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File: FqoCl8gWwAIM7QG.jpg (162 KB, 1313x1594)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
How should a repper-chaser get bitches?

File: 1639098719723.jpg (52 KB, 636x571)
52 KB
ok i admit i kinda like when my straight friends say that they would fuck me if i wore a dress and that i would be their perfect gf if i were a girl........
im a twink repressor tho ;-;

Since gaygen didn’t help me that much, what should I do to attract top gay man?
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you were made to troon out
Top here to answer your question. I think it will depend entirely on the man in question and his preferences. You can't appeal to everyone, I think it's important to keep this detail in mind. Personally, I think I'd fuck you, but you look and dress super boring for my taste. I'd love to dress you up and maybe dye your hair lol.
Do not listen to trannies trying to indoctrinate you into their looney cult. Fuck that shit.
Oh my god you're adorable
What kind of clothes would you like to see me on?

So what is it exactly about trans people in particular that makes people on the right lose their fucking minds? Why do they live rent free in chuds and terfs' heads?
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File: obsessed.png (368 KB, 1170x814)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Rent free. This is why we listen to men and women with STEM degrees discussing third gender in cultures all across history and the globe instead of /pol/ tourists memeing with each other.
brainwashed lmao. literally just lookism plus propaganda.
It overlaps between hatred for women, hatred for men, hatred for body autonomy, emphasis on Christian religion, hatred for autists, gay people, the mentally ill etc. Hatred for "language policing", academia, Big Science, doctors, the unknown, and change. It's just the absolute perfect culture war centrepiece.
I mean their ideal is to go backwards to being able to go after black people.
Ideally bringing back slavery, segregation first though. Most of the anti-trans push is a southern thing afterall

If things don’t go their way they’ll find something else. Personally I recommend pajeets because at least they deserve it
Yeah, it's too perfect.
People are having their fears played upon.
Radicalized and deranged, these people see us lurking everywhere.

It's easy. Anybody they dislike can be presumed a "secret tranny".

I don’t understand. MTFs can rape their mother, knock up women in prison, and even kill somebody, yet the media will still use their correct pronouns.

Yet ONE FTM commits a crime and it’s nothing but
All over the news, what the fuck.
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>female with mental illness
Let me tell you something about every single "transman"
File: 1671297179790859.png (770 KB, 754x1012)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
Yes, all leftists are pedophile groomers, including the leftist you just posted.
You make up your own reality in your mind and then try to gaslight people into believing it. Just like your "gender" you do it for everything. Absolute psychological abuse.
There are literal international guidelines in place that tell you what aspects of a transition are age appropriate. Hormones aren't considered age appropriate until mid teens, surgery is designated for later. Are you saying that kids shouldn't be able to cgange their wardrobe or get a nickname?
I don't need you to tell me anything about it. I already know that most of them are just confused young girls

File: 1679885456216604.jpg (222 KB, 1382x636)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
hang out space for lesbians cis and cis (begrickled)

qott: how does lookism effect your dating life and mental health? (for example having trouble finding women from being too ugly or trouble finding women pretty enough to date you)

last: >>30258745
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wydag who shows up to romantic date night only to curl into a ball at 6pm to sleep for 12 hours
the romantic date night itself should be sleeping for 12 hours, anything else sounds like a hassle
wydag whose initials were CUM
only if I change mine to GRL
>do you, ms. gock ring legion take ms. crystal ultros marlboro to be your lawfully wedded wife

File: download20230302200120.png (392 KB, 600x600)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
you know the drill. post some assumptions based on their character.

Generator I used: https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/1518740
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File: 1518740_8Ip6JxlG.png (206 KB, 600x600)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
How is a fembrained pooner supposed to make picrews in this environment
File: download20230302202209.png (205 KB, 600x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Found a different one I like more. Still pretty limited, but more to my tastes

Sorry for picking a shitty gen
he/they bestie
cis les
File: 1518740_MsbPiWYI.png (378 KB, 600x600)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
not enough options but i guess this is fine :p

File: 1679846330888257.jpg (119 KB, 1060x800)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Got called a girl while boymoding :3 or rather a young lady :) I was just wearing a little makeup though :o I feel amazing :)))))))))) I just want to kiss everyone :3 I guess it might be the end of boymoding for me ;3
nice. happy for you anonette
Thank you!!!
hashtag girlboss winning...
I dont remember the last time I felt so good :33
>still wears makeup
please go fuck yourself

FtMs look like this and then wonder why no woman wants to go out with them
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This is a male, not a female
I literlly look like this fml
t. cis man
Heckin pooniest pooner to ever have pooned
>nuhu all I see is beautiful people
you ignore beautiful people that are socially as inept as you
you don't see them for the same reason people don't see you
>fully agrees with me
touch it
I'm just a normal male you tourist
God gives hips to people who will despise them the most
t. Insanelygigahipped repping pooner
It is disgusting to look in the mirror

File: doomer (1).gif (126 KB, 498x441)
126 KB
126 KB GIF
> be me 19yr old mtf in college
> been w a few girls in high school but never with a guy
> want to get some dick
> go to a gay bar and let a handsome dude buy me a drink and take me home
> dont bother using a condom, he finishes inside of me
> feel really sick a few weeks later
> go to hospital and tell them I had unprotected sex
> they do some tests and find out I am HIV+

what the actual FUCK it was literally my first time bottoming ever, what are the fucking chances of this shit, I feel like my life is totally over now.
why would you have unprotected sex with a stranger lol
I didnt think it could happen to me
gay people amirite ...

not to shit on you but in general everyone needs protection

if it's someone you interact with a lot i would only not have protection if we both get blood tests lol

previouzsce >>30277061
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Steak comes from cows not the Earth retard.
He's a right wing accelerationist and wants the world to end so he can live out his schizophrenic post apocalyptic sex slave / independent farmer fantasies. He memes about anything and everything political to the point that that's the only idea he gets across.
Where do you think cows come from?
and where do cows live?
Jupiter is my sky father.

File: 1649212538562353.jpg (47 KB, 400x400)
47 KB
is ERPing with other people cheating?
yes, unless your partner agrees that it's okay beforehand

File: 1652608854491571.jpg (110 KB, 500x371)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Is always doing work/studying 90% of the time
>complains when partner cheats
maybe try giving your partner the attention they deserve? and if you can't, what's the problem with cheating? shouldn't you want your partner to be happy?
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File: IMG_4166.jpg (321 KB, 1170x874)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
>be me
>20 y/o passoid transbian
>in college full-time with a 4.0 gpa
>work 40-45 hours a week at a job where everyone loves me
>have cheated on most of the people I've dated
>still miserable & hate existence
I wish this was a LARP, I just want to be happy

OP, you're a piece of shit. I'm a piece of shit. We should fuck.
This is why you must cheat first so you dont feel so bad when she eventually cheats on you.
t. has never been in a relationship ever
ah the daily “cheating is based, actually” thread
tripfag filtered

File: bttm.png (618 KB, 502x704)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
>Top bf told me I need to wear a burka to safeguard myself from lustful gazes
Is this a red flag
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what are you eating anon
File: bottom-opining.png (121 KB, 300x347)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Tonight I made stir-fry chicken, it was pretty yummy
I love cooking for my bf
did he come over to eat with you?
File: cute2.jpg (60 KB, 850x1020)
60 KB
Sort of, we live together
No, it's a black one with white scribbles on it.

File: 20230327_204552.jpg (34 KB, 808x620)
34 KB
This is a thread for any st4t trans people here to talk to eachother
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I would except I make 300k here as a software engineer.

I'm an east coaster originally and when I visit friends there I instantly vibe so much better with everyone but I think I'm stuck here for at least another year or two until I pay off student loans and save up enough money to get out of this grindhouse mental breakdown industry and afford the surgeries I want. Planning to get as much covered as possible by insurance and then bail.

t. tranny with golden handcuffs
Don't worry anon, you'll find someone
amazon slave?
Bezos Bitch #5819301 reporting for duty.
Sounds gay

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