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48696847have you ever switched gyms to get away from someone? There’s this creepy 40 something year old guy …[View]
48701641ITT: your daily meals: Breakfast: two scoops shake in water (170kcal, 60g pro) Lunch: two chicken br…[View]
48697074>deadlift >I'm still alive[View]
48695830what's your binge food of choice?[View]
48689665/fit/ music at the gym: Whats your go to rage inducing music at the gym /fit/?[View]
48701608Can someone link the vegan 4chan? I need to talk to these fuckers.[View]
48701602>gym thot keeps getting in your way when you're trying to lift safely…[View]
48701578Has anyone here had bariatric surgery? Which type is the best? What would you recommend?[View]
48700587How do you even get motivated to start working out and eating less? I know I am fat as fat ass. I kn…[View]
48701564Music: Thoughts on listening to music while working out Its a good motivater and can help get a few …[View]
48701479>Born in the wrong generation >not born in the current zoomer gen where the food and water is …[View]
48701473Body builder youtuber?: An old friend of mind was obsessed with this body builder youtuber. He had s…[View]
48699183OH NO NO NO: Manlets (and hairlets) permanently BTFO! Imagine an adult man at peak age being shorter…[View]
48700329Why can't bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen accept that the clean and jerk + snatch are…[View]
48701344i just ate two protein bars and a chicken sandwich. it feels like a little midget is kicking my guts…[View]
48701364transformation: I think I feel like I finally accomplished somthing. Went from full skeleton mode at…[View]
48701053Lads, I am losing my drive: >Started as super heavy 310+ >started losing and made big life cha…[View]
48698931So, let me put on my +5 hat of weapon smithing Work on skilling up my crafting a little bit And lets…[View]
48697905Did you achieve any thing big or small this year /fit/? >Got back under 80kg body weight >Ben…[View]
48699986Stop watching so much porn /fit/ https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/tools-for-change-recovery-from-porn…[View]
48700662How do I shit like a God?: Please help, I am a NEET who just moved to another country, currently liv…[View]
48700861Hey brahs: Goin off to Thailand for a couple weeks See ya soon cunts[View]
48697568Redpill me on the Bulgarian system Have any of you screwheads tried it?[View]
48697708How do you fight someone who's seven feet tall as a 6'3' person?[View]
48701168I am preparing to go to the gym for the first time. I am 6'2', 130lbs and am looking for the bu…[View]
48697955Starting a nofap and noweed streak today We're all gonna make it What are some benefits you gu…[View]
48694492fitness trackers: are they any good for tracking calories? are they worth the money?[View]
48701046k lads ive compiled a list of 10 lifts that are guaranteed to get you a gf just do these lifts and i…[View]
48698687Creatine Dosage: Just bought my first tub of creatine, how much should my dosage be If I'm 62 k…[View]
48699700I forgot my protein bag on the radiator for about an hour and now it's pretty warm. Is it dead …[View]
48700044This woman has a better back than 90% of /fit/ What's your excuse?[View]
48700805Do corticosteroids affect your workout performance? My doc prescrived a 10 day therapy because my ea…[View]
48698512>fucking gf >can only hear Mark Rippetoe yelling HIP DRAHVE over and over >end up cumming w…[View]
48698796sharp pain in the abs: last week i tried a hip thrust for the first time with a barbell. i did them …[View]
48690006What can I do to fix this fucked up skin on my heels?[View]
48700101Are muscle tiddies unaesthetic? They're squishy when I push on them but they're really har…[View]
48696702Tell me about your weirdest gym encounters /fit/: Here is mine >late at night,only me and some ot…[View]
48699335This unironically gives me motivation. What stupid things give you motivation? >honorable mentio…[View]
48699942Fasting? (24+ hours): Info? Experiences? Timeline (non intermittent? Does having a 'butter coffee' …[View]
48700363>accidentally catch a glimse of myself in the mirror >damn I'm handsome >feels good ma…[View]
48699389Do you really need rest days? Going on 9 days in a row, still feeling energetic as fuck.[View]
48698389Anyone else here cursed by abnormally muscular thighs?[View]
48694528What's the lowdown on juicing?: Whenever I search juicing on here I just find injecting steroid…[View]
48699816help pls: Dog died and I can't seem to get back into the gym. I went from 340 to 280 in 2 month…[View]
48699740If I eat the same amount of calories for 2 months and haven't gained or lost any weight, does t…[View]
48699931>Is keto a big fraud[View]
48699900I’ve been eating scoops of old Watching Piana and the Zyzz Tendies and his gold Scooby and his gifts…[View]
48699605Im a receptionist at a relatively big chain, AMA[View]
48699939Osta: Tfw right testicle in constant dull pain while laying down after 11 days on cycle[View]
48695152What does /fit/ think of norton's belief that what you eat is almost completely irrelevant to y…[View]
48695088>roiding for this[View]
48699202What are the benefits of consuming 4 pounds of tomatoes a day?[View]
48699289I'm strongly refusing to look at myself in the mirror when I'm shirtless since I've s…[View]
48698430Improving leg stamina: How do I improve my stamina on the quads? Its like they are my weakest muscle…[View]
48697870What are some exercises that will help me with autofelatio? Guys with smaller dicks than Me can do i…[View]
48689092/bmg/ - Blue Man General: Who /bluemangroup/ here? Last week was strength week. 120x3 OHP 220x2 BP 2…[View]
48698693What is the right age to start lifting?[View]
48699920>kind of feeling like ass lately >am I getting old? >start eating spinach salad for lunch w…[View]
48691814Supps: Working at a store selling protein and shit >AMA[View]
48680527Thoughts on eating organs?: My father loves eating grass fed animal organs, they are full of nutrien…[View]
48697711Hello. Should I'm at 20% body fat. Should I focus on cutting, gaining muscle, or both?[View]
48699269I understand that your ability to process food and build muscle slows down as you age, but how the f…[View]
48697375Anybody else tried gruel for bulking? I tried but I farted like 100 times afterwards. Too bad, becau…[View]
48696127We need male only gym[View]
48698523>need to shit >it won't come out[View]
48696239is lifting with an anime tee autistic?[View]
48699536I am 5'9 and just below 140lbs but have little to no muscle. Do I bulk and lift or just maintai…[View]
48697525It's been a super rough two years. Between everything I'm not gonna go into, I've fal…[View]
48698664The real meaning of confidence: You fucks, when we say “Just be confident bro” that doesn’t mean wad…[View]
48699436Brutal MOGGINGS[View]
48699361Over the past 5 weeks I've been under a lot of stress from work and school. I now have two week…[View]
48698302Why is it wrong for females to do steroids? They wouldn’t be able to build so much muscle without th…[View]
48699541>tyler1 body building motivational video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoGLmyWdcCM…[View]
48699527https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPC0VWBfcDQ Thinking of you[View]
48694380How do I stop fucking up my joints: Still pretty new to lifting, so lifting light weights, and tryin…[View]
48698419I rarely ever smoked just 2 months ago. Just socially. But somehow in a period of 2 months I I am no…[View]
48699414>doing the elliptical at 50% is harder than doing it at 100%[View]
48690864>be 190cm >walk in a gym >everyone is much shorter than me What's up with manlets and …[View]
48699306ADHD: What is /fit/ opinion on adhd and what are the healthiest ways to deal with it? I also take Vy…[View]
48699275Found this while doing some market research for a client today. Ya'll niggas gettin lied to. …[View]
48699067who else here is taking the plunge and doing a massive dirty bulk over christmas? eat as much food a…[View]
48698376I don't track calories: I only track protein and carbs, Should I start tracking calories?. How …[View]
48692451What does /fit/ do for fun? What makes you happy? I can’t enjoy anything still haha[View]
48699214Something Bobby: /fit/ To new or not to mew? That is the question.[View]
48696460how does cutting calories feel like?: i've never tried to cut calories before, am i supposed to…[View]
48679495QTDDTOT: How do you guys get through heartbreak? I'm shattered right now, I can do my workouts,…[View]
48696583Routine thread: Post routines and rate others day 1: chest decline bench: 3 x 12 flat db press: 3 x …[View]
48685431Penis Exercises: Redpill me on jelqing, anyone see any significant results from it? >Age >Size…[View]
48693648Why does keto cause muscle loss if protein's all that's required to maintain them? Are car…[View]
48697518Friendly reminder[View]
48696109How can I lose my boobs?: Guys I'm a man and I have boobs! :-( how come? And how can I lose the…[View]
48698768why is the keto scam still a thing?[View]
48698082Eyelid twitching, Magnesium: So my eyelid has been twitching for like a year and finally I bought so…[View]
48694194you do eat mostly meat, right anon? you do wanna be big and strong, right anon? https://www.youtube.…[View]
48683506What's something you hate about your genetics? Pic only tangentially related.[View]
48693560Army: Thoughts on the army? I might be joining the army soon. If any of you are in the military can …[View]
48695438genetic recombination: anyone else have a giga-chad sibling? how does it feel[View]
48694607Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), formerly known as dementia pugilistica, has been in sports n…[View]
48697787Hello fit, I'm just going to cut to the chase. Im diabetic and I've been dieting for 1 yea…[View]
48696146Hey fit, how do I get to berserkmode[View]
48698464fit entertainment: What TV shows, movies, animes, etc help you keep a fitness mindset? I've not…[View]
48696800Rate this physique: What do we think about this physique bros? Also watch this video: https://www.yo…[View]
48695593LIFITING APP: What app do you guys use to control your progression? I am looking for an app where I …[View]
48694553why is my squat so fucking weak: 0.75/1.5/0.75/1.75 about 2 months in, wtf is wrong with my body /fi…[View]
48695302Zone of Hostilities: I've noticed that since I went from being emaciated at 6' 2, to a sli…[View]
48697784140 lbs lad trying to gain weight. Can you guys suggest some simple meal ideas that I can use? Thank…[View]
48691445Woman here. I live in a country where army is mandatory. I want to be in a special navy unit but I…[View]
48698456injuries and exercise substitutes: All right /fit/, need help over here. Over the summer i fucked up…[View]
48680726>What you listening to bro? >j-just some gangster rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8GX0cZ-…[View]
48696657Hidden benefits of being /fit/: >lads at work talking about trying to suck your own dick >reme…[View]
48698259/fit/, what diet or supplements could i use to be able to go a few extra rounds with my girl during …[View]
48698326can I do P.H.A.T. after 3 months of Reg Park's Beginner, or should I do Reg Park longer?[View]
48692734I was looking for intermediate program, tried PPL for 4 months but gains have been kinda disappointi…[View]
48697596>tfw look more aesthetic in a wife beater than I do naked Fuck my shitty chest gap Fuck my 5…[View]
48698234This is basically the perfect male look. How to look like this?[View]
48695361its no that apes are utterly strong but the fact they are utterly POWERFULL and FAST yeah eddie hall…[View]
48698152>TFW aroused by own ass in the mirror[View]
48697425>lift heavy and for good amount of reps >flexed bicep still looks worse than that of my friend…[View]
48697565NEWSFLASH: Preworkout is fucking gay[View]
48697710dumbbell shrugs: Where should the dumbbells be - front or side?[View]
48691365He died today. Press F to pay respects.[View]
48690353i am on a weight loss mission and this is the best motivation ever in my opinion if you have any oth…[View]
48697567>get /fit/ >get pussy >get girlfriends >realise women are actually garbage human beings …[View]
48696344Hi /fit/, im gonna take a week off on my liftts to get well after this annoying flu i got, and to gi…[View]
48692771>accidentally get in an elevator with a bunch of Chads and Staceys >Chads start complimenting…[View]
48697875Sup. I started training for real 1 month and ive seen massive improvement so far. Gone up 8Kg's…[View]
48695615compliments on your physique: when was the first time someone noticed your physique and commented on…[View]
48695861What kind of program would you guys reccomend for someone with intermediate lifts? Also, post favour…[View]
48693410Exercise tracking app: Which app have you found to be best for tracking your exercises, reps, sets, …[View]
48697724Would pic related be healthy/viable to eat every day at 6' 180? I want to try out eating only t…[View]
48697387Redpill me on the GreySkull LP program for beginners.[View]
48697635Any more alternatives for bicep exercises? I do dumbbel curls, ez bar curl, hammer curls and pull-up…[View]
48697467what would happen if you ate nothing but whey and multi vitamin pills? would you get huge while also…[View]
48696940Please help: my right shoulder is pretty badly rolled forward. How can I fix it? Its a lot weaker th…[View]
48693888How to spot a /fit/ in the wild: >above average muscularity >good looking outfit >backpack …[View]
48697484Not gonna make it: >stalling on bench for 2 weeks >doing 5x5 >struggling like fuck on 5th r…[View]
48696956Diddled 400 lbs for a new pr today what did you do recently that made you feel good[View]
48695525What was his name again?[View]
48695043Is a girl who smokes weed a red flag? I always thought it was but lately it seems like every girl i …[View]
48694080/fit/ Discord: Do we have one? If yes is it dead? Should we make one?[View]
48695486Post whatever meal you are having Pic is what im gonna have for dinner the next few weeks Also rate[View]
48694989Are vegetables a meme? I imagine bloatlord doesn't waste his time eating them.[View]
48693752i'm on a -500 deficit cut, this shit is taking forever, by the time I lose 15 pounds it will be…[View]
48694593>Be me >18 years old undefeated MMA fighter >Started to college this year >Going to work…[View]
48696184>but pants that fit >bulls hurt at the end of the day >relize dick zone is too small >h…[View]
48695672Equipment limitations: I want to do a PPL but I don't have a barbell rack. I do have other equi…[View]
48669067/CBT/ - Current Body Thread: Cutting Edition 170cm 63kg Can I get a bf% estimation?[View]
48694902/fit/ What is one thing you learned in 2018? What is one thing you want to achieve in 2019?[View]
48696253Advice?: Hey guys, I just want to ask anyone here some stupid shitty question: I've been workin…[View]
48696349Do you consider this grotesque? I have scoliosis just as bad and I'm coping over the fact that …[View]
48695814/plg/ - powersleepers general: Welcome to the if you aint tired and in pain all the time you either …[View]
48694664What's the consensus on Saunas?: Well /fit/? Do we trust the based Sv3rige or the (((Scientists…[View]
48690131How would you describe and sum up everything /fit/ is to someone who's never been on here befor…[View]
48695134>Lifting for 2 years >cutting for 3,5 months >finally nice shredded body >Got sick for a…[View]
48694931post your arm and favorite lift >standing barbell overhead press[View]
48696690>used to wear small shirts and they fitted nicely >nowadays medium shirts barely fit >larg…[View]
48693263>2 weeks ago Get sick as fuck, miss a week of gym >This week Randomly wake up with a destro…[View]
48696177A lot of much smaller girls have bigger frame than me, besides me being 180cm tall and having a pret…[View]
48696240What's the ideal nipple placement for a man?[View]
48696558Ended up using a stair climbing machine with a gymbro for a meme to see who could go the longest. Ap…[View]
48696298Personal audio and exercise: y/n?: It is big brain or pic related? A fine opportunity to go through …[View]
48696149How to stop my hunger strikes. They are starting whenever I try to keep my diet[View]
48696271>'Oh, I didn't know you lift anon!'[View]
48693800How is this shit even possible? is this regular for climbers ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dj7U…[View]
48691440Is it possible for the brain to make a full recovery from something like say, 10 years of deep depre…[View]
48696281Le cookies are ready[View]
48696375>mfw caffeine rage drinking coffee only once a month has its benefits that shit really kicks yo…[View]
48695716>I f-feel great since I started eating nothing but meat *coughs blood and teeth*…[View]
48695894I've been lifting with a belt. My numbers were (in burger units) : Squat 235 DL 345 OHP 115 Now…[View]
48696054>mfw gained 5 pounds in 6 months any tips on how to bulk? poorfag here[View]
48696287>strength = siz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKAzK6NfK6g oh..[View]
48689570have any of you /fit/izens tried rogaine or any other sort of hair restoration products? i’ve been t…[View]
48695682>he arches his back while benching you Do know that's just a small chest cope…[View]
48695832Injury General: Is there a good way to tell if an injury is minor or really bad? >doing step ups …[View]
48695365Is there hope for me when I start cutting[View]
48693876Chimp beating thread: How much would I need to bench to be able to beat the living shit out of a chi…[View]
48692940Why do we have an epidemic of weak twigs among the Zoomers?[View]
48695966What are some god tier ab exercises you guys recommend? I'm trying to hit abs 4-5 times a week …[View]
48696069Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh![View]
48691522Dubs make gains in 2019 Odds fail miserably in 2019[View]
48695569why does a gym thot like to place in front of me during a heavy session of squat or DL, it happened …[View]
48688572How close are you to 1/2/3/4 /fit/? And no lying on the internet[View]
48692161Hey /fit/ Im going to the gym for 4 month now. Im 87kg Heavy and 182cm Tall. Im at the gym 4 times…[View]
48694991Full Nutrition: The fact is, for the majority of diets right now, full nutrition is a rarity. Somebo…[View]
48690240What's the quickest way to get rid of man boobs? Asking for a friend...[View]
48694201/biz/ here. Is getting fit a financially sound investment? And if so, how? It seems to me that spend…[View]
48695781Advice?: Hey guys, I just want to ask anyone here some stupid shitty questions: I've been worki…[View]
48695761I need advice. How does one become a hot guy or a cute object of desire by women by todays standards…[View]
48683075/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: A place where evermediates try hard at finding excuses for not trying …[View]
48689221Does anyone else have stretch marks here? I got them about 6 months into lifting and they’re only ge…[View]
48695334Are height elevation masks a scam and waste of money?[View]
48692779Boxing Bag Cardio: How probable is developing knuckle and wrist arthritis by doing this long term? H…[View]
48694982tomorrow is my last exam ever: 18 years of school and by tomorrow i will be a lawyer i've alway…[View]
48694795Is a body like this obtainable naturally?[View]
48693808You ever realize that your uneven pecs are not getting any better and fall into a deep depression?[View]
48693730Tighten loose skin: So I lost 110lb, and have some loose skin. My doctor said since I'm pretty …[View]
48694282How can I keep bulking? It's gotten harder to do. I'm sick to my stomach all day long.[View]
48695393>tfw when friends(male) compliment my arms >finally get a sense of results I mean, they were…[View]
48695038is it even worth lifting when you dont have enought food for muscle growth?[View]
48690525PROTEIN: is this that /good/ shit? what kind does /fit/ use? or do you 'eAt EgGs wItH MEELK!1!1!'…[View]
48683118Phenibut thread: About to take funnybutt for the first time. Will be taking one scoop which should b…[View]
48695466What's a good routine that will help me do this to somebody (In a self defense situation of cou…[View]
48694850Can we have a recipe thread need some new ideas for high protein meals[View]
48693481Can we get a carnivore diet thingy thread? Ever since I stopped eating grains, vegetables my dandruf…[View]
48695104How do I loose belly fat fast Fasting apple cider vinegar and baking soda aren’t helping[View]
48692663Peptides vs Roids: Fraud general isn't giving me any answers so the only way I can figure is to…[View]
48695065All right guys, About half a year ago I ended a 170 day nofap streak and from then masturbated at le…[View]
48690335Home Sauna: >bought barbell >bought 450 lbs in plates >bench and rack/stands are next >o…[View]
48683845/Fraud/: INJECTING YOUR BF'S SPERM FOR EXTRA GAINS EDITION: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids an…[View]
48690317What should my gf do in the gym?: She went to the gym for the first time but just to look around and…[View]
48694067What's the best fitness book for a great physique?[View]
48675627Press F to pay respects[View]
48691566Hey /fit/, Decided to take my body seriously and see what I can do. This is after 3 months of lifti…[View]
48694760Been lifting for a year, rate my progress /fit/. What body type would you say I am.[View]
48693440What does your workout schedule look like /fit/? I'm trying to get back into fitness and this i…[View]
48687402No FPH thread? Unacceptable.[View]
48687218Lets be honest, is he /ourguy/? >Triggers normies and redditors >Calls out industry supplement…[View]
48692321How is papa Arnie alive despite heavy use of roids?[View]
48694712how do you make sure you get all your micronutrients?[View]
48692855best martial art for asthmatics?[View]
48684596>men need to work hard for years with diligent diet and unmatched dedication >women can just s…[View]
48694646>yeah i know offal is extremely healthy and great for gains but i don't eat it because i fin…[View]
48694601Hey /fit/, can I borrow your bowflex machine?[View]
48692123Why were his wrists so small?[View]
48694550Is it bad to spread out your lifts through the day ie one set in the morning, another in the day and…[View]
48691324>usaf >sleep problems >girlfriend kicks me out of bed in the morning to go workout because …[View]
48694370>this is my back after 3 months of lifting[View]
48694506'anon you got bigger, hadn't you? keep it up hun' >tfw mum's completly blind and can…[View]
48692708How much do you have to lift for women to look at you like this?[View]
48694228and it'll be good to you: I'm gonna show He-Man to my kids. this is peak performance kids …[View]
48687339how do i stop being a suicidal fag? even when i exercise, or go outside, or change my eating habits,…[View]
48690838Why does this cringey weirdo still claim natty?: You are retarded if you think he’s natural lmao. Su…[View]
48683163Does derma rolling and scalp massaging help stop male pattern balding?[View]
48692391Daily Onion General: Red Pill me on these fuckers.[View]
48692281Anime/manga bodies: What are some anime/manga fit bodies that are actually attainable ? How much tim…[View]
48693197Former /fat/ fuck here. Can anyone estimate bf% real quick? Wanna start bulking up but there's …[View]
48694145Music you listen to at the gym.: Also post favorite lift. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn4EIv1-uz…[View]
48692911>tfw Jesus is your spotter I never lift alone.[View]
48693070Pusy here Did 5 sets of 5 body weight pull ups at my second at the gym and now my left side kills an…[View]
48694011Unironically if I was to do an 8 hour arm workout then take 8 scoops of pic related would it shock m…[View]
48694064Why my nutsack be hanging more at gym lookin like a sack of onions but shrivel when doing the hot n …[View]
48688285Are shrugs better than deadlift for trap development?[View]
48691238Behold, the bloatlord of the animal kingdom.[View]
48688603>cyclists are small[View]
48688316>'yea bro, I only drink black coffee I'm not a pussy I dodn't have a small dick hahah, …[View]
48693736Does protein you eat before workout count?[View]
48692778>stalled at 155lb bench press >only strict press for 3 months >try to bench 205lb today and…[View]
48693415Hey, What about the meetups in Thailand? I live in bkk.[View]
48693837ITT post winter bulk meals: LET'S GET FUCKIN BIG GODDAMIT[View]
48693275>need to rest for over a week because of tendonitis and wrist pain FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
48691751Saunas are based and redpilled.[View]
48693155I have to work 4 days a week in which i walk at least 5 hours a day How can i fit my leg workout in …[View]
48693326/FIT/ GREENTEXT THREAD: I'll start: >be me >late night cardio at gym >stomach starts r…[View]
48692835lower back pain: i have short lower back pain at night when i lay on the bed on my back for 1-2 mint…[View]
48693311Finally found the secret to nice veins! Rice, unironic fucking rice, I've been eating nothing b…[View]
48693536I know it's supposed to be a reward for working out, but sometimes I go to the gym and wrestle …[View]
48693045When did you realize chicken thighs were the superior choice?[View]
48692533Winter bulk general: How’s the winter bulk going /fit/? Started bulking 2 weeks ago and am already u…[View]
48691197Hey /fitness&health, Could someone please send me some helpful pointers to get me on track to lo…[View]
48683133please train your abs with isolation: hi. Im making this thread to help anybody new to lifting to no…[View]
48693261>brap isn't related to /fit/[View]
48692842Hernia Leg Day: I'm getting back into a PPL routine after discovering an Inguinal Hernia (aroun…[View]
48691763How long do you usually wait for squat racks / benches / machines? Do you adjust your schedule to mi…[View]
48691651>that guy who drinks 5 redbulls a day[View]
48692605Look at this cheese breather haha That cheese acne lmao You know he has dairy gyno ohohoho[View]
48691835Could lifting save these people? >Heh[View]
48688320>you will never have access to the ultimate bulk meal...[View]
48687121/deens/ general: As we all know by now, post-workout deens are one of the best things you can do if …[View]
48692245Too many eggs are ba- > >An 88-year-old man who lived in a retirement community consumed 20 to…[View]
48692865>decide to start lifting >finish my first day >2 days later >arms are still unable to b…[View]
48691271How to achieve bod: Unironically asking how to achieve this body t. An autist that overworked himsel…[View]
48692312Fast food places are so retarded: So I've been bulking for a while now and almost every time I …[View]
48692183MILK: Why would you drink anything else during bulking season? Skim milk has 1g or protein per 10 ca…[View]
48687731Make Pattern Baldness: Stop eating fat. Your balls need fat to make testosterone. Once you stop maki…[View]
48689624Is it even worth trying to lose weight and get fit if you have this kind of body type?[View]
48690911Jock Itch: Anyone ever get Jock Itch before? I think I have it. There's a bunch of itchy red bl…[View]
48692610How's it going in the gym, fellas?[View]
48691542Any advice to someone who wants to lose some weight? I wanna go to a gym but I dont know routines no…[View]
48690593So I've never taken supplements before, aside from fish oil and allergy medication, what is the…[View]
48691533redpill me on BCAA's /fit/ are they actually useful in any facet or just a waste of cash?[View]
48691241I fell for the 1/2/3/4 meme. I can now rep 145/235/325/410 all 5 times yet I look like a DYEL faggot…[View]
48692508OHP thread: Hello lads l get straight to the point this shit hurts my shoulders like insane i cant e…[View]
48692315Ok /fit/, it is 3:32am where i live and due to abstaining from bedtime weed for the first time in a …[View]
48691277I've been trying nofap the past couple months and keep jizzing my pants while I sleep. I tried …[View]
48689898Dating a girl at the gym, yay or nay? Now here is the thing, I already know she 100% likes me as she…[View]
48692399>was quite /fit/ when I was younger >let myself go >nothing changed >still stupid/ugly/f…[View]
48672609Do you have some lower back pain? Could be kidneystones from protein overconsumption.[View]
48690418im fucking sick of eating plain disgusting chicken breast. how do i make this shit appealing[View]
48691166>he trains back and abs kek[View]
48691687Do you have a positive or negative opinion on roids?[View]
48692152What's your go to OMAD meal?: Going to try and attempt this tonight.[View]
48691881I've got an injury.[View]
48691313/MyProtein/: Rate my order[View]
48690691How do i get anlter head gf: is it the traps or the biceps? pic related https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
48684344got a number at gym: >at gym doing curls >braphog walk in headphones on >starts doing stere…[View]
48690983Can you actually starve cancer?[View]
48691873>mfw gyno >just went to my doctor >especially my right breast/nipple is enlarged >says m…[View]
48692048For me it's The Beast[View]
48689473What kind of body can you get with just body weight training? How bout this? Also, does anyone have …[View]
48650276/SIG/- Reboot for 2019 /START NOW!/: Recently I really opened myself up to this line: 'Defeat yourse…[View]
48691806Technique/Form/Tempo: Anyone got a good Youtube source for proper form for various lifts? I'm d…[View]
48691157Ab Wheels: Just got one of these things for my ab routine, how often should I incorporate it? Rep/Se…[View]
48691636Is it true if you get ripped that you can treat women like shit and demand sex straight up and they …[View]
48691695How does one become a hot guy by today's standards? I find it hard to do so as a manlet..[View]
48690530Gym mime starts miming your form[View]
48688201How high should you let your body fat get during a bulk before you start cutting again?[View]
48689949Is this achievable natty in 6 years?[View]
48691662How many calories do I burn walking 7 miles a day ?: Asking for a friend[View]
48690583Is it possible to get this big while lean naturally?[View]
48689758>Asian Chads don't e-[View]
48691249Been lifting casually (2-3 gym workouts a week) for about a year would shaving abs make it more 'def…[View]
48691767I can pinch 3cm of fat on my belly. Is this still considered healthy or overweight?[View]
4869134315 lb dumbell ideas: What are some good workouts using two 15 lb dumbbells?[View]
48690494How are you supposed to maintain your ideal weight?: Once I get where I want to be how do I stay tha…[View]
48690984what are your new years resolutions /fit/? i think i should lose some weight[View]
48691611Is preworkout a must?: I heard there are substances in it that improve bloodflow, endurance etc so i…[View]
48691092Jason Blaha: Memes aside, he was actually pretty jacked back in 2014 when he was in the UK. What the…[View]
48691485Is it gay if you admire the male form and generally just find dudes more attractive than women? No h…[View]
48687986Chinups vs Pullups Because I have a full schedule, there's not enough days in the week for me t…[View]
48691516I love /r9fit/ :)[View]
48691268>tfw big hands make me look like a complete wristlet even though statistically I'm not…[View]
48691211>be me >Be a beginner >Start squatting >Going down is difficult >At the bottom my hip…[View]
48691290>go to gym for first time >slap on 2 45 lb weights on a bar plus straps >should be easy beg…[View]
48690411How do I go Taymode?[View]
48685998What's the best channel on Youtube for calisthenics videos? The more boring, concise and scient…[View]
48691182What do i do when my nipples chafe against my t-shirt when running? It hurts so much after a while, …[View]
48691216I overworked my legs/ankles/feet during the last five days and now my right Achilles tendon and post…[View]
48691181Redpill me on sleeping: You read the title. Redpill me on sleeping, anons. Ive got finals tomorrow a…[View]
48691056Hello are my legs weird, thanks[View]
48689730Mental Boost during set: >Struggle to bench 180 for 8 reps >decide fuck it and try to bench 22…[View]
48691016The big 6: Considering the fact you're not a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter, why are y…[View]
48689625Retarded people in your gym: >that one guy who always says he’s “using the pull up bar” but he’s …[View]
48691000Any replacement for flour tortillas that have minimal carbohydrates? I've been really craving b…[View]
48690475Been out of the loop, why did he stop posting vids?[View]
48689670New to fit, but a friend of mine who has been lifting for a while said this was a good place for inf…[View]
48690944calorie counter: Does anyone here use the LiveStrong fitness app? How does it stack up against the M…[View]
48688339Red pill me on liquor Is mead better than beer bc no hops and less calories Plus hops and beer are …[View]
48690772I've lost 190 pounds over the last two years while being very poor. I was hopeless for a while …[View]
48689276Skull General: Post skulls here Warrior or gay alien? Do I have the skull to look good shaved if I…[View]
48685911what are you faggots consensus on this dude[View]
48690749What's a good walking treadmill to buy?[View]
48690470How do you find motivation /fit/? How do you find strength when you know what you doesn’t matter and…[View]
48690622Avoiding Illness: Dad is sick with the flu and I have a rock climbing meet on Friday that I really w…[View]
48690384So fit ive been doin powerlifting for 6 months and ive had to stop because of wrestling Im getting …[View]
48688911How many grams of animal protein did you have today, /fit/? Me? 1000 grams![View]
48690620Overexertion: Why does it take me a week to recover from swimming 175 meters? My heart pounds for se…[View]
48686523>Finally find 0NI0NS free eggs >'we supplement their diet with FLAX!' FUCKING ESTROGENICS!!!…[View]
48690389How many kilometers do you run a day? I run 4 km a day.[View]
48690372/sup/ - Supplement General: Which multivitamins and supplements do you take, /fit/? Mine is running …[View]
48689524Does /fit/ have/follow an every day schedule?[View]
48686656>making good bench progress, can do 120kg for 5x5 >may be able to bench 3 plates for a 1rm by …[View]
48673895PUSH UP THREAD: Why no pushup thread /fit/? Just did 30 pushups without resting (previously could on…[View]
48690414Help me bros...: I don't really want to get into the deep how, but in short.... I'm a burg…[View]
48689790>at uni >uni gym has a rule that you can't bang weights on the ground >safeties in the…[View]
48685727how do wristlets cope can you even grow your wrists[View]
48690331Jeff Kino[View]
48688931If you have an anxiety or a panic disorder is it possible that it ONLY affects your stomach at times…[View]
48690276so context i was in a LD relationship for two years after being beta cuck virgin all of my life. I l…[View]
48689508is it possible for someone to just not be able to be skinny and they HAVE to be fat? ive been doing …[View]
48689030I've read the sticky, did the research and will start lifting tomorrow any last minute advice y…[View]
48689392I'm a skinnyfat pathetic faggot. I'm currently doing stronglifts 5 by 5. Is this good or s…[View]
48689696Keto diet: What are your experiences on a keto diet? Hoping to lose 50 lbs.[View]
48690042Does being able to bench your bodyweight impress normies? How many reps? 1?[View]
48689663>tfw can only bench 77 pounds[View]
48687615>OHP Day[View]
48689521/run/ - Running General: You do run at least 3 times a week for improved health, lung capacity and g…[View]
48688105Shorter workouts daily or big workouts 2-3 times per week: So I’m a medical resident now and sometim…[View]
48690206is this a meme[View]
48684926I made janoy old and he became George W, how do I unsee this[View]
48688547What are some good workout routines for women?[View]
48682974>that fatass in the gym who looks like absolute shit >b-but at least I'm strong!! OH NO N…[View]
48689277I just started a cut and after hitting the gym I'm fucking starving, probably the hungriest I…[View]
48688997What happened to her forehead?: WTF happened to Rich Piana's ex's hairline?[View]
48690139/fit/stache thread: How's your winter moustache coming along friends? Weekly reminder that an …[View]
48689725wanna lose fat as soon as possible, no healthy eating switching your diet and lifestyle meme working…[View]
48688599Hey, first time posting on /fit/, I'm 5'11 and 57kg and was wondering what the best way so…[View]
48686443meal prep champion of the world: I just wanted to leave this here for you bro's who suck at coo…[View]
48689900How do I beat insommia?[View]
48686154alright guys being a manlet really sucks im 5'7 and everywhere i go im literally child size[View]
48689699>want to get swole >don't want to pay for gym membership >get part time job doing manu…[View]
48689713We're all gonna make it boys: Just caught my first legitimate mire from a hot as fuck girl I we…[View]
48686125You hanging in there /fit/? >Another day >Another episode of being too sad to eat so I lose ev…[View]
48690003A long penis is characteristic of a man with a low 2d:4d ratio. Men with low 2d:4d ratios are more l…[View]
48689973After getting /fit/ as fuck, I want to suck a feminine cock, is this normal? I'd suck the last …[View]
48684261Is nicotine /fit/? >mental stimulant >prevents Alzheimer and Parkinsons >raises metabolism …[View]
48682763From an aesthetic standpoint, Is it even worth it to train your upper traps? I feel like having larg…[View]
48682842Redpill: GENETICS ARE EVERYTHING: when did you learn that building muscle and looking good all come …[View]
48689069/Fit/ hobbies: What are some of your hobbies, /fit/? Pic unrelated but I do karate and am looking to…[View]
48688840The end of the SS program: I'm living plateaus on SS, it's been 3 month, now I want to loo…[View]
48689836I’m 6”5 and want to die: I’ve lost 5 kg in 4 days[View]
48688734Things are going to change around here boys no longer am I gonna waste away being a fat fuck it…[View]
48676851Ab Routines: What is the ideal routine to get ripped abs? What is the ideal routine to get swole abs…[View]
48688541Hey /fit/ I started working out for the first time ever today. I got a set of dumbells and did a ful…[View]
48686868FUCK training legs[View]
48689149Is hate the best motivation?: Girl said she wouldn’t see me cause I’ve put up fat so I cutt out suga…[View]
48688602how to get godlike @ sports?[View]
48689661Anyone up for a thread about how cool the human body is/can be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826H…[View]
48672254Things to know going into my first cut?[View]
48689561so 4chan image expander extension no longer works because of 4channel?: wot do?[View]
48689527waddup fit, I have lordosis/anterior pelvic tilt (I do corrective exercises for that everyday) howev…[View]
48687984Is this shit a meme or is it magic[View]
48689170how is justin so thicc and sexy at the same time?[View]
48688963>waist circumference <102cm/40in for men; <88cm/34.5 inwomen >fasting glucose <100mg/…[View]
48688382>at the gym >trying to improve myself even though 5'11 autistic manlet >white women st…[View]
48689450Another guy who died due steroid abuse. Say NO to roids[View]
48689382Start lifting >feeling better in general, more content and fulfilled, realise I'm bored and …[View]
48661195/fast/ - #341 - Snake Juice Only Edition: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussi…[View]
48689115tfw shoulder and tris pump at the same time: da pump is life itself[View]
48686524156 lbs, 5'9. Been working out for a bit over a year now. Do I have good genetic potential, wit…[View]
48686027/SUPPBOYZ/: What are you supplementing /fit/? I’m currently on L-Theanine, Ashagandwha, multivitami…[View]
48688917Why does CrossFit get so much hate? I've been doing it for three years and it's done nothi…[View]
48685176Lifting themed t-shirts: funny or cringe?[View]
48685699>More weight[View]
48687325Hope everyone has a good workout today: PRs for all![View]
48687403They be emailing me 'Doggo HOW CAN I GET SWOLE LIKE YOU?' I say whatchu eat nigga? 'Oooh I eat a ch…[View]
48688883What to do when you burn out: I burnt out hard on Thursday bumping up to hit super small prs during …[View]
48689216Shit at gaining strength: Alright, gotta be honest anons I'm shit at gaining strength. Just the…[View]
48689195How come American Fitness YouTubers make lifting techniques overly complicated and neurotic? Everyon…[View]
48682595What earbuds do you recommend for Cardio? I usually switch out between earbuds for shit like deadlif…[View]
48689111>I finally made it. >The perfect, irrefutable argument. >An argument that proves my superio…[View]
48688149Anons my ribs stick out and I have sunken chest some way to fix it?[View]
48688289He's right you know.[View]
48687980Are there pills that make you grow taller? Ive been looking at a bunch of pricey ones aimed at my ag…[View]
48687109Ok, do these things actually raise test or is it a maymay[View]
48688223Do you shave your ass/chest/back? Balls is a given.[View]
48688943How do I achieve this mode?[View]
48688941Will fasting make my hair growth slow? I'm not growing shit ever since I got my haircut like a …[View]
48685688>30-70 reps >5 mins rest too much ? good for size?…[View]
48688813What is a ''rep''?[View]
48682130Veganism is a mental illness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p81bU2LXods Look at this video. A vega…[View]
48686855Is doing the army a gains goblin or is it good for gains? t. Applied for paid studies program as an …[View]
48688064Just had an ice cream shake from Oberweis.[View]
48688785Have you taken the final redpill /fit/? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscular_Christianity[View]
48688801$20.00 - Is this a good deal? I like GHD, but never used a Roman chair before.[View]
48688537>finally start to feel happy >feel weaker in the gym without bitterness and misery fueling me …[View]
48688072>He's a slave to the (((alarm)) jew.[View]
48688212Old-Timey Chads Thread: Post Pics and what Lifts they did and how we can achieve the Physiques. >…[View]
48685690>He wears t-shirts/hoodies with font on them to the gym: name 'that guy' at your gym >the one …[View]
48688312Why does it take me a week to recover from swimming 175 meters? My heart pounds for several days aft…[View]
48688459>lifting will never get you a girlfri-[View]
48686895Considering the red pill, What are some ways to be more attractive ?[View]
48688243Any recommendations?: -5 feet 5 inches -235 pounds Trying to lose weight, eating close to 1500 calor…[View]
48683307why did no one told me these are the GOAT for side delts? i must look like an idiot doing em with du…[View]
48687618>a gallon of milk a day? That’s not nearly enough[View]
48685448underrated lifts[View]
48686416He's wrong about this one though, she's not aging that badly. Maybe she looks 28 instead o…[View]
48685032https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIHUNNdrdu0 *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* EVERYONE CAN I HAVE …[View]
48686295Okay lads share some ways to energymaxx: what has worked for me, 100% definitively: >cold showers…[View]
48688332I'm currently overweight and I've been going to the gym now for the past few weeks, 5 time…[View]
48681680Masculine S0Y: What are the male equivalents of phytoestrogens in every day foods? Whats the male on…[View]
48687573Why does everyone on /fit/ deadlift 6+ plates?: It seems to me that everyone here easily lifts more …[View]
48688271>be me >pledge frat >only have time for the gym 3 days a week >gains gone pledging is a …[View]
48688230Coconut flour. Delicious in shakes. Is this the mass gainer of the gods?[View]
48687263Anyone here sub 10% BF?: In this video (9:00) https://youtu.be/alQbuXUq-_U, Alex says that you might…[View]
48683705Holy shit he got you guys[View]
48688176>wanna get a fattie and make her my girl and help her get skinny and beach ready…[View]
48686843blood in stool after water fast: any medical anons here? So two weeks ago I water fasted for two day…[View]
48688134>Go to gym to do arms (was supposed to do arms yesterday, but I was a day behind and did shoulder…[View]
48687940>Didn't lift last Friday >Didn't lift last weekend and today and instead did cardio …[View]
48687425Does diet during pregnancy impacts the child at all I don’t want my kid to be short[View]
48686213Coke time: Does coke effect gains. I did hella coke last night and idk if I’m gonna lose em.[View]
48674374Humans are unorinically bigger than they were 1000 years ago. Is this due to hormone in our food???[View]
48678710what's the point of lifting if I'll still be 5'10'?[View]
48687870cutting motivation: anyone have that cutting motivation pic titled 'remember why you're doing t…[View]
48688011>see older guy with the worst possible form doing squats >leans forward instead of lowering hi…[View]
48677925Reminder that the best nutrients come from animal foods Everything else is useless[View]
48685871at what point will woman hit on me: >have nice genetics >reaching 12% bf >mucles >hair t…[View]
48687944>mfw you haven't taken your daily dose of onions[View]
48687057Personal Trainer Stories: PT at my gym had his client overhead pressing this, while lunging with his…[View]
48684495i'm 6'1, weigh 150 lbs, and have never lifted weights before. what beginner routine is bes…[View]
48687448How to fix your sleeping pattern as a NEET? Currently I'm going to sleep at 1/2/3am and waking …[View]
48680990struggle with power clean: Im a beginner on SS, currently at 105kg squat and 125kg deadlift. I am st…[View]
48684533At what weight can I wrap my knees and sqaut without shame? 3 plates?[View]
48685255Rate my gym gear fit: I don’t dress for the gym but I wanna see how y’all think.[View]
48686923push up vs. bench weight: >rest on scale in pushup position >scale reads about 120 pounds are …[View]
48686412Do SL for 5 months and lose muscle mass: So my gym has this scale that is somehow able to read your …[View]
48685623Where can I find varbies? Are they more popular in some EU countries or US?[View]
48685833Gym/life balance: So /fit/ i need some advice. My gym has been getting more and more crowded since A…[View]
48687025Handstand scary issue: Hey guys when i do a handstand all My Blood goes to My head and i think a som…[View]
48686492okay, /fit, got questions I am lifting (Reg Park) and trying to lose fat (diet) my meals tomorrow wi…[View]
48678049He wasn't that big change my mind.[View]
48685087Boybuilding program for naturals: I've been training on and off for 6 years. Mostly what I did …[View]
48686420Rate of progress: Does anyone else starting lifting get performance anxiety? >1 year almost in …[View]
48687702ITT; pictures that summen up /Fit/ as a board[View]
48687756Gym Wizard’s a Dick: >Be me, pretty fit. Not too swole but swole enough >Pass the Manlet prote…[View]
48687656Keloids: Anybody here dealing with this shit? I have a small spot on my scalp that makes buzzcuts im…[View]
48687496>tfw no gf to lift for[View]
48687623How do I achieve esteban mode, /fit/?[View]
48685021I would be happy if I just stop eating, I am happy on days when I don’t eat or when I eat healthy I.…[View]
48685197Crippled Gamer General: Alright cunts what exercises are you doing for your bad posture? >be me …[View]
48687266/lit/ anon here. Believe it or not, the term 'manlet' actually existed back in 19th century! >It…[View]
48687484WWGOWGA: Dear patroits, I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one b…[View]
48687446What combat sport should I get I to for self defense, cardio and fun?[View]
48684791Are this guys the most based youtube duo? >not vegans >helpful tips, straight to the point …[View]
48685256>'Ohohoh' >'Buying weights again Anon?' >'You know for a fact I an't carryin that shit…[View]
48687340How to mew? I have a normal jaw, but I want to try mewing to see if it works.[View]
48682774>Ate another whole tub of peanut butter again[View]
48683544*Destroys meat eaters scientifically, and morally*[View]
48686707How do I get my thighs shaped like this? I'm not even fat, 5'11', 155 lbs, but my thighs a…[View]
48676928POST BEST MOMENTS FROM /FIT/: All right faggots time to post the absolute best of /fit/ from over th…[View]
48686735Someone give it to me straight. Is maturing hairline a real thing or am I just going bald? I can dea…[View]
48684743The 1 armed chin Does anyone here who can do them have advice on how to build up to them? At the mom…[View]
48686168>diet plan for weight loss >bunch of expensive shit that's hard to purchase…[View]
48687031Yoo Fit I got a question. I have a bit of a tennis elbow in my left arm, Is there any excersises you…[View]
48686327I keep missing important deadlines and it's starting to affect my mental and physical gains. Ho…[View]
48686598>needed new pair of casual everyday pants >nothing fits me >out of desperation, wander over…[View]
48686228Wish it was that easy...[View]
48684326Suffering from a possible injury?: I am really stressed out right now about a possible elbow injury …[View]
48678168Pump and dump: My gf dumped me and I'm horny. How do I become a fuckboi?[View]
48685509When did you realize strength training is a meme and you should be training volume for maximum gains…[View]
48685590Tensing abs: Does constantly keeping abs tense have any effect on your muscles or calorie intake?…[View]
48686385Is sparking flavored water bad? Or just sparking water in general? I like the carbonation in drinks …[View]
48683180Grip Training: Are these worth it? I'm thinking of getting a few to train with on my off days. …[View]
48686603Masturbation vs gains: I need a mythbuster. Is it really affecting the gains?[View]
48686439I currently work with pic related, and have unlimited access to eggs. Currently consuming 36 egg whi…[View]
48685882Post gain goblins: If you use this I have no respect towards you.[View]
48685218Bulk problem (male): I'm a dude. So when I bulk up my butt blows up beyond proportions. Is this…[View]
48686215Wanting to start a home gym here: Problem is the shit is fucking expensive, this one girl I know who…[View]
48686150I want to drink healthy smoothies everyday because I never eat vegetables. What ingredients should I…[View]
48683912Dear /fit/, Please stop coming to our board to ask about how to make chicken breasts tasty without a…[View]
48684486Sick: Fuck bros... it's over for me Anyone else get sick?[View]
48679834Winter is the root of all evil This shit kills me I just want to sleep[View]
48684635Is it a myth that chicks dig Dad Bods?[View]
48685982What is the scientific conclusion on fapping and gainz? Does fapping negatively impact them, or nah?…[View]
48685266Mobility bread.: What's the best way to increase ankle flexion? I'm finding a bunch of dif…[View]
48680768>Going after Alphadestiny This rice nigga has hit an all time low[View]
48682385No veggies: I eat very few veggies and fruits like almost none. My diet consist of pizza(atleast 5 t…[View]
48684721Hey /fit/. Is there any simple carb foods that can help me gain weight? I know it makes me a bitch b…[View]
48686058I want a pee-pee of steel: Help me /fit/ bros, Had a Tinder date Friday, (of course I smashed you fa…[View]
48682855Diet: What are you eating today /fit/? Pic related, good ole ketchup and 'nanners![View]
48682351Drawbacks to Bulgarian: Has anyone here had success with Bulgarian and still decided to go back to a…[View]
48663669What is the most /fit/ career?: My money is on male psychiatric nurse...[View]
48685994Should I isolate shoulders twice a week if I already do back and chest twice a week? won't I en…[View]
48683594On a whim I bought a cheap foam roller today. This shit is magic A few seconds of rolling my quads a…[View]
48684778Is there a bigger gains goblin? How do I fix this and can I do it with a back roller or Inversion gr…[View]
48683989>Someone compliments or comments on your size >Don't want to talk about it because it…[View]
48685812Who else /shittyframe/ here? Why do we even bother?[View]
48685592>blocks your path Thoughts on the 10-20 pushups every minute on the minute for an hour+ workout? …[View]
48684200/fit/ humor thread: Ctrl f. No humor thread. Let's get it going lads[View]
48679500What is the best meat free protein for making and keeping gains?[View]
48685298GYM CLOSED: WYD :(?[View]
48685607if I buy a heavy bag for my homegym routine would I be able to punch as hard as this guy in ssb[View]
48679930It's another anon breaks his fast with McDonalds binge eating episode[View]
48685259i went from 16cm to 18cm dick length > fap everyday, multiple times, sometimes 3 times in a row w…[View]
48685440Gaining weight on meds: I gained 50 lbs in one year on lithium and other antipsychotics. What should…[View]
48684813Wat do: Hey /fit/, im doing phul and today i couldn't make It to the gym (today is upper power …[View]
48684564>dropped 15kgs in half a year without really trying >just little skinnyfat anymore Can bodywei…[View]
48685657Even a fat chihuahua can make it, bros.[View]
48684748How do go about looking like this? I’m not interested in making any lifestyle changes or working too…[View]
48685561knee and elbow pain: compounds are meme kill me now[View]
48683070What are you /sipping/, /fit/? Pic related is my pwo[View]
48685555what are /fit/ recommended ab exercises? I had been doing weighted decline sit ups, but some people …[View]
48685421If my ribs and clavicles stick out when I stand up straight, I have a soft two-pack, and I have begi…[View]
48685468When a woman has more test than you do :{[View]
48683399RIP to our fellow muscle brother[View]
48684254yes I'm bulking. what of it?[View]
48685113How much volume is too much? I have the energy to lift for three hours but I feel like all this volu…[View]
48685391Hey lads, I had some questions about weight gain and what I might be doing wrong. I spent most of my…[View]
48684337Thoughts on Dr Tony Huge?: what does /fit/ think about this guy?[View]
48685064Dubz and we're all gonna make it Also share your ab routine[View]
48683037How do I stop the aging process? How do I YOUTHMAXXXXX?[View]
48678498okay /fit/ explain this meme to me i do carry this thing around college and no one ever said anythin…[View]
48684876EGGS: How many per day if bulking? Already eating 2-3 daily, and 6-7 egg whites too. Egg whites are …[View]
48683787Non-isolation neck exercises: I want to get rid of my pencil neck but not look like a autismo doing …[View]
48684946> dancing w girl at club > instantly pop 9000% boner Am I just supposed to slap it against her…[View]
48684424...: Niggas really be out here benching in the smith machine[View]
48685211Are there any online resources (free) that lay out a progression for bodyweight gymnastics? Like han…[View]
48679896/DYEL HATE THREAD/ Daily reminder that if you don't look like this after 5 months of lifting yo…[View]
48683900Boomers what's your favorite lift? Rack pulls here.[View]
48684517Am I over doing it?: I do the gym atleast 4 times a week and the other days I do at least an hour ru…[View]
48680284Eye fitness: I'm sick of wearing such thick glasses because my eyesight is so poor. How can I t…[View]
48684836>Been eating McDonalds, Burger King, chocolate bars and all manner of junk for years. >Quit su…[View]
48684966music: what music motivates you to train? Everytime i listen to this song I have to fucking run lik…[View]
48683723>combining and cardio >end up like pic related at 30 JUST…[View]
48684872How to cope as a manlet: I'm 5'6. Feels bad. Will lifting make the pain go away?[View]
48685005post brutal mogs[View]
48669557Eternal FPS/FPH thread: FPS/FPH thread, you know the drill. >waiting for bus >McDonald's …[View]
48684090What a retarded video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvXxfweJc5Y Usually Buff Dudes aren't th…[View]
48665567Have you ever caught a guy checking you out? Did it make you uncomfortable?[View]
48684821>can't lift because my toenail fell off[View]
48684608/fit/ BTFO round bois win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzvGgsT5-QE[View]
48651632Is MDMA a gains goblin?[View]
48684001ASK AWAY[View]
48678141A question about fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Garmin. One guy said his days varied so much in…[View]
48677240>'Oh my god, you're so lucky anon! You can eat all you want and look like that even though y…[View]
48680473Are these a meme or better than regular push ups[View]
48684100Girl mirin problem: >heading towards exit >blonde qt waiting for someone there >eye contact…[View]
48682000I can only go to the gym 3 days a week so I've been thinking in a minimalist and quick routine …[View]
48682025Are barnacles /fit/ food? Can i base my diet on these? They have 24g of protein per 100g[View]
48681911Just got my test levels checked >total test: 14.5 nmol/l (417 ng/dL) >SHBG: 23 nmol/l >free…[View]
48677633/fit/ dinner: what's an example of a /fit/ dinner? i can get fit like this...right? >protein…[View]
48683707How the fuck do I do pullups lads? I'm on greyskull bulking, and I'm making steady progres…[View]
48676999Why is this 21 year old girl thats only been lifting for two years so much stronger than all of you …[View]
48682151Thicker bones = better gains?: Need the red pill on bone thickness. Already realize that height and …[View]
48683278Boomer mom gave me two of these Redpill me on restistance bands[View]
48684060Mental Fitness: Broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years yesterday. It was the right call, but I absol…[View]
48684019Bf estimate[View]
48683356>carnivore diet[View]
48684213are you eating your fruits anon? you know it has been proven they help you age slower and prevent c…[View]
486836851/2/3/4 is a beginner goal and only DYELs think it's anything impressive.[View]
48683021How do I achieve this physique? What should be my diet and routine?[View]
48673561What app would /fit/ invent to make lifting and making it better?[View]
48683589Post stories of friends/family members who motivate you: >friend is an absolute plug at 13 >si…[View]
48681097What exercises can help me suck my own dick?: No troll. I know this is possible without having ribs …[View]
48681716daily reminder, gymceling is a scam of epic proportions: Biggest scam of the last 50 years, its a hu…[View]
48683901Post your motivation: Mien waifu[View]
48681696Is there any point in doing a split until you’ve reached 1/2/3/4?[View]
48676648>When boomers on this board start giving fitness or relationship/appearance advice…[View]
48684067Calendar Magic: If you are fat that is sad so you should do something about it. Dieting and cardio i…[View]
48680506Daily reminder: Calories doesn't matter. It's all about hormones. Just do keto Exibit A…[View]
48684055Hey, I need some insight into this strength routine Monday Squat 5x5 Romanian Deadlift 3x6-8 Deadlif…[View]
48682055Ass waterfalls, and how to avoid them: So I have been an aspiring gymbro for the last few months and…[View]
48679629I’m ugly fat and want to die[View]
48683608But why u mad tho?[View]
48683861RIP King[View]
48683827hey bro, next time you go deep on that last rep, remember im right next to you cheering you on. keep…[View]
48681338What do we think of CopeDestiny?: Based or Cringe[View]
48683818Anyone who appreciates neck day feels better than normal people, because it's healthier for you…[View]
48681897Shoulder pain: Does anyone know anything about shoulder pain? I seem to have some kind of niggling p…[View]
48683811who here /abs/ urdist?[View]
48679481>hit 1/2/3/4 >look like this you can pick both…[View]
48681304I'm not trying to be arrogant bit I feel like 1/2/3/4 is weak, I've only been training 3 w…[View]
48682241I fell off the fitness bandwagon hard how can i get my ass back?[View]
48679061>No 5'6 role models to get inspired Being a manlet in the Netherlands fucking sucks, everyon…[View]
48682132What are some Bro-science that turned out to be scientifically true?[View]
48683577how do I raise my blood pressure?: low blood pressure fag here. normally it's not an issue, how…[View]
48682418Red pill me on poultry Is duck more nutritious than chicken? What about goose, I have no problem hu…[View]
48682669What do I need to focus on? I’ve got my abs. Have I made it ?[View]
48683480Cardio general: Discussion and questions about any form of cardiovascular training imaginable. For t…[View]
48682437Help me /fit/, I've long suspected that I have low T levels, and I took a blood test awhile bac…[View]
48680191How does one kick addiction? It kills my sleep which in turn kills my gains.[View]
48683424Feelin down dumps today unfortunately what to do lift to fix for lift for happy days again unfortuna…[View]
48681809When do ab exercises become less of a waste of time? I'm losing a lot of weight and getting to …[View]
486833775'9 165 lbs skinny fat: What should i be able to bench/squat before i go on a cut?[View]
48677512Please /fit/ tell me how to get the demon back. Are the Hanma genes truly necessary?[View]
48680243Most people get that the gym is not a place for picking up women but is it possible to go from 'hey …[View]
48683210Let's talk about androgens and estrogens Estrogens have a huge stigma against them in the comm…[View]
48682221You're Starting Your Spring/Summer Cut Now: Serious question, I know you fags like to do winter…[View]
48683249Feuerbach, Bach on fire.[View]
48681687How long does it usually take to go from skinnyfat to ottermode? Alos, post helpfull tips[View]
48683170>Enter the gym >WHY AINT NOBODY TELL ME I WAS BLEEDING…[View]
48683043Steroids are addictive as meth Pic related faked an injury to get money to keep buying steroids[View]
48681293Cacao: Forget the meme supplements, add this to your protein shakes/porridge etc for maximum penis g…[View]
48682325Cold showers everyday: Why are you still showering in hot water you pussy? Don't you know the b…[View]
48680188lmao @ all you balding fags spending half of your wage to buy minox and fin but still doing shampoo …[View]
48682037Post Similar Fitness based Literature[View]
48682907im not gonna make it (running): /fit/ i really feel in despair right now. just got back from 'runnin…[View]
48682040how do i achieve this physique? diet/routine ideally. I'm 6'2' and thin right now and want…[View]
48682837/fit/ BTFO by HAES: Health at Every Size® principles help us advance social justice, create an inclu…[View]
48682051Reminder to kill and cook as much of these assholes as you can Free protein, I’m pretty sure it’s a…[View]
48680161How do I get girls to mire me?: https://youtu.be/3zqa4mp0vAQ Look at this video about Jeff, then loo…[View]
48676620I could beat THE FUCK out of this little faggot.[View]
48682721> >be me >go out and drink 0.5l of whisky >hook up with a 18 year old virgin cutie who …[View]
48682271Working out after injury Broke my arm almost three months ago,bicep tricep atrophied. after arm is k…[View]
48681470What are best low carb high fat/prot things for fast breakfast. Something that would not take me mor…[View]
48682474Can we get an inspiration thread going? I finish my second year of uni this week and I'll have …[View]
48682543>You're gonna make it. That's right, you.[View]
48681728>that smell after you scratch your sweaty smelly balls after a workout and stick that finger near…[View]
48680581Look I have practically no knowledge in exercising and I have been doing 15 curls with 25 pound weig…[View]
48680830You may not like it but this is what women want[View]
48681718xmas foods + cutting: im on 1400 cals second week in. how will i manage xmas with one week around mo…[View]
48680820The new bloatmaxx is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX2qLseRPPI Another Greek bloatlord is on…[View]
48682477Liposuction: I hear the problem with liposuction is fat just accumulate in other areas afterwards W…[View]
48679126What body fat percentage is this[View]
48680568if you train with Proven, effective exercise routines 1 hour 4 days a week, how long does it take to…[View]
48676709Am I big?[View]
48677250How do You Supplement Garlic?: I usually crush up 4 cloves in a tbsp with honey on an empty stomach …[View]
48676453Any lifting advice for tall people? I train with a 5'10' guy, and I'm 6'8', and I…[View]
48670368Annual /fit/ survey: >some of you are lying about being gay for sure edition Reposting, polls wil…[View]
48681785Why is eating healthy such a pain in the ass? Like, you could go over daily recommended amount of sa…[View]
48675343fuck your pathetic gains: I am God's chosen one, my genetics shall be my triumph over the false…[View]
48680361RIP ROGER: Brehs... >Famous musclebound kangaroo named Roger dead at 12 >While his imposing he…[View]
48679839>fell for the 'never skip leg day' and 'squat is the king of all exercises' trolls and now my low…[View]
48677071When did you begin lifting?[View]
48680607I've had it: I'm gonna freaking do it[View]
48679070What does /fit/ wear to the gym?[View]
48666678Post meals[View]
48672804is this achievable natty ?[View]
48681901I'm considering starting madcow because I've hit a plateau in my compound lifts, please sh…[View]
48679949Lifting and combat sports: Hi /fit/ I'm a 5.8 manlet and I've recently started Muay Thai a…[View]
48681123Best method for arm growth? I’m doing Tricep stuff on chest day and biceps on back day. What do you …[View]
48678570/fit/ Feel Thread: I'll start. >Be me >17 >Been lifting for a few months >Scrawny c…[View]
48679527> It's your first time[View]
48679511How to get girlfriend to workout?: I've never posted here before, I've just been lurking f…[View]
48676314Anyone else get light headed and out of breath after 8 squats at max weight? Or is it just a lanklet…[View]
48681069ITT: post workout routines: Post your weekly workout routines, exercises, sets, reps, what days you …[View]
48676392>Made it Still unsatisfied with life, I just want more now. Why is this bros?…[View]
48679496Have any of you learned how to stop caring so much about your appearance?: I realize this is probabl…[View]
48681384is this functional enough for you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M9jVPL0jfI[View]
48681382Does coffee increase cortisol levels? I had half my normal dose and a caffeine energy drink (that sh…[View]
48681250Am i gonna make it?: Am i?[View]
48670824The King documentary on Netflix: Did anybody else watched this? It basically shows a crippled and sm…[View]
48677769How can I avoid this happening to me?[View]
48681168Which is the best workout season, winter or summer? Winter. >Cold so not too sweaty >Blast of …[View]
48681216What do you think of this routine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k31Z_X2ifCk[View]
48676541for a board that promotes fitness why does everyone shits on boogie efforts?[View]
48681264Alt-lite still counter signalling against the Alt-right. What do?: Gavin, after all that's happ…[View]
48679817how do you lift your spirits[View]
48674935>Sup, Anon. What goes in your shake? Remember, it doesn't count as a meal god dammit!…[View]
48680203Favorite gym sounds? For me personally i love the sound of plates sliding onto a barbell, or the bou…[View]
48678578Lads. Dont you think the black pill is excellent Just kys Life isnt worth living at all You know I…[View]
48680279I have the same problem of pic related (weird hip), do you know if the correction exercises really w…[View]
48680539Talking myself out of using all this gear I bought.: sup bros,going into my first time full cycle (I…[View]
48680991hows my first two weeks of bulking looking bros 11.27 - 48.6 11.28 - 47.3 11.29 - 47.0 11.30 - 47.9 …[View]
48679516fuck: >me >workout over ten hours per week for a year >pretty muscular >walking down ya…[View]
48678804Why exactly do I have a big hole in the middle of my chest?[View]
48679941what the fuck's with all this carnivore schilling lately? Are these fuckers too retarded to see…[View]
48680328Friends: >Be me >Going to the gym 7 years now >Making decent gains, just off a cycle >Ha…[View]
48680590Self mog/mire thread: Anyone here cockblocked/ mogged yourself? Example: being shredded and banging …[View]
48677973Can you believe it's been 10 years and you're still on here[View]
48680742Is this achievable natty?[View]
48680652Does this really have antidepressants effects?[View]
48680523Is the stuff he is saying in the beginning about honey and garlic legit? Whole vid is kino btw https…[View]
48669015FINASTERIDE THREAD does anyone know how to get it for cheap in Europe. I have a Propecia prescriptio…[View]
48676091I never train legs[View]
48680184>be me >be 18 >been climbing regularly the past month, really enjoying it >decide to ent…[View]
48679616Has anyone cracked the BlG MlKE code to getting unrelentingly diced and massive? Looking to make som…[View]
48678380Gyno thread: Can gyno be concealed if you bulk your chest up enough or is it stuck on you until you …[View]
48680507>Tfw to dumb too do Wim hof even when copying the guy as he does it on video with clear instructi…[View]
48680291Excercise for heart failure patient: Hi guys, sorry to bother you. I was just diagnosed with left ve…[View]
48677513>23 >200 pounds[View]
48680492alright, /fit, been following your advice, doing Reg Park atm, lost 7kg so far. got a few questions …[View]
48676127>be me >recently fixed my gaming pc after 1 year of it being busted. >worked out during th…[View]
48678739Daily reminder to drink water buddeh[View]
48679489DAE remember when nobody on this board had a gf? Now every other cunt seems to have one.[View]
48678635just found out my consumption of dairy products, milk in particular, is the root cause of my acne an…[View]
48680308QTDDTOT - best bloatmax lifts?: I’m thinking yoke walk and above the knee rack pulls have gotta be i…[View]
48680276so initially i started weights and good before the day to come. problems gone too well now iam want …[View]
48668547Dick health general: How do you guys keep your junk smelling nice? I shower pretty much every day an…[View]
48677072True patricians listen to classical music when lifting. If you listen to rap or hip hop you are a ni…[View]
48677382Help! I’m trying to bulk and ate too much today and this happened What do I do now[View]
48680180Manlets: When will they learn... to stop whining? If you're not getting laid, it's not bec…[View]
48680170tfw nordic weeb girl online called your body hot and defined: have i made it?[View]
48678162/Rock Climbing/: Anyone else boulder? This has been the most fun and rewarding exercise I have ever …[View]
48680102does jelqing work for some realistic expectations like increasing lenght by 0.5/1cm and straightenin…[View]
48679950I'm fat with 0 muscle How 2 fix?[View]
48680058What's a good set and rep range if i do 2 exercises per muscle groups? 3x10, 4x8? Also, if i wo…[View]
48679993What is the best kind of dip attachment for a power cage?: Rings are not really an option unless the…[View]
48679113daily reminder that if you cant do 100 burpees in a row you will lose every fight you get into[View]
48678298is this really better activation?[View]
48676781Deadlifting frequency and losing strength: I went from deadlifting 3x per week to 1x per week and my…[View]
48654308/fraud/: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and blogposting general. Before asking your stupid beginne…[View]
48647342Mire thread: Post your best/most recent mires, I'll start. This happened last night, I'm s…[View]
48676529Veiny arms thread Are they hot?. Do they look good?[View]
48679880Rodger passed away in a jacuzzi in a Thai brothel. Good night sweet prince.[View]
48678211Why does my deadlift suck so bad? I worked up to 3 sets of 5 280lbs squats (currently deloading) but…[View]
48678500make my chest go HNNGGG: on leg days squats make my legs go HNNNNNGGG on back day dead lifts make my…[View]
48675744>be me 5'9 110lbs 3yrs ago >tired of being skeletor, want attention from girls and respec…[View]
48679782How come fitness is so mainstream nowadays? Years ago being fit was rare and a big plus, but now it …[View]
48677644>anon ya cunt u mirin How does one get a body like this especially his chest what's the secr…[View]
48679292>tfw too fat to do cardio effectively/efficiently Im 105kg atm. Back when I was 70kg I use to do…[View]
48679680Judge carefully, /fit/. Which one would win a fight?[View]
48679324How /fit/ do you need to be to make the ayys think twice about abducting you? What kind of numbers d…[View]
48655225/fat/ Exorcisms general: >Who is /fat/ for? For roundbois who want to better themselves through m…[View]
48678708>Rich Piana is still dead[View]
48674232>Has a blaha tier physique >Is the best heavyweight boxer on the planet >insane endurance …[View]
48678441Are women worth ignoring the pursuit of fitness?[View]
48678004Routine: Been running a bastardized 5x5 program and have made some pretty good gains but linear prog…[View]
48677639Friend needs help: My friend asked me to ask you for advice (he thinks if he posts hackers will sell…[View]
48678806Redpill me on inversion therapy Can it make me taller and fix anterior pelvic tilt?[View]
48677472>mfw i started experiencing finasteride sides a few days ago and couldnt get hard during my first…[View]
48677693when a poster is exposed as being a woman[View]
48679360>be grug >tribe decide it time grug become man >chalk ceremony >chieftain coat grugs han…[View]
48677612>hardgainer >Start counting calories >finally succeeding on a bulk, seeing gains, up 13 pou…[View]
48676633>on /nofap/ >have sex with a girl, can't stay hard and don't cum >wet dream 2 nig…[View]
48679349Lifting won't help you with wom-: Onions fag copers eternally btfo https://m.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
48679186help plz?: hey /fit bros, im having trouble feeling a burn or activation in my chest when i do bench…[View]
48677679When I'm lifting or doing any other physical activity, my face doesn't show any sign of bl…[View]
48679304NOKO: >tfw you know you're gonna make it, and then you do[View]
48677165Secondary Hypogonadism: Sup boys, I’ve been having tons of Low t symptoms so got 2 bloods. Both came…[View]
48678515>tfw you realize Jesus was a legit beautiful man How do i get hair, beard, and facial gains like …[View]
48653222QTDDTOT-Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: I have a slight pain in my neck when I t…[View]
48677614>all these years of lifting >all these years of very strict dieting >all these years of roi…[View]
48676797>can high bar squat 225 for reps atg >legs are still tiny Explain this. and don't say do…[View]
48677426Sorry for the blog post but I'm at rock bottom /fit/, my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years just broke u…[View]
48675842I'm a poorfag. What should I eat for bulking?[View]
48676720James fagavoy thinks he's big: Why don't you look THIS cool at the gym /k/?[View]
48676081My family wants to lose weight before spring and i need help finding a program we can all do. Its me…[View]
48678863What muscle does this work?[View]
48672301OHP is better than Incline for chest Aesthetics: Prove me wrong[View]
48677522What makes a good man?: Hello /fit/, it's a slow Sunday night and there's been a question …[View]
48677557Fat shit seeking advice: I need, NEED to get more healthy. I want to achieve Officer K aesthetics.…[View]
48676559I fell for the no-cardio meme and I have a little over a month to prepare for a running test. I have…[View]
48658008Achievable natty?[View]
48678674Should I start bringing my gallon of milk with me to the gym? I’m usually there for 2 hours a day an…[View]
48677066I have no motivation to workout: I can’t even clean my room or car I know most of you will just call…[View]
48678669Redpill Me on MK-677: anyone on /fit/ take it? is it too good to be true? do I need pct? etc.[View]
48676234How does daily marijuana intake affect your gains ? I am looking to join the gym, I have read over t…[View]
48678642>stop lifting for 3 years >drop to 160lbs @ 6'3 >first day back barely manage to bench…[View]
48673493Guys I've noticed my wrists getting thicker recently Should I expect a growth spurt anytime soo…[View]
48677601>downed a jar of peanut butter in one sitting again help[View]
48677188hey /fit/ i did a hardcore abs workout 2 days ago, and ever since i have had incredible pain crunchi…[View]
48675132OK so low key my gf is kinda fat Her boobs and butt are big but are saggy Are there any exercises sh…[View]
48677800What is /fit/'s opinion on this man? keto/fast/carnivore/vegan/otherretardeddietfags need not a…[View]
48678183How is whining about not having a gf fitness related?[View]
48667327my gf is fucking fat: what do i tell her bros[View]
48678216Leg day? I'm glute intolerant[View]
48673309>tfw destroyed my knees from skipping as a fatass[View]
48673587Workout Music Thread: Need a good selection of music for a workout playlist I'm starting liftin…[View]
48678280Any advice to lose love handles and get some peck muscles gain: Since the start of the year i been s…[View]
48678124Suggestions for ‘power’ day: I do a volume, power, heavy schedule Looking for power day exercises Al…[View]
48676051Forearm Exercises: What are the best exercises to get beefy forearms?[View]
48677386Cutting tips and tricks: Share all the tips and tricks you got for cutting as much weight as possibl…[View]
48677528This is my first time posting here and I’m pretty out of shape. I usually post on /k/, but I’m tired…[View]
48676498/Zyzz/ I(we) need as many pictures of him as possible...: Everything you got, poses, memes, gifs. Al…[View]
48676840Fuck. I lost almost 20KG 2 years ago. 2 years later I’m at my heaviest ever with 87KG @ca170-175cm. …[View]
48670891Swimming: There's an interview where gong yoo (cool looking actor) says swimming in his teenage…[View]
48677755Binge Eating: How do I recover from a late night/high carb binge while trying to lose weight? Also g…[View]
48675020Help me brehs, I've just been diagnosed with a heart condition and have been told to avoid weig…[View]
48674041i will start taking modafinil in january for my master thesis. what am i in for? should I start wit…[View]
48676530first zyzz, then rich piano and now roger. who's next?[View]
48675625Does alcohol kills gains?: I forgot to buy water and I don't trust (((tap))), but I have a coup…[View]
48676492Eating with nausea: I need help bros.. When I get anxious I get nauseous and can't eat. I'…[View]
48676751Same meals every day: Could I feasibly have two meals a day, like this: Meal 1: 2 eggs, scrambled, b…[View]
48672549Is this achievable natty[View]
48676798how many reps and sets to get taller?[View]
48674615>imagine going to the gym 6 days a week LOL[View]
48676043Hey /fit/ I have acquired the ultimate rest day aka mono What do?[View]
48677436if I keep only doing bench press, incline press and cable flies, can I achieve this natty?[View]
48672405Is a lifting belt supposed to be loose at the back?: Bought the cheapest leather belt I could find (…[View]
48677409Is intermittent fasting simply skipping breakfast and having early dinners?[View]
48677299/shityoudontget/ why do you fucks do cheat days? it's like taking 3 steps back everytime you st…[View]
48677380542.5 @ 73.9kg: Today's powerlifting meet results. Could have pushed 230kg out but pussyd out. …[View]
48676670Biggest Redpill: Being DYEL is actually way worse than being skinny or non athletic at all. And I th…[View]
48677120Heads, you get to keep your gains. Tails, not so lucky.[View]
48676740>tfw gyno[View]
48675418Should I bother working out if I have an ugly face? Or is there no hope for me?[View]
48676699>still living with parents >(not a basement dweller, just in a situation in which i have to b…[View]
48674478>be me >be beginner >Everytime I did squats I went up 5kilos >Today I missed one rep an…[View]
48669952Which one is really king of the Manlets /fit/?[View]
48675119ITT post your racial phenotype and bodyweight/OHP ratio >North Atlantid >1.08…[View]
48676216Natty?: Who is this and is he natural?[View]
48677069If my shoulder was once displaced will it forever limit my gains[View]
48676505Does anyone know his actual workout plan? I know he was a avid boxer but I wanna know his regiment[View]
48676046>Haven't smoked in like 5 years >Kinda feel like smoking once in a great while Convince m…[View]
486678648 hour sleepers: What does it feel like?[View]
48671673Should one do squats for the testosterone gains (which make you more visible to women) but risk bein…[View]
48675399Where does the energy come from?[View]
48675158I wanna stay off anti-depressants but man I'm always depressed friends. I've been in depre…[View]
48676474/SUPP/ boyz: Is a creatine cycle worth going on /fit/? Are the gains that apparent? Also, general su…[View]
48676400>tfw balding >will never look like this Give me one reason not to end it, /fit/.…[View]
48676792How much do you think a kangaroo could lift? I’m dedicating 5 hours tomorrow in honor of Roger God b…[View]
48673733All these hair loss threads lol: >Eat less fat. Much less. >Eat more veggies (especially leafy…[View]
48675291Not going to the gym: I haven't been motivated to work out for the last 2 years, but neverthele…[View]
48675496bloho btfo[View]
48673139What's the most painful lifting injury /fit/ has gone through?[View]
48676146NO MORE CALISTHENICS MEME: So, I started lifting in 2017. Made decent progress, and then decided to …[View]
48675585>yeah i'd totally look like brad pitt if cut a bit but i can't because i powerlift…[View]
48676199> clean & jerk and snatch for oly > squat, bench, deadlift for powerlifting > squat, OH…[View]
48671396Being fit is 95% diet and 5% exercise. Gyms are a scam designed to profit from losers with no self c…[View]
48675709Month long fast: Beginner, won’t be able to start lifting for a month (job, school, funds). Previous…[View]
48673577Why aren't you doing naked pushups in the snow?: Don't you guys want tempurature tolerance…[View]
48676121What hair products do you use? I've got thinning hair and some balding, so I need something tha…[View]
48673169what's your excuse, /fit/?[View]
48676219I'm 5'6 (167cm) 75 kg 23%bf. My lifts for 3x8 are: 80kg bench, 100kg squat, 110kg for dead…[View]
48676122Gym before work?: If I have a job that is physically demanding, am I going to suffer if I go to the …[View]
48673981hey /fit/ you want a slice?[View]
48675858DIY equipment: I’m poor as fuck Will drilling handles on one of these be s good barbell supplement t…[View]
48676108So why did he die? Konstantīns Konstantinovs was a Latvian Russian powerlifter. His raw deadlift of…[View]
48674722beginner lifting: Hi /fit/. I want to eventually start lifting weights, and have a general idea of w…[View]
48675346Post a better bulking food: Protip: You can't[View]
48675870Name 1 (one) exercise[View]
48674626Well /fit/? How will we ever recover?[View]
48675824>wait half a year for a new gym to open up >had the premium all club pass for a while now >…[View]
48675337Should I keep bulking and continue getting fucking strong or cut down to 12%? Also my core is seriou…[View]
48673095Why is lifting eccentric shapes so much more difficult?: I'm passing out from lifting a twin si…[View]
48675841Help me, anons: I didn't go to the gym in a a month although I did too some calisthenics during…[View]
48676113Anyone else feel like moving to the forest and lifting trees?: real nigga shit[View]
48674172Olympic Dumbbells: Why isn't this style of dumbbell more popular? It seems like it'd be ea…[View]
48674823if you go on twitch /rufusphysique there is a guy training a cardio bunny[View]
48673299>not eaten anything in 24 hours fucking hell lads I feel amazing, what's the longest you…[View]
48667735reading women talk about fitness is like going to bizarro world dark-dimension /fit/ just have a squ…[View]
48675344Diet soda: /fit/ approved or not Diet colas like coke and pepsi taste like utter shit but other thin…[View]
48675863Help: If everyone is out for themselves and survival why do we have friends if they can put us down.…[View]
48669682so uh whats his end game?: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrGv_EHhwjn/[View]
48671713>tfw a friends gf tells me i have a psychopath stare Does that mean i have hunter eyes? She told …[View]
48675482Hey /fit/, I've moved house over the weekend and I've got some pain in my upper back, is i…[View]
48675832Motivational progress thread[View]
48651934ITT stuff you see that pisses you off in the gym: How much of a vagina needs a pad[View]
48670803Is this actually possible without surgery? Tfw buttlet[View]
48671607It's happened /fit/izens, the cut and maintaince is over. From January 2016 to now, I've l…[View]
48674850Why is kefir so damn good /fit/?[View]
48675746Fitness Doinks: This smug kid named Ryan just did the worst squat jump reps I've ever seen. Thi…[View]
48675251/fit/ What is the reason to cut when studies show it's such a big chance regaining that fatweig…[View]
48675130>lifting for women[View]
48675684>rest day[View]
48674433Who's miserable loser here besides me? Lifting feels like the only reason to live for me anymor…[View]
48674765Why are carbs bad for you[View]
48675577You were born a human, the greatest long distance running species the Earth has ever known. No other…[View]
48658354Motivation Pictures: Images that show even a fatass can pull himself out of the lardy abyss[View]
48672473Any tips for getting rid of puffy nipples (except surgery)? This shit is visible through like all ts…[View]
48674515Can someone with success growing their biceps give me some tips on how to grow them?[View]
48674454CALVES: Discuss[View]
48662017/plg/ powerlifting general: Before you ask your retarded question about what program you should run,…[View]
48675467Is this Achivable Natty? What are the best exercises for it?[View]
48667349Do you have a daily skin care routine?[View]
48675200Why are women so big boned nowadays? Wide butt, Wide hips, even broad shoulders (evn when she has wi…[View]
48669485Plank position: You CAN hold a plank for longer than 1m40s, right /fit/? You're not THAT weak, …[View]
48672226/fit/ fashion thread: > get fit > not that much extra attention from women > grow out my ha…[View]
48675206/fit/ cringe thread[View]
48672198Too many movements:: The only 5 exercises you need to be Athletic, Aesthetic, and Strong, the first …[View]
48673554What kind of blood test should I get (for hormone/possible hormonal issues): So it's been a few…[View]
48673393I'm weak.[View]
48653629New CBT, other one is Romans 1.70 cm, 61 kg Considering stopping weightlifting and going for a gymna…[View]
48675166He's right you know.[View]
48674617This is as high test as it gets.[View]
48672084no matter how much you lift you will always look dyel as fuck while clothed[View]
48671961Best diet and exercises for young manlets to maximize their limited time to squieze some extra inche…[View]
48674001Okay anons. I've been off the path for the past few weeks and it's time for a change. I…[View]
48675079How do I attain this body figure?[View]
48674582BOVRIL: why aren't YOU drinking bovril for maximum STRENGTH, old CHAP?[View]
48673297How do I get stamina like the jogger?[View]
48672957Is it possible to lose 25kg before new year's eve? What do I eat and how much treadmill, bike, …[View]
48674852Physical work: For those of you who work manual labour, how do you fit in a gym routine on top?…[View]
48669998Can height be naturally increased? I heard ashwaganda boosts it and having anterior pelvic tilt can …[View]
48674403>that DYEL who shows off his newbie gains in public Why does he do it?[View]
48671791redpill me on monk mode[View]
48673766Is this the ideal male body?[View]
48673878About to do arms for 8 hours pray for me boys[View]
48674855Pseudocyesis: Pseudocyesis is when the brain tricks the body into thinking its pregnant, resulting i…[View]
48671817Hey /fit/izens so I regularly play rugby and I think due to new muscle I can't play for as long…[View]
48672409Why don't you give bouldering a chance? - Lots of hot chicks - You'll want to stay at a l…[View]
48672582Check out this Chad lunch... Rice bags $0.68 Cents Chicken Quarters $0.53/lb This lunch costs $1.50…[View]
48666969Hodgetwins: Yeah, I'm thinking they're back https://youtube.com/watch?v=8dntlyvDgqs…[View]
48673660Find your limits: How can I find out how much my max lift is as a beginner? Not just bench, but dead…[View]
48674701Holy fucking shit I just took a shit so violent it hit the back of the bowl and the rim around it I …[View]
48674119summer sport doable shirtless: >training all year >cutting atm till summer >hair transplant…[View]
48674103My Nuts hurt: I'm on day five no fap and keep getting boners. My balls are killing me. Any tips…[View]
48672578Worth buying? Gonna try calisthenics. I’m planning on starting from scratch like beginner shit[View]
48674598Bench meet: I just found out that my local gym is organizing a bench only meet and its gonna be next…[View]
48667716Let’s talk depression and if getting shredded could get rid of it I want to die[View]
48674548why do you think indisns smell bad and dont lift ill have you know i bathe the river every day after…[View]
48674257I want huge pecs but right now im doing only barbell bench and cable flys 2 times a week. Are there …[View]
48666866Fictional character goal body thread[View]
48674422Would be be good for weight loss? >be on treadmill with htc vibe >a normal one not a fancy t…[View]
48674485alright, /fit, been following your advice, doing Reg Park atm, lost 7kg so far. got three questions…[View]
48673604I’m depressed, I’ve been the fat girl my whole life and idk how to stop eating, it’s my only source …[View]
48671253You wake up to heavy breathing only to peer up and see this: ''Rise and shine, pipsqueak…[View]
48674458chest day[View]
48672599Does anyone else like a little drinkypoo before they lift?[View]
48674358How do i achieve pic related mode im 6’2’’ 190 pounds been lifiting for 4 months[View]
48673670I feel high test and that's enough t. 100 test[View]
48674081Redpill me on mastic gum, just ordered some. Will this work for ultimate jaw gains?[View]
48671336I had a heart attack last night fit. Thing is, I lived and didn’t need medical attention, I just had…[View]
48672456I think I slipped a disc squatting. How long do I have to wait before lifting again?[View]
48674254>benched 1pl8 for the first time ever today All thanks to you guys. How has /fit/ improved you, a…[View]
48669812newbie can't squat anymore. destroyed these parts on my legs. Pushed myself to far and it start…[View]
48674303umm guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYaPvAyzrsU[View]
48673885Daily reminder drink plenty of water buddeh[View]
48654914Do you think 5 /fit/izens could win a fight against a fully grown Silverback Gorilla?[View]
48670596Are these acceptable?: Or do people immediately assume that you're a fag if you wear them? I sq…[View]
48673950What the fuck is going on with the influx of newfags lately? Lurk more and stop taking yourselves so…[View]
48674037Hello, /fit/. Im trying to bulk up but i feel like my legs progress slower than the rest of my body,…[View]
48674070Tfw you miss gooby[View]
48668319>he flat benches Reminder that incline bench, dips and even cable flies are all better alternativ…[View]
48674120You'll never make it if you don't eat big, /fit/.[View]
48672324Weird Gym: >tfw my PT told me i have the arms of a girl. >tfw he says that i should jerk him …[View]
48669588well, you know, everybody knows cardio kills ga-[View]
48672143I’m scared to do a one rep max of anything because I’m weak as fuck. Any tips to not be absolute pus…[View]
48671321Besides weightlifting, what other physical activities do /fit/izens participate in? I play hockey.[View]
48672442>7.5 inch penis >low testosterone What happened?…[View]
48668779who do you lift for? >pic related[View]
48671548The power of Roids: What does /fit think of Eric Kanevsky? How long will he be able to live? This is…[View]
48672485Is it weird to wear a weight vest at the gym?[View]
48673780Sunday chest day thread CHEST & TRICEPS Warm up -pushups 3x10 -dips 3x10 -triangle pushups 3…[View]
486734065 10 162.2 lb male 16% body fat, was 23% this time last year When can I begin to bulk? Pic unrelate…[View]
48673768Where my /unlocked/ brothers at?[View]
48659247Hey guys, Jeff Cavaliere from athleanx.com here. And today, I'm gonna say the N-word.[View]
48671469How is this for aesthetic gains?[View]
48672180So if you leave 4chan You realize what you have been missing out on and how far behind you really ar…[View]
48672836What kind of exercise is this?[View]
48663811How many of you fuckers have a home gym?[View]
48672674Help a fella out: Hello /fit/ This is my first time on here so you’re gonna have to bear with me. I’…[View]
48670535I think I have herpes: I fell for the 'try L-arganine' meme and it gave me a cold sore on my lip. K,…[View]
48665127What's the final verdict on eggs? Are they poisonous to the body?[View]
48670758/fit/izens, 1. Are weighted push-ups safer than bench press? 2. Need Advice. > Divorcing cheating…[View]
48672889I've reached my goal weight through fasting and eating low carb. How do I maintain it now? I ke…[View]
48661153Addictive foods: List your foods, you can't stop eating. For me it's unironically grains w…[View]
48664228Fuck I know how to get most women now It's really easy[View]
48671610>take pre-workout >get called in to work[View]
48671708About to come off a 12 hour fast. Going to eat and then gym. Do you guys on do cardio fasted? I can…[View]
48673199>have pretty thick waist >train delts and lats like crazy >waist looks smaller It's re…[View]
48671283Can you point out Scooby's peak? for me it's the skate squats era[View]
48666739>Buy Instant Pot >Buy 12 extra large eggs for $0.99 from Walmart >Pressure cook a dozen egg…[View]
48672421newfag here starting with stronglifts 5x5, should i just do the base workouts or can i throw in some…[View]
48671224What’s the best martial art(s) has and or gun(s) for dealing with multiple and or armed attackers Hi…[View]
48672876>do stronglifts for about a year >get fuckhuge legs >0 upperbody strength >can barely do…[View]
48672468My wife used to have a real cute brapper before I got her pregnant. Now, 37 weeks in, it’s totally f…[View]
48672568How do I get my cat to lose weight: she's so fucking fat and I've tried getting her to exe…[View]
48670608As autistic as it sounds, how viable is it to permanently give up on walking and instead just go ski…[View]
48672604Why don’t you all wear the superior camelbak at gym ? Don’t you wanna hydrated all the time ? >th…[View]
48671660did you bros take advantage of EPIC XD deals on Black Friday for gym equipment!? https://www.youtube…[View]
48671818Do you think 5 /fit/izens could win a fight against a fully grown Proboscis Monkey?[View]
48671115how to no fap?: i mean, i already tried going cold turkey and didn't work.[View]
48671406How the fuck do I cure my wrist pain and possible tendonitis? This shit is ruining my bench press re…[View]
48666896stalling at 1/2/3/4. how do i keep making gains?[View]
48667505How do you spot roiders? I had this roided up manlet at my gym telling me 'Maybe you just don't…[View]
48664541What does /fit/ think of saitama's workout?[View]
48671997I had a big sugar filled binge last night, which was meant to be the One Last Binge. But I'm ab…[View]
48670059>that guy that can squat 3 pl8 ATG but can't dunk a basketball or sprint fast…[View]
48672031Greyskull LP or SS[View]
48672085Just happened:: 205 hang clean[View]
48672206/fitlit/ | Motivation thread: Got a short read for you anons. It's Gorin-no Sho - The Book of F…[View]
48671873> milk with conservatives give me dhiarrhea > milk without conservatives gives me dhiarrhea …[View]
48672090Let's say I run twice a day, lift everyday, the whole nine yards of exercise and physical fitne…[View]
48671945Im done with bulking, my cut starts tommorow.[View]
48670765Trying to gain some weight. I am 185cm tall and I weight 73 kg right now and I would like to get to …[View]
48672108Isolation Lifts When?: I've been doing the compound lifting for 3-4 months now. When should I s…[View]
48670814I have lumbar lordosis with hunchback and I'm pretty skinny but I also have pretty big abs so I…[View]
48659444Got prescribed this. What am I in for[View]
48671559Do you get horny just by looking at some nude statue? The answer is no, you simply admire creator…[View]
48669600how's that bulk going?[View]
48670406/k/ here: How can I convince my brothers to workout? Too many of them are skinny/fat. We probably co…[View]
48666882STRENGTH: What's the best way for a novice-intermediate to gain strength fast? Last month I jus…[View]
48672055my back hurts because of the tension in my muscles in my hip. pls help.[View]
48671497Being uncomfortable at the gym: Help gym bros, I really wanna work put but every one here makes me f…[View]
48671968>he takes creatine The natty card. Hand it over.[View]
48670653Books on fighting: Books on fighting: Which martial arts books actually include a routine you can fo…[View]
48669652Any college anons here?: How has school affected your gains? Also any advice on a solid, CHEAP diet?…[View]
48670533F U C K A N T E R I O R P E L V I C T I L T Fuck it, its the ultimate gains goblin, it makes you …[View]
48668686Will doing normal push ups hurt my wrists? Are push up handles a meme? I want to start working out i…[View]
48671899Oioi: Hey guys, anyone have some info on how to do an effective ephedrine and caffeine cut? I know i…[View]
48671694Why the FUCK do I have a chest gap?[View]
48656849How did you quit your porn addiction?[View]
48671715REEEEEEEEEEE: How do you make your stomach shut the fuck up when you are on a cut? Can't take i…[View]
48670442>just masturbated to trap doujins for 3 hours[View]
48668556Why do boxers wear these?: Why do boxers wear boots when boxing? Is it just for ankle support or is …[View]
48670680>Mother is making fun of me for quitting caffeine again[View]
48670572Impressive or pathetic? Anyone that does this to their body must have some seriously deep rooted ins…[View]
48670140Why do people wear these to the gym, for example while deadlifting? They're wrestling shoes.[View]
48665091Any goals for 2019? One fitness goal, one non-fitness goal. Go![View]
48670555should I masturbate before lifting? common sense suggest no, but why exactly[View]
48655098>be me >Be poor >See canned sardines >Pretty good protein Are sardines good? Is it worth…[View]
48671325Hey, /fit/ been “lurking” around for mainly info for about a year now. Haven’t been too involved. Ha…[View]
48670289Is it possible to catch herpes from gym whores wiping their disgusting asses on the equipment?[View]
48669788Hey /fit/ what dynamic stretches do you recommend doing from time to time during long time in front …[View]
48663351How do you cope with not being 6'4?[View]
48667684Girl said she would fuck me if I had abs reeeee: What’s the fastest way to get abs also judging by m…[View]
48668814How many crunches do you do a day: Post an pix[View]
48666121>its diet only consist of fruits, leaves and low protein sources >still more jacked and strong…[View]
48670688>be me >19 >probably 8/10 without acne >but like 5/10 with >I mean that shit was BAD …[View]
48668966What are your goals for 2019? >reaching 80kg >reaching 1/2/3/4 >starting a bodybuilding rou…[View]
48669668Does caffeine stunt growth?[View]
48670547will i get shredded from doing an hour of walking on an empty stomach every morning and eating fish …[View]
48671290Milestones in weight loss/gain: What changes have you noticed in your body /fit/? I'm getting b…[View]
48670729Why is it that people who are basically the same height and weight can have such different body comp…[View]
48670538go out to nearest lake catch a fish >free proteins (200g) for two days[View]
48670606Lifting headphones/earphones/earbuds Any reccomendations?[View]
48671067>at gym, working out with a trainer >'Anon, if you'll continue holding those dumbbells li…[View]
48670686What does /fit/ think of entomophagy? https://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20181206/want-more-easy-protei…[View]
48667542When did you know you made it?: >be me >depressed, NEET, skeletor >zero friends or ambition…[View]
48670244>can height be naturally increased? >guys, I'm 31, can my shoulders still change >I…[View]
48669350Eating and parents: How do I explain to my boomer fucking parents that yes I eat more now I lift bec…[View]
48670692>wake up during night with pain in stomach >run to toilet >shit my guts out >repeat mul…[View]
48662939I-is this what peak performance look like?[View]
48667921How much can grappling help you against larger untrained guys?: 6ft 120lbs twink here. Could BJJ let…[View]
48670129Abandon Starting Strength?: I've been on SS since forever and I'm getting sick of it. I go…[View]
48668207Why do DYEL larpers who don't even lift on /fit/ say anyone stronger than them (especially chic…[View]
48670223What to do: >be me >5'5, 114 lbs due to lack of nutrition in childhood >Fed up with be…[View]
48667399Onions on leg curls and leg extensions?[View]
48669473Inversion Therapy: Who here has taken the /inversion therapy/ pill? Decompresses spine, fixes postur…[View]
48670649Is this gyno, i just turned 18 btw. I have been lifting weights for the past 2 months, I did long di…[View]
48665294I think it's so fucking difficult to know how many calories you should eat. I haven't gott…[View]
48670687HI guys. First time creating here something. I have been exercising for some time, and have enough m…[View]
48670621ITT: we post /fit/ related golden tidbits of information, I'll start: >cinnamon improves the…[View]
48668647Is over training real?: I plan on jogging 3 miles a day bump it up to 6 as my fitness increases will…[View]
48666763Wearing of joints, aging and other ways to fuck up your shit: I work as a postman and want to walk a…[View]
48669999Are there any downsides at all with eating shitloads of natural nuts for bulking?[View]
48668766/LMG/ Looksmaxing General: Rate my desperation edition: >posture routine every morning and evenin…[View]
48670389Why won't my fucking biceps grow? I do bb curls every workout and workout every second day. Sho…[View]
48665209Do I have good insertions for lifting? > in before NIGGER > in before stupid tattoos…[View]
48669187>be me >19 years old,started going to university >join american football team(just football…[View]
48670266What would ashwagandha do to a female?[View]
48647222Redpill me on carnivore/ zero carb[View]
48669678Who thicc neck here[View]
48666193Redpill me on rollerblading: What's with the stigma people seem to have against it? I don'…[View]
48664370/fit/pilled audio books: Anyone ever listened to pic related? What are some other /fit/pilled books …[View]
486699825’9” manlet here: anyone know of a safe way to increase height?: Have been trying stretches for 2 ye…[View]
48661272Addiction: What's your unhealthy addiction, /fit/? >Inb4 working out+counting macros Wasting…[View]
48670135I’m bored as fuck with my workout and have decided to replace a lot of my lifts with Olympic lift st…[View]
48652662/owg/ Olympic weightlifting general: Hayyy[View]
48666629https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8IumXMMOH0 Thoughts on my 525 lbs deadlift?[View]
48664878if u lift long enuff this WILL happen[View]
48668252/fit/, Im scared of making silly faces while lifting heavy, how do you deal with it? I always try t…[View]
48666282ITT: Best cutting foods. Smoked watermelon is the stuff.[View]
48668409wait a minute... THAT'S how Chloë Grace Moretz's body looks like?[View]
48652910Friendly reminder beards are for jawlets, soibois, uggos and teens that want to look older.[View]
48664842I notice that many /fit/ posters are extremely preoccupied with the prospect of losing their hair. …[View]
48669693When will the suffering end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_C6Vr1eHc[View]
48669628Has science gone too far?[View]
48659905Boxing and sparring (+how to get into it?): Does anyone here do boxing/sparring? If so, how do you g…[View]
48669367Just found a note from my little one in my gymbag that says “You can do it, I love you“ Gonna smash …[View]
48666649Calisthenics routine: Hello /fit/, I did on-off weightlifting for a year or so but now I want to fin…[View]
48669082SOMEONE FUCKING HELP: im on 500mg of Modafinil and i need to SLEEP, someone fucking help, my central…[View]
48669563Welcome to snapcity: Who here a resident of snapcity currently? >knee buckled with squats >inj…[View]
48669201Is Terry Crews the worst case of bad insertions? >4-pack abs >bad chest insertion >bad bic…[View]
48666986Anon goes to the doctor: >Be me >a few days ago >have a dermatologist appointment because A…[View]
48669036granny visits us and is staying for a week >tfw she doesn't stop making us cakes and cookies…[View]
48668296Just went to the gym for the first time in my life today. Couldn't bench more than 10 kg but at…[View]
48667475did you ever work out with your mom and dad?[View]
48663542Gym is having a toys for tots drive. What’s the most /fit/ toy to donate?[View]
4866939510 scoops too much?: So i ate 1200 calories in cookes and cutting. Anything wrong with making a 10 s…[View]
48642308How did the Ancient Greeks get so big and ripped without barbells or whey powder?[View]
48667432Is this possible natty?[View]
48667414/Cutting/ for Summer: Who here is already cutting? Started my cut a week ago. 20/4 IF with extra Car…[View]
48668387>tfw you'll never be descended from a long lineage of decorated professional athletes…[View]
48668588If youre taller than a Girl, This is what she sees[View]
48669248how do you get a 10' dick? I wanna be a stripper, who does funny dances and helicopter tricks with h…[View]
48669213How should i get 180g of protein on OMAD when the body can absord 30g of protein at a time??[View]
48669117>tfw shitty digestive system that can't even digest whey isolate without stomach pains why d…[View]
48667733Redpill me /fit/ on cheat days, metabolism etcc[View]
48666025>dad is making me eat bananas to build muscles Does this actually work or isn't it just typi…[View]
48668559Hello /fit/, I'm looking for some advice. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I've lost about 60lbs…[View]
48668613I can't reach my toes. Probably because I sti all day in my PC playing vidya and watching anime…[View]
48666897Optimal body: This is the optimal body. Prove me wrong.[View]
48658744If you weigh more than this, you're fat or on roids.[View]
48665899DYEL here. Why do you even use the keepers?[View]
48668767How to keep gains: I’ve gone and sustained myself a lower back injury, so squatting and deadlifting …[View]
48668602Imagine there are 2000 calories in this glass I drink all of it in one gulp Do I consume 2000 calori…[View]
48667303who else /intolerant/ here? I have autoimmune diseases including coeliac in my family, and although…[View]
48668688Post weirdass looking motherfuckers you could mog[View]
48668676*Blocks your path* Unironicly the best machine[View]
48668684>getting easy strength gains on lean bulk >start cutting for summer >Downward trend in lift…[View]
48667040Need program: Just got a pir of dumbells and looking to get stronger and loose little weight any pro…[View]
48668560>almost 2k19 >not taking the lupin bean pill Get on this shit RIGHT NOW Nutritional value per …[View]
48664310how much does a girl have to lift to be considered 'strong'???: tell me right now.[View]
48668283High meat: Redpill me on high/fermented meat[View]
48662672>Fat fucks can't become skin-[View]
48664277What's your goal for 2019?: And why is it to be/look more like BlG MlKE?[View]
48667773Daily reminder to drink water buddeh[View]
48668513/fit/ humour: uncommon fit ylyl lets go[View]
48664944How much is 'too much' alcohol? I am drinking half a bottle (350ml) of 47% ABV dry london gin, Beefe…[View]
48668430Girls love me more when I got more muscular: I got a theory about the type of guys girls are ALWAYS …[View]
48662971What is your languages word for 'the gym'? Mine is: >Ræktin Directly translated to english is mea…[View]
48666311I accidentally started omad and I havent taken a shit in 5 days. I haven't even felt the urge t…[View]
48668352>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM2q7XFOOgg >11 year old girl >9000 calorie diet What is…[View]
48664782Is the Hair Bro here?: A while back a bro posted his protocol that grew some hair and showed some pi…[View]
48666879Are there any routines that are based around dumbells only? I got some dumbells recently and I'…[View]
48668250How does Tyler1 manage to be active as fuck and still stream vidya 5+ hours a day?[View]
48665279How the fuck do I ascend?!?: Come on /fit/ brahs, help me!!!! I already >lift >nofap >med…[View]
48667766Where is he now, /fit/? It's been 8 years.[View]
48666884Excercise for someone with a bad knee: Can you recommend any excercises for me? I fucked up my knee …[View]
48668182Can I just ask someone that's working out by himself, if I can workout with them?[View]
48668187What mode is this?[View]
48667875>that first rip n' sip of the day[View]
48661663ITT: We Build A /fit/-Only Gym: If /fit/ owned its own gym, what would it be like and what would you…[View]
48667771Does anyone else have no culinary skills whatsoever? Itd like anything I try to cook comes out an un…[View]
48662758>gf wants to lose weight >orders some weightloss package >all it has are protein shakes and…[View]
48666647Running music: I'm up for some fresh tunes fellas. What you been running to recently? Let me ha…[View]
48666710A little new to this.: This is me. What say you?[View]
48666829Why are the last few kg so fucking hard?: Lost 27kg with ease but the last 6 are a struggle for will…[View]
48667958>ywn be a brawny chaddish teen with a friend with a really hot single mom that's super nice …[View]
48667080Is my lack of exersise, junk food consumption, and constant fapping causing poor mental health (anxi…[View]
48664735Are there any proven supps I can take to increase sex drive or sex load? Or any sexual health indica…[View]
48663274Is he a meme or does he have genuinely good advice?[View]
48667852>trying to get swole for the first time at 29 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I DRANK UP MY 20s AND NOW I…[View]
48663887Core Thread: What’s the most optimal excercize(s) for the abdominals?[View]
48667815tfw swapped out back squat for zercher and front squat on PHUL where were you when you realised long…[View]
48667635Gains don't prepare you for rejection, why did you lied to me /fit/? In the end instead of gett…[View]
48656068Reminder that people on the carnivore meme diet will NEVER make it[View]
48667024>went a little wild and worked biceps two days in a row[View]
48666851How do get in squatting, if I can’t get a spotter?[View]
48667114People like me better when I’m fit/learner: I’ve been thinking about this lately. I think that on to…[View]
48664662Post brutal mogs.[View]
48667175>weigh 250lbs >diet and exercise to 215 in 1 month >plateau how do i break a plateau? how l…[View]
48667148I've been lifting regularly for two months so far but I've only done deadlifts a couple of…[View]
48667231Guys i think i might have a problem: so i nutted 2 weeks ago, and noticed that since then my penis a…[View]
48667341Chads only: Only studs like Arny smoke cigars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DklAU4GNpxA…[View]
48641848Push up thread: Stop reading and start rolling[View]
48665515Lifting doesn't get girls?: g-guys. I don't think girls care about muscles that much. I am…[View]
48666482>fell for the squats and oats meme >went from having a hank hill ass to having a plump juicy a…[View]
48665758I want to go gymnastcore What do gymnasts do to condition themselves, what do they eat, how do they …[View]
48666226Poast Physique fag: Do it or u have small pp[View]
48666172Does /fit/ protect you from bullies?: Did getting /fit/ make the bullies fuck off?[View]
48664879Is there a service I can pay for where I'd have some sort of 'advisor' to tell me how to look m…[View]
48665323What's some ways you can stop drinking soda I can't stop I feel so weak if I dont have any[View]
48666696>tfw have psoriasis on my knees just kill me already, please.[View]
48665260>you gotta squat heavy 3 times a week bro! >destroys your hips and back Thanks /fit/…[View]
48665066What would you do if you got Order 66'ed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=294hTLgfbNU[View]
48666557Is anybody else practicing their punches and kicks in front of a mirror right now?[View]
48664046Post your vitamin and supp stacks[View]
48664207are you happy /fit/?[View]
48666452>tfw 180cm manlet >tfw even highschoolers are taller than me >tfw heightmogged by at least …[View]
48662947Stalled lifts: >Tfw only about 6 months into SS >OHP stalled at 30kg and now I have to reset W…[View]
48666330Has /fit/ taken the lentilpill yet? >18g of protein per cup >High in fiber >Cheap >Versa…[View]
48665500>the more i lift the more i'm attracted to black chicks somehow >98% white population in …[View]
48665125>get /fit/ and lookmax >suddenly accelerated balding starts NO, NO, NO! MY LIFE HAD JUST BEGAN…[View]
48664829Good /fit/ feels >Flex a cep in the mirror >Notice bicep peak is higher >Haven't been…[View]
48666275Which is harder, losing 55 pounds if you're 5'2' or losing 70 pounds if you're 5…[View]
48666256Anyone else from /r9k/ here? Pic related is every /fit/fag that's butthurt about us being here.[View]
48664526I just want to thank you guys a week ago I was 200 pounds and you all gave me advice on what to do a…[View]
48664816Is westside 4 skinny bastard a good alternative to SS/ a good intermediate routine? Found myself pl…[View]
48666012What do after SS if goal is to look good?[View]
48665200Has anyone here tried this and are fat burning creams a scam?[View]
48666045gain weight: do you guys have any suggestions for gaining weight? Am in hs wrestling and 5 foot manl…[View]
48666104>tfw you run out of cigars[View]
48665650Mire thread.[View]
48665633>be me >be /fit/izen for about 5 years >start med school and stop browsing /fit/ >not w…[View]
48662842When did you realize that girls don't care how much you lift it's literally all about fash…[View]
48665159>broke up with gf this summer >haven't had sex since September >coping by binge eating…[View]
48665955Can we get a running\cardio thread going? >favorite place to run >favorite time of day to run …[View]
48665814Do you guys perform upright rows? If so, have they given you bigger shoulders? I never tried them be…[View]
48661986>tfw i looked better before i started using gear :/[View]
48664810recently broke both wrists, both were imobilized for three months pre break, was already weak fag, h…[View]
48665135“My weight gain was on purpose. I used to strive to be a huge muscled dude with abs. I started lifti…[View]
48663794ADVICE: Helo fitizens I started the stronglifts 5x5 in september and followed it pretty exactly, add…[View]
48627547How do I become a gym twink like pic related? What exercises to focus on, what to avoid?[View]
48665647How do I meet a qt and stop being lonely? I joined a club and I also work, and see girls at both who…[View]
48659634Is weed healthy?[View]
48664769Why does Lucerne™ whole milk have an extra gram of protein (9g) than other whole milk brands? What…[View]
48665551What type of milk does /fit/ drink? 2% master race here.[View]
48665458How can i achieve this mode?[View]
48664801Foods and activities that increase sperm count and testosterone.[View]
48665546Is there any cheeseburst pizza that tastes the same but gives me six packs?[View]
48663749giant skelly friend: need help for a giant skelly friend who lives in kangarooland. he is 7 feet tal…[View]
48665349Fags Are protein shakes bad for my liver n stuff?[View]
48650978This is George Hackenschmidt:Creator of the bench press and the hack squat. Say something nice about…[View]
48663593Other than injecting it....: FUCK /FIT/ I HAVE LOW T HOW CAN I MAKE IT?[View]
48665292Getting bigger than this is a complete waste[View]
48663226man, AlphaDestiny doesn't look too good[View]
48657029Winter bulk general: How’s the bulk going for you bros?surely there must be some kings on this board…[View]
48664772what is the definitive way of fixing upper crossed syndrome (forward head)?[View]
48662330Pick one: > 5'4 manlet > has made it > 6'4 lanklet > Auschwitz mode > can n…[View]
48664796I’ve been on 1 mg of fin for 3 months: Is it working ?[View]
48665403Will krav maga or bjj be good for dealing with one of these cunts? Its their kicks you need to worry…[View]
48664297Is milk bad for you?[View]
48665271Piss test boys: How hydrated are you right now?[View]
48665262Thoughts on Duluth Trading Company?[View]
48665083Anyone here have good experiences with fin: I’ve been on it 3 months how long did it take for you to…[View]
48664773work OUT. It means you work OUTSIDE. So many fucking pussies think they're tough guys, big and…[View]
48664858Are bananas /fit/?[View]
48663585is it possible to do OMAD long term?[View]
48660438Does intercourse count as cardio for the day? Nothing feels better than lifting with a qt and then h…[View]
48662036you know what im sick of? fucking brapposters. Suddenly every single post containing a picture of a …[View]
48664996Chewing Gum: Will chewing gum everyday give me a better jawline?[View]
48662209Who has the best life on /fit/?[View]
48664952Too high are standard?[View]
48647753Annual /fit/ survey: I hope you weak fucks have improved since last year. https://docs.google.com/fo…[View]
48664536Why can they call this an energy bar if it has low carbs?[View]
48662100>calls himself /fit/ >doesn't freeclimb well? explain yourself…[View]
48664824Fucking help me boys: >be me, 5ft10, 135lb weed >struggle with being skinny my whole life >…[View]
48664978Well, I don't want to be like the roachfarmer, but cicadas tasted like shrimp https://www.webmd…[View]
48663632I woke up and wasted pretty much all of today. I had a really sugar filled junk food binge in the ev…[View]
48663085How much cholesterol should I be getting?[View]
48664907Listen here man let me tell you about them dang old steroids it goes like you take the trenbolone wi…[View]
48663086I know it's just a Chinese cartoon for kids, but isn't this really bad form? Aren't y…[View]
48664619What do when you are stressed as fuck and your body wants junk food more than never? Im trying to d…[View]
48664585>gym radio >GLORIA! GLORIA! PERPETUA[View]
48663429No Dick DECEMBER DAY 9, no more urges, just watched a movie with 20 sex scenes, dick didn't eve…[View]
48664362FemAnons, why haven't you taken the brappill?: >Brapping prevents hemorrhoids (squatting can…[View]
48664624>Be me >Be skinnyfat Help, what the most effective way of not being skinnyfat anymore with do…[View]
48664124Can we get a preworkout rage thread? Get angry and push heavy weight.[View]
48662077give it to me straight /fit/, she NEVER goes to the gym but has an ass like this. meanwhile i go 4 d…[View]
48652386>bizarre muscle[View]
48662503Anyone work office jobs? I get back pain from leaning over 8 hours a day and don't deadlift[View]
48655978How much sleep do people actually need?[View]
48663840Workout: Would this be alright for a 16yr old ( 80-90kg body fat mostly) with a water fast?[View]
48655003/fit/ jobs male stripper edition: i did it /fit/ i said fuck it and walked into a male stripclub and…[View]
48664634Who’s making social gains tonight? I feel like I should go out and not just play vidya but I don’t w…[View]
48663530>start lifting seriously for the first time ever >fuck around doing random shit for a month be…[View]

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