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File: 1620987637863.png (1.74 MB, 1024x1024)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
we'd be more accepted by society if more of us looked like aussiehon, mango, hatchan, cara, etc
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goddamnit chill the fuck out
no i wont chill the fuck out i've been fucking had
Who ARE you?
I don't know you, never spoken to you and not interested in pissing you off.
I am simply asking if you are ok.
why were the old trips so much better looking?
i just figured out that my face is floating around in all your fucking servers no i'm not ok

Pretty much the title. Asking because I've been kinda curious after I started to explore myself a bit and date queer folks. I've asked about 10 people from here and on grindr over the last few months and the results are pretty 50/50
>am attracted to androgyny and femininity in general
>don't really like trying to pursue cis girls because every single time I have, their personality (or lack thereof) was a huge turn off regardless of the initial physical attraction
>like twinks, femboys, trans girls, crossdressers, etc. all equally as long as they tickle that "oh, this is cute!" part of my brain
>have zero problem dating any of the above in a public setting and introducing to my family
>zero problem with being asked to ignore a trans gal's penis, and making sure to do my best to not even acknowledge its existence verbally let alone physically

I feel it trends to no, but I also feel it's probably a bit of a gradient. The people who said "yes" said I wasn't nearly as extreme of a case but that they did consider me a chaser. Help me out, friendos, please and thank u

t. cis guy
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>trans gal
this is your biggest transgression
ew what a gross phrase it sounds like something a 60 year old queen would say
File: C79i0wMVAAADBpB.jpg (139 KB, 917x1200)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
oh yeah, I absolutely get that. I only brought it up bcuz it seemed like it'd be relevant for the thread. all but one or two people eventually asked some form of "are you attracted ONLY to trans girls?" and seemed to weigh that single thing pretty heavily when answering me

fair enough, I sincerely appreciate the input! physically I still like cis women, but I can't manage anything more than a ONS. LTR incompatibilities cropped up pretty quickly each time

I'm a little confused. they'd make those sorta statements in response to me telling them of my preferences, not before, so idk where they would've been able to assume anything :/

sorry, I grew up in a VERY rural area. I'm trying to drop "fellas" and "gals" from my vocab, I promise. I had an ex who thought it was endearing but she grew up in a fairly rural area too & has good memories of her nan referring to her as a "gal" instead of "fella" once she began her transition & most of the rest of her family all but disowned her
>they'd make those sorta statements in response to me telling them of my preferences, not before

maybe they just see it different from me then. when I'm lumped in with feminine men in the context of sexuality, which is smth a lot of chasers do in my experience, while not lumping us in with other women, or just not being attracted to cis women at all, it makes us feel like we are closer to the "feminine men" group than the "women" group in your brain.

rural twang is cute tho
hmmm, that does makes a lot of sense and I'm now surprised I didn't run into that sentiment when I'd ask folks 1 on 1 overtime. oh well, it makes sense that it's a case by case thing but I'm even more confused now desu. I have no idea how to answer the point blank "are you a chaser?" questions without laying everything out in one big mess and letting them discern & judge for themselves. Probably wouldn't get that far cuz they'd (understandably) be put off by the slew of words I blast their way for what should be a one word or one sentence answer at most

O well, thank you again for the input anon, I'm sincerely appreciative of it
>fair enough, I sincerely appreciate the input! physically I still like cis women, but I can't manage anything more than a ONS. LTR incompatibilities cropped up pretty quickly each time
well if you want trans girls to like you, you should just say you're bi with a preference for the feminine and if they ask if you're attracted to cis girls too, you should say yes. None of that is a lie, and trust me, it will go over MUCH better than "hey i date feminine men... and also trannies lol"


QOTT: what place from irl or a videogame would you dream of taking your transgirlfren if you had one?
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Seems pretty dumb to lie about that.. I could always top a bottom but it would never last
Just like how lying about being a switch would never last
I remember having romantic and/or wet dreams about a trans woman during my repressing phase of trying to be straight. Good times.
guys this is important pls help
When is it time to lower my standards? All I want is a passing monogamous switch or top 6.5+/10 transbian that's a reasonably decent person morally, close to my age and height, will play video games with me, and thinks I'm super hot and fun to be around.
I would go out of my way to make sure a switch gf got to experience both sides, even though I don't want to be a top/dom.

whats good my bros how you doing? how about that sportsball on the tv huh? just hit the gym bro how bout these pecs bro pretty sexy huh? no homo bro bout to go smash some wet pussy bro love bitches am i right man
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>implying everyone on pol isn't just a tranny repressor
>imagine not being smug all the time
>pulls up random pic of hot girl
>"i'd tap that"
>nodding and agreement from the whole squad
i don't get cishets lol
That one DOES actually happen.
YOU aren't an idiot.

File: husbando2.jpg (70 KB, 918x1200)
70 KB
QOTT: What's your most schizo conspiracy about ftmg or the people in it?

>resources https://pastebin.com/SEDh0A6x
>tagmap https://tagmap.io/tag/ftmg
>>22825998 old bread
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she browses too much she said, needs a break so said shes underage. the ban is for 1 month
That's fair. I probably should take a break as well. I hope she enjoys her break.
Drink my lukewarm piss you mlm faghag softboi; find another trip for Pete’s sake,
Kys salty butch,
Being transgender is just the modern rendition of goth; modern day punk; have you not noticed how younger transgenders dress? The only difference is it has the mental illness defense;
File: 20211023_200518.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x2268)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Boymoder mtf here, friends are suggesting I sell or gift away my binder, wanting to see if any anons could use it or if that's weird

what's the size?

File: 1635016831713.jpg (157 KB, 650x1329)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Dear LGBT+

When traveling on airplanes please only use male to male or female to femal connections when fastening your belt. Using a straight (male to female) connection is offensive to us heterosexual people. It would be of great offense to us if you mis-sexualize your seatbelt.

Sincerely a concerned anon.
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>why does everyone seem to think I’m mentally unstable?
Or just do what Grant did in Jurassic Park, and tie two female ends together in a not. Life finds a way :)
good thing i'm a tranny attracted to men.

also go back to 2016, electionfag
>if you have the tits and dick combo they tsa rapes you
didn't happen to me, lol

t. traveled to thailand from us with dick, small boobs, F on passport, and non passing

File: 1613685052707.png (342 KB, 960x700)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Do your fetishes pass?
>do your fetishes pass
imagine being this degranged, but yes, but still, you are mental, anon

here's an idea: does your fridge door pass?

that's actually interesting
Reminder that by the actual definition of fetish, only men can have them because women's sexuality is not object specific
File: 1634959437503.jpg (207 KB, 622x1248)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
yea i think. I occasionaly dip i to some of the more andro / malebrained ones when im MEGA HORNY, but besides that my kinks are pretty darn fembrained

>Why would a straight man date a transgender woman over a real one anon? Sell me on the idea.
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>why would i choose to date someone who was once a man vs a natal woman when god knows there are plenty of those walking around who look just as good?

You aren't reading what I wrote are ya cunt. There are 2 basic factors. 1.) even passable trans women have phenotypes that are rare for cis women (dramatic body types according to Kibbes body types). 2.) we tend to have unusual (for girls) personality types and interests.

There are cis girls that are the same as us but they are rare so if you are into that kind of girl you're more likely to find one of us.

If you want some 5'2 pear shaped true crime obsessed haus frau please leave us alone and get to your thing out in the burbs.
They don't want kids, and or they have been with some rlly toxic cis woman
>trannies actually think they are some super desirable unicorn for straight men
ohnonononononono. OHNONONO.
you dumb bitch, there are like 3 billion straight men and some subset of them LOVE trannies for whatever reasons. I've literally fucked guys (without telling I'm trans) who went crazy for me because they liked my "athletic body type" just meaning they loved that I had a pretty face but a skinny inverted triangle frame. For some guys we're what they want whether they like it or not and while some might be bi the ones I've been with weren't down to fuck another man with me and I know because I tried.
File: 102949282-cuban.jpg (105 KB, 1600x900)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>so let me get this straight because there seems to be some confusion on my end. You're saying that you're more appealing due to the idea that you're nothing like women at all? Especially considering your use of the word rare in this context meaning, not very often... That being the case wouldn't you think you'd be more appealing to bisexual men or maybe pansexuals rather than us straights?

how common is this actually among trannies? i've always done it but didnt know that it was a trans thing. also why do you think that its more common among trans women.
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Ur cute lemme squeeze
I always did it lying on my side, finger up my butt and ate my cum afterwards, I maybe started prone though, I don't really remember.
I know. It sucks but I have to deal with it.
this isn’t universal and they may not change. both of my partners (trans girl and transfem enby) have been on hrt longer than me and jack off pretty normally. i rub the head of my penis like a clit, but i’m a bottom and they’re both switches,, idk, idk how any of this shit works
>but i’m a bottom and they’re both switches
there it is

File: depression fixer.jpg (50 KB, 570x380)
50 KB
Are you over 30? What're you drinking? Pull up a stool, and get those worries off your chest.
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File: fellowkids.jpg (87 KB, 900x720)
87 KB
attaching the pic would have helped
At least you're back in it. I dropped out after 2 years, and now I drive a truck. Such is life, I suppose.
Yeah its good finally not to feel that boot of the state on our necks but not holding out that it won't come back. What's it like where you live, barkeep?
>We don't really have fine dining here.
That's okay once you get some pic related back in stock for the next time I'm here we'll be all good.
How is truck driving? I heard you guys are pretty sought after as of late. Have you ever thought about going back to uni?
>What's it like where you live, barkeep
We're living that no mask, no jab, doritos and mountain dew lifestyle here. The glow of the walmart is almost like a second sun.
Those bacon fries are looking good, and so is the company ;)

File: mm74J9N66.jpg (123 KB, 1080x1080)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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prove it
Check /gif/
number 2 but with some stubble

File: GayAnal.jpg (49 KB, 703x700)
49 KB
Like, "i'm fucking another guy, in his ass, how did things end up this way? This wasn't how life was supposed to go"
Idk i'm not internalized homophobic but it'll probably never feel natural to me
I stopped caring when I turned 18
I find sex fun anon, the only dread I feel is the clock ticking for me to go home if I work the morning after
sti a virgin, but not realizing I was bi for years feels a bit like this. was supposed to like girls now I just want to suck hairy cocks most of the time
im into so many things by this point that fucking another guy in the ass just makes me feel proud compared to the rest of the stuff
>was supposed to like girls now I just want to suck hairy cocks most of the time
You wouldn’t feel this way if you’d actually have sex with a woman

File: kJOCIot.jpg (1.72 MB, 1916x1850)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Tranners. Would you rather have a partner that's slightly ashamed of being seen with you in public, or a partner that is completely shameless and will hold your hon hand in front of everyone and hold you close for all to see?
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File: 1634970772700.jpg (151 KB, 828x800)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
the other day my friend pinched my butt through my skirt in a gas station infront of everyone and embarassed the fuck out of me but I still liked it because it means he sees me as a woman if hes willing to sexualy harass me like one. so i guess the second one. even if I have a hard time thinking im pretty enough or able to ever pass, having people who see you and treat you as a woman, for better or for worse, is a lot more reassureing than a buncha dudes treating you like "one of the bros" or "the wierd tranny friend" and just making you more dysphoric
show us your face so we can judge if this is based or cringe
You should suck his dick
2nd one cuz im not a hon and im good arm candy
Why would anyone ever choose the first

File: 41GomCVrfDL._AC_.jpg (11 KB, 452x236)
11 KB
QOTT: number of days you haven't had suicidal thoughts?
dont judge me
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I mean us is an imperialist force all over the world
lol 10/10
i give 0 shits.
america has no loyalties, laws or real rules. it's just about the money.
uh huh
jinx makes good stuff
oy gevalt
It's a little more complex than that
I wish I beer

File: 1620019228639.jpg (1.05 MB, 4096x1627)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
FTMs, AAPs and penis-enviers can you tell us why you want to be a man, or get that feeling, sexual or otherwise?

I'm a MTF and need some detrans fuel. I want to relate to your thoughts or feelings on the matter. If you want you can post that AAP fuel stuff too, the photos with the twinky guys.
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So do you want to get drunk and play some Halo?
or just take fin
Idk, I think it's from twitter. Try reverse image search, otherwise I believe it's captioned "Roachification" for some reason.
Fellow MtFujo
This is usually followed up with “only applies to 20 year olds”

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