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File: Happy Pride Month.png (299 KB, 1200x1200)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
This is this year's Pride thread! It's meant to be a place for discussion of Pride and your thoughts on it, as well as experiences, plans, etc. You are free to disagree with one another, but >>>/lgbt/rules/1 still applies: keep all discussion respectful.

This will probably end up being pretty similar to last year's thread, but feel free to be as creative as you like with it! These sorts of things work out best when users are contributing their own original content.:D
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Bruh what kind of shit are you into that you can't be normal? Most LGBT people have boring ordinary lives, unless maybe you've got some severe T struggles?

File: 1605562420165.png (214 KB, 638x824)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Video games Edition

ITT: we support and care for one another, don't be mean.

QOTT: Have you been playing any video games recently? What's your progress like for them / what's been happening in them? Anyone else watching pro LoL now that summer season has started?

Previous Thread: >>21024226

Older /bmg/ /ssbbg/ /bddg/:
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>Have you been playing any video games recently?
i mostly play vrchat nowadays cause it's a nice way to go on dates with my girlfriend that had to move states for about 6 months. she's also gonna show me how to connect my lovense toy to to the ui so she can control me while we play. so i'm kinda excited for that:')
fashion souls and pvp is what makes ds2 so great desu otherwise the lore and the level design is pretty garbo I give you that
but the fashion souls mmmmh
my favorite ever drip was
Dark Mask
Llewellyn Armor
Hollow Thief Gauntlets
Hollow Thief Boots
I loved old echo fox
the Huni / Dardoch / Damonte / Lost / Smoothie or
Huni / Dardoch / Fenix / Altec / Adrian rosters were my fav
huni just 1v9ing games for fun was the best
and it was like just when i was getting into league so idk nostalgia ig
I loved MSI with PGG and Pabu so much Pabu is such a nice guy i was so excited for them
Legacy did rly good last year too whcih was cool
lco actually sucks tho xd
File: E2QPk1LX0AUAu8l.png (994 KB, 1159x1076)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
>go for a long walk
>hips sore in a different way from normal walking soreness
>filled with overwhelmingly hope
I know it's probably nothing because I'm 24 but hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope
hoping 4 u aster

File: 1623114965363.jpg (393 KB, 1024x1024)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
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how to convince my mom to buy me more weed?
im out
File: yea i draw.png (148 KB, 929x672)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
This is wrong in like 5 ways

Lie to her about considering becoming a man again and then instantly change your tune after getting it. Then ask her how it feels.
File: tenor.gif (988 KB, 498x280)
988 KB
988 KB GIF
good RPGs are dead and are never coming back

I honestly can't fathom why there are so much commie gays and trans people. Let's for a moment ignore the fact that "proletarians" are disgusting, ugly, dysgenic, dumb ogres, who have shitty taste and smell like shit, cheap tobacco and vodka, but let's put the spotlight on the fact that they are the most traditionalist, homo and transphobic dumb ugly orcs in the existence, who constantly vote our enemies into power. It's the elites and middle class who did everything for us, therefore we should support only liberalism. I unironically can't wait for automatisation to replace "proletariat" and for them to slowly die out. I'd even support sterilisation for them as well.
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well probably your right but its still bad for optics. stupid newspeak mansplainin cultural appropiation white privelage and other retarded shit. it only hurts left and does nothing good.
yeah i get that, but its more due to the conflation of libs and leftists, which we can combat by branding ourselves as separate from both rightoids and center-rightoids with pink undercuts
well yes. libs are capitalist and socially progressive leftists proper are socialist and socially progressive. fashy shits proper are socialist and socially backwards aka "trad".
wouldn't call fascists socialist, more like social-democrat. a bit similar to pis right now, they appease the working class but ultimately their goal is the preservation of capitalism and the distraction from actual meaningful change (socialism)
File: WHITE????.jpg (54 KB, 1200x675)
54 KB
>White leftoids?
Sir, Madame, or Xir with all due respect and frivolity I am a Nigga! I have been a Nigga all my life, my Nigga family help create this Economic Criminal Empire known as the United States centuries ago. Now I may have a bit of Germanic, Spanish, & Celtic stock within my blood but unlike the (("White")) pseudo-European Amerimutt variant I know everyday with divine certain that I am a REAL ASS NIGGA! Can I get a amen! AMEN! Furthermore I am economic criminal of the capitalist class, I care not of assumption of bias toward either of the sides of the political spectrum for any reason other then to seek a method of exploitation of the populous in the pursuit of profits. I am truly saddened by your misguided zealous belief in a political ideology, that is only comparable to the rampant insanity of the religious fanaticism of a bronze age death cult of desert dwelling third worlds. I hope you find the means to better your thru the access of free education most European countries hand out to the lower class dregs as yourself. If you complete a degree in Business then maybe one day you can come to America fight a winning battle of economics.

will vaping ruin my results from HRT? I'm 6 months in but cravings came back like a bitch rn
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also follow up, should I rope?
nice hips miss youngshit
No, never rope. Weight cycling would do wonders for you.
idk how my hoodies slope off of me.
I started at 19
you're fine dumbass

is it better not to have kids so they don't end up also having dysphoria?
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If you're such a nurterer and love your children so much
Youd never predispose them to the pain you had to experience
You can adopt
There are children who need love with no parents
Dont be selfish; dont sperm bank
You are either too young or too mentally ill to raise a child
is this true? i always felt like my dad was repressing something regarding his identity, at first i thought he was maybe gay/bi but now I'm wondering if he's actually trans...god i hope he won't troon out when he inevitably finds out i'm transitioning, he'd be the biggest hon ever
Thats cute.
I have my own self sufficient farm.
I grow my own foods, I have my own solar power, and my own water.
I am healthy, I have a career, and I am stable. I have friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly. and above all else.

I have faith.
I will never falter so as long as I remain humble and allow myself to grow.
You can't say I am mentally ill your words have absolutely no merit. You have no idea who I am.

I still wish to love you and nurture you as well. I wish you were my child too so I could love you and accept you and nurture you for who you are.

I'm not anyone or anything anyone else claims to be but my own.
Also I would love to adopt AND raise my own children if possible. The more the merrier. Which is why I am doing my best to be as self sufficient as possible.

File: 1560630466969.jpg (45 KB, 634x484)
45 KB
>be straight guy
>meet a girl, we kinda start dating
>find out she is trans
>feels a little weird, since I never would have guessed and I'm not sure how to feel about it
>I really like her so why not give it a try?
>we haven't done anything sexual
>don't want to hurt her feelings but tell her I'm a bit nervous about it since I have never been with a trans girl and I honestly don't know if I could
>she says she understands
>at some point we actually make out
>while we're kissing it just feels weird
>she looks like a girl, but there is just that part of my brain that tells me she isn't and that it feels wrong
>try to ignore it but I can't
>ask her if we can stop, she agrees
>We kind of try to talk about, but I feel like I can't really be honest with her because I don't want to hurt her
>we try again a couple of days later

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1582230229822.jpg (63 KB, 400x400)
63 KB
I tried messaging interracial cucks on reddit to see if they had past trauma like a wicked girlfriend or rape/molestation or see if they are gay/trans or porn addicts of what but all their messaging is turned off because they're all porn accounts i really wanted to talk to a few with an open mind
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It's 100% racism. You can't have this fetish without being racist. All raceplay is based on racism one way or the other.

I just find it extremely funny. But yes, I'm a narcisist and I do love my 15 minutes of fame, lol.
Yeah I mean I'm gay and in a long term relationship with someone I love. Doesn't matter at all to me anymore. I've had a lot worse things happen to me like getting gaybashed hatecrimed once. When you're younger and going through heartbreak it feels like the world is ending but looking back it's kinda nice. After a while everything feels just numb and it's great to remind you of a time when you actually cared lol.
>How did you get into the fetish? Does it have to be interracial or is it just a general homosexual fetish
I am a submissive bisexual male, and I always liked the idea of being brainwashed and controlled, and forced bi, so cock-focused sissy hypno porn compilations were my favorite way to jerk off.
Eventually, BBC stuff started getting popular and I resisted the idea of being into black guys for awhile, but eventually the idea became too hot and some greentext on /soc/ pushed me over the edge. Once I tried it in real life I lost my attraction to non-black men. Still resisted the idea of getting cucked for awhile but within a year I was into that too, although I've never done it. I no longer watch porn without BBC in it and the idea that I've been brainwashed into it is extra hot.

>Does the fetish distress you?
Not anymore, no.

>would you not want partners or friends to find out?
Friends? Absolutely not.
When I'm getting fucked by a black guy I'll respond to race fetishism if he brings it up but I won't bring it up first.
I had an ex-gf who was super into BBC porn too, I was tempted to tell her but she was completely insane and I knew I was going to break up with her. But once I found out it made me cum super hard when we fucked. I will tell a gf when it's the right time and right person.
Don't give up, anon. I want to know too
see >>21029909
Happy to answer any questions

File: 7nrmxsd5yw471.jpg (78 KB, 750x1334)
78 KB
what are some clothes can a boymoder wear in public that make them feel a little feminine while also not drawing attention to them being trans? skinny jeans as an example
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hoodiemoder supremacy
been wearing this basically which is pretty feminine i think but not feminine enough for people to think ur a girl or a tranny
a diaper
this hoodie is too small

File: 1000x1000.jpg (180 KB, 1000x1000)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
old: >>21025203
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Prove to us that anything you perceive through your senses actually exists. Protip: first youre going to have to prove it to yourself.

Until you can do that you don't get define reality on other peoples' behalf and pathologize other peoples' spiritual beliefs.
You have low standards.
>kicks rock
They have to be if they want the dick to reach past their buttcheeks
where were you bitch did you get banned?

or is it just me
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File: 1623564614599.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
Nothing rare about that. Men in their 40s are very often grizzled and sexy.

The 20s are cherubic and baby-faced
The 30s are a blend of youth and maturity, but leaning towards youth
The 40s are also a blend, but leaning in the direction of maturity. Gruff, grizzled, ultra masculine men. Hard-boiled guys that have seen it all.
The 50s CAN be hot, but rarely. Men in their 50s are usually, at best, handsome in a platonic way.
The 60s through 80s can look nice in a platonic way as well, though less and less so over time
Men in their 90s are outright ugly usually, not even nice to look at in a platonic way
People 100+ barely look human
no i went on hrt to avoid looking like my dad
File: youdienow.jpg (63 KB, 738x703)
63 KB
thats MY image
oh that happened to you too?
oh god. this is so accurate and it's grossing me out.
You normally describe fit men.

File: gofundme.jpg (43 KB, 478x488)
43 KB
do millennial trannies really?
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what people? why would bourgeoisie wanna take down other bourgeoisie? implying that capitalism is anything other than inherently corrupt is a cope
you are cute and funny
File: RASCAL.gif (326 KB, 367x225)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
>hate me
you're too mentally ill to be held responsible for things like when you dressed up as a weimar officer or when you got in a bitch fight with the podcast hijabi. wouldn't hold up in court
>got in a bitch fight with the podcast hijabi
Topkek. How have I never heard about this? Any links?
>thats an incredibly simplified viewpoint
>simplifies the viewpoint even further without extrapolating
retard lib

Fashion Edition

>QOTT: What's your ideal style?
>QOTT2: Would you dress differently if you were cis?

Resources: https://pastebin.com/SEDh0A6x
Tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/ftmg
Previous Edition: >>21005774
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File: 1623110139462.jpg (68 KB, 680x680)
68 KB
why do aydens do this
If you transition because of dysphoria you're allowing something you feel to dictate how you live. Stoicism would be to accept what you do have live how you want and not let something you can never truly have get you down.
Never seen that one before. >>21029635
Accidental >>21029635
I have an irl friend who goes by “he/it” and I try to respect people’s wishes but there is no way I’m referring to someone as “it”. It’s unironically mental illness and self-worth issues. Friend was heavily abused growing up and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that’s a common trend. That or good old-fashioned edginess.

File: blush.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
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I just want to be tied up and given a collar. Idc what you do after that point
File: 1622952232003.jpg (78 KB, 960x952)
78 KB

Well I like the idea of having a broad pool of submissives, and I imagine quite a number of them are considered below-average in cock size and heavy in weight. But the fact is, I don't actually care about how big someone's cock is or how heavy they are.

I'm not turned off by small cocks, and I have a broad range of attraction in weight size.

Assuming you wanted sex, after that, we'd probably talk a bit and I'd politely send you to your way afterward. Then I'd change outfits and get out of my makeup. What you do outside of the bedroom is up to you.
I really need to find a chubby girl to cuddle with
lil bellies are so cute, not into fat fetishism tho
File: 1603902897765.png (1.01 MB, 1070x874)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG

I mean there's got to be some gay submissives who like beer and/or food and have the bellies to match.

why do you do this to your wives
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sure they do, self-harmer. your sense of judgement is surely extremely rational and infallible.
You’re god damn right
File: 1622004006841.jpg (78 KB, 724x669)
78 KB
AGPs are never really happy. But giving in to their mental illness so they can destroy their lives and bodies due to their fetish will only make them and everyone around them worse.
AGPs shouldn't transition at all, period.

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