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/lit/ - Literature

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18215402I'm very interested in archetypes. Between taking psychedelics in the past and listening to JP …[View]
18214996Did he really want Europeans to move out of cold climates so they wouldn't have to kill animals…[View]
18213501Why?: Why are occult books so expensive? It amazes me how expensive some occult and / or other relig…[View]
18215587Basically a story about a former CIA agent turned private eye with multiple personality disorders. A…[View]
18207068Write what's on your mind[View]
18215427I'm looking for an esoteric? sort of book. Outside Boethius is there any work that was written …[View]
18186269Questions about the Zettelkasten: Note-taking, MOCs, Zettelkasten, slip-box, LYT... I've been r…[View]
18214063What philosophers should I read to have my preconceived notions affirmed? I would hate to be challen…[View]
18215164What are your thoughts on Etienne Gilson?: I just found out about him and he seems to be an importan…[View]
18214725This is a nice little video analyzing a deceptively simple poem by Dickinson. If there were more vid…[View]
18214314anyone here reading books while standing at a lectern?: trying to become less sedentary, what's…[View]
18210545Books that center on an unplanned pregnancy in modern America?[View]
18215106Why is Kafka considered one of the best modern writers of all time when his most famous work shamele…[View]
18211643Be careful with that axe, Rodya![View]
18214754How does caring about the freedom of being leads to supporting totalitarian governments? Isn't …[View]
18215077What book has ever made you wish to visit another town/city/state/country? In my case it was Shantar…[View]
18215011The Cocaine Zoo: a book about Pablo Escobar's zoo and the Cocaine addicted animals that live th…[View]
18214984>There are three kinds of dissidents: (a) anons, (b) pundits who still care what people think, an…[View]
18200057/wsffg/ Western Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Sword and Sorcery Edition Previous Thread: >…[View]
18213670The Republic: So Ive started reading The Republic and Im up to the point where Polemarchus agrees wi…[View]
18206404/lit/ jobs: what do you do for a living?: hello lit i’m a college kid and liberal arts major. due to…[View]
18206516Authors that make you feel less lonely: For me, it’s Nietzsche[View]
18214620Have you ever had to write a eulogy?[View]
18210198What are some books about the Red Army?[View]
18214775Chris Hedges...where to begin?: Listened to a couple of lectures by him, and he seemed like an artic…[View]
18214887Boundless: Ben greenfield Read for free: Hi, Does anyone here know where to find the book Boundless…[View]
18210830/kafka/ general: Name your favorite underrated Kafka work. Mine is The Aeroplanes at Brescia[View]
18213126For my book I was gonna have the leader of a modern day teenage mannerbund consult with the spirit o…[View]
18214746If there are no facts, only interpretations then is it a mere interpretation that there are no facts…[View]
18213435Celine: Already read Journey and just finished Death on the Installment Plan, which of his works sho…[View]
18212485Please guys, I always ask for this but I get no replies. Please give me a book that explores the con…[View]
18213194what do you think about this[View]
18211801Who is the best poet and why is it Baudelaire?[View]
18211095>In 1945, the novel was the subject of an extended critical essay by fellow author and critic Dam…[View]
18209447/qt/ - quotes thread[View]
18214597What's the best translation of the Book of Enoch for a silly lil' anglo like me?[View]
18213466What's the functional difference between magic and technology in fantasy and cyberpunk?[View]
18214220Autism incoming... Why does the reporting clause come at the END of a sentence? 'Hello there!' said …[View]
18212509Books that changed your life: For me, it's the Book of Mormon. The consistent theme of redempti…[View]
18213998Algernon Blackwood: I'll read one of his books if you can recommend it. Would prefer horror to …[View]
18214458Kant: Other than the prolegomena and the three critiques, what are his essential works?[View]
18209843Is Revelations considered a good read? I've been meaning to read it but always forget to pick i…[View]
18214277I think I need to quit 4chan if I want to move on with my life. What are some books about growing up…[View]
18210346How do I into this book. I'm having to reread every paragraph at least twice. Have I been filte…[View]
18212559Turn off your computer.[View]
18214051i have limited time on this Earth is this good read to book?[View]
18212603>Yevgeny Zamyatin's We What am I in for /lit/?[View]
18214452René Girard: This guy seems right to me, but what's the current consensus on his works? Especia…[View]
18214260What's some Bostrom core every anon should read? Books about futurism that would help to get re…[View]
18208278Finding satisfaction from within: I am never satisfied after achieving my goals. I do not feel good …[View]
18214085Why does /lit/ care so much about this irrelevant shithole?[View]
18211186Which is the highest IQ piece of literature ever?[View]
18213561I find myself agreeing with the Grand Inquisitor story in The Brothers Karamazov. Expecting freedom …[View]
18212613George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'[View]
18213324Books that’ll help me appreciate and understand poetry better[View]
18210643what's the best e-reader to get if all im going to read are books pirated from libgen?[View]
18210746ITT: books that you found funny[View]
18214137Any books that look into understanding attraction and what makes us have a certain 'type' ? Whether…[View]
18213237Here is a poem. What do you think? Nothing is real Nothing is good Nothing that’s known Is understoo…[View]
18214075Asimov Thread: Post your favorite books by Isaac Asimov[View]
18212435Books about speaking, improving speech, building storytelling skills: I was interested in books you …[View]
18213010Just collected this from an Amazon locker: What am I in for?[View]
18208553Which piece of literature validates the medium as the highest form of art best?[View]
18214031Any symbols for repetition? Apparently 'ditto mark' can be used for that, but I have never…[View]
18213799I don't like reading and writing but I want to like reading and writing: what is this why is th…[View]
18213222post your erotic writing itt: Best Buddy by AnnaZ Holy crap I never thought it would turn out this w…[View]
18213093Are there any good books or reading lists that I can read to teach me French? I feel stupid for not …[View]
18213103Top 5 philosophers 1. Plato 2. Kant 3. Hume 4. whoever made Ghost in the Shell 5. Wittgenstein[View]
18208410Why did none of you /lit/ards told me this was so good? I literally can't put it down. Almost 1…[View]
18212981I'm Writing a Novel About Cossacks: >Loosely based on the Zaporozhian Cossacks and their fig…[View]
18211267let's be honest, this is Pynchon's worst book don't you think it's sad that it…[View]
18212376thoughts on native american /lit/?[View]
18212495Thoughts on book-hoarding?: What do you think of book-hoarding? Is it good for all books, some books…[View]
18212051I have read some decent history books such as 1776 and Ancient Iraq, however many modern ones are ra…[View]
18209036Author 'B-sides': What are some lesser known works by authors that you think are worth reading? I…[View]
18212490Are we about to witness the end of Catholicism with the blessing of same-sex unions thing? Also Cath…[View]
18213329Do you speed read /lit/? I feel like it's a meme, isn't the point of reading to digest the…[View]
18213303What e reader app has a blue light filter?[View]
18212235What are the best modern trad books? I've read Scruton but I can't find much else.[View]
18206836What was your favorite book as a kid?[View]
18212817Writers who are massively overrated: >Lovecraft >Palahniuk >James Joyce >Nabokov >Dic…[View]
18213272What are some slice of life books? I want to meet characters and fall in love with them and their si…[View]
18211836>post album >get book rec[View]
18212519I would like you to recommend books by tormented authors, the best books fruits of pain, my favorite…[View]
18206459>[SINCERITY¨INTENSIFIES] What the fuck was his problem?[View]
18212426Talent?: Hey Chan, I've been writing for three years now and thinking about going pro. He'…[View]
18210395very-long-term fictionalized histories of humanity: Is there a better descriptor for this loose …[View]
18213181>Excited to read the Romans >Hear good things about Lucretius >Check out the wikipedia arti…[View]
18213292the plentitude of time: the plentitude of time that burns my dying edge. Never moving stain by the …[View]
18212086Has anyone here read pic related? Is it like Lolita but /ss/? Or is it a primarily erotic novel?[View]
18211250is there any philosphy/author,or even blog-post about accepting and coping with eternal oblivion aft…[View]
18210468>be me >went jogging last night, felt good >bought a small amount of junk food and carby fo…[View]
18212644ITT favorite bad covers: Link related: https://lithub.com/50-very-bad-book-covers-for-literary-class…[View]
18212996Infinite Jest gets all the love, but how about this book? Is it worth reading? Is it New Sincerity o…[View]
18213047I plan to read all of the Biblioteca Clásica Gredos collection within the next 5 years. Maybe I coul…[View]
18213153Reeeeeee why does Copleston volume 1 have so much u translated Greek I'm getting filtered and r…[View]
18213114Favourite mystery novels?[View]
18212844How did he create his stories, /lit/? Heavy improvisation? Carefully crafted? Drugs?[View]
18212904Books about the Population and/or Sociology: Can anyone recommend book/s about them? Looking for pop…[View]
18212425what is the best android reading app?[View]
18212792What are your favorite fictional books dealing with existentialism?[View]
18211710Dark books with characters who have flawed logic/disorderly thinking?: I really loved Raskolnikov…[View]
18205347Has there been any serious analysis of greentext as a storytelling medium? What are some of the tech…[View]
18212967Often times I find myself telling a story (fiction or nonfiction) and losing my audience. Are there…[View]
18212860The Famished Road by Ben Okri: So I see Everyman’s Library is going to release this book soon. I’ve …[View]
18209451ITT Metafictional Books: You are about to begin reading the /lit/ thread, ITT Metafictional Books. R…[View]
18212543Literature about eurocentrism?[View]
18210559What is it about Romance novels that attract Dictators? Benito Mussolini wrote The Cardinal's M…[View]
18212070Kant: So, what are his essential works? Other than the three critiques of course.[View]
18212693Any books like this?: This 'hobby' of mine spawned a few years ago whenever I would get bored and pi…[View]
18212616Read Gene Wolfe[View]
18205065The 'rebelling Western male' starter pack.[View]
18212293Murakami General: Thoughts on Haruki Murakami? Just finished Wind up bird chronicle. Loved the scene…[View]
18212429I'm sorry if this is offtopic: So I've read for my whole life. It's probably my most …[View]
18211222Has there ever been a character in literature who need to have sex more than Aunt May in The Recogni…[View]
18207332Where do you find yourself reading most often?[View]
18211935Does he mean that you will also regret the middle position, i.e. not taking either option? I can…[View]
18205781Holy shit, this rocked my cock off. The only emotion I feel right now is regret that I'll never…[View]
18208082I started reading what else would i like?: What I liked: pride and prejudice Importance of being ea…[View]
18209407Military improvement books I'm a recruit soldier and I want to become better at what I do. Othe…[View]
18210299Critique of Pure Reason: Just bought this today. What else do I need to read to make sure I fully un…[View]
18209773Good books for mother's day?[View]
18210729Books about Specific States: What are some good books about specific U.S. states? I don't care …[View]
18212059How do you keep track of what page you're on when using pdf viewers? The one I use doesn't…[View]
18211730Literary Families: Is poetry hereditary?[View]
18212232>Coworkers are making fun of my for reading Proust again Why do I constantly have to defend my lo…[View]
18212220>tfw the flood chapter in Of Mice and Men[View]
18212361What font is this i really like it![View]
18208906What’s a higher form of art? Literature or Music?[View]
18210417is there a chart like this for hinduism? i tried starting with the vedas but it was getting nowhere …[View]
18210154Any books where the main character wants to be an artist yet has no talent for anything he tries?[View]
18205668What the fuck is a monad (leibniz)[View]
18211891Any good biographies or other books out there about my man, Gershwin?[View]
18210186I am Jose.: Now that the dust has settled... Is OSC a pedo? I've read quite a few of his books …[View]
18212294Which publisher has the widest selection of Hermann Hesse? I want to have a nice homogenous collecti…[View]
18209912>My love for you allows me to lie heads and tails with you, feeling your fingers fondling and tic…[View]
18212110Am I reading this right? 90 pages in, they've got Slothrop in the hospital for examination, and…[View]
18210820How do you approach Baudrillard?[View]
18212022Recommend me some of the essential great black thinkers. I don't really care what a white boi h…[View]
18210062Jung's concept of libido: Can someone explain to me what he means by libido? From what I gather…[View]
18212098Am I smooth, or is it supposed to be disjointed?[View]
18212068Languages and Translating: What book did you first start to read and translate in the language you a…[View]
18211565>books that destroyed socialism[View]
18211235This was pretty disappointing. I expected much more considering Shakespeare literally invented the h…[View]
18210300Why is he often blasted for his view on women? I've read Thus Spoke Zarathustra and most of it …[View]
18207806Should I unironically read The Ego and its Own?: If so why?[View]
18208325Books about the qabalah: Wikipedia and google are not helping. I’m trying to find sources about the …[View]
18211199What went wrong?[View]
18209537Is there a more misunderstood philosopher than Nietzsche?[View]
18210399Father God I come before you tonight in the name of your most precious and holy son Jesus Christ, wh…[View]
18211841I wanna be an author but... I didn't go to college. I'm never gonna make it, am I bros?[View]
18208729Would you be willing to see a short commercial by every few pages if the story is intriguing and fre…[View]
18210772It is impossible for you to sit with yourself unoccupied because it is impossible to live with the c…[View]
18211775So you telling me all that time I spent studying I was wasting my time? That I would have been bette…[View]
18211837>Omnipotent fantasies are not so much the inner reality itself as a defence against the acceptanc…[View]
18211562>The absolutistic state as a guardian of peace and order fulfilled a functional role. However, as…[View]
18211364Fucking /tv/ of all places is having a more fun discussion of an actual fucking book than I've …[View]
18211773What do I like reading? Help?: I saw an OP's thread where he just started reading and posted so…[View]
18210822I wrote a book.: Both encouragement and criticism welcomed. Johnathan J. Smith is your average high …[View]
18210932Which thinker came up with the best critique of democracy?[View]
18211532>Perfectly fine reading pdf's for non fiction >Needs a physical copy for fiction Who else…[View]
18210564>I cannot understand why a gentleman should employ thirty pages to descrube how he turns and retu…[View]
18209648The Use and Abuse of Art: To whoever recommended me this book on here like a year and a half ago, th…[View]
18211662My friends, i wanted to know if there is any ongoing project of some sort to translate this little f…[View]
18210735Has anyone given this a read? Is it a good introduction?[View]
18211342Hearing my acquaintance ramble about how marxism would totally be beneficial to individuals made me …[View]
18211588The discussion of the possibility of teaching virtue in the Protagoras is terribly shallow. You can …[View]
18211467Post the last non-fiction you read[View]
18209856What’s the point of majoring in literature at university? Like, just read the books in your free tim…[View]
18209367Is Hell just a state of ignorance?: >be Ancient World >Myth means Story/Allegory which employs…[View]
18210694Is Vidal the best modern historical novelist?[View]
18202832Reminder: Fiction books are not meant to help you, they are written mostly for entertainment. Stop p…[View]
18210571this is my favourite book of all time. im not extremely well read but ive read my fair share of clas…[View]
18205715Dostoevsky: Reactionary pseud or philisophical genius? About to read Demons but apparently it's…[View]
18207491He's right, my entire life is a cope.[View]
18209304What are the best Epic Poems?[View]
18210543Faries: why is so so damn impossible to find authoritive works on Fairies and fairy myths from the o…[View]
18210985sup losers, it's me. just hanging with my crew here. not a single one of us thinks any of this …[View]
18211065Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.[View]
18210533I've tried to read this three times now and every time I get to Numbers I drop it to do to how …[View]
18211027Is it delusional to have the desire to create my own fantasy universe and write books that take plac…[View]
18191063Can somebody explain me the Five Ways?.: Can somebody explain me the fivelogical argumentsfor theexi…[View]
18210498I have grown into something of a literature snob in the last few years. What can I read to take a br…[View]
18210994ITT: Books that make you both cry and cringe[View]
18211045Oh my God[View]
18210057ITT: Post non-literature books that you love or would recommend. The more autistic the topic, the be…[View]
18210962Is there any literature that talks about the millennia-old Semitic conspiracy to rule the world?[View]
18207782Are there any books that address the current obsession with 'self-improvement'? It strikes me as mea…[View]
18210023Mediocrity in classical literature?: Any stories in historical literature that deals with the issue …[View]
18210409>actually read Marx >realize it’s Ford and Bezos not Lenin and Stalin who actually follow in M…[View]
18209828Best critiques of modernity?[View]
18208490In your opinion, is this an accurate difficulty scale for those looking to get into specific writers…[View]
18208193At the time that Lewis Carroll wrote the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, this was the tastiest fo…[View]
18209235I know this is a hot topic because there are many posters from former Yugoslavia here but could you …[View]
18210432>Perhaps we may sum up this general phenomenon as Ergriffenheit — a state of being seized or poss…[View]
18210632>You lack the knowledge to even begin to understand one sentence of the book of revelation. The b…[View]
18210617Ibn Taymiyyah: Why does no one ever talk about the absolute, unequivocal prime of Islamic philosophy…[View]
18210433>go to warosu/lit archive >search a little-known author >10 results >most recent 5 resul…[View]
18191624Do any good cookbooks even exist?[View]
18209430SPOOKY: Guys please what's an actual good horror novel, well written, good atmosphere, etc. Pls…[View]
18208529>finally outgrew pseud phase >just read first two volumes of pic related >going to start Ul…[View]
18210162How does one become cultured? Is it even worth the effort?[View]
18209579Dante: Did anon ever read the 'Divine Comedy* Was it suppose to make you laugh?[View]
18210352>tfw you finish compiling a comprehensive assessment and realize there is no entrance or exit…[View]
18209340thoughts on the Bhagavad-Gītā As It Is? perhaps as opposed to former translations of the Bhagavad-Gī…[View]
18207205I love Winnie the Pooh.[View]
18210315I don’t really like or get Beowulf. I read up to about page 110 but I just can’t seem to get the wri…[View]
18204557Thoughts on Tennessee Williams?[View]
18206433I’m so sick of “abstract” literature that still feels extremely grounded in real life. Where can I f…[View]
18210066What books would you recommend someone with a verbal comprehension only slightly above average? I do…[View]
18195787best autobiographies: I'm reading pic related and I'm fucking loving it. Another cool one …[View]
18204089Modern Hinduism forbids eating cow meat, yet multiple Hindu scriptures sanction cow sacrifices and e…[View]
18209665I want to start writing with the ultimate goal of writing a novel but I find the task almost overwhe…[View]
18209166>GOT is like so edgy and nihilistic bro, it's shit, only LOTR for epic gentlesirs like me …[View]
18208866poems from 1900-1980s ish: for my english class i need helping finding poems about some individual w…[View]
18207387Comfy summer reads: What are some comfy, not too dense, long books I can read this summer? I'll…[View]
18209387Would anyone like to discuss Mallarmé?[View]
18208653Yury Olesha: Was he the best Soviet writer?[View]
18205472What's the /lit/ consensus on Graham Greene?[View]
18209544Help me find a poem: It’s a short poem that has a part where he takes a job on a boat and describes …[View]
18209771What is a spook anyway? Is it purely a conviction you made yourself believe?[View]
18208083The Cantos of Ezra Pound: Have many people here read this? I feel like it’s one of the those books y…[View]
18209859Great book. Any other recommended works on transnational feminism?[View]
18209254What do /lit/ think of madame Bovary as a character?[View]
18205095Will this make me... you know.[View]
18208642Good Horror Stories Like Pic Related?[View]
18209380>Dude just embrace the shitty things I really don't get this guy[View]
18208003Any good audiobook recommendations? During runs, walks, bike rides and so on I find them really hand…[View]
18204507Chomsky predicted corporate wokeness: From pic related: >Business regards [anti-apartheid activis…[View]
18206690Books on Chinese Marxism: Any recs on the philosophical development of Marxism in China? Follow up t…[View]
18209800Dick: Prove that drug addict can produce some clever novels.[View]
18209728What is that makes a work of literature objectively good[View]
18208732>Looking at the structure of SU(5) or SO(10), it's quite difficult to justify the intelligen…[View]
18208628What is the literary equivalent of Killer7?[View]
18209482Hunger: Knut Hamsun may be a wannabe nazi, but 'Sult' is still a great book.[View]
18209368Short stories? I am in the mood for some short stories but have not the first clue of where to look.…[View]
18199780Guys literature is so fucken dead it's not even funny. Nobody reads anymore except retirement-h…[View]
18208568Which translation of Metamorphoses is best for beginners into classical Greek? Also is Golding’s tra…[View]
18205239Can anyone recommend some good books on the history of Los Angeles? If not, can someone rec some boo…[View]
18205399Is there theological commentary in this or is it all historical?[View]
18207163Which books will help me completely free myself from the expectations that have been placed upon me …[View]
18198669Femdom: Any books that go in-depth about female dominance in sexual relationships?[View]
18209494I don't know if this is the place for it, but does anyone have FLACs of the following (all read…[View]
18200518/sffg/ - Science fiction and Fantasy general: Orwellian Dystopia Edition Previous Thread:>>181…[View]
18208938What are your earliest /lit memories?: When I was kid, Dreams in the Witch House really scared me fo…[View]
18208762Sir. Roger Scruton: the last old-style philosopher: I feel sad he had to die in January 2020, i have…[View]
18209230>notes are grouped together at the end of the book[View]
18190308Constance Garnett: Are Constance Garnett's translation worth reading? Particularly Anna Karenin…[View]
18209354Only fivtion matters: >Philosophy If you're so smart go do math, faggot >self help You ar…[View]
18206981i feel nothing and i’m bored of my uneventful life. what are some books that will make me feel somet…[View]
18205070What books are there of man vs nature where man gets too cocky bros? I'm thinking like Moby Dic…[View]
18207723How come /lit/ is obsessed with Guenon and Evola but not Manly Palmer Hall? Currently reading pic re…[View]
18205622The Rings of Saturn by Sebald: What an amazing book. I don’t see it mentioned often here. Any though…[View]
18208549Wow, this was really kafkaesque[View]
18206844>too miserable to write an essay books for coping with it?[View]
18204200How do I get into Hegel? With which works should I start and with which to end? I dont know, how har…[View]
18205934Any books on how to fix my life?[View]
18209043Sonnet 73 is really gay[View]
18207264>a book abiut the importance and heroism of working a regular job for the sake of society and peo…[View]
18208995Does /lit/ read true crime?[View]
18209221The University: What books can I read that are about the kind of university students in the first ch…[View]
18208105If I read 'The First Philosophers' and the complete works of Plato and Aristotle will I be ready for…[View]
18209066>search for book on Google >this is always the first result no matter what, the book I am actu…[View]
18209088Gazdanov > your favorite wrooter.[View]
18207991Does anyone here have that /lit/ flowchart showing philosophers that have influenced each other? It …[View]
18208797Holy Bible General: Imagine reading anything other than the Holy Bible and things that are related t…[View]
18207022Dostoevsky translations: Bros...reading Dostoevsky translations feels so weird, is it because his wo…[View]
18208366Language Learning General: Latin/Romance Family Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >S…[View]
18208384Has anyone here read any of Vollmann’s Seven Dreams series? Do you recommend it? I am rather intrigu…[View]
18193298/wg/-Writing General: Any progress on your novels? Previous thread:>>18173808 For Prose: >T…[View]
18207472>old testament pseudoepigraphia >apocryphal gospels >the dead sea scrolls >the nag hamma…[View]
18206019I've realized I don't have a favorite book or author or genre and I've been reading b…[View]
18206667How to deal with grief: Books to deal with my father's suicide? I've been blamed by family…[View]
18208782Amos is the greatest of the prophetic books No other prophet in the bible is worth reading[View]
18207268Why is this book so hard to follow? Feels like a fever dream.[View]
18208207>tfw you will never talk to Emily Dickinson about the things that are like poetry…[View]
18208472Favourites thread: post your favourites and give recommendation: to post above you[View]
18206929baudrillard is funner to read than any poetry or novel: is this a good memechart?[View]
18208609Does any frog here know if this book will get an english translation one day? It's basically th…[View]
18208036Was this guy a proto-fascist?: I'm halfway through The Republic and it's pretty clear ther…[View]
18208430Wait the book has more than 200 pages? No way I'm wasting my time on that.[View]
18205953Name me one book with well-written plot armor PRO-TIP: YOU CAN'T!!![View]
18206863What are some books like Metal Gear Solid?[View]
18208372Books and philosophers with a similar philosophical outlook?[View]
18207615How do you keep books notes?: >I read the book first cover to cover. >Only making notes of st…[View]
18206875Deracination - Walter A. Davis: I read pic related and it was mildly devastating to say the least. L…[View]
18206491One Hundred Years of Solitude: a columbian kitchen hand at my work told me this book is trash, was h…[View]
18204690I fucking hate Aristotle[View]
18192717Are your dreams literarily composed?[View]
18201444Best Order to Mishima: I am interested in Yukio Mishima but am not sure what order is best to read h…[View]
18207541what are some books on huayan buddhism[View]
18207840>In Search of Lost Time 300 pages to learn that Tutu is sodomizing Toto...it's too much…[View]
18204140Why does this book have a practical religious following. What is so great about it in your opinion (…[View]
18199553Christian literature thread?: I'm a practicing Catholic with an active interest in my faith. Or…[View]
18207936sex gifs[View]
18197001Mira Gonzalez may _______,: but she definitely doesn't ______.[View]
18203270Books about people hated for speaking the truth?[View]
18208225>Virgil will never turn to you and smile[View]
18208166What is /lit/‘s favourite book of poetry? I’m reading picrel. The Irish have such soul, bros.[View]
18206483what are the best books about American cities?[View]
18194645Post books for finding meaning in life[View]
18205890It's said you can tell if a book has been read or not by its creased spine. But I've read …[View]
18208027so many great books to read and learn from: Living in an age where all of this is free Life is good …[View]
18207971Any love for Bunin? Among the Russian writers he gets the least attention, despite winning the Nobel…[View]
18206587Is it true that he's today's Ambrose Bierce?[View]
18207870>Go to the library >Fall into the ink well >mfw…[View]
18205982Avicenna as a hardline materialist and political radical: >Ernst Bloch was one of the most signif…[View]
18200674>Stalled at about 1/2 way through À la recherche FUCK I'm fairly confident this is the best …[View]
18205726>classes are over >time to start leisure reading again best feeling in the world, bros.…[View]
18207736Penguin Classics: I don't own a single penguin classics book. Which one should I get[View]
18205501I am like the unexceptional narrator in a book about an exceptional person, except I never have the …[View]
18201571Happy birthday, Pynch! Say it.[View]
18207176itt: we disparage authors in the style of Nabokov. >Dante: read him when I was 14, essentially a…[View]
18207557What are some good books on the decline of civilisations? Eg Weimar, Rome, Ottomans[View]
18202019Oi someone give me an order in which to read all these books I beg. Envy - Olesha Absalom, Absalom -…[View]
18205723Need some book recommendations; looking for some breezy memoir literature to read this summer simila…[View]
18207486Book recommendations on /lit/ Why do they suck and why have they always sucked? Every single book I…[View]
18202938>ITT >Books that have filtered you[View]
18205710I'm curious about the deeper effects of the city-dwelling upper-middle class bourgeoisie becomi…[View]
18206840Any literature like this movie?: This is my favorite movie. Is there any /lit/ that has similar them…[View]
18205706What are some books that you have fond memories of even though you can’t recall a lot of it?[View]
18206720OK I just finished pic related after some three months of reading and I just feel like a lot has gon…[View]
18205590Why do so many old books end with the author putting the date they finished writing and the city the…[View]
18206066What’s a good book about unreliable memories and fantasies?[View]
18204794I never knew it was possible to hate a fictional child so much.[View]
18204061Michael Heinrich gave a talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OihLaG-wXf0[View]
18202803who are you favourite poets and why is your taste so fucking pleb[View]
18200971Honestly? He kinda looks a bit mediterranean. Maybe Italian or even Corsican.[View]
18199402Write what's on your mind[View]
18197236ancient greek or latin?: which one should i learn if i have the opportunity to learn either?[View]
18204024>Face it, [anon] you're a sensualist and nothing more. Your so called 'artistic lifesty…[View]
18205856>Of Mice and Men was Steinbeck's first attempt at writing in the form of novel-play termed a…[View]
18206829Im going to throw some mysticism mumbo jumbo at you and then some more real shit. The sexual drive a…[View]
18206335Be honest, how big is your backlog? Or have you been reading all those books you're buying?[View]
18206968Harry Potter for boomers[View]
18204575>Purposefully doesn't use punctuation just to make the book more chaotic At what point does …[View]
18204767cant stand this book so far, the vulgar ejaculations are funny, but the pregnant prose and bohemian …[View]
18205093>Oh! I didn't see you there, anon! >I was just about to start Mason & Dixon, a genu-w…[View]
18200067Favorite historical cartoons thread[View]
18205003Books that will make me more articulate? I want to learn how to talk like Judge from BM and not stut…[View]
18205765Thanks, Barnes & Noble.[View]
18206133When did the series begin to decline?[View]
18203945>wrote philosophical texts about how it’s better if we all just die >lived to old age Was Cio…[View]
18205860Why aren't you reading right now?[View]
18206417Hu Shih: I'm looking to get into modern Chinese literature. Does this guy have anything good in…[View]
18205086>And then everyone clapped This was so retarded that I'm actually impressed.…[View]
18205012This reads like a book Pynchon would have wanted to write but never did.[View]
18206298Nick: “You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met another bad…[View]
18206395ITT based books they forced you to read in high school[View]
18203577Can someone please explain to me if contemporary philosophy has a coherent articulation of the natur…[View]
18206357What's a good edition of Alice in Wonderland? In between browsing pleb editions, I found one cr…[View]
18206269Judaism In Music: Guys, I need help in finding an English translation to this text. All of the ones …[View]
18206143Books on Yeats: What are some good books on WB Yeats, be they critical or biographical? He is a poet…[View]
18206249PbP Roleplaying: I'd wager to guess there are some ill/lit/erates who have partaken. Anyone sti…[View]
18203927If a short story is longer than 40 pages then it should count as a novella.[View]
18204880Do any authors talk about the fact people are arguing over symbols on paper, such as debating ideolo…[View]
18204951is there an american version of this story? in which the books tells the ending exactly in the end a…[View]
18205964hey assholes, what are some literature you want to see more off? for me i want to see more serious a…[View]
18206098Why does Shakespeare never mention anything related to Venice's flooded city in Othello and Mer…[View]
18204269Let’s propose some alternative authorship candidates for Moby Dick. Because that book is genius, one…[View]
18200046Is there any truth to his argument?[View]
18205713books that'll make me stop obsessing over the randomness of my life path (small events that cau…[View]
18204649explain to me how bookstores like B&N manage to stay in business charging $22.99 - $34.99 for a …[View]
18203871When will you realize and accept that plays are the highest form of literature?[View]
18203436If I want to to get started with philosophy, should I get an intro textbook like pic related or just…[View]
18205336Word Choice?: Hi /lit/, so I’ve been consuming a lot of newer media lately and noticed that a lot of…[View]
18204724You're feeding your brain new patterns through repetition, assimilation and imitation, right an…[View]
18205144No one here reads. This board is more retarded than it was a year ago. Bye, suckers.[View]
18205303Loving Others -- How to Love in Literature.: Hi bros. I have been very negative, even since finding …[View]
18203606>Anon, you are what you do, not what you say you'll do[View]
18205156Multiforce is gone?: I lost my flash drive with a lot of shit on it and my HDD I used to back up the…[View]
18198261Why did he hate Shelley?[View]
18205259Help with book I’m writing: Let’s say a Russian student was about get deported because she was disco…[View]
18196238What’s the worst edition of a book you have ever had in your possession? This Dalkey Archive copy of…[View]
18205178Gatsby's daily routine is the saddest shit ever written[View]
18202831World War I: Let's make a good thread about that particular historical period. What are the bes…[View]
18203699Stephen King Tropes and Idiosyncrasies: - Male lead lapses into pseudo medieval speak to be cute/cha…[View]
18203893How would you go about cleaning thin book pages? Some bug crawled into my Bible and left gross marks…[View]
18203325Count me out: We all know Oscar Wilde, but who here actually read the gays writings?[View]
18205098Lately, I've been subjected to a terrible torment. But, strangely enough in that torment I…[View]
18205034Books about filicide?: What are some books contemplating or about the nature of filicide? Anything a…[View]
18201241>hates writing female characters >still destroying female authors from beyond the grave, origi…[View]
18202503What's the appeal of this guy? What's his best work?[View]
18205036Say it to me /lit/... does love exist?[View]
18204336Just ordered picrel. What am I in for bros?[View]
18202222What are the best religious works of literature?[View]
18202026I turned 18 a few months ago and I want: books to begin my wisdom and enlightenment seeking journey …[View]
18200616Atheist and religious writers: >When Virginia Woolf - T.S. Eliot's fellow Modernist and patr…[View]
18203378Read the books banned from the banned books list.[View]
18199658ITT: The faces of /lit/ and what you're reading[View]
18203431Books that consolidate with the lives of those not destined to breed by way of poor genetics?[View]
18202962Which philosophers gave the best way of life to follow? Aristotle, Epictetus, Nietzsche, Stirner, or…[View]
18203058Are these worth reading?[View]
18203956Father Brown Stories: Saw this in the bookshop today. I know of Chesterton from Orthodoxy, The Man W…[View]
18204691Hey /lit/ my handwriting sucks, and my cursive is nonexistent. I never paid attention in kindergarte…[View]
18204194Any good guides or starting points for books about Shintoism?[View]
18202948What does /lit/ think of Theophile Gautier?[View]
18204218Cocoon Mode: Starting Tomorrow for the next 4 months I will be in cocoon mode. I will be eating righ…[View]
18203187>15k word essay due to monday[View]
18204641Normal human languages >past, present, future Monglish >simple present in perfect future conti…[View]
18204315Macbeth and Evangelion Parallels: Can’t stop thinking about the multiple parallels between Lady Macb…[View]
18204129Currently reading pic related and also The Essential Rene Guenon and was wondering, are there any go…[View]
18201563Can someone explain Bataille’s philosophy to me?: I find this man difficult to understand. What was …[View]
18187022What you reading this morning lads? And have you been accompanying said book with a cup of tea (with…[View]
18204383Trying to find a book a friend of mine told me about I think the story began with a couple coming ba…[View]
18192280Gimme your worst experiences in college and uni in the literature and philosophy departments. Other …[View]
18179999poetry thread: Post and Rate Please do Both No rate = No Feedback[View]
18201908>However, the only task a government was ever supposed to assume—of protecting our life and prope…[View]
18204232I have been reading a lot of classic literature for the past few years, really just enjoying the fee…[View]
18203476What is the value in reading Sigmund Freud in the year of Our Lord two-thousand and twenty-one?[View]
18200535D U N E: Are the non-Frank books really that bad?[View]
18197799Stack thread: debilitating-addiction-to-NYRB edition[View]
18202455Welcome To Hell: Who here excited for this?[View]
18204351Is there a place I can anonymously post a piece of my own writing and not get banned for it's e…[View]
18204312what's the point in reading a philosopher's actual works if I can just read summaries of t…[View]
18203593Hey anons, looking for book recommendations. I'm a years past grad student of Humanities (Engli…[View]
18201574What are some books about woodsmen, trappers and mountain men?[View]
18201876Besides Le Petit Prince, are there any great french classics that I can read in French while being f…[View]
18202749How many pages can you read in an hour?[View]
18204195Book suggestions if I like: Mervyn Peake, Shirley Jackson, Clark Ashton Smith, Alfred Kubin, Algerno…[View]
18203663Eastern philosopher: Can't remember his name but heard a story about how after Heidegger read h…[View]
18204069finnegan's wake: this book is beating my fucking ass, do you guys have any recommended suppleme…[View]
18201677Best philosophical books on violence?[View]
18188477Post based quotes[View]
18202800books on how to be less neurotic/analytical and more open minded/creative?[View]
18203809>the same people dumb enough to write in a book are dumb enough to use pen Why do they do it?…[View]
18191053>150 years later atheists still have no rebuttal to this[View]
18203201How to into metaphysics?: I want to be able to understand Rene Guenon but I am starting with zero un…[View]
18203860Why is the word ‘drink’ used as an abstract noun? Like ‘drink is not for women’ or ‘he has problems …[View]
18202623Thoughts on Derek Walcott?[View]
18203883Why the fuck did Ephraim have to die[View]
18203668You should be able to explain at least one, ONE single concept from Hegel in clear, simple terms. …[View]
18203907>tfw I want to start a blog but I know that if I write about anything other than my own experienc…[View]
18203435What are some of the best CYOA books?: It doesn't just have to be children's horror. Has t…[View]
18203832porky reading list: I need to read some pro-capitalism,pro-money, etc books. A positive view of the …[View]
18202580ESL here: How do I make the move from C1'.5' to C2?[View]
18203654We started a small reading group on discord and want to read either Tolstoi, Dostoevsky or Nervo (po…[View]
18202428Whats /lit/ opinion in this guy?: I personally like him because his shit is like mcu, easy to read e…[View]
18203672What are the mandatory books you think someone must read in order to become a gigachad or a chadest …[View]
18203698Thoughts on this guy /lit/? Does he have any salvageable views or is it just half baked apologetics?[View]
18203674How can someone write novels after this man?[View]
18201545What’s the literary equivalent of this?[View]
18203139>utterly skewers /pol/, incels, and the alt-right way back in the 60s how did Toole do it?…[View]
18201865What are some good books about unrequited love?[View]
18193846Whose philosophy has brought the most fulfillment to your life?[View]
18201725Good books with a mentally ill protagonist? Especially if it's because of society or philosophi…[View]
18201372/Mu/ versions of writers: Who are the musical equivalents of your favourite writers? Pic related is…[View]
18203081Youtube gave me the idea philosophy was self help: I think I might have been ticked[View]
18200816Reading speed as an ESL: The AVERAGE native speaker of English can read at a speed of about 250 wpm.…[View]
18203526General Butt Naked: Has anyone in here ever read pic related? If so, does it focus more on the actu…[View]
18202138My dad unironically only reads feel-good novels marketed for ladies with mid-life crises. The plot i…[View]
18199409Got any books from the perspective of a person trapped in a strange, isolated world for long periods…[View]
18202122What do you use to read eBooks on Win10? I'm not interested in the Kindle App - most files I us…[View]
18203346Douglas Freeman's R.E. Lee: As a good northerner, I expected to read these volumes as well writ…[View]
18202137Just finished: Author was a chair of the Fed so maybe he is a bit biased. What are some similar book…[View]
18203316pepe argento: what's his philosophy?[View]
18203188Books on Buddhism: Can anyone here recommend some good books to get started on studying Buddhism? I…[View]
18202917I have a poetry collection ready to be published, but how should I go about this? Should I sent it t…[View]
18203048Dostoevsky reading order?: Hello, I have all of Dostoevskys major works and am wondering what order …[View]
18199526What can I read if I want medieval stories about romance and fair maidens and horses?[View]
18197884What books do horse girls read?[View]
18203019I find I believe in God but that just makes living harder. I feel a genuine longing for another worl…[View]
18203007how do i come up with great lines for my characters like 'ahh, robert pattinson??!'-harry potter …[View]
18202764Can you still publish anonymously?[View]
18192947>A high degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial. Now that's what I call based…[View]
18199775I Have Peaked: In autism. I have put gel on those. Idk. Trying to preserve them. I can't talk a…[View]
18202844Me and my friend are looking for a book they read while in high school. It was in their high school …[View]
18202894Whats the difference between das-ein and da-sein, bros?[View]
18197479Tedpilled: I'm thinking modern civ was a mistake. Any books to teach a pathetic urbanite how to…[View]
18201075is there any reason i should read the bible or the quran as an atheist?[View]
18201885John Milton, who wrote paradise lost, was secretly a heretic. He was antitrinitarian and an Arian Ch…[View]
18201191There is a certain person that I vehemently hate, but I'm tired of being bitter and want to mov…[View]
181978531Q84: Thoughts on this? I personally have a very love-hate relationship with Murakami. When he'…[View]
18202765>Look at it, every day more lusers than users, keyboards and screens turning into nothin but port…[View]
18202596/YA/: A place to discuss or argue about and over YA novels[View]
18202377how does hermeticist metaphysics and hylomorphism differ if they do at all?[View]
18196776Any books about being alone, enjoying being alone, or how to be alone? Non-fiction recommendations a…[View]
18201956I like Lovecraft for his ideas and his racism but I do not like his prose. It does nothing for me.[View]
18200357You can only chose one, the others vanish from reality[View]
18202684Do bears shit in the woods?: What is meant by this rhetorical question?[View]
18202717Walking the stacks of my local library I stumbled upon this 900 page double columned behemoth '…[View]
18202289What is your favorite William Shakespeare comedy and why? Mine is Twelfth Night for its comic explor…[View]
18202103Well /lit/? http://hudsonhongo.com/joyce/[View]
18176118/lg/ law general: International Law edition: Any literature on international law? How does one prepa…[View]
18199499Just finished this: Will I ever read a book this amazing again? What should I read now that I'm…[View]
18200950>revives and consummates the spirit of Greek lyric poetry through the highest form of art before …[View]
18200090redpill me on Freud's daring penis envy theory[View]
18192390CotC: I finally read through CotC. This was the most insane piece of literature I have ever read. I …[View]
18201917Is Dennis Prager *the* contemporary trad author? fom his books and speeches >for a long time the…[View]
18200930>well, there is the sun and it kind of wastes energy senselessly, in short, people also want to b…[View]
18201006>he reads Russian literature translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky…[View]
18201802Is it outdated as people say it is?[View]
18202399How would he refute Aristotle's metaphysics?[View]
18201376I don't know what to do with life. I've had a strong depression almost for a decade, every…[View]
18200094Kolakowski, Main Currents of Marxism: Worth picking up? Looks comprehensive and well situated: 1970s…[View]
18202331Any book recommendations about being a good conversationalist? I don't consider myself a bad on…[View]
18202117midwest literature / poetry?: im from the midwest and i need good poetry or books that have like rur…[View]
18201370erotic fiction: Watching Home Movies by AnnaZ Mom was very quiet about it at first. She only hande…[View]
18201983How the hell do you find names for my characters? Or just making engaging characters in general?[View]
18201597Books about corrupted military: Anyone have recommendations similar to the subject matter of picrel?…[View]
18198521Celtic mythology: Why is Celtic (in this case welsh legends) mythology so under represented in moder…[View]
18201911Maybe the funniest autobiography I have ever read.[View]
18201357Which of Pound’s cantos is the best?[View]
18199711Typically referred to as one of the best, if not the best, works of English literature. Do you agree…[View]
18201897What are some books about IQ?[View]
18202046What are the best books about giving tips for world building? Books about general writing tips are a…[View]
18200577Vidal's advice for Incels: >'Sex is. There is nothing more to be done about it. Sex builds n…[View]
18195981What should I read if I love Star Trek? (Not necessarily sci fi)[View]
18201374Overall thoughts on In Search of Lost Time: For those who have fully read In Search of Lost Time, di…[View]
18201933John Taylor Gatto thread: >IT IS THE GREAT TRIUMPH of compulsory government monopoly mass schooli…[View]
18200072HI /lit/, 18 y/o newfag who really wants to learn about Rome and its rise and fall. I've notice…[View]
18197527Are all his books just a fancy way of saying 'bro just be yourself and stop worrying about these cra…[View]
18200121What are the titles of your hypothetical masterpieces in literature?[View]
18197575>I am using my new SONY MDR-80 headphones to listen to the Mel Gibson Phone Rants (1-8) mp3 I dow…[View]
18201709Foreign Literature: Hello /lit/, I'm new here. What are your top 5 translated works?. Cheers…[View]
18201704>get a fiction book recommendation >read wikipedia plot summary >visit tvtropes for plot an…[View]
18196844After years of being /lit/ and an atheist I came to a conclusion: This is the greatest piece of lite…[View]
18201526I know Sikhs make a really big fucking deal about this, but after reading their granth and about the…[View]
18199420How the hell am I supposed to read this thing? There's the fortune cookie bs that makes up the …[View]
18200698Can someone recommend me mistery books, with male protagonists being detectives or investigating par…[View]
18200142Has anyone read Schopenhauer's essays in manga format?[View]
18201206Revolt Against the Modern World: Thoughts?[View]
18199801>Books that are good up until the last few chapters[View]
18200807Is this worth reading? Is hermeticism basically ancient psychoanalysis (individuation)?[View]
18197819/balzac/ general: discuss france's greatest author why is he ignored by /lit/?[View]
18199620ITT Literature Greatest Bromances: For me, it's Quixote and Sancho. Skinny and Fat, Well-Read a…[View]
18201479why is everyone talking about this book right now ?[View]
18200642>I-is that a rat with a human face? AAAAAH THE BLASPHEMOUS NAMELESS HORROR…[View]
18199054You need a background before you attempt Spengler, lest ye make the grave mistake of misunderstandin…[View]
18201268Currently reading pic related and also The Essential Rene Guenon and was wondering, are there any go…[View]
18200702Why are philosophers such meanies? Are there are nice philosophers, whose works are like a well-need…[View]
18200689>Foreword reads like an afterword[View]
18200699/30+ lit/: Post your reaction to your first Saturn Return.: >leave >LEAVE THE STORE >LEAVE …[View]
18199468Why do nigmenogs seethe over dog-earing? It's the best way to keep track of the page you left o…[View]
18201227Abandoned by God: Short pieces of literature from people who felt abandoned by a higher being and fu…[View]
18198663Thoughts on Jose Vasconcelos? Look up La raza cósmica if you're unfamiliar with him[View]
18200491How do I into poetry?[View]
18195669anyone read his stuff? is it worth it?[View]
18199544Are there any books on the Roman god for fertility, Priapus?[View]
18201009Books on living a quiet life in the countryside as a hermit or otherwise?[View]
18200538Why is the will to power strongest in France then any other country >Descartes: i think therefore…[View]
18201065Would Prince Myshkin from The Idiot be considered mouse or man according to the protagonist of Notes…[View]
18200956your excuses on why haven't you taken the clearpill yet?[View]
18195299Neoliberal policies and their consequences: Covers stuff like - the Fallacies of the false dichotomy…[View]
18200846Is it the greatest octogenarian artwork?[View]
18199647What fanfiction have you read/written?[View]
18196136What are some books about people just going about their day to day lives? No big narrative, no big p…[View]
18191880Have you read The Infinite and The Divine? It is likely the greatest philosophical novel of the 21st…[View]
18199726Loved this book!: Whats your opinion /lit/ UwU[View]
18199489Why pamper life’s complexity when the leather runs smooth on the passenger’s seat?[View]
18200581What are the best books to learn American poetry thoroughly? Looking for anthologies, criticism, any…[View]
18186547Write what's on your mind[View]
18199628ITT Overrated authors[View]
18198486It takes me an hour to read 20-25 pages. Is that normal? Just started to read books again sincle hig…[View]
18193175Who is the most overrated author you can think of?[View]
18200515He actually is the greatest writer of all time. No matter how old you are when you read, he will nev…[View]
18191155Is this book the final red pill against 'le greeks were gay XD'[View]
18197141Which edition should I buy, fellas?[View]
18200499Novella / short book recommendations? I enjoy reading but >tfw autism No short story collections,…[View]
18199876what is your guys absolute 10/10 favorite anthologies of any genre?[View]
18180454/sffg/ - Science fiction and Fantasy general: Cyberpunk Edition Previous Thread:>>18171240 …[View]
18197613Where do you start with Marshall McLuhan?[View]
18198296Authors Known for >3 Books: Are there any authors who are known for more than three distinct work…[View]
18192463My inability to travel has got me down. I want to fuck off and go on an adventure. Any good recommen…[View]
18175462>Let’s start with my ideal world – the world of thousands, preferably even tens of thousands, of …[View]
18200071Are there any novels that feel the way liminal spaces do? One could count House of Leaves, but is th…[View]
18196862Books about the modern employee being exploited and overworked? >inb4 Das Kapital >inb4 you …[View]
18198501A song of ice and fire is really shit when it comes to time. Am I really to believe the Starks ruled…[View]
18198764What the fuck is this pretentious garbage?[View]
18199530who to read now?: With the summer coming up, I have decided I want to do a sort of case study on a s…[View]
18199836Should i read this?: Saw it on my rich aunt library and thought of stealing it, is it worth it?…[View]
18200021We can all agree that he's the GOAT, right?[View]
18194030>It is said that since the sterilization and extermination of the mentally ill, the number of chi…[View]
18199767Do you read the introduction?: >be me >buy any philosophy book >2/3's is an introducti…[View]
18198544What are some books that explore handsome men?[View]
18195370Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
18197213Has anyone here read the Kalevala? Is it worth reading?[View]
18197022If the premise of his book is correct, not only is attempting to change peoples opinions on politica…[View]
18199332What's the name for when you want to be remembered by time so much that you'll even do som…[View]
18199704Ernst Jünger: >makes leftoids seethe >makes nazoids seethe How can a writer be so BASED?…[View]
18198910>Something so great, so evil, and ancient >Incomprehensible to the human mind, a being not liv…[View]
18198358I need to rebuild myself from scratch. Throw myself into a new environment, force myself to do new t…[View]
18199235Should I read the Eudemian or Nichomachean Ethics, /lit/?[View]
18195869Ada, or Ardor - Nabakov: Thoughts? I found the first 300 pages a slog, but either the writing became…[View]
18199154I'm a free market loving American. What are some must read books on lazy fair economics?[View]
18191632Prose: What is it about Nietzsches prose that's so fucking annoying. I just can't put my f…[View]
18198902What's some essential /horsegirl/core?[View]
18199595Help asap. I'm Canadian and I hate being monolingual but I can't decide which language I w…[View]
18168505Are we on the road to civilizational collapse?: 'Scipio Africanus looked upon the flaming city of Ca…[View]
18197989Based DeLillo: I wonder what DeLillo would say if he knew we were calling him 'based.' I wish we cou…[View]
18196202Books that extol the beautiful simplicity of life of a wage laborer? I find the prospect of having a…[View]
18195672What does Eternal Recurrence means?: 1. The Eternal Present that considers both the past and the fut…[View]
18197325my friend has a disability what book should I recommend to him to cheer him up and motivate him?[View]
18197862Any of you have read the savage detectives?: A relative gave it to me but i dont know if its good.…[View]
18195819So this is the power of Indian literature...[View]
18196084I know JBP gets a lot of hate on here, some of it justified, but the first chapter of this about the…[View]
18195758any recommended histories of the Protestant Reformation?[View]
18196547Nikos Kazantzakis: Does anyone on /lit/ know any good books or sources discussing the ideas of Kazan…[View]
18199403I can’t tell a difference between good prose and shit prose[View]
18199071I watched the show thought it was decent and kinda overrated, is the book much different?[View]
18198507Any good books on the strategy/tactics of contemporary warfare?[View]
18199222Abandoned by God: Pieces of literature from people who felt abandoned by a higher being and fucking …[View]
18197423Is it possible to self study ancient greek? I know some basics of Latin. My aim is to read Plato, Ho…[View]
18198852What is the connection between this and Tulpas?[View]
18196688Books for crippling fear and anxiety: Title. I’m a unifag and I am in a constant state of fear when …[View]
18197825Mycelia: law edition: Rec books on body language and how to conduct interviews/ask good questions…[View]
18199090Can we get a petition going to ask Biden to grant Ted K clemency?[View]
18190208Are books better than movies? Or should one sample both if they wish to experience the power of stor…[View]
18199041best Southern Gothic novels?[View]
18191374Based pics from /lit/: Post em[View]
18198601Based book recommendations: I read a lot. Literature, history, trying to delve into philosophy more.…[View]
18193701I would like to discover new authors of fantasy books of great literary quality. When I talk of fant…[View]
18157681Holy Bible General: What books from The Bible are you reading, /lit/? What are you favourite books/ …[View]
18198452Have you purged your library of living authors yet?[View]
18198347Edd Straw, The Race: Is he the finest example of contemporary Formula 1 journalism and can it be /li…[View]
18197014Essentials texts/books/etc: What should i read before pic related? I've read some Plato but i d…[View]
18198917Recommend a good biography: Pic related[View]
18198967SecUnits reporting in: just started #06. anyone's thoughts on how it compares to the other book…[View]
18193612As a Westerner, what books will help me understand Russia and its hostility towards the West?[View]
18198712>no chart thread Wtf /lit/[View]
18197871Cioran on Mainländer and Borges: >As a student, I was led to investigate the disciples of Schopen…[View]
18198642ITT: Writers who should've been acquainted, but weren't.[View]
18193178Hi /lit/ how do I improve my speaking abilities? I started reading about a year ago but my conversat…[View]
18197074Freud on Neurosis: I wanted to read Freud's take on Neurosis but I can't seem to find in w…[View]
18197083books to fix me up?: I have zero hobbies, i just stay on my bed the whole day, daydreaming and cryin…[View]
18195954Finnegans Wake read off: Record yourself doing your best impression of Joyce reading Anna Livia Plur…[View]
18197662Are there any actually useful books on how to get women? Has any such book ever helped you?[View]
18196474Reminder: You only have a finite span of time on this earth. Of this time the beginning and end of …[View]
18196866When reading the Bible independently, one could never conclude from the text that a limited amount o…[View]
18197096>parents forgot to baptize me >never touched a Bible >closest thing I got to religion was r…[View]
18194150Is it all real?[View]
18197615Has this ever been refuted?[View]
18196902Where do I start with poetry?[View]
18196752Is falling asleep while reading a problem for anyone else on here? If so, how do you fix this?[View]
18194370Nietzsche: What's the bare minimum required in order to read Nietzsche properly? I'm just …[View]
18195429I've always been quite ignorant regarding politics, and I'd like to at least get introduce…[View]
18194230I want to read primary sources on Slavic mythology, where should I start? Is there something like a …[View]
18197316Are there any actual serious books out there that delve into the topics of simping?[View]
18198487What does it mean to be mature?[View]
18198361Literally what did she mean by Tender Buttons?[View]
18197539Should i learn Tuscan fiorentino dialect to read Dante[View]
18198389What am I in for?[View]
18193915Is stoicism flawed since it implies that the mind and environment are two separate units?when in rea…[View]
18195035Good critism or refutations against Pantheism?: Anything that does not involve religion or Creationi…[View]
18195927I love the Landmark series so much bros. Any recommendations on similar works with extensive notes, …[View]
18195884is this book actually good[View]
18193978Did Everyman's Library or a similar style produce Julius Caesar's commentaries on the Gall…[View]
18194710Hegelian Dialectic. It’s Hegelian. Hegel came up with it. But it’s an idea that was reached simply b…[View]
18197839Honestly one of the best things I've ever read. If you're interested in the Vietnam War, g…[View]
18194295I won't read books if they're written by a women[View]
18197947What are good books on the amorality of this realm/nature and natural law?: And how fake the morals …[View]
18195590What is stopping you: boys from tapping this HITHERTO untapped market. Think for a second. All you n…[View]
18197847Fuck me up fampai: What are some philosophical works that I can read to make myself feel like pic re…[View]
18198305Just read pic-related: I had an economics minor in university (sort of, I am not American), so this …[View]
18197940writing critique: Writing criticism thread. Post your poetry and prose for other anons to criticise.…[View]
18198174Studying books: Am i the only that read a book and at the same time write what i find important on a…[View]
18193956Any books about feeling alienated from your own culture/community?[View]
18196729What are some good books to help me understand myself better: I've been wondering why I ended u…[View]
181841073x3 of the last 9 books you read[View]
18197333Did Plato really believe that objects derived their existence from ideas or was he being an actual h…[View]
18194673Wolfe-bros. IT'S HAPPENING.[View]
18196315Gilgamesh: I want to read the epic of Gilgamesh. I see there are tons of books, different translatio…[View]
18198041How do I write in the same way as Kant and Hegel did? I want to suffocate in verbosity set to the ma…[View]
18196928Dimitri Finds Out: Slavic reincarnation of Wittgenstein redpilling the roasties on the limits of lan…[View]
18196468This is just porn.[View]
18197103Is there a book that captures the hope of future (in the futuristic sense) better than Blade Runner…[View]
18196831I did not understand a single thing: I mean I enjoyed the book tho but got no clue about the plot fr…[View]
18198050>book gets a low rating because it's written in first person i only like books written like …[View]
18197235PLATO'S CRITO: Plato's Crito does not sit well with me. Is it just because Athenian societ…[View]
18196864योगी युञ्जीत सततमात्मानं रहसि स्थित: | एकाकी यतचित्तात्मा निराशीरपरिग्रह : || 10|| >The man of Di…[View]
18196946'Boy, Kierkegaard sure is a moron for thinking life's absurdity can be overcome by takin a leap…[View]
18195048Is Stoicism compatible with Christian spirituality?: There is an obvious heritage from the Stoic tea…[View]
18197822Short stories or novels that are about or deal with the same themes and elements of these things lis…[View]
18196542I did not care for The Iliad.[View]
18186898/wsffg/ Western Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Dying Earth Genre Edition Previous Thread: >…[View]
18197146Schopenhauer reading list: Is there a list/chart of every author that Schopenhauer mentions or refer…[View]
18197399Would anyone actually give a shit about it if he didn't commit sudoku?[View]
18196389How would you feel if you wrote a book, it became famous, and 100 years from now became regarded as …[View]
18194003Hey anon, want to come over and discuss Marx's dialectical materialism with me? My parents aren…[View]
18196724Can we all stop confusing economics for political philosophy? This is an outdated, 19th century-tier…[View]
18191573What's his best book?[View]
18190457>This is how we will save Tradition: by doing absolutely nothing and not bothering to reproduce …[View]
18195379The horseshoe of Catholic-Socialist and Protestant-Capitalist thinking: Catholics-Socialists want to…[View]
18197028i read this for my book group and it's interesting reading normie lit. it actually wasn't …[View]
18196982What do you think of pic related and postmodern pooh?[View]
18195930/ILG/ Irish Lit General: >questions of the day What's your favourite book by Patrick McCabe?…[View]
18196884book(s) that had the most emotional impact on you and your mbti and/or enneagram type[View]
18195346Thoughts on Kojeve? I find him quite lugubrious -- to be honest.[View]
18196600I have a personal library of almost 100 books and by coincidence, none of them are written by women.…[View]
18196462Why did Nietzsche detest protestantism more so than Catholicism? Why did he see it as a rebirth of s…[View]
18196756this, my good bitchenzians. #discuss[View]
18196747Where do I start with this genius? > There is little disagreement that Emerson was the most influ…[View]
18196723this filters me hard[View]
18194915Does anyone know a book that goes in depth into some interesting daily routines, diets, sleep schedu…[View]
18193149Fuck the forms: It's all downstream from behavior It's all energy locked in place Einstei…[View]
18193339Kraut/lit/ - Roaring 30s & 40s: I've recently read 'Der dümmste Sibiriak' by Bruno Brehm an…[View]
18178035Best self help books: Improve yourself niggers[View]
18196626>'people' still believe in objective morality >'people' still believe in a creator god >'p…[View]
18196456How does Western civilization reconcile Greek paganism with Christianity?[View]
18193304I always feel like I’m stealing other writers ideas.: Title. I’ve been doing a bit of world building…[View]
18194208The nice Amazon man is delivering this to me today. What am I in for?[View]
18196256Why does Calvinism have such a rich literary tradition, while Arminians have very little works avail…[View]
18196421/WPT/ - Writing Prompt Thread: Find a prompt (image or quite left left by anon), and write a story b…[View]
18196294Fuck talking about if the Greeks were gay, let's talk about their conquerors and superiors, the…[View]
18195195Is Neoplatonism just western Buddhism?[View]
18195630Hindus, redpill me on the existence of the soul. Why is there a soul and why should I believe there …[View]
18193917He said one of the things, in fact the biggest thing, that made him certain Islam was false is that …[View]
18196140Foiled by PC Culture Again!: My suggestion for a class read was rejected for being racist. I swear t…[View]
18191492How do I write a good Australian character? >t. Burger[View]
18195967Why did this nigga and that Hungarian nigga Krasznahorkai hate sentence breaks? How do I read this o…[View]
18193283Is Nietzsche the original pseud incel?: >noooo Goderino is deaderino and le transcendent basis of…[View]

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