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21609040What am I in for?[View]
21612247What are the best books for leaning how to read Tarot cards?[View]
21611828These any good as airport novels?[View]
21613201>be me >decide to try my hand writing poetry >try to get suggestions for normies on discord…[View]
21611595What’s the consensus?[View]
21613215Thoughts on Adler, Freud and Jung? And what books are essential?[View]
21611848what would hegel say about him?[View]
21611243ITT: Kino poems: Even as swallows year by year return Back to the nests that held them featherless, …[View]
21584316This is the only series of books worth reading.[View]
21612991>glaucon let me tell you why it is better to be just than unjust >fifty tangents later >…an…[View]
21612659Would Sauron ever talk like this?[View]
21610211give me ideas for a short play to write for my theatre class. I'm too stressed to have any good…[View]
21612830I've coerced the spirit of Bob Ross to narrate the first few pages of Neuromancer for me and i …[View]
21611147What did he read?[View]
21604755Are there any books which propound racism against the working class, argue the case that the working…[View]
21612890Why did he leave Giovanni?[View]
21611925Boomer choice: I got like 10 thousands ebooks. Not gonna finish 5 percent. How to choose?[View]
21610198Should English be spoken and written properly using an American accent or an English one?[View]
21612479Comfy thread: >snuggled in bed >in my jams >got my cats beside me >tea on shelf >read…[View]
21612921>btfos Fernando Pessoa and your prescious Book of Disquiet Hehehe... Nothing personnal, kid.…[View]
21611640Whos the comfiest booktuber?: Emmie's videos have alright vibes but I think she's very bor…[View]
21612375Prior Analytics: >A possibly is said of no B Can you convert it to “B possibly is said of no A”? …[View]
21612666How far into the future is Book of the New Sun? What the hell did humanity do to warrant the sun bei…[View]
21604990Cormac McCarthy's possible final interview with Lawrence Krauss: https://youtu.be/wfYr5zF-oNs L…[View]
21612779Most book readers are fucking dim A lot of you have no capacity to think outside a box, you only not…[View]
21612533Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: So now that it's been confirmed that Dr. Jolly West (t…[View]
21612100Books to help get over the fear of life?[View]
21612764How would one go about creating a new book genre? pic unrelated[View]
21610194BOOKS ON ART?: We here discuss art: definitions, examples, opinions, etc.[View]
21608287I recently took up an interest in boxing and wanted to read some books about boxers and boxing. Reco…[View]
21612704>'plural realities did exist, superimposed onto one another, like so many film transparencies.' h…[View]
21611705ChatGPT literally has no understanding of the world. It's impressive in a lot of ways, but I…[View]
21611648Is this book good for a non evangelical?: Im catholic but idk if the things here would apply to me, …[View]
21612408talmud studying tips: hey /lit/ i've come to you humbly to ask about the best ways to study thi…[View]
21610815Is there anything else like it?[View]
21611603So Descartes and Berkeley both struggled with how mental faculties affected corporeal objects. Yet, …[View]
21610552God this is so fucking good[View]
21611545What can I do at my liberal arts/great books college while attending that will give me gainful emplo…[View]
21607104The New Irrationalism: John Bellamy Foster, writing in the Monthly Review: >In this dangerous and…[View]
21611061Was Ignatius Reilly wrong, though?[View]
21609053Boston /lit/ Meetup: We're having a /lit/ meetup in Boston this Saturday. Email bostonliteratur…[View]
21608117Shakespeare's guide to guerilla war: It's out https://manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/9781…[View]
21606904How do audiobooks handle Vonnegut's illustrations?[View]
21608318>For me, it's the Pope translation.[View]
21611019>Jason is labeled a psychopath, racist, redneck, etc. >Quentin says the most fucked up shit in…[View]
21609774Reading Infinite Jest rn Should i leave the footnotes for my second reading or should i interrupt th…[View]
21606900How do I write free verse and what is free verse please and thank you[View]
21609512Consciousness actually resides in the storing of memories. This is evident by the fact that those wh…[View]
21612453>anyone who doesn't have 1/3 of his day to himself is a slave >his school day was this Cu…[View]
21610034Lacan: Where to start with Lacan? Should I read the original text, or are translations ok?[View]
21611047It's already 2023 and it deserves the Oscar[View]
21611973This book is old school pickup artistry, but for friends instead of women. Dude's a complete ps…[View]
21612007Why do people say reading books makes you smarter? That doesn't even make logical sense.[View]
21603569Ok, /lit/ I want to start reading philosophy (I've never read anything of that field). What boo…[View]
21612430which is the real dank hydroponic chronic of russian literature?: rank 1: Sozhenitsyn rank 2: Dostoy…[View]
21608211I'm on page 120: When does it get good?[View]
21610522Any resources for learning Hebrew? I want to study the Kabalah and read the original Hebrew Bible (T…[View]
21608470fic/ DR4G QU33N ST0RY H0UR: The assembled parents, each sporting faded religious and white power tat…[View]
21610293Books to understand the art market?: I want to know how a piece of shit like this can be worth more …[View]
21594099Chart thread: You know the drill Also, does anyone have the arthurian lit chart(s)?[View]
21609946Living like nothing really matters: If nothing matters then you can do whatever the fuck you want. W…[View]
21610228Explain to me without sentimentalism, appeal to emotion, ad hominem, or unsubstantiated dogmatism wh…[View]
21610871I’m doing an English Lit degree: this is a text we discussed in a seminar[View]
21612329rhet/ 'like athletes with lead weights': It's been, hrrmm.. at least one year since I began to …[View]
21612240what are /lit/'s thoughts on this book? i don't know what to make of it[View]
21610910BOOK THAT MADE YOU CRY: Any book that actually made you cry or that you actually felt something?…[View]
21608189Write What’s On Your Mind /wwoym/: what's up boys prev >>21602807[View]
21609326Hegel is right about everything: Men are the original trannies. The male creed is that: 1. One is ne…[View]
21611293will it be remembered as a classic?[View]
21605125Faustian Man: This is the first time I have felt like I have been spoken to. I am getting up every 5…[View]
21611630recommend books that feel like best friends who will never leave you and not because they're fo…[View]
21609246What was the purpose of your work? Scare heathens?[View]
21605495I love sonnets so much bros. Post sonnets you like. Any style, any language, just as long as it has …[View]
21610270Summarizing Schmitt’s ideas: >Something is political only if it makes a clear distinction between…[View]
21552286Neoplatonism Group Reading Thread #4: We are currently on II.3 - 'Whether the Stars are Causes' 21/1…[View]
21611438Faulkner's father.[View]
21610955How can I get a physical copy?[View]
21609903I am a Hafiz (I have memorized the Koran),: ask me anything about the Greatest Book Ever Written…[View]
21607732Wellness Check Thread on Tao Lin: Tao last tweeted he was going 'grounding' near Halema…[View]
21611950The superior /x/ book: >The system of logic is the realm of shadows, the world of simple essentia…[View]
21607805/lit/ Bros...: ....I don't feel so good.[View]
21611843Can you read Schopenhauer without getting depressed on the verge suicidal?[View]
21612194I wonder if people often take the definition of words for granted, and also to what extent philosoph…[View]
21606540Books by great authors that no one talks about: I'll start[View]
21605393Does anybody even come close to topping him as a writer?[View]
21610766I’ve been going to my local library and always see 3 different versions of whatever book I’m looking…[View]
21608322/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Cornered Edition Previous Thread:>>21599850 >…[View]
21612156Q. I have left my home to become a monk, and my aspiration is to attain Buddhahood. How should I use…[View]
21611483Disease and pandemic literature: How will the pandemic shape the future and present of literature? W…[View]
21611891I'm 100 pages into this. What the hell is it even about? I don't understand where it'…[View]
21611487what does /lit/ think of star maker by olaf stapledon?[View]
21612059Name one book that can fix stupid. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
21611939all historically progressive tasks depends upon the overcoming of the barriers erected by the profit…[View]
21611223>people accept that there is an inevitable physical and often cognitive decline with aging that i…[View]
21611906Herr Hegel Hierophantos der Illuminatenorden: >The system of logic is the realm of shadows, the w…[View]
21610593black book of communism: is it really an unreliable/debunked source for numbers? why would the autho…[View]
21611342what am i ultimately supposed to take from this book? is it worth reading all the way through? tf is…[View]
21611004The best album of all time is Pet Sounds The best EP of all time is Slow Riot for New Zero Kanda The…[View]
21605931Is Oswald Spengler accessible for an average illeterate pseud chud or do I have to read the Greeks, …[View]
21607993Hi there, I'm looking for books about a certain generation of people, born from 1981 to 1996, w…[View]
21611150What albums you like to see get a 33 1/3rd?[View]
21611387>The original utilitarianism of religious morals has been lost sight of. Originally men said 'thi…[View]
21608575Should I read Hollywood before or after watching Barfly?[View]
21609926Such a billboard would be unimaginable in the year 2023. This is how far we have fallen. Everyone go…[View]
21608310Controversial books?: I recently started reading Mein Kampf as to find out why it would be considere…[View]
21611067Thoughts on schizophrenic prose[View]
21610330Redpill me on vanity publishing presses[View]
21608513Which authors have the best symbolic interpretations of the Bible? Literalists not welcome.[View]
21607870>HPL was a weird neurotic False. >HPL was an isolated loner False. >HPL was more racist tha…[View]
21611184Was Plotinus influenced by Oriental thought and hermeticism?[View]
21605182Any recommendations for lit that inspires men to take action, face fear and find something to live f…[View]
21610086Pessimism is wrong because it makes me feel sad. After reading benatar, i can’t enjoy eating goyslop…[View]
21602310Hemingway: What's your favorite Hemingway book ? For me is A Farewell To Arms but I didn't…[View]
21608140What does /lit/ think of Sir Roger Scruton?[View]
21606627Mmmm, my best work? Maybe anon knows.[View]
21610561What does /lit/ think of Banana Yoshimoto?[View]
21610921>invents psychology nothing personnel[View]
21609119Someone posted once a letter from Leopardi to his brother? cousin? friend? (I’m almost sure it was a…[View]
21608100>Publishers cower in fear of ambush by woke critics >'The problem, according to the writer Ale…[View]
21610819What are some good works of extreme literature?[View]
21608477>atheism is a faith Do christians really?[View]
21607292explain to me in your own words what 'faith in God' means to you[View]
21605554Why did Baudelaire like this hack so much? He wrote spoopy nursery rhymes.[View]
21604781Less is More: Has /lit/ read it?[View]
21607213This is my favorite book. Anything similar?[View]
21605611>Plato addressed the idea of two people coming from one. In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes tells…[View]
21609219>Homer is meant to be listened to, not read >Shakespeare is meant to be watched, not read…[View]
21608877Othello: >witty, erudite >dutiful, brave >honest, honourable >handsome, strong >succe…[View]
21610535What books do they read.[View]
21610368What am I in for?[View]
21606360>'Honestly, the most godless country I know is England. England is the most depressive country an…[View]
21605679What's /lit/ gonna be like when he dies?: Will get a sticky?[View]
21600555I'll be reading all of the starter pack this year: I haven't read any of them, I used to r…[View]
21606635Why is it called the Brothers Karamazov and not the Karamazov Brothers?: I mean you say the Mario Br…[View]
21608579>...and at last, he had become [book title][View]
21609499Is academia worth it?: I was recently accepted into a master's degree program for literature. I…[View]
21605690am I low IQ if I only read fiction?[View]
21610151French revolution literature: Other than the Social Contract, what other important french works that…[View]
21608839Looking for the name of a profession/occupation held in Ancient Greece: Asked /his/ but I'll tr…[View]
21605682You're simply not /lit/ if you're not a Wagnerite.[View]
21598041why do people take the principium individuationis so seriously? it is obviously an interesting idea,…[View]
21610037The Best Authors are Lawfags: >Zapffe was in law school >Adam Smith was in law school >Marx…[View]
21609004This is one of the worst books I have ever read: I would go across the river and over the trees to g…[View]
21610172ITT: we share our thoughts about Petersburg by Andrei Bely. We do not discuss the red d*mino[View]
21610168Must read books to become a better writer: What would you advise?[View]
21606594>'I sat on a large white couch; [Umberto] Eco sank into a low armchair, cigar in hand. He used to…[View]
21609420If you could beat or rape one self-help author who would it be? I’d kick the shit out of Tony Robbin…[View]
21607356William T. Vollmann: Just finished his debut novel and loved it. Are any Voll-Heads scouring this bo…[View]
21609329i keep hearing people shill east of eden. does it really live up to its hype and is it worth reading…[View]
21606511How to empathize with tragedy?: I'm having a really hard time.[View]
21606268I am writing and self publishing a book where i pretend to be a black woman. Please give me suggesti…[View]
21606955it's his birthday today anons. say happy birthday[View]
21600913Poetry recommendations: Share your favorite poem so people can get new recommendations[View]
21609777Oedipus Recked lolololol[View]
21609776Searching for a specific topic; what are some good books about women living as men? For example, the…[View]
21608188“Managers manage the world”: >this made boomers shit their pants…[View]
21608843CHERUB: Thoughts on CHERUB by Robert Muchamore? I'm re-reading these and they're honestly …[View]
21608112I keep seeing this series of books on animals (one book per animal), are they any good? I'm rem…[View]
21609299Robert Duncan died today, share your favorite poems from the man of Black Mountain.[View]
21607235>it feels kino and yet I will never read it[View]
21606973Homosexual Literature: Hello, I sincerely hope this is the correct place to ask this question. Howev…[View]
21609160ESL reading: >try to read something above my level or something older >have to look up the wo…[View]
21606922Tartar Steppe: This is hitting a little too close to home. It has described the foreboding feeling a…[View]
21608467I didn't 'get' it.[View]
21608876>mogs every other greek in your path[View]
21609067This remains the only self-help book you need to fix 80% of your issues.[View]
21609184Ostforschung: Any good pre-1945 books on the matter?[View]
21606256>TIME’s Stefan Kanfer speculated that King’s decision [to temporarily stop writing horror in the …[View]
21609238Why can't this board stop talking about blacks and jews and christians and women? Why can'…[View]
21608938ngl I was kinda disappointed[View]
21608607>Why use one sentence to make your point when you can spread it out over four pages? Explanation …[View]
21600755Explain why I need more[View]
21608757Is this a good introduction to philosophy for a complete begginer?[View]
21604844How do I drink wine like the ancient Greeks?: Do I just add 80% water and mix it?[View]
21608681Are AI voiced audiobooks the future?: https://vocaroo.com/18xhWrFf6fu5[View]
21608692'Dash it all,' said I, 'my Wife as grown a pubis,' and I pulled my head back from 'neath her dr…[View]
21603015post your favorite podcasts: ..lit.. related podcasts :D[View]
21602907Books That Dismantle Christianity: What are some good books that dismantle how silly/fake/fiction Ch…[View]
21608533More books like these?[View]
21606824Two Questions: What is your favorite scifi novel? Are you brave enough to admit that Silverberg…[View]
21608557Once upon a time in Salt n' Pepper on the Sea there dwelled a Coal Burner by the name of Rosema…[View]
21608333What's your favorite J.D Salinger short story? Have you read Nine stories or Franny & Zooey…[View]
21596984what are some feminist essentials?[View]
21606014What is your favourite military/espionage novel?: For me, it's picrel.[View]
21603537Who are the most important currently writing theologians to read to get an understanding of the stat…[View]
21607301Extremely mediocre, irrelevant, devoid of content. You succeeded in wasting even more of my time. I …[View]
21608014Let's say I want to impress my local priest who has a MsC in MechE with a good systematic knowl…[View]
21606523>main character is an alcoholic writer who lives in maine Woah![View]
21605867When will the universities acknowledge the superiority of reals??: >https://youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
21607234Esoteric books about altering the fabric of reality? Perhaps I should be asking /x/ but whatever[View]
21604909Best Shakespeare play?[View]
21607228The audiobook is highly, highly recommended.[View]
21608113Philosophical Terrorism[View]
21604830>'The virtual is winning over the real, and that damages sexual quality and reproduction. [...] T…[View]
21602807Write What’s On Your Mind /wwoym/: frens edition prev >>21599511[View]
21601807Mark: Jesus’ omniscience on display is sweet. The way it is foreshadowed when he tells two of the tw…[View]
21608119someone just gave me a One-star review on Royal Road... and it was perfectly reasonable. i suck...[View]
21602316Why arent you using AI synthesis to make your own audiobooks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtIXav…[View]
21604972>mfw as I interpret Moby Dick literally as a book about hunting a scary whale…[View]
21603934How do you feel about Salman Rushdie?[View]
21605680How do I find books on subjects that interest me?: I would like to read something but I simply canno…[View]
21606721Pern reading order: I have finished Dragonflight, Dragonquest, Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and have ju…[View]
21605132>Evola, The Nature of Initiatic Knowledge How can hylics recover from this essay? It can be read …[View]
21606153Help a zoomer with reading: Greetings /lit/, I'm a zoomer who has never read much outside of wh…[View]
21602695Good books on art? There's no chart in the wiki. Not crap like Gombrich though. Preferably writ…[View]
21605204Refute this. You literally can't.[View]
21600155In what order should I read him?[View]
21606681Thoughts on John Vervaeke?[View]
21604270Is Aristotle a PSYOP?: I have read a good deal of his works with commentaries. Is this shit a hoax …[View]
21601147Which Mark Twain book ends with 'I don't know how to end this story, so you figure it out'?[View]
21604927What are some Lysenkoist and neo-Lysenkoist books? Were his theories rejected too hastily?[View]
21605828Are people today more smart?: Are humans more smart today than ages before when they had just some b…[View]
21604204>main character is good looking >main character is strong and cool >main character has inte…[View]
21607319What's missing?[View]
21605772Is the Bible literally true?[View]
21607499What do you mean 'READ' The Illiad? No, I didn't read it. I LISTENED to it. Like it was designe…[View]
21607840Any good books on ad industry? Doesnt matter what kind of light it paints the phenomenon of advertis…[View]
21597191How do you start writing a poem, and how long does it take you to write 4-8 lines? I have recently s…[View]
21606224I Felt the Pain: >Be me >In college >Freshman in a literature major >Teacher makes us re…[View]
21606536Would you do seppuku if not regonizes your genius?[View]
21606570Is he right?[View]
21606886/Jokes/: Knock Knock[View]
21601813Chris Langan: Any books related to or that expound philosophies similar to his CMTU?[View]
21606254What was the first major piece of literature you read, not counting books you read for school?[View]
21604973I have no idea where to ask this, but is what are the moral implications of using ChatGPT to write m…[View]
21607261Better than Faulkner.[View]
21605134/shelf/: Shelf Post your shelves[View]
21607149Starting an audiobook collection. What are your favorite readings? (Preferably available on audioboo…[View]
21607579Is middle English literature as limited as it seems Does this language have any literary history at …[View]
21607191I retain nothing when I read in my mind so I am forced to read out loud and for this I need 4 minute…[View]
21598711Vibes? Cringe, squee, or ick?[View]
21600728ITT: Unfilmable books[View]
21607364Who is your favorite prose stylist?[View]
21599850/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Wendigo Edition Previous Thread:>>21591294 >R…[View]
21607838THE ARISTOCRATS: A man and his family walk into an audition to be featured on a variety show, pitchi…[View]
21605929Is there a term for this?: filthy crossboarder tourist here, unsure if this is the place to ask I…[View]
21606577To Sleep parody: -Be me -fem author -can't sleep -head hurts -stan Morpheus, god of dreams, spe…[View]
21607712HOMER'S WHOLE CAREER/LIFE BTFO'ED: >For the life-giving daughters of Inachus the river …[View]
21607737What are some books about real or realistic classified projects?: Similar to Lem’s His Master’s Voic…[View]
21607663I'm a big tree trunk strutting butt fucking cock sucking bad wad glad sad scary mothafucka and …[View]
21597581Favorite bookstores? For me it's Powell's Books in Portland OR and Book Barn in Niantic CT[View]
21607414Poetry: I don't read poetry nor do I like it. I think it's for KG-aged kids who urinate in…[View]
21603556Boston /lit/ Meetup: We're having a /lit/ meetup in Boston this Saturday. Email bostonliteratur…[View]
21607223>read book >feel inspired >feel creative >feel motivated >close book >all goes awa…[View]
21603368sup /lit/ today is the day, I have begun painting the backs of my bookcases three down two to go bru…[View]
21607323Arise o' Bloodied Children of the world by your shield and sword: Glory to the Martyr for his b…[View]
21605408Looking for a saying of the church fathers: The point of it that one of the monks was actually a wom…[View]
21603600Library nemesis has been staring at me for the past half an hour.[View]
21607162What do I need to read to get started on this?[View]
21604602In accordance with the perfection of their intellect, an immortal being in the Platonic/Aristotelian…[View]
21604201I really enjoyed this book. What did /lit/ think of it?[View]
21607110Does anyone listened to this? I tried a couple of random episodes and they kinda sucked. Does it get…[View]
21606697for there wert cloudies in the sky i looked at them with mine own eye what miracles God doth douth g…[View]
21606766Has anyone here read this?[View]
21605232We certainly had no cause for complaint at the time. The men from overseas politely explained all th…[View]
21606678Recommended Stoner to a girl in a bookstore and she got it[View]
21606718Buddii: What was Hesse idea here?[View]
21604449How do you defend your library against these demons? Theyve started to gnaw at my more expensive boo…[View]
21584555Refute him: >Every form of fecundity is loathsome, and no one who is honest with himself feels bo…[View]
21600721Where do I start with Korean literature? Also, why do they hate their own culture? >Sijo (Korean …[View]
21606544I come in peace /lit/anons. Please can anyone recommend me something on nostalgia dealing?[View]
21606487/hisplit/: What have you been reading? Any questions regarding literature in Spanish? Previous threa…[View]
21604986why is purple prose bad? I love purple prose. So many pretty words. >It was a dark and stormy nig…[View]
21605715Post your >Favorite female author >Favorite black author >Favorite female philosopher >F…[View]
21606053stupid faggot[View]
21604487Good books on world religions? Is this good? I know Eliade is popular here but haven't read him…[View]
21604610How would your local book club react if you recommended doing at least 33 jesus prayers on alternati…[View]
21597610What did Debord mean by that?: 'Revolutionary theory is now the enemy of all revolutionary ideology,…[View]
21602100Is New Zealand good at books?[View]
21606151We are living in a cultural wasteland.[View]
21604032thoughts on using tvtropes for literary advice?[View]
21602423i'm filtered. i'm not invested. i can't relate. i don't get it. i don't car…[View]
21605253What does ''Arcturn'' mean in this context?: as Virgil sings, How th' Sun d…[View]
21604652I quite liked this one[View]
21604777The Aeneid - thoughts and discussion: Upon reading the translator's postscript in The Aeneid - …[View]
21605646>yeah my favorite authors are bukowski and hunter s thompson >how could you tell?…[View]
21605621Books on how to be a workaholic? Every book or article I see about workaholism is about stopping it.…[View]
21601124I don'\t get it[View]
21602708Who is the Christian equivalent of Evola?[View]
21603401schizo-core lit: What are some totally schizo, strange, criptic, weird, or underground books?[View]
21605727Fitzcarraldo Editions subscription?: I know whatever nobody here actually reads, but this publisher …[View]
21598556RECOMMEND DUMB MASSIVE FICTION: I plan on increase my reading stamina and I am willing to read whole…[View]
21600855How can philosophy get any better than this?[View]
21605324Is it authentic?: Wikifags say it's 'obvously fake' to the point that they cite or mention abso…[View]
21605581Is Isao Mishima's own criticism towards himself and his own ideology? Why did Mine get fat? And…[View]
21600839>join a book club >90% women >trying to choose a book for this month >suggestions are ma…[View]
21596908Stella Maris: So I have been thinking about this book. Its form and execution mainly and which tradi…[View]
21599347Lovecraft became a well-adjusted guy after he married: Is chudness really caused by the neurosis tha…[View]
21594761name the book[View]
21603928What value is there in being well-read?[View]
21604199Now that the dust has settled, who was top dog?[View]
21600399How do women experience love?: Any good books that depict how women experience love? Most of the boo…[View]
21602996>dude religious syncretism lmao Is that it or am I missing something?[View]
21603731Born a Crime: What is /lit/s opinion on Born a Crime?[View]
21604377Embellished prose != Good prose Pic related is embarrassing and gay. You don't need metaphors a…[View]
21605040>Lack of sex makes you a supporter of totalitarianism[View]
21605217Holy shit, this Dido chick is a complete psycho[View]
21604746Psycopath /lit/: I just realized that psycopaths in the West have an endemic history of criminality …[View]
21604756kino quotes: And what happens then? When? After you're dead. Dont nothing happen. You're d…[View]
21604034What's wrong with audiobooks?[View]
21602623Books on ideologies?: Based books to read for understanding ideologies?[View]
21604996I used to read Sven Hassel novels for fun, but that's been a long time ago. Now I want to get b…[View]
21604545Which cy[b|ph]erpunk novels are imminently relevant?[View]
21604791>Salomé's mother took her to Rome when Salomé was 21. At a literary salon in the city, Salom…[View]
21604647I’ve been searching through religions and now it’s time for the atheist chaps to get a look in. I h…[View]
21604434What do you use to write /lit/? Typewriter Notepad? Book? Laptop? Phone?[View]
21595781I apologize in advance if this is more of a /wsr/ or /his/ thread, but as books are what I'm mo…[View]
21604028What are some kino medieval fantasy short stories? I'm gonna sleep now, good night.[View]
21593992/wg/ - Writing General: 'Money You'll Never See' Edition Previous thread: >>21576520 /wg/…[View]
21604408What is your all time favourite Joyce passage?[View]
21604808If you want to understand the theatre, if you want to save the theatre from its modern decadence, if…[View]
21602145any books like pic related but between a guy in his 20s and a girl in her mid teens?[View]
21604724Any books that talk about that feeling of not knowing if I'm actually sentient or just an npc p…[View]
21602123I don't really read books and I feel it is one of my greatest sins. I tried, but have never com…[View]
21600233If i should start with the greeks, with whom did the greeks start?[View]
21602430How do you overcome writer's block? I got the characters and plot and story structure inside my…[View]
21603351Recommend books about semen retention and sexual energy.[View]
21601926'Whatever' by Houellebecq: I just finished my second read of this and have watched the movie 3 times…[View]
21602974>Hey Glaucon, let me explain why its better to be just than unjust… >fifty tangents later >…[View]
21594156Reading multiple books at a time: Yes or no?[View]
21604689Just finished reading the third chapter of 'Leap over the abyss' by Sergey Snegov. AMA[View]
21603933How do you cope with becoming stupid when being smart was the only thing that made your life enjoyab…[View]
21604461>'I'm fully vaccinated'.[View]
21604519So why did he write this?[View]
21604616The leaked section of the winds of winter sounds so shit. GRRsisters, we got too cocky... https://vo…[View]
21602391I am looking for books with guilt as main theme[View]
21604606Give me a good modern Lovecraftian horror novel/series. Pick related (especially Book 2) is the only…[View]
21600900Anyone else wish there was an in-person /lit/ group?: I just don't like talking online.[View]
21601657It's bad.: Really bad.[View]
21604241what are some novels with similar themes as the man in the white suit? where the main character does…[View]
21596394Current Reading Thread: Post what novel you are reading RIGHT NOW[View]
21603710What is the best book to learn about wine?[View]
21602387What are the best books from the Middle Ages? I've been meaning to get into it for a while beca…[View]
21601753Fitlit - General: Opening question: Whats your favorite audiobooks to listen to while lifting? My re…[View]
21601713Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Eleven: Hermione’s Helping Hand: Without havind read…[View]
21604248DK EYEWITNESS: These books were fucking awesome when I was a kid. Are they still being made? What we…[View]
21598431Now I get why Dante loved him so much. This is fantastic.[View]
21602757What are some books can instill manly values? Is Jack London's stories such a case?[View]
21603488Why is Moliere published by Library of America? Can someone explain this madness?[View]
21603196Books to hand down: I want to have a child one day, possibly by adoption I still have to think about…[View]
21602204Trash authors: Fuck this guy Simon Winder. He wrote the books Danubia, Lotharingia, and Germania. I …[View]
21603190Best books on architecture?: If you were to recommend a good 3 to 5 books on architecture, what woul…[View]
21604100Every day I say “this is the day I stop masturbating” and every day I do it again. Books for this fe…[View]
21600622Is pic related any good? I just finished the shining and liked it a lot[View]
21603438Rupi Kaur has the biggest section of books at my local bookshop under the 'Classics' section[View]
21598812What book is literally you?[View]
21603387What book has life in it? What author wanted to teach men how to live?[View]
21599207>tfw too low IQ to understand The Iliad[View]
21602137ChatGPT has greatly increased my ability to understand a book while reading it. Every time I come ac…[View]
21594818>troon mc DROPPED[View]
21603712What are the best books about the Middle Ages? Finished Life in a Medieval City by Frances and Josep…[View]
21598417Peterson's Order/Chaos Binary vs Jung's: Nobody seems to notice this but Peterson's c…[View]
21602973Do we have a chart for this nigga? I read Siddhartha years ago in college and my feelings towards th…[View]
21603247i have to admit, it wasn't poorly written. it was still funny to see the author fall for all th…[View]
21603106Objectively speaking, what's a good output for a 25 years old aspiring writer?: Just finished m…[View]
21602287What does /lit/ think of Zadie Smith?[View]
21594279>What incredibly important book is no one reading? >What incredibly important topic is no one …[View]
21602134More like these?[View]
21598693where can I read his suicide note?[View]
21603321From Emperor to Citizen: Was Puyi based or cringe? Pic unrelated[View]
21603673Let's say there was a book series that had 3000 novels, with each one having 700 pages. How lon…[View]
21591763Esoteric knowledge: What books do I need to read to gain an in-depth understanding of esoteric knowl…[View]
21603602What is the best and worst way to begin a book?[View]
21603604Wolves of the Calla: This book sucks It sucked a decade ago when I tried to continue the series and …[View]
21600199BOOKCOVER AESTHETICS INFLUENCE ON READING: How does the particular edition of the book youre reading…[View]
21599966Can any of you homos please suggest a strategy to find good Goodreads reviewers? I'm thinking t…[View]
21603340Which Chumash do you think is worth buying? I'm considering the Artscroll Stone but not quite s…[View]
21585665I always assumed that this was merely some commonplace reactionary diatribe, but I must say this boo…[View]
21603573Death to the algorithm: Is anyone real, or does the algorithm lurk behind everyone's ear, whisp…[View]
21603536better than The Hobbit[View]
21602661I finished my undergrad in philosophy, now how do I apply for an entry level local philosopher kings…[View]
21599909Wtf was his problem?[View]
21602513How is this a thing?: I want people to say Ticonderoga instead.[View]
21601324Why do neoreactionary youtube bloggers talk about wanting to return to the middle ages when the foun…[View]
21598494>one >first >two >second >three >third >the remainder are cardinal name (or a c…[View]
21595836Hyperion & The Fall of Hyperion: Kino. Just finished Fall. Incredible books. What a world Simmon…[View]
21602643Are you brave enough to test your prose, bros? >go to beta.elevenlabs.io >write your prose …[View]
21603210First Hand Account: I read this. It's mostly just traveling and looting. Not very interesting. …[View]
21597445>Buy a used book >It was previously owned by a woman >Many such cases She pretty much eithe…[View]
21603026Is reading exercise for the brain?[View]
21602583>when this board talks about Nietzsche[View]
21602216>Many cultures and religions have the idea of an afterlife, and also may hold the idea of judgeme…[View]
21603125Thoughts on this and Gurdjieff?[View]
21596748The Music of Erich Zann is Lovecraft's best work: My first Lovecraft story was The Call of Cthu…[View]
21602892How many ebooks you have?: What the title says, how big are your personal ebook collections? Picrel …[View]
21602505Why the fuck did he gave the suits 'laser fingers'. It's so fucking silly. Was he actively try…[View]
21602811I dont really get what he was trying to say[View]
21601955How well-known would he be if he never wrote Lolita?[View]
21602115Post great books by otherwise mediocre authors[View]
21602796Anyone ever read this book?: Is it good? Is it a collection of short stories? Found it while reading…[View]
21599511Write What's On Your Mind: /wwoym/ Previous >>21593182[View]
21602734Schopenhauer was wrong about hedgehogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VxdQbjnVWM[View]
21599183Procrastination help: How do I defeat procrastination and write 2k words a day for a story?[View]
21600562What makes it so important? I haven't read it but it seems like the kind of book grifters would…[View]
21597675>start reading the Greek philosophers >they're great >get onto Prophyry and the Empero…[View]
21595288Describe the happiest moment of your life in your best prose.[View]
21602462>Now she spoke to Oddyseus and gave him a scolding: 'Wretched stranger, you must be one whos…[View]
21600952books about how neoliberal capitalism Turns the self and our relationships into commodities?[View]
21602231Books with characters like pic related[View]
21602374>>...the imagination of ordinary men feels a vehement reluctance to surrender its dearest conv…[View]
21600584How should I start with Goethe? This or Wilhelm Meister? Also, do I leave Faust or the Italian Journ…[View]
21586417Cozy Poetry Thread: There is no Poetry General and it's raining outside Give feedback before p…[View]
21600239What are the current solutions to the mind-body/consciousness-brain problem? It's surreal how d…[View]
21600568Where is the best online resource to find free audiobooks? I am looking for the audiobook 'The Life …[View]
21597170There is virtually no NEW information that can be absorbed from this reading TODAY. The proposal of …[View]
21597539star wars lore mogs this piece of shit[View]
21602214>is the best novel written in English in your path >why haven't you read me anon? *frown…[View]
21602156What makes a good fantasy novel and how do I never write it?: Been interested in writing my own fant…[View]
21598042My coworker left this out on his lunch break. What do I make of this?[View]
21600069Just started reading this book and I feel like it's changing my life. Anyone else read this and…[View]
21586631Carl Schmitt and the reactionary thought: While searching about Schmitt's thought on the intern…[View]
21600489>Philosophers believe that to philosophize is to read Plato, Aristotle, Ortega or Unamuno and the…[View]
21599610I want to paint the back of billy bookcases with anti-mould paint, do I need to sand the frame and b…[View]
21601653What is the best book on giants? Seems like people periodically dig up giant-like bone remains and n…[View]
21599832>the more white a race is the more special it is >people of color are literal uncivilized sava…[View]
21598547The Limits to Growth, 50 years after...: Hand over all your hope. Globalists admit that we are in th…[View]
21596400books centered around Amishness?: I'm not looking for a book that documents Amish life style bu…[View]
21597508Books that encourage masculinity and violence/conquest? I've already read Might is Right, i…[View]
21601861James Joyce: Have you all seen the love letters James Joyce, the author of Finnegan's Wake, wro…[View]
21594845>People didnt get around much, even in their own countries. >This allowed various dialects and…[View]
21591471piracy is good, actually: >pirate a book about how awesome pirates were >first page tells you …[View]
21586824&amp: ?[View]
21601199This is incredible. How does it compare to the rest of Houellebecq's work? Picked up Serotonin …[View]
21601519Where to start with British literature as an ESL?[View]
21597482Have any ADHD'ers here managed to improve their reading and concentration skills through medica…[View]
21600574Great literary works through time: Iliad > Odyssey > Aeneid > Divine Comedy >> Paradi…[View]
21599532anyone here read this?: i've seen the movie and knew it was based on a book but only recently d…[View]
21586140Post authors who had weird deaths. Pushkin was shot in a duel by the French soldier who was fucking …[View]
21598754Why do conservatives like Wagner so much?[View]
21601108Reccomend fantasy novels for horny hetero guys.: Desired qualities >Pretty naked girls >Pretty…[View]
21599878IJ /lit/ readalong: Is anyone doing this? Picrel is the original schedule, but with unnecessary gaps…[View]
21601498When you started with the Greeks you did read Euripides, right /lit/?[View]
21600750Dick Rate Thread....: 9/10[View]
21599147What book killed any interest you had in a series: Pic related[View]
21601379How do I get i to Animorphs?[View]
21598879William Gaddis: Reading The Recognitions currently before I move onto JR. What do you all think of G…[View]
21597110>book of Numbers >absolutely no discussion of mathematic principles…[View]
21598611Nihilistic Philosophy: Recommend some nihilistic/existential philosophy/philosophers please. (Intere…[View]
21600310Living in Dublin: I've been living in Dublin for about a month now (moved from USA) and the boo…[View]
21601266Why don't they just tie them to a rock and throw them into the river? Seems like the sword is m…[View]
21589287>Nietzsche's Übermensch was Napoleon and Goethe >Camille Paglia's Übermensch is Mado…[View]
21598133What’s the best translation of Beowulf to read? I was gonna just buy the Tolkien one but then I read…[View]
21598420>Get given this book for Christmas >read it >The author is obsessed with race, sex and gend…[View]
21583206What did he mean by this?[View]
21599544Incest as a theme: Wagner, Faulkner, Heinlein, Greek and Roman mythologies, the Old Testament… why i…[View]
21594956Any books that will change my perspective on life? Specifically, right now I have no trust in people…[View]
21598154any books which promote the idea of endless and instant gratifictation through mastrubation and porn…[View]
21597963What am I in for?[View]
21599995novels with a bald protag[View]
21600967What is this? Some weird speculative fiction site? Anyone else see this?[View]
21599979What was his endgame?[View]
21587005I don't get it: If this is so much like classical literature then why don't just read clas…[View]
21600874- Emile (top advice: Ask a friend if he is going to be the teacher of your child for 20 years) - Ine…[View]
21598168Its amazing Baudrillard is considered a philosopher when he philosophized nothing: His material quit…[View]
21596100Is it a worthy read?[View]
21600213Philosophy of military history: Not sure if this belongs here but I find it frustrating how difficul…[View]
21600644is this poetry guide correct?[View]
21592898Dune or Lord of the Rings?[View]
21600525Book(s) that explore religions and their links: What are the best books that look at the origins, me…[View]
21600415Books on buddhist history and theology?[View]
21598669Lucretius is underrated: Lucretius' influence on the western world is arguably comparable to Pl…[View]
21596977This is my favorite book. Thoughts? What is your favorite book, /lit/bros?[View]
21598374What books give its readers critical thinking skills?[View]
21600486I dedicated 20 pages of my novel to joke and criticize 19-20th philosophers: and i haven't read…[View]
21597083Someone told me She dies. Have they ruined the book for me? Should I still read it?[View]
21599830Just finished Atomised, what did I think of it, and what should I read next?[View]
21599329Books that inexplicably stay with you: Unlike most of this place I read books from time to time. I…[View]
21599090Why did he do it?[View]
21599786local bookshop has a first edition hardback copy of Pynchon's V for ~200USD and a first editio…[View]
21599615Based Nietzsche. Old Testament is superior.: > In the Jewish ‘Old Testament,’ the book of divine …[View]
21599582Remember the Thunderchild: One of the most badass moments in all of fiction. It's a crime they …[View]
21598645Thoughts about Anti-natal by Mark Fisher?: >Seemingly paradoxically, those political systems whic…[View]
21592041How will reading philosophy benefit me when I’m a broke neofeudal slave?[View]
21598995> Read a piece of literature/ fiction/ manga/ webnovels > autism.jpeg > become overly attac…[View]
21598186>Started reading this >remember that I don't actually like Faulkner…[View]
21598528What are DFW's best books in order from best to worst?[View]
21599032Books that will reinforce my cynicism and mysanthropy? About to finish this, already read 'what…[View]
21596618PRO-CELIBACY, RECLUSE LIFESTYLE BOOKS: What are some books that are PRO-celibacy, recluse lifestyle?…[View]
21599637Are there any /lit/ approved popsci books? The selfish gene and The slow and fast thinking sound int…[View]

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