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/vr/ - Retro Games

Displaying 205 expired threads from the past 3 days

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7459506Mario Kart 64: What is the best track and why is it Yoshi's Valley? >multiple paths >? fo…[View]
7461463Any advantage to playing the console ports of Capcom CPS and SNK Neo Geo games over emulating the ar…[View]
7457150Alexander Brandon (composer of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Unreal, Deus Ex, Tyrian) made a podcast with Rober…[View]
7455549Are there any other games from the early era of first person games that are like system shock but ar…[View]
7448167Mega Man General: Rank all the NES Mega Man games. Also- Current Loose Price: Mega Man - $66 Mega Ma…[View]
7462154Are you ready for some finny fun /vr/?[View]
7444739ITT: games that were done justice by their remakes.[View]
7450172Is Cave Story a metroidvania?: is cave story a metroidvania? Maybe i'm being obsessive here but…[View]
7461832You guys talk a lot about credit feeding but what were financial basis for making game harder? Did p…[View]
7461367C&C higher res: Downloaded this and enjoying playing the early ones again. Started on RA2 as tha…[View]
7461813Red Magna Roaders don't appear for me in the Magitek Facility Mine Cart Is it even possible to …[View]
7459467how were you suppose to know that you had to press the jump button?[View]
7458221Why do people get into collecting vintage counterfeits without doing basic research?: People need to…[View]
7455151Did you win?[View]
7455245if I load both us and japanese iso's onto a hdd can I install in a hard-modded ps2 and play bot…[View]
7461091Ghosts'n Goblins: Please find here a new video about this superb adaptation of Ghosts 'n G…[View]
7462009Isn't it amazing how big was the leap, in terms of graphics, from the 5th to the 6th gen?[View]
7460997Divisive Games: Which games have made it hard for you to determine if they are good or bad?[View]
7460151Retro genres you're glad are dead: These got spammed like crazy and weren't even really ga…[View]
7456578When did PC game developers start emphasizing graphics over gameplay? Was it idSoft that started the…[View]
7456862>friend says he beat Metal Slug 1 and 2 and Contra III >come to find he used continues Why do…[View]
7457135How can anyone call this the perfect controller when the Z button is in the worst possible area?[View]
7460536This game is good but it's too fucking long, no passwords either! Post other good games with a …[View]
7457043>same name >same main character >different enemies >different levels >a bunch of the …[View]
7458972What's the best controller and why is it the dualshock 2?[View]
7451491The eternal debate[View]
7452038Should I download A Link to the Past ROM for my SNES emulator[View]
7459593What’s the opinion on Sengoku Rance?[View]
7458043Hey /vr/, would you like to sign my petition?[View]
7440741Quake came out the same month, year as Mario64: Why is Mario64 considered so revolutionary again?…[View]
7453308I'm starting to get paranoid and scared that ROM sites are going to get nuked. How do I go abou…[View]
7460489/hgg/ ~ Hidden Gems General: What are some old games you consider being underappreciated or overlook…[View]
7459203what are the best japanese mega cd titles that a gaijin can play without reading anything?[View]
7457429What are some good retro licensed games? Batman on NES is a good one, Goldeneye of course is also a …[View]
7455234*has 2 good games*: This series so shit compared to classic mega man and zero[View]
7460320Final Bosses: ITT: Games where the final boss is actually the hardest part of the game.[View]
7456853PaRappa the Rapper general: please discuss this masterpiece[View]
7446558Konami VS Capcom, NES round: It's the height of the NES/FAMICOM days. Konami VS Capcom. Which …[View]
7455936Anything worth getting for the PS2 or OG Xbox?: Moving away soon and need something to do. I have a …[View]
7455026why does pandora tomorrow give me acrobat[View]
7460250From https://youtu.be/cHMI0BLH6J4[View]
7443929technologies that should never have been made: texture filtering[View]
7459464Is godot good enough for making these graphics in real time?[View]
7456292Is there any good game for the Atari 2600? Aside from Space Invaders. Heard that the lack of technol…[View]
7457749I'm making a playlist with games similar to this. This is what I currently have, come with sugg…[View]
7459050I’m honestly so glad I grew up in an era when you didn’t have this bullshit and games were complete …[View]
7454278Albert Odyssey: >At last I've found it... The most generic JRPG ever!…[View]
7446413I'm gathering a list of self hosted open source and drm-free games and platforms to host for fr…[View]
7454204Ports that surpasses the original game?[View]
7459353This is one of the best games released on the PS1 and no one ever talks about it or recommends it, i…[View]
7459271Mother 3: Why do his thief tools NEVER FUCKING WORK. I literally spent an entire fight only using th…[View]
7444873What's your white whale, /vr/? Mine's Haunting Ground. Yeah I know, it's PS2 so techn…[View]
7458485Best translation of the original jp version?[View]
7455823Twisted Metal 2 Multiplayer Online: Anyone play twisted metal 2 online? There is a modified client t…[View]
7459832So with genesis plus gx wide core out how many games have you tried in widescreen? I couldn't g…[View]
7456359Play 2048 2600. It's free and open-source software. https://github.com/chesterbr/2048-2600 http…[View]
7446918Why don't they just replace the Jackson tracks?[View]
7459020> that 90s eurodance soundtrack > that Alien franchise art style > complete 3d level just …[View]
7450550R-Type Final: Playing pic related. How is anyone supposed to beat this? It took me like 50 tries to …[View]
7458513Mega Man Zero or Battle Network: Been in the mood for some more GBA shit and Mega Man games on there…[View]
7457621What are some GBA must-plays that aren't SRPGs, JRPGs, zelda clones, SNES ports and metroidvani…[View]
7452519Hypothetically, could Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 have had a better Genesis port than it did? Even Mort…[View]
7451881What’s the opinion on Wolfenstein 3D?[View]
7458228Widescreen Genesis Plus GX Wide - RetroArch: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/genesis-plus-gx-wide…[View]
7448868how was anyone supposed to find all these secrets?[View]
7452028What are some games that aren't that good but are worth checking out as a novelty?[View]
7453156What's your favorite GBA game, /vr/? Mine is Golden Sun.[View]
7455826Is there a more shameless ripoff in retro consoles? When I first saw this, I thought it was a recent…[View]
7458287Is there any good way to play GBA link cable games online?: Trying to play kirby and the amazing mir…[View]
7457393The Great Debate[View]
7457595Is this a good game? I only saw the box and it makes me feel nostalgic like I might like it[View]
7458605I think my right hand is beginning to suffer from arthritis from playing too much games[View]
7457495Hey /vr/, what was your first encounter against 2 bosses at the same time? For me it was pic related…[View]
7450582>'muh sprite-ized 3D' Every single game that has ever done this deserves to be forgotten by time.…[View]
7410638Retro waifus: Didn't see a waifu thread, you know the drill. She's so perfect[View]
7453079Can we discuss retro screensavers on here? What was the best one?[View]
7449392The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy 35th Anniversary Thread: >Zelda turns 35 on 2/21/21 >…[View]
7455727Why don't publishers sell emulated roms of old games on PC if they can sell emulated DOS games?[View]
7454982Anyone else remember this?[View]
7456164Was it keno?[View]
7456316Do you have the right time old man?[View]
7456973>CARMACK: The quintessential game that has influenced a lot of my game design is Sonic the Hedgeh…[View]
7454137Post awful games[View]
7456565When playing on original hardware, is the crouch-slide supposed to work if you accidentally perform …[View]
7453743Are there any adapters for SNES controllers to USB?: I got an old SNES and NES lying around which i …[View]
7454435If you saw this logo on the front of the jewel case, you knew the game was going to be shit[View]
7451869>buy used game >notice the use marks >maybe a name written >or a doodle >start to thi…[View]
7452408Was it Kino?[View]
7452658Retro genres you're glad are dead: These got spammed like crazy and weren't even really ga…[View]
7450523Sega's consoles have, in appearance, aged really well: Everything from the Genesis model 2 onwa…[View]
7455652how many different 'combined-attacks' can you make with the simpsons? like when bart & lisa hold…[View]
7454668/bfg/ ~ Babby's First General: Post retro games that are so ridiculously easy that you can clea…[View]
7455168How come I can't buy these still?[View]
7446893Nintendo GC: When is the last time you turned your GameCube on anon?[View]
7454187Underrated game. What's your favorite character to use?[View]
7442936Have you ever attempted to make your own retro game?[View]
7454049Codename Viper: Why is this pervert not wearing pants?[View]
7452634What's your favourite sow 'n grow, /vr/?[View]
7453676Silent Hill intro Upscaled to 4K 60fps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsypOY4-iCc[View]
7448004What games have good snow/wintery levels?[View]
7456589Sega Saturn: guys help I think I'm addicted to the Saturn[View]
7448923>GDEMU DC >PS2 with FMCB >modded Xbox This is the perfect balance between original hardware…[View]
7448974Is this game as bad as people say? It’s the only donkey kong country game I haven’t played yet[View]
7456620doom wads: Can anyone recommend me some good deathmatch maps? Been itching to play some fresh ones w…[View]
7454402Rokko Chan 2: will there ever be a legendary sequel programmed?[View]
7455892>A running game from the producers of Crash Bandicoot False advertising at its finest…[View]
7450005What is you favorite fighter on the Dreamcast fighter and why? Also, which fighters work the best on…[View]
7454908Flashback: >Flashback: the Quest for Identity >You get it back literally after the first level…[View]
7455794I'm a hardcore FF8 fan, so many times I would even try to escape reality with lucid dreaming, I…[View]
7453160Dinosaur Planet: Dinosaur Planet leak discussion Get the rom: https://archive.org/details/dino_20210…[View]
7447160Dolphin Thread: Recommend good Gamecube/Wii games to play on Dolphin. Especially less known hidden g…[View]
7448594Take off the rose tinted glasses and you realize how shitty this was[View]
7455606I am so nostalgic for this game it hurts.[View]
7454964So it's been awhile since I tried it but what's Dreamcast emulation like on handhelds. Any…[View]
7453060Should this game be recognized as the spiritual predecessor to Mario Kart?[View]
7454023The Simpsons Hit and Run: https://soundcloud.com/jefftymoschuk/sets/the-simpsons-hit-and-run One of …[View]
7455413The most incredible thing about this game is the fact they released a broken game without testing th…[View]
7437715So I'm going to cash out and sell my collection because I hate the space it waste and prices se…[View]
7446624Every good games on Gameboy/Gameboy color: I want to get back to the Gameboy and I'm making a l…[View]
7453281I'm working on transcribing all the voice lines from the game, but as of right now it's ju…[View]
7455521Been playing this on Genesis and I have to ask: were the controls always this bad? Feels like I…[View]
7442387Chou Mahou Tairiku Wozz deSplash hacked: With a bit of luck and bruteforce, I got it working.... Wel…[View]
7450541One of the most classic games from my childhood.[View]
7448931Is Mega Man 2 and 3 a real case of where a cherished retro classic is overrated as fuck and has done…[View]
7449268It's really bizarre how they forgot to add the fun to this game. Everything else is there, espe…[View]
7455232If you didn't enjoy the pizza eating contests in Yo Noid, you're an ADHD basic bitch retar…[View]
7455156Neo Geo megathread: No poors allowed[View]
7449393Ducktales Prototype: So this just went completely over our heads. TCRF dumped a build of DuckTales d…[View]
7448694what the fuck was his problem?[View]
7409205>age >favourite console >favourite game…[View]
7447367Genres rendered obsolete: Sure, there are a lot of old games that have never been improved on, or th…[View]
7446041Adlib or Soundblaster?[View]
7452153I have always liked the 'esper' theme of the Mother series and just now I stumbled into Esper Dream,…[View]
7453830Are there any games you came around to after not liking them? I hated Crash for the longest time unt…[View]
7451103Do people actually think this guy is hard? I always beat him first.[View]
7449708LSD: Dream Emulator: What the actual fuck?[View]
7452558TTT: Favorite stage? Favorite music? Favorite move to spam?[View]
7454120Old games you thought would be absolute shit but you ended up enjoying them immensely. Hard mode:…[View]
7441923Easiest game in existence: Cant believe people complain that modern games are too easy, when this ex…[View]
7445629ITT: Games you wanted as a kid but never tried until you were an adult.: Did you like or dislike it?…[View]
7454174Nothing like a good slash ‘n dash[View]
7398924Pc-98 Thread: Last thread was awesome. Let's resume there. Currently playing through the Devil …[View]
7453553Do you guys ever experience motion sickness when playing certain games? If so, have you found a way …[View]
7454267Remixed OST´s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYxmTrrOVEc More old games remixed?[View]
7437648Getting an XStation installed by a friend soon, what are some good PS1 games that nobody talks about…[View]
7452324So why didn't you make a game, anon? they gave you the tools.[View]
7453774It’s not like you were going to 100% the game anyway, you’ve never done that with any RPG in your li…[View]
7439240What is your favorite /vr/ weapon and why is it pic related?[View]
7399074/vr/ Recommendation Lists?: Saved a few while lurking and was wondering if there were any others flo…[View]
7453869FINAL GRADE THREAD: Post your retro end screen scores here. This is playing Silent Hill 2's lit…[View]
7453962Whats the best translation of the original Japanese version?[View]
7453945What are some games where you choose your loadout before each mission? From stuff like The Adventure…[View]
7449954Jet Set Radio: Which is the superior one? Also, is JSRF easy to emulate these days or is an Xbox sti…[View]
7441789Scorpion was always the best MK character[View]
7447584The water level meme in retro games: >*interrupts the flow and fun of the game just to arbitraril…[View]
7453118Is there such a thing as a quality, durable DDR pad? Pic not related. Every foam one has shit out at…[View]
7448937>going through Mame roms >play Korean game called Hexa >this is a pretty good puzzle game …[View]
7453285Love how beautiful nights look in this game[View]
7450419Why don't we have any clone consoles Gen 5 and above? There's tons of quality NES, Genesis…[View]
7450869Abandonware games: I've patched and updated manhunt 2 uncut to run on modern windows 10 along w…[View]
7452706Wait. People unironically think this system was more powerful than the PlayStation?[View]
7453197https://tcrf.net/Proto:Minesweeper_(Windows,_1990)/PMMine_(Mine_2.0) >Minesweeper had multiple sc…[View]
7450597How do you feel about spindashing in Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1?[View]
7448107I want to find this game: I was at a friend's place and their brother was playing something on …[View]
7440606I always found it amusing that this was the closest thing to an AOSTH game[View]
7438662Let me zoom a little bit, but how exactly does one play a ZX Spectrum game? I saw in videos that the…[View]
7451187Is there any other game that can give me the same feeling as when I first played Twilight Princess a…[View]
7452495What are the best PS1/PS2 games you can get from the Japanese PSN? I made one just to get Silent Hil…[View]
7450129Don't lie. You were only able to beat Werdna because you killed hundreds of these fuckers right…[View]
7451378How did these two games come to be? They're both just Puyo Puyo 1 but with different characters…[View]
7452610Pocky & Rocky: Which game's better?[View]
7450454RetroArch Open Hardware project: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/introducing-the-retroarch-open-h…[View]
74456123DO: Just got an FZ-1, what's worth playing?[View]
7443261MGS 2 sure has a silly second half. Everything after the Harrier fight just gets more and more bizar…[View]
7451083GBA SP: Is the 101 worth the hype? I found and unlabeled one for dirt cheap, was planning to mod and…[View]
7452090Let's talk about memories we attach to video games we played in our childhood I'll start p…[View]
7447009Why are people that don't use shaders so insecure in their position, and get angry when you poi…[View]
7443473KINO beyond belief[View]
7452157Where's the best place to buy new old stock. Is it a case of just constantly searching ebay?[View]
7399056Diablo thread: How's that grail coming along? Useful information: https://pastebin.com/7EaAeCeW…[View]
7452623All the ENA threads on /co/ got me nostalgic for my first romp into polygonal 3D gaming: Lego Island…[View]
7436246Yume Nikki thread: Apparently /vr/ now considers most classic era indie games retro now. What are y…[View]
7447867Anti-Classics: Post em' and shit on em'[View]
7437802Shmups where you don’t play as planes: Forbidden Worlds Battle Mania Elemental Master Undead Line o…[View]
7450640Post your childhood games that made you go 'oh shit, I remember this' upon rediscovering them[View]
7451060hey /vr/, show us your console custom skin.[View]
7451147Are there any other games like Blaster Master and Dino City where you drive/mount something but you …[View]
7451641Metal Slug: How did they get everything so right? Such a satisfying game to play.[View]
7450191Weird Retro Controllers: Anyone know of any similar retro motion controllers to pic related? I used …[View]
7451560color blind filters for emulators?: My friend just recently got into playing oldschool classics like…[View]
7449803Can anyone explain this crap to me?[View]
7451758What kind of gory Fatalities would the Street Fighter characters perform in a crossover SF/MK game?[View]
7419639This game is WAY better than Bowser's Frankestein Story wtf, maybe not from a technical standpo…[View]
7450567Should I play vanilla and attempt to beat the game as a paladin or lod and go for trap assassin? Sin…[View]
7450392WHAT TO THINK OF BUBBS OF HOMESTAR RUNNER AS DR EGGMAN?: i made this in ms paint :)[View]
7443056So what's the /vr/ consensus on Super Metroid? Did it age well?[View]
7445283https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_60V8UdYEY I don't really understand why people shit on the sn…[View]
7400427/CRT/ general: /CRT/ general: NEC edition previous thread >>7325824 This thread is for the spi…[View]

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