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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 175 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
8259602Idk if this is the right place for this sorry. Going through some old games of my grandad's tha…[View]
8257619ITT:: Fuck you I liked it[View]
8256181>Literally supersize me Why are americans like this?[View]
8254282Little-known games, especially ones by well-known studios: For instance there's Paul Parkranger…[View]
8254609This game fucking sucks. Why thought this was a good idea? I see they tried to cram many unique idea…[View]
8259194Holy fuck what a pile of shit. Toriyama approved this garbage?[View]
8255405These things are really cheap, are they worth hacking to put some more games on them?[View]
8258575Some time ago, Mike Mika shared pictures of some Atari Games source code he had hanging around. The …[View]
8243770Why did the wind waker thread get deleted? Despite being the black sheep of the series this game is …[View]
8254083>Shenmue 1+2 >Power Stone 1+2 >Ikaruga >Bangai-o >Skies of Arcadia >Rez >The Ty…[View]
8254160How do you like my Sega Saturn collection?[View]
8252932ITT: Retro games that you used to dislike as a child but like as an adult: I'll start[View]
8258431>'Return to this island when the right half of the moon is missing' >I do so at the soonest op…[View]
8250570You guys like Triple Triad?[View]
8257443ITT: Early console modding, portables, and gore[View]
8244864Zoom-zoom here, when people say they 'beat' Castlevania, do they mean both loops or just the first l…[View]
8255887'High concept' /vr/ Platformers: Did any game do the invulnerability-based gameplay thing before WL2…[View]
8257937Why do people rave on about AoE 2 when AoE 1 was already perfect?[View]
8256186Talk about the GOAT[View]
8255343Skin me brother![View]
8253353Terranigma: What does /vr/ think of Terranigma? Also, it turns 26 today.[View]
8256872How do I play this??? :C[View]
8250139What kind of controllers did people use with PCs before Xbox became the standard?[View]
8253882It's so bad.[View]
8255675Outrun FXT issues: Every time I'm trying to run it, I keep having issues. Am I retarded? It fee…[View]
8245843What went wrong? Does Castlevania not work in 3D?[View]
8256928I want to go back. Just for a single coin-time.[View]
8246480Why did it flop in Japan?[View]
8254247WOAH, I'M OUTTA HERE! retro game commercial thread[View]
8252590what's some mandatory dmg games to own? just the crème de la crème[View]
8254881Anyone own one of these and been able to hook up their PS2 through component? I'm getting b…[View]
8257167Need Your opinion: How about emulation on Odroid xu4 ? Its worth 90 € ??[View]
8254578Is this game worth playing[View]
8255796Why doesn't this get discussed as much as NES, SNES and Gamecube?[View]
8256524Was it really necessary to have a two week hype period for three games we've already played? By…[View]
8244027Pre-rendered backgrounds are cool[View]
8251358I get why they added the Styrofoam piece so the cart stays in place inside the box but why not just …[View]
8246012Post games with S tier music[View]
8250238Games you want to like but can't: I so badly want this game to be good but it just isn't …[View]
8254405Dragon Quest VII should have been on the N64. Dragon Quest VIII should have been on the GameCube. I …[View]
8247270Is this worth playing?[View]
8254389>Stab the exposed part of his body >It only hurts him about 1/3 of the time Why, /vr/? Why?…[View]
8255816PS1 modchip: Hay /vr/! Kind of a dumb question, but is this the chip that enables you to play backup…[View]
8246534I just bought this for $140: To me this is the holy grail of all handhelds.[View]
8251354/vr/ Arcade Holy Grails: What is the single best arcade-exclusive game? Bonus points if the game doe…[View]
8245027Post retro games that have really good sprites.[View]
8256498Hand-Drawn Guides: In typical fashion (for me), I just learned about Hand-Drawn Guides... >Fan pr…[View]
8256468Cool Shit Your Friends Did Back In The Day (Vidya Related): >1999 >one friend of mine who had…[View]
8249821ITT: 6th gen console modding and piracy[View]
8249086What do you think of this game and its sequel? I haven't played them yet but they are supposed …[View]
8255606what are some 8 or 16 bit games that are good to relax with and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?[View]
8256086Thief: What went right and where did the series go wrong?[View]
8253583Is Wario World a good game to pick up?[View]
825617932-bit 2D games: 5th gen 2D games are great, classic design, vibrant graphics at 60fps. The biggest …[View]
8242482What are the best Adult Only retro games?[View]
8240365FInd a flaw.[View]
8250825Dream /vr/ Hacks: Post your hack ideas for classic games you love, the more technically unfeasible t…[View]
8250654Yeah, this existed[View]
8247302Halp /vr/! Should I get this PS1 for ~20$? It doesn't come with a mem card though.[View]
8253856Will this game ever get a fan translation?: Have played a bit and loved the looks and feel of this g…[View]
8255959What did I do wrong?: I altered some of the keybinds on the 'standard controller' setting for this a…[View]
8236593>Check Youtube to see if there's any new reviews of the original Metroid now that Dread has …[View]
8252956>dude, what if we took Shinobi, but actually made it, like, GOOD?[View]
8251349Why is the general consensus that this game is bad? It's genuinely challenging, not bullshit ha…[View]
8255518Hi /vr/, I recently got my hands on a Trinitron KV-G21S2, but it appears none of the front buttons d…[View]
8254025>pause button on console instead of controller >FM sound chip dropped from non-Japanese units …[View]
8251279which FM do you prefer, 2612 or 2151? I think 2151 tended to sound better with its greater number of…[View]
8250515Rayman 2: What's the best version of this game?[View]
8254607Was it better than Soul Reaver 2?[View]
8254121What went right?[View]
8223402Based or cringe? Is this good for anything?[View]
8252802Rage Racer is the mascot of this thread so if you want to give it a try, here are some quick tips: 1…[View]
8254109Mister And Knuckles: Anything I'm missing?[View]
8245319PS1 Laser Repair: Do any of you have experience with repairing / swapping PS1 lasers? Is it worth fu…[View]
8252645The original Playstation was a goldmine of JRPGs, so what are your top favorites? I love BoFIV, Xeno…[View]
8248749Best Mario games on GB/GBA? Already have >Super Circuit >Warioland 3 and 4…[View]
8255108Why is chocobo breeding so janky in this game? I got a green one and a blue one first try without do…[View]
8254861i like the DOS version of Ghosts 'n Goblins. it's just a funny little game[View]
8250994why did modern fighting games stop having badass intro?[View]
8255094*is the best God Game in your path*[View]
8254638>The N64 and PSX never got Death Crimson Another win for Saturnchads[View]
8243816Am I the only one who prefers the NES Sound over the SNES Sound?[View]
8254120Im getting rid of my console doubles since i dont have space anymore, which Snes revision should i k…[View]
8242785are pcenginefags and saturnfags just eternally fucked? it wasn't enough that the consoles got f…[View]
8254371*blocks your path*[View]
8251394Outside of arcades, did anyone actually care about getting a high score? Is there someone out there …[View]
8251549The very first Batman vidya ever made and it was Rare-before-they-were-Rare using their iso Speccy e…[View]
8244360Why is the original Xbox so easy to collect for?[View]
8244548You never got to realize what an attractive woman she was at the time.[View]
8249109Is it really worthy of the praise it gets? I'm eight colossi in and it only gets duller and dul…[View]
8254223Games that you replay a lot but never have the balls to actually finish them.[View]
8249356How are you supposed to get through the final section? The enemies kill you with one hit and they ca…[View]
8245673how many of the top 48 text adventure games of all time have you played, /vr/? https://ifdb.org/view…[View]
8249695In order to prevent the free-for-all that led to the video game crash, Nintendo of America imposed f…[View]
8253401What Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre games should I play?[View]
8245516Why does a final fantasy always get more attention? This game here is very beautifull and rich on st…[View]
8249494Every time I go to replay this I get bored and lose interest by dodongo's cavern. I want to enj…[View]
8253507Redgill me on Wily Wars. Is this a good way to play MM1-3?[View]
8250324Best looking night racing on PS1? Open world tuner scene game before Need for Speed Underground 2? A…[View]
8245637When it comes to Kart-Racing discussion, I always see people having a big hateboner for Mario Kart 6…[View]
8252007What are some other examples of Japajank? Not straight up kusoge, but Japanese games that feel like …[View]
8247000Did you know Nintendon't runs GC games better than actual GC? (It's cause it's a Wii …[View]
8253618Cowboy Bebop /vr/ games: Are they worth playing? Kind of in the mood since the Netflix show is about…[View]
8250902i need the name of an old ps2 game: i had it back in the early 2000s now it is either from the 90s o…[View]
8252429Skies of Arcadia is objectively the peak of JRPGs So much soul and adventure[View]
8252972Nostalgia warning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzMHvvBqVuY[View]
8252204Retro Culture General Seeing if there is any interest for a 'your personal blog' general w…[View]
8234291is there a retro handheld that can play snes games comfortably for under $50?[View]
8243198I don't enjoy 90% of the games from this series.: Is it just for children or am I missing somet…[View]
8233069Any good memories of old Yu-Gi-Oh video games?[View]
8250385ITT: games that are the biggest pleb filter in their franchise[View]
8252912Is SMRPG 2D or 3D?[View]
8248031Here it is, boys, the top of the mountain.[View]
8253163PS1 locking up: Hi /vr/. I just bought a PS1 that has an issue. When I close the lid PS1 locks up. W…[View]
8246075I'm only learning about this now.[View]
8209370/hbg/ Homebrew / Romhack General: Gameplay and development discussion: What homebrew / hacks are yo…[View]
8253170Is there a hack or a gameshark code to make RRT4 reflections visible during regular gameplay? Should…[View]
8248729i love doom and doom 2[View]
8208794Why are you locked in the bathroom?[View]
8246227The great debate[View]
8251738FF Tactics Is Actually FF8: This is the real FF8 and you all know it. FF9 is actually FF10 and so on…[View]
8237361Is this thing just a meme??: So I honestly almost pulled the trigger on this for my crt setup before…[View]
8250767Playing Chibi-Robo for the first time, it's cute as hell.[View]
8250576Final Fantasy 6: I was gonna play this on GBA emulation. Should I just play the vanilla GBA or shoul…[View]
8248462Does anyone know which games they've developed are ports and which are just running on an emula…[View]
8211097Neuralblender #3: 1. Neuralblender.com 2. Enter game name. 3. Post result. 4. Others guess.[View]
8252602SEGA: How common/well-known was the 'Genesis' title in Japan back in the day?[View]
8252108Tactics Ogre One Vision: You fuckers told me this mod makes everything better. >class leveling is…[View]
8248308Is Higurashi: When They Cry /vr/-approved?[View]
8248957Need help finding a specific backup loader for the PS2. I've been using OPL for years but sever…[View]
8250820Where the fuck are they. This is the last thing I need for my setup[View]
8209052what is the oldest video game you replay on a regular basis?[View]
8247179In Metal Gear Solid the camera adopts an overhead view. This angle has essentially zero cinematic me…[View]
8251974What romhacks are you playing?[View]
8251517Mega Man X7: Anyone else like the music in this glorious train wreck? It is one of my favorite Mega …[View]
8251007Majora's Mask is goofy as shit but still works as serious somehow: I think this was an extremel…[View]
8247814Genesis MK1 Jailbars: What's the best way to get rid of jailbars on a model 1 genesis? Also, is…[View]
8251012Star Fox: Venom is literally impossible. Wat do?[View]
8247369Former Namco Pixel Artist Hiroshi ‘Mr. Dotman’ Ono Has Died: Ono helped design the logos and dot art…[View]
8251384does anybody know who can install a new DVD drive in these things. mines a launch model and it'…[View]
8252036Shitty setups thread: Nothing wrong with having a crt setup but there's ways to have a poorfag …[View]
8246454Working Saturn emulator on the Switch version of Cotton Saturn Tribute: I don't know about PS4,…[View]
8251427>nes near me for $75 >comes with box, two controllers, all cords, inserts, etc. Should I?…[View]
8248694I beat this game. I fucking hate it. Only took 11 FUCKING YEARS.[View]
8247126How do I fix this wobbly effect on my commodore 64? I have it connected via rf. PLA chip or rf modul…[View]
8249979How well do the PS1 and PS2 era 3D platformers stack up with Nintendos offerings of the time, and ev…[View]
8251954What the fuck happened to retro games market? Is every fucking worthwhile game collecting dust in so…[View]
8244130mother in law being a BITCH?[View]
8250904Drink Pepsi[View]
8250501The Evangelion of N64[View]
8251935Were you guys trying to deliberately give British children nightmares? Seriously.[View]
8249250Daily reminder that Chrono Trigger is the best SNES game[View]
8249431Super Metroid walljump: Who decided you had press the opposite direction BEFORE pressing the jump bu…[View]
8236232webm thread:: Also sometimes featuring 'gifs'.[View]
8239892Is the EE mod for PC the best way to play this now? Or is the PS2 version on a CRT still superior?[View]
8220803Atrocious NES games: I want the worst NES games you know. Famicom games are allowed too. I’m on a ku…[View]
8239537Rate my PS2 collection so far.[View]
8233086Best shmup ever[View]
8234895Here it is - the ultimate western RPG.[View]
8238878PS1 HD backgrounds: AI upscale projects are getting impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEmo…[View]
8233702Where is N64 Emulation at Right Now?: What is the current status of N64 emulation accuracy?[View]
8249643Pictures that you can hear: .[View]
8239640The source code for more than 60 Atari games (including some pinball games) was leaked on GitHub. So…[View]
8246929Most disappointing sequel in gaming history: It's barely even finished.[View]
8250815Is there a lit or a chart of GOAT /vr/ games I can find on Gog.com. Preferably ones that scratches n…[View]
8247326Gunstar Heroes: How is Gunstar Heroes? It's often praised as one of the best Genesis/Mega Drive…[View]
8223910Why did you guys tell me this was dated and worth skipping?: It's fun.[View]
8249173I have been trying to install Turbografx and N64 wad files on my Wii using Yet Another Wad Manager, …[View]
8249943The FPGA neckbeaed fears the ultimate emulation device[View]
8247748Just bought this on ebay. Never played these games. Are they good?[View]
8237328/vr/ story thread: Early 00s Make friends with a kid at school Talk about vidya a lot. We both love …[View]
8242158Was it kino?[View]

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