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16401889This is without a doubt the most surreal book I've ever read, anything more like it? Don't…[View]
16401933>All men ... are NOT created equal! Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty, some a…[View]
16392635>The only good 20th-century French philosopher is also the most attractive Really makes you think…[View]
16400083Write a story about this image[View]
16402037Can someone help me find a pdf of this Book ? Thanks for the help in advance.[View]
16397326Why should I read fiction?[View]
16390973Thoughts on this? Is MBTI a good way to understand personality?[View]
16398826Locke: Why is his political theory so agreeable?[View]
16401678Are there any books that deal with a criticism of hedonism and the 'if it feels good, do it', mental…[View]
16401641Books on beginning to know something?: Has anyone ever done it, to know something? I suspect that he…[View]
16401966>anime is deep[View]
16397485Gnosticism: What is the best book to introduce me to Gnosticism? I know nothing about it but see the…[View]
16392713What's next[View]
16400584Romance of Girls/Boys Struggling with Puberty: Aigth so I will go to Uni and I missed my chance at e…[View]
16400667OH NONONONO: >he takes notes[View]
16401130It's Sunday! And you know what that means... YES! Bible reading day woo-hoo![View]
16398649Eternal recurrence and amor fati is the most brilliant non-religious response to nihilism anyone wil…[View]
16401665Where were you when you realized: that Shakespeare was German? >Yet Bach's spirit, the Germa…[View]
16393299I believe the theory GRRM hasn't written a single new page since 2011: He has admitted the so-c…[View]
16397986Why are religions overwhelmingly demarcated by geography and familiar lines? Why didn't some ra…[View]
16400329I'm trying to find books that fit into the general 'new age' sort of genre, basically…[View]
16401049why are literary and intellectual people so emotionally sensitive and weak? Any time I am among them…[View]
16401600Introduction to meditation: Good evening. People who meditate regularly - are there any books you w…[View]
16400219/crit/: write something talk about something someone else wrote[View]
16396582Am I becoming schizophrenic or is there actually a dark part inside of you? As I’ve started to actua…[View]
16399717Muzzlehatch is the most interesting character. If you didn't like Titus Alone you got filtered …[View]
16401339How to active read every day?: Some days I just can't read, I lose all focus, whatever I read m…[View]
16401570Are there any other books like The Pound Era that show the life of a literary milieu by focusing on …[View]
16400938Damn, the ending was a bit underwhelming but most of this book is written in as tense of a manner as…[View]
16399410Why do people call anything with space ships scifi?[View]
16401474>time to read the Greeks >start with The Song of Achilles >this virgin water nymph named Th…[View]
16400270boston /lit/ meetup 2019[View]
16400954Did he really plagiarise from the Indians?[View]
16400245What fucking asshole said thinking for yourself is a good thing? The moment you realize the world is…[View]
16401350>Notes and comments are in the back of the book >have to flip back and forth constantly why…[View]
16399004What is the meaning of the Ring?: Here's an excerpt from 'Die Walkure' after Brunhilde saves th…[View]
16393805Roadside Picnic: Anyone read this book? if so what are your opinions on it, I just bought it today b…[View]
16400786are there any funny books like woody allen?[View]
16397909Has Deleuze replaced Hegel as the go-to philosopher to adduce for strange theories?[View]
16398452>Ignorance is bliss Fuck all you miserable people. Stop trying to make me smarter.…[View]
16401031y-you're not actually thinking about writing the next revolutionary literary sensation without …[View]
16398318Reccomendations: Best books you recommend to newbies/good reads in general you recommend for people …[View]
16394738How can I write a rapist that the readers will sympathize with?[View]
16399291Did the French write anything of worth in the 1960s?[View]
16399952Stephen King: Where to start with Stephen King (especially the horror novels)? I love the It movie f…[View]
16400124Would he even be considered a capitalist these days? If one puts his views in context and does some …[View]
16400843>Billy glanced at his waiter checkbook, the black family had only left him $3, a niggardly tip!…[View]
16400789i want to learn speed reading. send books i can get on libgen or other free stuff i can find online[View]
16400188Is there a place where I can see a point by point critique/correction/review of Zeitgeist? I know it…[View]
16399303Dune: How is it? Is it one of the few good sci-fi books or is it garbage?[View]
16400631>I have a master's in literature[View]
16400717Post weird/obscure book reccs.[View]
16388216Let's guess each other's political ideology/sexuality based on our 3 favorite books in no …[View]
16400364Desert by Anonymous: Can we talk about this? I had several friends recommend this, and it had a rece…[View]
16400415okay /lit/izens, I got into an MA in English Literature programme. I want to publish at least two a…[View]
16400571Best wasteland/dystopian novels?[View]
16399799What Are Some Books on the Emasculation of Men?: I want to understand how we've sunk to a level…[View]
16397683Whar are /lit/'s favorite Bible verses?: I'll start. >'I pursued my enemies and crushed…[View]
16400460Best books on grappling/wrestling/judo/jiu jitsu: I have a small collection of pdfs on the art of gr…[View]
16400323children's or YA books that are unironically good af? pic related[View]
16399360Wolfe /gen/: Discussion and questions relating to Book of the New Sun series. I'm trying hard t…[View]
16400005Opinions on this book: > The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner…[View]
16386415So you consider yourself an aspiring writer? Describe this woman in your best prose.[View]
16400136Can you guys recommend some good books that could help me understand Zodiac signs or the Zodiac in g…[View]
16399530Man what is going on, I feel like the only good philosophers I've met are ones who have mastere…[View]
16400141Has this book been refuted?[View]
16399912lolita: that moment when it is revealed to humbert that in spite of him being absolutely possessive …[View]
16399488English is not my natural tongue. I do not have any trouble understanding it whether it is written o…[View]
16390812Was Wagner the most intelligent person to ever live? I hear this said a lot.[View]
16399589IT'S UP: /ourgal/ did it lads[View]
16399294I have Lord of the Rings, quite a few books on filmmaking, and a lot of kindle books. What book shou…[View]
16398585Loeb and Classics: Is there a better publisher for the Greek and Roman classics than Loeb? They look…[View]
16398368>your three favourite poets >your three favourite poetry books >do you like Kat?…[View]
16398981I'm not gonna be able to keep up with all these characters and their personal interrelations, h…[View]
16399606What is respect?[View]
16399311One-hit wonders: Looking for authors who wrote one great book (fiction or otherwise) and a whole pil…[View]
16399825Galaxy Brain LIT characters that can defeat Kira: I'll begin with Edmond Dantes from the Count …[View]
16398556wait what?[View]
16389230Monism: How do non-dualist ontologies like that of advaita cope with the fact that Maya or another s…[View]
16394960authors who have written more books than they have read[View]
16399661In all of the retarded prompt threads like 'write a story about this girl with big boobies' and 'des…[View]
16399608say something nice about this man[View]
16398600why do incels like this so much?[View]
16399512Random short story. Read it while it lasts. Low self-esteem to actually want to publish it.: Mirrors…[View]
16396164Write a short story or poem based on this image[View]
16399417Do stories need good characters?[View]
16398524I love editing Kill me guys.[View]
16397225Could you give me the link to the French pdf ebook of 'Supplemento alla psychopathia sexualis' by Al…[View]
16396343Writing Smut: How do you write smut, /lit/? Fade to black, or do you go all the way? How am I suppos…[View]
16399398itt: fiction that triggers the libs[View]
16394451I have failed you :([View]
16398698Why do right NEETzscheans h8 teleology and think aesthetics in and of themselves are able to constit…[View]
16398913/peter/ - Peter Morris General: So /lit/, what do we think about Peter Morris? He seems to have disa…[View]
16386857/RG/ Rene Guenon General: I feel I owe it to all those who have submitted for volume 2 to just be pa…[View]
16399186The Shallows: This helped solidify and validate a lot of vague feelings I had about the societal con…[View]
16398897Books with this feel: Recommend books with the atmosphere of pic related.[View]
16399323Christopher Lasch: Hello, based department?[View]
16394668It seems many now consider him to be the greatest author of all time.: How did he rise in prestige s…[View]
16397970/lit/ poetry thread: Poetry thread: discuss some poetry you're reading, some you want to read, …[View]
16397069>started reading out loud >comprehension and insight increased tenfold…[View]
16399049Do souls in heaven have free will?[View]
16393578What's the most fucked up book you ever read? This shit's filthy as fuck man, is Hyperion …[View]
16395355Books written by trannies: What philosophy books have been written by trannies?[View]
16399030Found this funny post while trying to search for writings connecting The Unabomber to Alfred Adler. …[View]
16396359Assuming I'm sufficiently rich, what would be the best means for storing books that would keep …[View]
16395916Is philosophy worth studying in university?: What are your thoughts on philosophy as an academic fie…[View]
16398857Welcome to Post-History: You have been reanimalized. Now read Kojeve or die.[View]
16394311Is reading while on drugs some sort of ritual? I swear you can get some very deep raw emotions throu…[View]
16397988>“All that is outside, also is inside,” we could say with Goethe. But this “inside,” which modern…[View]
16398892A common exercise in writing workshops is 'mimicking'. Choose some author you absolutely hate/think …[View]
16393270Pole here. I always thought that continental European literature (like French or German literature) …[View]
16398091There is a lot of arguing in this board about which country has the best literature, but let's …[View]
16396972Lupin or Fantômas?[View]
16396696Redpill me on this /lit/: Have any of you read this? If so did you apply it to your life in any way?…[View]
16398516The actual 'great American novel.'[View]
16398562Hey /lit/, I just wrote this poem. Could you tell me what you think about it? And I shall turn your …[View]
16397672If the universe did have a beginning from nothing than that means god does exist but if the universe…[View]
16398703Are you blessed anon?: What, then, are You, 0 Lord God, than whom nothing greater can be thought? Wh…[View]
16393022/our girl/: She made it /lit/!!! Thank you for all your help![View]
16396284Redpill me on Auden[View]
16392853>People who are able to vote, drive and perform important tasks in society believe in religious t…[View]
16398222Is there anything more pathetic than utilitarianism? Lmao[View]
16397620Fishing Books: Talk about bookswith Fishing as a theme. Post your favorite books that talk about fis…[View]
16398513How many of you have started following the Master?[View]
16395557RIP Thomas Pynchon 1937-2020 He will be missed![View]
16398172>Phaedrus >Philebus >Parmenides >Theaetetus >Sophist >Statesman >Timaeus >Cr…[View]
16394785/lit/bros, recommend me books that feel as personal and hopeless as this one.[View]
16398408>Roma in Italia est. Italia in Europa est. Graecia in Europa est. Italia et Graecia in Europa sun…[View]
16397990Te me a story lit, summarize wathever you have written[View]
16388058>uses words of Latin etymology when there are Saxon alternatives[View]
16395037Is espousing an eastern philosophy as a westerner inherently larping and spiritually inefficient, as…[View]
16392976Which of Aeschylus' plays should I read first?[View]
16396612MUSIL: Thoughts on expressionism and this book.[View]
16398317Ludwig von Mises - Liberalism: >“It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aimed at …[View]
16396578Is there a reading list or guide for gnosticism and/or hermeticism? I want to LARP so hard I believe…[View]
16398290Power is the only fulfilling source of meaning[View]
16396902Give me misogynistic books[View]
16395869Post your >Favorite non-fic writer >Favorite fic writer >Favorite poet >political positi…[View]
16392857>be me >read everything from this guy that i can get my hands on >move on to other philosop…[View]
16396565Anyone know good (history and etc) books on post ww2 Russia to now? Books to help understand modern …[View]
16396666any 'pleasure/hedonism bad' books? looking for arguments against hedonism, philosophy is welcome, of…[View]
16398006Daily Reminder: The best writers didn't lurk on the internet aimlessly trying to find discussio…[View]
16397111Books for when you realize love literally is not real? Leftie fags need not reply[View]
16397749What Greek Preoscratic terminology should I be familiar with to read Parmenides?: I understand it, b…[View]
16397770I fucking hate self-help books who encourage 'doing good actions' and don't encourage competiti…[View]
16397780Why do I always hear people bashing American literature? Is it because they hated English class and …[View]
16396916Books on the illusion of choosing your leader in democratic countries?[View]
16393571Is it possible to refute the underlying bedrock of the western philosophical canon and if so, how wo…[View]
16395372What do you think of Francis Parker Yockey?[View]
16397618What author do you think would be able to write the best novel set during lockdown? I think Saramago…[View]
16396026WTF is its problem[View]
16396526Books on beginning to know something?: Has anyone ever done it, to know something? I suspect that he…[View]
16397580Writers you don't understand why they're praised >mediocre at best writer >lmao drug…[View]
16397457>you just proved my point How do you even respond after this?[View]
16397449can you explain why or why not 'read the greeks' is a meme?[View]
16397312Someone explain the ending of Dhalgren for me please.[View]
16397359> The Art of War[View]
16396045Is it cringe or based to read nothing but classical literature and philosophy?[View]
16397659Modern love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT5cbCl6xGo Post novels or novels or music that capture…[View]
16397655Has anyone read this book?[View]
16396654Meanwhile in Oceanian /lit/...[View]
16396331Who do you write for, /lit/?[View]
16397576Writers psychology: What psychology gives someone an advantage at writing? Over-active imagination? …[View]
16396806>I can't help it, gas escapes from my fundament on the least pretext, it's hard not to …[View]
16397389>talking snakes >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's a metaphor y. you're a brainlet you dont …[View]
16396330Why do women read these?[View]
16397483The story that personified /lit/[View]
16395696Pelevin: Have you read his books anons?[View]
16397255The Secret History: Theories (Spoiler): So I just finish Secret History and on top of loving the boo…[View]
16397402Calendars: Hello! I'm not sure if this thread really fits on this board but i guess a calendar …[View]
16393820How can you take intellectuals seriously when they are literally (literally) one good smack away fro…[View]
16395643What Quran to get?: Which Quran should I get? I have been looking at the Study Quran by Seyyed Hosse…[View]
16395219What BOOKS will give me the last bit of courage to actually suicide? I'm non-white btw...[View]
16397022Reading Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche has a tendency of fully capitalizing words to emphasize them…[View]
16397007Write a story about this image[View]
16396015The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: Have you read it yet?[View]
16393262where were you when chris langan btfo kant's dualism?: >suppose that mind and reality were r…[View]
16396701Books that unironically made you more interesting during conversations.[View]
16395270ITT: based words that Gigachad would speak: >hitherto[View]
16392800America's National Poet: Who is America's national poet? The Scottish have Burns, the Ital…[View]
16397082Which books should I read to become based?[View]
16396962>tfw to smart too read philosophy[View]
16389872Just bought this what am I in for?[View]
16396588Is this as worth reading as D&R or is it just 'woah so wacky'?[View]
16390500Any books on the harmonic style of 18th century European musicians?[View]
16396461We all know /lit/ hates scientism. Any good books that are actually in favor of scientism?[View]
16391786What poems should every man know off by heart?[View]
16396778What's lit's thoughts on this popular novel[View]
16391245>write terrible book franchise >become one of the most successful writers of all time regardle…[View]
16393185Should I read Peirce?[View]
16392302Being No One - Thomas Metzinger: anyone read this? It's an attempt to explain what the phenomen…[View]
16394956>checked the catalog >not a single N-man thread not bad…[View]
16394920Is it me or this book is not that great?[View]
16394019Which writers inspire you in your daily life? For me it's Junger. Everytime I feel weak or bad …[View]
16396793Who are the biggest pseuds in literature?: Pic unrelated.[View]
16394725Biology as ideology: I just finished reading this book. Even though it has strong valid points in ma…[View]
16396109With rapid advances to optical character reading and print-on-demand technologies, why hasn't b…[View]
16396680What's the most awkward interview a literary author has given?[View]
16394268what's the best translation?[View]
16396494Is there anything sadder than a book signing event where nobody shows up?[View]
16394463I've read the whole 4 books. Is Urth of the new sun worth it? I'm already spoiled on it si…[View]
16396542which one are you /lit/?[View]
16396315Is it more efficient to read in bed or at the table?[View]
16395589What else caused the indo European expansion other than God? It's in all the myths of an ancien…[View]
16395915Now that the dust has settled: who won?[View]
16393312What happens in the jakes?[View]
16394862confess your sins /lit/[View]
16393681How ascetic should you go?[View]
16395456Text philosophy: 90% filler content to show off literary skills Video philosophy: 90% filler content…[View]
16396129What am I in for?[View]
16395453Fucking RIP[View]
16394757Behold, the great Australian writer.: And a favourite of Ezra Pound.[View]
16395704>read some entry level philosophy or self help >life instantly gets better damn it feels good…[View]
16396275Which one am I cracking open tonight, /lit/? And what am I in for?[View]
16394781Is the opposite of Platonic love Aristotelic love?[View]
16394843books that give me the knowledge required to pretend to be a normal functioning human being to other…[View]
16395594>He uses audible[View]
16395197What am I in for?[View]
16387440read guenon[View]
16391217So this is the famous white übermensch you've been talking about?[View]
16390662Is C. Wright Mills still relevant? Has anyone here read The Power Elite and if so would you recommen…[View]
16391509I think im burned out from reading too much scientific shit and philosphy. Should i take a break fro…[View]
16395144Can anyone help a brainlet wrap his head around Proclus' theology? I managed to somehow get the…[View]
16393653Is this a good read, lit bros?[View]
16393884>p.33-130 Feuerbach and Bauer >total 97 pages >p.131-475 Stirner >total 344 pages Will …[View]
16393977Got an idea for a book series that is pretty based hear me out. Basically, it would cover the entire…[View]
16393399>>ITT we talk about literary shitposts[View]
16390196The greatest philosopher of our time[View]
16391543This, but unironically.[View]
16390457Murakami cures Autism: Does anyone else think that Haruki Murakami helped cure their autism? I read …[View]
16395987You guys know any books like this one?[View]
16395970La comédie humaine: For anyone who read it fully, how long did it take? Is it worth it to read the e…[View]
16395801Do you recommend Byung Chul Han? Whag are his overall views? Where to start with him?[View]
16389196What are some books or poems about lambs?[View]
16386210Where are the Eastern thinkers, artists and philosophers?: If Buddhism and Hinduism are supposedly s…[View]
16389364Just got this: What am I in for?[View]
16395590Is pic related worth reading?[View]
16395744Antifragile is such a based book[View]
16395535>i've wasted my whole life reading these stupid postmodern novels and discussing them anonym…[View]
16395628>Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fa…[View]
16386660literature about why jazz died?[View]
16395529Which book makes the strongest argument against killing yourself?[View]
16395324Logic: Any good introductory book in logic? I want to improve my thinking skills, also I want to imp…[View]
16395412Do you guys know any non-fiction books on pulp fiction/magazines, or something like pulp theory? (Do…[View]
16395504Did this make you super focused? Should I read it?[View]
16391848Is there a history of England or the British isles as a whole that is comparable in scope to Gibbon?…[View]
16395301criticism of literature: In your opinion, what distinguishes good literature from other written work…[View]
16390147How the fuck is inheriting money amoral? Fuck you low iq individual responsibility believers. How is…[View]
16392555Should I read Harry Potter? Is it that bad?[View]
16393784>Bear by Marian Engel >The search for this slim volume, first published in 1976 and winner o…[View]
16391162Can any book help you get over incelic thoughts about women? Something that'd develop my admir…[View]
16395207There's this idea that probably originated with Aristotle and Avicenna which is that we can hav…[View]
16395299We don’t deserve a democracy and we don’t have one anyway. A super intelligent A.I. should govern hu…[View]
16388046Difference & Repitition: Is that it? Plato, Aristotle, Hegel all BTFOd? What are the modern Plat…[View]
16371504Just finished reading Storm of Steel, how do I become more like him?[View]
16390376Best Nonfiction history books on the United States: What are the Best Nonfiction history books on th…[View]
16391264>google search best novels of 2020 >giant list >all female authors…[View]
16394911Private Library Must-Haves: List em[View]
16395043le robert meeme: The 48 Laws of Power Law I: Never Outshine the Master Always make those above you f…[View]
16389752why do incels write such good books? do you have to be an outsider to make coherent observations on…[View]
16392809Could I open a book from someone like Kant and just read it like I would with any other book? I feel…[View]
16393081Kipling thread: Ship me somewheres east of Suez, where the best is like the worst, Where there aren…[View]
16392085books about analingus?[View]
16394102trying to find a book: ok i read this book back in middle school i just remember about the book is t…[View]
16394852Do you enjoy reading poetry out loud? Any poets or poems that are particularly good for this?[View]
16371017Plato's Philosopher King: Would Plato's idea of a Philosopher king be effective in today…[View]
16394825Itt: ctmu[View]
16390967Historically speaking he’ll be viewed as a sort of neo-Socrates thousands of years from now when you…[View]
16394374Is the beat living writer from burger land?[View]
16394201any tips on starting this?[View]
16386713I started to read again, ask me anything[View]
16394091What are the essential works of Charles Taylor?[View]
16392791Philosophers use difficult, obscure language to convey simple, obvious truths that everyone instinct…[View]
16394430Essential readings about narcissism?[View]
16385588What are some of your favorite fast-paced, fun and easy, guilty pleasure reads in the fantasy genre?…[View]
16394474So what are dialectics? Do not answer with thesis-antithesis-synethsis BS.[View]
16394026Are people lying who say they read one book a day?[View]
16391943what do I need to read before I should attempt reading Being and Time? I've never read any phil…[View]
16394308What are some literary adaptations with soul?[View]
16393309Any books on the philosophy or psychology of revenge? Already read what Nietzsche has to say about i…[View]
16393748why do you write?[View]
16393422>Divine Comedy >Didn’t laugh once[View]
16393569Talmud: Is the Talmud valuable to a lay Christian studying theology?[View]
16393872which book has been turned into a movie the most times: think its this[View]
16392190>lore >worldbuilding >plot >prequels >sequels…[View]
16390983>mfw realizing philosophy isn't just about being right or wrong >philosophy is about the …[View]
16393950I see you admiring my new overcoat: Why yes, it does have a calico lining. It cost quite a pretty pe…[View]
16393256Does anyone else hate the feeling when you're starting a book and you're in the first few …[View]
16392974about to have a wank, so I look up the first slag that comes to mind, Riley Reid the second result o…[View]
16394058First 5 pages of my novel: What do you think of it? https://pastebin.com/KdVm5NQ3[View]
16390794The Forms: >>16390482 >these are non-concepts. >sameness, difference, depth, smallness, …[View]
16394083>Hubbard promises that the work will give the reader the power to 'rape women without their knowi…[View]
16393969To the revolutionaries of /lit/;: Hobbes was right. If you just obeyed the church and the state you …[View]
16387972Who are some authors I would enjoy if I enjoyed Houellebecq? I tried Huysmans and that was pretty ba…[View]
16393717Nomadic literature: I'm in the mood for some comfy setting among nature. Give me stories about …[View]
16393975Anyone read it? Doug Stanhope is shilling it like crazy. Says it's the new Fear and Loathing.[View]
16392043Can i temporarily drop a book off at library so that they might scan it and give me a high quality d…[View]
16392366Martha Nussbaum: Thoughts on pic related? I took some online quiz to see what philosopher I align mo…[View]
16393923Novels are typically over-examinations of trivial social situations and internal feelings. Why has t…[View]
16393575What's your favorite Terry Goodkind book?[View]
16393342What's his problem?[View]
16389218Any books this board has written?[View]
16393632Rosh Hashanah. Blessed year anons.: Celebration of the creation of Man. >The biblical name for th…[View]
16393568Just started my literature collection: I started with this, Legion by Willy Blatty because I like th…[View]
16393476When Professor McGonagall uses transfiguration to turn into a cat, is she a real cat? Is she allowed…[View]
16389130People blame Nietzsche for the disease that is postmodernism, but is that really accurate? Doesn…[View]
16391215Any good book that gives a good retelling of the Greek myths? Hamilton's book sucks.[View]
16390551You literally CAN'T argue against him without misrepresentations or ad hominems[View]
16392621Fun fact: there is no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ, and all other figures w…[View]
16392259Write a story about this image[View]
16392935I just want to write anime.[View]
16393234Noli Me Tangere or El Fili?[View]
16393221>I did rolling as a last measure to make up my mind and rolled odds, thus supposed not to mastrub…[View]
16389256Gamebooks: Do you still read these? Personally I've just ordered House of Hell for Spooktober, …[View]
16392620am I a brainlet if I can't stand books with long description of locations? I always roll my eye…[View]
16389104Are seafaring stories really so complicated that you can't read them without this?[View]
16390780What did Jesus For the first 39 years of his life[View]
16393158What would Marx say of the proctoriet? Do they have any hope of class consciousness, given the recen…[View]
16392860Does lit have a secret book compartment?[View]
16390046John Williams' biography: >'Each time he had a new novel out... [John Williams] would take u…[View]
16392726I told Jaakko Jarvinen that Ginsburg would die before Kissinger and Chomsky but this little Mongolia…[View]
16392423>Reading some book written by an American or a British author. >They try to say literally anyt…[View]
16391751>'Plagued by invisible maladies, suffering from a melancholy only briefly alleviated by reading o…[View]
16393020Goodnight frens[View]
16388350Why is he so popular with midwits?[View]
16393004the english translation of this is bad. it's hard to keep up with who's talking or what…[View]
16392758Has anyone here developed a type of intellectual schizophrenia by reading philosophy? To explain wha…[View]
16391607What else by him is good? Give me some recs anons[View]
16391996Trying madeleines dipped in tea at the moment. When do I get to the good memories? (I don't hav…[View]
16391741do you read books in any kind of sequence? like reading a bunch of books by the same author or readi…[View]
16392817Write what is on your mind: I used to be a eastern snake wrangler. Look at me, getting my snake wra…[View]
16391916Scared: I've tried to completely abandon technology but I can't live without it anymore at…[View]
16390748>wrote one book several years ago that was massively popular >have been living off the royalti…[View]
16391878Is reading a feminine activity?[View]
16388758>God cares only for what is his, busies himself with only himself, thinks only of himself, and ha…[View]
16390259Books with this character progression?[View]
16390554Before I read all three of Kant's critiques, what should I read ?[View]
16389638How does experience arise from atoms?: Take a single atom of any element. It has no ability to subje…[View]
16391115I enjoy reading about literature much more than actually reading literature.[View]
16392587Writing: Litbros, what do you think is the most efficient way to improve your writing?[View]
16388830lowering the stakes: A thread on /sci/ got me thinking: how can we live the primitivist lifestyle fo…[View]
16390805>200 pages[View]
16392535>book starts with the character's mom dying[View]
16391982What makes the Irish such prolific writers? Within the English speaking world England has a pretty d…[View]
16392088Where does one start with modern Chinese literature?[View]
16392341Books on how to stop my prostitutes addiction? its getting out of hand sometimes i cant afford food[View]
16391326Why is utilitarianism wrong? All the common objections to it are easily debunked[View]
16390849>Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achae…[View]
16392443the tao is your parents having sex[View]
16389079'I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help…[View]
16382649>be me >STEMfag physics major >take classes in advanced particle physics and cosmology >…[View]
16392362Give me Actual Air pdf. Now.[View]
16383875What are some good refutations of Nietzsche? I don't mean the boomerprot one-liners like 'acksh…[View]
16391470How do I become rich and respected like the man in the attached picture? I want all the books on thi…[View]
16389572Great stories(, art, music, etc.) are discovered, not created.[View]
16392175Is there any book or author that discusses how some groups, believing to be righteous, can do comple…[View]
16390752Polish Classic: I'm currently learning Polish, I'm already semi-fluent in speaking but rea…[View]
16390078What am I in for /lit/?[View]
16387728Quotes: What are some of your favorite quotes anon?[View]
16390304Should J. K. Rowling be cancelled?[View]
16391894You have 10 seconds to justify why you use computers and the internet for absolutely literally every…[View]
16391126You could be READING the high quality artistic creations of great literary minds RIGHT NOW, /lit/ Wh…[View]
16391473What am i in for?[View]
16392094>a w*man writes a book from a pov of an adolescent male >it's complete fucking garbage, e…[View]
16392023retard thread: you are only allowed to post here if your I.Q is 99 or lower, pic related is my favor…[View]
16385442Essential reading.[View]
16379997What's your favorite book of the Bible and why?[View]
16389405I really want to believe in Schopenhauer's morality, and its primacy in being, but then I also …[View]
16382780Anyone care to explain how Ted Kaczynski defends his use of a publisher and a printing press? Seems …[View]
16391573What does /lit/ think about based Alvin Plantiga?[View]
16388763Audiobooks and Retention: Thoughts on audiobooks and retaining information? I get eye fatigue if I…[View]
16391847would you let mummy rowling feed you onions and sweeties so that you grow soft and fat. all while sh…[View]
16391727Is this book overrated or is my tastes just shit?: >doesn't develop the characters further b…[View]
16390982>Jiangxi People's Publishing House withdrew The Translated Classics of Western Conservatism …[View]
16391618Was Robinson Crusoe the first Science-Fiction novel?[View]
16370685Writing General /wg/: Last one hit bump limit. Anything writing related Advice, what you're wo…[View]
16390328Just found out my gf reads this book. Is this a red flag? What is this book about? is there sex scen…[View]
16391776What is wrong with people?[View]
16388401How could one man be so wrong?[View]
16389163Psychoanalysis: I was arguing with a guy today about psychoanalysis. He said that psychoanalysis hig…[View]
16390686Are there any modern political philosophers that are left wing but have not succumbed to the critica…[View]
16387120Do you read about biology, zoology, and the like?[View]
16389522I consider myself quite well versed in literature and philosophy (plus I've been on a personal …[View]
16388142Was Orwell really a strong advocate for democratic socialism as the first line in his wikipedia page…[View]
16391459Horse Racing: >philosophy is gay[View]
16391248Book recs for people missing this fella?[View]
16391064Who the FUCK recommended this book?: It's so disturbing that it's difficult to read.…[View]
16390537Book Marketing Advice: I released a horror book series, recently. I have a Facebook ad running, but …[View]
16391445Why are INFJ writers so based?[View]
16389150How can you refute this?[View]
16390971Pssst, kid, wanna get depressed?[View]
16389882Because this is the literature board, discuss the etymology of the word 'coronavirus?' Is corona nam…[View]
16389621Weird Fiction: >Share your favorite weird fiction writers, >stories and collections in this th…[View]
16389052eugene thacker >looks like a faggot >does not have moustache >does not have beard >he …[View]
16389374Where are the philosophical voices of reason?: So here we have a virus that has completely destroyed…[View]
16388797What should I read to explore the idea of anime as religion? Or: connections between spirituality an…[View]
16391259Can you train a snake to crush your enemies into a bloody pulp? Fantômas could. Who knows, maybe the…[View]
16381703Substance dualism is universally rejected on the basis that immaterial substances interacting with t…[View]
16388155at last I truly see[View]
16390142The Golden Bough: Hello litchan, What version so you recommend me?[View]
16386409>Half Swede >Half Amerimutt >Moved back and forth in Sweden and America as a child >Feel…[View]
16390300is it wrong to skip sections of books on a re-read? how about on a first-read? is there anything wr…[View]
16390240Has /lit/ read the undoubtedly most popular and accessible modern philosopher alive? What conclusion…[View]
16390269some good books on russian history[View]
16390758Are you ever intimidated by the amount of reading, comprehension and talent required to write a grea…[View]
16390184How much of this list is BS?[View]
16391101w-what did Ishmael mean by this? >“Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United Stat…[View]
16389756Why did this fuck misquote Bhagavad Gita? Original (chapter 11, verse 32): >The Supreme Lord said…[View]
16386450Kubo: Is this really the cheapest place to buy one of these? Could I trust Ebay or should I just buy…[View]
16388875Book Recommendations Thread: Can anyone recommend something with a similar aesthetic or style to Cop…[View]
16389298Books to pacify or cure misanthropy? I really want to be compassionate like Jesus and Buddha preache…[View]
16390021Could this nigga stop roasting me? Wtf have I ever done to Nietzsche[View]
16390921Where should one start with ethics? or a chart would be nice[View]
16388866Means of determining Consciousness?: >In 2005 Burghardt published the most comprehensive explorat…[View]
16390868I didnt like it.: Its rushed, cut, characters are being stupid to drive plot, magic system got trash…[View]
16390817The absolute state of this board: It's time we get some proper mods. Average replies per post: …[View]
16388403Sum up his philosophy for me: I can't read Max Stirner, I need spooks to get by and through lif…[View]
16390737Give me some wisdom on being embarrassed. Something happened to me and I was slightly embarrassed no…[View]
16387982>mfw get itchy when i start reading is it my blood telling me to dont be a loser nerd?…[View]
16390582Has there ever been a female picaresque protagonist in literature?[View]
16389718Which book did I just mention?[View]
16388457What do you guys think of this Bible reading plan?[View]
16390671What are the best novels about the Mafia or other organized crime organizations? Already read pic re…[View]
16390312What?: You have aphantasia? What did you do when you were a kid? Wanked off to the sounds?? Hahaha f…[View]
16390201Aside from Don Quixote, have you read any other of Cervantes's works? Would you recommend them?…[View]
16390522Fascist Literature: Can someone post some pngs and jpegs of good fascist literature, and any other b…[View]
16390545What books should the stack contain that will function as the support when I hang myself? I'm n…[View]
16388584I thought the Irish were supposed to be good at poetry? WTF is this dogshit 'I am the wind on the s…[View]
16388247How is buddhism different from hinduism?[View]
16390474Is this worth reading or is it just incel whining?[View]
16390095Catholic Theology General:: Does the Church recognize either The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost as C…[View]
16390316Pearlgirl: I emember reading this a long while ago and it recently just popped into my mind. I remem…[View]
16389145ITT: 'You should write a book one day'[View]
16390066How do I prevent my religious bias from interfering with my readings of the post-classical christian…[View]
16390279Did the internet forever ruin reading about and exploring exotic faraway places?[View]
16388313Confessions of a Mask: I'm only on chapter one and I'm lost. i have to assume the version …[View]
16369120What is the most correct philosophy[View]
16382495Later, virgins! https://iwl.me/[View]
16388393This is a reminder that you should be reading 10 pages an hour.[View]
16390211The modernist movement and it's scientification of all American culture has been a disaster for…[View]
16389674What is the literary equivalent of The Room?[View]
16387831Have you read today, anon? :3[View]
16384802Books for when you realize you've lost an entire year due to your cooming addiction and 4chan a…[View]
16388937where do i torrent books. pic unrelated[View]
16389340>https://streamable.com/pghx8s Any books that will help me understand today’s women?…[View]
16385232Spinoza vs Hegel: >the virgin spinoza vs. >the chad hegel Who wins?…[View]
16387528Terry Goodkind is GG: On September 17, 2020, Terry Goodkind passed away. I was first acquainted with…[View]
16389874Recommend some good satire[View]
16382475>“The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusi…[View]
16386350RIP Terry Goodkind: Terry Goodkind, author of the 'Sword of Truth' series, has passed away today. h…[View]
16389687Basic Economics: Does anyone have 'Basic Economics' by thomas sowell as a PDF? I can't find it …[View]
16389923/lit/ on celebrity worship: Any non-fix books out there on the growing obsession with celebrities an…[View]
16387098Just a question. How many of you have actually read the sticky?[View]
16389528What am I in for? I figured I'd start reading authors' short stories instead of their long…[View]
16389826Moby Dick pt. 2: We're not done you phylogenetic bitch. >>16388067 >If you’re not grou…[View]
16387635Can someone tell me exciting stories from the summer vacation?: Can someone tell me exciting stories…[View]
16389333French Literature Suggestion: I've been trying to improve my french by reading french literatur…[View]
16388558Schopenhauer - major pessimistic philosphers, because...: he was an incel. >Later, at forty-three…[View]
16375825/crit/ - writing criticism general: writing critique thread. Post your work, but if you don't l…[View]
16389492So I should be amish?[View]
16388675Best place to get free audiobooks?[View]
16389563/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Should I read the major works of each philosopher (you…[View]
16386578>You see Tom Holland is a hack[View]
16389431What the fuck is an eternal object? I don't understand. Help.[View]
16388642Geopolitical books?: you got any[View]
16384626ITT: authors that solved the Is/Ought gap: Hoppe[View]
16388438>I... wish... I had.. spent more time.... re-reading Don Quijote... than having sex... >augh..…[View]
16387988>My favorite philosophers? That would be Stirner, Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard and Bronze Age Perve…[View]
16387529>higher paying job where you actually do work >lower paying job where I can sit there all nigh…[View]
16388972podcasts: Any good /lit/ streams? Preferably ones discussing Pynchon, DFW, Faulkner, Hemingway etc..…[View]
16389070Who is your favorite Bronte sister? Which book settles the score for you?[View]
16388943Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, An…[View]
16389125Should I read this?[View]
16389131Where do I look around to find contemporary philosophy? Philosophy journals?[View]
16387294wilderness self-sufficient books: holy fucking BASED. this book is amazing. dude was like 50 years o…[View]
16387454I have noticed that a lot of you on here have philosophical convictions that you're unable to d…[View]
16384959I am beginning a manifesto which will explain how capitalism, rationalism, and relativism have destr…[View]
16389085Help me understand The Birth of Tragedy: Particularly the 'artistic drives of nature.' Why does nat…[View]
16389113Has anybody read this anthology? How is it? Norton is usually pretty good but I'm afraid of it …[View]
16388814Books on bioeconomics: What Is Bioeconomics? Bioeconomics is a progressive branch of social science …[View]
16388974Is there anyway to improve the brainstorming process for ideas? Or do I just think harder?[View]
16388980Name a bigger posturing faggot in literature. Pro tip: you can't[View]
16389004was Isao an incel? What would have changed if Isao simply had sex?[View]
16385250About to dive into this, really want to understand it. Anyone who's read this and seems to unde…[View]
16387986kill me book titles: >the x of y >the [adjective] [substantive] >[preposition] the [noun ph…[View]
16387590What are some popular books you haven't read?[View]
16388707I read only for the sake of popculture.[View]
16387054Internally I'm very feminine with a cute and kinda faggy personality but externally I'm an…[View]
16388859what is the best english translation of The Divine Comedy?[View]
16387306Arguments against nihilism and hedonism?: My morals are completely fucked, I used to believe in high…[View]
16387047hi /lit/, for a long time i was into music, and now I guess my next big interest is symbols. I love …[View]
16385495Does lit have a starter guide / list of book recommendations for someone who feels a bit lost in lif…[View]
16388026What should one read to understand why they flip-flop between MEGA HITLER mode and wanting to be as …[View]
16387217>life is nothing but suffering >happiness is nowhere near as powerful as sadness >everyone …[View]
16385872How do the indian epics mahabharata and ramayana stack up against the illiad and the odyssey?[View]
16385485Any the picture of dorian gray enjoyers[View]
16388436What recent BAP/Кaнтbot9000 conflict taught you, /lit/?[View]
16388613Life, and every aspect of it, virtually every type of activity, belief, ideology, political alignmen…[View]
16382659BOOKTUBERS?: Are there any worth watching? Anybody on here make videos and brave enough to link your…[View]
16386194What do I read if I want to ascend?[View]
16388453As she laughed I was aware of becoming involved in her laughter and being part of it, until her teet…[View]
16385251Is anyone here actually optimistic, or a believer in societal humanistic progress? A utopian of some…[View]
16384287https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-article-gpt-3 What does /lit/…[View]
16388596Underrated. Cool pulpy realism that neither romanticizes its shithead characters nor lacks compassio…[View]
16388072What's the consensus on Wagner's Gotterdammerung?: Is it a disappointment in contrast to t…[View]
16386822Why are ad hominem attacks on philosophers so shunned? Yes, yes, 'muh logical fallacy!!', but don…[View]
16388471>science fiction/fantasy book has a detailed and well thought out map name a single better trope …[View]
16387030Are paradoxes mostly empty ontological objects or are they substantive enough that other objects, an…[View]
16388408>Friday? Nah friday's my dry day. 'you drink 6 times a week?' >Nah, 3rd friday of each mo…[View]
16380808>get this months long funk of anxious despair >can't figure out what it is, feel constant…[View]
16386585Post like some life changing stuff man.[View]
16388061Books to cope with being a midwit?[View]
16388348How is a literary canon formed?[View]
16388185Are you a Nick Carraway or a Gatsby? If you are a Nick Carraway, stop being a Nick Carraway, it gets…[View]
16387785What is a book publisher that provides high quality collectible books (illustrated, nice hardcover, …[View]
16383628Was this the great american novel? Moby Dick is better, but it's not about America . Huck Finn …[View]
16388132I just read To Kill a Mockingbird and I really enjoyed. Any other examples of 'cozy' Southern Gothic…[View]
16385598Can anyone refute the Underground Man?[View]
16382195>Open book >Talking snake People DIED for this How can you take the Bible seriously without do…[View]
16388055are bourgeoisie values the same of leftist values Evola and Kaczynski spoke of?[View]
16385897Thoughts on this specimen?[View]
16386554Is reading the gnostic texts a worthwhile exercise if you don’t believe this stuff? And I never will…[View]
16376790How exactly is Moby Dick a worthwhile piece of literature for someone with no interest in whale biol…[View]
16388050Why haven't you read Brandom yet, anon?[View]
16384306How do I most eloquently explain to people that antinatalist creed is the answer and that the propag…[View]
16384184Refute him, /lit/[View]
16388024Sleeping pattern is all fucked up and am now waking up at like 2:30/3:00 am these days. Share some p…[View]
16385044What does /lit/ think of Michel de Montaigne as an author?[View]
16387869>Out, out, brief candle! >Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, >That struts and…[View]
16387888'The Medical Gaze': >Be a 20th century doctor >Study the result of centuries of medical resear…[View]
16386012Can we discuss this please?: Socrates to Meno:- >SOCRATES: And do you really imagine, Meno, that…[View]
16387345>I have no knowledge of either Sanskrit or Arabic. But I have done what I could to form a correct…[View]
16387767Was Plato a monist or a dualist?[View]
16385628He's right you know[View]
16385758Diary Thread: anyone else keep a diary or journal? do you want it published when you die?[View]
16387824need a book which represents the values of this gentlemans (pbuh) philosophy[View]
16385374why was he such a grumblebum?[View]
16385098What are some other good books on capitalism and it's astonishing success?[View]
16387579>Ok, so yeah hold on, let me pop my collar real quick. Ok. >Now I gotta light this cigarette,…[View]
16387751Death: Which writers handle the subject of death the best?[View]
16386606ABSOLUTELY FUCKING KINO: Why isn't this /lit/core?? Now THIS is a book.[View]
16386058Hell: Recommendations for texts (not the Bible) where someone has tried to describe what hell would …[View]
16382451Looking for smut, literal pornographic books. Any recs? The dirtiest, sleaziest, the better.[View]
16384970Phenomenology thread.: Where to start? How relevant is it in today's world? Is it just continen…[View]
16387766A few hours ago there was a thread about physicalism (I think it got deleted?) where some anon told …[View]
16385827I want a cheap e-reader to read pirated books and manga on. Any recs[View]
16387256Describe this image in your finest prose[View]
16387692You (Gregor) turned into a giant bug. Your family alternated between fearing, caring, and loathing y…[View]
16387069finished walden and i want to read more thoreau. what do you guys recommend of his[View]
16386648>midwit I ignore anyone who uses this word. Just a PSA.[View]
16383512I'm starting a political movement, are there any books that can teach me how to manipulate hope…[View]
16386049>'Here at any rate is Ignatius Reilly, without progenitor in any literature I know of -- slob ext…[View]
16383290Just finished this. Are the rest of the books as good?[View]
16387257>spend my whole life reading >can't write worth diddly squat…[View]
16384235What is the difference between a king and his horse?: I don't mean, 'One is a person and the ot…[View]
16387356What are some good books about the CIA?[View]
16387176What holocaust books do you recommend for children?[View]
16384071What are some good books on the value of beauty? Of defeating ugliness and striving for beauty? Been…[View]
16382768Bloodthirsty Unicorns. She made a million dollars with this idea. What is the next great idea for a …[View]
16386642Need help with suicide notes: Hey anons. I need some help or ideas of what to put in my suicide note…[View]
16385481>open book >talking dog Are you KIDDING me?…[View]
16386538I’ve lost my sanity and sense of reality somewhere on here. Cant seem to find them. Have you seen th…[View]
16386769If I had a nickel for every reason I’m not catholic I’d probably have a dollar or two but I’d have t…[View]
16387343Who are other Statist Philosophers? Doesn't matter if they're left leaning or right leanin…[View]
16385808I will do nofap until I finish Don Quijote. Do you ever set similar goals?[View]
16386726>Alasdair MacIntyre >Patrick Deneen >Alexis de Tocqueville >Christopher Lasch >We…[View]
16370645/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: 2020 CHART EDITION I present the 2020 /sffg/ Top 25…[View]
16386502>be me going into meditations >thinking it’s just a meme book >think I’ll just read the fir…[View]
16387213>that one author whose most popular book you read, really enjoyed, but you never ended up reading…[View]
16387199why didn't this fucker let mal and alice be together[View]
16387026I haven't been regularly on /lit/ for quite a while, focusing myself on actual literature and l…[View]
16386796Will this book raise my testosterone?[View]
16387073Any suggested literature on Dehumanization, social manipulation and other similar topics?[View]
16384972>tfw literally Faust What do?[View]
16385191I printed out a copy of the open letter to open minded progressives to read and I really liked it. S…[View]
16372057stop trying to steal my heritage: if youre insulting incels on /lit/ you are not allowed to like the…[View]
1638430713 Clocks by James Thurber: This was a book I really liked as a kid and decided to reread recently. …[View]
16386451Are there any good books on the 'dream time' religion?[View]
16385906I want to write something, someone give me anow idea please Pic unrelated[View]
16382745Books about sexy robots overtaking humanity?[View]
16383078Books about kids/teenagers going batshit and killing each other: already read pic related, whats som…[View]
16386888making aliens in a sci-fi world: how do i make realistic aliens and alien wildlife in a sci fi world…[View]
16381667The protagonist in my novel calls his mother every day[View]
16386923i litraly can not red i was raesd in the back wuds of tenise and i onle no the alfabet foeneticly so…[View]
16386763Scarlet: The dull greyish sky hovers above me Lost in this sluggish realm of depression Mulling ove…[View]
16386044I'm on 'em beans for real I'm on the lean for real I'm on 'em beans for rea…[View]
16385681the human brain cant understand what is outside the universe because it is not in time or space, is …[View]
16386016Write a story about this image[View]
16386006Llevó rato buscando esté libró en Pdf, ¿Alguien podría apoyarme para encontrarlo?[View]
16383215judge my shitty writing: When darkness spreads its influence over the heart of a human being the beh…[View]
16384918>would you rather be a professor or a poet?[View]
16386541Embarrassing: https://youtu.be/BY0GPxyBynA Fucking loser[View]
16385910How come people who base their work on Foucault are defending quarantine and the use of masks? Doesn…[View]
16386579Should rhetorical questions end with a question mark or a full stop?[View]
16386516i got refuted[View]
16385766E-reader thread: Should I upgrade from a Paperwhite 3? If so, should I stick with Amazon or switch t…[View]
16382504The Secret History: Just got this bad boy, what am I in for? Has anyone read /ourgirl/'s work?…[View]
16384055Queston for Catholics and others: What books other than the Bible and Catechism helped you develop a…[View]
16382641/crit/ Bangkok Sex Stories: Basically stories about me banging whores in Bangkok. Slightly literary.…[View]
16384048>The counterdrive to this potential onrush of commoditization is culture. In the sense that commo…[View]
16383789ITT: Well written sex scenes: It's actually the main thing I remember from this book.[View]
16385131this book is very entertaining[View]
16384921Reading: Thoughts on the Iliad, started reading it.[View]
16386082Are there any detective novels like this? Something gruesome and disturbing. Pls respond.[View]
16383356Anyone else here a late bloomer? I didn't read a single book between the ages of 12 and 24. I f…[View]
16384596For me it's the fight between Chinaski and his ex-bully near the ending of Ham on Rye[View]
16386379Is Hegel just Aristotle on acid?[View]
16383698Have you ever heard an author say such a thing?[View]
16384968Is this guide accurate?[View]
16385577I'm translating a novel from a language I can't speak or read fluently.[View]
16385838>be me, NEET >talk to neighbour >'so what u do' >'im unemployed. but i'm trying to …[View]
16385819books that are more odd than they are good: thread for books that are just kinda strange not books y…[View]
16383131Study of philosophy makes no sense if you do not possess political power. No amount of knowledge mat…[View]
16386122no discernible talent[View]
16381508Who's the Nolan of literature?[View]
16385638About to binge this, what am I in for?[View]
16383811I told him I read 200 pages a day and he’s still having a meltdown[View]
16386059>have you read Brandon Sanderson: >Check out The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn…[View]
16385003An X of X and X: List every book you can think of with this fucking dumb title format[View]
16385978>is an obvious feds in your path[View]
16385402Any good Aussie lit? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=meVm1brUbhA[View]
16381076Is James Joyce overrated? Portrait of a Young Artist is mediocre Dubliners is mildly enjoyable Ulyss…[View]
16378630/lit/ humour thread: please keep the /pol/ and reddit memes to an appropriate minimum[View]
16383155My index finger has been trembling since yesterday to click 'buy' on this. What book will …[View]
16384423The Road by Vasily Grossman looks interesting, but the synopses makes it look like drafts from what …[View]
16380221Why do such pretentious humblebragging fucks even exist? What’s the point of their existence? This g…[View]
16379876Matthew Yglesias's new book is out. Thoughts?[View]
16384311What the FUCK am I reading???[View]
16384390edglordcore lit: What are the essential edgelordcore books I should read before I attempt to write m…[View]
16384277Deleuze Luminous Philosophy: >In confronting Deleuze’s philosophy, Badiou proceeds like somebody …[View]
16382418Draw the antagonist of the last book you've read[View]
16383921Font Type: Anyone knows what kind of font is this?[View]
16383473Redpill me on Pessoa[View]
16383523LOL: You guys are such olympic readers![View]
16384050Do you need to read Virgil's work before reading this?[View]
16385647Tuwu be, ow nowt tuwu be, thawt iws the question: whethew 'tis nobwew in the mind tuwu suffew t…[View]
16383404Stack thread! This is what I get to read this semester. Studies In Chaucer, Studies In Shakespeare, …[View]
16382698What would be a good book to make my little brother (16yo) understand the importance of work and ove…[View]
16384428>bruh, I haven't read a book since high school lol[View]
16383241Is the novel a dead form? Would anyone even want to read a modern Les Mis or Moby Dick? Are those wh…[View]
16385445Future of organized labor: Do any books address the future of the working class now that Marxism is …[View]
16385268what do you guys think of Noam Chomsky and his books?[View]
16376514/anti-weed/: What book makes the most convincing case against marijuana?[View]
16385585What do you g think of this Bible reading plan?[View]
16384260Poem: Black night. White snow. The wind, the wind! It will not let you go. The wind, the wind! Throu…[View]
16384931What literature has been written about collecting things? Pic unrelated.[View]
16384778Hello /lit/, I am coming to you with a request and a resource. I and my friend created a concise rea…[View]
16384747Who are the most Taoist Western philosophers? Recommendations welcome[View]
16384304Okay /lit/ I am finding myself interested in the theory of the Arctic Hyperborean homeland of the Ar…[View]
16385416>be Evan Dara > > > > >mfw…[View]
16384354Book recommendation thread. Post ten of your favourite books. Then other anons recommend you somethi…[View]
16385329Why was The Pilgrim's Progress so widespread and hugely popular compared to the Faerie Queene? …[View]
16374286Debating autistic rhetoriticians: Any books on how to debate people like this? I thought this proble…[View]
16383121Presocratic discussion thread: What do you guys think of presocratics like the miletians, Heraclitus…[View]
16384861Is there an analytical version of Decline of the West?[View]
16385241Reading Hegel's PoS made me an Analytic. Absolute Idealism is ridiculous.[View]
16383706anyone else /bizlit/ here? im making easy money and reading books and i couldn't be more happie…[View]
16384070>logical positivism failed because the verification principle can't be verified…[View]
16383195Philosophies of Politeness: Is there such a thing? Brecht seemed to have one, though he didn't …[View]
16381543Language: Does anyone have any experience in learning a new language with the aid of literature? Any…[View]
16384776What are some good bromances: to make feel the warmth of friendship as a loner loser. No gay shit pl…[View]
16384929Do you have a book mentor? (someone to guide your reading)[View]
16383874Any of you have experience applying to colleges and writing entry essays? Any particular tips or res…[View]
16384715What is the purpose of philosophy today? Handmaid of science?[View]
16383440this completely filtered me. what do i have to read beforehand? is there a reading list?[View]
16379622i'm both, a practicing homosexual and a practicing christian. any authors you would recommend m…[View]
16375268How are the radical feminists not right?: Is there any feminist literature that argues against the r…[View]
16384704Guys, intellectually I'm all spooked out. I can't stand philosophy because of all the unfa…[View]
16384111/heidegger/: I still don't understand what is Heidegger's geopolitical project and how it …[View]
16382277Schop's 38 ways to win an argument: Schopenhauer's 38 ways to win an argument are: 1. Carr…[View]
16384442>In his book Dr. Pieper will take us on a brief but attentive thematic journey through all of Goe…[View]
16382640oh look, its Thus Spoke Zarathustra[View]
16383758>book im reading was written by someone younger than me oh where has the time gone old man…[View]
16384348Alright, I'm more than halfway through this and I need to hear your thoughts. Feels like I…[View]
16384553*blocks your path*[View]
16381500Hey /lit/, this might be a weird question, but ive become intrigued with the concept of pain and suf…[View]
16375768A meeting between Jünger and Borges: by Ernst Jünger We have had the pleasure and honor of entertai…[View]
16382215What should one read in order to improve and study debating and argumentation? Plato? Aristotle? Wha…[View]
16358137I need some horror kino immediately and I'm not afraid to clickbait to get it.[View]
16384172Question: Is it possible to be an author in this day and age without being forced to do interviews, …[View]
16382544Terminal nihilism[View]
16384293Is this good? I live his movies[View]
16383807>What are you reading? >Dugin This nigga frequents /lit/, doesn't he?…[View]
16382861I've been reading about the time Leonard Cohen spent writing in Hydra and his relationship with…[View]
16384201>tfw no qt fascist tomboy gf[View]
16382867What is the best book, fiction or non-fiction you've read concerning the subject of Human Natur…[View]
16384160Just read War and Peace and pic related, what should I read next?[View]
16384026*solves philosophy*[View]
16383505Was Plato prophesying America in his famous book, The Republic?[View]
16383896Tonny Stark is in the Iliad??[View]
16382107Romantic poetry appreciation thread! Coleridge is a personal favourite of mine; his poems display an…[View]
16383529Any Osprey book fans here? They're pretty cool.[View]
16383806Anyone read this? Thoughts?[View]
16382905What are the theological grounds for rejecting evolutionary theory of biology? Why do so many protes…[View]
16383670What can I read that will make me not want to put my penis into things? Bonus points if it can also …[View]
16383275He was wrong about everything. There's no point in reading him. All he does is vocalize inner t…[View]
16383696Anything like Epicureanism but a bit more modern?[View]
16379531>you will never be as well-read or have a library like this man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1…[View]
16382538Hello, fellas! I read but I can't remember nothing! I can't absorb anything. Please, show …[View]
16382880Who are some of the best living authors and poets today?: I don't read a lot of fiction to be h…[View]
16382750What are some horror books that you would qualify as literary masterpieces? Horror seems like a genr…[View]
16383222>No, I don't read introductions, prefaces and similar openings, how could you tell?…[View]
16383579Books for this feel?[View]
16381574what are some books that fix this[View]
16383464Hey /lit/, I started to compose a poem about the War of Roses (such is the title), but the style I w…[View]
16382612ITT: Talentless authors: I'll start with an obvious one[View]
16382895is there a good repository for scifi book covers? as a kid I used to go to the library and get a sta…[View]
16382748Anna Karenina: Is there a more based female character in literature than Anna Karenina?i think not…[View]
16382361Where can I find good contemporary literature and more importantly, where can I find journals/newspa…[View]
16374249What kind of philosophy should I adopt as a 30 y. o. khv? I'm nonwhite btw...[View]
16383339>people who read think they're better than people who don't I could accept this if you…[View]
16382738Found these outside: Someone left these and I took them. What should I read first?[View]
16383081Machiavelli was a chinlet[View]
16378062>JK Rowling has once again come under fire from transgender rights activists, this time for her n…[View]
16383318anyone else weirdly into MTL? (MTL stands for machine-translated literature)[View]
16383265And books that make a case for going out with a bang? Everything I read says shit like 'it doesn…[View]
16382250What are some good alternatives to goodreads?[View]
16382425What are some books about creating a persona?[View]
16382145Is Greer the only environmentalist worth reading?[View]
16383187Why isn't there a single novel with better prose than Lolita?[View]
16381617st ANSELMS ontological argument is legit bros.... i thought it was bullshit but i can't disprov…[View]
16382116>need a book >only available copy is an amazon hardcopy for $101 how do i cope?…[View]
16380479UwU *notices bulge* a-anon what's that book *nuzzles* c-cynical theories? OwO will you read it …[View]
16383079To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings…[View]
16382925Someone dropped four books that Linkara wrote in highschool on Kiwi Farms. https://kiwifarms.net/thr…[View]
16380725What is essential zoomer core?[View]
16378727Just bought Hegel's Phenenomenology of Spirit. No, I've never read a book before. Yes, thi…[View]
16380631Moby [Limp] Dick – no plot: I am eight and a half hours into this book. Just kill a fucking whale al…[View]
16379297ITT: /lit/ in 1857.[View]
16381760How does a book draw so much from the bible and end up being so materialistic at the same time?[View]
16382348Are there any books that explore what it would be like to have children with a robotic spouse/lover?[View]
16378602Wreath my simian brow with belov'd poems, brothers and sisters: ALL my past life is mine no mor…[View]
16381813Is he gay?[View]
16382927Twainfags are killing /lit/. There are 20 threads about Mark Twain.[View]
16373158archive.org books: What the fuck is this shit? It’s a fucking pdf, there isn’t “one copy” of it. Why…[View]
16381006Books that discuss why humans are vicious beasts when left to their own devices? I've already r…[View]
16380558>it's all just cope....always was[View]
16381936If this is true, what is literary trash then?[View]
16382636What am I in for?: Just bought pic related and Illuminations by Rimbaud. What am I in for /lit/? Wha…[View]
16382518>heteronyms are making fun of me again[View]
16374812>4200 pages Did anyone actually read this?[View]
16382424Any writers about the dangers of social media and technologies? I recommend Umberto Eco essays (Chro…[View]
16381810Has /lit/ got any subscriptions to publications? My first NatGeo magazine just came in the mail.[View]
16379265How many times do I have to tell you: STOP wasting your time on philosophy. There is only what is tr…[View]
16381966Favourite quotes? For me, it's 'I can trust the uneducated, but not the badly educated'[View]
16382565Have some of Wittgenstein's (or wittgenstein-like) thoughts ever been applied to economic theor…[View]
16382192What are some good novels about being simp and worshipping woman from afar?[View]
16379957He diagnosed the problem, but he never propounded a good solution.[View]
16379576should I unironically read this?[View]
16380212Why did people look at him weird for being a realist about possible worlds?[View]
16380656Thoughts on her body of work?[View]
16381580What's his most underrated work or his best work that isn't The Reign of Quantity?[View]
16379361How do I teach myself Latin?: I want to start learning Latin. Is it enough to start with textbooks f…[View]
16381967Are there any writers/theorists who may be regarded as pessimistic Marxists? That is, they accept th…[View]
16377622/mayonaise/: so what do we think of him?[View]
16381100All philosophy is just cope always has been. Always will be[View]
16381976so he basically just rephrased zen meditation and made millions of dolllars?[View]
16382413recommend generative anthropology books?[View]
16377014Was Lazarus in heaven before Jesus resurrected him?[View]
16380806Where does /lit/ buy their books especially now when you're not allowed to outside in some coun…[View]
16381858What’s the difference between communism and socialism?[View]
16381261Anons, be careful!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGNaruEYOE0&feature=youtu.be[View]
16381002So /lit/ memed me into reading Kabbalah and here's what I found out: >God takes a soul that …[View]
16380639Buddenbrooks: Why did they fail? Was it incompetence or were they just victims of their times? Simpl…[View]
16381172Recs thread: Going on a camping trip soon and want to make sure I have enough reading material for 5…[View]
16382314I'm writing a story aboout a serial rapist who transfers his soul like chucky but instead of it…[View]
16381846ITT: Literary red-flags: >BCE or CE > “Diverse Cast” > “New York Times #1 Bestseller”…[View]
16382204this completely filtered me. any recommendations for prior reading?[View]
16376847>read Hayek, Friedman, Mises and Rothbard, become convinced libertarian >study a bugman STEM …[View]
16382152Poetry is dead: Why almost no one read/produce poetry anymore? Is it becoming a dead form of art, li…[View]
16381334Other literary books about physical training / bodybuilding?[View]
16381981Books on Writing: Anon could you help me? I want to obtain a firmer grasp on the concrete practice …[View]
16380428So lit who inspired your suicide?: well?[View]
16382157Class started today and I have to create a little introduction slide for myself, which includes both…[View]
16381411Have any good books been written about the history of 4chan?[View]
16380933Why is this board so overly empathetic? What works of genuine literary merit explain this phenomenon…[View]
16379522Are there any books out that tackling the subject of what's after dead aside from religious one…[View]
16381711What is the best complete works of Shakespeare? Preferably one with footnotes explaining concepts an…[View]
16381860Took an online reading speed test 150 wpm ;_;[View]
16379734PKD Appreciation Thread: Through his writing, Philip K Dick has left a legacy of endless intellectua…[View]
16380596I realise perhaps this isn't the most perfect place to ask this, but where does one start readi…[View]
16367290Best first sentences?[View]
16381736Why aren't you writting your novel yet? Don't tell me you are just going to consume, while…[View]
16381726I want to become more theory-driven in politics, what should I read?[View]
16380392Open mic poetry thread - comfy morning edition: From dawn to break - I wake! I coil round and stretc…[View]
16381677Whatever happened to alfred janny?[View]
16363420Is prison /lit/?: Think about it >live as a neet >can read (almost) all the time >homosexua…[View]
16381553What was Hades' problem? Any other characters like this? >give underworld because he drew a …[View]
16381254Were the Celtics gods remnants of the Aesir and reincarnations of the dead members? >Celtic gods …[View]
16381440Hello /lit/ can you help identify a genre of fiction?: I need help classifying what type of genre th…[View]
16381171Cats are (not) our friends: A read a book that taught me something very useful; cats secretly hate h…[View]
16380991Could someone recommend me a book about the abyss? I'm talking about a crew in a submarine who …[View]
16380350Books that explain why someone would choose to make a thread about this? Books about the psyche of s…[View]
16380779Should I read the whole poem, then the endnotes, or read it like IJ?[View]
16380245Is Mainlander the only actual true pessimist? He killed himself at 35 and actually went through with…[View]
16381641Penis r8 thread[View]
16381599When did you realize historical and literary knowledge can be only detrimental to your personality a…[View]
16381286Is a teleportation booth a vehicle? If you shoot a man out of a cannon, does that make the cannon a …[View]

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