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File: 1611277846417.png (886 KB, 1433x1920)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
>mention I'm cis
>called a terf
>mention I like trans girls
>called a larping rapehon
You're all insane. Wake up, go into the real world.
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Post HRT tits or GTFO. I’ve been waiting for ages.
Wish I looked like that, so that I could trick dykes into fucking me.
whiny desperation is cispassing for a manlet, good job
>I’m going to shit this thread up because OP is a dyke.
Absolutely fucking BASED
Well, it’s not going to lick itself, and I’m horny all the time. Send bobs and neovagene pls

File: holy_shit_wtf.jpg (23 KB, 423x406)
23 KB
>be me
>t4t transbian
>dating another tranny & love her lots
>meet some normal girl through a discord group
>she takes an interest in me once it's mentioned that I'm a tranny
>she begins DMing me
>"Hey, anon. I was wondering if you're interested in other girls??"
>say yes sorta but have a GF
>she continues to be interested and flirt
>tell her I'm not interested in cis girls
>she persists even harder
>lose my patience
>go into detail about how I can't stomach vagina & think it's completely foul
>she goes into a rage in a local group chat calling me a creep
>have to post screenshots of the chat to prove my innocence

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>All I want is to pass
>Now that I pass everyone is transphobic because they can't tell
If you aggressively go after blondes for being blondes and start talking about how blondes are the perfect tradwifes while brunettes are all harlots and whores yeah you are being a creep. The geek with yellow fever? Creep. The girl who fetishizes kpop koreans? Creep. The mtf chaser? Creep.
being attracting to anyone? creep.
Most chasers previously dated cis women.
I don't know what you're trying to say here.
Never met a female chaser just plenty of males

File: 1618735621603.jpg (65 KB, 480x640)
65 KB
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without enlarging that it looks like a tarantula trying to eat a egg
What the fuck.
Eat shit faggot
File: Poll2018.png (76 KB, 676x508)
76 KB
yeah but look at this---they're the gayest race of people. why are they so hateful?
No fucking shit they were being sarcastic, can you even leave battle mode?

File: 20210418_192608-1-1.jpg (344 KB, 910x637)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
>this jaw
Is it over? Should I start my ffs fund before I start HRT?
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Well, I meant for stuff like facial structure it's not as big a deal over that short term gap, yea?

But for hips for example, yea I am 18 and should be going to a gender therapist sometime within the next couple months, but I have to do all the paperwork for insurance and what not, and there might be a bit of a wait for an appointment and it's fucking killing me I don't know what to do I hate fucking waiting and I can't focus on anything
Well yeah, maybe you might start balding depending on how long you're waiting but otherwise probably not a big deal unless you had a super late puberty
Have you considered DIY?
It will probably at most be like a few months before I turn 19 when I start HRT, so just a few months from now at most. In that time I guess nothing serious would happen, but I still absolutely hate it. I had a really early puberty, from 10 to 13, so I guess that's good. Also, I have considered DIY, but I'm a broke college student and my parents want me to go through a therapist first.
Thanks Op maybe next time post some better pictures or the lighting is better
If you're going by male to female I wouldn't trip too much
Nigga what jaw lmao.

File: Upset Pepe.jpg (7 KB, 299x168)
7 KB
I'm a straight guy that likes the idea of being fucked by trannies. I want a nice woman that'll also be willing to let me submit and have me take their cocks, because I like feminine people in my bed with me but also like buttstuff. Be real with me, are there many of you that would be keen on it? Or am I just an unmanly degenerate to you?
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I'm a top and my tranner gf is a vers and she's trying to convert me into a vers. Not sure how to feel.
you're a complete porn addicted retard if you think that, 95% of trannies who top do it for money, not because they enjoy it, and it has nothing to do with some cringe porn label
>I'm a straight guy
I'm an MtF top, no man I fuck is straight, the moment I put my dick in a dude's ass he's at the very least bi. When a guy approaches me and calls himself straight, it's a massive red flag.
>I'm a straight guy that likes the idea of being fucked by trannies. I want a nice woman that'll also be willing to let me submit and have me take their cocks, because I like feminine people in my bed with me but also like buttstuff.

Yeah, you "only" like buttstuff, that's why you talked about wanting to submit, get the real deal and do it with a guy. You're just gay. Stop the "it's with a girl, so not gay" cope and just jump into the cold water. Probs wont regret it and no it wont turn you gay. You will just have expanded the horizon of pleasures you can experience. Better watch it, guys who start out like you will end up dressing up and getting strap on fucked because they don't want to be gay so bad but they don't really get what's missing so they get into forced fem and stupid shit like that like a junkie upping his dose, instead of tackling your real problem which just is latent homosexuality head on. Best of luck, don't meme yourself into AGP land.
>I'm a straight guy that likes the idea of being fucked

File: 1618729767172.jpg (110 KB, 1020x679)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How can I get wider hips? There has to be a way.
a lot of rigorous exercise
Just get pregnant, it'll make your body release relaxin which widens your hips to make birth easier
Im mtf.
Take the chubby pill.
does that mean mtfs can take bioidentical relaxin and get big hips

File: 1579842268627.jpg (44 KB, 750x744)
44 KB
you fucking queers groomed me into taking hrt i stopped after 3 months but now i have boobs and it fucking suxks im not actually transi was just lonely and needed attention now i will never have the beautiful male chest i had and lifting wont even fucking fix it if i ever see one of your kind in the streets ill fucking bash your head in with a sledgehammer
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i could care less for a girlfriend, women piss me off more than fags and i just care about my own self body image
This has to be a larp wtf
i was taking fucking injections
i fucking wish it was
File: 1618622092299.jpg (59 KB, 680x383)
59 KB
>its everyone else's fault that I lead myself poorly and am now a victim of my own freedom
fembrained indeed. see you in a few years, Alice

File: 1617767173038.jpg (206 KB, 723x988)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Literally every cis man resents having been born a man. We're inferior to women in every possible way except monkey strength, which is rapidly becoming less and less important. Everything women do they do better and more gracefully than men. Even just existing, women exist beautifully and men exist as an eyesore in their own eyes and others'.
This is why men are so violent, engage in more risky behaviour, join the army etc. They want to kill other men and get killed in turn so our meaningless existences with no joy or beauty may end quickly

so no i'm not trans I just hate being a man and I will learn french and join the foreign legion to see if some african jihadi can kill me
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Y-you just might me trans... Women are inferior to men in every way/Ib would just kms, if I were a woman. Reject femininity/embrace androphilia
no... you just have mental illness

I am a man and am happy I am a man, women have it fucking terrible in our society
Subconsciously for sure, i'm just more intelligent than the average man (not hard) so I just notice
Well I really hate my country so i couldnt join our military really
i have never been hugged by someone outside my immediate family how could you tell

yeah and it's mens fault, we're resentful of the effortless grace with which women live
>Dubconsciously for sure, i'm just more intelligent than the average man so I just notice
Schizo moment
Women have it made in our society wtf are you on about?

You are mentally ill, which is why you should take your pills.

File: asuka joker.png (636 KB, 811x913)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
Why is the "bearded transwoman xdd" trope so common in transphobic memes? Even the biggest hons i've seen are cleanly shaved or have a bit of slight stubble.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Have you seen the us health administration guy who looks like Benjamin Franklin? That is literally him
since when does benjamin franklin have a beard?
he doesn't have a beard
How could you insult Ben Franklin like that?
I take "what are exaggerated features" for 500

File: 1615052615632.gif (2.38 MB, 466x498)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB GIF
Boymoder here.

Tops don't know about late night snacking if you wait until they're asleep.

I'm downstairs eating chocolate and watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I'm going to eat it all, then go back to bed and no one will be the wiser.
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bad bottom.
>"teehee acting like im a manchild on imageboards is so cute and fun"
chubby butt is good
not my fault that im 5'4 and youre 6'3
Chubby is good but disrespecting rules is not.
Top here
Don't make too much noise or you'll get buckshot holes in your brain by your groggy top

File: mybody.png (572 KB, 374x699)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Do you think I could go swimming in swimming trunks or would people look at me weird? My bf wants me to go swimming with him when we meet but idk if I'll be able to with how my body looks...

Is there any way for a boymoder to go swimming or is it just impossible?
114 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe she felt definitely rn why do you care
I'm obviously a scientist studying the trips on this board very closely... duh...
Eat shit faggot
Ewww no that's gross...

You know what I WILL eat though?
Shit because you are what you eat

File: b.png (120 KB, 410x357)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
why are men such emotionless robots? since hrt ive been crying about 3-4 times a week and it feels amazing
64 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Or maybe some people just cry more in arguments? Almost like an intense situation can trigger a release of too many chemicals for the brain to handle
guess im stuck like this for as long as im dating my SO then. thank u for helping me sort out why i cant cry anon
its not like i can control my crying. outside of arguments nothing comes out and i cant cry, then during arguments I try to hold back my tears, just for them to come rushing out anyways
You can't really force it. Almost every time I cry it comes out of nowhere. It isn't involuntary because I could stop it if I wanted to but when I am in a place where it is OK for me to cry I don't hold it back.
If you are depressed it also might just be impossible for you at the moment until you get your emotions back online. Most depressions are actually heightened cases of apathy. If you can feel enough to be able to cry you can feel happy too.
didn't mean to say you were doing it on purpose, just that it might cause problems for you down the line. Even if my partner couldn't help that they cry during every argument it would incredibly frustrating for me to have to concede every argument just to get you to stop crying. It's not your fault but it is something to work on.
That is true but then why do you only feel emotional intensity when fighting?
how am i supposed to work on something that i cant control? usually theyre the ones crying first anyways

File: boy-wife.png (50 KB, 852x649)
50 KB
Who wants to be a boy-wife?
File: 2015-27 (1).png (1.44 MB, 1146x593)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
this guy . . .probably
>A boywife is not a transsexual
beg to fuckin differ good bud
It was written in fucking 2007, when gay marriage wasn't even legal yet in all of USA.

File: feelstrongman.png (23 KB, 112x112)
23 KB
I got too scared to buy feminine underwear so I bought women's diapers and they feel so good.

Fuck you /lgbt/. I'm now a diaperfag.
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File: 1hqIwxw.jpg (361 KB, 1944x2592)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Hewwo babs! I's so dwunk! I wanna tell you all that fuck haters! Yeah we wear diapers, it's our fuckiong business. If you don't like duiaperrs, then don't read this thread. btw my diap looks like pic related right now!
I didn't realize you were trans.
It's not my actual discord. I just changed it for this thread lol. I threw two random words that popped up in my keyboard
You're fine, just seen you around and didn't know your letter.
No worries. I hang out in mtfg figured that was my give away

What kinda ways do you bully in?
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I don't have a transgf but I have a trans friend and whenever we're in voice chat with a group I make her laugh until she laughs in her man voice

It's a sick pleasure of mine..
Voice training trial by fire, I like it
Call her a crossdressing faggot then fart in her face till her lungs are filled.

pls no ;-;
Don't lie you get turned on when you get called a failed male.

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