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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 246 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7005189Yearly Dark Savior thread. You haven't forgotten to love this game this year right?[View]
7007513Collecting/hoarding: Anyone else enjoy gaming less when they have a huge collection to choose from? …[View]
7006631Was it peak vidya?[View]
7001152question: why so many people use the PSP to play PSX games even though it only has 2 triggers instea…[View]
6999209I dug my old PS2 out of storage today. I'd like to get everything I need to mod this to play fr…[View]
7003204what are your favorite Ultraman games?[View]
6999580This is my wife, Lammy. She hasn't been getting any gigs lately and the other boards don't…[View]
7003164Am I the only one who absolutely adores this game? I play it all to completion several times a year.[View]
7006857Fuck Marry Kill[View]
7004320It's out. They have the nerve to charge for it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1436930/Temp…[View]
7005181Could you imagine how good this would be if there were rooms over rooms?[View]
7002598Why is this game so bad? It's so fucking boring and soulless[View]
6986394Let's have a King's Field/Shadow Tower thread[View]
7005286Thoughts? Too bad it's a Japanese only release as usual. What's the point then? Why wouldn…[View]
6996267System Shock 1 or 2?: I've beat 2 several times, just finished my first playthrough of 1. In ma…[View]
7002923WARIO LAND THREAD: - PERFECT EDITION - All of the Wario Land games are Perfection. >Favorite Game…[View]
6983035sonic adventure: what do you think of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2?[View]
6999763Is artificial difficulty/lengthening an actual thing or are zoomers just crybabies?[View]
7006929Translation NEVER[View]
6993835While maybe commonplace these days, what are some earlier examples of self-referential meta in older…[View]
7003909FM masterpieces: Post kino FM songs. Bonus points if they push the line on what seems possible with …[View]
7007223Someone out there thought a Spectrum port of Street Fighter II was a good idea. Let that thought slo…[View]
7007170ITT: Weird ways to unlock characters in old games: >In the backstage area, make your way to the d…[View]
7006898What is a man? >flings his mountain dew aside[View]
6998561This game is like a solid 9/10 once you uncensor it, reinstate points earnings for executions, set t…[View]
7004951Why can't the headcrabs posses Gordon?[View]
6999429Treasure Thread: Post your >top three games of theirs >favorite member of Treasure >what yo…[View]
7003792How many times have you beaten this masterpiece?[View]
7002508*kills 2D games forever*[View]
7004595What are some good NES, SNES or GB(C) games for netplay with a friend that feature simultaneous mult…[View]
7003742I'll just leave this here...[View]
7005983Didnt they just redesign the sprites from River City Ransom?[View]
7006371Stand aside, best retro fighting game coming through...[View]
7004369Easiest/Hardest game system to collect for?: Was thinking of starting a retro game library, what con…[View]
7003951Did anyone play King's Quest VIII: The Mask of Eternity?[View]
7003157Holy kino.[View]
6994553The prequel to Cory in the house is not very good.[View]
7004207Who is your favorite shoto?[View]
6999716Why are they like this?[View]
7002679What do u think are the secret sauce of reasons why people still remember and play 30 year old games…[View]
7004265>the 3DO had one game out when it was released >it was called Crash & Burn…[View]
7001476Resident Evil with Samurai and demons is pretty fun /vr/, you should try it[View]
7003530Fighting Game Suggestions?: Suggest a good retro fighting game for me and my buds to play. We alread…[View]
6994626>Everyone calls it 'Raccoon Mario' because nobody knows what a Tanuki Dog is outside of Japan …[View]
6999820I lost all respect for Otacon when he simped for Sniper Wolf[View]
7005029ITT: We improve retro games: >Add a banking system where your coins are deposited after every map…[View]
7002158>This kills CRTfags: D'oh[View]
6999975what the fuck. I can't even beat this first mission without getting insta killed by the drive-b…[View]
7005123why is Golbez a giant if he's cecils brother? and if he's cecil sized when they fight zero…[View]
7005341>he didn't play as Donald[View]
7004508ITT Retro Disney Games: There's probably some guy out there who gained an inflation fetish from…[View]
7004963Why did Playstation games look and run better than N64 games? The PS1 is like 3 times weaker on pape…[View]
7003886The best way to play retro games: In compilations/anthologies. Pic related is the only one I can thi…[View]
7004254Any good games for the PcW16?[View]
7005085SEGA CD games with co-op?: Only one I can think of is pic related. Any others?[View]
7000289Games better than the movies they're based on[View]
7004976Repair/Mod General: Bring your repair, mod, and other technical questions here. What are you working…[View]
7003818>Does one sidewalk slam >Knock down everyone in the ring Literally better than any Smackdown g…[View]
6998249Thoughts on this game?[View]
7002849It’s bad. Recycled assets everywhere. Spam magic to win. Highly overrated.[View]
7001912Which version is the best?[View]
6991290*filters you*[View]
6994190Jak vs Ratchet vs Sly: 3...2...1...GO!!![View]
7002664What went so winner[View]
7001375Choose one[View]
7000824>In 2002 Eternal Darkness received higher review scores than Resident Evil Remake which came out …[View]
7004750This is a damn good game![View]
7001442Double Dragon (Game Boy): This game is really fucking great, but also really goddamn hard. It's…[View]
6997996What went wrong?[View]
6994659Analogue Duo: Thoughts? Plays TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine CD-ROM2…[View]
7001953>goes from being one of the most beloved developers of all time to a complete joke and one of the…[View]
7000460rat bastard cheating fuck game: GIVE ME A GODDAMN SHIELD, WHY WON'T YOU DROP A SHIELD THIS IS A…[View]
7002378piece of shiturn: name a console that's more overrated by hipster weeaboo failures than this fu…[View]
7003380Splatterhouse 3: Thoughts on this game? Is it worth my time? Loved the first one, not so much the se…[View]
7002063I started this about an hour ago and have done absolutely nothing but watch cutscenes and occasional…[View]
7002224Do you miss cereal box PC games? They used to have them everywhere. By the mid 2000's most stor…[View]
6999456DOOM/QUAKE LORE THREAD: The lore of iDs games, though sparse, is based as fuck. Since the Retro FPS …[View]
6996435I don't understand why everyone creams their pants over this game. 90% of indie games are cloni…[View]
7003487Well did he?[View]
6978648>Shorter than SH 1 & 2 >Less endings than SH 1 & 2 and only one is avaliable on your f…[View]
7001217Was yuzo koshiro really big enough back then to have his name front and center on the title screen o…[View]
7002396What do you guys think of the constant random encounter rate that occurs in the classic FF games? (I…[View]
7002006SM64 sucks thread 3: This ugly ass game sucks,it gives you motion sickness,Play Other Mario Games Or…[View]
6988667Dodongo's Cavern MAJOR GLITCH that proves Ocarina is bullshit/trash: >Go through Dodongo…[View]
7003427pour some out for the dead /vr/ homies https://youtu.be/rXUb4gdgpbI[View]
7002386Do you have sealed /vr/ games just lying around?[View]
6998158Post Retro Romhacks that oozes with SOUL: Im first http://info.sonicretro.org/Metal_Sonic_Hyperdrive…[View]
7003685GET NECRO'D: GET necron’d yes sock it to me bone daddy[View]
6999742The puzzles in this game are too hard and the enemies respawning is annoying, there I said it.[View]
6998725What's your favourite James Bond game, /vr/?[View]
6999996Can /vr/ refute this 'Most Recommended' review? Probably not. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/563…[View]
7000813ITT: Games that only homosexuals dislike.[View]
7000737Why does /vr/ hate the Amiga?[View]
7000150What's the verdict on the MSX game 'Real Time Roleplaying Game: Rambo (Ranboo): Hell's Her…[View]
6997620Why do people not like this game? It's amazing.[View]
7001918I feel like there is an untapped market for 'accessibility' peripherals. My mom only has 1 arm, and…[View]
7002907Should I sell my collection: I've been collecting Playstation games since I was a kid. I have a…[View]
699849210/10 horror games only[View]
6994043Damn it feels good to play as the devs intended.[View]
6998451EWJ thread. dont let trannys bait you into giving them (you)s. just post EWJ. I recently beat it for…[View]
6996447Bow down to the 8-bit king, the Atari 7800[View]
7002135Thoughts on this retro MMORPG?[View]
6983546Why was the hike 'n strike genre so shallow and monotonous until the creation of God Hand, /vr/…[View]
7000284What was the first game you ever remember playing?[View]
6993105/vrbst/: present your battlestations and your girlfriend's huge rack if applicable[View]
7001230PS1-era Final Fantasy power rankings: What are your opinions, /vr/. Best beginning: >1. FF9 >2…[View]
6998428What's your favorite TF2 class? For me, it's Heavy.[View]
6999045When your video game adaptation adds so much lore you wonder if it should be part of the source mate…[View]
7001868What if...: ...I use a PC light gun, and plug my PC to a modern TV to play MAME or Dreamcast games?…[View]
7001207>Completely obliterated the Sega Shiturn despite both coming after it good riddance! Now say hi t…[View]
7001327Mega man: That's it[View]
6997413The /vr/ equivalent of the last of us part 2[View]
6998830Gielinor... home...[View]
6999687Zelda Williams will give you a slurpy head if you manage to come up with one reason that this game i…[View]
7000432Name a more intimidating playable character in a fighting game[View]
7002074Why so many developers back in the day lacked even the most basic and elementary sense of aesthetic …[View]
6999129/Sony SingStar/: Let's get this party started already! Divinas or Populares?[View]
6997198>2 magazines on backup[View]
7000632do people also shit up local boards with stuff like this in your guys area? please tell me people do…[View]
7002457YO SKATER[View]
7002359>Reimaginingins > Remasters >>>> Reboots >>>>>>>>>> …[View]
6993123Required Watching: Watch Displaced Gamers if you care at all how developers were making games and ho…[View]
7002017What are some good PC-98 titles that aren't VNs? Not against them but I feel like there's …[View]
6999915I'll just leave this here...[View]
6996869got localized and re-released on switch back in august. haven't beaten it yet, but i'm rea…[View]
7002301>made exclusively to get rid of old stock Atari computers[View]
7001182Interview with Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Level Designer Michael Wolf. Anyone else out there who st…[View]
7000965Been playing this (Super Famicom remake) after finishing 1 and 2, in 2 enemy AI seemed to just rando…[View]
6998818what are some fun retro games to play while tripping on acid? LSD obviously, but any other good game…[View]
7001624>'I just f***ing hate this world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass-mmm. My whole life …[View]
7001967>trying to play an old Windows game before 2000 that doesn't have GoG release >it's …[View]
7000210>design the best hitscanning enemies in a FPS >make the rest of the enemies okay to just shitt…[View]
6993630Do you think that more source code to retro video games should be released to the general public? ht…[View]
6999970Do zoomers even get the joke and subversiveness?[View]
6998651My favorite Capcom game? Magic Sword.[View]
7001461https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-_KMq7tOJg ghosts n goblins if he commodore[View]
6999612>he doesn't believe the Secret of Mana series are the greatest action RPGs ever made cringe…[View]
6996593What went wrong?[View]
6994909What the fuck is the best video output solution for Gamecube games, I've gone down the rabbit h…[View]
6999000Was ANYONE fooled by his ploy?[View]
6995183I'm not suprised that sonic runs so well on snes, considering snes has the more efficient proce…[View]
6992095Sega is releasing prototype games for its 60th anniversary: X-treme bros is it finally time? Could w…[View]
6993469Refinement/Improvement Patches: These are some of my favorite romhacks/patches/whatever you want to …[View]
6995884What does /vr/ have against emulators?[View]
6999501why are zoomers terrified of this game? who started this retarded meme?[View]
6999115make a game based on arcadia from Scp. Which Basic is retro game theme. It is atari as some Weird cu…[View]
6998892Why hasn't a rpg based on musical instruments been made?[View]
7000928My brothers I just acquired a mint 27' CRT, I am excited to hook things up to it. At the moment all …[View]
6997401I miss Squaresoft like you wouldn't believe, bros. Was their output from 1995-2000 the stronges…[View]
6997245Should I play the text adventures before Phantasy Star II?[View]
6999467What is your opinion on Howard Phillips?[View]
6997515Will it ever be topped?[View]
7000802Play Slob Zone 3D.[View]
6995339GBA/Gamecube connectivity: What are you fags' thoughts or experiences on Nintendo pushing GBA c…[View]
6998114>has a 75hz display Nothing personnel, emudev[View]
7000692Heather was canonically raped & is a lesbian in SH3: How does that make you feel?[View]
6997772FPGA: Lets have a civilised discussion about FPGA systems[View]
6985450Ahh, the worst of the classic RE games.[View]
6995180Alright, start talking about RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 brought to us by some Russian guy and the fucki…[View]
7000514So explain to me how k owing that male gorodos are 1000 years old heightens the lore or adds to the …[View]
6996101https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWQ0591PAxM Ok so I watched this 'The making of Micro Mages' video a…[View]
6997250This game is trash compared to 64 or Galaxy. I'm almost certain everyone who loves this game g…[View]
6999583Elf: The Movie: Elf: The Movie: The Game[View]
6996534I noticed that a lot of zoomer girls are really into retro games. Met a few ones recently thanks to …[View]
7000304I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
6998841Did they deserve it?[View]
6992028Retroid pocket 2 buyers remorse thread: Well bros, it finally game, and I think I got (mostly) fucki…[View]
6993232>almost 20 years old >no other multiplayer game has come even close to touching it Really make…[View]
6996193What is your goto game for master system, meaning a game you can pick up and play and expect to alwa…[View]
6995729no emulation. just as god intended[View]
6999571>A hidden World 9 is accessible if the player does not use a warp zone It's little things li…[View]
6995290Sonic 2 (8-bit) 28th anniversary. Say something nice about Tails birthday.[View]
6995602What's your favourite Arcade RPG, /vr/?[View]
6997136When your mom picks out a game for your Christmas present because she thought the cover art was cool…[View]
6998703Why did Rare just give up on Stop n Swop? When they found out that Nintendo's hardware revision…[View]
6999775So much kino on a single disc[View]
6990216ITT: Games that were too violent[View]
6998590Anyone know this game?: Im looking for a game I played due to borrowing it as a kid at a party. I co…[View]
6999285Shining the Holy Ark: Is this game worth the hype?[View]
6981609what are some good retro games stuck in fan translation hell[View]
6994890It’s a Masterpiece[View]
6981176Spooky Halloween Games: >Hey /vr/. Whatcha been playing to celebrate the Halloween season?…[View]
6999347'The game's control setup is its most terrifying element. The left analog stick moves you forwa…[View]
6999494Name a more badass soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWkGBwnwSvs I wish more games had mus…[View]
6993045What's the difference between 'getting filtered' and genuinely bad design?: Am curious.[View]
6996653Super 3D Noah's Ark: Bought this off Steam and it's surprisingly fun[View]
6993420/DRAGONBALL/: Official DB games ranking Top 5: 1. Super Butouden 2 2. Gekishin Freezer!! 3. Super Bu…[View]
6997775He can see it, why can't you? https://groups.google.com/g/rec.games.video.nintendo/c/NyIq9WkJdD…[View]
6998949What does /vr/ consider to be the first Willyvania? Is it Montezuma's Revenge or Adventure?[View]
6998053SHADOW OF ROME: Which was the best character and why was it ANTONIVS?[View]
6992176Arcane Dimensions 1.80 released: Happy Samhain /vr/ Sköl! http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design/sp/ad.…[View]
6998087Was it really that bad?[View]
6991849What does /vr/ think of the Budokai series?[View]
6998463Do you prefer retro first-person or third-person shooters?[View]
6991531>a single guy has remasterd the entirety of Zelda for the NES What is Nintendo even doing? https:…[View]
6997021>Take GTA. >Remove shitty gunplay. >Remove clunky third person movement. >Keep open worl…[View]
6997292Underrated Game Boy Music: I'm just going to post some. Feel free to add to it, just add the ti…[View]
6994848ITT retarded things you heard from your schoolyard mates back in the day. > PS1 is the same as X3…[View]
6987936What does R stand for?[View]
6998292What is your favourite retro game?[View]
6998294What are some of the most disappointing sequels to good games? What went wrong?[View]
6998108Has anyone had any luck running HIt & Run on Ubuntu using Wine? My internet's capped (I got…[View]
6992805Wow, this aged poorly[View]
6993260Welp, RIP Legend of the Dragoon disc 2. Shippied it off to a cd repair company, got it back, still f…[View]
6954364Nintendo Gigaleak Thread 21: Crappy GB Emu Edition: Last thread: >>6896725 Main Gigaleaks doc:…[View]
6997131Recently I have a fascination with 8-bit/16-bit sport scoreboards. Show me your faves.[View]
6994856Shame Castlevania didn't make it in 3D. The concepts and setting are clearly one of the best, e…[View]
6994392Help me! If I want to connect a Super famicom (JAP) in Europe without problems which power supply do…[View]
6993389best stealth game: metal queer aint got shit on the bros[View]
6994842What are some other retro games with good pc ports?[View]
6996056We could have had it all bros[View]
6992187Yup just the 7 kings of the kingdoms surrounding Mushroom Kingdom: No deep lore to see here![View]
6987923This is a no games console[View]
6997496How would you rate this game?[View]
6994861Who are your three favorite /vr/ developers?[View]
6995296What are your favorite stories of the late console wars?[View]
6994557What went so absolutely wrong? Was it lack of creativity? The overwhelming success of Banjo? An ups…[View]
6988489The dark souls of retro gaming[View]
6998031https://www.fandom.com/articles/super-mario-bros-35-jobs-plumber > Read article > bullshit, in…[View]
6994296What's the most common/most widely distributed pinball machine?[View]
6997861No, DKC 2 was never called 'Diddy's Kong Quest'.: It was all in your mind.[View]
6995512Back in the day, id always choose the GC version of a game over PS2, and i never had XBox. Mainly be…[View]
6996772No one mains Kyokugen.[View]
6995682I was wrong... games actually can age badly[View]
6997160Rope ($ROPE): I'm new to this board usually on /biz/ cooming green bars all day but would like …[View]
6994635SM64 Sucks Thread 2: The Game Still Sucks And Is Very Bad,Play Other 3D Mario games[View]
6994131How long would it have taken Tim F to 'programme' this? Are we talking weeks/months? Also,…[View]
6997476>he has no style >he has no grace >only a funny face Why do they even hangout with him?…[View]
6990953Should I sell my pvm-14n2u and buy a 36 inch Sony trinitron wega? They are like $50 locally and the …[View]
6991628Post Skeletons[View]
6990849Favorite retro MMORPGs: What's your favorite retro MMORPGs? Mine are Ultima Online, The Sims On…[View]
6996689So wtf do I do in the meantime while I wait for the big hand to hit 12?[View]
6996482eyyyy guys. herd yer talk'bout ps2 games in'ere, so I bought a ps2 recently (well no, the …[View]
6995517>brings you the best isometric games[View]
6989804XStations are finally coming. Did you get one? What's the first game you're gonna play on …[View]
6993798Any other Gameboy ports that went above and beyond like this game?[View]

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