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53272997> lower estrogen levels > higher serotonin levels Why aren't you taking St John's wo…[View]
53279906>calculated one rep max[View]
53279624Almost nut myself: Did laying leg raises with the machine today as a finisher to leg exercises, idk …[View]
53279188How do i make facial gains?[View]
53277010Can lifting save him?[View]
53278398who here use porn as pre-workout? >load up degenerate jew fetish propaganda >watch for about …[View]
53261590Is there anything more cope than ju-jitsu? I’m so sick of it. I swear it’s just a “nerd acceptance” …[View]
53225025/fast/ #2 >breaking your fast for this Edition: What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the disc…[View]
53278222What is the difference between training for size and training for strength?: I have been curious abo…[View]
53275294get up at 2am and punch brick walls to strengthen your mind[View]
53271931I had a fight with someone in the steam room.: he was a hispanic guy. we were both ass naked. he wal…[View]
53279697deens wtf i thought ya'll was meming about these, thought they'd taste fishy as fuck and a…[View]
53279421My girlfriend is constantly bitching about her 36DDD boobies hurting her back. She’s not actually fa…[View]
53277653what effect did gains have on your success with approaching random women at clubs or bars? did you n…[View]
53275897Zyzz is dead, Goggins is now the supreme /fitizen/ . All worship David Goggins[View]
53278451Man titties: Anyone know any good exercises, or things to do to get rid of man titties?[View]
53278305How do you get forearms like these?[View]
53276978can I do sumo deadlift instead of conventional deadlift? I feel discomfort in a lower back (exactly …[View]
53278065Cult of Food: Some people only live to eat. How do you get to the point where food is the best part …[View]
53277079cardio > resistance training: Why is resistance training so boring? >20 BMI, want to get lean…[View]
53279148How do I get this body bros?: t. 18 years[View]
53275154Why the fuck do some literal braindead retards here spout >size =/= strength ?…[View]
53279758What did Lee Priest mean by this?[View]
53278840how do i achieve this mode?[View]
53274954what the fuck are these?[View]
53279495/fit/map: Okay faggots, lets see if they are any DYELs nearby for you to not lift with https://tagma…[View]
53277993What's a good cardio warm-up to do before lifting? I started with just cardio at the gym, but I…[View]
53278862How can I go from kinda fat to a skelly in one week?: I've been talking to a girl on discord an…[View]
53277954Considering buying a bicycle for my daily commutes. My work is only 5,9 km from home and gym is 3,3 …[View]
53278841Hello /fit/, /hm/ here. Why are you guys wasting your time spending so many hours in the gym just to…[View]
53279214Does ketosis suppress your appetite?[View]
53279380/fit/ do you look out the elbows at the top of bench press?[View]
53276546>leg day[View]
53278294Deenz Thread: Post your lunch Also deenz thread I guess[View]
53260757u mirin[View]
53278290Tips or routines using this?[View]
53275239>all the bros say: “you look huge bro” What’s it all worth when she rejects me anyway :/…[View]
53279286How do I find out what my bodyfat% is?[View]
53277857Kegel exercises: I've done kegel exercises for the past 5 months, the question is, if I cum and…[View]
53277478how the fuck do I get my gf to join me in the gym, I honestly love hanging out with her and we get a…[View]
53278405Are hex bar diddlies an okay substitute for straight bar? I can't seem to manage to lift much d…[View]
53272770Do you judge other men based on they're perceived /fit/ness? For example, a lot of guys would c…[View]
53278975I went from being able to do absolutely 0 dips almost 2 months ago to now being able to do 3 sets of…[View]
53272478>second week of IF >2nd day of keto Feeling pretty good lads. Turns out IF is easy as shit. I…[View]
53278956this is the funniest shit i have ever seen[View]
53278908Is the 2D:4D finger ration thing fake?[View]
53278579>protein farts >creatine shits Why did no one tell me getting big would be so fucking STINKY!…[View]
53278661the fat problem: Is this all some kind of trap? Lets stress out the population by making them overre…[View]
53277489Anyone here ever had therapy for the brainz of any kind? Or do we all just lift away the pain on her…[View]
53278399Is it possible to lose 60lbs without losing strength if I do it very slowly?[View]
53277512Is there anything that I can do about the dark circles under my eyes other than sleeping?[View]
53278476/mealprep/: Does /fit/ mealprep? Pic related, just made it. Its like 400g spaghetti, 450g broccoli a…[View]
53269176no fatty hate thread?[View]
53276441BJJ Enforcer: >be me in 3 stripe blue belt in BJJ class tonight with high school wrestling experi…[View]
53276917Things you wish you knew before, All the vitamins drinking this 3 times daily for years devoleoped m…[View]
53274695Does intermittent fasting work for trying to lose weight?[View]
53276214/sleep/ general: another morning, another night of suffering how are you hanging in bros[View]
53277811What Multivitamin does Fit use?: They all seem redundant.[View]
53277925Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
53247247Athletes physiques thread: Post pics of athletes from different sports, and post how their sport has…[View]
53277685>TFW 5.7 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u_pOyZ2MJOU[View]
53278102rwetewtwe: retyu[View]
53276486rate my progress[View]
53274682As he dusted off his cheetohs Was a sound of 'FUCK NEGROES' He heated a hotpocket Cum-stained tissue…[View]
53271615Holy Based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo4LELNySA0[View]
53277404>stuck in a town without a gym >can't get a homegym cause I'll leave in 1-3 months I…[View]
53277665Is this achievable natty?[View]
53277672shoulder injury: how long should i wait till i can lift again? it's been 2 months and doesn…[View]
53276945>I'm not addicted bro >I just drink it every day and can't function normally without…[View]
53277565Is sprinting for 10min same as jogging for 20min?[View]
53272180Best classical music to lift to? For me it's Dies Irae and Ode to Joy[View]
53274997Do people really shit themselves when squatting I'm the only one at my gym who wears a diaper H…[View]
53277481Prove me wrong[View]
53274042Legumes: why haven't you taken the legumepill bros? Lentils, beans, chickpeas etc are all god t…[View]
53276731>'around brits 10 000 were marched to camps in anatolia, and among them 4000 did not survive the …[View]
53277444Pain in Shin while Squatting: Hello /fit/ last night I squatted for the first time in a while with a…[View]
53277038what happened to BGC, was he natty ? where is he now? where are his videos? where does he live?[View]
53277189How do I get traps like him?[View]
53277212/Gym improvements thread/ How have you improved this week anons? >Felt good enough to increase re…[View]
53277307If you weren't born a Chad do you even have permission to exist?[View]
53276409>anterior pelvic tilt > refuse to do the gay sex exercise in the gym What are my other option…[View]
53272940Could Bodybuilding become a high school sport?: https://youtu.be/FreeIp-MxEE[View]
53274926Home gyms: >tfw no micro oly plates Post your home gym setups anons…[View]
53273072Are there even any good pre-workout ingredients after they banned the stims? in c4 and jack3?[View]
53277246Fat loss in pecs: I've lost about 60 pounds since July 2018, and I've been seriously lifti…[View]
53276863Hey lanklets, here's something useful for gaining weight: Turns out if you're deficient in…[View]
53277213/short/ thread: in 2019 6' is considered manlet status. you need to be at least 6'2 to be…[View]
53276248Dear /fat/ did you feel more energized when you were overweight? And bulking skeles, do you feel mor…[View]
53277120What routine should I follow to get a body like this?[View]
53276913damn how do i achieve this guys' peak bloat physique?[View]
53276007>feeling pretty good about myselg >Think im pretty handsome too >Remember im 5'6 Fuck.…[View]
53275128>people who do brosplit Good looking,great physiques,fun to be around and talk >pleople who do…[View]
53275649>tastes good >works >0 cal 0 sugar I'm skeptical still what is the catch…[View]
53271221>Born in Thailand >5'4 absolute manlet >Start training Muay Thai at 8 >Win one of t…[View]
53272384At what point did you realize /fit/ made you gay?[View]
53276976I have Diarrhoea: Scared to squat. What do?[View]
53270968Kegels for shooting the cum. Has anyone else here accomplished this? And went from a dribbler to a s…[View]
53272580Rank your Exercises from Hardest to Easiest: Squat > Hack Squat > RDL > Leg Press > Lat …[View]
53276536>Vegan's can't be world record holding strong me-....oh[View]
53275033>tfw you will never be as fit as this mad lad wtf, how do I reach this level of strenght? are hum…[View]
53276765Hey, /fit/ I started working out and was hoping you could give some advice on my regimen Prologue: E…[View]
53276043Should you work on each body part twice or once a week? I do a push/pull/legs routine for 6 days a w…[View]
53276808Important PSA: Brought to you by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson[View]
53276811>strength = aesthetics reta- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ-6wX2vYXs ... oh.…[View]
53275703Bodyfat??: How much bodyfat is this?[View]
53276628>way too tired after gym to even have sex >going 5x a week >tfw making great gains, and str…[View]
53246393Gym Mask Thread: Post your masks, boys. I've rigged mine up with a discreet little camera so I …[View]
53276262Symmetric Strength: Post em >tfw almost finally blue[View]
53273209Are T-Bar Rows the best rows?: I actually really like doing them and look forward to rowing now unli…[View]
53276420WHY DONT I GAIN STRENGTH OF WEIGHT HOLY FUCK i even stopped doing my meme 6 day ppl routine and star…[View]
53274781> not growing your own supplements packed with delicious nutrients Not gonna make it.…[View]
53275455>Week 3 of cut >Lost 10 pounds so far, down to 175 >Waking up drooling, dreaming about food…[View]
53276354Where did she go?: What happened to this chick?[View]
53276173Today i while i was sitting in a bus i saw about 30 of 2000+ zoomer kids from elementary school ente…[View]
53274585Sports advice: Former sportive here. After the last relationship I've left with 30 kgs extra an…[View]
53275951How the FUCK are you supposed to grip the barbell?: For optimal safety and healthy wrists/ellbows/sh…[View]
53273293What did she mean by this /fit/?[View]
53271818NEED ACTUAL HELP: Years ago, I benched with my hand bent backwards. Naturally, my wrist got fucked. …[View]
53272702Potato vs rice?[View]
53275700Is this achievable natty?[View]
53275807I traing a minimum of 5 6 times a week. Gym Monday to Thursday mornings, and Muaythai training Usual…[View]
53275346Squatting is finally getting enjoyable[View]
53271884its incredible how much coffee fucks with energy/mental health: I've been drinking coffee for 2…[View]
53273626Anyone have a copy of Barbell Medicine beginner template? I don't wanna pay $64 for it.[View]
53275606year out of gym: its been a year since i held the knurling of a barbell in my hands, costochondritis…[View]
53271951Gee, im glad I got strong at Squats.... ...said nobody ever[View]
53274815Recurring nightmare: >tfw keep having the most horrible, terrifying nightmare that plays out the …[View]
53270537For me, it's 22.5 ℃. The perfect temperature.[View]
53270497Realistic lifts progression: I know people bullshit a lot on the internet, but in many weightlifting…[View]
53275690What's your new decade's resolution? What defined the past decade, and what will define th…[View]
53272727tfw pre-workout kicks in[View]
53270498Recovery: How do you recover faster after working out? Cardio basically kills me for the rest of the…[View]
53274135ROTATOR CUFF INJURY...: strained my rotator cuff last week by pressing with flared elbows. wat do no…[View]
53274444Quads and everyone on /fit/ will have a gf in 2020.[View]
53275124Losing bodyfat is so easy when my mind is happy and has happy thoughts and im feeling good[View]
53275536I burned 1000 calories today but ate like 2500 am I still going to lose weight[View]
53269761WRONGLY DIAGNOSED of T2???: I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes a couple of years and recently my frien…[View]
53264255/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General: Last one was more active than usual[View]
53274521Can you make your own jawline chiseled like this in any way without surgery?[View]
53275206I eat less than 20g of dietary fat a day and have never felt better, why do you keep saying you need…[View]
53274675How much do /fit/izen spent at the supermarket every month? Not just food but drinks and hygiene stu…[View]
53274136Is being a manlet a legitimate disability?: Being a manlet: >barrs you from participating or bein…[View]
53272325>in current year Chad is fat https://pagesix.com/2019/11/19/henry-cavill-told-he-was-too-chubby-d…[View]
53275297Anybody do mini-cuts?: dropped 7 lbs in 5 weeks of intermittent fasting, will do this every couple m…[View]
53273232Imagine having to train calves: lol[View]
53272647>mfw my dad never made it i'm gonna make it for him. who else lifts for their dad?…[View]
53272170The more gains the more insecure i become, wtf: inb4 post body I started at 6'1 145lbs I got up…[View]
53274385I did wall push ups and now my arms hurts[View]
53273800I finally am 'untrained' on symmetric strength after eight sessions. Is it normal to start off subpa…[View]
53271596Home Equipment: Would you recommend getting one of these doorway pull-up bars? Or is a wall-mounted …[View]
53273919Homegym master race checking in[View]
53274351177 cm and 75 kg Still have big love handles How do I fix this? Should I just train and eat less so…[View]
53272154Getting /fit/ for folkstyle wrestling: Just joined a folkstyle in my town, anyone here wrestle in HS…[View]
53274299>STDs >AIDS >Skin cancer >Tons of other cancers Fuck bros will a strong immune system a…[View]
53274553>be me >working at office >have a insane schizophrenic mom >she always was telling me th…[View]
53272218What happens if you get a tattoo before adding 10-20 lbs of muscle[View]
53274427Is oversleeping bad for cognitive functions?[View]
53271382Can I ever show my face there again? >squatting 2plate (9 10lb plates, 45lbs were in use) >thr…[View]
53274244Squat alternative in gzcpl?: Squats are hard on my back. I'm trying variations rn and to improv…[View]
53274677how the fuck do you get rid of plantar warts? i cant even walk barefoot anymore and running shoes ar…[View]
53274204Can’t sleep /fit/[View]
53274652so the janitors won't let me be or let me be me so let me see they tried to shut me down on /tv…[View]
53273370>TFW a woman will never appreciate your muscles the same way a man will…[View]
53274018I have been mulling over the idea of lifting and praying synchronistically. Has anyone done this? Wh…[View]
53272881>Workouts that you didn't know ruined your body. Doing weighed lunges have created a really…[View]
53273582Karate girls. Discuss.[View]
53273777OwO whats this? Men can wear skirts AND look manly at the same time!?[View]
53274339What will this stuff do?: Just got some from a friend that has a script, so its legit.[View]
53271917Is lifting twice a week enough to maintain muscle? Build it? I’ve been working late at my new job an…[View]
53274229Train hard, don’t be a hard cunt, enjoy life and don’t take yourself too seriously. Have a good day …[View]
53273466Can someone redpill me on muscle confusion training?[View]
53274038Body fat: I wanna get to the 18-16% range. I have no clue what percent I'm at now. I've lo…[View]
53271010Bros.. how do I stop getting acne on my head after shaving? This shit is fucking gross. That big red…[View]
53266256Synthol Kid: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10375940/surgeo-russian-popeye-fake-muscles-surgery/…[View]
53270207Why didn't you work on your legs today, femanons?[View]
53273080Whatcha drinking tonight /fit/? Mine is pic related because I'm a poor college student.[View]
53273266AHHHHHH FUCKING GYNO AHHHH: >start lifting bc fat w/ gyno >get incredibly swole in a year bc g…[View]
53273131What is the best workout plan for a guy to get a large athletic ass? >inb4 trannie Just to be cle…[View]
53274003Why is the last couple of inches of a chin up always the hardest?[View]
53273047back bread: back thread?? let's see them meat shields No idea how to flex back and first time a…[View]
53273992How can I calculate how many calories I burn running? Do I take a heart rate reading?[View]
53273970Squats: Im trying to progress my squat. Im pretty weak. Im doing 5/3/1 and am worried that when i do…[View]
53273591bros ive hit a plateau the past 4 weeks ive been lifting the same weight number and if i try to go h…[View]
53273598>get to the gym >penis inspection day >im not even male >get the fuck out >doors are …[View]
53273092Why haven't you taken the Fishpill yet, /fit/?: >Tilapia is ~$3 a pound >Nets you 40g of…[View]
53273817what does /fit/ think of Kevin Mann?[View]
53272444Convince me artificial sweeteners are actually bad for you.[View]
53272716>eat one apple >feel full WTF /fit/ WHY IS MY BODY LIKE THIS? it wasnt even a big apple, it wa…[View]
53270063Want my workout to get more intensive: Hey /fit/izens I've been lifting for around 3 weeks and …[View]
53273546Just vomited after doing cardio whilst drunk[View]
5327369445 Resting Heart Rate: So I just woke up, its 6:15 UK time and measured my resting heart rate, it is…[View]
53270943coom: guys is it ok if i jerk off before/after a workout? am i fucking myself up?[View]
53271862How do i get rid of these bitch tits[View]
53251512NNN: Day 18! Give it up for day 18![View]
53271918Okay anons, i need help in so many ways, please for the love of god help me >talking to military …[View]
53272317Meat diet thread. On the polar circle where nothing grows, the Inuit have thrived for generations an…[View]
53264019Who do you trust more?: >Literal dietary doctors who studied this shit for years and concluded th…[View]
53272679New Rule Suggestion: It should be a rule violation to post 'Post Body' in a thread, without posting …[View]
53272589just took a valium: can i still effectively or safely workout? might skip weights and do cardio ?…[View]
53272557PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD WHILE CUTTING: We all know that when you lose weight you lose strength as well.…[View]
53272885I need some help with a medical question, /fit/ All my life, I have always been short of breath. Th…[View]
53272116Oi /fit/, I need your help and honestly I'm never on this board but after 3 months of hating my…[View]
53271170Yogapill General: What's your excuse for not reaping the myriad benefits of yoga? Increased st…[View]
53270632Half Marathon: As part of a work thing I have to run a half marathon in June I'm in pretty good…[View]
53271541whats the best way to make social gains for a complete social retard[View]
53272551I am struggling bros. I am four weeks into dieting and for some reason the cravings are starting up …[View]
53272657Shallow squat biceps femoris: Hey I've been having problems on reaching depth in my squat, espe…[View]
53272418Why am I never thirsty, but when I drink water I immediately become parched as fuck and my mouth goe…[View]
53273226How good of a routine is the program from Arnolds Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding?[View]
53273244>tfw trying to get past basement dweller status[View]
53272675Ecdysterone: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31123801 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/…[View]
53272310uhhh are we reaching the end game /fit/ bros?[View]
53271072What sorts of snacks can I get to trick myself into not being hunry without adding too many carbs/ca…[View]
53268534I give up on woman and decide to use prostitution to satisfy my sexual needs. Would lifting and read…[View]
53269504>inna gym yesterday >normally keep to myself, don't talk to anyone besides 'you done with…[View]
53267621What are some food you really shouldn't eat on the daily? >mfw just found out sausages have …[View]
53270847>forearm curls >still only have two arms[View]
53270332Why so weak and fat after years of lifting inb4 low test, but I’m not a cuck, hate leftist onions b…[View]
53272873>simultaneous quad, glute, and ham doms[View]
53272241Horny Goat Weed: What the hell will this stuff do for me in the gym, and does it make no fap impossi…[View]
53272249Is my neck aesthetic?[View]
53270553I accidentally made a ground-breaking discovery I'd like to share with you before it gets publi…[View]
53272359Ok anons, need some help here. Just broke my hand and have a cast, so now I can’t go to the gym for …[View]
53272546>finally reach goal body after years of working out >realize I'm too shy to show off my g…[View]
53270820How was a chain smoker the first man to run a sub 4 minute mile?[View]
53270423I've started taking MK-677 (20mg/a day) and I've genuinely grown about an inch taller sinc…[View]
53271545Female motivational videos: My wife and I are going to try and make it. I have been off lifting for …[View]
53272421Do I have dysintary poisoning?[View]
53248533How to stay /fit/ while partying the college years away?[View]
53272095>enter dance class >'WHERE DO YOU GO? MY LOVE. WHERE DO YOU GOOOO…[View]
53270591I wish I would have picked up lifting when I was younger rather than waiting until my late 20's…[View]
53271811been practicing the snatch for 4 months and still can't do it hahaha[View]
53267402Sleepy Problem: lads, i noticed some years ago that i'm sleepy 80% of the time i'm woke, t…[View]
53271233Can someone redpill me on DNP? Post experiences if you've personally taken it[View]
53245626I stopped taking ON because I can't live with paying more for my protein. This shit is like hal…[View]
53272220>my bulking calories are someone's cutting calories why is this allowed…[View]
53270729When I suck my cheeks in, is that basically how I'll look with a lower body fat %? Is there any…[View]
53272118>be me, in my apt. >roommate is with fiance >fiance invites me to join them in his room …[View]
53272123What are the benefits of Cow Colostrum?[View]
53271679Thanks So Much!: Followed a diet listed here saying only eat meat! Didn't shit for 7 days then …[View]
53272091When is the easiest time of the year to cut fat? Its starting to get hot here in Australia, nearing …[View]
53272030>scooby says he's never done steroids >TRT is testosterone >testosterone is an anaboli…[View]
532667315 pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle?: Is this true?[View]
53270317Which diet is best for mass/bulk?: I work my legs crazy on my stairs, walking up and down over and o…[View]
53271994When are you going to make some clean house/room gainz?: A clean living space has been linked to bet…[View]
53271018hi frens i got two questions first i know i shouldn't be comparing myself to others but is 0.5/…[View]
53271645Guys i think i broke something but somehow it doesnt hurt , and i cant go to hospital what should i …[View]
53269815What's your excuse /fit/?[View]
53271832How do I know if I'm actually making progress?: In the early stages of an exercise regimen?…[View]
53271698Nutrition: What else should I get /fit/?[View]
53264562This is Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom) now. What's your excuse?[View]
53271558why does my fat only goes to my belly, and not my arms?[View]
53270018/fit/ redpill thread, will start you out with 5 on the house. 1: Looking big in a shirt is more imp…[View]
53270621why do you even do it /fit/ ? I fell for this girl hard, it was mutual I think. She was 18 when I m…[View]
53271492>be hungry >eat >get hungrier >mfw…[View]
53269106Cut or bulk? Also what estimate body fat % do I have?[View]
53271536Here's an obscure fitness take Anybody know about Ido Portal and his movement gyms? Thoughts?[View]
53270093>wake up >work >go to gym >get home >eat >open door and tiptoe through the designa…[View]
53269533STOP TAKING CREATINE: I have no family history of baldness. My father is 52 years old and still has …[View]
53271126what's wrong with me: >a year ago, i could get 6 hours of sleep and still run laps every day…[View]
53270922post aesthetic bulks[View]
53267890Hey /fit/ im trying to prepare for military basics. Any home workouts you can recommend for me? I do…[View]
53270577How to become as chad as Chris hemsworth: How does someone become as chad as Chris hemsworth? Like h…[View]
53271260Ok so I want to get a gf and I want to look like pic related. Can I do it in 3 months? Ideally by Ja…[View]
53270741Developing upper abs: I've been doing 40-120 crunches 4 days a week for the past month and a ha…[View]
53262659Daily reminder to stretch more, buddeh.[View]
53271087>be with a group of friends at a gym one night >lifting, setting new PRs together >there’s …[View]
53269443kittie getting swole lol[View]
53270360back thread: post backs how do you focus on scapular retraction? it feels less like im pulling my sh…[View]
53269395What are alternatives for good leg work when you don't have access to a barbell and/or heavier …[View]
53270812Why is change so damn hard: I keep going on a caloric deficit diet for a while but then stop my dedi…[View]
53265357Has a woman ever seemed interested in your home gym?[View]
53270528| Will 'The Machine': is that /fit/? A high school football star finally meets his match. …[View]
53270259Recovery: How does /fit/ recover fast after an intense workout? For context, i'm an unathletic …[View]
53270831>he doesn't refuel with mio NGMI.[View]
53270486>/mu/ is laughing at us again[View]
53268265What mode are these three and how do I reach it?[View]
53246072Are you a heartlet?: t. 66[View]
53265296Reminder that THIS is what normies think a 10/10 fit guy looks like Why even work out if face>…[View]
53269889Feeling The Tension In Muh Lifts: Does performing my lifts slowly and feeling all the tension that c…[View]
53265578i am usally a meat eater, but they had this as an offer in LIDL today. i just ate one and.... anons.…[View]
53264908Fitness Redpills: Squatting 3x5 isn't lifting, its squatting 3x12 and failing on the 10th rep a…[View]
53267676>eat more >get stronger wow you guys were right all along huh…[View]
53246179FUCK DEADLIFTS FUCK SQUATS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cru42FSp1o4 David laid just diagnosed wi…[View]
53270109>he isn't taking cold showers >Thinks he will ever make it…[View]
53265761this nigga ain't natty is he?[View]
53269302nutella: what do you bad boys think of adding 1 tbsp of nutella a day on my bulk? shit is tasty and …[View]
53266056Have your trained your PAIN threshold today?: >You wouldn't want to have a chiseled figure a…[View]
53267498Kombucha, Kefir, Water Kefir: What does /fit/ think about Kombucha, Kefir, Water Kefir? Did you trie…[View]
53270226Manlet: what if i cut my legs and get some big-ass prothesis to stop being a manlet[View]
53266677Better than steroids if you are a new lifter: True?Studies do seem to think so[View]
53269836Bad arms genetics: is it possible to fix this shit? my arms look fucking small from front view…[View]
53265468awful brain fog? anyone? it came to a level where I sometimes literally forget the rep/set I was on.…[View]
53255563FPH: New Thread: Old one is dying of a heart attack edition In the spirit of thanksgiving coming up,…[View]
53268767thinking about going to the gym rn but is it crowded at 6 pm usually? I want to avoid boomers making…[View]
53269929How much stronger is an untrained fat man compared to an average gymcell? Let's say he has 30-4…[View]
53270139i used to think this was ripped[View]
53270051Can I get /fit/ without going to the gym? I don't like being around people and I am insecure be…[View]
53269475how long do I have to lift for this body and can I do it naturally[View]
53268250I know these are suppose to be bad for you, but how bad is it if I only drink 3-4 of these a day? Wh…[View]
53260840Goal physique thread: post forms that you're willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve during …[View]
53246414Progress pictures: Can we have a progress thread? Before after pics and stories. The stuff you guys …[View]
53266541MOGGED thread: Post 'em[View]
53269798legs: are squats really that essential for legs? can you just go doing leg press + other exercises w…[View]
53269166I am a skinny mother fucker and I want to get in shape any advice[View]
53262305Are we actually DEGRADING as humans? >The traditional story relates that Pheidippides(530bc-490bc…[View]
53266969What the hell is wrong with you Americans?[View]
53269549>be 5'6, early 20s, ottermode, DYEL, twink etc. >40yo Asian MILF is a fellow regular at t…[View]
53269659Is tea good for you: Is tea good for you[View]
53265629kettlebells: Tell me about kettlebells Are they good for an advance lifter for strength training ?…[View]
53268571i dont want to work abs but i want abs[View]
53268182dear fitizen, you said >EAT BIG TO GET BIG SON COME ONE >4 scoops >2 grams of proteins per …[View]
53268219lost NNN and over a month of no fap i want to suck start a shotgun UFKC[View]
53269835Superior humans: >cam Hanes >professional mogger >professional bow hunter >professional…[View]
53268996>tfw 10 days until december[View]
53267580She’s right you know[View]
53269729Ribcage Expansion: Fact or Fiction?[View]
53267739post /fit/ related lifehacks[View]
53268848Want to go fast: /fit/, I want to be able to run 10 miles at 9 mph. I designed a routine to get myse…[View]
53269304teen vs older bigger taller men: Hey bros I've been trying to sleep but I couldn't get thi…[View]
53269614I haven't been able to gym for 1 week and I'm feeling scared and lonely bros Some nights a…[View]
53268340so which is better? high fat low carb or high carb low fat? some jacked faggot at the gym was tellin…[View]
53268404what progress is realistically achievable vegan?[View]
53269687So I started lifting around 2 weeks ago and so far, everyone in the gym is really quite supportive. …[View]
53255418/CBT/: New /cbt/ also also what should I work on for a more well rounded physique? Current physique …[View]
53269105A COOM MAATATA: After 8 years of lifting and cardio I have come to the conclusion that getting lean …[View]
53269371Whats your skincare routine /fit/? >woke up >ate a veggie pizza with tobasco >shaved >pu…[View]
53258728RATE YOURSELF: I am 5 in both[View]
53264832bulkan/cuttan: Okay, fellas, give me your advice. I'm 5'11' manlet king, currently at 180 …[View]
53268756finasteride horror stories: are they true/just a myth? discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1pb4…[View]
53269464rate my shit: rate my shit[View]
53265815Thanksgiving: It's the day of protein. Turkey, deer roast, duck sauce piquant, sausage stuffing…[View]
53269117Hey guys, I have an issue. I have SVT, a heart condition that basically means I can't have stim…[View]
53262372Why do vegans say fiber is necessary when it is actually harmful?[View]
53268354R8 my bulking meal pls 2 New York steaks 3 eggs, Spinach with very little dressing Scoop of proton …[View]
53266038How do i kill this hunger?[View]
53266777>go to the store to buy a skipping rope >its 8 fucking dollars What the fuck? how is this allo…[View]
53252428/fat/ starting weight edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For dough elementals who want to better themsel…[View]
53266992>he requires food for sustenance >he doesn't simply photosynthesize ngmi…[View]
53269373>he is short therefore he is natty You absolute stupid cunts, being shorter doesn't mean you…[View]
53254182Eye health and LASIK: Good day to you, /fit/izens. Eye health thread? Eye health thread Too much dou…[View]
53263552You don't skip ab day right /fit/?[View]
53249203Why has my need to sleep plummeted since I started supplementing iodine? I normally need anywhere fr…[View]
53267637Strength training is king: >isolation exercises? Hypertrophy? Are you fucking gay?…[View]
53260257Medication&Lifting: My doctor prescribed me Citalopram 1A for my major depressive and anxiety di…[View]
53267170Boomer thread: What the fuck is wrong with boomers? I've heard multiple stories from different …[View]
53269070How do you go from left to right?: Pic related[View]
53268913Suggestions For Beginner Body Weight Routine?: Which exercises? How Many?[View]
53266970Gymnastic Rings: Have you tried these? Why are they so much harder even for relatively static exerci…[View]
53264800I wanna ask you a question, /fit/. What’s the point of health and fitness? I understand exercise can…[View]
53268989>running on a treadmill isn't the same as normal running[View]
53269051How does one acheive this mode?[View]
53267635>Anon you've been so aggressive ever since you started using creatine. Please stop being so …[View]
53268446What is better a shower after the workout or before the workout?[View]
53266835What's your midnight snack?[View]
53268551'cheat days': My dad has always told me that there is a maximum number of calories you can…[View]
53264541ITTMEMES YOU FELL FOR: GO >bone broth >garlic >red onions…[View]
53267805here we post our 'real' stats >1/2/3/4/education/hairline 70kg/125kg/150kg/210kg/phd/perfect…[View]
532628017 day programs: I basically have to start every day by training, for sanity reasons. I have a tenden…[View]
53264990Should you bench with or without clips?: I've been told to bench without so worst case scenario…[View]
53268288What is the most caloricaly dense foods you can find at a super market?[View]
53248520/plg/ - powerlifting general: Barbell training discussion Let's get huuuuge[View]
53268696>tfw took the /selfimprovement/pill and went from 20-year old incel to 30-year-old single mother …[View]
53267617How to make voice like pic related?: *any methods bedides smoking[View]
53254923Hey /fit/, I just want to change up my routine tonight. Design me a tricep and chest workout and I…[View]
53267185Ey yo homeboy, cani get a spot?[View]
53268398best forms of martial arts?: did bjj 3 years ago when i was 16 but was too cuck and low energy to re…[View]
53265145Achievable natty?[View]
53268501>Cool blogpost, fatty. Start fasting. No eating for 24 hours at least 3-5 times a week until you …[View]
53262308Visited US from Europe, why are there so many obese people in America? Not just fat but obese.[View]
53268135Relax your face muscles, unclench your jaw, and stop scrunching your brow.[View]
53266775Why do gyms do this?[View]
53251408What did he do again?[View]
53266675>Meet another /fit/izen on Discord >He doesn't lift Why am I not surprised?…[View]
53266117Pectus Excavatum: Bros, has anyone fixed Pectus Excavatum? I am sorta fit now. Twice has it happened…[View]
53266825How to achieve Guidomode?[View]
53267944>he 'lift' to get pussy: Why you guy are so cringy?[View]
53268248Do you keep getting mogged? Well don't worry! All you have to do is keep drinking your MOG MILK…[View]
53267533Try and name literally anything else that looks worse than a front photo view of your physique[View]
53267408What is /fit oppinion on volcel: Autism or based?[View]
53264560How much will watching youtube vids while I eat dinner everyday and also writing notes after class h…[View]
53267808*blocks your arteries*[View]
53265396Nesquik vs this stuff: There's this store 1 minute from my school campus that sells this stuff.…[View]
53266620OK to drink after a meal?: Is it OK to drink a bottle of water after a large meal or will this dilut…[View]
53264211What does confidence feel like? For some reason i no longer feel gym anxiety even when the gym is fu…[View]
53268000Why is ballroom posture the GOAT and how do I train it?[View]
53267750In a few months I will start building my own house. Give me pictures with home gyms, please. I wan…[View]
53265059Help pls /fit/: my stomach wont let me eat more food and im worried i may become anorexic. its effec…[View]
53264750No point?: >Spend months losing weight >Meticulously weigh food, track macros and calories …[View]
53265413Squat form check: I have noticeable pain in lower back when lowering below knees. Cues to fix it?…[View]
53266488>pajeets can't be big, strong, white pussy slaying mach-...oh[View]
53263818/fit/ help, my current gf likes to be fucked like REALLY hard and really fast. Around 3 smacks per s…[View]
53265664I can bench 275lbs but I still look like shit. What’s the secret to getting a huge chest?[View]
53267372Hey /fit/, new to properly exercising, I've got two questions: 1: How do I increase the size of…[View]
53267231How can you be a successful bodybuilder or an athlete if you're broke and you don't have m…[View]
53249161Daily pushup thread Just do it, faggot edition >under 50 is double >dubs is +50 >trips is +…[View]
53267118Salami Nipples: So guys, I have a case of the salami nipples. (When the nipples are erect they look …[View]
53262933How are you shitting lads?[View]
53264429What are some good ab exercises[View]
53266931tfw TFCC tear still hasn't improved and it has been a year. Hoe do i cope?[View]
53267626>finished workout two hours ago >already got back doms Yeah baby I'm thinking I'm ma…[View]
53264491comfyest: I bought a wrong sized underwear that was too tight. before throwing into the trash I deci…[View]
53264101Best Protein Powder: I personally use MyProtein Impact Whey available from MyProtein. It's high…[View]
53265271How does my back look? Been training for 6 months now.[View]
53265330Hobbies: /fit/ hobbies? I like to watch pro rastlin pic related[View]
53267319rarted /fit/ moment: >be me 5'8' Asian guy with decent amount of muscle >girl on tinder: …[View]
53264873Gym stories I guess: Happend like 15 mins ago >be me >at gym >here comes a guy I never seen…[View]
53266426Bro split but with with back 2x a week so it's 6 days instead of 5. >inb4 lmao bro split enj…[View]
53267128These are the weight of the muscles of an average person[View]
53266586Meat is healthy for y- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGuS2Esd_Dk[View]
53262761When is it acceptable to wear a belt? I'm currently struggling to rep 85 kg on squat because my…[View]
53264895>he actually ''bodybuilds'' to look good lmao why not just be strongfat, you …[View]
53266574The only compounds i do are the bench press and strict press[View]
53262717Wake up at 1 am and jump from rooftops to strengthen your leg bones for war[View]
53264483Downsides of Intermittent Fasting?: I'm currently doing 18:6 intermittent fasting. Are there an…[View]
53263085when do you actually start enjoying lifting weights i'm in my 5th week and it's more of a …[View]
53261428push pull legs: hey i would like to change my training and it would look like this: mon : pull upper…[View]
53266015Are blue chips good as a snack? Or should I stay away from them like the rest of the chips?[View]
53263709Any of you niggers use l-theanine? Is Suntheanine really that much better than standard l-theanine?[View]
53266557>Do not use this product if you are more than 15 pounds overweight. Why did this start appearing …[View]
53266693Mental health thread: Is there a cure for socially inept people? Im a neet and when I go in public m…[View]
53260697The most based work lunch ever.[View]
53266625Lifting Choons: Post em lads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl6968xYsHg[View]
53262066This person is 6'2'. How much would you say he weighs? I'm guessing around 300.[View]
53265466How to deal with negative parents? i can't move out yet because housing is so expensive but con…[View]
53266083Do you guys deload or take a week off?[View]
53265498Has anyone here ever made one of these barbells? I want to try but how to make the bottles hold tigh…[View]
53259808Alright boys, its been some years now, Ive made it, got jacked, muscular, got a 6 pack, but my teeth…[View]
53266078What are some /fit/ hobbies for a recovering coomer?: Recovering coomer. On nofap now for 30 days. H…[View]
53261494Which martial art/combat sport is the best?[View]
53263779How much coffee is safe to have? I literaly never drink coffee in fear that I might get addicted to …[View]
53260666Is scooby's calorie calculator accurate for bulking? It only has one bulking option - 'clean bu…[View]
53236247Haven't seen a /deenz/ thread in a couple days[View]
53263658Can I just ignore mild labrum and other general shoulder pain while benching, or am I fucking myself…[View]
53265112I have some pain in place in red circle while deadlift when I look in mirror while deadlifting I hav…[View]
53263965>can only dribble no matter how many kegels sets I do[View]
53249504Muscle Girls: I'm trying to get a friend lady into weight lifting and I want to show her pictur…[View]
53265849What ACTUALLY causes a fluctuation on one day from >80.6kg To >81.7 With barely any changes in…[View]
53262600>tfw time to go to the gym[View]
53263179What if i do for a cut a daily deficit of -800 and 1 day a week i dont eat at all, only water, is th…[View]
53263625How to reduce amount of bowlmovments?: >eat middle to high carb >shit like 4 times a day. …[View]
53260648All you bodybuilders and powerlifters are missing the boat. If you see a guy with big shoulders, lon…[View]
53262802Just got back from the doctor, and I have Tietzes syndrome. Apparently I can't work out for 3 m…[View]
53265767Can't progress with bench. What can i be doing wrong? For example i feel my dips in my chest a …[View]
53261597Serratus anterior: This move but with 10 lbs dumbell Any better exercise to build a bigger serratus?…[View]
53263651I did 3 sets of 10kg on both sides bench press without a sweat today. My skelington ass is getting s…[View]
53261769Need help fit. I'm trying to bulk since febuary and only gained about five pounds. Pic relate…[View]
53265123I can't take it. Working out makes me feel like im on coke. Im too relaxed, i don't even l…[View]
53260882neckpill: been taking the neckpill hard. like daily neckcurls big time but im legit starting to feel…[View]
53260972Why yes I am bulking how could you tell?[View]
53263318>soja causes feminization and infertility >asians eat more onions than any other group >asi…[View]
53265392I'm very hungover, what can I do besides eating and drinking water to help the hangover go away…[View]
53262691How the hell do you fix a bad sleep schedule? I am under alot of stress lately and guess that's…[View]
53263756Ok, I'm starting to struggle to get my last reps on 5*5 so I'm gonna take creatine. How ba…[View]
53265387Deadlift is a useless ego lift. Anything past 3 plates is a buldging disc waiting for its chance. Ju…[View]
53264575How does this make you feel, human boy?[View]
53262914Can you be a competitive triathlete without looking like shit? Or is it like endurance running where…[View]
53264871I can only lift/ do sport in compression underwear otherwise my dick shrivels up and get stuck in we…[View]
53264581Are you following the Turtle Master Way, /fit/?[View]
53263598/Fit/ness Goals for 2020: What are yours? Mine >Finally hit 1/2/3/4 >Half marathon in a good…[View]
53262521Are my legs bowed? This doesn't look normal[View]
53263652>my father is a fat retard, he has around 100 kgs and he is 180 >ocasionally he goes to gym f…[View]
53264479>deadlifted 425 for 2 reps today Did I make it, /fit/? Only been training deadlift for 2 1/2 mont…[View]
53264808Will the new decade's resolution crowd be better than the new year's one?[View]
53264781Core/obliques exercises: Lately i find myself shaking a lot when doing heavy OHP, and i can lift way…[View]
53250602QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread[View]
53263528This bicep natty?[View]
53262235Friendly reminder that Ritsu and his tranny discord friends are raiding /fit/ and are trying to conv…[View]
53261034How hard should a workout buddy push you? >Working out with a buddy that's double my age, an…[View]
53264666Are artificial sweeteners really bad for you?[View]
53261840>lift 6 days a week, 15-20 hours >10/10 mood, exude positive energy on everyone >rest day …[View]
53262273When Vegeta is training on Earth and the display in the gravity room says 300 times Earth's gra…[View]
53263003>had a dream last night >Rich Piana was still alive >he posted a new video on youtube >…[View]
53261159I don't wanna go Gym today[View]
53262648Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
53264270yes!! i do push ups and pull ups a couple hours after my 5x5: how could you tell?[View]
53253511many of you laughed at me for trying to draw The Golden One's juicy physique: nobody is laughin…[View]
53262656You're about to learn your place my friend It doesn't matter anymore what you say you are …[View]
53264261Who says you can’t run a marathon a day and be J-J-JACKED? Get on his level[View]
53262938Just in 3 hours, gamechangers debunk on Joe Rogan podcast[View]
53263547Dropped a heavy ass dumbell on my phone while doing chest press, is this a sign from the gods /fit/?[View]
53264106How to get past intermediate?: Im stuck at 1/2/4/4 for ages now[View]
53261882tfw did 25 push ups in a row, started with 2-3 so me me happy[View]
53263994How many days does it take for Proviron to increase libido? Is there a big difference between 25mg a…[View]
53261419How many slow complete pushups can you do consecutively? Until your arms burn and you cannot move th…[View]
53253830Whett and Limp[View]
53262382Redpill me on Tamoxifen .[View]
53223843/fraud/ - Juice: Read the r/steroids wiki and google you question instead of asking us. I knowingly …[View]
53263879>blind guys hog all free weights again[View]
53259890Vegan meals: Post your favourite vegan meals for gaining muscles meat cucks do not come here, we don…[View]
53260543>mfw i squated lmao2plates today I know it's bitch weight but I started with 30kg so I'…[View]
53258087What fitness machine should I kill myself wiTH? I'm thinking of running an elliptical machine r…[View]
53257949What are some long term complications from lifting really heavy weights? Even if you use the correct…[View]
53262670What’s the side effect of Keto, it can’t be all that easy[View]
53263194>eat a little >shit a little >eat a lot >shit a lot You'd think that's how it …[View]
53244261/skinnyfat hell/ Welcome to skinny fat hell, I hope you enjoy your stay Has anyone managed to escap…[View]
53262624>squat is catching up to deadlift What the fuck is wrong with my body.[View]
53260263Skellies/skinny guys hate thread /sgh: I know there's fat people hate and it is important. But.…[View]
53262992Full body vs split; what is /fit/'s take on this?[View]
53260147>5'2 >goal weight 60kg >basic metabolic rate will be 1500 calories per day This is a c…[View]
53262526Coffee grinds, blueberries, and 5% (based) fat yogurt Truly the most anabolic breakfast (Also had a …[View]
53262438VIAGRA FOR GAINS: >Notably, the approximate doubling of skeletal muscle protein synthesis observe…[View]
53263235Rate lifts: I’m a Hs senior/Am boxer with a 320 Squat 370 Straight bar deadlift 185 Pc 170 Bench A…[View]
53263296>bunch of old black dudes screaming their conversation across the weight room…[View]
53261943Heres my pinky toe nail U guys wanna post urs?[View]
53263016>20miles march a day with 80lbs gear >have to build camp (timber walls, 6 foot trench, watch t…[View]
53262514Load moaner in the gym: >be me >at the gym, forget earphones >some guy doing curls in the …[View]
53263152Noob here. How do i know when i completed my workout? Is it when i can't go anymore? Is it afte…[View]
53262244>ohp is catching up to squat Oh fuck lol[View]
53262885How does Vegeta maintain a permanent Norwood 3?[View]
53261474Delayed ejaculation problem with prostitutes and TestoGel therapy: 29 years old male I've never…[View]
53262931>6 day ppl >cardio 6 days a week >mfw right shin starts to hurt to walk on >back pops wh…[View]
53262932How to stay motivated during the leg day?[View]
53261806Hello lads, I noticed that when I'm squatting low bar I always raise my hips first but in a rea…[View]
53253283So /fit/ whats your sleeping position?[View]
53262837Who looks stronger? 170cm/140lb athletic boy or 175cm/200lb fat boy[View]
53262868Phenibut for recovery/hgh?: Hey lads, found some left over phenibut I had kicking about from ages fo…[View]
53261983its my birthday today. im 34 and i still feel like killing myself every single year regardless of ho…[View]
53259190Checkmate, Ketards: Ketogenic diet Edit The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet used…[View]
532579153 points 6 options: Choose between: >Keeping roided aesthetic low bf body as natty limit without …[View]
53261709Femboy here, what can I do for a thinner waist? I'm 5' 8' with a lean build and have a BM…[View]
53257469is this achievable natty?[View]
53262018How to get this physique[View]
53257619What fictional character do you lift for?[View]
53261921>NoNut day 20 >dreamt I actually raped a woman and facefucked her >accidentally killed her …[View]
53262436Anyone else tried quark? >be me >intermediate >selecting to eat >quark buy >quark …[View]
53257964How many pushups are you capable of doing /fit/? Post routine[View]
53255736Give me one good reason to train legs[View]
53259764Yuge Ball: I have a hydrocele that's recently grown bigger over the past month and now it'…[View]
53262185Is a vegan diet comparable with lifting? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_xzXOzYhRTM[View]
53262094what does the ephedrine in ECA stack do exactly? Does it suppress appetite or increase your TDEE?[View]
53253634Fat destroys your face: I bulked up to 18% BF for the first time ever and my face looks absolutely r…[View]
53261079>resting heart rate while sleeping 34 >resting heart rate while awake 39 This is fine…[View]
53256042What’s your current animal best friend /fit/? Also would strapping a weighted vest to a cat/dog make…[View]
53260793>tfw got mired by my auntie >'oh anon your shoulders are so broad and straight, you must be ge…[View]
53257616I can pull a 335 double overhand deadlift for five reps. Is that enough to get the level one Captain…[View]
53260323Mr Shekelstein needs you to come in early today wagekek, looks like you'll have to skip the gym…[View]
53259050Gym stories: >be me >live in the progressive nation of Sweden >come from a uni town so lots…[View]
53261228I fapped for the last ever time 24 hours ago. Already I am feeling the urge to coom. How do you lads…[View]
53262026>be straight male >extra horny from NNN >mirin some 6'3' buff guy doing heavy squats …[View]
53261684How to run a sub 6min mile? >Be me 6:49 racelet[View]
53257916are there any supplements that help with nerve regrowth or becoming less desensitized? I'm spec…[View]
53261588When did looksmaxing incels take over this board?[View]
53259365Breakfast: Is it bad if you skip breakfast? Personally, I'm unable to eat anything for 2-3 hour…[View]
53261661>mfw I get a knee pump and it gets all shaky It loses only to ballsack pump from sunbathing naked…[View]
53259577protein shake amount: How much protein shakes do you take per day?[View]
53259247Does edging but no cooooming ruin no fap?[View]
53260719Where were you when the manlet revolution started?[View]
53258954Pullups are awesome they're fucking destroying me I wish I started on them ages ago[View]
53259161>the average physically active 20 year old male needs 3000-3500 calories to maintain >tfw main…[View]
53255384What is this mode called?[View]
53261412I skipped the gym for 5 months and lost 20 pounds so now im skeleton mode again. How quickly will my…[View]
53258906I just procrastinated the entire did and finished an essay at the last moment.: How can I fix this b…[View]
53261194Is this achievable natty?[View]
53259867Fitness trackers: What fitness tracker do you use /fit/? I was looking at getting a Fitbit because i…[View]
53258476Lifting Music: What songs do you listen too before you lift something very heavy? https://www.youtub…[View]
53257471Do chicks really prefer men with massive throbbing Forearms?[View]
53259919what is the most redpill protein isolate and why is it pea protein?[View]
53258738Rate my form bros[View]
53261558GOOD MORNING[View]
53261095Hot showers: They say they reduce testosterone but they obviously clean you better and reduce muscle…[View]
53261462Been dieting for 2 weeks, never went over my calories, never wanted sugar/highly prcessed shit, howe…[View]
53257914I've been thinking of getting into wresting, is this a /fit/ approved sport?[View]
53256980>tfw look like a soiboi NOOOOOOOOO WHY WHY WHY[View]
53254402How do you stay motivated to training? Have you ever lost motivation?[View]
53258147how to undo a cheat day fast?: I just had a 6,000 calorie cheat day. >wendy's baconator - 10…[View]
53260943I've been making sure to take 2g of omega 6 every day for the past few months. I feel great, th…[View]
53256498Meat diet thread. Im just gonna start by saying that the inuit only ate meat. Theres nothing there. …[View]
53259993eat 700 calories per day: >Recommended fat loss rate is 2lbs or 1kg per week >1g of fat = 9 ca…[View]
53216826/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Sup niggas[View]
53260026Streamer got caught having bitch tits after years of using steroids. How do you avoid this while jui…[View]
53258537Do you count the bar?[View]
53260848>tfw want to cut but the urge to lift bigger weights is too strong I cant...i....neeed....new...P…[View]
53259077>rest day >nothing else to do except play with my chickens what do you do on your rest days? I…[View]
53258851Does lifting help with crippling autism?: I can't do social situations. I don't get social…[View]
53261114Tired in the morning fails: Tired in the morning fails >be me >early >make protein pancakes…[View]
53260563Powerlifting programming: So, i pretty much only fo hypertrophy. but for funsies i've been thin…[View]
53257950>How people on /fit/ think they look or want to look You know there is such a thing as TOO muscu…[View]
53260057redpilled food: You are only able to eat 500 calories a day for 12 months. Your one goal is to minim…[View]
53259839skelly thread: 6'2 125lb anon here should i get down to 0-2% BF before bulking for the winter o…[View]
53251887Training PAIN: How can one train himself in order to be accustomed to pain? I've been flagellat…[View]
53258788why do I have no T?: wtf is wrong with me? >on NO FAP for 1+ year >sexually frustrated af for …[View]
53260914ROLL CALL[View]
53259602>The greatest athlete in history is 5'7. How does that makes you feel /fit/?…[View]
53260393The fuck do I do bois: Been liftin for 6 months, bulked too hard for 3 months and got a belly, then …[View]
53259463Isolate, why?: 3 grs of fat or carbs will fuck your macros? Isn't a bit excessive pay the price…[View]
53260039Why didn't he just improve himself in terms of social skills/resources and his desire and compe…[View]
53260111ITT: music that makes you stronger. https://youtu.be/3QiCnb1yvBw[View]
53249705do you use any skin care products on your face? i've heard that it's best to moisturize af…[View]
53235755Ideals bread? Rate people that post.[View]
53260594Hey /fit/, I'm signing up for boxing lessons for exercise next week. I know it's not going…[View]
53260772Fictional goal thread: post 'em[View]
53256790>22 years old >been on fin for about 2 years and a half >go to see dermatologist >says I…[View]
53260584>he doesnt take at least 400mg of N-Acetylamin once a week for those sweet, sweet -SH gainz oh no…[View]
53258176Anyone do obstacle races? Seems like a fun way to show off your fitness and gains without requiring …[View]
53259880>Be me >At gym today >Personal trainer (works for gym) walks up to platform beside me >H…[View]
53257036Working out with very large breasts: My gf is about to become a personal trainer but she’s insecure …[View]
53260580https://youtu.be/MGSQjzqm2DU?t=89 HOW MUCH ALCOHOL DOES FIT APPROVE OF??????[View]
53259985>hey man, mind spotting me while I do leg curls? >what do you mean you don't know how? ju…[View]
53259614Rich Piana tribute: I miss him lads, I trully do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LFtTQOQO8M…[View]
53258725Why does /fit/ dislike handsome males that don't look like balding 50 year old hollywood actors…[View]
53258850You can only reply to this if your bench is over 225 lbs.: benchlets gtfo[View]
53257700Anyone dealing with pectus carinatum? Excavatum fags need not apply[View]
53259034What’s the best /fit/ humor content on YT and why is it BroScienceLife?[View]
53248845post use to think was ripp[View]
53260167>more and more people crying about NNN being stupid and to stop it >most are women and unhealt…[View]
53259888a thread died for this[View]
53255784PWO: Post your favorite preworkout, for me it's 500mg of caffeine[View]
53259333I believe Rippetoe is correct when he says that low-bar squats are the best for developing overall s…[View]
53259275How common ARE steroids these days? Does everyone and their gran do them?[View]
53258869I am physically unable to do a single push up. What can I do to change that?[View]
53258509BCAA: Is it worth buying the BCAA powder if I'm eating a chicken breast and 3 scoops of isolate…[View]
53259681Macro is not equal: I fucking despise the halfwits who say 'Tis all bout the macros' Tis f…[View]
53253346How do I fix this?[View]
53257521Why do you all you keep being fit? Do you actually love yourself or something?[View]
53259127Bjj fags are delusional. Do you honestly believe a 160 lb “man” who does rolls around with guys at a…[View]
53258695Been no shaving for a month now. My beard is constantly itchy. Aloe oils only help a little and sham…[View]
53259440Guys, I need your help..: The problem is in my lower back + legs. I think I fucked up a nerve or som…[View]
53259610am being serious: should endocrinologist be taken seriously? or any kind of doctor for that matter..…[View]
53248779Lads how many scoops of whey do you eat per day? Do you consume whey in other forms such as protein …[View]
53256574Fuck Deadlifts: Why are Deadlifters and by extension powerlifters the most cringe gym goer? Asians r…[View]
53253853What does /fit/ think about the lying pullover?[View]
53257401>set a PR on barbell rows AND squat today >receive pic related from qt We're all gonna ma…[View]
53256458Embarrassing workout music stories: >be me >working out on ergometer >blasting workout play…[View]
53258879>tfw finally benching one plate for reps (5x5) Yeah, I’m thinking this skelly is making it. what …[View]
53259318I can't fucking do this anymore I'm tired of my fucking caved in chest. I'm tired of …[View]
53253419Meanwhile, in Bizarro /fit/ ...[View]
53257786During a rut, what's the longest you've ever gone without working out?[View]
53249961Does joining the air force require any sort of physical fitness? Won't you just be sitting in a…[View]
53258719>tfw fast metabolism Why[View]
53258864How can I tell if I'm actually making progress or just wasting my time[View]
53254569>pulled sumo today >liked it Why all the hate?…[View]
53257776The mind, the body, and the spirit are all equally important. Porn is junk-food for your mind. How …[View]
53255397how do military people train to carry 100+lbs?: Also i saw some new backpack thing with a wheel that…[View]
53258862Heroic Body Ratios:: Post a pic showing how many head widths your shoulders are. Manlets will be exp…[View]
53256838>hair only looks good at the end of the day What are the best hair exercises?…[View]
53256443Who do I listen to?: I am trying to do my own research and figure out what works best for me etc but…[View]
53257517> lbs[View]
53250494Was it /fit/kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNm5xj4i2Xc[View]
53253870Post /fit/ stats >Height >Weight >Age >Time lifting >OHP/B/S/DL (in pl8s obviously) …[View]
53238237CBT: Last thread is hitting bump limit, let’s post those bodies. How am I looking?[View]
53258456Pointless Cope or High IQ?: Would my 5 incher “appear” bigger if I stopped training lower body and l…[View]
53258467What is the facial aesthetic equivalent of high test girls /fit/?[View]
53253464how do i beat autism: i want a hot tan brazilian gf with a nice tight body i've been lifting fo…[View]
53257706how to escape /t-rex/ mode: okey fgts I'm committing to a bulk because it doesn't matter i…[View]
53258354I fucked up my back (muscles) five years ago. Had pains for an year, and they subsided. A few years …[View]
53258300Fellas, what is happening to me? I'm currently lying in bed, and I can barely get out of it. It…[View]
53256907why the FUCK does DNP make me so hot at night specifically?: Running 300mg. During the day I feel al…[View]
53257397what are your thoughts on bariatric surgery? even if you lose the weight youll look like shit unless…[View]
53253091We're open: What'll it be, anon? Tell me what's up.[View]
53255647Can you successfully clean bulk without tracking calories?[View]
53258091https://youtu.be/qd6C4ISF9JU About 3:40 in. Trainer sounds like an idiot, but all trainers should be…[View]
53239474There's something special about keto.: Low carb or keto: - burns 500 kcal/day extra - preserves…[View]
53258052Is LISS or HIIT cardio better for increasing work capacity?[View]
53257241>6'4 >pic related Im 28 now and I was 18 I was the same height but weighed 130lbs. I got …[View]
53242448Which one of the two* big lifts is the best for building functional strength through your whole body…[View]
53255079Best exercises for improving height? I dont want to end up an incel[View]
53257959ITT: Manlets owning Giants[View]
53252056Canker sores: Got a couple of canker sores in my mouth. Nothing major. Using some mouthhwash to deal…[View]
53254404Snatch Extensions: >Snatch Extensions today >Coach says 'this should be a percentage of your s…[View]
53251693What's the best way to get a fuarking massive bench. Any things that you have found to be effec…[View]
53253783Wake up at 3 am and do hanging leg raises with concrete slabs tied to your ankles[View]
53255375>all my friends tell me to lose weight >all family addresses me as the fat guy in our family …[View]
53253773Is it unethical to macrodose this even if you're a normal height?[View]
53257524Super Squats: AKA 'Squats and Milk'. Came across this workout routine online. Sounds too good to be …[View]
53257299is jumping rope worth it???[View]
53257796What's the peak of female muscle (roids allowed)?[View]
53257719>its over whaa whaaa despair despair whaaaaaa cope whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
53257710Should i go for a long run?: So i hit the gym today, all upper body, chest and arms a bit sore? But …[View]
53257090Whats the best stretch routine to do after a workout? The sticky is outdated and needs to be updated[View]
53252382>Scooby: No I have never used steroids. Yes I am on TRT' Scooby comes clean. https://www.youtube…[View]
53255106Alright bros I'm fairly overweight (305, 6'2), and have been since I was around 13 (i…[View]
53253904How in the fuck is this guy not dead?[View]
53248649Best suplements?: Which suplements are the best to get MASSIVE?[View]
53255958So I crushed my THE PRESS (only 90 for 5x5, but that lift has been cruel to me). Anyways, on one of …[View]
53255746Do you remember this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1CSJUA0LDU[View]
53256523>yeah, I've been lifting for nearly a decade and haven't increased my strength for near…[View]
53253128Skellies/skinny guys hate thread /sgh: I know there's fat people hate and it is important. But…[View]
53257508Can your butt make the cut?[View]
53257480Wanting to get /fit/: >First time on board I've been out of high school for about two years …[View]
53253049It's le getting cold boyos: Post some good bulking meals. Bonus points for snacks too.[View]
53254653Grapefruit shoulders: You guys do high rep lat raises instead of the heavy ego lift OHP meme right?…[View]
53256266Anytime I do curls or hold heavy weight with leverage in my arm, the circled area of my forearm hurt…[View]
53257384If only you knew just how many of your supplements are contaminated with lead.[View]
53256664>Why, yes I wear tight pink shirts and talk loudly at the gym. You don't have a problem with…[View]
53256970What's the most boomer lift and why is it bench press?[View]
53256257How do we help America? It's getting pretty disgraceful.[View]
53253059Increasing height: Is their any way to increase height at 18, 178 cm[View]
53249010Women should be banned from the gym.[View]
53254436Gains tracking: Do you lads track your cardio/sleep/etc gains? What do you use? I want to get someth…[View]
53247114Balding is a death senten-[View]
53256691I hate gym obsessives. There's just something about the people that makes me feel bad. They are…[View]
53256751Is it the most viewed fitness video on YouTube?[View]
53256909International Men's Day: King posters and Manly fitness advice general[View]
53255317I too need advice like a helpless faggot. I'm average sized, sorta muscular up top but have a f…[View]
53256447What are some odd foods that have big benefits?: >doesn’t consume cartilage and bone along with h…[View]
53256705Ive been dating this girl for like a month, and i can see it going somewhere, except she doesnt have…[View]
53255568when am i going to become the ubermensch: WTF is this no fap shit i haven't jacked off in 5 day…[View]
53255283bloating sup /fit/. I have a question about how you handle bloating. you know what people describe …[View]
53255552Post your hands and stats Weight 180 Height 5’11 Squat - 135 Bench - 115 Deadlift -160 OHP- 135[View]
53256396>10 days of complete self control, downright starving myself, eating 1000cal/day max as a 5'…[View]
53255604I feel like shit 24/7: >always look anemic and sickly. >Pale and dark circles under eyes >…[View]
532557061 kg/cm is the ideal weight/height ratio[View]
53251896bros i think its time to cut[View]
53256302I bought Leg Weights to train arms while running.: <Title here> They're each 15kg, is the…[View]
53249854Wtf happened to me?: >Be intermediate with shitty numbers >Switched recently to 5/3/1 >Star…[View]
53253095Why do i keep feeling the need to pee?: Felt like i was going to piss myself on the way home today a…[View]
53249633Why does this happen to steroid users?[View]
53255898Barbell rows: I've been doing barbell rows since 25 August (been doing t-bar rows before that) …[View]
53221368/MAG/: Martial Arts General. Talk training, fighting, and martial arts. How often should BJJ beginne…[View]
53255643>Doing CC >Get cold/flu/mysterious cough of death >Keep doing CC, lower reps >Feel horny…[View]
53256072New gf since i got fit, I would be disgusted by this 2 years ago before I made it. Is my gf high Tes…[View]
53238698What's the key to a hot beach body?[View]
53254831Hotel gym: Ok guys....its that time again. Another day on the road, another hotel, another gym. Equi…[View]
53249044Is this achievable natty? Is this mode even attractive?[View]
53256059If you could only pick 2 lifting exercise to do for the rest of your life? btw: what is this shit as…[View]
53255288Dubs and i get a pizza[View]
53252746>get all my protein from food who else here is /nowhey/[View]
53255367>therapist told me I have disthymia >that explains why I don't do anything and sleep 13 h…[View]
53254694tfw 3 kilos away from 1 plate ohp but 20 kilos away from 2 plate bench[View]
53253259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do_zld2dS1M I think it's time we have a little chat. All these…[View]
53253005How much cardio should one do per day? How many miles/day is ideal to maintain maximum cardiovascula…[View]
53248772/fit/ humor thread: Nah, lemme get some of that too[View]
53255247Any doctors in here? How are the blood results[View]
53255025Why yes I spent many years performing heavy lifts how could you tell?[View]
53252561Would you be willing to lose all your gains just to become more attractive?[View]
53254179Forearm thread - also how do I make my wrists bigger?[View]
53253528Can lateral raises save a framelet from inceldom?[View]
53255725Is it worth to get gainz if one were to be a chinlet?[View]
53254671Do you enjoy working out?[View]
53251428Bread. Yes. No. When. What type. What with. How much. I demand a full report, /fit/.[View]
53209358Daily pushup thread Diamond pushup edition >under 50 is double >dubs is +50 >trips is +100…[View]
53255601How much volume do you guys do: How many sets do you guys do for each body part a week? I’m doing pp…[View]
53253536What’s for dinner, lads? This is me[View]
53252503Do you guys drink alcohol or smoke weed? Why, why not? I recently quit drinking, partying sober can …[View]
53255486My ninth rep is for Jesus The tenth; Hitler[View]
53250964Give me one good reason for drinking this poison[View]
53255458Can y’all recommend me a good men’s multivitamin? Preferably not too expensive. My psychiatrist and …[View]
53250081>An adult male SHOULD NOT weigh LESS than 200lbs When was Rippletits so goddamn right?…[View]
53254994getting into lifting, does lifting 3 times a week REALLY get you any gains at all?[View]
53252153Guys I get bored as shit during my sets since I read 5 minutes like it's recommended by Rippeto…[View]
53251025Is dancing a good type of exercise? If so, what type of dance?[View]
53255290What should I eat and what exercises should I do if I want to be skinny? t. 170 lbs 5’7[View]
53242099I'm gonna work out all day tomorrow and a few days after tomorrow, i'm preparing to beat t…[View]
5324799913.5 inches. 13.5 INNCCHEEESSSSSSS How the fuck does this nigga dare to ask for more recognition in …[View]
53254749Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in /x/ but what is /fit/'s opinion about using t…[View]
53250148Will I lose weight with this method?: I'm male, 22, 155 lbs, 6'1, and I'm trying to l…[View]
53253535what do you always watch before working out to get motivated? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pECnr…[View]
53254118Anyone else stuck living the same day? It feels like a living hell I'm a neet (living off neetb…[View]
53254594Is this the natty limit?[View]
53254916Coffee: How do I get into a routine of just drinking this for a few months? Don't want to eat …[View]
53249615Is CBD oil a placebo for hippies or not? Pic related hurts[View]
53254752It has been more than a year that i started working out, most of my muscle mass have increase, excep…[View]
53249321Post personal power rankings on cardio. I think swimming is the best overall cardio you can do for b…[View]
53253159how has lifting/exercising changed you?: Ever since you started lifting aside from physical changes,…[View]
53252351When doing ohp today I kept feeling a twang in my inner elbow joint. Like a nerve twanging free when…[View]
53252881Kombucha, Kefir, Water Kefir: What does /fit/ think about Kombucha, Kefir, Water Kefir? Did you trie…[View]
53253308Is ranch /fit/? I can't stop putting it on everything 0 calorie ranch when?[View]
53254212>mfw on a strength block[View]
53254401What is this mode called?[View]
53254582Stop eating.[View]
53254618Officially became too fat to fit the head of my dick into my mouth, time to get healthy[View]
53254511Is losing weight by starvation a viable method? How I do it right?[View]
53254383Has anyone here done a dirty bulk? How long did you do it for? Would you do it again?[View]
53230081>can't bench 1plate after 7 months of hitting the gym 4 times a week and counting macros One…[View]
53254281Stop sleeping[View]
53227362Motivation: Post things that make you want to lift. Images, words, movies, songs whatever.[View]
53253271Facepulls: Has anyone gotten pain in the part of the forearm that your finger muscles reside in? My …[View]
53253963Give Me Anime Bod - 18:6 Fasting: Hello folks, I've been doing the 18:6 fasting method daily. H…[View]
53253891/Bath/ Bath General: Does fit take baths? I’ve been doing it defore bed and it’s really been relaxin…[View]
53245756hi /fit/ today is shoulder day and i have tennis elbow: Can you give me some tennis elbow friendly r…[View]
53253975I got a SLAP tear on the top of my labrum. It's pretty significant and I'm gonna have to h…[View]
53253256>drink pic related >lots of energy >2 hours later >tired as fuck why the fuck does this …[View]
53252478Did any of your parents fall for the 'medicine will cure your depression' scam?[View]
53253254HIIT: Hey guys, so despite my weight decreasing it seems I've gained fucking bodyfat, fuck. So …[View]
53237908Self improvement is soi: What the fuck happened? When did self improvement become a soi fest?[View]
53253769I'm 29, 6 ft around 205 lbs and balding since late teens. Most people I meet IRL tell me I look…[View]
53252459Meal Prep: Hey /fit/. I'm a fat piece of shit who needs help with meal prep. I'm 6' and 97…[View]
53240559/fph/: >ctrl+f >no /fph/ wtf[View]
53253312How's my deadlift form bros? 1RM[View]
53252988Wrist Strength trainer: Meme or not?[View]
53253562When doing squats, my shoulders hurt and it feels like my back is going to bend. I'm keeping my…[View]
53252987>Me prior to yesterday >Eating at a caloric deficit, sometimes I sin but generally I stick to …[View]
53253439>Just discovered that i have knock knees Is it over? I have to bike daily so it becomes difficult…[View]
53253380How do you manage your bitch-ish lying mother? Anyone passed through my same situation?[View]
53251073I can't lose weight because of extreme hunger? I don't care eating less, I don't find…[View]
53252411What do you reckon is his weight or BMI? 1.8m[View]
53253325I consume about 5 g (1/6 oz) of calcium a day. Will this give me magnesium deficiency?[View]
53253037Do introverts make good lifters?[View]
53253034How do you warm up elbows?: I have a mild tendinitis on my right elbow and sometimes it pops with pr…[View]
53248032Should I try to stop drinking coffee? Is drinking 2 cups a day harmless or is it better to drink dec…[View]
53253065/liftan music general/: rap and dance welcome no metal shit https://youtu.be/pSVbF6DGH9U[View]
53240076Why is it often advised to train the 'core' muscles differently from the rest of the body? If it app…[View]
53252354Can I get the tl;dr on this?[View]
53249377It's all about frame[View]
53252851best overnight oats recipes? I do oats, whey, greek yogurt, almond milk and chia seeds[View]
53252826biggest chad on the planet[View]
53252825So /fit/, whats the consensus on canned food? I bought some canned peas but I don't know if I s…[View]
53247233Now that he's free, do you think he'll get ripped again? Fraiser had literally the perfect…[View]
53250176Mires n Motivation: I'll start >unifag >broke out of dyel mode over the summer, now looki…[View]
53248033Failed driving exam for the second time. Do i have low IQ ?[View]
53252646will zinc&magnesium increase my hgh also dubs and boogie dies[View]
53250889Does dick vascularity translate to body vascularity? I have a lot of thick veins on my penis but I…[View]
53250853Controversial /fit/ opinions thread: Adequate testosterone levels are more important than diet and t…[View]
53251578is walking worth the effort?: seems like most long distance hikers don't have particularly good…[View]
53248721Do you work out when you're sick?[View]
53250851Is my form right? Bent Over Row (underhand) 60kg (130lbs) 6 to 8 reps 27yo 1,70m 69kg kissless virgi…[View]
53252525inspo thread VADER EDITION[View]
53250627Forever mirin brah you inspired a whole generation brah[View]
53252339are vans a good DL/squat shoes?: My running shoes are kinda puffy and apparently that's bad? I …[View]
53251745Did Lexx Little achieve the greatest natural 14-18 transformation of all time?[View]
53252442If the brain is like a muscle, does that make me /fit/[View]
53231466/Mires&NNN/ Failed: >be me, go to the supplements store to get some protein >looking for …[View]
53252398I used to think depression was just something you could easily get over. I was in the dumps for abou…[View]
53250500did he use synthol alongside juice?[View]
53251520How much will your gains be visible through your clothes as a beginner doing SL5x5 or GZCLP etc in 6…[View]
53248274Trapping: So bros, how do I avoid becoming the gym twink looking like pic related[View]
53251505How do I get anime abs?[View]
53251878Weighted clothes: >https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1842510285/weighted-clothes >Almost 20…[View]
53252242How do i trigger my gag reflex / vomit more efficiently? Everytime i try to do it, it either doesn…[View]
53252176Just got on ashwagandha pills today. Hows it been working for you guys? I have sporadic anxiety so i…[View]
53251539Are chains /fit/?[View]
53251371how many seconds do you go for your pause bench ?[View]
53240915Does anyone else find party culture fucking cringe these days? During my years from around 17-23 I t…[View]
53251127What do: Just somehow failed 5x5 135lbs (60kg) bench Infront of super fit cardio bunny qt before the…[View]
53248238would this work in a street fight?[View]
53230734/fat/ weather edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For dough elementals who want to better themselves thro…[View]
53251202what are the best exercises to replace barbell squats? I'm genetically predisposed to perma-inj…[View]
53243993/HLG/ - Healthy Living General: /LTG/ Long Term Gains Edition. This thread endorses both physical fi…[View]
53225161What supplements does /fit take?: I'm taking ashwagandha, magnesium citrate, fish oil atm. What…[View]
53248056Have you actually tried a vinyasa flow yoga class in the past year?: Be honest! >b-b-but it isn…[View]
53250422Post your ideal physique in this thread (on the right obviously)[View]
53251142Lighting pain shoulder: Did front squats after my back squats,put on 1pl8 which is really easy and f…[View]
53251701>tfw i should be bulking >accidentally do 2000 calories OMAD…[View]
53247996Hi guys, i need a little help. First, sorry for my bad english. i want to buy a crossover machine an…[View]
53251191is it possible to lose weight by eating junkfood? Cause I can't really afford healthy stuff rig…[View]
53251519first injury what do?: hi fitbros. i started lifting in early july. did my own thing for a couple mo…[View]
53250566Be me 20 >go to the gym 5x a week notice some weeks i go in confident as fuck and feel like a bea…[View]
53249808Give it up for day 19 lads almost 1/3 of the month left How many good men are left? How many stayed …[View]
53249086Roiders = trannies: >Both mutilate their genitals >Both try to use chemicals to become somethi…[View]
53247223Jeff is against bulking and cutting: Opinions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv5xEYhvj4Q…[View]
53251119>tfw want a free tshirt but it means bulk is over for over a month FUCK YOU ANYTIME FITNESS WINTE…[View]
53249144Why do drooling 2d women make my pp hard?[View]
53249756Convince me to go to the gym and pound out a leg day. It's just so hot outside. At a bar drinki…[View]
53244999What's the most patrician exercise and why is it farmer walks?[View]
53250482Sugar free ultra clean diets: >Yams >Brown Rice >Chickpeas >Beans >Chicken >Steak …[View]
53251154At the top of the movement I feel a better contraption in my left side than my right side. Its almos…[View]
53250326So /fit/ what's inside these things?[View]
53251094So this suplement was THE 'LEGAL STEROID', THE 'HOLY GRAIL', THE BOMB, etc in 20…[View]
53250068Is it okay to ingest 50-60g protein in one sitting?: Will I absorb it all?[View]
53250874Pea protein: What /fit/ opinion on pea protein? When would be the best time to take it?[View]
53246907I'm going to get rich, /fit/, and move to a big city. I'll have a big house and a gorgeous…[View]
53241335>gym shaman spamming windfury totem >people doing dumbbell curls proc 2x reps…[View]
53246698If dubs we all skip gym today[View]
53236946is being a personal trainer decent money? How much would I be looking at if I was devoting 2-3 days …[View]
53250885My neck is 41cm and I still think it's small, wtf, what's the circumference of your neck? …[View]
53250035Does anyone have a meme with this, but in the left it's tfw no gf and on the right it's ho…[View]
53249419Doc said I need to loose 25kg's to go from obese to normal. I genuinely hate excercise and too …[View]
53250817Is swimming just cardio? Or does it count as calisthenics/body weight lifting ?[View]
53249598What mode is this?[View]
53246983Just turned 18 and am 5’10. It’s ok, I won’t fight it, just show me where the manlet pit is and I’ll…[View]
53250730Rekt foot workouts: I got a wart removed on the bottom of my foot and I can barely walk. I am making…[View]
53235728/forgotten exercises general/: let's post exercises which are not very common but that you find…[View]
53245144alpha destiny is not natural: serious discussion here, you honestly think manlet destiny is natural?…[View]
53247454Hello /fit/ , here is a specimen of vegetarian (not vegan) diet, What else do I add.[View]
53249454>that post workout snus Nothin better. I know nicotine has some mental benefits, but has anyone c…[View]
53250600Anon, if I catch you posting haram images on /int/ again, I will personally send you to Jahannam.[View]
53244338What body do women prefer on men? They did a study and pic related is the percent that voted for the…[View]
53250248How much does Harry Styles weigh?: Goal physique for me as a former fat boy, I’m going to assume abo…[View]
53250439new to the board, read the sticky etc, lurked, but l really need abs in 1-2 weeks, don't care a…[View]
53249951Why do normies get so upset over me not eating?: I’m not even doing long fasts or anything just OMAD…[View]
53250518>putting on muscle so fast that my body limbs keep falling asleep >nerves continually pinched…[View]
53250091Will i be able to lost 20 kg of fast and be shreded for the next summer or march? I have been liftin…[View]
53248234Why didn't he just improve himself?[View]
53246519Yo /fit/, I've got a basement fully prepared to be filled with fitness shit. I need some multip…[View]
53250341Going gym kills my anxiety but i feel daydreamy for the whole day, i don't listen to what peopl…[View]
53250102how so I acquire and keep motivation?[View]
53250189I gained 16lbs in 1 and half month but I don't see any difference in my body,wtf happened ? Sc…[View]
53250088I incline bench more with dumbbells than I flat bench with a barbell What do?[View]
53245702say something nice about arnold[View]
53250080If you have no space for equipment can you lift efficiently enough outside even in winter and take y…[View]
53249412Do I look like I exercise: I have been to the gym only around 10 times in my life but last year I st…[View]
53248973How the hell am I going to consume 330g of protein every day?[View]
53234149It is possible thank God. You can actually look big in clothes as a natty. The key is wearing slim …[View]
53248875Anyone ever tried Polyphasic sleep? Could it work? I could use the free time.[View]
53239043/fit/ approved YouTubers: Who’s the best /fit/ YouTuber? I think Jeff Nippard is pretty interesting…[View]
53248152Hello, I am new to /fit/ and this is my post here, but looking for advice from anons with experience…[View]
53249402>followed the Weston Price diet >cut out all carbs >eat mostly animal products and animal …[View]
53244296Bodyweight and Fighting: Is body weight useful in a fight? I feel like just being tubby won't s…[View]
53228551>*blocks your path* >'Those are some well trained muscles...but they are forfeit against my bl…[View]
53247775Just saw this at my local physio clinic. What does /fit/ think?[View]
53247831does l-theanine work. what about combining it with ashwagandha[View]
53247760Is this the ideal male aesthetic?: This guy (Chad) is only 20 years old.[View]
53247163>Neck rolls How tf do I get rid of this shit? Got em at like 18-20 and never lost them even af…[View]
53248754colored men /thread/: post em lads[View]
53246461Why don't you just play hockey instead of busting your ass out on gym?[View]
53245293How do I fix this?: I'm 5'5 and 23 yet my body's been this way since puberty. I…[View]
53249263Soon, master dyelf, you will be enjoying the fabled knowledge of the bros! Anabolic windows, muscle …[View]
53249348Why does everybody look at me and try to one up me in the gym, I'm not that big after 1year 1mo…[View]
53231836QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread with how much weight should a person jus…[View]
53248670>not having the demeanor of Steve McQueen around women Are you even trying?…[View]
53249336/thankful/ Water fasting until Thanksgiving: It's that time of year again. Make grandma proud, …[View]
53247087>fall for /fast/ meme >only water in 30 hour period >complete fast and go back to eating no…[View]
53239501Enough is enough: I've realized that im a massive pussy, and I want to change that. I cant be t…[View]
53249182/self improvement/ whitepill: one thing they won't tell you is that once you finally make it, p…[View]
53249180>Nigerian lanklet PT is deep in conversation with the gym boomer >Go to do dips near them, eav…[View]
53247592/THICC/: How do I get what the zoomers are calling 'dummy thicc?'[View]
53247405How can anyone defend sugar/fructose/substitutes after this?: And please no arguments that bullshit …[View]
53249125I'm out of here /fit/. It was nice and I had a good time. Auf wiedersehen[View]
53248290I lost 4lbs after taking a chit. Is this... normal?[View]
53248300Whats good 4 day routine[View]
53239868trying to get a survey of /fit/, how many of you lift for women?[View]
53247602>step into the gym >I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT…[View]
53247911How to go Kylo Ren mode?[View]
53247374am I killing my gains if I sleep right after I'm done eating?[View]
53245339Just how much harder is it for a lanklet to gain muscle compared to a manlet? or is it all just myth…[View]
53245471Is it normal to only lose 5kg in 6 months?[View]
53248346How do I reset my mind for better health?: I have been stuck in mental loops. Specifically for dieti…[View]
53248802Progress thread? Progress thread and I know I know I'm a skinny fag I just wanna see how y…[View]
53246555Is it alright to spread out your sets throughout the day when you're first starting out? I…[View]
53243883>tfw winter depression kicks in again Is there anything i can do apart from lifting more and Vita…[View]
53246067Iam advanced beginner in lifting and have some strenght. Now i want to lift for hypertrophy and stre…[View]
53246417Is Bambino level strength achievable natty?[View]
53243442Soreness isn't necessary for muscle growth, but is a good indicator of muscle damage that drive…[View]
53247699is this body possible?[View]
53248439My younger brother who is in midfle school has 28% body fat,Does he need to start diet right now?[View]
53246092What do you think of this book thing as a nofap resource? It adapts Allen Carr's easyway to sto…[View]
53245185imagine calling yourself /fit/ when you can't perform a one arm lock off, let alone a one arm p…[View]
53248058Lazy mans bulking food: Beef ravioli is based bulking food >few minutes to cook >cheap >t…[View]
53245831Do people here accept that manlet p4p cope shit in arguments? Seen a dude like 6'3', heavy guy …[View]
53241705>the wageslave's best friend for gains you DO have a slow cooker, right?…[View]
53247795/PE/ - Protruding ears thread: Pls tell me I can lift my big ass ears away. >Tfw you only can ch…[View]
53248270How to be fatter: I want to be fat as big as possible.Can you answer these questions? 1.how to gain …[View]
53248077Today i got this weird sensation when exercising, like I was breathing through my ears, what could i…[View]
53247976Anons. If i wanna lose weight, but hate cardio. How should I lift? Less weight , more reps or ? Pic …[View]
53247039How can we punish manlets for tainting the gene pool?: My personal favorite is hooking them up to on…[View]
53238947/Bachelor Pad/: What are some home essentials for your healthy living /fit/ lifestyle? What is your …[View]
53245786How do you stop seeking validation for now being good looking/fit, after growing up fat and seeing y…[View]
53247945Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
53246322sad fat teen, sad uni young fuccboi sad late 20s doomer[View]
53243895Whats the secret behind that IDF bulking tech?[View]
53248055>gains wiped out in a weekend[View]
53245855Had to skip morning workout because of stomach virus. Feels bad bros.[View]
53247869Daily reminder to properly chew your food: Pic unrelated.[View]
53247347How my body condition is?[View]
53231387>tfw too smart to maintain muscle mass[View]
53244627According to the internet, the average man can do 8 pull-ups, you are average, right anon?[View]
53246828Feelsgood thread: Hello fellow kid, /biz/tard here. Just went to the gym for the first time in years…[View]
53247219Biggest redpill: You're probably wasting your life away, so you should stop using screens for e…[View]
53240489/cmg/ - Colored Man General: Post your colored men (and women). Novices are welcome too. 32M @200lbs…[View]
53244663It's literally impossible to lose weight normally. My gut won't fucking recede, I need to …[View]
53246856Post your results: This summer i finaly decided to quit my bullshit ang get going, and i'm star…[View]
53238355Heartlet: >tfw resting heart rate is 83 >red bull addicted cousins heart rate is 80 what are s…[View]
53245929Best barbell row?: Skinnyfat dyel here. I've tried to do barbell rows but my lower back gets re…[View]
53247104>2020-0.1 >he still eats breakfast unbelievable…[View]
53246130What exactly is 'muscle fit' t-shirts? And who should wear them[View]
53246035Is this kid going to grow up to be the ultimate manlet?[View]
53245319This image on Facebook was posted by a page called 'Diets don't work'. After commenting that …[View]
53247288preworkout meal vs postworkout meal: which side u on senpaitachi[View]
5324055120 years of stronglifts progress: >Hi, it’s Mehdi here. >I lift weights since 1999. >My bes…[View]
53247072What happens to loose skin: When someone loses this much weight does all the loose skin just stay or…[View]
53243832any good workouts I can do to strengthen my neck? particularly for the muscles in the back[View]
53247234/FITNESS OUTSIDE GYM GENERAL/: any of you manual labor wageslaves? >boots? >firefighter? come…[View]
53242002What does a heart attack feel like?[View]
53246229>Doing calisthenics >Decided to do handstands,work on dem shoulders >Lose balance >Fall …[View]
53246896why can't i eat on rest days? i am pretty thin and have never really had the biggest appetite i…[View]
53245695>pajeets can't be big, strong and j-...oh[View]
53245069Is he natty?[View]
53246897r8 me, /fit/ 2 weeks of nanomachines[View]
53247054>'extra virgin' coconut oil[View]
53244584Smelly farts: What does my body mean by this? How do I make my braaps smell better?[View]
53219616/PLG/: The other thread is auto-saging edition Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG >Bro Tier (…[View]
53246799will i lose weight fastest if i dont eat [ fast] on days: that i dont lift?// so i lift mon wed fri …[View]
53246867Anyone here do boxing for cardio? I have a heavy bag and a kickboxing bag in my backyard from when I…[View]
53246545Take the neck pill brah[View]
53245990Hey bro’s I know a lot of you do self improvement outside of lifting so I’m gonna share a life hack …[View]
53246823Has anybody ever tried variation in low reps/high weight and high reps/low weight? Example. I’m curr…[View]
53242675Is he juicing now?[View]
53246006fatty fat fat hate bread fuck fat people and fuck bread[View]
53246662How do I get big fukkin arms? I've been bulking, doing 5/3/1 and all my lifts are coming along …[View]
53243749Rate my PPL: >inb4 not a PPL BACK: >Lateral Raise >Rear Delt Fly >Row >Pulldown >H…[View]
53245781>that guy who doesn't train his neck If you have a weak neck, it's like you're ASK…[View]
53244342>He didn't take the sapiopill: How can high IQ people even complain when 10% of the women fi…[View]
53231367>weighted pullups/chinups >heavy ohp >squats >rpe 8 RDL's >neck extensions/curls…[View]
53245997Sorry guys: I failed. NoFap until the end of the year is my new goal[View]
53246453Readings: what are some /fit/-approved readings on all things steroids and strength training.[View]
53246406daily reminder to not take fitness advice from people bellow 6'2[View]
53246451>Adding 1 scoop to your cuppa Is this /fit/ approved?[View]
53246416>be beginner >try /fit/'s modified greyskull LP >gud progress >4.5 months later …[View]
53245651best way for gains as a natty: i dont drink protein shakes or take any supplements and have been goi…[View]
53246236Hey fit, Pool's unexpectedly closed today. Got all my equipment ready but can't go. I…[View]
53241649What happened to the Netherbeast?: I don't knwo if you guys remember but a cuople of years ago …[View]
53246190How can i achieve this peak natty physique[View]
53240271What does /fit/ think about this?[View]
532385364 scoops CMON![View]
53245934>you have to train legs because the internet says so >you can't just begin by training on…[View]
53245692Been exercising for ~3 months now, making consistent progress. But it didn't fix anything I don…[View]
53244457You gonna add more weight or what buddy?[View]
53243331>he works out >but drinks alcohol pick one and only one. they don't call bodybuilding a l…[View]
53245849How do I get ripped if I'm poor and have no access to any gym equipment?[View]
53244751Do you have dance skills, /fit/?[View]
53243701gaining weight but i have a serious problem: So anons I have a serious nutritional problem where bas…[View]
53243870Fitness advice: Help /fit/, i'm afraid of going to the Gym. I've been thinking about going…[View]
5324596880% of you are going to get either an ugly girl or none at all. It's most obviously a competiti…[View]
53243180Guys I just put two scoops of protein powder into my oatmeal and it tastes so good you guys should t…[View]
53244875i did my second spontaneous pnx in 2 years and just got home from hospital, they say i must wait one…[View]
53239890/lit/ is on par with /fit/, /his/ is a shitshow and /sci/ is to bigbrain for me :([View]
53240118>Want to go to gym >Too anxious because of my sloppy body What to do?…[View]
53244957The trouble with 'Discipline': What comes to your mind when you hear this word? A lifestyle of moder…[View]
53244869I'm a skeleton and I'm starting to workout. I feel like protein shakes and bulking is maki…[View]
53242135How do I stop this shit[View]
53240019>loose skin How can this be combated if you're not too fat for too long? The speed at which …[View]
53245017last month, i got a free flu shot at work. the next day, i went to the gym to work chest, and had th…[View]
53244211Gzcpl tertiary exercises questions: Anyone here doing gzcpl? I'm doing the base programs which …[View]
53244722FUCK BULKING: Please fit, what's a good bulking food that can make it so I don't have to s…[View]
53244644Am i gonna make it bros?: I've been eating a lot less, trying to eat as few carbs as possible, …[View]
53238960Does watching anime cause you to lose testosterone?[View]
53245549Gonna quit the gym for this[View]
53243420i got a gym membership. what now?[View]
53242908What do you wear to the gym?[View]
53243125My left eye lid has been twitching nonestop for 3 weeks. Anyone had this before or does anyone have …[View]
53244515cold showers > hot showers: cold showers are superior to hot showers.[View]
53244713Does this routine make sense? For males?[View]
53242380Adductor/Abductor Machine: Is there any reason to use this? What would these do or develop that a we…[View]
53245257Am I in the wrong here?: Hey everyone! Just recently started my fitness journey as a 31 year old sli…[View]
53244502You lied, /fit/: >1/2/2/3.5 for 5x5 >STILL skinnyfat Fuck you.…[View]
53244903Pain training: How can one train himself in order to be accustomed to pain? I've been flagellat…[View]
53241478What are the best routines (ppl, etc) to be doing for muscle gain? Pic related, roast me and tell m…[View]
53245127GVT: Anons, I got fat as shit after military. Kept lifting, just no cardio. Still will not do cardio…[View]
53245113Planet fitness horror stories: >be me and go to planet fitness >decide to do Arnie’s blueprin…[View]
53244097Clean and Press: Will I get a good full body workout by doing nothing but Clean and Press's for…[View]
53242623>mfw I drink ON Gold Standard's Mocha Cappuccino in chilled milk, first thing in the morning…[View]
53244351Splits are the biggest meme in fitness: Everything /fit/ thinks they know about natty lifting is a m…[View]
53244827are high pec insertions unaesthetic?[View]
53240497have sex: have sex[View]
53244461Grug lift heavy stone. Make sad head voice quiet.[View]
53243904Wide thighs on a guy: I'm like 20% bf and I don't have very strong legs. Only 275 squat. M…[View]
53243095d-did he die bros?[View]
53243425Pig egg workout: What are your thoughts of picking up 45lbs of sand and doing all kinds of high inte…[View]
53243298What do you do about foot blisters? I was planning on running 8.5 mi tomorrow[View]
53241769how to become Gaston?: Is this body attainable /fit/ ? if so, how do i become this man?[View]
53243782Simple Morning Workout 10 Pushups 6 Lateral Lunges 40 sec. Plank 10 Squats 10 Crunches 3 Sets. 3 day…[View]
53244316Red pill me on calisthenics. Is it actually useless?[View]
53242962It's hard af to sleep when fasting How do I get around this?[View]
53243177HUMMING BIRD: >can eat anything without gaining weight >no exercise but still doesnt get fat …[View]
53243733When did you realize that oly lifting is all that matters?: Post 1RM ATG high bar[View]
53242449Anime Bod: Theoretically speaking, how hard would it be to get to this form of body and maintain it?…[View]
53237847>Rice has arsenic in it >Fish has mercury >Anything in plastic is estrogen filled What the …[View]
53243332Cant they make the same zero calorie thing except its pasta or hostess cupcakes? guarantee if they c…[View]
53244253Are you making demons to show themself[View]
53240722Serious health question. Does /fit wash their hands before they leave the gym.[View]
53244243>been browsing /fit/ for 7 years >still haven't gone to the gym…[View]
53243745>checking out a cute fit asian girl at the gym >some 30 year old boomer with retard hair walks…[View]
53244169I get really hungry at night before bed what are some healthy things that are Fine to eat and not ma…[View]
53240686Popping eye capillaries: So today I popped 2 eye capillaries while benching after improper breathing…[View]
53243210Just a reminder that Mariusz Pudzianowski would eat whatever the fuck he felt like (chocolate, ice c…[View]
53238605Protein: >if you really want to gain weight then don’t worry as much about protein as you do abou…[View]
53241535Is it really that simple?: Is getting jacked just as simple as working out for 3 times a week and im…[View]
53211226What are some song lyrics that keep you motivated?[View]
53242624How often do you weigh yourself?[View]
53243921This is what peak performance looks like[View]
53242438Hey guys, so I am currently trying to get muscle after years of being the skinniest guy. This year I…[View]
53243206So, what do you like to do for fun, anon???[View]
53243034>I want to be big but not BIG, know what I'm saying?[View]
53230031Whats the catch of keto? it cant be this easy to lose fat[View]
53242865I'm very hungry because I can't sleep but I am cutting so what do? Being awake late makes …[View]
53242275What’s considered good progress for 4ish months? Should you be novice (symmetric strength-wise) or i…[View]
53241606>see dad working out with his son and showing him the ropes[View]
53243417Im a beginner weightlifter, is there any reason I should not buy this to supplement my dumbbell work…[View]
53241573Can 8hrs Of arms get these results?[View]
53243212How the fuck do you get a testosterone test? Do i really have to pay my Jew doctor just to *maybe* g…[View]
53241873>One extra large bucket of synthol please[View]
53241023>bench went from 140 to 155 in one week *brrrrrinnnnng* Yes hello is this the made-it hotel? “Yes…[View]
53240683How to get a body like the one on the right? Is it possible natty?[View]
53211690Redpill me on cold vs hot showers[View]
53240748How to achieve Red Dragon mode, especially the back?[View]
53241110Is scott herman natty?[View]
53237385Former skinnies, how did you do it ?: As a 64kg male, 178cm tall, it is just insanely hard. How do y…[View]
53241489https://www.goarmy.com/ranger/join-the-rangers/preparing-for-rasp.html would it be at all possible t…[View]
53241125R8 my nighttime nack-nack. Post urs.[View]
532419742020 is fast approaching /fit/! You did achieve your fitness and non-fitness goals for this decade r…[View]
53242764Honest thoughts?[View]
53242870Rollin for: Even- Go gym in 15 mins Odd- Go gym in 30 mins Dubs- 2 hour session Pic unrelated[View]
53240963arnold's fat son has the best genetics[View]
532394702020 goal physique: Wish me luck[View]
53241537worth it to join the military to have a band of brothers?[View]
53239785What's your post-workout?: mine's pic related[View]
53242511Is doing ICF 5x5 and BWF recommended routine good for a beginner like me?[View]
53242473What benefits are there to strengthening/toning your back muscles? I think we all take our back for …[View]
53241550Have you tried restorative yoga?: Sometimes gentle stretching is best. https://www.verywellfit.com/…[View]
53242121What does /fit/ think of personal trainers? I am pathetically lanky and weak, just joined a gym for…[View]
53242261reverse grip curls: I did three sets of these and my wrists instantly fucking exploded, what the fuc…[View]
53240555Can someone explain what’s going on? I’ve got it on the other palm as well.[View]
53235202Bikini competitor goes vegan for one month after watching the gayme changers: What she gained from i…[View]
53240200Trader joe pick ups: Going to Trader Joe’s for meal prep this week, what should I scoop up fit for w…[View]
53242055Any anons have homemade shakes to assist w/ weight gains? E.g. after I'm done eating as much ch…[View]
53241619>walk into the gym >WHEN IT COMES TO SEX, I’M SIMILAR TO THE THRILLA IN MANILA…[View]
53240615How does one stop being a Guntermensch, /fit/?[View]
53241427hey fit. im bulking and its 4:30 am here. today i didnt lift so i usually eat at maintenance on thes…[View]
53239161what does /fit/ do to last longer in bed? i've heard doing nofap, but others say fapping more i…[View]
53237733What is his story? >>53230316 Source/name?[View]
53240920what do you do when you've done you've completely done your weight routine for the week, a…[View]
53234328/fit/ hobbies: What the FUCK do you do outside of the gym/workplace? I pretty much grew out of video…[View]
53240334What steroids does /fit/ take?[View]
53241744>tfw buying ingredients for a natty Thanksgiving dinner when you know you're going to be cel…[View]
53241752What should I eat and what exercises should I do if I want to be skinny? I used to go on daily bike …[View]
53240086Gymnastics: A gymnast is the best looking and most versatile athlete there is. If any of you anons h…[View]
53240659Prove to me nofap will increase my test[View]
53236900So do you guys ever get blood in your stool, I switched my diet to have a lot more protein and have …[View]
53241725>Not posing nude in order to immortalise your gains before you hit the wall What’s your excuse /f…[View]
53240877If you’re under 5’8 you should only be allowed to do squats and cardio: Thoughts?[View]
532410134 hours a night for body weight exercises; what do: >be me >ROTC cadet at a senior military co…[View]
53239154Were the Greeks right? Are women a meme? It seems like nowadays they add very little value, if any, …[View]
53241584Has your gym ever gone through 'changes'?: Mine just got 'reformed' >no more concrete floor, it…[View]
53241462i cumeded[View]
53229036Why lift when girls LOVE the dadbod?: No need to keep track of calories, just eat McDonald's an…[View]
53239798>I can't take my shirt off because 'Pityriasis Versicolor' >I can't have a sex life …[View]
53236182>be me >not gay >browse fit anyway try and stop me…[View]
53241259going to my first date tomorrow wish me luck bros[View]
53240026What’s a good 5k time for a healthy adult male? I want a real answer, not a faggot “better than your…[View]
53240902Help with Upper/Mid-back Pain during Deads: Does anyone here have experience with upper/mid-back mus…[View]
53240549Goal body thread[View]
53241331NoFap: Is fapping itself the problem or is the porn the problem. Or is it just all of it the problem…[View]
53232693Seeing people post about their ''kryptonite'' on here made me realise something …[View]
53240749Bang fast[View]
53240042Help with pectus and rib flaring: I have a sunken chest, causing my ribs to flare aswell. The hole d…[View]
53239660is it good or bad to do a 7 day water fast to loose weight?[View]
53239709Cardio General: How much are you running per week, /fit/? You do run don't you?[View]
53222559(((they))) are now promoting a 4 days a week and 10 hours a day work week, and all the wagies are ea…[View]
53240512How the fuck am I supposed to get from 60kg to 75kg without eating junkfood and doing exercise? >…[View]
53240619vitamins general /vg/: Where can I actually learn about vitamins and what they do? Some people get i…[View]
532411475'7' male here and am just wondering how my fellow collegefags are doing. It seems like every g…[View]
53239899No Nut November: I haven't jerked off in over 2 weeks, and while I'm not turned on by weir…[View]
53235384Anyone had experienced pic related? Is very cheap and it says is a complete meal, every 100gr is aro…[View]
53241035Monk lifter: I'm a manlet with a visible ribcage, standing at 5'6' and weighing about 140 …[View]
53234686What's your excuse /fit/[View]
53240664How does this make you feel?: https://youtu.be/z7ussj9iLdA[View]
53235703How do I bamboozle my cat into running with me in the morning? I see those dog owners everywhere, th…[View]
53229508How much of it is bullshit?: Watched the Game Changers and they put together a shit ton of points ab…[View]
53227328Friendly reminder of the hair loss guard: Balding anons do not listen to baldies and the 'just …[View]
53234487Literally why bother[View]
53240039Someone told me cutting was bad. Is that true?[View]
53240662What type of body is this and how long would it take to achieve a body like Ryan Gosling?[View]
53239768Why arnt you hampilled? 60 calories for 11g of protien.[View]
53240062Is there any point of doing any longer distances than sprinting?: For health (test, grown hormone) i…[View]
53240034Alright, let’s have that muscle license out: Fella just skoved a wicky o’ protein pozzle dun the roa…[View]
53239244Is it hard to get steroids in prison?[View]
53239464Hahaha get fucked /fit/[View]
53237710Paradox: Is this /fit/‘s version of the Schrödinger paradox? >Simultaneously both in the existenc…[View]
53237540DL form check: Just started DL, help a brother out.[View]
53240523ITT: we share our recent gainz: >mfw went out with a really cute and modest chick today and she w…[View]
53240486This a fucking video[View]
53238586whats the best gym album and why is it pic related[View]
53221038Is fiber good or bad?[View]
53236936Is anyone on /fit/ emotionally healthy?[View]
53238238Is there any other /fit/ kinos besides Pumping Iron?[View]
53233638What exercise is this even supposed to be?[View]
53240356Face/skin gains thread Just got a 0.5mm dermaroller what are you supposed to put on your face after …[View]
53239591Diet: I eat 4 sandwiches a day, consisting of 8 total white bread slices, cheese, Lotta mayo and ham…[View]
53238788training routine: do you train all muscle groups together or do you do some of them sepretly?[View]
53235665my dog looks stoned haha[View]
53225267>Monday tomorrow >Another full week of being berated, belittled and bullied by your boss and c…[View]
53239310Benched 255 for 2 and 265 for 1 today.: We're all gonna make it[View]
53239532gay mirin eachother thread ITT mire or insult eachother either way post your physique[View]
53238695Every time my lifts starts going up in a major way i get sick[View]
53240064So what exactly is the benefit to doing tricep push-downs like this? I see this every day in my gym …[View]
53237913been on Propecia for 2 and a half years, I quitted yesterday, how long till my hair starts falling o…[View]
53239779>he isn't taking cold showers >Thinks he will ever make it…[View]
53237891post workout music[View]
53239195Lads. My dad took a tumble and I couldn't muster the strength to lift him back up.[View]
53239751Healthy drinks ?: So i know we have to drink a lot of water when lifting, + after i finish lifting i…[View]
53239578Can I take Ligandrol once a day, hours before liftinh; or am I better off splitting it off morning/a…[View]
53237806>just get fit bro[View]
53238955Steroids UK: Any of you niggers know any steroids websites in the UK? world3sports got raided a coup…[View]
53238416Are push ups legit?: Can do about 10 of them with proper form, any actual benefits to doing them or …[View]
53239566Reminder that if you bully new lifters you are quite literally NEVER going to make it[View]
53230876fuckdeadlifts: Yeah, fuck deadlifts, not going to risk snapping my back anymore[View]
53238684NNN - 2½ weeks: October 30th: >Massive pile of bills and paper everywhere >Room a mess >Lau…[View]
53239430>overhead press[View]
53222800stupid shit you see at the gym: I mean cmon man[View]
53236825>3 days into cheat week >already eaten everything i wanted What are your guys's favorite …[View]
53237763Why lift if youre a facelet?: I need around 100k usd for plastic surgery and various facial fixes. W…[View]
53239013Cutting: lost 14 lbs inna month and a few weeks but now that shits slowin down. help Been eating rig…[View]
53239115You DID do your burpees today, right Anon?[View]
53231618>Nofap day 7[View]
53238786isley isley isley[View]
53237759one slap will kill your lean ass https://youtu.be/UH_tEHA9-u0 WORSHIP THE BLOAT PRAISE THE BLOAT[View]
53238614World's Best-Paid Male Model: Remember that everyday plastic surgery is not coping, the same be…[View]
53232163Is this achievable natty?[View]
53234063Did you get your first gf after getting /fit/[View]
53237458Make me cool: How do i become an alpha chad and get into some massive Stacy meat flops?[View]
53238997Question about Mike Tyson's nipples: why do they face down so much? I know nipples ten to angle…[View]
53237550Should a 5'10 ugly man even bother with lifting?[View]
53222843how do i achieve this physique? how do i become the gym twink bros[View]
53225912How does one get rid of brain fog?[View]
53236588Hello /fit/izens. Sorry for the blog, but here goes: Roaming /k/ommando here. Used to lift a lot, b…[View]
53237087Progress thread: close to a year edition alternatively, [lost a full person worth of weight but stil…[View]
53236788>6'2 >170 pounds I still have a lot of fat in my hips, thighs, a bit of fat in my stoma…[View]
53238291Treadmill Conversion: I am currently in the process of putting together a cheap home gym, and have f…[View]
53238136Any anons had success with an extremely restricted dieting regimen? I want to look like /ourguy/ Joa…[View]
53235456How have you tackled anxiety?: socially switch from comfort to mild tremors unless I talk a lot. but…[View]
53234532/HLG/ - Healthy Living General: Previous poster: Edition me, an intellectual: Edición This thread en…[View]
53231481Is it even worth gymcelling or am I too low t?[View]
53237470I unironically puked a cheat meal out: >go to party >get all kinds of drunk >someone brings…[View]
53236324>Alan Thrall isn’t stro- woah.[View]
53237875>boomer leaves leg press loaded with plates >90lb girl is next up, struggling to unload all of…[View]
53236013I dont get the point in No Fap: It (might) boost T. Like, that is the only reason right, to boost T?…[View]
53238657So what do I do if I want to diet, but I can't exactly cook for myself? My mom does all the coo…[View]
53234090After getting /fit/ I am unironically starting to treat women worse (I'm loving my job and am s…[View]
53238473Healthy Snacks?: I am slowly yet surely consuming a bag of butterscotch morsels because I have nothi…[View]
53238336hey /fit/. im a lanklet 18 year old guy whos genetic history for muscle isnt one for good standing. …[View]
53236726> Walk into castles courtyard 'Non nobis domine' is playing[View]
53237110Dumping some /fit/ humor. Fuck you.[View]
53238384Switching to Hypertrophy: Just reached 1/2/3/4 x 5 reps @175lbs bw, feels good brah. Now wanna switc…[View]
53237374will baking kale destroy the nootrients[View]
53238363are there any sleeping exercises for abs?: hey /fit/, i do alot of ab workout but my visible abs see…[View]
53209998/CBT/: Finaly hit a 130kg squat for 5 on Texas strength method!!! current lifts Squat: 130kg x 5 Dea…[View]
53238006So how bad is this routine? I've been doing it for few months but now i think about swapping to…[View]
53235479>go with bros to the gym >wait for gym receptionist to spin the roulette wheel >no one at t…[View]
53234752Are jumping jacks and effective exercise?[View]
53227439The Bar: It's that time of the week bros[View]
53228460prove you are an /fit/ oldfag: name 3 notable /fit/ tripfags that aren't jackie chan[View]
53237880what's this 'sip' meme? are you suppose to sip these? i normally just slam them down in about 3…[View]
53238169Can I trust herbal supplements? I don’t I’m worried they put something cheaper in there[View]
53238053how do i make sure i have my paperwork ready when i’m a bitch who hasnt commited any crimes? I dont …[View]
53233959this is my first year that I will be lifting in a commercial gym when all the resolutioners starts. …[View]
53237968I got molar-mogged![View]
53238051Why do fat fucking cunts breathe so fucking LOUD good lord I just wanna read my book in peace and yo…[View]
53238045What steps has /fit/ taken to become a normie? I’m 3 years into university and still haven’t made fr…[View]
532376835’10 154 I know I still got a long way to go but how am I doing so far[View]
53236803How do anons with kidney disease lift? I just pissed out a kidney stone after a week of excruciatin…[View]
53237664Beneficial?: Is it still beneficial to workout after hard day of physical labour at the factory? Or …[View]
53236140What do you eat on cheat days anons[View]
53237033>start exercising routinely >all it does is make me more tired I feel fucking tricked Been doi…[View]
53233981If you had a second chance in life, what would you do differently?[View]
53236094What's the point of eating if you can just take supplements?: Just take multivitamins and shit …[View]
53235873Can i achieve this body as a 5'6 manlet? I want to be a fat piece of shit strong dwarf looking …[View]
53234763Why the fuck are you moaning about your low testosterone? You know you're probably just fat? Wh…[View]
53236135Did all men look like this, 100 years ago?[View]
53236736Does smoking weed affect gains?[View]
53237299DL out of breath question: I recently starting training again, and I finally have a gym where I can …[View]
53237669What to lift when i cut: hey fit, im currently recomping/lean bulk on SL 5x5. My lifts are (in lbs):…[View]
53237622Hernia: Has anyone had a hernia, or hernia recurrence? I had a small one last year but had surgery t…[View]
53226858Could lifting have saved him?[View]
53235300What self-respecting man would drink this?[View]
53236890for me it mio blue.[View]
53235160>going over 5 reps[View]
53235338What do you guys eat in a day ?: Adressing this to you 3000-3500 kcal bulkers.[View]
53237492https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ywa97m/nofap-founder-suing-a-neuroscientist-no-nut-november >i…[View]
53235747>That guy who slams the weight after every set on the cable machine[View]
53237378How do I get better back gains? Mostly I just do long row and lats[View]
53234295OHP: Why is it the most fun exercise?[View]
53236371Reverse fly, standing or bench?[View]
53237237dyels with back acne at the gym yikes roiding for this bro?[View]
53237214Which lifts are the most Jewish?: Just found out I'm a Secular Humanistic Jew, need help orient…[View]
53235337Clearly hanging around masculine men increases your test levels and hanging around basedboys lowers …[View]

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