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Displaying 127 expired threads from the past 3 days

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6144658What are some good multiplayer games for Playstation? Pic related.[View]
6139142Can anyone confirm what platforms the 2.4G version of this controller works on? I'm hearing con…[View]
6143452retro pc horror: Anyone know some good old retro horror games for PC? That or games that are easy to…[View]
6131921Is Link to the Past just Ocarina of Timed 2D or is Ocarina Linked to the Past 3D?[View]
6141348post bad licensed video game art here[View]
6141618What was the first game to have an inventory grid/box like Deus Ex and Resident Evil 4?[View]
6142838What's the best looking console and why is it the PC Engine 'briefcase'?[View]
6144781badly edited transparent duke nukem trilogy trailer duke nukem cutout for your badly edited transpar…[View]
6119370Are you looking forward to watching Pinkus here die all over again?[View]
6141782UPSCALERS / CONVERTERS: what's the best budget s-video/composite upscaler? one that keeps aspec…[View]
6144419*sigh* somehow Bowser returned[View]
6144710Any retro games that are zoomer friendly? I want to impress my friends[View]
6140316Do you use your flight/joystick/HOTAS at all? What do you play? What did you play before? Are you fi…[View]
6143473What are the things that define the style of the mother games?[View]
6144663I'm disappointed. The opening and initial exploration and quests and stuff were great, but afte…[View]
6143860I had the most profound experience last night playing super metroid on lsd- I realized something i…[View]
6135796I just got a PocketStation because I thought that I might as well do it while I'm shipping some…[View]
6129107I can't imagine a single person that would enjoy grinding this game all the way to beat it Drag…[View]
6138250What can compare or compete with this?[View]
6133438/1cc/: How do you prefer to approach your clears? Do you only ever allow yourself one credit and pro…[View]
6142464everything else considered, are retro games harder than modern games?[View]
6120735Can you say you beat a game if it wasn't on real, original hardware?[View]
6140858https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/epac2k/it_cost_me_200_to_dump_this/ I hate his attitude about…[View]
6139782OSSC Pro Revealed: Is there anything significant that this adds over the OSSC? I have no idea what m…[View]
6141817I know third party S-Video cables for Nintendo console do not perform an S-Video signal correctly re…[View]
6143818Cooly Skunk has been dumped and preserved. https://www.gamingalexandria.com/wp/2020/01/19/cooly-skun…[View]
6142384I wanna import a Famicom from Japan but I'm afraid of a high import tax. How much will it cost …[View]
6140656Why the fuck didn't they port this to the Saturn? It's a masterpiece that many missed out …[View]
6143909pic related is by far the best beat'em up by SNK[View]
6136038Nightmare Creatures: Was this game underrated or just misunderstood?[View]
6142830>someone told me they beat Shinobi at the arcades when they were 3 Should I believe them?…[View]
6141569Any reason not to get this instead of the Everdrive v2.5 that costs twice as much, besides 'muh mora…[View]
6128903Has anyone played fortress of fear, the original dark souls?[View]
6143601duke nuke m figts the alions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nrUv6XF_Mg[View]
6138142Did the OSSC team ever solve the Silent Hill/Chrono Cross problem of switching between 240p gameplay…[View]
6143294I want to play SMRPG again and I know there are hacks that spruce up battles and was interested in t…[View]
6139476Planescape / Neverwinter Nights: Planescape Torment and Neverwinter Nights got released for the Swit…[View]
6142839Let's settle this once and for all. How did the Dreamcast compare to the PS2? Was it really tha…[View]
6140573I'm getting this issue with my jack DIY n8 on famicom, the cartridge works on PAL nes but appar…[View]
6134054bsnes HD - Retroarch - pushing the limits of the SNES - widescreen and ultrawide: https://www.youtub…[View]
6141561So is it good[View]
6136516Final Fantasy II: Why was this game the black sheep of the series? Is it simply because of the bizar…[View]
6135678>download full ROM set >copy everything to my SD card >the games I want to play are all m…[View]
6142842How can super Mario bros 3 be a thousand time more superior than super Mario world . but have less …[View]
6139563How many megabytes of retro .wads can the Wii's internal memory hold? I know it has 512mb but I…[View]
6140434About to start pic related for the first time. Any tips?[View]
6141860Do you like the old Donkey Kong design?[View]
6114443Battlestation thread: Show us your room, come on now don’t be shy >favourite retro game >favo…[View]
6142061Games where you switch between characters with different abilities. Every time I play a game with th…[View]
6133634in a parallel universe where SEGA decides to stay in the console market, how would the Dreamcast hav…[View]
6138490ITT: post retro games you wanted to play in multiplayer but never had a chance[View]
6139904Besides Mario 1-3, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Mother, and Zelda, what are some other must-own or cheap and f…[View]
6124389Are PVM’s overrated?: If somebody wants a low priced way to play retro games with no lag and a good …[View]
6135869GET THE POWER[View]
6141762I'll preface this thread by saying I'm not very knowledgeable about TVs beyond the basics.…[View]
6141294Why do people act like PAL is superior to NTSC? I just got a PAL VIC II chip for my C64 and it has n…[View]
6140957is multiplayer viable on the gog version?[View]
6139116When you clean your cartridges is it normal for them to lose there gold plating when useing brasso?[View]
6135650ITT:Your best retro Vidya thrift finds of 2020: Found pic related for around $380 at local non profi…[View]
6141651What are some games you like to play for high scores, /vr/?[View]
6134630Underrated Snes game - Metal Warriors: Man, i miss staying till late night trying to complete this g…[View]
6141367What are your best times for each course on Mario Kart 64?[View]
6137351Does anyone actually like this little piece of shit?[View]
6135038Earthworm Jim[View]
6131418What do we think of the Parodius series?[View]
6140436Recommended settings in Beetle PSX? Stuck at ~15fps with what I've got and audio clips.[View]
6140749Is there any way of getting the server browser working in the original quake 3? I know I can look up…[View]
6135227Parasite Eve II: So I just finished Parasite Eve for the first time and I had a lot of fun, some fla…[View]
6139729How do I get good at this? I'm bad at building up custom combos.[View]
6137482Smash 64/Remix Thread: Sector Z best stage[View]
6141153Games that force Fullscreen mode: This game runs on 640x480 and forces fullscreen mode. It has no se…[View]
6137841It's so beautiful...is there even a game with more SOUL?[View]
6140658W-why are only the males anthropomorphic and the females are normal?[View]
6139446Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy, if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.[View]
6132953Why haven't you played her game yet /vr/? The English Patch was released month ago, so there…[View]
6112480Games You Can't Remember: ITT: games you can't remember the name of. Mine is this: a game …[View]
6130639Name a harder game (that isn't another shoot 'em up). You can't.[View]
6137560Is Nadia's game any good?[View]
6137505Besides Colin McRae 2.0, are there any games from the 90s that I should play the PAL version of inst…[View]
6120554why are even simple games so expensive now, fuck's sake[View]
6112264Pinball thread, because it's been a while. What are you playing/buying/repairing these days, an…[View]
6138078IV vs Bloodlines: Well, I've just finished replaying Castlevania: Bloodlines and Super Castleva…[View]
6138904Bet you weren't expecting this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIZncEjZoig&feature=youtu.be…[View]
6139549fondest memories thread: who remembers when games were fun? what's the best memory you have of …[View]
6138957Zelda: Zelda 1 on the NES is the only game in the series to properly implement bombs, in my opinion …[View]
6140497can I use my GB Pokemon saves on Stadium with an emu? Also I effin love Pokemon[View]
6138603Razer Kishi: Finally a phone joysktick with direct input to minimize input lag. Is there anything el…[View]
6136442I wanna buy a Famicom for my birthday but I realized that I live in America. How do I make a Famicom…[View]
6136869Redpill me on this game.[View]
6137778>24.0000001 hours after downloading a rom (CRASH!) GO, GO, GO![View]
6137934Technology thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2_2ud5sxko[View]
6139197Shoot me your comfy /vr/ tunes. Eye of the Beholder - Character Generation https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
6138312I thought this was supposed to give you nostalgia. All it gave me was a clunky gaming experience and…[View]
6127946MAME 2003 updates: I love these nw updates, I am now able to run street fighter 2 on my super high p…[View]
6125121MiSTer FPGA Thread: Anybody else heard about the MiSTer? It's a hardware emulator which on pape…[View]
6116691Why is X4 so heavily praised? I beat it recently and wasn't a fan. Something just felt missing,…[View]
6138179Yep, it’s one of the best 20 mega drive games: I can’t think of 20 that are better. It’s probably ju…[View]
6138257your thoughts on wood zone[View]
6138653Literally impossible. Playing the game for the first time.[View]
6134135/vr/ rock, metal, and punk: I am going on a trip and I want to make a play list of /vr/ music with r…[View]
6139108how do you make old games run in new pcs? im trying to install this, in comptibility mode, but it do…[View]
6130124Should I buy a ps1 slim or just a regular ps1[View]
6135628>e.key spam: the game[View]
6138092The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Why did this game never make it to someone's list of 'best 16 bi…[View]
6133981Most underrated retro console?[View]
6137676Someone is probably able to answer this pretty quickly for me: I don't know how timelines are s…[View]
6136775What is the best way to play this game?[View]
6136071Wow RetroArch's new AI translator actually works pretty well. The writing in these games is gen…[View]
6138158Enix: Recommend some good retro Enix games like ActRaiser or pic related. Dragon Quest is fine too.…[View]
6137586bump n' jump: what's the best game in the bump n' jump genre?[View]
6139634So we all know about Robin x Nester and Hawk x Kiwi, but did Ibis and Gus ever fuck?[View]
6133124So, games like The Legend of Zelda were inspired by Peter Pan. But how come there is no good Peter P…[View]
6127898Retro Ball: What are your favorite Dragon Ball retro games? Also, which ones are translated, and whi…[View]
6134292I want to open up a retro games store, does anyone have any experience running one or have any advic…[View]
6137141>crash bandicoot 1 >anthropomorphic bandicoot with large tits and no purpose whatsoever >na…[View]
6119007Do you mod your consoles? What sort of mods are you running?[View]
6113661Are cheap chink handhelds still the same as Dingoo A320 and they still don't play F-Zero and Su…[View]
6130369I know there's /vp/, but they tend to focus more on recent stuff and less on hardware. Is it po…[View]
6139160How much did you enjoy this game? I enjoyed it very much.[View]
6139103Let's have a NES/Famicom thread.[View]
6139089Got this all for under $9 at some record store, The Command and Conquer doesn't have a book but…[View]
6130204Replacement Labels: Do people seriously sperg out because it wasn't printed on magical nintendo…[View]

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