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/lit/ - Literature

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1871516340k book thread: My favorite books in the 40k universe are easily the Priests of Mars series[View]
18711465War and Peace VS Anna Karenina, which do you prefer and why?[View]
18710558what do you think is the best biography on this super hero? i'm also looking for supplementary …[View]
18707516>get this >you're in a labyrinth... and it's infinite! >but it's all a dream…[View]
18715180Rec me books with soul crushing sadness that also include fall foliage[View]
18714993>ruins your fedora meditation[View]
18715222What are some nice books about aesthetes and bon vivants?[View]
18714061Exodus 2:22: KJV >And she bore him a son. He called his name Gershom, for he said, “I have been a…[View]
18713755you have to read The Red Book backwards and forewards and go crazy to understand it. What did Jung …[View]
18714933>For laughs I read Fante, for confidence I read Nietzsche For the truth I read Henry is mark /lit…[View]
18712315Catch-22: Whats the philosophy of this book?[View]
18712740Rate my ebay cart?: Rate my ebay cart[View]
18714861Are all women like Daisy?[View]
18703512>In order that labor might have a claim on titles of honor, it would be necessary above all, that…[View]
18694644Is this the final boss for ontology? Where does one go from here?[View]
18714435Does fiction affect reality?[View]
18713613What are some good books that deal with the topics of disgrace and dishonor ? Preferably a meditatio…[View]
18713912why do people call it a post-modern novel when it is a rejection of post-modernism[View]
18713148*filters /lit/plebs*[View]
18713660just read book 1 of the republic[View]
18714832starship troopers philosophy: so what if you took the setting of something like starship troopers, b…[View]
18699145An Excerpt From The Long Game: China's Grand Strategy to Displace American Order: Introduction …[View]
18712442RIP Thomas Pynchon 1937-2021 You will be missed![View]
18714702Brothers Karamazov: This book would have been a 10/10 if it wasn't for the 100 page long trial …[View]
18713527What are some books about loathsome creatures hated by society who reflect on their life and see how…[View]
18714554Rank J.D. Salinger's Nine Stories: I'll go first: 1. For Esme -- With Love and Squalor 2. …[View]
18713508Failed normie here. Never got into reading but I want to reduce my screen time. What are some books?…[View]
18714587>2020 >I am forgotten[View]
18712231what's the most overrated book?: What book do people rave on about which you think aint worth s…[View]
18710806In Chinese and many other languages with a long written tradition, when they read old texts they rea…[View]
18714390Can we get a thread where big dick authors BTFO interviewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pcjBxN…[View]
18711684Am currently rewatching the Sopranos for the umpteenth time and for whatever reason I feel compelled…[View]
18714228An elaborate larp or he was really used as a vessel and it’s all real and right?[View]
18714244How can one man emanate such a /lit/ aura?[View]
18714197Is Eluard good I just got his complete works in french for free And I am wondering where to put it i…[View]
18709649Leave 4chan and go read more instead: This place is toxic and a poison to your mind. You'll los…[View]
18712924Name a better poet than Wasalu Jaco >Protip: You can't.[View]
18714175Does anyone else feel that literature is off-putting to many because it has a low barrier for entry …[View]
18712378The author… has now become a text[View]
18709297Name That Poem: I want to play a game. I'll throw out a couple lines of poetry and you have to …[View]
18714053Any accurate chart on the topic?[View]
18711646Book club: Hi lit I just joined a book club and my first task is to suggest 4 books. I larp as a rea…[View]
18713664Is there a set of canonical commentaries to the Divine Comedy, like the Ten Wings to the Yijing or C…[View]
18714001can we talk about the grapes of wrath?: What did you think of it? was it Steinbecks greatest work? …[View]
18703752Mom and I went to Barnes and Nobles, she bought me a journal and Mediations by Aurelius. I saw a lot…[View]
18711730What would he think of /lit/?[View]
18713848Yeah, I'm totally not gonna get tired of reading the same epic for 2 years[View]
18712693Do you keep a digital diary? What program do you use? For about a year I have kept a diary and used …[View]
18713835/lit/ humor thread: Post your best stuff[View]
18713750>Grant felt a slight chill pass over his shoulders. Also, he suddenly noticed that his crotch and…[View]
18712020Where to start with taoism[View]
18713135>sigma male: the book[View]
18710921We're All Josef K.: Ask us anything[View]
18712760Where were you when you realized Bartleby and Billy Budd were better than Moby-Dick?[View]
18711459Thought's on the Kardashian's list of read books? >1. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Ar…[View]
18713471Jannies deleted thread about video games and literature. To keep the discussion I have a request - b…[View]
18705840show me poetry recited in your national/mother language: I like how poetry sounds even if I can…[View]
18711739Is his crusade against Anglo domination of literature futile?[View]
18713285Is this profound?[View]
18709882> breeze through compsci books on compiler theory, computational complexity, etc. ~cope flex~ …[View]
18694825/wg/ writing general: talentless hack edition, what are you talentless hacks writing today Previous:…[View]
18708431authors who have led you back to Christ: Based Berkeley![View]
18708233propose anything better than this from scifi genre, i will wait pro tip: you cant[View]
18711790Life is so good bros. I love to live it. Thank you Aramaki, your writings have saved me.[View]
18709990>'heterodox thinker' >substack >avi is a roman bust, a 19th century oil painting, or some g…[View]
18713111>The gentleman. The handsome gentleman exists. The gentleman feels that he exists. No, the handso…[View]
18712733collection textbook: 20 yrs and I haven't read since high school I found a textbook I from 10th…[View]
18712773Conditions of a Philosopher: >'You can recognize a philosopher by his avoidance of three shiny lo…[View]
18713199>I will call a patriarchal mind, or, if you will, a patristic ego to refer to that complex of vio…[View]
18710206Dropping out: I'm slowly dropping out of the real world. I studied at an ivy league school (har…[View]
18712554>39 days until L'Académie[View]
18707605Learning German for Philosophy: Hello /lit/, I'm a native English speaker looking to learn Germ…[View]
18709700What the fuck was his problem?[View]
18713120Does anyone have any resources on how to start a publishing company? Eventually I would like to expa…[View]
18712477Alright. Fess up. Who put 'Anti-semetism' in the smart thinking section?[View]
18710879which is better, steampunk or cyberpunk?[View]
18713021the absolute FUCKING state of the catalog: Let's fix this shit . Last 2 digits is the amount yo…[View]
18712834Chrétien de Troyes: which is his best work? is it Yvain because it's the only within the Bloom…[View]
18712895>I can't think clearly it's just the same old experiences being replayed over and over …[View]
18712856(Actual) books on the difference, or slippery slope, between 'art' and 'entertainment'? Is art all e…[View]
18709327Tell me about the last book you read, or the book you're currently reading[View]
18701792Just got a kindle. I have some books I'm about to transfer over but I wanted to ask if anyone h…[View]
18712160Any books on how to foster a growth mindset? It's a bit of a hot topic in self-help circles so …[View]
18712350I feel I just lost two long time friends, /lit/bros. It's the same feeling from when I finished…[View]
18705908By learning logic and mathematic, it is so easy to understand philosophical books. In order to under…[View]
18708638Ethics of immortality:: If you were offered immortality, would you accept it? If not, then why is ev…[View]
18706848Despite losing, why are Republican perspectives from the Spanish Civil War, such as Hemingway, so mu…[View]
18707014Bought my first real fiction book. What am I in for?[View]
18712557I have this issues.I was forced to buy dark purple sweater when somebody that I trusted pointed a gu…[View]
18708609>ACTUALLY, THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL NAZI'S!!!! Why do people still recommend this drivel?…[View]
187093693 Sentences Challenge: Write a story with only 3 sentences. Hardmode: Romance or Horror themed.…[View]
18712445Is this book good?[View]
18711770Can this nigga shut the hell up about ships and their captains already goddamn[View]
18712031Paglia: What does /lit/ think about Camille Paglia? I just picked up a few of her books online for c…[View]
18711063What does /lit/ think of 21st-century poetry? What contemporary poets do you read?[View]
18712366Poems read: Do you guys ever listen to other people read poems? I love how Yeats reads his own poems…[View]
18705393Literature on the Jewish synagogue: Is this quote of St. John Chrysostom the most accurate statement…[View]
18712340Books for this feel?: pic related[View]
18710798how can one write more autistically than Spinoza: and still be wrong?[View]
18712189Thtop reading Tolthtoy faggotth[View]
18708413So far what line of poetry has touched you the most?[View]
18712204>I am a conscious being >We are alive and experiencing entities >Nobody mentions it What t…[View]
18711086Is it ultimately just a cope for being a peasant?[View]
18711366Visionary Charisma: >Visionary Charisma any books that describe this phenomenon?…[View]
18710223Books about French Revolution and how it impacted Europe?[View]
18710313best poetry anthology for learning? I've read poets here and there as well as some classic epic…[View]
18711636What makes a story based and kino? I’m hoping to write a novel one day but I want to avoid it being …[View]
18711381Creating character's personality: Sorry for a dumb question. But can you give me any tips on ho…[View]
18711230Melville's short stories: Hey /lit/, I am currently reading the Piazza Tales and just finished …[View]
18701516Dutchbros...: https://rmx.news/article/mohammed-removed-from-new-dutch-translation-of-dante-s-infern…[View]
18710654Be careful if you use books for escapism, because when you come back...[View]
18709577>his cunt hasn't had a spelling reform[View]
18707971Hey you guys know a lot words right. Do any of you know the term for the concept of the fake becomin…[View]
18709876How did he maintain such vigour in his later life? Most poets and authors develop a singular style i…[View]
18700635Fascinating new interview with Joshua Cohen: The hosts push his buttons, and make him explain why he…[View]
18710502Is it better to write in a notebook or in a word processor?[View]
18711573What are some books, philosophical or otherwise, that feature paranoid or schizo analysis of things?[View]
18710723What is he reading?[View]
18706786What is the first science fiction story?[View]
18710620Rubbing Emily Dickinson's feet. Smelling between Emily Dickinson's toes. Sucking the swea…[View]
18711079The purpose of philosophy is to challenge the dominant narrative. To question it’s relevancy toward …[View]
18711480>Squeeze! Squeeze! all the morning long; I squeezed that sperm till I myself almost melted into i…[View]
18706833start with chauvet cave[View]
18708768Just quit my job so I can focus more on reading/writing and go on an adventure with my beautiful gir…[View]
18709417Have you come to any methodology that works for you on how to read more pages a day/books a year?[View]
18711212He jus like me[View]
18710946mishima reader is back: I’ve read The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea. This novel is so beau…[View]
18711352Why read anything without likable protagonists?: Those books are worthless.[View]
18708375Should i? They are expensive as fuck.[View]
18710962What books do you hate reading but you torture yourself with nonetheless? Pic related for me this bo…[View]
18709599Future of Religious Belief?: If any Anons are interested in religion in Western European / North Ame…[View]
18709008ITT: We post our favorite opening lines >To the red country and part of the gray country of Oklah…[View]
18710874I only read books if they have cool cover art jk i don't read books[View]
18710960Why should I bother reading Thomas Piketty if he is too much of a brainlet to read Marx and because …[View]
18711196I saw a post on /sci/ and thought it sounded cool: Let's write for fun. I changed it a bit, any…[View]
18711162does panspsychism affirm the existence of consciousness by identifying it with a physical substrate …[View]
18706762I read an article by mark fisher recently where he confessed to taking superficial interest in intel…[View]
18710719i read books because i want to be perceived as a smart person but in fact i am genuinely retarded[View]
18711081ITT Psychopathy as cope: Any more like this?[View]
18700653how about Kurt vonneNut[View]
18710392>jesus says, ONCE, that it's morally imperative not to be wealthy >the bible otherwise sa…[View]
18709198Tips for writing a dumb character?: I am currently working on a story written in 1st person. The mai…[View]
18710913What are you reading /lit/?[View]
18710612True loneliness novels/poem collections? I'll give a recommendation to start Canti - Leopardi …[View]
18710024start with the caves[View]
18706978Which Gospel is the best and why? >inb4 some Gnostic says Thomas or something[View]
18708514How does someone with no scientific training go about researching for a Sci-Fi book?[View]
18707378Piers Plowman: Is pic related a good edition? I’m looking for a complete version with the original t…[View]
18710032Gummy: You are a gummy bear. You are a big gummy bear. Your nose is the size of your head and you ca…[View]
18710637Cursive Handwriting Thread: I'm looking to start relearning writing in cursive and I would like…[View]
18709713But can families own entire planets? That's the one part that always fucks with my immersion.[View]
18710364/lit/ Seattle meetup: Anyone interested? Where should we go?[View]
18696115>It is unethical to put people in a situation where the only escape is suicide and all of the pai…[View]
18707445books that induce this feel?[View]
18710619The Ring is the first work of literary modernism.: Where is the love for it?[View]
18709834>you have to start with the Greeks!!! >start reading the Greeks >they keep talking about t…[View]
18707854What are the best books on Tibetan Buddhism?[View]
18707081what's your favorite book of the bible? not 'the most important' or 'the most profound,' just t…[View]
18709948Cult Leader: What book should I read so I can be an effective cult leader?[View]
18706269>Lecturer has his book on the required reading list >it cost $100+…[View]
18710215Flother.: 'Flother' is an obsolete synonym for snowflake. It is a type of word called a Hapax legome…[View]
18709191>tfw you peek at your mom's manuscript and the title is 'tides of flesh' Seriously though. H…[View]
18709472Ulysses: >Great Spanish Novel: a badass wandering lunatic knight >Great French Novel: a badas…[View]
18708063Bloomer pill: Can you read yourself out of a depression? For sometime now I've just felt a comp…[View]
18706208Thoughts on this book?[View]
18710466>mfw I've spent the last months collecting ebooks according to the many charts posted here…[View]
18706982Is postmodern philosophy relevant in contemporary humanities or has it been replaced by something el…[View]
18710339how did he do it?[View]
18707480What's the Uncut Gems of literature?[View]
18706658Post your favorite book and the last time you shat yourself: >Favorite Book Hmm I guess Catch-22 …[View]
18706782What is an Upaniṣad?: After the Bhagavad Gītā, the Upaniṣad are probably the most translated and wel…[View]
18707052My friend told me I should read The Canterbury Tales by this dude Chaucer. What do I do?[View]
18703117I have a desire to express myself but have no artistic talent. Ive noticed lately that im also negat…[View]
18706602What are some books for understanding the Cuban situation?[View]
18709945Which do I read first? I'm leaning towards Man After Man but might read All Tomorrows first bec…[View]
18710150Uh so how long is the kali yuga meant to last bros? Surely not that much longer...[View]
18709955Books Similar To National Treasure?: Was looking for suggestions for non-fiction history books, that…[View]
18707571adhd: i have adhd and struggle with getting motivated to continue reading books, im currently half w…[View]
18707807For those who have read anything by Bart Herman, what are your thoughts on him?[View]
18707876/owg/ - Otto Weininger General: Have you read Sex and Character? What did you think of it? Discuss …[View]
18706799Rawls? Nah, fuck that weak shit. Habermas's where it's at. Why is his theory of communica…[View]
18709389>literature for cultured adults of all ages >art for cultured adults of all ages >literatur…[View]
18703525Books on the history of Tea?: if theres like a general one gives the whole rundown that would be coo…[View]
18708477What're some of your autistic /lit/ related habits? Oftentimes I physically nod my head after r…[View]
18706347post female authors: Sophie Kinsella[View]
18709879>One has two equally good options as treatment of neurosis: either get married or write an opera.…[View]
18708200what am I in for?[View]
18707716I am at my wit's end with a Stoicism meetup group I started. I blame the virtually accessible n…[View]
18706181Rawls General: Gonna buy Rawls' A Theory Of Justice: Should i buy the original or the revised e…[View]
18706257Reformed/Calvinist Reading: What works should someone begin with to understand Reformed theology? Mo…[View]
18706723Books for this idea?: I am looking books that would follow this idea pic rel[View]
18709668Which version of the Quran do I buy?[View]
18705576What are some essential NatSoc readings?[View]
18709586Was his wife really ''''raped'''? That's what the wiki says[View]
18709523What is the prevailing literary theory on why woman was made from a rib in genesis?: What is the pre…[View]
18708935What authors give the most interesting, enjoyable interviews?[View]
18706334Thoughts on this book? I'm planning to buy it[View]
18707274Brutal blackpill[View]
18708696Looking for Gothic Classics, anyone have a chart?[View]
18705397What does /lit/ think about picrel?[View]
18709408Best writers of /lit/?: Anyone have a good list of the best non-pseud writers of /lit/?[View]
18708318Ancient Warfare Picture Book: Hi /lit/, I'm trying to find an old picture book I remember looki…[View]
18707289I'm not gay: I'm not sensitive, I'm not gay, I just need to read something intense to…[View]
18708686Interested in german culture during the weimar republic, what books will give me a better understand…[View]
18709213are there any books that can help me get more in touch with my intuition and not get caught in analy…[View]
18708403Rate my /lit/ order[View]
18709117Classics of the last 2-3 years?: Other that COTC what do you consider to be the best books from 2019…[View]
18708267Any books on how to live in the modern world in spite of all it's problems?[View]
18708021What are the best anti-American books?[View]
18709276I write short stories. I wrote and published quite a few, a couple of them in English. Check them ou…[View]
18707494This scene is kinda gay desu.[View]
18709229What THE FUCK was O'Brien's problem?[View]
18708863>still no epub/pdf[View]
18707118Anyone read this? How was it?[View]
18709122Any books on why I cant just take opiates until I die? Why doesnt society allow this?[View]
18708801Books on how to make money?: Are there any worthwhile books about making money? Are such books just …[View]
18707570What are your thoughts on this book and Nicolás Gómez Dávila?: What are your thoughts on this book a…[View]
18709027Three Kingdoms: Is this actually worth reading, or just the Harry Potter of chinks?[View]
18705378ITT: books liked exclusively by sissies and homosexuals.[View]
18708007>have an interview for a prestigious uni >female interviewer asks what my opinion on social me…[View]
18707954the way this book portrays birthrights was... interesting i think no women would enjoy this book[View]
18707594Reading slump: How do i get out of a reading slump? I used to have amazing tempo in reading, and now…[View]
18709131Why are so many people fascinated by the occult, hermeticism, and Gnosticism?[View]
18697141Is Hermeticism even remotely relavent in today's world?[View]
18708560>Shakespeare is the inventor of the human How could anyone take him seriously after coming up wit…[View]
18706219True Crime: I never see true crime threads here. Anyone here like the genre, especially the more ext…[View]
18705231What did God mean by this? Surah al-Jumuʿah, 5-8, Nasr's translation: >The parable of those …[View]
18705471What did the ancients have to say on the subject of not getting any pussy?[View]
18706158Any books on driving?: Preferably a how to guide and some general tips for first time drivers. I jus…[View]
18707314>bro... what if every social arrangement is like a religion bro This book literally feels like a …[View]
18707099John Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV: Is the vehicle of the central metaphor a door or a city?[View]
18706688Magda Szabo - The Door: Opinions?[View]
18708155>Why yes, I skip songs in Gravity Rainbow of course[View]
18708381The great Gatsby: I dont remember this ever being discussed in 10th grade, but is this implying the …[View]
18707419Who is Nael, age 6? Do we know this incredible poet? I want to meet him. He is the Hölderlin of our…[View]
18705496Who are some misoginystic authors? I'm not talking about those who were due to cultural nurture…[View]
18708360What are the fiction and non-fiction books that best encapsule the essence of 18th century?[View]
18707991Can I be reminded why I should read the Bible once again? I seem to have lost faith in it, bros..[View]
18707240Just finished I need your takes[View]
18708230Why the fuck would anyone buy books when you could just buy a dictionary and have access to literall…[View]
18708220books for this feel?[View]
18704841what's some good literature for a femboy?[View]
18704573Any good books on Eugenics?[View]
18706568Stefan George and the George kreis: Excerpt from a book on Nietzsche I found interesting. >… For …[View]
18703263This book is so overrated. >Orwell writes endlessly about the oppressive world with barely any ch…[View]
18708026>40 days until L'Académie[View]
18703815you are reading Hemingway... right anon?[View]
18707704>hot girl goes to a prestigious school books with this plot?[View]
18707812>One legacy of that original 'correct' understanding is a third peculiarity that makes our system…[View]
18707896the logos: what is it, and why do you think that? is this one of those things where the church has s…[View]
18708040seriously good books with shirt chapters ?[View]
18706975Maybe its a newbye question but: >does ontology precedes the transcendental or the transcendetal …[View]
18692887When are you going to be a man of action, anon?[View]
18706957have any of you read a book that was released this year? How was it?[View]
18705578After the Greeks & Romans: I created this list based on a couple of charts & goodreads revie…[View]
18706591Stoicism: Any good biographies of this incredibly based man? And any Stoic literature in general, ol…[View]
18706067>writes a materpiece of realism that gets him a nobel prize >100 years later nobody gives a fu…[View]
18707768>only Greece, England, Spain and Germany have a good dramatic tradition Explain this.…[View]
18707815Poetry: Let’s play is it an intapoet or a child’s poem? Start with an easy one.[View]
18706359I'm mad there isn't a book that compiles aphorisms from the greatest philosophers on all s…[View]
18707598Finding Reviewers: My granddad is coming out with a book within a year. It's of the non-fiction…[View]
18707278PEople are cattle: people are cattle and deserve what's coming to them. what books will reinfor…[View]
18706044I always just read ebooks, want to get some physical copies though. What are some books that are rea…[View]
18704029Confess: The Trial is not as good as you guys say it is. Its incredibly unfinished and a lot of the …[View]
18707652How do you decide if a book is worth your time?[View]
18707596Is this the greatest book of the 21st century?[View]
18701867Books that explain this?[View]
18700449Write what's on your mind[View]
18705487/lit/ related dream: >be me >at school >reading nietzsche letters on the toilet >two gi…[View]
18699195Culture of Critique: What about this book makes troons so scared?[View]
18698253What are some works of Burgerpunk fiction?[View]
18706834are there any philosophical schools of thought that help overcome social anxiety?[View]
18703908What Ancient Greek texts actually reference the Olympics?[View]
18706389>DUDE WE MUST SECURE LE KNOWLEDGE Whats the big deal? Why were almost all modern philosophers so …[View]
18707391Fichteo-Buddhism: What happens if the self stops positing itself? Moksha?[View]
18706798Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
18693536There is absolutely no literary merit in any Abrahamic religion.: I am going to make an argument for…[View]
18705353Refutations on non-dualism: Why are so many young people on this board so obsessed with Buddhism/Adv…[View]
18702386reminder : this fat fuck never gonna finish his books.[View]
18706846Here’s my summer reading goal. What do you think?[View]
18705786Why does nobody rate him here? He's phenomenal[View]
18705407>claims he solved everything >doesn't even solved english translation…[View]
18705637>Though I wrote the Gospels in this century, I should die in the gutter.…[View]
18704913Did haters like Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard simply get filtered?[View]
18705195Start with the latinx[View]
18706937where can i find dictionaries for kindle?[View]
18702426I've read Notes from Underground and some bitch from school recommended me The Bell Jar by Sylv…[View]
18704951>tfw filtered by character names Why are Russians like this?[View]
18706470Toughts on Michel Henry: Toughts on this chad?[View]
18705100Wheres a good place to start with this guy? If I pick up black swan will I be able to understand it?…[View]
18705019W...Who is John Galt?[View]
18701142>doesn't write a single noteworthy book in all of history Why are they such jobbers? >b-b…[View]
18705999A.I.: What set us apart Shall bring us together I envy your lack of feelings You wish you felt pl…[View]
18701818I've been studying French for some time now but I've yet to actually attempt to read any F…[View]
18703130is he the GOAT? next to Shakespeare, does anyone come close to him?[View]
18705636It doesn't matter what I do, where I go, what I see, I always return to the one constant univer…[View]
18706522>One has two equally good options as treatment of neurosis: either get married or write an opera.…[View]
18701883Jordan Peterson Appreciation Thread: He tries to help men cease being incels and start living their …[View]
18704534need individual recommendations for beginner: i want to get into reading for the first time since i …[View]
18704500What are some good books that deal with the topics of disgrace and dishonor ? Preferably a meditatio…[View]
18705585Wo are some good authors who despised public intellectuals?[View]
18705775Ulysses: Is it just me or is Bloom a really unlikeable character?[View]
18705449Propaganda: Books that highlight the dangers of propaganda and how one can avoid buying a manufactur…[View]
18705347Nature of mathematics thread #2: I just woke up so let us continue >Sets are ill-defined by desig…[View]
18706331What are some books that were so engaging you forgot to eat, sleep or take a shit? pic unrelated[View]
18705771When did you realize that books are mind control? There has never been a moment in history when peop…[View]
18699954those who effortpost and get no replies, don't worry; we see you and appreciate you![View]
18703133What authors had the most schizophrenic worldviews?[View]
18703283I'm not starting with the Greeks. fuck you.[View]
18705206Just finished this, what did i think of it ?[View]
18706161Reading what books in public would make you appear like this?[View]
18704011I've heard people say HP Lovecraft is an interesting writer, but a very racist individual. Did …[View]
18706132>group writing project >starts off with a small group of creative people >gets popular >…[View]
18706009Is this series worth reading beyond the first book?[View]
18705240A Hero Of Our Time: Should I get this translation or is Nabokov's translation better?[View]
18703824I just signed up to audible and would appreciate any recommendations for audiobooks worth my credit.…[View]
18705260This is what I listen to when I read Kant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WzsbPD4lkE[View]
18705666Stoicism: So, now that the dust has settled - has there ever been anything insightful or useful in S…[View]
18697947>Memes matter. They are unconscious manifestation of symbols immemorial resurfacing in again and …[View]
18706151What's up with this book and why do women love it so much? Is it worth reading? I've been …[View]
18706332I don't like self-insert characters but I like character flaws: What does that make me?[View]
18706338Any good books on impromptu storytelling? Any improtmptu story collections?[View]
18705511What's wrong with plain English? For example, why would using 'iridescent' over 'shiny' be cons…[View]
18705583give me some books that helps with this please i broke down and cried during a trip to unite with m…[View]
18706149Interpretations of the book of Genesis in Antiquity: We all know that the book of Genesis was interp…[View]
18706226Why did Zeus marry such a cunt?[View]
18705719Are there any good books that explore how our biology influences our behaviour? I’m mainly intereste…[View]
18704449Imagine being butterfly, a person who's spent a decade here. Every time you post, someone insul…[View]
18705712man's search for reddit.com[View]
18705866Man couldn't write, made what should've been a kino ww1 book boring as hell with that plai…[View]
18704862There's so much I wouldn't know about literature if it weren't for /lit/. I think som…[View]
18702541What blackpills do to a nigga[View]
18705516For me, it’s Suttree.[View]
18704124After a lifetime of mostly reading fantasy and sci-fi novels I want to ‘up my game’ a bit with regar…[View]
18705212History of the corporation: Tried asking this on /his/ a few days ago, but didn't get a respons…[View]
18705812Reading pic related right now... So when does it get good?[View]
18705889Why do many sci-fi and horror writers crave the respect of the literary establighment...: while writ…[View]
18704654>Eloï, Eloï, lema sabachthani? Hold me, bros[View]
18704912>begin quoting authors in conversation to friends, coworkers and bosses >in context of course …[View]
18704752>the only things that you are guaranteed in this life are death and suffering Great but what now?…[View]
18705661Dear Anons, I need your help!: I’m writing a free-flowing collaborative novel, where multiple storie…[View]
18700853Analytic philosophy: Can someone who has never read Philosophy start with Analytic philosophy? If ye…[View]
18705190Lear’s Fool: What was his deal?[View]
18705329Books about aliens conquering a planet through enforced DNA modification for a virus they created an…[View]
18701723>Pascal's wager literally irrefutable.[View]
18705417Looking back, who was in the wrong here? And should we read 'Charles' sudden death' as him KYSi…[View]
18704783THE GREEKS: I am actually starting with the Greeks. What am I in for and what will happen to me once…[View]
18704484Who was in the wrong?[View]
18705371I know what I'm going to read next: >Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that unites t…[View]
18702888Hey book faggots, /v/ here, just reminding you that books are for old ladies and little bitches, suc…[View]
18705161>reading the Old Testament in Hebrew Why would anyone want to do that when the oldest Hebrew manu…[View]
18705140ITT: we rename famous novels. >Ulysses Hero Man >Pride and Prejudice Proud of my Race >…[View]
18703500Sadboyism: I have been fascinated with miserable authors introspecting to the audience. I tried bac…[View]
18704091ITT: Depression-core Post only the saddest, most pessimistic, and cynical books[View]
18700567cool wikipedia articles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgone[View]
18705169Michael Sugruebros...have you listened to the new podcast he has with her daughter? Listened to the …[View]
18702156Where to go next with Borges? I loved this volume, especially the 'religious' stories 'Three Version…[View]
18705133>Frequently perceived as a characteristic of modern culture, the phenomenon of celebrity has much…[View]
18702075>the anon/s posting “start with the Greeks” in every thread hasn’t read a single page of ancient …[View]
18705057Are there any books or papers that address the apparent contradiction between Aristophanes' spe…[View]
18684711ITT: only THE BEST SF books: No Dune or Frank Herbert allowed!l[View]
18704204Books on how African-Americans managed to dominate world pop culture?[View]
18704986Ulysses and Lord of the Rings are the two great realist epics[View]
18704970Best books on the aesthetics of beauty?[View]
18697282What are some good books that describe the pain of balding?[View]
18704947I haven't read anything from a book in two days. I want to commit to reading one book at a time…[View]
18702043>used to read a lot >stop reading for 5 months >pick up a book >can't retain any of…[View]
18697319This is likely the most popular secondary literature on Karl Marx's Kapital. It begins by licki…[View]
18704659I unironically remember life before I was born.[View]
18693112Why does this book make /pol/ shiver in fear?[View]
18704903/lit/ memes: picrelated is a goodreads review of The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges' Librar…[View]
18704832Post an author which you take as being infallible, even though you don't admit it.[View]
18699186Isn't it about time books get censored/revised?: A lot of older literature are host to all type…[View]
18702795What's a good starting point to learn more about Buddhism? Everything I find is either >gay …[View]
18704572Mary Sue: >and then the main character died, or would have if he didn't already kill the bad…[View]
18702469I did not care for The Old Man And The Sea[View]
18704461How do you deal with the agony, loneliness, and sense of loss that ensues from finishing reading a g…[View]
18703812The Very Hungry Caterpillar: What about this book makes chuds so scared?[View]
18701181How do I rectify my belief in my talent and desire to write a novel with the fact that I generally h…[View]
18697729White Fragility: What about this book makes chuds so scared?[View]
18703095What are some essential books about literature? I just bought the Nabokov courses on Russian and Eur…[View]
18704533start with the greeks banned anon sama..: i kneel . . .[View]
18704643Zemsta by Aleksander Fredro: Waddaya hear waddaya say?[View]
18704628Recent purchases / stack thread: I picked these up today from a bookstore specializing in military n…[View]
18704068Can anyone recommend me some good self help books? Preferably of the 'how to stop being a lazy loser…[View]
18694428>mfw pirating books using ereader ITS TO MUCH INFORMATION[View]
18702360Thoughts on the Talmud?[View]
18703365Anyone else here pre-ordering the new book of this #1 New York Times bestselling author?[View]
18701546I found some bookstore in my hometown that its selling pic related for 10 dollars, i send them a mes…[View]
18703648why did you meme'd me into this absolute SLOG?[View]
18703880show me your 'new book got delivered' face Go![View]
18704613Hey /lit/: I just wanted to say I love you guys[View]
18702601ITT: Bold opinions: >There is no such thing as 'non fiction.' Everything is fiction. >There i…[View]
18702668Central Asian Literature: Any good recs? Preferably in English, but untranslated ones are great too…[View]
18704341Quote thread: Drop a quote more based than this. I'll wait.[View]
18703465Les Rougon-Macquart: What do you all think, is it worth it to read the whole cycle?[View]
18702870/pg/-- Patristics General: General discussion thread for the writings of the Holy Fathers, from Clem…[View]
18702432may i have some gothic horror recs?[View]
18704528Self-reference book recommendations: Russell described Moore as one of the most truthful people he h…[View]
18704062>author's books are all variations on the same basic setting/plot[View]
18702700Is anyone else into vintage Men's Adventure magazines and pulp stories? I have read a few colle…[View]
18703736Is this Bowling Alone for leftists?[View]
18703869>Homosexuality is nothing but unnatural animalistic urges, true spiritual love is only possible b…[View]
18703033Evola: To anyone that has actually read Evola, what books would you recommend one to start with? Wha…[View]
18702515what makes a good name? I have been trying to think of an internet handle / gamertag for 3 months no…[View]
18702281What am I in for?[View]
18704470Does anybody in this place like Peter Straub?[View]
18701433Mark Levin and American Marxism: Now that the dust has settled can we agree on whether this bestsell…[View]
18701868What are some good anti humanist books? I am disgusted with humanity and want it to perish[View]
18704247I just want to read fiction for fun for a while so do I need to start with the greeks?: I just want …[View]
18703742Which publishing company has the best covers and why is it NYRB?[View]
18704357The Book was a really interesting read. As a person, who is more visually inclined (like most people…[View]
18703017Best political terrorism book about the creation of Isreal?: I want it to be similar to the ones in …[View]
18702335What a load of fucking bullshit[View]
18697733>Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in…[View]
18703603There should be a separate board for political non-fiction books.[View]
18704094Help downloading a thelancet artcile: Hi anons, do any of you know how to access for example this ar…[View]
18704216going to go to the beach for a week need some novellas/authors to read when there kind of looking fo…[View]
18703242Bought a first edition of pic related: Will I be rich?[View]
18702813Prove your humanity and your literary capabilities. Write a poem about this fine example of one of G…[View]
18703770Dante's Inferno: How should one read Dante? With a secondary? Should I look for a ”best transla…[View]
18701511What's a good approach for studying world history? It's a personal project of mine, I want…[View]
18703967Should I start with the Greeks?[View]
18696207Why is he a writer that attracts many teenage pseuds? Road, No Country, and Blood Meridian are good …[View]
18704196/Ford Madox Ford/ A General About the Writer: What have you read of him, if you have? I have a deep …[View]
18703787> In April 2015, speaking of the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Walter Scott – three un…[View]
18695404Most baste spanish thinker?: I need to improve my spanish vocabulary and reading skills so I'm …[View]
18703315Do any of you use 'problematic' writing to cope with trauma, urges, etc? I've been doing it lat…[View]
18703938Start with the arabs[View]
18703732'Muh wacky soulsborne eyeball eldritch abomination': Why do retards eat this up? It's not even …[View]
18701180What's the easiest version of The Divine Comedy for an ADHD zoomer?[View]
18699255i teared up, by god i did[View]
18700666I want to learn Chinese but it's hard, and I get distracted because I also want to learn Japane…[View]
18698275What is the best version to read of the Prince?[View]
18701606Which is a better work of pessimism?[View]
18703392Tell me things about Wizard sex lives.[View]
18698287Do the Dante's Inferno test, post results and three favorite books. http://www.4degreez.com/mis…[View]
18703477Any recommendations for books that explain Bushido?[View]
18703710I stumbled across this wordpress diary (?) or something like that, and I found it oddly interesting,…[View]
18700335Nature of mathematics thread: Apart from his flimsy grasp of Gödel's proof and hatred of set th…[View]
18702618Rainbow Gravity: AHHHHH I'm going INSANE[View]
18703045>miracles can't happen because... THEY JUST CAN'T OK???[View]
18703611Copyright retard here (maybe the qualifier is too generous). If on my YouTube channel I work through…[View]
18699765Seriously this book is perfect for learning a language.[View]
18698233Why did all great philosophers abstain from cooming?[View]
18703550Kwame Alexander: why can't he write books on his own? I recognize that some of his stuff has ju…[View]
18701827What should I know before starting Brothers Karamazov? XIXth century Russia history?[View]
18694645ITT: We figure Pale Fire out: Let's solve this chess puzzle once and for all. Who is who, who w…[View]
18702532Poetry: Write some of your poetry , i'll start : As i'm standing in the shadow of the moo…[View]
18703249>Literally the most popular threads on /lit/ at the moment Whoa, so this is the power of /lit/ in…[View]
18702114What are some funny books/authors from before the 1960's?[View]
18703346>This chapter cannot be quite so sparing in its use of technical concepts as the previous chapter…[View]
18703341Why was Don John such an asshole?[View]
18703193who is your favourite author like John Steinbeck: I just love the way he writes so clearly yet also …[View]
18701742start with the sumerians: Epic of Gilgamesh https://www.amazon.com/Epic-Gilgamesh/dp/014044100X This…[View]
18700277How do this sentence make you feel?[View]
18703050How do I develop an anachronistic writing style, especially in regards to its general formalism and …[View]
18702623What did Kafka's contemporaries think of his work once it started coming out posthumously in th…[View]
18697018The self-effulgent light which illumines the world ever shines. It is indeed the witness of the worl…[View]
18701987Should I read this? I haven't seen any of the movies. Found it at a thrift store.[View]
18702214What books does he read?[View]
18701561Kierkegaard>Nietzsche: After reading the Sickness unto Death and Fear & Trembling, I can…[View]
18700114Hey, I made a Deleuzian-Evolian-Joycean-Kierkegaardian-Kojimarian video that /lit/ might enjoy. A co…[View]
18699052What are you reading /lit/?[View]
18701715Post books that made you do stupid shit. I read this while on nofap and it made me message a girl I …[View]
18702861Austrian Economics: Why is everyone seething over this? The book in pic related was good.[View]
18700951>41 days until L'Académie[View]
18702935Best books with characters that have strong and powerful personalities (eg. Tyler durden, Thomas She…[View]
18702604ITT: The Famous Five: What do we think? Revolutionary? A bunch of childish dribble? A nice read?…[View]
18702389Challenge: without reframing the question, ad hominen or downplaying What does reading Kant allows y…[View]
18699286Books about fighting for your ideals and not giving in despite advsersity?[View]
18701879Best publications for setting a foundational knowledge about topics that matter: Hello /lit/. I…[View]
18699311Bronzillionaire Sigma Grindset: Literature.[View]
18701741When exactly does a plot become a cliché? For example >it was all in his head…[View]
18702704Das rite: 'JA Rogers' three volumes of Sex and Race told about race mixing before Christ's…[View]
18702677What are your favourite crime fiction novels?[View]
18699016career advice: Can a person make it with an English literature bachelor?[View]
18702568How do I get dis book. It looks very funny[View]
18702068Books about oppression?[View]
18701204Is there any book of real literary merit about a shakespereant-tragic-hero-like drug lord? Something…[View]
18699933Why would you read any other philosophy than analytical?[View]
18700032120 days of Sodom: Thoughts on this book? Also, did this kind of shit really happened in medieval ti…[View]
18701363Does anyone else think Icelandic literature is underrated? I would count Njál's saga among the …[View]
18701945Bartebly, the scrivener is a fucking good story. Why do he prefer to do nothing? >The next day I …[View]
18701701I just merdered a thread to make this one. What books are there for this?[View]
18700755>want to got into fanatsy series >10 books each 1000 pages long fuck sake if I had such time I…[View]
18701540>It is not the cause that hallows the war, but the war that hallows the cause What did he mean by…[View]
18701314what's the most based school of philosophy?[View]
18702369i dont think i really understood this but it made me feel very wistful and sad overall. can someone …[View]
18698352Books that would make me feel paranoia and adrenaline rush at the same time? Anything along the line…[View]
18701488Books that convey the feeling of being rich/wealthy?[View]
18701626Aristocracy: Which book(s) would you prescribe to a useless eater? I recognize they will never have …[View]
18698651Is the book as bad as the movies? The beliefs espoused are a disgrace to the libertarian thought. It…[View]
18700810Best Audible Audiobooks: Any recommendationas for which two free audiobooks to pick to keep with the…[View]
18701691any of you guys have translations of the bible that have readable yet still poetic prose? i have rec…[View]
18697604Polish Literature: Can anybody recommend me the best Polish literature? I speak the language so anyt…[View]
18700836Should I read this book? I read a little bit and I liked it. Thoughts?[View]
18701970Recommend me some kino fantasy lit. I haven't read much besides the normalfag tier surface leve…[View]
18701975how does /lit/ feel about buying 2 books by an author they've never read ?[View]
18696509What went wrong with modern literature?[View]
18701102Book channels on youtube: Are there any book reviewers or channels that discuss classic lit that are…[View]
18700841NIGGER: There is a deep reservoir of literature concerning the word NIGGER and the concept of NIGGER…[View]
18701529A tall man stood in the doorway smoking. He held a crumpled baseball cap under his arm while he comb…[View]
18699948Have you read Subarashiki Hibi in it's original Japanese yet? It's arguably the first visu…[View]
18695012Ascetic guidebooks: I am looking to avoid and quit all human interaction, entertainment, media, art,…[View]
18700098Is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/?[View]
18701813Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, Nor the furious winter’s rages; Thou thy worldly task hast done, H…[View]
18699815What kind of books do women like to see on men's bookshelves.[View]
18700440I like this novel.[View]
18701745What is your favourite book from the Leatherstocking Tales series?[View]
18701581Does this even mean anything nowadays?[View]
18701647/lit/. The only blue board where you can get away with posting completely off-topic threads by endin…[View]
18701450Which book has the very best opening chapter? Pic related, I've probably reread chapter one hun…[View]
18700192Blood Meridian Question: So, I plan to give Blood Meridian another go after I finish the book I…[View]
18701525Are adverbs and passive voice really as bad as people make it out to be, or are they just popular ni…[View]
18699648That's it, I'm done using Goodreads, I can't put up with this shit any longer.[View]
18697384I'm trying to write a sonnet for English class. It doesn't have to be in iambic pentameter…[View]
18700538Investing Strategies: Bertrand Russell & Wittgenstein: I work in finance and I've been told…[View]
18696045who is the best female philosopher?[View]
18701496>don't have money to pay rent >living on the graces of my landlord while I wait to get pa…[View]
18698612Books on esoteric and occult knowledge/practices (bonus if its about elites, hollywood, nazis, etc))…[View]
18700487Gnosticism: Can someone give me a QRD on Gnosticism? What texts would be a good starting point?…[View]
18697923New Spengler Translation: Has anyone read the new Arktos translation of Spengler's Decline of t…[View]
18700631He would support trannies.[View]
18699022What are some good nonfiction books about space?[View]
18701221Stoicism- based or a meme?[View]
18697349Share your Substack blog with us. You ARE writing, aren't you?[View]
18699208Your test result and your favorite book Mine is journey to the end of the night or the elementary pa…[View]
18701025Classical philology self-studying: I live in a third-world country with real trash universities, but…[View]
18701116Does this book really cure your Autism?[View]
18700364I just found a copy of pic related for $60 while I have more money than I know what to do with. Need…[View]
18701167I feel kinda bad for Mrs. Haze :([View]
18696999Why do all atheist writers and philosophers invariably turn out to be midwits?[View]
18700569I still can't believe it was an official Modern Library cover and not a meme cover from /lit/ h…[View]
18698267Baudrillard: Any prerequisites to Baudrillard? I need to read 'Simulacra and Stimulation' …[View]
18698882This is oc. It's a fact that physicist hate to hear, everything that they discover has been dis…[View]
18694510Hi, I am the stranger.[View]
18700029any other good books with the main character being an autist? directly or indirectly is fine[View]
18699463Alright, I’ve read Adi Shankara’s commentaries on the upanishads. Now how do I put this knowledge in…[View]
18700532Benefits of reading: Does reading books make you intellectual or is it just a means of entertainment…[View]
18698929what is some SF with similar plot and setting to pic?[View]
18700200>start with the greeks no[View]
18700571How can americans ever recover from this absolutely brutal slaying?[View]
18699114/lit/bros...we lost.[View]
18695453>read expected got[View]
18699591>Obsessed with Plato and Neo-Platonists like Iamblichus and Plotinus before even reaching Uni …[View]
18697720Nietzsche on Socrates: Does anyone know the source of the foreign physiognomist who called Socrates …[View]
18700626Is all modern media one big feminist circlejerk? Look at this TV show that is about a secret governm…[View]
18700518Martin Amis: What does /lit/ think of his work?[View]
18695547Recommend me books on how to manipulate that are based on the scientific method[View]
18699752why the fuck does book introductions spoil the story[View]
18695078*is correct about everything*[View]
18698422What does your e-book shelf look like? This is mine.[View]
18700445ive read a lot. and normally i take some degree of notes. it's been a couple years since i was …[View]
18698682What's some good Czech literature?[View]
18695449How long will it take me to read all books ever written, starting with the Greeks?[View]
18700228Zen Lit?: Been wanting to explore more classical Zen lit, any suggestions? Particularly interested i…[View]
18697163Can you help me /lit/?: I need some help. College has got me writing a story (its short, only 4000 w…[View]
18699707What is the best of Armenian literature?[View]
18698252“Learn philosophy. Read many philosophical books. It will shape your brain and change how you see th…[View]
18697095>Author's rampant homolust is extremely obvious to everybody except him >He unwittingly i…[View]
18695682Do any of these guys have any worthwhile literature in their native languages, or is it all in Engli…[View]
18698684I LOVE buddhism: But anatman makes no fuckin sense to me Adi Shankara's arguments are far more …[View]
18691741Write what's on your mind[View]
18698582ITT post your favorite fiction book[View]
18700207>Norwegian Woods[View]
18698967Learning Hebrew: To people who have learnt Hebrew from scratch as adults, how did you plan it out an…[View]
18699486My plan? Do nothing. I like to call this 'Dasein'.[View]
18699410Give me 1 (ONE) reason why epistemology matters. I'll reply 'Thank you' to those who can convin…[View]
18699083what are some good places to find out about interesting contemporary literature?[View]
18696502Why does /lit/ hate All Tomorrows?[View]
18697565Dipping to the velvet crease Times are naught and sounds decease Dip into the tender sheath Damp wit…[View]
18698522All modern philosophy is garbage. Thousands of pages on how human knowledge gets its validation, and…[View]
18693595What was his problem?[View]
18690874Did anyone else buy this? Which essays did you enjoy so far? I like The Cloud and the Stone, Poetry …[View]
18699851What were the best stories to come out of the 2010s creepypasta boom?[View]
18696808What do we think of him? Master or hack?[View]
18692831Literally no one else comes close. What is there even left to read after finishing TBK?[View]
18699271Writing a story: How does one approach writing a story? How does one write a good story? How can one…[View]
18699744>*touches little kid* what did he meant by this?[View]
18698057Refutations on non-dualism: Why are so many young people on this board so obsessed with Buddhism/Adv…[View]
18697423who here /Rationalist/?[View]
18698624The term “toxic masculinity” is to be ridiculed, but there is an unhealthy masculinity like the will…[View]
18699679No.44 The Mysterious Stranger: this sounds really generic of an ask so hopefully there's a lot …[View]
18694025Shakespeare's plays theatre: I want to know the plays of Shakespeare, but english (as you may h…[View]
18696863His politics aside, what does /lit/ think about Scruton's works about art and aesthetics?[View]
18699086Is Wagner's poetry understandable without the music?[View]
18699324Canaan literally means 'merchant' in Hebrew[View]
18699179Kill 3, fuck 3, marry 3: >Cornel West >Slavoj Žižek >Judith Butler >Kwame Anthony Appiah…[View]
18699005What is a theme? How can you find it? How can you know that the theme wasn't explored very well…[View]
18698366Wordcraft: a Human-AI Collaborative Editor for Story Writing: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2107.07430.pdf…[View]
18699246I don't enjoy philosophy anymore. Whether it be ethics or epistemology, I simply don't giv…[View]
18699322Should I read this?[View]
18697300What does /lit/ think of the 'Southern Agrarians' and their literary movement in the 1930…[View]
18698559Bros. I'm tired of reading old irrelevant shit. What good contemporary authors do you know?[View]
18696933Do I have to read the Greeks? Can't I just read the Bible and go on from there?[View]
18696734Where do I start with Thomas Bernhard?[View]
18694882I wonder what book(s) is/are in here[View]
18699131Nietzsche is My Daddy: It’s merely on your perspective How you see the world There is No objective r…[View]
18699014I'm looking for a comprehensive order of reading Carl Jung. The chart that already exists is ex…[View]
18699111publishing: Why did no one who owns my book actually read my book? I self-published on KDP my first …[View]
18692167What the fuck. I feel like im understanding something, but what am I even understanding? Im on the s…[View]
18680451What are you reading today /lit?[View]
18680118/sffg/ - Science fiction and Fantasy general: Floating Castle Edition Previous Thread:>>186654…[View]
18690919Any lit that will help me cope with this: I’m halfway through my MFA, I just hope I can finish it be…[View]
18695090What radical manifestos would /lit/ say offer the greatest philisophical/political/literary value?[View]
18697989When reading a novel do you fix on specific character designs from the first few desceiptions or do …[View]
18691761What are the edgiest, goriest, most disturbing books you can think of? I'm talking about cannib…[View]
18697646Is it worth learning Russian to read Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn etc..?[View]
18698704Whats the book equivalent of this film?[View]
18698896Vita sexualis: That will be all.[View]
18696838Give one (1) reason why I should follow the categorical imperative[View]
18693660>read the synoptic gospels >feels like I'm reading jewish scripture, some parts are inter…[View]
18698341What are the best books by Anonymous? >inb4 Bible[View]
18691855WHAT BOOK HELPED YOU SELF-ACTUALIZE?: Is there a book that pushed you over the edge and made you rea…[View]
18695415History of Science: What book(s) should be read after pic related: I'm nearly done with this bo…[View]
18698622Infinite Jest: What is this book? Is it worth the read? Or is it just coffee table nonsense that the…[View]
18697526Evola: Is this legit? Was Evola a secret muslim? Is that why he kept raging against christianity? M…[View]
18698189Book of Job: Quite honestly what's with the God of Job? He makes his faithful subject suffer be…[View]
18673947the rules are simple: post aesthetic get book[View]
18697782>There are men who carefully manoeuvre a large limousine out of the garage at eight o'clock …[View]
18697924is there a more nice looking way to protect a paperback book cover besides taping kraft paper over i…[View]
18697474Books where this kind of plot structure is used?[View]
18698488>Dude just find a manic pixie dream girl who teaches you to enjoy life lmao This has to be one of…[View]
18696325curse god and die: For a moment, imagine you lost Your beliefs, your ideology, your God, your people…[View]
18690732>All psychological inventions of Christianity work toward the deep corruption of head and heart. …[View]
18698419Hey /lit/, i really enjoyed All Tomorrows and Flatland, got any recs for experimental sci-fi novella…[View]
18679529What is special about Lolita? I just don't get it.[View]
18694983thoughts on shitty chick lit ?[View]
18696651Stories/novels that are good, but make you feel like dying? Pic related. Cucked by his own dad...…[View]
18694941Yan Zhitui is a better substitute father than Peterson: Family Instructions for the Yan Clan contain…[View]
18698303>It is true that primitive man is powerless against some of the things that threaten him; disease…[View]
18694275thoughts on the AA book?[View]
18695311I genuinely and unironically think Kant was a moron, or at the very least he was insane. Kant's…[View]
18697082ITT: Old books featuring incel or proto-incel characters. Pic related: Wehsal[View]
18698190Readlet here; need a basic gestalt of pic[View]
18694549Is stream of consciousness a legitimate literary technique?[View]
18696445And now the important question: Best mushroom like architecture? Like pic except real.[View]
18698891Passing Tales audiobook out now!: https://rcwaldun.com/ WALDUNCHADS GET THE FUCK IN HERE[View]
18697821/lit/ is unironically the superior version of /hisi[View]
18697390HELP: I have University coming up soon and I need some recommendations. What are some books I can re…[View]
18696989After Reddit takes a philosophy/belief and turns it into cringe, is there a way to save it?[View]
18694294German literature bros...: Could you translate this quote? >wandel und wechsel liebt wer lebt Wha…[View]
18698109Are there any prerequisites to Hesse?[View]
18696697What am I in for?[View]
18697858Mother Goose: I fucked her[View]
18697982https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7nIBLaoRNY books about heartbreak?[View]
18696241What are some books about gay relationships inside prison?[View]
18694880What is Good without Evil? What is Light without Darkness? Nothing! What do we do with this informat…[View]
18697637Is it /lit/ to stick to your opinion no matter what? Or should you be willing to change your opinion…[View]
18696570>tfw kind of want to write a book but don't see the point cause I know nobody will read it…[View]
18696470Im absolute sick of being on computers all the time. When I want to write I lack willpower to force …[View]
18696058What am I in for?: I tried asking /biz/ for their thoughts but they told me that it was just Marxist…[View]
18696909>God came to me and told me that she is a woman what books should I read?…[View]
18694592Fellow English teachers, how are you coping with the upcoming semester of another group of disengage…[View]
18696119has anyone here read this?[View]
18689898I’m going on a two week trip to Costa Rica in a week from now. What book(s) should I bring? Bonus po…[View]
18697513The video game equivalent of EOE is Metal Gear Solid 2. What is the book equivalent?[View]
18697352Social media and digital platforms destroy mindfulness and the ability for the reflective, meditativ…[View]
18696920>Story about incel obsessing over arthoe until he gives up, rants about society, and becomes a tr…[View]
18696328Recommend: A grotesque play similar to Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu Roi”, where characters psychology is simp…[View]
18696771what should I read to get over my cynicism so I can start enjoying life?[View]
18690042Post your favorite book quotes.[View]
18691687What books will make my gf smarter?[View]
18697257What's the oldest book you own? >'The Farmer's Assistant; or, Every Man His Own Lawyer'…[View]
18696985What does a poetry nerd who wants to convert to Judaism before dying say? 'I will not go gentile int…[View]
18696187based Mr. Kurtz[View]
18696572Mysteries by Knut Hamsun: I used to a read a lot but I stopped when I went to college and I can…[View]
18694701SJW’s and the identitarian left actually operate on a really fucked inverted version of master moral…[View]
18693184What an absolute fucking loser.: he's literally me.[View]
18696151lost my small book collection to water damage a couple years ago and I think I’m ready to start over…[View]
18675309Symbolic Exchange and Death: >Bro just become morbidly obese so you can defeat the system (symbol…[View]
18696036Is there a book on how to stop being a coward? I mean cowardice in everything. For example, I see a …[View]
18695448I understand why god emperor is so dividing and now I'm scared to start it....[View]
18696143are there any books or other works of literature which might help me become funnier[View]
18693480Top 5: I read a lot of pleb material, but some of what I've read is not pleb. How is my top 5? …[View]
18695298uh huhu uh /lit/, so where should I start again? huh huh[View]
18696747Who was the Goya of literature?[View]
18688749What book would you give to your sixteen-year-old self?[View]
18696221Books that will help me feel better about my future?: Currently I: >think about my future >fee…[View]

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