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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

Displaying 35 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
16296EXTREME sports humor thread[View]
8626POKER GENERAL: /pg/ There's nothing more extreme than losing all your money[View]
16172>new 2021 full squishes come in stock >fucking 3000 price tags (expected) >specced with deo…[View]
13443/asg/ - Airsoft General: Unconventional Waifus and Raifus Edition Last thread: >>11014 Keep st…[View]
12187Redpill me on The Blade™[View]
15935How do I into HEMA without being a burden/looking like a fucking retard? I found a local club within…[View]
13342Sup bros, is Disc Golfing an extreme sport? :) I find it more of an extreme sport than say, curling[View]
15779Reminder that Ultimate Tazer Ball was a thing[View]
15606Any supercross fans here?[View]
13368skaters of /xs/ , is this the new hub of skate shitposting and discussion ?[View]
103>just try out skydiving, bro[View]
12738Are female skaters based, /xs/?[View]
7982Is there a better bearing?[View]
14569traveling, vanlife, skateparks: >holy crap im so glad im not living in a van right now, i just sh…[View]
1724>no paintball thread Is paintball even more irrelevant than airsoft is?…[View]
15378I want to go to the kickbox gym again so bad bros but it's closed due to COVID-19[View]
14568Should 'combat sports' have their own board?[View]
10608How did you feel when skateboarding, surfing, and climbing was included? How do you feel now that it…[View]
806/mag/ - martial arts general: /mag/ - martial arts general discuss martial arts here Discord Channel…[View]
6937Who are the GOATS of grappling?: For each style of grappling who are the all time greatest? Who do y…[View]
11775Where are my alpine skiers at? How many days on the slopes have you gotten in this season?[View]
13308Post more videos of people falling off of shit during extremely extreme activities https://youtu.be/…[View]
15031Hardcore Sea Kayaking: Kayaking can be pretty hardcore, kayak surfing or rock gardening have a prett…[View]
13633The World of Extreme sport: Welcome /xs/ to ESPN the Ocho, bringing you the finest in seldom seen ex…[View]
14919Friday Night: CRACK A BREW Come join us (me) Watch some skate videos and shit Maybe we can watch a …[View]
13749Is anybody archiving /xs/ right now? I dont even think yuki.la is.[View]
14437Battle of nations - extreme enough?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYxQR5haqTs Also why are only w…[View]
8775ITT we invent alternative terms for skateboarding, ill start: Boardskating[View]
14692Why play paintball or airsoft when you could be playing laser tag instead? Lasers are cooler than pa…[View]
11874/esg/ eternal skate general: Basic brand information for beginners: https://pastebin.com/CxdBGA6W Sh…[View]
10938So if one of these days we get human powered ornithopters and we add aerobatics on it, we do agree t…[View]
7772Is competitive eating an extreme sport?[View]
10340parkour n sheeeeit: Ayo what's up with yall niggas. Ok, so I be doing a lot of crazy shit on th…[View]
13825Are we still on /pw/ or moving to /xs/? Also HYCHADS get in were[View]
14095Do a Boardslide on this deck[View]

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