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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 186 expired threads from the past 3 days

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10454191Why did Shinji Mikami consider REmake and Re0 to be flops?[View]
10451436Text adventure games: I've never played one of these, which ones are good and not too obtuse?…[View]
10452534Could it have been good with one (1) extra month of development?[View]
10434789The most underrated game in the mainline series. Everyone puts the first two on a pedestal, and some…[View]
10455628What's your favorite console/game/merchandise related to retro games you actually own? Post it.[View]
10454928Soundtracks that didn't fit their games: Post them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBRp0mgj7Yc…[View]
10441032If this is hardware replication, why can't it play turok 2?: My n64 could play turok2 no proble…[View]
10449021What are some PS4 remakes/reboots/oldskool sequels that are actually worth buying and aren't ju…[View]
10452396Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics: Is this one of /vr/'s most well kept co-op secrets?…[View]
10449546>released 2 months after Ocarina of Time I bet the developers felt extremely small and insignific…[View]
10455220Any Saturn games youre lookin to play or have been playin bros?[View]
10450367>peak fiction returns >you can only play it by crossing state lines and breaking into some old…[View]
10454179fuck this game[View]
10453164https://segaxtreme.net/resources/silhouette-mirage-english-patch.222/ Silhouette Mirage got an engli…[View]
10450827Halo 2: Released the same year as Half-Life 2. >Better single player campaign >Superior multip…[View]
10448923Amusement Vision are one of the most underrated developers of all time. Their games have so much dep…[View]
10453552Star Ocean: Is it worth getting into the Star Ocean series? I really like sci-fi and space operas, b…[View]
10453315Sega: Was Sega America really the victim of its own success? Or has pop history ruined the truth aga…[View]
10451958BS-X = Bandai Satellaview X: What was the origin of this being referred to as a Bandai peripheral? I…[View]
10453627Are NA games with the difficulty cranked up unfair compared to the JP counterparts? CV3, CHC, etc[View]
104506213+ ogres in every single room starts to wear thin pretty quickly. I get that they finally had a phys…[View]
10452698Atari 2600+ Paddles: Surprisingly they're not too bad. Slow as fuck but if they're more du…[View]
10450182ITT: Respect the fucking GOAT: My favorite things about the mega drive/genesis: Coolest shell of all…[View]
10453447Retro Review Thread: People who like playing Dungeons and Dragons but don't fancy spending thei…[View]
10454894I dont see why people say this is an action game. There is like one or two hallways where a well pla…[View]
10452513rate my gaming room[View]
10451596>Entire arsenal is just four weapons (two for each of the two ships you get to pick from) >Ane…[View]
10450931Action 52 as made by mexican hobbyists that fooled a businessman into thinking they could do it, rig…[View]
10450305I need more stuff like this: Good shit[View]
10451753Post hidden gems.[View]
10448236How do you safely clean you retro stuff?[View]
10453147What are the best games with world exploration in this style?: There is something booklike and magic…[View]
10444247This is by far the BEST mod you can have on your PS1, no longer having to rely on unreliable discs a…[View]
10445150Can we post the best games in series by consensus?: It's helpful for people who want to try a s…[View]
10452908WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: you’ve played the legendary Deus ex, now shitsperience Deus…. That’s it jus…[View]
10451875X-Mas-vibes from this one...: >tfw this is the ideal gfcore game on paper but in practice it is t…[View]
10453540Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete: Did any of you guys play this? I'm not very familiar wit…[View]
10453461Which RPG released before 1997 are worth playing for the plot alone?[View]
10450215Let's have a pinball thread. What have you been playing lately? What's your favourite mach…[View]
10449708So...: What's your favorite genre to play on the weekends, especially with yourself or with oth…[View]
10442397Still the greatest ending to any RPG ever.[View]
10451779Retro Game Ideas Thread: Woke up this morning with a game idea that I had a dream about. Decided to …[View]
10448924Did Europe ever get any worthwhile exclusives for the PS2? Sure, they have the cool blue cases, whil…[View]
10451105What's the best way to play Castlevania 2? I played it years ago but only sunk a few hours in. …[View]
10451752Help me out. Using Windows 10. I was trying to set up bluetooth for my PS3 controller. I already had…[View]
10450675anybody recognize these video game songs???: LOVE these songs, sound like super nes or gba or ds, bu…[View]
10447586Favorite game with pre-rendered backgrounds?[View]
10451159Deep Dungeon 2: I heard another mention importing his character from Deep Dungeon 1 into Deep Dungeo…[View]
10451698What's /vr/'s opinion of Betrayal at Krondor?: Lock mini game aside.[View]
10452464would it have sold better than the saturn?[View]
10443941Was Marvel Super Heroes really the first time most people got any exposure to Shuma?[View]
10449254Dragon Quest vs. Final Fantasy: DQ1 < FF1 DQ2 > FF2 DQ3 > FF3 DQ4 < FF4 DQ5 > FF5 DQ6…[View]
10452985While I can appreciate it, I really don’t enjoy playing this in 2023 especially since I never grew u…[View]
10449512I just want to thank my /vr/ brothers & sisters for sharing the same experience of retro games w…[View]
10448379NES & SNES games look ugly in 4:3 aspect ratio[View]
10447242What made Sonic so difficult to adapt to 3D[View]
10443825ITT the best anti-heroes of retro gaming[View]
10446370What the hell was his problem?[View]
10452250How does it compare to the other Mario Tennis games? So far it's genuinely great fun to me, I w…[View]
10446218What's the best budget HDMI to RCA Composite converter? I want to use my PC Graphics Card and R…[View]
10452351Best Simpsons game?[View]
10449735Tactics: Yeah, I think I'll play the best Fallout game.[View]
10447115What are the key success factors to Nintendo's success?[View]
10449835Thank God I got rid of this thing I mean look at this mother f***er. It looks like a childs diaper a…[View]
10448605Resident Evil: Should I bother with the original RE1 if I already beat REmake?[View]
10449220Chrono Trigger party: Post your go-to party in Chrono Trigger. Mine was: >Chrono >Lucca >Ro…[View]
10444750saga frontier: >heres your remaster bro >btw we changed the ui to look more *modern* a la mobi…[View]
10449998>it's a meh licensed game has really good music episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz9u…[View]
10444521/hhg/ - Handheld General: /hhg/ - Handheld General - Sloppy Updoots edition Previous: >>104380…[View]
10445064>cut down on animations for all xmen games after this: why is capcom like this?[View]
10449368My PSOne has been giving me alot of trouble lately (audio stuttering during gameplay, now won't…[View]
10443141Tales of Symphonia had better dungeons than this.[View]
10437856Atari 800/400: >256 color graphics >incredibly fast display list driven fast bitmap >true R…[View]
10447358How do you rank the Marathon trilogy? Allow me to start with my ranking: Durandal > Marathon 1 …[View]
10442995SA1 is better than SA2: >Can choose campaigns, so that way you can just do all the Sonic levels i…[View]
10438075Oh boy a Super Mario RPG: Can't wait to build a party with all my favorites from among dozens o…[View]
10446589Who would buy this? The absolute worst way to play 2600 games bar none: >can't play the whol…[View]
10440080Mortal Kombat 4/Gold: This game is comically lazy and goofy. >Characters shout gibberish, no atte…[View]
10448562The most overrated N64 game ever: Yes, I too had nostalgia with this one but after playing it last n…[View]
10450830/comf/: 2023 is coming to an end. The world we live in may not be the comfiest place, and definitely…[View]
10451310So /vr/, any cool retro games I should get on the steam sale?[View]
10442919Holy fucking shitballs, golf games can be really fun and intense[View]
10450364B.O.B.: kind of an appealing character design?[View]
10447773What's it taste like?[View]
10433173Pack In Games: What's the best pack-in game of all time? Do they even still do pack in games? A…[View]
10442465I don't get it: How the hell did this game put Xbox on the map and launch one of the most succe…[View]
10441128What is your favorite King's Field game and why?[View]
10447453What if Final Fantasy 7 was an N64 game?[View]
10449758>camera stutters and rubber bands so much it gives me a headache >controller mod is janky feat…[View]
10434324Is it the most anti-casual Nintendo console?[View]
104502698shitpoo NeoGeo CD pad: I just found out this exists. What’s the verdict?[View]
10450387This game is a masterpiece.[View]
10446573Upscaling old games: What's your opinion on it? Some purists deem it a sin. Today I read a pret…[View]
10449980A Link To The Past: This is from Zeldapedia. Can anybody verify this? I can’t find any such symbol i…[View]
10442363Should they have come out with this?: Or did the lack of 3D hardware make it a non-starter?[View]
10450674Cavallo here, things are not excellent[View]
10445583Why did they never turn Chao Garden into its own full fledged spin-off? The whole chao thing could h…[View]
10448153The Eidolon: >one of Lucasfilms most technically amazing games. >pushed the Commodore 64 and t…[View]
10445407Best /vr/ games: Do you agree with this list?[View]
10428057MiSTer FPGA General Aleck64 Edition: >Essential MiSTer FPGA Parts List https://pastebin.com/uvMs1…[View]
10450461https://youtu.be/4W1c7vIKdDk i think it has its moments.[View]
10445704>takes like 10 (or less) minutes to enter mumbo's mountain >takes AT LEAST 45 minutes to …[View]
10449247do you like these capcom snes games[View]
10449812what made him so much more iconic than dr. Willy even though he's a straight ripoff?[View]
10450776Check the instruments starting at 1:28: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty44iHkEiBw Isn't that …[View]
10446747Are you excited, /vr/?[View]
10449390How did you figured out that putting the PS1 sideways worked?[View]
10449403ITT: Games sold by graphics alone.[View]
10447492Why is >ugh.wav which plays when you hit a wall clearly NOT voiced by Charles Martinez but by som…[View]
10442026>double tap to run What are some trivial annoyances that ruin retro games for you?…[View]
10435505It's better than SA[View]
10449445Just beat Adventure (game 1) on the 2600. It is better than Zelda by a long shot.[View]
10449927Playing Quake for the first time, and it seems I've some how started on episode 2. Why is it de…[View]
10442034Xevious is one of the most important and influential games ever released[View]
10419773What's the best Classic Sonic game, and why is it Sonic 2?[View]
10442618What cabinet did you see the most around growing up? For me it was Rampage[View]
10444581When did final bosses in games actually get good? Most older games have pretty underwhelming final b…[View]
10444694A nice 32” trinitron (KV-32fs120) is sitting behind a goodwill and it’s starting to snow. They can’t…[View]
10447920Why didn't more people buy the Neo Geo?: It was available nationwide, so that wasn't the i…[View]
10431809Other games where you grow up and explore a world as both child and adult?: It's likely an over…[View]
10447605Enemies you hate[View]
10448505Literally a Samurai Warrior: What games make you feel japanese katana'd AF. I only think Acquir…[View]
10422914Do you have to love Disney or FF to like this?: Been meaning to finish it for ages and really want t…[View]
10447084good shit[View]
10442583Is there a more overrated franchise out there? The only thing Sonic games have going for them is the…[View]
10441415Happy Thanksgiving /vr/: Share some retro vidya thanksgiving memories and what you'll be playin…[View]
10449034Good exploration, fun side quests, NPCs have more than a sentence: What are some good old games prob…[View]
10449003What's the worst game you've played that at the same time you can't stop playing? For…[View]
10448503Commandos: Let's talk about the Commandos series. Pic related was my first ever PC game.[View]
10436172Steam Autumn Sale: Any good /vr/ hidden gems or blatantly-obvious gems on the Steam sale?[View]
10448837Shin Akuma in Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha is by far the most difficult boss in the entire Street Fig…[View]
10446565Are there and third party controllers that can emulate the dualshock 2's pressure sensitive but…[View]
10441124What was the worst game you owned as a kid? For me it would have to be Bart vs the World. I liked it…[View]
10446932What are some surreal RPG's where each chapter/area is really unique from one another? >Myst…[View]
10440984what games feel healing or soul cleansing to play? for me it's gotta be Wind Waker. when you tu…[View]
10447332Post dem old mmos[View]
10448049These guys were in their early 20s and already had accomplished careers[View]
10436865How do the SNES dragon quest remakes compare to their NES counterparts? Any reason to play the NES v…[View]
10445317How does one build 'taste?' Is it simply a matter of experimenting until something sticks? I underst…[View]
10443973Who did it worse?: >JP soundtrack >epic opera music for an easy fight against a retarded machi…[View]
10443459why wasn’t Luigi in RPG? why wasn’t Wario in it?[View]
10442409This console is so cute you want to hug it.[View]
10438978SOVLVS MAXIMVS[View]
10448098jpeg artifacts your path[View]
10431503Master of Orion 2: >emerges from hyperspace out of nowhere >completely wrecks your colony >…[View]
10440251Simulators: Why can't Japan make a proper simulator?[View]
10442443Ever tried introducing retro gaming to your normische friends? What kind of reception did you get? A…[View]
10434374SEGA Saturn's Library: What are the essential titles? Hidden gems?[View]
10445313>made by Sonic Team How come it has a 50% Metacritic score then?[View]
10444626That's some pretty oddball ROM sizes there. SG-1000 games for comparison were basically all 8, …[View]
10444034SA2 & Dreamcast thread: i've been looking into this game a lot lately. having played throug…[View]
10447709>anti-aliasing: off >vsync: off >difficulty: hard >bouncing breasts: on yep, it's g…[View]
10443671Finally played through FFIV for the first time (JP version with english translation patch) and while…[View]
10442092ever play this?[View]
10447174Why isn't Plasma Sword getting more love? >great roster >great graphics >fun snappy mo…[View]
10446673Jet Force Gemini: I know I played this game a while and 100%ed it up until the final boss where I ga…[View]
10447390>give this another chance >rumble is an important gameplay element >rapes all potential imm…[View]
10446184Master System game box art: Kino or Cringe? I think it has a cute charm to it[View]
10447065Rogue Trooper: Was this game any good? How does it compare to a game like Halo?[View]
10437386Opinions on Resident Evil: Outbreak?[View]
10439515In your opinion, what's the most aesthetically pleasing retro console? I think the psone is in …[View]
10440836Is there any lore behind where Tonberries get their shoes? Do they make them? What about their knive…[View]
10446307>is the best dungeon crawler that no one played.[View]
10446621Hub worlds that you dream or think about regularly because they're so mysterious (and/or due to…[View]
10442602Forbidden Siren: This series is incredible. I never see much love for it, I’m a huge silent hill fan…[View]
10440985>a bunch of fighting games with no scoring system So im supposed to find another person with this…[View]
10441592Magical Doropie: I tried this game a long time ago and for some reasons I thought it was trash. I g…[View]
10441412Which /vr/ Yugioh games are worth playing? I'm watching the original series right now (I haven…[View]
10443047King of Fighters: I love the music of this KoF '94 stage don't you?[View]
10445634Best retro version of this? Saturn, SNES or PS1?[View]
10445998Myst and sequels: If it wasnt for the dumb luck of holding a lever slightly longer i would have neve…[View]
10442004>*it's a fucking beast in every retro racing game that features it* And you, what is the one…[View]
10432089Privateer's Hold, home.[View]
10434753The kings of 6th gen: Action adventure games are the most multifaceted genre where devs can do a mil…[View]
10440487>nice grappling hook mechanic you've got there >would be a shame if I loaded it down with…[View]
10436440Why was there no 'Xbox Slim'?: One of the issues many people had with the original Xbox console was …[View]
10438439Post games you like but other people hate[View]
10444931>he hasn't heard of/played all the great freeware Japanese PC games…[View]
10443098*surf rock starts playing*[View]
10445201Opinions on Retrobright?[View]
10437273Canonically speaking, everyone residing in Hyrule drinks Zora piss and shit. What do you think the r…[View]
10444456Have you lost interest in the Classic Tetris tournaments now that you don't recognize any faces…[View]
10445118I rather enjoy this series[View]
10443823Starting playing Tetris Grand Master 2, and while it's really fun the BGM has to be the most an…[View]

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