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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 177 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6483623>a huge romhack for mario 64 comes out >it doesn't work on real hardware >every single…[View]
6484337Is a Raspberry Pi actually good for retro vidya or is it just a meme?[View]
6487470Romhacking back in the 90's: All memes aside, how did they do it? I am extremely curious to kno…[View]
6485923Wonder Boy, Monster World: Do you think Asha's remake can turn out well? I only want the Ice Py…[View]
6468624>Interview with Howard Lincoln from Next Generation magazine (May, 1997). >This issue covered…[View]
6484707Help me /vr/ I'm trying to think of this game I played as a kid. It was a cartoonish isometric …[View]
6487356What are some games that terrified you as a child? So many things in this game scared me but the con…[View]
6487272Favourite Dracula games?[View]
6485398Console Dungeon Crawlers: Riddle me this, oh wise and powerful /vr/: What are the good console-exclu…[View]
6484802Are shaders good emulation effects.[View]
6485830Don't mind me, just being the greatest Zelda-like of all time.[View]
6487084Are there any games you remember patterns for? For me, it's Mappy. Getting a perfect first leve…[View]
6486042McGuffin games: List McGuffin games, basically games where the goal of the entire game is to collect…[View]
6486172>best versions of FF1 and 2 >exclusive Klonoa and Guilty Gear entries >exclusive Square RPG…[View]
6484662>randomly gets tired midway through the game >goes home, leaving the party forever Is this the…[View]
6480934Can we get a SaGa Frontier thread going? I wish I had experienced this game sooner, it's by far…[View]
6486370I've been playing Adventures of Lomax for the PS1 and my goodness it has beautiful spritework. …[View]
6470256Why is this so much more fun than Ultimate?[View]
6484571Unlicensed/Homebrew thread: Has anyone dumped this yet?[View]
6480681Easiest way to beat Gill in 3rd Strike with any character?[View]
6482491This game is a legit chore to play. Anyone putting it up there with the likes of Chrono Trigger or F…[View]
6484176Final Fantasy VI (6(SIX)): I've been pleasantly surprised by the PC/mobile port of FFV so I ass…[View]
6482104>go to local game store >curiously enough is owned by two elderly ladies probably in their 70s…[View]
6484723The best available version of the game called Wing Commander is the version available for the Sega s…[View]
6485078Basically I'm making a list of NES/Famicom and Famicom Disk System games worth trying. I also w…[View]
6485445What were they thinking?[View]
6484014I just finished this and loved it. Is the original Shadowgate worth it? Will I like it if I liked th…[View]
6484929Hey, Titus did some good stuff from time to time.[View]
6483484damn it dawson[View]
6483594DuckTales is fucking garbage: >everyone sucks this game's dick >try it out >enemies ha…[View]
6442702ModLoader64 Thread 2: Dampébooaloo: >What is ModLoader 64? This system is the successor to OotMod…[View]
6483595Was it really that bad?[View]
6470567A one on one fight to the death. The winner gets their scores reinstated. Who wins?[View]
6484730Change retro game names into dirty stuff: I'll start: Donkey Dong[View]
6477145OwO whats this[View]
6469078how do i not eat shit at this game?[View]
6456912Every single shit localization this company put out should be purged from existence and memory and r…[View]
6484872I just beat the elite 4 for the first time in my life, I’m 26 years old, you have no idea what I’m f…[View]
6483618Would people have had as much nostalgia for NES if it was a more powerful system? Something tells me…[View]
6480668Why were there so few fighting games for the N64?[View]
6469702You can shit on Spoony all you want, he was completely right about this. To 'ease in new player…[View]
6478960NeoLemmix: What does /vr/ think about this well-made PC port of Lemmings? >inb4 shill it is free …[View]
6485174Is the SNES the best retro console? there just so much content you can get from it?[View]
6485139Your thoughts on the Shock Troopers duology?[View]
6480490What was the retrogaming scene like in Latin America?[View]
6482691This game controls superbly with the 3D control pad.[View]
6484992What retro games are you practicing Japanese with?[View]
6478268I literally just started playing Xenogears for the first time ever and after 10 minutes of intro I g…[View]
6481786what are some /vr/ games with catholic themes and imagery?[View]
6484790Does he exist in the JP version?: If not ,who is he? Earthbound English Localization proto released …[View]
6484757This game was fucking everywhere when I was a kid. I'd see this weird ass boxart in every block…[View]
6484560fuck this game and fuck all of you for recommending this piece of shit[View]
6485053How close have we come?: Rare's a lot more open than Nintendo.[View]
6460734Hoarding/Collecting Discussion: What is your stance on collecting video games? Is it hoarding? What …[View]
6481807>is the best NES Final Fantasy in your path except the final dungeon…[View]
6483792The absolute state of the retro video game market[View]
6484667Does the Famicom/NES version of Mario Bros control better or am I just retarded?: To me it feels lik…[View]
6484731This game is a blast![View]
6484614In the Hunt: Me & the boys used to call this one 'In the Cunt' back in the day. How many underwa…[View]
6476327Can we talk about this absolute masterpiece?[View]
6480517Why does Twin Galaxies still exist? What purpose does it serve?[View]
6484259Monica > wonder fag[View]
6483980Tomb Raider[View]
6483707ELI5 - Retro game soul: The soul meme has been around for a while now and it resonates with people e…[View]
6473049I need help IDing a game. It's an old school PC adventure game centered around exchanging drugs…[View]
6481324It's pronounced 'Turbo Grapheks 16'.[View]
6481162How did they fuck up this game so bad? It's music is super shrill and it feels less polished th…[View]
6482814What /vr/ stuff do your parents have? My mother has a Mickey Game & Watch, while my father has a…[View]
6484485Does anybody actually like this game? Seems pretty bland. Badass cover, though.[View]
6479270Was this the beginning of pay-to-win? I would doubt if more the 50% of the people who beat this game…[View]
6480221how did people beat games without saves states back in the day, did everyone use cheat codes or acti…[View]
6484437A Metal Slug game where Select adds CREDIT: Was there a Metal Slug game where the 'Select' button ac…[View]
6481509Zelda clones: Searched the catalog and didn't see any Zelda threads. Specifically looking for g…[View]
6466267The Silver Case: Let's talk Grasshopper Manufacture debut title, 1999's The Silver Case, f…[View]
6480417What’s the hardest game you’ve ever beaten without any save states whatsoever? I came pretty close w…[View]
6482758games where you gotta group things together for points: whats your favorite groupy game[View]
6479618FIREBLU and proud!: DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>6464837 DOOM/II/ULTIMATE/FI…[View]
6479958What is this?!: Hey guys, I found this today at an auction, can anyone identify it or tell me what i…[View]
6482395When do you ever actually use the spindash unless you've lost momentum and need to get up a ram…[View]
6483943After hearing some tunes from the series I want to get into Thunder Force What are the best ones?[View]
6479623Legendary Axe is better than Castlevania.[View]
6483241Why are the reviews for this game so poor?[View]
6462692What exactly did Cammy mean by this?[View]
6480830Ys thread: I've been playing the Ys1 and Ys2, and I really like them. The music is kick ass, th…[View]
6483646hey /vr/, i just got an nes everdrive. what are some good translations or fan hacks i should check o…[View]
6483818>Make one of the best soundtracks on the Famicom so far >Use annoying bleepbloops for the majo…[View]
6482067How come sometimes this game throws you into slow motion? Really messes up your timing sometimes[View]
6479143Nintendo's first 30 Famicom games: What are your favorites? My favorites are Mario Bros, Clu C…[View]
6480093Would /vr/ like Final Fantasy II more if it weren't such a bug-infested mess? Beyond it being p…[View]
6465398>randomly find this in a rom pack >play it >its fantastic I went all my life without knowi…[View]
6483545What's your fav zone in DKC? For me it's gotta be Monkey Mines.[View]
6481721Why did Heroes of the Storm die?[View]
6482278hongkong97: thoughts?[View]
64724264CHAN DOSPACK 1.34: Hi again folks, back with another update for those who are into DOS gaming! Have…[View]
6479676How can one game have so god damn much soul? Just listen to this. Listen to this and tell me that th…[View]
6482546Organized Music Packs/Collections: There have to be beautiful autists that have obsessively complete…[View]
6481445Some more earthy goodness courtesy of The Hidden Palace. https://twitter.com/HiddenPalaceOrg/status/…[View]
6483062cleaning out boxes in garage and found this. how much? also dont these things have batteries? is the…[View]
6479483I just finished Eve Burst Error and holy shit what a wild ride. It's been such a long time sinc…[View]
6479224>eceleb makes video about arcade PCB collecting Well, /vr, hope you completed your arcade collect…[View]
6453738Infinity Engine Thread: Korgan is based af edition Old: >>6408205[View]
6465223Random/pointless trivia from games. In DKC3 there is 1 individual wooden crate in the entire game fo…[View]
6464916Post game world maps that make you coom The more obscure the better[View]
6482130Why wasn't FFV released in North America?: >Final Fantasy IV (2 in US) was released for the …[View]
6465078Castlevania thread: Jesus, this stage is brutal.[View]
6481494fucking lol[View]
6477678What /vr/ thinks about the Taito's Ray series?[View]
6480041Why do people make these compilations if they don't explain any of it? You have to be in the kn…[View]
6467740How about a thread for japanese artwork for localized western games?[View]
6482096BATTLETOADS & DOUBLE DRAGON CRASH: This friggin game has been crashing on my NES portable emulat…[View]
6481402Master of Orion: How do I git gud in Master of Orion 1? I get completely crushed almost every time.…[View]
6465687shit to play on MAME: So I got the full romset and there are like a quantillion games to play, I don…[View]
6471168Phantasy Star re-translation 2.0: https://twitter.com/frankcifaldi/status/1265328310759784448…[View]
6478086Name a bigger clusterfuck.[View]
6475392Metroid: what happens when she has to poop?[View]
6482530>The optional superboss only uses the normal battle theme This shouldn't be allowed…[View]
6480986>only ever play the NES version of Donkey Kong 3 >decide to try the arcade version on MAME …[View]
6470524If you hacked Nintendo: And received every unicorn beta How would you get them online?[View]
6479961Mainline MIGHT & MAGIC thread, you guys. I'm playing World of Xeen (Might and magic 4+5) an…[View]
6479885Euro here, what is the “game crash of ‘83”, and why do Burgers always talk about it?[View]
6481932How many party members survived in the end?[View]
6481614did anyone ever notice this?[View]
6481875Just got a V3/X7 EverDrive 64. Started up Doom 64 since my actual cart refuses to work. Can't s…[View]
6476869GOG sale: Did you buy anything yet? Do the Lands of Lore games run well?[View]
6473964What is the retro gaming scene like in your country?[View]
6478784Play Tokyo Dungeon for the PS1.[View]
6477498ITT: games only for patriots[View]
6482147Can anyone help me identify a fighting game I played on PS1 years ago? It was a 3D arena fighter tha…[View]
6481923Does anyone know what the blessing from the Water Spirit in Shining in the Darkness actually does? T…[View]
6477419I recently repaired my Dreamcast and got curious about the all the games I missed as a kid, so now I…[View]
6481817what other racing games require you to use manual transmission to play the game properly besides rid…[View]
6471875ITT:: Comfy and relaxing 16bit fm songs. PC88 counts too, although it has a few less channels and is…[View]
64792212600RGB: Finally finished getting the 2600RGB installed in my heavy sixer. She's never looked s…[View]
6467914Cave Story: Did you beat it?[View]
6478594Like to play?[View]
6478743SNES Cartridges: My autism has got me wondering lately. I'm aware of the reason for the change …[View]
6476075Only LINK can defeat GANNON -Squadalaa[View]
6479075>get mednafen >what in the fuck, where is the gui >get a gui >gamepad button mapping is …[View]
6479280I want to go back and play all the old Sim games. Is there a mega folder for it? And which ones are …[View]
6476310There are two types of people in this world; people who think 3's Sonic sprite is his best look…[View]
6439351Why is this game so controversial? Chrono Cross: The music is amazing; the art design is incredible …[View]
6476706How difficult are Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, CD, 3, & Knuckles to beat compared to, say, Super Mar…[View]
6481726peak soul[View]
6478986Is this the GOAT mario sprite? Its so cute and friendly, also the hat motion was cool aswell.[View]
6469749Against my better judgment, I'm going to commit to playing and beating this. What's the be…[View]
6479687Is this the longest article for an unreleased game? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_X-treme[View]
6480159What's the best version of this game for me to play?[View]
6471591Mega drive games: My new toy arrived. What are your obscure Top 10 Megadrive/Genesis games? I need …[View]
6477030I'm at the forest temple, when does it become fun? So far literally nothing about this game is …[View]
6477676So this is probably a ROM, right?[View]
6479569Buying /vr/ consoles from Gamestop: Is it a bad idea? I know buying /vr/ games from them is pretty r…[View]
6478874Is the hardware post-processing integral to the N64's look?[View]
6479323Does anyone on here actually *like* this game?[View]
6480776How the fuck do you even play this? I am completely unable to parse when I'm safe or not, or ho…[View]
6481048Weird ass games[View]
6479128why didn't holograms take off?[View]
6478801LttP bosses < Links Awakening bosses.[View]
6473208*dooms the arcade* nothing personal, bro[View]
6480773How about a 3x3 of only comfy?[View]
6480063Which fighting game mande by SNK is the best? I'd like to know the rights and wrongs of these g…[View]
6473897oy mates, does the zx spectrum has any fun games? The only game I know for it are Ultimate (Rareware…[View]
6476207Top down action adventure games: What is your favorite one? Also, do you guys have the chart?[View]
6480129How come we came from top tier gameplay in games like OG Tomb Raider and went into movies pretendin…[View]
6473041Would I miss a lot if I skipped Ultima 1, 2, and 3 and just started from Ultima 4 and continue from …[View]
6479207Happy Gradius Day, /vr/!: Which one is your favourite? How many have you 1cc'd?[View]
6479198Opinions on Manic Miner?: This is perhaps the only retro game that I genuinely love. It's also …[View]
6480082post songs to be extended: https://files.catbox.moe/n6g9vu.mp3[View]
6469526Opinions on the Master System?[View]
6475784I think I understand why they mixed up the level order in America They wanted it to seem more like a…[View]
6479129>both systems were 32 bits >both where rushed into market >both where used to be a stopgap …[View]
6479908Moments in game that scared the living hell out of you >be 7 >pic related happens >literall…[View]
6476324Why are they speaking German in Transylvania?[View]
6478426Was he right, /vr/?: >'Why the Jag is cooler than the 3DO (from my point of view): It only costs …[View]
6478897I just realized that the reason there are NES games that have special functions or secrets that invo…[View]
6472545Horror games: I haven't really explored the horror genre outside of really popular titles, like…[View]

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