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File: 1621294969719.png (564 KB, 540x538)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
this comic goes out to anyone on /tttt/ questioning their gender or on hrt, just food for thought!
idgi either

File: 1637872132034.jpg (84 KB, 407x525)
84 KB
Prev >>23342493
QOTT: do you ever get really horny and fap but the coom doesn't feel good at all so you just end up feeling sad and pathetic?
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I have beard shadow and I must scream
Want to get fucked in the ass by someone rough and dominant

Plus I'm about to kick off a coomfest so I don't have time for any concise and extremely sane brief paragraphs uwu
File: 435435.png (407 KB, 500x693)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
who this?

is drinking on hrt bad
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Don't know what the waiting times there are like compered to here in NZ but I can probably safely assume they're shit in both
Here I think it's meant to be like a year for an orchin but if you want decent SRS you gotta pay to go to thailand
Ah a year seems good to me but I'm sure it feels super long I'm sorry ):

Also I just realised! Id you're on lupron as your aa it's not really bad for your liver. But I've still gotta wait like 6 more years to get it fml, it's too expensive to diy
Way too late for lupron in my case, I'm 28 at this point
It can be used as just an anti androgen in adults not just a puberty blocker. It's only blocking puberty if you don't take e as well
depends on how much. a glass of wine with dinner is no biggie, drinking half a bottle of vodka a night is very much a biggie. in general, estrogen makes the effects of alcohol stronger, so you should be drinking less anyways, but also mist AAs are hard on your liver, so if youre taking an anti-androgen, you should keep your drinking mininal. that said, I binge drank heavily while on cypro and sublinghal e and it didnt kill me, but im sure it did my body no favors

File: image.jpg (74 KB, 1847x307)
74 KB
her brother just posted on fb that she died this morning.. rip
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Don't joke about this you fucking idiot
If that was true youd have posted the fb
kek. this is what happens when you fuck with the mean girls discord. oops!
What are you even talking about?
>the mean girls discord

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 202x249)
8 KB
Being a bi trans top makes me the alpha foid and I get to dominate cute trans girls and twinks. Life's fucking great, anons my beautiful gf is sleeping right beside me <3 I used to think I was a bottom, but I'm much better off now.
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You seethe, you will never be a woman. Join the suicide statistic.
i'm just a cisdude tho, and you're still seething even if you're projecting
There is no such thing as your made up terminology. You are either a man or woman.
you will never have sex

PT is bringing back the arsonists incest twin character with the fake natalie wig and with natalie makeup to. im so sick of this oh god. also PT has NO breasts at all....
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You will NEVER be a woman.
PT literally said "im a biological woman" recently. when natalie always says that its a joke like in her last video with the "biological" picture of her as a child that was actually a stock photo! :D but PT twisted natalies joke and dead serious said "im a biological woman". meanwhile doesnt seem to have ANY breasts from this picture...
File: 5567762.png (283 KB, 714x715)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
>no visible p-tube in any of these
>but my brainworms insist it's really there.
De-wormer Felix.
ok that cat is cute :)
I misread that as “Patreons can see a bunch of pantyshots”. Fuck you guys for sharing that meme of PhilosophyTube talking about flashing the camera.

File: mii.jpg (22 KB, 804x452)
22 KB
why are all you trannies so horny? why cant we have more trad chaste trannies on here?
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well yeah youre right i wish a merry christmas to all and to all a good night.
sorry had already cleaned up but damn girl that was really nice of you, one of those last three pics is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen and made me bust really quickly; thanks again, you’re so sweet for helping a bro out like that
Reminder, trannys aren’t people. And as hard as you try, you will never be a woman.
what dies masturbating to yourself mean, srs question i iether do it to fucking or getting fucked,
trannies are coomers who will sacrifice their entire life for a sexual fetish, a little hornyposting is to be expected

File: 1573885273584.jpg (108 KB, 853x960)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Almost Christmas edition
QOTT: are you looking forward to Christmas?

Old: >>23341703
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Cuz I don't want FFS
As implied by the "If I wanted"
jpp t'es vraiment trop con, croire que j'ai besoin d'un chirurgien pour trans alors que je passais déjà flawlessly

thx anon

loan, 4k

i would never

pointless imo
dont you complain that you are ugly a lot?
>bean is back
>hayato is back
>valentine is back
>still have the /pol/schizos
I actually don't know how it could get worse
I guess drake could come back?
i miss my friend

Have you put your tree up already? Are you doing any decor for this season?

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(new) Discord: https://pastebin.com/TxeWQdj1
Tagmap: https://tagmap.i/tag/cislesbiangeneral

REMINDER: Trannies, moids, bishits and related subject matters are unwelcome itt. Ignore and report on sight.

Previous >>23284013
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File: file.png (100 KB, 329x282)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
whether you like it or not
1)white girls are hotter, gingers/blondes especially. The only non-whites that have the capacity to raise above white level hotness are pajeetas (who are aryan anyway)
2)chubby girls with big tits are literally created for sex sex sex
3)skinny asian girls are undesirables
You have mold near you. Have you left leftover food somewhere?
File: images (7).jpg (7 KB, 242x208)
7 KB
Hello sir/madam
How are you my basterd
i'd kill to be awoken by this
Russian/Ukrainian women are the aryan race of lesbians

File: hyperpigmentation.png (262 KB, 578x163)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>g bottom
>these fucking things under my eyes
it's truly over isn't it
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>There's not much we can do
c o n c e a l e r
These eyes have seen too many posts.
>that would not warrant medical attention or diagnosis as an "allergy", but which nevertheless contribute to an inflammatory response by the body.
I swear this is responsible for the high rate of sleep disorders in western societies
i get nothing from being here anymore
File: 1637560524013.jpg (280 KB, 828x462)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
It's from this weather we're having. So what's up.

File: 1637946223116.png (611 KB, 575x862)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
I wear the typical jeans and black hoodie most boymoders wear and I'm kind of bored of it and want to dress better. I really want to wear stuff like picrel so post pics of fem leaning androgenous outfits so I can copy. Bonus points if they're wintery outfits so I don't have to wait for spring and summer to wear them
I wish this was my bf
Go to /fa/ nobody here knows how to dress

i want my dick sucked by a Chinese tgirl.

then i want to fuck her ass. thats pretty gay
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
every asian girl uses this filter, can't escape it
she looks so tired and vulnerable after cumming. i wanna fuck her after she cums
i say this as an asian repper it looks ugly as shit. pic rel looks 10x better. also i saw some korean trans girls/traps and they look like 10x better than op pic
kys fag
imagine playing with her cock, making her cum hard. and as she is twitching and moaning i'll slide my lubed up cock in her ass and fuck her.

i'll cum inside her ass as i make her cum again with my hand, my cum filling her up as she is cumming

my doctor has been hondosing me and I'm starting DIY injections soon, I don't want to stop receiving her hondose completely in case I can't bring my HRT with me to another country (there's a few people i wanna fly to and i don't wanna be without hrt then) so I need to keep the prescription going. Should I tell her I'm on DIY but may need to refill the prescription or just not tell her and hope she doesn't notice?
don't say anything
Say nothing, there's no way they can notice. Just make sure to get your bloods at trough otherwise they might try to reduce your hondose to subhondose.
dont say anything, stash the goods
Say absolutely nothing. Stash that shit in case you need it, like, when you somehow run out of injections for whatever reason.
If the doctor is hondosing you despite you asking for better dosage, then don't say shit.

File: over.png (604 KB, 1123x739)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
post your results hons
32 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
The only measurement I'm 100% on is bideltoid. I did what >>23346737 did to measure hip breadth and did something similar for biacromial, so they may be off.
Regardless, I'm more fucked than this suggests, my body is pretty obviously male.
That looks like the end of the clavicle not the acromion which would be a bit further out? Either way though that pelvis does a lot more work than you think
K, my bf is back from work, asked him to measure me instead of doing it myself, he got 39cm for biacrominal, whereas I got 38cm.
Nah, I have short collarbones, and my shoulders are pretty unstable, they pop out easily despite me never having any prior trauma. I can handle a lot of load from the top, so something like OHP, but I literally can't do dips, both shoulders will dislocate, but they go back in on their own as well.
File: 20211113_211556.jpg (408 KB, 579x1082)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
>Either way though that pelvis does a lot more work than you think
And yeah, I'm betting on getting extra weight in my hips and ass to offset my shoulders, for this reason I cycled T3 recently one last time, just to be burn off as much muscle mass as I could. I lost a lot on my back and chest (serratus are completely gone). Now I'm eating like a pig, lmao.

File: EIz4gV4X0AEV2LM.jpg (124 KB, 1000x1000)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
why is a cnc fetish so common? like seriously what the hell

i was always taught that sex is bad and all and that i should be chaste so why the fuck do i have such a fucked up fetish
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
hornygen is too horny
You just answered your own question.

You have that fetish because you were told to be chaste and that sex is bad (removes your responsibility = it's someone else's fault so you can just lie back and let it happen.

And if it's so common how can it possibly be fucked up (as a fetish - as reality it is; as a fetish it's normal)?
What's CNC?
consensual non consent
rapeplay fetish
i mean i guess that makes sense but like, im not that religious anymore and stuff
>And if it's so common how can it possibly be fucked up
i mean its still.. u know
>i was always taught that sex is bad and all and that i should be chaste
that's exactly why you have that kink. feeling like you're being forced to have sex makes you feel less guilty about it. you're welcome

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