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17637422Why country has the best public libraries?[View]
17646739Creative class presentations: Last semester I took a Postcolonial culture class. We had to prepare a…[View]
17645560Is this a modernist novel? What do you think of this book? What do you think of Hemingway?[View]
17645212Did Milton not believe in an omnipotent God? I get that God was able to destroy Lucifer’s army with …[View]
17645598stack / reading area thread h8, r8, give recs[View]
17646163What should I read next?: I read Michael Malice's book on the New Right and I enjoyed it. Right…[View]
17642460What is it about travel that gives one the associated 'wanderlust' feeling that is much more than ju…[View]
17643348Was it morally right for Kafka’s friend to publish his writing when he asked for it to be destroyed?[View]
17642245Books about how Christianity’s influence: has instructed the masses in moral virtues that people(suc…[View]
17646553>The Death of Arthur Guys, I don’t think Arthur is going to make it...[View]
17643366It's time for a horror/weird fiction thread. What are you reading right now? What do you recomm…[View]
17645381Have you ever read a romantic poem to a gal? If yes, was it an original poem? Tell us the story and…[View]
17642625Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
17642439Cough up the anti-socialist books.[View]
17642418What are some books about being fat?[View]
17643474>The weight of the gun in Jason's hand surprised him. 'How heavy,' he wondered, …[View]
17646133Anyone here had any success with natural vision improvement (Bates method, etc.)? I revisit the ide…[View]
17646087I fucking miss Crane-man bros[View]
17644065Book to understand why God put his presence up for debate among humans?[View]
17644760Typography: Reading 1982 Janine and curious about other novels that play around with typography. Hou…[View]
17644263Which one is it?[View]
17645944So what happened at the end?: Did the judge kill the man in the outhouse? Or did they gay sex or som…[View]
17633526What books will help me counter the 'white privilege' and 'male privilege' arguments?[View]
17643507>'To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-…[View]
17643117What is the all time hardest philosophy book?[View]
17645428What would the world be like today if it was never written?[View]
17643969How did you anons write your master's dissertation? I'm struggling to keep up deadlines. I…[View]
17638850/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Previous Thread: >>17630000 sanderson hate editi…[View]
17644506best posmodernist author?[View]
17645558Thoughts on DH Lawrence, /lit/? I read The Fox today and I'm not sure if I should continue with…[View]
17645105I believe I've plateaued. I write as a hobby. I write a lot. I write f*ction mostly, stuff that…[View]
17643434Shakespeare: Seems like Shakespeare isn't talked about much here. Why is that? I remember readi…[View]
17645804What is some essential antisemite lit? Am reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion now.[View]
17642601Reading comprehension > reading speed.[View]
17644942other readings that deal with the mystical aspect of language?[View]
17645032What's the best Metamorphoses translation bros?[View]
17645764What are some good non-fiction books by Isaac Asimov? Last one I read was the relativity of wrong an…[View]
17643496Stack Thread: Update Edition: I got a 24 more books in, and am waiting on roughly 10 more to show up…[View]
17643240I've reached the state of knowledge that transcends the possibility of articulating it in langu…[View]
17645238i want to dig down a hole now give me a book[View]
17644028Just finished The Devil All The Time By Pollock and am looking for more stories in a similar spirit …[View]
176419253x3 thread novelists edition Henry James, Gertrude Stein, John Cowper Powys Charles Dickens, George …[View]
17645498Melville's Benito Cereno: lit class is reading Melville at the moment. This is the shit I have …[View]
17645070Let's Do an Experiment /lit/: >be me >go on /lit/ >hide philosophy threads >hide re…[View]
17645417Best books about mathematical Logic? I’m particularly interested in learning natural deduction, many…[View]
17642828Are there any good books in this image? I can not see one at all.[View]
17644444Zeno: >Movement is fake, faggot, trust me. Thank you for sharing with the class, Zeno.…[View]
17637068This was painted in 1852. Books about how time is a flat disc?[View]
17645252https://lifethisway.com/blog/do-people-still-read-books/ How come I constantly see threads on this b…[View]
17643060Why does Nietzsche think Wagner revived Dionysus?: Just read The Birth of Tragedy for the first time…[View]
17644334Do you consider double suicides to be romantic?[View]
17641978Suicide encouragement: What books can I read that will finally help take that final step? I need boo…[View]
17645201Is writing comedic erotica a good way to bring attention to my serious work?[View]
17642720How come Christianity didn’t develop a built in law system like Sharia? I know various churches have…[View]
17645079What did Plato mean by mixing sameness, difference, being; and all three having two forms, in the di…[View]
17643276Jünger Storm of Steel and Battle as Inner Experience: Just got this. It looks good. Any idea what th…[View]
17645126Life is not lived or experienced in narrative. Not at all. But it is the most powerful method of wri…[View]
17645075>book has a TV Tropes page[View]
17642196Best poems in sprung rhythm??: I think some of hopkins's terrible sonnets are up there, what el…[View]
17641886ITT: books no one has actually read[View]
17643468The Bible: I would like to read the Bible for the first time. Keep in mind, I am unfamiliar with 90%…[View]
17643524>500 words a day This is ridiculous, it would take me 8 months to finish.…[View]
17644181Outsider Lit?: Is there any literary equivalent to Outsider Art? The raw and personal aspects of Out…[View]
17644272Are there any philosophical arguments for why murder is inherently wrong? You could say they dont …[View]
17644484ITT post your favorite prose/poetry excerpts. Lola's heart was tender, weak, and enthusiastic. …[View]
17644519Post high quality, literary, biographies.[View]
17643761Is there any reason to follow this guide other than cultivating the illusion of intellectualism?[View]
17643156Books that have appeard in your life: And for some reason seem to significantly appear at random tim…[View]
17642889> Gilles Deleuze borrowed the doctrine of ontological univocity from Scotus.[4] He claimed that b…[View]
17644615>in the Babylonian flood myth, Enlil is the cause of the flood himself, having sent the flood to …[View]
17642251THE SNAKE WAS THE GOOD GUY IN GENESIS: The snake (perhaps Lucifer) told Adam and Eve the truth in th…[View]
17644666How is it many of you can be- supposedly- well read, yet there be so many atheists and christians on…[View]
17639464Grammer Chad's report in: Is this grammatically correct? I believe it isn't and requires a…[View]
17644576Any Fante fans?: Just finished pic related in a day. Good book but why does Bandini try to rape ever…[View]
17624681Whoa, did Nietzsche just btfo Plato, Cartesian philosophy, virtue ethics and 'happiness' plebs in a …[View]
17643405What was that book anon posted here where every 5th word or something was Nigger: Pic unrelated.…[View]
17644455Mr American: Anyone ever read it? George Macdonald Fraser is known for his raunchy adventure novels …[View]
17636456>have a lot of philosophy/history authors on my shelf >sometimes talk about it with gf >she…[View]
17644443imagine being mrs nieche and mr nichze comes home after a long day at the philosophy office and he l…[View]
17643928Why is this series so difficult to find? Is Frank not that popular in Britain like in the US?[View]
17644402Summarized novel: Can anyone help me out finding a summarized novel (any type of novel that can be r…[View]
17642070The Problem with Fantasy: Are there any books that explain escapism in writing? Or why it is so many…[View]
17643416Knut Hamsun: I’ve just finished Growth of the Soil...how can one man be so based? I don’t give a fuc…[View]
17639340Just ordered this, bought to elevate my mindset. Heard it's self-help for schizos.[View]
17642652Is this really what normalfags are into?[View]
17643920How can I get into the right wing grift and make skrilla by selling shitty propaganda books?[View]
17640733I am... Complete[View]
17644064ellen gould harmon white: ok, so most of it is plagiarised. but is it good?[View]
17643270Why do people love Ham on Rye so much? I see this being hailed as a classic and the best of Bukowski…[View]
17644157Do you think the greatest writers of history would ever shitpost on /lit/?[View]
17644077Essential books on human consciousness? I’m so aware of myself it’s freaking me the fuck out[View]
17644136I was raised by a single mother who drank every day and smoked crack sometimes. I went to the shitti…[View]
17631066Why write a book today when almost no one reads? Isn’t making a video game a far better way of telli…[View]
17643851Recommend me some good fonts to read e-books with NOW![View]
17643191>decide to start with the greeks >start reading the Symposium >it's just pages after p…[View]
17639850>gf is trying to get me into feminist literature[View]
17641072Writing a book “confessions of a vagina” ala Mishima’s “confessions of a mask.”: In the book, I’d do…[View]
17640826Schopenhauer would 100% be a 4chan user: >For example, should he defend suicide, you may at once …[View]
17638127Christianity and free will: We are all familiar with the fable of Heaven and Hell, if only because i…[View]
17644007Good morning. It's a creepypasta: Good morning. It's a creepypasta[View]
17642483Why does everyone take him so seriously? He says interesting things, but why do so many intellectual…[View]
17643642Has anyone read it? Does he give a solid refutation to Paley's argument?[View]
17643451What is this book about, /lit/?: Can't make any sense of it after the first read. Is this basic…[View]
17643817Alright, /lit/, this is my first time making a thread here, so please, don't disappoint. Anyway…[View]
17643908Anybody read this kino? Marathoned the first couple of pages earlier today and it seems like a great…[View]
17643051https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCX_QMglJyQ&ab_channel=PAYTOJEREZ Is this Dionysian?[View]
17642942Any comfy books featuring human women having sex with animals (not niggers)?[View]
17639732So what happened with these guys? It feels like they were just meant to be bullies and antagonists t…[View]
17643551Color Thread: Example: The beauty of life, sprouting from the decayed flesh of organisms that once w…[View]
17643732What is a good book or a good read about the demiurge? I dont know where to look for it[View]
17643746We often model our actions based on the way others will perceive them. My question is, should this b…[View]
17643202Welcome To The Monkey House: Is it good?[View]
17643711>astrology, yoga, magic? I don't go for that womanish nonsense, I prefer Evola…[View]
17641458Introduction to philosophy: Is this a good place to start? Heard mixed opinions on it. >Inb4 Jus…[View]
17639081How often do you read with your gf, /lit/?[View]
17643694Any writings which explain how we normalize the objectivity of nature in that when you isolate a spe…[View]
17643388So there are people who think that this can be made out of particles randomly colliding with each ot…[View]
17643636Books that guide me to ascend to a state of transcendence?[View]
17643550Does the pain fade away when you're reading?[View]
17643616The book that btfos the western canon.[View]
17643293Please Help Me: Guys how do I change past tense in a novel to present? It's in google docs and …[View]
17639533Language Learning General, Middle English Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >Share l…[View]
17642260Ideology.: So to get this straight... Neoliberals and Capitalistic system created (or used) what Fra…[View]
17643531>book isn’t written at a sixth grade reading level[View]
17641857Lit Podcasts: Post em[View]
17643472i can't stop laughing help me plz[View]
17643406What are some books that make /lit/bros seethe hard?[View]
17639236On Digital Library Catalogs: What are the odds that online cataloging services (like LibraryThing or…[View]
17643315Why haven’t you taken the gnosticpill yet?[View]
17643347>socialism is when wage labor is abolished and the workers control everything instead of the stat…[View]
17637972Books that refute this?[View]
17641991Hey /lit/, do you want to see some ESLs seethe? Watch this. Are these sentences grammatically correc…[View]
17642414Books for getting out of myopia?: Is there any chance of forming a sense of community that actually …[View]
17639586How does it feel when a 6 year old can write better poetry than you?[View]
17642585Cuckfucianists BTFO[View]
17641734What are some good books about being a doctor? Fiction and Non-fiction allowed[View]
17643170>Mann's diary records his attraction to his own 13-year-old son, 'Eissi' – Klaus Mann: 'Klau…[View]
17637310Daddy Jung BTFO Joyce's Ulysses: 'Ulysses is a book which pours along for seven hundred and thi…[View]
17643128My friend recently has introduced me to fantasy concepts in roleplays, like spells and stuff. I foun…[View]
17641803What would his reaction be to the cultural relativism and post modernism of today's world?[View]
17642533What is the importance of Rhymes? Why do people go through so much effor to make entire books whose …[View]
17643070The struggle to read?: Does anyone else struggle to read but didn't used to? Growing up, I cons…[View]
17642868What kind of books V reads?[View]
17643122Anons I realised something today. I am not able to reach certain levels of creative thought, its not…[View]
17639684Recommend me some history books that have good prose and style. I don't care how accurate or up…[View]
17637246Was this guy the pseud's pseud, the ultimate redditor? Or did he have some good observations? A…[View]
17642850Alien - the cold forge- Alex White: hi such a cool book and he was just released a new one /sequel …[View]
17641799Extremist Literature: I am trying to compile a library of questionable books and literature. Help me…[View]
17642040I bring with me on every boat trip... just in case[View]
17642919Is it cope for me to think that all my favorite authors would probably be losers too if they were bo…[View]
17642753>*btfos civilisation*[View]
17640944Is he worth getting into? Some people (like Zizek for example) swear by him.[View]
17641501Blogs: What are some good blogs to read? I've been reading Meta Nomad and Luke Smith's stu…[View]
17642125Which books can be classified as 'Deleuzian'?[View]
17642841What does /lit/ think of this book?[View]
17642392looking for faust translation: Does anyone know where I can find a pdf of the arndt faust translatio…[View]
17642747I did not care for the Silmarillion[View]
17641097My brain is constantly shitting out new ideas and as soon as I hit a roadblock working on one I lost…[View]
17642823>For them in the world below the sun gleameth brightly in his strength, while >tis night with …[View]
17636965is richard dawkings mentally handicapped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eob371ZgGoY[View]
17641517/lit/ lazy ducks blow the fuck out, ngl 150 book in a year is impressive.[View]
17642107Julius Evola - The Metaphysics of Sex: Is there anything like this but neither woke nor weird and ou…[View]
17642602ITT: post ideas for a children's book[View]
17642572From Alejandro Zambra’s “Not to Read” >I always take books when I travel, even on short trips. Wh…[View]
17642494Explain what's wrong with it.[View]
17642526Books that completely debunk pic related?[View]
17639840>book ends with the character dying[View]
17642214What are the essential Chinese classics I should read? Wanna get ready for the inevitable, might as …[View]
17641268/SFG/ Speculative Fiction General: #16 CHAN OF THE LONE BEAR Edition >We discuss science fiction,…[View]
17640072Sophia Perennis: Is perenial philosophy true or just a load of crap? I want to know if reading Gueno…[View]
17641983Songs N Books: If you could choose a song that would go well with your favorite book what would it b…[View]
17641218>Read Spinoza >Regard everything that I should do as necessary >No longer can deny its exis…[View]
17642390DAILY REMINDER: Stirner literally shit himself in the woods /lit/, a colossal Grizzly Bear charged a…[View]
17641124What are some good books on Computer Science?[View]
17642160What does it mean when people say art/literature is 'deep'?[View]
17641187Who is the best writer still in the game and why is it Lasz Krasz[View]
17640635>AH AH AH he didn't publish it so he didn't mean that! Leiter is a fucking idiot. Fuck …[View]
17641752Was it his best?[View]
17639890What's his name?[View]
17636259Any books that disprove him? I really don't like him.[View]
17639075Why do people nowadays think the 18th century, the age of enlightenment, was an extremely culturally…[View]
17642104I am 133,552 words into my consolidation of reactionary thought.[View]
17639423Tell me more about the 'yokel strivers' mentioned by BAP recently.[View]
17641647Dionysian Lifestyle Thread: need book suggestions on living a Dionysian life[View]
17637961has anyone read it?[View]
17640895Write a story about this image: ‘Marisa and Lisa, escorted by Lance, step out in green-toned dresses…[View]
17641867I'm really dumb and I couldn't understand why people started to mistreat the monk after hi…[View]
17641069>ywn read Nietzsche at 13 and become an ubermensch by the time you hit 18 It hurts bros.......…[View]
17639806>we need a synthesis of the thesis and the antithesis Lol Georgie boy, haven't you heard? Yo…[View]
17642055Books for this feel?[View]
17641022You guys might appreciate these paintings of books i made[View]
17641356Shouldn't this be called 'White flight'?[View]
17641990Why yes I’m Kantian, how could u tell?[View]
17640368without the durag and glasses DFW be lookin like a middle aged aunt lmaooo: .[View]
17639040Absurd Lit (that doesn't suck): Are there any other books with the feel of 'The House on the Bo…[View]
17639027>book is two days overdue[View]
17640488philippe jaccottet is dead: F in the chat please[View]
17628305Other than complete Plato / Aristotle, what are some good volumes to pick up? Imagine you're bu…[View]
17641342so if the book is written in first person by a sailor why does he use 2 pages long sentences? where …[View]
17641824ITT post classic /lit/ romantic couples: For me, it's Tristan and Iseult.[View]
17640235Best books for teaching yourself German?[View]
17640525Guenon general and discussion: Been reading this man and I struggle to find how people can take his …[View]
17639458>originally published in playboy magazine what the shit? do they often do shit like that? also, f…[View]
17641371/lit/ charts: what software are you all using to make your book charts?[View]
17641398>In cross-examination, defence counsel Remy Farrell SC put it to Garda Codd that the content seem…[View]
17641015Would Ready Player One have been a good book if it had been a critique of the internet, video games,…[View]
17639184Is the information in this book true?[View]
17641577I'm looking for that passage in Submission or Platform where Houellebecq is ruminating on the a…[View]
17636714How do I make sense of The Cantos?: Read the first few poems and I literally do not understand almos…[View]
17640520Why does this fag hate Mishima?[View]
17641368Just curious if anyone knew any good books about the origins of slavery from the Triangular trade ro…[View]
17641010>it's the analogy with the ancient Rome part What a slog to get trough.…[View]
17634601Books to help me understand how the world works[View]
17639663Thoughts for reading while walking? I'd like to do this, but I'm always afraid of stepping…[View]
17640114is kurt vonnegut just the American science fiction of JoJo's Bizzare adventures? >reacquiri…[View]
17633902Buying dissident literature without being put on a watchlist?: Is it smart to buy dissident books in…[View]
17639939Why is it that interesting look writers always write the better books?[View]
17641226EDWARD FESSER, any of you bright minds of /lit/ can voucher for the guy or not, any criticism?[View]
17641237nobody takes freud seriously these days, absolutely no one. every time he is mentioned or quoted in …[View]
17640991>language that a neural network can't learn how to do this? how would language have to chang…[View]
17639734hey tourist here. i need to learn how to write poetry to impress a girl. help.[View]
17640936Post /lit/ writers with a background in law[View]
17641035This is hands down the the most evil book I've ever read. The sheer smugness and patronizing to…[View]
17641297i paired The Denial of Death and The Divided Self and i am starting to feel alive. it is a sublime f…[View]
17638443Yeah I'm thinking I'm more well read than 80% of this board. Maybe you guys should stay aw…[View]
17641310Best books on queer theory?[View]
17640695I think the human condition is irreconcilable. We have needs that cannot be sustainably met and ther…[View]
17640640>How to Stop Giving a Fuck >Why Everything is Fucked >I Used to Be a Miserable Fuck >The…[View]
17640997nature vs technology: Is it worth it being more free from tradition like America but without soul? I…[View]
17641281>“If conservatism is taken to be an intellectual critique of the first attempt at modern total re…[View]
17616229/&amp magazine/ - thread: The 4th edition is out. Looks very good. Keep it up anon. Download li…[View]
17637225Why does this board only respond to shitposts and not constructive threads?[View]
17640636How to publish a controversial book?: I want to publish my fiction book, but it contains homophobia …[View]
17640128What brings you to /lit/?: Why do you visit this board? what has you coming back again and again?…[View]
17640486Read it?[View]
17641102Where do I start with semiotics?[View]
17640896if you could ban one author on /lit/: who would it be?[View]
17640892What books were written with a lot of passion? recommend books that have pages that exude passion an…[View]
17641081>*kills odin at cath-loduinn*[View]
17640699What are some books or novels that give a poetic meaning to one's insignificance, something aki…[View]
17634312Books to get in touch with ones emotions again?: My sister died a while ago and I am yet to shed a t…[View]
17641036SHARE YOUR WRITING THREAD, /crit/: Not seeing any thread dedicated to things we've actually wri…[View]
17640948If I may be so bold[View]
17630652How would you react if you came back home to this? My gf undid the classifying of my bookshelves to …[View]
17633825Poetry: The most touching poem I've ever read. What a beautiful and poetic sentiment[View]
17639852What the fuck was his problem?[View]
17639295Hey /lit/ I've been thinking of reading some Haruki Murakami books. If there was only one of th…[View]
17639530I saw Butterfly at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her …[View]
17640767https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmEScIUcvz0 Wtf?[View]
17629257Even the most mediocre of schoolchildren in 19th century Europe would have, by the age of 16, attain…[View]
17635786Thoughts on Melancholy of Resistance? Sounded good, might read it. How does it compare to Satantango…[View]
17640438Is christianity refuted in a sigle verse from its own holy book?: Because it seems like it is.…[View]
17639411Does /lit/ ever annotate while reading?[View]
17631505>Antinatalism exists >Dumb people adopt it >They stop reproducing >Smart people (like me…[View]
17638695worth a read anons?[View]
17633740>claims jews invented being a passive aggressive little pussy >somehow gets a pass from modern…[View]
17640236other than de Maistre what are some writers and philosophers who BTFO the French Revolution?[View]
17636663What would he think about today's world?[View]
17640242Opinions on Mark Leyner work?[View]
17639687What did Guenon think about Swedenborg? The only reference I found was Guenon saying that Swedenborg…[View]
17640050Why did this guy always wrote he was just kidding at the end of his books?[View]
17639771Is it bad to annotate/underline passages in your books, /lit/? Reasons for/against please.[View]
17639168Thoughts on Leviathan?[View]
17640022How can i become a master of Irony?[View]
17640432Truth is... the game was rigged from the start[View]
17640308How much math does the average pseudo-intellectual really needs? People like Voltaire and Kant had a…[View]
17638742Did Charles Dickens wrong the Jews: They say yes.[View]
17624721write what's on your mind: Spengler edition[View]
17640329Hello, good morning. It's a creepypasta: Hello, good morning. It's a creepypasta[View]
17641646Which church do I go to if I'm really about doing the damn thing. Where do you go if you really…[View]
17640306>Before the Storm >Nixonland >Reagonland pure kino trilogy.…[View]
17640250New creepypasta: New creepypasta[View]
17640073/fit/izen board tourist here. I'm a poorfag student writing my thesis based on Jung's arch…[View]
17637134Future prospects aside, is choosing /lit/ as your degree a good idea? I feel like making reading an …[View]
17639884I'm feeling nostalgic for Old Star Wars and would like to ingest some new material instead of o…[View]
17640116Anyone read this?[View]
17637699What are you reading right now?: Currently doing up on the nature-thing and the dialectical material…[View]
17639669has anyone read this, is it worth my $5[View]
17639912Legality of Directly Quoting: I created a fucking wiki. I want to quote directly from news articles …[View]
17639567In 20 years this book will be hailed as prophetic. Irrefutable[View]
17639498bright morning empty bed usual mourning im dead[View]
17639591I’ve attempted this 5 times and I always give up. What is the best way to read it? I want to read it…[View]
17639335Cast the movie of a book: If there was to be a Proust movie, these two should play Albertine and Mar…[View]
17637396Kindly supply me with Schopenhauer recommendations. I want to read him tonight. Thank you.[View]
17627306Is he worth reading?: Why did he become so popular with normies?[View]
17639264The Penis Mightier then the Sword: >The Penis Mightier then the Sword What exactly did he meant …[View]
17636817How do i get as smart as OSHO or Jordan Peterson? I just want to scam people with fake help....[View]
17639485History of Eastern Philosophy: I'm about to finish the eighth volume of Coplestone's Histo…[View]
17638214How do eco fascists reconcile Savitri Devi's cat hoarding with Pentti Linkola's genocidal …[View]
17639654Why is this so hard to buy: Pic related. It sounds pretty out-there honestly, but I guess I won…[View]
17639497>'Lyndon, coming back into the room naked after a shower, would take his penis in his hand, and s…[View]
17639056One thing no one considers: One thing no one considers - at least not as far as I have seen: no one …[View]
17639352Honestly, I was intimidated by this book to begin with because this man is an intellectual powerhous…[View]
17637530Literature about how the internet revealed how messed up people are?[View]
17639599based or cringe?[View]
17639672pity for naught follow thy heart ravage all of me why wont you look my way?[View]
17635583Writer Crushes: /lit/ which writer is your biggest crush? For me its Anna Komnene[View]
17639622Books that’ll help me become: A chad during social interactions. I need books that’ll teach me how t…[View]
17638480Cringe competition with GRRM?: >Actually, I’ve long come to dislike the Tolkien kind of fantasy: …[View]
17633602Books for learning Russian: Please recc something beginner friendly but also good. (I could just gra…[View]
17633828Is Kissinger any good to get into diplomacy and geopolitics?[View]
17639311>Philip A.K. Dickin you[View]
17638661Buddenbrooks: What are your thoughts on it?[View]
17637474What accounts for God's character change between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Is th…[View]
17637216Is Brothers K. supposed to be funny at times? For example, when Fyodor is making a fool of himself i…[View]
17638186Criticism of Positivism: I need books or anything you have criticizing Comte, Saint-Simon, Laplace a…[View]
17630975Kant and Mises: >Mises bases his economics on kantian apriorism Why do you consider this bad? Als…[View]
17637955Has never been refuted[View]
17634082Today is the 39th birthday of renowned outsider artist, author, and poet Christine Weston Chandler. …[View]
17639321This is just depressing...[View]
17639122The Incident at The Gym: Hey there /litbros/, I recently made a poem about an incident that happened…[View]
17637768Help me, comrades! I'm a Russian student learning the English language. I decided to compose a …[View]
17639342>Get called a Nazi and Fascist in a negative way, I think, by QT 3.14 that I want to court. Books…[View]
17638856What are the essential Theosophical works to read and occult works in general? I want to gain a subs…[View]
17637247So, lit... Rate my books.[View]
17636804Post only based or rare based words ITT[View]
17635105>founder of analytic philosophy >responsible for the linguistic shift >helped provide the f…[View]
17638674Quick Question: HI /lit/ what does the word 'yot' mean in British literature? I've heard it in …[View]
17638010What have you read on this chart? Any other books that aren't on this chart that deserve a read…[View]
17639147Which of his books should I read? (Amos Oz)[View]
17636618Good night frens[View]
17638865Book Writing and publishing?: Does this board ever discuss stuff like this? To learn about how to wr…[View]
17634846Reselling Books: What kind of books appreciate in value over time? What's the most you've …[View]
17637363New quote I just made up: >Zeal, not zealotry What do you guys think? Also post your own OC quote…[View]
17636404A square literally changed my outlook on life[View]
17638581Write what's NOT on your mind[View]
17630000/sffg/ - Science fiction and Fantasy general: Pirate edition Previous Thread: >>17622882 >R…[View]
17638824Favorite Covers: ITT Judge books by their covers.[View]
17638037Dating scene in burgerland[View]
17638062Is reading before sleeping, good for you?[View]
17638267Reading Time: Good evening /lit/. Yesterday we lost the great voice of Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the …[View]
17638092རྟོག་གེ་རྣམས་ཀྱི་བློས་མི་ཆོད་པ། ཐ་སྙད་ཀྱི་རིག་པས་མི་ཤིགས་པ། གནས་ལུགས་ཇི་ལྟ་བ་བཞིན་བདེན་པ། སྐལ་དམན་གྱ…[View]
17637016So I was in some creative writing professor's office wanting to discuss Patrick White and Claud…[View]
17637909How hard of a read is this for a brainlet? I don't read for pleasure but love Lord of the Rings…[View]
17638686Autodidactism: Who are the best autodidacts to do it?[View]
17637718perfume- Patrick Suskind: If your looking for something unique but also very kino check out Perfume,…[View]
17638500pseuds: y'all cowards don't even read books in their native language[View]
17637532How did this get published? He doesn't even have a basic understanding of what he's talkin…[View]
17636126One of these is way better than the others.[View]
17638258What would Master Shake Read?[View]
17637458Why don't European libraries have showers?[View]
17638484Follow me on social media[View]
17637907Why didn't anyone tell me about meter in Shakespeare? This changes everything.[View]
17637092ITT: Write a story about this image.[View]
17637820Hunter s Thompson: Im conflicted with Thombson as a writer, of course his writing style is like no o…[View]
17638423>filtered by the Pre-Socrates[View]
17636000>Seneca raised Nero >Marcus Aurelius raised Commodus Are stoics just bad parents?…[View]
17637205I've been obsessed with death recently, and I've come to the conclusion that the idea that…[View]
17638397Do I even have a future as writer if I don’t like the work of people discussed here? I like Bukowski…[View]
17637748>tfw he was right about everything >tfw everything is actually sexual >tfw see penises and …[View]
17625878>daydreamed again today of being a famous writer[View]
17638279Why does /lit/ ignore Johann Gottlieb Fichte? He is the most important German philosopher between Ka…[View]
17628113Ted Kaczynski was wrong: What if the problem isn't the system, but that most people are simply …[View]
17637845What are some good books on female nature pre sexual revolution?: I mean anything pre 1970s should b…[View]
17638278Miltonic Sonnets: I decided to take a shot at writing sonnets in the style of Milton, but the CDECDE…[View]
17638259How do you take notes from a book? I’m currently reading a self-help book and every detail is import…[View]
17625659ITT:Dyonisian /lit/[View]
17636448Books on Macroeconomics / International Trade: I have a fag friend going to a degree in business adm…[View]
17633039I listen to audiobooks. Only midwits prefer reading actual books.[View]
17634699Everything in the bible is about how this life doesn't matter and that all that matters and tha…[View]
17625464I got this book after seeing it posted on one of those book reading charts and thought I'd read…[View]
17638189samurai rising: This book was pretty good NGL it only took me a night to read but its an interesting…[View]
17638188>it's a Fyodor Pavlovich chapter[View]
17635043wtf this shit SLAPS Anyone else decide to read this banger for the 700th anniversary of Dante's…[View]
17636924Who are your favorite Weird Tales writers who aren't Robert E. Howard or H.P. Lovecraft?[View]
17628442Another poetry thread: Keats edition Post your favorite poems, talk about poets, ask questions about…[View]
17637385>omniscient narrator[View]
17632088I like the concept of Christianity but I can't believe its mythology, especially the stuff in t…[View]
17637191What are some good books/textbooks that give me a good introduction into linguistics? I've been…[View]
17637638Any of you guys watch youtube channels to learn about philosophy/theology?: Got any good ones? I rea…[View]
17637271Are there any books that can help with Relearning to structure my thoughts and sentences and relearn…[View]
17637919Useful books for everyone even retards.[View]
17637552ITT: Sock love poetry: ITT: Sock love poetry[View]
17637252>ITT Books that make you unreasonably happy, inspire you, or occupy a bit of your mind 24/7…[View]
17635627so i keep talking to this raven and it keeps telling me the certain n word over and over no matter w…[View]
17636612DAILY REMINDER: >Spinoza was a brainle- 'Spinoza was offered the chair of philosophy at the Unive…[View]
17633187Share your /lit/ Infographics. Looking for more to serve as guides in acquiring essentials for my di…[View]
17636806Already posted this in /mu/ but I'll ask here too. I know nothing about music theory; what are …[View]
17633520Alchemy: I need all the book suggestions /lit/ can give me[View]
17635938have you ever lost literary a bet, anon?[View]
17637114Best books above Bruce Lee?[View]
17637468Why do so many people write so long, so much and so terrible books? I feel--though I could be wrong-…[View]
17636810holy based[View]
17637489Is Dugin worth reading?[View]
17637478has /lit/ ever been published in their school's media? i got this email today. only a 5% chance…[View]
17637034>reading iliad >mfw Hephaestus getting cucked by Ares and being laughed at by his family subpl…[View]
17631525“Take it on the chin” is an unintentionally homoerotic boomer-ism that should have been lost to the …[View]
17633491What is /lit/'s opinion on Bob Monroe, and New Thought in general? I liked Monroe's book '…[View]
17634429Isaac asimov scifi: Im going to finish 'Fondation' of isaac asimov, /lit/ can tell me which are ton …[View]
17637222anyone here know a good introduction to magical realism? in english, spanish, french or german, does…[View]
17637162Plato's Atlantis was the first science fiction story[View]
17620520ITT: You have to read the book given by the post below you, no matter how shitty it is. Let it comm…[View]
17637186are they going to canonize him?[View]
17636550What made harry potter such a success when Rowling preview books were bargain bin at best?[View]
17636960will reading aesthetics make me a better graphic designer and artist?[View]
17637197Books For Becoming A Better Man: Hey /lit/, visiting /fit/izen here. My life has descended into chao…[View]
17637126Is this book based? I’m scared of reading it and it not being based[View]
17629049What do you...: Think /lit/ about Phillip K. Dick novel?, don't the amazon series.[View]
17637131'After all these years, I have finally become... The Count of Monte Cristo' Really, Dumas? Dropped.[View]
17632534Literature about fascist kitsch?[View]
17636888What are some good books with a content that is similar to the book by Vladimir Nabokov called 'Loli…[View]
17636104Do Left and Right wingers still exist?: Deleuze talks about individuals becoming dividuals -- which …[View]
17636339Say something about her.[View]
17636973*teleports into the monastery* *destroys Western civilizations* Heh, nothing personal...[View]
17636846Literature that critiques Western civilization?[View]
17634151Do you guys read biographies of writers? Are they worth reading at all?[View]
17636798why can't i bring myself to read? i enjoy reading, when i start i don't want to stop, but …[View]
17636522Conan Thread: post everything you love about everyone's favorite barbarian, Robert E. Howard is…[View]
17634270Good anthropology books: Can anyone reccommend me a good startkng book on anthropology? I'm esp…[View]
17629711Is it worth reading? I was put off by the title, but looking at all the feminists and soys complaini…[View]
17636327So is there any actual criticism for her philosophy other than her prose is boring and that she…[View]
17636916>name is literally 'King of the Frens' yeah, I'm thinking based…[View]
17635850Where do I go from here?[View]
17627731Dualism vs. Monism: Which book will help me decide which one is the right metaphysical view?[View]
17636153Who was the chaddest russian writer? >pic related is my choice[View]
17636683I dont know who all these guys with mustaches are but im writing a book about a wizard who goes into…[View]
17635355Finally have the courage to say no: >Declined a friend's invitation to go out with him only …[View]
17634020I'm about to end my existence as an introduction and summary reader and dive into the source ma…[View]
17635285He's never going to finish, is he?[View]
17623436Books to shift my spiritual outlook: I need help in order to get a new (but genuine) perspective on …[View]
17634941Can any Houellebecq fanboi faggot please explain how pic related ends? Does he ride his bike into a …[View]
17633815Typewriter thread do you use a typewriter anon?[View]
17636501Cursed jpeg of Christian Gray[View]
17620933Which did it better /lit/?: >I am the sentient embodiment of war…[View]
17633230Retard here Should I perform a thorough research about the author, historical context, writing style…[View]
17636585How does one refute this?[View]
17634993What's the /lit/ consensus on pic related? I think it's one of the funniest shit ever wri…[View]
17636343Why do people think Iago is one of the greatest villain ever made?[View]
17636529Heliand: aka Anglo-Saxon Jesus: Looking for a good english translation currently, and I was wonderin…[View]
17636355GNOSIS HAS A SMALL PENIS: the gnostic affirms an antagonism to the world tout court; antagonism to t…[View]
17634602Marx reading list: Brumaire Manuscripts Value, Price, and Profit Gotha Grundrisse Capital 1, 2, and …[View]
17634807Is there any evidence that Socratic dialogues were performed before an audience in Classical Greece?…[View]
17635538Do you read books before they’re adapted to the screen or after you’ve seen the adaptation?[View]
17635740I wrote the creepypasta a long time ago.: I wrote the creepypasta a long time ago.[View]
17636331Is he real /lit/?[View]
17625154What are some books that can introduce me to paganism?[View]
17633561What resources do you use to help you write & orgainze your thoughts?: An example is the templat…[View]
17632231Are you a marxist or a hellbent machine peruser and user of labour?[View]
17633113Just ordered this. What am I in for?[View]
17634215Other books for that faraway adventure feel like pic related? I really enjoyed it[View]
17628439>Literature prof after nearly an entire semester just jumped to calling me by my first name, and …[View]
17630042How do you refute this?[View]
17634487Can someone redpill me on: I’m interested in an aesthetic philosophy which is tamer than Nietzsche’s…[View]
17573960/ffa/ - Flash Fiction Anthology: Previous: >>17564705 Practice writing with flash fiction and …[View]
17636168What are the best philosophy of science books?[View]
17630481Holy shit! Pessoa's first biography in English! Anyone looking forward to it?[View]
17635771>decent education >always read the required reading >always read the suggested reading >…[View]
17635128Where to start?[View]
17616119/lang/: Language Learning General, Funny Zone Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >Sha…[View]
17624693I have recently come to believe that money is everything. Nothing matters more than currency. What …[View]
17634158H.G. Wells wrote some pretty cool sci-fi books, but are his historical takes based as well?[View]
17632769What's something you dislike about the Lord of the Rings books?[View]
17633897are their any remaining literary magazines worth their salt? i've become entirely and radically…[View]
17630030Literature that shows a woman's perspective: Honest question, what books show what it's li…[View]
17635847>book has been out of print for years >new edition comes out a few months ago >the guy who …[View]
17634212Books on how to start with Catholicism? Am a Muslim and looking to convert.[View]
17635704what does /lit/ think of Alasdair MacIntyre?[View]
17630026this was the first book you read, right anon? don't tell me you read ALL those books without re…[View]
17635686Is it worthwhile to read things that you don't fully understand? Maybe because of disdain for …[View]
17634280Thoughts? I've never seen a thread about this even though you'd think people here would lo…[View]
17633938ok Anon what have you written so far??[View]
17634211Modern history books written by modern historical figures: What are some interesting modern history …[View]
17633672>Marx himself[View]
17634316/SFG/ Speculative Fiction General: #15 LONE POSTER Edition >We discuss science fiction, fantasy, …[View]
17635287Women are just better writers in general. They capture characters and their motivations far more acc…[View]
17624466Today is the 200th anniversary of the death of John Keats. Say something nice about him.[View]
17632798Was this a critique of communism? It seems relevant to the modern era.[View]
17635488ITT: we describe what extraterrestrials learn from /lit/ >James Joyce, a flatulence connoisseur …[View]
17634517Is Mad Men /lit/ approved? Any books that are similar to the show?[View]
17633133what is some good Middle Eastern lit.?[View]
17635081what book slapped you in the face /lit/ ?: what books turned your views upside down, sent you down t…[View]
17632939Lope de Vega: Lope de Vega[View]
17632483/Dutch lit/ - Poetry edition: I'm trying to make this a regular thread. Hope you like it. Whic…[View]
17635375Is neoliberalism harmful to our society? What books should i read to understand the topic.[View]
17634888I made it through all of high school and undergrad without ever finishing a book or even coming clos…[View]
17634965Peak Oil: What do you think of Peak Oil and deindustrialism?[View]
17634736Does philosophy make it worse or better?[View]
17634157What books do I like and why?[View]
17634006Thoughts on Robert Frost?[View]
17632000Bible: Should I read the ESV or NASB?[View]
17634731>author still uses 'he' for a general person when will this bigotry end?…[View]
17635167Going to read him soon. I also want to read a critic of marxism so who is the best critic of marxism…[View]
17633955Why is English philosophy so shit?[View]
17634040>mfw sad about a fictional tragedy from a fantasy story again[View]
17633029Freud's Interpretation of Dreams: I saw this on a chart about life affirming literature and the…[View]
17626934Rank these Russians: Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Turgenev, Goncharov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, …[View]
17634069You were right.: I was samefagging. In fact its only you and me on this board.[View]
17634815believe me, it's torture[View]
17633652Where should I start with Gustave Flaubert?[View]
17634016Who's the opposite of Cioran and Ligotti (extremely depressing and negative) in philosophy? I…[View]
17631237Great book. I got some Stoner vibes from it. Very well written[View]
17632883How to write an interesting/good story?: Hi /lit/ I am usually on other boards so please excuse me i…[View]
17634036Are there any other philosophers/writers like Diogenes?[View]
17634508To try and be virtuous, to emulate christ, that is happiness. God is happiness and we are brought cl…[View]
17631304Books discussing the concept of 'Power'?: Hello /lit/, any chart that gives books/texts th…[View]
17622324Is this shit worth it? What e-reader should I buy[View]
17630498What's The Greatest Nonfiction About Slavery?[View]
17633967Any non-fiction recommendation about the cluster-fuck of ideas that came out of 60's counter cu…[View]
17634153Read Spengler[View]
17629251What makes it so good?[View]
17633615What's the best survey of ancient greek history?[View]
17626364Guénon was right. The cthonic psychic forces of chaos have begun to swallow the world. Things will b…[View]
17627188>One performs the rain sacrifice and it rains. Why? I say: there is no special reason why. It is …[View]
17633830Deriving a diagnosis of autoandrophilia from mommy issues?: Per the subject line, I have been dealin…[View]
17632484What is life like for the average subvocalizer?[View]
17634246Schmitt is a real ass dude(Schmitt thread): Finished reading Schmitt's 'Der Begriff des Politis…[View]
17631670What text made you realise christianity is a lie?: For me its pic related and Deuteronomy 13:1-5: …[View]
17633513Does /lit/ like Michel de Montaigne? Where should I start with him?[View]
17630956Joke Books: Does anyone know what joke books have jokes that Norm MacDonald and Super Dave get some …[View]
17632873Hey /lit/, I'm looking to amass a list of books that are either memoirs of revolutionaries, fir…[View]
17627038How would Schopenhauer explain homosexuality since he believed love was just an illusion to drive us…[View]
17626053Any tips on increasing reading endurance? I tap out after 1-2 hours. Or would you recommend a break …[View]
17631778How can a philosophical webtoon production be so profusely soy?: >Thomas More's Utopia descr…[View]
17633744Just inherited a library of approximately 700 books. How long will it take me to get through all of …[View]
17616199Lolita: I got this book after seeing it posted on one of those book reading charts and thought I…[View]
17633660Uh-noted or an-oo-tate-ed?[View]
17633699Books with characters like this?[View]
17633743>finish the first draft of the novel, then edit How true is this advice? I catch myself going bac…[View]
17630761Is there anyone like Cioran but isn't such a downer?[View]
17632366Where should I start with Proust?[View]
17627574which one of his books should I read if I want to understand the enemy better?[View]
17633244Is it bad that I saw pic rel and immediately I got suspicious? >Book talking about segregation a…[View]
17631669Why does my Literary Criticism course want me to become a Marxist and wage war against the bourgeois…[View]
17632514*mogs your whole board* heh, nothing personnel[View]
17633583Have you read A Pickle for the Knowing Ones yet?[View]
17632937etriams: what the fuck is this thing supposed to be and where did it come from[View]
17631388Should I kill myself right after I finish The Sea of Fertility tetralogy or should I read more of hi…[View]
17633541>translated and abridged[View]
17631029I'm going in boys, see you on the other side.[View]
17633528>Governing is hard. This was maybe my answer to Scholastic, whom, as much as I admire them, I do …[View]
17631151What attracts people to Eastern philosophy?: I just don't really understand what attracts peopl…[View]
17631977there is so many books out there how do you decide what to read?[View]
17633476>some day a girl will ask me my favourite books and i'll answer.... you realise you'll …[View]
17633475>If I was in a room with Heidegger, Schopenhauer, and Hegel and I had a gun with two bullets, I w…[View]
17633309based post about socratic thought birthing Ideology and how we can return to authentic thinking and …[View]
17632174>McDuff for Dostoevsky >Maude for Tolstoy Is this correct?…[View]
17633220Just started reading this, getting some really weird fetish vibes and absolute reaches. 'Muh strong …[View]
17633064what is your opinion on this book /lit/?[View]
17630680Did I take the schizopill?[View]
17633391ITT books only you read Also Beauty was right, they all deserved it.[View]
17621181>target >books read so far >how many books ahead or behind schedule I hope you haven’t fall…[View]
17631599DAILY REMINDER: Stirner literally shit himself in the woods /lit/, a colossal Grizzly Bear charged a…[View]
17631857Books about Chinese History: What are some good books about Chinese History and Culture[View]
17633040What are your thoughts on reading Marxism-Leninism-Maoism? Is it the peak of current communist think…[View]
17620242Why does Plato present Socrates as some sort of genius when his debate opponents were low-IQ people …[View]
17632881Alright so: I didn’t know if I should I post this here or /Ck/ so I’ll just post at both places. Wha…[View]
17633105Neo-classicist Literature: What’s some literature that used classics and the ancient world to good e…[View]
17623652post images and get book recommendations: ill start >pic related…[View]
17632026Best out of print books: What are the best books that are profoundly obscure and out-of-print? Which…[View]
17632701before, can't talk about the singularity because of rabid anti-materialists now, can't tal…[View]
17631229Anyone have books for getting your shit together?[View]
17629520I will make a collection of over 8000 Italian books. Similar to the one I did with Portuguese >…[View]
17626105Have you learn Russian yet?[View]
17632855So the moral of the story is that women ruin everything?[View]
17631732What am I in for?[View]
17632098>Nietzsche >Bible >Nietzsche >Bible >Mr intelectual nobody's grey pic >Kant …[View]
17632742Wrath: Thick rope around the throat and crushing the windpipe, sandpaper is being scraped on the fac…[View]
17631570Is this the most probable dystopia?: There is no secret police and no single party holding all the p…[View]
17626278Narnia is fucking trash, Tolking and Pullman were right, CS lewis is a fucking hack[View]
17632530How does /lit write?: do you guys write? Im curious to see how common is writing belong readers. If …[View]
17632457Who would you kill with a Death Note?: I would kill every living person in existence. Like Genghis m…[View]
17630240The only novel I have read that is over 200 pages is Don Quixote.[View]
17631795Just found this, I wrote it, when I was 17, instead of doing an assignment. (pic unrelated): Bus in …[View]
17630881William Morris: favorite book by william morris? william morris thread[View]
17625299>almost everything i believe is likely wrong books to cope with this fact?…[View]
17632441What are the best books on the life of Robert E. Lee?[View]
17632115I really liked junky and queer but I just can't read naked lunch, I'm 70 pages in but it f…[View]
17626968>atheist >socialist >hated asians >hated blacks >supported eugenics Is Jack London /o…[View]
17632087What is it about Paris Spleen that makes it so comfy bros: Any suggestions similar to it?[View]
17627556You literally need to read the entire western canon before you can read this[View]
17629803So the hadith are basically bullshit, right?[View]
17628698Who is the best author for young men and why is it Jack London?[View]
17629908What's the most FUN book you've ever read? Mine is Post Office by Bukowski[View]
17632075celestial south dakota[View]
17630008What books have the best cover art?[View]
17631684I'm a film producer. What's a book that would make a great film, that won't have too …[View]
17632013ITT: we come up with improved names for literary characters: Arthur >Swordy Kingman Ahab >Reve…[View]
17630784What does /lit/ think of Henry Miller?[View]
17630100Any philosophy or philosopher that eschews the same kind of mantra as pic related?[View]
17627144animal farm: just read this /lit/erati, discuss[View]
17611524>blackpills you for life Heh, nothing personnel[View]
17630912Dragons!: > What are your favorite /lit/ dragons anon? > Recommend us some dragon books…[View]
17631177>Catholic >Nazi >In an open marriage >one of his sexual partners was a jew Wtf was his …[View]
17631809>psychotic episode passes >lose desire to write…[View]
17627191Which books will convince me of the existence of God if the Bible hasn't?[View]
17630456Why are mass market paperbacks / pocket books so underrated? >dirt cheap >compact and extremel…[View]
17621592Does reading books and physical fitness go hand in hand?[View]
17622455Why have picture books become resigned to children's literature? Why hasn't anyone made a …[View]
17631511Rate my Poem /lit/bros: I fucked up. Cancelled my gym membership. Thinking of moving to a different …[View]
17629088tolstoy discussion? was Tolstoy genius or a vain faggot? what's his best work[View]
17631241Why cant you name a more crucial book to unlock the full extent of human potential?: https://archive…[View]
17631667A Clockwork Orange: >Be Anthony Burgess >Says he's sad people recognize a Clockwork Oran…[View]
1763086048 Laws to Power: Why’d he write it? It is quite a well written book which expands on Machiavelli’s …[View]
17628965Any books that will teach me how to induce schizophrenia to make a tulpa that will fix my life since…[View]
17631225on the internet, no one knows you're a shit philosopher[View]
17627625What does the forbidden fruit symbolize? It’s usually taken to symbolize sex, but I’ve heard claims …[View]
17631590How can I learn about Chinese mythology?: From the most primary purest sources possible.[View]
17630421/SFG/ Speculative Fiction General: #14 WHAT'S IN A NAME Edition >We discuss science fiction,…[View]
17627212Nietzsche at his peak[View]
17630985Is this book good or bad? Seems to be a mixed response.[View]
17628339give me some kino absurdist literature[View]
17630803'Limiting one's desires actually helps to cure one of fear.' What the fuck was he on about. How…[View]
17631132Otto Weininger on logic, ethics and belief: 'Belief (Πίστις) and conjecture (δόξα) are thus sharply …[View]
17630944Is this a good first philosophy book?[View]
17630055Shaivite Yoga: Any books or PDFs about Shaivite yoga?[View]
17629584>tfw letters are going to be a forgotten art form so are we going to have the collected emails, t…[View]
17631240What are some books about notable Nazis besides Hitler?[View]
17631234Hey /lit/ what books should I get rid of? Ignore the couple not marked as owned. Leaning towards OP …[View]
17629873Please recommend any books on magic/illusions: especially the psychology of magic, the exploits of t…[View]
17629184Now that the dust has settled, which is the better book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Th…[View]
17627132So if he isn't a communist or a capitalist, then who the H was he?: > “Nothing is more evide…[View]
17627713>book uses female pronouns to refer to a random person[View]
17630788> day #71 of my struggle to organize hundreds of books perfectly. > fiction is easy: alphabeti…[View]
17630988wtf did I just read[View]
17630774>pun not intended[View]
17630714Reading Time: Good evening /lit/. It's been a long time since I read to you, but no need to wor…[View]
17628696Novels about preppy, upper-crust East Coasters at elite colleges?[View]
17630490Books about animals: Really just looking for the edit of pic related where the bee escapes it was on…[View]
17630147Best way to read this? Bouncing between the poem + index or cover to cover?[View]
17629523Grug want know what old Greek think when read in Homer strong man hurt god. Grug strong man, Grug no…[View]
17627554Texts that have criticisms of Noahidism?: Please show me some sound arguments or just points to argu…[View]
17629169Liberal thinking: What are you thinking about this ?[View]
17630129So was he the first gonzo journalist? Surely without him there could have been no beatniks and no Hu…[View]
17630515Is the ultimate truthpill that man should never question himself, even when proven wrong by morality…[View]
17629342I have a question, Romans 13 says to obey your rulers: I watched a ex-cop and he said if you watch s…[View]
17630505Is there literally anything better than this book?[View]
17630487How the FUCK do I get better at essay writing?[View]
17629645As someone who always just read whatever they wanted to, how do I learn to understand literature in …[View]
17629064>go to wikipedia >look up some renaissance artists and writers >delete the lines which say …[View]
17629465has anyone read it? With the increased discussions on whether socialism is a viable political system…[View]
17627942How old were you when you realized praxis is more important than theoria? Practicing what you preach…[View]
17628426anyone read this? https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/james-c-scott-two-cheers-for-anarchism kin…[View]
17630331>come onto /lit/ after several months on /mu/ >all of a sudden & as a result I get into re…[View]
17628511What would the Buddha think of cocaine?[View]
17620092OVER 8000 BOOKS IN THE GREATEST LANGUAGE https://mega.nz/file/HgcCkaLC#VNHuRWTbOrcqxMblhb4HKT2Ewono…[View]
17627676Is it really worth reading?[View]
17622764>'Stand aside to stop blocking the sun.' What's a good comeback?[View]
17629142Irwin Allen Ginsberg: The best American poet of the later half of the XXth century?[View]
17629571Intro to Perennialism ?: Tried starting with Evola but he makes to many assumptions for an uninitiat…[View]
17622916Are there any other black pill books as extreme and mindfucking as this? I know it doesn’t have stea…[View]
17627703Kino incoming[View]
17627714books without sex: What are some books with no sex? I don't mean books with or about character…[View]
17628273Best political theory literatuy? Like Hobbes, Schmitt, Machiavelli, etc[View]
17626770Since finishing Anna Karenina I've felt genuinely wistful and sad at times, like I miss Levin a…[View]
17629793Why is reading entertaining for you? Or a better question - Why do you read?[View]
17630092>The god of Gnosticism is largely spared from condescending to existence; he is exempted from cre…[View]
17627985Was Wagner the first psychoanlysist?: >Since the Individual, through his deed committed against e…[View]
17630033where can I buy a physical copy of the Corpus Areopagiticum by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite[View]
17626343Two questions: 1-Who is the greatest dialogue writer of all time? 2-Which writers do you consider to…[View]
17629831Lit, how should a highschooler spend their free time? I mostly browse the internet and don't re…[View]
17622882/sffg/ - Science fiction and Fantasy general: Anime edition: electric boogaloo Previous Thread: …[View]
17629931Richard Laymon: What does /lit/ think of the late horror author Richard Laymon's work?[View]
17624984What is the goal of economics?[View]
17629370Top Anglo novels GO: I read a lot of burger lit and need recommendations from my home. I enjoyed Jud…[View]
17628269A Room Of One's Own Thread: Post your bedroom-library. Let's see the places where /lit/ re…[View]
17616409Read Henry James and William James: The minds of these two lads...[View]
17628694How do you guys read philosophy? I am going to try and make it a habit of having 1 hour every other …[View]
17625540I'm starting with the Greeks. How much Plato should I read before Aritsotle?: Ok, I read Homer,…[View]
17623304What is Hannibal Lector reading in his cell?: Do you know, or can find this publisher? A nude sculpt…[View]
17628853I want to learn about the New Deal: Hey anons, what are some good books to learn about the New Deal …[View]
17627970>you just got trolled into existence This is one of the best sentences I ever read. The point of …[View]
17626327Norman Mailer: Thoughts?[View]
17629411The ancient Israelites practiced anti-cuck magic (numbers ch 5). Really makes you think...[View]
17629271Who are some goods journalists with books I can read other than the obvious Hunter S Thompson, Tom W…[View]
17628869Crime and Punishment: It felt like Dostoyevsky didn't explore more the relationship between Ras…[View]
17629249books on art and art appreciation?: I want to be able to appreciate, understand, and create art.…[View]
17628752Calvin's Christology: This is really weird: The objection, that he afterwards appeared to Steph…[View]
17628253NYRB Classics: Is this all I need? Are all the good literature ever produced on mother earth contain…[View]
17625580reading this, is it just dumb genre fic or a genuinely good book?[View]
17628785Just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
17629045Why was she (he) so based?: Hey guys female Baruch Spinoza here, Why are you all ass blasted that n…[View]
17623635>Tom and Sam Bohee, coloured coons in white duck suits, scarlet socks, upstarched Sambo chokers a…[View]
17619238Which one was his best?[View]
17628295Books for realizing that virtue is unattainable, that fairness is imaginary, that justice can never …[View]
17628104Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti suddenly drops dead: Who killed him, /lit/? What were his best works? …[View]
17628924>All logically possible and logically possible things exist. They are all One thing. Not only tha…[View]
17627234I own 500 books and have read like 125 of them. What about you guys?[View]
17628891Publishing houses publishing exciting, daring, risky new material? I know there's a lot of pess…[View]
17626869RIP Ferlinghetti[View]
17621172Do Pragmatists count as continental or analytic philosophy?[View]
17628772DAILY REMINDER: Stirner literally shit himself in the woods /lit/, a colossal Grizzly Bear charged a…[View]
17628316What did Engels mean by this?[View]
17626092>Spinoza was a brainle- 'Spinoza was offered the chair of philosophy at the University of Heidelb…[View]
17628637Has anyone read this book? I find myself agreeing with the premise the Enlightenment plunged the wor…[View]
17627920Is your favorite book well loved?: >He dog ears his books instead of using expired fast food coup…[View]
17614381/wg/-Writing General: Any progress on your novels? previous thread:>>17596452 For Prose: >T…[View]
17628542I don't care what you goons say, this book gave me a lot to think about. The story of what happ…[View]
17623556Have you taken the McGowan pill, anon?: HAVE YOU??[View]
17627282Muh Daily Stoic: >reading The Daily Stoic >tell myself 'fuck it I'll go check out some st…[View]
17627396Thoughts on this book? Normally I'd just get it from the library and see for myself, but they d…[View]
17628467In Greek myths, Why were omens and signs on the right considered good, while ones on the left consid…[View]
17627031Irish America: Books on the Irish-American experience, the Irish immigrating to America, Irish-Ameri…[View]
17628084>christians start writing literature >suddenly the most popular literary genre becomes a repet…[View]
17627782Is poetry a young man’s game? Why or why not? And if so, at what age are you disqualified from it?[View]
17628185Why did he hate Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath?[View]
17626978Latin /lit/ General: Milf Latin Teacher edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCe5O_LFSWE >Which …[View]
17625302Thoughts on Boswell? Are his Johnson bio and his Journals worth reading?[View]
17624201What was her fucking problem? And why Charles was such a cuck? Pretty depressing desu[View]
17621845I'm in love with someone. I won't say who. I just want you to recommend me books that…[View]
17627496A human figure with extraordinary powers, calls himself God and creates a universal period of peace …[View]
17628011Books on finding passion without Faith?[View]
17628060Passage discussion, God Emperor of Dune: Reading Frank Herbert's God Emperor of Dune, the fourt…[View]
17627287Rare_Artbooks_And_Where_To_Find_Them.pdf: The title kinda explains it. Where do I find them? Also wh…[View]
17624499Them lit feels. We all relate to this.[View]
17628015books for this feel?[View]
17623855Native American philosophy?: I've been reading a lot of biographies of America's founding …[View]
17621826Orthodoxy / Christianity: I have decided I am going to convert to Orthodoxy! What books should I rea…[View]
17625835I'm currently making my way through the Greeks. Should I add the Trivium at some point to the l…[View]
17627961>finish the first draft of the novel, then edit How true is this advice? I catch myself going bac…[View]
17626949Great Jewish Authors: I'm balls deep in Origins of Totalitarianism again, and I'm remember…[View]
17627387Mein Kampf: Just finished pic related, was amazing besides the vicious Jewish slanderer in the footn…[View]
17623053Simulation: Okay bros, I am ready to go down this rabbit hole. I want to read anything and everythin…[View]
17621663Do the young'uns these days still read these?[View]
17627629I recently read someone say Disney is a branding company and not an entertainment company. I found i…[View]
17627623Is there a way to objectively self-assess one's writing?[View]
17626638Best books on the history of the French people?[View]
17624041/Dutch lit/ - Hermans edition: Since the thread of yesterday got archived, here is a new one. What …[View]
17627118thoughts? is he right? do we need to change things?[View]
17623954/lit/ Dharma bros...: Can somebody explain if all of this is true or false or partially whatever? Si…[View]
17618521Hyperinflation lit: We're spiralling into hyperinflation Let's get educated to prep for it…[View]
17617693Two hundred and thirty three years ago on this day this based man was born.Say something nice about …[View]
17626629Give me one good argument against hedonism: hedonism /ˈhiːd(ə)nJz(ə)m,ˈhɛːd(ə)nJz(ə)m/ noun the purs…[View]
17627673Story Ideas: Do you have any story idea you wanna work on it? I have this idea of a guy getting a se…[View]
17625433Why does it feel like no one ever talks or discussed anything which is relevant towards advancing th…[View]
17627216ITT: what got you into reading[View]
17627452Optimistic Philosophy: > Commander Keith Shadis: Do you know why average men can coast through th…[View]
17627605/lit/ I require your assitance. I am looking for a quote.. It is similar to 'It is curious that men …[View]
17626191We've all seen the bloomer/doomer chart but that thing is full of philosophy. What are some lit…[View]
17619041What am I in for?[View]
17622838books to induce schizophrenia or another cool mental illness, thank you[View]
17626512Finance & Accounting: Which books do you recommend me? Do you guys have any finance reading char…[View]
17624636I'm afraid nothing I read in the future will ever top this.[View]
17623288Why does a writer/artist’s work always turn to shit the moment they ‘find God’ or become religious?[View]
17605060Ok, is this guy the future or what?: Is Nick Land a meme or not? Have any anons actually read him? D…[View]
17627192>started studying the Bible >reading other books seems pointless and silly in comparison now …[View]
17627168Are there any movies influenced by Guenon's books or at least similar?[View]
17614146Stack Thread: Old one got booted. Lets start fresh[View]
17626030I just read The Fifth Story by Clarice Lispector, really enjoyed it, and am trying to find out where…[View]
17625558Who are the most life affirming philosophers? I want books that will make me rejoice in the beauty o…[View]
17627172Torture Me: Im feel like doing something stupid so please send me your most favorite reads, your lon…[View]
17624823Help. I don't want to have a female brain: Any books on this. How do I make my brain less femal…[View]
17626800>Indeed, that is the nature of War and Peace what the fuck, Tolstoy?[View]
17626889how dare you[View]
17623181/lit/ magazines - lit quarterly vs. &amp by lit: I've got the feeling that Lit Quarterly so…[View]
17623362>Having become separated from sensual desire, having become separated from nonvirtuous qualities,…[View]
17565352Another poetry thread, Post your favorite poems, talk about poets, ask questions about poetry Post…[View]
17610318Harold bloom claims he can read 1000 pages and hour.: I think he is larping. Personally, I can read …[View]
17624810This feels like a book /lit/ hates. I know all the rationalizations and lazy arguments that will be …[View]
17626618Has anyone read this?: I'm currently reading this. I just read chapter seven and I don't u…[View]
17625758Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof …[View]
17625017Books about living with schizo/insane family members? Asking for a friend.[View]
17624461Books you won't understand if you are not mentally ill.[View]
17626831any books on literary movements throughout history: their characteristics and how they evolved into …[View]
17622522red pill me on publishing, please. I want to produce literary, fantasy, and horror. should I go trad…[View]
17626648A thread about the most underrated thinker alive: Csikszentmihalyi. Probably because people cant goo…[View]
17624696>Goddamn local library buying video games for people to checkout instead of books I was OK with m…[View]
17620680croak: Today with a tale Against all odds All threads stale A board of frauds An imageboard Full of …[View]
17622502Any good books or philosophy about egodeath and transcending the ego?[View]
17626427recommend books for a broken heart.[View]
17626647How much did Tolkien steal from the Finns?[View]
17626667Explain this[View]
17625556What's the best short stories by Carver?: Trying again to get into this guy - what short storie…[View]
17625115I’m wanting to start pic related. It seems interesting and I’d like to learn more about Evola’s view…[View]
17626609>He doesn't read letters, diaries, and biographies of an author NGMI…[View]
17626424I need a text that defines Gothic as an aesthetic, bonus points if it also presents a genealogy of t…[View]
17626672Is there any classical philosophy on post-truth? also, post-truth thread[View]
17625601George Bernard Shaw: doesn't get mentioned here often. he any good?[View]
17625624Did Job deserve it?[View]
17626645How does one get into poetry?: What poetry books do you recommend? How does one start writing their …[View]
17625582>mfw I realise that the Song of Songs was heavily influenced by Tamil poetry…[View]
17625740WERTHER: >incel cuck: the novel[View]
17626233Why does /lit/ hate Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky? Everyone else loves them[View]
17623574>consciousness cannot exist because it can't be observed or studied has this fat retard eve…[View]
17626202Why don't Americans talk about white slaves (or serfs)? I am reading this book and it tells of …[View]
17625654>slaughterhouse-five >magister ludi >metamorphoses >inferno >gravity's rainbow W…[View]
17624370Ummmm ummmm and ummmmmmmmm and ummmmm ummmmmmm and ummmmm: Man wtf. I like his writing but holy fuck…[View]
17626551Did you took the Schulz-pill yet, /l/?[View]
17626503I read this book 3 years ago. Did I like it?[View]
17626459give me anti-modernity books: i have read unabomber manifesto but would like some more modern books.…[View]
17623251/SFG/ Speculative Fiction General: #13 ACCURSED Edition >We discuss science fiction, fantasy, adv…[View]
17626418>obligatory 'asking for a friend' post[View]
17626387> “Hark ye yet again—the little lower layer. All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard mask…[View]
17625693Rank this series: Foundation Have you read all the books? I did 20 years ago and loved it. I think t…[View]
17621852Looking for a book that lists Suicide methods: Basically I'm a depressed retard who wants to di…[View]
17624308Card Catalog General: Anon, you do have a card catalog, right?[View]
17626236aLL oF pHILOSOPHY iS a cOPE: There is only one genre of literature; self-help. Thoughts?[View]
17625533Antarctic Horror?: So I recently read 'At the Mountains of Madness' and it was killer. I know there…[View]
17625265Always be drunk. That's it! The great imperative! In order not to feel Time's horrid farde…[View]
17626143Any good recent political books s that you have read?: about campaigns and behind the scenes conflic…[View]
17625992I'm going to learn how to code so I can develop my own programs to plan and manage my studies, …[View]
17623683All contemporary facts, ideologies and philosophies will be outmoded and inherently become decadent,…[View]
17625315Books that explain/teach how to get in contact with one´s desires? (as in, to exarcebate the desire …[View]
17623144Mein Kampf copy reccomendation: What is the best Mein Kampf book to actually buy? Preferably the Mur…[View]
17625751ITT: Typos: I found a typo in The Recognitions, Part 2, Chapter 1. Page 332 in the NYRB edition. Pos…[View]
17625821Books like Mass Control?: Recently read this as a change of pace from and thought it was at the very…[View]
17624132What does /lit/ think of Mohism?[View]
17624994/degen/ literature: What is some literature that explores degeneracy, a fall from grace, or decaying…[View]
17625715Was it Orson Scott Card's Magnum Opus?[View]
17625099Has anyone refuted Aquinas 5 ways?: Have Thomas Aquinas 5 ways ever been refuted properly by the fed…[View]
17617153does Chess strike the perfect balance between logic/arithmetic and literary tradition?[View]
17622846Was TV the instigator behind our culture becoming less well-read?[View]
17623599write your obituary[View]
17625619Diogenes literally shit himself the communal toilet /lit/, a smartly dressed Plato walked steadily t…[View]
17625484Is there anything more satisfying than the feeling of overcoming cognitive dissonance? That is, lear…[View]
17623733Is this a great book or am I just too uninformed in anthropology / economics? Post a better one if y…[View]
17616559Anyone else read short scary stories nonstop from the library when they were a kid? I remember there…[View]
17621290Any novels and/or poetry dealing with boredom and the bad/horror/terror that can come out of it?[View]
17624665Ok, you fucking commies, I'm open to left leaning ideas, but ground on good hard data, science …[View]
17623313Two (2) authors, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, bet each other a dollar ($1.00) over whether /li…[View]
17624009>Regal power is given by God not by men! Here's the quotes in the Old Testament that will pr…[View]
17625411Read Spengler.[View]
17620850Books on Shakespare: What are some worthwhile books about Shakespeare or Shakespeare's works?…[View]
17618920Literature that’s just a monologue?[View]
17625169Why yes I read the fnaf books how could you tell?[View]
17621858okay this fucking slaps[View]
17625218/edu/: After much soul seeking I've realized this the closest realization to Plato's philo…[View]
17624482overrated?: why does it appear on the top of a lot of classics' rankings?[View]
17625174>it's another pseud's critique mistakes transcendental for transcendent episode…[View]
17625141What books made you feel like you was transported to another world?: I've only had this feeling…[View]
17622445cute girls in /lit/?: I'm trying to sublimate my despicable urge to watch slice of life an*me i…[View]
17618860Literature on why Evolution is fake? I know seraphim rose’s book but can’t find a pdf on libgen[View]
17624479What books will make me better at induction?[View]
17621406What is the optimal first second language to learn so I can consoom literature in their original lan…[View]
17616627The five 'proofs' asserted by Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century don't prove an…[View]
17624894Thoughts on this?[View]
17623993>another instance of this survival dream i call 'me'[View]
17618863Personal Diary: Did any of you actually have a diary? Did you write down secrets in them?[View]
17622366Hypothetically what would Guenonian fantasy be like? Some hero with mystical powers goes on a quest …[View]
17617073why do we hate it again?[View]
17620197is there any value to self help books? seems like everything of value can be learned by reading phil…[View]
17623358Books on Seducing: Books on Seducing your friend's sister, /lit/?[View]
17622184New Lit Chart?: I read white noise and would like advice on what DeLillo to read next. I especially …[View]
17624459What's our verdict on MC Hammer?[View]
17624654logics for fiction: where can you learn logics for fiction to write entertaining book thst make sens…[View]
17611357Write what's on your mind[View]
17624440Can anyone recommend any books on why exactly we're conscious? I want to understand why I'…[View]
17624206more like carl old lmao[View]
17623674>1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be…[View]
17624473Does it get more balanced?: I just got through the intro and it has a very strong Leftist tilt and a…[View]
17624512Aurelius talks about how bad people are just doing bad things because it is their nature, and they a…[View]
17624531Have you ever read a whole book from the library only to find the last page has been torn out? If so…[View]
17624433Is it good?: is it at the level of the Journey to the West? is it better than Mahabharata? at least…[View]
17618831>he includes comics/manga on his goodreads[View]
17622043What's a good book to read with a girl?[View]
17624011Which books will level up your skills?[View]
17616533/horror general/: Recommend and discuss horror, conspiracy, paranormal type books itt. Can be fictio…[View]
17614683What's the most erotic novel (or novella) ever written?[View]
17621785What to read to practice german.: I learned german at school but since I didn't practice it so …[View]
17618906Recommend me a non-fiction book that will make me smarter.[View]
17621759American History Reading List: Pt. 2: [Columbian Era/Native Americans] >In the Hands of the Great…[View]
17624019ereader thread: are you an ereader chad? what device? any other thoughts? my dilemma >bought an 8…[View]
17624155Donald e Westlake thought[View]
17623898Which one of you fags did this?[View]
17623845>Der beste Autor. — Der beste Autor wird der sein, welcher sich schämt, Schriftsteller zu werden.…[View]
17624128Why is the Old Testament so much better than the cucked?[View]
17612084Is there such a thing as literary genius, or is literature just 'muh feelings'--- all the way down? …[View]
17623701>tfw you've discernible talent >rarely write…[View]
17615314can we get a /lit/ gay cowboy thread going[View]
17620789Where do I start with him?[View]
17622201>have read hardly anything since the start of the new year >but have written more than 30,000 …[View]
17622127/lit/, how do I learn to be excited about writing and creating again? I can still come up with ideas…[View]
17621204Late-2010's Hipster Girl Fiction: Let's discuss this specific pre-COVID generation of wome…[View]
17623760The best writer is one that doesn't read and isn't a fan of literature at all. It's t…[View]
17623529Supplements to T.S. Eliot's 'Four Quartets': Hello /lit/ Please recommend the best ma…[View]
17621613Anybody have a pdf: Or a place to find one? I don't feel like shilling out any money for this b…[View]
17623753Refute Aquinas' cosmological argument NOW[View]
17622081Fictional books on changing one's identity: No Herman Hesse. Read them all. I did enjoy his boo…[View]
17622428Redpill me on The Great God Pan[View]
17623569Books that’ll make me think: Like businessmen.[View]
17622077So, is it worth on physical or just a meme and you get the same feeling with a scanned pdf?[View]
17623604I'm new to philosophy and I wanted to write a short critique of Socrates. Do you think my argum…[View]
17623327PSEUD CENTRAL: Hit me up with the introductory texts of these 3 giants. Non-Pseuds need not apply. K…[View]
17620294How many times did you have to read The Critique of Pure Reason before the arguments became second n…[View]
17621537What if hiding in our rooms and reading all these books isn't actually good for us?[View]
17623593How do I read this magnum opus?[View]
17621185And the end of the semester, my professor let everyone take home a book from the class bookshelf. I …[View]
17621842Should I bother reading much Zen Buddhism? Most of the ideas I read in books are completely meaningl…[View]
17623567What’s the future of the sci fiction genre going to be like as science catches up?: Seems like self …[View]
17622101Is it wrong to read a man's private writings?[View]
17619246I am dating a dumb thot and want her to read something: she is incredibly cute and nice even if a li…[View]
17622714A high tech weight loss center onboard a space station in the distant future. Meant for the daughter…[View]
17623249What's up with category theory and philosophy? I think that logical positivism brought real th…[View]
17619999I'm going to buy two Nietzsche books: This is my intro to his thought so please direct me to wh…[View]
17621982Post your favorite Wimpy Kid book and why >The Third Wheel >can relate to fucking things up at…[View]
17623143I want to expand my vocabulary when describing action scenes, specifically fighting. What are some b…[View]
17621104Natasha made me feel like a beta simp and I dont like it. do you think her actions could be excused …[View]
17623425perhaps the greeks were right...: >Does it not, then, appear to you, men of the jury, that a verd…[View]
17621932Is there a reason he's hated so much[View]
17619062Sex gifs[View]
17621189>Place Flannery O'Connor's The Complete Stories on order at the library. >Notice it…[View]
17623083Good horror books?: I’m honestly not a reader, I haven’t read a book since highschool. I really want…[View]
17623231You guys made fun of my favourite books.[View]
17623264Why does this guy hate Milton so much, /lit/?[View]
17622884>This elusive quality it is, which causes the thought of whiteness, when divorced from more kindl…[View]
17612044This is the hardest shit I've ever read. And there's still two critiques left.[View]
17622555What does he read?[View]
17623093great reset available to OWN on amazon: hey goy- *ahem* guys! did you know that the amazing plans de…[View]
17616746What would it take for people to accept that consciousness is the result of a purely physical, bioch…[View]
17608545Ok I've realised that all phenomena and entities are empty because of their conditional depende…[View]
17622192When I first read Vonnegut I thought it was a great combination of themes, social commentary, and hu…[View]
17619253Finance and Business Books: Have you read any books on finances and businesses? Are they a waste of …[View]
17623010Is MC Hammer, dare I say it, based?[View]
17622805>reading >mmm those are some pretty words…[View]
17622932What are your thoughts on Lewis Carroll?[View]
17616701Celine and Cioran are NAzis STAY AWAY FROM THEM: 2011 was a year of reference for both Emil Cioran a…[View]
17622561>'What is truth?' retorted Pilate Is this the final conclusion of Nietzschean thought? Having you…[View]
17622782>read book >wow this got me thinking, let's see what other people think >look up onlin…[View]
17622783Anyone here heard of Bluntschli? I saw him referenced by someone talking about state theory in China…[View]

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