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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 149 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6686273What are some programs to extract and make MIDIs from retro games?[View]
6682765Music of /vr/: Share some of your favorite /vr/ tunes! OST and covers welcome. >Abreu Project - B…[View]
6685705Back when this came out I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Now looking back I can see it …[View]
6674058This is the best game ever: Not only in retroperspective but of all time[View]
6683150Star Fox 2 CES: There is a corrected ROM that fixes the header so it can be played on real hardware.…[View]
6684290There are at least 25 arcade games from around the same era that are far better than Donkey Kong, so…[View]
6685786Saturn PS1 differences: Soul Hackers Saturn or PS1 release? Saturn to PS1 ports are usually whack, t…[View]
6680173What would you consider to be the last good year of vidyas anon?[View]
6685186I was replaying S3K for the first time in a while and, after reaching Mushroom Hill Zone, Sonic will…[View]
6684117Is there a DOS game that it could really benefit from being open sourced besides Blood? Most games r…[View]
6679861How do i tell if this is real or not? I got a decent price for it but am now suspicious.[View]
6683940Paper Mario saved directly on the cartridge without needing a battery or memory card. Why didn’t Nin…[View]
6676982How do you tell between a fake and genuine N64 cartridge on Ebay? This shit's got me on edge fr…[View]
6684842are the thief games nearly as good as SS1?[View]
6676908NES Classic Hacking Q+A/Young Children's Guide to NES and Classic Gaming: my wife bought our 6 …[View]
6687304>2020 >PPC emulation still isn't completely polished Why is this? I'm not very knowl…[View]
6683610Name a single N64 game that looks as good as Vagrant Story (PS1)[View]
6682474Why were these games ported so many times?: The SNES originals, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Countr…[View]
6681987>michael jackson hated the genesis and sonic 3 because it had poor sound quality >also made Mo…[View]
6684546Is there an online resource for clean snes gifs? I miss these and want more of them for reasons, but…[View]
6681796Super 3D Noah's Ark was recently released of GOG. This made me wonder, when will Piko Entertain…[View]
6682867So is it a guy in a costume? a puppet? an animatronic? Why spend all that money just for box cover a…[View]
6667593best crt to buy[View]
6684946As a 00's kid I can't understand why boomers would pick 30 minutes of fun genesis over 40 …[View]
6684743/vr/ memorabilia: Post your favorite /vr/-related merch and memorabilia.[View]
6681770Reminder that there was a time when Night Trap was as controversial as Mortal Kombat[View]
6681320Name a better retro racing game[View]
6684343COMMODORE AMIGA 1080 as 2nd monitor: Hey guys, I recently grabbed a Commodore Amiga 1080 to use as s…[View]
6683912Do you like NiGHTS, /vr?: What are your best scores?[View]
6673527Tell me about how good/bad these are for emulation. I just wanna play SNES stuff quick and easy on m…[View]
6684118Original hardware + flashcart or emulation?[View]
66814143 vs World: The ultimate debate.[View]
6676596Currently going through my first ever Final Fanasy IV playthrough, it's my first FF game ever d…[View]
6678227Majesty/Obscure RTS thread: Started playing Majesty HD yesterday. Anyone got any tips for me? I…[View]
6677282Any idea what this could be? I popped in paper Mario today so I could play some nostalgia and it fro…[View]
6673978Zelda - Master of Time: What the fuck is up with this hack? >glitching into multiple otherwise un…[View]
6668601How many Gorillameters tall was donkey Kong in DKC? Also retro monkey game general.[View]
6679902Those babies were like 50 bucks last year. Should I? What board should I avoid?[View]
6679681DOS Shmups: What is your favorite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5gwPzefurs[View]
6681336I bought a couple broken Snes consoles for dirt cheap and i wanna try to fix them. One of them looks…[View]
6671208Now that the dust has settled, I dare you to name one (1) comfier scotformer than Super Mario World …[View]
6683024Why does everyone hate this game?[View]
6677910Let’s discuss the retro classic Boku No Natsuyasumi! Released for PlayStation in June 2000, this cha…[View]
6681316I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about this game. I saw screenshots and thought i…[View]
6676831Thoughts on this?[View]
6682129Based or cringe? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Castlevania-Symphony-of-the-Night-1998-Tiger-Konami-Very-R…[View]
6681251>FPS only has inverted aiming >fighting game has no practice mode >survival horror game doe…[View]
6675914why wasnt Super Donkey included in the SNES mini?[View]
6680440Diehard Arcade is so much better than this piece of shit: The Warrior is the best 3D beat em up, but…[View]
6678290How are 32-bit computers able to emulate the 64-bit Nintendo 64?[View]
6624170Video Game Text Generator Thing: http://deathgenerator.com/#sq3 aaaayyyyyyyyyyy[View]
6682750Is there any way to play the original star fox, NOT in fucking 5 fps?[View]
6676387PS1 Slim[View]
6672682It's the same melody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATKztq3a5is https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
6625008Why not play a shmup today?[View]
6671625znes is the pinnacle of emulation: znes is the pinnacle of emulation. there is literally nothing tha…[View]
6681705MegaZeux: Anyone else ever play the greatest text mode game creation system ever made for MS-DOS? I …[View]
6682574>90 minutes in and you lost your third life? How about you go back to the start. Getting harder …[View]
6675018Relaxing hubs / levels: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsQucs0v80c (sorry for the shi…[View]
6681131this game is not fair.[View]
6671468Ninja Gaiden Trilogy SNES: Every review says that the controls are horrible. However, I played throu…[View]
6682060>maramax in ferboux >crunox curo >maramax pallex…[View]
6676850Favorite Segagaga game?[View]
6680140Who's /vr/'s favourite STG developer?: For me it's Psikyo.[View]
6678082Where my Teran chads at???[View]
6668058How much less powerfull is the N64 compared to an SGI station?[View]
6679498Ocarina of Time: Why is this such a good game?[View]
6679684How common was it to make HD promotional art for retro games? https://archive.org/details/SouthParkE…[View]
6677924Is LoZ the definitive lard is slow game or is Golden Axe Warrior for the Sega System the king of the…[View]
6675906Good places to buy retro games online apart from eBay?: I mainly use eBay but I feel like it'd …[View]
6677528should I hack my classic and mini consoles or not? How do I get the best out of them?[View]
6677723Play BioForge.[View]
6681139PSX JRPGS: Whats are the best JRPGs on the PSX that aren't made by Square/Enix? I'm specif…[View]
6674441This now has a 16-bit data bus for it's main CPU; What changes?[View]
6672592GREAT That groove was in your heart[View]
6670814Nintendo 64 games running natively on SGI machines?: So obivously sgi processors are central to nint…[View]
6677961What is your favorite classicvania game? For me it’s the original retro classic for FDS/NES. I don’t…[View]
6681363Best Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast games?: I've never fucked with any Sega stuff before. How's …[View]
6680814X vs Zero: Years of build-up, the climax is finally here.[View]
6671947why do they do this ?: Sony was a mistake[View]
6677354What is with the number 71 on the inventory screen? Does it mean something in the zeldasphere?[View]
6680691Ports you enjoy: Ah, Doom on the Playstation! What a statement. Sure the framerate wasn't perfe…[View]
6671460There will never be a racing game better than this.[View]
6678457Why does /vr/ never discuss Monkey Island?[View]
6675321It's the 90s. You just had an awesome weekend full of fun with friends playing outside, in a wo…[View]
6679924Where were you when you found out SNES is 3rd gen?[View]
6663789Can someone reccommend me some good entry-level schmups? I’ve only played one so far and I want to g…[View]
6680191I was able to secure an order of the white one. Now I want recommendations. Somethings like MGS Gho…[View]
6669419>he didn't get a saturn back in the 90s inb4 salty bernieposter zoomers…[View]
6677767Aite so last week's thread I said the campaign in this game was amazing, well I finished now an…[View]
6678515Green Mario: Did anyone have access to the beta source code that was leaked from super mario 64? I w…[View]
6680226Why is the Activision logo present in the Steam version of Wolfenstein 3D? If it's a modern re-…[View]
6675213Why haven't you 1cc'd the greatest shmup of all time yet, /vr/?[View]
6679463Why are shmups that let you fire in all eight directions, that have actual level design and banging …[View]
6679889Dino Crisis: 1st was the best in the series, the rest is crap. It's even better than majority o…[View]
6678589Is Battle Garegga a good beginner shmup to learn to score?[View]
6668851Dmup General: What are some of /vr/'s favorite Dungeon Em Up or Dmup games? Pic related is one …[View]
6675887I would like to apologize to /vr/ over the many years of my incessant shit posting of this abominati…[View]
6654520What would her name have been?: Sheepy? Bleaty? Star Sheep?[View]
6676804SUPERIOR TITLES OF SEGA: How does it feel for NESfags to know that the SEGA Master System did Zelda …[View]
6672116Why do people love this so much?: 2000 and No Mercy are legit way better.[View]
6672691>sega didn't port sonic cd and sonic the fighters to the saturn[View]
6673261LEAK MEGATHREAD IX: Mario says succ Last: >>6667578 Main Gigaleaks doc: https://docs.google.co…[View]
6679147>clean, well filtered, smooth frames vs >pixelly grainy earthquake simulator the choice is so …[View]
6678616Gargoyle's Quest series: This was pretty good, but also pretty short. I'm kinda begging fo…[View]
6678470Translation?! Of Moon?! PART 2: Hey goys, i got the iso from the last thread I made, but it doesnt b…[View]
6669116Why did home computers lose to the NES? They were the ultimate gaming machines with high versatility…[View]
6667423Emulation Handhelds: Anyone here have a recommendation on which one to get? >emulation I just wan…[View]
6669623What was the hardest puzzle in a game that you had to solve?[View]
6674657TV Audio input: I bought my girlfriend a disney crt tv. at the top of the monitor on either side are…[View]
6676576PSX error: How do I fix this? I'm a computer/emulator retard, so i'm pulling my hair out l…[View]
6676314Fun retro mini-game games?: This is a good one but does anybody have any others?[View]
6665891It's just gibberish.[View]
6669749ITT: We improve retro games: >Add a banking system where your coins are deposited after every map…[View]
6659332What do you think of the retro speed run scene?[View]
6667381According to Frank Cifaldi, this is the oldest existent tile art for the SFC, the logo for what woul…[View]
6675240Now that the dust has settled, is there any jagjank that’s actually, dare I say it, worth playing?[View]
6671542post a game you like lots and say some things about why you like it >is fun >looks cute >un…[View]
6677765Is there a way I could create something like a custom OCR that identifies characters on a screen and…[View]
6675139What the fuck was his problem[View]
6670495Is it my impression or was the commodore 64 way more popular in europe than in the USA? The retro co…[View]
6677062Why does everyone always talk about Shadowrun on SNES yet the Megadrive/Genesis version is overlooke…[View]
6661729ITT: unbelievable sounding but true facts about retro games: You need gaming gloves to play Mario Pa…[View]
6677432anons lost childhood game: hey gang I am trying to remember this snes game i had when i had when i w…[View]
6671889I bet none of you poorfags could afford an X-F1.[View]
6672795Post the shittiest retro game you've ever played: Pic related isn't even fun in a 'so bad …[View]
6675854So confirmed santa's number one helper is a squirrel![View]
6677417“What’s in the wario room?” Ain’t none of your damn business! Who told you about the wario room?” “M…[View]
6662435Let’s get a Resident Evil 0 thread going[View]
6676539Toy Story 2 Action Game: This game is pure euphoria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paohwd0Ld4A…[View]
6673878What's a good way to start retro game collecting?[View]
6672169Name ONE (1) PS1 game that had animated human faces and didn’t look like static, fish-eyed freaks[View]
6675250Was Kalinske to blame for this?[View]
6672457When does it get good?: Nolf prepatched for modern systems is free as you all know, so thought I…[View]
6664593Why does it have so much soul? For me it's the ultimate video game. Nothing comes even fucking …[View]
6668442I truly believe that Sonic X-Treme would have been one of the worst scotformers of all time if it ha…[View]
6676509What is your opinion on the games Disney developed?[View]
6670760Does the classic retro Mother series live up to the hype?[View]
6657964For me, it’s Mario Madness[View]
6673243What is your opinion on Doug Tennapel and his games?[View]
6672890Does anyone know or remember a Windows 95/98 game that turned your cursor into a flame thrower or a …[View]
6676079Cheat 2 Win: Should you search something like '(Game name here) Hacks' or '(Game name here) Cheat co…[View]
6665805Mario RPG: Ignoring the objective fact that it is a SNES GOAT...why did you like (or not like) it?…[View]
6673657What’s your favorite video game hack?[View]
6675631REDDO ARREMA[View]

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