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/lit/ - Literature

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21059442What's the best way to learn the intricacies of the Engliah language?[View]
21058302Is Donna Tartt any good or do I just want her to be because she looks delectably saucy?[View]
21057649Oh my goodness! Something is deeply wrong with my language processing abilities. I feel almost ah um…[View]
21055930/lit/: Why didn't you saved him?[View]
21057385I’m looking for a good history of the 19th century of European history. Something following the Napo…[View]
21058911anyone going to the Brooklyn book festival? Is it ever worth going to these events? Or should I just…[View]
21053902I finally got around to reading this man and it's incredible how many people misread him. The s…[View]
21053410German schools took Faust from the curriculum HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It's over for Cuckmany[View]
21057855Has /lit/ read it yet? It's surprisingly good.[View]
21058641The fact that the poets of the Veda were priests and not even fit to unfasten Zarathustra's san…[View]
21057758Hey lit, I'm going to be working at sea for the next 3 months. What books should I bring? Besid…[View]
21058986venkatesh rao may be the most important practical philosopher alive, and this thread nails what I…[View]
21058530Now that the dust has settled. Is the Order of Nine Angles corpus worth a read?[View]
21058440>/lit/ - Literature[View]
21055513Does popularity have anything to do with quality?[View]
21054916who/what to read before beginning Kant? Suggestions, charts or other shit is appreciated.[View]
21056504>Women bad: The book Why was Orwell so misogynistic? He barely talks about the men who worshipped…[View]
21052653Is making a living off of being a fiction writer a realistic goal, or should it only be seen as a ho…[View]
21058936Where's your Great Work?: Well? Why are you sat on your ass reading this instead of writing you…[View]
21056002Im moving out of my parents home. I have probably 100 books. Should i bring them all or just bring a…[View]
21058785Is there anything similar to the stephen king short story ‘N’?[View]
21058902>tfw you're owner turns into bug Truly kafkaesque[View]
21056981>claims he can read 1000 pages in an hour >therefore he can read war and peace by Leo Tolstoy …[View]
21053660Has any /lit/izen ever tried chanting, memorizing or studying the Iliad? Share your experience. I di…[View]
21057965Are there any books on feminism in South Korea?[View]
21055847Robert Greene: Will this get me laid?[View]
21057042Books about courageous dads: New dad here. What are some good books about courageous or good dads?…[View]
21058352miniMAG issue13: weekly magazine rolling submissions poetry, prose, art, reviews, nudes all accepted…[View]
21054051what are some good intro books/essential reads about geopolitics[View]
21058722Drinking game: read The Ego and Its Own and everytime this fucker brings on Christianity you take a …[View]
21057800Is Jesus the most famous person of any litterature ever ? (besides God)[View]
21058742What great thinkers have detailed diaries/journals published so I can read them in order to decode t…[View]
21049380How do you people find this good? It's the pseudointellectual diatribe of an extreme manchild. …[View]
21058673I'm trying to at least get the wording and Grammar right even though the English language is s…[View]
21057812Phaedrus: I dont get it why cant love be half madness and half logical. Socrates never actually expl…[View]
21058437I once bought a copy of Stoner from the bookstore and the cute cashier girl seemed like she was into…[View]
21056292When did this board turn into a bunch of schizo trad larpers spamming the same Twitter authors and e…[View]
21053687Why is it so successful[View]
21054761>Anon, do you know why Dr. Brandom has called you into his office? Well, we've noticed that …[View]
21058589What does lit figure of prose/composition in nonfiction?[View]
21057767Best books about revenge? >Monte Cristo >Hamlet…[View]
21055123Post a philosopher without actually posting a philosopher, and everyone else guesses who you're…[View]
21058456What is the modern way creative writers get paid good money?[View]
21058055>mfw I make up a word on the spot and people both understand and accept it…[View]
21054875Book(s) about the evolution of complexity of natural languages? >why languages seems to get simpl…[View]
21058353Alright hear me out, the aristrocrats but as a very long book. Just hundreds of pages of rape, gay n…[View]
21055702Normal words, but violence guy![View]
21054210>When people claim it’s literature, but every chapter ends in a cliffhanger[View]
21057771>/lit/nig asks for book recs >give him the best of the best >not a single thank you fucking…[View]
21049474Shelf rate thread[View]
21051516Post the poem you remember most[View]
21058158Greemtins fellow wrtitter men :>: What give you the inspiration to do some writing?? For me I rly…[View]
21056383i just watched an amazing cyberpunk anime and now i want to read a book in this genre which one will…[View]
21058190Can anyone here recommend any books on accelerationism? I wanna learn more but the wikipedia article…[View]
21053881Is it worth going further?: I read the series so far and I enjoy it greatly, now I'm on my 4th …[View]
21053327>why of course I read female authors. Flannery O'Connor, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Thérèse…[View]
21058062let me know what you think of my newest poem, and what you think it's about. thanks. https://ww…[View]
21057540What are some of the best CBT self help books?[View]
21057904Why do people read in public? Do you read in public?[View]
21054415.' or '. Ffs which is it, I've seen both.[View]
21057774>author is a dumbfuck retard with downright evil opinions and a braindead personality >...but…[View]
21056272Opinions on this book?[View]
21055263Thomas Pychon's voice: Apparently he narrated this book trailer. He sounds like a 'dude weed' b…[View]
21057933Just finished this, it was kinda mid but I really liked his descriptions of the wilderness, any recc…[View]
21057739I overdosed on meth in a chuck e cheese bathroom, i feel like this is the end of the road[View]
21049763Thank you /lit/ (also dick land thread): Hello /lit/. This is my thank you thread. I dont really ha…[View]
21057640Anons be like: >Geez after watching television and playing videogames for 12 hours a day for the …[View]
21057457Bros I made it! Yep this is it. >>21043654[View]
21051324Harassment Architecture at least was funny. This guy seriously thinks he's the next messiah, bu…[View]
21056462What if Nietzsche's right and I'm a slave?[View]
21055443Ossian: Ossian thread for the Homer of the North Author of many poems that created modern literatur…[View]
21057641he's right: >reading of my works 'spoils' a man's taste. Other books simply cannot be e…[View]
21056171Why should I read on the road[View]
21057519what are some good hispanic writers?[View]
21057797what encyclopedia's do you recommend i read?: i am about to learn about women throughout histor…[View]
21054145What's your favorite Bible episode ? For me, it's the book of Acts[View]
21054581>dates bi girl Lmao[View]
21056288>If a man is the Capital then his woman is the Surprus Value What the hell did he mean by this?…[View]
21053832German reading recommendations I only know a little German but would like to get better: What readin…[View]
21044155lol: This is satire, right?[View]
21056098Evangelical /lit/: I feel like Evangelicals get attacked on all sides by fedoras, tradcath converts,…[View]
21057587>When philosophers refuse to defend their worldview[View]
21055803>When the author is a female[View]
21057282There are zero good German writers >inb4 Nietzsche Polish aristocrat[View]
21056998How do people gain a following on Royal Road? When I look at some of these 100 chapter long fantasy …[View]
21054324Write What’s on Your Mind: /wwoym/ last thread: https://boards.4channel.org/lit/thread/21050149#bot…[View]
21056381What are some horror essentials?[View]
21054394Dostoevsky: I've never found literary works as deep and well written as Dostoevsky's works…[View]
21054016How to check if your story has plotholes or not Logically consistent Or just being sensible enough M…[View]
21055417I'm looking for specific philosophy recs or maybe neuroscience, about subjectivity when it come…[View]
21057008Does anyone else read a complete summary of a book before reading? I do this to make sure there are …[View]
21054072Why are all of his followers mentally ill doctrinaires? They're the quintessential evangelicals…[View]
21052462How do i leave fate to god and stop worrying?[View]
21055184On Heroes, Hero-Worship, & the Heroic in History: What’s the best edition of this to buy? From m…[View]
21050595What was the significance of the Judge’s relationship with children?: Children die frequently in the…[View]
21048069>people actually wrote articles claiming foucault wouldnt oppose vaccine mandates…[View]
21055406Hey /lit/. Went to the grocery store today. Here's the bookshelf[View]
21055731Where do I get started in writing a book? All I do is write fanfiction.[View]
21057253Has mccorcob himself ever said whether or not the judge was a human?[View]
21055010Books with Kings: Books that have Kings, royal families, princes etc. I just want really good books …[View]
21054760How do you meet deadlines on your writing projects? How do you balance working to a time limit and m…[View]
21057205I want to improve my writing skills, and up my chances of getting published. So I'll subscribe …[View]
21057067Calderon vs Moliere: Who do you enjoy more? I don’t expect many replies but I’m hoping for just one …[View]
21052807Agamemnon by Aeschylus: Clytemnestra did nothing wrong[View]
21054579What’s a /lit/ way to give a wedding toast? Toasting is a form of literature before you ask[View]
21055235What should be my last Pynchon? Considering it is very unlikely that he releases another novel what …[View]
21056815/lit/ approved webm[View]
21048921Every single literature platform becomes unusable over the years due to how bad the userbase becomes…[View]
21053758Death is encountered in meditation and death is encountered in sexual orgasm. But if you can encount…[View]
21052430Voilà notre fil obligatoire sur Rimbaud. Qui veut commencer la discussion ? (Les *nglophones sont in…[View]
21053260I'm making an attempt to get into some more nonfiction, what would you recommend? What are the …[View]
21056443'cover your tits you harlot; lest your cunny end up speared on a stake, if you're thinking adul…[View]
21045089>reading letters written between Robert E Howard and Lovecraft >both are avowed atheists who …[View]
21042918books for horny 21 year olds? not looking for straight smut but also not looking for uber serious ph…[View]
21053146What are the most common comments you get about your writing style? People keep telling me I write l…[View]
21053464I'm looking for a decently well-known fairy tale that has a snake in it. Has to be something an…[View]
21053722/rhet/ despicable fame; the desire to speak in public (fama): I spent a good long while listening to…[View]
21054726Blood Meridian: Is it true that this book is too violent to be made into a film? What are the most v…[View]
21054457New Corncob McCarthy in less than a month, anyone else excited?[View]
21054617Give me a QRD: Kant -> post modernism -> Now I don’t see how we arrived here. I see Kant and …[View]
21054841i just started reading picrel, what am I in for?[View]
21053916What's /lit/'s opinion on Neil Fergusson? I have read Ascent of Money some eyars back and …[View]
21055519Whats the argument against genociding nihilists? the nihilists would probably enjoy it because it…[View]
21053205I'm looking for more popcorn military SF series that avoid that thing David Weber did where all…[View]
21055823How do you write a fanfiction about a setting/franchise for children, but with adult themes and tone…[View]
21053311I am fascinated about expeditions. Recently I watched the history buffs video about the series Adapt…[View]
21053466overrated and underwhelming: beautifully written don't get me wrong, but it was meh. kind of di…[View]
21055727>Romeo and Juliet is just plagiarized Pyramus and Thisbe[View]
21054025back when i was a young boy i wanted to write one or two novels a year for a big publisher and live …[View]
21053178Pessimist BTFOs /pol/fag: >Just have finished reading pic related >Realize that men create pol…[View]
21055210Quote thread: Share your best quotes. Preferably in a textual form with sources. Education perverts …[View]
21055308John Green: Why does /lit/love this guy so much? He’s like the archetype of the nu male basedboy mem…[View]
21055356What are the literary influences of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners? You know, besides the william gibson nov…[View]
21045591The fuck is he talking about? 90% of the stuff he name-drops I have never heard of. I feel genuinly …[View]
21055078Christopher Hitchens' recs to a little girl: One month before his death. Thoughts? https://www.…[View]
21054946Tropic of Cancer: best cover?: I have to choose between the boob cover or the sketch cover. What do …[View]
21055024Belated F: Since I just found out today. Also: Wolf Hall > Bodies > Greater Safety > Mirro…[View]
21053430Thoughts bros?[View]
21051823>It's the scene where Hera wants to seduce Zeus so he could fall asleep afterwards and he co…[View]
21052614Writing one's first novel: My only goal right now is to gain the competencies to be able to wri…[View]
21054300What's the best biography of John Milton?[View]
21054293Henry James was a gay incel and this is what made him the greatest writer in the English language.[View]
21050537Why do late millennials and zoomers shit and piss themselves over this guy? He’s literally just a da…[View]
21054530whats ur fvrt bibble book[View]
21042776well shit: I overdosed on Kantianism and suddenly I just became a Platonist again basically if Kant …[View]
21051972Vicente Guedes is literally me[View]
21053795A book about the greatest psychic in Russia (and he is the real deal).[View]
21052735>Reddit philosophers Bertrand 'The First Redditor' Russell, Rand, Bentham, Diogenes, Marx, Early …[View]
21055257/rhet/ Ethnos: > As for men's laws, it is evident that men have established them to correspo…[View]
21053524Poem of the Day (September 28): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? The Dying Christian to h…[View]
21051831Any authors or philosophers ask or say or mention how weird existence is? Ever mention the inexplaia…[View]
21055135Roast my poem: >> B me >> writes shitpost about writing green texts >> Thinks 4cha…[View]
21054370>Caligula had been frankly adored; there was in him an originality, and with it a grandeur and a …[View]
21054391Have you learned a non native language for the sole purpose of reading literature from that language…[View]
21049704Dumb down Hamlet so I don't have to pay attention in class[View]
21052733Looking for other good 'prison gay' books and authors like Mishima, Thomas Mann, Plato's The Sy…[View]
21053889>When a novel references a philosopher by name[View]
21052160What country has the best poetry literature? And how do they compare to each other? We can agree tha…[View]
21052426Why does he piss people off so badly?[View]
21044924>Hobbits and the Hard Right: How Fantasy Inspires Italy’s Potential New Leader >'“I think that…[View]
21054006This was a big letdown. The nation of shopkeepers could never understand the revolutionary fever. Di…[View]
21054070When you read books in your second language, do you translate it sentence by sentence in your head o…[View]
21054852Is htis book unrealistic? Wouldn't the father just succumb to his animalistic lust after a few …[View]
21054849What great thinkers have detailed diaries/journals published so I can read them in order to decode t…[View]
21054098Where do I start with this? Any pairs that really stand out?[View]
21035958Is there charts for economics? Can you give me your essential books on economics[View]
21051612What is the pulpiest, grittiest most noir-type crime thriller book out there? Preferably something f…[View]
21029435This man singlehandedly destroyed every argument from >anarchists >opportunists (think grifter…[View]
21048988Any of you have an infograph of books to read regarding politics?: I'd like to get properly inf…[View]
21054518AAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY: I found out how to break from the hegelian-machine. Observe the following: >Sn…[View]
21047605/wg/ - Writing General: Previous Thread >>21039136 >>21039136 /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH…[View]
21054387What should my first Pynchon novel be? I've read at least one for almost all of his contemporar…[View]
21054385So you can make fun of him because he looks like a gnome or because he's nominally an analytic …[View]
21052355>the rule that all should follow is this: Act only in ways which you can will become universal la…[View]
21053143>bridges the is-ought gap[View]
21050149Black What's On Your Mind: /wwoym/ Previously >>21041454[View]
21050733What's your favourite ending to a book?[View]
21050352Can someone point to some definite incompatibilities between Plato and Aristotle? It feels like they…[View]
21054001Early 20th century japanese authors and novels: I've read: >kokoro, soseki >no longer hum…[View]
21050865Bizarre Erotic Short Story Involving Nagas: Okay, backstory, a couple years back I did a short stint…[View]
21042995What are some schizo books well worth reading?[View]
21048196Aram Sorayan: Thoughts on this guy? He holds the record for worlds shortest poem with his one word p…[View]
21053588Books on violence?: Are there any good books on (physical) violence you'd recommend? As a perso…[View]
21051321THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY: “An artist is identical with an anarchist,” he cried. “You might transpose…[View]
21049466That's it??: Really that is the ending? All of nothing happened or changed. I cannot believe yo…[View]
21047446Still unsurpassed. If you enjoyed this, what else do you like? I want to hear from anons with good t…[View]
21053946What are some books about the horrifying, unrelenting march of time? >Everything goes by — men, t…[View]
21042973Freud Zone: Curious what people think about psychoanalysis[View]
21046807What is the best introduction to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms/English Civil War and its literary c…[View]
21049959Do you think this asshole is going to win the Nobel just because he got stabbed?[View]
21053382Favorite books: Go[View]
21049770Brandomchud: brandomchuds, how far have you gotten in A Spirit of Trust? also feel free to pose any …[View]
21053492stem people: >be me >heidegger class >A science's level of development is determined …[View]
21051191edgy teen core: what are some books that angsty teenagers read? trying to relive my youth[View]
21050273Is it worth continuing?: I just finished the second book. I thought the first was good, the second v…[View]
21047566>if you forgot what you read, then what you read was uninteresting is it true or cope bros?…[View]
21048309Do you maintain an extended physical correspondence with another human being? Writing letters, for e…[View]
21053726Where do you stand on a preferred story’s ending?[View]
21051647I need books that make me cry. Preferably something that isn't TOO hard for an ESL. I know it…[View]
21050934Which single one book should I base my entire personality, all my life decisions and my entire world…[View]
21050724ITT:: >Your age >What book you're currently reading >Your favourite book…[View]
21052884Books about dropping out of society.: I want to read something that will make me want to quit my job…[View]
21053602Any opinions on Alexander Tille? Also, how likely is it that he was Ragnar Redbeard? I've never…[View]
21052435based French booktubers?: Does anyone know of some based booktubers in French? I want to improve my …[View]
21053438Better than his book[View]
21052395READ KONDYLIS[View]
21042474Canto XVI by Ezra Pound: And before hell mouth; dry plain and two mountains; On the one mountain, a…[View]
21050184What music to you listen to while reading books?[View]
21050728The Populist Delusion: What am I in for?[View]
21049888Schoppy was right, life sucks. I will now delete all pornography from my computer and dedicate mysel…[View]
21050116Crazy to think people used to keep journals and write letters frequently. How do we compete in the 2…[View]
21048631Arthur Schlopenhauer: Arthur Schlopenhauer[View]
21052054Is there any publisher a new fiction young adult action fantasy author can reliably reach out to?[View]
21052012I only buy Paperback books[View]
21052583Does anyone have good readings on the subject of Hauntology?[View]
21052063>book by female author >male characters can't shut up about their feelings >female cha…[View]
21053224What are the best translations of his works?[View]
21050366How would your life change if you lost the ability to read tomorrow morning?[View]
21045116Jules Verne: Opinions on Jules Verne? It's interesting to me that Anglos don't respect him…[View]
21048858Guenon's work was an attempt to appropriate Marxism for the purposes of reactionary politics. G…[View]
21053131You do scorekeep all normative commitments, right anon?[View]
21052414what are you currently reading, anons?: Currently im reading The Secret Teachings of All Ages by MPH…[View]
21050190Does anyone have this collection of books?: Full book list: https://imgur.com/r/pussypass/1HIaq Orig…[View]
21049671Point me to some genuinely creative epistolary fiction.[View]
21047951Favorite rom-com books?[View]
21052320What’s the best DeLillo novel?[View]
21049325Poem of the Day (September 27): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? The Air Plant by Hart Cr…[View]
21051592What's your favorite book written by a jewish author?[View]
21052774Do books really have to be so long?: What ever happened to being short and to-the-point, with litera…[View]
21032970>Objectivists still have no refuted this[View]
21050883Rate Chapo’s fiction reading list: Cloudsplitter, Russell Banks (1998) Lenin Lives!, Philip Cunliffe…[View]
21040758Someone explain Christianity to me. I just don’t get it, not symbolically, not literalistically. It …[View]
21052855The overpowering accents of the music that accompanies Siegfried’s funeral cortège no longer tell of…[View]
21050010Why do dictionaries suck so much?[View]
21049553Is it worth reading hard novels? Do these books contain something that easy novels don't?[View]
21051347What's some literature on the relationship between anarchism and fascism? >The anarchist ori…[View]
21051951How do you write philosophical fiction?[View]
21050703Is there a book like this, except from the North Vietnamese viewpoint? Will also settle for any good…[View]
21051615It actually makes me feel better in a way, like I'm accepting it. When I look at the people at …[View]
21052716>Persuaded that poverty is the human lot, I can no longer believe in any doctrine of reform. All …[View]
21050599advice on getting your stuff out: hey guys, quick advice needed: i have completed a collection of po…[View]
21050183What advice would he give to a young man considering dropping out of college?[View]
21051481What does /lit/ think about Yoko Ogawa's prose?[View]
21050789Can someone recommend an author I might like? I've basically devoured the entire works of Gaddi…[View]
21050958Best short story writer ever?[View]
21051258Do you like interactive literary fiction computer games?[View]
21048319Who's the European Gene Wolfe?[View]
21045689Do you gentleman know of any good pro-eugenics books?[View]
21048467Pathetic /lit/ deaths: Starting with everybody's favorite faggot, rimbaud[View]
21049082What is the best translation of Plato's Parmenides? By best I mean the one which comes closest …[View]
21050804>Multiculturalism: You mean Cervantes?[View]
21052386>want to kill myself everyday books for this feel?[View]
21049465Whats the best source to learn Latin?[View]
21050335>your destiny is to do the next necessary thing Is he right?[View]
21051739>Demonstrates a lack of faith during his famous soliloquy >NOOO I CAN’T KILL MY UNCLE WHEN HE’…[View]
21050389Tarr by Wyndham Lewis: Has anyone here read this novel by one of Pound's buddies?[View]
21051055post page number, get corny humor. there are 88 pages and viii intro pages now go[View]
21051547What program do you use to write, /lit/?[View]
21050962I've been using a roll of Brodart archival covers on my books' dust jackets for the last y…[View]
21047281Franz Kafka - The Great Wall Of China: >The Great Wall of China was finished at its northernmost …[View]
21042383Uni work has taken over my life, and I haven't found time to read. It's genuinely starting…[View]
21052234This woman is based as fuck. I'm reading The Way of Perfection right now and she's got gre…[View]
21050741Holden is a metaphor for the jews. He hates religion, he hates God. It is no coincidence that Black …[View]
21044069Redpill me on quote marks: what's the difference between the ones in green and the ones in red?…[View]
21051216why do you have to use so many references when writing a paper in university? even when making obser…[View]
21048031What happend to «Handposting» in /lit/. Used to love seeing your hands next to your current read... …[View]
21036610We should all be living in the woods and reading. When I think about what was probably the best time…[View]
21045278>When the author is male and the protagonist is first-person female[View]
21051173Am I getting it right?: Reading this goblin's pretentious ethics makes me want to bury a bullet…[View]
21050416Report your Greek status. Not yet started? Finished?[View]
21048036Books that will help me kill myself: I haven't been feeling well lately, recommend me some book…[View]
21051091>...so you see, as Kant knew, our normative statuses are inferentially articulated. > That…[View]
21051382It's not that simple. You can't just choose a morsel from a buffet and say you know the bu…[View]
21050426What are your top 3 works of his? Also PKD thread[View]
21051242>that face when you successfully combine German Idealism with American pragmatism…[View]
21048486Whatever happened to the project to translate the complete Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Bible into En…[View]
21050563Is this the best King has to offer?: Never have I read anything from him until now, went with this b…[View]
21046160>there are more people making a living playing football than people making a living writing ficti…[View]
21049971Plutarch's Lives Should it be read straight through or are there specific lives that should be …[View]
21049428>Story ends with the entire human race exterminated[View]
21046003I read Being & Time and Introduction to metaphysics and I didn't understand a goddamn thing…[View]
210500844chan as anti-oedipus?: I am reading deleuze and guattari and had a thought. >4chan as case stud…[View]
21050679Cooking Books: What are some /lit/ approved cooking books? I'm really in need for recommendatio…[View]
21045697Buddy showed me a video of the new Italian Prime Minister where on it she quotes an author by the na…[View]
21050671Marcel Proust in one image[View]
21050666what is your opinion on this prose?: Go not too often among ruins', said the Demon, in one of his in…[View]
21050629> swa swa crinċġan[View]
21050640I readed maps of meaning and think it be a goodly introduction into a framework jungian for the unde…[View]
21049119Heat-2: I loved it, but the 'Show don't tell' rule was broken on every page, almost as if Micha…[View]
21049165What is the more similar book to the one piece themes? >Adventure >Friendship and family value…[View]
21050102>Why yes I do set my Goodreads challenge to 1 book, how could you tell?…[View]
21047856Is traditional Christianity the first example cosmic horror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efiJauhz…[View]
21049382Evola's Synthesis of the Doctrine of Race: >In Synthesis of the Doctrine of Race (1941) (Ita…[View]
21050372>someone bought every copy of my horror serial >Ecstatic over the £8 i made >He returns eve…[View]
21050001Is it okay to read 6 books at a time?[View]
21050357>for the [Name] >for in those days >and >then >and then >was come >henceforth …[View]
21049697Nietzsche and NIhilism: Just in browsing philosophy forums (my first mistake), I see two contrary id…[View]
21045882What is some good books for to understand what water is and why it is so important to the life[View]
21043869I've decided to convert to the secular religion of Bardolatry. What do I need to know before jo…[View]
21050209>The finest historical novel ever written by an American. Is the praise true?…[View]
21044326Opium sounds fucking AWESOME.[View]
21045851Why is everyone else so boring compared to Nietzsche?: Is he right? Are pre-Socratics, the Indians, …[View]
21049343Does being a famous writer excuse you for being creepy?[View]
21050101Is it possible to win a national or international writing competition these days purely by writing a…[View]
21045979first page of a modern fantasy book these days: >Yrku the Wise, son of Arku the Strong whose fath…[View]
21049911PSA - Freemasonic Curse: If your father, grandfather, or great-grandfathers were Freemasons, it is o…[View]
21046839Is there still good money to be made in writing novels or short stories? I have a bunch of content, …[View]
21049852First book recommendation to get dubs I will read. I haven't read a full book in over 3 years, …[View]
21045270So this is...the power of japanese literature...wow...[View]
21047857Immanuel Kant was a real pissant Who was very rarely stable Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar …[View]
21048662Any recs for books on art history so that I may better appreciate the Recognitions?[View]
21049890Kant and Schopenhauer: So we all agree that Schopenhauer completed Kant's system of Transcenden…[View]
21049996>After lunch, when he is crushing out his cigarette and making sure it is extinguished, he thinks…[View]
21046228Wth I'm getting filtered badly: Only a couple of pages and already completely btfo by Dickens. …[View]
21047206Colonialism: Are there any good books, fiction or nonfiction, about the age of exploration and colon…[View]
21042550Roald Dahl: >How does /lit/ feel about him? >Recall reading any of his books? Personally a chi…[View]
21048320What's its Western equivalent?[View]
21041454White What's On Your Mind: /wwoym/ >Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy…[View]
21049353Uncle Ted: I do not defend this dude's actions, but he is an extremely based individual.[View]
21049829Richard Wagner - Prologue to a reading of the 'Götterdämmerung' before a select audience in Berlin: …[View]
21046301Do Anglos really say Renay day cart?[View]
21048373Hi guys, looking for some 'Space Fantasy' recommendations. Bonus points if they're adventures H…[View]
210495206:81) Marcus Valerius Martialis: So angry are you with the People, Charideme, when you enter the bat…[View]
21049608'Bran Mak Morn (is the) last king of the oldest race - an alien among his own degenerating people, s…[View]
21049535/lit/ will pretend it never happened[View]
21036537Is this true? Honestly, I don't even pay attention to the author when picking something to read…[View]
21048645>open his first work >he writes like a normal person So he did it on purpose in his later work…[View]
21049345The OT filters me completely: I want to woo people with theology, but I'm a midwit and the book…[View]
21043654Is learning German worth it to read Philosophy?[View]
21047883Porno: This wasn't as funny as Trainspotting and therefore isn't as good.[View]
21049312Nothing: I woke up alone on my bed, I can't see or hear and I can't remember but somehow..…[View]
21046071Paul Bunyan by Shel Silverstein: He rode through the woods on a big blue ox, He had fists as hard as…[View]
21046862What are some books that go deeper into this? >There is no greater danger to the wellbeing of man…[View]
21048547Any advice on bringing readership? What book attracts some 600g peoples to read these days? Havent b…[View]
21049042>he hasn't read The Republic >he hasn't read The Bible >he hasn't read The C…[View]
21049344*rules supreme*[View]
21048553>all the bad things in the soviet union were because of nietzche, not marx At last, I truly see.…[View]
21044514What's lit's opinion on this French fellow? (Piketty and not the guy on the pic) Legit or …[View]
21044851/rhet/: Immunity to Deception, >Remembering, for yourself, to insist upon solid proof of any clai…[View]
21045405What are some books on how to find a wife? I want to have sex everyday wthout going to hell.[View]
21047389Just finished this, what did I think of it?[View]
21048066What is the werewolf equivalent of Dracula? Is there a classic story for it or no?[View]
21049243A year of chronic pain has crushed my spirit and made me a materialist. Are there any books that can…[View]
21048739This board is genuinely worthless.[View]
21044225/litsoc/ Social Thread: Connect with other anons in this thread.[View]
21048138>Book gets banned because of 'course/foul language' Why is this a thing? Even in today's age…[View]
21043057Which will it be, anon?[View]
21046236Guenonian Barbarism: In his earlier years, Guenon suggested that Westerners have three possible path…[View]
21047672Can i read a 300 pages book in 2 days?[View]
21047305>You of all men are no stranger to that feeling, the emptiness and the despair.…[View]
21048818So what's with Nostradamus? People are saying he predicted Queens death now. He must have had a…[View]
21039129Who was in the wrong here: >During her stay at McLean Hospital, Plath developed an intimate frien…[View]
21048100Am I autistic for wanting the books in my bookshelf to be grouped together by publisher and size?[View]
21046856>But surely to tell these tall tales and others like them would be to spread the myth, the wicked…[View]
21045530Pirate Books: What's the best one?[View]
21048636>Fire and Blood, but with images Martin you fucking HACK[View]
21048333What other heroin kino is there[View]
21046313>James Joyce? Absolute rot. How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
21048298>Reading fiction is LE BAD! it's a heckin' waste of effort and timerino! Why are you e…[View]
21046657Anyone know where one could find a PDF of audiobook of this book, Spiteful Mutants : Evolution, Sexu…[View]
21046129Spinoza >Induction is the most important form of knowledge Hume >Induction is not knowledge at…[View]
21046725Seriously, how the fuck do some people become full-time writers and make a living from it? There is …[View]
21044410I would have never thought that this masterpiece would be the best new age fantasy franchise of our …[View]
21043643>Anon, The Meditations wasn't meant to be published for good reasons. It's an incoheren…[View]
21046663Why is killing the old hag bad but murdering the innocent Lizaveta fine/brushed over?[View]
21048519How to remember what you just read?: Now that I began to read, I find myself forgetting everything. …[View]
21048729Why hasn't /lit/'s top 100 been updated? What books would you remove/add?[View]
21047678>Upper middle class drug-addict adjacent extended adolescent coastal trust fund hyper-liberal gra…[View]
21042713Do you have any daily carry books you keep on you for a quick read? For me? it's the Dhammapada[View]
21046802Is this a good biography on Celine?[View]
21047050I watched Waiting For Godot (the Beckett On Film version I think) a few weeks ago. I haven't be…[View]
21043586ITT: We make up words other anons can pepper in their writings: Crapscalulant[View]
21045582What are you reading /lit/?: If it's fiction pls refrain from commenting itt.[View]
21048356>Sees a greasy Wop eating Pasta Fazool Oh the God's I'm going insane!…[View]
21044769A song of Ice and Fire: It would be really funny if this fatso writes the last book in the series an…[View]
21046055The true American Tolkien: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson >Anderson's great fantasy work …[View]
21044068>When a novel has two authors[View]
21047081Tell me a book you think I should read. Doesn't matter who its by or what its about, just want …[View]
21042076Need books on Christianity (posted this on /his/): Hey /his/, I have to work on a school project on …[View]
21046506JK Rowling: >Makes a successful franchise >After said success, retroactively make all your cha…[View]
21046478>Be Yeats >Not actually Irish but born out of an English transplant family >Have nothing bu…[View]
21043252>Another NDEr says, “It’s like living in a two-dimensional black and white world here, compared t…[View]
21043759>goes to help lift-wing revolutionaries in Paris >gets gang-raped by them instead >permacop…[View]
21040852ITT: 'Classics' that aged like milk.: For me it's pic related, I always hated reading it in hig…[View]
21048157Which do you guys prefer?: For me it's Schuster all the way, baby!!![View]
21048032/dag/ dark academia general #3: R.C. Waldun edition Previous: >>21038157[View]
21047246I'm looking for some books that provide a good philosophical and scientific defense of homosexu…[View]
21046395>be slimy and fake in order to increase social capital imagine taking social advice from a busine…[View]
21046590Everyone focuses on the fact that the fish people were technically 'immigrants' but they invariably,…[View]
21044701Poem of the Day (September 26): What are your thoughts on this poem, /lit/? To a Shade by William Bu…[View]
21044088Post your poetry.: I know you've written some, lets see it. God knows none of us will ever publ…[View]
21047858best brontë sister: he did nothing wrong, Charlotte's biographers literally made shit up about …[View]
21048605>Work at a public library >Don't actually read books >Have to awkwardly fudge my way t…[View]
21035289/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Hauntings Edition Previous Thread:>>21021207 …[View]
21028100Homosexual Literature: Is 'The Persian Boy' worth reading? I am incredibly horny atm, and …[View]
21041697>had had[View]
21046518DRAMA, THEATRE, INTRIGUE: What happened to real drama the icky gooey real feet and dumb faces theatr…[View]
21043526>Trying to write whacky and insane, out there fantasy and sci fi stories >Have trouble writing…[View]
21048722well it's been some years now in hindsight, I think Plato cured my depression[View]
21047822A riddle: What plants a seed you can visit in your mind, who's vibrations you can feel and you …[View]
21048207Why is there so much dialogue in this book that doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to…[View]
21048190What's your favorite prairiecore? I like Willa Cather's My Ántonia[View]
21046973Franz Kafka - A Message From The Emperor: >The Emperor—so they say—has sent a message, directly f…[View]
21048052Has anyone on /lit/ read this yet?[View]
21046833>right wing author >no wife >no kids >travels a lot >can't stop thinking about o…[View]
21046880>Evola casually denying the Holocaust (PBUH) in one of his books Why are chuds like this?…[View]
21047349Does anyone else get a strange, masochistic thrill when anons on this site shit on you for being a p…[View]
21045985Now that autism is cured, what will you guys do with the rest of your lives?[View]
21041441What kind of /lit/-related things do you do with your girlfriend? For me it's: >travel to th…[View]
21045018Is Jordan Petersons 12-rule book good. He's got a lot of hype, but I may get the book from the …[View]
21047032Why do so many translator re-translate works that already have fine translations? Is it some sort of…[View]
21045858What are some good books on military intelligence analysis? This whole conflict in Ukraine just show…[View]
21045686>25+ Undread books in my bookshelf Still orders 15 more[View]
21042170Is MacDonald one of the few contemporary geniuses? When does he have time to do all this extensive r…[View]
21047574Are there any publishers that print white text on black pages instead of the usual inverse?[View]
21047508>Some of us had been threatening our friend Colby for a long time, because of the way he had been…[View]
21041446/&amp/: &amp 015 coming soon? &amp best-of still rolling along? i have no clue, im just …[View]
21047130>Creative writing >Everything has to be in MLA format I hate this meme format shit so fucking…[View]
21045096What would René Guénon think about constructive mathematics?[View]
21046955I just had a crazy idea for a literature app[View]
21045569I'm going to do that 'read the Bible in a year' thing next year. Any input on what translation …[View]
21044332Books with RATIONAL (pragmatistic) protagonists: Books commonly promote cucks, pussies, and other em…[View]
21045516When will this shit end? Parentheses and embedded clauses distract the flow enough, but FOOTNOTES? S…[View]
21047652Leftism: I've known lefties to write in this above the writing sort of angle (see picrel). Asid…[View]
21043671Erotica: Where do you get your erotica? Fav story/author?[View]
21036954Why are all of his followers cringe? There's literally not a single cool Nietzschean.[View]
21044213What pens do anons use? I always use cheap ballpoints but wanted to try something more reliable so g…[View]
21041885Just finished Monte Cristo. Boy what a book. What should I read next?[View]
21047205I need books on symbolism, or visual literacy. Something akin to Jonathan Pageau's pedagogical …[View]
21045947/rel/: Christians were Atheists to the Romans, because the Christians didn't value anything in …[View]
21041494Ludwig Klages vs. Zen: Part 1/2 Having just finished Ludwig Klages' Biocentric Worldview, trans…[View]
21046780>Have thousands of years of literary heritage, mostly religious >Lit studies are centered arou…[View]
21039136/wg/ - Writing General: YOU CAN MAKE IT! /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTION: https://pastebin.com/ruwQ…[View]
21040179BAP IS A FED: So can we all agree Bronze Age Pervert is a Fed informant of some kind? He went after …[View]
21040977Are there any books that explain why Marxism became the predominant ideology among the left rather t…[View]
21046310Books on the curse of aging?[View]
21046559What are some books on zoomer christian spirituality? Thread theme: https://youtu.be/lC5JFQaSSxs[View]
21046566Germanons: Do any of you know of any poems similar to pic related? I'm intrigued (it's Gna…[View]
21044431Why doesn't this shit have chapters?[View]
21045768Do you mark your books?[View]
21045592What's your favorite Dr.Seuss book?[View]
21046348Byung-Chul Han : Selfies are beautiful surfaces of an empty and completely insecure self Emotional c…[View]
21045922How do you approach writing song lyrics vs poetry?[View]
21046425Fuck 'proof-by-contradiction' statistical-empirical-run-of-the-mill unimaginative low g motherfucker…[View]
21045943how do i convey that my character is on the verge of tears? do i say... her voice was breaking, or h…[View]
21019683/clg/ - Classical Languages General: >τὸ πρότερον νῆμα· >>20984840 >Μέγα τὸ Ἑλληνιστί/Ῥω…[View]
21044637>Talk to someone who’s writing a novel or story of some kind >they go on about how much they’r…[View]
21046222>/lit/ makes Lovecraft sound like a based racist >He was actually a socialist cuck…[View]
21042019Do you use a typewriter to write.[View]
21040324are there any books that explore just how much of a delusional pipe-dream, on par with bolshevism, N…[View]
21046162>When the novel's characters speak in multiple uninterrupted pages of poetic prose without e…[View]
21043112What are some books that lucidly make the case for imperialism and oppression being ultimately good …[View]
21046122Redpill me on Determinism. Every time I try to attempt self help and unfucking my life I automatical…[View]
21046099>There once lived a Hobbe and Maxley was his name.[View]
21046022Gay /lit/ Discord server: https://discord.gg/fGf3946Y[View]
21040708Schopenhauerpseuds of /lit/ do yourselves and everyone else a favor and shut the fuck up until you h…[View]
21045937louis-ferdinand céline: which one to start with? cant find anything on google just the jew yorker ki…[View]

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