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54078173My dad would tape a stack of newspapers to the basement wall and punch it daily till there was a hol…[View]
54075501What's even the point of lifting as a female unless you go full varbie?[View]
54053154Who's mogging who here[View]
54079974>one hour of walking equal to one big mac Fuck this shit[View]
54073814What accessories should I add to SS to not look like a fat powerlifter?[View]
54080160>woke up after 4 hours of sleep with a headache and can't go back to sleep >Entire day is…[View]
54079724I slept weird and my I can't point my head down without being an extreme pain How long does thi…[View]
54079894>woke up this morning after 7 hours of sleep >went in to work; calm Friday morning >paid my…[View]
54079543I was flexing in the mirror and then opened my mouth and realized my teeth are fucked This is destro…[View]
54076793>tfw don't even listen to sea shanties NGMI https://youtu.be/qGyPuey-1Jw…[View]
54079713My girl has agreed to start coming to the gym with me this week, but she's talking about doing …[View]
54080045fuckin help I tried a different arm routine a few days ago and I just woke up with my arms in searin…[View]
54079654Light and test: Has anyone done research on this? I've found part of a study positively correla…[View]
54079798series/movie recommendations: I cant watch anything on Netflix without thinking everything is a psyo…[View]
54078324Do I have to change gyms?: Do I have to change gyms? I stared at this one hot girl a bit too long th…[View]
54079489How did people get buff back in the day, before steroids were around? Was it mostly a genetic lotter…[View]
54078105Is lifting without a goal ultimately an exercise in futility?[View]
54079841/madeit/ Thread: Only based fitizens are allowed to compete against me.[View]
54078737I'm looking forward to fitness instagram/youtubers dying like flies because of roid abuse. Will…[View]
54079095Who do you lift for?[View]
54078694ITT: Weight Loss Face Gains[View]
54078520Anon you said you were 'cutting' I'll book you an appointment with our therapist, ple…[View]
54078244Fit: I been hitting the gym still a little out of shape looking to get into boxing shape any tips…[View]
54079767Finally, I have seen the light. After years trashing SS training as a shit program, I now understand…[View]
54079332Do it: Hi Anon! Do your max chin-ups or diamond push-ups right now :-) NOW:-) DO IT:-)[View]
54069566/mag/ - Martial Arts General: Granddaddy Steven Seagal Edition Discuss all Martial Arts and MMA rela…[View]
54079274Please help, how do I fix my nerd neck, how long will it take?[View]
54079376Is he based or cringe?[View]
54075431What exercise for pure punching strength?[View]
54078778Hamster getting swole: Hamster getting kinda swole 0-0[View]
54079144Am I crazy?: >family is full of fatasses who eat junk >junk is insanely tempting and I’m recov…[View]
54079171How do I get a physique like this?[View]
54075905Would you rather be dyel but insanely strong, or swole but incredibly weak?[View]
54078306Is eating minced turkey+2 eggs+rice every day until I make it a nutritionally sustainable way to bul…[View]
54078969hey friends, i'm quite close to 1pl8 OHP but i just cant seem to lift more than 57.5kg. my plan…[View]
54079011explain this shit please: >decide to go on my first cut after semi-bulking for half a year or so …[View]
54075054Lower belly fat: How to lose lower belly fat as you can see in pic related? I want to have that stra…[View]
54079029tfw the no-shit-on-toilet-paper-afterwards poop how can you cope my poop gains?[View]
54079272What advice would you give him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z-hWXv6hS8[View]
54077460How to maintain muscle while fasting? I'm a fatass, I want to fast before actually getting into…[View]
54061660/fast/ #6 COLE EDITION: What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake juice fastin…[View]
54076635How does a 56 year old man look like this?[View]
54074153Perspective is key: When Mars will be terraformed in a few thousand years all the obese peope living…[View]
54078012Eccenctric: Is there such a thing as going too slow on the eccentric part of a lift, provided your f…[View]
54078985Ok please show me the trick of this shit, I tried it for the first time today and I didn’t felt noth…[View]
54078058At last, i finally understand: As a person without a fitness background I've browsed /fit/ for …[View]
54073037Swole discrimination at work: So I was hired into a contract position nearly two years ago now with …[View]
54078742Re-gaining Penile Sensitivity: tl;dr Other ways besides nofap / noporn to regain penis sensitivity /…[View]
54075749>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
54077416Anyone have experience with this product?: I’m a blonde guy, but my hair gets dark blonde during the…[View]
54075104Cable Crunches: Is this workout a meme? I want to build thicker more developed abs.[View]
54078801>goto gym at 6am >preacher curl is facing the wall. >well that's stupid >as I star…[View]
54077938How does one give up junk food entirely? I’m an ex fatass and am so addicted I think of junk food co…[View]
54078864Life hack Put creatine monohydrate into your protein shake It will take off the sweetness No need to…[View]
54076910I hae nyr's[View]
54076603Front Squats: Is it worth doing these if you back squat? You obviously can't overload the quads…[View]
54078430Do you think this guy is natty?: And also, do Americans really have a Mcdonalds police force?[View]
54077950Skincare/Hygiene Regimen Thread: You guys got any recommended skincare products? I want to improve m…[View]
54078185Now that the dust has settled, what’s the final word on these? Do we need to throw in a few per day …[View]
54058828QTDDTOT/SQT: thread for the mentally impaired[View]
54077261What is the hardest to reach and why is it 2pl8 bench[View]
54076599What do you do if you're a guy and you have these?[View]
54074928Are there any non-meme diet suppressants? Like, medical grade.[View]
54062109In the future when you can choose your body’s shape and size at will, will fitness even matter? Also…[View]
54078559Rate my regimen?: I haven't been in the gym for nearly 3 months due to rapid changes in my work…[View]
54073811Are gloves worth getting?[View]
54077034Is it good form to 'shrug' at the end of a push up, overhead press, and dip?[View]
54074317soy-boy to soy-man: Is this achievable natty? This guy was 34 when he started, just look at those gu…[View]
54078429Some of you must be ashamed, time for some changes pal!: Get your good for nothing ass out of here i…[View]
54077704Actors who peaked in the 40s, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, maybe henry cavill in the future, who else?[View]
54077406Effort < Roids < Effort + Roids Agree or disagree?[View]
54078288Nutrition for building muscle mass: Female with 20% bf right now, petite As hell and just lean muscl…[View]
54076396Let’s talk about gyno: Was an obese child, had some nice tits. Lost all the weight and lost the tits…[View]
54072353what is 1/2/3/4 for females?[View]
54078219Steroid and sarms pct: Do you have to cycle off either of these, can't you just keep taking rad…[View]
54075030anyone involved in mma competitions/amateur fight scene/regular sparring sessions? how did you get i…[View]
54078150>have to look at my mug in the mirror when lifting with dumbbells[View]
54077855>Do a light bulk >No muscle is grown but abdominal fat starts accumalating…[View]
54078123We all knew this.: Y-you've had your helping of >onions today right? Can't grow big a…[View]
54076359Want abs in 2020?: Skip the cardio.[View]
54075694>Anon, it's 4am.. Rise and shine![View]
54078055This guy slaps your gf/wife’s ass: Your move /fit/[View]
54059819/plg/ Powerlifting General: >Lift Maximally Edition THE Powerlifting General For the advancement …[View]
54077990Redpill me on this brand of beans. I want to eat 3 of these 15 oz bad boys every day (as well as sea…[View]
54077831How did Ahmed do /fit/?[View]
54077673>take fishoil in the morning >lift weights >at computer about to have post-workout coom …[View]
54073995The average 200lb healthy 'untrained' male can only perform a max 90lb bench press for 5 reps.[View]
54077857Ideal Grid Thread: post and rate[View]
54071288According to reddit this routine is better than SS/SL. >Day A 3×5+ Barbell Rows 3×5+ Bench Press …[View]
54076073Can I have uuuuhhhh... destroyed shoulders?[View]
54076550I think I made it: >In nutrition class, second day of class >Wearing a cutoff >Professor is…[View]
54077364What does /fit/ think of horizontal pressing in an upright position? I think I invented a new excerc…[View]
54077732I took 3 melatonin gummies so I only have 30 minutes to discuss. Is masturbation really that bad? I …[View]
54077683Anyone here into circuit training? My gym now has hiit rowers, air bikes, battle ropes, med balls an…[View]
54071941Rows: Are they worth doing? The current meta is 1/2/3/4 which doesnt take rows in consideration.…[View]
54076727>welcome home anon, I hope you had a good day. I made you brownies and strawberry cup cakes. I ho…[View]
54076214What is the ideal male body?[View]
54076648>listen to one song when working out, or when starting a work out >over time your brain associ…[View]
54074718Rep schemes: Do you guys who make your own programs mess with weird rap schemes or do you stick with…[View]
54077053So studies show that the seventh day after masturbating test levels spike 150%. Wouldn't it be …[View]
54072464Hey /fit/ newbie here, routine to get pic related? Can send a couple satoshis your way if you give m…[View]
54073403I encourage everybody to train their traps I have some trap action going on, but did a shitton of sh…[View]
54076713Why is Jeff so openly against the use of roids in both his youtube videos and premium programs? Is i…[View]
54075888Cooming is bad for u Cooming is addicting Cooming turns you into a social retard Cooming lowers t Go…[View]
54075085should i start to workout?: hi /fit/ first time here I am 18 and I only weigh 52 kilograms even tho…[View]
54077058Cold Shower: >tfw fell for the cold shower meme Day 17 and begun to get used to it. wakes me the …[View]
54076798Most retarded shit you did in the gym >lifting for 2 years >just realized you're not supp…[View]
54076812as a 6'2 male how cursed am I to get gainz and become bigger?[View]
54074265Ensuring maximum height for my son: I know Genetics is the primary determinate of one's offspri…[View]
54073495Why arn't you eating bugs /fit/?: >high protein >lo carb >alternative to flour >in …[View]
54073799/assume/: Arms and favourite workout album rate thread >Tool- Ænima…[View]
54076382Keto sore throat, has anyone experienced this? I started my keto diet about 8 weeks ago and I have …[View]
54074504what did the jews mean by this? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/17/well/live/fish-oil-supplements-ti…[View]
54076916prostate fitness thread: so I have an inflamed prostate which caused ED and my doc said I could take…[View]
54072968Can everyone make it or are some people beyond saving?[View]
54075978run: hey /fit/ tell me how to be better at running and moving fast while carrying ~150lbs[View]
54070632Are you fit enough to survive in an island?: You need to choose 12 other /fit/izens to go with you b…[View]
54077105>not lifting to the tune of the pipes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Se0uXjLi1QU NGMI…[View]
54070171Old books on diet and exercise: Hey /fit/ any recommendations for good books or sources of info on d…[View]
54066752what things are high in estrogen so I know to avoid them[View]
54071348Most dangerous gym equipment and why is it the latpulldown: Carabiner or wire can snap Can hit and k…[View]
54074937/fit/, how much strength do I need to win a fight against the average dyel, bugman, or jew? does st…[View]
54074005Noob here: /fit/, I come beg for your infinite knowledge on lifting weights and hope you can answer …[View]
54075980anybody else here get regularly told they are very good looking by other men AND get regularly told …[View]
54076904Food is the worst drug. It makes you happy if you are genuinely hungry, but if you've already e…[View]
54070560So now tap water causes cancer: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200115/Bladder-cancer-linked-to-…[View]
54075453Has anyone here realized getting buff takes too long and just got a hair transplant? How pleased are…[View]
54071296post a picture of you right before it is time to work out[View]
54074275Estimate his one rep maxes[View]
54074031120 KG CHEAT CURL X 8 REPS FACE REVEAL: nooo balkan chad ugly old man behind that mask noooo imagine…[View]
54076265TFW Skynet takes over: Finally, saved from ourselves. Why do you think you've been solving all …[View]
54074515Big fat brain: What apps do you use to keep your brain in tip-top shape, /fit/? Pic related is my ra…[View]
54076678>mfw last rep of superset[View]
54075589Its up[View]
54071124THOUGHTS?: A device that allows people to empty a portion of their stomach contents into a toilet af…[View]
54075230vitamin C high dose: I've been eating about 30-40 500mg chewable vitamin C lollies everyday for…[View]
54076417How do I still stay in shape 50-60 years from now?: There’s probably a reason why almost everyone ge…[View]
54076364IS THIS TRUE?[View]
54076238Doing the hardest part of my daily workout: watching AthleanX videos[View]
54076090powerlifting girls: you already know they be letting out big stinkies. imagine the smell brah.... im…[View]
54075287I'm trying to make a new workout plan, but I don't want to spend too much time in the gym.…[View]
54055093What are some /fit/ approved movies?[View]
54075180I forgot this guy's name.. anyone remember?[View]
54076303Is it just me or does this ad feel like a meme?: Subject[View]
54065675What’s your blackest fitness pill? For me it’s that literally nothing can fix bad muscle insertions…[View]
54070120why yes I do poll dancing, how could you tell?[View]
54075254Female with Abs: >Start going to the gym >Get my girlfriend to go on a diet >She requests I…[View]
54076063Soy: Is it dangerous?[View]
54074638Is this book any good?: Also, is it possible to buy it without using am*z*n?[View]
54074693Anyone have experience with C25K? I want to get into boxing, compete after I’ve trained for a while.…[View]
54075614Can I drink with my boys without losing my gains?[View]
54068538wtf fit when I was 17 I ran away from home because my alcoholic dad beat me up and sexually abused m…[View]
54075525Based or cringe?[View]
54067814How do we compete with this[View]
54075113>Deadlifting is completely safe exerci- https://youtu.be/hJmVlt98FLA[View]
54074047Why can't I do arm day all day? My legs are just fine.[View]
54075856Rate my workout: It's a PPL routine, based on something Arnold recommended but modified a littl…[View]
54075115>sleep 10 hours a night and wake up refreshed at 6am[View]
54073681Are you supposed to lift to failure?[View]
54075623hand-eye coordination: hello fit. what exercises or techniques can I do to improve my hand eye coord…[View]
54073096How did powerlifter Jim Wendler inadvertently invent the best bodybuilding routine?[View]
54073670martial arts better than gym: >Prove me wrong /fit/ why would you waste hours on gym while you co…[View]
54067345If your upper body looks shit doesn’t it make sense to stop squatting and focus the energy you use o…[View]
54074697/skin and health/ thread: >tfw bad skin Does anyone have the vocaroo link/talk an anon made here …[View]
54073389How to look like this?[View]
54075698hol up, so youre telling me that greekgodx >constantly got bullied for being fat >decided to …[View]
54073365i want to be like baki: do u guys think baki uses steroids?[View]
54073651>roll BJJ thrice a week >train in kickboxing twice a week >schedule's full >only ha…[View]
54070501Tinder: Is it wrong that i only workout to attract the opposite sex on Tinder?. Anyone else motivate…[View]
54073214Are you truely willing to do whatever it takes?[View]
54066189Do people stare since you started getting noticeably bigger? Post stories.[View]
54073074How do you talk to girls at the gym?: >Be me >see hot petite redhead with a tight ass bench pr…[View]
54073430Admit it: How many of you think of him whole lifting??[View]
54066610Masturbation programming: Hello, /fit/, how do you schedule your masturbation so that your testoster…[View]
54065780I read through /fit/ and I hear so many guys bitching and moaning about not having a gf / not having…[View]
54072474Ideal ratio of chicken and rice: Ok so usually i make my own chicken breasts at home but get ready r…[View]
54074140pushup thread: pushup thread <50 double go[View]
54075265Do you adjust your diet/routine for heavy Brain Day?: Like when you have to read a bunch of dense ma…[View]
54075234Daily reminder.[View]
54067391>that guy who does OHP in the squat rack[View]
54073151are there really benefits to working out high? I don't really smoke weed just interested in opi…[View]
54074094penis enlargement works guys holy shit[View]
54068769fucking reddit fatties: I noticed that people who post their OMAD meals that consist of of less than…[View]
54058932Damn meatbros maybe there is something to this vegan thing.. First Arnie and now Tyson? Who are we t…[View]
54073717I just realized it's not about the weight, it's about the time under tension[View]
54071900I just ran out of my last tub of pre workout, and this time around I am considering just making my o…[View]
54072719>Gives you horrible acne Heh, nothing personal[View]
54074547>I-It's just an alt-right meme, right guys? https://news.ucr.edu/articles/2020/01/17/america…[View]
54064183I just finished SS+GOMAD[View]
54074181Medfags of /fit/; a couple of weekends ago I went to the gym hard both days, went cycling for 30 mil…[View]
54074022Fat loss = face gains?: Skinnyfat dyel here, 135 lbs / 5'10. I guess my BF is somewhere around …[View]
54072293>tfw have HIV How will this effect my gains?[View]
54074671You arent smaller than a natty calisthenics fag: Are you, anon? Powerlifting did make you stronger t…[View]
54072230>SEMPO MOKUTON SHINSUUSENJU How do you fight this?[View]
54069331Anyone have a some what advanced 3 day strength program?: So normally I go to the gym 4 times a week…[View]
54070760Post odd/obscure things that inspire your /fit/ ideals[View]
54069425>read the fucking sticky >watch youtube stuff >tomorrow will be walking into a gym for th…[View]
54073551Target of Violence: Hey , fit. Been lurking for a couple years, sometimes post. I have been getting …[View]
54067798>free testosterone taken orally is harmful for your liver uh, no sweetie https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih…[View]
54073842Is this possible natty?[View]
54070900What do you hairy guys do?Leave it or shave it?[View]
54072982Perhaps someone here can help me make sense of this. I was recommended a 3k calorie diet. This sound…[View]
54072601redpill me on crossfit /fit/: why does it look like only DYELs, faggots and masculine women do it? I…[View]
54069302im quitting alcohol: >be me >been doing omad and fasting >36hour fast time > decide to h…[View]
54073382>Did 5x8 at about 70% of max on flat bench >3x13 at 60% of max on incline bench >Like 15 BW…[View]
54070114>415 ng/dl[View]
54072415Walking: How much do you walk per day? I did 33k steps today which is 25km which burned 1600 calorie…[View]
54073538She looks like a raccoon since she started eating meat: Meatcucks, explain yourselves.[View]
54073700Keto is a scam: >All keto youtubers are fat what gives?[View]
54066275Don't wake up.[View]
54073052is underdeveloped chest peak aesthetics?[View]
54070308This is where I die: My mom made cheesecake which I have to eat for breakfast for at least 3 days or…[View]
54073392Best All-In-One Supplement: Nearly at the end of pic related, is there something better that I shoul…[View]
54069707Fitness tragedies thread: She killed him.[View]
54073065Rate my shoop[View]
54071167how to get this progress? literally probably the best progress pic i have ever seen.[View]
54070820>the gym Colosseum is closed this week due to cleaning up blood from the new year's manlet m…[View]
54072881All memes aside would this actually work? Wouldn’t it be similar to using a leg press since it’s a s…[View]
54072010Is this physique driven by genetics or specific activity?: Can it be achieved via weightlifting only…[View]
54073167Join me on a fun-run /fit? It will be /fun.[View]
54072383Sugar: I'm addicted to sweets, and to a lesser extent, carbs. Most of the time I limit both, bu…[View]
54071586T boosters: Can I take pic related test boosters if I'm 18? What side effects should I worry ab…[View]
54069757Are the new years faggots gone?: I’ve seen a couple threads with high level cringe and I don’t know …[View]
54070065ITT: Tips you wish you knew as a DYEL newb: >Try to spread your meals throughout the day instead …[View]
54072994Anyone know a good upper body workout with a bar (plus pegs)? Sorry if something like this is on the…[View]
54073016/fit/ role models: Who is your /fit/ role model? Mine is Karsten Braasch >dindu's claim they…[View]
54072162Best lifting program for a cut? I lost ab 80 lbs (was 310) and then did strength for ~3 months but I…[View]
54072654>so I asked him if he was sexually active and he said no for the 6795th time.…[View]
54070489>get /fit/ >lose fight to fat fucks[View]
54068546Why did push/pull split stop beeing popular? Even camb recommended upper lower splits later but why?[View]
54072363Help: my front pelvis and hips hurt, i am pretty sure it is the muscle or the joint there. whenever …[View]
54073000Is it possible to achieve an ass like this with exercise?: Or do you also need to be born with godly…[View]
54072873I don't know what to do anymore /fit/ I wanna lift but every time I start I basically blow out …[View]
54071422Yo /fitbros/, what do if I need to drop some mass in my legs (many years of cycling) yet retain or g…[View]
54072440get into a trade apprenticeship? or become a college jew ?[View]
54072129>that guy that spends every rest period on his phone[View]
54071349Hey /fit/, anyone here work a very physical job? Do you find that it helps or hinders your goals?[View]
54070598weirdos at your gym: there's this dude at the 24 I go to that calls himself a 'spiritual healer…[View]
54058500What is your autistic /fit/ fantasy?: Yeah i'm pretty autistic for this, but since i was young …[View]
54071766I don’t see how companies get away with marketing like Celsius. Just tried it today and has a nice b…[View]
54071383Is GODMAD real? Will drinking tons of milk cover my macros?[View]
54065975Who here /handkäse/?: Look at the stats on this bad boy[View]
54068168He calls your mother a hoe. What do you do?[View]
54072622What can I do to increase my health stats?: Should I give up coffee or take supplements like vitamin…[View]
54072669My name is Leon Melekhov. I am an avid outdoorsman.[View]
54071428Diet is getting stale: Fitbros I am tired of eating the same shit. I recycle the same 3-4 meals, pos…[View]
54070197Can i get a wrestler body without using weights?[View]
54072003Redpill me on chicken gizzards and hearts: Are they good for you? Very high sodium on the pack I bou…[View]
54071135Do you guys take care of your eyes? Like, I didn't know but it's really really fucking imp…[View]
54072196Why do my toots smell rancid fit? I don't eat meat or cheese, I drink lots of water and have a …[View]
54072264A protein called Sestrin might be responsible for many of the benefits of a good workout: https://ww…[View]
54071169how does he hold on to muscle mass ???[View]
54071967So, what’s your routine like /fit/?[View]
54069702>he hasn’t taken the chicken salad pill Unless your a keto cunt but you’re already not gonna mak…[View]
54072386>he doesn't practice shavasana after every workout Practice until you feel as if your body i…[View]
54063624Natty Lifting: Imagine working out for over 15 years, spending countless hours in the gym, only to l…[View]
54068483Wife said my legs looknlike holocaust victim: I havent done squats in ~5months. In place of this, be…[View]
54072349Is it okay doing incline bench press instead of ohp in upper lower routines?[View]
54071647Depression: What hobby will fix my depression lads? What the fuck is there to do all day besides lif…[View]
54071484>179cm How do I gain 1cm? Will head posture exercises and spinal decompression help?…[View]
54070247I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
54066986Sad manlet stories: >be me, high school >biology class >teacher talking about the importanc…[View]
54070014Why is bulking so based?[View]
54072104>tfw you anger the local gyms monk[View]
54071962my stats right now are (1 rm): >squat 120kg >bench 85kg >dl 150kg >ohp 70kg what are cha…[View]
54071157>*WEH WEH WEH WEH WEH WEH WEH*[View]
54070467Why do Russians do this?[View]
54071100How do I train long insertion biceps? It feels like some exercises do not really do anything,even wi…[View]
54035456/frauds/: Is it just me, or do they seem more veiny than natties?[View]
54070400$150 skipping rope: Why does this even exist?[View]
54059754Why are there so many shitty bodies in weightlifting? These people train 5 hours a day with weights …[View]
54071817Routines: i’ve been doing this for a year now. with good results. i match my wight in grams of prot…[View]
54071744tips for doing dumbbell rows?: whenever i try dumbbell rows, i always feel it in my shoulders rather…[View]
54071783Clicking Elbows: Whenever I do hammer curls, DB rows or overhead DB tricep extensions or any kind of…[View]
54070990What does /fit/ listen to at the gym? >tfw im a pleb who listens to mummble rap and nightcore…[View]
54069035i Reject 'eat big to get big': i REJECT the notion that you NEED to eat a lot to get bigger! if you …[View]
54069367Anyone have that neck training program image?: Trying to know what volume and sets to do and how fre…[View]
54069974It's official. Alpha Destiny is the new king of /fit/ https://youtu.be/url3LewkaIs[View]
54064583Explain why you're better than the god bodybuilder Jason Genova.[View]
54070571Strength meta: What is the current meta for lifting? How many times my bodyweight should I aim to sq…[View]
54071631What diet and exercises must I do to get triceps like that naturally and how long would it take?[View]
54069266I’m only on my second gym day for my bulk and I feel really sore, but I’m supposed to do squat and b…[View]
54071226Guys I'm going to stop playing video games forever it's really a fucking sinkhole[View]
54071142struggle with bulimia: i can't fucking recover i'm such a gluttonous piece of shit. i wast…[View]
54070971>be skinny >lift some weights >body starts looking cute Profit?…[View]
54066988>That one guy that brings his parents to the gym[View]
54071149Best dietary Youtube channel?: What is the best Youtube channel for dietary advice?[View]
54070787REMEMBER: dont talk dont smile lift from 3 AM to 5 AM ONLY FAST everyday one dinner a week dont slee…[View]
54069744what supplements could I take to feel better?[View]
54070946>trap doms[View]
54071210>insane aching pain around tricep/brachialis area IN BOTH ARMS >sometimes shoots down forearm …[View]
54066424Eyebrows: How can I make my eyebrows thicker? How do I fix looking like a beta all the time? Is a mi…[View]
54067588What excersize do i do to get rid of side boob fat?[View]
54070339If i where to copy the life of a bodybuilder or athlete who should it be ?[View]
54069431Is 50 pushups considered really good? I'm 87kg and 183cm(about 6ft for burgers).[View]
54061449Do any of you guys have jobs in fitness? Like personal trainer, athlete, etc[View]
54068330Tennis elbow friendly routine: Hi /fit/ can i get a tennis elbow friendly routine? Right now i do Sq…[View]
54070472help: what does this mean[View]
54071008>used to hate the feeling after deadlifting so much that I just didn't deadlift >now I li…[View]
54070646lets have a lulz thread: we didn't have one in a while. post them.. everything /fit and funny…[View]
54066270Building small outside gym: Yo, want to build a small gym in the style of pic related in my own prop…[View]
54031998/fit/ meet: >This is what the average /fit/ poster looks like[View]
54068683Picking up girls at the gym: Okey my fellow autist Kings. Today at the gym, against all chances, I m…[View]
54069517are vegetables a meme?[View]
54070594Is this even legal?[View]
54068719Hey /fit/ I want to start lifting but I'm extremely double-jointed in both arms, to the point w…[View]
54056855You guys ever question the point of lifting? Like yeah I'm getting big, but if I don't hav…[View]
54064989Is a 160 kg leg press at 75 Kilo bodyweight any good?[View]
54070220Is it possible to look like Regan Grimes all natty? If so, how long can it take? I'm 31, been l…[View]
54068602Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54044913My girlfriend wants me to stay in dad bod modus, /fit/ explain this shit. Since when are young women…[View]
54069185Post a more brutal mog[View]
54066938How will you keep your gains post mortis /fit https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/12179947035112161…[View]
54070140achiveable natty?[View]
54070199Me when my mom adds 2 tea spoons of sugar instead of 1[View]
54067694How To Build: How do I build wide lats? I'm only interested in the advice of people who have a…[View]
54069399Girlfriend mad because I train too much: Anyone else been in this boat? I lift 4x a week and box 2-3…[View]
54070131What does it mean to make it /fit/ ?: is it just getting laid ? getting a gf ? getting virgin gf ?…[View]
54067785Being cold all day vs cold showers: You boys stressing about cold showers being the way to success, …[View]
54067270i broke my dick, my penis is broken: fucked some little asian hooker and some how missed the hole or…[View]
54069338The /v/ question: >Post my dyel bicep to /v/ >'Lmao youre roiding' why are gamers so un/fit/?…[View]
54049599Gf can't cook for shit.[View]
54069588I can't squat or bench my own body weight[View]
54070085Is it within the limits of the human body to get this big natty?[View]
54070206What are the best routines for trying to minimize muscle loss/even try to gain a small amount of mus…[View]
54066895>tfw your hands are too small for a proper hook grip :( >also 5'9 manlet…[View]
54069513Is this good enough?[View]
54069686What is usually your gym gear/clothes? Do you wear tights? I just wear the oldest tshirts like pic r…[View]
54062007Protein powders: Why do they all gotta be so damn sweet? It goes beyond the realm of tastiness and i…[View]
54069571I love nuts so fucking much bros What are /fit/'s favourite nuts?[View]
54066076Ate literally this for breakfast. Is this fit approved? what are other fit breakfasts for cutting?[View]
54069247Is Casein worth it?[View]
54065749Is there a more unaesthetic muscle group than big traps? Literally look like shit and make you look …[View]
54069855What are your fitness priorities? Would it be wise for a guy not any gear to just focus on training …[View]
54067837PORN AND TESTOSTERONE: Hear me out lads, we could optimize our test levels as well as a variety of o…[View]
54069681Skinny fat and trying to better myself but i get out of breath after 2 minutes of exercise. Will it …[View]
54066537This image depicts a Roman Triari capturing a Greek Hoplite How exactly is lifting for aesthetics li…[View]
54069327>2020 >not doing Greco Roman wrestling Never gonna make it…[View]
54069695>ok, since its your first time you need to do a circuit the first week. Basically a full body rou…[View]
54069674>Lunch I didn't eat for almost two days, it wasn't working for me and I was extremely h…[View]
54069623I took a 1 month hiatus from lifting. By how much should I drop my weights when I resume today?[View]
54068550Are kettlebell workouts any good?: What do you think about a Kettlebell only workout? I workout at h…[View]
54069297Why does whey powder makes me sick?: I tried a whey protein shake today for the first time. I was fi…[View]
54069477Hey bros i have my right shoulder fucked and i can't train my chest and back becausethe next da…[View]
54065753What is a good diet to have 100g of protein at around 1800 calories? Please help me /fit/ I'm s…[View]
54069470Achievable natty?[View]
54062274Are you fit enough to survive the the woods alone indefinitely?[View]
54063431deenz: deenz[View]
54068264non-consistent loser: is there a consensus on a good 4 day consecutive upper lower or bro split I co…[View]
54064760Recessed Acne Scars: Has anybody managed to fixed dented acne scars successfully? Shit seriously suc…[View]
54069483Post brosplit routines. Leg days not allowed. (I run a lot and I want to be able to fit into slim/sk…[View]
54066706Are shower brushes good for you?[View]
54069277>weak as fuck >huge because I lift for hypertrophy Who else knows this feel?…[View]
54067139>tfw no gym pally buff to break PR[View]
54067089Share your healthy recipes /fit/. High protein low carb gets a bonus. place 1-4 chicken breasts on a…[View]
54061121What is your excuse?[View]
54068011this isn’t a blogpost, rather an insight into what could happen to you if you start lifting. >be …[View]
54069325i deadlift 2.4x my bodyweight after 6 months. Am i considered talented or am i just a turbomanlet?[View]
54069323Mutants for sports: Michael is basically genetically designed for his sport. We must breed more wate…[View]
54068093Does anyone have the pic of the fit blonde pregnant woman with like 8 blonde kids to her right?[View]
54069157Working out with an injured hip joint: Nasty bone contusion while sparring, what are some decent war…[View]
54068832/fit/ I want an indian take away tonight..what is the healthiest thing I can get? I have 1200 calori…[View]
54068163is watching Motivational videos while or before you workout gay[View]
54069080Where I live women just care that a man is big. Fat fucks that are tall, get whatever they want. Ski…[View]
54068834what mode is this on the guy on the left and how can I achieve it?[View]
54068743Go mad? ...DON'T MIND IF I DO[View]
54066257Anyone else struggle with gaining fetish and staying fit?: >be me, lean. 25 pretty buff >Have …[View]
54067072how can you justify buying roids online, which is how most people on here do it, when you know its g…[View]
54068740Misconceptions about the Gym: Hey bros going to the gym for the first time tonight. What are the big…[View]
54062896Cold Showers Killing GAINS?: >I usually sit in a steam room for 30 minutes post workout and then …[View]
54068518Please tell me if I take this shit every day that I wont have loose skin when I drop the 300 lbs I n…[View]
54068418https://youtu.be/rD-dLHvgkUQ What’s the point of lifting if even a bunch of 8 year olds can out run …[View]
54061185What do you have for breakfast every morning?[View]
54067061>Walking into your gym at 5am >You’re the only one there, and will be for at least an hour Is…[View]
54067031>anon why are you still lifting weights for upper body? >you're not a weightcuck... are y…[View]
54067972Can I stop taking Minoxidil if I take Finasteride?[View]
54068006>fasting for extended periods over the past two months >lose a ton of weight >want to give …[View]
54062226Are you pro or anti anorexia?[View]
54068598/OWG/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Fuck team China and IWF :edition[View]
54068278How do I use grippers properly? Should I hold and squeeze or repeatedly open and close it? Is high r…[View]
54054157natties btfo[View]
54068269>tfw BMI is over 30[View]
54062860MOTIV: Why are you still lifting, Anon?[View]
5406852930:05: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxi0sfYbXAs[View]
54058902Hi /fit/ Can someone tell me what this is inside there? I'm kinda worried.[View]
54068468Cold showers: >Living in Canada >Around 30 below, usually feels like 40 >Hot water broke …[View]
54068340What's a good calisthenics routine? Aesthetics in mind Im also lifting tho[View]
54067960Bike or Squad ?: Is doing heavy bike 50 minutes everyday for legs enough for strength ? Or are squad…[View]
54066407Supplements: I´m currently taking all of this in my bulk. Is it worth it or not? Am I taking too man…[View]
54067468Can I eat just one or two protein bars for my OMAD? I don't have much of an appetite.[View]
54041517/fat/ - You Gotta Live It: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-inhaling senseis who want to better themse…[View]
54067797Does it really work?[View]
54067896How do you tell the difference between a sore back and an injured back the day after you hit a deadl…[View]
54064372How do I attain this body ? I think it will need a dedicated day for ab work, but how do I do it ? I…[View]
54067148/fit/ lied: I thought you guys said that I wouldn't hate myself if i started lifting. Now Im so…[View]
54067140So errr when do deadlifts get hard?[View]
54065042>fasting my way out of skinny fat[View]
54066784Personal boxing coaching: Morning gents. Have any of you had experience with getting coached for a f…[View]
54058151>oh you don't drink alcohol?? why?? >come on live a little! what do you do?…[View]
54066852Why bother lifting when its all about Face?: 70% of you guys aren't even big so no one even car…[View]
54066849Muscle atrophy: Grug legs too thick and curvy for grugs small frame. Grug want smaller legs but only…[View]
54067081My hamstrings hurt like hell from wednesday's stiff legged deadlifts. Should I skip today'…[View]
54063343Post workout albums[View]
54067398How do you recover when you feel yourself getting shoulder tendonitis? Do you take a month off? Cha…[View]
54065805How do I fix this? At least I have the rough outline of a six pack[View]
54067582just came back from a doctor and I have a blood pressure of 146/80 and a blood sugar of 71 Am I goin…[View]
54067568Go easy on me: This is my current routine after 7 years of lifting. I’ve lost 98% of the interest I …[View]
54065941Guys whats the best bug protein on the market?[View]
54067190I earned a gift from god today: >everything is fucked, the world, the people, the holy nature, ti…[View]
54067264Just wow. How will /fit/ ever recover? You incels can't even mog a 4'11' judo grandpa Also…[View]
54066679/noheadphone general Anyone out there that goes headphone free as well? Does it really help gains? I…[View]
54062229>work out for 1.5 years >post a shirtless picture on instagram >28 likes, none are hot girl…[View]
54065291>tfw just loudly farted doing deadlifts and everyone in the gym heard it…[View]
54065809Intermediate looking for a size: hey fitiziens could you help me please with picking intermediate pr…[View]
54066722Got a personal trainer for my Xmas gift to myself in prep to get /fit. Started a week and a half ago…[View]
54066141Any way to improve facial aesthetics besides cutting?[View]
54067052What weekly rate of weight gain do you guys shoot for on a bulk once you’re out of noob gain stages?[View]
54067428milk cauldron: Show your milk cauldron[View]
54067364/fit/ what the fuck is happening. Literally nothing has changed in my diet or workout schedule, but …[View]
54066785Anyone here do Deadlifts but doesn’t Squat?[View]
54067038>That guy who eats Chinese food in the locker room[View]
54067326Snap City Avoidance and Safety Thread: I'm switching from sedentary (tele and psych) nursing to…[View]
54067666>be loser throughout childhood >parents split up when I'm young, so very little contact w…[View]
54061547Are you 'budproof'?: Go ahead and test yourself. When you are encountered by a male stranger, such a…[View]
54067205Do you count your plug weight?: I just got this new 1kg. Obviously I should include it for squat wei…[View]
54067157Heavy squats and deadlifts are just too dangerous for the average lifter that wants to look good. If…[View]
54065229>mfw phones in the gym[View]
54058693Im about to get jaw surgery and braces in 2 months how will this affect my jaw gains?[View]
54062301what deodorant do you use: Every deodorant gives me a rash what do. I don't want to smell like …[View]
54063841>daaammmmmmmnnnnn greekgodx looks like that!?[View]
54064755I've given up. I'm 22 and I just started min. What else can I do to help out with hair gro…[View]
54065879Rate my Push workout: Hi fucks, I've been plateauing on push days and need my face slapped. Thi…[View]
54067035I thought I was being clever by benching in the power rack, but today I realised that the portable b…[View]
54066698Incel manlet here: I am 5'5 and I weigh 147 lbs. Should I take the bloat pill and go up to 176 …[View]
54065579Workout music: Post your workout music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qX8QhH_RJ0 https://www.youtu…[View]
54066221>Olympic weightlifting >15 kg bar >gigantic 5kg plates she's 60 and and a woman, never…[View]
54063046Jeff really needs to increase his body fat percentage. It can't be healthy to be that lean at h…[View]
54066804First time going to the gym and theres unironically 3 boomers blasting ACDC's Thubderstruck wea…[View]
54064818Very calorie meals: I want to gain weight, even if it's a dirty bulking, im fucking tired of be…[View]
54066426Fit template: rate my dreams[View]
54066939i took sublingual tren like 8 years ago. whats the chances of it still benefitting my gains now ?[View]
54063508How long would it take someone with these stats to get to 180lbs of pure muscle without having to cu…[View]
54063380Gym addiction: I went 9 days in a row to the gym doing PPL, am I killing my gains if I don't ta…[View]
54064966Goku & Vegeta: You’ll never surpass unless you are your rival. >Son Goku: trained for surviva…[View]
54063872will lifting cure my depression?[View]
54055295/Fit/ Breakfast: Morning /fit/! What's on the breakfast menu today? Been doing this for around …[View]
54065572It's 2020. Are there any break throughs in fitness? What's the biggest fitness convention?…[View]
54059707Pre-workout: What do you guys eat for your pre-workout? Pic related[View]
54066254What the fuck do I do?: been lifting for 2 months and this is my physique. I might have mild pectus …[View]
54064884Does drinking so󠛡y actually cause low test or is that just a meme?[View]
54064737I need a medfag: I can see blue veins in my hand palms? Should i be worried? What's is this? Pi…[View]
54062849Be brutally honest based on my latest progress pic (pic related) what are my odds of making it in 20…[View]
54066582Is it possible to lift if I start taking estrogen[View]
54064978>walk into gym >uhh, donkey strong >uhh Im a donkey nigga strong >uhh donkey nigga stron…[View]
54063300Suggestions to stop coomin: Started working out recently but have crippling porn addiction and need …[View]
54066265How do i fix this body: 5'9 196 pounds / 89 kg Turned 18 in october[View]
54066474Army test soon: Pic unrelated I'm going to have an army test, it will include a 2km run, runnin…[View]
54061494How many pushups can you do?: >22 years >40 pushups I’m above average…[View]
54066039I've been eating like shit since 18th of December 2019. I said to myself it's the holidays…[View]
54061438Is there anything stranger than people getting defensive when told eating meat might not be the best…[View]
54066222No energy, mid life crisis?: /fit I’m 6’0 190lbs and 35 years old. I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall…[View]
54058197The Vegan Curse?: What happened to this guy anyways? Look at his earlier videos and he looks about 2…[View]
54065136Becoming a Supple Leopard Reviews?: Has anyone here read the pic related, 'Becoming a Supple Leopard…[View]
54062514>Bench Press 100kg for 5 reps >Chin-Ups 90kg for 5 reps >can only Deadlift 60kg for 5 reps …[View]
54064561>work out >it doesn't[View]
54065165Bros, please bear with how fucking retarded this sounds, but how do I force myself to eat better? I…[View]
54063140How do I into gymnastics? I'm 21, so I don't want to be in a class with a bunch of kids.[View]
54063215Weightlifting Shoes: What shoes do you lift in? It's my bday tomorrow and looking at getting so…[View]
54065964Tfw no qt lovingly feeling up my hard SS thighs. Why even live?[View]
54061715what's a sumo wrestlers workout routine? what about their diet?[View]
54058058is this guy actually natty?: unironically, how much he lifts? and how many years to achieve this?…[View]
54063592Who was in the wrong here?[View]
54064438Achievable naturally? Yes no? discuss[View]
54064211I'm trying to figure out how to cure my add/adhd/depression with /fit/ and diet. When I eat a …[View]
54053022Fit humor thread[View]
54065464About to start PPL: How do you program bros? Im about to begin PPLxPPLx again, but I started stallin…[View]
54065507What time for the rest before working to the same muscle ?[View]
54065587why does coffee put me to sleep?: Seriously I can sleep after 1 cup and idk why.[View]
54058663Sexual health/fitness general: Hey /fit/, My girl is coming back from over a month studying abroad …[View]
54064994Horney: Anyone else get fuckin great sexual pleasure from doing ham curls? makes me wanna impregnate…[View]
54064936What is this pose called bros?[View]
54065519Thoughts on the effectiveness of this routine? I'm an asslet and want to change that as soon as…[View]
54059123Has the gym gotten you anywhere with girls? I feel it's a scam. I mean, the compliments from ot…[View]
54061581link related suggests that oral free testosterone is efficacious and safe. is it right? http://haidu…[View]
54065680>tfw just ate 2 big bags of these how fucked am I lads?[View]
54065613The best: Lower body exercise I had one of these as a kid and I had huge hulking thighs and still d…[View]
54064904Rash on my dick after wearing the same underpants for a week straight. It itches and has become les …[View]
54065092Anyone here know why my left oblique is sticking out like that? Just went to the chiropractor yester…[View]
54063910What's the starting strength of olympic weightlifting?[View]
54064895>oh yeah I take creatine your natty card, please[View]
54065069I lift to be strong like Papa Z. Why do you lift?[View]
54065298What's the point of lifting when I will always have tiny wrists?[View]
54064479>mfw I found out he doesn't do fullbody 2-3x a week[View]
54063620did anyone here start lifting exclusively following pic related from the sticky? Ive been doing this…[View]
54064439I reached lmap2pl8 bench today![View]
54065134How do I learn Drunken Fist?[View]
54064690/fit/ how do i deal with getting uglier due to increase in bodyfat.[View]
54062797are you chad or so󠛡yboy?[View]
54065170I bet none of you are getting enough fibre. Started taking fibre caps, my shits have never been bett…[View]
54057893Does /fit/ know how to cure PE?[View]
54064536newfag advice: So my uni does free assessments and the chad trainer guy basically told me if i want …[View]
54064426How come I have never seen gym sluts with large weights? Every time you see a 'booty' trai…[View]
54061118I need to consume 80g more of protein before the night ends in 2 hrs. Suggestions aside from powders…[View]
54062619what would happen if I got like 90% of my protein from whey? Because uh, I can't see me reachin…[View]
54064696Is this low?: I’m 20[View]
54063784Weightlifting walker: What walker do you lift with?[View]
54064381Do I really need Rows if I do Deadlifts, Pull-ups and Chin-ups if my only goal is to Deadlift 4 plat…[View]
54059191Post your last rep face: errytime[View]
54064749Any of you guys tried the big cum holy grail stack? Does it have any bad side effects?[View]
54058670Best dumbell work outs? Only have small apartment gym with a free treadmills and a full set of dumb…[View]
54064436/OWG/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Fuck team China and IWF :edition[View]
54059324Is this achievable natty?[View]
54063152what program are you fellas running on a cut. don't really plan to make any real strength gains…[View]
54064598whats the best way to gain weight, or 'fill out' as a skinny high metabolism shit tier fat storage h…[View]
54064277Sorry for the broken english but i need to get this out of my chest HOW DO I COPE WITH THE FACT Of B…[View]
54064297160 lbs 5'11' new/fit/fag Anon here. I'm generally eating more carefully now, making sure …[View]
54061949Hey guys, just hit 1/2/3/4 after about a year of lifting. Can I expect to hit 2/3/4/5 after another …[View]
54063692>Improves recovery rate between lifts >Improves oxygen delivery through blood so you can lift …[View]
54063565Penile Traction: You are using a Traction device for penis gains right anon?[View]
54064230does keto work bros? hows it any better than a regular diet?[View]
54062112BS Medical Bills: I went to the doctors for a new patient visit and some blood tests. I explicitly t…[View]
54063560Hey fit. So I've recently got back into lifting due me joining the Army, they're requiring…[View]
54063715Having some rather intense should pain issues after benching. What am I doing wrong?[View]
54060936redpill me on creatine lads: im a varsity rower and been lifting tons cause the water is frozen over…[View]
54050187Deadlift Appreciation Thread: Physically competent men post deadlifts. Inept, noodlebuilt zoomer wee…[View]
54061864Women in gym: >eating dinner with friends, one girl complains that she can’t go to the gym today …[View]
54057315What weekly frequency do you run?: We can all agree that science based 3-7x must be optimal but that…[View]
54064275How do I maximize my BMR with diet and exercise?: I want to choose a diet and exercise regimen that …[View]
54064296Shoulder injury or soreness: Did some pushups yesterday and today my left shoulder is sore and puts …[View]
54062026Do I look like I lift?[View]
54063064How come the more fit I become, the less I respect fatties?[View]
54062455Rate Ancient Greek Lifting Program: Day One - the day of preparations. It consisted of toning and sh…[View]
54061873>been on diet for a week now >only lost 10 pounds I'm not gonna make it...…[View]
54063827How do I achieve this mode?[View]
54062140https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYB0Ar6TQ00 >10+ years of training >Can barely do 95lb OHP LMA…[View]
54061373What's her calf routine? Is it possible natty?[View]
54063903Cutting thread: What are the best routines for trying to minimize muscle loss/even try to gain a sma…[View]
54060114So󠛡ylent: Thoughts on so󠛡ylent? 20 grams of protein seems pretty incredible.[View]
54062596Reminder that carbs are evil, a distraction by satan to make you wander off the right path Avoid thi…[View]
54062148Do you need any other exercise beside squat for lower body ?[View]
54063681i eat i lift what kind of life is this[View]
54061755Why do girls get wet over abs?: Is there a primal reason? men like teddies and cheecks because they …[View]
54062428/kdg/ - Ketogenic Diet General: FUCKING CAAAAARRRRRRRBS GET YOUR ASS OUTTA HERE keto GIGACHADS post …[View]
54063637/mma/ Weekend fights edition:: How do you manage going to the gym and practicing mma? Also for shits…[View]
54059205This guy has been lifting professionally for over 10 years why is he so small[View]
54061413Have any of you tried this supplement? Does it actually work how it’s advertised? Is there anything …[View]
54057886What do you do if your gym bro(female) constantly wants to stretch out your asspussy in the showers …[View]
54061299Can caffeine cause you to wake up multiple times during the night?[View]
54063216/fit/ getting BTFO by a 10 year old crossfit legend https://youtu.be/x_PRmQwekGo[View]
54063434there are gyms that cater to fags? what goes on there why does fags want to be segregate ?[View]
54062585has getting fit translated into success in other areas of your life? stuff like your autism goes awa…[View]
54062451Popular low rep routines: Why do these popular routines make you do fewer than 12 reps? I was under …[View]
54062155For those of you who do Upper/Lower How do you do Barbell Rows, then Squat or Deadlift the next day,…[View]
54063165Compound movements![View]
54062608Including my 20min bike ride to the gym, I work out for 1 hour and 30 min every day. How long is an…[View]
54059036BRO split vs PPL: Please settle this once and for all. Which is best to yuge? Is ppl have enought ti…[View]
54059933How to look like this?[View]
54063205Looking to get into combat sports. Any tips?: I wasn't exactly sure where to post this thread b…[View]
54060803ITT: gains goblins[View]
54051057What's the appeal of this 'hobby'?[View]
54062894why aren't I stronger[View]
54063009Inspirational Quotes: 'When you change your attitude you change your fattitude.' -deuce[View]
54045260Ctrl f and no cbt thread. Cbt thread boyos. 6'3 236 dirty bulkan. How's the winter bulk go…[View]
54062771what's your best advice for a hard gainer?[View]
54062603>Bench, weighted dips, and weighted chins is all you need for arms bro!…[View]
54061414Halp: >Last shopping trip >12 months ago (shelves about barren) >Looking to fill a shit ton…[View]
54062199how do u kill myostatin and leave humanity behind that shits my myosatan[View]
54061207What if calisthenics aren't a meme? Lot's of lifters look pretty asthetic even after years…[View]
54058439Do any of you ever work out to punish yourselves?[View]
540263432020 NOFAP LETS GO. 2 weeks in, how my boys doing? Feeling strong, feeling in control? You're n…[View]
54062160Anyone else get a wicked test boost when someone calls them daddy? My test levels double when I hear…[View]
54059435https://youtu.be/eROJPbllSZI https://youtu.be/YxAfun32y_w https://youtu.be/dWHQKMoeT_0 Thoughts on v…[View]
54058701Sup fit, I am fitnessing heavily 5 days a week since 11 december 2019. I was at 89 kilogram when I b…[View]
54060714>Okay here's your order s-si..r... WOW... uh... can...can I get you anything e-else...l-like…[View]
54062283when will new years gym wave end? pic unrelated[View]
54062251Popped out my kneecap a few months ago. I rarely feel any discomfort now and luckily only slightly n…[View]
54062222Is Aaron Donald what peak physical conditioning looks like?[View]
54056972am i fat?: my doctor says i am overweight because of my BMI but that cares about height and i go to …[View]
54061964Hey shitheads, Be useful for once and hook a fag up with free/ low cost study resources for NASM’s …[View]
54061379What would you consider the number one about exercise to protect your back during squats and deads? …[View]
54054959How do I bench press alone without dying?: I started lifting with the 5x5 program back in Nov. I…[View]
54061169Why aren't you eating your tasty boogers anon? It's good for you.[View]
54061686no deadlifts: so ill admit, im a DYEL but is it REALLY important to do deadlifts and squats and benc…[View]
54059746Curls: If you can curl (without cheating) more than another guy can bench, does that mean your peepe…[View]
54061823DIET THREAD: What is the best /fit/ diet, and why is plant-based? >yfw you realize meat is litera…[View]
54060879Bloody calluses: My calluses have been tearing apart and leaving blood on the bars where I work out.…[View]
54056774Who you got?[View]
54061557Tfw not amount of lifting and hard work or brains will make me look that way. >Why even live bros…[View]
54061532This is on where my quads would be if I wasnt a disgusting dyel. I know squatting right now is a ret…[View]
54054241What does /fit/ eat for lunch in the office? >pic related[View]
54061530Can I lose weight by just going on long walks? My gf goes on 2 hour 'nature walks' everyday with ou…[View]
54061651/fit/ness cringe thread: Post anything fitness related that makes you cringe. Be it a person (like a…[View]
54061183Is Henry Cavill immortals body more aesthetic than his current body?[View]
54058367Most useful exercises you've discovered and most useless exercise thread: I'll start Most …[View]
54061653>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
54061305>day 4 on OMAD >I have not pooped at all why I'm afraid to weigh myself, since I'm …[View]
54060331What source has the cheapest protein per gram? I just looked at the peanut butter I bout and it was …[View]
54050809Challenge: You have 1 year to get pic related in the best shape possible, what do?[View]
54061415Came back from the derm today and we confirmed my skin reacts extremely poorly to dairy. What are so…[View]
54061527My legs get tired before lungs/heart/chest on the stationary bike: I try to go all out for 45 second…[View]
54060372>short legs >long torso >broad shoulders >big ribcage >wide hips >6’1 Is this body…[View]
54059718mommy still do the cookings for me[View]
54061371Hey /fit. Any tips on burning off the love handles[View]
54055548Please redpill me on red light therapy[View]
54058330okay why is everyone hating on veganism? its the healthiest diet, and even bodybuilders prove the li…[View]
54058591Dont fall for the liquid cocaine also Do u “Toot toot! 𓃰 hehe”[View]
54059425What's the consensus on SL? I've been on it for about a month now along with some cardio a…[View]
54061324could fit help me confirm the height of this manlet, using tthe radiator in the background as a refe…[View]
54061338I'm constipated/fit, what do I do.[View]
54059902>Favorite machine? For me, it's the calf raise machine[View]
54060526What's the best diet for lowering body fat bros? I'm trying no carb and high protein and v…[View]
54060383What's are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54061322>HEY, beeeen trying to meet ya[View]
54060271>eat nothing but fruits and veggies and drink nothing but water for 3 months >only lose 25 pou…[View]
54061255Is it true masturbation ruins ur gains by lowering test?[View]
54061270red pill me on cheese one of my relatives is a food scientist and he said it's not bad[View]
54060138Why do I get an erection every time I achieve something hard?: Every time Im about to achieve someth…[View]
54061066>tfw worked out and am actually getting female attention Well I'll be damned, this is a whol…[View]
54045093I work out 4-5 days a week, progressive overload, eat healthy (though maybe not enough, I struggle t…[View]
54060727Who is this mysterious man: And why does he want me to buy his soap[View]
54061048HELP I THINK I HAVE A HERNIA: Guys, my poop is coming out really stringily and my groin hurts. Other…[View]
54056247I do pushups, feel lats pumping I do chinups, my triceps gets pumped What the fuck is wrong with me …[View]
54060494>someday... when my life has passed me by[View]
54060855Should I pull an all nighter to fix my schedule? How do you lads usually do at the gym in the mornin…[View]
54052249*blocks your path*: >be at gym >*blocks your path ** >how do you cope /fit/?…[View]
54060886Eating PUFAs: ishygddt[View]
54056020>active rest[View]
54060916What /fit/ apps do you use? These all work but are bloaty shitware, too much useless data/functions,…[View]
54060699Meme Farmer get the fuck off fit.: Go outside. Talk to a girl. Talk to ANYONE.[View]
54060625Hey bald guys, you're fucking hot. Stop being so hard on yourselves. - Signed, most women every…[View]
54059322Body goals: Whats your current body goal? Mine is Marcello Álvarez and im nowhere near that. Look at…[View]
54059542Breaking my three day fast tonight what should I eat bros[View]
54060820>that guy who takes his 12v cooler everywhere he goes[View]
54059115How much strength do you gain from a pound of muscle?: Realistically how much strength does the huma…[View]
54060535achievable natty?[View]
54060538Who does /fit/ hate more?[View]
54059758Is binge eating your own dandruff, boogers and blood bad?[View]
54058611What does /fit/ wear?: It seems like most people these days just wear shorts and tshirts. You'r…[View]
54060144If high reps = hypertrophy, why don't I see people doing 20 reps for every exercise?[View]
54057002What is the female equivalent of a strong fat/ built fat body type?[View]
54056396Bodybuilding programs dump thread im not gonna be a paypig for another e-celeb. please dump any hype…[View]
54057987>try making eye contact when walking past guys because everyone says its normal >it always mak…[View]
54060525>runners knee preventing me from doing squats or deads Should I just end it?…[View]
54055229Mastic gum: I've chewed this stuff maybe a total of 5 hours or so in the past 3-4 days When do …[View]
54058049>the bigger I get the smaller I feel You told me that lifting would fucking help mental health. '…[View]
54059098How to fix this?[View]
54060414Weight loss supplements: What are some good weight loss supplements out there for cheap?[View]
54058183hey /fit/ how do I avoid the FOMO regarding social medial?: I haven't had social media for the …[View]
54060039What are best shoes for getting /fit? i haven't bought shoes in over 4 year i currently weigh i…[View]
54059517Hi everyone. I am a 19 year old guy and I'd really like to work up to a form that is comparable…[View]
54060455I just created the Magical Care Discord Server! This is a Beauty, Health & Fashion focused serve…[View]
54059834>Be me >Skinny af (58kg) >Gets motivated and starts going to the gym >Everything is goin…[View]
54057329It's rush week /fit/: >Your Fraternity >Your lift of choice I'll start >Pike >…[View]
54042896/fph/ cuppe madness edition[View]
54057323how big do I need to be to get weeb girls at anime cons?[View]
54056100*mogs the entirety of /fit/*[View]
54057832Is the rowing machine a good replacement for treadmill for warmup cardio? It feels like it's do…[View]
54059709should I go to the doctor now?: >18 years old >6'0, 170 lbs, 13% bodyfat Been lifting for…[View]
54057004I asked this in a QTDDTOT thread, but didn't get too much info. Any advice appreciated! >wei…[View]
54058371Chads go to snack[View]
54058958Need A diet plan or general direction for fit purposes, currently, a 5,6 manlet in college weighing …[View]
54059723>Hi can I order 2 servings of elbow tendinitis, a double shoulder impingement and can we make one…[View]
54056762/fast/ #5 A 'different kind' edition: What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fasting, snak…[View]
54059371I miss him bros ;_;[View]
54059975Anti vegan thread? Anti vegan thread Anon, I hope you didn't eat any veggies today. Tell me you…[View]
54059930>/fit/s favourite lift >involves bending over and presenting your ass to a room full of men k…[View]
54059000TRAP BAR DESTROYED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z94qTzsa-24 >more dangerous >not even a de…[View]
54058957How long would it take someone with these stats to get to 180lbs of pure muscle without having to cu…[View]
54059981What are you tards chowing on? >3 packs of sardines and chicken ramen[View]
54059987I love oatmeal. I look forward to bedtime very night because I know when I wake up I get to eat more…[View]
54059545Upper abs: My top two abs are pathetically small and weak (so is my entire core in general). What ex…[View]
54048877A dog just fucked up my hand hard tonight. Probably will be at least 2 weeks before I can use my rig…[View]
54050690>I'll take two destroyed shoulder joints, please![View]
54057433>she leaves me because I'm no longer a fatass and my personality changed with fat loss…[View]
54058397is 34 too old to into judo? i've always been interested in it and there's a good school ne…[View]
54059585What can I expect if I go to the gym 6 days a week, eat at maintenance while getting at least 70g pr…[View]
54059701Calf raises: Have been raising this calf for about 2 months and I've seen a lot of progress dur…[View]
54059440Things You Love: I love push day. I love OHP. I love slim fit H&M shirts. I love cute girls miri…[View]
54040198/plg/ Powerlifting General: It's Okay to Fail Edition THE Powerlifting General For the advanc…[View]
54059588>Not spotting your fumo[View]
5404612960kg guy vs 260kg guy[View]
54058127How the fuck do you get rid of this? >t. skinnyfat[View]
54057614Using progressive overload to cure gluten intolerance: Do you think it could work? Start out with 0.…[View]
54058570Let's settle this once and for all. Does cooming affect gains?[View]
54058948How do I achieve this body type?[View]
54052426Fuck boogie! Greek actually did it.[View]
54059244>why yes, I do think Olympic lifts are retarded and dangerous how did you know?…[View]
54059134I'm a 24 year old KHV and a cute girl asked for my number today after my gym session 2020 is a …[View]
54050966why does everyone here LARP about their height. if this board's posts are anything to go by (th…[View]
54059119>On medications that deplete the energy necessary to do a workout for longer than twenty minutes.…[View]
54057024I know this might Sound Like a rather dumb question but how do i Go about fasting do i Just Drink wa…[View]
54056667What's the safest way to progressively get stronger, more aesthetic and functional if I don…[View]
54059104How do I get tits like this?[View]
54059083The only good thing about obesity is that it removes weaker people from the gene pool.[View]
54048114/fit/ how can I 'reset' my life? It's not that I want to change it. I just want to recalibrate …[View]
54059020why yes i do avoid fish and seed oils, how did you guess?[View]
54057892Addiction General: I don’t think i’ve seen any threads like this on fit before, but it could not be …[View]
54058880Fitness equivalences: The point where you stop being a beginner and can be considered intermediate/i…[View]
54058810well, /fit/?[View]
54058379I could've fucked a tranny, /fit/. >be me, 20 y/o fatass >on nofap for a little bit so su…[View]
54053448staying on track thread: what is on you schedule today /fit/wits? let's be productive and get t…[View]
54058727LOW TEST NAGGERS: Why do some men nag like a bitch? Bro just chill out, you're driving me insan…[View]
54040506Characters at your gym: >that 5'2' 110lb hispanic twink that mires you whenever you're …[View]
54056948Extremely weak left shoulder: I can barely do any lifting that involves my left shoulder because of …[View]
54057624Testosterone: I have testosterone levels of 375ng/dl at 18 years old and my free T isn't even i…[View]
54055754I missed her a lot today bros. Workout felt like shit. Did some bench triples at 225 lbs, 5x5 ohp wi…[View]
54050314Stop sleeping[View]
54053705He claims he did this naturally in 4 years - is he lying?[View]
54056968>log on to /fit/ >check the seven bait posts I left between sets earlier >46 assblasted, in…[View]
54053156How exactly is this possible[View]
54058404Hard cutting while sipping BCAA's all day. Shouldnt you retain all your muscle mass that way?[View]
54055177Haven't eaten in 27 hours, basically water fasting accidentally. I feel awful, super tired but …[View]
54058432Rate my Push workout: Hi fucks, I've been plateauing on push days and need my face slapped. Thi…[View]
54055834How do I achieve this body: Litteral dream bod[View]
54058337I have to sit a lot and feel like my legs are getting real thick while my upper torso is getting sli…[View]
54058005Post your blue man. Finally got to an intermediate lift.[View]
54054228>walking down the street >car pulls over next to you >window rolls down >'hop in, faggot…[View]
54054205Redpill me on why everyone hates these. I see people saying to avoid basedbeans and related products…[View]
54057160Why do we push women to diet, again?[View]
54051632LSD: I'm doing LSD this weekend for the first time, is this safe for my gains? Can I workout in…[View]
54058126>push-up You push yourself up >pull-up You pull yourself up >sit-up You sit yourself up …[View]
54058195Who here makes monstermash? Cooking General: Who takes their monstermash and puts it in a thermos? h…[View]
54058177/deenz/: >father has eaten canned anchovies, tuna, and sardines for past 20 years >past year i…[View]
54058176what body can you realistically achieve with bodyweight/home workout shit? >pic unrelated…[View]
54058145how much should i eat: 74kg skinnyfat[View]
54055752Is there anything better than seeing old people at the gym? Truly embarassing when there are 99 yea…[View]
54055903If you like the cardiobunny body type then you are a soiboi dyel.[View]
54057070>Just destroy your shoulders and elbows bro you gotta bench 3pl8 do you even lift? Epic...…[View]
54058072reminder: being fit adheres to fascist aethestics, quit being ableist[View]
54056786>tfw rolling up a blunt after hitting deadlifts hard as fuck[View]
54050495Why are calisthenics athletes on average stronger than your typical gymgoer? They aren't big an…[View]
54056685Anyone else having trouble squatting 3x per week?: I’m doing SL which requires you to squat every ot…[View]
54055083Training muay thai and wanna get big: Is it possible to both train muay thai and also maintain size …[View]
54045245I've planned a 8000+ calorie binge for today, anyone else binge like this regularly? I binge th…[View]
54057021My boyfriend doesn't want to buy meat or fish because he's a vegan. He also doesn't w…[View]
54042671Greek Statues Thread: POST EM: >Art/paintings accepted too[View]
54055846https://www.lifehack.org/369382/science-says-glass-red-wine-can-replace-1-hour-exercising >Are yo…[View]
54051375How could you eat this?[View]
54057894How do I keep track of my macros? I eat at my school's dining hall so I can't look at spec…[View]
54057847Is coffee good for you?[View]
54052316What are some ways in which being strong can help you in real life and not just inside the gym?[View]
54057627How do I get rid of scapular pain, cracking, every time I try to squeeze my upper back when doing ex…[View]
54053213When was the last time you took a yoga class in person?: In hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. …[View]
54057032Muscle Imbalances: In the middle of my cut, noticing a lot of muscle imbalances. Probably due to my …[View]
54052818Is a 1pl8 overhead press supposed to be hard? I tried it for the first time and got 0.5pl8 for 3 cl…[View]
54048170Is milk good for you?[View]
54057675Thoughts on Scooby's new article? SoCal fag here. I go to 24 hour fitness. If they close down,…[View]
54052990This vile board keeps talking shit about tattoos, but I think you retards are ignoring the best fitn…[View]
54040608Why haven't you taken the Kratom pill? It boosts your energy levels like cocaine but it is lega…[View]
54055022Push up thread!: Push up thread! under 50 does duble if you're not a dyel you do 3 digits…[View]
54055793How to get healthier skin?[View]
54054815>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
54056262BCAA: So I've been drinking shitloads of pic related because it's got shitloads of caffein…[View]
54056585Tips for better sleep: I have a hard time falling asleep I don't think I have insomnia or anyth…[View]
54057443Is this the natty limit?[View]
54051694achievable natty?[View]
54056551>youre drinking HOW MUCH milk a day?[View]
54056843Slim arms: Can you guys fucking help me? I’ve been working out for 9 fucking months and my arms had …[View]
54052009why arent you bloatmaxxxing /fit/?: >obviously most alpha mode there is >chicks like it and if…[View]
54042278QTDDTOT: I'll start How fast should you progress on your lat pulldowns and cable rows doing PPL…[View]
54056524What does eating lots of rice do? Will my house or myself smell like Asians?[View]
54052905Why do you never see big guys doing these irl?[View]
54056990Destroying your lower back feels amazing bros.[View]
54056716Had to have high, high hips for deadlifting[View]
54052517Monk Isometrics Based?: thoughts on isometrics? I tried it out a few times while I couldn't acc…[View]
54056723Does mommy give you a hard time when you ask her to buy whey or creatine??[View]
54056957> why yes all I do for upper body are dips and chin ups what gave it away…[View]
54056646NO MORE GAY![View]
54055958TRAPFAGS ON SUICIDE WATCH: Yeah, I'm thinking he's based https://youtu.be/Z94qTzsa-24…[View]
54053891Why does my neck hurt after OHP?[View]
54056655I haven't worked out in 2 days.[View]
54056588>tfw spending cash in search of magical supplement that will help me to become big and strong…[View]
54056734how /fit/ are your mitochondria?[View]
54056763What is the best exercise to rehab your low back?: I think that the hex bar deadlift is the best you…[View]
54055875the fountain of eternal youth just arrived to my mail share your experience with retin a please[View]
54048306Name me one (1) band better to lift to then Muse >protip: you cannot[View]
54056383Are there gyms that offer yoga classes that are not full of middle aged women and hippies?[View]
54056598Why the Trap Bar is Completely Useless with Mark Rippetoe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z94qTzsa-…[View]
54054866why do squatcels seethe so hard when you don't squat and deadlift?is it because they have narro…[View]
54050239Anyone else here legitimately love lifting? I go to sleep every night thinking about lifting and wak…[View]
54056121How do I get through all my lifts without losing stamina?[View]
54054243>there no good vegan protein source-: Oh, guess the vegans were right after all.[View]
54055513Is it okay to put Barbell Rows on Friday after having deadlifted on Thursday or should I rearrange t…[View]
54054909Which college in America has the most /fit/ people?[View]
54056271can i built a decent back doing just this?: i want to build a big back but dont want to end up a sta…[View]
54055407What moisturizers does /fit/ use? Any recommendations?[View]
54055491What's your sleep routing? You're getting the full 8 hours every night, right?[View]
54055817I'm tired of telling my classmate what to do in the gym. He stands in my way and in other peop…[View]
54055879Why is chonmage regarded as the worst haircut?: Being bald and having long hair (in a ponytail) at t…[View]
54052961Welp, I fell for the fucking squatting meme and now my lower back hurts when I stand and shit so I’m…[View]
54056090> chin ups to failure > too late already a loser…[View]
54055756>zoomers enter the gym >one of them is a dyel looking manlet >even skinnier than my dyel as…[View]
54053664>Open /fit/ >Expect to see the usual anti-deadlift and anti-squat troll threads >First thre…[View]
54053364Does egg increase LDL? How do decrease LDL?[View]
54053700How heavy should I lift while cutting? I’m doing keto and have been pretty low energy. Should I just…[View]
54055637Could you sustain your current workout schedule forever?[View]
54055449is coffee bad?: Why not just take magnesium supplements instead?[View]
54051936Wrestling anon from a few days ago, they never called me back/responded to my voicemail. Ive been lo…[View]
54050958Calisthenics master race: My routine is 5 sets of push ups, 5 sets of squads, 5 sets of crunches. Al…[View]
54054499am i low test if i have never shaven my armpit? (medium amount of hair in there) or is it just gene…[View]
54054715I'm 30 pounds from my goal and have been working out everyday for around a month and a half and…[View]
54055751>And then he arched his back during a benchpress[View]
54054498I want to get ripped. I’m entering my physical prime but I can’t overcome my laziness and lack of mo…[View]
54054037What is the optimal rep/set range for a 6 day bodybuilding routine?[View]
54054590what are some good post workout supplements that will help my bumass not feel like walking dirt?ive …[View]
54055591Have you taken the chicken liver pill?: https://www.livestrong.com/article/323726-nutrition-of-chick…[View]
54053250>join college weight lifting 'class' >it's literally just a mini-gym with a bunch of othe…[View]
54050763Stop using Caffeine you druggy.[View]
54054845How can I fix a bulging disc in my lower back? I can’t afford to go to the doctor[View]
54055594Is the Gym fad over?: >New Years Rush was only about 2 days this year >Threads on /fit/ from 2…[View]
54052753Deadlift to Barbell Row ratio Is it 3-1? EG: if you deadlift 60kg for 5, you row 20kg for 5, or if …[View]
54055465Rate thread: Never been rated before, cant pose for shit but I want to hear what you guys think…[View]
54054021Ironman Strong: >85 years old >2.4 mi swim >112 mi bike >26.2 mi run What's your ex…[View]
54051564You have taken the rock pill, right Anon?[View]
54045980So which one is worse?[View]
54053252Routine rate thread: Post your routines[View]
54054743rp me on beer: Is a couple of beers every once in a while OK as long as it fits into my dailys? Or i…[View]
54055453What are you doing on your rest days? Instead of going home and sitting in front of my pc doing not…[View]
54052199How long did it take you to pass 440 lbs on the deadlift?[View]
54047081Are sumo wrestlers /fit/ approved?[View]
54049537Post your last/current/next meal: Cheap hotel English breakfast buffet. lmao3plate, I'm fucking…[View]
54052821would women prefer a 25 y o in their prime but skeleton. or a 65 y o with huge muscles like this?[View]
54054342Guys, Is there a routine i can follow by exercising at home without machines or other things? I woul…[View]
54053143human meat: Hey /fit/, has anybody here ever eaten human meat? Any idea on the macros? I tried to go…[View]
54050767Is anything over 5ft even worth repping for?[View]
54055143Squat form: In SS rippletoe says when you are going up to lift your butt h straight up like theres a…[View]
54055064Redpill me on these black calisthenics youtube channels[View]
54055039When asking people what the reason is for prescribing trannies testosterone, they'll tell you i…[View]
54054505Deadlift: I got a tomboy gf that deadlifts 305 and worksout 9-12 times a week. Im 6.2 deadlifting 62…[View]
54054154Heroin muscle gains: Will shooting heroin help with recovery/doms and help me through my plateau? Ap…[View]
54053328>mogs all of /fit/[View]
54054478Is Arby’s half pound beef and cheddar sandwich the ultimate bulking food?[View]
54053825What's the point fitbros?[View]
54047535Which clothes make you look biggest? Not including fag shit like stringers[View]
54054345Stop using wraps for grip, guys.: You’ll never be as big as us, you’ll never be as strong, you’ll ne…[View]
54054543I’m retiring from the gym.: I’m the best but This shit is pedantic. Going over to grocery outlet to …[View]
54053416Why people don't get fit: How can you tell when someone isn't going to make it? For me it…[View]
54054395>just run, bro!: >lol just go for a run first thing in the morning bro it feels great bro! the…[View]
54048841Why aren't you eating the best natural protein source available ?[View]
54049988How do you eat your eggs /fit/? I switched to soft boiled eggs recently, so much flavour[View]
54053483Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54053621>He's not bicep curling his own leg NGMI[View]
54052899Is rice a good Food to Diet on and Workout Daily?[View]
54053310Is buying the athlean-x program subscription worth it?[View]
54053818When he works out more than 4x/week[View]
54053543I'm going to do 1rm bench on some days and 1rm deadlift on other days for the next 20 years. I…[View]
54052225is dancing a real excercise?[View]
54053421Long story short, my body hates me, but I want to make it last after surgeries and coming back from …[View]
54047452Has anybody managed to get rid of depressed acne scarring?[View]
54047995Imagine doing OHP in the Squat Rack[View]
54052941Monday — Chest Push-ups — Three sets of 25 reps Bench press — 25, 15 and eight reps at 165, 195, 225…[View]
54052788>going home from woodworking job >taking metro because poorfag >looking stacked, jacked, ju…[View]
54050355Is it ok to not drink a lot if you're not thirsty? I've been doing OMAD, and only drink wh…[View]
54053553Rate my cut, /fit/[View]
54053179>mvg he doesn't have any friends an gym[View]
54053005mmafags: thoughts?[View]
54053261How do I be like him?[View]
54053324>tfw day one Keto Diet + No Fap wish me luck niggers[View]
54049658>50 pounds of sodium imagine the gains....[View]
54050604Is it strength=size or size=strength?[View]
54048484Sleep health thread: How are you guys sleeping? I just tried sleeping for about an hour. Guess what …[View]
54051858is Taekwondo overrated?[View]
54051411>I'm looking for something that's gonna give me a hernia, I want my organs to really 'p…[View]
54053083Is lifting weights an unrealistic measure of strength?: Dont get me wrong, I like lifting weights. B…[View]
54051777Little brother wants to get /fit/.: So I've got an almost sixteen year old younger brother who …[View]
54051806Things you didn't expect when you started your fit journey: >Diet being the hardest part…[View]
54050777Will edging for 15 minutes a day help with my premature ejaculation? I’m not going to watch porn or …[View]
54053102The gunt that DESTROYES /fit/[View]
54050349me at the supermarket trying to find the eggs[View]
54052231Brosss I miss my gym buddy. It's a gods gift to have a good gym buddy. Bro gains.[View]
54053044>Do squats >don’t shit yourself Never gonna make it…[View]
54051159>that guy who wears basketball shorts to the gym[View]
54051748Anyone else do Trap Bar Rows?: I find them more easier to do compared to regular barbell rows becaus…[View]
54052516How to fix this shit: What the fuck can i do to make some gains? Been training for two years and am …[View]
54052798Your athletic performance only matters for two things: fighting and fucking.[View]
54052079bad knee: the doctor has seen, through appropriate analyzes, that I have little cartilage in the lef…[View]
54052679What do you think her arm routine is?[View]
54052796Is EDNOS legit?: I see this term a lot on r/loseit when it comes to fasting and OMAD. >Ednos refe…[View]
54052339I don't understand energy why if I lift something once it's easy but the next time the sam…[View]
54052008ok /fit/ redpill me on stretching. is it good or not for lifting heavy weight? multiple sources say…[View]
54051580Ottermode Challenge: Would something like this work somehow? I know there's certain degree of b…[View]
54052453Imagine spending years lifting just so other guys can mire you.[View]
54052691>look at myself in mirror >fitfat from front >skinnyfat from side…[View]
54050866Pushup thread.: You know your rules. Let's go.[View]
54051014>try fasting to lose weight >2pm nothing eaten >stomach hurts like razers in my stomach …[View]
54052559Because of what >>54052406 said I'm mad that despite getting numbers this nigger wouldn…[View]
54044168Where do I sign up to become a Witcher /fit/[View]
54050481What are some /fit/ professions for women?[View]
54048096Have you neglected becoming a man of culture in favor of popular music and superhero movies?[View]
54051403Egg Thread: How much does /fit/ pay for it's eggs? Pic related I got 5L of eggs for free bros, …[View]
54052214Got me some pic related to stop slipping on the hardwood floor of the squat rack when I squat/deadli…[View]
54052372Music thread: Post tunes to get into the mindset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YB1CsO8UyU…[View]
54043017Noporn troublrs: >be me >low sex drive >do no porn >boost test naturally (vitamins, ging…[View]
54052324What percent bodyfat is my fat flabby ass? Lost 16 lbs so far. Down to 190 at 5'11' prob cuttin…[View]
54046902Embarrassed to squat: I’ve been avoiding it for a while, I’m always embarrassed to squat in public ,…[View]
54052268Chad Mackerel: What are some good sauces and seasoning to add to this Chad food?[View]
54051017What would happen if in terms of physical movement you only did weighted pull ups and bench press an…[View]
54048833Is there really a baldness cure?: This dude is a model and he's going bald. Surely he has acces…[View]
54051840/bikes/: Why are bicycles so goddamn expensive? Thinking about getting a bike to move around easier …[View]
54050444Do you guys know any good meal plans to change shape? I have a bit of pudge I want to get rid of wit…[View]
54047431I'm here to tell you what deadlifting can do to you. Take a look at this. I successfully deadli…[View]
54048594What is the ideal BMI for health purposes (non-aesthetic)?[View]
54047955How do I fix this?: Skinny fat 18 year old fag 58 kg 1.71m who doesn't know if he should bulk o…[View]
54050856Guy gets locked in 24 Hour Fitness and the world is enthralled by the fact that 'he had the gym to h…[View]
54052188Deadlift is shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFdOv2R2GgY[View]
54052184Peyronie's disease general/ im fucked edition: do traction devices work? just got one dont care…[View]
54037296Any funny martial arts stories you may have?: Wannabe Ninjas? People being weird? People being dicks…[View]
54049902Asides from powerlifters,who would even benefit from doing heavy squats and deadlifts?They literally…[View]
54000268/fast/ Hunter Gatherer edition: What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake juic…[View]
54048950What’s /fit/s opinion on eating eggs. Ostriche eggs to be specific.45% protein and fat with a whoppi…[View]
54050860how do you work out your face?[View]
54049176My knees bend inwards and I recently started working out (about 2 months ago), i feel like its reall…[View]
54051436I'm thinking about taking ostarine. I've been lifting for about 4 years, i'm still y…[View]
54049368Anybody use something like this?[View]
54048954'your not supposed to deadlift anon!! never mind the fact that its one of the best compound exercise…[View]
54051234How bad is this shit really for gains? I know it's unhealthy but damn it is so fucking refreshi…[View]
54051433Does this really help?[View]
54051202>Two servings of knee pain and a sore lower back to go, please! >Coming right up!…[View]
54050773What's a good routine if I only have dumbbells? pic unrelated[View]
54051529I'm doing Benchpress and Incline benchpress (both with barbell), what other exercise can I add …[View]
54051558could lifting have saved him ?[View]
54049494WTF is meditattion: i dont get this JUST BE HAPPY movement how do you be happy but not weak all of t…[View]
54050775Annoying newbie question.: Stupid noob here. Yesterday I did 10 sets, went to failure on each of ben…[View]
54050703Bread Illness: >Mfw I'm eating at a restaurant and accidentally eat bread which as we know i…[View]
54050597How do I achieve /pinciotti mode/[View]
54050766You do eat quail eggs instead of chicken eggs, don't you?[View]
54050412How do you fit running in to your lifting routine? Is running 1x per week enough to keep you in good…[View]
54047588I already eat fresh fish once or twice a week. Do you think I'll benefit at all from this?[View]
54048920Deenz? I prefer anchovies[View]
54047118so my cat died about a week ago and now I have all this fish oil leftover. should I eat it? or throw…[View]
54050174Crippling depression because of boredom: What other hobbies do you anons have besides lifting weight…[View]
54049695isnt 5/3/1 with accessories a 'bro split' ???[View]
54046244why do women pee when hitting a max lift? I have my powerlifting competition coming up and it scares…[View]
54024734*destroys your back and doesn’t even make you look any better except for one teensy widdle itty bitt…[View]
540507601,5 years lifting: Do I look like I lift or should I get on gear? Yes my arm is flexed[View]
54051011ITT: We share our workout secrets. Many underestimate the power of music. Your choice of music can l…[View]
54050870Is using those considered cheating? I got a pair of pic related as a gift and I'll be dang but …[View]
54051000King of /fit/ 2020: https://youtu.be/url3LewkaIs Ladies and gentleman, children of aaalllll ages, We…[View]
54048195>You will never be Olivier Richters ITS NOT FAIR BROS WHY WHY WHY[View]
54045183>that feel when you go to be hungry i'm gonna make it boys[View]
54050936Fiber: >mfw I'm in bed and I had accidentally eaten fiber after avoiding it for a year and I…[View]
54049010scalp micro pigmentation for baldies your honest opinion?[View]
54049199>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
54048134Do you brine your chicken, anon?[View]
54049418Fitness noob here >is it normal to be farting a lot more? >why do they smell so bad? (good to …[View]
54048580Been eating and gaining weight. My lifts are good I feel good. I’m 172 with a resting weight of 150 …[View]
54041228Chipotle steals your protein: Okay which one of you is this?[View]
54047114Hey you, post your training music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HDV1fmtIKE[View]
54050684Is it true that swimming is superior to running?: >you save your joints and knees >you use you…[View]
54049476> Greek Yogurt w/Honey Bunches of Oats > Tuna > Lean ground beef/turkey > Chicken breast…[View]
54050379Is coffee good for you?[View]
54049653KFC=gains: Thinking about doing a pure KFC diet in order to push me through my current plateau. It’s…[View]
54050529Why do people hate manlets for something they were born with? And support fatfucks.[View]
54050397It's much better to use fictional characters for motivation: Because they're perfect. You…[View]
54050456Cutting run time: Help me /fit/ For reasons, i’ve got to be able to maintain a 7/min mile for up to …[View]
54050587/avg/ - Anti-Vegan General: Daily reminder to drink your kale and spinach shake for those extra nutr…[View]
54048225>upon first meeting, the patient immediately inquired about whether or not onions really will mak…[View]
54048551What would be the Light/Dark side of lifting canon?: In the gym what workouts/regiments would be mor…[View]
54050531>tfw trying to shitpost drunk but the uber is bumpy Baka! Also I hit 1pl8 today on OHP thanks for…[View]
54050551How would you fix them /fit/?[View]
54050213Where can I find a fitness colour book with all the exercises?[View]
54049817so angion works right[View]
54048835When should one ideally start preparing for the beach season?[View]
54049061How much smaller will my muscles look after I get off creatine? Will it be noticable?[View]
54049782anybody complely lose the /fit/ lifestyle? used to come here in my early 20's brimming with opt…[View]
54050022how do I make myself bulk like this unit[View]
54048618>be fat ass >one day decide to not be fat ass >get almost brand new elliptical off Craigsli…[View]
54049958Gf with diet similar to pic related?: I met a cute girl, how do I tell her I eat nothing but raw ani…[View]
54049457Should I be removing stomach, chest and leg hair? I have quite a lot of stomach and leg hair and som…[View]
54048889Is it acceptable to use safety clips when benching even when I bench just 15kg? I’m not shaking but …[View]
54049814Wake up at 3 am[View]
54048098Why do only some people have this line between their mouth and cheeks: I have no idea what this is o…[View]
54049766recently my father passed away due to obesity. so I figured I would help people struggling with this…[View]
54049873Shootin' Ropez: Ok /fit/ how do I exercise my prostate so that I can shoot ropes extremely hard…[View]
54045897Abercrombie & Fitch no longer use “hyper-sexualized and ripped” models: Thoughts? >Abercrombi…[View]
54045196Just started lifting this week I can only do 3x5s of benching and squatting 70 pounds with the bar …[View]
54045073About to hit up the gym and blast some fucking DOOM music to get pumped.[View]
540473623x5 is better than 5x5. 5x5 is only good for absolute beginners to drill down proper form, after tha…[View]
54045478I don't speak to everyone here. I'm not looking to change's anyone's mind. This …[View]
54047648Is it healthy and productive to lift heavy every day full body as long as i don't get doms?[View]
54044242Tyson Fury masturbating 7 times a day in preparation for world heavyweight championship bout with De…[View]
54047203Could losing weight make my chin appear bigger?[View]
54046797whats your opinion on this, fit? I've been bulking, but keeping up with the cooking schedule is…[View]
54047449I fell for the intermittent fasting meme. Any tips before I start?[View]
54042456Girlfriend is a gains goblin: This shit is obnoxious, swolefags. I'm in the gym six days a week…[View]
54043315What foods should I avoid if I want to have a six pack?[View]
54048507Whatever happend to krill oil? About 10 years ago it was the flavour of the month and there was lik…[View]
54032013What was the last time you were mired?[View]
54049123Find a flaw with my diet OMAD 1.5lbs 85/15 beef 4 cups green beans 2 cups black beans 2 scoops whey …[View]
54040992I don't have much left. I am at rock bottom. I want to get over this retarded fucking oneitis I…[View]
54049281How do i practice ninjutsu outside? The only thing that encourages me into getting in shape is throw…[View]
54046509redpill me on kettlebells[View]
54048466MOTIVATIONAL: /fit/ btfo[View]
54048321Rate my glutes pol[View]
54040136No more 'bud': I am tired of being called 'bud' If you are being called 'bud', then the person who …[View]
54048765Whats up poorfags ? ;)) you ok ? hehe ;)) Rate me ;) Yep im rich Yep thats a louis roederer cristal …[View]
54048703Side profile: Post a photo of your physique, from the side. Flexed or not.[View]
54048495Hi /fit/ Sometimes I can do a lot of pushups at a time easily. Sometimes I can only do few pushups …[View]
54046653How do we bring him back?[View]
54048753Is he on gear?[View]
54046825keratosis pillaris: which one of you cunts has found a way to reduce/treat this shit? for me, it…[View]
54048870Staying organized: How do you stay organized with fitnees related stuff like your meals and progress…[View]
54046058>Wake up after 6 hours sleep >7am double shot black coffee >7:15am do 40 minutes on the tre…[View]
54041661>hour 40 of my fast >feel less hungry than when I started, right after I ate a burger Wtf…[View]
54048223Hi all, got a question. How can I gain weight and eat more when I have no real access to a kitchen? …[View]
54041576What are the reasons for GAINING weight while on a caloric deficit + 30 min Muay Thai Pads 3x a week…[View]
54047533I am sedentary and want to start running, weight 105kg, how many minutes is it safe to run a day wit…[View]
54048621what ever happened to bodybuilding beach culture?[View]
54047919What's the starting strength of free weight workouts? Basically what are some really good begin…[View]
54048583Ever since getting fit I have lost interest in women. I feel that lifting is my only source of true …[View]
54048645>girl stares at my dick bulge until I make eye contact with her[View]
54045000TFW i hurt my back again. This time it's my lower back. Looks like i'm breaking every part…[View]
54047103My sister gave me like 20 packages of this, should I try and incorporate it and use the noodles for …[View]
54045324i just decided that i want massive traps shrugs are fucking trash what a trash awkward movement patt…[View]
54046348How can I get a six pack without suffering from metabolic slowdown?[View]
54048199Estimating rate of progress: How do you get a feel for your strength potential? I started a program …[View]
54045021So I've decided to do testosterone injections. I'm having problems with erections plus I…[View]
54048349How does one cope with noeat?[View]
54044762Fat fuck here, how do skinny people on here struggle to eat or gain weight. Ive seen people say just…[View]
54046941/sfg/ - skinny fat general: 240 pounds 6'4 here just started going to the gym this week and I…[View]
54047154Will lifting help me escape this feel? if not, how do I do it?[View]
54048178Help: What can I do to help my body? eat seems that I can gain mass and muscle easily but absolutely…[View]
54046355*destroys your cock and balls* Nothing personal kid[View]
54047967Kratos God of Gains: How to achieve this mode? Is it attainable natty? How much should a 5”10-6 foot…[View]
54047786/ski/ fitness + diet: I want to ski better next time I go (in just under 6 months). I used to be gre…[View]
54046839Fat fuck here, formally 300 pounds, now down to 186, working towards 165. What do you guys think my …[View]
54047408Winter Bulk: So what have you checked off so far?[View]
54047938aight mfs, not my first time here but first serious post. The holidays were not nice on me, I gained…[View]
54046634Hop on anon[View]
54047116I went to the gym today. It was cool.[View]
54046682>that guy who buys large and extra large eggs instead of jumbo sized ones…[View]
54047292Has anyone delt with patellar tendinopathy before?[View]
54045309How do I reconcile fasting and lifting? I ask because fasting seems to have some pretty big benefits…[View]
54042398(almost) Everyone is fat. Fuck this gay earth[View]
54041514What's your go-to protein /fit/? This shit so god damn cheap and It's like half the price …[View]
54044302Budget Mealplan / Mealprep Thread Post your weekly mealplan, discuss, share recipes Im a college stu…[View]
54047337Uh oh bros...[View]
54046828Whats better?: 5 reps 3 sets Or 5 reps 5 sets?[View]
54044978/FIT/'S GSLP - WEEK 2: Alright, been doing this program for two weeks and here's my curren…[View]
54040246I know my kind is hated on /fit/ but what are some high protein vegan Food ? Please don't be me…[View]
54047531>He doesn’t drink Brochata >NGMI 2 scoops ON vanilla ice cream whey protein 2 cups 2% milk 1 T…[View]
54046048/fit/, is this a sign? Should I stop my winter bulk prematurely?[View]
54047366Running starting strength for a while here. I can squat high bar 150 kg for reps and max deadlift wi…[View]
54046103Are turtlenecks /fa/?[View]
54047641How to be a real man: AND big penis? ;)[View]
54047621I need some healthy snack food recommendations. I was thinking of making my own granola but it'…[View]
54047620I want to eat cheap, so I wanted to make the majority of my calories cheap carbs. I would still drin…[View]
54047267What went wrong?[View]
54047579Gravy & low fat sauces: What’s the consensus on this stuff? I’ve been using 1 package per day to…[View]
54036094>caliper arrives in the mail >try it >27% I am fucked. (5'7, 65-67kgr)…[View]
54047521>someone injured themselves trying to copy my lifts there’s nothing better than looking like a dy…[View]
54046909How can I realistically lose a shitload of weight, like 100 pounds, really fast? What foods should I…[View]
54044617whats this I hear about boron raising test? is this true? have any anons tried out boron supps?[View]
54040301What would happen if you only did weighted pull ups and bench press and then laid down the rest of t…[View]
54044268How do I get a girl to activate sasquatch mode?[View]
54047349I’m a skinny fat I want to be otter mode. How can I start lifting with this goal in mind. I do t wan…[View]
54044797I truly have no idea where to start: The amount of contradictory bullshit in bodybuilding/exercise/d…[View]
54047307what to do if this happens >first two sets are nicely done >can't end third and fourth se…[View]
54044211Alright /fit/, redpill me on milk. Will cutting this shit out fix my acne? Does it contain estrogen?…[View]
54047238What is a good diet for losing weight bros? Just looking for everyday things I can eat for breakfast…[View]
54047201>destroyes /fit/[View]
54046831'he watches cartoons after a work out!'[View]
54044291>/fit/?? You should know I have mogged a lot of people...6 or 7 cardio bunnies on the treadmill..…[View]
54046999>ok, you need to eat A LOT to gain muscle >If I eat a lot I will end up becoming a fat fuck…[View]
54036741Keto: Thoughts on everything keto?[View]
54046204>meanwhile, on bizzaro /fit/...[View]
54046574Is it healthy and sustainable to eat oats for dinner every night? I usually mix it with almond milk,…[View]
54046540Stop shaming: I am so fucking tired of you fucking cocksuckers on here thinking that you're hot…[View]
54043752FUCKING HELP /FIT: Sweating fucking bullets in bed and heart is racing. Just started 2nd cycle, curr…[View]
54046771I don't understand what these retards in combats sports like MMA are doing when it comes to ste…[View]
54046560>be on an extended cut for 3 years >start to think its fucked my metabolism >go on a revers…[View]
54044760Swollen arm after training: just a little (cant see my tiny tricep when I Flex) I guess is good.…[View]
54036980Skin Gains: How do I get clear skin /fit/? I thought frequent exercise and healthy eating would impr…[View]
54046178How does he look so emaciated and yet buff at the same rime. His arms, thighs, neck on point.[View]
54046666Do you guys discuss mental /fit/ness here? I suffered some brain damage last July. I want to make su…[View]
54046709How Tiring would it be to Workout on legs early mornings Go to school then do arms Later that night?[View]
54044499Is it possible to add mass to the circled areas? What exercises should I do?[View]
54045884I've read and heard that tall dudes get shit gains and can barely get any bigger. Im 6'5 …[View]
54046700Is cooming bad for gainz?: after the training[View]
54044558How big of a fucking needle do I need for this shit? It’s only drawing air. My roommate has been doi…[View]
54025002Female gymcel kek[View]
54045989Please tell me that you've taken the aboriginal pill.[View]
54036794How do you deal with parties/clubs/friends/dates (situations where you are drinking alcohol*) and yo…[View]
54045393Boomer sperg How do you guys go to the gym with out anyone else ? I have gone with friends but the…[View]
54042642>Walk into the gym >MACHO MACHO MAN >I'VE GOTTA BE >A MACHO MAN >Hit PR instant…[View]
54044074It's time! - Abs, Back, and Cut: >repost because you could see the faaiiiintest outline of j…[View]
54046284>be me at the start of the year >Drinking 2 500ml cans of full sugar energy drink per day >…[View]
54045308Got mogged hard today: >Be me at gym >Warming up my squats >Notice established gym Chad in …[View]
54043336YOU'RE OUT[View]
54045841>start taking ice cold showers >raging hard ons for days AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IM COOOOOOOO…[View]
54043066Can you make gains if you smoke?[View]
54045527How do I make my poops harder? It's been nothing but soft shits lately and it's fucking he…[View]
54046368Appetite Control: Question, what are some good foods or supplements to help me with my appetite? I a…[View]
54046084>walk into early 90s gym >INTO THE FLOOD AGAIN…[View]
54037937starting strength or stronglifts 5x5 /fit/izens[View]
54042377Bear mode: Is Henry Cavill bear mode? I want to look like him, he looks like he has maybe 15% bf, 20…[View]
54037156/NOWEED/: This thread is for people to discuss using or quitting marijuana and it's affect on y…[View]
54046027What should i do after i lift?: Im neeting until uni starts in september but i hated my life in high…[View]
54046231I used to be a skinny/scrawny guy. As I've aged (now 30s) I've gained weight. I'm not…[View]
54024905Grid tred? Grid thred.[View]
54046111Does the 50mg of zinc supplement also count against what you ingest normally? I usually get 30mg-ish…[View]
54045201What are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54046019Why do i get a migraine every single time i mew for a day?[View]
54044782Changing: Is it normal that I bring q change of clothes to the gym i just don't like walking ho…[View]
54043784Behold the flesh: What is /fit/s opinion on this guy?[View]
54044765Discuss this: INB4 YES! I'm a poorfag and can't buy more weights for now. But this exerci…[View]
54040630200 KG UPRIGHT ROW: how many people on /fit can do this for reps? https://youtu.be/b1BE5Mko4HY…[View]
540451421.5g protein x lbs. body weight: >Just eat 255g protein every single day if you want to gain musc…[View]
54045872>get home after lifting >feel exhausted, both mentally and physically Wtf lads you told me l…[View]
54043289What's the point in lifting weights / getting stronger if you don't use it for anything be…[View]
54044020A physical therapist told me that this book is reliable info on how to build strength. This book sta…[View]
54043054/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General: >post oly stuff here[View]
54045076COOMERS BTFO: There was a recent article mentioning Tyson Fury is mastrubating 7 times a day. >I…[View]
54045849what increases ldl and how do you decrease ldl[View]
54044707Getting weaker after failing a working set: Hi /fit/ last Friday I squatted 250 3x5 and then on Mond…[View]
54045819Internally rotate your shoulders.[View]
54045724It's been 2 weeks of nocum 2020. I'm really feeling it bros.[View]
54045756Anyone do tabata workouts, especially for grappling/BJJ? if i do 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 5-…[View]
54041229I’m a Recovering anorexic who can only do 15 push ups (and doesn’t have the balance to do barbell sq…[View]
54045786Am I Gonna Make It?: Swimfag reporting in. 6'5 195ish lbs. Doing 3 day per week dumbbell full b…[View]
54044357me: >deadlift 200 pounds with slighty off form back hurts for days this dude: >rows 400 fucki…[View]
54044039>be me >20 years old >on the short side >grow my hair out, something I've wanted …[View]
54043901How to achieve Lu Bu mode?[View]
54044841Too much Volume?: I am making my own P/P/L I use 5/3/1 on main lifts but i have about 2 lifts per mu…[View]
54043617Deterioriation of social skills after 2 years of social isolation.: Long story short, I've pret…[View]
54036150Can I get swole with these? What are the pros and cons?[View]
54044507Fat alcoholic here. I quit drinking for NY (mostly). And thanks to you faggots I've been going …[View]
54045341Why do you guys dress like this? It makes you look like an asshole in public.[View]
54045002can i build a big back by just doing this?: i dont want to squat or deadlift and end up like 90% of …[View]
54042352too scared to squat all the way down buddy?[View]
54041402>google my old bodybuilding.com page made in 2012 >i look way better then…[View]
54044503>enter gym >there's women in it[View]
54045058Forearm Fatigue/Tendonitis?: Hey everyone, hope I can get some insight on this issue. I have lifted …[View]
54039503Can you like, uh, grow whey in your backyard or something? This stuff is really breaking the bank[View]
54040519Is anybody else here the jacuzzi king of their gym? When I see an absolute søy in the jacuzzi I wand…[View]
54044132>feel ugly >go to gym >look at mirror while lifting >feel alpha af and hot >change cl…[View]
54044658Almost 1 AM here and I still need 130 more calories to reach the daily goal today (2.600). I dont fe…[View]
54037446How was your day fellow kings? Mine was pretty shit >Girl who was gonna come over canceled >Pr…[View]
54043834Can you get these sort of abs without training them?[View]
54044813>can't even do enough push-ups to get tired[View]
54043985>5'2', female, 119 lbs. I've been running long distance for about 4 years now. Longest …[View]
54032818Is it better to have a wide or narrow grip when deadlifting?[View]
54044063Can mewing get me a jaw like THIS?[View]
54044289/deenz/ nippon edition: Ok frens this one is special. These aren’t deenz, they’re pregnant smelt. Th…[View]
54041301Be honest, are you fatphobic? I am.[View]
54044205Can i get Fit While only eating PB&J?[View]
54041276Looks like I tweaked a back muscle. Pray for me kings.[View]
54043106Why does my rib cage stick out like this when I raise my arms over my head?[View]
54043587Is this the natty limit?[View]
54043120ive been running a bit. what is this[View]
54043652>above average height >athletic build >literally a model >still can’t get a girlfriend S…[View]
54044204Help me fit bros, i injured my leg during a soccer match and now i cant run and whenever i want to l…[View]
54043827Protein in body composition: Dudes my gf got herself some weight that gives her measurements for bod…[View]
54043358Just donated some blood: Can I work out tomorrow or will I pass out? Doctor told me not to do it but…[View]
54044451Symmetric thread https://symmetricstrength.com/[View]
54044462When did you take the coomer pill?[View]
54044117>Spend all day watching anime or looking at half naked men on /fit/ resting inbetween workouts. A…[View]
54040714Aggressive cut and shitting my brains out: Been on an aggressive cut, psmf. Started yesterday. I’ve …[View]
54043201I lift because I look at the mirror and I see a weak kid. I want to look at the mirror and see a man[View]
54044395I've been doing SS on a squat rack but having moved to a new apartment that I thought had a squ…[View]
54043684What muscles does Deadlift X Barbell Rows work?: After being scared about those exercises because i …[View]
54043386Going to college and am 5'6. What kinds of things should I get into so I don't get my ass …[View]
54039672Redpill me. What's better: L-Citruline, Citruline Malate, or L-Arganine? I bought some Citrulin…[View]
54044076>actually lost a fuckton of weight back in 2011 >actually had to eat like a fatass and become …[View]
54044025How do you get rid of rounded shoulders?[View]
54042023how do u get a Neanderthal sloped forehead and cheekbones I have too much jaw bros[View]
54042764Still Sore After Minor Workout: Hello /fit/, I'm a turbofatty (bmi of 38) trying to trim down. …[View]
54042907post Christmas fast: who else still starving themselves after Christmas feasting? Will this kill my …[View]
54043153Is raw cookie dough bad for you[View]
54040713>15 days into January >Vast majority of resolutioners at my gym now gone God damn. I wanted a…[View]
54042877Gym + Boxing: Started boxing but going to the gym on the same days (I go to the gym everyday excludi…[View]
54043415the junkie diet: From a nutriotionally point of view;how long can you survive only on hallucinogic p…[View]
54043614What does /fit/ think about this?: https://youtu.be/iBV2j5TqSSY[View]
54040323You are their Personal Trainer: These 3 faggot NYResolutioners come into your gym. You are the gym…[View]
54042030Yo /F/itizens, semi autismo here. I have a question for you. How do I know if Im attractive to wome…[View]
54041923I just want to lift, eat, sleep: Guys, what's wrong with my energy? I'm sleeping for a tot…[View]
54043483hope this is /fit/ related but I think it is. is your dick a muscle and if so, can you actually grow…[View]
54043669Give me a good exercise for upper abs that doesn't involve machines: And it's also not cru…[View]
54026808Motivational picture thread: Post pictures that motivate and inspire you. I would like to print some…[View]
54042581You will never be Chad if you don't have a big nose[View]
54039587Nothing wrong with training for sex appeal: Way dumber and more pointless things too train for (stre…[View]
54043366Hi im solarwile and im also an owner of this channel[View]
54042947Fatty here (5'9 260lbs) Could I take some tren to increase my TDEE and burn fat? This seems saf…[View]
54043680Neck injury: M8s I strained the back of my neck while benching. I felt it while lifting the bar. Its…[View]
54040299Arnul! Arnul! Arnul! https://youtu.be/lTWRhB1ILPw Pumping iron was released in 1977 and you STILL…[View]
54030749How many times a week do you work out?[View]
54041759What could be the causes of high blood pressure?: Before i started lifting i was fat and played vide…[View]
54043661How do you deal with elbow snapping?[View]
54043576My dick and balls hurt: I keep getting knees and feet hitting my balls in BJJ. >last week drilli…[View]
54041170Hamstrings outrunning my ass: I've been doing pic related since September. Putting ten pounds e…[View]
54043022Fatty tryna lose weight: Im 5,9 192 pounds an want to eat 24/7. I can eat anything and dont hate exe…[View]
54042207I read the sticky and I'm still fat.[View]
54041099what kind of body will I get off I only do farmers carries?[View]
54041533What counts as 'too jiggly' when it comes to a woman's butt?: The definition of a 'firm butt' i…[View]
54043391Can we discuss weight and strength? What's the ideal fat mass and muscle mass % for strength? …[View]
54042850Fatty tryna lose weight: Im 5,9 192 pounds an want to eat 24/7. I can eat anything and dont hate exe…[View]
54043310What muscles should I focus to look good if I'm a manlet?[View]
54042479is this natty[View]
54041974Those who lift to mog others. Nobody is ever going to regard you as fit unless you have very well d…[View]
54041561How the fuck do I fix this shit? I aint the only one right >do more decline and incline pressing …[View]
54043115noob here, been doing this for three weeks now with 15-20 minutes of cardio on my off days and 10 mi…[View]
54037812Should I deadlift if I have scoliosis?[View]
54041380How to know if I have a leg shorter than the other? Was lifting with some friends and ond said my le…[View]
54042497Please help me. I can’t stop eating these. Thoughts? And yes, I eat deens, too[View]
54029101have you ever meet at famous bodybuilder in real life? I've always wanted to meet Big lenny and…[View]
54031761you aren't overtraining your obliques, are you anon?[View]
54026142CBT - Current Body Thread: Lopsided Edition: 5'11 156.2lbs (morning, 162-ish afternoon/'gy…[View]
54042935>Why,yes!I do infact run a brosplit.How did you know?[View]
54043020/mma/ fags here, how often do you work out a week and how often do you train with your martial art? …[View]
54042943King of /fit/ 2020: Ladies and gentleman, children of aaalllll ages, Welcome to the 2020 King of /fi…[View]
54042601I BOUGHT OVERKELL'S PROGRAM: It was only $18 and I wanted to see if it was gonna be meme shit b…[View]
54026051is this achievable natty?[View]
54042662Are there any healthy alternatives to table sugar? And no artificial sweeteners please, they taste o…[View]
54042705Strenght and conditionning certificate: Is this book worth buying? Any particular info in it or can …[View]
54042014/fat/ Overheating Operator Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-inhaling senseis who want to bett…[View]
54042739How to maximise vascularity?: Besides getting a pump/lowering bf% what else can you do?[View]
54038546>see a guy bench pressing >load up a bar with the same weight and squat it Lmao, nothing perso…[View]
54042761>tfw switching from 3x5 to 3x3 >max instantly increases Post fitness cheats…[View]
54040495Why is sugar bad for your cut, if you're eating below your TDEE?[View]
54038647Bodybuilders are mentally ill: lol at anyone thinking this looks good and wants to look like this de…[View]
54041251what time do you guys eat your OMAD? I like it around 8, so I can feel slender throughout the day a…[View]
54042704>eating muscle meat suppresses thyroid[View]
54040205I have this red mark on the top of my lip that I haven’t noticed before it doesn’t itch or hurt or b…[View]
54038417How can I compete with my local turbochad at my gym??[View]
54036348Listen here faggots: You idiot gymcels don't realize that unless you're born with a decent…[View]
54039321I took a couple bumps or cocaine 1 day ago due to peer pressure since I was wasted. How many miles o…[View]
54041568gym-dog life routine: TL;DR. how to body build with destroyer doggo living with you. pic related is …[View]
54042085Are my face gains enough? Or should I sun Maxx, wgat are my chances on tinder slots[View]
54042569Life expectancy: >try out 3 different life expectancy calculators >in each of them I try enter…[View]
54042533How do you tell the difference between jiggling muscles and jiggling flab?: Because both relaxed mus…[View]
54042532I'm about to embark on a journey of self-discipline inspired by that one pic. I'll do it f…[View]
54041971>buy unflavored whey >tastes like nothing but the texture of shit is still there >its worse…[View]
54041937Are we going to take this shit lying down /fit/izens?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXEp9JyC24w…[View]
54039798What (cardio) sports do you do besides lifting? Martial arts? Baseball? Running? Swimming?[View]
54039305Alright gents, here is my situation. I would say I am relatively fit although somewhat overweight; I…[View]
54033749>look like this and still can’t get a gf Don’t fall for the iron pill lads…[View]
54036026alright fit, what are your hobbies? Do you do any kind of sport or any outdoor activities to go alon…[View]
54040769>want to lift today >also want to rest to ensure maxxing out tomorrow >but fucking hate not…[View]
54039234what is he eating /fit/?[View]
54041359>tfw the only gym available doesn’t have free weights and only has cardio equipment and machines …[View]
54040056/sleep/: Sleep general. How do you optimise your sleeping for gains? I have a problem where I still …[View]
54039864Can somebody tell me what just happened: >Go to gym >Do seated shoulder presses >85 lbs cau…[View]
54040547What is all of yall problem with heights? Do you instantly want to fuck a girl when they are smaller…[View]
54042051The holy algorithm showed me this keto channel, and I looked through it. I’m not criticizing this p…[View]
54028992NOFAP BTFO >'I'm masturbating seven times a day, keep my testosterone pumping.' >wins the…[View]
54040789Does the majority of muscleheads have mental issues like borderline personality disorder, dysmorphop…[View]
54041262How to deepen your voice? I still have teenager pitch at 19.[View]
54041707fasting is fucking up my period I've been doing 5 day water fasts and my period lasted only 2 …[View]
54039132I'm weak as shit but I have an interest in calisthenics but I can't do most of the exercis…[View]
540407802 questions: My MK 677 and LGD 4033 from purerawz finally arrived. They're in capsule form, but…[View]
54042238what have you eaten so far today? what will you eat the rest of the day? what are you planning to ea…[View]
54039505How much of this is true?[View]
54038675You post body, I draw it: continuing from >>54028618 Give me more than just your torso. I can…[View]
54042076Guys who look like this: Would you mind getting your muscle butt rimmed by a cute trap?[View]
54039763What am I'm suppose to do when a girl is just staring at you. When I turn around and lock eyes …[View]
54042035Why is there always an old guy that gets butt ass naked in the locker room[View]
54039820Am i gonna make it lads? I need to cut but the second i start reducing carbs i lose -20% of my stren…[View]
54041908How would you stay fit if you were homeless anon?[View]
54040023Where did the “don’t eat before exercising” meme start?: I don’t like to workout hungry, so I typica…[View]
54039785Is there anything more to life than lifting and wagecucking?[View]
54041521In order of most common how do you cook your meat? Me: grilled > boiled > roasted > frie…[View]
54036326whatever i go for a walk whatever i try to stand whatever i try to do an activity wich envolves upri…[View]
54041984low bodyfat% hunger: Do bodybuilders at an extremely low bodyfat% but high weight (due to muscle) ge…[View]
54041602Too much protein?: I counted recently that I'm eating up to 300 g of protein for my skinny 65 k…[View]
54040016How to achieve this mode?[View]
54039760>post body[View]
54040307STOP EATING GRAINS: Grains are responsible for ruining human health. Before agriculture humans were …[View]
54036372>work 12 hour shifts >come home dead tired >dont workout >tired in the morning too How d…[View]
54041224I'm 6'2'', ripped and don't watch anime (I'm a normie). Am not incel. …[View]
54041658how to find eggs from hens that aren't fed corn and onions? is this evening possible? currently…[View]
54039380Anyone else listen to Philip Glass while they lift?[View]
54037399Is there any reason I should buy a weighted vest? I was thinking It would be fun to get one that add…[View]
54038080how much can /fit/ bench press https://www.strawpoll.me/19239575[View]
54039347Urge to isolate myself: What mental illness is this? I had 100 friends and have ghosted every single…[View]
54040692>be me >in gym >doing some bicep curls >looking myself in the mirror >FUCK who is t…[View]
54031762Ever since starting lifting, I've dreaded meal time. I've had nothing but bland, dry chick…[View]
54039046What would win in fite 2 death: 3 pitbulls vs 1 chimp vs alligator vs the Sun???[View]
54038969Alcohol thread How much are you drinking or not drinking and is it affecting your gains? Discuss how…[View]
54034160why is training abs so boring[View]
54037699/POSITIVE VIBES/: >trying to escape NEET-hood >phone interview today Should I lift weights/go …[View]
54033728Who was in the wrong here?[View]
54036199Ultimate Diet Thread: In this thread we try to think of the ultimate diet for a fitizen if money and…[View]
54041107Achievements thread: Ran 21km today, and managed to eat just 1500 cals (hoping not to binge later). …[View]
54040993if I start lifting weights will I become more attractive to women?[View]
54040727Wanna see my squirrel?: >Be me >Go to the gym with my friend >At the chest press machine …[View]
54040787What does /fit/ think of this stuff, I'm thinking of buying their 60 pack bundle. Yay or nay?[View]
54037061Fucking have to sit at this desk for 8 hours until I can go home and lift....[View]
54040209fapped 4 times today: ...to traps barely made it to 7 days and i cracked again. how do i physically …[View]
54040911Whenever I squat I feel a weird burning sensation in my pelvic area. It doesn't really hurt and…[View]
54032224I’ve been going to the gym with a friend for a few months and she recently asked me if we can do par…[View]
54039660GOMAD BTFO: >A new study shows drinking low-fat milk -- both nonfat and 1% milk -- is significant…[View]
54040825How do explain to this girl I met(from tinder) that I will only date her is she loses about 20 pound…[View]
54040574LGD-4033: Is this legit? Starting reading about it yesterday in a testosterone thread on /pol/ and f…[View]
54037561Is coffee worth giving up?: I often times get teary eyed and have this doom feeling/foggy head after…[View]
54040636It worked: I'm Vegan but I tried a food combination of liver with Vitamin C ( oranges and vitam…[View]
54040302Hey guys. I’m skinnyfat 5’9 155, currently trying to gain weight because I’m extremely weak. It’s go…[View]
54039109You take HOW many scoops?[View]
54040259Fuck Crossfit, Fuck Crossfiters: >shoulder day >The Pressᵀᴹ >Start warm up with the bar …[View]
54038470Numb hand: Over the past few weeks the highlighted area of my right hand has gone completely numb. I…[View]
54037941rate my gains/plate[View]
54018493/fat/ - winter gainz edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-inhaling senseis who want to better the…[View]
54037271How you like that BJJ so far, kiddo?[View]
54039096this is the girl /fit/ WARNS you NOT to get close with. >ewww >landhwale >chop my dick in h…[View]
54040350Who the fuck is this dude: Why the FUCK do I keep seeing him[View]
54031844dog ugly female athletes: i'll start[View]
54039794You don’t cook your eggs right bros?: Cooking eggs destroys all of the vitamins and breaks apart the…[View]
54039971Does building muscle without carbs take longer? Would I have to work out twice as much to see the sa…[View]
54025170/plg/ - powerlifting general: Akshually it's the barbell training general Approved Intermediat…[View]
54039146/deenz/: Just picked up these royal deenz, lightly smoked in tomato sauce. How is your deenz game co…[View]
54039891How useful is this program (Madcow 5x5) figure wise? I want to get a lean well toned body. But every…[View]
54038631Does your gym actually check IDs?[View]
54039508NOOB 2 THE MAX!!: I started the gym a week ago and all of the trainers there are talking to me about…[View]
54038771is there a point to lifting when im a faggot?: found out this year im a homo and lost all motivation…[View]
54039933Wtf is it over?: Whats happening to my hair? Does it have to do with stress Its freaking me out even…[View]
54039840>*bites a tiny piece* >literally sleepy for the rest of the day…[View]
54037597>be me at the gym >doing 5x5 bench presses >some guy in his late forties comes talk to me …[View]
54038701I fell for the 'no direct ab training'. A month ago i started doing some leg raises a few times a we…[View]
54039766Looking to increase lung capacity and diving times, any tips? Also, freediving general[View]
54037044Fatherhood: Well /fit/, my wife is pregnant! Already got her into fitness, any advice on how to rais…[View]
54037873Fucked up from squatting, everytime I sit down or get up my lower back pain hurts moderately. This h…[View]
54039733>mfw doomed to lift for the eternity[View]
54038381how does coomer /fit/ness work?[View]
54038185It's back bros![View]
54039662I started taking creatine and whey today bros, did i stop being natty? I'm ready to leave my hu…[View]
54039666I'm obese and can hold 30 seconds of support hold, but negative dips hurt from the second set o…[View]
54036441My Routine: I have little experience in the gym, my friends said I should follow a PPL routine but t…[View]
54038197what routine do i do to achieve settmode[View]
54033710Why i keep getting these i tried creams and still wont go away its been years since im dealing with …[View]
54039215>Sweet gains are made of deenz >Who am I to disagree…[View]
54037900>when the PT says you have to do 15 lift ups without the rubber band[View]
54035052Why havent you cut Dairy from your life? Whats your fucking excuse?[View]
54039437How do I achieve this mode? Will a few cycles of RAD140 help?[View]
54038425>that guys that enter the gym, spend 30 minutes doing light weight shit and leave >Not even br…[View]
54038163Do i have enough mass to cut ? 7ft height and 140 kgs i bulked for 4 years straight[View]
54036359Chinup v Pullup: which gives more aesthetic results /fit/?[View]
54034078>95 Lbs >6' Incel >Decide fuck it and start doing 100 push ups a day. >Have been do…[View]
54038804Make me go vegan: Show me 1 legit study that proves veganism kills less animals and causes less anim…[View]
54037647>he doesn't drink vegan protein Lmaoing at you whey plebs I'm not even vegan but whey i…[View]
54038575Will lifting weights help with my neurosis and my lack of self esteem?[View]
54038595Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54039105Im starting to like this guy[View]
54035489Whats the point of lifting when this little guy UNTRAINED can break your ribs and burst your interna…[View]
54037809what the fuck do i do to past the time?: got called boring idk what the fuck to do? video games are …[View]
54038364wide hips curse: >obese my whole life >cut down to skinnyfat >noticed I have wide hips This…[View]
54023738Push up Thread: do it faggots[View]
54032275>lost 100lbs >still needed to lose another 20 pounds or so >gained 30 pounds back >lost …[View]
54037090Manlet here. How do I achieve this body?[View]
54035090What's the best wat to bulk up my arms with only a single 15lb dumbbell? Can I just alternate s…[View]
54038662>'Is that really all you can lift, bro?' What do you do, /fit/?[View]
54032230Could they have been fixed if they found /fit/?[View]
54038200So many new people in the gym for new years resolution taking up my gains[View]
54031591/fit/ humor thread? /fit/ humor thread.[View]
54039012>take shower at gym >have had a rough week and begin to cry audibly weeping >on nofap as we…[View]
54037736Hello /fit/, I've recently hit my first chin-up and am wondering what's the best way to in…[View]
54030133this guy makes me feel like a piece of shit[View]
540361121 Year transformation: Today marks the exact day I started working out 1 year ago. I can honestly sa…[View]
54038114/fit/ Model: Does /fit/ ever tried modeling ? There is no easier way to be around pussy than to be a…[View]
54034703Post /fit/ breakfasts Just had a 1lb lamb liver and a cup of heavy cream for breakfast. MHMMMMMMM!![View]
54038809You're eating right, aren't you fit? Tell us about your meal prep. Take the Stewpill[View]
54038099How do you survive rest days? They are demoralizing as fuck, because you feel weaker and more tired …[View]
54038342>been eating a top tier diet for the past three months >No alcohol >No fried foods >No s…[View]
54038361exertion headaches: any migraine bros? heavy deadlifts and squats leave me with one about 20% of the…[View]
54034684>currently in ketosis damn, feels LIT burning fat like a ferrari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
54036841I have been staring at this for the last 3 days terrified to take it. But I clearly need it. Wtf sho…[View]
54038471hemp protein: What is /fit/'s opinion on hemp protein? I found a bunch and I'm wondering i…[View]
54034967Instead of drinking a fuckton of water why cant i just drink a fuckton of diet soda? Doesnt soda sta…[View]
54037800Just reach 4pl8 deads, can i get some support frens?[View]
54033787TREN ACE. Worth it?[View]
54038523Can I lift if I had a sleepless night? It's also leg day including squats and didlys[View]
54037033Am I gonna make it brahs?[View]
54038520Can this routine work ?: Doing this throughout 5 hours 3x a week. 50 pull ups 50 chin ups 50 Dumbell…[View]
54032969Visualization Worries: When using the laws of attraction while visualizing what you want to get thos…[View]
54038282>daily threads from people getting rekt by heavy squats and deadlifts all the time >/fit/ stil…[View]
54036450Is this a healthy body transformation?[View]
54037614NEETs of /fit/: How to deal with post workout depression or rest days? What the fuck is there to do …[View]
54037969What happens if I mix different protein powders into one bottle? Am I going to die now?[View]
54037761How can identify who's got the good shit at my local gym?[View]
54035010>be me >be 18 >have bacne covering basically whole back and some parts of front delts wtf d…[View]
54037401will topical fin fix this?: or am i done? currently taking 0.25 [a quarter 1mg] 3 x a week been derm…[View]
54037971Why aren't you drinking raw milk, anon?: ITT: Discussion on pasteurized poison vs raw master ra…[View]
54030845How are people skinny? I do not get it. I thought i was doing enough before starving. Nope. I eat ve…[View]
54036041/fit/ Humor: The Chad Stride™ Edition: Video Content Preferred![View]
54038109Aye Fit Im looking for Some Core related Fitness plan so i can get towards any abs Resemblance[View]
54037682>double overhand 4 plate deadlift (no chalk) >11 inch forearms (at 6'3) why wont they gro…[View]
54035956Pajeet goes from skinny to /fit/ in 6 months?: Is this legit natty? He says he started at 17, could …[View]
54036253American bros, what's considered chad in America? Do thots there like macho/masculine type or m…[View]
54033573What is the male equivalent of thotposting?: why don’t men do this also? Girls bury their faces in s…[View]
54037770I'm a twink ass little guy, who just started doing the allpro program. Since I'm weak as f…[View]
54037845Neck Training: I have forward head posture and I also tend to pack a lot of fat around my jaw and ch…[View]
54037168plateau at gym: so last january i started olympic weightlifting, and for different reasons i ended u…[View]
54037848:(: I wish I could kek again[View]
54037395I thought I had no gainz goblins but then when I was just about to go to sleep I saw a little black …[View]
54037760Take the coomer pill[View]
54036820What is your favorite protein bar? Been stuck on campus for long periods of time so need to keep a …[View]
54037732Low BF%: Does anybody else go from looking sub human to attractive when they drop below 15% bf? The…[View]
54033312How do I increase my squat? Can’t seem to get past 225.[View]
54032653for the bloatlords: bloatlords of /fit/.... do you think you can punch harder than this man?[View]
54037369preserving cum lifeforce: from the Standpoint Of Preserving your Cum aka. Life force, comparing thes…[View]
54037506Who is the most aesthetic lifetime natural of all time?[View]
54037526now that the dust has settled, can anyone post personal experiences using citrulline? I'm looki…[View]
54037504Last set song: Song that comes on during your last set to give you the POWER you need. https://www.y…[View]
54035169does coconut milk contain estrogen like onions milk?[View]
54037039I ate a rotisserie chicken and I think I got food poisoning because I got a massive diarrhoea and sh…[View]
54033541Worst gym stories: I’ll start >be me, in uni >eat my girlfriends ass before gym for max test…[View]
54037237Rage Songs, S tier: Post the songs you lift to when you get those ragefeels[View]
54036227are barbell hack squat alternative to back squat or its alternative to deadlift?? i dont have squat …[View]
54033983Let's say one day you wake up with this body have exactly five days to fix it. What do?[View]
54037180how do i eat like a normal person?: i worked in restaurants my whole life, once i quit smoking i sud…[View]
54034715Boxing conditioning: I decided I'm joining the boxing gym across the street from my place. What…[View]
54037234Why the fuck does there have to be so many hot girls working out in the gym that I go to?[View]
54036458Hey /fit/, what do you call one of these things? You train your back muscles by laying on it at an a…[View]
54035374Why don't you prove your manliness by doing eating challenges on youtube? The LA Beast made a c…[View]
54035798Does your gym have a bootybuilder? Is it worth using? pls ignore santa[View]
54036039is 1/2/3/4 the goal for 1RM, 5RM or for sets and reps[View]
54035216Drink more milk.[View]
54036883Posture Aesthetics: What are some passive/active methods or exercises of achieving greater aesthetic…[View]
54035941If you're on roids and have a really intense sex drive and needs to coom plenty, what happens i…[View]
54036803Plateau Thread: whats fuckin frustrating you today? ive been doing omad for a few weeks and i haven…[View]
54035876What routine do you start with when you have been out of it for a while?: Sup /fit/ Ive been out of …[View]
54035841Park Workout: Full workout with only pull up bar and paralelel bars? I'm without a gym for a co…[View]
54033464>enter gym >AM I MORE THAN YOUVE BARGAINED FOR YET…[View]
54035739Digestive gains: Lately I've ended up feeling fuller and more bloated for an hour or two after …[View]
54028047Fit Redpill me on calisthenics plos[View]
54036672Why are there so many qts at the gym? And I don't mean the cardiobunnies but more the fairly sh…[View]
54034486Has Anyone here quit alcohol? How did it change your health/impact your life?[View]
54030894Why are normies so attracted to the machine in pic related? When I go to the gym all I see are dyels…[View]
54035185Motivational Quotes General: Knowledge is not only POWER, knowledge is PROFIT. The faster you can LE…[View]
54031709My mom uses Canola oil and I've told her that all the people I hear say that you should use bet…[View]
54034866Given your physique and athleticism, how would you do against a same-height Praying Mantis?[View]
54033080You have how many scoops per day?!?[View]
54035957>tfw day six of coffee cut Will it be worth it or of it just a meme?[View]
54036586Post lunch and stats boys: 180cm 75kg[View]
54036592What's your opinion on Scooby's 3 day split and advanced 3 day split workout? Been meaning…[View]
54017680Why don't more women work out?[View]
54033205Imagine taking lifting seriously when you're not even taking steroids[View]
54034440>world record deadlifter in 53kg class >Still a gymcel Powerlifting confirmed for meme.…[View]
540363988 pieces of Sushi. Simple. Brown rice.[View]
54035611Who here going full on retarded bulk till summer/end of spring? I realized my bulk is too slow so it…[View]
54035681Is vacuum really an exercise?: I thought it was just a thing you do to appear thinner, and doesn…[View]
54034234Constipation: How do I poop regularly? My whole life I've shit about 2-3 times a week. I eat ab…[View]
54036301Progress thread: https://youtu.be/w4Lygnu7lmo?t=51[View]
54035204>always been a low bar shitter >tried high bar a few times >convince myself I can't do…[View]
54035979hey /fit, fasting for about month in a half now and lost 15 pounds, since then have not lost any wei…[View]
54035470how do I change my diet? for the last 10 years I haven't touched any fruits, vegetables or fish…[View]
54034901why aren’t you drinking this estrogen blocker ?[View]
54034919Is becoming a true man achievable Natty?: I'm here to become a true man How to achieve true man…[View]
54034724>TFW you'll never get to legally murder your ex-wife via death by mutual combat. https://am…[View]
54035948Taking A Week Off: Hello, all. I need some help. I completed another program and am completely burnt…[View]
54027969Who is /noalcohol/ here? I quit drinking it since Novemeber and I feel much better. I'm not tal…[View]
54034215T supplementation: 25/M - Just got my results and a script, should I fill it? Results seem to be mi…[View]
54035931There is this new autist that joined the gym that brings in his laptop and plays victoria 2 inbetwee…[View]
54035862>Working out 7 days a week >Have been for the past 9 weeks >Before, for 1.5 years i only di…[View]
54033360My arms wont fucking grow!!! I fear i may have low test. My body is similar to gordon except i have …[View]
54035488Rate me /fit/: I'm aiming to get that brad pitt from fight club body. Am I going well?[View]
54034853INSOMNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: >sleep for 2 hours >have my eyes closed, unable to move 4 hours …[View]
54035160Nootropics: What do nootropics do to the human mind? Thread found on reddit discussing types of mush…[View]
54029146Does level of fitness/perceived attractiveness vary by location?[View]
54035702Who's bigger and therefore more worth listening to for fitness advice?[View]
54034470Running help: It's me from yesterday again >>54022016 Took your advice and tried to incr…[View]
54034857Is someone here retared enough to train with an apple watch instead of e.g. a polar vantage pro?: Hi…[View]
54033807How can you do 5x5 squats 3 times a week continuously putting on weight, this shit is getting intens…[View]
54033352How High Can Fit Pee?: Help fit. I need some kind of benchmark to go off of. Three years ago, stream…[View]
54035445Calories = Calories: Hey whats up all you chads quick question for you guys. If I normally eat 3000…[View]
54035683What are /fit/s thoughts on barbell clubs? I've seen a few in different cities, seem expensive …[View]
54035112Just felt the abs above my penis: It's official I have the genetics for 12 pack abs, now I just…[View]
54034673are tomboys /fit/?[View]
54035629https://youtu.be/Ks-_Mh1QhMc Don't forget to do your daily T pose for that extra free 5 boost /…[View]
54035433What happens if I work out but don't eat?[View]
54035403Skinny fat help: > Used to be skinny fat and weak > B:125 S:175 D:185 OHP:85 (lbs) > Been …[View]
54035529How to develop ulnar vascularity?: I’ve been in the gym and my hands are starting to look veiny and …[View]

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