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Displaying 100 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2606910What is the best MMORPG or private server for RP these days?[View]
2599134The greatest JRPG ever made: Why is this considered by the majority to be the greatest JRPG ever mad…[View]
2606675>My favorite RTS >Try the online >Is filled with autismo and retards from mobas Fugg does t…[View]
2601799RPG Maker Jam: vrpgarchive.neocities.org And the next theme is _____.[View]
2605039Why do they keep making shit games, and why do trannies like them?[View]
2606625I've tried to get into this game on four separate occasions and it filters me every single time…[View]
2598041There are high INT speech checks and low INT speech checks but what is an example of a midwit speech…[View]
2590207Every RPG should have a cute Altina companion that you can headpat.[View]
2606055Any Japanese game with higher metascore than Genshin?: IDK how Japanese game fall so easily in 4 yea…[View]
2600015Radiant Historia: So i've been emulating this game for the past 2 months and i'm at the fi…[View]
2603791His excellence is simply unmatched.[View]
2595256Starfield Delayed Until 2023: It is up to J.ESawyer's Pentiment to save western rpgs in the lat…[View]
2605837WHIMSY: What RPG games offer the best fantasy-adventure feeling? A bright, colourful world (even if …[View]
2606311What the fuck was his problem??[View]
2599552I did not care for morrowind.[View]
2602116Probably had the worst dogshit story in the series, but the polish was so good. God, I want to forge…[View]
2603112what is your opinion on these stupid projects to bring Morrowind into the Skyrim and Oblivion engine…[View]
2602394Why do Bethesda ignore Tribals in their Fallout games? They are a major aspect of the setting from t…[View]
2605101which mainline non-MMO Final Fantasy has the deepest combat? By deepest I mean having the most optio…[View]
2600082What do they eat?[View]
2603178Best /VRPG/ bromances?[View]
2600200Did anyone actually play this?[View]
2600824Steiner is the Balthier of FFIX and that is why I self insert as him[View]
2595878Can anyone tell me what version of FF6 is best? I can play in either english or Japanese. Ideally I …[View]
2604442>Square Enix will host a SaGa Series Official Broadcast on May 31 at 19:00 JST, the company annou…[View]
2602533I don't understand why I wouldn't just look up a build for any RPG/CRPG anymore. When I wa…[View]
2602661RPGs where the luck stat is actually useful?[View]
2605954Why is /vrpg/ so afraid of sexy masculine men?[View]
2604509Do you think Monolith Soft will ever make Project X Zone 3 or another similar crazy collab game?[View]
2602742RPG characters who are literally you? Rean is literally me.[View]
2605764Enchanted Arms: Does the map completion percentage matter for anything?[View]
2605474What's the most fun MMO or private server or MMO-like to be a healer in in 2022? A lot of ones …[View]
2600619*blocks your math*: what do you do /tg/ ?[View]
2604711Is it even possible to 100% Daggerfall?[View]
2602018Behold, The greatest PS1 RPG of all time.[View]
2605074Did he save Falcom or did he make it shit?[View]
2605022I think I figured out combat, sorta, that's cool. But >go to the very start of the dungeon w…[View]
2601552Melkor-sama I kneel...[View]
2590581Nippon ichi: Zhp gets its rerelease tomorrow. Anything a newb who's played it's spiritual …[View]
2602375Blade Dancer: ITT: write the continuation.[View]
2594930Elder Scrolls Daggerfall: When does it get fun?[View]
2600865Enough genre confusion: >role-playing characterisation reactivity. e.g. dolls, improv theatre, P…[View]
2604932got this bad boy today: not even my birthday lol https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/728886086/ffxiv-lev…[View]
2604934Wow. Neptunia games were never stellar but I picked this up on sale at my Bullmoose just now. For a …[View]
2604914>What was your favorite scene in FFXIV? I had a dream. A dream of people who risked their lives f…[View]
2603610Can you really classify and count these games as being Western RPGs? Also what even qualifies as a W…[View]
2600589Would you?[View]
2602475Opinion on the witcher franchise?: What are your opinions on the witcher franchise?[View]
2603970Why arent you playing it?[View]
2600325How the fuck do I figure out a quest path?: I’m new to CRPG’s and I’m getting my ass handed to me wi…[View]
2602959Metal Saga: When does this get good?[View]
2602573Has there ever been a JRPG with THIS kind of protagonist? I know seething edgefags are going to repl…[View]
2602593What's the best proficiency for both games? Is spear the most useless one? Or darts?[View]
2594897RPG Box Art[View]
2603418What are the 'must have' JRPGs for the Switch? Other than Dragon Quest, Xenoblade and The World Ends…[View]
2600204I'm a God!: How do you kill a God?[View]
2604187can't wait for this game, the anime doesn't feel like an anime, when i watch it find mysel…[View]
2603421ITT: Terrible Mechanics that Ruin Otherwise Good RPGs[View]
2603841Any decent rpgs with a particular emphasis on survival mechanics? By survival i mean rpgs that play …[View]
2598378What build do you usually go for? I always go for a small forward that slashes and grabs them reboun…[View]
2589145Claim your waifu.[View]
2597663when and why didyou stop playing pokemon: Made this thread awhile ago, but I want to get more sentim…[View]
2554544Just finished Growlanser 4 and enjoyed it quite a lot Out of the 3 other Growlanser games with an En…[View]
2602775He's pretty profound and has a lot of interesting takes on the metanarrative. Why is he so hate…[View]
2602403Side Quests: Obviously we play the side quests because we want more content from the game we've…[View]
2599767What are your thoughts on Ayesha as a character?[View]
2583618Underrail Thread: Need some help, are those 15% crafting bench stat bonuses rounded up or down? Like…[View]
2602365FlyffU MMORPG: Tomorrow a remake of the classic MMO 'Fly For Fun' or short FlyFF will be released in…[View]
2601259Pillars of eternity 1: So what type of armor should i use if I'm going with a 2 handed barb?…[View]
2603184>final dungeon is a complete slogfest[View]
2601600Are there any games where you play as a weaker character that has to rely on allies and being suppor…[View]
2577475Obsidian's First Person RPG: >It appears to be a first-person RPG similar to Skyrim, with ru…[View]
2603185What’s the consensus?[View]
2601610Fate/Extra: If CCC gets translated, am I gonna like or hate it? I hated Extella but loved Extra and …[View]
2599777SW KOTOR Remake: thoughts about the upcoming KOTOR? what are your hopes, dreams and fears about it?…[View]
2589534>Imagine playing reanless games Haha...[View]
2589929FFXIII? Kino. FFXIII-2? Kino. Lightning Returns? Kino. Simple as.[View]
2602448Ha Ha Ha Ha Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing, you know it, haha Tell me…[View]
2601166It has some big flaws in some aspects but honestly, pretty good, dare i say KINO[View]
2601099>try really to search for english ROMs of SMT II for the PSX, fail miserably >end up playing a…[View]
2600829Do you prefer open ended rpgs with lots of choice (popular in the west): or very closed narratives (…[View]
2598623>ITT: RPG Characters that remind you of yourself For me it's Kefka – intelligent, nihilistic…[View]
2594992JRPG hero that feels like a real hero and not some twink with a sword?[View]
2588826Brigandine The Legend of Runersia: Coming out on PC in two days, anyone gonna play it? I love the a…[View]
2602334Anyone who played the Brave New World mod for FFVI confirm that it did give all the characters a sen…[View]
2600002Are any of these weird little budget JRPG's worth playing? Are there any hidden gems? Who buys …[View]
2602911Anuchard: What am I in for?[View]
2582961Upcoming RPG's you're excited for?[View]
2599691How to get better at learning RPGs' systems? I find myself getting stuck at games or simply fee…[View]
2574926>'it gets good 10 hours in'[View]
2600403What RPG allows you to kill the most amount of people with the decisions you make? Well, spoiler ale…[View]
2602652Most powerful party member thread: Since we have a shit party member thread I figure this would also…[View]
2596828It's on sale. Should I buy?[View]
2575971Which path will you follow, anon?: Will you be playing it day 1 in 2023? Or will you postpone it unt…[View]
2599453So what rpg has the best battle/boss music? Don't care if jrpg or crpg, everything counts.[View]
2601464whats the best rpg on this[View]
2601594>JRPG >super on the nose dialog with characters yelling/narrating exactly what they are thinki…[View]

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