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12948419fun but easy philosophy book to read?[View]
12950941Any good books related to the philosophy of the Free Software Movement and the dangers of big corpor…[View]
12951132Anyone have a PDF of Lolita?[View]
12951237Are there modern authors underappreciated in their time?[View]
12951835I really like Eliot's verse dramas. Any recommendations for other modern dramas written in vers…[View]
12950838are bookstores that don't allow shelf space for upcoming female authors morally wrong?[View]
12951984everyone jacks off dune but what about his other works are any of them just as good? I know God Empe…[View]
12951801Anyone read this or heard of it?[View]
12947133e.e. cummings: the boys i mean are not refined they go with girls who buck and bite they do not give…[View]
12951887Der Blonde Eckbert: So I just found out that I'm related to the guy who wrote pic related. Can …[View]
12951820Are writer's workshops worthwhile? I've got a plot summary for a novel that I've been…[View]
12939614Can we separate the man from his work?: Is it possible to separate, for example, Kant's racist …[View]
12951753is there any modern travel lit worth reading? I feel like one couldn't write something as comfy…[View]
12950641I think Nick Land SUCKS[View]
12950260Teenager girls absolutely love this guy (at least in my country). Why is that? I've never read …[View]
12936430ITT: Share your most contrarian literary opinions[View]
12951666What does /lit/ think of Galloway?[View]
12951442I have PhD in Philosophy and I had a hard time with this Phenomenology of Spirit. It boggles my mind…[View]
12938968Why does it feel like this guy was the J. K. Rowling/Dan Brown/Stephen King of his time?[View]
12951395Harold Bloom did not approve Lord of the Rings. Do you think it's still okay to read?[View]
12951291i want to read the bible, but which version should i read? i was doing a bit of investigation into i…[View]
12949754So it was a LOTR rip off right?[View]
12951339Did Hegel really misunderstand Kant or is that just a meme?[View]
12950982Deano core books?: What kind of books does Deano like?[View]
12951334So fucking boring. Literally just some boomer showing off his historical knowledge and giving anecdo…[View]
12951445>The question is, is it responsible and moral for public intellectuals and scientific minds to fu…[View]
12948629Suggestions for books or essays that either argue for or against late term abortions (third trimeste…[View]
12950667Stories that take place in simulations while the MC's actual body is in some sort of chamber or…[View]
12948494What should I read to understand Russian foreign policy? >Inb4 dugin[View]
12951019What does /lit/ think of Danny Dennet?[View]
12951427Post comfy books Sorry if the image is sideways or upside-down[View]
12951373Goodreads review thread[View]
12946367Any other book similar to this?[View]
12949119I want more books like this. >an intellectual mystery combining semiotics in fiction, biblical a…[View]
12948639Why does this board dislike English /lit/ so much? There's always someone saying how English is…[View]
12950983Thoughts on this great book?: Sean is GOD[View]
12951263I wrote a short story (didn't do anything with it, haven't shown it to anyone) I keep gett…[View]
12950415No, I don’t want anything. I already said I don’t want anything. Don’t come to me with conclusions! …[View]
12951211Just wanted to share that I'm excited to have begun my classics studies. Just reading for fun, …[View]
12944567Is this a good introduction to norse mythology?[View]
12935558Anyone here know any entry level music theory or piano books?[View]
12950455Teleology of reproduction: Suppose that Dialectical Monism subsumes any Monad's relation to an …[View]
12950319Please help /lit/. I have only recently taken to reading as I hated being forced to read growing up.…[View]
12950662Can anyone recommend a book of short stories that deal with spirits and myths and shit and how they …[View]
12948278Spy books from Cold War: Recommendations for good spy books from cold war please.[View]
12943138About to read this am I in for?[View]
12918873The Twitteratti are going after /ourguy/ Bret Easton Ellis. https://twitter.com/search?q=%22Bret%20E…[View]
12947443>19 And (unto man): O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden and eat from whence ye will, bu…[View]
12950793Is this good prose?[View]
12949540Manifesto of Futurist Cooking: >No more pasta, as it causes lassitude, pessimism and lack of pass…[View]
12951001Gay nigger shit.It has good bits but it's mostly repetitions of 'oh gawd I love u Teresa' and g…[View]
12948573What am i in for?[View]
12950172Thoughts on Blanchot?[View]
12950940>why yes, my favorite author is Natsume Sōseki, how could you tell?[View]
12950572>Why do you dislike writers who go in for soul-searching and self-revelations in print? After all…[View]
12950754Is he really worth the effort to understand properly?[View]
12947212Does /lit/ visualize characters in prose? ...and how do you do it? >he had a high forehead >hi…[View]
12950755what does /lit/ think of this essay collection?[View]
12949203Why haven't you taken the mysticpill yet /lit/?[View]
12949981Books to guide a traditionalist politician?[View]
12937601What translation should I read, friends?[View]
12948662>'Dylan lifted one shoe off the bar, froze, and then swung it up to the next rung, letting out a …[View]
12949333Am I missing something if I don't watch a play but just read it?[View]
12950482Thoughts on Badiou's take on Pessoa (p36-p45)? https://books.google.com/books?id=tvdrGzsVRFsC…[View]
12946610>review blurbs has quotes from negative reviews[View]
12950425As Easter rolls around, let's talk about Jesus. What portrayal/idea of Jesus is your favourite …[View]
12950565Count Graduon by Chris Chan: https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Count_Graduon >Count Graduon is the prime…[View]
12949901>it still is my custom, though of late I have become a little lenient to myself,--to write with m…[View]
12950427What if Ivan hallucinated his meeting with Smerdyakov, and if he didn't is Smerdyakov really an…[View]
12948822This is the greatest poet to have ever lived. Say something nice about him[View]
12949239>its a Levin's farm chapter *flips through pages*[View]
12946574ITT: Philosophers you skipped[View]
12950174Which is your go to?: Well, /lit/ which one are you best at making or like reading most? Which is ha…[View]
12950092any books on the howling storm of depressing inner dialogue you have to deal with day in day out?[View]
12949417Do you have the best of intentions when recommending people to start with the greeks? Or is it just …[View]
12949821'Dune' Getting New Hardcover Edition Ahead of Film: The reissue of the 1965 novel features…[View]
12947643So I recently finished Brave New World and the only question is....: I wonder if Bernard and Helmhol…[View]
12947893>Such, however, is the case with many men of learning: they have read themselves stupid. For to r…[View]
12949978Just finished this and it became my favourite. It is miles ahead of Paradise Lost and criminally und…[View]
12949741Mythology and folklore: I'm looking for some subsaharan African and Aboriginal stories. Is ther…[View]
12937313Authors on other authors: Guess who wrote this about Huxley Oh, Huxley was a terrible writer, I admi…[View]
12949185Is it worth reading?[View]
12947464Why do women love Harry Potter so much?[View]
12941322Whom of the two, is the correct answer?: Pro-Technology Join-Stock Government vs Anti-Technology Nom…[View]
12947676based Pynchon >'My grandfather ran off the V-2 rocket film a dozen times and then hoped that some…[View]
12941791Kant: Was he right about synthetic apriori ?[View]
12949131Can you suggest me a few modern fantasy/sci-fi books? It's been literally a decade since I…[View]
12949161Thoughts in Alexander Galloway?[View]
12948079I want to study medieval literature. Should I focus on learning Old English or Latin?[View]
12949536RUBA’IYAT Dusk shrouds the long and useless day. Even the hope it denied us crumbles To nothing . . …[View]
12940846Is it fair for newer, more diverse authors to have to compete on the marketplace with established, d…[View]
12948693Books to stay motivated and find the strength necessary to succeed at NoFap?[View]
12944225Is this worth it?: >1152 pages Which is good, the original edition or the newer uncut version?…[View]
12946360Papa Hemingway Appreciation Thread: >started hunting at three years old >awarded the Silver M…[View]
12941684ITT: Books you couldn’t get through without losing interest[View]
12949387Post literary writings that are as good[View]
12949069Anybody here read The Republic by Plato? I just finished the translator's Introduction and Anal…[View]
12948212Chose wisely: If you could suggest someone to read a book before they killed themselves, what book w…[View]
12946012What am I in for? Just found it for 0.50€ at a shop while walking. I know I already saw people talki…[View]
12948270What is the meaning of the whole 'the first as tragedy, then as farce' thing?[View]
12948593What went wrong?[View]
12946352New to books, someone give me a hard rule for deciding whether I want to continue or drop a book aft…[View]
12942043>”Radagast the Brown!” laughed Saruman, and he no longer concealed his scorn. “Radagast the Bird-…[View]
12946180Character: What do you like to see it characters, anon?[View]
12946515I spilled lentil soup all over myself walking through the Kerameikos & a black teenager shouted …[View]
12946764What are books that do the 'multiple different plot threads all coming together at the end…[View]
12948128>want to study philosophy but can't think of any specific reasons why how do i escape litera…[View]
12948152Early High Fantasy and World Building: Recommend me something more like William Morris. Early high f…[View]
12948491Hello /lit/. Do any of you have experience with Northwestern University's Writings from an Unbo…[View]
12948234If I'm trying to get into poetry, would subscribing to the poetry magazine be a good move?[View]
12948031Oedipus at Colonus > Oedipus ex[View]
12948606Has anyone here read John Ligotti's short story purity? Of everything i've read by him it…[View]
12948294Is orating inferior to writing? Talking violates body boundaries much more visibly than writing and …[View]
12942245Learn Japanese: How would one learn Japanese? Are there any /lit/ charts or recommended books?…[View]
12948529What does /lit/ think about purple prose? Pseud bullshit to seem smarter and better than you actuall…[View]
12948118I've finished BGAE, do I read TSZ or Genealogy of Morals next?? I'd prefer Zarathustra[View]
12947338Translations: Can reading the same book in two languages result in a different perception? Does thi…[View]
12947484David Foster Wallace is enrolled in the US Navy's BUD/S: What does he write?[View]
12949662I want to study the pre-Greeks. Where can i go?[View]
12948044Book covers: Am I the only one who often has trouble deciding on which book to buy if you can't…[View]
12945642Please, read this book. Harold Bloom rated him >Machado de Assis was included on American literar…[View]
12947543is it fair to conclude that the large scale acceptance to an unprecedented extent of slave morality …[View]
12948253me while reading The Recognitions by William Gaddis[View]
12947148I'm going to jump start straight into the Greeks and Romans. I'm about to spend over £800 …[View]
12948177Can you read Investigations without reading TLP?[View]
12948045Beside TSZ and other Nietzsche books, what books turn you into Ubermensch or at least a brave pragma…[View]
12948054Sci fi book: Can somebody help me find a book? If i recall correctly it was a william gibson/gibson …[View]
12938390What are some books that help explain the appeal of popular contemporary art? I find people talking …[View]
12947932>tfw the concept for your novel finally hits you[View]
12946965I'm a musician who needs to write poetry/lyrics: I have no problem with coming up with chords, …[View]
12943070what are the best books about stoicism[View]
12947147I thought he was just a meme, but he's right[View]
12945928Did anybody actually enjoy East of Eden? The writing is fine and all but there's literally no s…[View]
12947899Bible translations: Hey /lit/. I think I'm going to finally read the bible. What is the transla…[View]
12947884Why can't novelist write characters like this properly? Only film nails troubled, intellectual,…[View]
12947877which is better to round out the story of the Trojan war: Posthomerica by a Greek way after the epic…[View]
12945158What does /lit/ think of Khalil Gibran?[View]
12947757online books clubs?: are there any that aren't utter normie shit? i tried a couple of discord …[View]
12948550Is Satan from the bible and Allah from the Quran the same entity?[View]
12946770Writing With Music: When writing my first book I would almost always write listening to music. Now t…[View]
12945688What does /lit/ think of Feyerabend?[View]
12944914why has there been no novelty in aesthetics or anything revolutionary in literature or really any ar…[View]
12947339How best to preserve paperbacks?: Will clear packing tape work to laminate the edges of the cover/sp…[View]
12947397Any book with a silly or unoriginal plot, but that it's prose makes it great?[View]
12947712Mystery peaked with her[View]
12947282Why do cityfags read and walk in public at the same time?[View]
12947532Why did Booth Tarkington's popularity decline so much? Why is he not as widely read as his cont…[View]
12947601The Book of Mormon is shit, but the other Mormon holy books are pretty based desu.[View]
12947685Best books on film? Film theory, history, technical stuff, whatever.[View]
12947106Optomists take credit: shakespearean tragedy: Ps. I have to write some shit about hamlet and I came …[View]
12946592Alfred North Whitehead thread. Discuss.[View]
12944408what am i in for?[View]
12945774Why are the Austrians so based?[View]
12946733Hello /lit/, Could you recommend some 'self improvement' literature. No I'm not talking about …[View]
12943051Wrote a short story and put it on Amazon to see if it can make some passive cash. I made it free for…[View]
12946756What's your favorite word?[View]
12947513Thoughs on The Bible. Im reading it and by far sems like a pretty solid book[View]
12932960How do you reconcile the teachings of Jesus Christ with the vicious, vengeful and ridiculous god of …[View]
12947495Thoughts on 'Postscript on the Societies of Control?' https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/gilles…[View]
12918254/Chart/: Chart Thread. Post /lit/ charts.[View]
12947418Do you miss her, /lit/? It wasn't 'you' last time you held each other. Whoever you are now, if …[View]
12947395Alright /Lit, I graduate college in 3 weeks? Any advice? Books to read. Etc.[View]
12947104So it looks like this is the book to read right now. Any of you all going to do a reading?[View]
12946924>Decide how my favorite character will die >Tear up Forgive me...…[View]
12946694Are you able to write like the average mormon of the past?[View]
12946919So I'm having trouble with rhythm in my writing. I don't know how long or short a sentence…[View]
12946325For me? It's OAB.[View]
12947239Is Bruno Latour important? Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
12947087Hey, maybe this is the wrong place for this, but I can’t find much information on this edition of Im…[View]
12944341Which non fiction has the best prose?[View]
12945964Just to be clear, I’m not a professional ‘quote maker’. I’m just an atheist teenager who greatly val…[View]
12947013Whats the most /lit/ language to learns beyond English? I've considered French(just to read, I …[View]
12938973Are writers more mentally ill on average? Such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression, or mild psych…[View]
12945097Connecting the pieces: Any good translation out there? José Vasconcelos Calderón (cosmic race) had a…[View]
12941097should i just off myself: this prose shows no discernible talent. do i die now? also anons wallowing…[View]
12942285I've seen a lot of shit covers for classics, but what are your favorites? I quite like this one…[View]
12946932Are we ever going to get around to a hard, fixed theory about beauty and aesthetics, or is it destin…[View]
12945304what the fuck[View]
12946892>'While on holiday in France he [Wittgenstein] purchased a little rowboat. I asked him what on ea…[View]
12937650Are the traditional themes and structures in poetry just dead? Adorno said that every new attemp to …[View]
12945875I'm really dumb and I can't understand this book that well, but I like some of the ideas h…[View]
12943971How can i improve my sentence structure? every time i try to write something it usually ends up look…[View]
12946857How do I read Foucault?: Which book do I start with? Which order should I read them in?[View]
12935148>post an image >get a book recommendation based on that image…[View]
12946224Are there any other books where people get jobs with extremely unrealistic ease?[View]
12946553Why does /lit/ obsses over crap like una bomber, evola, moldbug, etc? It all seems so middlebrow[View]
12938936Hegel: I think I'm ready to read POS. I've been putting it off because Peirce warned me th…[View]
12945956How long will this take me to read? I just started today. Would 3-5 days be possible?[View]
12946451>Dude >Did you ever watched that Simpson cartoon? >I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A BOOK NOW DAWG…[View]
12946311Harold Bloom says lord of the rings sucks and reminds him of the book of mormon. I guess I shouldn…[View]
12946080Someone explain the rhizome to me. What is wrong with having hierarchies and grand metaphysical narr…[View]
12946743>read Daisy Miller >it's absolutely wonderful >read Turn of the Screw >it has occas…[View]
12930072/write/ general: What are you writing, /lit/? Note: this is not /critique/. You don't need to p…[View]
12946419is it plebeian or patrician to read more than one book at the same time?[View]
12943817Could you unironically cite this as a source for an essay?: I'm writing an essay right now abou…[View]
12946701Unique Antagonists: How do you make a unique antagonist?[View]
12946672What's the best translation of Aristotle? I've heard that Barnes is bad on here before, bu…[View]
12942268Why haven't you read it, yet?[View]
12945884How could one subvert a character with a dual personality? and would adding a third personality cou…[View]
12930561I’m cringing at you retards: It’s fucking LAUGHABLE that you think his manifesto is useful or meanin…[View]
12943087I see a lot of hate online for this one. I just finished it and loved it. What did /lit/ think? Also…[View]
12937533What version of LOTR should I buy? pic related is seemingly the only hardcover boxed set that includ…[View]
12941933Write your most heart wrenching passage based off of this image[View]
12946410Any books that touch on the topic of feeling like all your relationships are superficial?[View]
12946383Short Stories: Apart from >pic related, which other writers have amazing short stories that I can…[View]
12946483Pirate Books: Gimme some good pirate books So far I've got Treasure Island and Pirate Freedom (…[View]
12944871Asked my dad for a book recommendation and he told me pic related. It's pretty long, anyone kno…[View]
12922859Make predictions about the future of literature[View]
12940455Best non-duality lit?[View]
12946190Good translations of Divine Comedy: I'm not going to pretend I'm an English Grad or anythi…[View]
12942628ITT: Post authors whose ideas have never been refuted.[View]
12942381Which is better to start with if my interest is sparked by his 'aristocracy of the soul' idea: Revol…[View]
12944856>the contents of every philosophy book can be explained in a handful of sentences in light of thi…[View]
12942385you aren't real, and no matter how hard you try to construct a 'self' out of the books you like…[View]
12945508Is there a good book that explains the several divisions and subdivisions of the German Army in Worl…[View]
12944673Phaedo: Good secondary literature on Phaedo/discussion thread? Did you find his arguments on the imm…[View]
12944419Did you guys like this? I really liked the characters, especially Wednesday but really I kinda felt …[View]
12941511ayn rand: can someone explain why rand isn't considered a 'real' philosopher by the mainstream?…[View]
12943999I just received an email that I won a literary award for a short story I wrote, and I can't con…[View]
12945773>In 1977, a petition was addressed to theFrench parliamentcalling for the abrogation of several a…[View]
12946076Which edition of War and Peace should I buy?[View]
12946115I become what I don’t think I am.: Orion of All, I am, therefore tremble to the all mighty who never…[View]
12945791Where do I start with him?[View]
12937747What did he foresee that made him kill himself?[View]
12945193I was reading a Yeats poem, and I felt pass inside of me a spook of subservience. Am I really so ind…[View]
12942769What's your favorite Milan Kundera book?[View]
12944942Finished with part 1/2. Incredibly gripping: This style of writing is spellbinding. What are some re…[View]
12938643If a stoic were working for a company, would he seek a raise or a transfer to a better company, or w…[View]
12942160ITT: list the next books you're going to buy, others convince you not to: I'll go first …[View]
12943230Who was wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aqGYYBwKbQ[View]
12945472Would it be profitable to write a book about the struggles of being an average, young male in curren…[View]
12945217Walking to the public library in my town today. What's a book that I should pick up? Shorter is…[View]
12944874Post the first and last words of a text (not including articles) and other people guess the book/poe…[View]
12945349Why'd he do it lads?[View]
12945763Books regarding debates and other types of rational deliberation: Are there any books that show how …[View]
12945754I am interested in reading The Adam and Eve story by chan Thomas , but i was told its classified and…[View]
12896963Dark/Disturbing books: Which ones have you read? Did you like them? What do you think of this chart,…[View]
12937419Horror recommendations: Pretty much the title. I want to get into the genre, but I have absolutely n…[View]
12945659Who should be sent out to find the superlative horse?[View]
12942091Just finished Messiah, what am I in for boys? Is it really as much of a slough as everyone says?[View]
12937826Your top 3 deepest books?: I'm searching for special kind of books, with deep meaning. I really…[View]
12939327China: Does this country have any good literature to offer? Where should I start?[View]
12945102The Sea-Wolf / Jack London: The overall ideology of The Sea-Wolf seems heavily at odds with Jack…[View]
12945118What's the best version of Dante's Divine Comedy? Or at least which one did you read? >…[View]
12941095>Those fiery letters, meanwhile, had disappeared; there were ten seconds of complete darkness; th…[View]
12942565Eschatology: What is a good introduction to eschatology?[View]
12937741> 'Thou goest to women? Do not forget thy whip!' Thus spake Zarathustra. Really nigga?…[View]
12941596How many pages did everyone read today? For me it was 28 pages from one book, but it was a decent a…[View]
12944062Can someone explain this oedipus thing to me? Thanks Kill the father, fuck the mother[View]
12935952Damn universities: Columbia University has decided to start using a 'feminist translation' of the Od…[View]
12944031What book is best read or representive for each month? Looking for a proper april novel bros. Jan. =…[View]
12943176Hey /lit/, how do I get a friend who only reads history/politics into sci fi and fantasy more.[View]
12943919What's her fucking problem?[View]
12943949Looking for entire books with beautiful poetic prose and sombre reflective soliloquies, preferably s…[View]
12945195Thoughts on William Gass? What should I read from his non-fiction?[View]
12941383Does anyone have good poems about happy emotions like peace, calmness and joy? I find many such poem…[View]
12944626Best books about insurgents, terrorists, guerrilla warfare, etc? Bonus points if it's a memoir.[View]
12945035what am i in for?[View]
12942644why do no one read this authors?[View]
12940313What does /lit/ think of Isabelle Stengers, Bruno Latour, and Ilya Prigogine?[View]
12943533A friend of mine gifted me this on my birthday. My inner /pol/-tard is telling me to ignore it, but …[View]
12942941what was that really short story he wrote like someone driving to see a friend they pretend to like[View]
12938225What are some more good bedside books?[View]
12944417>With riches in hand never seen before by the humble folk of the Shire, Bilbo seemed among them a…[View]
12944399Wasn't it Oppenheimer who said that 'any man whose mistakes take 10 years to correct is quite a…[View]
12943062Is there implied sexual tension between Gabriel Conroy and Miss Ivors in Joyce's 'The Dead' (Iv…[View]
12939987>It wasn't that good... what kind of person do you imagine[View]
12943691What's your ratio of fiction to non-fiction books. For me it's 5 fiction vs 3 non-fiction …[View]
12941659>What if we drag a Simpson episode for like 800 pages dude[View]
12938673I just read “The Kekulé Problem” How the fuck did a brainlet like him write so many good books? He’s…[View]
12937827What other good cosmic horror stories are there besides the ones Lovecraft wrote ? I love the genre …[View]
12932583Isn't any counter-nihilistic approach towards life nothing but just pure cope? Maybe nihilism e…[View]
12944023Opinions and critique: I'm currently writing my first book, it will be free on reddit, and I ne…[View]
12941722What does /lit/ think of Deleuze?[View]
12943788What are some books that really go in-depth about spy procedurals (like disguises, message passing e…[View]
12938861Natural science often works just like Austrian economics. You know the Maxwell velocity distribution…[View]
12941224'The ultimate evil in the temporal world is deeper than any specific evil. It lies in the fact that …[View]
12943696Picked this up at a second hand bookshop for 2 euro. What am I in for?[View]
12942975I'm tired of reading poems and literature about how fleeting and ultimately miserable romantic …[View]
12921013Stack thread: R8, h8, whatever[View]
12943127Who reads this garbage?: It exists so someone must read it. But who? What are the target audience?…[View]
12938986-Deleuze/Guattari bow to Land -In contact with the Outside -Possesses occult-like abilities -Control…[View]
12938359what other books can i read that have a similar vein or closely stylized like Hunter's Fear and…[View]
12943435Which translation of the Arabian Nights' should I get?[View]
12939512“Decolonizing the Classics”: I'll be attending a public forum this week at my university about …[View]
12943312Good Old Neon: >David Wallace blinks in the midst of idly scanning class photos from his 1980 Aur…[View]
12939631Just finished pic related, the ending was fucking awful. Everyone was a bunch of fucking traitors…[View]
12943178> His name is Marcus Cassianus Postumus > Appointed General by Emperor Valerian under the Empe…[View]
12942776So I'm taking a Supernatural and horror literature class at college in the fall, and the readin…[View]
12942173New /lit/ user: New to /lit/ and i want to start sharing my various poems that i write. Hope you lik…[View]
12942163Paradise Lost: Okay, has anyone here actually read this? The footnotes are longer than the actual te…[View]
12934938Why am I not as articulate verbally as I am while writing? Its not that I get the luxury of time, ev…[View]
12942629I found some poems I wrote when I was around 13/14 and my parents were splitting up and I felt all t…[View]
12942572why does /lit/ shy away from Godel? are his results just too painful for us to confront?[View]
12942624>Atje Hanebut real subtel...[View]
12942613Fuck Harry Potter: The hidden Truth to Harry Potter, and it's fashion of apocolpse. Harry Potte…[View]
12941410Reality vs Fiction: what are some counterexamples of this probably-reddit-made-meme?[View]
12939402Do you even feel like literature is a poor's man way to tackle life? Like we are having process…[View]
12939168Who did it better than Burroughs?: This man has way too much influence on my work. I'm not look…[View]
12942411Was it genre fiction?[View]
12936473What is it about King’s writing that appeals to so many people? Clearly, King’s readers — many of wh…[View]
12940512who are the best singers/songwriters who have tried to mix music with poetry aside from the nobel p…[View]
12941441How would you go about monetizing a single poem, if you knew that poem to be, arguably, one of the g…[View]
12940787Some thought please?: Good day /lit/, it's my first time posting here. I have an idea for a boo…[View]
12938086Why are non-canonical gospels bad/good? Who decided there would only be 4 of the main canon[View]
12941244Post the cinematic equivalent of a given author: in this case obviously McCarthy and Eastwood are of…[View]
12933551South Cone Literature? I am currently in Chile and about to tour the Argentine Republic; for some bl…[View]
12939902The Book of Disquiet: Is this translation any good? I am also considering the new edition from Marga…[View]
12940583>Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719–22), claims to be the memoirs of an actual person, “written…[View]
12941814What are some 'must read' books for someone who hasn't seriously read since high school, but wa…[View]
12941693I'm a highschool literature teacher and I'm thinking of integrating this into my black his…[View]
12941464What are some patrician books?[View]
12941800Which work do I read first?[View]
12939159Thoughts? Personally I really liked it.[View]
12941195>He hasn't read Baudelaire Why not?[View]
12939581>transcendental empiricsm what did he mean by this?[View]
12941438If I am rich will it be pretty easy to get my novel published supposing it is at least decent? Like …[View]
12937968your favorite font to read books: post it[View]
12936584What's a good book for someone who likes themes of good and evil but hates empty moralizing?[View]
12941293Are plays /lit/? Can we discuss dramatic works here?[View]
12940269I wrote a screenplay: Would you guys like to hear the premise?[View]
12939144getting started on Western Thought: Are there any other books like pic related ? (Ideas and men By C…[View]
12941215Just finished reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The story is an account of a journey into …[View]
12940491Society of the Spectacle: >Hegelian >Marx Bastards, you faggots didn't me tell there wer…[View]
12938175How is your philosophy lecture going ? Mine was good, we watched a ted talk, then watched an extrac…[View]
12936919Why isnt anyone doing anything big or radical in philosophy or even literature today? The French pos…[View]
12930403/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Books from other cultures edition Post some obscure b…[View]
12940961What place does this take in Nietzsche's oeuvre? How essential is it to read?[View]
12941099As Notre Dame is burning, can we get a Dominique Venner appreciation thread going?[View]
12939917Has anyone read this?[View]
12939445writing prompt: Write a paragraph as a reaction to this[View]
12936860Is this something I can just jump into? Is there any expected background knowledge or anything? I bo…[View]
12939740Tips for reading in a noisy place? I am at work but have a lot of free time. Sneaking a few ebooks I…[View]
12939869>Accordingly, we will find on the whole that people are sociable to the degree that they are inte…[View]
12937440Authors of /lit/, how do you gain popularity?: >Make a Facebook page for my future writings >U…[View]
12935171After writing for many years, I've come to accept that I will never succeed. My writing isn…[View]
12938763Late-readers: The first time i ever read a book was when i was 20yo. It was an YA/children book call…[View]
12938363Where do I start with him?[View]
12940157did anything end up happening with this?[View]
12940457Correct sentence: >There is sufficient data and strong ideas that suggest we cannot justify... …[View]
12938659> he has ever paid for an ebook do first-worlders really?[View]
12931446Thoughts?: What am I in for?[View]
12939754Victor Hugo appreciation thread[View]
12940223Is Kerouac's Void just Taoist fanfare? A poetic device?[View]
12937963Books that will make me gain intelligence, power, assertiveness, confidence and strategy: What books…[View]
12940187which khodasevich translation to read?: Is there an acceptable one of his selected works in english?…[View]
12936870The Right Side of History: >America has a God-shaped hole in its heart, argues New York Times bes…[View]
12935299Just finished this: What of his should I read next?[View]
12939465do you guys have any tips for world building: I what to make a fantasy world but I dont want to make…[View]
12939518For Tolkien fans: Which is your favourite of the three books of lotr? For me it's the first one…[View]
12933461/LIT/ FREE FALLING: I posted a thread about this board's quality having dropped tenfold over th…[View]
12937739I am, I was, I will, I shall be, have been and shall become, being becomest, bequeathed, behest and …[View]
12937833Does anyone else here not really read any fiction? Or maybe only a bit?[View]
12937883Where all the female philosophers at?[View]
12939147Are they worth reading?[View]
12925239>previous lit professor assigns Odyssey >it's okay >current lit professor assigns Aene…[View]
12939020Pills on E-Readers: Bluepill me or redpill me on e-readers. Opinions, discussions, etc. I'm thi…[View]
12938831Satyricon: I would like to read Satyricon. Is this a good translation to purchase? If not, which wou…[View]
12938388Modern dark romanticism: Do you know any modern authors who write in the tradition of Black Romantic…[View]
12932906is this /lit/ approved?[View]
12938680What do you think about french literature?: Is it god-tier or overrated?[View]
12938521>being an adult and still having an ego[View]
12937545Read 'Indian Camp' by Hemingway. Trust me, you won't regret it. http://briancroxall.p…[View]
12929207ITT: People who lived their word.[View]
12938543Living in the city has made me rather hedonistic and materialistic. Any books for this feel?[View]
12937572Which one is better?[View]
12936150This is the closest we're getting to an Infinite Jest movie, lads.[View]
12938054Post the best book openings. I'll start.[View]
12938149Why does everyone want a 'quick rundoen', and nobody a 'deeper delve'?[View]
12933001Do you ever imagine characters of the book you're reading to look like anime characters?[View]
129381011) Your Country 2) Your High School/ Secondary School English course I'll start: >Ireland …[View]
12937743J. R. R. Tolkien: I come with a particular question but feel free to use this bread for discussing a…[View]
12938227itt lit careers and favorite short stories Post how you use your English degree and your favorite sh…[View]
12936420Dear /lit/terature, It has come to my recent attention that, despite Nabokov threads on each and eve…[View]
12933916How many books do you read a year?[View]
12938163So which one of you bastards has read this dour looking motherfucker? What should someone interested…[View]
12935447Will drinking make me a better writer? My mom bought me a bottle of pic related. Am I supposed to wr…[View]
12934191What are your favorite military biographies?[View]
12937611Screenplay huh?: Bout a film student who gets tied up with an ultra violent-professional fighter…[View]
12935577Others like PKD: I love PKD's writing, it's entertaining and full of heart and good concep…[View]
12936145If you could force someone to read 5 books, with the goal of making them as /lit/ as possible, what …[View]
12936495How are you guys preparing for the greatest debate of all time with the two master intellectuals of …[View]
12934879Lol you fucking retards trolled me with Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. He's not saying …[View]
12937878The Beast: It will never be enough, Because enough is too much. Too much is enough, at least. It car…[View]
12937865Future of writing: What do you think will be the next step in the change of medium for writing ? We…[View]
12935338What music do you listen to while reading? Pic related.[View]
12932203books of maxims: looking for books that contain proverbs, maxims, etc. an example of this would be e…[View]
12937692Anyone has any recommendations about books on how to improve memory?[View]
12923154POST-HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS PROVE A PERSONAL GOD: or at least a philosophically justifiable notion of …[View]
12935780Was the final chapter reasonable?[View]
12932471Anyone else read this before? I just finished it yesterday, never seen anyone talk about it here. I …[View]
12937664EXPLAIN object oriented ontology TO ME OR I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! DON'T DUMB IT DOWN INTO S…[View]
12937405I think I might be a genius level writer from a talent perspective but I never fucking write so I…[View]
12937412Every philosopher worthy of this name studied something else outside of philosophy or worked in diff…[View]
12936065i have copies of barnes' The Presocratic Philosophers and plato's complete works on my she…[View]
12932266>“You know that the beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a…[View]
12937489BEHIND THE DUNE: Best writing out of the entire series. Honestly I was quite amazed.[View]
12934427Is there any reason not to read him?[View]
12935421What are the best books ever written on parenting?[View]
12937458Philosophy: What are the essentials?: Is Plato fundamental? What about Kant? What do you guys believ…[View]
12935085I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.: What's your favorite Harry Potter book, /lit/? And w…[View]
12935376What translation is considered the best?[View]
12937431Peace Studies: How come /lit/ never told me about Galtung? He is pretty based.[View]
12937145What a piece of shit[View]
12936334Any authors capture the creepy vibe of the original twilight zone? If you say Ligotti you'll di…[View]
12935824Paul's lost epistle to the Laodiceans: How does something this important get lost?[View]
12936738What was his fucking problem?[View]
12935136Why would he had disagreed with the mass murder of ill constituted people?[View]
12937270How did this happen?: Fuck integrity, I just want the comfy writing life, senpai. Where do I start?…[View]
12934673Is #nameTheTrait the most profound philosophical argument of our time?[View]
12930591This any good?[View]
12935775Books about wasting time on trivial things while others are being exploited in the third world to su…[View]
12935849How many pop philosophers talk bullshit and know that they talk bullshit but they also know how they…[View]
12937230I attended a talk recently by a great contemporary poet, and one thing he said that struck me was th…[View]
12937072How do I prepare myself to read the Critique? I tried reading it and got my ass kicked, had to think…[View]
12926869How come when the Antichrist writes a book, it possesses all the qualities of youth: enthusiasm, foo…[View]
12937204/lit/ buyfag thread: >doesn't have a private library of my own >hires full-time private l…[View]
12936854It isn’t a bad thing to desire some sort of fame or fortune when it comes to creating art. I seriou…[View]
12931249How can one man be so BASED?: >'Ellison attended Ohio State University for 18 months (1951–53) be…[View]
12936171ITT: Unadaptable Books[View]
12932794Ottoman literature: What are some good works of literature written in the Ottoman empire and transla…[View]
12932909>i read audiobooks[View]
12937016Sad endings: I just finished reading The Idiot of Dostoyevsky. I must say I haven’t read a more trag…[View]
12935873Any good books to up my speech and or writing level?[View]
12936977Yesterday I was a five foot two intellectual weakling. The river Sambation came up to my neck, the s…[View]
12936389Is he the most problematic /lit/core author?[View]
12936666Is it good?[View]
12933869How can silly taoist/buddhist faggots even compete?: Imagine being an eastern religion afficianado a…[View]
12936905Italian novel: My mind is full of thoughts about novel that was read long time ago. There are a man …[View]
12930805Haruki Murakami: “If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there's …[View]
12936370what books would these characters relate to[View]
12930674>You are only what you do Why /lit/ reject this? If you fap to traps, you perform a fag's ro…[View]

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