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20383311The Stranger: was it autism?[View]
20383261What does it mean to be a writer today? Mainstream publishing is a nepotistic carnival ride for tale…[View]
20381106Urban botany: Any urban botanists here?[View]
20376410Best books that predicted the future?[View]
203752457 Habits of Highly Effective People: How many of you have read or are familiar with this book? I was…[View]
20383103The Aeneid of Bootlicker: They should have named it the Anus-bad because it's boring[View]
20373205which of Plato's dialogues at the very least should I read before tackling Plotinus (pbuh)[View]
20380351Who has the best prose in literature and why is it him?[View]
20381673Young adult genre has some kinos and you cant deny it[View]
20378666'you are not real, your body and mind are computer algorithms owned by the big corporations and your…[View]
20381527Can anyone give me advice on reading The Iliad? Just started it[View]
20383055>In this essay, I will explain X >In conclusion, X is because Y…[View]
20382298I'm about 80% in this book and I have to say that since around 50% I havent understood shit[View]
20378189What ancient Greek myth is most relevant to the modern human condition?[View]
20378228Hegel and Transhumanism: Would Hegel be pro-transhumanist? Following his line of thought where spir…[View]
20376943What does /lit/ think of The Monk by Matthew Lewis?[View]
20379085what would he read?[View]
20382533How does one avoid writing genre fiction?[View]
20380466Poem of the Day (May 17): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? Arms and the Boy by Wilfred O…[View]
20382365I want to start reading, recommend books: I waste alot of time watching youtube videos. Recommend me…[View]
20378124If causation only exists in the context of experience, can pure categories even be posed? For experi…[View]
20378098Mom found my jihad collection.[View]
20382630I need to find a book: It was actually a series of published satire picture books, depicting charact…[View]
20374046generational genius or just throw anything and see what it sticks?[View]
20379093Bernanos or Huysmans? I'm not asking this as a who's better but as who should I read next?…[View]
20382088hey boi, if you become a body without organs too quickly you immediately reterritorialize into a fas…[View]
20381048JOSEPH MCELROY tell me your thoughts about him[View]
20364016Yeah, I'm thinking based[View]
20380404why is science fiction so fucking kino?[View]
20380958>There was evoked an impressive vision of the rout of hungry men and women >An impressive visi…[View]
20348165Recent purchase/stack thread: I will be upset if Gormenghast is a another meme series[View]
20382205Lit truecrime books. What true crime books are good literature and worth reading? It's hard to …[View]
20382714I just discovered Kaluza Klein and i am literally in tears why they dont want us to know about the s…[View]
20382311Love Letters: Do you guys exchange letters with you S.O.? How poetical or literary do you attempt to…[View]
20382664>Bugliosi le bad >Witness tampering le bad >Helter skelter le bad >LAPD le bad >CIA …[View]
20377030ITT: Books that writers should read to improve their prose.: Kicking off with the most influential w…[View]
20379288>existence precedes essence What does this mean exactly? Is existence synonymous with Being in l…[View]
20381462Im ngl this is really boring bros[View]
20379914I keep trying to get into this, but the story really isn't grabbing me. It just reads like a m…[View]
20380075Mark 14:51: What did Mark mean by this?[View]
20382224I finally found a book with prose I liked. Despite the loads of classics I've read I've ne…[View]
2038250981 KB JPG >his tomes are all furnished with ponderous prose >imagine a man reading aught not i…[View]
20381959Have any anons read this book?: Currently reading The Divine And The Decay by Bill Hopkins, based on…[View]
20381079What are your thoughts on combining Logics?: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/logic-combining…[View]
20382063This makes me want to quit uni. Anglos won’t get this. What little Latin you learn in your free time…[View]
20382221Improving: Fellow (aspiring) writers, Other than reading, what has helped you improve your writing t…[View]
20377782skimming isnt reading flicking your eyes from one side of the page to the other isnt reading If you …[View]
20378677Ottoman Literature: What is it like? Who are the must-read writers in the ottoman canon? Are there a…[View]
20382422https://youtu.be/ox4IRQVGsBU Books for this feel?[View]
20381103>while I was still searching but not finding— I found one upright man among a thousand, but not o…[View]
20381051How I managed to finally understand Hegel: The final redpill is that contrary to popular belief math…[View]
20381984Where were you when mathematics BTFO'd the orthodox 'church'?[View]
20377518Every book I've read is SHIT: recommend me the absolute BEST. EVERY word needs to be dripping w…[View]
20381327Philo of Alexandria: Where to start with him, considering I have a background in Plato and Plotinus?…[View]
20381486More like this kino?[View]
20378849What writers have that raw, bombastic style that is optimistic similar to Nietzsche and Henry Miller…[View]
20382173What are the best books to read to conceive of what human flourishing even is?[View]
20379906>picrel What were the consequences?[View]
20381948What’s a good book to understand the techniques of the study of history? Maybe I’m even looking for …[View]
20382075Does anyone here know what a “cosmic cube” is?: https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/cosmic+cube…[View]
20381936What is literature equivalent of Hospice The antlers? Shit made me cry, need a book that give me the…[View]
20376197Reading Comprehension: How do you guys train your reading comprehension? Depending on the book it ca…[View]
20376747/lit/ reads Ulysses: /lit/, let's read Ulysses together. A chapter a week starting May 21 2022 …[View]
20380224/lit/-approved non-fiction[View]
20371627Poem of the Day (May 15): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robe…[View]
20380949poem of the day (may 17 but its 2021 time): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? The tiger by…[View]
20381939Great new book: Pick this one up, recently published. Great expose of Hollywood Jewery.[View]
20376142/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Back To Yharnam Edition Previous Thread:>>203718…[View]
20380557Were the Time Warp Trio books any good?[View]
20381845What should I read so I can express my thoughts better.: I think thing but when try to say it falls …[View]
20381725Let's try this again. Why do authors spell 'oh my God' in shorthand, ' omigod', it's abso…[View]
20381734Has anything notable ever come from these alternative theories people here often shill: Stuff like C…[View]
20381488(Nonfiction) Folk Horror: I am the writer of two published (but not very commercially successful) na…[View]
20381430Say I enjoyed 'The Beautiful and Damned' but didn't really like 'The Great Gatsby.' What Fitzge…[View]
20380635books about schizoid fantasies?[View]
20376297Poem of the Day (May 16): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? Astrophil and Stella 31: With…[View]
20378175Books about recognizing birds: Books about recognizing birds from how they fly? Their wing shape, et…[View]
20381161Yellow Lies, Golden Truths: Even Alexander Moritz Frey, a medic who disliked Apollo, and later becam…[View]
20379432Is Crito the biggest turd Plato ever wrote? >bro the majority's opinion doesn't matter …[View]
20380791I'm ESL and this guy's prose is filtering me. Half the time he is perfectly intelligible, …[View]
20376958I want to start over anew, any books that are about something similar?[View]
20377729When does this get better?[View]
20379523Howard Roark laughed[View]
20380581Am I the only one that thinks novels should have a page near the back that lists all the main charac…[View]
20379129confess: I use text-to-speech when I get tired of reading (if there's no audiobook available). …[View]
20380266One thing these books really nail, and the movies never truly manage to capture, is the talking scen…[View]
20380583The Book of The New Sun: Hey hey people, first time posting here, I'm a Yoshitaka Amano fanboy …[View]
20380476>23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our L…[View]
20374664Any suggestions for a book to help me prepare for my C2 exam?: I just started Dorian Gray.[View]
20379721books to understand fascist and lefties core beliefs: ok, not trying to make a pol thread, but I jus…[View]
20377635What are some books/essays that explore the concept of propaganda as a psychological phenomenon, rat…[View]
20377552>There you go anon, your translation of War and Peace >Translate the 50 pages of French too? W…[View]
20377517What parts of this should I disregard[View]
20379047Just started this yesterday after picking it randomly off the top 100 list, what am i in for?[View]
20377895I think I just came across one of the most decisive refutations of Evola's thought with respect…[View]
20380113Cuck: the novel[View]
20378257any chance we will be able to read Aristotle's dialogues in our lifetime?[View]
20379153'Life is Elsewhere' by Milan Kundera: Any other fiction books about poets or poetry? I…[View]
20365904Bible thread VIII: My new suggestion for a regular bible general - soli deo gloria Bible threads are…[View]
20377974Im about to read this. What am i in for folks?[View]
20378778Where the fuck can I download his letters? Why hasn't anyone Jewed up, bought all the letters b…[View]
20373681Biography: What is the best, thorough, neutral, biography of this guy? >I'm dying of cancer …[View]
20365412Enlightenment as Theology: >Muh Enlightenment Where can I gain a full understanding of the theolo…[View]
20374641Which author has the best prose?: post author and sample of their writing[View]
20368737Who is this guy really?[View]
20379775What am I in for?[View]
20379651Gender theory novels: any good pieces of literature focusing on non-binary characters? preferebly af…[View]
20379009Greeks, Troja and shit: I've read the Iliad a few months back and want more of the trojan war. …[View]
20377375Fuck me bros. This is some of the saddest shit Ive read.[View]
20379746I know this is a long shot, but do any of you know a basic bitch poem that ends with '...new name, n…[View]
20377486>reading this on subway >Mother and young daughter sitting across from me look at book cover t…[View]
20374140Free Books on Apple Books?: I have been browsing political philosophy on the Apple Books store recen…[View]
20379632Just finished Moby Dick: I’m the anon that was shitting on this book and Melville last week. So tha…[View]
20379513What are some good books about the Romanian Iron Guard?: I already know about the books that were wr…[View]
20379363Literary Magazine: Hello /lit/. This thread is meant to gauge the general level of interest in writi…[View]
20379549What am I in for?[View]
20377327People seem to have vitriol toward this one, I'm not really sure why. Do you think they were f…[View]
20376996Why was Black Johnson naked when the Judge brought him back from Jesus Maria[View]
20378401Aesthetics/philosophy of art: Recommended texts on aesthetics? Is there a chart or a particular phil…[View]
20374874Thanks for the recommendation this was an extremely engaging story.[View]
20379000I'm the most creative and write at my highest level when I am severely sleep deprived. Usually,…[View]
20378907What are some not well-known holy books? Schizo shit is welcome. >inb4 Bible, Quran, Hindu shit B…[View]
20379488I'm trying to remember the title of a book I read a loooong time ago from a single detail I can…[View]
20378813>I did begin a story placed about 100 years after the Downfall, but it proved both sinister and d…[View]
20377487So recently watched the 1968 Romeo and Juliet. The good, the bad and the ugly First of all, the goo…[View]
20375571The hated Peter Hitchens[View]
20376897i read the first hundred or so pages and i have no idea whats going on. there appears to be no real …[View]
20378992What the heck? Did everyone write like Shakespeare back then?[View]
20378711What are some bleak and depressing books? I've played Silent Hill 2 and need some book rec that…[View]
20373619So who's your favorite playwright other than Shakespeare?[View]
20377788What are some missinterpreted classics?[View]
20373223What’s your favorite popular science book /lit/? I’m just getting into the genre and looking for rec…[View]
20374502This dynamic: Best examples of Literary characters with this dynamic? It's so powerful and enjo…[View]
20378957Do you listen to the music while reading? If so what songs do you prefer, /lit/?[View]
20378969Proclus was Plato's greatest student. Proclus perfectly channels the spirit of Plato and doesn…[View]
20373655/wwoym/: write what's on your mind incel free edition[View]
20378927Does anyone have any good tools for finding words? Sometimes when I read I'm amazed at some of…[View]
20376643Most of modern novels have been written by heterosexual men. When the main character is a man, women…[View]
20377471>dude, ok get this....the MINOTAUR symbolizes the abusive husband, fucking great! Huh, anon... …[View]
20371960My attempt of poetry after the breakup with my girlfriend: One week thou wishes to be with me foreve…[View]
20378761Post your favorite quotes whether from philosophy or literature. The first sentence from picrel is m…[View]
20378642>there are old sellswords, and there are bold sellswords, but there are no old bold chocolate-cov…[View]
20377125In the end of part 1 of TSZ Zarathustra tells his students to go their own ways and that he shall re…[View]
20377330>almost every sentence is quotable How did he do it?[View]
20378367Books of the Elites: Do the contemporary literati have good taste in literature?[View]
20378522Reminder that Camille Paglia is the queen of /lit/[View]
20378633'spensive books: i accidentally bought a book (pic rel) that was priced at 80 dollars for 5 dol…[View]
20377034inherent vice: what about the movie adaptation made it so... right?[View]
20360258>faith is higher than reason >because…it just is OK?! >no I don’t know what faith is that’s…[View]
20365976>translates hermetic texts into latin >translates plato's works into latin, eliciting a m…[View]
20370363This is fucking stupid.[View]
20375993Well bros, my old beloved Kindle is dead. Any reason I shouldn't buy the new Paperwhite?[View]
20377520I’m going to France. What books should I be reading in Parisian cafes and the French countryside?[View]
20376877Montaigne: Best essay? Where should I start?[View]
20378162Hello - the hated Peter Hitchens[View]
20377189Post what you are reading atm. Please don't judge me, my gf has it, so I'm reading it.[View]
20368907The Poverty of Eastern European Literature: >very few works of actual literary merit until the En…[View]
20370489What does /lit/ think of e-readers? I'm contemplating buying one but I'm unsure about it.[View]
20376725I finished the trial and death of Socrates today: I dont get it I dont get it I am retarded Why don…[View]
20374709I thought this was mostly boring - also why does she call the pussy 'the sex', it totally ruins the …[View]
20375933>he is interested in spirituuality, religion, metaphysics, esotericism >he isn't reading …[View]
20374191>At 39, Whitman was unemployed, broke, and living with his mother and siblings in a tiny apartmen…[View]
20376954Opinions on the literary works of Wole Basedinka?[View]
20373830Books on Logic?: What are some /lit/-approved books on the field of logic? I hear the 'Handbook of P…[View]
20374425ESL untermensch here. I wanna write like the most pretentious english homo aristocrat. What should i…[View]
20373198Plotinus: On Beauty: Plotinus has captured my soul litbros. I have a fairly strong background in Pla…[View]
20376406Houellebecq and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome: Does Houellebecq have FAS and if so how has it informed his…[View]
20366267I love sonnets so much bros[View]
20377048Sus book: What is this about? It's too long for me to get the gist of in a short while[View]
20374213How can i get started with the southern gothic genre?[View]
20377772What erotic poems should I read other than picrel which I liked? Already read Nabokov's novels …[View]
20376713Sort of low IQ reading, but Tom Clancy’s books are detailed and fun to read[View]
20376898I'm about 100 pages in and I hate murakami already but it's so damn easy to read that I ni…[View]
20374351What is the meaning and symbolism of 'Rip Van Winkle' stories? They appear in every major religion a…[View]
20377876recs of amazing lit criticism books?[View]
20377017Urantia: Thoughts?[View]
20375483Browser Mining to Monetize Online Writings: I'm generally skeptical of crypto, but does anybody…[View]
20375775On Machiavelli: Do some people 'deserve' to be kept in a childlike state, manipulated, and controlle…[View]
20376775Is there a book that changed the way you look at the world or life itself?[View]
20375590>King James Bible Best writers whose main profession is not writing[View]
20371126Puppet shows are the last form of genuinely productive dramatic art in Western civilisation.[View]
20367041What do I read if I want to be Pope in 20 years?[View]
20373171Dante and the Spanish Golden Age: How much did Dante's works influence the Spanish Baroque? Did…[View]
20377455Is this a good read? I’ve seen that it’s mostly world building but that seems like it could be inter…[View]
20376107Do you think William Wordsworth or William Blake had the correct philosophy?[View]
20374691best books on female nature written by women?[View]
20377585wtf he is literally me[View]
20376618'It is said to be hard to understand Hegel, while understanding Abraham, why, that's a bagatell…[View]
20362183I don't get it.[View]
20377177What was the horror he talked about? Why was he ill?[View]
20377427It is life itself. Are there any arguments against War and Peace being the greatest?[View]
20376802Aeschylus: What are the best published versions of his works? I was going to get Paul Roche translat…[View]
20367056Tao Te Ching Studying: I read the Stephen Mitchell translation once but didn't retain much. Now…[View]
20366796holy shit this mf loves words..[View]
20375777Does anyone have a pdf or means to access a translated version of Kyoko's House by Yukio Mishim…[View]
20374000Any books that helped you talk to women better? I found some of the insights in here very useful but…[View]
20376984Best books about the British Empire?: Is there any book series that offers a thorough examination of…[View]
20374676More books like pic related, The Sovereign Individual, The Problem of Political Authority, Anatomy o…[View]
20372228What are /lit/'s favorite biographies?[View]
20376908Dylan Thomas Poem of the Day: 32. Now the thirst parches lip and tongue Autumn 1932, unpublished Now…[View]
20374053> “The plurality of New Age spiritualities is not divisiveness; it is not sectarian. Transcendenc…[View]
20372264New Savannah Brown poem just dropped!: Thoughts?[View]
20375528holy kino[View]
20374148James Joyce is incredibly overrated by pseudo-intellectuals who want to seem intelligent. He is one …[View]
20372537How come when I'm reading something do I involuntarily tune it out and daydream about something…[View]
20375006Any disturbing/complex book recommendations?: I am tired of the basic stories I keep reading but I d…[View]
20375008The Travels of Sir John Mandeville - Foolscap Press, 2020: the 'Arts of the Book,' e.g., craftsmansh…[View]
20367780I want to explore the 'philosophy' of agriculture, throughout history. I don't know how to expl…[View]
20358127Post stories about authors being terrible people.[View]
20371451>Galleys of the Lochlanns ran here to beach, in quest of prey, their bloodbeaked prows riding low…[View]
20374303How would a series like this be received in today's culture?[View]
20376308Since it’s all escapism, is there any reason not to read fiction on drugs?[View]
20373944Best fiction books under 300 pages?[View]
20373684Recommend books to me about collapsing societies, why it happens, or books where it is set. Preferab…[View]
20376395What is the best translation/version of pic related?[View]
20372349What are some of the must-reads of military history and strategy?[View]
20367447How do you become a consistently funny comedy writer without coming across as tryhard? Is it a skil…[View]
20376294Plato's Titty Milk Bar: Greeks loved their milk: Plato's Republic: > @ 460d 'These offi…[View]
20372583>rent is super eco where I am but sick of living with mom >bite the bullet and try pod living…[View]
20375687Can anybody explain the ending of Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the shore[View]
20375310Why hasn't anyone tried to finish it?[View]
20375400Is there anymore classic literature with sword fighting or about swords?[View]
20370795Can someone recommend me collections of short stories that revolve around a country/region's da…[View]
20373824What are /lit/‘s favorite plays and operas? My favorite drama is Antigone. Shakespeare’s Henriad is …[View]
20374802The City of Ember deserves a game that's just a clone of Frostpunk[View]
20374123Jekyll and Hyde.: >man overdoses on Karl Jung. >tries to fight his shadow. >shadow goes ape…[View]
20375925Books that would help me with my severe social anxiety? This fucker is preventing me from getting a …[View]
20374442changing career to writing: >be me >work in IT (information technology) >realize I hate it …[View]
20374146Yeah, sure this is neat and everything but how do we restore true initiation and masculine energy to…[View]
20372649I just finished reading a nonfiction book about the homosexual lifestyle and found it highly edifyin…[View]
20373608Good literature with a little fanservice?: I'm trying to improve at reading again. I just read …[View]
20365019Modern Poetry Thread: Why does this filter so many people? Post some good poetry, I'll start. N…[View]
20371552What is even the point of this book[View]
20375413Explain to me how this isn't the ancient equivalent of marvel capeshit.[View]
20373948Liturgy: What are your preferred liturgical/prayer books?[View]
20372009Horror Literature: Got any good recommendations?[View]
20373201Why has contemporary thomism largely forgotten Neoplatonism?: I recently finished pic related, which…[View]
20374388Thomas Wolfe: What does /lit/ think about Thomas Wolfe's work? Is he really one of the best Ame…[View]
20369913Is there still a market for slashers aimed at YA? Seems like something I could write, albeit not as …[View]
20375278Anyone else feel like they don't 'get' him?[View]
20374632My copy of V. came in the mail today like this. What did Thomas Ruggle Pynchon Jr. mean by this? Is …[View]
20371897Am I ready for Zarathustra?: I've read GoM, BGE, ToI, Antichrist, TGS, am I ready for Zarathust…[View]
20374258Purgatory/cleansing of souls in Daniel 11, 34-35: >34 When they stumble, they shall receive a lit…[View]
20375857Do as thou wilt.[View]
20368193What do you think of this poem by Joel Oppenheimer, /lit/? DIRTY PICTURE POEM when i asked you how y…[View]
20375812Writing Disclosed Without Consent: I am requesting works of writing disclosed without consent; writi…[View]
20370652/wg/ Writing General: Are you guys part of Booktok or bookstagram edition. For General Writing >T…[View]
20375461>Named 'Lance-A-Lot' >Rarely if ever uses a lance Literally unreadable.…[View]
20375634What's the appeal?[View]
20375211/lit/izens whose job requires them to read (librarian, book reviewer, english teacher), what were th…[View]
20374679Litbros recommend me some top class detective novels?[View]
20372901I recently read Moby Dick, Bartleby, and Billy Budd. I enjoyed what I read and I want to dive deeper…[View]
20369064The Great American Novel: What is the best contender for the title of The Great American Novel? What…[View]
20365358Charts: Give em all to me[View]
20375098>I'm more intelligent than everyone around me. (I've always considered myself more inte…[View]
20375207>Herman Melville was born Herman Melvill >Nathaniel Hawthorne was born Nathaniel Hathorne >…[View]
20365639Who was the most correct on the Revolution and its consenquences for the Civic Society?[View]
20371865/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Welcome home, good hunter Edition Previous Thread:>…[View]
20375274The Water Knife: “WATER TICKS could be here” he thought. I’ve never been to this part of the Colorad…[View]
20375271itt: poorly describe the last book you read: >greetings from kazakhstan…[View]
20375224Just Finished Season 3 of The Expanse: I found season 3 barely watchable and gave up on the show in …[View]
20373892Greek Reading Group: Looking to start an ongoing reading club devoted solely to Greek literature. If…[View]
20375016Has there been any literature written about the Harranian Sabians? I find them incredibly interestin…[View]
20374896>design elaborate fantasy setting from the ground up >ruin it with a single character Why…[View]
20374811This poem is unironically great. Your Tits Poem blocking every time i sit down to write this poem. l…[View]
20372697>reads literature in binary code[View]
20374414How to publish a novel in japan.: How dificult is to get published in japan a novel about a mulatto …[View]
20374396Does anyone have the /lit/ rewrite of this?[View]
20374154Involuntary speculation Spoilers: I hate it when I make speculations about a mystery in a book/movie…[View]
20374204Stephen King Pin: Hey /lit/, I'm trying to enter a contest for some Stephen King books where a …[View]
20365206Well /lit/, what's the verdict?[View]
20373155ITT: /lit/ makes original quotes[View]
20374091Concerning Relation and Causation: “Relation doesn’t mean causation.” It is important quotation to b…[View]
20370494ITT: Authors whose quotes are better than their writing[View]
20373463Woods, Grube or Jowett... Which one should I read? Am I going to miss something if I chose first?[View]
20373058what should i know before reading?[View]
20371840Will this book actually help me? I feel like I miss 80 % of the deeper parts of the book, the themes…[View]
20373859Help: Looking for a certain phrase that's synonomous with 'down bad' or 'loosing one's com…[View]
20373118Books on how a man should live in this society?[View]
20363440Read Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe[View]
20372229Why does poetic meter sound good? Don't say 'it doesn't.'[View]
20373856is it any good?[View]
20372065Don Quixote Part One: I finished the first part of don quixote yesterday: it is the best book i…[View]
20370816New/Contemporary Books: Just finished picrel and thought it was pretty good. What are some recently …[View]
20368504hello /lit/erati, I have all this money that I don't know what else to do with so I'm tryi…[View]
20370026How accurate a picture is this novel of being a postman?[View]
20373599History Recs: In this thread recommend your favorite history books.[View]
20373664Is the Schlachter 2000 translation of the bible alright for beginners? I want to start reading the b…[View]
20367140What book have you reread the most and why?[View]
20372405books on conspiracy theories?: looking for ones on stuff like mermaids, cointelpro, crisis actors, t…[View]
20372263This book is pretty hilarious, whether or not the arguments are valid. Vilar is so intensely and rel…[View]
20373520Terry Pratchett Books: Anyone know any good books that are like those of Terry Pratchett? Loved read…[View]
20373503What childrens books involve a character overcoming his flaws and becoming a better person, because …[View]
20364468Why do people love this book /lit/? This is mid wit tier shit.[View]
20373095>reading is literally just witnessing the achievements of better men how do you aspiring writers …[View]
20373250Where do I start with the Saddam Hussein quatrateuch?[View]
20373211Book Clubs: I googled my university+book club and found an official student organization book club. …[View]
20373358Keigo Higashino: My girlfriend wants me to read The Devotion of Suspect X and The Miracles of the Na…[View]
20370964>Piety? >Yes >No >Fuck off *walks away* Really?…[View]
20373289Mandatory incelcore: stuff that incels should read no matter what, pic very related[View]
20370803Recommend me some cosmic horror (no lovecraft)[View]
20369396Write What’s On Your Mind /wwoym/: Autistic janny edition[View]
20363448Books with this feel?: The sopranos is the best written tv show ever IMO, but I've watched it t…[View]
20368309Books that inspired crimes: What are some books that inspired crimes and why? The Collector inspired…[View]
20373109Louis-Claude de Saint Martin: He's like one of the founders of Freemasonry or something. Any in…[View]
20371088What books are best to read just before you hit the hay?[View]
20368040I cant think of a more redpilled book written by a jew than this one. Theres subtles redpills all ov…[View]
20373076This board hates free verse poetry, yet it was a free verse poet who wrote the greatest villanelle e…[View]
20371696What differentiates non-fiction from fiction besides the author proclaiming: 'Just trust me bro, thi…[View]
20373062What the fuck was the point of Conseil?[View]
20365472what are you reading this friday?: Im drunk and I'm extremely lonely. How do you anons cope wit…[View]
20373004has anyone else written so much while saying so little?[View]
20373002I lost my copy of the Burton Watson translation and before replacing I thought >Hey! >I wonder…[View]
20364207ITT: authors that would have shitposted on /lit/ were they alive today: >called Anglicanism a pal…[View]
20371136Books with the these of contagion, dystopia, etc.: Hello /lit/ I am looking for books that incorpora…[View]
20370729I liked the part when he accidentally shat on the tree from his window.[View]
20370145What am I in for?[View]
20372449>The feather of a swan Wow, I clapped.[View]
20370369Stories that stick with you well after reading them: What are some books that you can't stop th…[View]
20372819Literally impossible.[View]
20372790Dylan Thomas Poem of the Day: 29. Out of the sighs Dated June 7th 1932, first published in Twenty-f…[View]
20372140There will never again be another city as important for literature as Paris was in the 20th century.…[View]
20366478Was he a 'lost-cause mythologist'? He's Shelby Foote, in case you forgot.[View]
20371002Start with the Greeks: A thread for Greek poetry, drama, /lit/ history (like Thucydides, Xenophon, H…[View]
20368902Marlowe's Faustus or Goethe's Faust? For me, it's the former.[View]
20372621>From the editors that saw the success of the Series of Unfortunate Event franchise, comes...…[View]
20368422audiobook for a roadtrip: about to be driving solo for 2-3 days any favorite audiobooks to listen to…[View]
20370707Why don't you have a seat there Mr. Wolfe.: So... you came here to read esoteric science fictio…[View]
20370635getting good at reading: what are the best practices to get better at reading comprehension?[View]
20372485>Iambic Pentameter >Abab rhyme scheme[View]
20372483warrior cats thread: last Friday i cat i had for 11 years passed away from a heart attack and he was…[View]
20372523Has anyone here read Poe's Eureka? What did you think of it?[View]
20371823How did he create all modern fantasy? Within years of his works being published his works became the…[View]
20368719Cool books on aliens?: I like aliens and space and stuff, are there any good books about them availa…[View]
20365546>Quand on se soumet à Mozart, tous sont absous d'humeurs bizarres >C'est épatant, Ar…[View]
20369871Is being a writer today merely a fool's errand? No one reads anymore, most people live in a con…[View]
20370949What can I expect to learn from the greeks? thinking about starting with the greek[View]
20372270>The Old Testament God is a personification of the superego, or the underlying symbolic order kno…[View]
20364005Medea: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
20371502Medieval typography: Any good books on medieval script? Especially on ligatures, digraphs, etc.…[View]
20364562>cherry blossoms in / moonlight, these passing faces, / every one so beautiful! t. Yosano Akiko .…[View]
20372136What's the most autistic /lit/ related thing you've ever done?: For me, >Researching th…[View]
20372129post-Christian Middle Eastern literature: What is the greatest literature (especially fiction) of th…[View]
20368801Cormac McCarthy: So now that the dust has settled, which was the better book: Stella Maris or The Pa…[View]
20369525Karl Haushofer: still worth it even if im not interesting in larping as a pol tard? what should i re…[View]
20371992When did you grow out of fiction books?[View]
20370351Is it really as bad as they say? My GF really wants me to read it.[View]
20370606the scarlet letter is more harmful to literature than infinite jest[View]
20370053What's it like being an indie author? The opportunity for total creative freedom with your book…[View]
20371151share your poetry: Azure sky, running lights Escape from all the meaning Mankind rushing, gone…[View]
20361660>age >top 5 favorite writers >biggest fear >finest moment >one way you can better …[View]
20370003Why are so few of you able to articulate what you like about a book? It's almost always about i…[View]
20370577Nukes: Good books on the history of nuclear arms proliferation and expenditure?[View]
20370676Is this /pol/ the book?[View]
20339837MS paint thread: guess which book the picture is from and draw a painting yourself[View]
20365714/lit/, I need your help. I don't know where else to ask. Years ago, I got into the Sword of Tru…[View]
20370570“I'm so afraid. Because I'm so profoundly happy, Dr. Rasul. Happiness like this is frighte…[View]
20370826There was a book i read back in middle school about a retard in college or something. i remember tha…[View]
20363521Dostoevsky: Do you actually read Dostoevsky and understand the text or are you just pretentious and …[View]
20368704The Secret History: What am I in for?[View]
20368672I can understand Kant, but I cannot understand Kierkegaard[View]
20371134Audiobooks: So /lit/ what do you guys think of audiobooks? Personally they're a godsend for my …[View]
20367477What got you into reading?: This guy convinced me to read books regularly and I started with self he…[View]
20370470>thousands of woman dying for his penis >no pynchon >no joyce >no dfw ngmi…[View]
20370649Are there other works I should read before reading The Enneads? Or should I just jump right into it?[View]
20364945Graham Hancock: Thoughts on him? Just started reading Fingerprints of the Gods >b-but hes promoti…[View]
20369318ITT: books you think are dogshit but love anyway I think what draws me to American Psycho is just th…[View]
20365072How come /lit/ never talks about this book?[View]
20371000Old Bloom claimed Shakespeare was the center of the Canon, but does that mean that: a) you can read …[View]
20370935Any books to read that can cheer you up? I've been reading and walking more to help my depressi…[View]
20368633Anything similar to The Book of Disquiet? >understated >melancholic >calm and detached >…[View]
20371101Where to publish?: I've started writing short stories. A couple are actually not bad. Where onl…[View]
20369552Are there any books that tackles the human subconscious/primal instincts, and on how we could use it…[View]
20363227The bookshelf to end all bookshelves https://youtu.be/kwl3qc7g7mY[View]
20367661>Order a used book >Comes covered in mug stains…[View]
20363482>SPUN GOLD >NUNCLE >MUST NEEDS >BOILED LEATHER Holy shit, this guy writes so fucking bad…[View]
20370128Is only reading books that agree with your preconceptions and current mindset good for you?[View]
20371285Things we dont like to read in a book: >Sex scenes Usually a book with sex I either of this time …[View]
20371352you will read the new olivia ruiz right?[View]
20368318Fuck you lit: Never taking book recommendations from lit again Book of Disquiet >Lonely genius wh…[View]
20370301Books that will help me become normal and understand how people function and why: How do I learn to …[View]
20362751Books with early 2000s optimism?[View]
20371612Writing poetry: How do you write your poetry? Do you consciously choose the words or do you let your…[View]
20371182what are some good old books to read that arent too fancy/dramatic?: I know theres a lot of classics…[View]
20370629Why is there so little sex in Infinite Jest if dfw fucked so much?[View]
20362544I wanted to be a writer: All my life I’ve loved writing. Within the past two years of my life I bega…[View]
20365825/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Balrog vs Gandalf Edition Previous Thread:>>2035…[View]
20371070Is behaviorism compatible with free will? >Behaviorists are strong believers in hard determinism.…[View]
20371455Into my heart an air that kills From yon far country blows: What are those blue remembered hills, Wh…[View]
20370924Does any anon have access to one of the following institutions? Boston Public Library British Librar…[View]
20370384Olde English: What is the best way to go about learning this language?[View]
20369461Laurus: What did you guys think of this book? I didn't really agree with Arseny's main mot…[View]
20370442What are /lit/ thoughts on The Joy Luck Club the St.Clair family was my favorite[View]
20362694/wg/ Writing General: How did Rupi kaur sell tens of millions of books edition For General Writing …[View]
20369669Recruiting /lit/-approved Authors: Where would one go to recruit undiscovered /lit/-approved authors…[View]
20369310What are the best manners books? The ones that teach things most people don't know or observe.[View]
20369599I'm looking for books that are similar to The Story of Art by Ernst Gombrich. I want something …[View]
20370307How many poems is appropriate for a published collection? I'm wanting to publish my writings bu…[View]
20367507am i obligated to read the great gatsby in order to call myself well read?[View]
20370366'also the author of x book' and dropped. If you have to shill your other books on the cover page jus…[View]
20366470How did she filter this board so hard?[View]
20370259Babelcube: has anyone here got any experience working with Babelcube? >Reach out to authors to tr…[View]
20369379Every one on /lit/ should read this book.[View]
20369286This is the first real novel I have picked up in over 20 years. I wanted to stop reading books like …[View]
20369060'Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is e…[View]
20369835My Writing Career: Here are links to my 4 books of poetry. They are available in EPUB, PDF, and also…[View]
20368578I do not like her prose and I really don't like her poetry and I really, really hate the women …[View]
20367202Just recently quit my Ph. D in Literature program and my 11 year career as a Professor. Don't b…[View]
20369626What is a discourse network?[View]
20367471Poem of the Day (March 14): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? Beat! Beat! Drums! by Walt …[View]
20357133Sufi literature thread (Idries Shah): This is a thread about Sufi literature and poetry, an underrat…[View]
20367950What do I have to raed to understand and solve such problems?: cant find any material for such stuff…[View]
20364264Slow reading or Speed reading?: I feel I retain more information if it takes me 30 minutes to read o…[View]
20361546Writing a lullaby for my baby: Here is the first verse Up high, we're climbing up the hillside …[View]
20364790Brave New World: Just marathonned the first chapter of this what did i think about it?[View]
20369676>reading novel >turn page >there's a picture…[View]
20366168I read this as an angsty 14 years and even then thought it was over the top cringe. Another book I…[View]
20362288Comfy slum literature: >Tropic Of Cancer >Down and Out in Paris and London >Hunger I’m a s…[View]
20361129>Carry the theories of Mallarme to a practical conclusion, multiply his powers in a direct ratio,…[View]
20368458>BTFOs /lit/ and the way they discuss books Read this novel. By the end you'll understand ho…[View]
20369593>no verse reference found That's because it's fucking self evident. 'Christian' literal…[View]
20362963Literature on the Value of Faith: The western religions seem to place a lot of value on having faith…[View]

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