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2290982Why did Mass Effect 1 have such fun and interesting combat just to deliberately ruin it in the next …[View]
2296826SW KotOR 2 TSL: The only good Obsidian Entertainment game was released 17 years ago... nothing can c…[View]
2289863Why does this board hate Earthbound so much?[View]
2294879Will people look at this game 20 years from now like we currently look at trash like Final Fantasy 2…[View]
2282061Elves in RPGs: Which RPGs handles Elf the best or at least handles them differently? e.g. Appearance…[View]
2198936Tales (of): Tales of Destiny DC English Patch (100%*, play it now!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
2248520Underrail: Hammerchads, get in here.[View]
2297771What the heck is Magas Vola-[View]
2295202Who is the worst playable Final Fantasy character?: And why is it Hope?[View]
2295460How do we fix turn based RPGs?[View]
2287911The first cRPG romance: Post the oldest examples of vidya RPGs with romantic waifu content. Weebs ca…[View]
2297575>cryptid hunter by day, pie-deliveryman by night >openly steals a piece of armor from a dead m…[View]
2295946https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkJ-YUOqAiA WTF? you guys told me rpg maker was a toy and not a real…[View]
2297448>playing kotor from 2003 >have to run it in windows vista compatibility with several mods to g…[View]
2295096Which one is better?: I'm playing through the Pokemon Renegade Platinum ROM hack, which makes t…[View]
2292214Should I play 1 or 2? Wake of the Ravager looks more colorful and interesting, but I'm worried …[View]
2292905Look at all of these worldbuilding ideas. Why do we not have a SINGLE RPG game set in a world that…[View]
2295183When was the last time the West released an RPG that wasn't a buggy, shitty, '''woke''' mess? N…[View]
2295178Where I can get rpg maker xp character generators? So far, all download links on google are 404.[View]
2294598I am going to play all classic Final Fantasy games from 1 to 6 in order, what I am in for my bros?[View]
2297027Best RPG OST's: Thread name says it all, post your shit. Can be groovy, sad, heavy, remixed, we…[View]
2295819Do you consider P3 as a game that has a good English dub?[View]
2296680Emil Pagliarulo>Micheal kirkbride: Okay I’m going to say it, Emil was a better writer for The eld…[View]
2218773Atelier Series Thread: Sophie 2 is on the horizon (Feb 25th). How come the grandma is sexier than th…[View]
2296950Why do tranny jannies keep deleting or autosaging the threads for monster collecting rpgs? What caus…[View]
2293477What are the legitimate coolest and most sovfulest games in the Super Famicom, Famicom, etc. library…[View]
2294450game: hi guysh, i dont really know 4chan but i try talking about elden ring on b board and got calle…[View]
2296846>sells your wife into slavery and keeps you to guard her town nothin personnel…[View]
2284760The Chronicles of Myrtana: Over 13 years of development. Numerous obstacles and breaking down of the…[View]
2276937If you support the Stormcloak Rebellion, you support national sovereignty and religious freedom. By …[View]
2286307Why hasn't there been any 'weird' but cool RPG's like morrowind? It actually feels like be…[View]
2296501which dragon quest games should I play other than the PS2 v remake and VIII?[View]
2296784Would you have preferred FF pixel remaster style ports for all Dragon Quest games up to 6 (maybe a d…[View]
2290489What was the game that got you into RPGs? Picrel was mine[View]
2293576Random encounters are a mechanic taken from tabletop games. In tabletop games they serve the themati…[View]
2294298I've been a longtime Sawyer supporter, but I think the man has finally come unhinged, and I don…[View]
2287728>6 years later >still the best game ever made How did they do it?…[View]
2295736How can one femboy be so based?[View]
2293149How do I learn the combat and stat system of this game if I've never played a JRPG in my life? …[View]
2295368Rune Factory: 4 will be releasing on Steam soon. Will you buy/pirate it?[View]
2292359Tell me about the wood elves I bought Skyrim, the medieval Czech Republic rpg, all the Baldur Gates,…[View]
2286170what are your favorite pokemon romhacks?[View]
2291146I kneel.: /vrpg/ was right. Witcher 1 is the best in the series.[View]
2292945Greatest game of all time. Do you agree?[View]
2295663Average /vrpg/ midwit starterpack[View]
2296330Throne: Kingdom at War connection issues: Hi. 5 days ago I lost access to the game Throne: Kingdom a…[View]
2288223noober pls go[View]
2292716This is still my favorite Diablolike[View]
2295530how come I never see any threads about this game? Is it that bad? If I liked Disco Elysium and PS:T,…[View]
2292569Yes it is one of my most played games on steam Yes I play the game entirely in polish (not just the …[View]
2232253My casual response to 'fans' who try to tell me I'm not allowed to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rema…[View]
2289279/RPGDEV/: Last One Hit The Bump Limit Edition Friendly thread for rpg dev discussion. Rpgmaker, Godo…[View]
2284231/Mon/day - Beetle edition: Okay its /mon/day again. You know the drill, talk about /mon/s and /mon/ …[View]
2293756Is it good?[View]
2293125What was the plot of this game again?[View]
2290364Do you pronounce it 'Aerith' or 'Aeris'?[View]
2289916This is my headcanon. The PS1 trilogy is part of a metaverse that revolves around Tifanoa Alexandros…[View]
2292576Alright Niggers: Just downloaded Desmume, what the best games in the DS's library.[View]
2292592What should be my FIRST jarpig that I will ever play? Preference for serious (not necessarily grimda…[View]
2295450Elder Scrolls Cosmology[View]
2294550Rifts: Promise of Power: The N-Gage has a working emulator as of 2021, so you can finally play the o…[View]
2292235>regular enemy encounters scale with you depending on how many battles you fought >but bosses …[View]
2295387>tfw the majority of isekai RPGs are all western-made[View]
2271818Indie weaboo jrpgs are the future[View]
2292640What's the best way to play pic related? Would it be that much worse an experience without onli…[View]
2294312Horny Sweeper 2: Would you fuck her?[View]
2237335The single most underrated hidden gem JRPG of all time: And to make it clear we are talking about JR…[View]
2294962picrel is unironically one of my favourite quests in any RPG. >get send by the Mages Guild to col…[View]
2290192Mechajammer: It's out. What do we not think of it? >A cyberpunk horror CRPG set on a grim fu…[View]
2243052wtf bros - this game is so good[View]
2292309What was the point of the ending if everyone's alive at the end? [View]
2293663which do you prefer & why? i replayed both recently and preferred fallout 2's setting more …[View]
2289764thoughts on atom RPG? how's the writing? gameplay?[View]
2292014I tried to play this three times already, but always stopped eventually. After loads of exposition b…[View]
2277380What can JRPGs and WRPGs learn from one another?[View]
2294910Gudbois and puppers: What other rpg’s feature doggos and waggybois?[View]
2292798What are some essential FP/FPS RPGs?[View]
2293922In summary: PSP version is best 3D version (preferably the PC version) also worth playing. Different…[View]
2284625Well, wrpgbros?[View]
2294390What are some good potato friendly RPGs from 2008+? Tried playing Kingmaker but it's sub 25fps …[View]
2294069Why do so many W/CRPG devs mess up real-time combat?: I don't mean RTw/P, but when you left-cli…[View]
2294752Any recs for CRPGs and western RPGs in general that don't fall into the Open World meme?[View]
2293379>There are people in 2020+1+almost 1 that hate Odin Sphere[View]
2292857Another Eden x Chrono Cross: I literally never played a phone game but this looks neat. It's ju…[View]
2287625It's literally not that bad.[View]
2277020So good, these modders deserve millions.[View]
2294528Remember this piece of shit?[View]
2291020i am surprised adoration for Zelda Classic (a game creation suite) isn't more widespread to 4ch…[View]
2294007Is Ultima VII the best Ultima game?[View]
2286821are you /toontown/ pilled, anon?[View]
2293737BOOBA: Let's recommend soulful rpgs with BOOBA to one another. I'm playing the World of En…[View]
2294041Explain to me Wagedu MMO: When are they going to show us some gameplay? ah, anos? https://thewagaduc…[View]
2293842Why is Shin Megami Tensei so admired amongst JRPG fans? I'd go as far to say SMT is the Ulysses…[View]
2293674West of Loathing is the best Role-Playing Game.: You can't change my mind, I've played thi…[View]
2290235DQ3 HD 2D: When do you reckon this is releasing? Also what else would you want to see in the HD 2D s…[View]
2292558Been replaying Return to PopoloCrois lately. No clue how/why it crossovered into Story of Seasons te…[View]
2265369>we want coomer audiences[View]
2289732Ultimate Power Fantasy Game: Which RPG game allows me to be a badass wizard?[View]
2293214can americans pay attention to a game that is over 10 hours long? Like Valkyria Chronicles 4[View]
2282387Why is she so hated?[View]
2292503Thoughts on Dragon Quest 4?[View]
2277745Cyberpunk 2077: I'm still butthurt from the disappointment. The expectation that this is really…[View]
2291536If Dark Souls isn't a jrpg then how would you consider pic related? It even has much less animu…[View]
2292762Best JRPGs for someone who has played almost any good western RPG in circulation but isn't a we…[View]
2293590Kuro no Kiseki: https://youtu.be/tBs_t_hNHWs One GOTY in the bag[View]
2282314ok yeah yeah baldurs gate 3 and all that but the REAL motherfucking question is when Neverwinter Nig…[View]
2276911>'I'm gonna play through every single WRPG ever made, and maybe even a few JRPGs, because I…[View]
2290300Ultima XI : Shroud of the Avatar: >after years of patching and user added content Shroud of the A…[View]
2291897Thwacking shit over and over again in vr will probably kill immersion. How can an arpg have combat i…[View]
2286303does this game want me to savescum?[View]
2293362The Backlog Problem:: Over the past couple of years, I have put forth an effort to clear up some of …[View]
2290091Starfield: You will eat ze bugs[View]
2284833what is the best way to implement a fast travel system that's engaging and not tedious, without…[View]

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