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Displaying 47 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2929277newer Persona games have spoiled me, is there any reason to play the first 2 games?[View]
2924990What kind of mental illness makes people read RPG build guides and copy them word for word in their …[View]
2928758>Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous sold over 1 million copies KNEEL[View]
2929485What are some rpg's with cool or unique mechanics?[View]
2929024Looking to replay nocturne so how is the remaster compared to the original?[View]
2922476Divinity Original Sin 2 has the best turn based combat in an RPG ever made and i'm tired of pre…[View]
2916886Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura: What was your guy's build? I went with the Halfling…[View]
2927315What makes a number?: What constitutes to an FF being a number? Why is five a number while tactics a…[View]
2928066What's up with the amount of enemies in this game? What the hell were they thinking? Look at th…[View]
2905309It was not THAT bad.[View]
2928252Well anon, which will it be?[View]
2928979do you like to: Hit hard and from far away Be the bulwark Charge and Targe What have you? I want to …[View]
2929076This game is like a gauntlet of casual filters and I both love and hate it.[View]
2857448Let's make a list of /vrpg/ approved games... I'll start: Good: >Kingdom Come: Delivera…[View]
2916395WRPG dialogue be like: >Safe travels, Englishman. >Welcome to the finest inn in Scotland, Icel…[View]
2923343How would you personally rank these four games?[View]
2928233Thoughts on Riviera: The Promised Land?: I like the art style in the game, I heard mixed things abou…[View]
2927989>great soundtrack >fun battle system >good sounds effect to hear >quick and pleasant com…[View]
2924433Outward: Is this a good game RPG wise? Been meaning to play this for the longest time but never real…[View]
2878875How does New Vegas stack up to classic RPGs like Morrowind? >https://strawpoll.com/polls/XOgOJRpA…[View]
2924275I love you[View]
2923685Are there any RPGs with a lot of underwater exploration or just a major underwater part of the world…[View]
2923876If it only took 7 people to kill Sin, one of them armed with a blitzball, why wasn't it done be…[View]
2929035Should I just complete the rest of the chapters with this party and come back and finish the rest af…[View]
2911545I'm convinced Sally IS the alien.: She was the real alien all along. How has she been alive for…[View]
2925033New Pathfinder DLC revealed >'Meet Ulbrig Olesk, one of the last scions of the shattered nation o…[View]
2928940Was this shit any good? I saw it at G*mestop today and I never even knew it existed[View]
2924042why are simple classes the most fun? In most RPGs I always play as the same character in slightly di…[View]
2927079I'm playing P4G for the first time and am about to fight the Rise boss and I just wanna say tha…[View]
2928172Photos taken seconds before disaster...[View]
2928645I've already finished forming a new game franchise called 'Okegomia' To Unite Further.[View]
2923677Labyrinth of Galleria: soon my niggers be sure to support the official release[View]
2928514RPGs for TV: Which RPGs are good to play on a fuck huge TV? Already played Witcher 3 and Elden Ring.…[View]
2927111Sonny: Which one did you play as? Psychological, Biological or Hydraulic?[View]
2926897I will not be buying the rerelease of p3p or the soon to be p3 remake and instead play FES on my emu…[View]
2927675Non-standard morality: Any RPGs out there where I can explore cultures with non standard moral compa…[View]
2924801THAT'S IT, WE ARE GOING TO black souls thread[View]
2924494Why do I need Java to use Circle of Eight?[View]
2927350what's the best game for playing as a stronk barbarian and killing nasties wiv me big axe?[View]
2923705ayo legend of grimrock (2012) niggas we up[View]
2926942You all told me how good Trails From Zero is so I bought it. Completed it and left utterly disappoin…[View]
2920650Why does Japan like this game series so much? What's so good about it?[View]
2913205>same horrible levelling system as Morrowind >but this time, the enemies level alongside with …[View]
2927065why chandler bing was such a dick? and why his participation is so insignificant? they sold the game…[View]
2917509What are the best graphic mods for FF7? I feel like replaying it with a new coat of paint.[View]
2921999Which RPGs do elemental magic the best? Especially earth magic, I feel like it's always overloo…[View]
2917263>RPG starts talking about its story >start skip through dialogue as fast a possible I'm s…[View]

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