is it good or sjw edition of Star Trek[View]
140909567How do you feel about scenes in tv and movies where men get hit in the balls by a woman?: Do you thi…[View]
140908672This is the most influential movie of the past thirty years. You can’t refute this.[View]
140908775For me, it’s Ozymandias[View]
140904015What did Davy Jones see in her?[View]
140909437We wuz kangs N shiet: What is the point of this annoying insufferable nigger?[View]
140907864>Ralph Macchio age 58 on Cobra Kai >Pat Morita age 52 in Karate Kid WTF?!?!?…[View]
140903334Its an Arnold thread >Favourite Arnold film? >Favourite Arnold One-liner?…[View]
140903376>tfw no Canadian hipster gf[View]
140903276Band of Brothers sequel: >Cary Joji Fukunaga is to direct a sequel TV series to the award-winning…[View]
140909355gary's sneed and feed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h_6i81XS_8&ab_channel=PawshPal[View]
140907951>yags parrow...[View]
140909176'Home Improvement' actor Zachery Ty Bryan arrested for strangulation, assault: UHHHHHH EHH…[View]
140908477i might be developing an actual waifu complex for the first time in my life: my heart literally almo…[View]
140908577Mud (2012): cinéma captivant classique 8/10 vos pensées sur ce film, mon ami?[View]
140906454>Rey didn’t keep Kylo alive long enough to use him as a sperm bank to officially continue the Sky…[View]
140906575There is zero hype for this show What went wrong? Mandalorian was supposed to save Star Wars[View]
140908702Ben Affleck should have been Superman. DC fucks up it's casting yet again.[View]
140909166For me? It's Lady Eadith.[View]
140908449Season 1 to season 5 is absolutely and unfiltered kino. Also, Jensen Ackles is not only eye candy bu…[View]
140909121>”the charges, officer?”[View]
140905836What would you like to see in the upcoming and inevitable Superman movie ? For me (thanks for Asking…[View]
140908393the show that saved science fiction on television[View]
140904457Hello what is this from?[View]
140908534What movies best portray the struggle of the lower classes, /tv/?[View]
140908708Is it just me or is he insanely good looking?[View]
140908055When is the inevitable hollywood adaption coming, and whos playing Eren[View]
140908138Alright, first, I will admit I'm Jewish and have been programmed from child to find Christ repu…[View]
140908147>rape good[View]
140908280>Hey, alright.[View]
140899433/trek/: UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING EDITION Previously: >>140891237 >PRIME DIRECTIVE: /trek/ is …[View]
140908857To be honest with you Diane? I'm surprised.[View]
140908246What's that mobie with: the snipers and one sniper shoots the other right through his site thro…[View]
140903586I like her chill, sultry voice so much bros. What are some Maika Monroe kinos other than the Guest a…[View]
140900044LISA WATCH OUT[View]
140906803post apocalyptic comdey kinos? pic very related[View]
140898626/hor/ Horror General:: Italian Cannibal Edition Previous >>140877581[View]
140903165Spielberg or Scott >Minority Report VS Blade Runner >Saving Private Ryan VS Black Hawk Down …[View]
140908603I like The Walking Dead.[View]
140904234Now that the dust has settled, what was the best zombie movie of all time?[View]
140903752I know people 'don't like it' because it's not a Michael Myers movie, but why don't p…[View]
140904289We dug coal together.: In the kino television & film show called justified the two main charact…[View]
140908255HE FUCKING WON[View]
140908330'Cause you know in the old days, They couldn't say the shit they wanted to say. We had t…[View]
140908324tfw no mommy gf[View]
140907287Why did the bouncers call Seraph 'Wingless'[View]
140905947Scorsese Dog: Scorsese Dog[View]
140908048Name a worse trope[View]
140908203It's a great kino. A must have.[View]
140908180>sane but have voice in head mocking me >says mean shit and gives orders >impersonates peop…[View]
140906528I really enjoy the southern gentleman villain trope. To what other kino should I give the pleasure?[View]
140908060>but what if a writer is attempting to create a story where nothing much happens, where people do…[View]
140907570>Budget 80 million >Box office 76 million That doesn't seem so bad. It's basically a…[View]
140907755>I bet you are wondering how this all started.. *static wavy screen fades out* *muffled 90s hip h…[View]
140905587>protagonist defeats antagonist because protagonist has 'friends' while the antagonist does not …[View]
140907909Die Hard Is Back: I fell for the bait https://youtu.be/W7kFGGFI9Xo[View]
140905644>Americans are so fat and glutinous that when they go to a movie theater they have to pay $40 for…[View]
140905118ITT: THAT GIRL[View]
140907048Kinos with this feel?[View]
140903665How did this manage to have a multi-ethnic cast without it feeling forced?[View]
140907127it's fucking kino[View]
140904945Native American kino?: What are some essential Native American kino?[View]
140904791I just watched Wonder Wheel for the first time and was wondering, what the heck happened to Juno Tem…[View]
140906903>Zou Bisou Bisou[View]
140907616why did we stop talking about them?[View]
140905646Christopher Nolan: How has this nigga been in he game this long but STILL doesn’t know how to proper…[View]
1409075272020. I Am Forgotten.[View]
140906888wha happun[View]
140906753hey /tv/. Just wondering what the best IPtv provider is? currently trying out IPTorrents tv streamin…[View]
140907757Are there any movies or tv shows about feet?[View]
140906182>someone thought this was a good merch idea: you could have just used the spiderman mask and it w…[View]
140907235What are some worst official movie posters?[View]
140906359Films about experimental music?[View]
140897816I am not those men. I am Salahuddin. Salahuddin.[View]
140905254>the very necklace a crew of hundreds spent months on searching >the very necklace that could …[View]
140903640what if Justice League was directed by Sam Raimi?[View]
140905833The 'Skywalker Saga' is over. 10 years from now The Star Wars '_____ Saga' will begin. What kind of…[View]
140907565DIOS MIO LA GOBLINA[View]
140904139Kirsten Dunst, Dane Dehaan And Other Past Marvel Actors Eyed For The MCU: But not necessarily in the…[View]
140905897Lets have a kino action film thread Predator is the best action film[View]
140906139This isn't my first rodeo.[View]
140907510>Wake the Americans.: >Wake the americans.[View]
140904646>We need an ethnic guy! >Is he black or Asian? >No. >He's already practicing his ac…[View]
140906398Oscar winning performance[View]
140905734Watching this right now. What do I think of it?[View]
140904385Yeah, I'm thinking it's time for a rewatch[View]
140894223The problem with midsommar wasn't really the movie itself but the brick brained retarded critic…[View]
140907250>end of movie >villain tells good guy 'if you kill me you'll be just like me' >good gu…[View]
140907280>zooby zooby zoo[View]
140907276>Budget: 1 billion USD. We have already seen the technology and CGI in capeshit and in other movi…[View]
140907234ITT:: Films that are actually pretentious[View]
140907240Was it rape?[View]
140905112Say it.[View]
140907220What are some lesser known cameos by famous people? This was the current king of Jordan in an episod…[View]
140907160SHE BANGS SHE BANGS[View]
140905288I refuse to believe people watch this shit. there's also another identical show called 'I can s…[View]
140905106Name a better super woman villain than Stormfront. Protip: you can’t[View]
140907058But not... not Shakespeare[View]
140907054>Well from my point of view, Ornela, you're evil![View]
140907026Y tho ?[View]
140897005Hollywood being as bankrupt as it is why haven;t they made a joan of arc movie[View]
140906968Do you reckon we'll ever hear what he actually said?[View]
140906942Why is this piece of shit so acclaimed? i could get better shots with my nokia 13 years ago[View]
140906776>best character on the show >get rid of him thanks Obama…[View]
140905651why did they need a giant gandalf for?[View]
140906772Zack Snyder's Justice League Crew Reveals First Look Back on Set for Reshoots: >It looks lik…[View]
140905468Who was in the right here?[View]
140904346How did he get fat in the time window of el Camino’s flashbacks but thin by the time the final episo…[View]
140906582this shit slapped[View]
140904454>Are you *heavy breathing* not entertained?[View]
140899864rate them[View]
140900018ITT-post a picture of where you live and your favorite movie: Robocop[View]
140906277>DOTHRAKI WHORE[View]
140906422Heat (1995): Heat (1995)[View]
140902977He was murdered.[View]
140890167Do i have a future as a filmmaker?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSeMlDiEjv8 Rate my work.…[View]
140906232>Hello Cindy[View]
140904470Will we ever see kino of its kind ever again?[View]
140905313What a boring, pointless movie.[View]
140905987https://youtu.be/DV63MFvYb7k Watch it![View]
140904476Star Trek Discovery - First episode: Burnham can't decide if her ribs are broken or not and des…[View]
140906199>Doctor Strange? >That's pretty good, but it's taken.…[View]
140906192>So Little John came to the Fair. All scarlet were his hose and jerkin, and scarlet was his cowle…[View]
140906178Any good, lads?[View]
140898724>sci-fi flick >currency is called ‘credits’…[View]
140906133Movies non-English will never understand.[View]
140905998Why is his daughter glaringly Mexican? I know because she is a teen mom on the show. WTF happened in…[View]
140905133Comey Rule: Why is propaganda fine when the left does it?[View]
140906082>did you ever hear the story of tha‘ „Arf Playguess“ device? What did he mean by this?…[View]
140905860>Lucas can't write dialo-[View]
140905985Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the leather store is 2 blocks down.[View]
140884640You don't sneak food into theaters right anon? It hurts theaters you know..?[View]
140904703why did it suck so bad?: started off ok, but was sucking like an expensive hooker half way through. …[View]
140905843Why does Shrek hold up so well? I’ve seen it dozens of times since it came out and it still manages …[View]
140903440>the city is the main character[View]
140897864Why did they do it[View]
140904704>NO NOOO YOU WILL DIE![View]
140905700how come she looks ugly in every film and picture except for this one[View]
140905693Is he the new Marlon Brando?[View]
140905782this kino show is literally about us anons[View]
140905719Thoughts on Iron Sky?: I know the sequel is awful but how is the first movie?[View]
140903291who was in the wrong here?[View]
140905591Holy shit, she played all those characters in Orphan black and it was like I was watching completely…[View]
140905638Seduced Inside: did you watch it? i didn't know Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were married…[View]
140904546Did you ever hear the tragedy of george lucas the poet?[View]
140904858Raiders is the best action movie, Doom is the best at being a callback to the pulp films from the 30…[View]
140904265Borat 2 is essential to save the planet[View]
140905555Was it kino?[View]
140901628Has a movie ever made you cry, /tv/?[View]
140903131was chandler objectively the best friend?[View]
140899089>Hagrid! He has to be taken to the hospital. Why not let Draco die? He's a Slytherin, and e…[View]
140897098What went wrong with Mackenzie Davis's career? Are Hollywood manlets afraid of tall actresses?[View]
140904483>'It's really you....' >'You're The Godfather Part II....'…[View]
140905389holy fucking kino[View]
140902887Why is it so comfy, bros?[View]
140902322Do you think he put a finger in her bum while fucking her?[View]
140905181Bite my shiny metal ass[View]
140904922OH, COME ON, /tv/. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS.[View]
140904566>anime can't be kin-[View]
140905119More interrogation kino?[View]
140905166>DUDE, MARINES BAD LOL[View]
140886275What age?[View]
140904294>this was considered disgustingly fat in the 90s[View]
140904738ITT: Simpsons jokes you didn’t get as a kid[View]
140890238Wake up.[View]
140903583Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that this was trash... Right?[View]
140904829>Subject hits home too much for comfort >turn it off >too afraid to ever touch it again…[View]
140891287Why hasn't Sarah acted in anything else aside from the VVITCH? Also, any other kinos with that …[View]
140902341What went wrong?[View]
140903773A toast! A toast to Wei. >Wuniggers and Shuniggers get out out this thread…[View]
140895030>ugly girl wearing a crop top >ugly girl wearing a gstring above her pants Forgot Mclovin, is …[View]
140902920>negative, i am a meat popsicle wtf did he mean by this[View]
140904150Good Will Hunting: My wife used to fart in her sleep...[View]
140904606>I had a zoom call with Barzini[View]
140901647Andre the Giant dead at 46: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1993/01/31/andre-the-giant-…[View]
140903344this was a fun movie to watch >i realy havent had this much fun watching a movie like this in fo…[View]
140904391Mountain Girl ruined an entire generation of women.[View]
140902105I literally can't come up with a good reason why I haven't killed myself this year. To kee…[View]
140902175kinos /tv/ hasn't seen[View]
140904436DOWNTOWN Clay Davis??[View]
140904447cast him[View]
140903851>this is what scared audiences in the 1910s[View]
140891835Did you ever try and imitate something you thought was cool in a movie/tv show I started wearing a h…[View]
140901498Cast him. Should he play himself?[View]
140902705F >https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/08/entertainment/jonah-hill-dead-massive-heart-attack/index.ht…[View]
140903535No but seriously, how did this fucker build a career without being able to act?[View]
140879611The Haunting of Bly Manor: Is it me or does everything after episode 6 go downhill? I also think The…[View]
140901166Remember when CGI movies were actually ambitious and tried to push the envelope? Now, they're a…[View]
140903998Reminder that the opening to TDK is just as retarded and absurd as TDKR's. Nolan is such a fuck…[View]
140903030Masterpieces ruined by the ending.[View]
140902768Bond, kino not shit[View]
140904098>it's been over 7 months since you've been able to have this experience Is the cinema …[View]
140904138>I apologise sir but you're not permitted to bring food into the movie theatre. Now give me …[View]
140901223Neytiri is...[View]
140892741>R-Remember we? F-From The Office! Haha, good times right? Seriously, just let it go.…[View]
140904037Unpopular opinions in film/tv: I prefer Eiza González in From Dusk Till Dawn in the TV series over S…[View]
140904012What did DC mean by this?[View]
140903950>What do you get when you cross a mentally-ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats …[View]
140902860Why don't modern writers understand Star Trek?[View]
140900466Has science gone too far?[View]
140903774About to watch the last episode of Sopranos.[View]
140902783Where do you want to see Taissa Farmiga's career go from here?[View]
140902677Minority Report: what do you think of this Cruisekino[View]
140898589>Gets caught driving after had a few sips of wine >This is who greets him on day 1 in prison R…[View]
140903858I don't understand the hate these movies get, they're just fun, and they don't try to…[View]
140903817PUT. THOSE DUBS. DOWN. Dubs are for closers only. You think I'm fucking with you? I am not fuck…[View]
140903707It'll only be until we're finished our tour of Sweden[View]
140902199Who's laughing now? I got my hat.[View]
140903756Is Benny Lava kino?[View]
140903084how can I find me a Chantel internet gril bros?[View]
140903278Scary Scenes in Non Horror Movies: Large Marge takes the cake for me.[View]
140903262>Lionel Hutz surprise witnesses[View]
140902164>*huff huff*[View]
140901809One of the best comic series ever is getting an animated series with Amazon. Why does Amazon shit on…[View]
140903545What are some of Hollywood's power couples? This is Bob De Niro's wife[View]
140903510>ye general holdo just lightspeed into thim, why don't we just diw dat? A good question, for…[View]
140903457How come there's no kinos about the daily life of taxi drivers?[View]
140903454>leave slow burn atmospheric horror...to me Is A24 finally finished ? Destroyed by /OurGuy/ James…[View]
140898623Redpill me on Arwen at Helm's Deep. Was it cut because Liv Tyler couldn't act for shit, or…[View]
140903196Do I look malnourished?[View]
140900276which one /tv/?[View]
140903207>You know they call me the Lord of War © but perhaps it is you[View]
140902778Fockin'... waken' up like. Headin off t' Twitch dawt tee vee. Firin' up ma stree…[View]
140899619I guess this shit is normal now?[View]
140902798A thing mixed is a thing weakened. >Is that from the Bible? It is from me. >It's nice for…[View]
140900214What are some works that go explicitly against the morals of the person or the original work they…[View]
140903058like leaves and cold wind: kinos about beautiful smells?[View]
140902644Hey /tv/, think fast![View]
140891387Watchmen vs The Boys: Which one subverted the superhero genre better?[View]
140902076>Pacino has The Godfather >Bogart has Casablanca >Welles has Citizen Kane >The rock has.…[View]
140889595I unironically think they made a mistake by setting that kid free. In 90% cases the murderer is a re…[View]
140900903Post comfy normie blockbusters in this thread.[View]
140898308Name a better team[View]
140902427How come all of his 'cool' scenes were so cringy[View]
140900618If I defecated on the American flag, how would that make you feel?[View]
140902440Whose boobs were these?[View]
140902690Could end of watch be made today in our current climate?[View]
140895209Leno > Letterman[View]
140902652i dont get it[View]
140900682Room 237: Based or cringe?[View]
140902733What are some movies where the main protagonist controls his own destiny through sheer will and pass…[View]
140901615Holy fuck[View]
140902103Well that fucking sucked: Went into this 100% blind, just found it came out and I enjoyed the first …[View]
140896293post funny pictures of actors who have been in television shows and films bonus points if you discus…[View]
140902552Yikes: Did no one tell Kubrick this was debunked?[View]
140899126>Gets shit on relentlessly for a decade[View]
140902588post your favorite actor and a movie you think is underrated mines gotta be Godzilla (2014)[View]
140899591This. This is kino. Why is Paul so relentlessly handsome?[View]
140902565What a tweest![View]
140902542Someone should make a medieval fantasy movie where all main characters are black lesbian (trans)wome…[View]
140902335This is fucked up...[View]
140902061Movies you watched as a kid that you were fooled into enjoying[View]
140902446>movie is an anthology of Loosely connected vignettes set around a weak framing device Big pass …[View]
140899514Horror Movies: I've been deranged. All Horror Movies are dull to me. They don't scare me. …[View]
140902387Staring Matt Damon: >Assets = Liabilities + Shareholder’s Equity…[View]
140900096Red Sparrow: Is it kino? Should I watch it with my girl this afternoon?[View]
140901168ITT post only the most based characters of Television & Film[View]
140890648This shit is pretty funny and mocks everyone. Are you people mad about it just because they poke fun…[View]
140901422Has TLC confirmed yet whether the hit series I Am Jazz will get a new season? Also Jazz thread[View]
140901308Every single time: >Movie introduces and tries to portrait protagonist as a loser >Few scences…[View]
140901388Is it actually possible to throw someone out of an open cargo door without instant depressurization?[View]
140900570How the fuck do you drive on heroin?[View]
140899099>With my heart full of gratitude for all that is good in the world, I'll put down my pen. …[View]
140902085Kino zoomers can't into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGBLN_BJIJQ[View]
140902080'that didnt age so well!': post movies that are cringe now[View]
140901972>a single background character is not a white heterosexual male[View]
140900382Mow that lawn again and I'll kill you[View]
140901886What's the point of those videos of soldiers surprising their family back home?[View]
140901090>Nicholson is the least embarrassing one in old age Who would’ve thunk it...…[View]
140889597how do you even fuck up voice acting? i didn't think it was possible, but apparently americans …[View]
140899668Comedy in the US: Comedy in the US is simultaneously undergoing a renaissance and a major decline. O…[View]
140901671>22 years in prison for euthanizing his old pets Nice 'land of the free', amerilosers.…[View]
140901144/film/: Tripfag thread for the discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Literature - https:…[View]
140899018Holy kino.[View]
140899506I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
140891237/trek/: Fuck the Shills Edition PREVIOUS: >>140886754 PRIME DIRECTIVE: Fuck the shills.[View]
140900143Why would a male demon possess a female girl? Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
140900925Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140899299God is a superstition.[View]
140901621Well how come we knew that we, we were after his ASS?[View]
140899040>150 kg roided up monster assassin >goes for the eyes like a bitch lol?…[View]
140900696Shhhhh, /tv/, Best Emma is sleeping[View]
140897893Chili and sea bass I believe.[View]
140899435Why does the gun bleed?[View]
140899035You know how much they paid me to kill a man in King's Landing? Seven silvers. They told me a m…[View]
140901272Underrated General: Don't mind me. Just one of the most underrated shows of the decade coming t…[View]
140901205Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140897884how do that[View]
140864115Why didn't Homelander laser Maeve's hand? Also, Boys thread.[View]
140900606hey /tv/ i just post to say i love you[View]
140901221My name is Artemis Fowl and I'm a criminal mastermind![View]
1409011412020, I am forgotten...[View]
140900687is there an actress out there who can hope to surpass jennifer connelly?: i think she's peak ac…[View]
140901162well, this was underwhelming...[View]
140889976>Watching movie >Protagonist looks directly at the camera >Says my name, phone number, soci…[View]
140901148bit of an overreaction from gandalf[View]
140901072>You see, mr Secretary, I have a story of my own. It starts like this: >'Once upon a time in A…[View]
140901129>that dog scene Holy fuck that was sad.[View]
140899903>when two characters walk in sync with each other shivers...[View]
140900327>modern sci-fi movie >every single shot is cold, inorganic and perfectly-framed like a car com…[View]
140901013Girl's Night Out kino[View]
140900949Mace Solo and Chewbacca: Use the force Burnham... use dat force.[View]
140900426>Anakin, I believe this is the Attack of the Clones[View]
140899962It's 2020, are film fags still stubbornly refusing to use digital? Or are they still posturing …[View]
140886884ZA WARUDO[View]
140898651Thirty. If you want me to put it in my mouth, it's another ten.[View]
140899231>bl*ck character survives[View]
140898516Any clues on what movies he'll show this year?[View]
140887654Lighten the fuck up dude holy shit[View]
140898011Could you survive pic related with your 10+ years of 4channel experience?[View]
140897474ITS NOT DUNE ANYMORE, ITS ᑐᑌᑎᑕ ![View]
140881600/film/: Thread for the threadly discussion of classic and arthouse cinema. /film/ Literature - https…[View]
140899023Is this how it happened?: >im not gonna say the line >say it >IM NOT GONNA SAY THE LINE …[View]
1409001472006 Youtube....home[View]
140899966>alien invasion >only appears in America and/or at certain monuments…[View]
140896742Holy crap, this show is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile[View]
140900021ive never hated somebody so much in any show[View]
140890677Is pro wrestling a good form of entertainment?[View]
140898865For me? It's lady Aethelflaed.[View]
140900463what the fuck do they teach at Colombian law schools?[View]
140900535SHANG CHI LEAK: I have limited knowledge about the plot of Shang Chi Tournament is 16 people. Obviou…[View]
140879614>over 2 weeks since the last vagrantholiday video I don't think I can wait another 6 months…[View]
140898966Hey, this was actually really good.[View]
140887787Ive been a propmaster in hollywood for over 30 years AMA: Hello there /tv/! for over 30 years i have…[View]
140897471Total Recall: This movie is so fucking badass even the opening credits get testosterone flowing and …[View]
140899486>In case I don't see ya!...[View]
140900164Mad Men: Why does /tv/ like Pete so much?[View]
140898705>makes his career by playing offensive stereotypes 20 years later >'NOOOOO YOU CAN'T STER…[View]
140897229Is everyone ready for this?[View]
140900308Bette Davis: Mmmmmmmmmmm[View]
140899563>villain actually cares for his subordinates[View]
140886781/who/ Doctor Who General: Jamie dreaming of Scotland edition Previous: >>140841018[View]
140899251Lets be honest, he should have airlocked them all when he had the chance: especially adama, his son …[View]
140900154What are some kinos that do NOT feature the consumption of alcohol?[View]
140900129Why couldn't this just be a movie about a nice young man who works hard to build his business a…[View]
140900110Predator>>>(powergap)>>>alien>>>predator 2>>>aliens>>>(…[View]
140899082If you owned a kinoplex what kind of food would you serve? Me? I'd serve crab legs.[View]
140899854>blocks your path[View]
140898266So was he God?[View]
140898718The first show in a long time with fucking SOUL.[View]
140899659>He went to an Indian restaurant how is that racist?[View]
140899523The charges, Oswalt?[View]
140899788You know, Martin Scorsese was not wrong about watching films on tablets and phones not being suitabl…[View]
140899734Anyone can relate?: >TFW no movie manages to create the needed escapism for a comfy sunday aftern…[View]
140899581Why'd they do it /tv/ ?[View]
140897784>you can't just die[View]
140897415>Unemployed, 28 years old, still lives with his parents, AND a virgin? >Believe it or not, thi…[View]
140895977Creepy: Just watched this and while it was good was there anything more to it than the dude just con…[View]
140892423damn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bgi3z4M-Mo[View]
140897099I am on my 65th try of finishing the pilot, is this show worth it? It is just boring as fuck.[View]
140895852Pleb Filters[View]
140899445It's rosewood. Hand carved by Italian artisans. You know how people always say you shouldn…[View]
140899396>Sir, we need a- >He's already here[View]
140899243>Alas, it truly was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford…[View]
140897581Favorite tv show lines: >Shiet, I guess in the end we was looking at life through the wire…[View]
140892256This is STAR WARS jedi 200 years before Episode 1[View]
140898503Hello /tv/ do I watch the Martian or Walk the line tonight?[View]
140896688why aren't people make a good movie about incest? I've never seen any good incest movie in…[View]
140894025>murder is ok but racism isn’t Great moral there, Seth[View]
140897664Cinema should've ended with Griffith's Intolerance.[View]
140891537>Why is he running dad? >Because we have to chase him >He didn't do anything wrong....…[View]
140898782Sunday: Fine day Sunday. Best day of the week in my opinion. Why is that, anon?[View]
140894982is garden state a good film?[View]
140897631Was he an incel?[View]
140898422What did 'Thing' from the Addams Family animated movie mean by this?[View]
140892954Holy shit Affleck, really?[View]
140889552what did he say?[View]
140898792What would you do?[View]
140893199>No Emily, you can't just upload that picture of Muhammad on your instagram! That's so …[View]
140898798I've got a question for you: What's heavier, a kilogram of steel or a gram of feathers?…[View]
140898479Why didn't Malick's critically praised A Hidden Life get any nominations?[View]
140896690So why is this film so criminally underrated? >Superb writing >Excellent acting >Riveting p…[View]
140895218It was just the shock of seeing all that food on the floor. Plus, I'd just fallen on my back, w…[View]
140898577Is there any superpowers movie or tv show that is actually good? I fucking want to scratch that itch…[View]
140898543What was his endgame?[View]
140896612>Luke, did I ever tell you about how I sent your sister to be a princess, while I gave you to dir…[View]
140877581/hor/ Horror General: Vamps Edition[View]
140898048I know covid and all, but it's been rather quiet over on the MCU front for.... Well for some ti…[View]
140897804>I am the angel of death, the time of purification is at hand. >I always loved that gag. They …[View]
140897927I AM NOT CRAZY[View]
140898299Five. Seven, for an ass fuck.[View]
140898272Was it the opposite of kino?[View]
140897833The Village: >'I love you Lucius!' Why didn't he want Judy Greer?…[View]
140895851Why isn't /tv/ hyped for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland film?: https://youtu.be/46fxZlr3Svc…[View]
140898238RoboCop: Based and kino[View]
140896410Ha, I KNEW that this was gonna happen Oh ho ho ho ho hoo ho ha[View]
140898211What are some of your favorite underrated, less talked about shows? For me it's The Boys. I nev…[View]
140898044anyone got his black face pic[View]
140897908ITT: acting you can't stand: DDL tries too hard.[View]
140898151>wowowowowowowowow >wow![View]
140893303Why do the Romans have British accents?[View]
140898061>Tis firm! Firm as stone[View]
140896829Name ONE (1) director more based[View]
140895391Leave Sauron to me[View]
140897980For me, it's Oleg Burov[View]
140896585Spiderman, Nathan Drake, Hércules,link.Tom Holland[View]
140897260This one was pretty creepy. Too bad its only 1 hour. They should have added 30min for more suspense …[View]
140897376so wait the plan is to be together as these underage siblings? kek[View]
140891366oh look they ruined another thing[View]
140896871What about this fat asshole?[View]
140895975Black and blue. God versus man. Day versus night.[View]
140894967He literally did nothing wrong[View]
140896417What makes the sopranos the best ever TV show?[View]
140898620ITT: Real-life kino imagery.[View]
140896607What's Felicity Jones's best film?[View]
140896999AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PDuqk_DSMw[View]
140897731>Critically acclaimed show comes back post-cancellation >The quality of the new stuff is compl…[View]
140897667>the guy just made up Manny because of his scene in a movie, no we're not going to explore w…[View]
140897657Why are you trying to, Die Hard, so badly?[View]
140897636If women characters were written and acted to be as enjoyable and interesting as her I would prefer …[View]
140894947How do two movies as brilliant as these get so critically panned, 53% and 44% respectively on RT, wh…[View]
140895764>Anon, I just hacked into Hollywood's mainframe by bypassing system errors. Now we can watch…[View]
140893478Kanye on JRE: Kanye on JRE Live on Friday Kanye on JRE Kanye on JRE[View]
140895324>let's make trainspotting but make it incredibly gay[View]
140895698ITS OVER[View]
140896514Why it felt nothing like a bond film and also did i liked it?[View]
140897428It's your kids, Marty! Somethings gotta be done about your kids! They're transphobes![View]
140897427actual UK comedy shows: >HEY BRAD, HE'S DOING IT AGAIN >OH SHIT BRO, THAT'S WICKED A…[View]
140891756/tv/: the youtube channel[View]
140897355Look what i found today lads[View]
140897240how do you go from this...[View]
140896260>THIS ACTOR IS VERY BASED Who comes to mind?[View]
140896218Why do WW2 films never show the rape of Berlin?[View]
140892605When can we expect the Academy to finally merge the Best Actor and Best Actress category? It's …[View]
140896831What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
140871522first movie crush[View]
140896247The character that saved /tv/[View]
140894154Luke, did I ever tell you about eyes? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Eye Eyes were the primary vi…[View]
140883151James Rolfe's new horror film: Do you think if its successful, this will be James big break int…[View]
140897075Nolanbros, we lost...[View]
140895159>The boys ended >Nothing new to watch So we are back to that are we?…[View]
140896352>When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him.[View]
140894667/tv/ Skribbl: https://skribbl.io/?DtPRYaefky8O Come one, come all. Fuck you.[View]
140890988do movie 'insiders'/influencers like Grace Randolph just make up whatever shit comes into their head…[View]
140895950>And ill look for that sacred spot on the river. Where the red fern grows Turned it off right af…[View]
140893123>turns your shitty book into a turbo kino heh nothing personnel chap[View]
140886837Just watched Snyder's Dawn of the Dead, what did I think of it?[View]
140896551SWEAR TO ME[View]
140896305What went wrong with season 8? Moreover, what caused this, I have heard rumors that this season was…[View]
140896065rookie numbers[View]
140896187Your favourite Star Wars quotes?: > 'Anakin! Help me! He's trying to stop the Revenge of the…[View]
140896743Did any boomers find Chiquita Banana sexy?[View]
140892156The creature always dies: The movie always tells you that it's the animal's nature to bit …[View]
140891645Our planet: Just watched it. Pure kino. Probably the only good thing I've seen on netflix. Any…[View]
140892782Why does this woman play a complete cunt in every role she portrays?[View]
140896473Why did this show randomly tank in quality?[View]
140896536What are some full length kinos like this? I'm talking about the blend of horror and musical[View]
140896531George LUCas: >names main character Luke[View]
140896370>I didn't go to films I went to film school - Sam Raimi[View]
140895885Was this the episode that best predicted future events?[View]
140896486https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZOJ0_sRznM When's you annual rewatch scheduled for anon?[View]
140895451Will Hollywood ever create a more horrifying monster?[View]
140892593How is it going to be, will the fellowship be even more blue? Maybe it'll actually be corrected…[View]
140894515Hunger games: Peeta is said to paint cakes, but who the fuck is buying cakes[View]
140894778>They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother Did they also expect to find the wings and engine…[View]
140893366Fine day Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week. Why is that, /tv/?[View]
140896409kinos with top tier foreshadowing?[View]
140896337>literal demigod walking the earth >owns no territory besides a shitty volcanic wasteland and …[View]
140894526If Frodo knew Boromir was going to try and take the ring, why did he wonder off into the forrest by …[View]
140896295Kinos about the contemporary art world?[View]
140895617Who would of got you out of the Nam, alive, and why is it Barnes?[View]
140889791>mfw he grabs the HDMI cable[View]
140896056>wear it in silence or I'll honor you again Was Robert the most based character?…[View]
140894207POP POP![View]
140896083If he dies, he dies[View]
140895461Cast the straight to flim version[View]
140885827Blade Runner 2049: Why did it bomb at the box office?[View]
140896072What movie these guys from?[View]
140891472>this episode aired in 2002[View]
140891247What did you think of this scene?[View]
140886063>this is the biggest movie in japan right now how did they do it[View]
140895979Post only the most kino music videos[View]
140895911Next movie to watch: whatever the next movie mentioned after you post is the next movie you have to …[View]
140891428>alien species >they walk around naked[View]
140891847Was Tony right to hate his son?[View]
140889282Why aren't there good martial arts movies anymore?[View]
140895780Justified anomaly: I believe i have identified an anomaly in the television & film show called …[View]
140893254Was her nude scene in 'CHiPs' (2017) real or did she use a boob double?[View]
140895678cast him in his inevitable biopic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVN1Apz45AE&ab_channel=MrApre…[View]
140895367Movies about strippers: Why do movies show stripping as this awesome get money fast lifestyle. But t…[View]
140895620Repulsion: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
140882455Do you have a respectable physical media collection of all your favorites?: >pic related >my k…[View]
140885631Gal Gadot is nice but pic rel was the best Cleopatra.[View]
140895515She caught the katy, left me a mule to ride: Everybody let's Rock![View]
140894212Just watched episode 1 Literally No blacks Based Vikings Based fighting for christ Kino story Heard …[View]
140895199>Pepper Ann is Jewish on her mom's side of the family and Spanish, British, and Navajo India…[View]
140889384>789 days until Avatar 2[View]
140890089More kino like this?[View]
140892654I'm still mad that there hasnt been a new one in over 20 years.[View]
140894443So, was the moral of the story to never trust an Armenian?[View]
140884558He is literally a pedophile who tried to rape a child[View]
140881800Why are they so obsessed with sex and fuck? >literally every French movie.…[View]
140893827What horror comedies are as funny as this one? I'd put the Toxic Avenger and Re-Animator in the…[View]
140895104>You have allowed The Beast to twist your mind, until now, until now you've become the very …[View]
140885150Sparks are really flying down at the hot take factory tonight: Well? Is she wrong?[View]
1408815594:3 > 16:9[View]
140894745Could Umineko be adapted for TV?[View]
140894920What does /tv/ think of the extended edition of Endgame?[View]
140894801The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack. But you can also hold…[View]
140892773What a useless object eh? It's not like that would ever come in handy if, say, you were oblivia…[View]
140887470Was this great Southern Gothic cinema, or blatant anti-religious propaganda?[View]
140894105actor enhancements: Serious thread please: Are most actors had breast surgery, or men wear wigs and …[View]
14089021640 year old virgin: What are some good films that make fun of the impossible trope of being over 20 …[View]
140894773Diao Yinan makes absolutely gorgeous kino about the shithole parts of China but he really needs to g…[View]
140894368That's not what you said in the chatlogs, /tv/.[View]
140887815the only good superhero movies[View]
140894643Krusty Krab pizza boop boop is the pizza boop boop you and me[View]
140888403post yfw you realized he's innocent[View]
140893417Is this any good bros? I need some kino series to watch, but I've watched all of them, this one…[View]
140894634What happened? This wasn't that bad. Is RT ever right?: >“No, I don’t think it made enough m…[View]
140894630I think Kaufman's movies got better after this one, but this one's still really good. It…[View]
140891389Does /tv/ actually still watches stuff on the TV? The last time I watch TV was in 2014 when I was st…[View]
140894345Bullet in the Face (2012)[View]
140885899Was he a Chud?[View]
140887467Why arent you people watching the documentary series the vow ?: Best documentary cult experience eve…[View]
140894082For me, it's Kurt Metzger[View]
140893397Good Spanish series. Not like Money Heist. https://youtu.be/e5vxS65tgOA[View]
140886532>Put the gun down, Charlize![View]
140876000Spain: Why does Spain love ruining translations for movie posters? How is this okay? I would be emba…[View]
140894089Why the fuck are there TV shows that aren't 16:9? I can at least understand movies because they…[View]
140886238David Attenborough Life on our Planet Earth: I dont understand, how did he escape left-liberal outra…[View]
140892064What made the power rangers so kino /tv/?[View]
140893225Who is the hottest couple ever in movie history?[View]
140888978Currently marathoning this (around 10 minutes into it), what do I think of it?[View]
140893975What makes capeshit appeal to so many? The escapism of being a powerful entity in a world that'…[View]
140893185what does /tv/ think of him[View]
140891411This was better than “now you see me 2”[View]
140893863What are some Kinos about being alone?[View]
140893798> is that a problem? >No, I'm Dunnhier A strange tale of hubris right at the beginning. H…[View]
140892083>antagonist is evil because... he was in slytherin[View]
140893218insufferable cunts general: what the fuck was her problem /tv/[View]
140891899>Political 'comedy' show >Its described as 'A sideways look at the weeks events'…[View]
140893240Umm what?[View]
140893693The show that saved /tv/[View]
140889541That cryptid thread the other day finally got me to watch The Mothman Prophecies, and I didn't …[View]
140893593Do movies make you cry?[View]
140893361Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971)[View]
140891372Party Down: Why isn't anyone talking about this absolute KINO?[View]
140890150“We’re even now, bitch”[View]
140891704I just finished the first season. Now I know why /tv/ won’t shut the fuck up about this show.[View]
140893496Sup nigga: Wanna talk some shit?[View]
140893427ITT: forced cinematography: LOOK GUYS I'M CINEMATOOGRAPHIIIIIIIIIING[View]
140886754/trek/: TREK-KINO IS BACK! Edition PREVIOUS: >>140883191 PRIME DIRECTIVE: /trek/ is the Star T…[View]
140885978Submarine from 2010: Let me describe the main character in one sentence of course he’s English…[View]
140892589Would you watch another Daft Punk feature?[View]
140893077Shadow Gate 2.0 - Full Documentary: KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq…[View]
140893168Christmas is coming what are the best charismas movies?[View]
140890639Is the X Files good?[View]
140893092What was his endgame?[View]
140884003>jerking off twice a day bullshit[View]
140893051>Why yes, I do obliterate PBRs while watching anime, how could you tell…[View]
140892931i don't know why, but this film freaked me the fuck out when I was younger Are there any films …[View]
140878723why did he do it, bros?[View]
140892984this movie is so stupid. 2 hours of pretentious bourgeoisie trash. also if cunts pulled shit like t…[View]
140892234Horror movies: I'm a big fan of horror movies, although I've noticed that a majority of ho…[View]
140892825>we were born at the worst time in history kinos for this feel[View]
140892514>that episode where an old madwoman won't stop wailing her dead daughter's name Cried l…[View]
140890312>To be fair, Hermione kinda forgot that fiendfyre can destroy horcruxes…[View]
140890520what's the funniest movie you've ever seen[View]
140892700The French Dispatch: Why can't it just come to streaming already?[View]
140891682There's a man goin' 'round takin' names.[View]
140892627>watching old movie >realize that every actor is dead >it's now horror movie because …[View]
140892538Elmore leonard movies[View]
140885279What are some good French Kinos?[View]
140883989>Two Towers book is shorter than Fellowship book >Two Towers movie is longer than Fellowship m…[View]
140890651Come Away: Some sort of remake of Alice in Wonderland, but starring dindus from afriKa, Check out th…[View]
140891889I need help finding a movie, I think it was french/Italian. There was this scene in a nightclub with…[View]
140885158how do you go from this....[View]
140890195Simpsons Thread: >And Schoolmistress Krabappel has been stealing supplies from the school cafeter…[View]
140883030Ben Affleck return as Batman?: Now that Ben Affleck is back in shape, is he gonna have his own HBOMA…[View]
140889437Trust me, it's paradise: >This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation th…[View]
140888164heist kinos?[View]
140891955alien contact kino: post it[View]
140891530How would you make a good horror movie? What is even your bare minimum standard for a good horror mo…[View]
140859024The New Mutants was kino: She was the best part admit it[View]
140887910I don't get it.[View]
140890303that's because my reproductive organs are on the inside and not the outside[View]
140888392My sweet little village: Any other films with this vibe? Such soul: charming characters in a Europea…[View]
140891485I vant to suck your cock: glack[View]
140891271The movie that BTFO fascists forever[View]
140891789THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE[View]
140891598>pilot is awful >all of the other episodes are pretty great…[View]
140891004is this series even comparable to the masterpiece trilogy?[View]
140891352Cast him.[View]
140887655>Dad, who's lurking /tv/ at 3:17 AM? >Alcoholics, the unemployable, angry loners.…[View]
140890857>Mid 2000 teen flick >Main character gets in too deep…[View]
140885569why do sois love this garbage movie so much?[View]
140886011What's the name of this film?[View]
140891382You do know how to use them, right?[View]
140887990Do you own any movie merch?[View]
140890453Its a shame your autism prevents you from not overthinking things instead of just enjoying a fun sce…[View]
140890903Well, now we finally know why /tv/ loves Luna Lovegood so much![View]
140891010what is some TV shows or movies that make good use of gore?[View]
140891054>'....M..m..my cbd fried rice... is done.'[View]
140891043What the fuck was Disney thinking?[View]
140890237I loved it. Any similar shows or movies I should watch?[View]
140891267>Me: Yo pass the aux >Him: You better no play garbage >Me:…[View]
140891017What genre is this?[View]
140889574>yfw the best season EV-AH![View]
140890564Cast them in a movie.[View]
140890798Why the sharp decline in quality?[View]
140887304Alright /tv/, I’ve made my annual pilgrimage from my regular boards because I need your help. What …[View]
140890552How come ghost sightings stopped since the coof started going around?[View]
140890942Favorite John Sakars kino?: for me it's 'Veganism is Gay' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJNIi…[View]
140890840The fuck does 'Egad' mean?[View]
140876066Oh, hi, Anon. Do come in?: I hope you're hungry.[View]
140890764>I'm in the movie you get to see a movie for free just because you are in it? do americans r…[View]
140890096Hit me with some legit good tv recommendations from the past couple years. It's become clear I …[View]
140890729Kinos for this feel?[View]
140890719What are your thoughts on low budget italian fantasy flicks?[View]
140887544Bravo: >CEO who secretly sells blue drugs[View]
140889136uhhhm but aren't they yellow?[View]
140878451Don't know if trash or worth watching?[View]
140890380>Senator Amadala Hey Jar Jar can you hold my seat for a while? Be back soon >Jar Jar Immedia…[View]
140888737Helstrom panned: I liked it post soijaks here[View]
140890456>'We reviewed the footage and got nothing, chief' >The commissioner walks over to the IT-guy. …[View]
140890424just watched the charges, sneed? what did gal gadot think of it?…[View]
140890320booba: booba[View]
140890166Why the FUCK hasnt this kinodino been remade yet???: Its been over 20 years and was insanely popular…[View]
140890305Prodigal Son: Will she get away with it or will they write her off the show?[View]
140889451How do I live the auteur lifestyle?[View]
140889211>10:45 AM, Watts searched for pictures of volcanos >6 hours later he's looking at volcano…[View]
140888280Kinos doe this feel?[View]
140889455What's the first thing you think of when you see this stage?[View]
140890138>'Look how FUCKING STUPID you look *spit* YOU FUCKING LOOK LIKE CLOWN!' >slow-mo kicks in >…[View]
140891225What kinos are about sunday dinner lads?[View]
140890071>little green ghouls, buddy![View]
140887308Was Ireland REALLY that bad wtf[View]
140890001i could have her[View]
140887725Anya Taylor Joy in The New Mutants: Why did they cut this scene from New Mutants? I feel like this s…[View]
140887691Without sneed everything falls apart..[View]
140889030Do you guys remember that one movie where the guy has to fix the thing he messed up? And then after …[View]
140883123Paul Walker was killed by the CIA Obama ordered him to be killed because paul planner on running for…[View]
140889602All these The Boys threads and not one of them answered the most important question of season 2... H…[View]
140887332What's a good film to watch with your dog?[View]
140888240Ahem, I have just a quick announcement... ATTENTION TO ANYONE AND ALL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES: EVERY P…[View]
140886651>4 hours: >4 hours So it's basically going to contain a whole movie and a half from the t…[View]
140889737wha happun?[View]
140889180How do I know I'm ready to watch the classics?: I'd really love to watch some of the well …[View]
140889636preeviously on....: BLOOD DRIVE!!!!!![View]
140889630>poo poo pee pee >sex >muh wife >listen to my narcissist ass talk self important shit fo…[View]
140887773Post the best relatively unknown filmmakers: The people who can take a few thousand dollars and cons…[View]
140881533He didn't do anything wrong. He wanted to get to the top and did whatever it took.[View]
140886466>Penny! I'm sorry that i made your friend cry! But do you really want me to belive that ther…[View]
140887881what exactly was his problem?[View]
140888717>Working men of all countries, UNITE! What did Captain America mean by this?…[View]
140889248Just finished Epstein's biopic: A few points: >I don't believe Giuffre's allegatio…[View]
140889296'LOOK AT MY FUCKING BICEPS, YOU THINK I CAN'T GET A GIRL?!?!?': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
140889352>I’ll take you anytime, punk![View]
140889323Any good kinos about the dark web?[View]
140889088>Born too early to be a Space Conquistador[View]
140887782I still can't believe that this is an actual quote from a real movie[View]
140888453How is it that British actors can easily do Amercian accents: But american actors always fuck up Eur…[View]
140887761can yall let a nigga sneed ffs?[View]
140887363What the fuck was his problem?[View]
140889142Reptile: Reptile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI-Takf76RY[View]
140889006rewatching this and i gotta say it's still amazing[View]
140888826> Season finale > We learn that one of the characters is pregnant…[View]
140888941Movies Where the Book Was Better: Pic related.[View]
140887348yeah well you’re a cunt[View]
140887529>Haha, he farted! What a great movie trailer! This will be the funniest movie of life!…[View]
140888785The Chicago Seven: >In 1984, Abbie Hoffman had expressed dismay that the current generation of yo…[View]
140886537Do girls, dare I say, get it done?[View]
140882031Is /tv/ ready for HBO’s new incredibly diverse television drama “The Last of Us”?[View]
140887567is he the most compelling villain of all time /tv/ros?[View]
140888775Kinos where the boisterous succumb to hubris?[View]
140887950How do actors not fall in love with each others after they kiss[View]
140885418This was a horror comedy right I was laughing during most of the scares.[View]
140888086What the hell, bros? How was this fair? Thor just fell in from heavens and dabbed on Senator Kinsey …[View]
140888197>i rips n run. i robs drug deeluhs[View]
140887979I need help finding two movies. I don't remember the name of them. The first one is an American…[View]
140887393>The charges, officer?[View]
140887780What's you're favorite obscure kinos?[View]
140887927Favourite movie lines: >thankfully no Avengers were killed >this truly was a Civil War…[View]
140887064Golden Age of Disney[View]
140880990What went wrong?[View]
140886768Are there ANY romance stories in television and film that surpassed Evangelion's?[View]
140887895what's the best film written and directed by quentin tarantino[View]
140887957Thoughts on Sharknado?[View]
140886778What are some good 70's Kinos?[View]
140879273What was the acting method used here?[View]
140886569so he's bipolar, right?[View]
140882855XENA Thread: Haven't had one in a while[View]
140886179>when she hooks up her Thinkpad to your TV and gives you this look[View]
140883532What happened to him bros?[View]
140883191/trek/: Conspiracy Theorist Edition PRIME DIRECTIVE: /trek/ is the Star Trek GENERAL thread on /tv/.…[View]
140870503hows he holding up?[View]
140887504'Aw, look at little Goblin jew. Gonna hike up the interest rates?' What did Raimi mean by this?[View]
140884219Have you ever rented a movie from a vending machine?[View]
140880470Why did this show hit so close to home for the majority of middle class families? So much so that it…[View]
140887382>Bro, fucking SPACE? WHO CARES ABOUT SPACE!? How about you take all that money you'd use to …[View]
140887479ITT: Worst characters in their respective shows[View]
140887375what's your favorite alien species from television and film? For me, it's na'vi[View]
140887431>*stares at you while you're watching kino* what do?[View]
140887437thoughts on this political thriller?[View]
140887189/sg/ - Suits General: Which season was the best?[View]
140884443/tv/, check out this 1800s dress lady. She's bit weird but cute. Would you date her? You could …[View]
140884109Name a cast with more 10/10's, i'll wait: Buffy Willow Faith Dawn Cordy Jenny Calender Buf…[View]
140887143>Bruh let me just waste time seaching for answers I already know[View]
140879455Primal: >good thing happens >[ satisfied grin intensifies ] >thing turns to shit >rinse …[View]
140887249Why has she not been considered in the new Avatar movies? What is James Cameron thinking? She's…[View]
140881704Dear journal[View]
140885829You fucking lie to me /tv/ you told me this is shit. I've just watched it and it's enjoyab…[View]
140886906Catherina Zeta-Jones was so hot in this movie but imagine just how unrealistic would it be for such …[View]
140887210Where's the current day classic manga's?[View]
140885928How was this movie allowed to be made in 1973 lol[View]
140884104>character playing guitar >fingers all over the fretboard >picking all out of whack, not c…[View]
140884248Megastructures: Extreme Railway NGC: Remember when American channel was allowed to send an American …[View]
140881387what movie are you all gonna watch at your own private kinoplex?[View]
140884411Can she make it as a leading lady?[View]
140884194Really makes me think...[View]
140887025>South Korean movie >It's a social criticism on how 'suffering and horrible life is in Ko…[View]
140884866Why is the MCU so sterile while the Raimi films so creative and fun ?[View]
140886756Another show ruined by the Global homo corporation Warrior (2019-2020) Press F bros[View]
140886136*renders your franchise unwatchable*[View]
140885005This was by far the best film of the trilogy.[View]
140887004favourite john leguizamo kino?[View]
140886207Halloween is saved: >Amnesia Rebirth Official Release Date Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
140885396I approve of this film[View]
140886135>rewatch ahx as an adult >realize it's all just jewish propaganda and a pretty shitty lac…[View]
140886547Who is your favorite transgender actress? For me, it's Anna Kendrick.[View]
140885220I just marathoned the first 15 minutes. What was my general consensus?[View]
140886471I love to sing-a About the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a I love to sing![View]
140886882Someone told me to watch this, any more foreign car kino?[View]
140878828>the last actress you fapped to has replaced the lead of the last movie you watched >Alison Br…[View]
140886394Why am I so attracted to her /tv/?[View]
140884520The Wire: >it's a Lt Daniels episode[View]
140885134Am I a brainlet if I liked or didn't like Jordan?[View]
140884481Actual Kino all round[View]
140881523Cure: Any other kinos like this? Nip detective a plus[View]
140884749>OBSERVE THIS, BROTHER!!! >*starts a small fire inside the stadium while cutting a promo* Name…[View]
140884642Anyone else think he went just a little over the line here?[View]
140886462Which was the 24fps first movie?: I always have this doubt and I can't find a fucking shit abou…[View]
140886418Now that the dust has settled, was MinnesotaBurns kino?[View]
140885833Bolshie Hulk: Behead Those Who Insult Climate Scientology[View]
140886308what did i think of this shit[View]
140885464Was it kino?[View]
140886285So was Dungeonmaster II ever actually released? I've watched Evil Clergyman and Trancers: City …[View]
140884697Is this movie the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
140884765Actors that you would like to see get much better roles: I'll start with Jack Davenport, actor …[View]
140886143Looking back, were they our guys?[View]
140885981We got two[View]
140885722I'm about to tear up the fucking dance floor, dude. Check it out.[View]
140885254is this any good?[View]
140879476Is the 2010 three kingdoms show good?[View]
140878861Were the actions in this scene justified?[View]
140885350It’ll be shit, right[View]
140885655Sailor Moon: >the most successful anime of all time >still no live adaption What gives?…[View]
140886045>dragon >named drogon >break fast >breakfast >'five and twenty' >25 bravo george a…[View]
140873143Has anyone been able to explain why the vampires on Buffy the Vampire slayer become Klingons when th…[View]
140883920>Pure >Fucking >Kino…[View]
140880088Now that Ammonite scenes are out, who did it better? Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet, or Ellen Page a…[View]
140879039The Love Witch: Good-ass movie[View]
140884677What's next for Millie Bobby Brown?[View]
140884740>Lynch made the scariest horror film of all time What the fuck.[View]
140885644Good morning! And might I add, you look *fantastic* this fine Sunday A.M.! ...want some toast?[View]
140884946So apparently (((some people))) have a problem with this movie because it features a white male who …[View]
140883713How did this film manage to so completely fuck itself over like this? The first half was tense, had …[View]
140881922>horror movie >character is being chased and the car won't start…[View]
140880169he was honestly a fucking dick[View]
140884876Coomcity movies: Can someone suggest kino where 90% of the movie's greatness comes from the qua…[View]
140884350Underrated Horror: This movie aged liked fine wine. The soundtrack is killer. The effects are great …[View]
140884543Ridley Scott General: Let’s discuss Logan Marshall-Green and how he ruined Prometheus.[View]
140881795he did literally nothing wrong.[View]
140884657>All of my friends and family die - The Show[View]
140884173>After 12 years of posting on /tv/... you know what I realized?[View]
140879346The Simpsons has dozens of non-yellow characters. What makes Carl so fucking special that he require…[View]
140880756Admit it. If you guys supported Tenet and making it cum $500 million, you could be watching Soul and…[View]
140885008>tfw this faggot makes infinitely more money than any of your le epic indie masterpieces just by …[View]
140885302DS9 Klingon War: After the opening of the invasion for the first time everyone in attendance looks j…[View]
140883904I don't get it.[View]
140885024It's cool guy![View]
140885260NO MAN!!! NO!!!! OKAY!!! NNNOOO!!!![View]
140877247Has any character in popular media ever been so wildly and blatantly misunderstood by the general vi…[View]
140884590Why did they call him the beaver?: parents and teachers and other adults all called him “the beaver”…[View]
140883692Slaughterhouse Five: What'd you think of it?[View]
140879790You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes[View]
140880365ITT: movies that hit too close to home[View]
140884063>murder scene >psycho killer starts playing…[View]
140884671i told you never to trust me :) or something haha[View]
140881887https://www.strawpoll.me/21118956 Tell me my opinion[View]
140882721The Last Samurai: Recast him[View]
140876321Did Aragorn pursue a policy of systematic genocide and kill them? Even the little baby orcs, in thei…[View]
140882240ITT: characters you used to laugh at only to realize that you became them as you got older[View]
1408796662020: I am forgotten[View]
140883162>Hi, Eddie...[View]
140882156Frisky Dingo: I still think this is the best animated TV show ever. >no bad episodes or seasons …[View]
140884340Why didn't he just stop gambling?[View]
140884216John Sneed: >John Sneed was appointed by President Chuck in May 2017 to serve as Executive Direct…[View]
140883330What's next for her career?[View]
140884376What are some kinos about happy single men?[View]
140874195How does Chihiro know that No-Face is going to behave well after leaving the bath house? I saw this …[View]
140884293Now that the dust has settled, is it worth the $70 yearly fee to subscribe to Star Wars Plus?[View]
140884353Wℎy’d y’spill yer be𝑎ns?[View]
140866599cobra kai: >ruins your kino[View]
140880257For what purpose?: Is there any justification for this 'movie' to exist?[View]
140882884With the impending deletion of 4chan because of a specific recent event, post your favorite series f…[View]
140881141Damn...Imagine if this movie was made in year 2020.[View]
140882164This is the scariest horror movie ever made[View]
140882201How different would “Friends” have been if the characters had looked like this?[View]
140884146Very strong film. Is Sorkin back?[View]
140884162Kinos about the next Captain America?[View]
140880903She is perfect[View]
140884144title drops[View]
140883525Michael T. Slowbender: >goes from being the next James Bond frontrunner to starring in Kung Fury …[View]
140878904This was fucking horrible. I'm never listening to /tv/ ever again[View]
140884087Who plays them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
140880731Could a film adaptation of this save the DC train wreck?[View]
140883924We're gonna be talking about the PENIS[View]
140864105Cozy twin peaks thread[View]
140883763>Command the larges and most powerful ship in the galaxy with firepower only surpassed by the Dea…[View]
140883178This was Kubrick’s favorite movie Was it kino?[View]
140881305Boatkino of the highest order[View]
140876130Why didn't he just morph into a spear and jump towards John?[View]
140882875“WHATS IN THE BOX?!?” Was this bad acting?: I’m watching Seven(7) and it’s pretty good so far. Can /…[View]
140872593Name two movie genres that have never been combined.[View]
140880871D-D-D-DO YOU HAVE IT[View]
140880535ITT: Jokes you wouldn't get away with nowaday[View]
140883530>You’re telling me you wanna start like a fight club?[View]
140874012>evil media man wants to control the world's news unrealistic then but a perfect represendat…[View]
140882609>Let's see that registration now, Mr. uhhh Sneed >Hurry up meow…[View]
140883368Was this cringe or baste?[View]
140881085Cast him.[View]
140882879Getting Sniz on the Reg[View]
140875166what would you ask her for[View]
140880193'Mean machine'`s death scene is one of the most half assed, unsatisfyng deaths i ever seen. inbf 'mu…[View]
140883490Its Sunday. Post Pope Kino[View]
140851453/bb/ Big Brother 22 All Stars: Memphis is an ugly loser Edition HoH:Enzo Noms: Nicole and Xmas Veto:…[View]
140882135>friend comes over >put on Hamilton >can see he's visibly pained by it >tell him it…[View]
140882001>character has a locket of his loved one[View]
140883343Was her love real?[View]
140882283>Well, I don't really think that the end can be assessed as of itself as being the end becau…[View]
140870588>One hundred percent pure adrenaline. Other guys snort for it, jab a vein for it. All you gotta d…[View]
140872564/trek/: The Oily Edition PREVIOUS: >>140861664 PRIME DIRECTIVE: You're not getting paid f…[View]
140881531Will I still understand this movie if I haven’t seen the original POMPE?[View]
140883242Why was season 8 of family Guy so.... Off? >>/x/26464792[View]
140883213Are the sequels as good as the first one?[View]
140880638Nancy or Big Suze?[View]
140881140Bajor more like Gayjor[View]
140881272Early 2000s /tv/: >ONE MILLION DOLLARS XD Holy shit this is great, I can't wait for Austin P…[View]
140883017Films where characters almost get their assess whooped up and down a street?[View]
140880828What was his tax policy?[View]
140880285What's his angle?[View]
140882890Cast it[View]
140880827This film was pro-apartheid and you have to be sub-100 IQ to not understand it[View]
140882826Holy fuck this episode was fucking crazy.[View]
140881860OH NO NO NO NO[View]
140880652I'm thinkin he's back.[View]
140882731>european character sees a drawing >'look a DRAW-RING'…[View]
140882436Avatar 2? We made it up.[View]
140880432Is this still the greatest opening to a film ever recorded? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB8dNMo…[View]
140882559Eyyy, I'm Tony Simpanero[View]
140870565have you ever been an extra? i got to be background in the layover.[View]
140881855Was he a good Heathcliff?[View]
140881323How would Louis handle the news events of 2020?[View]
140876730>'Fine, I ADMIT IT! I'M THE WOLF OF WALL STREET!'[View]
140882180>stuck in traffic >this guy rolls up beside you >stares directly at you >'EVERYONES TALK…[View]
140879885Charges, officer?[View]
140882345was he really big?[View]
140882239Anyone else collect anything? Funko Pops perhaps?[View]
140882101Stop waving at me shadow man in the corner of my room. You won’t get me.[View]
140880477Why does this movie trigger /tv/ so hard?[View]
140881868Rex Reed: Holy shit this guy is something https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Reed >In a 2005 revie…[View]
140881957I torrented this and thought it was really entertaining and comfy-creepy. Exactly what I hoped it wa…[View]
140872512Just marathoned halfway through this When does it get good?[View]
140881836What are some movies about plucky underdogs taking advantage of massive security flaws?[View]
140864668Picture of a man sitting in the solitary murk of his room, illuminated only by the pallid glow emana…[View]
140881634The Godfather is the greatest movie of all time.[View]
140881575Stabler. In my office.: Now.[View]
140881558He said “Ken, I know I’m awake, but I feel like I’m in a dream.”[View]
140880296Lord of the Rings cast being bros: We're all very fortunate to have these films, aren't we…[View]
140881427Was he autistic? who has time to put them like this?[View]
140879491Never Forget[View]
140881133Hello: We are the only good Disney movies[View]
140865129This was actually really good and a pretty comprehensive look into the early days of Pepe posting if…[View]
140880093Gwen from Ben 10 is going to be made lesbian: Holy shit YES >>>/co/118422146[View]
140881269You think people like this are real they can talk to the dead?[View]
140881242What are some kinos about the US political establishment?[View]
140877305What the heck was his problem?[View]
140880430>watching a musical with family >there's always that one person who grumbles about how un…[View]
140880809>I liked the part where he said 'I Drive'[View]
140881160wherever I go I must also spread coalburning propaganda[View]
140880710What a fucking train wreck of a season: Why put effort in writing when you can churn out garbage and…[View]
140880867Name a more kino moment.[View]
140880931itt: movies that shit on christianity[View]
140872585> And finally, we arrived at Reginald Ledoux... > Hm.…[View]
140877718/tv/ based movie characters: post em[View]
140880709Instead of trying to bone his sister, why didn’t Luke just fuck Camie?[View]
140880024I literally walked out of the theater when this scene happened.[View]
140873082NO ONE can refute this. 1. Homelander 2. Stormfront 3. Black Noir 4. Queen Maeve 5. Kimiko 6. A-Trai…[View]
140876582Teeth: What in the actual fuck[View]
140879054Now that the dust has settled and some anglo nigger will be the new 007, who did Bond better? for me…[View]
140876155hey jimmy here’s that 25 year old kid I mentioned.[View]
140880779cheers genitals[View]
140880154Why is it always the French making this sort of shit?[View]
140870199Saoirse Ronan sitting on Kate Winslet's face in Ammonite https://twitter.com/bullockblanchet/st…[View]
140879046Post movies you wish were real. I'll start.[View]
140878340You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet. you can’t swim, you can’t dan…[View]
140880312Who ya gonna call?[View]
140880047>Start of the show: >'No Shane/Merle! Killing is wrong we have to show we are better than them…[View]
140880376what happened to this dude?[View]
140878318Why hasn't there been a remake of Fight Club yet? It seems like its been ripe for a remake for …[View]
140879914Can you just get what roku has on a computer?[View]
140867969>my super wealthy, fit, tall, handsome, famous, smart, businessman boyfriend faked his own death …[View]
140876513You favourite Japanese movie?[View]
140880452OK....This is Based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSuregWhlWk[View]
140879951Do anyone else skip through movies? If you are aggressive about cutting all the dead space and fille…[View]
140878757Just watched this. What did I think of it?[View]
140878716K I N O I N O[View]
140879607Imagine she was your girlfriend haha[View]
140874978Why does everybody love Bob DeNiro?[View]
140878634*Cough cough* >Do you think I should go to a hospital?[View]
140880079Season2-3: where can i watch season 2 and 3?[View]
140880211This show is garbage, and the Veidt ending doesn't even make sense. The government is already a…[View]
140880319I just watched this and now want to fuck a fish monster. Thanks for the recommendation /tv/![View]
140875355well hello beautiful[View]
140880273Peter Venkman, Raymond Stanz, Egon Spengler, GET UP! STAND UP!![View]
140880259Is it morally contemptuous to make a film for profit about a recent tragedy?[View]
140880045I, Kinodius more like[View]
140879848What was he talking about?[View]
140879727Most Annoying Bitch Award Goes toooo....: Holy fuck I hate Betty. 4 seasons in and she keep getting …[View]
140872834>declined to be the GM of another teams because he loved his little A's team so much do thes…[View]
140878455holy shit, bros, this movie was so good[View]
140876812This is the perfect movie.[View]
140870237/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previous: >>140855526 /film/…[View]
140879679Drive doesn’t hold up[View]
140872700Favorite movie quotes?: >Officers, it's time to walk Se7en miles into the desert.…[View]
140869093Frasier thread[View]
140875572Itt books that would be kino: I'll start with a classic.[View]
140879102Max Landis should marry a woman named Minnie so they can be Max and Min Landis[View]
140879205>cancels your moon trip[View]
140879263>He's probably a queer. He's gonna grow up, end up cutting his dick and balls off and c…[View]
140879417Buddy Cop Kinos: Who are two actors you'd like to see fill this iconic genre?[View]
140864356Terminator Dark Fate: yknow this movie wasn't all that bad, can't believe it failed at the…[View]
140876813what would you do?: me? i wouldnt have a wife to begin with so it's fine[View]
140879175OH SHI-[View]
140878976I enjoyed Dear Evan Hansen more when it was called World’s Greatest Dad.[View]
140879000Did /tv/ really just trick me into watching a 3 stationary parked cars for 10 minutes straight?[View]
140878385Favourite tv series lines: 'Truly, they were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force...'[View]
140879315Wtf this station is kino[View]
140878724*gets killed by xenomorph, T-800, predator and stroke*[View]
140877031>tfw watching 90s kino >club scene CALL HIM MR.RAIDER CALL HIM MR.WRONG CALL HIM MR.VAIN…[View]
140879033What the fuck was his problem?[View]
140874650>You haven't seen Lake Mungo, dude? >Dude, you gotta watch Lake Mungo! >Lake Mungo is …[View]
140868250cast a movie with these two[View]
140877451Have you seen the Elizabeth Banks movie where she wears a yellow dress, gets dirty and walk barefoot…[View]
140877366A Cure for Wellness: She looks weird[View]
140878042>Pro wrestling can't be kino[View]
140874954>watch old movie >everything is beautiful >they know when and how to use silence and music …[View]
140856111What the fuck happened to Family Guy in Season 8?[View]
140874045what would you do in life if you were immortal? what career would you pursue?[View]
140877808How can one movie be so completely kino?[View]
140876796/scdp/ - Mad Men: What made this scene so kino and who was in the wrong?[View]
140877911Did they frighten you late at night when you were a kid, /tv/?[View]
140871598SNL General: Saturday Night Live S46E03 Host Issa Rae; Justin Bieber performs.[View]
140878302Cast it.[View]
140878272We have to go back, Kate[View]
140878844Most stylish horror ever?[View]
140875844Victoria was best.[View]
140875446the entire film industry is a marionette and he is the puppeteer[View]
140876051>True story, I woke up one day vibrating >Turns out, I was in a Sharper Image >Turns out, I…[View]
140878561Any other kinos about how we live in a horrible evil wicked world and that there's nothing we c…[View]
140862755Describe the appeal of Kim Wexler in ten words or less.[View]
140876410What kinos do you watch with your cat?[View]
140865670>director tries to make fascism look bad >accidentally makes fascism look awesome…[View]
140873440why is it so awesome?[View]
140877698Post the most confusing TV show premises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFKqr5GhcxQ&feature=em…[View]
140878270This was p fuckin good[View]
140878372So I binged the flying snake show, what do I watch now?[View]
140876039>a star is born[View]
140878260So... what's the deal with her and Lincoln?[View]
140877988>Scene set in the 70s >CRAAAZY ON YOU[View]
140878207Movie sequel is an adaptation of Sonic Adventure Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stumble upon mysterious g…[View]
140877633Are there literally any photos of Lee Van Cleef that aren't just him as Angel Eyes? Googling hi…[View]
140877095Who ate all the gabagool?[View]
140876157>What we've got here? >A Jigsaw copycat, sir. He's targetting cops >Sick sonuvabi…[View]
140872334How did they know what a car wash was?[View]
140877588Repulsion: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
140875379Why is this movie so comfy?[View]
140877697Anyone else here not care about it?[View]
140877549Theyre about to shut down cinemas in my country... And i havw a date, we wanted to see 'Druk' with M…[View]
140863934>So, this is Midsommar...wowsers[View]
140875470Shows with humor that wouldn't be allowed in today's PC wasteland I'll start. Scrubs[View]
140872446what do we think of the english actress Lilly Collins?[View]
140854417/hor/ Horror General: Spooky Ferret 2: The Reckoning Edition[View]
140876472Give me some schizo movies, i think im losing my sanity[View]
140875694>the cranes are flying... the cranes are flying over moscow! really?[View]
140877393Never noticed this before: Opening scene of Aliens; remote camera and probe moves in slowly, appeari…[View]
140876433This movie fucking sucked[View]
140877269>Who put the Chinamen in my office?[View]
140874354Holy. Fucking. Shit.[View]
140877075>looks down then looks up[View]
140875666ITT films that are 10/10's for anyone under the age of 13.[View]
140872405How come Ronan Farrow never made it in Hollywood if: >he's relentlessly handsome >he…[View]
140876909Utopia: Anyone watch Utopia? It started off really interesting but is getting boring[View]
140875618Were you listening Neo, or were you looking at the transwoman in the red dress?[View]
140874755All i'm asking for is an actor who can mog Tom Noonan. None of you can give me an example![View]
140876103>criminals used to have honor and shieet why is nolan so cringe, he owns a career to heath ledger…[View]
140876625>jumpscares bad[View]
140876593I'm back...[View]
140870096How comfortable is UK really? Some movies are great and some are a bit depressing.[View]
140874177>dude let me reanimate the dead in every movie even though it always goes horribly wrong…[View]
140875803>s()yjak.party is RAIDING stop it guys[View]
140874910Doesn't it take you out of it, seeing a modern setting in TV/films and no one is wearing masks?[View]
140869030ITT: Movies you adored when you were younger, but then rewatched and left you a bit disappointed.[View]
140876097>I want you to play THIS game[View]
140876229I'd rather stab myself in the heart with a KNIFE! Than be father to a I could find a link to th…[View]
140875824each day passes and i miss him more[View]
140870553I'm betting the Joker told you to kill me soon as we loaded the cash.[View]
140873344What are some amusement park kinos?[View]
140876045Who the fuck let these guys make a movie?[View]
140876064Would /tv/ watch a movie about /tv/? Cast it[View]
140875830so when's the next Breaking Bad season coming out /tv/? It just seems like its been forever.[View]
140875043Bacurau: An actual good film. Too many shitty movies shilled on this board. https://streamable.com/u…[View]
140871911THIS IS THE END[View]
140875637He just wanted a quiet life[View]
140875995>Jarvis, Invent a diet[View]
140875872Post a pepe Reply to someone else's Pepe describing him as a character from a movie and his rol…[View]
140876022literally me[View]
140874699what movies does a woman like?[View]
140875994>SHE'S GOT A SMILE[View]
140874382>it’s a celebrity episode[View]
140874950lines that make you immediately stop watching movie: >we're not 'technically' related…[View]
140875318ITT: Movies that were better than the books they were based on. >all of them, because reading is …[View]
140873979>Lets make a monster of the week show, but actually the monster is racism. Honestly, even if I…[View]
140875560This is like a made-for-Netflix movie. Ewan's performance is really good, though[View]
140874895Hit me with your best Shrek theories /tv/. I'll start with: Shrek came up with his name when he…[View]
140867240Are this and Hero the best the genre has to offer?[View]
140874564>A visionary tour-de-force[View]
140870339Is it socially acceptable to watch superhero films into your adult years?[View]
140874341>Anon...is that you? How the hell you been, man?![View]
140870405>tells me it's a bad movie >finally watch it >it's actually good you have stung m…[View]
140875662How do I rock a receding hairline like this?[View]
140875046>Like Zoinks, gang! It looks like the real ghost was just a metaphor for mental illness/family is…[View]
140872875>kills sexual perverts >kills drug abusers >kills degenerates >kills the handicap Holy f…[View]
140874775What the fuck is her problem.[View]
140875678did the 2010s seriously begin and end without synthwave-styled movies from a major studio? Tron Lega…[View]
140875391Your wife, sir? Is she away?[View]
140875040give me some cozy village comedies[View]
140875608Hello ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenages, as well as the, uh, gals. My …[View]
140873818ITT: Japanese kino[View]
140873429this whole operation was a mole hunt[View]
140874785We ride north!: North where, exactly?[View]
140874059what movies have you watched most? i can't get enough of this kino[View]
140875472>zombies don't agro in the dark fucking stay put until nighttime then goddamnit…[View]
140872209YO HOMIE[View]
140874537Out of order, I’ll show you out of order. You don’t know what out of order is, Mr. Trask. I’d show y…[View]
140875424Why is she so good in Horror bros.: It really seems to bring out the best of here acting so intense …[View]
140874811may i speak frankly /tv/?[View]
140874383Saavik with a most logical decision[View]
140872397>go to friends house >he puts on hamilton again This is the fifth time in the last fucking mon…[View]
140872698How did this make you feel?[View]
140871414Why hasn't there been a Freaky Friday style movie about a black and white guy trading places ye…[View]
140873668Going to watch The Addams Family (1991) starting in a few minutes Everyone on /tv/ is invited to com…[View]
140868367Tear it...tear it up.[View]
140874303Do you still believe /tv/?[View]
140874470It’s Saturday night and I miss her so much[View]
140873534Appreciators of kino famous for other media?[View]
140875134EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.[View]
140869836Polanski rant: EVERY SINGLE review of a Polanski movie starts with 'I hate Roman Polanski as a perso…[View]
140871174Vincent Cassel: What is your favorite Vincent Cassel performance /tv/? For me it's his performa…[View]
140875026I tried watching this but of course there is a token diversity black (in 1690’s New England) in the …[View]
140872704>when you can tell almost instantly when a genre movie was made by people who have no interest or…[View]
140873864What's she up to lately? Any films coming up?[View]
140873981so true[View]
140872989HEIL HONEY, I'M HOME[View]
140871975>retards actually think They Live was about da joos kek[View]
140874860So, the bus he drives represents the matches in his first poem, which are stoic but always ready to …[View]
140874829Should I watch Cats (2019 film) ?[View]
140872528Just watched this again and I unironically think it's his magnum opus.[View]
140871468>Sir, please sit down and stop shouting.[View]
140871881King of Queens. More like King of Kino Why watch Friends when you could watch this[View]
140873832If I wanted to break your balls I'd tell you to take your meds...: >this kid was great >t…[View]
140874617>I’m Ash frum wha’cultcha[View]
140874585This shit legit features some of the best comedic writing of the entirety of the 2010's[View]
140873028Captain Marvel: Personally, I thought it was a great movie, one of the best in the MCU. Chud outrage…[View]
140874516David, David! I mean, I know you are a sophisticated guy: Any movies about sophisticated guys gettin…[View]
140872598>Movie theaters = Arcades Arcades gave people a unique experience they couldn’t get at home. Then…[View]
140871538should i rent it[View]
140874475Best fight scenes of /tv/ history bros? https://youtu.be/28UCZKMM240[View]
140873698Worst actors: This nigga gives me the creeps[View]
140874455What was their fucking problem?[View]
140871705Best horror movies?[View]
140869371D Commence the bullshit[View]
140872148Worst movie ever: Fuck you to the fag who recommended this last night. What a waste of time. Everybo…[View]
140872377>why yes i don't like moonlight 2016 how could you tell?[View]
140874395What went wrong?[View]
140874269What is /tv/'s favorite episode?[View]
140872190>Be a broke loser krelboyne in highschool >Get a new hot new model tier girlfriend every week …[View]
140872298>Ah, a nice scenic view of Mordor Why the fuck would they make such a grand city and capital of t…[View]
140868057>get some rest pam, you look tired[View]
140865303Mulholland Drive: Saw Mulholland Drive at the local arthouse theater tonight. wanna talk about it?…[View]
140872660>2017 movie trailer >OOH OOH I'M A REBEL JUST FOR KICKS NOW starts playing https://www.yo…[View]
140872832All I want to do is eat rob zombies wife's ass[View]
140869361Troy: Did Helen stop being attracted to Paris at this point?[View]
140873827>Watching the Bionicle movie >Makuta Teridax makes his entrance with a deep voice >Sisters …[View]
140872241Biggest horror villains?[View]
140873760>Midwits >amirite 4chan?[View]
140873271TV is unaware of this show.: It's all mine. I don't have to share it with you capeshit obs…[View]
140868766Name another show that drops off just as hard[View]
140873809noko: where can i stream nbc asking for a friend. don't have antenna, only roku bullshit.…[View]
140872529How will he get away with it? Everyone will recognize him.[View]
140872162I've seen blade runners you people wouldn't believe.[View]
140869242>59 buttons[View]
140861664/trek/: Parrises Squares Edition previous: >>140854942[View]
140872315Was she a femcel?[View]
140871625Any more kinos like pic related? This was the best watching it on a rainy night after work[View]
140872138>and what happens if it does? >then God help us all.....…[View]
140873603Scoot Mcnairy. He’ll never go big with a name like that. Why didnt he change his name BEFORE coming …[View]
140873261Should Finn Wolfhard be cast as young Joker?[View]
140872661\westworld/: Why is Dolores so heckin CUTE, bros?[View]
140873670Do they do this on purpose?[View]
140870307Can youtubers make it in the movie industry?[View]
140872462Films where the woman is the stronger loving one: I've been on an Al Pacino film binge: Godfath…[View]
140869260>try writing a movie review >it's shit…[View]
140870627Based Bolo thread[View]
140871165Fuck you, I liked it[View]
140863280>Mr. Zuckerberg, do I have your full attention? >No. >Do you think I deserve it? >What? …[View]
140871789/Jeannie/ I dream of jeannie general: So you think you know a lot about TV and film? Ok then which s…[View]
140873275Does anybody else remember football hooligan kino?[View]
140871963k true story - the day in question went like this - i had bacon,, sausages , 2 fried eggs, fried bre…[View]
140869990How would you turn this into film?: Could the world of this mod make a good tv show or film? If any …[View]
140872997Kino or No: Just watched first reformed, what did I think of it?[View]
140871067Find a character with a more soi motive[View]
140871909Would David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest make a good film?[View]
140869905Check this dinner and a movie[View]
140867504Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night …[View]
140869330https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/17/zachery-ty-bryan-arrested-home-improvement-strangulation/ JUST…[View]
140870833>You are one lucky nigger. How do you respond?[View]
140861774Wouldn't she make better Cleopatra casting? Yes/No? And why?[View]
140872821Why have none of you told me how fucking good these movies are?[View]
140872815Halloween is saved: 3 more days til Amnesia kino[View]
140872756>Sarah Paulson in The Goldfinch Goddamn, who knew. Anyone have webms of this scene?…[View]
140872735>10 years later >protagonist still has not forgotten his high school gf which he broke up with…[View]
140868688Grand Army starring Odessa A'Zion (daugher of Pamela from Louie): >Five students at the larg…[View]
140869139The charges, officer?[View]
140872277Doesn't feel like the Bill and Ted we all grew up with. They added too many SJW elements.[View]
140872448Fuck jannies and trannies[View]
140872332Dear Red, if you're reading this you've gotten out. And if you've come this far, mayb…[View]
140872468Movies where the villain has understandable motives?[View]
140870873How old were you when you realized movies actually had a plotline and weren't just a sequence o…[View]
140872360>replaces shailene woodley as flavor of the month >pandemic hits >zendaya replaces her as f…[View]
140871520Damn, thats a bad trip.[View]
140870895Let's settle this: Americans are better at drama, but Brits are better at comedy[View]
140869392ITT, actors who are capable of carrying an entire production. I'll start. Karl Urban.[View]
140872175Film festivals?: As someone who has a full time job where I’m sitting there bored all day and have n…[View]
140870876I Love You.[View]
140871333>Making the horror genre a worse place[View]
140871595Do you own any streaming services?[View]
140869788Battlestar Galactica: I've heard it doesn't stick the landing and that far before that, Ex…[View]
140870781What's the best Humphrey Bogart film, and why is it Treasure of the Sierra Madre?[View]
140871747*cop and his supervisor meets at garage to look at suspect’s car* Well sir, the car looks clean, no …[View]
140870591Anybody else watch their kinos at a speed of 1.6x due to crippling ADD?[View]
140867141YUUUGI BOY[View]
140869910Dear journal[View]
140871779>americanleatherjacketdotcom Drive-Scorpion-Jacket They really make this shit? What the f*ck?…[View]
140870129>'Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became president!' >no one can ever name a movie he was…[View]
140871283I said. I have a space alien.[View]
140871599Was getting caught part of their plan?[View]
140871587Anything else?[View]
140865839give me some gluttonous films[View]
140867950is call me by your name a good film?[View]
140871133Just rewatched all of these. The third one is absolutely the best. The first one is obviously really…[View]
140871302>I looove chocolate[View]
140870334There's a car in the kitchen![View]
140871335>Hello, anon. Surprised?[View]
140871292My family's been here for a long, long time...[View]
140871312This cunt: This fucking cunt right here. Every one loves to hate Skylar but no one mentions how much…[View]
140871152Live action trailer out. Are you ready for one of the GOAT capes hit?[View]
140867894Which television shows have the best openings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyu_MdKBXic[View]
140868729James Dean: Was he the best actor to ever do it? Just 5 years after high school and he climbed to th…[View]
140870981More underdogs like Wesley Gibson from Wanted or Hughie from The Boys[View]
140871010Honestly..... pretty fun watch ngl[View]
140868192I've been feeling shit lately. What movies do you watch to lift your spirits up, /tv/?[View]
140870965Well Flanders I made it, despite your directions[View]
140870963Anyone else get Ghosts of Mars vibes from the spooky shit?[View]
140870772>literally me[View]
140870543What's next for him?[View]
140870862So what's the power levels on action Heroes & Villians? Who ranks the toughest of them all?…[View]
140870763>in the 80s a promising young actor with a potential big future in Hollywood ahead of him >in …[View]
140866213Is this any good or is it only getting good reviews because women? I kinda liked Sally Draper so I…[View]
140870753Will we, as a society, ever top this piece of performance art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjPQ_…[View]
140870750Was it autism?[View]
140870720>The Techno Union BBBZZZZZZZZZZwooop is at your disposal, Count.[View]
140870518>so in like this scene you have to suck my dick for like art and stuff >*cums in 30 seconds*…[View]
140870087ITT: Horrible directors[View]
140869094Does the S stand for SOY or SIMP?: In BvS, Clark comes home and is surprised to find Lois home. He s…[View]
140864247Is he the most tragic character?[View]
140869153I showed Step Brothers (2008) to my friends the other day and called me an idiot and a douchebag for…[View]
140865625>Go ahead babe, take a piss, I will keep my eyes wide shut[View]
140870549what's the worst CGI you have ever seen /tv/? Mortal Kombat Annihilation for me. I actually fu…[View]
140869652Why did Sauruman build his entire base of operations at the base of a dam? Seems like a tactical mis…[View]
140864004what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
140870347>we want a woman who looks like a man/tranny[View]
140864138I’ve heard legends of a taco... made entirely out of dorito[View]
140869032gib bladerunner, the 1st one pirate 4 free please no birus fank u~[View]
140870306This is pure garbage, the acting is just cringe[View]
140868690this show might be shit, but holy fuck, it looks beautifull, the lighting, photography and cgi looks…[View]
140870228reddit: the character[View]
140869927>The sneed is strong What did Ned Stark mean by this?[View]
140868475kino? or trash?[View]
140867273BOOBA BOOBA[View]
140868740Why are there more female pedophiles than male pedophiles in the current year?[View]
140868616How would you rate this show: if there was no laugh track?[View]
140869964who shithouse here[View]
140869443Has there ever been a mainstream non-porn movie with an erect penis in it?[View]
140865999We'll take the lot.[View]
140869666This movie is criminally underrated[View]
140867715Why is his overacting so praised?[View]
140868786There are no tv series left to watch. I've watched every show that would interest me enough eit…[View]
140869856Does inverted time invert your sexuality?[View]
140863578Why have you summoned me, /tv/?[View]
140863958The Boys: Unironically one of the greatest tv shows of all time[View]
140869098>I NEED 30 MINUTES >you have 12[View]
140868266What some capitalist kino?[View]
140868633Which one is Chuck and which one is Sneed?[View]
140869745>Its a South Park Halloween Episode[View]
140867462>Drops your gigatillion dollar necklace you just handed to her so she can have some closure >'…[View]
140869314It was pretty comfy[View]
140869623Did Gus order the kid drug dealer to be killed?[View]
140855526/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Previously: >>140834245 /fil…[View]
140864789Sup nigga. You wanna talk some shit? Call me, start some shit. Bitch.[View]
140867007The most important person in the world was 20 miles away from me: I'd rather shitpost with you …[View]
140869459>Dawsons creek ended over 23 years ago >That means Chobits aired 20 years ago…[View]
140868796Get it away from me[View]
140869037most brutal rape scene in film: i saw one on here once of a blond hair girl a teen and she lifts up …[View]
140869352Why are the French so good at making movies?[View]
140867312>Makes 80% of TV shows worth watching Nothing personnel, kid.[View]
140869166Based Lynch:: >If you're playing the movie on a phone, you will never in a trillion years ex…[View]
140866983Is this why the movie sucked so much?[View]
140866852Did Anakin seriously think that immediately bitching about the Council's decision would help hi…[View]
140868764I know covid and all, but it's been rather quiet over on the MCU front for.... Well for some ti…[View]
140865822In retrospect, did Jar Jar deserve the hate?[View]
140867214Shill new your favourite show in three greentexted lines. If you are convincing enough, I’ll watch i…[View]
140868884Phil Leotardo looks like THAT?[View]
140867100>Saturday night WHY ARE YOU HERE[View]
140867667Who’s the white Samuel L Jackson?[View]
140865161When will political agendas stop being shoved down on throats in television series and films? These …[View]
140867303Itt post your favorite film and others post theirs and rate[View]
140867260i dont get it[View]
140861912>Schwarzenegger has Predator >Stallone has Rambo >Statham has The Transporter >The rock …[View]
140868238Can we please please pleeeeeeeeeease talk about this show?[View]
140867997*ruins the careers of every magician*[View]
140868882I want to fuck meadow so bad bros[View]
140841124Who the fuck jerks off twice a day?[View]
140868710>oh crap[View]
140865720why are americans in movies constantly 'grabbing' coffees? Is coffee drinking that prevalent among a…[View]
140868666How did they get away with it?[View]
140863918>a pathetic and laughable version of a comic book superhero in terms of action and fight scene …[View]
140868724wtf was rust doing here[View]
140868229How to get into tv/movies? Not seen anything for years[View]
140867057Uhh wait uhhh you're under arrest[View]
140868487post comfy cop kinos[View]
140864581>Halloween III is actually a great movie[View]
140868468Get that away from me[View]
140860520Gf is coming over, what's your favorite funny movies?[View]
14086485652 + 17: HOT.[View]
140867436Cast him[View]
140866831Why'd he do it bros[View]
140866372Today: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released in 2003[View]
140866434Johnny English: >main villain is a foreign elite trying to flood England with brown criminals thr…[View]
140865879We were robbed....[View]
140868159Ninety-nine, Mr. Thompson. I will require ninety-nine percent.[View]
140868245>Fishing... with John...[View]
140866841Cringe or kino?[View]
140866398Name a more generic villain design.[View]
140868200African films: What is your favorite African film /tv/? For me it's I Am Not a Witch (2017).…[View]
140868173here is your horror cinematic universe bro, hope you like it[View]
140866954Fran Leibowitz is gonna be In the upcoming Scorsese Netflix documentary[View]
140867897Hey would ya go easy on the guy? He just wanted to sleep with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. No…[View]
140867802Which Friday the 13th character reminds you of yourself?[View]
140868127Star Wars Prequels Thread: Thoughts on the the prequels? I think they are great, just suffered for, …[View]
140868067Why are Ewok more friendly twords female than males ? They must know Leia and Luke/Han are the same …[View]
140867707The great debate: In the television and film kino show justified Who was the one true love of US mar…[View]
140861101Holy fucking KINO >Matthew A. Cherry is set to direct his first feature film ‘TUT’ for Sony Pictu…[View]
140868032Watching this right now So many sexy girls[View]
140867005Can she be redeemed?: My friends, I apologize for being a Nazi. Please forgive me >My husband men…[View]
140866126Will it ever be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB8dNMoXZ0[View]
140865898Before me, you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing. …[View]
140867925I'm so ronery.: Why can't I stop thinking about her bros? I just want to cuddle with her w…[View]
140866431I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
140862128BRAVO SNYDER[View]
140865983Name one (1) sitcom that isn't reddit[View]
140866006Why don't young people understand Lovecraft? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8u8wZ0WvxI[View]
140865101>movie title is the name of an older song[View]
140865781>30 offtopic threads up >Jannies delete the chess thread I was about to reply to You can'…[View]
140866386>can't finish a 90 page book Was it autism?[View]
140867252>Don't make me look ugly, /tv/![View]
140867764where can I watch classic french films?[View]
140867708Post comfy Halloween season kino.[View]
140866373Why the FUCK is this a recommendation :::'For ME':::?!? Do I look like the kind of guy who wants to …[View]
140864844Who was in the wrong here? also can we never EVER cast anyone from the office again please especiall…[View]
140866617>movie is monsters university[View]
140866818https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13IlSwVEjlc&list=LL >american entertainment is cops dressed a…[View]
140865532Was their goal to make to make the most unfunny comedy movie of all time? With a protagonist that yo…[View]
140867227This is what Male Leads used to be about[View]
140867570I'm a chuckster! *chucks you to >>>/