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11736785YOU. ARE. A. SMARK![View]
11732037Why is this admittedly cute fox being posted so often lately?[View]
11735469So this is what he was doing at Payback[View]
11736734>entrance theme starts with a loud bass heartbeat sound[View]
11736720Does anyone else enjoy mid carders more because they are poor and never was able to pay PPVs or the …[View]
11736413The truth.: AEW has had two lightning in a bottle moments. Punk, and Wembley. Both were squandered. …[View]
11733154>Indianapolis >Racecar theme >no appearance of Bob “Sparkplug” Holly Hard pass…[View]
11736536*leads the WWE locker room*[View]
11736665Wwe is fucking TRASH: gay ass redditors faggot retards bunch of boring ass boomer BULLSHIT[View]
11736663The good guys >CM Punk >Jim Cornette >Ace Steel >FTR The bad guys >The Cucks >Ken…[View]
11736525Where's the goodnight hulkamaniacs poster ? He was over with me[View]
11736653I'm glad they fired him, we don't use that word here[View]
11736626Merry Christm-[View]
11736211Is it time to admit their promotions are all dying?[View]
11735038If he's not the one to dethrone Gunther I am officially retiring from watching professional wre…[View]
11735483Reading the newest Observer and Dave is doing his damnedest to say none of the newly released people…[View]
11736062Have a Badd Ass Weekend, /asp/[View]
11736050>THE TRIBAL CHIEF![View]
11735512COCK AND ASS BROS[View]
11735407I just had a horrifying revelation about wrestling...: Each generation had it's main draw that …[View]
11735950This match was randomly added to No Mercy.[View]
11734192/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11736330IT'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9UtxgSukXc[View]
11735844>1990-1995 Why was it that everyone who wasn’t a jobber or mega star had the following as a finis…[View]
11735899i had a dream i was about to wrestle seth at wrestlemania[View]
11735922Welp, Smackdown is going to be great tonight.[View]
11736275Dave R. Sanders[View]
11731943Why did Ramses make no effort in trying to catch Nacho?[View]
11736156>AEW champ can't even afford a nice Swiss automatic timepiece KWAB…[View]
11729402WWE 2K24 Wishlist: Who or what do you want to see in the new video game? Who do you think will be th…[View]
11732179The proof is in the pudding.[View]
11736029Signing Mercedes, Edge, and Mariah May, and one other jobber will put AEW's roster size at 200.[View]
11733120Honest question, why does their food look like unironic dogshit. All this for mark wrestlers to get …[View]
11735752I'M AN ASK MAN[View]
11736059IT'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW3F7fRyYRQ[View]
11735923You tell me? Why don’t you tell us Dave[View]
11735816Matt Diddled is the KWABOTY because he has no redeeming moments unlike Semen Spunk and Tiny KWAB. Se…[View]
11736016AEW NO MILLY CELEBRATION THREAD: >no Milly >no 86 thousand >no Philly >No willy…[View]
11734545Remember when AEW was supposed to be the alternative? Now they cater to the lowest common denominato…[View]
11735822>OH I'M NO QUEER[View]
11734492Why do you guys always post about japanese wrestling? I'm sick of pretending that someone like …[View]
11735184Dude just imagine[View]
11735783in your opinion. What are the best old school PPV's from the pre raw and nitro era? for me its …[View]
11731836'Shooting' like this is retarded because you're admitting the rest of the show outside this exc…[View]
11727092Joshi wrestler almost snaps neck just trying to run ropes https://streamable.com/vto42r[View]
11733660Who would win in a shoot?[View]
11732669how do I avoid getting anxious in big crowded wrestling events??[View]
11734552>Book R. T. what did 'Book' stand for?[View]
11730992has there ever been a good black promo?[View]
11735337Maven Finnerman[View]
11735041Today's wrestler birthday is Tajiri. (29th of September, 1970)[View]
11734949Name this tag team[View]
1173423672,265 is still something to be proud of[View]
11735097The best wrestling promotion to ever exist[View]
11730186Paul London: Thoughts?[View]
11734616haha we are so goofy lol[View]
11723978It was 72,265[View]
11733086Guys who proved Vince was right[View]
11733638I am traveling to Japan next March. Where's the best place to find wrestling tickets when I…[View]
11733300>I LOVE VIDEOGAMES[View]
11734540E PIGGIES, WE GOT HIM![View]
11733970Why is NOAH so excited that WWE is on Japanese television, what do they get out of this deal? I don…[View]
11732043NJPW needs to abandon their partnership with AEW and join WWE, or else things will get ugly.[View]
11734665>Whats going on with KeMonito, Dave.[View]
11733246Yuji Kitano of Abema says he wants to make WWE the most talked about promotion in Japan. Other compa…[View]
11734010Now that USA has canceled them in favor for SmackDown where do they go now? Serious speculations onl…[View]
11733964What went wrong with Torrie Wilson?[View]
11733741>cute >10/10 body >great feet >Republican Losing Charly was the worst thing that's …[View]
11733229>Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >uuurrnnnngngggbbbbbbrrrrr >gghhhhh…[View]
11733252How do I get a physique like this?[View]
11734231Ultimate Warrior but hot[View]
11734467[Spooky Picture][View]
11732086I shoot wish WWE had 6 weekly shows. No wrestling is better than WWE Here is my dream line up Monday…[View]
11734420>goes on an excursion to japan and gives the joshis a taste of Latino heat curtesy of the greates…[View]
11734387whos the michaels?[View]
11732250Edge Chads Elite Chads We Won the Good Guys Won[View]
11733928how are you supposed to escape[View]
11732446how do noahchads feel about every wrestler in their company grovel to wwe?[View]
11733841Why is Meltzer such an insecure little bitch?[View]
11734018This feud was kino[View]
11733822He's unironically right about Cody not being over. Since Cena left for Hollywood, I've fel…[View]
11728452/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11734027You just know that Tony going to bring Bully Ray and Devon if he sign Edge[View]
11734156Why is it that whenever I go to a wrestling event, whether it be WWE, AEW, even some shitty indy sho…[View]
11734139>I ain't got much time ya'll. God is calling me upstairs. But as a dying wish, all I re…[View]
11732473LOLWWE thread[View]
11732885>Brock... I know about your social anxiety[View]
11726432Jay White in AEW: It's been half a year since Jay has been in AEW, let's see what he'…[View]
11731328He would be based if he didn't believe in the flying spaghetti monster and didn't have his…[View]
11730837Russo SHOOTS on Cody: Codymaniacs.... our response?[View]
11733904>Hide your toys, it's Tony Khan[View]
11733830WWE won't hire him: >Vince hates him >H hates him >Dana White hates him >Heyman hat…[View]
11733863What are some dimes wrestling names?[View]
11731509best wrestler in the world[View]
11726196Take a bump.[View]
11733815What the fuck did he mean by this?: >you're a boy in a man's world....and I love to pla…[View]
11733477>plummets ratings[View]
11729622Deadlock is the Michaels OSW is the Jannetty[View]
11733792El Capo mayor[View]
11731975This is the partnership e-drones are getting excited about. LMAO[View]
11731559What sort of heinous stuff is he hiding?[View]
11733110Since it is a tradition for Mysterios to become a part of WWE storylines, do you see Marie doing a o…[View]
11732353>hazes rookies >shoot works at investment firm >is featured on Fox News >Still claims th…[View]
11733690It was Tony Khan. Don't ask me[View]
11733384>y-yes that's right schivone w-we have a record setting attendance here at ALL IN 2043 of 85…[View]
11730026BREAKING! Punk has signed with NXT. Promo shoot leaked, details of his role leaked! Unreal guys! htt…[View]
11733153don't use the WORD marks[View]
11731968ITT: visual pleas[View]
11731013>Roman isnt defending so we need a new belt!!! >Champion isnt even the main feud on his own sh…[View]
11733548>he is time, famine, war, pestilence you cannot endure[View]
11731687Update: AEW will be profitable by 2029[View]
11733491Most cursed image.[View]
11733469Tonight Ric Flair tells the world that we're gonna reform the Four Horsemen >earthshattering…[View]
11732897RAW and Dynamite will be running shows in California next week.[View]
11732286The match[View]
11730502Wrestling is dead. More people care about how many people went to a PPV than actually talking about …[View]
11731927What is the reason for Baba not being in the WWE HOF?[View]
11731920el bat man[View]
11730394Throwback to when Darius 'The Revolutionary' Lockhart shoot BURIED Tiny Cock Khan: Ass will soon ove…[View]
11733301Bros... I finally landed a job but now I can't ever watch wrestling with you guys again... I wo…[View]
11727761Does Tony have the money to buy Metalingus ?: ON THIS DAY, HE WON'T SEE CLEARLY https://www.you…[View]
11730875I’ve been waiting, Shida[View]
11733210Why did they attacked Jay White?[View]
11728850we got a lot of news to get into here today[View]
11732754/pw/ meta general: Good morning sir needs to be filtered. It's just spam at this point.[View]
11732566For a board about professional wrestling, you guys sure do get a lot of enjoyment in the signs of th…[View]
11732251>jump down the ramp >got injured The guy only 34 and he already injury prone?…[View]
11731516NXT No Mercy 2023: Why are half of the people on the card from the main roster?[View]
11731258Why is the best wrestler in the world an actual real life cuck?[View]
11729690Wrestling is saved.[View]
11729631LMAO this guy is literally called Gay Kid[View]
11732459the chief of tarps[View]
11721290tk should sign her now that he lost out on jade[View]
117326312.8 Million Viewers: We've passed RAW and haven't even been alive for 5 years yet.[View]
11730698Is this an appropriate physique for a company rookie prodigy?[View]
11732572Perez Hilton guest hosting RAW: WWE is so embarrassing. This is basically like having Dave Meltzer h…[View]
11732961>You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn’t get you anywhere…[View]
11732855Why the fuck is AEW so afraid to book a smaller venue? I’d 1,000x prefer a packed, noisy, smaller ve…[View]
11731763Realistically speaking, did people really think he will dethrone Vince's golden pet at WrestleM…[View]
11723285REAL LIFE ANGEL is headed to AEW soon[View]
11732759Both NXT and NJPW are amazing right now. Feels good being a wrestling fan in 2023[View]
11730824>wrestler bows to the crowd at the end of the show[View]
11732576Is Vince white?[View]
11731602Live event gates are down over 30% with him as champion. It doesn't matter how much his fellow …[View]
11732485>fastlane PPV 8 days away >only 3 confirmed matches ??????????????…[View]
11732452When these Jobbers Debuted for the First Time on a WWE Show Wrestling Died everything after the Shie…[View]
11721367the most embarrassing thing i've ever fucking seen[View]
11732522Why did they push this fake tough guy bitch so hard? I just can't take him seriously.[View]
11721195Another AEW show another arena full of tarps[View]
11723436[Breaking] The Japanese editions of WWE RAW and SmackDown will air exclusively on ABEMA TV beginning…[View]
11732218I don't like babyfaces. No babyface is good. If a heel becomes a face I stop being a fan[View]
11732413I think I'm just going to watch pre 2007 wrestling exclusively from now[View]
11728155Love Gigi but she needs to sort them lips out. They are drier than Gandhi’s flip flops[View]
11731337According to ICP every single wrestler strictly only bangs the most fat disgusting rats possible and…[View]
11732333zoomer trash ruining wrestling: Omfg guys I can't even with these zoomer smarks anymore. Been w…[View]
11731852>debuts in current year wwe >gets stuck on NXT for 4 years before getting called up to the ma…[View]
11731722Matt Riddle just came out as a slimechad: Discuss[View]
11732273What was the Rock vs Austin of the 2010's?[View]
11732199Which one of you did it[View]
11731978What's Bryan Danielson's vegan diet called?[View]
11730689>/pw/ starts to like a wrestler >Start to hate him…[View]
11732100Ima gonna need Jeff Jarrett's wife to squeeze by balls and then slap-scratch my cheek[View]
11731726Your supposed champ and main draw isn't even in the center of your PPV poster. He's off to…[View]
11732139hot start picture to picture: It's wednesday and you know what that means....[View]
11732111How did a southern boy and a New York douchebag become best buds?[View]
11732073Were we wrong? Was Brody the Michaels as well?[View]
11731934>wrestledream begins >the show is full of title changes, upsets, surprises, and edge's de…[View]
11731874Honestly, what fucking ever, dude. I can’t be bothered to care anymore. You ruined it for me.[View]
11731953WOAT in the ring GOAT outside the ring[View]
11731923>tfw they don't want none[View]
11728921Tank Abbott - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Tank Abbott. Use this threa…[View]
11731872Does Tanahashi still want to wrestle CM Punk at WrestleKingdom? does he know about how cancerous of …[View]
11731709>book your world champion defending his roh the tag team alone in handicap match on ppv…[View]
11731535I fucking hate NXT with every fibre of my being: Whenever I see that fucking logo, or a WebM, or scr…[View]
11731825>“Uh d-duh I think CM Punk is good, actually”[View]
1172927272k attended and 13k did not[View]
11728031why did he go to nxt but not AJ Styles?: >longest reigning champion at the time >was champion …[View]
11730787Why was TNA, even when it was bad, so comfy? It was so sincere and unashamed of itself that I actual…[View]
11728698slap nuts[View]
1172880385k: first they denied it, then they coped about it, then the edited Wikipedia on mass about it, now…[View]
11731810>tony-san... make sure... that you leave plenty of empty seats for hardcam......…[View]
11731628Never forget when Cody blacklisted Vince Russo from ALL IN LMFAO[View]
117291742 more weeks. Believe the plan. Tony is in control.[View]
11731650How?: Despite literally everything going on with the company, he's still having a top tier run …[View]
11731197When I see her I can only think of chocolate syrup[View]
11730408did anyone else think mjf's promo was cringe? >you are tofu came across as try hard…[View]
11727872fucking traitor piece of shit[View]
11730297And folks wheres the lie ?[View]
11728636how did we go from this...[View]
11731564>Elimination Chamber match[View]
11731158for me, it's billie starkz player[View]
11731537Why did Maika and SLK like this pic? Do they like this type of stuff?[View]
11730792>it's 81k >it's 72k >it's 85k…[View]
11731366>firing the goat >bringing back shitters like Cena or Dwayne that failed in Hollywood and can…[View]
11731385worst and least iconic wrestling photos of all time[View]
11689246IYO SKY THREAD: The greatest Joshi ever edition Previous: >>11642263 Social Media: https://twi…[View]
11730121Try your best /pw/ https://www.artbreeder.com/create[View]
11729237THIS is the match[View]
11731495More flips = a better match: It really is that simple.[View]
11729338its almost time for the most kino match of the year to return[View]
11729527>Natalya >TJ >Dawkins >Moose >Iyo >Utami >Yuya lol imagine any non wrestling ca…[View]
11731406a kino night awaits us[View]
11731387tapped in[View]
11727228Switchblade doesn't even workout anymore. He's so frail.[View]
11729866BREAKING : Bipolar Clown Posse to NWA[View]
11731247Take a break from console warring to tell me your 10 favorite wrestlers. Mine are in no particular o…[View]
11729664No way BMJ will lose this[View]
11729355so is he a confirmed antidraw yet?[View]
11729508Why do they always have six , 6 man/8 man heatless tag team matches every ppv?[View]
11729793The numbers don't lie, Skye Blue needs to become TBS champion.[View]
11731350is the real B+ player in your path[View]
11731216evil fucking fans[View]
11726028Tony R Khan cringe thread[View]
11725637>'I was not impressed with Jay White in this segment' oh boy, when you lose the patron saint of s…[View]
11731340*blocks you're path': what would you do next?[View]
11723434[Good News] WWE(43) will start exclusive domestic broadcasting in Japan for free on ABEMA(7) from Oc…[View]
11730806>*Is the Austin of the Animal kingdom*[View]
11730076tony-sama, I….: …I need to see Prince Nana…[View]
11729518>bichad >libchad >best booker in modern wrestling >best in ring worker of all time GOAT…[View]
11731112WWE YLYL #103: i like this one[View]
11724859WHY IS HE DOING THIS?[View]
11731234Cody Rhodes As The Ace: So you guys think Shane Douglas should have been the face of WCW or WWF? Ma…[View]
11731168If All In doesn't go down in the history books as having broken some form of record over WWE, I…[View]
11727951Is he actually a liar?[View]
11731130Who is a more decent human being?[View]
11730978You look fly 2day edrone[View]
11728772Still the best elimination chamber[View]
11730712why come wwe almost never has 5 star matches?[View]
11730791MLW Fusion 184 >Street Fight! AKIRA vs. Jimmy Lloyd >Triple Threat: Kevin Blackwood vs. TJ Cr…[View]
11728536855k: miss me yet, trannies?[View]
11730014Late 2006 to Summer 2007 WWE is painful to sit through.[View]
11730263CYN but left-wing: I'm thinking BRINGE[View]
11729198Tonester, we're waiting. When should we expect the results from this to start showing up in the…[View]
11726530IT'S ME UCE: I COOM UCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su_1nWbPeEw[View]
11729252Adam Cole bros...[View]
11728852[Great News] Stardom High Speed Superstar AZM (20) is excited for some WWE (43) on Abema (7), featur…[View]
11730865BURN IT DOWN[View]
11727921Dakota Kai[View]
11726051Done deal.[View]
11730917HOW COOL IS THAT[View]
11730903>I know I ain't got long man...but before I go...I just want to see Wheeler Yuta vs Rickey S…[View]
1172733885k: it's been confirmed 85k[View]
11730708C'mere Bitch: YOU OWE ME SEX[View]
11730385do wrestlers have to go to the chiropractors often?[View]
11730871This is basically AEW, so why did Tony waste all that money?[View]
11730732>AEW leaks completely stop as soon as CM Punk leaves[View]
11730018/pw/ btfo[View]
11730624The world needs something like this more than ever now https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop…[View]
11729581>Seth 'uses toothpicks' Rollins >Seth 'doesnt use his thumbnail to clean his molars after eati…[View]
11723844Britt.... your Starbucks gift cards balance hit 0... if you want me to refill it... you need to give…[View]
11730620*rushes over to you and slaps you in the face* You ever start a match without a lockup again and I…[View]
11730003Not even the best Luchador in WWE: what a delusional fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuXLJ0yqy4…[View]
11730244What is the point of this? >main roster talent holding titles >failed nxt callups are pushed b…[View]
11728158Former WWE Star Al Snow Talks Netflix's New Series Wrestlers and the Reality of the Ring: >h…[View]
11730543How come when Adam Cole breaks his ankle jumping down after months off from a concussion nobody make…[View]
11730298It has been 3 years since he died, and WWE has not held a memorial math or tournament for him.[View]
11728461Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of cinematic matches?[View]
11729850What exactly is Mayu talking about here?[View]
11727520YOU THINK YOU'RE SPECIAL: YOU DO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq7aT27bDBc[View]
11730154The leaks about the Khans buying NJPW are true and a lot of people are not happy, both in AEW and NJ…[View]
11729486>I hate WWE they ruined wrestling and it's all PG shit >WAIT DID SOMEONE ON AEW MAKE A WW…[View]
11730106I miss him[View]
11729479This board needs more assitude.[View]
11729971kek what a top heel[View]
11729975Tony pays a fake Nigerian prince 500K a year to just dance?[View]
11729127gotta love the tozawster. face of abema baby![View]
11729686Orange Cassidy is unironically the best wrestler in the world right now[View]
11729128holy BASED e-gods we got him[View]
11729883Are the guys in the Judgement Day latino? I can't tell. Maybe if they had them speak Spanish fo…[View]
11727546BREAKING: Kenoh is an E-TITAN[View]
11729365I'd just like to speak on behalf of all AEW fans here that we DO NOT WANT Edge Anyone who says …[View]
11727568“Wow this guy looks like shit. Should’ve went to WWE so he could feud with Otis and ricochet”[View]
11725540Who was the Jannetty?[View]
11727963People like me don't get to be champion[View]
11729316Would a zombie chris benoit draw dimes[View]
11728514the good guys.[View]
11725223WE GOT HIM[View]
11728656Don’t care about the ratings, Dynamite has been pretty good lately. WWE has been good too. Good time…[View]
11729780what happened to this dude?[View]
11727504I want to impregnate Samantha Irvin.[View]
11729443What is psychology in wrestling?[View]
11725541The modern AJ Lee[View]
11729829kek what a bitch[View]
11726709Today is Steve Blackman's birthday. Happy birthday Steve![View]
11729786Have a chill ass evening, JeffChads[View]
11725612Still hot as fuck[View]
11728569What's your favorite wrestling move?[View]
11728479>OI AM THE *sound of someone reaching for the remote* >CATALYST OF *fingers descending toward …[View]
11729493Jay White needs to win the world title. He is everything AEW was originally supposed to be about. He…[View]
11728332>TRANS. WOMEN. ARE. WOMEN.[View]
11725793When you really think about it, Bra and Panties matches are some of the most pure types of wrestling…[View]
11724963Supposed new All In attendance record cope was a lie, AEW BTFOd yet again!: >New All In gate was …[View]
11728415Is anyone else tired of black wrestlers getting pushed because they're black?[View]
11728375Cody Rhodes Featured in Netflix's Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Trailer: >Cody Rhodes is c…[View]
11728038what happened to this pizza fucking pedo? Was Louis Dangoor caught and compromised to a permanent en…[View]
11728571Future really looking bright eh troons? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA![View]
11727254>wake up >Iyo Sky is still your WWE womens champion, ACE of the WWE womens division and best/m…[View]
11729688still undefeated[View]
11729598Steel chair to Rikishi's ass[View]
11727779>Mox is so lucky guys... This bitch works my hornyness into a fucking shoot…[View]
11725855>lifelong wrestling fan >talented >beautiful >hasn't taken the bogpill Yep, we…[View]
11729351Baileys new gimmick looking rough these days[View]
11729570I used to be CM Punk. I'm Chez now[View]
11728881How does Bray manage to get mad bitches even in death?[View]
11727931How famous are they in Japan?[View]
11729125You do realize AEW gets over a million views every show, right?: The standard household isn't c…[View]
11729417I'll give AEW credit; if they actually are faking/exaggerating the Adam Cole injury, its a pret…[View]
11721701Professional Wrestling ain't ballet[View]
11729092>mfw they say I'm too old to be a John Cena fan[View]
11729216You've been spreading lies that I'm ON THE JUICE, BIG TIME HEY LA, HEY LA Chris Benoit kil…[View]
11728956WWE stopped doing tribute to the troops cuz theyre all MMA chads now[View]
11728131WOW Women of Wrestling: Anyone watch this? Apparently plays on Vice and my local CW.[View]
11729210AEW keeps winning lmao[View]
11728734On AEW WrestleKingdom: wrigley field is in Chicago….which averages 28 degree highs and 6 degree over…[View]
11729194>Punk spammer is back melting down again What did I miss?[View]
11729178>aew is doing its best ratings ever! SRS, MELTZER, REPORT IT MONKEYS OR I'LL TELL MY DAD!…[View]
11728844/a/ TOWN DOWNys... how we holding up?[View]
11729136BBC FARTER[View]
11728822AEW sucks[View]
11719094Just figured out that Daffney died. Damn, RIP[View]
11729097Come on anons, let's diffuse some classic wrestling pics https://huggingface.co/spaces/AP123/Il…[View]
11728968At one point, motherfuckers where hyping this dude up to be the next Austin[View]
11727294>Here's some Starbucks giftcards for all the hard-working girls. You're probably thinki…[View]
11723352Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
11728746Tyson Tomko trying to get signed by TK[View]
11728830/pw/ Wednesday ratings FUCKING PLUMMET: September 20th peak activity: 163.79 (24.15 p/m) at 6:00pm S…[View]
11728820could we trust this guy?: how is he not a informant for triple h crashes the ratings crashes the tic…[View]
11728799Pecs = dimes Without pecs you cannot succeed in the biz All the greats had significant tits[View]
11728600Why did Hogan remark “I thought you were dead” to Warrior during his WCW debut?[View]
11728735I’m only human after all[View]
11728339LA Knight cutting a promo with a cereal has more views on YouTube than the Rock's return to WWE…[View]
11728654>Lost CM Punk (yes, he's a headcase but also a bona-fide star with some good perspectives on…[View]
11727970Why do people care about attendance numbers: Vince and Tony aren’t paying you to get so worked up ov…[View]
11713707which one is the bigger faggot[View]
11726786He’s The King of Kings, a nickname with no hint of exaggeration considering that Triple H is essenti…[View]
11724308/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11727669HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT Will it save wrestling or backfire and kill it?[View]
11728115Can't wait to meet Big Sexy this Saturday![View]
11728250>lost a loser sleeps on the couch match don't get married, guys[View]
11727495Does Cathy have a daddy? Is she dating someone?!! >:([View]
11728248All Effeminate Wrestling Worst Wrestling Entertainment[View]
11719250When will there be a new one? I want to see what happened with BHOTWG and PGHW[View]
11723964CMLL Noche de Campeones: Thoughts?[View]
11727470>tomato >lettuce >cheese >tee er shee She is shoot dumb as a box of rocks…[View]
11728182>Eugene Thunder Liger[View]
11728101Sometimes I can’t believe how easy it is to work the fat marks on this board. It’s too easy to win e…[View]
11724100>You know Joe, I broke my neck 4 times in 2 years at WWE, main evented Wrestlemania with a broken…[View]
11726293ITT: strange wrestling facts I'll start >AJ Styles has been in the WWE longer than in TNA…[View]
11727139>Edge debuts in AEW >grabs a mic >before he can say a word >”ADAAAAAAMMMMMM”…[View]
11718604>beloved by russo >beloved by cornette >trusted and given numerous opportunities by every s…[View]
11727905Wins and loses don’t matter![View]
11727786yes milly[View]
11727848GOD BLESS Y-[View]
11726609slapping a bullet club logo on him would've been based but too bad njpw lost he clue lol[View]
11697654/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month https://www.wrestle-…[View]
11727348This is the match![View]
11727749I want to tell you a story about a place you don't wanna be. This ain't no home sweet home…[View]
11727816should wwe run a show in scandinavia?[View]
11727432>leaves because NOAH will become partners with WWE Based or cringe?[View]
11727955Their big 2021 acquisitions were all frail[View]
11725560>trannies here will tell you with a straight face that this is the best wrestling show on TV…[View]
11726108Ric selling those strikes like death[View]
11727389This is THE match[View]
11702762Bayley enjoyer thread?[View]
11726591This 20min segment fucking sucked. The promos didn't mesh with each other, and the Adam Cole sh…[View]
11727648uhh troonbros why are they celebrating?? You told me Japan hated WWE??[View]
11727365I’m only human after all[View]
11727764Book his debut[View]
11727408Rhea Ripley gains fans for WWE[View]
11726763CMLLxMLWxNJPW: Let's talk about this landmark strategic alliance[View]
11726321Randy Orton: Thoughts on him?[View]
11727666IF he really is coming in... I wouldn't be worried about Adam Copeland in AEW. If there's …[View]
11727660quantum physics means that there is an alternate universe where baroque lesnar is the wcw champion[View]
11726825>WrestleDream is all anyone can talk about >Edge and Mercedes debuts on the horizon >a rou…[View]
11727574>Claims to hate AEW >Is intimate with every single detail of it >Writes blog post essays on…[View]
11727536cathy kelley and maxxxine dupri[View]
11727593*supplements your /pw/ lurking experience*[View]
11724173Contract signings are fucking stupid and immediately expose the business. Stop doing this archaic Lo…[View]
11726084Name one (1) more overrated wrestler than him.[View]
11727584>hey kid, welcome to the locker room. not sure if you knew this but... we use pronouns here and a…[View]
11727545On this day I see clearly.[View]
11727093Work or Shoot?[View]
11725958>gets mugged by his groomed wife in you're path: Is there a more KWAB'd wrestler than J…[View]
11727452This guy needs to save the AEW main event scene[View]
11725059CM Punk Returns, August 20, 2021: Still one of,if not, the loudest ovation in professional wrestling…[View]
11724867Your dad walks in while watching this. WWYD?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tdOJw0AGqs…[View]
11725391Based Big Guy putting the new guys over selflessly instead of stopping their momentum, in the proces…[View]
11725623KWABOTY 2001[View]
11727303Today's wrestler birthday is Steve Blackman. (28th of September, 1963)[View]
11726282>laugh and cry[View]
11725826If Tony Khan has million fans, then I'm one of them. If Tony Khan has one fan, then I'm TH…[View]
11727250I want to be a Hulk-a-maniac, have fun with my family and friends[View]
11725760The Odyssey of CM Punk's Grand Return to WWE: >Fights side by side with Seth 'Freakin' Rolli…[View]
11727020Waahhh FTR-HAUSEN[View]
11727078Why do WWE's producers and advertisers still treat wrestling like a children's product whe…[View]
11725010It's over. They got him fired. Why must they continually antagonize him?[View]
11726728Who will CM Punk feud with down on NXT?[View]
11717119Trish Stratus: Seriously can they be any bigger[View]
11722751Why havent AEW or WWE hired her yet?[View]
11726704Insider here: Tony Khan is attempting to use forbidden dark magical rituals to resurrect Antonio Ino…[View]
11726578On Collision >badass menace to society who's posed as a massive threat On Dynamite >le fu…[View]
11726565this is the game[View]
11726973Ultra Based Themes: https://youtu.be/ATkkL_ZYpIc?si=2uy91QxwSwm8l7eP[View]
11721781Now that the dust has settled, was the Montreal Screwjob a work?[View]
11725718This is how little they respect you[View]
11726897In 2011, on an episode of WWE’s professional wrestling program Monday Night RAW, Kofi Kingston was g…[View]
11726862I can fix him.[View]
11726483Why is Bayley such a failure?: - Becky is married and has a child - Alexa is married and will have a…[View]
11726374The internet killed wrestling's notoriety in 2002 and the smarks are now in the ring.[View]
11725768*Shoots on Bong Shitters in the Ring*: *Gets immediately banned from the UK* Based American Bully Do…[View]
11724350IT'S UP: Atom Smol is injured AGAIN edition[View]
11726088Aew is in trouble: Panic button has been Pushed Wardlow gone Starks gone Mjf gone Cody is working …[View]
11726333NXTIRS, WE GOT HIM!!![View]
11724793What is your WrestleDream?[View]
11725963Why was AEW featured so heavily in the most recent Botchamania?[View]
11725046I am impressed by Dani Palmer [NXT] skills[View]
11724996Give it to me straight, /pw/, no gimmicks: do Indians actually think wrestling is real?[View]
11726403kek what a completely exposed fucking kiwi geek[View]
11724943Was she juicing?[View]
11726528Cm Punk & HBK: Are the rumors true?[View]
11726254Sooooooo. What now?[View]
11725445nxt japan is coming sooner than you think. partnership with noah will be announced soon[View]
11724842How exactly is this honoring Inoki’s legacy[View]
11726397Why haven't you checked on me today anon?[View]
11725987HOLY BASED[View]
11725615this is the game[View]
11726185One of the people in this picture is 46[View]
11722481NXTrannys be like >yep this generic looking black gay man is the future…[View]
11725611MY WIFE UCE[View]
11725028Becky Lynch in 2006: https://spankbang.com/4mjnm/video/becky+lynch[View]
11724399What do you think of this card? Would you drive to a small town near Fort Worth for it?[View]
11725171>delicious >nutritious >quick >easy Bow down…[View]
11726271>Whoop. that. trick? What does that even mean? That doesn’t even make sense!…[View]
11723485Name a bigger draw.[View]
11723906I'm gonna seethe if Tony doesn't put him over Hangman and have him win the world title. He…[View]
11725569Why was the devil mask on Adam Cole's locker peg?[View]
11725923What would you do in his situation?[View]
11723472Runnin' down the avenue See how the sun shines brightly in the city On the streets where once w…[View]
11726107Whens the wrestling start[View]
11725076Post you're face when Christian beats Darby at Wrestledream and then Adam Copeland comes out[View]
11725704Felt cute in this pic might delete later :p[View]
11726044iron survivor bros we are back[View]
11726023/pw/: the wrestler[View]
11719305Where were you when Dommy Dimes became the best pure heel in the business?[View]
11722708>Your Uncle is dead >Your friend's father is dead >I fucked your friend's mom thi…[View]
11725371ITT: Wrestlers you wanna see get shoot HEEMED[View]
11725944Why did he have a Scottish motif? It added nothing to his character and he had a heavy Canadian acce…[View]
11725986He wasn’t yelling for Adam Cole. He was yelling for Adam Copeland[View]
11725802the weak should fear the strong[View]
11725494>Haven't payed attention to wrasslin since around 2016/2017 >Come back to watch last week…[View]
11723958Good Morning kind /pw/ sirs[View]
11724740Omeganetty BTFO'd by JerkGODS[View]
11717792Mercedes Mone is ready for WrestleDream[View]
11722044[SAD NEWS] Former AEW wrestler Sonny Kiss suffered a fatal neck injury during an XPW taping. Viewer …[View]
11725761What exactly is a pay windah?[View]
11725432[Interesting news] Ryback (41) has asked HHH (54) to correct his social media accounts[View]
11724635Tozawabros: WE LIVE!! Seriously though I think its time for WWE to find another Japanese Male since …[View]
11723891Hulk Hogan have a message for Tony Khan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PiPw_7naFw[View]
11725400E-GODS WE GOT HIM[View]
11725129rovert confirms usa not renewing nxt[View]
11721310Any other examples of a woman becoming the Michaels of a stable?[View]
11723703>regularly main events TV shows unlike Flabsuka & Cheeto Fry[View]
11725367Post stupid wrestling shirts.[View]
11725376Everyone on /pw/ is a Michaels.[View]
11714257BREAKING NEWS: AEW All In TRUE Attendance revealed: 85,528: As confirmed by the Brent County Directo…[View]
11725354The WWE big three[View]
11724573Whats his name?[View]
11722138Is this an appropriate physique for- Uh. What is her gimmick now?[View]
11725195Paul Heyman & AEW: Could Paul do anything with the current roster?[View]
11725327ITT: Rank AEW's stables: Never forget we were blessed enough to see peak Saraya with a dick in …[View]
11724980For me, it's 2003's Stacy Keibler[View]
11725120>Misawa died for this[View]
11725085I think AEW sucks[View]
11722132HOLY BASED[View]
11724995>yes, I only watch WWE with Japanese commentary on abema TV, how could you tell?…[View]
11725226HOLY PESOS![View]
11725152For me it's WAKANAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
11721201She’s not bad[View]
11724892His first singles PLE match without an established veteran, and its a title match. Im ready domsiste…[View]
11722120[Update] The Ice Ribbon crowdfund for their Tokyo Dome City event on 11.3 has reached 12% (123,000JP…[View]
11724732kek gotta love the trickster and the chaser[View]
11717919Mmmm…what a tight little whore[View]
11723509Was Bret a homophobe? Like who cares if it's a gay magazine[View]
11722603blade shit: Jay's biggest hurdle in adapting to AEW isn't the truthfully subpar booking, b…[View]
11724986>a flash superplex[View]
11724780I ding-dong diddly declare we start our own /pw/terion Collection: or rather, recommended wrestling …[View]
11724550Seiya Sanada is a friend to the animals[View]
11723580>yfw Inoki's family will be @ WrestleDREAM[View]
11723161Kek based Virgilster[View]
11723450Fish and chips anon here. I can't sleep. It's Kyle O'Riley by the way. AMA[View]
1172452785k confirmed fake , All In still 72k confirmed by Brandon Thurston: Oh no no no no no no no!!!…[View]
11722952Dynamite has been pretty good lately. I like how purposely chaotic the show feels.[View]
11724503>history of substance abuse and alcoholism >just got dropped on his head twice How much longer…[View]
11724813THANK YOU GOAT: >wins title >gets put on front page Japanese news and gets WWE a new Japan TV …[View]
11724199Both WWE and AEW are in California. Stockton and San Jose are an hour away from each other. These ar…[View]
11723943>now that was a quality premium live event >they should air this back home Based E God Hall of…[View]
11724322predictions?: >ilja >becky >dom >noam >the family >no contest due to cyber grug…[View]
11720431Where the FUCK is he?[View]
11724749The poos haven't been on TV in a while. I actually really liked them. I'm surprised they d…[View]
11723656When Kaho smiles every Joshi fan on earth smiles.[View]
11694239RIP PWCW 2023-2023[View]
11723424Would you get an autograph from Liv Morgan?[View]
11724655Can anyone explain to me why Tony chose Stockton California for the 4th year anniversary?: Stockton …[View]
11724286Crowd chants: Every week WWE gets 'Holy Shit' and has to mute their show and every week AE…[View]
11724105Why does Ziggler get criticism for 'never changing his act' but these two don't? Jeff Hardy was…[View]
11724162Why is nobody talking about the fact that this goes head-to-head with NXT? It'll have MJF vs Ja…[View]
11724548Are there any figures on how well WOR is doing?[View]
11724379tozawabros we made the poster[View]
11721777And Like Clockwork: The dronies are flooding the front page with concern trolling, doom posting AEW …[View]
11721789why does this world have so much pain in it bros?[View]
11724380E Gods, this guy is our new Nakamura. Can someone recommend me some of his matches to watch (clips o…[View]
11724390LMAO YLYL THREAT[View]
11724366Who's Jerry Morron and why did Benoit need to call him?[View]
11723270The thing I like best about being so big is I always have room for my favorite meal, Chef Boyardee’s…[View]
11723123AEW debut when?[View]
11722819Rampage spoilers OY VEY!!: Eddie defends another promotions title , a random trios title defense fea…[View]
11716148/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11723289i have an infuriating burning hatred for AEW and this spot is the exact fucking reason why[View]
11722978>missed dynamite, look up results >adam cole announces broken ankle (tibia), cuboid,, and torn…[View]
11724258Ey yo, where the white women at?[View]
11723324>is completely unable to deviate from the script even if a wrestler is shoot injured and in need …[View]
11720094>CHEZ fired >AEW is KINO again[View]
11724230Kek gottem[View]
11724151Gotta love the king of the mountain baby! Ya just gotta!: *bows down*[View]
11721967as somebody who is unfamiliar with lucha and mexican wrestling. can somebody give me a rundown of k…[View]
11724132Thoughts on Haru?[View]
11724149he should win to promote wwe's new japan deal[View]
11724003Would she get over in Stardom?[View]
11723835That finish doesn’t work for me brother: Shida is going over tonight![View]
11722136It's Punk: The other three are FTR and Edge[View]
11723786Nikki Bella worked by fake tweet: >Bella was taken in after a tweet started doing the rounds from…[View]
11723997>Yes! My leg is broken. 14 months of nonstop gaming on the way, guys! Keep those donations coming…[View]
11723314>a month away from Halloween >no NXT Halloween Havoc PPV announced Lame…[View]
11724072>Atom Smol's frail little onions body after jumping from a children's swing set…[View]
11723087>im gay for omega[View]
11721764I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the ol' Shane wit…[View]
11719588what was the best match of this year[View]
11723633The corruption of Thea Hail[View]
11720332>*robot noises*[View]
11722854The Great Gama The Great Antonio The Great Inoki The Great Hussein Arab The Great Kojika The Great S…[View]
11723625>let's see what these Joshi promotions are up to everyone keeps praising for their great wre…[View]
11721277KINO WRESTLING SHOTS: continuing https://boards.4channel.org/pw/thread/11712882#bottom…[View]
11723706>Every time my dad would say 'yeah right that's bullshit' every time they called Kurt Angle …[View]
11723348/wooo/kies miss THIS?!: Holy fucking cringe[View]
11723601Just took my longest uninterrupted pies ever bros. World record?[View]
11723442It's been 2 years, where is this thing?[View]
11716805>webms that had sound >general threads that mattered >pinned threads for weekly shows >n…[View]
11723153>play modern mod of Pro Wrestling Sim of AEW >Half the Roster hates me after a month after hav…[View]
11723464Was this return just depressing to anyone else?[View]
11721620I want to be a Hulkamaniac, have fun with my family and friends[View]
11723404>beats MJF for the belt in jew're path[View]
11720834Jay White in AEW: It's been half a year since Jay has been in AEW, let's see what he'…[View]
11723349How do you fuck up this guy[View]
11722395My foot may be hurt but my fingers are as healthy as ever boys.[View]
11722569Would this be a 5 star match?[View]
11722974Buenas noches amigos[View]
11723200Why didn't he make it?: He was surprisingly funny and heelish dude with decent wrestling abilit…[View]
11723268I already miss him bros[View]
11722856Why do AEW fans and wrestlers keep talking about CM Punk even after he got fired. It's like the…[View]
11723253/wooo/ BTFO[View]
11722297HOW COOL IS THAT?[View]
11722653>/woo/ humor[View]
11722225I just started into wrestling, I fell hard into it a few days ago, particularly Ruthless Aggression …[View]
11722096HHH and Stephanie really thought they could keep this literal maniac out of his own company. Only to…[View]
11720010/wooo/fags think THIS is better than /pw/???[View]
11722172People are more interested in masked folx on AEW than Fastlane. Tony wins AGAIN[View]
11721164>back to back segments in-ring Who the fuck books that boring shit[View]
11721309What is the best joshi promotion?[View]
11719611this is: le matchola[View]
11722740Many men, wish death upon me. Blood in my eyes dawg and I can’t see. I’m tryin to be what I’m destin…[View]
11722851Why did Ryback do it?[View]
11720640Bros i literally can't stop thinking about wrestling[View]
11718746When did you find out that a work was shoot but only if that shoot was a work?[View]
11721057MJF's Mystery Goons: Leave it or keep it[View]
11721889Is there any promotion that actually knows how to book a show in current year?[View]
11722018>Rey. >I know about your murder.[View]
11720808>Murdering your family? Yep that's a -1 point on my scale[View]
11721577I need a tag team partner[View]
11721818roman is booked to show up at the smackdown after fastlane. What do you guys think the chances are h…[View]
11721416kek based[View]
11723000True professional, knows what stairs are for, unlike Adam Cole BABY![View]
11721534still CAWDY[View]
11703575More terrible ticket sales for AEW.[View]
11722900Conversion, software version 7.0 Looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub[View]
11721947The big three of WWE[View]
11722285I'd like to ask you to turn off the irony and horny-posting everything for a moment and answer …[View]
11719642If you count the illegal streaming numbers AEW does a milly every week....[View]
11722689This guy is an absolute boring shitter. Do people just pretend to like him because he won the hebby …[View]
11722352I am YandereDev and I am here to make an announcement. I WAS RAPED IN THE SIZZLING SUMMER OF 2007.[View]
11722865How does he know everyone?? Tony would be foolish not to use his connections to draw dimes.[View]
11722638Black Cloud Phil[View]
11715714One of the greatest days in the history of this board[View]
11722840Afraid not.[View]
11710500why is this board infested with redditors brother?[View]
11722821>I love to have fun, but I will never make fun[View]
11719113WWE could never LMAO[View]
11722482Did those things just move[View]
11718194In what sense was Mark Henry the World's Strongest Man?: >never won the olympics >never w…[View]
11720130>'my ankle exploded, it broke in three different places and i tore a bunch of ligaments' >pic …[View]
11716396NXT RATINGS GIGA PLUMMET: >LAST WEEK: 824,000 (0.24) >THIS WEEK: 636,000 (0.18)…[View]
11722055Trish Stratus: Coomer must have been going crazy over that eye wink[View]
11722412pw is from Ohio kek[View]
11721694Not a single thread is talking about it so I'll ask here. What's the story?[View]
11722655>a burrito grande with a baja blast match[View]
11722218>books his waifu to main event every match she's in[View]
11722022What did he mean by this?[View]
11721562i want to cut off chez's head with a chainsaw it's obvious now that he just took natural h…[View]
11722564>hurr durr it's cole and kingdom who attacked jay, they're framing MJF if you actually …[View]
11722621HOLY. FUCKING. DIMES.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV_4WyrrA3Y[View]
11722617https://youtu.be/DySPltwSLDM?si=HTvMwvdM2_5EX26P >For years this was just another monday night wh…[View]
11722190>purposely hurts himself so he can get another video game vacation[View]
11721590Welp, AEW was shit tonight as usual.[View]
11722530Why the fuck are Tag Team guys holding and getting shots at solo titles in AEW when they have other …[View]
11722579Yeh we know who attacked Jay: God not this gimmick again please[View]
11717960Why is Bayley such a failure?: - Becky is married and has a child - Alexa is married and will have a…[View]
11721158Which show was better this week, NXT or Dynamite?[View]
11721270Jay is literally wearing the colors of and claiming to lead a gang that already kicked him out. The …[View]
11722488I fucking hate all of you retards and I wish this wasn't my only social outlet so I could leave…[View]
11722333Tony it’s time.[View]
11722447>neegeru >I know about the 13/50[View]
11722414who should he face in a cinnamon toast crunch match when he returns to wwe?[View]
11721647Give me a hell yeah![View]
11722325Oof!: So now what?[View]
11714509Elitebros: WE GOT HER[View]
11722354>Rossy Ogawa I know about your video collection… What the FUCK did Shinsuke mean???…[View]
1171344985,528: E-bros, I'm scared...[View]
11722185Dani Palmer [NXT] has an interesting physique[View]
11721837MJF: So... MJF was a heel who got paid and slowly became a company man (in recent times would make y…[View]
11721756Is the mandible claw the most dangerous move irl?[View]
11722008what happened to Kevin Owens? Used to be a big name now nobody talks about him.[View]
11718038Oh no no no no no no!!!![View]
11721490Magic got aids in 1992…..[View]
11720481Post your face when you remember Kevin R. Nash's tragedy[View]
11722119Wait a minute: Adam Cole can walk? Ah sunnavabitch[View]
11721723Press F to pay respects[View]
11721395why come the piggalos be like this?[View]
11721794I've finally decided to retire, fella. Just gotta make it to page 10[View]
11720063Manlet Jacob Friedman[View]
11721765WE THE PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YfiApXSVyY[View]
11721737>MJF does the rock thing where he just repeats his catchphrases over and over >Jay just ignore…[View]
11721627As bad as aew is right now at least it isn't boring like wwe[View]
11721501WTF is this retard doing?[View]
11721736They need to get the belt off him.[View]
11721040>Gets completely exposed on the mic Yall gassing him up? hahaha[View]
11721650He needs to close down the company and sell all the assets to TKO tonight[View]
11721606HOUSE OF TORTURE: When did they become so based?[View]
11718669>Smarks in the crowd in almost silent during entrances >End up popping at every single move an…[View]
11718493SERIOUS Kevin Nash Discussion: Where would he rank among the all-time greats if he wasn’t so injury …[View]
11719966for me? you know its gotta be OTM: Out Tha Mud[View]
11720489>CM Punk hates them >William Regal hates them >Jim Cornette hates them >Undertaker hates…[View]
11721403POV: E-drones flooding the board with concern troll threads after a 9/10 Dynamice[View]
11719550Wrestle Dream is the first AEW PPV I am skipping[View]
11721398Why did Don Cornelius pick Sammy to be in his group? Sammy is a nerd and doesn't fit[View]
11721135so did Tony just forget about him now that his dead brother heat is gone or what[View]
11720850Girlfriend is making me go to an all black wrestling show tomorrow and I don't feel comfortable…[View]
11716059i for one welcome our new ebony overlords[View]
11721369Pheromones unit in AEW?![View]
11719183I'm just now watching NXT, nobody spoil it.[View]
11719158>My ex once measured my dick against a Matteson's sausage and then went around doing the Sam…[View]
11719345>Torrent the latest AEW episode >Put it on while I eat my dinner >Turn it off after 10 minu…[View]
11719298>tfw slutty fake skater pussy[View]
11720034AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #5: TONIGHT from Broomfield, Colorado >We hear from MJF & Adam Cole …[View]
11717640WWE: Jade Cargill has arrived: Welcome to WWE, Jade Cargill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGm0RTAC…[View]
11721128Le spooky head tilt[View]
11721258Was he a draw?[View]
11719866AND NEEEEEEW KWABOTY: >shattered his ankle and tore ligaments >needs surgery >from a short …[View]
11721079That aew show tonight was full of hokey dokey corny teenage drama bullshit[View]
11718873MLW / CMLL / NJPW unite for landmark strategic alliance: https://mlw.com/2023/09/27/mlw-cmll-njpw-un…[View]
11720965*KWABOTY theme picks up*: SPECIAL..[View]
11709610Lets see how Dynamite is doing tomorrow...OH NO NO NO NO!! AEW literally cant sell tickets and thats…[View]
11720806Interesting man[View]
11720029AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #5: TONIGHT from Broomfield, Colorado >We hear from MJF & Adam Cole …[View]
11718221Kairi got a motorcycle! Mmmm that's baddass bros[View]
11720612AEWs audio is fucked up because of the Elites guy. CM Punks Audio guy never had these issues. Fire t…[View]
11721111kek what a black cloud[View]
11715050for me it’s Killer Kelly[View]
11719885why does AEW feel like the crowd is ironically playing along with everything?[View]
11721021WELP 10/10 DYNAMITE[View]
11720922Post a wrestler you'd suck off and swallow his load.[View]
11720978Welp, that was the best Dynamite in years.[View]
11720672Are today's wrestlers 'larger than life'?[View]
11718955>wins World Tag League 2023[View]
11715919As we approach October I present a list of my favorite matches so far this year. Not saying they’re …[View]
11718803Bodies have been bruised[View]
11720863Should be fired for that booboo face[View]
11719648I have been playing yakuza because Gaiden comes out soon. What has been happening in the wrestling …[View]
11717310I mocked the NXT rating but it's my fave show I just hate e-drones[View]
11718713The Bella Twins sexiest outfit: yellow looks so good on them bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux…[View]
11718782>Jim Cornette is a good booker[View]
11718122imagine this guy just walking up to your girl like this. like what are you supposed to do?[View]
11720384Manias ending in 1 and 0: >Wrestlemania 10 Bret hart got his first on screen title win. >Wre…[View]
11720328what the fuck travis[View]
11720642Booker of the year[View]
11719400I am beyond sick of her. WHY does she insist on being a third character in the ring. If that’s what …[View]
11717102just met Mandy![View]
11716775Bea Priestley: Why didn't she get the same fanfare from WWE that the roided out negroid got? Sh…[View]
11718905From 1999 to about 2003 or 2004, Stephanie McMahon was one of my favorite wrestlers.[View]
11720449Why is there a production fuck up every episode?[View]
11720375Out of every blue board I would figure this one would have a steady supply of cake posting. In a spo…[View]
11719958adam cole is good. Even great at his ceiling. But his promos, catchphrases, and the segments he come…[View]
11720330Emi Sakura will never be champion :)[View]
11717043Is WWE womens champion Iyo Sky really a draw?[View]
11720180wrestling power couple[View]
11716564TNA was better than AEW, it was more inventive and more of a departure from WWE. it just didn't…[View]
11720210so Christian is undoubtedly better than Edge talent wise right?[View]
11719662Wow, she's beautiful.[View]
11718316What is objectively most dimes ring gear combination?[View]
11710996Why hasn't AEW made the call[View]
11719413Why would he wear a choker out in public like that?[View]
11719471If there is anyone on this board who doesn't want to be here, you should do as the slogan says …[View]
11719338AEW Dynamite: Gamethread #4: TONIGHT from Broomfield, Colorado >We hear from MJF & Adam Cole …[View]
11716363holy shit this is kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO5yvnsPM3Y[View]
11718325>Mandy Rose Literally had an onlyfans while still IN the WWE >Billie & Payton Onlyfans …[View]
11718786Who ya got boys?[View]
11718937AEW Gamethread #2: TONIGHT from Broomfield, Colorado >We hear from MJF & Adam Cole >Darby …[View]
11716389Favorite moments from Tough Enough?: For me its the contestants trying to sandbag Big Show https://y…[View]
11717886What's your gimmick anon?[View]
11719643>AEW is cutting corny WWE-style vignettes now if I wanted WWE slop I'd watch them…[View]
11719053How hard is reality going to check this jobber[View]
11719182Why is AEW so much better at sports entertainment than WWE?[View]
11717594This. Fucking. Match.[View]
11719545man.. he really loved Swerve Strickland[View]
11717982Para mi, es 'La Primera' Stephanie Vaquer Me encanta esta frijole saltando mexicana mas que usted pu…[View]
11719286Which joshi is this on Dynamite?[View]
11719284Celeste Bonin: Anyone remember her[View]
11719429>gets booked more than Wardblow[View]
11718758(YOU) are booking AEW now.: What are the first 3 major chances you’re making?[View]
11716331Say happy birthday to International Princess Champion Tatsumi Rika![View]
11717591whats your personal limits on gimmicks? i think anything realistic, or slightly exaggerated is fine.…[View]
11719161still dead?[View]
11712311AEW DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #1: TONIGHT from Broomfield, Colorado >We hear from MJF & Adam Cole …[View]
11718423We're living in the golden age of professinal wrestling.[View]
11716795I'm horny. Give me a lesser known female wrestler to masturbate to.[View]
11718810is it a good thing or a bad thing if the world championship of your wrestling promotion is considere…[View]
11718396https://www.prowrestlinghall.org/inductees >my local indie's hall of fame based or cringe?…[View]
11713521Lonely, foul smelling, angry at the world AEW bros… Big 4 PPVs in the past two years. All Out 2021 2…[View]
11716422KEK Brandon confirms 85k wasnt attendance. Its still 72k[View]
11717094X-Pac - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Sean Waltman. Use this thread for…[View]
11717441Realistically speaking, this was his peak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wroqcQVcoIg[View]
11717399*rag and bone man starts playing*[View]
11716984Completely misses the knee, wins the match: kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeMMGL9P88M…[View]
11717175>Punk wishes Mox the best and gives him support while he’s in rehab >Mox doesn’t return the fa…[View]
11715983who's the bigger unkwab?[View]
11717501WAW appreciation thread: post all WAW related images/webms and share your favorite classics WAW mome…[View]
11717613>t-tony-san..before i reave..preaseACKKKKKKKK >my true wrestledream…wheeler yuta vs ‘the absol…[View]
11715098Fig Fed: Roman Reigns vs Hulkster: It was a bloody match but after the ref couldnt get a response fr…[View]
11716558No wrestling vidya in the modern times should have half entrances[View]
11714324Now that Steph is done with Paul, will she go back to Test?[View]
11715629IT'S UP https://twitter.com/AEW_Videos/status/1707104408402850242[View]
11717440WE GOT HIM[View]
11717309What would you rate Brock's return run out of 10?[View]
11715055Whos idea was this?[View]
11717642What’s the most disgusting tactic this year?[View]
11718482>Anon >I know about your browser history[View]
11718406What are the best matches that last under 10 minutes of all time?[View]
11716834Jada: Why is she so popular i don't get it,?[View]
11718540>heel drew is back holy yumola[View]
11717085What are your thoughts on mexican legend Negro Casas?[View]
11715810Where's he at bros?: He's dimes Incarnate[View]
11718292This nu-maido is a real pain. I used to be able to post whatever I wanted, but now this guy is targe…[View]
11710776Lola Vice: How do we feel about Lola’s new ring gear?[View]
11716006Notable times Paige and Sasha worked together?[View]
11718419i miss her[View]
11718443why cant this retard have a 5 star match?[View]
11715397was he working or shooting here?[View]
11712548>6 days since being released >still no word on when she's making an Onlyfans What the fuc…[View]
11718436Dad told me WWF is fake: What does that infer about ECW AJPW PWG etc[View]
11714524The inmates are growing restless.[View]
11717284THE GOAT[View]
11712186Happy Birthday, Cathy Kelley (35)[View]
11715570NOT a gatekeeping post but NXT/WWE fans being excited for Brian Pillman Jr. might be the saddest thi…[View]
11718031What is the smarkiest move in wrestling?[View]
11716976how does the lil nigga handle that[View]
11717021You guys really think pro wretsling is real?[View]
11718093So friends just casually grab your arm, put their boobs up against you and rest their head on your s…[View]
11718195The card for fastlane is looking awesme[View]
11714588Triple H love thread[View]
11718196>Theory. >I know about your dildo swallowing.…[View]
11716874Do you go to wrestling shows?[View]
11717387How much can she be making on her tiny podcast to afford these trips?[View]
11713313IT'S UP!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I92M-rUGTBM[View]
11717966Why didn't AEW come out?[View]
11717915>wanted to be in a movie this year >this year is almost over >would be too washed to retur…[View]
11717842>Outsells Fight Forever[View]
11717994>anon posts AEW tickets sales >I continue to support and watch AEW…[View]
11717829WHAT ARE YOU BLIND?[View]
11717118>Oh yeah[View]
11717274I give this match 8½ Subhojeet stars out 11.[View]
11714832>never convicted or even charged of a crime >accusers are proven to have manufactured the accu…[View]
11717393you guessed it, a jaguar[View]
11717213I just met Kenny Omega and Young Bucks.[View]
11717844It seems today, that all you see...[View]
11717354The big AEW news: Here's your new era, bro[View]
11717767since this >>11716805 trash is allowed then this is allowed[View]
11712280poor, corrupted thea...[View]
11716694Bam Bam Bigelows promos on Lawrence Taylor are some of the best promos in wrestling history. Prove m…[View]
11716173Triple H allegedly asked 41-year-old star about losing major WWE title to Kevin Owens: A former WWE …[View]
11710475this is actually the best board on the website[View]
11715371if you caught it, would you have thrown the shirt back too? keep in mind the whole crowd is screamin…[View]
11717603Critikal and BLM Malakai linked up. Need it or keep it?[View]
11712910>We in the WWF, think that you the, audience are, quite frankly, tired of having your 'intelligen…[View]
11717311Pro-Wrestlers being insufferable self-marks: Dio Maddin/Brennan/Mace being a needy fucking faggot on…[View]
11717638Liv dat negro dawg[View]
11713152Still and will forever be Tony. What a rough 2023 this spastic had.[View]
11714903JADE CARGILL DISCUSSES CODY RHODES’ INFLUENCE ON WWE MOVE: >Giving her first public comments on t…[View]
11717425Based Austin Theory, the straightest man alive[View]
11717191We bought the E, our stocks are down, Vince is a rapist, our stocks are down! Number one fed but the…[View]
11710771>It was an easy choice Deary me...[View]
11716761Wrestlers with go away heat[View]
11717355Did they?[View]
11716719Post a wrestler and the first song lyric that comes to mind upon seeing him >No, I don't rea…[View]
11716695why won't he speak up about the current Armenia situation?[View]
11715812SAY IT TO OUR FACE!!![View]
11715811Oh dear god Starks vs Yuta is going to be on PPV[View]
11713999[Tremendous News] Iyo Sky(33) is.... >cute >perfect >pure >friendly >smart >beauti…[View]
11712991Name a greater and more dimes stable: The pinnacle of professional wrestling[View]
11717053WWE needs Alexa[View]
11716004this man is a star, specifically a white dwarf[View]
11717015Look who I met[View]
11717156The truth.: Nikki Bella is the sexiest diva of all time from any promotion[View]
11716870>Fightful Select reports that the finish being changed not only impacted that match but caused im…[View]
11717092Which 35 year old woman will leave behind a longer lasting legacy?[View]
11717120>wolfie's singing rag and bone man again Must've been a bad day in Newcastle!…[View]
11716712Who had the best 'just happy to be here' gimmick?[View]
11716882Who would it be?: Bobu Sappu?[View]
11716765Why is he so mean to legends :([View]
11717024Why are they cuddling and holding hands on some youtube out of character show nobody watches? Shits …[View]
11713545Congratulations, kid. You're going over tonight. What's your finish?[View]
11716962If you don't sell my stuff properly i'm gonna shoot on you, anon[View]
11716859Did he do it?[View]
11716662we got meiko lads[View]
11716923I just finished the kurt angle documentary: Should they have brought Meltzer to explain how he truly…[View]
11702719[Meltzer WON] AEW Moving To MAX: >A significant development for AEW’s future has emerged. Andrew …[View]
11716838Pre-Victory Road 2011 Another Me Jeff Hardy was kino and the best heel since 2005 HBK[View]
11716801Call me a rEtard WON MORE TIEM[View]
11690833/AEW/ - All Elite Women General: All things AEW & ROH Women >Julia Hart is racking up the vic…[View]
11716769AEW doen't halve storys. Tiny cant not book. They go out businass soon. Vince is always right.[View]
11714292Still 72k Still Tony Fraid so[View]
11716444Here's a pic of Austin Theory[View]
11716514How can I be as cool and based as Max?[View]
11715189Has pro wrestling ever topped this rivalry ?[View]
11715905*ruins you’re stable in you’re path*[View]
11715002get in here spookychads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I92M-rUGTBM[View]
11716597HHH and Stephanie really thought they could keep this literal maniac out of his own company. Only to…[View]
11714369>Why don't you tell us?[View]
11715767The truth.: I'm a top wrestling prospect. I'm in the top 200 of PW Insider's top 500.…[View]
11714337USOOOOOOO: What was Jimmy saying to Daniel Bryan?[View]
11716408Can someone explain how AEW fags are no longer console warring and instead fighting an imaginary CM …[View]
11712842Just watched this match Yota is insane, bros[View]
11714074PG Era Cena and his fruity pebbles t-shirts raised an entire generation of fans who are weak[View]
11715681no 85,528?[View]
11715665this is what pro wrestling is all about,[View]
11715828In a fantastical world where history and wrestling collide, the epic match between Robert E. Lee and…[View]
11716359>Phil getting bood >Collision ratings going up after his departure >Britt didn't fuck …[View]
11713438/kouki/ General: It's about time we had another thread[View]
11712241Thank you Jacy Jayne for corrupting Thea[View]
11714390>was named windham rotunda >was a fatfuck Kek bases…[View]
11716232>Bitcoin What did Cody's tattoo mean by this?[View]
11715076AEW or WWE for Madi Maxx?[View]
11715896So she was 100% brought back as a favour to dwayne, right?[View]
11715684itt wrestlers who are literally you pic related, essentially my essence[View]
11715136'WE WANT TABLES'[View]
11716018Trish Stratus: The Goat[View]
11715139kek you gotta love the khanster[View]
11714493Steamboat says he was supposed to beat up Starks on Collision, but insisted he put Starks over: Duri…[View]
11716176ITT: Underrated themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuy5ZJDAyGo&ab_channel=MrCMPunkHD…[View]
11711322It's happening![View]
11716143AEW is molten hot right now: How did the madman do it? Are fans fatigued by corporate wrestling? 1 m…[View]
11715073The truth: AEWists are tranny pedophiles WWE is the greatest wrestling promotion to ever exist Vin…[View]
11711382/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11711555Thoughts on Liv Morgan as she turns 30 next birthday: She was once the young hot thing but as she qu…[View]
11714235Airport Test: Post rare airport pics of wrestlers[View]
11715940I don't think Tony R. Khan is a very good booker after all.[View]
11715997It's still a big number.[View]
11713349This guy is a STAR[View]
11715979who is the GOAT?[View]
11714515>pins Moxley 1-2-3 for a shoot and takes his title: gotta love the Fenixmeister, you just gotta…[View]
11713048Is this an appropriate outfit for a back stage interviewer?[View]
11712570Today's wrestler birthday is Ricky Fuji. (27th of September, 1965)[View]
11714534you now remember lashing out with lash legend[View]
11715724AEW debut when?[View]
11715534Two cripples who will never wrestle again.[View]
11715693grayson waller is dating pc rookie jade gentile[View]
11713020Most shocking moments in wrestling history. I'll start[View]
11715625Traitor. Get him out.[View]
11715530wtf is stopping bayley from dressing like this even sasha becky and charlotte are dressing slutty S …[View]
11715763mmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmm thats the sound my harley makes[View]
11715436Isn’t funny how, despite that he claims that he respects and protects the wrestling business unlike …[View]
11713654Based Cleaner[View]
11715532Joe Gacy needs a new gimmick. He's been a cancer on NXT for a long time, despite being pretty g…[View]
11700518AEW COLLLISION RATINGS SKYROCKET: >LAST WEEK: 467,000 (0.15) >THIS WEEK: 562,000 (0.18)…[View]
11714082Time for a DANCE party![View]
11715565When did Kelly Kelly take the bogpill? Shoot thought this was Natalya for a minute.[View]
11713360There are few things that are truly badass. There's me, the Undertaker, the American badass. Th…[View]
11710170I miss the Thunderdome Era so much bros.[View]
11715587Jim White and Lily Thomas walked so Cody and Jade could fly[View]
11713519Why is he so inauthentic?[View]
11712832I can see my fantasy I'm so consumed in bed What I see takes over me I'm blind beyond repa…[View]
11715639AEW Won: AEW has more upside than WWE. That's an undeniable fact. Established companies are old…[View]
11710438I JUST POPPED A BEAN[View]
11715362How hot is WWE you ask? Smackdown thats 2 months away sold damn near 13k tickets[View]
11715364Are all these people AEW homegrowns, /pw/?[View]
11711126Can he really be a top guy with a name like LA Knight?[View]
11715509KWABOTY: No Lilly?[View]
11715031Based Ricky working the AEWtists[View]
11711331I just called universal to get him fired. How dare Joey Ryan have a job.[View]
11714851Beautiful Aryan princesses[View]
11715453Why did Tony think debuting some giga poo to attack Joe was a good idea?[View]
11711698>Tokyo Sports: “Katsuhiko Nakajima has long been interested in working overseas. Thus, there is a…[View]
11713276no lies detected[View]
11713656They are literally both the same. Shoot psychopaths[View]
11711673How do you make this company become a threat to wwe like wcw in 90's[View]
11711484Lou Thesz Rikidozan Karl Gotch El Santo Stu Hart Big Daddy The Sheik Kimura Masahiko Buddy Rogers An…[View]
11714947Don't worry E-chads. We still won. Let the troons have this one, CNN got on Max before AEW did …[View]
11714294>cheeto fry[View]
11709834>AEW actually paid to train her for WWE You can't make this shit up.…[View]
11713384Pro Wrestling Manga Storytime Part 210: Part 1 https://archived.moe/pw/thread/7483221 Part 2 https:/…[View]
11708255Jade Cargill buries Tony Khan and AEW: >Jade Cargill on why she signed with WWE: >“The leaders…[View]
11709679Post depressing wrestling stuff, either on or off screen, I wanna get sad >Brian Pilman publicly …[View]
11712734Pro Wrestling Manga Storytime Part 209: Part 1 https://archived.moe/pw/thread/7483221 Part 2 https:/…[View]
11709697Jade Cargill Thread: Congrats to this Goddess.[View]
11714848Evil fucking company[View]
11713802Nobody, NOBODY, has ever topped this fucking fight and (you) cannot prove me wrong.[View]
11713916insider here, jade's theme is going to be performed by cardi b[View]
11714757e-drones be like: >we are the biggest fans of Jade (while deleting their scjerk posts shitting on…[View]
11712999Why did they film it?[View]
11712388Kane bros...[View]
11714484So what would the wrestling landscape look like right now if Tony Khan was a competent and sensible …[View]
11710633The Big Five: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBXruKx8_vE&[View]
11713655did they?[View]
11699578he's literally /pw/: the wrestler[View]
11712661no bullshit, what is bron breakkers ceiling on main roster?[View]
11714315Is this an appropriate physique for a company powerhouse judoka?[View]
11714236The face of WWE in 2019[View]
11712332Reminder! Nakajima is going to AJPW and Nu-Jamals will never EVER get him as some Shingo/Ishimori-ti…[View]
11709416ITT: Kino periods of wrestling[View]
11712412Who was under the mask?[View]
11714162Outsider Here: AEW is fake and gay[View]
11713472So when TK features the Inoki family (Simon) will he mention IGF?[View]
11714000Insider Here: Tony will be announcing AEW's move to HBO Max at Wrestledream. Big deal[View]
11613431/ddm/ - Donna del Mondo: Previous >>11513218 Upcoming matches: >Sept 20 Giulia vs AZM Maik…[View]
11712408You stink /pw/ go take a shower! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khzIFfbf3JE[View]
117130479 years later...looks like this was true: 7 Wrestlemania Main Events and the 2 times he didn't …[View]
11713989Do you think Dynamite will double RAW's viewership again tonight?[View]
11711478Becky Lynch in 2006: https://spankbang.com/4mjnm/video/becky+lynch[View]
11711873this is not ok: >shawn books the evil cop to string up and whip the native american man in front …[View]
11711650This game looks fun, why did people hate it?[View]
11713225Watch Stardom[View]
11713242Why is this disgusting, talentless pig on TV again?[View]
11712779>All Out: People only cared about backstage stuff with Punk >Grand Slam: People only cared abo…[View]
11707947Um AEW bros we're getting some bad press for Tony dancing after Mox got hurt[View]
11713775wwe is the best[View]
11711919What's your favorite/best year of WWE between 1984 and 2016?: and why?[View]
11713469mmmmmm.. locker room court will decide your fate, Chimp[View]
11713586Wassup: can a loc come up in your crib?[View]
11713387we really don't care I didn't want her in WWE when she was there I didn't want her ba…[View]
11711448>I WANT THEM NUTS PARTNAH! How do you respond without sounding mad and homophobe?…[View]
11713495The best match on NXT was 3 stars[View]
11707314What is the best thing about it? What is the worst?[View]
11713329Chi Chi player has 'it', brother[View]
11713332Unironically better without Rhea[View]
11711521why didn't sting come out?[View]
11711112>Anon >I've been feeling really tense lately, and I heard that a back rub with lotion can…[View]
11712911Daily’s place….home.[View]
11713093PHIL, NO -ACK[View]
11711693>you can call this the Tony Khan Order of wrestling, brother[View]
11712283Based Missy Hyatt knows the score[View]
11712487NXTfags are basically worse than aewists at the moment. They will praise the worse fucking shit just…[View]
11700404Greatest Joshi of all time turned 42 today[View]
11712885Necro Butcher, Tajiri and a fan hanging out in Japan[View]
11710715Is he the most talked about person on /pw/? Thank him for drawing the house.[View]
11712239>their gimmick is doing ladder spots and moonsault >meh at best on mic >not much in term of…[View]
117114292018 and 2019 were the worst ever[View]
11706907Nobody respects Tony Khan[View]
11711818Tom Lawlor BTFOS Eddie Flabston: BASED[View]
11712741>any wrestler that isnt vaccinated isnt allowed to compete I guarantee these faggots pushed this …[View]
11708876This have to be the worst reign, right?: He doesn't feels big deal or main eventer in his own p…[View]
11712697[Turbulent news] Zesty ass player Shingo Takagi (40) appears to have relieved his Ingobernable frien…[View]
11712017finally, a good ple[View]
11712539>Hide your dads, it's Christian.[View]
11711061>tony...my dying wish...darby allin vs. christian cage...in a best 2 out of 3 falls match...actua…[View]
11709411Bad faith E-PiggiE-DronE-Groesisters... I thought you promised me that WrestleDream didn't have…[View]
11712501Mr. America is Hulk Hogan[View]
11711141>joins BCC in your path[View]
11711574Incredible finish from NXT last night[View]
11711841Doug Basham: Is he based?[View]
11704030>And here's my son's room, he's a huge wrestling fan[View]
11710927TKO should just inject Shawn and Kurt with as many stem cells as possible and see what happens[View]
11711005Look kid, I thought you should know that the boys in the back are talking about you. They think you…[View]
11712297E-Gods, we got another one![View]
11710279>WWE show ends, WWE posters go about their lives and AEW posters spam the board >AEW show ends…[View]
11711744He's ribbing us, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_VZWwraj8[View]
11709942>Lio rush is thriving in NJPW with Okada and Naito while Bray Wyatt is dead KWAB Look at who made…[View]
11711913the last time AEW was good[View]
11706323why are the aewtists melting down all over the board tonight?[View]
11711941This guy is supposed to be a Kane-like silent monster heel type. And his name is Luchasaurus?[View]
11708734>Joshi is not a dr-ACK[View]
11709547>You DO know it's fake, right?[View]
11712079[Music]: I can be your Nigger baby I can take away your gains I can botch for you forever You can pa…[View]
11712071So, Tanahashi is obviously supposed to be Mayu's equivalent, but what the fuck is up with the o…[View]
11712090>Dude, trust me bro![View]
11711529Mommy Becky and her daughter[View]
11709203Brian pillman JR, Vignette from tonight looks like they're acknowledging he's the son of p…[View]
11700264'Hollyhood' Haley R. J[View]
11711488As an aewtist, this will be the most boring match of the year in all of wrestling[View]
11711899*ruined aew world champion on your path*[View]
11710573>Winding down their careers >Their only AEW match ends in a draw >Omega stuck in trios beca…[View]
11710516>babyface is a mark for his heel opponent[View]
11710427>carries Mid Cardona to a five star banger based gotta love the Makister…[View]
11710302>had no match on raw >didnt even show up for nxt…[View]
11711780how many viewers do they get in Japan?[View]
11706720One of the best wrestlers of Japan might in fact be AEW or WWE bound[View]
11711611Book her return[View]
11711467PAY ATTENTION: Jade Cargill is supposed to join the New Day, according to the plan.[View]
11710662>Someone criticizes WWE >drones agree that WWE can be better because they would prefer WWE imp…[View]
11710328If all these combine, what would you call them?[View]
11707827>Serena Deeb had been a featured member of AEW’s women’s division, but she has not appeared on-sc…[View]
11705098Do you think she regrets it? She could be world champion on the main roster right now. Instead she…[View]
11711502Why don't white people watch WWE?[View]
11710783Who is behind these epic promos?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuPboEQu3Oo >A mystery guest on…[View]
11711556mmmm... wouldn't wanna be the dead crip caught c-walkin' in the deadman's yard[View]
11711025the Okada/Omega of NXT[View]
11711546If Tony got himself ripped and actually worked a match with the boys then I'll have a little bi…[View]
11711523>drag the match for 20 min and have 12 kickouts >If I don't see are least 5 Canadian dest…[View]
11710922CM Punk said to be 'very unhappy' about Rock and Cena getting 7 figure paychecks for Mania[View]
11711344Now that his era is over...: ...why did he love Samoans so much?[View]
11711364Who has the best roster on paper?[View]
11711035Rybitch will always be over in a small place of my heart.[View]
11710183Has he ever been wrong about firing someone? I can't think of one.[View]
11702695/Stardom/ General: Next shows September 29th, 'NEW BLOOD 11”, Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, 6:30P…[View]
11710956Wrestlers who weren’t usually or ever in feuds: This motherfucker was brought back in 2009 to just j…[View]
11710814Why didnt he get a real tribute show like eddie or even benoit[View]
11705855Things must be going pretty damn bad in the WWE universe right now if their fans are unironically hy…[View]
11711307Elias was a rib on Bray Wyatt[View]
11711044HUH? This can't be real[View]
11711230Evolution isn't a mystery[View]
11710920Post them god-tier ring gear[View]
11711178>marks think titles matter KWAB[View]
11710952do wrestling managers actually manage their wrestlers and handle shit off screen for them or are the…[View]
11711105why has this guy never been picked up by any of the big companies? does he have heat with people bac…[View]
11707242So this is happening[View]
11710052>Rey >I know what you did to Perro Aguayo Jr.…[View]
11710117Why is she like this[View]
11708578He's literally IRL Luffy, if you hate him you are the worst kind of human[View]
11710135WWE keeps picking up stars from AEW while AEW keeps picking up dimeless shitters. Really makes you t…[View]
11710990This feud: This feud was pure retard kino. I can't stop watching it. 2003 Schizo Vince was best…[View]
11707672Why is nobody talking about the fact that Sasha Banks faded into obscurity after leaving WWE[View]
11710488Why was he released again?[View]
11710656I have 20 forward rolls due at 9 AM tomorrow.[View]
11710466Who would you have liked to have seen him against if he hadn't died?: real answers only please…[View]
11706261pure striker fists of fury educated feet[View]
11707912Who is the most romantic wrestler to ever grace the ring?[View]
11706548What happened? He went from beating Brock in the main event of WM to midcard: >height and size …[View]
11710489Wrestlers you legit forgot were IC and World champs[View]
11710634Bob Holly Quote Of The Day: >I told that piece of shit Kevin Nash this, while Scott and Sean watc…[View]
11709744WWE home grown talent fresh out the Performance Center.[View]
11710846>Main roster has had 3 tag teams for the past few months >NXT full of tag teams >Repeat Sam…[View]
11710501is there even a reasonable confluence of events that would result in him having a 5 star match at th…[View]
11710487Why are some pro wrestlers so gifted in the ring like these 4 for example. They are a cut above the …[View]
11710674Hahahha wtf is this?: I hate Eddie’s Japanese mark gimmick[View]
11706291E-gods, we may or may mot get him![View]
11710433>I was afraid for my life[View]
11705404Crow bros?[View]
11710293Why does this board only talk about WWE and AEW[View]
11705585E-chuds on suicide watch[View]
11710389>no sells your finisher[View]
11709640It's great to finally be back RIGHT HERE on /pw/!!!!!![View]
11710234Max got himself a gf[View]
11710144>Title reigns should be long. Why? >Because… BECAUSE THEY JUST SHOULD, OK!?…[View]
11710193>no one talking about nxt so i guess it was shit again huh?[View]
11710092Who would be the last man standing? >Undertaker at Wrestlemania vs. 2009 Randy Orton while he…[View]
11708945Whose fault was it when this happened?[View]
11710260Now That The Dust Has Settled: What the hell did Regal mean by this?[View]
11709467Lmao imagine being jannetty to dumb bbc addicted slut[View]
11710176Can we all agree that Kenny was the last good AEW champ? The belt was been shit since he lost it.[View]
11710126>BIG DADDY V Best in the business[View]
11709747AEW was better when she was champ[View]
11710096Yeah I'm thinking Kenny found his tag team partner[View]
11709742old Bret Hart looks better than old Shawn Michaels[View]
11710040ITT: Wrestlers who shoot have the middle initial R: André René Roussimoff[View]
11710047Remember when Montez Ford was poisoned?[View]
11709116Watch AEW[View]
11708484The state of the AEW Champion[View]
11706338Look who I met[View]
11709438I have changed the timeline: Chris Benoit now lives.[View]
11709980i love wwe and aew[View]
11704669The inmates are restless.[View]
11708261gotta hand it to Tony, he's gotten rid of all the uppity blacks kek >Jade >Sonny kiss …[View]
11709667Why did HBGay cancel this?[View]
11701458This So much this[View]
11708642>not main eventing on PPV again[View]
11709555wellll its the smol show gonna have to zoom on that pic tonite ahhhh[View]
11707699This freaky ass nigga[View]
11708761t-tony-san prease..hanguman page >COOOOOOOOFACKKKKK swervu..sturikulando >AAAACKKKKKKCOOOFFFFF…[View]
11709841Sammy Guevara: Sammy Guevara[View]
11709865Edrones be like: DAMMNNN MICK FOLEY GOT BACK![View]
11709760Sanada and Taichi should have kept Despy and murder grandpa.[View]
11707575Shotzi and Brandi are LIVE on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/brandilauren_[View]
11704903Many such cases[View]
11708167new botchamania just dropped and e-pigges be SQUEALING LMAO[View]
11709790ITT: Matches that actually happened: This is like some Indian's fever dream[View]
11709696YOU SEE ANON[View]
11707379Post yfw our kween cripples Io[View]
11703663why do aewtists complain about wwe not showcasing athletic wrestlers when they literally think this …[View]
11709741*walks into a main event spotlight after years of being a nobody midcarder because of he's a co…[View]
11703338KEK TONY IS ACTUALLY BUYING NJPW Book the 1st NJPW show under TK[View]
11706359Kenny Omega V 9 Year Old: I don’t get it. How was this a believable fight?[View]
11709509Fucking retard[View]
11708989>firing white goddesses and hiring uppity roided sheboon freaks You guys told me NXT was based.…[View]
11705942For me it is GLEAT[View]
11709490Why didnt anyone ask Tony about this?[View]
11709560Nancy Benoit has died: F[View]
11700799Say something nice about the birthday boy.[View]
11709581Is this appropriate behavior for a 35 yo woman?[View]
11709568the jap Cody Rhodes[View]
11708793Jade Cargill’s WWE debut is “not sitting well with some”: Per Sportskeeda: >Jade Cargill signing …[View]
11705510Ric Flair walks out from Kill Tony: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS7rZm-d4fE Naitch hates bul…[View]
11709426I get a bad feeling that she is uncomfortable dressing like this.: This gimmick needs to be dropped …[View]
11709468being on nxt sounds like a wonderful time tbqhwyf, you're basically getting paid to workout AND…[View]
11709161for me it's Thea Hail[View]
11709417Wardlow to WWE When?[View]
11709419WE GOT HER ELITE-CHADS!!![View]
11707514Why hasn't Tony paid her?: Did she overvalue herself?[View]
11708752NXT Gamethread #4[View]
11709344>Well, it's 6:43pm. Usually Dave is serving me Alpo at this time. Some of my guys are tellin…[View]
11707002Could it have been Phil?: Witnessing the splitting image of the man he killed, he went off the deep …[View]
11709255Is NXT the best weekly show in wrestling right now?[View]
11709371I unironically want Cody, LA Knight, Roman, and every other dime drawer on the main roster to just b…[View]
11709348>Stevie Richards and Maven are absolutely KILLING the YouTube game right now…[View]
11701357Wait, so AEW spent 2 years developing a talent for WWE? And they did that for free? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
11707945So how is this fat turd handling the news of Jade in WWE? Did he do a full 180 on her?[View]
11700482Jade has signed with WWE[View]
11703666>Low ratings >Low ticket sales >Reddit turned on him >Twitter turned on him >Dave tur…[View]
11704921I think I know you[View]
11709297well NXT fucking sucked[View]
11709230i enjoy it every week[View]
11704450pure strikes: pure coom[View]
11706983The highest drawing quarter[View]
11705066Oh no[View]
11705610>Jade listening to me talking about our babies[View]
11709208Yeah NXT was fucking awesome tonight[View]
11709080Who goes over? Who are the heels and faces? How many stars?[View]
11709196welp. nxt was fucking epic.[View]
11705498Jade Cargill says Cody Rhodes is one of the top 2 reasons why she decided to leave AEW for WWE: http…[View]
11709176Where is his ESPN article?: You guys said he was the next big thing in Sports Entertainment[View]
11704619is nothing more than a WWE farm system in youre path[View]
11702106>Benoit >I know about your balls[View]
11709138I'm coming home I'm coming home Tell the world I'm coming home Let the rain wash away…[View]
11706045E-Drones (the post): >I'm a grown man. >I care more about the online drama on everything …[View]
11705751Need a Bianca jade twerk off NOW AHHHH I LOVE ASS[View]
11706230his mere presence has created a schism in the raw locker room. he is a toxic presence.[View]
11706839Why is Bayley such a failure: - Becky is married and has a child - Alexa is married and will have a …[View]
11708998Name this faction[View]
11706337Anyone else getting WCW vibes from WWE lately? >lacklustre stories >one faction across all thr…[View]
11708349When do you think the reality is going to set in for e-drones that the shitposting is fine and dandy…[View]
11706684Is /pw/ down with the clowns?[View]
11706244Nash compares Kenny Omega to........... X-Pac.....: Uhhhh Kennybros? How do we feel about this? “Has…[View]
11706651What did he mean by this?[View]
11708188NXT GAMETHREAD #3: >Eddy Thorpe vs DIJAK - Strap Match >Hank and Tank vs Lucien Price and Bron…[View]
11702925I would suck every cock on the DX express including Chyna: Just to eat her toenail clippings[View]
11707637>Think about wrestling 24/7 >can't watch it for more than 20 minutes…[View]
11705138Why are people pretending like in ring matters for women when current AEW womens champ is Saraya and…[View]
11706669Aewbros.... we lost the Sidgmeister's support[View]
11708265Bwahahaha KWAB fuck this faggot. I even think he would've had a big push one day but he's …[View]
11708360Takeshita wants Ospreay to show up in DDT or he can go to NJPW and team up with him.[View]
11705184Who are considered the greatest carnies of all time? What would a top 5 list look like?[View]
11707605NXT GAMETHREAD #2: >Eddy Thorpe vs DIJAK - Strap Match >Hank and Tank vs Lucien Price and Bron…[View]
11707627Rhea went from her best look ever (as a wrestler) to now her worst look ever[View]
11706665Honest talk, I think she is pretty much done with wwe and won't re-sign. If she signs a new con…[View]
11707187piggalos thunk this done needed an emmy[View]
11708121Asian Mist spray will always be cool.[View]
11706527>wait…you like wwe? You mean like for kids?[View]
11705899Why don't they do wrestling?[View]
11704356Lola Vice (25) is the purest striker[View]
11707811Ryback 4 LiFe: He’s so cool. look at how he towers over these shitters, broke bums, backstabbing ch…[View]
11701429So let me see if I'm understanding this correctly. 1. Drones are tired of Charlotte Flair and h…[View]
11706585How long until she's getting slimed?[View]
11707798Found out more about Riddle at the airport.: Just specifics, I'm friends with a guy down in NXT…[View]
11707604NXT GAMETHREAD #2[View]
11705708Why did he do it, bros?[View]
11707468Drones pretending they signed a huge star[View]
11700025NXT GAMETHREAD #1: >Eddy Thorpe vs DIJAK - Strap Match >Hank and Tank vs Lucien Price and Bron…[View]
11706913>Bixu >I know about your early life What did the Shinsgod mean by this?…[View]
11705150*Goes to New Japan to have a finner-off with Tsuji*[View]
11702024Just Like Cody: Talked mad shit about WWE but couldn't wait to bend over to take it from Vince…[View]
11707116Is there any promotions currently today that aren't gay as fuck?[View]
11706912The Truth.: Last 10 e drone goalposts for AEW: … 66) aew will never beat full gear 2021 ppv buyrate …[View]
11707136If Indi isn't your favorite WWE diva, you are a submissive gay. Simple as.[View]
11707074what viewership would dynamite get if they aired the same night as MNF?[View]
11707055DDT bros as their final match approaches what are your favorite moments of Pheromones?[View]
11707067Why does she have zero simps?[View]
11707092the great ox baker[View]
11706308Brandon Thurston: Raw to WBD confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh1ynfwXN9U[View]
11706346Draymond Green…I know about the tip of your penis…[View]
11706917Name the wrestler[View]
11706587Stadium Stampede Is really growing on me.[View]
11707001The time when Kevin Nash BTFO CM Cuck in 2011: Kevin Nash explained why he thought a match with CM P…[View]
11706965OH YOU FELLA KNOW IT[View]
11701126The thinking man’s Joshi promotion[View]
11705646what's next for jericho in AEW?[View]
11705830AEW debut when?[View]
11706284Imagine the last match you ever see being drew macintyre vs. kofi kingston in a heatless midcard feu…[View]
11705615/pw/ E-Fed: Why hasn't there been a concerted effort to knuckle down and get something going? …[View]
11705491my friend said my cat was cute so I hit him with the nah thats you[View]
11703514Chris Jeribloat[View]
11705801They didnt buy her for her ''''talent'''' Everybody knows black girls will tell all They bought info…[View]
11706033this could be women's match of the year[View]
11702409AITA for making my gf(f 18) tap out from the Walls of Jericho. I'm (m 28) might have done it to…[View]
11706697Al Snow once ribbed Maven with a 10 inch black dildo: https://youtu.be/I1BXgrG0YdI?si=nY_bwYhzzI6MzT…[View]
11706545The truth.: I would give up my family for WWE. The fed means that much to me.[View]
11706818GOATberg to AEW?[View]
11705591The troons are having a meltdown over Jade leaving KWAB[View]
11705775Randy Orton tore Sheamus' pants and they showed It on Live TV: how did WWE allow things like th…[View]
11706775Raw ratings skyplummet: >Raw last night, which went against NFL games on both ABC and ESPN, was u…[View]
11705760wwe should start doing guest hosts again to pop the ratings[View]
11702622How did TNA survive by offering $10 weekly PPV's?[View]
11704202This guy is fucking based. What are his best pre-WWE matches?[View]
11706757Liv B. Morgan Kevin R. Nash Bryan R. Danielson Rhea B Ripley Julia B Hart[View]
11704278This is unironically the worst board on this site.[View]
11706657grow a chin[View]
11704426kek WWE told Edge to basically fuck off. Tiny Con will proably pay him regardless because hes desper…[View]
11706404WWE be like: we got the next big star[View]
11706459Kek what a phony shop[View]
11706596Interesting how edrones always claim to not watch AEW but suddenly they all know who Jade Cargill is…[View]
11706566Will he actually make the transfer?[View]
11706534>edrones are unironically saying jade is a star lmao. cmon niggas.[View]
11706581This is how AEW can get a milly[View]
11706558I'm just watching RAW now. So nobody spoil it.[View]
11706360>Hulkster it seems like /pw/ is full of threads today with everyone talking about this new acquis…[View]
11706471>go on /pw/ >see new thread about AEW getting exposed and BTFO How do trannies on here unironi…[View]
11704647Fellow bElievers, how do we save RAW?[View]
11703630kek dronies really do be like that keep jade, we dont want that shitter[View]
11706349Is AEW Dying?: This guy says he owns over 20 AEW action figures and even an orange cassidy t-shirt, …[View]
11706442She will be a HUGE star: She will learn more in a month at the PC than she did in two years with AEW…[View]
11706437Armageddon Card Released: Will you be ordering? - World Wrestling Entertainment Championship Fatal-F…[View]
11706071All your Kweens are belong to us, trannies. We have:: >Jade >Bianca >Lash Legend >Kayden…[View]
11706384will we ever see something like this ever again[View]
11706060He's literally the wrestler, /pw/[View]
11706020Why does Nash have it in for LA Knight so much? He keeps backpedalling calling it a work: >The WW…[View]
11704005>e-drones are now pretending they are Jade Cargills biggest fans after years of shitting on her L…[View]
11703920ITT: Wrestlers who have IT[View]
11702956Okay so they DON'T know..[View]
11664538/Kabuki/ Klub: Great Match Edition: IYO was ready for Asuka as she defeated her senpai on SmackDown.…[View]
11702550We haven’t got a star, our legends are part time, Cancelled TV shows, lots of sexual crime, We going…[View]
11705732Bow Down[View]
11704521Fiendry reminderu this ship is a NO NEEGERU ZONE[View]
11680822Say it with me: RECORD LOWS FOR TKO STOCK[View]
11705578The inmates are restless[View]
11705153The Spirit of Antonio Inoki will possess Tony Khan on October 1st and a New ERA will begin in Pro Wr…[View]
11705748The fact that her star diminished after losing the belt says a lot[View]
11706034Tony will be fine without Jade.[View]
11706124What's a completely baseless wrestling theory that you believe? I like to think that Shawn winn…[View]
11704136kek what a lying R'd bitch[View]
11703245I went skydiving with my friend today He landed first and then I landed on him I have thus performed…[View]
11705743kek what a lying bitch[View]
11704966>be Kevin R. Nash >complain to Papa Haitch about LA Knight being a dimeless shitter >LA Kni…[View]
11703127We need to settle something right now: This Mr. Potato Head lookin' ass nigga claims that not o…[View]
11704225What were they thinking?[View]
11705717Leaves Steph for the Kween version of Chyna: Bow down to the king[View]
11700268he looks like a fag with that dyed hair[View]
11704787I'm still devastated. Aewtists will never forgive him for big leagued Tony Kwab and his toy fed…[View]
11702333Does Serena Deeb really have backstage heat? What did she do that was so awful to keep her off the s…[View]
11704923What was Gaytch doing here?[View]
11705196Stop Reading Dirt Sheets: Just enjoy ProWrestling...if you're into that kinda thing.[View]
11704958Triple H just signed this dude to millions of dollars[View]
11705438E-GODS... WE GOT HIM![View]
11703852IT'S UP!: https://www.amazon.com/Becky-Lynch-Your-Average-Girl/dp/1982157259[View]
11700897Kek what a snake. Gotta love it[View]
11700926This is the match[View]
11701228How was Tegan's body of work on RAW? Did she impress you or did she wrestle like a shitter?[View]
11703809>support Bianca >she never needed me at all…[View]
11699722IT'S UP: Holy shit milly edition[View]
11702635For me, it's Wardlow[View]
11704577AEW equivalent to this match?[View]
11703308>WWE announces they’ve signed Jade Cargill >E-drones rejoice for 2 minutes and quickly move on…[View]
11705573WWE won. Afraid so.[View]
11705541FINISH THE STORY >On the Grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania![View]
11704262Serena Deeb absent from AEW due to “relationship” with Marty Scurll: Per SRS and Fightful >Serena…[View]
11705528Is getting double teamed by two white boys a good debut angle for Jade Cargill?[View]
11704769The motherfucking KING OF THIS SHIT!![View]
11704646This is Jaida Parker, NXT rookie: say something nice about her[View]
11702468Wenn meine Hand nach oben geht, schließt sich dein Mund.[View]
11700831Front Page of ESPN: This is the most mainstream coverage AEW has ever gotten[View]
11704496Lol the Cope.: And Im talking about the E-Drones here obviously. These drama queen neckbeard losers …[View]
11705463AEWtists coping over losing Jade Cargill is based. They deserve to suffer lol[View]
11703989you fucking retards got another thing completely wrong: They're still together, as confirmed by…[View]
11700851They’re top male star and top female star. Gone to WWE.[View]
11705449> Give AEW Saraya after: >she takes loads on camera > Receive Jade > Give AEW CM Punk af…[View]
11703897kek based tone[View]
11704430I miss Steampunk Becky so much[View]
11701141>AEW Collision this past week averaged 562,000 viewers and a 0.18 rating in the 18-49 demo! >T…[View]
11705348Reminder there’s not a single wrestler that could beat him on the microphone in a unscripted promo[View]
11703701Based. Trannies seething[View]
11703922Book a better match: protip: you can't.[View]
11705306RAW RATINGS CORRECTION: >LAST WEEK: 1,331,000 (0.44) >THIS WEEK: 1,465,000 (0.43)…[View]
11705141Bobby Lashley - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Bobby Lashley. Use this t…[View]
11687397[Good news] Ex-WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Says OnlyFans Modeling Led To 'Life-Changing' Mone…[View]
11705230And here's my son's room, he's a huge wrestling fan[View]
11696792I was in love until I found out that she's a Br*tish 'person'[View]
11705199>All these faggots talking about wwe and aew and I just wanna come here and see some fucking josh…[View]
11693239So let me get this straight...: Not only did maniac pedophile AEW fans spam for weeks that Iyo vs As…[View]
11698378Would you get an autograph from Liv Morgan?[View]
11705182COLLISION GIGASKYROCKETS: Damn it feels good to be ALL ELITE[View]
11703364Who is the luckiest man in pro wrestling?[View]
11705011wwe is promoting her like fucking crazy[View]
11704983Would you rather have Hulk Hogan’s or Randy Savage’s career and life?[View]
11702712Rate every single AEW world champion from best to worst in these categories: >Promo >In ring …[View]
11702904say hi to ur royal rumble 2024 winners ladies and gents :)[View]
11704284RAW RATINGS SKYPLUMMET: >LAST WEEK: 1,331,000 (0.44) >THIS WEEK: 1,465,000 (0.41)…[View]
11699429Chet Lemon, Diesel, Big Sexy, Vinnie Vegas, The Great Oz. Kevin Nash has gone through many phases in…[View]
11705019WWE needs to run this rivalry back![View]
11702047its time to admit hes a good booker[View]
11698449Becky Lynch in 2006: https://spankbang.com/4mjnm/video/becky+lynch[View]
11702862why are they like this?: redditors cannot even imply the existence of canceled wrestlers without mak…[View]
11704493Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful: If Ricky Starks does leave for the WWE I'm hearing that Tony Khan i…[View]
11701321Post your best Kevin Nash wrestling gif and webm's[View]
11700919Is pro wrestling art?: Jim Cornette hates when people call it 'art', but there is a certain artistic…[View]
11704887AEW cult is in meltdown mode over Jade leaving[View]
11701879>Vegan grandma shows up to the function >Do the kids want some of my homemade vegan cookies?? …[View]
11704842Does he know she's a rape baby?[View]
11704795You're next NXT Women's champion.[View]
11704675wrestling webm thread: Making Waves Edition[View]
11704620which match was better?[View]
11703625who is the better talent?[View]
11703819Why didn't WWE mention that they also signed Brian Pillman Jr. just like they did to Jade?[View]
11702727It should have ended here[View]
11704377Can he do it bros?[View]
11702910We're going to put AEW out of business, I can't wait[View]
11700249Kenny Omega is my favorite pro-wrestling player[View]
11699103WWE is GAY[View]
11704407Post your favorite friends in Wrestling[View]
11702190absolute GOAT we always wanted her and never wanted ziggler. trannies seething[View]
11704280Calling it now, Vince is gonna bring back Moss, he has Wrestlemania main eventer written all over hi…[View]
11704090WWE 2k24 us going to be the best game ever: Fully body scan including hands, feet, of Kairi Sane and…[View]
11703957The blackhole of dimes[View]
11700053>the final boss of wrestling[View]
11703578was shanky the biggest big man flop in modern wrestling?: >over seven feet tall and from a barbar…[View]
11704180Cody Rhodes is a lucky man[View]
11703095[Horrific News] MORE BAD NEWS FOR TONY KWAB: >AEW HAS ITS CURTAIN CALL INCIDENT! Tonight in the m…[View]
11702806Should WWE get a trios division to put more women in storylines seeing as the tag titles are cursed?[View]
11703730One more match.[View]
11699599How come Austin and Rock are very well respected by wrestlers and fans alike, but Hogan is often loo…[View]
11699143wrestlers on Onlyfans: How long until s Dana starts showing the goods on OF[View]
11704085>Wait wait wait So you mean to tell me, that both the man that will end roman reigns legendary re…[View]
11702565What if Hunter & Nick Khan poach Riho?[View]
11700994why's the Miz part of IMPERIUM all of the sudden?[View]
11704087>ZOMG KANE REMOVING HIS MASK WUZ SUCH A YUUUUGE DEAL BACK THEN!!1!! >nigga was literally a mas…[View]
11701298You now remember Mark Jindrak[View]
11704126ITT: most boring wrestlers ever[View]
11704165jobs to fandango[View]
11704063this my dawg fr[View]
11702770Hey /pw/, do I look fly today?[View]
11701325Trannys not gonna like this one...[View]
11698934Iyo's completely smooth & hairless body![View]
11700303*draws the house*[View]
11704064Damien priest: >tells his boys not to get into a fight >they do >runs in to help >gets o…[View]
11703533>people keep leaving AEW for WWE HE FUCKING WON[View]
11699343Why was Chris Benoit in swimming trunks when he died?[View]
11703941Well, /pw/?[View]
11704025Why are some WWE fans like this?[View]
11703971“Smart” wrestling fans like everyone on this board are even more ignorant than your average “casual”…[View]
11703913The last WrestleMania booked specifically for high-t DAWG ASS NIGGAS[View]
11703886the only actual objective draws in professional wrestling today are roman reigns and brock lesnar. n…[View]
11703237tony khan is NOT buying new japan you mongs: from the same schizos that brought you 'Tony paid 40 mi…[View]
11685082Paige fucked Sasha: TOP KEK, I wish I would have bought the auction. Woods and Sasha fucked Paige ba…[View]
11701812>has a heel turn >you can't really blame him either >is justified in his actions based…[View]
11703009Where do I start with wrestling? What's the 1st episode of season 1?[View]
11703207Aesthetics: What are your favorite stage/arena/ring designs?[View]
11702027You Are Tony Now: What's the first thing you're NOT gonna do?[View]
11702441>fails to sign the Elite >signs the Rampage skyplummet qween instead…[View]
11703313*shoot works you into a blinding, incandescent rage*[View]
11700028Going over The Deadman for the Title!: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm afraid so https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
11703138During an interview with the Battleground Podcast (transcription via Wrestling Inc), Eddie Kingston …[View]
11692082It's over...[View]
11701275>Welcome to my interview! So.. lets talk about this match you had 20 years ago and that you talke…[View]
11695257>McDonagh on TV H is booking >McDonagh not on TV Vince is booking…[View]
11696613Admit it. You'll cry when he dies.[View]
11702865Time will show that they saved AEW.[View]
11702137finnerbros, what's next for /our/ boy?: >We would like to announce that Katsuhiko Nakajima, …[View]
11699124[Program Information] The Inoki Disciples Choshu Riki (71), Chono Masahiro (60), and Muto Keiji (60)…[View]
11702576>Punk makes his own shirt to show “support” for the trans community >completely ignores the ex…[View]
11703566>got pinned by Iyo Sky three straight days in a row in your path Is she womens KWABOTY?…[View]
11702400Lady Shani [AAA] has an interesting physique[View]
11701902[Fantastic news!] Prominent pro-wrestling journalist Denise Salcedo (31) is having a SMASHING time i…[View]
11699545holy fuck they are doubling down on the cringe shit[View]
11699220Wrestling in 1995: Was it based or cringe?[View]
11700497It's official[View]
11703369Kevin Nash trivia![View]
11698811Not just her head, her pussy made of iron too![View]
11703429IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QQ4vFQO4zY[View]
11703250Why is this fag shilling WWE all of a sudden? I will stop listening if he does this ever again.[View]
11702843We will get >Kairi >Jade >CM Punk >Randy Orton In the next 2 months bros. Feeling good.…[View]
11694448Bella Twins: Isn't this a bit... y'know. Incesty? Why is it okay in wrestling but nowhere …[View]
11702528Have fun with Jade, PiggiEs[View]
11702243Deonna Purrazzo is taking things to the next level[View]
11703249kek based[View]
11695629CM Punk vs Seth Freakin' Rollins? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY![View]
11703274>not sure where those rumors came from kek[View]
11703233kek based Jerk[View]
11699382She's gonna betray AA and join Imperium soon isn't she?[View]
11700216After winning( retaining) the TNT title, Christian becomes the only wrestler in history to win a tit…[View]
11703193Name a wrestler that has suffered more in life than Kurt[View]
11698388>royal rumble 2024 >entrant #30 >I'm here to show the world >I'm here to show …[View]
11702940We will get >Mercedes Mone >Edge >Mariah May >Very >Will Osprey Damn, it feels good t…[View]
11699585>ruins your five star match[View]
11702715>Vince? Vince!!! buy more yummy toys[View]
11702491Cheers /pw/[View]
11702943slapnuts: slapnuts[View]
11702919Shinsuke cacamura[View]
11702926What was he cooking?[View]

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