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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 174 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6709862Just bought an N64 and Everdrive X7 for my wife, who just wants to git better at Smash. I was a SEGA…[View]
6711018Romhacks/Modded Content: Which retro games have the most moded content to them? The only two I reall…[View]
6712830Bros, I'm trying to remember a Playstation top-down RPG I used to play at my babysitter's …[View]
6703275Has anyone seen this before? I have a SFC, apparently this thing plays gb and gbc games as well. Won…[View]
6708925Can Kid Icarus be considered a Nintendo scotformer? I noticed that the vertical scrolling element is…[View]
6707083Do you prefer RE1 or its remake?[View]
6702369Post game gifs or webms[View]
6714869/vArrr/ me hearties!: What be yer favorite pirate-themed retro games? I’m looking for buried treasur…[View]
6714306This is the ideal Ogre Battle army.: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks li…[View]
6714282Thanks for the betatesting, Macfags.[View]
6710298New official Neo Geo bartop coming soon: http://www.snkmvsx.com/index.html 50 included games (no Neo…[View]
6704971ITT: Overrated shit[View]
6681509I know the thing has barely any games worth playing, but I can't help but think the PC-FX is on…[View]
6709108Thoughts on this game?[View]
6698085How does this port compare to the original? Any quality of life enhancements?[View]
6712258What are your earliest memories with video games? I remember barely being able to talk and trying to…[View]
6705553Can zombies even be considered “evil” beings? There is no inherent malice or intent to make others s…[View]
6713007What are your thoughts on Torico (aka Lunacy), that classic FMV adventure game for the Sega Saturn?[View]
6710256well that was fun, what should I play next?[View]
6710910How and why was the Nintendo 64 delayed for nearly a year?[View]
6710475Now that the dust has settled, which edition of Gotta Catch ‘Em All! would you say provided the, dar…[View]
6713367Toro Inoue: Where are all the Toro fans at? What went wrong?[View]
6708929How did this turn out good yet Pro Skater 4 on PS1 was a let down?[View]
6688915At what point does collecting just become mindless gluttony and consooming? https://youtu.be/RbnRsYQ…[View]
6696793Xstation - PS1 ODE: - Have to lift/cut eight IC-legs - Quick-Solder-Board with about 20 (18?) solder…[View]
6711067Any games similar or even better, nearly identical to Settlers 2? (I know about Widelands). I played…[View]
6711757What is your favorite knockoff/bootleg game?[View]
6687141Why would Ganon make her fat instead of depowering her? Starting to think she wasn't being hone…[View]
6701312I've been thinking about replaying OoT. Any suggestions on ways to spice it up?[View]
6706863As bad as the 32x was, at least it was not a Supergrafx level of trainwreck.[View]
6711812>released in 2018 I spent my childhood playing this, anyone else have nostalgia for it?…[View]
6708060Go this coming in the mail. Whats it like? I've only played Kirby's Dreamland for the game…[View]
6704171I never owned a PS1: Help me out with games; the recommended lists have like 1000 entries[View]
6710787I have been emulating on my PC for years but thought it would be very nice and convenient to get a d…[View]
6695904One of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Sonic the Hedgehog came to …[View]
6709895Old game I have vague memories of: There's this old PC game I used to play as a kid, it was a 3…[View]
6675384Jabu Jabu Fan Theory: I recently played through Ocarina of Time and I realized something. I figured …[View]
6701992the eternal debate.[View]
6706735MAKE ME A PIZZA[View]
6711951/rhg/ - ROM Hack General ALL MARIO 64 HACKS EDITION: Hello frens I have collected and play tested o…[View]
6711750What gives the dreamcast that retro vibe everything else lacks?[View]
6711198A marbled obfuscation: In defense to Marble Zone: What's with the hate people have for Marble Z…[View]
6694320Sonic on the SNES: https://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20638[View]
6658175>Limp Bizkit endorsed the Dreamcast No wonder it died. Fuck SEGA.[View]
6706704Why are N64 games so overhyped? For example Banjo Kazooie is an extremely mediocre run of the mill …[View]
6710679I'm kind of new to JRPGs, what games out there are similar in feel to Chrono Trigger or FFV, ma…[View]
6699825I got a Saturn and ODE but Radiant Silvergun, Burning Rangers, and the Dragon game have pretty much …[View]
6707569SO HERE I AM Spyro thread. 1 is the best[View]
6707179RNG: The Game[View]
6703191Sonic Adventure is a terrifying game.[View]
6703421what are some good doomer retro games?[View]
6702428There's nothing more fun than wasting hours bombing every wall and floor tile as well as shooti…[View]
6708151Are you excited lads?[View]
6700667This comes out in English this month. Are you gonna play it?[View]
6709064ALTTP killers[View]
6705630Now that the dust has settled, how does /vr/ feel about 'The Super Mario Bros. 4 in 1 Game Pak' on t…[View]
6709907Maybe it's just me, but this game's controls are slippery.[View]
6707421Need help finding forgotten game lost to time: The game was a mining game that was 2D, pixel art sty…[View]
6709946Is it a Scottish platformer?[View]
6705731What the fuck was his problem?[View]
6708901Favourite Soundtracks: What are your favourite retro soundtracks? Do you think less is more and mod…[View]
6709468Gee, it sure is boring around here[View]
6708216Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko: 1999 was an insane year for collectathons you had Donkey Kong 64, Croc 2, S…[View]
6706218What are /vr/'s favourite shmups with platforming elements?: I'm looking for more games li…[View]
6712273I just want to discuss Fatal Frame, nowhere else is willing to discuss it. I don’t care if the threa…[View]
6701171>the only actually retro 6th gen console is also the only good one from 6th gen Based Sega.…[View]
6706832Show me some /vr/ Battle Chests.[View]
6707508Does a good flash cart exist for this thing?[View]
6708327Super Mario Bros Deluxe: Literally the best version of this game. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn…[View]
6708427I'm honestly just angry about the fact my childhood wasn't as good as the average japanese…[View]
6709324Preferable game boxes size?: Silly question: Which size of game boxes do you prefer? I do think that…[View]
6648735HOMM/MM (Heroes of) Might & Magic(:Heroes) General: No friends edition. HOMM/MM pastebin: https:…[View]
6704913Is this the first game with a day and night cycle? Serious question. Do you know any earlier example…[View]
6699016How can I make sure my N64 and it's cartridges wont die any time soon[View]
6703028The world is map is objectively the worst part of mario 3 and world and heres why. It’s essentially …[View]
6704810Some good Snes games: I did the N64 list now Im doing a snes one because I feel a lot of ppl are los…[View]
6704482R-zone thread, lets discuss the most underrated console[View]
6708397Looking at Newegg under Retro Video Game Consoles, are these for real or are they Chinese knock off …[View]
6697238Do you keep a record of the games you played and/or completed?[View]
6704525How many Hz does Donkey Kong run at?[View]
6699218Why is this game so hard?[View]
6707495Were you able to get a Gameboy Color the year it launched? I remember they were impossible to find i…[View]
6682203Shitty Cruise: Where was the S.S. Anne supposed to sail to? It's completely boxed in.[View]
6701713>Why do you hate me?[View]
6692718Anal-ogue Pocket: Say something nice about this device.[View]
6691769Why is this game so hated here? I know it's overrated, but it's still a decent game overal…[View]
6708118I've been expanding my Game Boy collection in preparation for the release of the Analogue Pocke…[View]
6690982This is genuinely one of the most passionate and soul-filled games I've ever played. Everything…[View]
6687313DISGUSTING BOX ART THREAD: post em'[View]
6705261Classic retro game systems: Did you prefer the Nintendo Nes or the Super Snes?[View]
6707836what went wrong?[View]
6700487Alien Syndrome SMS: What do you think about this game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9aTNDsvSWU…[View]
6707839Hi /vr/, I need some help identifying and locating an old game for the PC. It was a puzzle game that…[View]
6707898I've been playing City Connection off and off for almost 30 years and tonight I'm playing …[View]
6706007Dromed: If i wanted to create a thief mission, what should i start with? Should i start with going f…[View]
6707735Have you played the PS1 version of Powerslave as well as the Saturn one? I'm seeing a lot of di…[View]
6702015How were you supposed to know the Ocarina is in the water?[View]
6707593Times you were the /vr/ joker: >rent Nintendo tape for weekend >return it without rewinding SS…[View]
6700635I miss this nigga[View]
6700461Any tips for this stage? I keep getting ass-raped by these moai heads[View]
6698215FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF *RETRO* PS1 GAMES.. Is the PS3 a good choice? You get a crisp HDMI out im…[View]
6706942Does Guilty Gear X offers something that later games don't to make it worth replaying these day…[View]
6705730'Graphics': >check out the GRAPHICS on this game! >GRAPHICS what did they mean by this, exactl…[View]
6703367What was their fucking problem?[View]
6700650Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil are the top 3 games.... that shaped generation…[View]
6703542Myst Thread: >be 12 years old >dad says I can buy one game >find myst >look at back of …[View]
6703990Anyone else have more trouble with this motherfucker as opposed to Yellow Devil?[View]
6703818Hello Hello Hello VR! It's me again!: Hello VR, it's me again. I'm that op who ask fo…[View]
6703774Game Over[View]
6704821How the FUCK am I supposed to control a PSX game with this[View]
6707134I want to live in a world where this game received the acclaim and attention that Resident Evil did.…[View]
6706641What does he say again here?[View]
6705848Why do some anons here and zoomer Ecelebs praise Vectorman so much? It looks pretty and sounds nice …[View]
6696849Objectively ranked tierlist of all Sega Systems: God Tier: Dreamcast High Tier: Mega Drive / Genesis…[View]
6677172Any advice on finding Sony PVMs and BVMs?[View]
6706734Why do N64 fans prop up Body Harvest as some masterpiece? It’s extremely clunky and has a mostly emp…[View]
6681481Why is this game so hated here? I know it's overrated, but it's still a decent game overal…[View]
6702549Why does /vr/ keep perpetuating the myth that Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't like Donkey Kong Country…[View]
6705975What's the best version to play for the first three Resident Evil games. Should I stick to PS1 …[View]
6706261Why is this series so overrated? I tried to get into it. I really did. It is absolutely braindead an…[View]
6705807Racing game thread: Why do people bash Cruis’n USA? It feels like a 3D Outrun to me.[View]
6700256What are some retro games that continue to cause non stop seething?[View]
6694718Post the most >you had to be there game you can think of.[View]
6701452I think that SNES Megaman X3 is peak Megaman X.[View]
6696661Nintendo Gigaleak MegaThread 11: Last: >>6673261 Main Gigaleaks doc: https://docs.google.com/d…[View]
6697283Remember when Sega cancelled a fully finished game at the same time they were hemorrhaging money and…[View]
6693526DAC CONVERTERS/ DOWNSCALERS: Anyone fuck with em? Help an ol Eurofag out. Specifically interested in…[View]
6699275best GAME OVER Screens: post em'[View]
6671338Level Design: Post retro large scale environments, levels, overworlds... as long as they are in game…[View]
6670556RETRO DOGS[View]
6701168What were they thinking?: >super mario bros 1 >mario madness! >super mario bros 3…[View]
6682450Any Age of Wonders players around? Recently I started looking into player made campaigns because I…[View]
6703182What's the best N64 emulator? I wanna play Mario 64 romhacks. I just tried Project 64 and the r…[View]
6693862retro cuties: itt post epic images of classic retro video game cuties[View]
6702142PlayStation 1: Out of curiosity. How durable is the PS1? I've had problems with PS2s (not retro…[View]
6703419nintendium stories: y'all got any of em? the one story i have isn't retro unfortunately…[View]
6704942I need some advice on connecting retro hardware to my computers capture card. The console only outpu…[View]
6702469How did the old school metroidvania devs design their worlds? How the fuck did they manage to keep t…[View]
6701432How does /vr/ feel about playing Doom with a controller? Whether it's the 32X, PS1, Jaguar, Swi…[View]
6704423What did Alessa mean by this?[View]
6705861Why couldn't more NES games have better graphics? How did Mario 3 get outdone graphically by ma…[View]
6695638I don't find Zelda 2 particularly enjoyable or remarkable. It's hard to an unfun degree an…[View]
6705246What do you think of the Wide Boy 64? I think it's pretty cool and strange how they made GBA ga…[View]
6701773Let's talk about this port of Chrono Trigger. Is it the definitive edition of Chrono Trigger, o…[View]
6701570Video game collectibles: Can we have a video game collectibles thread? Anything is welcome. Post you…[View]
6702935>its an escort level >AI moves slow as shit >if you move too far ahead of them, they will s…[View]
6704740last year I bought an NES to relive my youth and have recently been discovering that my favorite gam…[View]
6700025The Dark Souls of retro gaming.[View]
6700170What ever happened to Morshu?: I hope he's doing okay these days.[View]
6694854Had her husband Takahasi not had a weeb attack, she would have written Squares greatest work[View]
6698776What's the best retro controller? For me, it's the NES controller.[View]
6700376So this is supposed to be a killer game for the SNES? It looks like ASS, and runs at 5 FPS. The cont…[View]
6701791Imagine being Diddy Kong in 1995 when it’s time to make 'Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest' …[View]
6704027Hidden Gems: Are there any older games that haven't gotten the appreciation that they deserve? …[View]
6704237Hey guys, I want to smite some cockroaches in your basement. I am a well renowned smitemaster from t…[View]
6695621Why is there so few 2D platformers for 5th gen systems? I know about stuff like Astal, Mischief Make…[View]
6702043>the final game released for the console was this piece of shit Man, what a fitting end to the Se…[View]
6703645This and wrecked ship are two of the worst sections of any video game ever[View]
6697098ITT lost games that won't be found because nobody cares about them[View]
6694974What is this graphical style called?: How would you describe it?[View]
6693220Clocktower: The best game in the clock tower series.[View]
6699613Post some good stealth games that still hold up in 2020[View]
6702501Does anyone like the all-range mode segments? I feel like the game would be better overall if they j…[View]
6698010a flawed masterpiece. a 10.[View]
6682473This kills the Ultimafag.[View]
6703438What is the most buggy retro game ever made?[View]
6699820How come Error never appeared in another Zelda again? he's such an interesting character with s…[View]
6698901Does anyone remember some kind of reverse-engineered PC port of Super Metroid from the early-mid 200…[View]
6698490mgs1 is a good game.[View]

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