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/lit/ - Literature

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16892156Reading this, and it’s a blast. I’ve read all of McCarthy and have fallen in love with western liter…[View]
16892183best app for reading notes?[View]
16890906Why are most interesting thinkers leftists?: Why is it that the vast majority of contemporary intell…[View]
16892369>reading for enjoyment >reading for enlightenment Which is the correct approach?…[View]
16892610Is this book the best at trying to understand the madness of the female mind?[View]
16892297What's the difference between art theory and art criticism?[View]
16891262Wilkie Collins: why is he so much better than dickens bros???[View]
16892561Slavoj Žižek: All hail the king of philosophical shitposting! *sniff*sniff* *hooray*[View]
16892470Are anti-heroes still effective tools to critique the mythology of the individual hero, or has it be…[View]
16892246Marx: Where is the best place to start with him? I've heard both the 1844 manuscripts and Germa…[View]
16892231When did you grow disillusioned with morality, /lit/?[View]
16892126>ready player one for the pseud crowd[View]
16891107LIBRARIANS PLS HELP: Anyone here a librarian at a library or university in the USA? I need to know i…[View]
16890190The Greatest Writer of the 19th Century: >Thoughts of home grew stronger the nearer he approached…[View]
16891241Marquis de Condorcet: Does anyone know if there is a complete English translation of his 'Essay…[View]
16891600>i know writers who distinguish between type of, kind of, and sort of, and they're all cowar…[View]
16887602Can I just start with Brothers Karamazov or is it better to start with something else like The Idiot…[View]
16887840Uhhh bros, I don't think we were originally included in God's plan.. Pretty disappointing.[View]
16891440what kind of books did a British public school boy have to read to be considered educated? From my i…[View]
16891718Is this the final stage of literature? A massive writing experiment conducted by the attention indus…[View]
16890396Fear of death is not natural human emotion. Societies up until modern era punished not by death but …[View]
16891706John Williams: Should I start with Butcher's Crossing or Stoner? Also, is Augustus good?[View]
16891843Will this help me write?: Or will I still spend all my time thinking of suicide?[View]
16889964Rank 'em: For me it's Brothers Karamazov > Divine Comedy > Pilgrim's Progress…[View]
16886365ITT we post redpilled history books.[View]
16891080Fernand Braude Books: Just heard about this guy, seemed interesting. Is he still worth reading for u…[View]
16877995Is this a good score for an aspiring writer? http://testyourvocab.com/[View]
16891641Best textbooks for learning german and other for learning spanish? I just want to use them to get a …[View]
16873327Dharmic ways are madness: What do you think non-attachment and dispassion are? What do you think the…[View]
16891017Have any of you actually managed to become even semi-successful writers? No need to out yourself. Ju…[View]
16891506Is there a more poetic looking face? Geez, this man's very eyes tell stories.[View]
16891515What should i get for christmas?: Going to actually buy a book for christmas instead of downloading …[View]
16887734Books on how to be an incredibly charming sociopath?: Following a traumatic failure of character, I …[View]
16891449I am in pain /lit/ help me :(: No way out! for all the living hells of the world for all unborn babi…[View]
16889059How to report a spelling mistake I found in a book, I will raise hell over this. I bought this book …[View]
16890047good books to learn ancient Greek: do you know anyone that isn't hard to find?[View]
16883983Book Cover Generator Thread ITT: Make book covers out of memes andd share your creations. links to m…[View]
16891051ive recently realized ive started speaking like a nigger will reading help or is there something els…[View]
16891258How useful would it be to rewrite all of shakespeare's sonnets in my own words, one each day?[View]
16890076Just finished Pic related: What did I think of it?[View]
16890982Okay, my last thread died. Maybe it was too long. Heres something direct and tangible: what overarch…[View]
16891170Women am I right?[View]
16881654>at university >classmates are intelligent and interesting people >fast forward 10 years …[View]
16890099Just finished this and it was kino[View]
16890634Jonathan Franzen announces a new trilogy of novels: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/nov/16/jo…[View]
16891087this was fantastic. i went in expecting some kind of magical realist, latin american thing, but it…[View]
16889314Post bugman reviews: >BIG BANG (1927) + EVOLUTION (1859) God btfo!…[View]
16888582Can I be a great writer like Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton and Joyce if I'm a narcissist? If so,…[View]
16890478I know every word in the English language[View]
16883559What have you guys been reading lately?[View]
16889853How do you feel about reading while drunk: Does it make the experience better or worse? ps I'm …[View]
16890631Is this a good book?[View]
16886103Why can’t I find a copy of sun and steel in the UK? They are all either £200 or in Spanish. Is this …[View]
16890485tonight i'll ascend to the heavens[View]
16889952porn, sexuality and NoFap: Give me the most based /lit/ take on porn, sexuality and NoFap. In my opi…[View]
16890901What would happen if I collected every color of the fairy books?[View]
16890902Simp: the Novel[View]
16890703Names can change appearance behaviour and personality, why are names so powerful[View]
16885134Assuming (correctly) that god is a complete sadist only interested in making people suffer, what is …[View]
16888838Is being forced to go to school to learn subjects and topics such as Literature good for (you)th? In…[View]
16888400Nominalism: Can somebody explain this to me, I'm too stupid to understand. Does this mean that …[View]
16890654What does /lit/ think of Schuon? Is he as based as Guénon and Evola?[View]
16883257Capital by Marx: Why does it work in theory but not in reality?[View]
16885880Why don't people believe in afterlife anymore?[View]
16890748The Synthesis: Do you believe humanity will ever reach the state of absolute spirit? .[View]
16889176books about UFOs?[View]
16890214Is this worth a read?[View]
16889884I just bought all of these books from a nearby Hispanic thrift store for $26. What do you guys think…[View]
16859790Write What's on Your Mind:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iizBNSCVdQ The Proud Chest of the …[View]
16890647>All of this about writing workshops... this is nothing but a scam, I mean, it's only a way …[View]
16886432Why are anti-Islam scholars so bent on: attacking the morality of the Qur'an from a Western len…[View]
16885727Now that both The Recognitions and J R are out, what does /lit/ think of them? Will I die of boredom…[View]
16890117What do you think of piblishing on instagram? Submitting is costly[View]
16874128/ptgt/ - Lusophone General Thread: OLAVO DE CARVALHO Edition For the discussion of literature in the…[View]
16889583Books like this?[View]
16888634It came bros[View]
16887257Against the day: Why is this never discussed on here? Did none of you read it?[View]
16886517Is roberto bolaños the most inspired latin american writer?[View]
16890481The Prince: Is it worth reading? Why is it so popular? Most people do not become heads of state, so …[View]
16890640is it worth it to study creative writing via MFA or something like it?[View]
16889182What are some books that give the feeling of Monk[View]
16887597What are you currently reading and is it any good?[View]
16890530Franz Kafka - Der Prozeß (The Trial): I don’t think I’ve seen a good discussion thread about this sp…[View]
16890436Books on mindfulness?: I got this recommended by an acquaintance, is it any good? Im getting a feeli…[View]
16886746>heaven and hell >people actually believe in this shit We are in the early stages of this univ…[View]
16868688Mishima Death Anniversary: 50 years ago today Why did he do it?[View]
16889532I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself after finishing this and it's scaring me a…[View]
16886788Ducks, Newburyport: Interested in /lit/'s thoughts on this, I'm on the fence about picking…[View]
16888575Should artist trust their reason or heart when making art?[View]
16881228/wg/ - Writing General: Bruce Lee edition edition previous: >>16862148 For Prose: >The Art …[View]
16889158This is the best book to learn economics[View]
16890036Perennialism/Traditionalism: Honestly I don't even know where to start. I'm interested in …[View]
16889826What's the endgame of modernity, specifically the 21st century? Any books that attempt to predi…[View]
16882324Imagine not knowing Italian[View]
16886601>2:36am: back at apartment. texted with mira. wished her happy birthday. ate 1mg xanax and drank …[View]
16883874How to deal with homosexuality while being of an Abrahamic faith? Post relevant books, advice, etc.[View]
16889923Has anyone here every read the Harvard Classics book collection? I'm thinking about trying it b…[View]
16888665>write a sonnet together about the human butthole >describe cooming inside the butthole >de…[View]
16886589DUNE Pykewater Challenge: reminder thread. 4 days left to submit! The Pykewater Library is happy to …[View]
16887442Why is there no interest in the Gathas?: I've encountered many 'intellectuals' who have read th…[View]
16889678Philosophical 3x3: Post the philosophers and which of their particular books who most inspire your o…[View]
16887239What are the best explanations of the Quran ? An e book link would be much appreciated.[View]
16889782help me find a book from my childhood: I've been struggling to find this picture that I only va…[View]
16889742There are so many books being written today. Im talking hundreds of thousands a day. Isnt it very de…[View]
16889642What is your opinion on Augusine versus Pelagius? Which do you think was overall the better philosop…[View]
16889151How do I become a well-rounded individual so I can write interesting books? Should I read the newspa…[View]
16888088Just finished reading Scotus and thought of starting Ockham. What can I learn from him? His philosop…[View]
16887403Can someone please suggest an beginner introduction to aesthetics and beauty? Pref. something that s…[View]
16880940Are literary critics fraud? If they know so much about what constitutes good literature, why don…[View]
16882573Any of you guys like Rupi Kaur's new collection of poems?[View]
16878009The more I read books about religion, theology and metaphysics, the more I default to the position o…[View]
16888011>Writes a book about principles on how to live >Constantly goes against all of them…[View]
16880671books about not being masculine and what to do about it: I'm a dude but I've never been ma…[View]
16886646>In order to make the book as direct and user-friendly as possible, I have avoided footnotes, ref…[View]
16889410military strategy: books read by students of military academies and/or teach the nature of warfare. …[View]
16886147There's no stopping him: 'I wiped the blade against my jeans and walked into the bar. It was mi…[View]
16888291>Make your entire shtick about how postmodern neomarxists are destroying the western civilization…[View]
16886529Any good books to red pill me more: Any good books to red pill me[View]
16889037How's pic related? Is it a fun/interesting read at all?[View]
16889283Excuse poor english: Deflowering as a fetish is wierd to me. Lots of men have it. What is the attrac…[View]
16889268Anyone read this? It was my first introduction to psychological horror / thriller genre, and I reall…[View]
16885962Trivium: What are the best books to learn the trivium from?[View]
16887514>mom found my copy of The Institutes of the Christian Religion It's over, bros.…[View]
16888944NEETS of /lit/ does this book capture your circumstances? Or is it a more Japanese phenomenon?[View]
16889010Independent Publishers: What's with all the lazy and cheap publications of classics on Amazon? …[View]
16887642Do you think knowing foreign languages will cease to be a useful skill in our lifetimes, once Elon M…[View]
16885890So I'm pretty much an average weeb. But I don't want to be the cliché that thinks Japan, a…[View]
16888692How to win Friends and Influence People: Is this book a meme or actually good? also which physical …[View]
16887700How do you expect to become a great writer like Bukowski and Houellebecq if you don't wear a di…[View]
16886687Seeing how humans are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again throughout history, and re…[View]
16888987Lucian of Samosata: Why is this guy so underrated? He's amazing.[View]
16887816Write a story about this image[View]
16887419What the f— is an aristocrat of the soul? I haven't read pic related but from posts on 4chan, I…[View]
16888298I feel bad after telling someone to commit suicide. Am I evil? How do I repent? I don’t want to caus…[View]
16888720Just finished White Noise: It took me a while to read it. Much longer than I imagined. The first 100…[View]
16888127Reason and simps btfo: >SASHA. What can you possibly have to tell me? That you are a man of honou…[View]
16888820Best little known warcrime/massacre books ?: Stuff on ones that tend to get little coverage historic…[View]
16888705Anyone read the new Obama book yet? https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/books/2020/11/24/ob…[View]
16886248'For forms of government let fools contest; Whatever governs best is best, Even if it’s an alien AI …[View]
16886483Iliad Translation: Now that the dust has settled which translation was the best? >inb4 just read …[View]
16885732Why is he widely considered the best of the Romantics?[View]
16887796Writing an opening sequence inspired by a Tarantino Flick: I wanted to ask this here real quick sinc…[View]
16887031EPUBS IN RUSSIAN: Just bought my russian dad an ereader for him to read books. tried searching karam…[View]
16887083I must say thank you for the good keks, frens. This is a nice board, see you![View]
16888483How do I leave this place for good[View]
16884231Who/what is the Frank Miller of /lit/?[View]
16888556Books that explore the philosphy of mushi-shi: I hate 99.9% of anime, but there are a few select sho…[View]
16885465Anyone have any 'sonder' books? Fiction or nonfiction. Looking to read something comfy.[View]
16888094What is this style of lyricism called[View]
16882181I'm getting lunch with McElroy tomorrow: what should I ask him?[View]
16881684when did you realize that pop culture is all about destroying and cancelling high culture?[View]
16883553Re-reading: What’s your most re-readable book?[View]
16888330>author begins a sentence with 'you' is he talking to me?[View]
16888460Poetry; Admit it: This is weird.: I met a traveller from an antique land A Who said: Two vast and tr…[View]
16878057French exit-core: I want to do a chart about the different levels of French lit. What is French exit…[View]
16888448Looking for an image/book check: I’m looking for an image, it is a collection of forum posts with a …[View]
16886748What are some books about society baybeh.[View]
16888347What's the philosophical merit of Jordan Peterson?[View]
16888258Rate my poem, plebs.[View]
16887027Crime and punishment: I thought it was a little lame how he was 'sooooooo guilty he couldn't en…[View]
16886206Why is good theory anti-capitalist?[View]
16886557>talking to some pseud >they mention a book I haven't read >they ask me if I read it …[View]
16888054.: >There are cycles of success, when things come to you and thrive, and cycles of failure, when …[View]
16887965Any books that argue in favor of arranged marriages?[View]
16887431What is H.L. Mencken’s best book?[View]
16888251>Shakespeare's latent vocabulary was at least 35,000 Nice; if I learn a word a day for the n…[View]
16887812Writing in Books: Does /lit/ write in their books? I'm reading 'How to Bead a book' and they re…[View]
16888177Can anyone suggest a book that is somewhat like an art anthology or a kind of compendium of mytholog…[View]
16887916>In Xanadu did Kubla khan... Empty vacuous example of anglo mind-trickery. The poem doesn't …[View]
16883842Does /lit/ have a favorite short story? For me, it's The Death by Joyce[View]
16885963itt: post sickest things you have ever read , pic related is the opening of ryu murakami coin locker…[View]
16884846Tarkovsky - Sculpting in Time: Why isn't Tarkovsky's only book available on the internet? …[View]
16887282https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpfoiwU4rDI Where I can find a list of books from the baroque about …[View]
16886774Books on anthropology? I like the idea of talking with primitive people/learning of their culture. D…[View]
16887811You did eat your merdre today anon, didn't you?[View]
16886133Philosophy and the Sciences: What exactly happened to modern science and mathematics to make them so…[View]
16885593This fancy-haired, square-jawed eboy walks in and slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?[View]
16886759What the fuck should I read?: I got into Western philosophy because I was tired of being a friendles…[View]
16887624Haiku Thread: Hot Smelly PooPoo Fruit tart idols shit for you Imagine the smell[View]
16887668philosophers on the human condition: >Imagine a number of men in chains, all condemned to death, …[View]
16887650does anyone have a torrent? I'm not giving this ivy educated internet racist any of my money.[View]
16886669As a uni professor i thought i would get much more pusy[View]
16887303Which is superior: Qualified or un-qualified non-dualism?[View]
16865446I've noticed that most good film makers are voracious readers and very knowledgeable about lite…[View]
16886066modern day post-modern retardation is romanticism's fault. this is the genealogy. romanticism,…[View]
16887029Did you like it?[View]
16887250the best LOCUS AMOENUS: what's the best bucolic/idyl novel? not poem[View]
16884173“This is what you shall do; Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to e…[View]
16887170Any fiction that depicts accurately marijuana comsuption?[View]
16885409What book improved you and made you a better person[View]
16887473Is he right? Is it through creation one feels one’s sense of worth? What do you create?[View]
16886297Just read this shit. Why is it so popular? Most of the tactics seem like common sense.[View]
16887406Imagine reading Shakespeare without looking up every word in the Oxford English Dictionary.[View]
16885933Got this in the mail today. What am i in for???[View]
16831063Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, a collaborative commentary by /lit/: Thread #3 (last one died overnigh…[View]
16884386'I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies. My posture is consciously congruent …[View]
16886992Does anyone have cozy short story recs for a rainy post-Thanksgiving day indoors? Preferably ePub or…[View]
16885206How could anyone read this and think this is good? And I know Rupi Kaur is a meme at this point, bu…[View]
16885967British vs American spelling: http://www.tysto.com/uk-us-spelling-list.html British English is so mu…[View]
16886194>mfw I imagine becoming a famous writer and having my collected 4chan posts published posthumousl…[View]
16870916Yeah I’m thinking he’s back[View]
16887015What is a good book to cope with the fact that everything is so risky and uncertain in life? I can…[View]
16886995Anybody read this? What you think about it?[View]
16886158I've heard a lot of good things about this book. People tell me it's not as YA as it looks…[View]
16886083Write a story about this image[View]
16886494/lit/ quarterly: SUMMONING KYLE DIDUCK I submitted a short story way back in uhhh ... late July (The…[View]
16886246Pretty happy with this for this year. Still a month to go. Obviously it's not a race and I don…[View]
16885826Which authors are the definition of „tfw too smart to exist“?[View]
16886839Name one reason why a white man should read anything from an italian or russian.[View]
16886679Where do I start with Hinduism?[View]
16885521/ILG/ Irish Literature General: Let's hear some good poems! Anybody seen Wild Thyme? Any good I…[View]
16875806did he give any way out of the iron cage or are we fucked?[View]
16886693Post nice book covertz: Why is this book cover more aesthetic than anything else I've seen this…[View]
16886047Anyone else don't read books but just browse and post on /lit/?[View]
16885993American literature: help: I have to study American Literature to become an English Teacher, and her…[View]
16885437What is his best work?[View]
16885631I want to read some reactionary literature: I've heard Chesterton would be a good start. What i…[View]
16883732Nihilism is a Fraud: If you are nihilist, kill yourself this instant or you are not nihilist. This t…[View]
16884182if i didn't like this is it still worth trying Gravity's Rainbow or Mason & Dixon?[View]
16885882>blocks your path[View]
16886554Manuel Mujica Láinez: Would you recommend his book 'Bomarzo'?[View]
16876608What book(s) permanently changed your view of yourself and the world, leaving you with a sense of ha…[View]
16883454what am i in for?[View]
16885244Best Chekhov Collection?: Lads I need help picking a Chekhov book. Was thinking of pic related cause…[View]
16886127Mishima vs Kawabata: What's /lit/'s opinion on this?[View]
16886168What is the greatest work of literature to come out of the Weimar period? >inb4 Mein Kampf…[View]
16886492Have you read Luis Goytisolo's 'Antagony' (the Spanish Ulysses)? If so, what did you think of i…[View]
16885897Why are most human interactions about complaining? Every conversation is someone moping about someth…[View]
16884451Write a story about this image[View]
16886361What's the best, most comprehensive English grammar, the grammar equivalent of the OED?[View]
16885097Three way relationships: Are there any books on three way relationships. i want to know more about d…[View]
16885718Best online site to order books from in Europe: Title says it all. Seems like it's either Amazo…[View]
16884722why have self help books largely replaced books of Philosophy?[View]
16885669Audiobook chads rise up listening to audiobooks while walking/running is the real /fitlit/[View]
16883384>You now remember widely known and important French author René Guénon[View]
16884694So, hi, I've never posted something here but here I go. I've been writing for a while righ…[View]
16886059Books with utterly spineless and weak-willed protagonists?[View]
16886090How quickly do you read? I'm just starting to get into reading regularly but I realized it take…[View]
16886166What are some hidden trilogies? For instance: Waiting for the barbarians, The Tartar steppe and The…[View]
16882406Books about love?[View]
16878496Does he actively try to make his characters disgusting coomers or is he trying to show most men are …[View]
16884509Is it possible to become intellectual without uni: I want to be well read in areas like philosophy a…[View]
16884868where does /lit/ get their books from? i'm just now getting 'into' literature and the book sell…[View]
16876223Enjoyable philsophers: Which philosophers do you find the most enjoyable to read and why?[View]
16884564.: >Accept your parents' behavior with compassion, without needing to react to it, that is t…[View]
16883570Good night frens[View]
16885949Virtually all subsequent Western philosophy: Who are all the philosopher on wikipedia who have 'Virt…[View]
16878225So winter's coming up /lit/, what will you be reading in bed with your gf on cold winter nights…[View]
16884885My last desk lamp broke.: I literally have no more lightsources adequate for reading once the sun go…[View]
16885820Books about wasters who keep fucking up out of weakness and are always depending on others?[View]
16884232Is this worth reading?[View]
16882979getting a phd to say that mein kampf was bad[View]
16882021>having an irrational fear or hatred of the Urantia papers Are you Urantiaphobic?…[View]
16885417Has anyone here read 100+ books about a particular subject? What happened?[View]
16885259From a lifetime of playing videogames, watching YouTube videos and TV shows I have trouble sitting d…[View]
16885285Started reading 'Shadow Over Innsmouth' its preaty cool[View]
16884297Is this superior to Dostoevsky?[View]
16883344Why do atheists love Richard Dawkins so much?[View]
16882346Was Nietzsche a transhumanist?[View]
16883973Is this the best book on bug cuisine and saving the environment with postfood?[View]
16885185Is this worth the read?[View]
16885130/hislit/: Discuss and recommend history books. Personally I recommend Conquerors by Roger Crowley. C…[View]
16882198Can you get a university-level education just by reading books?[View]
16884898>tfw literally none of my favourite writers studied english in college, if they even went to coll…[View]
16884075my house has been broken into 5 times in the last few months. they never go for my books lol. I have…[View]
16885095I wanna improve myself and I am making a book list for December: I can read 4 books I have added 1)…[View]
16883952Why does he think Gravity Rainbow is a great book but thinks Infinite Jest is unreadable?[View]
16875681Can your paper books do this? heh, didn't think so, kid[View]
16884160Here's a thread about less-known /lit/ facts. I'll start. Whitman also influenced Bram Sto…[View]
16882609>/lit/ should do translations[View]
16884624The Western is the antidote to all contemporary society's ailments. Share your favorite Western…[View]
16885196Any books to help cure sex addiction? (Maybe even philosophy books to help reorientate my life towar…[View]
16885352Okay guys I think i'm ready, where do I start with O9A books?[View]
16879899Christian /lit/ recommendations?[View]
16881628“I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help…[View]
16883867Who is the literary equivalent of Xenakis?[View]
16885246What qualities should literature have?[View]
16884939ITT: We ruminate on what non-lit works would be like if they were written to be 10/10 classic litera…[View]
16884593What am I in for: .?[View]
16884529Has anyone here read this? How was it?[View]
16885111I'm considering changing my name to Mingloo Taterkork. Books for this feel?[View]
16884252am I supposed to take this seriously?[View]
16884849What does /lit/ think of this novel?[View]
16884807anyone else prefer books with larger print?[View]
16864099Does anybody here follow his lectures on advaita?[View]
16884812is William Blake a worthwhile Poet?[View]
16884887The Egg by Andy Weri: Besides being the best scifi author of the 21st century he's quite an acc…[View]
16884837Who are the comfiest philosophers?[View]
16882592So who was in the wrong here?[View]
16882615Best WW1 /lit/? Reading this at the moment despite the fact that Graves is a massive homo[View]
16884848Who was right here?[View]
16882488Should I ask for this Lord of the Rings set for my birthday? Does anyone have it.[View]
16884758How is Leonardo Padura? I'm not interested in the book about Trotsky, but in the life of the Cu…[View]
16880917Cervantes: Is it true that he was jewish? Is the modern novel a jewish invention?[View]
16884006Horror general: I’m in a spooky mood /lit/. Any good horror books or short stories out there?[View]
16859536Nabokov Appreciation Thread: Nabokov may have been a soulless pedophile, but holy fuck reading his p…[View]
16881253Has any other game even come close to pre-computer era chess on terms of being /lit/?[View]
16880836>male goodreads review critiques the content of the book >female goodreads review talks about …[View]
16884656Is the book adaptation of Pans Labyrinth worth reading? Usually book adaptations of films arent very…[View]
16884320Cosmic Horror beyond Lovecraft: Cosmic Horror aside from Lovecraft and his direct derivates? I know …[View]
16883478>Suppose truth is a woman Untouched by Nietzsche? Sounds about right.[View]
16881898Why doesn't lit talk about Salman Rushdie?[View]
16881880Where does one begin with Hegel?[View]
16884510>jonah hill and supremes lady were still in line when i exited bathroom. didn’t see nicholas. i s…[View]
16875933What am I in for?[View]
16881195should i read at home or the library?[View]
16881007Did Nietzsche ever explicitly call himself an atheist?[View]
16883964I bought Waldun’s book the other day and i was about halfway through it and lost in thought when i w…[View]
16883217Could I get some good /m/ related recommendations? I just finished Starship Troopers and the power a…[View]
16884395>8:41PM: all it’s going to be for the rest of my life is a series of ‘right nows.’…[View]
16884187what is the prime website to dump sub-par writings for teenaged girls to gawk and fantasize about wh…[View]
16884345The True State: Lectures on the Demolition & Reconstruction of Society: Anyone got the pdf?…[View]
16883892Can historical fiction count as literature?[View]
16884293Books with this kind of feel?[View]
16883663Obscure public domain works: I'm compiling interesting public domain works for a virtual librar…[View]
16884267Suppose a mad God in a fuss Went round The world on a bus And for each kiss she blew She ran over tw…[View]
16884249Suppose a mad God in a fuss Went round the world on a bus And for each kiss he blew He ran over two …[View]
16884155What's a good introduction to Yung?[View]
16881027Just finished reading the book I was reading. Which one of these should I start tomorrow?[View]
16880835Rec books based on images thread![View]
16872508Imagine the absolute purity of his mind. What kind of writings do you think he did?[View]
16882012Rate my poem[View]
16882682Despite the Chans being so horny, you never see much about erotic literature here. So this is a thre…[View]
16883550Where can I get a physical copy of Siege? Thanks anons[View]
16878381>Nietzsche demonstrates how you can seduce ignorants with beautiful words and impressive stupidit…[View]
16883582>obvious Kurt Vonnegut reference Is MJ /lit/?[View]
16879497What's the coolest letter in the English alphabet?[View]
16881779I do not care for walks either, and have been a reluctant walker all my life. I have always disliked…[View]
16881308Gnostic fiction: Know any fiction with Gnostic themes? Particularly scifi/fantasy?[View]
16880084has /lit/ read this? did you like it? i thought the suddenness of the move from iraq back to the US …[View]
16875956>Starts a jihad that kills sixty-one billion people Nothing personnel, kid…[View]
16883109What Fitzgerald book do I read after this one?[View]
16883495is it good? i liked the luhzin defense.[View]
16871590Nietzsche was right about every single thing[View]
16882825What are some books about the ideological bankruptcy of libertarianism?[View]
16883388Are there any books about stuffing your fat fucking face like an idiot and slowly dying?[View]
16881503Islamic /lot/,: What is the most important Islamic /lit/?[View]
16880568Have you read Obama's 700 page book?: This guy has. https://youtu.be/7p-8xWyTSrc[View]
16883635why did he an hero himself?[View]
16877578Give me a Christian thinker who explains WHY it is forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. Why.[View]
16883260poems that destroy what little I live in recommendations?[View]
16876509David Lewis: Anyone read Lewis here? Should I start with 'Counterfactuals' or 'On the Plurality of W…[View]
16883462What are the best books to help me get into and understand structuralism and then poststructuralism?…[View]
16882939The Dionysiaca: A lengthy epic poem praised by some, neglected by most. Seems to lack mainstream pub…[View]
16880946ITT: based and christpilled[View]
16882787What does /lit/ think of this underrated Borges masterpiece?[View]
16883122https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uJSAqrvtX0 yeeeaaaaaaaaa, i'm thinking based.[View]
16882807>mfw a philosophical thought is described as 'dark <insert word here>'…[View]
16882875John Fante: Currently reading “Ask the Dust” and I’m enjoying it Is the rest of his work this good?…[View]
16883236Marathon: What do I read /lit/?[View]
16883235What does /lit/ think of Ivan Klíma's books?[View]
16880518>Be me >Be me nearing 30 >Haven't read Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, the Bible, Dan…[View]
16882213Grammar question: Hi, I hope /lit/ is the correct board (feel free to correct me if I’m not). I wou…[View]
16882113Long drive, need books: /lit/ can you recommend some good books for me to listen to during a long-as…[View]
16876760Why are atheists so afraid of David Bentley Hart?[View]
16881579How do you plan what you're going to read next? Do you finish your current book and then pick a…[View]
16881197U ever read while walking?[View]
16882598Are there any philosophers or books that deal with the subject of your life sucking or you having to…[View]
16881847150 years ago, that beautiful man who fucked poetry in the ass until it bled died. Say something nic…[View]
16882578Idk if this should go on /lit/ or /sci/ but can someone tell me where to find studies on the IQ scor…[View]
16882898Career plan: >write novel about how the internet is warping our collective unconscious, dismantli…[View]
16869040Poor man's Catch-22[View]
16882494Occult Rationalists: Several Enlightement philosophers and scientists were very well read in the occ…[View]
16878754DUNE Pykewater Challenge: reminder thread. less than a week left to submit. happy thanksgiving! The …[View]
16881124This was awful. Why do normalfags shill it so much?[View]
16882760why did this strike a chord to millions of men and women in the modern era?[View]
16882101Rate my Schzxizo writing: I am having the schizophrenia all of the time, and so on. Now I am writing…[View]
16863656What is /lits opinion on C.G.Jung? Could he predict the future? Are myths a collective unconscious w…[View]
16879731What's /lit/'s opinion on The Monk?[View]
16882304Kerouac: In uni I had a friend who was obsessed with kerouac and the beatniks in general. He said th…[View]
16881683>someone IRL recommends you a book >'cool i'll check it out' >…[View]
16881527ITT: post books that just make you go like woah[View]
16879680Les Bienveillantes/The Kindly Ones - Jonathan Littell: What is the verdict? Fad of the month or some…[View]
16882570I just finished Les Miserables a few hours ago. What did I think of it? Have you read it? What did …[View]
16878854Bought this. What am I in for?[View]
16877906Rank the American postmodernists.[View]
16882034The word 'hitherto' should be banned[View]
16881404>author/translator has been dead for almost 100 years >publishers still mooch off his work wit…[View]
16881618Are there any good books that go in depth into the economics of likeability?[View]
16881513Hi frens, I just earned some money. Should I buy a bunch of books, invest in bitcoin or buy some che…[View]
16877853Was Lenin a philosopher king?[View]
16882033Are there any other groups dedicated to experimenting like the Oulipo?[View]
16881744Who's your favorite poet out of these six?[View]
16882255Should I read this in order or can I just read about the plays I have actually read? I'd feel s…[View]
16877395Is this really the best book on political dystopias? I felt like it lacked complexity in a lot of wa…[View]
16882280I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but I wanted to hear you guys' thoughts on t…[View]
16879771happy thanksgiving, frens what are you thankful for? (pls keep it /lit related so the jannies dont d…[View]
16882229Anyone remember back when Disney tried to make an adaption of a Phillip K. Dick story and then cance…[View]
16879785What is your favourite poem from the Edda?[View]
16882132>dude i'm telling you youtubers are totally /lit/related DUDE let's shill this whore ju…[View]
16880853After reading Marx's books I've come to the conclusion that I only agree with Marx on one …[View]
16881453Any merit to reading Robespierre's writings? Or is he too dull and paranoid[View]
16880194Reminder that Dialectical Materialism is not real and Marxism is not a science.[View]
16882017Hat man mich verstanden?[View]
16881001Recommend me some more authors based on my current favorites >W.G. Sebald >Roberto Bolaño >…[View]
16878353Will Durant- The Story of Civilization: Anyone here read any of them?[View]
16876965Why do people say that this is better than Blood Meridian? What do people see in it? I don't ge…[View]
16881882Any books on how to start a family and raise children, etc?[View]
16866211The Transgender-Industrial Complex by Scott Howard: Have any of you read this yet? I'm thinking…[View]
16881867>Lie down on bed to read book >Open book to first page >Dog scratches at door >Go downst…[View]
16880681Western canon: Which books from the canon do you think are most worth reading?[View]
16880280Have either of you ever emailed or met up with a famous or important writer?[View]
16879772Mexican lit recs: Give me some easy to read mexican lit. I'm currently reading Octavio Paz…[View]
16881838Does this ever get good? I'm a few chapters in and while I find what he says interesting he…[View]
16877793Just finished pic related. That final chapter had me in tears. What did you think about it friends?[View]
16880840Where do I start with the founding fathers? Are they based?: Specifically, Thomas Jefferson[View]
16881475How exactly did the Left end up the way it is today?[View]
16876233Beowulf: I want to read beowulf. What translation should i get?[View]
16881088What the fuck am I reading and should I carry on?[View]
16881045>/lit/ still hasn't read Dying Inside Why haven't you read it, Anon?…[View]
16867570poetry: what do you think of my poem? post ur own Hope is a skull, With the stars in its eyes Teet…[View]
16880393Alright faggots, it's almost Christmas and mommy wants me to give her my list ASAP. Looking to …[View]
16881133Any good Black Friday sales from online bookstores?: It seems everything I come across only has chil…[View]
16879833Suicide, let's talk about it.[View]
16881172How do you get ideas for your short stories? Anything I can do to become more creative to create int…[View]
16881430Typewriters.: Does anyone here use a typewriter? I kinda like it for writing because you cant go ba…[View]
16878145Dear /lit/. I kindly ask for advice about author or series that I could present to my mother. She is…[View]
16880250My shit is all disorganized. Book notes, information I stumble upon online, annotations from differe…[View]
16881097Chug a piss-sweet frothy Heineken, The golden juices flowing down thy throat, Mixing with French fr…[View]
16881305Herman Melville or Mark Twain? >inb4 'neither' or '{insert other author here}…[View]
16880354How do I get back the 5 years I wasted going to university? I despise intellectuals and academics an…[View]
16880743What is this a metaphor for[View]
16879459You guys ready for the abomination that is Ready Player Two?[View]
16880340Ideal Man: Looking for literature that depicts virtue in its purest form. Basically looking for book…[View]
16880563>In the modern world, it is, quite literally and unironically, impossible to live by the teaching…[View]
16881176I'm in the used book store... I reach for a copy of Capital, Volume I... My hand collides gentl…[View]
16880311What made me hate Dorothy was that she didnt even love her husband, Dick.[View]
16881154Can you suggest me books about dream interpretation (other than Freud's)[View]
16870278Forest anon literature: Hello, at this point I honestly consider living the forest anon life. No, no…[View]
16879873This shit good?[View]
16880696What do y'all guys think about Harold Bloom?[View]
16879275John O'Brien, founder of Dalkey Archive Press, has died. F[View]
16880707How can I change myself in one day: I want to leave this place Study hard Feel fulfilled And achiev…[View]
16870722Why does he make everyone seethe so much? What's wrong with washing your penis?[View]
16879580What are some great books to get you in that lovely Christmas mood? Preferably short books, but ever…[View]
16880228Best books on spies/ espionage? fiction and non-fiction both welcome (no bond or serial 'spy' novels…[View]
16880165Prerequisites for The Divine Comedy? And should I read the whole thing or just The Inferno? (I'…[View]
16875200Does 50 shades of grey actually contain any literary talent or is just pop culture low brow larping?[View]
16880382Reminder you can’t understand him without prior knowledge of pataphysics.[View]
16880602>START WITH THE GREE- Why not start with the actual oldest corpus of literature, written by the S…[View]
16880537Pynchon: Where do I start? What's the most accessible of his works? V. ?[View]
16880032How many of you read Louise Glück poems before she won the Nobel?[View]
16878400I am a psych major and I am studying the effects of long term cognitive dissonance and repression in…[View]
16879789KEK. (V. - Pynchon)[View]
16876695Is it the most intellectual book of the 21st century?[View]
16879122Landmark hardcovers: How are the hardcovers? Does it matter or are the paperback versions good enoug…[View]
16864027Did she deserve it?[View]
16876829Talk about Politics/Philosophy/Art/Lit with girls: This is even possible? I even tried so hard, but …[View]
16875629I need more books on the nature of war, especially 'contemporary war.' Bonus points for books that a…[View]
16880284is there a god?[View]
16880536Hakuren are you here?[View]
16880470This guy worth reading? He's pretty famous in Canada as a writer[View]
16880414>5000 character thesis 4 days late >haven't even started it Can I still make it?…[View]
16874844Which living philosophers will this be written about 1000 years from now?[View]
16880372>english translation has a 40 page introduction about the relevance of the subject matter to cont…[View]
16880432I just finished reading Vikram Paralkar's 'Night Theater.' Great book. Reminds me a lot of Kafk…[View]
16880394For anyone that's read it, what did you think of Franz Kafka's Amerika? I'm about to …[View]
16876938Samuel Beckett Appreciation Thread: Thoughts on Molloy?[View]
16878707Question for Aristotelians: What would Aristotle's opinion be on anarchism since he seems to be…[View]
16874942Who's the Shakespeare of literary erotica?[View]
16880287Write a short story based off this image[View]
16879052Though oft the ear the open vowels tire, While expletives their feeble aid do join, And ten low word…[View]
16880155How many pages have you read this Turkey Day, anon?[View]
16875948What is the literary equivalent of Neon Genesis Evangelion?[View]
16879233Who has a pdf? Not on Libgen so help a brother out[View]
16879724So how many years did Billy spend fucking the playboy whore in the tralfamadorian zoo? Wouldn't…[View]
16876617When you eat shrooms and read way too much postmodern theory. Is this that non-philosophy I keep hea…[View]
16879325Prose before versifying?: Shakespeare is said to have written his lines in prose before turning them…[View]
16874493/lit/ Iceberg Thread: Maybe not what y'all want to do on feast week, but every other board has …[View]
16874389Semiotics: This is all going completely over my head. Am I just dumb?[View]
16878615Fuck... guys, I think I like Shoe Dog more than I liked Moby Dick. Is this going to hurt my rep as a…[View]
16879994What books are you giving to others this year? I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to …[View]
16878453>want to buy a book >it's always the soulless rerelease with some generic cover or mentio…[View]
16878262Alright so I've been listening to Shad's series of videos on creative writing. (For those …[View]
16876335Looking for good short stories that are 1 page or max 1.5. Post em[View]
16879857Why does my brain feel so good when I read the Greeks? It feels like Socrates himself is enlightenin…[View]
16879605Where are my Henry James bros at?[View]
16879814>a pretty poem Mr Pope but you mustn't call it Homer[View]
16879205Is philosophy still practical or reliable? or just mental cooming: I am planning to get into reading…[View]
16877880What are some easy books I can read in french as a beginner? I've only been studying for about …[View]
16878993ITT: enjoyable essays: Post essays that you have enjoyed reading. They don't have to be 'correc…[View]
16873510Why did western philosophers stop believing in reincarnation after the Neoplatonist schools were clo…[View]
16878000>I am forgotten[View]
16869057What other books have the biblical, mythical, epic feel of Moby Dick and Blood Meridian? Also do oth…[View]
16875433I’m looking for books with rape in them. Preferably lots of it and with plenty of detail. Thanks![View]
16874795I just ordered this book online. What am I in for, /lit/?[View]
16878704Problem with reading outloud?: Hello, has anyone else experienced and overcome this? I've alway…[View]
16879400I'm writing a book and am looking for any works related to Meta Programming in the philosophica…[View]
16878786Oh no, it's zombie Nietzsche! What do?[View]
16877930Is there a reason why most of the masterpieces have been written before the need to call something l…[View]
16870874Tolkien Art Thread 4: >>16857748 All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander…[View]
16866934/sffg/ Science Fition & Fantasy General: Start Resumption edition Previous thread >>168551…[View]
16878751Does monism entail that creation can't be ex nihilo, and that everything is created out of 'cha…[View]
16879007> Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe are they the 4 horsemen of western civilization?…[View]
16879382'Just Like (You)': of course it HAD to be a black male having sex with a white female. nick hornby i…[View]
16879049What is the Blair Witch Project of literature? inb4 the blair witch novel.[View]
16879314My favorite book is Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson. My favorite philosophers are Plato, Ma…[View]
16879420Who is the literary equivalent of Scriabin? https://youtu.be/Hp0yVCh5OKM[View]
16879304Pick one: Houellebecq Vs De Sade[View]
16879236pack it up atheistbros... its over...[View]
16877899this is not as schizo as i thought where does he go off the rails and start talking about meme shit …[View]
16878770Bible Bashing: In this thread we trash each other's favourite Bible books, while defending our …[View]
16877987Suppose an artist is inspired by the sight of an attractive woman to depict her in the nude, and thi…[View]
16879306/lit/ among us game: Stop reading and join Code: VHNXKF[View]
16879157Many of the great thinkers of Western modernity define their goal as a therapeutic one. Spinoza, Nie…[View]
16864443Does masturbation go against Christianity? The Bible wasn't clear about it at all.[View]
16878990how to focus on reading for longer periods of time? I've being reading about 2hrs a day for th…[View]
16873664books on why absolute monarchies are better than democracies?[View]
16879033Nietzsche: What are some life lessons learned through reading Nietzsche that are useful in other par…[View]
16874582How do you read when you're depressed and even remembering things like love sex and friendships…[View]
16874391>McGrady's intention was to write a book that was both deliberately terrible and contained a…[View]
16860146READY PLAYER 2: Ready Player 2 has landed, and it’s at least as obnoxious as the first. Here’s a hig…[View]
16866526THIS is my gospel.[View]
16877460What is that we are waiting for?[View]
16878187Everyman's Library: Are there any other publishers that release high-quality hardcovers with mi…[View]
16862148/wg/ - Writing General: Oscar Wilde edition previous: >>16846386 For Prose: >The Art of Fic…[View]
16878641this IS MY GOSPEL[View]
16878271What's in the grave?[View]
16874651>book is so boring not even the author could finish it[View]
16878344what is his secret?[View]
16869815ITT: all time greatest book covers[View]
16878255Anybody else only capable of writing when miserable? When I'm in a good mood I don't want …[View]
16878227>tfw you've finally transcended all the bullshit causes, morals and symbols that have been l…[View]
16875588.: >The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.…[View]
16876302A Little Life is the worst book of all time[View]
16876035Where did it go wrong for him?[View]
16877538>just be yourself bro Nietzsche is a hack[View]
16877077>Guglielmo Shakespeare >Giovanni Locke >Tommaso Hobbes >Michele di Montaigne >Giorgio…[View]
16873923Anyone actually read Barry Lyndon? Is Reverend Runt like he is in the book?[View]
16877268What should I have read to understand Dosto? Is it ok if I haven't read the greeks? The only ot…[View]
16878263Dear /lit folk I come to you with a question. What are some good books on women? Not some incel, wo…[View]
16878076books to learn rhetoric: written and speech[View]
16876429When did you realize that this was just a reddit novel lampooning good chivalry classics like Amadis…[View]
16877225I Ching: Can any of you explain to me how to read this thing?[View]
16877720Tell me how to become fluent in languages in a manner of months: I'm neeting for a few months I…[View]
16878168There is one active thread on him already (which got derailed). I wanted to thank that OP for making…[View]
16876805Iliad & Odyssey (Greek Editions): Does anyone know of any good, hardback/leather editions in the…[View]
16878102bro's I am sitting on the toilet after drinking too much coffee and my balls and dick are shriv…[View]
16875517Why don’t we ever talk about romance novels around here?[View]
16878061Best Climate Change + Investigative Journalism books?[View]
16877958Any books on hospices or end of life care? Want to learn about how people (several of possible) deal…[View]
16873047What am I in for?[View]
16877822QTDDTOT: It's just a stupid question, might as well try and turn the thread into something usef…[View]
16867126How did atheism fall out of favor so quickly?[View]
16877483What's wrong with goodreads users?[View]
16872336How do we stop them?[View]
16877295How do I become a better writer?: I feel like I have a terrible grasp of the English language. In my…[View]
16875450Pound said the most important literary languages for a Western man to study are: >Latin >Class…[View]
16877704> Feeling down > Go through my month's old writing to derive some pride from my accomplis…[View]
16871297Any books that deal with the cyclical nature of societies?[View]
16876152i only read about ww2 weapons and vehicles[View]
16870100What’s your favourite poem? Mine’s “On the Creation of Niggers” by H P Lovecraft: >When, long ago…[View]
16877727what's a good book that goes in details about the indian pantheon & religion? something tha…[View]
16877723How is your Latin learning going? You studied your declensions today, didn't you anons?[View]
16874618I never payed attention in Algebra in high school, and as a result barely understand math past geome…[View]
16871483Is it a bad idea to make your child read philosophy and other theoretical books? An 8yo reading Plat…[View]
16875429The prince: Is it worth reading? Which edition should I get? I'm assuming not the shitty pengui…[View]
16873738Stefan Molyneux just wrote a new novel about WW2. Did anyone here read it? He said it is the best bo…[View]
16875648BOW LOWER: “Christians often ask why God does not speak to them, as he is believed to have done in f…[View]
16876820What are some books for low IQ people? I can never get into reading its too boring always liked movi…[View]
16876757THIS is my gospel: By Toutatis[View]
16877152This is like the 14th century equivalent of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEQOvyGbBtY[View]
16877371/lit/ careers and education: >school >work >how has it influenced your reading and/or writi…[View]
16875796Any literature that describes the adoption of radical online politics?: Why label yourself as a nazi…[View]
16875566What would he have thought of SJWs?[View]
16876277When does this get good bros?[View]
16874500Books to cure misanthropy: I'm imploding under the weight of my contempt for humanity. How do I…[View]
16875575Books to help a brainwashed family member?: Hi /lit/ I have a family member who suffers from some me…[View]
16877206I won't cry anymore, I promise: doors become different when keeping me indoors doors going bing…[View]
16857499What are some good, disturbing and melancholic books?. Already read a bunch of lovecraft, but it los…[View]
16876983Before going to bed should you read fiction or science/real stuff for optimal sleep?[View]
16869720How did he predict /lit so accurately bros?[View]
16877176Should I read him?[View]
16874323Why the fuck does this exist?[View]
16874264Is there any historical incel literature or is it purely a modern phenomenon caused by mass urbaniza…[View]
16876973How does one go about learning Classical Arabic?[View]
16876312In 2007, I started reading philosophy, non-fiction and the classics exclusively. Now, everything mod…[View]
16876566>art theory[View]
16876677ITT: philosophy recomendations: Hey /lit, I've joined a fairly prominent team of researches wor…[View]
16873786Books to become a soulless tycoon?: What books do you recommend? Art of War? 48 Laws of Power? The …[View]
16876961What books do your recommend to be better at job interviews?[View]
16876205What are you favourite novels for 'unlocking' your own flow/prose? I like the feeling of reading a b…[View]
16876568Why is Sherlock Holmes never mentioned when people on here list/make fun of normalfag/pleb lit?[View]
16875634Why does Longfellow never get the recognition that Whitman and Dickinson receive?[View]
16874496THIS is my gospel.[View]
16875270Is this any good ?: I was thinking about posting this in /fit, but i decided i’ll just post it here,…[View]
16875909how do I eliminate the will to power living within me?[View]
16874297How impress with superior prose?: How do I talk to my scientist wife-to-be about literature? How do …[View]
16876113>feel like reading after months of not readnig >have to charge my ebook first…[View]
16873205Chinese /lit/: Do you think there are tons of Chinese masterpieces that remain underground due to go…[View]
16874955Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of this book?[View]
16872382L. Ron Hubbard: Redpill me on this author. The Left has attempted to assassinate his ideas for fifte…[View]
16874223What's your favorite book that never gets discussed on /lit/?[View]
16874236/lesbian lit/: preferably lesbian theory/philosophy, but fiction and poetry is also appreciated.…[View]
16874067Good books about sociopathy / psychopathy?[View]
16874239Which great author makes normies seethe the most? I'm thinking Céline.[View]
16876088Post a novel and their 4chan board equivalent: >/mu/[View]
16875543What/Who are some gritty/bitter books/authors that I should read up on? And not just related to Gear…[View]
16874681Japanese Poetry Anthology: I want to start reading Japanese Poetry? Is there a good anthology or vol…[View]
16873655>In her 2002 book Heartbreak, Andrea Dworkin claimed Ginsberg had ulterior motives for allying wi…[View]
16875546Help with writing a mystery?: So in all honesty my main goal is to write a shortish story and turn t…[View]
16871308Pic related is legitimately good. Much better than I thought it would be. Recommend other political …[View]
16874027Any good books on the Druids? Everything I come across seems new agey and not strong in scholarship.[View]
16875833Soup, /lit/. Like many if not most of you, I am working on a potentially ground breaking novel. The …[View]
16876036best book about the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race of 1968?[View]
16871871Books about 'rights'?: What are 'rights' and where do they come from? Is there any lit on how we (le…[View]
16875894Books on suffering?[View]
16875710self-help canon?: I am trying to get a good overview of those self-help books on the topic of relaxa…[View]
16866291Idealism vs Materialism vs Dualism vs Processism Which one is right anons?[View]
16875861How do we fix mystery fiction?[View]
16874058classical education for children: Any book recommendation/booklist to start classical education for …[View]
16874206The Metamorphosis by Ovid: whats your favourite stories anons? Also Metamorphosis thread[View]
16875337Was Yeats haunted by a ghost? Pic very much related.[View]
16875776what are some books that enforce the idea that anyone will throw away their morals given a situation…[View]
16875620What was Tolkien's problem?[View]
16875390>Lacanian psychoanalyses of Islamic extremism >capitalist critique to suicide bombings >dia…[View]
16875677What are some books about what it means to be a good person and to live a good life? What are some b…[View]
16875624How to appreciate Wagner: I keep hearing Wagner is one of the greatest artists of all time, though I…[View]
16873203Does reading make you cooler?[View]
16868749Christmas is coming: Post your wish lists ITT[View]
16868946Books where the film was actually better?: This is ok but the movie really pulled it together into a…[View]
16871424Should I buy books, even second-hand books, or is it okay for me to download and read them on an ere…[View]
16875013I was wondering, what books did the non-Anglos on this board have assigned to them in high school? W…[View]
16874568>dating scene in burgerland[View]
16873450Was Wagner's narcissism warranted?[View]
16874543Are any of Jane Austen's books worth reading as a straight, adult male living in 2020? One of m…[View]
16872697First things first: This book sucks. There are interesting things written in it, hidden beneath laye…[View]
16873520What is the Big Other of our society? What does it know and what is it unaware of?[View]
16874994I need an essay on current vs old popular art ('nostalgia googles'): Are there any essays over the f…[View]
16875340Jim Sleeper: Has anyone read this book or any of his other writings? Based on preview this book loo…[View]
16872744I'll start. I'm writing a novel, think Steinbeck meets Hemingway and they have a baby as t…[View]
16872093Rate my current reads, /lit/[View]
16875170Thoughts on Heart of Darkness?[View]
16870771Books about racism from a PoC perspective?[View]
16875149Any good literature from this slice of heaven?[View]
16875204Are there any Granta issues you'd recommend?[View]
16874481What am I getting into?[View]
16874764Currently interested in purchasing a copy of Plato's 'Republic' but im not sure which one is th…[View]
16870237DUNE Pykewater Challenge: reminder thread. less than a week left to submit: The Pykewater Library is…[View]
16874203Creative writing: Alright so I've been listening to Shad's series of videos on creative wr…[View]
16873137Harold Bloom's last book just released: His favorite novelists under 50 before his death were J…[View]
16870376Can you guys recommend me books like The Stranger where the narrator/protagonist tells everything th…[View]
16874036>'I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alon…[View]
16873619>I have been the confidant of an honourable assassin who killed women, not to rob them, but to ra…[View]
16869508>He's posting on /lit/ and he hasn't read the Canterbury Tales and Hamlet, King Lear, M…[View]
16873282What does /lit/ think of Gilbert and Sullivan? >inb4 not literature Harold Bloom lists them in th…[View]
16874619Dare ye?[View]
16872079'Oslo is a boring city and the people there are completely uninteresting and unintellectual, like al…[View]
16874221If I have been reading philosophy in my spare time for the last two years, will majoring in philosop…[View]
16874208These are my bible. Show me your bible, /lit/[View]
16870382comfy books: post comfiness[View]
16871903Faith: What is the one true faith for an intellectual?[View]
16872699Thoreau and Ted BTFO: >Thoreau’s walk in the woods did much more for his soul than for the woods …[View]
16874255ITT: Books that are personifications of what zero pussy does to a mf[View]
16874179What do you personally consider to be THE great american novel? Is there a consensus among /lit/? I…[View]
16870129Has anyone ever actually read the entire church fathers?: It seems like it would take a long time…[View]
16874205Don Quixote: What level of Spanish do I need to know to read Don Quixote in its original language? I…[View]
16874400What are some comfy books on cults and fringe/small scale organized religions? I'm interested …[View]
16874144What are the best uses for bad books?[View]
16873246Books like Xenophon’s anabasis and Plutarch’s lives? Real stories of great adventures, usually milit…[View]
16866339Books that argue against democracy?[View]
16874303what are the best books about heartbreak?[View]
16873842>Detailed are the principal forms of magical house protection in Britain and beyond from the four…[View]
16871168Why is it so underrated?[View]
16869170Hermann Broch: What's /lit/'s take on Hermann Broch and his 2 major works (The Sleepwalker…[View]
16871709>itt : we post stupid things we did because of books, preferably as a kid >kissed my elbow thi…[View]
16874124>That part where Plato starts talking about the Lord of the Rings uhh guys.....…[View]
16872798Where to start with Psychiatry and Psychology Anything mind related, what books should I start with?[View]
16874077GIVE ME THE BREAD-PILL: I am as atheistic now as I have ever been. I don't believe there is any…[View]
16874073I’m surprised Laura didn’t strangle her. She sorta plays the guardian, like looking out for Laura. I…[View]
16873772Little, Big: Worth reading? Hesitant of fantasy recommendations after getting baited by gene wolfe…[View]
16873715Cultural appropriation: Chaucer is a thief. Night 152 of the Arabian Nights has a tale very similar …[View]
16873267Is reading Montaigne's selected essays good enough, or will I be missing important stuff?[View]
16873942Is Michael Heinrich right about democracy?[View]
16873980Any historical book lovers here? If so, do any of you know of good books on the brothers Vlad the Im…[View]
16873937Articles/essays on Nietzsche: Can anyone recommend journal articles / essays about Nietzsche that ar…[View]
16873229Why don't you like OSHO? Is he too vast for you?[View]
16872369Anyone read this? saw it recommended on here a week ago. what are your thoughts?[View]
16873662Mardanfarox refuted monism, nondualism, and monotheism.: Mardanfarrox proved that out of duality, co…[View]
16860196So is he the greatest novelist alive or just an inferior clone of Bernhard and Sebald? What is your …[View]
16873805Any historical book lovers here? If so, do any of you know of good books on the brothers Vlad the Im…[View]
16873640Is there a /his/ reading list?: What are the top-tier history books? Which books are necessary read…[View]
16873532What are some good romance novels for boys apart from those by Stendhal or Goethe?[View]
16873759What does /lit/ think of the new Brandon Sanderson novel? It's on its way to become the Goodrea…[View]
16872447Is Poseidon the most based and redpilled character in history, mythology, and religion? He doesn…[View]
16873181>Uhhhhh... Actually God exists because we can think of him >don't question it, if we can …[View]
16869232Where to start with her? I always hear her name casually thrown around in my department and know she…[View]
16873542poetry: can we have a poetry thread? I always get insecure about my writing, how are these verses?…[View]
16873660What does /lit/ think of Cees Nooteboom?[View]
16871997recommend me books about ontology[View]
16872252Most critical book to consider being well-read?: What do you consider the most critical book in the …[View]
16868435Has anyone read the entire Western Canon?[View]
16873453Recommend books that made you grow and actually helped you in some capacity: Hello /lit/ I am recove…[View]
16872173Roman /lit/: >A lively, happy man! Lover of beautiful women and even more of beautiful verse! Det…[View]
16871442What does /lit/ think of Joseph Conrad? Heart of Darkness seems to be his most discussed book (with …[View]
16873292What book/books are you waiting for to arrive?[View]
16868079Fictional /lit/ that has characters with mutilated or disfigured faces: Looking for /lit/ recommenda…[View]
16872044Did you actually derive any useful information or teaching from this book, or is it a /lit/ meme to …[View]
16871993What do I need to read before I jump into Leviathan? Is reading Hobbes' metaphysical works like…[View]
16870577How do I get into Leopardi? What are his essential works?[View]
16870885Meta: This is the meta thread, to discuss the state of this board. Why are jannies such hispanophobe…[View]
168667091984: >post yfw Two Minutes Hate[View]
16873264What are some books that can help fix a broken person?[View]
16871055>Advocating nuclear war, attempting communication with dolphins and taking an interest in the par…[View]
16872528Anyone here ever read this?[View]
16871523Beowulf: Best contemporary translation of Beowulf?[View]
16867219Just picked up pic related, what am I in for?[View]
16872677What's /lit/'s opinion on this book or Alan Watts in general? I've never been into ph…[View]
16873062Question about the State of Nature: Salam alykum /lit/. I was wondering something about the state of…[View]
16863931What are some good words? I like 'adhere', that's a good word.[View]
16869999Learning Latin: What books should i read and in what order? I just got Cambridge's Latin course…[View]
16873168Rate my first attempt at horror fiction:: >The Cartoonist >Clown time is not itself a clown – …[View]
16872992Just found out I am schizo-typical: Recommend me authors who you think I might enjoy and that I woul…[View]
16866894WN/LN General: So who's willing to make a general about WNs LNs so we can cheese about Trashy W…[View]
16868868Do you read one book at a time or do you read multiple books simultaneously?[View]
16871895Have sex, incel: the book[View]
16872748How did such a man exist? Why no one as great as him has existed before or since?[View]
16872589How to focus on Jesus?[View]
16869364Is it worth to read Jack London as an adult? I am very interested in sailor stories, so i tought abo…[View]
16872651Just got this. What am I in for?[View]
16871102>yfw when you can't make it through the first chapter of this garbage…[View]
16869474What shohld I read to go off the deep end of esoteric Christianity and Traditionalism?[View]
16870954ANNA KARENINA: I really liked Levin and his story but why was it in the book? His story contributed …[View]
16872434Did he do it? Did he finally destroy metaphysics once and for all?[View]
16872409beginners poetry: how do I get into poetry?[View]
16872731Where should I start with the works of Karl Barth? also general neo-orthodox/dialectical theology th…[View]
16850551Books for escaping nihilism and pessimism? I'm so close to ending it, /lit/[View]
16868448How do I appreciate poetry? Just seems like gay shit for pseuds and women ngl.[View]
16870982Recommend me books where I experience joy at people being denied or robbed of their pleasures. I hav…[View]
16868199Be honest, has anyone here actually read Summa Theologica? What other books do you suspect /lit/tard…[View]
16872550More books by /lit?[View]
16872666>Entertain God and your ass will follow. Are there any books with this theme?…[View]
16871912https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kama_Sutra Is the kamasutra a good book for learning about sex? Which …[View]
16869793Sometimes I just write. And words come out. If I keep at it, it almost seems like... People talking …[View]
16872148High Republic Leaks: Anyone know if any of these have leaked yet? Quite a few people seem to have co…[View]
16868324What's the most difficult book written in English? In the mood to get filtered. Hit me with th…[View]
16865021Should I become a mahayana buddhist?: I've recently been thinking that I should join a traditio…[View]
16869561Look mom!! No legs[View]
16858251ITT people who's books should unironically be burnt[View]
16863085What are you currently reading /lit/[View]
16872294As when on a sounding beach the swell of the sea beats, wave after wave, before the driving of the W…[View]
16872219>be me (or not to be me) >confesseth my love unyielding to my fair Lady >her comely handse …[View]
16872240I recently bought a copy of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike. I wanted to get as close to the origina…[View]
16869881How do I go about learning Avestan without studying it at a university?[View]
16872092which books will teach me the way of not giving a fuck anymore?[View]
16871738Hey guys I'm reading this series for the 3rd time, is it good?[View]
16872041>Literature is a human and rational construction, which makes its way towards freedom through str…[View]
16870872Penguin Random House Parent Company buys Simon & Schuster: People are freaking out online and cr…[View]
16870736>/lit/ still hasn't read Dying Inside Go ahead, Anon, read the book…[View]
16871916>Author makes an acclaimed book >Never makes anything else like it again…[View]
16860405>is presented as a fallible human, which opens up the possibility that he may have been completel…[View]
16866012How does it compare to the rest of the trilogy and other McCarthy's works? What does /lit/ thin…[View]
16852659ITT: Post bad book covers[View]
16870591>'A Hero Of Our Time' >it's just some guy complaining about the poor room service he got …[View]
16869184Do you think it's possible for someone to write a thousand-page epic poem in a mixture of Engli…[View]
16871659Manufacturing: Any good /lit/ on historical manufacturing? Stuff like how screws/wheels were produce…[View]
16865768Readin in Spanish?: Do any of you guys/fags read in Spanish? I was thinking about reading pic relate…[View]
16867749What's some Anglo-core?[View]
16871148Is the self help book industry a giant scam?[View]
16869115How do I read this?[View]
16870090My dear /lit/izens, please do tell me, who do I read after Aristotle ?[View]
16871156What's /lit/'s final verdict?[View]
16871136The second poem I've I've written: Life is a waiting room Each one must see this cruel doc…[View]
16871484Has anyone here read the Four Classic Novels? Are they worth reading? I am especially interested in …[View]
16871192What happened to YA?[View]
16870192More books where the main character is a useless piece of shit?[View]
16869510Arranging bookshelf: So how is one supposed to arrange ones bookshelves? >alphabetically by autho…[View]
16868072Explain the ending[View]
16863686What's some anti-life literature?[View]
16871374I don't get what's so special about it[View]
16871343>want to read TWAWAR >need to read On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason …[View]
16871160What are your thoughts on the poetry of Anne Sexton, /lit/ ?[View]
16871079Just finished my 4rth Nabby.: What’s with him and Cucking?[View]
16867902>turns every argument into word games about epistemology[View]
16864016If I make my own website to post my webnovels, will /lit/ read it?[View]
16866789write your best haiku about this image[View]
16864786Ereader: Need a simple ereader with no bullshit: >Needs to be big size >Needs to support all f…[View]
16870806I need some original curses and insults for the peasants to use in my renaissance fantasy world brin…[View]
16866406What made Hemingway so great?[View]
16864359HIGH TEST BOOKS: Give me the most maddeningly aggressive or masculine pieces of literature I want to…[View]
16869144Books that support the conclusion that argument of force is the only argument worth considering and …[View]
16865506What does this mean?[View]
16869374>'But a writer's job is to probe the darkness and, above all, to tell the truth.' -Ma Jian D…[View]
16869222What are some good books with characters that are mentally ill and fight themselves, or the reality …[View]
16861890Reasoning and Logic: Hello /lit/, I am coming from /out/ where they told me to read kaczynski. I usu…[View]
16857748Tolkien Art Thread 3: “When evening in the Shire was grey his footsteps on the Hill were heard; befo…[View]
16870054'What's your favorite book, Anon?' 'Well, you've probably never heard of it, but after my …[View]
16869691Am I the only one who used to autistically print pdfs of books from the school's library printe…[View]
16868368What am I in for?[View]
16870752william walker atkinson: william walker atkinson where to start with him?[View]
16870035>i hate laundry but it’s better than dying in the street > ‘I like my women like I like my hum…[View]
16869903what is it? your reason to read?: don't give me tthat >for pleasure crap or i'll shoot…[View]
16870706For the sake of irony, I must ask what /lit/ thinks of The Fountainhead? Not Ayn Rand, just The Foun…[View]
16869337Do books absorb carbon dioxide like trees?[View]
16869449Christmas /lit/erature: What's some good Xmas-based literature? I've read A Christmas Caro…[View]
16864069Post books that filtered you hard when you started reading: To this day it sits on my shelf. That wa…[View]
16868153ITT: Post a picture, others guess the book[View]
16870520Are there any other somewhat good alternate history books besides this and fatherland? What do you g…[View]
16869597Philologists used to know dozens of different languages, but modern Linguists are mostly monolingual…[View]
16868970What are some books about queer theory?[View]
16866745does anyone have the greentext detailing how every urbanite/creative professional/hipster's lif…[View]
16867253what do I need to read/be aware of before reading Metamorphoses by Ovid?[View]
16870400Books, articles, criticisms on the Fashion Industry (both high fashion and fast fashion)? I mean on…[View]
16869893How many current pages does the work of Saint Agustine occupy? That guy was sick.[View]
16870355>tfw cant write for shit >sit down to write and gets distracted >manage to finish a couple …[View]
16869171Was WW2 a war of objective vs subjective?: The terms I use here are those referenced in german philo…[View]
16867418.: >So when watching television, the tendency is for you to fall below thought, not rise above it…[View]
16866731/bucklad/ Buckley General - Time Edition: >NATIONAL REVIEW https://www.nationalreview.com/ >FI…[View]
16864332I have ascended[View]
16869600Redpill me on this book?: Do we have to abolish Protestantism to accelerate the demise of capitalism…[View]
16864273It was really hard for me to accept this since my gf is trans but I had to read read this books. It …[View]
16867486>tfw autistically look up every word i don't know in the books i read >tfw autistically l…[View]
16865682Calvino: Just ordered this. I hope this was a good start to reading this guy. What does /lit/ think …[View]
16869260why do I use Goodreads?[View]
16869261Korean lit: Any good lit from the hermit kingdom? Have you read anything from there?[View]
16869178>The charges, officer?[View]
16862520I like you frends: I like you frends oh my frends You make me happy so much frends My heart breaks o…[View]
16869091Has anyone actually read the entire Zohar?: Seems too long and filled with esoteric wisdom.[View]
16866921Hi lit. I need resources about power and social dynamics/structures. Recommendations?[View]
16869065Has anyone actually read the entire Talmud?: Seems way too long and boring[View]
16868983THIS is my gospel.[View]
16863134How to pronounce Arete?: Hey /lit/, how the fuck do you pronounce this Greek word: ἀρετή (often Angl…[View]
16859995>he thinks you have to read books to be a good writer[View]
16867206Nixon Biography/ Historical Account of Presidency: I was interest in learning more about the Nixon y…[View]
16869111Are you enjoying the polar night of icy darkness, anon?[View]
16867298Of what should i take notes when reading a book? Should i take notes of non-fiction? Can you recomme…[View]
16864569What are the great underrated American novels? pic related[View]
16868977Would you be his friend?[View]
16867431Was the chapter where Clifford ordered a drone strike on an Afghani hospital because intelligence su…[View]
16867604>oh no im going to die because i didn't play by society's rules >also i killed a guy…[View]
16866839Any good books on manipulating people, or even just plain understanding them better?[View]
16869247Any books that will prevent me from losing my mind if I were to be an Immortal ? I heard Spengler wa…[View]
16869351What's even the moral of the tale of Aziz and Azizah? That you have to return feelings even whe…[View]
16868768peak comfy[View]
16869271name one book that you actually read and liked. not so easy is it?[View]
16866728Can your paper book do this? heh, didn't think so, kid[View]
16864742The Corrections: So, does anyone on /lit/ like this book? I’m aware of the fact that the majority of…[View]
16869270Jungbros.. Just found out the anima is based on our early experiences with women. My mother was a bi…[View]
16859450ITT: books you got recommended by /lit/ that were actually good[View]
16852562Taoism: Made me drop Western/Monotheist thought and every other religion including Buddhism. Embrace…[View]
16869201Has anyone actually read the entire Fantômas collection?: Seems way too short and entertaining…[View]
16869077Has anyone actually read the entire Oxford English Dictionary?: Seems way too long and boring[View]
16868900Is pic related worth my time?[View]
16869048How do you write good descriptions?: The obvious thing to do seems to try to paint a picture with wo…[View]
16868774mignon is a 12 year old androgynous half-retarded product of incest, calls wilhelm daddy and almost …[View]
16848256Defend using an ereader. Go on. I dare you. It is a position which cannot be defended. An ereader gi…[View]
16868923I need to find this: There was a book that I vividly remember reading as a child, and now I can…[View]
16863900Can anyone refute his stance on gluten and raw dairy?[View]
16867878Man Booker Prize Winner 2020: Shuggie Bain - Sold out everywhere. Has anyone read it?[View]
16867237Wenn der Blüten frühlingsregen Über alle schwebend sinkt, Wenn der Felder grüner Segen Allen Erdgeb…[View]
16867430your thoghts?[View]
16867812How do you get comfy to read, /lit/?[View]
16863414Do your best Slavoj Zizek impression right the frick now[View]
16868377What grade level/reading ease do you aim for in your writing? Is this too hard to read for an under…[View]
16866675This book was the red pill. Now I can kill anyone in this board with my barehands.[View]
16868604How one feels after first reading Paradise Lost: Lucifer is Prometheus reborn! How one feels after r…[View]
16868597Are travel books the most cozy books?: I’m thinking about getting travel in the interior districts o…[View]
16866368money ads debt: Books about how we're enslaved to the money system? I know there are lots of yo…[View]

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