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/lit/ - Literature

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22108113>the only way to destroy the Ring of Power was to let it go >let go of power bruhs...…[View]
22104514New atheism - Critique ( Dawkins , Harris , Hitchens , Dennett: Why New Atheism , Failed ? > Wok…[View]
22106611I'm putting together a team to take down Dracula once and for all. Are you in?[View]
22107799If the Spanish language is so good - and is fourth only to English Arabic and Chinese in sheer popul…[View]
22104666What’s your top 5 NYRB bangers?: These guys publish kino after kino. Also, they will publish a novel…[View]
22107487Alfred Janny[View]
2210001533.3% through the Odyssey and still no odyssey: Just Odysseus’s pussy son being passive, a bunch of …[View]
22107851>ESL >fluent in English >still read only the translations of English-language books (yes, p…[View]
22101555Nietzschebros?: From what book is this quote?[View]
22107842Should i take notes reading philosophy?[View]
22107858A disapointment[View]
22096500Red-pill books: /lit/, anyone know any good books to be red-pilled?[View]
22105837Stanislaw Lem: >But it is always best when an intelligent being cannot alter its own form, for su…[View]
22107179Books to understand women?[View]
22104305What do you think of Stendhal, anons? Was his true masterwork The Red and the Black or Charterhouse?…[View]
22107446Looking for a book: I'm searching for a book that was recommended here a few months ago in a th…[View]
22107027What do you smoke while you write? (straight-edge fags need not comment) https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
22094140Poetry Thread: Post OC, give feedback, etc. ob/lit/erate I posted an ad on the door to the maternit…[View]
22102546Did he rape his sister Phoebe?[View]
22096960>this kill the capitalist boot licker[View]
22107022I haven't read a book in 14 years, anyone got a recommendation for something accessible but sol…[View]
22105236Best works on Solitude?[View]
22107551>2023 >still “analyses” literary works >still links them to this or that meme philosophy “…[View]
22107637Who is your favorite Targaryen king?[View]
22107220he pre-emptively btfo'd all his future detractors. apologize.[View]
22107602What are the Catholic and Protestant equivalents of this book? That is, a Catholic book that argues …[View]
22107515Evola, Devi, etc. are completely unnecessary if you have read Wagner. They vaguely circumscribe what…[View]
22099240100 Days of Dante: /lit/ continues reading the divine comedy, one canto a day. Now we talk about can…[View]
22104577>Roughly 16 centuries after death >Mindmogs all other philosophers to this day How'd he d…[View]
22107340There isn't a big difference between fantasy and sci-fi, but sci-fi has a higher bar of knowled…[View]
22107486How do we deal with human horror being shown on a massive scale? To witness what humans are capable …[View]
22103478On epic poetry, if you compare the Iliad, the Aeneid, the Poetic Edda, the Divine Comedy to the Nieb…[View]
22105566Struggling to Remember Characters' Names: Particularly those with numerous characters like Dost…[View]
22106600the logos and the new mysteries: The Divine becomes human; the human reconnects with the Divine, wit…[View]
22085207/mg/ - metaphysics general: Intellektuelle Anschauung edition Hegel: >If the expression 'obj…[View]
22107148Can Gregor Samsa be classified as an incel? I heavily relate to his downtrodden condition as a wagec…[View]
22107414Is there something like a torturers' guild slice of life?[View]
22107321What the fuck was that ending?[View]
22107354Is Stephen King the most scintillating author in recent history?[View]
22102473Advertising and Propaganda: What's your favorite book on how advertising and propaganda affect …[View]
22106796Fat City: > Lots of people have asked me about the title of my book. It's part of Negro slan…[View]
22103689For plato the soul is our intellect or what make something move With this in mind we can agree that …[View]
22105287What did he mean by sense?[View]
22101250Are there any good books that would teach me how to more efficiently emulate picrel's behavior?…[View]
22107040Which version of Ulysses should I attempt to read? 1922 first edition text 1934 Random House edition…[View]
22101866>It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from …[View]
22106830Mfw can only read one letter at a time: Holy shit bros how do I read more than one letter at a time?…[View]
22105618Reading this and loving it. I'd like to learn why my opinion is incorrect, I'm trying to …[View]
22106843>read The Lord of the Rings >the characters do not stop to piss or shit at any time in the ent…[View]
22100795Thoughts on Douglas Adams and his works?[View]
22101999What are some books that will help me understand normies?[View]
22104788>and then another bullet barely grazed my skull and a shrapnel killed a dude right beside me >…[View]
22107056>Submission Guidelines >1000 - 3000 words…[View]
22105383You’re not a slow reader.: You’re just reading things that don’t interest you. You don’t have ADHD. …[View]
22106944>read it twice No[View]
22102857When was the last time you were obsessed with a book?[View]
22103344Is there even another fantasy series worth reading?[View]
22088082This has to be the worst thing I’ve ever read. Subvocalizing in a slavshit accent is the only way to…[View]
22106811I liked it. What did you think of it?[View]
22095341/sffg/ Sci-Fi & Fantasy General: Rocket Edition >Recommended reading charts (Look here before…[View]
22106712Did he actually love her?[View]
22101648Market Research and Discussion Thread: We all know that most readers are upper middle class women. B…[View]
22104081What are some kino books about being a old virgin loser?[View]
22101559what exactly is 'sloth' sin? Like if I'm a neet do I burn in hell?[View]
22105661I need to recite a 10-line poem for college. What are some easy-to-remember poems that are 10 lines?…[View]
22103345The only two foundational texts that can compare with the west’s Iliad and Odyssey[View]
22106172I spent 15 dollars on a shitty animated edition of The Illiad on Amazon. I didn't like it so I …[View]
22104840guys, whatever you do, don't look up the name of Robert Louis Stevenson's nurse[View]
22104242horror-esque folkales: Can anyone rec me some horror-esque folktales? Doesn't have to be explic…[View]
22106421Do you start a new book right away after finishing one or do you like to chew on them for a while an…[View]
22106460GRRM: This motherfucker is on strike now.[View]
22101823>thousands of possible denominations >many translations and editions of the bible that are dif…[View]
22102135favorite horror books: haven't read a good horror book in ages, what're some of your favor…[View]
22106008best omegaverse novels?: just got into omegaverse. what are the best books?[View]
22104758Can someone explain this chart?: What do all these books have in common?[View]
22100798what books are in the freemason libraries?[View]
22106127Are tablet that much worse vs ereaders and real paper?: I'm thinking of giving it a try since i…[View]
22105968If im gonna die, is there a literature i should read to hand hold me? (no religon books editon)[View]
22105773>To the anti-natalists and nihilists: in which possible world would your views be incorrect? If t…[View]
22105877Can you recommend me any books with a low functioning autistic protagonist? Someone who would need a…[View]
22106273>Dark, hypnotic stories that go nowhere. Any other books like this?[View]
22105365What does everyone think of László Krasznahorkai?: Just finished The Melancholy of Resistance and pl…[View]
22104906Goekau uenq: How do I save this spine? I usually use tape[View]
22102862So Jesus was the Overman the whole time and Nietzsche couldn't see it right in front of his fac…[View]
22103387SHORT STORY RECS: Post 'em. Preferably also available as audiobooks.[View]
22103231Started reading this on a whim and got sucked right in. Good shit.[View]
22103948Best Book stores for Classic Literature?: What's the best Book Store to buy from for Classic Li…[View]
22098187>if only you knew how irrevocably fucked things are: Savitri Devi was an extremely intelligent wo…[View]
22097332Even after owning and using an ebook for 5 years, I still can't get used to it it just doesn…[View]
22103910The Great debate. Aesop or Homer. When you get to the bottom line it comes between these two really.[View]
22103516characters that are literally you[View]
22103227Flaubert, Sentimental Education: Am a third of the way into this and it is an absolute belter. My la…[View]
22105805Sexuality in Proust: >Saint Eloi, nothing more nor less! The lady has become a gentleman. Do you …[View]
22105800Peter Sotos coming out soon. Obviates 'Define reality by using the vocabulary of those who need to s…[View]
22104754Book recommendations for fiancé?: Fiancé is about to finish Lolita. She has quite enjoyed the book, …[View]
22102642I read for escapism. I feel like half of /lit/ only reads so they can impose their views on their im…[View]
22097143Authors who hated Disney: >J.R.R. Tolkien, however, didn’t think much of Walt or his creations. A…[View]
22091298How do I refute the five ways argument? I don't want to believe in a god but I don't know …[View]
22105608>full english translation is around 2,500 pages Is there any pre-modern literary work longer tha…[View]
22105240>If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which…[View]
22101707Anyone have any literature proving that immigration whether its legal or illegal causes wages to sta…[View]
22105362Book tie-in merchandises are getting a little out of hand.[View]
22105127How often do you encounter a screenplay that not only does justice to, but actually improves the nov…[View]
22100219What should I read to gain a better understanding of the economy?[View]
22104251Books about how cringe everything is and how it is embarrassing it is to be alive?: just got into Pe…[View]
22100597>still about 30 pages left in the book >it suddenly ends >an epilogue from literally who fo…[View]
22105348So they're scumbags, right?[View]
22102591Why did he hate jews when sicilians are the 2nd closest ethnic group to jews next to lebeanese?[View]
22103389Which of these have you read?: Goodreads: Most Popular Books – May, 2023 01. Fourth Wing by Rebec…[View]
2210524930 and virgin, bros!: Books for this feel![View]
22102635I don't understand why I can never come up with good characters. Is it because I'm not int…[View]
22100114Folklore and Ghost Story Collections: What is your favorite folklore / ghost story collection? What …[View]
22098619which one /lit/bros[View]
22100021Books with artificial wombs portayed as good?[View]
22103725'Me Aunt Fanny went down to the bloody butchery shop clacking her legs as she walked and then she en…[View]
22104525What Kant was trying to do was tell philosophers >why the fuck are you trying to run 'does God ex…[View]
22101617Why is it that every 'Stirnerist' is merely a loser attempting to use the philosophy as a rationaliz…[View]
22104290best book for learning how to draw?[View]
22094007Maybe Kant has defeated me... I'm filtered bros... Reach enlightenment without me...[View]
22099614What books are depicted in the picture? I see Nietzsche on one of the covers. Is it Der Antichrist?[View]
22104145Books on psychedelics and psychology: What are some actually good books covering what we know of psy…[View]
22101763>(you):'How can you do theology after Kant, Hegel, and Heidigger?' >*pic related appears and b…[View]
22104890Euthyphro did nothing wrong.[View]
22102222Aphorisms by Z: Would you read my book? >All is trial and error. This is the basis of the evoluti…[View]
22104903Great book. Basically if Knausgard would have written in short randomized fragments, single sentence…[View]
22104827Did Albert Camus believe in God?[View]
22103687About 50 shades of Grey: Originaly a Twilight BDSM fanfic. Written by a married with kids woman. Tal…[View]
22104053Stories where mens' souls are crushed and distorted beyond all recognition despite their best e…[View]
22104797Copypasta: The monster was being proudly shown, not at solid rock hardness, but full and ready. I ha…[View]
22104581how do i get a gf like emily?[View]
22101484Books about the Mind: What are good books about the Human Mind? Those are some various topics that I…[View]
22100469Who else thought the epilogue of War and Peace was long-winded and superfluous?[View]
22101382Chekhov ruined humanistic lit for me: This motherfucker was a genius. Chekhov's grasp on human …[View]
22103617What kind of fucking retard writes like this[View]
22102661what's the point of reading philosophy?: We often hear about people who say 'I dont care about …[View]
22103612Malazan: Is Malazan book of the fallen worth the effort?[View]
22103220Book of the Gay Sun: Cast the inevitable globohomo amazon tv adaption It's going to happen and …[View]
22102324Why I am not a Christian PT II: We discuss the pinnacle of nu-atheist literature further…ITT.[View]
22094609The big 4.[View]
22098654Books that argue for having children, or at least address the arguments against having children? The…[View]
22104379conan doyle: why are his adventure/historical novels so forgotten in comparison to his holmes storie…[View]
22103769How would you describe your girlfriends' feet in a few sentences?[View]
22103711Dream Interpretation: Hello anons! I had a strange and frankly shocking dream recently. I'm the…[View]
22104095What was missing?: Why didn't Josephine love Napoleon? How could any woman fail to love the mos…[View]
22097430The Star Wars Expanded Universe novels were a million times better than the freakin Disney crap.[View]
22104192Should I read it?[View]
22099986I had a very good time reading this book. I think it brought back my love for reading that I've…[View]
22104088How do I retain information better and read faster? I feel I was better at both of these when I was …[View]
22104110Wow, all his peers were right: His stories do suck ass and he should never become a writer[View]
22103559Is man vs. self still something I can pitch to agent?: I started writing a novel about a kid growing…[View]
22100661philosophy students dont read philosophy: >be me, random vidya developer idiot >get into philo…[View]
22103291Is it worth a read?[View]
22098291Who were the best letter writers?[View]
22103314>write something good in a writing-related community >people accuse it of being written by AI …[View]
22103391How do I make sense of this? I'm half way through the book, and don't understand what…[View]
22103522is it really that awful?[View]
22094832Why does all the world's best literature originate here? Wherever you look, English, German, Fr…[View]
22101828>ends American /lit/erature bros... it's never getting better than this is it?…[View]
22103655when will we learn that themasses are too fucking stupid to understand such a thing and will absolut…[View]
22101277I mean, this in isolation makes sense to me. I think this could apply to some things in our world, b…[View]
22103551If I want to be a good writer, and I am writing my first novel, what list of books should I read?[View]
22101420Unspook yourself of morality, nation, and identity.[View]
22101647>Genesis >The Gospels >Revelation Let me guess, you 'need more'?…[View]
22102668Halp: Anyone know how to download “borrowed” books from archive.org? Asking for a friend; pic unrel…[View]
22103532I can't decide on anything in life. I could be a monk, a thief, a transsexual, the straightest …[View]
22100136ITT: lit criticism that pisses you off: >the protagonist is unlikeable…[View]
221021028 years ago in High School, we were reading the Tragedy of Julius Caesar in class. Part of the way t…[View]
22102122I’m trying to read aloud to increase memory retention, but my throat hurts after just 20 minutes. W…[View]
22103466Z-lib is down forever and it seems libgen doesn't have 'Three Preludes to the Song of Roland'. …[View]
22102017So Montanism was basically Protestantism?[View]
22100351Damn... things are really bleak.[View]
22094785/wg/ - Writing General: The Rhythm of Writing Edition /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTION: https://past…[View]
22103419Anyone here know where to get ones hands on this gem?[View]
22103367Hello, I would rather not have used the namefaggery but if you recognise my earlier expository posts…[View]
22100991Books about pre-conquest Hawaii?: I heard ancient Hawaiian society had slaves, human sacrifices and …[View]
22100772My grandma gifted me a Bible in Welsh that belonged to her uncle. It's from 1860, apparently.[View]
22101414Cast it[View]
22097476Write What's On Your Mind: Previous: >>22087496 Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
22103229I just recently got back into reading. I haven't read many classics other than what American hi…[View]
22103209hi /lit/ I've been doing whippets and drinking all day and I'm in the process of writing t…[View]
22103178Books to nurture religious feeling? Hard mode: no Dosto or Bible[View]
22103006Is political exile a prerequisite for being a great writer?[View]
22102116What is, in your opinion, the most essential list on government control, surveillance, and experimen…[View]
22103093post your poetry: post it[View]
22101771Do the different design eras have analogous lit eras?: Or even just specific writing styles/books th…[View]
22098382England has Shakespeare Italy has Dante Spain has Cervantes Greece has Homer Germany has Goethe Port…[View]
22101837Why is this story so iconic? If it were written nowadays it'd just be a silly story no one pays…[View]
22100639Really enjoying this, quite a delightful read so far. Are his other works like this? I was not expec…[View]
22099961>Mein Kampf >Bronze Age Mindset >The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy …[View]
22102822Le Nothing: >You can only say, “what it is not.” You cannot say, “what it is.” It is not the body…[View]
22102859>And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From g…[View]
22092916Any good books about critcal theory and the Frankfurt school of Economics?: I wanna know more about …[View]
22102656At what age do you know you love to read books? When do you know you are a reader?[View]
22100295>30 USD per book Fucking why? Aren't his stories public domain?[View]
22102480Does anyone have book recommendations on lust and stories that deal with it?[View]
22102703The only pleasure and interest I derive from reading is to insert myself into the mind of that unfor…[View]
22102331How was this fat man able to put out better books than GRRM while doing it at a much faster pace?[View]
22101962One man named Thomas Nelson somehow managed to make the NKJV. However, for doctrinal reasons, he did…[View]
22100338I want to become smarter: Bros I need help, I want to become smarter, someone who can think in a per…[View]
22101081>spend years studying Plato, shunning life and engaging in rigorous contemplation >meet 1 (one…[View]
22100888What are a good books for a introduction to the Buddhistian ethics? Im not familir with much of east…[View]
22096478I don't get it: How can people take it seriously? Maybe you just have to be raised with it…[View]
22100506>Chuddy gets jewish waifu >Instantly denaunces all his chuddy views before his death…[View]
22099803Why people have strong opinions on him, sometimes without having properly read his works? There isn…[View]
22102155So I recently read The Sign of the Four and A Scandal in Bohemia and enjoyed them both although I di…[View]
22102332mfw I start to feel the urge to read returning after a long drought[View]
22101517Catholic Philosophy: Alright tradcat LARPers, moment of truth: Who in picrel is the better thinker/w…[View]
22094819>male gets sexually assaulted >half the readership doesn't like him anymore Why the fuck …[View]
22100428Pls reccomend me some nice books with rolemodel heroines or important female characters who are demu…[View]
22101062How do you describe an East Asian person in a setting where Asia isn't a thing, more for the re…[View]
22100450Best way to learn the history of Rome?: Modern history books? Or ancient Roman historians + later st…[View]
22099879Describe your local writer community, either from the town, city or country level. >stuffy post-m…[View]
22102139>I can only answer the question, “What am I to do?” if I can answer the prior question, “Of what …[View]
22101685>book depository international closed down how do i get books now[View]
22098912Some of you were shilling this a couple years back. Is it worth reading?[View]
22101853Alright, I'm just gonna say it: This book sucks. It's completely useless unless you happen…[View]
22099779>nobody wishes to be miserable and unhappy I don't know if I buy this one guys…[View]
22102008Cast it: Saw a thread like this and I might as well ask the same but for this book.[View]
22099928Will he win?: Or has popularity doomed him in the eyes of GRRM?[View]
22100033What are some funny or quirky linguistics facts you know? I'll start >Foot fetish is just on…[View]
22101368The only good book written by a woman[View]
22094202new alt lit summit just dropped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqrOSwA5mpg[View]
22100540>I was skeptical when David Sudak told me he’d received details about the craft of writing direct…[View]
22100322What’s the literary equivalent of boomer hair metal?[View]
22100050The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics and Madness of Ezra Pound: Not going to waste my time on this sup…[View]
22100628Discworld: Is the publication order a good order?[View]
22101584Do you write letters to friends and family?: It seems to be an lost art. Especially older/ancient ki…[View]
22101577>O trustworthy and honorable Iago, my most steadfast and capable officer, even though I fucked yo…[View]
22101001Any book recommendations with absolutely no women or girls? I like picrel[View]
22101427He is the prototypical procrastinating genius but in a positive sense. He only acts when is certain …[View]
22097004Penguin black classics: Thoughts on them? Do you like them or are there better cheaper alternatives?…[View]
22101246Pain.: How can I overcome the pain of me being a dumbass for the majority of my life then suddenly r…[View]
22101069> Humanism (capitalist patriarchy) is the same thing as our imprisonment. Trapped in the maze, tr…[View]
22100493What the fuck is the moral of the story? Dude accepts trying to create Christian heaven on earth (is…[View]
22098487Why is the internet obsessed with Blood Meridian all the sudden?[View]
22101016A book about man who likes to inflict pain/violence.[View]
22096988Boomer trash or actually good intro into philosophy?[View]
22099595Donna Tartt? More like Donna FART! The five foot wet brap machine. Just imagine taking her out to di…[View]
22100885>2137 days until Winds of Winter[View]
22097237General tips on translating a book?[View]
22099765What are you reading for PRIDE month?[View]
22100504Why is Kant such a looming influence over both philosophy and the arts to this day?[View]
22101254Large language models are transcendent exactly in the way that Nietzsche meant it. After we killed G…[View]
22096065Was Hegel the first true postmodernist?[View]
22101045Explorer stories: Books about old time explorers? you know, far distant and unknown lands, recollect…[View]
22098865Yes, I did read it, multiple times: I was looking through the archives out of curiosity and saw this…[View]
22101084I'm reading Patriarcha which is supposed to be the foundational text for support of monarchy an…[View]
22100501Books that are optimistic and happy? This board's taste (and mine) is so fucking gloomy.[View]
22086664What character is “literally you”?[View]
22100961What are some recommendations of books that deal with building communities/man's draw towards t…[View]
22099875What did you guys think of the ending?[View]
22098546The Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser: The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Geg…[View]
22099990Books that will get you a gf, if you read them in public.[View]
22076297I cant believe this: How is he so competent at math and yet so god damn retarded at everything else.…[View]
22099547Adolf Hitler Collection of Speeches-1922-1945: https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=9E3364B7DE598B2E…[View]
22100852/lit/ hamburg book club: Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre reading edition[View]
22100863Thoughts on The Sea by Banville?[View]
22099527unironically, whats the point of reading?: We often hear about people who say 'I dont care about mon…[View]
22100807All Tomorrows: Was it schizophrenia?[View]
22100814Post /lit/ dogs[View]
22098399how do I quit philosophy?: I told myself I would quit philosophy a few days ago, but I just wrote 40…[View]
22099686Hello, can you help me looking for some translations of Bylina poems (old epic poems from Russia) to…[View]
22100753Opinions on Mishima?: During the peak altright frenzy, around 6 years ago, he was being constantly m…[View]
22099444schizo reading: i fucking love this. also nick land is unironically one of the most revolutionary ph…[View]
22100461Why do people rate Tolkien? His gay elf philosemitic writings are marvel tier slop[View]
22100073>Ethic book >'X is le bad and you should stop doing it' >'Ok, that makes sense. X is le bad…[View]
22100270are there books that would help me be a good shitposter on social media?[View]
22097896What famous historical authors would be incels if they were born zoomers?[View]
22100481Kant BTFO of Hume about the 'I' and substance[View]
22097996>read out loud because it helps me understand what im reading Does this mean I'm low IQ?…[View]
22082991Is this book any good?: I have a /lit/ friend who unfortunately is *too* into reading. She was homes…[View]
22092849Just got this book, what am I in for?[View]
22072945Handwriting General: 16-year old girl from the Phillipines, 1951. I wish I knew the style of handwr…[View]
22099334Is it the most influential horror novel of the 21st century?[View]
22099347can anyone who's up to date tell me why hasn't George finished the series? is it because h…[View]
22100409He's one funny ahh writer[View]
22088847He was right about everything.[View]
22098215Any good fictional short stories involving gambling? Maybe novellas and novels?[View]
22098739James Baldwin: Actual talent or just a zesty nigga?[View]
22100372you must read this anons, holy shit[View]
22100419miniMAG 48: can't post it all here[View]
22099638Dante > Shakespeare: No further discussion necessary[View]
22098161Christology: Anyone have general recommendations for christology, especially its history and develop…[View]
22100153Confirmed brainlet here Is there any point in reading books for me? All my interpretations will be p…[View]
22100070Tech General Thread: Any good /CompSci/ books? Doesn't have to be explicitly coding related. Wo…[View]
22100254Ding dong. You’ve got mail.[View]
22098948Any good contemporary Southern literature?[View]
22100118>straw-man >steel-man[View]
22095024Have you read it?[View]
22096598I have a budget of 200 dollars. Which books should I buy? I'm not that good at reading if that …[View]
22097422>greatest troll in the history of writing[View]
22099957Transgenderism and LGBTQ: Hey people, does anyone know any good books on the scientific basis of LGB…[View]
22096954Which Catch-22 soldier do you identify with most, /lit/? I'm a /biz/nessman like Milo Minderbin…[View]
22098760Hitler written speeches 1922 1945: https://libgen.is/search.php?req=hitler+speeches&lg_topic=lib…[View]
22099698>mogs every English-language novelist especially Joyce Heh, nothin' personal lad...…[View]
22096657/lit/ told me this sucked after the first Jonathan Harker entries. I’m half way through and still gl…[View]
22097513What's the best version of The Holy Bible for modern day readers? I have a KJV Bible but it…[View]
22095684I miss her.[View]
22098966How do we get young males/boys to read? it's kinda cringe that reading is now a female dominate…[View]
22096255>try to 'read' The Martian by Andy Weir, an ostensible 'book' >300 pages of a scientist's…[View]
22098339The Mind & The Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force: A groundbreaking work of sc…[View]
22093442/Middle Earth General/: I've been reading The Silmarillion lately, and it's beyond phenome…[View]
22096832Did Meursault have schizoid personality disorder/autism/something else?[View]
22097370Bros, do you have a phenomenology chart around? I want to dive into phenomenology.[View]
22099052Which books get you aroused and horny?[View]
22099804Brownbros...: >But you yourself seem interested in the kabbalah, alchemy, and other occult practi…[View]
22099747Has anyone here sexually harrassed your muse?: How did it go? And do you think art should be judged …[View]
22099601What are some novels to lose yourself amongst the myriad of characters and plot lines? No multivolum…[View]
22097977This opera is a shitpost set to music. I don't really know what Mozart was going for with this …[View]
22098384Has any of his essays had a genuine impact on your life?[View]
22095874ITT Books you hate/filtered you: >muh read it twice No.[View]
22093546reading all of shakespeare in order: only shakespeare ive read before is macbeth and romeo and julie…[View]
22085558>>'It is, I think, expedient to set forth to all mankind the reasons by which I was convinced …[View]
22099458Zach hills booook: Has anyone else read this book by Zach hill titled 'Destroying yourself is too ac…[View]
22099511Romance novels for men: Recommend me some nice fiction with romance subplots[View]
22096798Bill gates recommendation for summer: So Gates recommended a book on the history of Africa, a pseudo…[View]
22096816What is truth, /lit/?[View]
22098911What are books that will help me beat technology addiction? I'm ready to stop wasting my life b…[View]
22091996Book on parenting strategies: There was a Christian book that got some headlines maybe two or three …[View]
22099252Recent contemporary literature charts/rec: Hi all, I know there are charts in the mega folder, but a…[View]
22099169This book is a pedophile power fantasy and I still have nightmares about it.[View]
22085986Can someone explain how this is wrong? Say I own a factory, and hire workers to run it. I then sit b…[View]
22098330>spent the whole day browsing /lit/ instead of reading[View]
22095890just finished this and it was a real treat! does anyone know where i can find a fella called john le…[View]
22098837Brian Herbert's Dune Books: are any of them worth reading or should I not bother?[View]
22099397What are your thoughts on the book Iron John? The author characterizes the man of the 70s-80s as som…[View]
22098293Write a story about this image: February 1968: “Denim and it’s cousins take multi-shapes for spring”…[View]
22090442I want to learn what the Buddha had to teach: Does anyone have some good resources where I can learn…[View]
22096881Johnny Got His Gun: thoughts on this book?[View]
22096208Post these kind of maps.[View]
22099313What was the point anyway? Was Goethe just flexing? I'll admit I got filtered, loved part 1[View]
22093685what is the best moby dick edition?[View]
22099213I am fully retarded: Need books that back one of the following three ideologies: 1.Going full degen …[View]
22099276What’s the best episode? Any other comfy /lit/ youtube channels? https://m.youtube.com/@famousauthor…[View]
22099262https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ-qlwdan1o Supposedly each singer in the opening of Godspell the mu…[View]
22097569>All the normies are outside having fun by the pool >Meanwhile I'm stuck indoors trying t…[View]
22097720Do you have a written correspondence with anyone? I like the idea of handwriting a letter but cant t…[View]
22096964Geopolitics reading list: Are there any reading lists or charts pertaining to geopolitics and intern…[View]
22099020Sad to say but pic-rel does not exist - so what, in your opinion, is the closest, most critically-ac…[View]
22098998Could Deleuzean theory hold up to BookTok scrutiny following a proper reintroduction?[View]
22097277City of Last Chances by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Due wrote pretty good stuff, so giving it a chance. Read…[View]
22095776Self Awareness: Postmodern literature and post-postmodern literature is too self conscious, too self…[View]
22096965U.G Krishnamurti: What exactly is this guy's viewpoint? would he even call it that? I tried to…[View]
22097138I must be getting filtered but: This book is fucking boring. I'm about 100 pages in but trying …[View]
22090821First I read picrel(left) and thought it was the most brutal redpill ever. Then I read picrel(right)…[View]
22095764If he came back today, what 10 books written after his death would you have him read?[View]
22098581Based Callicles BTFOing Socrates: >We mold the best and strongest among ourselves, catching them …[View]
22098820Underrated classic of modern literature.[View]
22098774All of you are a mixture of the Verdurins and Aunt Léonie desu. For realsies, the part where he make…[View]
22093035I'm thinking of creating a Youtube channel to focus on books and authors who are obscure if not…[View]
22096942can you fully appreciate literature if you're not knowledgeable in philosophy?[View]
22095941Girls don't talk to me. Most girls in my class don't even make eye contact with me. Are th…[View]
22098708well anon, will you be a beast or a god?[View]
22096697Harry Potter: Is it overrated?[View]
22098028Max IQ to waste your time on 'fiction' books? I think it's about 85.[View]
22096853Your favorite books on morality: I've been thinking a lot about why people are so sensitive on …[View]
22098271Lmao so philosophy is just one big justification for being an autist?[View]
22098427Is this good writing or terrible writing?[View]
22094693>Refutes Orphism >Refutes Parmenides >Refutes Pythagoras >Refutes Plato >Refutes Aris…[View]
22091219Anyone read this. I think I’m gonna start shilling for the guy and I need to do some research[View]
22097078Books about masculinity: I'll start[View]
22092863Why do most of the great writers have such fucked up lives? >Tolstoy: Thought about suicide all t…[View]
22098515How do I market on the internet my isekai anime harem pokemon not a ripoff erotic novel?[View]
22098519Proust on the allure of fiction: >The natural world remains at a distance, because it is apprehen…[View]
22095274I have this idea of a system for self improvement and productivity but I haven't found any book…[View]
22098287> When European science knew only the edge of the Eastern world, its admiration for ancient civil…[View]
22098261Describe a book cover Others guess the book title A bunch of people in the lying down position are f…[View]
22097531A Pickle for the Knowing Ones: Goue now an read this Book an by my old Master abov the Dexterpill wi…[View]
22094648How can I get an autographed copy of CotC?[View]
22097926Lovecraft's Stories Ranked: https://tiermaker.com/create/hp-lovecraft-stories-205705 Make your …[View]
22098140>approach book box at popular park in my city >squad of fat knock-knees bumbles towards it …[View]
22096846What are the best books about the Gallic Wars?[View]
22097566What's the optimal feudal Japan /lit/erature pipeline?[View]
22096645Is Fran O'Hara's poetry a literary equivalent to the technique of Pollock's or Kline…[View]
2209691611 out of 12 books for free on Amazon today: Happy reading /lit/[View]
22097731'Feminist' books that arent faggy?: My brother's 15 yo daughter is into reading and r…[View]
22094920His life story is more interesting that his fictional writing[View]
22097836Where is the Dante reading group? Just finish the second canto.[View]
22097777My god this is so unbearable to read. I can't understand none of the characters' motivatio…[View]
22097776>Julius Caesar genocided entire tribes of germanic people >exhibited the Gaul King during his …[View]
22094073Who are /lit/s favorite authors and boards?: besides /lit/ ofc Ill start. age: 24 boards: -/pol/ -/g…[View]
22097131just finished this and it was a real treat! Is there anyone that can give me advice on how to do it …[View]
22094895Does it get better? Am I ruined by tiktok or is this just genuinely slow book, I'm almost half …[View]
22096793Did Nietzsche predict booktube?[View]
22096430Pulp mags: Have you been reading any old pulps lately? I started reading Richard S. Shaver's sc…[View]
22097447Am I missing something here? I wasn't that big of a fan of this, is storm of steel significantl…[View]
22096472>Dr. Jeckyll, Im Mr. Hyde.[View]
22096550>Critical analysis of the book has held that it represents a rural Arcadia, separated from real-w…[View]
22095836Is there a political motivation behind this book that spoils it? It's next on my reading list, …[View]
22095841The filter to end all filters.[View]
22085881What's the book you're currently reading?[View]
22085728Proof you can write any old shit and people will pretend it's good. What a pile of shit[View]
22095980Has anyone read this? If so tell me how it is.[View]
22096559What's your fav book of 2023 so far?: >A lonely, lovable, queer mountain lion narrates this …[View]
22087655What words have you had to look up while reading? Post your vocabulary builder or word list equivale…[View]
22092237Any lit that deals with post WW2 mercenaries or members of the foreign legion?: Especially during an…[View]
22096716>Rob Nietzsche >Fuck his missus in front of him >Kill his friends >Piss on the floor …[View]
22090836this is a Buddhist text, transmuted through the autistic and exacting mind of a European[View]
22093433Is this happening in US schools with regard to literature?[View]
22093494What do we think of Chad A. Haag?[View]
22096520>ITT extremely disturbing and upsetting literature. Pic Related Exoskeleton by Shane Standler…[View]
22096932Why are adult YA fans like this...[View]
22094428Why is Catholic lit so gay?[View]

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