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258193ITT best games in their respective franchise[View]
260459I want another King's Field/Shadow Tower game so bad. Is there anything else like them out ther…[View]
257586What are some good turn based games like pokemon red and blue. no story or cutscenes, just content[View]
259756thoughts on it? im playing it for the first time and i like it so far[View]
257790Branching dialogue: Which JRPGs actually do it justice?[View]
259040anyone else a based brainlet warrior/2 hand weapon swinging chad like me? doesn't matter what f…[View]
257643>game has an interesting world why did video games stop doing this?[View]
259373Started playing this a bit ago because I really loved SO3 (and hated 4 but whatever), and I'm s…[View]
259828Is this game any good? Of all the ps2 rpgs to port to ps4 digitally, this was included in that small…[View]
251075About to start my Dark Cloud playthrough, anything i should keep in mind going in?[View]
258369Most Satisfying Villain Runs/Endings: in bg2 you can ascend to become the god of murder!. KOTOR allo…[View]
257770Cant chose cantrips bruhhh .... Will it be the same in WoR and whats the lore in WoR[View]
255578Would you accept his salvation /vrpg/?[View]
257352I know there is already a Pokemon board but I wanted to ask here. Do you think the Pokemon games are…[View]
258206i keep seeing fagets say japan pushes out a ton of 'wizardry clones' shovelware with waifubait i kno…[View]
255025Pillars of Eternity Countdown Reunion Thread: Are you excited for Avowed? Still playing PoE1+2? Will…[View]
253755Why have turn-based rpgs made outside the west completely stagnated and failed to evolve along with …[View]
256390Make way. The king of /vrpg/ coming through[View]
259932Skyrim is a western rpg and an action rpg and a computer rpg. That makes it a WAC rpg. Etrian Odysse…[View]
255846Any good low-fantasy RPGs? I'm tired of the generic Elder Scrolls type fantasy, I need somethin…[View]
259678Imagine Time and Eternity, but one of the alter-egos is a Futanari. What changes?[View]
244911Will we ever get a Fallout game with the Khan Empire in Wyoming? Or will the franchise never leave B…[View]
257035/vrpg/'s Favorite Games: With this board's creation and 2020 being almost halfway through,…[View]
257114Is /vrpg/ finally the right place for an Epic Battle Fantasy thread? You did play ebf5 right? Matt s…[View]
259810Gnosia: Will this ever get released outside of Japan?[View]
258217What went wrong?[View]
255680I can't believe that in five days Chrono Cross will be 20 years ago (NA release) Time flew[View]
259114Outer worlds: Were obsidian always hacks? Because for years people said the only reason new Vegas wa…[View]
256080The Elder Scrolls lore: Get in the fucking robot, Hjalti.[View]
259282They have HMV in Japan?!?[View]
252899>Persona 3 Portable is now $150 at the CHEAPEST on ebay What is it about her that makes weebs so …[View]
250071*blocks your path*[View]
255694Pathologic 2: How is this game? I haven't bought it yet, as I heard they were being jewish with…[View]
253336How did the Alliance Alive mess up so bad?: >Really intriguing combat mechanics, very nice and we…[View]
253794>He plays as elves in games explain yourself[View]
242280Post coomerbait party members[View]
257994What RPGs do white trash people play?[View]
253814What kinda opening do you usually like for your RPGs? You know, the kinda like the Tales of Series …[View]
257167RPG Help Helper: I'm playing Apu RPG, and I'm at the part where you're in the basemen…[View]
243301Find a flaw.[View]
258920So i've played Nocturne, SJ, IV and IV:A, P3, P4 Golden, and P5 The Royal. which megaten game s…[View]
258852orc or human for RAGE machine?[View]
244751When you think of Final Fantasy, what comes to mind in comparison to other jrpgs?[View]
240422Why do people lie and exaggerate about her sins so much? Did they not play the game? Yeah she's…[View]
258161I liked Fire Emblem Three Houses. What's your favorite storyline if you have one? Did you enjoy…[View]
253590>RPG >you play as the 'resistance' >no alternative route where you can play as the ruling c…[View]
258371Persona 6 is now being developed by Kojima and Kojima is the director, what changes?[View]
255444>all of these west vs east shitposting threads Lame. Post your favorite WRPG and JRPG. >Vampi…[View]
257252Does vurpegee like dragon's dogma?[View]
251866Daggerfall: What's /vrpgs/'s opinion on Daggerfall/Daggerfall Unity?[View]
257209Do you play Wurm Online, /vrpg/? Not the shitty standalone Wurm Ultimate, either. I play it regularl…[View]
258407Super dodgeball advance: Is there any other JRPGS with a combat system similar to super dodgeball ad…[View]
254476what went so right?[View]
256945Have you ever made a party entirely made up of one class?[View]
253941Two part question. What RPG would you want to see remade with current/next gen? Would you want a sho…[View]
249415Which one was better?[View]
254598Who is the sexiest villain in RPGs?[View]
256742Claymore JRPG? Anyone else?: Anyone else know that Anime Claymore? I was wondering what it would be …[View]
257411Since romance seems to be a pretty indelible part of RPGs it makes me wonder if you anons have any p…[View]
252926Which RPGs have the coolest looking armor?[View]
240777This is a dragon quest vii board. Everyone else can FUCK OFF back to /v/ and reddit.[View]
255555>jrpgfag >loves jrpgs and think all wrpgs are dumb and retarded because of /v/ >play tablet…[View]
254216Is it worth buying?[View]
247086>the game has a slightly difficult section that requires a bit of thought and strategy? >bette…[View]
246816When did you realize you were a commie?[View]
257075Which one /video role playing games/ ?[View]
254961I just finished pic related. I kinda want to take a break before I continue into the rest of the Tra…[View]
253884Devil Suvivor 2 is the superior game. Deal with it.[View]
243587>Remove one series and its influence >Restore one series to its roots >The rest are untouch…[View]
257281Opinion on Final Fantasy XII: My take on this game: >Great exploration, they had the best balance…[View]
255887Any love for Terranigma here? It's my favorite RPG ever. Say something nice about it.[View]
257040Bros... I finally did it... what now? And what the fuck was up with this thing? Was it from another …[View]
253620Best mechanic in any currentgen JRPG?: For me it's Dynamax from Pokemon SwSh. It's by far …[View]
255506Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk: https://www.gematsu.com/2020/08/labyrinth-of-galleria-coven-of…[View]
257031how much longer until Deltarune is completed?[View]
256988BALS, I've come to bargain[View]
249423Did anyone else pick this up? I've always wanted to play them but could never find them cheap e…[View]
256455Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki has testicle chin syndrome. But just look at that confidence. Anyone else p…[View]
254988Stormcloak thread. No Imp cucks allowed.[View]
249100should I buy Fairy Fencer F or Ryza?[View]
254131this is a boy[View]
254633What makes a game an RPG?: This is a question I've been asking myself recently and since this b…[View]
256391Reize thread: Reize thread[View]
253446What have you been playan: Let's have a thread to discuss the RPGs we've been progressing …[View]
255494Think it’s got a chance of being good? Or even releasing?[View]
249919Tales thread: Anyone ever noticed how Mithos is kind of like /pol/'s vision of their real-world…[View]
254052https://play.aidungeon.io/ Come play an AI based text adventure and post results.[View]
245290>over 90% of both critics and users on every platform love it >/vrpg/ hates it Who is in the w…[View]
250722Can we take a brief moment and talk about how shit Merrill is? >wants to deal with a demon to get…[View]
252940Why is Deus Ex universally considered as the greatest video game in history?[View]
252144>he has uneven experience That's a big yikes from me. You don't really do this, do you …[View]
249903Some of you guys are alright, don't come to Thors Military Academy tomorrow.[View]
255813Rune Factory thread.: Post your favorite Runes and your favorite Factories. Strawberry girl best gir…[View]
255702Your sexiest companion? And why is it EDI? > okay. Asari tits grow her lifetime long…[View]
252244What are some RPGs with interesting and surreal aesthetics that you love? Some obvious examples that…[View]
255397How do you feel about Edeleth?[View]
236497Oblivion vs Skyrim: What did each do better/worse than the other?[View]
250894You've got 10 seconds to list the best cyberpunk RPGs before I add you to the list of NSF casua…[View]
216918Why aren't western gamers interested in the Dragon Quest franchise? DQ is a huge hit in Japan a…[View]
254750>Akihiko is too autistic to ever notice her >only guy that can fuck her prefers autistic toast…[View]
247211>JRPG vs WRPG thread I fucking shot both of your patella with my MP40 to stay cripple for the res…[View]
254516Are you waiting for Gothic Remake? Is it going to be a great game like first two parts or is it goin…[View]
252549the RPG of the year coming through[View]
250281It's a quiet evening in 2004, what games are you playing?[View]
254352recommend me some good multiplayer roguelites and roguelikes /vrpg/: I really like roguelikes like r…[View]
249961Why should we care about this faggot again? Its just Ventus in different clothes[View]
245658Post kino final boss music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve2vRYn7LJk[View]
251783Can /vrpg/ name some games that are like Final Fantasy 1, FF3 or Dragon Quest III where you just sim…[View]
250909Recommendations?: Hopefully it's okay to ask for recommendations on this board or maybe help so…[View]
253178Disco Elysium: What are some games similar to Disco Elysium? Not necessarily a similar artstyle or b…[View]
239466Why are there so few Historic RPGs?[View]
250458>huge fan of infinity engine games, neverwinter nights, elemental evil, fallout, arcanum, etc, et…[View]
227992New Vegas thread: I really like military women and security robots.[View]
243160>Enter character's name... >No default option…[View]
238097NOBODY would give a fuck about these games if it weren't for the waifus. The SMT games surpass …[View]
249083What are some other turn based RPGs that let you change battle and movement speeds to the point ever…[View]
252263Opinions about this game?[View]
254133Is Open World the evolution of RPG?[View]
253073>ctrl+f 'adachi' >no results come on /vrpg/…[View]
252803FAVORITES THREAD: What is your favorite RPG and why? Any and all types[View]
246265This week on Star Trek: yet another holodeck malfunction.[View]
251584How do you build an actual good party in this game?[View]
254081Anyone finished this on hard mode? how so i get gud?[View]
249546What the FUCK is her problem: Stuck on this stupid bitch[View]
246171I'm still playing pic related. I am getting tired of it, though. Is there a more recent game th…[View]
252426MCs who don't use swords[View]
232850SMT: Strange Journey: What's the definitive version of pic related in your eyes? The remake, or…[View]
248102Crusader Kings 3: What character are you gonna playing first? (Yes, Crusader Kings have always been …[View]
221802I'm convinced nobody here plays games: Post a screenshot of the game you're playing right …[View]
252238Post your favorite rpg couples.[View]
252162A spy? No i'm just an old man with a skooma problem[View]
253180i like the borderlands humor i'm also 20 years old help[View]
231782/vrpg/ makes a JRPG #4 - 'Jay is GIF' edition: What is this? >A Game developed by the new settler…[View]
251165What does /vrpg/ thinks about this creature?[View]
243535Why does no one use Vamos in dark souls?[View]
251523Elsword Thread: Yes, it's rpg[View]
250871Dragon Ball RPGS: Just thought it would be fun to have a thread about some of the dragon ball rpgs m…[View]
253333Should every MMO have a single player mode for preservation sake? Pic related could work fine as a s…[View]
252690Old School Runescape anyone?: anyone wanna play osrs with me? im at relekka rock crabs at world 486.…[View]
249000Undertale is in fact a great game[View]
251849Let's talk about Risen.[View]
242090Low and behold the greatest RPG weapon of all time[View]
248201Death End re;Quest: Is it a Horror game? Or just a Horror story? And why can't people different…[View]
242249Are the Cybersleuth titles any great? I was looking to play them next. I'm not exaclty a big fa…[View]
253376Am I the only one who actually likes the gunplay in New Vegas? Yeah it's buggy but I love the l…[View]
251610Fallout 1/2: How did you feel about the various groups in the west coast wasteland?[View]
243397Autistic Farming: What games do you recommend for Autistic Farming (i.e. sitting for 3-5 hours farmi…[View]
240185Pillars of Eternity: What does /vrpg/ think of this series?[View]
253287Neverwinter Nights 2 Mods: What are the essential mods for this game? I'm specifically looking …[View]
248926Why arnt you playing OPENMW morrowind: https://youtu.be/jQ804GtQAAg It doesnt get comfier then this.…[View]
250401>ruins your perfect ending[View]
253077Dare I say it, beautiful.[View]
252061>A new day and a new chance to try a new RPG. >Hmmm, there sure are a lot of choices and combi…[View]
246633y's series thread[View]
253049Kiseki: What is up with this series and easily identifiable masked people?[View]
250250skyrim is good oblivion is good dragon age is good witcher is good[View]
241468>find a broken strategy that trivializes all combat >never experiment or change the party line…[View]
252674>Childhood game >Go back to replay it years later >Google to see if it ever took off >It…[View]
249288Are there any games that have a simliar setting and atmosphere? I don't know what it is about t…[View]
249767Should i trust this guy?[View]
241634How can a series that has existed for 30 years continued to sell copies of their games despite never…[View]
249939Who played this?[View]
248562Antagonist thread: Post your favorite antagonist ITT.[View]
248451Never played a JRPG, where to start?[View]
246372>JRPG >stat values offer no actual info beyond 'more = better' >impossible to know if some …[View]
252254>you're a big girl, ryza >for you What are some other instances of RPGs referencing cinem…[View]
244689Mystery Dungeon: Shirenbros, are you ready? We're getting The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of …[View]
237806Star Ocean 5: Wht do you guys think about it?[View]
251497Fell Seal or God Wars: >Which one of those two do you think it looks better? https://store.steamp…[View]
252094Mega Man Legends: Is Mega Man Legends an RPG? I mean, you have stats, dungeons, crafting, side-quest…[View]
239070Witcher 2: a game about interesting factions vying for their goals and beliefs. Many different point…[View]
248418How do I get my attention span and patience back?: Dear /vrpg/, How do I get my attention span and p…[View]
242389Leveling is the defining characteristic of an RPG: We need to settle this shit, or every post is gon…[View]
251226autistic detail in RPGs: I've been playing some TES and assorted roguelites lately but I want s…[View]
250265This is unironically the best JRPG to come out in a decade.[View]
251325I loved Stick of Truth but never tried Fractured But Whole, what did you guys think of it? Trying to…[View]
239366>SE >Censors Tifa >Allows this Wat…[View]
235344Daily reminder that JRPGs superior to WRPGs and the West never make a good video game Now that that…[View]
244229I didn't really enjoy Fire Emblem Fates. What did you think of the three routes? Did you actual…[View]
249162Is Freedom Wars an RPG?[View]
227778Mega Man Battle Network: Following up on >>224842 if you’re still around definitely start with…[View]
250115Music - Town Edition: Post the best town music you can think of right now. Rearrangements are fine. …[View]
249533Sunless Sea/Sunless Sky: So I'm on my third captain and have 10,000+ echoes. haven't fulfi…[View]
251289So what games are the KINGS of /vrpg/ ? What games are the hall of famers for >Classic master pi…[View]
245820Is Spore an RPG?[View]
251244Roguelike Thread: Post stuff related to roguelikes.[View]
250809How do I get into Baldur's Gate 1? Everytime I try it I get bored. Part of me just wants to ski…[View]
251173Mary Skelter: Compile Heart just released its recent tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/CompileHeartWe…[View]
251103Will it finally get the justice it deserves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeT9cH3RwJ0[View]
249390Redpill me on this game, /vrpg/. It's been sitting in my library for years after some long forg…[View]
250967What do you think of co-op mode in cRPGs?[View]
245507Fell Seal: /v/ never talks about this game, which is strange. I liked it, its pretty cheap, cute, an…[View]
246951*literally fucking impossible in your path*[View]
246075What's going on with you?[View]
248905Which one was the best ending?[View]
250160Lilty was the best race hands down for me. They looked cool in armor and used to rule the world. Th…[View]
250199Hopes, dreams and ideas for the Xenoblade franchise?[View]
214980redpill me on this series. Someone linked me the soundtrack and now my curiosity is piqued.[View]
248586What did he mean by this?[View]
248495>Narrative >Worldbuilding >Characters >Music >Graphics/Art style >Gameplay Pick on…[View]
249303RPGS that are accidentally really accurate: in the sims 4 university pack, going to school is a terr…[View]
249490Hello I’m relatively new to RPGs and have played, Undertale, FNV and several Ys games and Trails in …[View]
247677So what is the optimal way to play this?: With no equipment or orbment on Rean to stimulate how he i…[View]
250031Wasteland 3 is coming out this month. Why is there ZERO hype for this game? The backer beta's h…[View]
248613p1999: Anyone playing? How is your grind going? >Plane of Sky in a few days >Kunark in Novembe…[View]
249019It would have been better if Rean the lost child have been taken in by me- I mean Cassius Bright.[View]
235328FF12: what are your personal feelings towards this particular entry of the Final Fantasy series…[View]
249736>Hey Crow, remember that time you tried to murder me in cold blood? >haha water under the brid…[View]
248030Monster Hunter: Did you find grandpa Barioth fun?[View]
240682yakuza0: Best JRPG of all time coming through[View]
249585Riviera ~Yakusoku no Chi Riviera~: WSC > GBA[View]
235557After 3H's success, what's next for the Fire Emblem franchise?[View]
247778Speak not the Watchers, Draw not the Watchers, Write not the Watchers, Sculpt not the Watchers, Sing…[View]
240492Does /vrpg/ like Yoshizawa from Persona 5 Royal?[View]
247574Sorry for asking again, but has anyone managed to get Trails from Zero working on Linux? It just kee…[View]
240692who the fuck is he, /vrpg/?[View]
238287The truth is they were right. They didn't go to war with Mandalorians bc they were preparing fo…[View]
240499gonna play my first SMT game today what should it be?[View]
249270aha ! a board for role-playing games you say? my my, i'll just leave my free to play text-based…[View]
244942What's your favorite Compile Heart game?[View]
244213>bartender warns you of a 'shady character'[View]
249073Phantasy Star III: Who is the best wife? Who is the best son? What is the best ending?[View]
248135SOUL IN RPG'S: how much can soul can carry an ok game to feel like a masterpiece[View]
249001>Bloodborne at 60fps it works[View]
246125What is your opinion on the RPG codex? It seems like a lot of people on this board hates that forum.[View]
246794RPG where fox as antagonist.[View]
239676I played this and thought it was a pretty decent game, are returns and Hong Kong good as well? Is th…[View]
247228What is your favorite RPG made on the west(expanding this to include Slavs) and what is your favorit…[View]
237102Decided to give it a shot. Is there anything that i should known?[View]
248721hmm...should i buy her game?[View]
245561Paper Mario Sticker Star: Let's discuss the best Paper Mario game FUCK 64/TTYD/SPM trannies…[View]
236858Fallout: What studio would you trust to buy up the fallout IP and save it? And who is your favorite …[View]
248437Dragon Quest 9 party build: Recently, I started playing dragon quest 9 on my 3ds. I am new to dragon…[View]
244244Fallout 4 - Need a build: Hey Guys, Was hoping you guys could suggest or pitch me ideas of character…[View]
247340So when the hell does this game get good? I just watched night turn into sunrise and feel like I hav…[View]
246625No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.[View]
220598Disgaea 6 news coming soon: What are you expecting from Disgaea 6? New mechanics, QoL improvements?…[View]
248204CRPGs: If I had to pick one CRPG series, which should I go for? Baldur's Gate series Divinity s…[View]
248440How come there's plenty of forced stealth segments (in JRPGs) and plenty of popular stealth gam…[View]
247428which RPGs have the best sandboxy 'living world' feeling?[View]
244309project zomboid: thoughts on the game? feels like a more accessible cdda, but the development has be…[View]
243563Most annoying and frustrating things encountered in RPGs: You must gather your party before venturin…[View]
216140What are the best DRPGs?[View]
247939Is /vrpg/ looking forward to Moon RPG Remix this month? Here's a trailer: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
245708>pick up this game forever ago >sink like 60 hours into it >stopped playing it >forgot w…[View]
246347Magia Record: What does /vrpg/ think of Magia Record?[View]
241813What's your favorite Flash RPG?[View]
247524ITT: scammer fucking faggot[View]
245123>He doesn't praise Jesus Christ Admit it, this is the best written and most realistic RPG ma…[View]
247404Kenshi: Actually the only open-world sandbox RPG you can play for decades without getting bored.…[View]
247413Why won’t they port it?[View]
247405Coolest incel[View]
247678is monster rancher /vrpg/ approved?[View]
242636I'm 37 hours in when does it get good?[View]
231401Reisalin Stout thread: What would you like to see in the sequel? Any QoL improvements?[View]
238437Is the trails series good or just a meme?[View]
240180>needs 24 full hours to take the servers offline to apply one little patch incompetent company…[View]
247373I liked it: Did you like it or do you have bad taste?[View]
246972WAGA NA WA REAN[View]
205059Would you fuck a demon, anon?[View]
245370what are some good caveman names to use for a barbarian character[View]
246326literally impossible this wasnt beta tested enough[View]
244453How accurate would you say this SMT tier list is?[View]
242832final fantasy 4, bards, jobs: His class isn't Bard. It's Onion Bard. Thread theme song: ht…[View]
246178is there a way to integrate ragdoll and physics into RPG mechanics?[View]
247131Does anyone else wish that NIS went in a different direction: The Disgaea universe games are great (…[View]
229070What is this even supposed to mean?[View]
242703Are there any coomer RPGs this year? Supposedly this one is very popular on dlsite. https://www.dlsi…[View]
246821Epic Battle Fantasy: >he won't ever come back except in the bullet hell game fucking shame, …[View]
246196Mini games in rpgs that were harder then the actual game[View]
187420Thoughts on RPG Maker?: What does /vrpg/ think of the RPG Maker franchise? I thought it would be coo…[View]
246667>oh boy time to bat- >NONONO set the table first…[View]
244086I bought a new 2DS XL to mod and play shit on it, what are some good games for it? So far I've …[View]
240510>slowed version of main menu theme plays as you walk down a dark corridor…[View]
245071>Be me >Be young guy >Mostly stay inside jerking it and playing on my PC >Old man is sta…[View]
244342/r/ing games with harvest festivals, besides neverwinter nights?[View]
246246>final fantasy game >song with a latin title starts playing…[View]
243638I want to start playing the Atelier games. Is Rorona a good place to start?[View]
244700Labyrinth of Refrain: Just picked up this game again after not touching it in nearly years. In Umbra…[View]
236635>Rushed story-line with magical macguffins needles being thrown halfway through >Zero writing …[View]
245992Is there any RPG where you can play as a cute and frilly princess?[View]
243473Can we discuss the Earthbound clone that time forgot?[View]
245570Haha.... She wants to do it with Rean again soon.[View]
217459Its SaturJay! DRAWTHREAD: >What is this? SaturJays are weekend drawthreads dedicated to the /vrpg…[View]
245878I think we know how this is going isn't it? Plan B?[View]
240279>RPG revolves around these characters with psychic powers >party member specializing in gadget…[View]
244017So does the EE have proper UI scaling for 1080p? Or do I just stick to playing Diamond in low res?[View]
245909Artbook scans: Being such a visual and story driven genre, it's no wonder that there's so …[View]
236890Pathfinder: Kingmaker was written by morally bankrupt children: I was finally able to articulate to …[View]
243709arx fatalis: my wifes sons name is am sheagar[View]
245848The Dwarves: Any of you played this? Is it good?[View]
241797Where the FUCK are my Yakuza chads at???[View]
245797Post RPG games of a series that didn't start out as RPGs[View]
243481What are some RPGs that were never released outside of Japan that you absolutely love? >pic relat…[View]
242416So do I play this on the PSP, or do I get the PSX version?[View]
220365Fire Emblem girl thread, post and discuss Fire Emblem girls.[View]
243254Darkest Dungeon: Do people still like this game?[View]
239249why can't you faggots just like both: I do not understand you retards[View]
242716What free mmorpg are you playing anon?[View]
241213What's so special about this game? It always gets praised but nothing really stood out to me.[View]
245155>Fighting final boss >Music full of dread for what may come >struggle >midfight >the …[View]
245004FFIX is the second best FF series: you cant debate this[View]
244977Name me one (1) good JRPG other than Yakuza 0 Oh that's right you can't[View]
243198Wild Arms: Rebecca best girl.[View]
244787anyone else here like Twine games?[View]
228155Unironic Cold Steel thread: In CS1 should I read all the books on the upper floor of the library on …[View]
240984Howdy partner! Would you like to buy a copy of Skyrim? >What's Skyrim? >Can you give me s…[View]
244736This soundtrack goes with every rpg and makes every rpg better (even Fallout 76) https://m.youtube.c…[View]
240734>play japanese role playing game >it's starring white people >I change the audio to ja…[View]
243865>18 normal battle tracks totaling almost an hour of the soundtrack by itself >all of them are …[View]
233971What is Ni No Kuni, and is it good?[View]
243415Based on what we've seen so far what is your honest no meme take? Will it be good (better than …[View]
243771Is turn based the right move for this franchise?[View]
202290Xenoblade 2: What does /vrpg/ thinks of Morag?[View]
244164Regardless of what you think of FF2, the music is godtier https://youtu.be/6_gzBssAkzA[View]
242250The great debate: part 2[View]
244264Whenever I play a WRPG, regardless of character build, I always use cheats to give myself very high …[View]
242220What other games allow you to start a family?[View]
244082I haven't played Pillars of Eternity past a couple of hours in, is it worth redownloading and s…[View]
240485>game has a famously difficult fight >the fact that it is famous makes it very easy since you …[View]
238851first time i'm looking at SMT, I've decided to try out this game. any tips for it?[View]
244096Games where I can look like pic related?[View]
236549Don't mind me, just posting the best RPG of 2017.[View]
242702Speedrunning rpg: Do you like speedruns of rpg? Do you run any games? I don't run them, but I o…[View]
234755Fuck you guys, this game is awesome.[View]
241347>2 million sold digitally >3 million sold physically >5 million total sold globally >Hig…[View]
240867Lost Ark: please god let it happen[View]
242381Anyone played this? Looks pretty soulful to me and its on sale.[View]
239498Metal Gear Ac!d: Now that turdjima is out of action, why doesn't Konami release a new MGA game …[View]
242705Atelier series: >Badass soundtrack ranging from electric guitar jams to mysterious, fantastical v…[View]
238819will RPGs of this quality ever make a return?[View]
241111/HTGI/ - how to get into Instead of having multiple decentralized threads, or posts that derail disc…[View]
235997What is the best Mario RPG and why is it bowser’s inside story(DS)?[View]
241507Is there actually anything similar to this?[View]
240530Persona 6 is now being developed by Bethesda and Todd Howard is the director. What changes?[View]
237578>poison swamp level[View]
242913Why am I addicted to this game send help please I have wasted so many hours getting my shit kicked i…[View]
240052Probably starting Paper Mario RPG/PMTTYD later this evening. I completed the N64 entry some days ago…[View]
242878Ring Fit Adventure: Where are my Ring Fit Chads at? You worked out today, right?[View]
238008I think one of the biggest failings with Dragon Quest was that after 3 they got rid of the classes. …[View]
242744What are some ideas you have for Atelier spinoff games?[View]
242632This would be top 3 FFs if it didn't have mandatory class changing bullshit[View]
228545So can we talk Planescape Torment? Is it really one of the greatest RPGs?[View]
241533>mfw i use a save editor to skip the grinding and experience the story[View]
233306>>'I guess it can't be helped...' Why do JRPG localizers always do this shit?…[View]
242464>Have sex with aliens the franchise.[View]
241982If this shits an RPG than fucking any god damn game is.[View]
239079Where's that Monster Girl Encyclopedia RPG the creator was makin'?[View]
231774Gay characters in RPGs: >gay character in a wrpg >is a three-dimensional character that's…[View]
239726FALCOM NEW ENGINE???[View]
231392I'm 40 hours in, when does it get good?[View]
227823How did they fuck up a Fire Emblem x SMT crossover THIS fucking badly?[View]
240253Best 'ice' dungeon: Most of the good RPGs have elemental dungeons. Fire is usually all the same, but…[View]
241354Are there any good browser rpg games that are good to play on laptops? Doesn't have to have goo…[View]
204520What's your honest opinion on Yosuke? How would you rate him among Persona bros?[View]
225855Realistically speaking, can it ever be topped?[View]
240678How to open a barrel?[View]
233564>60 dollar rerelease of fairly recent rpg >released day one with challenge modes and other shi…[View]
238752RPGs where you work for the bad guys[View]
240769SWTOR: this game is 1000 times more fun than both WoW and WoW classic. why do people still fawn over…[View]
241178thoughts on pic related? looks interesting with the time mechanic but idk looks kinda strange[View]
236628sonic rpg 10: https://youtu.be/7wpkxMTmOPY chose your side[View]
240267Post games that completely ruined long running franchises. I'll start.[View]
238556We really need a canon game to tie the events of all the persona games.[View]
237653>Think you're going to hate a character based on design and first impression >The end up …[View]
239019Greatest game ever[View]
222711What would YOUR class be in a fantasy game world?[View]
213942What is your HONEST opinion on this indie Fallout-like?[View]
236548The other day, I tried to make a thread requesting Isekai-themedRPGs, and it devolved into a flamewa…[View]
239462This is not a well written game: Its a good game, the story and the characters are fun, but I wouldn…[View]
236735Is there a reason other than EA's behaviour on why Ultima is completely forgotten? I'm old…[View]
237692I heard SMT is a mixture of cyberpunk and gothic horror/fiction, which game is most like this?[View]
236361>played all the RPG Maker 'cult hits' to see what the fuzz is about >they're actual garb…[View]
238367Should i play this one or overclocked im downloading the cia for overclocked undub as of now[View]
239382It's kind of glossed over since the plot is moving so fast at that point, but how fucked up was…[View]
238502Alright about to buy and play this game because of all the memes. Do I need to have played the previ…[View]
235058What would your ideal Bloodborne 2 look like?: I want to see an American styled city if the game is …[View]
241096Is there any reward in Etrian Odsyssey 3 for getting 100% completion? There was the town crown in EO…[View]
237948Dark Souls: Now that the series is over (for the foreseeable future, anyways), what were the strengt…[View]
240944The prettiest creature in tales[View]
231683Is Rise the best Persona girl EVER?[View]
239012It's time to discuss the best RPG of all time[View]
240007About to play my first SMT[View]
235021when you're emulating an old JRPG, do you ever use the fast-forward button? i can't help m…[View]
240328This is the best tactical turn based RPG. Prove me wrong.[View]
236096Obscure RPGs: Any obscure games you've played? Doesn't have to be good, just rpgs that are…[View]
240227What is the Cold steel meme?: What do people here honestly think of CS?[View]
235098>tried playing planescape torment, baldurs gate, fallout 1,2, underrails, final fantasy, tales of…[View]
239727RPGs with too much damn rain[View]
240072Evolution of TES races: Trolls, goblins and rieklings all got pointy ears. Like giants and the class…[View]
239332-blocks your path-[View]
240123>if it's turn based and has stats that makes it a rpg why do japanese do this?…[View]
240128What kind of armor mechanics/system do you like for your rpgs?: How do you like your armor in RPGs t…[View]
221001>the witcher 3 is not rpg[View]
238476The decline of Social MMOs: I'm talking about games like: >second life >habbo hotel >g…[View]
234338STR > DEX[View]
239506What's your idea for an RPG, and is mine good?: My idea: >It's like Monkey Island with …[View]
238826Miyazaki, please[View]
239915Where do you draw the line between “Action-RPG” and “Action game with RPG elements”[View]
239609So this is what Incels are mad about the Remake not having?[View]
239288She didn't do anything wrong.[View]
235618You survived... we'll have to cancel the party.[View]
232795What's your opinion on using a walkthrough/faq?[View]
238082God Eater 4: Would you prefer a Rage Burst or a new title? Also, buy Claire's game.[View]
181515Can we have a NWN thread? Just played through NWN1:EE, doing the OC and both Expacs. Never played th…[View]
239690snes rpg, dragon quest, breath of fire: any of these good? I replay a lot of games and figure maybe …[View]
237889Does this count as an RPG? If so let's talk about the wonderful sandbox that is Kenshi.[View]
233723Hey you! That's right, you!: I want you to give me name of the HARDEST WRPG/JRPG game ever made…[View]
239582Why do so many RPGs have Magic take a back seat to magic? Making spells so lame and boring it's…[View]
229545What is the best way to play this in 2020?[View]
216200Female characters in western games are u-[View]
214046Hey! Henry's come to see us![View]
236761I have played less than a dozen JRPGs, but I act like I’m an expert on the genre and that the handfu…[View]
227186Wow, Merrill is actually an interesting character: I always thought she was just a retard in the bac…[View]
237346Oblivion: ahhh, Bruma..... home...[View]
232754Opinions on ToP?[View]
238555>still no medieval fantasy rpg with dwarves and orcs and elves[View]
239149Magic Shandalar thread. >Where do I get the 2016 version? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B08oiM…[View]
238952>be anon, only play western games, want to get into jrpgs >play normalfag games like ff, earth…[View]
235048Okay I need to figure out what people mean when they say yukari is a bitch for most of the game. I h…[View]
236764Has anyone here played this series?[View]
235174Any RPGs where do you play as the main villain and bring evil and destruction to anyone who oppose y…[View]
239022Puzzles: This thread is all about puzzles. Which puzzles do you consider some of the best you'v…[View]
236788How was he wrong? How was running away from his problems to become a tyrant in a fictional world the…[View]
236204>Gamecube version cuts out ~2 hours worth of loading times over the course of a full playthrough …[View]
236777Secret endings are bullshit[View]
233296Sunday JRPG Thread: What JRPGs have you completed in quarantine, anon? What are you planning to play…[View]
222397Bravely Default: Replaying it, and man I forgot how good it feels[View]
234927Mystery Dungeon General: Who's excited for Shiren the Wanderer 5 on Switch? https://www.youtube…[View]
238072Post the based party member[View]
237301Why do we love Aigis again?[View]
232024Pascal the dog is here.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb45pLOueOE[View]
237036How do you feel about this strapping young lad?[View]
238379Feels like I'm just wandering aimlessly around Japan doing literally everything possible hoping…[View]
232765What were they thinking?[View]
214504Comfy Persona 4 Thread[View]
236707Obscure Action RPGs: Action-RPGs are my favorite game genre, so i'm looking for some of the mos…[View]
236180Summon Night Swordcraft Story Thread[View]
236961>makes virgins seethe Still the best..[View]
227650I'm 40 hours in When does it get good?[View]
226687Oh my Gaun, Watcher! I'm reeaaaaaaping!: Did you know despite only being 13% of CRPG sales Pill…[View]
118740>Ryza in the first game looks like an innocent teen full of life >Ryza in the second game look…[View]
229959Star Control 2 is fucking amazing: Most of this board is too new and young to remember the best spac…[View]
238131>wants to be #1 >succeeds in having the #1 longest neck of anyone in Persona What's up wi…[View]
236447i like persona , there i said it. so what original megaten should i play if i enjoyed p1 (psp)?[View]
237850Are there any direct link between RPG's and autism?[View]
231248Seifer's sloppy seconds. :)[View]
227984>black mage >blue mage >summoner Exist as both race, and class in final fantasy. What if in…[View]
223794Mabinogi: Alright I know some of you guys played this back in the day so I wanted to hear anons expe…[View]
227832Dungeon Crawlers: Recommend First Person Dungeon Crawlers. How do I get into this genre? Is pic rela…[View]
233745are there any good /k/ themed rpgs?[View]
231940why do people want mod support in new games? i heard it as a big complaint towards many new releases…[View]
205114Like it or not, this dialogue is deep and says things about the nature of reality.[View]
235738Anyone play this What are your thoughts on it? I thought it was comfy and had a unique setting.[View]
220884Final Fantasy XIV: 5.3 is just around the corner. How is everyone preparing?[View]
234621Can we have a battle brothers bread?[View]
225888Best RPG I've ever played: I haven't seen any threads about this gem. Solid game with good…[View]
235049ITT: RPG characters who are LITERALLY you[View]
227732Make your own JRPG: You are now in charge of making your own JRPG game. What's the story and ho…[View]
237235itt: utterly BASED rpg companions[View]
211910Underrail: Why are firearms allowed to be shit?[View]
236989So will we ever get another soundtrack from this guy? I mean he got metoo'ed and all.[View]
236332This entire series of games is fucking cringe dog shit. Why do people play them?[View]
236822More games like this?[View]
236896Why are kotor i/ii praised so much when jedi academy did almost everything better than them?[View]
235566>dabs on your favorite protagonist[View]
236525Why do we hate Yukari again?[View]
236437Name me a better RPG that can triumph over this masterpiece of complex gameplay and heartfelt story.…[View]
232814ITT RPGs with no good ending[View]
203964What's the worst RPG you've ever played? (that you were expecting to be good)[View]
231990Which Final Fantasy should I play?[View]
234418Post RPGs you know you've played before but have little to no memory of. If you don't know…[View]
217193Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2: What are your hopes for Part 2? What are your fears for Part 2?…[View]
236146I'm 3 games in when does it get good?[View]
236541>RPG lets you play as a female monk[View]
236400V-Vagrant Story Thread?[View]
236571HEY HEY PEOPLE: Heh, made ya look, didn't I? Seriously, now, does anybody know if there's…[View]
236503Best (J)RPG OST's 1. Final Fantasy VI 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Shin Megami Tensei IV PS Dragalia Lo…[View]
235044>RPG has silent protagonist >No character creator This will always be a garbage design choice…[View]
236484>enemy has 500hp >hit for 499 >get one shot afterwards…[View]
232524Kingmaker endgame: >dude, just buy 300 mass heal scrolls and 150 resurrection scrolls, lmao >o…[View]
236290ain't nobody told me life was gonna be this hard[View]
222608I like the setting of SMT 1 & 2, but I can't get over how simplistic the game treats choice…[View]
236224>fiend battle theme starts last charchter you've played as has to fight against the terrifyi…[View]
232381what other rpgs deal with racism?[View]
232727Was Adachi right to kill those whores?[View]
230912Really loved Dragons Dogma's combat and I wanna get into other rpgs. As long as the combat is s…[View]
229825What is the most granular, content-heavy, overly detailed class system in a JRPG? I'm talking p…[View]
236078Which one are you?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hvB8zHEw6w[View]
230382could someone tell me why is there so little RPGs that allow you to play as a musclegirl[View]
232923Might and Magic IX: Was it really THAT bad?[View]
227263>All treasure chests are marked and looted on map >Still no guild card achievement Also, Etria…[View]
226495never saw anyone discuss this among the rpg circle. Thoughts ?[View]
227612Holy shit this niggas Dark Souls tough[View]
233461Share your RPG idea, it's not like it's going anywhere.[View]
235600>I WIN AGAIN! >OKAY, WHO'S NEXT?[View]
234153How would you remake this game? Your budget: something around average Atelier game.[View]
232115why do you hate this game so much?[View]
232237Tied with Eriko Kirishima for cutest girl Even she said it herself when she tried to talk to Reiji[View]
234248Jade Empire: How does this game hold up? I played some of it over a decade ago and enjoyed it but ne…[View]
232656Bards. What are they even good for?[View]
233991Final Fantasy X: Can we stop pretending the battle system of FFX was good? This was one of the most …[View]
231972good vs evil alignment: Playing the good guy is a lot harder than playing evil in an rpg. prove me w…[View]
233621Is Persona 5 Royal really coming to PC? Can't wait to romance Ann Takamaki![View]
231802So what’s happened to them?[View]
233553What went wrong?[View]
234365Why did everyone turn on this franchise?[View]
231314>mfw people complaining that a JRPG is too long Just don't play 10 hours a day, why are your…[View]
234500I-It’s Sephiroth![View]
232389>Pickpocket a random bandit >Kill him after succeeding without being detected >That bandit …[View]
232076Breath of Fire: Which game had the best emotional gut punches?[View]
230666fuck you I want a sequel or a remake[View]
226152Is she right about the games /vrpg/?[View]
234767Is it good on Switch?[View]
233765>Why didn't you help us find our sis?[View]
234372Are there any games with realistic hunting/skinning/butchery mechanics? With different cuts of meat …[View]
232301>Evolution OST is wor- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxXfJR-6ry0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
232885Is there a JRPG party who suffered more than they did?[View]
202567What his/ her name, /vrpg/?[View]
231357Have you ever had a total melty over a character/RPG?[View]
232805If you thought the romance came out of nowhere you simply didn't understand the character at al…[View]
219766Can we stop acting like the story to this game is even good? It’s not funny anymore[View]
231147*schwing schwing* ONE LESS MONSTER AROUND[View]
232477Fallout pop culture references: Dump all references that you know. Bonus points for image comparison…[View]
225354Why are good action/adventure RPGs so rare? Morrowind, Dragon's Dogma, Dark Souls series, Dark …[View]
230095what JP exclusive games are >(You) playing?: whop em' out weebers[View]
231349Which one has the better gameplay?[View]
228918What constitutes a genuinely good RPG? Can you provide examples?[View]
222928What am i in for?[View]
233827What's a good RPG to play with a friend or two? Some kind of Diabloclone or some such? Hit me w…[View]
216884Is pic related and it's sequel worth playing? Or is it really as bad as people say?[View]
231254One thing Dark Souls 3 did a very bad job of was to give me the player any reason to care about this…[View]
233519How would you fix Gothic3?[View]
225960what games let me RP as a caveman? doesnt have to have a pre-historic setting i just want to be rage…[View]
228332Why does FF14 trigger fans of 7R?[View]
225882I like Fire Emblem Awakening. What do you think of the game? Did you like it at all? I liked awakeni…[View]
231355Dungeon Crawlers: How come Eye of the Beholder and Wizardry belong to the same genre when they play …[View]
226774>game has a shit ton of dialogue >none of it is even remotely interesting…[View]
230503Tyranny thread: How goes your conquest of the Tiers, fatebinder?[View]
231938how does /vrpg/ feel about the best rhythm-based rpg ever made.[View]
225298>that one battle theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cSbof7Pik…[View]
230435I'm playing through Fallout 2 for the first time using this build: Special: 5,8,5,6,8,8,8 Trait…[View]
232598What went wrong? Also why did it turn into a joke mobile franchise?[View]
232736Games like Mass Effect: Just finished this masterpiece of a franchise and I'm looking for a sim…[View]
232658Gothic Thread: Why did Gothic boom so much in eastern europe? It completely dethroned morrowind as a…[View]
230064Fire Emblem: Should the next FE game be an echoes remake of one of the SNES games or a brand new gam…[View]
224370/vrpg/ plays Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines: LAST TIME >Therese Voerman, not impressed like h…[View]
231712What the heck, I beat this guy in two turns, I wasn't even done buffing my guys. Why was it so …[View]
228892Hey pard, found any special tracks yet?[View]
231801blue dragon best dragon[View]
212024The great debate[View]
231819Switch RPG: What are you playing?[View]
231163What's going on?: >BG3 : Turn-based >Wasteland 3: Turn-based >Pathfinder Kingmake: Tur…[View]
225360>People hype this game like crazy >Claim it's the Bethesda killer >It releases >It…[View]
228945new vegas: what's your favourite thing to roleplay as in new vegas?[View]
231811Is this the greatest achievement in fandom history? https://youtu.be/2oo1i8DpF9c[View]
229512what were some kino GBC rpgs? im open to anything and i just got a flashcart.[View]
227212>this kills the p3baby[View]
229650Final Fantasy 3: Any romhacks/mods that add save points? I'm in the mood for a replay but getti…[View]
198804'what is that? a playable build?' Edition: What is this: >A Game developed by the new settlers of…[View]
231195Role-playing: Which RPGs offer the best role-playing options? Can be a jrpg or wrpg, doesn't ma…[View]
230519Recommend me some good WRPGs that still hold up in 2020[View]
229328Who else is kinda pissed they split the community? We don't need more boards, we need better mo…[View]
223836First time playing Baldurs Gate. Got any recommended PC builds, mods, or hot tips?[View]
2290128/9 is .hack day so post some come and chat/post some .hack stuff. Have you played all 10 of the mai…[View]
231117Hello /vrpg/ I've finally got spare money to buy a new Switch game. Between these 3 games, whic…[View]
231172What's the definitive /vrpg/ console? Pic probably not related.[View]
225602Everyone knows that JRPGs are all devoid of what Gary Gygax would call role-playing, because barely …[View]
228070Wild Arms: Why did it die lads? Is there any hope of it getting revived?[View]
231179Brigandine: Lance's Salamander is such a backstabbing bastard >Lance has Salamader >stole…[View]
229784What are some non-Fallout post apocalyptic RPGs? Can be J or W.[View]
230844>God is actually nice What other RPG’s do this?[View]
226612What is the best RPG character creator?[View]
229224Get extremely toxic, honest and personal with me, which game did you genuinely dislike/hate like you…[View]
230113why is mithra a member of the fallen race? there's nothing satanic about him.[View]
221764which did it best?[View]
229128What went wrong?[View]
228382Dual wielding vs. Two handers in RPGs: How do you like them to differentiate them? Both thematically…[View]
229196Your favorite game was created by Todd Howard instead of whichever fag originally created it. How do…[View]
227239you think they would be more successful if they learned how to spec themselves or are they just reta…[View]
230827You still go- You still go- You still go- You still got business here? Make sure you bring more Macc…[View]
230111WORLD OF HORROR thread[View]
230748>vamos sells titanite shards >is the only blacksmith who can ascend to fire without an ember …[View]
229065'Anon, will you hold my hand during the Apocalypse?'[View]
230552Labrys for Persona 6![View]
226808Which SMT is the best?: Please include persona games when considering. I'm a SMT newfag who…[View]
229256Rex, will you take me to Elysium? >SWORD BA- SWOR- S- SWORD BASH[View]
229006weird jrpgs: this game is weirdest jrpg on 3ds[View]
167818>explore and discover your lands. >divide time between kingdom management and adventuring. …[View]
227391Is there a cure for RPG autism? I keep burning myself out on every game I play by hugging every wall…[View]
220192He's Stocke from Radiant Historia, he's a noble and a nice guy, say something nice about h…[View]
226391Is it bad that this is literally my childhood RPG that I played when I was 12?[View]
225776Fire Emblem thread: I'm starting Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the first time tonight. What…[View]
224194Normal or hard difficulty? Tips appreciated.[View]
230246There is no good Fallout.[View]
225986Do you prefer a weak MC who forces you to use the rest of the party effectively, or a broken one who…[View]
228103Let's have a thread dedicated to the biggest chad in all of RPGs.[View]
228844Who is the hottest girl in the entire rpg genre?[View]
229232Ore no ban da na[View]
226122What makes a real-time action RPG (ARPG)? I thought this meant Zelda, but as it stands this is not c…[View]
226455games with too many random encounters[View]
229026Point: Anyone who thinks AT3 is nothing beyond 'bad' due to the battle system or the 'fanservice mak…[View]
191862Do you think Toridamono should be responsible for the art of all Atelier games that come after the c…[View]
220507Are Ryza and Klaudia the cutest JRPG characters in existence?[View]
223423Is SMT really that much better than Persona?[View]
221319Atelier Ryza: Are you excited for the sequel? It will be out on Dec 3 according to the leaks. 4 more…[View]
225781ryza: Bros you convinced me to pirate this game and now I'm stuck here[View]
223903Ryza is now the MC of the last game you played. What changes?[View]
203945What are you having?[View]
209803RPGMaker: Why aren't you making your RPG, anon?[View]
229231I've never played a Final Fantasy game and have decided to start with Final Fantasy 5. What am …[View]
222795Is there any ARPG with actual good combat? I tried pic related but the combat was pretty boring and …[View]
229427JRPGs >>> dog vomit >>> WRPGs WRPGs are a disgrace to true RPGs.[View]
227276This is the Breath of Fire thread.[View]
226840Post only the greatest final boss themes in RPGs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqqNi5_NPe0[View]
229265He was right[View]
184852Let's talk about Tales And why Estelle is the best Tales girl[View]
216815What is even an RPG anymore?[View]
229032Final Fantasy 4 has the saddest character themes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCNo8dKVnXg https:…[View]
218991Will they balance BLU so they can take on shit with other jobs?[View]
226655>Game uses ice instead of water Makes sense. >Game uses lightning instead of air Sure, why not…[View]
228276Nayuta no Kiseki: So this has an english translation, is it worth playing?[View]
228684Glitz Pit Minor League locker room........home.[View]
228763Danger close or cold blooded?[View]
228671Why are all their games such grindfests? And why do they sell so well?[View]
226061>JOKAH >FANG >Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!…[View]
227413Boktai: >a RPG that requires you to go outside How could anyone think that this was a good idea?…[View]
223717Devil Survivor 3 when? Did you play their games, /vrpg/?[View]
227602Songs with music box: https://youtu.be/jrgzJ1dol3M[View]
209219Mass Effect Remaster: Will /vrpg/ be playing it? What graphics should we expect?[View]
209099SMT V thread: Anyone else worried about SMTV going the route of persona 5 and ruining smt completely…[View]
227964Get up anon, let's awaken the crystals and save the world. C'mon, grab my hand[View]
227242Neptune is on /vrpg/: And she's the protagonist![View]
207018Did they honestly think the voice acting was acceptable or did they just not care?[View]
227577planned to play this soon, is it good? how it is compared to the original?[View]
224080Why do I always feel I'm the only one who played this fucking game?[View]
226846This is a really good game. Why haven't you finished it yet?[View]
221924Who is the most iconic RPG villain?[View]
227322Has anyone made a chart yet for rpgs with dating sim elements (persona, cold steel, etc) yet? Also g…[View]
224715Is it....is it any good?[View]
226168jarpigs or warpigs: which is better?[View]
197354Suikoden: Can we have a Suikoden thread? Post waifus if you like[View]
227335>*knock* *knock* wat do?[View]
226920Recommend me RPGs. No coomer shit please, I don't care where it comes from I just don't wa…[View]
2218146th gen RPG's: Can we talk about 6th gen RPG's? What are your favourites? Are there any h…[View]
221664Most original/well written female characters in RPG's? Post your faves.[View]
225419Resonance of Fate is a masterpiece and its combat system has not been surpassed.[View]
227158>That anime girl that made the game special? What is her name, /vrpg/? RPG is the genre for waifu…[View]
227298THE BOAR...[View]
219510PERSONA 5 SCRAMBLE: Will it ever be localized?[View]
226706ITT: post great RPGs that aren't appreciated enough[View]
226584What are some RPGs that made you excited every time you visited a new town or location? Pic related …[View]
225012Granblue Fantasy: Relink: Now that we know that they will probably reveal the release date at the …[View]
215391Which nu-Persona game do mainline SMT fans hate the most?[View]
226414Wasteland 3: Finally, a good WRPG[View]
215103Speech stats in RPGs are terrible game design Many games tried it and not one gets it right Thats be…[View]
207295Heya! It's me, Imoen![View]
215537Hello I am the worst JRPG to ever exist. Say something nice about me.[View]
218921Not shitposting but I want to make two things clear: >JRPGS are inherently superior to WRPGS >…[View]
219489Heartbeat RPG: Well... This didn't age well.[View]
226645This game was kino. Also lunatic mode is kicking my butt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTl8gDQiKi…[View]
223663Is there anything meta like Mother in wrpg?[View]
226397What am I in for?[View]
215941Ragnarok Online: When will we get an MMO as organic as this one again? I love this game but after 15…[View]
222033>People constantly argue over JRPGs and WRPGs as if they are the only two regions that produce RP…[View]
224863It's time to discuss the greatest PS1 RPG.[View]
219346Sonic Chronicles: Bioware failed to make a good Sonic RPG. Is it possible to make a good Sonic RPG, …[View]
226388When is this getting a Remaster/Sequel? Another game theme'd after a life lesson would be great…[View]
226347Emulation general: What games work well with switch emulation? Going to go with SMT1/2, Suikoden 2, …[View]
224558Why did they kill him with a beach ball?[View]
221734Thoughts on this lad?[View]
226016Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa: EVERYBODY GET UP IT'S TI…[View]
214739>rpg has status effect moves >bosses&minibosses are immune to all status effects >commo…[View]
220070So they fix something or is just a glorified cash grab?[View]
213015>auto-generated tiresome caves >endless boring forests and hills >obliv gates are the same …[View]
210924Why do I keep losing to this nigga? I tried a crap ton of job combos. Am I just retarded? Also FFV …[View]
224778Thoughts on Smile Game Builder? I prefer this RPG Maker alternative. It has a cute artstyle and a mo…[View]
214770Play Golden Sun[View]
219605Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithless. Does it at least have a good story or is that as bad as everyth…[View]
223925Do the original Phantasy Star games hold up? I’ve only played Online.[View]
150336post the loli party member[View]
224499Why are remakes worse in every way compared to the original?: Discuss, starting with Persona 5 and X…[View]
225228is this true?[View]
215731ITT: RPGs only you played[View]
223809Why is there kabbalah in my jap vidya?[View]
225400Where my /PooE/ bros at?[View]
224208SMT & Persona: >Retards refused to gatekeep >The community is now filled with moronic fagg…[View]
223561ITT: the worst dungeons from their respective games this game doesn't really have good dungeons…[View]
173889Fallout New Vegas: Which Fallout Game is the best, and why is your answer Fallout: New Vegas?[View]
220953>ruins the flow of your game[View]
224859I'm new to the Wizardry series and I think I wanna try playing the console ports, but there…[View]
223565You think he got that lap dance afterward?[View]
224546I still don't fucking get it. Is it just a Japanese thing?[View]
225152Can we talk about the endless spam of threads dedicated to Atelier Ryza? There are currently 9 activ…[View]
218982Create a party member.: Create a party member with an unique class/job or a subversion of an existin…[View]
210193What's your go-to example of a truly awful RPG?[View]
224940>RPG has a happy good end and a nightmarish bad end, both with the same protagonist >the good …[View]
223553Fun RPGs: I love RPGs for their story and characters but find must to be painful to actually play. S…[View]
223689EarthBound/Mother: What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
217613What was the point of this character?[View]
220236Hey, /vrpg/. I’m constructing a list full of short, top-tier RPGs that don’t particularly drag on an…[View]
221373>game has a commie route Name a worse 'law' hero[View]
211160Saw you in my dreams, Watcher: There has never been a more based companion in any RPG. Pillars of Et…[View]
223881zelda: this is a thread about zelda[View]
224251Final Fantasy XII: Anyone enjoyed playing this game?[View]
224535>Flails wildly[View]
224468Thoughts on Supergiant's games? I only played Bastion and Transistor so far and I have to say I…[View]
218249What's the funniest/coolest experience you've had in Space Station 13?[View]
221075I need more games with complex crafting mechanics apart from atelier series,cute girls like my wife …[View]
224062Why do Western RPG’s never get creative with non-man made structures in their worlds? The world in O…[View]
222521Shandalar thread Planeswalkers ruined magic White best color, blue cucks and black niggers and red a…[View]
209211ITT: party bench warmers.[View]
223095Is Blizzard really better than Frozen Orb?[View]
212511Can we try and get some non shitposting-fest CP2077 thread? I know some of you despises it, I know s…[View]
221786For me, it's Ann[View]
218017Persona 3 vs Persona 4 - What happened?: Why did Persona's whole mood change from Persona 3 to …[View]
223795Did you ever play Neoquest?[View]
223884Disney and EA announce they are making a Knights of the Old Republic 3. Tell me all the terrible thi…[View]
218712FF1 and FF2: PS1 or PSP version?[View]
219775Might & Magic Thread: So, what do you lot think about the M&M games? Playing through the ent…[View]
222599I just beat Persona 5 Royal and and got new 'true' ending. Why is she such a divisive char…[View]
211657smt hikawa: This guy watched way too much Evangelion[View]
205517Megami Tensei thread: When are they going to make a game that follows the story of the real Megami T…[View]
223577>random encounters[View]
222420Post your favorite companions/ party members.[View]
222514>warrior class >uses RAGE for skills bonus >taking damage fills RAGE meter…[View]
220096How the fuck was Blood and Wine so good? Hearts of Stone too now that I think about it.[View]
222532/co/ RPGs: What's your favorite /co/ related RPG? I think Fusionfall and Hero108 Online were MM…[View]
222221Is Dragon Quest XI the best RPG ever made?[View]
210362I love RPGs with completely customisable party. But I've only played one.[View]
223434Has there ever been an RPG with a 1:1 scale overworld that was traversable with an airship?[View]
223411What went wrong?[View]
223482Neverwinter Nights General: A thread where we can talk about Neverwinter Nights modules, campaign, m…[View]
222320Why is it when you call out the censorship of Tifa, every fan of FF7R goes apeshit?[View]
222588Best pokegirl.[View]
223068RPGs about dolls, go![View]
222834Okay I need to figure out what people mean when they say yukari is a bitch for most of the game. I h…[View]
222809/v/ermin thread: draw monsters, watch them fight[View]
220462Need ideas: I know it's odd for the creative and ingenious revolutionary Todd Howard to come to…[View]
222989What are some actually good role playing games?[View]
220206What would Final Fantasy X-3 be like?[View]
218464>Western/Far west RPG >90% of the game is generic science fantasy >But they rip-off Ennio M…[View]
221904>Generals banned >/vg/ still filled with gacha shit…[View]
221544What's the best RPG that takes place in space? Hard mode: No Mass Effect.[View]
222075Would you pay Square Enix money if they released this game in a finished state?[View]
219849>this is what RPG dialogue used to look like cringe. why am i supposed to hate the bioware dialog…[View]
222755Altitis: I suffer from altitis so severely I haven’t been able to successfully play an MMORPG for ye…[View]
222613I've guessed (correctly) most of the plot in ToV so far. Are the 'trails of' games any better?[View]
217580SMT: About to start this up for the first time. Will I regret being a Chaoschad? I know you can chan…[View]
218289Any examples of Mary Sues/Gary Stus on RPGs?[View]
220601Do you like to invest in LUCK when given the option?[View]
222407Why do we hate Yukari again?[View]
222331So, what happened to him in the end? Did he get out in the end? We know that he wasn't charged …[View]
221593Morrowind vs. Oblivion: Since they're both on sale right now, which should I get and why?…[View]
216203Will we ever see another Valkyria Chronicles game?[View]
220681Unpopular opinion but I liked the p5 cast better than the p4 cast despite them not having as much ti…[View]
222249Did you celebrate Lughnasadh with your local druid order this year?[View]
221634Azala did nothing wrong.[View]
175388Final Fantasy XI: Maintenance currently underway. Why aren't you playing the best mmo from the …[View]
218619Elder Scrolls Summer Bundle: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/15347/Elder_Scrolls_Summer_Bundle…[View]
220475Trials of Mana: Trials of Mana thread. Whats your team comp?[View]
221168What does /vrpg/ think of Otto <The Market Manager>?[View]
221794I Hate Railroading: >FFRK SPOILERS[View]
207003What's your favorite class to play as, /vrpg/?[View]
220060What was even the point of the treaty blade? The nethicite could already be cut by the sword of king…[View]
217950You just got redpilled on the Jewish, I mean Gnomish Question: Nothing personal, kid.[View]
220359What's your favourite RPG world, and why?: For me, it's Inaba.[View]
221591Besides pic related what are some other horror-based RPGs?[View]
221056Cross is not a sequel to Trigger. It merely uses Trigger as its lore. For example: >The Wolf Amon…[View]
218302just went through a horrible breakup please tell me the most comforting RPGs you know of, /vrpg/ WRP…[View]
219795>game calls itself RPG >it's actually action/adventure why?…[View]
220752Tana is the only good character in Sacred Stones. Did they hire a new designer for this game? Everyo…[View]
220682About to start my first playthrough of Fallout 1, what should I know /vrpg/?[View]
217608>the rpg you want to play does not exist[View]
216407Was she a slut?[View]
220179name one (一つ) -GOOD- Compile Heart game[View]
216537So I'm at the beginning of this game, I just got the Monado. So far, the combat seems terrible,…[View]
218947Summer Memories: I don't get it. The game doesn't explain how to fish. I don't get th…[View]
202307Persona 6 will be about undooring him[View]
220017What other RPGs let you play actual dragons?[View]
219919Zero is a woman who could've been a mother to me...[View]
217908What turn based or ATB JRPG has the best combat?[View]
219928Must Play JRPGs?: I’m new to JRPGs, is there a /vrpg/ approved list or chart of all the essential ga…[View]
204928Strip away the waifus from JRPGs, how popular would they become?[View]
219464Is it just me, or Ys VIII runs like ass? I cracked it with the latest update, but pic is blurry as s…[View]
218395Fellow pizzabros: Anyone remember playing this? I loved it as a kid. Also unknown rpgmaker games thr…[View]
215011RPGs only you played: The best thing about this board is being able to spread around our niche hipst…[View]
218767I beat this entire game. It's pretty boring. Persona is better, no?[View]
219171>Game has a crossdressing section[View]
216516Why does nobody talk about how overrated this duology is? >Tries to be story-based but doesn…[View]
219984Reminder that JRPGs are superior to westacuck rp''''''''''g''''''''''s. Not that that's out of …[View]
214499Necromancy: I always want to play a necromancer in games, but games that allow it always disappoint …[View]
218975Haha... Wait Crow that's my 50 mira. Oh well, haha...[View]
219999ITT rpgs that gave you the feels[View]
219496What do you think about the series? Which one is your favorite? Did you like Gothic 3? Also feel f…[View]
206455Describe this game in less than 5 words.[View]
213329Dept Heaven Thread: If you dont think Yggdra union is the tightest shit you're wrong[View]
219379>1st game in the series is just a 'prologue' to what happens in the 2nd game…[View]
219159What are some strongly Christian RPGs? I just love the Christian aesthetic (and what you could poten…[View]
219349How do I beat him?[View]
214050Who's your RPG husbando /vrpg/? I really like Flagellant but Darkest Dungeon got several good o…[View]
167553E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy: It is true that I killed my mentor, and yet I am not his murderer.[View]
215284RPG's based on anime/manga. What's your favorite? Pic related.[View]
219662>Spend hours building your party for pure DPS >Go ape shit seeing once brutal bosses get kille…[View]
219627Any jrpg or wrpg that genuinely scared you? Horror moments in non-horror games usually get to me. Sm…[View]
218276Any recent coomer RPGs that are good?[View]
217411Thoughts on the Yakuza franchise? I always shit talk them but it's the only franchise where I …[View]
219531Are farming sims rpgs?[View]
218472What are some challenging turn based games?[View]
219334>The parties healer is actually appreciated[View]
215152Post your favorite battle themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTuz15Sq8zc It's a shame this …[View]
219223Cyberpunk/bladerunner-esque CRPGs: Do they even exist? I can only think of shadowrun (magic and stuf…[View]
217085>When the game keeps forcing the worst girl on you Anyone even like this bitch?…[View]
216749MC Element: Why are Light and Lightning the most common affinities for an MC? The next most common a…[View]
219052Inquisitor is a good game.[View]
210719It's Estelle's birthday! Did you give her a present?[View]
217349Anyone else really like this game?[View]
211771What are your 3 favorite RPGs for this console?[View]
218996ITT: Post your favorite battle quotes >I'm ready, are you?![View]
218019I miss Revan...[View]
218938>accurate architecture on every building >zero bathrooms Why does no one poops in this game?…[View]
215409Why are ARPG players so autistic?: I recently bought Grim Dawn (never played an ARPG before) and eve…[View]
215776Labrys for Persona 6![View]
190263Please say something nice about Dragon Quarter.[View]
214160Cyberpunk 2077 cringe: The lore in this game is so embarrassing.[View]
205358Disgaea thread[View]
218095What music are you going to play while farming it? Do you want all the trial fights here on to be me…[View]
212721Ah, it's <him>, Rudolph <C> (full codname 'Crowsius') Ean! What could possibly brin…[View]
217681>Hard mode is too easy >Lunatic/Maddening mode is too Hard Why does Fire Emblem keep doing thi…[View]
215458Just finished the Apocalypse Anarchy ending. Why does everyone hate it so much? It seems like it pre…[View]
218508I’ve had more fun with this game than PM 64 and PM TTYD[View]
215393updated my journal[View]
218468tfw Persona 6 might have a bara protagonist[View]
209295Persona 5 is now a million times better.[View]
210147Why does everyone talk about Paladin, Gunbreaker, and Dark Knight? Why does no one talk about Warrio…[View]
217784Is buying access to a shared steam account a good option? I want to play this but I know i'll g…[View]
216706Does it really deserve all the hate?[View]
217370deus ex: what ending did you pick and why?[View]
216030Dungeon Crawlan: I've just finished the kino Labryinth of Refrain and need something new(old) f…[View]
206167>ywn go on a grand adventure in a medieval fantasy world full of good feels and wanderlust before…[View]
215974Battle Cats Thread! An actually great gacha game.[View]
218164https://youtu.be/uYlbPEOY3ks One is a nerd Two is an autist Three is a psycho Four is a whore Five i…[View]
209470Any other JRPGs where the main characters canonically have sex besides pic related? No maybe they di…[View]
213419Trials of Mana: I'm playing Trials of Mana and I'm really enjoying it but I don't kno…[View]
217346What rpg has the best INGAME food/cooking system, /vrpg/?[View]
217684How would you make a CRPG that'd utilized the GURPS ttrpg system?[View]
213747What are some other games like Shadowrun? Is there something full sci fi on the same style[View]
212674>Want to try Neverwinter but hear the story is utterly boring dogshit >Want to try Pillars but…[View]
217780Who do you bring to Oeilvert? Zidane, Garnet, Freya, Amarant. I bring Garnet despite no magic anywa…[View]
215780I'm sorry bros, I tried to hate this but it's actually pretty fun and a solid spiritual su…[View]
210594No Dragon's Dogma thread? No problem! Post your FASHION, your ARISEN, your PAWNS[View]
210928In 1988, Times of Lore revolutionized the whole RPG genre by combining a disk streamed seamless open…[View]
208305Any Stick RPG fans here?[View]
214953/EB/ EarthBound Discussion: Yes.[View]
188834Why do people overrated this pile of trash?[View]
213784Why does the rest of Earthbound past this point feel lacking?: While the game DOES stop having actua…[View]
213601Is this really the only option for modern CRPGs? Every game I've played using this thing runs l…[View]
214090Time to fill out the alphabet with rpg subtypes. a-action rpg b-??? c-computer rpg d-??? e-??? f-???…[View]
214904Surely it can't be that bad.[View]
212921>Perfectly predicts the year 2020 How did it do it?[View]
215846How are you supposed to figure out to 'True End' this game?[View]
217031fae tactics: lmao this fucking boss battle has anyone beaten this on hard? And can anyone make heads…[View]
216513What are some good non-Diablo-like action RPGs?[View]
215914>elf chracter joins the party I AM LITERALLY HOLIER THAN THOU >dwarf character joins the party…[View]
216486Tamaki Uchida[View]
216280Why aren't there more adventure/rpg hybrids? As a kid I thought this was a logical evolution of…[View]
213636Why do people hate him?[View]
215361What was the most emotionally driven RPG you've ever played?[View]
216139Persona 2: What was the public perception of Eternal Punishment when it originally hit the states? B…[View]
211561So what makes a good final battle in an RPG?[View]
214553What are some RPGs that really feel like an adventure? Think like a long continuous trip across the …[View]
216466What games have the best Summon Monsters? Which ones have the most useful summon system?[View]
213930Is there a way to make the camera controls on this game not suck? I gotta say not even Grandia was t…[View]
216256ITT only the best and most hype RPG bosses.[View]
210149CHRONO TRIGGER: I have never actually played what is described by some as the greatest 16-bit RPG of…[View]
215994Cute boy in RPG[View]
214559what am i in for bros?[View]
214450>boss is total fucking bullshit[View]
215617what the fuck is up with his english dub it's like an old woman trying to do a deep voice[View]
210054RPG locations you'd like to live in.[View]
215763>escort quest doesn't have a destination[View]
215099How do you play your RPGs and why? A) Play through main story, then finish side quests B) Start the …[View]
215709Ryushima Coast... home https://youtu.be/V1YRu2pqK3g Will Okami 2 ever happen bros?[View]
163554Etrian Odyssey: How do I stop sucking at this? Also, I picked dark hunter instead of an alchemist. A…[View]
215689Part 1 ended at leaving Midgar, final boss was Sephiroth Part 2 ends at at the boat to Costa del Sol…[View]
215683Dark Sun: Shattered Ass is my favourite rpg: I know you're still crying, come in here and vent…[View]
215457RPG History: What are some good resources on RPG history and development of early to modern RPGs? I …[View]
215115>DUDE THE DARK BROTHERHOOD IS SO GOOD >completely incompetent leadership almost causes the gui…[View]
174336SMT 4: Is this really the best of the series? Is it good for a first proper SMT/JRPG? Any secret tip…[View]
193095Is there any reason to play this shit if I already got MHW? I heard that all the old monsters were m…[View]
215048>The final dungeon's theme plays during normal battles instead of the regular one…[View]
213052Daily Knight thread: Post RPG knights[View]
215254Lyse is hot as fuck[View]
215176What kickstarter RPGs do you back, /vrpg/?[View]
213660Mean Rean Bean Machine[View]
214569>RPG has disturbing content[View]
212705Expansions better than the base game: Post em[View]
212955So what shall it be? Do you join the Unity or do you die here? Join! DIE! Join! DIE![View]
215044Do you guys like Todoki Hawados jrpgs?[View]
214685Arcanum bread: >What is it? CRPG taking place in an industrial high fantasy setting, racism and a…[View]
212194I never liked JRPGs much, but I loved pic related, even though it's not technically a JRPG. Is …[View]
213860interesting battle systems: post RPGs with some interesting and unique battle systems. I'm a fa…[View]
213173Why do we hate Yukari again?[View]
213127Rpg treatment: Does anyone else wish that certain games or series got the rpg treatment like Mario d…[View]
213104>Be me >Be me when no one on /vrpg/ likes any other Fallout game but New Vegas >Be me clutc…[View]
212661anyone else use this website? i've been using it since i was 12 years old (am now 28) and this …[View]
212501smt3 on ps3: how good is the ps3 port of smt3 nocturne, i was going to download it on ps3 or just pl…[View]
213967the most powerful player character in RPGs: *teleports behind you* *blasts you you off a cliff* *sto…[View]
212947>Game is a shooter >Character is heavily designed for Melee >Most fun character to play Why…[View]
214602>Managed to finish Bloodborne and Sekiro >Can't finish any of the Dark Souls trilogy no m…[View]
214627any weebers?[View]
212108post ONE(1) jrpg without turn-based combat[View]
214326Why does Fire Emblem have this lullaby/sleepy theme to it? Is it because its fanbase is infantile an…[View]
212596What are your favorite canon RPG couples?[View]
211743Name ONE good WRPG that isn't Isometric shit or an action game[View]
203681How to convince zoomers to play retro MMOs?: How do I convince my ADHD ridden, over-stimulation obse…[View]
214190STR build users >fight their enemy toe to toe >ooze big dick energy >honorable >never ru…[View]

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