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File: 1528847654620.jpg (99 KB, 496x663)
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old: >>15078458
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>I pretty much always message him first after the convo dies
I'm willing to believe someone is autistic enough, how often is "always" though? It can feel so but maybe you're overthinking it.

>I tell him cute shit and he doesnt respond well to it usually
Doesn't respond or doesn't respond well? That one's a bigger flag for me I'd say. If there's no back and forth when it comes to flirting then I just assume you're not interested.
it's in february, anon
i hope you're down with the swirl
they'll only accept that if your antique trolley is registered :/
To spread the ‘rona. Yeah, he stabs first and asks questions never so, like, you just keep getting stabbed. Haha Did it get hard in here or am I just thinking of your pole, wait, crap!
More so in the past week or two, but admittedly I usually leave him on read after we both start to give dryish responses. I've been waiting a day or two lately to see if he'd text me first but he doesnt and then I break bc I just want to talk to him for a lil hehe

And yeah idk, I feel like I can come across as teasing sometimes but I'll tell him I want to like hold his hand and kiss him and he'll be like nah sorry, quarantine senpai :^)

But then he asked me a bunch of mundane questions last night like my middle name and why I like hxh so much, so hes at least interested, I just dont know why I feel this massive cold fucking wall hes putting up

Is female privilege real? What are some example?
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>Noone has ever tried to fight me and I'm a 25 y/o man
>t incel
epic projection. if nobody has ever tried to fight you its because you are a s 0y boy
- girls have a longer lifespan
- women get shorter sentences than men for the same crimes

- women win custody battles more often because people think dads are more likely to be abusive than moms

- women decide whether or not to get abortions, the dad has no say in what happens to the fetus
File: lojak.png (73 KB, 728x728)
73 KB
Female privilege is being cute and neotenous and not part of the ugly expendable sex. Everything else stems from that.

Personally, I'm a sex-discourse fatalist. Men will never have it good in any numbers and the only decent course of action is to prevent more from being born.

Solanos was right, for exactly the wrong reasons.
>this is unironically what incels believe
yikes senpai

File: EUkU3jMXQAIus__.jpg (28 KB, 828x339)
28 KB
Okay, this is epic
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i like nick but his fanbase is so cringe when it comes to trans/gays and girls who like him. its like they just want him to themselves
based dengist willow
It's because they still believe in the 2 party system.
File: 1576041536136.png (692 KB, 477x724)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
if you think like that youre still a faggot
I swear are traps being weaponized against us?
you madam shall be spared the rope. god bless you and your critical thinking skills.
Twitter name?

File: 14l9bb.jpg (54 KB, 600x400)
54 KB
I just want to be IRL whatever I can conjure with my own imagination based on what media and information I've digested and have everyone accept the creation of myself, made only when I am isolated from every other sentient creature/thought, with everyone accepting me and making space for every new unique self I create.

What am I?

>I want everyone to be in a state of preconsent and preference and to share those spaces too, as a global thing.
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>How would I know what you've experienced in life to know that?
I've astral projected to view my Akashic Records and I've been in continuous communications with the greys for the past 3 weeks
personally i'd have said anything that wasn't a straight or bi male/female

... is this supposed to mean something to me? I am still in kindergarten and haven't gotten to big numbers like 3 yet.
Do you know the number 1? Try adding 2 to it. Also I was talking with my buddies about the Nobody and we think he's some guy who lives in Saudi Arabia or some shit idk
How do I add 2 to something without it becoming a new word for a group of something?
File: 1585197946387.png (617 KB, 690x750)
617 KB
617 KB PNG

File: preach-2.jpg (98 KB, 759x853)
98 KB
Do bi and lesbian women ever like neovaginas?
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Is it true that it is harder to date men with a neovagina than with benis?
well, it's not a cis vagina and it'll never be. you're the anon i responded to, the trans girl who was thinking about getting srs, right? if you want to, you can drop your discord and i can tell you my experience in more detail.
Nice lesbophobia
It depends on where you live. Here in Asia it's much and much easier to find a man to settle down with if you went all in. SRS is also required to change your docs. But in the West... Eeeeh? Not so much? From what I've heard many actually prefer trannies with a dick, it's only problematic when you have a dick AND a bottom dysphoria so no one can even touch it, not even talking about sucking it, but just playing with it while fucking you in the ass.
(almost) straight guy here. I'd rather stick my dick into a wet turd.

File: 1583218788335.webm (2.58 MB, 480x852)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB WEBM
You aren't lgbt if your standards are this high, you're a straight coomer

File: k.png (24 KB, 662x255)
24 KB
So...this isn't true?
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I like makeup and i am practicing with colour in quarantine
Because i take all my style tips from you vamp, what did you ask for to get that hair style?
This doesn't change what I said in any way whatsoever.
>in quarantine
Oh shut the fuck up.
You take hrt
You’ve had plastic surgery
You look more fem than most women
And 99.99 percent of males
I’d kill to have your body and face

File: 1573274893312.jpg (44 KB, 657x512)
44 KB
ITT: Post your transition goals
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I unironically would like to be just like her
She died by drug overdose.
File: 1473965170200.jpg (68 KB, 600x600)
68 KB
I'm pretty sure that's Stacy or something

File: 1585594750766-1.jpg (23 KB, 512x288)
23 KB
Greentext edition
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I spent so fucking long trying to do that. Creepy book looking back though, clearly AGP
File: realwomyn.png (236 KB, 833x573)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>no men in women's restrooms
>literally pic related
why do you fucking think this shit is the biggest problem in the world? this message just encourages gatekeeping, "muh track" is not a priority bootlicker
Can you explain exactly what the problem is? Or is everyone okay no matter to what extreme they go?
>Lots of stories of meeting guys from tinder and having them buy me food before I tell them. Some are hilarious. Some scary.
Asking for it and making us all look bad I bet you fantasize about pussy stunting.
>pussy stunting
wtf does this mean???
is this some common terminology or am i dumb??

Is it transphobic if I consider bottoms to be women but I don’t consider trans women to be women?
>is it transphobic to be transphobic

No it's realistic. Bottoms have feminised brains whereas most MtF trans are heterosexual autists.

Gay to HSTS is shades of grey & gynephilic MtF are not legitimate trans.
File: IMG_1483.jpg (128 KB, 640x480)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
What about gay bottoms that became trans bottoms?

what I gotta make the threads now?


Park the car at the side of the road
You should know
Time's tide will smother you
And I will too
When you laugh about people who feel so
Very lonely
Their only desire is to die
Well, I'm afraid
It doesn't make me smile
I wish I could laugh
But that joke isn't funny anymore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: hon.jpg (115 KB, 691x842)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>life dream of being an astronaut
>work your ass off to be in peak physical condition
>work your ass off to get your masters in mathematics
>devote your life to the air force
>go to schools and teach kids about the wonders of space travel
>find out youre colorblind
>disqualified, relegated to a desk job
>NASA in desperate attempt at popularity decides to send a kardashian and kanye west and a dozen IG youngshits who get the most likes on posts
>NASA proclaims anyone can be an astronaut its just that easy for people who want it bad enough

we may have to gut this world to find the sense of fairness deep inside its internal organs
>we may have to gut this world to find the sense of fairness deep inside its internal organs
Fuck. I know life is hard for everyone, but like... FUCK. I'm learning to accept that this is my "I coulda' gone pro if it weren't for my bum knee" moment. My AGPilles Heel.
I'm sorry there's a regulation against that

nothing like Spanish flu or world war to make regulators eat their pen

It's OK anon you were always a pro even without proof
File: 1576104501059.png (860 KB, 960x960)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
>I'm sorry there's a regulation against that
says you
Imagine if you trained every day to win a race in the olympics but badly hurt your leg so you couldn't compete, and in your place some fat guy decides to run it for you and fails miserably but demands that everyone pretend he won
that's what hons are to us, isn't that bullshit?

post your topsters and others will try to guess your legbutt letters
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gay as a bag of popcorn

i love grimeth
i'd say mtf or cis g
one of you are right
>all i've listened to for the last 2 weeks is melanie martinez
I can relate so much... I remember when k-12 came out I was completely obsessed with her for about a month.
I've found that Marina, lana del rey and billie feel a bit similar to her but nothing can replace Melanie for me. She is going to release an EP soon so I guess look out for that
a complete bop
Also (mt)f, obviously
>raging homosexual
wtf why

Only blacks should say nigger
Only gays should say fag
Only bottoms should say bottoms are women
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Put quotes around "Little sissy faggot" in your mind and reread the sentence.
sounds like something one would say while topping a little sissy faggot I dont understand your point
who's your daddy and what does he do
I'm doing all of these at once.

bald mountaineer edition

pls remember one bait post ignored = one more sturdy plank for based woodsman anon's future mountain cottage.


cured cancer >>15005461
228 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
I completely don't get trans people who don't want to be with other trans people. I'd think that it would be great to have someone who kind of understands things. Not bitter towards cis people or anything; I've been into mostly them. But the lack of trans people I've been into is just due to not meeting them; I'd be honestly really interested if I met another ftm or transmasc person irl. The attitude that it's somehow a low-quality choice seems almost like a lack of humanity/empathy, combined with self-hatred
Could it be passing envy?
Not him but I won't ever date ftms that don't pass or have not had bottom surgery that includes a vaginectomy. Aside from hating vaginas in general I'm far enough along that I've escaped the kweer dating ghetto. I don't need validation nor do I care to be an emotional tampon for someone who can't be bothered to solve their own problems or ask a trained professional for help. Dependency is disgusting.

Fwiw I don't bitch about cis gays rejecting me because 9 times out of 10 it's because they're a strict bottom that wants filled like a twinkie or a strict top that believes the novelty hole to be anything other than a dry husk with the sturdiness of soggy toilet paper.
"Queer dating ghetto" is what I mean about self hatred. I've been with a couple of cis guys since I started t 2 years ago and I don't believe that they're somehow amazing and wonderful compared to trans people. Not that they're worse, just not better either

I get not being into vagina though. I'm bi albeit with a preference for guys but still bi so that's not really a thing for me. But obviously a lot of people do have genital preference and I don't see that as being averse to trans people
File: hurg.jpg (35 KB, 640x628)
35 KB
I can understand being trans and not wanting to date another trans person. For some people, it may make their dysphoria worse.

People are entitled to their limits - for me, my limit is vaginal. I want nothing to do with pussy, my own or anyone else's.

But you can not demand people must respect your boyclit otherwise they are ~transphobic uwu~ while also holding the same aversion yourself.

At the end of the day, it's the same thing: preference.

If he can't find a man without a natal penis attractive then he doesn't have a right to demand every cis gay dude to overlook his lack of cock either.

Additionally, the fact that he only was nice to me because he thought I'd fuck him is sketch.

File: HAHA.jpg (263 KB, 1079x705)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not really. There's not a huge amount of difference between pre-pubescent children because it's testosterone and estrogen that cause the radical changes to develop, but even a youngshit is forced to rely on a continuous regiment of artificial hormones to resemble the opposite sex.

People comparing it to an artificial diamond would only have a point if artificial diamonds would start to revert to ugly rocks after a couple of weeks left alone.
Sorry you were born all wrong, Vampchan.
Post operatively, without testes, a trans woman will not in fact, revert to a man. It's part of the process for a reason.
You came here to justify your hatred of a group of people (that I'm part of) and that they dont deserve healthcare or basic human respect, and you tell me I'm being overdramatic? You're delusional.

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