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No I am not a trans lesbian theyre my crossdressing cousins
I am an AMAB lesbian who identifies as a man and presents as a man

pic unrelated

Ask me anything
So you are straight

Is it realistic for a normal cis woman to become a hrt twink or is that just a pipe dream
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Ultimately what everything comes down to is shapes and what is the foundation of your shape is your bones. If you are fridge bodied male or wide hips female then you are just kind of locked into one ideal. But some people are blessed and have V shaped torso paired with wide hips.
Wouldn’t those who are broad shouldered/v shape torso paired with defined hips also locked into the androgyny ideal? You can’t rly look ideal male or ideal female with a body like that

t. I happen to have that body picrel is the trace of mine
that's my body too
it's over
R u the afab who is trying to twink mode? Because I twink mode just fine w mind
Complete pipe dream. Everyone can tell and the only people who can't think they're MtF not FtM..

Previous: >>21566526
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once you see life as pointless, you just want to die
men are so gross I wish I weren't one
not true. i stay alive for new games and movies and yummy ice cold drinks
so your life is not pointless
I can't enjoy anything any more. Should I be glad, that still get to see disgusting things like >>21622701 ?

post loneliness fuel here
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Transbian thread

based or cringe
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>if ur trans u havento agree with me
is this the most retarded take on /lgbt/?
That’s not cope this is cope
>Believing in politics antithetical to your own existence so you can sodomize men
explain to a retard what pick me trannies are pls
Non transbian tranners
Definition of pick me

If she wins the trans community is going to receive massive backlash. Anyone who thinks it’s only going to make transphobes mad is burying their head in the sand my ultra liberal mother who has always supported trans rights even thinks it’s bullshit. Hubbard isn’t a hero she’s a narcissistic sociopath who is throwing us all under the bus for her 10 minutes of fame
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If the competition was fair and they competed against both men and women of the same physical capacity as apposed to ‘boys and girls’ teams then it would be fair.
Otherwise yes that’s right.
She could not win a single placement on a finalist team as. A male lifter in my country for like a decade it isn’t fair that she comes to the physically smaller division and just rolls over all the hard working athletes because of a physical advantage not available to the other competition no matter how hard they work.
That’s not fair
If you think just because she is a woman and that makes it fair you’re cognitively biased
>noooo your genetic advantage is unfair
>my genetic advantage is fair
Literally every athlete in the Olympics is genetically gifted, retard. You're the one who is biased here
Itt trans people can do no wrong and if you don’t agree you hate me >:((((
Come on you fucking hon, tell me the name of this guy, if you have done Oly lifting and follow it closely you surely know who I am talking about. He is the Tony Hawk of Oly lifting

File: 1625960557314.gif (2.84 MB, 498x313)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB GIF
old: >>21617536
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We need twinks in tank tops edition
stupid bottom
Wow is he wearing nail polish he must be genderqueer/non-binary
I prefer blue cheese
File: 1597907524136.jpg (302 KB, 960x1280)
302 KB
302 KB JPG

fuck lgbt
thats not nice
Favorite DOOM wads?

>constantly told that detransers exist and what a terrible fate it is
>allow myself to be cajoled by them into looking at this subreddit
>its all mtf repressors who are just coping, enbies that are mostly afab, and ayydens who wanted to be a yaoi boy
is this really their best material?
This subreddit? Which one, r/detrans has actual detrans ppl there no?

File: 1627201497015.jpg (79 KB, 605x960)
79 KB
>b me
>penis is pre-installed
Woah, close call bros, i won the lottery, fucking 50/50 bruhs like can you imagine not having one ? God that would suck big time.
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I'll take or leave mine desu. Never got what the big deal was or why guys are so fixated on having them
Cause dicks are magnificent and signify power
Haha imagine if your penis were shrinked by a dominant top via circumcision and chastity and then when you asked him if he will give you hormones he replied with "You are naturally not a man, you don't need hormones"

Haha just as a joke
haha yeah, imagine...
File: 1627206213586.gif (2.45 MB, 550x241)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
Y-you dont have one?! wtf is wrong with you ?!

File: Happy still.png (586 KB, 500x650)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Hey lgbt, Heatherposter here
I just want to say I love you all, I'm so glad I have you guys in my life
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I love you too, Heather.
I love you more!
I'm very glad I could
I will kiss you harder
I love you most
Your threads always put a smile on my face
Everything is becoming shit though. Discord, 4chan etc
not really, friend, it's always been shit except for the few moments a day where something uplifting happens

File: me.jpg (92 KB, 900x772)
92 KB
>mom barges in room bc she thinks im jerking off to porn or something
>she talks about random shit, i ignore her
>she suddenly looks at my chest and says "why do you have boobs?"
>I reply "i just have gyno cause im getting fat"
>she says "well i guess you had gyno when you were young"
>When i think im in the clear while im fucking sweating in fear she says this: "you better not be taking those hormones, maybe i should take them so i can get boobs like you anon"

FUCK ITS OVER ITS ACTUALLY FUCKING OVER she found my drugs before but i told her they were anti-depressants. she's going to put the pieces together and DEA search my fucking room and throw out the estrogen FUCK
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What‘s your regiment?
It‘s interesting, because I started with oral e 2 months + bica, 1 month sublingual e + bica and am now on 2 months injections, 0.15ml/40mg every 5 days and bica and I‘ve noticed extreme growth in the last month. It seems injections boost boob growth alot, but did you start on injections or did oral/subl e before?
nope. just e and spiro.
2 mg e/ 100 mg spiro
you gettin any juice outta them yet? lmao
yeah i am, since month 3

1. Go to https://picrew.me/image_maker/41709/
2. Post back what you made
3. People guess if it’s your your SO , your letter, etc

YOU HAVE to guess at least one other person

My guess is: you are all cute!!
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Wow PhilosophyTube looks great in this one

Being a long haired guy is rly a curse with picrews lol. Technically every guess here is right. I have been one of all of these at different points in life.
Every result from this picrew looks feminine, so it skews results.
that's most picrews, I just gave up and make cute girls now
t. actually long haired guy
Only correct ones so far…scarily close even.

File: boymoder whore.jpg (46 KB, 300x353)
46 KB
What would you do if you came across a boymoder wearing extra tight jeans, haggling with random men in public, and generally just trying doing her best as a street prostitute?
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give her my number and then text her and tell her she doesn't need to do that and that everything will be okay :)
you gonna pay her bills?
shitton of boymoder fetishists on this board
i'll get her a better job

File: 1627132233248.jpg (875 KB, 1802x2460)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
Has Contra addressed this?
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>she literally had a breakdown after seeing some of the vile shit y'all post about her on her like the transmisogynist caricatures, the constant misgendering and deadnaming and all this bullshit.
it was a source of tremendous satisfaction reading that. please god let it be true
>I guess she just likes the place.
wtf is there to like about Baltimore lmao
its scary how a cis person can turn into trans... it literally is brainworms that can infect someone. this is why i avoid /tttt/ like the plague.
yet ur here
natalie even posted about having a stalker she called "buffalo bill" on twitter one time- she may have been talking about PT

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