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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 210 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7970071Why can't I find this game for sale anywhere?[View]
7965306Flash Games: Are pre-2007 flash games /vr/? What games on Newgrounds, Miniclip, etc. did you used to…[View]
7969994Do you consider using glitches and bugs to your advantage cheating?[View]
7968438pinball: Do pinball tables limit how long I can hold a flipper?[View]
7969553Help: How would you write the onomatopoeia for when the n64 thwomp smashes on the ground?[View]
7969590Peak vidya[View]
7956197You *do* delete roms after 24 hours, dont you anons?[View]
7960545Why is Carmack so smug bros?[View]
7969565Beyond the Oasis: WHY THE FUCK does /vr/ never talk about this game? Also, Treasure of the Rudras, …[View]
7968382Human DNA has an information storage capacity that very neatly fits the size of a GameCube game. Thu…[View]
7969125Post 3d Official not in-game art from Retro Games[View]
7969182Why wasn't this game successful in Japan and why did it become a cult classic in US, with Metro…[View]
7966309The special stages legitimately make this game stop being fun: >Have to deliberately gather as ma…[View]
7970954there is a specific look that certain pre-rendered games have, especially PC games from the late 90s…[View]
7968695Games that were retro but could be released today: So I'm still playing through the Valkryie Pr…[View]
7968789Are secrets bad game design?: With a secret being anything hidden in a game that's not hinted a…[View]
7971532What are the top 400 N64 games of all time?[View]
7970609why did critics hate it why did it seem like so many at the time held in to simply went back to mk64…[View]
7968454What are prerendered graphics? And what's the difference between non? Why do people make such a…[View]
7966495PSP Emulator Pack: If anybody is still using their PSP, or thinking of getting one, and wants the la…[View]
7965018Ps1/Ps2 Wireless: >$40 MSRP/ $32 KS >2.4 Ghz How do y’all feel about this? $40 isn’t that much…[View]
7968726What games should someone play on Saturn if they were gonna do a Saturn marathon and hadn't pla…[View]
7967193What are some good level ROM hacks of Super Mario Bros. 3? I've tried some out and found limite…[View]
7969957Post games that are very short but sweet[View]
7962017was it confusing playing the original Metroid when Samus disrobed at the end?[View]
7969603Please recommend me some good Doom wads. Thank you[View]
7968719Best game in the series, fuck what you heard[View]
7968581Have u ever beaten Final Fantasy VIII Bahamut at low level with no magic stat junction only ability …[View]
7966306is this game good https://cdromance.com/gba-roms/super-robot-taisen-j-english-patched-jpn/[View]
7970295Appliance Restoration: I have a couple consoles that I'm looking to clean up so I can display t…[View]
7960361Would this have sucked sweaty balls if it actually came out or would it have saved the Saturn?[View]
7963197I have no friends who are interested in this hobby.[View]
7967886For those of you who actually got to play Sonic 2 back at release in 1992, what was your reaction to…[View]
7969080Find Grassi[View]
7968873Just what or who could have broken Akuma's arm and put him on a crutch?[View]
7968514The final stage tested my mental sanity and made me reevaluate by life decisions >1-hit kill boss…[View]
7956365Star Ocean: >The year is 2021 >I am forgotten…[View]
7968520How did they fuck up Sonic's first multiplatform game so badly? It was such a crucial moment fo…[View]
7969509Just started playing Baldur's Gate 1 for the first time what should I expect and what are peopl…[View]
7969070Do the Ultima underworld games hold up as well as pic related? just finished it and I need more.[View]
7969817Name a port that is better than the arcade original[View]
7966474Will there ever be a way to see old graphics the way we used to see them?: I know that remasters exi…[View]
7969561Things or levels in non-horror games that scared you.[View]
7962642Swiss: Just got these bad boys. What underrated or rare/hard to find Gamecube game should I perfectl…[View]
7965826Why do most CRT filters look like ass? Pic related[View]
7969914Happy birthday Arle![View]
7965624only the soundtrack holds up[View]
7964201Was the Gamecube really 'stronger' than the PlayStation 2?[View]
7969371Here's a stupid question I can just google. Do they sell USB adapters/microsd flash carts for S…[View]
7969823Is pvp pocket light good for playing NES games?[View]
7960764/survivalhorror/: What survival horror game are you emulating now? What do you think of it so far?…[View]
7968308challenging puzzle games threads[View]
7965125Dungeon Crawlers: What are some good dungeon crawler games? Gauntlet Dark Legacy is one of my favori…[View]
7964224Crash Bandicoot was never that impressive, it was simply Sony’s answer to Sonic which was Sega’s ans…[View]
7965820How was the Xbox viewed when it first launched in 2001? Did people really treat it as a serious cons…[View]
7957692Which controller has the best dpad?[View]
7967482>puts a shit ton of spikes in the water >all races always have four racers but if you get four…[View]
7966562thoughts? grew up with this game, is it as good as my brain tells me it is?[View]
7969383Do we have charts like this for older retro consoles, like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis?[View]
7967759aged like a fine wine, the cheaper kind you can get at any liquor store but tastes pretty good[View]
7969482>Filters you in you are path[View]
7969372>tfw games like Tanglewood and Micro Mages aren't retroactively added to 'top games of all t…[View]
7961721'the camera is bad': I see people say this about Super Mario 64. What do they mean by this? Played i…[View]
7968895Looking for something to play: Wanted to find something new to emulate any suggestions?[View]
7966640You can play Windows 9x games on Dosbox, right? So, that means every PC games that exist before the …[View]
7969107What do we think of graded retro games?[View]
7964712Has there ever been a PlayStation 1 game which had such hefty savegame data that it required two mem…[View]
7968969Allies are OP as fuck Jesus Christ did they not bother to balance this thing?[View]
7967282Why does RE psx soundtrack sounds a lot like they use dorian and phyrian mostly?[View]
7963468This game is pretty good. Feels like a prototype Call of Duty. The main character even looks like Ca…[View]
7965581SADX and SA2B are now multiplatform. what changes?[View]
7966365>you now prossess dracula's rib >prossess…[View]
7964292This is the best game ever made. Prove me wrong.[View]
7954984Which one was your favorite?: And why?[View]
7967545Help me remember an arcade title. I played the game around 97 or 98. It was a sit down double cabine…[View]
7965601Playing this for the first time ever, what do I think of it? ... It's amazing[View]
7968064this game's puzzles makes me feel dumb please recommend me puzzle games like this one that can …[View]
7967934Beat em up: Does any other beat em up game even come close to guardian heroes? Different paths, grea…[View]
7967197Just bought it what am I in for?[View]
7967063Why did EuroCHADS create the greatest and the most timeless retro game music? Also an overlooked an…[View]
7960125Konami and licensed games: TMNT, Tiny Toons, The Simpsons, Aliens, X-Men, etc... Seems that Konami, …[View]
7961575this is much harder than I remember[View]
7968492Trash or a decent way to have a cabaret sized cabinet?[View]
7968390Why the fuck can't someone just fucking make a decent Saturn emulator? Yabause and SSF are tras…[View]
7963162How did nobody notice how glitchy and flawed this game was on release? >inb4 it’s just the dx ver…[View]
7965146I don't think my thread was offtopic though? I had a genuine question about the juxtaposition o…[View]
7955716game anyway!): Post your favorite adventure game death summary messages. Space Quest, King's Q…[View]
7967739Was it kino?[View]
7962625Weird setups: Did anyone have some weird setups you look back on and wonder why or how? When I first…[View]
7963937This doesn't seem like very good value for money[View]
7968290Started playing this, not sure what to spend my money on and how to heal efficiently. Read the manua…[View]
7966414Was he a mistake?[View]
79525603D Pinball Space Cadet Thread??: High Scores? Thoughts? Memories? Critiques? GIMME![View]
7967334Just bought one of these for SF2T, any other games that would be fun to play with this?[View]
7966305Pathologic: was it kino?[View]
7968283Always hated Racing arcades because they charge too much and it feels like you can't get good w…[View]
7963075What do you guys think of the Digimon World series?[View]
7968164Retro Game Boxes: I've been putting together a couple of retro game boxes recently, with relati…[View]
7961693what was it like to experience Ocarina of Time in November 1998[View]
7954570Why was there never a Metroid 64?[View]
7968062where my butodenbros at?[View]
7964172Is nethack /vr/ or /tg/ at this point? Does anyone actually still play it? Share some funny or inter…[View]
7968005Earthbound 64: Just woke up to this a few hours ago. Thoughts? >Pic related…[View]
7964068Would it really be that difficult to code a dropdown menu to select internal resolution? Wtf was the…[View]
7967116>Arcade game doesn't let you continue if you die to the final boss Pain. What happened if yo…[View]
7967931Color depth: What are some examples of early PC games having color depths beyond the norm? By far th…[View]
7964753How is it?[View]
7962753Despite Nintendont being around for 5 years, fixing many performance issues with Gamecube games ther…[View]
7964608Post obscure 3D .[View]
7964614Any explanation for why my PSX backups sometimes freeze or cause a system refresh on loading screens…[View]
7957162words of wisdom: >Do it when you can ITT we post the best words of wisdom from retro games. Pic v…[View]
7967819The best part (and what I my eyes redeems Wrastlin games) is the character creator[View]
7965147Shoot em' ups & Danmakus: I'm playing Super Earth Defense Force for Super Nintendo and…[View]
7959091Started playing through Lost Vikings 1, looking forward to playing Norse by Norsewest next. What…[View]
7960260Find a flaw.[View]
7966024Have you played it yet?[View]
7967510http://www.savejapan.com/shop/?fbclid=IwAR2OaYsJ__chtx4Isxf9kFHp8Rnr72yFJRuKr9IwxIVinxnflcAsPX3-qEQ …[View]
7966042What are some rare PS2 games?[View]
7950383This is your regular reminder to check and replace your caps![View]
7962259Nintendo Power #1 Storytime: Get the power[View]
7961527July 19, 2001: Exactly 20 years ago, the gaming world was blessed with the release of this masterpie…[View]
7963061Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 and 3 discussion. Did you get the remake? Did you enjoy the remake? What sy…[View]
7967284What game(s) do you consider to have overall great sound design?[View]
7967231How the FUCK do you complete this on hard mode ? There's not a single health refill in this fuc…[View]
7962874Uhh how the FUCK do I get good?[View]
7963834neo geo: how can I git a neo geo arcade cabin and some game cartridges for a cheap price on eBay?…[View]
7965907Why were Sega consoles so much more popular in Europe and the UK than they were in the US?[View]
7950054Inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee...: >Dreammix TV World Fighters (2003) >Battle Stadium D.O…[View]
7964297Do you think releasing the Pluto instead of the Dreamcast would have been a better move?[View]
79670933d0 laser replacement: Found one of these at a yard sale a few years ago, but the laser is dead. Any…[View]
7961339ITT:Ambitious videogame projects that were never completed as intended: Pic related and Shenmue are …[View]
7961678>Best /vr/ western-developed Simpsons game >It's just a reskinned Amiga game Really makes…[View]
7965243Why did it fail? was it simply the exorbitant price? released too early? how could've been save…[View]
7965403Now that the dust has settled is this even a video game?[View]
7957259She gets impaled by the Tyrant, gets her tit shot, free falls for a kilometer or so... And then she …[View]
7966807We allowed to talk about rom hacks here? Got into sm64 lately. Finished star road ( 6/10 ) then fini…[View]
7966760What do you guys think of this series and a pic related specifically? Ecco fans are usually not very…[View]
7966674How do I play this? I lost my old physical copy years ago and the only thing I can find is one old, …[View]
7966381>back in the day i unironically enjoyed rise of the triad and heretic more than doom…[View]
7963635>click repeatedly after falling on the other side without success >end up googling it after tr…[View]
7965396Favorite Retro Platformer Levels: Whats your favorite /vr/ platformer level? > (3D or 2D so long…[View]
7961171Who was the definitive mascot for the PS1?: And why was it Punky Skunk?[View]
7962643How do you feel about geezers in retro games?[View]
7963252Did miyamoto ever commented on atari games he played?[View]
7966382>'I AM THE WIND'[View]
7965614Alright kiddos, after grinding a whole day: I am going to go for the gold and beat VP:L Does anyone …[View]
7959103bitch about RF quality all you want but it was the only method that let you daisy chain all your con…[View]
7964113PS2 Classic Mini: Would you buy if Sony releases this in the future? How much will you be willing to…[View]
7949068Why didn't Sonyntendo take online seriously? Some crumbs like SOCOM and PSO and nothing else.[View]
7962771You must post in this thread if you play JRPGs: Mystic Powers grant me a miracle![View]
7960938MAP13: MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN: DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>7954134 DOOM/II…[View]
7965781I am starting a /vr/ Music Track Jam thread. Post your favorites >to begin https://youtu.be/oR_C…[View]
7950897Final Fantasy IV: Can someone explain to me why this game can be considered the best in the series b…[View]
7961561What are my options if I want a brand new CRT Television? Are there any companies that are still man…[View]
7964473Purisu buy an XBOX, it's just rike hambagah[View]
7962076Amiga has better music than any other retro console by such a large margin it's not even fair. …[View]
7956457Is it a good idea to get a 60GB PS3 for PS1, PS2 and 16 bit era emulation?[View]
7957615Crazy Taxi Thread Bitches!: Gimme ur shit. High Scores, Thoughts, Memories, Hate, Fkn anything.…[View]
7965491To this day this gun was fucking cool and I wish we could have used it.[View]
7963147ITT: Unreleased HNG 64 Vidya: There have been a number of games for the Hyper Neo Geo 64 that were s…[View]
7953527Contemporary review of Symphony of the Night: were they right?[View]
7959140Does anyone else remember in 2009 when you could walk into Goodwill on pretty much any day and pick …[View]
7956253Mario 64 embarrassment: I didn't know there was a desert/Egyptian themed level on Super Mario 6…[View]
7961742Do you consider using a Turbo NES controller cheating?[View]
7963046What the fucking fuck were they THINKING???[View]
7963810>completely trivializes the game[View]
7960952i can beat the snes version but this has always been difficult for me to feel like i can get good. p…[View]
7965206Worth Playing?: So, I recently got Holy Diver from Retro-Bit and I have an NES on the way, is the ga…[View]
7957669Playing Rocket Knight Adventures for the first time and fucking loving it, but I just got filtered b…[View]
7962493Why did Mega Man X end here?[View]
7961653I love snowboarding games, and I'm coming off an SSX3 high with Amped 2. I never really played …[View]
7961972I hate this nigga like you wouldn't believe. Seriously, how the fuck are you supposed to beat h…[View]
7964995Alundra: I started playing this the other day after seeing the recent thread about it, and the platf…[View]
7962724How the ASS do you get this game to play? I installed it on a DOS-based Windows 9x OS and it won…[View]
7957534What's the Super Mario Bros. of retro video games?[View]
7937662/vroom/ - ЯR: Retro Racing / The Real Retro Racing General: Welcome to The Garage, a thread where fa…[View]
7963821After playing this game for the first time in my life, it's very good, but I find it a bit off-…[View]
7964643Makaimura better than classic mega man?: I've been playing the first and second games and I…[View]
7963330Planescape: Torment: About an hour into this game and it's really fucking good. I could never g…[View]
7963097Retro gaming on a VM/Linux retro gaming: Is it still worthwhile to set up dedicated gaming VMs with …[View]
7964073I'm putting together a team.[View]
7958934Anybody here played this? Is it good?[View]
7963190Finding a game: Does anyone know the name of a sega game where at the end of the level, or the game …[View]
7961190What do you think of my Sonic R tier list[View]
7961679Vice City The Leftovers Fix: I need some help with the installation of this mod, on the rar file the…[View]
7962272you'd say Metroid 2 has a fantastic atmosphere right?[View]
7961336in the eight year history of this board, we have never had a thread celebrating Bouncers [1994] for …[View]
7961371How to make money?[View]
7958703Games that you really like but can't play because you're absolutely suck at them[View]
7960876who parents got scammed into buying this for them as a kid. holy shit this was bad. I spent hours ju…[View]
7959510I've never played a Metroid game before I'm thinking of starting with Zero Mission, becaus…[View]
7963519this game doesn't work on Windows 10 or 7 and neither do the workarounds, wtf?[View]
7951003Rumble Roses Thread: Try making a vidya like this today?[View]
7959395Hey /vr/, Looking for a /vr/ approved PC game set in ancient Rome. MS Dos, Win 9x preferred[View]
7963412This is my Sony Vaio that I've had since 2001. The case was cracked and yellowing so I stripped…[View]
7959328Final Fantasy VI: Anything I should know before going in?[View]
79580432021 and there still hasn't been a ninja game better than this: Will it ever be topped?[View]
7961932Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Return: This game is freaking adorable! How was it not a bigger success? I…[View]
7957604i swear overworlds haven't gotten better than this[View]
7952668What is the best way to experience the Mother trilogy for the first time? There are so many releases…[View]
7960969I don't get it.[View]
7961242People are disgusting. My own father and mother are disgusting. You must be disgusting, too.[View]

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