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Displaying 62 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3076299What are the best games where you combine two things to get a third thing? Especially multiclassing …[View]
3070221JRPGs… should be fun[View]
3067621Post them Red RPG characters.[View]
3070080DQVI: It filtered billions ...[View]
3073764Encounter design: Do you prefer games with a lot of easy encounters (trash mobs) where you essential…[View]
3076220>tfw you're an ooga booga and your predecessors indulged in miscegenation with low IQ tribal…[View]
3069444New Monsters Game In Development: For the East AND WEST???? God I hope so. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
3069822ToEE Bread: What exactly filtered so many people?[View]
3075007I've been thinking about this moment in Chrono Trigger and I forgot how touching and introspect…[View]
3074920Love classical myth and always wanted to play this. What am I in for?[View]
3071774Suikoden Remasterd coming soon![View]
3075579Roguelike: hey hey i have a quistion i am making a Roguelike do you guys have ideas for weapons…[View]
3068914>If the player avoids all romance dialogue, they'll get an ending with the NPC merchant. …[View]
3074219Can we talk about StarCrawlers? I completely forgotten about this game for years. And just booted it…[View]
3060183It's weird how understated the advent of AI is. We're on the cusp of what could be a brand…[View]
3067746Rogue Trader: New trailer just dropped https://youtu.be/ql6ApN9Oo5M Beta also coming on June 1st…[View]
3072367Can you guys help me find an indie RPG from RPG Maker?: I remember so many things so well from that …[View]
3053325What is an RPG that made you cry?[View]
3070605Recent/upcoming/lesser known games: What overlooked or upcoming games have you been enjoying? I real…[View]
3070926Why are western RPGs so lacking in adventure? Going to new places, being a unattached wanderer. It…[View]
3075544what am i in for autism bros[View]
3061621Piranha bytes: Are they still good? What is their best game?[View]
3073194Why is this still in early access?[View]
3074916Falcom: I recently played the first few Ys titles, and I was really impressed with their refined vis…[View]
3073425What made nier so unique?: The feeling of nier gives off something that I haven’t found in other gam…[View]
3062909PSP recommendations, pretty please.: Hi, I'm just completing my list of games for PSP emulator.…[View]
3051685How bad were the ff13 games?: Also, are there any ff games that are just not worth playing? Ones tha…[View]
3049360Fear & hunger: Considering its recent found popularity do you think it will have a 3rd game on i…[View]
3072510warcraft lore used to be so good in warcraft 3 and till lich king, what happened?: Blizzard is now m…[View]
3070192Can any boomer jap explain to me how FF became popular in a context where there were already several…[View]
3073675Is it being too influenced form the west?: I’m not liking how they said the team had to watch game o…[View]
3074115>want to try out a new rpg >a light one is 25gb >many over 50gb >while offering nearly …[View]
3070564Its Time VTM Thread: Post your clan, your character backstory and your sect[View]
3074080Are there any turn-based RPG's out now with realistic graphics? On par with say, the later Resi…[View]
3067177What time were you filtered?[View]
3059968is this good/pre-approved? am i allowed to play this?[View]
3067617Post your fave 'I give zero shits about the plot I'm here for the adventure' characters[View]
3067131Just bought this, what am I in for?[View]
3069970Tough enemies in rpgs: Show me the toughest enemies rpgs have to offer[View]
3060948Why do evil options in RPGs suck so much?[View]
3066133funny haha man history: So what is vrpgs thoughts on trails and rean memes? I honestly love sky and …[View]
3040509Post them Green RPG characters.[View]
3066702RPGs from Korea or China?: Title. Untranslated is fine. I can't think of any Korean RPGs (exclu…[View]
3073016What were MMO RP servers like back in the golden age?[View]
3068424Ys X: Nordics: First Ys X trailer released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMw-1nS8Qh4[View]
3070808I'm gonna make a super cute blonde astronaut man!: And he's gonna be handsome and ripped a…[View]
2997595/mon/day: Monday is here again, time to talk about monster collecting and monster raising games. Wha…[View]
3062266Why don't JRPGs have THIS kind of protagonist anymore?[View]
3054297why do zoomers keep shilling this, is being big really all that matters? This game has nothing actua…[View]
3072692Lisabros... https://twitter.com/DingalingGames/status/1663299805848932353[View]
3072628RPG reccs: >Be me >I liked rpgs like (Pokemon pre gen 7, Chrono trigger, FF4-6 and Earthbound)…[View]
3070155Best RPG minigames: For me it's Blitzball. I spent more time playing it, than the game itself.…[View]
3071564I recently played through all the three dragon age games and their dlc:s for the first time, using n…[View]
3072474Is coming out tomorrow[View]
3067557A long time ago I got a small RPG maker game called Laxius Power 3 most likely in some freeware game…[View]
3067240Whats next for the Shadowrun franchise?[View]
3061665Lords of the Fallen: >The cosmic horror elements are related to the Umbral, the limbo between dea…[View]
3054725Underrail: best spell edition: What is your favorite build? What is your favorite spell? What is you…[View]
3070596HELLO! Welcome to a Diablo 4 thread. You're probably lot seeing a lot of weird replies. Don…[View]
3063319>yfw Superboss has over 1mil HP[View]
3066782Ah yes, the 'Bad' Ending.[View]

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