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File: 20200914_084018.jpg (126 KB, 994x972)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
how to make brain snap and become permanently happy instead of permanently sad ? Side effects r okay
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>1) psychedelics
not good if you feel like shit
>2a) read the bible (mostly the jesus part)
>2b) study zen koans
>2c) read the tao te ching (I like the Jane English version)
>2d) read Max Stirner (and then a, b, or c)
read schopenhauer instead, then skim stirner
there you go op, I promise you that if you really try to listen to these things it will make your brain snap and you will be forever happy instead of forever sad. Also you will gain amazing understanding of the world.

Only side effect is that you will be cursed to try to tell people about what you have learned and most of them wont listen and some of them will think you are insane.

but i promise you these things have the key to happiness in them
>t. took alan watts a little too seriously
true, didnt think about that, dont do the psychedelics op unless you are like in a moment of clarity and feelgood. and to be clear I dont mean enough to go out of your mind, like a sub-recreational dose. You dont really need them anyway, it just helps you see the koans.

also squid, I know everyone hates the bible but really it is what made me see all the koan stuff and the gospels are so full of love and good shit. I can understand how the modern church sours people's opinion of it though. but it is unfortunate, it is the joke with the most references in our pop culture
I have barely listened to alan watts but I know I sounds like an unbearable hippie. I'm really not though, its just the only language there is to talk about this stuff in that isnt like actual religion. I'm trying my best

File: timeline.png (1.07 MB, 1200x510)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Post successful transition timelines
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I don't know why but that post made me laugh.

>it's over
ddef ovvvaaaeerr
Op this is the second time you've made the same thread in 2 days with the same, clearly unsuccessful transition timeline photo. Quit self promoting- its disgusting

this image was posted by my stalker without my permission, i have never posted it on this board except via unsee, just fyi
File: transitionn.jpg (69 KB, 333x685)
69 KB
Just for fun. Hope its not cringe.
I successfully transitioned (right to left) from a coke snorting alcoholic looking twinkdeath in the face to a green tea sipping hoodie loving boymoder.

As far as a successful transition in terms of passing idk.. I feel like I have both feminine and strongly masculine facial features so I was uncanny as a guy and will be uncanny as a tran.
C'est la vie

File: Ei2QIUHVkAAAXyW.jpg (236 KB, 900x900)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Please, visit /passgen/ on a friday. There's so many ugly and clockable trannies who get told they pass by tripfags. I'm not gonna list any names, but it's the usual ones who post there every friday and compliment other trannies like there's no tomorrow. Any dissident voices and even genuine advice gets shunned and ignored. So much so that even some tripfags who fight back against all the hugboxing are put in a bad light in other threads. Why can't you people just post on R*ddit if you're just looking for yes-men to compliment you?
just stay out of passgen and you'll be fine.

File: 1599879990073.jpg (539 KB, 1080x1094)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>go on grindr in a relatively big college town in my country
>everyone is either fat, disgusting, filthy or old or a combination of each
>try tinder
>everyone is still fucking disgusting, fat, hideous
Where are you even supposed to find twinks/guys who take care of themselves? Are they even on these apps? Not to be fucking rude but if you're some skinny fat guy with a patchy stubble, why do you think you even have a chance with someone who looks miles better than you?

And the audacity of thinking I'll be into you after you start a convo by sending a low res pic of your mushroom tip. Even the though makes me want to vomit. These people should be denied fucking humans rights. It should be a crime to send unsolicited pictures of yourself to others. I'm starting to understand women's experience on Tinder and why they just swipe left on 95% of men.
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File: 1592767771162.jpg (55 KB, 500x375)
55 KB
i got my bf on tinder and we’re cute
fucking disgusting kys
lol based
lgb drop the t

Why are tops so mean and smelly?
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you will learn to love the musk
Less talking, more dick sucking, bottom
But musk is hawt.
We are not. Only in /tttt/ larps.

File: 1601006450380.jpg (65 KB, 1000x1024)
65 KB
I don't even feel attracted to women anymore,wtf did you coom brained degenirate faggots do?every time i see a picture of a girl or a girl in real life i feel nothing.i just think about twinks now.ever since i've been visiting this board i have becoming more and more like a faggot.FUCK
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Good. Glad to see you are improving anon.
I wanna be holded and kissed so bad too.

T. Twink similar to photo.
first you were a theoretical physicist now you're a cute twink
i don't BUY IT, FUCKER
i don't see what's wrong with being a theoretical physicist and a cute twink at the same time
in fact all theoretical physicists should be cute twinks
nothing at all
but the first one was a LIE

File: 1600400010909.png (255 KB, 1125x894)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Why are FTM chasers so uncommon?
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On purpose or is it what you happen to like?
Outside of pedo cis women, I've literally never known women to seek anything.
>Because men aren't physically attractive and people who are attracted to men aren't physically attracted to men
Why do I like cock then?
i'm an actual amab ftm chaser. as proof:
>i'm only attracted to ftms that at least somewhat pass
>i'm attracted to cis men as well
>he can top if he wants, but hopefully not exclusively
>want to impregnate him and give him chilbren
>ftms, especially passing ones, have more attractive faces due to skull structure
>think being an ftm would be hot
>women and femininity are gross
No I didn't because I ate proper food rather than frozen shit and fast food that FtM's always seem to eat

File: szv04lhkebo01.jpg (165 KB, 850x973)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Why do femboys OWN trannies at passing?
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>the only difference is what they call themselves
grats you're a terf now
wel lik e if one person says they are a femboy and the other says they are trans gendder but like they Both take Hrt they are just the same
File: 1600865221534.jpg (287 KB, 963x963)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
is this pic the hill im gonna be crucified on?
Femboys do it by choice, so they only present fem if they're naturally feminine. Trans women have a disorder, so they are driven to transition regardless whether or not they're naturally feminine.
>3 look okay

File: 1595887935005.jpg (54 KB, 1200x800)
54 KB
When people say "TRANS RIGHTS!" what rights are they talking about?
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The right for tranners to feel comfortable being out so I can chase them.
trannies are kulaks and i need them in my gulag right FUCKING NOW
Social rights
Also enforced equality
the right to let me suck their fem penis

File: relatable.png (524 KB, 1200x1206)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
previous: >>17187409
these comics make me horny for some reason:


idk if i'm doing this right
previous: >>17185965
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I find it difficult to trust people. Especially if they only have a superficial or monetary interest in my wellbeing.
I've been hurt by a lot of people.
Him, though depending on your empathy, you'll probably never live the guilt down either.
File: hurry up fuckface.jpg (4 KB, 128x131)
4 KB
i don't think i'm ever gonna have sex
new thread: >>17189011

qott: what were you like in high school ?

thread theme: https://youtu.be/uBaynxf8Suk

previous: >>17171857

Tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/%2Fbigen%2F

>Am I bi if I like women and femboys/traps?
>Am I bi if there's this one member of the same-sex I'm desiring, but normally I like the opposite sex?
>Am I bi if I sexually like both sexes, but only interested in romance with one of them?
Yes, sexual attraction to both sexes is bisexuality.
>Am I bi or pan if I like trans people?
Both are able to be attracted to trans people.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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she looks 35
i would like to have sex
smart mensa qualified retards like me should get head
my lesbian friend got me using the nail painting emoji and I love it
its so powerful
i have a high ego number apparently but i feel very dumb
u in germany or something? it's been like that for the past few days and I'm comfy as fuck!

File: 1600752687112m.jpg (99 KB, 802x1024)
99 KB
Why do witchcraft practicing cis girls like mtfs so much?
25 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've seen enough 10/10 boymoders here who think they are hons, anon.
hermaphrodite pre-ejaculate is highly sought after for potions and is essential in the creation of a homunculus
the BDDposters are a minority. boymoders do it for a reason.
Nah, I am telling you they are numerous and really have low self esteem.
??? I thought TERFs were notorious for being neowitches

File: 1599095768543.jpg (384 KB, 632x886)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Am I a slut if I'm too shy to do anything irl but I've flirted with dozens of men on discord and sent them nudes?
whoever you are i've started recognize you by the sanae images you always use by this one artist

if the persona isnt one massive larp its cute
what's your discord anon >.<

File: nixon.png (121 KB, 216x362)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
I fucking hate this trans shit. I'm tired of it. It's all a long adventure worth nothing. A long journey worth nothing. I miss the femboy and male era fucking /lgbt/. Where did it all go? Where did all the geniune fucking thoughts go.

It's all fucking /tttt/ shit. Trannies insufferable scum and liars. Sociopaths in all different ways.

I miss the fucking old era. I don't care if I was groomed, it felt more genuine than the serpents we have today. It's all just fucking evil people now left. And we lost our chance.

I actually believe there is a transgender agenda. Targeting autistic people of all kind. I now know it. I applaud the government for thinking it too.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Can somebody explain to a newfag what any of this means?
Why are people being called pedos?
Le funny taking an Image from another thread
ok boomer
cuteboys era was p much the tranner grooming era we got going on now just less hrt
Well, dude, you got 2 options:
Either go to 8kun and find /cuteboys/ is back, but a barren wasteland instead, or...
You can go to >>>/trash/ and find the /cbg/ cuteboy general there and realise that most of it is 2D and also furry.

t. androphillic MtF (former homo) who spent time looking for a bi cuteboy (and failing)

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