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Displaying 46 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3209165ITT: Popular 'cult classic' RPGs that for some reason you just could never get into and wh…[View]
3213076For anyone getting into Pathfinder: People who like and people who dislike this game will probably d…[View]
3216616Final Fantasy X Thread: Let's discuss one of the greatest JRPGs of all time[View]
3204525nothing ever happens[View]
3215446If you use auto battle on RPGs you should be shot on sight, what's the difference between that …[View]
3211385BLACKSOULS: Sweet maid, bitch fairy[View]
3214211What are the best Deot Heaven games?[View]
3185840Just beat baldurs gate 1 for the first time.: On core rules difficulty without ever looking at a gui…[View]
3216665'upstreamers'? More like gypsies amirite?[View]
3214849>everybody loves sun >everybody hates twilight What about wars? Everybody silently agrees it w…[View]
3210070Is Daggerfall a great game?[View]
3205654>EO is still the best dungeon crawler rpg Kneel[View]
3215285DDO is dated in some ways, is 17 years old, and no longer has much of a player base. Despite that, i…[View]
3204664Name a single more ugly RPG art style[View]
3216111This game was hyped up as the Elder Scrolls Oblivion killer. While it's not polished to such a …[View]
3212494Name a better layout for classic JRPGs[View]
3207400Pathfinder WoTR: Okay fags help me out I started my first run on core AND aimed for sadistic game de…[View]
3204590This finally got released Anyone played it?[View]
3210681How do I design a decent character? I want to play a sniper with some melee ability. Any build you w…[View]
3213030It's a fact that gaming never really needed 'more' than this.[View]
3211443Caves of Qud thread: I know I'm a few years late but damn this game is deep and fun[View]
3213317What makes good skill trees especially if the game has no classes?[View]
3214307Is the game itself at least 'decent'? I'm always fascinated whenever a shonen has a turn based …[View]
3212171Imagine if we saw the death of Bethesda, Obsidian, and inXile in just four years.[View]
3209520Grand army jrpg?: Don't know why this idea fascinated me so much but I'm really in the moo…[View]
3213559>we added this magic mirror so you can change your appearance mid game >no you still can…[View]
3206840Best Paper Mario Games Of All Time?[View]
3216058Dragon’s Dogma 2 Speculation: please post screens, webms, or just autistic diagrams and speculation …[View]
3211665>Be John Baldur >Weird lady reveals she is part of a terrorist torture cult bent on engulfing …[View]
3214152Why are Action RPGs so much more fun and exciting than cRPGs?[View]
3206557Is this the golden age of retro JRPGs?: Or is it just hype from nostalgiafags?[View]
3212367Cannon Adrian Portrait: Don't believe their lies. This is how he looked.[View]
3213649MARL KINGDOM CHRONICLES: Opinions? Thoughts? I’m on Act 6 of Ballad of the Little Princess. It’s rea…[View]
3186317Playing BG3 made me realize how good BG1 was. Thanks Larian.[View]
3213952doi is a fucking hack and new atlus sucks bring back kaneko and fucking port the original megaten ga…[View]
3203318What RPGs have actually great writing? Not 'good by vidya standards', but actually great w…[View]
3212448it’s unironically a pretty good game other than some repetition and the story being kinda lame. had…[View]
3207307I don't get it.[View]
3214004Nopons vs. Moogles: THE RACE WAR STARTS NOW!!![View]
3212464What are some isometric rpgs where you only control a single character (besides Fallout)? Real time…[View]
3212864Duergar Trouble: >Go to the underdark as a Duergar >Sneak up on this guy >Tell him we'…[View]
3213728I remember being a kid and getting FF7. Everyone on the internet crying their hearts out because “om…[View]
3201200The only truly great Ivalice game. Blows the fuck out of FFT, TA, TA2 and XII.[View]
3214344What if they remade Mother 3?[View]
3189585BG3 Cucks Explain Yourselves: What the fuck is this shit?[View]
3193112Dragon's Dogma: How is your play through going before DD2 comes out? >DD2 demo at TGS Hype? …[View]

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