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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 133 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
5831271TurboGrafx-16: The TurboGrafx-16 is known as the PC Engine in Japan.[View]
5802125Rom hacks: Man, I miss the old rom hack threads, can we have a new one?[View]
5829458What does /vr/ think of Super Mario Bros 2?[View]
5828164The poor man's Sonic[View]
5827457SHAO PAI LONG[View]
5830138It's not that bad Provided that you use the 1.3 patch, that is.[View]
5830737Is there any way to play the original shareware version of Doom (version 0.99) on a source port thes…[View]
5822619Jaguar SD pre-order open: Pre-orders open now for Jaguar sd. Pic related but I just bought one, wish…[View]
5829667Howdy folks, boomer here. My situation is back in the day I played all my SNES games using pic relat…[View]
5827074What am I in for, /vr/?[View]
5827369Snatchers for sega CD: >cyberpunk aesthetic that’s a combination of every gibson and neal stephen…[View]
5826794Are any of these retro mini dedicated consoles really worth it as far as a way to play retro games? …[View]
5825148There is something quite hard for me to do in this game. I've pulled it off a few times but it …[View]
5825348>Favorite console >Console you are not that fond of but love playing some of the game on it …[View]
5811309What's a /vr/ PC game that I can sink 100+ hours into? I've played BG 1,2 Fallout 1,2 Di…[View]
5819863Hi /vr/ I never played in my life Civilization. I heard the III is the best followed by the IV, can …[View]
5829509How do you save in this game?[View]
5826402Why is this game never talked about around here?[View]
5829282Is it wrong to collect Super Famicom games if I don't speak Japanese and don't own a Super…[View]
5820791I really like first person dungeon crawlers like Shin Megami Tensei or Wizardry, but I havent played…[View]
5827514Pokemon Gen 1: Who did you throw the Master Ball at? 1.Mewtwo 2.Zapdos 3.Articuno 4.Moltres. 5.I hoa…[View]
5824553Just got my OSSC but I'm having a bit of trouble setting it up. What are the best settings for …[View]
5817601Retro puzzle games thread: Also thoughts on Wario's woods?[View]
5826781Did Kirby rip off ideas from Gimmick?[View]
5821489When you feel depressed remember some retard allowed his own company to waste millions of dollars to…[View]
5826389Is it the worst retro Kirby sidescroller?[View]
5820834Name a better PS1 fighting game. You cant[View]
5829259Is Marvelous: Another Treasure Island worth playing?[View]
5821218What are your thoughts on the Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 remakes?[View]
5826812Without question, the most overrated 'classic' PC game I've ever played, more so because of how…[View]
5826090Splatterhouse 2 thread: Is it better than the first? What mask do you play with? Classic, JP, or US?…[View]
5827486for $7 you could spend all day playing pinball and arcade games inbetween pretending you are in Dawn…[View]
5829586Whatever happened to Shoshinkai? I miss getting N64 updates from it[View]
5828410Star Control 2 thread: Hello *camper*! I am very *squishy* to be *smelling* you.[View]
5823601Is Heroes of Might and Magic good enough to make me enjoy video games again? It seems up my alley. I…[View]
5823184You like Excitebike ?[View]
5829174It's shit.[View]
5826789ITT: Hidden gems and underrated games[View]
5823392That's Horrorfying: Post things that horrified you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9q7cN90Tw4…[View]
5821424Contra Thread: Been recently playing this series of games that I never got into as a kid. I'm r…[View]
5829016How can I make pre-rendered games like the DKC trilogy look their best on SNES9x? I have no idea wha…[View]
5824692Any more charts for underappreciated platforms, or other classics that are not EOP-friendly?[View]
5825973How do I get gud with mouse and keyboard shooters? I've always used a controller. I am planning…[View]
5827345>Go to the weekly town market >Guy has pallets of dozens of PS1 games, Grandia, Vagrant Story,…[View]
5822090Was making the player constantly backtrack to switch characters in Donkey Kong 64 the most disrespec…[View]
5827363The Ultima games are on sale right now on GOG. Are they still worth it?[View]
5831183Gamecube vs. N64: Clearly Gamecube is superior. I present the following evidence: Zelda: Windwaker M…[View]
5828553Act Raiser - and good retro simulation: Are there any simulation games as good as Act Raiser, does a…[View]
5828758skump thread? skump thread.[View]
5823112Which was most powerful?[View]
5827018https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/gamescom-2019-game-ready-driver/ Thoughts? Seems like it…[View]
5814686So which one has better sound? I remember Earthworm Jim sounding like garbage on the SNES[View]
5822291Are there any older mechanics that modern games still haven't utilised yet?[View]
5825118final fantasy adventure: Does anybody know if final fantasy adventure has a name filter in it? I ask…[View]
5825898What are your thoughts on Chrono Cross, not as its own game, BUT, as a sequel to Chrono Trigger? Let…[View]
5826501Press start to RICH[View]
5822393If you'd be forced to play and finish all the games on one system. What would it be and why?[View]
5826250The Sega Saturn was a piece of fuckin' shit.[View]
5825958Question and Topic: Doom 1 and 2: Imma quickly put my Question here: Graphics or Gameplay? Because m…[View]
5820770alright, /vr/. looking to get more into retro games. played thru some marios, that's about it. …[View]
5820964Where can I find an archive with magazines about the pc engine? Manuals, previews, etc. Also PC Engi…[View]
5800596Retro horror: Clock Tower is one of my favorite gems. The grim ambient, the feeling of hopelessness …[View]
5827102Is EB blue pilled?[View]
5818885Oh my god, modern FPS games have ruined me. The move and look functions of this game are completely …[View]
5825848Sega Saturn: Was it really that bad?[View]
5825723Got any... kings?[View]
5827393>select pauses the game[View]
5821156Any tips for this game? I want to 1cc it[View]
5824750Capcom's Magic Sword...: ...i did play a lot over the course of last weekend. Say something nic…[View]
5825147Milon's Secret Castle: Milon's Secret Castle[View]
5822893Fuck his stage[View]
5821789i am new to /vr/ too and I got my ass chewed out for using an hdtv. what setup am I supposed to use…[View]
5827031it's time to admit this was a good mod/game quakecucks.[View]
5827098Is it kino?[View]
5826658Dark corner on D-Series: I recently picked up a 27' JVC D-Series, and the color, geometry, and conve…[View]
5815589this shit is fucking impossible to use wtf[View]
5812403What is the worst game you have ever played?[View]
5811493New console buys: Hey /vr/, show any new console additions you love. Recently ordered a Mega Drive a…[View]
5823401Purikura Daisakusen Issues: This is a really fun game. The unfortunate problem with it is my back up…[View]
5823701Looking for games similar to Dark Seed to watch play throughs of on Youtube. Phantasmagoria and I ha…[View]
5824876Quiz games (arcade & console welcome): Give me your suggestions on this matter. I doubt there ar…[View]
5810448ITT: Best first stages in retro games[View]
5811721We had a thread about Turok 2 the other day so let's try another. I just beat level 4 'Lai…[View]
5825672Here's a little survey for you, /vr/. https://strawpoll.com/7777f1gx[View]
5820021post em and rate others[View]
5821668Obscure Retro Game Ports: ITT: obscure ports of retro games only you played. Pic related is a Window…[View]
5825654Sharp X68000: What is the best emulator for this thing? Want to check out some of the games. Also ga…[View]
5823879post games with great soundtracks[View]
5825734Playing the Origins version Am I missing something? Everyone spergs about how this game is complete …[View]
5817759Can an exception be made for Oracle Series?: It is by two years not retro (2001), but did end a retr…[View]
5824769What /vr/ game has been released on highest number of platforms? I'm talking about official rel…[View]
5822087post masterpieces[View]
5821283Best retro Mini Golf? I'm sure there's few games dedicated to explicitly, so I'll als…[View]
5824985What is up with this guy, what does Cukeman or Nomosu even mean? Is it a reference to something?[View]
5824546My friend is geting me a Wii with a bunch of emulaters how dose the Wii do as a emulation station[View]
5821780Why does the N64 attract so many buttblasted PS1/Saturn fanboys?[View]
5824748never played this but I want to. Should I use the 1.13 patch from the get go? I hear it's the o…[View]
5824819Retro franchises that should have had their own Capcom/Konami/Sega licensed title: post 'em…[View]
5822227Hey /vr/, what's a good price to pay for a bundle that includes a Genesis, Sega CD and 32X all …[View]
5824391Is it only me who find this console to be really comfy? Any good games for that piece of wasted pote…[View]
5815062Literally no games[View]
5825098Are there more games like Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space? I just love the level of detail and im…[View]
5823481Toad is a peice of shit and haunts me: Every single time i emulate any N64 game he's just smili…[View]
5824372What the hell is this? worth anything?[View]
5824512whats the best age of wonders game?[View]
5818723Epic retro spound effects...: Why are Atari 2600 sound effects so amazing? When I had a kid, most of…[View]
5791154Tomb Raider peaked at The Last Revelation: Whole adventure set in Egypt makes a lot of sense - no mo…[View]
5821148Star Fox (SNES) Music Hardware?: Can anyone find out what hardware and/or software that Hajime Hiras…[View]
5820039Any /vr/ games that I can play in short bursts? I want a game in which I can do some progress in a s…[View]
5823208What can /vr/ tell me about this thing?[View]
5824409Trying to play Doom 1 on ChocolateDoom but no matter what iwad I use it opens up Doom II. What the f…[View]
5815543What was the point of these coins in the entry hall?[View]
5822606do you miss the N64? the clunky controls, the shit analog controller which didn't last more tha…[View]
5799029was it really that good?[View]
5822742Top Ten Reasons Why Final Fantasy III Would Be Better On Genesis 10. The Espers could do cool things…[View]
5822649Is there a greater feeling than witnessing the utter demise of your enemies and have them resurrect …[View]
5824357Why u no make my computer faster?[View]
5824026What was the pinnacle of entertainment software and why was it Capstone?[View]
5812989Do PCs have Generations like Consoles do?[View]
5817547what retro game has the biggest world to wander around that isn't just randomly generated?[View]
5812138Post a character that's literally you[View]
5822843Is it worth marathoning?[View]
5816994Favorite movie based on a game?: For me it's Goldeneye. The writers actually managed to follow …[View]
5823113Little Red Hood: I think we can all agree that this game is a classic. What makes it so much fun to …[View]
5818281neural enhance bad polygon art: reflect.tech has an exploit where if you feed it the same image it g…[View]
5824081Hello: Hello. Does anyone know what the name of this gaming device is that is similar in appearance …[View]
5823493The game is basically an NBA Jam clone, but with college teams instead. Still a fun arcade style gam…[View]
5824071is there a name of the person or group that drew up american box art for japanese games? a lot of th…[View]
5821448Gratings, people of /vr/. A long time ago I played pic related to death. What are some games that ar…[View]
5823590Game is so valuable, it shouldn't even be played[View]
5821012Anyone here ever maxout on Tetris NES?[View]

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