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22787319Origen and Universal Reconciliation: Did he actually teach universal reconciliation? I haven't …[View]
22791056What am I in for?[View]
22790794Presentation On Nietzsche: Hello /lit/, a few weeks ago I started a thread on how to construct a pre…[View]
22790921classics that live up to the hype?: just read pic related and I think it was the last push i needed …[View]
22788933BPD Literature: Any more books about BPD other than Bleeding Edge?[View]
22790286why did the Frye poster laugh when he figured the essay was fire?[View]
22790930Describe this image in your spookiest prose[View]
22790371Hey /lit/ I need help: Can you mention only all the philosophers here on this chart? I've been …[View]
22784017WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?: Best books of any kind on war? Personally I'm fond of Storm of Steel…[View]
22790203which one lit bros?[View]
22789525Books to read for when you want to hurt yourself???[View]
22790498Where do I start with this Droopy the dog detective lookin ass nigga?: >novelists should thank fl…[View]
22787688Finnegans Wake.: Be honest. Can any of you understand what the fuck this means without googling it o…[View]
22784576t. Books that completely changed your life[View]
22790571Comfy winter read: Only post your comfiest winter reads. I'll start.[View]
22785533>ask guy his favorite book >Fight Club >American Psycho >Crime and Punishment >Notes …[View]
22790454best books on learning creative writing? >inb4 practice yeah I know but how do I know if I'…[View]
22789609How do I start a sub stack blog and get actual readers? I can't pick a niche. I love writing an…[View]
22782772Niccolò Machiavelli Thread: Discuss him and your thoughts on him and controversies . My opinion is …[View]
22789772Anyone here like James Elliot books?[View]
22780494Poetry: Examples of modern poetry that's not completely pozzed pic related - a poem from one of…[View]
22783804Just read 'the soul after death': >10000 studies have shown that upon death, people witness a bri…[View]
22789970Ian Kershaw - historian in between: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Kershaw This historian is the …[View]
22789990Stop Ignoring The Truth[View]
22789704John le Carré: I just finished reading The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and I liked it A LOT. Which…[View]
22789621Why hasn't this gotten a movie adaptation?[View]
22784627Why yes, I'm max comfying, how could you tell?[View]
22787647Is this book good writing advice?[View]
22788812How do you contend with the reality that the quality of your writing actually does not matter at all…[View]
22788888How to spot a fake Pynchon fan …: Anyone that says “The Japanese Insurance Adjuster” as though it’s …[View]
22790200Patriotism was a great short story, possibly Mishima's best writing, but this movie fucking blo…[View]
22787705Shakespeare editions: There are a *lot* of single-volume Shakespeares to choose from. Which one do y…[View]
22788778What is his endgame?[View]
22789174Just skimmed an interview this guy and he comes across as a huge self-important pseud. He also seems…[View]
22789465>Proust isn't literature.[View]
22788080Can I get a qrd on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? Where do I start?[View]
22786548uncle tom[View]
22789324Any good advice for getting characters not to speak at each other, almost monologue-like? I find tha…[View]
22789477Holy fucking based!: Platonists BTFO. Kneel before your true king, Parmenides.[View]
22788745what is the best book written by a black author?[View]
22789813What are your favorite books about hobos and tramps?[View]
22789906parable of the banquet and acts: does the man getting tossed out at the end of the parable of the ba…[View]
22788748>that which is, is >that which is not, is not has there every been a clearer truth stated in t…[View]
22789509Hey guys, can you recommend more sites like ZLibrary, please?[View]
22781256Best books about Napoleon: I've never read anything about Napoleon and the whole period (especi…[View]
22788635I just read the Pit and the Pendulum. The only thing that really surprised me is that this story is …[View]
22761804The Lit Book of Cocktails Thread No. 4: Since a number of people have the big itch for a new /lit/ c…[View]
22786306You should be grateful that you speak English[View]
22788459Stop reading genre fiction.[View]
22789762Logos: Philo's Logos existed expressly to order and enter Creation on behalf of the Father, sin…[View]
22787861Although Ayn Rand is a woman, which automatically makes her shortsighted to a certain point, is she …[View]
22789701S-s-science-sama... I-I kneel![View]
22781721Do people ever really change?[View]
22789095Any books about monsters preying on humans and if possible a book where the main character dies by g…[View]
22787561If God didn't want people to eat the forbidden fruit, why did he leave it around where people c…[View]
22789109Which type of books do you like to read in front of the window while it snows outside in December? I…[View]
22784250What are your favorite epic novels? Books with many characters and locations like War and Peace, Gon…[View]
22789189He's right, you know.[View]
22787991Can Truth ever be truly found? And can we do it now?[View]
22784055i just shitposted about Adorno on /trv/ and I'd like you guys to tell me, through the use of ob…[View]
22789514Worst line you've ever read in a book, I'll start: From Goddess of Legend, by PC Cast; …[View]
22789436why this mother fucker look like mickey mouse??[View]
22789376>almost 2024 >KIRAC sex tape STILL hasn't dropped >the law suit controversy drew atten…[View]
22788123'The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth': What did he mean by this?[View]
22789347Read the sagas of the Icelanders or suffer my curse[View]
22786185Very presumptious book with no proof that the thinking ends after death.[View]
22786695Was Aristotle really a pedophile?: I don't think Plato would condone that shit. Was Aristotle …[View]
22789350Let me guess, you 'need' more...[View]
22785335Books to help me understand men?: As a twenty year old female.[View]
22786278Judaism: I'm seriously considering the conversion process to Judaism. This question is mainly d…[View]
22788191The Abyss of Literary Pretense: Hark, fellow denizens of /lit/! In the dimly lit corners of this boa…[View]
22787267Has any philosopher ever trying to dabble on the consequences of practising advanced maths and physi…[View]
22788849Looking for authors who can be described as proto-DFW.[View]
22778298A Song of Ice and Fire: How will Game of Thrones end? How do you want it to end?[View]
22789163I saw a while ago a green text for why reading the KJ bible was important to writing. Can anyone lin…[View]
22789103Why is it so cozy?[View]
22788585Why are they all so fucking boring[View]
22785777Misunderstood Flower-Maidens in Parsifal: The Flower-Maidens are not meant to be sexually evil, this…[View]
22788166No matter how much I read I still don't understand shit.[View]
22788826How can you write a meaningfulnovel when most of the people's daily life is spent doing picrel?[View]
22786139Did medieval students study The Greeks™ in latin or greek? Considering that it would take me a year …[View]
22789043Νάρκισσος: I just realized I am a narcissist, and will always be unable to truly love other people o…[View]
22786147Enjoy those books friends[View]
22785157The Literary Catastrophe of Kindle Unlimited: TLDR: Since July 2014, Amazon has used Kindle Unlimite…[View]
22785792Why is Plutarch such a good answer to every single suggestion for a book? It encompasses literally e…[View]
22784893was it kino?[View]
22787710Clean India: India has had disease but it hasn't produced world wide pandemics like the Spanish…[View]
22788704What's the best book for understanding the rhetoric of classical authors? I don't just mea…[View]
22788870Thoughts on this book? It's about a school shooter. Here's a wikia on it: https://spookyf…[View]
22788609>an history >an historical[View]
22788838Financial History: Are there any good books about corporations and businesses in recent times? Not b…[View]
22788702Are those books even worth it? On the first glance it seems to be midwit type shit[View]
22788767>write a love letter confessing your feelings >accidentally put your own name in the address f…[View]
22788468>buy picrel >doesn't have illustrations fuck this shit…[View]
22787240Is metaphysics a waste of time?: everything I read about any metaphysical system seems utterly usele…[View]
22784768>le evil Christian theocracy reducing women to breeding machines Are we supposed to pretend women…[View]
22783873>he wants to write the next great novel >While not knowing the great language Ishiggy diggy…[View]
22785636What reading are you guilty of, /lit/?[View]
22784900Why do you think this push to cancel Pynchon that’s just beginning is coming from the left rather th…[View]
22788576Path to Latin Fluency and Spoken Latin Revival: I am about 24 years old. I am on my last week of an …[View]
22785941>...And he was.... A MAN!!! A niggerMAN!! I honestly can't understand why he's so popul…[View]
22788545How decent of an idea is going from >Plato>Aristotle>Plotinus >straight to Kant, and app…[View]
22787144Is it worth reading Sade if you've read Bataille?[View]
22785503Write What's On Your Mind - /wwoym/: Welcome to Heartbreak edition previous >>22781636…[View]
22788501i have a cold and i made soup and i dropped the soup and i burned my hand and it reminded me of how …[View]
22787928Hey guys, does anyone know where the artwork for this cover comes from? The lips look like they…[View]
22787207Free writing test on the internet with high marking standards that i can periodically take to keep m…[View]
22785617horror: How do I write a somewhat 'edgy' horror book like American Psycho without coming off as too …[View]
22776314Was anyone else totally in awe of Pericles after reading this book? I'm captivated by his abili…[View]
22788411Essential nonsense /lit/: Essential nonsense /lit/[View]
22787273The Age of Abundance is over.: You lived through the age of opportunity, a type of golden age if you…[View]
22788146wait, isn’t a league like three and and a half miles? 20,000 leagues would be more then the diameter…[View]
22782272I have trouble interpreting text (especially in fiction)[View]
22787526Generations and Theory of generations: Starting from Karl Mannheim, we discuss the concept of 'gener…[View]
22785039Buried yourself in any good books lately?[View]
22786505Which version of The Stand should I ( a beginner in the works of Stephen King) read? The original on…[View]
22788205Josh Porter Books: Recently I figured out Josh Porter, frontrunner of the (kinda) dead band Showbrea…[View]
22787901Books to help me figure out how to be a man: I read King Warrior Magician Lover and I kinda found it…[View]
22788038Ever been told you should be boycotting a particular author you like, and that you're in the wr…[View]
22787905>… Fiction is a certain packaging of the truth, or higher truths. Indeed I find that there is mor…[View]
22787363>manual book binding Does anyone here do this as hobby or to just hold of book that are not avail…[View]
22786800>dialogue is written phonetically[View]
22783730Hey guys do you think it would be good idea to have book about fantasy world advancing and transitio…[View]
22777743Recommend me the most devastating and vitriolic non-christian criticism of nietzsche[View]
22788041Sociology literature: Hey /lit/ I wanna start studying sociology, so can u guys give some good book …[View]
22786690How do I write an evil main character who sacrifices innocent people and does evil rituals without c…[View]
22786407what's the /lit/ equivalent?[View]
22787924this is an oxford theology reading list; what are your thoughts on it?[View]
22787770Exorcism in Jewish Lit: It's very clear that there were significant developments in the interte…[View]
22783862/zlit/ - monthly zoomer lit thread: Zoombros what are you reading right now? Post current and recent…[View]
22782465Wittgenstein general: General discussion of Wittgenstein life and philosophy TLP Tree https://pbello…[View]
22787723>affective turn I don't get it. Whose method is this? is the the Spinoza-Nietzsche-Bergson-D…[View]
22785310Blood Meridian thread: Can someone explain , what was the point of the Judge Holden character ? , wh…[View]
22776800Name one book that's just really fun: fuck intellectual bullshit. fuck classics. what's a …[View]
22781470ITT Anons Recommend Romance Works: Novels, philosophy books, books in general, short stories. Prefer…[View]
22785329The Terror: Opening is a bit too expository for my taste but gonna read on because the premise is fa…[View]
22784643-Stroll-: 8PM, I go on my nightly stroll looking for 'troublemakers': people who think tha…[View]
22780085Based or cringe?: >Beauty is, in some way, boring. Even if its concept changes through the ages… …[View]
22783528Am I the only one who does this?: Saving up somethin an anon has posted here. I've got some quo…[View]
22787474Comfy reads: Can you recommend me comfy reads which are not trivial YA slob? I just finished Pradais…[View]
22781430Its that time of year again, bros.: Come on in, grab a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up by the fire. The…[View]
22783923DAILY KANT POST: >it is quite possible that our empirical knowledge is a compound of that which w…[View]
22787409What are /lit/ thoughts on the uso of AI in writing?[View]
22785663What books would impress the cute (Spanish?) librarian at my Uni if she was the one who checked them…[View]
22787013But then again you don't deserve liberation as I've felt[View]
22786305Just tell me to read my Bible: Evens I will read whatever first person chooses from the list: job, e…[View]
22787078What are the books I need to read in order to understand Marxist-Mullenism? So far I'm thinking…[View]
22785631>few chapters left >things are nowhere close to get better for the characters…[View]
22786033What are the most important mystery novels you should read before trying to write your own? I'd…[View]
22787181>author uses stories to make his point instead of outright stating his point non-fiction is cring…[View]
22787002Classics: There are '/lit/izens' on this board who think Literature is real, yet only read 'classics…[View]
22787033write something interesting right fucking now >“I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my reve…[View]
22786698Oswald Spengler.[View]
22786415He deserved to die for being a sex haver desu[View]
22786843Is it morally wrong to forcefully prevent someone from doing something that has an absolute or high …[View]
22786190what is the German word for 'spook'[View]
22787097This is a very timely book to be reading in today's climate. One feels the whale and the prince…[View]
22787004What do you think about it?[View]
22783802Have you read it? And if so, thought?[View]
22779293Do you have any suggestions for an ESL to get better at reading English text? Prose I can understand…[View]
22785913Any cool books on mushrooms and other flora and fauna in an old timey style?: Always wanted an alman…[View]
22786866Can subjective morality exist in a world where moral is objective ?[View]
22784041should I buy this[View]
22783687Is this any good?[View]
22784102About half-way through this, and it feels like so far he's said absolutely nothing of value or …[View]
22786819>written in the second person[View]
22786629lots of literature would be improved by a more generous use of the word 'nigga' in a frien…[View]
22785946Do you know anything about norse sagas? Any books i should read?[View]
22786026Bonjour guys its me rene guenon[View]
22786175I miss him so much, bros. Thinking of heading down to Austin to check out his archives. I just wish …[View]
22783113WTF IS A 'LINGUISTIC PROBLEM'?????[View]
22784227I just wanna say thank you to the anon who recommended to start with the Greeks. I'm reading Pl…[View]
22786226Hobbes: >'Society would work just like I want it to if we just had a benevolent dictator!!!' >…[View]
22775833/wg/ Writing General: Terry Davis edition Previous: >>22766458 /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTIO…[View]
22781088Looking for any books on the subject of psychiatric drugs. Counter arguments to pic related, support…[View]
22784197Ive never read a fiction book[View]
22786491Are there any actually good Mayakovsky translations out there? The Jenny Wade one doesn't reall…[View]
22785836Do you skip pages in nonfiction? Or read it all in order?[View]
22784618Any books on attention?[View]
22786141>he thinks gibon's writing in neuromancer was amazing what are some other literary takes tha…[View]
22785199Recommend me books about Eastern Asia, preferably from an openly racial (but not hostile) perspectiv…[View]
22785433Salman Rushdie / Martin Amis / Ian McEwan / Julian Barnes: Thoughts on these 4 British authors?…[View]
22783287Your cum, from your cock, flies and finds My eyes, albeilt they tried to hid It burns for a while, a…[View]
22783571Any books that will help me reach gnosis and become a pneumatic?[View]
22785959John 18: So what happened at the end here? I feel like something really important is happening but I…[View]
22783916what are some good books to learn about the history and politics of Soviet/Koreas/USA/Ottoman empire…[View]
22784449Why do people say Lord Of The Rings isn't well-written? It seems to me the prose is doing what …[View]
22784276Hans-Ulrich Wehler: What a subhuman liberal bitch, so subhuman not even the infamous communist Richa…[View]
22782927What are Nietzsche's most important books?[View]
22785622Why is it when i say books are better than movies i get called a pseudo intellectual?[View]
22770841/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: >Recommended reading charts (Look here before ask…[View]
22785650what if, throughout the history everything that were comprised of actual criticism towards power, re…[View]
22782198Have anyone noticed the midwit has gotten a lot more vicious in the last couple years? People used t…[View]
22780940So do you guys seriously vie for social status by proving you’re better read than others? Be your o…[View]
22784700i feel like shit every time i see a list of literary awards and i see that all of the names went to …[View]
22784652>bro you should read the Bible and its so good >start reading >500000 chapters on how to se…[View]
22782818What books would you make your child read growing up? What books do you consider to be essential for…[View]
22780232What books will help me become a intellectual? Will just reading any books daily slowly make me beco…[View]
22785610Impressive. Very nice.[View]
22781999What books should filmmakers read?[View]
22785586Books for this feel?[View]
22777549Do you read interactive books? >Watashi Hai.[View]
22784562>by a collection of poetry in translation >the translations rhyme…[View]
22784121Alternative to archive.com: Hello, I am trying to find a copy of the book Remote Viewers by Jim Schn…[View]
22785438Best faulkner book to read?: Like if you could only read one which one should it be? Give a good arg…[View]
22785208>Mom found the self-insert fiction where I go to high school with the Bronte sisters…[View]
22782041What are the most iconic books written by /lit/ users? Iconic does not mean it is good.[View]
22782301I want to read Cormac McCarthy for the prose but I am a Christian and violent stuff like The Road an…[View]
22783190Best heterosexual writers: >James Joyce >Vladimir Nabokov >Petrarch >Dante Alighieri …[View]
22781636Write What’s on Your Mind[View]
22785000Christine de Pizan — Cent ballades d'amant et de dame: >blackpill but for women And you guys…[View]
22784353How much non-fiction is actually fiction?[View]
22784105Are there any books that tackle the issue of survivorship bias and the issue of unshared realities a…[View]
22783301Words cannot describe how much I love DK books. If I had enough money, my dream would be to buy ever…[View]
22777419What's the point of reading philosophy when Wittgenstein solved it? I don't have all day.[View]
22778999Awful people: Which writers or philosophers did you find out were legitimately just awful people?…[View]
22783709Every single book that I have read has been recommended on /lit/ Every single book that is in my bac…[View]
22781352Thoughts on this? Thinking about reading it but i don't know yet.[View]
22784959Hi there I need philosophy books about moving in silence, stacking bread and not givin a fuck what a…[View]
22783992A Open Letter to Herr Langan: Herr Langan, why did you not just read philosophers of current times …[View]
22784913The Playboy of the Western World: >Women want love Christy when they think he killed his dad >…[View]
22780643jesus christ this guy really has nothing but shit takes[View]
22784122Daily Schopenhauer Thread: >There is only one inborn erroneous notion … that we exist in order to…[View]
22784412How does academia influence real life?: It is easy for me to see how academic research influences re…[View]
22782360Why are 90% of philosophers like this? If you can’t explain it simply you have no business explainin…[View]
22783657I need a book that will change my life and lead me to the path of self improvement. What do you sug…[View]
22781010List the your three favorite non-fiction books[View]
22784244I just finished reading this and I don't know what message Im supposed to be left with[View]
22777562I am the valiant Don Quixote de la Mancha, the repairer of affronts and injustices!!![View]
22784021hello, retard here I have a particular issue with poetics, I just really don't understand it. B…[View]
22784141The Problem of Evil: >Why does God allow evil? The suffering humans undergo due to illness, famin…[View]
22784644>scifi written early 1900s >book imagines a socialist revolution gaining steam in the US >o…[View]
22782490The Idea of 'North': In his autobiography, C S Lewis described his experience of reading Norse saga …[View]
22778102Based Bobby: Fischer's library contained antisemitic and racist literature such as Mein Kampf, …[View]
22784508Books that women like: A thread where we post female-coded books. A lot of interpersonal relations/m…[View]
22784379Continuation of the previous Christian thread regarding the 'problem of evil': Here is what I had wr…[View]
22783867Gift for a philosophy student: Hello everyone My dearest friend since childhood is turning 23 this m…[View]
22784431Kafka's short stories.: I checked out the complete short stories of Franz Kafka from my local l…[View]
22784170me when i hear a POC queer write read poetry[View]
22782182Anti-humanist non-nihilistic books.: I consider myself a 'transcendental misanthrope'. Life is meani…[View]
22780503/lit/, women and hysteria: So I just finished reading Dostoevsky' Crime and Punishment. The end…[View]
22780443Architecture: Any good books that will help me learn Architecture? I want to understand how to build…[View]
22783748Ive never read a non fiction book[View]
22775775Science of Logic worth studying?: I have finished Critique of Pure Reason by Kant. I have never read…[View]
22781273Why is he literally me?[View]
22782808What are the best book resources for learning German? And moreso, what methods do you recommend? Li…[View]
22784163Inshallah Schope was an Kafir: >Consider the Koran... this wretched book was sufficient to start …[View]
22783368JESUS WAS GREATEST PHILOSOPH ALL TIME: You must realize that 'philosopher' does not mean s…[View]
22784125>solves philosophy[View]
22783536Think I would've killed her for the constant cliffhangers: Every other page... >But morning …[View]
22781354BOOKS ON ART: Best art books with a lot of pictures? Thousands preferably. Books on art as a genera…[View]
22784074Excellent! Holy cow...[View]
22773772Thoughts on pic related? I don't really get it, it's like a jumble of different stories ma…[View]
22783352Are there any similar characters to Fang Yuan in western lit?[View]
22783762NLP books for manipulation: hi /lit/ I am in need of help finding good books about neurolinguistic p…[View]
22778478>actually understood evolution and relativity >intuited open individualism and its ethical con…[View]
22781482Post the cringiest book you've ever tried. Non-religious here btw.[View]
22780904>book review is just a summary of the plot[View]
22781056*destroys your entire worldview* heh, nothing personnel, kid[View]
22783086>this is by far the most important author of our time grim[View]
22783502Are there equivalents to this for other languages? I just finished this series and would be very int…[View]
22783023based quotes[View]
22782833Thomas Hobbes Megathread: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Hobbes http://plato.stanford.edu/entr…[View]
22782902This is literally all you need to read to be civilized.[View]
22783555What is the best dictionary?: Do you even own a dictionary? I just use google, but now I want a phys…[View]
22783462>philosophy about ethics, politics or law Cool. >philosophy about molecules andwhere the soul …[View]
22780820>writes a poem collection called Nigger >makes a sequel titled Nigger 2 >shits on the previ…[View]
22782236I had a dream that Charles Bukowski wrote the Old Man and the Sea, not Hemmingway.[View]
22783593what are some hallmarks of feminist literature I can read to be better informed about the current st…[View]
22778210What are you reading /lit/?[View]
22783522Landscape Painted with Tea: I opened up the book at a random page and there's a really sexy des…[View]
22777966best foreign language for literature?: what modern language should an active language learner study …[View]
22776998>older sister asked me a visit to a therapist / life coach she used to see >went to see her …[View]
22764587/bsg/ - Bible Study General: Read a chapter of the bible today, anon, and tell us what you notice. D…[View]
22776608Are there any worthwhile critiques of Max Stirner/ egoism that isn’t Marx or addressed in Stirner’s …[View]
22782090>be me >Read Neetch >Get completely called out 17 pages in. Should continue or switch to mo…[View]
22778749How is it that Spinoza can claim to be in complete agreement with the philosophy of Paul and the oth…[View]
22777285Why are 80% of people who read books so fucking stupid? Why do people who consistently misinterpret …[View]
22781327Finished reading A Farewell To Arms, What other books should I read?: Finished A Farewell To Arms, a…[View]
22783425I just copped this book from library: What am I in for? what should I think of it?[View]
22782566Machiavelli The Prince it´s satire: Arguments . >The Machiavellian theory states that people can…[View]
22780917Biographies: Thread for biographies! I want to tank as many good ones as possible. To entertain and …[View]
22775210What's the best book about attracting women?[View]
22782696Thoughts? It's a book about a school shooter going on a rampage at his high school who happens …[View]
22780962The Gift of Fear: More like the gift of misplaced paranoia. Book teaches you that every hint of fear…[View]
22783185Any idea where I may be able to access picrel (among other issues) without having to shell out an ex…[View]
22778854So.. how to I fix my purple prose. I naturally write purple.[View]
22782883In your own words, what does 'pretentious' mean?[View]
22783148Does anyone want to do a group read of this book with me in the coming weeks? I am going to reread i…[View]
22782086Any books like this that aren't gay and were made in the western world? No eastern buddha crap[View]
22776164Is self-publishing the future?: Okay, so we all know that traditional publishing is suffering from m…[View]
22777590Borges is for arthoes now: It's over[View]
22775789Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris: A novel overflowing with tragedy. From Frollo's destruc…[View]
22782748I cant read sci fi or fantasy: Can never really get into it, it feels like you get little kernels of…[View]
22780908If a book takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, do readers get pissed off if they read about a …[View]
22782853Cocteau and the reverse Oedipus: The Holy Terrors as a book is a reversal of the Oedipus story. Most…[View]
22780841Short stories?: Does anyone have recommendations for any similar stories?[View]
22780766At the end of the tunnel it's really just him and his plain yet wise philosophy. Why have so fe…[View]
22782797Have you read A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?: Can you help me? >Did Alexander marry his…[View]
22777563/History/: I'm looking for some good book suggestions on the Middle Ages. I already have a good…[View]
22779857what will you read for christmas? also comfy christmas thread[View]
22782729>Shows up uninvited and starts being a douche to your way of life >you try to keep your morals…[View]
22777131Hardcore Literature Book Club 2024 Schedule: /lit/ bros it's finally here >Winter East of Ed…[View]
22781176Why do schools adamantly refuse to put 'The Alchemist' on school curriculum? What are they afraid of…[View]
22778449Has anyone read Musashi? Thinking of picking it up, since the manga will never be completed.[View]
22782668Why didn't Bruno stay with Christiane? What was he holding out for?[View]
22782622Was dr. Frankenstein Jewish? >obssessed with the dark arts >claimed to be Gods equal >nec…[View]
22782613joyce carol oates 'secret': https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/11/27/joyce-carol-oates-profile …[View]
22778696Master and Margarita: Why did Mikhail Bulgakov choose to include chapters of Yeshua's execution…[View]
22782242What are the benefits of reading for the brain?[View]
22782385Is this the best book written by a murderer about his own murders? I know it was ghostwritten but st…[View]
22778918do the French have an inferiority complex for having lost the cultural intellectual supremacy that t…[View]
22774199Henry Kissinger dead at 100: Which books in his bibliography should I read?[View]
22780288Submit to &amp: Submit to &amp Magazine and have your work featured in issue 019, scheduled …[View]
22782390>carefully cultivating a Goodreads bookshelf which reflects my invented personality…[View]
22781215going on a date with a nerdy, chirpy chick and I want to impress her by gifting her a book. she real…[View]
22782354Atheist Literature: Who are the best Atheist writers? Lovecraft? Edgar Allan Poe? Camus?[View]
22782166What happen to Kantclub? Where thread go?[View]
22781183>read pic related >finally figure out what has been wrong my entire life Anything else I shoul…[View]
22779076Are audiobooks cheating?: Do audiobooks 'count'? Or are they seen as cheap and lazy way of consuming…[View]
22781023Thoughts on Herzog's books? I love his documentaries, would I like his writing?[View]
22782250Alright class, what did we think of last night’s assigned reading? Some big words in there, huh?[View]
22780842What am I in for?: Is this worth it?[View]
22779331Infinite Jest: Will I get a headache by reading this book?[View]
22782125Unexplored Subplots: ITT: Subplots with concepts you wish the writer explored more For me, the whole…[View]
22781057Spanish speakers of this board, for once and for all, was it /lit/?[View]
22780980are there any books about how in western society men are told, for the sake of social order, that th…[View]
22782105Martin guerre for king Also pic related[View]
22781829What are some excellent books extolling the virtues of fascism /lit/?[View]
22778290What's the /lit/'s consensus on this chart?[View]
22781806gore vidal: Any recs by this guy?[View]
22763342/lit/ humor thread[View]
22779854Clarice Lispector: Is she the most beautiful female writer?[View]
22776491Books to manipulate people: Are there any good books for fucking with people psychology with words a…[View]
22781689The left fear the 'rigid': Bunch of people that can't control themselves and act mostly from th…[View]
22779864>author keeps naming a bunch of plants that I don't know the appearance of so I have to cont…[View]
22781433Why is he the most overrated writer ever?[View]
22780959What's the worst book you own? Tell me which book you regret spending money on. >pic related…[View]
22780909Borges general /bg/: Just started reading this. What am I in for?[View]
22777309>removes the retard from your favorite philosopher in your path How does he do it? Bergson, Nietz…[View]
22781274The Holy Terrors part1: Part 1 of this book is incredibly well written. The first part really captur…[View]
227725591 month left: How many books are you at? I know that I'm a midwit or whatever. Just trying to b…[View]
22777237Serious what book are you currently reading?[View]
22781071pls steal my story: My pokemon original rippoff harem isekai porn jrpg story is a literary masterpie…[View]
22781232Your top 5 American books?[View]
22772077Michael Sugrue dying: He started making youtube videos again because he is terminally ill and still …[View]
22781263The Meaning of Hitler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Meaning_of_Hitler https://libgen.is/book/in…[View]
22769378Is banning books counterintuitive? The ban typically just seems to create what is called the 'Barbar…[View]
22781110Can some more well versed poetryfags please enlighten me as to what makes this poetry in a mechanica…[View]
22751420/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General: Mushroom City edition Welcome to /wbclg/, the official thread for the…[View]
22780817The earth is flat and stationary with a dome: Here is the literature that supports this fundamental …[View]
22780216'and Philosophic Manuscripts' (1844) by Marx: >I am ugly, but I can buy for myself the …[View]
22780508Looking for thoughts and critiques: Hey guys! I just wanted to get some other people's opinions…[View]
22777292Write What's On Your Mind: Peasant edition previous >>22772770[View]
22780859Holy fucking KINOOOOOOOO!!! Love this book. 3/4th of the way through. No spoilers please.[View]
22781285Just finished the Wolf Hall trilogy. Damn could Mantel Write. What historical fiction should I read …[View]
22781258I don't get the chapter 'The Substance Of The Shadow': >Did Alexander marry his own daughter…[View]
22780562Day 4 of reading the entire Bible from start to finish: I read Genesis 37-47.[View]
22776039How are you doing writing your book, /lit/? I'm past chapter 10 now with over 33,000 words. How…[View]
22774093So Hugo awards are bullshit, right? In the last four years, out of the 24 nominees 21 have been wome…[View]
22781144Has anyone here actually read this?[View]
22778413Brutal Blackpill: Only people with IQ above 120 can truly understand books[View]
22780736How do I get good taste in books? I've seen people on here make fun of others taste, but nobody…[View]
22778950>what if we saved wild animals from scarcity and violence with artificial meat and toys lmao Is t…[View]
22778962Comparison.: Tool is to music what David Foster Wallace is to literature. Change my mind.[View]
22780981>people on this board will unironically defend this trash[View]
22780757Does /lit/ like Douglas Coupland?: I really like picrel and life after god. His newer stuff is consi…[View]
22780744Quick question because I got into a discussion about 'Death of the Author' as a concept an…[View]
22780270Why don't people yet realize that this book is merely a human creation?[View]
22778712I recently finished A Life of Jesus by Endo and The Elements of Qabalah by Will Afrit. Both were rea…[View]
22778586Is Peirce worth reading? If so, where should I start?[View]
22776512Theory/History of Money and Econ: I'm curious about the theory and history of economics and mon…[View]
22780679Send me your most beautiful german poems: I have to go to a competition for recitation in german. Wh…[View]
22776737/lit/ Safe Haven Talk about whatever /lit/ topic you want except anything meant for /his/, /pol/, a…[View]
22779278Is it worth reading the unabridged version?: Why do people here clown on this book?[View]
22780722>Anon proclaims that a philosopher solved everything >read into philosopher >it's just…[View]
22776422best translation of this?[View]
22779950Have there been any interesting books written by people with confirmed low IQs? Not stuff like 'lol …[View]
22777939how was he so based? while discussing harry potter with Charlie Rose he called the book slop >'Ar…[View]
22779916Kurt Vonnegut: What are his best works?[View]
22780344They rode out.: >Who the fuck cares?[View]
22775393What is the best work of Plutarch[View]
22776747really, what should i read to make the suicidal thoughts go away?[View]
22775815>tail tail sign[View]
22780120Any books about symbols and their meanings?[View]
22780104Books on Gaming the Art Market: /lit/izens, I've done my research and completely exhausted the …[View]
22780049Reading Routine: After finishing a book how long do you wait before starting the next one?[View]
22778492What is /lit/'s opinion of him? Greatest American novelist of our age or hack fraud?[View]
22778681He is literally me[View]
22779884>'We claim to possess absolute knowledge of something, not in the manner of the Sophists, in an a…[View]
22779914>bought a book 4 years ago >finally open it today >it replaces sections of the text with no…[View]
22778416ITT: your favorite word: I'll start. >behooves[View]
22769394Propaganda: What can I read that describes what's behind the shift in the United States in rega…[View]
22778602NKJV Translation:: Is it really that bad?[View]
22778328Gnosticism: Redpill me on this. Provide a catalogue of books on Gnosticism too if you can[View]
22779421Do you write with the intention of having your stories read by the masses and become famous? Why or …[View]
22778802Which Nabokov book should I read next?: I really liked Lolita, Pale Fire, and The Real Life of Sebas…[View]
22779745How the FUCK did this lil nigga get access to my diary and how do I get him to stop using it as sour…[View]
22779712what does /lit/ think about him[View]
22774348Is there a writer who is even more antisemitic than Louis-Ferdinand Celine?[View]
22779279Are there any books that you relate to, anons? If yes, why?[View]

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