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5753446Why wasn't he WWE champion?[View]
5754737When a woman gives a heartfelt promo and starts crying after her big championship win[View]
5753510/tjpw/ Tokyo Jyoshi Pro General: Sirs Edition: Watch on the new Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month…[View]
5756032>you make me sick! shakin your ASS... and makin yourself... a horses ASS..…[View]
5753170>Create a Move that has never been done in pro wrestling ever before >It cant be a modificatio…[View]
5754328Were the girls being pinned consenting to this? They were fine having Rhea put them in a submissive …[View]
5755235i can't put my finger on what it is specifically but something about her just drives me wild.[View]
5753469rest in power, queen[View]
5755917Steve 'touch that boy's hole and I'll make you pay the toll' Blackman[View]
5751163Obscure WWE signees who are yet to debut/never debuted: Calyx Hampton, signed in last match[View]
5750341Who's more out of touch?[View]
5754858>seethed because she got pushed down the card by the return of Ronda, who is an infinitely bigger…[View]
5754600If this is about the tag team titles. Why would they go to aew when they don't even have a wome…[View]
5752917Gunther kino thread[View]
5755590Sasha, when the walls fell: Tony. His arms wide[View]
5750394I miss her.[View]
5749265Janela bros.....[View]
5745977Roman should lose all three matches change my mind[View]
5754277Sasha isn't a dra-[View]
5753625WILL OSPREAY SPEAKS ON HEAT WITH KENNY OMEGA: >On how he is currently on bad terms with Kenny Ome…[View]
5753746>Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Banks was upset with WWE nixing the …[View]
5754227p-please stop bullying Sasha Banks /pw/...[View]
5754298AEW superstars hanging out[View]
5754011Carder absolutely BTFO: https://youtu.be/NaRR8-e1Gxo?t=419 >Kimmel calls WWE fake to his face the…[View]
5751821Is this entrance kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVb469fyooQ[View]
5755292I got some creepshots of Kylie Rae at this show I just went to a figured I'd share it with you …[View]
5750922dude could've been having killer matches in the AEW main event scene with Hangman, Cole, Omega,…[View]
5752865mfw a E drone said CM Punk is cringe near me[View]
5752190based codeman[View]
5755597bring him back[View]
5755016Have you ever met your favorite wrestler? Pic related, Christian Cage and me :)[View]
5755062Bravo Vince! Bravo!: No seriously! Did Russo booked this shit? Zipper has always been a jabroni. Nim…[View]
5755165Comparing post WM PPVs 5 years apart: Why is this shit so stagnant?[View]
5755437Nyla Rose: >gets tongued by his dad >creates an alternate identity as a tranny >then disavo…[View]
5755014>Cash Wheeler >Wheeler Yuta[View]
5753979Konosuke Takeshita (26) about to enjoy a treat[View]
5749084Why doesn't he start the wrestler's union it's not like Tony would fire him[View]
5755400How did Val survive? Also did he regrow it?[View]
5753972W-W-W-W-WAFFLE HOUSE[View]
5752359Her last IG stories[View]
5755433If wrestling is fake then what do they use to make it? Blender? I want to my make my own wrestling[View]
5751137>AEW's top young prospect >jobs to a NJPW jobber What went wrong?…[View]
5755121Has anyone else recently noticed that wrestlers aren't actually hitting each other?[View]
5754849>Favorite Powerbomb variations? I will start[View]
5749222The Chaddest Chad to ever Chad The True Alpha of the wrestling world and a man everyone should look…[View]
5751879/Stardom/ General: Previous >>5745079[View]
5754794ITT: funny wrestling moments[View]
5755059Has enyone ever actually been pinned for a 3 count from a top rope sunset flip? In the history of wr…[View]
5755025why don't people want their WWE toys?[View]
5751537WWE Still Pressuring Ryback To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement & Stop Trashing Vince McMahon: Ryba…[View]
5753546Where the fuck did these guys come from?[View]
5753111Now that the dust has settled: Was it a rib?[View]
5754195Casket On A Pole Match[View]
5751611Name a better match. I dare you.[View]
5754320HEY WALL![View]
5754016Only freaks and nerds like the WWE[View]
5753196fuck y'all e niggas[View]
5750831Why come AEW has never had a single impressive in-ring athletic feat?[View]
5751605Why come CM took a break from wrestling to be in a movie?[View]
5752804Kane without a mask[View]
5750259BOSJ 29: Do you think this tournament will beat forbidden door, in terms of match quality?[View]
5750667Hana, are you watching?[View]
5752590ITT: Wrestlers you want to see get shoot HEEMED[View]
5753910ITT: Best bodies: 1 - Sasha Banks 2 - Bayley 3 - Jamie Hayter 4 - Thunder Rosa 5 - Bea Priestley…[View]
5754171Will you follow AEW to AXS[View]
5753930With the continued success of joshi puroresu in the West, is it finally time to admit that pedobait …[View]
5747275.: .[View]
5752711Was CM Spunk the only pro wrestler that got absolutely KWAB'd in MMA? Seems like most of the on…[View]
5751055for me it's serena deeb[View]
5752463why can't an AEW contract pay the bills?[View]
5754061WWE is my life[View]
5751202>Main events every show >Never loses Why is he pushed so hard? It feels forced…[View]
5751224WOAT looks[View]
5752653>Look it up >CM Punk is one year younger than Sheamus Why the fuck does he look so bad? It can…[View]
5751318>Katana Chance[View]
5748308ITT: Comfiest wrestling matches of all time starting with my favorite: https://youtu.be/X6SboMOSKew[View]
5750537What's Sasha and Sheamus' relationship about?[View]
5753992very evil woman[View]
5753987Say something nice about him /pw/[View]
5751690What a fucking mark[View]
5753219*goes out of business in you're path*[View]
5753905Which wrestler best represents /pw/?: >fat ugly neckbeard >big baby >obsessed with height …[View]
5751156I'm back from church y'all[View]
5753911Randy Orton should be WWE Unified Champ[View]
5747293Agree or disagree?: Guys like Seth Rollins who are able to perform at the highest level for decades …[View]
5751340This image was single most over thing anyone has ever done in wrestling history. That is embarrassin…[View]
5751667Why didn't Andre break this move out against Hulk Hogan at Mania 3? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
5751728Do you think part of him was happy that Eddie died knowing he could milk that for the rest of his li…[View]
5752461>On the indies, they were two boring, bland shitters. >In WWE, they are presented like stars. …[View]
5750164Hypothetically speaking, what would her AEW name be? Mercedes Varnado doesn't have the same rin…[View]
5751290Does Shinsuke know that feud is over? https://youtu.be/__A1Cn7eWyI[View]
5751845JUST the match[View]
5750486e-drones be like...: IT'S TIME FOR THE SAME EVENT[View]
5753216>fathers a drag queen[View]
5747560*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
5753267Say my name. And Say it right[View]
5752956was he telling the truth about the 'bear skin rug'[View]
5753665AEW's biggest ratings draw and Roman Reign's brother. R.I.P.[View]
5751458Atom Smol bros….[View]
5752725Someone recommend me some WWE matches from the last 2 years to watch. Any brand is ok[View]
5750497Don't quote me on this, but I think that the Sonya Deville might be gay.[View]
5753530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ6tJ8wQGxY&list=TLPQMjIwNTIwMjJpdj7z-RoIvw&index=1 who can …[View]
5753436Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
5752339Too many tag matches for my taste if I'm being honest[View]
5751948Tony Khan Says It Was Great To Have Johnny Elite In AEW: >“Oh man, it was great to have Johnny El…[View]
5753392SAY CHEESE[View]
5750927What black woman from NXT 2.0 will replace Naomi and Sasha?[View]
5748091HALT: You cannot pass unless you post a based theme song in this thread i'll start: https://you…[View]
5751913Why is WWE so petty?[View]
5750201Kek Vincetty seething he lost the next big thing you do you Keith[View]
5750780Megumi CUTEo[View]
5751570Non-edited finners.[View]
5752858>ITS TIME TO POOPY IN MY DIAAAAPPPYYYYYYYYYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrYVxiH5Vqw…[View]
5748681>here's your BOSJ 2022 winner bro[View]
5752216Name a more retarded submission than the claw.[View]
5752432>actually draws dimes and viewers >isn't used Tony Khan is a retard.…[View]
5751161It was a girly magazine[View]
5751933Meltzer Top 50[View]
5752488katch bros not like this[View]
5752324this makes the e-drones mald[View]
5752477Kip Sabian should be the one getting the Wheeler Yuta push[View]
5750765The smile I wanted to protect[View]
5752215>In an interview with ITV, Khan discussed how AEW will be presented to their audience. >We…[View]
5752358Why come he doesn't get respect for shoot HEEMing Brody to the grave?[View]
5730949/TJPW/ Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on the brand new Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month https://…[View]
5752475Is the card even going to be good?[View]
5746557Wrestling union. NOW.[View]
5751989fuck you edrone[View]
5752440*replaces Sasha and wins the title* Based[View]
5747458WWE just handed one of its biggest female stars to AEW and e-drones think that's a good thing.[View]
5751860WE DID IT https://www.ringsidenews.com/2022/05/22/mondays-wwe-raw-ticket-sales-set-to-break-5k/…[View]
5750421nah you are[View]
5751718Book an in ring nationally broadcast live TV wrestling murder: I'd love to see flair finally ge…[View]
5751119[Good news] Wheeler Yuta (25) finally used Twitter for fansa.[View]
5750265>Throw together two singles guys because you have nothing for them to do >Give them a manager …[View]
5752259How did he get away with killing Brody Lee?[View]
5743626Invent a wrestling move RIGHT NOW that has never been done before: Cross-legged wishbone: Like the w…[View]
5747677>Spends all his free time streaming Halo on Twitch instead of hitting the gym…[View]
5750021>when you wanna take your post hardcore match picture but you barely did anything…[View]
5748878Ryback Offers Advice To Sasha Banks & Naomi On How To Get Their Downside Guarantees After Walkou…[View]
5747555Would sarray get over in stardom?[View]
5748582What went wrong?: >He made his last pay-per-view (PPV) appearance at the Royal Rumble in 1992; he…[View]
5747468Guys!! AEW is doing a brand split and you’ve been chosen to manage it!! Tony is letting you choose w…[View]
5751859>women's match starts[View]
5750784I have a feeling our girl will win.[View]
5751486If this was literally anyone else they would be fired and buried for multiple DUIs But if you feed w…[View]
5714338Io Shirai thread: Comfy edition Previous thread: >>5676212 Social Media: https://twitter.com/s…[View]
5752022why are them crying? these are supposed to be the Alpha Males of pro wrestling in the 80s? why are b…[View]
5751812If this was literally anyone else they would be fired and buried for multiple DUIs But if you win a …[View]
5748419Joey Janela sets his own foot on fire then can't get it to go out...https://twitter.com/Aregula…[View]
5751421The Summerslam of 92: Was this lineup dimes?[View]
5745079/Stardom/ General: Next show >Sunday, May 22, Aimesse Yamanashi (1:00PM JST) Card >Mayu Iwatan…[View]
5749818https://youtu.be/Dt-TlO3k8zc >highlights of an Italian federation show what do you think of Itali…[View]
5751476y'all listen to these guys?[View]
5751228I'm watching WM X7[View]
5751387Who's /yourguy/? You know, that one wrestler who's not necessarily at the top of the card …[View]
5751058Christain was right, those thumbtacks are nothing: https://youtu.be/QCokExHNg04[View]
5750934>A WWE faction unifies all of their top belts >0 threads, nobody cares Why? If the Undisputed …[View]
5751335I'm back from faking cancer so I could film a cameo in Dwayne's latest movie y'all[View]
5751364If you count everyone without a Nielsen box, on illegal streams, YouTube, and social media, the amou…[View]
5749373>bloodline just unified all important titles >Not a single thread on /pw/ This board was a mis…[View]
5750694Is this true?[View]
5747048Women in WWE (or who have worked there) who allegedly hate each other: >Alexa, Charlotte, Becky h…[View]
5751001i bet most of the women are happy sasha and naomi walked out because it means they get more screen t…[View]
5739142Did anyone here got fit because of wrestling? What your story?[View]
5750913>I got my period today[View]
5750804My Culver's order is... LIMITLESS![View]
5750797Now that the dust has settled.: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5750411Wwe should bring back “Breaking Point” it was a good gimmick[View]
5750836>spend 10 years building up a new face of the company >have an old face of the company who has…[View]
5750460Will Jungle Kyona wrestle Kagetsu and her new dong tomorrow?[View]
5747320what did he mean by this?[View]
5750392I love this leaf like you wouldn't believe[View]
5748314>lose in your path Based Tony not liking Joshi[View]
5739101ITT: Pajeets: With the amount of pajeet marks actually existing, why aren't there any investors…[View]
5747063give thoughts on this Japanese human male[View]
5743723Reminder that Jim Cornette is an anime cosplayer.[View]
5748994>steps into the ring >saves the business…[View]
5750620Take me back...[View]
5750559>it's another Edge has sex with Lita episode[View]
5750517Who is Mark? And why does he keep being mentioned?[View]
5750458why was the Cody Rhodes general deleted?[View]
5749929Huh?: If it's aimed at children, why do only old people watch it?[View]
5748032AEW. Kino: The Promotion Looks way better with original crowd lighting back.[View]
5750471Did They?[View]
5750084Was Milwaukee legend The Crusher a closet homosexual?[View]
5750089Take a shit AGGHHHHH[View]
5713845Kek What A Bitch[View]
5750457How would he have fared in Japan?[View]
5750440what's next for the slow burn long story telling[View]
5745577>her gimmick is she has three feet of hair extensions[View]
5748318Remember that time Cody and Jericho buried Punk for calling himself locker room leader? >Cody: No…[View]
5730233You know she lyin'[View]
5735751>short >brain damaged >best days well behind him >does the same holds in every match …[View]
5714069Why ya Cryan you fucking traitor?[View]
5748130edited and non edited finners[View]
5750280It seems some marks have come up with insane headcanon where they think they are way more valuable t…[View]
5748106This is Michelle from WWR’s Tough Enough Say something nice about her[View]
5747623This guy could have been star[View]
5749479>works you into a shoot[View]
5750155*works Jaxson Ryker into a seethe in your path*[View]
5749986Maika chekis[View]
5747665Post wrestlers smoking[View]
5744398Kek what a supportive coworker[View]
5747492Ah ha, Crunchwrap Supreme, we meet again in the land of the enchanted. This conflict will only be re…[View]
5750094>No tweets in a few days now He's been Rikidōzan-ed hasn't he…[View]
5750036Did Dusty cut the brake lines on Magnum TA’s car out of jealousy of TA’s popularity?[View]
5749492Who was the janetty[View]
5745498Was he really the right gay guy?[View]
5749721They disappointed millions[View]
5749734Syuri vs Tam Red Belt?[View]
5749681>The Luchador, the Dabber and the Tranny failed to get upset wins on Despy so he's 3-0 going…[View]
5749371>Their actions disappointed millions of wwe fans >millions what did he mean by this?…[View]
5749005HOLY RUPEES[View]
5748412Spreadable.... You think you're spreadable... You do I can see you on some ryyyyeee..... Just …[View]
5747926Elite chad here. Don’t watch e drone shit, but wanted to see what CAWdy was up to since leaving the …[View]
5749533Was this the most emotional moment of 2022?[View]
5748769Imagine an alternate universe: Where B2 was pushed instead of Cena becoming a megastar. In this alte…[View]
5749644lmao trannyback[View]
5749351Best of the Super Juniors 29: Day Six Gamethread 2: Titán Edition: Previous: >>5748400 >BOS…[View]
5748858based forgotten gimmicks: Key - Droz and Albert's coke dealer.[View]
5749489If Sasha is done there I’d love to see her in stardom or even just freelancing in japan for the rest…[View]
5749575*throws up deuces* Peace.[View]
5749521>Naomi and Sasha went home ? >Good, no uppity Coons on my show !…[View]
5744433How did Pastamania fail with this selection of food?[View]
5749358Breakfast...Breakfast... I think you're breakfast.... Hashbrowns on the side.. Mcmuffin and a b…[View]
5748841What happened to hostile crowds? It seems like it takes a lot for a audience to turn on someone. Mea…[View]
5748400Best of the Super Juniors 29: Day Six Gamethread: Show starts in an hour! >Eight-man Tag Team Mat…[View]
5747897This game is gonna make more than 2K games has ever made in their existence[View]
5745916Imagine the odor[View]
5748874Vince is a God damn genius. He basically Trojan horsed Tony Khan with his biggest anti draws knowing…[View]
5746964Why is Sheamus hanging out with two Engl*sh dogs? Has he forgotten his Celt brother McIntyre?[View]
5747465The American Jushin Thunder Liger: But nigger[View]
5747426WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVENT HEARD OF TENRYU: Guys please get a grip[View]
5744010Sunny was so perfect, it's a tragedy what happened to her[View]
5748472>mating press[View]
5747653It was a gay magazine, wasn't it?[View]
5747088Good christians? but Kenny is bi: How close are the bucks and kenny really? christians can tolerate …[View]
5747111I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks![View]
5747557I thank God every day that this man's reign of terror is over. I used to be apart of several Fa…[View]
5747580You were my perfect friend, right there until the end, I'm forever missing you until we meet ag…[View]
5742054Is Becky Lynch a cunt behind the scenes?[View]
5747408It's Lexi's time: >Charles and Bagley injured >Botcha suspended >Mandy in develop…[View]
5747491Goodnight Hulkamaniacs[View]
5748626I'm turning into a robotic bird[View]
5744514Shotzi appreciation thread[View]
5746888This is how bad Tony Khan is: House of Black is booked in feuds with Death Triangle, Varsity Blonde …[View]
5748354>returns to WWE to reunite with his Shield BROTHERS sounds BASED to me[View]
5746985leaked pics of Kenny Bi God Omega preparing for his return soon.[View]
5746158Wtf they brought back table for 3 and forgot to tell anyone[View]
5748459Are Best Friends still a thing?[View]
5748229Joey Janela vs Drew Parker starting now on GCW: This could be pure bloody sawdust retard kino. It’s …[View]
5747061Heard that Dog Wanker Tony Khan finally got served a dish of humble pie by Warner Bros. We at /sp/ l…[View]
5747987Who was in the wrong?[View]
5744306Rate this roster[View]
5748265Will she mesh well with Stardom's japanese fans?[View]
5748169how come there are kiss my ass matches but no suck my dick matches?[View]
5747622You have a time machine with a single use and you can only change something extremely minor in wrest…[View]
5748291I'm going to stop watching WWE if Veer isn't the one to dethrone Roman. He's the only…[View]
5747304Who will monkeypox sign with first?[View]
5747092finally dream matchups for aew such as >more jay white >more suzuki choppa >more ishii chop…[View]
5747043Grabs your balls on live television. >In your path.[View]
5747864Hello sirs??? Hello dimes!!![View]
5747994Goodbye Gentleman[View]
5748051What did Cody Rhodes mean by this?[View]
5747028https://youtu.be/dXynUauhu_M Can we bring back kayfabe and backstage segments already? This fucking …[View]
5744008He's the one...[View]
5747144Remember when we all thought we were gonna get a kino feud between Miro and Malakai Black because it…[View]
5747483no blood and guts?[View]
5747955ITT we write Hangxirs promo: You know, Phil.. Can I call you Phil? You might think you can just walt…[View]
5747983Here come the 'Brawling Brutes'[View]
5745210Wrestling fans be like 'which million dollar company can I bootlick the hardest'[View]
5743198What went wrong?[View]
5747776SASHIT IS DONE[View]
5746728>SEADLinnng with extra steps what's the point?[View]
5745897I was supposed to get Suzuki vs Osprey tomorrow but now I paid to watch a bunch of no name British s…[View]
5747487Is he the only lifetime natty wrestler?[View]
5747574WWE lives rent free in AEW fans' heads.[View]
5747014>FXXX What did he mean by this?[View]
5746949When I was a young mark Muh daddeh took me to New York City To see a wrestling match He said 'Son wh…[View]
5744949I’m gonna call WWE HQ, bros[View]
5747394I hope sasha and Naomi's nigger asses are gone for good[View]
5747156Holy based[View]
5747390w - what do you mean you don't want to renew our deal? I signed all the top rejects from the de…[View]
5747277>Billy Adultman[View]
5746872>is feuding with fuego del sol KWAB[View]
5747212*feuds for six months straight with no end in sight*[View]
5747283>In this main event segment of Forbidden Door, I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT >NJPW president, Tak…[View]
5746176As a Black Wrestling Fan, I Must Say That WWE’s Handling of the Sasha Banks and Naomi Situation Is V…[View]
5746762Who should replace Sashetty[View]
5746272call me a mark, but I don't remember Punk being such a faggot when he was in the fed[View]
5747128Kill yourself E-drone.[View]
5745930Why is it taking him so long to put Tiny Con out of business?[View]
5746879>academy brothers which one of you is this?[View]
5747099For me, it was Sammy.[View]
5745449What did he mean by this????[View]
5745401>Omos on Aj Styles, 'He's a brother to me' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=farD4h3…[View]
5744691>fucked hundreds of beautiful women >people mad that he supports abortion why are you surpris…[View]
5747003Where are the releases? Robert said WWE was going to start the releases like a month ago, where are …[View]
5746967>BCC >Blackpool Cum Club wtf???????????[View]
5742996RyGOAT will soon save prowrestling[View]
5746809>brawling brutes[View]
5744029post wrestling signs[View]
5732351The Yes Man: How would you rate his run in AEW so far?[View]
5746842Why did Tony Khan put him in charge of the AEW video game?[View]
5745126So when are we getting a new set[View]
5746778AW SON OF A BITCH[View]
5746096>is a better westler than hulk hogan in your path[View]
5746609Ryback just saved Sasha and Naomi from getting screwed by WWE and Vince. A true hero of the people.[View]
5746661Ryback got multiple medical procedures to get his downside guarantees: >If the Naomi and Sasha st…[View]
5746269Former WWE Diva Summer Rae live at Preakness[View]
5744827SUMOCHADS WW@[View]
5746725WWE is trash. The only wrestling worth watching is AEW. Only mentally ill people argue otherwise.[View]
57457378 HOURS: Yutabros, Elitegods, tonight's our night! >El Desperado’s third of four straight ma…[View]
5746634He's getting the Brian Cage treatment isn't he[View]
5745693I unironically think AEW should run fewer PPVs. Maybe just one big PPV per year (All Out) with the r…[View]
5744742>For me. It's dawn marie.[View]
5746584So why hasn't she been signed yet by anyone?[View]
5745035Post the image that captures the peak of this promotion[View]
5742455Bryan Danielson thought Rock and Austin sucked. Thought Dean Malenko was better.: Daniel Bryan, in a…[View]
5746537Shinya Hashimoto: Travelled to heaven at 40 Masahiro Chono: Cannot walk without a cane or wheelchair…[View]
5744714>the cult meme is real[View]
5743874>no fast nationals when do e-drones admit this guy is a shill?[View]
5746093Is Lacey a face or a heel?[View]
5746463ITT: matches that got ruined by someone being added, interference, or someone randomly appearing[View]
5742914What did WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella mean by this?[View]
5746267who's the next yummy debut to be forgotten in 2 weeks?[View]
5741819Rank these walk outs from most to least justified: >Stone Cold walking out as he didn't wann…[View]
5746423The cultures are circling[View]
5741822Sean Ross Sapp (of the Map Men Podcast) on the Bryan Danielson incident: >”As seen from the clip …[View]
5744347CUZ WE DA NEEEG-ROS: I’m so fucking sick of seeing these ugly ass nigger wannabes. Get them off TV a…[View]
5745131Post Based Tag Teams.[View]
5744994Veer's one video have more views than Cody's both videos combined!: Pretty clear who is th…[View]
5746126>UFC : >Real Fighting >Shake and hug post match >Friends backstage >WWE >Fake fi…[View]
5746100Non-edited finners.[View]
5745875when it's all said and done how will AEW be remembered[View]
5746091Jobs that should be turned into gimmicks: A gold meal winning pole vaulter who has truly high flying…[View]
5745991>have a tournament with all flippy midgets >in bingo halls kek nujamals are just aewtists with…[View]
5745151What is the next big indie show you're looking forward to?[View]
5743299Fingerbang! Bang. Bang bang bang Fingerbang bang! Bang bang bang! I'm gonna fingerbang bang you…[View]
5745286>is the only remaining QVEEN on the main roster biancabros Im worried...…[View]
5745907According to a report from Fightful Select, many of the people she worked with were let go by WWE in…[View]
5743613Onlyfans when?[View]
5745129What are your thoughts on Blair Davenport? I really like her.[View]
5745893Fuck you AEWtist[View]
5745814ITT: post NXT 2.0 kino[View]
5744328Keep politics out of vaginas: Arright... which one of you worked Cuckman Phil into a shoot?[View]
5745831why does he get away with it?[View]
5744920There are few things that are truly badass. There's me, the Undertaker, the American badass. Th…[View]
5743984*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
5745646Would you spend a saturday summer rae?[View]
5745645Ryback on Sasha and Naomi walking out: >Hearing rumors from sources @wwe that Sasha and Naomi act…[View]
5744189You suddenly remember that Paul Wight/'THE BIG SHOW' is employed by AEW[View]
5738964>Returns to face Cody Rhodes at WM 39*[View]
5745615Sociopath Sammy: >“Bro Sasha Banks, oh my god. When I was at WWE the other week I just wanted to …[View]
5743780AZM Smile[View]
5745707He sluggishly walked so Danhausen could fly[View]
5743134momo is fat and ugly[View]
5742335not soon enough[View]
5744269>its an episode of /pw gets worked by wrestlng cant believe you idiots think this sasha shit is r…[View]
5743145cena coming back as heel: since roman is basically out of the company, is a heel cena return and a p…[View]
5742721elite vs delete[View]
5745581Tonybros.... we feast![View]
5745305Tony should hire Horsetty but not Naomi[View]
5745522>On Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks did the unimaginable: she refused to follow the script. Now if …[View]
5745427/PW/ who else did this during the beat down last night on SD[View]
5744960ITT: Chuckie T[View]
5743522Everything that didn't happen in WWF/WWE is non-canon.[View]
5741778Lol I caught this picture of my dad watching Rampage last night[View]
5744955>3 months since last PPV >0 build outside of Wardlow-MJF…[View]
5726896Today is the day Lanachads[View]
5744175Ryback: >Ryback turned down million dollar contracts from WWE and AEW in the past 12 months How m…[View]
5745370There's a lot of stories going around about why Sasha and Naomi left but the one I'm heari…[View]
5743950it's over[View]
5744083the resent is uncanny[View]
5742722SMACKDOWN RATINGS FUCKING SKYROCKET: This week: 2,000,000 & 0.4 demo Last Week: 1,800,000 & …[View]
5741593Is this a work or shoot?[View]
5743472none of your favourite white or gook wrestlers will be commemoration in 150 years time.[View]
5742136HULLO HULLO[View]
5744307any wrestlers that should get BUGGED[View]
5744864Remember when people said there were way too many matches with vet vs jobber?[View]
5743922Are you excited?[View]
5743036The Hogan vs. Andre of our generation[View]
5744069What are some of your favorite Cornetteisms? >kenny olivier >twinkletoes mcfingerbang >s…[View]
5744792>missed out on the george foreman grill deal >'I-it's fine, w-we have Hulk Hogan's u…[View]
5742542Dimes and Tonight Pilled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjNWcCio668[View]
5741324Stephanie McMahon’s Team Was Dismantled During Last Round Of WWE Layoffs: As Reported By Fightful Se…[View]
5738095ECW Champion Vince: was it based or cringe[View]
5744153The petty sloppy shop removed Boss n Glow from the intro to NXT level up[View]
5743849>spend your entire life trying to inherit Vince's multi-billion dollar empire >some rand…[View]
5744531Best women's wrestlers in 2022: 1. Giulia 2. Starlight Kid 3. Miyu Yamashita 4. Thunder Rosa 5.…[View]
5739516Simp genocide when?[View]
5744645>Wastes 3 years of his career holding an useless belt because he doesn't want to move to the…[View]
5743923.: why is wrestling so gay now?[View]
5744135Why is this autist so overrated? He wrestled all his matches with a braindead expression on his face…[View]
5744969CM Punk is the protagonist of professional wrestling, just a very flawed one.[View]
5744835Takerbros....: >There's been some confusion, I thought I was pillow fighting the gay Underta…[View]
5740842/Stardom/ General: >Sunday, May 22, Aimesse Yamanashi (1:00PM JST) Card >Mayu Iwatani & Ko…[View]
5744001Push this dimes motherfucker to the moon. Everybody loves daddy magic[View]
5744884ABORTION RIGHTS ARE HUMAN DEATHS: and NOT Bad Assmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........[View]
5744343AJ STYLES[View]
5744767if you didn't cry when CM Punk returned you not a true Wrestling fan[View]
5744846>Listen. You would get more over if you were circumcised[View]
5744439The funniest thing about Phil screeching about vaginas and going on a personal crusade in 2022 is th…[View]
5743509If she goes to AEW, it's a major get. Not as big of a deal as Punk, Danielson, or Cody, but eas…[View]
5743736I watch wrestling for the matches AND for the promos. 40 minute workrate classic? Sure I'll wat…[View]
5744771Non-edited finners.[View]
5743835>was getting called the greatest of all time before hitting the main roster kek based…[View]
5744335I flipped through the channels at least 15 times watching wrestling. Why can't we get for show …[View]
5744537its absolutely a work[View]
5743233Five years ago today, Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion at Backlash 2…[View]
5743623For fans of AEW, which signings do you hate?: I still like Dynamite but I can't stand pic relat…[View]
5744566why the long face?[View]
5744474Sasha Banks always big leagues WWE, how is this time going to be any different from any other?[View]
5744378>hates sasha for being good in your path[View]
5743159if this physique is 'vanilla midget' then what does that make adam cole?[View]
5744352>the major leagues[View]
5742701She is in my opinion going to be if not the best female wrestler there is[View]
5739962Destroys the TNT title because Turner isn't extending AEW: >Rumors of a huge presence at the…[View]
5743039No Billy?[View]
5743669Who on the current Stardom roster do you think could win the Red Belt at some point in the future?: …[View]
5743037Macho Man and Sherri Martel: 11 years ago today[View]
5743187Why would any straight man watch men's wrestling?[View]
5743214Stardom 4.49 Ota Ward: 2017 NOAH 5.21 Ota Ward: 924 What was NOAH? ww[View]
5744219Sasha Banks and Naomi have been edited out of the WWE signature intro[View]
5744218Eh wtf Someone finna get fired[View]
5740598>fire you and take your job[View]
5737412Womens wrestling has peaked[View]
5743541Yup. Do better WWE.[View]
5742840kek based kayfabenews[View]
5742502Dynamite ratings for 5/11[View]
5742404kek based kris[View]
5743689what's one wrestling match i should watch before i off myself?[View]
5743004Do you miss Lana?[View]
5743035Will Ospreay Says He Has No Aspirations Of Signing With WWE[View]
5743985Why isn't Wheeler Yuta posting on about his time in Japan on SNS? The Japanese fans enjoy when…[View]
5743946MOMMY JADE[View]
5743624Elitegods are so talented[View]
574281690'sgods... not like this...[View]
5743918>1999 us dollars[View]
5743840Is wrestling really worse than it was when we were kids, or has it always been cheesy, and we didn…[View]
5743830I shoot hate edrones[View]
5743436Daniel Bryan and Powerhouse Hobbs Book it, Tony.[View]
5743890WWE right now if AEW didn't exist[View]
5743897SATANA: https://youtu.be/_iYXYHcqli4[View]
5743630CM Punk sucks! Ryback is a legend![View]
5743702WE LOVE YOU GOAT[View]
5743388Yuka bros... Itoh is stealing everything from us!![View]
5743737Is he the GOAT?[View]
5741428What the fuck is with the fish?[View]
5742658ebros... I thought Alfred was on our side?[View]
5742630If it wasn't for This Fire Burns and Cult of Personality he would never have got over[View]
5741409Ryback has the scoop on what really happened between Sasha, Naomi, and Vince.[View]
5735979need it or keep it?[View]
5743450kek does anyone even care anymore[View]
5742976Due to sheer amount of virtue signaling, I'd love for these two to go to another promotion. Don…[View]
5742988It's kinda scary how quickly the WWE Universe turned on one of wrestling's biggest stars.[View]
5743291>Chris was a legend, it's a shame he murdered his wife and child What the fuck Regal?…[View]
5741640Has anyone here ever tried calling WWE HQ?[View]
5743265Why are WWE fans such pervs?: https://youtu.be/v70iJMwphGc?list=PLph5V61dvNcpAy2Q466cSNCgKeHgvvQ2u P…[View]
5743479>Javale McGee shows up >Don't have him wrestle Snaquille O'neal wtf aew?!?!…[View]
5743327Punk bros ??[View]
5742324WWE is the best it's been since 2008: and thats a shoot brother[View]
5741014[Sad news] Ice Ribbon wrestler Banny Oikawa (age undisclosed) has announced that she will be taking …[View]
5740628What's so evil about him? Is he Jewish?[View]
5741700No 2 million?[View]
5740772Muhammad Hassan Threadمحمد حسن[View]
5738787why are fans who complain about 'flippy shit' always morbidly obese?[View]
5742619For me it's Big Fat Oily Guy[View]
5737551What is the worst thing Vince ever did?[View]
5743392>You’re so funny…NOT!: >You all mouth off on here because you hide and you know that’s exactly…[View]
5741264kek what a bitch[View]
5742579AEW debut when?[View]
5742964Kek, Kevin Don't Miss.[View]
5737777I wish this was a work too just like Bryan tricked us[View]
5740587This schizo era is over with me bros: Max Dupri and his male model agency is dimes[View]
5739551NJPW BEST OF THE SUPER JR. 29 DAY 4 GAMETHREAD: Show has begun >Best of the Super Jr. 29 B Block …[View]
5733938Why do the japs like him so much?[View]
5743125Haha gotta love the Codester brothers ya just GOTTA[View]
5742790I love the flippy shit[View]
5742296Do you think Cody is cool?[View]
5742287Who would have thought that Cody Rhodes would be a bigger draw than CM Punk?[View]
5743025this some new levels of cope, jimmy doing a borat voice screaming 'my wiiiife'[View]
5738489What’s his endgame?[View]
5713721Danielson injured? Seems to be in legit pain https://twitter.com/NickJSwanson/status/152713497549302…[View]
5742155acknowlede them[View]
5741948>WWE is thriving Guess the check from Tony didn't clear this month…[View]
5742209RETURNS on next weeks Smackdown to join his NEW DAY BROTHERS to fight the Brawling Brutes[View]
5742903>draws 2 milly in your path Apologize[View]
5742754Book his WWE debut.[View]
5742813would Sasha and Naomi joining the Baddie section be based?[View]
5742889Non-edited finners.[View]
5739229Who will unify IC and US?[View]
5740501>these gosh darn backyard shitters making a mockery out of pro wrestling, i tell ya.…[View]
5742697>spend 10 years building him as a draw >wants to work 3 times a year…[View]
5742911*breakdances islamically towards you*[View]
5742715>never wins the title in NXT >not treated as on the same level as Horsha and Charlotte >WM …[View]
5741882Holy dimes[View]
5742821Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
5742528Which 2 wrestlers would you most like to see have a match in this?[View]
5742138He's right about everything, which us why he's hated: Everyone calls wrestling 'the b…[View]
5742059MMMMMMM, everyone loves the Undertaker.[View]
5742665Why do so much people act like this dude had main event potential?[View]
5729663How would you revitalize it?[View]
5742596AEW sucks[View]
5741781THE WALL: still undefeated[View]
5742609Effortlessly cool[View]
5741153>watching BoSJ >those nearly empty gyms It's been this way for years but it always takes …[View]
5742558Nigga has a frontpack[View]
5736148>*Gives Master Wato the best singles match of his entire career while going over him with style* …[View]
5739592why is pro wrestling not considered an extreme sport on this site?[View]
5742363Liv Morgan is too sweet[View]
5741648What did Vince mean by this?[View]
5742421Is he a shoot messenger from heaven? an Archangel?[View]
5741701Conrad should book the rematch doot doot doot[View]
5742393>Is the best part about AEW[View]
5741637Noah announced 924 fans for their big event today. compared to recent events in the same venue this …[View]
5740264What's the point of doing cool spots if you're not showing them on camera?: You can't…[View]
5742368>okay now all of you stand over there and watch the tv monitor who writes this shit? also wrestle…[View]
5741866Is rapper Future /ourguy/ ?[View]
5737290Deal with it.[View]
5741513Good morning nWo-ites[View]
5742284Would returning to WWE instead have gone better?[View]
5742323SAY CHEESE[View]
5734557Natsupoi is a goddess[View]
5742217how was jericho not ribbed to death for this shit? How embarrassing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
5742125ITT : most sickening moments in pro wrestling history[View]
5738859Anyone else getting the This Day in History ad? What the heck is that all about?[View]
5735273Fightful: Sasha Banks & Naomi SUSPENDED indefinitely: >Update on Sasha Banks and Naomi coming…[View]
5742221Will they get over in Stardom?[View]
5742243>making your top star look like a bitch to own the e-drones[View]
5741835https://youtu.be/n9u0X19zzPc >Blades for a promo Why?[View]
5741560>BMIIIII >IT >IS >LIMIT- >LESS…[View]
5741167Future of wrestling is good: This is one of them greatest heel face turn moment brother.[View]
5737552i used to like this fag but now he's just another ''thing/someone'' that i …[View]
5738405mfw sashaschizo tries to tell me Japanese wrestlers cant get over in America[View]
5742034This will be the biggest match in AEW history[View]
5740408Reminder this is how Kurt's legendary career came to an end[View]
5742097Look at this fucking bitch ass loser. Fuck BUSHI.[View]
5740452Women's side > Men's side And that's a shoot.[View]
5742096Blood Money vs Blood Moon[View]
5742077Brie was under the ramp holding Bryan's leg down.[View]
5738355>gets manipulated into fucking over their own career Any other examples of this? The closest thin…[View]
5739147Now that the dust has settled: Who was the Jannetty?[View]
5733188I might start watching WWE just because I think Rhea is hot[View]
5738983IT'S UP! Jim Cornette on Referee Aubrey Edwards! IT'S UP: IT'S UP https://youtu.be/xJ…[View]
5738781We're stealing her from drones Elite bros, they'r already seething and coping.[View]
5741487Non-edited finners.[View]
5739616The Übermensch and future IC champion[View]
5737013100% agree[View]
5739999So uh...these niggers are working yeah?: https://youtu.be/pZRpCZ9qiIU[View]
5741900I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks![View]
5741426>WWE has pulled down official Facebook pages for Naomi and Sasha Banks. As we reported last night…[View]
5741846The best iteration of the nWo.[View]
5740402WWE lost media thread: To my knowledge the day Mabel won the big one has never resurfaced[View]
5737436NO MATCH NO MERCH[View]
5740076Which network wil AEW be on next[View]
5740882England >never produces a single wrestler of worth >always cloudy >produces most of the wo…[View]
5739640Why the fuck is there a mimplayer pop up now when im on mobile anyone else got this shit too? Is thi…[View]
5739530>dave and bryan toe the WWE company line in our path what went wrong?[View]
5741307No Christian, no watch.[View]
5738980Based bloodline making the marks cry[View]
5734470You may not like it but Disco has wrestled and appeared in higher rated(TV ratings not meme stars)se…[View]
5741062based or cringe?: which one of you did this? I know you belong here.[View]
5741106Just watched this and it was kino. What did you think?[View]
5741556Is this the greatest faction of all time? GayEW trannies don't interact.[View]
5727818To prove you are not a zoomer, tell me, which wrestling segment is this?[View]
5741392>actual draw >wwe always use his songs if they need a ppv theme song >didn't perform l…[View]
5741629Non finners.[View]
5741507>knock knock[View]
5741474>'The aerial assassin' Will Ospreay >'The Sniper of the Skies' Robbie Eagles…[View]
5741377why dont people want to believe that she will do good in hollywood?[View]
5736526Uh oh... even reddit is hating the NXT imports. How long will Tony keep pushing them?[View]
5738889Remember this elite bros? We eventually killed nxtiny, and pauls dreams.[View]
5739862*not even on the card for AEW’s biggest show of the year*[View]
5741128With Charlotte gone due to getting married and Ronda Rousey a part-timer, here is the entire Smackdo…[View]
5739176Where's the heat?[View]
5740922Sasha Banks unfollowed her husband retired professional wrestler Mikaze.[View]
5739285not only Vince recycles wrestling storylines[View]
5732945Real men don’t watch AEW[View]
5739958Why is every WWE heel promo ever the exact same >I USED TO DO WHAT I DO FOR THE FANS BUT YOU KNOW…[View]
5739481*dies in your path*[View]
5739226I exclusively watch iron man matches[View]
5741115Worst submission hold ever: between this and wang yang #2's upside down dick in your face submi…[View]
5741105>3 women's matches: Tony what the FUCK[View]
5741088Just finished watching today Super Juniors. I thought it started 2 hours and a half later than it di…[View]
5740942>punishes you for taking a stand >prevents you from working >prevents you from earning any …[View]
5740827Lol they made a Daniel Bryan emoji[View]
5738340Sasha Banks is literally fucking evil for getting Naomi into this childish temper tantrum shit with …[View]
5739523is candice michelle based or cringe[View]
5737353WWE censors the word 'choke' during Smackdown: https://www.clippituser.tv/c/qnvwea[View]
5739149>we are now one step closer to returning to a sexy women's division Once Bay Leno is gone, w…[View]
5740826Me being 572 pounds and immobile won't change the fact that WWE is the only company that matter…[View]
5737460More proof on how over Yuka is. You can see where the most views for a specific match happened.[View]
5740440is Momo a good fit for the Cosmic Angels?: It's only a matter of time before someone turns on M…[View]
5732171/Stardom/ General: Next shows >Saturday, May 21, Ueda Creation Hall Gymnasium (1:00PM JST) Card …[View]
5737240Go Away Heat: The Stable[View]
5740734Kaun calls Adam Cole the second coming of Shawn Michaels: https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/aews-a…[View]
5740357Would a tomb raider gimmick work in WWE?[View]
5740489worked: You faggot smarks got worked into a shoot by BASED DBD KWAB LAMO https://youtu.be/r2VB9t9zfS…[View]
5726065What's next for Brandi Lauren? Could she end up in AEW? Maybe back in NXT now that she fits the…[View]
5740433Acebros... Next time...[View]
5739417Will monkeypox bring back thunderdome kino?[View]
5740139Any reasons why Warner didn't feature AEW at their advertising event last week? Doesn't re…[View]
5736041SHEEEEEEEEEESH: Meltzer on HARLAND getting shitcanned before getting called up for Edge's stabl…[View]
5739263I made the switch to sports this year and i don't think i ever need fake fighting ever again. G…[View]
5739009Weird Dreams Involving Wrestlers: Just the other night > Warrior circa 1996 cucking Bryan >He…[View]
5735204kek based Big Sexy[View]
5739485She finna cum back for the the team champs frfr no cap them niggas naomi couldn't handle it LAT…[View]
5738404I just found out pro wrestling is fake?? can anyone confirm?[View]
5738137What is the point in watching anymore?[View]
5739515FUCK!!!!!: OH NO!!!! HELP!!!!! LOOK OUT BELOW!!!![View]
5737868Actually 6 hours away: Who ya got?[View]
5736822He literally run over someone and got away with it, how did he do it?[View]
5739456AEWxixters... I'm going to have a panic attack...[View]
5737938WE MISS YOU GOAT!!: Please return and save professional wrestling[View]
5739408Bloody basterd bitch i hate them so much i hope Rakesh Kumar Orton RKO this benchods fucking mother[View]
5739400is it about the ramp crack work?[View]
5739196The good old days[View]
5736386>Max Dupri What was wrong with LA Knight? Why did they change his name? Why is he a manager? Why …[View]
5739265Sasha and Naomi are gone from the shop. BUT YOU KNOW WHO ISN'T? THE DREAM IS STILL ALIVE BROS G…[View]
5736273>Now that's a bleachable moment! https://youtu.be/dXynUauhu_M[View]
5738637nujamals are so desperate for even a crumb of relevancy that they have to LARP as console war fags t…[View]
5738580My order at Taco Bell is... LIMITLESS![View]
5739221The Sasha and Naomi story is a work[View]
5737933Smarks are pretending Max Dupri is a worse name than LA Knight.[View]
5738215Goodnight Hulkamaniacs[View]
5737941In the mild spring of 2022, Bryan Danielson ruthlessly and relentlessly worked /pw/.[View]
5735242What kind of emasculating and derogatory remarks would Dani Jordyn write about you in her burn book?[View]
5739059Bayleybros... I don't know how much more WWE I can watch without our queen there...[View]
5737085why do they keep changing his name? What was wrong with Eli Drake in the first place?[View]
5736612What's next for our boy?: AEW should job a midget out to him on Dynamite or Rampage to get him …[View]
5738960Post yfw you don't watch WWE[View]
5738705why am I getting video pop up ads in the bottom of my screen all of a sudden[View]
5738888Say my name[View]
5738837Faggot manlet self-inserts don't draw. Roided out muscle freaks do. As long as wrestling retain…[View]
5738186>WWE will hold a tournament to crown new womens tag team champions with what fucking teams?…[View]
5738440This will be better than anything at DoN: Unless that fucker overbooks his show again like a coked o…[View]
5738513CM Punk is a pedophile[View]
5738816>your wife gets suspended in your path[View]
5738616Are we still allowed to post Sasha threads here or should i take this to /an/?[View]
5738592>uk show already sold 40k tickets with no matches announced stadiumKINGS... we won!…[View]
5738644Adam Page is from Virginia[View]
5738217/pw/Bros! it's 5/20. New Lana just leaked. She took the facialpill!!![View]
5737572For Me, It's 'The PitBull Of The Diamond Mine' Ivy Nile[View]
5738530Riiiight? Riiiiiight???[View]
5738599who goes over[View]
5738642DEARY DEARY ME![View]
5737598CERO MIEDO[View]
5738615love kitto[View]
5737908>'Anon-kun, Watch... AEW... With me...'[View]
5736460He's turning on Riddle tonight[View]
5738255>*sets the black race back 100 years*[View]
5735208this is how you book an interracial match[View]
5738436>Has to now put up with Sasha's bullshit politicking for the next few years Countdown to Bri…[View]
5738535BIG mike elgin[View]
5736745I like wrestling, and unlike other wrestling fans I don't like pretending to be an accountant: …[View]
5736640du PRI![View]
5736978He's turning on Orton tonight Screenshot this post.[View]
5736107Actually Warrior is the best wrestler because he has the best win/loss ratio[View]
5738199Why is there a mini player when I get on this board?[View]
5738169>'Sasha and Naomi are being a couple of uppity negresses who don't know how good they have i…[View]
5738214Team Taz Bros: We lost Hook, right there. It’s over.[View]
5736717>Her finisher is the Chris Benoit Bowflex Sounds based to me tbqh[View]
5738310Sarath Ton is ALL ELITE[View]
5738237>etrannies actually got worked by this Do they ever stop taking L's? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
5736788Vince McMahon Appreciation Night (Vince McMahon dies in Kayfabe) 06/11/2007 'You do not have to love…[View]
57377323 down, 1 to go: Based WWE weeding out the shitters who got high on their own supply[View]
5737617Here's your All Out 2022 main event, bro. Will the streak come to an end?[View]
5738165kek based[View]
5738283Why is this board so fucking dumb[View]
5738268[Sad News] Quincy Elliott has broken his ass[View]
5737896This nigga really left AEW to wrestle Seth Rollins 20 times and the Miz 15 times. He even looks conf…[View]
5736527>Merely works people into thinking his company is a sloppy shop by having one of his top guys fal…[View]
5738146What's the world's temperature?[View]
5738068This dimeless shitter hasn't defended not one, but two of WWE's world championship titles …[View]
5738047HOLY SHIT I'M HYPED[View]
5734369joshis that ignite something primal inside of you[View]
5737416She’s gone.[View]
5737763Sasha and Naomi put her in a bad position. Now all the YAS QUEENs across social media will expect he…[View]
57377986 hours away: who ya got?[View]
5736793WWE Friday Nght Smackdown GAMETHREAD 3:: BUTCH BUTCH BUTCH[View]
5737948not if: but when[View]
5735886ITT: Irreffutable FACTS: Roman Reigns is Kenny Omega but Kino Omega.[View]
5737877The best matches have this dynamic.[View]
5734699Tony just printing money with this duo[View]
5737827aew was a mistake[View]
5737090They disappointed millions[View]
5737811>tfw AEW is a containment board for smarks and they all get worked constantly into buying 'le epi…[View]
5737689Buck Breaking Club > Blackpool Cracked Club[View]
5737409Goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life that don't know it a work when you bot…[View]
5737779AEWtist Think They're Getting Sasha Banks: The Debut Ends Up Being Naomi[View]
5736977>mentioned on tv fucking marks[View]
5735091Did Vince really think he would get away with this?[View]
5737529>a worked botch[View]
5735809>Get FTR over >Probably the most over they've been in their whole time in AEW >Not hav…[View]
5735363>“You never actually watch AEW, you just pretend to and then shit on it to piss us off” YOU’RE DA…[View]
5737592Cuckazebros...: What if she does leave us?[View]
5737091So what even was Viscera's gimmick?[View]
5734949'psychology' is total fucking bullshit: It's literally just wrestlers being lazy. At best, all…[View]
5735887worked ya[View]
5737567>punishes you for taking a stand >prevents you from working >prevents you from earning any …[View]
5737406best Smackdown of the year did you see it[View]
5737401Alright, fuck it. I'm done. NJPWlads, how do I get started? Is there English commentary availab…[View]
5737432EGG > your fav wrestler[View]
5737311You'll never hear his theme again. Feels bad man. https://youtube.com/watch?v=MAuqWa4JOxI[View]
5735722Guess who? it's a Kamiyu thread, coming through.[View]
5734545NJPW to introduce cheering sections starting with the BOSJ Finals https://twitter.com/golden_kuma/st…[View]
5737208Mad ya got worked, dronies?[View]
5735941How fucked is he?[View]
5736081>HALP! MY LEG! IT HURTS AAAAH! work or not this guy is a bitch! leaving the mighty WWE to do leg …[View]
5734511is Braun a shoot retard? Was the Shane story a rib?[View]
5736458Becky and Max[View]
5736938thoughts on my set up?[View]
5736505I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks![View]
5736312Max Dupri[View]
5735778Kayfabe Abilities: In kayfabe Hulk Hogan >is able to detect Hulkamaniacs within a certain distanc…[View]
5736815Bryan Danielson leg getting stuck confirmed a WORK evidence inside: https://youtu.be/r2VB9t9zfSA?t=2…[View]
5736757>max dupri[View]
5736084WWE Friday Nght Smackdown GAMETHREAD 2: Time for Corbin Kino[View]
5736334LA WHO?[View]
5735788You all got worked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2VB9t9zfSA[View]
5736609>getting worked by the student of a psychopath[View]
5736377>Max Dupri[View]
5735322Wrestling personalities who pay women to beat them up[View]
5736428It's fucking worthless now[View]
5736473>max dupri[View]
5736333>max dupri[View]
5734355Non-edited finners.[View]
5734003[Good news] Tsukasa Fujimoto (38) went to the hospital for a physical yesterday, and they told her s…[View]
5736331This nigga name Max Dupree[View]
5736259>Rerun of the EXACT same smackdown for the 8th week in a row, exact same matches in the exact sam…[View]
5736311Max Dupri: YEAH[View]
5736324Next time I see some female wrestlers I'm taking off my clothes and rush up and hug them[View]
5735782Distressing footage emerges of Bryan Danielson's leg injury on Rampage: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
5736068*turns a minor slip into a massive work for no particular reason*[View]
5732524FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN GAMETHREAD #1: *WWE Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs. WWE Smackdown Tag Team …[View]
5736161She deserves better than that dumpster fire that's WWE.[View]
5729149This is the reason people are changing the channel. This 'man' doesn't deserve to be champion l…[View]
5736009>'I think we've made a big mistake...'[View]
5735974These two are my favorite part of AEW[View]
5736013Card for Dynamite and Double or Nothing[View]
5735902>match already happened a few weeks ago for free on TV >now wants you to pay for the same matc…[View]
5735935I'm glad the gay community has an icon like AJ Styles to look up to[View]
5735533Double or Nothing[View]
5735723WWE is the best[View]
5735591Sammy Guevara Says Dating Tay Conti Is The Greatest Highlight Of His AEW Career: >That’s the thin…[View]
5735766>returns to WWE to reunite with his Shield BROTHERS sounds BASED to me[View]
5732092if women weren't pro wrestlers you wouldn't call them ugly[View]
5735708The greatest faction in Sports Entertainment history.[View]
5734110Summerslam has already outsold the Forbidden Joke. Looks like we lost again, obese smarks.[View]
5729728>Everybody should hope to have fans like Sasha Banks has fans What did Bryan Alvarez mean by thi…[View]
5734040>can't slipt through the cracks >lightweight >can double as a weapon…[View]
5732969Do you guys think Owen's sould haunts both Vinces (Russo and McMahon) every now and then? Just …[View]
5735452Holy dimes This will be even better than their ROH match[View]
5732601Thoughts on comedy wrestling?[View]
5733970HOLY SHIT!!!!!: This guy would make a killer addition to Judgement Day. A great enforcer that can ha…[View]
5730057Which Stardom wrestler first grabbed your attention the most?[View]
5731128Why are all their fans online such rabid cultists that start frothing at the mouth at the slighest c…[View]
5724148Gee I truly wonder why AEW cannot draw million[View]
5735314Somebody, anybody, save this title.[View]
5732897AEW Rampage Gamethread #1: Rampage comes at you with special start time of 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm …[View]
5734471Is she going to AEW and, if so, how much of a game changer is she for their women's division?[View]
5733529E-drones are reproducing[View]
5732964A TOWNN DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nmafRRD1cs[View]
5733878Look at that fucking face: Tell me he wouldn't be the perfect choice to play The Joker in a Hol…[View]
5734177Miss this guy: I’ll take this indy midget over every WWE reject Tony has signed since Punk[View]
5726692محمد حسنMuhammad Hassan Threadمحمد حسن: I want to go back and rewatch all the best moments of the be…[View]
5732763last week was a .4 not looking good for the blue brand[View]
5734243i don't even watch wresting anymore lmao I just don't want to I only watch botches and web…[View]
5734801>my sisters would stuff this dirty rag down my throat[View]
5733800Alright marks, you like to talk about fake tough guys in wrestling? Well let's talk about a sho…[View]
5735296>me when I spot an e-drone[View]
5735016>he watches wrestling for the moves[View]
5732632Kamala Harris.[View]
5732114>honey, you gotta come see this. There's this fat oriental japanese girl spitting on her opp…[View]
5733931I want Megan Bayne to hurt me[View]
5732697I hope everybody has a FOXY weekend![View]
5733001Is this the most SOULful fan artist in wrestling?[View]
5735067I'M RAWBIE[View]
5733781>its a smarks pretend to know some gook from the 80s episode and if you dont know him, you arent…[View]
5733604Bad omen for AEW's TV future: >Firstly, beyond a banner listing a hit show from every night …[View]
5733434woah. brian last more like brian chad[View]
5734884>cena dabbing on the tranny rodeo at the upfronts K-WAB! K-WAB NIGHT![View]
5732920Stephanie McMahon: Does anyone find that face attractive[View]
5734951Did the ratings for Dynamite come out yet?[View]
5734705What's ur name: Hi, I'm Dora! mmmmm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdH6hyq-t4Q…[View]
5728725Stephanie taking a 'break' from WWE is all a front: If she announced she was leaving, the shareholde…[View]
5733899Rough N Rowdy: Rough N Rowdy 17 - Bad Blood Tonight![View]
5734786Are there any wrestling shirts you would wear in public?[View]
5734501Would you say this is an accurate image?[View]
5733157Oh you want to comment on how tough wrestlers seem? Combat expert are you? Describe a fight you won …[View]
5734053>spends all his free time streaming Halo on Twitch instead of hitting the gym…[View]
5733343kek sidge dont miss dimwits on the ropes[View]
5734789Tony Kahn? More like Toby Kahn. Lmal[View]
5734089I’ve figured it out: Well, actually, it’s not that hard to figure out. The only reason they’d do thi…[View]
5733801A sequel to our game just got announced, where’s AEW’s game?[View]
5734659No 2 million for smack?[View]
5731345Has Momo Watanabe peaked?: It seems to me that despite being just in her early 20s Momo has been Ran…[View]
5731735Just what AEW needs MORE BELTS Both of the tournament's finals will go down at Double or Nothin…[View]
5731461DYNAMITE QUARTER HOURS: Deeb, Jeff Hardy, and Cole shit the bed[View]
5732287Has this company ever tried having a world champion that was younger than 40 years old?[View]
5730984Why are all their fans online such rabid cultists that start frothing at the mouth at the slighest c…[View]
5733541Based RYBACK[View]
5734085Biggest ratings killer champs: Memes aside who was the actual biggest anti draw that the E had pushe…[View]
5725769What's your favorite not wrestling related Cornette video?[View]
5729393522 people pay some guy to post publicly accessible ticket sale numbers[View]
5729574Dave is somehow very insulted at the fact that only 2000 fellow obese smarks like him knows about hi…[View]
5732415>shoves your toothbrush up his ass in your path[View]
5733663Bros Ice Ribbon might be based. I am watching it specifically to see Ram Kaicho but I am not sure I …[View]
5732134What was the best moment of the Covid Era, from both WWE and AEW?[View]
5732973They deserve the world[View]
5733725Meltzer-sensei and aguakun are interacting again![View]
5731599was jim johnston an overrated hack? wtf is this theme for sandman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
5734054Why doesn't Vince bring this style promo back for Asuka and Nakamura? https://youtu.be/973Bg_Aq…[View]
5734506How do people take this move without getting actually knocked out? It's not like you can let go…[View]
5734483>The return of the decade* >Becomes the most anti-climactic moment of the show in a month* Wha…[View]
5727900Pro Wrestling Comics Storytime Part 93: Part 1 https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/pw/thread/3970670 Par…[View]
5732809Have a Badd Ass Weekend, /pw/[View]
5734474Roman Reigns acknowledges Bryan Danielson as the GOAT: >Bryan is the best. “If anybody says any d…[View]
5732405based or cringe?[View]
5734453Daniel Bryan BTFO by a fan: At 4:30 even cracks up Cena https://youtu.be/FJgfxsYaQzA[View]
5731504Thanks for pushing Adam Cole as a main eventer for months, Tony. It’s definitely paying off.[View]
5734277It's clear to me that AEW has gone down the hill. The only match I've enjoyed this last dy…[View]
5731320MELTZER WON: WWE Released Parker Boudreaux After Discovering Something Troubling From Their Past: Da…[View]
5734361well, at least they had Knoxville and the zoomer youtuber[View]
5734348Yes, I am enjoying Risa Sera more now that she has recognized her true potential and left Saitama. I…[View]
5730852NXT LEVEL UP GAMETHREAD: JOSH BRIGGS VS QUINCY ELLIOTT >With his partner Brooks Jensen on the inj…[View]
5734050I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks![View]
5734223no comment[View]
5732832reminder this match drew 1.1m[View]
5733743/ourguy/ Sean Oliver is back for one more run[View]
5648588/gtmv/ - Gatoh Move General: Discuss Gatoh Move, ChocoPro, OniPro, former Gatoh Move wrestlers, and …[View]
5733998DEBUNKING Popular Wrestling Myths: >Ezekiel is in fact Elias under a different alias. >Mr. Am…[View]
5731332it's time to accept that Japanese Wrestling is superior than Western Wrestling[View]
5732774The day WWE was saved: Thank you based Ridge[View]
5733917a big fat piece of shit[View]
5731043was Maria the original fridge of wrestling?[View]
5732951SHEEEEESH Adam you finna see HARLAND? Next big thing fr fr. If he was in judgement day I would NOT b…[View]
5732160Why do fans of Japanese wrestling get so ass mad when people dont know about Japanese pro wrestlers?…[View]
5730908Celeste Bonin: Who agrees that she was and is trash[View]
5732179Elias walked..... ...so Zeke could speak[View]
5733871Mark Henry, Hangman Adam Page, and Cash Wheeler[View]
5732740Drake Wuertz Fooled By Prankster Posing As CM Punk: Drake Wuertz has become infamous in professional…[View]
5731842Now that the dust has settled, what are your actual thoughts on this once in a lifetime dream match?[View]
5733788I still feel ripped off bros, if he couldn't do the explosion in Daily's Place the Jaguars…[View]
5733772WWE should bring back RAGE IN THE CAGE also known as the greatest stipulation of all time[View]
5732235Have a Badd Ass Weekend /pw/[View]
5732531The Future of Wrestling is Black Women: >https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2956348-amid-sasha-b…[View]
5733538Do you think Thea Hail will join Chase U and form a tag team with Sarray? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
5732100*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
5733661i have never watched a single second of smackdown[View]
5732631*CROWD ERUPTS*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0QT_teLcNk WE THE ONES[View]
5731095Update on Impact's biggest show of the year and anniversary show.[View]
5732719The good old days[View]
5731923It’s not fair bros. That should be me grabbing Sonya’s boob. I don’t believe she is a lesbian.[View]
5732422Fine Speech: post the best wrestling promos cut in non wrestling environments https://youtu.be/d6qc9…[View]
5720089/NOMADS'/ General: No home...Yes ambitious![View]
5728432What went wrong[View]
5733506>mfw Smackdown does sub 1 million tonight[View]
5732257>No Joshi Not watching Rampage tonight.[View]
5730103Johnny B. Badd should have been World Champion[View]
5732432help i signed 200 wrestlers and can't figure out how to book them[View]
5731362Beautiful couple.[View]
5729604Whats the ceiling for the team of Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz?[View]
5733424What are the chances that Ezekiel is actually just some random guy that WWE hired who looks exactly …[View]
5733097Takerbros...: https://youtu.be/NaRR8-e1Gxo?t=419 [Embed] >There's been some confusion, I tho…[View]
5733387What went wrong?[View]
5732253Adam Cole fucking sucks[View]
5732371It's funny seeing people on Twitter feeling sorry for Kota Ibushi (40) knowing he wrote in his …[View]
5732220why doesn't marty teach her how to cut a promo?[View]
5731185Why are all their fans online such rabid cultists that start frothing at the mouth at the slighest c…[View]
5733095kek based jerk[View]
5730714Post wrestler laughing.[View]
5732002His gimmick is he loses his matches[View]
5732126Should be in the main event scene[View]
5728947How good was his run on Survivor?[View]
5733241Non-edited finners.[View]
5732861Benoit was framed.[View]
5729805>AEW Bad >Muh little dog pockets >Muh hardly boys >Muh Twinkletoes McFingerbang >Muh…[View]
5733202Returns home to AEW to reunite with his elite brothers![View]
5733163Guys, whatever happened to Fuego 2? I really thought he was about to get a push...the kid had someth…[View]
5730117He wasn't actually raped, btw.[View]
5733233Who was the Janetty?[View]
5729082He wasn't actually raped, btw.[View]
5732167the Vangelis of wrestling[View]
5721695Dynamite ratings SKYROCKET: Last week >840k (0.33) This week >922k (0.33)…[View]
5732833The cracks are starting to appear[View]
5732807>sticks your toothbrush up his ass what do?[View]
5732686>is a draw in your path Kekwhatareallifefailedidol[View]
5732712Would Sheamus vs GUNTHER at Clash of the Castle for the IC Title be dimes?[View]
5732205its a gcw world and we simply live in it[View]
5732487>The end of days is crin-[View]
5732373Takeshita’s mouthpiece[View]
5729090>https://youtu.be/4zhjoBAMg3A YWC legend wrestlingjesus outed as a pedophile…[View]
5732668>*pulls out voice box' >'my bro-ther... the un-der-ta-ker... burned me and our pa-rents a-live…[View]
5732437This is literally Bix[View]
5724397bryan bros....[View]
5728581kek what a draw[View]
5732508>a 4channel shitposter has never drawn a (you) and never worked anybody into a shoot. I draw (you…[View]
5730929>the future of pro wrestling[View]
5732020Just my opinion, if I wanted to watch NXT I would have been doing that. I want to watch AEW. I am so…[View]
5732375if you were a wrestler would you fuck your fans?[View]
5730824Did King Mabel ever have a good match?[View]
5730694Summerslam 1992: was it based or cringe?[View]
5732334Tony, the no milly posters are right. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's time to…[View]
5729521stupid fucking bug[View]
5731986Konnan and Disco think Undercarder has a better wrestling legacy than the Rock https://www.youtube.c…[View]
5722907Anyone got any wierd wrestler interaction stories. Can be you or someone elses story..[View]
5732130I literally can't watch wrestling 'matches' that are shorter than 20 minutes.[View]
5732181Well its the no million show It’s a horrible show tonight oh baby come on oh yeah Yeah its the no mi…[View]
5731500Where my caveman bros at? https://twitter.com/Mr_Freakbeast/status/1527682164137119745?t=LezbBmfp896…[View]
5728850/Stardom/ General: Next shows >Saturday, May 21, Ueda Creation Hall Gymnasium (1:00PM JST) Card …[View]
5732124Early 2000s Brock is the GOAT pro wrestler[View]
5732080Based BMJ[View]
5725921>cody marks[View]
5730444Watch on the brand new Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month https://www.wrestle-universe.com/en Next…[View]
5729434so naomi and sasha walked out coz 'they werent getting respect enough'. To be honest i´ve seen Naomi…[View]
5730551Do you like Bray Wyatt?[View]
5731829I am the most based and rational AEW fan. AMA[View]
5731901>outlasts you kissing ass 100% works, dont anyone tell you otherwise[View]
5731849Is this guy getting astroturfed? Literally nobody watches his videos but I keep getting them recomme…[View]
5731844>gets signed >has his name changed to harland so no one will know who 'parker bordeaux' is whe…[View]
5731794What if the Rock takes over WWE? Would he do a good job?[View]
5731478so I guess Danielson is fine?[View]
5727358Booker T Wants To Hear Sasha Banks & Naomi’s Side Of The Story After WWE RAW Walkout: Fans were …[View]
5730585The Rock says: The Rock says fill my damn hole![View]
5729297Johnny Narrative Johnny Jamal Johnny NOAH Johnny Stardom Johnny Ribbon Johnny Gatoh Johnny Ganb…[View]
5730218tv ratings: Why does /pw/ have such a stick up its ass when it comes to this topic? Do you really th…[View]
5731451Mox Last 8 Big Matches: vs. FTR (Tag-Team w/Punk) 4.00 (8.30) vs. Bryan Danielson 4.75 (8.65) vs. Ja…[View]
5731533>we don't need a performance center >dynamite is the performance center >trained high …[View]
5731601*destroys your quarter hour rating*[View]
5730335Not doing this in hangmans first defense was the wrong move[View]
5730138Nick Gage: Do people actually like this guy? Or is it an ironic thing where you feel pity for the re…[View]
5730216When will AEW cut ties with this shitter?[View]
5729204WON star ratings for NJPW/AEW/WWE: >NJPW Capital Collision Karl Fredericks vs. Ren Narita 3.5 Law…[View]
5731450Any truth to the rumor that these two had an affair?: I read a rumor that they even had, or almost h…[View]
5729188Sorry Dwayne, this is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment rn[View]
5731188>actually stole the show in BOSJ 2022 in youre path[View]
5728733I literally thought it was Gargano and I was marking out[View]
5720654Sarray is getting over with me, brother[View]
5728734Who did he piss-off?: No, seriously. He was involved in a big-time storyline and a feud with Rollins…[View]
5730615Cm punk es gay[View]
5730609Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
5730635Non-edited finners.[View]
5729767Triple H Back Working Full-Time at WWE: Paul Levesque (Triple H) has returned to working at the WWE …[View]
5730068'And I'm not just talking any kind of sex with your wife, I'm talking that kinda BEASTIALI…[View]
5725684I miss her so much[View]
5729774>fires hundreds of wrestlers to cover up book cooking[View]
5724067ABSOULTE STATE OF TESSA: from fightful select >Tessa has not been fired from WOW but she is no lo…[View]
5731120>Believes everything he hears on the news in you're path How can a guy that worked in a busi…[View]
5729282I had a dream once where Sycho Sid snapped and started eating Vince Russo in the ring after powerbom…[View]
5731028Tick tock Vince[View]
5728548Mask designs that would look good in luchadores.[View]
5730756kek based mox dunking on e-drones[View]
57263609.99!!: Take me back! >can search a superstar and all their matches will show up >no ads >e…[View]
5730737The best wrestler that pro wrestling has ever created better than Austin Hogan Rock Okada Tanahashi …[View]
5730837What if we're all getting worked and they really are brothers?[View]
5725002>*is secretly the best Jr Heavyweight in the world*[View]
5726894Preemptively posting before cultists get cocky[View]
5730960mfw I find the E-drone talking shit to me on Twitter about CAWdy[View]
5730862When? it will be kino.[View]
5730692>Writes a book called 'Have More Money Now' >It's literally just his autobiography >Be…[View]
5730554tick tock aewtists: the new bosses from Discovery don't give a tight about fight faking[View]
5730152Why did she do it?[View]
5727097>its friday tomorrow lads[View]
5730840I miss Purple Dean[View]
5730796This was a world title feud btw[View]
5729555Online astroturfing: The wrestler[View]
5730792Unsolved mysteries in wrestling: Iwatani Mayu's foot is still working me into a seething shoot …[View]
5730638say two positives and one negative about each of them[View]
5729647Hey Vince! I wanna wear this shirt out to the ring is that ok?: Why does Tony let everyone step over…[View]
5726201>WWE >World Wrestling Entertainment >not worldwide >not wrestling >not entertaining…[View]
5730647BOOOOOGS BROS......: WE CAN'T STOP WINNING https://youtu.be/ki5yyIk-gXA[View]
5727418Was Snitsky's 'feet lover' gimmick based or cringe?[View]
5728777>Double or Nothing >Dominion >Forbidden Door It's gonna be a good month, wrestlingbros…[View]
5713543/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on the brand new Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month https:…[View]
5730051Will AEW finally get over a million again?[View]
5729453Bryan Alvarez annoyed that the nxt crowd with an average age of 62 cheered for a high schooler. http…[View]
5730499It's back: >https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2022/05/david-crockett-and-starrcast-llc-joint…[View]
5730540>loses 50,000 viewers[View]
5730364what's the story? It's just a rematch[View]
5730184personally? i like my wrestlers BIG[View]
5730328>Writing meta analysis about thread counts and poster counters on a board with less than 100 acti…[View]
5729996Forbidden Dork[View]
5727344Calling it now: When Vince calls them up he drops Jacy from the group and turns Mandy and Gigi into …[View]
5728728>Alistair Overeem stop watching wwf between 1992 and 1994 because it was gay >The time heel HB…[View]
5726859Big Time Becks[View]
5721078>*AEW does something* >AEW fans: OH EM GEE SO YUMMY IN MY WUMMY TUMMY KINORINO OM NOM NOM NOM …[View]
5727590Cornette says Khan should make Punk champion: https://www.ringsidenews.com/2022/05/18/tony-khan-urge…[View]
5730024I was healed by Riho-chan this morning.[View]
5729823Sunday May 29, 2022[View]
5729861What was it?[View]
5727571Calling it now: When Vince calls them up he drops Gigi from the group and turns Mandy and Jacy into …[View]
5729901Matt Riddle shoots on Roman Reigns: “No disrespect to Roman, he seems like a swell fella, but at the…[View]
5729683What's going on?[View]
5728973IT'S UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f_DbAwC5U0 >SHOOTAN, COPEAN, BURYING GENERATION ME…[View]
5729842For me? It's Shawn Michaels.[View]
5729280Johnny Promotion is over with me brother[View]
5727672Horsha fags seething at RAW's professional wrestlers[View]
5729057Bryan Alvarez buries Maki Itoh and technically TJPW: >Maki Itoh has a very rabid fanbase as I hav…[View]
5728965Best wrestler[View]
5720942The only significant difference between WWE and AEW's viewership numbers are that WWE has 800,0…[View]
5729648Takerbros......: https://youtu.be/NaRR8-e1Gxo?t=419 >There's been some confusion, I thought …[View]
5725391>the way Gigi looks at her cleavage Did they?[View]
5729424holy dimesola[View]
5729412I miss LA Knight[View]
5727869Starlight Kid enjoying a ribera steak[View]
5726563Donna Purrazzo: Bros, I don't watch Impact, but just flipped to it cuz it was something on TV. …[View]
5727492Where my Von Wagner kings at??? This guy is gonna SQUASH Roman and win the title[View]
5728166Are my boys Team Taz finally getting real gold?[View]
5728953What if it's a 13 minute shitfest with rock getting injured within a few mins?[View]
5728709Can you even get over and produce dimes with wearing trunks in pro wrestling these days? Top name wo…[View]
5728487WWE spoils the results of tag title unificationmatch match: We eatin, Uce[View]
5725666>Disney merchandise VP gets appointed to WWE's board of directors >the same day Stephanie…[View]
5729132JBL's the most underrated guy in the business and will never get the appreciation he deserves. …[View]
5724532Is pissing off 50% of your viewers a smart growth strategy?[View]
5727624tights are better than trunks[View]
5729019Fuck Tony. Kenny and the Bucks should leave and start their own Fed. Do you agree?[View]
5727826>Johnny Elite >not Johnny Dynamite they had one job…[View]
5729006>Forbidden Door >allowed to have crowd huh what they mean?…[View]
5726384>kills himself to join his VON ERICH BROTHERS in hell[View]
5728943https://www.wwe.com/article/paul-levesque-triple-h-passes-away F[View]
5726790Roman Reigns and AEW referenced in HBO show: >https://twitter.com/WrestlingNewsCo/status/15274252…[View]
5728923What's his floor?[View]
5728830Do TV execs respect him[View]
5728457Trannamite better get back to million viewers as soon as possible. The guy in charge of WarnerDiscov…[View]
5724715D I M E S: D I M E S[View]
5726295Goodnight Hulkamaniacs[View]
5728794Match of the Year incoming[View]
5728672Jamals jumping on trendy band wagon pretending to be NOAH fans[View]
5728634>New Japan World will soon upload a Maki Itoh match with New Japan commentary >New Japan will …[View]
5727955Reminder, e-drones: Everybody that you hate in AEW, you would also mark out for if they were in WWE,…[View]
5670070/ddm/ Donna del Mondo: Previous: >>5595810 NEWS: Mai tried her best and fought hard against Su…[View]
5723685/Stardom/ General: Next shows >Saturday, May 21, Ueda Creation Hall Gymnasium (1:00PM JST) Card …[View]
5726618With HHH out of the picture, who is next in line to inherit the E?[View]
5728543>gets put with bodhi and chase >starts having baby fever whitebros...…[View]
5725315Jack Black buries The Rock: https://youtu.be/9CqmwqcmzMs[View]
5727787>you trying to get the pipe?[View]
5724695OK I haven't had a chance to watch any NJPW since our boi king dick head won the NJCUP. Have th…[View]
5728474kek what a worked botch cryan bitch[View]
5726538I think /pw/ fu-fu-fu-fucking sucks![View]
5726593>What's that, this wrestling show isn't drawing a million viewers on a regular basis? D…[View]
5726712Watching stuff on this dude back and he was average in the ring and atrocious on the mic, is there a…[View]
5728245May 2022, I am forgotten[View]
5725357Post some rare double michaels[View]
5724674BASED SANDOW[View]
5728107>70% of the viewership is over the age of 50 >Both RAW & Smackdown doing 70% less in 18-49…[View]
5727372>Holocaust Rules match[View]
5723883Owlchad Game Thread[View]
5728264Triple H is dead. News will break at noon.[View]
5724713ITT: wrestlers that sabotaged themselves[View]
5726990WE WANT CODY *clap clap clapclapclap* WE WANT CODY *clap clap clapclapclap*[View]
5727146Has anyone attended a live NXT show?: How was it?[View]
5728139Adam Cole is a plant that wants to kill AEW from within: You really think it's a coincidence th…[View]
5727060How's DON looking to you?[View]
5728095Let me give you some veteran advice[View]
5728110its happening.[View]
5726567not just a pretty face[View]
5728021What's good in the hood?[View]
5724290America please don’t corrupt /ourguy/ with your transfats[View]
5726367I hope she buys a ticket and comes out to watch smackdown tomorrow[View]
5724657>when he posts threads about outdated systems of tv ratings[View]
5727962Tony Khan really needed to get humbled. Fucking idiot.[View]
5727932>I'm Debest Deriss, Debest Derwas and Debest Derevarilby Why does everyone else call him Bre…[View]
5727940>In Cell Match[View]
5727867Why do you have to have either a totally negative opinion on AEW or totally positive opinion? I thin…[View]
5725922Why do we never talk about the fact that Mustafa Ali looks exactly like Jesus Christ? Could he be re…[View]
5726234Why are edrones completely obsessed and invested in every minor detail of AEW?[View]
5727763This match is really good, maybe even great IMO.[View]
5727804You were my perfect friend, right there until the end, I'm forever missing you until we meet ag…[View]
5727180Who is your favorite Jannetty?[View]
5722895>Dave on AEW was not represented at WBD upfronts: The planning went from huge to not much at all,…[View]
5727683Tick tock Jade[View]
5725074Was Adrian Adonis Based or Cringe?[View]
5725379What is Jeff Cobb liking on Twitter ? ![View]
5727578Warner media acknowledge Roman on HBO: Press 1 to ACKNOWLEDGE HIM[View]
5724582Non-edited finners.[View]
5727374Naomi and Sasha going to show up at AEW and put women's tag belts in garbage live on TV?[View]
5726255What did he mean by this?[View]
5723593Why are so many Sasha fans insane[View]
5726625Best wrestling books?[View]
5697584|| /ToxicBloom/ || Official Mandy Rose & Toxic Attraction General: Toxic Attraction is The Attra…[View]
5725584>married to the boss daughter so that he can heir the company >the boss give him a mini fed to…[View]
5727237Imagine pushing cm punk instead of Miro. What the fuck is wrong with Tony[View]
5726664itoh bros... yuka is more popular after all[View]
5727260I gotta be honest with you e-bros, I can't see Theory filling in Roman's shoes as the face…[View]
5723535I think they're getting a divorce bros also this https://vocaroo.com/120x4lBREyO4[View]
5725724Kills NXT singlehandedly by failing a tryout in catastrophic fashion leading to Nick Khan taking ove…[View]
5727210Confess your May 19th doings: There's still time in the Day....[View]
5726648The best surprises always sneak up from behind.[View]
5726840Who will be the last diva to retire?[View]
5726053It’s not a kiss of death but uhhhhhhhhhhhh: > ignored criticism from wrestlers and bookers about …[View]
5723200>In August 1987 at the Hippodrome circus in Great Yarmouth, Big Daddy performed in a tag team mat…[View]
5726775What's the AEW equivalent to pic related?[View]
5726994Wrestling fans of today are so fucking embarrassing, I legit want to line up all these weebs and vid…[View]
5726431Which wrestler is the best golfer?[View]
5726415ITT: Wrestlers only you like[View]
5724889>Was Punk's first match after his return >Is now just a midcard jobber T-thanks for the r…[View]
5726539The Japanese Kerry Von Erich[View]
5726278Punk bros...[View]
5723367Sometimes Thunder Rosa can be really hot[View]
5726893who wants to get rko'd[View]
5726590>blocks your path[View]
5726747Is the Shǎndiàn Quántóu the most powerful move in wrestling?[View]
5722705Is Triple H okay?[View]
5726559>supports abortion because he's a chad that fucked countless women including half of your wa…[View]
5726491He broke six thousand guitars, never drew a dime, but in his little Tennessee brain he thought he wa…[View]
5723452>atomic sit-out clothesline slam[View]
5724488Daily Reminder: >AEW with the Protagonist of Wrestling Cody Rhodes Hit one million >AEW withou…[View]
5724073Is Heyman right? Does the story write itself?[View]
5726100This board needs more assitude[View]
5726554TOWELHEAD TO JOIN WWE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: https://www.pwinsider.com/article/159083/new-member-of-wwe…[View]
5725628>network giving gAyEW the cold shoulder >cody moves on to greener pastures >cryan injured o…[View]
5725955Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
5725215The good old days[View]
5723840Fuck you dimwit edrones[View]
5718652>e-drones wall-to-wall astroturfing /pw/ in seethe Must've been a legendary Dynamite, fellow…[View]
5726298Thoughts on NXT UK's Eliza Alexander?[View]
5721904MLW: Any bros watch MLW? I watched the last two episodes of Fusion and honestly its not bad. I look …[View]
5719763E-chads we can't stop winning![View]
5726446Why do they refuse to have him promo battle with Punk?[View]
5718321>be one of the top guys in WWE, multiple-time world champion, Wrestlemania main eventer and indy …[View]
5726440Non-edited KWABs[View]
5715930>I lost a leg for a taping of Rampage[View]
5723203>Punk vs Hangman >MJF vs Wardlow >JAS vs Blackpool Combat Club + Kingston + spics >Kyle …[View]
5725615How true is this? Anyone hete familiar with this shit?[View]
5724910puro twitter BTFO'd[View]
5722613Which one is the real one?[View]
5722578>huge AEW fan, starting with the original Double or Nothing >never missed a Dynamite, always h…[View]
5723576Rebel needs to keep wearing these pants every week.[View]
5724738Did she ruin Naomi’s career?[View]
5713573what do we think of her?[View]
5726308>everyone waits for the releases to come but nothing happens >get hit with the biggest budget …[View]
5724581>Takeshita vs Hangman and Britt Baker vs Maki Itoh >Highest rating in literal weeks despite mo…[View]
5724882Literally only had $7 in his pocket. See what you can do when you aren't spending all your time…[View]
5724684WHAT!?WHAT!?!WHAT!?!?: What the fuck happened in that promo last night? Regal got WHAT by the crowd …[View]
5726231Drones uppity today.[View]
5726004why aren't there any bra and panties matches in stardom[View]
5725377why didnt the gayew wrestlers come out at the upfronts?[View]
5726190Stephanie McMahon is ALL ELITE[View]
5723695where is he?[View]
5714565>jobs to a crack this is your best wrestler in the world, smarks?[View]
5726173Check out CWS Under Siege!: https://youtu.be/6e6moIiEo68[View]
5726130Vince, I’m going over[View]
5724465Tik tok Scorpio[View]
5724392how do you drop the ball on Anna Jay?[View]
5726063Dave Meltzer and the Multiverse of Madness[View]
5723949KHAN TAKEOVER GENERL THREAD: redirect all other threads here[View]
5726014>no one mentioned today's date I'm proud of you, /pw/.[View]
5725605whats a upfront?[View]
5724361Stephanie McMahon Taking Leave Of Absence From WWE: >https://www.webisjericho.com/stephanie-mcmah…[View]
5725821the two pillars of monday night raw[View]
5725774no million?[View]
5725105>Gaytch is dead >Vince doesn't have much time left >Steph 'taking time off' Only one m…[View]
5725959NICK KHAN THE CUNT SLAYER: who can stop him?[View]
5725911demochads we eatin'[View]
5725844Hey Corny, watcha watchin'?[View]
5725535Watch XPW[View]
5724411>*thrown out there to kill time and die on the mic before the main event 2 weeks in a row because…[View]
5725659mfw Maki Itoh is in fact a DRAW[View]
5725447Dave absolutely BURIES this E Drone[View]
5723357>Internally within the company, it appears no one but the most inner circle had any idea this was…[View]

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