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/lit/ - Literature

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15815010Any good books on eugenics?[View]
15816681>Bible is in the fiction section[View]
15812783Why do i feel bad for pirating a novel?[View]
15814070How does one reconcile being a Randhead with being a Christian? Seems pretty retarted if you ask me[View]
15816844why is there so much infidelity in literature? or is it an unspoken truth that everyone wants to fuc…[View]
15816865Post essential NEET literature.[View]
15812782Do i have a chance of succeeding in academia as a fascist? I know a lot of it is very left dominated…[View]
15816837I took leave of my father's decrepit farmhouse in my modest Guatemalan automobile, making reaso…[View]
15816783How was he so good? He was such an effortless stylist that completely and passionately understood th…[View]
15815126Where to start with deleuze? also which one of his books with guattari would you recommend?[View]
15813009can we discuss the significance of parent child relationsships in infinite jest? DFW spends a lot of…[View]
15816147>author is American[View]
15813728What are some 'Tolstoyan' books not written by Tolstoy? Large cast of characters, epic sweep, lots o…[View]
15816674Vita Merlini: Someone read this medieval saga of the son of devil? At school maybe? I am not english…[View]
15813192What are some good autobiographies about great men?[View]
15815539Can you recommend me a book to read? I’m not depressed, but just unhappy. Deeply so. It took effort …[View]
15815037>There is a scene in Marcel Proust’s Time Regained (1927) when, looking for some repose during an…[View]
15816603>writing all afternoon >go to take a dump >I shall go on lit to heighten my dumping exper…[View]
15815042What are some /lit/ approved plays?[View]
15815635>someone is talking shit about a mainstream writer from the USA >proceeds to accuse them of no…[View]
15816536Missing chapters?: I’m about halfway through the 1988 penguin edition of this book and I was looking…[View]
15816517What books should one read to one's kids?[View]
15815938How much do the political views of an author affect your opinion of their work? Should it? Is separa…[View]
15814419What books will make me smarter and expand my vocabulary? I left school at 16 and am now 26, been a …[View]
15816277I would not mind exploring Ernestina's Forest Passage if you know what I mean.[View]
15809717You have been Pynched, haven't you? What's his magnum opus and why is it Mason and Dixon?[View]
15813675Why do IMDb and RYM generally have pretty agreeable ratings, while Goodreads is garbage for finding …[View]
15805115Chomsky was already exposed a long time ago[View]
15815727Where does one start with Tantra? Is there a chart or sth?[View]
15806097Has she really lost it?[View]
15815075out of curiosity, do you broadly define yourself as: > a rationalist, > a spiritualist, …[View]
15814322What is it?: ?[View]
15801387What philosophy books have you read cover to cover? Be honest[View]
15816230Was Marx a jobber?: He could not feel real socialism[View]
15813527Is Hegel's PoS a good read?[View]
15816045I'm writing a psychological horror story about soijaks.[View]
15814737meaningful tautology: Is there a shorter way with about the same meaning as the active sentence 'I w…[View]
15816115I've created a discord server that'll serve as an academic hub to anyone with those kinds …[View]
15815717Need help with finding and EPUB of PDF copy of The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson. Nothing on libge…[View]
15815225We're going to see 'American intellectuals and authors' 'escaping' the United States and then w…[View]
15814316Any books done as well and similar to this film?[View]
15814513Is this the best book written in the past 50 years? I think so. Reductionist midwits need not apply.[View]
15814345>Abraham failed the test[View]
15815987Why was he so good at writing waifus? I want Frieda to step on me :3[View]
15814266What constitutes as 'good writing' to you?[View]
15813136>White author's entire philosophical treatise has its origins from that one time a girl reje…[View]
15813550What works of literature would you give him to read in order to cope with and thrive in life?[View]
15814878It's not that bad: It's actually enjoyable. Why does /lit/ hate it ?[View]
15815763Thoughts on pic related? Currently reading it and enjoying it so far. I don't usually read pop …[View]
15812250/lit/ posters you recognize: >the Finnish Tolkien poster >the anon who hates French…[View]
15814676I just finished his Confessions, what should I read next?[View]
15815685Books on...: I've been reading so much lit lately, that my tears have turned into ink, and as t…[View]
15814710Hamilton: Best books out there to analyze this (unfortunate) cultural phenomenon and better put it i…[View]
15814732>tfw when you realize that your writing ability has been mostly built up from erotic roleplaying …[View]
15813752Is this the one book that both Nazis and Communists like?[View]
15812899How come Ireland seems to produce the most degenerate writers?[View]
15814251Just bought this because of you faggots. It better be good.[View]
15815389Explaining postmodernism by Stephen Hicks: I'm ignorant on the topic as a whole. Is it a good b…[View]
15813885What the fuck >“She had got up with these last words; she stood there before him with that partic…[View]
15813808Do you ever feel that you are too stupid/low IQ for some books? It is a massive insecurity of mine.[View]
15813001>Stoicism is a cope Is there anything more blatantly false? How can being stoic be a cope when yo…[View]
15802153How many pages have you read today, /lit/?[View]
15815043If the Old Testament is for the most part various ANE myths mashed together, and the philosophy that…[View]
15812126Fitter, happier More productive Comfortable Not drinking too much Regular exercise at the gym, three…[View]
15815076Catch 22: Will this novel really help me embrace the honk?[View]
15813063>Read the Three Musketeers >Feel insecure about not being as courageous, passionate, romantic …[View]
15812841Scandinavian Literature: Where do I start with nordic literature? Particularly norway. I don't …[View]
15807106If the self is an illusion and 'my' suffering stops once my awareness ceases to exist on death, why …[View]
15810042What can /lit/ tell me about Anthony Burgess besides 'A Clockwork Orange'. I read it when I was in m…[View]
15815412do you like your mom like oedipus?[View]
15815430I'm losing my mind reading this book: Page after page. I didn't realise 120 days would hol…[View]
15814543/aiq/ Average IQ General ITT post books that most people can enjoy. OP is a fag and starts with Moby…[View]
15813277What are your favourite Ernest Cline books?[View]
15813768Was it made up?[View]
15815297ITT: post /lit/ characters that best represent 4chan The Mule - The fundation series, Asimov.[View]
15813590Did he really hug the horse bros?[View]
15814595>X: A Novel[View]
15812300Limericks: Anybody like limericks? I think they rule. Post some if you know any good ones. Here’s on…[View]
15813066indian metaphysics[View]
15814968Is he the messiah from the prophesies of the tanakh or was he a huge larper?[View]
15809375being /sci/ is expensive: >need ~13.3' to display one full page >12.9' iPad = $550-$850 >13…[View]
15810416>According to Hegel’s absolute idealism, then, the whole dispute between materialism and idealism…[View]
15814863Wait a moment. So being a Daoist can be reduced to be a smug cryptic asshole? And you achieve immort…[View]
15799569>Your favorite book of all time >Your most controversial opinion >Your darkest secret I…[View]
15809515Por que os anões daqui não gostam do Tolentino? Also, brazilian literature thread.[View]
15815113>Don't read abridged works, wait until you have the time to read 900 pages of theory on the …[View]
15814640redpill me on Kenzaburo Oe last time I made a thread about him no one even answered, and yet people …[View]
15813971Tales of high adventure: What are the best books about adventures and exotic locations and fighting …[View]
15809135What are some books about Mother/Son relationships? i've already read The Fortunate Pilgrim and…[View]
15815045Scrabble: Two-dimensional visualization and mathematical but it’s all about letters and words. Afrai…[View]
15810977/lit/ I need help with book suggestions for my little brother and sister. Brother is 13 and sister i…[View]
15814262What is /lit/'s opinion of psychiatry?: What do you think about it? Is it a pseudoscience? Or a…[View]
15812034Blood Meridian: Third way through this book. It's boring. Not interesting at all. The book can…[View]
15809901>dude the sublimation of deluezian difference in-itself through the gnostic christ of quantum unc…[View]
15814894any books about faith that aren’t deranged, protestant nonsense marketed to people in the Bible belt…[View]
15813688Did he speak the truth?[View]
15810031Why were most great Russian writers footfags?: Pushkin and Dosto confirmed, many other cases. Did th…[View]
15814883I'm almost finished with the Pentateuch and found it pretty interesting, but dry at parts. Woul…[View]
15812482What Happened?[View]
15814865Orlando Furioso: Has anyone read it yet?[View]
15792858/Crit/ - Critique Thread: Post prose. Cringe poetry is discouraged. You must post critique before or…[View]
15810691Can someone decipher what books these are? Anyone familiar with the cover?[View]
15814244Hi I'm looking for a place to pirate Dutch Ebooks, I've been using piratebay for years but…[View]
15810032... in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state, And trouble…[View]
15807862!: ?[View]
15811323Are you fucking ready for the revolution?[View]
15808313> ywn win glory fighting alongside Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus and Diomedes on the windy plains of T…[View]
15809807RIP Soren Kierkegaard[View]
15812964'I would like to set an examination paper at Dover, and turn back every tourist who couldn't pa…[View]
15811241>That scene in the Odyssey where the dog dies.[View]
15813902“Don’t let in any more Jews! And lock the doors to the east in particular (even to Austria)!” – so c…[View]
15802830I read it. How do I better understand it?[View]
15814056https://youtu.be/lbYiun9cLcs >dude karmic consequences >deconstructive nihilism when did this …[View]
15813164Wow, this was boring. Must have been a breeze to film though, there are like 6 scenes of any signifi…[View]
15813656Can we just post some DFW reaction pics? I miss that lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
15812560>Catcher in the rye[View]
15813974As an adult: I just finished this burgess neither, and must say I’m impressed considering it was int…[View]
15812819admit it: this is the best modernist playwright of the mid to late 20th century.[View]
15813060>Finnegans Wake[View]
15811510I've never formally studied literature, but I've talked to people who have and they'r…[View]
15812158Very ducking excited because I just purchased pic related. AMA. Also hello from /tv/ iF you are inte…[View]
15801219parenting and upbringing books: Any good books on parenting? Not a parent myself, but the topic has …[View]
15810619What should I start with? What should I end with?[View]
15809815Best literary works of the 1800s?[View]
15812440Who is your favorite 'childish innocence' philosopher? Plato is my favorite childish innocence philo…[View]
15813587Historical literature: What are the best books to read regarding the Holy Roman Empire, the Roman Em…[View]
15813496Is there anything more pathetic than 'philosophy'?Reading some dead aristocratic nerds ramblings rat…[View]
15810776So apparently there are some young earth creationists on this board. All the creationist literature …[View]
15809718Help an illiterate out: I’m trying to read “All Quiet on the Western Front” and I’m super confused, …[View]
15812719>”But it seems to be otherwise with potatoes. The chairmen, porters, and coalheavers in London, a…[View]
15807945Is eminem /lit/?[View]
15808626What am I in for?[View]
15813336Based Jews who made the Jews seethe?[View]
15810536Anyone here read Kurt Vonnegut? If so, what are your favourite books of his? Most memorable quotes o…[View]
15809840Catholic Lit: What are the best books for a beginner to learn about Catholicism?[View]
15804478Where the fuck does Price go in the middle of the novel when he runs out of the club? What's th…[View]
15810044Is Euthyphro your average Redditor?[View]
15811072high IQ quotes[View]
15812592Does Interactive Fiction count as Literature?: If Bob Dylan can win the Nobel Prize of Literature fo…[View]
15813165Hey /lit/ maybe one of you can help me out. I'm looking for a form of poetry, I believed it wa…[View]
15804243Books to understand this phenomenon? https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1280277423846653953 I …[View]
15811937What are your thoughts about meditation? I've been a little too much anxious during this quaren…[View]
15813157What are some good books in which an intense darkness looms, but only in the background or just slig…[View]
15810201What are some good books for fans of narrative non-fiction? I don't have any particular histori…[View]
15811819*couches philosophically invalid conclusions (god) in a pseudo-euclidian system in order to give the…[View]
15812587In jungian analytics psychology, can the shadow appear as nihilistic suicidal ideation?[View]
15813065when you ask them why they browse /lit/ and all you get back is the flouride stare[View]
15811531>The task is indeed to demonstrate what the absolute is. But this demonstration cannot be either …[View]
15811823Why are marxists so afraid of attacking their ideological opponents on their own terms? Why do they …[View]
15811650literature on the nature of dreams?[View]
15812689Dr. Sadler's Stories 1 Max's Tavern and the Surf and Turf Bet https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
15806962is this right?[View]
15810594Euthyphro: I just finished reading Euthyphro over twice, it was my first time reading Plato, so mind…[View]
15808694ITT: essential /lit/core podcasts?[View]
15803342Stack Thread: ctrl + f 'stack' No results. Wtf /lit/, lets get a stack thread going. r8 others and p…[View]
15809109Reading Habits: What are your reading habits, /lit/? >Where do you you usually read? >Do you e…[View]
15812869Daniel 11:37: >Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regar…[View]
15807194What am I in for?[View]
15810036What is 4chan to you?: >be 4chan user >lurk assortment of boards >wince at low quality of s…[View]
15805443when and why did physical fitness and philosphophy/intellectualism become two seperate and, in the c…[View]
15810642How the fuck do I sit down and actually read without stopping to look at my phone instead[View]
15809748Wait lol, they only had ONE library?[View]
15810458Raskolnikov is literally me. I'm not joking, this is a cry for help. How did Dostoyevsky accura…[View]
15812822What makes for great poetry?[View]
15807906>tfw too poor for physical books[View]
15809880The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Is this a good read? Is it actually enjoyable rathe…[View]
15811682Any based audiobooks on youtube? Im trying to find some good ones worth listening to[View]
15812120>I was smarter and superior to every child >cooming is cringe but based if I do it Why is he a…[View]
15784591Borges' Library of Babel project: A couple of weeks ago I started working on a project to comme…[View]
15808593SEP: Do you use it? Even just go into a concept?[View]
15810372After seeing statues start falling and global media outlets denouncing the West, I've been thin…[View]
15803982Untranslated books: How do you guys go about reading books that haven't been officially transla…[View]
15812093when you ask them why they like 'Ulysses' so much and all you get back is the flouride stare[View]
15812408Are there any books that defend Jingoism?[View]
15811442how do atheists cope with the fact that religion is an evolutionary adaptation: https://twitter.com/…[View]
15811963Axioms about existence.: Isn't the only reasonable axiom is that there are no possible axioms? …[View]
15810587Am I the only one who finds it hard to read ebooks? I just cant keep focus or they strain my eyes wa…[View]
15811225Judgment: By what criteria do you judge your fellow men lit? Are they ethical? Are they valid? Do yo…[View]
15812298What shall it profit man to gain the world and lose his soul?: Mark 8:36 Legitimate question. Bonus…[View]
15811730Did Mark Fisher commit suicide because he realised there was no alternative to Capitalist Realism?[View]
15807892>reading iliad >first chapter is excellent >second chapter is literally just a list of ever…[View]
15812223ITT: Literally Me: Considering there're a couple 'literally me' threads how about we stop start…[View]
15810765I finished The Massacre at El Mozote /lit/, took only about a day and a half Pretty illuminating see…[View]
15810967De Anima: How necessary is it if I read most of Aristotle's other major works (ethics, physics,…[View]
15811999Does /lit/ sunbvocalize poetry? Personally I've been subvocalizing poems so I can quickly get t…[View]
15810501Hey there frens, lay aside your copy of Republic; the Gorgias covers much of the same ground, but mo…[View]
15810843/hfg/ Horror Fiction General: >Edgar Allan Poe edition >Poetry reading by WIlliam S. Burroughs…[View]
15811856>author makes his self-insert character fuck the hot female character[View]
15810751do girls like guys who read?: i was on the airplane because i dont believe in the zogvirus and this …[View]
15811742Post abhorrent excerpts from books you've read: >“Mia, let’s get out of here, the store’s ab…[View]
15811524Have you ever read a novel where you felt really bad for the characters? Like you wish they could ca…[View]
15811882Can prose be beautiful independent of the information it's conveying? Can you write beautiful p…[View]
15810626Why did Waugh not finish the Brideshead trilogy?: 1. Brideshead 2. Brideshead:Revisited 3. Zilch, na…[View]
15810708Wait why should I read the biographies of writers? What's the use in that?[View]
15811889Books for this feel?[View]
15811067So were classical sculptures actually painted or not?[View]
15811059Shakespeare: What type of Shakespeare play does /lit/ like most? >Comedies All's Well That E…[View]
15810880Anyone read this? I thought it was pretty good[View]
15810531Do I have to read Hegel before I read Zizek?[View]
15809015What books have enlightened you in some way /lit/?[View]
15809736Where to start with Edgar Allan Poe? I got the complete works and started reading the first story, T…[View]
15811387Is this a good place to start with Bolaño?[View]
15810389Alchemy: I have a passing interest in alchemy as the symbolism and metaphor of it has persisted into…[View]
15808359Is reading a feminine hobby?[View]
15811671>you should read between the lines, research and read all the references and reread the work befo…[View]
15807561Is there a book for a 20 yr old that feels like all he wants is to get jacked and fight people? to b…[View]
15810292ITT: Drop a song and get a book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu2A4WdGq70[View]
15809613The Story of Civilization: Thoughts on this collection by Will Durant? Elon Musk recommended people …[View]
15809885Are you an intellectual?[View]
15810345The main character in this novel is literally me. What the fuck bros. This shit sucks. It was a terr…[View]
15810682>you haven't read him your excuse?[View]
15810545Recommendation?: Help me out, friendly /lit/. I’m about to finish up The Picture of Dorian Gray and …[View]
15809586But seriously, find a flaw.[View]
15810957I would like to know if there is a book that can tell me what factors lead an individual in a prospe…[View]
15811166Why, yes...: I have ADHD and can't focus on the same book for more than 5 seconds, how could yo…[View]
15810172How essential is reading Capital to understanding Marxism? This shit's long as fuck and boring …[View]
15810831At what point does someone become a philosopher? Is it just a matter of enough people deciding to ca…[View]
15809709best anti-zionist books?[View]
15810250Itt: books where dogs are brutally murdered and chopped up into pieces with kitchen knives. I'l…[View]
15811256Contemporary stuff you've liked Personally, I like chabon[View]
15810446is there a way to download a whole website with everything in it ? there's this books gallery t…[View]
15809411What’s the Z score of literature?[View]
15810905I study classics in an American university. I am also interested in ancient Egypt and would like to …[View]
15810852How did JK Rowling get away with this?[View]
15809263Newfag here, i found 2 versions of this book online and not sure which one to read. Both of them hav…[View]
15809758Is it just me or are his books really fucking hard to get through? The premise is good but he can sp…[View]
15810429Who is the king of /lit/?: Top 4: Spengler Nietzsche Guenon Schopenhauer[View]
15807014What are some of the most racist poems ever written?[View]
15808757Is it possible to self-study philosophy without becoming a psued or a crackpot?[View]
15808406I can't understand Yukio Mishima: This is not based, please help[View]
15810838Seymour-Smith is the new God of Lit: Or is he?[View]
15810521What the fuck are dialectics.[View]
15799843What happened to cultural cities?: You always hear about cities in the past as being the centers of …[View]
15808317Hegel: The more time goes by, the more I believe his writings have satanic/Masonic influences...…[View]
15803526A Very Short Introduction: Honestly, these little books are pretty great to start getting into somet…[View]
15810131This is what you get, Costin. Don't you *ever* fuck with me again.[View]
15808830How do I get into psychoanalysis?[View]
15807875They single handedly ruined the humanities departments[View]
15809904Counter-Mainstream Literature: ITT share counter-mainstream literature that is either old and forgot…[View]
15803842/SBG/ Short Books General: Since the last one didnt go so great ,i made another one . Post books wit…[View]
15810346Do you guys know about any fiction or not fiction that explores 'Chinapunk'? the phenomena of chines…[View]
15809689Is LOTR a Gnostic universe?[View]
15804463History: What history books have you been reading lately, /lit/? For me, it's been Barbara Tuc…[View]
15805190Books that help you attract women: Books that help you attract women[View]
15808599Has there ever been a systematic attempt at subsuming the ethical under the beautiful? I am not sure…[View]
15810023I am actually going to open a book now!: Ok guys I am going to open a book and attempt to read it. I…[View]
15803182>finish book >look up interpretations and analysis online and get shocked at how much stuff we…[View]
15808342Is this any good or just anecdotal ramblings that don't amount to much?[View]
15809950works that define the current era: There are some books such as The Great Gatsby that are said to ha…[View]
15807958Any books about getting fame, fortune & power that doesn't try to shove religious/ mindset …[View]
15807234is deconstruction nihilistic?[View]
15808996Lewis Carroll: Lewis Carroll is /lit/s official author. Who would you vote for?[View]
15802288Kafka on what we should read: >“I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound or sta…[View]
15809836Most of the problems in this world are born from the concept of beauty. People for example hate othe…[View]
15809818>”But it seems to be otherwise with potatoes. The chairmen, porters, and coalheavers in London, a…[View]
15808292Do you Anglos realize how much we scorn you here in the French philosophy departments? We scorn the …[View]
15809345Underrated or underappreciated?[View]
15809705Can any Americans still defend American Exceptionalism and Capitalism after reading this?: respondin…[View]
15809433Greatest female philosopher of all time.[View]
15806408What's the most individualist religion?[View]
15808408>I have read 30000 books in my whole life my goodreads account proves it…[View]
15809481Stifter in fact always reminds me of Heidegger, of that ridiculous Nazi philistine in plus-fours. Ju…[View]
15806017how do you guys read digital books? I have an old shitty 7' tablet that I am thinking of reviving bu…[View]
15808739>80,000 words into novel >suddenly realise it's fucking terrible and that you just wasted…[View]
15808238This is the Mein Kampf of the Left[View]
15808340Evola was a sad cunt right?: im wondering what people here think of the mad magician's dream ri…[View]
15809153If the Gnostic Good, your 'monad', is the Arche of all things. And he is perfectly good. Why did he …[View]
15809378What is some essential cuck literature? Pic related.[View]
15807638What's social constructionists' take on animal instincts? Do they not believe in them? Are…[View]
15808033I tried this yesterday but it didnt stick. Can we discuss Alain de Benoist? What are his best works,…[View]
15807997James Hillman : is he the based or cringe archetype ?[View]
15807223Any recommendations for a 20yr old stoic addict? Already read Aurelius's Meditations. Reading M…[View]
15809358Damn, this was pretty depressing. It kept me reading though I guess.[View]
15809138Shut up.[View]
15800300Does evolution theory refute religion?[View]
15809252Humanities University Opinions - UNITED KINGDOM: Lets talk about your opinions on the top Humanities…[View]
15807649A book for fags written by a fag.[View]
15802609What conservative book has the most convincing arguments?[View]
15809183I can't concentrate on what I'm reading after a while, I just glance over the text with my…[View]
15809182What am I in for?[View]
15808559He's just like me[View]
15808499How to into semiotics / semantics?: Finally mustered up the courage to tackle the postmodern woohoo …[View]
15807842Stubb’s Supper: What are people’s thoughts on Chapter 64 of Moby Dick? Would Melville approve of you…[View]
15800349What were his views on race?[View]
15802751Schopenhauer On Women: >It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual impulses that…[View]
15804296The meaning of life is to have sex. Actions are moral or immoral insofar as they do or do not lead t…[View]
15808963Jung thread: I'm not even a christcuck but is there a more conceptually beautiful archetype tha…[View]
15808916>That is a surprising law of Moses, I mean the famous decalogue! 'Thou shalt not steal.' 'Thou sh…[View]
15808832>What is good? Everything that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power it…[View]
15800279What are the book equivalents of Adam Curtis' documentaries?[View]
15808618where the fuck did all the christcuck threads go? just a few months ago half of the catalog was chri…[View]
15808061what is literature?[View]
15807030Any advice for a zoomer with a short attention span who wants to start reading?[View]
15808759Is there a place to download high quality versions of book cover art? torrent or other.[View]
15808429go outside nerds. why are you wasting your lives reading books when there is your entire life to enj…[View]
15793667/hfg/ - Horror Fiction General: >Thomas Ligotti edition. Discuss all horror fiction, whether spe…[View]
15808805this is one of the most anti-semitic books ive ever read[View]
15805476Why are there no books with this kind of feel?[View]
15807296FEED ME: FEED ME[View]
15808703Lawrence Osborne: Where to start with Lawrence Osborne? Are his books worth reading? I read some of …[View]
15808647Yume Nikki: Anything literary that hits the same notes as Yume Nikki?[View]
15806114What am I in for?[View]
15805530Do you have a Ballard shelf?[View]
15807983tfw hume's treatise on human nature pdf is 700+ pages long...: can i skip this one lads? what s…[View]
15808263What are some good resources for learning the Russian language?: My main goal is to be able to read …[View]
15807220Ernest Cline should be tried in the Hague.[View]
15802688Spengler ripped this off: >Evola ripped this off >Spengler ripped this off >Marx ripped thi…[View]
15807940Stig Larsson, typical hypocritical male feminist. Was all high and mighty about how other men are mi…[View]
15808508the american celine (except good)[View]
15808493how is pic related more meaningful than 'don't commit suicide, just consoom and look around'[View]
15807410What was the last book you wrote?[View]
15800396What are some good books with roughly this aesthetic?[View]
15808415>Ready Player One Sequel >Comes out 11/24 Who else is hella hyped??…[View]
15808432Does /lit/ like Kahlil Gibran?[View]
15791879Any theological text that can refute this?[View]
15808383Glukhovsky's 2015 unforgiving , brutal dystopia: Hello, has anyone here read this book? 'Future…[View]
15804018Can anybody summarize and explain to me what this book says?[View]
15808048This is probably the best unacknowledged classic I've come across. Do you think I could meme it…[View]
15808958another actual discussion about the state of literature removed by the fine mods at /lit/ so you can…[View]
15801154Nietzsche is Dynamite!: The greatest modern thinker to have graced the earth, as a crypto-Christian …[View]
15808352Okay, so whose smart idea was it to cram in shock gore into a children's book? Was anyone else …[View]
15803393Was Nietzsche btfo'd by Jung?: >“No amount of insight into the relativity and fallibility of…[View]
15807319What is the best university press?: Which uni offers the best editions of classics? What about philo…[View]
15802869What do /lit/izens listen to while they read? https://youtu.be/t20oADkpZ6w[View]
15802848>people who say mom instead of my mom >people who say dad instead of my dad…[View]
15791109Psychoanalysis: Post your dreams and thoughts, other anons psychoanalyze you[View]
15807494Did Plato make up these dialoguoes or did he sit quietly at the side and write them down? It's …[View]
15807948How is reading a book superior to television and video games? Not defending those as I see both as a…[View]
15805597Dear Gnostics, If the material world is so bad, why don't you just die? -Plotinus, Turning Poin…[View]
15807363>Really wanna delve deep into Kants writings right now >Need to finish Humes writings and Baum…[View]
15807198What books should a Neo-Confederate read?[View]
15803137ITT: Books that everyone should read[View]
15807401are these any good? should i get them before we're forced go into lock down again?[View]
15808119Post THR best books of all time[View]
15800649Now that he got cancelled by a bunch of leftist activists and not by the industrial-military complex…[View]
15807963Are there any decent places to publish web novels that are relatively popular and aren't absolu…[View]
15804942do balrogs have wings? pic somewhat related I wanted to post the thinking elf from goblin slayer but…[View]
15802781Any novels about drowning immense guilt and shame with alcohol?[View]
15802939You're also /fit/, aren't you, /lit/?[View]
15798066Whats a good read for someone who is clueless about how money and an economy works? I tried reading…[View]
15805523books about wandering the earth completely alone?[View]
15802755I'm going to become an ascetic for at least one year and I want to bring one philosopher/writer…[View]
15802007Boston /lit/ Meetup: We're having a /lit/ pandemic meetup in Boston this Saturday. Email boston…[View]
15807764What're your thoughts on the Shahnameh anons?[View]
15807084Has anyone here commissioned an artist to draw-up a bookplate design?[View]
15806736When it comes to modern literary circles, there's a somewhat prevalent neo-intellectual aesthet…[View]
15806523Moving from writing Fantasy to Realistic Fiction?: Hello, I write short stories as a hobby, and most…[View]
15805234All of you classics people /lit/ have read this essential work by jewish woman Donna Zuckerberg, rig…[View]
15793370To Young Men Without Lovers: Stephen Vizinczey has this to say about men without gfs[View]
15807100Is learning to read braille a useless skill for the blind in an age where audiobooks are literally a…[View]
15804394How am I supposed to tell the difference between stressed and unstressed syllables?: I can convince …[View]
15806622Reading speed: How fast do you read? How many pages do you read on average per day and how much time…[View]
15804459What are some interesting books to read when you are depressed and dissociating? Not self-help book…[View]
15805655Magic: Are there some legit books about magic and rituals?[View]
15802487Question to guenonfags.: Why did he end up converting to Islam and not to Hinduism? Wasn't Hind…[View]
15806954Can somebody please explain to me why anyone would ever bother watching a 'BookTuber'? Why on earth …[View]
15805473Hondst thoughts in this book cover format, /lit/?[View]
15806361Belarusian literature: >People of the Marsh >Ivan Melezh I just finished reading this and it …[View]
15806131How do I write a character who's gets lost in their own thoughts a lot?[View]
15803638bronze age pervert went to the same high school as joe rogan and jim from the office: >mfw…[View]
15806983>those darned French postmodernists! >those damn Austrian marxists! Are they really that respo…[View]
15801948Meta: Threads on Women, Sex, and 'Chads' Should Be Prohibited and Their Posters Banned: The thing th…[View]
15807012Can we have a Roberto Calasso thread? Have you read anything by him? If you did, how was it? I'…[View]
15806715Free will: If i have the insight that there is no good or evil, success or failure, moral or immoral…[View]
15805579Literature about the internet's affect on the interior monologue?[View]
15805442What are some books that explain why America is such a shit hole?[View]
15804969How could someone as smart as him unironically believe in anarcho-syndicaclism?[View]
15806692What are some good books on the history of slavery?[View]
15797356She's right about Lovecraft, you know.[View]
15806793Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire: Do I have to read these novels in order?[View]
15804935>finally read it What did I think of it?[View]
15806293I really enjoyed this. I don't see it posted much on /lit/ though. Thoughts?[View]
15804578Where to next? I was thinking of The Subterraneans and Big Sur[View]
15805816do abstracts cause neurons to fire? or is it our preconditioning to engage with them mentally that c…[View]
15806261What nutrition tracker does /fit/ use? I've seen this one posted here, but I've also notic…[View]
15793110/lit/ alternatives: Where is that promised land of /lit/ alternative platform? Tired of the incompet…[View]
15803220Would it be in bad taste to write an imagined elegy for someone who hasn't passed away?[View]
15804736Why did europeans create most sword variants?: Even during the medieval times when everyone was stil…[View]
15806165Bookshelf Thread: My little bedroom nookshelf R8[View]
15806490What is your idea for the next Great American Novel? What type of qualities would one have? Do you t…[View]
15806212Is there anything wrong with having a large percentage of unread books in your collection? Its nice …[View]
15791299ITT: Authors you've read who have been cancelled in 2020.[View]
15806219On Mythologization: I'm looking for a book/books that explain how history becomes mythology, ho…[View]
15804710Based Henry George Thread: Daily reminder to put away childish Marxist tomes and read adult progress…[View]
15804674Do you hate hearing newfags tell the same Bin Laden jokes in 4chan's manga forums?[View]
15785116And I thought Evola was the final redpill. Fucking based.[View]
15804465How can i bring myself to read? i tend to start getting really bored and tired of reading after gett…[View]
15797618>The bookwheel helps readers browse eight texts at once[View]
15802683how do you develop interpretation skills? Specifically poetry. Most of it is a bunch of gibberish to…[View]
15803605BOOK REVIEW: Can someone tell me why this lads 'book reviews' are nothing but buzzwords, buzzword an…[View]
15803006Where does the future of literature lie in this digital age? How can the writers of the future best …[View]
15805945Good historical biographies: I want nonfiction books that tell a good historical story similar to pi…[View]
15805321How to feel more confident about your writing?: I often finish writing something and feel quite happ…[View]
15806013long story short - fried my brain on stimulants. what's some decent literature to start getting…[View]
15803584Someone once said that the field of mental health has made such progress that there is hardly a heal…[View]
15806012>be an unwitting but successful cog in the neoliberal machine for the last 7 years >quarantine…[View]
15805075anyone into travis mcgee?: Im reading the entire series right now and finished cape fear as well. jo…[View]
15805742you are in an island for the rest of your life with an e-reader and a solar charger what books did y…[View]
15805462What are you currently reading: and is it any good?[View]
15802943How's the writing career coming, /lit/?[View]
15805708Can we assume that Ulises and Arturo's interpretation of Cesara's poem was correct?[View]
15800321The will, ignited by the knowledge that non-being is better than being, is the supreme principle of …[View]
15805824What is the Death - Pierce Me of literature?[View]
15805492non-standard literature (E.g The Screwtape Letters): “The Screwtape letters” from C.S Lewis are to a…[View]
15805713Taboo Non-Fiction: What are some more books that address extremely taboo subjects in an irreproachab…[View]
15805390If we take it as true that one cannot have an existential crisis without first taking in some inform…[View]
15800935Is there any reason to read Homer besides knowing what people mean when they talk about Homer?[View]
15802510What are some books that help you realize that there is great beauty in even the most ordinary and m…[View]
15799207What am I in for?[View]
15805366Books about loving women?[View]
15801620Literature to deal with the fact that my country is slowly going into the stronghold of religious fa…[View]
15804549What was the best 1984 nation?: >Oceania >Eurasia >Eastasia…[View]
15791245Write what's on your mind[View]
15805391>Industry is the root of all ugliness Beauty is truth to nature, ugliness is industry and conveni…[View]
15801594What books must I read to become a chad?[View]
15805304Has anyone tried a Masterclass for writing development? I was thinking of trying one to improve dial…[View]
15803016Anyone read these books before? Are they any good? The cover catches my eye, it looks super cool.[View]
15802978Thoughts if you've read it, Anon?[View]
15805295>open (used)book I bought a while ago and haven't read yet >20 year old ticket to author …[View]
15803494starting a PULP magazine (eventually): This is a thread about starting a magazine. I've got som…[View]
15802318What are some must-read autobiographies?[View]
15805130Books about embracing ignorance as the way to happiness?[View]
15805228Ever read something only to realize it's nothing but pure propaganda? For me it was pic related…[View]
15805206Post an image, get an album.[View]
15799997was Hegel a pseud?[View]
15805191>without phonetic alphabet you don’t have Euclidean space What did he mean by this?…[View]
15804906ITT: highly based posts from the archive: >Virginia Woolf is a writer driven by resentment and in…[View]
15803996>Why was he such a beta?[View]
15804514Just finished this, what did I think of it?[View]
15797757What's your reading posture like? I'm bottom left, and I think it's messing with my n…[View]
15804397This guy is the most based person to ever exist CMV[View]
15802442Books, books, scholarly books: I'm interested in oddly specific non-fiction books. Never genera…[View]
15804227What are some good books about the origins and history of masons?[View]
15804498Reminder why you should not read penguin classics Penguin classic translation : My body to benumbed…[View]
15803073What is a time that a character accidentally killed another character in literary works? I was so su…[View]
15803484Any tips for improving reading speed and reading comprehension? I feel so stupid for writing this bu…[View]
15803970Lord of the flies: >write conspiratard book >moloch pedo sacrifice shit >'Umm yeah it'…[View]
15804846Ernst von Salomon: The outlaws Is Better than Storm of Steel[View]
15802223How /lit/ are you?[View]
15804795>Whoms thou quote[View]
15804758Foundation: Suddenly psychics appear with no foreshadowing. What is this? It’s not good. I hope the …[View]
15804209>tfw you only realize how amazing this story is on your second reading Even during the apostasy o…[View]
15803103How do I become a 'classical man'?[View]
15796598Show us your favorite place where you buy your books[View]
15804635Which of these books should I read next: Anna Karenina Madame Bovary Emma The Name of the Rose Pic u…[View]
15804634Is this legit worth reading or just a meme? Please share your thoughts.[View]
15794877/lit/ have you learnt a new language during the great lockdown?[View]
15798622Name a more iconic duo[View]
15804359last shot before i pull the trigger on buying it, anyone got a pdf of this book? its $80 and I cant …[View]
15804349Hey Emma Watson, write me a Limerick.: And make it in anaepestic dimeter.[View]
15803482Death of the Author: What do you think of it?[View]
15804022books about having short legs?[View]
15804188Will our century’s literature focus a lot on social media and the internet, a “man vs technology” th…[View]
15804236/lit/ server invite time, get in while you can https://discord.gg/ahT9gqN[View]
15804222The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea: Just finished this and to be honest my feelings are pre…[View]
15803614About to get drunk and read swann's way, what am I in for?[View]
15804089Back in my day we didn't need any fancy Marx or Evola. We read John Locke and we were grateful[View]
15803451Does some sort of 'western canon' exist? I'm interested in the classics and the 'great books,' …[View]
15803759I used to make my dad read my math problems to me because I hated reading[View]
15803457this is pretty much just 1984 Lite[View]
15801810Hello /lit, where should i start reading Nabokov?. Lolita is obviously his most famous book so i cho…[View]
15803972>social commentary[View]
15801806Is there a word or term for something that’s conclusion negates its own premise? For example, if the…[View]
15803957Sorry in advance for this thread since it's not really /lit/ but I was digging through the arch…[View]
15803359Howdy /lit/, /k/ here. What would you recommend as a modern alternative to Sun Tzu.[View]
15793087Read this. How do I gain a better understanding of it? Where do I proceed from there in terms of und…[View]
15803017what a fucking asshole[View]
15801769What does /lit/ think of Geoffrey Chaucer?[View]
15802492Why does everyone hate him?[View]
15803675Poems?: Etymological hole today, we've become schizophrenic - schizo is schism, to split, to di…[View]
15803368>reading the bible in anything other than koine greek[View]
15803627Borges: Coming from an Anglo background, I got into my M.A. before even learning who Borges is. (Not…[View]
15799721What do you do when you finish a book? Do you collect your thoughts, maybe write them down to better…[View]
15803048>reads a book >it's good thank you literature :)…[View]
15796651Post what you’re reading![View]
15802642The Epic of Gilgamesh: what's the most accurate translation?[View]
15802953What is some other entry-level fiction that gives a good example/practically spells out a particular…[View]
15803431Do you like Miss. Jane Austen? I love her writing but the plots are so mind-numbingly boring and tri…[View]
15803082How do I learn to write just as well as this guy?[View]
15802910Write a short story with this image.[View]
15796933The Witcher books: Are they any good? I only played the video games and watched that awful season on…[View]
15802538Best translation for pic related?: I was reading the Gita the other day and my professor recommended…[View]
15802552why would you willingly read this[View]
15801534Urantia General: 103:7.10.In the mortal state, nothing can be absolutely proved; both science and re…[View]
15802894>'americans dont have their own ideology. They pretend very hard that they do and manage to do so…[View]
15793274How many pages a day do litchads read?: I try to do at least 40.[View]
15803071What translation should I get of the brothers Karamazov ???[View]
15802277How to remember what you read: By the time I’m finished with a book I forget a lot of interesting id…[View]
15797907What is your favourite book?[View]
15803130who are your 4 biggest influences, /lit/izens? i know kurtz isn't real but his oscar bait quote…[View]
15802384Any Mumkey fans want to share their Depression Chamber stories?[View]
15802864You DO buy and collect books you have read and intend on reading, right anon?[View]
15802827What’s his favorite book?[View]
15797540Please recommend me books that will help me understand film better.[View]
15801364blessed pics: post pics that saved /lit/[View]
15802920Write a short story about this image.[View]
15802671I will write The Great Mining Novel.[View]
15802836book recs for hopeless romantics?[View]
15802026Is this any good?[View]
15800740Books on the early history of Christianity?: I am interested in any books which give a comprehensive…[View]
15801474Polisci charts: Do you guys have any political philosophy charts?[View]
15801415spooky /lit/? I'm reading house on the borderline, which is top tier, but I'm looking for …[View]
15800245Who is America's foremost prose stylist?[View]
15802249Need to get my shit together: /lit/ my life sucks. Any books to get my life in order? I specifically…[View]
15801984Got kobo libra h2o with overdrive on it. All the libraries are closed because of the jewish corona h…[View]
15802098How does /lit/ studies for university exams? How do you guys handle long and complicated texts?[View]
15802516Hey, /lit/, I need a little bit of help with this paragraph, as I don’t quite get what’s going on. T…[View]
15799639How does one become a pragmatist?[View]
15802194I wrote a book: I'm thinking about giving away freebies. It's a short sci-fi novelette. W…[View]
15802086*is right about everything and extremely relevant in our times*[View]
15802463Who's the modern day Spengler?[View]
15802095Can anyone give me a QRD on Steven Pinker? He came before Peterson and Harris so I dont know anythin…[View]
15801974what is the scariest book?[View]
15801412Where can I see the curriculums universities like Oxford and Cambridge were using for humanities sub…[View]
15802225How did Plato serve as the foundation for Christian metaphysics when the forms are immoral in the Ch…[View]
15802479Closing of the American Mind: Anyone else read this? I found Bloom's argument generally to be o…[View]
15802424what literature do i have to read to beat anons in an argument?[View]
15802420>show cousin the first chapter of my magnum opus >it's a Bildungsroman about a young grad…[View]
15801949The Vedas are the greatest written works of all time. Read them.[View]
15783742J.K. Rowling puts her foot in her mouth on Twitter again - WHY!??!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
15801500>Can you coom in Heaven? Yes![View]
15801106America has the best literature[View]
15801696What will be the consequence of the high dopamine addiction and content since childhood?[View]
15799238Faith alone vs Faith and work?: I've been reading a lot of arguments between protestants and ca…[View]
15801797>the door opens and an impenetrable mass of marajuana smoke spills from the room into the hall …[View]
15802164Has anyone here ever written and published a book? If so, how did it go for you? How long was the wr…[View]
15799163Can men enjoy Austen and the Brontë sisters?[View]
15800167Which books will put me on the path of becoming a philosopher king? I want be an effective yet respe…[View]
15794969Why is the Holy Quran so openly ridiculed on this board? Do we not fear potential repercussions?[View]
15801625Why did /lit/'s bookclub general die out?[View]
15802006What are some books that celebrate anti-intellectualism? That give reasons to hate smart people?[View]
15799101Short Books General: Post books that are under 300 pages that are worth reading . pic very much real…[View]
15798380Poetry as Technology for investigating the Unconscious: Hey lit, was wondering what you guys think a…[View]
15801493so what was nietzsche actually about?[View]
15801078Oswald Spengler[View]
15799528Are there any books in favor of jingoism?[View]
15799121Can we talk about Buddhism? I need a quick introduction on the subject. Feel free to give your perso…[View]
15800468What edition do I choose? I see a lot of people reading Either/Or: A Fragment of Life which is an ab…[View]
15801781I’m dating my literature professor, and she wants me to read pic related with her. I don’t. Can any …[View]
15799648Should people be consequent with their ideology?[View]
15801724Find The Books!: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/may/30/david-mitchell-buries-latest-manuscri…[View]
15796623What I'm in for?[View]
15800884What the fuck is his problem?: How are we supposed to interpret his musical interludes, which includ…[View]
15800465>tfw don't have to read anymore because I write now It's just ERP but at least I write.…[View]
15801397>tfw the hypomania kicks in and you get a burst of creative energy >tfw it dies down in under …[View]
15801376>I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fou…[View]
15799679Every time this fat bastard opens his mouth about Tolkien it's clear he hasn't really both…[View]
15801229Walter Benyameen[View]
15798802What am I in for?[View]
15801331Why is this book liked?[View]
15799877was he the most based writer of the victorian era?[View]
15801420>reads Camus once[View]
15800605What book is the best overview of academic arguments for a Christian conception of Jesus?: I believe…[View]
15799543how do i become a more demanding reader?: is there like a guide to picking up symbolism and shit whe…[View]
15797838Any thoughts on Kaufman's debut?[View]
15797885How is one supposed to read every book listed in /lit/[View]
15797982ITT most underappreciated philosophers: I'll start: Epicurus[View]
15778682/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: Respectability is a Façade Edition How do you feel a…[View]
15801268Pale, the newest web series by Wildbow, has reached novel length. Which protagonist is your favorite…[View]
15798892Why do people dislike the Paradiso, or say it's boring? I'm reading it right now and it…[View]
15801171Had a dream last night where I was on the toilet at my mom's house and there was a bookshelf in…[View]
15796271Which fantasy series are actually worth reading?: I like fantasy but I also like non-fantasy and I d…[View]
15801211Came here from /tv/, what am I in for?[View]
15801060the Decline of the West: Spengler and the current events in the US: there's a group, comprised …[View]
15799418Thoughts on Kapuscinski?[View]
15798945Is He is the Socrates of the 21st century?: I am obsessed with this man. He possesses eloquence, wit…[View]
15799231I've read countless great works of literature and philosophy and I understand almost none of it…[View]
15801048Be me Fucks a milf from tinder milf has kid falls in love with milf kid of the milf falls in love wi…[View]
15798721IT'S HERE!: You're going to be reading Kaufman's new book, right, /lit/? They're…[View]
15800105>its a Vardaman chapter[View]
15798691Vox Day.[View]
15799084whats the best way to learn russian[View]
15800793Post a better quote than this one. >There is no spirituality. There is no enlightenment. To know …[View]
15800152>Favorite book >A secret >The Iliad >I'm deeply ashamed of my porn addiction, I try…[View]
15792894Where do you get your ideas from?[View]
15799784>Start with the Germans[View]
15800930What is some other entry-level fiction that gives a good example/practically spells out a particular…[View]
15798977Fallacy check?: This seems to be the most philosophically/logically oriented board, though is may be…[View]
15794567>oh the book? it's going very well, thanks for asking >I've written several chapters…[View]
15799214Philosophy on dreaming?: Recently when reading Menschliches, Allzumenschliches by Nietzsche I found …[View]
15797511How much of your book is planned out and structured before you write it?[View]
15800080Have fully embraced my Nietzschean phase. About to read The Gay Science. What am I in for?[View]
15799610Where were you when AIs learned to write? https://www.reddit.com/r/slatestarcodex/comments/hmu5lm/fi…[View]
15799596What country has the best modern literature?[View]
15798832are they?[View]
15800602Who are some good neoliberal writers?[View]
15793942books about fascism?[View]
15800168How do I write a story in a way that others may consider 'clever' if I myself am a fucking retard?[View]
15798996Long Books That No One Needs to Read: I'll start:[View]
15800352'extremist' book recommendations: While I don't hold any extremist views myself I oddly enjoy r…[View]
15800490The long march through the institutions: >Did Tony Blair complete the long march? >How many in…[View]
15796072Your entire worldview is a product of your inability to get laid. You just project your own shortcom…[View]
15798974ITT: Books only W*men like[View]
15800162Krim: Now that the dust has settled, what does /lit/ - Literature think of him?[View]
15792266Catcher in the Rye: Anyone else feel 'this is literally me' when you read it?[View]
15795437So how are you finding the post-historical return to animality, /lit/? Feeling content?[View]
15798587This will be vague, but what do you say when somebody you care about is extremely dismissive towards…[View]
15797953What am i in for[View]
15798423What should I know/read before reading Tolstoy?[View]
15792737The stupidity of Protestantism does not prove the truth of Catholicism. Catholic apologists use the …[View]
15799690I'm looking to build a house in Minecraft using historical and philosophical knowledge. Are the…[View]
15800155Has anyone read this and is it worth reading? It’s over a 1000 pages so idk if it’s worth it. Would …[View]
15791122>You have to pay 100k to watch our Zoom lectures, goys Do Americans really?…[View]
15794455Has any book gotten close to what it's like on the other side? In the afterlife? In the broader…[View]
15798412Anyone read this? If so, is it any good?[View]
15793002Which postmodern neomarxist did it the best?[View]
15798961Is it possible to tell the gender of an author just from the way he or she writes? Considering penna…[View]
15797141What will Deanoestates be like in the next forty to fifty years while the last remaining fields of G…[View]
15799077THE VEDAS: what's the best translation objectively? How does one gets started on the vedas, is …[View]
15799838Any books about comfy life in the mountains?[View]
15799102what the fuck?[View]
15797369Pirate Academic Journals: Any good sites to pirate academic journals? I want to check out pic relate…[View]
15797568Is this the definitive cuckold novel?: Well, is it?[View]
15796292what if instead of Dead Sea Scrolls it was Pimp C Scrolls, you know, Nig Hammadi[View]
15799429When did juiceheads started becoming philosophers?[View]
15797138Is there a to do list on how to properly read and understand what this guy is spewing?[View]
15797698Not even trying anymore: I'm just typing chaotic nonsense with high symmetry, Well, It's n…[View]
15798145Bigger LoTR plot hole: the Eagles or Weathertop?: I've recently binged on Unfinished Tales and …[View]
15799720Formal Language Theory Book: Hi Guys, looking for a book that talks about Noam Chomsky's Formal…[View]
15799673Bertrand Russell: 1) How long do you think he got before he gets cancelled, and then Academia blackl…[View]
15782787Which one is the more based 20th century philosopher? Trying to decide if I should read Being and Ti…[View]
15796032Problematic authors: what's your thought on reading books by problematic authors https://youtu…[View]
15799658Normie arguments and their refutation: Let me start >It's 2020 refuted by Nietzsche…[View]
15798555What are some essential books on mathematics and problem solving in general?[View]
15799632What's the best literature not translated into English?[View]
15787491I never learn deeper: And this is my highest virtue, My cognitive power rely solely on making quick …[View]
15790395Twitter ''philosophers'': Zizek's wrote in the book 'Myth and Mayhem': >I cannot but notice …[View]
15799223Why should I respect, love or value myself? Why should my happiness sometimes matter more than anoth…[View]
15798588I may be asking for something that doesn't exist, but is there some 'dumb' but still good liter…[View]
15798466This isn't a subversive book merely because of its attitude towards modern society. It's s…[View]
15797222What can i expect from reading 5 pages a day of several books on various historical topics: western …[View]
15799453Good career advice/business literature?: I just recently graduated college with a degree in business…[View]
15792454Is this the only good nigger writer?[View]
15799317>childhood is venerating Constantine >adulthood is knowing that Julian was right all along Boo…[View]
15798966Plato is a hack and his theory of forms are irrelevant, mental masturbation.[View]
15796498Hello traveler. What is that book you have there? Perhaps it would be a good idea to take a rest and…[View]
15797166Why is this so good, /lit/?[View]
15797110This is really interesting and fun to read so far. There are a few things that I did not understand …[View]
15798409The nature of our world and humanity: I need to see the world for what it really is, what books can …[View]
15797519Smartest man alive probably[View]
15798434I'm dropping my STEM course and moving to Philosophy this year. What should I expect?[View]
15790574I've never read the Bible before, which version is the best?[View]
15798729please, recommend some books like pic related[View]
15798952Who are some niggers who became Based Black Coons through self education?[View]
15787081How can we educate people? No, I am not talking about muh basic education, but the will to learn and…[View]
15798842Is he a good writer?[View]
15798749>At the same time [I] was working as an Asian houseboy for the family of a Jewish used car dealer…[View]
15797418>'americans dont have their own ideology. They pretend very hard that they do and manage to do so…[View]
15798654Are there japanese westaboos into /lit/ stuff?: Most japanese westaboos I know of in their industrie…[View]
15795331Do NOT read this book written by a homo. The book tells you to 'do work, 2 hours at a time, without …[View]
15798659>comfy >mystery >weird mix of victorian and modern and surreal aesthetics does any other b…[View]
15797999Any books about 4th of July being wrong to celebrate?[View]
15798708for you, what are the teachings of animal farm by george orwell?[View]
15797579>reading ancient story or myth >every fucking character is ready to kill someone over the slig…[View]
15798022What are some good books on trains?: I don't see the topic discussed here much, but I want to l…[View]
15797754>reading lovecraft for the cosmic horror in the fear of the unreachable abyss >toads and arabs…[View]
15796642Is the want for female validation socialized or biological? Did primal man care about female validat…[View]
15795311Is he a Byronic Hero or a Superfluous Man?[View]
15798490>Its power to move, taken abstractly, is being-for-itself or pure negativity. >The result is t…[View]
15798600Is tis why it's hard to see beauty in things we find unacceptable? Are artists who see beauty i…[View]
15796825Any books writen from the prespective of a blind person?: Preferably with some kind of horror bent. …[View]
15796064Where does the phrase 'aristocracy of the mind' come from?[View]
15793159I’m convinced there are only about 50 of us ever here on this board, butterfly not included Also I’m…[View]
15792919What's her best book?[View]
15797945/DFW/ General Today's topic: How's the water?[View]
15798305What are some philosophy, psychology and sociology books that will show me interesting concepts and …[View]
15797291Similar poets to Mike Wazowski: And what's the general opinion of him, I really like The Genius…[View]
15794364My frens and nig*as, I have read 34 pages today[View]
15796923They've somehow turned A Naked Singularity into a movie, with John Boyega playing the lead. Is …[View]
15793591should I read White Fragility or the Protocols first?: >The most popular book on the left right n…[View]
15795842why do people hate this book?i've heard more and more people talk shit about this book ,is it j…[View]
15794849what do we think about it, O my fellow droogies: i found it to be quite horrorshow, young vecks and …[View]
15798196'dont be depressed and kys, anon, jesus saves' fucking moralistic cunts[View]
15797159Where would you place Vidal among Great American Writers?[View]
15796239>novels you enjoyed but you are too ashamed to admit it[View]
15792374>do I dare to eat a peach what did he mean by this?[View]
15789454What's America's Iliad?[View]
15797417he was right, dostoevsky is shit[View]
15798107About 200 page into this and it's one of the worst thing I've ever read How the fuck was t…[View]
15797044When is it okay to listen to audiobooks?[View]
15798080Just passing by to recommend this book. It's just 140 pages and a very nice intro to Joyce…[View]
15794845Is this the most boomer book ever? >just accept life is unfair bro even though I'm literally…[View]
15797997We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I reme…[View]
15797509What are some good books for people experiencing heart break? Asking for a friend haha[View]
15773557Confess, /lit/[View]
15797892Pratical guides to the Spanish languange: I am looking for books that give Practical advices on lear…[View]
15796066Free will: If i have the insight that there is no good or evil, success or failure, moral or immoral…[View]
15793602Pepe and Wojak are just the modern version of Democritus vs Heraclitus, prove me wrong[View]
15797823Wait a second. Is this somehow secretly book about cult of Moloch?[View]
15796258Most aesthetically pleasing and meaning quotes?: Like this one, please. Thank you all[View]
15797613Is HC Andersen overrated?[View]
15795503>Islam and Christianity are the motherlode of bad ideas >they have to be fought on every level…[View]
15797571What's the point in reading literature?: Mom said novels are a waste of time earlier and I coul…[View]
15797515>reading >facts >logic >education…[View]
15797562FEED ME: FEED ME[View]
15797590Macpherson didnt translate the Ossian poems literally.: An example is near the end of the first volu…[View]
15797582Hey this White Fragility bestseller book is not that bad after all, its kinda dry though and reads l…[View]
15796763Where do i start with this little fella?[View]
15795506A masterpiece, why haven't you read it yet?: Chap 14 '[...] Here’s what I mean. What do you see…[View]
15796887Welcome to the /lit/ lantern pub and grill. Grab you a chair. You already know most of the regulars—…[View]
15797489Pls rec a book to help me improve my writing/papers for uni[View]
15797479Books to change my view of work: Any suggestions for books to change my perspective on work? I want …[View]
15780358Why is anti-intellectualism praised so much?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdmtQDSZS5I This looks…[View]
15790336who is right?[View]
15797209should i pretend to be a tranny to get published? will anyone ever find out?[View]
15797187Why was Book so unsucsessfull?[View]
15796891How is this philosophy? I'm half way through and half of this shit is straight up self-help and…[View]
15797330Kant and (self)consciousness: Can someone explain this lil nigga's view of consciousness and se…[View]
15796485Books for Educating the Young: Good day lads. I’m wrapping up college this year with a philosophy de…[View]
15793632Every time I read a book it changes how I think about certain things. The issue with this is that ev…[View]
15797100>I find the state of the nation quite terrifying. In 10 years' time we shall all be cowering…[View]
15794215Theorygram: Is theorygram a superior intellectual community than /lit/? Do you participate in theory…[View]
15797158>all of those modern authoris lit recommended me lead to nowhere. I should have started with the …[View]
15794671Gyan books: Is anyone familiar with this publishing company? It seems that they recreate/reprint bo…[View]
15792971Children's Literature: Post kino children's books. Why do you like them? What would you re…[View]
15795796>book about post WW1 society >Full of simps, cuckolds, thots, roasties, hedonists, narcissists…[View]
15794712Climate Fiction: Pic Related Sucks. Any good Climate Change fiction that is somewhat contemporary. …[View]
15794638Any books that’ll teach me Classical Latin? I think it’s about time I learned Latin, as I’ve heard g…[View]
15789704ITT: books only you have read[View]
15789542Well, what is your gameplay level, /lit/?[View]
15795059Writing a Biography: my grandfather is getting very old and i want to start working on a biography a…[View]
15794886What did I just read?: I actually really loved it. Gave me lots of things to go study about and some…[View]
15796995hey you: american have ruin this board. for year i only come here for discussing book now all i seei…[View]
15793787What does /lit/ think about Gene Wolfe?[View]
15795155What’s the first book you ever read?[View]
15796972So Nietzsche but magapede?[View]
15791914Don Delillo has a new one coming out: >Don DeLillo completed this novel just weeks before the adv…[View]
15795941What are some good books on the philosophy of mathematics? >pic kinda unrelated…[View]
15795566unless manga is literature, that is[View]
15796903>Always leave an long essay on Amazon after I finish a book Am I the only one who does this? I f…[View]
15796854I finished pic rel and I liked it not a huge fan of gaudy 20s America though recommend me something …[View]
15794917Are recent political Books worth reading?[View]
15792320What book is she reading?[View]
15789237Alphamale BAP Thread - Lifting addition: Does /lit/ even lift? No? lol gross Fit is essential; lifti…[View]
15794824Cool Book Covers: Georgian cover of Metro 2035[View]
15796364How do I deal with the fact that after a certain point there will be nothing novel in my education a…[View]
15791868how to write kino scripts?: tell me[View]
15789299> DiAngelo’s writing style is pure pain. The lexicon favored by intersectional theorists of this …[View]
15795139where do i start with kerouac[View]
15794791Who else is keen for this seminal text of wierdo millenial Christian revivalism?[View]
15795066>>book begins with a description of nature[View]
15791972This is what reading Robert E. Howard is like. This kills the elitist. Take the Howard Path /lit/.[View]
15793439The Illiad is capeshit.[View]
15794539Damn, this is a difficult read.[View]
15793352Where to start?: Also feel free to post your most recent book haul.[View]
15792782What the fuck is hyper-racism?[View]
15795485How does one dissect a complex story into observations that could help a writer get better at writin…[View]
15792163Which book should I start with?[View]
15796103Do you think VJ Emmie read Nael's The Tiger?[View]
15774230How do you get past Writer's Block?[View]
15796049>Before you begin any positive work on the First Step, you must master the daunting spiritual dis…[View]
15783109Debunk Logical Positivism: Protip: You can't. If it isn't a tautology and it isn't e…[View]
15795376>uh, anon, try to get the manuscript up to 85,000 words, or 80,000 at least why?…[View]
15795666sup /lit/ I got a new book in the mail today for the nonfiction Do you have any suggestions for othe…[View]
15792488Pinochet books?: Anyone know some good non-Jewy books about the man? Very interested.[View]
15794349Anyone read him?: >comes to America during its trad peak in the 1950's >says it's ma…[View]
15795714So I read Durant's story of philosophy and Waterfield's first philosophers. Should I buy t…[View]
15795493'this sentence is false' is not a paradox. 'this sentence is 4' means that we can replace the whole …[View]
15795051Peter Nadas: Has anyone read Nadas? Possibly the best European writer since Proust, although he seem…[View]
15795813Anyone else regret studying something as useless as literature and wish they did something like elec…[View]
15795674Steinbeck: Why do people love Steinbeck so much? I've only read Of Mice and Men and The Grapes …[View]
15795782Books on the ego death: Jung obviously, but which work of his is best to introduce one to the concep…[View]
15794714pLaTo ladies and gents: Plato is a typical Athenian. He speaks of the Leviathan with the language of…[View]
15795382Toqueville's Democracy in America: What am I missing out on if I buy this new abridged edition?…[View]
15791580Do you think that you should be able to summarize what the book you're writing is (as a whole, …[View]
15793029Is this good? Have you improved your reading skills? In which way?[View]
15793628Jung: Just bought a reader's edition of The Red Book. What am I in for?[View]
15790539>Lol you think we cant just have an atheist society without degeneracy proliferating and everythi…[View]
15795313Where should I start with Russian history[View]
15791829What were his views on race?[View]
15792970Came across these three books lying around outside a block of flats. Are any of them worth reading?[View]
15795269Just read the first two chapters of TWAWAR. What’s he talking about? Collective consciousness? Keep …[View]
15794392Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
15794894Is Russian literature really top heavy, or is there more to it than the 5 or so guys everyone has he…[View]
15793637>Author kills the reader[View]
15795242Never seen this talked about anywhere else but /lit/ Is that because y'all see yourselves as th…[View]
15795134I was reading pic related and it was absolutely incredible. I was wondering why no one ever talks ab…[View]
15795163Evola starting point: Start with pic related or follow the chart?[View]
15793555/lit/ quotes: “The artist, like the God of creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his…[View]
15795024Does reading to students prevent them from learning how to read?[View]
15794544Why is reading backwards so comfy?[View]
15794266/rec/ - Recommendations General: List your favorite book and justify yourself. >Three Body Probl…[View]
15788257>Yes, yes, well done Hufflepuff, well done. However, recent events must be taken into account. An…[View]
15794948What is it that makes epic poems and similar ancient literature so comfy? I love cracking open Beowu…[View]
15792603>spend 30 years of huffing your own farts[View]
15790427/lit/ newfag here, im not good at reading and saw lolita on the entry tier /lit/ chart, should i get…[View]
15793843Comparison of Reading Mediums: physical books >takes time just to obtain(waiting for delivery, wa…[View]
15794276Is this book racist?[View]
15794853/agdg/ here. Any psychology guy here? Can u explain to me the imagination gap? Like Can I make like …[View]
15793091this was great[View]
15793311How do I write fantasy books if I hate most fantasy books?[View]
15794813What are the best multi volume Shakespeare commentaries? Pic sort of related.[View]
15793695When is it okay to read translations?[View]
15794626Any good books about the french revolution?[View]
15794760Hello /lit/, I come seeking help and guidance. I'm writing a story about masturbation addictio…[View]
15791973Must read if you like Melville.: But seriously it’s probably the only other book by him that I enjoy…[View]
15793948How do I read the Trivium bros?: Can I buy it online?[View]
15792629How do you lads handle publishing personal stuff? Do you expect people to presume that the personal …[View]
15792991How do I write a character that has survivor's guilt?[View]
15792089Which one should I read first?[View]
15794462Still unrefuted to this day.[View]
15793199So it has come to my attention that some of you anons are still atheists? May I say 'cringe'?[View]
15793050The Foundation For Exploration: Anyone else read this gem? I actually found it incredibly motivating…[View]
15788465Boston /lit/ Meetup: We're having a /lit/ pandemic meetup in Boston this Saturday. Email boston…[View]
15789959What ya readin?: I’m readin the Castle by Kafka :P[View]
15794150>“In gazing at and making observations on the stars, he fell into a ditch, and the people mocked …[View]
15793831recc literature about adolescence that isn't YA bullshit[View]
15791349I can asure you, I will be among the greatest writers of this century, and so will you[View]
15793185Did he died as virgin?[View]
15792841Is this Steinbeck's best or is East of Eden (or other novels) better??: Just read, highly enjoy…[View]
15792765SAD: Hey /lit/ What do you read when you wanna get real sad, just fuck your shit up. I used to read …[View]
15792706Is existentialism philosophy for midwits?[View]
15793826Anyone ever read this?: I feel like this book would be a common discussion topic on this board but I…[View]
15788869Was Walter Benjamin the OG Cultural Marxist?[View]
15793379is having sex /lit/ approved?[View]
15793944Why do people like this book?[View]
15790887Which books improved your character and / or outlook for the better? In what ways did they benefit y…[View]
15793318Ok so I'm writing something but I'm not sure if this company with two last names would be …[View]
15791046I've been meaning to enter an officer cadet program, are there any books that have pointers on …[View]
15790312Nazis btfo[View]
15793738/lit/ films: ITT: films you can reflect on same as a good novel, not necessarily obscure or artsy on…[View]
15792865I retain better, read faster, and have more fun when I read aloud. Am I alone and retarded or are th…[View]
15788318>divorced >clinically depressed >raised a whore of a daughter with several mental illnesses…[View]
15781482OK so modernity sucks, so what Traditions are still valid that someone could initiate into or whatev…[View]
15793272Post writing space inspo[View]
15791156Can fan fiction be /lit/? I’m currently writing some fan fiction and I want to it to not be another …[View]
15788036Explain to me what 'determinism' means. Nobody has ever been able to.[View]
15793012So I got my girlfriend a first printing of pic related. (Not my pic). It's a surprise present, …[View]
15775895I’m partial to the idea of some kind of European pagan revival,but one thing I disagree with that th…[View]
15790913Just started reading the early christian 'philosophers' and I can't help pointing out how wrong…[View]
15792895Has /lit/ caught up yet?[View]
15793482What a waste of letters.[View]
15793333It is known that Hunter S. Thompson typed out The Great Gatsby and Farewell to Arms as a writing exe…[View]
15792288Nietzsche is literally just a pragmatist[View]
15793409this man cums: just one this guys, what do you think t.mr zimmerman my favourite poet[View]
15793364Did I fuck myself? Anyone else like this? >be me >be very early 20s, no money, no job, broke a…[View]
15790070How many pages do you read at day?[View]
15789340Taleb on universities in Antifragile: Thoughts? >When I last met Alison Wolf we discussed this di…[View]
15793128About to marathon this bad boy. Wish me luck bros.[View]
15784975Academic Philosophy: What is it like studying philosophy at university? I think many of us on /lit/ …[View]
15790765My friend recently talked me into reading Crime and Punishment (I've never been a big reader), …[View]
15787957Personal Journals of notable people: I’m looking to read the personal journals, personal letters, co…[View]
15791906Does he die at the end or am I brainlet? Explain your interpretation of the ending.[View]
15791397So, how's the writing going ?[View]
15792790Do you write summaries of the non-fiction books you read? What's your system? I think I may giv…[View]
15792674Is it unreadable?[View]
15792051>and but so[View]
15787622What happened to him? he was the best poster in this board[View]
15777553Excellent novel, it manages to give a sophisticated portrayal of the millennial psyche through slick…[View]
15792178>He's read Deleuze >He's read Whiehead >He's read Bergson >He's read…[View]
15790112Why crazy utopian cults always attract retards?[View]
15789954Were Odissey and the Iliad the capeshit of ancient times?[View]
15791903What do you fellas think about this book/author? Is it a reliable source to learn about the schools …[View]
15787332>could've read at least 20 pages a day >chose to read 4chan posts instead…[View]
15790496>When Elric of Melnibone will never get into the mainstream because people think it and the Witch…[View]
15791141Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit Part 12 Previous threads - >>15768146 'aps pas fpna3 51pd…[View]
15790394>He stops reading halfway through a chapter[View]
15791543Atlas Shrugged: All memes aside, is this book worth reading once?[View]
15792802To all my soldiers out there I love you and stay happy[View]
15792451Yt deleted video wit swinging cocks[View]
15783216We have left humanity behind...[View]
15789373Alberto Laiseca: Alberto Laiseca was an Argentinian author who wrote many novels and short stories l…[View]
15792713ITT: Poorly strawman an author, others guess who you are referring to >Maybe the real forms were …[View]
15787402Will be on a train ride later, recommend books I can read in >2 hours. I am not reading often, mo…[View]
15792364Best Bible Audiobook?: which one is it? pic related?[View]
15792624My heteronyms will start posting here from now on, please be kind.[View]
15790708What are the best books about Nazi Germany?: I’ve read good things about “Rise and Fall of the Third…[View]
15790997Books for this type of feel?[View]
15790481Does anyone else kind of think that Hemingway is middlebrow? I hate to sound like a contrarian, but …[View]
15789790What are your thoughts on this? I'm really enjoying this book.[View]
15790772Where do I start with the honorable Charles Bowden?[View]
15791649Does /lit/ catalog its books? My collection is a few hundred by now and I'd like to find some a…[View]
15791174Just finished this, what did I think of it?[View]
15792053What should I read of Plato?: I just finished the Iliad and the Odyssey, I have a copy of the Republ…[View]
15789314Convince me that free will exists please.: Some questions I haves 1: if free will exists how are peo…[View]
15788719What does /lit/ think about David Graeber? This fella wrote a book for all the degenerates out there…[View]
15789394Do you take author physiognomy into account when choosing your reading material? Or when evaluating …[View]
15792189>tfw writer's block >tfw I overcome writer's block when I write in a block game >…[View]
15792412How is my reading list? I want to study value judgements in a well rounded way.[View]
15790504>No but you don't get it Bast didn't you read all the literture I sent you boy here I a…[View]
15791331Style over substance: Why do people on /lit/ value style so much more? It gets to the point that som…[View]
15792389r8 thread: Post your books/shelves/stacks/etc I got these ones recently[View]
15792348How do you balance horrorism as something that exists for us, with methodological inhumanism of drea…[View]
15792339Coronavirus: Dear 4chan, I write an open letter. I am afraid and sad and anxious. I pity the evil i…[View]
15788617tl; dr; Why is a sense of meaning seem to be a necessary condition for human happiness? Why do peopl…[View]
15792332where do you guys submit short stories? i tried n+1 just for fun and they werent into it, but theyre…[View]
15792217What are good contemporary trad political books? Specifically Orthodox? Don't say Dugin because…[View]
15791745What was his best work?[View]
15788520Stop calling me a queer[View]
15792146Mimesis: Is it any good? Thoughts?[View]
15763725Moral Relativism: From a book on Moral Relativism, this passage explains how Native American childre…[View]
15791703>refutes continental philosophy[View]
15790850from the genealogy of morals: Let us come to a conclusion. The two opposing values, “good and bad,” …[View]
15787671>I didn’t sleep at all for 3 weeks straight because my diet changed. Fucking what?…[View]
15789093If he is such a hindufag why doesn't he write about reincarnation huh[View]
15791065Is psychology bullshit[View]
15791197What books have the most realistic dialogue? Like basically 1:1 with how we talk?[View]
15786949Where’s rapture1?: ITT: we requests reading lists from rapture I’ll start >history of Harvard and…[View]
15791533How do I get into George Gurdjieff?[View]
15790557Anyone else feel as though they'll inevitably commit suicide? It might not happen this year, it…[View]
15791508Sex: What are some good books which also have detailed fucking described in them?[View]
15791426What is the best version of Sayings of the Desert Fathers?[View]
15791890Books about suffering for loving someone beautiful?[View]
15790002Latin thread: Hoc filum est iis qui latine loqui possunt. Quid nunc legitis? Quid est librum latine …[View]

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