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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 160 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9293364ITT: Good games with bad music.[View]
9288796How do people here feel about the classic controller? I've been using it for Turbografx games o…[View]
9293941just out of curiosity, whats the very last game that officially supported 15kHz scan rate?[View]
9290586It's not a skill-based platformer. It doesn't have fun movement, or interesting level desi…[View]
9278558i Will never forget The first Time i Played super Mario on the N.E.S.. it was christmas 1982 snd we …[View]
9293809What are the most memorable bosses?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZWZqDfjAkw[View]
9285154DQ5 hot take: I know we have threads about this game / series every five minutes, but there isn…[View]
9272821/CRT/ general: previous thread >>9243609 discuss all things CRT[View]
9271421Collecting GameCube games / must have GameCube games: Holy fuck when in the hell did prices for this…[View]
9291428best crpg: planescape, arcanum, ultima vii, morrowind, daggerfall, fallout 1/2, sacred, divinity....…[View]
9274558It baffles me that there are people who insist on remaining an EOP and are missing out on hundreds o…[View]
9289426f yall its time to build a city[View]
9292603Did any games even use this stupid fucking thing?[View]
9291698So i have just started playing this game on NES. Pretty good so far. I've got almost the entire…[View]
9286432I never really got into fighting games but lately I've been wanting to but I know the genre is …[View]
9290181i was really eagerly anticipating the release of this game, but when it came out i never played it. …[View]
9287772The Devilman PS1 game is a work of art and it's a shame it never got a remaster or remake.: I…[View]
9280492It just gets better the older you get[View]
9290853Is it just me or does every game have this weird blurry filter on it? Nothing seems sharp, even with…[View]
9288149What's your favorite series in the FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) genre? I think mine …[View]
9288301I one hundred percented this game on steam but I still wanna buy it again on switch. Why do I keep b…[View]
9293349What are your thoughts on GC ports of RE2 and 3? Do pre-rendersed backgrounds look good in 480i on a…[View]
9290953I never tried VirtualBox. I'm thinking of using this for Window98 games not in Dos. Is VirtualB…[View]
9291689What do we think of Arle, of Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo fame?[View]
9291802ITT: Those we couldnt save[View]
9277126which Final Fantasy game is your favorite, how come?[View]
9290523Finally gave this game a shot after seeing so much praise for it and I can see where they're co…[View]
9288501>I think games shouldn't have limited continues, but unlimited lives is going too far This i…[View]
9291167Screwed up scenes: What was the thing in a game that was the most off putting for you. Here when Al…[View]
9290595What are some games with bustling villages/cities and lots of NPCs to talk to? It's so relaxing…[View]
9292289Why theres so much hate with Brutal Doom? I get more purists FPS dont like it because the reloading,…[View]
9289526The forgotten LOTR game: What did we all think about it?[View]
9280379>preferring this to OOT nostalgia goggles[View]
9285863>SOTN was a kusoge that only had visuals and music going for it >Let's make all the seque…[View]
9282264Holy shit, this is the most hardcore racing game I've ever played. Extremely tight tracks, real…[View]
9286435Did any of you make it through this without a map? Be honest.[View]
9282756Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree Gothic (1+2) is better than Morrowind (+ expansions)…[View]
9286962OLED and retro games: How high is the burn in risk? Especially in games like Lufia 2 or Zelda where …[View]
9289451What are some other video games with weird as hell soundtracks?[View]
9290253i wish every game would have showed statistics like Fable did.[View]
9287525>sub-20 FPS, PS2, Japan :O[View]
9288495Did millennials really find Sub Zero that difficult?[View]
9286031Is ACGC worth checking out again? I played it back when it released but my memory is hazy - Wild Wor…[View]
9291895This must be the most acclaimed game ever since i've yet to hear any person anywhere say a bad …[View]
9289514Is this legit? Is it worth buying? Or is it some kind of clone[View]
9289420>applies full immunity buff on himself >refuses to reapply it when it gets cancelled >'Oh g…[View]
9287863Mega Man & Based: Don't mind me, just being better than every Mega Man on PS1[View]
9290387Why is the in-battle art worse than that of the previous game?[View]
9257164Wii emulation: I was modding a new wii i got for dirt cheap and now i went trough all the hacking pr…[View]
9291669Anyway, it's time for Cookie for the Speccy- back when Rare were still good, before they went t…[View]
9289574Game versions: Is there a database that keeps track and highlights the version differences of games?…[View]
9290180Can we ever get another run of video games with pure soul like 1997-2004 or was that a once in a lif…[View]
9280891why the fuck are there no USB Dreamcast controllers with VMU for PC? Emulators exist and they also e…[View]
9286419Single favorite /vr/ song? for me it's Bein' Friends.[View]
9287387The butler was found in a beta build of Tomb Raider 1 after 25 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
9289538you didnt beat the game[View]
9288624What's wrong with drunkenly mashing and credit feeding through beat-em' ups with three of …[View]
9287947Genesis homebrew: I'm going to try to develop a genesis game. This thread will be my progress. …[View]
9285325Is there any reason for Mom n' Pop vidya stores still be in business anymore? Anytime I go to o…[View]
9282962It's like playing a cartoon!: Games which best suit this overused phrase. Bonus points if it…[View]
9289919I use a RetroTink to connect my consoles to my TV and it only has one composite input slot (two if y…[View]
9287143There were no 'technical difficulties' preventing this from having four face buttons and a 320x240 s…[View]
9288242N64 Rom hacks: My N64 backup cartridge is arriving later this week, aside from the classics, what ar…[View]
9288505Arc the Lad collection: Why is no one here or on vrpg talking about arc the lad collection. It had e…[View]
9288246General Emulation on Dreamcast: How it is? Playing NGCD through VGA sounds promising, at least.…[View]
9288375>Mega Man 2 fans think this is good level design[View]
9280916Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner filming his little brother with a VHS camera to use as the b…[View]
9279040MUDs: Does /vr/ like multi user dungeons? /tg/ did not[View]
9288294What causes this phenomenon?: >some of the finest RPGs ever made >trilogy sold over 3 million…[View]
9288639You guys never talk about Mortuum. Well I'm fed up. Talk about Mortuum or I'm gonna lose m…[View]
9287341Will you play the remasters of Suikoden 1 and 2 when they come out soon?[View]
9288125Tree Tops: >turns your 10/10 game into a 6/10 game[View]
9286626Another World: Which version should I play?[View]
9280976Star Trek games: So as a kid i was heavily into star trek ever since i got Star Trek Armada 2 on my …[View]
9289149What does /vr/ think about the Wonderland franchise?[View]
9255960CRT filter general[View]
9288250Have you ever remembered a game you played as a kid and enjoyed, but when you think about it you rea…[View]
9275038unusual the gamecube is a resident evil machine.[View]
9288409Help identifying old Intellivision tank game?: Hey guys. When I was little my grandma got me what I …[View]
9286474This has to be one of the most ingeniously designed games ever. especially as far as 80s platformers…[View]
9285308This game is severely underrated. It's one of the few PS1 games that actually appeals to me. Cr…[View]
9288860This is a good game to break.[View]
9284640good cover = good game simple as[View]
9276103Nintendo Power Storytime[View]
9284023What retro games have epileptic stuff like this? Preferably NES (Famicom) /Master System[View]
9285867Post your favorite boss fight music https://youtu.be/VtGCQ3am6B4[View]
9280784Just entered the hospital, when does this game get scary?[View]
9287847my msitake, I thought I was playing a dolphin game, not an obtuse puzzle game with point and click t…[View]
9274742I want some CRPG recommendations.[View]
9284169Lmao I bought a PS2 With the intention of hooking up an HDD to load games from and it doesn't e…[View]
9287571Do people unironically like this game or is it just a nostalgia thing? Once you get past the novelty…[View]
9288284In my restless dreams... I see that town... IN THE NAVY[View]
9287228Daytona may have the better music and graphics, but this has the best gameplay by far Still so addic…[View]
9273078sonic cd pinball: you have never experienced true pain until you have played the collision chaos lev…[View]
9255186PS1 Thread: Just a general PS1 thread about the console, graphics, games etc[View]
9286489what are the best PS1 3D action games that are fun and fast challenging, not easy baby mode onion ga…[View]
9285643post only the most comfy /vr/ games[View]
9288928X68000/X68030: How much would you pay for one now that fpga is a thing? Be real pls[View]
9286382Strider thread: I fucking love this game.[View]
9288861NBA JAM: why is there no perfect console port of this masterpiece?[View]
9280889I just finished this. I didn't like it much at first, but it kinda grew on me (except the const…[View]
9282779Yoshi's Story is peak soul[View]
9288805games that exist: I just remembered this game exists[View]
9288302StarCraft thread: I've been playing this for over 20 years, I only have about 150 online matche…[View]
9281816Was this game ever considered weird on release, or is this a retcon invented later?[View]
9283428Did he have fun?[View]
9274462this game got a bad rap but it's so good, save for team rose which i could do without, the othe…[View]
9288705The source code for Red Dog: Superior Firepower, a 2000 Dreamcast-only video game was uploaded to Gi…[View]
9280240Blank X68000 Game Cases?: Are there any companies that make blank cases for X68000 software? I have …[View]
92885623 Player Max N64 games: Did this console have any, like Secret of Mana on the SNES?[View]
9285579When will nintendo release consoles with see-through colored plastics again?[View]
9284838Story time. I had this on Gamecube when I was a kid. Mega Man was my favorite game series so I playe…[View]
9284061Mini Console Collection: Don't mind the OG model 1 Sega Genesis sitting next to my mini console…[View]
9281391Why is this game so underrated? It's even more baffling that the general zoomer consensus is th…[View]
9288187So I replayed a few hours of Valkyrie Profile and remembered how much you need to be on your toes in…[View]
9285159It's pretty well-known by now that the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Warrior III has unused M…[View]
9288181Can anyone recommend a decent multimedia shelf unit? For sega, nintendo, n64, playstation. Looking …[View]
9272129The jump is awkward and dated, this game just hasn't aged well at all[View]
9288178i swear this game commanded as much reverence as Ocarina of Time did on release. i remember followin…[View]
9285354I totally get the criticism of this game but I loved it at the time. Except for the jumping parts. F…[View]
9283029Spooky /vr/ Music: It's getting to be that time of year again.. there's a certain chill in…[View]
9286293What are some good Retro Western RPGs? I already played Gothic and KOTOR is Morrowind any Good? im a…[View]
9283889Choro Q: Choro thread, choroggers. Been into this series lately, there's just something about m…[View]
9254329'Games Only You Played' Thread: but here's the twist. Did you like it? For me, not re…[View]
9282648does this still hold up? should i replay it?[View]
9282232is the coin sucking aspect of arcade games an inherent flaw? Kind of disheartening to sink my teeth …[View]
9272974Twin Snakes is unironically superior. Anyone who says otherwise is a emotional deluded nostalgiafag.…[View]
9281546With the World Cup happening soon, it's that time again. Which are /vr/'s favorite soccer …[View]
9284052Man, say what you will about the N64 Pokemon Stadium games, but they were top-tier expansion packs. …[View]
9277340I'm looking for a studio monitor that is magnetically shielded to use with my CRT TV. I bought …[View]
9284982do you play any retro console games with widescreen hacks applied? i only know of Super Mario World,…[View]
9279987FF7 Mods: I decided it's finally time to play through this again, which I haven't done in …[View]
9284662Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing appreciation thread: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a historic trendsett…[View]
9284016What’s the best football game if judged purely as a videogame? Which one is the most fun to play, ha…[View]
9279839As time passes, this game will be acknowledged as a Classic and the best StarFox ever: It was the pe…[View]
9286364Boxed games/consoles protectors: What are the best sites to get protectors for old unopened games or…[View]
9283989Mega Man X series: X series was the peak of the Mega Man franchise. Once they officially killed off …[View]
9281507What's the best platformer you've ever played?[View]
9287170Embrace the Junk and the Turbo button[View]
9280939be honest: did you credit feed as a kid?: I saw an article explaining it like this once: If you play…[View]
9286954I have a question about Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: A Twitch in Time! on PS1. Here is a screenshot I…[View]
9252929/vr/ drawthread: /v/ has one, so why not us? >All originally made vidya art is welcome, doesn…[View]
9286739>Playing Master of Magic with the Master of Monsters soundtrack in the background https://www.yo…[View]
9269096why did PS2 games look so comfy ?[View]
9283054How long after launch did you finally end up owning a current-gen console? What games were (Your) 'l…[View]
9280759What happened to this game?[View]
9285995What's your favorite Goldeneye evel and why is it Silo?[View]
9285079Hidden Gems: Give me a SNES hidden gem to play, I've got a flashcart with the whole catalogue o…[View]
9286592Explain why you haven't experienced this kino yet.[View]
9278972ITT: spooky /vr/ games for Halloween season[View]
9285757Should I play this game?: I never bought this because the guy on the cover looks dumb and I'm n…[View]
9286261Any puzzle games with a good story?[View]
9282917>BRO WE SWEAR IT'S A TOY AND NOT A GAME CONSOLE Did anyone fall for this shit back in the da…[View]
9270358Ae maranax crunatos >geroxe bibax malax >vorox esco maranax >crudox cruo >Maranax Firmux…[View]
9285467Having Trouble Remembering Something: So I'm thinking of a Xenosaga game I remember near the be…[View]
9253107Handheld thread?: Handheld thread, the switch is le epic edition For the sake of conversation, post …[View]
9286390Yeah, I don't think shmups should be this good[View]

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