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12421566Leave gigachad alone mods[View]
12418582W: >is called 'Double You (U)' >but it's actually a double V W = VV W = UU Seriously? Who…[View]
12420776How do I developed better mental pictures and interpret descriptive writting better? I'm a brai…[View]
12420006When reading fiction, am I supposed to care about something other than the plot or characters? Like,…[View]
12413423poetry: post poems, give critiques. Would I be a better man Absent pen or thoughts of thoughts? Lang…[View]
12421490I've broken my brain: Alas, I've broken my brain what book can i read to get me back into …[View]
12420923>im a sorelian what type of person do you imagine?[View]
12421362why is taleb so scared of argumentman?[View]
12420424I remember several years ago reading about some pre-tolkien fantasy writer. Only thing I remember is…[View]
12421264Advaita Vedanta = Eastern Orthodox Vishishtadvaita Vedanta = Catholic Dvaita Vedanta = Protestantism…[View]
12417829What do you guys think about this book?[View]
12420938any point in trying to be /lit/ if i'm a perennial brainlet? should i just move on to other hob…[View]
12417863This is the most important piece of literature of the 20th Century. Prove me wrong.[View]
12421163Poetry is dead because of technologies. Once in the past poets used to gathered in smalls groups to …[View]
12420577>I'm a Guénonian: What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
12421064Just got a spot to study classics at Cambridge. Should I go and be broke for the next 20 years? Anyo…[View]
12415328Explain to a pleb why Rupi Kaur's poetry is bad.[View]
12420304Good or a overrated piece of shit?[View]
12414705How does it feel knowing you'll never consume as many books as him?[View]
12421059>took me quite a bit in to the book to realize it was satirical Should I be ashamed or is it supp…[View]
12421102This is a bit of spontaneous writing I did a couple of weeks ago. I posted it here already, but didn…[View]
12419601All summer the Park smelled of cloves and it was dying. Now it is Labor Day and you have been sleepi…[View]
12417946dfw: Is it worth getting?[View]
12420945Where to start with him, argiebros?[View]
12417005>Hey anon watchu re-. What the hell is that? Anti-Oedipus? Phenomenology of spirit? Being and Ti-…[View]
12418307What's the answer /lit/ ?[View]
12420958>read book >boring >read book making cool visuals in my mind >not boring Why don't …[View]
12420434I don't know anything about Gnosticism/Eastern mystic mumbo jumbo but I know he was a Germanfag…[View]
12418756/lit/ waifu thread - post ultimate waifu from literature. Pic related. It's Dorothea.[View]
12420203If the universe exists in a state of constant change then what makes it not chaotic and incoherent[View]
12420034What are the philosophical implications of this statement?[View]
12411398Is Foucault's historical a priori the ultimate in Kantian thought?[View]
12420674In this board there is nothing but the parroting of things said by academic nobodies, either in maga…[View]
12420224What did I think of this book[View]
12413042Cholera is the most /lit/ disease. Prove me wrong.[View]
12420407Guys, lm literally shaking right now. My teacher gave me an assignment to create a character and wri…[View]
12420453Just a quick thread for all the cunts who harp on about how reading 'in public' or, even worse, 'at …[View]
12420514WoT: post real life Aes Sedai i'll start[View]
12420356Any opinion on Ray Brassier's 'Nihil Unbound' book? Does anyone read it?[View]
12419132there wasn't a more harmful thinker to the west than him[View]
12414440new to reading: Hello /lit/, I want to thank you guys for recommending me pic related. Really enjoyi…[View]
12420546I won't have electricity for about 4 days or at least anything requiring a socket. Wish I had b…[View]
12419862Why teenagers love him so much? I think he is good for start adult literature[View]
12418901Dr. Seuss is discussing sentient capital in 'The Sneetches': >'The Sneetches' >The first story…[View]
12418332I had a really hard time finding out last time if this was any good. I want to find out before it…[View]
12420427Autistic horror: Looking for horror fiction from an autistic perspective. Basically something like L…[View]
12413366Trolley problem: How would an AI following Asimov's three laws of robotics deal with the trolle…[View]
12420180What's the essential literature on the topic of the Anglo menace and his lies?[View]
12417518What did he read /lit/? According to many people that knew him throughout his life he was always a b…[View]
12419986Escritor Chileno: There was a Chilean writer that said the only reason he never got the Nobel Price …[View]
12420202I need help /lit/. A goal that I have for 2019 is that I want to read more books. The problem is tha…[View]
12419971In the end, do we need to make a leap of faith?[View]
12419182>Writes about generic self insert men fantasy >Shoots himself Really knogs my jogs…[View]
12419347Could someone help explain precisely what the grammar of this sentence is, and what exactly Aphra…[View]
12416976Imagine caring about what a bunch of greek pederasts think lmfao[View]
12416244>My favorite author is Gene Wolfe What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
12417537Philosophers and literary figures write a lot about life being tragic but is life really tragic or a…[View]
12419998Is he right?: >Prestige of the latter kind is most often merely the result of accumulated repetit…[View]
12418219What did I learn?[View]
12419659Go read “What Men Live By,” by Count Lev Tolstoy. Trust me, you won’t regret it. https://www2.stetso…[View]
12419740what remains of the Black Arts Movement today? is 'conscious' rap the only, unfair continuation?[View]
12407752Alt Lit General: Who are your favorite alt lit authors?[View]
12411293Well, /lit/?[View]
12417291>beats his wife while pregnant for not staying in the kitchen >makes a renowned feminist write…[View]
12419367>Finnegans Wake[View]
12419688Australian literature. What is it?[View]
12416444Is he incoherent?[View]
12407263>mom found the unfinished neo-noir novella[View]
12418127Is Yukio Mishima worth checking out?: Pewdiepie shills him hard I'm going to the book store tom…[View]
12416557Tale of Genji: Anyone else reading this? I'm 300 pages in and like it so far. What translation …[View]
12416730Books on this feel.[View]
12419647are they right? https://youtu.be/Q_Y24NJo1BY[View]
12416351My grandparents were ignorant people by our standards, and my grandfather held only lowly jobs.: But…[View]
12419556Who has read this bad boy?[View]
12417520Can I enjoy this if I don’t have a solid background on philosophy? I like his concept of god, and I’…[View]
12417819What are the criteria for '/lit/ approved' art?[View]
12419526Perhaps this year?: 1993 - A Simple Plan 2006 - The Ruins 2019 - ??? I hope so but have heard nothin…[View]
12418605Is weakness evil? It is often said that evil manifest itself in more passive ways than active ones; …[View]
12418696Metamodernism: Why haven't you taken the metamodern pill yet? >http://www.metamodernism.org/…[View]
12418704Name a novel that none of the main characters died[View]
12419456Daddy Peirce: Is /lit/ simply too dumb for the GOAT? All the spam about not understanding Whitehead …[View]
12419453>Rosenbergs, H-bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom >Brando, 'The King and I' and 'The Catcher in the Ry…[View]
12414624What did you feel when Winston died?[View]
12416487I have this literature teacher. She ALWAYS picks texts about some guy getting cucked by his wife/lov…[View]
12418193Thoughts on The Green Mile by Stephen King?[View]
12416852I'm going to the book store tomorrow and I want to pick a motivating and beautiful book. Help …[View]
12414391I'm new to literature and currently reading Lolita. While the prose is really pretty, an overwh…[View]
12414634Write a haiku about the room you’re sitting in: :)[View]
12419278Hello /lit/, I am interested in books on the history and general introduction of the humanities and …[View]
12417503Read everything by this guy. Where do I go next? >inb4 psych ward, twelve step program, etc…[View]
12417962*whips out statistical charts* listen here you young entitled shits, the world is better now that it…[View]
12419228I'm longing for a dose of 90's nostalgia. What should I read to feel like it's the mi…[View]
12419179>Signifier without signified[View]
12419048The Secret of the Golden Flower...: Has anyone read this? I'm reading Huston Smith's The R…[View]
12411667Who else hate-loves this stupid cunt?: This guy is such a stupid try-hard piece of fucking shit, but…[View]
12418695Is this book worth reading? I liked the movies a bit, but I heard the book just drags on.[View]
12410535>It's so nice of you to take me out on this date and pay for all of my expenses. So, Anon, w…[View]
12419151WHAT IS TRUTH?![View]
12410798ITT: the writer who you most closely identify with on a personal level[View]
12419128So last time i posted my original text untranslated, here is another segment but translated; A sound…[View]
12417701Writing as a career: Do you fellows think a neet like me could make a living as the writer of comfy …[View]
12416588more like this?[View]
12400368/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: popular books edition >whats the current popular …[View]
12412814Why do great thinkers tend to be lonely?[View]
12415957What is the most dangerous book?[View]
12418745Was he the most evil man that ever lived?[View]
12418471How come nobody talks about literature here? I'm new to this board and I haven't learned a…[View]
12418521>By being a total passive pushover your entire life, you let your wife and daughter descend into …[View]
12417245Books about waifuism in idealism?[View]
12416009What are some books that would help me understand men?[View]
12409210Yukio Mishima vs Haruki Murakami: Mishima vs Murakami[View]
12418551Can you recommend me a book about love and companionship?: Not lovey dovey romance, but story about …[View]
12415804I have 6 Audible credits, what should I get?: See thread title, it seems I subscribed to Audible.co.…[View]
12416925Name one author hotter than a Bronte sister.[View]
12415947>Almost always the books of scholars are somehow oppressive, oppressed; the 'specialist' emerges …[View]
12416904I'm taking a few English courses this semester. They're primarily focused on the writings …[View]
12408428Write What's On Your Mind:: last thread hit bump limit[View]
12406614Celebrity bookshelves: Why read? Post famous bookshelves[View]
12418547Trouble of being born or A Short history of Decay. Which is gonna be a better start to Cioran?[View]
12418510>Alcibiades' speech in the Symposium[View]
12418534>>12418478 if 4chan has taught me anything, its that alot of dumb-average intelligence people …[View]
12418441Paul Duré is so fucking based.[View]
12417207As someone who reads mostly Manga and watches Anime, would I like this? I feel like I already have a…[View]
12409312Books with Femdom elements?: Looking for books with femdom elements that arent erotica.[View]
12415128Ask a guy who wrote his Masters Dissertation on Wittgenstein anything: Wittgenstein. The name inspir…[View]
12417662>when your back log is so vast you have to start burning books[View]
12413944Why haven't you read the Rambler essays yet, /lit/?[View]
12418056READ BAYLEBRIDGE: >2019 >he hasn't read the Australian Nietszche >he hasn't imman…[View]
12417402Is a major in philosophy and a minor in theology/religion the best choice in humanities? I'm no…[View]
12414806Can genius be learned?[View]
12413993ITT: Writers thoughts on other writers[View]
12417613Hello there. i am ghost of him that became stuck in this website all those years ago. get me out[View]
12417243What are the best books to read to understand military strategy and leadership? inb4 The Art of War…[View]
12416380Holy shit. Why isn't this talked about more?[View]
12417928>Jules, never a good student, failed his baccalaureate exams >His classmate Henri Bergson pass…[View]
12415313Will Rowling be remembered?[View]
12417768When did you realize that books are only worthwhile if you’re insightful enough to draw connections …[View]
12417309Humor thread[View]
12414664Translations of Plotinus: https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/mind-over-matter >So it is rather od…[View]
12414743Name a more objective moral principle than antinatalism.[View]
12417762Tfw nobody has the book I want, take the risk and order from Amazon, arrives ripped or damaged. EVER…[View]
12417278manifestos: What are the most literary manifestos? This is about style not weather you agree with it…[View]
12415663Do I need it to understand the book?[View]
12417534I am retarded: I get invited to go out to eat sometimes now that I've joined the literature clu…[View]
12417540>hohohoh you've been gnomed[View]
12417429Where do I start with Sylvia Plath?[View]
12413534So /lit/ where do you get your ideas from?[View]
12416983Is mathematical platonism a fiction?[View]
12416853Dune: Why should I read this? Why shouldn't I read it? Does it deserve all the hype around it?…[View]
12414917Stop planning economies[View]
12415006Desk Thread: Where do you guys write/read/do work? Post your desks or just post your book shelves if…[View]
12414717Faulkner wrote for the Oprah audience.[View]
12417169Please rate i'm a new writer, and want to become like my favorite Goethe. 'The screen on my Nin…[View]
12416082Should I stop being Catholic now?[View]
12411193Cosmopolitiks and Cosmotechnics: The Self has been thoroughly Deconstructed! Long Live the Self! The…[View]
12415432We're having a /lit/ meetup in Kenosha. >Why? If you've been to university organizati…[View]
12417088African Fantasy: I'm looking for inspiration for an African fantasy novel I want to write. I…[View]
12411740>*stomp* >*stomp* >*stomp* >Why hello there little man. Excuse me, but I heard you sayin…[View]
12412524Underrated as a poet. Has anyone read his poetry? He's no Dante, of course, but his poetry is s…[View]
12415291>mfw someone tries to poke flaws in Chesterton or Tolstoy's critiques of Nietzsche by pointi…[View]
12415505>hey, have you guys heard of Nick Land?[View]
12416782Rank them[View]
12416158>tfw you realise that almost the entire intellectual output of the 19th century is positivistic, …[View]
12414701Was Jesus Real, Lads?: Hi All, Could somebody recommend me a book that explains the historical and…[View]
12416172Looks interesting, anyone read it?[View]
12414269What are some works of literary merit like pic related?[View]
12414302Anon, tell me about the tao. How can I learn and practice it?[View]
12415375How do I learn to write 15th century Gothic calligraphy?[View]
12413729Do you read multiple simultaneously?: And if so, then how many? Or do you always finish one before s…[View]
12414573Why isn't this translated so non-polish people could enjoy the genius of Dukaj? https://en.wiki…[View]
12416421NOVEL IDEA - IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S GOING ANYWHERE: There was no pige in the catalog so I…[View]
12414154Is there any greater poet than John Donne?[View]
12415627>When I consider the narrow limits within which our active and inquiring faculties are confined; …[View]
12415084What Shakespeare to read next?: Just finished Hamlet, and read Romeo & Juliet before that. I lov…[View]
12414709What book is about a people that is as stupid as the Brits?[View]
12416035I just can’t into metered verse. I’ve read the formal greats, from Chaucer to Donne to Byron, and my…[View]
12416218There is no printed word to which students look for counsel, inspiration or joy.: There is always a …[View]
12416056Historian major is better than Literature/Language major Historians read just as much, if not more. …[View]
12400315Art: The other thread has reached its image limit. So following in anon's footsteps: >Fuck /…[View]
12415427Question: Why are you fuckwits so up your own arses that if someone reads a single 'non-lit' author …[View]
12413877>Finnegans Wake[View]
12415927Me at family gatherings verbatim[View]
12403845Why is Russian literature so much better than any other countries?[View]
12414747what did they mean by this[View]
12414494i wonder what this kind of boy would read[View]
12412790which is it?[View]
12415789Where to start with myth? I haven't read any of the main texts, e.g. The Iliad. I haven't …[View]
12415629Reading for pleasure: My theory as to why reading for pleasure is the ideal hobby is because there a…[View]
12411669Anybody read The Abolition of Britain by Peter Hitchens? I marathoned the first two chapters over th…[View]
12415564Do you read one book at a time or do you just read multiple books at the same time?[View]
12414584Surely you're joking mr. feynmen: My dudes, i need to get surely your joking mr. feynmen on aud…[View]
12415558>God is the fatality of the situation in which the wave function has already collapsed >The “i…[View]
12412440Explain his metaphysics to a complete pre-19th century philosopylet please![View]
12415684what are some good books about the Jesters?[View]
12415061Can anyone suggest some dark psychological and 'fantastical' literature? I like books such as: We Ha…[View]
12412414Post an image or clip of a movie, on the basis of it Anon will suggest you a book.[View]
12414227Oh shit: Guess what just came in, boys. Here it is, from the writer of “Cat Person”, Kristen Roupeni…[View]
12415626Post books that are both funny and sad.[View]
12414832Just Remember to read The Leopard by Tomasi di Lampedusa.[View]
12415418Is she right, /lit/? Do you really start philosophy with Allen the Bottom? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
12414484>let me tell y'all folks about how WE black people view the subject at.. You're a mutt …[View]
12415422>publish or perish ruined teaching Was he right?[View]
12412034You've been tasked to adapt one of your favorite works of literature into a film/tv series. Bud…[View]
12410801Reminder that when Nietzsche was a teenager, before he encountered Schopenhauer, he was quite the de…[View]
12413994Why in the name of god almighty would the digital version cost more than the physical one?[View]
12414807Buddha never taught anatman?: Is this true? That he actually never taught it and the only times he u…[View]
12413860What are some uniquely English phrases that can't fully be translated into other languages, /li…[View]
12415302>One copy of Grays Sports Almanac: 1950-2000 please[View]
12415043Which interpretation of King Arthur do you prefer and why? The original Celtic/welsh version, the Fr…[View]
12415241have the Iliad bros on /lit/ ever read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms? I think they would like it[View]
12414546So /lit/, how many agents/pubs did you query today? Me? twenty. Expecting twenty rejections.[View]
12412569Why don't you write songs anon? It's literally poetry but better[View]
12415107is there any good literature on the tremendous difference in quality of life between the sexually at…[View]
12413093>'philosophers' who aren't mathematicians[View]
12415185book for this feel?[View]
12411604Serotonine by Houellebecq: Why did he let the pedophile get away with what he did ?[View]
12415000From what I read on /lit/, it seems the users of this board are endlessly searching for the next phi…[View]
12414051What is 'bad philosophy'? (pic unrelated)[View]
12411180Stop reading Nietzsche.[View]
12412788Is this worth?[View]
12413632learn greek[View]
12414883Lads & Ladettes! Are there any 20th or 21st Century G R E E K writers or philosophers worth a re…[View]
12414568is there any relationship between Witt's theory of the limitation of language and postmodern wo…[View]
12414773>tfw can only be clever after a comfy oxford meal with good wine[View]
12413831Best literature: Lads I don’t know why, but I’m feeling really down and empty today. Give me some be…[View]
12414798Any decent literature on strategism?[View]
12414053Finnegans Wake[View]
12412624/lit/ movie characters[View]
12410930What did McCarthy do to deserve these covers?[View]
12411622I don't believe the Forms are real, but for whatever reason we're often inclined to think …[View]
12414686Revisionism: Has any author undergone more biographical revisionism than J.R.R. Tolkien? >'way ba…[View]
12413484Can fanfiction ever reach or surpass the sophistication of the work that it is based on?[View]
12414095>Your thought and philosophy will never transcend time and space and be the foundation of every s…[View]
12409781now that the dust has settled, who was in the right here?[View]
12412044White Noise: Discuss[View]
12407135Social anxiety: Any good books on how one overcame social anxiety?[View]
12413012How do YOU organize and write your notes while studying?[View]
12412010Language Learning & Literature: I've just finished reading a book in my target language alo…[View]
12413818Does anyone on /lit know about Miroslav Grisko? He is a slovaquian philosopher highly influenced by …[View]
12414393>True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, >As those move easiest who have learn'd…[View]
12413179What does lit think of the asoiaf series?[View]
12414343Any /omnitheist/ lit? Personally, I believe that you go to the afterlife that you believed in while …[View]
12413059If I have free will, then why couldn’t I will myself to get out of bed this morning?[View]
12412309/Lit/ careers thread: What are some careers that allow you to live a fulfilling life of knowledge an…[View]
12414084Do audiobooks count?: I read a lot, but I also drive a lot. I’ve started listening to audiobooks to …[View]
12409116who was smarter?[View]
12414120Go read “Big Two-Hearted River,” by Mr. Ernest Hemingway. Trust me, you won’t regret it. http://xroa…[View]
12410946Who was the most harmful author of all time?: Whose works inspired the greatest evil? My vote goes f…[View]
12413085Is it wrong to use 'retard' and its variants as an insult? Is it wrong to refer to people with intel…[View]
12414066Japanese in Translation: So I was wondering what the best Japanese novels in translation are that st…[View]
12412111best novel thread: best novel[View]
12413960What now: Alright finished this, should I read another Jack Ryan novel or just jump to something com…[View]
12411905Are these books really that bad?[View]
12413740Why is Nietzsche so popular, bros?[View]
12411828Currently writing my first book in a word document I’m guessing this page count doesn’t directly cop…[View]
12413963>Finnegans Wake[View]
12413936alright im about 50 pages from finishing this. start talking about it because i still dont know what…[View]
12412901Obviously, travel is a pleb genre, but have any travelers ever risen above their station and written…[View]
12413697What does /lit/ think of Han Kang and especially her novel The Vegetarian?[View]
12407678How many pages per day you read on average?[View]
12413892We need to go deeper.[View]
12413244What does it have to do with the 80s specifically? Isn't it equally applicable to all decades 1…[View]
12375071read/expected/got: post em[View]
12409841Free Psychological Horror Book: Hey. My psycholical horror novel, The Omitted Place, is for free rig…[View]
12413568Best translation? My German isn't good enough for the original yet[View]
12413424On Writing by Borges?: Anyone read this? How is it?[View]
12413043I realized straightaway that the première A would be the worst; there were three boys and about thir…[View]
12413813Do you agree with Adam Smith that Enlightened Self-Interest is the way /lit/?[View]
12409406I dont understand the hate for the beat generation: I left a post here earlier praising the beat gen…[View]
12411178Dead Souls Translations: Which is best? Apparently Guerney is good, but there are whole sections rem…[View]
12413738Human, all too human, p. 425: >'Women's period of storm and stress. In three or four civiliz…[View]
12412270>tfw never been emotionally moved by any book >only thing that really emotionally hit me are T…[View]
12408002Was Tolstoy Right About Nietzsche?: >And finally, the third step was taken when the childish orig…[View]
12413019Tale of Genji in Japanese?: To anons who can read Japanese: after getting to a point where you can r…[View]
12411747hello my good friends. it'd be cool if you could recommend me a book that would serve as a good…[View]
12400664Are there any Nordic literature enthusiasts here? I have only read some Ibsen, Sillanpaa and Lyhne.[View]
12406553Death in Venice by Thomas Mann: Discuss[View]
12413594Serotonine: What are your thoughts on Michel Houellebecq's new novel, /lit/? I just ordered a C…[View]
12411986Tartt Threadd[View]
12413570>The Canon has too many straight white men[View]
12413411>American literature is ba-[View]
12412242>takes book by trash author >turns it into a masterpiece How did he do it, /lit?…[View]
12412648In what setting do you read best or enjoy reading most? Since I know most of you don't actually…[View]
12413438How do you prevent yourself from imitating another writer's work too closely? I wrote a short s…[View]
12412842i had a class on Nietzsche and got a supplementary knowledge of schopenhauer as a pessimist and niet…[View]
12408103Is it good?[View]
12409196Anon below you decides what you are going to read next.: Anon below you decides what you are going t…[View]
12412126Gold rush: I've apparently developped a mild fixation on old mining towns in the past few days.…[View]
12410401>reading Exodus >God tells Moses to make him some shit >And you will make.. >And you wil…[View]
12413265So they call him Whitehead right? Well that makes sense since his head is white[View]
12413326>the Narrow Sea >the Wall >the Neck >the Vale the North >the Riverlands >the Reach…[View]
12410435>Hemmingway? Now that's what I call a writer[View]
12412345I have read all of Plato and Xenophon's works and have come to the conclusion that Socrates is …[View]
12410883how does this actual masterpiece compare to infinite jest in terms of style? i'd download it an…[View]
12413018When did /lit/ become a fast board[View]
12413140>Finnegans Wake[View]
12411784Is it worth the effort?[View]
12412908I get that he's depressed, but did he have to go on for so long about it?[View]
12412998was baudrillard based?[View]
12412785HUMILITY: “Do not let me hear Of the wisdom of old men, but rather of their folly, Their fear of fea…[View]
12409928Venus in Furs/Sacher-Masoch thread: Have you read Venus in Furs? What did you think of it?[View]
12413020Brain not work good need help please: Having a trip down nostalgia lane and am reading through a bun…[View]
12412978How did you choose your pen name? Is it better to present yourself as a woman or a man, if you write…[View]
12407687Storm Trooper was autistic, right?[View]
12409148How the Hell do I understand the first two parts of Ethics? This Jew is confusing my Brainlet mind.[View]
12409020Was he the most evil man to ever exist?[View]
12411635Is nick cave /lit/?[View]
12407504thoughts on this, worth a read?[View]
12410324what exactly does it mean to be smart? what is some common knowledge that brainys usually possess?[View]
12410156Anyone who thinks Hitchens is in any way comparable to Orwell is a brainlet. Let's not forget t…[View]
12410309>'Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion' Who the FUCK …[View]
12409651Is the written English language beautiful? How does it compare to other languages? Which is the most…[View]
12411243Anti-capitalist classics? Pic related. Even Ted K. referenced it as a powerful critique of industri…[View]
12412130Philosophy of history: E H Carr said that in 19th century British historians ignored 'philosophy of …[View]
12410879Writing gender non-binary characters: For writing a story with a lot of characters that are outside …[View]
12403516>not trying to imagine Ulysses as a film while reading it >not pretending you're a genius…[View]
12412527>I'll start writing my book tomorrow[View]
12410536Where do you like to read, /lit/?[View]
12409717>it's a 'I want to fuck underage schoolgirls' poem How did he get away with this?…[View]
12409648“They do not understand how what differs agrees with itself; back turning connection, as in bow and …[View]
12384410Post your under-recognized favorites, hidden gems, and interesting finds here so that others can als…[View]
12408727Is Frederick Barthelme 'new sincerity' before DFW even 'coined' new sincerity?[View]
12405754random book game: Rules: 1-Go to www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/?sort_order=random or any other ran…[View]
12412331Go read “A Hunger Artist,” by Mr. Franz Kafka. Trust me, you won’t regret it. http://ada.evergreen.e…[View]
12407077“There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and …[View]
12412259How has the world still refused to learn from 'Exiting the Vampire Castle'? Will they never accept t…[View]
12402362why is there uncertainty, incompleteness, and relativity? what aspect of our reality is missing that…[View]
12410427Why does he keep repeating himself? The first 50-60 pages is him saying the same shit over and over …[View]
12411967What are some books that are about the slow and banal day-to-day pace of life? I have a terrible cas…[View]
12408687What the FUCK is Plato smoking when talking about 'fast' and 'slow' motion in regards to heraclitean…[View]
12410695redpill me on whitehead[View]
12411728>If there is something comforting - religious, if you want - about paranoia, there is still also …[View]
12412092Can Wittgenstein's private langauge argument be applied to morality?[View]
12412024Is Ten Little Niggers worth reading?[View]
12411763>Dude, you ever think if there's a girl who's hot enough you literally die? Dude, that…[View]
12411868Thoughts on The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan?[View]
12411770Is pic related true? It's from the Evening Standard's review of Serotonine. Why is there n…[View]
12401803penguin covers: post em https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html[View]
12411100Why did people rave about this garbage?[View]
12406168Pasta prose: How do you write in the dense and hilarious style of these copypastas? Are there any bo…[View]
1241068020th Century Irish Lit: I'm currently devising an independent study of 20th century Irish write…[View]
12411523Hey /lit/, first time poster. I am taking a gap year near the end of my University life, because I h…[View]
12411642Thoughts on Lincoln in the Bardo?[View]
12411637Why is /lit/ so anglocuck board? The entire time one third of the threads in the catalog are specifi…[View]
12411561Aesthetics by Monroe Beardsley, is it worth the read?[View]
12411224What's the worst book you've ever read and why, /lit/?[View]
12411226I’m not very smart but can I still read the Count of Monte Cristo? Big words are hard for me but I w…[View]
12409376Why do I only enjoy reading nonfiction?[View]
12407146Seriously, why do people obsess over this dude?[View]
12409657History books on early Islam: Looking for a book on early Islam, from Muhammad to the early caliphat…[View]
12410539Conservative /lit/: There is only one conservative academic in my country and he told us young cons …[View]
12410196H is for hawk[View]
12402626What is the best work as an introduction to his thought? I think his novels are better understood af…[View]
12408782HOW DO I GET INTO PHILOSOPHY I want to circle jerk and meme with you guys and understand it :([View]
12408814What should I read to get over my unceasing anxiety and existential dread?[View]
12408891Come on lads, cut the shit! Has anyone actually read a whole book? From the start to the finish (inc…[View]
12411269The Quest To Attain Spiritual Happiness or Truth.: Questions: -How does one attain happiness in the …[View]
12411061Fiction about loneliness?: Anyone have recommendations on books about loneliness or that have loneli…[View]
12409848Goddamn this motherfucker can write. We've all got a couple of these Russian bricks sitting on …[View]
12410843I need recommendations about books in which a certain trope is present. For example the ones in The …[View]
12408889>all art is quite useless What did he mean by this?[View]
12408552What are some good books with strong themes of alcoholism and drug use?[View]
12405215>For since we are now the products of earlier generations, we are also the products of their aber…[View]
12410977Is the janitor angry right now? Hmmm[View]
12402981KANTIANISM IS THE PARASITISM OF THE BRAIN STEM: Whitehead's God is the eternally novel (re-)app…[View]
12406127>January 14, 2019 >not having read the full alt lit corpus…[View]
12407639When is one officially “well read?” What happens to ur brain when ur well read?[View]
12409221What the fuck is this shit? Can anyone here verify? >>>/g/69365614[View]
12401007Notes from the Underground: Just finished part 1 of Notes and I feel like a total brainlet. Some par…[View]
12410707goodnight frens[View]
12410621PhiloSci: I'm subjecting myself to yet another semester of philosophy at an academic institutio…[View]
12405130imagine being a sad obsessive overly-sensitive autistic man and you get hired by a normie public-int…[View]
12409736Philosophy in an hour, smash or pass?[View]
12408988What am I missing?: This might actually be the worst book I've ever read relative to the statur…[View]
12408659Washington D.C. /lit/ MEETUP THREAD: We are going to be having another Washington D.C. /lit/ meetup …[View]
12409948What are the philosophical consequences of this? Why was I never told this?[View]
12409828>*dabs on Aristotle* >*dabs on Locke*[View]
12409415Join our amazing discord literaure server: We discuss a variety of literature ranging from Shakespea…[View]
12408398>he crushed her lithe, supple body to his bronze frame with his steely thews, her white hands han…[View]
12410032Go read “A Painful Case” by Mr. James Joyce. Trust me, you won’t regret it. http://www.online-litera…[View]
12409302John Green: >It seemed like forever ago, like we've had this brief but still infinite foreve…[View]
12406183Hey lads I'm quitting drinking, smoking weed, and to a lesser extent coke and MDMA cold turkey.…[View]
12405451On Wittgenstein: Is he a mystic? Is he analytic? What exactly were his ethics?[View]
12408656On Burroughs, Land, and Deleuze and Guattari: Could Burroughs be a good example of Anti-Oedipus psyc…[View]
12409967>avada kedavra kills someone painlessly >hundreds if not thousands of other spells which kill …[View]
12409922We must secure the existence of our people and a future for gay children.[View]
12372089Boston /lit/ Meetup Group: We're having a /lit/ meetup in Boston. Email bostonliterature at gma…[View]
12408971Anyone read this bad boy?[View]
12409962What IS this? Any good? I keep seeing it and I kinda liked the description. NOT a shill btw, just ge…[View]
12408472What is the most /lit/ article of clothing you own?[View]
12409036Why aren't you fags talking about this?[View]
12410048golden mean(equilibrium): is equilibrium the key to everything?[View]
12406669What's wrong with English degrees /lit/?[View]
12410061On The Patty Winters Show this morning, a Cheerio sat in a very small chair and was interviewed for …[View]
12409331Is there a better crime fiction series than this?[View]
12406066So /lit/ , what books did you read in the first 2 weeks of the year ?You read atleast 2 , right ?[View]
12405706how accurate is this? I've been told I should read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man before…[View]
12409982What's the point of philosophy after Wittgenstein blew it out of the water? How the fuck is con…[View]
12409515Me at famiIy gatherings verbatim[View]
12408490What is the /lit/ equivalent to the /sci/ homeschool curriculum?[View]
12409953I know this is unorthodox, but it is a refreshing change from the regular thread in /lit/ and im hop…[View]
12408699Ever feel that what you write is just a poor copy of your favorite author's work? Like nothing …[View]
12408925Thoughts on The Corrections?[View]
12409905Wtf. Is this true? If so i am leaving /lit/ forever[View]
12409766What are the most quintessential Burgerland novels?[View]
12407413What books can I read that will make me become pure hearted and innocent in mind, soul, and body?[View]
12407701What's the definitive version/edition of Dubliners?[View]
12409849>Calls yourself a philosopher >Hasn't got stuck in Aristotle's 'Categories', chapter…[View]
12409281>'The apocalypse is finished, today it is the precession of the neutral, of forms of the neutral …[View]
12405897What are some books that capture the feeling of having a milf sex friend, probably ruining a marriag…[View]
12409266>we could have peace on earth bros >we just have to love and kiss each other Do people actu…[View]
12409784*improves your shitty children's book* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQtIx1V9QQc[View]
12408139What's his deal?[View]
12407761>wanna write light novels >not a japanese nor speak japanese…[View]
12407836what the fuck is mcluhan talking about?[View]
12409122Start with the Tartt She wears suits and leather boots Reads Greeks and Romans too Wears nothing but…[View]
12407073Why is pessimism comforting? All through my teenage years and the beginning of my twenties I suffere…[View]
12409661Blunt reaction to Tolkien lore: Man, FUCK THE ELVES! Pic-related had helped realized the injustice …[View]
12408926I want to write something about the general user of 4chan (aside from the degeneracy) and want to re…[View]
12403798Zizek vs Peterson debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43vRoD8GnIY[View]
12409420Who is the literary equivalent of John Coltrane?[View]
12407660New Book Thread: Post the book you just started or are about to start reading. >The List of 7 - M…[View]
12407470Any good books written in stream of unconsciousness? Except for Finnegans Wake and Gertrude Stein[View]
12409243'What the Tortoise said to Achilles': Achilles had overtaken the Tortoise, and had seated himself co…[View]
12409495start with the proto-greeks[View]
12405271What does /lit/ think of pic related?[View]
12408784Essential asian literature: I’ve read the ramayana and the mahabharata. Journey to the west, the tal…[View]
12409326What are some books about tailoring? Like nonfiction tutorial books about sewing. There doesn’t seem…[View]
12408739Leave this board and never return if any one of these apply to you: >you read any form of genre f…[View]
12407947Is it the best memoir ever written?[View]
12409212>wake up >eat and drink coffee while browsing internet and watching tennis >do some chores …[View]
12406963which is better to learn latin? ive already started attic greek (with athenaze) but i'm switchi…[View]
12409230¨cemetary: Kierkegaard's theological work focuses on Christian ethics, the institution of the C…[View]
12408951Tell me about your taste, /lit/ Old Testament or New Testament? Verse or prose? Latin or Greek? Ilia…[View]
12408711Why do I feel humanities are useless? Am I a victim of the mainstream positivist ideology? Should I …[View]
124089582019... I am forgotten[View]
12407968>story set in a fictional country[View]
12404760How could audiences in Shakespeare's time understand and enjoy his plays when present day colle…[View]
12405500What are some actual /lit/-tier YT channels?: >Call yourself LITERATURE Devil >Do videos entir…[View]
12408050What was the name of that series of language books where you read them in your native language and i…[View]
12408882The beat generation is the greatest american writing movement and enlightened the culture of america[View]
12408396Do you use Goodreads? Should I use Goodreads?[View]
12407022If intelligence can be predicted via polygenic score, including one's propensity to immigrate t…[View]
12408816/lit/ writing drills: /lit/, i'm rereading Relentless by Tim Grover for the 3rd time. It puts m…[View]
12407671Sorry if it is off topic. I was reading an article/analysis of these yellow vest protesters and it c…[View]
12408806Hi Sonya: Fine and pristine axe, Wonder what I can do with that?[View]
12408631how does one into poetry?[View]
12407936Meditation Question: Pic unrelated. Mindfulness question. Been reading some books on the subject (m…[View]
12408057It's Bacon, man: For hundreds of years people were perfectly content to embrace the simple logi…[View]
12406871Abandon the false ideology of progress.[View]
12408708Any good /socio/ core? Been watching a lot of Hannibal lately. Got the juices flowing.[View]
12406825>when you are so autistically butthurt you write an entire book to REEE about someone's phil…[View]
12408662I just got this from Barnes & Noble. How well did I do?[View]
12408649>When the Samuel Beckett play finally hits https://youtu.be/oMU73LkTq10…[View]
12408327Why should I even bother actually 'reading books' when I can easily obtain all the information I req…[View]
12404330>science bad! >me no like Isaac Newton! >jebus speaks to me; dog save enguhland! There, I j…[View]
12405488What works of literary merit argue against stoicism?[View]
12408421What’s your opinion on beatniks and the Beat Generation[View]
12406238Welp, it happened AGAIN. Rejected from ANOTHER graduate assessment centre. I went to London for it a…[View]
12405961Although my back are painful after sleeping on a computer one nite. Katy perry nude pic has a histor…[View]
12406558Why is Celtic mythology so fucking shit in comparison to Germanic/Norse mythology?[View]
12407445Is SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION a good read?[View]
12407213Recent Stacks Thread: Lets see what new books you've bought or got for Christmas, anon.[View]
12407970>the letters d b p and q are the same just rotated around bravo romans, bravo…[View]
12406774Which writers are so vile and evil that their works should be banned?[View]
12404967What should I read before this?[View]
12408154Should I read his books?[View]
12407913Have I gotta become a THOT in social media if I want to be published nowadays? It doesn't seem …[View]
12408048Books for this feel?: 'My basic view of things is — not to have any basic view of things. From havin…[View]
12407479Thomas Campion: Anyone interested in Renaissance lit/weird esoteric shit give this a read. Would Lik…[View]
12407963Go read “The South,” by Mr. Jorge Luis Borges. Trust me, you won’t regret it. https://dept.sfcollege…[View]
12407644Guilty pleasure: Is there a series that is your guilty pleasure? Mine is Undying Mercenaries. It…[View]
12407234>Robert Alterin his review of the book inThe New Republicwrote: 'Some may seize on it as a postmo…[View]
12404220Is he the new Deleuze?[View]
12404534The more I gaze at this picture I hear gagging and gurgling noises in my head[View]
12406250What would Nietszche think of modern western society?: seeing how much he shit on the society he liv…[View]
12403947What's so bad about reading ebooks on your computer?[View]
12405981Is wine essential to the 'literary mood'?: Pic related.[View]
12407383>Start to read lolita >It reads like the memories of some pedophile about his childhood >a …[View]
12407170Have any of you read salomon maimon's auto biography?, im reading some of the chapters and it…[View]
12406951Which book is closest to this?[View]
12406114Why does no one talk about this based and redpilled book?[View]
12403296Favourite bible verse?: New or Old Testament Just a verse that has always stuck with you. Troll po…[View]
12407311Why does /lit/ hate Anglos so much? What is the “Anglo disease”? Does it have something to do with t…[View]
12407291well /lit/? how much of the canon have you read? http://sonic.net/~rteeter/grtbloom.html[View]
12404414Is The Complete Works of Franz Kafka for 100 bucks too expensive or worth it? It includes 9 books.[View]
12402494Recommend me a book based on pic related[View]
12405416Horror Books: So I read my first Lovecraft's book: the case of Charles Dexter Ward. I didn…[View]
12401039ITT: Books that made /lit/ mad as fuck[View]
12405887What in your view is the greatest novel ever written? You can only choose one.[View]
12407507Was he?[View]
12407241what is the literary equivalent of gintama?[View]
12407294that dostoevksy thread: >>12405314 It died before I could reply. Is THIS what the book is like…[View]
12388134Can we have a Harry Potter thread going on ? >tfw you will never have Hermione crush over you…[View]
12406367NYBR thread. Do I get The Ice Trilogy or The Thirty Years War?[View]
12399269What is the driest, most worthless, waste-of-time, this-shouldn't-be-on-my-shelf book /lit/ has…[View]
12407347How can literature even compete?[View]
12405658Hamlet Analyses?: Just finished my first reading of Hamlet. Which analyses do you recommend?[View]
12407195hey /lit/ i'm kind of drunk now and i'm listening to ee cummings reading his own poems. wh…[View]
12405051Why do Marxist hate metaphysics?: I've been reading some marxist works, and they constantly ref…[View]
12402342Plato or Aristotle? Whose philosophical corpus is best?[View]
12407260Looking to read a book for pure fun. What have been your most enjoyable reads.[View]
12405559I've noticed a lot of modern writers have a propensity to overuse em dashes. Every article, pie…[View]
12405295Hi /lit/ What are your suggested books that deal with melancholy and suicide? If you're not alr…[View]
12407158Rate my poem The Camp’s Delouser’s Tale They call me Speer Chanticleer, the gibbon gelding brig’dier…[View]
12405627Recommend me fiction books highly inspired by Deleuze's philosophy.[View]
12407045Let's talk about it.[View]
12403838looking for books to read to my young daughter for a bedtime story don't want to read her gener…[View]
12404177>That one storybook that still warms your heart I kinda get glittery eyed when I think about this…[View]
12406847>it's another philosophy book made out of an amalgamation of quotes and references to other …[View]
12407090>'In your labyrinth there are three lines too many,' he said at last. 'I know of a Greek labyrint…[View]
12404446wait so whitehead loved the english romantics and BTFO stemfags? why isnt he our mascot?[View]
12399303Is Nietzsche right? Does reading more (especially works of philosophy) paradoxically make you dumber…[View]
12406823Just got audible and want to begin my reading journey. Any suggestions about using the app or what t…[View]
12406960Finally showed up, thanks for the recommendation friends. Now I turn to you for more advice. How sh…[View]
12407036A thread died for this my poetry killed it this you see is a threadicide[View]
12405775>Your thought and philosophy will never transcend time and space and be the foundation of every s…[View]
12404881Thoughts on Bukowski?[View]
12406188Is this worth reading?[View]
12406092newfag to lit: any good books teaching actually valuable skills to recommend? im mostly a lurker but…[View]
12406904Searching books: I need sometging like The Outsider by HP Lovecraft or Frankenstein .The main hero s…[View]
12406794What's /lit/'s opinion of this?[View]
12402201What authors should I read to understand women?[View]
12404904Sydney: What are some /lit/erary places to visit in Sydney? I just relocated from Brisbane, and have…[View]
12406082Book titles that made you read the book[View]
12406793John Coffey from The Green Mile and Lennie from Of Mice and Men fight to the death. Who wins? Assume…[View]
12406590> Rather than rejecting metaphysical speculation, Whitehead seeks for a way to do metaphysics oth…[View]
12406668Did this woman single handedly ruin and murder modern literature like how Spielberg ruined cinema?[View]
12406690thoughts on this /lit/?[View]
12396349Really makes you think[View]
12391192Write What's On Your Mind: tell us all about your thoughts anon[View]
12405346Leave this board and never return if any one of these apply to you: >you read any form of genre f…[View]
12403323Why does acedemic philosophy neglect peirce? Is it lack of scientific aptitdude?[View]
12405975No more boomerang No more spear; Now alll civilized- Colour bar and beer. No more corroboree, Ga…[View]
12406305Can anyone rec me a picaresque campus novel? I've already read >Been Down So Long by Farina…[View]
12404509Any literature on communication through language being fundamentally alienating because it's an…[View]
12404059What is a book that stirred the inner essence of your soul and changed your perspective on life?[View]
12406328Childhood is idolising Heidegger Adulthood is realising Eliade makes more sense[View]
12406364reflections on a chapter from byron & the beauty by bazdulj: i recently stumbled upon a piece of…[View]
12406121Kafka: So why does Kafka have blood on his hands when Nakata murders his father? What exactly happen…[View]
12404628ITT: books where you're supposed to be disgusted by the protagonist but you just end up liking …[View]
12405633What are some good books to get a decent understanding of European history, especially 1000-1800?[View]
12405892When will faggot janitors start finally cleaning up and banning blatant discord trannies' meme …[View]
12405139Ruthless: What are some books that deals with emotionless souless literature(theme). I am talking ab…[View]
12405484How do I deal with the terrible realization that I'll never be born as a part of the British el…[View]
12405439Varna caste system: I would like to have a good book suggestion of a book who analyses Varna caste s…[View]
12405928>“Personally, I am a hedonistic reader; I have never read a book merely because it was ancient. I…[View]
12404548Is Milton second only to Shakespeare in English-language poetry?[View]
12406216god morging frens! hers two anothr dayy of shitpostin[View]
12406196What does /lit/ think of this book ?[View]
12398838>The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul. Not drowned…[View]
12405990>Finnegans Wake[View]
12400600Even though English isn't the most widely spoken language on Earth, it is still the most intern…[View]
12398338If God is omnipotent, then who or what created God?[View]
12397837I'm going to read Marx's Das Kapital, any tips on reading this tome? Will it make me into …[View]
12406096I've just done a medieval philosophy exams. You christcucks suck especially the Tommasofag ones…[View]
12403478Any books on why butterflies migrate?[View]
12405621Did Socrates BTFO lit?: >The story goes that Thamus said much to Theuth, both for and against eac…[View]
12405692Books you had high expectations for but ended up thinking they where pretty boring: This one for me,…[View]
12406021What are some books about Sufism and Islamic mysticism[View]
12404710Which translation of Siddhartha is the most accurate?[View]
12404634What do they eat?[View]
12405924Let’s actually talk about a book for once. While I’m not a fan of the biased perspective that it obv…[View]
12404790Strange meditation anecdote: Hi /lit/, a while ago someone linked me to a thread on reddit which con…[View]
12404588https://youtu.be/dSey6R6A_Xc This preacher literally in one chapter of the Bible can explain every s…[View]
12404121Is this book the logical conclusion of what Walter Bejamin described when he talked about reproducti…[View]
12403027>he doesn't underline his books I hope you're not purely engaged in passive reading.…[View]
12405201I need recommendations for short stories. I've been reading relatively challenging lit(sound an…[View]
12405700Is it good? I didn't really enjoy Blood Meridian.[View]
12406344So who will win the upcoming debate? Jordan B Peterson vs Slavoj Žižek https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
12403509was Mishima influenced by Dostoevsky?[View]
12405532Tell me what's up with this. Is it some sort of psy op operation taking over society? Ennui and…[View]
12404470>he doesn't read his books cover to cover what's wrong with you, bros?…[View]
12402818What do you think of this poem? William Blake A POISON TREE I was angry with my friend: I told my wr…[View]
12403417Typical Deleuze shitpost: Hey lit, I want to do a research paper on how syllogism and other manifest…[View]
12404379weekend is over books for this feel?[View]
12404942Anyone got any recommendations for Audible books to listen to while driving? I tend to prefer more g…[View]
12405637IMAGE THREAD: Images that gives you the feels to just sit somewhere and start reading (or just turn …[View]
12405629Could you recommend some sentimental books that will help me appreciate love and beauty?[View]
123927573x3 Thread: Post a 3x3 of your literary and philosophical inspirations, others judge.[View]
12405534What's a good book with lightsabers in it?[View]
12404021/crit/: No critique thread? Come on /lit/ You little shits writing whatever it may be you're wr…[View]
12405203What are some books on spirit preceding matter and the material world being 'evil'?[View]
12405314Is Rebellion the best chapter in all of literature?[View]
12405471Any other books for this feel?: >Characters fighting in some sort of conflict end up forging stro…[View]
12403613How does this compare to other military strategy books. Is it more philosophy that can be applied br…[View]
12404984>the food was a metaphor and that the book was actually a very poignant analysis about the breakd…[View]
12405447What's a good book set in Japan?[View]
12404557I saw Haruki Murakami at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to mee…[View]
12405404Is there anyway to build creativity? I'm trying to write a song/poem but I don't know what…[View]
12404454Where do i go from here?[View]
12405249BOOKTUBERS YAY!: Why are the recent booktubers so dumb and all glittery with beautiful books, what…[View]
12404976Isn’t it funny how all recorded history falls more in line with Thrasymachus’ perceptions of moralit…[View]
12393219>Why yes, Lovecraft is my favorite author. How did you know/?[View]
12403547Name a more based and redpilled author protip: \spoiler\you cant\spouler\[View]
12404409What are some good books on Environmental Philosophy? I've read most everything Emerson and Tho…[View]
12403259Best novel written this millenium?: All the ones ive read are retarded 'wah Im black/gay/a woman' YA…[View]
12404559Are mantras /lit/? Does /lit/ have any mantras? A few times a day I repeat: 'I am a fucking idiot, I…[View]
12402873>Just be the worst human imaginable Wow great advice Mac[View]
12399509What is the best English translation of the Upanishads and the Vedas and alsi the Buddhist Pali Cano…[View]
12402642Will AI become capable of writing a novel and would it be as beautiful? More? If not, why? Does this…[View]
12403579Self-publishing to make money: Does anyone here self-publish stuff on Amazon and make any money off …[View]
12394030What are some /lit/ approved children's books?: Any that are still worth reading as an adult? I…[View]
12403730what's he like in the books?[View]
12405112What to read from Stanislavsky? Or Where to Start with Stanislavsky: I am not planning on being an a…[View]
12404855Es war, als hätt’ der Himmel Die Erde still geküßt, Daß sie im Blütenschimmer Von ihm nun träumen mü…[View]
12400297Is the idea of applying Plato's concept of the Philosopher King feasible in any way in today…[View]
12397760Why does /lit/ hate Neuromancer all of a sudden?[View]
12401663Are they the Criterion Collection of the book world?[View]
12403281“Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always…[View]
12403258What would happen if Raskolnikov shared a room with Roubaud from La Bete Humaine?[View]
12402309Really makes you think[View]
12404258Why must writers suffer for their art?[View]
12403923>muh tennis >muh drugs >muh random plotlines that don't go anywhere I'm 100 pages…[View]
12403719Good-by: This will be my final day on 4chan. Realizing life and self improvement are only going to g…[View]
12404343This is absolutely /litkino/ You literally can not refute this.[View]
12404682Jinfinite Iest: Night mode, Infinite Jest, can’t wait to finish[View]
12404591Has there ever been a story about, like a crazy parents who bring kids in the world and tell them it…[View]
12404679Who's read 'When Gravity Fails'?: We need to get this and the following trilogy made into a mov…[View]
12402138what are your top 5 books of all time[View]
12404246Brontë sisters: Why did they all have to die so young?[View]
12404008is it in poor taste to use serial killers and other serious felons as a joke in your stories? not ev…[View]
12380225/STACK/: >no stack thread Show us your stacks lads. Give us your thoughts. Are you gonna make it?…[View]
12404468The Trial Discussion: Can we discuss this book? I recently bought it on a whim at a used bookstore(p…[View]
12402869>One copy of 'The Incoherence of the Philosophers' by Al-Ghazali, please.…[View]
12404124>tfw no calypso mommy keeping you in her cave[View]
12400520When the memes collide, it'll blow your mind, when the memes collide[View]
12403504Just finished pic related. What did I think of it?[View]
12402080Is this new translation good?: Or is there some other translation you'd recommend? Looking insi…[View]
12402885Contemporary Fiction general What does /lit/ think about alt lit writers?[View]
12403420This has to be based off of The Red and the Black, right?[View]
12400605Why should one read Whitehead? Why should one spend time reasing him over anyone else? I am i intere…[View]
12403525Worth a read? For aesthetic and esoteric reasons, I mean. I'm not a Christcuck.[View]
12402268Is she worth read?[View]
12402485Washington D.C. /lit/ MEETUP THREAD: Time to organize the 3rd official Washington D.C. /lit/ meetup.…[View]
12402743ITT: We assume something from others based on their e-library[View]
12404174Give me books that I can read tha will really make me feel something. I don’t want romance but I wan…[View]
12402569Are there any great writers never associated with academia or didn't go higher than a bachelor…[View]
12404172Was Morrie a great philosopher?: Discuss.[View]
12404108If I quit my job and do nothing but write full time for 5 years and then self publish them. a new bo…[View]
12403250Modern Library 100 Best Novels: http://www.modernlibrary.com/top-100/100-best-novels/ Which ones hav…[View]
12393765Start with the Greeks?: Fuck that Start with the Tarrt! Start each day listening to this vixen give …[View]
12403955When did you realize that your writing was shit?[View]
12401489Greek mythology: Is this a good place to start with greek mythology? I'd like to read full stor…[View]
12397325Has anyone read this? Seems like a comfy read.[View]
12403998Its happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXPmLZRAPSo&feature=youtu.be&t=4966 Debate of…[View]
12403997ITT: pitch your idea for a 'children's' book Both The Hobbit and Watership Down originally stat…[View]
12401938I'm tired of being an overly emotional doofus; I want to become a more logically inclined perso…[View]
12402775Auto Da Fe by Canetti: Worth reading? Sounds intriguing but who knows.[View]
12403207He was right.: Discuss.[View]
12400077I need a book that'll fuck me up. The most fucked up book you've read or ever heard of![View]
12400228Good shit: What passages do you keep close to heart that you can spew to an uninterested audience wh…[View]
12403732I feel very trapped in life. When I was a teenager I was completely unafraid of what people thought …[View]
12403651tl:dr: good books on my thesis that the American working class has been sold out I live in a very co…[View]
12403722I'm graduating next semester with a Bachelor of Science degree. I didn't take a single lit…[View]
12403626I was watching a video about fiction writing as part of a course, and the instructor was giving leng…[View]
12403469So are you a Dreyfusard or an anti-Dreyfusard?[View]
12403700/night feels/ What are your favorite pieces of writing about the night or works that evoke the feeli…[View]
12403369WILFs: Yukio Mishima = total WILF[View]
12403342Gravity's Rainbow General: Yesterday we discussed whether GR is an anti-white tribute to the BB…[View]
12403054What's the best omnibus edition of Lord of the Rings?[View]
12403629/lit/ meetup: UNC/NC State/Duke Edition I know you motherfuckers are out there I just wanna make a u…[View]
12396056now that korea has established itself as the foremost country with respect to music, cinema, and tec…[View]
12400115The Iliad best translation? Will pic related be a good choice?[View]
12403216Post music for reading: Watering a flower Haruomi Hosono[View]
12402968What are some sadboys in literature? Pic related.[View]
12403298/lit/ novelists: I will write a book this winter and hopefully finish it before september. I will be…[View]
12402580Portland, OR /lit/ meetup: When should all us hipsters, cucks, numales, and trannies get together? I…[View]
12402463Most underrated sentence in Ulysses: 'These heavy sands are language tide and wind have silted here'[View]
12400319Do you keep a journal? Not talking about notes on literature, but something like reflections on your…[View]
12402790Aphantasia and Fiction: I just recently found out it's incredibly likely I have a form of Aphan…[View]
12402500Is there a fiction writing course, like pic related, available online for free from a reputed indivi…[View]
12402411What books do Deano read?[View]
12398934Kurt Vonnegut: Which one is the most appropriate to start with[View]
12403310>tfw Alfred North Whitehead keep spamming[View]
12402468I like sucking big hard cock. Books for this feel?[View]
12399746Anyone read this? And is it anything more than anti-Russian propaganda?[View]
12402556Recommend novels about theatre: Recommend novels where theatre plays large part. Maybe protagonist i…[View]
12400858How do we fix the education system /lit/? >The solution which I am urging is to eradicate the fat…[View]
12402820best books about the duality of man?: looking for recommendations[View]
12402017Leave this board and never return if any one of these apply to you: >you read any form of genre f…[View]
12401919What sources would /lit/ recommend for learning about civilizations like the Indus Valley, ancient C…[View]
12401778Is may diary desu a good book or is it a meme?[View]
12402355>earliest reference to Socrates is Aristophanes calling him a pseud /ourguy/…[View]
12402732I remember a discussion here some months ago. Someone mentioned a horror author who was 'Lovecraft b…[View]
12402675Which Céline book should I read first?[View]
12402155Old English Literature: Ne mæg man on þissum þrǣde wrītan būtan hē eald englic sprǣce. Uton þone eng…[View]
12403006Go read “Urn Burial,” by Mr. Thomas Browne. Trust me, you won’t regret it. http://www.luminarium.org…[View]
12401820John Williams' first novel thread: How does it compare to his later novels?[View]
12399734I've been trolled into reading this shit :(: This book sucks my dick[View]
12402936Thoughts on Stefan Georg?[View]
12402870huh, this part is pretty cool[View]
12400938Anon, Do you aim to create high art one day?: i´m asking this because all across media (movie, tv sh…[View]
12402252Recommended translation for Plato's Republic: I've finished reading Euthyphro, Apology, Cr…[View]
12401893What the fuck Iain Banks[View]
12400922Calling all /lit/erary niggas , on behalf of rest of all us autists , I request you to compile a li…[View]
12400045>reading a book in English about Russia or the Soviet union >'The Soviet folding chair, the va…[View]
12401309Paper: >be me be now >Be senior in college >have a creative writing paper to do >Idk wha…[View]
12401881Thoughts on Umberto Eco?: https://charlierose.com/videos/12041[View]
12402171>This is not very important, but to tell you the truth, i used to consider it a disgrace to be fo…[View]
12399111This is Piero Scaruffi’s greatest novels of all time. To what extent to you agree/disagree?[View]
12401425So this is where it’s going to get kinky right? No more aristocratic, affected allusions. This is wh…[View]
123921642019 reading list and one recommendation: This year, I plan on reading a lot more fiction. I've…[View]
12401953Anything worse than watching zoomers coming up and getting published, get big fanbases, while their …[View]
12402567Why is he not worshiped on /lit/, let alone even discussed ever?[View]
12402728>“But the real thing behind the way folks feel is simply race prejudice—and I don’t say I’m blami…[View]
12401671Was his library /lit/?[View]
12401779Analytic philosophy is the Anglo world's first truly important contribution to Western civiliza…[View]
12393200Peak Reading Posture?[View]

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