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/fit/ - Fitness

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51325154Where should i go to sell my DBs /fit/? I basically never use them anymore but i don't know how…[View]
51325258Benefits? Also how the fuck do you drink this shit. It's absolutely disgusting.[View]
51323644>11% carbs >12% fat >77% protein Why are you not eating octopus? It's literally the pe…[View]
51322228>Why yes of course I fight crime with my bare hands at night in a bat suit, how did you know?…[View]
51321453Is the 'knee shouldn't go past toes' a powerlifter cope?: So they don't have to hut depth?…[View]
51325609>woman gets fat >has guys lining up around the block and makes millions as a fat fetish model …[View]
51322381What is your preferred method to spice up that chicken breast[View]
51325968What's a test I can do to make fully sure I'm good to go back to training after being sick…[View]
51324613how do i get a body like this[View]
51325771>50+ year bromance What does it feel like to have a lifelong /fit/bro?[View]
51325402Just found out Whey Protein contains S o y beans? wtf should i be consuming this shit??[View]
51324461Can you get nice abs by only doing bodyweight ab excercises for 10 minutes a day (coupled with deadl…[View]
51323619One way to get a testosterone boost and get your body to produce peak level hormones is to have your…[View]
51324349What is the perfect carbs-protein-fat ratio ina diet? Is 40% carbs and 30 for protein and fat ok?[View]
51325064/SQT/ simple questions thread: I want to modify the reddit ppl so i do this: ppppppx. Leg training i…[View]
51325629>YFW you first touched some fit girls fake titties[View]
51324240>People you thought were big until you started lifting[View]
51325511>Squatting next to a guy >Doing slightly more weight than him (2pl8 vs 1.5pl8) >He adds to …[View]
51324516why are ab exercises so boring?[View]
51315711The moment you show weakness: Is the moment she loses respect for you. Why are they like this?…[View]
51322003Symmetric Strength Thread: Teal Man soon, /fit/. ITT: Post your coloured men, and post other stuff t…[View]
51325488>mfw I set off the lunk alarm[View]
51324844According to myfitnesspal one plate of 2 chicken breast with green beans equal to 230 calories, 45g …[View]
51325432Just a reminder no movement is inherently dangerous, it only becomes dangerous when you lift like a …[View]
51320359/fraud/: Late 1800's edition. Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupi…[View]
51302538>you got muscles >but can you put bird seed on my plate and take me to restaurants anon?…[View]
51315993Women ‘powerlifters’: I hate most women ‘Powerlifters’ they come in with tons of specialist equipmen…[View]
51325150>tfw my shadow looks bigger than i do send help[View]
51323280COME ON GUYS!!!!!![View]
51318546How’s your night /fit/[View]
51324894overhead press plateu: feel like I've been stuck at the same weight and rep range for ages. is …[View]
51324417I have a question about my pelvis bone. The thing is when i was 17 i had pretty normal hips/chest/wa…[View]
51317408Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even a single sole: Not even the shoelaces: Not even reddit: Especial…[View]
51323155My experience with noFap/noPorn: Hey lads, we see these kind of threads so often lately, and I got t…[View]
51322914Test thread: Does massaging your balls help your sperm count/test levels?[View]
51324803Tfw haven't had a solid shit in weeks[View]
51324952Ive set up a half ass gym with just a bench/straight bar/ez bar at my work and do sets with both thr…[View]
51324833help /fit/, tell me what i'm doing wrong and how to fix this. >be 5'11, 155lb >go t…[View]
51322281This guy natty? Or just good genes and manlet?[View]
51323505>gf goes to the gym 6 times a week >I can barely do 2…[View]
51324648How long after a fap should I wait to lift?[View]
51324812any of you on this?: be honest[View]
51324593I'm a fat disabled fuck. How do I exercise? I'm currently not able to burn enough calorie…[View]
51323550Coffee as preworkout: Could I use coffe as preworkout and how much for it to be effective[View]
51323319No Regrets: Yo /fit/ the only exercise i do is push ups (100 every day in different push up styles, …[View]
51324602Lifting weights is KILLING your GAINS[View]
51322935how many days of rest can i take before i become weaker?[View]
51323890I kinda miss being hardcore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvnzxeqCpcw I used to be obsessed with …[View]
51324714Help: The dumbbells no longer go any higher and I need more weight for shrugs. Is this it? Am I at t…[View]
51324712Guys im fucking concerned i am so unfit all the time im not even fat. I just went outside with 30°C …[View]
51321205Exercise4less is the best uk gym chain. Prove me wrong. >milton keynes exercise4less represent…[View]
51324629Do exercises that put alot of pressure on your genital area have a risk of reducing/slowing the deve…[View]
51323816Is it true that people who are more fit are more likey to commit Sexual and Violent crimes than the …[View]
51323902FUCKING GERD FROM ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Acid reflux is seriously fucking up my progress in the gym. I’ll …[View]
51321270sip thread[View]
51323523/fit, do you mix your preworkout or straight up face the scoop? Telling you from experience, the lat…[View]
51323895Surgery/rehab general: Any bros here have knee surgery? I recently tore my meniscus and I basically …[View]
51324450So former couch potatoes, what motivated you to sort yourself out? Did you cold turkey or set out a …[View]
51318421Natty nigra lanklet vs natty leaf manlet. What's your physique of choice[View]
51321877Why are a lot of men under 30 in America built like this You would expect that only older dudes to h…[View]
51324271What is the most /fit/ bread for bulking?[View]
51323813So I got this now what do I do? How long until I'm alpha?[View]
51324026onions onions onions if this comes out onions ima be so tilted. i spent hours searching for onions …[View]
51323928Is building muscle on low proten high carb diet possible?[View]
51321358>binged on my fast >broke my nofap streak >had a shit workout Yep, that's a Monday for…[View]
51324322Do I lift???: Do I lift or not /fit/ ???[View]
51323198>tfw signed up for a gym membership >don't know the form of any strength exercise wish me…[View]
51322559Will HGH make me taller? How can I get them[View]
51324060Is ascorbic acid really the same thing as vitamin c? I've been told that they are not the same,…[View]
51324127Its been two years since my ingrown ass hair surgery. I let everything go and became a total lazy as…[View]
51320643Just benched 185, fear me fit: just hit a new PR 185 2 reps. Feels really good. Road to 2pl8 continu…[View]
51324162>leg extensions >still short[View]
51324154How to improve running speed? is explosive power all you really need? Does improve things? What exer…[View]
51324007Umm guys? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/24/mens-fertility-irreversibly-damaged-age-18-th…[View]
51321176What’s a nice fatty sauce I can add to chicken breast and eat over rice with? Pic kind of related, y…[View]
51324096Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51304435SIG/: No SIG thread Let's make it happen lads https://4chanfit.fandom.com/wiki//sig/_sticky…[View]
51315622I am 6’3 and just embraced the permabulker lifestyle Just going to get as strong as possible and enj…[View]
51323754Exercises to break through a bench plateau: Exercises to break through a bench plateau Ill start: In…[View]
51315341What’s the most badass excercise: Discuss?[View]
51323834What type of row is best to support and increase ur bench press?[View]
51322697I am 19, 6’3(190cm) weigh 150lbs(~68kg) work out 6 days a week, dont really do that much cardio only…[View]
51323769>he doesn't take tretinoin[View]
51323737Does anyone have the rich piana the more you put in the more you get out video with music?[View]
51323048Does SS have enough upper body work?[View]
51319115If i stop lifting but still eat my 1g per lb daily protein will i maintain my gains or lose 'em…[View]
51319078finasteride questions: 1. ive been breaking a 1 mg fin tablet in half and taking every second day is…[View]
51322980To cut or not to cut: Hey /fit/, I'm a 18yr old, 82kg, 186cm tall guy. I've been visiting …[View]
51323202Cardio/Conditioning Thread: I have a relay race coming up in ~2 months time, but my conditioning is …[View]
51321735reminder: if your collarbone is not visible = you are fat[View]
51319976How to get abs: What's the best regime for a 5,8 manlet that weighs 190lbs to get abs Pic rela…[View]
51321240MEALS: what are some fast high protein meals that are somewhat cheap and taste nice ive been eating …[View]
51323237>That dude who deadlifts barefoot[View]
51319380>and here is anon’s room >he’s kinda into fitness…[View]
51294303Lookism is incredibly unhealthy, fosters mental illnesses, and is counterproductive Remember, you…[View]
51302830ITT: Gym Retards: >these two eighth graders that do 40 minutes of farmers carry and leave…[View]
51320841>Hit another hard OHP set PR of those close to failure/stalling >See cute 12/10 on train >H…[View]
51322683Is he natty?[View]
51323175>cutting >60%+ humidity >heat wave hitting tomorrow (40°C+) w-we're all g-gonna...m-ma…[View]
51323069>Supposed to be all about 'training like an athlete' >Shoulder got destroyed after throwing a…[View]
51321079How do i stop snoozing together with my gf in the morning? I usually wake up 1 hour too early for wo…[View]
51320619Thanks for the memories /fit You're all going to make it.[View]
51319194CBT: shirt on edition[View]
51313501What are some tips for cycling beginners?[View]
51321215What does /fit/ think of auto regulated sets? The basics are you perform first set close to your max…[View]
51322302Fucking hell I just lost nofap: Guys I have fucking lost nofap after 7 fucking months (been doing it…[View]
51322201Would you rather >look like a twig with ZERO muscle but have the strength you've always drea…[View]
51321252>Breaks all the equipment at your gym and blames the owner[View]
51321622Mire thread: Share your stories of getting admired by the other gender :)[View]
51319643Assisted Dips: I've been trying to get in to dips over the last few weeks after my chest work, …[View]
51322797>Caring about how much you can lift I hope you guys don't do this. The only important fitnes…[View]
51320777*appears in your recommendeds*[View]
51322342My weight has been stuck at 84.1kg for 3 days now even though I have been on a 500 calorie deficit. …[View]
51322891kms: >too short to be attractive >too tall to fit on the bench >right height to reach the …[View]
51322869>tfw too afraid to bench press without a spotter[View]
51322772Sciatic nerve: Got a inflammation on my sciatic god knows how so can't do any exercises that in…[View]
51321806I was happier when i was a chubby teen snacking on chocolate bars and eating pizza than i am now to …[View]
51321082>stopped working out for a while due to depression >go on fast food sprees with roommate, beco…[View]
51318979>your bench press will be 5x5 300 lbs/150 kg right now but your dick will be 1inch shorter Do you…[View]
51322303How do i fix this?: Beside kms, how do i make this area more fuller/bigger? Which excersise do you r…[View]
51321897dumbbell vs barbell bench press: what is ur dumbbell chest press vs ur bb bench press? tryna find ho…[View]
51317380Best single exercise: What's the best single exercise, and why is it pull ups?[View]
51321374>going for a jog >someone shouts 'OINK OINK' >throws their big mac at me Why are people try…[View]
51319926>fall for the abs are made in the kitchen meme >lose 30 lbs >still no abs >6'1' 140…[View]
51322057bendstick: This exercise any good?[View]
51322489Any of you faggots try a 500 kcal diet from mainly protein? I need to cut quickly and I don't w…[View]
51318889mfw doomed to lift for the eternity[View]
51320606What does /fit/ think of the buff dudes?[View]
51322351Why are you not lighting+anglemaxxing your daily life? All your dieting, training, and general lifes…[View]
51321106/sticc/: >Who is /sticc/ for? For fat ugly cunts who want a BMI < 18.5 to get back at daddy…[View]
51321819What can I do on days that I should not train? I get bored and I feel like I can do more things, but…[View]
51320097How do I achieve this physique?[View]
51321774What do you think of my training schedule. I don't really wanna do legs. Maybe do them from tim…[View]
51320523>only time I can feasibly work out is during work hours >start new job in a further away city …[View]
51318425Why don't you have a gym buddy?: If you do what's he like?[View]
51319867Gym thots are at it again...[View]
51314677give me a single reason why I should go further and ruin my perfect twink body with so called muscle…[View]
51321244sleeping with legs DOMS: >5 hours of sleep >waking up due to the PAIN >living with the PAIN…[View]
51321875https://youtu.be/S0oXXLOoYYY >mfw will never be this alpha[View]
51320615Anyone get very smelly farts on creatine? Never taken it before and they stink so bad.[View]
51321821So I did squats with barbell weights for the first time today. I took it easy with the weights to be…[View]
51321159>drunkenly crossing the road >almost get hit by a truck If I died I'd be fat at my funera…[View]
51321051Anyone else just fucking done at this point? I feel like I'll never make it.[View]
51321654FIT BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUPaEo5SMHY[View]
51320923Why do you people care so much about bodyfat?[View]
513215564pl8 ohp paw throw lole: how much can you power jerk?[View]
51319433my dads fucking stronger than me and hes like 65. My bench isnt going on at all bruh im fucked dawg …[View]
51319991What do you guys think about this upper body routine. I don't have the money for a gym and all …[View]
51320698Give me Motivation to be better: Post Age Gym success Personal success Professional status/quals…[View]
51319787Top Tier Eats: Post only the best eats here. Fancy culinary creations accepted but I wanna see what …[View]
51320187250 lb Manlet tryna get fit: I joined a gym and am planning on staying their for the rest of summer.…[View]
51319675Day 1 of nofap... what can i expect[View]
51320151Honestly being a womanizer is probably the best cure ever in existance, i literally just fucked the …[View]
51321212does anyone else get the serious urge to lift when you play a vidya or watch an animu with a qt gril…[View]
51319080I think I’m balding, thanks for recommending creatine /fit/. Goodbye... forever[View]
51295612/CBT/ still cutting for summer edition: last thread near bump limit >6'1' >199lbs >squ…[View]
51317988Advanced Program help: Yo, can one of you guys give me a pretty good high volume advanced lifting pr…[View]
51307747For whom do you lift for?[View]
51313975>too hot to run[View]
51319368/TFRG/ - Track and Field and Running General: What event did/do you do, until what level did you do …[View]
51320006I was barely even hungry throughout the day and I only ate this much, are fatties really that bad at…[View]
51315338Fuck this skinny nigger, I used to watch Juji and was subscribed but now all his videos are Tom havi…[View]
51319591How am I coming along[View]
51320511U mad because I am moggin all over you? Faggot.[View]
51319501do you have lifting partners that you are friends with?[View]
51319910>Be me >172cm and 84kg >Brother bought a treadmill and a sit up machine >Being thinking …[View]
51320106Did not see a QTDDTOT so i'll just ask my question. Has anyone benched 3 times a week? I am doi…[View]
51316833Why everytime i do deadlifts my back starts hurting? i'm starting to think that's a meme, …[View]
51322479What does it mean when girls smile at me all the time: I honestly can’t tell if I’m getting mired or…[View]
51320914>walk into gym, typical monday night >get ready to do squat, just warming up >locked into p…[View]
51320478Does anyone on here run?[View]
51318619Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51318518Am I killing my cut by having 1-2 of these a day for my meals? Chicken breast is dreadfully bland an…[View]
51320701>walk into gym >IM GIVING YOU A NIGHT CALL TO TELL YOU HOW I FEEL…[View]
51320864Testicle travesty: My left nut get wedged between my dick and body when I do a heavy lift or jerk of…[View]
51320435Natty or Not?: I've been seeing this guy in the gym for a while, he swear the only supplements …[View]
51320195>its rest day[View]
51320820Recommendations for supplemental lifts to set a fire in my pecs[View]
51319758Should I start steroids ?: I’m 26 at 6 ft 5 inches tall[View]
51320446/raw/ - oops: Uh guys I’ve been drinking raw milk for 2 months and my upper left abdomen has had bad…[View]
51317194Here we are yet again, it's been some time /fit/ I remember... I remember the days I used to co…[View]
51318661Jawline: Don't forget to train your jaw bros.[View]
51320480So I tore my ACL and the Dr prescribed me steriod to reduce the inflammation Is it the same steriod …[View]
51319782>been out of lifting for years >deadlift is back to a little above 1pl8 >can't ignore …[View]
51320509ask me anything: just found out the company I work for owns bodybuilding forums[View]
51320485For someone with lagging muscles, does it make sense to dedicate one day per week on just hitting on…[View]
51317812I have a really high metabolism so no matter how much I eat I just don't gain any weight. How c…[View]
51318978Running isn't bad for you and devoting yourself strictly to lifting makes you an amateur. chang…[View]
51288629/fraud/ >Mike the jew and mast the paki chirp each other the entire thread edition…[View]
51319385What is the least gay fitness board on the internet?[View]
51320334What is a good cutting routine?[View]
51320321Cold Plunge: I'm fairly new to going to the gym; I've started going regularly last October…[View]
51316473Why are argentinias so alpha and aesthetic ? is being argentinian the ultimate way to make it ? how …[View]
51319425Deviate my tinder convos: Have some matches that are gross. Thinking of opening with the Sam Hyde/tr…[View]
51319858help bros: >super long skinny alien fingers >weak skinny wrist How do I get more meat in my fi…[View]
51320144>binge ate again[View]
51317846does it make sense to eat 8oz of cheese after working out[View]
51314487Tell me again, anon. Why haven't you taken the tan pill?[View]
51317740How do you deal with fatigue and brain fog?[View]
51317537Sabotage: Every time i try and lose weight the second i tell my dad he starts bringing home sweets. …[View]
51319913>Hey kido with the waifu T shirt u usin da bench ? what you reply ?[View]
51320145I believe I have a rotary cuff injury. I feel this pinching in my shoulder when I move it certain wa…[View]
51317982>Running is bad for you anon! >Your heart only has so many ticks! >you make it work too har…[View]
51315604so is halal food a based /fit/ food?[View]
51319748Back excersizes: what are some effective excersizes for the back whether it be generalized or focuse…[View]
51315167Why slave away in the gym when you could just get a full muscle system implanted?[View]
51318458is 26 to young for trt?: i think ive hit a wall feel tired often i miss my puppy energy i use to hav…[View]
51318199I wanked to sissy stuff again, why the fuck did i do this i just want to stop doing this, why do i d…[View]
51313368>wtf you can't eat insects >like wtf that's so nasty >like eewwwwwwww >oh my g…[View]
51319082Are modern beauty standards really unattainable or is American society just so laden with available …[View]
51303544I need to reconcile with my masculinity. My father has not taught me to be a man. What should I do?[View]
51318066Technology fast?: Technology fast.[View]
51319703ITT: I need help with exercising during extreme heat in the summer Backstory: Ever since I graduated…[View]
51316330>be me >26 y/o >NEET >no friends >live in mother's basement >skinny >low t…[View]
51319613Do I even lift bros?[View]
51319588Who here on a fasting journey? Just finished a 48 hour fast. About to embark on a 6 day fast just to…[View]
51319550>he takes whey >he takes creatine >he takes BCAA >he takes multivitamins and omega3 stil…[View]
51319293GOMAD+OHP: To all skellies out there, this is it. THE KEY TO BECOMING UNLOCKED.[View]
51312711Anyone else who imitates solid Snake from metal gear? I try to speak like solid snake when i do dead…[View]
51318189>lose 60lbs of fat weight >literally everything is uncomfortable My god, I was encased in the …[View]
51316998How the fuck do you overcome gym anxiety??: I went to the gym for the first time ever. As soon as I …[View]
51306917/fat/ -Hoodies in the Summer Edition 30: Who is /fat/ for? For fatbros who want to better themselves…[View]
51319168>used to be fat >lost 50+ pounds >tell fat friend anyone can lose weight and he just lacks …[View]
51318902>trap doms[View]
51319317Abs and cramp: So i’ve been trying to do some abs workout but I can barely reach the 3rd exercise wi…[View]
51317709For me, it’s the Apple. The most based fruit in the industry.[View]
51319243Is there a decent alternative to gomad for lactose intolerant anons? Whey also makes me pee the grav…[View]
51296342What kind of music do guys who look like this listen to?[View]
51318463>lift for an hour >instantly afflicted with terrible headaches when I stop I am cursed never t…[View]
51318539Daily Reminder you will never 'look good' without PEDs.[View]
51315233I can't stop smoking weed cause my life is terrible and it just makes my life worse. How do I q…[View]
51318618>before gym >feel like shit >after gym >feel absolutely GREAT is there anything better t…[View]
51317835>cheat day turned into a cheat week[View]
51318652What do you guys eat for lunch?[View]
513186281 scoop per pound of bodyweight right ?[View]
51318982Why the fuck do gym staff set up equipment where you have to face each other??! >ITT : gym shit …[View]
51318740EZ Weight: I hit 135 for reps on the bench today. I'm super proud of myself and felt compelled …[View]
51319053Is cell tech a meme?[View]
51318828How do you go to the gym if you don't know how any exercises and don't know how to use any…[View]
51318943Anyone have tips for keeping form when doing heavy dumbbell presses? I can't seem to stop mysel…[View]
51308840What mode is this?[View]
51316196Tfw Lank: >6ft6 >200lbs[View]
51318753>bought protein for the first time in an year >im shitting and it smells like the powder I don…[View]
51317968Is a full body work out twice a week enough to get fit? I'm a lanklet skeletor who has literall…[View]
51318263pictures: how do you take good pictures in the gym? I thought about shooting some pictures and wonde…[View]
51318069Hello I'm new to /fit/ but I have a question. I smoke cigarettes and plan to start zyban tomorr…[View]
51315291why people always shill fast food hamburgers so much, they always say: >WOAAAH, CHECK IT OUT DUDE…[View]
51317884JANNIES are worst than pedofiles. Edit: wow my first gold thanks very much!![View]
51307938/fph/ Fat Pet Hate Thread: How can I convince my cat to get control of his life and start lifting?…[View]
51314198>30 days into NoFap >voice is deepening for the first time since I hit puberty I thought this …[View]
51310106Favourite body part or workout and favourite lift: For me it’s shoulders and OHP[View]
51311337What cause gyno ? How can thoses people suffer something this ugly ?[View]
51317752How to suppress hunger?: I'm trying a 1200 calories diet, but I'm always 200 cal in excess…[View]
51318486Lifting has destroyed my self esteem: I’m so much smaller, weaker, and uglier than every other male …[View]
51318679>weighted dips[View]
51317301Mental Health General: Anyone have any solution or herbal remedies to depression? I excercise everyd…[View]
51318594Is moshing /fit/ approved?[View]
51317754Post brutal moggings[View]
51314385Gym during days with high humidity: I applaud each and every one of you. Today was 28C, 60% humidity…[View]
51318570>Be a cute twink > Pass out on the treadmill > Wake up in this room naked Welcome Anon, So …[View]
51313971Ripp finally admitted barbell rows are good and his supine grip variation is stupid https://www.yout…[View]
51316478Just found out anti-oxidants do nothing for you[View]
51316838I want a big tall muscly gf to coddle me and regurtitate anavar into my mouth does anyone else fanta…[View]
51315471ACV: I've heard good things about Apple Cider Vinegar helping out with skin and indigestion if …[View]
51313738>tfw no personal titcow how can we even hope to make it?[View]
51313475>Internet tough guys will criticize this form[View]
51318317Today i was told I was intermediate and I was super happy about that being 2 years in. 5'10' 2…[View]
51307381So long story short I signed up for the gym yesterday and have already made a bad name for myself at…[View]
51313777sex question: Is sex technically a full body workout if youre doing it properly and switching positi…[View]
51318211How can i achieve this physique?[View]
51302164/owg/ - Olympic Waifulifting Genitals: Post webms edition >If you are new to weightlifting please…[View]
51317808Where do I put my phone, wallet, and keys without looking like a dweeb and without sacrificing mobil…[View]
51305907I finally decided to shave it and take the bald chad pill. How do I look guys?[View]
51317492Get fucked, /fit/.[View]
51316113This dude legit threatened me, and my buff friend got him off of me. The guy is a little bigger than…[View]
51313982This pic makes me sad for the guy. Lifting is fucking hard and requires discipline, mental strength …[View]
51316560Clean Pulls for calf gaines?: Anyone here have any experience incoperating clean pulls into a PPL ro…[View]
51314785How do you stop wanting to be a girl after you lift?[View]
51313236>ohp in the squat rack[View]
51317083Booty Muscles: So I have a couple of spinal conditions that essentially prohibit / severely limit me…[View]
51317271If I'm borderline dyel but not a fatass would I be able to do enough chinups to benefit from th…[View]
51314831Do you gotta be /fit/ to be a good fighter?: Fat guy here. Don't care about looking like a musc…[View]
51317513Jeff Cavaliere: This guy is telling me that I don't need to be in caloric surplus to build musc…[View]
51317056What advice would you give to an 18-year-old twink (body type = pic related) who wants to be a twunk…[View]
51317995You don't take mercury pills, do you?[View]
51316744Diet Advice.: Is this a good spread for breakfast? Also diet help thread[View]
51317723Why can't all women look like this?[View]
51311088Vegan cringe thread: Poor mom was just trying to make sure that her malnourished baby won't die…[View]
51317885>intro kicks in >can instantly lift away all my sorrows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX1a3J…[View]
51314882good routine for forearms? im doing wrists curls and pull ups but with a peace of towel[View]
51316434>25 years old >Literally cannot get erect anymore I was fucking a literal 9/10 the other day a…[View]
51315690Does /fit/ support low carb? There's a bread on /ck/ about whether it works or not >>>…[View]
51312979I just finished jerking off, redpill me on why I should do nofap[View]
51317636what would happen if i started doing 6 scoops a day ?[View]
51309779>Pray before my workout >End up having an AMAZING workout, and feeling ridiculously stronger t…[View]
51313394Guys, talk me out of roids, please I mainly lift to look hot. I have discipline, I follow strict die…[View]
51316378Me and my buddy just ate two 12 inch pizzas each after working out. What’s our punishment /fit/?[View]
51316240Home gym pro tip thread: the only thing I miss about a gym membership is the sauna and steam room, s…[View]
51315364Okay so, now my weight is in the 'underweight' category and I still have that disgusting belly that …[View]
51316125How do I reached Armored Titan Aesthetics?[View]
51314556How do I achieve this mode?[View]
51317220>he eats processed garbage Dropped.[View]
51317371Post pictures of body types like pic related, but with more width and much buffer arms[View]
51316754how do I stop sweating so damn much? I always thought it was because I was fat, but I'm not rea…[View]
51311873Give me some memes only /fit/izens will get[View]
51315977Will i ever make it /fit/? as long as i keep working out doing PPL, eating enough and sleeping enoug…[View]
51313804Are these proportions aesthetic or not?[View]
51316950>do squats for the first time in years >get sharp pain above nose while doing them Okay what d…[View]
51316888Redpill me on BCAA and its benefits[View]
51310159>Lemons, limes and kiwis are alkaline[View]
51316699>5'7 >really narrow frame >125lbs I just... Can't do this anymore. Why am I still…[View]
51314254What role does bone structure play in weight lifting, bodybuilding, and sports in general? Can it be…[View]
51317063Thoughts on Jason Genova?[View]
51316104Should I do a one-day fast? It’s 5:30 pm here and all I’ve consumed today is coffee, whey protein, a…[View]
51317007Is it possible for anyone to look like Kyriakos Grizzly without roids?[View]
51316349A retard needs help: Can I run 5k twice a week when starting ss? I want to gain strength but not tir…[View]
51316914Rate my training program, just started doing it 178cm×68kg×13%bf Been training for 3 years Low T Day…[View]
51316241Why does everyone in the gym tries to act like a tough guy towards me when I'm super chill and …[View]
51315874>try running a longer distance for the first time >do 4.5 km, absolutely exhausted at the end …[View]
51316814ITT Post machines that are actually useful Bonus points: How do you implement them in you routine …[View]
51316770I'm currently quite busy with work and struggling to make it to the gym. Is it better to cut do…[View]
51311049nofap vs intermittent fapping: should i try going for a 100+ days nofap all at once or should i try …[View]
51316706Walk into the gym like a badass Make eye with everyone. Pass by a couple qt and look at them they tr…[View]
51309318>You are under arrest for suspicion of steroid possession wwyd?[View]
51316453GYMPILLED: 6’3 185lbs Just got a gym membership, I’ve been exercising at home for the past 3 months,…[View]
51316631Is NoFap a meme? I was doing it for like two weeks, and I jerked off and was bummed because I though…[View]
51315230So I started going to the gym today, been lazy fuck all my life and while doing cardio my heart rate…[View]
51314510something to think about[View]
51313919Is this balding or a cowlick? Either way how do I fix it? If it's balding I've never seen…[View]
51313209Official mire thread: last one had an NSFW image Post your mires no matter how small[View]
51310905Is swimming the best cardio exercise there is?[View]
51315522Just ran past a guy and his gf, in my tanktop, she probably thinks of me now when they have sex, heh…[View]
51314485What’s going on with Big Lenny? His channel hasn’t updated in two weeks. Has anyone checked in on hi…[View]
51316411If you don’t look like this you must leave /fit/[View]
51316372What s the most effective exercices explains with image: Thats my arm[View]
51315820My 1 rep max for benching is 105 lb... am I going to make it?[View]
51315773MOROCCAN GOD[View]
51297206Mire thread: New one cont >>51263956 >be 21, work out for 2 years >watch movie with gf a…[View]
51314977can we have a postive thread instead of all the lookism bullshit? WE ARE ALL KINGS. JUST LIFT AND YO…[View]
51316321https://youtu.be/W8u2zYXL6DI Shit like this makes me feel pathetic.[View]
51314636im going to see the fit indian qt at my gym today and try to smell her[View]
51316229Core exercises for fatty's?: Been lifting for two months now. I've been going legs and upp…[View]
51314919Did whey protein help you reach your bodyweight goals ? how also how much protein should i take per …[View]
51315680What's your 1RM for bench with barbell and dumbbells?[View]
51315405>have varicocele >left nut aches whenever I do anything too strenuous or physical >literal…[View]
51316149>walk into gym >IM THE BAAAAAAD GUYYYYYYY >DUH! >walk back out…[View]
51314978I just bought a package of oats but i don't know how to eat it[View]
51316117How did you test for test? Are at-home kits fine?[View]
51315576Can’t buy a gym membership atm: Well I decided to get back into lifting time hit me hard and I stope…[View]
51314777Is this physique achievable natty?[View]
51316043What are /fit/ thoughts on personal trainers?[View]
51315647How does /fit/ strenghten knees to prevent sprains or other accidents?[View]
51315998What is this all about /fit/?[View]
51307369>just do light excersice and don't eat during the night bro is it that simple /fit/? it can…[View]
51314512I want to start getting into lifting,but i don't really know where to begin. If anyone has any …[View]
51314784give me some HEALTH TIPS[View]
51313757Will very late workouts (finishing 1 hour before going to sleep) fuck up my sleep? Schedule is kinda…[View]
51306050/plg/ powerlifting general: Beginner programs edition >bro tier (try hard and have sex) -Starting…[View]
51315850Tfw my bulk has topped out at 208lbs, how do I gain more weight?[View]
51315728Fishing: A big fucking salmon got away from me yesterday, probably 2kg and it’s unacceptable What m…[View]
51314262I've injured my shoulder and I don't want to do anything that might make it worse until I…[View]
51312050Box Squats: Tips for not fucking up my back with box squats? I have been lifting for a few months an…[View]
51315763hey /fit, is my lunch bad? >apple, pear, berries, raisins, skyr had no time to prepare some meat …[View]
51303451KINGS REPORTING IN: We are Kings. We won't let the negativity of others being us down. Just kee…[View]
51313023How heavy are the weights you lift, /fit/?[View]
51308398What do you lift for?: I lift for St Michael, i lift to give him the strength to continue to fight b…[View]
51313759How long did it take you to reach 185 bench?2 pl8 bench?1pl8 OHP?[View]
51315539Have you ever exercised butt naked?[View]
51314091Why the fuck do 90% of people legitimately not know how to lose weight even though it is very simple[View]
51315008>be me >jacked power lifter >go to a 24 commercial gym >talk to the qt gym receptionist …[View]
51315178How do I get my hands less fat?[View]
51306116Lifestyle habits that cause depression: >social isolation >little activity/lack of exersise …[View]
51312596whats your go to cheat meal?[View]
51314899How many push-ups should an adult man be able to do in one go?[View]
51300692Push up thread: Push up thread! Under 50? Do double! Dubs? Do triple![View]
51315119I want to be strong like Kakashi sensei![View]
51314319How many times a week should a man squat?[View]
51315445What mode is this and how do I get here: What mode is this and how do I get here[View]
51313219Is muscle dysmorphia a real thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSzzWttdFuU[View]
51315182Post god tier bulking foods[View]
51314694Thoughts on adapting a frog only workout routine? Also gives you a cool way to get to and from the g…[View]
51315072I just noticed I got an incel posture and pencil neck. What exercise could fix those?[View]
51310972*taps cuppa*[View]
51315343burn your head skin to cure baldness are u balding? no problem just burn it and it will grow back, i…[View]
51314136Face>Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNzQFIT5wIM[View]
51315164Does a lack of pump mean your workout was ineffective? Do you get a pump every workout? Every lift?[View]
51314340How do you compare to an average Chinese?[View]
51306482What routine would get me a body like this? Also goal body thread[View]
51311345Past what age should you give up on the concept of 'making it'?[View]
51310814creatine: should I take creatine if I have a fucked hairline ?[View]
51314130Lifting with diarrhea: Hey /fit/ I have been pooping clear water (albeit muddy) for 3 days now and a…[View]
51311889Forearmlet looking to build forearms, mostly brachioradialis. Any tips, /fit/izens? Already doing wr…[View]
51307667Name something more based than eating a raw slice of bread[View]
51314567CIA Training: How intense do you think you'd have to train to reach the level of any of the pro…[View]
51314243Can someone skilled at spotting this sort of thing tell me if this guy has had jaw surgery? I'v…[View]
51314263Is Armz Korleone natty? Is this even achievable natty?[View]
51315033My face after eating a whole thing of costco greek yogurt(800 cals,144g protein)[View]
51314213I had double jaw surgery on June 10th to fix my underbite, and I haven't eaten solid food since…[View]
51310526Is it ever appropriate to compliment a girl at the gym?[View]
51313562if I eat at a surplus 6 days but ate too much so eat at a deficit the 7th day. Is the 7th day a wast…[View]
51312433Lifting and dance: I wanna get into dance (any kind) as I think it'll be good for flexibility, …[View]
51311935Been /fit/ for 2 years and I'm slowly starting to lose my grip on this thing. I miss the taste …[View]
51314261I'm ordering accutane from a research chemical website Bros, what do I need to know? I am 26 an…[View]
51314276Which exercises would you recommend if I need to be able to run away from the cops with two briefcas…[View]
51313009I'm currently supplementing Vitamin D3 and Magnesium. Ordered Vitamin A and Zinc today (for acn…[View]
51313279squat failure: /fit/ I'm new to squatting and just failed my last rep with lmao2pl8. By the tim…[View]
51312828Where would you buy plates? The best I can find is 8 45lbs for $270. Cant I go to some steel worksho…[View]
51312017Smith machine?: So my gym doesn't have a squat rack and I cannot possibly lift my squat weight …[View]
51310629Weak facial hair thread: Photo is me. That's all the facial hair I have. That's a bit of a…[View]
51314341I've lost quite a bit of wait but i'm still fat as shit and I want to start exercising/gym…[View]
51309953Can I eat cherries? Or is it too much carbs?[View]
51313403What convinced you to get /fit/?: >be me >get apartment with roommate >Florida summer is ge…[View]
51314186Do you lose more fat during summer ? (burn more calories ?)[View]
51314288>you just gotta be more confident bro[View]
51311354>tfw you have to eat 2.17 lbs (pre cook weight) of chicken breast to get your protein in >Bake…[View]
51306817Cutting: So I went from 116kg(255lb) down to 91kg(200lb) in 4 months. I'm 1,78 (5'10). Sti…[View]
51311198Calisthenics routine: Dear strangers, My only gym equipment is a pullup bar. I would like to combin…[View]
51313042>check myself out in the gym >look good and big, muscles look defined, even like the look of …[View]
51314052How can sumo not be easier than conventional? Shorter rom, better leverages, start in a practically …[View]
51306788If your father hits you, at what age should you hit back? What do you do if you're smaller than…[View]
51314139Need help for dieting/gym: Reposting this because i'm a moron and lost my own thread. I used to…[View]
51309444I have done SS+GOMAD for 6 months, and i have started doing PPL now, is that a good idea?[View]
51314123Not listening to sermons while lifting ...seems like you don't want to make it in the Afterlife[View]
51312807How do i get an upper body like tiny? What's his routine?[View]
51314030What gym routine should i follow for losing weight and help develope muscles: I used to weigh 120kg(…[View]
51302601Is tanning /fit/ approved?[View]
51313301How to achieve BLACKED mode?: How to achieve this mode? I'm a colored man and noticed this seem…[View]
51313708A two hour bus ride for THIS?: Why /fit/‘s workout like 10 minutes long? Barely any reps![View]
51311555>bulk in the winter >cut in the summer[View]
51312212Have you taken the rawmeatpill yet, /fit/?[View]
51313188Post manlets getting btfo[View]
51307694Is his advice about lateral raises true? Instead of going up explosively you should go for half ur …[View]
51309691What is your heaviest lift?[View]
51313842>Got sunburnt on my back this Saturday. >Today was my first scheduled gym day since. >Do …[View]
51310784“I'm putting together a team. People with special abilities. See, I believe enemies are coming”[View]
51313066Can anyone give me a diet plan to lose 25 kg? I am 24% bodyfat.[View]
51308823What lifts should i do to forget the fact that i'll never be able to get laid when i'm 5…[View]
51312690I ate a rare steak last night and it gave me the most pleasing braps. Are pleasing braps a sign of a…[View]
51313680>Pig's blood curd is rich in riboflavin, vitamin C, protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, niac…[View]
51277657/fast/ Cold Water Edition: It's been almost three fucking days why hasn't anyone made a ne…[View]
513055174 months progress[View]
51312998Gonna need more PR-breaking albums to lift to: Help[View]
51312155>this faggot is more than 7 times faster than you (95mph) name one bigger mogging >b-but its f…[View]
51313626So what are some of the meals you eat during dirty bulk week? I like Chick fill a[View]
51301150Is my hair thinning? I just started a low carb diet and I’ve had no libido, lifts went down and my h…[View]
51311492How the fuck do i get enough calories to lean bulk? this calculator says i need 330 grams of protein…[View]
5131272131yo boomer here: is there a point in using tretinoin if already past 30?[View]
51302612>2019 >gymcelling instead of fraudmaxxxing ngmi…[View]
51313190What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
51310934Dry fasting for stretch marks ?: Any body here have experience with dry fasting away stretch marks ?…[View]
51313084>you should not do full body workouts[View]
51307316What would happen if I only drank beer for calories?[View]
51313335Brapper stories: >Drink my protein with milk >Eat eggs >Fart in kitchen after parents come…[View]
51312954how the fuck does clarence kennedy scale this wall when he's ~100kg?[View]
51311887Has anyone else had knock knees because of flat feet? Did you ever improve it or get rid of it? Just…[View]
51313276>He throws the weight after he's done lifting Why? Why do you pull the weights off the bar a…[View]
51313262Surprise motivation: Last set for the day on the leg press. 12x20kg plates. Five reps. I prepare mys…[View]
51309659>You better not be consumin no stereoids or other illicit substances white boy or your ass gonna …[View]
51312595So I got this home power rack with dip handles, also Olympic dumbbell bars, ez curl bar, an adjustab…[View]
51310255Do you need some free ebooks or trainng programs to help you make it? pic related. come on in[View]
51312782I know that standing up is healthier than sitting, but where does lying down lie on the spectrum? Is…[View]
51312966The PUMP: What does 'the pump' mean? Is it that temporary swole appearance fro a coupel hours after …[View]
51312136incels and /r9k/ kissless virgins, get out y'all are not gonna make it thats for sure[View]
51313150Delt aesthetics: This is gonna sound autistic but hear me out I noticed on old statues that the side…[View]
51313094Due to moving the nearest gym will be 40 minutes away. Tell me all about how you would supply a reas…[View]
51312404/fit/ books: Give books, /fit/ I only read lyle mcdonalds, mark rippletoe SS and greyskull LP, arnol…[View]
51311332What type of body does she have?: Do you think she's fat? Let me know what you think and rate h…[View]
51308441How long should you be in the gym?: I've been hearing that you should only be in the gym for 1 …[View]
51310628Is there a sane explanation to aging like this? I mean from a training and diet perspective She does…[View]
51311896Estonia/Finland/Russia Gyms: I will be going on holiday soon to Tallinn, Helsinki, St Petersburg and…[View]
51312950I've been going to the gym 'fulltime' so 3 times and then 4 times and now 5 times a week for 3 …[View]
51312877what does your daily meal prep look like /fit/[View]
51311245SL bruh moment: Is stronglifts a good way to become strong and gain muscle as a beginner? Some peopl…[View]
51312810>skip gym for 2 weeks cuz of flu >lifts drop by 10kg on squat, 5kg on ohp, 15kg on dl, 5kg on …[View]
51293425QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread I don't wanna ask /fast/ since I…[View]
51309362Dead shoulder: >bday of 28 >be playing beach volley >spike with the force of a thousand sun…[View]
51308831Go outside and get a tan. Your testosterone levels will thank you.[View]
51308833>be me >1.80m (inb4 manlet), 80kg >been training since November, lost 25kg since then Now I…[View]
51309682Daily reminder to train your neck. A thick strong neck not only adds points to your attractiveness, …[View]
51306956Has anyone considered badassmaxing and intimidationmaxing by purposely adding a scar to their face l…[View]
51309795rate my tan, /fit/[View]
51310290What to do about Leg Day: Hey lads, am somewhat of an oldfag and have been getting into lifting 4-5 …[View]
51310745How often should I deadlift?[View]
51300054WORMCHAD IS BACK: THE CHAMP IS HERE THE CHAMP IS HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5FsU_Xn7P4 TY…[View]
51311823Diet is falling into pieces. Jerked off today. Fuck I am a degenerate.[View]
51312284How to unfuck my cardio in a month or less? I ship to basic at the end of July and my running is fuc…[View]
51310067So apparently ration powder milk has 45 grams of protein per 100g, how come you havent taken the pow…[View]
51309622>do pure strength training or months >obviously get stronger as a result >switch to hypertr…[View]
51311880hey /fit how many calories do i need to gain muscle if i weigh 54kg (119lb) and am 180cm (5'11…[View]
51312221Remember that scene in Kung Fu Panda where Master Shifu incorporated food into Po's training to…[View]
51310693High carb ,fat or balanced?: In terms of energy at the gym, which diet is better? Or it really doesn…[View]
51311316Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51311747>started going to the gym 2 months ago >hit 55kg BP today (was 35kg before) >feel awesome …[View]
51309898Who else is eating raw spinach for dem gains? Its suprisingly tasty![View]
51310383/fit/ Cinema: what are movies/movie scenes that inspired you ?[View]
51311582Inspiration Thread: I would like to make a toast. Years ago I was alone in my room browsing 4chan al…[View]
51311311>just hit 137.5 kg squat here we go boys[View]
51311895>when you're 5 hours into your 8 hour arm workout and realize it's cookie time.…[View]
51310101Put your hand in the circle and try to make that ligament contract. What fucking specific motion do …[View]
51309911Can you use mewing to fix a hook nose? I was born with great facial genetics, perfect jaw, perfect t…[View]
51307641How to increase pain tolerance?: I've got a question about a different kind of fitness. You kno…[View]
51311091i think ive solved why men are so beta nowadays: recently found out that in farms they cut off the d…[View]
51306405Some fresh OC for y’all: Never thought I’d see it in the wild. There was no barbell on the rack.…[View]
51309241>'You gonna mire me all day, bro? Stop being a fag and hop in, anon' What do you do, /fit/…[View]
51298370>Excuse me sir, your Varbiebot is malfunctioning. She's been throwing donuts at the fatties …[View]
51311568>bulk in the summer >cut in the winter[View]
51311527Someday my time will come to an end and so will be yours. Every second that I spend working feels so…[View]
51311505Bloatlords with basic combat training can RUIN MULTIPLE twinks SIMULTANEOUSLY. Let this be your bloa…[View]
51304963Anabolic effect of ecdysterone strong enough to put it on the doping list: >carbs are ba- >Ecd…[View]
51304153what is a vegetarian meal that i can have everyday that is 1854 calories and high carb? I weigh 99kg…[View]
51304226>CrossFit This true?[View]
51305146So this is what normies call 'ripped'?[View]
51309932Gyno surgery: Hey /fit/ ive booked an appointment for the procedure next month. What to expect?…[View]
51311214Swimming at 3-6 AM: Anyone have experience with this? I wanna work on my cardio since I can't r…[View]
51311110What bodyweight exercises would you /fit/ include in your full-body workout? Secondly, what equipmen…[View]
51310535WHAT HAVE YOU DONE /fit/ ?!!!!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzEGrJQBqY2/[View]
51308532Are Rats the next Superfood?: One 300 g rat has 600 calories and 64 grams of protein in it. Rats are…[View]
51294462whats your favorite lifting shirt? Pic related[View]
51308058Home gym essentials: I hit pic related, ankle weights, resistance band kit, a makeshift dip belt and…[View]
51310377When did you realise that for steroids users saying they are natty is an inside joke for them? > …[View]
51310349>home gym >non-stop rancid farts >no one around to smell them Maybe having a home gym isn…[View]
51310451I somehow failed my cut I lost 5kg+ and I can only see the top row of my abs and basically no defin…[View]
51310244>we're going to make it, brehs What IF we're not going to make it, bros? This shit is i…[View]
51303744I didn't need that red pill: Since I became reasonably buff I realized that women are fucking a…[View]
51310114>tfw you wake up before the sun and you're there to greet him when he appears hope you have …[View]
51308881When people on here make threads complaining about diets why does everyone assume its a fatty all th…[View]
51310435Is it possible to still get Ephedrine in the UK Needs my ECA stack[View]
51308730Does /fit/ get waxed?[View]
5130598616 year old benched 405, natty?[View]
51304952Is sriracha haram if you're lean bulking/cutting?[View]
51306779That feel when it's impossible to get Ephedrine in UK these days. >No ECA >Fatty boom boo…[View]
51301529/fit/ BTFO[View]
51310599Does doing nothing but singles work if you aren't on copious amounts of drugs?[View]
51305781Have you all taken your cold shower today?[View]
51307860Explain what's going on with this person? How do you get like this[View]
51310534Motivational Thread: YouTube Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRgSkE3ObV4[View]
51308016how much money do you spend on food: for college students not on meal plan, how much money do you sp…[View]
51305354Should this be norm for /fit/ women?[View]
51309047Training Every Day for a Month: I've been thinking for a while, is training for a month straigh…[View]
51307969Whats your excuse for not putting something you fear of the most in your weight room, to give you th…[View]
51310219What's your opinion Fierce 5 dumbbell fullbody routine? Stopped going to the gym for a (big) wh…[View]
51309760ITT we post our insecurities/why Stopped lifting almost entirely for about 1.5-2 years. Definitely d…[View]
51306447>do two heavy compounds every day for a week at a time anyone tried this? i want a joocy deadlift…[View]
51310163anybody here having one quadriceps bigger than the other? Its hard to tell just by looking at them b…[View]
51308902/swim/: How long can you tread water?[View]
51300928/fph/ mogging edition: crossover thread faglets[View]
51307042how do inmates get so buff without supplements and get fed the same of a elementary school kid does[View]
51309833Have you heard about the gym for Mothers? They're all raising kids![View]
51309390why would you do that to yourself? what's wrong with women?[View]
51303899/DEENZ/: Just took the deenzpill, was tastier than I expected. Post your favorite ways to eat these …[View]
51308754Guys I just found out I have a thyroid problem. How long do I have to live?[View]
51309782Success Story for ya'll: >Go to Thailand for an exchange semester >Run out of money to do…[View]
51309219Swimming music: What's the best songs to swim to ? I live 100m away from the sea and decides do…[View]
51308357210lbs to 172 lbs... u mad brehs?[View]
51309147Did 3 days of Ivysaur's routine this week. I'm on my second rest day. Should I just do wee…[View]
51306081Why: Does anyone else get complimented on their gains left and right by your friends/aciantences but…[View]
51307238My social life is about to completely collapse, any tips? Basically all my friends since middle scho…[View]
51296643>that was a good workout brah >*tch* >*blubblubblub* >*inhales* >you want a hit?…[View]
51309570Badlet here. Those taking fin (aka a DHT inhibitor) kill my gains? Am I losing free test or somethin…[View]
51294337SSSSSATURDAY NIGHT FEELS THREAD How are you, Anon? Made any gains yesterday or today? Talked to a gi…[View]
51305701Post pump is better then sex: If you got that post pump pic drop if not then what are you doing with…[View]
51303977>You need to lift to look g-[View]
51309310LGTSS >/r/fitness >roiding for this[View]
51300499meditation Does it work?[View]
51305171How much do I have to lift to get rid of the femdom fantasies?[View]
51309092>told my boss I like going to the gym >he has no concept of weight training so he only asks me…[View]
51307738>rice >chicken Name a better post workout meal Go ahead. I'll wait…[View]
51309108Is there any real determent of figuring out my food requirements per week rather than per day,having…[View]
51309072Anyone use one of these? The data nerd in me would love to see my progress mainly in my heart rate a…[View]
51308998Why do my friends shit on my body, (birthing hips). Two months of lifting. Asking how will I look in…[View]
51297386>fell for the squat meme[View]
51308973Would you trade your current life to be Arnold at age 18? The catch is that you are guaranteed to di…[View]
51298537>nurse, $75k a year >189lb 5’6” — goal 152lb >day 31 of diet so far have lost 13 lbs. Wi…[View]
51309000>body can't keeo up with how much activity I want to do god damn piece of shit…[View]
51308684Post your fitspiration pics to keep yourselves motivated[View]
51307145Depression hitting hard... i need to ditch my phone.... i feel my brain melting.... i just want to r…[View]
51308923>local gymthot is using the only bech of the gym to do some meme crossfit exercise What should I …[View]
51308667Does skinny forearms = bad forearm genetics? I see so many guys with big biceps/triceps but their fo…[View]
51308577How do i get more willpower to do or keep doing something?[View]
51308224/devilish/: >get sick >miss a few days from the gym because of it >go to the gym while stil…[View]
51308748Do girls on average have narrower shoulders than men the same height as them?[View]
51308349Sumo deadlift is obviously easier than conventional. Better leverages, shorter rom. Its really simpl…[View]
51307004Help boys need a stroke post to reply to her? Also favourite type of type of eyelid exercise to keep…[View]
51308115How far can a beginner get with a pair of 24kg adjustable dumbbells and a pullup bar, nothing else?[View]
51308004/fit/ hairstyles: What type of hairstyle do you have, brahs? I had a skin fade buzzcut but grew out …[View]
51308407Why do women approach men in the gym? Shouldn't guys be the one to approach? Why do women follo…[View]
51307721OH NO NO NO NO NO NO >there are people on this board, RIGHT NOW, that are doing this because they…[View]
51307921Do I really need to buy a gym membership to get /fit/?[View]
51308435What lifts must I add to my bicep day routine to get guns like the DoomSlayer’s besides curls and ch…[View]
51306469SkinRunner General / Bright Bright Moonlight /: Well lads, looks like its going to be clear skies an…[View]
51306661Just under six month progress. Started dieting mid January. My goal is 160 and then decide if I need…[View]
5130698715 year old cleans 195kg/430lb: 15 year old Morgan McCullough cleans 195kg/430lb and almost makes th…[View]
51307867>he doesn’t enjoy pizza and chocolate milk after a workout Think you’re too old or something bru…[View]
51308219So /fit/ I need to know if this progression is normal or not. >lifting for about a year now >m…[View]
51306311When can we expect a /lookmaxx/ general?[View]
51306700listening to porn sounds while lifting? brehs have any experience? tried it today n saw an increase …[View]
51306347Had a rough day. Can someone post CrossFit webms to make me laugh?[View]
51303921I just bought a large bag of this. What can i expect?[View]
51303751Is it possible to reduce chest size through...anything that isn't surgery? The rest of my body …[View]
51307961Motivation Tread: Tomorrow Is Monday Edition >post what keeps you going, anon. Quotes, manga pane…[View]
51307810>haven't had food all day >drunk as fuck off beers >still below TDEE and losing weight…[View]
51306881Rate my face shape. I have about 45 lbs to lose but once I do will I look decent? I think my jawline…[View]
51303855manual laborers get in here: any construction fags here? im gonna start working next month very like…[View]
51306997no fap general: who else no fap? I was up to like 60 days but was afraid equipment was getting rusty…[View]
51307485How far can Greyskull take me?: I seem to notice more gains in size and strength on Greyskull as opp…[View]
51307573Y are niggers so obnoxious at the gym?[View]
51300904What boomer mode is this and how do you achieve it?[View]
51306014Post your /fit/ day routine and rate other fitizens' time management. >Wake up 0500 >Car…[View]
51307314What's with boomers thinking they are muscular? even though they're built like ronald mcd…[View]
51303448how do i avoid Anklet Syndrome, /fit/?[View]
51304365Redpill me on Crossfit. I have never done it and do not plan to, I just hear a lot of people talking…[View]
51306011redpill me on tretinoin please[View]
51306063Is life better in-shape, sober, and avoiding friends, or out-of-shape, drunk, and full of socializin…[View]
51304566/fit/ approved Youtubers. Recommend me someone to watch[View]
51305926Rucksack for training: What pack would be good for ruck march training? I want one that will be able…[View]
51306944>why yes I warm up before doing my max, how did you know?[View]
51307576ITT shit fatsos say: >i'm doing keto >running destroys your knees >cardio kills gains …[View]
51298074anyone else bulking through summer?[View]
51307416I'd tell anyone: I'd tell anyone to eat shit Absolutely anyone Do you know? Your friends, …[View]
51306711What's the best way to reset circadian rythm? Also is it true that 95% of gains happen during s…[View]
51307410hey /fit/, i need some advice there are only three things that can really cheer me up when im feelin…[View]
51288338Post your height and how many calories you eat a day. I want to get an idea of how much you guys are…[View]
51307271this is the Highlights from the first National Chair Fighting Championship https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
51306995>been blasting and crusing for a while now >highest magnitude on Promthease DNA report was for…[View]
51307119Breakfastttt: Any idea for breakfast on diet? I fucking love eggs, I usually eat them with some vege…[View]
51306492How does one acquire this physique?[View]
51307228BUT YOU DREAM /FIT/[View]
51306814Cut or bulk? Should I focus on weight lifting or fasting?[View]
51304977have you guys been doing your neck curls?[View]
51307147How do I stave away the pain on days I don’t lift[View]
51303372>stalling on lifts >eat more >gain a bunch of fat >eat less >stall harder and feel ev…[View]
51302122Not sure how the fuck should i do cardio? Bike? Run? Swimming? I need the best and most time effici…[View]
51305321>girl at chipotle gave me 3 scoops of chicken >didn't even charge me for it feels good br…[View]
51304147I don't know whats wrong with me but over the past 5-7 years i've slowly started developin…[View]
51305765I have my dad measure me with a tape measure and a level. Could I be shrinking? At the doctors offic…[View]
51302792Who else became a God after going carnivore?: This shit changed my life. I've reversed all heal…[View]
51306644How do you spend your off time outside of the gym? I've been watching nature documentaries and …[View]
51303857Is Alan Thrall natty or not?[View]
51306225What do you eat after a workout?: I eat pic related for mad gains[View]
51305205How do I find time to get /fit/? My routine is: >Wake up 5:30AM >Go to Work 6:30AM >Finish…[View]
51303746>Can only bench 140lbs 1 rep max What the fuck do i do to increase my bench? I do PPL, eat as muc…[View]
51298777Take the fast food OMAD pill: I'm here to shill the comfiest diet you've ever tried, becau…[View]
51305745Am I gonna make it: First month going to the gym, am I gonna make it? Also, was I born with shoulde…[View]
51306235Public Service Announcement: if you dont lift at least 1/2/3/4 for 5 reps DON'T FUCKING POST. …[View]
51304355Seriously, the bullying against average height members of this community is getting way out of hand,…[View]
51304218Be straight with me /fit/, is a low carb diet a meme or does it really not matter when trying to los…[View]
51303929Getting Back Into Lifting: >gf of 1.5 years broke up with me out of the blue >all my friends a…[View]
51306521If I keep lifting the same weight and continue to eat a lot will I still get big? Is there any reaso…[View]
51306529DVD's for olympic barbell lifting: I love workouts where I can follow along to a DVD like Body …[View]
51305713Eating high protein: How do you prevent stomach pain and diarrhea?[View]
51306355How fucked am I, boys?[View]
51305637ITT: food that fatties/normies obsess over, but that you would never eat cause you’re /fit/ I’ll sta…[View]
51306317Is crossfit really that bad[View]
51300400Why is incline more alpha than flat? I did 205 today on incline and it didn't feel retarded lik…[View]
51306293I hate mesomorphs[View]
51304307Increasing veiny appearance: How do I increase the visibility of veins? I already have a fairly low …[View]
51305055Prostate health PSA: Daily reminder to ejaculate atleast once every day to prevent prostate cancer…[View]
51304600Is it possible to look anything like this as a natty?[View]
51305662What exercises can I do together with my transgender girlfriend?[View]
51306060HAIRLINE HEALTH THREAD: ITT: Anons concerned about hairline post in here for others to rate if they …[View]
51305739Do I have lovely teeth for an Aussie?[View]
51303498>average person sits down for at LEAST 8 hours a day for 365 days a year How the fuck are you sup…[View]
51305435Kinda Stalled: 5'9', 174lbs. I've been taking a boxing/kickboxing/wrestling class, but pul…[View]
51304839So /fit/, I went to the beach for the first time in two years, and what the fuck? I do not remember …[View]
51300822>muh carbs[View]
51303763Who here wants to get big? Im 5'8 150 lbs. Aiming for 170lbs.[View]
51291511ITT: post your krpytonite[View]
51292458/fat/ -Lonely Road Edition 29: Who is /fat/ for? For fatbros who want to better themselves through m…[View]
51304579Creatine. You’ve been warned[View]
51296129/plg/ powerlifting general: End of the forced copy paste OP with the forced cringed acronyms edition…[View]
51305458Some crazy cracked out schizo just challenged me to fight him for money and I backed down. How do I …[View]
51305506aight bois im calling it quits, some people just cant get any stronger its built in there genetics t…[View]
51305106Powerlifting is boring as fuck: I started powerlifting straight away 6 years ago when i hit gym. Man…[View]
51305536Cod liver: So this is very healthy?[View]
51305476Why do people bother with other exercises when deadlifts already do everything?[View]
51301848Guys..I just ate an entire bucket of honey (got it from grandma) ...will i be fine?[View]
51305484>injure myself >take a break from lifting for a month, just go cardio and a few cable machines…[View]
51305272i only want a big chest: I dont care about the size of any other muscle group should i still do a PP…[View]
51303410I'm trying to sleep on my back without a pillow to fix posture. Is it normal that my upper back…[View]
51299363Started using sauna after swimming everyday, googled and women's magazine tier articles everywh…[View]
51305004if you have an intense leg work out, you take a day off and then your legs are still very sore the s…[View]
51305448My boomer in laws have jumped on this “lectin-free” garbage after my mother-in-law’s brother claims …[View]
51279010Women should not workout and just keep a soft plump body instead.[View]
51303478ITT: describe your gym. I’ll start >Relatively small, local YMCA >About 1/3 Asian, 1/3 Indian,…[View]
51300785what do you have for breakfast: >be me >on low-fat medium-carb high-protein diet >have oatm…[View]
51298368If stretch really is a meme then why did people do it for so long?[View]
51299872i'm a bit overweight and want to get in shape. do I just cut all sugar and start a protein and …[View]
51304837Hello, this is my first time posting here. I just want to know what the first steps should be in wei…[View]
51305135When you post your height, are you supposed to be measuring from eye level or forehead?[View]
51302896help with stronglifts: What exercises should I add to the Stronglift programme? Im thinking of somet…[View]
51302980Lifting is unironically the most enjoyable thing i do anymore. I started off doing 3 days a week to …[View]
51296925How do I get rid of dark circles and eye bags I'd have great hunter eyes without them[View]
51303798lack of motivation after a break up: >egirl has a crush on me, decide to edate (i know) >proc…[View]
51302130Why everyone drink dairy? They literally pump cows full of estrogen so they produce more milk. This …[View]
51301809Face routine for this aesthetic?[View]
51303302Arched back benchpress thread: Looking for pictures of exageratedly arched backs while doing bench p…[View]
51303705if i take ''the black pill'' as you like to call it, do i have to fully commit t…[View]
51304013how to overcome social anxiety? I just want to go the gym and lift ffs.... It's 10mins away, 5 …[View]
51302467How long would it take to achieve this naturally?[View]
51304191Girls hate this simple trick ?!: Yo I was in the swimming pool an made some excercices and I throw u…[View]
51298544Never take a rest day again.[View]
51297749Why does he hate running?[View]
51303084I am 5'7 giant and i weight 156 lbs. Bodyfat is around 15. I don't go to gym. Should i dro…[View]
51301510Is overcoming the addiction to bingeing the same as nofap?[View]
51300647how do you balance getting stronger with improving yourself in other ways /fit/?[View]
51297751>I'm putting together a team.[View]
51303434Knees hurting after squat: My knees hurt after air squatting but not with weight. Maybe it's th…[View]
51300050Shit normies and DYELs say that pisses you off Also bro/pseudo science thread >I am doing sit ups…[View]
51300894Post your Arms /fit/: Post your arms and rate/bully others[View]
51304205Is ok if i do cardio 2 times a day 2-3h of bike? Im eating 1200 kcal i want to cut fast Will i lose …[View]
51304533You cannot refute this. Programming is a joke.[View]
51304631I've read some reviews on gold standard extreme milk chocolate flavor and people say they chang…[View]
51302672Protein bars: What protein bars do you eat /fit/?[View]
51303018do you guys have a physical hobby outside of the gym? I just started skating and it's honestly …[View]
51291352Jeff Nippard is following Pierce Brosnan teachings.[View]
51304285what’s the best way to get rid of stomach fat?[View]
51304594Good resistance band strength workouts: The band I have is decent, I just want some strength shit to…[View]
51304518brapper genetics: how likely is it to get a nice brapper like stpeach without her godlike genetics? …[View]
51303631bulking for retards: How the fuck do you guys resist the urge to just skip pizza or a milkshake afte…[View]
51304413underrated staple foods: hidden gem type foods i'll go first; beef liver, shirataki noodles, al…[View]
51304455>tfw no bros to hit the summer beach for some wrestling with[View]
51304266How does it feel, knowing these 3 twinks mog you to death and fuck way more girls than you?[View]
51303145cutting for retards: How the fuck do you guys resist the urge to face a pizza or a milkshake after a…[View]
51301359I miss him bros...[View]
51296079>puffy nipples just end it already, my pecs will never look good[View]
51303835Whats a good routine for someone going back to the gym after 1 year skip? Should I follow Reddit…[View]
51304210How many calories should I eat a day to lose weight? Will lifting weights and eating a certain amoun…[View]
51303954Do I look like I lift?[View]
51298562How do I achieve Garou Mode?[View]
51302523Anyone has that picture with the bodyweight calisthenics type workout routine? Can't find it an…[View]
51301587>sit down with a bag of dried prunes >only gonna eat a handful >end up eating the whole 650…[View]
51302432Has /fit/ taken the Water Buffalo pill yet ?[View]
51300892Will I manage to beat the odds and lift my way into happiness? (reminder: it's 2019, and we…[View]
51302368Why can other animals get away with higher bf% but femoids of the human race only want 6% bf men?[View]
51303546No matter what i do i can't get up before noon! Hell, I'm lucky if i can even get up at no…[View]
51298103Minimalist RPT training: Do people really see results from minimalist RPT training as prescribed by …[View]
51302862>fortune cookie tells you to be a beta What do bros?[View]
51303862Does any 'fit' chad watch WWE/F for motivation? (Not meaning the steroids) If not, what i…[View]
51301776Anger: How do I stop getting angry all the time? Whenever someone isn’t talking to me respectfully o…[View]
51302199Is this legit ?: Ive been doing judo 3 times a week along with phulb split , i recently found this v…[View]
51303507How Do Can I Eat These Without Ripping Ass?: looking for a cheap food to bulk on. I've tried so…[View]
51303210Fine Hair Cope: What's a good way to thicken your hair? My hair has been fine my whole life but…[View]
51301760redpill me on creatine how much should I take and when during the day?[View]
51304080find yourself a lady that you you like as much right after you nut as you do right before[View]
51303421Inspiration general: I have a cold. Im sick. But gonna go to the gym. If i cant make gains no one ca…[View]
51303396Peel-Off Thread: When was the last time you guys had to force a peel off in the gym? How did it go?…[View]
51290760Me again: Hi guys I’m back and I’m just here to say that I’m going to stay no matter what you all sa…[View]
51294739Prove your an old fag I'll begin[View]
51300355Please help: I have lost a lot of weight and i still have fat on me and my belly is hanging (not by …[View]
51302710How do i not fuck up a bulk and not get fat again: For the past 6 months I've been losing weigh…[View]
51302005Why do the Japanese have the highest life expectacy?[View]
51303219It's time /fit/: /fit/ bros i finally made up my mind for taking up the gym. Post best excercis…[View]
51302899Gyms in China: So I will be moving in a couple of months to China from Europe. Concretely, to Guangz…[View]
51300421Do you lift in the morning or at night?: And which is better to do anons?[View]
51303227I’m a shut-in NEET that wants to start exercising, is a 30 minute walk a day good enough? I just wan…[View]
51303277Broke scaphoid, arm vascularity gone: So a few years ago I broke my schaphoid skiing and got a cast.…[View]
51299024>carbs are good[View]
51302144How do I keep my gym bag from smelling real bad? I work out before I go to my job, so my sweaty clot…[View]
51303214what time/days are the most based for gymwhootycakes? protip not sundays its a sausagefest[View]
51302829How big do I have to be for people to leave me the fuck alone?[View]
51301722How does my hairline look? My friends and family have said it looks like it’s thinning since I’ve st…[View]
51302261I'm 5'9,75 and 240 lbs how can i lose weight without having stretch marks all over my body[View]
51302105just bought this: did i fuck up?[View]
51303039>PUHO >PTBD[View]
51295697Are there anyways to temporarily increase your stamina[View]
51302976How big are your testicles, /fit/? I can't find any real life references to compare my balls to…[View]
51301072Hello 4channel. Com fitness board I'm getting my total test and free test checked on tuesday, w…[View]
51300704Is it really that bad for your skin?: I am beyond white and need to get a base coat for a beach trip…[View]
51302031What mode is this? How do you rate his numbers and physique?[View]
51302027Hey guys. Dunno much about this board, but I decided I'd post about an issue I'd been havi…[View]
51301758GNC dumpster diving: Have any of you screwballs tried it, dinotendies did and he got a shitload of c…[View]
51302933Does anyone here like hike with a weighted backpack? I've been taking a hike almost everyday an…[View]
51302001ITT:: what if do bicep curls like this[View]
51302701So im 28 now trying to get back into shape, and build a better life. Sometimes it just seems like it…[View]
51302250I'm back brothers I've been gone too long... I got /fit/ back in 2014/15 found a nice 8/10…[View]
51297700Dark circles: Any way to fix these after being practically nocturnal for the better part of a decade…[View]
51300270CBT for ketochads only, pic related is me 4 years into the keto diet. I lost 10 lbs. total and it me…[View]
51302733hows your bitcoin doing anon ... y-you did buy some right?[View]
51302715>mfw kicked out the gym again: Fuck sometimes my workout high just gets too much and now i'm…[View]
51301566is the angion method a meme?[View]
51302166How can I be a Real Ass Dudes?[View]
51302729>He's been progressing on all his lifts this week ? >Don't worry, I'll stop him…[View]
51302546Does /fit/ use alarm clocks? I thought they fucked your sleep. I have only used them as a last resor…[View]
51301427What’s your go to source of protein? For me it’s trout[View]
51298583Time to shill: Not really my work but I mixed Goggins and retrowave tracks together. They fit surpri…[View]
51302626>he can't unstake a Honda axle nut with only a 1 foot breaker bar Fucking dyel?…[View]
51300847>no thots at the gym today[View]
51301489Best vegetables in /fit/'s opinion[View]
51302423Pull-ups: Thoughts on this training plan? http://www.50pullups.com/ There's so much rest days, …[View]
51300941Thicc Legs Underwear: Anyone here have an answer to the underwear question? My thighs get abnormal l…[View]
51301851Why weren't you able to deadlift 405, squat 365, press 150, and run 5 miles after 6 months of t…[View]
51300494What would /fit/ have on their tray?[View]
51302329CARDIO DAY FAGGOTs Don't tell me you're one of those loser who do nothing on rest days. W…[View]
51302285Is this a good plan?: https://www.aworkoutroutine.com/the-muscle-building-workout-routine/…[View]
51302203>have a small chicken wrap for breakfast >some halo top in the afternoon >a quest bar after…[View]
51297066Missed meal: I slept through a meal today. Now I'm at work and I'm gonna dirty bulk at McD…[View]
51295769Lets see those RHRs lads. You arent heartlets, are you?[View]
51300189What are you guys doing today? I broke my arm just when I started working out so now the only thing …[View]
51296145So here's my predicament >be 19 >just moved out of parents house >moved in with friend…[View]
51295393What are you afraid of, Anon? Go ahead and hop on![View]
51299098How do i get BIG like this? Not shredded, not aesthetic, not dyel fat But how do i get this sort of …[View]
51302126Keto is the antithesis of veganism, and youre either vegans or against them >b-but the carnivore …[View]
51301844Im sick with a fever what do?[View]
51301498Does this kill your gains?: How does it affect your ability to work and recover?[View]
51302014redpill me on yoga. Is it really that good for posture?[View]
51301945How do you guys diet as a bodybuilder, when you still live at home with ur parents? they cook the ma…[View]
51301238What type of training for this body? Achievable natty? What programs? What frequency?[View]
51301873>wake at 6 >raw eggs, oysters, goat milk, Mennonite cheese >diarrhea from yesterday >wal…[View]
51299506Looksmaxers BTFO[View]
51293339How is your weekend so far, /fit/? You did go to the gym today, right?[View]
51300446Macho Man: Actually listened to the lyrics of Macho Man by the Village People. Being a macho Man sou…[View]
51298996WOW! THIS GUY IS HUGE![View]
51301947Be honest: How many of you are on that vitamin P?[View]
51301863>tfw no thots at the gym today[View]
51301548>that post-gym cigarette[View]
51297539Best Protein Powder?: Post 'Em[View]
51290859What's the most disgusting thing you've done post workout?: >be me >just got done wo…[View]
51300561How the fuck can this guy eat a jar of year old rotten meat and not get sick, but just the smell of …[View]
51301259How do I work out if I hate working out? It hurts and is painful and boring. There is nothing fun or…[View]
51301066Am I balding? I started the keto diet a month ago and people have been commenting on my hairline.[View]
51301511Am I balding? I just turned 20 y/o[View]
51301190Anyone here used to be aesthetic when they were 21 but let themselves go and get fat?: Looking back …[View]
51301549mogging thread manlet edition[View]
51301112I just want to give up /fit/ Ive been lifting for seven months and only dropped thirty five pounds. …[View]
51299623>start taking zinc >constantly horny & farting now thanks, /fit/…[View]
51300272post workout and anons will rate: >Monday Pic related A >Tuesday 100 situps 100 pushups >W…[View]
51300363Yo what should i do if my legs are growing bigger and stronger than the rest of my bod? I started li…[View]
51293338hook grip: will hook grip prevent your grip strength from developing? i've been using it becaus…[View]
51297726Is jerking off part of the cause towards depression?[View]
51285418Pro runner: Hi fit, professional runner here! Ask me anything![View]
51299969Why are steroids illegal?: Even the government is trying to stop our gains bros.[View]
51300418How close am i to a rock climber's physique? Do I need to bulk more or just stay this weight a…[View]
51301220What exercises can't you do in your mid 50's? My dad agreed to start going to the gym for …[View]
51301198Hey anons, I don’t know a ton about working out but more than the average person, but today I did a …[View]
51290525Name a bodybuilder/fitness guru and the other anon says their best and worst advice: I'll start…[View]
51301219Anyone /medical gains goblin/ here? >tfw self diagnosed IBS >WebMD says to avoid high protein …[View]
51300895Wow, mogged hard.[View]
51301091I find running a little awkward. Cant I just take really long walks instead?[View]
51293612Does /fit/ still venerate Zyzz or is it pure summer in here?[View]
51301157I REALLY want to cut fast, im eating 1200 kcal atm and this morning i already did 3 hours of hard bi…[View]
51300407Fellow lanklets it's time for an manlet appreciation thread.Share awesome stories about your ma…[View]
51299659Injury Thread: Thread to share and discuss injuries that’re keeping you out of the gym and to help p…[View]
51295785Is the soy thing a meme ?: So I've done minor research and think its not as harmful as some peo…[View]
51300571>carbs are fine in moderation[View]
51300823Focus on broad shoulders. Low body fat (slim) + broad shoulders is the key. After that, the bigger t…[View]
51299728I like to drink a coke zero once per week, is this gonna harm me?[View]
51299489>male nurse >crossfitter >vegan >boulder/climbing Guess my personality…[View]
51297157hello i would like to share my pictures :^v one day i will be strong[View]
51298990ssri medication and muscle loss: its fucking over, i was forced to take viibryd or be committed to a…[View]
51297154>carbs are bad[View]
51300226How long did it take you to be entirely happy with your form?: The more I lift the more I feel like …[View]
51296656Bros???: No fap for 3 days now but I had sex twice in the last day. I'm just noticing that my s…[View]
51299939Anon, why are you complaining about being a 'hard gainer' if you're not even doing your weekly …[View]
51289466>cbt threads are basically high est threads for women[View]
51300515What workouts do I do to achieve this look?[View]
51297295>he is not drinking four of these a day It's like people don't want to make it on here…[View]
51300556What a perfect microcosm of /fit[View]
51298467what's the /fit/ consensus on intermittent fasting, whether it be 16:8, 20:4? Can I still buil…[View]
51292011What's the best oil to cook with? I've been told olive oil is the best choice[View]
51297297Save him: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LpcWl5ksSBw How would you train this kid?[View]
51300281>77 calories >16g protein >1g fat Why aren’t you catching crawfish?…[View]
51299114>drinks milk[View]
51293821Ben johnson with this body benched 440 lbs some days before he ran a 9.79(world record) 100 meters d…[View]
51297594How do you suggest lifting in reps of how many sets per each ?[View]
51299439to all the former fatties on here, did you find a way to remove or atleast conceal the striations an…[View]
51289460DEFINITIVE PROOF THAT FAPPING REDUCES TESTOSTERONE: Ring finger size is the most accurate marker for…[View]
51299147Is salt even necessary for health? I'm cutting it all out and I feel fine, maybe even better.[View]
51289229Gut Health General: What can we do to improve our gut and reduce inflammation? >clean diet; no re…[View]
51299322redpill me on cooking oils which ones are trash and which ones are actually good?[View]
51295011Sup lads. Just stepped in the building with my back looking like an upside down triangle. Havent don…[View]
51296040>Aye white boy! Tell me your biggest /fit/ness inspiration right fucking now before I pop a cap i…[View]
51299810Diets throughout history: Who were the most aesthetic looking groups of men throughout history and w…[View]
51300029Im a angry skeleton, how do i make it? How do i become like this photoshopped guy?[View]
51300188Training for a Month Straight: I've been thinking for a while, is training for a month straight…[View]
51297064Obesity is genetic.[View]
51299538Is this look achievable natty?[View]
51299592What's the most complete routine I can do with olympic dumbbells and only olympic dumbbells? Lo…[View]
51299745Protein ice cream pints: What’s the deal with these things popping up out of nowhere? Their macros a…[View]
51294564probiotics are legit Over the years I've tried pretty much everything for my depression and anx…[View]
51300085how do i improve my sexual mental health? ive quit porn but it seems to only be part of the problem …[View]
51296272I am fucking done with you faggot ass shits telling everyone to avoid the sun because 'it'll ag…[View]
51299453Overtraining: What is it? Arnie told me to get four hours at the gym daily[View]
51293750What lifts will help you in a fight?[View]
51299724any tips on how to get a pissening physique?[View]
51298398Fucking roastie keeps singing on the treadmill. I’ve seen her several times now. I told her to stop …[View]
51292365>eat 500cals a day >still not losing weight…[View]
51299816if you have to ask, he aint natty, simple as that would be nice if the 'is XY natty? / is this achie…[View]
51295065is a foam roller actually needed? is it worth it to buy one? shill pill me on this one /fit/[View]
51286091Can weightlifting give you the prettyboy face that girls dream of kissing?[View]
51298325HES BACK!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5FsU_Xn7P4[View]
51297859INGUINAL HERNIA: I need to confirm with a doctor but I really think I've gotten an inguinal her…[View]
51298521So, what's the verdict?[View]
51297810How the fuck do you get enough calories to lean bulk? It's impossible unless you are a fattie.[View]
51299083JELQing: Any good experiences with JELQing /fit/? any good routines/programs?[View]
51294329Will just doing basic compound lifts fix my injured body? I have a shoulder impingement and my pelvi…[View]
51299358Brothers of gymwatch, enlightement has come. Not having sex is better for you. It is an excess cardi…[View]
51299313Mold Exposure: Hey /fit/ bros, what's your experience with mold? I found out I was allergic to …[View]
51297923Does lifting make you grow good facial hair?[View]
51297832>Get festival thot on shoulders >Squat 5 reps >Ask her weight >She gets pissed and wal…[View]
51300748>tfw no C U T E and P U R E gf ;_;[View]
51297671Low body fat meals: What are your low BF / cutting meals? I do light calisthenics and overall fuckin…[View]
51298355Why does every boomer have this build[View]
51297607Added a new addition to my weight room, something to keep me concentrated on the weights. Fear.[View]
51293575I may be getting uglier overall but at least my hair is better than ever dermarolling for 3 months i…[View]
51298790ITT: /fit/ Kino.[View]
51298948This forum is sheit becuase you cant stalk your body-idols because they are anonymous here.[View]
51298408Am 6'1 and 138lbs: I am not anorexic, because I'm not trying to lose weight; If anything I…[View]
51296775Is a vegan diet the key to a perfect body? I want to look like lily collins. pic related.[View]
51292311Stop watching porn.: We know the truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnMAh-0wmhg[View]
51298282Everyone says i look too skinny and that i need to eat more but i dont feel lean enough to stop cutt…[View]
51298788Penis: So I’m a 20 year old with a pretty skinny ass penis. I also happen to be 6’2 and only weigh l…[View]
51276595/fph/ & /fps/: Old one reached bump limit.[View]
51295349Any swimmers here? I am just getting back into swimming on the first day 500m in 10 laps almost kill…[View]
51296297>Buying 50 kilo of weights tomorrow >No car and its 20 Minute walk from Mein Haus What's …[View]
51295932I need your guys help. I've gotten some passing comments about my scalp and it looks like it…[View]
51298022I'm a skelly like pic related, should i be benching? I'm afraid people with laugh at me in…[View]
51298598>did 390 lbs squat for 3 reps just over two weeks ago >did 358 lbs for 5x3 a while later >t…[View]
51293890Anyone here ever tried an Athlean-X program?[View]
51295435Pro-Bro tier tip; Have trouble pissing after fucking and your dick is rock hard and you have to wait…[View]
51294040You guys told me at 5'10 1/2 I had to be 220 to look good. This dude is 155. Fuck you.[View]
51296540what bodyfat % am I at? tried using online calculators but got wildly different results[View]
51297940Is there any app or device that you guys use that accurately tracks steps. I have one on my phone no…[View]
51295499What exercises can I do with my dog besides tug of war for strength and fetch for cardio?[View]
51297075I'm a novice at squatting. Is it better to train with the bar or with dumbbells or does it make…[View]
51298388Reminder that looksim isn’t fitness related and to shut the fuck up and lift[View]
51290684I really started looking at people starting a few weeks ago and noticed how out of shape adults seem…[View]
51293568Around what body fat percentage would you guess I am[View]
51295105>Keep binging once a week on my cut halting any progress HOLY FUCK MAKE IT STOP, I JUST WANT TO B…[View]
51296112the tip of my penis keeps hitting the ground when i do push ups anyone else here no underpants?[View]
51297173Daily reminder that we're all gonna make it, remember to eat enough, train a lot and sleep plen…[View]
51298121GOMAD: >Doing GOMAD >struggling to finish whole jug every day without throwing up. >Have de…[View]
51297222Isn't bloodletting the best solution for high blood pressure?[View]
51298133OH NO NO NO NO[View]
51297720PROTEIN: Bulk nutrients - cheaper than most, hit or shit? Also isolate vs concentrate? does it matte…[View]
51297611What's a good routine for beginners where you work out like 5 or more days a week? SS, 5x5 and …[View]
51295213If any anon got on test for low T, did you find you stopped liking >gossip sites >romance sto…[View]
51297783Diet plans for quick weight loss?: im just trying to lose weight over the summer any diet would help…[View]
51295228>tfw caught a cold from the nasty gym Thank you that guy who smells like cum…[View]
51297766Is Connor Murphy natty?[View]
51295999>make sure diet is good, consistent, clean. Eat plenty of good food and put effort into accurate …[View]
51293432What's the tastiest protein powder you tasted?[View]
51297816At 6'3 am i tall enough to just be able to go strongfat? I just want to eat whatever and lift h…[View]
51297128Has anyone tried DNP for fat loss?: I've heard some celebrities use it to quickly burn fat (1.5…[View]
51297806be me me be >buzz buzz pic related[View]
51297263If you could only take one supplument for the rest of your life, what would it be ? I'd take vi…[View]
51297482>be in the lower normal BMI range >get memed into cardio by my friends, family and doctor >…[View]
51290631>tfw fell for the cardio is bad for fat loss meme I just burned 400 calories in 20 minutes, felt …[View]
51296777Grappling Arms: Are my arms too big for grappling? Heard it’s a giant disadvantage athletically to h…[View]
51296125What do you think of this?: I'm doing ppl 6 times a week currently, what do you think of doing …[View]
51292780fellow white athletes, how do you cope with your genetic inferiority?: some african populations inna…[View]
51297149If you had 2 exercises to work your abs aside from compound lifts what would they be?[View]
51293794>Imagine working this hard and still looking like shit.[View]
51291245>why yes I get workout routine from /fit/, how can you tell?[View]
51297198Alright so since drinking out of a plastic bottle is a no-go, what do you guys use for your protein …[View]
51295979Finally started doing creatine what to expect ? im 5 feet 11 176 lbs LEAN mass[View]
51297344>Tricep pushdowns? My favorite![View]
51295605SS of bodyweight training?: >Live in rich as fuck suburb full of trophy wives and execs >Gradu…[View]
51296237Routine?: What were these old guy's routine? Skip to 1:35 https://youtu.be/qvmYjL8P82o How com…[View]
51296154ARE YOU DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yD6Vid6O8[View]
51295949Is boxing /fit/?[View]
51297221>look up your local gym on the internet >google shows location on map and opinions >couple …[View]
51296097>You came to get revenge, Tank-Top Vegetarian?[View]
51295005Is this a decent bodyweight workout?: Making a simple bodyweight plan for those without access to we…[View]
51295369>tfw missed out on easy gains and fast recovery by working out as a teenager…[View]
51297146whats your opinion on colon cleans regimens? are they beneficial to take once in a while, or are peo…[View]
51293987Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51296697Is it the best abs exercise?[View]
51296758Training a MILF, need help with routine/nutirition: Okay so I'm meant to start training my frie…[View]
51295209Besides heavy chinups and curls what else do I need to do to get arms like this?[View]
51296736What can I do for doms? Just got back into lifting 3 days ago and I'm experiencing doms in ever…[View]
51295297My forearms are bigger and more impressive than my biceps wat do?[View]
51296102>he doesn’t chew gum rip your jaw gains lmfao[View]
51296008Will jogging 8km every other day be bad for my lifts? I need to travel between my 2 houses at least …[View]
51296241Beginner Goals: I'm looking to turn my situation around but I don't want to overwhelm myse…[View]
51295580>tfw gym bard twink stole questing staff[View]
51296599Three of my immediate family members died of heart-related illnesses at young ages. Two of them seem…[View]
51293726help me im scared: the max amount of chinups i can do is 5 and 3 days ago i did like 10 sets of 5 an…[View]
51296496is it better to smash out loads of one compound move if you're in the zone rather than move ont…[View]
51269409CBT but we insult eachothers body's to motivate eachother. The other thread reached the bump li…[View]
51289946Why has nobody called out the food industry for destroying your health in the obsiety epidemic? Thes…[View]
51296422Does working out train cardio as well?[View]
51293476Almond drink vs milk?: If not on the cut and not bulking either, which one?[View]
51289534Abs in 2.5 Months: Are these things effective? >be me >5’9” 174 lbs >almost flat stomach, w…[View]
51296234So I work out at night and was wondering how much brotien i should take after a workout? can i just …[View]
51295578Will I get shredded if I just eat beef, eggs, and broccoli every day, twice a day? Maybe with a mult…[View]
51296118It turns out there is a strong correlation between strength and extroversion. Introversion is a deat…[View]
51294806How often have you had to replace your wardrobe since you've stated working out?[View]
51289009what mode is this[View]
51295508Eating before bed: Is it really all that bad to eat before you sleep, or is that another meme?…[View]
51294933How is my ass fat yet my legs - small?[View]
51295873How do you rate his numbers and physique?[View]
51293416Thoughts on Chris Hemsworth's fitness app, Centr? https://www.instagram.com/centrfit/ Centr by …[View]
51294498addictions: I want to stop drinking coca cola but it seems impossible. I managed to stop smoking cig…[View]
51296007Ab vacuums: Do you guys do them and do they even work?[View]
51290568Does anyone else find joy in spreading Disinfo? Things i constantly shill: >Creatine doesnt caus…[View]
51289848My body composition is good, but my resting heart rate is 85. What's the most advanced form of …[View]
51291944Day 5 of fast and I have lost all hunger for food. I have lost more weight in 5 days than 3 weeks of…[View]
51295600What’s healthy?[View]
51283668plg: highbar edition APPROVED INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED PROGRAMS >Bro Tier (trying hard, having se…[View]
51293964How do I achieve this mode ??: How do I get like this nigga[View]
51295607Why aren't you fishing?: >Works triceps, back and shoulders >Higher protein content than …[View]
51294972Best website to buy cheap but decent protein/creatine in USA?[View]
51295657I'm never coming back here again. Go ahead and arrest me.[View]
51273580Gym Ban Stories: Has anyone else here ever been banned from a gym? Would like to hear your story. I …[View]
51292712How big do you need to be to intimidate normies? I wore my Sam Hyde t-shirt out on a date tonight, g…[View]
51294990Does a couple beers with dinner really fuck up your gains?[View]
51295613I want to keep lifting but I literally can't finish another set. What do I do bois?[View]
51292520> got drunk last night > On no fap so horny as fuck > Download grindr for some reason and …[View]
51295551Warm memo: Actually getting proper nutrition is the most logical method for eternal youth, especiall…[View]
51291707Does hard work always pay off? Are we all gonna make it if we try hard?[View]
51294831Protein shake: How do you have your protein sip? Do you put a whole bunch of shit in? Bananas, nuts,…[View]
51295476I beat the Sloth Demon today, and went to the gym! Another Great Workout. 4 days in a row so far. Bo…[View]
51294288>mom broke my fast again[View]
51295290What should I do as an intermediate program?[View]
51290206Can you build resistance to runners high? Like if you run the same distance at the same speed everyt…[View]
51291732>You need to lift to look g-[View]
51291462I'm a skeleton trying to get fit and I can't gain weight for shit. I'm 5'9 and 1…[View]
51294127>thinking about her in-between sets Is there literally anything more powerful as motivator than h…[View]
51292336how long does it take to get strong?[View]
51252732Push up thread BOYS Under 20, x3 Above 20, under 50, x2 Above 75, x 1.5 Dubs does claps Trips do…[View]
51294109Okay fit I have a Skelly co-worker and he wants to try GOMAD but with pic related. Should I convince…[View]
51263956Mire thread: Last mire thred ded, new mire tred I'll start >6'5 >work out since a ye…[View]
51293388I pulled my fucking lower back deadlifting How do I fix it[View]
51295241Limbs falling asleep: My arms and legs are falling asleep quickly now. It is extremely annoying and …[View]
51290980This is what my roommate had for dinner last night and he wonders why he’s overweight!?! Today he wa…[View]
51293125about to go do a chest day give me some exercises and reps for mass /fit/[View]
51294347Reminder to get plenty of sleep, buddies. Many common health problems stem from lack of sleep.[View]
51293983Is it possible to make healthy decisions without constantly telling all the people around you about …[View]
51266401Post moggings: Mogging thread[View]
51282757>'Come on, don't be a fucking pussy bro. One night of getting wasted isn't gonna hurt y…[View]
51294743Recent PRs: Just did 200x10 for the first time ever on bench, can't wait to hit 225 for reps Wh…[View]
51280891Why do the majority of people pick back squats vs front squats? I am considering making the swap but…[View]
51290940Okay guys, how do I fix my posture?[View]
51294662Battle of the Manlets who you got?: Jeff Nippard vs AlphaDestiny 3 rounds 120 seconds each UFC sty…[View]
51293635Edamame: What’s the take on these, I can eat a bowl of these in like 1 minute, good protein source o…[View]
51293068My forearm tendons are so tight I can't make the 'OK' hand gesture with either hand. What are s…[View]
51293166>5'8, 169lbs >17-18% BF How much weight/body fat can I expect to lose by August 17th? I…[View]
51289306Daily reminder that if girls would rather date a fat guy with a clean kissable mouth than a chadbody…[View]
51293594>Haven't started lifting seriously because I know it won't fix my problems. >I know…[View]
51289328How not to look pale?: Sun obviously. What else?[View]
51292960How do I obtain this look[View]
51293119a 225 lbs bent over row equals a 225 lbs bench ? wich one is harder and what are your ratios?[View]
51292243How long does /fit/ workout for? I used to have 2 hour sessions but then I learned about cortisol ki…[View]
51294658Hello friends. I will find myself in a situation where I will have no access to a gym or any workout…[View]
51293414>why yes I am a scrawny dyel twig who never touched a weight in his life that you could take in a…[View]
51294260Why the hell am I physically incapable of OHP in the rack? I can fucking clean and press 2pl8 but th…[View]
512942195'10' General: For the 5'10' /fit/bros, post some inspiration for us.[View]
51293921How can I balance my life if I am a professional athlete, a business student, and a part-time worker…[View]
51293894>mogs you[View]
51294195my phenny addiction is getting out of control guys i'm taking 2-3g a day if i quit taking it i …[View]
51291270I need help >Christmas >Family agrees to do a 5k at Thanksgiving >No one does any cardio …[View]
51294282CHIN-UP PROGRESSION?: I randomly hit 5x5 bodyweight chin-ups the other day and the doms today was fu…[View]
51293972What the heck is 'starting strength'?[View]
51286940Of course this nigga name Bryson Dalton[View]
51292583best BlenderBottle shake recipes?[View]
51293893bok choy: What’s the take on these, I can eat a bowl of these in like 1 minute, good protein source …[View]
51293632Strength Standards other than lifting: Do you guys hold yourselves to any other standards than just …[View]
51292108Is it true that ice cubes inserted anally can raise test? Does anyone have experience with this?[View]
51289618>day 10 nofap >still no urge to fap and no libido whatsoever >have been like this over a ye…[View]
51293548>Used to lift >Did squats and deadlifts without fucking my back up (I occasionally check mirro…[View]
51290934Is sniffing a whiff of food enough to break a fast?[View]
51292768'Post body with timestamp' is an alphabet agency honeypot attempt Prove me wrong[View]
51291459If you had a -500 calorie TDEE for the rest of your entire life, wouldn't you eventually die of…[View]
51288033>/fit/ make fun of him >he lift more and set world record https://youtu.be/wOBqh1PpVQE…[View]
51293538Do any of you get paid to workout?: Like, has anyone found a way to get paid to do a workout that th…[View]
51293179Onion Garlic Zinc Sleep Sunlight Cod liver oil What else do I need for testmaxxing besides pinning i…[View]
51286411is there any point in training legs besides cardio if I wanna be just slim and lean? besides im a ma…[View]
51291948YOU are a unique thing in this universe YOU are infinitely special and powerful YOU have endless p…[View]
51293102How do I increase grip strength? Skellyfag here, who fucked up my forearm muscles that reach towards…[View]
51292025Alright /fit/ it's time to end the debate once and for all. You have only one option, Ostrich m…[View]
51290506Por fag into geting fit: I cant afford academy. i cant afford buying gear. what can i do to get fit?…[View]
51291546Im 6'7', and tell people I'm 6'3' whenever manlets (6' and under) are around. Th…[View]
51289903can i get a form check. it's 350 poons https://streamable.com/2r0u4[View]
51288468Want a real workout? Go work in the finishing department at a steel foundry for 8-12 hours a day. *s…[View]
51285797>/fit/ >/fa/ >receeding hairline >still aesthetic as fuck How does he do it lads?…[View]
51293364lunch for bulking: what is a quick and easy meal or snack i can make for lunch to help me bulk up so…[View]
51292256They say that swimming is the best cardio. I know how to swim, but how do I get into swimming as an…[View]
51292673>Glute doms[View]
51291851Is it possible to be this big naturally?[View]
51289047Would you rather be mogged by gigachad or fabio?[View]
51291388How can I live as long as possible?[View]
51290937What's the female equivalent of this? Preferably with different bodyfat percentages.[View]
51292063I bet you faggots drink your protein with milk or some other gay shit[View]
51259701/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General: *** Olympic Weightlifting General *** Hey lads, didn't s…[View]
51293012Becoming jacked without anabolics is like being wheelchair bound and believing that you'll win …[View]
51291772Can sleeping on your side cause muscle imbalances? It makes sense to think if you’re putting all you…[View]
51269290The stress of social isolation wreaks more havoc on your body than obesity. Loneliness is worse for …[View]
51293019steps. does doing many steps /stair damage joints: I'm looking for preventive joint care. do I …[View]
51292171How long did it take you to like lifting?: So I started lifting like 7-8 months ago. I've made …[View]
51290564First day of vacation to FL and sun fugged me, what do?: first day of vacation from Minnesota to flo…[View]
51292172Are these a meme?[View]
51292872Whats are you having for dinner bros?[View]
51288779Tea: Does /fit/ drink tea? Why / Why not?[View]
51272748Fitness pill: STOP WATCHING PORN All sexual deviants (whores, pedos, fags, trannies, cucks, fetishis…[View]
51288785>He thinks lifting outweighs facial importance.[View]
51289304Hey /fit/, which is the onions of meats and why is it chicken? It's pumped with feminine hormon…[View]
51290841How do I get this mode?[View]
51291187Bananas: What about this little fuckers?. Are they good for you?. I'm making a cut and wonderin…[View]
51289852newfag here , i just found out that how big your calves can be is just predetermined by genetics, bu…[View]
51286425Old dudes at the gym with stupid leg tats: But really it's just old dudes at the gym with myria…[View]
51292561I need your help /fit/: How do I acquire more strength and gains? I'm a 5'11 feet manlet a…[View]
51287479>upperchest doms[View]
51288239Who #teamcalves here: Why are calves so underrated?[View]
51289517How long would it take to obtain alex mode? And how much does he weight in pic related?[View]
51290406How do I keep from drinking the estrogen in the water supply? How do I stay hydrated?[View]
51290923how do I quit the sugar jew bros? I'm not even fat anymore, I lost 25kg (like 50-60lbs), but st…[View]
51292137Home gym: I am looking to turn my garage into a home gym. What's some standard equipmment that …[View]
51292333>Well yes, I'm on a meat only diet. How could you tell?[View]
51290527What the fuck is actually wrong with women, like, holy shit[View]
51280020What's a semi-unrealistic goal you have, /fit/?: Mine is to be like spiderman (being able to do…[View]
51292078>Playing sport >Guy defending me calls out “I got the big guy!”…[View]
51286941Thoughts on Jason Blaha?[View]
51287894How can you tell when you've made it? What does that mean to you /fit/? Pic is me 2 months apar…[View]
51291255Lads could you help me out? I've been doing 5x5 stronglifts for 2 months aprox. I was training…[View]
51292220Opposite sex relationship: How did your relationships with the opposite sex evolved since you starte…[View]
51290905Woke up sick, itchy throat and stuffed nose. Today is cardio day. Should I just skip it?[View]
51291366'he doesnt even filter his drinking water' whats your excuse /fit/? water is the cornerstone of all …[View]
51292160ITS SO FUCKING EASY TO LOOSE WEIGHT: Imagine having trouble with weight loss when all you need to do…[View]
51292106How to strength train with a labor job: How do I strength train while having a labor job without kil…[View]
51290907hey niggers >been doing SL 5x5 for like 4-5 months >gym has event today where anyone can have …[View]
51291556Weekly Reminder Alex from alphadestiny, is on, or has used steroids, and all his shit he sells is BS…[View]
51290610>trying to gain weight >measure myself a week ago >doing well, gained about 8 lbs since 2 …[View]
51290877I dont fear deadlifts i fear love[View]
51291625Can you press a jaguar /fit ?[View]
51286764How do I get wide?[View]
51291800Nutrition vs constency, what matters more?[View]
51289664help: Basically I do strength and hypertrophy for bench press and ohp in the same week (like today i…[View]
51291476Need tips to get bigger arms. Are biceps curls and hammer curls enough for biceps/brachealis? What a…[View]
51291488Rate my cut, /fit/ 5'8 manlet, aiming to be in optimal condition for summer 2020[View]
51290320Did you get it in?: Did you get your workout in today? Post a pic if you did if not go get it in you…[View]
51290693Nurse here. Will I make it? 5’6” 187 lbs down from 200 one month ago. 1200-1500 calories a day. Targ…[View]
51290965>anon was going to get me a job >janny deletes thread FUCK…[View]
51287547I'm bringing back the old team, you in?[View]
51283336Fitness ruined her life.: First time in my life I see something like that. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
51291517I have a serious qustion fit , do you mire your own body and looks ? >do you pose to the mirror …[View]
51291182rename this board to /incelswholift/[View]
51291343>buying 8 dollars worth of chicken a day >keep going through it all at once I can't keep …[View]
51291323Lower back pain: Took a break from the gym for school and bad breakup. Going back tomorrow but last …[View]
51272295QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread I'm a 5'11 DYEL, been lifting …[View]
51291177It’s bicep day[View]
51285112I have no friends, I don't know how to talk to people, I feel like I have nothing in common wit…[View]
51285664STOP, DON'T CHEAT[View]
51288206Krava Maga???: Lads is Krav Maga legit? my 13 year old cousin wants to learn to fight and Krav Maga …[View]
51290826When did you discover that you finally made it bros? I remember I was in 7th grade fat as hell. We a…[View]
51286458Have any femanons had experience with pro-ana coaches? A qt boys who tells you what to eat and what …[View]
51289816I just can't improve my bp: Fucking bp anons.. I just can't go past 1pl8 and even my 1pl8 …[View]
51290977>Why yes I do take Mutant Mass, how could you tell?[View]
51290572So what is the best routine for ottermode? PPL?[View]
51289053Why do I always get a strong desire to fap after a workout?[View]
51277021Soy Boy: This is what a onions boy actually looks like.[View]
51290748what is the best way to work out?: martial arts or gym?[View]
51285173>MFW did shrugs for the firs time today I dont know why but it felt absolutely amazing. Its like…[View]
51289979Red pill me on cheese[View]
51290103how 2 stop eating sugar[View]
51277462Alright /fit/ I've got one question for you: Deens or tuna?[View]
51290255Crazy /fit/ idea's that might work.: >State enforced steroids injections…[View]
51289487This thot haven't lifted 1 weight her entire fucking life yet she got the perfect body Is being…[View]
51286139UNEXPECTED BENEFITS FROM GETTING FIT thread >heat no longer bothers me At a vacation home with my…[View]
51286375Finasteride experience: I REALLY want to take finasteride to stop my hair loss but I dont want to en…[View]
51283950Anyone else here who had his life ruined by porn?[View]
51275440Weekly Failures/Victories: Post them, or suffer the consequences[View]
51288713Post Chad's or anyone with a good face but shit body frame[View]
51287336/fit/ redpills you wish you knew earlier: >it doesn't matter what program you follow as long…[View]
51287280Thoughts on Apha Destiny and his 'natrually enhanced' program?[View]
51280328Let's settle this once and for all. What's the best routine for aesthetics?[View]
51289631thinking about adopting a push pull split where i incorporate legs into push and pull (squatting on …[View]
51287975Would any form of alcohol ruin me if I'm on a cut? Even if it's 0 calories/0 carbs? Runni…[View]
51290330MMA: Where the fuck can I watch the bellator card?[View]
51289372Any lifters here on finasteride to keep hairline?: How well does it work for you? I have noticed my …[View]
51290289>140lbs ohp >Can barely bench 165lbs What the FUCK is wrong with me, isnt OHP just supposed to…[View]
51289666>1g of protein per pound? Nah boss, I think .6 is a more reasonable assumption.…[View]
51290448How many carbs should I eat per day to progress on lifts I’ve plateaued at?[View]
51287199why is there no bodybuilding general: Theres /plg/ and a whole bunch of others but isn't bodybu…[View]
51288899>wake up >drink coffee on a hot and sunny morning >go to gym and do light cardio >do som…[View]
51286899hi /fit/ guess my total[View]
51287462How do you season your eggs in the morning/fit/: I personally use Cajun seasoning and some extra bla…[View]
51289366Why arnt you guys reading the best /fit/ manga out the moment. I read a bit before every gym session…[View]
51290236hello bros, could u rate my progess or give me some protips? friend says that i should add more seri…[View]
51281804Friday night feels thread. Everyone else is at a bar, and we're here together. How are you? How…[View]
51280561This is how pathetic you are to the real world. Go look at the thread and read the comments.[View]
51285728anyone else love watching men squat?[View]
51289682Last Rep Stories: >working out on my last deployment >submarine is has depth of 400ft so stabl…[View]
51288841Breakfast: Rate my bulkfast lads.[View]
51286902Free weight training is for manlets >t.6'2'[View]
51286862how can i cope?: >was skelly last year so no attention from thots >get big and shredded all ye…[View]
51290156The Pump: Does getting a pump matter for hypertrophy? And why are some exercises easier to feel a pu…[View]
51290146>be 6 foot lanklet >start lifting >get swole >family and friends always compliment me a…[View]
51286774>look bigger than what I lift Who else here /realfraud/?[View]
51288764ITT: Based Lifts: >Jefferson Deadlift[View]
51289477Red flags: Signs to stay away from her and how to spot' em?[View]
51285725>this is all the equipment needed to get /fit/ at home Give me one reason why you don't trai…[View]
5128644430$ shoes for running and generic sports or is it worth spending 250$ [spoiler]just started running …[View]
51290060how do I mix in high volume: >walking down to the gym yesterday >when I get there it's fu…[View]
51276171/fat/ - anime edition 28: Who is /fat/ for? For fatbros who want to better themselves through meanin…[View]
51289987is he natty?[View]
51289553What muscles are used when fishing?[View]
51289533Redpill me on whole grains, are they really toxic? Like is phytic acid a meme or actually a gains go…[View]
51278221ITT: People you though were big before you started liting[View]
51287043Would Judo actually benefit you in a street fight?[View]
51289486What is the most weight one can lose in 10 weeks?[View]
51288686i just noticed an outbreak of pimples in my groin area (see pic). i had sex with a stranger like 5 d…[View]
51282786/fit/ Gains Maxxing: How autistic are you about your gains? What do you do to maximize them? Me: …[View]
51286829>Tap water has estrogen and trace amounts of copper >Bottled water has BPAs and other toxic pl…[View]
51280921I just started lifting and I have mild scoliosis (19 degree curvature). Will building muscle and doi…[View]
51285038This thread is to pay respects to those we've lost along the way to making it[View]
51282752Looking for a hair product to help with the thinning[View]
51289395close call thread?: >dehydrated >tweak hamstring, very minor >don't understand importa…[View]
51287633I got some raw ginger. I forgot how I'm supposed to use it to increase my test. Do i just drop …[View]
51287925Do you do PPL, Full Body Workouts or Bro splits and why?[View]
51287896Cooking Oil: Can white moms teach us something? Went to girlfriend's house for a week during th…[View]
51287395>Got girlfriend: >Made love >Had sex >Stopped going to the gym because all motivation wa…[View]
51287438Compound vs Isolation movements: Are isolation movements necessary? Can't you just do compound …[View]
51278756The Training Hall by Odd E. Haugen CUCKED: This is what happens when a millennial wins something. Th…[View]
51287819who else feels like wieght training is just getting harder and harder? i used to love this shit. i u…[View]
51282320who else /tallnitro/ here? that first sip really gets me going before a good workout[View]
51285475Anon, you've been lifting for years. Why the FUCK can't you squat 4pl8 AND bench your body…[View]
51289156Grocery and Cooking Tips: Sup /fit/, was looking to make a thread on how to shop and cook efficientl…[View]
512884705.10 anons at which weight did you start having a flat stomach and no man tits? 76 kg atm and It see…[View]
51288844what causes social anxiety? no matter how much i go to the gym I always think of myself as an autist…[View]
51287681I'll start off with I don't know shit about the intricacies of losing weight. Micro/macro …[View]
51287618I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder and made it worse by going to the gym and doing heavy bench pr…[View]
51289045Bad Dumps.: Been in Keto for a month now. Everything’s cool. Except I take the sloppiest dumps. Any …[View]
51287676why do you lift man?[View]
51288937You might be able to bench over 225, but could you catch this guy if he slapped your girl's ass…[View]
5128540230-Day /fit/ Retreat: I'm going off to Colombia to workout, eat well, sleep, and program. How s…[View]
51287588i am skinny dude with compulsive eating (i dont know how can this be real but its me) and i am havin…[View]
51288025What's his favorite lift?[View]
51288056I'm 18, do I have potential?[View]
51282608/fit/ Father: A good parent wants his child to succeed and get a food start in life. A good parent p…[View]
51282595'Aesthetics' without sex appeal cannot produce beauty in humans: Everyone recognize the conventional…[View]
51286496How do i stop looking into the mirror all the time? Whenever i pass a mirror i drag up my shirt and …[View]
51287634What the hell happened to this board? What’s the deal with all the /r9k/-tier crab bucket syndrome a…[View]
51288140What were their routines?[View]
51283198anyone else can't lose belly fat?: I can't fucking lose my belly fat. lifting and boxing c…[View]
51286760Best/cheapest protein?[View]
51286184What animal would have the best lifting stats ?[View]
51288048This anon said this in response to fit people having higher tolerance in hot weather[View]
51286866I’ve gone from skinny fat to now just chubby. I’m going to the gym for the first time today, what ar…[View]
51287682ay my tiddies are starting to smell weird should i be concerned?[View]

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