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50504238I started taking creatine a few weeks ago but didn't know you had to take it 4 times a day for …[View]
50504384/fit/ meme`d me into pinning delts. >no pip whatsoever bro >best spot dude thanks /fit/ now i …[View]
50503919Have been lifting for a few months, seeing some ok gains, what do yall think about my full body rout…[View]
50504113Check my math: Does this look correct and reasonable?[View]
50503503The gym looks busy what should I do?[View]
50500984Sup /fit/, just got my latest shipment of almond milk in. Why haven't you chosen almond milk as…[View]
50499506this man is the reason I lift and do cardio absolute legend[View]
50504271Is Mountain biking good for training abs?[View]
50499334What are some good /fit/ snacks? For me it's cottage cheese with almonds >good source of fa…[View]
50503452My routine as a newfag dyel. Does it make sense or should is it shit? A bench press 3x8 ohp 3x8 rows…[View]
50499361Is this a realistic 5 year goal to aim for?[View]
50489520How do I achieve this physique?[View]
50502776Good morning lads. Whats ur breakfast today? *sips* ahhhh[View]
50504082juice thread: post your fucking juices now bros[View]
50503647Why do dyels keep shittalking lifters: I don't even mean on this board where everyone with a su…[View]
50502598>feel depressed >skin looks like shit >look ugly spend a couple days in the sun >feel gr…[View]
50501763mire thread? >out with friend >been working out for a few years >taking it seriously for t…[View]
50502732summer is almost here, so I have decided to start food prepping sundays am I to late? I've see…[View]
50503809dehydration made me a fucking lazy brainlet: anyone else had this? My body is incapable of feeling t…[View]
50495512What exactly is it about squatting that becomes so addicting after initially hating it so much?[View]
50503200I'm 5ft 8 and18. Advice on growing taller: I need every possible thing I can do to increase hei…[View]
50503129In 2006, Scooby uploaded several pictures of himself demonstrating several exercizes to Wikipedia. S…[View]
50500571What are the best exercises to help strengthen you're hands?: Any suggestions[View]
50502470Does this count as making it, bros?[View]
50500770>diet and exercise aren't an alternative to weight loss surgery Why are fat fucks so delusio…[View]
50498389>you think you can arm wrestle me?[View]
50502120>makes me feel good alone >makes me anxious in social situation Fug this drug…[View]
50503626>gym “renovated” >took away half the space for machines by putting in a 50 ft long turf litera…[View]
50502275What do you do if you get a boner at the gym? Shorts don't exactly do you a favor in that case.[View]
50502085Signs of health: How do I know if my diet and exercise is working without having a blood test?…[View]
50503542>right arm is bigger than left arm What the fuck bros what do I do[View]
50498171PPJ Gains: Why aren't you eating ppj's for maximum snack gain potential[View]
50503301i faped again today....[View]
50498496when am I supposed to take a day off from the gym?[View]
50499858water retention: Is Momoa OFF-CYCLE?[View]
50500759Squat stretches/mobility: Having some flexibility problems with squatting. When I get to about where…[View]
50498926OH NO NO NO this is what you look like[View]
50495369help.: My current bench is 185×5 but my squat is only 225×4 is there something i should be doing to …[View]
50486509witch one are you/ would you rather be[View]
50502675Can daily commute with bike reduce belly fat ?[View]
50500590Dom mazzetti zero gains??: Why does it appear Dom hasn't gained any mass at all in the last 6 y…[View]
50501568Cyclist here. Getting ready for race season coming up, should I even bother with legs? I did a ton o…[View]
50502733Can anyone post his routine? I'm looking for some new exercises.[View]
50502847Am i supoosed to go to the gym every day?[View]
50503034So i’ve been drinking aspartame daily for years, almost like an addiction. I then cut it out on Wedn…[View]
50499582What body would I need for a girl to look at me like this?[View]
50494933Cottage Cheese: You are eating this every day right anon?[View]
50502588Welcome to the Salty /fit/oon: How /fit/ are ya?[View]
50501508wet dreams vs nofap: Hi anons, nofapper here. I have been doing no fap/no cum and yesterday was the …[View]
50502878So it was decided PPL is THE patrician programme for everything, right?[View]
50502872Mewwy easty! Today is bicep day :)[View]
50502441is bouldering a good sport to get fit?: I hate the gym and I prefer doing sports and there is a clim…[View]
50498076Don't you... forget about me[View]
50502398>take shit >immediately get ready and go to gym >sit on bench with my unwiped ass and swea…[View]
50502643Started taking ZMA 2 days ago, and this morning I woke up with a nosebleed. I haven't had a nos…[View]
50502691oat milk thread: could you live on this stuff? it taste really good unlike all the other plant based…[View]
50501951Help me I can't get up: I was opening a window and it was a little stuck. I was bent over in ba…[View]
50495818/Symmetric Strength/: Finally hit full greenman. Took about 8 months, mostly because I only recently…[View]
50501575>walk into the gym >'SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND IT'S TOO LATE (HONEY) YOU GIVE LOVE, A B…[View]
50497513best martial art for body type?: im 6'2 160 with long limbs (yes i know im skinny but ive actua…[View]
50502077Do you meal prep?[View]
50501171I got lost in the bulk again. I didn't train for the whole week and I binge ate 1 and a half pi…[View]
50501417Is it possible to achieve t-rex mode if you never skip a leg day?[View]
50499037I really want a bubble butt but I don't want to get to big. It is possible to only train to mak…[View]
50497207Mk677: Multiple studies have shown that MK677 increases muscle mass. But at 70$+ a bottle how much …[View]
50498144Zero Carb: Why haven't you taken the meat pill yet? Are you frightened of embracing the diet of…[View]
50500259Is there an ingredient I could add to my protein shakes to prevent separation? The whey I'm bu…[View]
50500047Do you guys shave your torso? Everytime I go to the each it seem like all the guys are mostly hairle…[View]
50494007>this was Arnold at his peak Idk. He seems kind of small desu.[View]
50501369Are rest days a meme or are they necessary? I've been running 32 days in a row now plus done so…[View]
50501157Do I have to keep buying protein powder? It's so expensive, I should just be able to get protei…[View]
50501320how long after you started lifting did you realize that you were only making yourself even more repu…[View]
50501316>Saturday night: Went out drinking tonight, just another routine trip to the local bars Ran game…[View]
50501797>wake up by myself an hour early >go to gym and do 12 miles on exercise bike >legs and glut…[View]
50496792Genetic potential luck?: How easy is a life of just insta fitness/social influencer...post ass make …[View]
50499190my friend said that i'm not natty if i take creatine, is he right?[View]
50500309Protips: •Powders are way cheaper and more efficient than 'real food'. •Bulking is memery. •Fasting …[View]
50501950Post your favourite studies!: What is your favourite research anon? post em up https://www.researchg…[View]
50467948I binged again today[View]
50501681I've noticed the pores on my face are getting worse, much worse than other people my age. How d…[View]
50500765Do you guys dress to show off your gains?[View]
50500430Gout diet: Hey /fit/, I got gout help me make a meal plan for the week.[View]
50500443How does /fit/ manage injuries & soreness? I woke up today and my left arm is in a shit load of …[View]
50500159You DID hit a new PR on this glorious day, right /fit/?[View]
50501746whats the point of this exercise?: /fit/izens wat exercise is this and what muscles does it work? gu…[View]
50476744whats /fit/s favorite peanut butter brand: its Jif, isn't it?[View]
50493080Gym music: Post your gym music.[View]
50501613It's Saturday night and I'm at P. F. Chang's. You guys aren't out destroying you…[View]
50496877I've always exercised for my own self: Never once have I 'lifted for someone else'. Why would y…[View]
50498534How long do I have to work out to achieve this mode? asking for a skinnyfat friend[View]
50471992/CBT/: Current body thread >Vacuum edition[View]
50500064>me and other guy enters gym at the same time >he's done 10 exercises and is leaving the …[View]
50501151It's like you don't even want to be a real hero[View]
50499246What do you guys eat your chicken breast with? I find them bland tasting by themselves. Only mention…[View]
50501395the guys that is dreaming of a summerbod have started joining fit. They will never make it in time. …[View]
50501340Ever since i got abs i have noticed that i became more of a douchebag. Anyone else notice a change i…[View]
50501231Opinions on when to start cut?: I've been lifting for 4 months and I'm coming up on my goa…[View]
50501205Just found this website: seems legit, all I have to do is enter my target calories, dietary preferen…[View]
50498686Anyone know how to make long arms look big from the front? From the side they look good. And flexed …[View]
50498609>recovering alcoholic/drug user >trying to develop social skills >speak to people at the gy…[View]
50500304What animal does cottage cheese come from?[View]
50499781Routine Thread: What're your thoughts on this /fit/? Liking it so far because I can hit everyth…[View]
50500910>experience moderate brain injury >concerns about how damaged my brain can be. I was drinking…[View]
50500223How often do you have a cheat meal?: I have a cheat meal once every 2 months or so. Just got some Fr…[View]
50499707Anyway to stop this: I'm not a big guy and I've only started working out for like a month.…[View]
50498814Is this natural achievable?[View]
50498307What workout or diet should I do to help me get a body like the queer bait that is Jason Mamoa[View]
50499129Military/ Police/ Firefighter calisthenics workout: Bros of /fit/ what exercises would you recommend…[View]
50500805Hello /fit/, I have recently come to realize that going Vegetarian is the true red pilled diet. Meat…[View]
50497983What does the rest of /fit do after their weekend workouts? I need productive shit to do after I wor…[View]
50500308I've been fasting for like a week mostly because I had this massive depression and I slept most…[View]
50500231>uses the only smith machine >does bent-over rows (yeah, the exercise everyone else does with …[View]
50500704Back problems: >back got fucked up when young >can't do anything with proper form anymore…[View]
50499787Is my dinner /fit/ approved? >2lbs chicken (whole) >16oz kidney beans >1 onion >garlic …[View]
50496023>deadlift >still alive after[View]
50498355How do you guys use the leg rest on lat pull downs? Over or under?[View]
50500357>drink one of these >work out >feel like heart is going to explode how is this much caffein…[View]
50500644the virgin walk vs the chad stride[View]
50500596How to achieve marcos mode ?[View]
50494604What mode is this? And how do I achieve this physique, /fit/?[View]
50500464Check my Math: Does this look correct & reasonable?[View]
50498515What do your farts smell like right NOW?[View]
50493653/fat/ You're not supposed to be the one with the tits in the relationship: >Who is /fat/ for…[View]
50499348is it possible at all to achieve gorilla mode?[View]
50495266Why aren’t you going bear mode?[View]
50498387Is getting high detrimental to gainz?[View]
50499430How do you guys stay on keto? I do ok until about 8pm and then eat a box of this shit[View]
50470597/fit/ women thread Female /fit/izens share your tips for maximum gainz anyone else here get pre-mens…[View]
50499638I got really bad lower back pain right above the glutes, mainly near the spine from squatting two se…[View]
50497759Sex Headaches: hey /fit/ about a week ago I started experiencing headaches every time I masturbate. …[View]
50498592I got my first gf and had sex for the first time. Sex is basically a lot of cardio I guess for the m…[View]
50498252Rectal Prolapse: Recently I've been feeling like every time i went to poo in the loo that shit …[View]
50493829Do you pet your gym's gymcat?[View]
50499558Do you think it would be pretty easy to get laid at a message place now that i'm fairly fit? Kn…[View]
50493430/fat/: sleep apnea doggo edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For calorie junkies who want to better thems…[View]
50499961Chip off the Ol' block: Rate Jeff Caveliere from Athlean X's son[View]
50498078rate my routine[View]
50495454Red Meat: I have a presentation to do for my nutrition class and I chose my topic on red meat and ho…[View]
50499709i used to work out a few years ago with very little success now I want to start again. I need 3 gol…[View]
50498463What's the best way to ESTIMATE body fat % without tools like calipers and DEXA scans?[View]
50498488how much does ketchup on steak trigger you?: Also rate the healthiness of this meal.[View]
50499366Reminder to everyone working to lose weight: Remind yourself that once you hit your goal weight you …[View]
50497554I can't stop fucking jacking off bros, what the fuck do I do, it's destroying my gains[View]
50498450How strong do i need to be in order to be competitive in armwrestling ?[View]
50499006The past couple weeks I've been really focusing on practicing guitar. Like an hour of technique…[View]
50493626Do glasses make men look more or less aesthetic?: Glasses always makes girls look cute. (Example: gi…[View]
50490587who do ya lift for?[View]
50497714Saunas: Are they really based and able to clear pours like my Finn friend told me Pic somewhat relat…[View]
50496670I'm thinking of starting a keto diet should i?[View]
50473610Goin to the mire store bros, you need anything?[View]
50496573What regimen do I need to get this body?[View]
50498159Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50499046>girl wants me to come over and fuck instead of going to the gym >go to the gym anyways fucki…[View]
50499235Is it possible to burn 7,000 total calories in one 24 hour day?[View]
50499010>trying to cut but can't resist the olive oil I'll never gonna make it, will I?…[View]
50494419If you could only use one picture to motivate you for the rest of your life, what would it be? pic r…[View]
50491414Ask me everything: Steroids advice, natty advice, training/diet, cope with life etc[View]
50495167Tips for overcoming gym anxiety?[View]
50491925Just eat animal products like meat, eggs or dairy: Avoid Vegetables and Fruit but what you should mo…[View]
50495769Why do a lot of asians at the gym stay forever small?: Literally every chink nerd or korean faggot w…[View]
50488749>ctrl + F >no /fph/ Cmon bois I need some h8 Tell me about that lardass coworker of yours…[View]
50496537Gym Autist moments. I'll start: >be me >at gym, about to diddlys >thicc gym thot walks…[View]
50498657>when it was a volume squat day and I'm lying in bed at night, knowing the gains will come i…[View]
50495436Can anyone recommend using pic related? Do they give any benefit at lifting?[View]
50497373>Be overweight, on a diet to stop being fatty >Shit lifts, no energy and slow recovery >Buy…[View]
50494909Aesthetic chin: How will gigachins ever cope?[View]
50497136NESCAFE CAFFEINE CONTENT?: per gram? i cant find a source ffs. help me and ill paypal you 20$ srs…[View]
50498142Too horny to think: >nutrition and sleep on point >lifting consistently and getting great work…[View]
50497928This is my 1300 calorie macros for cutting, can I do this for a month without fucking up my hormones…[View]
50494595>Why yes, I do in fact train for strength. How could you tell?[View]
50496595I need more hydration powder and before I get more Gatorade, I saw Sqwincher. What's the best f…[View]
50498643Have you noticed that keeping your hands on the bar after locking out a deadlift and going down into…[View]
50490717Which diet/routine/skincare/lifestyle to avoid becoming JaSon Mommyoa?[View]
50498143Does Mountain biking train your abs? ab isolations are so extremely boring[View]
50498513What's the most convenient technique to keep leg hair tidy and not gross?[View]
50496551>Halfway through a workout >Start pretending I'm a saiyain training to fight Cell Healthy…[View]
50498442*exposes your favorite fitness youtuber* Zoomers HATE him![View]
50486723>OHP is a good mass buil-[View]
50496057How do you figure out your ideal weight for peak facial aesthetics?[View]
50497038I've been doing SL 5x5 for about 5 months and am starting to stall on my lifts. I feel like I h…[View]
50497402Really dumb question.: 5'11 166.2 pounds. how losing the 6.2 pounds make a difference or not en…[View]
50496683Hindu Squats: >see pic related in a manga >decide to try it out >1 minute set, amrap Probab…[View]
50464273Ideal body thread[View]
50493864Fit Feels Thread - Saturday Edition: What's on your mind, /fit/[View]
50498106What's the time frame where if you throw up, the calories don't count? Is it less than one…[View]
50495065If genetics are so important, why’s ahnold’s bastard more arnold than his non-bastard son?[View]
50497424This is a thread for... uh... watching athletes, and uh... functional fitness...: https://www.youtub…[View]
50497899absolutely have to take this shit and i 100% can't fucking swallow them, what do i do since i c…[View]
50497083Is omega 3 to omega 6 ratio a meme?[View]
50495826*ruins your cut*[View]
50497945Right knee pain pushing out of the hole in my squat Form feels great, am I fucking up somehow or is …[View]
50497378red pill: you aren't a 'hard gainer.' you don't need steroids to look good. truth is you a…[View]
50498182https://m.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/boo-its-sex/ep-18/viewer?title_no=1413&episode_no=19 Hol…[View]
50496474IM SO HUNGRY AHHHHHH: I'm '''cutting''' down to 1750 calories and Im so damn hungryyyyy help…[View]
50497811I am ready for Charlie Zelenoff: I have been working hard at perfecting my form and my technique. I …[View]
50497260Times when you acted like the joker.: >go to the gym, actually wipe down my equipment and rerack …[View]
50477344Sexual health thread: penis inspection day edition http://www.sizemeup.info/ how are you holding up?…[View]
50496796Worst part about spring is that you still got 200 more days ahead of you left to run[View]
50494462what is the most /sig/ youtube channel, and why is it pic related?[View]
50494054Minimum exercise: >decently healthy body, not necessarily aesthetic >energy throughout the da…[View]
50497573Is creatine worth it?[View]
50490467DUDES >https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/what-i-learned-from-hiring-a-coach-to-grow-my-dick-big…[View]
50494970Dad wants to drink beer with me. Wat do?[View]
50496560Citizens of the Internet: I present an open message to each and every one of you. Y'all should …[View]
50497417I want to get bigger but also start training cardio, as I feel out of breathe going up 12 steps of s…[View]
50495371Why do ketards think that the body doesn't still run on sugar when in ketosis? The liver litera…[View]
50496671is it even possible to have low body fat if you're white?[View]
50495398is intermittent fasting a meme?[View]
50496804Can Angus beef burgers be a good fit food.[View]
50490917What's your skincare routine, /fit/? ...Do you have one, right?[View]
50493504About to go day drinking with my girlfriend but I want to try and workout later in the evening when …[View]
50496733Arrived at my first Duty Station 2 months ago and decided to start looks maxing for maximum Career g…[View]
50496993Is too much squats dangerous for your knees?: I am 230lbs and have never worked out a day in my life…[View]
50484063cheat days are bad and just a weak willed excuse[View]
50497317EEEEkkw >4'11 >107 lbs I naturally have a skinny waist but I would love to start working …[View]
50495688Any anons here run that their own businesses? Has lifting actually helped in some way with that?[View]
50484315Is this a fucking meme? I took 2 grams in the morning with empty stomach, and all i felt was light h…[View]
50488299Pull-up thread: Yeah you read that right. Let’s get WIDE today boys. Roll[View]
50495738rate my OHP form its 110 lbs for 10 reps[View]
50494393NO LEGS JEFF PLZ GO: How come Jeff never ascended? https://youtu.be/fB3GwtjbxMk[View]
50497076>When you catch your gym crush mirin, but she moves away when you get closer.…[View]
50496390Is there any point even doing cardio to lose weight if you're already eating 25% below your TDE…[View]
50496554>4 weeks of no alcohol >feel worse than ever Someone explain the sobriety meme, I cried in bed…[View]
50496346Routine advice: >gradually grinding ,,muh summer body' >ankle breaks, leg gets plastered, unab…[View]
50496902>was fat during puberty, got gyno >currently 19, dropped alot of weight, still chubby but to a…[View]
50491768How am I supposed to dress once I get fit, /fit/?: I don’t wanna be like one of those guys who looks…[View]
50496860Why are my lifts getting worse? I've been doing SS for about six months now, I plateaued around…[View]
50495704Dropped to 76kg from 84kg Feeling good about it. Changes: >More nimble >not craving carbs as m…[View]
50495324You have anyone from the world of fitness to train with you for ONE day only. Who you lift with and …[View]
50496117The absolute state od nonlifters[View]
50496785Objectively best Cutting/Bulking strat: >Bulk for 10% to 15% above maintenance for 12 weeks >O…[View]
50481105/cbt/ 18 year old birthday edition: Finally i'm old enough to post with the big boys! Screensho…[View]
50493873>2 weeks ago >got some wireless earbuds so I finally can start doing cardio >sat down on a …[View]
50475002>gym archbishop excommunicated me for deadlifting with the squat bar[View]
50481819ITT: fit apporved tattz[View]
50496639This is the second time in a year that I get surgery. First time for appendicitis and had to stop fo…[View]
50493557>How's your diet going, Anon?[View]
50496565Chicken binging: Lifting 5 days a week and on -500 cal deficit. Cardio when I can, which is about 3 …[View]
50496431Lifting makes me depressed: After lifting I have so much T I get massively horny, so I go home and j…[View]
50496336/fit/ feels /general/: Workout to become stronger. https://youtube.com/watch?v=48N7G_8rHtQ…[View]
50495996How to ossify muscular gains?: I want to become as huge as I can and then have all my muscles and co…[View]
50497903When did brits become so based?[View]
50494564healthy as fuck[View]
50494654>1RMAX songs https://youtu.be/GuO3mvtxIG4[View]
50488270How do you get facial aesthetics gains?[View]
50495595THICC THIGHS: I've had thick thighs my whole life. I've been working out for two years now…[View]
50494584CoolSculpting for light gyno?: I got the gyno surgery like 7 years ago. A success for the most part …[View]
50484764>my mom wants to go to the gym with me >she's already got a subscription what do?…[View]
50492005Alcoholism/addiction: Tell me about your struggle with addiction. Any success stories will be highly…[View]
50494934OW MY KNEES[View]
50493602>begin workout >feel good about myself for an hour >back to self-loathing for the rest of t…[View]
50493529What kind of clothes do you wear to the gym?[View]
50496041Is 5x3 good for arm isolation or should I be doing 8-10×3? Main goal is to have strong arms, less wo…[View]
50495901I'm a bit chubby because I've been eating to gain strength. But today I've randomly s…[View]
504901981 rep max face: and go[View]
50494710>be me >fat, out of shape >not completely butterarms but not strong either >start GZCLP …[View]
50495814rate my new routine fit[View]
50494197deadlift is a good mass buil-[View]
50480525fraud: plastic pill edition: Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), ma…[View]
50491801Bench thread: Let's have a bench thread >What are your best bench advice to get stronger at …[View]
50494729I've been lifting for 10 years but just started deadlifting recently. Started at 130lbs deadlif…[View]
50493220How many pl8 clean an jerk for non dyel?[View]
50485609I just found out I have a hernia. Any bros here that had hernias and still made it work without furt…[View]
50495334I'm 5'11, 130lbs, never worked out before. I want to add 15-20lbs and get some definition.…[View]
50493794Calisthenics Thread: Been doing the r/bodyweight routine and my upperbody has been benefiting, but f…[View]
50492443Is pot the secret to high test?[View]
50494477You mirin'?[View]
50494060Sports training: Does /fit/ play any sports? How does this impact your routine? Do you feel that spo…[View]
50494526Is it better to lift with a gym buddy? How many of you have a lifting partner and how is it?[View]
50493253How do I achieve this physique?[View]
50494398Anyone got any good recipe inspo for cutting?[View]
50490789Rate my fitness app idea: I was thinking about making an app where people watch you work out. It’s l…[View]
50490111You lift, but are you good at sports?[View]
50494641/Fit/ Tunes Thread: lets fucking get it https://youtu.be/kn_dHspHd8M[View]
50492464420: It's 4/20 today we settle the debate once and for all. I'll start. 1) Marijuana…[View]
50489806bullied by my own family for trying to get fit: >turbo-newbie and too scared/lazy to go to gym so…[View]
50493657Any dudes here have advice for me on suits? I’m only 6’ tall, 180lbs and I get recommended size 42, …[View]
50494863Why is it so fucking hard to leave the house and go to the gym?: Why is it so fucking hard to leave …[View]
50492769Are front squats enough for abs? I really dont care for training abs i think its boring and possibl…[View]
50490856should you lift weights on an empty stomach or always eat before?: i do an intermittent fast in the …[View]
50495113s0ylent nutrition bars: >blocks your path[View]
50495170Hello. Varicocele. Google it. 20% of men have it. It's swollen testes veins that strangle the n…[View]
50492452PPL program?: I actually cant find a good PPL program all I came up with is this program https://www…[View]
50491894>be me >used to be jacked but not anymore >lazy >still have alpha leader mentality >…[View]
50493277>tfw got over 4 pl8 diddly 5pl8 here I come[View]
50494988I've been awake for a full 24 hours and feel fine is lack of sleep a meme?[View]
50492399Post stats: >how long you’ve been lifting >age, weight >1 RM bench >squat >deadlift …[View]
50494963dickpills for gains: Sildenafil Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis and Reduces Muscle Fatigue Reduct…[View]
50494981Can you recommend a good training mat?[View]
50478028I feel like I need something more than just going to the gym. Is BJJ a good thing to do in addition …[View]
50494849damn niggas how the fuck am i supposed to cut can i still eat kfc tendies once a week? i enjoyed bul…[View]
50494037I've gained a pound even though nothing in my diet has changed this week. Is it possible I…[View]
50483580/plg/ - powerlifting general: Unironically good advice edition[View]
50494537how to improve aesthetic?: few months ago I started lifting. What should I mostly focus on in orde…[View]
50494562Okay, no more fuckin pussy shit bois I have decided to get /fit/. Any general tips would be apprecia…[View]
50493895Is this breakfast /fit/ approved? -oatmeal with chia seeds and craisins -roast beef -turkey bacon -e…[View]
50491450Neck gains: How do I get rid of pencil neck? Are there safe exercises that make the neck thicker?…[View]
50492867How to get wide shoulders? Already doing ohp, pull ups, and lateral raises. But my traps are still e…[View]
50486496314 calories 0.8g fat 51.8g carbohydrate 15.4g fiber 19.4g protein For me, it's Baked Beans, th…[View]
50493554which one is the best for a pump? I’ve been taking L-Arginine for a while but I’ve heard good about …[View]
50493987Med thread: Are Meds the best for overall aesthetics? Think of the Zyzz/Sadik Hadzovic types. >sm…[View]
50489949What mode is this? And how do I achieve this physique, /fit/?[View]
50491759getting started: I've always been skelly and I want to change that by lifting. I've read t…[View]
50489818Fasting for 30 days: I'm a food addict and i've tried everything I can do to quit. Nothing…[View]
50494172Any tips for hand soreness?[View]
50493748How does he add 15lbs to his OHP in less than a week when I’ve been stuck at 1.5 pl8 for the past 6 …[View]
50493435>monday is chest day[View]
50493478Is there any point in staying natty if all you can get as a natty is 3-5lbs of muscle mass in your f…[View]
50493724Not making any progress bros: > be me > working out for 6 months > shirts fitting tighter i…[View]
50493953Which gender can build bigger legs?: Male or female?[View]
50492087Anyone here do Physical work + lifting. At the end of the day i can barely make it to my bed much le…[View]
50494082>neighbours are having bbq outside >i sit inside do dips, bicep curls…[View]
50474845Is builtfat respectable?[View]
50493076How quickly can I bulk and still maintain a decent muscle to fat ratio? The SL website said 1 lb/wk …[View]
50491039People in your gym: >the 40 years old boomer who does compounds only on the smith machine, utiliz…[View]
50475460QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT post em previous >>50454495[View]
50493293I got arthritis in one of my fingers probably from over working my grip. Should i pull my finger out…[View]
50492886What are the tricks for taking a pic where you look as ripped as possible with muscles showing well?…[View]
50493693Skinnyfat here: How will my body change if I start lifting but don't change my diet?[View]
50493307What if your bi-iliac is just as wide as your bi-acromial?[View]
50491976FYI – Finally Some Truths edition: ITT: Meal replacement, very low carb (keto), why fasting is gross…[View]
50461231Nofap: So I'm 5 days in on my biggest streak (sad ik) but should i expect any benefits soon? Li…[View]
50491654do you do any other sport outside of the gym? pic related[View]
50491236Brainlet here, can someone explain how nutrition works? Why do we need to feed the body with specifi…[View]
50491111>he wasn’t on /fit/ during the zyzz era >he hasn’t seen every one of zyzz’s videos >he does…[View]
50490179ITT: cringe animu shit that gets you hyped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntECXgHcYAQ&t=413s 8:…[View]
50490149>be me >never really liked any of the /fit/ legends >always though Rich Piana to be trailer…[View]
50491494Why are some of my facial hairs white? My neck is pure back but the top is white/black[View]
50493158redpill me on coffee: is it good or bad[View]
50493085How to fix posture?[View]
50491812Which of these routines are the best for aesthetics if you have been lifting for like 9 months? PPL,…[View]
50492357Post favorite lifting albums.[View]
50492901So what is the verdict on canned meat?[View]
50490058Finished lent no fap: I wanna keep going. I don't want to go back to the old me.[View]
50491391Natty lifting: is natty lifting a meme >me after 1.5y of lifting >190cm >80kg…[View]
50485599is the bullying of shorter guys on this board motivated by jealousy? i'm starting to think when…[View]
50493209Delts look like shit: Doing high volume delt work at the end of each workout and not seeing any impr…[View]
50476473So what is /fit/ eating today?[View]
50491399Is PPL a good routine for getting this kind of body?[View]
50490442Should I stop taking this protein powder? I've just read the ingredients.[View]
50492805Anyone else have asthma? This shit makes it so much harder to work out. Any tips? Breathing exercise…[View]
50489099Power clean and jerk?: Is it OK to do a split jerk after a power clean? I hate doing squat cleans, a…[View]
50492695You guys ever shower before the gym just so you feel clean? Obviously you do it again after but if I…[View]
50489420What mode is this, /fit/? Is this achievable naturally? If so, how?[View]
50481750motivation and progress thread[View]
50492122Optimal Posture: What's good posture /fit/[View]
50492722I bought this now what ?[View]
50492556>tfw when lifting for like 6 years Still 5'7 and have 6'' wrists. These are consid…[View]
50483515/fat/: big poppa edition: theme: https://vocaroo.com/i/s068IGcBMxJn >Who is /fat/ for? For calori…[View]
50491720Is it normal that I need to pee 10x more after taking creatine? literally need to take piss every ho…[View]
50488980Any feedback on making a meat protein shake taste better? So far I just grind up meat into a pate, a…[View]
50479296What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten from /fit/?[View]
50476251how do I grow my shoulders[View]
50483947Good job anon, keep it up![View]
50491354lanklet..perhaps?: looking for advices and opinions on my current body; 6'5, around 190lbs not …[View]
50492029>that guy who solves captchas in between sets[View]
50483992Is Myfitnesspal legit when it comes to tracking your calories? I'm a skeleton trying to bulk up…[View]
50491660Is 24 too late to get /fit/ (again)? I used to lift and browse this board from 17 to 19ish. Now I…[View]
50490573>IT'S ALL ABOUT FRAM- Oh...[View]
50491234Post your gym music listeners and price: I use the bose 35 ii noise cancelling over ear phones $450…[View]
50491618Any of you bros gone gay for pay? Im straight got a gf but I also have some wealthy sugar daddys. Yo…[View]
50480118At one point did you realize that only thots go to the weights area to lift and good girls only did …[View]
5048841623 year old female here. I've noticed I've been getting hair in places I didn't befor…[View]
50490127What is the limit for women, gains-wise? Is this attainable natty for them?[View]
50490785>tfw lactose intolerant >doing GOMAD I'm a few days in so far but feel like I'm con…[View]
50483098You may only post in this thread if you can bench 2pl8 for 5 reps[View]
50489081post some meals/snacks that you eat before bed when you arent hungry at all but you need that last 7…[View]
50484708Fictional goal body?[View]
50492011How do you deal with the seroquel munchies? This shit makes my stomach physically hurt unless I eat …[View]
50490276I'm always watching[View]
50491416>coffee calms me down when I'm alone explain this[View]
50489344I can’t fucking take a shit, /fit/. It takes at least 2-3 days for something to happen. I eat ruffag…[View]
50489265Broke my tooth eating yesterday, no money to go to a dentist right now How bad is it[View]
50488751Is /fit/ strong enough to take down a demon in a fist fight?[View]
50491302Harmful health and cosmetic products: What ingredients should you avoid when buying shampoo, bubble …[View]
50489733Says im 35% bf but I don;t look it in the slightest.: I don't look fat(at most chubby-looking 2…[View]
50491753Guys, I think I'm scaring girls away and attracting the gays. I'm 6'5'' and…[View]
50489606>decline bench >do it anyways[View]
50489847When losing weight, is it better to eat small meals throughout the day or should I have 3 heavy meal…[View]
50491276He fitttt is norm al tto feel bad bad after taling 5 scoopss pre workout hehhhhfg[View]
50491464How do I deal with blackheads on my nose? My main 'breakout' with acne pretty much went away, but my…[View]
50490780Bad workouts: What was your last bad workout like? How often do you have shit workouts? How can I st…[View]
50488048How do I get bigger bones? >me on the right[View]
50490883What does /fit/ think of GSLP? Is 2x5,1x5+ really better than 3x5 or 5x5?[View]
50490933How long till I notice any gains?: I am 19 and I have just started working out. I am only 124 pounds…[View]
50491381How much does chicken cost in your country? I got this for like ~2$[View]
50491008What do i do while lifting on a cut? I keep getting weaker and weaker. Should I just stick to my pro…[View]
50489983If I weigh 190lbs at 5'8 and 20% body fat, how much should I weight at 12% body fat?[View]
50486857say something nice about henry.[View]
50489372Am I going to miss something if I stop lifting in the gym for body weight fitness?: Male. My main co…[View]
50489004Stagnating strength gains: I don’t really know what to do anymore. I’ve been just doing PPL for the …[View]
50490162Share times you had to go super sayian /fit: >be me, dyel, ready for chest day >New gym >lo…[View]
50489172>upright rows[View]
50489423I dont wanna work out today what do i do?[View]
50490803it's 4/20. reminder that if you smoke pot you're never gonna make it[View]
50486547NOPOO: NoPoo day 8, im doing it to not loose nutrients or calories. So far i think ive made some goo…[View]
50490885Being fat is caused by eating too much. Just stop fucking eating.[View]
50490562ITT /fit/ Approved Hobbies: Post pictures or stories about your favorite /fit/ related hobbies besid…[View]
50489711>everyone else leaves the gym >run out to my truck to get bluetooth speaker >fat OHP set wh…[View]
50490518Whats the best part about lifting?[View]
50488800>He has that rosy slapped butt cheek face that all oestrogen riddled boys have. I've noticed…[View]
50490407Can you tell me do i need this ':D'? I know how to eat and do exercises but i'm still curious d…[View]
50488554>Get sick >Spend a week agonizing over lost muscle and missed workout days…[View]
50490620Saturday, what a blessed day to do facepulls, anyone else doing facepulls?[View]
50489586ass lol: hello anons, i kinda want a bigger ass because I'm a beta fag. What exercises could i …[View]
50489247Is this attainable naturally?[View]
50488854I hear keto is supposed to be some miracle diet so I looked at reddit and was wondering if this meal…[View]
50490472is shaving chest/belly considered gay?[View]
50490306>had brain surgery and lost all gains >constantly tired because of hormone fluctuations since …[View]
50490464What does /fit/ think of this movie?[View]
50482948WHAT HAPPENED TO JEFF SEID'S LEGS: Did he stop juicing? He has chicken legs now. https://youtu.…[View]
50488529*poof! You are now a fitness youtuber*: >what are your videos about >what’s your catch phrase …[View]
50490280*tears open your calluses* *gives you a bacterial infection from the blood and dead skin trapped in …[View]
50490138how do i achieve ooga booga caveman mode?[View]
50490313MOTHEFUCKIN OATZ: Post em[View]
50484159I suffer from gyno. I always have to wear a hoodie or jacket to hide it. I never take my shirt off o…[View]
50489055What THE FUCK is wrong with my hips? It’s carries on to my ass as well wtf wtf is this? I noticed it…[View]
50490238Hey Jeff Cavaliere Athleanx.com, I'll do the face pulls.. P...please sir, stop calling my house…[View]
50489536HOW TO SEDUCE A OLDER WOMAN. Hello fit! After two years of intense physical training and browsing /f…[View]
50488908Pugilism: Anyone know where I can find some information on the english martial art of pugilism? Ther…[View]
5048820618yr old manlet who's a hardwood floorer's apprentice that makes $350 a week and who'…[View]
50489288Boston Strong: Is there anything more Chad than running in the Boston Marathon, /fit/? https://www.y…[View]
50480979Post your /fit/spiration.[View]
50488940What are the best workouts for women that have trouble maneuvering around their “blessings”?[View]
50488391>why yes I do listen to touhou jazz remixes at the gym, how could you tell?…[View]
50489863I've seen a guys come to the gym for the first time and they have no idea what they should do. …[View]
50489887That's right fatties, help yourself.[View]
50489928Tfw got sick for a week and lost all my gains[View]
50489113I'm having back pain but it also feels like belly pain, could be both, can't really tell. …[View]
50487327How dumb is it to work arms every workout? I was considering doing a chest day and a leg day and doi…[View]
50487116>stop going to free school gym >get subscription at new place >new machines >no trap b…[View]
50480723>some douche online talking all kinds of shit >getting angry >remember that they look like …[View]
50483886hi anons, best exercises to specifically increase bicep/arm thickness from the front? like when you …[View]
50489567Ni: I want to lose fat and I'm not necessarily caring to keep all muscle I've accumulated …[View]
50489668Bracing causes hernias. Do not brace[View]
50489051Thoughts on the roided out vegan doyle? Posting on mobile, rip if flipped[View]
50489206So /fit/, give it to me straight; is all alcohol bad for gains, or just beer?[View]
50489489>wont be hs varsity wrestler ripped[View]
50489130So recently one of my close friends decided it was a smart idea to steal my girlfriend that I have b…[View]
50485321Poorfag general: Itt how to get fit on a budget Pic related I bought for twenty bucks at grocery out…[View]
50481246Best fitness webms thread[View]
50490930>no morning sex[View]
50489309Any one ever tried this?: Well?[View]
50486673would lifting have saved him?[View]
50489139am i doing gyms wrong?: /fit/ how the fuck do i lose weight lifting? i simply do not understand the …[View]
50488582Beginner to working out. I want to gain muscle and stretch them. What do you anons do on the daily? …[View]
50487737I got abducted again last night. Do abduction events interrupt the muscle building and recovery proc…[View]
50489014Are there any antidepressants that actually work? Is there anything out there that isn't hormon…[View]
50486971So you haven't had many mires lately, or any at all. Maybe you can't remember the last tim…[View]
50488820Newfag here. I'm making some alright progress in my arms. I'm used to just doing a bunch o…[View]
50489042Do weighted push-ups carry over to bench? My bench is decent, but my weighted push-ups, and even bod…[View]
50476478>80lbs gear >march 20miles per day at pace >must dig trench, build log walls, and set up ca…[View]
50487026>19yo >5ft 9 >170lbs I used to be in better shape and fell back into old habits (stress eat…[View]
50489054Fasting right now(snake diet version): First day and I'm starving and twitching, maybe I have w…[View]
50488874how do i achieve this is it possible bros..?[View]
50489030>be on strict diet and workout routine >lose 5lbs in a week >continue on strict diet and wo…[View]
50487553Redpill me on muscle confusion[View]
50485324When my brother started lifting, he could do 300+ lb deadlift, but when I started I could only do 13…[View]
50485622Proper squat form and knee pain?: I use to get really bad knee pain in my right knee from squats. I …[View]
50488860>I will always be a spic manlet just[View]
50488524>get told post body >too afraid that ill end up in a gymcel compilation ah yes the aesthetic l…[View]
50485373Is this shit for a fat guy?[View]
50484889How do I reach saiyan mode[View]
50484988Is this normal after lifting weights? My legs feel kinda itchy and it's hard for me to breathe.…[View]
50487908need your help /fit/, I have two months and I’m willing to do whatever it takes within reason: Hey /…[View]
50487443Pec minor: Is this an overdeveloped pec minor? I can feel the arrowed part go underneath the rest of…[View]
50488625Is it better to train for strength or hypertrophy on a cut?[View]
50488688I’m Fat And Proud | Supersized Ep.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmwdoM5qB24[View]
50488571wha... WHAT?????????? HOW THE FUCK AM I MEANT TO COMPETE WITH THIS???!???????????? I WILL DIE A VIRG…[View]
50486819Movements you'd love to do but your gym doesn't have the equipment for? Viking press and l…[View]
50488602safe to buy whey protein on ebay? 18 dollars for gold standard double choc protein on ebay when amaz…[View]
50471404Who is the most alpha male in recent history?[View]
50488310guys, what's this website called where it teaches you natural bodybuilding? it got a bunch of …[View]
50479941routine r8 thread: Chest + Biceps: >bench 4x8 >preacher curls 3x10-12 >db bench 4x10-12 …[View]
50485574Circumcision: Anyone here got circumcised and if so how did it affect your gym progress? Supposedly …[View]
50486639What's your opinion on feminine pecs /fit/?[View]
50485796Looking to start taking some sort of supplements and I need some advice. I started taking Adderall r…[View]
50486820Lost Weight With IF - Best Strategy to Lose Belly: So, I am down almost 20 pounds in 60 days with in…[View]
50488031/FIT BTFO once and for all!!!!!!!! Girls have spoken!!!![View]
50488235Fml: >6'5' >retarded skinny shoulders akin to a 6 year old girl…[View]
50484999Anyone else hate how autists turned fitness into math?[View]
50487871Cardio: I'm 5'10 and super small. I went from 117 to 130 lbs after like 3 months in the gy…[View]
50465745Does /fit donate blood? Can you still lift and donate regularly?[View]
50487888Should I take my vacation in July or August? Ever since last summer my plan was to bulk up to at lea…[View]
50488323Lets say hypothetically I started squatting and deadlifting and shit to get out of skinnyfat mode an…[View]
50487043Why dont you train like a roman soldier?[View]
50487868>be this time last year >82kg >fast forward to now >98kg I did this to myself.…[View]
50486296Today is 20 April: Did you guys do your compulsory front arm raise execise of 14 sets of 88 reps ?…[View]
50487967I know my body isn’t great but do you thinks it’s best to keep bulking and gain muscle or to call it…[View]
50488024Why believe in anything? Why look for inspirations when everything you know might be fake?[View]
50487931how many calories does this bakery product contains?[View]
5048756299% chance Klokov MOGGS you in physique, lifts, frame, face, height, achievements, money, and genera…[View]
50485667Sexual Healt and Erectile Dysfunction: Bros I truly got my shit fucked up yesterday: >About to fu…[View]
50487106How to lose face fat ?[View]
50482528I just bought some Quest(tm) protein powder. How much protein powder should I use after doing a 2 hr…[View]
50486546Gym anxiety: >First time at gym >JPD's already doing LMS >KVJ is filled with chads …[View]
50487977How do i get a swole neck /fit/?: Been doing neck exercises for a while now but i am still a necklet…[View]
50486369What are some /fit/ movies that you like to watch on rest days?[View]
50486332>have a testicle removed 6 weeks ago >lifts go up >less self conscious about body >sex d…[View]
504842502 months lifting for the first time, I got now these marks on both shoulders (it's not me, but …[View]
50487900/fhg/-fat hate general: 'people' edition[View]
50487683post favourite part of the male body. pic related.[View]
50482453Summer is almost here. Are you ready for summer /fit/? Got any plans?[View]
50479451Looking for the version with all of them, including pic related.[View]
50485136Best gym headphones discussion, Bose QC35 II here benefits Bluetooth and noise cancellation, cons sw…[View]
50486955What's /fit/ opinion on eating non 100% peanut butter?: How bad is it? it has added sugar and a…[View]
50483737CBT: Hey fit, could you guys tell me if my scale is accurate? >age 23 >height 5'10 >w…[View]
50486577Are leg extensions a meme exercise?[View]
50487256Daily reminder[View]
50487082What are the best results a genelet can expect with 3-5 years of work?[View]
50487338Is it worth to get my child obese for calf gains?[View]
50487732A set of chin-ups I won’t forget: Ok /fit/, story time. I haven’t lurked here in forever but I think…[View]
50481770how do i stop fapping /fit/[View]
50476895Beard Growth Stimulation: >24 yr old 200lb 6'0' 12% bodyfat; training since age 16, natty at…[View]
50487636Does lifting affect your appetite, /fit/?: Every time I lift it kills my appetite for the rest of th…[View]
50481888What is this mode called?[View]
50484946Walking Gait: Hey /fit/, how should you walk? Ever since I was a kid I've walked with a midfoot…[View]
50487328Recommend me a routine /fit/.[View]
50478525>acshually abs are made in the kitchen[View]
50486236how i do i reach this level of squat /fit/? i've been trying for years and nada, what streches …[View]
50486951Cycling: I used to be a skinnyfat gamer, until my dad gave me his old roadbike. Ever since that I ha…[View]
50481528Be honest: For you, how much of fitness is about being healthy, and how much of it is just to get no…[View]
50487049is it some meme shit or the sledgehammer stuff works?[View]
50482682whats the best way to do facepulls? left or right?[View]
50474798Hygeine: >Going to the gym consistently >Workers and managers make sure to walk by me every ti…[View]
50485944were all gonna make it: just hit a 135 seated ohp at 176 lbs after 6 months of lifting. is this what…[View]
50484861>take pictures of myself >Holly shit Small pepe getting hard…[View]
50483327What is the ideal height?[View]
50486090Hey Jawlets, My name is Svetovid, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, …[View]
50486838>hit the gym? >why no I just take the stairs and eat my veggies…[View]
50483685Open source alternatives to MyFitnessPal: Hey /fit/, tinfoil hat beta here I love MyFitnessPal but i…[View]
50483423Which doc do I go to if I have back injury? Chiropractors seem like quacks[View]
50479866NoFap is now a manga[View]
50485408possible natty?[View]
50482214>Friday evening >Spend it at the gym Anyone else?…[View]
50486135FAQ /fast/ discord >https://discord.gg/dknZqPb What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the discu…[View]
50485214Free gym pass: > go to crunch get 1 day free trial > next day go to YMCA and use their 3 day f…[View]
50486187Im taking adderall to get me through a plateau and down to a new all time low for a trip in a month.…[View]
50484902FYI: ITT: Meal replacement, very low carb (keto), why fasting is gross, some common myths / mysterie…[View]
50485371Protips: •Bulking is memery. It's possible gaining on deficits because fat stores are a thing, …[View]
50482607Can Allah make you /fit/?[View]
50485122why the fuck aren't these last 10 pounds going away. I've been stalling all month but goin…[View]
50485894Heavy set sister: I want to take my younger sister to the gym with me, she has asked me to take her.…[View]
50485530/fit/, be honest; how much do you mog your siblings, or vice versa? How does you and your family dea…[View]
50483644Hindu Squats. What is your opinion on Hindu Squats?[View]
50484300Fucking did it: I broke my leg skiing when I was 11 and got fat in my wheelchair because everyone ga…[View]
50486039Redpill me on insulin Friend told me that calorie counting doesn’t matter if you don’t take care of…[View]
50465924/fast/ #415 Coffee is OK edition: FAQ /fast/ discord >https://discord.gg/dknZqPb What is /fast/? …[View]
50485454He made it bros!: https://youtu.be/LdNzP8QPzsc Reminder that we're all gonna make it[View]
50485503Stalling at 355 squat (high bar) even though I’ve squatted 385 at just parallel I’m trying to up my …[View]
50484884Rowing machine: Is there a good rowing machine out there for a couple hundred bucks? The highly rat…[View]
50484336How to achieve this physique?[View]
50485776Tips for a beginner: Okay. I decided I'm gonna start doing exercise. I'm not fat or weird…[View]
50485410How can you guys stand crowded gyms? Just moved to the city and the gym is literally filled from fuc…[View]
50483935Whats harder/more impressive: A 90kg guy doing pull ups with 10kg added (100kg overall) or a 80kg gu…[View]
50482623Hey /fit/: Trying to crawl TF outta my depression. Wanna get in shape and boost my testosterone. Any…[View]
50484055DUbbs itt decide how many scoops you add to your shake[View]
50483968If I have literally all day free to work out is it still best to just go to the gym for an hour or t…[View]
50484854Which muscle should I work to get a bigger chest?[View]
50483796Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50484107>tfw 6.5' wristlet How do I overcome this genetic curse? Any other wristlet anons here? Can i eve…[View]
50484407How the fuck is a single slice of costco pizza 40g of protein if a regular slice of cheese pizza is …[View]
50483583Any fellow calflets?[View]
50485213/skincare general/: What's your skincare routine, bruhs? I have some red 'stains' around my nos…[View]
50479735This guy looks like he's 5'4 at best.[View]
50485218I'm a chronic skeleton and u stryggle to reach 2.000 calories a day; would just eating a bunch …[View]
50485150Redpill me.[View]
50483265Help me quit this shit drug. I only started to drink it cus i legit felt like a brainlet and not for…[View]
50484915Is this making it?: > be me > 15 year old, been playing waterpolo for a while. General self co…[View]
50485028Squats make you shorter: Las sentadillas te hacen más corto Чyчњeви вac чинe кpaћим Squats maak jou …[View]
50485055>How to do a front lever? Well that requires some core strength, so you should train squats and y…[View]
50483648How much water should someone drink a day?: All the mainstream advice says like '10-15' cups a day w…[View]
50466038Do you like varbies, boys? Peak performance imo[View]
50483823How do I lower my LDL and raise my HDL bros 25 y/o boomer, 185lbs @ 5'11' without shoes, don…[View]
50483260Ok which one of you did this[View]
50482830Is doing squats with dumbbells a meme? I can load them to a pretty good amount of weight but how eff…[View]
50484719Just ate 3 chocolate donuts donuts: What should I do as penance?[View]
50470232>2019 >falling for the milk meme created by the Jews >implying the (((Dairy Industry))) did…[View]
50484355When is it too late to get swole Bros? I am 24 but since I tore my hamstring I have been kinda lazy.…[View]
50479179Pushup thread: Do it for her edition[View]
50484301Why is squat so based, bros? Literally the best lift, requires top notch mobility. Feels so good go…[View]
50481408i just went to the gym for the first time in a year[View]
50484465How to not be weak: >Started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, following 5x5 stronglift + 30 minute c…[View]
50474083How do I get a sexy back?[View]
50480004>tfw started showing up early to my 8am vinyasa class just so that I can mack on the instructor …[View]
50470927Beta vs Alpha: Discuss, is Adam 'Shard my pants' Conover right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4yz…[View]
50481700Squat form: /fit/ what is wrong with my squat form and what can I do to fix it? Please put it in a w…[View]
50484361Gym Cringe/Beta male thread: Post gym cringe and beta males[View]
50484337Hey /pol/ redpill me on Sugar: Can can it be more addictive than Cocaine? Has anyone cut all sugar o…[View]
50483109Do y'all think 100-125 crunches a day would be effective for strengthening your core quickly. A…[View]
50483318Just got one of these and did 5x3 kneeling after my workout, was fucking hard and my abs feel like s…[View]
50483322>eat food with sugar >can't concentrate for the entire day Anyone else have this?…[View]
50484283Help!: Hello I’m an armature boxer(flyweight) seeking help/advice[View]
50483874Why do white people age like milk?: This dude was a Chad during his prime,but suddenly has turned in…[View]
50482168/fit/ btfo[View]
50483948Chicks mirin webm thread: Post your webm videos of girls mirin you at the gym, or others guys(if you…[View]
50483486at what point should i test out my 1 rep max for each exercise? paranoid about getting injured but h…[View]
50481767skelly thread: how do I deal with the embarrassment of being smaller than zoomers 8 years younger th…[View]
50483841/fit/ owned gym: Pic related Any anon here who opened up his own gym? No matter how big or small or …[View]
50482864>70 kg >30% bodyfat > 20 kilos of my weight is pure fat What do I even do /fit/, cut or bul…[View]
50484008why did vintage weightlifters have the ultimate physique? this is what peak performance looks like[View]
50483966Whats up /fit/ faggots? When are you gonna accept that I MOG you all to death, and im a lifetime NAT…[View]
50483795Good stuff to eat for weight loss.: Hey, Im 5'7 13st 2lb and have cut myself down to about 1000…[View]
50483007>tfw failed the gym drug test and they took my natty card that's not fair, I thought weed wa…[View]
50483361>try eating vegan for a day out of curiosity >get hungry >have some cooked veggie and like …[View]
50482429>warm up squats with the bar >can't keep it straight, wobbles everywhere and I have terri…[View]
50483581Ma chicken keeps burning the marinade I'm not patting it dry enough or is it the heat too high?…[View]
50483766seasoning: Okay fgts, If I have to eat another bland as fuck chicken breast i'm literally going…[View]
50481651Anyone here who overcame his sleeping problems? I'm not able to sleep 8 hours, even if I try.[View]
50483053What is /fit/ thoughts on becoming a fire fighter?[View]
50483779My 90 lb grandma has better traps than 90% of /fit/[View]
50480541WHHAT is the b ES t PPL variant for aesthetics?[View]
50481278Spartan Fitness: Is there any hobby more Chad than doing Spartan Races, /fit/?[View]
50483205180 lbs 5 ‘10 Not mass monster or shredded. On a scale of laughing while crying emoji to biracial th…[View]
50483735Basic routine for full body or split the best option. I'm not a body builder I'm into spor…[View]
50481411Why is Alan Thrall despaired in this board?[View]
50467590fps/fph thread: I guess I'm the designated fph guy now. Lets go boys, try and get some oc in th…[View]
50482674r/braincels makes me sad. These guys are so negative. We’re all gonna make it bros[View]
50483274Ive been using protein powder for 6month and have Done decent progress. It hasnt been a waste of mon…[View]
50483727Post a fun workout: It's friday, the gym is getting boring. Post your most fun lifts and routin…[View]
50481240Fit Humor - bonus if personal story: >be me at the gym >minding my own business when i notice …[View]
50483443ive been lifting natty for 8 months from zero lift. when do the gains stop???[View]
50483010>they have permanently taken over all the squat racks >the only way to save yourself from chic…[View]
50471450/plg/ - powerlifting general: Milkies edition[View]
50476316Do you want to be physically fit when you commit suicide?: I feel like it would be less embarrassing…[View]
50483439Post your stack Boys: This is all you will ever need, go ahead and try to change my mind[View]
50482191You're dating the cheerleader head, r-right /fit/ ?[View]
50482706>Just be Yourself: https://drjoedispenza.com/ https://www.brucelipton.com/ You dont have to be if…[View]
50482661>noob gains are over >won't see the slightest visual progress before a year >still lo…[View]
50483298Is it better to have a normie gf or a gym-obsessed /fit/ gf?[View]
50480735>self improvement fo years >lifting for months >good eating habits >better social skills…[View]
50480160Nugenix: So, The Big Hurt approves this for men over 40. If I took this as a skinny 30 year old, wou…[View]
50478801>Go to gay club with my best friend (he's gay) >All guys are shirtless >They all take …[View]
50482305>90kg x 3 bench I'm now officially stronger than Minewire Fitness[View]
50483204>Go to gym >Gym is closed Stupid fucking christcuck holiday. I pay for membership to this shit…[View]
50478258Lower ABS workout: Hey /fit, started working out since a few months and whenever i try to train my l…[View]
50479724Why do modern people hate physical labour so much? I'd kill myself in an office but now that i …[View]
50482356How did you do this to me /fit/? Instead of going out to socialize with sl00ts, I'll be going t…[View]
50480067halp: I just started hitting the gym for the first time in my life about a week ago (24). The first …[View]
50472857/fat/: based momma edition: aint nobody want no fatass doughta >Who is /fat/ for? For calorie jun…[View]
50483171>be me >smoke blunt with friend and want to do something >decide to go to gym >walk in …[View]
50475390Thoughts on drugs: What's happening lads? I want to know what you fine gentlemen think about ha…[View]
50476265This is 10 years of natural lifting: Ask me anything boys! Always down to help the young guys!…[View]
50479257*blocks your path*[View]
50482980Anyone had any experience with these? I ordered some to help me on my cut.[View]
50482744>drink coffee Feel anxious, ocd, insane sex drive, motivation but anxious to do anything real or …[View]
50482871>it's another heavy lifting session of listening to nine inch nails and wanting to brutally …[View]
5047865545% master race reporting in[View]
50482736Gym Rival Thread: >Do deadlifts every Wednesday around 6-6:30PM after work >Buff black guy com…[View]
50482127Who else here /steamy/ ? Naturally sexy, feels comfy, leave hot shower into cold room steam literall…[View]
50480831Does realizing your face is hideous impede your gains? Everytime I work out I'm consumed by my…[View]
50479043Are rope pushdowns a meme? What is your triceps routine and how did you explode your tris?[View]
50479516PRINCESS TALK ABOUT /fit/: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA https://youtu.be/ZIDOaL1-MFY?t=788…[View]
50480866What are your favorite things to shill on /fit/? For me, it's cardio and calisthenics[View]
50482173I want to cum more in terms of volume but after researching, there seems be an agreement that supple…[View]
50482306Here at Globo Gym we understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders, like baldness or ne…[View]
50482284Realistically how damaging would this be for a natty lifter?[View]
50482752What if you put the poo poo in their brains[View]
50475084Time to start bulking?: I think I have body dysmorphia bros... I’ve been cutting for some time now t…[View]
50482659>tfw ever since I got /fit/ I can't fap to any porn if the guy doesn't have at least vi…[View]
50480748Can I only do bench press, ohp and squats and still get fit? I lose gym motivation when following co…[View]
50481280I'm done with SS: I'm not making any progress with SS. >inb4 >eat more >sleep mo…[View]
50482125Fuck high-bar squats: Why the fuck would you ever high-bar squat, when low-bar and front squats exis…[View]
50480483As I was leaving the gym the receptionist stopped me >are you friends with anon? >yes >plea…[View]
50482193Taste like shit mixed with iron: How do you guys consume this garbage?[View]
50471423If you take your health seriously, what's the point in lifting squatting/deadlifting more that …[View]
50482449Preparation for work out: How to prepare yourself for workout mentally? How to get very tough? How t…[View]
50482447>hungry skelton >running low on funds for food this month How to get big on a budget? Is it sa…[View]
50479564Wat mode am I ? Started a month ago[View]
50482036I drink only water and I eat 3 KFC cheeseburgers a day, nothing else. Why am I not losing weight? Th…[View]
50480627What are your thoughts on this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKsKCObse3w[View]
50479940who would win a fight?: I think lebron wins with his superior cardio in a close match up. If halftho…[View]
50481008What are the best exercises to lose weight?[View]
50460909Are dogs gain gnomes or gain goblins?[View]
50482347I’ve discovered a new formula for finding /fit/ friends: So awhile back when I met my gf she had a b…[View]
50480635No Fap: am worried that I am traveling into a very dark place brothers. I am currently on day 50 of …[View]
50482184Just ate pic related. I've let myself down with the chocolate meme egg, yet again. Anyone else …[View]
50479748Do I need to do cardio to get abs (lose fat)?[View]
50480415Just ordered this, anyone got any experience to share?[View]
50482025Women love this prick is he natty?[View]
50478588how do you get this kind of body of this sexy man?[View]
50476854Say something that will anger /fit/.: I swim once a week, climb once a week, and lift once a week.…[View]
50481640Whenever I shit my hemorrhoid pops out, once I'm finished I just suck it back in and proceed to…[View]
50481917How make a fatty become fit?: Is it possible lads? Can I ask her to go to the gym with me by being h…[View]
50479883No joke: Is this achievable natty?[View]
50480250Any good body weight out there and cardio programs?[View]
50481157What are youre fitness goals and plans for today /fit/? for me its starvation and walking[View]
50479781>i don't lift for women[View]
50481273what is the best program for aesthetic body?[View]
50479316is this guy natty: can you achieve this naturally?[View]
50481203How do I achieve Shazam mode?[View]
50476838The real reason the animal agriculture industry shills against it.[View]
50481082What are the negative effects of eating an exclusively meat based diet?[View]
50480896Will cocaine and MDMA kill my gains bruz? (First time in 8 months since I started lifting)[View]
50481499When is the best time of day to eat my one meal?[View]
50474891Post metal that gets you just angry enough to lift heavy objects and set them back down.: https://ww…[View]
50479049have you taken the programming/schedule pill yet?: i never used to write down and plan my workouts. …[View]
50466254Just how awful is alcohol?: I enjoy alcohol maybe too much, but I'm wondering if it's seve…[View]
50479992Why is there no straightforward consensus on what and how you should eat?[View]
50477163How do I get bigger hands frens? Would hard labor or rock climbing lead to an increase? I know its p…[View]
50480798I have a retail job as a cashier and I stand for about 8 hours , 5 days a week. Can standing replace…[View]
50477350Do Planks help build and shape abs?[View]
50481351Was this man a fraud, or a genius? >With his revolutionary 'Heavy Duty' system, Mike Mentzer chan…[View]
50479859What would /fit/ do with $5000? Assuming no debt I'd want to get a years supply of the best nut…[View]
50479419>lifelong wristlet >going up several watch strap sizes it's the little things, lads…[View]
50477961what does /fit/ think of LSD; changa, mushrooms and DMT?[View]
50476833how do i turn my rage and sadness into strength?[View]
50480769Who here /thrusters/?[View]
50479279>post body >doesn't post body[View]
50479950if i force myself to eat twice as much before going to the gym. would i be able to bench twice as mu…[View]
50478428>he isn't doing GOMAD with pic related milk Enjoy that forced HRT and becoming a full blown …[View]
50481034>82kg 187cm man trying to lose belly fat, move handles and ass fat >goal of 1650kcal/day >b…[View]
50480485ya know, every once in a while i see one of you in the wild. a 160(5'6) 80kg (175lbs) fag, with…[View]
50480543>want test gains from lifting >don't want to get more muscular wat do?…[View]
50480550>lose weight >go from 180 at 5’9 to 140 at 5’10 >year passes > go from 140 to 145 in a m…[View]
50480744What structure is best for potential strength?: Everyone talks about structure cosmetically. Wide cl…[View]
50480350>another aura attack followed by migrain after training Tought the attacks had stopped to be desu…[View]
50480629>grizzly is unmoggab-[View]
50478410>Why yes, I am 6ft in height with a 1 plate OHP, 2 plate Bench, 3 plate squat and 4 plate deadlif…[View]
50480662Why am I freezing cold at night and not able to sleep a long time when I'm on a big calorie def…[View]
50479387Hey /fit/, from march to april i went from 85kg to 78kgs. Do i need to lose more weight for my abs t…[View]
50480310Does jerking off increase test, anons? If so, is it viable to jerk off before working out, or is tha…[View]
50479106Meat >made up almost entirely of protein >animal >literally muscles >tasty Protein powde…[View]
50477704How to deal with brain fog, being tired all the time, lack of motivation, feeling of not being yours…[View]
50479103I haven't had a wank in two weeks. Semen keeps leaking out of my cock.[View]
50479301Does /fit/ do cardio before or after lifting?[View]
50475518Stairs or elevator?[View]
50479672Buddy you're a manlet makin' big noise curling in the squat rackGON BE A SHREDDED CUNT SOM…[View]
50480066yay or nay: I don't really like doing deadlifts, cause I dont wanna have a huge lower back maki…[View]
50463229>boogie will become a chad in your lifetime goddamn[View]
50479798Fucking hell imagine looking this good lads[View]
50480211Why are you lifting heavy /fit/? Why are you damaging your tendons and ligaments for no purpose at a…[View]
50479666Is it ok to go jogging if I’m sogging from an hour of frogging, hogging and dogging?[View]
50479375Women can't lift.: >Never would’ve thought I would achieve the physique I have now when I st…[View]
50479554I AM BOMBOCLAT. First: take the ramadan pill if you wanna lose weight. but make it reverse ramadan, …[View]
50478833Do men or women have it easier changing their attractiveness?[View]
50479774GOOOOOOOD MORNING GOD DAMNIT: Happy holiday weekend brehs[View]
50480092Why don't you /box/, /fit/?[View]
50478395>SS + GOMAD[View]
50477668After being on a steady diet and losing over 13 pounds I just binge ate a shitload of super fattenin…[View]
50475444Does anyone here just lift dumbbells in their bedroom + eat well and achieve any gains? I'm a N…[View]
50479039Gained a few pound, grandmother says i don't look as big today[View]
50479784>be me last Monday >hamstrings + glutes still sore from previous weeks squats >decide not…[View]
50479838I don't get what's wrong So my weight is usually just under 100kg I want to lose weight so…[View]
50477741Is sex exercise?[View]
50479604Is this natural achievable[View]
50478673Energy drinks: What are the health effects of prolonged zero calorie energy drink consumption? I…[View]
50479275Hi /fit What's your opinion on jogging? I'm dieting, working out 3-4 times a week and was …[View]
50479603What does fit think of vegan hugboxes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyRDv8c0dQ8[View]
50479535what's the best exercise for rock hard abs? except the right diet of course[View]
50471280Fat Fuck Here, Not Losing Weight: I read the sticky and didn't find my answer Alright fuckers, …[View]
50478719Started out as a 130 pound skelly with basically zero muscle, did SS for 5 months and gained strengt…[View]
50472078How big do i need to be to wear a tank to gym?[View]
50478668How do you do calisthenics properly?[View]
50475769Muay Thai bruises: It's been 6 months after pic related and i'm not getting bruises anymor…[View]
50478797What mode, frens?[View]
50478422/SIG/ -Self Improvement Edition: Nevermind Edition. Welcome to Greatness. Let's start the proce…[View]
50478366>fell for the keto meme >low energy months in >less endurance in BJJ and Judo >less powe…[View]
50479169What are some beat shoulder workouts? >pic not related[View]
50477814I snapped my shit 2 weeks ago and long story short my doc told me i can't train my upper body f…[View]
50479118how fucked am i guys? do i have gyno or cuz of fat? what mode frens[View]
50475367'Just walk if you want to lose weight.': Is this the worst normie advice possible? Seems to me like …[View]
50476811Are there any drawbacks to a high protein diet?: I mostly eat eggs, chicken and tuna. supplement it …[View]
50472262Tell me, why do you lift?[View]
50460953cycling is the best form of cardio FACT anyone else here cycle?[View]
50476110Why are fruits considered healthy if they have lots of sugar?[View]
50478750RUNNING: I am a hungry skelleton and I want to start running. My goal is not to loss/gain weight, bu…[View]
50478349Do i look like i lift?[View]
50477676Keto meme: >Eat half a baguette with tuna, olives, capres, lettuce, and harissa sauce for lunch (…[View]
50475955Body fat estimate? 5'9 manlet, 167lb around. 1RMs: 260 bench, 150 OHP, 390 Deadlift, 315 squa…[View]
50478171post meal plans: I wanna lose weight, have no idea what to eat so I eat whatever I have in my cabine…[View]
50477370Necks: Redpill me on neck gainz[View]
50478845>wake up >eat >go to work >get off work >go to gym >home >eat >sleep >rep…[View]
50471799Has your facial aesthetics improved ever since you started lifting?[View]
50478860Is my hair suspectible to JUST territory?[View]
50478764is a t-rex physique unironically the best physique for attracting women? it signals that you can hum…[View]
50478837Is it possible to target muscle loss? If I'm on a calorie deficit, get enough protein and train…[View]
50477946Are foods fortified with Vitamins, B12, Calcium et cetera less healthy just because? I haven't …[View]
50478438Now you know what to do. Yes. That's right. >https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/co…[View]
50478361Remember no matter how big you get your dick will always be the same size.[View]
50477872>one shot at life >born a fingerlet Is there any hope for me?…[View]
50478344>Never would’ve thought I would achieve the physique I have now when I start working out 4 years …[View]
50477778>i don't need to workout i just have sex haha[View]
50473783SOS for those of you familiar with GH cycling i'm in a bit of a dilemma, this is my first time …[View]
50472522Are there any esoteric ways to get /fit/?[View]
50468712What if sexual dimorphism were reversed in humans? Would females like being the big ones?[View]
50476669Drug thread for my fellow fitzens. I've done every fucking drug just about anyone can get their…[View]
50477820Bros a few coworkers just pointed out straight silver fucking hairs on my head and I'm 23 This …[View]
50478472Test boost correct link edition.: More onion chronicles more onion kinghts! Hormone optimising proto…[View]
50478408do you lads still lift when you have a cold? i'm coughing and snotting and have a bit of a head…[View]
50477723attn: CHAD BR0S As of right now I don't own a scale but I'm on the thinner side of things …[View]
50475334Well, is he natty?[View]
50476247HELP: Im 4'8 220lbs and want to loose wright FAST. How do I do it?[View]
50478074Lacking limbs: Built up a decent physique looks fit. Bench 225 and have nice chest and back, but my …[View]
50471795Back thread: Where are the backs bois[View]
50471259daily reminder that (((powerlifters))) are not fit, but fat pieces of shits.[View]
50476925How the fuck is this possible at age 50?[View]
50477092God damnit Jeff, how many things do I have to do every single workout!? Give me a break![View]
50477688Who else reads incel forums between sets to get motivation to not become an uselesa beta like them? …[View]
50478328Have you done your face pulls today anon?[View]
50477918Could they pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
50477524What exercises do I have to do in order to fuck this dumb cunt's tight asshole?[View]
50478287>tfw deadlift is lesser numbers in kilograms than squat How fixing be?[View]
50459433Eye moggings: Are you the one who eats or gets eaten?[View]
50477554Anyone else still at it?: Which year was worst for you? Mine was by far 2015 when thiccness started …[View]
50476699Don’t worry if you don’t get many matches on Tinder or Bumble. Truth is, you’re too attractive and t…[View]
50476706Is it possible to live optimally with 7 hours or less of sleep? I hate that I'm wasting so much…[View]
50477931hey /fit >be me >27, 5'11' >dropped from 233 to 186 pounds since November thanks to cu…[View]
50478137The guy on the left would be called a fake natty by the copelets if he lifted for 1 year. Frame is …[View]
50475742Squat Tips Thread: > post them[View]
50477568Is Keto and bodybuild for me? Iam 5,10 160 lbs 10%-15% bodyfat[View]
50478103For as long as I can remember, I've always had shaky muscles and terrible control of my body. s…[View]
50476005-Dietary Supplements: (((Newfag))) here What does /fit/ think of most commercial dietary supplements…[View]
50477602WTF is wrong with my shoulder?? I have a sharp pain in the back of my right shoulder. Had it for abo…[View]
50477869>Make gains for first time >Get stuck looking at every reflective surface…[View]
50475855Tard rage: I had to skip the gym today, and now a few hours later I’m filled with an indescribable r…[View]
50476771Gym Rival: >be you >stroll into the gym like the regular you are >but today something is as…[View]
50477196When weights aren't enough anymore: I am looking to go back to training martial arts after coup…[View]
50476837>preworkout tingles[View]
50477673post your /fit/ approved gear[View]
50477785Can nattyS do seasonal bulk/cuts or is it a meme?[View]
50474893Hello my strong strong friends!!!! Is a 365 pound sqaut something to be proud of.[View]
50477624FIT/INSPIRATIONAL Movies/Documentary: FIT/INSPIRATIONAL Movies/Documentary Can you list sum frens?…[View]
50473727Tell me your cooking secrets /fit/[View]
50450778>fat people can't lose weight How many times can /fit/ be wrong?[View]
50475456>no fap I always see fags posting pictures from studies like these saying HURR DURR IF U DONT MAS…[View]
50475511Best time to lift?: For my gym it's 2:30pm >quality gym thots to mire >not too busy >b…[View]
50477379Hey /fit/. I'm the complete opposite of fit, but not over weight. I want to get used to working…[View]
50465415Do you take pictures at the gym?[View]
50471332Do I have narrow shoulders (frame)? I feel like I have the same shoulder width as people with no mus…[View]
50475937How tf do you deal with hunger bros? It's so unbearable Seriously, I'll never understand h…[View]
50476991I feel this should be on /b/, but.. How does masturbation gives benefits or affect health?[View]
50476885Bulk protein powder: Is there a good bulk protein powder I can buy? I get a 4 pound bag for $60 now,…[View]
50474719Whatever happened to this madlad? Did he stop making fitness videos? I never see him get shilled aro…[View]
50476194So fellas, how are you gains going?: ITT: We talk about how we are approaching our goals, one step a…[View]
50469601I want to go on the carnivore diet, but my store doesn't sell halal bone broth or grass fed bee…[View]
50465164Home gym General: Sup /fit/ let’s have a homegym discussion. Post your stuff, r8, ask other anons wh…[View]
50473883Is coffee worth drinking?: whats the point if effects wont work eventually? I only drink it for cog…[View]
50475573Post unconventional sources of protein: Alligator meat consists of 143 calories in a 3.5 ounce servi…[View]
50476436Deadlift/gloves: What kind of gloves might I wear to better protect the tendons in my hands? I'…[View]
50476965How do I improve my dexterity?[View]
50471181Is it possible to get aesthetic lean ottermode on a strength program like 5x5 stronglifts or SS or d…[View]
50476587>be me >be trying to /fit/ >almost every day for dinner cook a pound and a half of chicken …[View]
50468071Nofap: How the fuck can i make it so i can NOT fail nofap? im thinking about getting rid of my pc bu…[View]
50474422Whats the point of lifting when you will never look like pic related at 17? Gains only matter when y…[View]
50469953What's up guys *BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP* Jeff Cavaliere here *BRAP* athleanx.com[View]
50474303ITS REALLY HAPPENING: Mcdonalds is getting rid of ALL of its signature crafted recipeto focus more o…[View]
50476168>dont do any exercises, a little chunky >completely cut out soda and any sugary drinks. Only w…[View]
50476302>tfw you open up a protein shake bottle after leaving it in the car for two months…[View]
50476679So /adv/ are fucking useless, thought I'd ask here. I think I have pinched nerve in my back. It…[View]
504758922019 natty lifting guide: >clearly roid because nobody wants to look natty, not even natties. …[View]
50475099Best Lifts for Knees?: What are the best lifts to strengthen my knees so that I can endure kneeling …[View]
50474764Best body part to train for street fights?[View]
50474980Post calves[View]
50476126>be me, last year >fat depressed lonely neet >4chan-poster since 2012 or so >always on r…[View]
50476211What did they mean by this? I just finished half the bag and noticed it while putting it away.[View]
50474636Totally abandoned fitness and wellness, too tired and sore: >had been getting compliments on my f…[View]
50475412Today i walked for like 4 hours an now my legs hurt what can i do to make my legs feel better and g…[View]
50476333>travel to major cities for work >get discounts for gyms but they’re usually on the outskirts …[View]
50475264HELP: How much of a gains goblin is shitting. I haven't shit in a week because I don't wan…[View]
50476155Thoughts on Routine?: So, I've been lifting 4xWeek, 2-4hrsxDay since February. I still don…[View]
50435702/fraud/: /fraud/ - thread dead for 3 hours and no one bothered to make a new one Before asking your …[View]
50475462How long should me workouts be? After 30-40 minutes I lose all my strength[View]
50476075Retarded trainer: Saw a Personal trainer at my gym today doing 170 kg quarter rep squats on a smith …[View]
50471100I may be retarded but working on shoulders is way worse than leg day[View]
50474925Fake female /fit/s: >workout vid Doing squats No definition in core No definition in arms No defi…[View]
50469594>take a dump >wipe for 20 mins >paper still doesn't come back clean How do you poopmax…[View]
50473223>nofap >no thanks >I masturbate but only once every two weeks…[View]
50454495/QTDDTOT/: G’day gentlemen What fraction of my daily protein should be coming from actual real food …[View]
50475353ITT: /Life Fuel/: >be me >be 19 >been lurking /fit/ and the fitness YouTubers for years now…[View]
50475014What breaks a noporn streak: There are lots of Instagram thots as thumbnails and discord raid porn t…[View]
50475427what parts of your body do you workout on different days anons recently got into lifting and need yo…[View]
50475082Should I burn my remaining fat if I'm a skinny fat, with no physical background?: I can't …[View]
50475254What kind of exercises do I need to do to be able to hold a paintbrush up for hours at a time?[View]
50473312I just started a 3 day water fast yesterday and woke up with the flu. Should I wait till I recover b…[View]
50475354Site like symmetric strength?: After elite it had things like godlike and Herculean I'm trying …[View]
50475337>go to brothel with friend >me, fat fuck, friend, typical chad >friend chooses one, i go to…[View]
50465412/fit/ humor: Hey lads, It's Thursday, so you know it's a /fit/ humor thread. Damn I'm…[View]
50473696How strong does one have to be to be able to crush someone's skull with their bare hands? Is it…[View]
50475213Fucking Kill Me: That kid that: >wears the meme oxygen-deprivation mask like bane >retardedly …[View]
50471069Ramadan cut: how do u plan on cutting in ramadan ?[View]
50474533h-how do i look /fit/?[View]
50475171>one year old >already norwood scale 2 fuck me.…[View]
50473993Do you like my cAR[View]
50474869>put on tekken tracks during workout >strike winning poses when I finish my set…[View]
50474968How to make great decisions in life: My guideline is: if 'Jeff Cavaliere Athlean X dot com (yes, tha…[View]
50474584Nobody was ever supposed to take up natty lifting for aesthetics.: Natty lifting is the greatest pra…[View]
50473055I heard about one rule about healthly diet. 'If it taste too good, spit it out' Because if somthing …[View]
50472952>tfw you realize sv3rige, Tufano, etc have the same personality issues as the vegans they critici…[View]
50472657Achievable natty?[View]
50474097Hey /fit/ does anyone have the image of the beginner to advanced bodyweight excercises? Trucker here…[View]
50471352can i do a strength program on a cut?[View]
50474895-7 Day Challenge-: I'm going to embark on a 7 day challenge for fitness/mental health/disciplin…[View]
50474355GYM BAG THREAD: Recommend me a good gym bag. Tired of going into gym like a school child. Btw what d…[View]
50469646>I need questions for my influencer Q&A for youtube so go ahead and ask away don’t be shy fro…[View]
50474406sup /fit/ I finished my cut last Monday and went from 220lbs to 179lbs. For the past 2 days I'v…[View]
50474920I will now impart the wisdom of the ancients[View]
50474885How does /fit/ unironically feel about Athlean-X programs?[View]
50474181Am I gonna make it Bros?: I'm skipping gym for another day to work on my car, how do I balance …[View]
50474843>See everyone talking about face pulls do avoid injury >Do facepulls >Tear rotator cuff …[View]
50474039How do I deadlift without damaging my shins?[View]
50474606Unfortunately not gonna make it: >Be me 22 >210 Deadlift 185 Squat 115 Bench >chit bench f…[View]
50474799Do you do any type of fitness activities on your rest days? I'm doing SL 5X5 and I'm feeli…[View]
50473382Do you shave your body? I trim chest but nuke arms an legs. Feels good man.[View]
50446487Ideal Female Body: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
50464111>be dyel >strut around like i had chad amounts of muscle and feel confident Anyone else who do…[View]
50470252Are any of these guys chads?[View]
50472366This is how you know you have trained well. Nothing like a little blood during your workout[View]
50473370August 2018 160~165 - April 2019 180~185 Don’t claim roids I had the gyno when I was a small fry How…[View]
50472760Is my PPL for during baeball season retarded? also this happened today >Doing split squats becaus…[View]
50474509Need to get big fast: Help me fit, I am in a Mog-or-be-mogged situation with a MegaChad at my workpl…[View]
50471357Is his achievable natty?[View]
50472757Do natty lifters actually think they can look like Eric bugenhagen?: You people are literally retard…[View]
50468394Test boost trial so far: First and foremost Eat well Train hard Schedule sleep as if it was a worko…[View]
50467469How do I exercise the lats without a lat pull machine? Are barbell rows/overhead dumbbell rows any g…[View]
50472981>he can't DL 3 pl8 after 1 year of dedicated training Off my board please thanks…[View]
50474395Is starvation mode a meme? The sticky here says it's real and recommends a glacial rate of weig…[View]
50471491It's impossible for skeletons to win.: I'm trying to fucking squat but it's harder on…[View]
50472439DYEL?: Do I look like I lift? How many months do you think theres between pics? Also is it too late …[View]
50474186Is it worth it? Im fucking sick and tired of eating 5000kcal daily. I feel like a fucking pig. Sure …[View]
50473775How do i start an instagram fitness carrer?[View]
50472349tell me now anon what is more impressive 200 push ups or 100kg bench[View]
50469699>Another day of not breaking through the 1,500 calorie barrier I tried so hard I even drank the b…[View]
50474180Fit humor thread: /fit humor thread please[View]
50473854Stretch Marks: I have residual stretch marks from when I was growing. I'm not fat, I just got t…[View]
50472852How can I lower my resting rate?[View]
50473736Is magnesium supplement worth taking?[View]
50473146I havent eaten 24 hours i dont know if im craving coffee or if my tummy is secretly hungry. I just d…[View]
50469158>Every day I go to the gym and these fucks are using the racks >They always have one more set …[View]
50473014is urine therapy real? asking cause suspicions of chronic inflammation, my immune system is weak as …[View]
50473069Is it possible to live optimally with 7 hours or less of sleep? I hate that I'm wasting so much…[View]
50466239Porridge Hack for Max Gains: Alright niggers. Put a cup or so of milk in a sauce pan on a burner at …[View]
50472028Skelly here, new to lifting (i've only been going to the gym for around a month now. I'm …[View]
50471073Tell me about your last PR. Bonus: post yfw[View]
50472841What was he hiding?[View]
50467150Im very shy and I dont like interacting with people. Is calisthenics enough?[View]
50472849I dont even: >be me >started jogging at local reserves center track >realized today would b…[View]
50472183>friend and I both eat grilled cheese late at night >next morning so hungry feel like I'm…[View]
50471398i need the truth: everyone says hodgetwin diet (eat whatever the fuk you want to eat) is possible to…[View]
50470111The Mental Wall: I dont get it. I can run for 20 minutes without rest, bench 150lbs, and leg press o…[View]
50471879>alone in the gym >a single girl invades >she’s on the elliptical and breathing so heavily …[View]
50458144How bad is it for you?[View]
50473550Are you eating healthy? You have to plan your diet beyond your macros if you really want to live a h…[View]
50472501current body thread: Started my cut, this is with no pump, 6'2 197lbs currently[View]
50471732im right handed but my strong leg is the left one, should i use the orthodox boxing stance? pic unre…[View]
50472051Don't skip legs.[View]
50471917Total abstinence vs fap once a week vs fap as a reward for new pr or pounds lost Which one[View]
50473388So I have found that personally doing 10 sets a day/muscle /20 sets a week, which seems to be the re…[View]
50457984Gay alien skull vs warrior skull[View]
50467274Had my second mma fight. Doctor almost had to cancel because my blood was pressure as 180/90. Sat do…[View]
50470797>buy new bike to do cardio in the park >almost hit by a car on the way there >fall off and …[View]
50470645How do I chew gum to max it's effectiveness in making my jaw better? If it matters, I'm no…[View]
50464357rate my 1 year transformation: Hey boys, rate my 1 year transformation. Women have been flocking to …[View]
50471719I have a weight problem where I cant hit my 200 mark. I started with weighing a sad 130, gained 40lb…[View]
50472134What mode is this[View]
50473007Fucked up a few years back and took anavar only cycle and some half arsed PCT. Sex drive never been …[View]
50471336Vitamins?: I bought vitamin C and magnesium tablets in store, one C tablet has 180mg and other has 2…[View]
50471096Do you exercise with your dog?: I used hate cardio but I started running track with my roommates dog…[View]
50472931How much do I have to lift to become Chad, /fit/? How do I become Chad?[View]
50472601>Why yes, I am 6ft in height with a 1 plate OHP, 2 plate Bench, 3 plate squat and 4 plate deadlif…[View]
50472851Why waste time with steroids when anyway Ibrahimovic fully natural could beat the all the steroids o…[View]
50472749Is this possible natty?[View]
50454482How do you compare to your siblings /fit/?[View]
50470481Which is the ultimate /gym/ song and why is it thotiana? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6EpIABAKKo…[View]
50468807When did this stop being the GOAT body?[View]
50470613Why are there a lot of women with aesthetic jawlines nowadays? Especially from the side angle.[View]
50469961Need help with potassium: What's the best way to get potassium? I'm getting 0-400 grams a …[View]
50465598What's your favorite part about lifting and eating right? Is it worth it? Do you love it?[View]
50470168Tanning: I'm going to Spain in a few days how do I tan properly without getting fucking sunburn…[View]
50470053opinions on wellbutrin? will it affect my numbers?[View]
50471860NECK PAIN: Every time I do barbell rows, overhead press, or lateral raises, I get a pain that kinda …[View]
50463438/fat/ - thirsty for soda thursday edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For calorie junkies who want to bet…[View]
50466869Why does eating clean matter if I'm still getting the macros I need?[View]
50470926Ideal male body according to Japanese women: Here you go lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKsKC…[View]
50471563>Kinobody is 28 years old what the fuck. I was sure he was like 17-19[View]
50472106>read the fucking sticky Hey don't care about (You)s, in fact please report this thread. Jus…[View]
50465178Is Milk the ultimate bulking secret?[View]
50470656Why does nearly every /fit/ guy shave his chest/back/entire body? Shaving is the epitome of beta cuc…[View]
50470778Do you have a regular gymbro? Do you find it makes workouts more efficient or less efficient?[View]
50471465no matter how much you lift you can't ever attain this presence, that's depressing[View]
50470950Redpill me on waist trainers and sweat belts: Are they any good? I heard that with an ice pack they …[View]
50470169What are the most effective exercises to lose weight?[View]
50472284Skinny fat here: I need a diet to become like that...[View]
50467486Are these sleeve busting 13 inchers achievable natty?[View]
50472206can i supplant back squats with RDLs and front squats? i hate squatting now[View]
50472162Gotta eat this chicken but after my protein shake and spinach I feel like I'm pretty fucking cl…[View]
50470525100 Pushups Per Day for 1 Month: Buddy of mine asked me to do this challenge with him and I swear it…[View]
50470836>Gym jester stole the barbell again[View]
50470307>5’11 >Weight constantly in the 186-190 range >W/H is 0.9 always >do cardio 3 times a we…[View]
50470427So I kinda fucked up with deadlifts. Lower back near spine still aches since Saturday. Other than ic…[View]
50463309What is the perfect bulking food and why is it loco moco?[View]
50471261>what mode is this?[View]
50470744Is overhead pressing your bw for 5x5 good?[View]
50470989>lifting for men Lmao you thots are NEVER gonna make it, lift for yourself bitches…[View]
50466223>'Sweet muscles dude but can you even fakie tre flip?'[View]
50469415>Eat raw onions for the first time in a while because they're good according to /fit/ >It…[View]
50471533if you're not sore the next day can you work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row?[View]
50467606Rocky's workout: SOUL Drago's workout: Soulless https://youtube.com/watch?v=gqwuYX3fZZc…[View]
50471016My left foot is itchy and I want rid of it. Is there some cure-all antifungal moisturiser I can buy?[View]
50471078[JOJO GENERAL]: How achievable is a JoJo-tier physique? And would it look somewhat aesthetic?[View]
50453680/plg/ - powerlifting general: Tripfags (especially figfag) fug off edition Isley gets a pass because…[View]
50469572Does creatine make you weigh more? Like does the extra water weight weight anything significaint lik…[View]
50465666/fitlit/: Reminder to workout your brain with your body. Have you been reading anything lately? I p…[View]
50471305What are some foods that can increase exercise performance or increase energy, but not through affec…[View]
50466032Can I replace power cleans with light deadlifts?[View]
50470662Why did the “sultan of symmetry” have asymmetrical abs? I have abs similar to this, they are all rou…[View]
50464788What specific routine to look like pic related?[View]
50471192Post ideal video game bodies. Ryu Haybusa from Ninja Gaiden rejects big titty women, stronk, good en…[View]
50468480>dyel beginner >started warehouse job >2-3 times a week I have to carry a bunch of shit up …[View]
50471003Burpees: What does /fit/ think about burpees ? Is it the ultimate exercise for fat fags like me who …[View]
50468945Facial hair gains: This is pathetic, is there a way to increase facial hair growth?[View]
50470560Anyone here go to a climbing gym? I've really gotten into it recently, it's a ton of fun a…[View]
50465544Do men look better at higher bf% ?: Seriously though. If you're an average guy that isn't …[View]
50471030What foods are good for recovering from the physical effects of masturbation? I'm so depleted t…[View]
50469352Anyone ever dealt with chronic low-back pain/injuries from DL and squat? Last year I went through an…[View]
50468937Is it bad that I only deadlift in reps of 2-3? Usually do 4 sets, my last being a PR or my heaviest.…[View]
50468226Microloading linear progression: Can someone explain to me what the fuck Rippletits means in pic.? S…[View]
50470057Is 2 months enough to build enough endurance to start a martial art?[View]
50464285This is why women should be banned from gyms[View]
50470470How important is it to get enough sunlight? I only go outside and to the gym at night and spend the …[View]
50470909Preventing tendon injuries: My tendons in my leg have been feeling very tight lately and today while…[View]
50452455General creatine discussion... Yes or No? and Why?[View]
50470844>be me >first time going to a gym after a friend said that I should try it out >I agree …[View]
50468759HELP: I decided to push myself on the cardio front and now I'm starting to loose the ability to…[View]
50470482How do I avoid getting a body like this one?[View]
50469219Nofap day sixteen: My balls really fucking hurt Jesus Christ, why can’t I just fap once every week o…[View]
50470724I'm not gonna make it /fit/. I don't know what to do. I've been doing SL for about 4 …[View]
50446902Genital Herpes: Hey guys, I just got my test results back and I tested positive for HSV2. I had what…[View]
50470737https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLsimrBoYXc i don't lift but i just watched this video and it…[View]
50468952CICO/IF Troubleshooting: Hey /fit/, I've been dieting via CICO and IF for about a month now. Fi…[View]
50455409Japanese People's Ideal MALE Body Type: B-but /fit/ told me woman only fuck body builders while…[View]
50469118Redpill me on Spam, rice and eggs every day for breakfast[View]
50466984Feelz on a Friday night: It's Friday where I am boys, bar is open for all[View]
50470642Routines General: Hey fellow /fit/izines, this is the new 'routine thread'. I've got a question…[View]
50468965>the new yoga center down my street found out that I was the one shitting on their windows after …[View]
50470497Is PPL a good routine or is it just sneeddit söyböy routine?[View]
50455654What is the best way to go for PREVENTION of hair loss with minimal to no side effects? Minoxidil? F…[View]
50470186what mode is this?[View]
50469264For long term health should we all go vegan? This guy didn't go vegan now he has no testicles. …[View]
50470455Any /fit/ approved electrical razors?[View]
50466434>cheaper than whole chicken >no skin >able to be shaped into anything Why are you not eatin…[View]
50465487is this the worlds greatest mogg ever?[View]
50468847doomer thread: >4 months into 2000+33-23 >still no gf Anon with quads lied to me didnt he? Gon…[View]
50461704Does /fit/ vape?: Does vaping kill gains?[View]
50467996I am a genius: Chew all your food like 50 times before swallowing. This significantly reduces the nu…[View]
50470104Extreme Fatigue: I know this board is full with brain dead trolls but I'm in need of serious ad…[View]
50467678>that guy that hits the treadmill at the gym[View]
50469551Any (/fit/anon with medical knowledge, I think I might have acromegaly: Fuck me. Please convince me …[View]
50470208True alpha regime: Week one: Endurance and muscle Hypertophy (Calisth/bodybuilding) 5-6 day training…[View]
50459651Need to know if this is good progress /fit/ bros. Went from 115 to 140 lbs in 8 months here’s the tr…[View]
50469911Now that the dust has settled. Was it a mire or not?[View]
50468506i have been almost on every 4chan board and desu /fit/ is the nicest and least toxic one of them al…[View]
50469124>be me >doing weighted dips today >jolly african dude in front of me doing snatches >n…[View]
50465232what mode is this and how do I get it[View]
50464689What does /fit/ think of Alpha Destiny?[View]
50468790/weird mires/: >be me >occasionally waves of desperation hit me >try the whole day to someh…[View]
50469807Tea: Whats fits consensus on tea. Specifically green tea. Apparently it boosts sex drive[View]
50463005What's the catch?: I've been drinking only water and milk for the past several years but I…[View]
50468165the final debate is igor natty?[View]
50469949Can we please make it the norm that if you ask a guy to post body, you have to post yours first? Pre…[View]
50464594Daily reminder to lift for women and if you don't you might catch the gays.[View]
50469084>going to anime/comic/gamer convention and showing off my muscles when I actually don’t care abou…[View]
50466495'All you need to do is get fit bro'[View]
50469408>tfw gyno and pectus excavatum fuck end it already i'll forever look ugly. is it possible t…[View]
50468719Hey /fit/, any advice to take care of my face skin ? I feel like it's killing the little gains …[View]
50469217I've been drinking coffee to replace my meals for almost a day. I hope to continue this for a c…[View]
50452538/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Midweek Edition. Welcome to Greatness. Let's start the proces…[View]
50466125Boxing or Muay Thai? Which should I do?[View]
50465272Uh guys... what mode is this?[View]
50469183what's the biggest gains goblin?[View]
50469577Manatee gray: Had to google a manatee, but had a great laugh afterwards[View]
50467370Are cold showers a meme?[View]
50469394>be fat >be sick with the flu Should I take advantage of this opportunity to lose as much fat …[View]
50466856What does /fit/ thing of pump boosters? Do they actually work? Why are is it so expensive? Wanna kno…[View]
50442046Fat Hate Thread: I want some fat shaming in there[View]
50433769/cbt/ spring break edition: ctrl-f: 'cbt' 0 results Let's fix that[View]
50468781how do you avoid the t-rex arm look as as manlet?[View]
50448169Any balding brahs use TOPICAL finasteride?: Never fucked with the pill for risk of losing my gains. …[View]
50467427Why do tennis bodies look so unfit?[View]
50469241Is it true that going vegan actually makes your skin better? I have constant acne from working out[View]
50469051When should i start cutting after bulking? How long should i even bulk?[View]
50461434Mire thread: Post mires you got irl[View]
50465319Stop buying expensive zero calories drinks you /fast/ morons. Get water, lemon juice, ginger and min…[View]
50465071Noob here. Is white rice bad? I’m a Filipino so I’m probably evolved to eat this everyday.[View]
50468085Oats: My brother ate my other brothers oats[View]
50467382My gym has a 90s and 80s throwback that last for pretty much the whole day, oqner plays a wide range…[View]
50465957I am going to mix onions with bananas in a blender. What should I expect?[View]
50468728How can I encourage my girlfriend to achieve this body?[View]
50468038>weighted chinups[View]
50454031Are you more /fit/ than your father?[View]
50467866>gymcel >heightcel >dickcel >braincel >nosecel >earcel >jawcel >chincel >…[View]
50465636rate me[View]
50467940Am I gonna make it ? Pic related, it's me I want to rape some ass this summer[View]
50466640What is the best test booster and why is it seeing a woman walking with her big ass in tight jeans[View]
50468149>drink coffee get foggy, out of control anxious, lethargic, spaced out >drink water feel like …[View]
50467412Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50468460Are exercise bikes enough for toned legs?[View]
50467136Poorfag here: Want to grow muscles but can't afford gym or good diet. Fuck do I do?[View]
50466882Stop Eating Carbohydrates: Reminder that if you're not eating raw meat then you're mentall…[View]
50466667>7% BodyFat >OMAD >Still have disgusting lower gut…[View]
50465693Just received some money. And going to start my fitness journey. What supplements should I buy ? I…[View]
50467848Chainlink: >chainlink >{insert price} cents >{insert date} yet still {current price} >{i…[View]
50466709How to find a decent /fit/ woman in today’s world?[View]
50465836Okay /fit/, it's my first time posting on this thread. First of all, I'm overweight. About…[View]
50464068What can I do for insanely bad ADHD besides take amphetamines[View]
50465919Okay /fit/ lets sort the latest fitness trends into the legit category or meme category >legit Me…[View]
50467798What do you all think of Abnormally sweaty people at the gym? Whenever I train cardio I end up seati…[View]
50464707UK food bros: Where do you get your food from and what do you buy? LOVE salmon from Tesco/Sainsbury…[View]
50465780Been lifting for 6months now. And just bought my first white levis shirt. To me this is huge, to be …[View]
50467784Hey fellow anons, smoking cigs is a meme or it can realy affect your gains? My friend can squat 160k…[View]
50467149Autistic /fit/-related things you do: I am a fatty 6'1' losing fat. Was 300 lbs, goal weight 19…[View]
50465337How to stop late night cravings: I am honest to my diet and cut, eating only proteins and being smar…[View]

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