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Displaying 206 expired threads from the past 3 days

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7733075Is this a good crt for ps2?[View]
7728428Why do crtfags often neglect the importance of composite video? Most gamers in the 80s/90s were stuc…[View]
7736997What game would make a good movie/TV series?: What game would make a good movie/TV series? Homeworld…[View]
7731938This game is trashola[View]
7738698majora's mask will always be the best zelda game ever. How would they do a sequel?[View]
7736962It's not that bad. It's like Magic the Gathering but as a FPS[View]
7739316best villains: Only the most based of baddies are allowed in this thread I really wish Konami didn…[View]
7732628Whatever happened with this?: Those 18 other maps.[View]
7726964What is the best CFW for PSP ? Also my shell screen is broken, where can i find another one ?[View]
7733353Do you prefer this or the first game?[View]
7735949What went wrong?[View]
7724943The more I play older games, the more I ask myself if it's natural to get stuck in them as ofte…[View]
7728849>finally create a Fatal Fury game that's incredible >company dies before they can make a…[View]
7725803> Triangle to win Come on, really? >QT events Bruh... >No dodge roll Dude what the fuck, ar…[View]
7731080Sonic 2 > Sonic 3[View]
7738912Truly a franchise who's legacy is greater than it's games, sad[View]
7731134Arcade Flyer Thread: Oh! Yeah Luigi!! But Slippery floor got me dizzy.[View]
7736663Games you beat as a child but have no recollection of playing it other than knowing that you beat it…[View]
7723067Why does every decrepit boomer and Gen Xer japanese game dev obsess over this one stupid ass schmup?…[View]
7729425Best Snes games[View]
7737656Ghosts 'n Goblins (+ Gargoyle's Quest, Maximo) vs. Castlevania (+ Metroidvania, 3Dvania): …[View]
7738863Now that it's out in a lot of homes now, anyone do a teardown of the Astro City Mini? Intensely…[View]
7738730Heads up. https://twitter.com/HackerVilela/status/1391500753693458433 https://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
7738163Look at this fucking chad They took this from you[View]
7735203>Blonde Batman isn't real, he cannot hurt you >Blonde Batman:…[View]
7737242Thoughts on this retro game?[View]
7733615So I'm looking for Fatal Frame 1 and 2, Japanese versions, for the original Xbox. These are ex…[View]
7738702I prefer Morrowind's handcrafted world design, but with pretty much everything else I prefer Da…[View]
7733824Blonde haired PCs in retro vidya: Other than pic related and Duke, who else is there? anybody is fin…[View]
7733468Log in to an 00's MMORPG you used to play (or any other online game with community features) th…[View]
7735534This game does not improve over DKC1 in any significant way. >you have to pay to save >horribl…[View]
7728670Nintendo 64 vs Gamecube: Which underdog Nintendo console was superior?[View]
7731075What's /vr/'s favourite single-screen scotformer?: Hard mode: no overrated shite like Donk…[View]
7688997Do you have a favourite PC-98 game?[View]
7737624>you thought you could trick me with that fake emerald didn't you >so how did you know it…[View]
7737334they dont make marketing campaigns like they used to...[View]
7738056best strategy game of all time[View]
7732874Armored Armadillo: and there is nothing you can do about it[View]
7734529Just brought a chipped psone, what lesser-known games should I play?[View]
7737798Does anybody know of an adapter for Xbox controllers to connect as if it were a 360 controller? I ha…[View]
7730437ITT: instantly catchy and memorable /vr/ music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0-QqqZv7Vs[View]
7710059Underrated Strategy Gems: Battle Realms is to this day one of the most complex strategy games ever m…[View]
7735604How come Zoomers don't know about this game?[View]
7729532The Nintendo 64 is the greatest console of all time. >near-instant load times >built like a fu…[View]
7736650When I realized hacky emulators like zsnes and snes9x are very unprecise: on zsnes emulation you can…[View]
7731341Shadow Man Remastered: Are you also having so much fun with this secret weapon?[View]
7737562Now that I have no-intro and TOSEC sets for so much classic hardware, I'm finding myself intere…[View]
7734145Here's all the 32 megabit (4 megabyte) Mega Drive games (max limit without bank switching). Too…[View]
7732571Can we talk about how amazing the atmosphere is in Quake? https://youtu.be/gkktyOA06NQ Trent did an …[View]
7689274/CRT/ general: /CRT/ general previous thread >>7640378 This thread is for the spirited discuss…[View]
7727963Console Controllers: I just got back into console gaming, and I'm interested in playing everyth…[View]
7730119How did the Japanese so easily take over video games in the west back in the 80s? It took decades fo…[View]
7730553what are some retro games that still have active modding communities today? (not counting doom, that…[View]
7735530You guys told me this was good!: I remember 20 years ago my little sister and I were making RPG Make…[View]
7735536it's interesting how if you compare retrospective lists for various consoles, the games that po…[View]
7733934>Krusty's Fun House >is actually extremely unfun Eurojank…[View]
7735972Original recommendation images[View]
7734725Dragon Quest: Playing the translated Famicom version right now. I have pretty much everything (Loto…[View]
7736669Cant find the game: Help me remember the name of this game: -It's a early 90s game (maybe late …[View]
7730097>Best mega man game is the most underrated[View]
7734054They run an ad campaign to 'prove' via math, that the Jaguar really was 64-bit, even though no one b…[View]
7730803Using composite on a PS1 is not what the developers have intended.[View]
7734139The Genesis version of Lemmings has the best soundtrack of all the 8/16-bit versions of the game. ht…[View]
7730660>master system had a 16bit cpu >genesis had a 32bit cpu >pc engine had an 8bit cpu >refe…[View]
7735123Can’t recall a thread about this game.: I had fun times playing it when I was a kid, what’s /vr/ opi…[View]
7732490Is Rayforce/Layer Section the or one of the hardest?: Topic says it all^ I can get pretty far in mos…[View]
7735484BEWARE I LIVE[View]
7734136>Be Persian swordsman >Have hot qt3.14 gf >She tells you to go search for an artifact in th…[View]
7736115Give me your best hidden gems. I've played all the well known stuff. Preferably an action arcad…[View]
7735185Bangai-O: How can one game be so much fun?[View]
7734776Sweet https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6082/[View]
7736112okay YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH![View]
7733349Zombies ate my neighbors: Cool game. Opinions?[View]
7733921Does anyone here use the HD Retrovision Dreamcast cables? How are they for 480p? I was wanting to ge…[View]
7734245What's a good place to find how much you can get for a retro game? Is pricecharting.com a good …[View]
7734138Personally, I'm excited for the romhack project bc there are some insanely good remarks out the…[View]
7734546How does Atari 5200 fare upon a modern outlook? It has a reputation of a terrible console, but it se…[View]
7735414The great debate[View]
7732113Thread of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: Finished playing through Castle of Illusion, World of Illu…[View]
7727483Old games you would unironically no bullshit consider timeless masterpieces[View]
7734493Grandia: What went wrong?[View]
7735520>makes sega seethe into making the 32x[View]
7734072The only bad Banjo world, and only bad music track. Ideas and concept are all good, but the level la…[View]
7726491Was it kino?[View]
7735083Which is the better 16-bit Castlevania-Castleroid-Metroidvania?[View]
7726605What's the best Battle Network game and why is it 6?[View]
7728590Power up Power up Power up Power up Power up[View]
7731651ITT, post male /vr/ characters you'd[View]
7731130Why didn't NEC release the PowerVR 3D accelerator and Modem?[View]
7734542Do you like all the strange theories about Stone Tower Temple ?[View]
7731487is this a proper attire for a soldier?[View]
7735153What do you think would've happened if Namco made a console in the fifth gen? They had both cas…[View]
7733515The most brutal mogging of any console generation[View]
7734632Virtual Machine Graphics: Trying to run Kid Pix Deluxe on a Windows XP virtualbox and have the displ…[View]
7716969Where do I go?[View]
7727408mortal kombat thread: mortal kombat thread[View]
7718210Best licensed game on the Genesis[View]
7733259Retro games from your youth: Retro games from your youth - Go! Warzone 2100 Earth 2150 Total annihil…[View]
7726501Just came in :)[View]
7727846SNES, GBA or PS1 ?[View]
7734181Just made an emulation machine from an old laptop, any suggestions for the first ROMs to add? (pic r…[View]
7730942Very strange amiga game: Top banana, a strange amiga game where you collect fruit, save the planet a…[View]
7724319Can a boomer explain what is supposed to be good about Duke Nukem? It's like something Bart Sim…[View]
7734087Is it possible to mod one of these Arcade1Up Countercade machines without replacing the board? I jus…[View]
7726440Die Hard Trilogy PS1: Opinions?[View]
7731370How are the Medabot games? I tried playing the one on GBA that got an official English version but t…[View]
7725235/v/ had nothing to say about this game, so hopefully /vr/ will. >Authentic japanese soundtrack an…[View]
7733440What are best Saturn games to play with regular controller? I don't have arcade stick[View]
7726046>Sega of America[View]
7733979Which was the last game Sid really worked on (i.e. coding and/or design)? Some Gettysburg?[View]
7732061'These will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, excluded from the presence of the Lord and…[View]
7731659Which console was liquidated at the lowest price.: The only one I really know of was the dreamcast a…[View]
7733881Tetris maxing out: So my highest ever score on Tetris is 578.960 points, using the PAL version, star…[View]
7730073What are some retro JRPGs with twists on the bog-standard turn-based combat? Things like following r…[View]
7732393I know i'm going to get some hate for this, but I do not understand why so many people like thi…[View]
7732829This game was really fun, and had a lot of potential, but I feel like they kind of ruined it by maki…[View]
7731072Kusoge shoot 'em ups: What's your favorite shitty shmup? Mine is sky adventure, something …[View]
7728228What defines an arcade game?: Is there some kind of berlin definition for what defines old arcadey 7…[View]
7733120Shadow Man Remake for 20XX confirmed: A miracle happens after all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
7730191Why do you guys like this game so much? I find it overrated. It's such a boring game and I hate…[View]
7728603ITT: ads mocking other games[View]
7729036What would you all consider to be must have retro consoles? Which ones would you are are overrated t…[View]
7733016Gore Thread[View]
7731107>RTS >no map editor Why the fuck there are games like this?…[View]
7728832viewpoint for the neogeo[View]
7731694Anyone remember this old gem?[View]
7731197Street of Rage Remake: What do you think about Street of Rage Remake?[View]
7728375My C64 died today.[View]
7729148Why is this so hard to emulate: Constant fucking stutters. Even trying pre-cache shaders I still get…[View]
7730425Name some games with photorealism: Road Rash (3DO) KillingTIme (3DO) Revolution X (arcade) Termintao…[View]
7732179N64 Kimba: Why didn't it release?[View]
7718291Death Generator Thread: https://deathgenerator.com We haven't had one of these in a good long w…[View]
7730150Were games slower in Eastern Japan?[View]
7732912RG351P handheld: I'm really tempted to buy a RG351P, one of the most recommended Chinese handhe…[View]
7717631Sports Thread: We don't get a lot of sports threads here on /vr/ so i thought i'd change t…[View]
7734916Game Sack: What's the deal?: This fella: Joe Redifer. I genuinely want to know if there's …[View]
7731989what is this from? I think I saw it here and it was a game someone was making to look like a ps1 gam…[View]
7728185>just open up the cartridge and do some soldering, bro! Doncha’ want to grow berries and catch wy…[View]
7732870What retro game engine should someone use to make the best looking maps today? Source? CryEngine? (s…[View]
7724369Is Ocarina of Time the most censored Nintendo game? >Ganondorf's blood changed to green >…[View]
7728293Mario Kart 64: who's your main? favorite track? least favorite track? >toad >frappe snowl…[View]
7725102renting games every weekend was something magical. share your rent stories[View]
7730048They didn't live up to the best console ones but were the best side scrollers of the PC?[View]
7731998Guys, i need your best recommendation for ps1 games. Your very best games!! Everything goes, those g…[View]
77297425 World Cups, 2 World Wars and 1 Sega Master System[View]
7724954What would you say is your limit on collecting old consoles? I would love to get this, or a psone wi…[View]
7727668Is there any way to unlock the 2 'DLC' maps inside the CD now that Live is shut down for the XB?[View]
7728207where did itoi go wrong?[View]
7729108It's simply a remarkably staid affair given the acclaim it receives. It's all very simplis…[View]
7734207Why do people always have to talk during the game? Why are they showing their faces? https://www.you…[View]
7725406luv me 'af-life luv me doo sex luv me max payne simple as[View]
7727756Retro gaming burnout: I used to thoroughly enjoy so many older games, stuff I never really even had …[View]
7732692I constantly hear that the OSSC Pro will support 4K displays. Can someone tell me what that actually…[View]
7728973Hey my /vr/o's, i'm in a little crisis rn. From the beginning of 2020 till today i starte…[View]
7722323Fuck this level.[View]
7712396The Guardian Legend NES: Opinions?[View]
7732327>Sunsoft's Nantettatte!! Baseball for the Famicom included the novel feature of updated team…[View]
7724012Do people really consider this game on the same level as Mario? It's not like it's bad or …[View]
7730101Yo, this game kinda sucks.[View]
7730807>first Bomberman game to have 10-player multiplayer >fucking amazing soundtrack >and all so…[View]
7732486What happened to these guys? Was developing for the Vita a death sentence?[View]
7714163Fuck this gay Earth: >you will never play Thief 2 Gold with missions like going undercover in a c…[View]
7725280DOWNLOAD OPENRCT2: https://openrct2.com/ Awesome Downloads: >RCT1 recreations - updated and metic…[View]
7731750Rare shit bros. I’m literally cooming now.[View]
7731859Arcade Scotformers: Do you guys enjoy such games as Mega Twins, Wonder Boy, Wardner, and Joe & M…[View]
7724207History repeats itself?: >In an interview with Dengeki Super Famicom, Shigeru Miyamoto admitted t…[View]
7727160Recommendations: Post your >Year of birth (or don't) >Consoles Others recommend games you…[View]
7727191>ywn play on another 32 vs 32 AOW server and secretly sneak into the enemy base to plant a beacon…[View]
7731642>screen doesn't scroll until you're literally at the edges of it >enemies are just r…[View]
7728896Wheel of Time: Found my original, bitches. I never did play this even though I love the books. What …[View]
7691461ITT: creepy part from old games[View]
7724984post /vr/ devs / behind the scenes pics: Tomonobu Itagaki and Yu Suzuki in 1997[View]
7728242What was Apple thinking when they released this?[View]
7731052Best Eva kusoge[View]
7730474Euro bros, I kneel...[View]
7725673ITT: PC shooter ports on console. what's your favorite one of these games? all retro consoles w…[View]
7730412How are you Ghouls n Ghosts n Goblins n Demons n Castillas 1ccs going this week?[View]
7713285Puyo: What is the best Puyo game, and why is it Puyo Sun?[View]
7730286recently bought a reasonable rig, what are some good PC retro games?[View]
7713319Is it worth it to spend a small fortune seeking a GBA (normal or SP), mod a backlit screen on an ori…[View]
7730870What's /vr/ opinions on games like mammotte knight?[View]
7721171>game is quite literally an unplayable broken piece of shit >features what is arguably the mos…[View]
7730640Mario Party 3 Was Released In The States 20 Years Ago Today[View]
7730258Pinball Dreams SNES: Opinions? What is the best port?[View]
7714826What was it like playing this on PC in the early 2000s?[View]
7726620Abandoned mascot thread.[View]
7727621Owning weird consoles back in the day Anonymous Thu: Did you or any of your friends own any of the s…[View]
7725819Are there any good licensed games on the PS1 that are worth checking out?[View]
7729310>plug in mischief makers >anon, age 16 on save file 1…[View]
7727980Which was the king ninja franchise[View]
7728635Do you think with proper development it could have been a decent port?[View]
7730419tfw you realize emulation is plain better than playing on actual 5th gen hardware >get high resol…[View]
7717125Mario was objectively medicore after SMB3: The levels have no personality. Look at DKC2 or DKC3: Eve…[View]
7727875Does anyone have the 1.0 rom of Ocarina of Time?[View]
7724297/puzzle/: We like to play puzzle games. What have you been playing recently?[View]
7727208But WHY tho[View]
7728090Is the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night unplayable, or are the performance issues something y…[View]
7725552How do I force myself to like the sidequests?[View]
7721265Steve: based or cringe?[View]
7729596Post 90s grossness: Keeps the sensitive zoomers away.[View]
7725324>dad says he will buy a game for me, I ask him for taz escape from mars >he says it was too ex…[View]
7727718What the fuck: The fuck is happening to PS1 games market, shit that was $40 - $50 all last year is n…[View]
7725267pick your favorite from these 4[View]
7716402REmake made a lot of changes that improved the original like ... ... ... .. .[View]

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