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115526120>WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?[View]
115533589/RBMK/ - I'll make it myfuckingself edition: What are the best documentaries anout Chernobyl co…[View]
115537926That's gonna be a zoinks from me dawg![View]
115537767Shoplifters: Just finished marathoning Shoplifters. What should I watch next?[View]
115539058Why does Hollywood doesn't cast more southern european men?[View]
115536028the biggest genius since Federico Fellini[View]
115538328>you can smell the psychosphere[View]
115537741You can only choose one.[View]
115539158>Look at all the wonderful things you have, Mr. Burns: King Arthur's Excalibur, the only exi…[View]
115537551There's a big guy. In back of this place. He's the one who's crashing it! I can see h…[View]
115537713https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwshvBGEAgo >seth rogen Will this manage to outdo the WOKE episod…[View]
115538835>Master Qui-Gon, what are midichlorians? And will they ever be relevant in future movies?…[View]
115538790>Uncle...... please shut the fuck up LMAOOOO YASSSSS CIS white men on suicide watch…[View]
115538612Bond. Bond Rambo: Fucking hell what a kino bow.[View]
115538624What was going through his mind?[View]
115538267Why was Bender not called out for sexual harassment and assault when he did this? https://www.youtub…[View]
115537883The Guard of Auschwitz: >Following the events of the Holocaust through the eyes of an SS Soldier.…[View]
115536563has anyone watched her newly released movie?[View]
115535358Why did people hate this? It's the best Terminator since T2.[View]
115536850How would Joffrey have dealt with Dany's invasion?[View]
115537548what does /tv/ think of this Blackino[View]
115532509>I thought you said he was a ghost Kowalski! >well sir it seems like we were looking for the w…[View]
115533710Have video games surpassed cinema as an artform? Modern games give you an experience (visuals, spect…[View]
115538305>new capeshit gets released >the villain is an evil version of the hero with the same or extre…[View]
115537651Don’t forget to buy Platinum From Epic Games’ new epic game, Dauntless! That’ll be 99.99 USD for PRE…[View]
115537775>'but this ship cant sink?!' -'>she was made by dirty bootlicking irish protestant loyalist wh…[View]
115536337>character is stressed >goes to the bathroom >he washes his face Why do they always do this…[View]
115538080Look at all this detail, Do we really need 4k-8k; Some times I think HD was a mistake[View]
115528412she is actually a professional singer too and so she was able to sing the songs in aladdin using her…[View]
115536156>based on a novel by Stephen King[View]
115530849Post historical events that deserve screen adaptations: Holodomor[View]
115533957>watch movie trailer >scroll down to the comments >'-So how many [whatever] do you want? -Y…[View]
115534133Ignoring his kino outfit at the end, why does Luke Skywalker look so strange/awful in Return of the …[View]
115538000/cinema/: This thread is for the discussion of 'serious' film (i.e. outside of blockbuster productio…[View]
115537614Kino fight scenes: Post em https://youtu.be/iwArlU4c2qA[View]
115533479>ITT: movies no one on /tv/ has watched but would enjoy[View]
115537943Aladdin (2019). No Review. I refuse.[View]
115535156>tfw your country roots for the tyrant that preferred to see their country destroyed instead of p…[View]
115537796I've been marathoning the early GoT episodes and I'm so confused by this. They capture Tom…[View]
115537605>NUH.... Naughty's zends what?[View]
115536752why didn't they just work with the based Nazis?[View]
115537646>2019 >still no film adaptation Could it even be done?…[View]
115529662This fucking sucked[View]
115536635Kino for that feel[View]
115535605>stupid fucking white man[View]
115537754do good films make you hungry?[View]
11553716440 old virgin hobbie scene: I was remembering the 40 year old virgin movie and This short scene came…[View]
115536893Brightburn: This film ended way too early and they should've had scenes where he kills his enti…[View]
115537650What is your favorite movie?: I want to find some new movies to watch and I am wondering what /tv/ g…[View]
115536971>May 25 >Still hasn’t payed to see Detective Pikachu after anon’s vouched for the movie >Di…[View]
115537624what are some movies about african history/culture[View]
115536490Morpheus is fighitn' Neo![View]
115530426/got/: Trailer ranking (best song/scene combo) edition. S2 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuKfF…[View]
115536571May 2019. I am forgotten...[View]
115530160OH NONONO[View]
115535398>friends want to watch movie >it's not Evil Dead II…[View]
115535322Why wasnt this scene in the Aladdin remake?[View]
115534390ITT: Cutest psychos![View]
115526910Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115537410>Find a bunch of eggs >They eventually hatch >these are my children Is daenerys the westero…[View]
115532644Which six characters best encapsulates you as a person?[View]
115536900kino back on the meno boys[View]
115534657/trek/: /trek/ gayest crew in fagfleet edition[View]
115534576Online gamer: What happened to this timeless classic?[View]
115537070Bumblekino: Did you love it?[View]
115536919is there a comfier movie than cocktail?[View]
115535902Just watched Heathers movie for the first time, and it is absolute goddamn KINO. Winona was GOAT gf …[View]
115537201Watch Hostiles[View]
115537146>When you hit the PERFECT flop against pocket KINGS![View]
115531455Artemis Fowl movie >The film was originally going to be released on August 9, 2019 but was pushed…[View]
115532308>Joe: Stand up comedy is an artform. We suffer for our craft. >Bill: Well I wouldn't go t…[View]
115536972Piracy: You guys ever pirate anything? Looks like I'm fucked.[View]
115536213Kino Chandler[View]
115534505These are the movies that have made at least $1 billion. Say something nice about them. Or not.[View]
115537030GONDOR CALLS FOR AID![View]
115536960Best Sandwich Theme: Intimacy, Intimacy, YA YA YA YA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqXgnYc7Dug…[View]
115536092Favorite movie thread? I'll start >Inb4 feminist propaganda An hero /pol/fag…[View]
115532639>black character dies first[View]
115535968it got delayed again[View]
115535409What did 'we' think of Stephen Chow's latest film Mermaid ?[View]
115536142>passed 2.65 billion with Friday estimate >weekend expected to gross about $34 million worldwi…[View]
115536721Update this[View]
115534381Could TV shows really increase crime?[View]
115535327DUDE ICONIC LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Db_8Oyy09w[View]
115535406>tfw no cute dragon wife[View]
115536285What's up cheeky monkeys?[View]
115530668I miss her so much /tv/.[View]
115533233132 days till Todd Phillips JOKER[View]
115536419Does anyone else think the no singles policy in theaters is bullshit? What's even the point of …[View]
115535579Best musical? pic related[View]
115536245>it's better to live in the past >never move on from past relationships >this is 'enli…[View]
115534056Literally the whole movie is woke. They changed everything from the original animation. They made ev…[View]
115532098Was he right?[View]
115531792First show that comes to mind[View]
115530282How would Robb have dealt with Dany's invasion? Would he have bent the knee, or kept the North …[View]
115535013The new season sucks[View]
115533852Post actors who are kinda funny lookin'[View]
115535350What's the worst big budget movie of all time?[View]
115536020Work crew coming through.[View]
115535779I cant believe it man....im sitting here talking to THE meme of the moment! Gosh it must feel amazin…[View]
115532753A saudi millionaire planning the biggest terror attack of all time in a cave in Afghanistan? Total f…[View]
115532975what are your /tv/ related viewing beverages? Going to the theater with one of those freestyle machi…[View]
115535948When are we going to get more /ROME/kino?[View]
115534510DON’T CALL IT A![View]
115532952This show won’t last a single season.[View]
115535894Daenerys is the modern SJW woma: If you think about it, the final GOT episode was the perfect analog…[View]
115535678I thought I defeated you...[View]
115534836Are there any other films as based and lolipilled as Pretty Baby?[View]
115535563Consider the following: Tarantino does not put milk in his coffee.[View]
115533249What was his problem?[View]
115534516>white women age like -[View]
115535655what are some nice 2010's action movies to watch? i liked 'the mechanic'[View]
115534567any kino movie about a neet being totally based?[View]
115535616You ready for GoT set in Africa? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb3k5NrhMG8[View]
115534438I wake up every evening With a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place And you'r…[View]
115533991What are some other movies that Implement super powers without being considered Capeshit[View]
115534615Movie quotes: 'I sat in the house, but there was nobody there. I was a ghost; I didn't see anyo…[View]
115533135>turn on movie with gf >she loses interest 20 minutes in >gf chooses movie for us to watch …[View]
115530323>Asia Kate Dillon (born November 15, 1984)[1] is an American actor, best known for their roles as…[View]
115535442You have been recruited by Steve Rogers to go with him to Siberia and help fight Zemo and his Hydra …[View]
115533838/lbg/: Post your profile[View]
115532937Just saw this. What did I think of it?[View]
115535108Why did it flop?[View]
1155327772 questions 1. Why does modern cgi sometimes look so cheap and other times look so good 2. Why does …[View]
115533855>Legal drama, happening entirely in the courtroom about a suspect and his lawyer trying to explai…[View]
115535339This aged poorly[View]
115535142Holy shit this show is hilarious. I can’t believe I avoided it for so long[View]
115533893Movies that women will never understand[View]
115534695>swn rides your stick[View]
115534988>Monologue >Mono-logue >Single person speaking >Dialogue >Dia-logue >Two people sp…[View]
115535096I hate this show. I live with 10 people in a flat and all they do is watch this shit. It's not…[View]
115534853thoughts on this new version of the song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atc8RAtl-Ms[View]
115534834Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ruin and the world's ending! Death! Death! Death! Forth Eor…[View]
115534707Why the fuck does she look like this[View]
115499899Just saw this. How do you seriously justify paying $300 for fish on fucking rice?[View]
115530701>how to destroy your career and make the whole (sane) world hate you in one moment…[View]
115529594she cute[View]
115534622Based: You never know when one of those T*merian nigger is gonna latch a magnetic anti-tank mine ont…[View]
115534668Dark Universe is coming back to life: https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1069443-the-invisible-m…[View]
115531292Am I too brainlet for not understanding this?[View]
115533331post the worst Kurt Russel besides Death Proof[View]
115528174>2019 >Still no Byzantine Empire kino Why? How would you make a Byzantine mini-series?…[View]
115534283You're right, that is enough.[View]
115513350ITT: skillful and talented actors that are given terrible scripts and somehow convincingly pull it o…[View]
115534335*dabs on The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Little Rascals and IT*[View]
115534270Post a single more horrifying line: >the gateway is open, and you are ALL COMING WITH ME…[View]
115534223What's wrong with filming in Denmark?[View]
115534144What was the point of this scene?[View]
115519014>Sansa, I-[View]
115532641what happened to his story arc[View]
115533984what kind of fucking psychopath calls their child 'Genital Fissure'[View]
115517262What's the best film of this decade?[View]
115533785>main character has sex >has to do laundry all day next day…[View]
115525357>Have dragon in your book >its called drogon…[View]
115533466>Disney definitely pays criti-[View]
115533627/RBMK/Chernobyl Thread. Mike Wazowski Edition[View]
115531276Absolute kino[View]
115533812Gotta catch 'em all, Amerimutts![View]
115533601Disney Grow Multiverse: So will this whole multiverse thing be an excuse to converge Star Wars, Alie…[View]
115533756Was it Reddit or Real Life?[View]
115533748IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR[View]
115532976> most relateable character on GoT why didn't have more screen time bros…[View]
115522847Here's your Witcher tv series bro[View]
115533631Give me movies that say that suicide is a good thing.[View]
115533544When will Limmy stop streaming?[View]
115533517Ghostbusters, what do you want?[View]
115533456(LOST MEDIA) Missing K03 Episode Of MST3K KTMA Season: I'm Trying To Find New Leads On The Miss…[View]
115533452I miss this show. Netflix or Amazon needs to give these guys a seventh season[View]
115533445is this the best janny film?[View]
115533425Movie theater just got a few traegers, what should I cook up tonight while a dogs journey is playing…[View]
115530898Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?![View]
115525213Star Wars: Why did Disney make a Mary Sue for a protagonist instead of a real character with depth?…[View]
115529469Pure Kino[View]
1155199342.0 Sonic Movie Pushed Back 2020: >Sonic Team puts out less edgy version of Sonic with new artist…[View]
115533179Live action Akira looks great[View]
115533329ITT: Cringe youtubers[View]
115533111What if instead of killing the baby of rape, why dont we kill the rapist? Any movies for this type o…[View]
115533186movie name: What's the name of that movie where 2 men are in a standoff and the one guy shoots …[View]
115532586The thing 2011 prequel: Recently rewatched the two 'things' movies for first time in a while , The o…[View]
115528807Season 1 >setting is interesting >based on a lost expedition >we dont know the full story …[View]
115533029fuck Dany fags[View]
115519208>play compelling gay character >be such a religious nut that you have the writers turn the cha…[View]
115533073You want me to investigate Flying Saucers?[View]
115532562Well, /tv/... Would YOU take her on a magic carpet ride?[View]
115529401What does this always happen?[View]
115531449Is it possible to do the same process Criterion does to restore shitty DVDs into Blu-Rays at home wi…[View]
115531145Okay, you gotta admit that this show is freaking epic. >I am the one who knocks! >You're …[View]
115532328the fuck was his problem anyway[View]
115532972>most kino moment in MoS is when Henry Cavill, struggling to his feet under the beam of the world…[View]
115532934The entire Tarkovsky. The modern filmography is based on his technique of filming.[View]
115523696why are these guys so unfunny in real life?[View]
115528972how are they gonna fuck this up?[View]
115530617>Bagels with lox. With lots of schmear! is american culture really such a 'melting pot…[View]
115532826We're getting an ending to Deadwood, but we'll never get an ending to this underrated gem.[View]
115499649What do you think about the new incel-model terminator?[View]
115532668Who didn't want the throne more?[View]
115526139>ITT: Accidental real-life kino[View]
115532616haha wow did this really happen?[View]
115532217Why were the characters better in Solo than Rogue One? Seriously even without the OG trilogy Han is …[View]
115530707Uncle, can you not?[View]
115526219>I AM ACTING[View]
115530561ITT: 10/10 television villains.[View]
115532269I don't get it.[View]
115527326Cg artist on new terminator:: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2x1Gwe Look at this dood…[View]
115525591Romance Films: Is the romance genre a terrible genre?[View]
115532241It's not a even close to a remotely fair comparison. Will Smith lacks all the charm Robin had. …[View]
115531538OH CANADA[View]
115530560>Benioff was born David Friedman in New York City, to a Jewish family with roots in Austria, Roma…[View]
115532201AEW/Double or nothing?: Anyone know a site that'll be streaming this tonight? Can't seem t…[View]
115530874I looked for you on the flight plan, but you were not there.[View]
115524326/RBMK/Chernobyl/Kinobyl/: FIX YOUR TIE edition >>115516426 >>115516426[View]
115531827how much longer does /got/ have[View]
115531804Love? Bah, just a word used by Madison Avenue to sell their skin creams and two seater cars.[View]
115531702The next live-action Pokemon better have this guy or I'm not watching. >You come to me on th…[View]
115527361Should A Song of Ice and Fire be re-adapted in animated form: For me, it would be the style of pic r…[View]
115531430DC kino is back on the menu[View]
115529286What are the likes of Brienne, Davos and Sam doing in the great council? Why is Gendry still a lord …[View]
115522735Villenuve's Dune: Currently working on Dune, but sorry guys, can't show / tell anything :(…[View]
115531043Why didn't she just fly to mount doom on the dragons?[View]
115531375>937 days until Avatar 2[View]
115527784Why do so many /tv/ shows and movies present cops/military as something bad?[View]
115519576It's been 10 years, why doesn't he have a better camera or proper lighting?[View]
115529434Avengement: this was pure scottkino, his best performance[View]
115503263/SNEED/: Formerly Alita: Battle Angel Edition: Sneed/Simpsons General. If the bugeyed faggots in the…[View]
115530303You’re a big guy![View]
115517314How close you are to this depiction?[View]
115530934Game of Thrones Reddit Discord: Go to the Game of Thrones official reddit discord and rile some peop…[View]
115529155How can the west even compete?[View]
115530902Why was she such a piece of shit that deserved to die bros?[View]
115529391ITT: We post footkino I'll start with Tangled (2010).[View]
115528762Recommend me some good movies or series to watch.[View]
115528313Why are American actresses so bad at acting?[View]
115530724>Brad Pitt is 55 years old Anybody else curious what the hell modern celebs will look like in thi…[View]
115528438NOS4A2: How do you feel about the upcoming NOS4A2 tv-series adaptation by AMC? >https://www.youtu…[View]
115529023>I have only ever loved one woman[View]
115528103Say my name, /tv/.[View]
115521701Whats wrong with her hands?[View]
115530412Did you know, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is rike the GoT but without the zombies, dragons and cra…[View]
115525964Once in Hollywodd: WTF is this even about? Doesn't even look like Tarantula flick.[View]
115528874What are some truly puzzling mind-bending films that will leave you in a deep state of thought for d…[View]
115529511https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7liYfhRgXGk Was 4chan better when it was underground?[View]
115529726You're pushing 30 slugger, it's time to think about getting some ambition.[View]
115527578Ideas for the inevitable GoT spin-off. I'll start.[View]
115529808ITT characters who did LITERALLY nothing wrong at any point in their lives[View]
115526914BIG BAD HARV: Does anyone think he'll ever make another movie again??[View]
115529723Why y'all sleeping on the best show currently on air?! Twilight Zone is beautifully lit; the se…[View]
115530021Name a worse writer/director collaboration. protip: you literally can't[View]
115528464WHAT DID BIG HOSS MEAN BY THIS TATTOO? https://youtu.be/jtJkDHOqPY0?t=120[View]
115529709Lets be honest here, this show was kino for seasons 1-4, but after that its just one asspull after a…[View]
115528171why did some wanted her to be a Mary Sue at the end?[View]
115529765Is a movie being historically inaccurate a pro-white movie? I suppose they had to change the history…[View]
115520677/got/: >>115509166[View]
115529571>Discuss movies with girl >Fast & Furious comes in discussion >Every single girl tells …[View]
115520641>I’m putting together a team Would you watch this movie?[View]
115526717>Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels >Snatch >Shaun Of The Dead >Hot Fuzz. How come the…[View]
115525189Watch Hot Fuzz[View]
115529797Targarayens are crap Melniboneans: Elric renounces throne, then destroys his civilisation because it…[View]
115521441Best ASOIAF characters not included in the show cont.: Bronze Yohn edition previous thread >>…[View]
115528548Is he, dare I say, /ourguy?[View]
115529598First, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Now, Rilakkumma and Kaoru. What's up with Netflix and the c…[View]
115529600*glass breaks*[View]
115526834>liquid metal terminator on top of a metal endoskeleton terminator >two terminators in one Pr…[View]
115528293>bro I love Marvel >you don't watch games of thrones?! >Fight Club is my favorite movi…[View]
115529209Khaleesi more like CALORIESi am I right? Heh[View]
115529169Any movies where the underdog wins?[View]
115529254It's being remade[View]
115529343based chink[View]
115528894We can all agree Avengers Infinity War is a better flick than Avengers Endgame. Right?[View]
115529298Why is this a syfy show?[View]
115529280it was actually pretty kino[View]
115529249>95% finished the show >Writers realize literally nothing has happened the entire series >N…[View]
115526936Moe thread[View]
115527688Can he pull it off?[View]
115527536Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115522912>friend invites me over to watch The Lord of the Rings series of movies, MCU movies and Game of T…[View]
115528572I am a HUGE DCfag and I like the recent movies.: I have everything from MOS to Aquaman on Blu-ray an…[View]
115529048Was she good in anything besides Chocolate?[View]
115529012A well known homosexual actor.[View]
115523755Catch-22: Why is nobody talking about this absolute kino?? >inb4 Hulu or Stan…[View]
115525161>Excuse me sir, the Marvel queue is over that way... two tickets to Shazam, please…[View]
115528910>You wouldn't hit a man wearing glasses[View]
115528898Let's post things you would do with your fantasy series if you weren't a fat piece of shit…[View]
115526417Why do reviewers always describe movies as 'sexy' inappropriately? I had just finished watching 'Und…[View]
115527407/jurassicpark/ general: >Official ranking 1. Jurassic Park 2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 3. Ju…[View]
115528217How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?[View]
115528711the CHAD pacey vs the VIRGIN dawson.[View]
115528086Gabagool? OVA HERE!!![View]
115525959The single most important person in Hollywood. Say something nice about him.[View]
115525117He back at it again: >15-minute explicit sex scene in Abdellatif Kechiche’s (director of Blue is …[View]
115519509Why doesn't Hoolywood cast more asian male leads?[View]
115528725>character is falling asleep >as soon as he closes his eyes something dramatic happens that ki…[View]
115528614>Hey friend anon, its weekend. >which movie are we watching tonight?…[View]
115527016Now that the dust has settled. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115527976Just finished watching the behind the scenes of Lotr It's amazing how much time and effort went…[View]
115528084Any Good New Action Kinos??: >A witness told police that the driver of a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze sto…[View]
115520366What was m00ts greatest scene?[View]
115527933What happened to John Morris from Arthur?[View]
115528327Oie oie oie oie oie oie yae https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlDjEd8gAkI[View]
115526897I liked The Last Kingdom and wan't something simliar, Didn't care for Vikings. I would lik…[View]
115524983Worst actress alive: Why are there miserable cunts on this board now claiming that in the last seaso…[View]
115527120'I'm getting too old for this shit.'[View]
115527826Now that the dust has settled. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115528107Why do so many people get genuinely angry/upset when I talk shit about their favorite shows or movie…[View]
115527234Ultimate Kino[View]
115526101Any films about lonely virgins that find a way to make the world a worse place?[View]
115528025https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sxg1xXmd0I German trash is on netflix now.[View]
115527818Beat TV Show: Vote Breasking Bad sorpranoes Game of thrones the wire Th shedild Chernoble Mad men Tw…[View]
115526622>Uh, racist and sexist much?[View]
115519508Why didn't he say it? I don't even care if he actually said the words. I'm so pissed.[View]
115527665Does anyone else feel a sense of dread when watching movies now? The Jews are really rubbing it in t…[View]
115524095Webm Thread: Post what you got[View]
115515123how can a show be so based but so cringe at the same time?[View]
115523244>ITT: Shows no one liked[View]
1155275681982-2019 rip home video[View]
115507834What the fuck? Why didn't Milhouse count?[View]
115527458Why was it cancelled?[View]
115507645>Bran the broken has the best story >Not the guy who came back from the fucking dead…[View]
115527621>two years ago[View]
115519098ITT: we laugh at ugly dicaprio, dicaprio the repulsive[View]
115526130Who was the best character in the show and why was it Jorah? How did you like him compared to his bo…[View]
115527454Hot damn.[View]
115527288the Deadwood movie airs this week: why isn't /tv/ breaking out the fuckin' canned peaches?…[View]
115526563Tell me about the faces. Why do they turn red?[View]
115527348Why did this kino receive so much criticism and won Golden Raspberries?[View]
115485762Is it really that good? Kinda wanna watch it but I have a short attention span and pleb taste[View]
115526222Was it implied that Anakin thought Obi-Wan was banging Padmé?[View]
115525903FreakyLinks fuck that was a freaky show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKmn210YAsg[View]
115523774>Queen of the North is a literal addict Bravo D&D[View]
115523513Alcoholism: Post some good tv shows about alcoholism other than Californication and Bojack Horseman.…[View]
115525995You know one thing I could never understand? Why the FUCK wasn't this song (see below) in Etern…[View]
115525731Itt: characters who died too early[View]
115523705I cried at the end. Did you?[View]
115524062>this intro to Breaking Bad What the fuck were they thinking? This is garbage.…[View]
115526862You want a good girl...[View]
115522333Dark 2nd Season: Ready for more sweet german kino guys?[View]
115524929man looking at this scene just makes me fucking angry. like i really wanna punch her face[View]
115526972How the hell did they find the time to get Grey Wind's corpse, remove both of Robb's and G…[View]
115517956Movies only youve seen >post your rares[View]
115525876She cute[View]
115524188Last kingdom: When will we get new aethelfled kino? This year?[View]
115523578Season 7 is out, That came out of nowhere.[View]
115526079Arguably one of the greatest TV characters on the 21st century.[View]
115522407Would you have made the same decision as Patrick?[View]
115525947any films with this aesthetic?[View]
115521918ITT: Actors/Actresses that make you close VLC[View]
115525575Oh NONONO: Uhhuhu ... Hahahahahah!!![View]
115517968why are dolls so creepy in horror movies[View]
115522162This is what happens when you try to cross a comedy with a thriller with a drama. It isn't funn…[View]
115521583I just found out about the person called Leslie Mann and what's up with her? She's been an…[View]
115523511just graduated from high school, im hiding in my room right now[View]
115525006Name a better action film. I'll wait.[View]
115523373Will it suck?[View]
115518869Has Yandere ever been made into film yet?[View]
115524701>buff >big tits >acting experience from wrestling Kaitlyn should play She-Hulk.…[View]
115526304NEVER TRUST AN ELF![View]
115525730>we need a samurai, stat! >i know just the guy...…[View]
115515815Name a more pointless subplot in any TV show than the Breaking Bad airplane crash thing[View]
115526214What's his master plan?[View]
115526207Thoughts on Scarlett Elish?[View]
115525957that will be 300 dorrah plus tip for the fish on rice[View]
115524669https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AU2TaP4UGQ WTF was his problem?[View]
115523284Are you looking forward to The Witcher series, anon?[View]
115524895>'Arnold Schwarzenegger? yeah i know him, never actually watched one of his movies, they sound du…[View]
115524474I want to eat Sarah's ass so fucking bad, bros[View]
115526006More fire your grace?[View]
115523413One of the worst movies I've ever watched: Just embarrassing. Do yourself a favor and don'…[View]
115525769https://youtu.be/A-DloFPJ-lk >before Gordon Ramsay arrives, the owner's life has hit rock bo…[View]
115525579Vidya into movies: What games would you like to see be made into films? I think pic related would be…[View]
115516451There's a man going 'round taking names.[View]
115524569>Here's your witcher writers bro[View]
115525835Larry.....: How Are You?[View]
115525710>what you can't kill dany off I hated her for 7 1/2 seasons but all of sudden she's bas…[View]
115512853Absolute fucking kino: thank you chazzelle[View]
115525583dab: post /tv/ related dabs[View]
115519995>You're off the case[View]
115525278what did he mean by this?[View]
115525473>thanos watch addams family >100% people die…[View]
115524362guilty pleasure: what is your guilty pleasure as a movie or genre? for me its big monster kino >…[View]
115524195Up: >10 minutes in >crying like a babby Why didn't you warn me?…[View]
115525026Does Kong make an appearance in the new Godzilla flick?[View]
115523386Cast her.[View]
115525081>'We need more diversity' >'When I was young everyone I saw on the TV looked li…[View]
115523805the best story to have a king thing feels like the shit you write at the end of essays in school whe…[View]
115524975Mr. Bean is funny, but why does M. Hulot seem to have more charm to his character? My Uncle is very …[View]
115523481Australians need mental help.[View]
115517174Uncle, lol, please shit sex and have down.[View]
115524358Did he lose his virginity in prison?[View]
115524734Films that can help radicalize incels? I want to see more young whores gunned down in blood. Pls mak…[View]
115522803>sex scene halts everything in the movie for 5 minutes because writer/director wants to give the …[View]
115523801/JSG/: Joe Swanson - Family Guy[View]
115524898What is the best overlooked comfy monsterkino? With practical effects and not CGI For me, it's …[View]
115524393>Sex addict stays with his promiscuous, hot sister >Doesn't fuck her even after all the s…[View]
115524810What's going on with the Jussie skillet situation. is it true that all of the crime details and…[View]
115524702not a racist[View]
115524584>Dude, clones, lmao[View]
115523706Never Forget[View]
115523794Name a better Disney animated movie from the past 10 years. Pro tip you can't[View]
115524477*psst*..... h-hey kid.... You want a toothpick?[View]
115522331>rotten tomatoes scores are based on the opinion of very influential top critics…[View]
115517179Whats some good Kino to watch with my 18 year old gf ?: im 34 by the way[View]
115512834What are some essential short haired girl kinos out there?[View]
115523166What's in room 237?[View]
115520808H,i can I suck your cock?[View]
115521400What is your favorite film about Jews or Judaism?[View]
115512869>could've prevented the Westeros version of 9/11 >didn't…[View]
115522318So you've been fapping to Traps again...: You screwed up. You know what you did is wrong. The …[View]
115521727ITT: Oh yeah that happened[View]
115486932Do any actresses do their own stunts, or is that just a dude thing?[View]
115522913Well this was a piece of shit, Netflix is finished[View]
115522806>Queenslayer, Kinslayer, Oathbreaker, man without honor. Jon a shit[View]
115521162I don't get it.[View]
115523895Is it possible to get into Hollywood with a slavic last name? A lot of people assume I'm jewish…[View]
115523875BIG BAD HARV: Does anyone think he'll ever make another movie again??[View]
115523019who the actual fuck enjoys these movies?[View]
115508489/trek/ whatever version, general: >Computer, create a Turkana IV alleyway >Computer, add a rap…[View]
115522858>watch yt review of film or videogame >reviewer has a sketch before review starts.…[View]
115523537>The credits music doesn’t match the tone of the film at all[View]
115522609Why is he so weak now?[View]
115516426/RBMK/Chernobyl/Kinobyl/ General: DESTROY ALL PETS edition previously: >>115511595[View]
115521444Have you ever read fanfiction, /tv/?[View]
115520718>this actual is the mary jane of nuspiderman skip to 2.00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyjIj6Z…[View]
115507435Spring Break Kino?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SxhdVhfY6wg[View]
115520624>ywn toilet talk with Tayler the sociopath[View]
115519297so this is just breaking bad but in reverse? what a lame ass concept[View]
115523320OH NO NO NO NO[View]
115523282Why /tv incels fears a strong female vigilante?[View]
115515995Will Shinkai win the Oscar next year?: >GKIDS is planning an awards qualifying run for the film i…[View]
115517057What exactly is the psycosphere?[View]
115517376movies that have aged horribly[View]
115521180RIP to this kino show which just ended today after 20 years.[View]
115523207*snap* Yup, that one's going in my cringe compilation![View]
115521955I gave my friend a USB with Us on it but I edited in Blacked scenes at the scary parts[View]
115523145I see you shitposting in the toilet, dropping the big dump <3[View]
115523133SHUT IT DOWN[View]
115518971Who are some funny females?[View]
115520601GoT: Best Episode edition: >>No meme, no shit posting thread, no complaining >>GoT posi…[View]
115522991ITT: Kino.[View]
115521938STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE - 20 YEARS LATER!!!FACT!!!: Good video about the TPM fallout.... https…[View]
115507943Are you ready for the KOTOR movie?[View]
115506944New RLM: It's up, but I'm not sure this is what I wanted Star Trek Discovery Season 2 In a…[View]
115522877>oh no my minions are about to escape >'exit game' >do a server rollback ez…[View]
115521030OH NO NO NO[View]
115517563Will it ever end?: The show's already been renewed for two more seasons. It should've ende…[View]
115522693He didn't deserve it[View]
115522710Movies ruined in the last half hour.[View]
115517028Neveh wanned it. Neveh 'av.[View]
115512967Will it flop?[View]
115516320Why was it boring??!!![View]
115522660Maisie Williams had her own vision for how she wanted 'Game of Thrones' to end. In an interview with…[View]
115519567>Normalfags wasted 9 years of their life on this show makes me laugh every time I think about it…[View]
115509473Explain to someone who absolutely knows nothing about Game of Thrones what went wrong?[View]
115516527>tfw no Snow[View]
115521694https://youtu.be/58Igq9OEkz4 WTF I thought this only happens in anime![View]
115520108I don't think he is dead, actually here is my theory how he still can win:[View]
115517068Does anyone remember Taken? I have vague memories of it. Does anyone have a clearer image of it in t…[View]
115522489What are /tv/'s thoughts on Stinky Pete? Why is he so stinky, lads?[View]
115519127Has a show ever changed your life?: I was a piece of shit hippy until seeing this scene, and it snap…[View]
115511447What do you drink with kino these days, /tv/? I like a good g&t myself.[View]
115522241why you no like this movie?[View]
115522308ITT: secret /tv/ posters[View]
115518499ITT characters who did literally nothing wrong[View]
115519827Lucifer Season 4: >Perpetuates the racist police myth >Black 'victim' who can't act norm…[View]
115515127>Sounds fair Why did she turn me on at this exact moment?[View]
115517269Were they gay?[View]
115519165Why is this shit so good?[View]
115496408>this is modern Cartoon Network I feel bad for the kids[View]
115520716Post a picture and /tv/ comes up with a movie plot that goes with it[View]
115497223/GG/: Godzilla General: You have one week (1 week) to catch up with basic Godzilla lore lads. It…[View]
115522096When will his suffering end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etlBZInTE-I[View]
115522046Was it kino?[View]
115519850So uh why Grace was bitching about and straight up refused to do a review of Brightburn? What happen…[View]
115516665things that you do irl from the sopranos: >'let me tell you a couple or three things' >'what, …[View]
115519075Cast him for a 2020 reboot. Rules: cars that are currently in production only.[View]
115515690I don't get it. Why does everyone think he's one of the MCU's best villains? His moti…[View]
115519681>movie is incoherent bullshit but plays it off as being 2deep4u any movies that do this? Hardmode…[View]
115519936What do you think of the new John Wick 3 OST? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiKDDKog3Y4[View]
115516129Why the fuck did the Avengers build a new gauntlet that fit Thanos?! That shit was pretty fucking st…[View]
115521150why was he in every damn sketch[View]
115521514What is your opinion about the new Cap.Congo bois?[View]
115517134In hindsight, was it overrated?[View]
115507165Transformers (1986): Is it the best Transformers movie?[View]
115520040Is this worth watching as an adult? In English[View]
115517423Here's your cinematic franchise with 10 years of build up, bro[View]
115517274Shit on it!! I'd give that reactor core a few minutes if I were you comrade. This season of Fri…[View]
115521649>Only cinema near me that plays small indie films is an hour and a half away Movies for this feel…[View]
115514564DA KING IN DA NORF[View]
115518635>Brie: i did my own stunts because i thought that's just what people do >Chris: whoa we…[View]
115518175Why not Joan of Arc?: With society being so woke these days is anyone else wondering why the fuck ho…[View]
115515224Why do actors pretend their job is hard?: I know that we think some actors are better than others.. …[View]
115519884Would a HBO funded Warcraft series do well, if blizzard was given full creative license? Would you g…[View]
115519534>oh, you're not going to see John Wick 3? I thought you were cool, anon...…[View]
115520932Well, well, look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car.[View]
115517362should we consider actors who are always acting inside little bear suits, real actors?[View]
115520667Hello /tv/...remember me?[View]
11551856210/10: Only 10/10 movies are allowed to be posted in this thread.[View]
115512692Why do these Hollywood ladies suddenly all have really young bfs? Sofia’s bf is 19...[View]
115518727Who will play him in the inevitable kino?[View]
115513423>people in the 80's thought THIS was hot yikes...[View]
115509166/got/: God-Emperor Bran edition >>115502369[View]
115519122'It's good-- Oh, it's reeeeally, fucking good.'[View]
115519125WebM Thread?[View]
115519050Just watched The Perfection which is is horror film about some musicians. I liked how Black Swan had…[View]
115520322what did I think of this?[View]
115520195What are your theories for season 9 bros? (pls no spoilers) >mfw Jon takes back the iron throne…[View]
115502438Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #545 The Sun is Setting Edition Previous Thread: >>1154…[View]
115516418/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Comrade Akimov edition Previous >>115511595[View]
115510678What was she thinking in this exact moment[View]
115494804ITT: disasterkino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDRxK6cevqw[View]
115509406How has it aged?[View]
115520015Chadward: >why yes I do recognise that the quality of this board is even worse after got finale h…[View]
1155177433x3 thread, it's been forever since the last one. Rate, hate & rec.[View]
115513238ITT we find kino death row statements: Step 1: go to https://www.tdcj.texas.gov/death_row/dr_execute…[View]
115519781Da kang and kweenz of Westeros[View]
115519824A well known homosexual actor.[View]
115519732what could have been...[View]
115519353Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Reach and Master of Coin[View]
115519668films that portray metal heads accurately[View]
115507141Best GoT Characters That Didn't Make It To The Show: For me, it's Victarion.[View]
115519604What are some kinos that examine the “beauty privilege”, where an ugly person transforms into an att…[View]
115518158What was the first movie that you ever purchased?[View]
115516862What did he mean by this?[View]
115518921Terminator: Dark Fate: Seriously, an old lady? Why the fuck does Hollywood always need to add shitty…[View]
115519282muh republican gahd[View]
115519174What do you know about that? Probably... >A: Tons >B: Nuffin…[View]
115516801ITT: Films that use the AA-12: Are there other films that use the most powerful gun in the world???…[View]
115516101>dude, drinking makes you cool lmao My died from long cancer and after after a couple of weeks h…[View]
115508346THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF ALADDIN: What went so wrong?[View]
115517398Girlfriend is an animation fag, I'm a movie fag. What are some kino animated flicks?[View]
115516743Greatest film of the 21st century so far.[View]
115510430What did they mean by this? Do they know about us? http://www.mtv.com/news/2135584/game-of-thrones-h…[View]
115516491Let’s get a TPB chat going bros! This is in my top 3 fav eps pic related. I also love When Ricky is …[View]
115515470>it's a crossover episode[View]
115518068LOST is a total joke: >watching LOST >S01E09 >see this These are WWII German Elefant tank d…[View]
115518781I'm sorry, T.[View]
115514272Luke Skywalker: I never understood why so many people like this character because of “how powerful h…[View]
115518544Pickle Rick: Pickle Rick[View]
115515000Has a television show ever made you tear up?[View]
115518752LEXX: holy fuck the end was wild[View]
115518148ITT: We post the most kino characters.[View]
115517292Leprechaun lore: Is he evil? Does he kill people even when he has all his gold?[View]
115515823https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt67YwRx1T8 >Implying True Detective S2 wasn't kino.…[View]
115507934The Cult of Rorschach: HBO’s Culf of Rorschach surprises no one by being an anti-Black, anti-crimina…[View]
115518298Grant MacDonald: Will Grant MacDonald's filmmaking career ever take off? I know he's mostl…[View]
115516733Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115494719>the most kino genre of pornography[View]
115515151Post your unpopular opinions I like the PotC movies and will even defend 4[View]
115517290Was it autism? https://youtu.be/wsI8UES59TM[View]
115517433You now remember Christopher Walken[View]
115518206you must be Harvey's cumsleeve..[View]
115518199Thoughts on Joey?[View]
115517277> King Aegon and Queen Visenya set ablaze every castle, keep, and holdfast in Dorne at least once…[View]
115517860>watching onions of gay? like ever? no bro I would not do that I'm not a homo…[View]
115517196Who would win? young guy in his mid 20s who is in peak physical condition vs binge eating depressed …[View]
115517612femanons, you meet a guy wearing a Pulp Fiction t-shirt, what are your thoughts?[View]
115513775Who would you cast as Batgirl? Or do you have any other suggestions?[View]
115517885Sad Movie Scenes: >I do love you David. I have always loved you. >That was the everlasting mom…[View]
115514975What's the point?[View]
115517795This is why you don't bully the autistic white kid[View]
115515558Literally what was the point of this character?[View]
115517399Why is she so perfect /tv/? Dany is the pleb queen, true queen is Cersei[View]
115516797ITT: We write the plot to a quirky indie romcom[View]
115517572Well at least I'm not SPINDLY.[View]
115516109When did you realize Buster Scruggs ended up being the best movie of 2018?[View]
115512715US (2019) Movie discussion: So i am about 80% of this movie and i dont understand it, compared to Ge…[View]
115517246Wouldn't you like to get away?[View]
115517187I’m really excited to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but I know I’m probably gonna regret seeing…[View]
115509960How much of their output is pure fanfiction?[View]
115515593What was the point of this movie?[View]
115512840what went wrong?[View]
115514866What's his name again /tv/?: zoomers don't know.[View]
115517108What do you think about her body of work?[View]
115517090Kino incoming: June 14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0KO8My-90g[View]
115509979True Detective thread: >Ray I've never done coke before. Never even hit a bump limit on /tv/…[View]
115517011>character is revealed to be gay >Immediately lose interest with that character…[View]
115516940Is she /our guy/?[View]
115512555Does anyone think he'll ever make another movie again??[View]
115514910This was kino. What did you think of it, lads?[View]
115516869It'd be great if we could see more diverse body types on film. Why is Hollywood so against this…[View]
115508034>if god is all powerful, then he cannot be all good, and if he's all good, then he cannot be…[View]
115514522what did I think of this?[View]
115516770>in a nutshell[View]
115515488Euphoria: What do you think of HBO's pivot to a younger audience now that Thrones is over? Zend…[View]
115516699Yeah, I think they're back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn4fW0EInqw[View]
115513229Realistically, Snake would have just fucking killed Homer right then and there.[View]
115515586You will never meet a woman....: ... who loves you this much.[View]
115516605Leave now, you've done enough, you dim-witted fool.[View]
115515683holy shit this show is fucking based: /got/ cucks kys how the fuck did I miss out on this kino for s…[View]
115516361>vietnam war movie >said the joker to the thief starts playing…[View]
115513143King Arthur: Legend of Sword: Literally what the FUCK did I think of this kino[spoilers] film, lads?…[View]
115515182Who could play as cloud?[View]
115508493The only decent character fit to be Queen. thoughts?[View]
115511595/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: >Nukeposting Edition Previous Thread: >>115504303…[View]
115513654seeing the main people who carried marvel is gone & spiderboy is the only good thing left what v…[View]
115514892Here's your Witcher writers bro[View]
115510632Which Harry Potter movie is the best one?[View]
115513232Build me an army worthy of Israel.[View]
115515576Does true kino really exist, or is it just a meme? Too many mediocre films are called 'kino' nowaday…[View]
115512129When I was a kid, I formerly thought Homer was a gorilla because his 5 o'clock shadow made me t…[View]
115515375anyone here watch better things? >mfw sam's entire family have gender ambiguous names…[View]
115510062THE (LAST) LAST DRIVE-IN GENERAL: >What is The Last Drive-In? The Last Drive-In is a double featu…[View]
115512738SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE /TV/[View]
115516054So what's the next/current big television series thing now that Game of Thrones is finally over…[View]
115505893Meanwhile, in the DCU...[View]
115515879It's literally jonah's face in make-up cgi'd onto a woman's body, isn't it?[View]
115514958What the fuck was his problem?[View]
115515232how can one man produce so much kino[View]
115512202am i the only one watching southpark in 2019?[View]
115515873best girl and best couple[View]
115514625How did he do it?[View]
115514264Oh, I''m sorry. I can't divulge information about that customer's secret, illega…[View]
115513378>watch black mirror >read the news >holy shit it's real! based amazon bringing Wagie…[View]
115515781Why didn't he dodge it? Post action scenes and reactions.[View]
115512772The most unrealistic part of this movie is that a traditional Japanese woman would fall for the smel…[View]
115513070should i see this? what do you think my dear anon who's reading this i may have watched 3 or 4 …[View]
115513509So the rest of season 8 aside...am I the only one to think that the final ep was actually well done …[View]
115512729HOLY FUCKING KINO.[View]
115512199>Big Disney movie comes out >Gets bad reviews >Rotten Tomatoes changes their audience scor…[View]
115510581Has any piece of film or TV genuinely horrified you or unnerved you? The kind that stays with you fo…[View]
115515513Big mistake shansha[View]
115515467Just walk away.[View]
115514971Should I watch this? I like the concept but the trailer looked really fucking bad. Is it actually a…[View]
115515332Who will play him in the inevitable Biopic which will utterly destroy the FF franchise? https://www…[View]
115513626Cobra Kai: Just finished season 2 can we talk about it? I feel like it was good until the love trian…[View]
115512761I never dreamed that a movie adapted from a game would become my favorite film: But here it is. Sinc…[View]
115515166*points at generic leather armor* THESE ARE THE KING'S COLORS[View]
115514379yorgos lanthimos tierlist: lobster dogtooth killing of a sacred deer alps the favourite the rest[View]
115513913I’m honestly so disappointed in all of you. This was the only movie I was looking forward to. The me…[View]
115510548Is There a Movie Series that doesn't turn to shit after the sequel?: >inb4 Godfather Godfath…[View]
115515023>only brown character in the movie is a piece of shit God DAMN![View]
115513878LOL at dwaynetty little johnson >Never the guy >Never a draw >Carried by superior talent in…[View]
115513668I thought you said Brendan was unJUSTED. What is going on here?[View]
115512170Coen Bros: Best work from these two jews? Anyone got a soft spot for Burn After Reading?…[View]
115513713ITT: Movies about the transparency of the human soul[View]
115514924Mmm Elena[View]
115514833Thoughts on the Dungeons and Dragons live action? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC9-bfsNne8[View]
115504495Why did Ned said in winterfell that Jon was his bastard? This made Caetlyn hate the poor Jon Snow. H…[View]
115514779Fave chubbed out actors[View]
115514001Just remember: if you pay to see this in theaters. You pay to basically watch an hour and a half lif…[View]
115513940There were more Asian A-listers in Hollywood in 1929 than in 2019. How's that for progress?[View]
115501792How often do you think actors fall in love with each other while making a movie?[View]
115513921>Matthew Perry weighing 112 pounds >'Don't worry Chandler I always get self conscious whe…[View]
115512961Is it love that makes my heart go boom, boom, boom? (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!) Yeah, I suppose! (I su…[View]
115510500>hottest Bond girl in the series >dies after 15 minutes Why…[View]
115514547what are some movies about living in a society?[View]
115514259what is the film equivalent of this?[View]
115508999>I have a token I was bidden to show thee what is it?[View]
115511256Shouldn't it technically be called a flying rug and not a flying carpet?[View]
115514284>We need DDL but he needs to be a virgin, not a chad Say no more[View]
115508032Harrison Ford says nobody should replace him as Indiana Jones: >https://www.foxnews.com/entertain…[View]
115510820> imdb creator > Has horrendous taste Why am i not suprised ?…[View]
115514063Shazam: Is it kino? Does my wife have enough scenes to justify buying the movie on 4K?[View]
115511866Realistically, could you have saved her? How would you do it?[View]
115512023>have really witty comeback to shitpost >specified thread does not exist…[View]
115513503George R. R. Martin more like George r9k Martin lmao[View]
115514163>so Randy's kind of a big guy I guess and of course he wouldn't give back our hockey ba…[View]
115513864This was way better than that shit-show Cloud Atlas. What Dreams May Come was pretty good too. Any o…[View]
115512079>The bill will prohibit criticism of movies that score higher than 7.0 on Disney's Diversity…[View]
115506609Favourite up and coming actresses?: For me its Seema[View]
115511700I can’t lie, it’s honestly pretty funny[View]
115509787noko: starting the Memorial Weekend right by watching this 1990s Japanese classic tell me about othe…[View]
115511110Dr. Pavel, I’m MONARCH[View]
115513304Can't We Just Settle This Over a Pint?[View]
115512802Why don't they make another one[View]
115512595What kid of weird pills and fad diets is Hollywood using on actresses? This CAN'T be natural, c…[View]
115505840Explain this[View]
115507489>mediocre shlock actor >suddenly loved because of staged PR photos to seem humble >b-but hi…[View]
115513451damn Mulan was b a s e d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a018HJvDv0c also Mulan is hotter in armor t…[View]
115513017Is he incel?[View]
115512778You can't 'rape' a machine, son.[View]
115500240THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN: https://www.thewrap.com/mektoub-my-love-intermezzo-film-review-abdellatif-kechi…[View]
115497243Guys. I miss LOST[View]
115507313Have you ever fallen in love with an actress in no time? Booksmart was good, and can’t wait to see h…[View]
115510443Is it just me or did the girlfriend come across as the world's phoniest and most insincere gold…[View]
115513008LMAO: I LIVED BITCH[View]
115511530A Dog's Journey: >cute girl >cute boy >doggos Surprisingly good movie desu. I didn…[View]
115511701What made the LotR movies so great?[View]
115512667Was it kino?[View]
115511696This was better than Drive: Had a better soundtrack too.[View]
115512512>The Dornish man is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities Why'd he say this…[View]
115512523I don't understand normie talk. I've tried with so many people talking,drinking,druging it…[View]
115509140Movies you were sure were going to be dogshit but turned out to be 8/10 decent flicks[View]
115512622Where the soundtrack is better than the movie: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SBN…[View]
115512660>Halle Berry will never spit water into a bottle and make you drink it[View]
115510535Nolan, why are you filming my scenes first?[View]
115487402Horror General: Sexy Edition!: Andi Matichak (Allyson in Halloween 2018) had a semi nude debut in he…[View]
115512644>manlets will not be allowed into the mommy state What is a kino for this feel?…[View]
115511792>wrap up the final season of whats set to be one of the great television series with an ending th…[View]
115498763Yeah, I'm thinking she's back[View]
115510319Unironically better than any film in DCEU[View]
115512532I DON WAHNT IT NEV AV[View]
115510859>Anon, did you see Captain Marvel in theaters?[View]
115512360essential trans kino?[View]
115501038Ella Bleu Travolta: How do you go from this...[View]
115512011KW4 1999 IS COMING: HELP KW4 1999 IS GONNA HIT US And I am going to sleep soon Here my last word:FU…[View]
115511778Does an animated movie have cinematography?[View]
115512377Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection: Is /tv/ ready for the biggest cinematic event of all time? Wi…[View]
115513498 [View]
1155122837 DAYS MORE[View]
115511248>the only people from my state on /fatkino/ is a psychotic drug addled mess and his beta bitch br…[View]
115511384alright its over get 'em outta here[View]
115498501>another 'the only human contact Truman has in a month is with the dominos delivery man…[View]
115502369/got/: >>115497570[View]
115512053>'strong' female characters[View]
115509188Do you still watch her movies, /tv/?[View]
115511640lick my feet[View]
115507559Any animated films you guys highly recommend? For me its The Tragedy Of Man[View]
115510659Jaime was /ourguy/ all along.[View]
115511844Essential box kino[View]
115508891whats your favorite Jim Wynorski film?? for me its Chopping Mall[View]
115511661/dll/ - david lunch lol #546: david lunch lol edition meanwhile: david lunch lol[View]
115500684Could he beat Thanos?[View]
115502542Will they ever make another comeback?[View]
115511100cast them[View]
115504144>white mother >black father >father left and was raised solely by his mother >surrounded…[View]
115504303/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Taнцы Pикapдo Mилoca Edition Previous Thread >>115495694[View]
115511365WHAT'S TO SAY THE BOOK ENDING WON'T SUCK TOO: Martin said it's pretty much the same a…[View]
115510910>go into /tv/ again after long time to see how bad is modern media being seen thru the eyes of au…[View]
115500663Don't worry about who the fuck I am I'm right in the middle of your shit so what the fuck[View]
115510787I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead.[View]
115504267>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
115511197How do you organize your kino?[View]
115511162In 2017, Janny McHotpockets vanished. His mom, ventured into the basement with a plate full of fresh…[View]
115509469>Smirks in social justice.[View]
115511008This movie was actually absolute kino.[View]
115510896>movie trailer says that the producer helped produce good movie >this somehow constitutes said…[View]
115511093Was radio active kino?[View]
115492873The Terror: Watching this got rid of the lingering taste of bullshit from the disaster that was Game…[View]
115511031She does not like Brie Larson.[View]
115510841ITT: underrated kino shots from highly rated films[View]
115505946>southpark was not liberal at the begin-- ahahahahahahhaahaahahahahahahhaahaahahahahahahhaahaahah…[View]
115509695Characters you hated at first but grew to like. Pic related[View]
115509598Are there any KINO moments like this in western cinema??[View]
115510139what is peter doing with da babby? 0_0[View]
115510696Any other movies depicting the fall into craziness and ending up on the street talking to yourself? …[View]
115510855Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age …[View]
115510427I just realized.. RLM is the only funny skit comedy: That we've had. In like 20 years. I know t…[View]
115510582This was about cucking, right?: That's why he didn't give them to his kids?[View]
115509437How would Marvel have handled this scene?[View]
115502861Shh, keep It quiet. Dany is sleeping[View]
115501712why couldn't Endgame do it? What will?[View]
115502738ITT: reasons we quit Starfleet. I'll start: I'm not a communist multicultural space hippi…[View]
115507779Cobra Kai: Cobra Kai thread. Let's talk about the best tv show anons.[View]
115508337>tfw Randal was right all along[View]
115509996Do they play movies in heaven?[View]
115505411Things you can't get away with anymore: >Loz im geyn![View]
115510387when are they going to make a movie?[View]
115508908Youtube Kino: Post em' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WsAVxM9oak&feature=youtu.be…[View]
115508507here is your copy of blade runner sir. do you want popcorn on that?[View]
115505819God I hate everyone from that stupid meme show[View]
115504513>deliberately eats unhealthy foods >blames McDonalds Why do schools continue show this trash?…[View]
115510088God, I wish that was me[View]
115510005Say what you will about Snyder's filmography, hell, even most of the movie, but Phillip Glass…[View]
115507485This is going to be so fucking terrible.[View]
115510012What's his end game?[View]
115509933What are some films that focus on the struggles of minorities in the United States?[View]
115509097Hey /tv/ don't have sex[View]
115508056>cherry pie scene >sweet cherry pie starts playing…[View]
115495267This the new Paul Atreides.[View]
115508350>Does it depress you? To know just how alone you really are? Well, /tv/?…[View]
115508591>take it easy >have a good one any kinos about impossible choices?…[View]
115492318witcher: dead on arrival[View]
115509764Adolphus Sneed[View]
115502821Jorah Would Originally Survive In GAME OF THRONES: >'For a long time we wanted Ser Jorah to be th…[View]
115507754Kino Simpsons thread: >Liquorice whip[View]
115501914We don't deserve him.[View]
115508406What’s his problem[View]
115500464THE (LAST) LAST DRIVE-IN GENERAL: >What is The Last Drive-In? The Last Drive-In is a double featu…[View]
115505955DENTAL PLAN[View]
115503827IM GONNA SAY IT[View]
115509492FLUSH IT JANNY[View]
115506277>this is a 10/10 in Canada[View]
115509197>goes from a serious, understated drumming epic to a classic, colorful musical to a gritty, bomba…[View]
115506699How did he get cast in anything before losing the weight?[View]
115509203The man who saved action films: a literal Chad[View]
115493095did you forget about me /tv/, I also act[View]
115509131one white woman please.[View]
115504956>want to find a magical artifact where no one would find it >announce to the entire school whe…[View]
115508615does he not realize that he's going to fucking die being that fat? Like for real, he's goi…[View]
115507701Are they really going to show them killing Sharon Tate and her unborn baby or will Tarantino rewrite…[View]
115504417It's okay. I didn't really like the gangster scenes except that one with the mollusk and t…[View]
115508437So what's the fuss about ?, it's boring and clearly doesn't stand the test of time[View]
115505768Who are yout favorite actors/actresses that you'd like to see in more roles but always seem typ…[View]
115508803For me? I shubbose it's Shansa.[View]
115505775So this meme explains Brie Larson[View]
115508943>audience score matters[View]
115508897''I'm the minister of coal!'' ''And that gives you power over me?…[View]
115508673WHY WONT JON FUCK ME[View]
115508872can anyone recommend any more kino like pic related?[View]
115508851Thoughts on Jessica Alba as a mommy?[View]
115508771why did nobody tell me about this kino?[View]
115506775>Sonic movie got delayed again Anyone else feel bad for them? It's not like a different CGI …[View]
115490446who's your favourite actor/actress?[View]
115508367Is colonizing/bleaching the patrician fetish?[View]
115508318For me? It's Jodie Foster.[View]
115508382Favorite asskino?[View]
115504180Who was in the wrong here[View]
115502041>And this is our son's room, he's quite the Television & Film® guy…[View]
115508353IRL KINO: What historical events would make good kino?[View]
115508414Why is it so kino bros?[View]
115508307>blocks your path >out of the way, white boy…[View]
115508373Have you done your yearly re-watch of The Leftovers?[View]
115507790oof yikes[View]
115506566>catches you staring at her tushy >gives you this look what do?…[View]
115508291I think I'm falling in love This time I think it's for real[View]
115502410>Friday night What kino are you going to watch brehs?[View]
115507526So let's settle it once and for all What was the point of this scene?[View]
115499690OH NO NO NO[View]
115508089What's the deal with this film? Why the shilling?[View]
115507457I own every copy of Dragonball Z on VHS AMA[View]
115502307Are you familiar with the work of Alan Resnick?[View]
115508133I didn't realize this scene existed in Gumby[View]
115495809Aladdin on track for $100m OW: How does Disney keep doing it?[View]
115507886ITT: Shows which you thought had a bad ending but was actually based in comparison to other 'good' T…[View]
115504927What do you think is going on in their heads?[View]
115504673sonic delayed[View]
115507517Would you accept Daniel Ridley as your new Jedi hero /tv/?[View]
115507958STFU about GOT's already Deadwood is coming out in 6 days[View]
115505590>knows he is capable of earning his fathers respect but goes out of his way to rebel against his …[View]
115507684Just finished this, any more realistic war kino?[View]
115507836what are some kinos about autistic girls[View]
115506602/bb/ - Weekly BB21 Hype Thread: One month to go, lads. Rumor mill is saying it's all-stars this…[View]
115507816Makes 2.1 billion: Nothing personnel[View]
115500942>khal drogo was a lovely husband in the books! >he loved her! lol…[View]
115502866Best King possible tbqh[View]
115504039laurenkino is back: LAUREN SOUTHERN BORDER DOCUMENTARY IS OUT. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8762031/…[View]
115503552>shoots a bullet at a tank >tank explodes…[View]
115503380What's some kino with this theme[View]
115506469Tyrion reveal: So am I the only one that noticed this reveal? Tyrion doesn't know what the book…[View]
115506822>Main character uses a spear to kill a dragon flying 500 meters away[View]
115506534Was this her peak?[View]
115507333I can't believe the Aladdin remake stole from CollegeHumor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhy…[View]
115506605The way they ended his arc was criminal. He was becoming a better man. If he wasnt in your top 5 cha…[View]
115507465Has the comedy genre gone to shit? Pic related are the last ones I remember that actually had me lau…[View]
115500282Can't pay for a movie? Don't watch it.[View]
115507383Whats wrong? Too scared to leave the basement with mommies tendies so you just shitpost on anonymous…[View]
115507331Coco: Is this movie based? Did you enjoy it?[View]
115506266Riverdale: what do you want to see in season 4 /tv/?[View]
115507273>I demand a trial by combat[View]
115506989Remember me?[View]
115500786Impossible to find a more kino suit of armor[View]
115504412US: Any theories about the meaning? Still not sure about it.[View]
115500903The more walking dead, the better, who else hyped?[View]
115503860Who was in the wrong, Speirs or the German soldiers?[View]
115506931>cannes screening report >some viewers fainted >some viewers vomited >some viewers walke…[View]
115501369Why do you guys hate based uncle Joey Diaz so much?[View]
115506533Is there such a thing as classical cinema?[View]
115507051What are some kinos about incompetent Buffons[View]
115503390BACK TO THE FORMILA[View]
115503315Is it weird to have a fetish for hot women killing people in movies?[View]
115506561Have you ever meet a celebrity[View]
115506921LOOK AT MY SHIT[View]
115506868well I just, reject your hypothesis[View]
115503528Haha! Classic brooklyn 99[View]
115506477 [View]
115500248comfy simpsons thread[View]
115506539post an image others rec a movie based on it[View]
115500647OMG HAHA[View]
115501104If you could magically gain a specific character's English accent for the rest of your life, wh…[View]
115506428>uhh this dragon is ackshually a wyvern cuz it has 2 legs[View]
115480914Naomi Scott: Is she the most beautiful actress in Hollywood today?[View]
115490674>pick a film >Go to 14:58 >Take a screenshot…[View]
115506251ITT: Based blacks on tv: Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…[View]
115505945IT'S SPOOKY MOVIE NIGHT The Thing is streaming spookymovienight.com[View]
115506145>You mean they're not in their room?[View]
115506058The only reason Season 8 was like it was, was to set up the spin-offs...not to close things out. Da…[View]
115505380Ralph Fiennes who? Sounds like a faggot.[View]
115503673Just finished watching the final season of GOT all comfy and cuddled up with my sexy lover. It’s obv…[View]
115503920Inland Empire (2006): What is this movie?[View]
115505518Do americans really do this?: I mean, really? Do they?[View]
11550343830 year old faggot here and I finally saw this, fuck it was trash and I'm high, other trash kin…[View]
115505858Is this film historically accurate?[View]
115498890>lawrence fishburne's character gives 'I am the throne' speech >dyke character just anti-…[View]
115498788Cape Casting Close Calls By Franchise: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. >James Franco, Topher Grace, …[View]
115476180Okay, no memes, who would win in a fight?[View]
115498329Why does the audience have such awful taste?[View]
115504690what do you mean you hate game of thrones?[View]
115505509Beach Bum: So, I find it interesting that Beach Bum was so widely criticized considering it's l…[View]
115505248Why am I enjoying this, /tv/? Is it kino?[View]
115500135hey playboy, you just gonna sit there shitposting sneed? Is that what's hot in the streets righ…[View]
115502620>WATCH BLACK MIRROR![View]
115505443Recommend me some essential mystery/thriller-core kinos?[View]
115478281GODZILLA II FINAL TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC-DOCbdbmw&fbclid=IwAR3v-9q-rnL2bMps…[View]
115504921Anything actually good to watch atm?: My Dad had a big meltdown just a little while ago because I…[View]
115503985Don't mind me, just posting the greatest mini series in the history of television. Romelets nee…[View]
115497544/terminator/: Things to discuss or autistically screech about >Terminator Dark Fate, its wamin sj…[View]
115497722STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Vanity Fair information round-up: >THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is set …[View]
115503134if Captain Marvel did a heel turn and started acting like the Rock i feel this would make it a much …[View]
115504418What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
115503773>Emilia Clarke says her main inspiration for Daenerys was Hitler >Daenerys is portrayed as a l…[View]
115503202...Mercury... is a real good car.[View]
115498090>mfw I torrent movies without a VPN[View]
115499014Movies to watch knowing you didn't go out tonight again?[View]
115504698/tv/ Wallpapers[View]
115502732Picard: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=IGijGIZrGKc[View]
115504574Forgotten kino. Post em.[View]
115504483Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
115478921Webm thread[View]
115498751DAH KING IN DA NORF![View]
115504336Call it.[View]
115502591What were they fucking thinking?[View]
115504364https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llHKvaV0scQ So i just saw this crap buzzfeed video and got me thinki…[View]
115503662the dud[View]
115503540say something nice about mama june[View]
115500367>Watch the last seasons of this show >Literal race war, immigrantion, lesbianism, teen pregnan…[View]
115504094you don't get to bring frens[View]
115504129Why don't more movies take place in the 70s?[View]
115504148>*toot* >'Oh anon, its just a fart.... we all have them...' What are some films that break the…[View]
115501260Warging is hard. This was maybe my answer to Dabid, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with…[View]
115503964tropes that wouldn't work today[View]
115503705Fuck was his problem?[View]
115503313what did cara mean by this? also whats next for her career/future roles?[View]
115501694>UH DUNT WOONT EHT >*immediately let's everyone know that would prefer him* >UH LUV YH…[View]
115503287Ham Burgera: Ham Burgera.[View]
115501934True lmao[View]
115501202Galaxy High School: Last night anon asked me for my Galaxy High School collection but the thread die…[View]
115495694/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Elephants Foot edition Prev >>115490635[View]
115501830are there any movies about dolls haunting a lonely man[View]
115503370Get in here lads!: Is it true?[View]
115503686> Let me tell you something that might be a bit dangerous. I was raised in Japan. I was schooled …[View]
115501293/stark/: Why did they forget about him lads? According to the show: >'Forgive me, Ser Davos. I ne…[View]
115502694Now that Disney owns Fox and Star Wars, will they add the Fox logo and fanfare back on the front of …[View]
115503307How bad will this be?[View]
1155019693 day weekend seems like a good time to watch LOTR. I will take the ring to mordor, but I do not kno…[View]
115500973For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
115503124real fucking subtle[View]
115503395Why are Christmas Specials always the most kino productions?[View]
115501209Is there literally any avenue to legally purchase and own the digital version of a film and to actua…[View]
115497608Tony Stark totally fucked Nebula while in space for over 20 days[View]
115501483Was it rape?[View]
115503062Universally acclaimed, but still underrated.[View]
115503131What happened to him, and why wasn't he in DHMIS6? I know he appeared with fish on his tray, an…[View]
115499692>May 24th 2019 >still no news regarding Flash movie developments What the fuck is going on at …[View]
115501780>It's not easy to make a thread that's never been before, a good thread. >How do you…[View]
115503070Well, if this is it, old boy, I hope you don’t mind if I go out speaking the king’s?[View]
115501597>why don't we try socialism...with a nationalist flavor? why did everyone get so offended by…[View]
115500751THE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS CARTOON LIVE ACTION TRAILER DROPPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC9-bfs…[View]
115501375Can anyone recommend a kino for this feel? I miss him[View]
115502550Who's your favorite midge actor?[View]
115502299>western television will never achieve this level of kino[View]
115498185https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AU2TaP4UGQ WTF was his problem?[View]
115500861Reminder that the Russo Brothers directed this[View]
115496772Brightburn: Have you seen it? What were your thoughts?[View]
115501500unconfirmed autists and spergs in tv and film: can be both fictional and non fictional. pic related …[View]
115501825This movie sucks.[View]
115501770BREAK PRANE YOU PAY![View]
115502626Films where the 'antihero' does NOTHING wrong?[View]
115502638Who would you cast in a film about Robert and Rebekah Mercer? And how autistic would you play it? Ro…[View]
115499318What Went Wrong thread[View]
115502593Michael D. Cohen: I'm sure there have been a lot of angry threads about this here already, but …[View]
115501368https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOmQB9qYmU The world is ready for a 12 episodes HBO show of this?…[View]
115501166Highest grossing film: In light of the recent Avengers: Endgame box office hype, I though I'd g…[View]
115500560movies for this feel?[View]
115501717Rate Seankino: What if we only have 6 Bond movies? p.s. Connery is the only one real bondkino.…[View]
115502027Asian flicks: What should I watch next?[View]
115502290Who should play Jayme in her biopic?[View]
115493560What does it taste like?[View]
115500949Movie related Confessions thread: I say I hate Avatar on here to fit in but secretly I think it…[View]
115502226BUT YOU DREAM, TV[View]
115502200Leave Bane to me.[View]
115499773THAT'S SOME GOOD?[View]
115498947>Dude, it is good because it is boring[View]
115480574/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #544 Previous Thread:>>115459751[View]
115500449come watch Seinfeld with us at www.s7ream.com[View]
115499951On a cool autumn night In 2005, former SNL alum Charles Rocket wandered into a field near his home..…[View]
115501086Let's talk about our favorite Family Guy jokes.[View]
115492263BIONICLE: When will they get their live action film?[View]
115499805Ruling is hard...: But Anon, it was a simpler time...[View]
115501730Let’s bash.[View]
115501693/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #15 Don't wake Snorlax edition Previo…[View]
115500113Petition to have the Lord of the Rings movies be remade but with Marvel quips.[View]
115500167oh lord[View]
115500063What are some Egypt themed movies other than mummy or cleopatra?[View]
115501654Americer is an irradiated wasteland.[View]
115501692Absolutely George toked weed, are you kiddin' me, man? He grew fields of that stuff, man, that…[View]
115470686King https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-MAZ-PfFus[View]
115501637who is the best slampig actress[View]
115498780>haha I'm a lesbian by the way >kill all men Even the child molesting faggot was better…[View]
115497570/got/ - Punished Dany edition: >>115493315[View]
115501177Here's your Batman and Robin bro![View]
115489750Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115497904>did furio kill tony?[View]
115497234Jurassic Park World: Lost World came out 22 years ago yesterday. Did you hate it? Do you like it now…[View]
115501371Should movie and book creators give what the fans want or what they want?[View]
115500889What would Chad Pitt look like?[View]
115476842Name an actor who doesn't get the recognition they deserve!?: >Madlad Mads Mikkelsen He…[View]
115501226BASED: The aliens are interested in your ova, your femininity, your reproductive parts and your DNA.…[View]
115499902My god, not like this was anything promising but at least the Transformers vfx engulfed in michael b…[View]
115499273What's next for millie brady's career after the last kingdom finishes?[View]
115501109What are some movies with a 'Jimmy Buffett' aesthetic?[View]
115500753Fool enough to almost be it Cool enough to not quite see it[View]
115499438If singles I walk to the store to get some more steel reserve[View]
115495043Childhood faps[View]
115500994hands down the hardest i have laughed all year[View]
115499546Movies that are surprisingly good.[View]
115500960Sammy got popped?!?[View]
115500939Are you into this flat earth theory, pal?[View]
115500936Thoughts on this movie?[View]
115470666COBRA KAI NEVER DIES: This show is based. The only based, non-so.y show these days. It's funny…[View]
115498921Do you bend the knee to your rightful king, /tv/?[View]
115496882Picard: Are you also stunningly unimpressed? http://web.archive.org/web/20190524223940/http://dl90.y…[View]
115499213How do I stop rewatching kino and start watching new stuff that might not be kino but is new? Where …[View]
115500789Maisie williams has a podcast, has any of you listened to it?[View]
115500767Is the Dark Side real? >'Other children were really mean to me,' the Sun reported him as saying t…[View]
115500643Quentin said something unbelievable that you should see.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8qcccZy03…[View]
115500703>he's stuck in the timeline where s8ep6 was the last episode >he doesn't know about …[View]
115500665>ywn be brad pitt[View]
115467826/tv/ related courtroom drawings: are there any good ones?i really like the cosby ones, i think the a…[View]
115499968Reminder that Daenerys is shit and Cersei is the one true queen. She is based.[View]
115500301>Osama Bin Laden orchestrates 9/11 attack on New York >America invades Afgahnistan >Afghani…[View]
115500543Why can’t we have a good Batman who isn’t an alcoholic dead beat?[View]
115500622>yes, that is my favorite movie[View]
115500430Beanie: Beanie Feldstein thread: in 'honour' of book smart releasing today[View]
115500296What're some joints?[View]
115500427Why is every character in this series either bisexual or in an open relationship?[View]
115498806If you woke up tomorrow in an alternate world, where sex is so trivial, Hardcore, full penetration w…[View]
115498907>A Tim Burton Film >starring Johnny Depp >music by Danny Elfman…[View]
115498842Will she ever get explosive and leading roles like she did in GoT in the future? Will her Hollywood …[View]
115499706Literally How??[View]
115499822>he watches Television & Film in anything less than 1080p[View]
115497958Why is BDH always smiling and having a good time? Everytime she's on camera she's having a…[View]
115498191More kino like this?[View]
115487350To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day[View]
115500122In this thread, we will cast The Revolution, HBO's hit new comedy. Benjamin Franklin will be po…[View]
115496143why dont they use cute dolls in horror movies,they would be so much scary than the old ugly doll[View]
115499624Cringe thread[View]
115500174What are some kinos that didnt age well?[View]
115498702What are you playing?: She asks to listen, whats playing?[View]
115499905Cutest psycho![View]
115499762Is this kino?[View]
115499995LAST DRIVE-IN: Season 1 Finale[View]
115498625when are we getting a greek mythology film series?[View]
115499694FIXING SEASON 5: It is the season that everything went to shit. There were a couple of questionable …[View]
115500086Intimacy: YA YA YA YA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqXgnYc7Dug[View]
115500041Flash Gordon New York Jets[View]
115498819Hi /tv/, I've been planning on watching some Twilight Zone episodes! Which one's are the …[View]
115500020He is a plant[View]
115499726Was it kino?[View]
115499933>We never got to learn what Danny's tax policy was. It's not fair bros.…[View]
115498519Is Lisa now a Disney princess?[View]
115485028I DUHNT WAHNT IT[View]
115498150Then why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?[View]
115498963Do Americans really?[View]
115498636is quentin tarantino racist[View]
115498840Now that the GoT train has left the station can we get ready for the next Star Wars?[View]
115499745Any movies where the main character woke up all night for 6th day in a row but finally accepted his …[View]
115495901This is a ridiculous film: Everything about it, am I missing something?[View]
115499087What was his fucking problem?[View]
115498865>new season retcons in a villain whose existence creates plot holes in the previous seasons…[View]
115499246What's the verdict?[View]
115496507Let's see them films[View]
115498860Lee or Mckellen?[View]
115499465For me? It's CNN's Colin Quinn.[View]
115499583What are your thoughts on Gothic King Cobra(i.e. the best doc of the decade)[View]
115499464Guess the movie. Your hint is that it's from this year.[View]
115498981Ladies and gentleman: It's Up Late with McBain! I'm your announcer Obergruppenführer Wolfc…[View]
115497278Last Action Hero.: One of my favorite movies and now I hear it's trash? Is there something I do…[View]
115498287What will the black version of game of thrones be like? This is the cast of the spin off[View]
115498861if you hurt someones feelings, you don't get to decide that you didn't[View]
115498999dharma come down from there[View]
115499375Kinos about heroes viewed as villains?[View]
115499055It was pretty good [View]
115498701>mfw my new gf watches a Marvel movie with me on Friday night with a big pizza and Mountain Dew, …[View]
115498474what movies does your wife let you watch?: my wife let me watch School For Scoundrels[View]
115498539Aladdin: gay white prince edition[View]
115498828Put on a happy face. Todd Phillips JOKER comes out in 133 days.[View]
115495551Will the mouse make a movie as good as a 5 minute trailer?[View]
115497898When is the meme going to end?[View]
115490593Is Emma Watson's career dead or is she choosing to work less?[View]
115498604What is the Loveless of movies?[View]
115490747Zack Snyder Still Wants The Fountainhead To Be 'Super Fun And Crazy' Film: https://unv.is/theplaylis…[View]
115496077How did this quirky boyish looking canadian become the world's hottest (ie promising) actress f…[View]
115499047Dad is top kino. Why haven't you subscribed to Dad?[View]
115498777brave and true[View]
115498216Booksmart.2019.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-CM: This movie is incredible, both in terms of laugh out …[View]
115488439What's your favorite gay movie?[View]
115497494I cried at this, I really did[View]
115498836>ҫunny is love ҫunny is life >one day i hope for a ҫunny wife >as i arise in the morning …[View]
115489689Hasta la vista baby![View]
115496595This segment is amazing. >Someone finally bought a copy of your book.[View]
115494995you know it wasn't long ago you used to post on reddit, and as far as im concerned YOU SHOULD S…[View]
115498746would you a threesome with bill and lovely nia?[View]
115497673>Heigh: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) OH NO NO NO[View]
115498571>this was the only time a dead tried to kill him Why the fuck the dead showed no interest for Sam…[View]
115497174Brazilian Television[View]
115494429sugar dudududududu oooh honey honey[View]
115486025>hodor means hold the door >naming a dragon drogon >raider man mance rayder >the snowy …[View]
115497611its tiem[View]
115498390Why was this necessary?[View]
115497163Jacqueline Bisset on Murder on the Orient Express (1974)[View]
115496685What is her body language telling the audience here?[View]
115462283All Girl - Terminator 6 Dark Fate: I'm so excited for an all girl terminator Finally girls wil…[View]
115496699Why didn't he just snapped Donald Tr*mp?[View]
115498459for me, it's lady felicia in father brown[View]
115498454Cast Doom: >Doom is pretty much Vader crossed with Sheev >he's a dark sorcerer and a mad …[View]
115497714Just finished watching this. What the hell was this movie even about?[View]
115483437>We post the most kino 80s/90s films[View]
115498251Why didn't Obi-wan just force push Anakin into the lava?[View]
115498267>oddjob just whacks him early bond movies are pretty fun ya'll[View]
115496215Can someone explain this scene to me? I don’t get why the toilet is in the living room[View]
115496465Is this some kind of setup or something?[View]
115493853Ok Tony, so what if there was a town full of rapists, named Rape Town for convenience. Let's sa…[View]
115498172Uh dun[View]
115496073THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
115489496Sonic Movie Pushed Back 2020: Raging incelibates enact tyranny of the masses on Sonic Team, force mo…[View]
115498099>it's a Jack abuses a roastie episode[View]
115496295VOD FRIDAY: Looks like BRANDON FRASER KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU >The.Poison.Rose.2019.1080p.WEB-DL…[View]
115497967Gondor calls for aids[View]
115493458sopranos: what the fuck was chase thinking[View]
115497980Go fuck a refrigerator pecker neck.[View]
115497929/tgif/: thank GNOME it's Friday[View]
115497877What did he mean by this?[View]
115497761ITT: Travel kino: Why aren't there more travel kino threads on /tv/? https://youtu.be/q37qWA2c…[View]
115492711I dare you to post a better sci fi movie[View]
115497797john wick 3 stream where is it reeeee: reee is there a john wick 3 stream online anywhere????[View]
115492578Spongebob Square Pants: anybody else excited about the live action movie? It looks a little darker t…[View]
115497656Friday the 13th Tier Lists: What’re yours?[View]
115496930who would win in a fight bobby or the mountain[View]
115497721still want him back?[View]
115489017Why do boomers hate this fixed scene?: https://youtu.be/to2SMng4u1k[View]
115497581What are some more comfy cold war kinoe like this?[View]
115495585What's his endgame?[View]
115496219Dad is top kino[View]
115494329Who is the best Bond girl and why is Christmas Jones (Denise Richards)?[View]
115496133Tenet (2020): >Return to /tv/ >Not a single soul discussing details of Nolan's upcoming s…[View]
115494818best couple ever[View]
115495142Why was the 90's so based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0tTbTbmVA[View]
115492960What went wrong?[View]
115497117Will we ever see the return of Dajokha baybi? Also Joker general[View]
115497433its a good boy[View]
115497312Why didn't he create infinte resources?[View]
115488030Anyone else find the fight scenes in GoT unwatchable?: I just started the series recently and I can…[View]
115496392Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Martin, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with…[View]
115487195this guy’s story should be adapted into a movie/series: he says the main reason he did it was becaus…[View]
115497330this was kino, why can't the DC movies be this experimental?[View]
115493315/got/: Bessie's return edition >>115489362[View]
115491170I'm rewatching Hardcore Henry, you can keep your fucking waifu threads[View]
115497280unironically the only good thing about the movie he single-handedly saved this flick from becoming a…[View]
115497244What are some films about the next step on mankinds evolution?[View]
115497136But at what cost? You're a good board, don't do this![View]
115497162ALADDIN REVIEW IS UP!!: >Will Smith Goes from Genie to Uncle Remus in Aladdin. May his daring at …[View]
115494926'Aladdin' Is Bad!!!: >The relative realism of Aladdin, at least compared to the cartoon, opens th…[View]
1154964351 extra hour in the ball pit Stayvun[View]
115486997So, what's so bad about it?[View]
115492689Kinoest of Kino: >still flooded with Game of memes posts >some shitty news about italians walk…[View]
115492667Can you imagine the Bobby posting when they make the Robert's rebellion prequel series. Who sho…[View]
115493977John Wick is capeshit: Prove me wrong, /tv/[View]
115496543>william my boy[View]
115495561Does she become queen of the 6 (six) kingdoms?[View]
115496979>a meteor the size of texas[View]
115493223And then?[View]
115496915Post medieval kino[View]
115494491is House of Cards and/or Madmen worth it? looking for something good to watch, on the ledge of my se…[View]
115496590GoT Bran & Sansa; A fan fuc: 'You summoned, Your Grace.' Sansa knew to stop before stepping furt…[View]
115496734Chad Stahelski is a literal chad: >square jaw >a literal chad >masculine >alpha male …[View]
115495636What was his tax policy?[View]
115493751>LOTR on death >End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path ... One…[View]
115493765He’s back, bros.[View]
115485968>Nuh...... Nowy Tends Can some lore expert tell me exactly what this means?…[View]
115479581Member that time when The Mountain was a muslim guy? I member[View]
115493648Since everyone thought it was hilarious to see Thor being a drunken, depressed and and fat slob, wou…[View]
115495670Why did he need to see it?[View]
115496509>mfw someone mentions the bible[View]
115495795One year ago, Solo was released and people seem to forget that there is an entire version of the mov…[View]
115496469What were his last thoughts?[View]
115496277Take it up with my butt, cause he's the only guy who gives a crap.[View]
115496458Why didn't Powder just use his powers to stop the avalanche?[View]
115495626In honor of Memorial Day what are some classic Americana movies that celebrate our immigrant heritag…[View]
115482991After failed attempts to terminate Sarah Connor, Terminator franchise decides to terminate itself: …[View]
115493220Pizza time[View]
115474458ITT: we write a Jordan Peele movie, i'll start : >a black family >thriller / horror elem…[View]
115493914Why do people pretend she's a good actress? She's just as shit as Jennifer Lawrence and an…[View]
115495445yep, I'm thinking kino is back on the menu[View]
115491588Urban School Kino: Any other urban school kino like The Substitute?[View]
115493878name 1 good spanish movie pro tip: you can't[View]
115488723Gotta be tough...sharing a board with someone spouting insane capeshit on your screen...all day long…[View]
115493736CGI is garbage when overused: Just look at this shit. A movie from the early 1990s has aged better t…[View]
115496035Christ this movie was retarded and shit: Its dumber than it looks. Being a sucker for time travel bu…[View]
115495424Ayo post in this thread if you didnt know who this nigger was in Season 2[View]
115494203>4-hour movie >15-minute unsimulated cunnilingus scene The madman did it again https://www.ind…[View]
115479087ITS HAPPENING[View]
115495904How will amazon fuck it up?[View]
115495850Kinos for this feel?[View]
115495635What was the last really successful movie having to so with the mysterious ocean?[View]
115490635/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Vladimir I Lenin Nuclear Water Boiler™ edition Previous >>11548678…[View]
115490995Why are redemption arcs the best kind of arc?[View]
115495384>“The Red Wedding for me in Lord of the Rings is the mines of Moria, and when Gandalf falls — it’…[View]
115495168*homes in on you*[View]
115495560Lucifer: Best netflix show?[View]
115480936Uhm, guys, /ourguy/ Refn won't disappoint, r-right?[View]
115494932>fred mercury >Elton John What's next in the Gay Musician Cinematic universe ? For me: i…[View]
115495470Why does reddit hate him so much?[View]
115492603OH NO NO NO NO NO NO Legendary AS FUCK: How happy is Del Torro right now?[View]
115495428Will he ever stop drilling the oil?[View]
115494221Jesus Christ...: Is this the highest concentration of JUST in a single movie. Also starring bogpille…[View]
115490268laurenkino is back: LAUREN SOUTHERN BORDER DOCUMENTARY IS OUT. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8762031/…[View]
115487656I've only seen The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and Monty Python, How's this?[View]
115458236Will it be kino or shit?: I'm seeing a lot of 2 or 3 star reviews on Letterboxd https://letterb…[View]
115495101Does the movie have any good memes?[View]
115494626What are some essential cringekino films?[View]
115491504Just now discovered this has a ton of sequels. How are they compared to the original?[View]
115493477>yfw you realize kurosawa invented the kys meme 50 years befor 4chinz was born.…[View]
115488951Quick! Name all the dwarfs from Thorin's Company! Don't cheat![View]
115494991when are gettin norf kino?[View]
115494935why do sjw's hate this kino so much? is she /ourgirl/?[View]
115490838Kino but distractingly i wanted to fuck lauren southern throughout the entire thing.[View]
115492234lol who would want a figure of this ugly mutt?[View]
115491043Has a show ever had so many consecutively bad episodes like this before?: Seriously, every episode i…[View]
115492353Cast the inevitable modern adaptation.[View]
115479221how many omega males will watch whore kino?[View]
115484667Jessica Alba: What happened?[View]
1154944541 A-wing fighter vs. 10 F-22 jets wat hapens[View]
115494635boris day lol[View]
115494630https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC-DOCbdbmw >my God >ZILLA…[View]
115479194Those were some gruesome kills.[View]
115493727OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
115493752You said the fight choreography in John Wick 3 was good, anon. Why did you lie?[View]
115494444American Dad: underrated show[View]
115492539Retarded things you thought about film as a kid: When I was a teenager I thought Ep. 1 of Lost was c…[View]
115494475Recommend me some kino series /tv/[View]
115494345Why does the entire cast talk like they can't stand Trampolino?[View]
115494364/logh/: >thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVOh4r2nOOw…[View]
115494272WTF was his problem?[View]
115494074How the dragonpit scene should have gone: >I’ve had nothing to do but think these past few weeks.…[View]
115493655What PS2 game is this?[View]
115485860Is this peak Sci-Fi??[View]
115494003 [View]
115483436>start watching an AVGN episode >'He's gonna take you back to the past' >finish the ep…[View]
115491987>TYRION: 'Remember that time I murdered our father, wasn't it rad?' >JAIME: 'Heh heh. I r…[View]
115491387excited for the Where's Waldo? show /tv/?[View]
115492804Is Banshee any good?[View]
115493622I'm eating my dinner! CAN I HELP YOU?![View]
115484941She deserved better bros...[View]
115493714ITT; movies you watched for the tits but that turned out to actually be OK[View]
115493110Chloe Bennett has taken the bogpill, why haven't you? post more actors fucking up their faces w…[View]
115491489>disney expect us to believe THIS is the clone of a white man what where they thinking?…[View]
115488172ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bih0caYyqgg[View]
115492760Karl Pilkington: >Box jellyfish; crocodiles; snakes; blue-ringed octopus; redback spiders; funnel…[View]
115487910 >arrives in the 1940's >lives out his whole life >knows about JFK assassination >k…[View]
115493362What the FUCK did Tyler, the Creator mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYRF_xmlRMk[View]
115487359Lost: Why did they ruin this fucking show? First three seasons were GOAT. What is the hatch? Who are…[View]
11549333752 minutes and 19 seconds into the documentary 'The God Who Wasn't There', the viewer observes …[View]
115489362Game of Thrones General - /got/: One of the lads edition Last thread >>115482992[View]
115492910Was it kino[View]
115490236In honor of Memorial Day what are some classic Americana movies that celebrate our immigrant heritag…[View]
115493262Why didn’t strange create a spell called the explosion spell and instantly blow up anyone when caste…[View]
115493120creepy kinos?[View]
115491670What's your favourite Aidan Gillen role? Frankly I know him only from GoT and Batman series, bu…[View]
115491006Name my stand[View]
115492983>Jamie, Look up Yoel Romero shirtless >Whoa. Look at this, Look. See right here, Jamie zoom in…[View]
115492817Booksmart: Tbh, superbad did it better. Goes to show that women are worthless in comedy.[View]
115492899What are some kinos about people jumping to conclusions and villainizing an innocent man?[View]
115492730Some guy redid the Vader/Obi Wan fight scene from A New Hope. PS3 cutscene graphics aside, what do y…[View]
115490996What is the best film of 28 year old Margot Robbie?[View]
115492783i'm gonna get to the bottom of this, and i don't care if you're at the top[View]
115492778even normies hate the ending[View]
115490499It still hurts bros[View]
115492531>*rejects your hypothesis*[View]
115489606>Hey Tails, why are we going to the park?[View]
115491763What were they thinking?[View]
115490453A File sharing site reacts to the De-Feminized Avengers Endgame cut. YIKES[View]
115490560James Cordon blue himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=336&v=sJepiyvx-0s Another…[View]
115489150is it too early to rewatch terror?[View]
115490968Brendan Schaub's comedy special: This is fucking brutal[View]
115490188Yes, the Simpsons have come a long way since an old drunk made humans out of his rabbit characters t…[View]
115492437very good visuals, but the plot didnt do anything for me[View]
115492327Wow, it was just like Superbad, but without the laughs So subversive![View]
115490919What are some truly puzzling mind-bending films that will leave you in a deep state of thought for d…[View]
115489800>We're whalers of the moon[View]
115489567who is your favorite gay actor?[View]
115492335Are we Bran?[View]
115487277Can you imagine if they had ended things here and stopped making marvel movies?[View]
115490523Got Dr Strange on the telly. Is fucking terrible lmao what is this[View]
115488798comfy bane thread[View]
115488903Hola Sbarro...[View]
115487837Who is the modern day Cynthia Rothrock[View]
115488756Is this what the average viewer wants?[View]
115492132https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRUHYKZ9248 You now remember when Jack Black smoked some weed for Yo…[View]
115481822>hey Pegs, let’s go to Dallas for our 1963 vacation. I bet it will be a head-blowing experience. …[View]
115490613What was Hollywoods golden age? Was it the 90s?[View]
115469852Realistic Apocalypse Kino: What's some good Kino I can watch to prepare myself for the inevitab…[View]
115487669Why didn't Harry Potter just use the time turner and go back in time and kill baby Voldemort?[View]
115491780>they shoved a glass bulb up his backside and smashed it inside of him.. later he went on to kill…[View]
115491289was this intentional?[View]
115491548Why didn't she just shoot Thanos with her pistol?[View]
115487737Quentin Dupieux / Mr Oizo thread: How can one man be so based /tv/ ? What is your favorite film he m…[View]
115478752Bane thread 2.0: Continued from >>115454087 because of image limit.[View]
115489811you've never seen Manuel Ferrara and Javier Bardem in the same room, have you?[View]
115491688Post medieval kino[View]
115491672You've been put in charge of rebooting The Mind's Eye. What artists do you use?[View]
115489683Did Zach ever go steady with her or that quadroon?[View]
115490142ITT: Comfy Movies As in, movies that you would watch on a day off as you lie around on your couch or…[View]
115491552>watching movie set in the past >characters have contemporary accents…[View]
115491471whats is the Deus Ex of movies?[View]
115490867F to pay respects: Or press S to spit on this oxygen thieving fat American mouthbreather[View]
115487311What am I in for? What should I think about the movie while I watch it?[View]
115489906>get unsnapped >wake up in your bedroom >first thing you see is your wife is getting double…[View]
115480709Are the sequels worth watching? Nothing is more satisfying than seeing atheists get destroyed.[View]
115489554The guy who plays Jimmy Aprile: .[View]
115489742>you know it's a trap right >yeah I don't care…[View]
115485724https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOxE3SMdMFM tfw your technical university has better costumes than m…[View]
115475239The Sonic movie got delayed to Valentine's Day https://twitter.com/fowltown/status/113193768570…[View]
115488925Ladies and gentleman, bare with me.. but, I'd like to do something a bit unusual tonight: I…[View]
115489419Why did they become so flanderized?[View]
115487491>Dabid, you shall marry the fandom and put an end to these disgusting rumors about season 8 sucki…[View]
115486738Daisy Domergue (Hateful Eight): I wish I could save her ;_;[View]
115490183>hold the door[View]
115480371what happened to her career?[View]
115486784/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: nuclear power edition prev eps >>115483287[View]
115481433This is kino[View]
115490379>everything I eat tastes like salt movies for this feel[View]
115490331What are some movies with this feeling?[View]
115456591OH NO NO NO NONO[View]
115488906Point Break or Bad Boys 2[View]
115488696So the Akira Live action will be cape shit?: Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the new take on the Japa…[View]
115488040What do you guys think the best Godzilla era is? I think the Heisei era is the best. It does a great…[View]
115477498NEW STAR WARS KINO ANNOUNCED: Anyone else excited?[View]
115485916ITT: we act like it's 2005: Just saw this new Batman film Was it kino?[View]
115490026The most inspirational film of all time[View]
115488570Is there anything more corny than a Mel Brooks movie?[View]
115488518What is the greatest /tv/ show ever and why is it Breaking Bad ?[View]
115489550Its an Arnold thread >Favourite Arnold Film? >Favourite Arnold One-Liner?…[View]
115489739He really was The Joker™[View]
115489674How long until HBO / Shitflix come for his works?[View]
115489531Had they suggested that she be the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, would she have asked for the North t…[View]
115488139>same age For all of the faults I excuse Super for, this is not one of them…[View]
115489503What the fuck is Roger Moore's problem?[View]
115489497What's this movie name again: can't remember[View]
115488377Who was at the wrong here?[View]
115488441> the 24th of may 2019 > there is some comfort in the emptiness of /tv/…[View]
115485891>Holy shitballs batman I love JOHN WICK keanu is so cool r/keanubeaingawesome you better not touc…[View]
115489366What are some films that made you cry?: That hit close to home...[View]
115486245Was it kino or shit? Fuck Ted[View]
115488383>I HEAR YOU’RE A RACIST NOW /TV/[View]
115488019which one is the alien?[View]
115476745I don't get it[View]
115466417DEADWOOD: So, is anyone watching/rewatching Deadwood with the imminent release of the long-anticipat…[View]
115487630What should I use to watch TV channels from all over the world legally, apart from a cable subscript…[View]
115489183>has a tiny window of opportunity to make a deal with the agents while his shipmates are asleep …[View]
115482992/got/ general - It's happening again edition: Old >>115475767[View]
115487570What do we think about the Harry Potter movies?[View]
115486723>create thread about my favorite movie no replies >millionth shitposting, sneed, racebait, cel…[View]
115489039Fuck the ending of game of thrones: Why the fuck did dabid make him a retarded who only said 'muh qu…[View]
115484026Movies with no women: Recommend me good big movies with NO WOMEN CHARACTERS and NO ROMANTIC LINES Wo…[View]
115485871Tarantino foot fetish - but where is Daisy Domergue?: I wish we could see her feet :( fuck Tarantino…[View]
115488772LoGH: Has anyone actually ever seen this show? Seems like retards suck its dick and praise it as 'th…[View]
115476556cast them[View]
115479846Why did everyone go to his house all the time?[View]
115487705Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck went wrong?[View]
115488468JUNO'S CUNT!![View]
115488654>MOGs all Hollywood fight scenes[View]
115488602Why was he such a weeb?[View]
115487125If the original Terminator was rebooted: who would you cast as >T-800 >Sarah Conner >Kyle R…[View]
115488450Emilia Clarke doesn't want her career defined by her tits: Guess that rumour a while ago about …[View]
115477646Besides some bad dialogue and Jar-Jar why did people hate it so much?[View]
115488732Doug's birthday: Happy birthday Doug![View]
115488161APOLOGIZE: https://www.insider.com/game-of-thrones-cast-with-black-actors-fan-suggestions-twitter-20…[View]
115481396Ok Tony, so what if there was a town full of rapists, named Rape Town for convenience. Let's sa…[View]
115488669was this kino or was this kino[View]
115488659>DUDE ghost army saves everyone, completely undermining everything the men of Gondor and Rohan di…[View]
115482654HBO HIRE THIS MAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0mncEl4nVU[View]
115487431.: Whats a king to a God?[View]
115485232Could this BE anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
115488240Is The Joker trying to tell us something here?[View]
115483902Cast the inevitable adaptation[View]
115486527So its confirmed that his wheelchair has a hole in the bottom so he can just leave a shit trail for …[View]
115486702>Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively?[View]
115475753And in the end, it too failed.[View]
115488310Movies that women will never understand[View]
115488198Can I get some good barbarian fantasy recommendations?[View]
115487999What the hell are soft skills?[View]
115474115WHICH ARYA WAS BEST ARYA?: Pick the best Arya. Be honest.[View]
115488242These guys are really, really, really good stand up comedians.[View]
115486668>*drinks sour milk*[View]
115480611It's finally here[View]
115472614Black Mirror: What does /tv/ think of this show?[View]
115486977you’ve never seen jennifer connelly & daniel day lewis in the same room together...[View]
115479011I've heard the ending is awful but is it worth a watch? I've had people tell me the first …[View]
115487825>Frodo Baggins >Proto Agonist >protagonist bravo Hackson…[View]
115487974had a dream that i was the man on the left and that i killed the man on the right[View]
115487948Miller's Crossing: It was a decent gangster flick, though like most Coen Bros. films it doesn…[View]
115487153Chad Boromir vs. Virgin Faramir[View]
115487836>There's a lot of grey area in 'Gass all the Jews.' i didn't know Sam Raimi wrote the …[View]
115485735What does /tv/ think about JD and Scrubs?[View]
115487059How does /tv/ feel about alien portrayal in cinema?[View]
115487767*ting ting ting* Ahem... The Wachowski BROTHERS[View]
115484745Remember the time Johnny Depp turned himself into a computer god by glueing USBs to his head?[View]
115487654To kill an infidel, the Pope has said, is not murder. It is the path to heaven.[View]
115486793Why do Northern Englishmen make the best actors? >Sean Bean >Patrick Stewart >Brian Blessed…[View]
115487589Lord Tyrion: All heil the Lord of Casterly Rock.[View]
115487532now that the dust has settled: Rome > Game of Plebs[View]
115482816>implying people would pay top dollar for a intergalactic cruise just to see some blue spacenigge…[View]
115485176“So, I’ve been thinking…” “Oh, here we go.” “you know how you’re always saying I should be trying to…[View]
115487319How did we let this happen?[View]
115487296Luv me KWEEN Luv me norf Luv me mates 'ate da Lannisters 'ate da ded 'ate da iron fro…[View]
115482680ITT: pleb filters[View]
115474345What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
115486879>so confirmed sneed’s feed and seed was formerly chuck’s[View]
115479376Umbrella Academy: Is this worth watching? Rate /10 And note whether it’s insufferably pozzed like mo…[View]
115486825/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Taнцы Pикapдo Mилoca Edition Previous Thread >>115483287[View]
115486886What are some of examples of incels in film?[View]
115480847did he knew arya was going to kill the night king?[View]
115483721>Midevil characters use fire arrows against infantry[View]
115483287/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: thanks ukraine for giving us kinobyl edition prev eps >>115479577…[View]
115486786I want to fuck this gnome bitch so much. I’ll jam my fucking nigger finger in her tight, thicc gnome…[View]
115480436The new Spider-man movies suck.: This newest spider-man series of movies is shit from start to finis…[View]
115486772>His performance is a tour de force![View]
115486763Were's the Kino?[View]
115478259Did he murder his wife? I read somewhere he zeal remarried 18 months after her death. That seems ske…[View]
115486392What the fuck happened with them? Did their political disagreements finally become too much?[View]
115483858>building a wall of ice and not stone why?[View]
115486103Spymate thread[View]
115484836name 1 good german movie pro tip: you can't[View]
115486491Tyra Banks to play Wonder Women Nubia: Will it be kino? Thoughts on her? Is she better than Gal as W…[View]
115486395Favorite medieval kino?[View]
115485570for me its silvio santos[View]
115473699https://youtu.be/hphmmWgEo4M >1:24[View]
115480993Imagine GoT without magic. >bran's storyline ends with them finding out that the three eyed…[View]
115485694ITT: Movies that were ruined for you because of one scene.[View]
115486089Here's your directopr for Winter Soldier Disney+ miniseries: get woke, it's time[View]
115486190What are some films that teach you the proper way of having sex?[View]
115486160AIU: Criticizing GOT is Like Criticising Scarlett Johanssons BJs: Is he right? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
115486004Let's say hello to my music guy: Scoey[View]
115486122I'M ACTING EVIL![View]
115484594Movies you absolutely hated[View]
115484591What kind of movies do incels watch?[View]
115478894All jokes, shit posting, hating, and trolling aside, will endgame actually beat avatar or will it fa…[View]
115484674He did nothing wrong fuck brutus[View]
115485567>Mr. Arthur had no idea what he would say to Billy Knapp[View]
115480110kind of lost the boat on this one what is the official /tv/ ™ line of choices for the best ending?[View]
115483329Well /tv/?[View]
115485491John Wick series should have taken a different path: I just got enough time to watch the film and th…[View]
115485551How real is the 'L.A. Man' stereotype?[View]
115485245Fly, you fools![View]
115483864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTDb0ebFh8E Why did the film industry allow the music industry to su…[View]
115484496Was this story of millions dying in gas chambers based on an actual event? Not this time. We made it…[View]
115484348>drop two bombs on Japan in 1945, incinerating over 100,000 civilians >try to make money off i…[View]
115482994Colombia special stream: streaming the Colombia special from the grand tour right now[View]
115485445>baseball movie >PUT ME IN COACH I'M READY TO PLAY…[View]
115485435Ben 10 layed a significant role in the end of times for quality animation, leading us into the Early…[View]
115484919Dead Set: If you're not UK based then you've probably not seen this, it's on debtflix…[View]
115485393ITT: Movies that predicted future: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414852/[View]
115484021Unscripted TV Kino[View]
115475000Fucking BASED[View]
115484729Allahdin: Cringiest piece of shit movie in a long time. Shit is like Bollywood, but with even less h…[View]
115484308Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019): Will you watch?[View]
115478462>cleganebowl is getting hyped for 8 seasons >finally get cleganebowl in the second last episod…[View]
115484159The last movie I watched in the movie in theaters was Django Unchained in 2011 The last tv show I wa…[View]
115443675A super advance race of beings[View]
115484889Love Scene kino: Hottest love scene kinos? For me? It's Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty https…[View]
115483273How is it?[View]
115483440Where is the new BOTW?[View]
115484670Was it justified?[View]
115484740ITT: People who know nothing about cinema[View]
115483761I'm so fucking tired of Sneed threads. Will the mods ever step in!? I think /tv/ should get a w…[View]
115484702If Thanos destroyed the stones then what happens when the population inevitably goes back to pre-sna…[View]
115484662Will we ever get real white Batman?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LYzDB4hWUs[View]
115481317just imagine[View]
115484652Is it redpilled?[View]
115482964Remember this?[View]
115483313QUEEN SLAYED[View]
115483978Any Season 4 predictions? How's shit gonna go down now that the floodgates are open ?[View]
115484374Are they supposed to be humans or something else?[View]
115483501He killed millions.[View]
115484258/Пpи́п'ять/: As with most things in life, the very thing we once loved goes to shit. Chernobyl …[View]
115482189/david lynch/: So is eraserhead good? Ive watched the first 2 seasons of twin peaks and liked them. …[View]
115484287Why haven’t there been such geniuses of wordplay and comedic timing since?[View]
115483822GOT Thread: Fuck Tyrion edition: >Convince your best friend to kill the girl he loves while he’s …[View]
115481943Countdown Star Rachel Riley is pregnant: Btw what's your favorite show, Regular or Cats? https:…[View]
115482706/50 Cent General/: Non-P.I.M.P.s not welcome.[View]
115480356ITT: Charachters that are literally you[View]
115482342> citizens of /tv/[View]
115481628HBO's: Corleone: >HBO is planning on a 10ish episodes mini-series covering the events of the…[View]
115482995This movie will be decent for kids, dreamworks tier. Yet 'LE SANIC SO AUTISTIC AND BAD XD' hatedrone…[View]
115481772my favourite simpsons was the time homer tried to jump the gorg[View]
115484055 [View]
115478641>the fucking dragon is called Drogon[View]
115483432Was Robert in the right here?[View]
115474086>rightful heir to the throne is sitting right there >lets elect a cripple instead This will ne…[View]
115473104Asian movies: Can we have another thread for Asian movies like last week?[View]
115483390We need to hire someone to make this show kino: SAY NO MORE![View]
115483181biopics with this beautifully illustrated theme? Let me know if you need me to explain it.[View]
115483377>yes I am very abusive to my mother how can you tell?[View]
115481533>Cleopatra, a woman who spoke several languages, had good knowledge in statecraft and was an over…[View]
115483817What the frick did I just watch[View]
115481275>when you spend your career talking shit about white people/men then decide to become a single mo…[View]
115480250Akira-kino is back on the menu bois https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/akira-movie-releas…[View]
115483671has anyone on this site ever been an extra or small bit role in a movie or show? if so point out whe…[View]
115482520>writers deliberately turn him into a neety slob >roasties still think he's hot >>d…[View]
115483469>Highgarden will never belong to a cut throat. >No? Who were your ancestors? The ones who made…[View]
115481736Post god tier dialogue: >YU AH MY KWEEN[View]
115479915So, did she wear the red bikini and get chained up or nah? If she didn't then I'm not goi…[View]
115478946Cause you make my earth quake Oh, you make my earth quake[View]
115479577/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: delusional edition prev eps >>115470430[View]
115483372He's just like me[View]
115482904>le 13% face[View]
115483281AND IF WE ALL COME TOGETHER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlti8Q-gU-Q[View]
115481589ROB REINER WIPES THE FLOOR WITH ANDREI TARKOVSKY: Rob Reiner is, as far as depth of art and sublimit…[View]
115480023Any comfier shows? Comfy shows in general.[View]
115478809>while plebeins cry about their favorite series being shit i'm just here enjoying my Pirates…[View]
115483059AND THEY SAY THAT[View]
115479712/lotr/: >SOUL VS >SOULLESS[View]
115483088What is the best dog kino out there? Just saw this and it was pretty good[View]
115482933Way to go, fagtrons![View]
115482668Am I the only one that really liked this movie? Probably my 3rd favorite in the saga.[View]
115478794>Knowledge is power, Sansha[View]
115482975Kinos where you side with the villains: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikMlCxzO-94…[View]
115478696Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115477811I´m happy I love Vertigo so much[View]
115482526VROOM VROOM[View]
115479823You would not part an old man from his baneposting?[View]
115482842What films help you to understand the plight of the socially isolated young men in modern society?[View]
115482476fucking based[View]
115471623The Thing 1982: Why did the doggo Alien not just wait out the winter with the humans until a plane c…[View]
115482210Kinos with this feel?[View]
115482789'member Keanu Reeves?[View]
115475767/got/: Best direwolf Edition Previous >>115468803[View]
115480112/البرنسيسة بيسة/: discuss this tv kino[View]
115482009What's next for her career?[View]
115482388Movies with this feeling?[View]
115468388Holy fucking based[View]
115478912JESUS H. CHRIST he pulled a Michael Jackson[View]
115476955Confirmed fresh Apologize[View]
115482491What ever happened to my boy Maario Naharis?[View]
115477166Can someone explain why the FUCK they still obeyed Dany after Drogo was a vegetable and even dead? I…[View]
115477036Why do they make a children’s cartoon character so fucking hot?[View]
115477118Actually I'm on his side. Women try to do rewrite the past like this all the time, in this case…[View]
115480604Is he based or just some degenerate?[View]
115470500Dude, I almost had you.[View]
115482434PICTURE THIS[View]
115470332Will the witcher tv be kino?[View]
115481950Comfy simpsons thread[View]
115480941defend this[View]
115477678Should have held on to that amulet..[View]
115479976is he on the level of the best filmmakers: in terms of what he has brought to gaming?[View]
115482017streaming the Colombia special of the grand tour. join for some comfy boomer kino https://pastebin.c…[View]
115480170Now that all the pirate chads have seen it, I think we can all agree it sucks and if this is the bes…[View]
115480926Imagine spending 10 years of buildup for a silver medal. Billions of dollars to be the second best.[View]
11548099212 angry men: What was Juror #7's fucking problem? Is he an incel?[View]
115480037Discord for western fans: https://discord.gg/cwNDcye[View]
115481229Who the fuck wanted a Netflix Original Lonely Island special about Jose Canseco?[View]
115445133/fantasy/: post your setting and plot for the next HBO multi season fantasy series I want a milf kni…[View]
115481470Kino: Post Kino[View]
115479273There's always a bigger fish.[View]
115481647NOW YOU FUCKED UP[View]
115481086>it’s another Doug watches something he was always gonna hate then proclaim about muh 2D being be…[View]
115481681Just watched ep1: I feel fucking sick. Also Jess Buckley a qt.[View]
115479085>Character mentions they are afraid of clowns[View]
115479264Were you surprised?[View]
115479993Is this normal behavior in Europe?[View]
115481059Hey Tony, I gotta meet John down at Page 10[View]
115481244Was this what ER would have been like if it was actually a good show?[View]
115469685post a nice image from your /tv/ folder[View]
115479124>HUMANITY IS EVIL- Mewtwo Glad to see his views and contempt have not changed in the past 20 year…[View]
115461644Did he went too far this time? After Blue is the warmest color.. he's more extreme now in his l…[View]
115474751drogon vs smaug who wins?[View]
115481313You do watch her movies, right anon? Its her turn shitlords. PATRIARCHY... IN SPAAAACE![View]
115478027Imagine being this prick. His agent calls; 'Hello John, they are looking for a fat snivelling blubbe…[View]
115478548would you reject her hypothesis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVg2uBTTVyM[View]
115479347Yeah I’m thinking it’s kino[View]
115481147>4 tickets of Godzilla: King of the Monsters plz[View]
115480846Klaatu! Barada! N-[View]
115449536>I WANNA BE A ZULTAN TOO It's all so tiresome /tv/[View]
115479136If Varys really wanted what was better for the realm, why did he spent 7 seasons supporting Dany ins…[View]
115480115soylo 2: I FUCKING LOVE STAR WARS[View]
115474961how did the chinese managed to make their own game of thrones successful, but the west manages to fu…[View]
115476397Now that the dust has settled..: Is Breaking Bad better than GOT?[View]
115480337Post some Key & Peele sketches that are actually good. Pic not related. >https://www.youtube.…[View]
115473066So Weinstein settled for 44mi with some of his so-called victims. Seems like #MeToo was a success![View]
115480549Has there ever been a bigger philosophical conundrum on television?[View]
115465702already knew they made the good terminator a strong independent woman who don't need no man but…[View]
115474123more like The ExpanzZz[View]
115478860I came up with some casting ideas for a Mortal Kombat movie. Does /tv/ have any suggestions?[View]
115479546>a sex scene? pathetic[View]
115478088*recommends you slow psychological horror film with no jumpscares*[View]
115479838Sylvester Stallone Making a Cobra Series: Stallone's trying to get his action movie classic it…[View]
115459751/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #543 Do It For Her Edition Previous Thread:>>1…[View]
115475116How the fuck is Ingrid Bergman considered the most beautiful actress in movies ever? If she had to b…[View]
115467595Game of Thrones Prequel: >The title of this prequel series is ' Empire of Ash ' >It is about t…[View]
115470865I don't get it[View]
115477467What about Game of Thrones' ending is supposed to stop Westeros from becoming chaos again?[View]
115478824ITT: If you hear it you lose[View]
115479188ITS OVER EVEN Tywin was like wtf: Game of Thrones star Charles Dance rips into 'confusing'…[View]
115479720m'askusum Rick how come they pick him to be king mane he's just a weird little boy in a ch…[View]
115478131Hey, Merry, have you met my daughter? Isn't she lovely?[View]
115479415ITT Forgotten Kino[View]
115475121Kim Kardashian's career literally started with a porno[View]
115471694Has /tv/ ever met a celebrity? Stories? Pic related is me with Abbey Lee and her sister.[View]
115479187You wanna buy some deathsticks?[View]
115474841ITT scenes that give you a boner[View]
115474780Better bring a marker guys[View]
115479381John Wick 3: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
115474214Aladdin - Jasmine slave question: How did they handle this scene in new movie?[View]
115470430/RBMK/ - Chernobyl GEE BILL 15000 ROENTGENS? edition: Previous thread >>115467015[View]
115479434KotOR: Hey, Anon. It theory what will it take to shove the idea of Keanu Reeves as Revan in upcoming…[View]
115479310ITT: canon gay relationships[View]
115477544films about the IRAQ WAR?[View]
115479149Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115479095Left or right? Do you prefer the book's more mysterious Others or the shows take on the unstopp…[View]
115479122predator kino: what was his endgame?[View]
115479088Why waste your time watching Terminator 6 when you could be watching Black Magic M-66 ?[View]
115479086https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi9_Jn2Y2iI Where my sex before soccer boys and girls at?[View]
115477895F: >Taika Waititi’s busy schedule that includes the awards-season release of Fox Searchlight’s Jo…[View]
115476164Better than Eastbound and Down[View]
115476966>Female cast How did they get away with it? Why arent normies hating on it?…[View]
115478966And one day I promise you, your children and grandchildren will look into your eyes...and when they …[View]
115478891>Sci-Fi movie finds or create a mineral >Call it Unobtanium…[View]
115478105Movie scenes where a character gets fucked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlcim4WIOLk[View]
115475501why are characters by George so much better than tolkeins?. I mean name a single character that even…[View]
115472649Stargate general: >No comfy stargate thread This needs to be rectified.…[View]
115472455Us: So it's out, what did you think? I was disappointed, but still liked it. Kinda. At least un…[View]
115466386So why did everyone go apeshit on this scene? George R.R. Martin confirmed that this is going to be …[View]
115472024>she's mi kween[View]
115473072BrightBURN: Why aren't you faggots talking about this masterpiece? There's even a decent c…[View]
115478138Thoughts? https://qz.com/quartzy/1625450/once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-and-the-longest-standing-ovat…[View]
115477926What did he mean by this?[View]
115476973F to pay respects[View]
115478632this movie was surprisingly good[View]
115478597Vindication: What are some Kinos where the unjustly maligned hero is wholly vindicated in the end an…[View]
115472609Recommend me a modern Movie that doesn't suck: Movies I like: Leon, Pulp Fiction, True Romance…[View]
115478349ITT: patricians only[View]
115477136The greatest comeback of all time[View]
115472405>GET ZE CLOSE UP!!! https://youtube.com/watch?v=69mmVL1ffwk[View]
115478570>wasted years[View]
115475275Adaptation: Which one is the better version of Red Dragon? Manhunter, the one with Hopkins or Hannib…[View]
115478288Scenes that hit you right in the feels[View]
115476767>One scene in question from “Intermezzo” occurs roughly two-thirds of the way through the nearly …[View]
115478444Is the bluray out?! https://good-torrent.com/avengers-endgame-2019d[View]
115477408whats some good upstairs/downstairs core[View]
115454439WebM Thread: Post what you have.[View]
115478408Yea, I'm thinking he's back https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7065791/Mario-Batali-…[View]
115478274Okay For once and for all: who would you cast as Batgirl in the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman movie ??…[View]
115477664Picard Trailer.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA-GJNebJj0 This is a viagra commercial right? what…[View]
115472921Would Tyra Banks make a good Nubia (Wonder Woman's black twin sister)?[View]
115476328God, they're such a pair of fucking hacks.[View]
115474706Which celebrity deaths didn't affect you whatsoever? Pic related. >I didn't even say a …[View]
115477854Can we shitpost about how terrible Dark Penix is gonna be since it's literally an advertiser?[View]
115475181E3 Coliseum 2019 adds The Simpsons writers panel[View]
115477566What are the greatest film/TV crossovers?[View]
115478065Anyone watching this today? Pretty fucking fun movie. Shit monster, shit effects, but I like it.[View]
115465181Cast him[View]
115476243Best modern monster kino?[View]
115477039Post your old Blockbuster Video[View]
115472483Ratings are plummeting. Jimmy is being forced to copy Colbert's Trump jokes: >Some say Fallo…[View]
115473534ITT: Kino SciFi Shows[View]
115477840Sup white boy, I'm here for the game of thrones spinoff audition, I brought some sistas and hom…[View]
115473438>Thank you for reviving me anon, I'll see you are well paid and that your grandsons will swi…[View]
115477713Who controls House Lannister's old holdings? It used to control 1/7th of the continent. Is it T…[View]
115475741Is Digimon Adventure a /tv/ approved anime?[View]
115477762This movie came out in 2019 Weird also has JUST fraser and famke[View]
115477131Why do actors and actresses get divorced and remarry so often?[View]
115472898I dont get it, who is supposed to write the KOTOR trilogy ?: Her or D&D??[View]
115470438And Harrenhal? I suppose that's off the table as well.[View]
115437129Star Wars 9, lads: >Kill it if you have to[View]
115477606WATCH BLACK MIRROR: >‘What was immediately quite fun was that we sent the script off thinking thi…[View]
115472177What did you think of Moon?[View]
115477135What's your opinion on I'm Still Here?[View]
115475292>Sonic delayed to Valentine’s Day 2020 Ah yes, Sonic the Hedgehog, the perfect romcom to take my …[View]
115476732The king in the north.[View]
115476039So how is he going to die?[View]
115477374Post an image for how endgames act 2 made you feel[View]
115477121>We need someone that always stars in kinos[View]
115472275In which year did Paltrow hit the wall?[View]
115476675Will Pennywise's minions return for IT2?? Looks like he has his daughter working for him in the…[View]
115476307When is a good time halfway through the movie for a toilet break? Some time when he hits the desert?[View]
115476964Post quintessential /ourguys/[View]
115476713I wanna fuck you up the ass[View]
115466955Why did he wink at Arthur?[View]
115476991>Inceldur, have sex![View]
115476304What's next for his acting career?[View]
115472770Luke returns in Rise of Skywalker: https://bcactionmr.com/2019/05/23/luke-skywalker-returns-as-vanit…[View]
115471171So this was basically boiling water to shoot bullets at the metal fragments to keep Tony alive?[View]
115470305Why does Mommy Amy keep getting robbed at award ceremonies?[View]
115452241Times you acted like The Hound: >cashier asks me if I want to donate $1 for St. Jude's Cance…[View]
115476791What are some kinos: about redemption[View]
115476033Grab your gear.[View]
115476773/dw/ general: SAN FRANCISCO COCKSUCKA edition[View]
115475164Are you looking forward to any of the upcoming Disney live action remakes?[View]
115476152>Who's taller now bitch?![View]
115475971What will they do now that the show is done?[View]
115474969Archie Bunker: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
115476632Clown Motel: I thought this movie was drama but now I realize it's horror https://www.youtube.c…[View]
115476116> when you know you are in for a kino[View]
115475836ITT: Fantasy books that should receive a tv adaptation[View]
115475640Did you like it? Not as good as the book, not sure how I feel about the changed ending.[View]
115475095What the fuck were they thinking? This movie is so unrealistic.[View]
115475712what movie is this from?[View]
115470306>remake is better than original >nostalgiafags swear it’s not…[View]
115476423Is this pure kino?[View]
115473125Was it kino?[View]
115476167I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred[View]
115476345/ABWR/: Plutonium edition. King Arthur. You brought me him.[View]
115474476Why didn't L.Ron just raise the import tariffs on magic rings?[View]
115475892>film review >just discusses the plot Do film critics even understand cinema as an Art form?…[View]
115473412>'She ain't no fuckin' Mary Sue in this one!' what's this asshole's problem?…[View]
115445068What would you do in this situation?[View]
115475976Film Trivia General: Film Trivia General : /FTG/ >In The Avengers: Endgame literally nothing inte…[View]
115474054When did you realize luke was a redpilled neet? TLJ was kino after all.[View]
115474848will there be margot feet scenes?[View]
115472885>organised mall walking do americans really do this?[View]
115474593Who would you have cast as Black Canary ? For me: Winnick would be perfect[View]
115466332Is there any reason why actors SHOULDN'T have unsimulated sex in movies?: I bet you can't …[View]
115474392Scientific research shows that Kevin Bacon is one of the most well connected actors in Hollywood. Ho…[View]
115474377Reminder that this trailer was actually posted on Twitter but unfortunately has been removed https:/…[View]
115475718Will they renew it for a second season or will (((they))) shut it down for being to patriotic.[View]
115469500Trivia & Wisdom: Did you know most characters in movies have names with different starting lette…[View]
115475469My hands are dirty.[View]
115474031Have you ever seen a documentary that actually made you think? This really opened my eyes to the len…[View]
115475510Harvey Weinstein: Yeah...I’m thinking he’s back![View]
115475096Which one has the best goblins? LotR or GoT?[View]
115475496Sonic delayed!!: FUCK YOU INCELS! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS![View]
115475515Post Youtube docukino https://youtu.be/HkmNHP58OhU[View]
115473277When did you realize Jerry was the villain all along?[View]
115458618How in the fuck is this awful film rated so highly? It's absolutely terrible and makes no fucki…[View]
115473483/tgif/ - Thank Gnome It's Friday[View]
115474447>have sex >sneedposting isn't funny >stop posting bane the meme is old >go back to …[View]
115471163Post adaptations that completely raped their source material: >The writer of Disney's 'A Wri…[View]
115474389any bratty girl with daddy issues kino?[View]
115474342Don't try to stop me, /tv/.[View]
115475053For me, it's Granite State.[View]
115473262Kino Noses: Which celebrity has the best nose in the game?[View]
115468684>'And you...' >cuts to CIA man >cuts to Freddy >cuts to Brian May >cuts back to CIA …[View]
115474275when will it get a movie?[View]
115450629When I see people call things like Lord of the Rings or Blade Runner 2049 a boring story i question …[View]
115473590Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won the Palm Dog Award in Cannes[View]
115474854Who will play them in the inevitable biopic[View]
115474825Thoughts on pic related? I still find him a weirdly fascinating character. Despite the fact there…[View]
115474414It’s not that bad https://youtu.be/T9GmO_WFhjQ[View]
115474553Cast him[View]
115458192Dune thread who is ready for the Dune cinematic universe[View]
115471634Better or worse than the original?[View]
115473024The name's Bond, James Bond[View]
115473300>Ok bladesmiths, for todays challenge, you must run through the gauntlet and claim your steel. …[View]
115466918She saw a world filled with so much wrong: And she knew she was the only one who could make it right…[View]
115466423Why were his eye sockets not destroyed in the space vacuum?[View]
115471109*blocks your path*[View]
115472053The halfling was dear to thee, I see.[View]
115473809>be dunston >check in[View]
115459932>gets a $1.4 million fine for this scene[View]
115468803/got/ general: Joanna Snow aka The Princess That Was Promised edition >>115461870 J[View]
115469153Yes, yes, bon appetit, Obama. bon appetit, Obama, HOWEVER 700 billion yen for the rice ball with 1mm…[View]
115473950Looks like kino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
115473823Are there any good Clancyesque movies? How did he foresee 9/11?[View]
115474116When is Walton going lead his own film?[View]
115473167Why is Nolan's cast for Tenet so disappointing?: Does this prove he doesn't have the same …[View]
115472965>you probably won't see me for a long time why even bother then? just so she can blow up the…[View]
115474050May 2019... we are... forgiven[View]
115470446/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: shut the fuck up edition prev eps >>115467015[View]
115469854>small girl effortlessly beats up burly thugs >looks back at bewildered male companion >'wh…[View]
115470808If you lived in Westeros, How would you have reacted to the Red Wedding?[View]
115473909GOT blueballs arcs list: >Sandor the fire priest Sandor is portrayed as being afraid of fire, he …[View]
115465718Thorin Oakenshield >prime example of dwarven greed. strong, loyal and a good person. But his gree…[View]
115469139What's next for his career?[View]
115458676This is Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Anda…[View]
115473041Amelie: Imagine the sex with this autist cutie[View]
115466871Simpsons jokes that couldnt be made today: Lisa: [reading from the pamphlet] The Duff Beer-amid cont…[View]
115473739Christopher Reeve[View]
115471342Aladdin: Good work, Disney![View]
115472164>938 days until Avatar 2[View]
115473617Perhaps what you need is an ETIQUETTE LESSON![View]
115473015>protagonist smarts off to the bad guy >intense stare off before the bad guy laughs and says '…[View]
115472914Why didn't ole Gandalf just do a pullup here?[View]
115473444>/tv/ was right for once It's happening lads the moby thing has started the mainstream tren…[View]
115471143Kino about kek when?[View]
115457759imagine being Chris Kattan[View]
115461853Uncle, lol, please shit down and have sex.[View]
115473378Will this be kino?[View]
115470800What kind of movies do I have to watch before I can fuck the shit out of this stupid fucking whore?[View]
115468758From our family to yours, we're very frightened.[View]
115472835***OFFICIAL KUBRICK RANKINGS***: 1. Eyes Wide Shut 2. Barry Lyndon **POWER GAP** 3. Paths of Glory …[View]
115467881Is this the best action movie of 2010-2019?[View]
115464097>character walks into a bar >has hundreds of tasty coctails and concoctions to choose from …[View]
115471621itt: post some Hollywood quotes[View]
115472870Was Spider-Man ever kino? More importantly, does anyone give a shit about Spider-Man anymore? Why do…[View]
115471589I know GoT leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but something I have always wanted to know is: Do y…[View]
115472080got: >say 10 lines over the past 2 seasons >get paid like every other actor >become king …[View]
115472065>My lords and ladies, I suppose this is the most important moment of our lives. What we decide to…[View]
115472821>We talk /tv/! You talk some /tv/?[View]
115472109>a really sexy twelve year old what did kubrick mean by this?[View]
115462257'A Huge Relief': >Thankfully, the new Aladdin completely omits the entire fake seduction storylin…[View]
115472342Holy shit.[View]
115472730What are some kinos that are Lovecraftian, either by atmosphere, theme, or by having creepy eldritch…[View]
115472322Are you ready to apologize?[View]
115466195What are some genuinely good horror flicks? I'm talking about movies with fairly believable sto…[View]
115468533Who the fuck is this?[View]
115471609Holy fuck this movie is bad. First half hour is Lynchian kino with even a David Bowie cameo, but the…[View]
115472425>an homage so blunt it's actually distracting Bravo Peele[View]
115470247What's the dumbest movie you've seen?[View]
115472495Work crew coming through.[View]
115472336HODOR: best retard origin story of all time?[View]
115468265>I love it when Janey talks >I love it when Janey walks >I love it when Janey drinks >I …[View]
115463729This was kino, fuck you.[View]
115471934>The first Game of Thrones aired on April 17, 2011.[View]
115460550Now this is BASED, REVIEW NPCS BTFO[View]
115471619awful movie trailers: Why are movie trailers so fucking atrocious? especially horror movie trailers.…[View]
115471857If Varys really wanted what was better for the realm, why did he spent 7 seasons supporting Dany ins…[View]
115469214audible .webms would make /tv/ better[View]
115467542>Movie ends with a parade for Sonic >'Hey that looks nothing like me!' >Everybody laughs …[View]
115471902>Why yes, of course I planned in watching a film 8 hours ago but haven't started yet to shit…[View]
115465985>What do you think the audience wants, James? >Badass geriatrics of course…[View]
115470103*saves cinema*[View]
115470337>it's a sawyer corners the market on essential supplies episode[View]
115471861Incel Kino[View]
115469322Was it kino?[View]
115471211Best creepy/unsettling kinos?[View]
115468434> 'I reject your hypothesis' Based[View]
115467515Does anyone here watch modern family? I gotta say I really enjoy as 'white noise' while doing other …[View]
115469317Plays an incel, his name is CHAD LINDBERG: what did they mean by this?[View]
115471546>Hey Tails, why are we going to the park?[View]
115471578What are some tropes you didn't think were real or accurate but then you learned that they were…[View]
115471454>Uncle, please have sex[View]
115464541>were you followed? >no I took 2 trains and taxi to come here so no I'm not followed…[View]
1154711726 million points to Gryffindor[View]
115470362Dad barged into my room and saw me watching Madoka...[View]
115468418Rustin Cold: Is life worth the trouble anon[View]
115471101wtf? they made another one and it looks like a video game once again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
115467082Wow haha look mom it's the Reddit frog! On family guy! Mom look![View]
115469134IF *clap emoji* DOESN'T *clap emoji* FIT *clap emoji* YOU *clap emoji* MUST *clap emoji* ACQUIT…[View]
115468062Which do you think were her favourite Hitler speeches she listened to the most, while she was rehear…[View]
115463741>Catelyn's kidnapping of Tyrion Lannister was the reason Tywin Lannister and Jaime Lannister…[View]
115470787Good movies from Asia?[View]
115466952Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Who's ready for a Manson Vengeance Massacre Movie ?!?!/[View]
115469536He deserved better than cat food commercials[View]
115466940>I can’t stand mirth. Cheerful people seem guilty to me, because they can’t comprehend the mournf…[View]
115470737some people stopped watching the trailer not us, brother not us[View]
115470583why did Jim flat out refuse to call him ''Drew'' when he got back from his anger…[View]
115470625Why do 50s films differ so much from 70s films? There is only a 10 year difference between the 50s a…[View]
115470697*blocks your path*[View]
115465793Can anyone give me a good argument as to why this isn't the best movie of all time?[View]
115459871So this fucking faggot being a Baratheon is literally just a hunch. It's literally gossip. Nobo…[View]
115468140Holy crap guys we're in freakin' Cuphead[View]
115469414Did they had sex?[View]
115469869What's you're favorite meal to eat while watching quality kino?[View]
115469849ladies and gents I present to you the real villain of Shazam[View]
115467015/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Tea comrade? edition Prev >>115459515[View]
115469639What are some Kafkaesque kinae?[View]
115468155they crave that mineral[View]
115469522I must say stunt Daenerys looks much cuter than real Daenerys[View]
115465981The name's James Bond. James. . . Bond.[View]
115470202Does /tv/ have an organised list or plan of what you want to watch? Or do you just throw stuff on at…[View]
115468276How hyped are you for the new Eggers kino? The Witch was probably the best movie of 2015, and this i…[View]
115470212>we need to make WE WUZ-core movie >say no more!…[View]
115470201Anybody seen Ritchie? Anybody know why Ritchie did Pepé Le Pew? I don't get it.[View]
115467911Can they ever do anything right?[View]
115470100Is the big lebowski a neo noir film?[View]
115462276ITT: overrated piece of shits[View]
115470078Comic book characters too kino for Capeshit[View]
115468053Was he innocent ?[View]
115469119Now that AI can potentially bring dead actors back from the dead which actors/actresses would you li…[View]
115469834is this the most kino soundtrack of all time?[View]
115467329ITT Old Kinos you've probably never seen: I just watched this DouglasKino and was amazed at how…[View]
115467916Will /tv/ be watching Bob Hearts Abishola? >From award-winning creator, executive producer and wr…[View]
115469630What are some kinos about failed dreams and crumbling nations?[View]
115469285>still no film about Xenophon Fuck this gay world.[View]
115469020I had paychotic episode that people want to kill me and someone suggested me this movie. What do you…[View]
115455828Recommend quality Youtube channels: any genre or topic[View]
115467914 [View]
115457176>and remember class, straight white men caused all the world's problems and need to die Damn…[View]
115467544>What do you mean I'm a funny guy? Am I here to amuse you? What would you do in this situati…[View]
115469027>I prefer movies where the bad guys win in the end[View]
115469076Black Mirror's new season looks bad already[View]
115467931Name my band /tv/[View]
115468671Why can't they just remake season 8 with clips from the original and a bunch of new scenes?: I …[View]
115469098>First episode set in London >acid attack investigation HAHAHAHA…[View]
115469040I'm not sure. I'm HIV positive[View]
115469047Who said Sansa never had consensual?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o8BWSJ9Iw4 22:56 mark you JUS…[View]
115466101>Made the best film trilogy of all time >All his other movies are meh at best How is this poss…[View]
115468962Just watched John Wick 3 and apart from the knife throwing fight at the beginning non of the fights …[View]
115468943What are some movies about seeing a GigaStacey and then realising that at the age of 28, with no fri…[View]
115466063Neytiri is...[View]
115464710>lol fuck you all im gonna go be immortal and live forever[View]
115466733What are some kino kids movies?[View]
115461870/got/: >>115455825[View]
115465665Uh... meow?[View]
115464429Post scenes women will never understand[View]
115468630What are your predictions for 2020s kino? In my opinion, blockbusters will be action and horror movi…[View]
115468649I'd rather see a 3rd movie from this series instead of Far From Home, desu[View]
115468143>2019..I am forgotten[View]
115458573You HAVE, under penalty of death, make a Horus Heresy television series. Every other aspect of it is…[View]
115459432/FightClub/: Let's talk about Fincher's Magnum Opus[View]
115468510name : Chad Lindberg, plays an incel: what did they mean by this?[View]
115468463Jonposting: MUH KWEEN[View]
115465128>good guys win >movie or series ends So sick and tired of this trope.…[View]
115467539What’s the best vampire movie set in New Zealand?[View]
115463179ITT: Things you vaguely remember seeing as a kid that seemed like a fever dream which you only recen…[View]
115466830Post your fit, get a film rec.[View]
115468098Why didnt t1000 just nuke Connor?[View]
115459500Zoomers have no idea who this is.: lol[View]
115463909How the fuck do people have time to watch long-ass TV series? I only watch movies[View]
115466538Who's Tony?[View]
115467305Saw the new Johnny Depp movie 'The professor' the other day and one can say that USA and its enterta…[View]
115467884Kingsmen 2: What a weird fucking movie.[View]
115467375The wedding scene was completely unnecessary and way too long.[View]
115463646> https://youtu.be/NrP0yoRQqbo > 01:27 > 'acting'…[View]
115465844Is Tuca & Bertie any good?[View]
115465139Is this worth watching?[View]
115464205EL BANO?[View]
115465840kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
115467604Why did this movie confuse people?[View]
115466355ITT: Post Movies where too much explanation ruined the film[View]
115465524I want to punch her in the got dam face[View]
115461100THIRTEEN + HOUSE: Anyone else watch a bunch of House M.D. clips on youtube and ship House and 13? ht…[View]
115467558Don't mind me: just posting the best Bond[View]
115467484What are some kinos about companies spying on you? https://myaccount.google.com/purchases[View]
115467268Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble wit…[View]
115466360*pulls out glock*...'Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. You were saying? No please,…[View]
115465637Do you have your pose ready to go for tomorrow bros?[View]
115462906Just finished watching this, what did I think of it?[View]
115459515/RBMK/ General: First one to tell me how a nuclear reactor works gets to stay on my aircraft edition…[View]
115459586Imagine that you could push a button that would generate an incredible, perfect, mindblowing film ev…[View]
115455421I smoked a cigar for the first time tonight, and it tasted like the devil's asshole. I don…[View]
115465755He's back: For one more time. Again. This time it's personal.[View]
115465858Post scenes men will never understand[View]
115466793blogpost TODAY $10 tomorrow[View]
115466863Why did /ourguy/ do it?[View]
115445554Brightburn: Just saw it. It was kino. AMA[View]
115464930Now that the dust has settled... is she /ourgirl/ now?[View]
115466133Redpill me on Laeta Kalogridi, the writer of the KOTOR movie: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/sci-fi/…[View]
115464922The Thing wasn't even an evil creature, it was simply a creature with terrifying abilities atte…[View]
115466250Who would be the best person to direct a proper adaptation of Paradise Lost?[View]
115458666>women can't direc-[View]
115466504More like Tom Hardly in the movie[View]
115460326If HBO were to make a live action Berserk TV show, which actor is chad enough to play Guts?[View]
115466220Archer Dingo: /tv/, which show is better? Ignore the fact that Archer has more bad seasons than good…[View]
115459044>Zoe Saldana is in 3 out of 5 of the highest grossing films playing aliens >thus films where s…[View]
115466251How is she so perfect bros?[View]
115466362I Am Major Thread[View]
115466316A Nightmare on Elm Street: They should make it into a tv series with sexy teens getting killed in cr…[View]
115465438Who is the television & film related character you hate the most? Like the you want to skin him …[View]
115464411Critics hate it, but audiences love it. Usually that means the critics are paid shills. But on the o…[View]
115466213Roasties are asleep. Post flying machines.[View]
115466188And I thought people crying over GoT was cringe[View]
115466169Who should play Catwoman in the upcoming batman noir style thriller from Matt Reeves[View]
115466103Why did they get rid of Vin?[View]
115459076Will Captain Marvel be able to lead the Avengers the same way Captain America did? How will Disney a…[View]
115466008/zodiac/: Did he do it bros?[View]
115459083Kino of the year? Best still frame? https://i.imgur.com/7XErQfk.jpg[View]
115445336What were they fucking thinking?[View]
115465604for any one wondering[View]
115465870T.V. Club: New server based around T.V. night. If you come here you can expect all sorts of T.V. fun…[View]
115440117Will he ever do a movie again or has he been chased out of Hollywood forever?[View]
115452287Can we admit this movie was kino? Can we put aside the skewed version of samurai, the non historical…[View]
115463384Is Ghost Whisperer worth a watch?[View]
115464935Here's your Griffith and Guts bro.[View]
115465686If you look past the cheapo CGI and a few shit scenes, this movie was pretty good.[View]
115465324tell me /tv/ have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?[View]
115461437ITT: Musicals with no good songs[View]
115463647DUNE: Will this fill the fantasy political drama that Thrones left behind?[View]
115465573So when were the spoilers for GOT season 8 leaked?[View]
115465636>Our parents, they want the bestest stuff for us. But right now they gotta do what's right f…[View]
115459708Pure. Kino.[View]
115465518bro ran himself over[View]
115460162I really liked him in Nocturnal Animals. Has he been in anything else good?[View]
115459132You know what I'm sick and tired of, Harry?[View]
115465411*ahem* fuck the 'queen' and her followers.[View]
115464803>character is still single at 25 and doesn't have suicidal thoughts…[View]
115464537Who was in the wrong here bros?[View]
115457858Alone again, anon?[View]
115455994J U S T U S T[View]
115461589Favourite theater snacks?[View]
115465405Absolute madman[View]
115462842Just finished watching this, what did I think about it?[View]
115459488>Uhhhhhhh... meow?[View]
115464882Would you, /tv/?[View]
115458356That scene where she threatened to eradicate international financial Jewry seemed a bit of the nose[View]
115457784is Chevy Chase the original most based comedian?: >Constantly used the n word on the set of Commu…[View]
115465124>Evil Corp >Fsociety[View]
115465021What do you think Weinstein, Clinton, and the Boston Bros talked about?[View]
115456266Is her career over now or what?[View]
115462867ITT : foreign kino[View]
115464698Wtf is the hold up on this? Is it because they couldn't get Karl Urban to play Dredd? Really di…[View]
115464864Is this capeshit or kino? is it an elseworld superman movie where he is evil?[View]
115463487Is it just me or was this guy corny as fuck? >hardass antisocial man but it's okay because h…[View]
115462827I wish the tax bill never came to me[View]
115460738WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH: excuse me, i know i am late to the party, but finally caught this ca…[View]
115455949Previously on Breaking Bad: >'m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-…[View]
115462728I don’t care what anyone says: Bitch is weird looking.[View]
115464437I need to have sex: Never went to the kinoplex and I'm almost 30y Any tips for a first timer? M…[View]
115460983what has this board done to me? I can't watching anything with a women lead or even half women …[View]
1154455653>1>2 Just got back from the theater I'm pumped for 4[View]
115462963Which do you think were her favourite Hitler speeches she listened to the most, while she was rehear…[View]
115457628who is the best walking dead character and why is it dale?[View]
115464681>WTF this battle is garbage! I can't even see what's happening lol what a fuck-up this …[View]
115464655He cute[View]
115463449What's are some good podcast/radio show to listen to while working?[View]
115460010What was he looking at?[View]
115460864Where are all the /got/ threads? This subchan sucks now[View]
115462958>abortion is bad This movie (Unplanned) is pure propaganda.[View]
115459360>American movie >brutal violence and gore everywhere >a single nipple on an old painting is…[View]
115463455>... >... >Tell them how you killed our baby, Amanda…[View]
115458711Post Non-Hollywood Horror Kinos: I'll start[View]
115462224>One ticket to Godzilla: King of the Monsters please[View]
115453117ITT: /tv/ in the 90s[View]
115463967Jean-Luc Picard: Can you find more fairest and purposeful /tv/ character until now? Not counting his…[View]
115463561*clears throat* *inhales*[View]
115463878Who is he based on?[View]
115463835You know what I want? I want to write a script and have an AI that would make me a movie out of it. …[View]
115463039Why are Americans so good at animated comedy but mediocre at live action comedy?[View]
115462393What did you think of the new Terminator trailer?[View]
115456050What are THE BEST tv theme songs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liFmMcmigsQ[View]
115459895At what point do movies become unwatchable by being so old? 80s? 70s? 60s? For me 1972 or 1971 is ab…[View]
115453689>solos your universe in 5 minutes[View]
115459763Does TBS even have any good shows nowadays?[View]
115460728>You have a choice: Broken ice or broken neck. Jesus christ[View]
115458796Been watching a few eurofilms ,why are europeans so poor and miserable ?[View]
115463318CIA Agent: 'If pulled that off, would you die?' Bane: 'It would be extremely painful...' CIA Agent: …[View]
115463780How do we end anti-hibernian prejudice in Hollywood?[View]
115460851ITT: Source material that naysayers, doubters and trolls said that you could NEVER ever adapt to fil…[View]
115463659Do girls play with Star Wars merchandise?[View]
115461618When did it turn to shit?[View]
115459411Hidden gems[View]
115458630Why are there so many films worshipping serial killers, but nothing about mass shooters?[View]
115463472I recently saw the series finale of GOT, and it’s probably the best fantasy series ever out to the s…[View]
115461349Watch Rush Hour[View]
115463382Show me true terror.[View]
115463372>Yes, I torrent my movies[View]
115460975this but for movies: What are the best movies to corrupt the youth?[View]
115462853A series based on the dance of dragons would be absolute kino.: This must be one of the planned preq…[View]
115463310Kenny Powers > Aquaman: >The trident. Poseidon, god of the oceans weapon of choice. Ancient me…[View]
115462647>I'll give you 4 million dollars for your entire company right now why is he so fucking desp…[View]
115443107we made it up :)[View]
115462715/RBMK/ Kinobyl - Chern General: 3.6 edition[View]
115461374Honestly ever since the Joker trailer dropped I've seen a subtle difference in those around me.…[View]
115463044>small budget horror movie where the monster is a metaphor for anxiety or loneliness…[View]
115462961GENIES (TBA): On July 15, 2015, it was reported that a live-action prequel to Aladdin is currently i…[View]
115459954Are women funny or do they just set up jokes for men?[View]
115462900>It was a complete fabrication you fucking retard *shreds the sickest fucking riff ever*…[View]
115461230What was his problem?[View]
115462712Binged the first season last night and I must say these people are worse than animals.[View]
115460565Endgame beat Avatar? Nah, that's Fake News.[View]
115462229You just KNOW...[View]
115462093Go watch Aladdin, you little shits[View]
115454157Letterboxd Thread: Let's see those likes/top films[View]
115458660What was his problem?[View]
115438259>CATCH ME HUMANS[View]
115462228>it's a episode[View]
115460494the fuck? how is this even possible[View]
115459448Why is Nolan's cast for Tenet so disappointing?: Does this prove he doesn't have the same …[View]
115461127>I'm an old-fashioned guy... I want to be an old man with a beer belly sitting on a porch, l…[View]
115455672So how easy was it to just fake checks back in the day?[View]
115454122Wait, what?[View]
115438256Rank the Seasons: Now that the dust has settled, rank 'em bitches.[View]
115461016He did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
115461538Underrated Predator Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8vFFwGNVSc&feature=share >this bum…[View]
115461326*appears in your room* >Hello, Anon, I heard you’re well versed in the kinos, I need an asset wit…[View]
115461428Any movies with an aesthetic similar to that of this album art?[View]
115460908>So you are proposing to go to war over these islands? They're thousands of miles away... a …[View]
1154601072049 discussion: Why was the twist so forced and shitty? It felt like a last minute rewrite, complet…[View]
115460669Where the fuck are the goombahs? How is a Sopranso prequel supposed to work when the entire cast is …[View]
115460091How is CBS gonna fuck it up???: So, this is what Thanos could have been doing had the pesky Avengers…[View]
115457283>unironically making a movie about the Rothschilds How can one man be so based?…[View]
115457632OH NO NO NO NO[View]
115457406who was in the wrong here?[View]
115459391>i wudda followed cho ass my brudda, my nigga, my kang[View]
115459506>I can understand being a virgin, but never been kissed? >That concept makes no sense, I canno…[View]
115460390ITT: based and wholesomepilled ads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEBWWycybrs[View]
115445248You now remember the IMDb message boards.: Fuck, I truly miss these.[View]
115460216>its a silvio acts like a pervert and everyone laughs at him episode[View]
115460234Iranian New Wave film movement.: Is it kino?[View]
115428044ITT: CAP MEMES IN TIME[View]
115453349Films for this feel?[View]
115438867/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #542 It's a CULT! Edition Previous Thread:>…[View]
115459848Brotherhood kinos?[View]
115460035Any good kinos about having diarrhea every day because of a poor diet and obesity?[View]
115449551What went wrong?[View]
115438765you faggots try to meme the 'LOL TAX POLICY' on him, but it's true. Lord of the Rings is litera…[View]
115458694GOT Finale: does anyone have a link to the got season 8 finale to watch online? i dont have HBO and …[View]
115459914The only game show[View]
115459790i signed the petition because chaosisn't a pit.Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail…[View]
115458035ITT: Movies that are literally your life[View]
115459186I havent watched a movie for about three months.[View]
115436088Rat kinos?[View]
115457146If it wasn’t for iTunes I wouldn’t know these films existed[View]
115459310Would he be as bad if he liked horses instead?[View]
115459597ITT: Comfy Horror Movies: I'll start[View]
115459166Is it any good?: She looks top tier qt 3.14, but is the show any good?[View]
115458729Is it true that superhero movies are just the new westerns? And if so, were westerns generally as aw…[View]
115457143What the fuck[View]
115458505Anon finishes a puzzle: >be me >get new puzzle >25 pieces >finish it in 6 months >be …[View]
115457382Fuck batman[View]
115458450Just got done watching this, and it was bad. Dumb, nonsensical premise in service of faux symbolism …[View]
115458405ha ha, but seriously though we can't let him have the Nuclear codes[View]
115459240The fuck is a MUBI?[View]
115453587New Terminator movie. The future is female.[View]
115452600What ethnicity is this?[View]
115456224Vinyl Came back stronger than ever, physical media is more desirable than ever and even seen as coll…[View]
115459041How did he get away with this?[View]
115456568Where do you watch online? Is there a certain 'type' depending where?[View]
115447467Movies about ridiculously impossible themes?: LOL can you even imagine this??[View]
115459012Daily reminder that on opening weekend of The Joker, gamers are going to rise up.[View]
115454785What a retarded premise[View]
115458723I've been lurking in 4channel for a while and every time someone posts Simpsons thread replies …[View]
115457925https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_V6y1ZCg_8 I worked on a farm Made a few bucks Formerly Chuck'…[View]
115446611>I reject your hypothesis What did he mean by this?[View]
115452797Are you going to watch?[View]
115458027Oh no no no ahahahahaha[View]
115458607>anime cant be kino-[View]
115447243uh-oh >https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/box-office-avengers-endgame-faces-uphill-bat…[View]
115455940Realistically, how did he get that reservation?[View]
115457606WINO KINO: >tfw work with a chick who looks EXACTLY like this[View]
115458294What us the best film about a woman scorned?[View]
115458231Whats his best product?[View]
115440530/sopranos/ - Quasimodo predicted all this[View]
115450402Here's a big popped corn, for you[View]
115456631So I finished watching Twin Peaks: The Return. What a strange finale.[View]
115447267/RBMK/ General: Valery 'Lava Guy' Legasov edition >>115442176[View]
115449561It wasn't supposed to be a documentary...[View]
115455815Booksmart cuck thread: Have you had sex, anon?[View]
115456022What went wrong?[View]
115457993OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooOOOO…[View]
115456562ITT: Actors/actresses you want to see together in the same film[View]
115456479>8. Any product or result of human creativity is inherently subjective, due to the beliefs, biase…[View]
115451705Seriously, why does The Simpsons not have even the nice decency to avoid such embarrassingly controv…[View]
115455531OH NO! No no no no[View]
115455555>Look up credits >see this faggot >nope.jpg Who else do you filter out?…[View]
115454973im tripping on ket. my feedwater is ethanol and benzo's. what should i watch? currently going w…[View]
115455866So, why did based Jon Snow come back from the dead? I mean, besides him being the best main characte…[View]
115457724Hanzawa Naoki Season 2: >Masato Sakai is cast in TBS sequel drama series “Naoki Hanzawa” (working…[View]
115455910Movies where the main character thinks of better times?[View]
115456678Oh no no no no no.... I heard about one more.. The name.[View]
115454209did they cross the line?[View]
115456435>tfw you bully Cody at school and his dad and two uncles show up[View]
115457601>'Listen to me. It isn't your fault. It just isn't. You know whose fault it was? Jack. …[View]
115457599Can you unironically dance better than him, /tv/?: Can I seduce a girl dancing like this? https://ww…[View]
115457557Sun Is Also A Star: any thoughts on this that just came out and is in the theaters? gal pal wants to…[View]
115456158>Oh my God... >zilla Fucking DROPPED[View]
115453710What is his kryptonite?[View]
115455571So it's good because it makes the viewers know Drumpf is bad and that it was her turn? https://…[View]
115454523wow this was kino[View]
115457293Here's your Triss Merigold, bro![View]
115457445What are some redpilled youtube channels I can watch discussing television and film?[View]
115457207What went wrong?[View]
115442164KOTOR TRILOGY IS A GO!: Kalogridis is close to finishing the first script of a potential KOTOR trilo…[View]
115455996This is a Kino movie.[View]
115457182Any kinos for this aesthetic? Serious replies only please[View]
115451732KINOman plot rumor: >The film will be psychological murder mystery >basic plot is Whodunit sur…[View]
115457163You DID sign the petition for the Mannis didn’t you /tv/?[View]
115455564She should've stayed in essos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKjZGZKRIR4[View]
115452381>Most beautiful woman in all of Westeros >They cast a bloated jew…[View]
115446599>Have you ever watched, like, a cartoon that you used to watch when you were little, as an adult?…[View]
115432347https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA-GJNebJj0 will trek kino finally return?[View]
115454881What Went Wrong?[View]
115456989>Just copies and paste the end scene of the previous movie for its end scene How were people so r…[View]
115443054JENNO NO NOT AGAIN[View]
115456971https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27njOvi7HdU thicc[View]
115451806Explain why this is more emotionally engaging than all Marvel movies combined.[View]
115450923Why do people (mostly right wing retards) think it’s valid to say he’s not a scientist or doesn’t kn…[View]
115455423Is anyone else interested to see where they go next? I fucking hate Star Wars so I can't wait t…[View]
115447175Ummm wtf is this shit? Is disney really this desperate?[View]
115451259It's simple. We kill society.[View]
115456661Kino here gentlemen. Bravo Gaspar.[View]
115455470What if Tywin was literally somehow made immortal? Would it prevented his absolutely retarded family…[View]
115444771Has Hollywood ever had a more beautiful woman than Sue Lyon?[View]
115453187>I need your oats, your soups, and your menstrualcycle how do you respond?…[View]
115456641What did James Cameron mean by this?[View]
115453698I think in in the midst of an existential crisis. I don't know why I exist, and know that one d…[View]
115455089Greatest Dramas...: umm... What is going on here? This is what Rotten tomatoes has as the greatest d…[View]
115455218/Delusional/ edition: >sniper rifle plane[View]
115455427>you don't have enough stickers, you stupid pasty, potato-eating Irish nigger Woah! How did …[View]
115456446Name a more revolutionary actor in television.[View]
115455660The jungle is hell…but one kind of likes it[View]
115425564Here’s your new Terminator bro[View]
115453947What if: Jane Levy kino and nude debut in 2.5 hours everyone[View]
115453986Quick little debate: Let's argue. He had a point ideologically speaking (so we wont discuss th…[View]
115454383Is anyone as excited as I am about this kino?[View]
115453539>film has two different release dates >websites can't decide which year the film belongs …[View]
115455798Is this really how townies are treated by college chads?[View]
115454567I'M NOT TIRED[View]
115455723For me? It's CNN's Colin Quinn.[View]
115454490Holy shit, we're getting an X-Men and Star Trek crossover! So glad to see Patrick Stewart as Pr…[View]
115446728>here's your nilfgardians bro! >Netflix Witcher DROPPED…[View]
115446949The Orville is a good show[View]
115448667Eric you're 18 years old! Put down the cocoa puffs and get a job![View]
115455647So, ah... what's yer 'hing?[View]
115452263/got/: THANK THE GODS FOR BESSIE edition prev >>115447280[View]
115455661What did we think of it?[View]
115455769/Carrie/ general: Is she the best actress on television? I love her.[View]
115450505>fucks his aunt >kills her >moves to just chill and slay some more wildling puss Has there…[View]
115453935why dont they adapt this guy into a movie?: easily made through found footage >teens learn about …[View]
115430851oh no no no: >soooo kino > sooo realistic > invents a fictional mary sue wammin character b…[View]
115448867Is Daisy Ridley a talented actress?[View]
115453783This is better than Avatar.[View]
115453390What are your favorite snacks at the cinema? What theater chain has the best perks?[View]
115454650Any other hard-preachers like Pastor Anderson? His videos are soothing to me.[View]
115442419What would stop Sansa from letting Jon live back at Winterfell? They were an independent kingdom and…[View]
115454865https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L78yVFeyvRo God imagine you and Warwick's family locked inside …[View]
115455102Amazing film LOL[View]
115455347Anime can't be Electrocardiography/spoiler][View]
115454215Sitcom kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JpwjnMFlJI[View]
115438433Wanna Hear Bear McCreary's Soundtrack for 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'?: https://…[View]
115450621How powerful do you think he is if he’s above the High Table?[View]
115427963Worst Scenes Of All Time: Post really awful scenes from movies and television.[View]
115452982does anyone remember that thread 2 years ago where that autist sperged out and kept repeating the sa…[View]
115437710What went wrong?[View]
115452647Just watched this with my gf. She zoned out about 30 minutes in. How'd she do?[View]
115448426Is it worth watching this? I saw 'There Will Be Blood' and I liked it a lot, I saw 'Inherent Vice' I…[View]
115454782We're running low on hentai. Get on back and fetch us up some.[View]
115452351My favorite movie? Well it surely has to be Das Boot.[View]
115446344Comfy ytv and Canadian tv thread?[View]
115453201Announced movies that probably won't get made/ movies in development hell.[View]
115449690James Potter used the invisibility cloak to peep in the girl's bathroom: If they made a movie a…[View]
115454142ITT: kino movie OSTs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqIeclCU0Zg[View]
115453455How the fuck did anyone think this character was a good idea?[View]
115450343Characters who saved /tv/[View]
115453491Why was he choking her?[View]
115451350Is Season 3 any good?[View]
115442188DUNGEONS & DRAGONS - LIVE ACTION AD FROM BRAZIL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC9-bfsNne8 tho…[View]
115453424>people on /tv/ are talking about movies that have recently released >people on /tv/ are actua…[View]
115454115>less than 2 million a day Its not even get to 2.7 at this point lmao[View]
115448027/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #14 Ultimate Mewtwo edition Previous threa…[View]
115453553Miss me yet?[View]
115453351>dying for a cause is the most human thing to do >pretends like she didn't know they imp…[View]
115454053Lookism is discrimination against unattractive people. How serious is this problem? What is the cost…[View]
115453592would you have done the same thing?[View]
115452799what's he up to?[View]
115453530Batman: The Animated Series writers bible: >The humor in our version of Batman should arise natur…[View]
115453508Was it kino? or just another Goodfellas ripoff copy pasted onto a different story?[View]
115450564I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid, It's not one of Steve Martins best but I stil…[View]
115453425>movie has nerd culture references[View]
115452517Can't We Just Settle This Over a Pint?[View]
115453012Jew here, don't you realise something? you guys lost the civilisation game.Us jew has no real a…[View]
115452807boomer core[View]
115453298Why did they want to fuck it all up so badly[View]
115453223Why was he so perfect?[View]
115453086What was his fucking problem[View]
115453154>incels absolutely S E E T H I N G[View]
115451905Are there any kinos about based Cromwell?[View]
115451968Holy shit these are hilarious. Does that make me a boomer?[View]
115452990Awwhhhhh soooo sad! Muh six gorrilia! Poor Joo joos![View]
115451603THE ONE TRUE KING[View]
115451056Here's your Mary Jane, bro[View]
115452034*throws lightsaber in the trash*[View]
115452863>you will never get paid millions of dollars after accusing a famous female Hollywood producer of…[View]
115452516would you watch this?[View]
115452220>b-but I thought this was a kid's movie![View]
115435468Anon, what's ECG?[View]
115452135>IQ of 158[View]
115447246In the year 2121, the world sits on the brink of religious war. Two factions have emerged: those l…[View]
115449393How will it do?[View]
115437271>that episode of Married With Children where Al's cousin Ted comes to visit…[View]
115452480Thoughts on Cersei?[View]
115403005Supernatural: we missed webmizer and his new deliveries last night edition last thread >>11533…[View]
115446220CAUSE MY SEX JUNK[View]
115452280Why would you shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane?[View]
115449525Unintentional redpills: Any other movies that happened to be unintentional redpills? >shitskins t…[View]
115452195Why is Scorsese unable to top off an (otherwise) masterpiece without a painfully on-the-nose final s…[View]
115452296Help me remember a show, please.: I was watching a sci-fi show and I have forgotten the name of it. …[View]
115452268Here’s your Vilgefortz bro.[View]
115442636I'm 40 and want to be an actor.: Always felt moving to Hollywood is what I was meant to do. Nev…[View]
115447280/got/: *rains of castamere starts playing* Previous >>115442534[View]
115407228Cobra Kai: So is this any good? I really love the 1st 3 karate kid movies but this is a comedy? They…[View]
115450545EM MAKS YOU SUM[View]
115449771Name a better Disney movie, pro tip you can’t[View]
115450945how is John wick that strong: nigga never die, he also is pretty good at headshots, does anybody kno…[View]
115451721'Wonder Woman 1984': How Much Did Gal Gadot Earn for Reprising Her Role?: you go, gal >…[View]
115451691Zoomer Incels BTFO[View]
115450963What movie has the best burns?[View]
115425910Do Americans really do this?[View]
115450546What the fuck is this true[View]
115449415i am confused the lotr books sort of work when you think of them as a written account because only t…[View]
115451919You guys ever think that these men in black movies are an attempt by the government or alien entitie…[View]
115436723Which Twilight Zone episode would you least like to be a character in?: Midnight Sun tops my list be…[View]
115448581Who has the best ink in Hollywood?[View]
115451717Classic Movie Moments: I'm sure we all remember this one!!! I'll never send food back agai…[View]
115450178Where does Emma go from here?: Why doesn't she have any social media accounts where she posts u…[View]
115451701I need to cry post some movies that make you cry[View]
115441531I get why people hate Revolutions, but why is the Matrix Reloaded memed to be terrible again?[View]
115448565>So these are my replacements >A Dandy and a clown What would he call 4-13?…[View]
115451531What's your favourite episode of Arthur?[View]
115446218Why did the movie franchise fail despite being one of the biggest and popular Tolkien ripoffs as wel…[View]
115439114Ben Larson[View]
115451410Why would he shoot him for a building ??????????????[View]
115451014Flat Earth discussion[View]
115451383I used to think my life was a tragedy[View]
115451326What is the most kino scene in cinema history?[View]
115450277Here's your Superman, bro.[View]
115451147who mogs who?[View]
115448084>James, why are you filming my scenes first?[View]
115445972Why can't Warwick Davis have his charisma: You forget this little man is a midget immediately. …[View]
115451100>the north will be it's own kingdom from now on >all heil the 6 realms >wait a minute.…[View]
115451000would you bully a vr loli?[View]
115446021>No black people >Only homosexual character is shown cheating on his partner >Only leftist …[View]
1154509338/10 >tfw roastie got roastied[View]
115450962Will you be seeing this film?: Mel Gibson makes great films. why are jews such crybaby pussies?…[View]
115450833Lori Beth returns in the All That reboot.: https://youtu.be/uws2aqFUjOk[View]
115450896>the tranny janny tried to delete the last thread making fun of his pathetic existence FUCK JANNI…[View]
115449999DC will never be this kino[View]
115450090What did they do with him after the interrogation?[View]
115450768Season 4 was peak Sally[View]
115449938ITT: actors that ruin good movies for you[View]
115449756Volceldur! Have sex![View]
115449735WTF MARVEL!: >Loki! Turn off the Tesseract or I'll destroy it! >You cunt! There's no…[View]
115450229>gamergate was 5 years ago >TDKR was 8 years ago >pickle rick was 2 years ago >sneed was…[View]
115446271lmao Can you imagine not having sex for 40 days?[View]
115449268KINO? [ ] Yes [ ] No[View]
115447725Would Jorah have been such a popular character if he was ugly like he is in the books?[View]
115450698ITT: We post candidate for Pocahontas live action[View]
115450695Why did they not include this scene in the final cut of the movie? Was it too graphic? https://www.y…[View]
115434685>'Terminator' looks like an incel. >Protagonists are two women protecting a young woman. OHNON…[View]
115443898The best superhero movie ever made. Sorry Mouseoids[View]
115449875Biodome/Encino Man legend Pauly Shore's father passed away: He runs a podcast/vlog where he jus…[View]
115448832Alone again tonight, anon?[View]
115450388deep and powerful[View]
115449176So will be the unlucky lord that will have to marry this raped frigid whore?[View]
115450322Too Old To Die Young: Kino confirmed?[View]
115440028This is Jane GOLDMAN: She's going to be the show runner for a Game of Thrones spinofff inspired…[View]
115450424>why yes I have 22 threads in the catalog right now. How can you tell?[View]
115448451The Elder Scrolls movies or tv show when?: Cast it.[View]
115450380Best GoT house: >You hate them >You love them >You fear them >You respect them Carried e…[View]
115449717>*tongues your child's asshole* HEEHEE[View]
115449366>you look like a puerto rican hoo-ah. makes me sick[View]
115447335Who would've guessed back in the day that Zendaya would turn out to be the hot one?[View]
115450166Why was he so occupied with eating pussy?[View]
115450206pretty good[View]
115450204>so you are a janitor on 4chan? >You do it for free? >That can't be right…[View]
115449732Why are movies about offices always comedies? Are there any horror movies that take place in an offi…[View]
115450182>Lets give the autistic, crippled boy the power to rule over us all even though he can't con…[View]
115448912https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3L1qrisKFE What's up with this trailer? Isn't this show a…[View]
115449961Is it kino? https://youtu.be/t8U2H2NBWCU[View]
115417180What battle was the most kino?[View]
115448228what's next for the girl from blue is the warmest color? will being a mother affect her career[View]
115449456Here's your Gendo Ikari, bro.[View]
115449807>Did you hear that /tv/?[View]
115447057Now that the dust has settled, can we agree he had the best story?[View]
115443036Ask me anything.[View]
115449788I am eternal[View]
115449612Leo is cancelled: How will he ever recover?[View]
115447873>Is it possible to buy Godzilla: King of the Monsters tickets in advance?…[View]
115449466>have to take a shit >Can already feel it's going to be hot and painful from all the beer…[View]
115447560What does /tv/ think of The Pacific? I just finished it and have to say it is pure kino. I have not …[View]
115445516What did he mean by this?[View]
115449667should've just called it 'the woman'[View]
115449577so this is what atheists will look like in the future huh[View]
115449625Why isn't /tv/ talking about this? It's kino, right lads?[View]
115442340Why does this look so much more terrifying than the american godzilla? Especially this scene.[View]
115449581Is genius really just channeled pain?[View]
115447166Star Trek 'did nothing wrong' starter pack[View]
115449518What did you think? Kino or overrated trash?[View]
115447466We need to stop him bros[View]
115448668Bria Vinaite is an actress that has been nominated for awards.[View]
115443389OH NO >Sony’s action comedy “Men in Black: International” is heading for a $40 million launch in …[View]
115449376Will we ever get a live action Digimon movie or series? Pokemon Detective Pikachu seems to have pull…[View]
115445537>WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU BIG FAT NIGGER?! Who was in the wrong?…[View]
115448219What do you think of MatPat and Stephanie?[View]
115449257Post Capital-kino https://youtu.be/dyNBaMEsGG4[View]
115449125*Blocks your path[View]
115448188https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/arthur-show-creators-lewd-memes-article-1.2738253 The i…[View]
115447059What does /tv/ think about it?[View]
115444331Characters who are literally you.[View]
115439461Why Isn’t There Any Good Adventure Shows Today??[View]
115445468green inferno: was it kino?[View]
115446304Cast them.[View]
115447136What was the point of this character?[View]
115448056> Sophie Turners career will die after game of th- Oh sweeties. She’s already yt he most successf…[View]
115447853A more interesting Sonic the Hedgehog movie would be that rather than Sonic being stuck in the real …[View]
115440129nog first? chick last? my head literally hurts.[View]
115438640What do you think about this movie?[View]
115448835I wanna fuck her grunf bonce ronce the cornew[View]
115448801Kino Music Video: 4 Minute Attention Span[View]
115445004Will she be a good leader for the Ironborn?[View]
115448656It all makes sense now[View]
115448509Good meme or too on the nose?[View]
115445300How long until a black Hitler movie? I need this.[View]
115447203>he watches movies on his phone >he watches movies in pieces throughout the day/over the cours…[View]
115448404How wouldve things went different had Robb set sail for essos to become allies with Dany?: Do you th…[View]
115448394Who else tryna get Harmony Korine to come to Amarillo, Texas[View]
115447137>Your daddy doesn't hit you anymore, does he? unironically what did he mean by this?…[View]
115444807BEANS WERE A STAPLE OF THE ISRAELITES: wHat did he mean by this?[View]
115448269Golden Girls> Game of Thrones[View]
115439194Why is Hollywood doing this to him?[View]
115448206A certain general? About a certain talented actress?[View]
115448146Michael Bay: What are this man's greatest films?[View]
115447324who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115448168>watch black mirror >read the news >holy shit it's real! Based amazon bringing Wagie t…[View]
115447478Harry Potter started out so well, what exactly went wrong? Everything after the first 3 movies was t…[View]
115448145>King Bran should we not disband the Nights Watch now that the white walkers have been vanquished…[View]
115447607Barry VS Dexter: Who wins?[View]
115444885Michael Caine looks unhealthy. He's 85. It's coming soon anons.[View]
115433978Are you ready for the next Tomb Raider movie?[View]
115447254Was it inferior to Supernatural?[View]
115446837What do people think of zombie simpsons? GenX nostalgic angst or a pretty good summary of the declin…[View]
115447881Is there an actor or actress that's as universally beloved as these 3? Who makes the cut[View]
115439514New Kechiche film in Cannes: >‘Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo’ Film Review: Abdellatif Kechiche Tro…[View]
115445981Unpopular Opinion...: I liked the ending.[View]
115443443A studio has contacted you to pitch them a movie starring these four young actors What's your p…[View]
115447673Amelie: Why is she so cute and autistic senpaitachi????[View]
115447428>....a nigger?[View]
115447614look at this gun (see from 0:50). https://youtu.be/nskFayhBcy0&t=50 this is tech from the 40s a…[View]
115426648How can one country so devoid of good cinema?[View]
115447457harry potter and malfoy's tight ass: Would you fuck young Lucius Malfoy?[View]
115444390Boomer here...help me understand memes: This meme with Taylor Swift and Keanu Reeves. I don't u…[View]
115444231The Big Bang Theory is a masterpiece: For years you mocked us with your Game of Thrones and miserabl…[View]
115442534/got/: What is dead may never die edition Previous: >>115437540[View]
115447331Theme Park Kino: >Magic Kingdom is a story I’ve been developing. Michael Chabon wrote the draft a…[View]
115442799This is quite possibly the best show currently airing on television.[View]
115442176/RBMK/ General: 'No.' Edition >>115437486[View]
115445222Walter White and Jesse Pinkman[View]
115447081This shot of bran is the best in the whole show: He's king[View]
115437401Which of these girls did you crush on as a kid boomers?[View]
115446183Now that it's over, let's talk about just how brilliant the writing was in Game of Thrones…[View]
115445370Which one should be celebrated by Black History Month: and shown in all low qaulity public schools?…[View]
115422485>watch Us >it's not scary >makes no sense, can write several paragraphs about all of t…[View]
115441872>First movie is a horror film about a woman overcoming an otherworldly monster >Second movie t…[View]
115446244What was your favorite season? Personally think 2 was severely underrated.[View]
115446904>watching Detective Pikachu at the movies >intense fighting scene between Pikachu and Mewtwo …[View]
115438866Do you guys want basedlo part 2?[View]
115442466What went wrong?[View]
115446943Thoughts on this kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deSUQ7mZfWk[View]
115441145Unpopular Opinion Thread: Captain Marvel was much better than Alita[View]
115446438What is the first orders tax policy?[View]
115446749>ctrl f 'kino' >every single thread is a shitpost >the word is just used to make …[View]
115444574hmm, what gender will revan be[View]
115446003Will marvel ever give us a short Wolverine?[View]
115444377What’s this movie going to be about[View]
115438511Jeopardy discussion thread: It isn't looking good, can he still pull a win?[View]
115446586kino monkey movies[View]
115446610>everyone saying ''Aye'' to Tyrion's proposal of Bran becoming the new k…[View]
115446466Us was a great movie guys[View]
115446335Why are film 'losers' always just failed normies?[View]
115446359sopranos thread[View]
115446239Its Always Virtue Signalling in Philladelphia.: Is this most JUST shark jump in history? Can you jum…[View]
115446345is it kino?[View]
115436778>Sequel is better than the original movie Post them[View]
115445563Imagine walking in on your wife watching Hitler speeches and rehearsing them and then she acts all e…[View]
115445816>You're a cold I am the Lemsip[View]
115446060Why are blacks teaching their children to be violent felons?: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=smdPy_…[View]
115445827>and you are beautiful What did he mean by this[View]
115443401Amandla Stenberg Will Star in Remake of FEAR: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3562967/amandla-st…[View]
115445119Is S3 any good?[View]
115441968>new terminator movie with 20XX technology >doesnt even have 1/10th the soul of T1 >they co…[View]
115445784ITT: moments that subverted expectations done right[View]
115443072How can Smaug be killed by a 4 foot black arrow?[View]
115445215What will we discuss now that GoT is over?[View]
115442935Will Bill and Ted 3 be kino?[View]
115443342Yo. Whassup my neighbours, I'm high as a motherfucker RN. What should I get onto? Recommend.[View]
115444681>Film about porn addiction >Main character is a Chad drowning in pussy What did they mean by t…[View]
115445385It’s Supernatural but kino![View]
115443478Why do people suddenly pretend that this movie isn't horrendous cringe shit?[View]
115440785Agents of shield thread: The only way we are going to talk about this is with waifubait. Season 4 is…[View]
115445393what are some kinos[View]
115445349Dr Robotnik, I'm G.U.N[View]
115442816Any movies where the main character stays up all night for 5 th day in a row?[View]
115444934What should I expect?[View]
115445272ITT: vintage sjw-core[View]
115444110kino intro songs: From the dusty May sun Her looming shadow grows Hidden in the branches of the pois…[View]
115440969Post obscure kino: Post obscure kino[View]
115445207>'well, what do you call it?' >'dead nigger storage' How did they get away with it?…[View]
115445152Who would win: and why.[View]
115444652>If you bring in one more blonde cheerleader I’m gonna just go ballistic. Where is Summer Glau? W…[View]
115445077So any of you from Tropoje?[View]
115441975Uuuh? Explain.[View]
115443535>be the greatest swordsman who ever lived >not have a sword >mfw…[View]
115443692Marvel or DC?: DC is more mature, deeper, has more attractive women and has more artistic directors.…[View]
115444908'We'll call it Waterworld. I'll have webbed feet and gills.'[View]
115442957Horror films only you like/only you have seen. I'll start with a really good one by a Russian d…[View]
115417541Any other films about the Asian American experience?[View]
115432936>broadcast >cable >satellite >streaming >???? What will be the next significant devel…[View]
115444765What are some movies about countries being turned into corporation puppets?[View]
115444632Movies that deserved a sequel back in the day, but should never be remade. I'll start with an o…[View]
115440170IT'S MA'AM.[View]
115444612Soundtrack has songs written for the movie specifically[View]
115441969Superhero Capeshit: Why do SuperHeros fight in ridiculous costumes? Why can't they just wear tu…[View]
115442886Starkiller movie when[View]
115444546Now that the dust has settled, what can we expect from his tax policy?[View]
115444503>new crew is better than the old one[View]
115444187are normalfags only screaming 'bad writing' because Dany became bad? they didn't seem to care m…[View]
115442093No the sequels aren't better you fucking retards. OG Friday The 13th appreciation.[View]
115441490Post best Bond song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CbFAZ2ztlE[View]
115444265Married With Children: >hi goys and birls >today's puppet land story is curious george co…[View]
115436648What's the worst movie you've ever seen? For me it's Ex Machina. The movie takes you …[View]
115435987Holy shit, this is so much better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to2SMng4u1k…[View]
115441646With John Wick being a kino franchise, just how the fuck did they manage to screw this up?[View]
115444182Ouch. But true.[View]
115444103WHATS UP MY NIGGA[View]
115443191phantom menace: >20 years old[View]
115444108I dont really watch that many marvel movies: But do you guys think they could make an ultimate spide…[View]
115444094cursed TV show?: Has there even been a TV show that claimed to put a curse on everyone who watches i…[View]
115443374Read it.[View]
115441112What films capture life in contemporary America? I'm talking about life in the soulless suburba…[View]
115441508>your name is toby![View]
115428520What is your opinion on Jean Claude Van Damme's filmography?[View]
115441565>you should be seen, not heard >b-but i've been preparing to be a female sultan my whole …[View]
115442499OH NO NO NO NO[View]
115443588>fall in love with actress >jews already got to her…[View]
115443783Scorch's PFG thread >newest episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=bUqywWD9AtU…[View]
115443740Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
115439727I have more than 2000 movies on my watchlist: I can’t decide where to start. Help me pick, bros.…[View]
115440872Adam Sandler new Netflix movie: It's pretty funny. What do you think?[View]
115442249Since now being unemployed I'm back to being a Cinemaphile and I've been on a roll. >P…[View]
115443422What's his problem?[View]
115441331Footkino is back on the menu boys.[View]
115442883Praise Mr. Topps: Now that the dust has finally settled, what did /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
115443367GOT is dead! Long Live Romance of the Three Kingdoms!!!!: Honestly, only read about the three kingdo…[View]
115437603Why are remakes always bad?[View]
115442068What the fuck was his problem?[View]
115443412in a televised karate match who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris, or Dolph Lundgren In another sc…[View]
115442004Post kino intros https://youtu.be/vVKlYpP1KEE[View]
115441909shutter island screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis Star Wars Knights Old Republic film: https://www.buzzfe…[View]
115441654The remake of the Assault on Presinct 13 movie was pretty good.[View]
115443076What was the point of the movie? He makes basically no progress and is effectively exactly where he …[View]
115441223One week and I am forgotten[View]
115443023>capeshit >black homosexual (so brave!) is part of the cast >second season is about the str…[View]
115428766Fuck you cunt: >sit down How do you even respond to her in front of everyone without sounding but…[View]
115442343Arthur Creator 'Disappointed' After Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Gay Wedding E…[View]
115438239Writer from season 8[View]
115439476>Game of Thrones is over >The Big Bang Theory is over >The MCU is 'over' is this the beginn…[View]
115442245>massive stone walls literally EXPLODE because some hot gas brushes over them ehhhhhhhhhh science…[View]
115442877Well that was certainly... something[View]
115442835Who else hype for this? BBC/HBO co-production of The Golden Compass. Hopefully they actually can pre…[View]
115441538>We live in a timeline where Jim Carrey is Doctor Robotnik in a shit Sonic movie instead of Genie…[View]
115440806>D&D made up the ending, George's will be bett-: Lol, they foreshadowed king Bran in the…[View]
115442720Where you at? The Wire thread[View]
115442733>Begun, the Clone War has.[View]
115441707Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115442185TROLLS & INCELS BTFO: No more negative reviews from you man-babies. Praise and positive comment…[View]
115442433What are some /tv/ related content about sex? https://youtu.be/3GVfesRwvsQ[View]
115437803YAG: .[View]
115437071Is there any based /tv/ or film related Discord that isn't full of uptight redditfags?[View]
115439279Based: Say whaaaaaaat?[View]
115440832Barge kino and /tv/ missed it!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SExkuAdB5Ws >barges loose on rive…[View]
115438237Move over white boy, we waz the original settlers and kangs until your people stole our technology a…[View]
115440838It will please discuss this show. i fucking just found out about it and love this show[View]
115442044Was it off by 3mm or was he just a bad shot?[View]
115436835Why no love for /oz/ frens?: series has much memetic potential[View]
115437486/RBMK/ General: Cool days in Chernobyl edition >>115434104[View]
115441805Why does Mike look more feminine than Eleven?[View]
115440411why do these boring slice of life nature documentaries get such rave reviews[View]
115441972>TOO FAR[View]
115441037what happened to Hollywood actresses keeping in shape?[View]
115439131Do movies ever get released as abridged versions? Like with the sex scenes and comedic relief cut ou…[View]
115441732What's the fuck?[View]
115438654What movie is this your reaction to?[View]
115437540/got/ - Promise me Jon edition: Old: >>115431498[View]
115438607YOU GET 3 /tv/ WISHES!: What would they be? (must be directly movie or tv related) (1) > 1950s No…[View]
115440568>the rejected suitor of Jasmine is a Germanic looking masculine white male who acts retarded w-wo…[View]
115441499What will their Star Wars film be like?[View]
115441530>“Looking into the boy’s eyes, I thought I detected little star-shells of madness beginning to fo…[View]
115440883>They censored the Terminator nudity again UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.[View]
115440946what did he mean by this?[View]
115439329Do Americans really: Call their bum a fanny?[View]
115441522LET THEM IN, BIGOTS![View]
115437461Why did everyone think he was dead?[View]
115436851>Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, a…[View]
115439883Anyone else watch this? Who would you cast in a live action adaptation that's ever going to hap…[View]
115439420any best friens kino?[View]
115439509what was her name again? Fun fact: she was dating the auteur Riley Stearns[View]
115440888>Voldemort sneaks in on the back of a teachers head >has a giant snake in the basement >se…[View]
115441216>it's not a shitpost thread[View]
115430010>still no WET movie[View]
115441015Is your waifu safe? Official check in thread: 1) Claim a waifu 2) Google 'Harvey Weinstein' and the …[View]
115438618why didn't he mind control cersei to jump off the castle? why didn't he mind control dani…[View]
115435799WEW: >The default audience score on Rotten Tomatoes will now include ratings from people who boug…[View]
115439766I like this guy a lot. With the exception of a couple questionable 'comedies' he really ha…[View]
115437254No woman will ever love you this much[View]
115440910When will this get released?[View]
115441023I SWER[View]
115440938/bfe/ Battlefield Earth General: >she's stupid enough not to be a menace >good-looking en…[View]
115438326>We're whalers on the moon, >We carry a harpoon,…[View]
115439419Medieval Kino: Let’s have a comfy medieval kino thread >hard to be a god >seventh seal >…[View]
115440534Lower the lifeboats.[View]
115435445Now that terminator dark fate is confirmed to be utter shite and will inevitably be a box office bom…[View]
115440134When will she hit the wall?: I don't think she ever will. She'll still be cute and fuckabl…[View]
115439305Has he finally met his match?[View]
115440648Isn't equality grand /tv/? Everyone gets a role. >muh senorita >muh disabled senors …[View]
115437632Why doesnt she go to Dr. Now? https://youtu.be/DlEmKpPgFRw Also look how pissed she gets when her be…[View]
115438590Miniseries when[View]
115437812Getting started as a captioner/translator: Good afternoon, /tv/. I am a 20 years old student who…[View]
115440466What are some movies about archery? Which one has the best spectacle of bow and arrow skill (preferr…[View]
115439993Is the End of Stevangelion kino?[View]
115428742Princess Jasmine will be a Feminist politician enslaved to Jafar: So apparently the new version of J…[View]
115440285M cca hostage crisis: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1979_Grand_Mosque_seizure 'A team of three Fre…[View]
115438041Cousin Lancel[View]
115440351at least she's thin again[View]
115437968Let's make this happen /tv/!!![View]
115438319Friendly reminder of what an actual historical/pseudohistorical/fantasy series is supposed to look l…[View]
115438437Step Brothers has one of the best finales in all of cinema.[View]
115439693Genuine film discussion thread~: What's the last movie you saw with a fight between a white and…[View]
115437543Post your favorite comedian opportunists.[View]
115440098Hostiles: How come /tv/ never talked about this western Kino? >tfw he sits and and shakes the dyi…[View]
115439981>bitches talk for weeks about all the weird kinky shit they want to do with him >asks bitches …[View]
1154379468 Bit GoT Intro: This sounds nice in my opinion https://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/bs85…[View]
115433637 [View]
115439738>Are you afraid? >Yes. >Good.…[View]
115438171Was it rape?[View]
115435983First season was kino[View]
115438544Why is he so perfect, /v/ros?[View]
115439973Solo 2: Which one of you fags asked for a sequel?[View]
115439706CAPTAIN MARVEL: Why wasn't she Also that new terminator looks shit[View]
115435679How did it become so popular? It started out as edgy lotr shit that no one watched.[View]
115436005What was the point of making a movie about Sharon Tate if she doesn't fucking say anything?[View]
115439373Samwise Gamgee[View]
115439635Watch it /tv/[View]
115439638Warcraft > Game of Onions When can we expect the true Ice Chad come on big screen?[View]
115439758Which of the two awful-looking movies involving Tim Miller being released by Paramount within a week…[View]
115438452Was the porn she made as young german--turk girl before GoT any good?[View]
115437410What was his best role?[View]
115438558Literally the epitome of 'it's just a prank bro'[View]
115438592>yfw you realize that feminist and SJW butthurt over GoT season 8 will cause Weiss and Benioff to…[View]
115437837Did he even have a tax policy?[View]
115430936got, im glad its fucking over: So this was all part of his master plan?[View]
115431523Terminator General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyEX6u-Yhs We are in the wrong timeline.…[View]
115415437ITT: Post a picture and others come up with a movie premise based on it[View]
115432652Hey Alan, have sex. And move out. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN[View]
115436667>we need a white male character that mostly fails at everything, is weak willed, lacks good judge…[View]
115439151what is her ultimate goal?[View]
115438628Why did the movie even try to explain the logistics of where the dopplegangers came from? They would…[View]
115434900>Movie ends with a parade for Sonic >'Hey that looks nothing like me!' >Everybody laughs …[View]
115436824Have sex.[View]
115437994What would a series like The Mind's Eye look like today?[View]
115439164Avatar's reign continues!!![View]
115434636How realistic is my prediction?[View]
115438139*hits pipe*[View]
115419753What next for her career?[View]
115438422why couldn't they just stop at this?[View]
115438463My parents got me into Jeopardy years ago and not sure if anyone is watching but the Phenomenon that…[View]
115438828More like this?[View]
115410043Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #541 Alita: Battle Devil? Previous Thread:>>115393264[View]
115428445I hope they remember you, Cameron.[View]
115433202>Tfw no series or movies based on tales from Norse Mythology Thor Ragnorak certainly doesn't…[View]
115437167Who is the worst Lannister?[View]
115419951>HBO announced Tuesday the full core cast and director for its eagerly anticipated Game of Throne…[View]
115437241Bran the Avenger: In the end, he didn't forgive Jaime and his revenge was bittersweet.[View]
115438638So it's heavily hinted she's the next Hawk Moth.[View]
115430829>be dunston >check in[View]
115437237>I know the rage that drives you. That impossible anger strangling the grief, until the memory of…[View]
115431239ITT: Good and based shows that are barely ever talked about on /tv/[View]
115432880What I expected.: > Terminator Timeline so messed up and explained away through time travel meddl…[View]
115434353Anyone else just hate this cunt?[View]
115438155>Jewish woman destroys church, stands on top of it, looks down on the church goers with contempt …[View]
115438315Since now being unemployed I'm back to being a Cinemaphile and I've been on a roll. >P…[View]
115437514Any kinos about the protagonist delving into insanity? https://vocaroo.com/i/s00ZjHzRPJ2K[View]
115438241do you guys like my movies?[View]
115435549Post unintentionally hilarious scenes in horror movies[View]
115437340/ChowDaddy/ general: >School Lunch keeps me roaring ready and rock steady What did he mean by thi…[View]
115428889Why? How?[View]
115437414>I banged some dude then dumped his ass into the ocean[View]
115437712>final scene >smile by jimmy durante plays, you don't hear any sound effects during this…[View]
115438159Will there ever be a show as good as Gossip Girl again?[View]
115438057Do I like this show?[View]
115436776name ONE (1) thing he did wrong[View]
115435185What was his problem?[View]
115434312Based Wes Anderson[View]
115436488Simpsons thread[View]
115437411I ain't no bitch chef[View]
115431585Why do incels like this movie so much?[View]
115435674Is From Dusk Till Dawn kino? My dad is fucking obsessed with this movie and has watched it at least …[View]
115436542what the fuck?[View]
115435558/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #13 Charizard is very hungry edition Previ…[View]
115437252I was so gay: but I couldn't tell anyone.[View]
115437732from which song is her stand named after?[View]
115431498/got/ general: Bran sequel spinoff when?[View]
115435137How would you adapt it into live action? >Imperials are all played by German / Austrian / Swiss a…[View]
115436181Take the S.W.E.A.T oath[View]
115437335All the best movies are available in VHS[View]
115436090So Arya leaves with 20 dudes on a boat sailing west for months or years. How will they pass the time…[View]
115434893>got season 8 was terrible! they ruined all of the characters[View]
115420191Holy shit just saw this trailer. Fucking SJW garbage. 'M-MUH 3 HEROIC WAMANZ'. Holy shit this is nex…[View]
115435889/Had Sex/ General: I lost my virginity when I was 14 in 2001 or smth. Since the generation that came…[View]
115434104/RBMK/ General: Russian Standoff edition >>115429369[View]
115437307Yamcha's story really was a lot of people's first black-pill[View]
115437164Alita: Battle Angel: >suddenly remember this is a thing >check release date, >February 14 …[View]
115431363they did the best they could, how could the have predicted that George would take this fucking long …[View]
115437133 it all meant nothing end my life already[View]
115427896>be told you have been cast as Spider-Man >hint it on Reddit >be uncasted for breaching non…[View]
11543064715 min get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HbqfpMiZ9I[View]
115436325Zoomers really don't find this attractive?[View]
115434212Why did they make the crazy villain look like Jordan Peterson?[View]
115436938>defends the rights of bookfags against the sons of the show based[View]
115432789Why does she look so smug?[View]
115435686What are some wholesome family kinos? No sinful movies allowed[View]
115436491What was his problem?[View]
115436470So, is Jason Momoa /ourguy/?[View]
115427364Alternative to Rotten Tomatoes now that they have decided to kill there website?![View]
1154365692019... i am forgotten[View]
115435165Why does it make my panties so wet knowing that most actresses get fucked to just to get a chance at…[View]
115436823Minimalistic (?) movies thread? Not sure how to describe them otherwise. Low budget, story-driven, v…[View]
115428265HE IS BACK! OMG!!! HE'S BAAAAACK!!![View]
115432034Why and How did they fuck up the matrix sequels: what's the reason for this[View]
115435638>reviewer calls Robert De Niro 'Bobby' De Niro >calls Martin Scorsese 'Martie' Scorsese…[View]
115434715You'll be seeing Tarantino's kino, right /tv/? Fags are already trying to smear DiCaprio o…[View]
115435101MUH INTIMIDATING TERMINATORS: They are a joke compared to T800 and T1000[View]
115436720The force needs to become real. Mind control would work at it's finest. Easily telling people w…[View]
115408409Yeah, I'm thinking he's black[View]
115435304Which is more kino?[View]
115436254Why can't they just make a movie set during the Machine War in the same style shown in 1, 2 and…[View]
115436585>This is the real reason why GOT went down hill The average politics of the writers in the indust…[View]
115435078what do they eat[View]
115436395Dunno where this should go but in the show 'my 600lb life' I've come to notice the majority of …[View]
115433681>Ruling is hard. R. R. Martin can say that Bran became king and reigned for a hundred years, and …[View]
115435557Stop. Silencing. Women. Voices. #Rightsideofhistory[View]
115435977Which movie accurately depicts the reality of depression? Not some le sad cuz bad thing happened bul…[View]
115426271ITT: only kinoest of the show there is.[View]
115436241movies with this aesthetic please[View]
11543463810/10 ending, bravo.[View]
115435974Cast him[View]
115435724Our guy's new movie Trailer: https://youtu.be/MZv4Fvv5-Hw Directed by De Palma[View]
115433913>Duh end? Naw mayne, dis aint ending here, see? You getting popped is just another street you got…[View]
115435883>fantasy movie >everyone is british[View]
115434872Which television series has a character that can accurately foresee nearly 10 years into the future?[View]
115435279John Wick 3: ParaBASEDum: Holy Mother of Kino What went right lads?[View]
115435928Honestly a nifty feature. Sucks for those that bought outside of fandango though. Granted companies …[View]
115432284Times RT was completely wrong: pain and gain is Kino. RT failed. Any other examples of this?[View]
115435892ITT: characters incels will never understand[View]
115431758sneed's dead[View]
115434967Moonlight (2016) Is it kino?: Now that the dust has settled... is it kino?[View]
115428463Make one change, follow the consequences and create a happy ending Change: Stannis isn't enough…[View]
115433655My new wife Dany is very beautiful[View]
115434209What does /tv/ think of Chris Rock's filmography? Is he just better as a comedian?[View]
115432996I got five on it[View]
115435295Why are there no films with a FEMALE protagonist who fucks every single hot guy she comes across lik…[View]
115428134Rosie Mac: Rosie Mac, stunt double of Emilia Clarke.[View]
115433491Hey anon! Have you seen my movie yet? How about those gameboy graphics at the end credits?[View]
115433857was it kino?[View]
115433535What is her purpose here on Earth?[View]
115432441>pretty much a perfect man but still relatable how did they do it?[View]
115435400The Graham Norton Show: Looks like it will be kino lads. Tomorrow night[View]
115407549Can you point out what's the problem with current roles portraying strong women without using t…[View]
115433538The worst part about this movie is that it hits me right in the feels and how obnoxious the whole sk…[View]
115432025Any kinos about being alone forever?[View]
115423145What would you have done?[View]
115435245Is there any actor that's happier than him?[View]
115435160but was it a bad show[View]
115434724Movie Tropes: >Bad guy is in the jacuzzi with two sexy women >good guy comes to beat up bad gu…[View]
115430512ITT: Good book, Bad adaption[View]
115435031>why yes, I do watch kino on my iPhone[View]
115431148ITT: Cancelled films[View]
115433208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCPgFfBd7z8 Femanon here. This is what we want[View]
115434850Please recommend me some depression-core films.[View]
115430996Rank the Batmen[View]
115431356So, uh, what makes this the best movie of all time?[View]
115433981What was this film critic of? Did you enjoyed, /tv/? What are your opinions.[View]
115433007White gold: White gold thread Why is this show not talked about here? It's pure fucking kino. S…[View]
115434439Will it be kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AjLfJJIyrg[View]
115430884What an wonderful idea[View]
115431526he could have just said that the speaker in his ear with all the translations wasn't working, s…[View]
115434323>the guys in FRIENDS mention Die Hard multiple times >Bruce Willis actually shows up and they …[View]
115428881F E M C E L: THE MOVIE[View]
115430245Quick, I want to watch a movie before I got to sleep! I want to watch something that has to do with …[View]
115434262Ariana Grande impression: https://youtu.be/uEl2eASMs9A[View]
115434294He’s never going to finish. The TV ending is canon[View]
115432209was this jewish power fantasy supposed to be entertaining? literally tarantino's worst flick[View]
115414488Holy shit did this really happen? what the fuck is wrong with the human race?[View]
115432890Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115422560Wow she really provided scientific background to this claim in the form of her feefeels![View]
115434301How do you sit through a three hour movie without taking a piss?[View]
115401061Neytiri is...[View]
115423083could this movie have been made today?[View]
115432424>The British actress goes on to write of discovering a 'shooting, stabbing, constricting pain' in…[View]
115433879You may not like it but this is what peak Star Wars looks like[View]
115434102YOU HAVE MY TAX[View]
115432116ITT: Based tv black folk: Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…[View]
115432826Interview with film director James Rolfe: Gives insight in creatkng the avgn movie! https://youtube.…[View]
115431674so he becomes a hippy?[View]
115429369/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Radioactive shitposting edition prev eps >>115424828[View]
115433897Breaking Bad is the greatest show of this decade and Game of Thrones lost it's chance to surpas…[View]
115430179Fenix: >Be Joaquin >the only Phoenix with a non retarded name >River Jude Phoenix >Rain…[View]
115431458why did they have to change finns romantic interest in the film?, i feel it made sense for him and r…[View]
115430987Punished Sansa: Okay, so I’ve been staring at Sansa’s armored corset from her very last scene and I’…[View]
115407642OH NO NO NO[View]
115431033Name a more kino production company intro Pro tip: you can't[View]
115432322Is he the most based character in any teen show?[View]
115428369what are some happy films i can watch with my girlfriend /tv/? preferable something not plot heavy s…[View]
115433566What are some examples of dishonest filmaking? Pic unrelated.[View]
115432313ITT - We discuss 90's WWF storylines that should've been kino but went wrong: I really lik…[View]
115427365Do holograms deserve the right to self-determination?[View]
115432024Captain.Marvel.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >Captain.Marvel.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT…[View]
115431738Hack Fraud: One Hit Wonder: >Make one (1) good film, the original Terminator >Be praised as a …[View]
115433291Why did it have to end this way? It was the perfect series. It's like someone made a show just …[View]
115433278>movie with mainly black actors >monkey paw productions HOW DID THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS?!…[View]
115432157did they deliberately make this character annoying?[View]
115433129Bow before your king. BOW YA SHITS[View]
115429836Can't be unseen: Ever see 10 things i hate about you? Seen the video of the liberal wannabe get…[View]
115430717Admit, it was kino.[View]
115431277Any kinos about rejection?[View]
115433155Everyone shut up Jeopardy! just came on[View]
115432872What's your favourite kill in a movie/television show?[View]
115431774I liked it Fuck all of y'all[View]
115433106The great debate[View]
115416247Godzilla soundtrack samples released https://music.apple.com/nz/album/godzilla-king-monsters-origina…[View]
115429709Kinos about loneliness?[View]
115432408So that was disappointing. What else is on?[View]
115430283>jannies are now pruning Bane threads to make more space for GoT shit and ebin twitter caps Oh ho…[View]
115430223Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.: https://youtu.be/dLZXFHIjZEY 'Batman, Batgirl and Robin fo…[View]
115428838Movies about domestic violence?[View]
115432159Celeb IRL gifs: Dump for celeb gifs[View]
115433653Actor Cheating/Affairs: What is your personal opinion Actors Leaving their significant other of year…[View]
115426797>no wife >no kids >multi-millionaire >frequently has sex with 20 year old supermodels …[View]
115431800Tried this the other day and fell on my ass[View]
115428263this is the worst movie I have ever watched.[View]
115431215post your favorite >kino >cinema >film >movie >flick along with a frog picture. >T…[View]
115426637Females reacting to JOKER. https://youtu.be/CggduXMkCyc[View]
115432712why the fuck is she the right age after all of these years? wouldn't she have come out at a dif…[View]
115432668Would you like to donate any change to fight hunger sir?[View]
115430859>Genuinely sucks at making food >His charisma turns him into a superstar Literally the embodim…[View]
115431778His grace...: What were you guys' honest reaction to this scene? It was the most epid and baded…[View]
115432298danyfags S E E T H I N G[View]
115432577There will be a chosen one.[View]
115431776What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
115430397ITT: Cute psychos![View]
115432388ha ha, but seriously though we can't let him have the Nuclear codes[View]
115428091/Comfy Kino/ General: Post maximum comfy movies. I start: >Paddington 1 & 2…[View]
115428888I’ve never seen a film so Jewish: Is Hollywood really that Jewish? There was literally a scene where…[View]
115429655when will Hollywood realise that this is a shitty franchise for boomers?[View]
115432137send in the dancing wagies![View]
115430433>the 2 only interesting characters are dead before the first season is over why should I even bot…[View]
115430494would you guys hang out with Jonah?[View]
115431329Has JLW had much work recently, The last thing I saw her in was a few episodes of Criminal Minds[View]
115431014ITT: Solo...: and other movies people pretend are trash.[View]
115431945paranormal activities & FEAR: In all spooky/freaky stories I've read on /x/ (or in the web …[View]
115431842How many deaths do we need before they stop making these?[View]
115431789OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
115431794>it's an australian heroin trafficker escapes a bangkok maximum security prison…[View]
115423881>End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must tak…[View]
115431725Was this a good movie?: Or not?[View]
115428517/got/ general: previous >>115423142[View]
115424778Miss me yet?[View]
115430686>Kill your own mother >Become hand of the king >Wabble around getting drunk and bedding ha…[View]
115406752Diora Baird: >perfect hormonal dosing in womb >feminine physiognomy >feminine physique >…[View]
115431551ITT: /tv/ shows only you have seen: >A mysterious man rises from the primordial waters of an isol…[View]
115428486ITT: TV/film characters that are literally you[View]
115431120>Ah jeez, Louis. This is just like that time we visited that small farmshop on the outskirts of S…[View]
115430378Ron Perlman: Is he the modern era John Wayne?[View]
115431525URGGGG A GIRL[View]
115429458>Sabrina don’t just stare at it, eat it![View]
115431494ITT: Movies incels will never understand[View]
115430972>walking home >See a giant wooden N nailed to somebody's front door >Chuckle to mysel…[View]
115431157The fuck is Super Hans really trying to say?[View]
115430307>It's okay MR. GODZILLA™ you're not that bad after all *fade to back* *credits roll* me…[View]
115430464I quit several years ago at the beginning of season 9. Please tell me the woman doctor is not that b…[View]
115430584>it's a beach episode[View]
115430989Criterion closet picks: which one is your favorite?[View]
115428625We need a Raid/John Wick style medieval movie with amazingly choreographed sword fights[View]
115421623/goy/ general: which faggot thought this was good casting?[View]
115429912ITT actors you fucking with a passion: fuck this guy he cant act,sing, or tell a joke.[View]
115427796>asian ''''''horror''''''''[View]
115428129Why did the movie franchise fail despite being one of the biggest and popular Tolkien ripoffs as wel…[View]
115426344So the spinoff for GoT takes plaCes thousands of years before GoT. The spinoff will show that many o…[View]
115430913Cast this famous white, political prisoner's biopic.[View]
115425355There are two lights?[View]
115428579what are some kino red flags?[View]
115429654a cracka?[View]
115428321itt: kinos that did not age well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz5kY3RsmKo[View]
115423286HOLY FUCKING KINO[View]
115425689Podcast /general/: What are some comfy podcasts for commuting? I enjoy story-telling, games, cult mo…[View]
115424370FIXING SEASON 5: It is the season that everything went to shit. There were a couple of questionable …[View]
115430492How kino will it be?[View]
115428498That was uncalled for.[View]
115430525What are some kinos wth background gags that you never noticed on first viewings?[View]
1154263853D Movies. Was it a fad?[View]
115429968Is it actually kino?[View]
115428104>“Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only [Daenerys Targaryen, one of the series’ heroines] h…[View]
115430355thougths on the new joker movie?, is it bad im really excited for it?[View]
115430024give me some good foreign movies: preferences: south america (argentina, brazil),spain, korean or fr…[View]
115429647>You're hot! >Why thank you, so are you.…[View]
115428125Guys, I feel bad. I've watched this video 4 times today already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
115426020Kino Wars back on the menu[View]
115429028What are some /tv/ approved Sci-Fi shows? I'll take anything, from moderately enjoyable to must…[View]
115428968What went wrong?[View]
115427093What does /tv/ think of this flick?[View]
115430002What film is this from?[View]
115430132Back against the wall and odds With the strength of a will and a cause Your pursuits are called outs…[View]
115428531Toy Story 4 confirmed kino[View]
115415460>tfw rewatched the trailer 10x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyEX6u-Yhs it actually looks OK (…[View]
115428764Why wasn't the new deal continued after the war?[View]
115429954/Jeopardy/ General: today's episode - kino[View]
115427602name one (1) thing she did wrong[View]
115421363Kek or cringe([View]
115429834Weirdo Kinos: Kino's that weirdos made themselves for our enjoyment. pic very related[View]
115428440>7 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
115427070What did it do right?[View]
115426686What's the /tv/ equivalent of this?[View]
115425083Favorite character by season: 2>1>3>4>5>6>7>8 I miss tomboy Arya[View]
115427250Kneel y’shits[View]
115428519What exactly went wrong? Obviously a lot, but what specifically does /tv/ think went wrong here?[View]
115425697what happened to the ghetto/gang genre? Don't burgers have African and Hispanic gangs anymore o…[View]
115422414>I have your wife, Minister. >she very..VERY big. >thinking she could slim down >now you…[View]
115426521Will it be good?[View]
115429329this movie is honestly so fucking cool[View]
115427158does anyone know a site to watch John Wick DVD quality?[View]
115429407We need the weeb audience[View]
115428773Sir, we really need to discuss your shit taste.[View]
115427572Good news /got/! Jorah Mormont survived the white walkers and went on to a successful music career.[View]
115426964Russian 4chan alt right power white supremacy: Since american alt rights are so in love with everyth…[View]
115429031Is this the most useless, pointless, time wasting character of all time? > has legit super powers…[View]
115429010Why is this only at 65% at RT?[View]
115427334Am I missing something? It's a good movie sure but not much else.[View]
115429086>indie movie about depression or loneliness[View]
115429082Dark Universe: Are they retarded? Why can’t they just make a good gothic horror movie?[View]
115428914Is this kino?[View]
115424703ZIVA'S BACK BITCHES[View]
115425392>”I need your oats, your soups, and your menstrualcycle”[View]
115427226Why they ruined and killed her: This is not a normal Dany posting thread this is my theory as to why…[View]
115424828/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: elephant foot edition prev eps >>115417600[View]
115428209BIG BAD HARV: How does /tv/ feel about BIG BAD HARV?[View]
115425931Why don't movies like this exist anymore? When will we get some high budget giantess disasterk…[View]
115425522>tfw never seen Game of Thrones >tfw never seen Star Wars…[View]
115427648ITT: Youtube Kinos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-FILg-v-S4[View]
115427445How would make the sequel /tv/?[View]
115427808BREAKING NEWS!: They casted JJ Watts as Guts in the Netflix movie. Is it gonna be Kino?[View]
115425007Was he the worst casting choice of LOTR? Doesn't look like Sam or a hobbit to me.[View]
115421081You know it's true.: SHITTY casting. >chicks doing shit men should be doing >non-whites i…[View]
115428028What the fuck did they do to the original '03 Director's Cut version? That one cocoon scen…[View]
115428106Say it[View]
115424840How do you go from this......[View]
115423226>we're whalers of the moon[View]
115425904>Benioff was born David Friedman in New York City, to a Jewish family with roots in Austria, Roma…[View]
115428043Dune: Yall niggas aint ready[View]
115427159How come I'd never heard of how good this thing was? I gotta find out from fucking browsing net…[View]
115427899it's a Hitler conquers France episode[View]
115427727What do you call this look?[View]
115414240Why are so many people in this show pseudo-atheists?: I just started watching it now and it seems we…[View]
115424834Terminator:Genisys: Now that dust has settled,can we agree that pic related was the best Terminator …[View]
115423749>B-but Daenerys will survive in the books, r-right guys?[View]
115426139>Pulp Fiction cost only $8 million to make, with $5 million going to pay the actors' and act…[View]
115425072Imagine what would have been? >https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/05/game-of-thrones-emili…[View]
115425293>from the dusty mesa[View]
115426865Warrior: Why is no one talking about this kino?[View]
115426666Castle to return as The Shape: In the Halloween 2018 sequel, provided Blumhouse can get past the leg…[View]
115426265You DO visit the quinoatorium to get crab legs before heading to the kinotorium, right anon?[View]
115416332I can't re-watch the old episodes after the finale. I hate this man. I hope Jon Snow rots for w…[View]
115427233>mfw rural retards talk about the bible[View]
115427231Any other movies that are unintentional redpills? >shitskins take over earth and turn it into a s…[View]
115427479Recommendations for more movies like this that have a sort of an aimless, endless summer feel?[View]
115427442What movie are they talking about, /tv/?[View]
115427225Yall niggas aint ready[View]
115427044ITT: Those we couldn't save[View]
115427435The Wall: Damn! Will Smith aged pretty badly![View]
115427201>watching a movie about world war 2 >search it on google >mfw it actually happened and the…[View]
115426540PREPEH TAH LAHND[View]
115419314Would Democracy actually have been feasible in parts of Westeros?[View]
115423509What was his fucking problem?[View]
115423142/got/: Brownies edition >>115419111[View]
115427301Rocket Man NY post review: >As a singer Egerton lands somewhere between Elton John and William Hu…[View]
115426582R rated animated movies: Why aren’t they more common? I used to be a weeb and don’t want to go back…[View]
115424743Well? Let's here it, whats your TV series idea? And it better be good, or else![View]
115427042Why was Fargo S2 so kino?[View]
115427140Why didnt they went to Shuri when they needed someone to make the time machine? She's the smart…[View]
115422126What was his problem?[View]
115418654>sex scenes are pointless![View]
115416953How come he managed to establish himself as a 'serious actor' after Twilight but Kristen Stewart did…[View]
115427079What are your thoughts on trolls?[View]
115422508That 70s Show: Guys, do you remember how pretty Donna was? And she was supposed to be the tomboy. AN…[View]
115425607Fucking hell, I thought you guys were just memeing about this shit. I should have listened.: https:/…[View]
115411550Why was it so shit[View]
115401552Could Hollywood make the Horus heresy?: Or would it need to be a TV show? I don't think TV budg…[View]
115423059Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show: The Simpsons fan fiction Singing Career: Frank Sinatra fan f…[View]
115426600>Jasmine is politically-minded and has a much bigger role than before >Jafar is Trump >Ala…[View]
115426826This is the greatest film ever made[View]
115425891They're going to retcon the books: DUDE...HE WAS JUST PALPS PUPPET lmao[View]
115426581thread about actress Juju Hill's career: 'Onions' and 'cuuck' are banned no-no words. Why isn…[View]
115423826Solo: Why do people pretend it was trash?[View]
115426006DID YOU CALL MOI A DIPSHIT?: >be Edward Furlong >hear Cameron is doing a 3rd Terminator movie …[View]
115425390Warcraft Movie: >Blizzard had the chance to make a movie about their most iconic character and br…[View]
115422501Little Jimmy Cameroon: Does anyone truly like anything he's done Sure..he's critically and…[View]
115423987>implying people would pay top dollar for a intergalactic cruise just to see some blue spacenigge…[View]
115426093Who would they cast in the live action film?[View]
115417869britbongs btfo[View]
115409817Why does everyone in Hollywood claim to be pro fat acceptance but they’re all rail thin themselves?[View]
115419638This sounds like an AMAZING movie![View]
115425938Bodaciously bold, Seymour![View]
115426160https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coJjo3NmAEI What movie scene(s) speak directly to you /tv/ ?[View]
115401956And Harrenhal, I suppose? That's off the table as well.[View]
115425613This woman is not attractive or talented.: She ruins Bull Durham.[View]
115426065Any good movies with this aesthetics? No cowboy stuff please. Documentaries would do too. Already fi…[View]
115425434post kino trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T77PDm3e1iE[View]
115425157What was his tax policy?[View]
115425524Did this actually happen in the film? What's the context?[View]
115425922>when you're shopping at home depot and they won't let you speak to the manager…[View]
115425962>creates the best fictional world of all time Psst....Nothing personnel G.R.R.M.…[View]
115425906What are your favorite European modish 70s / 80s youth (but of age) oriented movies in the vein of L…[View]
115425857Looking back: https://youtu.be/AdQ3JDLlmPI It was supposed to be so much more[View]
115419693Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115424846Which one of you bootlickers posted this on Riley's Instagram?[View]
115424986Is this day our king falls?[View]
115424352how does he still look so good?[View]
115424324How does /tv/ feel about the career of the esteemed thespian, Jussie Smollet? What is his best work?[View]
115424017Ren ...to the rangers Matthar....to the rangers Rancer...to the builders Balian...to the rangers Ano…[View]
115421603Post characters that are literally you[View]
115424654Counterpart: How come I saw lots of shilling for the first season but didn't see any threads fo…[View]
115424034YAS QUEEN!!: She really looks badass as fuck!!![View]
115422299ITT: only the best /tv/ youtubers.[View]
115424989ITT we post douchebags[View]
115425329Rick and Morty: What’s your favorite episode? Mine is pic related.[View]
115417004Why are red eyes synonymous with evil in film?: Who started this notion?[View]
115417942RT tackling review bombing by requiring users to verify ticket before rating: Checkmate, incels…[View]
115422774I never really knew who David Benioff was but now I do and I am just appalled that such a person exi…[View]
115425342Post Woll Smoth's grootost rols to colobrote hos torn os tho crooppy CGO Gonoo on Oloddon[View]
115425270Why is the Chimera Ant Saga still the best thing to ever air on television? Why haven't we topp…[View]
115425256Anon, what is this 'kino' you keep talking about?[View]
115421285Is Homer Badman the pinnacle? I watched all these episodes when they premiered in the 90s and this o…[View]
115422951Cast him[View]
115425774Doctor Manhattan > Everyone in D.C. universe Q from Star Trek > Doctor Manhattan Legion (God-t…[View]
115423994what are some essential mommy-core kino?[View]
115406683>Larson had a dysfunctional relationship with her father; she has recalled, 'As a kid I tried to …[View]
115424518Is this worth checking out?[View]
115424918will hollywood ever come out with a zyzz biopic?[View]
115424777Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115424930What are some kinos about corporotocracys from the far East taking over the entire global economy?[View]
115421454How are you supposed to watch this without a girl present? There is too much cute[View]
115419996Is it possible to survive it like Indy did?[View]
115417600/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Tёмнaя нoчь edition >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vRYwaJC5FY pre…[View]
115424881Sarah Connor?[View]
115420222ITT: shows or movies you will never watch[View]
115423128Could it just be a coincidence?[View]
115421360It's ogre. I really wish they did an actual batman tv show instead of doing a batman universe w…[View]
115422965Did they ever explain why they replaced Jeyne Westerling with Talisa Maegyr on the show?[View]
115423076So was he actually an asshole?[View]
115420043I don’t get it: Is David Lynch a hack?[View]
115424675Reminder that John Williams is STILL alive and STILL working.[View]
115424667Terminator 2019: Why does it feel like that this franchise is still stuck in the post 2010 cgi era s…[View]
115421158Unironically, still by far the best, most entertaining Godzilla movie ever made. And best song https…[View]
115413766/trek/: Picard Teaser Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3om4V_-Y0Q New teaser out, not much …[View]
115415613>Tell people to have sex >Never actually had sex myself…[View]
115424358Have non-divorced parents.[View]
115423686This is the one and only thing Chrissy did wrong during the entire series. He didn't deserve to…[View]
115424371Is Brendan actually 5 steps ahead of everyone? Yes, he's bad and shit at podcasting and comedy,…[View]
115423364Did she have any one of those emotional scenes? Like homer had like a lot of, were he had to prove t…[View]
115421051Endgame failed to meet expectations: OH NO NO NO[View]
115423699do British people really do this?[View]
115414129>There's no way it's going to suck[View]
115422179I know it's kinda of a dumb question but i'm gonna ask it anyway. Should i watch GOT ? I m…[View]
115423558>Ned will never be your husbando why live?[View]
115419739Why is 'homer the heretic' the comfiest simpsons episode bros?[View]
115421449 [View]
115424078Was Peyter the good guy? Baelish got Sansa back home to the North. The Red Wedding wasn't his f…[View]
115417448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hLowmoU5nU >Disney in charge of children's entertainment.…[View]
115422891Uh guys, I don’t even know what the endgame is anymore[View]
115423379who was your favorite member of the akatsuki?[View]
115420918Fleabag: I watched Fleabag after the Game of Thrones finale and it was like drinking a fine wine to …[View]
115420078X-Men in the MCU: How will Marvel Studio handle Cyclops? Will they keep him as the bitch boy from th…[View]
115422858Today is World Turtle Day: A day dedicated to educating people about the things that they can do to …[View]
115423915>shes muh quen >I dun wannit[View]
115423762Why is /tv/ infested with Reddit today? The new trailer looks great, Jim never lets us down[View]
115418791it's actual cape-kino: don't listen to Mommy Randolph.[View]
115420409is this really the worst toilet in Scotland?[View]
115420422Make Solo 2 Happen Day: It's #MakeSolo2Happen day on twitter Lets discuss this underrated gem. …[View]
115422122OHHH MY GAWD!!![View]
115414177Rotten Tomatoes revamps user score: incels btfo[View]
115412021*blocks your path*[View]
115423707Who's hyped?: Are any of my /tv/ bros gonna watch season 5 this year? I tried posting this thre…[View]
115421217/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #12 Charizard has entered the server editi…[View]
115423545The photos? Did you get them?: feel bad for Roy, he only wanted to remember the good times[View]
115423599Us.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >I mean, I peaked at 13 >Didn't we all? wtf you guy…[View]
115423098Kino documentaries about kinos. I'll start.[View]
115414416I did not understand this scene. Why did he kill the girl?[View]
115417304Is this peak television?[View]
115423367BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Incels and Review bombers BTFO https://variety.com/2019/digital/n…[View]
115422666Has Hollywood ran out of ideas? TV and vidya soon will crush the industry[View]
115421828>Watching children's channel with nephew >Suddenly, a big guy appears on screen What in t…[View]
115420271How does he do it?[View]
115423200Now that it's over, let's talk about just how brilliant the writing was in Game of Thrones…[View]
115415044Now that GOT is done... What am I supposed to be watching now? I have nothing...[View]
115421284MCU Ship Design BTFO Star Wars and Star Trek: Why are they so kino? Is the cosmic side of the mcu on…[View]
115422679she will turn dyke by the age 30 and blame men for her problems[View]
115419111/got/: danime[View]
115421513>right-wing film Youtuber >20 seconds of content stretched to 20 minute video of reading a new…[View]
115420273What was his fucking problem?[View]
115422631https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUAYBllb7tY How angry does this music video make you?[View]
115422895>Dr. Pavel, I'm MIA.[View]
115420574what am I in for?[View]
115422972>porn parody is better than the source material[View]
115422903Drive: Sequel when?[View]
115421536Ex- ddr kino. Was it propaganda? https://youtu.be/mIjSaHUKD5I[View]
115420791'Just like that, the rules of the Star Wars universe changed. It wasn’t all over when the Ewoks sang…[View]
115422452What did Vincent Gallo mean by this?[View]
115422521Thoughts on this actress?[View]
115422475Is it anime?[View]
115405587LOL She actually is his Mary Jane! How do you fuck up this bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt9L…[View]
115422091Was Hannibal's season 2 finale the epitome of kino?[View]
115418043Imagine getting your ass destroyed by his gigantic, circumcized, jew cock, and dripping his semen fr…[View]
115420335What was it’s message?[View]
115419908The great debate.[View]
115422153Work crew coming through.[View]
115421754>movie has a runtime measurable in hours[View]
115420216Robert De Niro more like Robert De Negro lol[View]
115419317Movie Length: What the heck is going on with the length of new movies? It used to be a movie was abo…[View]
115409052>Bruce it's me Barbara[View]
115419501>mc has a love interest[View]
115421880Shit Dawg this scary![View]
115421231Dude, I almost had you.[View]
115416034LOL RANDOM xD[View]
115421632>you just know[View]
115421239Who's hyped?: Will any of my /tv/ bros be watching love island season 5 this year? Would you ag…[View]
115418899Post adaptations that completely raped its source material: >The writer of Disney's 'A Wrink…[View]
115421455Terminator: umm...seriously[View]
115421393>yeah haha i loved the ending of game of thrones soo much, it was soooo so coool >i dont even …[View]
115421233the only reason i watched GOT was because Dany was part of it to be honest o have zero (0) interes i…[View]
115420991Good movies about current affairs?: Pic not related[View]
115418686How do you go from THIS to THIS ?[View]
115418113would he beat the manlet's ass if he were alive?[View]
115418187So with WoW classic in beta can we expect another attempt to bring it to the screen? The last movie …[View]
115411938>i reject your hypothesis: Fucking based. I'll never shit talk you again Tarantula[View]
115421053>we're not through[View]
115420875I can't anymore, /tv/[View]
115419378>George R. R. Martin passed away in his sleep Wednesday night at his home in Santa Fe How would y…[View]
115420941So did he die or what...?[View]
115411045Do I need to watch the original before I watch the new series?[View]
115419900When are these two fuckers gonna finally make my Blood Meridian adaptation? Seriously, fuck them[View]
115419268How do you go from this...[View]
115419605LOST Finale: Why is the LOST finale such a pleb filter? I'm not arguing against peoples right t…[View]
115418544>actors and actresses used to be considered prostitutes >now theyre worshipped What exactly ha…[View]
115419436why is this ugly dyke starring in so many movies all of a sudden?[View]
115420746Several times on this board I have seen references to this store that was on The Simpsons. Everyone …[View]
115420576I like downer endings. Fight me.[View]
115417362How far would you go to star in your own reality show?[View]
115420493Pacino & DeNiro: What went so terribly wrong for these two? DeNiro in particular lost it complet…[View]
115418991Now that the dust has settled: Is Trevor Noah a good host?[View]
115420470What would really subvert my expectations is to see a movie that doesn't try to subvert my expe…[View]
115413117burp: test[View]
115420461So, how long until she declares independence?[View]
115420327Is Johnny Drama the personification of this board?[View]
115420290> hold my hand with your glove of love What did he mean by this?[View]
115417333>The last word she spoke: 'Together' >The last word she heard: 'Always'…[View]
115419123*BUUUUUuUUuRRRrP*: What did Lenny mean by this?[View]
115418957Should he run Lucasfilm?[View]
115413278Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.[View]
115416500Which woman in WWE has the sexiest look?: I'd say Paige's leather jacket and combats. Hono…[View]
115419032600 lb life: Lets discuss last nights episode >Hero becomes the villain What absolute kino also w…[View]
115410345FUCK THIS SLAG: I re-watched the finale last night. Upon reflection, I still don't like it, but…[View]
115417241Choose your avenger waifu[View]
115418681>writing the entire plot of your movie around some cut scenes from the first in your trilogy Ep I…[View]
115420150/tv/ personified[View]
115419559OH NONONO[View]
115418344I honestly think that it's better than the first one. Maybe just a shade under Dream Warriors, …[View]
115420183Good Omens[View]
115400041Do you think Shelob was alright after Sauron and Mordor were defeated? I don't like to think of…[View]
115419176name my band[View]
115419891The ending left me wondering.. What's his tax policy? Are we gonna find out in the books?[View]
115419420/pants/ General: Partake in the Pantheon of Pants ITT[View]
115407308So let me get this straight. This kid kills innocent children, strangles his wife to death, and basi…[View]
115419972reg i gota tel you sum bout coral.. you know how he been how lori been you know reg i donno man i do…[View]
115419964>Darth Maul >Doesn't Maul anyone to death…[View]
115419082What went so horribly wrong with this? We could've had pure Raimi kino, instead we get utter sc…[View]
115416474Did she dodge the bullet?[View]
115412567What is your favourite book adaptation?[View]
115419824>Makes it socially okay to call mean people incels and manbabys Is this his greatest achievement …[View]
115418679/sg/ - Sneed general: Comfy edition The purpose of this general is to discuss sneed related things, …[View]
115411868>rhaegar a married man fell in love with a woman that is betrothed to another man >lyanna gets…[View]
115418954This is a future cult classic.[View]
115416688Solo easter egg in The Rise of Skywalker: Solo 2 confirmed! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA![View]
115419674Yup I've still got it[View]
115419354HAVE SEX KYLO[View]
115419490Triples. Get.[View]
115419488why did they ruin stannis?[View]
115419457Hug me, brothaaaa[View]
115386237Are you guys excited for batkino? https://youtu.be/vrIiPcv4_iY[View]
115419218Is this a female Superbad?[View]
115414316>Yeah religions and cults are the same >Also this drug I came into contact with gave me interd…[View]
115419252what are some movies about submission?[View]
115419140>Next time, baby[View]
115417836what was the moral here[View]
115417918Only reason why I’m seeing Godzilla in IMAX[View]
115412099WHat happened bros https://youtu.be/FOcdagXLvt8[View]
115415489/got/: Joffrey -edition >>115411944[View]
115416871134 days till JOKER /tv/[View]
115418383What are some Boomer vs Zoomer kinos?[View]
115418866Post your favorite openings! https://youtu.be/XFTcA4QLHw0 https://youtu.be/nlmeJyn0K-8 https://vime…[View]
115417556Welc0me to onions sch00l. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhBin-Ru82E[View]
115418895What was supposed to be the point of this episode? >blah blah blah tragedy will always follow But…[View]
115417932Terminator reboot with The Rock PLEASE: Why can't they just reboot this shit from the beginning…[View]
115418785Kinos about drinking problems?[View]
115416453This person is a friend of mine and I talk to him all the time. Any questions?[View]
115418805>he finally submits to the will of his army to go home >cuts through a fucking desert Imagine …[View]
115418750Kino? Kino.[View]
115418601what are some films about the KKK?[View]
115406300Dune Thread: What are /tv/'s expectations for Dune? Do you like the source material? Do you th…[View]
115388071Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?[View]
115417590What's the best film about a man with a death wish?[View]
115418419bro this terminator movie looks fucking terrible. you cant make a terminator movie without john conn…[View]
115416670They fucked it up on purpose so they could make a rewritten redux season when the books finish. It…[View]
115418424How can you guys hate D&D when they had the foreshadowing down perfectly?[View]
115413581Doing research for a d&d character, what are the best and most classic cowboy films? Westerns in…[View]
115417312>So how do you feel after shooting your final scenes?[View]
115418418Kinos for losing virginity: What are some kinos for that feeling when you finally lose your virginit…[View]
115403362>I grew up with eight brothers.[View]
115417303tfw I like John Wick now![View]
115418300/sopranos/ - Satriales Comfy Edition: https://youtu.be/OdR9sDI9K0g[View]
115417718CAST IT INTO THE FIRE[View]
115410571It didn't matter afterall: So D&D are telling me that these dumb fucks went to the most dan…[View]
115417491Why isn’t there a trailer yet?[View]
115415764*castizo futurism propaganda*[View]
115387593MAKE IT STOP[View]
115414798Name a film more deserving of a sequel[View]
115418157On today's show!: Anon's waifu says he cheated on her with a 3d piggu when he said he had …[View]
115416626>say it James >say you like women with healthy BMIs…[View]
115415842oh no nononononononononono: nooooononono[View]
115418094How can this scene be so gay and yet so manly?[View]
115418012What's the most Vino film ever made?[View]
115417569This is unironically the greatest superhero movie of our time.[View]
115417401you have never experienced pure kino unless you have ridden pic related on the hottest day of the su…[View]
115415553How do you go from this...[View]
115415497ANOTHER ONE https://youtu.be/4PofrJqEQv0[View]
115413742/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: DEM APPLES edition previous eps >>115407269[View]
115417777The absolute state of this movie poster[View]
115417686Make no mistake, this flick is garbage and Kasdan is a talentless hack.[View]
115417408How would Disney handle this character?[View]
115414712>gets denied sex >tries to curse Caesar What was her problem?…[View]
115417595I got this movie for free what should I expect?[View]
115407137Man, I just loved this series. Barry, Cousineau, Hank, even Sally. The best part for me is how Barr…[View]
115415850https://youtu.be/fmMvsAjCkog Is George Carlin the best comedian to ever live? He was not just funny,…[View]
115415674Characters who would have undoubtedly posted on 4chan[View]
115411597The Gifted: >tfw no season 3[View]
115416681>tfw late night shows will never be this good again I miss them.[View]
115408448Who would win? Dr. Manhattan or Genie[View]
115417359dont have sex[View]
115416907Only after reading the book, I realised he is supposed to be a brutal and cold hearted killer.[View]
115414048They actually did it: Buy through fandango to affect audience score percentage[View]
115417285>People like this guy so much they forget he's an enforcer for a dystopian genocidal organiz…[View]
115416097So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
115411361Was Monty Burns the best Simpsons character?[View]
115416811why are all you faggots so gay and retarded I hatw it I hate you kill yourself just sucks only good …[View]
115414788She should have kept that bottle she wore round her neck. Poor Aragorn.[View]
115416679now that the dust has settled... who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115406880Who hyped for this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deSUQ7mZfWk It actually looks insanely good plo…[View]
115417244Worst Ending Ever: What qualities of a good king does Bran even have? Charisma? Leadership? Morality…[View]
115415807>Arya Stark is ugl-[View]
115416695>Son of Flynn, come and breed me like a bitch woah[View]
115416635Hi, I'm Jordan Peele. You might remember me from such Twilight Zone episodes as 'men are rapist…[View]
115409826I can't take the constant degeneracy and brainwashing anymore. Recommend me some vintage, whole…[View]
115416706>Tywin dies in S04 >show goes to shit after S04 hmmmmmm…[View]
115409865What was his fuckign prblem?[View]
115395815Why did normies hate captain marvel?[View]
115416884Terminator has always had strong women[View]
115413368Would elephants have helped?[View]
115415815About to board another flight with the airline that has TDKR on the in flight movie list, any photo …[View]
115416440>implying you wouldn't[View]
115416717What does /tv/ think of Hammer horror films? What's your favorite Hammer film? Mine would eithe…[View]
115414233>tfw no autistic, cute, ruthless, qt but lonely queen gf who is in love with you…[View]
115410814It's time to downvote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyEX6u-Yhs[View]
115415680I finally saw Citizen Kane. The middle part was pretty boring, I recognized and appreciated all the …[View]
115415359Comedy Kinos: Not everyone can pull it off. What are some top tier comedy kinos out there? Pic relat…[View]
115414896/tv/ it's time you prove your worth. There's nothing wrong with enjoying something, but th…[View]
115416313ITT: Hidden Kino[View]
115415325>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Hess#Attempted_peace_mission cast it…[View]
115407969let's draw![View]
115416091He did it again lads: How did Jim manage to be so based?[View]
115415731yar moostach hairs is in violations[View]
115413525If chaos is a ladder then peace would be like an elevator right?[View]
1154160004channel its the same but different[View]
115415778 [View]
115414116You and he were buddies, weren't you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjOEcoMy2fI[View]
115411707>Tell me about the Targaryen girl in the east. And her dragons. Don't you think we ought to …[View]
115413924What will happen to the MCU now that the stones governing the vital aspects of reality are gone? Why…[View]
115413856Why didn't she: Why didn't Arya kill Grey Worm and then take his face?. She'd be able…[View]
115415140>“And blood-black nothingness began to spin, A system of cells interlinked within, Cells interlin…[View]
115410850/lbg/ letterboxers general: It's almost weekend that Tarankino's latest was shown in Canne…[View]
115415648>be me >tell my parents I'm enlisting >they're pretty upset, dad wants me in Har…[View]
115415692The Bravest Knight: Will you be watching?[View]
115415064Post the best romance kinos[View]
115415496What kinda movies do you reckon Chaka Khan watches?[View]
115409104>Comedy kino released THIS month >No threads about it…[View]
115412100/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #11 Bulbasaur edition Previous thread:…[View]
115411140what are the best gal gadot films?[View]
115415344Say hello to the cast for the GoT spin off, directed by a know feminist woman. How does this make yo…[View]
115412185You have made lava?[View]
115414465The Terror: why did they ruin what was otherwise kino with a gay cgi polar bear?[View]
115415316Post your favourite and explain why. >easy mode: from any movie/series Mine is Tormund, because h…[View]
115413713Movies about evil children[View]
115415303In the end, he was the best king[View]
115406264Cast them in a kino[View]
115414812What an amazing episode >Cop that fought cartels as a mexican police officer and gives the deets …[View]
115403646Just bought the Voyager box sets. Just breezed over the synopsis. This is going to be the best $220 …[View]
115412461Twelve days to go until Kino is dropped on the world.[View]
115415122what are some films about no collusion and no obstruction?[View]
115415097hmmmmm: I'm starting to think that watching more and more psychological and heavy stuff causes …[View]
115415098He said it.[View]
115415091The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
115410478Knock knock >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=591n8GKvyaY[View]
115408533Ever think it's weird that they've spent a quarter of a billion dollars making a TV show t…[View]
115414792What would you have done /tv/?[View]
115411944/got/ - Dany Season 7 edition: Old >>115408650[View]
115410307>this is the reaction of americans after a screening of the latest Tarantino flick >three minu…[View]
115415032great scott[View]
115414887>Tim Allen warned Tom Hanks about the emotional ending to Toy Story 4 before he read it Well t…[View]
115415002oh boy, another sequel that's 20 years too late and smells like death, I can't wait[View]
115414814Thoughts? I liked it, probably show of the year considering that Chernobyl flopped[View]
115414848>used to love Lilo and Stitch as a kid >Now I can't watch it without aggressively lusting…[View]
115413694seriously, a Lester movie would be dope. who could play the voice of Lester? Bruce Willis? he can na…[View]
115414841post your kinostation[View]
115414781Pic related[View]
115409732Nogizaka46/nogibingo!: What are /tv/s on nogibingo! and other variety shows? Kino or overdone?…[View]
115413862ITT: Movies with this feel?[View]
115414004I attempted to give this show a try and within the very first minute of the show there's an int…[View]
115372341>Call me Bran the Broken, uh? Tell everyone I can't father children, uh? Alright, Queen Sans…[View]
115414579What are some movies about this phenomenon?[View]
115401603Is Witcher really the next GoT?: Are the books as good as ASOIAF?[View]
115413145I'm putting together a team[View]
115414477>I don't know What did nickelodeon mean by this ?[View]
115414475is jesus camp the best kinomentary?[View]
115413055>race swap a character (Issac was always gay if you saw what he looked like in Curse of Darkness)…[View]
115411520Will Arthur, Family Guy or Simpsons be canceled first?[View]
115413984Your wallet and phone, give it to me, now.[View]
115407269/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: firefighters edition >>115349353 >>115349353[View]
115400350Is this movie any good?[View]
115411680>it will keel[View]
115407055What happened?![View]
115413783If I pull that off will you die[View]
115408843>ok so the alien attacks you >fine, I shoot it with a high powered rifle >nonono it has aci…[View]
115413314Post your Season 9 predictions here.[View]
115401895Who's Anthony Fantano of /tv/?[View]
115413887John Wick 3 or BRIGHTBURN?: What should I choose this weekend?[View]
115394995>Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Reach, Master of Coin and…[View]
115410204IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BFW2Q25PzA[View]
115407754Seriously, without memeing, what the fuck was his problem? Was it just depression or some sort of pe…[View]
115410468Imagine being hyped for LOTR not written by Tolkien[View]
115413866What a straight up rip-off of The Blair Witch Project.[View]
115412395I miss it already bros[View]
1154057882019 and nobody remembers this show anymore. save the cheerleader, save the world [View]
115388929What if... everyone in Westeros chose?[View]
115413786>I'm putting together a team for my dream[View]
115413750>last week was the last time you didn't deliver my parcel >i stayed home all day, i saw y…[View]
115411783SW? More like SJW: lmao[View]
115413664Finally incels will stop brigading the scores[View]
115413446Now that the /DUST/ has settled: Why did Maynard G. Krebbs hate work so much ?[View]
115413534>house Baratheon >they are all filled with wrath BARAVO RR…[View]
115411521Cripple children still suck.[View]
115413483ITT: Villains who got robbed by plot device: DA EAGLES [View]
115408765The first 3 episodes of JoJo are being being adapted to film under the simple title 'The Phantom Blo…[View]
115411591I want to see Batman riding a horse in a movie Is this wrong?[View]
115413448the greatest director of all time, the greatest musician of all time and the greatest inventor of al…[View]
115411745HOW? HOW?! how can they try so many times and not get even a small smidge of the old feeling of t1 o…[View]
115413213_______ ________ _________ _____ ______!?[View]
115409871The Avengers (anime) defeated Thanos in just two episodes with no casualties while The Avengers (liv…[View]
115411373>can see everything >knows naath is filled with flesh eating diseases >lets greyworm go any…[View]
115413188>have sex[View]
115408702Name my band guys.[View]
115413025Dany's baby is alive: >life for life >Mirri Maz Duur lied: Khal Drogo and Danaery's …[View]
115411724Why do people consider the Scully era of the Simpsons (late 1997 to 2001) to be part of Zombie Simps…[View]
115410634>made us wait for this flotsam why didn't they just tack on these last 6 to S7?…[View]
115409011Did David Lynch do this to her because she refused to act in Fire Walk With Me?[View]
115385151How would you adapt The Silmarillion?[View]
115412475What was her fucking problem? she was cute tho[View]
115410087134 days till Todd Phillips clown kino JOKER[View]
115410610Why do y’all hate Dany for doing exactly what she said she’s going to do?[View]
115412353is there any kino about modern ships?[View]
115411168>Chinese internet behemoth Tencent has boarded Skydance Media’s upcoming Terminator reboot as a g…[View]
115411898Literally underrated kino 2bh senpai[View]
115408567>80s sitcom opening >character looks up from whatever they're doing and smiles at the cam…[View]
115411623Lord Bronn is the Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount oLord Bronn is the Lord of Highgarden, Lord Par…[View]
115412462Did Meth Damon have the hots for Lydia? What were his plans for her?[View]
115410159>ITT: movies people only pretend to hate[View]
115411734That was kino, thank you for telling me about this /tv/[View]
115406920Bronn Schwartzwasser, Master of Coin[View]
115404424I've been catching up on The Walking Dead and Negan has just been introduced. What did /tv/ thi…[View]
115406106Homer get iPad[View]
115409558Cameron dissing Weinstein is probably my favorite moment in Entourage.[View]
115410418why didnt they just shoot the birds?[View]
115412135Hmmm.. Not a single cunny thread in sight. I find this board rather shallow and pedantic.[View]
115410441Will we ever get a film?[View]
115409679Look. 'Oprah Winfrey' (Harpo Winfried) is a man. 'Michael' Jackson is in 'purgat…[View]
115409749><$200 million away >hasn’t even been a month ABATAP ON SUICIDE WATCH…[View]
115408650/got/: Electrocardiogram -edition >>115405058[View]
115411905Cast the inevitable Booster Gold/Blue Beetle buddy comedy superhero movie (by Lord/Miller)[View]
115406031/tv/ sex faces thread Post sex faces[View]
115406071>Boomer Pitt looks better than 29 yo Margot Robbie. She is lying about her age, right?…[View]
115409781>Knocks the shit out of you BASED UWE BOLL[View]
115408679Anyone watched this?[View]
115410918>UK version >short but thoughtful mockumentary, brilliant realism supported by excellent actin…[View]
115411156>come on DeX. We're not even related[View]
115411579>Destroys your blade[View]
115411576Who are some other autist directors like Nicolas?[View]
115411075Can someone explain me what happened with Natalie Wood ? From what I picked up here and there Robert…[View]
115411531>Posts another Sonic thread[View]
115407076Sorry endgame, no WW record for you![View]
115407766Director's cut fucking when???[View]
115410930New trailer reaction out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ9JyQsZnqI[View]
115411319HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, look at this loser![View]
115409142Just borrowed these[View]
115408520Neaderthal kino[View]
115410896How many lives will be claimed by the sequels?[View]
115409711Post spoilers for films/shows which actually turned out to be true.[View]
115398692TERMINATOR: DARK FATE TRAILER DROPS AT 6AM PST PRE-GAME THREAD: >The new poster, and the tweet ad…[View]
115405962Haven't seen anything posted about this Is it kino?[View]
115405877Y A G[View]
115404524/RBMK/: Caviar&butter sandwich edition Previous thread: >>115399217[View]
115408707Ends with an independent North and the remaining six kingdoms ruled by a Stark: Why would any of the…[View]
115410282tormund gang[View]
115409906What are you hoping for/expecting? Explain why you guys think the cast is shit.[View]
115409895is danny brown, dare i say it, /ourguy/?[View]
115403945Is Godzilla being a fat fuck a metaphor for America?[View]
115409788Just before beginning of Season 1, wouldn't just installing him as Hand of the King instead of …[View]
115409185My Twisted World would make for an excellent black comedy: Particularly in the third act when Elliot…[View]
115409265>Ermy cucked this guy out of the drill instructor role >In the docu FilmWorker he still seems …[View]
115409689Thoughts on the Ocean's trilogy of heist flicks edited, directed or produced by Steven Soderber…[View]
115406894Henry Cavill rumored to be the Wolverine in the MCU: Sorry DC cucks, after Dwayne Johnson, it's…[View]
115409417who watched this cringy shit yesterday?[View]
115409621ITT: Hollywood/filmmaking pictures you like[View]
115405595What's the worst book-to-film adaptation you have ever watched?[View]
115408832*subvert your expectations*[View]
115407907Any Aussfags have good recommendations?: Mind you, I've already seen all the Kino Max movies…[View]
115409251>Back to back training/buildup montage of the protagonist and antagonist…[View]
115409267If the sith are meant to be ruthless backstabbing, self serving etc..., how come Dooku didn't i…[View]
115406215U got a fren in me: Are you excited for Toy Story 4, frens?[View]
115408267four days after the finale still depressed[View]
115396752NEW EPISODE OF THE BLACK ZONE IS OUT STARRING BANANA PEELE: >The.Twilight.Zone.2019.S01E09.720p.W…[View]
115393264ALITA: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #540 multiple Alitas edition Previous Thread:>>1…[View]
115406162>Danny dies immediately after she finally becomes an interesting character This is bad.…[View]
115406809Chinese kino: Does anyone know any chink kino?[View]
115408016why do americans like medieval fantasy when they had no middle age?[View]
115409024post a movie + your dick size >4.72[View]
115408310there is no spoon[View]
115402530This is the best film I've ever seen.[View]
115408360Yep, it's kino[View]
115408412Is it kino?[View]
115408688>probably going to have to put my dog down soon kinos for this feel?[View]
115403813>this hasn't been made into a miniseries yet how and why?[View]
115407563Opinion: What exactly does /tv/ hate about this movie? It was very watchable imo; 10/10 visuals and …[View]
115405206are we still waiting for our modern equivalent of 2001 a space odyssey? i feel like the only film to…[View]
115408735Rewatched the entire season in one sitting and episode 4 really was the only bad one. Season 5 is st…[View]
115408698Did James Cameron ghost direct Alita and has he been destroying his legacy over the last decade?[View]
115407899Did he really kill all these people?[View]
1154034662019...I am forgotten...[View]
115407513Who was the better Escobar?[View]
115407870How come super heroes are so strong in their comic version but so weak in the movies? Is it because …[View]
115405058/got/: Madness and stupidity -edition >>115399382[View]
115407950It’s actually insane how phenomenal this film is. The raid and the bell where some of my favorite mo…[View]
115407620Hershlag: What's her problem?[View]
115402533This is Nolan's worst, right? TDKR at least had memes[View]
115408125Did Tarantula intend to accurately portray Jews as bloodthirsty savages or was it just meant to be Z…[View]
115408464What's going on here?[View]
115407157Alexa, where is the nearest unemployment office[View]
115408442I love cliffhanger endings. Just like real life[View]
115388623What was his problem? seriously what makes a man become like that?[View]
115403947>all the mouse shills on this board trying to hide and pretend this score doesn't exist R-RE…[View]
115408357Scenes that were like an out of body experience[View]
115401807ITT: /tv/ fap fuel >the tits on dot >HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG…[View]
115408026*angelic choir* THE ....[View]
115408366damn it the DA is climbing up my ass[View]
115408359>women can't be action st- Woahs[View]
115407417How come they make live-action remakes instead of 3D animated remakes? I'm against cynical rema…[View]
115407994It’s official, Endgame is a flop.[View]
115406429>Watching nostalgic movie from the 90s >Filled with sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/fatph…[View]
1154018362019...I am forgotten[View]
115407496>Hah, your new Empire?[View]
115385915Us.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-EVO: >Us.2019.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-EVO >Us.2019.1080p.WEB-D…[View]
115403714This guy is the real villain of Game of Thrones and his arc is the most contemporary one. This guy i…[View]
115401054Is this show any good?[View]
115406846Proper TV series/movie when?[View]
115406580Am I the only one who thought this was Varys at first?[View]
115386358Cast her[View]
115407522Would you watch a Lum Invader adaptation?[View]
115407849Thanks for the Patreon money losers. We're NOT going to review the movies you want us to review…[View]
115401709Dagoth Ur: Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115406993where are the kids?[View]
115407707Has there ever been anything more kino shown on TV than The Shield's Cherrypoppers episode wher…[View]
115407798How the fuck is this so kino friends? Cao Cao, Liu Bei etc are just so fun to watch, and the fight s…[View]
115402225Do these people exhibit high IQ? Do they sound like geniuses? >A family comedy about a blue-colla…[View]
115407759>its an australian heroin trafficker escapes death row in thailand episode…[View]
115407648I will personally send a death threat to Disney and all of those normie millionares who let this hap…[View]
115404119Fargo>Sherlock also Fargo Thread[View]
115407640Friendly reminder that, if Varys never had hired Jorah, he would still be alive on the Golden Compan…[View]
115406479Couldn't they have simply left Superman with a mustache?[View]
115407335What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
115393025Burning: Just marathoned this Kino. Was it all in this guy's head? What happened?[View]
115407468Ok, just answer me this and I will rate it above 5 kinos on mubi: Why didnt Dany just take the Bran …[View]
115406419Alright, state your name and power.[View]
115396722Amazon are going to fuck it up, aren't they?[View]
115407178Girls jumping on trampolines[View]
115406247what age were you when you first realized you had outgrown this steamy pile of banalities with shitt…[View]
115407148>be me >tell my parents I'm enlisting >they're pretty upset, dad wants me in Har…[View]
115404193Why do they have such a large common fanbase?[View]
115405924Game of Thrones: Season 9: >Grey Worm and the unsullied die of Butterly Fever in Naath >Jon Sn…[View]
115405010What's the best new film you've seen this year anon?[View]
115395751>shot from Tarentinos new film Looks like footkino is back on the menu boys…[View]
115391074New Lindsey Ellis video already has a million views. What are your thoughts?[View]
115407146>the statistics speak clear jews are 1% of the colonies population but own 90% of the wealth at t…[View]
115407140Brian de Palma's Domino seems to come out on the 31st, but I've seen some people watching …[View]
115399382/got/ general: /got/ is not dead unless we shut our eyes edition prev: >>115388979[View]
115407064 The rape...[View]
115404963The original Friday the 13th is mediocre as fuck: One of my favorite slasher movies, the most famous…[View]
115401630What are movies that capture this phenomenon?[View]
115404330Any movies about white goods?: Picture unrelated[View]
115406094Literally Arnie's best work. >great story >Eliza Dusku >amazing action >Horse cha…[View]
115374968ALADDIN Live-Action/Cartoon Differences: - The narrator is explicitly the Genie. - Jafar meets Aladd…[View]
115404075Is she the best girl on television currently?[View]
115402949What is some good stop action kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22mm_bFq6mo[View]
115403489What did /tv/ think of Taylor Swift's recent performance on the television series The Voice? ht…[View]
115401316Literally impossible[View]
115403244THE ENDING OF ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.: In a rehash of Basterds and D…[View]
115404537Hey Homey, did you try the punch?[View]
115406810Why didn't Schultz just shake his hand?[View]
115406227Is she right?[View]
115398911Is there a single actor in the history of mankind that had a worse life than Keanu? His life sucks m…[View]
115402574What went right? And why was it Radha and Jodelle[View]
115406668If you believe. They put a man on a ledge.[View]
115405413Is he the biggest cuck on television?[View]
115396744The Winds of Winter - Summer 2020: >In the summer of 2020, Wellington is hosting the World Scienc…[View]
115405187Ruling is hard. RR Martin can say that Bran became king and reigned for a hundred years, and he was …[View]
115403740Has /tv/ had a chance to see Chloe Grace Moretz's new film yet?[View]
115405976>captain why do you want us to lock down the irish >because we must save the humans first Can…[View]
115406616Arya Stark is the best character of the 21st century[View]
115402553>women tell her to go burn everything down >every male characters tries to be rational and exp…[View]
115406252Does anyone else hate child actors? They always ruin the movie for me when they try to act funny or …[View]
115406552GoT last seasons writing worse than capeshit?: It caught my attention that some nerds on YouTube hav…[View]
115400945Anyone else think this was kind of shit? Why did he want to kill the candidate? I get killing the p…[View]
115406311Favorite Antoine Doinel film: What is your favorite of the Antoine Doinel films. I enjoyed each one.…[View]
115403443The problem with GoT is that it should have ended definitive... the ending wasn't really an end…[View]
115406407>tell me something tv >arent you tired shitposting in this stinking shithole >or do you nee…[View]
115399110Childhood Kino Films: Back when there were only had VHS & DVD around. What films were your favou…[View]
115404732*Born to play Jaffar*: *doesn't play Jaffar*[View]
115405998Is this the most emotional final shot of any film ever?[View]
115406269How has the public opinion on your favorite show changed /tv/ ? https://public.tableau.com/profile/…[View]
115401791Who is #5?[View]
115406131what did she mean by this?[View]
115404767Is she still in the basement?: Or did Bran free her?[View]
115406187>Dany throw t'chair into t'dragonfire >Destroy it! .... .... >'No'…[View]
115405902Arthas or Anakin Who did the heel turn better?[View]
115405954Chinese Movies: I enjoyed this. What are some other good recent chinese movies? >in b4 'zhang' 's…[View]
115406119You just know[View]
115404136>You cannot fuck the future, sir. The future fucks you. Are you excited for the movie, /tv/?…[View]
115403669Would it inflate Smaug's ego if he knew that people want to fuck him?[View]
115399104Fuck Newt and fuck Hicks. I liked it.[View]
115401670>his actual name is John Assanti What the fuck why would they change it for the show?…[View]
115401524>short hair >fat face >moles on body and generally terrible skin >psycho >most beauti…[View]
115405958Give me some good movies with actual convincing child actors. True Grit comes to mind, but i need so…[View]
115405776Some of y'all unironically PAY for this content? BWAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn…[View]
115398443When was the last time you went to the cinema, what kino did you watch, and who did you go with?[View]
115405359Ren ...to the rangers Matthar....to the rangers Rancer...to the builders Balian...to the rangers Ano…[View]
115403452New Star Wars pics[View]
115405008>22 movies >Made 21 billion dollars at box-office How do we stop them?…[View]
115402702Fuck D+D General - Jewish Nepotism Edition: We're about to hit 1.5 million signatures, lads. Le…[View]
115403913Interview kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-xCIstDBaI[View]
115403325>neither killed the Night King and ended the apocalypse >neither ended up the overall monarch …[View]
115404068How can he not be mentioned in this book? >A decisive factor in the battle against Stannis >Th…[View]
115404605>Go to the Helicopter![View]
115398288This movie was too unrealistic: Nobody can be a virgin that long. It isn’t hard to stop being a virg…[View]
115402862Jay and silent Bob: Man, I can't wait for the new Jay and silent Bob movie. I always enjoyed Ke…[View]
115404736is illuminati symbolism and stuff in /tv/ real or just a meme and people looking too deeply into not…[View]
115401526ITT: fanservice in Hollywood[View]
115401002What is this shot trying to convey?[View]
115401240What the fuck? https://youtu.be/JL-MiACXUCE[View]
115384525Leonardo DiCaprio is a predatory creep[View]
115398856Why didn’t he just create more resources?[View]
115398949Infinity War >>> Endgame. Anyone disagree?[View]
115392708Solo: Why do people pretend this movie is crap?[View]
115404714Will it get a TV series?[View]
115402784Best fims about bullying?[View]
115404203how is he so fucking good?[View]
115404003>every part of this movie that wasn’t Carlin or the two angels What the fuck was he thinking?…[View]
115404551>I need a name for this character >name it after Frodo's father BRAVO GURM…[View]
115395767Looks like mommykino is back on the menu bois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3L1qrisKFE[View]
115404480Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
115399059>What do you mean I can't burn our debts away?[View]
115403636*saves Hollywood*[View]
115403857How to save cinema: >Stop worshipping actors >Stop worshipping directors Great film = great sc…[View]
115403130What are some skinwalker kinos?[View]
115403682ITT: Things that happened[View]
115403338Amelie: What does it feel like to have a cute autistic gf like Amelie[View]
115402293What's the matter? It can't be the first time you touched a girl with your pp.[View]
115403981Miss me yet?[View]
115404147Can I Rape You Anally?[View]
115372771Is there anything you've ever watched that really made you uncomfortable or genuinely horrified…[View]
115404045I wish the GOT never came to me[View]
115398129What do you think is happening in black guy's head?[View]
115387874I would love to be this guy pre #metoo.[View]
115403699i just farted[View]
115402521Is it kino?[View]
115402929Hannibal series: >Red Dragon, 2 movies + TV show >Hannibal, 1 movie + TV show >Rising, 1 mo…[View]
115401370>what could possiby posses a cute little elefant to say the n-word? well /tv/…[View]
115402872Now that the dust has settled, who was the best Snow?[View]
115400665arthouse: ARTHOUSE[View]
115399217/RBMK/Chernobyl/Kinobyl/: this nigga networks edition >>115392932 >>115392932[View]
115401995Why did it blow up?[View]
115403546what is your favourite redemption arc in film and television?[View]
115400871kingdom of heaven: is the director's cut really THAT good? Only watched the original[View]
115401909Isaac Kappy is my favorite actor[View]
115392124>You will never be as cool as Keanu Is there even a fucking point to go on living, Anons?…[View]
115378502/fantasy/: post your setting and plot for the next HBO multi season fantasy series I want a milf kni…[View]
115401133What will become of Jon Snow?[View]
115403029>Uncle, have sex Huh?[View]
115403138Is this the new 'what's going on here'?[View]
115403279>Like, man I can't believe those darks killed Fred, zoinks[View]
115402063Why are so many remakes and live actions of old shitty movies coming out[View]
115389180Why don’t fa/tv/irgins become filmmakers?: >go on /mu/ >people want to be musicians, make musi…[View]
115403146>tis but a scratch[View]
115403097>it's a Diaochan episode[View]
115402966GOOD MORNING CHEERIOS: https://youtu.be/kzXNdLVZs3k[View]
115402571Movies for this feel?[View]
115391773Why didn't they just make Gendry King?[View]
115401028What films out there have attempted to recreate the pulp fiction cover aesthetic? Off the top of my …[View]
115402886>its a Bean pretends he has a gun at a US Airport episode[View]
115402852What exactly does a writing team do as opposed to a director. Which of TLJ's subverted expectat…[View]
115401513>what if frodo went to assassin school, teleported behind sauron, and nothing personnelled him?? …[View]
115399344>that guy who references a french or russian movie when asked what his favourite movie is >tha…[View]
115402319>new season inc Did the fandom/internet kill this show or will it still be as big as it used to b…[View]
115368269what's the most realistic film gunfight?[View]
115400020>have second date with girl >go to sneak preview for the lulz >think it could be cute >c…[View]
115402635arthouse capeshit[View]
115400298Detective Pikachu: So did he fuck her?[View]
115399122>representation doesn't matter >spergs out when the main character isn't a chubby in…[View]
115401600Why does /tv/ hate him now? Fuck you caveman dwellers he's based[View]
115400618cast him[View]
115401463He’s never going to finish. The TV ending is canon[View]
115402526If you are asked by an SJW what is your favourite female director, name Leni Riefenstahl.[View]
115399603Hol up white boy, tell me your top 5 tv series of i shoot your cracka ass.[View]
115401973What films besides The Assassination of Jesse James invokes these type of Western feels[View]
115402473>Copying everything Drew Goddard did but making it black Bravo Peel![View]
115397279tfw accidentally used the term 'kino' IRL[View]
115399879Why do people hate this?[View]
115401047ITT: Missteps in shows you otherwise liked[View]
115401808>'Sesame Street' has introduced a new Muppet with the aim of highlighting the stories and unique …[View]
115401340what did I think about this?[View]
115402146More gotg vol 3 leaks: >story is set 4 months after the events of endgame. >Thor still fat. …[View]
115401211Where was he taking Buster? And why did they need a video camera?[View]
115402049Was it autism?[View]
115393378Lost In Translation: Does /tv/ really think this is kino? Scarlett Johansson has a great ass. Was Co…[View]
115400917Is Mister Lonely the best film ever made?[View]
115401910ITT: pleb filters[View]
115399812Holy shit the trailer looks fantastic. Riley Stearns is back. Support /ourguy/ at the theatres pleas…[View]
115400561I keep hearing Bollywood is huge, but I've never seen any films. What are some Bollywood kinos?[View]
115398840Geoffrey Rush awarded almost $2.9 million after defamation win https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/austra…[View]
115392962why is everything about gay sex now?[View]
115397464Brightburn thread: I just watched an early showing of Brightburn at the theater where I work. Before…[View]
115397273Why was John Wick so rude to the iron chef? He was nicer to the other master assassins in the other …[View]
115401601*ruins fantasy in your path*[View]
115401489>Arthur's creator I think we stumbled onto something lads...[View]
115398141>Game of Thrones threads are slowing down[View]
1154015332019... I am forgotten: 1 > 2 > 3 Now that the dust has settled, I think we can all agree on t…[View]
115400109#RELEASETHESNYDERCUT Project Comic Con: Why haven't you donated to Project Comic Con #RELEASETH…[View]
115400352What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
115390574>No movie Will Smith has been in scored 70% or more on Rotten Tomatoes since 1998 How come critic…[View]
115399605Does this stand up to his other stuff like Flight of the Conchords or What We Do In The Shadows?[View]
115400430Recommend me more movies about abusive mothers.[View]
115401290Ocean's 11 (1960) discussion thread: This is the best Ocean's film, change my mind Also wh…[View]
115398691Youtube Kino: https://youtu.be/Ia6ODTFfyr8[View]
115401252Holy shit Force Awakens is shit[View]
115400719>Don't tell anyone. What?[View]
115401111Literally a poor mans The Raid but Keanu can't fight.[View]
115388922Entourage has portrayed Harvey Weinstein as fucking insane around 2005. Why did it take so long to s…[View]
115396886Why are (((critiques))), normalfags and kike scumbags bashing it? I thought it was kino[View]
115382115THIS IS KATANA![View]
115396917>'Keanu is based' >he would be a c-grade actor known only for Speed and Point Break if it were…[View]
115401022Should Rick have given him the boost?[View]
115400033Slavshit: What are some good movies made by Slavs?[View]
115390425>muh identity >muh drinking >muh smoking is this really what boomers consider a masterpi…[View]
115400543Incels with incels, interlinked.[View]
115399757Which Marvel movie is the best and why is it Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2??[View]
115400803Better Fuel Huel would be a great spinoff from BCS[View]
115400773Hey guys lets have a good old fashioned chart thread! As you can see, i am quite the enlightened cin…[View]
115400731Thoughts on her upcoming nude scene?[View]
115376782IT'S HAPPENING[View]
115398772What movies do girls enjoy watching?[View]
115400653>Minister of Coal, you shall wed and bed the Tula miners, securing a strong alliance between the …[View]
115396486What should the sequel be about?[View]
115399192I liked the ending of Game of Thrones.[View]
115400485>the only interesting movie with relatable dialogues and stories I watched in years after all tha…[View]
115400477MUSIC IS MY LIFE: *blocks your sweety ass path*[View]
115398024>I've been watching GoT since the first episode 9 years ago >i quite enjoyed it for the …[View]
115399350What are Louie Theroux Essential Kinos? I've only really seen clips of his stuff and I really e…[View]
115399999Did anyone find that tarantula at the end of The Enemy kind of... sexy? Look at that thick butt.[View]
115398988Who are the best Australian actors? Why are they so much better than Americans?[View]
115399631this isn't my world..[View]
115390796>remake is better than the original >nostalgiafags will swear it’s really not…[View]
115386310Canada had really great stuff on TV in the 90s/2000s.[View]
115399998Itt: dumb movies[View]
115400018Why were the Predators such jobbers in this one?[View]
115399787What the fuck was his problem?[View]
115399033Gondor calls for financial aid![View]
115399643This was just medieval Gossip Girl or The OC, why was no major character a commoner? All of them wer…[View]
115395329/ecg/ - Emilia Clarke General - thicc edition: Previous thread: >>115390283 >Emilia Clarke …[View]
115393406Uncle, lol, please shit down and have sex.[View]
115399819>watch japanese movie >'itadagimas' isn't translated in the subtitles…[View]
115397660>A girl will never look at you like this[View]
115385984>muh clitoris >muh stinky vagina >muh fat pregnant belly why does this pass for comedy in a…[View]
115399622I just got caught up and finished the last season of Game of Thrones bros. I can't believe what…[View]
115396866Name (1) movie where the Chad is depicted to be a nice person, but he isn't the protagonist.[View]
115398355No young Sheev kino?[View]
115364243>Angry Video Game Nerd recommends Godzilla vs King Ghidorah >it's garbage Are there any…[View]
115395582Hello I'm the nostalgia critic. I remember it so you don't have to.[View]
115396548Arthur Creator 'Disappointed' After Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Gay Wedding E…[View]
115397791>watch a series backwards from the last episode to the first so I can piece together the plot lik…[View]
115399101Who is your favorite warrior poet character?[View]
115395779This is Bran and Sansa, they are dirty schemers who used Dany and Jon as tools to become rulers of t…[View]
115396910Just picked up Kevin Nash's 'The Manor' for 99 cents. What am I in for?[View]
115398711ITT: Shows with good endings: I'll start[View]
115392053mfw basement dwelling incels are now experts of writing a $100 TV production.[View]
115392932/RBMK/ - Chernobyl: No American saboteur allowed Edition Previously on HBO's Chernobyl : >…[View]
115398375Could dune have succeeded if David Lynch was allowed more creative control?[View]
115399395Game of Thrones - /got/: >>115388979[View]
115395426Game of Thrones' finale officially worse than Lost's: IMDb ratings for finale episodes; Br…[View]
115396265I don't get it. What did it mean by this?[View]
115399090>What do I think of the new Spider-Man films? Actually pretty good. One thing they could change t…[View]
115398317Okay, who took my Ding Dongs?[View]
115398888Never seen this discussed...: Showed this to my girlfriend for the first time. I dig it, it has a bi…[View]
115392967Was this kino?[View]
115397788Seinfeld without Laugh Track: https://youtu.be/zZjJIYy2q8Y Based or Cringe breakdown?[View]
115392651Oh god I just remembered this happened[View]
115398574What did he mean by this?[View]
115398878Janitor Appreciation Thread: Who are your favorite movie janitors?[View]
115398703What was his tax policy?[View]
115397589what's /tv/'s opinion of this film?[View]
115398853When does this get good?[View]
115398634And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set u…[View]
115385729if only Qyburn had invented a way to stop a dragon from evading ballista projectiles...[View]
115397239Which horror movie has the best ending and why is it pic related?[View]
115394410Hi /tv/ - Television & Film! I'm from Reddit, the /r/movies subreddit more specifically. Re…[View]
115393651Is this good horror? Should I check it out?[View]
115398079Alexanderposters... good Alexanderposters. Who better than you to come to my thread, the most noble …[View]
115394912THE CHAD LAD DID IT AGAIN!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jwelGsxEss&t=0s Absurdly based!…[View]
115396640ALL HAIL THE NEW NIGHT KING: Is it not obvious that Jon Snow is to be transformed by the Kids of the…[View]
115393327Who are the most deceptive characters in television and film?[View]
115393185Sequel Trilogy Was Planned From The Start: OHNONONO LUKE BROS WE ARE IN CHARGE HERE[View]
115390294pure coincidences thread[View]
115391813>Here's your new MDE World Peace, bro.[View]
115396484why the FUCK did they think this was a good idea[View]
115394776>Female terminator OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
115396720Was there ever an episode where the detective was the murderer?[View]
115392981Star Trek: Picard Uniforms: Thoughts? They just look like the Voyager/early DS9 uniforms to me.…[View]
115393150where do you plan to be in 2049?[View]
115398166I have a thick thatch of asshole hair and shit that forms a protective net around my asshole to prev…[View]
115397811What is the most realistic and naturalistic movie ever made?[View]
115394197I watched 'the Rock' the day before yesterday: It was kino lads. Say what you want about M…[View]
115396764Give me your opinion /tv/. Is Mr. Brooks really a bad film?[View]
115396798Do you own any action figures? We won't judge.[View]
115396604>BBC's Tonight with vladimir putin Is it gonna be kino?[View]
115397694Pure, raw, unfiltered kino.[View]
115388979Game of Thrones - /got/: Airing some things out edition Last thread >>115383169[View]
115370378/Pikachu/: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu General Discussion #10 Oh shit edition Previous thread: >…[View]
115397956Power Rangers thread: It's time travel via giant robot punch. >Top 3 seasons? In Space, Tim…[View]
115397068What is the drum and bass of Kinoma? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0mke7vSB3Y Feel free to post d…[View]
115397936What will she do to the handmaidens as revenge for what ofglen did?[View]
115397711Post subtle racial stereotyping from otherwise innocent media Side note, how did they get away with …[View]
115395986just saw a movie,AMA[View]
115397158>you are my queen[View]
115392346would you take it?[View]
115395708You are going to watch and support Sandy's show right /tv/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A35RW…[View]
115397666What are some movies about socially awkward boys that grow up to be lonely, depressed men?[View]
115396894Both 'The Shield' and 'Soa' were shit.: I tend to zone out when I watch shows. S…[View]
115395063What was Sheev's motivation? No, destroy the jedi and create an evil empire are not motivations…[View]
115395880Is he the next George Carlin? It's like he's saying exactly what's on everyone's…[View]
115397512GoT Nostalgie: I'm watching old GoT scenes and it's fucking saddening how shit the show ha…[View]
115397057Was this kino?[View]
115393077what was that one website that has alleged posts from celebs about other celebs? someone posted it h…[View]
115397048Why won't the /tv/ jannies do their fucking job and clean this up?[View]
115397121I saw another anon make this very interesting post about Interstellar, and I thought I'd share …[View]
115393751/tv/ where do I start with Andrei Tarkovsky? I already seen Andrei Rublev and it was magice and edif…[View]
115397225When was it mentioned that Bran can’t father children? Did he freeze his balls of? Yeah, he’s a volc…[View]
115391985Actually good television from the last 6 months?: > go to metacritic > see fleabag 96%, catast…[View]
115397049Fuck Emilia Clarke and Danyfags. Fuck that garbage ass character and her obese ass. Pic related is …[View]
115397072Bruh Moments: What are some classic bruh moments in television and film?[View]
115397093Danny did nothing wrong: >Oh no Danny you killed all these dirty, lying, cheating, whoring, murde…[View]
115396089YOU AIN'T NEVER HAD A NI[View]
115395379>In Asshai they believe that Casterly Rock is all made of solid gold >In Yi Ti they believe th…[View]
115396902Holy shit,this is crazy! I'm a 28 year old man! I think I should be able to eat a chicken sandw…[View]
115396842Hi anons, I'm an aspiring Hollywood regisseur; aside from adding black bars for more cinematic …[View]
115383612Is Yamcha /Our Guy/?: He's a single, middle aged man who lives alone in a shitty rundown apartm…[View]
115396762What was his fucking problem?[View]
115396783> Sophie Turners career will die after game of th- Oh sweeties. She’s an unbelievably smart talen…[View]
115394773what went wrong bros? i actually enjoy fighter and the kid :([View]
115396046Did anyone see this? Is it good?[View]
115396214Let's see who's our new neighbors....[View]
115396514Will his movie be good, lads?[View]
115396183Why did nobody shoot her in the face, even when they were about to be fucked by her minions? Especia…[View]
1153965392019... I am forgotten...[View]
115393424Who would you cast as Batgirl?[View]
115396531ITT: Movies like this[View]
115380949Why didn't anyone tell me about this?[View]
115396397Why haven't you watched The Young Pope yet, anon?[View]
115396369Paris kino?[View]
115396082Hey Homey! Looks like we’re boat-buddies, huh? Want me to zinc yer sniffer?[View]
115382425>northern city >doesnt have pointed roofs so the snow slides off >the snow would accumulate…[View]
115390283/ecg/ - Emilia Clarke General - 1939 edition: Why is she so cute?[View]
115391325What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?[View]
115396142So im almost 2 months into whats looking to be a long stretch of NEETdom (possibly multiple years, l…[View]
115394415How? How can fire undo stone?[View]
115395827*looks at screen* >*AHEM* >FUCK NI- [freeze frame] >credits start rolling up DON'T YOU…[View]
115395889>RedditLetterMedia >CinemaSins[View]
115395365What are some good documentaries about NEETs?[View]
115395893So Internet Explorer blacks out screenshots from Netflix, while other browsers like Chrome don'…[View]
115392925What is the ABBA of television & films?[View]
115360616What's your favorite Spanish-language movie?[View]
115395378Brendan Schaub's whole thing is he isn't really cool or as edgy or 'bad' or into drugs or …[View]
115395764What's that? Alita: Battle Angel made only 404 million? That was only the first stage, for I ha…[View]
115394973>film from 2008 >'all i wanna do is BANG BANG BANG BANG' starts playing…[View]
115374965Any films that give you this feel?[View]
115395274Kinvara the Red Priestess: >Drogon last seen headed East with Daenery's corpse >Red Pries…[View]
115395715Letterboxd Thread: Let's see those top films/recent likes anons[View]
115390517What did he mean by this?[View]
115385753One would think he nose better by now[View]
115386611What a waste. I want to see her gets bleached by big white Westerosi.[View]
115391031Just finished enjoying Spartacus, about to start Vikings. What am I in for bros?[View]
115395522>gf's gone to work >now i can finally wank to depraved porn What kino should I have on mu…[View]
115375667What is /tv/'s equivalent of this?[View]
115395302Change my mind: ep5 (2nd half) > ep6 > ep2 > ep1 > > > ep5 (1st half) > ep4 …[View]
115395475What are your thoughts on trolls?[View]
115392278But it was her tun. I want to see fantasy Jamal and Muhammad breed with Westeros girls.[View]
115391869Having GOT withdrawal so my friend suggested I watch the LOTR movies, they said it was really good. …[View]
115395076>it's jake from state farm[View]
115392359The other two are erased from history forever. For Aliens, Alien and all alien movies get erased fo…[View]
115394517Now this is kino cinematography[View]
115390232Do you know what the most dangerous thing in America is?[View]
1153939382019....Iam forgotten[View]
115391379What in her career suggests she is capable of directing a movie adaptation of the New Gods? It seems…[View]
115394059Can spoilers ruin a movie?[View]
115392882/RBMK/ -Chernobyl General: Core-chan edition >>115386530 Previous thread[View]
115394745I watched Leon the Professional, The Orphan, Lolita 1997, Lamb, Moonrise Kingdom, Innocence, Hanna, …[View]
115386808Was this the best moment in cìnëma in the last decade?[View]
115394984Who the fuck is this guy?: Do Italians really like to watch their daughters get blacked on tv?…[View]
115393638Why don't they make more movies about elderly people being tortured?[View]
115393873Now that GoT is over and everyone hates it, I can watch it.[View]
115388488Cuckcifer: Lucifer is, without a doubt, the most bluepilled show I've seen. Granted - I do not …[View]
115394283>Me in my buddy are leaving town[View]
115377775Game of Thrones PREQUEL Plot Details, Cast, and Female Director Revealed: >Taking place thousands…[View]
115390777McNulty! My office![View]
115388933> Sophie Turners career will die after game of th- Oh sweeties. She’s an unbelievably smart talen…[View]
115394509Good Omens[View]
115387452SICARIO BTFO: Rogan had a real soldier from the Mexican drug wars on his show and he says that the S…[View]
115392671We’re all gonna make it.[View]
115394384>>115394284 >tfw the timer dings on the kike pizza oven[View]
115394135Homer Thread: Describe your favorite episode of The Simpsons without mentioning ANY other character …[View]
115390529Why did he cast so few spells? He's a wizard, isn't he?[View]
115394228When is the next matanarrative re alignment method coming along? The latest somewhat succesful 'revo…[View]
115394140MTV VJ Paul Shore's father just passed away: He also lost his mother, best friend and sister in…[View]
115389970>That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you? What did Raimi mean by this???…[View]
115384451Holy based[View]
115381644How did Captain Marvel outgross Wonder Woman by $200m when Wonder Woman is a far more iconic charact…[View]
115375725ok. so who of you did this?[View]
115388896All in the Family & Jeffersons Remake: Anyone watch this? It was trash. Now lets make a real cas…[View]
115389292Shame on you for picking on a working woman, /tv/![View]
115392097I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
115391911Any good movies featuring river barges?[View]
115394093Book banning: This was a very interesting read. I don't think /pol/ are right about some grand …[View]
115389226Was it animal abuse?[View]
115380052How would YOU console her after based James metaphorically raped her on live television?[View]
115394022Movies like this?[View]
115394016Find a flaw.[View]
115393458listening to the cars, drinking a craft brew, legitimate wept at this post, now need to watch leon[View]
115389025why is there so many jews in this movie[View]
115392662Remember when I let that escaped lunatic in the house because he was dressed as Santa Claus? Well, Y…[View]
115385674There was literally no reason for him not to sell the potions.[View]
115391401Robert De Niro son cast in new Star Wars trilogy: https://www.starwars.com/news/game-of-thrones-crea…[View]
115393581Name a better reason for signing the fucking petition[View]
115393685>my name is Natasha Leggero and I converted to Judaism, because nobody wanted to cast me... erhm,…[View]
115389024/tv/core: This is /tv/core. What else should I add?[View]
115384854/trek/: True Love edition old thread >>115357029[View]
115383141Any other kinos with this feel?[View]
115378146/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #539 White Wedding Edition Previous Thread: >>…[View]
115388688>6 feature films, including a Tarantino kino, plus a miniseries Is 2019 the breakout year for /ou…[View]
115369316Would My Twisted World make a good movie?[View]
115363237This film is to far fetched: As if anyone is a virgin after 18. I mean come on.[View]
115385126600 POUND LIFE GENERAL (Repeat Edition): 600 POUND LIFE GENERAL (Repeat Edition) Repeats airing now …[View]
115389186Why does everyone pay attention to this bar in particular?[View]
115392623>movie about a chick rock band is the purest kino of 2019[View]
115392779>...and then I forced it up her asshole[View]
115381175No woman will ever love you this much[View]
115389616Are danish people really that evil?[View]
115390740We lost the Entwives.[View]
115392673Wait /tv/, you told me Gone With the Wind was the highest grossing movie adjusted[View]
115392410Classic Thread: Classic Paul Dano Thread[View]
115386530/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: Last thread >>115379620[View]
115391273What are some kino classics that could be fixed or improved upon with creative after editing? I…[View]
115390096>Didn't need no welfare state ?[View]
115385548Connie did nothing wrong[View]
115391994KLAATU BARADA NNI...[View]
115393859I just think they're neat![View]
115381951now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
115386589How was he NOT a parasite? He literally made them flashback the first time, to the Hulk musical.[View]
115391622Kinda has a point...[View]
115391423pieces of shit /tv/ tricked you into watching[View]
115370475{Gets close to the mic} >There's a lot of shit that we didn't know about but we're…[View]
115391745Beanie Feldstein: What's up with Beanie Feldstein? I mean seriously, what's going on with…[View]
115391484Would the leisure suit larry series, or any other point and click adventure, make for a good movie o…[View]
115391489I got the results of the test back...[View]
115391614Was it out of character for him to rat out Varys?[View]
115391555How come no one told me: Elvis's oldest granddaughter was such a babe? All this TV media focus …[View]
115391482You absolute faggots have got this extremely wrong. This is a pseudo-surreal piece of dialogue on Ba…[View]
115389204COBRA KAI COBRA KAI COBRA KAI!!!!: God peyton list is so hot.[View]
115391251Good old Vista™, people are giving it a bad press but i'm never upgrading -- why would i? It ju…[View]
115389005/got/ STANNIS edition[View]
115384023Gay characters?! REEEEEEEE!![View]
115390109YER MAH KWEEN[View]
115389350Will Aladdin (2019) be this generation's Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)? And I …[View]
115390945>that dive What were they thinking? It explains why the Matrix brothers are both mental ill faggo…[View]
115391195>WE KILLED HIM BECAUSE DREAMERS ARE AN EXHAUSTING KIND OF PEOPLE >No nevermind that, just writ…[View]
115352440H-how does she know?[View]
115387842Why doesn't this still air in syndication?[View]
115391044soul vs soulless[View]
115387752I will give you a million dollars, if you can explain how you would have fixed Harry Potter's e…[View]
115391014What the fuck is wrong with LucasFilm? Do they actively hate their fans? >Lucasfilm: 'Hey you lik…[View]
115390919Tonight With Vladimir Putin: You are going to watch it, TV, aren't you?[View]
115389127is this the worst thing to ever happen to television and film?[View]
115390912Brendan Fraser UNJUSTED! brings a smile to my face seeing him happy >https://youtu.be/l_Iokd4avAM…[View]
115390559What do we make of what Howard has become?[View]
115390490>2.40:1 aspect ratio makes a movie more cinematic[View]
115390619Red leader standing by.[View]
115386708Will she have a career after GoT? I sure hope so.[View]
115389709Is Primetime tv still a thing?: Anyone remember that little icon in the upper left corner at the beg…[View]
115388426>be Canuck visiting America >go see Avengers: Endgame while I'm there because IMAX is rar…[View]
115389567Why doesnt anyone love raymond anymore?[View]
115387377What's his best film?[View]
115390040What’s next for her career?[View]
115344152You can only post ITT if /yourguy/ still has a chance in the books[View]
115390341What are some movies about true beauty?[View]
115390236>will somebody get this waking carpet... Do you think she had to go to Rebel Alliance sensitivity…[View]
115390123honestly what did Lucas mean here?[View]
115387319Can we have a nice Aliens discussion thread? I know it's fashionable these days to shit on it, …[View]
115390237Aladdin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyE06SozNaU >Grace loves it Confirmed dogshit…[View]
115382942Best soundtrack thread.[View]
115389724Pure kinofuel, how you finding season 3 anons?[View]
115389919What would be your top pics for kino women movies, /tv/?[View]
115335555Supernatural: meme edition[View]
115388719B A S E D[View]
115390111any other action kino like big trouble little china?[View]
115390069Women don't know how to make act...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXiWz0yLLdE[View]
115385361Darth Maul cameo: Did you clap?[View]
115378035Why are Spears so horribly underrated in TV and film when they're so obviously the superior mel…[View]
115383741Was it kino?[View]
115385731ITT,Characters who deserved a happy ending: Pic very much related[View]
115389910Thoughts on the 1990's THE FLASH 'movie' trilogy?[View]
115373893Dany is for ____[View]
115388011why didnt they have a formal meeting and discuss his economic policies?[View]
115389252Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?: I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked th…[View]
115386870American Honey: White people live like THAT?[View]
115381311>It's another 'Truman hasn't had anything to drink in a week and thinks he might cave i…[View]
115389625Leave TV kino to me[View]
115389672now now janny don't be angry like that no pain no gain, you're working for your salary[View]
115389639have my yikes, my cringes and my ews[View]
115389287The FIRST ORDER reigns What did he mean by this?[View]
115386742>Capeshit and Game of Thrones spam >/pol/-bait >Thinly veiled off-topic threads >Stale r…[View]
115386799What are the best movies to watch while stoned?[View]
115387399>Help! The human is about to escape. >Get your paws off me, you dirty nigger! How did they get…[View]
115386843>does nothing wrong >ultimate fate the most horrific of all the kids…[View]
115386432Did they fug?[View]
115385283SOCK PUPPETS[View]
115387928Do spoilers ruin a movie for you?[View]
115384173Why do you guys hate capeshit movies?[View]
115389117Anyone else find their interest in Game of Thrones universe revitalized now that the show's ove…[View]
115387287Spiderman FFH promo pic[View]
115388029*grits teeth*[View]
115381509Wait what? Woody and Aunt ToMay?[View]
115389139>william my boy[View]
115381681mama... MAMA!!!!!!!! >'It’s hard to talk to someone who wasn’t there. It’s not just the memories.…[View]
115388966>Accuse someone of being a roastie >I'm actually a sexually promiscuous young woman…[View]
115388941Honestly, this episode wasn't that bad. I don't see the problem. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
115386417True Detective: Details about True Crime that are True Kino >Watching this billboard fade…[View]
115388895Greta: wtf was her problem?[View]
115388874>it's not personal John, I'm just here to ruin your entire movie…[View]
115388177>Some catch that Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Brave.[View]
115384944/Celeb/ - General!: > Favorite Actors, Actresses & Pornstars? > Dead or retired Actors/Act…[View]
115386887brightburn: >roastie says ew because he is about to bump into her in this trust exercise >brea…[View]
115386955I just watched this movie. Ask me anything[View]
115380447>Game of Thrones takes place in the Warhammer 40K Universe Thoughts?[View]
115387231This is Westeros if Dany a.k.a sjw queen wins[View]
115388232>waking three times in the night to piss into a bowl Did Robert have diabetes?…[View]
115388292Endgame Thanos: To me, Thanos in Endgame (the 2014 version)was just like any kind of cliche villain …[View]
115385882Dany never should have trusted a manlet[View]
115388308Prior to Captain Marvel, strong female characters never existed in film...[View]
115388472I was not prepared for these feels.[View]
115388465This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film study class.[View]
115383009*saves star wars*[View]
115388022John Wick Chapter 4 wishlist/ideas: >using PTRS as a pole, affixing bayonet to it >killing som…[View]
115383169/got/: HOUNDED.COM edition most recent atuism: >>115377621[View]
115380336Kinos with this feel?[View]
115384715Thoughts and opinions on NY degenerate/filmmaker Abel Ferrara?[View]
115385691What did he really see? USOs?[View]
115387259He killed millions[View]
115387921https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWS0GVOQPs0 Remember kiddos. If you want people to be more considera…[View]
115387039Nanette: Is she the best modern comedian next to Patton Oswalt?[View]
115387314Predict the RT score 67%[View]
115381407So after watching Rome hbo, I looked up Romes history and why the fuck doesnt everyone hate the ulti…[View]
115384136This will never happen to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3L1qrisKFE[View]
115387812>waiting for janny's bed time to start seeing the good threads pop up he's still up up …[View]
115385963DARK PHOENIX 'Space Rescue' Clip: Quicksilver still mogging everyone else, I see. https://www.youtub…[View]
115387726>you callin me a rat? thats ridiculous, stupid even. listen here you fat wop sack of shit. i…[View]
115387687Was he the first Hothead?[View]
115385191Were women in the right here?[View]
115370991Passthepopcorn and cinematik invite request. I have 100 MB/s connection 3 trackers with very good r…[View]
115387527Thoughts on this largely forgotten and oddly ignored absolute kino?[View]
115385075Name a more uplifting, soul reaffirming, tear inducing kino than this[View]
115384718>bend the knee anon pledge loyalty to the blue collar kingdom and take the S.W.E.A.T oath…[View]
115385814This is a strange promotional material for Marvel haha[View]
115383891Who is your favorite cute and talented actor or actress? What kinos have they made so far in their c…[View]
115386923First Look At Disney’s Live-Action LADY & THE TRAMP: But why?[View]
115383898Non-red countries confirmed 3rd world countries.[View]
115382670What the fuck was her problem?[View]
115386380How did Frasier get so many attractive women[View]
115386914I like spaghetti[View]
115383834/advanced/: Thread for those who've been watching cinema seriously for 5+ years and have advanc…[View]
115384752Shitty Live-Action Berserk Adaptation: Here's the only living candidate for Guts. Who else take…[View]
115376994Netflix's Ghost in the Shell: any chance it will be good /tv/?[View]
115386712>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wpFdkg2tP0 I'm gonna be honest, this is definitely /ourguy…[View]
115386699I will give him a red... smile[View]
115386592Why can I not find the alternate ending to Training Day anywhere? It was only ever on a VHS copy I h…[View]
115385665Was this peak Pawnkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2own7V_iENU[View]
115385055let me tell you something joe rogan back in 1982 I picked up this whore working the corner by joey…[View]
115366232Quentin Tarantino is left FURIOUS after being quizzed over Margot Robbie's lack of lines: https…[View]
115377184What happened to the babies?[View]
115386213After GOT collapsing to shit I can only look back to LOTR and appreciate the crap out of Peter Jacks…[View]
115386326Post your Letterboxd account, let anons rate your film tastes and call you a fag.[View]
115385160>She turned us into FUCKING KILLERS![View]
115386063Not if I can help it.[View]
115373559>”I could’ve offered you the world” >”The world is not enough…” Lowkey a great line and very f…[View]
115372423Currently watching this. 40 mins left. I am watching but WHAT exactly am I watching here? I don…[View]
115379778Holy shit, they made a film about incels?[View]
115385675Would you be down with a John Wick spinoff starring Halle Berry's character Sofia? What would y…[View]
115382834Could you see him as Norman Osborn or Jonah Jameson?[View]
115379620/RBMK/ - Chernobyl: Why isn't anybody making a new thread edition Last thread >>115371199…[View]
115377953What is his tax policy?[View]
115357029/trek/: >It's a lewd Dr Crusher episode[View]
115379780>When you run out of kinos to watch and resorting to normie shitters[View]
115385463>main protagonist is ultimate chad I hate that trope[View]
115382182>Hugh. Stan. We have a problem. Why did the Tom Hanks character say this in the 'Apollo 13' movie…[View]
115385503ey my cousin says you know good movies homes, whatchu want to watch foo?[View]
115385489Remember when Ross broke Joey's fridge? What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
115385010>You probably don't even hear it when it happens, right?[View]
115383254What did I think of it?[View]
115384707>Be Edmure Tully >Brother to sansa's beloved mother >You were loyal to this girls brot…[View]
115380095Why is prequel Obi-Wan more iconic even though the movies he was in sucked[View]
115385174Can we please discuss his movies and do you guys think he'll ever be involved with another film…[View]
115384471What went wrong?[View]
115381099What’s Ramsay’s best show?[View]
115384983What're some of her other body of work /tv/?[View]
115383810/tv/ told me Stannis was still alive. Why did you lie to me?[View]
115377228/quinton general/: For me guys. Its quinton reviews[View]
115365249why is this movie so good?[View]
115384481Making of Kino: >Hello, I'm Jimmy Shithead, director of the show you've just watched. W…[View]
115373146>I think everyone should be allowed to vote![View]
115383419Muh Cobra Kai!!!: Reminder that there have been more Cobra (1986) threads than Cobra Kai threads ove…[View]
115384650image unironically posting images of little children every single day in hopes that somebody with ch…[View]
115383548I broke my boy.: I broke my boy.[View]
115380777So did this thing grow up into an adult white walker or was it a permanent baby white walker, or did…[View]
115370693Let's say that both Rohan and Gondor are defeated (Saruman wins at Helm's Deep, Sauron sto…[View]
115383993Can someone please help me out? I watched this movie as a tween that I fondly remember but I can…[View]
115383628IM SCHMART![View]
115382707Sansa I need to potty again[View]
115381657Why aren't you watching the best del Toro, with peak Mira Sorvino as a bonus?[View]
115384410>you now realize that Bran orchestrated the Kings Landing massacre, so that Jon would be exiled a…[View]
115382352BABY RUUUUTH[View]
115383905>200 words chinese slowdown essay due in two days >can't stop refreshing the catalog…[View]
115384340Anyone seen it yet? It's out on Amazon.[View]
115380085Have sex. Now.[View]
115381980Was it kino?[View]
115383327Recently finished Preacher and a couple of HBO shows. I am feeling a distinct lack of kino. Please s…[View]
115382672Is Optimus Prime right-wing?[View]
115379594Chernobyl: SAVE THE MINERS[View]
115383071Look. 'Oprah Winfrey' (Harpo Winfried) is a man. 'Michael' Jackson is in 'purgat…[View]
115382662>Theon Stark, known as the Hungry Wolf, was a King in the North and head of House Stark.Theon Gre…[View]
115381464I’m a few episodes in. When does it get good?[View]
115380232Why do those old episodes hold up so well?[View]
115382631Another Game of Thrones general? Get that ass banned.[View]
115383950Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115384002*cuts your foot off*[View]
115380897what we do in the shadows: New episode soon you ready for it anon?[View]
115377958wagies of /tv/: Just wanted to say thanks for sticking around, it must be difficult dealing with all…[View]
115378589Hereditary: How could a movie be so insanely boring during the first hour and a half and then become…[View]
115383537>Maggoty bread[View]
115383256Chad Stahelski: >ex-stuntman >director of John Wick >chad aesthetic >literally called Ch…[View]
115375121manlet mania: are manlets naturally better at acting?[View]
115383653You may not like it, but this is what PEAK King Perfection looks like.[View]
115383622Was it good?[View]
115377329Twin Peaks: Why is Twin Peaks considered kino? >Literally a soap opera >Overly melodramatic, e…[View]
115381713DON'T WANNA DREAM NO MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
115383404;_; >tfw you will never go to degrassi high >growing and learning along the way >making f…[View]
115381268why did his character in 'the office' feel so out of place, but fits really well in 'sillicon valley…[View]
115382980Do you have high hopes for the Irishman?[View]
115379713ITT: post an album and people post a film equivalent[View]
115378241Does anybody actually think this monkey stands a chance against a God?[View]
115380567Why doesn't /tv/ talk about Homeland? Are you afraid of the Saul pill? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
115383056hahahahahhsahaahahha omg fucking loooooooooooooool ahhhhhhhhhahahahahah man what the fuuuck haha oh …[View]
115377621/got/ - Aegon edition: ye olde >>115373423[View]
115382876Reminder MCU faggots Jean Grey in X3 started the dusting meme before Infinity War.[View]
115382764ITT: Ultimate Pleb filters[View]
115382907>get stabbed by wood ferries in the heart for no real reason and turn you to the monster that you…[View]
115380554>Standing outside of a 7/11 at 1 am smoking a cigarette before getting into my car >Manlet nig…[View]
115381399It wasn't supposed to be a documentary...[View]
115382687How do you guys feel seeing Early Zoomers having childhood nostalgia for the 'downfall into shit era…[View]
115372589>I'm always gonna be that guy dude[View]
115368519c'mon white boi, dem 3 wishes[View]
115379285Avatar 2 Avatar 3 Avatar 4 Ney ney ney ney[View]
115382375ITT: Scenes men are allowed to cry at[View]
115379189Is Aidan Gillen a good actor?[View]
115381454Does Frasier hold up for the whole series?[View]
115374547What treats do you sneak into a movie theater?[View]
115379520Comfy-kino: Hello, comfyposter from yesterday here. Give me some of your go-to comfy movies. It dont…[View]
115372118It's only been a few years, but what the fuck man. It feels wrong to even call this television.…[View]
115382261how to fix the ending: >daenerys starts burning the city down >she's going full mad and d…[View]
115381873Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC: idiots report in[View]
115382117Loqueesha: Kino of 2019 What did everyone think of it?[View]
115374726Was it kino? There's only one episode left.[View]
115380779It's hard to imagine this episode actually aired in 2000. The animation is quite superb for tha…[View]
115380652This movie came out during the summer of 1992.[View]
115378584Anyone else getting tired of this incel and 'have sex' posting? It had some impact and humour at the…[View]
115381943WWII kinos[View]
115377743characters like quagmire are going extinct[View]
115381925How do I get into filmmaking as a random nobody with a useless degree and zero filmmaking experience…[View]
115380486Do you think it would have been as good as it was if Nicolas Cage would have done it, like planned? …[View]
115381904Alan Boyce: Does the former and obscure actor Alan Boyce still frequent this place? Saw some of his …[View]
115381820>go to kinoplex >MC falls in love with a roastie whore >walk out why are love interests so …[View]
115371971I saw this the other day and thought it sucked. Do I have shit taste or does everyone else?[View]
115376716YWN be 8 years old and see her for the first time again.[View]
115379382>Captain, there's still time to avoid the iceberg! Turn! Make the order! >... No.…[View]
115374006/TAR/: /sur/ /bb/ /vic/[View]
115376857Godzilla: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxxR72fnear/?igshid=1awo53qikku57 You down?[View]
115370846>four john wick movies >only one accountant movie where is the goddamn justice in this world?…[View]
115380972>big bang theory had a better finale than game of thones A P O L O G I Z E…[View]
115380966>An adult white male keeping watch over a website for Japanese children's cartoons for no mo…[View]
115381079Any films for this feel?[View]
115371178lol 2 women[View]
115375000Why does /tv/ hate 'The Mouse' ?[View]
115379060600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL #5 (new Assantikino): 600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL - Assantikino BR…[View]
115378882>mfw when someone talks to me about game of thrones[View]
115379408Fuck this guy[View]
115379249Why is there so much nudity on HBO?[View]
115379083I enjoyed this. Did you?[View]
115378308I'll have what SHE'S having![View]
115374673It’s out now here in New Zealand. Anyone going for it?[View]
115378287Hey, /tv/! So I decided to finally watch GOT this week, and I just binged season 1! Holy crap! This …[View]
115375505Classic Paul Dano[View]
115379376Was it #litty and fun?[View]
115357736>less than 400M >Couldn't even beat Alita Explain me what the fuck happened…[View]
115380740ITT: we act like is 2011: So I just saw this new America Guy film, was it kino?[View]
115380001my fictional heroes are ................................[View]
115379870Will it be this generation's Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)? And I mean this in…[View]
115380720What do niggers think about GOT?[View]
115369333Actors Who Were Almost In GAME OF THRONES: Did we miss out? >Iain Glen originally auditioned to p…[View]
115380665You're the most desired man in the Seven Kingdoms, yet these are the only two women you'll…[View]
115379695Eli is a damn good looking man[View]
115359675Reminder that this is what The Iron Throne is meant to be.[View]
115379197Narcos: Mexico: I thought it was pretty damn good. Kiki was a bit weak like Murphy but the Narcos m…[View]
115380360hey lois I need 28 thousand dolllars im gonna open my own sushi restaurant[View]
115376644Someone was hoping this to happen in the final episode and I found it HILARIOUS in hindsight: ROFL…[View]
115380171Why did no one show up to Tommy's Made Man Induction ceremony?[View]
115374870ITT: Movies that couldn't be made today.[View]
115376799did boomers actually think this was real?[View]
115369938Who would had won if they 1 vs 1 after Dany's death?[View]
115378224why is nobody talking about this kino? >goth gf >hitler >an actually funny comedy…[View]
115354790Terminator kino is black on the menu[View]
115371531Was the Battle of the Bastards an accurate depiction of Medieval Warfare? Like alright put the giant…[View]
115380288Greatest movie concept artist ever?[View]
115371947Is this worth watching, or is it (((Hollywood))) shitting on the Catholic Church?[View]
115376616Would you take a seat if he read your chat logs /tv/?[View]
115350631Nolan kino is back on the menue, boys[View]
115378439>points out the JQ >makes fun of minorities >makes fun of women Seriously, how was this sho…[View]
115380002Anything with death to wojak & pepe feel?: Well?[View]
115378810why does Disney hate Tron?[View]
115380242Was Tony a weeb?[View]
115350931Anyone got a box of crayons?[View]
115375820The Jeffersons and All in the Family Crossover Episode Reboot: Are you guys watching the reboot righ…[View]
115380030Why did they show rastafari in such a bad light /tv/?[View]
115380101/tv/ what is the most beautiful scene in television?[View]
115380016/tv/ approved mafia kinos?[View]
115377771If Bran warged into another man and impregnated a woman, would that count as Bran fathering a child?…[View]
115379701Bro for life[View]
115377610post kinos that men will never understand[View]
115369870Highest grossing films without China profits: >B-but Avatar only made #1 because of China! They a…[View]
115379283>rejects your hypotheses[View]
115377007How did Seth get away with this?[View]
115379683Why was this Asian guy still an obese teen in high school 5 years later?[View]
115378770So is this getting a sequel or what?[View]
115376693For /tv/ is dark and full of incels[View]
115379738I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonet…[View]
115378193Who's the next big villain in the MCU?[View]
115379070The Art of Self Defense: Official trailer for the new film by Riley Stearns. https://youtu.be/7Bms6…[View]
115379247Would Bran consider Jon being anally gangbanged beautiful, or would does his fetish only extend to g…[View]
115376479why did you do it anon?[View]
115378671Any other kinos with this 'I hate my wageslave life and want to murder my boss' feel? please don…[View]
115379263what the fuck was her problem?[View]
115378566This is the only ending you get. You will never get the ending you want or deserve. The books will n…[View]
115379133600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL #5 (Assanti episode vol 4): 600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL - Thread #…[View]
115376327Why did they struggle to find general Greivous when they had his flagship parked right there? Couldn…[View]
115379101God this movie is so beautiful, has anyone else here seen it?[View]
115377285600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL #4 (new Assantikino): 600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL - Assantikino BR…[View]
115378909how big of a retard do you have to be to ever think she was gonna sit on the throne ever? also, peop…[View]
115365319>You now realise the battle to save the universe took place in fucking upstate new york…[View]
115378542hey guys my name is.... whatever looking for this movie where there's like this guy with slit t…[View]
115378764>couldn't count to 20[View]
115375838This is an allegory for cocaine right?[View]
115378750>mid 2000s kino >PARTY LIKE A ROCK >PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR…[View]
115378745Yes, you are right, Crateros.[View]
115378677>tfw the Night King was killed with his dagger[View]
115377926What am I in for?[View]
115378381Is it true that pre-2010 Hollywood was full of dark, perverted behavior, and that all the current pr…[View]
115373214We've had nothing but Faggoty GoT threads FOR THREE STINKIN' DAYS[View]
115378555What are some actors that could manage to carry entire movies by their own not being protagonists th…[View]
115376878>ruin GOT >ruin Star Wars They can't keep getting away with this!…[View]
115378476Will we ever get good capeshit like Logan again? Why don't more superhero movies go for simple …[View]
1153783413x3 thread? 3x3 thread.[View]
115378264what's a good movie i can watch on netflix TONIGHT? >inb4 the vvitch, i'm watching it r…[View]
115374851so do they install a ramp or....?[View]
115358993Movies resembling Berserk: Post them.[View]
115375551What is going through Cameron's head right now?[View]
115378309please buy our blu rays and action figures we have a lot of these[View]
115378011Was this the most based character on Game of Thrones?[View]
115377265Any new upcoming films you're looking forward to?[View]
115375180Who Fears Death: George RR Martins new HBO show[View]
115377903Why couldn't he have lived longer bros....[View]
115370971Ok, why did he betrayed the Starks?[View]
115377885Make your own successful franchise[View]
115374100Chink Kinos: i have some bucks to spare on some Blu Rays, please recomend some chink Kinos like pic …[View]
115366105ITT: If an actors in it you’ll watch it[View]
115373440Why does he make millennial sogeneration angry?[View]
115354494name 1 good french movie[View]
115377508Was it a power play?[View]
115377539Why the hell she never talked to Daenerys or Tyrion? Even Sansa had a dialogue with Dany at least, w…[View]
115375945>'Anon, I'm going to kill you tomorrow. The crowd will love me for it and it will cement my …[View]
115377381Any kinos with this feel?[View]
115376454Cast the 10 part mini series based on this.[View]
115374313K I N O[View]
115371199/RBMK/ - Chernobyl/Kinobyl: Patriarchy Smashes YOU - second edition[View]
115352138/ALITA/: Alita: Battle Angel General Discussion #538 Previous Thread: >>115328805[View]
115371912I might go mad with fear out there, so Todd, I want you to shoot Daddy if he tries to get back in.[View]
115375362I used to think that me not being able to find a female partner was a comedy, but now I realize it…[View]
115372655BBC announces chat show hosted by Vladimir Putin: >Tonight With Vladimir Putin is a semi-scripted…[View]
115370982#RELEASETHESNYDERCUT Project Comic Con: Why haven't you donated to Project Comic Con #RELEASETH…[View]
115374482Why didn't she just sell him her gold claims? Dumb bitch killed a lot of people for nothing.[View]
115377070Why woman get so much buthurt when they don't get what they whant?[View]
115372981truly an symbolism and it really make you think[View]
115377061This movie could have been so good, but they went full Hollywood instead. Why don't directors g…[View]
115374278Here's some images from the new Dark Crystal. Looks pretty well-done, desu.[View]
115373671Dany jokes are not funny.: I totally realize most people are going to disagree with me here but I fe…[View]
115375589>Leave Avengers: Endgame to me[View]
115371608GAME OF THRONES Original Pitch By GRRM: Would it have been better than what we got? >Three books.…[View]
115373768Movies only you've seen thread.[View]
115373423/got/: When someone tells me the books aren't coming out edition: >>115369872[View]
115371367what's the verdict?[View]
115376189Hellboy movies: Are they worth a watch?[View]
115372361>Bran is the immortal, all-seeing god-queen of Westeros. >Sansa is the smartest woman in Weste…[View]
115375272Do you ever put on your Fortnite hat before watching movies?[View]
115369884BIG BAD HARV: Can we please discuss BIG BAD HARV and his movies?[View]
115376657Post Non-Hollywood Horror Kinos: I'll start[View]
115375921/band of brothers general/ three miles up edition start rewatching now or your weekend pass is revok…[View]
115374481So basically the Knights of Ren are going to fight the Ewoks, who are now tribal African looking peo…[View]
115375956Any movies with this feel?[View]
115376408films where the love interest dies at the end[View]
115372511Ben Affleck annoyed at the mention of BATMAN: >https://youtu.be/6Q2m4xvak3A What went wrong?…[View]
115376497All In The Family & The Jeffersons (Live): Anyone watching this crap?[View]
115376163Movies only you have seen: post em[View]
115373760the absolute state of capeshit[View]
115372276>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3qrhhMCJlI Scenes that men are allowed to cry at…[View]
115359060She was torturing people to death as early as season 1. Anyone who thinks that her 'turn' came out o…[View]
115375718it's coming.: .[View]
115339562Let's try this again. Post scenes from television shows or movies that made you feel funny in y…[View]
115372258what are sum movies that'll make me feel empty after finishing them?[View]
115372076lets predict how much this flop is going to make my guess is 300m worldwide at max[View]
115362821> Go to watch movie about a kid murdering people > kid starts murdering people > get offend…[View]
115376092>its a scully gets extremely jealous episode[View]
115373956This is a Man: Have you seen this Man?[View]
115375991What are some movies with the feeling of this image? High society, aristocracy, period/historical dr…[View]
115373325Why do you think I came all this way?[View]
115375796excited for Swamp Kino /tv/?[View]
115375722Single musket ball. Size of a cherry.[View]
115374084600 POUND LIFE FATKINO GENERAL #2 (ASSANTI BROS new episode!!!!!): 600 POUND LIFE FAT KINO GENERAL -…[View]
115371109 [View]
115374795>*leans into mic* >So you have no job, no education, no girlfriend and you live with your pare…[View]
115375064I get that there was a finale, but how many fucking threads do you retards need? Not a rhetorical qu…[View]
115373300ITT: We act like it's 2010: Not gonna lie, I kinda expected this after Spider-Man 3. What can w…[View]
115371320Just finished watching pic related. What the hell was that ending?[View]
115373117ITT: movies with rich people doing evil shit[View]
115375156ITT: Ron Perlman kino: What are his top 5 movies?[View]
115375281How come this show gets consistently stellar (no pun intended) reviews yet I never hear about it?[View]
115375213>cracks jokes about soviet machines >takes your smokes >tells you when they'll start …[View]
115373042>Weeoo weeeeeooo weeeeoo[View]
115374755>every guy she met who was 6 foot and above had unwavering love and loyalty towards her >the m…[View]
115375161All it takes is one good capeshit to finally recognize Todd Phillips as the kino auteur he always wa…[View]
115371545Has it been topped yet?[View]
115375110>Henceforth you shall be known as King Bran 'The Virgin'[View]
115374199>making an autistic cripple your king Literal what?[View]
115373813Is this worth watching?[View]
115374469What did David Fincher mean by this?[View]
115374319What was the point of Steve Buscemi's character in Con Air? Was it just like a joke that the gu…[View]
115370261>oh my god House MD is the best tv show in history! >oh my god Game of Thrones is the best tv …[View]
115373083135 days till JOKER /tv/[View]
115348511>GoT after season 8[View]
115371645I don't get it[View]
115373039Cast an American Revolution black comedy around Danny Devito as Benjamin Franklin.[View]
115373907/tar/ - Amazing Race General: best team edition[View]
115374079'Tenet': That is the name of my next film. What do you think?[View]
115372372https://youtu.be/-qIlCo9yqpY >It's another fucking human mind inside an ai episode…[View]
115374066What are some film remakes that are better than the original?[View]
115374061who would you cast in a remake /tv/?[View]
115372264Last night my gf and I watched this film about 'urban' style teenagers who play basketball and were …[View]
115373623The Last Kino: Swear fealty to King Alfred of Wessex, and there shall be more talk of wealth and rew…[View]
115373860fuck jannies: https://youtu.be/4zdUh-7kMzo MFW wrestling made do with Star Wars better than Disney d…[View]
115373357Godzilla: King of the Monsters: No godzilla kotm thread??[View]
115373677Why aren't there more treasure hunt movies?[View]
115366644Any other examples of Burgerkino? Is this how Americans outside of cities live?[View]
115363357You have (10) seconds to name (1) movie non sexually related at all: Rules: >No kids movies >1…[View]
115373573Half of the population vanished: Nothing has changed except some faggots doing group therapy[View]
115368565How? How can fire undo stone?[View]
115373564>We're going to Spain >Always arrive during the running of the Bulls…[View]
115371506Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELeMaP8EPAA >some girl show…[View]
115371838>shows intro theme starts playing during the show[View]
115373432What the hell is wrong with women?[View]
115363259Try posting a more kino suit of armor you can’t[View]
115369872/got/: nikolaj coster-waldau edition >>115366278[View]
115371776Would a TV show about Ciri after the events of Blood and Wine be a good show?[View]
115372961s8 ep7: The Return of Stannis: Okay wasn't expecting a bonus episode. The title is a little bit…[View]
115373092Why Do Melee Battles Happen In Science Fiction?[View]
115371419Name a more badass female character[View]
115372219Holy shit this was the greatest movie I've ever seen. I love how it connects the first movie wh…[View]
115342690YO LIL DONNIE: >Hellboy actor Ron Perlman is pictured kissing his younger StartUp co-star Allison…[View]
115364206Was this shot accidental?[View]
115372324*blocks your path*[View]
115371475Hol' up[View]
115371646Wasp>scarlet waifu>Pepper>natasha>captain marvel>gamora>mantis>nebula>>…[View]
115370071damn hermione looks like THAT?[View]
115370318>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2jSrbiTjhs >there are FIVE (5) Game of Thrones spinoffs curr…[View]
115372760John Wick 3: Just saw this. >tfw a man says you beat all his students even though you really lost…[View]
115370587ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jwelGsxEss[View]
115372797>go to see John Wick 3 in theater >three different trailers for 'John Wick but it's a wom…[View]
115369008he deserved more screen time aaaaaaaaa[View]
115369782Here's your Captain America, goy. Tick tock, James Bond.[View]
115372722ngl i really miss dis nigga[View]
115372685Is Mister Lonely the best film ever made?[View]
115369658>DADDY I LOVE HIM[View]
115371724Aladdin: I expected complete shit but it's only about 30% shit. Mostly it's bearable and k…[View]
115371378the predator 2018: what a piece of shit, what a stupid fucking movie >predator crashes on earth t…[View]
115364157What is the most realistic depiction of vampires in a movie?[View]
115367714What was he thinking at this moment?[View]
115372508Why is Zak so based?[View]
115372454Is Trevor a good replacement?: The ratings say no but that's just because everything is online …[View]
115371473Does /tv/ like Danny Phantom?[View]
115370859HE'S BACK[View]
115368838watch black mirror[View]
115372284The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs renewed for a new season: Thoughts? https://screenrant.com/exc…[View]
115370131Ohh those evil white people[View]
115367862Happy birthday Dark Universe!: Today it's the 2nd anniversary of Dark Universe. Share your thou…[View]
115368130I don't understand.[View]
115371623Morticia, you do that shit again and I'll backhand you into next week[View]
115370438Why is every single rapist a white male I have seen all 20 seasons and can only name 1 black perp[View]
115371978I’m Dora The Explorer, now look at my body[View]
115372021Your favorite directors[View]
115371181Where the fuck are all the gay bar webm of the finale?[View]
115368847Was it a disappointment?[View]
115343312Bong Joon Ho's movie Parasite is being called the best movie at Cannes so far this year. Can…[View]
115371802any good joints lately? last one i saw was probably ant man vs wasp[View]
115371663The one and only queen..[View]
115371801kinos for this feel[View]
115370247> character can’t speak English > the other characters continue to ask them questions…[View]
115371335These guys just destroyed Maisie Williams: I didnt know /tv/ was mainstream https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
115365930OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: Has Marvel run out of ideas?[View]
115365865>Tonight, you will be making curved swords from twisted steel columns from the World Trade Center…[View]
115370291GOT IS ABOUT THE SJW AGENDA 2030: Do you know why so many people are shocked and confused, and disap…[View]
115368553Is disney going to back off? What could they say to defend this choice now?[View]
115371422What are some kinos from other boards?: >>>/fit/50889809 https://vocaroo.com/i/s0O9LHjlgntz…[View]
115370937Why don't short film Oscar winners have better careers?: You'd think winning an Oscar for …[View]
115371196Series: Looking for a good new series. Series i like Sopranos The wire The office (us is best) Break…[View]
115368822AYE TONE[View]
115371341>C'mon kids. We gotta gather around and react to the latest movie trailer or else our patreo…[View]
115371338AP Bio: This show any good? Looks like Community with le sunny man.[View]
115371325The Master Plan of Brank Stark: And that explains why he sends the crows flying[View]
115365672We always blame kikes for the current state of Television & Film, but shouldn't we blame an…[View]
115360782What's /tv/'s opinion on pic related? I've never seen any threads about her. I don…[View]
115370869Is it worth it to buy the whole set?[View]
115371167Anyone else like to watch old COPS seasons?[View]
115371066CALL IN THE DAY SHIFT[View]
115370997Here's a tame one: Name one thing your wife loves to put in her mouth![View]
115367119post em[View]
115368477Why doesn’t everyone flip houses for a living?[View]
115370960Is Bran the God Emperor? Is he gonna make Westero's great again?[View]
115370952FOR BELTALOWDA[View]
115334292So which show will replace GOT as the next major tv series that everyone talks about?[View]
115364107He's just like me.[View]
115364894Hellooooo how you doin today?[View]
115369626top or bottom?[View]
115370761Ancient internet kino[View]
115366286/got/: >>115362260[View]
115370564Barf. He's so pretentious[View]
115368804does anyone know what happened to the bible black live action movie[View]
115363797Bashō!: Banana Tree[View]
115367771Only worthy feeling to acquire by watching kinos is happiness. All others are useless. If you have b…[View]
115365744You are given the ability to cast a producer and director for Tolkien’s legendary Silmarillion. Who …[View]
115369696What are some good shows on here?[View]
115370552This is the best film of all time[View]
115370519He's better than Jon: And I'm willing to argue to prove it[View]
1153653162019 K I N O: Kino show you'll be watching this year[View]
115370081What does /tv/ think of Michael Jackson and his movies?[View]
115370341quinton reviews: For me guys. Its quinton reviews[View]
115370325What are some kino that could take place in The Land of Meaning?[View]
115370293Thoughts on Theo Von? been really getting into this guys stuff lately, like his stand up and his pod…[View]
115369939So have we moved on from shitty vidya movies to good vidya movies? Obviously Sonic is going to be do…[View]
115370062What if Pam was a lesbian? What if she brought her 'partner' in to work? What if they made out in fr…[View]
115370220>Yeah that's it. Do your little turn. You got it good. You got it real good. Yeah that'…[View]
115370047>network TV[View]
115369680This was surprisingly good. Any other cat kino?[View]
115367271You ate sand?[View]
115369579I cringed: muh 100% brain watch me randomly open applications and press buttons for 2 hours.[View]
115370066Those poor female Game of Thrones fans. How upset they must be right now. Years of investing your ti…[View]
115369069What the fuck he's right for once. https://youtu.be/B1ObcUcOyxs[View]
115369456OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >the singing >the sets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D38ISflcjbg…[View]
115369954Post redpilled movies[View]
115366620/RBMK/ - Chernobyl General: /RBMK/ - Chernobyl General Nuclear Pizza Babies Edition Previous Thread:…[View]
115366278/got/: previous >>115362260 >>115362260 >>115362260[View]
115333169Drogon: So how big can this motherfucker get anyway? We know he supposedly won't ever stop grow…[View]
115369853>Dany as a teenager: 'I just want a tall, muscular dominant savage man that will fuck me rough!' …[View]
115367918>'DUDE SUPERHERO MOVIES SUCK!!! THEY'RE FOR BASEDBOYS AND SHIT' >*watches anime and liste…[View]
115368842The King is tired, send him to his chambers[View]
115369483ITT: best actors with the worst careers[View]
115369152Chris Pratt BRAAAAPPS on set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwXp09AQRbE[View]
115369554So is Nolan the most intelligently artistic or artistically intelligent director working in Hollywoo…[View]
115368007The Art of Self- Defence (Official Trailer): https://youtu.be/7Bms6Hba-3A[View]
115369644Cercei, you will marry the Iron Bank and will settle this debt that we owe once and for all.[View]
115368253BASTE BORIS THREAD: How can one man be so based? >knows that he doesn't know much about a to…[View]
115360381Advert kino thread https://youtu.be/lHOtASe9_uM[View]
115364859*SPOILERS LEAK* ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD: Someone leaked the spoilers on Wikipedia: It’s now Au…[View]
115369247ITT: actual tv discussion Kinobyl overrated or rated just right?[View]
115366243Tonight. Part IV.[View]
115369575The Matrix is the greatest action film ever made.[View]
115368780Will he ever come back?[View]
115369162>Knows the full destructive potential of his monstrous creation >Confronts it and reprimands i…[View]
115366674should women be allowed to watch television? i've noticed a trend with several shows recently t…[View]
115369433What are some films where fat people are portrayed in a positive light?[View]
115368688Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
115369366>Looks like a Chad >Content with life >All he wants is women Why wasn't Manny the main…[View]
115369112Feeling lonely, might go burn a city later, idk.[View]
115369357So, Jon DID dab on all in the end, huh?[View]
115369027What's some kino with this theme[View]
115367577Why are British actors so successful in America?[View]
115368299looks like video game kino is actually coming soon[View]
115369146>role calls a semi-good looking punta.. gotchu-senpai.[View]
115363769Kimba the Lion King: Remember Lion King is a fucking plagiarism Remember that Disney intimidated Tez…[View]
115368932Who is your favorite black actor, or 'blactor' if you will?[View]
115369186this is the perfect time to remake this & take a big shit on fandom culture[View]
115369094>anon will you take the S.W.E.A.T oath?[View]
115369149Essential Films to watch: I have got this list... But does anybody have an updated version? Or somet…[View]
115368902LAHEY TIER Jim LAHEY GOD TIER Ricky, Cyrus, Jroc, Phil Collins GOOD TIER Julian, Trevor Cory, Sam, J…[View]
115368934Aladdin Review: Hey guys, I saw Aladdin at an exclusive event for youtube content creators. I have t…[View]
115369086>she arrives in the throne room >somehow next to it is her deceased husband and child, waiting…[View]
115367789Would they be able to handle it?[View]
115368958Does everybody know what ''time''.. it is.. ?[View]
115368159What the fuck did (((they))) mean by this? Will Stranger Things usher in a new age of ss kino? https…[View]
115368408What happened to him? When I first finished the series I just felt like he was looking up to Meadow …[View]
115368943ITT: Flick posters that are hilariously bad[View]
115365862the 100: Well they just killed the main character. Press F for Australian Titties.[View]
115368450How come he isn't playing in any upcoming movies? whats the fucking deal?[View]
115367830Too Old to Die Young: >The premiere sharply divided both audiences and critics, prompting mass wa…[View]
115368656Nignog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osjfs4paFAU Who was in the wrong here?[View]
115368648Tom Hanks is making a movie about a 60 year old football rookie called 'The Boomer'[View]
115367231>We will never see their reactions again It fucking hurts bros[View]
115365761Season 8 is ahead of its time, after 10 years it will be appreciated like the Star Wars prequels. Pe…[View]
115368440>Could you recommend anything for the end of the night? Something big, bold.…[View]
115368523So he will be back in the IVth John Wick, wont he?[View]
115368580what went wrong?[View]
115367685will there be new fatkino tonight or is the season over?[View]
115368237>Season 8 made no sense! It LITERALLY ruined the entire franchise![View]
115356502Was this the end of its kind? These epics. They filmed it almost on location. We watched it in histo…[View]
115368455Who is the Roger Ebert of 2019?[View]
115357320Shouldn't they say 'release'?[View]
115368324Alien Resurrection: Was the extended cut kino?[View]
115368322Tired...starving...on my last leg...need...pussy...[View]
115368374>Alexa, invent time travel >time travel invented, and might I say you are looking very tall to…[View]
115367446Thoughts: Movies with highest number of tickets sold[View]
115367872Heaven Knows What: I couldn't enjoy this movie. It hit too close to home. Every character in it…[View]
115367805>hero has to convince other heroes to help save the world anybody else sick of this shit? What mo…[View]
115367735Like father like daughter[View]
115367952What’s the appeal of Todd chrisley?: All I see is a closeted gay, very possibly closeted racist, smu…[View]
115366851Don't believe his lies[View]
115365942its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAhKOV3nImQ[View]
115368021It had so much potential, why did they ruin it? the series that is[View]
115368052Thank you Ash, thanks to your detective Pikachu we really saved the day: Fucking re