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File: Gupta-HannibalLecter.jpg (405 KB, 2559x1919)
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If you want a cis bf this is your place to tell us what you can bring to the table
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Uhhh I mean I pay my own bills, live alone, can carry conversations with most anyone, am fairly good at vidya..
… I allegedly have a nice voice, I can cook well, I’m p good in bed overall, decently smart, I think I have yknow
A decent personality and am funny so says most everyone I’ve been friends with
But I’ve never had an extremely hard time finding a bf, it’s harder to find a guy I like enough to stay with
And honestly I never rly understand the framing for these conversations because it’s like
There’s 10,000 dudes who like trannies for every 1 decently passable trans girl
Not sure when y’all became the prize and it became “what do we have to offer you”
What do most cis het dudes have to offer besides a cock? I already have one of those yknow lol
This is why I’m doing femdom stuff now, much easier and they already understand that .__.
Mostly Third strike, Melty:AACC, Melee, Ultimate, GG:Strive, KoF02um, and UNI
File: IMG_20210928_114326.jpg (131 KB, 762x1012)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
im ass at 3s, but i could dumpster you in smashes / mayb strive. 1v1 me nerd
see me

I don’t understand why rabid trannies on this board say “masculinity is a prison”.

Masculinity is, per definition, defined by inaction. Letting your body hair grow, not dieting, not restricting your food intake, not taking care of your appearance, not obsessing over your clothes, not undergoing monthly expensive and painful treatments in order to be regarded as worthy of public existence (this isn’t a men vs. women issue, it’s mostly women who demand it of us, but it is still very much demanded). Masculinity is defined by sitting however you want, unapologetically doing whatever you want, taking what you want, letting your bodily processes occur as usual, peeing, shitting, farting, burping. Women are constantly policed as to even the most basic facets of our existence.

Not saying womanhood it doesn’t come with privileges, it does - but womanhood is very rarely something you repress and “entrap”, it’s something you have to actively fight against your basic human instincts for.

Many trannies understand it, actually. It’s why you talk about “anamoding”, electrolysis, obsess over your appearance to a degree so insane if anything you are the true women - which is kind of why I don’t buy into TERF bullshit. Being a successful tranny requires many more layers of self-censuring and self-repression than being a successful woman.

Femininity is a prison. It may make you happy. It certainly makes me happy to a degree. But it is not freedom. It is self-repression. It is biopolitics. It’s not having a moment of peace within your body.

Also in before “take your pills Ayden”, I’m not trans
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I think the mistake here is assuming the mother is not an agent in this process of ostracizing, competing, and alienating her daughter.

“Social structures’ nonphysical origin means not only that they don’t matter, but that they shouldn’t matter” begone TERF. Most humans don’t view gender expression as a dulling of personality but a manifestation thereof.
Don't worry. I can change everyone's sex, too.
>But you realize your situation is not even close to average right?
well I guess I'm not expecting too much either, I'm mean arms are somewhat thick all right and women give me compliments in general but of course I don't fill shirts out like the rock or something, but my muscle composition def changed for the better, all by itself. As I said, even when relaxed, they're just feeling way harder now and I feel stronger and less exhausted even. There's def some "growing" up going on well beyond the late teens, I def. feel that topics gets overlooked completely.

Kinda minute to the outside observer but baffling to me because I was a turbo lanklet all my life before, my dad would tell me that he also was a lanklet for the most part of his teens and 20s so I never did too much and just waited patiently. Actually I now DO play around with the idea of actually getting into body building, feels like I could have potential now...
>which is kind of why I don’t buy into TERF bullshit.
You don't know what terfs actually believe then lmao.
>Most humans don’t view gender expression as a dulling of the personality but a manifestation thereof
Could you give me a few examples of what you call “gender expression”? Are you talking about wearing certain clothes, or styling your hair a certain way? Maybe the way you act and your personality traits?
I am not saying you can’t have your pink razors and skirts, or that you can’t have a buzzcut and enjoy lifting and drinking beer. What I’m speaking of is something more fundamental than that. I am saying the very conception of those objects or activities as “male” or “female” is a cognitive mistake and illusion. You can express yourself however you like, wear what you like, engage in whatever activities you would normally engage in, but you need not conceive of these things as “masculine” or “feminine”. They are not. I am saying that if you want to free yourself from the restrictions of gender, you need to take off the pink and blue glasses and see things as they are in themselves. Under the spell of gender you might not engage in certain activities as a woman because it is deemed “masculine” or “unladylike”, or you might not wear certain clothes as a man because you believe it is “feminine”. Wear whatever you like because you sincerely like it. Express yourself sincerely, but do not engage in the projection of gender. I like to use light as an analogy for gender and the projection thereof. The projection of these pink and blue “lights” onto the objects around us is the first mistake, then we identify with one “color”, believing ourselves to be colored in such a way. Know yourself to be the pure white light, and then you will know that all colors are your colors.

File: CjcQBE6.jpg (38 KB, 362x346)
38 KB
So sissy hypno is basically 'autogynephilia: the porn genre' but what's the equivalent for autoandrophiles? (Note that while I believe AGP and AAP are obviously real fetishes, I'm somewhat skeptical of the notion that they're causational for transness in any significant number of cases.)
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>porn of someone masculinizing you
none, retard. if you're a man you do shit yourself, otherwise you're just a larping foid
I didn't say it has to be exactly the same, just that it has to be clearly catering to autoandrophiles.
The genre itself isn’t except in some loose sense of “the uke is basically designed for the woman to emotionally project herself onto”. But the culture DEFINITELY is. Fujo forums are basically all “hehe what if you were a boy and got to SIN with another BOY”

Otherwise ABO is the most AAP genre. It’s basically “what if boys but one is just like a woman but they’re boys he’s just an omega haha he’s not a girl hahaha this is not misogynistic there’s a woman alpha”. The mpreg aspect kinda sells out that it’s autogynandromorphilia for people who want to have wombs in a boy’s body.
i would say yaoi/BL, whether stories or hentai whatever are signs of aap. it’s kinda fembrained but sissy hypno is also kinda malebrained so uhhhh
porn is men in women's bodies and shoujo manga/erotica is women in men's bodies, both are cringe as fuck and the world would be better if anyone who consumes them thinking they're representative of reality died of a heart attack tomorrow

After my breakdown last night I started taking my antipsychotics again and am currently high on weed and benzos
this is why I don’t date people with mental health issues worse than anxiety

How do i make sure my parents dont find out about hrt when i start? I still live with them @ 19yo. Will the changes be very noticeable? What if they start asking questions about my body or my mood changes. Can i keep it hidden for like 1-2 years before i move out? Would it be difficult?
>Will the changes be very noticeable?
>What if they start asking questions about my body
Then they do. "Why do you have titties" is pretty hard to make up an answer for, just say you gained weight I guess
>Can i keep it hidden for like 1-2 years before i move out? Would it be difficult?
Assume it will be
most normies don't know about hrt, some of the changes are somewhat noticeable but when your kid's face gets shinier you don't immediately think "he's taking grey market drugs he bought from online" unless you gave hints about it already
my family literally mentioned how my skin glows today :/

File: help.png (52 KB, 174x174)
52 KB
>try to self harm
>knife is too blunt to cut the skin
why is everything in my life a fucking punchline on wheels.
Do I qualify as a gay disaster yet?
Based simulation
A butter knife Is not sharp enough to break the skin dummy

File: candysexual.png (496 KB, 1021x466)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
Are Candysexuals valid members of the LGBTQIA+ community?
File: boomer_boymoder.png (249 KB, 512x512)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Why not. Super straight is in LGBTQIA+ community now.

previous >>24125516
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>buying some numbing gel and letting him go to town
ohh is this how they do those ridiculous throatjobs in porn?
Nah, with some practice you just learn how to fit it with the best angle. But numbing gel helps with the process.
I am so lonely I am so lonely I am so lonely I just want a boy to touch me, I-I want to be molested and groped p-please im so desperate and touch starved help
unironically hot, would rape. love desperate trannies so much
please anything at this point its killing me, the loneliness is suffocating

File: 55tnT3JT_400x400.jpg (26 KB, 399x399)
26 KB
Trannies or people who have significant exposure to them (and are emotionally stalwart enough to hear out potentially offensive opinions):

I'll probably confuse pre-op, post-op and all that a lot cuz theres two different definitions of transgend
Tell me about transgenderism. Are there different sorts of transgender ideas? To be considered trans, must a person undergo HRT or surgery, be meaning to do such things, or (maybe) want to do such things, but cannot?

Can you try to explain how transgender feelinflgs differ from feeling masculine or feminine? Does it even differ?

I wanna know cuz the way my life has transpired, I'm starting to run into people who keep fucking ask me if "I'm sure I'm not trans" and it just perplexes me.

IMHO, people should try and be happy with the bodies they have for the most part. However, there are people that live in different ways who might be relatively happy and healthy with different things, so I'd treat trans more like a different lifestyle or religion.

I'd never tell a trans that they are wrong and I'll probably never know. However, I lean towards the opinion that most of em, with the very rare exception of herms etc., are wrong; that it wont make them happy and is a luxury.

But thats just background. I dont wanna debate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Out of pocket, look at hrt.cafe and otokonoko :)
If you're a usian that may be cheaper than getting the same hormones officially, too
>A lot of the beliefs about transgender people are just that, beliefs. Specifically, they're beliefs about gender dysphoria, those feelings of being / wanting to be the other sex, where those feelings come from and what they mean.
Very good point. Some people believe the human body is the way that it is because of evolutionary forces and some people believe it was essentially created in a form that exactly emulates evolution, but whatever you believe, medicine works the same way.

Whatever we believe about why someone has these feelings, what works for them does work the way it does.
>tfw also liked swift/smart characters not muscular ones
some cis boys must do this too r-right
> sniper player in the
> bishi phase
> I never had any signs wym
*sniper player in tf2

File: waltuh.jpg (30 KB, 640x360)
30 KB
>go to hot tranny from my country's twitter to fap
>she has a spade tattoo

There’s too much disrespect on the male form here
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i don't see why that matters.
That means they’re men and you’re gay…….. how do you not get this……..
do you not understand what proper hrt levels do to the body? they're women in that regard, and unless a trans woman wants to use her penis its gonna become useless. i have no issue with penises on trans women atrophied or not. i don't like cis men however.
Do you not understand if you chop a man’s penis off he’s still a man if you dress him up in so much makeup and give him hormones he’s still a man there’s no vagina just a man’s asshole it’s a man and youz a gay nigga
i personally wouldn't want to date a post op trans woman. its a feminine penis, nothing like cis man dick. you wouldn't get it tourist.

>two tranners date.
>have a shit life.
>go on dr phill to try to improve the lives of trans people a bit.
>dr phill also invites multiple transphobes to gang up on you including ben shapiro styled cuckservitive.
>ben shapiro 2.0 bullys you on stage and wins debate using pro bullshitty debate tactics plus the assistance of other transphobic guests who gang bang bully you and other trans people saying trans people are bad.
>now all viewers go ok tranners are bad thats why anti trans guy won and why everyone ganged up on the tranners.
>mention you are anxious and having nightmares on social media due to having been set up.
>ben shapiro 2.0 guy bullys you to his over half a million subscribersin multiple videos and also bullys you for getting anxious and having nightmares.
>ben shaprio 2.0 guy comment section bullys you and then goes to the dr phill video to bully you.
>people watching dr phill on youtube see ben shapiro 2.0 astroturfing and hate you even more.
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I actually paid a brazillian woman a couple hundred dollars for 2 years supply of estrogen tyvm
I replied???
so you admit to not even reading what they say but you ‘won’ apparently lmao
stop replying to yourself fatty
All you “minorities” can’t do this shit forever, normies are getting sick of it.

File: joint (2).jpg (242 KB, 1113x2048)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Sup anons I'm a shy bisexual stoner who's very afraid of intimacy I've just recently decided to maybe possibly getting back into the dating scene. I haven't been on too many especially the fact I'm having a rough transition after finishing a 4 year contract with the Army. So I pretty much smoke weed everyday to ease my mind throughout my semi-introverted day or after a bullshit day at work and I don't want to date a cis women again because honestly I've had more luck with finding more compatibility with trans women or gay femboys before. And I want to know if stoners are acceptable to date?
Btw sorry for any errors I'm really high writing this thread
>hurr my personality is weed
what do you think retard?
you are actually lowering your IQ
in [current year] it feels like every zoomer/millenial uses drugs or drinks to some extent, don't worry about it. some of my best experiences have been getting high as shit in nature or my room and getting handsy with my chosen fuckpartner.

also, are you cornish? you look a lot like someone I used to know

How do I make pp bigger? I want to fuck bottoms more and be more appealing to them.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>be me
>7x6 in
>ideal top
>mtf tranner who wants to bottom
could be worse
Literally just lie. Bottoms are women and therefore have no spatial intelligence for the most part. I'm 6 7/8" and I lie all the time and say I'm 7.5 or 8 inches. I've only been called on it a couple times. Just lie, it's that easy.
this is why girl inches are a thing, dudes fucking lie, and if ever by some miracle i have sex some person is gonna think i'm gigantic when i'm just above average at 7.5"x5.5".
Do you not understand how hierarchical society is?
>i'm just above average at 7.5"x5.5".
Kys you humble bragging retard. You're in the top 5% for dick size.

File: immunity.jpg (63 KB, 550x448)
63 KB
Genuine question, not trying to act out of malice or anything.

How does someone who is transitioning get away from the idea that some people view them as complete abominations? I don't think that there will be any change in the public view towards transgenders and that transitioners will always be seen as those who took their image and lusted after themselves. Does anyone have any beliefs that would counter this argument?

I know gender dysphoria is a thing, but on top of that how can you hold complete faith that your body would fit better as the other gender? Besides the feelings you hold at the current moment, how else would you determine something like that?
ok retard
Says the nigga who needs five surgeries and thousands of pills to try and look like a girl
you wouldnt understand, its a material girl thing
>how can you hold complete faith that your body would fit better as the other gender?
Well basically the amount of testosterone in my body felt like acid against my life energy, I knew I was transgender, so I decided to try estrogen to see if it'd make that feeling go away and then it did. I even got the urge to detransition (i kind of hate being forced to be a woman) but that awful feeling kept coming back every time my T restored. Idk about having sex reassignment surgery though

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