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-No one finds me sexually attractive.

-People assume the worst of me.

-I could have Chad-tier looks if I wasn't such a hopeless blubberwhale like I did when I was younger.

-Constant migraines, chest pains.

No one will cuddle with me and tell me it'll all be ok. It's just, the same old bullshit again and again. Being accepted for who you are is a lie. Because no one loves you when you're fat.

I know it's selfish. But I don't really have standards that I hold other people to. I guess don't be a heroine junkie or something. But other than that I don't have any preferences.

I just want to be loved. Not that I think I'll get love from the people here. This thread will just be an opportunity for thinner people to get some cheap laughs and mock me for their amusement.

>Dude just lose weight lol

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This op the only person you can blame is yourself because at this moment you can decide to will it.
Just stop eating so much.
I know the feel OP. It's a super tough addiction that I've been dealing with my whole life. I'm just so retarded and weak willed that I'm buying meth real soon. I'm just too fucking dumb to deal with the appetite problem any other way.
If you go with a water fast you WILL lose weight, you cant outfat physics
And why couldnt you do physical excersie during fasting?
If you havent lost enough with 1 week, do 2, or 3, or whats necessary for you.
doctors can prescribe 5mg meth tablets branded "desoxyn", for treatment-resistant obesity

it will fuck up your mood and sleep tho and potentially make you manic

File: ariana.jpg (83 KB, 480x283)
83 KB
Blessed by Ariana edition

Previous thread >>11344524
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One of the cunts here took my post from the other day to use against me on /fit/. I've never witnessed such a scummy thing on this site.
What was your post again?
this is not who i think it is right
You should just downvote it and go back to where you came from
Oh look another shitty barrier excuse.
"You're just from Reddit"

Stop making excuses and look at your own shitty behaviours for once

File: #trustdoctors.jpg (143 KB, 504x624)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Aside from it being all in your head, combined with anime/porn re-enforcing your mindstate, what proof is there that you are actually a girl,
I realize most of you don't care about proving your beliefs to the world, but i think it's only fair to help us understand why we have to call you miss/she/her.
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>the nose
kek well done Mark
Cis crossdressers are straight male with a fetish and no dysphoria.
so why not compare them to trans lesbians?

seems the logical comparison, not straight men who don't crossdress vs trans women
I'm saying that cross dressing represents a point on a spectrum of gender conformity. How do you rate someone who crossdresses like once a month and is otherwise "normal"? How do you go about setting up a defention for "normal" gender conformity that'll be relevant across time? Are you saying that every women who's worn pants is a cross dresser? Because at one point they would have been.

I'm saying that setting up a measurement for gender conformity asks the researcher to make claims about normality that might not be supportable.

I'm saying fuck OP's question. its stupid. If they cant prove how, outside of a "feeling" of normalicy that they're cis then they have no place asking the same of trans people.

File: dia-lon-stu-febi.png (154 KB, 693x411)
154 KB
154 KB PNG

>Debates persist over whether bisexuality is a temporary stage of denial or transition, a stable “3rd type” of sexual orientation, or a heightened capacity for sexual fluidity. The present study uses 5 waves of longitudinal data collected from 79 lesbian, bisexual, and “unlabeled” women to evaluate these models

>Bisexual/unlabeled women had stable overall distributions of same-sex/other-sex attractions but greater absolute fluctuations in attractions from assessment to assessment than lesbians. All women reported declines in their ratio of same-sex to other-sex behavior over time.

>These findings demonstrate that the distinction between lesbianism and bisexuality is a matter of degree rather than kind.
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none of which are so accurate as objectively assessing sexual orientation as to replace self report
So which tools would you think is more appropriate data of sexual orientation and relationships?

I doubt clitoral, labial and vaginal photoplethysmographs and thermistors can gave data on how many partners and the sex of the partners the women were in relationships with.
Best we have now is fMRI but even that is highly inaccurate and the data is suspect. Really, we are just waiting for better tools. If somehow we could directly visualize the areas of the brain that process arousal signals differently in straight and gay people (medial preoptic area?) that would be something but also looking for shared genetic markers would be useful. I think being willing to abandon current notions of sexual orientation is important. We could find that sexual orientation is bimodal, for instance where people are either 90% attracted to one sex or another. In that case, would "bisexual" be the most useful terminology? I don't think so. Currently, the best research is looking for shared single nucleotide polymorphisms in the DNA of gay identical twins. You could expand this sort of research to trans, or bi people.
I agree, besides even if almost none was bisexual a 95/5 bisexual isn't really worth counting to begin with imo. If you've never even kissed the same/opposite sex and never would without any homophobia or someone else egging you on you're not even really bi. It's like guys that obsess over dicks but feel meh or disgusted by all men irl. With porn so easily accessible from a young age, lgbt being so trendy while monosexualities are seen as discriminatory/close minded/boring, and lesbianism along with women's bodies in general being so fetishized self id is meaningless if you don't require experience. But then that's also inaccurate and unfair towards people who are definitely bi but young or inexperienced.
>lesbianism is a meme confirmed
why do we allow the l in lgbt (or the b for that matter) again?
>Gay issues- literally get beat up and killed
>Tans issues-literally get beat up and killed
>Lesbian "issues"-eewwww a guy hit on me I'm literally shaking #endpatriarchy
>Bi "issues"-I'm a slut and noone wants me ;_;

File: 1541443803273.png (464 KB, 850x524)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
How do you deal with being a hon if you brought this on yourself?
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You will be a male until you die. At least this way you cannot trick others and will look shameful for trying to get others into trouble for referring to you with biologically correct pronouns. A blessing for others who have to deal with your delusions.
Do you call ugly people ugly?
why did you make the same exact thread twice?
No situations exist in school or work where you have to assess someone's attractiveness to complete an official assignment. Many situations exist where you have to use someone's pronouns to complete official business.

File: Ksenia's manifesto.png (214 KB, 813x1036)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Your thoughts?
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>claims not to be a woman
>makes false rape accusations just like one
im a gay man. im not attracted to women, cis or claimants to "ftm" status. that doesnt make me -phobic

it means I am only attracted to the same sex as I am gay.

You are a bigot for wanting me to sleep with AFAB women.
Yeah just the first sentence is complete garbage. If you didn't realize it by that first sentence then you're probably not a good judge of valid information. There are countless other nutcases online with their own fantasy theories but hey you do you I guess.
>she said that she thinks
she should stop doing that for her own safety.
If anything, you have to admire her commitment
However mental it may be

File: fvdg9kscdsyqjv1oblbl.png (620 KB, 1200x675)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
post your uncomfortable and awkward boymode stories

i'll start
>at airport with parents
>closeted, haven't come out to anyone
>wearing my usual uniform, oversized sweater and skinny jeans
>my turn to enter the tsa body scanner
>"ma'am, i'll need you to take off your sweater"
>fuckfuckfuck my parents are right behind me
>take off my sweater and put it on the conveyor belt
>only wearing a thin t-shirt underneath, boobs are totally obvious
>avoid eye contact with parents the whole time
>step into the body scanner
>stand there for a few seconds while it's scanning
>they ask me to step out of the scanner

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No, I didnt have short hair, But I am athletic and I wore a lot of athletics sweaters to hid the growing boobs. Who know, maybe someone saw the sports bra I was wearing.
where the fuck do you live? it's much closer to 85% here. Shame really.
really?!? how is nyc not full of trendy short haircuts? fuckin stupid my city is only half a million people
You vastly overestimate the attention seeking scene here. Most people here don't give a shit about anything, carry a "fuck you attitude" but women here do like to one up each other a lot. If you have short hair you pretty much already "lost" add in older women trying to compete with the younger crowd and that happens. It's vastly different in rural areas where people have kids and stop giving a shit about their appearance so they chop off their hair for convenience. NYC is all about competing with each other and fuck everyone else, (it's honestly surprising how liberal our view are given our attitude.

File: 1438656089862.png (801 KB, 827x1200)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
My insurance that covers srs won't kick in for 6 months.

How can i get together $15,000 before then so i can get a kawaii vuvu?
You could get money from your rich tesla bf...oh.
become a patreon thot
Who would have sex with you without a penis? Why? Do you just want to ruin your body so nobody will want you?

I would only ever fuck other men, but I would make an exemption for the plump and dewy Retinol-enhanced bosom of Australian skin expert Nerida Joy. I just want so slide my erect member across her smooth, silky, mature skin.

Does this make me bi? Do you have people you would make an exception for?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If I'm being honest, he naturally looks fine. His facial structure is good and his skin looks quite beautiful. He just ruins it with.... literally everything else, personality included.

Chasers, what would you do if you were going down on a tgirl and she hid her face or started crying?
62 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
a p p l y a f t e r c a r e
>tfw this has happened to me and the guy didn't care and continued
I told him I didn't want him touching me there! ;_;
did you cum?
>Yes the majority of us trans girls like that
> the majority like that
No. Just no.
Sort of. Depends if you're mostly into them for the fact that they are trans.

File: Felix_Argyle.png (616 KB, 667x598)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
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Why not both?
File: 4L_TU5A3Gfd.jpg (37 KB, 700x482)
37 KB
oh, so this is what a vers is.
How about gladiator style?
watching terfs fight off hungry lions.
Insulting people who believe trans women are crossdressing men (like me) won't make you a real woman either.

File: bgtrad.jpg (127 KB, 950x534)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What is it that makes gay guys the most slutty and unable to stay faithful and committed in a relationship?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not. i'm simply being realistic. i have plenty of gay friends.
It is simmilar to a woman saying men are causes of sexual violence. that doesn't mean she hates men. it just means she can easily notice that the majority tend to be bad because of a corrosive culture that needs to change
>Trans women are just women
>i have black friends I can't be racist!

you are homophobic and are making me feel unsafe, please leave
>remove [letter] for better optics
oh look it's this argument again
>Yes that’s a huge life goal
and what about your mom and dad, chadette

File: me.jpg (86 KB, 695x1280)
86 KB
>think i wanna be a girl
>this has been going on since i was 12, am now 19
>dysphoria and despair over not being a girl come in waves, have for years
>mental breakdowns a few times a year due to it
>finally crack, make an appointment in feb with a clinic to get on hrt
>tell some friends, they're supportive
>tell family, they're kinda supportive
>was super happy and excited at first

now im all loaded up with the same hesitations, fears, and concerns that have stopped me from transitioning for the last 7 years again, but i've made an appointment and i've vocalized this to people in my life

i'm a mess

14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you're a jew benji
>OP with that skirt
this one's going in my SJW rekt compilation #56
Only in western society it's a mental illness to have healthy sexual expression and deny gender variation in people. Not everyone wants to be an Hasidic Jew.
This is a normal stress reaction and doesn't mean you're not actually trans or anything. It'd be more a sign you're not thinking things through properly if you just suddenly decided to transition and started HRT without a second thought. Just because you're worrying, don't worry yourself more by worrying about the fact you're worrying. Transitioning won't solve underlying anxiety/depression issues but it will help the gender dysphoria.

File: 6tbs.jpg (81 KB, 604x604)
81 KB
My cheeks lack facial fat. They're hollowed out. Sunken. Flat. Other than fillers, HOW DO I GET FACIAL FAT? Please! Without having to eat myself into morbid obesity. (posted on /lgbt/ because more facial fat = more feminine)
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fat transfer, surgery.
I've always been self conscious of my fat face. I hate it. I'd like a thin face; they also seem more popular and memorable.

I dunno. Genetics I guess, like a lot of things.
Are you serious?
He obviously is a man. His birth sex is male, and when he dies, his sex will be male.
You are obviously retarded. You were born retarded, and when you die, you will still be remember as some retarded fag

File: goil.jpg (1.64 MB, 2448x3264)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG

Be respectful but honest, and don't forget to give advice
203 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
thats not brad is it?
Hi samantha, wanna be my girl?
Who are you and why are you creeping on every trip here
File: IMG_20181218_50379.jpg (66 KB, 600x800)
66 KB
So I finally got a haircut. I'm feeling pretty l'oreal right now desu

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