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Displaying 60 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2778260Is there an rpg with more bullshit than Underrail?[View]
2785114What makes getting off the road to explore the map actually interesting?[View]
2784675ARPGs a best?: Are action rpgs the future of rpg genre? the graphics are just so much better then th…[View]
2785313Geneforge: Would you use the Geneforge to rewrite your entire genome and become a psycho demigod? Se…[View]
2780924So with Suikoden and Cosmic Fantasy getting a collection: Can we expect for Cosmic Fantasy 1-3-4 And…[View]
2782774I wish FF had stayed with Nintendo. Look how Zelda remains true to its spirit to this day. Look how …[View]
2784138>rpg doesn’t have a world map[View]
2780008Soul Hackers 2: What do we think of Ringo's game?[View]
2776150What are some RPGs where I can be an Orc and do Orc things? Preferably full Orc and not a half-Orc.[View]
2756902Who is the best girl in persona 4? I've switched from Rise to Naoto in the span of 5 months.[View]
2779611Are there any RPG Maker games that aren't complete garbage?[View]
2777524What are some RPGs that aren't about saving the world or stopping a big bad evil guy? Pic relat…[View]
2778237best way to play: gmdx v9 vs gmdx v10 vs vanilla vs revision which is the best way to play this mast…[View]
2779092>Play an RPG with a CAC >You can make your character look like an old as fuck wizard who has s…[View]
2780394What did you think of Octopath Traveler? Which character did you like the most? Why?[View]
2781371Levelling is a shit mechanic and every RPG is worse for it.[View]
2784885What is your favorite and least favorite Final Fantasy minigame?[View]
2785093Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time: What are your thoughts on this game? It's one of the last …[View]
2780149RPG Codex Top 101 PC RPG challenge: I've been meaning to get to some of the PC RPGs I never tou…[View]
2782553Baldur's Gate 2 bros...we lost[View]
2770224Pillars of Eternity: 1 + 2 + DLC are on big discount on Steam. Should I dip in? What more or less sh…[View]
2781708Any RPG that actually has value to it? (like an interesting story that you want to know more about, …[View]
2782839I truly do not know what to make of this game. I don't have a problem with its general concept …[View]
2783695Why is this game still so underrated compared to other RPGS of the PS1/Saturn era, /vrpg/? Seriously…[View]
2757074Obscure RPGs: itt: we post and discuss only less known crpgs. My pic rel is Revenant- a game from t…[View]
2765528Conan Exiles: >How's your sorcery so far? I'll try to make a beastmaster build with the…[View]
2705642What went wrong[View]
2782088You can make arguments on what's the true golden age of JRPGs, like SNES, Ps1, etc., they all h…[View]
2776764saw a post about a tales of legendia remake (tales of legendia rainbow edition) on reddit???: what d…[View]
2783234Do you prefer small guns or energy weapons in FO3[View]
2783629What's the best RPG of all time?[View]
2777489Ruinabros!?: https://www.gematsu.com/2022/09/ruina-fairy-tale-of-the-forgotten-ruins-remake-announce…[View]
2773479Fallout 3 Moira Brown thread: What are your romantic fantasies involving Megaton's quirky geniu…[View]
2780578/vrpg/ opinion on this game: Is it worth playing? Anything a newbie should know beforehand?[View]
2783498Are there any RPG games out there that you can play as a Bard? I was thinking of more DnD like Bard.[View]
2783929Why did she care so much about 3 random students of hers that she let them survive the apocalypse?[View]
2770093TES V: Skyrim and its consequences has been a disaster for the human race: > What do you mean wit…[View]
2773495All the TES games are exactly the same: I'm convinced morrowniggers don't actually play mo…[View]
2783399….. A Megaten thread? I do not comprehend.[View]
2773399Undertale/Deltarune thread. What will the 15th bring?[View]
2781707How to get through the great filters of the old games?: I love recent dungeon crawlers, I love Etria…[View]
2778610https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Roleplaying oblivionbros... I kneel... I had no idea of the superi…[View]
2783241any games like dark messiah?: any games like dark messiah? even if the story is mediocre something m…[View]
2783608Which RPG has the most features and the 'deepest' gameplay? Setting doesn't matter I just want …[View]
2780003>/vrpg/ has been alive for sixteen trillion years >still no POWER RANKINGS of these guy's…[View]
2781460Secret of Evermore: more like nevermore, amirite?[View]
2778357Baldur's Gate mods: So what should I install mod wise for a run through of BG1 and BG2? I'…[View]
2783030If Capcom made a new Breath of Fire, it would for sure sell at a minimum of 500k units on the switch…[View]
2785636Hello I am looking for an rpg, i really dont remember the title because it was years ago when I was …[View]
2783028I just finished Helen's Mysterious Castle. Can someone recommend me RPG Maker adventure games? …[View]
2782422final fantasy remaster thread: what is better, final fantasy 8 or final fantasy 8 remaster. Also wan…[View]
2780388cool jrpg's: any cool underrated jrpg's gems rom's with english language please…[View]
2779670Was Gothic 2 the original Skyrim?[View]
2775363could someone recommend me games for easyrpg?[View]
2775346sony portable rpgs: what are some good rpgs on both the psp and psvita i just got one off of ebay an…[View]
2783287I know I'm a slow poke but what the fuck was with the localization of this game? There's m…[View]
2773610FF16 is a disgrace to the franchise.[View]
2782626why are jrpg final bosses always overdesigned messy-looking evil demon gods?[View]
2782429What are the best RPGs for this thing?[View]
2782621The Ultimate RPG Character: STR 7 DEX 7 INT 30 CON 7 WIS 7 CHA 30 Kneel before your king![View]

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