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13511974It's almost 8, I haven't sneaked in a snack between meals and I'm feeling fucking awf…[View]
13510317>my rabbi found the anti-semitic diary entries I had in backpack >now him and my mom are going…[View]
13507858ITT: Authors with INTJ stares[View]
13511639>Philosophy without religion or even spirituality Do people really bother with this? It's li…[View]
13510904Is it time to quit the internet?: >I have one of those nine-pound Dell laptops you can get for $3…[View]
13510495How can you go back to reading regular fiction after reading Guénon?[View]
13511329>Self-consciousness exists in and for itself inasmuch, and only inasmuch, as it exists in and for…[View]
13511781Do you get better in a mood from an audio book than reading yourself? I feel more immersed.[View]
13510419>use an excerpt from the communist manifesto in an argument >Marxist says Marx didn't mea…[View]
13511436ITT: we make poetry: >be me >be you >squiggly diggly >diddley do…[View]
13505940Where do I get started? Should I just read his work chronologically?[View]
13511202What am I in for /lit/?[View]
13510546Just because Hinduism is famous today in India, it doesn't mean that it was the origin of all o…[View]
13511487POETRY IS GAY.[View]
13510100>Part 2 >Chapter 4 WHAT THE FUCK are you doing Mr Enderby? She's attractive, red-headed, …[View]
13511373What are some of the best chess books? I understand chess is a very /lit/ game.[View]
13510865My only brothers dads son is madly in love with two people and wants to procreate and spend his life…[View]
13511238Bookmark thread: Post ‘em[View]
13510738Hyperborean Aryanism: Good day. I am trying to collect a comprehensive list of texts/literature that…[View]
13510339Does one's choice in literature define who they are as a person?[View]
13510621Now that his popularity has skyrocketed, what is lit’s opinion on him. Is he deserving of the praise…[View]
13501955Name a more annoying guy on Goodreads[View]
13510409This dude thinks he's some sort of masculine superhero, doesn't he? Was he really as cool …[View]
13511166Why aren't you making a website that churns out beautiful prose with simple text? People will i…[View]
13503698After he killed his brother Abel, Cain went to the land of Nod where he met people, found a wife, et…[View]
13505988Is there any literature with the thesis that polygamy is good?[View]
13510416Advantage of fiction over nonficiton?[View]
13511101>In both the sacred and the secular versions of the struggle with the world, acknowledgment of ou…[View]
13510843If you were able to stomach everything repeating itself at least once in spite of the inherent horro…[View]
13511068/pg/ - Pages General:: >Shaq Fu edition This general is dedicated to provide motivation for anons…[View]
13511039Hey /lit/ what books got you into writing and or books? No matter how low brow, desu wouldn't b…[View]
13510083Posting here because I figure some of /lit/ must also write. How do you hold a pen? I find holding t…[View]
13508807Are they worth reading, even in translation?[View]
13510381>You have never been in love >Until you've seen sunlight thrown >Over smashed human bo…[View]
13502960E-readers, based or cringe? Which one should I get? The Kindle Paperwhite seems good enough for what…[View]
13510886I don't know if I should have posted this on /adv/, but I guess you guys would know better abou…[View]
13507478Why is The Waste Land never talked about on here? I read it today and was amazed[View]
13497339/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: PROSE EDITION >Who are your favorite wordsmiths? …[View]
13510850why did he write so much about w*men getting their tits cut off? >And through the red holes >…[View]
13509337Moby Dick Book Review: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9rf-GWORgw[View]
13509996Recommend books about this feel[View]
13510051What works of genuine Iiterary merit can disprove this?[View]
13510706tips of any books on religion?[View]
13510545What books do /lit/ recommend for learning latin?[View]
13510616I am struggling to remember the title of a book I read years ago and it's driving me nuts. I wa…[View]
13510552Who are the best French poets?[View]
13501701Why is Kant still considered more influential and more widely read if 200 years of epistemology and …[View]
13510434What do you think of these statements: - Every action has a reaction - Everything happens for a reas…[View]
13509111The Greatest Book of all time (Even better than the Bible): It should be mandatory for everyone to r…[View]
13510266What book is this passage from? Some anon posted it on another board. Also, >tfw no gf…[View]
13508698>Walk for two and a half hours to the nearest forest because I want to be alone >Walk 20 minut…[View]
13510535What is the best novels on vanity and human nature?[View]
13507315If you were an employer, would you encourage your employees to read your favourite books?[View]
13510054Post yfw /lit/ went from being a Christian (mostly Catholic) board to an atheist board where religic…[View]
13510019Hello. I couldn’t quite find something to read and this had been on my list for a while, so I decide…[View]
13510445When is /lit/ going to give me some good fucking reccommends? All I've gotten is tryhard novels…[View]
13510053Reading Deathworld. Came across this bit. >Meta, a pressure canister in her arms, turned to Jason…[View]
13510337Okay. Read pic related some more. The interactions and the characters are like a fucking anime. I wa…[View]
13510325Name a more based and blackpilled writer than Bernhard. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
13508868hey /lit/, what are some good books about chess? play me. time settings are 3 minutes guillotine[View]
13509113Write a purposefully bad opening paragraph.[View]
13508730Leibniz is full of shit.[View]
13510228Why yes, I am familiar with Sean Goonans 'The Foundation for Exploration'. In fact, it…[View]
13503392Post an album get a book rec: Lets go, boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOKIJG4lJ_g[View]
13510166where do you read?: When’s your favourite time to read?[View]
13510134Books on how to be content with the shitty job you have? Books on how to cope with being a wageslav…[View]
13509510A story of a dysfunctional family and in it the older brother takes care of his 2 sisters He always …[View]
13509923Finished this big boy today. 1630 pages. Has anyone else here read it and do you agree with Finkelst…[View]
13510169Nothing interests me. Nothing at all. I try to read different sorts of books and I lose interest in …[View]
13509783Years of vidya and social media has fried my brain to the point that I can't read for 20 minute…[View]
13509500Is there a secular argument for virtuous life or morals in general? How does one justify the disadva…[View]
13509761How to pronounce lolita: So, I'm almost finished reading Lolita and I bought a annotated editio…[View]
13510142Are you aware of any method (e.g. for realising plans) that involves writing fictional diary version…[View]
13509799How do I stop getting 80+ pages into a writing project and suddenly deciding 'this is terrible, I do…[View]
13509097Bakunin: >'They [the Marxists] maintain that only a dictatorship—their dictatorship, of cour…[View]
13508207>Don Quixote[View]
13509633>tfw will never obtain Phds in Philosophy, Math and Physics and become a polymath. Feels bad man.…[View]
13510020What´s the deal with this online magazine?: i´ve read their article on superhero movies and spot on …[View]
13510035Went to my university's library today. An entire shelf dedicated to Marx's works. Not one …[View]
13498911What is a good book to help me conquer the female mind?[View]
13507106Where was Godot, anyway?[View]
13499003can cyberpunk be rural /lit/?[View]
13507775Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
13502338Last book you read: Currently reading: Next: Age: Country: I'll start. Last book you read: Terr…[View]
13509854I read both 'Wage Labor and Capital' and 'Value, Price, and Profit' Is there anything else I should …[View]
13509936What are some books that will help me stop thinking in memes? >inb4 meme authors…[View]
13509449What is /lit/s opinion on audiobooks? I've got a list to read for research on a project which m…[View]
13509031I love you /lit/, you are my intelligent friends.[View]
13509914Yes, Finnegans Wake is what I call ‘The Good Book,’ and I’m only half joking. To me it’s not only th…[View]
13509895>Ahem *Fedora-wearing Atheist seether who hates America and is afraid of a robot takeover* You…[View]
13506372I have an 8 hour plane ride to Spain on Friday, what should I read on the plane as I wait for the xa…[View]
13503731Can someone tell what useful information you get out of Hegel? Something you can actually use that i…[View]
13509733What would be a prime example for decadence poetry and why? Also what would poetry look like that tr…[View]
13508426The History of Middle Earth?: Got these at the end of last year. When I eventually finish The Silmar…[View]
13508157William Makepeace Thackeray: >A massive person, 6 feet 3 inches tall, Thackeray was a genial and …[View]
13501551Schopenhauer on noise: >...How many great and splendid thoughts, I should like to know, have been…[View]
13509484So, let's try this again. How do Christians refute pic related?[View]
13508719What are some russian books that explore realistic 1800s Russian way of life. Anything excluding Tol…[View]
13509528>'It's a good thing there's not much suffering,' he observed, 'when the head flies off.…[View]
13509623What did you think of Balph Eubank's argument for literature?[View]
13508897is this the funniest book ever written?I'm 350 pages in and it got me to laugh way more than co…[View]
13509385>It is good to be a cynic—it is better to be a contented cat — and it is best not to exist at all…[View]
13509017Is semantics even worth studying? Does it have anything to offer that grammar and logic cannot?[View]
13496486>Detecting a pleb library at a glance Give me some tips /lit/[View]
13503363what are some books about accepting the fact that we currently live in the declining era of western …[View]
13503613What the fuck was the point? Can anybody explain? I don’t get it[View]
13506196After reading Schopenhauer every other book/author seems inferior. How can I overcome this? Is ther…[View]
13506202/crit/ and /write/ thread talk about your writing, your writing career, or anything else related to …[View]
13508313javascript on fire: wanna share this pretty cool animation right article https://www.nytimes.com/int…[View]
13508612Anger is useless. Feeling angry is a sign of barbarism and stupidity. Anger is the enemy of reason. …[View]
13509311Write a scene based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOPCfiOA58Q[View]
13508907Mathematicians aren't reading the original works of Euler to understand his math, so why do pse…[View]
13507426Where do I start with him?[View]
13503107/pg/ - Pages General:: This general is dedicated to provide motivation for anons to finally start re…[View]
13509090Can You Be 'Too Old' for YA? Our Expert Opinion: No by Marie Pabelonio: 'Young people don…[View]
13507546What is the significance of pic related?[View]
13496935Bookshelf thread: Post ur shelves boys[View]
13508675What did Evola mean by this? Quote is from the Hermetic Tradition[View]
13508965fell for industry meme not teaching job in academia like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle why even live?[View]
13504582Boomer hedonist trash, just like any “counterculture” or “postmodern” midcentury novel. What’s the m…[View]
13503341What's the least bugman way of purchasing physical books? I used to get everything from Amazon …[View]
13508802What are some books set in infinite, endless structures such as labyrinths, or maybe even cities? Wh…[View]
13509036Have there always been people who read plays instead of watch them? If no, when did this start? To m…[View]
13509046>very Really[View]
13507776What are the best Christian communist (or generally Leftist) books to read? I've been getting i…[View]
13506005Romance Languages Ranking: >1 French >2 Italian >3 Spanish >4 Portuguese >5 Romani…[View]
13508121How do I write characters that aren't autistic?[View]
13508998Book foxing: How do you deal with this?[View]
13508783Lit and Fit must come together in a purpose driven movement of sincere reflection, dedication, and o…[View]
13507318write what's on your mind[View]
13507926what job will best supplement the literary lifestyle?[View]
13508905Books on calvinisms?[View]
13508952Permaculture: What can /lit/ tell me about it? Are there books i can read? What do you think of the …[View]
13506406Is there anyone on the left that writes in as wide a range as he does? Most of the left wingers thi…[View]
13506843Which philosopher will give me a reason to live?[View]
13508631About to go to a normie cafe in order to read Nausea and there is nothing you can do to stop me anon…[View]
13507440What is it with western fantasy authors and graphic descriptions of female diarrhea? Witcher and GoT…[View]
13507796who solved nihilism?[View]
13506466Books on urban planning?[View]
13508515Avitabros on /lit/.. explain 5th and 6th point on pic related. genuinely want to understand.[View]
13501037what are some books that help you cope/deal with being a mid 20s incel/semi-NEET who wasted his yout…[View]
13508815>Books that blend science and philosophy to present an idea Love them.[View]
13508766Nuke the french: I have developed a subtle hate for French philosophers. They are not only wrong mos…[View]
13508526What books will help me cope with being an intellectual?[View]
13508510>start reading pic related. >wft I'm liking Harkonnens more than the Atreides.…[View]
13503087Seriously, the bullying against accelerationist members of this community is getting way out of hand…[View]
13506423Dracula is fucking awesome[View]
13508684Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.[View]
13508735In a room of dreams, of warm dim lights Lofi hip hop Everything is alright[View]
13507999How does /lit/ read poetry?: How do you nibbas actually read collections of prose?[View]
13507668Is QAnon a itallian Umberto Eco tier conspiracy? Or a all american Dan Brown tier patriotic movement…[View]
13499674>title of the novel is used as the closing words[View]
13505892ITT: POETRY SLAM Time to lay down some sick words. And remember: anything counts as poem now. I…[View]
13508525>literally nobody cares about what you have to write unless you're willing to market yoursel…[View]
13508519This tale is true, and mind. It tells How the sea took me, swept me back And forth in sorrow and fea…[View]
13508415Is Dog-Earing /OurTechnique/?: Is Dog-Earing /OurTechnique/? It seems to anger the libs.[View]
13508475Can someone please recommend some books on Physiogamy (NOT phrenology!)[View]
13507949>Fed a diet where everything from bread to juice contains high fructose corn syrup (a sugar) >…[View]
13507430Story: Typical dinner murder in a small-ish house/manor story, how would you do it? Have you ever ha…[View]
13507016What's the best site to post my poetry and random material? Please be gentle.[View]
13490925Put /lit/ related stuff into aiportraits.com Post results[View]
13505388Asian literature: The spirit European literature: The brain Latin American literature: The heart USA…[View]
13508250Was it pro-pedophilia?[View]
135054821984: what's your opinion on 1984[View]
13497796Reading fiction is escapism. It is no better than playing videogames. And no, trying to get philoso…[View]
13503872>little did he know[View]
13508221What are your favourite types of antagonists? My favourite types are those who abuse the idealism of…[View]
13505804I'm only 18, I have a bookshelf with over 170 books (mostly philosophy and Classical Lit). I…[View]
13505863Pirate/sailor/deep sea literature: I want to get introduced to this genre. Something seems really co…[View]
13506636>read Joyce >listen to an Irish radio production after each section >start reading the sect…[View]
13506078Top 5 favorite Spenta and Angra writers.: Spenta = aligned with peace and contentment, like a warm, …[View]
13507204I read 44 pages today frens! Woo![View]
13508179Just some writing: My brother called me a flatterer once. A flatterer is someone who says nice thing…[View]
13506697For those who are well-read in Christian theology, or consider themselves believers of God, how do y…[View]
13507738Villains and their monologues: post good villains, especially with good monologues. please and thank…[View]
13507038Why is this so hard to read? It's good, it's just really, really hard to follow.[View]
13505898Books to read to find the love of my life? I am very lonely.[View]
13507968The Penis: The penis He destroyed his cage Yes YES The penis is out[View]
13505871Are there any writers like Thomas Bernhard? Ive been marathoning his novels this year and I think I…[View]
13507214It is often believed that pleasure/happiness is a self-justifying goal; that working toward pleasure…[View]
13507644What books would you recommend a misogynist? Either feminist books to change my mind or sexist book…[View]
13506393Who is the complete opposite of William Faulkner[View]
13507947What is the meaning of the ending of Crime and Punishment in your oppinion?[View]
13507830I'm looking for wild fiction or schizo pseudoscientific books like Donnie Darko and the book th…[View]
13507025What are some good, in depth books on the subject of drugs, even more interesting, drugs and religio…[View]
13503344What's the best writing software? I tend to want to write and edit while on the go, and intens…[View]
13507772Books on how time could be or is nonlinear? New events in my life feel like rhymes of the past.[View]
13507750was your philosophy degree worth it? Has it helped you to understand the universe and people better?…[View]
13507507What would he have been writing about if he were still alive? What characters would he have come up …[View]
13506815Post your favorite stream of consciousness passage.[View]
13505467What does /lit/ think of this book? What should I expect?[View]
13507282Reccomend me a book that emphasizes the the meaninglessness and futility of life.[View]
13501796Imagine people in the year 4300 talking about you and your ideas. Bros, how are the old greeks human…[View]
13506838Is there any guide on how to write that is a great piece of literature by itself?[View]
13505714I fell for the Guenon meme and want to read his first book, Introduction to the Study of the Hindu D…[View]
13504886english introduction: My first time on /lit/, I'm looking for some ways to learn or teach Engli…[View]
13506189Does western/ English online fiction have a future? Asian webnovels are dominating the internet but …[View]
13507418>Why yes, I do spend time thinking up increasingly elaborate troll threads to post that shoehorn …[View]
13506286Why and how is literature (and all forms of fiction) able to exist? What makes these fictional world…[View]
13507123>American lit class >Talking casually at the end of the hour >Lovecraft is mentioned >Ac…[View]
13505738Could you give a one hour presentation on a book of your choice in front of a large audience with no…[View]
13506939Take a walk half an hour every day: Trust me, it makes so much difference. People with a sedentary l…[View]
13507188pls read the first two sentences and give feedback https://pastebin.com/raw/v5nt04g6[View]
13506080Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch, The: I have so many thoughts about this book: drugs vs religion, …[View]
13505699opinion on peter sotos work?[View]
13503870What kind of cover you want for your book ?[View]
13505609Reading on Drugs: Anons, in your personal experiences, what/who are the best books/authors to read (…[View]
13506797>You have never been in love, >Until you've seen sunlight thrown >Over smashed human b…[View]
13506762/lit/ has become a complete ever-repeating simulacrum of its late time period. This place has been u…[View]
13506537Is this a good translation of the Bible?[View]
13507006What the fuck is this?: >Oedipa settled back, to await the crying of lot 49. I was literally read…[View]
13506385Poseidon: Why is he such a cunt?[View]
13506517ok...I just need to know...is all this book going to tell me just to take a break if your working to…[View]
13506990So years ago, my neighbor recommended me a book, it was about a guy that was in search of girls name…[View]
13504087Trying to start reading philosophy and I heard that Greek is recommended to start off with. Any book…[View]
13503961Refute This: >Let’s pretend for a moment that work doesn’t turn people into stultified submissive…[View]
13506773Tell me about The Prince: I am in sales and I want to be a psychopathic money making machine who doe…[View]
13505019>Hasn't spent more than an hour without looking at his phone or computer in the past 15 year…[View]
13503975God, this book makes me wish I lived in Japan. >tfw you'll never spend a summer sitting in t…[View]
13506304what happened to bromir after he die[View]
13498869Fantasy: Are there any /lit/ approved fantasy novels?[View]
13506513FAVORITE SMALL PRESS: in this thread we discuss our favorite indie literary publishers pic related, …[View]
13506198>office job at IRS is boring, being schizo writer is much better Was he manchild ?…[View]
13502074I wish I could time travel just to prevent Hegel from writing this terrible unintelligible piece of …[View]
13506770I've been thinking about whether fiction is frivolous or meaningful, and this book in particula…[View]
13504835*reads Burroughs once*[View]
13506728The difficulty of writing good books: Perhaps the reason so many books seem to be terrible, even the…[View]
13505260Best book to cure procrastination ?[View]
13506609Blogging General Do you prefer going Viral or building up a good SEO? PS: Does /lit/ hate blogs? Lin…[View]
13506332Fall and Collapse: Fiction that does not end well? Fiction that starts at the beginning of the end a…[View]
13505498What's your favorite site for chapter summaries/brief analyses? Mine is litcharts[View]
13505350Start with the Persians over the Greeks.: Starting with the Persians makes more sense than Greeks. T…[View]
13506369Did anyone else find most of this incomprehensible or am I just a brainlet?: Did anyone else find mo…[View]
13501095What are the most compelling philosophical arguments against sex?[View]
13506016Are they actually worth reading?[View]
13504278What are some books on Stalin's USSR?[View]
13504591*is right about everything*[View]
13506448>like 4chan >like reading >/lit/ is bad board How to deal with this feel…[View]
13506152Is it possible to invent a new school of philosophy in the current year?[View]
13506255I have developed tendencies to compare everything with women and mentally look down on them. If I re…[View]
13504058Sade: Is this translation good?[View]
13505919Why is Finnish literature su sub-par? Why can they not create masterful works such as the Lord of th…[View]
13505269Why are history books published in the 19th century better than modern ones?[View]
13504163What’s the next big movement in writing at large? I’ve been really sick lately and reading the Beats…[View]
13492949Discuss Solipsism: Hello /lit/. I recently did 15 grams of mushroom's and realized the truth of…[View]
13506190HERESIES: All I'm saying is that Jesus wasn't fifty (John 8:57) so where was he fifty year…[View]
13504881hinduism and buddhism in schopenhauer's WWR: what are the works of hinduism and buddhism I must…[View]
13489980Reminder that the christian concept of matrimony was conceived as a necessary evil in order to keep …[View]
13505926Appreciating lit with age.: What books do you enjoy more and more as time passes by? For me it'…[View]
13502889>you will never be a part of the landed British 18th century gentry and spend your time walking y…[View]
13505326What does /lit/ think of >One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich? A harrowing and authentic por…[View]
13504695Were they right /lit/?: “One need only look at a waifu’s shape to discover that she is not intended …[View]
13505881Greeks: I'm looking for a book I have read about Greek Mythology, I found it here before and I …[View]
13503057Can anyone look over my work and tell me if I have anything good?[View]
13503881What are some other books where every single character is an intersectionally oppressed minority and…[View]
13505107>be me >birthday >get given a book wrapped up >take it upstairs >unwrap it >read t…[View]
13504458E-books: Where do you download e-books, /lit/? I usually use libgen, but there are many authors whic…[View]
13503398So I am doing a certain subject on a research paper on Yeats. Now, I haven’t known this before now. …[View]
13505294The Merits of Arthur Schopenhauer: Is there more to Schopenhauer than his pessimism and love Eastern…[View]
13501889hello, fiction recommendations by female authors?[View]
13505013Chicago University Press: Has anyone ever read anything they published? How do they they compare to …[View]
13505376In the TV-series Eugene kills several japs, but i can't recall him ever killing anyone in the b…[View]
13503187Stop reading Descartes. Stop reading Sartre.[View]
13502558Do you read contemporary journalism/opinion pieces/political critiques? If yes, what? If not, why?[View]
13505526Romance of the Three Kingdoms: This is the greatest East Asian work of literature and nothing even c…[View]
13502745Worth a read? Even at 21? Seems kinda based, named after a Paradise Lost quote after all[View]
13504702What are your thoughts on 'Hopepunk' as a literary trend?: I recently discovered its existence while…[View]
13505421Cops from the annual Book Sale, did I do good?[View]
13503748What are the trendiest, most avantgarde, cutting edge books, authors and things to read right now? w…[View]
13505297I'm interested in horror books with a sort of baroque prettiness to them. Something that's…[View]
13503903Reading Evola's Hermetic Tradition and fin ding it difficult to understand is there any supplem…[View]
13502963Conceptual political science: What books talk about the possible conceptual models of organized huma…[View]
13498057Write what's on your mind.[View]
13499124I'm 23, and the past couple of months it has kinda just clicked and now I just feel old as fuck…[View]
13503025It took me 50 days to finish Don Quixote. I feel ashamed at being such a slow reader. It is so appar…[View]
13502363Books about alchemy?[View]
13504587Cioran>Nietzsche Musil>Mann Proust>Joyce Bernhard>Beckett Pessoa>Eliot Blanchot>De…[View]
13505135reading is gay[View]
13503917Essential /lit/ lectures: I'll start: Lost Time - Josef Czapski Professor Borges lectures Six m…[View]
13502972Ancient Languages: Someone posted a mega link the other day containing many ancient language texts, …[View]
13502751If he were working on his manifesto today, what would he be writing about smartphones and social med…[View]
13490517My friends,: Post your stacks.[View]
13504962Are the Willa and Edwin Muir translations good? Asking because they have they two books with all his…[View]
13505096The World Controller was justified. Change my mind.[View]
13504215>woke up >browsed internet, drank coffee >went jogging >went in to central London to wal…[View]
13499931Does marijuana help anyone else in terms of creativity?[View]
13503272Experimental lit/Anti-novels: Any good recommendations?[View]
13504979'Pierre could not forgive mysticism in anyone now'. In the epilogue of War and Peace, legit question…[View]
13504854>It used to be that everyone read the “notorious” Bernard Mandeville (1670–1733). He was a great …[View]
13504913Any books about uninteresting people who never amounted to anything?[View]
13500373Any other books that BTFO free will? Harris is a genius, this is literally my bible. I redpill so ma…[View]
13504873*reads Schopenhauer once*[View]
13504124Good books by female authors? I need to read more books by women to pose as more woke. Help me out l…[View]
13503948What are some essential works to read when you feel like clown world is real and you're powerle…[View]
1350433519-year-old booklet here: I want to get into truly good literature, but I'm unsure of how to ap…[View]
13500843I am half way into my English degree have I made a mistake or is there stuff I can do with that? Any…[View]
13503540Going to jail in 2 weeks Books about dealing with isolation from civilization?[View]
13503268>all of western philosophy is a footnote to Plato more like >all of western philosophy is a c…[View]
13504102Can someone please recommend some books on Physiogamy (NOT phrenology)[View]
13504635God damn, Castorp is literally me. I’m observing life from afar and my mind is rotting away. How do …[View]
13501372How could a 23 year old Italian be so based?[View]
13504625what books will help me pic a college major?[View]
13504595Is it worth reading?[View]
13501337Is there any other purpose for philosophy other than to attain depression?[View]
13503734What are the best translations of the Tao Te Ching and Zhuangzi?[View]
13504358Dimestorepublishing.com Could use some tips on my writing site and just trying to get my name out th…[View]
13503051His best work?: Can we all agree that Pale Fire is Vlady’s best work? The whole thing is a beautifu…[View]
13504576Good morning /Lit/; any suggestions for some reactionary fiction? Pic unrelated[View]
13504409>Psychoanalysis >Psychiatry >Psychology >Psychotherapy >Gender dysphoria Why are whit…[View]
13503162Have you ever really felt alive?[View]
13503907> From where did you receive/research/develop your beliefs? > The internet, of course. You wil…[View]
13497912What is his magnum opus? Where do I start?What do I think about him?[View]
13503215Is butterflys oldhole still tight?[View]
13504269What the fuck is wrong with my reading ability, lit? I am still such an agonizingly slow reader. It…[View]
13504359Poetry Thread: This is a thread for you to post all your favorite poems, song lyrics, or even origin…[View]
13503867Life teachings by Cervantes: So reading fiction drives you into madness[View]
13504305LARPers anonymous: 90% of you are larping midwits who count the number of books you've read and…[View]
13500327¿Did you know Don Quixote is the most sold novel ever written? ¿Have you read it? ¿whats the most fa…[View]
13502779Why did Tolkien steal from the Finns? His own imagination was not enough? Old Fakey decided to 'borr…[View]
13503804July 20, 2019... I am forgotten[View]
13486248What does Advaita offer that Buddhism does not?[View]
13504022Does anyone else have a relatively low reading speed because you re-read paragraphs out of paranoia?…[View]
13503149In this thread we share books which are ideal for beginners in a particular language. I'm parti…[View]
13502216/lit/, be honest. Were there any famous writers who managed to overcome a chronic defeatist attitude…[View]
13496934Dugin and Land: a Lovestory[View]
13503979I like Linkin Park, recommend me books similar to it. All their songs are about traumatic experience…[View]
13504042>tfw you realize 98% of pre-ockhamite medievals just uncritically and even unconsciously assumed …[View]
13503816He did no wrong[View]
13504012>wakeup >have breakfast >kiss wife and kids goodbye >go to work >think of writing id…[View]
13494326Being changed by books: >20 >Materialistic muh science tier atheist. >Got dumped by my firs…[View]
13504005Can we just for a moment celebrate the simplicity that is this man?[View]
13503598A guy with an idea: >I have a story idea so the story is about these two, I guess you would say, …[View]
13497605Any good books explaining/about Anarchy? I want to hear some good arguments coming from anarchists, …[View]
13503656Could the dialectic fail?: Just as with any progression of development, man is flawed on all levels,…[View]
13498805Where do I start with him?[View]
13494907>Havent read Deleuze yet >Havent read Derrida yet >Havent read Foucault yet >Havent read…[View]
13498871Are there any books that deal with the kamikaze pilots acceptance of death, and their decision to vo…[View]
13503192What is the difference between romanticism, naturalism and realism? More concretely, given a work (n…[View]
13498508DO U LIKE MY MODERN ART LIT? , _Pompe. Ter._ iii. _In hoc libitum._ Joan. xi. 37. Civ. _Gentibus ort…[View]
13500713Is there actually a more perfect understanding of the world than the one laid out in “Die Welt als W…[View]
13503235Are there some good works that offer criticism of materialism? I mean historical materialism, not so…[View]
13502906ITT: your favourite book and the favourite book of your gf/ex-gf: Mine: Ulysses GF: Pride and Prejud…[View]
13503478Thoughts on this?[View]
13503216Ulysses: I am travelling to Ireland soon and want to read pic related for the first time. What editi…[View]
13500220Books about obesity[View]
13503411Hey faggots, My name is Jean, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
13503253I don't know if there's anything that bothers me more than I can never witness the unreal.…[View]
13502423Books about the human connection: pic related[View]
13503393I have read an overview of Aristotle's works, Descartes Meditation of the first philosophy and …[View]
13504643What is some moe literature?[View]
13502295Where do I start with this nigga[View]
13496811Post your 5 favorite books, and then post your 5 favorite songs. Let's see if there's a co…[View]
13503173The Hojoki. Why aren't we in the woods anons?: You know the grip of desire is in contradiction …[View]
13494338What is the most /lit/ university major? Hard mode: no English, Creative Writing, or anything with “…[View]
13500787So, I'm a brain/lit/ who doesn't really read, but i've always been intrigued by lovec…[View]
13500432What books will help me be less dark triad?[View]
13501120Prussian junkerism -- is the herd, the mob, hating Nietzsche, alien to him, and from which he fled t…[View]
13503221Books that are literally 'the real [something] are the friends we made along the way'?[View]
13495255>book is over 400 pages[View]
13502272What do you guys think of him? Not a fan personally.[View]
13503188metafeel: a 'book for this feel' book for this feel?[View]
13503185is it bad i actually liked the first part of the hunger games book as i liked the backstory and live…[View]
13501989Has anyone on /lit/ ever been published?[View]
13500104Fanged Noumena. What are your opinions on this work?[View]
13502868Can you help me find more books that deal with introspection and internal conflict as a primary moti…[View]
13503100name a book that is SO bad that it's good[View]
13502774I'm lost. Are Catholics still based? A few months ago everyone here was sucking their dicks, no…[View]
13502261What do you think of Aleister Crowley?[View]
13497928Who are the greatest antagonists in literature?[View]
13501083Fast Frenz Gen: Let's go fast frenz what fast acc you reading right now frenz?[View]
13503013This Vibe: Any books that give off this vibe /lit?[View]
13494882Another Friday night spent writing that new novel? I'm sure it's coming along real smooth.…[View]
13502469Why haven't you read Hume's magisterial History of England?[View]
13502282This is harder than Gravity's Rainbow.[View]
13499533Name a better version of the bible[View]
13502857>read a lot of true crime novels >a trick that I keep seeing pop up is cops just pretending to…[View]
13502459>he thinks that if he just reads a 'holy' book he'll instantly become religious…[View]
13501760>art is beauty! >art is expression! >art is communication! >art is skill! >art evokes…[View]
13499067Show me a book cover more kino than this one. You can't, because it's the best one ever ma…[View]
13502576Fantasy series without subtle/not-so-subtle feminism?: Are there any fantasy series that aren't…[View]
13496806Was Nietzsche a capitalist?[View]
13502543Are there any statists here that could attempt to refute this?[View]
13502381what is the 'lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to' of literature?[View]
13502610Can someone recommend some /lit/ sanctioned podcasts? Ideally something new that hasn't complet…[View]
13499651What are some good novels (even graphic novels) of the post-apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic survival ge…[View]
13501361What are some /lit/ approved science fiction books?[View]
13500754does this get more interesting in later chapters? so far i'm like 40 pages in and he's int…[View]
13502417Who's your favorite mythological character, anon, & why?[View]
13499887Any books on philosophy of medicine/science for a philosophylet but a medfag?[View]
13501324modern philosophy was started by people like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG7q_cVlN2M[View]
13501147/lit/ more like /shit/: Literature more like Shiterature! Shakespear more like Gaybeer! Charles Dick…[View]
13500182How big is your book folder?[View]
13497336What is the best translation?[View]
13502523>To speak and to offend is with some people but one and the same thing; they are biting and bitte…[View]
13500474I'm on 90 pages in, the problem is, that I've read Death on the installment plan, and deda…[View]
13502479This might sound weird, but does anyone else here feel they've to be absolutely clean before th…[View]
13500167For me, it's Dubliners.[View]
13502144When the library system doesn't have you want and you have no money: Why even live[View]
13502218Brainlet, first time posting, Looking for preferably nonfiction to make me feel bad, hopefully some…[View]
13501161WEC: is the Whole Earth Catalog /lit/?[View]
13500529>Tfw you can never be perfect: >Tfw you can never be perfect >Tfw when you are limited by t…[View]
13500905Anyone have a scholastics/christian philosophy chart?[View]
13502369Great Men: >read book >Google it >it actually happened wtf no way it's too epic Could …[View]
13501679*45 page long nearly-unbroken wall of unpunctuated text intensifies* Thanks, /lit/. This was really …[View]
13501725How. How do more people not talk about this book? :3 Think about this statement. If the universal AB…[View]
13502071Who is England's Stephen King?[View]
134996502019... I am forgotten[View]
13501804>le tiger poem good[View]
13502290it's another Borges thread: I was reading 'The Secret Miracle' from Borges and it's really…[View]
13501175The Bible: I don't really know if this counts as literature but in the last part of the Bible, …[View]
13501438Any books about destiny versus free will? Something Legacy of Kain's monologues and narration.[View]
13501894Nietzsche and Christianity: I want to have a foundation of Christian theology before I read Nietzsch…[View]
13495017I want good horror....please: No Stephan King No Koontz I like psych horror I like gore I like par…[View]
13501992book: There was this book about this headless alien covered in fur and this other alien who could pa…[View]
13502170Tragic japanese books like Under the Midnight Sun help i am going through a breakdown[View]
13502099Does anyone have a chart for /fit/-related reading?[View]
13502168Is the Richard Hope translation for Aristotle’s metaphysics utter shite?[View]
13502131I need some good fantasy novels/comics/manga: >emphasis in worlbuilding, and more important to me…[View]
13501076Kroker's big dick energy: Post interesting fusions of literature, theory, and other media. Krok…[View]
13497414Writing music: So i've recently found a new writing zone. A local book shop/coffee shop. I put …[View]
13501950Late night grovelling: Idk where I'm at anymore, anons[View]
13498676Looking for an atheist, sacreligious, anti religious book, where lots of badass shit happens.[View]
13500730Any comfy books where a man spends his days mindlessly walking around a city? Maybe he mingles with …[View]
13500784would this count as burgerpunk?[View]
13501640Help finding book from memory. tl;dr: A family member gave me a book for Christmas when I was younge…[View]
13500213Have you read Peter Thiel's masterpiece?[View]
13498424>favorite writer >favorite poet >favorite rapper…[View]
13498770Are you happy with the movie adaptations?: Or do you think they should have been more faithful to th…[View]
13496315What am I in for?[View]
13500623What is the best place for online lliterature?: >is gay as fuck. I want to know which is best in …[View]
13499516Behold, we put bits in the horses' mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole…[View]
13500670Where do i begin with vedism and what is the best english translation of said recommendation?[View]
13501583Does /lit/ love William Vollmann, or are you pleb shitters like this 'reviewer?'[View]
13499185Just bought this. Tell me my ethnicity by my hands and what do you think of this book.[View]
13499248I read 120 pages of the new testament today[View]
13501631I like this book. Do you like this book?[View]
13501386/lit/ featuring/about fucked up relationships: (ib4 Lolita) Preferably mutual[View]
13501596I remember reading a quote along the lines of 'Happy people do not watch TV, go to the movies, or re…[View]
13500986>read zero pages today[View]
13494632arguments for/against having a personal library?[View]
13496948Read Kants Prolegomena. Didn't understand anything. Wtf I thought this is a introduction? What …[View]
13499191You, most blessed and happiest among humans, may well consider those blessed and happiest who have d…[View]
13499326Why is there so much cuckolding in literature? The Iliad, Decameron, Canterbury Tales, Ulysses and s…[View]
13501391>Erskine Caldwell . . . His writings about poverty, racism and social problems in his native Sout…[View]
13499846What a load of old rubbish[View]
13499075sonder: n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your o…[View]
13501452is Gormenghast as great as Titus Groan? When does the dementia begin to show? The third book?[View]
13497187More like ride the wheelchair[View]
13499989Of Mice and Men: >Be me >Reading mice and men out loud in class >getting to the n-word >…[View]
13500169>mfw tinnitus What do you listen to when you’re reading /lit/[View]
13499209I have a sick desire for I don't know what and it is killing me I can't take it. I have be…[View]
13500441Has anyone here read the Coffin texts, specifically Faulkners translation? Is it worth delving into?[View]
13499649Which one of you wants to start emancipating the wageslaves of Capital, and freeing the souls of the…[View]
13499745Favorite anime land writers?[View]
13500964best way to digitize a book: hey /lit/. Some days ago i had the oportunity to... 'appropriate' some …[View]
13498290Isn't property a spook as well?[View]
13501274Who do you guys care so much for what a bunch of philosophers say? Most of the philosopher guys were…[View]
13493327Are there any books that talk about like the architecture and stone in a city and also talks like ab…[View]
13499910Dance in motion: When you write a story, you want your reader to feel as if he has been transported …[View]
13499280What are your thoughts on Alexander Pope?[View]
13500361Isn't it a misunderstood utopia?: You basically have a cozy exciting schizo life if you don…[View]
13500749What's the one book you wish you could have written?[View]
13495564Positivity: Our thoughts can do a lot. What's some good habits you've developed for yourse…[View]
13498228Where should I start with Tony Robbins? What is his best work?[View]
13500346Which Harry Potter book is the worst and why is it Order of the Phoenix?[View]
13500817>tfw took adderall to help me with my book >ran out of it a week ago >constantly want to wo…[View]
13488083/sg/ - Spengler General: First Spengler General on /lit/. Share your thoughts, questions, challenges…[View]
13499928>>>471090341 Is he right? Is Shakespeare too antiquated to enjoy?…[View]
13500359Shit I need your help, I'm looking for a story of Stephen King about a campus shooting. No, it…[View]
13497657What are some books similar to the Sopranos? I don't mean mobster shit, just expansive dramas w…[View]
13496119I stole two books today. Was a multi story bookshop with checkouts on each floor. I just walked out …[View]
13499198'Either the predicate B belongs to the subject A; or B lies outside the concept A, though connected …[View]
13495650Ignoring the entirety of the idea of it being from reddit how does this image make you feel?[View]
13500682ITT: Tropes you love in writing: >'Become who you were meant to be - You are the rightful King of…[View]
13500480I have never seen a more cringe post in my entire life, desu I'm thinking of leaving this place…[View]
13500105Where can I get free textbooks at? I am sorry for asking, but I am unable to do this on my own...![View]
13492058Modern classics: What books published in the last 10 years do you think are likely to end up in a fu…[View]
13500637Write a story based on this picture.[View]
13499804Somebody on here gave me pic related and was wondering if there were similar graphics for roman, a.n…[View]
13499411Why did he turn liberal towards the end of his life?[View]
13500600I can't download anything from b-ok, what's going on.[View]
13499030Is there a chart for seriously difficult modern/contemporary reads? Possibly two charts: One for kno…[View]
13500102>purple prose: the novel why is this shit considered good again?[View]
13497584ITT: post your most important filters: I'll start: >girl/woman/female >atheism >nietzs…[View]
13497829Well, it's finally July 20, 2019, so I may as well remind everyone that Arthur C. Clarke wrote …[View]
13500329>tfw you read berdyaev[View]
13499748Why are freedom and liberty goals championed so much by western authors instead of the essence and a…[View]
13498707>when you finally understand Kierkegaard and what he meant by aesthetic living.…[View]
13499001Post books that made you cry[View]
13492597critique thread. post your poetry and prose, and give critiques. >birth Thick motions of slowness…[View]
13497663Why is there no readily available English translation of the most kino African literature ever writt…[View]
13499438What if I repurpose a well known video games premise into a novel? Would it count as plagiarism?[View]
13499972French: How do I learn french? So many different guides and books etc online I don't know wher…[View]
13500151Uni thread: What classes do you do in uni/school? What was the last thing you read for uni? What did…[View]
13499764>philosopher rambles about human nature and free will >'Woah man! This guy is so profound!' …[View]
13500014Thoughts On The Nag Hammadi Gospels?[View]
13498826finally a philosophy book i can understand[View]
13498340What do I read if I want to learn how to read people and manipulate, influence and organize them (fo…[View]
13499985I woke up from a nightmare and now I feel grateful for little things like being able to see or hear …[View]
13499169what is the ARROWHEADS of literature?[View]
13498219>Talking to friend >'Hey you see this guy Jordan Peterson's videos?' >Yeah my mother w…[View]
13496861Humbert Was Technically a Beta: Putting aside the fact he continually raped a young girl and almost …[View]
13497240Literally shitposters: Are there more examples of shitpost or wacky nonsense literature? - Camilo J…[View]
13499794Is alternative history just highbrow fanfiction[View]
13499627What books will stop me from being a perverted constantly horny wankmachine?[View]
13499197Audiobooks: Does /lit/ listen to audiobooks? They helped me getting back into reading when I haven…[View]
13494822What are your thoughts on Hegel's interpretation of christianity? Here's one possible read…[View]
13499266Help me with a good realistic or grimdark fantasy novel. I read the Black Company. Books 1 & 2 w…[View]
13499648Authors only you read: Authors only you read[View]
13497341Political Philosophy: Has anyone read Leo Strauss? If so, how is he?[View]
13463069Anarchism: /lit/, what is a good introduction to anarchism? Also, what are your thoughts on that top…[View]
13499611Serious question: If a someone for some reason writes and publishes a short story from the perspecti…[View]
13499572Outside of obvious parody, what are some common signifiers of bad poetry in East Asian poetic tradit…[View]
13499250>anon whats the one book everyone should read? how the FUCK do you answer this?…[View]
13499560MOTHER: https://youtu.be/q6cTGGE5fp8 Does this apply to novels from the last 19 years too? Are mothe…[View]
13499182Stop reading poetry.[View]
13494496Should art be beautiful?: Impressionist artist Auguste Renoir used to say that art should be beautif…[View]
13497533is it accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPIxhFKV1XA[View]
13499049>stopped reading fiction and now invest that same time into Youtube videos and short non-fiction …[View]
13498243Which of those two countries have given the most valuable contributions to the world, in Literature …[View]
13499427Minimal lenght of books I read must be atleast 400pages[View]
13498029Where do I start with Ortega y Gasset?[View]
13498421Is this chart a meme or is a decent guideline for reading philosophy[View]
13499170Books about The Troubles: Does anyone have any reccomendations or PDFs for books about The Troubles?…[View]
13495664Looking for calming, dreamy, ambient, sombre, dimly lit, comfy, pretty stories for sitting in respit…[View]
13499314Faust part II: Read part 1 back in April and now planning to read Part 2. But I’ve heard it becomes …[View]
13489680What books will make me an alpha male?[View]
13499130Which books should I read in order to get into more serious communist literature?: So far I've …[View]
13497515Thinking of starting a YouTube channel called “ok I’m done with this now” where I talk about/review …[View]
13493986God is definitely real but the way most religions interpret God is most likely false. This means tha…[View]
13498777>writes GOAT poetry[View]
13498321AP composition >be me >entire class has to read a modest proposal and come back to class and d…[View]
13498410>be me >writing semi-autobiography about self-isolation and loneliness >keep writing >th…[View]
13499136Sigmund Freud: Good morning, everyone. I want to read about coping mechanisms; I've recently le…[View]
13499084book for this feel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cSqi-8kAMmM[View]
13498857Interested in books depicting old Germanic tales and mythology. Any recommendations?[View]
13498550Have all the masterpieces been discovered, or are there some secretly hidden away in old dusty libra…[View]
13497862Starting a new job on monday. Been Neet for half a year now. What are some stories or novels that mo…[View]
13498622How do you write a good action scene in a book?[View]
13497459How do you cope with this feeling /lit/? Sometimes I wonder if in my deathbed all these books I…[View]
13498761It started so well but 100 pages later I do not understand anything anymore. Does TP do this on purp…[View]
13498828>mfw reading Pynchon damn, do boomers seriously rate this shit?[View]
13497411Critique thread. Make sure it doesn't end.[View]
13498415I was (and in some ways still am) a jerk. To people I cared about, people I didn't even know, o…[View]
13496555>want to read a book >get distracted >start shitposting on 4chan >hours go by >reali…[View]
13497197Is this a good cover for my semi-autobiography?[View]
13498703They think the world is blooming, while the heart Renouncing it for God is poor and dark; In this ab…[View]
13497937/lit/ said he's a meme but this shit is mind blowing.[View]
13497986realistically, how long would it take for a nitwit like me to be able to read Homer in his native Gr…[View]
13498195/lit/ btfo: At sixteen Lermontov fell in love with Yekaterina Sushkova (1812–1868), a friend of his …[View]
13493029Someone please fucking explain Hermeticism to me everything I read about it is really vague or incom…[View]
13496869How do we fix modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations?[View]
13498545>this is what Nick Land actually believes[View]
13487844Journal club: Do you keep a journal? What typically goes in there?[View]
13497249I want to read the Mahabharata. What's the best translation?[View]
13489706The Intellectual Yet Idiot: >The IYI pathologizes others for doing things he doesn’t understand w…[View]
13496767What exactly are my options for decent priced sewn hardcovers for classic books besides Everyman lib…[View]
13497186What books would you recommend to someone who loves this game?[View]
13497903Is there any book where the main character breaks the 4th wall and realizes that he lives inside a b…[View]
13496439>read for five seconds >suddenly become bored and lose concentration >keep re reading sam…[View]
13496350Has anyone here ever caught Hand Herpes from the 1800's? Picked up a bunch of moldy medical boo…[View]
13497227Why read when more relevant mediums exist such as film, which allows several senses to be engaged. D…[View]
13497798Authors who look exactly like you expected them to look like.[View]
13495174There's no reason to continue reading moral philosophy after this book. He completely nailed it…[View]
13497935QUOTE THREAD: post kino quotes “God’s in His heaven— All’s right with the world!” ― Robert Browning…[View]
13496427how to read this book: I want to read pic related, but I'm not sure how to get the most out of …[View]
13497229Are there any books on fetishes?: I have a really big thing for milfs and Latinas and I'm just …[View]
13495018/mu/ here, usually don't read books (or at least don't read books to completion, as I have…[View]
13491833Old/Rare Books: Is there a good place to look for old or rare books online? How about a place that s…[View]
13494383Why don't adults value picture books or children's literature anymore?: In some sense, the…[View]
13494841Holy shit, the last 100 or so pages of this book may just be the most perfect writing ever produced …[View]
13497817Do you write letters, /lit/? I write letters to a girl whom I'm good friends with. I don't…[View]
13497893Has anyone here read American war, and what's their thoughts on it? I enjoyed it though i thoug…[View]
13497878How does one write something heavily unsettling and also very melancholic at the same time? I had an…[View]
13497779IDK how to use 4chan: I had a dream about a frog and I googled my way to 4chan > Be me > Four …[View]
13497730This is a discussion about language. Specifically, how a word can shift from neutral to pejorative a…[View]
13494875books to not feel so alone?[View]
13497737>Nooo prof, you cannot make us write a 5000 words essay on The Phenomenology of Spirit. It’s ridi…[View]
13495540Sir, the candidates for the personal librarian position have arrived.[View]
13497505Do you have any books on decreasing stress? I've been so stressed out lately, about money, my b…[View]
13495703Who wins?[View]
13494570What's the national epic of England? Is it Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Hamlet or Paradise Lost? …[View]
13494865>Comments on the Society of the Spectacle Is this like and improved version of the former book or…[View]
13497573Fantasy Literature: What's the perfect formula for a medieval/European based world and what are…[View]
13497563What's more sublime literature like The Iliad and Moby Dick?[View]
13497350Where is the line between vulgar and romantic? I discovered recently that comparing a clitoris to a …[View]
13497253Book suggestions: Looking for some good Lovecraftian horror books. Any suggestions?[View]
13496940Buffoonish Characters: Are there any pre-modern books that feature wacky, foolish, buffoonish charac…[View]
13497396>Was it worth it, Arthur?[View]
13496838Hello /lit/, Can you recommend a book to me? I am 25 and think about suicide very frequently. I live…[View]
13496466What are the guidelines to making a story and writing characters[View]
13497361Who is his literary equivalent?[View]
13496442Athens and Jerusalem: Anyone read Athens and Jerusalem? This guy's take on the conflict between…[View]
13494066>Nietszche: Science is gay >Analytical philosophy BTFO How come a man be so based?…[View]
13495554Wanna publish book: >mfw I want to write a story but don’t know how or where to start So hear me …[View]
13497185I don't get it[View]
13497242Books for this feel? (but unironically)[View]
13496403>Hence, his life remains incessantly infused with her identity-infidelity, and her abhorrent asce…[View]
13494835Who’s the most /lit/ lyricist you sexy, tight little book boy twinks?[View]
13490340Anons who speak English as a second language. Do you tend to read translations in English or in your…[View]
13486156/Sffg/ ~ Science fiction and Fantasy general: Gendered AI Edition >What is your top book about an…[View]
13494840KJV > ANY OTHER TRASH[View]
13496522Have you taken the Marxist Whiteheadian pill yet?[View]
13495563Just bought this, what am I in for?[View]
13496201It's bad.[View]
13496589Books on why people are so ignorant and stupid? Not because I think I'm not ignorant and stupid…[View]
13497121Little thing I wrote up, like me know what you think :3 Man wishes to control; Eve is Control is inh…[View]
13496718'It must be recognized that man in his limited and relative earthly life is capable of bringing abou…[View]
13494116Hello my name is Ethan. Why is everyone here so mean? We all love books so we should be nice to one …[View]
13496828who did it better: subjects in their concrete and socially involved world-activity who tacitly antic…[View]
13495336>And if you must, go to work, tomorrow >Well, if I were you I wouldn't bother >For t…[View]
13494706What's your favorite place to read at? Do you ever read outdoors?[View]
13494534Just saw Midsommar. What are some great novels depicting Grimm Folklore and old European tales[View]
13496434Poem I made about this milf stripper I saw last week: Into my heart, a stripper rolled A lovely bird…[View]
13496900Alright, What am I in for?[View]
13496446what's the deal[View]
13496702Why don’t you read Harry Crews books Anon[View]
13496311Bob Dylan: How come this man with such great song writing has never written a book?[View]
13496678I’m dum dum but I want to get into hermetic, esoteric and occult stuff. What’s a good start?[View]
13496406What did he mean by this?: >When I examine closely my early childhood, I realise that my memory o…[View]
13496805>ywn have the required literary talent to be this SMUG it hurts lads[View]
13493106What are some scholarly works on the metaphysics, religion, cosmology and spiritual views of the anc…[View]
13496755What are some examples of power behind the throne?[View]
13494078MARK TWAIN: Mark Twain is the best american writter ever, he wrote this gorgeous work of a genius ca…[View]
13496510What should I start with: Gravitas rainbow or catch-22?[View]
13494901Would you consider his work YA?[View]
13496556I've been thinking about buying this book.Is it worth getting?[View]
13496563Help me find this book: I work at an Amazon Fulfillment Center and came across this book. Tried to O…[View]
13488225Are there any books that explain the lack of soul you can see in people of this country?[View]
13496423To the person who posted about his woes earlier: I wasn't able to post in the thread when I was…[View]
13495727When you write a story, do you keep in mind that the protagonist/hero of your story is still just on…[View]
13495302What the hell is pre-Kantian idealism supposed to be? Like Berkeley's idealism? How is it any d…[View]
13495626I don't know how people get through the day. What motivates them to work and be happy? I need a…[View]
13494208Jonathan Littell: Is he based? Is he redpilled? Both? Neither?[View]
13494780Worth reading? Is it some sort of incel cope? Really don't know what I'm for.[View]
13492615What is the best ereader to use for pdf's (if there is even a good one) and doesen't cost …[View]
13482477thoughts on law, philosophy of law, jurisprudence, history of law, the LSAT, law school, working as …[View]
13494959>The more Greeks I read, the more conservative I become why?[View]
13496242I'm not American but I'd like to write a letter to Ted Kaczynski. Question is, will they p…[View]
13492421Well, what book, /lit/?[View]
13494568I wrote an article about Rankings in a video game: I would love your input on this. https://greekmel…[View]
13495895Why did Guenon convert to Islam? Specifically, why did he reject Catholicism?[View]
13495289Your reading setup?: What's your go to reading setup for long reading sessions? A armchair? Sof…[View]
13495721Did you know that in order be truly grammatically correct while speaking English, you're suppos…[View]
13494551Is it worth delving into the postmodern french philosophers if I think postmodernism is cancer?: The…[View]
13495642looking for a new fantasy series. friend recommended pic related. is it any good?[View]
13495511German Basics: I saw there was already a board up on German and the such but it was not what I was l…[View]
13494364What literature evokes the deepest despair?[View]

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