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856623i kneel[View]
854881>be wizard >cast spells on NPCs to torment them >chaos ensues If you're not playing li…[View]
850474ITT: JRPG Chads: Post the chads of JRPGs to juxtapose the generic twinks the genre is known for.…[View]
851452Whats /vrpg/'s opinion on Neverwinter Nights?[View]
855234>net stock gain since 2006 >+0 Why didn't you invest in Falcom?…[View]
853109So who's the best waifu in Skyrim?[View]
854510>turn based game has a 'charge' attack that takes up a turn >it deals the same amount of damag…[View]
852923Why didn’t they just remake the first game?[View]
855720Kingdoms of the Dump: Anyone following development of this? I dig the setting and graphical style. r…[View]
837971Defend mandatory grinding in JRPGs/RPGs. It is literally artificial lengthening of the game. It is n…[View]
857428>Morning, Cloud[View]
850765this is Geralt of Rivia, the most important pre-set protagonist in Western cRPG of the past 10 years…[View]
842110Name a better social link.[View]
857236Only pseuds thought his writing was good[View]
855926Why won't more RPGs have a varied class system?[View]
853015So, what made Persona transcend SMT to effectively become its own brand entirely?[View]
854781>Don’t like English VAs because the girls sounds like 30 year olds trying to sound like 15 year o…[View]
856859Is the Answer worth playing?[View]
853566what are the best short RPGs? and i mean really short, like sub 5 hours. not necessarily time-poor, …[View]
846167What does the average RPG fan think of the Pokemon franchise? They're beyond popular, but how d…[View]
855994Final fantasy 8 worship thread. Post pics, edits plz.[View]
823546Tyranny or Pathfinder?[View]
853785Reject modernity. Embrace tradition.[View]
853355Cyberpunk 2077 - Discussion thread: 4th Night City Wire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcWf0pnbfLA…[View]
848497If you were remaking this, what changes/additions would you make? Do you update the time, or keep it…[View]
850547What are the best RPG vampires[View]
856214Looking for some suggestions for games with satisfying hunting mechanics. This includes ranged weapo…[View]
855075Final Fantasy Tactics: Redpill me on FFT Why is it not another generic slog like FFA2[View]
855529What are some anime RPGs that aren't trash?[View]
852717>the games are shit >the girls are great How do they do it? How are they so incapable of makin…[View]
85396413 Sentinels: Just got this, mostly because Vanillaware hasn't disappointed me yet (loved Odins…[View]
854899How are people so hyped for Wrath after the shitshow Kingmaker release was? Their kickstarter was so…[View]
855456What games most deserve spiritual successors?: What setting would you give them?[View]
852760What are some dumb choices given to you in video games? Be it because one choice is clearly better t…[View]
848424Rpgs that let you kill clowns?[View]
854047What an awful twist.[View]
853501Why is P4 so comfy compared to P3 and P5?[View]
854300which rpgs have the best fist fighting classes[View]
851837Do you come up with backstories for your protagonists like you would your PC in a tabletop game?[View]
853282How did he end up being the best written companion in KOTOR?[View]
853229>81 with 14 reviews Oh nononononono[View]
836443ARPG thread: How come no arpg developed in the last 20 years can surpass Diablo 2? What made D2 the …[View]
854423Master Schwarzer has arrived.[View]
846000Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light Localization announced: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/…[View]
851109Who is the best MC of all time?: (Reanfags may NOT post in this thread)[View]
849755>The project had been in development for some time before it was announced at E3 2015. The announ…[View]
854511Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance: I loved it, my introduction to the world of Baldur's Gate an…[View]
849240About to play this for the first time: Tips?[View]
838168>playing FF6 for the first time >get to this part that was way harder than I thought, I feel l…[View]
849822How is this game? I know nothing about it.[View]
853032WORDS SO EASY[View]
851720Kiseki can't stop winning: https://www.frontlinejp.net/2020/02/10/review-trails-of-cold-steel-i…[View]
846179New (old) Fire Emblem game announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xNUYS-tJZQ[View]
849292FFXIV: 'Haste sucks for Bozjan gear!' is dumbass talk.[View]
853531Any good JRPGs lately?[View]
854041Is it cool to like Mother 3 again or are contrarians still shitting up the threads?[View]
853095is The Answer worth playing, or at least watching?[View]
824011Today I remind them.[View]
851959The main characters are Kirito/Asuna clones: Pretty good game, but does anyone else feel like this i…[View]
852843ONE THING[View]
841784Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter: Hey, lads, I finally came back to this came after a year's p…[View]
852261Why does Matsuno hate cavalry? How can you have a tactics game without cavalry? How can you have SIX…[View]
846757What's the most immersive RPG ever? One where you feel like a part of a truly alive world and y…[View]
854022What RPG has the best clothing aesthetic. Pic unrelated.[View]
849736>Elves >Dwarves >Orcs…[View]
853289As dead as this game has become after Artix abandoning it pretty much, a small team still updates it…[View]
851083Everything bad about JRPGs is Tetsuya Nomura's fault.[View]
851805Neverwinter Nights thread: Why'd no one tell me this game was so fucking good? Is there anythin…[View]
852834FINAL BOSS MUSIC THREAD: it's no secret rpg's have some really good final boss music. post…[View]
851582I'm planning to plan Oblivion again. Any tips what kind of character is most fun to play and ho…[View]
8517264 more days left 4 more days left I literally cannot stop thinking about Cold Steel 4 haha Rean will…[View]
846733Turn-Based Combat: I feel like most players just look at turn-based combat as a roadblock to accessi…[View]
852766Fellow westerners are you ready to play one of my masterpieces; SenIV? Haha...[View]
843969What makes Icewind Dale the best Infinity Engine game?[View]
846873Why is the Citadel Council equally super-pissed at Shepard whether he kills the Rachni Queen or does…[View]
849085Why does Rean care so much about this faggot? He hardly even talked to him all that much compared to…[View]
849186Why is prototype Rean so much hotter than final Rean? (ALSO I AM NKT SAYING FINAL REAN ISN'T HO…[View]
835180So true[View]
847892How Did They Make This Possible?: >The UK launch sales for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Editi…[View]
850813E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy thread: >fav faction >fav map >fav weapons >are your legs ok…[View]
845860What do they drink?[View]
850193Shadowrun: What am I in for?[View]
848521Fallout: >Literally everyone in the town must get a turn so you have to wait 10 minutes between y…[View]
849921>Game v1.0 gets released with broken cutscenes >Denuvo-less leak of v1.0 gets found >Atlas …[View]
852831Yume Nikki thread: just started this, I have no idea what to do but exploring is fun[View]
852527any idea when new baldurs gate 3 content will be added? im thirsty also my halfdrow life cleric[View]
835435Is she the smartest character in rpg no Video game history? Name 1 character that comes close to he…[View]
847742Final Fantasy XIII: Are there anybody on who Final Fantasy XIII grown on? I mean, at first I didn…[View]
845668But they are in the right. Cyborgs ARE superior to meatbags.[View]
851072SMT nocturne remaster: it's gonna be underwhelming isn't it?[View]
850544Will he ever do anything substantial in wrpg again or has Sawyer won[View]
849861Pillars of Eternity: Why is this a thing? This is an isometric RPG. What on earth is in there that t…[View]
851549OH NO KISEKIBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY: https://www.rpgsite.net/review/10402-the-legend-of-heroes-trails-…[View]
852503New trailer Atlus event when: Yeah, I'm thinking based Atlus is releasing GOTY/GOTD.[View]
851484Bad Romance: This game left a dark stain that still plagues WRPGs today. Romance. It should not be c…[View]
843738Fuck the shit poster, Xenogears the best.[View]
852330>get rpg game >always make character as close to the character used in trailers and the cover …[View]
852314they should add this to SMT V[View]
845908Cyberpunk 2077 - Discussion thread: Night City Wire episode 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcWf0p…[View]
843836What does /vrpg/ think of the Hyperdimemsion Neptunia series?: I’ve been getting back to playing som…[View]
827065Is there a way of making her stronger, or are monsters just better? my catgirl has like double the s…[View]
836654what went wrong?[View]
852124THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW: If she calls me a queer fellow one more time. I will fucking murder her.…[View]
851216>sequel never >remake never[View]
851789So I know that western RPGs usually have combat movement by default due to influence from D&D, b…[View]
843501whats your favorite rpg battle system?[View]
849931Sniper or Operative?[View]
849627For me, it's The Rift[View]
849732Just got to the actual island and I've completely lost interest. Is it worth pushing through th…[View]
851339>wizardry stones of arnhem was going to have furry and dick monsters sounds like your average smt…[View]
845500ORE NO BAN DA NA[View]
832133Here’s your baldurs gate 3 rapier +2 bro: Talk about soulless[View]
846624So I'm the only person that wants to fuck Lulua, huh.[View]
846484New Vegas Game Design Discussion: If you want to shitpost about New Vegas look for any of the other …[View]
847959NieR Automata is approaching 5 million copies sold: This game literally outsold FF7 Remake. What in …[View]
846686I want to explore new lands. What are the most original RPG settings?[View]
848797The newest RPG I've I can recall playing since maybe 2012-13 was Witcher 3, have I missed anyth…[View]
847859Dragon Quest: Since I finally got a chance to play XI (vanilla edition), and thus finish the entire …[View]
836276Black Souls: Sinners get the rope[View]
848407What's the best RPG where I can play as a sexy mage lady? Japanese and Western RPGS accepted.[View]
836299Solasta: Well, is it any good, bros?[View]
819895Werewolf or Vampire Lord?[View]
846329Playing Wurm on Wurm Unlimited. I have a small little place set up on the biggest server. Just start…[View]
850869Post only the absolute best turn based RPG of all time[View]
847960reach for the stars: post scifi rpgs. Anything goes as long as it involves traveling through space. …[View]
843477>And as my friend >Tries to kill you if you take too long WTF?…[View]
839106Find me one (1) example of a NORMAL sword in a mainline Final Fantasy game. I know there are normal …[View]
848204>nothing important happens for 90% of the game >then you fight all of the bosses at once Who t…[View]
848492WTF purpose is harlot: i dont understand this class. what is its purpose? all its abilities are shit…[View]
845900Bros I really really really really really really like Ricotta from Ys 8, it's a shame she doesn…[View]
850330Are any of the new CRPGs worth getting now or wait for a later build?: Baldur's Gate 3 The Hand…[View]
847238What is /vrpg/s opinion on the Dungeon Siege franchise?[View]
850404God Tier: 1 2 11 13 15 Good: 6 7 8 (GBA) Average in every regard: 4 7 8 14B 14R Bad: 3 9 10 12 Li…[View]
849685Nocturne remaster: Hope you like the original fusion system, because it's not going away.…[View]
798719The epitome of 'It gets good 35 hours in'.[View]
833455How's the combat in this? Actually good or unga bunga shit?[View]
845641Something that makes me irrationally angry about this game is when people refer to it as a 'return t…[View]
850115look at him! he's dancing! he's dancing![View]
849171Muskets in fallout: Why don't we see muzzleloaders more often in the fallout franchise? Sure ca…[View]
848491GREEDFALL: Greedfall: Based or Cringe?[View]
829202It's time to discuss the best WRPG[View]
828143Post the moment where the fun stops.[View]
847037What's some angels vs demons/revelations kino?[View]
841009Comfy Falcom Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XF4L6ZBfjQ https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
848380Who is the best Witcher girl and why is it Orianna?[View]
828584[Continuous faint haha's in the distance][View]
841501Grandia event: Would you take a peek at the Garlyle girls in their underwear?[View]
835004Can someone explain to me the appeal of MMOs? I've attempted playing ESO, FFXIV, GW2, SWTOR, an…[View]
841630Atelier Ryza: You bros ready for Ryza 2? Switch LEs are almost sold out again. I don't think I …[View]
847555Secret of Evermore Theory: I made this video game theory on Secret of Evermore. Tell me what you thi…[View]
849457What a piece of shit.[View]
849330How many times must I say it?: I AM NOT A QUEER FELLOW[View]
839582Just finished this, definitely a hidden gem But I wish some of the portraits weren't so fucking…[View]
847622Darklands looks like HRE ludo, but will I actually have fun playing it?[View]
845252Sorry, but: I know there are tons of TES threads on this board, but I just feel it's necessary …[View]
806253Well /vrpg/?[View]
842696HEAVY METAL COWBELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcZHm4VllDs[View]
849067itt: vrpg makes an rpg I put all the rpgs we talk about frequently on here into an image, I know mos…[View]
849167>battle begin >enemie does a party-wide damage at beggining of battle >you die if you don…[View]
831944Marathoning the Persona series for the first time from Persona 1-5, anything I should know to make i…[View]
845986ITT vrpg-related sites that you (used to) browse.[View]
847578Orvas Motherfucking Dren: What was his fucking probem?[View]
846576Why is the combat of CRPGs so hard? I love the dialogue in CRPGs but I always keep getting filtered …[View]
843503MMO/ RPG to get into: Looking to get into a new MMORPG or RPG to get into. Something like WoW classi…[View]
843427Did Koei Tecmo REALLY have this much confidence in the Fairy Tail RPG? I mean, it’s not a BAD game b…[View]
845763How do I make him useful?: I'm stepping into midgame and I noticed that he kinda falls behind t…[View]
847615>Friend tells me RPG maker 2003 is good >Can't use scripts >Can't modified the ba…[View]
833585ITT: Hardest/Most annoying dungeon you ever had to tango with: Vault 34 pissed me off[View]
830868What does /vrpg/ think about Daggerfall?[View]
844199What is the most difficult RPG of all time?[View]
847919Is it worth it getting into ESO as a TES fan? Because playing Skyrim, or older titles, for the gajil…[View]
843200FFXIV: >It's a sweatlord cries in shout chat for 10 minutes because he didn't get chose…[View]
830222Genshin impact general: Is there a way to get into this shit without worrying about chink spyware? A…[View]
846412What does he eat[View]
843497What would you think of an Elder Scrolls 6 game which has Paarthurnax as a villain?[View]
845001*sigh* Was this party really necessary?[View]
846033Who is the best /vrpg/ protagonist? My vote is on based Holmes.[View]
845937What went wrong?[View]
840926Live-A-Life: This wasn't the dumbest twist i've ever seen But that doesn't stop it fr…[View]
846354About to play this for the first time, what should i expect?, any reocmendatiosn? also, Grim Dawn th…[View]
847173Wild Arms: Time to talk about Wild Arms fuckers whats your favorite game? i only played 1 and 2 and …[View]
826759Kreia is retarded, the force is a major part of how life in that galaxy works, and the only non-forc…[View]
844802So who was actually in the wrong here?[View]
843185>retro tactical RPG about a kid who never got her letter to NotHogwarts This game cuts deep. So, …[View]
843469we buyin this??[View]
838089STARFIELD AND ELDER SCROLLS 6 RELEASE DATES: Pete Hines said to consider Fallout 76 a 'main…[View]
844484ユニ妖精図書館fairy-kei^art game for everynyan。 Fairy play for cute&dreamy thoughts and emotions。 I hop…[View]
841068Are you excited for the new Dragon Age game, /vrpg/?[View]
840470>15-20 seconds to start a random encounter what the fuck? how did you faggots deal with this on t…[View]
795183how is it?[View]
845754What's the RPG with the weirdest creatures to fight against? Pic is Last Armageddon btw[View]
844144Name a better piece of RPG music, you can't, etc. etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0jJ2u2r…[View]
846153Shadow Dragon and Binding Blade getting an English port: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xNUYS-tJZQ…[View]
838655Look at this cute pecker, he just wants to play Kenshi thread[View]
845312What universe most deserves an Original Sin style RPG?[View]
839369Disgaea: Do you 100% Disgaea games? Do you just complete the main story? Do you go out of your way t…[View]
844103Skill Trees: Skill trees are gay. Prove me wrong.[View]
841953I'm the Supreme Lord Of Surprise Scott Lawson. And you just got kicked in the groin.[View]
845457What do they eat[View]
844677Best Aqua render: Clearly this is the best render of her.[View]
840323Get to work, /vrpg/[View]
844777just the best RPG map in all history senpai[View]
837849Age of Decadence: Judging by this intro, I get the impression that I'm about to play a tough-as…[View]
843112WTF was his problem bros[View]
842673making an RPG on RPG maker 2003, any tips?[View]
845277What universe most deserves an Elder Scrolls style open world RPG?[View]
843177>Uematsu will never compose a full soundtrack again[View]
845473Why is this allowed?[View]
839507Are there any post apocalyptic games that primarily deal with the resulting primitive/tribal societi…[View]
842119objectively BEST Sen no Kiseki character right here[View]
844231Picked up Legaia 2 from a bargin bin years ago and just got around to playing it last week. About 14…[View]
838526I'm going in boys: Just finished setting up openmw, about to start my first playthrought... wha…[View]
841729>Luck: 10[View]
842017Darkest Dungeon thread: There's a new trailer out for the sequel, but it's just cinematic …[View]
825160*ruins your game*: What’s the appeal? She just bitches and whines and is a miserable cunt. The best …[View]
841447Unpopular opinion: I like the idea and uniqueness behind TES' (and especially Skyrim's) Va…[View]
842107Cyberpunk 2077 - Discussion thread: New gameplay trailer soon https://twitter.com/Marcin360/status/1…[View]
830109Welp New Vegas turns 10 today. I know we've pretty much had non stop NV threads since the board…[View]
835350Why are devs incapable of making a moderately difficult MMO?: What's the fucking point of playi…[View]
842741What's the best game in the Divinity series?[View]
808616How do you save dragon age and what would have you done differently?[View]
835194well /vrpg/? tell me, who do you dream of? who attracts you?[View]
841788Is it cheating to max all your stats in an rpg?: Pic related[View]
844431Sack thread: Sack thread[View]
820922Aewith Gainthbowough[View]
840480Purse owna faggots You cannot refute this image[View]
836040Xenoblade thread: Hopefully Non-Antagonistic edition[View]
835721Post absolute wtf boss designs[View]
836429Decent video games: Solid 7/10.[View]
835875>Why yes I did just knowingly commit an act of genocide without remorse twice children included h…[View]
832004Kneel before your Queen right now[View]
800956>tfw you are the best protagonist in the history of final fantasy and your game is also the best …[View]
843952I remember seeing news about Magical Vacation in Nintendo Power and getting hype for it because it l…[View]
836830>dude remember that serious post post apocalyptic game, Fallout 1? >well here's Fallout 2…[View]
840738Just got one of these, what are some RPGs to get?[View]
841107>literally one of the most popular manga of its day >One of Shonen Jump's best selling se…[View]
843056Anyone play wurm and/or have a group? I'm looking to get back into it.[View]
843508nvm i lied: its -fine- not great[View]
843737You're gonna burn all right.[View]
843034Star Ocean First Departure R: Never played a Star Ocean game before, but I was looking for a Sci-Fi …[View]
828409Gothic 1 > 2[View]
843415best version of eternia?[View]
839816/vrpg/ - Video Games/RPG: Does Xcom count as RPG or is it just considered Tactics or Strategy? I kno…[View]
841330Choose Your Monster /vrpg/: Choose your monster companion[View]
840827Thoughts about the upcoming Witcher MOBA?[View]
842890Is there any RPG where you go to a actually untainted land and start colonizing it, dealing with the…[View]
842719CRPG with JRPG themes?: Has anyone done one of these? A hardcore isometric party based rpg with choi…[View]
843087It's not a witch if she can't do alchemy.[View]
842880How absurd would Bringer of Chaos mode be in a new game?: Thinking about replaying but I don't …[View]
842602Badass-looking creatures thread[View]
833079I've got to say, Daggerfall is a really great game when you get warmed up to it. I've also…[View]
840806>I only play rpgs on easy mode, I rarely do any side quest, most of the time I just spend 20 hour…[View]

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