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13852549>I do things like get in a taxi and say, 'The library, and step on it.'…[View]
13854610Tres Linguae Sacrae: Who else has undertaken themselves the mission of learning the three sacred lan…[View]
13851208>What do you know >a repressed closet homosexual sadomasochist with Daddy issues >whose fat…[View]
13848835>It's just the same story as a doctor once told me,” observed the elder. “He was a man getti…[View]
13855384who is the expert with opinions on experts opinions?: still no dirty bomb. just dirty people pooping…[View]
13854248What are some books that debunk the following talking points? >Straight, white, cis male privileg…[View]
13854788i hate this faggot[View]
13855241Was she right, /lit/?[View]
13855294logic and reasoning got us into this mess. logic and reasoning are not going to get us out. books fo…[View]
13855264Meghan Markle's cookbook: Literary brilliance, even only the foreword is by her (or her staff),…[View]
13855232Just got laid off from my job and I’m not sure if I want to stay in the same profession or what I ev…[View]
13855205Anybody have a pdf?[View]
13853836Lost Book: In Decline of the West, Spengler makes a footnote on this interesting book, 'die kriegs u…[View]
13854647Is she worth reading to understand women?[View]
13850891How do you guys write? Specifically I mean whats your process, do you jot down things in a notebook …[View]
13855018any good books about dogs?[View]
13854591Leave the Cathedral to me.[View]
13849608Is this the best pkd book or was he a hack that never made anything good?[View]
13852914Apparently a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio with notes and marginalia by Milton was found. h…[View]
13854898Holy based 'Also we must recollect the basis of our procedure. I hold that philosophy is the critic …[View]
13854155Is he the American Nietzsche?[View]
13852583>Melville >Henry James >Gaddis >Pynchon >Gass >Dickinson >Faulkner >Nabokov …[View]
13845793Did any of you got over depression by reading a book? Which book? I don't want to take brain me…[View]
13848733i read 40 pages today, frens! how many did you read today, fren?[View]
13854631What is the reason for the recent uptick in Nietzsche threads? Is it autism?[View]
13854810Where do you go from here? I've read the Zhuangzi, and although I enjoyed it I think some of th…[View]
13849013Short Stories Thread: Post and rate short stories. Yours, a favorite author's, any short story.…[View]
13854194>still haven't read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone >still haven't read T…[View]
13854561>Has a book with 'homo' in the title >has another book with 'gay' in the t…[View]
13854340What is Nietzsche's magnus opus?[View]
13853060Why is the best literature Russian? Also, anyone have a favorite Baltic writer?[View]
13853180Are we being raided? Multiple posts on the same topic all within the span of a few hours. Multiple P…[View]
13854634>time to choose a god to worship >choose the one who sodomized himself with a tree branch over…[View]
13854467positive /lit/ feels: >29 years old >was NEET for ten >diagnosed schizo >now medicated …[View]
13854598Best version of the Grimm books?: I want to read the Grimm Brothers Fairytales but after checking ou…[View]
13852160Was George Berkeley right? Is reality really subjective or can it be, at least partially, explained …[View]
13853602If you could carry on major philosophical works or currents in to your next life so that it will be …[View]
13854273What makes americans such insufferable writers? Is it their basic bitch moralism? Heavy handedness o…[View]
13854037East of Eden: I wonder what /lit/ thinks of East of Eden. I found it enjoyable but very heavy handed…[View]
13853980How do you tell if a book is good or not? Everyone on /lit/ keeps saying certain books are shit or n…[View]
13852120Post them.[View]
13854408I don't know if I'll make it lads...[View]
13854234Deep dive: Ive read ~1000 books, most of bloom/copleston’s ‘canon’, along with many of the /lit/ mem…[View]
13844032dude psychedelics lmao: I read Doors of Perception and I found Huxley's scattergun blend of eso…[View]
13852573A compiled and fully edited version of Douluo Dalu (Chinese Webnovel): (DISCLAIMER) I can't fin…[View]
13851668Do you ever write letters to the editor of your local newspaper?[View]
13854328How does one go about fully understanding the word play in lolita?[View]
13853991The Iliad: What did Homer mean by this?[View]
13854059What books should I read to hear about religious experiences? I'm envious of people who have ha…[View]
13854283I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners Luk…[View]
13848693Are these guys just a bunch of quacks?[View]
13854159Books to understand the world?[View]
13852835He seemed oddly Nietzschean.[View]
13854097Books for how to live a perfectly ascetic lifestyle?[View]
13853462Does this go into the philosophical roots of American independence or is it mainly a military histor…[View]
13853430Hello, /lit/. I am looking for some books about funerary rites/customs, do you guys have any reccome…[View]
13853871So what the fuck's up with that orangutan?[View]
13853698The great monk Asanga who had been meditating in a cave for 12 years, unsuccessfully, in order to ga…[View]
13852217Favorite Books list: Made it, these are mine, what are yours?[View]
13848288>The educated man of today is, moreover, completely out of touch with those European modes of tho…[View]
13852774You have 69 seconds to prove you're not a pseud or else a cute impressionable /lit/ gf will NEV…[View]
13853390Any nice books about art history, or art in general? Any period is gratefully accepted![View]
13853615Can you please explain both left-wing accelerationism and right-wing accelerationism to me ?[View]
13850485Knausgard thread. What's your opinion of his body of work? Currently finishing the 5th book of …[View]
13850645Is there any way I can read all 15,000 pages of 'The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What Is Known as …[View]
13852015burgerpunk: Will there ever be a book as good as Falling Down that captures the essence of burgerpun…[View]
13852912Just skipped the epilogue, did I made the right choice?[View]
13853499'Progress should above all result in the intellectual and moral perfection of humanity. The line mov…[View]
13853348What is your favorite piece of characterization, anon? I really like Papini's Sick Gentleman. N…[View]
13824861Post a painting, get a book recommendation[View]
13848028>He hasn’t read the book that’s taking the /lit/ world by storm[View]
13851652Latin: Hey guys, I recently moved to France (again) and started taking a Latin class for university.…[View]
13853322holy shit this is boring[View]
13852873Been feeling depressed lately and I want to write some poetry. I kinda don't want it to be rupi…[View]
13852999How do I know if I am oversocialized?: are undersocialized people bound to be ostracized by society?…[View]
13852662>Marx and Marcuse are in every bookstore >Schmitt and Heidegger are nowhere to be found What…[View]
13853280Can we have another Samuel Johnson thread? The one from a few days ago was nice. I really like the L…[View]
13849695Romantics versus Classicists: Nietzsche distinguishes in a number of aphorisms between the Romantics…[View]
13851506Eliade Mircea: Just finished this. Enjoyable read, but nothing truly groundbreaking and repetitive a…[View]
13852643What should I read before reading lolita?[View]
13852465Was this nigga right about the afterlife?[View]
13852163Books recommendation that can increase my IQ.[View]
13850371What are some comfy essays I should read lads?[View]
13851968Doesn't living completely in the present and not thinking about the past and the future also me…[View]
13846367Name a philosopher with a better definition of reality. >inb4 Marx[View]
13852703>beauty >objectivism, feelings are for fags >formalism >Rejection of modernity Why aren…[View]
13851584Would western civilization have existed as we know it without him?[View]
13852582Remember when this was already finished and was going to be released alongside the final episode of …[View]
13850691Guys uni is starting in a few months and I'm completely free till then, I'm your average n…[View]
13847339Why doesn't Marshall McLuhan ever get discussed anywhere? Literally everything he predicted has…[View]
13851985It is the birthday of the political philosopher Leo Strauss—born 120 years ago today, on September 2…[View]
13852403Is Accelerando a good book?[View]
13850387Why should I read this fuck?[View]
13852330Why are french philosophers all garbage psueds besides this guy? And don't bother bringing up D…[View]
13852641Does /lit/ think the Greeks and the Ancients in general are overrated? Some people seem to think tha…[View]
13852700I'm looking for books/poetry that's violently poetic. I guess Blood Meridian counts, but i…[View]
13851019Oswald Mosley: Which, if any, of Mosley's books are worth reading? I've listened to some o…[View]
13852607How does one come to terms with the fact that there were predecessors before them which had passed a…[View]
13851003>read first line of Schopenhauer >become solipsist How did he do it?…[View]
13851949>Niccolò Machiavelli once wrote “that it is a very wise thing to simulate craziness at the right …[View]
13845388Do Christians hate him because he told them the truth?[View]
13852520>struggling with fully comprehending books >realise that my comprehension improves massively w…[View]
13852111Trying to read pic related, I just can't get into it. I reached Part 2. It's tedious and b…[View]
13849237>Get into Philosophy >Become a Kierkegaardian Neoliberal Has this happened to anyone else?…[View]
13850204Just finished reading Anna Karenina. What should I read next? I would like something a little shorte…[View]
13841339/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Monthly reading edition Monthly Reading for September:…[View]
13852439You guys remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? You can bet that there are more like them out the…[View]
13850000Peter Zeihan: There is no doubt that the accidental superpower and the absent superpower are the mos…[View]
13852086Lolita 1996: So, I just got done watching this movie after reading the book because I enjoyed readin…[View]
13850795Welcome the challenge. What am I ? I am reknown for an ability to Imunity whilst cesceptible to vu…[View]
13831689Boston /lit/ Meetup: We're having a /lit/ meetup in Boston this Thursday. Email bostonliteratur…[View]
13851783Is this the greatest book on suicide ?: the only problem I can think of is that there are no talk ab…[View]
13851445why is reality inferior to fiction[View]
13830110Do you read your enemies?[View]
13852034What am I in for?[View]
13850386Okay im willing to concede that property is theft. That is that everyones is entitled to a plot of l…[View]
13847566If God is omniscient and knows all things because he is eternal and therefore outside of time, and k…[View]
13852046the national book awards longlist is here[View]
13851461WTF?: I love Kafka now. >The only true everyday man /lit/ out there.…[View]
13847093john locke was retarded: worst classical 'philosopher'[View]
13848312>reading about the lives of farmers 500 years ago This is the look of classicfags I hate you…[View]
13845955Tolkien WAS NOT a 'philo-semite': >If I am to understand that you are enquiring whether…[View]
13849962What is his endgame?[View]
13833679Was carl jung red or blue pilled ?[View]
13850418Nobody wants free verses anymore. Pseud bullshit for art hoes and hacks who cannot write a poem prop…[View]
13846592Teenage girl-core? Books for falling in love with 15-16 year olds. >inb4 Lolita…[View]
13851745This makes you empathize more with jews in spite of being obviously anti-semitic than any holocaust …[View]
13849078is every philosophy other than nietzche's will to power just a cope?: seriously? how do people …[View]
13850753Was Nietzsche right about Wagner? ‘Wagner’s art is sick. The problems he presents on the stage – all…[View]
13849363How is it that people here read such shitty books?[View]
13850353What's the literary equivalent of Imaishi-san's body of work?[View]
13851315The only people I like are fictional characters.[View]
13851693Best books that come in a pocket edition? I really need something to read at work discreetly.[View]
13851319Write what's on your mind: Stravinsky Edition[View]
13848521how does one become a better writer?: i feel like i write like a fucking middle schooler. i’m almost…[View]
13851649Let's create a flowchart with specific important texts listed for someone who wants to get into…[View]
13850478>Dude define your own meaning! Why do legions of morons worship this idiot? Even here on /lit/, a…[View]
13851620Would you pay for a positive review in order to promote your book?[View]
13851626a /lit/ meme guide to understanding the universe: understanding the big picture: >spengler >ba…[View]
13851611>utilitarianism People actually believe this shit?[View]
13851399Holy shit, this is so fucking awful, is this Mishima's worst work? Literally more than half of …[View]
13849705I have to promote Julia Kristeva: Because if I didn't I would have to renounce my title of Femi…[View]
13850990I doubt any of you have read this (indeed I doubt most of you read anything at all) but can someone …[View]
13849631What is sexual repression?[View]
13850909Chart about the guide to become a successful businessman?[View]
13849166This man is responsible for some of the worst philosophy ever to be written. Fuck platonism and fuck…[View]
13847827Hey guys, just recently got back into reading. However, its taking me really long to read a page , l…[View]
13845926Books with vivid description of architecture?: Noir, art deco, strange, bizarre or even surreal arch…[View]
13850991Does anyone here fucking explain to me what is inside of this book? And why /lit/ banned for just as…[View]
13851369why is 19th century literary fiction so fucking good? The Americans, Brits, Frenchies, Russians. The…[View]
13851356books on islam/ arabs: What books on this subject would you reccomend me to read? I do not need ((po…[View]
13847224nothing rhymes with orange[View]
13847985Why do redditors have this mentality that knowledge, wisdom, and intellect is something you gain lik…[View]
13851320Times you acted like Judge Holden: >be in the grocery store, near frozen food isle >take ice c…[View]
13840097Tell me, is the pic related necessarily true? Can there be a job that pairs with writing or any othe…[View]
13849827Multilingual books: Since different languages can invoke different feelings and concepts sometimes e…[View]
13851171I'm going to START WITH THE GREEKS. But which work should be the FIRST I read and what path do…[View]
13845902>God tier Austria, Ireland >Top tier France, America, Italy >Good Tier Spain, Portugal, Bra…[View]
13847416How would you rate this? I have no idea what to think of it and am interesting in /lit/'s opini…[View]
13847894Where should I start in philosophy to get to the endgame (Marxism Leninism)?[View]
13844831What were the best philosophical concepts you read that made you go 'Wow, I didn't looked at it…[View]
13851092Is matter metaphysically reactive or proactive?[View]
13842738>Sebald >Walser >Bernhard >Pessoa >Benjamin >Montaigne >Cioran >Proust >P…[View]
13850930*destroys his fathers legacy and rapes its dead corpse*[View]
13849374What are the best books by Shia Muslims? I'm looking for anything, from novels to Islamic theol…[View]
13850571ITT: hidden gems: the funniest thing i've ever read and on top of that the bulk of it is just a…[View]
13847184Noam 'We're Not Gonna Talk About That' Chomsky: What do you think of him /lit/?…[View]
13849175Does anyone have any good refutations to skepticism? Specifically the epistemological variety? Skept…[View]
13847715Are there any books about faith itself? I dont mean the content of a faith but things for example st…[View]
13848403It is actually saddening that the young boys and men on this board prioritise Dostoyevsky over Tolst…[View]
13843242I grew up a Catholic but lost my faith during my edgy teenage years. Recently I've been dealing…[View]
13849221If your e-book collection wouldn't make the FBI suspicious, then I'm sorry, but you'r…[View]
13846695philosophers who have permanently changed the Western world (for the better) post 'em y'al…[View]
13850424This is just joe rogan jordan peterson tier clean your room bullshit[View]
13846521BOYD RICE: Anybody read any of his writings? Is it worth reading?[View]
13844917What are some recommended books about the Holocaust?[View]
13850191Thoughts on this? Is it a good introduction to philosophy? Why? It seems a little bit weird to me b…[View]
13850304No Gravity's Rainbow or Pynchon thread in the catalogue, huh? I'll start I didn't get…[View]
13850417Taking for granted that the imperative of existence is giving said existence the best possible exist…[View]
13849527>be me >go to bookstore for kierkegaard book >greeted by cashier as i walk through the door…[View]
13850144Ok this fucking slaps[View]
13847654Does anyone have a higher quality version of this pic?[View]
13848493Specula Principum: There is no such thing as righteous anger. Righteous anger is an oxymoron. It’s s…[View]
13833158Chart Thread[View]
13849929Looking for some advice. I am currently in my third year of trying to get a philosophy degree. Even …[View]
13840796John Updike: What does /lit/ think of Updike? I've been reading his short stories, and I just f…[View]
13848516Is NKJV the best Bible for accuracy as far as Modern English goes?[View]
13850077>also known as ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá '[View]
13849591>Homer >Virgil >Dante >Milton >Shakespeare >Balzac Am I missing any?…[View]
13847964Is there a literature produced by a black person worth reading?[View]
13849294today i realice im not as Smart as i thought i was. Will books make me get a bit of knowledge? or im…[View]
13849823Which of his works are worth reading?[View]
13848972itt: books that made you laugh on purpose, no catch 22 or pynchon allowed, also post excerpts pic un…[View]
13849328>When the characters in the novel you're writing become your imaginary friends…[View]
13849924Who is the definitive English translator for Zweig?: Pic unrelated[View]
13848280Beowulf | Grendel did Nothing Wrong: Can we all agree that Grendel did absolutely nothing wrong? Hr…[View]
13848562Whats the point of it all?: After years and years of studying different subjects, im now left with a…[View]
13849841/MMG/ Murder Mystery General: Are there any other fans of this genre here? I've been trying rea…[View]
13847999What’s a good spanish version of Don Quixote? I am pretty far along learning Spanish and want to try…[View]
13843581What are your favorite interviews with writers? I was just listening to DFW on Bookworm. Hubert Selb…[View]
13847646http://wmjas.wikidot.com/nabokov-s-recommendations Nabokov's recommendations. What are his best…[View]
13849052I've recently started reading again, and I don't know if it's just me, but since then…[View]
13849597Is this the best novel influenced by Internet subculture? Why is it so unironically good?[View]
13849476>only 5 days left to write 700 words[View]
13845391What's a book that tries to explain our understanding of why are humans so attracted to mystici…[View]
13843201What did Nietzsche believe when he wrote 'Time is a flat circle'? Does he believe in reincarnation l…[View]
13849504Just picked up the four issue collection of Answer Me! What am I in for?[View]
13849460Do you ever write about a book you read or a movie you saw?[View]
13849058Does anyone here have a genuine Platonic friendship? I don't have any friends and see no need. …[View]
13847791There is something strange I'm looking for and I'm not even it's real, or if I dreame…[View]
13846278Is this Marxist propaganda? There's a lot about how lower classes were treated unfairly after t…[View]
13848398it takes me 3 weeks to read a 200 page book[View]
13848233I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast Forg…[View]
13846658Post the comfiest books ITT[View]
13849145Life of norman: What did Kafka meant by this? Also /lit/ norman writing thread xD.[View]
13847527What books will give me superhuman intelligence? Can include exercises like meditation etc like pic …[View]
13849081i had a dream with 2 towers with dragons at their top looking at each others separated from a downsi…[View]
13848152The same people who froth at the mouth when Emerson is mentioned are the same people who conform to …[View]
13847748>Thesis Traditionalism >Antithesis Negation of every superior principle = Modernity >Synth…[View]
13843974My nephew is turning ten, what literature should I purchase for him?[View]
13838305When did you grow out of Traditionalism?: >2017 >wanna start reading books >Start with Evol…[View]
13836441>Hey, anon. I heard you like reading books. What's your favorite one? What answer do you giv…[View]
13847481Do you ever write letters to the editor of your local newspaper?[View]
13848281alright that's it, i'm not playing this game anymore. never cya later, nerds[View]
13843903books on losing your faith?[View]
13847913Can someone give me an example, preferably real-world, of what he meant about irony and insincerity …[View]
13848655Thinking about getting married: Recommend books that will force me to contemplate the decision deepl…[View]
13846635why is reading so fucking boring bros?[View]
13837214>claims history does not move backwards >Is surrounded by democracies modelled after Antiquity…[View]
13848578Should I dump my girlfriend so I can have more time for reading?[View]
13847745Intersubjectivity is so much better at explaining how humans actually think/function, so why does in…[View]
13845540Rate your top 3 languages: Rate your top 3 most influential languages in literature and then do the …[View]
13844416In older days, young men would select a line from Virgil's Aeneid and make it their personal mo…[View]
13848341Gary Vaynercuck: This guy thinks he’s fucking Plato, imagine taking advice from a self helping faggo…[View]
13848599Who else got their copy today and is settling in for a comfy read?[View]
13848638Thoughts on this book /lit/?[View]
13848462I just came across this poster on facebook for a public talk on Oswald Spengler. Do you think it…[View]
13848536Why yes, I do drop a book if I’m not interested by page 10, how could you tell?[View]
13842148Do any of you read or write when stoned? How is it?[View]
13833563Write what's on your mind[View]
13848323I want to read the literature of Apu Apustaja's home country. What is some good Finnish literat…[View]
13848479I want to understand this postmodernism meme, what should I read to understand postmodernism?[View]
13848475did everyone get their questions in during the Gayman AMA?[View]
13846462Jonathan Franzen on Climate Apocalypse: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/what-if-w…[View]
13848196What are some good books written in English? I'm tired of reading translations. (Of course I wo…[View]
13843855/lit/ professions: What's the most /lit/ profession in this degenerate world of ours that is no…[View]
13847138No one has ever seen Salinger and Pynchon together. Just saying.[View]
13844813Did David Foster Wallace ever discuss his writing routine or writing zen mode habits? I've read…[View]
13848108Eliade Mircea: Just finished this. Enjoyable read, but nothing truly groundbreaking and repetitive a…[View]
13846419Anybody here wants to discuss this with me? What are your thoughts?[View]
13847556Is there any literature out there that discusses the vast realms of unknowing humans have after we d…[View]
13847869Has anyone read this? Is it intersting?[View]
13847461New to books, where should I start?: I'm looking for fiction. I love medieval and fantasy, like…[View]
13847665>Haven't been writing despite having nothing but time until october >It's september …[View]
138364552019...I am forgotten.[View]
13847507what is the best translation of pic related[View]
13844825How does philosophy account for the fact that it has no real life applications?[View]
13840396what are some books about what life will be like after the inevitable socialist revolution?[View]
13847678Yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
13844082My God, I won't never be as brilliant as this guy. Why even live.[View]
13846445>Nathan Glazer, in his well-known essay “Schools of the Minor Professions,” labeled “minor” every…[View]
13847641How should I rephrase this paragraph? No matter how many times I rewrite it, it sounds awful. Any id…[View]
13846047>dude, cthulhu, sith lords 'n sheet Why do people listen to this nerd again?…[View]
13838656Say happy birthday to Samuel Johnson and drop some quotes and recommendations.[View]
13838498Did he read Fight Club?[View]
13846295Rate my schlock fantasy shelf[View]
13846622Wtf I can't find any counter arguments to this we're really fucked aren't we[View]
13845420How do brainlets like this become famous?: >Christianity bad >paganism good >religion dyi…[View]
13846502You’re not terrible, but . . . Damn: Any books that you can tell the writer is talented, but that yo…[View]
13844093What does /lit/ think of Kesey? Good or no[View]
13845375>he hasn't read the greatest book of poetry ever written cringe[View]
13844542Did you get your Stoic button yet?[View]
13847304Just started Spring Snow, what should I expect?[View]
13843588About the Divine Comedy: Purgatorio > Inferno > Paradiso[View]
13847371He was pretty much a fraud wasn't he? The poems are awful, full of the dumbest cliches, and don…[View]
13844345Books for (my) self improving: Recently got enlightening by you /lit/. But honestly I'm a fresh…[View]
13839120ITT: books for brainlets[View]
13844398>hear good things about Hume >look him up on project gutenberg >Reddit spacing galore Well …[View]
13846806Which should I read next?[View]
13846279You are on your death bed. Your early 20s son is next to you. You don't have the time and vital…[View]
13847191Should i even continue?: its that anon from yesterday regarding language: this is my outline progres…[View]
13844212whats the worst shit /lit/ memed you into reading? pic very related[View]
13846884who's the vince gallo of literature[View]
13846569>our senses are flawed and our mind, which is closer to God than our physical bodies, shows to us…[View]
13846902Is he right? 'Also we must recollect the basis of our procedure. I hold that philosophy is the criti…[View]
13846667What are some non-fiction books by authors who are memes on /lit/ that are actually good? Pic very r…[View]
13846752Is there anything more comfy than reading the Bible?[View]
13846582Dumbledore Represents God/ Jesus: >watch video about Rosicrucianism >Phoenix represents rebirt…[View]
13846302Thank you for showing me the world of books and philosophy anons. It's my favourite hobby besid…[View]
13846753I float and i fall together In this cosmic cum-stain metropolis I watch the cumstellations disperse …[View]
13844943Is reading to impress your GF a noble pursuit?[View]
13846735I found it shallow and pedantic[View]
13846712When does Steven Pinker appear in IJ?[View]
13846640what makes him the best philosopher since Plato?[View]
13846498Alpha Books: I feel like I'm too sensitive to be anyone's first choice. Give me some books…[View]
13846557So, anyone read this, or any of this guy's work? Is it any good, really? Where would you place …[View]
13846707Does this have good prose?[View]
13846614Publishing: Sally Rooney is a 28 year old novelist who wrote a best seller, she published it for a 6…[View]
13846142Eveyrtime I try to read, all I can hear in my head is 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen. On loop, co…[View]
13842036Favorite episodes? Best characters? What was it all about /lit/?[View]
13845975What do you think of thegreatestbooks.org, /lit/? It’s just pages and pages of rankings of the great…[View]
13846652Book for this feel?[View]
13839656This was phenomenal, why do you all shit on it again?[View]
13846171What is the checkmate of philosophy/lit in general?[View]
13837547Can an authour be ruined? So many people have given opinions on pic related that no one reads him, o…[View]
13845163Will anything ever become of it?[View]
13846379Becoming all literary n sheet: Normally I just post on biz and vg but I've started watching Pro…[View]
13846444Would you consider non-fiction as art? Fiction literature is definitely art in my eyes, but what abo…[View]
13846072Are you a baby, anon? https://lithub.com/lucy-ellmann-says-if-you-cant-handle-her-1034-page-book-you…[View]
13846288How did Homer write? I want to know how these oral traditions were composed. There's no way the…[View]
13845468So many books out there are ticking time bombs[View]
13846231Are there any novels with simulation theory as a theme?[View]
13846356Joseph von Eichendorff: What's your opinion of him?[View]
13843326>tfw i dont read, watch movies or do anything but shitposting i need help...…[View]
13845806I'm bored lit what should I read[View]
13843635Well, was he right?[View]
13844937Short Story Recommendations: Looking for any good /lit/ short stories, especially ones that explore …[View]
13845430How high is the probability of finding a gf here on /lit/?[View]
13846148how the FUCK do I write a love poem[View]
13846127In all my time engaging with literary circles, both inside and outside of academia, I have seen ever…[View]
13842503Actually scary /lit/: Have you ever read a book that actually made you afraid? Chilled your bones an…[View]
13843786fuck you guys for making me read this shit[View]
13844432Let's say hypothetically that you were unread in fields of philosophy and history. You were pla…[View]
13844373What caused him to regress into a right-wing imperialist war monger?[View]
13845390What's lit consensus on this? Is it at least okay for getting the most basic points from the to…[View]
13845981SpOOOOOOky October is almost upon us: What type of reading should one prepare if he wants to fully e…[View]
13842155What does /lit/ think of David Icke?[View]
13845059Will this make me into a believer?[View]
13844352Why yes, I am a cyber-lenininst, how could you tell?[View]
13845764What anthology would /lit/ recommend for someone who wants to get into English poetry? I would also …[View]
13845845I can't find this book anywhere. Can anyone help me out?[View]
13845340I am so fucking curious what is behind of this books. It has been 3 days of searching for it but no …[View]
13845527Which translation of the Dhammapada should I read?[View]
13845830Rec thread: itt: anons post books they liked and other anons recommend them other books based on tha…[View]
13845800Looking for a Greene novel: I read a short story where the character mentions a Graham Greene novel …[View]
13844111I give up: I want to monetise my literary talent by any means possible. Fuck literature. What sells …[View]
13845743I would like to learn chinese, german and gaelic. Which one should I start first? I'm italian …[View]
13843291Where to begin?[View]
13845517thoughts on donald duck? specifically don rosa?[View]
13843507Help, I need to keep reading: I just can't stop thinking about cooming every time I read. I wan…[View]
13844608Saw some really cheap books by Milan Kundera at the used bookstore but wasn't confident enough …[View]
13845509just got this, what am I in for?[View]
13835549Don't you ever feel that you are wasting your life reading while you could be out there 'enjoyi…[View]
13845585Which books should I read to get a grip on Tibetan culture and history?[View]
13843691Are there any books about a person who is universally hated, and stupidly oblivious to it?[View]
13844864Australia?: Has Australia produced any great literature? How do i reconcile with the fact that my mo…[View]
13840330Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of Lit Quarterly?[View]
13843110Where online can one find literature being created in a post format? What on the internet today will…[View]
13844572Are there any good books about automation? It seems like its a buzzword that everybody agrees on but…[View]
13845561Poetry Suggestions: What would you recommend for an absolute beginner that wants to get into reading…[View]
13844306Best translation of the gita?[View]
13826392If you are going to be a leftist you need to read the essentials so here. Das Kapital Process and Re…[View]
13844725non-incels BTFO: >The more a man cultivates the arts, the less randy he becomes.... Only the brut…[View]
13845481Do you have a chart of books that can increase the IQ of human species?[View]
13844666Hey /lit/ not a super well read guy here, I was just wondering if you guys might recommend me some s…[View]
13843560The Histories: What is the reasoning for reading this before the presocratics? What would one lose b…[View]
13845487I want to read some book on Cecil Rhodes. Where should I start?[View]
13845324Okay guys im fucking done. What book should I memorise to impress a girl?[View]
13843810Ibsen: Just got this for 5 bucks, what am I in for, lads? Is it true he's the best playwright a…[View]
13842713What is the literary equivalent of Taiwanese New Wave films?[View]
13844902I liked anti-fragile black swan man, but post-anti-fragile black swan man is a mess. What happened?[View]
13842942Reformed literature and recommendations: Theology >Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Cal…[View]
13840529Is this good ?[View]
13844510Worth reading? Before or after actual Carlyle?[View]
13845439Why many retards love his books? Rian F ankerholz aka MNMDR[View]
13845268What's some offensive literature?[View]
13844960Kazuo Ishiguro: /lit/, what do you think of his works?[View]
13835851When will this cancer be annihilated, /lit/?[View]
13841700My first sonnet: Ok, I've recently taken an interest in structured poetry, could you guys criti…[View]
13844748Deciding what book to give in for prize giving: Got a voucher to purchase a book that I give in to t…[View]
13845099What am I in for?[View]
13836039did Lyra and Will fuck at the end of the book?[View]
13844991Painters/ sculptors that were good writers?[View]
13844973>Anon, you know the Game of Thrones, right? What's the name of that sexy dwarf who gets laid…[View]
13844176>DUDE! There's a novel inside me screaming to get out![View]
13841923In this times of despair and relativism, poetry should attempt to express objective and universal id…[View]
13844944what is the cardi b meets bernie sanders of literature?[View]
13844658Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
13842254help, /lit/: i have to write an essay about the greatest impact language has on an individual. But i…[View]
13839956What is the best contemporary literature this region has to offer, /lit/?[View]
13844661>don't mind me, just introducing the lower class and youth to a rigorous Marxist analysis of…[View]
13844807How the fuck did this work make it to our age after the world went through centuries of strict churc…[View]
13844697>the labor theory of value is right okay maybe >so that means that capitalism will collapse an…[View]
13842980How is it possible that commercial American entertainment basically cucks the whole world? Its reach…[View]
13844760Logic: Why is 'Logic' considered Philosophy rather than a science? It's pretty much a part of t…[View]
13844256Can someone tell me what's so important about these books? No one explains what the actual idea…[View]
13840227why does lit hate him?[View]
13843499tell me a book about struggling with life and hating god but loving him at the same time?[View]
13843722HOW?: How is it that Malcolm Gladwell is a successful author? >HOW?…[View]
13844623is my pwose gwood? >When discussing the topic of past scientists and researchers, people generall…[View]
13844594Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America: so how is…[View]
13844562Not one masterpiece has been written on a computer: What are you doing still mashing in binary?…[View]
13844548I am working on my philosophy reading skills. Right now i read a chapter/paper through with no stops…[View]
13834655Why aren't you studying to be a Renaissance Man, and be proficient in the classics, philosophy,…[View]
13837857what the fuck[View]
13840482Are there any other relevant homosexual authors?: Is there any other gay author worth reading?…[View]
13841575What is the biggest book you own /lit/?[View]
13844324Everyman's Library: What the fuck's a 'Nature Conservancy Edition'? Does that mean I won…[View]
13843833Grammarly: Do you guys like it? I installed it on a whim, and my opinion is that it's a great t…[View]
13844199I'm not gonna tell you what just happened to me because it's none of your concerns. I jus…[View]
13844314Vampire Hunter D: Are Vampire Hunter D novels worth picking up? If so, should I start from 1st one, …[View]
13844181You guys are retarded if you don't get it desu.[View]
13844151Any books or articles about the connection of Hitler with philosophers to recommend me? I have only …[View]
13843097a very short list of the most important books ever written please. no joking around[View]
13841959Is there anything that can be learned that cannot be learned through reading Wikipedia articles?[View]
13841789Hear me out, lads. What if...we live in a f*cking simulation?[View]
13843800What other literature/writing boards are good? I like /lit/ but its negativity can be draining at ti…[View]
13843886What sort of lamp or bulb should I get if I want to start reading before bed for an hour or so each …[View]
13840196Books for virgins: What are some books only adult virgins can understand properly?[View]
13837522The Aeneid by Virgil: Is the Aeneid required reading after the Iliad and the Odyssey? If so, which t…[View]
13842949Audiobooks: Audiobooks. Are they better than books or is it just cheating? Do humans learn better by…[View]
13843752does he have a point? can reading become transcendent? is it more important to truly read a few work…[View]
13843375Can anyone recommend this? I don't know if I should go into it, It's at my local book stor…[View]
13836661'Still, I wonder if we shall ever be put into songs or tales. We're in one, of course; but I me…[View]
13842898Write a short story based on this painting. Can't be longer than the max character limit.[View]
13843592Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.[View]
13841877why is the theme of fatalism so apparent in particular books? Odysseus and Aeneas are both fatalisti…[View]
13840017I'm looking for a book on mythology. Not just the stories, I'm familiar with those, but on…[View]
13840012What are the best works in defense of Catholic theology vs eastern Orthodoxy?: Or just the greatest …[View]
13842477ive been reading aristotle and holy crap, what an asshole. >slaves are destined to be slaves >…[View]
13838718What am I in for?[View]
13840030why did you faggots not tell me about this its literally a cheat code to writing[View]
13843412Can someone point me in the direction of good books with someone dealing with psychosis?[View]
13842698>Buddha taught that there was NO self, Atma or soul whatsoever, it doesn't exist!…[View]
13841532Barnes & Noble Collector Editions: Do you like them or think they're consumerist BS? I hone…[View]
13828119ITT: the shittiest books you had to read for school: I want to slap him in the face[View]
13839508Did he have autism?[View]
13839972Start with the Greeks! But where?: I guess one should start with Plato but nobody has time nor energ…[View]
13843240I’m not gonna let you go[View]
13842939Why overthink?: I've realized that in my overthinking I've tried to have some sort of perf…[View]
13842666are zombies real?[View]
13843139Thou seest Me as Time who kills, Time who brings all to doom, The Slayer Time, Ancient of Days, come…[View]
13837272How to acquire courage /lit/? Any books or passages? Am I asking advice from highschoolers, neck bea…[View]
13843176>What a genius this Pococuranté must be! Nothing can please him. How did Voltaire BTFO /lit/ pseu…[View]
13843080How do you get a litfu?[View]
13842446Philosophy and Science: What (if any) problem can the scientific method not address? e.g. are Hegel,…[View]
13843074I stayed home and read the great works. You went out and fucked whores. That’s why my writing is gre…[View]
13840061Is it /lit/?[View]
13843057Is this worth reading? And if so how does one go about reading it?[View]
13841785Good night frens. May you overcome the obstacles tomorrow.[View]
13842448What does /lit/ think of Penguin's Little Black Classics Box Set? Full list of books:[View]
13828418Xenophon thread: I think Xenophon is often forgotten when Greek writers are cited. Xenophon was a st…[View]
13837720books to recommend to liberal catholics to redpill them and make them realize liberalism is gnostic …[View]
13838090Suggest me better /lit/erature on how to seduce pls[View]
13839033>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_petition_against_age_of_consent_laws >French petition ag…[View]
13842842When I found out that Traditionalism was the major secret underground intellectual movement of the 2…[View]
13833428What do we think of this? IMO it has some cool ideas and insights, but it's poorly written. Lik…[View]
13841884What are some truly sad books? I'm looking for some real tear jerkers, movies simply don't…[View]
13842744What are some articles/books on Manichaeism and dualism? I'm starting to come around to it. Th…[View]
13840100I present you, the ubermensch[View]
13841650What non-fiction does /lit/ recommend for the Vietnam War? I know almost nothing about what or why t…[View]
13838397James Joyce: English is not my native language, should I read him in translation or not?[View]
13841568Anti-war books: Give me some anti-war lit similar to come and see.[View]
13840519Are there any books narrated through the eyes of a beta orbiter?[View]
13842567>oxford book >author put a 70 page intro about what he thinks…[View]
13825424Concerning the problem of tradition: How can you manage to bring back tradition after two centuries …[View]
13840728ANCIENT LITERATURE THREAD: What have you been reading recently? Are you learning any languages? Why …[View]
13838991Jünger was a ruthless young warrior — and his themes of a heroic death — the ultimate self-sacrifice…[View]
13840198>Lafferty's most famous novel is The Devil is Dead--it is a superb work. The story of a dive…[View]
13842006Best books/writers you have read in your L4[View]
13842022Post the book you found to be the comfiest read >Pic related[View]
13842499creative drain: bros what do you do when you feel so creatively and imaginatively drained? i've…[View]
13842580Non self help books for this feel? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tYzMYcUty6s[View]
13842282Books for learning critical thinking?[View]
13841220Cultural Appropriation?: This picture is so contradictory. >American... Nietzsche >Female writ…[View]
13842513Lit: I've never written a book, and I chose a difficult subject. 'The Afterlife' I wanted to cr…[View]
13840799<3: To that anon who reccomend me Brothers Karamazov, I really appreciate what you did for me :)…[View]
13839005>Books that offer justification or relief for the suffering of humans and animals written by non-…[View]
13841447How should I go about reading the Bible as a work of literature? I know you shouldn't rush thro…[View]
13842406Eliade Mircea: Just finished this. Enjoyable read, but nothing truly groundbreaking and repetitive a…[View]
13841773Who am I?[View]
13832957What's some good feminist literature?[View]
13840788reading this nig rn. I don't get it...is there anything here besides hating on early modern phi…[View]
13839919What novels best embody the concept of hygge?[View]
13842048What are some good books about becoming obsessed with a girl, then eventually becoming blocked by he…[View]
13839784What, in your opinion, is the purpose of literature? Perhaps more personally, how has literature hel…[View]
13840871Has there been a book written yet about the trans/autogynephilia phenomenon? I know some of you must…[View]
13841978Can anyone explain to me how lowering interest rates work? Like if you lower interest rates then ban…[View]
13839430Do you take literature seriously?[View]
13840377>Greatest novel: The Recognitions >Greatest philosophical text: A Thousand Plateaus >Greate…[View]
13839030Was Boromir really corrupted by the ring, or was he merely trying to do as his father had told him t…[View]
13839011I want to be a litchad: Anons, i recently stumble across 4chan and particular this. Notice many ppl …[View]
13839698Hey /lit/ how do I get cute chinks to talk to me at the library. I don’t read books but I have to do…[View]
13841977Reading the tunnel ATM, 200 pages in, I think the book is terrific. What are your opinions if you ha…[View]
13838867Brother Cadfael: Hey /lit/, any of you guys have experience with Brother Cadfael series? I've a…[View]
13838646GOAT literary family?[View]
13841954Books for this feel?[View]
13841615What is some literature about being constantly angry all the time?[View]
13841210>has you going one way... >goes the other way How does he do it?…[View]
13834315>“Obviously, the leveling process applies to the sexes as well. The Soviet emancipation of the wo…[View]
13841458hi frens i liek boks[View]
13841236Can someone post some audiobooks from youtube please? Classics, stories, anything goes really[View]
13840485>Schopenhauer's natal chart[View]
13840826Books with this aesthetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nl6Y_clQ1w ?[View]
13836866Damn, even the greatest works of literature is based on The Beatles.[View]
13840354What are some nice books about or relating to architecture? I've ordered this book already[View]
13841385how do I turn my physical books into pdfs quick and easy?[View]
13840745I'm tired of losing all the arguments because of grammatical mishaps. What's the best gram…[View]
1384066012And when ye come into an house, salute it. 13And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon …[View]
13841279>study philosophy >become a deleuzian monarchist Did it happen to anyone else?…[View]
13841342The Fate of Humor: Has anybody else read this? If so, let's discuss.[View]
13841270/fsfg/ Fantasy & Sci-Fi General: I don't pretend to be a 24/7 regular on this board but did…[View]
13822288What are /lit/'s honest thoughts on Thomas Pynchon?[View]
13840648Why are writers so prone to blocks and procrastination?[View]
13841234>/lit/ doesn't know about Tasso how plebeian[View]
13838679I am about to start reading Terry Prachett: Aloha. I just bought The Last Continent, want to ask if …[View]
13841176Any good web fiction recs?[View]
13841166How do we start the dilbertarian-socialist revolution guys? I’m ready for spaghetti[View]
13839174>Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani’s first 2008 book Cyclonopedia was written under the influe…[View]
13840494How big is the difference when it comes to learning between reading literature and just plain readin…[View]
13838348What's the deal with this guy? He just looks like some typical Spic. But he writes like a fucki…[View]
13840865I open the debate. Aristotle was a worse thinker in every way than Plato: this isn't to say he…[View]
13824607Zola - Les Rougon-Macquart: After posting in another thread about Germinal I decided to look into it…[View]
13837872Man is something that shall be overcome. What have (You) done to overcome him?[View]
13836336Lord of the Flies: This was required reading for my 8th Grade English class (American), as the years…[View]
13840869Howdy, anons. I just finished my mother son incest short story and have recently published it absolu…[View]
13838403Books which repressent the degenerated weimar lifestyle 'Berlin transformed itself into the Babel of…[View]
13840495Is it a good book? Assume that I don't care about politics, and am just looking for an interest…[View]
13839555Does my book have to have two names to be a philosophical masterpiece?: >Process and Reality >…[View]
13839896Is there an incelcore chart? If not, what should be on it? Pic related[View]
13840585bye guys, it's been fun slumming it but im headed back to r/philosophy where my hardcore fans a…[View]
13839121Give me your suicide notes, that you wrote in your weak hour[View]
13840316Politics: The more I witness the reality of politics, or the reality of the people who pursue it, th…[View]
13840140Alright, I don't even know how to describe it correctly. But is there a philosophy about the co…[View]
13838064is this true of modern editions of moby-dick? has an effort been made to combine the two?[View]
13839664Am I the only one who doesn't get what makes this book such a work of genius? Is it just pure p…[View]
13840182History /lit/: Just drop some intresting book about that ![View]
13840146>So he spoke, and I replied: “Achilles, son of Peleus, greatest of Achaean warriors, I came to fi…[View]
13832645Pirating books: I need to pirate some books. Does anyone know any websites where I can pirate books?…[View]
13840144Dear God...: >Starts book off with the protagonist getting out of bed. DROPPED.…[View]
13839906Kesey unironically wrote the most comfiest book of all time.: I love this book so much bros.How come…[View]
13839440Any literature on clubbing? Would like to learn how to club in a sophisticated and/or intelligent wa…[View]
13837970DAMN: This is Canada[View]
13839966What are some Jules Verne novels that you could recommend? I'm currently reading Michael Strogo…[View]
13839246Worse Murakami Haruki's book ever[View]
13839923What books explore the concept of 'divine justice'? Have you ever seen happening in real life?[View]
13838144im reading crime and punishment but idk who is who they all have similar long names and i cant remem…[View]
13839473Is there some level of objectivity to oppression as a concept? Can someone be considered oppressed e…[View]
13837793Shi'a Islam Books: What books will teach me about Shi'a Islam, it's mysticism and his…[View]
13839891Another day as I lay awake in bed, waiting for my next fix, my next fix that has caused the deterior…[View]
13838731I want to read books on evolutionary biology. Any recommendations. Here's what I think I am goi…[View]
13839805>Polybius boldly asserts that ‘in the present day, now that all places have become accessible by …[View]
13837053Whats the best translation of Against Nature by Huysmans (who's also one of Houellebecq's …[View]
13836497Why is there not a single piece of comfy literature set in the American frontier? I’m not talking ab…[View]
13839109Critique of Pure Reason Phenomenology of Spirit Being and Time Process and Reality Difference and Re…[View]
13839617Edvard Munch: Any Munch fan here? I read plenty of books but words can hardly describe the intense f…[View]
13839476>find an old author you really like >turns out he shot his wife in the face and lied about it…[View]
13839378>Mom, I'm dumb What did he meant by that?[View]
13835524Okay I don't read a lot of fiction and I especially don't like most romance novels I have …[View]
13837159Based on Arthurian legend, I predict that Stannis will maneuver into a position of great power power…[View]
13838055Who mourns for Latro?[View]
13837856Thoughts on Plato and his works?[View]
13838192Which of Plato's works should I read next? Can I read Nicomachean Ethics and A Treatise of Huma…[View]
13839527We live in a world where our God is a liger, being some offspring of good and evil and incapable of …[View]
13839509What was your peak patrician moment in life? Mine was when I read outdated whale facts and pretended…[View]
13838557Law Literature: Hey /lit/, new law student here. I was just wondering what books and literature i sh…[View]
13838606How did George R.R. Martin get away with ripping Michael Moorcock off?: He even stole his looks, wha…[View]
13838815Question, /lit/ how do i get into reading?: The last time i read for enjoyment was in 3rdish grade f…[View]
13838042What are the greatest works of the 21st century so far?[View]
13839339Why the fuck did men decide to give women the right to vote?[View]
13826783/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: No-one else was going to make the damn thread edition …[View]
13839363List of Manga-like Poets: Novalis Poe Wieland (?) Baudelaire Nabokov Homer Dante Goethe Tieck (?) Th…[View]
13837001What did Nietzsche mean by this?[View]
13838187Is Caspar Goodwood /our guy/? He's definitely /my guy/.[View]
13839395/Ballard/: I haven't read anything by Ballard, but understand that he's highly regarded by…[View]
13839377ITT: Post a book and its song equivalent: https://youtu.be/snY-MhPcPg0[View]
13839372[I think it is time to point out one of our own naming the current storm fronts in the Southeastern …[View]
13837758Which economical school/economist is right? Books that prove it?[View]
13838037Will it replace writing?[View]
13838406Can ESL writers become good english authors?: Any examples in mind?[View]
13839346How the fuck do I stop being spooked?[View]
13836722>try to write poetry in verse >every rhyme is extremely basic and obvious any advise on this?…[View]
13832448Why is this utter trash rated so highly?[View]
13837802Is speed reading bad?[View]
13839311The Good reads recommendation system is good.[View]
13838003Sup /lit/ what do you think of my nonfiction collection? What works or authors would you recommend?[View]
13828553If the will’s ultimate goal is to strive for more power, then how come there are wills that depress …[View]
13838975SELF PUBLISH THREAD: >pic related earns at least 10 000 dollars a month writing shitty scifi and …[View]
13838923When did you disregard politics?: Has anyone read so much political theory and history that they con…[View]
13836165>reading literature written before the 19th century why do people do this to themselves?…[View]
13837426Write something related to this image in a famous author style[View]
13839037>stole most of his plays from foreign writers >anglos insist on parading him as the greatest w…[View]
13839093Fatalism: why is the theme of fatalism so apparent in particular books? Odysseus and Aeneas are both…[View]
13838967>mfw finally took the fiction pill not gonna lie, should have done it much sooner…[View]
13836390Is this a good translation of Werther?[View]
13836715What's /lit/'s opinion on pic related? Is it a good site for buying books on the low price…[View]
13838948why yes, i think the existence of god is irrelevant in any religion[View]
13838954What should I expect?[View]
13838945Thoughts on antitheorists?[View]
13836627I need to get out of America quick what is the most /lit/ country/city to move to? This country is f…[View]
13836551I looked up 'Booktuber' on youtube and I'm having an existential crisis. Any poems or short sto…[View]
13835142What is the best mystery you've read? I'm looking for something with a clever villain tha…[View]
13838800Was he a Nietzschian übermensch?[View]
13834769Is the Epic of Gilgamesh worth reading? Also, ancient literature thread.[View]
13838844Why is the grass always greener Months ago I was a broken man bc she left me. We’ve been back in the…[View]
13836619This is unironically my favorite book[View]
13838198>We were devastated to learn that Rick Lewis, one of Audible's very first employees and the …[View]
13833233>age >favorite female writers >marital status…[View]
13838724Books on the new world order?[View]
13833082What do you have to say about this painting?: Writing exercise for /lit/ This painting (pic related)…[View]
13836895Is Kōbō Abe worth reading? Which works do you folks recommend from him? How hard are his works to un…[View]
13838560is he the most powerful character in all of literature?[View]
13836921Dune: I just finished the Dune trilogy for the first time, and I wonder what /lit/ thinks about two …[View]
13838661The Retard: Everyday I become more like him, minus the wisdom.[View]
13838650harry potter fans be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV32uLQGFR8[View]
13837466Why was the Star Wars Expanded Universe so shitty? The movies weren't perfect and the games wer…[View]
13836682Why is this book considered so essential to Zen, when it's barely longer than a pamphlet?[View]
13836765what's the key to good comedy writing, anons?[View]
13837809I plan on buying this to start getting into Post-Structuralist authors like Foucalt and Derrida. Doe…[View]
13828701''Zhuangzi and Huizi were strolling along the bridge over the Hao River. Zhuangzi said, “T…[View]
13831604/CSG/ - Chinkshit General: For the discussion of xianxia, wuxia, webnovels, litsmut and litrpg New C…[View]
13838263Any books for this feel? >Stoic exterior that hides years of suppressed rage, sadness and lonelin…[View]
13833924No-brainlet mode: no Dan Brown novels.: What are some good novels where the protagonist is an artist…[View]
13838215Is Paracelsus's work worth reading?[View]
13837186I'm practicing this is water speech at the school. Do you think DFW used a teleprompter when he…[View]
13831579/crit/ - critique thread: Old thread: >>13789601 Try reading your own work aloud before postin…[View]
13837615ITT: Last book to make you cry[View]
13838077Goodnight /lit/ Sweet Dreams I love you[View]
13836313I'm interested in pantheism. Anything I should read besides Spinoza and Nietzsche?[View]
13837374I just bought this book. What am I in for? Do you believe Zappa to be based or cringe?[View]
13837958What's some good political, economic, or art books? My goodreads is filled like the top 150 wor…[View]
13836792Who are the greatest poets of all time?[View]
13837631Was he right?[View]
13837132Name 10 books that I have to read before I die. The absolute best[View]
13837436Books that writers should learn from. Let's try this again.[View]
13837963Does anyone have HSK 5's standard course pdf link?[View]
13836438Parenthood in Literature: What have we learned about parenthood from literature? I've just foun…[View]
13837706is he the greatest writer to ever win a nobel prize for literature?[View]
13836048two by twos ANSWER THIS THREAD: REVEAL YOURSELVES THIS INSTANT. codewords '2x2' '2 by 2' 'meeting' '…[View]
13835326Beowulf: Is Beowulf a good read? Also which version/translation is best?[View]
13835030The best essayist?[View]
13837524Slavoj Žižek on what really makes him mad: https://blog.oup.com/2019/09/slavoj-zizek-on-what-really-…[View]
13837784Books to buy[View]
13835188Thoughts on Harold Pinter?[View]
13835737ITT we post our favourite poems[View]
13829228Have anyone who has read Dawkins (Selfish Gene, maybe Extended phenotype), Nietzche, Stirner, Stade,…[View]
13835008I'm only good at writing in short spurts. For example, I can write a good opening paragraph tha…[View]
13837619This is unironically a great book for teenage boys. I wish I'd had this to read when I was 15 o…[View]
13837663This is kind of specific, but books that go into depth on the relationship between depression, physi…[View]
13837220Rudyard Kipling Kim: How come anons told me this would be bad? This was really good.[View]
13834447What is the literary equivalent of Lofi Fi Hip Hop radio? Staying home for medical leave this semest…[View]

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