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19270913Syfy: Retards: syfy is a respectable genera worthy of praise >Entering the phone booth, he did a …[View]
19271061Why do Islamic Texts always talk about how Powerful God is: In a lot of Christian and Jewish writing…[View]
19274779Why do i comeback to check if strangers in a bolivian coca forum agreed with my opinion or not, how …[View]
19273324Foundation: There is a single paragraph in this book where a woman appears (with speaking lines too)…[View]
19274722Looking for a book: I remember seeing it around a lot in about 2014-2016 It's called something …[View]
19274387Do you find an ambiguous ending stimulating?[View]
19273258post ur best poem: ching chong want marry wu leng ohhh, is a spicy curry sauce prevent river feng lo…[View]
19274161>negates all rulers and spirits >keeps the internal ruler and spirit (the ego) intact Intere…[View]
19273431kek this pic is so funny[View]
19274206OK, this shit slaps: Only two books in, but I see the dear saint has brought out the heavy artillery…[View]
19274670Is this a good edition of Herodotus? I know about the Landmark edition but it's really hard to…[View]
19274654David Copperfield was a fantastic read, and The Pickwick Papers would most probably be in my top 5 f…[View]
19274264Plague /lit/: What books are set in a plague? I will start with the obvious and probably best one, D…[View]
19273235Any literary translators in here?: I was wondering if anybody here has experience with translating l…[View]
19274587The original incel[View]
19273100I think I might try to write some middle grade novels and sell them before transitioning to adult li…[View]
19266051Woke adults’ obsession with YA/teen books: Hi. I’m an early 20s black woman and yes that is relevant…[View]
19268554Good books by women: Guys I need some suggestions of some good books by females, like ACTUALLY GOOD …[View]
19274074I'm reading moby dick right now and i'm enjoying it very very much ! i'm 230 pages in…[View]
19272424How does one get hard copy of Lolita without getting on the list? Asking for a friend[View]
19274483Spoopy stories for Halloween: https://alexbeyman.substack.com/ https://industrial-nightmare-dimensi…[View]
19272778As Pessoa fan should I read this?[View]
19274295Just finished this, what the fuck am I supposed to do with myself now[View]
19268928is any book worth $185[View]
19273839What are some books that romanticise paederasty and paederastic relationships?[View]
19274245What's /lit/ opinion on him?[View]
19273046Are Tarantino’s scripts /lit?[View]
19274025What makes a writer's style unique? I can easily tell apart David Foster Wallace from Edgar All…[View]
19273723Mikhail Sholokov - The Don Flows Home to the Sea: Where can I find a paperback copy of this in Ameri…[View]
19274252Has anyone here read the Heimskringla? What is the best English translation/edition?[View]
19272303What is /lit/ opinion on him?[View]
19268048Oscar bro wtf[View]
19268982Is this the key to Hegel?[View]
19273418Fiction novels about military strategy: I'm not looking for a military treatise like the Art of…[View]
19274091Is there a book that provides a platonic answer to Aristotelian arguments?[View]
19273068>TFW you're too much of a brainlet to read the second section of The Sound and the Fury in o…[View]
19268628Obscure Literature: What are some good books you've only discovered through /lit/ or that'…[View]
19271431White people are ...... le BAD![View]
19272979what was this fucking guy watching? what was on at the time that made him write shit like e unibus p…[View]
19272486what books do you think result a lesser enjoyment of life? i've been reading into pessoa, but a…[View]
19271389'The king is dead, long live the king': What does this mean?[View]
19273733how/where the fuck do you get a play produced, as a literal nobody[View]
19272741Post your NYRB collections[View]
19273735Okay, I'm a fucking noob writer and I want to write a story. I have some questions: 1. So a cha…[View]
19271710What did Wittgenstein mean by this?[View]
19271994Nietzsche and Christ: I'm reading The Anti-Christ right now, and it seems that Nietzsche views …[View]
19273598Writing=a chance at immortality: When they have first celebrated with hymnody Phoebus Apollo, Artemi…[View]
19272012>Fuck gluttony >Fuck TV addiction >Fuck pampered kids >Fuck...gum-chewing? Was this boo…[View]
19272499>mogs pynchon and yecarthy[View]
19273071Dracula: Was he Jewish?[View]
19273384Critique my poem/general crit thread?: It's not done. Some areas I specifically want help on: 1…[View]
19270480>the pansy at my feet doth the same tale repeat >whither is fled the visionary gleam >where…[View]
19271633The only real question in life is whether to give up or not. I guess this is just another way to put…[View]
19266367Did anyone read Frater Asemlen book? Is it good?[View]
19272767A man who is born into an age that is not his own, will generally find himself selecting one of thre…[View]
19270898American Philosophy: I've read much of the European philosophical works, but I have no idea wha…[View]
19268466Intro to Mythology: Edith Hamilton is recommended in the guide. How does it differ from the three St…[View]
19271447Is this any good?[View]
19273070i've been quite enjoying a few things that fall under 'southern gothic' what i think is a kind …[View]
19273052AI Dungeon writes Poetry: Let's see how well an AI can write poetry! https://play.aidungeon.io/…[View]
19269622Hi /lit/ There was a book I read as a kid during the early to mid 2000s that I cannot remember the n…[View]
19272422Ethically minded communication skills books?: I want to learn skills to help me communicate with peo…[View]
19271009Poem by Osama bin Laden: Thoughts?[View]
19270505Share a poem you came across recently that you enjoyed. I came across Hopkins years ago and couldn…[View]
19272594What do I need to read before I can begin to comprehend this? No other dialogue has stumped me this …[View]
19268884Cormac McCarthy is reddit-tier fiction.[View]
19272207Why do history nerds have a huge hard-on for this book? Like, almost as hard as the sci-fi nerds.[View]
19270627When people say 'start with the Greeks' are they only talking about Plato and Aristotle?[View]
19250502&amp October: did anyone else submit something spooky? or did you guys just submit stale copypas…[View]
19272703Is there any good comprehensive collection of Freud’s most important writings?[View]
19271632nihilism is stupid. you can't even practice the philosophy because you would kill yourself, and…[View]
19272443What a waste of time[View]
19270693Really makes you think...[View]
19265858Plato & Christianity: Books on Plato influence on Christianity?.[View]
19269201Which poet understood depression best? >Rilke?[View]
19270211Reading as a brainlet: Does anyone else love reading but struggle with it for being a fucking retard…[View]
19271054Why isn't he more popular here?: He loved the Greeks to the point of romanticizing boy pussy. A…[View]
19271933How do I market myself as a reclusive author? Obviously no social media, interviews, or public even…[View]
19255762His books have no literary value.[View]
19271952Adam and Eve?: Can somebody help me find this? One of the first things I was shown on this board was…[View]
19262087Marxists.org and other communist sites has the weirdest shit, like they have they translated trobodo…[View]
19272400It takes me three hours to write one paragraph.[View]
19270501Who is the worksafe, upbeat version of Houllebecq? I want to read him but I've just about got o…[View]
19270527>its time for some reading! >*hits play* >'this is a LibriVox recording, all LibriVox recor…[View]
19272323Start with the English.[View]
19272174Music for reading?: What does /lit/ listen to while reading? Why or why don't you listen to mus…[View]
19262789Can I get some queer lit recs?[View]
19272240Is it the greatest fanfic ever written?[View]
19269448What's the greatest quote of all time about self discipline? By someone who actually got things…[View]
19271277just got round to reading this. It resonates strongly today. I found it very interesting, especially…[View]
19270278How was Kant's noumena or Land's 'outside' any different from Plato's forms? What Lan…[View]
19272065Anyone know what this password-protected 'Glowworm' page of the Pykewater Library leads to…[View]
19270210Has a book ever helped you improve your mental health?[View]
19271548Dune: Hi /lit/ After the recent hype around Dune i decided to give it a go but i don't know wha…[View]
19266371When does it get good? I'm 200 pages in. While I've enjoyed certain scenes, the intro chap…[View]
19271576What's some basic antiwork lit?[View]
19270812My mother got me the critique of pure reason for my birthday, as she knows I'm interested in ph…[View]
19271315Best books on Celtic (and prenormann in general if it be so) Britain? Religion society history[View]
19270372Books on the history of worklife or employment? Has employment always been miserable or was there a…[View]
19271300Might makes right: I always agreed that might makes right, and that with violence you can control ev…[View]
19267515I don't like reading. I was reading the whole summer. I read Унижeнныe и Ocкopблённыe by Dosto.…[View]
19260125what /lit/ think about The Great Courses[View]
19270348So, /lit/ I want to read up on Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. What are some essential tex…[View]
19267381Write What’s On Your Mind: previously: >>19257724[View]
19267810I thought this was based.: But after reading it, holy shit, it's based AND autistic af.[View]
19267924Harry Potter Sucks: >plot holes >plot holes >plot holes >plot holes Why is this series s…[View]
19266514Leo Strauss: are there any works by Leo Strauss I could read without much previous knowledge?[View]
19267802I got a job at a ferry, meaning that I'll be away for two weeks at a time. Have any good recomm…[View]
19270869Socrates hate thread: You vill have no property You vill not read Homer You vill be raised by the st…[View]
19260667Which Orthodox writers should I be reading?[View]
19261440Books that will destroy my old self metaphysically speaking so out of the old I can rise anew and tr…[View]
19269357Books on Protestant Eucharistic Theology: Which protestant theologians books explain the deeper theo…[View]
19269973technocapital: Has there been a masculine, nihilist retort to Nick Lands technocapital boogeyman? Al…[View]
19271167gita: >I am become death, the destroyer of worlds What is the source of this quote? I always thou…[View]
19269422Christology books thread: >Why yes, I do hold to a Monophysite Christology, how could you tell? …[View]
19270014Evil Nietzsche be like: ' Demons are alive and we have birthed them ' Would you agree with this stat…[View]
19269842Anyone know any good books on how to develop a good personality I'm too boring, unfunny, and no…[View]
19271272The true heir to Kant- Part 2 extended remix: >>19271219 >Greatest blunder(referring to the…[View]
19269760You think Rose of Sharon was turned on?[View]
19269278Welcome to Café Kafka! What can I get for you?[View]
19270904I keep having dreams where I've written entire manuscripts, and the ideas are fucking amazing. …[View]
19253675EVIL IS IN THE ONE BUT NOT OF IT: how do we explain the (relative) autonomy of the World without der…[View]
19266841Which of his books do I need to read? I mostly want to read him so I can correctly understand Marx.[View]
19261951/wg/ - Writing General: Previous Thread: >>19248736 For Prose: >The Art of Fiction >Stor…[View]
19269298Bleeding Edge sucked and this looks like he’s gonna croak any minute. Does he have another masterpi…[View]
19270219Is Russell the philosopher worth reading? I’m reading his conquest of happiness and getting some ve…[View]
19270725Becoming Active Pessimist: When i was only passive pessimist, i face circumstances by smoking cigs, …[View]
19270820WOTC books: As anyone read any of the wotc books? Could you reccommend it? Also i absolutely want to…[View]
19270704Books for learning Korean?: Got a job in SK and I've got two months to become as fluent as poss…[View]
19270785>finish reading a novel i loved >dont feel any sort of resolution or bliss for having finishe…[View]
19260652Comfy books: ITT we are not interested in great books or informative books, but simply comfy books. …[View]
19268424Any books with this aesthetic?[View]
19266573What are some books that'll help me BEE myself?[View]
19269283Where does one start with the occult shit like Crowley? Asking for a friend because he wants to beco…[View]
19270185Where can I buy Sanskrit books with the Devanagari script?[View]
19258447/lit/ humour thread: Am I the first to come up with this joke?[View]
19270007Are 'cool' words cool because they describe cool things, or did they come to decribe cool …[View]
19269602What was her problem bros?[View]
19270560What did his children do to deserve what had happened to them?[View]
19269361If you made a transition into books from video games, how did you cope with the dopamine deficit? I …[View]
19266647Why has /lit/ (and 4chan in general) been so slow the past few weeks?[View]
19269539enough about books: What are the best plays of all time? I have only read Faust and Shakespeare and …[View]
19268357How do I start writing? Like I got a notepad and a pen right next to me and I'd like to write s…[View]
19259091Is Clark Ashton Smith good?: Greetings from /x/. I came here to ask if i would enjoy the writings of…[View]
19264663Thomas Mann is peak literature. How can people consider Dostoevsky's books the staple of philos…[View]
19270037Is pic related any good?[View]
19270213ITT: Post people who are /lit/ incarnate[View]
19269769'relating to' words: hi what are some 'relating to' words for hair like how …[View]
19269257Quotes Thread: Let's have a thread for your favourite quotes from literature, why don't we…[View]
19269751Reddit is the Übermensch: Ever noticed how 4channers have the seemingly uncontrollable need to const…[View]
19268740Good literature written by physicists: So, these guys handle equations all day long. But, is there a…[View]
19267697at last I see..[View]
19269917What are some books that will help me cultivate a virtuous life? Pic related. I’m tired of feeling g…[View]
19269301post authors whose death will unironically devastate you[View]
19269594I have only read G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and Terry Pratchett. Do I even have to read anything el…[View]
19264986>Mummer’s Farce[View]
19268856Stoner, but better[View]
19269495Tell me about this book /lit/. It seems to blend one of your favourite interests, which is old metap…[View]
19267242Book of the year just dropped[View]
19267890What are some of the most essential books on architecture out there? Any modern books recommendation…[View]
19269378So this Brautigan guy: Was he a brilliant visionary or was he just an opportunistic hack taking adva…[View]
19267275So you're telling me this is how the Iliad should actually be read? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
19265812Antinatalism is a Perennial Truth: Wisdom Of Silenus: >'You, most blessed and happiest among huma…[View]
19269156Who was the true heir to Kant?: Can we please just get a simple thread to settle this?[View]
19263064What book will help me understand the hard problem of consciousness?[View]
19269408women btfo[View]
19269190You are a fool to read classics because you are told to and not because you like them.”[View]
19269069Why is this Star Wars book in the style of Shakespeare so bad? Reading it feels so stilted compared …[View]
19269041Books on overcoming boredom? Learning to be able to enjoy the process, not just the eventual outcome…[View]
19269224Wacko/coomer fiction: Are there any other books as degenerate and wacko as Heinlein's late-care…[View]
19269251Feeling sad? Read my short story inspired by myths like Pyramus and Thisbe, Hesiod’s poems, and the …[View]
19268962>BLOOD MERIDIAN![View]
19268945Is this series worth reading all the way through? I got up to the 4th book and stopped halfway throu…[View]
19268997>REEEEE NORMIES FUCK OFF AAAAAAH! - Robinson Jeffers[View]
19267647cyberpunk: I wrote a cyberpunk novel. plenty of porn in it. it's on amazon. or if you are a poo…[View]
19264017rate my latest haul /lit/[View]
19269117Hello, /lit/. Genre fiction writers and appreciators often accuse their critics of not being well-re…[View]
19268855>JUST BE CONFIDENT BRO!!!! w-was he right?[View]
19268879Books about becoming a polymath?[View]
19268691WECK UP TO THEES: I don’t know the meta around here so if this is considered a meme book then sorry …[View]
19269173well?: what did we think about it[View]
19269104What are the best ecology books ever?: Similar vein as pic. Poetic, but informative ecological scien…[View]
19268525I met a Mutt from an hellish land, Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the deser…[View]
19268912Book Readers Nowadays: >People nowadays are likely to download and read e-books rather than buyin…[View]
19269074The book that make me love literature, the first one I read and the one that make me want to be a wr…[View]
19267915Looking for an old kids book: Hey /lit/, you're my last hope at this point. I've been look…[View]
19267447Are the Gor novels actually fun? I know they basically spawned an entire underground sex cult around…[View]
19268446Am I a brainlet normie or is this shit incredibly fucking boring and only talked about by normies wh…[View]
19263090Guess what, guys? I write like Stephen King... EXCEPT I have one crucial possession that puts me ab…[View]
19268831What exactly gives this any more literary merit than angsty young adult fiction being written today …[View]
19266516Latin pros: At what level is this text? >Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica,…[View]
19268606Someone posted this on /fit/ I really like it. Can someone recommend me something like this?[View]
19260768Goodreads: Share your goodreads and let others rate[View]
19269284Buddhism and Eastern Spirituality as Control: Any other books destroying the modern emphasis on East…[View]
19268764buy all shxpeare works separate (many smol book) or together (one big book)?[View]
19268765How do I become a successful author like Chuck Tingle?[View]
19268749What is the Truth? How are you sure it's the Truth? How are you sure I can believe your methods…[View]
19264798Books about domestic violence.[View]
19266338There is a word that starts with W that means to do something with a casual indifference, like throw…[View]
19268677Alexandre Dumas: What's the best translation I can find for the Count of Monte Cristo? I first …[View]
19268007>mogs tolkien >mogs lewis nothing personal…[View]
19266198What are the best novels written in the 21st century? Has there even been a major novel that was pop…[View]
19267225>searching for stuff about Dune in lead-up to movie coming out >just got done reading it for t…[View]
19264715Is there any book you'd like to make film on? If so, how would you go about it?[View]
19266444If he didn't know Chinese, then what the fuck are all these Chinese 'translations' of his?[View]
19267763Comment on this series and prove to me you’re not a subnormal brainlet.[View]
19267322Books for financial independence in my 20s?[View]
19266724i started reading this but i think i'm going to drop it... it was written by a woman[View]
19268246Dune: So, /lit/, what's the verdict? I thought it was alright, a bit overlong in the middle. C…[View]
19267791What's the point of reading if you can never beat this guy? >According to Peek's father…[View]
19262992John Ruskin: I would like to read him. What are his major works and who currently publishes them in …[View]
19268097>feel like reading >have 5+ books I need to finish >don’t want to read those nor start up o…[View]
19267412If the music to his dramas were lost, would his texts still be read as Greek tragedies are today?[View]
19263506Is reading a skill or simply an innate mental capacity? I've been reading for close to 15 years…[View]
19267997what /lit/ think about big ideas simply explained[View]
19266248has anyone else had their parents buy a really expensive but cool looking picture book and have it t…[View]
19266725Is it good?[View]
19264031Has there ever been a self published best seller?[View]
19267506When you google bits of your prose and find that other people have written them before, how many res…[View]
19258457> critique doesn't mean what it means in everyday language > pure doesn't mean what …[View]
19266383Adam Smith: >literal autismo >incel virgin to the very end >cripplingly awkward in all inte…[View]
19266906its not fair[View]
19264615What book has improved your life the most?[View]
19267691What does /lit/ think of the American novelist Janny Wurts?[View]
19265475should I or shant I?[View]
19267901Author Pseudonym: Let’s have a pseudonym thread for anyone who wishes to publish anonymously.[View]
19266216just read this was it good?[View]
19264952What should read to escape my materialism and atheism? I want my life to feel meaningful.[View]
19236863/hor/ - Horror & Spooks: It's October, so we should talk about books with monsters and stuf…[View]
19258207They are all frauds...: I've spent a tonne of time reading them especially Lacan and Deleuze, b…[View]
19267195Where to start with Erich Fromm?[View]
19267875Agnostics and atheists can cope all they want there is hierarchy and structure to the universe and e…[View]
19264662What’s the literary Chad lifestyle?[View]
19266977Brave New World: was Bernard Marx actually a Sigma?[View]
19267363Lit charts[View]
19264252>enter local bookshop >browse for a long time >can't find anything good >feel like…[View]
19261622Anglo bros... I can't deal with the fact that the greatest poet and poem of all time was writte…[View]
19266713>finally found a sci fi book I'm enjoying for the first time since last fall…[View]
19267036When did you realize nothing was ever good?[View]
19265384How to read more? I'm learning so much shit on the internet, reading many things online basica…[View]
19264843Is there like a fast method to writing a super baller book like pretty fast? This asshole from high …[View]
19265764Why is there no board just for philosophy?[View]
19265215Audiobooks are better than books. You can play video games or drive while listening to them, i remem…[View]
19264707This book is fundamentally and diametrically opposed to the Anglo/Germanic/Latin concept of Justice.…[View]
19258140/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Battle of Amber Castle edition Previous Thread:>…[View]
19267279Harry Potter is a Shoen Manga of it was a novel series: >Kid protag with plot armor? >New powe…[View]
19263130You might remember me from about a week ago. Its time gentlemen, I thought it through. Monday mornin…[View]
19266796What’s his magnum opus? What’s his greatest contribution to lit?[View]
19267286Do i need to learn pali? everytime i read the dhamma the translations are unsatisfactory. >rebirt…[View]
19264805I'm half-way through the Odyssey and I can't help but feel that it is inferior to the Ilia…[View]
19267085Book Hardware: You DO have book corners on all your books, right /lit/? Wouldn't want those edg…[View]
19266050I feel terrible for Anne Frank: She had her diary read, which is every little girl's nightmare.…[View]
19266402What is the most racist thing HP Lovecraft ever did?[View]
19265752What’s the best translation of the epic of Gilgamesh?[View]
19266144Zen Poetry: On re-reading One Robe, One Bowl, I'm hungry for more Zen poetry (Chinese or Japane…[View]
19264652Is Machiavelli still relevant today, /lit/?[View]
19264244How is this book for people relatively new to philosophy? I checked bertrand russell's first bu…[View]
19263398Why are these translated so differently? Pretty much all American biblical translations say this... …[View]
19257724Write What’s On Your Mind[View]
19266741>In the back of Anne's prayer book there is the pencil annotation 'sick of mankind and their…[View]
19264936POV you're an Arab on a beach in 1940's French Algiers: nothing personell kid[View]
19266996> anyone participating in National Novel Writing month? if you don;t know, it's a meme event…[View]
19265700>the American Revolution was anti Christian and pro enlightenme-[View]
19266229what was his problem?[View]
19253784Hyperborea Literature: Hello friends. I mostly browse lit, however, I do sometimes check on gif, bec…[View]
19259008Evola Day: Today some youtubers are celebrating Julius Evola today all day. Currently: Julius Evola…[View]
19261120Is this the best fanfic ever written?[View]
19263566Robert Zelazny: What works of Robert Zelazny are worth reading? Thanks.[View]
19263752Is there any book for ESLs to learn hard and smart sounding English words like tranquility, tentativ…[View]
19261335Books on complete celibacy: I got cheated on, again. I've had enough of it. I don't care i…[View]
19264427Explain this phenomenon[View]
19265705He is literally raskolnikov[View]
19263736What's the /lit/ equivalent of pic related?[View]
19260298How did this guy write something so prescient It's like he captured the essence of modernity an…[View]
19264836QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: The Thread What are some books with re…[View]
19264486effort to fuck up or fix english: There's a really large problem in writing that we struggle to…[View]
19263762Literature and scholarship on Mosaic Authorship: I have a book in my room which says that the prophe…[View]
19259774Least deserving Nobel Prize winners: Who are the least deserving winners of the Nobel Prize in Liter…[View]
19264282Poetry Thread: This is a post and rate thread So post your own shit No rate = No feedback You know t…[View]
19266339What am I in for anons?[View]
19266090Opinions on The Secret Barrister?: Has anyone read this book? What do you think of it? I was thinkin…[View]
19259869there's so much to read there's so much to read THERE'S SO MUCH TO READ Before you ca…[View]
19263899Post your favorite quotes: 'I really don't like this Agamemnon dude' -Achilles, The Odyssey Pla…[View]
19259060>age >current book >how you’re holding up…[View]
19266125Literary fiction for this feel?[View]
19266646What's the point of reading Hegel when Marx took everything of value from him?[View]
19262922Was he crazy?[View]
19264935is this any good? seeing it shilled on /pol/ a lot. But all the reviews are meme bullshit like >…[View]
19265583Macedonio Fernandez: Latambros, enlighten me on the subject of this white-haired sage-looking boi. I…[View]
19264496Can you guys give the meme-level review of The Conquest of Bread? I've tried to read it expecti…[View]
19265308What the fuck was his problem?[View]
19265261Searching for few books: hey guys can you help me find 2 books that I can't find anywhere than…[View]
19264503David, my boy, Agnes is right there! WTF are you doing with this Dora bitch?[View]
19265771I had a few required economics classes in uni and I’ve grown to really like economics and want to le…[View]
19262154Trying to write my opening scene. I had it start with the main character fighting two knights in a g…[View]
19261452>The art of the Diary rests in a unique way of addressing Time itself, by holding on to a particu…[View]
19263072I BTFO Cioran: Pessimism is just dark projection toward reality. It’s Merely narrow opinion which ge…[View]
19263876absent/angry fathers: post bad /lit/ dads/books about and/or with them as main characters. need some…[View]
19261804He was asking for it let’s be honest here[View]
19265293>read this as an angsty teen >omg greatest book ever written >re-read as a young adult …[View]
19263554how do you organize your reading notes?[View]
19265452Barthelme: Sup bros. Any recs on what to read from the Don outside of 60 and 40 stories?[View]
19264738I won 10 books: Which one should I start with ?[View]
19263977books with/about broken bones: fix me some books where a fracture plays a big part. i want to read a…[View]
19258756Carl Schmitt Thread + Chart: Did he destroy liberalism?[View]
19264265>The Bible Ok, I get it. It should be read and understood but what book/s in the Bible must one r…[View]
19264353How do I go about researching crypto-anarchism?: I'm not a cryptofag, but the recent news of JS…[View]
19256498Steppenwolf by Hesse: Fuck you guys, I like it[View]
19263441It's hilariously incredible that you guys are the only ones I can talk about proper literature …[View]
19263990Kafka Overrated?: Recently read The Metamorphosis and Report to an Academy. Expected: Overwhelming …[View]
19263982Are there any books about narcissists? Could be fiction books as well as non-fiction books about dea…[View]
19263490there are too many fucking books[View]
19264884Whenever I'm reading a book, I feel guilty because I start thinking of all the other books I co…[View]
19264906Karel Kosik: Has anybody here read him?[View]
19263357If the music to his dramas were lost, would his texts still be read as Greek tragedies are today?[View]
19264895Imagine reading Sanderson' fantasy, Austen' romance, Machiavelli' politics... And bei…[View]
19264563What are some books to deal with the coming of the true Ubermensch?[View]
19264796Is he the greatest simp in /lit/ history?[View]
19261569Classics translations / editions: Are there any editions of the classics that are published in the w…[View]
19260689Authors who are literally you: For me? It's Novalis Sehnsucht nach dem Tode Hinunter in der Erd…[View]
19261075>Proust? Nah >Me? I go for that life and death stuff. Kid walkin’ the road… a guy dressings’ u…[View]
19261915The Waves by Virginia Woolf: So what will Waldun's thoughts be on The Waves when he finally rel…[View]
19264114How do I get into philosophy?[View]
19262508What books have you read this year?: IIT: Post the books you've read this year so far[View]
19261252ITT, books you put down because you felt too unworthy to read them[View]
19253638shelfies: post them you cowards[View]
19264543What are some books besides pic related that deal with corruption philosophically?[View]
19259701Classic Children's Literature thread: Post the best kids books[View]
19260639Holy SHIT Easily the best non fiction book of this century. EASILY.[View]
19264433>When Nestor starts telling one of his long, boring stories. Get to the point old man.…[View]
19262207I came.[View]
19264312>'Hey Anon, what's that your reading?'[View]
19260208So I picked up this series in the interest of learning Roman history through Napolean. I wanted to s…[View]
19263540I wrote this to exorcise some recently obtained negative emotion. A. I should I send it? B. Am I a P…[View]
19263897what am i in for?[View]
19263364Free Will = Greatness: >Free will defined as the ability to take action freely according to man’s…[View]
19262586Paradise Lost: I'll admit I'm getting more filtered than I anticipated. I figured being ar…[View]
19258229Poetry general: rate pls my sonnet in progress For many nights I’ve spent away I’ve come To want you…[View]
19261480How many pages a day soe /lit/ read?[View]
19261354>If you resort to reading a book about how to become the man, you might as well give up. There is…[View]
19264165Samsara = Nirvana?[View]
19264113Are any 40k novels worth reading? Or is all of it as trashy as it looks[View]
19261708Would Christianity be better/more popular if the characters had fun names instead of cliche ones? He…[View]
19253639ITT: Words you despise.: 'Unlearn'[View]
19263884>man is a compound of needs and necessities hard to satisfy. >even when these needs are satis…[View]
19259208Just finished this. It was pretty great. I'd highly recommend. People told me this was 'horror'…[View]
19261625>Schopenhauer was a pessimi-[View]
19259889Books to make me love reading again: I have been reading too much philosophy and non-fiction, and gr…[View]
19263823What am I in for?[View]
19256483Best Translation of Anna Karenina?: I understand that if we had 'four classic novels' in t…[View]
19263858What are the best books about third-rate (not world) societies? Stuff like Pontius and Media.[View]
19259555>book on economics or stocks >written before 2008…[View]
19256902Do you know of any crime/noir novel with literary merit?[View]
19262007WHat book would you dream intimate enough to swear on?: Besides the Bible. Assume a situation where …[View]
19258680What is your favorite politically themed novel and why?[View]
19262114How can I increase my understanding ?[View]
19246317Apparenly Zizek is not even close to being a Marxist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OYSMWJafAI So…[View]
19263567Cucktholics BTFO by based Blake >I went to the Garden of Love, >And saw what I never had seen:…[View]
19262791Books with this scenario:: Guy comes home and begins to make dinner. Becomes aware that someone is s…[View]
19263200Is this good advice?: 'I think the following rules will cover most cases: i. Never use a metaphor, s…[View]
19248330What are your thoughts on the poetry of Rupi Kaur spiritual protege, Instagram influencer, Twitch st…[View]
19263173What would Guenon's opinion on pic related be? I feel there is some deeper esoteric meaning tha…[View]
19259610I want to print a pdf of a book I have that's out of print, how should I go about it?: It'…[View]
19259479/stack/ thread: spooky season edition[View]
19263022how did this garbage become an international bestseller? what the fuck is this shit? am i being trol…[View]
19261801When are we going to get the film adaptation?[View]
19243728Marieke Lucas Rijneveld's new novel has been called 'a farm version of Lolita' Get hype, Rijneb…[View]
19255354>Protagonist pretends to be a retard to climb up the ladder. Books on this theme? Fiction or othe…[View]
19263132>getting a PhD in the humanities Is it worth it?[View]
19258985Books for a broken heart?[View]
19262906Books on philosophical zombies? I might be one. I'm a philosophical zombie, a pastiche of a hum…[View]
19261893What does /lit/ think of Louis L'Amour?[View]
19262597uh oh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcxNSF6C_0k[View]
19263262Shirley Jackson: I'll read one and only one of her novels. Which one?[View]
19263255>says more in 150 pages than most in 1000+ page volumes How did he do it, bros?…[View]
19262744is reading 4chan posts considered reading is writing 4chan posts considered writing[View]
19263245The Organizational Complex: Morgoth incorporated this book into a review of the masterpiece film Hea…[View]
19262432You know I find the fact that Dracula and his powers have become the base for most vampires in ficti…[View]
19261306Hey, /lit/. I'm looking for a book of plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries, like a sample…[View]
19262005Existentialism! Absurdism! They're the same thing! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills; the…[View]
19262884Apparently Margaret Atwood is in trouble. Oh, and this is journalist in 2021.https://www.msn.com/en-…[View]
19261362Is it kino?[View]
19262132ITT: Great maximalist books I'll start with some basic choices just to get them out of the way[View]
19260571I need more books like this.[View]
19258200/lit/ magazines: Does /lit/ read any literary magazine? I'd like to try reading at least one bu…[View]
19261479Other than the Romantics and other German philosophers of the 19th century who are some people who t…[View]
19259493What the fuck is this series? Why does it get worse with each book[View]
19262148how many books can you read in a month?[View]
19261579What is the best book about the life of Trajan?[View]
19260415A perfect book does not exist. A perfect song does not exist. A perfect day is unachievable. True pe…[View]
19261592Which version of Frankenstein do I read, the 1818 version or the 1831version?[View]
19256220What's a book that you haven't read because it's too hard to find/too expensive?[View]
19256363what went wrong?[View]
19261246When people say that they want narratives with strong female characters what they actually mean are …[View]
19261319>>'Today writers want to impress other writers,' he told the paper. 'One of the books that cau…[View]
19262628Books about being a better person, and not just talking the talk? I mean having a moral code and liv…[View]
19262446Not sure if I should be asking /his/ this but does anyone know any goods books on Meiji era Japanese…[View]
19261127Where do I write?: There's construction going on in my apartment so I can't write there. I…[View]
19262413Do people ever stop telling stories and let Eben get on with his journey? Don't get me wrong th…[View]
19262319Normally in /adv/ but i your need help Analysing film and novels. Final Exam in 6 days. Examiners ha…[View]
19255959Tom Clancy Novels: I wanna get into Tom Clancy's novels, but I don't know where to start. …[View]
19261483Sancho sees the fantasy that is reality and Don Quixote see the reality that is fantasy Neither of t…[View]
19259759Hey, sorry if this is not particularly /lit/ related, but i have noticed many of you are in academia…[View]
19262355I find it fascinating how many parallels can be drawn between disease and our zeitgeist. We are liv…[View]
19259823So, lads, not many days ago i was reading a book that become very popular in my country (brazil) in …[View]
19260505New F.gardner novel. Thoughts?[View]
19257606Hello /lit/, I've been reading a lot of esotericism and psychoanalysis, think along Jung and Tr…[View]
19259803You were warned time and again, but you didn't listen.[View]
19256961Is Kantian ethics outdated? His ideals are admirable, everyone being morally consistent and doing th…[View]
19260967Hey guys, recommend me some excellent self-help books that will change my life. I have already read …[View]
19261968What’s that Russian book where the upper class girl wears one shitty outfit to play tennis and then …[View]
19261609Which book about him is the best?[View]
19261342Is this a correct sentence structure? I can't help but feel that the sentence about the individ…[View]
19260338>The poem is called Howl >Every other line begins with 'Who' You'd have to be s…[View]
19258854How do you write good horror? From what I’m getting it looks like good horror is short and to the po…[View]
19255933the 7 hermetic principles are not a real thing. these guys came together for a sophist circle jerk a…[View]
19262810My interpretation of Jesus: I recently re-read the New Testement and I have came to the conclusion t…[View]
19258416>ITT: Books that you have to be a total weirdo to comprehend List them[View]
19260620Norse books?: Want to learn more about the Norse gods and culture. Any good books about the topic an…[View]
19260035Are there any study guides or commentaries you recommend for The Iliad? I'm fine with reading i…[View]
19260812rational male: is this worth reading? I'm not really a fan of this redpill stuff[View]
19248736/wg/ - Writing General: Previous Thread: >>19233736 For Prose: >The Art of Fiction >Stor…[View]
19260064Can I get a book recommendation to help me be more assertive as well as being too eager to please? …[View]
19262978Best films and movies of the last century: I don't have good exposure to movies and films from …[View]
19258802how do you know if new book is good? i just red the classics for this reason[View]
19259448What do I need to read in order to understand Platonism and Neoplatonism?: I don't want to beco…[View]
19259064Who is the Melville of genre fiction? Specifically fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.[View]
19260934looking for a shortish fiction book to read while i wait for don delillos zero k to come in the post…[View]
19254536The Israeli psychologist Professor Sam Vaknin has some tough and pretty terrifying things to say abo…[View]
19260645>dude capitalism lmao >everything is objects in a market condemned by transactional communicat…[View]
19260171Why is it that you faggots sleep on this wonderful thinker? Is it because you don't understand …[View]
19250491Have you ever read a book that completely changed your life?[View]
19262406META THREAD: Why do mods delete meta threads, even though they have been explicitly permitted by the…[View]
19261523I am interested in learning more about Nietzsche's idea of the eternal return. Has anyone else …[View]
19259441Robert Zelazny: What works of Robert Zelazny are worth reading? Thanks.[View]
19260376Is the Western canon going to be trannified as well?: Is it just a matter of time?[View]
19258273what the fuck am I reading[View]
19255829Is it possible to write a scifi novel that could be deemed a 'literary' work?[View]
19260530Guys, what if we have been misgendering God all this time and it is in fact a Goddess?? What if They…[View]
19259444This was so disturbing: it's literally a vision of true hell on earth. the state is the literal…[View]
19260122is there any sort of recommended order to read dostoevsky's works in?[View]
19259999ITT we post /lit/ husbandos[View]
19259298Left-wing fiction writers: Everyone knows all the major left-wing theorists, but who are the best le…[View]
19258099Greatest novel of 20th century: Discuss[View]
19260320What is the most 'literary' translations of the Odyssey and the Iliad? I tend to gravitate…[View]
19254785Do you have public book cases where you live? Here in Germany there are many in every city.[View]
19260375What's Bazarov's issue is he just having a case of first world problems, and am I supposed…[View]
19260318Why do people say Fichte influenced the Young Hegelians? Is there any proof Feuerbach read him?[View]
19258849What book/books do you have on your bedside table?[View]
19259426For the Nihilists...: All our books, all our learning, all our involved methods of intricate thought…[View]
19257484Favorite Quotes Thread: Anything goes. Must be /lit/ related.[View]
19260099Give me philosophy, non-fiction, or fiction about men with integrity and the trials they face. I hav…[View]
19243846Call For Submissions!: Hey, Unreal Press Editor back with a call for submissions for our Fall Anthol…[View]
19254864What are the essentials of American Deep South literature?[View]
19260270better to get a low-key, unknown, probably shitty agent for your first book and consider it career p…[View]
19258938hey /lit/ i dont usually post here but recently i've read Pulp by Charles Bukowski, and i loved…[View]
19256058I just ordered >Œuvres complètes -- Arthur Rimbaud >Les fleurs du mal -- Charles Baudelaire …[View]
19256799>Why yes I read a lot! >I love spreading my brain-legs and filling my head up with another man…[View]
19255283Dumb questions, help me religious /lit/ posters: Where to start with the Bible? >Is KJV okay? …[View]
19260011Bought this ugly low quality one and it’s falling apart just 10 pages in. I’ve looked into the Oxfor…[View]
19257842What’s /lit/s opinion on this?[View]
19259961How can I become intellectual/literate in an organized manner?[View]
19259688The Lord of the Rings: This trilogy is often referred to as a perfect work of fiction. For the sake …[View]
19258317I already own everything. And I am happy.[View]
19259949How are the Overlord light novels? Specifically the English translations. Is it worth reading if you…[View]
19259769True substance of form or thought is only found in inconsistencies. The undefined points, the knots …[View]
19259569Is it just me or is this book very... gay? Serenus kind of reminds me of Basil from Dorian Gray exce…[View]
19259024You know, the sad thing is that she probably really is the voice of her generation.[View]
19259662So what's the QRD on this Viganò chap? I'm seeing words of 'based' and 'red…[View]
19259726highly literary biographies on /lit/ figures: what are some well written and entertaining biographie…[View]
19259556i could not concentrate in burger king holy shit, drumpf 'phobes were talking again jesus chris…[View]
19243460How fast does /lit/ read? How fast can you get through a book, no skimming allowed? Currently doing …[View]
19258289So the moral of the story is to detransition and repress if you want to be happy?[View]
19251746Buddhism and Eastern Spirituality as Control: Any other books destroying the modern emphasis on East…[View]
19241266Lit starter kit: Alright anons, my goal for this year was to start reading more and I wanted to comp…[View]
19257788I need modern English version of Shakespeare's plays. Where can I find them? >t. esl…[View]
19259358Man, fuck the Romans for weebing out over Greekshit, The Numina were way cooler. >It was a simple…[View]
19253007Can anyone recommend me books that explore the existential crisis that comes with the knowledge of t…[View]
19257943/lit/ Hall of the obscure books: Find this book while searching an hoi4 mod, seems based schizo What…[View]
19257731>heading back from the gym I stop at a book boutique outside the mall >checking out what sort …[View]
19257754I have no idea how to organize my ebooks: Hi /lit/ I have a lot of ebooks scattered in various folde…[View]
19257949Christianity beliefs Greek Language Books: Which literature to use to learn Koine Greek? I know Chur…[View]
19253399his whole philosophy boils down to 'your rights end where my freedom begins' i've never read an…[View]
19257883In public and private, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler made warm statements about Islam as a relig…[View]
19255780Are there any books that delve into the business world and how everyone in it is a fucking sociopath…[View]
19258449Were the Tralfamadorians a delusion? My middle school English teacher said they were, but I think sh…[View]
19256004Has a book ever ruined your life, /lit/?[View]
19258568Books about being inoculated, pandemic books: Is there literature explaining the new inoculation fro…[View]
19257824Gimme a hand here please. I'm reading DFW's 'How Tracy Austin broke my heart' and I'v…[View]
19258413Okay /lit/, Autumn is here and I want to read a comfy crime book. I'm torn between two authors,…[View]
19258692Has anyone here read Sociology for the South or Cannibals All? Any good?[View]
19248159Comfy lit: /comfy/ lit thread Grab a cup of coffee boys, it’s about to get comfy. What are you readi…[View]
19256162What're some batshit insane books?[View]
19255142Someone help me make sense of the main argument in this book — What are its flaws & does McGilch…[View]
19257544For a literature board filled with consumers of art and literature most of you guys seem really fine…[View]
19253230How come /lit/ doesn't discuss Paul Kingsnorth more?: He's pretty much your /lit/s wet dre…[View]
19253697Knut Hamsun and Franz Kafka: Which books should I read, which author is objectively better?[View]
19254732The final boss of literature[View]
19255904Could a masterpiece be created today?: If a book like Ulysses , Anna Karenina, or Lolita came out to…[View]
19258220their latest album, M. John Harrison, what else?[View]
19258215'3.19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as t…[View]
19256658Best non-fiction books: If you google something like 'best non-fiction books', you get a list of rec…[View]
19256956Are there any novelists who are on his level in terms of language and visual depth? Could you actual…[View]
19252222/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Ground Zero edition Previous Thread:>>19246002 …[View]
19254771Where do I start with this guy?[View]
19256959>my name is darkstar and I am of the night[View]
19257028The Magic of Thinking Big: How does this rank for self help books? Be honest...[View]
19248212'America Against America' by Wang Huning: This is a fascinating report on Wang Huning, a Chinese pol…[View]
19257845What the hell does Quasi mean ? all the gurus i watch on youtube keeep using that word thanks ahead …[View]

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