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Displaying 122 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1947279Guys guys guys i just got the Gladiator Costume!: I tried getting myself but holy fuck it takes a lo…[View]
1946554Never played this before. What do I think of it?[View]
1939729What's babbys first RPG for someone who has never played a RPG before?[View]
1946969Did you kill him?[View]
1941956Buying this shit when you have emulators: Why? Just why? If you wanna play the FFs of the NES why w…[View]
1945951So without trolling and cuckshit, what are the big RPG releases on the horizon? >Baldur's Ga…[View]
1942270Are there any RPGs (or ARPGs, most likely) out there that incorporate actual beat em up combat into …[View]
1947167Not to sound cliche, but this game sucks.[View]
1939589Kids will never understand how mind blowing this game was on release.[View]
1940350Did you make the oblectively moral choice, /vrpg/?[View]
1948417Might & Magic 3 questions: Alright so, I started playing this game as my first retro-crpg, and I…[View]
1935872What did he mean by that? Is Tifa an accountant?[View]
1947175>World of '''Ruin''' >nearly every town is intact except Vector (which was already partially r…[View]
1948615Games you've only heard about thanks to /vrpg/: I am not supposed to like this type of game. Th…[View]
1948687Dragon Age: >the Black City exists so it's very likely the maker also does >the Old Gods …[View]
1949714do you like any RPGs with unconventional gameplay mechanics? i really like Shandalar, you play card …[View]
1948755I kinda liked Nocturne for a bit, but it got pretty tedious by the end. And there wasn't really…[View]
1948994Gestalts keep moving. This is a Replicant man neighbourhood.[View]
1925317Why did no one tell me about this?[View]
1949209MorganaThread: Thread for the best persona user ever[View]
1940519>Anon gets isekaied >sees girl with funny clothes >Anon, would you like to be my Guardian? …[View]
1937512DCSS: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.27 is out! >Cursed items removed. >Halflings are removed. …[View]
1945627thoughts on FF13?: when I was a wee lad I wanted to know if everybody agreed that XIII is bad, never…[View]
1949340Are there any good mods for picrel? I wish it had better modding tools...[View]
1948012Gothic Series: Is it worth to play in current year? Would you recommend it?[View]
1921640>Rinoa is NOT Ultimecia. Necron is NOT part of the Iifa Tree. These fan theories have already bee…[View]
1943590Solasta Thread: So, apparently this game came out while I wasn't looking. Is it any good?…[View]
1941251Does this game ever get good? I'm up to the castle and I'm confused because I'm suppo…[View]
1948736/vrpg/ waifu thread: >go onto /v/ >they have the worst taste in /v/ girls I seriously do not …[View]
1943483Are there any fun RPGs out there which have an in-depth and detailed weapon customization system? Th…[View]
1945082do you guys like the Atelier games i personally love them[View]
1908566Kiseki: Just finished Cold Steel saga, ask me anything[View]
1934438What is your favorite RPG of all time?[View]
1947823Final Fantasy V: Is there any reason to level white/black mage over red mage?[View]
1948305Black Mage thread: Why are they so well liked when they're pretty lame in almost every single F…[View]
1944027Apparently this comes out in 6 days. Anyone know anything or tried enough to suggest giving it a go?…[View]
1943412Famitsu FFX interview translated: https://www.frontlinejp.net/2021/07/27/tidus-was-a-plumber-final-f…[View]
1906298RPG Maker Megathread: Okay, Anons. It’s that time of day, name every single thing good or bad about …[View]
1940341Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Did these faggots remove previously purchasable FF remakes? I could…[View]
1945683Xenosaga: This shit gets better? Im 3 hours into the game i already hate it so much its unreal. Thou…[View]
1934699How can I make her 'fall in love' for real with my lawful good noble human Chad? No spoilers plz[View]
1940005Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness: >Early access in 3 weeks Is anyone actually looking forward t…[View]
1947107I wasn't speaking to you, /vrpg/[View]
1918586What are your thoughts on SMT V? Do you think it can be like Persona 5 in popularity?[View]
1929379what to play after FNV: I've completed it along with the DLCs and had a lot of fun. what do you…[View]
1946607i need an rpg with supernatural themes. like warlocks and fucking demons and shit[View]
1945159How do you beat the final boss??? Any tip helps.[View]
1947617kinda specific, whatre your hopes for the final fantasy 5 steam achievement list i just really wante…[View]
1947576Can't wait to punch god and lucifer again in SMTV![View]
1946749When does this get good? I'm at the 2nd dungeon and it feels like I'm doing the same fuck…[View]
1946684ESO thread: Played this game last year and made a breton mage character, is it worth downloading it …[View]
1935299Which of these games should I play first as someone completely new to the series?[View]
1933442What's the longest/hardest boss battle that you ever fought in a RPG?[View]
1940420Fully Translated PS2 remake of Phantasy Star II. You should play it.[View]
1941876These games have a lot in common, and are both worth playing despite their flaws.[View]
1943221The Forgotten City: >Travel 2,000 years into the past and relive the final days of a cursed Roman…[View]
1946794Whatever happened to the dude on here who said he'd name his newborn after Steiner?[View]
1931915I've just finished this and as much as I liked it I fail to see how it's 'omg SOOOO much b…[View]
1934104It's time to decide who best boy was[View]
1936665They ruined Shiva's design.[View]
1947179ITT: We make memes, and post memes.[View]
1947072Is vegetable soup good for playing games?: I eat a nice big bowl of vegetable soup when I wanna mara…[View]
1945366I'm not good at naming things[View]
1946161Where was his body at Ostagar?[View]
1945064Anyone try this strange game? The devs vomit out buzzwords for their napkin pitch, but it seems cool…[View]
1945746Diablo 2: resurrected: What character are you going to make first? I think I'm going to make a …[View]
1946726The perfect game: Has such a thing been achieved? And if not, which game came the closest?[View]
1944351If not serving actual roleplaying (reactive narrative), 'RPG mechanics' just dilute videogames: >…[View]
1946733Why yes, I do bonus sneak attack damage, how could you tell?[View]
1946071drakensang: what am I in for?[View]
1946536So... Why do players pick AD and DC in ESO again?: The Ebonheart Pact is literally the only decent f…[View]
1945290A little help: How are you doing /vrpg/? So I just used the black mask in Mysidia Cave, but I'm…[View]
1946304World of Final Fantasy 1.01 PS4: This version had broken PS4 Pro support and it was then patched a w…[View]
1942153Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: 31 days left. 13 months till you can reach endgame consistently…[View]
1940813FREE TO PLAY STAR WARS GAME: Experience a game like no other. Be whatever you want to be. Crafting s…[View]
1945255Here's your Shin Megami Tensei V, bro.[View]
1946029Swords: Months ago, I think someone made some shitpost thread asking for any games where you play a …[View]
1942061Guys I think I'm in love: Just saw this super mega hyper altmer ebonheart pact chad. I'm i…[View]
1938984'STOP RIGHT THERE, PLEBIAN RAT-BOY.' >you WILL spend your life in servitude >you WILL swear lo…[View]
1937042what are some rpg's that pulled at your heartstrings and made you cry? no spoilers…[View]
1940871Any other rpg’s that feature puppers (or gud boiz) in such a prominent role?[View]
1945544What are THE CRPGs that I need to play? Played MMOs all my life and I'm wanting to try somethin…[View]
1943694Why are there no turn based wrpg?[View]
1929085What fanbase in your series do you look at with disdain? For SMT it's Nocturne and DeSufags[View]
1936687Redpill me on Drummer Boy from Fallout 4[View]
1937997I plan on playing Final Fantasy 1 on NES what is the best QOL rom hack for it?[View]
1943131Bad Classes/Jobs: What is the worst job/class in a RPG from your experience? Chef from Miitopia is r…[View]
1939181if you think about it Veronica is just the Courier's sassy gay best friend[View]
1942345Does anyone remember Star Control 3? More importantly, does anybody know what happened to the puppet…[View]
1943527ITT: Jrpg franchises you're glad are dead Press S to spit[View]
1942585SMT 4: I've only played 3 and I'm about to dive into 4 what should I expect?[View]
1944806i haven't played many rpgs other than morrowind, fable, and a pokemon game are there any that p…[View]
1934911the quests in this game are fuckin shit[View]
1945244What are some unique RPGs you've recently played, /vrpg/? I finished EVO: Theory of Evolution (…[View]
1945225Is this worth playing?: Not a big fan of Skyrim but they say this is different[View]
1942254Check this out! 7[View]
1941200Is the original Persona worth playing? I’ve played through 3-5 and was wondering if I should check o…[View]
1942772Is the ps4 version 16:9 or is it just emulation?[View]
1939494Is Tokyo Xanadu good? People say it's a Persona ripoff, what does that mean exactly? Sounds oka…[View]
1940997Black Souls thread: It's time for your medication, Anon~ ᴼᵖᵉᶰ ʷᶦᵈᵉᵉ⋅⋅[View]
1940241the Monomyth demo is out looks like Immersive Ludo is back on the menu[View]
1943753what rpg has the best writing? I read books and I want to try something like an 'interactive book' t…[View]
1937510You have already rolled 2B in Nier Re[in]carnation, right?[View]
1939325Daggerfall: Just a reminder fags, this is the best one. Anyone who disagrees is 13yo or coping. Fine…[View]
1944295What went wrong?[View]
1943081ITT: Rank TES Factions: House Hlaalu > Tribunal Temple > Oblivion Thieves Guild > Morrowind…[View]
1937686What's a good rpg for someone with no friends?[View]
1939829Honestly I like all of them except for Online[View]
1944570doing an rp run of bloodlines, malkavian or nosferatu?: so im doing an rp run of bloodlines, i asked…[View]
1944133i am thinking about making a turn-based jrpg inspired by internet culture and memes, what are some r…[View]
1942364How would you guys feel about Atlus doing P1 and 2IS+EP remakes that changed them to be more aligned…[View]
1937730Fire Emblem fates thread: Fuck you I love it![View]
1929929Baldurs Gate 3 Thread: Discuss Baldurs Gate 3, Patch 5 and why Shadowheart is best girl in this here…[View]
1938809It's best girl's birthday today. Say something nice.[View]
1936339SaGa Frontier: Why am I having so much fun in SaGa Frontier? I tried out Romancing SaGa 2 and 3, but…[View]
1935102Are there any good games where you play as a tribal woman?: Are there any good games where you play …[View]
1943756What are some JRPGs like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-74HTjRbuY[View]
1943531>what you won't let me paint your portrait? >okay I guess I'll just jump off this cl…[View]
1922231Will we ever see a remake or remaster? Heck, a port at least? An anime?[View]
1941422Mass Effect: Quarians Get What They Deserve: For as often as Quarianfags and Talifags play the >d…[View]
1931278Looking for something very specific: Despite having a huge backlog right now, I've been craving…[View]

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