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14570264Pynchon: 'V.' is the V2 rocket in ' Gravity's Rainbow'. Also 'pig' can be found in the word 'Ps…[View]
14568688Books about this phenomenon?[View]
14570752AMA anything about Urantia or questions regarding God and religion and I will find relevant verses i…[View]
14569494So you can read books, /lit/. Can you read people?[View]
14571425Wtf did I just read[View]
14568963ITT: Classics you don't like[View]
14564053Any more history books like From Dawn to Decadence?[View]
14570076Who don't any of you ever upload your work for /lit/ to read?[View]
14571191>local theater offers you a 20 minute time slot to put on a stage production before the main show…[View]
14569738Auerbach: >works of literature improve over time at representing reality Isn't this the most…[View]
14571341What was his problem?[View]
14570242This nigga looks like he's about to burst into tears. I just want to give him a hug bros[View]
14570754Any good comedy books that isn't gay, leftist, women-bookclub, 40-year-old-wine-sipping-housepa…[View]
14571245Anyone successfully published?: Has anyone actually made money selling their writing? How did you ma…[View]
14570219>So I judged that I could accept as a general rule that the things which we conceive very clearly…[View]
14569920>tfw i got banned from my local used bookstore for constantly starting arguments with the owners …[View]
14569551I've recently found myself in need of spiritual buffering-- some way to reach an accord with my…[View]
14569885What's a book to make a smallbrain a big brain?[View]
14570914Are any of his books good?[View]
14570866for me, its Courier New[View]
14570862Okay Guenonfag TOO FUCKING FAR: Careful Guenonfag… you're treading on my dreams[View]
14570525anyone here read all/most/a whole lot of this guy? I've read F&T, Sickness, and Anxiety, lo…[View]
14569926The voice you hear when you read is actually a mental disorder. Get yourself checked, people. No won…[View]
14570594Edward Herbert, 150 years before Kant. thoughts?[View]
14568095>'Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibbl…[View]
14561614Henry James thread[View]
14570627best books on modern China?[View]
14568125Any books with Batshit conspiracy theories?: Easily one of my favorite pass times is browsing Projec…[View]
14570746Its fun to read[View]
14567039How many books can you read at the same time?[View]
14570107Can we talk about 'overwriting'? I'm committed to finishing a short story I started months ago…[View]
14570512>In his finest work, Machen blends the sinister and numinous, most unforgettably in “The White Pe…[View]
14570517Bee discussion :: * Nonchalantly blase *[View]
14569699Other than dumb YA crap, is there any good lit, fiction or non-fiction, about the legal extension of…[View]
14570134Infinite Jest: Joelle van Dyne is Isis.[View]
14570430I haven't read this yet. Is it any good?[View]
14569693/lit/ is there a book that talks about how evil the humans are?[View]
14570333My man John Barth is very underrated because people only recommend his worst books and call him a po…[View]
14568898>supports any kind of sex, regardless of gender, marital status, or even age >said 'sex befor…[View]
14569034Good books with alcoholic/junkie protagonists?[View]
14570101This book was fantastic. Does Banks have any other books where you get to explore a weird landscape …[View]
14569822what are some book for slowing down time? It's already the 19th of January, 2020, and it feels …[View]
14570127Just reserved my copy[View]
14569667Why do you believe in Christianity, /lit/? Christianity is idealistic thinking which is life-denying…[View]
14568905Where to start with Shankara and why is his system better than Theravada?[View]
14568222I'm interested in reading this, not only as an introduction to Hegel's POS, but also becau…[View]
14569176I want to study ethics further, I didn't get anything out of intro to Ethics in college so I…[View]
14570160>9. I saw what a weighty argument for the intellectual is the most ordinary slap in the face. htt…[View]
14568962a /lit/ thing to do: It's the last day of bibliotik freeload so post author names here, I'…[View]
14570079This meme is killing actually good and deep stories. Even I struggle sometimes because I feel like a…[View]
14566160hat man mich verstanden?[View]
14560184/RG/ Rene Guenon General: >2020 >Guenon(pbuh) is forgotten Where to start? In English: https…[View]
14570053Can /lit/ answer the Stoner questionnaire?: 1. What are the principles of Anglo-Saxon versification?…[View]
14569490Best musician autobiographies? My favorites: Tranny by Laura Jane Grace Just Kids by Patti Smith Hit…[View]
14555570Vampires: >be me, autismo >get on kick about vampires >read Bram Stoker's Dracula >…[View]
14565942Why do the perennialists never talk about Chinese philosophy? Is it because of the Chinese complete …[View]
14567911By Allah, how many of you are married with kids, working full time, hitting the gym, pursuing hobbie…[View]
14569686How does identity politics benefit the demiurge? Books on this subject?[View]
14568534Where do I begin with him? Should I start with Hindu Doctrines or Crisis of the modern world?[View]
14569135Hahahaha wow this is such dreck. Hubert Selby Jr worship gone horribly wrong.[View]
14564021Books to help me leave behind the positivist scientific mindset? I'm done with this gay pseudo-…[View]
14568661Is reading honestly worth it? I’m pretty retarded and live alone. I have a lot of free time and read…[View]
14569404thinking and then talking about those ideas is better than reading[View]
14566875What books will help me find comfort in the fact that no one will ever love me? Pic related was alri…[View]
14569465Has anyone made money monetizing Wordpress? There is an annual $120 'premium plan' fee to getting ad…[View]
14560685Vampire /lit/: I've read Dracula and Carmilla, was wondering if there is any other vampiric lit…[View]
14569508>mom found my manifesto[View]
14569625>adopt most pessimistic philosophy possible >realize I am an apex predator, utterly winning th…[View]
14567898Do women like it when you write them poetry?[View]
14569455Daily reading: Do you read daily? I was thinking about reading the same passage of a book or several…[View]
14569026Rumi thread: A thread dedicated to the best-selling poet in the US: the 13th-century Sufi mystic, Ya…[View]
14568631Among the worst books I've read so far. Ray Bradbury's social critique is pretty similar t…[View]
14567502Mutter ich bin dumm: The drive of generation in man is the natural impetus toward God as imitation a…[View]
14568007Now that the dust has settle . What are some books that deserve to be in lit top 100? https://4chan…[View]
14569339Fiction and stories don't make any sense: What the fuck determines who wins in a fight, any kin…[View]
14569009>he doesn't pay for books >'b-but muh communism' >'b-but life's too short not to …[View]
14565316What's the best translation of Plato? I have a pdf of Jowett, but others have recommended Coope…[View]
14568703Review a poem I wrote in the last two days: I’ve been trying my best to get back into writing, but I…[View]
14568202I read it: So... yeah, did you like it /lit/? I don't know what to think of it.[View]
14566224post /lit/ apus[View]
14567322>he follows grammar instead of aesthetics[View]
14568021How am I going to get out of this hole? I've suffered from low self-esteem since my early teens…[View]
14554181The voice of /lit/: Read a section from your favorite book https://vocaroo.com/WsDloOminuv[View]
14569209>OMG THIS WRITER JUST PREDICTED THE FUTURE HE WAS AHEAD OF HIS TIME the utopian writer is neither…[View]
14566338Is this Paul Auster's best book?[View]
14547567/wrt/ - Writing General: Here we discuss anything concerning the practice of writing. You can ask fo…[View]
14568666Story idea: I want to write a story about an immortal man that guides humanity to the space age and …[View]
14567981What was your sermon about today /lit/?[View]
14569157Why am I here: >Why do I sit here, refreshing the /lit/ catalog over and over again for hours, re…[View]
14562732ITT: Authors who had a hard life.[View]
14567156Books where kingliness and grace are a large focus?: The only thing that comes to mind is LOTR. Coul…[View]
14559215/lit/ Vancouver Meetup Reminder[View]
14567357what is the darksouls of literature?[View]
14569062Was he an incel? Why did he hate women so much?[View]
14568156Just did a bunch of drugs and had an epiphany: Judaism is the one true faith[View]
14563785What would he have said about the Holocaust?[View]
14568555I know /lit/ hates anything that smacks of popsci but this book is stupendously well-written from ba…[View]
14562675Why isn't he revered on the same level as Homer? Was Homer not just a codified instance of an e…[View]
14568900Where do I go with this knowledge?: Where do I go when I actually read a shit ton of philosophy, the…[View]
14567733Speak friend and enter[View]
14568484ITT: Famous authors nobody actually likes[View]
14566745By reason alone, in one sentence explain why one should not commit suicide.[View]
14568690WELCOME TO /LIT/[View]
14567479Post the oldest book you own[View]
14568133Why exactly so many people in this board say that this book is bias?[View]
14567926Reminder to ignore all pseudointellectual rhetoriticians and instead go and read the complete works …[View]
14568427I don't know you but I find both Joseph Campbell and Robert Graves as mediocre authors shilled …[View]
14568617I know you're all incels, but maybe it's worth a try. Do you know any good romance books f…[View]
14564320So he wanted us to ride the tiger. I agree. But riding the tiger is fucking easy, the tiger is just …[View]
14567756What are some good books on government that I should read?[View]
14566670Any techniques to become a better reader/more efficient researcher? Are there any books about this?[View]
14568440Hey y ou know those books about older women seducing young men? Yeah I'm going to need a list o…[View]
14567301Can I learn a new language by reading a bilingual edition of a book[View]
14566477Recommend some decent Warhammer 40k books, please![View]
14567812How do I into psychoanalysis?[View]
14568240Best/good books on Genghis khan and the mongol empire?[View]
14568480You guys ever read this cookbook by Salvador Dalí? It's actually a really cool cookbook. It…[View]
14563986What exactly is the current correct philosophy of humanity?[View]
14568113Most retarded lit related thing thing you ever saw a normie do? In middle school this girl would for…[View]
14568206Help! Afrofuturism literature?: Could someone please recommend some really cool sci-fi stuff to me? …[View]
14566550New testament: Literally contradicts the entire esseance of the old testament and the Abrahamic fait…[View]
14568261Germany 1870 til 1920 was the best era in literature: Prove me wrong >protip: you can't…[View]
14561071Who is the best french writer ?[View]
14567691What is the Twin Peaks of /lit/erature?[View]
14567594Any interesting analysis besides the obvious parallel to the Oresteia and the baroque rhythm? I feel…[View]
14567623Any naturalistic books?: About survival, nature, living away from technology. Can be fiction, can be…[View]
14566535What's some good /lit/ about competitiveness and winning[View]
14550782Christopher Tolkien passes away at 95: The great protector is gone.[View]
14565591About to start reading this. Any tips?[View]
14566126Post a character from a book and what you image he would look like. Claude Florent from Serotonin[View]
14563302What works of genuine literary merit make being an unassertive, overemotional, neurotic, weak willed…[View]
14565994As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated: Does anyone understand this? By all acc…[View]
14568061>live in an artistically bankrupt country >try to find something good that I didn't learn…[View]
14567151I can't tell if this image is supposed to be ironic or not[View]
14567487>facts >truth >pourpose >objective reality…[View]
14567820Does anyone read any Game Theory literature? Anyone ever read the original book by Von Neumann?[View]
14566454Unironically though, I have been thinking about Harry Potter. The thing with unsophisticated literat…[View]
14563347I don't get it.[View]
14567835Is there any reason why I should actually read any philosopher's work and not just their Stanfo…[View]
14567796'Life's a beach!' said Kafka on the shore Really Murakami? Maybe this was more clever in the or…[View]
14561992I'm at my wit's end. I don't wanna become a Gnostic. Any books that can convince me t…[View]
14567619Who is the foremost bard of the 21st century?[View]
14567304Now THIS is the kind of feminist lit I can get behind.[View]
14566382What are poets like in real life?[View]
14566599As a Philosophy student, are Greek & German the main languages I should be striving to learn? I…[View]
14567500what are some good books for understanding Russia and the character/psychology of it's people? …[View]
14566488midwit shelf: ITT: post mid tier books you've read recently. Give a constructive and comprehen…[View]
14565098I’m haunted by a specter of silence, daring me to humiliate myself with words.[View]
14562047Do you think this was inspired by Foucault's Panopticon?[View]
14567517In a Russian tragedy, everybody dies. In a Russian comedy, everybody dies, too. But they die happy.[View]
14566297Why does the New Testament place such importance on faith?[View]
14551147ITT: /lit/ manga or light novels[View]
14562374“It is a self-deception of philosophers and moralists to imagine that they escape decadence by oppos…[View]
14567524What book will help me find something, an activity or passion, which I really enjoy? I'm 22 and…[View]
14565014Why does he suicided?[View]
14563518Okay /lit/ I'm starting a read-along RIGHT NOW. CHOOSE A BOOK. Book with Dubs or Three Replies …[View]
14567343/BRG/ - Book Recommendation General: Way too many of you fags post, 'books for [blank]'.Here's …[View]
14566812What books of the Apocrypha should I read? I'm almost done with the Old Testament and don'…[View]
14566862I got told my writing was like Mark Twain, but I've never read an entire book by the guy. What …[View]
14566624What stops you reading? I stop reading or skip ahead whenever I see something along the lines of thi…[View]
14564298this shit is comfy af[View]
14565710rate my prose It was windy on a stormy stormy night, very stormy. The girl looked outside through th…[View]
14566687What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14567000How much does /lit/ agree with this guy?[View]
14563793What are you reading /lit/?[View]
14566319Post literary boomers[View]
14567254What are some novels/works that deal with envy? Especially about other people’s abilities compared t…[View]
14566520Assuming you are 20-30 years old like most posters on this board, you probably have around 50-60 yea…[View]
14566739what's the best way to take notes[View]
14562324I'm Puerto Rican and have barely read any latin american literature. What should I read (beside…[View]
14566389I like when books describe eyes. Post some excerpts[View]
14565837Yikes, I thought he was better than this. First lovecraft and now king, is there any horror writer t…[View]
14566460Well no, because *brings the mic closer* Every 10 years the make-up of the mongrel race actually com…[View]
14544997/shelf/: Post your bookshelves. Other anons rate them.[View]
14564301Comfy: This is like the book version of a Yasujiro Ozu film.[View]
14566052is joe goldberg from YOU /lit/?[View]
14566312Is American Psycho a Gothic novel?[View]
14566055masculinity: as a man that grew up without a masculine rolemodel i feel i might be lacking in being …[View]
14560105>God-Tier Hector, Odysseus, Priam, Nestor >Good-tier Patroclus, Ajax, Antilochus, Diomedes …[View]
14563657Acknowledging The Present and Being in Peace: What are the best books to achieve this?[View]
14566372Should I write in English or in my native tongue?[View]
14566975Goodreads thread: Is that time again! Post you account, add people and call each other mean names. h…[View]
14566955The Mandarins: Currently reading Le Mandarins by Simone de Beauvoir. I like it. I like the way it re…[View]
14563280Tomorrow, I write[View]
14565518Does anyone follow this method?[View]
14566796Isn't poetry just songs without music?[View]
14564941>read a book >forget all about it in a month…[View]
14566359Cognitive fitness: What do you do to optimize cognitive performance? What supps are good? Me: sleep…[View]
14563527is life a path of initiation to an eternal ekstasis?[View]
14566607>you will never live in the renaissance[View]
14566375Hamlet's first soliloquy: When Hamlet says: 'Fie on't! ah, fie! 'tis an unweeded gard…[View]
14563763I have to spend $4000 in 3 months for this new credit card. What are the most /lit/ purchases I can …[View]
14565282Man was made to do his daily work with his muscles; but see him now, like a fly on flypaper, seated …[View]
14564464Foucault was gay.[View]
14566490So now that the dust has cleared, which one really taught the Christian faith?[View]
14566442I’d like to hear dudes’ thoughts on speed reading programs. I downloaded KyBook on an anon’s recomme…[View]
14563663I am Japanese: Hi, everyone! I just wrote a poem freely. Can I ask you what you think about it? Ple…[View]
14564161Gravity's Rainbow Help Thread: Currently trying (emphasis on trying) to read Gravity's Rai…[View]
14566334Say Nothing: Has anyone else read this book?[View]
14566079Houellebecq suffers too much from his persona. He marketed himself as a sad, sexually frustrated rac…[View]
14564222How long is too long for a chapter? For fanfiction, that is. Talking word count here[View]
14559925Now when the dust has settled, what's your opinion about John Green? Is he a modern Flaubert?[View]
14566084>Presupposition is an important area of research in linguistics Does it make sense to design a la…[View]
14566078I have small collection of traditional and modern poetry I've written, over the past year aroun…[View]
14565137To what virtues does life extol? For the longest time I have been unhappy. Not from a lack of love, …[View]
14563352reject non-dualism[View]
14565974I want to read about don juan, where should I start?[View]
14560966Books with suicidal characters?[View]
14554430t h o (u g h) t s: thoughts?[View]
14565951/lit/ is now a poetry board[View]
14562132Stream of consciousness: You already know what to do[View]
14565915Is there anything really wrong with cuckoldry?: Sex's place in a relationship, out side of chil…[View]
14563170>he 'reads' plays[View]
14563315>This kills the _______ fag[View]
14564384Is it better to write absolute shit rather than nothing?[View]
14565577I cant use my hand.: Btw im italian, sorry about my english grammar. I spent my winter break from co…[View]
14565879I almost feel the urge to violently murder pseudointellectuals on this board. Books about this feel?[View]
14565817Books that help to cope with own inferiority?[View]
14563867Any good novels that explore the mindset of a narcissist?[View]
14565749>“Besides, all my New York friends were in the negative, nightmare position of putting down socie…[View]
14563385Cultivate your garden.[View]
14565203Hey /lit/. I just picked up Frank Herbert's 'Dune' and just wanted to get your opinions on it. …[View]
14565779What's the best white house terror/war kino you ever read? pic not related. book should have …[View]
14565294What are good books that touch on how to reconcile Christianity or religion in general, with politic…[View]
14563453What was the happiest death you've read?[View]
14565608is he /lit/? https://youtu.be/N2uRCKK_W8M[View]
14563886Why is morality during war treated differently? 'War crimes' are simply crimes. For example, a man c…[View]
14565627Where do i start with reading? Last book I read was this (plus its sequel) probably 10 years ago[View]
14560958If you think this or follow this rule, you are a mindless idiot.[View]
14564221Books on how become Alpha Male Chads[View]
14565611Whenever I see your name It's when I'm already thinking of you And I think it says less a…[View]
14564328This is my hamster named Spinoza.[View]
14565196I have a $40 amazon gift card. What should I get? Some I'm considering: Spinal Catastrophism St…[View]
14565465based-plato dabbing on postmodernists before they even existed: >Likely indeed, he said, but argu…[View]
14561940David Foster Wallace[View]
14563959Is this book worth reading?[View]
14563633About to read Don Quixote for the first time: Have no idea what to expect. Anything I should know or…[View]
14563859>haven't read in 2 days[View]
14562756Novels where a prostitute redeems the protagonist with her love. I already read Crime and punishment…[View]
14565197What do you think was going through Paris' head when Achilles was dragging the dead body of his…[View]
14563033Advice on Pic Related?: Have recently started reading the Sound and the Fury and looking for advice,…[View]
14563971Is there any decent literature on the topic of adrenochrome?[View]
14564857Inward Light: Recently I've been reading about Quaker beliefs and George Fox. I felt very moved…[View]
14563400>The genesis of Greek tragedy now tells us with great clarity and definiteness how the tragic wor…[View]
14564543Any Good Books About MMA?: It's the only sport I'm interested in besides rowing and tennis…[View]
14561775What does /lit/ think about Patricia Lockwood? Is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/?[View]
14560901Chart and Recc Thread: What has /lit/ become? Let's get an actual recommendation thread so this…[View]
14564569How would you guys interpret this book? Did he write it only because he was a degenerate junkie? Is …[View]
14560745/Lit/mus Test: Go through this list to yourself and at the beginning of your post just put >x/10…[View]
14562609How did the madman do it?[View]
14557802Plato's Parmenides: What the fuck is going on in Plato's Parmenides, and What does this me…[View]
14564893How do I write action scenes? I'm writing something of a western, so there will be shooting, bu…[View]
14564286American Psycho: I’m considering reading American Psycho but I have a question regarding the graphic…[View]
14564117>traveling around as a young man in his early 20s to initiate himself into mystery religions >…[View]
14564767Who are some essential literary critics?[View]
14564809ITT: we invent new words for the many types of kisses: The current state of English requires us to u…[View]
14564245Why so sad Harold?[View]
14564411Dune general: Let's talk the dune series what's your favorite book, favorite character, th…[View]
14563433Is god real?: What do you do when you understand that the metaphysics is eternal and the temporal is…[View]
14563078How does /lit/ get rid of books they don't need?: I have over three hundred books occupying my …[View]
14563286more like this?[View]
14561736Mathematical Marxism Thread: I've decided today that I'm going to make myself more formida…[View]
14560476Buddha is really ancient, actually.: He lived in the sixth century B.C. during the Presocratic era i…[View]
14563165Opinions on the Great Books of the Western World?[View]
14564226ITT: Open to a random page in a work by DFW and post the most interesting line you can find: >'Da…[View]
14564321Thoughts on this?: About to dive in wondering what I'm in for...[View]
14564715Tonight. Vespers.: Orthodox literature thread[View]
14560043Vedic Literature: I've been thinking of reading the Rig Veda lately, but I recently read that t…[View]
14563843What do you guys think of this book?[View]
14558877how did he get it so right? as much on society as on our personal lives[View]
14563512I have never read a book other then text books and some stories for kids what are your suggestions?[View]
14564271Revolution but fun: I am trying to start a revolution to implement a system of government based on P…[View]
14562537Why read Hegel when you can read the superior Krauts?[View]
14560325He was right in the diagnosis, wrong regarding the cause. Technology has only lead us down this path…[View]
14563487We were all tired of barracks food. Each time they brought in the soup in large zinc tubs suspended …[View]
14563457PLEASE give me your cheesiest, schlockiest sci-fi/high fantasy novels and short stories... please...[View]
14544187>Millions of threads about Guenon >Not a single one about Frithjof Schuon This really talks …[View]
14563698To my friend John from /lit/: Hey it's Liam from Nanaimo. I really miss you and hope you'r…[View]
14562339On my way to the cuckoo farm. Dont know how long I will be there. Alcoholism and depression. What bo…[View]
14560237Anybody want to read a screenplay I wrote? It's called 'The Mole'. It's about the WTC bomb…[View]
14563788>read book by an East Coast author >every other chapter is an extended monologue about his fav…[View]
14563426Is there’s any fictional books that the protagonist is a serial killer, beside American Psycho or th…[View]
14562317Books for learning french?[View]
14563232okay /lit/, what is the best translation of the bible? I'm not religious but some of the books …[View]
14563027Hamlet related text: Hey guys. I've got to write an essay for an assessment in the next couple …[View]
14564228Why is /lit/ so religious?: This board seems hyper religious, why is that? 'Intelligent people belie…[View]
14563745Hey depressed faggot here, just reminding you guys not to give up the great work you're writing…[View]
14562038Why do leftists hate this book so much?[View]
14556455'Start With': Could I get a bunch of 'start with' pics? I want to see/hear of the different routes p…[View]
14563319>We must cultivate our garden what did he mean by this?[View]
14563359Books with a strong female lead: Something more of the like of the Throne of Glass. I want some stro…[View]
14563056What makes someone a great writer? Is it a skill which you can improve, or is it based on your perso…[View]
14561200What are good books about Hindu theology and metaphysics?[View]
14563332I decided it would be interesting in reading the Bible. Which version should I read?[View]
14562548Just read this. It's incredibly well written and entertaining to read, just as Temple of the Go…[View]
14551137Alright who is astroturfing Murray into the spotlight? I mean I'm fairly right-leaning; I just …[View]
14562882Tolstoy's 'How much land does a man need' & 'What men live by': I read these two stories ba…[View]
14559767Will people use my goodreads to cancel me if I make one?[View]
14560808What do books have to offer someone living in the 2020s that they can't get more efficiently fr…[View]
14563526The Torrents of Spring by Ivan Turgenev: Men ain't shit[View]
14561879Is there even a market for selling low fantasy short stories to magazines or should I just combine m…[View]
14562382What are some writers which delve into the idea of 'love' as a negation of self, as material or spir…[View]
14557544Post the first book you ever read (or remember reading)[View]
14561188ULYSSES: What the fuck am I reading?[View]
14563340Its happening Urantia is gaining traction on /pol/ >>>/pol/240045927 Thats the best thing t…[View]
14563327Best age of sigmar novels?[View]
14563010>yfw you play disco elysium and realize girardfag is literally and undeniably robert kurvitz >…[View]
14563130How can I get better at explaining my reasoning when writing? I have these great ideas in my mind, b…[View]
14562061Prose rate thread: How is my prose? This is from my novel. 'This is the time of my life,' he mused, …[View]
14561784Knowledgeable people of /lit/, please help me answer some questions, for I am currently in an existe…[View]
14562957What's the best opening paragraphs you've ever read?: I can think of at least three, but M…[View]
14554292Are christians retarded?: ''Christians are retarded'' -Osho >helpful reads W…[View]
14562362Why did Victor abandon his creation? It was a peaceful creature at first.[View]
14562310>The story can’t figure out how its supposed to come to a satisfying conclusion, so it just kills…[View]
14559101What few books are actually really essential that you need to have read them in your life?[View]
14562511What is this about? Should I read it?[View]
14562956Friendly reminder that Virgil predicted the coming of Christ.[View]
14561500Someone critique what I have written so far.: >Any time she would come to the market she would al…[View]
14562982how do i learn salsa dancing without joining a dance class?[View]
14562986What are some misogynistic books?[View]
14562987Battle of the Literary Vending Machine I grabbed a fizzling glass of Ulysses and started chugging. A…[View]
14558829Writing a good post apocalyptic story: So I am currently writing a story set in a post apocalyptic w…[View]
14553027Why is Hinduism always first door to enter the mystic autism club? Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, Gue…[View]
14553367Emotions as Materiality in Indian Philosophy: Is there a discernible parallel with modern materialis…[View]
14562906What to read after robert greene?: To go deeper in understanding power, psychology and manipulating …[View]
14560198>tfw failed the 5 hour Western Canon exam to enter the library I wasn't expecting them to te…[View]
14555521Schizotypal: Any books on schizotypal personality disorder? Any anons here that have it and take med…[View]
14561651Anons give me some good recommendations please. Genre doesn't matter just need something intere…[View]
14562281Descriptions: How do I write descriptions of people or things that I see? And which writers have goo…[View]
14562487>tfw you see through Nietzsche's lies[View]
14557381Is it possible to reach Ataraxia?: Lately I've been looking for ways to reach the state of non-…[View]
14558628Dostoyevsky: >tfw you jumped timelines again and now Fyodor's name is spelled 'Dostoevsky' i…[View]
14560140>I can't enjoy a book if I don't agree with its or the author's politics…[View]
14559181what the fuck am i reading[View]
14559496One book that had a meaningful impact on you: You ever read a book that felt like a call to action a…[View]
14561037Write a scene based on this image.[View]
14562529This is ossian. Need an invite to genlit. Cheers.[View]
14550653Writers and their relationship with cats.: After reading this I admit that, were I ever to meet her,…[View]
14561881God Emperor of Dune: Guys, what the fuck is this book? Frank Herbert is a fucking coomer, I swear to…[View]
14557595Have anyone refuted him yet?[View]
14562122Which writers/books have compelling narratives that advocate celibacy? I want to stop having any fee…[View]
14561435Books about suicidal nihilism?[View]
14562009Thoughts on THE MANLY P HALL: Is he bullshit? Is he poo?[View]
14561831Does /lit/ listen to audiobooks: How do you feel about listening versus actually reading? I listen t…[View]
14553837How to move past post-modernism and philosophy? I have been mostly reading 20th century philosophers…[View]
14560826Viking Sagas: anyone read any? where should i start?[View]
14561408Based Cult Leader/Author hoax: >Incredibly successful hoax or semihoax to say >achieved magica…[View]
14561856How do you constructively deal with criticism of your writing?: Also How can you tell if someone is …[View]
14560113Why should I read Heart of Darkness?[View]
14558730Best books on prayer?[View]
14562276How do you organize your ideas and thoughts for literature creative working purpose?[View]
14562048I remember some anons shilling the Upanishads a while ago and have since read them. What are some mo…[View]
14562311Cope literature: What are the best books on how to cope with life's hardships? Here are some th…[View]
14561222is this shit? my first try: dog howl at moon ?no girl scream at sun very life affirming to feel the …[View]
14561387Hey /lit/: What is the ultimate coomer manifesto?[View]
14561564I've always liked knowledge, not exactly reading. I was a bookworm when I was a child, I haven…[View]
14562165DD: Ii is a pleasure to show you all, the most /lit/ game[View]
14561934I just read White Nights by Dostoiévski and didn't understand the larger meaning of the ending.…[View]
14560642Man this is so much better as a verse translation than as prose[View]
14561114I want to have a good understanding of monetary policy. What books should i read?[View]
14560561Ah yes: The greatest works of fiction. Have you read them, anon?[View]
14562029Lately I became interested in reading books on local politics. Recently I picked up this book (cover…[View]
14561872Folio Society claim their newly revised text is the best ever. Can anybody substantiate their claim?…[View]
14558789Resources for Macroeconomics?: Does anyone on /biz/ know anything at all about macroeconomics? I…[View]
14556594Likeability: Please what is the /lit/ equivalent of this video? How to win friends and influence peo…[View]
14561085What are the most /lit/erary films you have seen? What would you recommend?[View]
14546210You anons better not be participating in this garbage. Piracy is immoral. https://www.atlasobscura.…[View]
14561854Futurism: Anyone know good Books about Futurism?[View]
14560081How does it feel that Nietzsches entire philosophy is being discarded by a few sentences by a neckbe…[View]
14561816>the Losers get lost in the sewers until they take part in an orgy to bring unity back to the gro…[View]
14560286VN threads: Literature is deprecated[View]
14560292> of course I read the Old Testament like other ancient classics. There is no difference between …[View]
14557683>Character dies of 'old age'[View]
14558644/e-reader general/: is there an e-reader that i dont know about that is cheaper than kindle or nook,…[View]
14561672Sociologyfags, do you like this guy? I would very much like to read him, but it would also be a bit …[View]
14561561>why yes I am a nietzschean catholic , how could you tell?[View]
14560139Books on the problem of evil and free will?: Is there a satisfying answer to the problem of how can …[View]
14558974Anti drugs philosophy: Any books or writings that are anti drugs or deal with drug and substance abs…[View]
14557951What's the most literary name for a cat? I am going to adopt a kitty soon[View]
14553982Books about being an incel loser please. Especially if it's about female incels.[View]
14559873I need to get my hands on one book by Girard, but apprently its the one that's available pretty…[View]
14560544Great books under 200 pages? I like skinny books.[View]
14554511Is Judge Holden the narrator of Blood Meridian? The books vivid descriptions of landscapes. The nume…[View]
14560419What would be the necesary steps to make the most ultra edgy shit story without making it about rape…[View]
14559950how hard would it be to make a living translating english books into my own language(german) ? I spe…[View]
14559986I want to read a new book, I'm not sure whether I should read crime and punishment or anne kare…[View]
14561170What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14560225Bertrand Russell: >Defines the foundations of mathematics in language so simple a 6th grader coul…[View]
14560989How does University philosophy differ from self-teaching?: Next semester I have the opportunity to t…[View]
14561580I think I have undiagnosed ADHD. How do I sit down and read more than like 20 pages? That's li…[View]
14559918Favorite John Gray book? Next book will be about cats.[View]
14556698/lit/ ships: post your literary ships[View]
14560992When is it morally licit to adopt a pen-name?[View]
14560726Dreamt of the shoebill A total alternative Infinitive flight[View]
14560995How does /lit/ feel about New Journalists, Gonzo's, etc? My favorite are Didion, Thompson, and …[View]
14556720I am in love with a fictional character: Tried reading Les Miserables again. Guys I think I'm i…[View]
14560924I don't understand Bentham. It seems like he is fighting with himself within 'Deontology…[View]
14560918NY Pub Library: most checked-out books of all time:[View]
14560479/lit/ faces that spook you[View]
14556390How many languages can a normal person learn and keep? I only know English and Spanish, I want to le…[View]
14560876Books for this feel?[View]
14559994Limericks: Write a limerick.[View]
14558331>They buried his father in a small plot on the outskirts of Booneville, and William returned to t…[View]
14560489What other titles form the pre-Rogerian 'incel in denial, going through a nervous breakdown' canon? …[View]
14560523These are the only people you need to read[View]
14560577ITT: Books For Really Smart People. Preferably with This Same Kind of Energy: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
14560301Was he based?[View]
14558171Just finished this....holy shit[View]
14558793Is reading books really that important in 2020? Let's face it, our society champions narcissist…[View]
14560029just finished this series and wow I stan. any other greek myth worth reading??[View]
14560033>in class >reading a poem >”ok class, turn to line 16 of the verse” >The Sun Was Hot Tha…[View]
14560638When was the last time /lit/ wrote anything good?[View]
14557977Ovid vs. Virgil: Who was better?[View]
14558977Can books fill the void of lack of adventure: 1. Problem: I'm broke nobody, empty, dead inside,…[View]
14560363help required: does somebody have a pdf of 'the cuadruple object' to help a poor university bastard?…[View]
14560077Haven't you taken Saturn's pill yet guys?[View]
14559849Give me a book that will genuinely increase my intelligence, i'm tired of being a retard who ca…[View]
14560495What the FUCK kind of 16 year old edgelord title is this It's like what a reddit atheist would …[View]
14560013Reading out loud: I really enjoy reading out loud. Only when I’m by myself though. Actually I do lik…[View]
14558840>reading goodreads (I know) reviews for classic book >'Ugh... This book is racist, sexist, hom…[View]
14560436Where to start with Peter Turchin?[View]
145594302020 literature goals?: >read more Greeks >finish the Bible >get into Hegel >get into K…[View]
14560418Give me the best secondary readings on Shakespeare[View]
14552516Do you read what you have before buying more books?: How do you manage your reading? I have a large…[View]
14560216What is the literary equivalent of Rahxephon?[View]
14552032Thinking of going to grad school for Sociology (I'm currently an English teacher and don't…[View]
14560164Is it just me, or does this guy's entire system revolve around IMMEDIATE COMMITMENT. Let me as…[View]
14556415What books should I read to understand contemporary views on evolution?[View]
14560118Why does /lit/ refuse to talk about Stuart Kauffman?[View]
14558299Since we had a 'Voices of /lit/' thread, ever thought about doing a '/lit/ reads'? Like reading a Sh…[View]
14559449what about jamaican literature and poetry? also free worl boss[View]
14560035Wait...: So his aunt molested him And he DIDN'T like it?[View]
14557973Why can't I read anymore? Why can't I write anymore? Am I just depressed? Will SSRIs help?[View]
14559295/lit/ I name you Darkfriend[View]
14558286Books that will help me improve social/speaking skills: I am not necessarily searching for 12 rules …[View]
14559797Is Virgil 'great'?[View]
14559907I'm about to read crime and punishment, what am I in for?[View]
14558098Ok. I have to say it. I cringe everytime i read Stephen Dedalus and Hal/Orin/James Incandenza. I see…[View]
14559441/lit/ is proof that 4chan needs a philosophy board. so many threads on /lit/ are NEET's justify…[View]
14558597now wait just a second, are you telling me that ted kaczynski was BTFO'd by an anime over two d…[View]
14535541write what's on your mind[View]
14559678Got this: So last week I picked up these 5 books for 20 euros. It's supposed to be a chronologi…[View]
14557079what's the closest thing to western taoism? Some say it's stoicism, but I think stoicism i…[View]
14559592Why is this cringe self-help bullshit considered philosophy?[View]
14557781Fuck man, probably the most depressing philosophical work[View]
14557901threads on /lit/ right now: >What are some decent books on the history of science, technology and…[View]
14557548Transcendentalism: Any nigga here fuck with this?[View]
14555132Is it wrong or weird that i only read books from /lit/ top 100 ?[View]
14554807Hi there, I'm part of the cause of the downfall of English poetry. Hey, abstract=good right? Wh…[View]
14558617Thoughts on Lonesome Dove?: Why is July Johnson a character? Why is Elmira a character? Why is the m…[View]
14557356After a period of guilt and shame over past sins, I have decided to convert to Catholicism. Other th…[View]
14559614What's the deal with this guy?[View]
14557810Julio C: La Maga is the worst mother in the universe , i don't like the kind of character that …[View]
14557533What philosophical books will make me feel like pic related?: I'd rather start off optimistic r…[View]
14558106What is the Criterion of classics publishers?: What's the best publisher of classics in terms o…[View]
14558645Nick Land's Meltdown: Was there a meaning underneath this essay that I didn't understand? …[View]
14559464What do you read to cope with being the male version of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzkvr2…[View]
14559422Literature for this feel?[View]
14557724The Tyger by William Blake: Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal …[View]
14556674Why do teenagers think poetry is gay? Whose fault is it? Education?[View]
14555189read this nerd[View]
14559219>but [main character] thought he saw just the hint of a smile on her face when she turned around…[View]
14557608Why yes, I do think you need a full stop after a question mark. How could you tell?.[View]
14559083The Midwit problem: How do we solve it /lit/? Specifically how do we remove the midwits here? I mean…[View]
14552102I'm starting with Schopenhauer. Fuck Kant, fuck the greeks, and especially fuck Hegel.[View]
14558406The Way of Men by Jack Donovan: So, I just read this book. Manhood is basically fucked unless, the a…[View]
14558219Have any of you even started to understand this word spaghetti of a book ???[View]
14558281PRETTY GIRL CLUBHOUSE: What are you reading, ladies?[View]
14558708Currently debating on wether or not the dialogue in my novel should be “realistic”, meaning short ch…[View]
14559085how do you cope with the fact of knowing so much you don't know?[View]
14558668Literature about the end of history?: >inb4 Fukuyama I don't mean the end of history as in t…[View]
14555632Poetry Collections: Should I edit my poems into a collection? What are good rules to creating a coll…[View]
14559000I don't know much about Buddhism. What I hear about it makes me wonder. If the state of ego-les…[View]
14556761The SWERVE: I heard this was controversial.. I have my Latin Teacher's copy which I borrowed an…[View]
14557149>read the Aeneid >imagine how I would direct a film of its story >think about which parts t…[View]
14556942>why yes, I read fiction, why do you ask?[View]
14556794Name an other author that will get you banned . Be. Quick before jannies atttac-[View]
14558835So why is Korviev called “fagott”? There's surprisingly few explanations from a google search, …[View]
14552980Books that will help me stop being consoomer[View]
14557046Has /lit/ ever written a book? Any tips or tricks? I started writing and journaling to de-stress fr…[View]
14557730what are some books that are depressing but in a way sort of terrifying?[View]
14557443Do you think liberalism is failing? This book is too optimistic given the state that the world is in[View]
14558798How can I be as stoic as he is?[View]
14558606>People get this idea that they should 'become a writer' if they can't deal with the world. …[View]
14558754I can't stand people who limit themselves to one genre/medium/scene/movement. We should all str…[View]
14557463Here my master sits, silent and judgemental, no sentiments, his domain far away my fears and promi…[View]
14558523Anyone read this? What can I expect?[View]
14558595What's the best piece of advice you've received about improving your writing?[View]
14558064Why were so many Victorian women authors parson's daughters?: The Brontes, Austen, among many o…[View]
14553293Books about manhood?: To help a fatherless basedboy become a man.[View]
14558242Are there any books like Twilight with an Edward who's a dweebo instead of turbochad?[View]
14557864what's one of the funniest books you've ever read? I wanna laugh in my free /lit/ time thi…[View]
14556967Sought the helping hand Broken spell this life my heart I never heard back[View]
14558256Read the books to see if Geralt is just as edgy as in the show [Spoiler] he is [/spoiler][View]
14557470NADA Y PUES NADA 'This is so deep'[View]
14558115I write bad[View]
14555492Is this a sign from heavenly father . I keep seeing girls reading the alchemist in my college . I ju…[View]
14558408Why is linguistics so un/lit/? You would think understanding the phonetics of language will have som…[View]
14557712Recommendations: Any feminist literature recommendations? preferably written by lesbian’s/ butchy fe…[View]
14557860Was he a nonce?[View]
14557330>think >be me[View]
14558127Got a long drive tomorrow. What are some /lit/ podcasts[View]
14552152Just read frankenstein: Was good fun. What did you all think of it?[View]
14556420Why won’t critics excel at best selling authors’ list? If they’re so good at it, why don’t they do i…[View]
14556677How do you get rich from writing (a novel)?[View]
14556548I do not care to learn a language to have boring conversations with humans. My only desire is to acq…[View]
14558343Books about dialectic subcapitalist dematerialism/predematerialism?[View]
14555868More like this? /crime/ general as well: Just finished pic related and loved it. Can those who'…[View]
14557167Advices on making a short story?: So there’s this contest of making a short story about a really rid…[View]
14551311Why is Freud and Jung the only authors mentionned when /lit/ talks about psychology/psychoanalysis, …[View]
14557222Why is the imagery in this so edgy? Even the benelovent deities are described as holding infant corp…[View]
14556529started reading Dostoiesvki, my first one was Crime and Punishment which I've just finished , w…[View]
14558185The logical conclusion to utilitarianism is to kill everyone as quickly as possible without them rea…[View]
14551480this just came in the mail. what am i in for /lit/?[View]
14556560Which a the best Ligotti stories /lit/?[View]
14554674I was going through my parents' stuff and found this: What should I start with?[View]
14556552How *do* you practice your dialogue writing skills?[View]
14553065I read 24 pages today[View]
14556750All meme aside how is r / literature . Is it a better board than / lit / .[View]
14557124Aesthetic Pseudoscience: What are some writings that lay out scientific theories that are objectivel…[View]
14557513What are some good books that will restore my love of philosophy and make me want to put the time in…[View]
14557770They call me Hogg because a hog lives dirty. I don't wash none. And when I get hungry, I eat my…[View]
14557711Novels about how having a passion, a good heart and disposition to work hard overcomes any amount of…[View]
14558014Do you consider science fiction to be lowbrow literature for plebs?[View]
14557865What happen to all the Doomer lit chart threads, Bloomer threads, Christ cuck generals that generate…[View]
14557912Why do books go yellow? And do we like this?[View]
14554926Agricultural Revolution: is there any good /lit/ that focuses on humanity's transition into set…[View]
14557789What are some decent books on the history of science, technology and medicine in asia and the middle…[View]
14557565>be me, edmond dantes >fly as all fuck >shit friends frame me and put me in prison >meet…[View]
14557722What are some tips everyone should know on how to be a better reader?[View]
14556727A godly figure, or several of them, could with ease have fabricated evidence for any creation theory…[View]
14557236Book Recommendations: Was wondering if any of you fellas have any good recommendations of books abou…[View]
14557596Terry Goodkind is a pretentious hack.[View]
14556215Any books for Sloombers? >12 hours a day minimum >doesn't dream, just sleeps >only wak…[View]
14556619Explain this /lit/[View]
14556404How to get over ressentiment?[View]
14556513Celibacy: Post some celibate-core, or books about sexual purity >The Book of Disquiet - Pessoa …[View]
14557400Depressing and deep existencial novels starring teenagers like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Make me sad.[View]
14556587>book is incomprehensible[View]
14553332Hermeticism and The Occult Thread: 0) Balinas mentions the engraving on the table in the hand of Her…[View]
14555296Which book do you recommend to approach ancient Greek culture?[View]
14556988Thoughts on Chuck Palahniuk? Reading Fight Club atm and really liking it, film might still be better…[View]
14557384The Birth of Tragedy: I'm currently reading this and I don't really see why it is recommen…[View]
14556746trying to write makes me stir crazy. i become very irritated and trapped by my surroundings. they be…[View]
14557332Write what's on your mind.: Open Google Docs edition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YKYaJ…[View]
14555642-Anaximander -Anaximenes -Anaxagoras[View]
14557517If you read this and felt any degree of sympathy with either of the main characters, you are beyond …[View]
14557232how do i man up enough to decide to start writing?[View]
14556296Anti drugs philosophy: Any books or writings that are anti drugs or deal with drug and substance abs…[View]
14557439John Lilly: What are John Lilly's best writtings?[View]
14555481Oswald Spengler[View]
14557264>/lit/ doesn't accept him as the 20th century's greatest poet Since when did this board…[View]
14553300Stop! Have you read the Greeks?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19252748[View]
14554130Literature debunking the viewpoint taken below? My 13 objections against Christianity - 1. If God is…[View]
14554829It's a single thing ....everything is a single thing[View]
14555841There is a limited elite that understands the secrets of their own techniques, but not necessarily o…[View]
14557174When I was a kid in school I all I would do was read, I went to school just so I could read in peace…[View]
14557162I like programming and I like philosophy. Are there any books that talk about programming in a philo…[View]
14555893>Peter Slaughter Dyke How did he get away with it?[View]
14553912Any paganfag here? I saw that symbol in Midsomar, any coue what it means? I tried to found anything …[View]
14555567>tfw music at coffee shop is too loud for me to focus or hear my thoughts Why would they do this?…[View]
14556229just finished leviticus there's a lot of killing animals, whenever something bad happens the so…[View]
14556036Thoughts on Kundera / Immortality?[View]
14556676Do you think stealing money from rich people and giving it to poor people is good or evil? And what…[View]
14553754What is some smart fantasy (unlike Conan): that doesn't spend pages upon pages describing thing…[View]
14554531Soo whats the deal with this book? Is it worth a read?[View]
14555736How do (You) remember what (You) read? Your actual practice instead of general advice. Does it all s…[View]
14556896I don't get it: I don't get it explain this to a brainlet like me /lit/[View]
14555689What do I read or do after I'm done with the Quran? Noticing a lot of people glorifying it on h…[View]
14556866Actual books like this?: https://genius.com/Kanye-west-break-the-simulation-philosophy-book-annotate…[View]
14550286When did you realize that Hesiod was inspired by Babylonian writers? >The Dynasty of Dunnum, some…[View]
14555991Why is pic related so beloved by pseuds?[View]
14555227how come this country failed to produce any great literature in the 20th century unlike its former c…[View]
14556745have you ever felt burnt out on literature. what did you do if it happened? what if literature was t…[View]
14555831I want to buy a new book, should I get don quixote or count montecristo?[View]
14555463Is there a single thread on this board about an actual book? I like this book, lets talk about it.[View]
14556048Are atheist scientism weenies even aware of how thoroughly refuted they are in the current year? Wil…[View]
14549874>he subvocalizes[View]
14556118Blessed by Archangels: Has anyone read, tried the methods?[View]
14555904The Tiger is out[View]
14552199What happens when Ai can write stories more compelling than humans?[View]
14553249Help I'm autist: Lit i got a book yesterday read a few pages liked it but I can't fucking …[View]
14556559I'm right wing however in all reality, do good and evil exist?[View]
14554972Hinduism: I hate Indians for ruining Hinduism. It came from persian-indic aryans and spread nearly h…[View]
14554385Why is it that literature now has to be reductively categorized by contrived '-ist' or 'anti-' label…[View]
14556492Non fiction lit: I was reading some random reference work(?, I don't know what to call it) abou…[View]
14555802Post all of the Shakespeare you've read and compare, discuss. going first, in order of producti…[View]
14556472What does /lit/ think of this book?[View]
14556377Young Adult: Real talk here. I recently realized that I read mostly YA literature. Since this board …[View]
14555269is it normal to have to get at least 50 pages in before being able to smoothly read a novel? before …[View]
14556451Similar books to pic related?[View]
14556349what is the modern-day equivalent of the sibylline books?: must: - be infallible - have a mythical o…[View]
14556116What is the Ethiopian canon? Everything I read and hear about this country is fascinating, but it…[View]
14555225Wisdom: >Not tapping into source of all wisdom,knowledge that transcends time which can only be f…[View]
14552224Thoughts on e-readers?[View]
14555349When practicing your writing, do you write by hand or do you type? Is there an advantage to either?[View]
14555667Suffering is necessary: Without suffering we wouldnt be able to break out of Maya- illusion, we woul…[View]
14555714Wat ya think?: https://pastebin.com/9MXyV7zg (Pessoa)[View]
14556266Divegrass: 4chan winter cup /lit/ vs /fit/ Link in the next post[View]
14555931>do what is natural What if what comes naturally to me is wrong? Degenerate? What am I supposed t…[View]
14548513/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: RIP Christoper Tolkien Edition Group Reading https://d…[View]
14555409Grad School students help needed for book: Hypothetically, how hard/easy would it be for someone to …[View]
14555884>epic poetry[View]
14555821ITT: books with shitty endings[View]
14556003It's time to decide what's worse, lit: commie blocks or corpo cubes?[View]
14554133I have this drastic urge to yearn for the past, a past I never knew and wish I could go back to. Mai…[View]
14541397Please explain the ideology behind this picture. Has the same thing happened in literature?[View]
14555805Best Ulysses companion?: going to law school in sept. i want to finally tackle ulysses before im bog…[View]
14555695What is currently the best English translation for the Phenomenology? Is the debate between Pinkard …[View]
14551995Western Canon: Where is the best place to start for the Western Canon? Which books are essential to …[View]
14555549Does a person need to know the story of the fall of Lucifer to fully appreciate Paradise Lost?[View]
14555958I need some book recommendations: Can /lit/ give me some book recommendations? I have never read any…[View]
14555509i dont get it, will my view change when i have someone to be in love with?[View]
14555952/lit/ equivalent of pic related?[View]
14555985What's a kino?: What's a kino? How do I add kinos to my stories?[View]
14553171How did he know?[View]
14555849The only book i have read the last 3 years and i am already a wizard.[View]
14555896More books about modern normie women: Just finished this. Pretty good, though I'm not sure how …[View]
14555425was it kino?[View]
14537164critic my suicide note (its for my book): IM NOT actually killing myself. but im wondering what is t…[View]
14555522>Reading Don Quixote >Got to the windmill part >Got a sincere chuckle out of me Thanks Don …[View]
14555619Books that will convince me to an hero?[View]
14550242Write a (good) poem in under a minute: Ezra Pound has a popular poem called 'In a Station of the Met…[View]
14551417Dyslexic Children: I have a very serious long term partner who i'm probably going to marry at s…[View]
14555687>writes Macbeth >doesn't get credit[View]
14555107Giacomo Casanova’s Memoirs: Anybody read this masterpiece? I’m on page 400 and it’s so good. This ma…[View]
14553339Thoughts on suicide ?: What do /lit/izens think about suicide ? Also, try to communicate like actual…[View]
14553120Which books / stories have been published in the past ten years which focus on the idea of an 'incel…[View]
14554418Harassment Architecture: Has anyone read this? Is it any good?[View]
14555484My mom bought this for me, is there anything I need to know before I read it? I read that it mention…[View]
14555541Books for sad lonely white men who aspire to be like Travis bickle?[View]
14548297Mythology: Which books on mythology have you read? What is the best introduction? Are any of these m…[View]
14555491In 'The Crisis of the Modern World' why does he sperg out so hard on Western Philosophy? I really en…[View]
14554030My voice is really bad . Who should I listen to an copy to make audiobook .[View]
14555498Modern books on Stoicism: Are there any modern books on Stoicism that are worth reading? I have no i…[View]
14552395Stoicism: What if doing something 'bad' may actually 'help' a lot of people in the near future? What…[View]
14555428Novels 3-Act vs 5-Act: Which Novels, the patrician kind and worth reading, have a 3-Act vs 5-Act str…[View]
14541204itt: 110 iq authors[View]
14553895>tfw you realize The Wasteland was just the Ready Player One of its day.…[View]
14551676>using semicolons Is there anything more pretentious, more attention-seeking?…[View]
14555115what can I read to get smarter? Im sick of depression-accelerated mental decline robbing me of my on…[View]
14555033When have you grown up from genre fiction?[View]
14545054Is there such a thing as Coomer philosophy? I want to understand the metaphysics of eroticism. Prefe…[View]
14554712Hey /lit/, are there any books that will convince me of fascism? Im not a fascist, but ive become pr…[View]
14554857Hang all postmodern neomarxists >Why? Because they are trying to destroy the Western Civilization…[View]
14544739Does the far right even have any good literature?[View]
14555168What do you think about this? https://www.dedman.org[View]
14555091What is consciousness?: Do we ever achieve total ‘consciousness’ considering we are required to slee…[View]
14554768Spoilers here obviously for people who didn't read this, so stay away. Anyone read this book? I…[View]
14553275Great poetry that nobody has read: What do you think are the best poems that never got the attention…[View]
14555083The Tibetan Book of the Dead- what did we think of it? https://youtu.be/SudwSTl4RM8[View]
14555006I have been only using a conjunction without a preceding comma for hundreds of papers and absolutely…[View]
14555052What are some thinkers you can recommend? Not necessarily obscure ones, but not shit like Scruton, Z…[View]
14552287/litrpg/: LitRPG, short for Literary Role Playing Game, is a literary genre combining the convention…[View]
14551481Quality books on WW2: I've been reading pic related, its interesting, but riddled with contradi…[View]
14548374Black existentialism: I learnt about black existentialism while looking at the wikipedia page about …[View]
14554773Lost: where is mommy >Literature on finding mommy when lost in public spaces?…[View]
14553685Which philosophers wrote about the importance of 'loss' in personal development?[View]
14554637https://www.wikihow.com/Read-Ulysses >tfw a scholar now THANK YOU WIKIHOW…[View]
14552452FUCK books: Art is a bullshit cope. In the end it's all just a bunch of sadists commiserating w…[View]
14549773I seriously hope your teachers do this.[View]
14554501How can we stop media-hysterization of history? For example, this band just creates word-salad from …[View]
14554591>Sanctuary is a novel by the American author William Faulkner about the rape and abduction of a w…[View]
14554618ITT: books you think should be more talked about in /lit/.[View]
14550010Really?: > The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. > T…[View]
14548217>talking to friend about the metaphysics of consciousness >he says consciousness is just the p…[View]
14547718Do your parents read?: Kat's dad is apparently a big reader. She seems to love him a lot. How i…[View]
14554218Esoteric Veda, Comparative Study in Relation to Kaballah: Vedic literature giving a metaphysical int…[View]
14553940I know this is a contentious issue, but if N were alive today, what political current would he most …[View]
14553325Books about this meme ideology[View]
14553843>Millions of threads about Guenon >Not a single one about Savitri Devi This really talks abou…[View]
14549059Would people laugh at me on the bus/train if I did this?[View]
14553527I hate my surroundings, I live adjacent to the city, where rents are cheap and the apartments reflec…[View]
14536743Books for coping with the fact that we all already live in dystopia, and all signs say things are on…[View]
14554182Finally started with the Greeks: Finished the trial of Socrates. What dialogues should I read next? …[View]
14550216Was his literature an expression of human guilt, an oedipal neurosis, or something third entirely?[View]
14553454Christianity and prayer: Books on proper Christian prayer without images? Blogpost: >I let Jesus …[View]
14554378revan: star wars legends: the old republic revan by drew karpyshyn is this the best new book ever wr…[View]
14551752more like this ?[View]
14553472The will to power: Books like Storm of Steel and Benjamin Franklin biography: Hey, I'm looking …[View]
14554294Any fiction with themes about motherhood?: Like the protagonist is a mother and her struggle to fulf…[View]
14554259Digital Pulp. Kind of like how Meme Insider does it, but instead of shitty jokes and irrelevant Face…[View]
14554239Perhaps the best part of The Republic.: Is when it mentions infantcide, how could one man be so base…[View]
14534227Currently reading this. It´s fucking incredible.[View]
14554144We're do I start with pic related? What work of his will teach me the most about storytelling?[View]
14551173So this is Nietzche's demographic...[View]
14551412Will Duolingo help me read Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Popper and Wittgenstein in the originals?[View]
14552577You are spending 98% of your life as an NPC if you don't actively practice mindfulness. You can…[View]
14552580Amphetamine Sulphate: Has anyone read anything from this press? I've seen a few of their titles…[View]
14552834who's your favorite eastern philosopher (besides Siddartha)? Pic related, it's my favorite…[View]
14554827/lit/ seems worse than usual lately, why?[View]
14551605Is this the peak of masculinist literature?[View]
14552803My boyfriend has been trying to read more since I read a lot. He said he loves Norse mythology (he t…[View]
14536985what's so great about Shakespeare? Why did the system force us to superficially study it all t…[View]
14551503Warriors thread: I remember reading these when I was younger. I recently found one of the books in a…[View]
14548676There have been, and still are, actual human beings that dedicate their life to the study of 'why do…[View]
14553979Page Count Challenge, For The 18th of January: Join the challenge from 00:00 tomorrow to 24:00, and …[View]
14553907Any good reads or audiobooks on blockchain and cryptos? It's been 10 years plus and seems to be…[View]
14551670How do I best describe a person doing this in prose?[View]
14550249Fell for another meme: Heard this was good, bought it, and it’s tedious nonsense How do you prevent…[View]
14553373Everything is cope: If life is suffering, then everything is cope[View]
14553378Books written in the last 20 years that aren't complete dogshit; go.[View]
14553071I just finished this, where do I go from here?[View]
14553904Any worthwhile lit for this feel?[View]
14552477Is 4chan better education than High School?: Unironically, did 4chan provide you a better education …[View]
14546380How much time will need to pass until people recognize that the best screenwriters are on the level …[View]
14553798Yes, I am confucian and denguist, how could you tell?[View]
14553743MFA/PhD General: I'm applying for PhDs with creative dissertation this season. >USC >Utah…[View]
14551649What is the most hype scene in all of literature?[View]
14553277Titus Burckhardt: Since there is a Schuon thread up now, why don't we talk about my fellow coun…[View]
14552802ITT: underrated philosophers Pic related, Olavo de Carvalho, a controversial brazilian philosopher[View]
14552780I see people say it takes hundreds or even thousands of hours to learn a language. But what if my go…[View]
14553744>Timothy 6:20-21 >O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble …[View]
14548183Any poetryfags on here? How or where do you get your inspiration?[View]
14553051why do people act like reading is less common now than in the past? I probably read more in a year b…[View]
14553712Thoughts on The Fifth Season?[View]

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