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Displaying 161 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1545960I got filtered.[View]
1557111Playing this for the first time. Anything I should know? Any good mods?[View]
1556517Is the remake for FFV decent or should I just get the original?[View]
1534374Post em, /vrpg/[View]
1556982Persona: I loved Persona 3, 4 and 5. Should I play Persona 1 and 2 ?[View]
1554801Bishounen Tuesdays: Post him! Yes, this guy, unnamed SMT:V protag! I don't know anything about …[View]
1555718$55 CAD? Fuck that.[View]
1554475SMT: Is there a trick to demon negotiation in SMT games, or is it just a crapshoot? Sometimes it mak…[View]
1551999Is project x zone good?[View]
1553791>village of psychotic cannibal people literally try to EAT YOU >you are never allowed to kill …[View]
1553007I bought it on steam since its the only main ff i never played i figured i should give it a go befor…[View]
1556935I don't play Command Mission and I playing Cyber Sleuth and FF3[View]
1556770Holy saint! Holy Spirit![View]
1554099Is it true that WRPGs have industry enforced quotas on minimum number of LGBT characters, or is that…[View]
1556585Thank you for bringing Lloyd-kun out in the open for me Rean. Now if you don't mind, I'm g…[View]
1545651Gimme RPGs that do NOT involve a mayor antagonist or event changing the world (generally for the wor…[View]
1554687In what ways is SMT's combat better than Persona's?[View]
1549110VGH... the Hero of Kvatch...[View]
1550916In your opinion, how long should it take to get a fully party And how long should it take to get eve…[View]
1552764Dropped games thread. Post games you dropped and why. >eazy as balls >slow as hell >boring …[View]
1556384Whats the best way to play this game in the current year? The character models on the hd release loo…[View]
1556389So since I wasn’t able to find any walkthroughs for the game online due to it being a pretty obscure…[View]
1555048Can someone shill me on Dragon Quest X and if it's worth playing over Final Fantasy XIV?[View]
1553465Can you even call yourself an RPG fan if pic related doesn't make you instantly burst into tear…[View]
1556297tfw swn look at you like this[View]
1556302What's this little nigga from? I want to say Atelier but i don't know.[View]
1554648Kingdom Hearts: Started for the first since it's on PC now. Pretty comfy so far. What are your …[View]
1554681Will this game be some sort of reversed isekais with fantasy characters getting dropped into modern …[View]
1533076Designated Rivals Thread: Post the designated rival characters from various RPGs, regardless of how …[View]
1555510Seriously, how the fuck do you play this job? Is it a dots job, a pets job, a burst job?[View]
1554730What is the worst job in any RPG and why is it blue mage on Final Fantasy XIV?[View]
1551474RPG's with strong Religion related playthroughs: games with faith/religion builds or something …[View]
1555384>Create this cool mech in the G-Warrior >Use it in one solo instance >Yoshida says of cours…[View]
1540098What went wrong?: I thought Sakaguchi was dabbing on Square Enix with his magnum opus? https://www.m…[View]
1552984DQIX is the only RPG in which I actually enjoyed grinding. Doing so was completely unnecessary since…[View]
1554164What was changed in the remasters? Are they worth it for someone who has the originals?[View]
1553602pre-Trails in the Sky Falcom: They don't make dubs like they used to. https://youtu.be/m9PEnUjZ…[View]
1554316I'm pretty much bedridden for the next few days. What is a good hack and slash game that can be…[View]
1553235>The inevitable future when she meets and rejects Mishima at some Phantom Thieves Convention…[View]
1546599Alistair is the best Bioware starting male companion and it isnt even close: Alistair's persona…[View]
1531921Why doesn't Beyond Skyrim adopt Tamriel Rebuilt's/Project Tamriel's model of releases…[View]
1547181People always talk about how good Dragon Quest is but this is the third one I've tried and got …[View]
1552830Is it normal or okay to have a crush on Ellie...?[View]
1553283>played Persona 5 Royal over Christmas and it was the first game I had completed in almost a deca…[View]
1547128Valkyrie Profile: >first dungeon about as easy as you'd expect >second dungeon is full of…[View]
1552314Just got Ni No Kuni What am I in for?[View]
1547655>My dear, dear cousin, so dear to me, i'd do everything for your sake, even plunge the whole…[View]
1543559What did he mean by this?[View]
1547687What did you guys think of Ys IX? And is it a worthy successor to Ys VIII?[View]
1532099are there actually jrpg's where you can see the panties?[View]
1550269>lmao nocturne isn't a grind heavy game just strategize Strategize how? >oh just have the…[View]
1550663Why does no one ever talk about this masterpiece?[View]
1553114Is there literally ANY chance of Hajimari getting localised?[View]
1549736Anyone played these games? Why are they so good for grind fags like myself[View]
1548260tower climb online: Does /vrpg/ like amateur mmos? I've been working on this one for about 3 ye…[View]
1550165Path of Exile versus other ARPGs.: I think this is the first time I've made a serious post on 4…[View]
1546053Who's the best FF villain?[View]
1547151I think we need a Quest for Infamy thread[View]
1552429I will never listen to /v/ again. You told me this game is bad but I'm having a lot of fun and …[View]
1532154Booba's Gate 3: Where is the datamined stuff? edition >inb4 cuckshit If you fuck Lae'ze…[View]
1551340How do you make it less repetitive? Seems like once you hit the late game the game becomes ridiculou…[View]
1552816why is the ARPG genre so...barren? you think of JRPGS, CRPGs, dungeon crawlers, and you can come up …[View]
1538236who are the most forgettable social links in the persona series?[View]
1542335any other games with this kind of aesthetic other than Earthbound?[View]
1552987Every few years I try to play Resonance of Fate and end up dropping it halfway through because the c…[View]
1553175What are some essential Megadrive beltscrollers? Me and a friend got our asses kicked netplaying thi…[View]
1542481Are you going to buy Diablo 2 (again)?[View]
1540104Looking for some JRPGs that have ancient worlds in them. Something like >there was a civilization…[View]
1552347Co-op Turn-based RPGs/MMOs: Are there any out there besides toontown? I can't say I've see…[View]
1546567Good rpg from the 2000's ?: Post them boys except JRPG[View]
1549538How about a kiss, for good luck?[View]
1551995Which is your favorite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlKpKrqsf4[View]
1548170FF XIV: <Maintenance Monday from 6 P.M to 3 A.M PDT how are you holding?[View]
1552709What the fuck was his problem?[View]
1487603(You) RPG Jam #3: https://itch.io/jam/yourpgm-gamejam-3 Theme: Dark Lord Deadline: April 8th…[View]
1533559Bad JRPG translations[View]
1547982Disco Elysium - The Final Cut: >description says 'fully voiced' Is this marketing fakespeak, or i…[View]
1545246Why in the everliving fuck has anyone not copied this game's combat system?[View]
1552567I need the recommendation of a rpg videogame: well,i mean a dark rpg video game like omori or lisa t…[View]
1547995Pathfinder:Wrath of the Righteous: >leak reveals the secret romance is a woman made out of poop a…[View]
1548094FF7 vs FF8: >FF8 sucks because you have too much freedom in customizing your characters >FF7 i…[View]
1552352>when your healer is a fucking dog[View]
1544298Choice in Dialogue: How does /vrpg/ feel about multiple dialogue options that lead to the same respo…[View]
1554097Meta thread: There are around 10 FFXIV threads up right now and 7 of the 8 most recently made thread…[View]
1550322Would've been so much better if they had him betray you in act 2 instead of dying[View]
1545776Neverwinter Nights: We've had plenty of threads about the bad about NWN's online community…[View]
1552276SO MANY YEARS AGO[View]
1521123Unique RPGs: I'm interested in RPGs that are one of a kind: games with an atypical setting, a u…[View]
1546868How do I get into 40k?: I'm pretty infatuated with Star Wars and its' enormous lore, but 4…[View]
1528816>church bad >religion bad >god bad…[View]
154771813 Sentinels: Was it kino?[View]
1548198>main characters are always omni-competent ultrachads and mary sues even when they're custom…[View]
1546141Xenogears is hands down the best Xeno game. Neither of the blade or saga games come close to gears[View]
1550521What are some RPGs with in depth map editors for making mods?: They can either be built in or someth…[View]
1550129I hate the way the 3DS emulator looks. Two screens makes the main game very small and it feels like …[View]
1551734>Tales of Destiny fan translation making good progress >rumors now of a port of Tales of Desti…[View]
1542499>lots of people selected him instead of making their own character How did he do it /vrpg/ bros?…[View]
1531890How will Automata fags react to finding out it has a dick after fapping to it?[View]
1550998JRPGs with actual good romance like this game?[View]
1550192Post your /vrpg/ polls here: https://strawpoll.com/kvd6xd2gc[View]
1547955Was playing through wizardry 6, first time playing through a wizardry game, was having fun and 30 ho…[View]
1548142This game is so technically impressive. It's filled to the brim with cars and npcs, with tons o…[View]
1546662KH3 on PC: Wtf this looks incredible. Possibly the best looking RPG ever made. The console version l…[View]
1490039SaGa Thread: I myself may have looked down upon them the most. I shall entrust you with my hopes! Ev…[View]
1545493You didn't cuck Sir Davish, right /vrpg/? he helped you when you needed it the most[View]
1546950rpg challenges: Are there any short and tough jrpgs that can be beaten in a few hours if you're…[View]
1547162Tales of Vesperia: Is this game worth $10?[View]
1549144Is he Nintendo's best JRPG protagonist?[View]
1546878What's the best RPG for the PSP, aside from Persona and FF?[View]
1550345When can we expect ALL jrpgs to start copying FFVII Remakes battle system?[View]
1540484Enderal: I'm having fun. Mostly because I like the setting and story.[View]
1550866The Ascent: Opinions, denizens of /vrpg/?[View]
1548058Solasta: Crown of the Magister: Its like Baldur's Gate 3, but eurojank! Recently they showed a …[View]
1546127Tyranny: Since Kyros is obviously a woman. It begs the question. Did she do it because she was a fem…[View]
1546188The landsmeet has been discussed to death but I never see people talk about the Divine election or W…[View]
1544797This was peak soul, Just look at that cover art![View]
1549658Why is savescumming considered bad by some people? In some games you literally get one chance to get…[View]
1546685Favorite and least favorite RPG setting?: Modern or post apocalypse for me but not a lot does it wel…[View]
1546766I got filtered by the ds gameplay: Can i watch the anime and be ready for the upcoming sequel?…[View]
1550582how do i get the 1.1 update?[View]
1548028Do you know any other 'huge crossover' RPGs like Project X Zone, Namco x Capcom or Chaos Wars? I…[View]
1535179BLACKSOULS thread: This thread has been approved and certified by Dodo. Leafposters stay the fuck ou…[View]
1548017Shit on it how much you like but picrelated was the best part of cisquisition[View]
1505365Six. Years.: It's been SIX. FUCKING. YEARS since the greatest RPG vidya waifu of all time relea…[View]
1545541I know about RPGs, Tactical RPGs, Strategy RPGS, and Action RPGs... but why aren't Adventure RP…[View]
1544791First time playing icewind dale, never played any type of D&D game before. What am i in for bros[View]
1547798Which version do I play?[View]
1544069Besides Recettear, what are some good RPGs where I can play as a merchant?[View]
1547020What's your favorite Fire Emblem entry? I've only played 6-8 and 11-12 but I think Sacred …[View]
1547868Is it a coincidence that the symbols of NCR and the Legion are the bull and the bear?[View]
1548266Mass Effect meets Pokemon: Why does this game not have a translation patch? It's literally Mass…[View]
1546052Kill the strongest monster first so the biggest threat is gone or kill the weakest monster first to …[View]
1546159Planescape: Tides of Numenera: What did you think about the other Planescape bros? Was it any good? …[View]
1542141Is that normal?: Whenever I'm in the common area of my dorm, I specifically listen to the Iwato…[View]
1548976what is a fighting game character doing in persona 1[View]
1544197Biggest RPG pet peeves:: >playable characters do over a tenth of their health or more in damage w…[View]
1540283Lets talk about YIIK. This game is a literal masterpiece. The story and characters are superb. The w…[View]
1513744/drpg/ thread[View]
1547811I just finished it, and god fucking damn it, this is easily the best game I've ever played. I a…[View]
1547876What is the closest RPG setting to the Nausicaa manga?[View]
1548568Where is it? You neckbeards have too much negative energy that's why everything sucks or gets d…[View]
1543537CS4 is out[View]
1540253Trails of Coldsteel 4 PC/Switch Thread: Coldsteel 4 is releasing for the switch and PC tomorrow, Apr…[View]
1547196Post your favorite game from every half century[View]
1526190Bravely: Which one do you prefer?[View]
1540883>Subvert the Dumb Muscle trope in your path Nothing personal kiddo...[View]
1545961Final Fantasy V: Why is this game so damn long[View]
1548151>attack that strikes 8 times with 50 potency instead of a flat 400 >ability that makes target …[View]
1542166What RPGs let me date cute boys?[View]
1544523Is this peak Eurojank? Why are European RPGs so superior?[View]
1547568haven't touched it since launch: is it worth playing now?[View]
1547721How do I stop getting one shot by dragon breath[View]
1536241>WRPG >giant spiders[View]
1546497>Rean made it to Steam Top seller What the fuck went right, Reanbros?[View]
1547457Why didn't Haseo ever regain memories of when he was Sora in .hack//SIGN?[View]

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