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Wishes and witches edition
If you could have any one wish, what would it be? What would you give up for it?
If you could be a magical gi-, I mean, boy, what would your theme be? What color would you want for your costume? What weapon would you fight the forces of darkness with?
And if you fell to the forces of darkness, what would your witch-self look like?
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im a non passing tranny
just cant take myself serious when i am conflicted with such a ridiculous illness. its like im a laughing joke and even my own psyche is laughing at how stupid it is.
>just cant take myself serious when i am conflicted with such a ridiculous illness. its like im a laughing joke and even my own psyche is laughing at how stupid it is.
Life is absurd. That's one lesson I learned. It's just absurd, chaotic and meaningless. You can only try to embrace this absurdness, commit suicide or commit leaps of faith.
no i fucking hate reading about AGPs/reppers in second hand accounts (john 50, eonism, etc) it makes me sad
>It feels like my facial characteristics keep changing.
Low confidence and stunned mentla growth plsu arrested development
>My image of self is never stable in the mirror. Is anyone else like this? Sometimes I look attractive, sometimes I look masculine, sometimes feminine. It feels like my facial characteristics keep changing.
yeah that's literally me

File: 90s-23.jpg (215 KB, 1920x1080)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Hey, I'm new to this site i don't really know what to post so I'm just going to ask for some help if that's okay i like boys but I don't know if I like girls I'm
hey um why should i leave i just was asking for help that's all

File: Apustaja-15t2uvp.jpg (89 KB, 603x600)
89 KB
What are your plans for the weekend frens?
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they aren't the best looking kind for sure but i'm not sure why people complain so much about it
Oh I thought it was a reference to a bones song. What kinda music do you like?
idk maybe i was just being negged? lol
yea wtf is this
god dam
the underwear or the posts

File: IMG_3435.jpg (105 KB, 524x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Old thread is about to hit 300. Time we start a new one.

QOTT: When was the last time you’ve gone to adoration, anon, and have you had an encounter with The Holy Spirit?
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>so pretty!
factually inaccurate
>jealous of ur pasta.
it was awful
i guess we're posting bodies now

qt pass also luv the hoodie
hmm i wanna say andro but also good looking
how long on hrt? i think with more fat on ur hips you'd be fine.. also ur tiny and have a cute face so i rly wouldn't worry too much.. also (sorry for calling u the n word)
looks p good i think (sorry for calling u the n word)
andro girl pass.. also pretty (sorry for calling u the n word)
priestess pass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>how long on hrt?
27 months... also im trying to lose weight
File: IMG_20230929_171153.jpg (3.72 MB, 3456x4608)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
1 week mtf hrt
im 18 i swear!!¡¡!!¡

hot, pass
future femcel, kinda pass
u look like my female council, pass
cute, pass
whats with that macho face, eww
get ffs
aw then dw, u got plenty more time for ur body to change

File: peanuts.png (36 KB, 930x335)
36 KB
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>******* still seething over posts from days ago
i do not trust any bitch that's on boxcord. chances are that bleagma and his anuskissers are monitoring this thread right this moment as we post. i know how these freaks' minds work
for real
Oh look its the creep who steals nudes, catfishes people, and larps as a hermaphrodite ITT to get his rocks off. And gets the jannies to delete and even auto-filter the text of posts exposing him
get a new insult schizo

File: IMG_1249.jpg (167 KB, 1200x2208)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
If I gain weight will I finally get a more feminine figure or will I just look more like a chubby guy?
>t. 15 months HRT, 5'8 and 150lbs
pic unrelated

File: IMG_0796.jpg (1.7 MB, 1170x1558)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
What would you gender me as if you saw me on the street?
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Why does this ugly troon get posted in every single section? Enough already.
she with autism.
This. Some bitter hons itt will say otherwise but def 100% look like a woman here

It it normal to have some MEF and enjoy a little sissy play when you're MtF? I constantly emasculated by my abusive father and bullies at school so I think I developed this as a cope, I feel much better about myself on HRT, but I can get aroused by it too, how much of a freak am I for it? I didn't want to be like this, is there any way to make it go away? I want to be valid

>In the digital age, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are gravely threatened by expansive cybercrime and surveillance legislation. This reality leads to systemic suppression of LGBTQ+ identities, compelling individuals to censor themselves for fear of severe reprisal. This looming threat becomes even more pronounced in countries like Iran, where same-sex conduct is punishable by death, and Egypt, where merely raising a rainbow flag can lead to being arrested and tortured.
>Enter the proposed UN Cybercrime Convention. If ratified in its present state, the convention might not only bolster certain countries' domestic surveillance powers to probe actions that some nations mislabel as crimes, but it could also strengthen and validate international collaboration grounded in these powers. Such a UN endorsement could establish a perilous precedent, authorizing surveillance measures for acts that are in stark contradiction with international human rights law. Even more concerning, it might tempt certain countries to formulate or increase their restrictive criminal laws, eager to tap into the broader pool of cross-border surveillance cooperation that the proposed convention offers.

File: 1656151549765.jpg (227 KB, 885x1213)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
When you watch porn do you identify as the girl?
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show us on the doll where the porn touched you
But when I watch gay porn I sometimes accidentally start projecting into the bottom
I rarely watch porn and prefer erotica but i do self insert as the girl. Especially in like, anything group related like the woman getting gangbanged or something. Or petplay erotica… or like romance erotica that has a lot of build up before it gets to the smutty stuff
Hey bagel did you see the trailer for dinner with Andre part 2? it looks really good!!
i dont identify as shit nigga. im jerking off.

File: neet.png (81 KB, 894x894)
81 KB
Tell me exactly how they are not like Newspeak.
In this case, it is literally 1984.
Literally any abbreviation or combining of words is le Orwell, the entire German language is le dystopia

File: weedhorse.jpg (140 KB, 630x958)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
an INCLUSIVE general for women that love women

qott: do you smoke the weed? any thoughts on weed? wydag that smoked hella weed?

last thred
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send them that pic with the word "us" and theyll do whatever you want
you’re nothing special. that’s literally every other dyke out there.
>How do I rizz tranners as an autistic cisles dork (hot)?
Be asian and show me the slightest affection
>Picrel: desired outcome (me on the left).
Extremely based

File: 1644028172556.png (56 KB, 833x357)
56 KB
Previous thread

Has your AGP escalated with time? If so, how?

>AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feelings / emotions
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out

>What is AGP?
Autogynephilia, from Greek αὐτό- ("self"), γυνή ("woman") and φιλία ("love")
Broadly, arousal to the thought of being a woman. It can take many forms - being aroused at imagining or seeing yourself with a female body, dressing in clothes that make you appear feminine, acting in stereotypical "feminine" ways, or others.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: F7K-WQ_WUAIf1Kh.jpg (91 KB, 828x761)
91 KB
Yeah, it is good.
>OP pic
Absolutely brutal and true. Still in pain ;_; Still wearing the stupid costume.

Styaed pretty consistant desu, ie; absolute and total, but my repression levels and self-acceptance has always varied.

>being girly and pretty just seems neat! I admire!
>I'm TOTALLY NOT TRANS because <brainworms go here>

Oh yeah, my sexuality swings pretty wildly depending on repression and just general mood.... but these days it's just..

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>I'm TOTALLY NOT TRANS because <brainworms go here>
but I cannot be trans
i have been down the hole I did my research
It is just lonign for things, like wanting something but you know full well its not happening. And I have come to terms with it. I am just coping with what i can now.
>Emphasis on the Sydney, Australia part as that's what really fucking dooms me.
Oi, mate. Wot's so bad about Sydney? (I have never been to Australia)
i wish i were agp

File: 1657856459449.png (660 KB, 630x1024)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
Hug Edition
previous: >>32844322

Goal of the thread: Hug someone. If no one is available hug yourself!
Daily goals can be repeated. Remember to keep score, it can only go up!

>What is this thread for?
Getting better is hard, and sucks. A lot. It does not get easier doing it alone.
Share resources and experiences with combating depression, anxiety, personal issues, achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, etc.
>Why is this thread /lgbt/?
Struggles with mental and physical health are an indisputable part of /lgbt/ life, be it from dysphoria, social pressure, heartbreak, or just unfortunate lifestyle choices.
>Notes to consider:
Please be civil. Shame is your greatest enemy in fighting urges of self abuse (be it sh, drugs, or just self deprecation). Relapsing into bad and unhealthy habits is to be expected, the goal is to increase the average amount of time it takes between relapses. Any improvement is a victory no matter how small. Your worth and right to get better are non-negotiable. And most importantly:
>Note on advice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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took my blood test, the blood witch told me they'd have results today but i havent been contacted yet, hopefully the lack of urgent response means nothing too horrible is up. not sure about weekend hours but maybe i'll get a call tomorrow
i got sent a big envelope from the eating disorder clinic, surprisingly my appointment is only in a month which is really fast for medical services here! i get assessed and maybe a diagnosis and stuff, and i had to fill a bunch of questionnaires on mental/food related stuff to bring in. the lady on the phone was really nice, i hope it will be ok. i have to survive a month of really busy university and volunteering though, i cant even muster the energy to do things now while i have nearly infinite time, i need to learn to force myself to just start and get back into habits maybe. i dont know how i did it before besides a 200 calorie difference which i doubt helps that much, i just feel so tired and dead
theres a bunch of vegan ice cream and chocolate in the house fucking with me this week but thankfully i should only need to last until tomorrow, then i can pawn it off on other people. my mum is nice enough to let me throw stressful food away but its hard, ive thrown away a few things but i dont feel right tossing out a huge amount especially if i didnt pay. my weight is close to 105 again but im trying not to let my starving mind justify it, i know i'll go crazy again after and even if i did eat more it should be something clean anyway
>Uni is such a lonely place, I always feel out of place. Even if I find my studies interesting, there's always something that keeps me from connecting to the people there.
yeah, it feels like being an alien, they just dont gel at all
I completely wasted today by just doomscrolling job sites and making myself upset
dear sig.
a very pathetic boymoder i have been bullying on the board enjoyed it??? and slid into my discord DMs. does this mean im making a new friend? i dnt hate her or anything but she does some annoying stuff on the board
Despair! I've nothing to do on this dreadfully jejune day. I've finished cleaning and restoring a Timex watch display in order to repurpose it as a miniatures case, I've tended to my greenhouse, I've completed my daily exercises... What now, what now!?

File: hunter_schafer.jpg (13 KB, 318x318)
13 KB
Pretty great thread on the topic on reddit.
>Different Standards, not no standards. A woman could be ugly to lesbians while being pretty to straight men and vice versa.
>Preference for tall, waifish, elf-like women. I.e. twinkhons.
>Preference for white women and features. Hispanic and Black women get fucked even if high tier for straight-man standards.
>Preference for Older Women[i.e. Mommy Dommy]
>Dislike of curvy women. Lots of comments along the lines of "I gained weight and it all went to my tits and ass in a way straight men like and women lost interest in me"
>fatphobia in general

Choice quote:
>The comments: "No, to us all women are beautiful. We're better than men."
>Also the comments: "If you're not white, slim and fitting into particular femme/butch aesthetics, you're gonna have a harder time with sapphic dating."
89 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Fellxs: don't commit to a woman unless her mom is still hot after 50
Eh, a lot of that as well as the fat losing its form has to do with menopause.
My mom looks great over 50. But it's not genetic. She take post-menopausal hrt.

So yes it can be genetic, but it doesn't have to be.
It's not "male-brained".
It's male-gazey and obectifying.
You're talking about twunks, twinks are famous for attracting bi men (as well as old gay men)
Nhl i dont think liking a particular bodytype is objectifying if so then liking tall skiny women is also objectifying. Tbh i think most of womens bodytypes are attractve. If i have any type its actually muscular women tho
>Nhl i dont think liking a particular bodytype is objectifying
Okay but I think we can all agree certain body types shouldn't be allowed in video games.

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