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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 245 expired threads from the past 3 days

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7107486Games from your childhood whose names you can't remember.: Sorry if I killed a thread for this.…[View]
7109145This game is pure underrated pleb filter[View]
7109294Trying to look for 2 games, I'm pretty sure the first one was a platformer game where you playe…[View]
7107903Does anybody have the rom of Spongebob in sonic 1? the one in this video https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
7107491JRPG Quirks: How do you enjoy your retro jrpgs? Do you explore every nook and cranny? Do you talk to…[View]
7107326Anyone else prefer Primal Rave over Aquatic Ambience?[View]
7103678BEAT THE NIGGUR: DOOM THREAD / 90s FPS THREAD - Last thread >>7097239 DOOM/II/ULTIMATE/FINAL/6…[View]
7101938zoomer here, why did they lose the console wars?[View]
7108653Based or cringe?[View]
7109035OpenBOR thread: What is OpenBOR?: OpenBOR is an open source two dimensional sprite based engine inte…[View]
7108868Post some good classic arcade games ITT: Pic unrelated, of course[View]
7105889According to a Wikipedia edit made in 2007, it's rumored that Peter Steele of Type O Negative s…[View]
7108752Whats the best way to play castlevania SOTN on PC? i emulated it with mednafen but that was incredib…[View]
7107660I'm trying to get something to play gba games. This ds says it's not working but it plays …[View]
7106958It's been over 20 years and still no better horror game than this. (pic related)[View]
7108279Replaying Mechcommander 2 again.: Naybe my nostalgia goggles suck now, but it looks so much worse th…[View]
7107710Mother 3: I hope you didn't forget about us, big boy.[View]
7086623What's your go-to emulation controller?[View]
7102215This game is 28 years old today. Did you like it?[View]
7107859Are there any arbitrary-code-execution speedruns that have been done manually?[View]
7108612>tfw /vr/: >the reverberating LPF drum samples used in early CD games…[View]
7104776Is it humanly possible to beat every game released for the PS2? There are a shitton of them and a wh…[View]
7106602What's your favorite arcade RPG?[View]
7103467Sega Rally: >Well you're going to see your excellent run one more time. >Cool breeze, bir…[View]
7104139Happy 26th Birthday. Go play your Sega Saturn to celebrate.[View]
7100746Did this really popularize rhythm games on consoles? The songs are great, the visuals and world are …[View]
7108369What the fuck is the battery for in a kirbys pinball land cart? I removed mine and cant tell a diffe…[View]
7108315Why don't you play sports games?[View]
7108035Why do people get hi-def nes mods over rgb? I assume that the reason people get the hdmi is to play …[View]
7066882ITT: /vr/ bosses that you had a hard time with in your youth.: >Event 51 in Super Smash Bros Mele…[View]
7095774Resident Evil Code: Veronica: Worth to play it? I have finished RE1, 2 and 3[View]
7104731i have a question about sonic 2: is chemical plant a water level[View]
7105505Based or cringe?[View]
7106625Sapphire (PC Engine): Does anyone know what these numbers mean? I imagine it’s lives / level but i c…[View]
7106217What art style is this?[View]
7106164GBA bit Generations: thoughts on these? what is your favorite?[View]
7105864Tank Controls: How the hell do so many people fail to wrap their heads around this concept? Up moves…[View]
7102568It's Ocarina of Time's 22nd birthday today. Say somethin' nice, will ya?[View]
7092057Fucked up games[View]
7106572Turn based tactics RPG Vandal Hearts for the Sega Saturn has been translated: https://twitter.com/El…[View]
7107991I want to ________________________________ Nemesis.[View]
7101379Why was the performance so bad? It could have been the best Duke console port of the time.[View]
7107439>And if that's not enough, you have to go through the whole castle all over again…[View]
7107434I have a crush on Iris.[View]
7105887Were Willyvanias a mistake?: Should scotformers have stayed linear action, or do you actually like t…[View]
7107657Was Ecco the Dolphin a good series?[View]
7092859REmake 1 is the best RE game[View]
7105560legacy of kain or blood omen: why did this series die? it was successful as shit back in the day, it…[View]
7107621Come on, slowpoke![View]
7107365Is the anon who said they're gonna scan this still around?[View]
7093965It's actually really fun[View]
7107256Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness: As far as I know, this game is an updated re-release of CV64 that f…[View]
7095064Based or cringe?[View]
7105793god damn this is a good one. super fun gameplay and the warriors story used as a backdrop.[View]
7101641is it too late to get into Sonic?[View]
7106390ITT: Whack DOOM wads[View]
7107232How the fuck do you Work the ball return[View]
7103723If you could bring back one ip (in terms of spirit or in general) which would it be? For me I think …[View]
7104426what the fuck was their problem[View]
7103528BASED CARMACK: How exactly did John Carmack become so BASED? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X68Mm_k…[View]
7104420Is this game any good? Ive never gotten to play it.[View]
7106208Is there an uncensored version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis?: In Germany, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is…[View]
7106283any good /vr/ Simpson games?[View]
7106667How about making your own controllers?[View]
7089774Post /vr/ girls you would fuck in a heartbeat[View]
7087459Was MGS2 really meant to end the series or was that a meme?[View]
7105127Is Bahamut Lagoon good?[View]
7106490Behold, the mini map: >A hidden mini map can be activated by a set of complex button combinations…[View]
7106329Sega Mega Drive in Japan and Europe: I understand the U.S. side of the Sega's 16-bit console fa…[View]
7092190You know,: This compilation really is All Stars.[View]
7091403What does the P stand for?[View]
7103649What was Capcom's best beat 'em up?[View]
7106425Did you know! Doom guy only has one gun![View]
7106397>his Protogyny – changing from a female to a male – is more common in fish than protandry. Freddi…[View]
7102705Are they retro yet?: Will Gen 1 - gen 5 always be what is 'retro' or with the passing of time will G…[View]
7106345Vidya Jams Thread: ITT: Phat jams that get you fucking pumped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZRFR…[View]
7103323Why did no one ever attempt to localize console sound novels and horror visual novels from Japan to …[View]
7103739Everybody seems to forget there was a multiplayer racing mode in JSRF. How was it? Good mechanics?[View]
7098317How can people defend retro PC gaming?: I love playing on PC nowadays, but PC being the 'master race…[View]
7105684Thoughts on strider?: I noticed this game never gets talked about, it seems like a pretty neat mix o…[View]
7102327SMW thread: Happy 30th Birthday to the best Super Mario game to date. Discuss any memories or though…[View]
7094503Happy 19th Birthday Nintendo GameCube!!: It’s Nintendo GameCube’s 19th birthday, which makes it lega…[View]
7106145In retroarch, is it possible to change the controller layout (axes of sticks) only while another but…[View]
7101906What are some good fan made retro games?[View]
7101813Metroid: >No PC port >No support for Mouse/Keyboard >Will probably never have either >St…[View]
7091153name a shittier videogame system than the amiga. protip: you can't.[View]
7104038Anyone remember Arcus Odyssey?[View]
7103865Mad Dash - Xbox - Does Anyone Remember This Game?: I fucking love this game and the concept. Its so …[View]
7104087>buy old hardware >there are hatched spider eggs in it…[View]
7105796OI! wherre's ME SPECCY thread?: Serious lack of a thread celebrating Britain's favourite m…[View]
7103115I never played the first 63 games. Should I start from the beginning or with this one?[View]
7104463OoT enemies were so boring to fight. Whereas in Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 for the most part you could kill…[View]
7092797Shmups: I just accidentally broke my copy of Deathsmiles. What shmup should I pick up now instead? N…[View]
7100680So I finally got around to beating this game (minus the chaos emeralds), and if I were to sum up my …[View]
7095883Era piracy thread: Post shit like Intros, flash carts, game copiers, or mod chips from when the cons…[View]
7102991I like Streets of Rage a lot. We should talk about it. Which game is your favorite? Who's your …[View]
7103328This game would make a good AVGN episode[View]
7100372I never played a SEGA game in my entire life[View]
7105685Fuck this game. Fuck everything. Fuck you, too.[View]
7103358Awful controls and camera shitty game[View]
7098359*farts*: What is the history of farts in early gaming? Why was it allowed? Was it the Japanese influ…[View]
7105304What interesting roms are there to put on a Gameboy flashcart? Things like testing or homebrew.[View]
7100812>muh copypaste fighting games >m-muh metal slugs Was there a more overrated arcade company?…[View]
7104028Shenmue: Quick question? Do you guys think Shenmue is best experienced on the Dreamcast or the new p…[View]
7102728What's the best way to play these?: Bought all these for a dollar each on steam, but the steam …[View]
7099371I judge PS1 games specifically by the size of the ISO itself. To be honest, most games that are abo…[View]
7105252What's the best way to have EAX HD on Win 7 and later?[View]
7097382Shoot 'em ups: not gonna touch the designated thread because it looks like total fucking cancer…[View]
7103719Filtered. Maybe I'm retarded, but if The 11th Hour's puzzles are even half this annoying I…[View]
71024975 player /vr/ games: I've recently set up a pc in my living room with 5 snes controllers plugge…[View]
7101749What are some weirdly effective effective design choices of game born from limitation?: Silent Hill …[View]
7103343help /vr/ oldfags; you're my only hope: Does anyone know what this is or what system it is for…[View]
7103897Saturday Night Slammasters: Saturday Night; Time for a Slammasters thread[View]
7102772>1942 is a vertically scrolling shooter made by Capcom that was released for the arcade in 1984. …[View]
7104685Oracle of secrets is related to time cube reveals secret of 11/7: Think about it. If secrets really …[View]
7104368Vidyamon Thread[View]
7105023Based beyond belief[View]
7105005And so again! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speedrun tournament is held today! Final Stage Winners. Get in he…[View]
7103629The GOAT is back online.: New private server is up, you can connect via emulator or original hardwar…[View]
7099071Why do western games have better music than japanese games, /vr/?[View]
7101425Thoughts on Gunstar Super Heroes?[View]
7098365Why does /vr/ hate emulation? Is it buyers remorse and sunk cost fallacy? Spent too much on osscs, c…[View]
7103974Is there anything wrong with using a PS2 or PS3 to play PS1 games? Do they use PS1 hardware or emula…[View]
7104837Imagine being this poor bastard.[View]
7104804This game stinks.[View]
7104262Why was Kid Icarus so shitty compared to Metroid?[View]
7099473Jesus fucking christ a physical copy of this is so fucking expensive, it really can't be THAT r…[View]
7095496>The majority of 'classic' games on the NES are just inferior arcade or FDS ports. grea…[View]
7102706What are some other good multiplat games on the Saturn?[View]
7104606I think we're all aware of the consensus concerning A, B, and even C, but what is /vr/'s f…[View]
7104638This any good? Curious about the psx port specifically[View]
7101618Sonic CD has a negative aura energy.[View]
7099730One of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Sonic the Hedgehog came to …[View]
7104301how did magical doropie literally just knock off mega man and get away with it[View]
7100543Anyone play this? I only played a demo back in the day but had alot of fun with it[View]
7103769What's your favorite 'tude 'former?[View]
7104389put slash in ssb remix[View]
7102797Based or cringe?[View]
7101807best in the franchise[View]
7102824Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speedrun tournament is held today! Get in here faggots https://www.twitch.tv/za…[View]
7103128How does this remake compare to the PS2 original?[View]
7102142I saw pic related in the intro of a youtube video (by grimbeard) and some memories rushed to my mind…[View]
7103530ITT: Surprisingly difficult games. You know what I mean if you played this and got your ass kicked b…[View]
7094035Post your guilty pleasures.[View]
7100627Retro battlesations thread. Actual retro edition. Pics are from like 2005 or so.[View]
7102804One of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Bonk the caveman came to a …[View]
7100439What is the greatest retro cyberpunk game?[View]
7103187Happy birthday to this classic retro game![View]
7102717Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley: Since a certain cartoon was rebooted recently, I thought I'd dedicat…[View]
7102596Just completed Swords and Sandals II with 0 defeats and without cheat codes.[View]
7103112ITT: God tier classic videogame developers.[View]
7102863Anyone following the Classic Tetris world championship? Competition this year is fiercer than ever. …[View]
7102021you DID beat this game on hard mode, correct?[View]
7101953Is this man 'badass'?[View]
7099584Man anyone else just LOVE Rock Band?[View]
7101342Uh hello?[View]
7100570>Ruins fps games with slow gun play and tedious gun fights >Adds unskippable cutscenes >cre…[View]
7087587Deus Ex Thread: GMDX yay or nay? Just started playing this shit, my laptop will not be able to run C…[View]
7099593>BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Yeah, got it. Thanks.[View]
7103019This is considered retro now... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqpTq9_rf_Q[View]
7095861Who exactly is this shader for?[View]
7101483What's your favourite game by Ultimate Play the Game, when Rareware was actually good?[View]
7099259The Video Game History Foundation has developed a Sega VR emulator that works with modern VR devices…[View]
7100773It's kind of weird how much simpler and more primitive MM1 is than any other game in the franch…[View]
7098137Love it when a dev throws in a callback to an older game in the series. What are your favorite examp…[View]
7091515Can anyone name the food items listed?[View]
7102953Gitaroo Man: >There will never be another rhythm game where you battle demon babies, theater kids…[View]
7102179The game actually sucks[View]
7102727Why haven't you completed James Bond 007: The Duel on the Sega Genesis? I thought you liked Bon…[View]
7102672>official controllers are wearing down and disappearing >disc drives are dying >cds and dv…[View]
7102696This game is more immersive than most modern games.[View]
7101438Find doubting thomas: You will always be off but you can get close to the devils playground, they sa…[View]
7099248This game is fucking awful: I was expecting a Resident Evil game. Not Rambo versus a brainwashed cul…[View]
7100285Based Billy Mitchell Live at Galloping Ghost Arcade!!!! https://www.twitch.tv/gallopingghostarcade…[View]
7102621Omae totsi no inochi to hikai ni, waga Power Stone wa kanzen na mono to naru no ja!: What did he mea…[View]
7097792Thoughts on this game? I think it looks pretty interesting and was thinking about getting it off ste…[View]
7100942SDI for retro gaming: I have an SDI input on my PVM, is it just as good for displaying 480i as the R…[View]
7097716Poor man's Sonic[View]
7095068is this the best upscaler[View]
7099726I just finished episode 1 and damn Jazz Jackrabbit 1 has not aged well. Everything is so big and fas…[View]
7101645What are some good PS2 and PS1 games that were never released in the US?[View]
7093062Have you ever bought reproduction/romhack cartridges? I'm thinking about buying some from flash…[View]
7100967I did not care for A Link to the Past. It insists upon itself.[View]
7101018I finally got a crt for my retro games, 480p is awesome![View]
7098408Based or cringe?[View]
7096569lets get a touhou thread![View]
7090782The current state of Xbox emulation: Why is it so hard to emulate this console from 19 years ago? Li…[View]
7093867Jesus Christ Almighty this game is cringe[View]
7101168Why is this the greatest game of all time?[View]
7095595Who does /vr/ like better, Iris or Roll?[View]
7101065So, I just beat this for the first time in probably 25 years. Really enjoyable game. It feels a lot …[View]
7096450Scans: Anyone know who scanned these SMW guides? Would they be okay having them hosted on retro mags…[View]
7095797Fist of the North Star (JP) / Hokuto no Ken: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5…[View]
7101643Rumble Fish on dreamcast: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13644…[View]
7092918DId anyone else never even do a single mission in this game and just spent your time going around on…[View]
7100464Where do i download SNES roms in the Japanese language?[View]
7101709>boomer shooter[View]
7098049PS2 disc won't read: My PS2 won't read discs, but I can't find the issue online. It w…[View]
7092787These games worth playing?[View]
7101852/sss/ - Sony SingStar series: Divinasbros! It's our time to shine![View]
7099581>Video game based off a show that had ended 7 years prior Why?[View]
7099036Gamecube RGBs: So I've purchased a 480i/240p PVM, and an Extron 700D, and was looking to get RG…[View]
7098760Well I'll be damned...: This shit has matchmaking for netplay now, a game changer. I just tried…[View]
7065202Battlestations Thread: I looked it up and couldn't find one, so can we get a battlestation thre…[View]
7093909Which sound technology is the best? A3D? EAX? Or OpenAL?[View]
7101347This works mame64 neogeo -listsoftware This, doesn't mame64 cps2 -listsoftware I can download a…[View]
7100007Was Wolfenstein 3D the first save 'em up?[View]
7098723You HAVE beaten this, right?[View]
7100969*makes an entire board seethe Based[View]
7094828emulation: Should I emulate every single game and not collect a thing or buy the physical releases a…[View]
7093720What are some good DOS games, aside from pic related?[View]
7101289Its Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLq1NfoAcgA[View]
7090905Thoughts on this classic?[View]
7100231itt games about the 'current times'[View]
7097617What is the official /vr/ stance on the 2005 retro classic La-Mulana?[View]
7093793Arcade kits, are they worth it?: Looks like they have everything you need to build an arcade except …[View]
7096040How do you guys feel about Luigi's Mansion? Was it fun? What did you enjoy most about it? Was i…[View]
7098267/vrhythm/ thread?[View]
7101062I have been playing this game for years and am about to say that it just isn't as fun as it use…[View]
7098715The best game on Nintendo 64[View]
7092124A group of people decompiled Driver 2 for PlayStation with Ghidra, and with the help of debug symbol…[View]
7099668Why did rare fall off during the n64 era so much? At best their games are average and at worse they…[View]
7097314Fuck it, been trying to get a thread about spooky shit and they always seem to die immediately, mayb…[View]
7100454One of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming was when Mario the plumber came to a…[View]
7089814Anyone got any cool retro art?[View]
7096324Patrician's Sonic[View]
7094645I have a strong sense that Iris and Alia were meant to be the same character. Like they regretted ki…[View]
7100530Is it worth it?: Do the NES' Golgo games are fun? They look cool, but I'm not sure if they…[View]
7098106Hey anon, would you eat my sirloin, fried chicken, and pork sandwich? It even has meat sauce AND hot…[View]
7086651ITT: Games you weren't allowed to play as a kid.[View]
7098479what are some rock hard, banging retro fighting games I can enjoy solo with myself?[View]
7097927Who's your Tsumi-to-Batsufu, /vr/?[View]
7092853PS2 OPL problems: I've got a chink clone HDD adapter connected to an SD card, and for some reas…[View]
7098787earthbound thread: earthbound thread[View]
7097019Happy 20th, Tooie.[View]
7097470Ever realize nobody talks about these games?[View]
7094117PS2 Online 2020: This is a list of games that are still working on PS2 online. https://www.ps2onlin…[View]
7092604Post loading screens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6UuoS9keOc[View]
7099694CRTfags, how closely does a 3DS screen emulate a CRT?: It's the only thing I have that sorta re…[View]
7095925Was it usual for video games of the past to have such small dev teams?[View]

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