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File: 1553445155131.jpg (136 KB, 900x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Do I pass?
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Speaking as a post op transgender person that has lived in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, I believe speaking truth in reply to your question is very important. You do not pass and could possibly put yourself in, at best, socially awkward situations; or at worst, but yourself in dangerous situations if you attempt to convince yourself that you do.
File: IMG_20190322_192032371.jpg (1.2 MB, 1944x2592)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Are you a Muslim?

Also do you think there's hope for me? :t
Not in the slightest.
I can tell by the angle that you used that you dont pass.
Why what's wrong with that angle?

File: ggaayy.png (237 KB, 1132x1048)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
I remember reading an article about how gays and dykes who are close friends or live together usually end up having sex at least once and it got me thinking, Do gay guys sometimes have sex with those women they usually orbit ?, you know the girl with the gay best friend or the girl who hangs out in gay bars.?
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Whatevs man. If you can convince yourself that you're now a celibate loner who's fine forever living with his parents deep in the closet then i guess we just have to go with it. Still doesn't look good on paper, yknow?
Blood isn't thicker than water. Neck yourself, ASAP, or I'll do it for you. Sick fuck.
That’s not true but I’ll leave you to your projections
Also I fucked my ex boyfriend last night because I had a bad lapse in judgement
Firstly, i decided to delete the post since maybe it came off mean.
none of those 2 options you suggested

I simply don't believe that contracts of this nature exist without an escape clause.
The problem is you fuckers hide the dark side of this shit and make it seem like the only negative is because of muhh no acceptance.
The reason i am agitated is because i honestly care and it hurts me to see others in pain.
>inb4 concern trolling
FUCK you.
i know you are probably incapablke of knowing what that means.... FUCK all of you.

Maybe i should cool off before posting anything.
just incase i decide to delete this fuck you and fuck >>12117243 you.

the tripple combo of faggotry/childlessness/lovelessness is absolutely fucking weak.. fck you..

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That’s not a problem with fags though. Do you really not see that

File: 426154.jpg (28 KB, 640x445)
28 KB
Daily reminder that 90% of "bisexuals" are prison gays who are into femboys and traps, or cocks but not the rest of the man. All due to loneliness and fetishes.

The other 10% are just confused gays in denial.

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still a prison gay
enjoy your fake girlfriend
File: 1540910150769m.jpg (216 KB, 904x1024)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Women can give good massages, if they learn how. I think that's about it. But however good a woman can get a massaging, a man can do it just as well, if not better. Women can't even regulate their internal body temperature as well as men and their hormones make them indecisive, anxious, and depressed. So it's really no wonder why the world is so suicidal, if they're all trying to be women.

It was never toxic masculinity that was the problem. Testosterone makes you confident and calm. It was always estrogen and toxic femininity. Women generally choose to submit because they recognize men as natural leaders.

Crossboard question: if communism is about equality, why hasn't there been a female leader yet?
Answer: because a man hasn't given her the chance. Even feminists admit they can do nothing without the consent of men.
I agree with everything you said except the distribution values.
90% of bisexuals are gays in denial
10% are prison gays

If you doubt this, then try to get a "bisexual" to top you.
90% of them will decline because they want you to fuck them.
File: looks at you.jpg (52 KB, 960x960)
52 KB
>Everyone wants a dick inside of them eventually.
This proves that men are the superior, "privileged" sex, not women.
Checkmate, gynephiles.
>Women can give good massages, if they learn how.
their hands are too small and their muscles too weak.
the only kind of "massage" women are good at is stroking your dong.

File: 18648746._SY540_.jpg (27 KB, 360x540)
27 KB
Old thread: >>12108623
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ice hockey
>just don't go for blank profiles
some of the hottest men are down low married types
just meet in a public place first and trust your instincts
>trust your instincts
Okay but no, don't
he was a blank profile but he msged me a face pic

hes young and twinkish like me tho
I know homosexual men and the longer I have known them the more I realize how selfish, self-centered and narcissistic they are. I was a friend to them for many years but I can no longer keep up the friendship because their true colors are showing. They want every facet of homosexuality and transgenderism to be normalized. I cannot agree with their lifestyle, never did. They have become brazen and demanding and verbally abusive to me. I pray that the Good Lord returns soon to end this crisis the world is now living in. There seem to be no turning back and everything is becoming uglier, and uglier and totally out of control. Now we know why Sodom and Gomorrah had to be destroyed. We are nqw living those days to the ultimate ruin and destruction.

File: DsB-aZiVAAAXloB.jpg (59 KB, 822x598)
59 KB
Is "tranner" a slur? I see it all over this board but have never heard or seen it anywhere else
Tranny and tranner are considered slurs by a lot of people here

I personally don't really care but that's just me. It's more about the intent behind it than the word itself.
tranny vs tranner = trekkie vs trekker

File: 1552991488448.jpg (113 KB, 800x756)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Is it normal to be upset when I see early transitioners because my parents never supported me?
i mean i'm an early transitioner, and i can say it's not like our lives are any easier than yours, just because we transitioned younger.
If you don't mind me asking, how early?

File: dfsdf.png (27 KB, 330x140)
27 KB
A friend of mine—a bigger guy—he was asking me about hormones, and what it's like to transition. This is what I told him. I feel pretty bad about it, though. What do you think? Should I have said something else? I am not the gatekeeper of transitioning. But I feel like it'd be wrong to lie... I don't know what I should have said.
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The only opposition to this is the countless studies that proves that transitioning affects the wellbeing of trans people in a very positive way.
What studies? I will gladly read them.
It's a fetish for most of those that pass as well. But for obvious reasons, not having to deal with the social stigma of looking like a mutant is extremely helpful for one's mental health, go figure.
Men who are actually trans (ie. have a female brain) should transition whether or not they pass because it is the only way to end the dysphoria.
Men who fap to the idea of being a woman (ie. wankers) should not transition because it will just fuck up their ability to have a happy life.

You know who you are.
Yes, he has dysphoria. He also has enormous hands and feet, and a large skull. He's over six feet tall. Do you really think telling him to transition would be the right thing to do? He'll never be satisfied with the results. At least as a man, he can feel normal.

File: amy.jpg (15 KB, 300x375)
15 KB
>trannies completely focus on their appearance/voice, re: passing
>too shallow to realise that even for the 1% that can pass on those, the AGP conception of femininity itself is an easy clock
Why is no attention given to this on here? People will clock you regardless of how you look when your idea of womanhood is so creepy and misogynistic.
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>looking pretty is sexist!!!
Fuck off tou disgusting hambeast “woman”
Women’s shelters have as much as an obligation towards biological women as they have for passing and socially transitioned MTFs. MTFs are not literally women, but have the role of women by society. You say “cis women will be uncomfortable [...]”. Well, their problem. Kicking trans women and making them worse than merely uncomfortable is stupid.

MTFs who do not pass should not even present as women in public, and if they still do it, I agree that they are denied entry to female spaces.

To be honest, separating males and females is stupid anyway, but unfortunately that segregation will not go away soon because of social inertia.
>their problem
Actually, it's your problem because it is you who will be sleeping on the street.
You can't have it both ways, Ksenia.
I do not mean me. I have no need to go to a human shelter. I am arguing for the sake of my MTF colleagues that may have such a need.
>women's shelters should allow fetishists into their spaces

This is literally what many MTFs get off on. You're delusional.

File: 25432452543.jpg (58 KB, 1024x1024)
58 KB
>find someone to play vidya with
>start to get comfy enough to comms with them
>eventually find out they are homophobic/edgelord

I mean I'm just bi so I don't suffer as much vitriol as trans people but it seems like every other person you meet when gaming is a massive ass, usually it isn't apparent for a while either.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Calling people fags does not mean they hate gay people, sensitivefag
I think it mostly comes from shut-ins that don't like change, personally. Or outright misogynists, which probably has a decent intersection. I think overall that attitude is fostered by lack of (lasting) consequence for slurs, etc in vidya.
I don't really get it either since, if you hate them, why not just mute and move on instead of freaking out, but meh.
The fact that it isn't apparent for a while for a lot of people is a big reason why I'm weary to try playing games with new people desu.

>what vidya do people here like btw?
I've been playing a Minecraft modpack with a friend and attempting to 100% some of the new Spyro remakes, but that's melting my brain. I don't get completionists that have the drive to finish this kind of thing.
do even know banter is?
Sounds like you either havent played much video games, have played mobas (where you get shit on regardless of sexuality) or are really obnoxious about your sexuality when playing.
Barely seen any homophobia when ive played (and were talking several hours a day for years on end) so im inclined to believe you are hyper sensitive or something.
And i feel like i must point out that gamergate was about tegridy in gaming journalism. And the whore who instigated it fully deserved the criticism. It had nothing to do with sexism.
gamers spend alot of time playing with third worlders and minorities, so gamer culture is more homophobic than the general population

File: PEOPLE_427.jpg (427 KB, 1364x910)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
How should HRT feel if you're NOT trans?

For example, let's say there was a guy who was having some sort of identity crisis related to his masculinity. He did some research, thought he might of been transgender. So he went to a therapist who then misdiagnosed his issue and he was prescribed HRT that way.

How would HRT feel for this this guy? Would it feel "wrong" or "off" in some way?

Some of you described being on hormones as feeling "right" and one person even described it as "euphoric". Would a guy who's not trans feel the same way or would they have a bad reaction?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you aren't trans, it's probably fine to do HRT for cosmetic reasons and possibly for health benefits as well. Doing HRT does not make you a tranny per se, you're only a tranny if your end-goal IS to pass as a woman. Here's an account of somebody who isn't trans, yet dysphoric about their appearance such that they chose to use a SERM for slight feminization while maintaining moderate T levels

The question is what is this certain point she can't go below? If it's something in the low female range that's understandable because even ciswomen would have an issue. If the point is somewhere above the female range then that would be suspicious af.
Ksenia how many friends do you have, or do you chase them all away shouting about the true evolution of man are traps?
Breasts seem to be the big tell. Ftms usually hate them more than anything, and mtfs obsess about growing them the most. The debate over mtf hrt regimens is mostly about what's optimal for breast growth. Or alternatively you have femboys who want to avoid growing boobs. Ftms often get top surgery even before starting T.
>do you chase them all away shouting about the true evolution of man are traps?
I tell my male friends about it. I have never lost a friend that way, and if that were to happen, I am better without that person.

>people here who claim sneaky won’t come out as trans because it’ll hurt her career
51 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
you seem upset
He's not that wrong
Sneaky is literally the poster boy of agp, he gets off to dressing as a girl in cosplay for everyone to see, he isnt trans in the slightest, or he would already be on hrt by now.
Gamers dont have anything against trannies unless theyre sjws.
I dont mean to be offensive im just trying to understand the concept. When i was going through puberty i also questioned this stuff about being male or female, i looked up to the Boss from mgs3 more than anything, but then i came to the conclution that the whole line of thought is vain and worldly anyway. So if dysphoria is a mental state of mind is it due to nurture more than nature? would transexuals still feel odd in their body if they had no frame of reference to the opposite sex? IS the dysphoria with the physical body parts or in sex's tendencies, or the sex's social norms? I dont think that it is untrue or anything, but the number of transexual people is interesting to me. Of course societal pressures in the past and present would diswayed people from embracing this sort of thing, but on a biological level it seems odd. I dont think the ego is inately sexed so what is the purpose for a non biological idea of gener seperate from physical sex.

File: peaceful muslims.jpg (67 KB, 850x510)
67 KB
What do you think about muslims, /lgbt/? What experiences have you made with them?
21 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>le muslims are taking over le world reeee!
oh look, it's another scary muslims thread
enjoy your acid face
i can see that you aren't a european
File: 1553445792891.jpg (15 KB, 255x373)
15 KB
>tranner calling other ppl irrational
Scumbags, thieves, liars and no impulse control at all while acting like invaders if our countries.

Absolute scum that wouldn't hesitate to slit all of our throats. Kill them all.

Anyone here plan on dating a transgirl like pic related for your early to mid 20s then moving onto cis women in order to breed? Transgirls are only good partners for 5-7 years max especially if you’re young
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nice excuse for not trying, you dumb defeatist
why try if i'm just going to have my heart broken and treated like trash?
it's better to just stay a virgin
Just find a nice local mgtow boy and convince him you're not like the other girls.

Problem solved.
i still have standards
Beggars can't be choosers, honey

File: makemecumbby.png (353 KB, 444x544)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
/passgen/ thread

Couldn't find any thread.

Pic related is by gf. Does he pass?
285 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
Um is that a play on my name or confusing me with someone? Anyway hrt soon to be 3 years.

Aw<3 just stay away from my mouth until my cold sore is gone lol.
you pass, slightly mass chin / philtre but it's really not bad. great skin & cute eyes + the grain de beauté really makes it
nice fucking shirt friend

File: koyori-n-highway.jpg (118 KB, 1280x797)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Tell me about your dreams of power, status, and control
I'm gay
File: Tsundereplane.gif (101 KB, 190x160)
101 KB
101 KB GIF
I wish I had a bf to make me look pretty and dress me up in girl clothes and cuddle with me and help me feel less anxious all the time. Maybe one day we move on from one another a decade later or maybe get married idk. I kind of just want someone else to have some power over me for a while.
I wish I had a poly FMM relationship.
I dream about superpowers. I dont care about status. I want everyone to be free from control.

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