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15015161do girls and/or cute bois browse /lit/?[View]
15015218>yes, i care more about the quality of the thread than the number of replies. How could you tell?…[View]
15014041How the fuck do I learn +2000 non-latin characters and then retain them as long as possible? Mainly …[View]
15014825Reading suggestions: Hi, I'm a zoomer with a short attention span and I have a lot of time to …[View]
15015157Taleb: Is he the most successful right wing intellectual alive?[View]
15013864Atlas Shrugged for escapism: Friday night alone and depressed; reading it's the only thing that…[View]
15014093Is it true /lit/?[View]
15015390Based and red-pilled Greco-Roman mythological characters: >Aeneas >Diomedes >Hector >…[View]
15015256pick one[View]
15015311Literature to help me stop cooming? I need help, /lit/.[View]
15012284>sincerely, megan[View]
15014981What book should I read if I'm a gemini?[View]
15014570How do I stop procrastinating and start reading.: I used to read a lot, now I don't. I just lay…[View]
15015093Hypothetically If I was perma-ban from 4channel because I said 'FUCK JANNIES'. What would be the be…[View]
15014902>3.5 hours to write a 4 page essay because I procrastinated[View]
15015233>read literature >become Cesarean monarchist anyone else?…[View]
15015268I can't write poetry[View]
15014602What should i read to get to understand communism? I envisioned my opinion where current situation s…[View]
15012382Why haven’t they still accepted the superiority of the Anglo-Empiricism? Are they butthurt that thei…[View]
15015208any book about being tired? i just want justice, im tired. tired of watching satan winning.[View]
15014783if Mark Twain is a hack how come his No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger manuscript is so good[View]
15014155>Everyone exploits one another Books on exploitation.[View]
15014040The Lit Quarterly - Quarantine Edition: Good night to ye all. Information: The spring edition is sti…[View]
15014830Why yes I do think my soul is a physical manifestation of my body, how could you tell?[View]
15015107Is this book place safe?: So Anons does anyone know if this site is legit? I’m trying to find a sour…[View]
15014106Where to buy foreign language books: Hi anon. I'm looking to buy a friend of mine Sátántangó in…[View]
15011809Let's settle this once and for all, who was the better writer?[View]
15012760shut the fuck up ab guenon: Just so everyone who doesn't already know can know: Every post abou…[View]
15013180>Privately educated students make up over 40% of elite university students even though they repre…[View]
15013126Bruh look at this dude AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH[View]
15014574>start online discussion >think of all the refutes i will say to all the counterpoints that ca…[View]
15015002Is it ok if I steal plots and characters?[View]
15014942hey did any of you read (one of) ryu murakami's books? did you like 'em?[View]
15013802>9 fucking Guenon threads Just ban me desu[View]
15013862Books that describe to a foreigner what is like to live in burgerland?[View]
15012307Is becoming a lawyer a good way to make a living while being a writer? Sergio de la Pava seems to ha…[View]
15014312>I FUCKING LOVE CAMP OF THE SAINTS! Such a redpilled literary classic! How could you tell?…[View]
15013522Has anybody read this book? I want to find something that really dives deep into morbid subjects lik…[View]
15014750>People think Blood Merdian should, or even could, be adapted to film[View]
15014867Feral Hog: I posted some lyrics and asked for your opinion on them last night, here's the finis…[View]
15014842Who are some good contemporary poets ?[View]
15014583Tfw you wake up[View]
15014824>protagonist insults the reader[View]
15013760Socialism is an eternally optimistic philosophy, it presumes that all members of a society are basic…[View]
15001662#5 /SpGT/ - Lazarillo edition: Welcome to the official thread for Spanish /lit/erature (español). Fe…[View]
15012562Have you been daydreaming about your novel again, anon?[View]
15012741if i just read the prolegomena, will they catch me?[View]
15014235>The Virgin Pulitzer Prize >The Chad National Book Award…[View]
15012096Leftist Narcissism: Are there books to explain leftist narcissism?[View]
15008906>A slightly stronger flu forces people to stay inside for a couple weeks. >The entire world co…[View]
15012039What are some novels containing poems?[View]
15012912Pushkin: When Pushkin wrote the population of Russia proper in 1820 was about 20,000,000. Only 0.5% …[View]
15014560okay this shit slaps[View]
15014577Cinema and Signs: If I wanted to hop straight to Deleuze's work on cinema, would I be overwhelm…[View]
15014255rationality = being based on reason reason = applying logic logic = study of the forms of inferences…[View]
15014483Take the redhatpill[View]
15012501Philosophy thread: Sorry about only going over who I'm going over, but This is a general philos…[View]
15012896I'm a gaycel and I've been on /lit/ since day one. Reading has always been my way of copin…[View]
15009472Southern poets: Good poets of the american south states that will let me as a european understand th…[View]
15012818Universe: Is the universe an indeterministic place or a deterministic one?[View]
15013729Any good literature about classical musicians?: The life of a classical musician is fascinating, as …[View]
15014411ok so where is the thread from a while ago that Bret Easton Ellis was apparently posting in and got …[View]
15012938> be friendless virgin > read philosophy to find how I can be happy > reading Aristotle …[View]
15014200Does a Lingua Latina equivalent for learning Japanese exist, or at least some textbook that uses nat…[View]
15013196You wouldn't spend so much time on books if your life were happy[View]
15013626Hey there anons. State the 10 most influental ideas on your life. I'll start 01 Self contradict…[View]
15014247Best source to start learning Quranic Arabic? Nothing for pussies, something in-depth and complete.[View]
15014042I'd suck his cock and you would too.[View]
15014243Anyone read this? Thoughts?[View]
15013861Rare book check: Nothing much just Schelling going off about Giordano Bruno[View]
15014195>socratic dialogue[View]
15014234>Conceive a man by nature and misfortune prone to a pallid hopelessness, can any business seem mo…[View]
15011450Describe this image in your finest prose.[View]
15012985Either Or: why was '''''B''''' so wrong about EVER…[View]
15001585Yeah, I'm thinking his back[View]
15014202Probably wrong place but Are there any interesting debates/avenues for research in the field of fore…[View]
15013340Is Moby Dick a shitpost?: I've been reading Moby Dick off and on since the summer of 2018. I…[View]
15005681Nabokov’s Opinions on Writers: From Strong Opinions: >T. S. Eliot—Not quite first-rate. >Fyodo…[View]
15008190Shakespeare: What is your favorite of his works, /lit/?[View]
15013026Any books about dealing with emotional abuse from childhood?: I just get extremely angry thinking ab…[View]
15014036>book is over 400 pages[View]
15014085Did this predict COVID-19?[View]
15011781What should be on the reading list for someone who wishes to become well read, by Western high socie…[View]
15008377>study literature >convert to islam[View]
15014006Whats an actually aesthetic work of literary merit you can read to better your worldview if you…[View]
15013040>sucide is wrong Has anybody counter this fag? Who is the antithesis to Albert camus ?…[View]
15012461I have recently had a near death experience. After this, I have become highly paranoid and fearful t…[View]
15013067Bungo to Alchemist - Shinpan no Haguruma: >/lit/ anime Are YOU watching, bros? First episode fea…[View]
15005304What's your favorite Borges short story? For me, it's The Circular Ruins.[View]
15013801what am I meant to be getting out of this? I am 180 pages in and all hes done is larp on about Mozar…[View]
15013921Is postmodern maximalism the peak of literary achievement?[View]
15013842What would be a good pirate audiobook library? This game got me intro literature but i don't wa…[View]
15012622How the hell do I get my girlfriend to realise John green is trash[View]
15013929What happened to him?[View]
14978087Write what's on your mind: inspiration edition[View]
15012148Will Deano culture produce anything of literary merit?[View]
15013843it seems pretty much settled that a film adaptation of blood meridian can't or won't be ma…[View]
15013583Anyone read Karamzin or Fonvizin before?[View]
15013727diogenes was right[View]
15013315Can Homer be adapted to film?: Can The Iliad and The Odyssey ever be given a proper adaption? How wo…[View]
15011506>MFW i realise I am the last man[View]
15013731>DUDE the subconscious (whatever that is) is talking to you through esoteric dream ciphers! O-oh …[View]
15013199best tao te ching translation?[View]
15008924What are your reading habits like? What's your reading schedule? What do you have to improve?[View]
15012018Refute this[View]
15013277reading guide for schopenhauer?? pretty pls?[View]
15013645>Book 2 starts with Cervantes roasting an anonymous author for 6 pages Based…[View]
15011728>Synthetic a priori[View]
15013334>so, anon... now that it's just the two of us... here in quarantine... with nothing but time…[View]
15013648Is there StephenXMalachi erotic fanfiction?[View]
15013635I'm having 'that' feeling again...[View]
15013025There's no difference between daydreaming and reality: If I earnestly try to become a writer th…[View]
15012836She sits on her cunt.[View]
15012385post highly rated book that you read but didn't care about at all[View]
15011177So uh, why do normies have such a hard time accepting that characters they dislike don't have t…[View]
15013392why are the English so unfunny?[View]
15013348How does Pirate Freedom fare compared to Wolfe’s other books is it on par with The Wizard Knight?[View]
15012435War and Peace Reading Group: https://discord.gg/3Dczqw If you’re reading War and Peace, come join th…[View]
14999999Learn Greek.[View]
15012808Anyone else interested by war poetry?: I read this collection of poetry by Harvey Shapiro called Poe…[View]
15012167Post what you're currently reading, and what you'll be reading after. :3 Current: Roger Ba…[View]
15011669neighborhood library: anyone have one of these 'take one leave one' library boxes in their neighborh…[View]
15013347What books do they sell here?[View]
15013492Books where a protagonist has to learn a new(fictional) language?: I’m gonna be writing a paper on F…[View]
15013338How do you feel about plagiarism?: At what point does it become something brazen and lazy that risks…[View]
15012436>In this book – part social history and part practical guide – writer and pebble collector Christ…[View]
15013010Why are you all so angry?[View]
15013380I need your help to find the name of a writer I have forgotten and want to read again. This guy was …[View]
15013079What profession will bring in the bucks as well as leave me with enough mental energy for reading an…[View]
15008006>Camus good[View]
15012854Opinions on this book? >Now that we have seen what is in the Koran, let’s consider what is not in…[View]
15013254Aww Hell Nah Y’all got me fucked up y’all did this to mah nigga Patroclus maine Yo Hector finna p…[View]
15013144What's the meaning of the ending? Was Runciter dead the whole time as well and imagining that h…[View]
15011751What are some sad books?[View]
15010931Reading in foreign languages: When you read in a foreign language, does the little voice in your hea…[View]
15013149what are the usual tropes seen in low fantasy literature set in rural locations? we see a lot of ur…[View]
15010270Why is chinese philosophy so bad?[View]
15009788*writes the greatest novel in the English language*[View]
15009571Name a funnier book so I can read it and disagree with you[View]
15011607Christian Accelerationism: Is a synthesis of Accelerationism and Christianity possible? Why? Why not…[View]
15012863To the creative writing college students...: What are some valuable things that you've learned …[View]
15012639Christian mythology: Any good books to start learning about Christian mythology? To me, mythology ha…[View]
15012969I haven't read a single thing in the last 6 months except rational fanfiction and various blogs…[View]
15012954>Started reading literature and philosophy books a long time ago >Realize that I’ve only read…[View]
15012910>The Children of Gebelawi (1959, also known as Children of the Alley) one of Mahfouz's best …[View]
15008395What are some books similar to this film? I want something that feels raw and primordial, like it wa…[View]
15012877Retroactively refutes accelerationists: 'The explanation for this is to be found in the domesticatio…[View]
15012476what is the 'Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' of literature?: the new yorker calls it the Ulysses of conc…[View]
15012795Is he a good writer?[View]
15012778>tfw can't decide if I should study to become a philosopher or writer Books for this feel?…[View]
15012331What should I read before I read Dugin? Pic unrelated[View]
15012736>After the armament of Otanes had set sail for Samos, the Babylonians revolted, having made every…[View]
15009867Post people who misunderstood Hegel[View]
15012676>never feel confident that I know the time period and culture well enough to do historical fictio…[View]
15012521How fast do you read? I sometimes feel frustrated by my reading speed and become self aware of it wh…[View]
15010014The future of Kaczynski posters[View]
15010042Why didn’t God just make everyone good?[View]
15012653>One work attributed to 'Aristippus' in ancient times was a scandalous work entitled On Ancient L…[View]
15012628>le edgy doomer[View]
15012391How to get started with stoics?: Tried reading Letters from a Stoic by Seneca and found it hard to f…[View]
15011264Was he wrong about anything?[View]
15006945What's the deal with NRx? Someone explain it succintly[View]
15012585Books that made you cry[View]
15010976Can I attain all levels of understanding through meditation alone? I used to love reading but now I …[View]
15011123Any good books on American hegemony?[View]
15012555Books about the differences between men and women?[View]
15011246He was right.[View]
15012295Honestly, how many friends do you have? I used to feel like if I wanted to truly focus on reading an…[View]
15010276Architecture and construction books: Literature explaining the prevalence of 'tiny homes' among the …[View]
15012203Tell me which version of the Bhagavad-Gita I should read[View]
15012219>Ah, no. The religious always seem to be trying to co-opt philosophy in an effort to put a shine …[View]
15011319Meta: How can i be a constructive poster on /lit/? what unwritten rules should i know before making …[View]
15011985Where to get books from while on lockdown? I normally just get books from the library, but as my lib…[View]
15011043Hi frens. Can you give me books on art history and architecture? I want to learn more about these th…[View]
15011072Leibniz: Where should I start with him? I've already read Descartes' most important works …[View]
15004169Refutations of Christianity: I'm looking for literature where anyone refuted Christianity the s…[View]
15009534>'My life was handled by little Lo in an energetic, matter-of-fact manner as if it were an insens…[View]
15009600Where do I start with Salafist literature?[View]
15012300before /lit/ >tfw no gf after /lit/ >tfw no gf but also books on my shelf…[View]
15010956Describe this picture in your best prose[View]
15011432Recommend one book for each belief system. If you can't, you're not /lit/. Only books you…[View]
15011550The reason I can't take The Bible seriously.: Pic related.[View]
15011803Can someone who has read a lot of Coomaraswamy give me a quick rundown on his writings? Which are hi…[View]
15012178Can we have a Cañitas appreciation thread?[View]
15011434Boris Vian: Are any of his books worth a read?[View]
15010327What do I do if I know a language at a conversational but not fluent/academic level and I want to ma…[View]
15012119>Open an interesting book >Read halfway through the first page >Put the book back down bec…[View]
15011705George Saunders: Based or cringe?[View]
15011980Any good books/short stories written within the past 10-20 years? Any writers who have published thi…[View]
15010723I wrote a poem /lit/: If you are into gnosticism/hermeticism/occultism, you're a larper/midwit/…[View]
15010082What's do you think is the most profound philosophical concept?[View]
15011880>yes, i spent all my life reading only fiction whitout even learning anything from it. How could …[View]
15010400Post /fa/ + /lit/[View]
15008398what was her best work? I'm thinking Hamlet[View]
15010016Help, please.: I need ot write an essay on using TIC for education. Any interesting sources? The the…[View]
15011858Thoughts?: > Pushkin gradually became committed to social reform and emerged as a spokesman for l…[View]
15006092AMERICAN LIT: Name one country that has a richer, more elegant, and substantial literary tradition a…[View]
15011857For me, it's The Time Machine and The Man Who Could Work Miracles[View]
15011828>ahahah dude look dude HD minecraft cat's name haha dude ahahah funniest shit i have ever fu…[View]
15011646Was Thrasymachus the first tsundere?[View]
15010306Feeling a bit down, /lit/. I graduated with first class honours in a science subject, but since then…[View]
15011231History of the church: Oftentimes in works I read they discuss the catholic church, or the inquisiti…[View]
15011797Any good books that go in-depth on the human condition[View]
15008611so are you playing AC /lit/? did you make a library inside your house yet? this is mine[View]
15008870Atheism lacking any good arguments: Have Atheist philosophers ever come up with any good arguments f…[View]
15008811>tfw no qt /lit/ twink bf[View]
15009046>Contrairement à ce que pensent les modernes, n’importe quel travail, accompli indistinctement pa…[View]
15011720How come none of the Cyrenaic school texts have survived to this day?[View]
14996311/esog/: This thread is for the discussion of texts related to Hermetism, Neoplatonism (in its mystic…[View]
15009470Who was the best short story writer in the English language? No translations please Pic unrelated[View]
15011596>mathematical proof in the form of fantasy novellette https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.13758.pdf Should…[View]
15011440Are books a luxury?[View]
14991714>DUDE YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR MOM LMAO Why did anyone ever take this hack seriously?…[View]
15011335/lit/ gets published: Rainbow child, November 8 2016 tear hit ground like drop hit ship from tossed …[View]
15006745What's some good non Tolkien fantasy[View]
15010645What book if any helped you understand social interactions and develop social skills?[View]
15011163Confederate /lit/: What are some good books about the Confederacy not written by yanks/kikes[View]
15010763How will lit answer?: >Your a Highschooler in june 1944's Cean >Your passing your Baccala…[View]
15009171objectively speaking God is evil[View]
15007254Is PKD for pseuds?[View]
15007113Why is there such a massive discrepancy between speaking and writing English? In style, word usage, …[View]
15010535What's some good jewish literature?[View]
15010123Spoilers: Does knowing spoilers ever ruin a book for you?[View]
15000373Why does BAP like Brazil so much?: Is it because they are all hunks working out at the beaches or wh…[View]
15011423Anyone here read Tyll? I've only read Measuring the World by the same author and it was 10/10 c…[View]
15011067Is this a good read?[View]
15011170>You will not make any money from writing. How are you dealing with this, anons?…[View]
15009891Has this ever been refuted?: 'In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's ble…[View]
15010407when falling for the ereader meme one might as well fall good. why have you not yet pre-ordered the …[View]
15008940give me a book that will make me stop playing videogames[View]
15009712Books you were forced to read in school[View]
15010315120 Days of Sodom: Should I read it guys?[View]
15007755We try to create a new Spenglerian paradigm as synthesis to the west: Spengler believed the next gre…[View]
15011147>tfw you have been completely destroyed by modernity and your politics are merely a mask for your…[View]
15011137>find out about some poet that seems interesting >search him up on amazon >collected poems …[View]
15009306Who else here reading The Decameron?[View]
15010298Recommend me extremely sexy books, books I'll become so aroused reading that I'll have to …[View]
15010174Slave literature: What are some good books about slavery? I'm mostly looking for novels, but hi…[View]
15008477Any good romantic book other than Anna Karenina? That book spoiled cheaply constructed romance for m…[View]
15010797reynard the fox: Has anyone read this? I just started and find it extremely kino. Are there parts th…[View]
15010925>20 days and 2 hours until Ramadan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OoHj6aEzmU…[View]
15010972Erotic /lit/ thread. What are you reading now? What are your all time favorites (pic related)? I lik…[View]
15009866I want to write a story, give me some suggestions[View]
15009626He was right to see the working class as a powerful political force, but wtf is this alienation hors…[View]
15007977Early Anglo Literature: Planning on starting with Chaucer, then Shakespeare, and then Milton. What a…[View]
15009481Where would your favourite writer be placed?[View]
15007419A liberal Jewish homosexual lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on John Stuart…[View]
15010252I thought this was gonna be as detailed as The Children of Hurin (which wasn't that detailed bu…[View]
15009763How can one man be so based?[View]
15010837The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel: Have you read Nikos Kazantzakis's modern sequel to the Odyssey? D…[View]
15010205aaaaaaaaaaaa how do i read on my phone i can't do it i can't focus all i do is read two pa…[View]
15010827Is will durant a reliable historian? his histority of human sex costums seems a bit tainted by his o…[View]
15003951ITT: We replace any word in the title of a book with the word penis >The Old Man and the Penis…[View]
15001788I got my swear word t-shirt on RIP[View]
15009029what book do you think this man read?[View]
15010127Why do some people have to be so cruel to animals?[View]
15010558Hi /lit/ is there a reading flowchart like this one but for Aristotle?[View]
15008109>*Spits on H.G.'s grave*[View]
15010214Harlan Ellison on Influx of Women Writers: featuring CJ Cherryh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYQO…[View]
15010458Libertarian apologetics: What are some books defending economic freedom without relying on math(whic…[View]
15009799Looking for book suggestions to redpill me on the superiority of the Brahmin caste and why they will…[View]
14999673What's the solution to nihilism?[View]
15008982I Will become the reincarnation of The Book Club: What did you like about him ? What did you hate ?…[View]
15009784Looking for a particular novel: Is anyone familiar with a novel that has as its key component and pa…[View]
150100622020 International Booker Prize Shorlist announced: Thoughts?[View]
15010192Hey I wanna start off with poetry but don't know where can you guys list good entry level shit …[View]
15008510Looking for books on Alexander the Great, Rome, Greek society, etc Not sure where to start[View]
15006744Thoughts on reading on your computer?[View]
15009108Ted K.: Why did he look like Nick Fuentes?[View]
15009415literary 3x3[View]
15007926Why is Inferno so much more popular than Purgatorio and Paradisio? It really activates my almonds.[View]
15006825Literature to fix the defects of the green area? >inb4 you don't need books bro lmao Theory,…[View]
15010000kalam cosmological argument: any arguments to refute this atheist bros? not in terms of causation bu…[View]
15009955Need Advice: Guys i need to write an analytical essay using a primary source, do you have any sugges…[View]
15009999goodbye lit: I wasted to much time here which I could have spend reading and this site really damage…[View]
15009903Help me write a picaresque novel.: Help me write a picaresque novel. I enjoy writing about weird, ou…[View]
15009966>If you liked this you wil also enjoy...?[View]
15009951Bad old book smell: I just got a 14 volume set of old books and they have this musty library smell (…[View]
15006951Is there any literature which crosses the boundaries between Catholicism and Buddhism?[View]
15009565Can I name my son an ethnic name if im Anglo? Thinking of Ishmael, Pascal, or Ivan[View]
15009906mfw just finished Notes From Underground and realised underground man is a fucking uber-Chad compare…[View]
15009878Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: What does /lit/ think of Sherlock Holmes?[View]
15009546self awareness type of consciousness is a parasite of the flesh a society slave that dooms the flesh…[View]
15009005Now that the dust has settled, who was Shakespeare exactly? Did he even exist? Discuss. >pic unre…[View]
15007365Character Arcs: What are the greatest villain to hero character arcs in literature. This includes ar…[View]
15008815recommend me some books that will make me forget her[View]
15009453Has his proof of God been refuted?[View]
15008687Wrote some lyrics, what do you think, /lit/? Feral hog, feral hog Have you found your place? This ju…[View]
15009595>Dude i know you lost someone but you should stop whining Why is Stoicism and Seneca reddit tier …[View]
15009760Where can i find Boethius's works? The only book available everywhere is the Consolation of Phi…[View]
15009198Best Dionysian lit: >You add no distinction to the table >Nobody talks >in your presence …[View]
15009295>all book stores and libraries are closed >no one selling books online because i live in a shi…[View]
15009399Just getting into literature; is this /lit/pproved?[View]
15009701Books about the (capitalist) Economy/free Market/investing? Got about 60k€ from my family if I wante…[View]
15009218>DUDE! what if the roman empire never collapsed??? ugh...[View]
15008343What's the worst philosophy you've ever read, /lit/?[View]
15004558Why do people go to psychologists? You can literally do ANYTHING besides give these CON ARTISTS MONE…[View]
15007797Any books on boxing training, techniques and what not? The older the better[View]
15007486Contemporary philosophers who are not a scam?[View]
15009166Was Nietzsche a stoic?[View]
15009567Didn't understand fuck, apart from >TIME I LIVE IN BAD BECAUSE MY BOOK GOT REJECTED Margarit…[View]
15006901>piece of media with emphasis on comedy >'discussion' around it primarily involves q…[View]
15007675is it a crime if you don't get caught?[View]
15009144anyone else reading?[View]
15009450Where do I get started with Charlatan core?: Looking to get into frauds and plagiarists (Shankara, G…[View]
15008626Thats what I do with books that have 'metaphors'. Real men say things directly. Bugmen vei…[View]
15009394>Going to school[View]
15006818deanocore books?[View]
15009355>having to pay for academic papers How is this allowed?[View]
15008723No crit thread: It's crit thread time assholes https://justpaste dot it/3yn2o[View]
15009192Who is the greatest writer alive now? I say Aaron Dempski-Bowden[View]
15007925Why can't they produce good literature?[View]
15009050So ive been reading all of the pages on SEP for philosophy of mathematics and holy shit why do peopl…[View]
15007680Michel Houellechad: What do /lit/ anons think about Michel Houellebecq? Personally, I find him a com…[View]
15007393What is the best way to write a villain?[View]
15009165looking for genuine information/books on astrological ages and relation to religious scripture etc: …[View]
15008537What is this form of poetry called? It's obviously three syllables per line, but is there any k…[View]
15008350I took a course in Symbolic Logic. Where do I go from here as to logic and analytical philosophy?[View]
15008564Will reading books help me retain attention: I can only remember one simple sentence i read. Reading…[View]
15005987>I am a sick man... I am a spiteful man. I am the hoochie coochie man. What did he mean by this?…[View]
15004378>Postmodernism? >Sorry, I prefer heartfelt works lacking in bitterness or irony >Can I inte…[View]
15008375François Laruelle: Any thoughts on the non-philosopher? He writes mainly on mathematics, immanence, …[View]
15008903What do we mean when we say 'It was wrong of her' or 'There are 3 of them' These…[View]
15008652Recommend me some good chinese lit that isn't genre fictions or wuxia, preferably modern, but a…[View]
15008681Plays: Rec. me some good short plays(less than 100 pgs or so).[View]
15006770Books that give you hope for the future?[View]
15008785Why did he do it, /lit/?[View]
15008794What does /lit/ think? Been reading the Gregory Hays translation, really good so far[View]
15004853How do you deal with eye strain from reading?[View]
15008639Landscape in literature: I'm out here ref-hunting, bros. Who writes best about landscape? Inter…[View]
15007642My grandpa is 73 years old and has only read one book in its entirety in his whole life. Pic related…[View]
15008621Dear followers of Abdul Wahid Yahya(PBUH): Dear fellow followers of Abdul Wahid Yahya (PBUH), There …[View]
15007584Antinatalism and Nihilism are the only philosophical positions based in the reality of life. The onl…[View]
15008800The smell of burning was only the beginning. No sooner had he registered it than half a dozen other …[View]
15008646>look up the Twitter account of an indie author >they retweet MDE memes and have Charls Carro…[View]
15007034What are your thoughts on his body of work?[View]
15007194Is Henry Darger /lit/?[View]
15008753I get my Kindle Paperwhite tomorrow[View]
15008182Geopolitics = pseudoscience that works like every other conspiracy theory seeking to find the all-en…[View]
15006121This was totally incomprehensible, boring, pointless. Apart from the first few chapters. But the pse…[View]
15008773Give me one good reason to find meaning besides ultimately making my life less shitty[View]
15008340Looking for the name of a book that is on the tip of my tongue. Pic unrelated. Facts that I think ar…[View]
15006007Patience is the greatest religious quality; if you have patience nothing else is needed. Patience is…[View]
15008244Sup /lit/ What should I read next? Only people with good taste reply to this.[View]
15008737>have plenty of premises for stories in my head >can't make up a single word god why was …[View]
14984068René Guénon (pbuh) general - /RG/: In this we discuss how a great scholar arose to retroactively ref…[View]
15005864Post your latest diary entries[View]
14988480>be a pedo >fall in love with a 12-year-old girl >marry her mother to be closer to her >…[View]
15006311>tfw nietzsche clicks: The Superman is a man who's will is no longer subjugated by meta-narr…[View]
15008144You guys seem to like the 'character-study of a bored depressed man' genre so much and you won'…[View]
15008188If Philosophy/Real life were an anine: Which historical/literary figure would have the strongest pow…[View]
15007214Hume's dialogue is incredibly shit. Why did he write dialogue anyway and tried to LARP as Plato…[View]
15006458Nabokov for /lit/ is like Scaruffi for /mu/. Talentless hack who is popular only due to ludicrously …[View]
15006511How difficult is Hegel's PoS to understand? What works are must read to understand him?[View]
15008444Can we really talk about American Psycho (you have to have read the book and not watched the movie)?…[View]
15000664simpson images that describe a book (Fight Club)[View]
15008169Tell me the weirdest story you have written in 5 words or less. I'm feeling wholesome. I'l…[View]
15008159Why do people read non-fiction literature? That's what peer-reviewed work is for. Why the hell …[View]
15007404anyone know any good books on how to write poetry?[View]
15007539Logos Rising: Will /lit/ be getting this book? https://youtu.be/TMTfBPw6M5c[View]
14999563Antagonistic Deities?: Does /lit/ have any advice for creating a deity that is antagonistic towards …[View]
15004448ITT: we replace a word in the title of a book with 'cuck': A Portrait of the Artist as a Y…[View]
14997789Shankara: Was Shankara the wisest sage/philosopher of all time? Pill me more on his method and wisdo…[View]
15006669nihilsm is just buddhism for edgelords[View]
14998391Is morality subjective?[View]
15003910ITT: I Refute postmodernism: The founding premise of postmodernism is that there is no objective tru…[View]
15006872Based poetry: post based poetry[View]
15007963Writing: How to actualy get into writing? Are there courses (Or books, lol) about process of writing…[View]
15007233Is math related to science?[View]
15007758Ereader gang: What are my fellow ereading goons reading on their ereading devices tonight?[View]
15006258>be Dark Lord in a cult of murderous psychopaths in which it is the apprentice's goal to kil…[View]
15007955>NOVEL coronavirus ravages the country >you retards are still reading narrative fiction books…[View]
15005712Can you recommend some booktubers that are actually talking about older books? I've been explor…[View]
15008112>I unable to feel nostalgy or melancholy because i didn't have a normal childhood so i have …[View]
15008061Thoughts on this?[View]
15007487>Religion is a memeplex built around a central delusion, the God meme—an entirely unsubstantiated…[View]
15007473Was it autism?: >A wolf couldn't really blow a house down. Really what we need to inculcate …[View]
15006746How do you find the motivation to read or read more, anons? I've basically been done with video…[View]
15007837holy fucking shit[View]
15005936So now that we all took the time to read everything here, what do we think?[View]
15007447>Now if a parent may own his child (within the framework of non-aggression and runaway freedom), …[View]
14999975Work: For me as a 27 years old NEET and nearing wizard there is one fundamental question that always…[View]
14990642Evil: How do you deal with 'evil' in the settings that you create, /lit/? Is there a concrete metaph…[View]
15006918Dolly Parton reads The Little Engine That Could: https://youtu.be/tT9fv_ELbnE based queen of America…[View]
15005475Occult Philosophy: Anyone want to try and explain the basic premises of occult Philosophy or the app…[View]
15007387Why are some fition books that deal with solipsistic characters? Reccomendations please.[View]
15007649What is your favourite 'book'?: I like Macbeth maybe[View]
15006565Rank them: Rank them[View]
15007707Sci-Fi Rate thread: what SciFi are you currently reading? >pic related i've read so far: -Th…[View]
15007661What are some good British pieces of literature or authors? inb4: Harry Potter[View]
15007392Before you tell me to fuck off, I would like to make the case that DC Comics is a more /lit/ publish…[View]
15007353Abstract literature: Is there something like this? I want to be redpilled in the most meta way possi…[View]
15003857Literature to explain this mindset?[View]
15002891Will he ever get the Nobel Prize?[View]
15004101Whoa, Anna Karenina looks like THAT??![View]
15007031>hi, thanks for coming. Yes, i'm a voracious reader of Schopenhauer. How did you know?…[View]
15007185What are some Lindy books?[View]
15005518What is the best gothic/supernatural fiction to read?[View]
15006285I just finished reading it, does anyone know if the BBC adaptation is any good?[View]
15004837What is some literature about getting your priorities straight, /lit/?[View]
15006419Literature on how the coronavirus is doing nothing wrong?[View]
15006679Thomas Wolfe appreciation thread: Never seen him discussed on /lit/ despite being giga based. What w…[View]
15005737Books we don't talk about a lot: I'm partial to adventure novels, but I've noticed so…[View]
14998821How exactly can capital be sentient when capitalism is entirely reflexive and based off of normal, f…[View]
15004943What is the black metal of literature?[View]
15005872Acctrad Thread: Is guenonfag the Sentient Capital AI from the future? His posts are a perfect feedba…[View]
15002337Where should I start with Dostoevsky? I already read Crime and Punishment though so besides that.[View]
15004878What book would you recommend to a bird lover?[View]
15000778Greatest author of every language according to people who speak the language: Greek: Homer Latin: Vi…[View]
15005259Was Camus a stoic?[View]
15006280Why the fuck did God hate leavened bread so much?[View]
15006792what would they agree on what would they disagree on[View]
15004955What are some books that counter the modern notion that art is subjective?[View]
15005538I write exactly like Nabokov. I mean, EXACTLY like Nabokov. I'm afraid that, when I release my …[View]
15006578Can anyone recommend any books on Libya, specifically >Gaddafi's reign >Libya before vs d…[View]
15003956Highbrow literature embodying this feeling?[View]
15005964Historical Fantasy but NOT set in medieval times with knights in shining armor: Latro series - Gene …[View]
15007000What is Nick Land even up to these days?[View]
15003991Is there any actually good counter argument to the apex fallacy? When you try to google the term the…[View]
15006621Nabokov, Vladimir. Overwritten Latinate prose, flaccid-cock fantasies, failed pseudo-aesthetic exerc…[View]
15005898Things Fall Apart: What am I in for?[View]
15006588HEY YOU! Yeah, you! You’ve got 1 minute (60 seconds) to prove that you’re not a midwit, poindexter![View]
15004266>no friends >no partners >no achievements >no prospects >no artistic merit >no spi…[View]
15006885>tfw a musician was more lit than you ever will be[View]
15005853The Master and Margarita: what does /lit/ think of it?[View]
15006823norse thread: what does /lit/ think of the sagas and eddas? do you read them in old norse or in tran…[View]
15005494Scandinavians: >be Henrik Ibsen >be Norwegian >write in Danish anyway >be Emanuel Swede…[View]
15006148Sup guise. Wanted to read a vampire story that isn’t a romance. What do you recommend?[View]
15006748Ok /lit/ it was brilliant, what's next?[View]
15006522Like many of you, I used to be a young man aspiring to become a fiction writer. I could leisurely wr…[View]
15004800Wordsworth Classics vs. Dover Thrift Editions: I am poor and want to buy some books. Which is better…[View]
15006571Help with Descartes' Myth: Does Descartes make a category-mistake about mind-body dualism as pe…[View]
15001104Does anyone know where the painting on the cover of this book comes from? Also Lautréamont thread.[View]
14994192Now something a little different. This thread is only for real lunatics and certified psycho-killers…[View]
15005381Did Lovecraft suffer from depression?[View]
15005009Goethe im Deutsch: What's funny about German as a language is that the entirety of its beauty i…[View]
14979494sample thread: Posting your writing[View]
15006287The Republic: Haha, so anyway, this was all just an extended metaphor for the components of the mind…[View]
15006432Dolly Parton reads 'The Little Engine That Could': Get in here bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
15005962>started from the greeks and made it all the way to my vernacular language's first poems and…[View]
15002576books for embracing christianity as a masculine religion? novels and non-fiction welcome[View]
15006181Why is Dostoievsky such a mediocre, cheap, fraudulent writer? He has a really shallow and superifici…[View]
15003693So I'm reading Ayn Rand and I got to wonder. Why is she fawned over by the right?[View]
15006394Ecce Homo: die Sonne liegt auf dem ganzen Buch. . .[View]
15006362What is the most based poetic form?: And why is it the sestina? I Damn it all! all this our South s…[View]
15003049Does /lit/ use tobacco? Tobacco is based, right?[View]
15006061I wrote five hundred pages of a book draft and now realized that I don't know how to craftily c…[View]
15005894Do you think writers back then got as much shit as we do now for not being able to have a love life?[View]
15005374Burroughs After Naked Lunch Sucks: Just got halfway through pic related and decided I'd rather …[View]
15005523Refute This: If only nothing comes from nothing then something can only come from something but that…[View]
15005519'But the illusion of the phenomenon soon ensnares us again, and it's motives set the will in mo…[View]
15003864There is beauty in God's mystery. It is not knowing that makes this life wonderful. https://www…[View]
15002949Recently moved into the city for university. Holyshit its like non stop noise. My whole life I lived…[View]
15004243Is Cervantes worthy of all the praise he receives? Perhaps this is due to me being Spanish, but my e…[View]
15002033>Marlowe >Shakespeare >Wilde >Proust >Baldwin >Petronius >Forster >Byron …[View]
15005193How are axioms taken as a priori true, that we find out via a posteriori experience, not considered …[View]
15005081Does /lit/ smoke weed?: My dear friends, I imagine we share quite a similar schedule during these qu…[View]
15005457Is it actually good or overrated fantasy trash?[View]
15004164What nootropics will help me read better?[View]
15005950post you're favorite book pic related is mine[View]
15005024Mark Twain Appreciation Thread: The All-American Chad[View]
15004440procrastination: What are some good books/scientific ressources about procrastination? think I have …[View]
15004281Independent publishers of non-fiction: What indie publishing houses accept unsolicited manuscripts f…[View]
15005996Find some sticks and you'll have one Lick a stick and you'll be one Start and middle adds …[View]
15003305Black people can’t wri-: >Machado de Assis >Frantz Fanon >Alexander Pushkin >Alexandre D…[View]
15005300How can I appreciate things in books like themes more? Most of it goes over my head and I don't…[View]
15003549Who are the best contemporary philosophers?[View]
15005502Writers from this state?[View]
15003504Kant General: I am about to read Critique of Pure Reason for a Modern Philosophy class. We are readi…[View]
15005308>I am not unaware that the ultimate conclusion to be drawn from true and perfect philosophy is th…[View]
15005873Logos Rising: Will /lit/ be getting this book? https://youtu.be/TMTfBPw6M5c[View]
15004118Suffering btfo: Silence the mind , tune into the current of life the eternal presence The reason for…[View]
15005713HolyTrinity: Explain Holy Trinity and how does this relate to ones spiritual journey, what even are …[View]
14999968Who is the Stanley Kubrick of literature?[View]
15002373Could someone upload a ereader format of Anti-Tech Revolution? It has disappeared off the internet.[View]
15005808About to start Malazan from Steven Erikson, any tips?[View]
15005665Is normality subjective?[View]
15004874What are some interesting writers from the Balkans? Apart form the Bulgarian ones (muh home) I'…[View]
15005731Are Economic considerations peak lit?: >Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom…[View]
15005583Will reading David Bentley Hart convince me to become a Christian? I don't want to be an atheis…[View]
15005675The Jannie Personality: Any books on janitors, maids, butlers, custodians, cleaners, sewage sweepers…[View]
15005057>walking out of my department at uni >the girl i've been flirting with calls me >i tur…[View]
15004750Opening to a short story I have to write for college. I'm not a writer or anything lul, so don…[View]
15003914>Kantbot has decided, against virtually every Hegel reader since Hegel and even against Hegel him…[View]
15005640Rate the first chapter of my web novel: > https://privatebin.net/?52d756321f377844#4BrzBrzfBfhAYj…[View]
15000057Is literature still the best medium to tell a story ?[View]
15005559Is he a good lyricist?[View]
15004900How much would this board change if anyone born after 1999 is banned?[View]
14996757Are there any books on how we can combine Carl Schmitt's ideas with Austrian School of Economic…[View]
15004227Children's books: >ITT: We post based children's books…[View]
15005439We've heard of post-modernism, but what about post-mortemism?[View]
15005257Philokalia: I want to read the Philokalia but I can't afford to buy an entire collection, nor d…[View]
15003482Where to start with Badiou?[View]
14999674URANTIA General: Science should do for man materially what religion does for him spiritually: extend…[View]
15004985Is it possible to learn how to write good poetry and prose fiction in a foreign language?[View]
14998899What is your take on the dwindling popularity of public library.: Are we getting less cultivated as …[View]
14996383Charles Bukowski: What is the consensus on him and his work?[View]
15004445>we have corporal needs lmao >and pain sucks btw *clap clap clap bravo!…[View]
15005314How was Jacob not able to tell that his bride was Leah as he was railing her?[View]
15005316>Why yes, I do have thousands of books at home that I will most definitely never read…[View]
15005287Are there any true books that are surreal? Like nonfiction surrealism?[View]
15003591This is my class's reading for this week. Can any of you help me[View]
14999035Any writers better looking than Ibsen?: Young Ibsen looked handsome as fuck (especially with that gl…[View]
15003233Write a story/poem around this image.[View]
15003042Guess what's in his personal library: I'll start with one: The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Ba…[View]
15001533Post modern philosophy: Where to start reading if I want to get into post modern philosophy without …[View]
15002387How can we slow language change.[View]
15004363monkdom: Im on a path to wizardry Its already too late for me Books about monkdom/asceticism?…[View]
15000123History of Art and Architecture: What are a few good books to read on the History of Art and Archite…[View]
15003985Bookman… can you hear me? Bookman, can you see me? Bookman, can you find me in the night? Bookman, a…[View]
14991229Looking for books that will undo the black pill: Plz help[View]
15000440Any worthwhile literature on people in full /orcmode/. Basically books about vicious mindless monste…[View]
15000874Give me some books about suicide (in favor of it, against it, it just has to be the main focus)[View]
15002108>French man unknowingly creates an undefinable and convoluted hydra-like strawman of the concept …[View]
15000625>That which is in locomotion must arrive at the half-way stage before it arrives at the goal.…[View]
14999603Please talk to me, anons. I feel so lonely, please![View]
15000316What are some good books on the topic of resentment, envy and wasted youth? After 27 years I’ve fina…[View]
15003716Hephaestus - why this reaction: >We are given a sample of their life of pleasure in one of the ta…[View]
15002369What are some books to make me not feel ashamed about my 8 inch erect pp?[View]
15004584boyos i need all your best books about relationships. i want to devote myself completely to my belov…[View]
15001985Does anyone regret building a big library of books rather than just using ebooks? I wanna get rid of…[View]
15001305Did Heidegger BTFO /lit/ 100 years ago?: >'For the inauthentic, every triviality is a revelation,…[View]
15002748#Zen Discussion Thread: ~Taking it Old School Edition~ Case 27 of the Gateless Gate >A monk asked…[View]
15004461Why does Aurelius get so much shit from this board for being 'the most powerful man on earth'?: >…[View]
15004145What have you been reading during corona lockdown?: I've finished moby dick and started skeptic…[View]
15001248What do you think Kurt Vonnegut was thinking here?[View]
14976452Lit for anime/manga enthusiasts?: I have seen the light. I have realised the error of my plebeian wa…[View]
15003871Law: What are some good books to read for someone interested in law? I dont know whats a good introd…[View]
15002857What are some lesser-known classics you can read after you've read the major ones, like Moby-Di…[View]
15004391What's the differences in personality and talent between poets, short story writers and novelis…[View]
15000413Plotinus says that once our soul leaves the material world it will 'gradually forget the memories of…[View]
15000818Which translations for the Iliad+odyssey are the most beautiful?[View]
15004343writing satires/dark comedy: I want to write funny yet dark short stories...what should I read to pe…[View]
15000094based Noam refuses to die before Kissenger[View]
14996176Quarantine Next Read Roll: I was going to read Rings of Saturn, Pale Fire, Recognitions, and JR, but…[View]
15004211Yes im sure you CAN go to the bathroom you certianly seem like you are capable: but the real questio…[View]
15004241What do Tedposters, Linkolaposters, deep ecologists, etc. think of Pol Pot?[View]
14997079Capitalist Realism thread: Just finished this and wanted to start an open discussion. Posting my fav…[View]
15002308Want get in philosophy. But don't know where to start. Every one says Start with Greeks. Curren…[View]
15003303prosperity gospel/miracle books: I need you guys to name some books of the word of faith/miracle pen…[View]
15003466i Just want to make mad money >Dont Care about my counry anymore >dont Care about poorfags …[View]
15000736Why do communist seethe so hard because the 3rd Reich achieved what they always fail at? Also progra…[View]
15003915Do I need to read the four books before hand or is it okay to start with this one?[View]
15004027Dubs decides book I read next.[View]
15002270>The foundations of Freemasonry were based on theories taken from several sources, mostly from Je…[View]
15003925>As reported in the German magazine Der Spiegel, the première (and only performance to date) on 1…[View]
15002563https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostra_aetate: >The Church keeps ever in mind the words of the Apos…[View]
15003253how to REALLY become a published writer: I'm a neet who's only reedeming quality from an e…[View]
15003894time literally just keeps passing... holy fucking shit existence is so terrifying... how do I give m…[View]
15003082I have a problem: I spend too much time seeking out books to read and buying books that I don't…[View]
15003907I honestly felt like the legacy version of Edge had the best e-reading capabilities on Windows, but …[View]
15003869Is satire dead? Why do so many books and readers take themselves to seriously with froo froo philoso…[View]
15002185What are your favorite 1-3 page short stories?[View]
15003890What's a good and neutral history book about the Great War?[View]
15001385Opinions on this book?[View]
15003860Was this chart ever completed?[View]
15003866I need to write a passage to a pretty shitty story. It need to be about audition, to which the main …[View]
15000219What is the best self help book?[View]
15003153Guillaume Faye: What were your thoughts on the mans writing and views. Was he a prophet, or just a n…[View]
14998958Covers: ITT We post the best book covers.[View]
15001178>The boat scene seriously what the fuck[View]
15001579Why even read? Reading is enjoyable but still a big cope. Why do you even read, /lit/?[View]
15003452LOST HORIZON: anything more like this?[View]
15002100Was he really happy?[View]
15003357I liked this book, but why is there an underage gangbang in the sewer?[View]
14996954What should I read/know before reading decline of the west?[View]
15002697Is the novel or the short story a better medium for prose fiction?[View]
15001364>no dude you can’t write a preface to a philosophical work >writes one anyway why are g*rmans …[View]
15003429Logos Rising: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMTfBPw6M5c Finally the waiting is over. I can't…[View]
15001555Is this a good book to read right now? I've had intense feelings of self hatred and hatred of e…[View]
15001823Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
15002773Who is the final boss of /lit/: And why is it Christopher Lasch?[View]
14999487Books that assblast free trade?: Post 'em[View]
14989119Kant BTFO'd by smartest man in America, Christopher Langan: >'Time is an a prioi form!' >…[View]
15002361Hey /lit/ I need your help. I’m looking for a word that describes a situation in which actively tryi…[View]
15000174Post your latest diary entries[View]
15000792Will the whole of Edgar Allan Poe's literary corpus ever be appreciated, or are the forgotten c…[View]
15001198Frog books: What books do peeboys read[View]
15003027Gnosticism / Buddhism / Spiritual prison: What is your opinion and gnosticism? What are good books t…[View]
15002781Tracksuit philosophy. What are you reading? Pic related[View]
15000667Books to ponder on where all the time goes ? I can't believe that one week ago, i was thinking …[View]
15000129ITT: Philosophers who got BTFO'd[View]
15002890>Our biggest threat to socialism today is the rentier class that has latched on to industrial cap…[View]
15002512Magnum Opus: >Fuck Archon nigers Attain freedom through alchemy[View]
15001824is it ethical to hold artificial intelligence to the same moral standards as humans?[View]
14998406>I am sad that you are not strong, and do not swim or sail or ski. But you have a strong sould, a…[View]
15002206Do you want to know how you can tell if a book by a woman is worth reading? Go on goodreads, a site …[View]
15000156>tfw there is no truth and therefore the lefties are 'correct' by default…[View]
15002482>tfw ywn master philosophy, poetry and mathematics[View]
15002058what does /lit/ think of jacques derrida[View]
15002362Dead Souls: What's the best translation?[View]
15002546Are there any books about LARPing? I don't mean nerds dressed as Gandalf running around in the …[View]
14998818Let's have a writing thread: I'm writing a book; PLEASE talk to me. I'm going insane …[View]
15002531Is William Trevor one of greatest and most underrated short story writers of all time?[View]
15000304Anyone on /lit/ an English teacher, or thinking of becoming one? Seems like a comfy way to talk abo…[View]
15001259Poetry: Poetry: Based style of art or overrated and effeminate bullshit for pseuds? Yes, it sounds c…[View]
15002121L. Ron Hubbard: Has anyone here read any of his stories? Secondhand bookshops are always filled with…[View]
15001258Time Warriors: I saw Burroughs described as a time warrior. I did a bit of research and figured out …[View]
15001568What are the best Lovecraft letters to read? Also, does there exist anywhere the full death diary tr…[View]
15002358Books about being a primitive human on an uncivilized planet? I've been obsessed with thinking …[View]
15000821Bros, he tried so hard to be a marxist and failed. It's so sad. Pbuh RIP Benji[View]
14998846What are some books with graphic and erotic descriptions of heterosexual intercourse written from th…[View]
15002031Happiness & freedom: >Based channeled knowledge from Archangels and transcended ancient maste…[View]
15002208question: ok now that all the apral fools jokes are over who here knows how to get ones hands apon t…[View]
14999552ITT: Post 'philosophers' with zero contributions to philosophy.[View]
15002086Automatic writing!: Try some automatic writing anon, just start writing without thinking about what …[View]
15002134How's that quarantine novel coming along, anon? You do know that if you can't even finish …[View]
15002109>Why yes, I do have thousands of books at home that I will most definitely never read…[View]
15002063is it possible to make it in the contemporary scene without a BFA/MFA?[View]
14999401Based Spinoza 'Prince of Philosophy': Why did Fichte hate him? How could you hate someone that BTFO…[View]
15000495Thoughts on this new piece I wrote out of boredom? I rose it to my lips. The drunkenness came much …[View]
15000013I want to write a maximalist novel about a transhumanist society with accelerationist trans terroris…[View]
14999376>wake up >go to work (my desk), drink coffee >work >feel kind of tired and work ineffici…[View]
15001740/lit/ neoplatonism shill worked on me Do you have good neoplatonism audiobooks to suggest ?[View]
15000536Argument for the Proof of [a] God: Is this a good argument for the proof of a God, /lit/, I heard it…[View]
15001026>'I am a sick man.. I am a spiteful man. I am the hoochie coochie man' What did he mean by this?…[View]
14996908What do you picture this fine gentleman reading?[View]
14999831Is romance transgressive or even taboo in the age we live in? If I want to be as edgy as possible sh…[View]
15001591He didnt even kill anyone what a bitch[View]
15001560Is it autism?: Whenever write, I think way too much about the scenes that it becomes exhausting. I h…[View]
14999204Prometheus Rising By Robert Anton Wilson: Is it worth reading?[View]
14999773Books on medicine and medical biology? I'd like to start learning about these things.[View]
15001571ive never wanted to be a sick man ... spiteful man unattractive man and my liver hurts[View]
14998316on the shelf: What is he reading?[View]
15001493What are some good nonfiction books in the humanities under 250 pages? Enjoyable and not hard to rea…[View]
15001384Do you agree with Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor?[View]
15000595Hey /lit/, I'm really passionate about writing and literature, but I fear my career paths are n…[View]
14994984Can we get a writer's thread?: Don't matter what you're writing... Come on in[View]
14998719So, he was a Kantian?[View]
14999465>make a note in a book for the first time >immediately regret it Stop telling people to make n…[View]
15000725What do you think his favorite books are?[View]
15000935Are superpowers, sci-fi, anime style fights, and shonen tropes, too immature or childish to write ab…[View]
15000870More like this[View]
15001227is /lit/ going to devolve into a politically convoluted state of boipuccies like greece did?[View]
14998311Literotica.com is down, so now I have to come hang out with you fuckers until it gets it's shit…[View]
15001125>Did you just question my baseless assumptions about an eternal order that is contained esoterica…[View]
14989124Book of Job: So the lesson here is to have faith in God without question, because God is.. well tran…[View]
15001128Parts of books: Parts of books that really stuck in your head; SPOILERSSS; Perfume; The parts where …[View]
15000763why didnt he cut his fingernails/[View]
15000984what's your favourite book from your home? (country, region, city)[View]
14974545#4 /SpGT/: #4 Spanish General Thread - Chad Rulfo edition Last thread: >>14958342 Welcome to t…[View]
15000113Do you like literature? Or do you like the idea of liking literature, being the sort of person who l…[View]
15000942The best genre of literature is first person retellings of historical events: Its the perfect mix of…[View]
15000541What's /lit/ think about werewolves[View]
14999705Catharsis Theory of Emotion: Is the catharsis theory of emotion legitimate? Can emotions be 'purged'…[View]
15000593Tantra: Redpill me on tantra. Are you telling me I can reach enlightenment by getting high and slamm…[View]
14997525How does one become a wizard? Is it explained how certain children have the ability to become wizard…[View]
14999252Writing prompt: Within 10 minutes of arriving home a man realizes that his father with dementia has …[View]
14998754Alter Ego: Have anyone here tried to play Alter Ego by Caramel Column? Probably the most /lit/ game …[View]
15000323What are some books that are good at balancing tragedy and comedy?[View]
15000487Which ones are your favourite science fiction authors?[View]
14991061Name a better book[View]
15000479Best short books? under 200 pages and preferably non-fiction. I'm talking stuff like Tractatus …[View]
14997226Books to refute diversity hiring: I'm in a masters program and am having diversity hiring bulls…[View]
15000105What language did René guenon originally write in? Has anyone learnt to not read him in translation …[View]
14998885where'd /pg/ go: I leave for a year and the only thread I bother going to is gone, what happene…[View]
14998564>a drop of sweat made me kill a dude *clap clap clap[View]
14999082There's just too many books bros: You can watch all of Tarkovsky's movies in a few days. B…[View]
14999162Isolation lit/ Hermit-ing books: All right /lit/, with my dream of building a cabin in the woods and…[View]
14999959Joseph Heller: Does he have any other good books besides Catch-22?[View]
14999962Books/articles to understand the philosophical turn from Ontology to Ethics in the 20th century?[View]
14999616Describe this scene: Describe this scene in your best prose.[View]
14996385Why are fucking kikes trying to cope with the fact that Lord of the Rings is AWFUL?: Let me show all…[View]
15000254Is covid19 suffering? Are we going to get some actual good new authors because of this?[View]
14994090are we going to make it bros?[View]
14999737Is there anyone more based?: “The difference between a monarch and a dictator is that the monarchica…[View]
15000172Where should I start with Socrates?[View]
14997022Post books (for uninfected ONLY) Infecties leave.[View]
14997482Are cats the most /lit/ animals?[View]
14995938SUBMISSIONS: /lit/ zine, PINECONE MAGAZINE is now open for submissions. >What kind of submission…[View]
14999937Books about contemporary sailing? It can also be historical stuff, but I’m interested in the present…[View]
14997758So who *is* the most important philosopher of the past 200 years?: >The poll is now closed; with …[View]
14999954>author is a libertarian[View]
14998970Is this good, or am I just a pleb? 80 pages in and I'm getting bored. Seems like it's just…[View]
15000035More books like pic related? Meant for learning a language but written by a good author[View]
14999076Where should I start with William Burroughs?[View]
14988247Where are his videos? Is /ourguy/ really gone?[View]
14999896https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=371839&page=submissions Anyone have any ot…[View]
14998092If only you knew how bad things really are.[View]
14994467>orangatang >carmel >perscription Should words be changed to what most people pronounce the…[View]
14990770Why was he so triggered by Nietzsche[View]
14999497>Anon thank god you’re here! We’ve been working incessantly on a cure for COVID-19 so we can actu…[View]
14995698How do I get a gf like Satoko from Spring Snow, except actually loyal?[View]
14998209>It's just, you know... it's been a rough few weeks, Plato, ever since I... urinated on…[View]
14999454Ah! /lit/ thank goodness you arrived when you did! As you know, the Corona virus is currently spread…[View]
14997621I can read 200 pages of fiction in a day comfortably but 5 pages into a textbook my retention goes t…[View]
14999393What do you think of this book?[View]
14999386Why do Americans LARP so much as other ideologies and yet nothing in the country changes?[View]
14999258I’m going to study English literature here next year, anything I should know?[View]
14996623Any philosophical texts on sex? Anything about its role in life, purpose, meaning, etc.[View]
14998045I can't take any more sophisms: I do nothing but discuss with people who take advantage of ever…[View]
14999419Short Story Writing Group: Anyone interested in doing a short story writing group while we're a…[View]
14998276ITT: old books that are culturally significant due to current events.[View]
14990175>mfw realizing I don't even really have a culture >raised in modern America, in which the…[View]
14997503what doth life: Might makes right, change my mind[View]
14990290#Zen Discussion Thread: Case 20 from Wumen Huikai's Gateless Gate >Case: A Person of Great P…[View]
14999360What the fuck was his problem?[View]
14997148Why do art hoes and scrawny white petit-bourgeois 20 year old boys love Murakami?[View]
14997874I'm at around page 260 of Mythology where Edith begins talking about the Trojan War. Should I c…[View]
14999335what are some contemporary narratives?[View]
14998966I've read Gravity's Rainbow and liked it, but this is just too much for me. It's way …[View]
14998252Dune sucks ass. Even the glorified fanfiction that is night watch is better.[View]
14998617What would happen if you tried to learn philosophy by only reading books written after 1950? /lit/ s…[View]
14999024Please talk to me about literally anything in literature: I'm so alone, please. I don't wa…[View]
14997915>50 pages in >all he's been talking about is cooming why does france love this guy again?…[View]
14998875Kant: Only white people read Kant, niggers read Nietzsche. Prove me wrong PROTIP: you Kant.[View]
14998866> The more you know... How does the rest of the sentence go?[View]
14992757Refute This Based Lit quote: 'Capitalism saved the world, and there is even a heretical theory now, …[View]
14998466Which foreign languages offer the greatest literary benefit?[View]
14998623>A-anon, you must protect the canon...[View]
14995915Is abstract literature a thing? Like abstract art?[View]
14995147Accelerate the contradictions. Fuck greens. The faster they die the quicker we can reach our blue/re…[View]
14998309Is he good? Is he for boomers? What should I read? Is Cosmic Trigger good?[View]
14999070Do the individual novels within Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetralogy have to be read chronologi…[View]
14989302GOODBYE FOREVER: This is my last post. Yes. I'm completely serious. You see, I'm not who y…[View]
14998987Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
14999047Was he pleb filtered by the scholastics?[View]
14993895Any noteworthy books on living a plague, beside pic related ?[View]
14997665Capital in the 21st Century: Worth reading?[View]
14998448Do you pursue the way to enlightenment /lit/? What do you do to leave the world of suffering behind?[View]
14998574is this worth it? I'm pretty new to /li/ and all I've read so far are fiction novels. I wo…[View]
14998864Has anyone actually read it. What's your thoughts on the aesthetics of the writing. I'm no…[View]
14998928William T. Vollmann: Where do I start with Vollmann?[View]
14998644How's that lockdown novel coming along?[View]
14997560Any books that rely mainly on implications to understand the plot[View]
14978705/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Pandemic edition BOOK CLUB SELECTION: TBA RECS https:/…[View]
14997722Hey /lit/, im looking for books on the legitimacy of nationalism and non-individualism. I've fo…[View]
14998048what are some of the best books for someone interested in orthodox Christianity to read? any orthodo…[View]
14998760The Bloath: In the undergrowth There dwells a Bloath Who feeds upon poets and tea. Luckily, I know t…[View]
14989060Are there any books that can teach me how to paint?[View]
14998755Free bookas: https://mailchi.mp/archipelagobooks/this-september-ambai-and-scholastique-mukasonga-232…[View]
14991408what are some similarities between literature and photography[View]
14998648How many hand-written love letters have you sent out today? Chicks love that stuff.[View]
14996146What the hell was this guy's problem?[View]
14969373chart thread: post them[View]
14998339according to kants categorical imperative, if you like to get your dick sucked you should suck other…[View]
14997975What's some good literature where the protagonist is a lone knight?[View]
14996017Ever notice greek tragedies are always caused by a woman?[View]
14997102I spent a lot of time trying to be a an original poet or prose writer. It was pretty unfulfilling. S…[View]
14997293Top 100 Books of All Time: Thoughts? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokklubben_World_Library…[View]
14997156Ah... Ah..... AH........ Ah-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! S-sorry guys... l'm not feering too good... …[View]
14997526Does nofapping make you a better reader?[View]
14997814>Why yes, I do have thousands of books at home that I will most definitely never read…[View]
14992511Empire and Imperialism: What are some books that make a strong and positive case for imperialism and…[View]
14993622Is it really as unbelievably difficult as they say?[View]
14998472What’s up with postmodernism?: Guys, I’d like someone to either explain post-modernism to me or just…[View]
14995761Amazon banned this book last week, and removed all traces of it ever being on the website. What are …[View]
14997584Who do you write for?[View]
14980486Do women read?[View]
14998159How many books do you actually buy a month?[View]
14998140Ocean Vuong is a shit-tier poet. I cannot fathom why this hack has been showered with so many grants…[View]
14993959>spends ~1300 pages attempting to BTFO Napoleon and fails No wonder he went full christcuck after…[View]
14998329Literary Gold[View]
14997667Holy shit that delivery time, Amazon will never recover. Are you guys making one last haul before th…[View]
14995232This is Conflucius. Say something nice about him.[View]
14997646*refutes Roman Catholicism* Nothing personal tradcath.[View]
14998245I'm looking for a comedic book about aesthetics. I've been reading the comic Hyouge Mono a…[View]
14994465If you are a woman you have penis envy.[View]
14998113Is there any western equivalent to the fascination with aesthetics that came with the tea ceremony c…[View]
14997916>gets tortured and raped and has to undergo extensive surgeries to repair her body and is left pe…[View]
14998177LEO FRANK WAS INNOCENT! >Conley's former attorney, William Smith, had become convinced that …[View]
14997641Feeling good is ultimate philosophy: People are retarded and overthink reality when god already gave…[View]
14996091Brainlet here, will someone explain Eutyphro dilemma to me? I just can't seem to get it. Maybe …[View]
14998033is this Lit?[View]
14998097What is the best translation for War & Peace?: Also, i remember seing once a chart with the best…[View]
14995137Has he ever been refuted?[View]
14996856how to make up for having a shitty or non-existent education? how can I read the canon effectively w…[View]
14993046Real Pastor In Virtual Reality Baptizes An Anime Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_88DBmdnNA W…[View]
14998014In one single solitary sentence, Nikola Tesla ruins Rene Guenon: 'I am credited with being one of th…[View]
14997760Nietzsche is literally diet Hamann & diet Blake— his one redeeming feature is that he was more e…[View]
14996341How many books do you have marked as 'Want to Read' on Goodreads.com?[View]
14997957Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates: What do we think of this book?[View]
14997881>trying to talk to someone about your mental illness when you’re woke to the fact it’s not really…[View]
14997215What the fuck was his problem?[View]
14997432UnCanon: ITT Write a passage from a book that doesnt exist and properly cite it.[View]
14995746Philosophy departments: On one hand, Oxford has had scholars like: >Austin >Ryle >strawson …[View]
14997184Was he on drugs when he wrote 'Sex and Character'? That book makes no fucking sense.[View]
14995607Was the world nigger always seen as offensive? Etymologically speaking it doesn't really seems …[View]
14996036I know we have this thread every week but...: Why is Russian lit so depressing bros[View]
14995588Logos Rising: It's out now. Who bill buy it? Discuss. (https://www.fidelitypress.org/book-pro…[View]
14997541Was it a mistake to atribute to Nietzsche the rank of a philosopher?[View]
14994874Is there a better short story collection than this?: I've read it basically every week for the …[View]
14997334What is your favorite writing system? For me, it's Mayan.[View]
14997029Debate: Is it better to be a simp or a cuck?[View]
14997554I’ve already read The Savage Detectives and 2666, what else should I read by him? I know he has many…[View]
14997566>book includes any references to women, jobs, sex, money or politics[View]
14996654literature for life not turning out the way i had hoped it would as a kid?[View]
14997574>white girls won't ever stop fucking dogs books for this feel?[View]
14997552Hello /lit/, I have a question for you History lovers. I currently wanna read ''The Jewish…[View]
14997537damn.... cookie clicker is landian as fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dx76lD8Scc&t=0s[View]
14997052What books are told from the perspective of a sea creature?[View]
14996887Hey /lit/, how do you avoid being a mere imitation of your idols? Pic unrelated[View]
14997141Slither hither, snakes of yore For thee scales are made of gold On a king your skin shall rest And a…[View]
14994601>/sci/ won't talk to me anymore because they think I'm sick Can you guys be my friends …[View]
14992614I *might* be one of the persons behind the making of pic related, and I just can't understand W…[View]
14996861'hahahahha sex is so good bro am i right??? people should just be fucking all the time lol sex is re…[View]
14995304cyberfem lit: 'As well as a historical fact, the castration of Multics can be read mythologically — …[View]
14994349Bros i can feel it help please, i did the last 67 chart threads dont let me die[View]
14995853What is the greatest Western novel of all time?[View]
14995272can this even be tooped?: I started reading Literature in 2017 and last year I've read Demons. …[View]
14997175First Person or Third Person?: I want to write a web novel; Not sure if I should be writing in first…[View]
14993792wow, this fucked me up: what next?[View]
14996287Anyone else unable to read fiction? I'm approaching my 30s now, and I find my thoughts are alwa…[View]
14991042Who is the most retarded philosopher who ever lived?[View]
14996829>But as for the Jews, that people possessing the art of adaptability par excellence, one might, a…[View]
14995859Is romance transgressive or even taboo in the age we live in? If I want to be as edgy as possible sh…[View]
14995986you are Dionysus at the end of Frogs*, and you get to choose which great tragedian to bring back: wh…[View]
14995111Tolkien: I have a question. I was re-reading the tale of the children of hurin in Tolkien's unf…[View]
14995067>not reading mesopotamian literature to pass the quarantine time fucking pleb board…[View]
14996509>french writers[View]
14996763books with protagonists dying of an illness?[View]
14996359I exclusively respect writers and philosophers who support prostitution, drugs, certain criminal bus…[View]
14996350What are some other novels which significantly discuss art -- painting, writing, etc.?[View]
14996793“And Darkness and Decay and the Green Death held illimitable dominion over all”[View]
14996746Flannery O Conner: Wise Blood: What does /lit/ think of this book? >What's the moral of the…[View]
14983153holy fuck this was cringe >hurr darwin plato and socrates were bugmen >durr actually being a b…[View]
14995598Midwit's birthday list: It's my 19th birthday coming up soon and because of the 'rona…[View]
14996593What is the perfect ratio of hardcovers to paperbacks on a shelf?[View]
14995880Mediocre author but likeable: Any other examples? Every time I read his work I'm always left wi…[View]
14995593Are there unreliable narrators written in third person?[View]
14996722'The Untold History of the United States': Hello there, /pol/, I'm seeking an advice. So recent…[View]
14993461Old Testament Law: Why did he tell David, Abraham and Solomon that they could have multiple wives in…[View]
14996696autistic things you do when reading: I record audio books on my phone because I like to pretend I am…[View]
14995599Am I retarded ? I just marathoned the first chapter of this and I didn't understand anything ex…[View]
14990146OCEAN Personality Test: Lets do something different from MBTI, political orientation types of tests.…[View]
14992281Top 5 best books you've read. Go.[View]
14992159Post your latest diary entries[View]
14995161What are some well written romance or erotica? Books that will make me want to cooom. Serious tho[View]
14996204>Buy book >Realize its a shit translation >Order good translation online >Get it >The…[View]
14996558Books on bugchasing?[View]
14995214Is Agonistic-Spiritualismus the final consequence of philosophy?[View]
14992983ITT use logic to prove the existence of God[View]
14995595I'm half way through The Glass Bead Game. I like it![View]
14995049Any advice on the best translation of pic related? I am not learning Ancient Greek, sorry. >inb4 …[View]
14995551Literature is gay[View]
14995574Fitlit was the best we'll ever have[View]
14989202Hello /lit/. My name is William Guppy, and I am looking for Spanish literature recommendations. Ple…[View]
14991141Why did Christ rose on the third day?: Has any Father of the Church or Theologian commented on the m…[View]
14996306What do i do,lit?: >Doesn't get interested in nothing other than fantasies about power and s…[View]
14993607Is it /lit/[View]
14994118This thread is a stronghold for the uninfected and is a library defending the wisdom of mankind. DO …[View]
14996238Rec me some pessimist literature[View]
14995505would romeo and juliet have had sex somewhere in the story if it was modern times?[View]
14985776>anon kept memeing the Urantia papers >actually read it >realize no revelation short of the…[View]
14990843He was right, you know[View]
14995399Dazai's work, good, bad or in between? What's your opinion on his work[View]
14995766What book should I read if I want to experience true beauty? Who do you think is the most beautiful …[View]
14996135>At first I was happy to be learning how to read. It seemed exciting and magical, but then I read…[View]
14993997Official Plague Containment Discussion Thread: As you may have noticed, a number of anons in our fin…[View]
14996141Being born is the first tragedy that befalls men[View]
14993159Protagonist Name Suggestions: I have an idea for a character but can't come up with a name for …[View]
14994981/fr/ forgotten authors edition: This thread is for the discussion of French literature as well as tr…[View]
14996101> 'infection rate: minimal' What the frick? This board is pure cancer now. books for this feel …[View]
14994564/immune/ thread: You can only post in this thread if you don't have a green box. What are you c…[View]
14996056all books are fiction[View]
14995772In logic how do you call p and q when p->q and q->p? Thank you[View]
14995638Order in which to read this fag? Not looking to read more than 3-4 books initially. Consider any pre…[View]
14995920What are some books to learn about japanese history?[View]
14992824HORROR: What's up! Canada, locked down.. Reading tons! Anyone else out there like me? I realize…[View]
14994304Literatures managing to capture this feeling?[View]
14995534SO WHATS THE DEAL WITH SICK PEOPLE: would his comedy writing have been to down too down to the point…[View]
14995768Books about the holocaust?[View]
14995554why were there no black philosphers?: well??[View]
14995771Recommend some The Smiths of /lit/?![View]
14995562Martha did not exist: This blew my mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PThZ6XEp4qw[View]
14985532self improvement: literature that will cure years of self indoctrinated scientific racism? asking fo…[View]
14993512Why is YA so bad?[View]
14993519What are some novels that would be considered in the Analytical camp?[View]
14990998The sacred and art: Could someone explain to me the claim made by some that Christianity is inherent…[View]
14995071Writes a character named 'Delroy Nigger Brown' Gets away with it[View]
14995543Hello /lit/! I am from /his/ and I come here with a question as in there they are not answering me. …[View]
14995580what does /lit/ think of collected works by jacques derrida[View]
14994515What are some swashbuckling yarns of adventure, daring do, and clashing steel could /lit/ recommend?[View]
14985459Convert me to absurdism.: Alright /lit/ as absurdists, convert me.[View]
14995061how2read: brainlet here how do you study a book? if Im reading a book because I think it has informa…[View]
14989048Can you explain Wittgenstein as if you would to a retard?[View]
14994231Books for when you are infected? >pic unrelated[View]
14995241>Neither of the two people in the room paid any attention to the way I came in, although only one…[View]
14993038What is the best way to improve my ability to detect arguments in texts and generate formidable coun…[View]
14993349Heidegger Hate Thread: ITT: we post why we hate heidegger.} Analyticfags can join. Fuck you, you bro…[View]
14988253Stupid cocksucking fuck[View]
14993654Is there a single decent book about getting ripped?[View]
14995250Funny day[View]
14995107/lit/mus test: Anyone read any Hall Caine? One of the most successful writers of all time, virtually…[View]
14993453PICKLEMAS, PART THE FORST: PICKLEMAS, PART THE FORST T'was the night before Picklemas; (hark) a…[View]
14994411What is the most /lit language and why is it Sanskrit?[View]
14993448I go to a world top 50 university majoring in Linguistics and Japanese, filling my electives with cl…[View]
14995135why didn't you tell me this guy was anprim gang?[View]
14988277Critiques of Stirner: I read The Unique and Its Property and I want to read criticism of it, which o…[View]
14990706Blood Meridian is the best chick lit. Prove me wrong[View]
14995021>Board Infection Level: Minimal hello? what's some good virus literature? I read the plague …[View]
14994982Oh NO! They got the Ubermensch: There's no hope for us anymore[View]
14994963Why do people use 'projection' as a retort every time they're in an argument with a person? I…[View]
14992202Where am I supposed to go for penetrating literary insight and earth shattering philosophical critiq…[View]
14992694Question to you moralist fags: Whom does God favor in the web. The spider or the fly?[View]
14993888it is near midnight on the quiet board of /lit/. the wind lows mournfully overhead; it is the great …[View]
14993318I used to be gifted /lit/. I can't remember the last time I really felt proud[View]
14994869I wish I had friends that also read and writes Sometimes I wanna read a book and wanna discuss it wi…[View]
14990649Is House of Leaves brilliant and intimate or pretentious and bloated? I thought I had just read an e…[View]
14993682Hey guys just finished this book, anyone want to talk about it?[View]
14994879ITT: We discuss 'The Pest' by Camus[View]
14993024Are you illiterate, /lit/? Do you read books?[View]
14994833APOCALYPTIC POETRY: Civilisation is crumbling. Post the best collapse-related poetry you have. Plag…[View]
14994101I'm dying bros.....someone write please write me an obituary.[View]
14994649Yo guys r8 my new maymay pls[View]
14991737Leonard Cohen: Why is his writing so good?[View]
14993139I just read his book. What do we think of him?[View]
14993984I'm putting together a кoмaндa to find a cure for this thing. you in?[View]
14994228>But although we find in scripture that a woman spoke first, I still think it more reasonable tha…[View]
14994598I love Cioran.[View]
14992710Is there a book that logically breaks down why men outperform women in literally everything? There s…[View]
14992598>aspires to be a physicist What happened?[View]
14991565Bloom thinks this is better than Gravit'y Rainbow, is he right?[View]
14994256Rationality vs emotion Who wins?[View]
14994451g-guys . . . I dont feel so good. books for this feel? dont fucking @ me[View]
14989061reading a 1000 page fictional novel is a colossal waste of time. change my mind[View]
14993026BEST PICTURE BOOKS: What are some actually good 'picture books'. I want to know what lit c…[View]
14994180Classic literature is great and all but I get exhausted after a couple pages. What’s some lit thats …[View]
14993744Eternal Now CANNOT be refuted: There is no future or past it is only ever now. Only the contents of …[View]
14988126Das rite.[View]
14986784What are some comfy quick reads?[View]
14992638internet poems and publications: Hey /lit/. Does anyone have links or pdfs of the zine/journal that …[View]
14989910How good is this? My Roman Law teacher says that it is an incredibly addictive reading[View]
14989989just found out about this king. where do i start? where do i go from there? redpills much appreciate…[View]
14994003english major graduating this may no minor what do[View]
14991693fucking lmfaoa[View]
14993926What are some books that would suit exceedingly asymptomatic individuals?[View]
14990890How do I enjoy reading English writing more? So English is not my native tongue. However, I've …[View]
14993246The Jewish Question: Whenever I read something by pic related, every few pages there is something th…[View]
14993814What if the Angel Gabriel who speak to Mohammed was an impostor demon?[View]
14991035Does anybody know where I can read Godel's Minds and Machines essay online?[View]
14991996Kafkaesque: I know this word get's memed a lot, but I think the current state of gas station at…[View]
14993714XIM XOM: anyone got a pdf of this? or any xim xom related works?[View]
14993029post games that present absolutely no challenge[View]
14989812What's the most correct book ever written?[View]
14993227Heathen Gods In Old English Literature: Any of u fags got the pdf of this book?[View]
14991954Is being a matador /lit/?[View]
14993524Just wanna say, Jeff Magnum Died for your Sins is a retard and the worst poster on this site. Fuck h…[View]
14991900/lit/ in 1857: ITT: /lit/ in 1857.[View]
14991630God and self: We are like a drop of water that has no awareness of the ocean therefore identifies as…[View]
14990619Jay Dyer's lies about Absolute Divine Simplicity in the Catholic Church: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
14992619Economics/Social Theory: Why do the lefties hate this guys so much they don't even read him? i …[View]
14991494Any opinions on The Handmaid's Tale? I got it from a more well-read friend of mine, and it…[View]
14991998speed reading speed thread: speed reading thread. I'm looking to increase my reading speed and …[View]
14993409What did /lit/ think of them?[View]
14993325>People have rights[View]
14991787What makes this fucker so difficult? How is it compared to his other works?[View]
14991381which should i read?[View]
14992519Which School has the best Literature?: Overall literature debate. And your favorite work from that s…[View]
14991479Why is the concept of 'truth' put on such a high pedestal? To always tells the truth is to be an aut…[View]
14992951Anyone here read 'Message to the World'? Excerpt >Despite this, America insisted on attacking ent…[View]
14991644I gave up this book. The first chapter is amazing, all the thoughts about death and life it's …[View]
14992812What are some books to increase one's confidence?[View]

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