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13163991Divide between science and humanities: When did the humanities and STEM become so disconnected? One …[View]
13163277What makes a good book?[View]
13162731ITT: Writers and their musical equivalents[View]
13163122Yo book boys. I've never really read a book besides school. I was wondering what's the bes…[View]
13163666Though provoking yet humorous quotes thread + Simone Weil thread: >Compensations. Marius imagines…[View]
13162265Is there any book that captures the spirit of the bronze age?[View]
131613792019...I AM FORGOTTEN[View]
13145652ok this shit slaps[View]
13159446leave Bergson to me[View]
13161430Just finished this. I don't get why people always compare this with crime & punishment and …[View]
13162928Describe this image in your best verse.[View]
13160895Sapiens: Anyone read this? I liked it. I appreciated the analytical approach to subjective human exp…[View]
13158841Redpill me on Klages. How did he know intelligence is a parasite invading us from outside of space a…[View]
13163316>read youngteen adventure novel >its awesome! >tell your dad to read it >'sorry Anon, I …[View]
13162750Anything better than this?: I am 200 pages into the book, it's well written and interesting but…[View]
13163299friendly reminder that marx was based and redpilled[View]
13162918>Philosopher starts talking absolute bollocks about abstract bullshit Listen Schopy, you were be…[View]
13151318>”so whats the deal with books? Why are they so heavy? How heavy can words be? *audience laughter…[View]
13160504Stoicism: I just found out about Stoicism today and I really like it so far. What books do you recom…[View]
13162502Aristotle: I'm taking a course on ancient philosophy, and I want to do some extra reading on th…[View]
13163223I find every other person in the world annoying, I don't believe in anything spiritual, I find …[View]
13157388best books about Redemption?: preferably not within a strictly religious context[View]
13162620ITT: post the best passage(s) you have ever read.[View]
13162047Where do I start with Coomaraswamy, is it important to start with his earlier works like Guénon? Als…[View]
13161326Can I start with the Fountainhead by Rand ? If I find it interesting I'll make a video about it[View]
13163095>Agnes was incarcerated in the Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic at the behest of her father & br…[View]
13158697what does /lit/ think of Thoreau?[View]
13160289Are there any living polymath? Is it even possible to be a polymath in today's world of special…[View]
13163003What is the best way to write chemistry between 2 characters? I want to write a romance story, but I…[View]
13153788stack thread: This is what peak performance looks like.[View]
13162793Love him or hate him he's our generations Noam Chomsky[View]
13162545What the fuck is wrong with people: About to lose my mind over ignorant assholes. Local library has …[View]
13162690>So it says here you spend more time bitching about minorities and women than you do reading? …[View]
13162666How do I learn to think, write and speak like a philosopher? I have my beliefs and ideas but when I …[View]
13161901whichever government reads this: know that this post is absolute irony and not meant to be taken ser…[View]
13162560Best moral book about morals and Justice: What are the best books on justice and moral? I want somet…[View]
13162665book for this feel[View]
13161728Where can i read erotic porn storys to exercise my writing skills. I can search on google but just g…[View]
13162214Ode an die Freude: This poem must be one of the best of German / European literature. And also Beeth…[View]
13162226Was he right?[View]
13162516Harassment Architecture: >“Getting my shit kicked in by a clan of Jewish boarding school kids for…[View]
13161416What's your favorite plot point from the books that didn't make it to the show? For me, it…[View]
13156333I cant read this. Its too accurate It hurts too much. I am going to burst into treats[View]
13162443fat FUCK autist, can't wait for his morbid obesity to finally kill him.[View]
13162398George RR Martin PRAISES Nnedi Okorafor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2jSrbiTjhs I haven't …[View]
13162344>tfw no asuka gf Books for this feel?[View]
13161422What does /lit/ think of Jacques Ellul?[View]
13162109Was he a true philosopher?[View]
13161638Just finished Don Quichotte. The 3 first dubs will decide my next books. Book series and meme non fi…[View]
13162224Do you write on pen and paper, /lit? After a string of bad luck losing recently-written stuff, I…[View]
13162205Books for this feel???[View]
13161255Any writer anons here? What are some good books on writing and creating a story? Any personal advice…[View]
13153897ITT post major authors you have no interest in reading Feel free to try convincing others that they …[View]
13131301/write/ - Writing General: Handwriting Edition What are you writing, /lit/? This thread is about wri…[View]
13161961how do you pull off an annoying flawed female protagonist that appeals to both men and women?[View]
13155679>your country >what you're reading at the moment…[View]
13162044What did Chilo of Sparta, a wise man of old, mean by this? >So love as if you were possibly desti…[View]
13162099Help a newbie out: I have read cliche material for some years now. It has done nothing but cause bra…[View]
13161759Book you've read more times than any other? Pic related for me. It's basically my bible.[View]
13161120Take the pseudpill.[View]
13161963Is this worth reading? Does it get boring? It's pretty long.[View]
13161697How is it possible that John Bunyan's english prose in The Pilgrim's Progress is still so …[View]
13159525What did you bros think of Razumikhin?[View]
13159428What should I read before starting with Marx?[View]
13160944>Another circumstance, too, worried me in those days: that there was no one like me and I was unl…[View]
13159929Why don’t you own a parrot /lit/. All great and tragic men had parrots and all great writers are gre…[View]
13161505Understanding Ezra Pound: Hi, I've been reading Ezra Pound's poetry recently, I've on…[View]
13161696I like to be diverse in my reading, so what is the best from every genre and it doesn't matter …[View]
13160547>'I'm platonist'[View]
13160779Is this the most boring novel ever written? I'm midway through 'The Part About The Crimes…[View]
13160423Are the Orcs supposed to be an allegory for white people? i mean they both invade others lands, stea…[View]
13160540Someone should have told this ugly idiot to have sex.[View]
13161135This is literally me What should I read?[View]
13161686>he didn't start with the greeks[View]
13161720Homer, Shakespeare and... Ossian.[View]
13160871Should I read this book?[View]
13161527Please help: /lit/'s advice for someone suffering from ADHD and OCD with intrusive thoughts?…[View]
13153888How does love feels like? Is it like how literature makes it to be?[View]
13161675>learning German >hear that this is a good resource >this bitch says that Hegel was a commu…[View]
13156337Fiction books with no characters except the main character? Like, they are completely alone and inte…[View]
13160721How important is historical accuracy to you in a fictional narrative? What if the historical event (…[View]
13161561>Juliette is a novel written by the Marquis de Sade and published 1797–1801, accompanying Sade…[View]
13156101Good albums for reading?[View]
13161007Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
13159187Ok, so now we be like done with postmodernism and shit... What's next? Are we doomed to live in…[View]
13160293Be honest with yourself, he was smarter than you[View]
13160957Hey /lit/, can you recommend me some book that helps me to stop comparing myself to other people and…[View]
13161481What are /lit/'s thoughts on Daniel Handler (whose also known as Lemony Snicket)?[View]
13157899Smoking a cigarette whilst enjoying a novel y/n?[View]
13161239I need literature on the concepts of discipline and willpower in: >ancient greece >mycenean gr…[View]
13161034Does this pic come from /lit/? Does anyone know the source of this chart? I don’t remember where I f…[View]
13160785>dude spectacle lmao[View]
13156836Any books that deal with the same level of intelligence?[View]
13161291Are Gilgamesh and Hercules the same person? Also Thor?[View]
13159948The Call of the Wild: Was it kino? Finished it in a single sitting last night and the end made me cr…[View]
13161341This is the most recent book I read. It was good.[View]
13161095Are there any books on the idea of academia having wasted its time with esoteric and banal deconstru…[View]
13161093What books do I need to read to learn to terrorize SJW's with the Socratic method?[View]
13159505L O N G E G[View]
13160867Someone have a chart for becq? Someone recommended me him but I don't know where to start and w…[View]
13157395left = cringe right = based[View]
13159983Emil Cioran[View]
13161223Reading Spinoza's Ethics[View]
13159726Siege: Why is this book shilled so much on here?[View]
13159911Books about eliminating racism: As a young African American man, I've experienced my share of r…[View]
13157630>My favorote writer is Thomas Bernhard What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
13159117ITT we summarize great literature like a stoner >dude its like we keep trying to make sense of t…[View]
13147797I roughly have 2 months left to submit a 35.000 words long thesis. Is this feasible and what strateg…[View]
13159515Fiction or non-fiction?[View]
13161027Im a boerd /int/ fag travelling trough boards i never been to looking for entertaiment and i wanted …[View]
13159555Does he have any other literally merit than >lmao bro just do whatever[View]
13159902Who are some comfy philosophers that will help me find inner peace?[View]
13149130?: What's the most interesting/controversial philosophical question you've ever pondered a…[View]
13154050What are some good books with few or no women characters?: False rape allegations, #metoo, feminism,…[View]
13160904How do I survive Perrin's fucking story arc lads? He's so boring >Muh Faile >Muh wif…[View]
13159429Does this pic come from /lit/? Does anyone know the source of this chart? I don’t remember where I f…[View]
13160326Is /lit/ into magazines? What are you subscribing to atm? Do you prefer digital or physical? I'…[View]
13159647Was he an incel?[View]
13157461Ways to spot a retard/subhuman reader, or as you would call it, a pseud? >Thinks Nietzsche and Pl…[View]
13160692Is it okay if this is my favorite Pynchon book?[View]
13159399Redpill me on this psychopath. What's his endgame?[View]
13157289Lonesome Dove: When Augustus came out on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake—not a ver…[View]
13156462Knut Hamsun: Anyone else a Hamsun fan? I just finished Growth of the Soil, Pan, and Victoria all in …[View]
13160630>read faust part 1 >enjoy it somewhat >start reading faust part 2 >pages and pages of so…[View]
13160730The darkness above: The darkness above is a romantic spin into the realms of reality and reason. The…[View]
13159969A Song of Ice and Fire: Going to start reading these. Any particular edition that is good or is the …[View]
13159783They're all wrong. Or mostly wrong, at least. Ted Kaczynski is the most right anyone has ever b…[View]
13160102A large lake surrounds a large city. Thousands of people rely on the lake for commercial fishing, to…[View]
13160545>tfw it took 2366years to translate every works of Plato from the original text to your gook rune…[View]
13160404Is there a English translation audiobook of the Vedas?[View]
13160642>mfw trying to read Once and Future King Are all arthurian myths so fucking boring or just this o…[View]
13157501Bought this what am I in for?[View]
13160635Can we get a Joan Didion thread http://www.carljay.com/whatsnew/nothing_left.htm Who wants to do a r…[View]
13157782What websites/journals does /lit/ read?[View]
13159012Lads, I'll be attending a wedding near Mumbai in a few months. Do you have any recommendations …[View]
13158453Does anyone else really hate looking at this picture? Something's wrong with it, every time I s…[View]
13151681What are some good inspirational books for a 23 year old neet loser that's had enough and despe…[View]
13154466Age/Shelf/Condiment: 23/McDonald's Buffalo sauce[View]
13160456*looks up blankly* >Whats an opinion you hold that is not in step with the consensus/majority? Co…[View]
13159749>Every inch of the country carved up, fenced off and used for either buildings or farming >The…[View]
13160324How can fascism be wrong when its literally the definition of justice?[View]
13158776Why is he such a big deal?[View]
13159388Demon Literature: I'm curious as to where any demon literature is located, let us talk about it…[View]
13159890What are the best novels on the lives of Roman emperors? Memoirs of Hadrian, Williams' Augustus…[View]
13158698Do you keep diaries /lit/? If so, what do you write there?[View]
13159619What books do I read to better understand Christianity and the Bible?[View]
13159991What are the good parts of this thing? How do you force yourself to read it?[View]
13156079What are some good sci-fi books? And books about overcoming one's own personal darkness and fau…[View]
13145533Who is he?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MzFgsIByv0[View]
13159825Why do women like this book so much?[View]
13154887Is it worth reading it?[View]
13138114What do the great philosophers say about being a NEET?[View]
13159790Based and redpilled: What are some based and redpilled books?[View]
13160012Is it true?: 'I understand the ‘prophet’ with his sabre, on his steed: Allah commands and ‘trembling…[View]
13159867Books about people disgueted with oneself's conduct and thoughts. How to come around it and sto…[View]
13159472Spoiler Just read a Perfect Day for Bananafish and holy crap what a way to end a story. It was so g…[View]
13157437Just through a panic attack, but it's gone now. Any comfy short story to relax?[View]
13157500ITT: meditation books: Anyone read this book? I read Sam harris’ waking up book and have been using …[View]
13158790/lit/, what is the best greek play ever written? It's either The Clouds or Medea imo. The Orest…[View]
13159163Books on alienation, pain and suffering.: I really enjoyed Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment an…[View]
13159860>little sister found the lolita[View]
13159447Why are audiobooks so fucking expensive. I need something to do while I'm stuck on long commute…[View]
13159717Books on Relationships: I recently finished rereading Brave New World and found myself drawing paral…[View]
13157874Opinions on audio-books and the book Foundation by Isaac Asimov?[View]
13155131ITT babys first overrated garbage[View]
13159407What audiobooks have you listened to this month?: For me, so far: -Revolt against the modern world -…[View]
13159773>just realized I’m not gonna escape samsara in this lifetime Literature for this feel?…[View]
13159770Paradise Lost: I would like to print Paradise Lost from this site with all annotations to the right,…[View]
13156991where would i find good erotic literature, lit?[View]
13157436So I’ve written like song lyrics since high school, and that’s been my natural language when it come…[View]
13158397Julius Evola: Where do I start with this wannabe aristocrat?[View]
13159693What other cool modern sayings should I be aware of and use? >you do you senpai >gucci >sal…[View]
13158436Which one should I go for? Is there any better edition?[View]
13159681More like this? Books that expose the fake reality that we live in hopefully by authors which are mo…[View]
13159221>dude beauty lmao[View]
13158269>I feel it is a great shame if ordinary sane novels about ordinary sane people doing ordinary san…[View]
13159613>the characters weren't likeable[View]
13156640>Eyyo waddup dog! >the fuck you reading nigga? >is that the nigga Dostoevsky? that shit sla…[View]
13159567Nearly three years ago, I was suddenly struck, just like a bolt of lightning, about the uncertainty …[View]
13159524Where my brainlets at!!!! Reminder that the brain is >a parasite designed to keep you ruled by e…[View]
13152707Has there been one good fantasy novel written in the last 20 years?[View]
13157136What other books are similar to this fantastic read? Preferably non-fiction/biographical.[View]
13159027Post a song, get a recommendation. https://youtu.be/XVekJTmtwqM[View]
13159289you fools: Hello again /lit/, we meet again. After weeks of roaming this board I was told to 'read t…[View]
13158495Had a dissociative episode again today. What's some literature that's /dis-core/?[View]
13155908I need to find a book to my gf. Her birthday is tomorrow. She is somewhat smart, but she won't …[View]
13159239I’m going to read one of these Bibles: I’ve read the Bible (kjv, no commentary) before. I now want t…[View]
13155037Is it okay to not finish reading a bad book? But then, how do you know if it was bad when you didn…[View]
13157559Am I redpilled yet?[View]
13157916Best military biography of Julius Caesar: I've been watching a youtube channel called Historia …[View]
13158785>dude just accelerate the system >*gets extinct from global warming*…[View]
13156139what are some books/materials that will help me get a good LSAT score and do well in law school?[View]
13153547I’m ready to write a novel. Like RIGHT NOW[View]
13159000Why not both?[View]
13159167Chart: Last one reached image limit[View]
13159166ITT: Post books that fucking S L A P[View]
13159108>poetry literally just rap music but with less meaning and even gayer, prove me wrong…[View]
13158155just finished pic related. really enjoyed it &loved how vivid the characters were (Razumikhin ba…[View]
13158700>he still thinks pynchon will publish another book ive heard from a trusted source that hes liter…[View]
13158963>couple of X's >couple X's Which one is correct or are both fine?…[View]
131582833x3 thread[View]
13159107uhhh so basically I'm slightly drunk and I want to write a story. Give me ideas, incels. UwU[View]
13159053Give me a theme, topic or prompt and I'll write you a little something.[View]
13152974>the KJV Bible and 1984 are the only books i need[View]
13158956Is there any piece of literature more elegant that explores the themes of humans elevated to godline…[View]
13157907Give me some literature that will make me appear smart on the surface but in reality will actually l…[View]
13147536Anon, you’ve read the WHOLE Bible? All of it?[View]
13158074>dude holyshit I have great idea for a scene right now >get on cp(or paper), open up my word p…[View]
13154873>'The Left' is the intellectual rationalistic-romantic belief that one can conquer real…[View]
13156416Overrated garbage: title[View]
13155304In which books does Kierkegaard adress regrets ? My mind never fails to bring up wathever shit I did…[View]
13158691What's the best source I can read on Joan of Arc?[View]
13158650Why is this considered visionary(its not)? Which is the most imaginative of the culture series?[View]
13158829What is the literary equivalent of anno’s love and pop?[View]
13156882What is the purpose and the appeal of poetry? Its the one area of literature I've never really …[View]
13158558What did he meant by this / if it isn't about how obvious the answer is (because apparently th…[View]
13158800Object identification: I've noticed that ever since I was young, I would imbue my identity into…[View]
13158510What fuckin' book are you readin'? Start talkin' little man![View]
13158806English Radicalism: I'm after literature from the tradition of English Radicalism/socialism, pr…[View]
13151144Remember this? Harold Bloom blurbed it. I wonder if he regrets that endorsement.[View]
13153816China’s new ‘social credit system’ is a dystopian nightmare: >https://nypost.com/2019/05/18/china…[View]
13156731Undergraduate Thesis/Graduate Thesis: Havard anon, how did you find Kissinger's thesis? I am t…[View]
13157993what are some /lit/ albums?[View]
13158048About to start this. Thoughts? Good/bad?[View]
13155634>The Religion of China: Confucianism and Taoism is a book written by Max Weber, a German economis…[View]
13158707What is some fiction about humans being driven to or past their limits? Can be mentally or physicall…[View]
13155960Is 'the decline of the west' still worth reading?: I'm struggling with it, and it sometimes fee…[View]
13154217On the Jews and their Lies by Martin Luthier: His book was a guide not a prop.[View]
13156635GUYS, HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS?: There are no more mods on this board! You are free to post what…[View]
13158514He was lucky to avoid #metoo.[View]
13157759Why does nu-/lit/ hate him so much?[View]
13151598/Catholicism/ general: Thread #3 Ask questions, recommend books, discuss, anything related to the Go…[View]
13156753Remember guys take a water break, you shouldn't be posting with out taking a hydration break 2…[View]
13158512What are some books that completely change your view on reality and life in general?[View]
13155019>Imagine bowing to pressure to take part in a surrogate activity everyone else does and insists i…[View]
13153727I haven't cried so much for a book as for this one[View]
13156940On One Piece and Nietzsche: Hey cocksmokers it's me, So one piece has a lot of Nietzschean moti…[View]
13158479I used to have no problem in feeling immersed in what I read, but lately it's getting hard for …[View]
13156103is it possible to train one's inner monologue to present itself in verse?[View]
13147429Younger Man, Older Woman Romace Books: Hey, /lit/! I need some help looking for some books that…[View]
13150940Take the blackpill[View]
13153800Finally understand that to create complex structures is the purpose of the universe but to what end?…[View]
13156788What is the /lit/ equivalent to XRA[View]
13155177Is it worth getting a set of the Great Books of the Western World? Is there any meaningful differenc…[View]
13158241>Why hello there ol' chap, I see you are reading The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Fabulous novel …[View]
13157271I love Moby-Dick so much. Even though it's a somewhat despairing book, its message to get throu…[View]
13158172I just got given a $20 book voucher, what am buying /lit/?[View]
13158038why the hell is fiction so boring?[View]
13157623What are some good non-meme philosophers worth reading?[View]
13157013>tfw writing your novel and a quarter of the way through you realize it's utter shit but you…[View]
13157405Reactionary 20th Century Writers: Like Evola, Mishima, Baron Sudeley and Maududi. Also post any good…[View]
13157702I need a pen name for my book. However gets dubs decides what pen name I will have and I will transl…[View]
13154333>parents found self insert anime fanfiction with me having relationship with cute loli…[View]
13157911why are the best historians of philosophy christians?[View]
13157845>reads Kant once[View]
13157828itt: epic BTFOs in literary history[View]
13156223Is Dennet an NPC?[View]
13155971What's your opinion of this book, lit?[View]
13154655Disappointing your Dad with book choice: >reading “Infinite Jest” in my room >dad walks in and…[View]
13157644naked lunch: >be me, sitting in the class, reading naked lunch. >classmate: naked lunch? why a…[View]
13157146Literature is a good way to spend my ti-: >'For instance, nobody will doubt that those who devote…[View]
13156775Do you think it's possible to publish something so cringeworthy that there's literally no …[View]
13157477Galadriel wasn't Gandalf's fucking boss in Tolkien's world. Peter Jackson is a fat Fe…[View]
13140161Post a picture, get a book rec[View]
13155332Something that I've noticed is that people who take an interest in Guenon, Sankara, Sufism etc …[View]
13155486Why is this still considered a 'classic'? Show me 1 (one) book of literature who has this as their m…[View]
13157154>tfw it took me an hour to read 10 pages What pace do you fellas read at? How do I into the speed…[View]
13154574Shakespeare in highschool: how your colleagues reacted?: I am not from an English-speaking country a…[View]
13153111The Temple of The Golden Pavilion: Currently enjoying The Temple Of The Golden Pavilion, commenced i…[View]
13157209The best mafia kino.[View]
13157196ITT: Passages that describe you >I kept to myself all that I felt, made all my plans on my own, …[View]
13157165I can afford The Iliad + exactly ONE (1) of this man's books. I am not familiar with his though…[View]
13152171Do you write, or just read?: How many people on this board would like to be an author? If so, of wha…[View]
13156745>'Japanese is so hard! Why should I even learn a language that doesn't even have good litter…[View]
13155238On the Heights of Despair: What I'm in for?[View]
13156921Is there any value to reading the work of amateurs?[View]
13153931Books about freeing oneself from addictons?[View]
13156931Feedback Thread: What do you guys think about prose like this? (Also general feedback thread)[View]
13152403write my essay for me you fucking nerds[View]
13154999What is your opnion on individualism and egoism ?[View]
13153040Book of the dead: I: Overture He remembered who he was, his name and the names of his father's …[View]
13156661/lit opinion on this ?: Give me a meme sum up of this book[View]
13156107I cant really properly articulate my feelings on this, but here it goes: >read Marx and Marxist l…[View]
13156064Hey /lit/ never really been on this board but I wanted to ask to any of you authors here how do you …[View]
13156642https://www.chronicle.com/article/Fanning-the-Flames-While-the/246339 >But then again, who cares?…[View]
13155550boom boom cute mummyfu squirt milkies babys face rinse relax repeat: boom boom cute mummyfu squirt m…[View]
13156470Are they the final pill?[View]
13151425Define art. What is your aesthetic philosophy?[View]
13155992Woah, so this.. is the power of the Iron Pill.[View]
13156469What's your favourite short story by Chekhov?[View]
13147406How does he feel right now? His life's greatest work was ruined by shitty Yaaas Queeen fanficti…[View]
13156359ITT: Post books, short stories or poems that deal with loneliness[View]
13155125>'Exterminate all homosexuals and fascism will vanish.' What the fuck did he mean by this?…[View]
13155558What's the literary equivalent of this episode?[View]
13153993http://mindbluff.com/askread.htm how fast is your reading speed, /lit/? as for me it is 500-550 wpm[View]
13148760How to write a female protagonist that both males and females would like, without her being a hotass…[View]
13156342what a fucking retard: >hurr you can't hurt someone because hurting a dog doesn't help …[View]
13156077Tao Te Ching Ping Pong: Just finished. Major disappointment. No wonder its Made in China. Seems to m…[View]
13155018How do you do what george r r martin did? The amount of normals hooked into this phenomenon is insan…[View]
13156054Now that the tv show is finished, what do you expect from Winds of Winter?[View]
13156123Whats his married life like? Is having a qt azn waifu the way forward for Western man?[View]
13154143Kant: Can I start reading philosophy with this bad boi, or should I start with others?[View]
13155273>dude muh dad lmao[View]
13155500So how did Uncle Tom become an insult among black people?[View]
13153166The Ancient City: Friendly reminder that you can read the classics but you won’t understand the gréc…[View]
13155487Obviously we must all read the ancients. But before you embark on many thousands of pages of reading…[View]
13156005Is he black?[View]
13153863lit that will make me grow up from the mindset that: everybody's evil, the worlds a chaotic tra…[View]
13156002Love it or hate it this is our generations version of 'Manufacturing Consent' By Noam Chomsky[View]
13154475What is the single most important word and why?[View]
13154388Reading him gives me a headache. How can one man be so obscure?[View]
13155974man this shit[View]
13155972I'm trying to write a first person story, but it has been years since I've done anything t…[View]
13140019Stream of consciousness: Write whatever comes to mind at the moment[View]
13147249Is he a meme?[View]
13135491ITT: Post a picture and others write a poem about it[View]
13152105Tfw read 90 pages today.[View]
13154924ITT: your favourite philosopher: Mine was Socrates until I found out how based Diogenes the Cynic wa…[View]
13154641what did Alissa Nutting mean by this ?[View]
13155322Books women will never understand[View]
13151005What else should I read if I enjoyed Lolita?[View]
13152682On writing: I keep writing disgusting fanfiction instead of my actual book. At least I'm writin…[View]
13153909Something that I've noticed is that people who take an interest in Whitehead, Deleuze, Derrida …[View]
13154596Start with the trivium.[View]
13155519Audiobooks: What do you guys think about audiobooks versus actually reading? Is there a beneficial …[View]
13155543thredde fra'th'musick ov'Antony Burgess: who did my boy tony with this album cover ht…[View]
13153844stories from around the world set on islands: i would like to read more stories that take place on a…[View]
13154971Is Alamut worth the read? Is it Russian propaganda?[View]
13153245I'm about to start reading pic related, with no spoilers is there anything historical I should …[View]
13154451I don’t get it[View]
13155379What was his problem? Was it autism?[View]
13155280Which edition of moby dick should I buy? Archaic language is preferable to some modern editor's…[View]
13149331How could a smart man like Schopenhauer still be so misogynistic?[View]
13155281r8 /10[View]
13154088Can /lit/ recommend me any authors who are also able to masterfully skewer and lampoon the Anglos li…[View]
13154835Der Ring des NibelungenRichard Wagner: Is this actually worth reading or should I simply stick to th…[View]
13152995What are the best introductory books (undergrad level maybe) to philosophy? I've read Aristoles…[View]
13147801/lit/, what is the most thrilling novel you've read?[View]
13154870Nietzsche said that Goethe and Wincklemann didn't understand the Greeks. What say you, /lit/? W…[View]
13155174admit it - a song of ice and fire is a modern masterpiece to be compared with the likes of Tolstoy (…[View]
13155069books in which the main character is kino[View]
13155170how dirty do your hands have to get before you're uncomfortable handling ya books?[View]
13155162Was it rape?[View]
13153234>We must draw a sharp distinction between the thing and its properties on one side, and the “esse…[View]
13148735/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: STUPID QUESTIONS EDITION >'H-hey guys I just fini…[View]
13153376Would it really be so bad if an unfeeling completely rational AI ruled humanity? What if the AI was …[View]
13154188All theories that claim to answer fundamental questions about existence and meaning are always by ne…[View]
13154888It seems that is the case, Socrates: 'I shall now try to argue for the position that all that moves …[View]
13153242This is a containment thread for Game of Thrones related discussion. Fun fact: The books were lauded…[View]
13154963dewey decimal classification or library of congress classification ? pick only one why?[View]
13154140When incorporating themes into a book, is it better to decide what themes you’d like to include befo…[View]
13154403Dear friends, I've recently had my first child and no longer have the energy nor the time to re…[View]
13154862Romeo and Juliet: I will bite my thumb at them which is a disgrace to them if they bear it[View]
13153663Anyone else, when they were younger, thought about committing suicide just to garner sympathy? Almos…[View]
13154810>'A sort of novel' is how Montesquieu described his Persian Letters, and indeed a narra…[View]
13154840books for getting over being in love with your best friend[View]
13154847Anyone noticed the similarities between Bazarov and Mr Kurz? Both live by different principles than …[View]
13154788discuss: tell me all your thoughts about this book[View]
13151019BILL GATES READING LIST IS OUT: well, /lit/? https://www.gatesnotes.com/About-Bill-Gates/Summer-Boo…[View]
13154073Is there anything in this chart that is actually worth reading?[View]
13154776>too depressed to read anything Books for this feel?[View]
13154722Is it actually worth reading or just a meme?[View]
13154533For me, it's Easton Press[View]
13151748Best audio books: Recommend some of your favorite audio books, especially those available on audible…[View]
13153756Murakami books to start with?: Hey /lit/, it's been a while since I've posted around these…[View]
13147284Reoccuring characters and stories: Looking for characters and stories that are retold and reinterpre…[View]
13151185>reading introductions What's /lit/'s view on reading introductions? Is there any point…[View]
13154634>takes place in North America And... Dropped.[View]
13153239is life majorly designed by what you did when you were under 10 years old? it seems like anything fr…[View]
13154300>For instance, nobody will doubt that those who devote their time to useless literary questions …[View]
13154230How do I get into cosmic horror boys? Any recommendations? Been reading some Junji Ito and have pick…[View]
13153939How do I make the transition from a man of cinema to a man of literature?[View]
13153533What does lit think of Spinoza?[View]
13153996post /lit/ music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFDj3shXvco[View]
13151293Whats a good book with a realistic depiction of medieval life and battle conditions? Similar to 'wit…[View]
13153380are self-insert characters inherently bad?[View]
13150791underrated book types to hoard in case society collapse?: i already have some on farming concrete so…[View]
13154056just finished this and absolutely loved it whats the general /lit/ consensus? Iim gonna put off read…[View]
13154246Who are some 'villains' who did nothing wrong from literature?[View]
13153998When reading a story with a bunch of characters do you give them all different accents in your head?[View]
13154259FEEDBACK/THOUGHTS NZ PUNK RAP??: https://soundcloud.com/planet44/ctr-alt-dlt-of-wave-mix-140419-1154…[View]
13152184Marx's sense of humor: Fellow fought a duel at 18 and got a wound just above his right eye. ..W…[View]
13153776Manga is better than literature.[View]
13153926What's with literal atheist neckbeards appropriating the very mythlogies they talk shit about t…[View]
13154020/our guy/ did a 12-part video series on youtube analyzing René Guénon's 'The Reign of Quan…[View]
13149370You are Crito. What do you say to Socrates to convince him to escape?[View]
13154119ok, this fucking slaps[View]
13154041Did you guys know that Hyperion has a lapis sky?[View]
13153625take the redpill[View]
13149785Write a poem for your or a mother anon. Let's give the first woman we failed and who failed us …[View]
13154014Arden or Folger?: Which is better in terms of commentaries/notes/other supplementary material?…[View]
13153308Were/are the Sophists right?[View]
13148813>Celtic mythology is bad because it doesn't make sense >:([View]
13153878Dumbest Book Interpretations You've Heard.: 'I just read To Kill A Mockingbird. It's so sa…[View]
13150525what am i in for?[View]
13153924Are stories taken from everyday life makes up the best kind of literature? I feel like crime, myster…[View]
13153936Classical language + English literature or Classical language + philosophy?[View]
13153618what is your most inspirational novel: oh also how do I get a cute /lit/ gf who won't cheat on …[View]
13142545Top 5 books to change one’s life: Hey /lit/ recent migrant to your board so please bear with me. I’m…[View]
13153869I'm trying to find a poem and haven't been able to do so by googling. It's about the …[View]
13152207Is this meme accurate? I don't want to read any Nazi's or racists?[View]
13150448what would be the /lit/ alternative to Game of Thrones? Hard mode: no 'The Accursed Kings'.[View]
13152739here's the best books of all time bro[View]
13153785>In our special place what did she mean?[View]
13147169Does any of you has a degree or are you just shit out whatever you think?[View]
13152563>Pic related was considered a battle between two intellectual titans, the equivalent of Chomsky a…[View]
13153363is there a recommended order if I wanna read several works by Garcia Marquez?[View]
13153716What are books that will help me to get rich?[View]
13153647Books you read (and comprehended) in three days or less[View]
13153298Why would you waste time reading literature instead of philosophy? You learn much more from philosop…[View]
13153570>No way to get series of books in the same hardcover edition so that they all match >Have to g…[View]
13153553Is it worth it writing off of zero sleep?[View]
13152444The Stranger by Albert Camus: Just finished it, a good read that I would recommend. What do you all …[View]
13151893What's the literary equivalent of this?[View]
13146688I just read this nigga and now I want to kill myself. Please God, somebody give me a refusion to thi…[View]
13153175books on how to start a cult?[View]
13152073writing tip: How do you decide when to use past vs present tense?[View]
13152069Why is the /lit/ lifestyle so lonely guys? Why spend all this time reading, learning and writing if …[View]
13152786Thoughts on this?: Don't know why but i just find his writing really comfy in audio format. Bee…[View]
13153535https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFv0vHRdE3w Books for this feel?[View]
13147462Where do I find /lit/ people or at least people that aren't just the average boring person?[View]
13153424MLIS: Is getting a Masters in Library and Information Sciences a joke now? Will librarians become ex…[View]
13150855Best history of the Roman Republic? Empire can be included too if they are together. Stack not relat…[View]
13152206Anybody read this? I'm about halfway through. His interpretation of Hegel is brilliant, but I…[View]
13153009How do I get into my local art/literary scene?[View]
13151553Philosophy that validates losers?: I'm looking for a philosophy that says it's okay to be …[View]
13146185What's a book that can make you really appreciate the fact that anything exists at all?: Just s…[View]
13144425Are there more right wing spinozian or deleuzean philosophers than Lick Nand and the guy from Buzzfe…[View]
13149868Kingkiller Chronicles Book III: Is Patrick Rothfuss choking? It seems like every time he updates on …[View]
13153054>the absolute STATE of modern '''journalism'''[View]
13153001Game of thrones was better, book per book[View]
13153112YESYESYESYESYES: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-48336059[View]
13152603>Ayo Teach! anon be packin' a non-library book up in his Jansport nigga…[View]
13152765Sometimes I hate you sometimes I love you but everyday I miss you[View]
13153123Every generation thinks that it is better than the one that comes after it. So does this mean that l…[View]
13152709Did Paul really corrupt Jesus' teachings[View]
13152356I loved Airships How will I feel about this /lit/?[View]
13151148What is the life of a poet?[View]
13152493I bought the Butler translation. How'd I do?[View]
13152948yuh... yuh yuh aye yuh... yuh AYE yuh yuh... yuh yuh yuh... yuh yuh yuh... yuh yuh yuh... yuh yuh yu…[View]
13149285Do any of you guys use modafinil on a daily basis? I was thinking on using half a pill to be able to…[View]
13152932Who was the author that /lit/ had a sticky on recently? He was a Catholic author who died and his bo…[View]
13145129What are some books that celebrate evil as an essence that is magnificent, divine, glorious, etc. Pr…[View]
13151070Books on alienation and depersonalization caused by the Internet? Something that builds on the ideas…[View]
13152735big schmood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhCLalLXHP4[View]
13149545>But this much can be said, the developing Christian consciousness is one which is activistic, an…[View]
13152845which book is on his nightstand?[View]
13151669How do I write a story when every idea I think of has been done before?[View]
13144060A new philosophy of life - 'Hemingnietzsche' conceptualizaiton: The other night I was out on the tow…[View]
13151666The devil and miss prym: You live in a village of 300 people. A stranger offers you one gold ingot i…[View]
13151758To >>13146019 and anyone that is interested in literature, join the old orpheus' tiny cha…[View]
13152261>Mother found the manuscripts[View]
13143262What are some genuine works of literary merit for overcoming this? I.e. go from being a submissive, …[View]
13152208What websites are good for creating a writer's portfolio? t. assuming /lit/ writes and not just…[View]
13152205Thoughts on this excerpt from something I’m working on? Don’t worry, the whole thing isn’t this edgy…[View]
13142548Books women will never EVER understand[View]
13144666Is this book any good[View]
13151792>Oh God I need to read Husserl >I know so little >*buys $150 of books* >I haven’t read R…[View]
13152291Anyone here working on a library science degree or working as a librarian? Is it worth? Will be fini…[View]
13152402I would like to write a dark fantasy but am having trouble thinking how to describe what the more ob…[View]
13152410Books with this plot?[View]
13151255What would be your ideal reading/writing scenario, assuming money was not a problem. >hut in the …[View]
13152191Opinions?: I just started reading again for the first time since hs. Currently half way through pic …[View]
13144160For how long have you browsed /lit/?[View]
13146878I didn't get it. He spends 300 pages going back and forth across the country getting drunk with…[View]
13145632I've been struggling with my belief in Christianity for a while now and I've realized what…[View]
13151456SLAVE TO INSTINCT AND DESIRE: What texts - philosophical, psychological, or theological - will aid a…[View]
13151649Why do so many modern writers feel the need to put an explicit sex scene in every single book they w…[View]
13152249where do I start with Celine?[View]
13142141The history of all hitherto existing society(2) is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave…[View]
13152244Do you guys know of any good books about the end of the world? Looking for books perhaps about a wan…[View]
13152240Scary Stories: Share your best campfire ghost stories. I’ll start, I used to tell this one to the ki…[View]
13150830Book Recs: What books would/do you recommend for someone who likes: The Master and Margarita Paradis…[View]
13143210Post more of these ridicilous covers, they always gives me good laughs.[View]
13148914What am i in for?[View]
13151635Rec books with fantastic military speeches that inspire you and attach you. On another note a friend…[View]
13143842Love him or hate him he's our generations Noam Chomsky[View]
13150508Post literal frauds[View]
13149799About to start 'the Sound and the Fury': So what am I in for, /lit/bros?[View]
13149917Distraction-free word processors: Any of you faggots ever use one of these? I actually found a cheap…[View]
13151991>write exactly one page of manuscript >feel like a Real Writer™…[View]
13150702What are some books that I can tell normies that I read, so that I signal that I am not pretentious …[View]
13149554Don Quixote as presented by Cervantes is a translation from an Arabic text he chanced upon in the ma…[View]
13149956Recommend me some short novels (<300 pages). Ideally originally written in English, ideally early…[View]
13150896e/lit/its, is No Longer Human actually based or just redditcore?[View]
13151828book about people driven to crime through desperation & got in war over their head[View]
13151558>it's not sir, it's ser >it's not hide and seak, it's peak and sneak >i…[View]
13149891Based UG Krish juggling the ball[View]
13151577>I froze your tears and made a dagger, >and stabbed it in my cock forever. >It stays there …[View]
13149829It's a bad time for me. Some bloomer core novel might do me good. What would you recommend ?[View]
13146343Does Writings 1997-2003 (CCRU) have anything that isn't in Fanged Noumena? I want read everythi…[View]
13150329What else is of importance if you do not have love?[View]
13148592Economics: What is the best book for people who dont have ANY knowledge of economics? Literally none…[View]
13149863>be me >bored with fiction >start reading Montaigne >damn this nigga is literally me bu…[View]
13151345Anyone here read Fatima Barkatula? She wrote some popular books on Islam, and is a big activist agai…[View]
13151118What does /lit/ think of Japanese horror fiction such as Edogawa Rampo short stories and Koji Suzuki…[View]
13148039Is there any practical use for philosophy? Besides some vague 'it makes me worry less' waffle.[View]
13151210Polyglots , Do you prefer to read foreign books in their original form or translated to your native …[View]
13150789describe this noble man in minimum 50 words.[View]
13151208Help, i've been irony poisoned! I can't make a single statement without it being buried wi…[View]
13151037Is writing out of spite a good motivator? What are some good books written by a hateful, spiteful in…[View]
13150942Do you take nootropics to improve your reading? I ordered a bottle of these so I can read 500 pages …[View]
13143823/ourguy/ Scaruffi just posted a list of his favorite philosophy texts on his website a few hours ago…[View]
13151146itt: books that are beyond /lit/'s ken[View]
13151130Which is the superior writer?[View]
13151121What is /lit/s opinion about it? I have read a third part of the fourth one and so far is pretty bor…[View]
13148833Was this book just anti-fascist propaganda?[View]
13150216Reposting this: >Are we supposed to be or not to be? >Said the angel to the Queen >I lift u…[View]
13150795who is the Mahler of literature? Looking for works that can compare to the pure sublimity of his fir…[View]
13150187Reading this shit and it's extremely obvious stuff. Going to drop it. Is this meant for high sc…[View]
13134533Books to combat asceticism?[View]
13140829>I think, therefore I am What a hack.[View]
13150059My Dearest /lit/izens, I have an assignment that requires me to read a non fiction book that I will …[View]
13149092Where do i start with Blanchot's non-fiction?[View]
13149495what should i expect from this?[View]
13149237Are there any editions that aren't abysmally fucking ugly? Why the fuck do publishers do this? …[View]
13148728Sacrifice of Isaac: Hagar was Abraham's wife (Genesis 16:3), so Ishmael was his legal firstborn…[View]
13150790Definitely Psy-Ops[View]
13145936Has a book series ever been destroyed by an on-screen adaptation before the books were even finished…[View]
13150351He's going to fix it for the books r-right?[View]
13150781hey who told Melville about stream of consciousness[View]
13150570Anyone have a .pdf of pic related? I need it for a project.[View]
13150108I wonder what /lit/ will choose: 1) A life of pure hedonism, 'the kingdom of earth shall be yours' a…[View]
13150721I need to a good story, modern, and something *worth* reading. Something like Lolita. I enjoy flower…[View]
13150502Good books from asia[View]
13150258Autistic /lit/shit you believed: When i was a kid i tought kafka's metamorphosis was real and f…[View]
13150382How do I learn to hold solid convictions? I've tried reading different books to educate myself …[View]
13150394Books for this feel?[View]
13150379Who was in the right?: On O’Connell Street, Yeats listened to and praised Joyce’s poems. Then Joyce:…[View]
13148211I have a history of having a difficult time with exams. Just came back giving one and I feel like cr…[View]
13147433'English Socialism' or Ingsoc. The Ultimate Socio-Political Theory: Ingsoc Good, or Double Plus Good…[View]
13146873Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
13146635Hero to villain arc.: Gentleman i need literature about this kind of arc; someone who lost his ways,…[View]
13150058>Hermann Hesse's 1927 novel Steppenwolf is a curious mixture of mysticism and existential an…[View]
13144754Which FICTION book could knock IJ out of the chart?[View]
13149507itt we post neet core literature[View]
13149323'Drunk and starring at the ceiling after the most eventful day of his life, Leopold Bloom for once f…[View]
13148314>write a few fantasy novels in a planned series >completed books become adapted into a massive…[View]
13147297Are there any far-right authors that are actually worth reading?[View]
13149904Literature for this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYmqJl4MoNI[View]
13127072Post shelf, age, favorite condiment. 20 Mustard[View]
13146577is this worth the read for the laughs?[View]
13146477>writing multiple fictional diaries >make those character write letters, sometimes between the…[View]
13149329What are your favorite works with a NEET protagonist?[View]
13149356Post Apo novel set in a fantasy world [View]
13148845Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet Cut myself on angel hair and baby's breath Broken h…[View]
13148868Have you read Settlers yet, /lit/?[View]
13144877Why is western philosophy so shit nowadays? What killed it? Was it Marx? Was it analytic philosophy?…[View]
13144512Wait a minute... Is Pynchon still alive?[View]
13147954am I wrong that sam harris is the very definition of a pseud? he says nothing. absolutely nothing. a…[View]
13148203>12 hours have passed >no inside the episode what happens?…[View]
13146970What are some novels like Flowers of evil (Manga)? This Manga is really /lit/ and want something li…[View]
13145941Don't kid yourselves, the books' end will be just as shitty: All GRRM stories are underwhe…[View]
13145046/UBC/ THE URTH BOOK CLUB - TSOTT - CH 21-25: Welcome to this week's session of the Urth Book Cl…[View]
13148491I got nothing out of this book. It's obvious advice with a gimmick. Validate my opinion /lit/.[View]
13149175What do you think of this man and the rest of latin american writers?[View]
13148595Need to start my Thesis in June. What can I write about pic related? Maybe compare it to Butcher…[View]
13148939This man, in my country he is nothing.[View]
13149112What's your favorite quote from a book?[View]
13147142>When he was about seventeen years old Aristotle went to Athens for purposes of study and became …[View]
13149064Improving Skills: How much should you read compared to writing and speaking? I think many people onl…[View]
13147123i just a saw a batshit insane dream about moby dick and just wanted to share it you, it was like a h…[View]
13145627GK Chesterton: Where should I start with GK Chesterton, and where should I go? I read that 'Orthodox…[View]
13148324Hey /lit/ have you read Tarkovsky's Sculpting In Time? I think it's pretty good[View]
13148923Can Rupi Kuar be saved from plebhood? What books should she read?[View]
13148781How do I get into Warhammer books?[View]
13148027ITT: Post a pic and anon's write about it in their best prose[View]
13148570How does one live in a world where the prevailing systems are fundamentally at odds with what he bel…[View]
13148807Was this man the ultimate cuck?[View]
13148678I recommend this. A great read. There is a copy on libgen.[View]
13148596>like reading about history >not enough time to read as much as I want Got any audiobook reco…[View]
13148677>makes round table so everyone is equal >has seats next to the king reserved for the best knig…[View]
13148005> Spelling sweety as sweaty When did this become acceptable? Sweet and Sweat and not the same wor…[View]
13139243/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: COZY EDITION >Post books that you can curl up wit…[View]
13148682Epistemology: I was interested in epistemology so I looked into what texts to start with and up came…[View]
13147198Is this really he best sf book ever written? Just started reading it and I'm feeling like in a …[View]
13147364Is this book good? What are some alternatives?[View]
13148610What is the best advanced grammar book? I want to fine tune my writing style and would like to start…[View]
13148265Hi everyone, could you answer to this survey for a research about anonymity? https://docs.google.com…[View]
13146885Are there any major literary work on history written by a woman that isn't talking about her bo…[View]
13145507your bogart, your patronus, and what you'd see in the mirror of erised a raccoon a bear a three…[View]
13148018What's up with the influx of really dumb people?[View]
13146805What would literature have been like if there was no lust in humans?[View]
13141208Any Anti-Tech people here?: This book so so based. I unironically feel like I've looked into th…[View]
13146319Why was/is this shit so fucking popular? It’s barely even scifi.[View]
13148450Does anyone feels the same way?: lit have you ever been in a situation were during the reading ficti…[View]
13133161Post your age, a picture of what you're currently reading, and tell us what you think of it. M…[View]
13146553Write what's on your mind[View]
13144019>this is your brain in larping metaphysics[View]
13148013>save books as wishlist on book depository >want to move some books to new wish list >copy…[View]
13147962Self improvement books: Hey /lit/ I’ve never been on this board before. I just wanna ask if there ar…[View]
13146270Hangul /lit/: So what's the best literature to come out of this place?[View]
13146311Cocteau Twins Feel: Books that feel like Cocteau Twins sound[View]
13146021Why don’t modern “Philosophers” work?: I have an uncle in my extended family who’s an old man, fathe…[View]
13147793What does it mean to live a piece of art?: “The test of a book lies in its power to map or transform…[View]
13147729The written word is a lie. It claims to be a reflection of society, when it is merely a microcosm. T…[View]
13144539How to convince my zoomer niece to read? Shes's eleven and everything she does is browse youtub…[View]
13147213Is there anything more fun than pulling the 'that's subjective' card on normies? Of course they…[View]
13144842my diary desu: We're writing a novel one post at a time. There's no rules, only democracy …[View]
13141942Thoughts on ancient Anglo philosopher Nick Land?[View]
13146872Discuss: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_talk:Feminists_by_religion[View]
13147522The Bible is the best book ever: The Bible is the best book ever[View]
13146537What's on your mind: Write what's on your mind anons[View]
13144417Will reading dense literature/poetry out loud, either from text or memory, make me a good speaker (i…[View]
13146540What's the lit equivalent to cheap cans of Polish lager from the off licence?[View]
13145999Would a novel where all the dialogue is written in IPA be too gimmicky?[View]
13147330Can't Remember the Name!: Hello, /lit/, I don't generally wander through these parts, but …[View]
13145811Applicable psychology for business: I want to understand the mind of consumers. What do they want an…[View]
13146118Great on Kindle: ITT:recommend slightly less unbearable Great on Kindle books. Credits-via-credit-pu…[View]
13124833In your best prose, describe this girl[View]
13146449Is his era defined by loneliness? any cultural criticism that i should read about this? https://www.…[View]
13145865Starting this book, what am I in for? Title seems kinda cheesy[View]
13147269Language doesn't belong in metaphysics: >Pass me the salt please Problem solved by language…[View]
13147324Are there any good books about psychiatric medicine? I'm skeptical of something so intangible w…[View]
13147304>Book is longer then 450 pages with so much to read and so little free time, what's the poin…[View]
13147299incel insect male red pill based and matrix down with matriarchy[View]
13146884What was /lit/'s reaction to this winning the 2019 pulitzer prize for fiction? Any links to arc…[View]
13146650So the jews aren't the good guys?: What the fuck?[View]
13147153Daniel Dennet: Was thinking about picking up Brainstorms by Dennet. Is it worth a read, or is it pur…[View]
13147090In what order should I read his books? I don't even know where to begin[View]
13145425Love him or hate him he's our generations Noam Chomsky[View]
13146174So I started this book last week, enjoying it so far. What am I in for?[View]
13140401ITT: >Your favorite book >Can girls understand it? Siddhartha Yes (see pic related)…[View]
13147055Pitching Screenplays: Anyone here ever get a screenplay turned into a movie or a show, or heck, even…[View]
13145931>at Barnes & Noble >grandmother gave me $200 in gift cards >spend an hour trying to fin…[View]
13146254Please help us settle a debate: Is the 'o' in knoll and gnome, pronounced the same?[View]
13146906Is this guy genuinely good or is he another overrated fantasy hack?[View]
13144352>be me >go to the gym on new years >only fags curling in the squat rack The above was just …[View]
13145444I'm the new president of my school's philosophy club as of about a month ago. I'm try…[View]
13146916Thoughts on Philip K Dick?[View]
13146808What are some good books about visual world building? I have a grip on some of the basics but I…[View]
13142609Did I just waste my money?[View]
13146967I love to read, but the last couple of books I've tried reading were boring as shit and I gave …[View]
13145765Have you read his works? If not, why? He is among the most based 20th century existentialists.[View]
13146588M I S T B O R N: GREATEST FANTASY SERIES OF THE DECADE prove me wrong.[View]
13146002(Actual) Boomer Lit: ITT we post books/novels that approach peak-baby boomer. I'll start with b…[View]
13142143what is the single most KINO book you've read that's not set in europe or north america? t…[View]
13146858I can't read fiction and I'm frustrated that nearly all discussion of books is focused on …[View]
13146889I finished this the other night and was a bit disappointed, especially on the section about context.…[View]
13144313Langan: Do his 'theories' hold water, or he just a hack?[View]
13143078Is rap poetry for niggers?[View]
13145684Low Attention span on Reading: I've found myself having difficulties to read texts. I feel that…[View]
13143349How do I phrase this without looking like an absolute tool?: To be extremely blunt: how do you deal …[View]
13146642>tfw i don't know if i'll live enough to write all the things that i want to write >…[View]
13144451Are you less likely to read a novel if you discover the author has done morally questionable things?…[View]
13146143Just bought a Barnes & Noble classics edition of Moby-Dick. Should I read the intro? Will it spo…[View]
13145598I could have sworn I canceled my audible membership but I guess the joke is on me.Now I have three u…[View]
13146572Good Magazines For A First Publication?: Hello, I want to submit my poetry for publication. What are…[View]
13142675Bloom and the 'stretch his legs' idiom: If you actually go find every mention of 'stretch' in the Ha…[View]
13146115>Are we supposed to be or not to be? >Said the angel to the Queen >I lift up my skirt when …[View]
13145015Why am I no longer a racist after reading Plato and studying ethics and logic? Is this really where …[View]
13146126Just bought: What am I in for? No spoilers plz[View]
13146278For me, it’s Parmenides[View]
13146321why is there so little info about marauders era Harry Potter?: What do you think teenage Snape was l…[View]
131452834. It is unmoving, one, and faster than the mind. The senses could not overtake It, since It ran ahe…[View]
13146392How here has read all 3 volumes of The Gulag Archipelago? Were these books meant to be read in their…[View]
13146281ok which one of you was this[View]
13146203cambridge DFW guide: Would this book help me introduced into DFW?[View]
13145408Wtf is a rupi kaur, /lit?[View]
13146235Best books on transhumanism?[View]
13146272What would you have done?[View]
13145448What books do I need to read to understand Iran?[View]
13145455wtf im pagan now[View]
13141717>Atman is Brahman Just what in the hell does this mean?[View]
13146259Has /lit/ finally gotten over this book and Ayn yet?[View]
13146258How significant is it if you read Don Quixote in the original Spanish you are still reading a transl…[View]
13144537What are the merits of his philosophy?[View]
13147352Marxism is a bourgeois ideology. Prove me wrong.[View]
13146194Are this guy's books any good?[View]
13145616Is there a novel that focuses on intimacy between a couple? Where the entire novel is about a couple…[View]
13146191I'm starting to think: people don't actually pay authors. I think its basically a giant py…[View]
13146136Choosing a book: How do /lit/ choose a book? I'm naturally indecisive and after reading the wik…[View]
13145698What happened to the people in the tiny chat? is /lit/ still using it? It is been like 4 years since…[View]
13144802Oration: How do I be a good orator with prose? Can /lit/ recommend me any books? In law school rn an…[View]
13144172What kind of books do girls like this read?[View]
13145679Since the empire of the American swine is slowly crumbling away and the based Chinese overlords are …[View]
13145878Was Schopenhauer an incel?[View]
13145206Besides libgen, where can I get books for free?[View]
13145349Meanwhile in the /lit/ mansion...[View]
13145828Character Imagery: I've just started world building for a book idea I had, but that made me thi…[View]
13144591Is being a bull and fucking weaker males wife/gf considered good under the master morality? Is being…[View]
13143550What kind of person writes shit like that?[View]
13145990Choosing a book: How do you decide what to read? I'm naturally indecisive, and now that I read …[View]
13144373Is this worth a read?[View]
13126136/Catholicism/ general: Last went better than expected, with some interesting scholastic discussions …[View]
13142413ITT Ugliest writer: Here's my vote.[View]
13145775i seriously need some content to understand the current economic war going on. and mods dont ban thi…[View]

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