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1242445How relevant is 'hitting max level' for you? Most RPGs have some kind of leveling mechanic, but ther…[View]
1243232How is your Daggerfall game going?[View]
1234454I’m putting together a team[View]
1243531What RPG places the most emphasis on player freedom when it comes to solving missions/quests/obstacl…[View]
1237294Takes of Vesperia thread: The Aer Revolution and it’s consequences, have been a disaster for the ent…[View]
1241922should i play the remasters of the romancing saga games or play the snes versions?[View]
1243769NeonMOO: Multiplayer text games are still around. I thought I'd talk about a specific one today…[View]
1193882How will Bethesda fuck Hammerfell up?[View]
1240964>cast heal on unded >it does damage[View]
1243485Was it kino?[View]
1233874>[Speech 100] If you want to East the West, first you must West the East…[View]
1233730Everyone has strong opinions on the ending, but what did you think of the rest of the game[View]
1242692i'm about to start SMT 1 , is there anything i should know that would make the game easier or w…[View]
1240895is there an rpg where you don't control your party?[View]
1242377Has anyone ever noticed how this portait from Daggerfall looks out of place compared to how everyone…[View]
1239131Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Will you redeem her, /vrpg/?[View]
1239397Trying to play Romancing Saga, and it's my first time. At the start of the game I was grinding …[View]
1241891Great game: >trickster theme is fun to play and well implemented. protag almost always has a chee…[View]
1236135I want to know - what are YOUR silly dealbreakers for RPGS? For me? I won't play a turn-based R…[View]
1239020Is it as good as people say it is[View]
1242998A Killing Machine appears![View]
1238140Which RPGs have the best economies?: I’m interested in this shit. We all know about MMORPG economies…[View]
1240983Got it on Switch for 1.99, downloading while I'm at work. What am I in for?[View]
1239316SEX MAGIC: The union of Male and Female energies is a common fantasy trope. Too common, me thinks. M…[View]
1232028Fallout: My fallout folder died with my HDD, post your best memes and edits. Also, (classic) fallout…[View]
1242629Games where I could do this in[View]
1234400So it's officially only playable by launcher now and you can't just go to your public libr…[View]
1240244>Came to JRPGs after playing only computer and western rpgs for a few years. >Can only enjoy c…[View]
1236624ITT: Your Ideal RPG: What, in your opinion, makes for your ideal RPG? What makes for a good RPG in g…[View]
1241399Breath of Fire IV is a gud JRPG, and you should play it[View]
1234341So these games are essentially CRPGs masquerading as JRPGs, right? Where should I begin?[View]
1237013Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Nice thread you have here[View]
1241743Why is it one of the best RPG’s ever made[View]
1240943Want fast powerful game. Cool sword. Babe is sexy for hero. No not to much words just fight.[View]
1230640Are the older Final Fantasy games worth playing? What's the best way to play them?[View]
1238469His games are good, but I wish he wasn't such a smug prick about it[View]
1228756>streams Skyrim 12 hours a day >writes and edits hour-long lore videos >literal thousands o…[View]
1241326Xhe killed millions: of frogs[View]
1241018SMT Persona 3: >uncontrollable party members >one hit kill spells forcing you to relead and re…[View]
1241801Looks like the Dusties lost one of their deaders[View]
1234116People fear what they don't understand.[View]
1238386Are you excited for Skyblivion?: Recent footage released. They're in the '''late''' stages. htt…[View]
1233390Is Rean an ideal JRPG protagonist?[View]
1240397Zwei 2: Haha... Move over Rean, this is what a REAL chad Falcom protagonist looks like.[View]
1233497Can SMT4/A's OST be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDsDYCI3fyc https://www.youtube.com…[View]
1229513Xenogears 3D: Ok, what if they remake it in their current most advanced engine?[View]
1221269>a-anon I have a vacancy at the amagi inn tonight, u- um(voice trembling) w-would you be in-inter…[View]
1241481Kloe: Kloebros, I love her so much...[View]
1231912people say I'm like protag, should I play after I'm done with 7?[View]
1240479I don't understand Yggdras game, how do I play it?[View]
1239188>turn based[View]
1238260Picked this game up on a whim and i’m surprised. It’s basically kinda like mount and blade mixed wit…[View]
1237460Certain review sites seem to always be critical of aspects related to the mystery dungeon genre that…[View]
1228294Great Fucking GOG Sale: https://www.gog.com/promo/grand_rpg_sale_2021 Come and get it, Lads. RPGs fo…[View]
1232165>Mighty gods die Then why do the Daedra stand incorruptible? >Gods cower behind statues and th…[View]
1233716RPG's have exhausted the range of innovation allowed for within the horizon of current tech/bud…[View]
1240761So what was the verdict on this, in the end?[View]
1240788What did nips mean by this: https://en.www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sefirot[View]
1237290>slay 45 bosses and have their souls absorbed into a phylactery >phylactery at full strength…[View]
1236579Baldur's Gate I: Zoomer here, I downloaded this game because a bunch of grandpas said it was go…[View]
1240716ARPG thread: Why are these so rare on this board. What are you playing right now? Mostly want to tal…[View]
1214061I see a lot people talking about this game is it actually good?[View]
1240525How would you fix stealing systems in RPGs: I for once, liked how in Fallout 3 you could just steal …[View]
1238618>jrpg doesn't have a fishing minigame.[View]
1238805What are some Atlus forgot moments?[View]
1208262Who is your favorite RPG villain?[View]
1232845>has literally never made a bad game[View]
1238241r-remember me?[View]
1235217Anyone play Rondo of Swords? This game is hard as fuck, I'm stuck on the first chapter. I can d…[View]
1238297F a i t h: Have some faith son![View]
1239986trying to make a text rpg have no story, need inspiration halp /vrpg/, I'm thinking the player …[View]
1234318what are some turn based RPGs where i get to shoot people with guns[View]
1236796>Darkest Dungeon >Blasphemous >Fear and Hunger >Arx Fatalis >Urtuk >Vagrus >Dar…[View]
1215398Best JRPG stories?: I'm looking for some games that you would consider having the best story in…[View]
1239359>Anon why would you tell someone to play Persona 3 FES over Persona 3 Portable? P3P has more cont…[View]
1227655>coom female character >people think its the most broken character >its actually the weakes…[View]
1233537When did you realize that Ramza is the best Final Fantasy protagonist?[View]
1239856Best RPG Bros: It hurts bros he's so positive and caring. I want a friend like him.[View]
1235342post the cutest girl out of your favourite /vrpg/ series i'll start with nino[View]
1237236What is point of Red Mage? Fighters are better at physical attacks, Black Mages are better at magica…[View]
1239254I'm not having fun anymore.[View]
1239363Why is the oblivion's dungeon so bad?[View]
1235072I tried playing this game, the writing isn't terrible and the world and setting are interesting…[View]
1237722Popular opinon thread Post popular opinions you agree with. I think it's true that FF7 is one o…[View]
1238465hey vrpg. im just a young man lookin for a game where you can be an artificer. loved kingmaker but w…[View]
1238063RPGs where the late game is as entertaining as the mid and early game?[View]
1231849Underrail Bread: Post builds, Talk possible balance changes like the pistol buff that's coming …[View]
1167627Star Wars: TOR: Is it still fun? I've only ever gotten through the prologues and first chapters…[View]
1232459Let's settle it once and for all. Dub or sub?[View]
1235156Deus Ex: About to start this, I just finished mankind divided and played human revolution last year.…[View]
1233898Are the Thalmor the major antagonists of The Elder Scrolls franchise? >want to defeat and subjug…[View]
1215926Etrian Odyssey is 14 years old today, let's have a thread to celebrate it. What are your Etrian…[View]
1238322does this game ever get any better? I'm on the second block and all I've done up until now…[View]
1235477Post your favorite RPGs made before 2006[View]
1228504what would be nagito komaeda's favorite SMT game[View]
1206358SEQUEL: ASYLUM delayed[View]
1229554Is Final Fantasy II really as bad as people say?[View]
1238330Little Town Hero Turtles: Does anyone remember this huge shitshow of an 'rpg'[View]
1238845I didn't like Chrono Trigger. I thought it was boring and dropped it 10-12 hours in. Can I have…[View]
1233060>game punishes you for telling the truth[View]
1223836Trails in the Sky: How do crafts work? Take Kloe's Lichtkreis for example. How does she heal pe…[View]
1238236What's up with the sudden difficulty spike in Act 2? Literally anything outside of Driftwood of…[View]
1238121easyrpg: opinions on easyrpg?[View]
1236064I love this game...... but it's alignment system is utter shit. I fucking hate how cryptic it i…[View]
1232736What are some obscure rpgs?[View]
1230102Temple+: Why aren't you playing the most authentic adaptation of DnD, now with a shit-ton of ad…[View]
1236641Is it true that SMT games are hard? Only ones I've played are persona 2 IS, and persona 4 which…[View]
1238110What is the best way to play an RPG? M&K or controller?[View]
1236631rpg music: >time to sleep >just gonna listen to these two rpg tracks >then these five >t…[View]
1237346i'm trying to play SMT 4 on citra but the controls are pure garbage. I can't even bind a k…[View]
1233728Started this rn as a redguard warrior-type character and now I am doing side-quests in sentinel. Jus…[View]
1237007What are your favorite /vrpg/ characters with this body type?[View]
1226061Is Curious Gorge the greatest RPG character of all time?[View]
1235780I've almost completed Persona 5 Royal. What would you recommend for someone who is potentially …[View]
1237826wait it's here too?[View]
1232215RPGs that allow you create entire parties: Can you help me track down RPGs that allow you create ent…[View]
1232911Betrayat in Krondor: Have you played it? Why not?[View]
1235894PSA: >this is not how it's meant to sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r9flUlbE5Y https:…[View]
1233532He should have been the protagonist.[View]
1235854BEST. GAME. EVER.[View]
1235621>you can permanently cripple your character by picking the wrong upgrades >you had to look at …[View]
1233564this game has real contempt for the player[View]
1226266Not a JRPG fag, but I've been told this game will convert me. Let me ask some questions... How …[View]
1234762whats the best Tales game and why is it Tales of Eternia?[View]
1232818Why do they execute you? Especially if you're a high elf, that seems like a pretty retarded mov…[View]
1221898Why can't I attack manually?[View]
1232569>laser beam attack >considered Shadow element ???…[View]
12366642 hours in and this might be my favorite rpg of time. Anyone else know any wrpgs that are this comf…[View]
1233114this shit is so boring and slow. going from nocturne to this is painful[View]
1232901>game makes you buy your starting equipment[View]
1229822moments in RPGs when men cried[View]
1233915Why is it that good games always have garbage communities: That constantly shit on each other's…[View]
1233235Short RPGs.: Sometimes I really want to play a game but I don't want to invest 60+ hours fumbli…[View]
1229210Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: Just bought it. Any tips? What is the meta build? What to avoid doi…[View]
1226094Morrowind Mod Thread: What's your favorite mods for this old classic?[View]
1229672What the fuck, I played a couple of hours and I think this may be the hardest game I have ever playe…[View]
1231942Who are your favorite fantasy race party members, /vrpg/?[View]
1234944Thoughts on this game?[View]
1234410ITT: Songs that scream “boss music” to you: https://youtu.be/uwiTs60VoTM[View]
1236004Morrowind: best storylines with multiple endings Oblivion: by far the best side quests and daedric q…[View]
1232849what do you think of Outer Worlds? I’m playing through it for the first time, and I really really li…[View]
1233033Im trying to finish my SMT 1 playthrough and the encounter rate is fucking retarded. Is there a skil…[View]
1232652The Japanese title is just Xenoblade. Why did they add 'Chronicles' in there? It doesn't even m…[View]
1234800better than early zeldas[View]
1235980Trivia Thread: Post your jrpg trivia and fun facts[View]
1230868Left or right[View]
1235862Mother Thread: >You fail to comprehend Giygas's Attack[View]
1231157>misses his 85% hit fireball every time he can double at least once What the fuck does Mae see in…[View]
1223045KEVIN GRAHAM: Name ONE (1) person who can beat him.[View]
1235359despite the fact that this game has a lot of flaws, I fucking love it to bits[View]
1222422What's everyone's opinion on which Megaten games are the best?[View]
1229749I don't get why this board likes this game so much. Pathfinder is just an ultra-derivative poor…[View]
1234740What's your favorite RPG series? Why do you love it? Also what do you think others would love a…[View]
1234484What is the logical next step for their story?[View]
1229467Post good games like Lands of Lore[View]
1227323oblivion: why do people like skyrim more than oblivion when oblivion is way better[View]
1235100How did he do it[View]
1235066How many Elder Scrolls PC RPGs would you say you really like?: Approval voting: Select as many as yo…[View]
1232197RPG's that have potential to be a movie: I just felt this way while playing it[View]
1229414Why has nothing been made that's even slightly comparable to Elder Scrolls? I understand it…[View]
1225292Neutral and Chaos Fags are better than Law Fags. Who the hell wants to be a mindless slave and live …[View]
1234636Is this /vrpg/ material? And in turn the inspiration Fallout Tactics[View]
1228119Oi, guv.[View]
1233575Fuck, marry, kill[View]
1228658What's makes a Level/Dungeon/Map/Etc good?: And whats your favorite? Do you perfer a straight f…[View]
1201108Rinoa is Ultimecia. Even if some dev says it's not true, it works and enhances the story. Previ…[View]
1233781How has the settled dusted on this expansion yet?[View]
1231755Skies of Arcadia: Realistically speaking, what would it take for this game to receive a graphical up…[View]
1234068Why did they do it /vrpg/ bros?[View]
1231751Design him as a companion[View]
1227328Which is better?[View]
1230511>'RPG' where i cant choose responses in dialogue >immediately dropped…[View]
1232288What RPG can I do this in[View]
1230379does this thing have any rpgs worth playing?[View]
1230014Can you create Ultima style game with rpg maker?[View]
1229437How goes the latest RPG that you're playing, son? Do you like it? Are you winning? Have you alm…[View]
1229938Thoughts/Opinions on Crusader Kings 2 and 3?: How does vrpg like it? Pretty RPG like when it comes t…[View]
1229665would cyberpunk 2077 been better with elves and trolls? also shadowrun returns trilogy thread[View]
1233168How in the horse saddled fuck was this supposed to have been a sequel to Chrono Trigger? Where the f…[View]
1229505Easter eggs: >gains zero luck during level ups[View]
1231940Is this game worth playing?: Never played it before so I have no nostalgia associated with it and I …[View]
1229745Should I play Baldurs Gate One or just jump ahead and play Baldur's Gate Two?[View]
1226993What am I in for? I also hear Witcher 2 has shit controls, is that true?[View]
1209435>double-bladed axes[View]
1223460I kneel, Reanchads...[View]
1227755ITT: Correct choices in RPGS: Dragon Age: Origins >male human noble warrior >romance morrigan …[View]

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