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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 163 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
8910927so i recently bought this shit right here for the ps1 because i saw walkthrough on youtube and somet…[View]
8915585what the hell did I just play?[View]
8913308So this is something I've always wondered since 93, when I borrowed a game-boy to beat the orig…[View]
8913176How did this make you feel? Opinions from people who played it before the year 2000 only[View]
8908786How do retro game stores stay in business? I don't see how they can possibly turn a profit sell…[View]
8915263It's time to play Sudeki[View]
8906018ITT: Discuss which video game enemy has taken more player character lives than any other. Pic relate…[View]
8916618Hate is a simple manifestation Of the deep seated self directed frustration All it does is promote f…[View]
8904838Retro Game Commercial Thread: Are you ready for the future?[View]
8915242Damn, this game isn't as good as the first Lego Racers game.[View]
8915402Anyone have a link to the complete nintendo power collection? Theres 285 in total and archive.org on…[View]
8916337After the Dreamcast: Did Sega even have a chance in the console race? What would you have done diffe…[View]
8913929Here are your retro PS1 games you can play on your PS5. That will be $18 a month or $120 a year.[View]
8905572I started playing this and it is very interesting how similar this game and Shenmue are (in my opini…[View]
8915235am retard need help, snes battery: Bottom center of pic is the old battery, however I cannot get the…[View]
8915735I need a rest, where's the comfiest, coziest inns in these here video games?[View]
8916174How is the market for Sega Dreamcast games on eBay as of May 2022?: Im just curious.[View]
8916032I never finished Serious Sam First Encounter because I just could not beat the horde of Werebulls in…[View]
8915563Yellow rayman should be removed: I was enjoying myself on rayman raving rabbids when I got to the ic…[View]
8914367Difference Between NES and GB: How much exactly does the NES differ from the GB in terms of things l…[View]
8910857I'd like to hear /vr/ opinion on Oddworld Adventures on Game Boy[View]
8914950Apparently so-called because there was an earlier Volguard game on the PC-8801. I have no clue what …[View]
8912484There's an exchange in Metal Gear Solid that I never understood. After the Gray Fox fight, Snak…[View]
8915659Why were they so great at making NotSonic games? I'm not a Sonic guy at all I never was into th…[View]
8915634>softmod a ton of consoles and hook up to old Sony TV and get emulators and ODEs working >play…[View]
8913778Were Army Men games actually good? There were shitloads of them and I remember having fun in multipl…[View]
8908831This game looks absolutely gorgeous.[View]
8900205The best version of SA1.[View]
8912862Holy shit the controls fucking suck. What were they thinking?[View]
8913936Do you usually play retro vidya with younger family members? do they enjoy the experience or do they…[View]
8911158Anyway, it's time for Rambo.[View]
8905963Is the Atari 2600 the American's Speccy? Can anyone from a country where this was popular reall…[View]
8914234What does /vr/ think of Skate Attack?[View]
8914536What is the proper horizontal overscan for NES? Some games like Castlevania literally use the entire…[View]
8870674Console Mod/Upgrade threads: Performing a bit of a Dreamcast overhaul. What Console mods do you curr…[View]
8911856Which RTS supports the most simultaneous players?[View]
8912443You think you can beat me with that? Loser.[View]
8905807around 2003 i played a doujin/indie game on pc: >action tps >chibi characters >main charact…[View]
8905879Most overrated game ever: It has to be picrel, right? >Itty bitty city with almost nothing to do…[View]
8912576What was the Most Appealing Console Design/Controller/Add-On: And why was it the Atari Jaguar and At…[View]
8910269Do they have names?[View]
8908986water level: I like underwater levels and I'm tired of having to pretend they're bad to fi…[View]
8908827Symphony of the Night reaction?: So I'll be honest and say that Symphony of the Night was my fi…[View]
8912492>16 robot masters >4 amazing remix levels >2 castles >dat intro music king of the series…[View]
8910390What went wrong?[View]
8907536What is the best SEGA console and why is it the CDX?[View]
8911947So what the fuck do I do with my ED64 now?[View]
8890069this is the worst one, dunno how they ended up with this after the smashing masterpiece that was 64[View]
8912761https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N01RXOE_vOU >Perfect Dark advertised real time raytracing during …[View]
8895737ITT, places, stages, locations and hub worlds where you liked to hang around and get lost, whether t…[View]
8911519VR fishing thread: Summertime is coming up and one of my favorite genres to play this time of year i…[View]
8908657the best Spyro[View]
8908983Does this game exist because Clapcom thought it would be a good way to keep Mega Man relevant as mor…[View]
8908890why cant my PC read xbox DVDs? especially for games that already exist on both[View]
8907921>play through game you always wanted to play, enjoying your playthrough >beat the game >aft…[View]
8905413This is literally the most blood-boilingly frustrating and difficult game I've ever played. I n…[View]
8911693>Megaman >Castlevania >Strider What other classic series were murdered when they came to Pl…[View]
8909031So what exactly was the secret sauce with this that it stayed dominant in the scene for so long and …[View]
8908945Did anyone else think his sword was his dick?[View]
8912586This was a massive improvement on the original in nearly every way, had way better flow and pacing, …[View]
8911260Every 3 fucking steps: Every 4 steps there is a random encounter. Way to ruin a game. Jesus you can …[View]
8912883Minority Sports - 'In the Water No One Can Smell Your Sweat' edition.: Water polo is pretty minorita…[View]
8910389my favorite video game character the toyota supra[View]
8900827Would you live in it?[View]
8911680Fuck does Kunio care?[View]
8898048OI A WILD SPECCY: What's your favorite spec-em-up, anon?[View]
8906760RE clones: Can we have an RE clone thread? What are your favorite ones? >inb4 RE is clone of AITD…[View]
8912073>people hold up art from Katsuya Terada made specifically for the western publication Nintendo Po…[View]
8909406Was it really that bad?[View]
8911765Glitter Gulch Mine[View]
8909501Make the Game List: A shiny gold coin if you give a real answer.[View]
8911932I have been playing some old tactical games, I need help to find some similar games[View]
8904168absolutely BTFO: >Don't leave the house, I'll handle this >Dies to very first green …[View]
8904970Mega Man: >Its a 'Started the level with less than two lives so might as well kill yourself to ma…[View]
8909717Monster Rancher 1: Just bought this on steam and holy shit the nostalgia is insane. This was the ver…[View]
8904568I remember when this thing first came out everbody was bitching about the $190 price but now it look…[View]
8910154Daikatana's soundtrack is so good bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlP3EpITOLA https://www…[View]
8912060>make this fucking thing >Never make a typing game >only one game works on it Why.? I love …[View]
8907935peak gaming set up[View]
8911543They singlehandedly made Saturn and N64 better than PS1[View]
8900701What do you think about King of Fighters 2002?[View]
8898024I pretty much missed this entire library due to being up pokemon's ass for the entirety of my c…[View]
8892191Post old video game related printed media. Scans of magazine articles, ads, posters, strategy guides…[View]
8911119Tecmo's Deception thread: Get in here if you think this game is fucking tits. Sacrifice visitor…[View]
8899416Low key the best Spider-Man game of all-time.[View]
8910653Should they have just kept Dixie and Kiddy instead of using Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky?[View]
8910490this one was way better than the one on Atari[View]
8907274OK; personally I think the remasters of Wild Guns, Ninja Warriors and Pocky & Rocky are all pret…[View]
8908670Franchises forsaken by time that you love: For me, it's Startropics. I had both of them for the…[View]
8899585What is the best retro racing game?[View]
8890507>May 29, 2007 Is this when PC gaming officially died? I guess the sticky chose an appropriate cut…[View]
8909192you didn’t hear it from me but a remake is in the works. announcement october but no set release dat…[View]
8867814Super Mario /v/orld: it's may 1st, so new thread. here's the link to the hacks if you woul…[View]
8908824Growing up, were you the type (or did your parents make you) to trade in old games in order to get n…[View]
8900220Is this game notoriously buggy? I'm playing it on real hardware, real cart. >Some areas don…[View]
8910428>Mario Bros. for the NES was remade two different times, once for the FDS and another cartridge P…[View]
8906423Are there any Pre-SotN metroidvanias or even Metroidlikes? The only ones i can think of are these an…[View]
8909961>Astro Boy: Omega Factor gets mentioned on every GBA gem list >have a soft spot for old anime …[View]
8909897You know the saying >NES Hard It should be >Master System Hard…[View]
8904246with all this hubbub surrounding the Forever leak, i am thinking about diving into 3D Atomic what do…[View]
8898753games only you played: GBA edition: I'll start. this one is Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend. pr…[View]
8905690This piece of shit is not Castlevania and 1/3 of the game is auto scroller shite[View]
8901734why did the 3d platformer genre lose popularity in the 00's? Is it because of pic rel? Afterwar…[View]
8910457>Garage sale season Do you ever look for video games and stuff?[View]
8902959For me, it's ASCII[View]
8908430Shining Force: What's the opinion on the Shining Force games here? I love them and prefer them …[View]
8910184>That one /vr/ classic you finally played after missing out >its dogshit Also, in the interest…[View]
8904828All the craziness of the Sonic fandom aside. This dude straight up made a working physics engine in …[View]
8895995Nintendo Power Storytime: Issues: >>7962259 >>7970279 >>7971102 >>7980943 …[View]
8897980i'm disappointed we never got Metroid on N64, i'm sure Fusion would have been pretty spook…[View]
8894742how come sega genesis/megadrive music is so GOD??? batman 1, sonic 3d blast, power rangers the movie…[View]
8909419Anyone remember when did high-density floppies and 3.5 floppy drives became cheap and widespread? I…[View]
8904514I haven't seen any serious effort to preserve these old Java cellphone games. Will they eventua…[View]
8909287Was 1987 a good year in video game history?[View]
8907215Judging by the amount of quality retro games released, what in your opinion is the greatest /vr/ ser…[View]
89071696th gen games that you played: Did you play Black, Manhund and mechassault 2? I played these 3 a bit…[View]
8906127What games are you playing?[View]
8904951DOS Thread: Give me random obscure hidden gems DOS games[View]
8907865What happened to joysticks?[View]
8908607Wasn't ALF on the Master System just such a great game?[View]
8909313Ice Hockey and Slalom were later additions to Nintendo's black box NES sports family but despit…[View]
8883683Playing Doom 3 for the first time. Wow, this is bad. This is more like a 6/10 generic 2000s FPS than…[View]
8905454flashcarts: post about flashcarts/odes of any console and kind does anyone have any recommendations …[View]
8905276What's with the biblical name? it's kind of heretical. Mega Drive sounds cooler anyway.[View]
8906607so for how long can you actually play this? it's an arcade game so it's fun for 5/10 minut…[View]
8897240Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Theory: So here me out on this theory... >takes a hit What if this leaker…[View]
8909605Can we talk about how awesome this game is for a bit?[View]
8903219Fate: For me, it's Saber.[View]
8909571I'm just now realizing, he's supposed to be an allusion to Joseph Joestar. Squall, his est…[View]
8902169Spyro Thread: Ever since I've first started playing these games like 5 years ago, I've mad…[View]
8908597The fact that they can fall out of those towers down to ground level without breaking every bone in …[View]
8909409Rushing Ran and Shura translation WHEN? H E N ?[View]
8906198You will grind and you will like it!![View]
8908936Found this old Game Boy in a box in my closet does anyone know how I’d go about restoring this? I’d …[View]
8893848Post graphically impressive 2D GBA games[View]
8905849My gf has barely ever played any video games. She's always watching both Bridgerton and the Wit…[View]
8900654Almost impossible to actually beat this shit game without spamming continues and I've put in ov…[View]
8908902>That feeling when you go from just trying to barely beat a shmup to aggressively trying to maxim…[View]
8907946Don't you just hate those 'shit cherries' that ruin the entire cake? When a game is 99.99% an 8…[View]
8891697Tomb Raider 2: Offshore Rig: What’s behind the door?[View]
8905307>tfw this is only game to reference ANYTHING from early manga/toei series >tfw it's so pi…[View]
8897386Punch-Out!! Thread: Little Mac died for your sins.[View]
8903043Does anyone on /vr/ still use ABCD? Or have you completely sold your soul to crapcum?[View]
8907574No shotgun in this? Really?? with a double barrel shotgun this game would be perfect but nope...[View]
8903795ive hit my fifth game over, my second at bowsers castle. How the fuck am i this bad at this? Is it …[View]
8910391Sound screeching problem during mp4 converting: For god sake guys, I need help for this. I don'…[View]
8905616I always read here and elsewhere how it looks/runs great on the Saturn. I played it and there was lo…[View]
8897015What if Battlefield Earth had a licensed game back in the day?: Would the game have made the movie a…[View]
8902163What are some games where I can play a COOL GUY? At least this cool.[View]
8898807ITT: Overrated hacks: >constantly hear how it's the best SMB3 hack with tons of innovations …[View]
8897559Post kino box art[View]
8905427is it possible to be a more shameless Zelda II ripoff than this?[View]
8904910Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are torn asunder.[View]
8884231why does this game make me feel so melancholic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUWvNY_Ne-8[View]
8903142have you seen a little girl around here? short, black hair...[View]
8908161Is there any way to remove Mario from the party? ROM hack, game genie code, etc.?[View]
8907814Mike Tyson's code is not given to you when you beat the World Circuit (a code letting you start…[View]
8887876'That kid' thread.: What's the craziest vidya rumor you ever heard from someone?[View]
8892832>Welcome. I see you have reached the Drylands of Abandoned Save Files.[View]
8908134I've been waiting for a sequel since 1995, how much longer?[View]
8887342>Sonic had Knuckles and Metal Sonic as rivals why did they invent Shadow? He was a bad addition t…[View]

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