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File: Julie.jpg (53 KB, 700x613)
53 KB
A general for women, cis or trans, who love other women!

QOTT: If you had to time travel back to a historical era, which would it be, and why?

Last Thread: >>27242309
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I'm saying no way I didn't expect gay here, you're lying to me
need gf to gaylight me
pain pain pain
at least i woke up perfectly timed to catch the thunder storm wooo
File: WalkingIsTooHard.png (1.19 MB, 1316x569)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
WLWGen IRL meetup pic <3 We all look so cute!~~
wish i could work 12hours to forget the fact im an ugly lonely person gn wlw

File: 20220818_184909.jpg (156 KB, 1284x1401)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Bro how the fuck do you even do that?
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>Do people just look up hotels in her general area until they find matching bedsheets?
>I legit just don't get how lmao
yes. if you're so obsessed that you and hundreds of others can distribute the work and each work for 16 hours straight without any breaks, it's not that hard. you just need to care about trans people as much as a military intelligence agency cares about doing reconnaissance during an active war or something
Keffals is a fat groomer. I don't really care.
I just see people repeating this without evidence
Have you never seen a fat person before?

If she didn't use her real name for the hotel she could of just been like
>These motherfuckers if they know my location from my sheets baka

And they never would have known if a doxxer approaches you with simple shit like this unless you fucked up severely they don't actually know they're waiting to see if you panic there's no way that amount of information wouldn't be conclusive it would be a good hint but if you straight up denied it and acted the same they would not know

File deleted.
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Why is every gay in this general obsessed with league of legends?
Never played it
If anything I'm the audience.

>dated transgirl from 2015-2019
>break up with her after she reveals that she'd been having an affair for months (she told me she ended the affair because she chose me in the end)
>she texts me this morning for the first time in three years asking if we can be friends again
>flashback of negative emotions, body feels hot and sweaty
>I thank her for the apology and say not to feel bad about what happened back then, but that I don't want to be friends
>she replies with "Okay..."
I feel like an asshole ngl
>I feel like an asshole ngl
never forgive cheaters, she made the decision, she has to live with it
I'm not sure. Her 2018/2019 self made the decision. She's a different person now. I don't have a moral or intellectual aversion to forgiving her, she just brings back a flood of negative feelings.
nothing wrong with what you did. I'd do the same, as would most others
>She's a different person now
but is she?
i don't see any issue with being friends, but if she brings so many bad emotions vs good memories it's not worth the mental knot twisting

you did right

You Lazy Motherfuckers Need to Make the Thread Edition

>What have you done/what are you going to do that’s productive today?

>How do you usually relax?

>Why aren’t you at work or out doing something interesting anon? Or if it’s night why aren’t you sleeping so you can do so tomorrow?



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Shaved that shit this morning. Kind of regretting it. Should have let it be. It was a little pubey so maybe it's for the best
Do ftm’s like femdom
You’re the one being dommed of course
Yes extremely based
yes but only st4t

File: rc0s03br3yh91.jpg (209 KB, 1280x884)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Post Timelines
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i'm sorry but her porn just screams "MAN"
tf does that mean lmao
her porn mannerisms and body language are really clocky
very masculine
>her porn mannerisms
could you describe in more detail pls?

File: 12904309209123.png (805 KB, 750x729)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
>passing voice
>get to listen to retards online be explicitly transphobic while being nice to me
not sure how to feel about this
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its because i had to try rlly hard to compensate for not passing at all (it doesnt help)
>Like do you sound whiney?
yeah i sound like nasal and whiney
God i'd make a whiney little bitch out of you.
Hearing "daddy noooo... Your hurting me.."
Or anything else your whining about really, would really get you in trouble.
i'm a youngshit but my voice sounds like a fucking 12 year old as a result of only going through a month or two of puberty. it sucks!
ohh.... that sounds nice anon ...

is it possible to buy DIY / crypto without giving my ID to glown*gs ?
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just pay with cryptocurrency and buy the cryptocurrency through some decentralized method
I have never bought crypto in my life.
Crypto exposes every transaction you make in a permanent public record, if your goal is to troon without glowies noticing this is about the worst thing you can do
Look up crypto ATMs in your area. They usually don't require ID. I know the one near me certainly didn't.
They require a mobile number for SMS verification though, and not a fake one. So you're busted either way

But real talk, why would someone ever choose to date a transwoman like me?

Every reason to explictly date trans people, at least if they're not NB, is terrible except for maybe if you want one that doesn't have dick dysphoria or small dick and HRT'd accordingly, but even that doesn't negate all the other fucking problems.

>Permanent mental health impairment (HRT only treats and you won't grow large breasts or an areola in literally over 95% of cases)
>Looks worse than most people, or looks a way that you like, but she doesn't
>You like her body. She doesn't.
>Needs constant approval
>Probably bad at sex due to dysphoria
>Requires regular medication, might have surgeries left to do. This leads to financial issues even in places with informed consent.

This all just means that anyone who seeks transwoman, especially explicitly so, like on trans-specific dating apps, is going to either be a piece of shit that wants someone vulnerable to manipulate/murder/fuck, are incredibly naive, OR they are overprotective and co-dependent. Transwomen will soon teach people why dating apps are fucking awful... because among other things, some people have nothing to bring at face-value than some shitty truth about themselves.

I remember when I used to think this was a fun expressive thing, like I was a wizard going to Hogwarts. That time has thoroughly passed and now I know I am in Hell. Everyone told me I would be fine. They even promised me I would be fine. I'm not fine. I'm not far into HRT, but I've heard what other tranners say. That they still have episodes, that the real pain doesn't even start til you start presenting. It just progresses.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Regardless of my fucking gender?
>there are no such thing as allies
>everyone wants you dead
>there is no place for you to be at peace
>you don't belong anywhere
>the world would be better off without you
>especially your family
>it doesn't get better
>it was never good to begin with
>this is hell
those are my brain worms
counterpoint: not everybody is a self hating loser like you
File: image0.gif (2.91 MB, 200x155)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
i am so sorry fren ):
if it makes you feel better our brainworms are twinning

because based chasers date trans MEN

File: 1660026933796913.png (620 KB, 1112x445)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
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check it out cuh
Like in life or do you mean school? Life is tolerable and school I'm still scrambling to find a place to live and then I am literally going to have to scrub down my apartment this weekend probably and start packing.
how dirty do u think ghouls butthole is
idk but i will clean it

File: 9a6.jpg (41 KB, 720x720)
41 KB
For horny, by horny
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it sounds like your brain might already be melting anon, did reading what we wrote get you that turned on~?
The only reason I want to top is to tease a boy until he finally snaps and pushes me over, fucking me and making me his bitch. All the while telling me I'm such a slut and that he knows this is what I wanted all along, telling me he'll forgive me if I'm a good whore for him
ofcc i hage i read it like r times allready utss amazing and i love itt ily pls marrty me
you really are a puppy, so desperate to suck up to your betters, it's very cute. Is what I wrote exactly how you want to be used too, or is there something else you like?

File: moonchild_77(2).png (629 KB, 608x827)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
I love scrawny twinkhons as much as the next guy but I'd love to see some variety. Show me your best fit trannies please.
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i grew up on futa porn and now im like this
Nooo, it's definitely not about fetishizing pain and suffering. That's horrible. For me I think it's a combination of liking the aesthetic of a scarred body with yeah something like broken bird syndrome I guess.
That's fair, I have a thing for characters covered in scars. As for the broken bird syndrome, as long as you know you have it and try to care for the other person genuinely without making them feel infantilized or something most people probably would be happy tbecause you're just kind and caring
Good god this is the hottest thing in the fucking world

What's wrong with me
please respond

File: family photo.jpg (75 KB, 1024x1537)
75 KB
More and more people I know are getting married and having kids. Is there any hope to live a more normal life as a trans woman?
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Too bad your a troon and you'll never experience that.
Sure I can. I can reproduce and I'm dating a cis girl. We can make babies.
Wow, really? Are you going to do that soon, or do you plan to wait a few more years to let the chemical castration become permanent?
Don't you want to pass on your tranny genes though? As a chaser nothing pains me more than not being able to mix DNA with my tranner. Raising a kid together made with a donated egg from her close relative and my sperm would be the dream (well actually the real dream would be to buy her a synthetic uterus but let's be reasonable)
I recently checked and it's all good so maybe within the next year.

File: gboy2fs1jad91.jpg (481 KB, 2048x2048)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
hopefuel thread
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You know, I feel like the older trans community should explore being a graceful older woman, rather than aiming for eternal youth.
Because wrinkles aren't, like, a death sentence for passing, it just gets a little honny when you try to also look way younger.

that being said, she does look WAY better and happier, so good for her!
File: t.jpg (1.86 MB, 2059x1697)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
that's a myth started by cope hons
Closer to left than right. Fuck.
I wonder how many people are actually on HRT in this photo.

I know PMG wasn't during this photo. Her doctor basically just said she's a confused gay man and refused to prescribe her pills at the time lmao.

GDQ really is the type of event where the trans larpers are encouraged to do this sort of thing.

File: 20220818_210122.jpg (122 KB, 1770x460)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Details of MTG's new bill.
Shit's going down the drain fast.
73 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This would probably trick people on facebook or twitter, I'll give you that.
>be me
>vote republican my entire life
>troon out
>republicans get more and more obsessed with trannies
>stop voting republican
>get blamed for not voting republican by retards
>don't find our lord and savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins
>instead, just shut the fuck up you commie
Yeah but as I've said before, people need to know DIY is a thing in the first place to start doing it. How does a trans person 1. Learn gender dysphoria is a thing early enough to describe what they're feeling before puberty fucks them up, and 2. Type "buy hormones without a doctor" into google, without ever seeing trans people in childrens' media or at school, or without being told it's possible to get some medications through ways other than a doctor?
idk if i hope these are bots or AI spamming in every matt walsh thread and in any political thread here, or if they are actual boomers invading the board. both ideas are bad in their own way

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