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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 188 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9629485Who is the blonde girl in Terry's ending of FF2? Could it be Blue Mary??[View]
9615838Artistic games: What are some retro games that have genuine aesthetic value? It doesn't have to…[View]
9626358Have you ever thought to yourself as you play an old obscure game 'man, out of 7.5 billion people in…[View]
9629637For me it's Goldbrand[View]
9628086Kind of looks like Uridium on C64, except it's vertical scrolling. Anyway this game is amazingl…[View]
9623104https://store.steampowered.com/app/2283170/Percy_the_Potty_Pigeon_C64Spectrum/ It's out.…[View]
9630123Well that was one of the worst things I've ever experienced in a video game. Is it just series …[View]
9606661Let's have a Goldeneye 007 thread[View]
9628125Do you think the design of Chris Redfield was inspired by Latura in the movie Daylight? Considering …[View]
9620510Retro co-op: Need some fun, comfy and engaging co-op games to play with the gf. Some I already playe…[View]
9625213Monsters Inc Scare Island for the PS1: Monsters Inc Scare Island for the PS1[View]
9621679It's so bad Capcom won't even bother remaking it. >thank fuck Shut up, you hate it too.…[View]
9627665Mega Man: How do you get good? 2 or 3 lives are not enough in my opinion.[View]
9625342How do you rank the retro 3D Castlevania games? I particularly like them all.[View]
9628753How's your backlog coming along?: 20+years and I still havent bothered to beat majora mask and …[View]
9627225So when is the bubble supposed to pop? I have been holding back from stuff since it just keeps infla…[View]
9618857zoomer here, how did you react when this came out?[View]
9626379This might be the silliest thing in Kingdom Hearts, and that's one hell of an accomplishment.[View]
9619631What is your favorite resident evil game and why?[View]
9628130King's Quest: Honestly, there's only like, 2 parts in the game where you might actually ne…[View]
9624317Legacy of Kain: Crystal Dynamics did a survey a while ago asking fans about the future of the series…[View]
9629013look at this dude. he was just racing against 14 other racers and he won. look at him, his arms rais…[View]
9622205What did they smell like?[View]
9627480beginner (J)RPGs: /vr/os i need your guidance... which (J)RPGs are the best to start with? I mean wi…[View]
9629160Any progress on the /vr/'s Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Restoration Project?[View]
9617130Snowboard Kids thread.[View]
9623389Let's talk about Silent Hill 1 and 2: Recently played through both these games and enjoyed them…[View]
9624547Sonic: >Game about going fast >Second world already forces you to go slow What did they mean w…[View]
9628905This was both a seriously impressive GB spin-off of the console series but also one of the most bloo…[View]
9628316ATARI 2600 scoreboard /vr/: Atari 2600 isn't so bad to retrogame. This thread: Get the high sco…[View]
9618354Nintendo Power Storytime[View]
9623354Yume Nikki: https://chartcarr.neocities.org/secretbase_4 somehow Toby Fox of all people managed to r…[View]
9624873Retro vidya keys: Post cool looking keys in video games.[View]
9611073Pinball General: Bill of Materials Edition: How to find pinball and pinball tournaments in your area…[View]
9606419>you have to grind in order to beat the game Bad game design general?[View]
9626712Retro game wheel spinner: I'm trying to find a random wheel spin site that let you spin for ran…[View]
9628608Totally new to retro handhelds, is this a good first? Do I need to do anything to set it up or can I…[View]
9605937what are some weird, interesting, untranslated games? just heard of germs: nerawareta machi for the …[View]
9588703do you guys still play your old games on CRT TV's or CRT Monitors?[View]
9625254https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s61iMyrBcLk Comfy music thread, i find 16-bit forests to be very comfy…[View]
9623442Eyes of the Beholder: Just got this what am I in for[View]
9627474Is Fable better than Fable?[View]
9625368Point & Click Games: >playing Touche - The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer >having a rol…[View]
9626876And now you know why the video game crash happened. There are TRS-80 games written in BASIC that are…[View]
9613714$150 off craigslist, how did I do?[View]
9621860I cant believe I grew up using this when there were so many superior options[View]
9627515True Fantasy Live Online: >Got Voodoo Vince as a kid >Check out the demos and trailers on the …[View]
9625815/vr/ what are some of the peripherals you must own if you are a dedicated /vr/ enjoyer. Controllers,…[View]
9615034Sup nerds. What's the best way to play Carmameddon 1&2 on Windows 10? Any chance it has sou…[View]
9627020Infinity Mijinion: What the fuck is a Mijinion?[View]
9626241Harvest Moon 64: How did this game ship with so many typos? Was there no QC at all? They even misspe…[View]
9614528What happened to Britain after the mid-90s?: When it comes to video games and computers, ignoring th…[View]
9620065I believe there is one simple but very overlooked reason for why it's still so fun to pick up a…[View]
9626887How accurate is playing Gamecube games on the Wii U?[View]
9626371>comes to the US when it's 4 years old and looks outdated as all fuck And you thought Hydlid…[View]
9623108All N64s will die in your lifetime: Unbelievable that there is no perfect emulation of this console.…[View]
9626617Hot off the heels of the Mega Man V/Rockman World 5 colorization hack from Christmas, we just got on…[View]
9626715Activision Marvel games: Did they do a good job with the Marvel license? Is it true that Capcom lost…[View]
9626173Why is DK64 not as beloved as the Donkey Kong Country trilogy is?[View]
9621787How the hell did they even pull this off with the Genesis hardware?[View]
9626537This is a more fun game than all the early gens of Pokemon IMO[View]
9621246This feels like they had a shit fighting game like 90% ready to go and then someone decided it was g…[View]
9618843going to play this pretty soon: is the Dreamcast or Gamecube version better? Here's what I…[View]
9627063You Can Play This!: Games we can play that were only released in Japan, even if we don't read J…[View]
9624531For some reason I was under the impression that after Donkey Kong 64 the franchise went into hiberna…[View]
9624976This game is based[View]
9624678Karnaaj Rally: What is “Karnaaj”??[View]
9621338I think that many zoomers here don't even realize how cutting edge this game was in 1998. It is…[View]
9622668Honestly cooler boxart instantly makes me want to play a game way more. Kino boxart thread btw[View]
9624851Actua Soccer (Europe) on PS1 has a video section with developer interviews. Developer Phil Rankin re…[View]
9614465How do you hook up so many consoles at once? Switch boxes going into other switch boxes?[View]
9619678Is this the end he deserved?[View]
9614221What is the best version of Final Fantasy IV? Playing it for the first time.[View]
9617034Literally Samus' worst mission. Why did she accept this?[View]
9623917ITT: Levels based on real world landmarks[View]
9617276Reminder that the first two trailers were unadulterated kino and where the series peaked: https://ww…[View]
9621114Retro games you wish you had friends to finish with: >remember getting halfway with friends and a…[View]
9622083Does...the title mean anything?[View]
9623568Theoritcally could an emulator recreate the CRT process of drawing lines, on the software side to pr…[View]
9615427What are top 5 Nintendo 64 games?[View]
9613014Any other games that get across the feeling of wetness and freshness of water in such a good way? Th…[View]
9624230Jedi Knight is a much better game than Jedi Outcast[View]
9625365Why is this game so frustrating? It looks so simple...[View]
9612987Modding retro consoles: Have you ever done it? I knew some guys back in college that would take old …[View]
9625402Diddy Kong Racing 64: So how many of these fucks actually got their own games the way they were supp…[View]
9623990Rocky and Bullwinkle on NES is a fuckin' joke. The graphics are absolute shit. The sprites look…[View]
9619706Stonepunk Games: Post games that mix caveman with dinosaurs. Surely there's more to this kind o…[View]
9619780So does this game just run like a choppy piece of shit on real hardware or is it a problem with the …[View]
9605414Zniggy General: >Oi, m8! Welcome to Zniggy! (TM) (C) It's about time to get working on the m…[View]
9620660Which is best for retro games?[View]
9616634>horrendous dog fights >horrendous Crimson Head mechanic and the whole burning enemies bullshi…[View]
9621374>GOTY 1998 It was a good year for gaming in general but this one was just on another level.…[View]
9617457Megami tensei: Am I the only one who’s played this? It’s pretty shit btw[View]
9615409GameCube: How much would it cost to get a GameCube nowadays? I would also be interested in knowing m…[View]
9598468Feasibility of Sega making an actual new Genesis: I was thinking, how difficult would it be for sega…[View]
9622939RGB cable stuck on composite: I got a chink RGB cable for wii that won't display in RGB mode UN…[View]
9617235These are two of the best games in the franchise and I'm tired of pretending they aren't[View]
9615175Lighting in retro games: What are some other retro games that had lighting that worked like this?…[View]
9585456Worst stack 'em up of all time: This game is simply not well designed, especially in versus. If…[View]
9618724Mega Man X5: Thoughts on X5? Was it good or was it ruined by its flaws?[View]
9621952>game has an unusual distinctive OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhSKX8E-lG0 https://www.yout…[View]
9622042>been trying to play this game for 39 years. >still don't know what to do. speccy mates, …[View]
9617625high resolution mod upscaled textures mod hd models mod hd effects mod high POV mod disable mipmaps …[View]
9623871What is the best Need For Speed game on the PS1?[View]
9623168RetroArch PCSX2 Glitches: Why is this graphical glitch happening below his feet in Shinobi?[View]
96210298-Bit Boys Thread 16-Bit is fine too[View]
9620686>the game is based on bloodsport and kung fu movies >all characters have the same homogenized …[View]
9622104Rarest SNES games: Is there an official list of production numbers for SNES games? We all know the m…[View]
9620913>Street Fighter EX is not a real 3D fighting ga...[View]
9623771Sonic the Hedgehog 3 can defeat Roko's Basilisk?: I have harbored the conviction that the savin…[View]
9621106Best Cute-Em-Ups?: What are the best cute-em-ups ever made? Post with images please >Cute-em-up g…[View]
9618083I swear this game is running on an early version of the Phantasy Star Online engine but I don't…[View]
9623143>it's a Mona minigame series >stories implies she's getting chased down Every. Fucki…[View]
9624235Could the gbc have handled a remake of dkc 2 like pic related?[View]
9620943Games you crushed, did challenge runs for, and still play because they are 10/10 in their respective…[View]
9620052Anyone remember Black & White? I used to spend hours on this game as a kid terrorising villagers…[View]
9623551retro video game scans: anyone got any old magazine scans or sites?[View]
9622454This game released after the Playstation 2. The Dualshock had been on the market since 1997. Why did…[View]
9622770Do you think that Yellow was better than Red and Blue?[View]
9623503How is this?[View]
9608881you just stepped off the boat and onto balmora. what do you do first?[View]
9618104I wish someone would make a new ODE for the Dreamcast. The only option is the GDEmu and it doesn…[View]
9621193I want to replay SA2, I've only ever played the Steam version and loved it to death (just like …[View]
9613782Alice: Alice. What does /vr/ think about Alice?[View]
9623629ITT: Hidden Gems Pic related is not a port of the shitty movie with QTE from the arcade but actually…[View]
9623610Was Amy intended to be Sonic's age originally?: >final panel describes amy as 'sonic's …[View]
9618994Any other games with alien-killing badasses?[View]
9619973Is Mario's head the coolest intro to any retro game? I just think it's a neat little tech …[View]
9622756unironically Wario Land's direct sequel.[View]
9622038Betas and unreleased /vr/ games: The stuff that dreams are made of.[View]
9621971Why is the discussion of this always just about how hard it is? It's such a great game with a t…[View]
9622372I don't think it's a bad game at all, but the coffin dragging portions are sooo slow. I ha…[View]
9621505You can divide gaming as a before and after with Metal Gear Solid slapped right in the middle. Every…[View]
9618131Is this worth playing offline? I don't have an adapter for my Dreamcast so getting on a private…[View]
9618629For those of you who are old enough to remember when MGS released, how did you react when you played…[View]
9620481How come racing games like this never took off?[View]
9621504>dude just play power bomber lol what the fuck[View]
9619572which GTA game had the best soundtrack and why is it San Andreas ?[View]
9621932Still a damn blast to play[View]
9616547Dungeon Keeper 1 is the best game ever made.[View]
9618494What did you think of the two-person kart gimmick?[View]
9621682What do you need to play this in 1994? I read that part of its very low sales were due to the high r…[View]
9613345Japanese GBA boxes: Where can I buy Japanese GBA boxes? Even if reproduction. They look so cool comp…[View]
9620770Why were games so much harder back then? I don't mind the difficulty, but it seems weird that f…[View]
9620213Battle Zone 2: Combat Commander: Am I the only person who played/remembers this amazing game? >fi…[View]
9618869recently did a retrobright project using gel and cling wrap which resulted in an uneven overbleachin…[View]
9608553Why didnt the Nintendo 64 had its own Mainline Pokemon Game? the Nintendo 64 could run Resident Evil…[View]
9621346What even is the point of warping in this game? It doesn't seem to do anything[View]
9620572This is the Best Wonderboy Game: Prove me Wrong[View]
9621489Head bangin' moments: What are some video game moments that make you bang your head?[View]
9615040Best 3D fighting games besides Tekken, SC and DOA?[View]
9583470Cookie's Bustle: Some faggot is trying to take down every copy of this game. They've also …[View]
9618279Is this game actually bad? It looks and sounds beautiful, but the screen just feels way too cramped …[View]
9620679Might and Magic: I just bought the Might and Magic series. Is 1 good to start off with if I want to …[View]
9621091What's the best way to play Ghouls 'n Ghosts? How do the Arcade version, the Genesis port,…[View]
9618819How come they never tried anything like this again? >Majestic was a science fiction thriller base…[View]
9615503His name is Nack the Weasel.[View]
9618175I've heard rumours this game sold less than 10,000 copies. Did you own it when it was new? Or k…[View]
9612496How would you rebalance the feather to make it roughly equal in strength to the fire flower?[View]
9620061Do you always wash your hands before playing retro games?[View]
9615127Its basically as good as 2 and even improves a lot of things yet people still hate it for muh[View]
9617356Ashes 2063/Afterglow: I just played this last month and it was a blast. Instantly in my top 15 games…[View]
9618565What are some other good 5th gen games with big areas to explore and get lost in? Other than Mystica…[View]
9620854I am going to buy this: Something i need to know? Framemaister + XGA (4:3 HD) projector with low imp…[View]
9615028Recommend a proven classic. Completed Sonics, Marios, Classicvanias, LttP. I tried Megamen, but side…[View]
9614127zoomer here. how did people react when this port came out? was it a popular way to play the game?[View]
9620493Retarded question about upscalers: Sorry for the retarded question but I for the life of me can not …[View]
9621014game center CX: name a better show ill wait. while i wait post your favorite episode mine has to be …[View]
9619463>play castlevania as a child >develop lifelong fascination with european history, christianity…[View]
9609670This game was to racing games what Half-Life was to first person shooters[View]
9617396Is PC98 a thing in japanese retro community?: I hear only about a few ports from it and they didn…[View]
9617530This game was very innovative[View]
9618516FPS weapon keybindings. What do you use?: For some games it makes more sense to use default numbers …[View]
9616395MiSter fags defend this: 'More accurate than software emulation' my ass[View]
9620290Runescape classic...home.....[View]
9623041Anyone else nostalgic for the PSP? It was genuinely kinda impressive for 2005. The homebrew whack-a-…[View]
9620738Why, WHY have I seen so many people over the years suggest that Banjo-Tooie should have 100 individu…[View]
9618238What a shit sequel. I can't get over how much worse this feels to play than the original. Are t…[View]
9614431Is there a way to flash bootleg GBA cartridges with a GC to GBA link cable and a PC or softmodded GC…[View]
9620368name a more excruciating section in a video game[View]
9620559Talk about this game now.: Why is the first game such a masterpiece. What genre is the second one? a…[View]

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