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1611319Show this to any female you know and see if they find him attractive.[View]
1614796I don't have Twatter, is he blowing it up about his dead daddy like he does every promo?[View]
1616107What was even the point of this shit? Who did that benefit?[View]
1539779/gtmv/ - Gatoh Move General: Discuss Gatoh Move, ChocoPro, OniPro and former Gatoh Move wrestlers he…[View]
1616113Here's your PPV match finishes bro[View]
1616111That might be worse than the finish to Seth vs. Fiend.[View]
1616064fake or real tough guy[View]
1615221When is wrestling on?[View]
1615076Cornette bros… It’s over https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IVdxhhigd3Y[View]
1613480You all got swered kek: Enjoy your cameo from Charlotte kek https://youtube.com/shorts/84z1qbgKzwQ?f…[View]
1615951What was AEW's viewership on friday?: I think I saw smackdowns, but I never saw what AEW posted…[View]
1615961Were there any survivor series matches where a single person objectively blew the match for his team…[View]
1615654The moment that changed professional wrestling forever[View]
1610841One wrestler you love even though you can acknowledge they are a shitter.[View]
1604251Evil Uno Reveals Receiving WWE Tryout Offer After AEW Contract: >”Surprisingly enough, the only t…[View]
1609822Get in here echads, Brock is going to interfere in the HIAC match and make it end in DQ again[View]
1615864SHEEEEESH! /ourguy/ is back with the DRIP[View]
1615807>jinxes your team KWAB this wouldn't have happed had embiid brought in chuck and trent…[View]
1611620How did he end up such a pussy when his dad is Shao Kahn?[View]
1611473Whatever happened to him?[View]
1614974WWE Hell in a Cell GAMETHREAD #5: It's PPV Sunday. Get in here, E-Bros. Tonight's the fina…[View]
1615828Lance storm's dropkick was golden youtube.com/watch?v=PfsGKAWs6lY There's not a single wre…[View]
1610896best wrestlers from the attitude era?[View]
1609770With the inevitable buyout coming from Disney or NBC for WWE (likely happening under Nick Khan), rea…[View]
1609278For me, it's Ricky Starks[View]
1610126>Almost killed himself because Taker beat him up for being a queer What did kanyon mean by this?…[View]
1607958>saves pro wrestling in your path[View]
1613212For me it's Thorne the Hunter[View]
1608155Why is the cage red?[View]
1610167Wrestling legend T.B. Kingston speaks on Meltzer: such a great guy![View]
1608572Why didn’t LA knight come out?[View]
1613784only shit commentators[View]
1608698Kek what an ugly ass mother fucking bitch wordwedon'tusehere[View]
1610712Both have no fans & are horrible wrestlers, but who was worse?[View]
1606595What do you think of the Roman Reigns/Usos storyline?[View]
1612977QUI? QUI? QUI?[View]
1609644Brock may be coming back to WWE: >Brock Lesnar could be on his way back to WWE. >WWE sources h…[View]
1613076Ruins the main event in your path[View]
1615498You know remember the Fish Market Street Fight.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvjz49WCt-w Yes…[View]
1611599Is he the greatest of all time?[View]
1607036Thoughts on this guy?[View]
1611438Post Top 10 In-Ring Performers: 1. Shawn Michaels 2. CM Punk 3. AJ Styles 4. Edge 5. Daniel Bryan 6.…[View]
1607284Kemonito to make debut in PUBG?: CMLL's Kemonito and Microman have teamed up with PlayerUnknown…[View]
1608271Would he draw?[View]
1615066>wwe ppv will get less threads than dynamite Lmao[View]
1612383This is going to be cringe kino. Also, damn this nigga ugly as fuck.[View]
1614313WWE Hell in a Cell GAMETHREAD #4: It's PPV Sunday. Get in here, E-Bros. Tonight's the fina…[View]
1613711Everybody knows about the famous half a brain promo. But i always taped nitro off the cband satellit…[View]
1611835>Wrestling canon[View]
1614804How did we go from this…[View]
1611826.: And the award for the most devastating, unstopabble, unbreakable, ligament tearing hold goes to..…[View]
1607270Japanese wrestling isn't bas-[View]
1614838Never before have I seen so many DIMES in one place[View]
1611892ITT: webms (dont let it die)[View]
1610589holy dimes[View]
1612926Which credit Card are you picking EChads?[View]
1613682WWE Hell in a Cell GAMETHREAD #3: It's PPV Sunday. Get in here, E-Bros. Tonight's the fina…[View]
1614395Charles gave /pw/ a shoutout: Lol[View]
1608684i will get shit on for this but she would be hot if she had hips or an ass[View]
1613337>He wears wrestling shirts in public.[View]
1611782Who was in the right here?[View]
1614357R8 my drawing of Pauls perfect wrestler[View]
1612670For me, it’s “The Great” Brian Last[View]
1607357Why is no one talking about this legendary history making match?[View]
1614321Greatest catchphrases in wrestling: >'That's not a bad thing, that's a good thing.' - D…[View]
1608808Fuck my dad and fuck fathers day im watching hell in a cell tonight boys[View]
1610411Gotta love this guy, modern king of kings baby: *bows down*[View]
1608857Don't watch Hell in a Cell tonight[View]
1611990For me, it's the protagonist of professional wrestling, Saya Kamitani[View]
1611216I can't longer enjoy this finisher ever since I started noticing he slaps his thigh every time …[View]
1607065AEW isn't the cringiest wrestling I've ever seen because I have never watched it and never…[View]
1613070Evolution of Cagematch's Top 10 Wrestlers over the last 14 years[View]
1614124Oh My God![View]
1610374now i see a lot of bitch ass fuck niggas online and in wrestling sites runnin they mouth about the o…[View]
1612996WWE Hell in a cell Gamethread #2: Chavo Guerrero edition: Chavo is my favorite wrestler[View]
1613909Vince puts Hidden messages in WWE programming: For nearly 30 years, WWE (or WWF as it used to be kno…[View]
1612963WWE Hell in a Cell GAMETHREAD #2: Show beginning thread: Post your PPV battle stations, fellas.. Car…[View]
1612993Finally got around to watching his stuff in NXT...: It's gonna be a BASED from me, brother. LA …[View]
1607578I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the ol' Shane wit…[View]
1613276Is AEW the biggest failure in wrestling?[View]
1608500The death of AEW will be the death of wrestling: Once AEW became stale my interest in wrestling drop…[View]
1608619this is your future aew world champion[View]
1610785WWE Hell in a Cell GAMETHREAD #1 Pre-Show Edition: It's PPV Sunday. Get in here, E-Bros. Tonigh…[View]
1612789Remember when Okada jobbed to Marifuji in the G1? KWAB[View]
1612856ACH and Lio Rush tried to call out the racism in WWE and got blacklisted[View]
1604588>Meltzer isn't on the AEW payro-[View]
1611478holy based[View]
1612944/pw/ reaction images and videos thread[View]
1609149Here is your monster heel[View]
1609357I will not be watching HIAC tonight[View]
1612655Your main event of SummerSlam.[View]
16062648 Times Vince McMahon Allegedly Lied To His Employees: 8. Successful Title Defense In Montreal >B…[View]
1612862Otis and Chad about to break a buck[View]
1611337Why did they move this match to Smackdown? It makes no sense since AEW wasn't even airing at th…[View]
1608650>Did you see Katana Mitsubishi vs Banzai Bushida at last night’s cinderella princess show??? They…[View]
1610881Who’s better?[View]
1603424>tfw AEW hot shotted a fake MMA match because they can’t even draw HALF a million views KWAPCWPF …[View]
1603102Laughing at AEW is now mainstream: Hahahaha[View]
1612260the absolute shits[View]
1611266Based Tribal Chief: https://www.howtobet.com/most-intelligent-sportsfans/[View]
1609760For me it was tye jerry[View]
1612657Why do wrestling fans laugh at quad tears more than any other injury?: ??[View]
1611514The Original Finner[View]
1610877big mike elgin[View]
1611386Who was the Jannetty?[View]
1612276Your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler >LA Knight[View]
1611914Wrestling themes: Which do you prefer? Instrumental or vocals[View]
1609847What are some things you saw in wrestling that you did or do IRL? I walked out of my shit job at CVS…[View]
1609926Kek Charles BTFO[View]
1605027I present you: The Stan Hansen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38rjXmO4uxw[View]
1611474Vineesh bros, it's time![View]
1611756why can't he get 5 stars bros[View]
1611817What are the best wrestling stages?[View]
1610981>so gay he causes his opponent to bleed with just his entrance music https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
1604174Triple H of Japan and AEW >works WITH the draws but is never the draw[View]
1607038This is your card for Hell in a Cell tonight. Say something nice about it.[View]
1605915Wrestling companies are glorified t-shirt businesses.[View]
1611387Why is he so divisive? I understand wwe sucks and has no talent but seemingly everyone who watches w…[View]
1609213>beat dwayne >beat cena would he have been THEE most over guy in the world of pro wrestling?…[View]
1611099.: >Sid's Crossface! *clap* Tap out to Sid's Crossface! *clap* >He made Nash tap out…[View]
1611272Who is the wrestler on the Anthology cover?[View]
1608548fuck aew[View]
1611395taking bumps is a mystery[View]
1603187*saves professional wrestling by actually being cool with A+ promo skills in your fucking path* Say …[View]
1610705Hey Gorilla. What Brain? Whats the most confusing day in Harlem? Whats that Brain? Father's Day…[View]
1610727holy based[View]
1611368Drones E you fuck[View]
1609407So fucking cringe. Did anyone tell Wardlow they don't do ranas in MMA?[View]
1608371Why didn’t Paul come out?[View]
1608066>Edrone >Sloppy Shop >Anti-smark >CopE >SeethE >TrannE >E-cult >Vince is lit…[View]
1609456Based Voices of Wrestling burying WWMEME https://vocaroo.com/1mKy9jUQ5wDs[View]
1608210>*has shitty phone connection* Was he a heel or a face?[View]
1611233>Call opponent 'Big Red Retard' >Say opponent is a little 'comme ci comme ça' (gay) >Say op…[View]
1609710ITT: Soul vs Soulless examples in wrestling[View]
1607706Tony Khan makes SHOCKING USA Network appearance: >Tony Khan, the billionaire owner of yonung upst…[View]
1611137ITT wrestlers with more 5+ star matches than Roman Reigns[View]
1609849FROM SIN CITY[View]
1608602Has Meltzer ever booked a show?: Surely, he should be able to craft the perfect weekly wrestling pro…[View]
1604480What is your favorite thing about Mayu Iwatani?[View]
1606947What's she telling him bros?[View]
1603879Kenny Omega is my favorite wrestler[View]
1610198Trios wrestling: >More dimeless fat spic manlets doing flippy arm drags Would literally rather w…[View]
1611103Rikishi's ass...is strong[View]
1610068kek based[View]
1610996anybody remember when aj styles won the intercontinental championship?[View]
1606089Suwamabros.... not like this...[View]
1610992>draws the house and puts on match of the night every time in your path…[View]
1607259They don't want none ok?[View]
1609325For me, it’s Renee Michelle[View]
1610091WWE Trios titles: You guys excited? AEW Xirs on suicide watch.[View]
1606213Who’s legendary reign was better?[View]
1610166>Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are still feuding 10 years later based >it's in WWE cringe…[View]
1609567She said yes owlchads[View]
1607123None of the titles will change hands and the show will be forgotten the next day. There will be more…[View]
1608241Well, /pw/?[View]
1607001Get in here PAWGchads![View]
1609697>trannies attempt to meme on based LA KNIGHT >realize LA KNIGHT is better than their entire ro…[View]
1610582I’m a member of a secret society that controls which memes get over on /pw/. Many from our organizat…[View]
1607891Becky will return to Monday Night RAW: >b-but Becky will go to Smackdown with Seff! Nice headcano…[View]
1605090Now this is what a hot shot really is[View]
1609638any of you play HCTP mods online?[View]
1602933MILFs supporting MILFs: you love to see it[View]
1608942> Watch Hell in a Cell tonight or you're gay[View]
1608890We get it, your husband's. Jfc get a job other than using literally every anniversary, birthday…[View]
1609797>ITT: Janetties >ITT Fuck you, I’m not posting in that thread. I’m a Michaels.…[View]
1608855does anyone have the definitive list of cancelled wrestlers?[View]
1610474IT'S UP https://youtu.be/tQG0TOXDPNI[View]
1606945Are the ppv predictions dead?[View]
1610459ITT: matches that happened[View]
1610031Even before the big leagues, Joey Janela was getting TV time and doing commercials. https://www.yout…[View]
1609915Was this her career defining moment?[View]
1610295>age >age you lost your virginity >favorite match of all time 35 22 picrel…[View]
1608770Happy Fathers Day: Are there any other wrestlers that were good parents?[View]
1607995>Dimes look >Cringe gimmick This is why wrestling is dying…[View]
1584893/Kabuki/ Klub: Casual Friday Edition: What's Asuka going to do next? Kairi's started her p…[View]
1608669AND NEEEEEEWWWWWW Triple Crown Champion! COVID-19! [spoiler]Suwama had to vacate the title due to Co…[View]
1606414Is /pw/ a Blue Justice Hours board?[View]
1608524Big leagued all the female wreslers at the age of 22[View]
1605092>shows up to Rep Mexico and cheer on Chavez jr in his big fight against Anderson Silva >Silva …[View]
1608418Why does WWE keep giving the same guy a rematch for a title that they failed to win in consecutive P…[View]
1609878What are your thoughts on Sid?[View]
1605844How would you rank him among your Top 10?[View]
1608846Why did the locker room switch sides so fast? At first everyone was taking Matt’s point of view shun…[View]
1602691What is your favorite incarnation of the Goddess?: For me it's marry / kill / fuck[View]
1599760Penelope Fords ring boots tho[View]
1609048What current wrestlers do you actually like?[View]
1609410HOLY DIMES[View]
1605826Trish Strautus helped a young J𝘢mie Lynn Seneg𝘢l realise his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler. What …[View]
1609871what did nxts shotzi blackheart mean by this?[View]
1609143Who are some wrestlers who make cheating fun to watch?[View]
1604357What do you call this body type? World champ material?[View]
1609799Based nash will always be my guy Fuck you haters[View]
1609571>grows bobs what does Kenny Omega mean by this?[View]
1608451Has there ever been a bigger bitch than this guy? He was literally just Hogan's hanger-on.[View]
1608222Best wrestlers on earth Roman Reigns LA Knight The Way Seth Rollins RKBro Starlight Kid Cosmic Ang…[View]
1604817>austin was so shitfaced here that he could barely cut a promo pretty based…[View]
1606748It feels like they're forcing Brock to do this.[View]
1603918This is what the future of wrestling looks like[View]
1605879Brandi Lauren chads look like that?[View]
1606083I love Saya so fucking much[View]
1608674Zach Gowen should have been undefeatable in Battle Royals. Good luck getting both of his feet to tou…[View]
1606900The Greatest Of All Time[View]
1607703Everyone wish a happy Father’s Day to izzys dad[View]
1603113Dimeless shitter[View]
1607511Effortlessly cool[View]
1608813Renee Young and her baby, say something nice[View]
1607201Which one of you total autists was this?[View]
1608179Reminder:: Tyson Smith would shoot fuck u up[View]
1603966This is what a superstar looks like[View]
1607877TIME TO LAY THE TARPS: >bwahahahahahahahahaha WWF return to live 'crowds' a guaranteed …[View]
1608750Post your fav beer & fav wrestler.[View]
1607066You dont wanna mess with these Badasses[View]
1606535Does she still love him, bros?[View]
1596108AEW fans are mentally ill[View]
1608453Here's your next 1 hour show.[View]
1603458I know she's not everyone's cup of tea: But Asuka is such a talented in ring performer, ha…[View]
1603907>New Japan Pro-Wrestling is excited to announce ‘Resurgence’, a special event on August 14 2021 t…[View]
1603566/Stardom/ General: >6.19 Shizuoka Rina beat Lady C Momo Watanabe beat Hina Giulia & Syuri* …[View]
1607119Is there any place where I can watch old wwf episodes or do I have to give money to women wrestling …[View]
1607550I don't get it Elitebros. Why nobody else want to work with us?: NWA, ROH & MLW is ignoring…[View]
1606462Now this was fricking cool[View]
1608141queen of wrestling[View]
1607677Mayu is cute, isn't she? She has a small face, long arms and legs, looks as good as an idol, an…[View]
1604171Gonna need a bigger Tarp: >Open Stadium with 5.000 minimal capacity >Only NJStrong literal who…[View]
1606917Was Austin's heel turn based?[View]
1600828Weekend webm thread 2: Saturday edition: this is where all based moves and otherwise rasslin related…[View]
1608103How do we change the board culture to be more inclusive? we need some diversity, we cant drive away …[View]
1607816The state of that HIAC card...: Absolutely pathetic. Imagine watching main roster garbage. But you k…[View]
1605366What is /pw/‘s thoughts on the wrestler Wolfie D?[View]
1607947Scott Hall says he makes 6 figures off WWE merchandise: He’s talking shit right?[View]
1607796there's 2 million wrestling fans left[View]
1605395HHH is in actuality a boring workaholic with his idea of a good time being a late night workout sess…[View]
1605933I don't think Hangman Page should be the guy to Beat Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship. The …[View]
1601319Take a long look at what a real wrestler looks like.[View]
1607862>Twinkletoes What did big show mean by this? https://streamable.com/ehunuh…[View]
1602717>the absolute state of PS2 wrestling game modding: >everyone thinks paying for mods is normal …[View]
1607704Is there an American equivalent of this?[View]
1599741ITT: Wrestling’s biggest fake tough guys[View]
1605943I Am The Rock by & Simon & Garfunkel: https://youtu.be/EcqJRs3U_mU I am The Rock I am Dwayne…[View]
1606976ITT we discuss our first wrestling vidjas or our favorite. I remember getting this game in the mid 9…[View]
1601725>Two months before committing suicide in Daytona Beach, Florida on Oct. 18 from an apparent self-…[View]
1607566Was Eugene a draw?[View]
1595893Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks 18th June 1981, Wembley Arena. https://youtu.be/9sDBd6-SGo4 Listen to…[View]
1600530Imagine an MMA-styled match for based Big Boned Bronson[View]
1601516Just finished listening to this kid talk about throwing 'working punches'. Jim Cornette is right, wi…[View]
1603917Are all AEWtists this retarded?[View]
1607519I cant wait for tomorrow and next friday..... hell in a cell fallout. It will be awesome[View]
1606124Exposing the Business?: I'm sending Lou Thesz over to break your leg.[View]
1607483Now I see a lot of people online....wait mommy what's are you doing?! Mommy NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! OW…[View]
1606381Paul getting BTFOd by a camera man kek: https://youtu.be/wy21Q2lJGyo[View]
1606390ITT: merch to wear on a first date[View]
1607461What are some of the worst booking decisions of all time?[View]
1606923>wrestler wipes his boots on the mat before entering the ring[View]
1606331Drones E you fuck[View]
1607446What is the best finisher?[View]
1597608Did you guys like the MMA fight?[View]
1602178Batista is gay: Can he just come out of the closet? Holy shit he is sus as fuck. No doubt in my mind…[View]
1607422Why was WWE and AWA also considered a World Title when NWA is supposed to be the only true World Tit…[View]
1607420I'm the biggest smark you'll ever find and one of the pioneer member of the internet wrest…[View]
1607405If wrestling is such a anti dimes industry at the moment why are wrestling e celebs making so much m…[View]
1606547The fake MMA match was one of the cringiest things I’ve ever seen.[View]
1603013if you use steroids you're automatically a shitter[View]
1606485>provides the wwe universe a wrestlemania main event caliber hell in a cell match on free tv beca…[View]
1603350>when Lion's Den match is more believe MMA than AEW's MMA[View]
1604170This man is a genious: Most recent example: Becky Lynch is now retiring to focus on being a mother. …[View]
1601208ITT:: People you love like you wouldn't believe[View]
1602463CMLL DIA DEL PADRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZOpUHhAV-A LUCHA ESTELAR POR EL CAMPEONATO MUND…[View]
1602107I always thought Ted DiBiase was half Japanese[View]
1603258These cuckbrain dickheads still haven’t unionize ITT laugh at these grown ass bootlickers[View]
1604795Where are the AEW ratings?[View]
1605464hi my name is larry and i like to watch pro wrestling :) i was refered to this board by my friend za…[View]
1607347The one man who destroyed professional wrestling. Give him thanks.[View]
1606151I just want the zo train back bros[View]
1604121I'm a mark for myself[View]
1603470DIMES GENERAL: ITT we post dimes looks and otherwise cool wrestling pics[View]
1602959I would shoot die to defend WWE[View]
1605754I'm a huge E Chad and it feels good knowing that one day i will be inducted into WWE's HOF[View]
1606457Was this a shot at Cornette and his *love* of bananas?[View]
1602205He's over exaggerating his injuries (again) to Dave Meltzer because he can't ever be that …[View]
1604952it finally happened bros i lost my urge to watch pro wrestling[View]
1604994Was Vince just trying to get a ratings boost or what? Why did they move the main event of Hell in a …[View]
1604800can we get a /pw/ funny face reaction thread? I need a new steam avatar[View]
1601813Will Big Daddy ever make it to the WWE hall of fame? If Abdullah made it despite never wrestling for…[View]
1607269Cause i GOD DAMN SAID SO.... awesome[View]
1596172even through the darkest days this fire burns always[View]
1602228Lady C support bunker: /ourgirl/ is 0-54-0 but this will surely change soon, let's support her …[View]
1603605BOW to the cerebral assassin[View]
1604944It's wholly accepted that he and Hogan are the greatest of all time, right? What does that say …[View]
1603045This is Dan 'the man' Beatty, he shoot BTFOd CM Punk. Book his in-ring debut[View]
1603874DIMES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKmgChmXXxc[View]
1605516NIA JAX!: You're fat! And if you're fat, that means you have poor hygiene, low self-esteem…[View]
16058882021: We are forgotten.[View]
1606454Was it better than their WM17 match?[View]
1604023for me it's the former Priscilla Kelly/current Gigi Dolin[View]
1601826Where would you rank Kenny’s AEW title reign in the last decade of world title runs?[View]
1603925Book his NXT debut[View]
1603090alley kat don't got shit on this bitch[View]
1606140>mogs every other female asian wrestler on the planet in your path[View]
1606687ITT wrestling images you have saved but have no reason to post[View]
1606306Makes edrones seethe[View]
1603420Kevin Nash tapped out to the Crossface: That is all.[View]
1601331post wrestlers you genuinely hope get a life ending injury >Aaron Solow >Alan '5' Angels >A…[View]
1603269Based LA Knight interview https://youtu.be/_Pc7pKVAlnE tells cool stories about coming up in the gam…[View]
1597250remember when an E Drone was on To Catch a Predator? Good times[View]
1594414The absolute state of NuJumals[View]
1602124WWE predictive programming: >Asian man defeats “white” man and steals his crown, this is an allus…[View]
1605250As someone who grew up watching WCW and never supported WWE, I want to see them go out of business a…[View]
1605035Would a WCW brand split work if it happened?[View]
1606380Post the ultimate pleb filters.[View]
1605466Would a Leisure Suit Larry gimmick be dimes in today's wrestling?[View]
1602530ITT - post matches you find underrated[View]
1606486Barbi Hayden: what went wrong?[View]
1600635This nigga drinking again?: https://twitter.com/dustinrhodes/status/1406298797936943106 https://twit…[View]
1606345Is this Alvarez's best look?[View]
1604204You now remember John Cena wrestling Sabu for the WWE title[View]
1603250What’s wrong with watch women’s wrestling for the wrestling?: On r/sc everyone understands this is a…[View]
1603552When did this board get behind LA Knight(yeah)?[View]
1606204itt: tag teams only you like/care about[View]
1601347Jordynne is CUTE![View]
1604049LA Knight at home[View]
1604913Are you going to mark out if Sasha Banks returns tomorrow night, attacking Bianca Belair after her m…[View]
1604622Spending my birthday money, any other merch I should pick up?[View]
1605476>mandy rose born in 1990 >i was born 8 years after >her birthday is day after mine how sho…[View]
1601987You are going to watch the GCW show tonight, right anon?[View]
1603640Is there anything good about /pw/? Why do you come here?[View]
1602488I shoot hate you 'interesting' poster[View]
1605237itt: wrestling matches that happened[View]
1599400What is Sunny really planning now that she's free: > WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch i…[View]
1601805What is wrong with her? She seems like everything Vince loves in a woman. Why doesn't she get a…[View]
1604784I love these niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
1602456Latinx Heat[View]
1601737>Did you see Wagyu Honda vs Teriyaki Mitsubishi??? They are two skilled players and they received…[View]
1596782This is Kim. She's 18 and lives in Germany. She was training to be a pro-wrestler at wXw Academ…[View]
1602675>pumphandle moves[View]
1600919Ahem...: Fuck AEW scum. NXT > AEW Triple H > CAWdy and Dogwanker Khan LA Knight > Kenny Bit…[View]
1603512Saturday is a great day for some summer rae.[View]
1601935kane at his best ^~^[View]
1603663Can /ourguy/ get any more based?[View]
1597841This match was great and the buildup to it was perfect.[View]
1604474Thoughts on Laredo Kidd?[View]
1600347Dont piss me off: Dont piss me off[View]
1602372She is pegging Paul for the push, right? There is no other way to explain it.[View]
1603148Brawl for All at home[View]
1600611Admit it: You respect him.[View]
1603508CM Punk? More like CM KEK![View]
1601531>6,2 >actually works out >can cut a promo >has charisma Paul is gonna try burrying this …[View]
1604162What exactly was Vince trying to accomplish with this match?[View]
1598381>Has a better feud and more entertaining match than Cawdy and the Factory in your path…[View]
1602975Occult in Wrestling: https://youtu.be/p77h4kT2_Wo?t=1067 I felt as though this was important to disc…[View]
1599564When did he officially lose his touch as a booker? Was it WK12?[View]
1602605in the aftermath of AEW Dynamite, Young Buck#2 weeps over the carcass of Young Buck #1 broken clean …[View]
1602140Brian Zane featurette on the news https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oCPGSPBdq54[View]
1604020Kenny Omega opened a new bank account when he moved to florida. End of the first month he had a bala…[View]
1600612What did Paul Wight mean by this? https://streamable.com/ehunuh[View]
1600459Ehhh? Hikaru Shida is in NYC for a signing session today![View]
1603954What are your honest thoughts on Stardom's Maika?[View]
1599143When did you realise he was right?[View]
1602036Dimes: Bow down you sneeds[View]
1602086*works the IWC into a seething shoot* This is what a modern day heel looks like by the way, he'…[View]
1599780This is how shoot style is done https://youtu.be/yxRLkhX_yMs[View]
1603768Exact moments that ended careers: post em[View]
1603081Who's going over?[View]
1601520Takeshita and MAO coming to AEW soon: Holy dimes[View]
1603310WWE cringe thread[View]
1602051Was she too attractive to get a push from WWE? I heard they don't push attractive women so I ca…[View]
1602363From a business stand point, would it be a good move to fire everybody and just convince USA and FOX…[View]
1600958Based scene girl Bliss is best Bliss[View]
1595238This was embarrassing. This whole thing was hokey. AEW is nothing more then a parody of pro wrestlin…[View]
1597832GOAT heel[View]
1602543Undisputed Manlets[View]
1598027did literally anyone like this guy 2002-2003[View]
1601121Gonna be honest, i wasn't sure at first but this LA KNIGHT nigga is just the most pure dimes in…[View]
1603613So when is his bar mitzvah?[View]
1602264>Dear Diary, >We talked and we talked, but the problem is he wants to take a 'test drive' in …[View]
1600657Question for the AEW fans: Im trying to get back into wrestling and Im thinking of giving AEW a chan…[View]
1602252>Several women on the main roster have noted to Fightful they hoped Becky Lynch returns as it mea…[View]
1596388WOR: WWE news, Michelle Billington, Dr. Alex Patel: Dave Meltzer and I are back with Wrestling Obser…[View]
1597599>the fans were HOT >I guess >Dude this was the best crowd they've had in forever >t…[View]
1603334WWE is shit[View]
1598619>I can do the Somalian style, the Pakistani style, the Gypsy style, the Indian style and the Poli…[View]
1600905ITT: who you want to see defeat Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship[View]
1602118>I heard it was a girlie magazine.[View]
1599981Let's talk about how much Nash got Sid's Crossface over[View]
1601003Meltzer: AEW's plans are to make Omega top babyface, not Hangman.[View]
1599787When will Tony Khan learn that bad SNL skits don't build heat for a world title match?[View]
1597399What's gonna be AEW's ratings this week? Post your prediction[View]
1603091holy dimes[View]
1600059I rated the WWE champions (before Bobby). What do you think?[View]
1601628Mass Transit: Redpill me on this man.[View]
1598269Unpopular Opinions: Stone Cold's Disturbed theme is much better than the two previous versions.…[View]
1601574You are playing it right anon?[View]
1593275/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on Wrestle Universe for 900 yen a month. Next Shows: 6.19,6.…[View]
1600995post your favorite or most wanted wrestling figure! I collected so many as a kid, and I'm glad …[View]
1600463This guy is like the dude who shows up to the D&D table with the most tryhard backstory possible…[View]
1598384I've been challenging myself to see how long I can go without showering day 1 was easy who does…[View]
1594907>John Cena sat down with Sunrise in Australia to hype the release of Fast & Furious 9 and spo…[View]
1599284How did Okada go from this god tier gear?[View]
1601671They're going to stab the varsity blondes aren't they[View]
1599457Is he the Sneed of wrestlers?[View]
1601047How do you make this prestigious?[View]
1601008COVID Nash[View]
1602724How about you hit me with your finisher, I kick out at 2, you hit your finisher again and you finall…[View]
1596410Based zoomer stacey working cucknette into a shoot[View]
1593002/Stardom/ General: previous: >>1586450[View]
1595927Refused to put over a girl in a mixed match. Got a job with the best company in the world. Love work…[View]
1602219>One Warrior Nation >had two members[View]
1593138What went wrong? Was him being a real star just not feasible or was it something holding him back?[View]
1601082List of wrestlers Triple H wanted to sign for NXT[View]
1590759Don't mind me, I just wanted to share this new picture of Tay. Carry on[View]
1602356Oooohhhhh yeah, the Macho Man transcends boundaries unlike the Chudster[View]
1599982Ryback Feeding Time: MeDiet Cafe Mushroom Burger with Potato Slices: IT'S UP!!! https://youtu.b…[View]
1597753Why the fuck did he say it so autistically? “Compromised to a permanent end” sounds like they agreed…[View]
1599186y'all hate him cause your girlfriend keeps talking about him[View]
1602366If Flair had gotten his wish to go to WWF in 1998, how do you think his heel run against Austin woul…[View]
1600907Kenny Omega is the shittiest wrestler I have ever seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lyQSFoXo48…[View]
1602425Lingerie Muto: This is Lingerie Muto, say something nice about him.[View]
1598761I haven't watched WWE since this 'match': Based Rat Bliss is an anti-draw.[View]
1596090Man, this was based.[View]
1598088ITT: wrestlers that have literally no fans[View]
1602283The IIconics file trademark for 'The IInspiration': >THE FORMER IICONICS' NEXT MOVE AND MORE…[View]
1600030Is it necessary to have a body that appeals to gay men to make it in pro wrestling?[View]
1598091VINCE MCMAHON Buys AEW / RYBACK Wrestlemania RETURN WWE News and Rumors: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
1600880Roman Reigns Talks Inspiring People After His Battle With Leukemia: >In an appearance on the ACC …[View]
1601137>smarks chant fight forever >they actually do…[View]
1597505>gives your world champion bitchtits[View]
1602335What's the end game for this guy? He's almost 40 and is getting pushed pretty hard on the …[View]
1601625What if he just wanted a high five and Hogan left him hanging?[View]
1599028Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
1597622Why did this faggot twink midget get pushed to the world championship in his first month?[View]
1601152kenny wishes he had a cooler pose[View]
1600872Was this community being cancled on /asp/ the equivalent of TNA getting bumped to Destination Americ…[View]
1601177i hope stone cold steve vioce again any of his role as resler an hearring[View]
1598106They got this nigga dying his hair pink now. That's what happens when u don't look out for…[View]
1601848Jurn Simmons: what happened to this guy? would see him on euro indies and he was a pretty big deal, …[View]
1600767>Returns in her leather pants in your path[View]
1594793SHE'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjNay7AjYJc[View]
1602052RENT. FREE.[View]
1597853Things you love about wrestling: This board is too negative so here we only post and talk about thin…[View]
1597452Shannon Moore is coming[View]
1596426best japanese wrestler alive today.[View]
1600479I want to be a wrestler. I'm 6'7 and 180 lbs, is it possible for me to become a hoss?[View]
1592284Kevin Nash: Was there a time where he was actually good? What matches of his are there Peacock worth…[View]
1568837/oz/ - Oz Academy: The Villain Training School[View]
1601693>And that's why that midget never drew a dime! Now if you'll excues me, I have to go in…[View]
1599387The natural conclusion of professional wrestling.[View]
1599969>casually cuts a 10 minute promo off the cuff in your path Why are Ever Rise not being pushed on …[View]
1597487The only man who can save WWE[View]
1600620holy based[View]
1601458Your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler, LA Knight[View]
1601278Im big guy and my boss asked me who my favourite wrestler is and I said 'I dont watch wrestling' so …[View]
1600145Were you ever scared of a wrestler?[View]
1601280I'm going to watch Rampage in 1 month 24 days 6 hours 28 minutes 17 seconds[View]
1600924What is the best Smackdown/2K game?[View]
1601143Find me a picture with more dimes than this[View]
1600355I know its oudated, but this is the most accurate ranking[View]
1598095Look im gonna be honest with you guys, Kane was always based[View]
1597491Is LA Knight the next Rock?[View]
1593116Kenny Omega: if he were good at wrestling and entertaining[View]
1599727>Impact ratings 111k >AEW ratings 462K Has there been a bigger antidraw in wrestling history?…[View]
1596706all three fell so far[View]
1597225I'm not a pro wrestling fan I'm not a sports entertainment fan I'm THE performance …[View]
1598089Paging nightmare cunt poster to return with the goods[View]
1599016BECKY LYNCH CONFIRMED NOT RETURNING: Per Rovert, who has many sources close to Becky.[View]
1592852MMAbros...: >has a more entertaining MMA match than actual MMA[View]
1598136Why is this promo so underrated? https://youtu.be/n9u0X19zzPc[View]
1600645What are the best wrestling books?[View]
1600137Ryback is awesome and deserves respect, just kidding, he can suck my dick[View]
1598816Fuck AEW fag tranny cunt scumbag subhumans. I fucking hate you worthless sacks of shit so much. If y…[View]
1600047THE BUCK... IS BROKEN[View]
1595373Orange Punch>any other superman punch[View]
1599058>go to indie show >sit front row >this happens what do…[View]
1600242Is this top 5 accurate?[View]
1597821Super world of sports: How the FUCK did this fail? They had Tenryu plus mother Fuckin Gojira being a…[View]
1598699>they unironically kayfabed cuck swaggers mma record because the real one is so embarrassing…[View]
1599956>He's gonna take you back to the past...[View]
1599746>the faction that saved AEW[View]
1598010Last Real Chads in Wrestling[View]
1600439My Lulu Pencil hat came, pencil army is now taking over brookyln[View]
1599676When did Statlander get hot lads?[View]
1600353Debate. Or don't, I don't care.[View]
1599277For me, it's Ricky Starks[View]
1599987I’m trying to hijack the speakers at work and play wrestling themes[View]
1600420Riho loves fun so much.[View]
1598134SidgeGOD has spoken:: It's back to watching NXT now[View]
1600385kek based[View]
1551920/ddm/ Donna del Mondo: Previous thread: >>1517560 News: Syuri is the best (but we already knew…[View]
1585509ITT: We laugh at tranny cultists who said AEW is making a profit[View]
1597285What's your favorite lyricchad?[View]
1599519What's a recent wrestling match you've watched more than once?[View]
1600293BIG mike elgin[View]
1596295Mmm... playing guitar is badass: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQScMXkA_Zu/[View]
1597880>WCW Thunder[View]
1598177Where's the /pw/ predicts thread? Is 2cold dead?[View]
1597726Watch CMLL[View]
1599347>He hit a 60-year-old man with Parkinson's Disease! He's so evil, you guys. What will h…[View]
1599179Why has he disappeared after Double or Nothing?[View]
15957471.0 million ratings soon again next month e drones. How will you cope when we hit that glorious numb…[View]
1598398Why won’t they turn this retard heel?[View]
1599440the big finish wast totally did screw up. The idea wast yond jarrett and page w're to climb the…[View]
1600113The Undisputed GOAT[View]
1598451AEW should do another mimosa match, but with slime, and it should be Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford. Rat…[View]
1599271Let’s discuss 80s 90s wrasslin: The two greatest matches ever 1. Razor vs HBK 2. Stone cold vs. bre…[View]
1599544Is it considered weird that I fapped to Stephanie back in 2014, when I was 14 years old?[View]
1599390SD RATINGS SKYROCKET: this week: 1.93 million last week: 1.85 million >https://www.spoilertv.com/…[View]
1598057ITT: Post wrestlers you hope get a career-ending and potentially life threatening injury[View]
1596523His career was fine until this point. Why did he do it?[View]
1599968When W W E eventually gets bought and erased from history, make sure to thank this man[View]
1599786Whose ass was better?[View]
1590909Bryan Cage should be AEW champion. Have him squash that bitch Kenneth[View]
1597407Ken Shamrock[View]
1598786How many dimes would a Roman-Shingo match draw right now?[View]
1599668>All '''Elite''' Wrestling >they are actual 4th league shitters that lost a ratings war to fuc…[View]
1597122Where did it all go wrong?[View]
1599647>You know what day it is right anon?[View]
159497490% of smackdown is nothing short of pure lynchian kino? Why are people pretending it’s shit? The cr…[View]
1599641Was it, dare I say it, lynchian?[View]
1591176ITS UP!!! tjpwho BTFO'd as well[View]
1599588wcw thread[View]
1597940Why is Penelope Ford (28) so jealous of Julia Hart (19)?[View]
1599033Killa Kross is the next Austin unfortunately reigns is the new rock. Biff wyatt is the new mankind, …[View]
1598341EL IDOLO[View]
1599358Fuck you shawncel[View]
1597476>The booking of AEW's women's division will improve when Britt is cham...…[View]
1598646I just saw that all of the WWE-era ECW episodes have been added to Peacock. I'm excited about t…[View]
1598975Kevin Nash[View]
1598435There is an alternate universe where Bo Dallas was the leader of the Wyatt family and it didn't…[View]
1589896Weekend webm thread: this was fun last week so we're going again this is the destination for al…[View]
1585468Cringe general: Post wrestling cringe. Doesn't matter if it's WWMEME, All petite, Who japa…[View]
1598292Mayu is cute, isn't she? She has a small face, long arms and legs, looks as good as an idol, an…[View]
1599165What are the best wrestling stages?[View]
1597516Who is better?[View]
1593694The Wingmen are based lads[View]
1598979So after Hell in a Cell, what's the difference between these two? Roman no sold getting pilmani…[View]
1598437Do you think he killed kittys as a kid?[View]
1598931He’s gotta be in the conversation for wrestler of the year right?[View]
1597816>gets punished by Vince for being too over[View]
1598043Did AEW really lose 41% of their audience in less than a year?[View]
1598763Ryback Feeding Time: MeDiet Cafe Mushroom Burger with Potato Slices: RYBACKERS, it's up! https:…[View]
1598318Why was it the best year in wrestling history?[View]
1596138absolute state of rybitches: Lol what went wrong jobbers?[View]
1595613>wrestler in a normal match >get's punched kicked stomped and slammed repeatedly and keep…[View]
1597719holy dimes[View]
1567763Io Shirai thread: Soft, smooth and hairless edition Previous thread: >>>>1539841 Social …[View]
1593029how many people do you think illegally stream AEW dynamite? do you think if illegal stream numbers w…[View]
1596219This is what a total winner looks like[View]
1597162Should Kane have kept this look?[View]
1597640'Derriba el muro abajo' De Cristian jeronimo: Vamos Jeronimooo Sabes que te tengo, si Uno, derriba l…[View]
1598476>tranny YEAH[View]
1596548Does Bullet Club take them back?[View]
1593862>wins chicken nugget belt >becomes fat Pottery…[View]
1590346He always did give me a Dexter Morgan vibe[View]
1597345>Rey vs Roman Hell In a Cell >Roman was apart of The Shield = Justice >Rey killed a man and…[View]
1597346OH NO NO NO NO[View]
1595918Did dirt sheets ruin wrestling?[View]
1595532Otis at home.[View]
1589566Why yes, I enjoy a fake bad guy receiving a fake beating for fake misdeeds committed against a fake …[View]
1597341Kayfabe reason why he didn’t just immediately go for the cover?: Would be literally impossible to ki…[View]
15967957 star match[View]
1598127>it's a Garret episode[View]
1591696The American Jushin Thunder Liger: But Nigger[View]
1597619You down with the clown?[View]
1598141>the only other kid in your class who enjoys professional wrestling is shoot retarded…[View]
1589585What the fuck is her problem?[View]
1594539Based Britt >Has more charisma in her molars than Chop Suey Shida >Can actually cut a coherent…[View]
1594532>5 gamethreads >more than smackdown >more than HIAC will get Tell me again that people don’…[View]
1597938Headlining the first /pw/ Hall of Fame class.[View]
1596419Analyze wrestlers: The affinity analyzers especially may be of interest http://en.inkei.net/[View]
1592338RyFacts: Ryback can hear sign language. Ryback once went to mars. Thats why there are no signs of li…[View]
1597854Yo you dealin' with the GOAT FACTOR I got all the dimes I ever wanted, And I'll never give…[View]
1597899>Where did Randy Savage take her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiludzJlc3k…[View]
1592477>been gone for a few weeks What the fuck happened to AEW bros?[View]
1587541Most of WWE's audience consists of people who are white and 45+ years old. Who is this group fo…[View]
1596190Here's how I would've booked it: Steve: 'Here's to you... SUCKIN MY DICK' >stunner…[View]
1597815ITT:wrestlers best look[View]
1594226holy yumola! how about some love for Bianca Belair?[View]
1596644Pro wrestling is such a stupid career to get into. The pay isn't even good to warrant destroyin…[View]
1593570Mania 2022 main event is a fatal 4 way where cody goes over reigns cena rock[View]
1592963Do you guys agree with twitter ? Is Punk one of the GOATs on the mic ?[View]
1585271AEW Found To Have Been Paying Turner For TV Time: No wonder they're losing money hand over fist…[View]
1587182I miss her bros: I miss this big titted Sheila like you wouldn't believe[View]
1594248Based Department? Lemme talk to ya https://youtu.be/9ZIKgpvi43A[View]
1595171>You know something, maniacs, first things first: I want the Doctor Proper to know, the Doctor Un…[View]
1594988ITT: Matches that saved wrestling[View]
1593163Ray “the walled” Lyn[View]
1588091Would your husbando tap to Sid's Crossface?[View]
1597500Lads, it's still coming home right? Right?[View]
1596587It hasn’t aged well…[View]
1595874Dr. Brit Baker Dimes Minting Dame[View]
1594660The match that saved /aspw/[View]
1597244Did they?[View]
1596806I'M UP!!!!!!!!!!: https://youtu.be/sFaIwtlalDg Actually I'm going to sleep but there'…[View]
1597095*casually becomes the greatest women’s match of all time*: How are we coping, SashaSisters?[View]
1590195Here is a good match for you. Perfect storytelling and character work: Chris Jercho is this ugly lit…[View]
1595546Meltzer is the most powerful man in Joshi wrestling[View]
1588576ITT:: People you love like you wouldn't believe[View]
1589097It's time. The curtains are drawn, my beers are chilled, and my pants are off. Tonight, I walk …[View]
1594222Why does his jacket say fag?[View]
1595259Did anything cool or exciting happen on Smackdown, E-chads? Every post in the catalog is about AEW I…[View]
1592067will kenny omega take his shirt off tonight?[View]
1596740queen of /pw/[View]
159718390s AJPW Thread: Post gifs, webms, stories and rumours from the best era in wrestling history[View]
1591233>wears an earring in your path[View]
1597247Where does he sit in terms of being over during the Attitude Era? Obviously Rock and Austin are ahea…[View]
1594869>FOX is happy with WWE's rati-[View]
1595739This is what a wrestler should look like: The laughable state of modern prowrestling.[View]
1596491There: Debate closed.[View]
1587288Post women's wrestlers who've had matches rated 5.5 stars. I'll start.[View]
1589651JOEY BURIES GOC[View]
1592154Pro Wrestlers who could possibly climb K2: what wrestlers from past or present do you think might ha…[View]
1596613based or cringe?[View]
1595899Was it 5 stars?[View]
1593988Based American Whitemare Cody Rhodes: Working the marks and the smarks into thinking he had a mulatt…[View]
1597282*fucks a prime underage stephanie mcmahon and makes WWE seethe for all eternity because of it* Fucki…[View]
1593484>sami and kevin still feuding[View]
1594910Joey the Chad Boy Janela[View]
1595589Kek based: Kek based[View]
1594510AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #5: >Wardlow Vs Jake hager | MMA cage match >Darby allin Vs Ethan pag…[View]
1594316>Kris will never be by your side >Kris will never boop your snoot >Kris will never hug you …[View]
1589634I'll always be a Hulkamaniac[View]
1596048>Went from a laughing stock to the most respected figure in all of /pw/ What the fuck happened?…[View]
1586465How come LA Knight has no 5 star matches?[View]
1596118Favorite AEW Commentator?[View]
1594641takeoff is a bretchad[View]
1596633There is only one black wrestler that I like. If you can correctly guess who it is, I will never use…[View]
1596179Name a cooler wrestler Pro tip: you can't[View]
1597047Confess, /pw/[View]
1590206Are they having more than one kid? Does baby #2 also get their own TV segment & announcement pac…[View]
1597048ITT: Wrestling stipulation that would fit in MMA: MMA fight in hair vs hair[View]
1595865Triple H is the greatest wrestler in the history of this business. Discuss.[View]
1594905Is Aaron Solow the most dimeless wrestler in AEW?[View]
1597038How do you fix these dimeless promotions?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_professional_wrestl…[View]
1594073He’s based lads[View]
1594754Thea Trinidad will debut in AEW within the next 2 weeks: >Andrade announces that he and Vickie ha…[View]
1596959Candice LeRae? More like Candice dick fit in your mouth![View]
1583987I shoot hate E drones so fucking bad, Elite Chads.[View]
1596758Based or cringe?: Full disclosure: I'm a sucker for brunettes with big tits[View]
1596933Those boots Bayley was wearing last night though[View]
1595310People on /pw/: Really thought I got an Alexa Bliss Cameo You got someone else.......[View]
1592692The Ace: This is a thread for Hiroshi Tanahashi. Please post pictures, quotes and webms.[View]
1596711Who is the best Cinderella?[View]
1593076kek what a mogged bitchtits[View]
1595906The Fat Nazi: Who is you favorite wrestler and why is it The Fat Nazi?[View]
1595210>aaggghhhh!! please let me go Mr. Reigns you're hurting me!!! Does WWE get off on booking it…[View]
1591944YLYL Thread: LOL[View]
1595729Reminder that this channel exists because Righty was molested as a kid and used wrestling as an esca…[View]
1592751>Kenny Omilkers >Kenny Omammary >Kenny Omommy >Kenny Otitcow >Titties Omilkmaid >B…[View]
1594109This dude could have been a massive star if Vince and WCW booked him right.[View]
1593314Most of the whippersnappers on this board don’t know how awesome it was to flip back and forth durin…[View]
1596439>Asian man defeats “white” man and is crowned king Predictive programming for how the white man’s…[View]
1594225just how big of a fucking mark do you have to be?[View]
1595938One of the only guys who can make worked shoots look good.[View]
1596547John Cena did nothing wrong[View]
1596561>money mark >bald >can't sing >shit company filled with shitters that nobody watche…[View]
1589659For me it's Thunder Rosa[View]
1593978I wouldve prefered Becky to show up on TV BEFORE you fat fucking loser smark faggot sons of whores s…[View]
1595974Wait a minute. Hold up. This nigga's name is LA Knight: Thats based and redpilled.[View]
1596308PILLMAN 99MM GLOCK[View]
1588903YESS SIR!: There is no wrestling 'Forum' or 'Subreddit' who could be able to provide this currently …[View]
1596035What are some wrestling moments like this?[View]
1595929How can I be cool like Seth Freaking Rollins?[View]
1589917*cries backstage after Samoa Joe cuts a promo on him*[View]
1592861Ken Shamrock doing a real suplex in a real fight: See how it’s supposed to look? Belly to belly and …[View]
1593977AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #4: >Wardlow Vs Jake hager | MMA cage match >Darby allin Vs Ethan pag…[View]
1590707>wrestler ends their promo with '....bitch.'[View]
1594773One more week[View]
1588241I hope someone brokes their legs: I unironically want someone to fuckin end their careers and crippl…[View]
1594562What are you thoughts on current International Wrestling Grand Prix World Heavyweight Champion 'The …[View]
1586728>Gunner >Birdie >Knash >Cosmosos >Roux >Liberty Why do wrestlers choose the most c…[View]
1594006Bad man[View]
1594861>worked cage match between Hager and Wardlow >looks identical to most UFC matches I've se…[View]
1587431wrestling merch that’s acceptable to wear[View]
1590725What's the first thing she should do when she comes back? I think she should get slimed by Shan…[View]
1594707Do all luchadores who go to Ameica love capeshit[View]
1591011>Gets pushed during pride month Will Brandon kill himself once he’s kicked off again?…[View]
1591890I'm starting to love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
1591294Based Miz[View]
1590287She's coming[View]
1589531These are your newest female NXT signees, Eva and Piper. Say something nice about them.[View]
1590889based or cringe?[View]
1584647I love this LA dude.[View]
1593483'Bad' wrestling can actually be better than 'Good' wrestling sometimes: It's something I'v…[View]
1593383AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #3: >Wardlow Vs Jake hager | MMA cage match >Darby allin Vs Ethan pag…[View]
1589196When is 'The Legit Boss' Sasha Banks coming back to WWE ? I miss her bros....[View]
1592465205 Live Gamethread: Jiro's back baby[View]
1589625SmackDown Gamethread #1 - Pure Strikes Edition: Things to expect: >Shinsuke vs King Corbin >An…[View]
1590648>Becky Lynch was at the performance center this week Looks like one of rovert’s many sources clos…[View]
1587191That NJPW/WWE deal? Dave Meltzer made the whole thing up.[View]
1593656Pretty Peter truly cares about his boys[View]
1585452>talks about AEW for over 40 fucking minutes >buys $100+ of MJF Bitcoin on air >Copes about…[View]
1593643Let's see your replicas[View]
1592789AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #2: >Wardlow Vs Jake hager | MMA cage match >Darby allin Vs Ethan pag…[View]
1590249Why do they feel the need to spam the board with 500 threads a day about “Edrones” and WWE?[View]
1590468When is AEW going to start releasing shitters they don't use[View]
1588670Why isn't the top guy of the world's biggest promotion capable of having a 5 star match? S…[View]
1591816Alright marks, you like to talk about fake tough guys in wrestling? Well let's talk about a sho…[View]
1592485I fucking hate this faggot so much. Not even memeing, I genuinely want to unleash unspeakable tortur…[View]
1593187What the fuck was his problem?[View]
1578862/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on Wrestle Universe for 900 yen a month. Next Shows: 6.19,6.…[View]
1590420Have video games ruined wrestlers?[View]
1592829“There’s a rat in the building and we don’t have an exterminator”: What Tony said as MJF walked to t…[View]
1592906His Elite Hunter gimmick is pure kino: By far the best thing he’s done in his career. He’s always be…[View]
1590569is Bradshaw the biggest backstage asshole? sure seems like it[View]
1590735AEW Dynamite Gamethread #1: WarGOD Edition >Wardlow Vs Jake hager | MMA cage match >Darby alli…[View]
1592668All Japan Pro Wrestling legend, Sean Morgan[View]
1586312He doesn't even watch wrestling yet thinks his opinion matters and that he's cool for it: …[View]
1569501|| /bloomcoom/ || Official Mandy Rose General: Friendly reminder that Mandy Rose is the hottest fema…[View]
1584764CAN'T DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAW DIIIIIIIIMES *clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk* HE'S JUST …[View]
1588746>buys $250 dollars worth of MJF coin[View]
1586064*Doesn't apologize for hurting your feelings*[View]
1591579WWE Smackdown gamethread #2: Bathrobe Dwane edition: Dwane’s favorite wrestler is Randy Orton[View]
1585646Mike Quackenbush presents: joshi puroresu starting points: Joshi puroresu - Japanese women's wr…[View]
1588394No mommy, don't do it again Don't do it again I'll be a good boy I'll be a good …[View]
1588099HOLLA: IF YA HEAR ME[View]
1587809>Hell outside a cell match[View]
1586420Fuck this guy[View]
1590738emotions.setRole(father); emotions.setFeeling(pride); emotions.enable();[View]
1592385>beats you with a really poor guillotine[View]
1592165What's the kayfabe reason for not just bashing someone's skull in repeatedly with a chair …[View]
1592361Why does Tony have to be on drugs all the time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85uWHVF9KKg&ab_c…[View]
1591559>Hey e-drone, fuck yo-[View]
1592155>NOOOOOO! You can't go entertain the people of Saudi Arabia! Their government is bad!…[View]
1586856He easily could've been the next big thing in wrestling, why did it end like this bros, we didn…[View]
1586450/Stardom/ General: previous: >>1577212 News: 5.5 Stars Rossy announced a new trainee that has …[View]
1590690>There has never been a better time to watch professional wrestling[View]
1585021LEGACY = All Together 2021: >NJPW, AJPW, Michi Pro, BJW, DDT, Dragon Gate, Noah, ZERO1 & 2AW …[View]
1588668Go back snake poster[View]
1588032Every female wrestler should look like this. Also, I want to lick her legs and feet.[View]
1590284ITT: ultimate pleb filters[View]
1588738I won't watch AEW tonight.[View]
1584781Be aware that this match is the cutoff point where getting into Stardom makes you a bandwagon false …[View]
1589630Who goes over, brothers: Let's settle this match, /pw/[View]
1590562/reymysterio/: Holy basado Haven’t watched SmackDown in almost 2 years, will definitely be watching …[View]
1591442>smackdown ppv >only one thread[View]
1590413little bit of the AHH YESSIR[View]
1589606TIK TOK[View]
1586635Head of the Table: Hell in a Cell match moved to smackdown. 'The Main Event' indeed[View]
1591594*gets respectable pops and lots of mini-midcard pushes in your path*[View]
1589734I won't watch Dynamite tonight.[View]
1591605Yo Ya Dealing With The GOAT factor I've got all the dimes i ever wanted and im going to get tha…[View]
1591591kek what a slimed bitch[View]
1586039Tony Khan: 'AEW & WWE Have a True Competition, a War': While speaking to WFAN’s Moose and Maggie…[View]
1589415If there is a God, Triple H should have one more solid run with the WWE championship. He is undoubte…[View]
1586702When will Mizuki win the POP title?[View]
1591436Who /jomosapian/ here?[View]
1589970AEW is scared to run against Smackdown: But I genuinely believe if they ran Friday Night Dynamite in…[View]
1589120TAKE ME BACK[View]
1589678>Best color commentator >58 time AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion >well respected legend …[View]
1590143>go to the US to get a vaccine >take a booking so it's technically a work trip…[View]
1588740>trannies think this was real[View]
1590830>youtubers make more money then most wrestling companies And this is just patreon money. If wrest…[View]
1589283Ricky Starks is THE BEST wrestler out there[View]
1586006Have a badd ass weekend, /pw/[View]
1582789Who is the strongest wrestler in kayfabe?: As far as I'm concerned it would have to be either B…[View]
1589760Have a Badd Ass Weekend, /pw/[View]
1581867Was this bases or crinde[View]
1589860This schedule is gonna stay. AEW's new show will compete with RAW.[View]
1591030What the fuck is happening? You guys said it would last only a month. It's been like 2 years no…[View]
1591232this would be a dimes faction[View]
1581612>Triple H: *exist* >Tranny smarks: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE True story…[View]
1585776Is Himawari Unagi a good wrestler or just another pretty face?[View]
1589363I will not be watching Smackdown tonight.[View]
1590449Who's the Jannetty?[View]
1588920Was Austin's heel turn based?[View]
1590514I just don't like his face[View]
1584269I won't be watching Smackdown on Friday night.[View]
1589267Women's wrestling is stupid and I don't respect it, that's right, I just have sex wit…[View]
1589557I have never watched a full episode of AEW Dynamite[View]
1579557Not an insult just a fact of life: >is the nail in the coffin for AEW…[View]
1589138In todays world what is the right balance between respecting kayfabe but also acknowledging that the…[View]
1590993>Nakamura never quite reached the same heights as Tanahashi >Shibata can never wrestle again 4…[View]
1589223Uhhh... why is the main event of the hiac ppv happening tonight instead of sunday?[View]
1590944ITT: only the based and redpilled theme songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuH4DwVnYJI&ab_cha…[View]
1587496Better than your favorite wrestler[View]
1584930If I have multimillion dollar: I would start a promotion that have no tag team division just single …[View]
1589943Bodybuildingbros bunker thread: WTF bros, not only did we have the covid fuck us over. Now it seems …[View]
1588173what is the most try hard promo you've seen?[View]
1590043Hehehehohoho: Who do I book from Hell In The Cell Cameos[View]
15891764chan Books a Shindy: Wanted to do something different from the regular bullshit and throw this gimm…[View]
1590347Was Eugene a draw?[View]
1589332I'm not watching AEW Tonig... Fuck that shit meme: This thread is probably not one for Elitecha…[View]
1589957>”You want to know what a mark is? A mark is guy that posts anonymously on an imageboard about wr…[View]
1586174>So much of an anti-draw his match at the PPV gets scrapped and put on free TV instead KWAB…[View]
1589255>THANK YOU GOAT!!!! >THANK YOU GOAT!!!! >THANK YOU GOAT!!!! Honestly this moment gave me ch…[View]
1590229>Denise Salcell in a hell[View]
1586372For me, it's Ricky Starks[View]
1588878The current card >Ol'Snake vs Ol'Shane >Rosefag vs Blissfag >Team we don't s…[View]
1590186what was he thinking at this moment[View]
1589132Why cant NXT create stars like OVW did?[View]
1590087Why haven't they come back in even as Semi-fulltime capacity, either individually or as a duo i…[View]
1588096What direction is this Liv/Carmella feud going?[View]
1582003Viper-Piper Niven Jun 16Successful big people are often met with this because we remind people of th…[View]
1587389Book your /pw/ dream match[View]
1589591Was this a fitting end to Rock's wrestling career?[View]
1586824Hi: I hope everyone has a FOXY weekend![View]
1588487>they couldn't even let Jon and Renee have a week of attention for their baby: Why are they …[View]
1586725AEWBotches BTFO'D by Janela: KWAB[View]
1587911I dont like sasha banks at all. In fact, I think she's up there as one of the worst female wres…[View]
1589498I'm gonna watch aew dynamite tonight[View]
1578345And the time is upon us Paul...[View]
1586920/pw/ BTFO: https://youtu.be/w03zBOgRKPY[View]
1584925Smackdown gm Steph was best Steph. She new what the male fans wanted. And she give it to them with s…[View]
1583571The ol Snake >Never the guy >Drugged out of his mind >Gets posted on Plebbit >Cried duri…[View]
1586269Marika General: Where all my real aMarikans at brother? It's time to worship the goddess[View]
1589123/pw/ Quote of the Day: >If we find the answer to that (why the WWE Universe exists), it would be …[View]
1589177>You know something, maniacs, first things first: I want the Doctor Proper to know, the Doctor Un…[View]
15867067 star match[View]
1586243Watch CMLL[View]
1581497>/pw/ chads.. we lost[View]
1589066MJF. The salt of the earth almost transcends wrestling. He's less of a human and more of a conc…[View]
1583902best wrestling signs[View]
1585567>Had to return to NXT (DEVELOPMENT) because he sucked really bad How many more cases of this will…[View]
1585697Remember when Big Show called Kai En Tai 'two gooks'. He claims he said GOOFS but his tongue is too …[View]
1588851why are so many of you guys constantly negative and miserable?[View]
1588882this dude is quoting fucking cartoons[View]
1586406They buried our guy to push this fat shitter[View]
1587604>Billy Gunn refused to sign over his likeness to AEW and instead is still signed to WWE with a le…[View]
1588005'Hello, _____'[View]
1588429The best part of NXT[View]
1587318It still hurts bros ;_;[View]
1588729How did Kenny kill the AEW title’s prestige so quickly?[View]
1581045so this is happening[View]
1586040/ctg/ - Chuck Taylor General: For fans of the Kentucky Gentleman. Twitter: @SexyChuckieT[View]
1585295imma finna play a game so let's play, post a wrestler, then post an animal that the wrestler re…[View]
1587357People are going to think I'm false flagging or larping but I'm unironically not Wrestling…[View]
1586637Post bad wrestler physiques[View]
1581711this poster didn't age well[View]
1585700Congratulations Cody and Brandi: To celebrate this glorious occasion, please fire QT Marshall.…[View]
1586400Dynamite is gonna be on in about 8 hours isn't it?[View]
1588402ITT: Wrestlers you wish would just fuck off already.[View]
1578196'Helloooo I'm the wrestling critic, I watch it so you don't have to: >*watches AEW* 'AH…[View]
1588322I just realized I dont think i even like wrestling anymore I only ever complain about it[View]
1587365Which one will suck more?[View]
1585356>In an update, Fightful Select reports that FOX and USA/NBCU were a big part of the push for more…[View]
1586307What are the best NXT themes?[View]
1582150who is the greatest Carnie in the history of the business?[View]
1588445Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
1585076If you stopped watching WWE and ‘made the switch’ to AEW, don’t you dare come crawling back to us no…[View]
1587404Trannies be like AEW is exactly what wrestling fan s want and then there is a Cody announcement ever…[View]
1588105/pw/ is filled with corporate shills who don't even get payed by a corporation and they are pro…[View]
1584850Slapnuts: Slapnuts[View]
1588382What would your entrance theme be?[View]
1579035Holy based[View]
1588289>OH I’M NO QUEER[View]
1586756what was percs best match?[View]
1587179>fucks your waifu[View]
1586656> Watch Smackdown and 205 Live tonight or you're gay[View]
1584339Is this guy really on drugs or is he severely autistic?: I thought you guys were meme-ing before ht…[View]
1586560Dangerously based wrestlers thread[View]
1588288post this for lurking Joey Janela[View]
1586953Wtf is his problem?[View]
1584406>reviewer >award winner >weight lifter >premiere wrestling journo >chinks want hi…[View]
1585338Nice PPV dimwits[View]
1583113>Lashley weasels his way out with the help of MVP again >Drew can't challenge Lashley any…[View]
1586429Parker Boudreaux is a shitter: >People are heavily praising the potential of the “real athletes” …[View]
1588174watching WWE every week hoping it will change for the better is insane, just admit they suck and sto…[View]
1586914How young is too young for wrestling?[View]
1586857Saves wrestling worldwide[View]
1582962*destroys your gods* >Nothing personell kid[View]
1584294For the June 11th episode of Dynamite, Christian Cage vs Angelico did 567,000 viewers & 292,000 …[View]
1584525What is responsible for the current era of 'flippy, indie shitters' wrestling?[View]
1583196Custom Match type ideas thread: This is a new one I just thought of, I call it a Roulette Match. It …[View]
1587767>kenny omilkers vs kazuchika okada[View]
1584263Do I make you horny baby??[View]
1586546Tammy Sytch Issues Statement On Finishing Prison Sentence, Her Future Plans: >Tammy Sytch is once…[View]
1586137USA Network is very unhappy with WWE: >Andrew Zarian from the Mat Men podcast said that USA Netwo…[View]
1582552No one did it like 90s Shawn Michaels.[View]
1582950Who was better? Would a WWF/AJPW super show around this time be based?[View]
1586284Mayu is cute, isn't she? She has a small face, long arms and legs, looks as good as an idol, an…[View]
1585840Did they ever reveal what the cause of death was? I'm going to go and guess he had too many of …[View]
1584729Dont piss me off: Dont piss me off[View]
1587669The business was better when we had bra and panties matches: 'I remember the stuff at commentary, th…[View]
1583904>doesn't have a single 3 star match at age 26 with 8 years of experience So this is the powe…[View]
1586994>the PS3 TNA game had really good graphics! >Virtual Pros >monster gaijin >Sean O'H…[View]
1583979NXT has the best women's divisio-: >Syuri vs. Utami Hayashishita: 5.5 >Kadokura & STA…[View]
1586657Whats the better choice?: - Has no Trannies - Has no fags - Boss is Vince who makes Reddit seethe - …[View]
1587201it was a simpler time[View]
1579254Ryback, Snoop Dogg buy cars together in Las Vegas: WWE wrestler Ryback, musician Snoop Dogg and Wayd…[View]
1583478According to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, Stardom wrestler Unagi Sayaka is a crisp wrestl…[View]
1581388based filthy going out on top[View]
1585266Makes edrones seethe[View]
1584125So what now with them?: >cmll is ended relationship with them because their lucha guys start up t…[View]
1581501AEW confirmed not profitable: kek what a money mark promotion https://www.forbes.com/sites/hanktucke…[View]
1577335hey /pw/ LA Knight here just wanna thank you guys for supporting so much these past few months. it r…[View]
1586871Paul and Vince never knew what they had.[View]
1580903>claims he's gonna wrestle for at least 10 more years Is he on the path of becoming the GOAT…[View]
1586217You mean to tell me Bruno Sammartino wrestled an orangutan and all footage of that match is lost for…[View]
1584538Is there a more passionate player than Shida? I think not[View]
1586908There's no such thing as a smart mark[View]
1582089The theme of TAKA Michinoku >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX6YwVxstNE…[View]
1585928Which wrestler should i be their #1 fan of?[View]
1584652>Hey anon wanna watch stardom with me? Dave gave it 5.5 stars What do?[View]
1583116Do you think Steph seethes that Sable fucked her dad and future husband?[View]
1583595Ryback Was Supposed To Be Part Of Failed WWE Faction: One of WWE’s worst factions was The Corre, the…[View]
1586553I made a bunch of pasta and watched jushin liger matches at 1 am last night and now I woke up feelin…[View]
1582536Too many turncoats are found in this board. Most of us discovered wrestling thanks to WWE, and yet y…[View]
1586500Jesus Christ he was really raped?[View]
1583218Happy birthday to my favorite wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa.[View]
1581864IT'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW57V96Jx4s[View]
1582147John Was Always Based: Big Match John is doing voice-overs for Honda Civic commercials now. I though…[View]
1584680Did his dad rape him also?[View]
1585027I'm not a self mark, brother. I always work these threads doing what's best for business. …[View]
1586094>Listen to the latest Keeping it 100 with Meltzer as the guest >He's high energy and a mu…[View]
1585912What were they driving[View]
1582617still a Hulkamaniac brother[View]
1584184Effortlessly cool[View]
1586059best authority figures: for me, it's JJ Dillon[View]
1584122Edge should've won[View]
1584144Who was the Jannetty?[View]
1585126We don't say THAT word around here[View]
1583630WON Star Ratings: Stardom, NXT TakeOver, AEW: Stardom Tokyo Dream Cinderella >Maika vs. Sayaka: 3…[View]
1586053Bring Back Willie[View]
1584127>the chudster (circa 2021, Wrestlemania 37)[View]
1585085Rare piece of previously lost ECW footage reveals the lore behind Raven's character youtube.com…[View]
1585247What the fuck e-chads. How come Dave won't give any of our women 5 stars, but he'll give i…[View]
1585917What is Shawn typing?[View]
1584088Would AEW marks mark out?[View]
1584869Everything is going according to plan. Now that more eyes are on Stardom, the Saya Kamitani prophecy…[View]
1582522Remember what they took from you[View]
1584983Was this, dare I say it, kino?[View]
1585886Fuck the e-drones[View]
1584498WWE Files Trademark for 'Doudrop': Move over LA Knight, your spot has been taken[View]
1582036This. So much this!: Tribal Chief stans laying the smackdown on the attitude era boomers.[View]
1582136Best sucide dive ever[View]
1582689>heel wrestler cuts a promo then calls out the 'fat guy in the front row' and points at him >c…[View]
1584950holy based[View]
1584572Remember you're never truly alone if the Ace is in your heart.[View]
1584725Have you ever been so mind broken by a meme that you got worked into saving thousands of pictures of…[View]
1577212/Stardom/ General: previous thread: >>1564546 ACTUAL NEWS: most likely Syuri/Utami is gonna be…[View]
1584189>mtf trans/femboy >younger than nyla >taller than nyla >thinner than nyla >stronger t…[View]
1585651Name this tag team[View]
1580933/girldad/ general: Who here’s #girldad like our guy dwayne?[View]
1585572fake tough guy weekend warrior hobbyist pussy who had to run to fake fighting because he couldn…[View]
1584826Why is she balding? I thought she was cis, Elite Bros?[View]
1584698Alright marks, you like to talk about fake tough guys in wrestling? Well let's talk about a sho…[View]
1580626BREAKING: Ryback preparing for his in-ring return: https://twitter.com/Ryback/status/140568048331742…[View]
1583631>that's Azumi to you, plebian not Ay-zedo-em[View]
1583601Top ten moment of the decade?[View]
1585227So AEW is the “bad” company but E-Drones will excuse literal anal slop like this[View]
1579472Orange cassidy THREAD: Freshly squeezed[View]
1581150How does Joey Janela do it? Always the center of attention, always finds the camera, charismatic, br…[View]
1584426Why did they book such a weird finish?[View]
1584208Now I see a lot of people online....wait mommy what's are you doing?! Mommy NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! OW…[View]
1583757Kwab: > There's no holding me back, I'm not driven by fear, I'm just driven by ang…[View]
1584684Poor soul. She didn't deserve anything that happened to her. I guess Stephanie is really fuckin…[View]
1585373>Edrone >Sloppy Shop >Anti-smark >CopE >SeethE >TrannE >E-cult >Vince is lit…[View]
1585097Why did Vince do this?[View]
1585377>92% Oh no nashbros[View]
1570884WEBM thread: this lil blue monkey bitch i found[View]
1584118Jake the snake? More like Jake the RAPED KWAB[View]
1578900The Undisputed GOAT[View]
1582485I'm stylin' and racial profilin'![View]
1577991Marika Kobashi General[View]
1577481Post Zzzzzz matches[View]
1583864>Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler vs Pac, Penta & Eddie Kingston 569,000 viewers & 272,00…[View]
1584158Could any woman in wrestling take her in a shoot fight?[View]
1580830this is NXT prospect Trey Baxter, say something nice about him![View]
1578540LeBron James ignores a wrestling legend AGAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCimPnjOPsc What the …[View]
1583394Now that the dust has settled, is it fair to say Hayashishita Utami (22) is the greatest female pro-…[View]
1584903“In other news, Dave Meltzer is reporting that in 1992 Kevin Nash was raped by 13 black men. That’s …[View]
1582045What did Braun Strowman and Mojo Rawley mean by this?[View]
1577334Why'd they job Asuka out to Charlotte?[View]
1582292Deuce n' Domino is the greatest tag team ever[View]
1582381We’re just a few hours away from this man giving a Stardom match 5 stars: StardomChads, are we ready…[View]
1584468>baldd baker[View]
1582037ITT: unjustings[View]
1584446I blame pat patterson for this: https://youtu.be/RU3u7VhlylQ[View]
1576521ITT:: People you love like you wouldn’t believe[View]
1584399holy dimes[View]
1584383protip buy MJF coin before it officially launches on Dynamite tonight[View]
1574637They made a cuter Riho.[View]
1583647The day wrestling died.[View]
1584050the weak must fear the strong: the weak must fear the strong[View]
1582987this is my caw say something nice[View]
1581572Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
1583656>Dick Rick >Rod Munch >El Hijo de Trump…[View]
1582410Side and Atheist[View]
1582319Why have his matches been scrubbed: from the internet?[View]
1582210i hate this queer[View]
1583935>is going bald in you are path[View]
1583255I think /wooo/ is about to die guys. Kirt is loosing it. https://twitter.com/Job4_2/status/140560275…[View]
1581440How can I be cool like Seth Freaking Rollins?[View]
158404702 zoomchad here, redpill me on the summer of 92. how real is it?[View]
1569849>NXT 695k >AEW 487k[View]
1579528Congrats on 100 million views for a band synonymous with wrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6…[View]
1578544Utterly based Irish mammy[View]
1565022Daily reminder that Aliyah's real name is Nhooph Al-Areebi[View]
1582850Shit that just doesn't make any sense[View]
1582180Do you think he likes AEW?[View]
1582004KWABM (kekwhatabaldingmanlet)[View]
1583049The Band was based: https://youtu.be/lHQKOTwPuDQ[View]
1580289Becky Lynch isn't coming back[View]
1578509AEW video game: Skip to 8:10 https://youtu.be/rUEkGAImpBA?t=490[View]
1579192Red Death Mask (レッドデスマスク) is my favorite NJPW Superstar[View]
1583849There has never been a single good Shitalian wrestler.[View]
1583995What?: I love this beer drinking sumbitch like you wouldn’t believe[View]
1583777What are your thoughts on international princess champion Hikari Noa?[View]
1583933El Hijo de Trump: Based or Cringe?[View]
1580392Watch out Bianca: women's wrestling is saved[View]
1583852Has a 5 star match at age 22 with 2 years of experience in your path: Will she teach Daniel Cryan (0…[View]
1569200At what point did she start looking like a Tranny?: At this point Domino Presley literally looks mor…[View]
1561976/Kabuki/ Klub: Beat the Heat Edition: Stay cool with Kabuki. https://twitter.com/WWEAsuka https://tw…[View]
1583856What is the greatest finisher?[View]
1580101Cena the type of dude who wears a life-vest to eat cereal.[View]
1583401The post that broke /pw[View]
1583375BASED 5.5 STAR UTAMI[View]
1579808>wrestling is real, people are fake[View]
1582059Soop, marks?[View]
1581479What happened?[View]
1582655The moo generation[View]
1581443What 2 words would you use to describe wrestling?[View]
1577441Whose ass was better?[View]
1581235Are you ready?[View]
1576079im gonna stop watching aew when this dork shows up i think[View]
1583606PS2 level game that put AEW finances in red.[View]
1582586Vince McMahon retardation: >And then there’s stuff you don’t know about like ‘yeah you can’t push…[View]
1582321Kevin Nash > CM Punk: Kevin Nash: - 7 feet tall, 300 pounds of muscle - Extremely charismatic - S…[View]
1578747WWE Hell in a Cell Cameo Update >Shawn Michaels - $750 - SOLD OUT >Alexa Bliss - $600 - SOLD O…[View]
1580414CHYNA Documentary Gamethread: 9pm ET on VICE[View]
1583643You dont want to mess with these Badasses[View]
1582751ylyl thread lets go[View]
1578101>Draw more dimes than all other womeme wrestlers. How does based Lexi do it?…[View]
1583535>After I personally phoned Syuri and Hayashita to tell them their match received 5.5 stars, i wen…[View]
1579295AUSTIN 3:16 SAYS: Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah ] fro…[View]
1576232Wishing everyone a triumphant Thursday![View]
1581125> LA Knight > Kenny Omega > Cameron Grimes > Darby Allin > Karrion Kross > Dean Mo…[View]
1580036What's the modern version of this?[View]
1580085Joey Ryan got set up. All these bitches coming out of the woodwork all at once was just way too conv…[View]
1582741Early 00s Indy Wrestling Company Returns: November 2021.[View]
1578445I hate both of these horse faced cunts. No one wants to hear women talk about wrestling videogames.[View]
1574450Owlchad Gamethread https://m.twitch.tv/impactwrestling[View]
1575678queen of wrestling[View]
1583079Are they the GOATs of North America? My mind always defaults to these 2.[View]
1576342Tony. release. now.[View]
1582781The modern day Flair, Austin and Rock all as one person.[View]
1582916Favorite Entrance Music: Post your favorite entrance themes from WWE, AEW, WCW, etc. https://youtu.…[View]
1579666I agree, this is highway robbery[View]
1582431I miss Owen, dammit[View]
1580073What was the point of jumping out of the ring just to do a slap?[View]
1580212>Chudgo Chudkagi[View]
1570713Was it worth it??[View]
15810687 star match[View]
1581968>when he posts the jake roberts copy pasta again[View]
1579815Adam Bomb / Wrath: What went wrong?[View]
1579553Redpill me on Easy E[View]
1581938Just what did WWE mean by this?[View]
1578416He's coming back, isn't he?[View]
1582160I'm an AEWtist but I shoot don't like Dylanposting (even towards e-drones.) I just don…[View]
1580375WRESTLING is SAVED[View]
1579694hobbyist weekend warrior fake tough guy bitch leaves his gloves in the ring after his last fight lik…[View]
1579440El Hijo De Trump: Was he based?[View]
1582021I don't care if he's racist because I'm not black. I'm down with Wood for life b…[View]
1581238Why doesn't he migrate to Twitch and start streaming daily, he's gonna be a multi-milliona…[View]
1580737Alright /pw/...: Are there any YouTube personalities you think could get over in Pro Wrestling if th…[View]
1578933Who's the janetty?[View]
1581925Wrestling attires only worn once:[View]
1581067Do I make you horny baby?[View]
1581747holy fucking based[View]
1581754Why is this more dimes than 3 month's worth of AEW programming?[View]
1579559Who has the book at AEW?[View]
1581302Who goes over?[View]
1581353Tessa to AEW, when?![View]
1581442>under 500[View]
1581460Who is going over?[View]
1581462Why can't they break 0 viewership?[View]
1580642Who was the Michaels?[View]
1581355Post people who would make based pro wrestling managers.[View]
1579411OH N-[View]
1579913Summerslam observation: Why did Summerslam have so many World Title matches end in DQ in the 2000s? …[View]
1580104post rare submission holds: aagh[View]
1579782hobbyist weekend warrior fake tough guy bitch leaves his gloves in the ring after his last fight lik…[View]
1581249who are some wrestlers that aren't bald but are balding and keep the balding look?[View]
1579392>has the natural charisma of the rock >former protégée of ted dibiasie like stone cold steve a…[View]
1579064Why did WWE stop having random graphics during promos?[View]
1579342>Dick Rick[View]
1580258I like flippy shit[View]
1575850Why can’t they break 470k?[View]
1578137/pw/ Quote of the Day: >If a star were a grain of salt, you could fit all the stars visible to th…[View]
1578624>un-cancels himself because he’s too much of a legend to care about your shitty zoomer culture in…[View]
1580713>when somebody botches in AEW[View]

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