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190283683>look up show >see Asian American female names listed under writers Nothing makes me drop a s…[View]
190288481Movies that surprised you?: >expected corny ass pinnichio story >get bestgore tier scenes on D…[View]
190285582The more I think about it the more I realize this movie was basically glorifying stalking and sexual…[View]
190288703>This summer >Imagine the existential terror >Of being a slightly taller-than-average girl…[View]
190288956>whooaa heads up, here comes that new kid I was telling you about[View]
190287615>enrages reddit, twitter, critics, and /tv/ >it’s actually kino…[View]
190288890Reject Disney, Become. Star Wars Jew: > The new Star Wars sucks > Disney ruined Star Wars for …[View]
190288838My Name is Morgan Freeman and you are reading this thread on my voice.: Oh sorry anon, I didn't…[View]
190287075Words can't describe how much I hate this bitch[View]
190288848SHIT JUST GOT REAL[View]
190288836So im starting a career on visual arts (photography, film, editing) How shit should i expect my life…[View]
190287506Is this what life in Russia is really like?[View]
190288724Why doesn't Hollywood like writing rooms like this anymore?[View]
190282233>your overconfidence is your weakness >your faith in your friends is yours Realistically speak…[View]
190286563You're given 1 million dollars to make a kino. How do you spend it? Describe your movie[View]
190288694>I fucked yer mum harry. >I'm yer dad.…[View]
1902882922024 AD: Damn, son...[View]
190286728He did nothing wrong.[View]
190288393Wtf was this all about? https://youtu.be/pjl8pK7x24w?si=D8o0h6yeAE8isEhW[View]
190281052here is your new lara bro[View]
190287680>4.1 on letterboxd is it really that good?[View]
190287688/rape general/ - rg: post the best rape scenes in movies ill start with the girl with a dragon tatoo…[View]
190284949I feel like a movie like this couldn't be made in today's godless society[View]
190287839>My le seed... fed people!?[View]
190288094>OH N-[View]
190284177We have been psychologically terrorized for the last few decades and it took a few seconds long McDo…[View]
190288266Is Lily Collins a good actress?: or just a nepo baby?[View]
190279415White people bad Jews good Blacks good White people bad[View]
190288001Sal literally did nothing wrong.[View]
190287538NEW SETH MACFARLANE KINO: Announced today, his new show will premiere mid-2024. 'Fundies' …[View]
190284327>mentally ill homeless guy grabs the protagonist’s grandmother and hurls her into oncoming traffi…[View]
190287593what the fuck is his problem?[View]
190287443BURGERPOSTING UNTIL GOOD BURGER 2 COMES OUT: DAY 1: What scenes do you want to see in the new good b…[View]
190286376/trust/ General: It would be wrong, nay dumbfounded, to accuse Seth MacFarlane of being a really cre…[View]
190288098I'm on season 2 It is absolute reddit but is also kinda fun. I'd say 7-8/10. The episodes …[View]
190288096anakinbros.... I don feel so good[View]
190288028What are some dangerously comfy kinos?[View]
190284653This is what a cornfield looks like, /tv/.[View]
190287691I've done it. 8:30, Friday night....at Dorsia.[View]
190287978>Our main villain Hitler and his right-hand man, uh, Himmler >He killed totally innocent peopl…[View]
190285266>I go to baskin roberts every night and treat myself to a lil' treat…[View]
190283031Leonidas: >tells Ephialtes he doesn't know how phalanx works Also Leonidas:…[View]
190284526>It was the Big Macs that made me sick, the Big Macs, I tell you, not the fact that I drink half …[View]
190287893Very cute film and underrated musical https://youtu.be/VFExjLoP3Wo[View]
190276705New Voices are Shit: And it's two different voice actors for Rick and Morty, perspectively. It …[View]
190285930Is it good?[View]
190287694Why was Boston the best season? Years ago I found a VHS rip of the entire season via torrent. Brough…[View]
190287790So what did they do when he went to the bathroom/shower?[View]
190287473Why was he a criminal in the first place? What did he do?[View]
190286719>watching space movie >there's an explosion with fire and sound >immediately turn it o…[View]
190285963Would Jonah have been able to win against Ornellia if he had his friends by his side?[View]
190287566How did the fingerprint go through shell casing onto the bullet in The Dark Knight? The worst part o…[View]
190286079The Snyder Cut is also shit.: there, I said it[View]
190285939What is a tv show that you've watched recently that you really enjoyed?: Everyone always bitche…[View]
190287618Are kino movie trailers a lost art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e8QGuG50ro[View]
190287590>film has an elaborate song and dance number to various pop songs featuring all the characters as…[View]
190287580Slow burn BONE-CHILLING scene[View]
190287541Jack Benny: https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Jack_Benny_Singles (Radio series) https://m.youtube.com…[View]
190287136Uncancellable films[View]
190284976Trailers and Commercials: What are some kino commericals? A lot of these are more entertaining that …[View]
190284569Ernest Goes to Africa: How come this film never gets talked about? Rolling stones listed as one of t…[View]
190286621Honking zog is s tier comedy[View]
190281675David McCallum Has Died: RIP Ducky[View]
190287386I would have murder-suicided her and her husband right there on the spot. Simple as.[View]
190287214Bonjour, gentlemen[View]
190285524>the only good thing about the Blue Beetle movie in your path[View]
190287326>it's a 'Truman discovers vr porn and pulls an all nighter cooming' episode…[View]
190287246characters you don't care are 'reddit': you think they're cool anyways[View]
190283715>Ignorance is bliss Is Cypher right?[View]
190286314You gonna shoot me, in-front of everybody?[View]
190268698Why should propagandists get paid more than they're worth ($0)[View]
190283086>And now they've got these... >'Captchas.' >(Audience chuckles) >You ever run in…[View]
190287193>doug is a meme now King of Queens sisters...assemble. It's OUR turn.…[View]
190285750Was Game of Thrones Season 3 kino?[View]
190287125How would they fair in the United States?[View]
190287126The slogan is a subtle play on words you see. Not only is the name of the fast food establishemnt go…[View]
190286325>Martin Scorsese says the dangers of comic book and franchise movies are 'what it's doi…[View]
190287104Scary Horror Monsters: What movies, regardless of their actual quality, showed some properly scare m…[View]
190287085Get out[View]
190262481Is she like a witch that has cast a charm spell on a bunch of idiots?[View]
190281059What would you do if you saw Jabba licking at you lustfully?[View]
190284186What are some other movies like these? Constantly something happening and highly rewatchable.[View]
190285537why did americans make a big deal about this? in european dance music it was pretty much the norm to…[View]
190286869>parents leave kids alone at home to go on vacation >'You make my dreams' by hall and oats st…[View]
190281050What stupid bullshit do you put on your TV to entertain your children so you can get actual work don…[View]
190284859Ant-Man won[View]
190286850The duck represents the fact that Polish people have the intelligence of waterfowl[View]
190286871So are the AYY LMAOS from Fallen Order connected with what Baylan is searching/sensing?: With all th…[View]
190286548>aggressive creatures wreaking havoc in neighborhood >black person uses mental gymnastics and …[View]
190286831Based: Kino[View]
190279623/hor/ - Horror General: Schizo edition Previously >>190271142[View]
190286537Is double dipping really that big of a deal? Just redip the part you didn't bite into.[View]
190284590Why are my recommendations suddenly filled with reaction content to movies despite me never watching…[View]
190286698In this thread, we post comfy schlock.[View]
190268287>Not one kino in the entire country How does such a thing even happen?[View]
190285654Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo claims hollywood has a masculinity crisis: Is he right? https://www.msn.c…[View]
190286669Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?[View]
190285408Crispin Glover was kind of right about Back to the Future's ending honestly, I mean it's n…[View]
190286434Jacen Syndulla. His hair is green because his mom is a space alien[View]
190283528Did Geogre give Disney the original source when he sold them Star Wars?: Give us that one you fatfuc…[View]
190286347This, the formula for kino.[View]
190284292ITT: times you acted like Doug[View]
190284430>mfw I will never make something as sublime as Paris Texas, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pickpocket, …[View]
190284019>'i wont work with a junkie' >'i wont work with you either' what was gus thinking if he was go…[View]
190286322>Simbelmynë, ever has it grown on the tombs of my forebears. Now it shall cover the grave of my w…[View]
190285054With a moustache, about 6 foot 3[View]
190283637Earn this, anon. Earn it.[View]
190284817This parade float totally had AIDS.[View]
190283499Why didnt he just shoot the goat?[View]
190286147how did he pull them out?[View]
190286213Movies about bad dreams?[View]
190284381you now remember prime lilo: was she a talented actress?[View]
190285925Joker was 4 years ago.[View]
190285192This is my kingdom come[View]
190286104Best Seinfeld girl?: For me, it's robust voluptuous pre-'milf' megacrack inducing masseuse hott…[View]
190285748Dennis Hopper was absolute kinography. Rossellini can stay naked for the whole movie. It was good bu…[View]
190285973BIRDMAN or THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE バードマンそして無知の意外な美徳。[View]
190279599>MIA GOTH IS P what did they mean by this?[View]
190285952One bluepill, please![View]
190285567>white people move into mexican's neighborhood >oh fuck my rent instantly got raised, oh …[View]
190285693I wanna direct an AAA horror movie how do I start?[View]
190285655This movie was unexpectedly good, can you guys suggest anything like this I might like?[View]
190285637Minch Yoda the Groglyn[View]
190278244I've seen music people play video games. But do hollywood people play video games?[View]
190285586The bad sleep well: What am I in for[View]
190283458Is anyone else watching the hit new show UNSTABLE on Netflix?: It stars Rob Lowe and his son (I love…[View]
190285450Is this any good?: I'd never seen any of these and I just watched the first one last night. I t…[View]
190280160Why did he feel the need to dab on the kid like that?[View]
190273656I ride a bike.[View]
190284627I don't drink lots of milk, when I grow up, I'll only be good enough to play for Accringto…[View]
190284941They don’t have gold flake sushi and chocolate martinis?[View]
190284284I get it now.[View]
190282677In so much recent /tv/, I get this sense of a bunch of people playing dress-up. Really bad 'playing …[View]
190285223i didn't get it[View]
190279817inevitable masterpiece adaptation.: But who would be cast? 1. Who will be the lead? 2. Who is the di…[View]
190284577Equalizer III: This made 90 million dollars in the last month. Who is the audience?[View]
190280829Scribble.io /film/ edition: join https://skribbl.io/?HuCqhMwy up to 14 players[View]
190284671Kinematography is 90% lighting. Prove me wrong.[View]
190270066I work a job that centers around helping people in need of assistance. I should say, I'm known …[View]
190284907The jokes would not fly today.[View]
190282593I AM FOR GOT TEN[View]
190285423Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: >There are only two girls standing in front of me. >I …[View]
190284782>If you're not with me, then you're my enemy. >Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Is h…[View]
190284107Food show?[View]
190285287What is the best kino for passive background watching? Something I can watch while multitasking? Sa…[View]
190284413ADULT SWIM GENERAL: /ASG/[View]
190282005I want the strike to go on forever because I want Hollywood to die.[View]
190285262'just this time 12': It sure was lucky the villain giving her clichéd rambling speech, even when she…[View]
190283388Public Enemy Number One[View]
190285243>STOP! >IN THE NAME OF THE LAW![View]
190283629I feel like Lina Romay, in the prime of her career, never got the recognition she deserved.[View]
190280416The Matrix (2023 re-release): Anybody here see it?[View]
190284606Martin Scorsese says “Just restore the fucking Snyderverse” in an new interview with Hollywood Repos…[View]
190284910>Let's have a party in my rec-room! zoomers these days will never hear the classic 50s hits …[View]
190283503Why aren't you entropy maxxing?[View]
190283897I finally watched and now I want a Ferrari moped: Should I watch Nefarious next? Seemed like the sam…[View]
190273423Didnt expect this to be good but it was actually great. Wtf happened[View]
190285183But I was sure it was a phony excuse. I mean it sounded so made up; Yom Kip Pur.[View]
190285142kinos for this feel?[View]
190285066so what does tom green do now? is he just rich ?[View]
190280921Her best role?[View]
190284157Lickety Split was robbed.[View]
190285013>And you usedta sell lazuh printuhs out the back of ya Crown Vic.[View]
190283434How did he beat the wall?[View]
190284944He killed millions[View]
190280989God is a qt[View]
190284803I know what you're saying: 'Where can I get these fine, new items?' Well, that's the gag. …[View]
190283364Your children aren't real you created them using magic!: >That's what every mother does…[View]
190275207>couldn't get it up[View]
190283488Just watched for the first time. Holy shit Keanu almost ruined the movie single-handedly with his ca…[View]
190283707What does /tv/ think of Raise the Red Lantern? Who's the hotter concubine, Songlian or Meishan?[View]
190284486> What am I doing? I'm talking to an empty telephone. 'Cause there is a dead man on the…[View]
190283572I take back this being good after Season 5: I actually liked a lot of eps post season 5, but it real…[View]
190283385this movie is brutally based[View]
190283044*ruins your movie with his punchable face and shit humour*[View]
190284552It's crazy how much of a faggot they made Hank in the later seasons.[View]
190283592>gayness is to be laughed at >being gay is something to be ashamed about Why is this show li…[View]
190283948idk why the writers/ actors strike is literally nightly top news. I havent watched any scripted film…[View]
190280198Was marilyn monroe actually the most beautiful woman to ever exist?[View]
190282518is nepotism in Hollywood still a thing?[View]
190282649This Terminex commercial gave me a boner when I was a kid.[View]
190283887Childhood is siding with Tarantino. Adulthood is realizing Jan was right the whole time and his movi…[View]
190283190'cartoons cant be kino' *blocks youre path*[View]
190279735is he one of the dumbest characters in the history of television[View]
190283172Skribble.io thread: don't let this one die godammit. https://skribbl.io/?J3CIdvDZ[View]
190283046Critics hated all these movies: daily reminder that movie critics are, and have always been, absolut…[View]
190282048>tfw the peeping go hard af[View]
190282448Can James redeem himself?[View]
190282258ITT: Times you acted like David Lynch[View]
190279760>PLAY THE JAZZ BETTERRRRRRRRR How would you have responded without sounding mad?…[View]
190283365how did he know Deckhards name?[View]
190279645Is there a film you know so well you can watch the entire thing inside your head verbatim using only…[View]
190281977Wheel of Time WOT: So I went back and watched episode 4, and apparently this was a contentious thing…[View]
190283593>trust in this country was so high a scene like this was outlandish[View]
190279539best batman movie ever made[View]
190280512Was is the /tv/ equivalent?[View]
190283829Oh boy the Strike is over I cannot wait to see the new all female version of 12 Angry Men it's …[View]
190283763>The charges, officer?[View]
190283126Name a show that deserves a reboot more: This is the perfect time in history to reboot code lyoko an…[View]
190283689The Nun is # 1 for three weeks in a row[View]
190280145*shuts all her detractors the FUCK up within five seconds* *wins over an entire room that was seethi…[View]
190283456just watched picrel for the first time in a while and I just realized Lucas may actually be a bit of…[View]
190283587what is the Kagurabachi of television and film?[View]
190282913I really enjoyed Barry. Watched the whole thing in a week Has it already become irrelevant[View]
190281604It’s the worlds greatest inventor, Elon Musk[View]
190283485Cool movie love the happy ending I hope they make a second one.[View]
190282299How did Tuttle get away with everything if Rust and Marty send evidence to both local and national n…[View]
190282794Was it kino?[View]
190283152Completely filters /tv/: best movie in years and no one cares. pure nero kino and everything they sh…[View]
190283040What are some intellectual films?[View]
190283334> mfw it's 1998 and I'm 10 years old and my family is spending a week at my now decease…[View]
190282224The Joker won. Batman went completely nuts.[View]
190283370'Down with sexism! Down with sexism!' 'Look at all those feminists. Are you thinking what I'm t…[View]
190283179which was your favorite Barbie ?[View]
190280868*blocks your path*[View]
190283047>I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say, and that…[View]
190281800Why do commercials have no soul anymore? I miss this lil nigga and all the other campaigns which tri…[View]
190283029How many times do you rewatch the entirety of Star Wars™ Skywalker Saga™ every year?[View]
190282063It wasn't supposed to be a documentary[View]
190279926What are they pretending to be on strike for again? Getting paid six figures to make garbage isn…[View]
190283157/BTS/ - behind the scenes general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YKlM2yJVEs /mewacute/ edition IT…[View]
190277878>DOOOD IM A RETARD LMAOOOOOO What a fucing piece of shit, stop recommending this garbage, only re…[View]
190283103Literally me[View]
190282704I go to Hong Kong[View]
190283019why didn't he share anything?[View]
190282992AVE MARIA: What glasses is he wearing? Warby Parker Carlton's?[View]
190281897>COCK THE FOOD BETTER How would you have responded without sounding mad?…[View]
190282984Why are there no White people in the Simpsoverse?[View]
190282768This thread is intended for >>190282620 only[View]
190281200If I can’t finish these damn books no one can!: I for one welcome our new AI overlords[View]
190282085So who ended up being stronger?[View]
190279412Do black people really raise their kids like this?[View]
190278818Do they have the best on-screen chemistry?[View]
190281988Why did they make everything so gay?[View]
190280721What the actual fuck did he mean by this? Was Kirk senile by this point? There is no 'morning' or 'n…[View]
190282795was the guy who created peter pan a p*dophile?[View]
190281804what's your favorite horror story?[View]
190281125>Tell me, Anon, do you FYEAR DEATHAH?[View]
190278757This DVD traumatised me as a child, why is it so uncanny?.[View]
190281881Your hit on the stock exchange, it didn’t work my friend.[View]
190282591what's his best song? For me it's a toss up between American Trilogy and Burnin Love[View]
190281924Now that the dust has settled, was she really that much of a bitch to Alexa Nikolas?[View]
190281367I simply refuse to watch any new seasons. Or any Adult Swim shows for that matter. Fuck 'em.[View]
190281450>5'10 >meant to be a tough guy[View]
190282151>you now remember when they made a sequel to happy death day[View]
190279995FUNNY H-[View]
190282136ITT: genuinely comfy Simpsons moments.[View]
190280643He will slay Rey Palpatine and make Star Wars a boy’s club again[View]
190281570What's up with Clint Eastwoods decision to play a grizzled old man who takes a young minority u…[View]
190282209in mood for some historic political intrigue show, but i already rewatched rome and spartacus so im …[View]
190281051Destroys you are franchise in you're path: Hehe, nothing personal kid... Has a movie ever done …[View]
190271200Apparently you can tell a lot about people by their favourite Venture Bros character. Also one of th…[View]
190274260ITT: movies that made you cry[View]
190281005Who’s the fella owns this shithole[View]
190281657Titanic remake when[View]
190282020winston, you look like a fucking pig in heat if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your …[View]
190281979>Name is Highbottom >his bottom is very low to the ground…[View]
190278082Has there ever been a film that filtered /tv/ harder? It's not some kind of cynical feminist po…[View]
190281938Why did she name her son Ben instead of Obi-Wan? Ben isn’t even his real name[View]
190281937Public access gems thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpLQlUa2G0s[View]
190281708and then?[View]
190281663For all the oldfags here what was it like watching the Nayirah testimony? My mom said this was on ev…[View]
190277815I watch it for She[View]
190280853Why’d he do it?[View]
190281817>somehow, sneed returned[View]
190281607Django the Hutt[View]
190281730*blocks your path*[View]
190279851>They're right behind me, aren't they?[View]
190281401Who'll play him in the inevitable adaptation?[View]
190281684The final 30 minutes were beyond kino[View]
190280878UMM, EPIC SAUCE MUCH?[View]
190280666This show sucked. You suck if you liked it.[View]
190281717Thought provoking and philosophical kino pls[View]
190280723Marty! You gotta come back with me![View]
190281313>still funnier than Sam >still funnier than Tim what did he have that the other 2 lack?…[View]
190269344Webm thread: Webm thread[View]
190281665Dan Abrams[View]
190281601>B..bingo?.. we playing bingo tonight hon?[View]
190280845Why was this movie so universally hated? Misogyny?[View]
190280267The Reboot We Need: but don't deserve[View]
190280391I watch [shitty new show] for she.[View]
190281523>Once I change my german car for a guatemalan one, those rednecks will respect me…[View]
190281194>We did out fucking best. LET ME GIVE AN UPBOOOOT! FRICKIN' AWE-WAIT FOR IT-SOME!…[View]
190281419>LET ME IN I HAVE TO SHIT[View]
190280557better than The Shining: and it's original, not based on sneedphen king slop[View]
190277709Pitch your remake: Easy mode: You have to pitch something that could actually get made these days…[View]
190278753A thread for films which “don’t work” in some incredibly mysterious way. Pic related, on paper it ha…[View]
190281394shit maybe i can get ya a job with united fruit. i got a buddy with united fruit. get ya started, st…[View]
190281390What went wrong?[View]
190281385CAUSE I FEEEEEEEL[View]
190276529Youtube TV: >everyone is doing streaming service >youtube is trying to bring back cable how is…[View]
190269047>Don't lift.[View]
190280657/rad/ - Rad Thibodeaux General[View]
190275328What does /tv/ think of Patlabor 2?[View]
190277926kino takes only[View]
190280328>Hi hi hi there my little niggas[View]
190281175How would this episode go?[View]
190276858816 days until Avatar 3[View]
190281151You ever sucked a guy's cock? You ever sucked a guy... look at me. You ever sucked a guy's…[View]
190281095ITT: The ones we couldn't save[View]
190280718Why the last Indiana Jones film is so Woke? I hate this modern pandering to lefties, even worse than…[View]
190280551The charges officer?[View]
190280665>we have endless possibilities, our alien planet could look like anything >how about... A DESE…[View]
190280995Why didn't he just pull the plane back down to the ground? How fucking weak is this manlet?[View]
190280605>power of friendship saves the world who wrote this anime tier garbage lmaoooo…[View]
190279211>Greatest wizarding prodigy >Only spams 1 spell and constantly fails at using it Why are Briti…[View]
190280950did you like night owls?[View]
190280201>ugly as hell >cannot act at all; has turned in 'kindergartner as tree #3 in school play' tier…[View]
190280096Star Wars: Did Thrawn had sex in exile? Or Ezra?[View]
190279075so /tv/ was it kino?[View]
190278963Soul or soulless?[View]
190271272The Comedy (2012): Why did this never get the cult status it deserved?[View]
190280488>Literally and objectively one of Scorsese’s best kinos and one of the best films ever made >d…[View]
190278729what the fuck was her problem?[View]
190271127We NEED to keep this strike going.[View]
190280613Where do writers get their ideas?[View]
190279644NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU: A cult classic.[View]
190279424SPOOKTOBER IMMINENT: any questions?[View]
190277900american propaganda or is it actually worth watching?[View]
190278525AHSOKA Star Ariana Greenblatt Teases Live-Action CLONE WARS Series: https://sffgazette.com/sci_fi/st…[View]
190275849I am /Jazz/: No I am /Jazz/ kino speculative threads on my kinography board? Lets fix that, and post…[View]
190280528Now that the strikes over, how do I get in contact with an agent?: I'm in school for script-wri…[View]
190280525When an undercover police office is recognized as a cop by criminals they will often radio for backu…[View]
190274686>every male character is weak and ineffective or whipped and subservient to a female character wh…[View]
190280104Did he name this movie 'Guy Ritchie's The Covenant' because there was already a famous movie na…[View]
190278094>Go get some chips and shit for the drive >Get a Paddle Pop, Morty…[View]
190280202Only blessed television & film in this thread. Tom Hanks did a great job at playing Fred.[View]
190252581>Why yes, I will go meet up with my good friend SAURONMAN in his evil tower. I'm sure nothin…[View]
1902804111989-1998 Disney was something else.[View]
190277116I rewatched recently and still enjoyed it. The dialogue helped.[View]
190279626>Villain just needed a hug[View]
190280032Is The Man With The Iron Fists worth a watch? I usually like east v west stuff, thought Shanghai Noo…[View]
190278410>career literally dead outside of Marvel >didnt even get her own flick Bros...…[View]
190276887What would your dream house be like?[View]
19027360330+ /tv/ general: This thread is for the older anons on this board. Let us discuss our favorite tele…[View]
190278220BREAKING: My sources at Disney tell me Kathleen Kennedy is FINISHED.[View]
190275657That was merely my First Order.[View]
190280069>establish a society devided into 13 parts >they make everything for you >start opressing t…[View]
190280124Holy kino https://youtu.be/qaJIOvts5NI?si=Izmnhr7eMPXnRMgs[View]
190280112I don't want to die of fatness in front of my daughter[View]
190277198Wheel of Time /WoT/: What a stellar episode S2E6 was friends and compadres, don't you agree! Eg…[View]
190262499>giant spider character >isn't a bro >actually is a massive cunt when it comes down to…[View]
1902797742023... I am forgotten[View]
190280055Literally the only capekino worthy of entering my kid's minds. The rest can fuck off.[View]
190278835>boomers thought this balding megamind manlet was the epitome of cool[View]
190280021if the holocaust never happened, then why are there so many kinos about it[View]
190279021>The charges, officer?[View]
190278774How high is his power level?[View]
190277584Men that are literally (you)[View]
190276616remember when scorcese made one of the worst movies of all time ?[View]
190274933Admit it, she won.[View]
190276287OH NONONONO[View]
190272506Scully is only 23 in season 1. how was she already a full fledged: doctor and graduate of the fbi ac…[View]
190279766Bad guys talking. https://youtu.be/qYJONPqBvlY[View]
190277406>I am not crazy! I AM NOT CRAZY! I know Marvel brainwashed audiences. I know it isn't cinema…[View]
190275335>redefines comedy in your path[View]
190276802>muh company holy fuck i cannot stand this woman[View]
190277199Is this based or cringe?[View]
190279647>leave Darkseid, Thanos, the Joker and Darth Vader ….to me Can anyone seriously hope to defeat Pu…[View]
190277646I don't think this film has ever been discussed here. I actually think it's absolute kino,…[View]
190276617Wtf am I doing putting myself through this ? I actually liked Booksmart[View]
190279110>he self-inserts as the filmmaker[View]
190279384Rey, there's something I've been wanting to tell you.[View]
190272764Pitch a new Stargate series.[View]
190269849How did he know?[View]
190268313Why did we hate it, again?[View]
190278553Just finished watching this now. What the fuck? Futurama is objectively a terrible show to me now. …[View]
190279695Drinking tequila last night, check the 'tube. Start watching this. Huh, geezer Dennis Quaid. I …[View]
190274141BLACK KINO: Post examples of movies and tv shows that capture and celebrate African American culture…[View]
190277782What happened to Padmé after she died?[View]
190276328>First episode had me mildly interested. >Second episode, nothing happens until the last 15 mi…[View]
190279052I think about it a lot.: .[View]
190276756what am i in for?[View]
190278293Ahsoka is white boy kino.[View]
190279338this is beaultiful methaphor Rian Johnson Salted the earth for any possible future star wars sequel[View]
190279333I think it's a shame that the Better Call Saul series didn't show whether the two billiona…[View]
190271142/hor/ - Horror General: Mia Goth edition DON'T GO IN THE PREVIOUS THREAD >>190262101…[View]
190278916>couple wakes up >first thing they do is kiss Does this only happen in movies or is it a real …[View]
190278463>cast Lea Seydoux in DUNC 2 >not as Irulan >instead get bloody Pugh the Pig Is Villehack re…[View]
190278606If i say yes, would you believe me ?[View]
190278216>Mila Jovovich is an old hag >Netflix series died after just 8 episodes What's the future…[View]
190279291Thoughts on this documentary (and the Boondock Saints in general)?[View]
190277581Saw X: >releases this week >えヴェりょね 豚 /tv/ 石ひょえ wっh?…[View]
190278660Why isn’t it as good as Begins and TDK? More specifically, why did Nolan not give as much of a damn …[View]
190271660You've seen 1990's Hardware... Right anons?[View]
190273843>Fucked off to a remote swamp planet and did nothing for 20 years while other people fought the E…[View]
190279094>We're coming back[View]
190279153Sex: hell yeah, nigga![View]
190277282Say something nice about Netflix One Piece's Buggy[View]
190279119What was going through his head at this moment?[View]
190279057Without marring in 11 and autism could it have worked?[View]
190277041Narnia bros....why did she give this look?[View]
190278984VHS cover art you remember from the video store when you were a kid zoomoids don't worry about …[View]
190279006You've chosen the wrong messenger. How can I even speak to these people?[View]
190278977What would be an American slice of life show?[View]
190278967Do you think her parents appreciate her body of work?[View]
190273951Just why...[View]
190276639Letterboxd alternatives?: I don't want to have to see shit like this whenever I explore new kin…[View]
190278823Best Punisher.[View]
190277859Overrated shows are only allowed in this thread. I’ll start[View]
190278865>anything but history I knew this was the end of TV when it start showing shit about aliens.…[View]
190277805This shit finna boutta be the best animated /tv/ series of the year, and it isn't even close...…[View]
190278352>Anime is not ki-[View]
190278665Do you think they ever....you know..do that kind of stuff together?[View]
190278172No country for Old Men questions: Why did the mexicans leave the hotel so quickly after killing Moss…[View]
190278187This commercial was literally a psyop. (((they))) pushed the cuckold meme as le funny M&M commer…[View]
190276150is he still booty blasted by capekino?[View]
190278624>Pietro? Who's that?[View]
190275757Do this[View]
190278427>animated kino beats blatant propaganda BASED[View]
190277445>monty python for zoomers[View]
190270961I want some movies with witches but not like the satanic black magic horror kind the like comfy natu…[View]
190278501Why did he ask for that in particular?[View]
190278434ryan gosling is a shit actor that would be irrelevant if it wasnt for his killer looks. looks play a…[View]
190276429@1:20 “As we know now, tragically, it’s a norm, every other person is like Travis Bickle now” Bros….…[View]
190278467Who should play Klaud in the live action adaptation?[View]
190277396Death of the Blockbuster Franchise: I can't think of a single major blockbuster franchise that …[View]
190277012>go in your bedroom >see this what do you do?…[View]
190275611>tfw you realize the film was just a freudian projection of Pasolini's own degeneracy consid…[View]
190277615>Kisame, we're leaving...[View]
190278377>IMAX 70mm 15-perf >(you), not having seen a film in one…[View]
190278091>protagonist has a gruff, unfriendly associate who is constantly complaining about the group and …[View]
190276924Why didn't they just write the whole trilogy before they made the movies? How can you not be mo…[View]
190278331A Hobbit? In my Star Wars?[View]
190278018>music television >Arts and entertainment >The Learning Channel…[View]
190275818Rush Hour is the most anti-racist movie ever made. It celebrates and pokes fun of the unique cultura…[View]
190276536Is Judge Dredd asexual?[View]
190278108Do you guys think Stanley Kubrick was a Mason? If he was he was one of the good guy OG Freemasons.[View]
190271712Post movies city slickers don’t understand[View]
190273080Lars Mikkelsen’s Thrawn is so much better in live action: The man actually gets to act instead of be…[View]
190277943What are some essential, certified, /ChadCore/ kinos?[View]
190275483Who tf gave the go ahead on this? I felt like a cuck watching 2 man bang each other girlfriend, wtf…[View]
190277547>The charges, officer?[View]
190277637>American movie main character is always a good guy >European movie main character is always a…[View]
190277599I thought this would be zoomer trash but it's actually good wtf[View]
190277840why do modern reality tv shows lack the soul of early survivor?[View]
190276779>Her children...are BASTARDS[View]
190277307What kind of movies do you watch with your girlfriend during autumn and winter, when the nights get …[View]
190277765ITT actors who are definitely skinwalkers[View]
190277851>I work here with my peasants and my trusted right hand man, Treidur Dohtrasme…[View]
190277761What are your thoughts on Sylvia bros?: Did she beat Tina from the first film anyday?[View]
190275781Were cliques really so strongly-defined and independent in the olden days?[View]
190276576>Monday evening >flat cleaned >laundry done >fast-food arriving soon >movie loaded re…[View]
190265336Suckin' on my titties like you wanted me Callin' me, all the time, like Blondie Check out …[View]
190276451Clint Eastwood..IS....Callahan![View]
190277549Hello, YOU[View]
190276254This is fake and staged right? Who wouldn’t clean up their kitchen if he was showing up?[View]
190277528Let me tell ya a couple of three things: Forget Boxxy, forget Moot who goes over to Google and never…[View]
190269251What a fucking scam. This doesn't work.[View]
190269878What's the most passionate kiss (tongue use required) you've seen on screen? I mean a kiss…[View]
190258737Can’t stop The Nun[View]
190276626Were these good movies?[View]
190277147F NETFLIX: >Netflix is shutting down its DVD service this week[View]
190275605it's 2023 I think movies should be 45 minutes long at most and tv shows should be episodic and …[View]
190275327Why didnt they use the ring and steal saurons nuclear codes?[View]
190275654Why did Walt and Marie have better... CHEMISTRY... than Walt and Skylar?[View]
190274315how can one man be so based?[View]
190259676Good morning, son.[View]
190277336shows that you thought are a hot garbage but ended up actually liking thread[View]
190273146Anakin, you must remain celibate and never act on your throbbing biological urges.[View]
190252516andor: This was actually pretty good ESPECIALLY for Disney Star Wars It's a shame we're on…[View]
190276533Who would win in a fight?[View]
190275968why is that anyone who is even tangentially related to the family (the kids especially) are weirdo r…[View]
190277249Bill Cosby's Murder Mayhem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uA1bsQPO7I The title says it all. …[View]
190277185ITT movies that treat guns as stand-ins for the penis[View]
190277197VIP was very kino[View]
190276282What life lessons have you learned from him?[View]
190277014>we're never getting something even remotely resembling Water 7 + Enies Lobby kino ever agai…[View]
190277111>Passes blank canvases as Masterpieces >Gets ragged on >the destroy them >they actually …[View]
190277103Why do so few people in American tv shows wear glasses?[View]
190276122>suddenly agree to stop striking right before Jewish holiday This was thing was a show for goyim…[View]
190275853Chris Chan documentary: When can we expect the Chris Chan documentary? if Netflix milks the shit out…[View]
190276930How is Lucius Malfoy's dick game? Is it tough?[View]
190265298MI2: Mission Impossible 2 is the greatest movie in the franchise Tom is chad af. Hans Zimmer score. …[View]
190276663why were the female star wars aliens given so much sex appeal?[View]
190275826I'm in the mood for a mid-late 90s/00s thriller. Any suggestions? >inb4 hurdur Fincher Yeah…[View]
190277021What’s your favorite Wheeler and Woolsey movie ?[View]
190276848Should Idris Elba be in the Barbie sequel as the lead Ken?[View]
190276732Are they well written smart characters[View]
190273908>I’ve had 40 pizzas in the last 30 days[View]
190276809According to Lucas he should inspires terror: How? I can't stop laughing seeing his disproporti…[View]
190276915*enters your top 5*[View]
190272691TLJ was the best sequel: TLJ wasn't perfect but it was the best of the sequel trilogy by miles …[View]
190276278Why do we get so much media about Italian mobsters but not Irish mobsters?[View]
190276442I showed my very cute 19 year old Chinese gf Halloween and she said 'I like Michael Myers very much,…[View]
190274842Why has no one managed to put out a horror movie half as good as this one in over 40 years?[View]
190276769>almost done with making a film that exposes the upper government circles >suddenly dies under…[View]
190276717Reminder that Malfoy did nothing wrong.: >introduces himself to Harry and offers his hand in frie…[View]
190276194One of the best movies of the 21st century.[View]
190276345They really didn't knew what they were doing with this character, isn't it?[View]
190276136ITT: Movie lines that people you know quote to you.[View]
190276607Pet Sematary bros we eatin' GOOD[View]
190271703'We've Got to Save Cinema': What the fuck is old geezer talking about?[View]
190276523Why did this kino filter so many people on this board?[View]
190270639No One Will Save You: just finished my 100% speedrun of this movie, it was really good, and the alie…[View]
190265114Druk: So what was the message? Should you drink until you die or not? I need to know before Friday.…[View]
190275166why do normies and redditors support her so much? is it because shes a lying whore who refuses to ta…[View]
190274655Spontaneous: I don't get it[View]
190275927Why can't they into kino?[View]
190275869Anon D. Faggot, what's your goal?[View]
190276177>I've become so numb, I can't feel you there >Become so tired, so much more aware …[View]
190276391YOU CANNOT PASS[View]
190275187>A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins[View]
190271195>OH N-[View]
190276092What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
190276347Like no racist shit fr but I could tell the director was Jewish halfway through the movie it's …[View]
190276304WHERE THE FUCK IS BEN?[View]
190276060When I was a kid I unironically thought they were replacing Lisa for real.[View]
190276120Chrissy's intervention scene is one of the funniest scenes in television history. But who was …[View]
190273777Why did Marlon Brando refuse to come back for the small appearance he would have had in that single …[View]
190273440The best thing Marvel ever made[View]
190275165>September 25th 2023 >Still not made it in Hollywood Bros I'm getting worried.…[View]
190272843ITT post literally me characters I'll start: Jimmy McGill[View]
190276096What's the live action equivalent of this trend?[View]
190276013was traptor12 right? https://www.imdb.com/list/ls060387085/?ref_=otl_2[View]
190275889Hey, Jess Wotchoucee'pal.[View]
190274949*SNIFF SNIFF* >…MAN FLESH![View]
190271817Porco Rosse: >I'd rather be a pig than a fascist Kino[View]
190275993He's one of the good ones[View]
190275981You're not a shoplifter, you're just a fat kid. Aren't you fatty? just a big ol fat k…[View]
190275481>every actor is British[View]
190275937How Would Skins Be Different Today?: > post smart phones > post Trayvon > post TikTok > …[View]
190275779What if Harrison Ford was a marketable plushie?[View]
190272882Why would someone raised from near-infancy by a society of stoic warrior monks that speak with europ…[View]
190273028Laverne Cox: What happened to this beautiful buck? She was great in Orange Is The New Black and then…[View]
190275677When did you realise that liking this past the age of 20 is embarrassing?[View]
190269560Who's hyped for the new one? Are you watching it as they come or waiting to binge?[View]
190273542DS9 is an anime, right?: It has all the anime tropes. It even has: >baseball episode >beach ep…[View]
190273202Lion King 2 had some bangers tbf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkWo5vO8S-c[View]
190275652>is the only thing stopping the goyslop from coming back in full force[View]
190275617This episode was weird as fuck.[View]
190274492she was the best actress on Euphoria[View]
190270882The Retirement Plan: Yeah, so hear me out. I love Cagekino as much as the next guy, but this is a re…[View]
190274683This movie is so good man. I don't know what else to watch.[View]
190275575Still the best videogame movie[View]
190275421Rey Skywalker is a better character than Luke Skywalker and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.[View]
190275455>OH N- *POP*[View]
190273574We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep[View]
190272465Worst simpsons episode?: Even i felt cucked watching this shit.[View]
190275509What's his powerlevel? You think he can beat up Goku in a 1v1 fight?[View]
190273140>We’re putting together a team… You in Anon?[View]
190272799>People from your world have so *much* to lose. Now, you think because your mommy and your daddy …[View]
190274148/lit/ bros that post on /tv/ too.... What are some kino Nietzschean films.[View]
190272164Denzelsisters... Our response?: https://youtube.com/shorts/QKZQkSD-NUg?si=-XLXhqvoOZbs5NIC…[View]
190267120>tfw you will never become an investment banker How does this make you feel /tv/??…[View]
190275332George Carlin: Why do Portuguese rape victims like him again?[View]
190270420>You put your hands on a woman tho?? Nah I don't get down like that, I don't tolerate t…[View]
190275419Money in the Harry Potter world doesn't seem to be that useful. >Rowling had everything plan…[View]
190265550/tv/ related reaction images: Post some shit. Get some shit.[View]
190263622Who are the best goth girls of tv and film?[View]
190275361John Wayne Is ... ... ... BRANNIGAN![View]
190274854He crashed the franchise... he bombed the IP so hard that he had to sell it[View]
190273641>bloopers during the credits[View]
190259929DOCTOR WHO 60th ANNIV!: >Donnas back >10's back toymaker confirmed >3 specials soon …[View]
190273710Why did Hollywood start hiring so many latino/latina actors in recent years?[View]
190273877I can fix her.[View]
190272441my board? my board is a disaster zone[View]
190271100>here's your Lupin III adaptation bro[View]
190267693Nobody actually likes this, right? The motivations and acting are unconvincing. The story is too sim…[View]
190273929Finally, the force is female. Thank you Kathleen Kennedy![View]
190275034>MCU's worst villain is an atheist What did they mean by this?[View]
190266531Looks like Hiki-kino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
190273013I'm glad this movie exists so we can have a definitive proof that fans in fact CANT do it bette…[View]
190274319Is Chase responsible for his demise?[View]
190267898ITS HAPPENING!!!!![View]
190274970One more day, Ahsokabros. What are we expecting?[View]
190269620My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legi…[View]
190268003Whose fucking idea was this?[View]
190272844>there's a lot of diplomats in today[View]
190274532Stranger Things: >Production on season 5 is set to start as soon as the SAG strike is over Millie…[View]
190271263New Rick and Morty voices dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKYJ5AIOU9I[View]
190274720Why visual gags aren't used anymore?[View]
190274079ENOOOOOOOOOUGH!!!!! https://voca.ro/1nRFCZB708kr[View]
190274487>That Sabine girl could be of great use to us... for example, we could take her all the way to an…[View]
190273610>2010s movie >Party Rockers in the House Tonight starts playing…[View]
190273568Just finished watching this. I thought it was going to be more of a chase movie. Thought it was kind…[View]
190274542on cinema: late to the party on this one but I think heidecker might be a genius[View]
190272753Shut your fucking face uncle fucker[View]
190274311What sane person would ever pick Britta over Annie?[View]
190274351WTF is their problem?[View]
190272660ITT Little known film/tv trivia: >In a climactic scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of th…[View]
190270959ITT: settings where blacks don't exist: I'll start: Lord of the Rings[View]
190263885>Behold, citizens. My first act of diplomacy as Head of State.[View]
190271950how do you respond without sounding jewish[View]
190264941Wheel of Time: What happened[View]
190273793Itt movies that NEED a squeal: The shaw shank redemption NEEDS a squeal[View]
190273331Entertainment serves the evolutionary purpose of social cohesion. It exists to _program_ certain beh…[View]
190272815Barry: >That time when you thought the Bolivians and Chechans took each other out? IT WAS ME, BAR…[View]
190272364Watch Riki-Oh[View]
190272010Best europe gangster movie?[View]
190269842Lousy sheriff..... run ME outta town.[View]
190273664Shalom Goyim. Have you seen Golda? Great film, I fully recommend it. >Set during the tense 19 day…[View]
190271374Yeah. I'm thinking I'm zzz[View]
190271783The Walking Dead Spin-Offs: >Don't open >Dead outside I paused, and went, 'Hah. Hah. Hah.…[View]
190272758For me it's Bimbo Skylar.[View]
190260808/trek/: TFW Plomeek Edition Previous: >>190239619[View]
190268323Why was her acting career so short lived?[View]
190273395>character orders a drink >get me a dry beer on the rocks, no ice, neat, cut it with tomata ju…[View]
190272700>Revenge of the Sith is almost as old as the years between that movie and A New Hope in-universe.…[View]
190271683Martin Scorsese wants Hollywood to declare war on Marvel and streaming: >'These movies are a dang…[View]
190268954What is stopping you from making kino?[View]
190273512What are some movies where the bully gets what is coming to them in the end?[View]
190269096Webm thread.[View]
190269603Why did 1992’s Once Upon A Crime fail to catch on with audiences ? I rather enjoyed it[View]
190272567https://screenrant.com/marvel-movie-criticism-scorsese-scott-stellan-skarsgard-response/ https://her…[View]
190267227Wanda is...[View]
190269286I don't get it, why is this humorous?[View]
190273387Why do films always depict the father character has incompetent and unfit? Are there any fathers in …[View]
190270518ITT: Movies only white men understand[View]
190271579/spg/- SAW Patrol general: So, do you watch SAW first then Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol first then SAW?…[View]
190271801I celebrate this movie. And I normally don't do that. This movie has a special meaning to me. T…[View]
190270540Reminder that Captain Marvel 2 is too important to fail An American university is teaching about how…[View]
190272957Movies that left you perplexed: I honestly didn't get any of Inception and I don't think I…[View]
190270116What is she looking at here?[View]
190272938AH LUV U SOOKEH[View]
190272782Gary Cooper.[View]
190272873Recently I've been getting into mid 2010 films and shows that were big hits but have since been…[View]
190272987Thoughts on Kate Beckinsale's filmography?[View]
190271967You are 18 year old girl, who live in small city in Japan[View]
190272756*mogs Peele's filmography*[View]
190264655seriously though why did she have to die?[View]
190270247MM: Furiosa: That's really interesting, Chris as a bigger than life villain. I hope he can pull…[View]
190272781Verner Zieeeegler.[View]
190267956>We've met before, haven't we? What's the proper response here?…[View]
190264519Wormtail Cockroach McShitperson has betrayed me. How could I not foresee this?[View]
190268369I AM FUCKING ACTING[View]
190255104>multiple hilarious shows to his name >inspired a generation of weird surreal comedy >succe…[View]
190272076give me some post soviet KINO[View]
190271166Literally why?[View]
190272281Where do you guys see the industry 10 years from now? I think with the mega success of Barbie, the i…[View]
190272177Ah, Ezra Bridger. We meet again at last. As you may have deduced from my appearance, I have managed …[View]
190272420What are some kinos about delayed prophecies?[View]
190272380Why does /tv/ hate him? Pay writers what they’re worth.[View]
190269186Anaconda: What was her problem?[View]
190264692>90 years later >The Last Jedi still filters this board…[View]
190268846>Infidelity is... le bad!!![View]
190271091They were gay, right?[View]
190272106As an Indian-American dude, this movie gave me hope.[View]
190271435>I AIN'T NO BITCH! Do you think he realized days later that he used a double negative and th…[View]
190269374>all plot development and scenes centered around the titular character are dull as fuck and drag …[View]
190249150Why is it that nobody talks about this series here??[View]
190270617>I'm a cop. >From the future. >And I need your help. God I love this trope. https://ww…[View]
190271843If you still think Rey is a Mary Sue I have a bridge to sell you.[View]
190271772*record scratch*[View]
190268704What do you think of Fatal Attraction?[View]
190271756Why do foreign films have such a carefree attitude to nudity?[View]
190271686Best ads on Television & Film[View]
190271622ITT: Poignant quotes from film and cinema[View]
190270422>Watch expecting complete schlock >It's actually a good movie Huh, so that's how he …[View]
190271076You are going to see my new movie this week, aren't you?[View]
190269280The Devil's Plan: on Netflix September 26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtaLR2G-zmc https://w…[View]
190270278>takes the blue pill[View]
190271466I still can't believe this exists. Is there any other modern movie that stands against wokism o…[View]
190264145LMAO Disney wants to get out of the culture war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drHwl_o1ptQ too lat…[View]
190270256https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/25/business/media/hollywood-writers-strike-deal.html >In the comi…[View]
190269619What are the best Marilyn Monroe movies?[View]
190270760All you need is training? Then why did they gather young kids from all over the galaxy to be jedi? W…[View]
190252525Best Barbie actress[View]
190271345Who was this character supposed to represent?[View]
190271070Movies about intrusive thoughts?[View]
190269889How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190269564RuPaul's Drag Race's Shea Couleé Joins the Cast of Marvel's Ironheart: What character…[View]
190269002>is woke >still one of the best shows ever made Explain…[View]
190268201What are some autumn-core movies?[View]
190268814Well, /tv/?[View]
190271205>it's an episode where two characters who don't normally interact have to spend the who…[View]
190271265ITT: times you did a 360 (crazy) and left the kinoplex in a swift fashion[View]
190269982name one (1) good actor[View]
190267391How does your top 10 look so far this year?[View]
190262981Would blowing up these buildings in Fight Club really have erased everyone's credit?: I feel ev…[View]
190253825This shit is like some kind of autistic fever dream[View]
190269561At some point John Carpenter stopped kino movies. What happened to him?[View]
190270968>this was supposed to be a children's movie[View]
190269327Keep putting in work: How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190269334>I want you to roll Ms Beauregarde onto the bed of my Wonka pickup truck and take her to the bowl…[View]
190269962bert was an american glowie sent to spy on mary[View]
190270768Why does everyone rate the Christmas episode so highly? Almost every other episode both S1 and S2 ar…[View]
190266108Name a more disturbing character in Cinema[View]
190267426Oh goy. Did you miss your nightly establishment slop? Please laugh and clap like seals now.[View]
190270986Oz thread: Why haven't we gotten a villain as good as Schillinger or Adebisi since?[View]
190269021We watching this? Looks pretty good. Only thing is >yet another muh poor Natives getting bullied …[View]
190270945I’m no hero. Never was, never will be.[View]
190269026why did they delete this scene bros? I would've loved to see Margot Robbie kissing black men mo…[View]
190262101/hor/ - Horror General: Saw edition last time >>190257433[View]
190270841>she’s one of us >uh… *coughs* THEY’RE one of us 16:48 https://youtu.be/cOVgCoz8PGc?si=QNVw6s…[View]
190266665>Jimi Hendrix biopic without any of his music[View]
190269720>*ring* *ring*[View]
190270746My cane is constant and sharp.[View]
190270432ITT: YouTube film critics: >open yt >pull up first /tv/ clip on home screen >screenshot and…[View]
190257139>I have the Pope breathing down my neck after that little stunt you pulled in Jerusalem! Give me …[View]
190269076WIFE ALLLRIGHT??[View]
190265516>I hate Mondays, Waltuh![View]
190268437>the bad guys thinks they're gonna win >their loss is actually imminent…[View]
190262971Why don't people like it?[View]
190268363Which parent trap is better[View]
190269490Hello Anon, what's happening?: >Uhhhh... we have sort of a problem here. >Yeah... you app…[View]
190269420Some men aren't the size of anything reasonable. Some men are the size of a tangerine.[View]
190269968>Live for nothing, or die for something.[View]
190270294You just now discovered that Scarecrow holds a fucking gun in Wizard of Oz[View]
190269044Would you buy a Harrison Ford plushie?[View]
190269243>hot dog ad >theres a chihuahua inside buns…[View]
190269361What do they eat?[View]
190270205would you have done it, /tv/?[View]
190267864>Girls have a penis, boys have a vagina[View]
190267716So, now The Flash have to deal with this credit card Batman?[View]
190270161Martyrs: I know martyrs in history are a thing but in the context of this film are these photos and …[View]
190256512simpler times. comfier times.[View]
190267006Somehow Clones are fat now: I guess Clone Wars live-action should be called Fat Wars then. (Honestly…[View]
190268065Captain America Atheist[View]
190269952So... who was in the wrong here?[View]
190265676Paw Patrol Spin-off add New non-binary character[View]
190257248I don't get it, why did Neo let himself get absorbed by Smith? If it was part of some plan, why…[View]
190264003It was not his child why did they make is believe that it is somehow his child[View]
190268636>click play >shitty pop song remix >close tab…[View]
190268966How can we delay this strike forever?[View]
190266730I'm not joking... did CERN fuck with our reality?[View]
190269020why did he do it?[View]
190268952What did I think of this Jew kino?[View]
190267973No wonder the Joe Rogan and The Trash Taste podcasts are popular if this shit is the competition.[View]
190269662>The only react channel that reviews actual kino and not popular Hollywood goyslop >A literal …[View]
190265597ITT: creepy historical incidents that you want to see a TV show based on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/…[View]
190268613Mean Girls: Is this the last time a film had a predominately sexy cast? It's a fun time too.…[View]
190261048Now that we have successful movies about Air Jordans and Flaming Hot Cheetos, why not a successful m…[View]
190266483>nothing happens: the movie >only interesting scene is spoiled on the poster Why do people pre…[View]
190269483>It was a very good system. But, was it?[View]
190266896NOOOOOOOOOOO stop talking about my appearance! m-m-mi-misogyny!!!![View]
190256698Is there any movies about the Kowloon Walled City? Absurdly densely populated shithole, with basical…[View]
190269398Is it kino?[View]
190269387Think I'll rewatch season 1 of Prison Break for the 12th time instead of watching a new show.[View]
190268445Who was the real villain of Titanic?: I refuse to believe it was Cal when he was just trying to be a…[View]
190253649Explain to me why this is bad without sounding like a virgin.[View]
190269084Blockbuster that men and women flock to, will it ever happen again?[View]
190268399Old boy plot makes no sense?: What does Anon thinks about Old Boy's plot? So, can we agree the …[View]
190263602The Empty Man: What hairstyle is this?[View]
190269151CGIslop :( CGIslop, Chinese :) Seriously though, at least these ones are pleasantly 'sincere'. Like,…[View]
190269089Laura Palmer?[View]
190268620Nobody: >Rami Malek:[View]
190267419Why does Reddit hate him so much?[View]
190268927NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!![View]
190268823What's the fuck was his problem, and why did they conveniently cast the schizo kid that all of …[View]
190265065Why is it when I search for films to watch I feel like anything made before 2010 has a better chance…[View]
190265947Now that actually makes some sense[View]
190244693/jazz/ general - it's NOT over edition: Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlethem............let us dis…[View]
190259759I'm at a hospital in Finland and they turned Dr. Hibbert white.[View]
190268458>Iko Uwais >Tony Jaa >Jason Statham HOW DO YOU FUCK THIS UP WHAT THE FUCK IS STALLONE'…[View]
190267529Is the movie And God Created Woman a warning to what Saint-Tropez was turning into? It's from 1…[View]
190268564>tears off all your clothes in your path[View]
190268356Has the base interest rate improved under the Bran Administration?[View]
190268532>oi wus in Buuhma[View]
190246029Webm thread: Webm thread[View]
190268635Over there, fly low, charge phasers.[View]
190268057>ywn be visited by a ghost girl ready to make you her next victim >ywn surprise her by being w…[View]
190266219She did NOTHING wrong[View]
190266630Way was he so full of gusto?[View]
190263869>wanting to have sex with this makes you evil and deserving of cruel and ironic punishments…[View]
190265214>why don’t you just become a fisherman? How do you reply to this without sounding mad…[View]
190259623Post movie related promotions/tie ins/merch/etc.[View]
190259729>spend 4 hours painting her >doesn't show the audience the end result What was the point?…[View]
190266529/TV/ PRODUCTION TRIVIA: >The original MAN ON FIRE ending featured the car transporting John Creas…[View]
190266916I WANT MY SLAW[View]
190265732>I WAS BORN... A POOR BLACK CHILD[View]
190267900>AAAAA, TOO MUCH WHITE! MUST ADD NIGGERINOS!!! Why every single western showrunner is like this?…[View]
190267331>Smart ass...[View]
190266722The new season of Kitchen Nightmares starts tonight, will you be watching?[View]
190267517one episode into the new series of taskmaster and i can already tell its going to be an all timer[View]
190268208Tim Burton's Batman has a lot to do with the soundtrack. That's why when you got tired of …[View]
190265836Little shop of horrors[View]
190267220Locke: Any more films with this feel?[View]
190268140Aratard: why did he do the spin?[View]
190267889Wait a minute…who the hell are (you)s?[View]
190264461What am I in for?[View]
190266145/sg/ - Stewie General: gay stewie edition[View]
190265909The Scarlet Bitch[View]
190266932Yep, it's kino.[View]
190265258Filthy little mudshark[View]
190266586I don't get it: Why didn't Shelob just shapeshift into her hot goth milf form when she was…[View]
190267836The newest seasons are unwatchable. I think season 15 was the last good one. Now it feels so forced,…[View]
190267788This movie ruined the entire millenial generation. Has any other movie succeeded at this[View]
190267737>IM AMANDA MYWARD what did joker mean by this?[View]
190265431>'That's a cute outfit, did your cocksucking buck broken nigger husband give it to you? You…[View]
190267780Did he do it?[View]
190267597Gary Gygax, creator of D&D, about Conan the Barbarian (1982)[View]
190267631>look up a movie in letterboxd >top review is a condescending snarky joke comment >second …[View]
190258813What exactly was their business model?[View]
190267433American shows be like >This show has amazing ratings but we can't decide what to do with th…[View]
190267229Mission: Impossible comfy thread: What's your favorite movie, who's your favorite MI waifu…[View]
190267638yeah I shitpost on /tv/ but I never considered myself a shitposter[View]
190262835If he wanted to kill himself there was a million easier and quicker ways to do it. The fat fuck just…[View]
190267596>British character appears on screen >ello guv’nah! G’day innit? Oi! I’d loike a tea and crump…[View]
190267554miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
190267527>I'm just Ken and I'm enough, and I'm great at doing stuff…[View]
190263584Disney The Black Hole: It is time for a remake[View]
190267437/sg/ - Stewie General: Previous: >>190190563[View]
190267462>Ah no no no simply typing the letter n does not constitute being racist and warrant a 3 day ban.…[View]
190253980I'm still morbidly curious enough to want to see this get made It seems like the kind of thing …[View]
190267408>ends the writers strike[View]
190265506One Piece season 2: >confirmed that the scripts have been written before the writers strike What …[View]
190267099Is this just an advertising campaign for these shitty sites? Who reads them in the first place? Who …[View]
190260671Is this the best car chase ever?[View]
190266610So now that the strikes ars over can we get that Ghostbusters trailer?[View]
190267017>Entire scene is about him towing J. Law's car >Ends with a shot out of his rear view mir…[View]
190267058*blocks your path*[View]
190264085Wtf, how do you have sex while sleeping? Is sexomnia a real thing or did they just make it up?[View]
190265326Alright, now I want you boys to scream real loud at my ass[View]
190265619>Evil empire >Rebels >The rebels are also evil and ruthless…[View]
190266677The Killer: Fincher's new flick. Any chance it could be good?[View]
190266728Why haven't we seen sabercopters in the live action shows yet? Reva, the Sith Inquisitor, and M…[View]
190260715Why didn't they just go to another planet and use the sun for energy?[View]
190265907Sonic 3 Filming in Canary Wharf, London: 1/3[View]
190266443>SNL is finally coming back Who else is hyped as fuck?[View]
190265353Don't you think this would be a kino?[View]
190260931Here's your mainstream erotic film star bro.[View]
190264597>humans are le bad![View]
190253809Jim Varney: The more I read about him the more fascinated by him I am[View]
190265813this is where hollywood peaked[View]
190263430One Piece: It hasn't even been one month and everybody just stopped talking about it: As soon a…[View]
190265100Why do low-IQ people (southerners, women, zoomers, burger flippers, blacks, etc) need so many docume…[View]
190265327What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
190266509Is there anything in American 'cinema' that even approaches a fraction of this genius[View]
190264442>movie released in 1988 Reddlt: The Year. You can't name one good movie from this year.…[View]
190260753see the new movie its surely gonna be great right? takes place between saw 1 and 2 also >1 - 3 - …[View]
190266300The Incredible Journey (1963): There is no discussion about this anywhere I can find searching aroun…[View]
190261290>cooking show >it's british[View]
190266350What are your thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/qo_I5CLzeJA?si=YFyvwd0iJCvVjTwu[View]
190266264I don't get the ending? Was it a dream or was the monster killing him?[View]
190260380NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU: Only the aliens will. Greys were the good guys.[View]
190265247>final fight between Thanos and all the Avengers >Rocket Raccoon climbs up Thanos' pant l…[View]
190258629This was considered obtainable on a single salary in the mid 90s in addition to supporting 3 childre…[View]
190263896remember what they took from you[View]
190266129Behind the Scenes Kino: Any more like pic related?[View]
190263923Did this dude seriously compare a paramedic, who just saved his life btw, with the fucking Nazi high…[View]
190261181This made millennials piss themselves https://youtu.be/zBBsb0z9RJk[View]
190266077Warm. Black. Dingus.[View]
190264280I'm about to watch this. What should I expect?[View]
190264139>French film from the 1970's >Old lady starts sucking on the titties of a 15-year-old gir…[View]
190264092This movie is stupid: Edward Norton's character only cracks when Marla finally calls him 'Tyler…[View]
190265894I never understood the appeal of this character? do people like him because he's handsome?[View]
190262652John Wayne..IS....Brannigan![View]
190265818Is being good looking a requirement for making it in Hollywood or is it really a hindrance?[View]
190265453>mfw too much food[View]
190265058Are any of these seasons worth watching this Halloween? I've never watched this, I'm just …[View]
190263094The French Connection: I don't know what I expected but it wasn't 'Guys Following Other Gu…[View]
190263628Hulu and the plague of mid horror: Just watched this, and it was mid as fuck, like Barbarian and lik…[View]
190263431>fifty people get tortured to death >meh >main character shoots dog to stop it from mauling…[View]
190261276Millenials creamed their pants when they first saw this in cinemas[View]
190263958what did he invent again?[View]
190263123The Innkeepers: Was it kino?[View]
190265541Ah, yeah. Mango Reinhardt.: The thinking man's pop![View]
190260877You've got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the 9…[View]
190264744>Its a Truman keeps fantasizing and masturbating about those flirty couple of nights he had with …[View]
190265548My science project > weird science[View]
190263992PUT THOSE DUBS DOWN[View]
190264119Hei! Sakura-kon ikimasu![View]
190264848how did the fish get in the percolator[View]
190259426They're going to make a live action Clone Wars show with Hayden Christensen and Ariana Greenbla…[View]
190264299...ǝsnoɥ siɥʇ ui[View]
190264684This is how modern audience look at your boomer opinions on how tv shows should be run lol[View]
190265369Fucking hell what a boring movie Behold a jew masquerading as a white who wants to sell you a shitty…[View]
190263945How do you respond without sounding angry?[View]
190265291NOOOOOOOOOO I wanted this to go on forever......[View]
190264181Star Wars fixed, it just had to transition to another genre: >ewoks >gungans >bad aim >r…[View]
190265262How the hell are you going to let an old fart beat the shit out of you? Sal was an able bodied man, …[View]
190264103Why is Anakin so evil in the George Lucas movies?: https://youtu.be/Iwio208q3jY?si=8obgxUUOyyr_1D8q…[View]
190265217Bring the bottle back.[View]
190264557opinions about the latest polish anti-polish movie?[View]
190265045>LIVE ACTION based.[View]
190263024Did they make it?[View]
190260657Sarah Silverman did blackface again.: When are we canceling her?[View]
190264937What are some kinos to watch after getting my paperwork checked out[View]
190263239>I used to fuck guys like you in prison Ayo whu was blud so eager to divulge this information?…[View]
190262225What was the deal with Vito's gun[View]
190234363Where my SPC fans at?[View]
190262775Does Ice Spice have what it takes to become a film star?[View]
190261070>HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME!: Rome is a historical drama television series released 2005–2007 create…[View]
190258132Ahsoka had the budget of a blockbuster movie, and one episode had the budget of an entire 22 episode…[View]
190264314What the fuck was this[View]
190256567>nickname is Wormtongue >literally turns into a rat >surprised he betrays you Why was Harr…[View]
190264686>/tv/ and the GA make fun of IM2 >same line appears in BvS, not as a bit of characterization,…[View]
190262106les bains: >pour toi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKQooa7Up3I&ab_channel=PureCine will mil…[View]
190262883They gonna cast a ugly Hindu girl to play her[View]
190256534No One Will Save You: >It wasn’t a kino about Greys vs Bodysnatchers AGHHHHHHH FUCK THIS PIECE O…[View]
190263934>you should see what a .44 Magnum's gonna do to a woman's pussy Scorsese is a sick indi…[View]
190260152Adam Conover: How did this unfunny onions loser maneuver himself into such a prominent position in H…[View]
190262637The fuck was his problem???[View]
190258884this movie has a really basic storyline but holy shit were the jokes funny at least. its almost 2 ho…[View]
190262655B-b-but... what does this mean for my favorite new podcast Strike Force Five?!?!?[View]
190259853What did he say?[View]
190263068>Hmmmm yeah, knights are dishonourable and shieet, b'yeah ... >Sure, my prince, my lord, …[View]
190264375Did Ro-Man really look like a pooped out pinwheel?[View]
190264367Nissan. Honda. Mitsubishi. Subaru![View]
190264259They're gonna fuck in the next movie, right?[View]
190263247Why are these people on strike when they can’t even come up with original ideas?[View]
190263750>BIG KAHUNA BURGER?[View]
190260638Holy kino[View]
190263701South Park Cute Moments Thread[View]
190264122Why aren’t there any good kinos about the Mormons, tv?[View]
190264114Do female Jedis ever get their period?[View]
190263715Where does it rank in Orson Welles's kinography, /tv/?[View]
190261324Most Evil Villains: Ultimately, who do you consider to be the most evil villains in fiction, and why…[View]
190263980Ok I definitely want a skull, can you do a skull? And can you do it in like, a jester's hat, to…[View]
190263092>paimon purposefully broke Peter’s nose to look more like a bird beak come on now, that’s a bit o…[View]
190261378kino recommendation: How do you pick your slop to slurp? >whatever big budget hollywood/streaming…[View]
190262619Was rewatching the omen just now and came to this scene. I see a little boy croucheing between their…[View]
190261955What is the point of having armor?: >scifi, high fantasy or sci-fantasy universe >means you ha…[View]
190263033Good movie but an awful sequel. Pinhead become massively popular because of Bradly and marketing. Li…[View]
190255932Slowly, I began to hate them.[View]
190261989SIT your five dollar ass down before I make change![View]
190263838The fuck you mean Yo grandaddy owned slaves?[View]
190262914KEN movie in the works: Margot doesn't want to do Barbie 2, but they do want a Ken film with Go…[View]
190259302What should I watch first?[View]
190263815Is A24 back?[View]
190260447what are some of the worst humiliation rituals in the history of Hollywood? here's one that is …[View]
190259018>only 39 days until Godzilla: Minus One[View]
190261012>remember that time you didn't tip your waitress? >well now your strapped to a machine th…[View]
190262875Post three kino characters you relate to[View]
190263697if zoomie zoomer comedy isso funnyyyy and absurdist and clever and smart and thoughtful and ironic a…[View]
190263229ITT: Times you acted like The One[View]
190263652The Machine bros.....we won. But at what cost.[View]
190262454If I dress up as Bruce Willis in this scene from diehard 3 will people understand the reference? My …[View]
190258442I can't believe they fucked up the ending to Dexter TWICE[View]
190263012I dream of pizza and pies jesse[View]
190263144ok this was a funny prank now can they bring it back? I need to download some kino[View]
190256064I know THREE (3!) men IRL that named their sons Jax because of this cringe ass show.[View]
190263057>You ever sucked a guy's cock? You ever sucked a guy... look at me. You ever sucked a guy…[View]
190259994Why are ensemble casts always so bad when you would think a bunch of talented people should add more…[View]
190261481>Have to remind myself to breathe sometimes. I have to remind myself to be present, you know. Rem…[View]
190260060/ncis/: Goth Kate is Best Kate Edition! Her goodbye epilogue episode was unfathomably based fitting …[View]
190261099CONJURING VERSE: Where will they go with the franchise now? What movies are the best ones? Rate em l…[View]
190262936>Female character's car breaks down >Male character lifts the hood, pulls out a wrench, a…[View]
190258778>You look lonely.[View]
190259675Why did the mom get mad about the gift. It was perfect.[View]
190254867Name a more cursed sitcom >dad ends up a gay crackhead >writer of some of the most beloved epi…[View]
190254420Favorites Milla jovovich roles?[View]
190247677>5 minutes in starts talking about how black people are superior Shane is a republican and pretty…[View]
190262551OM NOM NOM NOM[View]
190262193What is the best Halloween sequel and why is it H4?[View]
190260283Is Hyde /ourguy/?[View]
190262194I marathoned this at my local Drafthouse today, what did I think of it? I can’t lie Barry was pretty…[View]
190262478So this buttpirate sees a dead body for the first time in his sheltered suburban life and his reacti…[View]
190259040>gives his life to save the son of a mexican guy How heroic[View]
190262557Just finished this WTF I love BLM now![View]
190261686I can't believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten's post to mine.[View]
190260708/trekco/: Previously on /trekco/: >>190260662[View]
190261588>DUDE WHAT IF YOU WERE SMALL >actually nevermind, here's an entirely different premise…[View]
190262388Did I like it?[View]
190250816>Watching MTV 2003 awards >bunch of dudes wearing caps the wrong way telling edgy jokes >le…[View]
190251097Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt. You're glib.[View]
190259314was he the most hated character in television history?[View]
190262158Crystal Lake is still a functioning summer camp. Do you think the little zoomie twats that go there …[View]
190257433/hor/ - Horror General: Henry and Otis Edition Previous Thread: >>190252469[View]
190261878how would you have saved him, /tv/?[View]
190262052Looks like we're coming up on /tv/.[View]
190250967>Entire movie is about an emasculated man learning the joys of masculinity and brotherhood >En…[View]
190256744When does it get good?[View]
190260915can the subreddits keep their fucking shit in order[View]
190260044How was this popular enough to get 6 seasons and a movie, yet nobody talks about it now?[View]
190248085I'm going to kill myself tomorrow.[View]
190261856The Haunting (1963): I've watched The Haunting Yesterday. I've feared that the ghost hunt…[View]
190261839I love Jacque Rivette, the most enigmatic nouvelle vague director.[View]
190260802So how come MTV gave a show to some kid? How come it was really good?[View]
190261584I'm convinced that #MeToo was created by the same AI that's ghostwriting for Disney, and t…[View]
190261630Does /tv/ know what gun this is?[View]
190261238And after that, well, the game was mine.[View]
190259450We're living in a Black Mirror episode.[View]
190260940Iconic Movie Covers: Movies you can recognise just by looking at their cover.[View]
190259588>'You kiddin' me? > I AM Queens Boulevard!' KINO I N O…[View]
190261275>Get your motherfucking hand out of my face.[View]
190257515/wot/ general. Wheels of crime edition featuring Doge Chargr: Hello all friends and fans of horrible…[View]
190261119I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
190259683>movies you will never ever grow out of[View]
190259797Just watched season 3,what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
190258157Why did he put up with all the strike team’s antics? He easily could have sold them out and won[View]
190261026I CAN SEE INTO YOUR SOUL. YOU WILL DIE..someday.[View]
190260988/sg/ - Stewie General: deuce edition[View]
190257681>The charges, officer?[View]
190260928BITCH HOLD UP: book fags are mad that peter made up a smoking hot elf sloot in the hobbit movies? Do…[View]
190260899Now that the dust has finally settled... Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190258280>watching 'I am Jazz' at the podshare >intense fighting scene between Jaron's biology and…[View]
190260135Tom green: Lets discuss the funniest comedian of all time Why is he better than jim carrey? Because …[View]
190257318Why didnt he just shoot the goat?[View]
190260206I pissed my pants[View]
190258288Masturbating: For the Anon who asked about the lack of masturbation in the Bastard Out of Carolina m…[View]
190260439Guardians of the Galaxy Question: So Xandar doesn't have a single capital ship? Not even a sing…[View]
190260101>i'm just a happy camper i don't get it. not once does he go camping in the entire movi…[View]
190255536Cheap blurays: What films did you pick up from the dollar/grocery/convince store? How were they?…[View]
190250418Every Sunday me and my partner do a 'bad movie night' and I noticed this board is pretty wacky so I …[View]
190254288How did Doug land her?[View]
190260541Are kids getting softer?: The next Flash going to be a twink at this rate[View]
190248211>I don't like my job. I don't think I'm gonna go anymore…[View]
190260359I have a very shory attention span due to information overload: I find trying to sit through a 2-hou…[View]
190257855>it has been confirmed that dasha is dating Bronze Age pervert >they are in Spain together It…[View]
190257423Help finding a western film: Hello, I havnt seen this film in nearly 25 years and I was a child then…[View]
190256576Is Redwall kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12cabZUMdL4[View]
190239619/trek/: private edition[View]
190259692This commercial was a psyop. It's where the whole 'cuck and bull' meme began. (((they…[View]
190260385>stop laughing it isnt funny[View]
190260384Mike vallely: Opinion on Mike Vallely? >Pro skater >Fought 4 guys at once in a parking lot …[View]
190259054Elemental (2023): APOLOGIZE[View]
190258612> *rubs head* M'ASK YOU SUMTHIN RIG M'TELL YOU SUMTHIN FIRST *rubs head*…[View]
190259183Watch Better Call Saul.[View]
190259443I feel like I got filtered.[View]
190260198>that's right, I identify with Sanji and I want a white girlfriend like Nami…[View]
190260130My Daily Al Pacino thread: If you really think about it he's one of the few a-listers who never…[View]
190256520Remember TV movies?[View]
190259841Worth watching?[View]
190254729One of the greatest filmmakers of all time if not THE greatest[View]
190258398Your favorite death flag: >'wow dad! You bought me a horse for my birthday?'…[View]
190259235why is he so cute bros?[View]
190259491WHAT THE FUCK[View]
190255583Remember Ground Floor?[View]
190259944jap /tv/ thread: earlier there was a thread asking about nip sitcoms but I couldn't respond bec…[View]
190259468>japanese “humor”[View]
190259919Curb Your Enthusiasm: Alright, seriously though where's Season 12?[View]
190248268Serious question. I see this gay ass BJ commercial about a filmmaker. Never heard of her but that do…[View]
190257773Let us go through the Mines of Moria![View]
190254578why do most versions of bumblebee hang around humen children/teens?[View]
190235292Came for the milf Stayed for the footy[View]
190259633Stupid and useless character. How did she become a general if she refuses orders all the time and sa…[View]
190257947Just watched The White Lotus and really enjoyed it. Any suggestions about other shows I can watch? I…[View]
190259497I can't believe Limp Bizkit did 9/11.[View]
190259640ITT: it's crap, but it's comfy crap[View]
190258720What's his typecast?[View]
190258975>Don't forget, I'm a strict catholic[View]
190256775Watch Upstream Color[View]
190256552Why do most contrarian faggots like Cruise more than Pitt? Cruise is a manlet. Manlets do not deserv…[View]
190259193*Enhances your kino*[View]
190259317What are some critically acclaimed movies that were also completely forgotten about almost instantly…[View]
190259403Their movie catalogue is better than Tubi[View]
190257675>Sicilians were spawned by niggers How do you respond?[View]
190259361Potty toilet humour: Toilet potty humour diaper head doo doo boogers ass.[View]
190258276Does he still make you laugh?[View]
190258364Finally some kino made for me.[View]
190259122three good men are dead[View]
190259099Shame on the house of Ptolemy for such barbarity. Shame.[View]
190257603King of the Hill episodes by production code release: Season 1 Pilot 'Square Peg' 'The Order of the …[View]
190259049What’s your first impression of these two individuals?[View]
190258552These are the ONLY 5 directors who have ever made capekino. Ever. Everything else is varying degree…[View]
190258636politics aside, why'd they cast a 57 y/o as a 16 y/o?[View]
190259084'Sylvia, thank you God!': Random movie quotes that you remember but nobody else does?[View]
190254172ITS OVER: ITS OVER[View]
190259037>Did you pull a knife on me in the night?[View]
190257429Finally, the force is female[View]
190256837Am I in for kino?: Also what's next for Laura Marano?[View]
190257463>The charges, officer?[View]
190257396Cregan Stark has been cast. [Spoiler] they are going to make him gay with Jace aren’t they [/spoiler…[View]
190255864Haha, they don't make shows like this anymore.[View]
190258067>Here's your Black Widow, bro.[View]
190256961*SNIFF SNIFF* >…MAN FLESH[View]
190258619GENTLEMEN!: Chop off my head with such velocity, that my blood will rocket through my neck, and prop…[View]
190250658*snorts line of coke* *sips glass of whisky* *watches the most degenerate porn* *starts writing* *fi…[View]
190240988George Lucas INSISTED Luke turns into a broken hermit. If you disagree with this character developme…[View]
190256905Confused. Why didn't he explode? Thought that when you are vented in space w/o a suit, due to t…[View]
190257932>Do you feel in charge? How do you respond to this without sounding angry?…[View]
190257987If this came out today, you chudcels would have a meltdown about Thulsa being black.[View]
190255294Movies that get the visuals, but fumble everything else: This movie looks great, but completely miss…[View]
190250291/bb/ Big Brother 25: SCARY WEEK: NO HOH / NO VETO / NO NOMS ZOMBIES: Cam and Jared previously on…[View]
190251040How do you stop him?[View]
190255448I’m stuck on 80 pages of my screenplay, I don’t know how the fuck to get to the 90 minimum[View]
190258189why are you still giving a fuck /tv/?[View]
190257096What is this ?: Is there a Genre of film or television that is filmed like this https://youtu.be/q5b…[View]
190258326What are some drudic like kinda nature witchy type of movies?[View]
190257853Gandalf: Gandalf the gray...[View]
1902550503D Squelton Thread: Post times you felt like 3D Squelton[View]
190257904good LORD[View]
190256644Just watched picrel for the first time. What the fuck? I heard it's about some globohomo conspi…[View]
190256754>tfw you are ALL the Jedi[View]
190255524Why was Jesse able to just buy a 400,000 dollar house with zero income and party 24/7 without the IR…[View]
190256075DAT NOSE SCRUNCH I've only ever seen American women do it, am i wrong?[View]
190255801ITT: post your favorite television and film DRUK moments[View]
190257707just finised watching ted lasso, any other football kinos?[View]
190256702anyone wants a hamburger?[View]
190252779Sitcom dads: Post your favorite sitcom dads[View]
190256232Pacino did it better than DeNiro[View]
190247672Are you an angel?[View]
190257825>the antagonists for all the new spin offs are women lel[View]
190256241ITT: Actors you didn't know were dead: I just found earlier today[View]
190257723They sent you to a Psychiatrist?!?[View]
190256874Hey you fucking niggers, you give up or you hungry for me[View]
190257857SHUT UP LET ME SPEAK[View]
190249508https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EEBAU8M6dc&ab_channel=Hulu New historically accurate Ancient Gr…[View]
190257621What the fuck did any of this pretentious shit mean?[View]
190255919I don't get it. Who was the killer?[View]
190256789I feel like this is the new meta, superhero movies aren't selling as well as they used to, so t…[View]
190257736Times 4chan was mentioned or referenced in movies/tv[View]
190256121My client was in a park, a PUBLIC park I might add, and may I remind you, nobody was touched or hurt…[View]
190248678Which one of you whale hunters would knock up Scorsese's daughter so you could talk to him abou…[View]
190249055Why didn't they have a 9/11 episode?[View]
190256491This isn't scary at all[View]
190245725You can’t hurt me, anon. I’m rich bitch[View]
190256033Are there such things as Japanese sitcoms? Like is there a Japanese equivalent to Malcolm in the Mid…[View]
190255688I have never watched The Godfather movies, but tonight, I am.[View]
190255646Why do so many people have such a hate boner for this film? Is it because they're wagecucks who…[View]
190253402>Ross Perot, Dan Quayle, Tonya Harding, Al Sharpton, Courtney Love, Spike Lee, Tom Arnold, Pauly …[View]
190257194Mr Robot General Thread[View]
190256386How can CGI be so real?[View]
190256140he’s literally me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O33m4z7u2dA[View]
190255141What happened here?[View]
190255654>There is only one thing worse than a rapist[View]
190257290>Janny, can you get me off the hook? For old times' sake?[View]
190249075Last time you saw latex/leather wear in a film?: Porn doesn't count.[View]
190257283KINO FUEL T HREAD: Post your KINO FUEL[View]
190257158Cute Black Girl reacts to Rick'n'Morty: https://youtube.com/watch?v=owOieH_6jx4…[View]
190252469/hor/ - Horror General: THE POPE'S EXORCIST EDITION previous thread >>190245732[View]
190257112>tfw Massa is taking you the Breaking Barn again KangChads, what does the future hold for /ourzes…[View]
190257165Jack Benny: https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Jack_Benny_Singles (Radio series) https://m.youtube.com…[View]
190241173It’s not fair. All I want is my own padawan. I would be a really great Jedi master, but faggot ass G…[View]
190255581cope /tv/[View]
190245759Game of Thrones: If you were Theon, how would you convince Ramsay Snow not to cut off your dick?…[View]
190255304OLIVE OIL[View]
190254187How do indie filmmakers pay the bills in between movies?[View]
190256986What's next for Hollywood's Breckin Meyer?[View]
190256960Xander Defenses / Dark Assturd: So they don't have a single capital ship? Not even a single ves…[View]
190246514What would you do?[View]
190255441>God da-amn! You see the way that bitch's head exploded? Shit. Ordinarily, it'd be a da…[View]
190254023Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from …[View]
190256863AY YI YI YI YI! Why was I programmed to be so autistic? It's like I have the mind of an autisti…[View]
190253618What was the movie that made you realize you shouldn't bother looking at reviews and just check…[View]
190256671Ray Psycho, Shamokin PD[View]
190256786captain solo, do you copy? this is Overweight Pilot #1.[View]
190256763>see ANY reviewer reviewing movies from the 2000s >they have to pretend they hate those hot ch…[View]
190256341ITT: Mormon-coded characters.[View]
190256616Foundation S2: Why is it so bad? Even the empire plotline started to suck >exposition dumps about…[View]
190252897now that was a mean creek![View]
190252112Original Halloween: >myers is an upper class kid >somehow knows how to drive a manual transmis…[View]
190250151Honestly I don't even think there is Normkino that can top Jingleheimer Junction. Tim Meadows…[View]
190256619>Superman Legacy: >3 Doors Down 'Kryptonite' starts playing... >Sad scene >Five for Fig…[View]
190255066Underrated 90s horror. Very cleverly made. Looking for other gems for the spooky season[View]
190252432I rewatched this and I'm surprised at how well written and well acted the characters all are. T…[View]
190254773Worst game. Greatest game story.[View]
190253034Got any movies for people who like the Resident Evil games? Definitely RE itself isn't the answ…[View]
190256451>black and white >made in 2000 Instant pass.…[View]
190255511is this a good movie to watch with my mom she likes old 80s fantasy movies from her childhood gratui…[View]
190253701What am I in for?[View]
190253491Post Chinese kino.[View]
190256368Look behind you, anon.[View]
190254222The Marvels VS. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Both are coming in with low expectations, alleged prod…[View]
190254771Which 1998 insects film is better?[View]
190256271Should we retire the white male action hero? This is getting embarrassing.[View]
190195235/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. QOTT: which film composer do you t…[View]
190256079>Be me >Make comedy that is retable to fat ugly men who can't get laid >Go home and h…[View]
190255584Has anyone else heard of the theory that the party in control of the White House determines the horr…[View]
190254976>This movie was actually so accurate to Hollywood rituals that they MURDERED Stanley Kubrick for …[View]
190246906Who is the worst shipmate on Moya and why is it Chiana?[View]
190255957Another weekend gone by.[View]
190254412worth watching?: should i give it a try? I haven't watched a movie in months my taste Mystic St…[View]
190255839Colm? More like Cunt[View]
190254392The ending of WONKA (2023): >Wonka defeats the Chocolate Cartel, he rules over the candy industry…[View]
190254918mid cowboy: Where they gay?[View]
190248765>$396 Show must have made millions but they couldn't spare more than $500.…[View]
190255206I am twenty four years of age and have four hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars within my bank…[View]
190255722Shows only you watch: this show fuckin sucks. glad i'm not paying for it.[View]
190255599Hanzee is the most based Fargo and the best part of S2[View]
190255554Is Hank gay?[View]
190255317I've watched Breaking Bad and Sopranos but DBZ is still the best TV show[View]
190255487>my hands are dirty[View]
190248886One of the best horror movies ever made[View]
190255025https://youtu.be/v_10XYHjDW8?si=to7hitGsI9-o6CXE i know you browse /tv/ this is your least funny vid…[View]
190255060Worst Performance Ever[View]
190255437Time to settle this: Is George Lucas an unironic genius, or a hack carried by other people? I often …[View]
190255367This was unironically worse than watching gore.[View]
190254863>15 minutes in >full of penis jokes wtf gibson was thinking?…[View]
190255439>This is my stank face[View]
190253970Underrated films of recent times? Heard this was shit but thought it was solid, entertaining and str…[View]
190255298what modern tv show would he watch?[View]
190255204>Jarvis, invent post-scarcity and UBI[View]
190255357You have a small disagreement with a gentlemen then you see this. What do you do next?[View]
190253956Are we Coraline-pilled?: Haven't watched it since I was a kid but I thought she was cute[View]
190255284what did we think of this?[View]
190252413KinoPlex: >Good evening, Anon. >And welcome back to the KinoPlex, it's so good to see yo…[View]
190255189Rubicon: This show could have been so good. It was still an enjoyable watch, but was too slow and dr…[View]
190254628no PoC in this movie: this is outrageous. how can a movie not have a single Person of Color in the c…[View]
190243534ITT respected actors in embarrassing roles[View]
190255144Just watched Remembrance of the Daleks: It was fucking atrocious. I can't believe /tv/ memed me…[View]
190250395>destroys a guys career because he didn't want to pay a $25 speeding ticket…[View]
190255063What's the shittiest sitcom you guys can remember that was STILL comfy?: Sitcoms are dead or aw…[View]
190253682Should the Prequel Trilogy have started when Anakin was a young adult/teen? Around the same age Luke…[View]
190245613>casually BTFO's The Rock and Cena's entire filmography in a 5 minute scene…[View]
190254586>watch this kino >get inspired by this guy persevering through debt and chasing his American D…[View]
190253535All I remember from picture perfect is jennifer aniston tight little green dress.[View]
190251195Star Wars: What star wars series are actually worth watching?[View]
1902520434chan: the movie[View]
190247851What the FUCK was his problem?![View]
190248145>sets itself up to be an faustian anti-drug psa about there being no shortcuts in life SIKE >p…[View]
190253394>fuck you[View]
190252332ITT: movies that are better than they have any right to be.[View]
190253885Citizen Kane, The War of the Worlds radio adaptation, or his wacky 1970s/80s commercial shenanigans,…[View]
190251981When Generation Alpha makes their nostalgic look back at the 2010s-2020s in a few decades, what othe…[View]
190252553Remember when the Saw franchise got BLACKED?[View]
190252505I thought you guys were memeing but good fuck this guy's voice is funny as fuck[View]
190254583Watching Hunter Schafer on one of the world’s biggest IMAX screens Kino[View]
190251410What mindless bullshit do you put on the TV for your kids? Don't be ashamed everybody does it …[View]
190240270NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU: What did you think of the ending? Film is good, loved the 50s aesthetic. I gue…[View]
190253612Hunters: What am I in for?[View]
190254365What are some boomerkinos?[View]
190239176ITT: worst CGI imaginable.[View]
190250410Holy based. Praise Filoni!: >Acolyte will feature first ever trans actor, Dafne Keene and a young…[View]
190254021>/tv/ is a shit board. Into the trash it goes. I'm a big guy, for you.…[View]
190254387Dog will hunt![View]
190254122What even is carbonite?[View]
190254085Now that the strike will end soon, what new shows are you looking forward to?[View]
190254100>lies >this time, for 2 hours[View]
190253690Give me a D, Give me a R, give me a U, give give me a K[View]
190249223>You reach a certain age you know who you are. now I live in a little room behind a bar, work 4 n…[View]
190252313Continuing my journey tonight in the Literally Me Cinematic Universe. So far I’ve seen >Drive (20…[View]
190245917Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
190254157So I guess it's back to horribly written scripts involving annoying girl bosses, inept white me…[View]
190253358Saffron Best Girl[View]
190246436What was happening here? I'm genuinely confused[View]
190253435Fuck this tryhard douche[View]
190242886Most incomprehensible films according to plebbit: >1 Primer >2 Mulholland Drive >3 Tinker T…[View]
190228355>It's a Dr. Milfi episode[View]
190252693why was Milner obsessed with him? and why would her subordinates ever accept him as a leader? 'becau…[View]
190248804ITT: characters that people say you remind them of[View]
190249398>be Jay Bauman >be able to expense all movie and video related spending >still post shit li…[View]
190253225WE WERE ROBBED: >The alternate ending for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features Do…[View]
190252818What the fuck was his problem?[View]
190253957comedy gold[View]
190252234Would people call beauty and the beast be called woke if realized today?[View]
190252692This is the only good live action Batman movie and I’m tired of pretending otherwise. >Batman 89:…[View]
190252226It's Sunday Night.[View]
190252890No balls compared to the book: I mean..it’s ok. It loses the punch the book had though by hitting yo…[View]
190253045Can we just admit this Is the best movie ever made?[View]
190253730Why wouldn't she eat the pie?[View]
190251077Matt Groening: Where does he come off accusing Seth MacFarlane/family guy of plagiarism/stealing his…[View]
190249409>Interested in watching a show/movie >Check the Parental Guidance section on IMDB first I don…[View]
190253152Any movies about good guys fighting the urge to become bad guys?[View]
190251123This was the hottest woman in TV in 2005[View]
190253410>Entire scene is about him towing J. Law's car >Ends with a shot out of his rear view mir…[View]
190253562The Hills Have Eyes 2: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800069/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0_tt_8_nm_0_q_hills%252…[View]
190245732/hor/ - Horror General: vampire reindeer edition Previous: >>190229803[View]
190252347Can’t stop The Nun. #1 for three weeks in a row. Unheard of for most horror movies[View]
190252743Powerful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=BG-_ZDrypec&embeds_referring_euri=…[View]
190253284>I was a fool to think anyone would want these nude photos of Whoopi Goldberg…[View]
190250892>hold up bro let me put this ryan gosling kino real quick[View]
190252984When it comes to Disney Wars, the movies are worse because the creators didn't watch the shows.[View]
190251603Kinoes for this feel?[View]
190252916I'll bump your thread for a thousand dollars[View]
190252957Was it really called for?[View]
190251147/sg/ - Stewie General: Sunday Stewie edition[View]
190250685WAKEY WAKEY![View]
190247025Why is Star Wars just for girls now? There's the the Reys and the Ahsokas and the Sabines but n…[View]
190252707>'You mean the panties your mother laid out for you?' How do you reply without sounding mad?…[View]
190252067Why'd they make him gay? Is this one of those: >If you hate them that means you're secr…[View]
190252925What percentage of actors can't act and just interpret themselves over and over again?[View]
190252955>Make horror film. >Make it R-rated for clout through language and scary imagery. >Still go…[View]
190252209ITT movies where men cried: Post films women will never understand[View]
190252934>boomers be like >AHHHH THIS AIN'T BUSSIN AT ALL FRFR NO CAAAAP…[View]
190252736Moments that saved /tv/[View]
190252675Naruto is better than any Hollywood production: This scene alone has more character development than…[View]
190251765What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
190252754what was her tax policy?[View]
190252719alright...: >alright, no more mr. nice guy.[View]
190250158NOTHING TO WATCH?: Is there anything good on TV? Seems like not much. Started watching Ahsoka, kind …[View]
190250913ITT cursed movies.[View]
190252316Why did critics hate Pirates of the Carribean but love Marvel and Star Wars?[View]
190251604Underrated kino.[View]
190247376Decided to rewatch House. My recently deceased brother used to love this show. Havent seen it in lik…[View]
190252052It seems weird this show used to have the most active threads on 4chan but now it seems barely anyon…[View]
190248938i'd like to see her DUNE, spelled backwards.[View]
190249210why did he put a turd on Bond's shoulder?[View]
190252392>That’s not possible >Why isn’t it possible? >Because I banned anon for sneedposting 2 day…[View]
190252337What studios are now carrying western animation now that Disney dropped the ball?[View]
190245017She cute[View]
190250700Family Guy Won.[View]
190251925why don't they just cast people with actual elf ears as Elves? Seems like it would save money[View]
190249979Greatest Movie Lines you use in real life: >Live with me if you want to cum…[View]
190252186ITT: Post your favorite movie cover/poster. You might just get a rec from someone too.[View]
190252113>A thousand apologies, sir, but it seems our staff has neglected to inform you of this theater…[View]
190250599Rent?: You want door fix, Man of Spiders? Yes, I know these things you do, I learn how to find many …[View]
190248870Memory holed films and shows[View]
190246668Just watched this on Jewflix last night. What should I think of it?[View]
190250111>smug, mean girls confront wimpy but charismatic protagonist in an exclusively womanly area doing…[View]
190249411what did I just watch?[View]
190252025Angie Tribeca: Was it comedy KINO?[View]
190249062Who else here hyped for newest Toxie film?[View]
190251898Who will play him in the inevitable myth-establishing all-time classic biopic?[View]
190251794>And then you had to just.....ruin the ride. I mean, Mr. lncredible calling for help? >Help me…[View]
190241805Cast them.[View]
190251403MINCHY MINCHY[View]
190251606I can save her.[View]
190250531>And then you got this guy, 'Anon' >No real name, no — just 'Anon' >What are you, part of…[View]
190249738Can't Stun the Nun[View]
190248515Shane Carruth: >wrote, produced, edited, scored, and starred in his own film after college What …[View]
190251611We need a Todd Howard biopic starring Tom Cruise[View]
190250890Kumiko the treasure hunter: Why didn't anybody save her[View]
190251106>B-Bane!! You're... pure weevil!![View]
190250050>previously on The Shield[View]
190246683I wanna watch Rambo 1 (and the rest) with my 10 years old brother. Does it have any sexual shit in i…[View]
190251507>'Can you imagine a world without Star Wars?'[View]
190251503He killed millions.[View]
190251399>Mussolini is a good guy because he had tea with me once Literally what was she thinking?…[View]
190245710What's with this weird trope of having serious characters lose to gag characters? It's not…[View]
190249500What was his best role?[View]
190245484Favourite comedies: No need to be a pseud for this one, just recommend comedies to switch your brain…[View]
190248731Who would win?: Let's settle this once and for all /tv/[View]
190243343How do we save her career, bros[View]
190247794>commits genocide without hesitation[View]
190250266Which one /tv/?[View]
190246919Found footage kinludo Why cant more or these be made[View]
190245957Why didnt he just shoot the goat?[View]
190250963>leaf playing american hero who doesn't plant the flag wooow[View]
190248072Why isn't him in more movies?[View]
190250466Favorite Seinfeld moments[View]
190250577Casting Directors be like:[View]
190250431remake fans be like: 'omg it looks so much better!'[View]
190250022To shreds, you say?[View]
190250980THE 97TH BITTER BEING[View]
190251042This angle doesn't make sense: How would the bullet be in his forehead if he wasn't facing…[View]
190250696Are we excited?[View]
190251028>9 years ago[View]
190250488I'm your huckleberry[View]
190247798why would you make a whore your girlfriend?[View]
190250253The height, of comedy.: Cheese Helmet.[View]
190250938>”bwoooogh” >*braaaaaaaap* >”Ich werde mir in die hose machen” >”in English, please” …[View]
190248864What would he be doing if he was still alive? Would he have tried his hand in comedy? Seeing him act…[View]
190250664Why didn't you save her?: She was forced to react to another episode of star wars. You could ha…[View]
190232530>after 2 years of service in the FORCE they come back to earth in late 2023 (21 years had passed …[View]
190250860Who was he?[View]
190249949What actor do you try and mimick?: I try to make him my 'literally me', and try to talk the way he d…[View]
190250403>your son is alive and well inside the strongbox in the other room, if you talk to me for 2 hours…[View]
190250000Is it me or movies sound & look too similar? Just watched Frankenstein 2016, now Post Mortem 202…[View]
190250593>this made boomers piss and shit themselves in fear is this what eating lead does to a person?…[View]
190250758We are Kenom[View]
190246139how did Disney manage to cast the absolute best person for the role? it's literally impossible …[View]
190247081Power Rangers (2017): What went wrong?[View]
190250608>'alright get up Marv, the mod don't have any more bans, he's out of em'…[View]
190249041This might possibly be the most kino film of all time[View]
190250506Elliot: Is it normal to hang out with and socialize with your therapist like Melfi was doing with El…[View]
190245916>Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina[View]
190226744/bb/ Big Brother 25: SCARY WEEK: NO HOH / NO VETO / NO NOMS ZOMBIES: Cam and Jared previously on…[View]
190250382Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp Granada. >AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH really? boom…[View]
190237896It's too bad the Muslim world doesn't have a single good film industry that could justice …[View]
190246420Molly's Game: So there's this movie called Molly's Game, it's about gambling and…[View]
190248212>go to cinema as single man with no job, dangerously close to 30 yrs >when ask for ticket to b…[View]
190249462Does anyone else struggle with watching movies at home? Between phones and the computer and everythi…[View]
190238551The Blue Lagoon (1980): Why don't they make kinos like this anymore?[View]
190250128Contrarians report in.[View]
190241707How did Stranger Things go from cultural phenomenon to basically irrelevant today?: no one brings th…[View]
190248079>That episode of Viva La Bam where Johnny Knoxville ruins Bam's feet with thumbtacks leaving…[View]
190248994About to watch the American Ring movies (The Ring, The Ring Two, Rings) based on the Japanese Ring. …[View]
190248223Holy kinonental, do you think john will make an appearance?[View]
190247471>I am better than you >That's just who you are. You're a fuckup. Look, losers like y…[View]
190249270Éric Rohmer: Do people actually watch his films or just post screenshots of them on various websites…[View]
190240947>tfw ywn be eaten by a hot MILF witch Why die?[View]
190249111Ray's basement. Pure comfy.[View]
190250021Anyone going to see the new Toxic Avenger?[View]
190249118>cant shower without at least watching something[View]
190248012>he's right behind me, isn't he?[View]
190248924Why didn't he just stop having sex[View]
190249385In retrospect, was The Simpsons singing a Kesha song really any different than saying 'If you do the…[View]
190248141Sometimes i feel i watched everything worth watching.[View]
190236716The Expanse: fuck me the 4th season was fucking terrible is it even worth to continue with the 5th a…[View]
190249878>want some soup? >chicken nuddles? >sure you don't want soup? >I'm making som…[View]
190246737Medication time[View]
190249794>Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson and Harry Hamlin in a romantic love triangle of desire >directe…[View]
190248787Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and s…[View]
190248492Literally no good movies/tv shows this year[View]
190248846what did he mean by this?[View]
190247253>Gets all the way to Cell Saga >Cuts back to Raditz next episode…[View]
190249832>We DEMAND to keep getting paid for the rest of our lives for a job we completed years ago throug…[View]
190248523WAKEY WAKEY![View]
190249807Just watched Green Room. What are your thoughts on it?[View]
190246867/s8g/ - Season 8 general: Talk about your favorite and least favorite episodes of this evil season. …[View]
190245178People don't look at film spines anymore. A lost art.[View]
190249499Putting the memes and kidding aside, this actually is one of the greatest movies ever made. The stor…[View]
190248444>British humour It's fucking awful[View]
190237407Dissapointing nude scenes: You guys talk a lot about nudity on film, but the only unnecessary ones a…[View]
190248464If you mention Moria or your cousin Balin one more time I'm turning this Fellowship around[View]
190248606>hear a spook >open your door to see who it is >It’s Marilyn Manson What do?…[View]
190248695No show depicted the suburban American family as real and made it as compelling as Six Feet Under. O…[View]
190248179Nun II Beats Expend4bles and Haunting in Venice on Opening Weekends: farmigabros we are so back.…[View]
190235183>ruined a whole character for Twitter clout >unironically fucked over the sequel series and an…[View]
190248164It has been said this ruins Star Wars more than anything the Mouse has done to it? Why?[View]
190249450The way he stops right before hitting the camera[View]
190248177Ryan Reynolds is a relentlessly wealthy and handsome actor[View]
190244801Breaking Bad vs. Better Call Saul: Cranston is the better actor and gave a much better performance, …[View]
190248411What was Thanos cooking?[View]
190249268>I'm just a trust fund band[View]
190249156Was Fullmetal Alchemist the biggest redpill?: >Based on a western country >Has an organization…[View]
190247415How long must we wait?: I need more buckbreakin kino[View]
190248668I am Po. And I’m gonna need a hat.[View]
190248827>'Am I the bad guy' before giving a cop trauma of killing an unarmed person the day of his retire…[View]
190248879>well Rust, you really are the True Detective whoa, bravo Pizzalotto[View]
190248644Do you think he got an erection in his scene with Kate Mara?[View]
190245215Brad Pitt: Whats his best performance? He's actually a good actor. I feel like we'll be ge…[View]
190248715Thoughts on Death in Venice (1971)?[View]
190248162House of the Dragon: did they seriously not release the track playing over the final dinner?[View]
190247339Watched this yesterday. Pure kino of the highest order. Any more old musicals that should I be aware…[View]
190247749>I'm waiting for the sun to shine what did he mean by this?[View]
190248104>take your popped corn and never come back again, cracker ass bitch[View]
190248214Can you name all of them?[View]
190247452>character was popular for a brief amount of time from 2011-2012 and then never again…[View]
190247848Was it a good show?[View]
190248368Daily America’s Next Top Model Thread: >Whaaaaat? I was like “why didn’t you tell me?”…[View]
190248361It's rainy and dark outside. It's Sunday and I'm going back to work Monday after havi…[View]
190247531>Best Bond girls >Worst Bond movie What gives?…[View]
190238878>Oh, I've wasted my life[View]
190248204'Leftists need to believe, and nowadays, they'll believe anything.'[View]
190247442>entire work is about the increasingly occurring reality that is higher government, coverups, and…[View]
190247947Prison was hell for... Marv? I find it hard to believe. https://youtu.be/AAEJedBQk7s[View]
190240361gettin jiggy with it saw x thread[View]
190246826CASINO EDITION: >You know, I don't know if I could do this even if I wanted to. The jannies …[View]
190246255>that one Teen Titans episode that was about how a racist character can still have redeeming qual…[View]
190246414>Pizza time[View]
190246048>every murder is some complex love triangle, massive conspiracy, or corrupt elites >it's …[View]
190243331What am I in for?[View]
190244681Season 2 when?[View]
190244764YOU SHALL NOT PASS[View]
190247759>leans >whistles how do you respond without getting mad…[View]
190247972She's right you know[View]
190247946If you were looking for Canadian Sopranos, this is it. And it's pretty good[View]
190245254Now that the dust has settled, was TLoU as good as everyone says?[View]
190245951>it's not a science fiction film, it's a space opera[View]
190235506/who/ - Doctor Who general: everyone vs ncuti edition[View]
190246708The final boss of Lynch films[View]
190247033This is why we can't have trad wives[View]
190247821dagestani fighter zack hadelov might become the next ufc champion[View]
190244036Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190247841>be 19 >watch 8 1/2 >'why do people like this so much it's just about a sad old guy …[View]
190247709New Miyazaki film coming out with almost 0 advertising >General Matsui Iwane, a stern and battle-…[View]
190247060I'M FARTMAN: HE'S FARTMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH0ignMOPg8[View]
190244052Examples of poor man's idea of what being wealth is like[View]
190246123Why do theaters show only shitty movies nowadays?: I haven't been to theaters in a long time. I…[View]
190227396The Shield is 4chan The Wire is Reddit[View]
190246124You wouldn't try to eat your friend would you?[View]
190247773Looking for a movie recc for something about >Marketing >Business >Possibly NYC or Chicago …[View]
190245051Attack of the Clones was an enjoyable film and I am tired of pretending it's not.[View]
190247721>Men have abs, women have a big belly[View]
190242631How did she even get a job? She's dumb as a door[View]
190247213Why did she fuck Jesse?[View]
190246386you somehow became an actor who will paly your body double: ill go first[View]
190246949>Girls have a penis, boys have a vagina[View]
190247558How did her gave birth to a penguin? What the fuck is the message of this kino?[View]
190247175Why was Clark such a fag in Smallville? Lana wasn't even that hot, and he could have plowed ple…[View]
190245273Movies and television where a female gets hurt and it's funny LOL and maybe even your dick gets…[View]
190246632/Jazz/ general. What does the future hold for Jazz Jennings and her friends? Will they find true lov…[View]
190246294What did the critical drinker mean by this[View]
190247367What went wrong with these films?[View]
190245780ITT: best CGI imaginable.[View]
190247453No Country for Old Men: There are a lot of feet in this movie.[View]
190242056Why didn't she just have sex?: If she wanted kids so badly.[View]
190246086Do you think Mystique from Epic Movie continued hooking up with Peter? Or do you think she dumped hi…[View]
190242566They should have cast Jason Isaacs as Thrawn if they couldn't get him for Grand Inquisitor agai…[View]
190245969>and then he kept calling the movie a 'key no'[View]
190244707The twist is completely obvious once you see the cats[View]
190246137this talentless hack ruined Space Jam. why do people like him again?[View]
190246864>The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and WGA are set to meet again Sunday aft…[View]
190232235I like Netflix's One Piece so I tried to get into the source material. why do most japanese ani…[View]
190245444If it's clear and yella, you got juice there fella. If it's tangy and brown, you're i…[View]
190245276>I can't believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten's dubs to mine……[View]
190246853LMAO remember dem rangs?[View]
190240160Laugh at Amazon thread: >1 billion dollars >hype up most expensive show in history >forgot…[View]
190241358>you three... groupies seriously, what did he mean by this?[View]
190247062Has any character ever made you stop watching a tv show?[View]
190240134Haircuts of /tv/[View]
190244983the two most despicable characters in the show: You can argue one or the other, but no doubt that Pa…[View]
190246975Trumps favorite film is Bloodsport[View]
190243740Why 60s-80s scifi aesthetics were so ugly?: I get that those decades were pure experimentationt and …[View]
190246119Great movie ruined in hindsight by its director.[View]
190245758/hor/ - Horror General: Halloween preperation Edition Previous: >>190229803[View]
190246869Despite the writers strike I’m continuing my script about Sebastian Janikowski’s 76 yard field goal …[View]
190235687/chart/: Post your favorite films, /tv/.[View]
190246038Mike's guys vs Ramsay's Twenty Goodmen: who wins?[View]
190244573Just watched this last night. What did I think of it?[View]
190244179kino anime bros... our time is over...[View]
190244810>I'm sorry for making a far better Star Wars movie - Hell, movie in general - than you ever …[View]
190246633>when the bearded man wins the women sport competition you can predict with a 100% accuracy who i…[View]
190245156Imagine if Phil or April grounded Bam took away his skateboard and sent him to his room. All of this…[View]
190243776will he be the new brad pitt?[View]
190239730>WGA: We want a wage covers our sustainable livelihood, $11k-$14k per week isn't enough >…[View]
190245487>BINGO....BANGO What did she mean by this?[View]
190246544>Is that a new true crime Netflix docuseries?[View]
190243455will it be kino? how can they bring flynn back?[View]
190245540When is Elliot 'kingdom hearts shoes' Page going to finally land a male lead role in a big movie?[View]
190245485Just to clarify, she's one of his alter egos too, right? Because it feels like nobody ever ment…[View]
190236218What did he say?[View]
190242746>But the happiest part of the story was that Matilda and Miss Honey had each gotten what they…[View]
190243566Biggest dissapointments of 2023 for you?: For me it was everything in Star Wars, LOTR, and The Witch…[View]
190246335ITT: Give Short Story Generator a fanfiction prompt and post the results.: https://poe.com/shortstor…[View]
190246045>*guy walks into store* >'i wish to make a complaint' >'...no you don't' >'yes i do…[View]
190242431>millennial British humor I don’t care if you want to fuck her or whatever just admit this isn’t…[View]
190245997Wasn't Freddy an academically inclined prep school dork like Frasier by the end of the show? Th…[View]
190246149I miss cheat with kristin holt. Why did she leave the business? Those legs could've made her a …[View]
190241210TERRAIN TERRAIN[View]
190246002ITT: controversial tv/film moments I'll start.[View]
190246154EVIL DIES TONIGHT[View]
190239060Is he kino?[View]
190245144>monty python for zoomers[View]
190245033>Lisa, if you don't like your job, you don't strike! You just go in every day and do it…[View]
190246057Samurai Marathon (2019): When feudal lord Itakura Katsuakira decides to prepare his samurai troops f…[View]
190245877Why didn't /tv/ care when they race swaped Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman just to do a politi…[View]
190245923Is it me, or was Lolita 1997, actually way better than Kubrick’s adaptation? Don’t know whether that…[View]
190245959>every movie/documentary/series on Ted Bundy >'Ted was a handsome and charming man that's…[View]
190246000What are some other movies where you can defeat the aliens by dancing?[View]
190242465>some people actually think this is a deep and incisive movie[View]
190243829Nolan's Bruce Wayne.[View]
190245597When will /tv/ apologize to her for the blatant anti-Semitism?[View]
190245091IN A WORLD >*Earth shattering fart noise* >Camera shows Goku sneaking out of the bathroom with…[View]
190245298What is the comfiest film you've ever seen?[View]
190244598>the last SOUL in the cinemas[View]
190245734What was the lesson here?[View]
190245290How The World Is Not Enough Should Have Ended[View]
190244428Full metal jacket is the most over fucking rated Vietnam Kino. Deer hunter is better.[View]
190244287The Black Hole remake: It's happening[View]
190243675What was the purpose of the rape goggles?: https://youtu.be/typby1I-lCU?feature=shared[View]
190245841why did he do it?[View]
190243817This film is my new obsession. it looks so fucking cool.[View]
190245794Is this the Age of Cage?[View]
190244114I liked it.[View]
190243743>dude, you're a f- >woah, buzz you can't say that. you will need sensitivity classes…[View]
190245550How did Vito make so much money he had a massive estate and all the judges and politicians in his po…[View]
190242635what was his problem?[View]
190243953>I will snatch every motherfucker birthday What did he mean by this?[View]
190245589Finishing up the last season. My wife grew up loving this show and it’s alright but the last two sea…[View]
190244328>johnson, did you trace the call? where is the killer calling from? >sir... it's coming f…[View]
190221217best ad on /tv/ right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgwMuj15QtA[View]
190245214This movie really exposed 'bad adaptations' for what they are, purely a function of bad actors. Brad…[View]
190244250>And finally New Rule...[View]
190245101Happy World Gorilla Day!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erI0ZNt1E-Y[View]
190244720>Mandrake have you ever heard about the talmud?[View]
190245362I just watched Infinity Chamber what was I in for?[View]
190244873favorite movie of 2023 thus far?[View]
190245318>What part of 'off-topic' do you not understand, schizo?[View]
190245297I'm calling for a total ban of Star Wars threads: Star Wars is dead. No one cares. Find hobbies…[View]
190245288It was deep and inspired It did not insist upon itself[View]
190237784since he killed himself, that means every self help movie he has made meant nothing, right? he also …[View]
190244481Why do 70s and 60s movies go so hard? They have a really raw and unfiltered feel that I have not see…[View]
190245253>If you do not sneed then you will be banned.[View]
190243301Cool soviet/Russian misery kino? Preferably for picrel feel.[View]
190245057What are your favorite films from the Ernest Hemingway cinematic universe, /tv/?[View]
190243780based film[View]
190245098How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190245078>Australians can’t make kin-[View]
190244673Say it[View]
190244488Patriot Games: What would Tom Brady have to say about this episode in 2023? Does he even remember gu…[View]
190245046Milk? UGH![View]
190237533/mm/ - Monster Movies: I want to check out some non-kaiju Japanese monster movies/supernatural horro…[View]
190244268ITT: Give Short Story Generator a fanfiction prompt and post the results. Prompt: Rewrite the scene …[View]
190242217How do you respond to this without sounding mad?[View]
190242479Kang bros, we won https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nVWskzQcM[View]
190241615RLM: >oh, look. A Richard video. why don't mike and jay ice this fucking reddit faggout out?…[View]
190242325>ITT: Obscure kino[View]
190244450OH N-[View]
190241764I don't get it, is it satire or comedy? Is she supposed to be hot?[View]
190244975Give me a uh, literocola.[View]
190243093USK I love this movie.[View]
190244943I know Weinstein's parents were upset Superintendent. But I was sure it was a phony excuse. I m…[View]
190240525what was the logic behind letting a Russian spy have top Shield security clearance?[View]
190229803/hor/ - Horror General: killer spiders edition Previous: >>190217678[View]
190244206From the twisted ass of James Cameron...[View]
190244429I finished BCS and thought it was boring but just vaguely interesting enough to have on while I work…[View]
190243794Sopranos vs. Breaking bad: Are they equally?[View]
190236724Is the age of the action star finally over?[View]
190231161Best kinos with this type of vibe?[View]
190244625Normies laughed a lot at the joke about having sex once a year[View]
190224835Post WebMs from TV & film or else you will be shot.[View]
190243878Describe her character in 2 letters and interpretative dance. 3, 2, 1... go![View]
190242255>real lawyer reacts to Better Call Saul >real doctor breaks down surgery scenes >bank robbe…[View]
190244543>let me ask you a question, as a redditor, would you feel safe walkin in an image board like this…[View]
190241827Why anti-European scifi is popular??: >Star Wars >Dune Every faction that has European vibes (…[View]
190244452Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with bans. Who…[View]
190242973Name a more aesthetic TV show. Go on, I'll wait.[View]
190244363>Mr. Janny, you were the moderator here. I recognize ya. I saw your picture in the Discord. You, …[View]
190242150You see, what we're actually trying to do here is, we're trying to get a feel for how peop…[View]
190244247Oh n-[View]
190237637why didn't this movie do better? its pretty good so far i had to take a break to charge my head…[View]
190239476this doesn't make sense[View]
190241392>oh yeah my favorite show is ba- oh[View]
190226415what are the best real life kinos?[View]
190242347>family guy references no one understood i'll start[View]
190243669>final fight between Thanos and all the Avengers >Rocket Raccoon climbs up Thanos' pant l…[View]
190242645its ironic how a guy named zahler cant get funding[View]
190242251For me it's Sherlock Homie.[View]
190240150GitS live action: I liked it[View]
190243791>So I imagine that uh....this is just a ceremonial position. They don't actually expect me t…[View]
190244054ITT: Plot twists that blew your mind as a kid: Obscure pic related.[View]
190242646Just watched 'The Viewing' from this. Holy shit I want to see a sequel to that. That was awesome.[View]
190243681Why did critics not like these movies?[View]
190240252>solves the American sitcom in your path[View]
190235932The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1, Episode 3: Le transsexuel de l'apocalypse zombie…[View]
190243407>over time, the true monster's name got attached to the monster[View]
190241728>Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. >The first part is called The Pledg…[View]
190241848Sometimes on the weekend, while my son is taking his mid day nap and I'm feeling melancholy, I …[View]
190242336Which board do Broadway plays get discussed on? Is it /tv/ or /lit/ or /mu/ or /his/? Can we talk ab…[View]
190243718thoughts on Tsireya?[View]
190242860>Bright scene lights up the entire cinema Kino[View]
190241726No one but me watched this movie[View]
190241640817 days until Avatar 3[View]
190241281Only the most comfy kino ITT[View]
190242954GIMMIE DA CASHHH[View]
190242558>Hey, you are not Kevin Costner How do you come back from this?[View]
190242957what a new age bullshit[View]
190224583Post behind the scenes images and webms.[View]
190243417ITT: characters that sell drugs to the community[View]
190243440>'I thought you said you knew how to drive/fly one of these!' >>'I said it couldn't po…[View]
190241874wooden doors, yes? wooden?[View]
190240579How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190242061Post the best advertisements/tie-ins/etc.[View]
190242185who was I supposed to root for?[View]
190242946Why didn't you faggots tell me about this Kino?[View]
190243263I nutted in my pants when I saw her on the big screen bros.: I knew I was a teenager then. What was …[View]
190243101Really makes you think. . .[View]
190228348How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190241914Rollerball: I don't get it, is this about jews?[View]
190240538Jackie Chan. What's his best flick?[View]
190239967Earthrocker bros, we're so fucking back[View]
190242950>I have to make sandwiches ? >AAAAAAAAAAA I'M GOING INSANE…[View]
190241703Spoof kino.[View]
190241956I don't understand Why do you all ghost come to me?[View]
190241608why is he such a prick to his nephew?[View]
190243104Are there actually any good sci-fi/fantasy shows or what?: Am I really stuck with reading to get any…[View]
190241830COMFY GOJIRA MINUS ONE COUNTDOWN THREAD: 40 days remain until the King of the Monsters, the Nuclear …[View]
190242811How can one be 'too jackassy' for a Jackass Movie? I dont get it[View]
190240253What am I in for brehs?[View]
190242799She chose to ruin Nolan's trilogy for this: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1188347-mad_money …[View]
190242526This was considered comically out of shape back in the late 2000s[View]
190242435Why didnt he just shoot the fox?[View]
190242214>secretly the best alien abduction movie >people only ever saw it on netflix ten years ago whi…[View]
190237591Why didn't Anton kill her? Is it because she stood up for herself?[View]
190242761what were their best works? i'm going through their ouvre currently in a non-chronological orde…[View]
190242666Why did he do it?[View]
190242008>coooooooorn on the cob >COOOOOORN ON THE KABOB…[View]
190242037Oh no no no[View]
190236881>7 years has passed >TLJ is still the number 1 topic on /tv/ Rian mindbroke you…[View]
190242363What went through your mind when he showed up?[View]
190240778>Here’s your car, Anon![View]
190242597I just watched Blade Runner and this scene stuck with me. He's literally me.[View]
190241487How do you feel about this being considered the best film of all time?[View]
190240029>Think you're smart huh? The kind that hired Hughes... they'll just do the same to you…[View]
190241634Why aren't there many movies set in the central time zone apart from Texas? It's the secon…[View]
190240528I'm all with feel homer over this can't even. My fucking car doesn't hold my cup eith…[View]
190241688does this shit actually improve the kino experience[View]
190240696For me? It is Number 3.[View]
190239781It is me again from Yesterday: Just like any super villain or main superhero I had to do it myself, …[View]
190242359ITT: characters who would definitely be Christians[View]
190242100>and. you. are. beautiful. he really was crazy wasn't he[View]
190237095some comedy for the few adults that still frequent this board[View]
190220457Let us go through the Mines of Moria![View]
190242194Post movies that you can relate to as a lonely & depressed 30 yr old loser with no career prospe…[View]
190242226Who should play Gojo in the upcoming live action remake?[View]
190242224https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP0d3lj5XcI >guy gives premature honey to women he's gone on…[View]
190242189The true villain[View]
190241600>how did [character] do [thing]? >trust me, you don't want to know…[View]
190242088>covid was the worst thing that happened to the world >jan 6 was the worst thing that happened…[View]
190241594>Do you have any idea who you're stealing from?! Ewan Yafrenzaded! was the audience supposed…[View]
190241137Critical Drinker (unironically): “THIS is your core audience” Anyone else enjoy the critical drinker…[View]
190242067my favorite part of the Hollywood milf is the neck[View]
190241171What was his fucking problem?[View]
190240824THE Star Wars: >Reichsmarschall Herr Vader instead of Ep III's Simp Lord >Prince Valorum …[View]
190239770This is the most honest movie I've seen about black people in America.[View]
190211083What was the hidden meaning behind this show?[View]
190208008/jazz/ general - beach adventures edition: Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlexen............let us talk a…[View]
190240522How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190235257>shoots someone >gets sent to Kentucky[View]
190241835Oz General: 'He's literally me' edition[View]
190240769Is it worth watching?[View]
190240065Why haven't they made an attitude era movie yet? How would you make an attitude era movie? Who …[View]
190238246I sleep in a racing car, do you?[View]
190241541she could have been a big star[View]
190240248sadboi kino: sadboi kino[View]
190241485Any good movie for my grandma with last stage dementia? inb4 Amnesia by nolan[View]
190241191Comfy Friends thread[View]
190237501I watch so much Harry Potter it's literally unhealthy[View]
190239976One based motherfucker.[View]
190237310SODOMY! You must think it very odd of me, But I enjoy the act of SODOMY, You might call the wrath o…[View]
190237451Jason Statham was once offered once 29.4 Billion dollars to be in the MCU and his first role was sup…[View]
190240391>don't pull that aw shucks shit with me >two tickets for barbie >tonight >and you…[View]
190241606>I want bigger How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190235627how did they accomplish such high kino[View]
190238021Man I spent hours of my life stomping[View]
190241328>never watched a mrbeast video >decide to check it out for the first time >begin to notice …[View]
190238421What's your favorite childhood kinos? I grew up in the 2000s and I was into Spongebob (naturall…[View]
190240241>this was a 10/10 in 1999[View]
190239011One flew over the cuckoo's Nest: I want to talk about this movie. It was a HELL of a lot better…[View]
190240285The Marvels director says movie is shit and that it will bomb: https://variety.com/2023/film/news/th…[View]
190240006>not a single laughtrack >considered one of the greatest comedy shows of history How did they …[View]
190241258>LOOK OUT, FAGGOT![View]
190230171The new Sons of Anarchy project is reportedly 'insane.' How would you make a crazy follow up and wha…[View]
190236624this is legitimately good: even if you're not a teenager you can watch it to laugh at how autis…[View]
190240171so it's actually a movie about faggots?[View]
190241085Why is this movie so comfy?[View]
190238623Self-contradictory character.[View]
190241192Heard some good stuff about pic related. Would have played it but the devs added Denuvo 4 days befor…[View]
190237509Scarlett Johansson was only 17 when she filmed '8 Legged Freaks'[View]
190234813>British movie >they keep referring to fries as chips…[View]
190235171How will an actress who relied on her looks, body & sex appeal handle aging?[View]
190241186>Villain is undefeated and escapes punishment[View]
190239941>anime can't be ki-[View]
190241152This show is bretty good actually: Made by the simpsons jew[View]
190241100The Rings of Power: lmao[View]
190241012I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe...[View]
190240922what a fucking miserable movie[View]
190238983>vaunted as the height of animated television >main character is a tranny What was meant by th…[View]
190238192What does /tv/ think about Russian comedy?: its in English (no subs) https://youtu.be/xAjVZXpQToI?si…[View]
190236927>watch an old movie >realize all of the actors are dead…[View]
190239651>uwu, it looks like we're trapped in the kino closet together, anon-kun :3…[View]
190237641Let me tell you a couple of three things. Forget the corrupt senate, forget Sifo-Dyas who goes over …[View]
190238225Go woke go broke[View]
190240269Kino moments in /tv/ history: Starting with this exceptional scene from Jurassic Park 3 https://www.…[View]
190238971It's shit[View]
190238195>Larry learns that he's actually a goy >Becomes a skillful, kind and hard-working family …[View]
190240635Why do people think that a charcter changing completely makes them a good character and a story good…[View]
190240593is it still among us?[View]
190240306>You were my senpai, bruh >we wuz bussin frfr >you were finna clapback on dem sith >not …[View]
190240349UNJUST: UNJUST Earth rocker bros, we made it out the trenches of HELLVIEW[View]
190230300>joke about penis size in a Hollywood comedy >they always assume everyone is a shower and grow…[View]
190237690/got/hotd/: Here's your Cregan Stark[View]
190240120How does it hold up? I still like the Battles without honor films.[View]
190240290Black Snake Moan: What is Christina Ricci thinking about in this movie?[View]
190237880which one bros?[View]
190240319Going to the boot for two weeks. Aside from Picrel - what are some kinos that will put me in that It…[View]
190190983Was Tron Legacy a good movie[View]
190237878>Yet another white male action boomer flick is a colossal flop What is going on?!…[View]
190238786>deedee megadoodoo[View]
190240238Is this worth watching?[View]
190240206Harrison Ford pointing at Liam Neeson[View]
190239094When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his name. …[View]
190238181What genre even was this movie[View]
190238986Oscars 2011: Who was the worse out of these two, Anne being a dumb overexcited puppy or James being …[View]
190239370When's your cutoff point?: For me it's the dude weed episode[View]
190234945Dumbest whore in the whole show[View]
190235881will I feel insulted if I watch this? My confidence is already on the floor but there's nothing…[View]
190240016What films have the greatest fight choreography?[View]
190239835now here's what's gonna happen[View]
190229849a movie like Good Will Hunting but it's a cleaner at a gym for body builders[View]
190239301Ken Park's scene with the boy going down on the mother is the hottest scene I've ever seen…[View]
190239974Kiernan Shipka's Totally Killer: Are we excited bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNm3VPPKE…[View]
190232572>racism is our one note and we play it very loudly Did someone call them niggers when they were l…[View]
190239949What a very satisfying ending. https://youtu.be/Y3gJGuQQPnw[View]
190239661why does he get a pass[View]
190237235What the fuck was his problem?[View]
190234375The funniest movie this year[View]
190239807A tangerine the size of a bigger tangerine.[View]
190237197What happened to the art of film making?[View]
190239749title to catch bots: How do you pick your slop to slurp? >whatever big budget hollywood/streaming…[View]
190237328Could it work?[View]
190239206The best Joker. A Joker who was actually trying to kill and to be killed by Batman.[View]
190239660He's an asshole![View]
190235674The most r*ddit movie of the year. I can't believe people like this. It has to be pretend.[View]
190238729What are some other Toronto kinos? Like the kids in the hall.[View]
190239519When I was in Burma, I saw a bandit the size of a tangerine. Some men aren't the size of anythi…[View]
190237678My mom started collecting beanie babies about four years after she died. I used to leave 'em ou…[View]
190239430>I bring scientists, you bring Iraq Star. Pretty unrealistic, Jeff Goldblum is Jewish.…[View]
190237735How is this an textbook for 13yo students?[View]
190239090LAST TIME! On Dragon Ball /tv/! Anon asks what the morality of DBZ is?[View]
190238762why does almost everyone spend the entire first half of this movie acting like the biggest retards …[View]
190239200>A long time ago, I was in Burma. My friends and I were taking turns with a 6 year old boy who ha…[View]
190237349fun /tv/ facts: >osama's favorite television show growing up in Saudi Arabia was 'Bonanza'…[View]
190225777post kinos to watch on a Sunday morning[View]
190238376Should I watch it?[View]
190239251was it anal?[View]
190237057The Next James Bond: Cast him. Also, post your favorite Bond theme.[View]
190238468Why did Tim Burton chose to film this part with this specific camera?[View]
190238145I'm still mad.[View]
190238812What would they have done if one of these two actors died during making BCS? Bad CG like they did fo…[View]
190238588What was he thinking at this moment?[View]
190236410Dc bros we eatin good[View]
190233980ITT: books that are impossible to adapt. Bonus points if they did it anyway.[View]
190237922/tv/ used to have more banners[View]
190237924BAM WON.[View]
190238973>M.C. is a rich American whose life of comfort and privilege is upended by a terrorist attack whi…[View]
190231670Behind the curve: >tries to portray flat earthers as a joke >trickily edits and cuts things to…[View]
190235787WHAT DID YOU SAY, NIGGA?![View]
190238881Strength and honor.[View]
190238917What did Daybreakers (2009) mean by this?[View]
190238444What's the deal with transgender people?[View]
190238872Why the fuck did they decide to make three movies separately from each-other and didn't have al…[View]
190230433Do we actually want Hollywood to collapse? What will we do without new Kino being made anymore?[View]
190236019>filters zoomers >filters retards who slept through elementary school history >filters 3rd …[View]
190236581I So Pale[View]
190238060cast a Tekken film adaptation[View]
190238583She was a good girl[View]
190236043No One Will Save You: This movie would be so much better if she was caught in an intergalactic strug…[View]
190238229What's next for rising star Morgan Davies?[View]
190238648>watching sopranos episode “cold cuts” >mfw…[View]
190237351>Get some rest, Pam. You look tired.[View]
190234614ITT costars that fucked[View]
190236527Was it kino?[View]
190238407>You never let me see her, and she died in there alone. Was this a reasonable response?…[View]
190238175ITT: post your controversial takes Mine: Seinfeld should've stuck with the 'easy to beat' versi…[View]
190237515What a day, huh?[View]
190238278God the animation is so bad but i like it, it reminds me of Tekken[View]
190237723Is this the greatest retard kino of all time?[View]
190237538How about a reality show where we turn an incel into a respectful human being?[View]
190233769>watching kino about the pROTestant “reformat*on” >shartin luther (more like loser lol) walks …[View]
190225982Random television interviews you like for some reason. https://youtu.be/boyYKCr3T8w?si=itYUH0GTLYfB…[View]
190238096>it's called a cruel irony, like my dependence on you[View]
190234482Never watch it, can movie experts from /tv/ tell me if it is really kino?[View]
190233858How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190234546How many levels of contrarian do you need to be smoking to pretend these are not three of the greate…[View]
190236595Stranger Things 5: >strike ending soon >production starting soon What are your hopes, dreams, …[View]
190227917Hmmmm...did someone say they wanted to hear my DAD'S GOOGLE HISTORY?[View]
190237239We need someone to play a college student[View]
190233419What went so right?[View]
190233414Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190237865Is this /tv/ dad approved movie? my daughter kept asking to watch it on movie night.[View]
190237814>”eggs, over medium”[View]
190237808Are YOU doing this?[View]
190237573>ŚŃÉÉD. discuss.[View]
190237640>bat arse Degeneracy really fucked our hero. https://youtu.be/FQyxKzuRT9Q…[View]
190231813>Jacked af with enough juice and testosterone to kill a bengal tiger >Absolute soiboi cuck in…[View]
190237154is this worth checking out or is it just csi?[View]
190235654How can /co/ like this?[View]
190237354>It's too bad about your son though. I tell ya, if my little boy turned out to be a fag, I d…[View]
190237186>i am a godly man how do you respond without making him mad[View]
190237225>Have you ever fucked a jewish girl?[View]
190237282Thread for cryptid kino[View]
190224064Shin Hati is hot because she's quiet, loyal and cute: Shin Hati from Ahsoka is attractive not b…[View]
190237522Nice set of hooters you got there..[View]
190237276>sex scenes are... LE GOOD[View]
190227996Filoni Saved Star Wars: Chudbros.......what we do now?[View]
190237193Watched taxi driver for the first time last night: He’s literally me.[View]
190231565>Dude, it's bad on purpose![View]
190237327>just finished Mindhunter S2 >no fucking S3 What now? I am used to kino, where do I go from he…[View]
190233885TENET: What's your final verdict?: Based or Cringe[View]
190236680never made a bad film.[View]
190237236Black phone: The sister in this movie was so cute[View]
190237126who was in the wrong here?[View]
190235139The multiverse is now main stream will they ever bring back the OG Multiverse tvshow[View]
190237152Stinky Diver: Stinky Diver[View]
190229003Is Season 2 worth watching?[View]
190228687Funnier than jim carrey[View]
190237104Who should play him in his inevitable biopic?[View]
190237003Be seeing you[View]
190237047>ywn edit real film with 2 qt assistants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erZSLrLm2i8…[View]
190233380It be like that kek[View]
190236151how do you respond witho-: SON OF A BITCH! DIDN'T I JUST TELL YOU NOT TO SAY THAT AGAIN?[View]
190210650why couldn't we get this Thrawn? the series could have every fucking woke thing they wanted, al…[View]
190235817Is using the 'Death Note' a good idea?[View]
190233918What I am in for?[View]
190234293Bottoms: this shit is pretty good[View]
190236860Hey /tv/ I am conducting a quick survey. It should only take a minute. How many of you remember come…[View]
190236538Aunty Donna: People actually find these onions faces funny? Is Aussie comedy that bad?[View]
190236459How could The Simpsons predict the future if no one watches The Simpsons because was cancelled 20 ye…[View]
190236814A dialoge between Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell and a notorious Cavalier officer Robert Leslie the …[View]
190236695What was the name of the character in the show who made you very sad when they passed away?[View]
190236299movies/shows for when you're all alone in the forest with a creature not of this world[View]
190230283The Hangover is considered the best comedy of all time despite having 0 jokes[View]
190232432What's the best India kino?[View]
190236591Is this why they didn't come back for Expend4bles?[View]
190236115Batman Forever is my favorite live action Batman film.[View]
190235636This was the most shocking scene I have ever witnessed on tv[View]
190235433How hard do you still nostalgia for GOTHAM?: https://youtu.be/MVFguO_fBkQ?si=TyrHfWCWc0diMeUW >yo…[View]
190232887>it's a Don has sex with a woman who looked at him for two seconds Does this show improve at…[View]
190233943Norm Macdonald Live: Why are full episodes so hard to find? He can't get cancelled now that he…[View]
190236295ITT: Things that happened.[View]
190236521What are some movies where the entire plot is driven by nonsensical decisions?[View]
190236503But what of.... BAD Solonius?[View]
190230539>Anime can't be ki-[View]
190205484Was this scene really necessary for a kids show ?[View]
190235260>Let us go through the mines of Moria[View]
190234588>2020 No good movies >2021 No good movies >2022 No good movies >2023 No good movies >…[View]
190236460>Watch Star Wars flick >Female pilot appears…[View]
190236420You now remember Benicio Del Toro was in Star Wars lol[View]
190235567Neytiri is...[View]
190233050marathoned this boatkino last night, what did I think of it?[View]
190234841Was Puddy the best character in TV history?[View]
190236112>I'll cast you down with the sodomites, you'll think you been fucked by a me…[View]
190235451Who could play them in a live action adaptation?[View]
190234612>character in film smokes a cigarette >Entire theater starts fake coughing Why are zoomers li…[View]
190235020why did the simpsons never make fun of this nigga as they did with clinton?[View]
190233617Why is this momo looking girl such a controversial character?[View]
190236234>you lived through the rise and the fall of an entire genre of film It's kind of neat if you…[View]
190236203Heaven’s Gate: More like Heaven’s Kino[View]
190234205https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfGMYdalClU >Villain is evil because... he's evil…[View]
190232308who was your favorite gargoyle? and why was it Goliath.: why was gargoyles the most based cartoon of…[View]
190236155I GO TO HONG KONG[View]
190235471You Plex server is ready, Anon-sama.[View]
190236105Fine wine. Unbelievable it caused hysteria among the low intelligence individuals.[View]
190236104>black people movie >white guy starts bix nooding harder than george floyd >AYO WYBOI WILDI…[View]
190234581It's better than the original[View]
190233342Apocalypse now: What the hell was that second half? The first half of the film was the best war cine…[View]
190234947for me, it's charmaine bucco[View]
190235983cast it[View]
190220166Is it just me or has the movie theater experience been a lot worse lately? I don't know if I…[View]
190230713>Character is driving alone >Isn't talking to themself the entire time…[View]
190235783Just scheduled an appointment for the new annual bivalent booster and will be seated opening night f…[View]
190234369>we must >we must >we must increase our bust…[View]
190235976The Kinonental[View]
190235544Film/TV as distractions - why they're worse now: I mean this sincerely, but look around, and yo…[View]
190234569The kino that buck-broke a million chuddies.[View]
190235935King of the Hill episodes by production code release: Season 1 Pilot 'Square Peg' 'The Order of the …[View]
190235895>see the new Fast n Furious movie >Back of every seat has a steering wheel so you can drive a…[View]
190235423How long: It's been five years. How long must we wait for the master to return? Hail SCZ. Hail …[View]
190231439You're hired to come up with episodes for this show: What you got?[View]
190235757Does this actually work?[View]
190226740These movies, particularly the second half of the franchise, really aren't very good and don…[View]
190235278There's this guy. His name is Ted Nicolaou. In 1991, he made the horror movie Subspecies. And h…[View]
190235532Wanda Maximoff: Why didn't she just create another hex in an unpopulated wilderness area so she…[View]
190234579Which is the best catastrophic movie?[View]
190235566>splices nu-nigger mumble rap in your 70s kino >??? >18 gorillion tony awards imminent…[View]
190234163How would it be if Braveheart came out in the current period?[View]
190235443>this film generated false memories in millions of americans and started a conspiracy theory is i…[View]
190235193It's unironically over.[View]
190232611Succession won.[View]
190233116What did Filoni mean by this?[View]
190233310Recommend me a show that was on for only one or two seasons that you think was good, cut too short a…[View]
190234381Another high school movie with a bunch of 25-30yo who hit the wall playing teenagers[View]
190235155What's next in the career of talented young actress Sophie Thatcher? What roles would you like …[View]
190235095>You're not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior …[View]
190232344>just a drop, a mere morsel >right into my open mouth, my Queen…[View]
190229473What's the best chink kino? I watched this recently and thought it was decent, besides the ROC …[View]
190234540This thread looks like a gem, but I gotta make sure it's legit. You mind if I call a buddy real…[View]
190234868Born amidst salt and smoke...: Is he a ham?[View]
190233990Wow you guys are fucking retards you always sage never discuss my quality posts on movies that I Wan…[View]
190233333>If anon wants to ride a bike, he'll ride a bike.[View]
190228030Australian '''''''comedy'''''''[View]
190234876Cowboys Indians[View]
190223749Nolan's best film by far, in fact his only truly great one I don't know how he did it, may…[View]
190234863Remember all those 'Mom and Dad are fighting' episodes that kept replaying over and over when we wer…[View]
190230776Star Wars future: Is Ahsoka and Filoni Star Wars movie a cul de sac? In the end Thrawn will have to …[View]
190234799>Look at that subtle off-white colouring[View]
190233034>dude what if superman buy le evil So original. Totally never been done before…[View]
190234225https://nypost.com/2023/09/14/jonathan-majors-breaks-up-girl-fight-amid-domestic-violence-trial/ Why…[View]
190234674Find a picture with more talent in it.[View]
190233592Why can't there be more stories that are tragic, gritty or dark? I'm so sick of all this s…[View]
190233800Wrestling who tried to be actors: Besides Dave Bautista, John Cena, Piper and Dwayne Johnson, most o…[View]
190233502i don't understand this scene[View]
190231745John Candy Thread: Post John Candy kino[View]
190234544Realistically, what would you do in this situation?[View]
190233074>watch Treehouse of Horror VI as a kid >get overwhelmed with a sense of incomprehensible, exi…[View]
190234527ITT: movies that confirm cinema is dead[View]
190229295Star Trek: How would you rank all the different Star Trek shows? TNG has to be #1, right?[View]
190234352Why don't we see more characters like this represented in film?[View]
190218198DOCTOR WHO: the final Christmas special trailer has just been released and there is literally no hyp…[View]
190233692I want a mansion. With a library and lit fireplace. With rain and thunder outside. With men in su…[View]
190234238.23 electron volts[View]
190234030Finally my favorite Hungarian sci fi film comes out on Blu Ray[View]
190234347/qg/ - Quagmire from Family Guy General: Quagmire is so fucking cool Epic edition Question of the …[View]
190234154Hector not here, señor.[View]
190233748We’ve had one D, yes, but what about Gandolfs double D’s?[View]
190234289anons i'm scared i hope it's good, i'm planning a casual watchparty when it drops wit…[View]
190230547>Gimly in the books >wise, well-spoken, stalwart companion, brave and effective in battle, hon…[View]
190233768>Detectives last names are literally 'Hot' and 'Cold'.[View]
190231504*BANG BANG*[View]
190232574ITT: Cool Movies.[View]
190223959No One Will Save You: From how shitty this movie is[View]
190207671Stranger Things: Season 5 is never coming out is it bros?[View]
190231585Who's more insufferable him or Skyler?[View]
190234001Would /tv/ be interested in watching a hidden body cam Livestream of a retarded neet trying to pick …[View]
190234000Thought this wasn’t terrible, but the suspension of disbelief on the weird, wholesome, awkward femce…[View]
190233384ITT Movies that used real firearms during filming[View]
190233473Is this show worth watching?: It ran 3 seasons and everybody forgot about it. I hear it was Star Tr…[View]
190226749Just watched the first episode and hated it Is the rest of the season better?[View]
190233660rust: so are they ever going to release this movie and if they do do you think they'll have foo…[View]
190231674Wow...: This movie would be absolute shit without Ryan Gosling[View]
190233156>the 'big tobacco' companies do not want the whole world to know that cigarettes are ad…[View]
190233785It's not a movie or a tv show. It's a 'three part event'.[View]
190233784LazyTown was quite the weird show back when it was airing. Sportacus helped her stretch and do vario…[View]
190233171....and then they came for Keith Lemon and nobody spoke out ........ cos it was Keith fucking Lemon.…[View]
190232468comfy thread: This board is total shit, completely unusable on weekends these days. Post whatever th…[View]
190233603>movie about extinct animals causes animals to go extinct what did Spielberg mean by this?…[View]
190233695Will they cast an Italian actor?[View]
190233663>try listening to a podcast I used to listen to >they're STILL doing it over Zoom since …[View]
190233324I've heard about you![View]
190233636I am manly enough to admit that it was good[View]
190233610Its Kino: Finally got around to watching this. What a great show. Pretty bleak but very enjoyable.…[View]
190232698>it's a Don listens to the Beatles episode[View]
190233092>It was a very good system.[View]
190233204Unstoppable force meets Immovable object[View]
190233022How did we go from this...[View]
190229339How did John Carpenter still alive after making this?[View]
190232034something I'd like to clear up about this guy from someone who worked on the movie. I don'…[View]
190230753How can the west possibly compete with this visionary film-making?[View]
190229770Wtf is this[View]
190232402Holy kino[View]
190232640Now that the dust has settled, what did everyone think of Ari Aster's new movie? Up until the …[View]
190231985Abducted By My Teacher: it's the typical modern Lifetime movie. The protagonist was super cute …[View]
190232928Someday people will be nostalgic for the x264 compression artifact aesthetic the same way people tod…[View]
190220105Bruh: What went wrong tho??[View]
190233114Is Ahsoka worth watching and what do I need to have watched to understand it[View]
190233272>High school movie >The teacher raps a Shakespeare sonnet to make kids interested in literatur…[View]
190230555>the conclusion to the newest entry into the FLCL franchise aired last night and no one in the wo…[View]
190232227/Faguy/: Family Guy general[View]
190232647The perfect woman.[View]
190228941>/tv/ now considers the Twilight movies a hidden gem If Lucas simps and Snyder cultists didn…[View]
190229426Bomfunk MC's - Uprocking Beats: Uprockin' floor droppin', spinnin' and glidin…[View]
190232918Yakuza movies: What's the best one?[View]
190231639>Why was Jar Jar so heavily disli-ACK![View]
190232937Why did he do it? Was it a power play?[View]
190225812Movies with good prayer scenes?[View]
190229769Cast her.[View]
190231802ITT: Unexpectedly Comfy Movies[View]
190232616>'I drunk the Olde English 800' - Malcolm 10[View]
190230516What a fucking train wreck. How did it get greenlit?[View]
190228309big bang theory[View]
190226835The exact line when you stopped watching.: >I'm going to have to science the shit out of thi…[View]
190232150A horror movie about a group of soldiers involved in tunnel warfare being systematically picked off …[View]
190232994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDaovyGoUM4 Have you embraced your inner bond yet, anon?[View]
190232125>eating food >ever Food bros, it's over…[View]
190230996>black female character[View]
190232903What are your thoughts on Inland Empire, the hideous spiritual sequel to David Lynch’s masterpiece M…[View]
190232778What the fuck was capcom thinking when they gave this fucker rights to make resident evil movies? Wo…[View]
190225779>Satan is portrayed in media as the embodiement of all human sin >He represents the extreme gr…[View]
190232682Why is this?: American Protagonist >Soicuck >Wageslave >Couch potato >Brooding in small …[View]
19023177847, he was a fucking kid.[View]
190231462Pierce Brosnan as Thrawn: Official Star Wars art from Celebration from a few years ago had Brosnan a…[View]
190231080>watching the first bourne flick >this starts playing https://youtu.be/zolX7p8OYf8?si=wXwkRCeC…[View]
190232498>Leaves capeshit to do a emmy bait series >Series flops and gets ignored by the emmys >Only…[View]
190215128The scene that broke /tv/[View]
190230815>anon's wife has a headache and needs immediate medical treatment. I require one hour alone …[View]
190231864Why did he have to do it bros?[View]
190232181Why did his parents call him Fuk Yew[View]
190222324This is legitimately one of the best things I've seen this year no joke[View]
190232257>And for your information it's a 300 dollar suit asshole[View]
190232218Daily Al Pacino thread: I'm tired of pretending that S1mone (2002) was a bad movie.[View]
190230689What is some good alien kino?[View]
190232056Any kinos for this feel?[View]
190230882>'During the filming every black actor reported really weird things about hearing whispers at nig…[View]
190231713I've got a great idea for a novel but I have no idea how to get started. It's about a futu…[View]
190231983Predator 2 > Predator[View]
190230129What do you think of 'Bottoms'?[View]
190230991>Charavter jusr has one last thing to say to before death[View]
190231576>I left someone who helped me behind >now I require the assistance of a wise truck driver aff…[View]
190230004John Wayne...IS..Brannigan[View]
190230541Frasier bros...... im crying[View]
190231234I love the movie pearl harbour. Post other films where Americans get btfo[View]
190222465what am i in for?[View]
190231638What makes it so rewatchable?[View]
190231602They're doing spinoffs, there's still hope...[View]
190231600Kinos about stolen Identity?[View]
190231544peak of disney live action kinography[View]
190231556Why was Jar Jar so heavily disliked by boomers?[View]
190230866Good japanese movies I can watch?[View]
190216490How do we save her career, bros...[View]
190216406Why did One Piece succeed while Cowboy Bebop and Death Note failed? By all logic it should have been…[View]
190231051LETTERBOXD GENERAL: /LBG/ Most relaxing and peaceful sunday edition. Post recents and show us your k…[View]
190229609Why does hollywood and tv always portray the husband and guys as the less intelligent counterpart. I…[View]
190229885>I swim[View]
190230584Why won't Netflix just die?[View]
190230271He’s right, you know.[View]
190226040Post elves.[View]
190209483Funky Tut Tut Tut Tut[View]
190230749>Yeah, so basically, I looked at the two plans and my dad's plan was better. How do you resp…[View]
190231211Yeah, this game doesn't make any sense[View]
190231000>[Chamber of Secrets review] In the new movie, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe, a little taller and deepe…[View]
190222011Is he attractive? No homo[View]
190225938mfw the subtitles are out of sync and i cant fix it[View]
190224483What channel did Lil' Anon prefer?[View]
1902310369.5/10 and if you disagree you have no taste[View]
190217445ITT: 10/10 80s kinos only.[View]
190231022>Film classicist >Expert at blocking, writing and directing >brings amazing insight in ever…[View]
190230328Wifelike: What went wrong?[View]
190230698Now that the dust has settled... who was in the wrong here?[View]
190228970>this made Millennials shit their skinny jeans in terror[View]
190230194Train movies and TV please go: want your best train related media. making a train movie. please and …[View]
190230414>The music, the visuals, the feeling of two brothers fighting each other to death. You just had t…[View]
190230355The music, the visuals, the feeling of two brothers fighting each other to death. You just had to ex…[View]
190228494Holy Crap Lois: Lock the doors Turn off the lights Remove all your clothes[View]
190228302Dunk Paccino?![View]
190225223what is YOUR favorite /tv/ vehicle?: for me it's the batmobile from BvS[View]
190228013so this movie is an allegory for coke right?[View]
190221543Titles: Not necessarily your favorite movie title, but what is your favorite presentation of a title…[View]
190224809With the memes and kidding aside, it really is one of the greatest films ever made. The story is hau…[View]
190229006El chavo del 8: WTF was his problem ???[View]
190227719Do you appreciate hungarian kino?[View]
190226685Why was Jodie Foster the only 70s child star to really make a career as an adult? People like Brooke…[View]
190230606So /tv/, what do you think?: Who's the frontrunner in the Best Actress race in your opinion, no…[View]
190230622Why do they use contact lens in movies? always looks uncanny.[View]
190228985How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190230099The Matrix runs on body heat, piss, shit, and cum.[View]
190230188Brie bros we're back https://youtu.be/-1PuK8mxASE?feature=shared[View]
190230397>*makes kino*[View]
190229964The Promised Land: New Mads kino on the way! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuo4NVFt1JE[View]
190230306*sigh* Somehow Sauron has returned[View]
190228317Why is Hollywood pushing niggers and women in position of 'power' in every piece of media Pic relate…[View]
190222430Damn, they really made Tony look like a badass here[View]
190221712How the fuck did Palpatine return?[View]
190190314is the show worth it for them?[View]
190223704>boomers used to piss and shit their pants from laughter at this[View]
190230169A Scene at the Sea (1991): Was it kino?[View]
190228434Looking for: Anyone got a good copy of Evil Dead II to share? I can't find good quality versio…[View]
190229399>oh lawdy you'z a coon...you'z a nigger barry[View]
190217881>can’t read a map >”oh well guess it’s time to kill myself” Do Americans REALLY?…[View]
190227558Was this the peak SNL moment?[View]
190230024hehe, get it Butters! I love South Park[View]
190229917There are people who haven't seen Total Recall[View]
1902279771. Google your favorite movie + 'japanese poster' 2. post results 3. ??? 4. profit[View]
190224777Renfield was one of the worst movies I've seen in years.[View]
190229311Why does Scorsese keeping casting this dud in his movies? He has been completely wrong for every par…[View]
190228765Honestly, it's not that bad[View]
190229634Is this the best Christian film?[View]
190226791Ham/campy actors: What makes them so entertaining? Also please recommend me some ham/campy actors…[View]
190223109What the FUCK did they do to Bam?[View]
190229474Has this gag appeared in any other tv show? I'm certain I've seen it before. Guy moves in …[View]
190227255still hollywood's #1 it girl. when will her reign end?[View]
190229799Who should the new MCU villian be?: I'll start: it would be a good idea to introduce a new Than…[View]
190229723Rate the acting skills out of 10.: Tracy Obermann. You just KNOW it's hairy.[View]
190220889What kind of nigga takes nudes of flaccid cock?[View]
190226302>Makes a movie about a war criminal >Shills for bit tobacco >Gets away with it How!?…[View]
190228285Aren't you a little short for a crusader?[View]
190229446>On today's episode >The apprentices face what some would call a impossible challenge …[View]
190225354Are we still pretending these movies are bad?[View]
190219191They replaced Svengoolie with a woman named 'Gwengoolie' on MeTV. The end of an era. What classic ho…[View]
190228475>MMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH nootka?[View]
190229706Are you a tourist?[View]
190229658/Jazz/ is eternal. What have we learned so far from the hit TV show I Am Jazz on the TLC channel? Wi…[View]
190228186is DnD actually like this and will it get me laid[View]
190222680MAJOR LOTR PLOT HOLE: How the F could Sauron wear the ring without becoming invisible? This fucking …[View]
190228243HOLY KINO[View]
190228444Favorite Halloween epsidoes: Post your favorite Halloween episodes of tv shows. I need some stuff to…[View]
190217678/hor/ - Horror General: C.H.U.Dcel edition[View]
190227944>this ending still filters 57% of viewers[View]
190228840why did he end it? what the fuck is he gonna do now?[View]
190226253Have you read it and who are you casting as Hanna in the film adaptation? Already confirmed are Adam…[View]
190227813>Lone woman defends herself against nigger aliens[View]
190229208Watchmen: >Evil racist fascist >His best friend is a jew Nice writing Moore…[View]
190229157It really is something the way he drives me fucking nuts[View]
190225926Why is nothing else remotely as comfy? Nothing else quite hits the spot in the same way[View]
190228565Why is it that when Zack Snyder inserts heavy-handed Christian imagery into his work everyone laughs…[View]
190228239Kino James: Kino James[View]
190228643How do you respond without sounding mad[View]
190228959Who's Copying Who???[View]
190227220>watching 'I am Jazz' at the podshare >intense fighting scene between Jaron's biology and…[View]
190222356This tv show didn't show the part where George Washington as president of the US cycled his sla…[View]
190229019>Be Ron >Go wrong Fucking LMAO! Where do they come up with this shit??…[View]
190228125Which game you've played felt the most like a movie and why?[View]
190227342I hit my head and my memory is fuzzy, can anyone remind me who this man is?[View]
190228787>Wastes his fans' money on producing a shitty cuckold fantasy film >Would rather play dad…[View]
190228453White man's burden Lloyd, white man's burden.[View]
190227278Today is 30 years since Dazed and Confused came out. I get older, but teenage girls stay the same ag…[View]
190226343Was the Village the only thing he done good?[View]
190222811>anime can't be ki-[View]
190225329what's that plank?[View]
190228696this shit was the last straw seriously i ain't gonna watch no more shit made by cosmopolitan co…[View]
190228456End of History kino. When life was simple.[View]
190228212Why are all of his movies oscar-baiting trash?[View]
190228560please be on standby...[View]
190224792Recommend me some communist cinema[View]
190226370CrimeBob StatisticPants: CrimeBob StatisticPants[View]
190223154The West Wing: I actually don't fucking get it. I've heard this show talked about for year…[View]
190228387They're shilling hard to raise the age of consent even higher: The russell brand thing was just…[View]
190228318The Machine (2023): Did anyone here actually watch this?[View]
190227241What a waste of time. 10/10 scenery, but everything else was shit[View]
190228316>movie makes you feel like shit for no reason What's the point? Why don't modern direct…[View]
190224815Is he autistic? His dialogue is strange and wooden, I don't think he understands how people…[View]
190226869Who's the recent most promising director/writer?[View]
190223679>this made Millennials piss and shit themselves[View]
190228206Is there a movie that is good?[View]
190225114How do we revive The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?[View]
190226543Is it cowboy kino or just more primeslop?[View]
190227892Lower Decks: Eventually they are going to bang so hard it will cause a warp core breach, Season 4 st…[View]
190226939Real life moments involving kino? >Woke up late this morning hungover and my girlfriend was watch…[View]
190226688Why is he so funny bros[View]
190227175Sex Education s4: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190222297Is this really necessary? I was told gay people just wanted to get married.[View]
190227565What’s her best?[View]
190225038So...would you eat it?[View]
190226986>I did her on his birthday... How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190225378Other things like this show?: Are there any movies that kinda relate to this show? Like there is an …[View]
190225164White man nukes Japan: >Oppenheimer.2023.1080p.WEB.h264-ETHEL >Oppenheimer.2023.1080p.WEB.h264…[View]
190226655Why are they so quick to ruin their lives: >GO AHEAD AND SHOOT NIGGA!…[View]
190224312>Every second you don't reply to this thread, the room will fill with GAS…[View]
190225660HOT DINNER O T D I N N E R[View]
190227013Examples of film and television which espouse views and situations from a different time?[View]
190222097PARTY ON, WAYNE![View]
190223078Why was this decade so shit? >b-but The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Lawrence of Arabia, Psycho et…[View]
190220079Please describe this scene.[View]
190221583/bb/ Big Brother 25: SCARY WEEK: NO HOH / NO VETO / NO NOMS ZOMBIES: Cam and Jared previously on…[View]
190221244Shows that Cured Your Autism: For me, it's Seinfeld. Social interactions suddenly seem understa…[View]
190226830Red Apple[View]
190221993Hillary Duff has had impressive career longevity for a Disney Channel star[View]
190218588'Final offer?' Final offer or else what?: They can't make tv or movies unless they agree to a d…[View]
190224674This was surprisingly good. Haven’t enjoyed any movie quite like this in awhile. Are the other four …[View]
190226652>busters at the bbq, how do you respond?[View]
190225762>wow, I can't believe our heroes managed to defeat Strongest Villain McGee, thank science Go…[View]
190223294ITT Kino sunny episodes[View]
190226487how do you reply without sounding mad?[View]
190224293WEENIE AND THE BUTT[View]
190224468>most offensive simpsons character >only ones not likely to be cancelled…[View]
190226521>black character is asked to volunteer for a dangerous task >AWWW HELLL NAW YOU AINT FINNA SEN…[View]
190220879What role should Erika take on when the strike is over?[View]
190225234Could AI hypothetically finish unreleased or ruined kinos?[View]
190226383Why the FUCK can’t Hollywood stop emasculating Ryan Gosling against his will?[View]
190225927Why did his acting career never really take off? He was legit good in 8 Mile.[View]
190225337I totally forgot the Kill Bill movies existed, they basically totally disappeared from public consci…[View]
190224754how come jada dont want me, man?[View]
190225843Why is it so divisive?[View]
190224899Dear journal[View]
190226327What was his problem?[View]
190217524Its time[View]
190224499My favourite scene in Tomb Raider[View]
190222775Name 1 (one) SNL bit that is funny that didn't involve Norm. Even if you can, all the Norm bits…[View]
190226255>starboard full >>but sir, there are icebergs... >did I stutter?…[View]
190225781>alien invasion kino >people are fried with lasers, buildings are destroyed, humanity is bombe…[View]
190217027They took this from you[View]
190222396The best scene in Star Wars.: Change my mind.[View]
190225868>beat the wall >iconic roles in iconic films >dated the goose twice >somewhat autistic a…[View]
190226129he did nothing wrong[View]
190213445Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last good TV horror ho…[View]
190226035>Da Nang me, Da Nang me. Why don't they get a rope and hang me?[View]
190224491I'll miss boomers: I spent this evening watching Johnny Carson clips with a 74 year old neighbo…[View]
190224901Beau Is Afriad: What Did /tv/ Think Of Ari Asters Latest Masterpiece Beau Is Afraid (2023)[View]
190222489>has enough money to buy any slave he wants >opts to buy a prepubescent male child who would n…[View]
190225807Was it kino?[View]
190224790Streaming: does anyone else feel dumber watching streams? idk maybe i need to take a break from soc…[View]
190223096Is there a movies or television version of this? It would be a lot of work since for movies you coul…[View]
190223881He literally did nothing wrong[View]
190222820Can someone explain to me why the fuck this mtfr DID direct for George Lucas on the Indiana Jones tr…[View]
190224194This was a genuinely good, excellently-written movie when I was expecting a retarded comedy with a w…[View]
190220373>IM SORRY, I TRIED TO TAKE IT BACK BUT I COULDN’T >I COULDN’T TAKE IT BACK how did those south…[View]
190225362only pretty people have this problem[View]
190223419I did not care for The Sopranos.[View]
190223567Why even bother to hire Hollywood actors when no-names can act well?[View]
190218763Now just imagine for a second if this aired today.[View]
190223923So hen you get fat your life turns to shit?[View]
190223228Foundatoin: without foundation books star wars wouldn't exist and many other nerd movies. star …[View]
190223683>anime can't be ki-[View]
190224995Remember this Feud? So who won in the end?[View]
190224496This made greatest generationers piss and shit themselves in laughter[View]
190224056you just cost me six thousand dollars[View]
190220680IS she the /tv/ waifu?[View]
190225036What are some scenes where you got up and shouted 'KEEN GNOW!' in the theater?[View]
190223632Is there a single Japanese film that isn't absurdly overrated?[View]
190225000Was Ken's obsession with horses and innate assumption that they were linked with patriarchy som…[View]
190222857Je suis le Gherkhin, Mortimer! >Pourquoi êtes-vous un cornichon? JE SUIS LE GHERKHINRICHARD!!!!…[View]
190220628*lights cigar* WEEELLLLLLLLLL[View]
190223507Who thought this scene was a good idea?[View]
190224376NO DeAn! The sexy DEMON lady had sex with me ThAt MeAnS wE cAn TrUsT hEr NoW!!!!!!![View]
190224449Kiki a cute.[View]
190224300>Our main villain Hitler and his right-hand man, uh, Himmler >He killed totally innocent peopl…[View]
190224283>I want to write a story about the 1921 Tulsa race riots but I know no one will watch it, so let…[View]
190224791Dean Martin: His son crashed his fighter plan in 1987... It was a different country then.[View]
190224154>greatest movie of all times. I can name at least 10 movies that are objectively better than the…[View]
190224649lmao is this the most autistic movie ever?[View]
190220292the show ended when he died[View]
190223317Did his life really suck this damn bad?[View]
190224656Why is /tv/ not talking about the coc and twink parties of Hollywood?[View]
190222492Say something nice about All The Jedi[View]
190224224WHAT THE DEUCE?[View]
190222788Any movies about Big Mongol Cock?[View]
190219942Holy fuck, Denzel is the greatest actor of our generation. Why does he waste his time on the Equaliz…[View]
190221627Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.[View]
190221477Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
190224608Remember band documentaries?[View]
190222884>The republic in the prequels is shown as stagnant, inefficient, and overall backwards >not go…[View]
190224168Sometimes I wonder if Brad Pitt would still be handsome if he was born as a version of himself with …[View]
190223245This scene just oozes coolness[View]
190206655Kino music videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRpeEdMmmQ0[View]
190219882Will DUNC 2 use the J-word?[View]
190224279All these years later and I'm still mad about this[View]
190223355i liked it[View]
190216505MCU PRODUCTION STORIES: From the new book about the creation of Marvel Studios. >The Incredible H…[View]
190223751The Continental: Haven't seen any thread about this show. I thought the first EP was pretty go…[View]
190223586Imagine being Mickey: >not out of anybody's league physically >can knock people out in on…[View]
190219870So The Emperor originally was just a politician who could use the dark side?[View]
190224012My cute autistic wife Chloe[View]
190223057If this was written today it would be >I did not care for Endgame (or capeshit in general)…[View]
190224158STOP. HELPING.[View]
190223131how many shows have been ruined by recasts?[View]
190223492Starship Troopers: >Reviews were generally dismissive of the central cast, describing them as 'no…[View]
190220700What are the best Latina/white man romance films?[View]
190223528Star Wars is BACK: The recent episode was the best Star Wars content we've had in a long time. …[View]
190213809>over a year later >trans people still exist and Trans rights still getting better worldwide W…[View]
190219023>I go to baskin robbins every night and treat myself to a lil' treat…[View]
190223750Are you spongeworthy?[View]
190217302What went so right?[View]
190221044This is an ahistorical myth. It never happened. It was made up. It's fiction. Prove me wrong. …[View]
190222573Just finished. What did it think of it /tv/?[View]
190223798>maybe some of the things you post...aren't God's favorite[View]
190223747Guess the film: Post a frame from a film, others have to guess the film.[View]
190223695>You got a little cream on your mouth there, sweetie. I'd be happy to add to it. He just wan…[View]
190223417>the charges, first officer?[View]
190221887ITT: post a movie without posting a movie[View]
190222710HEY HEY, MY MY[View]
190223181Is it worth the watch, /tv/?[View]
190222767I used to not fully understand this movie but I just rewatched it since I was a teenager and finally…[View]
190220924Michael Landon: Politically and socially I might disagree with Michael Landon but he's still on…[View]
190223286issuing a correction on a previous thread of mine, regarding the giant green lizard from Rugrats. yo…[View]
190209808>conservatives want LIVE BABIES to they can raise them to be DEAD SOLDIERS Wow...…[View]
190222094What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
190223132What are the best sports documentaries?[View]
190222935One of the most attractive actresses in the Wheel of Time is a non-binary minor antagonist.: Wtf wer…[View]
190221813>sit down at bar >random hot chick sits down with you is it really like this?…[View]
190222963>Look at you. It's Saturday night. A grown-up man sitting at home watching TV. You should go…[View]
190223070Star Wars needs to clean house of everything Disney and Filoni related if it ever wants a chance to …[View]
190218816OH NO NO NO Black Mirror: Beyond the Sea (2023) bros HOW DO WE COPE ?[View]
190223008Is anyone on /tv/ capable of beating Bobby Flay?[View]
190220131We now return to /tv/ - Television & Film.[View]
190211887>own director says the movie is shit and will bomb What went so wrong? How can the sequel to a bi…[View]
190219851GTA 6 KINOS: post every florida kino I need to watch before this hits >scarface >dexter >mi…[View]
190221824New John Boyega plushie announced[View]
190222533Benis Back: Benis Back[View]
190221003If you're good at something, always do it for free.[View]
190222231Other than Withnail, has Bruce Robinson made any other good kino? Or a one hit wonder?[View]
190221157Theon, my child murdering friend. You're a good man.[View]
190214764Trying to decide on a kino for tonight. Is this worth a watch?[View]
190220815Why is he so scary anyway? Recently rewatched the film and he really is the best /tv/ villain ever[View]
190222617Recasting ideas: I would love Polar Express more if they used Brad Pitt instead of Tom Hanks as the …[View]
190218483I don't understand, why did they get into spandex suits to fight? It offers no protection at al…[View]
190221480Well, what the hell we s'posed to do, ya moe ron?[View]
190222491letterboxd liberals hated it therefore its kino and good[View]
190222477Was it kino?[View]
190222388Me walking to my seat in the theater during a romcom screening, passing by all of the couples holdin…[View]
190222512kinos about coffee?[View]
190221161Watches of /tv/ Post celebrities and actors wearing your favorite watches Starting off with Michael …[View]
190222425Post your favorite movie based on a true crime story[View]
190222382My new film/series is coming out. You are going to watch it, aren't you[View]
190222276What does /tv/ think of Alien 3?[View]
190197035Wheel of Time #666: chiad a cute edition[View]
190220462Now that the dust has settled, which film was the best in the Skywalker Saga? Which one was the wors…[View]
190221752He didn't go down without a fight[View]
190222164THE BOYS: he's back[View]
190218441it's gonna be total trash[View]
190221358Did this guy really shit his pants?[View]
190220216Worst movie experience: I dragged my mom to see this when I was 15. They played a short in the begi…[View]
190221905Why did this trigger the Chudzi so much?[View]
190222193So are they going to remake King Of The Hill or not?[View]
190221041How can an Aliens videogame be better than most of the Aliens movies?[View]
190218984What was the /tv/erdict on this?[View]
190185212Disney Star Wars going to shit >Creates out of nowhere a cute (evil?) goth girl for the new show …[View]
190218756unironically how could they have fucked up a hit this badly[View]
190171141>Tons of documentaries >Recent true crime events that made international news Why hasn'…[View]
190219331Scared, Potter?[View]
190222002I was skimming through this last night before sleep: It's actually amazing just how far Pixar h…[View]
190222010What is Takashi Miike's issue?[View]
190220482>try Netflix comedian >show immediately turns into fuck whitey hour…[View]
190219016what's the 2023 equivalent of 'fat guy in a little coat'?[View]
190213110Series that will never be adapted because of ONE scene? You know the one. THE one.[View]
190220834Funniest shit, possibly ever in a movie: Slow the brick scene from home alone 2 to 0.5x speed (on th…[View]
190214420aw HELL NAH[View]
190220358Postin on /tv/? That's a paddlin'[View]
190221448Here's that starved tribute I was telling you about[View]
190218133Was Bojack a good show? I really like the charecters, they feel realistic, the script is good. There…[View]
190221291>that time king of the hill tried to compare eating dog with eating rabbit I love koth but what t…[View]
190221582>morally grey themes[View]
190221747Rate My Theory: It is indisputable that Hollywood is replacing redhead characters with blacks. Pic r…[View]
190221686Any good videos (or maybe even movies) about diggers (people who explore deep underground for fun). …[View]
190217592Normkino is currently free on YouTube. https://youtu.be/jAsgMpwX5uk[View]
190219142>The Kiss is an 1896 film, and was one of the first films ever shown commercially to the public. …[View]
190218744Favorite movie quotes: Pic related is mine[View]
190218170Howcome we never see people taking a shit in movies[View]
190214836/bb/ big brother 25: SCARY WEEK: NO HOH / NO VETO / NO NOMS ZOMBIES: Cam and Jared previously on /bb…[View]
190214968New Miyazaki film coming out with almost 0 advertising >General Matsui Iwane, a stern and battle-…[View]
190221304Is morbius so bad its enjoyable or is it just straight shit[View]
190219513What actor would you like to have a 30 minute conversation with? Completely off the record just 1 on…[View]
190220948Is anyone watching this shit? Is it bad or kino?[View]
190219467What show makes you hungry?[View]
190221451When is Sony going to give up on this Spider-Man C-tier villains shared universe?[View]
190219155>show about Rome >Cast is filled with bongs and not a single romanian actor I don't get i…[View]
190221426Literally unwatchable.[View]
190217268>let my sister borrow my blu ray box set of Twin Peaks >get it back today >the disks are in…[View]
190221375I would have murder-suicided her and her husband right there and then. Simple as.[View]
190218975>claims to know everything >throws hissy fits when he sees others breaking rules >he compla…[View]
190217048ITT: we come up with stunts for Tom Cruise[View]
190221192BEN? ERIC?[View]
190221101Jizz music?: Um actually it's jatz music now grandpa[View]
190214473i want the REAL kino cult classics: for reference i do believe oldboy is a 10/10. some of my favorit…[View]
190219749I want to go back, boys[View]
190221024I just wanna lay this on you cats and then I'll split. Now I am declaring war on anyone who shi…[View]
190207693>Look at you. It's Saturday night. A grown-up man sitting at home watching TV. You should go…[View]
190208450https://youtu.be/R7xwamrlajI?si=7LbJAoLV4whXDBIH What’s the best movie about hangin out with the boy…[View]
190211591Realistically speaking, what would you do in this situation?[View]
190218612how would you continue or reboot the series for a modern audience?[View]
190220057what will I think of it: worth seeing? the box art and creepy face haunted my childhood but i I neve…[View]
190219512get up[View]
190217250The only things keeping me alive are retro games and this oddly enough this one scene from home alon…[View]
190219020>Only a master of evil, Darth Was this considered a sick burn in the 1970's?…[View]
190219949I cried[View]
190220649If you want to post, there's a bench over there.[View]
190220387>Saturday night Why are you here?[View]
190212737/sg/ - Stewie General: Victory edition[View]
190220477This is actually funny and kino. Just rewatched it, most stuff holds up.[View]
190219314Who won?[View]
190220183Is this where the term “slampig” originated from?[View]
190219852What where they?[View]
190218801ahm..... fellow caretakers.... i have an..... 'announcement' ....[View]
190218760Cats the musical: I thought this was the hottest fucking musical I have ever seen. I don't know…[View]
190218359I'm going to kill myself tomorrow[View]
190215233YOU SHALL NOT PASS[View]
190216790>The wound will never fully heal. He will carry it for the rest of his life.…[View]
190220052SAY IT[View]
190215782Why didnt he just shoot the fox?[View]
190217732My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me.[View]
190215468mmmMMMMMMMM the Dark Crystal/Age of Resistance..... now that was a good movie/show......[View]
190216254Post dystopian kinos[View]
190220246Best Husbando: Detective Nick Amaro from SVU[View]
190219272Tokyo Drift: Absolute unfiltered kino, and I'm tired of pretending otherwise[View]
190220155R E P T I L E[View]
190220048>Oh my science...so fricken true >Jamal! Come over and watch this cartoon written for children…[View]
190219449Name a better one liner Hard mode, no terminator[View]
190218692It's crazy how much more chemistry she had with Mulder than Scully did.[View]
190214464Family Guy Season 8: Was Family Guy season 8 haunted? My friend killed himself by autodecapitation a…[View]
190219901did they ever find his penis?[View]
190217951>I'm just a simple farm girl >that's why I wear the most convoluted outfit conceived…[View]
190219802How would a conversation between Anton and Tyler Durden go?[View]
190219868>hey girl I know you were just sexually harassed and nearly murdered but... wanna dance?…[View]
190219828This is a Van Damme good movie[View]
190217721Evil Dead Rise fucking sucked[View]
190218521moments when it was ok for men to cry[View]
190216075Remember the porgs? Disney frantically tried to shove them down our throats as the cutesy lil mascot…[View]
190219653Why is WB racist? Just not gonna make a black man the star of his own movie?[View]
190217333>2 years until Fast X: 2[View]
190217449>Instantly appears with super speed >Something happens that is preventable with super speed …[View]
190215522Hilda at Ottawa day 2: Pearson and Coyle panel on Hilda art earlier today. The guy even signed shit…[View]
190213379/tv/: >woman with tattoo? fucking DROPPED also /tv/: >omg he’s sooooo cool and literally me…[View]
190215948What's the best samurai film?[View]
190217129>The name’s Man. Bat Man[View]
190209467Vincent Price[View]
190214943YO: CHECK US OUT[View]
190218737Midway: wtf, it's actually good. How did Emmerich do it?[View]
190213772Why does Quentin hate Bruce Lee so much? Did Lee say something negative about a black person or some…[View]
190216555It’s not fucking fair. That gay homo faggot piece of shit Kylo Ren is going to kill my boy. All I wa…[View]
190218810>what no father does to an mf[View]
190219316>turn back.[View]
190218620He deserved the win fuck this[View]
190216077Christine (2016): >She left no suicide note. A week before she died, she mentioned to Rob Smith, …[View]
190219066Why is this?: American Protagonist >Soicuck >Wageslave >Couch potato >Brooding in small …[View]
190217189She was such a stupid cunt: Seriously, why did they make her such a snarky, cunt faced, retarded bit…[View]
190219170Pure, unadultered, KINO.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5y47IRLpEs[View]
190218462How can storytellers in television & film break free from these confines?[View]
190216388fucking retarded they just gendered swapped your average flick from the early to mid 2000s and then…[View]
190214969BITCHES LEAVE[View]
190216123The Great Debate[View]
190214864>mfw it became true[View]
190218846When did they abandon their own rules? Interesting to an audience is 'what if toys came to life and …[View]
190211079Just finished wathcing Dredd and it was awesome. Wish we had more movies like this.[View]
190218351THX 1138: SPOILERS Did he return to the underground? Maybe he just laid down and died? …[View]
190218053the earth keeps rocking: is it normal for the film maker's process to be so slow?[View]
190217570Why is there so much cuckoldry?[View]
190214715Is it time we had this conversation?[View]
190218870strange movies with this feel[View]
190218787>heres that guy in his mid 30's i was tellin you about[View]
190217960>episode title is the name of the show[View]
190218091>70 million Eurosharts die in another stupid war they caused >America is somehow the only vict…[View]
190215795>husband tells his friend he has a beautiful bride at his wedding >light his car on fire when…[View]
190218776>give her your coat >why me? >because you're perfect How do you respond without soundi…[View]
190217559You should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three states.[View]
190218043>this is the greatest knee slapping humor in america Why is this show praised so much?…[View]
190218623Is it kino?: Moner may be /tv/'s wet dream but let's face it, she's not a good enough…[View]
190210636Just watched this kino today. I just imagine how triggered the /pol/tards who post here felt lol.[View]
190217561Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190218151>I don't understand.[View]
190217791Good morning sirs My name is Baskin Robert and you redeemed my father. Prepare to do the needful![View]
190217854>being a rat is le bad even doe they're much more intelligent than mice…[View]
190218024Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
190218504Kinos about the pROTestant “reformat*on”?[View]
190218428The baskin roberts trust fund band first started with this movie, seth's father worked as anima…[View]
190215006Why don’t they just give us what we want. Fag Hollan sucks as Spider-Man. His Homo-series is over. L…[View]
190214636Julia Louis Dreyfus: What are her best roles? I've only seen pic related[View]
190215571FUCK YOU ASSHOLE[View]
190217581I've watched this movie three times and I still don't know who the villian is? I think it …[View]
190216395>just hours after seeing her home world with all her family and friends get obliterated and Kenob…[View]
190217861Does Chinatown have the darkest ending of all time?[View]
190207091This has gone on too far. Who is being unreasonable?[View]
190217174Best movie you have seen.[View]
190218215>'check fuel gauge /tv/ 1 and 2'[View]
190217607I want to find where they hid this film, steal it and release it on torrent more than 100 years earl…[View]
190216001Am i just a brainlet schizo or was this the most incomprehensible epsiode of any TV show ever made? …[View]
190217577>be teen in the 2000s >watch this shitty show at 05:00 AM desperately hoping to see some titty…[View]
190217492WHERE THE FUCK IS BEN?[View]
190218054Did Michael Cusack jump the shark?: Smiling Friends was great but this show looks ugly and from what…[View]
190211983ITT: characters who are literally you[View]
190217981Could it be possible? A custodian of content on a popular imageboard that does it all for no compens…[View]
190217346What are the best cryptid kinos?[View]
190216570>The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy >Slips on a banana peel, hits the ship, and falls…[View]
190217923/tv/ thoughts on American Graffiti? I was shocked that Lucas did anything else besides stars wars, e…[View]
190217823Zoro, the first mate of Luffy[View]
190217451Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air I never thought I could feel so free Flyin' awa…[View]
190214729Justified: Just started to watch this show. What am in for?[View]
190216826I don't feel so good, bros.[View]
190217741I know you anons have been through a lot but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the r…[View]
190216714Edward G. Robinson[View]
190211103Watched this for the first time last night. I didn't dislike it but I'm not really sure wh…[View]
190217239Star Trek Lower Deck: >first 4 episodes are fine, jokes a bit lame >fifth episode is a cuckhol…[View]
190216381Why did HIMYM get completely forgotten?: I get that its aged but scenes like this hit hard. https://…[View]
190216416Vin Kino Is Chronicles of Riddick the best of the best Vin kinos? What is your favorite Vin Diesel m…[View]
190214154>you imagined yourself in the empty seat Admit it bros..[View]
190216148Is anyone else hoping talk shows never come back on the air?[View]
190209137/hor/ - Horror General: Invisible Men edition Previous >>190198872[View]
190217460>Do you know Tyler Durden?[View]
190212238'Hey Bart, it's Saturday night. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'[View]
190217467>I just got screamed at by Freddy Krueger.[View]
190217296What's the name of that movie?: I saw part of a movie several years ago, maybe around 2005. I …[View]
190213702What is it about these films that filter so many midwits (ie 90% of /tv/)?[View]
190217423Would you have a drink with a war criminal?[View]
190216606fucking kek[View]
190215962Earth angel, earth angel Please be mine My darling dear love you for all time[View]
190215461He was too old to play Ken[View]
190213373>the year of our lord 2023 >not having a home theater to watch your kinos If you don't ha…[View]
190205402Holy shit this is bad. Such lazy filmmaking[View]
190217298Thank Dougie.[View]
190189617/trek/: Crossover Edition Previous: >>190178520[View]
190215071Behold the future of music: in 10 years, this is how all music will be made. Real life human beings …[View]
190217177I have an idea: 4chan should add an option where every time you report a post you have the choice to…[View]
190214839howard was a scumbag[View]
190214521>Dude, I’ve got a movie to show you[View]
190211910IS THIS CAMERA ON ME?[View]
190177528>All aboard.[View]
190214325Post your favorite YouTube kino: Quick, before tranny jannies delete this because they don't wa…[View]
190217087'Not so fast. I want to court this fair young maiden.' 'There's something you should know about…[View]
190215176Actually inspirational films: GF and I just broke up. Suggest some movies that display actual meani…[View]
190214605Finna start this kino. What am I in for bros?[View]
190211920The joke is... he's eating?[View]
190216517What's more kino in movies? >Two enemies settle a dispute with a game of chance or strategy …[View]
190216695>Movie set on planet called earth >The 'black' people are bad, the 'white' people are good …[View]
190213003Was Jesse the ultimate cuck? Why throw everything away for a spic kid that wasn't even his?[View]
190213932Remember when Rihanna was in that movie?[View]
190214893The moment DBZ peaked[View]
190213508Kino, and im tired of pretending otherwise ![View]
190216749The FBI Files: Slept on crimekino[View]
190214805Marge Simpson: I thought she was hot and I used to dream about fucking her as I was standing up and …[View]
190215657Birdman suck balls! Thank God Keaton could return as Batman in The Flash. Ending his heroic career w…[View]
190215317The Devil's Plan: on Netflix September 26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtaLR2G-zmc https://w…[View]
190215308Gandalf the Grey? more like Gandalf the GAY! IN REAL LIFE![View]
190216567FIND A FLAW[View]
190208333I drank the vodka[View]
190206937Best post-apocalyptic movies? I've seen: >28 Days Later >28 Weeks Later >The Road (fav…[View]
190215229Just watched the sopranos episode “cold cuts”. >mfw[View]
190214718>Odds? >Or evens? >Call it.…[View]
190216173So, let me get this right: all of the incel trolls that everybody hates, just needs people to be kin…[View]
190215831>september >i'm forgotten[View]
190212168So I watched Y: The Last Man for the tits (terrible show otherwise) but it got me thinking, what wou…[View]
190216529>watch Charles Manson: The Lost Tapes documentary >they act the same way people used to act 60…[View]
190216004I don't get it. Is he supposed to be a badass? He looks like an accountant.[View]
190212198>Hundreds of thousands of adults [are] lining up to see characters and situations that had been c…[View]
190215642>I'm... scared, sir.[View]
190215899anyone watched Fridays? this shit blows SNL out of the fucking water[View]
190213699Watch The Nun II[View]
190213230Will she get her brapper out?[View]
190210232Was Margot Robbie a good Harley Quinn. Will Gunn bring Robbie back for his universe?[View]
190194719>it's another 'Truman loses all hope for happiness in this life and starts desiring an etern…[View]
190211704What did the ending mean?[View]
190209834>Character with conservative view learns a lesson changes to a more progressive view in the end W…[View]
190215526Klaus Schwab: How much power does this guy really have?[View]
190214309Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Just rewatched this and I can't help but think that the Slaughter fam…[View]
190215275>Goku gets turned into a kid. >Have to get his old body back in the same way it happened. >…[View]
190215533slept on movies: cute movie[View]
190215919Hot Fuzz: this movie pretty mid but yall pretend to like it cos it doesn't have BIPOC in it cri…[View]
190213768>he creates imaginary movies in his head with precise storytelling and dialogue paired with an al…[View]
190205865What am I in for?[View]
190215281This is an abusive relationship, change my mind[View]
190215482Why does /tv/ like japanese movies so damn much?[View]
190212885The world is split in two categories: one thinks this scene is about turning young men into blank sl…[View]
190214214IT'S OVER: >WGA & Studio CEOs Near Deal Finish Line, Working On Fine Print https://deadl…[View]
190213940For your crimes you will be forced to watch all of your favorite pre-2005 programs in a widescreen f…[View]
190201030Was the 2000s the last great decade to be a kid?[View]
190213961Post Saturday night kino watch: Rewatching this tonight on YT. What kino is everyone else watching t…[View]
190213549From the twisted butthole of James Cameron, comes a story...[View]
190215471>ahhh my head hurts[View]
190215380hey guys,look what i bough from the kino store[View]
190215171/Mad Men/: > it’s a Pete episode Why were they so comfy bros?[View]
190215194I liked it[View]
190211766Was it really peak kino?[View]
190215402Post a movie from the year you were born[View]
190212558did you have a good childhood in terms of content to consume?[View]
190213209I thought this guy was an expert?[View]
190214587The Searchers: Why was Ethan so quick to give up on Debbie after spending five years of his life jus…[View]
190207353Kiernan Shipka travels back in time to stop a serial killer in Blumhouse's TOTALLY KILLER: http…[View]
190207271ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK[View]
190213752Hey /tv/? Do yourself a favor: don’t fall in love with a YouTuber[View]
190215225>zero kinos about the greatest kinoture of all time[View]
190206336Jimmy Carr is based now?[View]
190213518>weed is… le EVIL[View]
190206840Why did the Chinese government let this one go?[View]
190207215this guy is totally a nonce, right?[View]
190214803She's Voldemort's daughter[View]
190214884ONIMUSHA CHADS eating good tonight.[View]
190214861H0ow tomurdger your husband: Kino or oh-no? looks good to me, but I want to be sure before I waste m…[View]
190209384Thoughts of 'the swimmer'?[View]
190213880Make it stop[View]
190214761Saturday night: Why are you here?[View]
190214686heard you were talking shit /tCKYv/[View]
190214676But my phone call, it was not finished. I protest, verbally, and in writing later.[View]
190213823Watchin N Eatin: What are you watching and eating tonight /tv/? Got myself a Hungry Man, and a half …[View]
190214378>anon, someday this sag asatru thing is gonna end[View]
190202597/bb/ Big Brother 25: SCARY WEEK: NO HOH / NO VETO / NO NOMS ZOMBIES: Cam and Jared previously on…[View]
190209668What went wrong?[View]
190214469Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): The galleria?[View]
190213833What is the point of this room?: Was Wonka preparing his Oompa Loompas for war?[View]
190214445When will we get movie adaptations of classic Flash games?[View]
190213347need some kinos to raise my spirit[View]
190213598>I'm just a trust fund band[View]
190213780>Scorsese has also chosen to name filmmakers throughout the years that he admires such as fellow …[View]
190213848My le plane...le killed people[View]
190213377Anyone else love watching TV on their old CRT tv? It's so comfy and soulful, but I rarely do it…[View]
19021299360fps soap opera style in shows is good[View]
190213739This is not what I expected. I've seen both Terrifier movies, but this is the first one I didn…[View]
190213286>Its a Hal episode[View]
190213725They dont make kinos like this anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPpLpA48FkY[View]
190211859Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: >SHUT UUUUUUUP!![View]
190214145/tv/, be brutally honest. would a producer pick up this movie idea? a story of a blackpilled incel t…[View]
190204178>for years /tv/ has been saying ghost in the shell is kino >watch it >it sucks I can't…[View]
190214059did i hear a blu-ray case open, what are we watching anon?[View]
190214103What does /tv/ think of all the negroes on TV and in movies?[View]
190213930Bros we won...looks like kino will be back on the menu soon[View]
190210928mockumentary thread: >A mockumentary (a portmanteau of mock and documentary) is one type of film …[View]
190213288bane?: bane?[View]
190211431>characters trousers fall down exposing boxer shorts with love hearts on them…[View]
190213374Show me the most fucked up documentaries right fucking now[View]
190212245>yeah so *lips smack* like the award goes to *turns baseball cap backwards* like some dude i don…[View]
190193007>fires half of the original ILM team out of spite, later destroys their hard work with the specia…[View]
190213922Is the reason why this never gets mentioned alongside tombstone, dancing with wolves, or unforgiven …[View]
190213698>waddles in front of your path[View]
190212784What the FUCK was her problem??[View]
190211542Holy fuck...[View]
190212271How did this fugly ape looking brute end up being cast as the most alpha male movie franchise charac…[View]
190212275Why is there no cripples and retards among the Na'vi? Is James Cameron a chud? Where is the div…[View]
190213245What am I in for?[View]
190213181>space jews Why is this trope so common?[View]
190212145fantasy adventure flicks: I desperately wanted this to be good but its impossible for me to even mak…[View]
190200342Why didn't Joker report this guy for mowing down unarmed civilians in the AO[View]
190213063/who/ Doctor Who General: 60th Anniversary Trailer Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEkC6InjW…[View]
190213031why do nips still use intertitles?[View]
190213570Post your top 3 gosling-kino.[View]
190213464Scooby-Doo: Truly a man of substance.[View]
190213534Gayniggers from Outer Space[View]
190211645>only male character that doesn't get brutally murdered and rapidly cast aside isn't pl…[View]
190195685The X-Files: I was a kid when the original X-Files series was still coming out and didn't watch…[View]
190213265A really close call A bit over 12 hours ago, My hand accidentally rubbed on my 'area'. ove…[View]
190213033why didn't he just become a limo driver instead?[View]
190213297What did they mean by this?[View]
190212035Who is more justified?[View]
190210468>just buy some new clothes bro[View]
190212717Will Stranger Things season 5 blow the roof off the building or will it be a dribbling disappointmen…[View]
190212162Snow White & Hunter Schafer linked up for the Hunger Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxW_…[View]
190209062The Rover: This is a good movie you should watch it.[View]
190213338https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xldQ3EI5h5Q&ab_channel=DarthWalnut Is this the proper Spoorloss …[View]
190213175Game of Thrones: What went wrong?[View]
190210293i'm a murderer and rapist of women[View]
190212155what other movies are like this?: recently watched this and really enjoyed it. not a huge fan of rit…[View]
190211233SPINO: The CHAD of the JP movies[View]
190202973How is it possible for a 1980 movie to look this good?[View]
190211489movies where actors play themselves[View]
190211206Why doesn't Harry Potter have an Expanded Universe like Star Wars?[View]
190213151For me? It's Coraline.[View]
190211054This movie was surprisingly good.[View]
190210646>What the heck is Svengoolie?[View]
190210624Yewan Yafrenz was fucking built in Perfect Storm[View]
190212984I wish this technology was real so I could erase her from my memory.[View]
190212539They don't make kino like this anymore. Everything today is shit[View]
190211641uhhh hello?: kino department?[View]
190212126How would you adapt it?[View]
190208524Even for a sitcom this pairing is unbelievable. Kim is an attractive up-and-comer at a successful la…[View]
190212972London 2005: Do you guys remember how good this film was? https://youtu.be/aUfMdoiDgLc?si=jA73_opA9…[View]
190194175Did Palpatine really just lose to Windu or was he faking to bait Anakin into believing the Jedi were…[View]
190212971Comfy American Dad thread, favourite Episode?[View]
190209070Why were 90s movies pure copium?: >4 years on an island >Raped a volleyball >Probably devo…[View]
190212186You're clearly outnumbered.[View]
190208240couldn't they at least hire an attractive trans actress?[View]
190205130/bcs/: bring it back... bring it back[View]
190210922Frasier bros, how are we all feeling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz--6tGukuw&t[View]
190211919i've only seen the first one. are the sequels worth watching?[View]
190212767SAW: ITT: SAW >Hello Jessica, >You have spent your fertile years a cold and heartless woman. …[View]
190212766I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe![View]
190209440What would you do if you switched bodies with your mother?[View]
190212639https://strawpoll.com/ajnEO5eGjZW What's your favorite Star Trek show and favorite Star Wars mo…[View]
190212393>Only a master of evil, Darth. How do you respond eithout sounding angry?…[View]
190212459>ACK ACK ACK ACK[View]
190212483Skoopski Potatoes?[View]
190211959how the fuck would law enforcement even knew about Jesse being captive?[View]
190208380holy shit this is good[View]
190211622For me, it's The Matchmaker (S02E03)[View]
190194488What the fuck happened to Joseph Gordon Levitt? He was everywhere for like 5 years and then disappea…[View]
190211097>OOGA BOOGA BOOGA This was really racist in retrospect[View]
1902120531-900-OK-FACE: do you like to party, /tv/? For me, it’s Bijoux…[View]
190211925>You don't look like a runner to me. More like the quiet type. How do you respond without so…[View]
190210984Friendly reminder that this shit was so popular because it was the best capeshit ever put to screen.…[View]
190212130First official photo released of Tom Sharp as Merlin in The Daily Wire's adaption of King Arthu…[View]
190212098baby driver: new personality just dropped why didnt you tell me this was pure unfiltered kino?…[View]
190208204>film ends >Audience starts clapping[View]
190211602The Ending Was Abysmal: His heroic death ending was peak cringe and fanservice populist pandering. I…[View]
190211367>manlet >receding hairline >constantly angry and destructive >has a whore for a wife who…[View]
190211999Any other movies like the last seduction?[View]
190206727Why not animated Batman movie?: Seeing this trailer has given me an idea https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
190209973Alright listen up you fucking puke faggots. I dont want any bullshit or any of your gay pedo shit I …[View]
190212002Wish everybody a very tittalicious weekend /tv/[View]
190209974Are mid-range Samsungs Tvs bad?: I'm thinking of getting the CU7000 65 inch 4K smart tv. It…[View]
190210677Literally me.[View]
190205814>Anon mans up and turns his life around to protect the girl he likes and grew up with >Saves h…[View]
190211935Gogglebox: Who are you favourite goggleboxers? For me its abbey[View]
190210549OH N-[View]
190208142Star Wars General /swg/: Why did they make him Elon Musk?[View]
190210737>That one film that aired on TV that you were fascinated with What was it?…[View]
190211538From the twisted ass of James Cameron...[View]
190202725troon sisters.... we finally made it[View]
190210574I just watched cars 3. It was kino, cars is a really underrated trilogy[View]
190211658>gets called the flirting master >all he does is call them beautiful over and over like a simp…[View]
190206598Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice[View]
190203603it's fucking over[View]
190208403>inform my date that instead of going to the theater, we will be watching Blue Streak at my place…[View]
190199459cast him/it[View]
190207689Who was the peak James Bond and why was it Pierce Brosnan?[View]
190207183Do Americans really have 3+ home phone devices in their houses?[View]
190211555seriously, how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
190211117If David Chase were to make a Sopranos sequel/spinoff, what characters should it focus on?[View]
190208242You can say what you want about Sanford at least you know there'd be no paki rape gang nor gips…[View]
190211230>the fuck you lookin’ at, faggot? how do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
190207615Best movies about gaslighting?[View]
190211434what was his fucking problem?[View]
190204640I don't understand ALF. It's about some sort of fuzzy animal guy so my first thought is th…[View]
190211424Morfbros... we are so back[View]
190210831Reach for the sky[View]
190211084>'don't mind me officer's I'm just clowning around :D'[View]
190208315>Anakin having a padawan Cringe and goes against the films' depiction of the Jedi council…[View]
190208084This... is God[View]
190205640Why did Tarantino decide to make her lover African?[View]
190211187He was the most based character in the show[View]
190201288Are Daria and Jane lesbians?[View]
190205102>The item is a head scarf, fool, I crafted it in your distinctive hues.…[View]
190208428How is this series still popular among the people? Why no legacyquel or reboot?[View]
190211066>How bout a bumber sandwich, Booger Lips[View]
190191049Sound of Freedom's box office is $210 million and counting: >Sound of Freedom has smashed bo…[View]
190209750What the fuck was his problem (on the right)[View]
190211042King of the Hill episodes by production code release: Season 1 Pilot 'Square Peg' 'The Order of the …[View]
190211001true kinema[View]
190208047what's her best work?[View]
190210312ey rig[View]
190206218>Defeating the aliens by the power of dancing Kino trope[View]
190208496>How can I find you? >'I'll find you'…[View]
190210199Let me in /tv/, what the fuck[View]
190210592>saturday night Why are you here?[View]
190209600Kinostations: Thoughts?[View]
190205231>you m-make muh pee-pee tingle How did they get away with this?[View]
190199843>boyfriend doesn't invite me to a small wedding >order a 12 piece chicken meal and feed h…[View]
190210752Mmmmm nom nom nom nom all Nightmare on Elm Street films suck shit[View]
190209498Bill Maher's Club Random With Quentin Tarantino: >Oh shit, we're out of pot.…[View]
190204570>still funny in 2023 how tf did they do it?[View]
190207970I watched Severance, am I going crazy or was it just an attempted remake of LOST?[View]
190204466What is the best episode of Bar Rescue?[View]
190210345ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK[View]
190210694GO ON AND GET FREE[View]
190209197>The Hunger Games >Cuckoo >Mother Mary Will Hunter finally make it big?…[View]
190208999Just finished season 1 of the boys. I have not been this turned on in a long time. I didnt know I wa…[View]
190209584Albert Fish: With the rise of true crime, why has he never gotten a proper bio-series?[View]
190210373Realistically speaking, what would you do in this a situation?[View]
190209331*is the best Ghibli movie in your path* Triggered Porco Rosso fags need not post itt[View]
190209516>go to theater >Every seat has a tablet with two buttons >Throughout the movie a prompt pop…[View]
190209163What are the best Giallo films?[View]
190208750Can it ever possibly be surpassed as the one true kid kino?[View]
190206887Why wasn't this film promoted better? Had it not been for Siskel and Ebert I never would'v…[View]
190210278Jenna Ortega career and roles discussion. What’s next for the Wednesday star?[View]
190209343Are you guys excited for the upcoming sequel series/film?[View]
190210185it's over[View]
190210228Star Wars bros we eatin good[View]
190209856>'See babe, then we leave seeding on so others can enjoy the same kino we're about to watch.…[View]
190209912>Films that zoomies and women will never understand[View]
190209841Why was this allowed?[View]
190209948What does she get out of doing dozens of sex scenes in movies?[View]
190209591wtf was his problem?[View]
190210113Drive (other characters): >Hobbles around all the time >Weak and cowardly >*Remembering thi…[View]
190209910>doesn't recognize the Joker with the mask on bravo nolan[View]
190209745Dealing with a break up and want to watch an extremely terrifying movie to distract me from it. What…[View]
190210002Why did millennials hate this so much? I mean it’s goofy but it’s not THAT bad; certainly not bad en…[View]
190203558Similar kino? In the mood for cozy medieval movies[View]
190209689when are we getting this kino with tobey and big guy[View]
190208252KINO That jab at Gladiator was fun[View]
190209751IT'S HAPPENING: /tv/ BTFO, again![View]
190209009I'm confused: How the fuck did Marge have so much political power in the real world??[View]
190209287Would they win if Mr Wolf didn't betray them for fox pussy?[View]
190209771Minch Yoda: Minch Yoda[View]
190208287>be jason >take manhattan[View]
190209597the sequel: when will he release it?[View]
190207342Scenes where men are allowed to cry[View]
190209629Does any other show represent the 2000s better?[View]
190209175>Kills western entertainment[View]
190209412If you blended Marge and Butters together, would you get margarine or butter?[View]
190209543>Mardy >Maaaaardy >I turned myself into a cult member, Mardy >I'm cult member Ruth…[View]
190209270What is his reaction here?[View]
190209472>freeze frame >record scratch >Yep. That's me. You're probably wondering how I go…[View]
190208694Hey everybody, let's all turn our desks backwards before Mrs. Krabappel shows up.[View]
190209432Why don’t nice girls explode?[View]
190209357Oppenheimer is just people talking in rooms[View]
190209318holy kino[View]
190209181What is the underlying message in this scene?[View]
190208168They should've made it the female Joker movie >mentally ill Marilyn gets bullied and abandon…[View]
190207172I thought this was supposed to be bad. it’s a darker interpretation of Spider-Man. also why the fuck…[View]
190208775ITT post youtube cringe pic unrelated[View]
190208217Do you think Lady Gaga will ever win an Oscar for acting?[View]
190198872/hor/ - Horror General: A Quiet Place to Poop In Edition Previously >>190182585[View]
190206276Fuck you! I like it.[View]
190207251He is alive: Confirmed Kino Loy is not dead and is back in season 2 Andor[View]
190204947diversity done right[View]
190192717>*produces 0 kinos*[View]
190206856Wtf did he mean by this[View]
190206980who was in the wrong here?[View]
190208435What are some good demon kinos?[View]
190207410F for strays[View]
190207485what did he mean by this bros?[View]
190208330/tv/ boomers, what can you guys tell me about PTEN? It's the channel that aired Babylon 5[View]
190207911How do you respond without sounding ma'am?[View]
190207680Titanic (1997) directed by James Cameron explores various themes, but its primary message revolves a…[View]
190206774You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, yo…[View]
190207600Give me a movie with a guy who really has a big shitty life and doesn't get away with it.[View]
190202553The Ring or The Grudge. Which is better? Which should I watch?[View]
190188953>Dora T. Explorer What kind of a name is that?[View]
190208366Fucking amazing. This is why I come here, bois. https://youtu.be/5cUNU8GkMso[View]
190207839This made millennials floozle their pantaloons[View]
190208225>Leaves the Band[View]
190208321Was he racist?: Most of the people he kills or tries to kill in the movie are minorities >the gu…[View]
190208263>Anon, I want you to promise me one thing... never see Star Wars movie or any other space opera o…[View]
190204056ITT, post essential Ottoman Kino: For me, its Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem (2015)[View]
190203498This scene was fucking gay af[View]
190208236If he had two lightsabers and 5 years of training, could he kill Palpatine?[View]
190205743Comfy Seinfeld thread, whats everyones favourite episode?[View]
190207830Anglo villains in movies: Why are anglos like this?[View]
190207123How accurate to the late 90s/early 00s is this?[View]
190206331Any other good schizocore? Or anything about characters searching for clues and decoding messages a …[View]
190208035What are your pronouns /tv/?[View]
190206948You will never stand on the roof looking at the city with your tomboy: >something in the way, mmm…[View]
190208083IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3YzpmGdJos[View]
190206883From the twisted mind of George Lucas...[View]
190205762>Side characters nobody cares about gets his own movie More cases of this?…[View]
190199387>start film >see this Oh, yeah. It's kino time.…[View]
190206632>comic relief idiot is actually the smartest character in the show[View]
190207606>stops having sex >becomes a genius Does it really work like that?…[View]
190205287>stabs you: Why is she such a bitch[View]
190202313Why didn’t they have bigger careers?[View]
190205851>I rearn to put corudo fishu on rice for 50 year, civirrian must pay 400 dorrar…[View]
190207910NEW CAGE KINO - BUTCHERS CROSSING TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJEOJbSuOvI >https://w…[View]
190204980How comes in every trilogy the third movie is the worst?[View]
190207884Shit's good, yo.[View]
190207621What will his next project be?[View]
190207731what are some movies for absolute uhhhh, retards? something you could call 'kino' uh[View]
190206748I haven't watched Filoni's Clone Wars. I only watched the animated movie. How come that An…[View]
190206068What's next for Bam and his television career?[View]

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