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52081487Is there any truth to this? has anyone tried it? what was your experience like?[View]
52081632>vegan diet doesn't w...[View]
52080171I'm undecided between bulking or cutting. If I bulk I'll increase muscle mass by alot but …[View]
52081192I need help: I need help /fit/. My 51 year old mom wants to gain mass in her legs after losing tons …[View]
52078067Im drinking on rest day. Ill still make it right? >gin[View]
52081274Redpill me on best green juice recipe out there. Taste and cost doesnt matter, i need whatever is go…[View]
52076410wtf do you bros eat to keep weight on? I do a good amount of cardio and pic related is the only thin…[View]
52081100What are the best things to eat when you want visible abs?[View]
52080847How do I break plateaus in the OHP ? I'm literally putting 1.25 lbs every month[View]
52078965You didn't forget about leg day, did you Chicken Man?[View]
52077838>get a proper lifting routine >start doing cardio regularly >abstain from caffeine >abst…[View]
52080435Injuries: I tore my meniscus and I'm fucking pissed, now I gotta get that shit removed but I…[View]
52081073VEAL LIVER : GOD MEAT: The best meat you can eat[View]
52075057You have 30 seconds to post a bulking meal with the calories it contains[View]
52079588Duration of Gym Visit: Hello all. How long should a gym visit take? I'm an absolute novice and …[View]
52080600My gym sells protein isolate drinks which are completely fluid and very nice to drink. How the fuck …[View]
52079607Why aren't you going vegan, eating Mycoprotein and Onions and building muscle twice and fast an…[View]
52080133Will building up my cardio endurance help me last longer during masturbation and sex?[View]
52074220How many /fit/izens would it take to siege the ancient city of Troy? Including tearing down the wall…[View]
52080867Burpee Thread, Roll'em faggots. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1B8qhLYNZGu[View]
52080474How much more can you Bench Press VS close grip bench press? And how narrow do you go?[View]
52079877How much proteins in pound of chicken? I normally eat one to two pounds of chicken with a salad for …[View]
52078527Any tips on how to slim my sides(obliques) while keeping my hips wide?[View]
52079500Do you eat meat in its raw and natural state, or do you (((cook))) it?[View]
52080733How would you save this body type /fit/?[View]
52080667What are some /fit/ related things that womeme's will never understand?[View]
52076421>wake up >drink protein shake >proceed fuck fwb who’s around >eat breakfast that she co…[View]
52079615Someone posted the following question earlier - think i found it: What the fuck is the name of the v…[View]
52080364Hard boiled eggs vs regular eggs?[View]
52080446People who lift don't need porn because they already have GFs. I propose a new rule where all t…[View]
52080394Are there any good cardio workouts which are possible in a small pool?[View]
52080328Am I allowed to post here?: I am a 5 foot 7 inch chubby manlet, but I started browsing /fit/ about t…[View]
52080300Let's be real, for a roided lifter, the roids are the most important aspect of bodybuilding. Fo…[View]
52080055how much caffeine u take pwo[View]
52080308advice: My mom accidentally ran over my 5 month old puppy. I've casually lifted for about a yea…[View]
52080283Killer shoulder excersises[View]
52077606is it safe to eat 6 eggs a day? a few months ago i camea across some protein milk which is way cheap…[View]
52078545I need some advice.: After 7 months of working out and achieving the body I wanted I stopped working…[View]
52080227Things dyels say: >0.8g/lb protein is enough >fullbody >PHUL >Rest times don't matt…[View]
52078323>played Vidya all day >Not gonna go gym >See gif of Sommer ray shaking her ass Currently ge…[View]
52074030lets post some good outfits for /FIT/ men and chads - none of that faggy 'effay' shit[View]
52080042yfw brushing teeth shirt less looking into mirror see your manboobs bouncing up and down.[View]
52080098>Why yes, I do make 'high-test' threads, how could you tell?[View]
52080136Why do fat people eat so much meat? Don't they know it's killing them?[View]
52080003> vegan food isn’t goo- WOAH[View]
52071778>150g protein >5g creatine >every day lol…[View]
52078872stupid question thread! what will happen if I do 200-300 squats a day?[View]
52077108Blood tests: Hey /fit/ I started lifting a few months ago and I'm going in for my physical soon…[View]
52078192thoughts on my 2 week transformation?[View]
52074764Okay fr, how do I get eric bugenhagen's physique? He has literally the perfect male body, actua…[View]
52079197Gas: Honest question /fit/, I’m a skinny guy (5’11”, 146lbs) who recently started seriously bulking …[View]
52075441I don’t know anything about working out or fitness so I figured I’d come here. Been skinny all my li…[View]
52078238For thots, /fit/?[View]
52079440emptiest gym times?[View]
52079120> listen brah > I got a gift for ya > the gift of lift What has lifting given you? For me i…[View]
52076093post /fit/ redpills >close grip pause bench (more rom=more gains and prevents bouncing and moment…[View]
52079535any GERD/acid reflux bros in here? how do you lift and keep your condition from flaring up? also how…[View]
52078203Is DMAA/DMHA natty? It's not anabolic, but it is banned in professional sports.[View]
52070419which one is better for hypertrophy and muscle mass: fbw or split?[View]
52079625good workout to turn calf fat to calf muscle?[View]
52073196Novice to intermediate?: When did you guys switch to an intermediate program? >stalled major lif…[View]
52077248Why shouldnt i lift for women? Genuine question.[View]
52078177Please help: I want to start exercising when I get home from school but all I see are chads and stac…[View]
52079359What is a good food for dreamer bulking? Im already drinking a half gallon of milk a day. Trying to …[View]
52075583Depression thread: >Gf left me a few months ago >Life has been downhill ever since >Used to…[View]
52078278Impressive. Very Nice. Lets see Paul Allen's gains.[View]
52079164I've been getting a sharp pain in my left lung/heart area when I breathe. It comes out of nowhe…[View]
52077619why is fucking onions protein in every protein bar i just want a snack god fucking damn[View]
52077732#GOAL# BODY THREAD[View]
52070908This is what an elite human being looks like. Literally the genetic limit for our species. No chemic…[View]
52078326Why do all the chads and PTs at the gym act nice and cool to me, give me daps and fist bumps, call m…[View]
52079418So is tanning kind of like progressive overload in the sense that you only get burned little by litt…[View]
52078836I cheated on my diet for the 2nd time this month. Im never going to make it /fit/[View]
52079247Alright fit I've fucking HAD IT. Ever since I got to college I decided I'm not the little …[View]
52077901my biggest dream in life is to one day bench press 200 lbs, is that possible within 1 year even if y…[View]
52078985I don't know what to do: >Been doing cardio again >Everyone slaps my ass now >Even the…[View]
52073754>you can't get big on calist-[View]
52079087Hey lads. DYEL here, trying to figure out a good workout regimen. I have most of it worked out but I…[View]
52079225EY JAHNITAR Ere’s mah thotpost thread! Ah thenk ah busted one off too soon! Oh yah, ah left a nude i…[View]
52077474So even IF I acquire a great body I will still be a pathetic incel NEET. Only it will be even sadder…[View]
52078586Why are my traps exploding doing SS? They're growing far bigger and more defined than any other…[View]
52079051thoughts on this routine? powerlifts and bloatlords not welcome[View]
52077393Whats the most forbidden thing you can do in a gym? Besides straight up fighting or raping?[View]
52078423when did /fit/ turn into r9k ?[View]
52078111who here /pes planus[View]
52078512Bare essentials for home gym?: I want to start exercising at home to build mass but I don't kno…[View]
52077705What will we do about the global epidemic of Myopia that has taken Schools by storm in the past two …[View]
52078899>be at gym >see quarter squatter squatting 1plate >go to rack next to him >put on 1 plat…[View]
52078930Dumbbell Workout: >https://www.coachmag.co.uk/fitness/workouts/dumbbell-workouts I've got a …[View]
52073794How do I avoid this garbage in America? I just want my food to be natural. Americans are fat and stu…[View]
52056630QTDDTOT: Why does cardio right after lifting prevent DOMS? I did a spin class right after squatting …[View]
52078148just ate 3 of these bad boys with cheese. gonna drink a gladiator smoothie king chocolate meal repla…[View]
52078274Honestly thought the relationship between Shinji and Asuka was a metaphor for how 3d women have just…[View]
52078804At home: >Go to the gym every other day, 3-4 times a week >40g oatmeal for breakfast every mor…[View]
52071930>looking bigger than what you actually lift[View]
52078748>finish college >get 50hr a week job >struggle through the first year trying to keep gains …[View]
52072066What kind of food should I be bulking with? Since the point is just to gain weight would eating like…[View]
52077262Hello anons, I bought some dumbbells to do exercises at home, but I have a doubt, is it okay for me …[View]
52078121All my muscles hurt but I need to shit what the fuck do I do??![View]
52078207which workout routine trackers do you use on your phone, /fit/? do all of them require monthly subsc…[View]
52078139Resistance Band: What are a good brand? Is there a good hypertrophy program with bands? I've be…[View]
52075615>Oh you using my squat rack white boi? Dont stay right there is cheek busting time…[View]
52076059Why haven't you taken the catfood pill yet?: >Macros make it a perfect bulking food >Ingr…[View]
5206376518 YEAR OLD WARRIOR OHP 110 KG X 27 REPS: i cant extend my arms because i have no toracic and should…[View]
52077083>not doing chest flys[View]
52078027>tfw only 6'2 bros what the fuck...... 6'4 is minimum to make it with roasties in 2019.…[View]
52076552How many exercises should you do per muscle? Right now im doing phul and for example i do pullups/la…[View]
52076411>be me >22 year old former 4 year college football player >spent pretty much all of my life…[View]
52077483starting from a normie base how long would it take an anon to ascend to 'SLAYER' tier[View]
52077647I can't feel my back and chest while excercising, what's wrong? My technique is good, I as…[View]
52077948Weight loss: I'm down from 264lbs to 221lbs. Is anyone proud of me?[View]
52077920What muscles are used when fishing bass?[View]
52077210How do I force myself to eat more /fit/? I just ate like twice as much for lunch as I usually do (ch…[View]
52074385>be Barron Trump >son to a billionaire and the president of the united states >have gyno …[View]
52077142beef jerky is my main food source: I've been cutting since May, and my main food has been beef …[View]
52077883Tall people at greater risk of cancer, simply because they are tall: Is this the break the manlets n…[View]
52041506/plg/ powerlifting general: rip edition[View]
52074403Reducing estrogen: Sup bros I heard green tea can reduce estrogen by inhibiting aromatase. Is this t…[View]
52074493Will daily cycling kill my gains? Gas is too expensive at the moment[View]
52075977People say I look like Krillin and they don't mean the strongest human on Earth. They mean the …[View]
52078009Milk: Is there anything better for gains? I feel like I'm drinking God's cum whenever I do…[View]
52077326IRL boomer thread: >gym is called Jim’s Gym >owner looks identical to the typical boomer, only…[View]
52077110>being fit was popular from like 2000 to 2015 >Then people stopped giving a fuck and dadbods(…[View]
52077980How to pack 3000 Calorie daily?: I'm writing up a daily diet plan lads, help me out.[View]
52076546Is this too autistic?: Is there any strategy to getting hookups from facebook? Like... This may soun…[View]
52075216Gym injuries: What injuries have you had at the gym. I fucked up bad and broke my c7 vertebrae while…[View]
52077398i bought two 10 kg BUMPER PLATES why not make ur own homegym ?[View]
52061428Should I take steroids?: I'm done going to the gym without seeing results.[View]
52077897How tall is juji?: The left guy is 6' aka 183cm. Do smaller people lose weight easily?[View]
52076962Name a better shoulder workout than overhead farmers walks[View]
52076185Canned Fish: Am I at any sort of health risk if I eat all my fish from cans?. Are there any huge dif…[View]
52076657Bodyweight everyday?: Is it bad for you to do pull ups and push ups everyday? Basically I am a dyel …[View]
52075972How do I go from skinnyfat to big beefy boi?: > 29 years old > 6' 0' > 166 lbs. > l…[View]
52074703/fit/ careers: >Age >What is your job? >Do you enjoy it?…[View]
52075915Just came off keto about a week ago, and I can't get used to normal eating, although I feel muc…[View]
52075456/fit/ I need help. >6 days no fap. >used to masturbate at night before bed >can’t sleep now…[View]
52077765What are some good supplements for social anxiety? I take phenibut once a week but its still there. …[View]
52070562how do i fade these stretch marks?: ive lost 70 lbs in about 9 months and my body is starting to loo…[View]
52074069Why do you still eat sweetened food /fit/?[View]
52072782Is this mode aesthetic? If not, how to fix it?[View]
52074065thoughts on Bikram Hot Yoga? (100 degrees / 90 mins / same 26 poses x2 every time) will it give me a…[View]
52076201>ask girls what body do they like >Girls tell me big bodies look gross and they prefer between…[View]
52068426General gym questions thread: Hello, Small questions thread that you can ask and hopefully someone …[View]
52037714/fast/ #477 - no sleep edition: >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermit…[View]
52077526should reps be fast slow or does it even matter?[View]
52076698Are T-bar Rows a useful exercise for anything. I throw as much weight as I can move for 5x5 and feel…[View]
52075281/fit/ smoking: So i just started doing excercise, i'm 19 yo (did exercise in the past but quitt…[View]
52077386Steroids: Whats the best resource for buying test online?[View]
52077382I'm not really fat or anything but from some stuff I've been reading I've read that w…[View]
52077353Anyone have experience with a hernia?I have shortness of breath and feels like my stomach area just …[View]
52075722ITT: Best fitness books lets get /fitlit/[View]
52061758Will your gains survive?[View]
52075994it is possible to fix that terrible poor posture? pic rel is me 20yo i was born with winged scapula …[View]
52073322How do you hide your inferiority complex? I feel inferior to even lowly fucking postal workers. to v…[View]
52073357Alcohol: do y'all drink? if so what do you do to protect the gains?[View]
52074863so what kind of alchemy is he fucking on?[View]
52070398Try to succinctly write the definitive lift of skills that a male needs to develop in order to 'make…[View]
52076557Did pushups/squats and a run yesterday: >Lats are sore[View]
52077193hi /fit/. How much herring is safe to consume per week with regard to the mercury ?[View]
52068496has anyone dealt with hip impingement while squatting? I started squatting a few months ago, and sin…[View]
52074365ITT: We post superior food >sushi >clean >full of carbs >full of protein >can engorg…[View]
52077100is this a meme /fit/?[View]
52076802So what made you not pursue bodybuilding competitions and make money off of it?[View]
52071312What would you do to improve this physique?[View]
52072780high carb or low carb?[View]
52075463Be honest /fit/. Will I get addicted? I swore to my mom I would never do drugs but I also want gain…[View]
52074064Wes Watson: watcha guys think about him i really like what this dude got to say also got nice storys…[View]
52071974>no matter how much you lift you will never know this feel.[View]
52075883Best diet for losing weight while keeping muscle?: According to this goof https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
52074530how do you brace and squat without a little poop coming out?[View]
52076329What are some alternatives to barbell squats?[View]
52076055Why aren’t you aiming for what has proven to be the best male body for alphas? If pic related isn’t …[View]
52064739Did based Jeff call her fat?[View]
52072276Deadlift Shoes: Whats the best footwear for performing the king of all lifts in anon? Is it wrestlin…[View]
52076825looking for a new bar with good grip knurling, any recommendations? something cheap preferably for a…[View]
52076479Got the kind of Jews tatted on me motherfucker what’s up, show me that motherfucking paperwork it’s …[View]
52076543/legpress/: post your best webms[View]
52075826came home tired from squats last nite and gf wanted to have sex. i refused because i was exhausted a…[View]
52075237Cant keep fasting because i got diagnosed with borderline leprosy.[View]
52067926damn she's strong[View]
52076510>u mad becoz letme guess ur mom saw me liftin and now she wants my seed boy she mirin right, mayb…[View]
52064335Did you make it /fit/?: Have you become the man you wanted to be?[View]
52056687Post your kryptonite.[View]
52075862Anyone got tips im new[View]
52073701Best seasoning in /fit/'s opinion?[View]
52066439College Slaying: Any anons in college? How is your sexual slaying going? Any tips?[View]
52072575>tfw hardgainer im sorry lads, game was rigged from the start, i'll never be able to achieve…[View]
52076291How the fuck do i get rid of the wide hips bros? >inb4 hurr bruh just hit lats, shoulders, chest,…[View]
52072072I'm trying to improve the amount of preformed Vit A (retinol) and i know that beef liver is a g…[View]
52065590(Official) Top 5 bands to lift to of all time 1. Pink Floyd 2. Rush 3. The Police 4. Heart 5. Van Ha…[View]
52076262Former fatty here. I have so much loose skin. I look like a melting candle. At least my blood pressu…[View]
52067396Now that the dust has settled: What was Arthur’s height and weight? 6’1 (185 cm) seems correct but t…[View]
52074277>2019 >not eating raw fish[View]
52074553Workouts to cut fat but not gain mass.: What exercises are good to lose weight on? Im not looking to…[View]
52076056Was ZED WHY ZED ZED the reason you started lifting?[View]
52075054How long until the effects of a degenerat live style begin to fade away? In my country you have to j…[View]
52075847REMINDER: Don't skip the forearm day.[View]
52068860Can the average person achieve this build with light steroid use?[View]
52074138I rarely lift at my high school gym because it is shit, but whenever I do, this boomer is in there s…[View]
52075865Forearms = calves Biceps = hamstrings Shoulders = glutes But who was chest?[View]
52074716after biking for a few hours I feel numbness on both of my hands in two fingers is this normal? am I…[View]
52076002Is there a good mobility routine for deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts?[View]
52070624How hard it is to hang on a bar with one hand and hold some one else with your other lite in the mov…[View]
52075887How many muscle ups are considered as impressive?[View]
52075579Poop Thread: After Focusing on my diet my poops have been generally better, more fiber, I've go…[View]
52069879Help /fit/ >be me >23 >lifting 2 years >lightfap 2 years(fap every one or two week) >…[View]
52073031192cm 70kg but still feel chubby i have been slowly cutting away stuff in order to lose my bodyfat, …[View]
52075771How do you get a chad jawline? Do you just have to chew a lot?[View]
52073723You didn't warn me about protein farts /fit/, I'll endure to leave skellymode but what the…[View]
52075674Called off of work to hit deadlift or Who else is making it no matter what?[View]
52073834Cut or Bulk?: Give other /fit/izens advice Currently 6’1”, 190lbs, with bench max at 250lbs and didd…[View]
52066866What mode is this?[View]
52073771I made it guys :), thank you for everything, i can finally leave[View]
52074569Interesting People at the Gym: There's an old Clint Eastwood looking motherfucker decked out in…[View]
52066161Fellas is 2 pl8 bench the hardest of 1/2/3/4...cause it's starting to feel like it[View]
52072970Is it harder to recover from a mogging if you're a girl or a guy?[View]
52067154How bad did I fuck up?: I’ve been overweight(not fat, husky) my entire life so I decided to loose we…[View]
52073610A >broad shoulders >6'2 >wide hips >dicklet B >narrow shoulders >9 inch dick …[View]
52075378>gf cheated and dumped me >depressed and drunk for a year >decide to stop this shit and bec…[View]
52050415ITT: Gains Music[View]
52073162natty here WTF is happening with my strength: 10 days ago I was able to hit 185lbs on my behind the …[View]
52074941HELP HELP: i need that webm of that mongoloid masturbating in the gym[View]
52073291Explain like I'm retarded, How is this bad for you if it only has 1 calorie and no sugar?[View]
52074743Core work: So are active concentric-eccentric exercises with a large ROM like sit ups, machine crunc…[View]
52074490Boxing Injury: Fit please help me, I threw a right uppercut that caused me to feel a stabbing pain i…[View]
52071355Is ICF 5x5 Good?: I’ve been on it for about 6 months, took 2 off for vacation at the beach and for p…[View]
52073999For someone that does not compete: Sumo or conventional? Straps or mixed grip? Low reps or more reps…[View]
52073111Crossfit/Oly better than Bodybuilding: Why is it that oly lifters and cross-shitters, particularly t…[View]
52070895i lost my girlfriend of two and a half years from my own incompetence. im decent enough looking but …[View]
52069386Dick causes gf pain: Just lost my virginity at 19 to a girl I truly love. We've had sex three t…[View]
52073549>oh, your that faggot who took that picture of me at the squat rack >go back home and jerk off…[View]
52067258I didn’t know much of Arnold until I started to browse this board, I had no idea he was so much into…[View]
52069229Thoughts on banning conventional meat and introducing insects?[View]
52073892Skinnyfag here. Any /fit/bro willing to suggest beginner exercises for a young lad looking to get /f…[View]
52073014gym cringe/ beta male thread: >and through this door is anons roo-…[View]
52074504I hit 235lb squat for 3 reps today with proper depth![View]
52073183Redpill me on CARDIO: It is good to do cardio before and after lifting ? Is Tabata realy a good thi…[View]
52071754Post /fit/ recipes. I lost my recipe folder and I don't know where to look. Will post wheyfus i…[View]
520731706'2 here. Manlets win: source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/The-10-command…[View]
52071492hello my name is batman and I do Intermittent Fasting.[View]
52071276Redpill me on lifting weights to cope with missing out on hs/college pussy[View]
52073806Is the farmer walk truly the ultimate exercise?[View]
52072373I can't feel my back and chest while excercising, what's wrong? My technique is good, I as…[View]
52074178fuck: Men find meaning of their life in hard work and suffering. They need to test their limits and …[View]
52074161Where can I buy mitochondria to eat for metabolism gains?[View]
52073882I have gained nearly 50lbs over the last 2 years. How can i lose at least 20 in 2 months[View]
52073482Wtf is his problem???[View]
52070194Random routines, insult them, harass them, sexually assault them Push Pull Off Repeat Push Bench 5x5…[View]
52073224>The price of being a sheep is boredom. >The price of being a wolf is loneliness. What did he …[View]
52073731In this thread we have weird flexes >but ok As long as it doesn't involve inhaling through y…[View]
52070290What's a good 3 day full body alternative to reddit PPL? Can I still make gains on a 3 day rout…[View]
52073897Motivation for hardworker anon: Hello /fit/, I need all your epics images, the ones who push you and…[View]
52073330Who eats more, Rich Piano or A '3000 calories an hour' Train[View]
52070431Thoughts on yoga: Thinking of doing it at home as it seems very theraputic and ive kinda done some o…[View]
52072802I asked you maniacs this yesterday and nobody seemeto know so i'm asking again. What the fuck i…[View]
52067580Will lifting help me be in this situation?[View]
52072875Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
52072797Is this useless ? How does this contribute to muscle growth ?[View]
52045160FPH in real life: >Dropped a lot of weight last year >Slowly gained ~ 1 pound each month while…[View]
52073306Hey all, I was told my back is rounding in my deadlifts and that has psychologically messed me up a …[View]
52073479/fit/ i need you're help. Im at a position in life where because of school and work both being …[View]
52069237fuck fat fuck ketards fuck fatty meats fuck oils lean meats 4 lyfe[View]
52073447>she said my clothes(nothing special, rolled sleeve shirt and jeans) look cute i-is this a good t…[View]
52071826>your height >your benchpress Go[View]
52072320Are there any benefits to bloatmaxxing? Why do so many powerlifters do it?[View]
52070105I've had it bros: I don't know what to do bros, nothing's working, I've tried de…[View]
52069780want to do chin ups and dips but cant. im just to fat - 105kg/190cm. any good alternatives?[View]
52072964>wrist arthritis at 19 >can't do a single pushup because of how painful it is on my wrist…[View]
52066846This true /fit/?[View]
52071820thoughts on this nigger?[View]
52068572>Fatty >220 lb >Been lifting for about a year >weigh 175 now >Made all kinds of gains…[View]
52071598is Enlightenment basically post-nut clarity that never ends? Also how does one attain this majestic …[View]
52045014Lookmaxxing Thread Anybody here ever get Chin or Jaw surgery?How was it and did you get the results …[View]
52072119rate my gains: 10months into lifting. been bulking the entire tome cuz was skinny faggot. how am i d…[View]
52071625I'm a 19 year old ectomorph could I still have a chance to become a bit more mesomorphish as I …[View]
52072623Guys for cutting: 1 big meal a day (modern advice) or 6 small meals (classic advice) a day?[View]
52072823Will taking daily multivitamin pills have an effect or are they useless?[View]
52072709>'Anon you need to eat more vegetables and fruit, you don't get enough vitamins.' >A cha…[View]
52066780People on reddit ACTUALLY believe this transformation was natty. 4 years btw.[View]
52071528>Try to workout outside >Bugs everywhere, sun hot as shit >Go back inside air conditioned r…[View]
52072692im on a cutt and feel sick is this normal?: lost 70 lbs in the last 8ish months lately ive been feel…[View]
52067815Are multivitamins a meme?: If they are worth using which do you recommend and why?[View]
52072751I haven't been on this board in a long time, how come starting stretching and molding mobility …[View]
52069423>doing power cleans[View]
52069925can you recommend me some good FBW for hypertrophy without squats and deadlift?[View]
52070096>tfw sleeping peacefuly >tfw calf cramp makes me jump out of bed…[View]
52067477Intermittent Fasting: Has anyone tried this? Experiences? How good is it for gaining muscle? (I don’…[View]
52060024/fat/ - Thinking Yourself Thin Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-elementals who want to better…[View]
52070914SALAD DODGIN'[View]
52072493Opinions on this?[View]
52071202>that guy who does few isolation exercises and leaves Why even bother coming?…[View]
52072457Retard here, How do I go from semi-twink mode to /fit/? Lifts are late novice lifts but I’ve been st…[View]
52060372We're all going to make: If boogie can do it, so can you.[View]
52070859/fit/, what would be the best exercises to strengthen the muscles invovled in striking with a baton …[View]
52071650What exercises do you do on your rest days?[View]
52071139How do i fix my gyno? where did these fucking milkers come from To keep it fitness related: I need s…[View]
52071309>feel hungry on anything below 3500kcal a day why wasnt i born 6’8 or something i just want to ea…[View]
52070027>be me in March >120lbs, 5'7', mop hair, eating garbage and drinking soda every day >E…[View]
520624782019... I am forgotten.[View]
52070959Tongkat Ali: Does Tongkat ali work as a testosterone booster? Any known side effects? If anyone has …[View]
52069289i think we're long overdue for a 4th edition[View]
52048556BalkanGigaChad: Bent over row 190 kg 25 rep last row video u will see from me.in months getting back…[View]
52069424Can someone help me find that meme with a character in front of the gates of heaven. The text has st…[View]
52071636>cuddling with the boys watching LOTR >'Anon's good to cuddle because he's got …[View]
52069491Smolov jr: Anyone tried it? How much did your bench increase?[View]
52062960>no cocaine >no alcohol >no zolpidem >no lorazepam >no diazepam >no alpralozam …[View]
52071889Ideals Thread - High Test Edition: Get in here fags, you know what do do. Post and rate others, I’ll…[View]
52070072>not roiding for ultimate facial gains It's like you don't even wanna make it.…[View]
52071855After 5 years of smoking i finally quit this shit. I want to go back to gym. I was working out 2 ye…[View]
52071779How did Sam manage to become an endomorph from this ectomorph looking body?[View]
52067279Anyone know any eye health exercises?[View]
52067619>fix one insecurity >another one shows up How do I deepen my voice bros? Is it just a matter o…[View]
52071604>don't lift for a few years and start taking antidepressants which make me fat as fuck >w…[View]
52071697Is cooming bad for you?[View]
52071665Form check: Hows my form boys 405 wanted to get it 5 times but my knees been fucking me around latel…[View]
520710711yo lifting + raw keto + good genetics[View]
52071638Velvet beans are the new onions: Take the magic bean /fit/[View]
52071629The Bad Thread[View]
52070068Hows my squat form lads[View]
52071092Is this achievable natty?[View]
52065811I accidentally became a chad: >wife left me back in May >fat alcoholic fuck on the verge of su…[View]
52068454What are some things that you will try to implement in your kids so they will be thankful to you whe…[View]
52070204WHY TF ARENT I GETTING SORE ANYMORE: its dissapoiting af going to the gym, and waking up the next da…[View]
52071014Hiit ans bulk: Soo do you do hiit when you are bulking /fit[View]
52070801Can fapping like a crazed mule as a kid fuck you up? Let's say from age 8. Asking for a friend…[View]
52040675ITT: what inspired you to start lifting >pic related[View]
52070677I had hemorrhoidectomy 9 weeks ago, and my asshole still hurts. Not only that, I still have a bit of…[View]
52069929How do i tell old boomer in my gym to shut the fuck up? I don't want to hear any of his stories…[View]
52067114Can you build big legs without squats? If so, how?[View]
52062528Can you reach natty limit with birth control in the water?[View]
52063581Would you be a proud father if your own pre-teen son mogged you, or would you feel like less of a ma…[View]
52067800Water: What is the best brand of water to drink, /fit/? And why?[View]
52067802what's wrong with my hair. Doesn't look like traditional thinning or MPB[View]
52066560ADF Training: RAR fags of fit, what was training at kapooka like and do you have any tips?[View]
52066651Why am i constantly hungry all day after lifting[View]
52065087How do I do rows without looking like a stupid asshole?[View]
52063491I have no fucking sympathy for fat people, man. If you're fat, it's because you eat too mu…[View]
52068622>pronated left foot >All of the weight ends up on my right side when squatting or deadlifting …[View]
52064750whats the most chad thing you've done since you got out of DYEL? keep it fit related.[View]
52068272Shit Posture: Is this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLwTC-lAJws) video based or not? I have shitt…[View]
52070042Fem Byleth has a perfect body. How much does she weigh. SRS.[View]
52068573do you count the bcaa calories[View]
52069923how do i acheive pic related mode starting from 6’3” 140lbs[View]
52069106Hi there, I'm a fat fuck and really wanna loose weight. I have a routine of running twice a we…[View]
52070239After 7 years I finally bought myself one of these! I'm so hyped for it to get here! Anyone els…[View]
52067648>just turned 26 >wasted teens due to mental illness >spend twenties trying to repair the da…[View]
52064831Why do people buy this shit? Why is is suddenly popular?[View]
52067650No matter how /fit/ you get, you'll never defeat Rikudo Madara with two rinnegan.[View]
52067954>So you still do leg presses, anon?[View]
52069617(((Body positivity))) hate thread[View]
52069543>can’t keep the pump forever Life is unfair bros[View]
52068328why do half of the people at my gym look nasty and diseased like this? why are they allowed in and t…[View]
52058283What’s up homeboy you ready to put in that work? You know what time it is[View]
52069820On the keto diet for the past 7 months and lost 63 pounds. 300 down to 237. It's been a slow p…[View]
52066144Big boy: I weigh 155-160 pounds and I can one rep max 175 pounds for a bench press. How tough am I?…[View]
52068145Do you have any tips for overhead presslets like me? I weight 61kg I make barely any progress (stuck…[View]
52069683can you recommend me some workout plans for hypertrophy? I'm not beginner but I'm not adva…[View]
52069023What’s the deal ? Why’s this board shit now[View]
52068825Hallo, /fit/. Skellington guy here. I don't care for looking toned or anything, I just want to …[View]
52068370I deserve fucking death I cant believe I've thrown away so much of my life because I cant stop…[View]
52069010So I wake up in a skip outside the gym and there's some guy in me?[View]
52068600> Says dedicated cardio is pointless > Claims high rep lifting is all the cardio he needs >…[View]
52066272What's your lifting motivation?[View]
52067016Is this shit a meme or do you guys actually eat this. Bought a pack and it tastes like tasteless old…[View]
52069262Climbing livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ItzX9-Sy50[View]
52069095CREATINE: its not that bad[View]
52067566do you do overreaching/deload cycles or just yolo lift?[View]
52061281Pic rel is my goal body. What are dismensions and maxes of this guy, what do u think?[View]
52068139>day 4 of nopoop when does it get easier bros[View]
52069093>be 16 >go to sister's wedding >all her cute friends look at me and say 'you'd be…[View]
52068738Might be off topic, sorry if so but what type of water bottle should I get to keep water cold throug…[View]
520684452019 I have fallen...[View]
52067569What blenders you guys use? pic related[View]
52066730drink more water, it's good they say! >begins drinking more water >gets depressed and bra…[View]
52068708Is there any point in doing cardio if I live with 3 smokers under one roof (my parents and my brothe…[View]
52068824Is this achievable natty?[View]
52065254Best program for bench: I hit 375 natty with lifting for a decade but never did a program. I wanna s…[View]
52068118Kegels: Anyone committed to a solid kegel training regimen? Apparently squeezing your kegel muscle f…[View]
52067689Dumbbell Workout: https://www.coachmag.co.uk/fitness/workouts/dumbbell-workouts I've got a set …[View]
52067203>What's the point if lifting you can still get shot hurr durr Is anyone else sick of hearing…[View]
52066972Best Pre-Workout: What does /fit/ think the best pre-workout is?[View]
52068682How do I become the coolest person possible?[View]
52066630Hey bros, doing classic 5x5 stronglifts 3x per week. Wand to add some isolations to stronlifts days …[View]
52067992Oh boy, more food.[View]
520685805x5 Works: I was an ugly fat little bitch and then I started 5x5 and... I feel a lot better. Getting…[View]
52040265Does meditation actually work? And where's a good place to start learning other than Google whi…[View]
52068256an all night gym opened near my house and I went to check it. It's pretty good for the price, j…[View]
52063178Are you aware of the risks surrounding the use of chalk?[View]
520674125/3/1 for beginners: I've heard things about 5/3/1 for beginners. What does /fit/ think? is it …[View]
52064237Hotel gym - Excercises/routine: Another day on the road another hotel gym. What can i do as a good s…[View]
52069356is this sitcom basically how normies are irl or no >t. Aspie[View]
52068251Imagine even fucking reddit managing to have less blatant off-topic trash/attention whoring than /fi…[View]
52067177Hey all, I was told my back is rounding in my deadlifts and that has psychologically messed me up a …[View]
52065626this legit tasted bretty gud, i was surprised i normally hate artificial sweeteners but that off fla…[View]
52060679Bpc157 Gonna start a cycle soon to heal chronic shoulder and knee issues. don’t like to inject ever…[View]
52064840how do I avoid this?: theres somthing off by his physique im not what it is? and im scared once I ga…[View]
52066877Best Cardio for body fat reduction?: I used to do long period steady state, 3-4 miles or so over aro…[View]
52068009you guys have this gym 'veteran' too? > probably somewhere around 55+ years old > wears the sa…[View]
52065692I signed up for the gym today and did an extremely light workout after being shown around and now my…[View]
52067097We're all gonna make it brah[View]
52067794How do I get the confidence to go to the job? I also get very embarrassed at the gym at college but …[View]
52065528Write what you typically eat per day: >Meal 1 : 1 scoop whey and 1 scoop of green superfoods upon…[View]
52050368God Tier Liftan music.[View]
52064119How to get some gains while being a poorfag? I don't always have access to really good food, ri…[View]
52067832Making it/Victories thread: Feel like you've made it? Feel like you're on your way? Let…[View]
52067773This manlet would still kick anyone’s ass. These little fuckers will crawl on your back and choke yo…[View]
52067376back doesn't get stronger wtf: i almost have a 190kg deadlift but my back is still weak as fuck…[View]
52067283>Be happy all day, get myself hyped for reps, positive vibes only >Fail my sets >Be nervous…[View]
52067260i am a underweight lanklet and had been plateuing for weeks, so i ate a bit more and had a few rest …[View]
52057802What’s the point of getting strong without training MMA as well? Your muscles mean jack shit if you …[View]
52067458Is swimming good exercise? I'd have to go quite far out of my way to get to a pool. I've a…[View]
52063707Does anybody here pray before a heavy set? I'm not talking about some ironic 'God I hope don…[View]
52067374Would you get a /fit/ tattoo?[View]
52067539So for the past week and a half I’ve been consistently going to the gym besides for Mondays. I’ve b…[View]
52066586Am I starting to gain some mass? Been working out consistently and eating more protein for about 2 m…[View]
52065774Who is the strangers lifter at your gym?[View]
52067480> looks at nutritional facts > 160 cal per 1/2 cup, 19g protein > Jesus this stuff is mor…[View]
52064244Anyone else lift at 3am?[View]
52065783fuck your 1pl8 bench. I just hit 2pl8 squat for the first time[View]
52067289If it were possible to transfer weight around your body, would women still gain a ton of weight and …[View]
52067328At what age is lifting 5x a week(each body part 2-3x) considered excessive and detrimental?[View]
52067282>cheat month almost over[View]
52066649weak as fuck and already stalling on deadlifts my thumbs cant fucking hold onto 175lbs what the FUUU…[View]
52064807what are some alternatives to an EC stack? every pharmacy in my area is sold out of primatene and br…[View]
52066818How much do genetics actually play apart in /fit/ness[View]
52067188Oh no no no no no no[View]
52064369/GBG/ Gym Bully General Boomer hate edition >arrive at gym, balding boomer sitting on bench with…[View]
52065315Chest growing from chin ups: hey /fit/ >about a month ago bought a chinup/dip station >been do…[View]
52067151>I think I could eat nearly 10,000 calories a day on a regular basis Breakfast: 2 donuts and 2 br…[View]
52063996Alright fit, I need serious help. Been on SS (and a modified version of SS) for about 5 months and I…[View]
52067134Are natural sugars bad for me? I try to stay way from processed foods as much as possible and one wa…[View]
52066469Losing Weight: So hey guys in the 30th of july i decided i was done being fat ( insert greekgodx mem…[View]
52065908whats the fucking point of the short head in terms of arm size? if its all about the long head and t…[View]
52060734Are you /fit/ enough to beat skinny fat manlets in a fight? I never really trained for combat but I…[View]
52066819There is literally no excuse not to look like pic related. U hear me? There's NO FUCKING excuse…[View]
52066891How often do you train per week fit? Do you like working out and look forward to or do you have to m…[View]
52065425Why isn't kickboxing taken seriously? Is it worth learning? Limited options in my area.[View]
52065932>he listens to music while he lifts[View]
52064307Supplements: has /fit/ tried: Inulin? Curcumin? Hydrolised Collagen Peptides? is T Nation a good so…[View]
52064685>lose argument I started >reply with 'post body'…[View]
52066640>be me >lost a lot of blood cause ulcer >squatting is now impossible, i get super fatigued…[View]
52066740What does /fit/ think of /lit/?: Ay or nay[View]
52066325I have an unbearable appetite. Like to the point where I can’t even get out of bed and I’m like burp…[View]
52064536>Its time for the weekly severe social anxiety at work/gym episode![View]
52066522I've made great progress the past three years (currently 21), and haven't fucked a proper …[View]
52065332How do I stop eating these?[View]
52065577Confronting the Edge: Anons, I'm on day 10 of nofap and I'm now edging more than ever now,…[View]
52065567What will cure my depression /fit/ >inb4 antidepressants[View]
52065395My wrists are very small. How fucked am I?[View]
52066117How buff do you need to be to be a personal trainer? I've only been liftin 2 years but get a lo…[View]
52066162Beer for bulking?: If beer is just empty calories are there any downsides to just drinking two cans …[View]
52043343Are waifus a valid motivation to get ripped?[View]
52066311I have one serratus bligger than other, can hoy help me?[View]
52064485>installing ceiling mount for punching bag >bag immediately rips out of the ceiling >have …[View]
52066236Reminder that trannymaxxing will never work[View]
52065052Who will die first: Rippetoe or Scooby?[View]
52066130How do I get a body like this?[View]
52064644God I just want to have a bod like this. Is that too much to ask?[View]
52048640Oral health thread: Can't afford a trip to the dentist edition[View]
52065200Bulk foods.: Thread for foods/meals that are good for bulking.[View]
52065345Small Arms: I got about 16 inch arms from only doing compounds and bench press. Should I try to make…[View]
52064395prove me wrong: there is no such A thing called making it, you make it only make it when you die. bu…[View]
52064496Why aren't I feeling bench in my chest?[View]
52066081thank you based bluechew[View]
52063288What are some tangible achievable lifting goals for a beginner? I'm a skinnyfat who can barely…[View]
52065631Seasoning: Is this the Chad of seasonings? How do you season your food so it doesn’t taste like card…[View]
52065844Who do you lift for?: I lift for the KING[View]
52049015/fit/ Ideals Thread: Post and rate faggots[View]
52064749>deadlift day isnt until fucking thursday AAAAAAAAAAAA IM GOING TO GO FUCKING INSANE WHAT DO I FU…[View]
52065938Any long term disadvantages doing this?: When I was a teen in order to play more vidya I used to sta…[View]
52065648How to achieve Takamura mode?[View]
52056320I cant stop[View]
52065691How to persuade dad to stop drinking: Hey Fit my dad is from a heavy drinking culture and he drinks …[View]
52065825anyone have remedies for toothache? i got a crown today and now im getting some of the worst pain iv…[View]
52063191>nofap for over a week now >don't feel any need to look at porn I started nofap and nopor…[View]
52064588Can you actually drink too much coconut water? Also what do you guys think of egg white protein powd…[View]
52063414>hit 165kg bench natty without ever running a program in my life and only training hard and resti…[View]
52065561I never wipe the seat after my set.[View]
52061289How to deal with narrow shoulders?: How do I add width? Other that building bigger deltoids is there…[View]
52065111Post your fictional character goal body.[View]
52064962Whats your favorite bloat meal?[View]
52063428What took you way too long to understand? >mfw thought GOMAD meant making yourself go mad so you …[View]
52045544shit that just pisses you off at the gym: self-explanatory. I'll start. >when people don…[View]
52064865Don’t forget to pay your respects to the og bloat god schreg[View]
52059487What are some fit approved games?[View]
52064152Beer has protein in it: How the fuck does that work? Can I just get fucking plastered and start chas…[View]
52065316What ever happened to Bishamon? Does he still have a presence online?[View]
52065175New to the board, read the sticky, couldn't find my question there or online: How many diff sup…[View]
52064600why go to the gym when you can reach your natty limit with bodyweight plus isometrics?[View]
52060441Is this our end goal?[View]
52063842>muscular build >perfectly straight teeth This is humanity in it's natural state before …[View]
52061390hey fit/ how to clean one of this boys?[View]
52064592Just started Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and was looking up jiu-jitsu tournaments but why the FUCK is Brazili…[View]
52064942What stretches can I do to learn to do the splits?[View]
52058844Just benched 1pl8: I just benched 1 pl8 for 3 reps frens were all gonna make it[View]
52061639Why does Dr. Nowzaradan tell people to not eat carbs? Doesn't he know it's only calories t…[View]
52065023How much does diet and weight affect blood pressure? I'm considered obese and my diet consists …[View]
52064359What is the best cardio machine?[View]
52056740Do you work out with your gf?[View]
52064861How do i track progress? Lighting, cameras and mirrors make everything seem like a fucking joke.. Do…[View]
52064253So I measured my total hip width (across the pelvis), and it's 1 foot 1 inch. Huh. Makes ya thi…[View]
52060258Strongmen are prisoners of their bodies. These idiots have given themselves an extreme case of body …[View]
52063889What is your excuse now, fag?: Fullbody, the only equipment? Nature The only limit? Your creativity …[View]
52059102Lets settle this once and for all. For NATURAL lifters,does SIZE=STRENGTH? Should your routine be a …[View]
52064158Can you really make it even if you missed milestones in your teenage years?[View]
52060778Is he natty?: And are you mirin?[View]
52064662Meal prep: Hey /fit/ can we start a thread on meal prepping? I seen one anon post this recipe so I m…[View]
52060923skin care general: How do you get rid of blackheads in the T-zone?[View]
52064622Definitely not a Push-up thread: This totally isn't a push up thread! This thread is most certa…[View]
52050318STOP EATING CARBS: https://youtu.be/6ugz3DRV9zs[View]
52064278how can boogey not lost weight after half his stomatch being removed?[View]
52062694gym cringe/beta male thread: >150th time ive posted this edition…[View]
52064113Is citrulin a meme[View]
52064525core and legs only?: I have a shoulder injury and sport doctor said to only train core and legs unti…[View]
52063368>pecs, traps, abs and triceps DOMS combo Why are DOMS so good? They're just sore muscles, wh…[View]
52058640How the FUCK am I expected to eat 2g of protein per kg of body weight while trying to cut!?[View]
52063724Why is it so satisfying to lift?[View]
52062695true geordie: >tfw lifting won't stop you from being a cuck…[View]
52064387thoughts on working out high? should you just wait until after your workout to smoke?[View]
52063455keto DOES work. You are weak if you cant give up your disgusting carbs[View]
52062912Should i bother counting calories if im doing omad for weight loss? Im not eating donuts or anything…[View]
52064300Am I starting to gain some mass? Just started eating more protein and lifting heavier/more consisten…[View]
52063492Getting Back On the Grind: >high school dyel >going through brutal time of my life >become …[View]
52062374What the fuck is the name of the video where it starts with a guy getting in a white audi or somethi…[View]
52063297I'm so god damn horny all the time I'm also finally managing to put on weight and increasi…[View]
52053428How do I into Cavill mode? What kind of gear was he on and what was his workout?[View]
52064203I've been trying eating a raw onion everyday for a week now, and other than a burnt tongue and …[View]
52059984how you niggas train ur backs pic related my upper back im fat as shit[View]
52063547>has kids before getting married: Oh I smell what this satanist is cooking. He's going to br…[View]
52063099How do I Manray mode, /fit/?[View]
52063620How many days a week should I work on my abs ?[View]
52063489im 18 height 178cm / 5 10' and weight 55kg/121.663 pounds the more i eat the more i go to the toilet…[View]
52062919>have started picking up heavy things and putting them down >callus all over my hands >mast…[View]
52063020Post /fit/ kino for entertainment and inspo.[View]
52063214Speaking as somebody who has a huge difficulty gaining any fat, and has been trying to put on muscle…[View]
52063384>plan to go to the gym after work >didnt eat all day >starving so I made/ate dinner first …[View]
52063558Salty vs sugary snacks, which is the greater evil?[View]
52063586Not today, gains goblin: >be me >walking from car to gym >spot the gym gains goblin getting…[View]
52063662I had to take two months off for a hip injury and today was my first day back. I was embarrassed by …[View]
52059453How many of them roided?[View]
52062794Mirin Picard's forearms. How do I into starship captain mode?[View]
52063052How do I make some brain gainz bros[View]
52062544What's the absolute best power cage design? thinking about lifting at home for time gains[View]
52062199Why do jacked dudes get with fatsos?: Whenever I see a really jacked dude in the gym with a girl, it…[View]
52059174Ketard Hate Thread: Ketards literally believe that there is a 100% correlation between waist size an…[View]
52049202How to preserve youthful facial aesthetics?: I want my face smooth, no blemishes, no blackheads, zit…[View]
52053390Who else lives off plain bread?: I'll just chuck some in the toaster and eat them whenever I ge…[View]
52063575Is full body workout three times a day a good idea? I've been lifting for a year and a half now…[View]
52062032Mindfulness/meditation: Anyone one here beat BDD? I know I am ugly but I am also unhealthily obsesse…[View]
52063743I am a brainlet and have no idea how much protein I should be eating. I weigh 63kg and want to escap…[View]
52062014Do my hands look weird?[View]
52063674Let's have a book thread where we ONLY post health and fitness related books. >During the mi…[View]
52061713Street fights: Three days ago at a bar I saw a gigantic dude, probably over 6ft and over 100kg of pu…[View]
52063349>B-BUT IM BIGGER AND STRONGER MUH MUSCLES YO NIGGA GIVE ME YO ASS *stabs you in the belly* *shots…[View]
52058725Fictional goal body thread. How the fuck do I get body like this?[View]
52062381How do I ask my doctor for a testosterone analysis? I'm afraid he will laugh at me.[View]
52063059Sup homos I bought Jeff Nippard's 'Fundamentals Hypertrophy' program in order to finally get s…[View]
52055756No brand shampoo: Who else here has stopped using brand shampoo? >have terrible dry skin basicall…[View]
52060786My 9 month progression was an ex fattie[View]
52063302Arms go numb anytime I'm using highbar. What the fuck is happening. Specifically reversing to p…[View]
52063295Hi /fit/, I sprained my right wrist 5 days ago and haven't been able to lift with my right arm …[View]
52062791> hey did you take a photo of me? I'd appreciate it if you deleted that or I'll have to…[View]
52061909What's your excuse?[View]
52058752>the gym alchemist is mixing potions in the water fountain again[View]
52059110Is there any reason to not give up on ohp and just bench: Title[View]
52058946BLT with Shrimp instead: Would a BLT but instead of bacon, add shrimp be a healthy idea? And if not …[View]
52060973didn't read; not lifting[View]
52062898Ecdysteroids and ashwagandha: I am going to start taking this two supplements. Has anyone taken both…[View]
52063160lmao: the woman next door is doing those fucking band exercises what a mong.[View]
52059144If I do a few cycles and stop but keep working out will it fuck with my gains?[View]
52062761Just purchased weeks worth of food: What's up guys, just did my grocery shopping for the wook o…[View]
52062818Is plank the most meme of the meme exercises?[View]
52062593/fit/, what would be the best exercises to strengthen the muscles invovled in striking with a baton …[View]
52063043https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miSJNoHlly4 Minewire fitness is back! all hail the KING OF FIT[View]
52063039>he doesn't do cardio Enjoy dying from exhaustion trying to climb a flight of stairs when SH…[View]
52062937Is 1/2/3/4 for 8 reps or 12?[View]
52058769Bulking is a scam and a hoax: I eat like a lardass and yet i do no get stronger, only fatter. Wtf is…[View]
52061204Tips For Increasing Mile Run Time?[View]
52062334let's all get jacked bros[View]
52060098Yohimbine: Any of you fatasses taking this shit? Yurofag here. looking to buy some but it's ban…[View]
52060116what is the secret of pro powerlifters in getting so strong?[View]
52062086Is gym worth it?: Hi /fit/, I recently turned 18 and have had some ideas about joining a gym but not…[View]
52060981squats for the thots glutes for the sloots curls for the girls guns for the huns caught yo girl miri…[View]
52061785Is coping unhealthy?[View]
52059298natural preworkout: give me GOOD NATURAL PREWORKOUTS beside coffee, fast I need to go to the gym but…[View]
52059824Is it true that /fit/ Bois are handsome?[View]
52063246Hey /fit/: been lifting for 3 months now and was wondering when the feeling of loneliness will go aw…[View]
52058974Hey /fit/, zoomer here. How many pounds you think I have left till I'm rid of my fat on this $O…[View]
52061605Redpill me on the jump rope: The benefits? How best to train with them? Compared to running/sprintin…[View]
52062146Cutting. 5’10 1/2” 185 pounds. On keto diet. Any advice?[View]
52062370>hurr is this achievable natty >durr how do I get this body >plffff what lifts give me th…[View]
52062565I swear, even if you fuckers looked like this dude, you'd still obsess over if you had gyno or …[View]
52060503Whey Barf Shakes: Figured it'd be easier too hit my calories if they're liquid. Problem is…[View]
52062115I'm skinny. I dropped the fat but I've seen no gains. I'm depressed and stopped lifti…[View]
52062533>drop 30lbs over 5-6 months >gained small amount of muscle at the same time >around 14%bf …[View]
52062499I got mired at the beach by a cutie, am I gonna make it bros?[View]
52062417Closet gym doesn't have barbells. This is a kinda brainlet question but can I do dead lifts usi…[View]
52062069/badshitinourfoodgeneral/: Is it true that BPA plastics mess with your hormones?[View]
52062327help: How do I go from skellymode to this?[View]
52060601How do I get traps like this?[View]
52059219Half of the fitizens wishes to be smaller, the other half bigger. That is the duality of man.[View]
52059337Deadlift every day?: Hey, /fit/. I am running a novice program (ABA/BAB) where I only deadlift on da…[View]
52057310as someone who blasted and cruised for 7 years anything >pic related left i was lifting natty f…[View]
52062339Fitness Industy Jobs: Hey guys, how do I get a job in the fitness industry? I'm a 25y/o wagesla…[View]
52061486>Anon come jogging with us! >It is really healthy, I have lost so much weight!…[View]
52062151Post goals.[View]
52061912I did too many arm exercises and now my arms are stuck at obtuse angles ;__; if i try to extend it f…[View]
52050729>most people barely have 3 full meals in a day >usually very small breakfasts (cereal, a piece…[View]
52048481/miring/ thread Let's have a mire thread, post your most recent mires bros[View]
52061381PPL is a meme: why would you lift 6 days a week when you can just put leg day in pull day? making it…[View]
52062070>take finasteride >more testosterone will fluctuate around your body >you get to keep your …[View]
52061007Becoming a better runner: During pic related I get a bit more than 3 miles (5km) done. I started run…[View]
52059020pulled 200 kilo after 8 moths of half assed training[View]
52060233Who here /shitpostsbetweensets/[View]
52061326How to build routine: Got a gym membership because I became a fat fuck from drinking over the last f…[View]
52061888how much does lifting increase your tdee?[View]
52061883Is protein powder made from onions any good? Will it summon the gains goblin?[View]
52061603Thank you /fit: I came to this board as a fat overweight virgin 230 lbs 5'11 and after hard wor…[View]
52053291Is Reddit PPL based? >inb4 plebbit REEEEEEEEE[View]
52058969What diet plus exercise routine do I need to achieve this look /fit/bros?[View]
52061574I'm 70kg at 5 foot 8 and I'm just looking to lose a little bit of weight but I am always h…[View]
52061292this shit tastes like dry ass. how the fuck do fatties here binge-eat a whole fucking tub of it?[View]
52061567Are workout fitness channels where its at?: I've been trying them to help feel less lonely work…[View]
52060469What’s the fastest way to loose weight without losing muscle?[View]
52060652Ab thread: The military really wants us to have strong cores. My abs are fucking dogshit, and the re…[View]
52057888How tall was rich piano again? Bear in mind that the guy on right(Dave Palumbo) is self-reported 5’8[View]
52061207Routine Help: I've been doing 5/3/1 for a while and i'm getting bored of it. Wouldn't…[View]
52058171Is coffee bad for you?[View]
52061550>Yeah I do power cleans instead of curls >how could you tell…[View]
52061511Cereal: Is cereal good for bulking/gaining muscle? If so what brands are the best?[View]
52061286OOHHHH NO NO NO NO: ZOOMERS BTFO >b-but water vapor is completely healthy >yeah i vape before,…[View]
52061427Does strength training contribute to endurance in the type of repetition that you're doing?[View]
52061417Is Madcow based? If any of you have tried it, please share your results.[View]
52060484I can only barbell row (underhand grip) 15kg each side (barbell 20kg, so 50kg total). How i improve …[View]
52061403FAT GOBLINO MUTTNIK gets FUCKING KILLED by MANLET TURK: Remember kids putting heavy things up and do…[View]
52049575/fitlit/ thread. you need to make those brain gains too anon. what are you reading?[View]
52061077Daily reminder to move it move it[View]
52059735Why can't ketards tell the difference? Do they wilfully ignore the existence of fiber?[View]
52060762environmental footprint: cuck here, what is the environmental difference between bulking on chicken …[View]
52053106What's the consensus on Brian Turner? He's a bodybuilder who once struggled with acne and …[View]
52057254Deadlift stance: Is the bar too close to my legs for deadlifting?[View]
52061035Face slimming advice?: My face is way chubbier than I'd like it to be. What is the best way to …[View]
52056601What is the best lifting routine to maximise fat loss: I'm a fatty who wants to get thin fast. …[View]
52060660The bugez: Is Eric Bugenhagen natty? Debate. Pic related is his symmetric strength stats[View]
52061175Share your routine and goals We will all make it[View]
52059263I have wide thighs like this guy but I'm straight from the torso up (without that concave hourg…[View]
52060833Sculpting the almost perfect man: Congrats on making it, however your journey does not end here. You…[View]
52050234this is 'fit' in china: It looks like her shoulder is about to snap off[View]
52060840Does salting the meat lower the protein content?: I always tenderize my meat with salt for an hour b…[View]
52060763Building Muscle With a Large Wingspan: My wingspan is around 70in. and I'm really lanky. No mat…[View]
52060422NoFap. Did you try it? Does it work? What about that study with the 7day 145% increased free testo?[View]
52058095IS IT TOO LATE ?: I’m Male 24 years old and 5ft8.5” and weight about 340lbs, where do you think I’m …[View]
52060114are bands a waste of money? I just moved to the countryside and I'm about 2hours away from the …[View]
52058856Will wearing surgical masks outside protect me from pollutants?[View]
52059946What are some important life lessons you've learned from the /fit/ world: I'll start >s…[View]
52050265Bulk thread: Twink dominator edition: How’s the bulk coming along laddies[View]
52060841You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
52042487/Dance/: Welcome to one of the GOAT fitness hobbies. Dance is something that keeps you physically an…[View]
52057568>ate oatmeal for the first time What the fuck, is this shit supposed to taste like nothing…[View]
52060727Pls help bros: Alright fit bros I need help. I just got finished lifting for around 40 minutes and I…[View]
52060765I can get this for like half price, is it worth it?[View]
52060042/fat/ existential dread edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-elementals who want to better themse…[View]
52050733>And here's our son's room, he's quite the fitness enthusiast…[View]
52056668Come on son, show us those gains.[View]
52047273>mom found creatine syringe[View]
52059048Reminder to have a 9 hour sleep every day for maximum health and gains.[View]
52059075>been chubby my whole life >decide its time to change it >get a gym membership >fast fow…[View]
52060489I have done a fair bit of grappling and kickboxing and although I am 5'8 170lbs I feel very con…[View]
52058577DO SHRUGS[View]
52060342Help /fit/, how can I find OEM ear buds for my powerbeats 3? All the stores and sites I'm looki…[View]
52060055You got that chalk hooped, homie?[View]
52060179Mass Gainers: Any anons try mass gainers? I've been using lmao2scoops of 100% gold standard whe…[View]
52059642I was very angry today and going ham on the cardio machines wasn’t going to cut it, and the thought …[View]
52060021Bitch tit general Pt Deux: >4 days post surgery >mild swelling, more so in the left >press…[View]
52058960Fake mires thread: Write a mire and we guess whether it really happened.[View]
52057883Home Gym building: Alright /fit/, I've barely been going to the Gym for months now because my c…[View]
52060029>tfw you finally put enough weight on the bar and notice it bowing a bit…[View]
52059348>be 6'2 >measure myself >be 5'10 Can believe I used to laugh at manlet memes…[View]
52059959>theres no gluttony, only laziness[View]
52059879>hit the gym for an hour 30 >walk home and start core exercises >fall asleep after 30 crun…[View]
52059401>be me >be newfag >be unfit fag >starting the gym next week >don't know shit abo…[View]
52058475What's are the /fit/ approved staple foods?[View]
52059026How the fuck do I track the amount of calories burned when lifting weights? Cardio is easy-to-use tr…[View]
52057748Oh cool.. chicken, rice, and veg again..[View]
52059557Why is it when I do squats my legs are sore two days later instead of the next like with everything …[View]
52059525gym cringe/beta male thread: >post em[View]
52058953Why do you lift, /fit/?[View]
52058879Is there anything wrong with adding an arm/shoulder day to my Madcow routine? I'm planning on t…[View]
52047123Redpill me on rowing, boys. >how is it for cutting? >how long should my sessions be? >shoul…[View]
52059541do you still care what people think about you /fit/? why? youre locking yourself in[View]
52059536Do you need a PCT after cycling RAD140?: Well /fit/, do you? Seems like everyone says the opposite o…[View]
52058184will i be fucked if i eat nothing but beef jerky and protein shakes to cut?[View]
52058414Is this achievable natty?[View]
52058709I need help fit. I just took the most important PT test of my life for work and failed. I only have …[View]
52055629Help With Routine Guys: Guys, so I'm currently doing a Full Body Routine 3x a week (Monday, Wed…[View]
52054087How to lift your depression away? I'm a NEET who spends 16 hours of his day on a computer. I ge…[View]
52057925Anyone else notice that gym guys are pretty decent people? If you've tried other sports you can…[View]
52059275OMAD: Would eating 1 meal a day at 8-9 pm make a 5'10 165 lose 18 pounds i normally wake up aro…[View]
52058862Rate my weight loss diet: Wake up at 10-11am and then eat until 8-9pm whatever my mom makes, do you …[View]
52059272>be me >straight >start to go to the gym to get big and to fuck girls because /fit/ said i…[View]
52059269Should I do HIIT after a push/pull workout? If yes, what exercises would be optimal for both days?[View]
52057089Push ups: I need to be able to do 50 press ups in 2 minutes with strict form, no elbows flaring out.…[View]
5205569332 year old geezer here Doing good on my lifts but realized that I don't really know how to fig…[View]
52058004Pullled an Ab Muscle and it's inhibiting some workout (e.g. feel it on OHP). What can I do to i…[View]
52058257Forearms: What's your favorite exercise to work your forearms and wrists? I'm struggling a…[View]
52057373Is True Geordie /ourguy/[View]
52043879/fat/ - stay on track edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-elementals who want to better themselv…[View]
52058563Do squats >back hurts >knees hurt >hips hurt >almost throw up from the effort and exhaus…[View]
52058401This is how my ideal /fit/ daddy husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
52049916How I change my shitty body ?: 5'7, 147 lbs, I lost 50 lbs but I didn't lift so Im just a …[View]
52056512my linear progression ended at 70kg bench press, what do?[View]
52058202Is running and dieting enough to lose weight ? Im fat again at 181cm and 97kg. Dont really like bein…[View]
52058694>rear hand clasp what is this fucker for? I have to stretch because my back and myu posture and I…[View]
52058630I try to work out 7 days a week with doing chest/triceps, back/biceps/shoulders, and leg day. That i…[View]
52058060Hello good anons, i have a problem i need some help with, i have plateaud on my squat at 60-70kg bec…[View]
52056726how do you deal with cold /fit/?[View]
52057324Why do people lie on the internet, /fit/?[View]
52058582This is good[View]
52058520>dat retard who fucked up his metabolism by only eating shitty fit food like chicken and broccoli…[View]
52058078So I appear to be +8 pounds, because of creatine water weight. Should I be including that weight in …[View]
52042458Fuck barbell rows[View]
52055498Any of you guys pinched a nerve/had an impingement? I have compression on the nerve stemming from a …[View]
52058537What's your opinion on this routine /fit/?[View]
52058469>6ft 160lb dickhead I've been lifting for about 2 years now but the last 4-5 months I went …[View]
52057539How do we bring him back?[View]
52057316Low carb high fat but not keto: >be me, a beginning lifter (four months) >Want to lose weight …[View]
52049204This is what my Chinese gf thinks of my lifting habit. Have you ever met girls who have tried to hol…[View]
52058320What’s the fastest way to loose fat without just going low calorie? Do Eca stack, drugs or supplemen…[View]
52054229>go to gym and workout >go back home to your gf after a brutal workout >see this guy laying…[View]
52056295can I just eat peanuts and cheese?[View]
52052415What is the name of this transformation?[View]
52052435Gym Psycho: >leave gym >See gym psycho >He says I look like a can of paint Share your stor…[View]
52045897>post your kryptonite /fit/ >what is your go to cheat meal, the thing you cannot resist ?…[View]
52054814Hi, im trying to get a bigger butt. Im a total neet and want to be more fit as well as the bigger bu…[View]
52052892Going Back to the gym for the first time in over a year wish me luck bros[View]
52053656Is Calum Von Moger the greatest bodybuilder of all time?: Femanon here, I’m not into fitness (I’ve a…[View]
52056958My shoulder has been hurting for 3 weeks now after a bench session. There was nothing crazy to write…[View]
52058129Best pre-workout ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PakbPPAPIpE[View]
52057293>Yes,my preworkout is coffee and a banana!How did you know?[View]
52053720I swear, even if you fuckers looked like this dude, you'd still obsess over if you had gyno or …[View]
52052486Is this appropriate gym attire[View]
52057979How can I get a local lifting group going, /fit/? I want to start a local group for guys who are pri…[View]
52057185What’s the strongest part of your body and vise versa For me it’s calves and chest[View]
52056893>be skelly >bulk for several months and become ashamed of your disgusting body before you get …[View]
52056839How can I look bigger for the beach in 2 hours >pic related[View]
52056428I have no.abs even.if my bf is low: I have veins everywhere, vascular arms, legs and shoulders... Bu…[View]
52055761Is it a good program: A program posted by a fitizen yesterday : AxBxAxBx or AxBxAxxBxAxBxx, warmup w…[View]
52057915What's the maximum number of chin up reps in one set: Perfect chin ups without touching the gro…[View]
52057901>Le cookies are ready[View]
52057840>Why yes, I do PPL[View]
52056596Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
52056136Why does 10 minutes feel like an hour on this shit?[View]
52055916I'm by no means an athlete but I do hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I'm always trying out ne…[View]
52057852>tfw can't stand the sight of fat/ugly people anymore[View]
52057510seems like a decent caloric supplement to me. thoughts?[View]
52040276Steph Buttermore: Jeff's GF is fucking fat now heheh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F0Rs_AzlN…[View]
52053896Is this is achievable natty?[View]
52049496PSA: Stop trying to hit on girls at the gym.: >no you’re not smooth. >no you’re not the only o…[View]
52056345I was cheated by the pharmaceutical industry. Thought that when start roiding from the beginning pro…[View]
52056639What do I do if I need little Debbie snacks and pizza every day. I mean I try so hard. I go to the s…[View]
52057453Is there ever a reason to do ab isolation calisthenic exercises? Can i just do burpees and leave it …[View]
52057093Big biceps: Will barbell curls/chin ups build bigger biceps than incline/regular curls?[View]
52057577You do take your multivitamins everyday, right /fit/?[View]
52053879>rapeseed oil >900 calories per 100g why aren't you doing GOOAD, gallon of oil a day?…[View]
52057509Are people that autistic that they cant fit a soda in with a meal?[View]
52057458Why the fuck are my muscles so bipolar? Last week I was able to 5x5 bench 135lbs but today I struggl…[View]
52055505How do you get this body type ?[View]
52052310Reminder to strengthen your neck[View]
52056965Help Please: I'm just getting into lifting, feel like I need to take advantage of a free gym me…[View]
52053240I hear people complaining all the time that McDonalds is disgusting, but I have to disagree. Every t…[View]
52055764How do I stop throwing up after every gym session? Been working out for 3 weeks now and I still feel…[View]
52057355I'm losing weight too fast and I feel fucking miserable. I spent last night crying about random…[View]
52050949Butters More: How the hell do you go from this...[View]
52056340Post and rate your gym owners[View]
52055742Working out w/out eating beforehand: Can I do my daily calisthenics without eating before them or no…[View]
52056413I drink 3 liters of milk and eat a satsuma and 100mg of nuts per day. I don't need anything els…[View]
52054508You have 10 seconds to name a more autistic exercise than farmer walks. Just did a set in my gym and…[View]
52056939Motivational thread: Post motivational quotes or images for or our fallen anons[View]
52054477>women are allowed to be anywhere from 18-30% bodyfat and be considered good looking >men need…[View]
52056138Am I overweight for my height?[View]
52052653What are the benefits of doing BTN presses?[View]
52056704800mg of caffeine. Am i going to die? Normal bpm is 65[View]
52057122Why even live when no qt wife to lift with?[View]
52057063>Sorry, I don’t do breakfast.[View]
52057111Can any science bros help me understand these studies on creatine? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pub…[View]
52056974AMA: What do you think?[View]
52054448>170kg Squat >175 kg Deadlift[View]
52056926How fast do you lose bf %: Currently at ~22% bf Eating at a deficit of 500-800 kcal Getting atleast …[View]
52056610So you fell for the NO FAP meme[View]
52053708how many calories is a chicken thigh? It says 25 grams of protein per 100g but it doesnt say anythin…[View]
52056383Body Recomposition: Have any of you tried body recomposition while you were a novice? What did you s…[View]
52054940Looking for clarification for lifting for combat sports. The goal here is to burn fat and improve mu…[View]
52051230How do you know if you're over-training? What exactly is it? Does this even happen if you keep …[View]
52043449Martial Arts general: What is the best martial art to get /fit/? What is the best martial art to sho…[View]
52054883Oh no, no, no, no[View]
52055606>/fit/, i'm hungry! cook something for me! what are you going to cook, anon?…[View]
52053801>*crack* nice hiss. Time to Bang out some reps at the gym.[View]
52053429Are tomatoes /fit/? Discuss ITT[View]
52056089What foods should I eat to get around 200 grams of protein per day?: Are protein bars actually good …[View]
52055102What are some leg workouts I can do without squat rack? Dumbbells in pic related only go up to 14kg.…[View]
52056535Bulking: Since Summer is basically over it is time to start bulking again. I'm running a slight…[View]
52056468Guys you used to think were huge[View]
52044331God tier fighting styles: What are some god tier fighting styles to learn fit? Mostly for self defen…[View]
52056394Ideal time to workout ?: Im new to working out and I know theres probably a bunch of broscience out …[View]
52050895>he roided for this (500mg test a week) Worth it?[View]
52042323/fit/ & /sig/ wallpapers: Post wallpapers that inspire you and motivate you.[View]
52055014a question for those who've experienced body dysmorphia and are still experiencing it, how do y…[View]
52055517>knee arthritis and a hernia at 18 Is life just NOT for some people? How bad is this?…[View]
52056009Rate my dinner, /fit/.[View]
52052935Can someone explain abs to me? Everyone says its all about low body fat percentage and not building…[View]
52052261Well /fit/? Morning or night shower? >http://www.strawpoll.me/18502561[View]
52055532Jacked and Tan 2.0: Anybody tried Jacked and Tan 2.0 program? If i plan hypertrophy block would be P…[View]
52055800Hey anon, I hope you've depleted your glycogen stores today by doing your weight training![View]
52054537/ourguy/: I have not seen a single post about Greg Doucette on this board. He BTFO Jeff Nippard, Ste…[View]
52054795> today was able to do 3 pull ups with decent form > when I started training could not even ha…[View]
52056104Mk677: Anyone here us MK677/ibutamoren? How is it? Also is pic related on steroids or nah?[View]
52054553Is there anything wrong with pizza when it fits my calories and macros?[View]
52056041He will squat 500kg one day. if you want to be strong follow his lead https://youtu.be/segq1K6vuCc[View]
52054285Im slowly killing myself: >be depressed >lift weights to feel less depressed >do more volum…[View]
52054884How to estimate calories for lifting?: DYEL here, 80 kg, 172 cm. I'm going to have access to a …[View]
52055651Shitting three times in the morning: Everytime when I wake up in the morning I always end up taking …[View]
52052930Is he natty?[View]
52051771Im workin out with you wes[View]
52054994Has anyone else become attracted exclusively to varbies since you started lifting? I judge women who…[View]
52055314/sleep/: What have you done to improve your sleep quality?[View]
52045376/fig/-fitness improvement general: This thread is for advice on improving your physical, mental, and…[View]
52040529QTDDTOT: 'Ask a question, anon-boy.'[View]
52051957Acne Scar Removal: Has anyone here had experience with laser acne scar removal? Mine aren't dee…[View]
52055417Bosu ball bicep curl shoulder press squats: Is this the most based exercise? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
52052043Can I die from taking too much supplements?[View]
52055341how do i measure calories in a pizza from a restaurant?: i know dominos or what ever they have a web…[View]
52055155upper chest (clavicular head) is the hardest muscle to grow change my mind[View]
52052017>3 weeks on a cut >still not lean >mfw…[View]
52037556>Tfw taking 250mg of yohimbe stacked with 300mg of caffeine in a fasted state Anyone else know th…[View]
52054372Reset week?: Are reset weeks a meme? If not is there anything to do to minimize gains loss? Have a t…[View]
52055211Share your recent PRs and goals you accomplished ITT.[View]
52020672Balding general: Why hasn’t science found a permanent cure instead of only delaying hair loss?…[View]
52035749progress pic thread[View]
52054260Should gyms have a height requirement of at least 6'1? I'm tired of midgets hogging all th…[View]
52055285what is the ideal set range (heavy 5 reps) per week for >sq >dl >bp >ohp >chinup/bbro…[View]
52049880Hey /fit/, pretty new to this board. Came here to ask about how testosterone. How can I increase my …[View]
52052847>Get Bradycardia from anorexia >Heart rate between 45 and 63 >Doctor has me on 1700 calori…[View]
52054690Post your backs and rate others[View]
52055210Why do almost all manlets at the gym wear pic related shoes? Today I saw two cardio bunnies laughing…[View]
52054810Diet and roitine for pic related 18yo, 6ft 3, 205lbs, 20%bf[View]
52054513What are your thoughts on Eugen Sandow and his routine of high reps and low weight while focusing on…[View]
52054788Cope with soreness: How to deal with muscle soreness and recover faster after hard workouts?[View]
52055004I couldn't lift for a whole year I can start again last time I stopped I was at 1/2/2.5/3 this …[View]
52052212From a 20 year old youngling who started lifting a year ago, to my older, more experienced anons on …[View]
52052951when is it ok to take a rest day? i've been trying to bulk and people told me to just eat a lot…[View]
52054700This is how my ideal /fit/ husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
52050138>tfw I literally can't stop eating Why the fuck does food have to taste so good.…[View]
52054429Upper Chest Workout?: Alright Guys I am a noob and would like to know how to target the Upper Chest …[View]
52053917>fapping >about to come >look at my biceps >come Is this what making it feels like?…[View]
52049289Fit approved ice creams: So I got pic related because it was only fifty cents, pretty sure they got …[View]
52054715'Hey PRAG! Did you hide my syringes in the usual spot? COs lurking'[View]
52054613Could you recommend some simple but working training plans for intermediate lifter?[View]
52054583So if i start boxing and going to the gym 5x a week, will i lose my gym gains[View]
52053667How do i stop being a weak piece of shit? pic related 67.1kg 190cm[View]
52053872>when you went to the gym for years and end up uglier[View]
52053853Yes you can be stronger!: Read that if you lack motivation in life. And stop complaining. https://fi…[View]
52054506>lower back doms[View]
52048911EC Stack: Give it to me straight, is an EC stack worth it for cutting? How much will it help me?…[View]
52053288Shoulder pain: Hey /fit/ Ive been getting shoulder pain in the areas I circled on the Image. Ive sta…[View]
52054068TOO MUCH PROTEIN: So I just did a full body checkup and it ends up that my urine has a high level of…[View]
52054230>gym twink started powerlifting a few months ago and is now obese and gets out of breath when wal…[View]
52053575Mucuna Pruriens: What the fuck? How can this be legal? I took one 3.75g capsule and felt a warm glow…[View]
52054100Push + Squats Pull + Deadlifts XAXBXAB[View]
52044938No /fph/?[View]
52051023Why do gyms even allow this?[View]
52054045Obi Vincent: Is he natty? Dude does “crosslifting”[View]
52052971How does /fit/ pass time while cutting: Should i buy a playstation? I used to play cod but i bet tha…[View]
52053294Is this shit unhealthy? I don’t see anything too bad. I have chronic fatigue like legit cancer dying…[View]
52046357is ppl a good routine for beginners at all? pic unrelated[View]
52053856>take three spoons of pre-workout booster >prepare to head out to gym >need to shit first …[View]
52052737Long water fasting: I am planning to make a 7 days water fasting ,i ve lost much weight and have at …[View]
52016031Last mire thread archived, I’ll start: >>52003302 >Be me >Brother is home from college, …[View]
52048731> tfw fatties only mire you[View]
52053185Lasagna Bulk: I have been thinking, My local supermarket sells 1 KG of lasagna for 2,79 euro's.…[View]
52053418Boba Health: Is drinking too much boba bad for you, /fit/?[View]
52052820Well, apparently shitty genetics + sedentary childhood and adolescence condenmed to: >Stick-sized…[View]
52052805Anyone can get fit if they try. I work 60 hours a week, have a gf, have hobbies and still lift. What…[View]
52052975r8 my legs /fit/ Post ur soccer legs faggots, or do u only go to gym and dont practice any sport?[View]
52051676>in a 1000 years there will only be lab-grown mutant superfoods that taste like whatever the fuck…[View]
52052123HELP: Are the calorie numbers on the boxes that food comes in accurate? What about foods like nugget…[View]
52042951dysmorphics btfo[View]
52028535/fraud/: natty feels edition[View]
52053281I have no idea why I do anything anymore, been doing BJJ for 8 years and can't figure out why I…[View]
52053020How many days should you lift?: Is hitting the gym everyday bad?[View]
52049540Are personal trainers worth it? What are you experience so far with them? Also girl vs bro trainers,…[View]
52050897What is a good caloric maintenance calculator that has worked for you guys? I want to go into a sli…[View]
52043038back to school thread: poast >uni >routine/activities >diet >goals >best places to hi…[View]
52052980What does it take to maintain strength?: Suppose that you've reached some kind of weight-liftin…[View]
52025755CBT: Have been hitting shoulders really hard to balance my body out. How am I doing? 6'2 76kg…[View]
52043740Motivation thread: We’re all gonna make it bros: Post your recent accomplishments[View]
52045217>Just got word that your cellie was benching at the squat rack.His ass needs to get booked before…[View]
52051494Is calories in, calories out bullshit? I know people who seem to eat next to nothing, yet aren’t los…[View]
52050576Soy: How bad is it[View]
52051896how do I fix this: height: 171cm 5'7 weight: 51kg 112lbs bmi 17.?? (doesnt even matter) Is this…[View]
52052702Just did 12 push ups. AMA[View]
52052537I will deadlift in these shoes. Your opinion?[View]
52042365What do after SS: Full body 3times a week Upper lower 4times a week PPL 6times a week I don't c…[View]
52052721I got all this dumbbell stuff for super cheap at a thrift store today, and I used wooden chest with …[View]
52048781surfing: Moving to a place that is famous for surfing for 6 months. Never surfed in my life, going t…[View]
52051793Do not use perfumed soaps, especially on the genitals. They attract arthopods.[View]
52051929How to achieve this body type?[View]
52048824What's the most caffeine you have ever done? For me around 500 mg while sudying, anyone done 1g…[View]
52046972Redbull PWO: Is redbull a good pre-workout drink, /fit/?[View]
52051083What do you lift for?: For me, it's pic related. I want to be fit so the people looking at my a…[View]
52051296Hey PRAG, roll for reps of your least favourite exercise[View]
52044665Anyone confident they could beat him in a street fight? Below pic is my current body[View]
52051393clean and jerk tips: just started experimenting with clean and jerk... anyone got any tips?[View]
52052642During Cycle vs After Cycle[View]
52046852hello retards. I'm a girl (idk if that matters) im a little overweight (5kg) and planning to lo…[View]
52052516/fit/ how do I get this mode[View]
52045406I miss old era misc lads. The world was all good when i was a shredded normie. This place here has t…[View]
52052454Is my diet managable?: Sup /fit/, Newfag here, Just wondering if my calorie deficit would be managab…[View]
52052439Is there a way to make you more tolerant to pain in your hands. Do i have to do that taxi driver shi…[View]
52051362i'm having trouble breathing in while doing hanging leg raises, to the point that i'm gett…[View]
52039454How long did it take you to squat 225?[View]
52051196How do i acquire mass?[View]
52051550JUST TOOK MY PREWORKOUT BROS. WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT. also is creatine really that bad?[View]
52051807Hey /fit/ I just wanted you to know that I initially came here because I wanted advice on how to not…[View]
52049819rate this reddit meme routine[View]
52052032Well what you think? Meme or nah[View]
52050604Nearly a year after his mysterious and untimely death at age 40, there are still no clues as to how …[View]
520504985x5 or SS: Which is more of a meme and which is actually good for beginners? I'm a fat piece of…[View]
52047895R8 progress[View]
52051781What would happen if I dumbbell OHP every single fucking day?[View]
52049383What is my BF % ?: Im 5'7, 146 lbs I lost 50 lbs ( 20 kg ) but I didn't lift so Im just a…[View]
52051897How much weight will I lose in one week if I run 6 kilometers a day and water fast with snake juice?[View]
52050746Any tips on how to not be so bored at the gym? It really isn't the physical side of things for …[View]
52050315Reminder for all: Sleep: Why yes i do indeed get 8 hours of sleep or more. How'd you know?…[View]
52048589Channing Tatum has always been pretty fit. Is he /ourguy/ ?[View]
52049070Did i make it /fit/[View]
52051736Dammit: Those random shitty workouts, amirite?[View]
52049607This is the guy who makes an anime show about fitness[View]
52050822Calories at night = better sleep: I used to wake up during the night after 4-5 hours and would have …[View]
52049006How much do you need to bench to actually build a chest? I remember being stoked when I finally hit …[View]
52051062Sleepy while on diet/IMF: Hey fit I an on a 1000kcal deficit and am doing 16:8 fasting and I find I …[View]
52051203Strong skinny fat: Hey all, I know its like the most overdone question in the world to ask what to d…[View]
52049797Hey /fit/, I hope you remembered to do your cardio this week.[View]
52050888do you ever get mires from close friends and relatives?[View]
52045656Are there any fitness/self-improvement related cults?[View]
52051094>his cravings consist of sweets, not salty/spicey low-calorie glory holy shit you fucking nigger …[View]
52051334>Let's see what health and fitness is being discussed toda-[View]
52046758Lifting while on LSD?: if I don't have easy access to caffeine, would it be a good idea to go l…[View]
52051160Bodyweight fitness/calisthentics: Well /fit/, life's hit me hard recently and I need to do some…[View]
52050433What difference do carry handles for farmers walks even do? Pic related[View]
52046695Does fapping make you lazy?: Is /nofap/ based and fit pilled? >I find if I fap I get lazy and unm…[View]
52049539BANANAS>MEAT: LMFAO why the fuck are you even eating meat when its all about bananas. Gorillas do…[View]
52050892I'm 6'1 380 lbs, I just want to be under 300 lbs before 2019 ends. Should I go on Keto lik…[View]
52048371Hunting: Is hunting the most /fit/ hobby? >raises testosterone >teaches patience >hiking th…[View]
52050164Why am i not gaining any weight? I've started working out a couple of months ago. My strength g…[View]
52049857I guess Adam Levine started lifting again: This isn't the cardio yoga physique, see his thirtie…[View]
52036354What physique attracts the most women[View]
52048767>'I know, I'll only spend an hour on 4chan or playing a videogame!' >*10 hours later* …[View]
52050589Healthy and unsalty??: I take a lot of pride in my diet and in not using 'cheat days' because good n…[View]
52049222why am I so shit at running: why am I so shit at running. Even since 4th grade I couldn't run f…[View]
52031333bulking foods thread[View]
52049950>it's really hard to maintain 7% body fat long term Why do normies say this?…[View]
52050228What if there was a pill that flexed all of your muscles as hard as they can go for 5-10 minutes? Yo…[View]
52046793All right /fit/, you’ve been zapped back in time to the 14th century. Because of your massive size a…[View]
52048252I'm having trouble getting my lifts up post-novice progression. I initially started with Texas …[View]
52050565How many chinups in a row should I be able to do? I can do 15, 20 if I kip on half of them. Is that …[View]
52049699How is my routine? Training with low reps gets me injured[View]
52050555Does being at a higher lean weight earlier in life mean you can bulk at a faster rate later if you’r…[View]
52050474Walks after workout: So I have anxiety and like to have a 15minute walk to clear my mind after a wor…[View]
52044957gym cringe/beta male thread: >post em[View]
52042973What’s the MOST amount of fat/weight you’ve gained in a week? What happened[View]
52047427/cbt/ tread can someone estimate my bodyfat ?[View]
52050154What's the best lifting band and why is it Type O?[View]
52049125Why are apes so strong without working out?[View]
52047082Extreme heat from bulking I’m a skinny tall young guy, it’s been recommended to me several times on …[View]
52018538/running/ - Comfy Workout Views Edition: To all the C25K folks: remember, you're going to make …[View]
52046897My pull up bar is leaning a little bit to one side Will doing chin ups with one arm higher make it b…[View]
52036837>Get Bradycardia from anorexia >Heart rate between 45 and 63 >Doctor has me on 1700 calori…[View]
52048114When do we start punishing cheaters? Anyone who used roids need to either have their own gyms or ha…[View]
52049248just bought the gold standard vanilla. how do I drink this shit without gagging/throwing up ? this i…[View]
52049566I* can't stop jacking off and it's ruining my gains: Had my blood tested and free test was…[View]
52046446I ate a tub of ice cream for lunch[View]
52049849Puffy nipple bros listen to my words! Try pinching your nipples then applying this around the areola…[View]
52048561When you started lifting were you super fucking weak? Did you have to start barbell lifts under 100 …[View]
52048384Most optimal routine according to women preferences?: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/after-…[View]
52049754Is there a substitute for incline bench? I fucking hate it but I want to target my upper chest more[View]
52048471>how can you explain that guy that can eat fucking 4 burgers a day and stay skeleton lvl skinny? …[View]
52049664If you can’t name every muscle present in this picture then you’re a casual.[View]
52049609Are snakes the most /fit/ animal?: -So strong and fast that can kill their prey in seconds via const…[View]
52012946/LiftingWaifus/: anime girls lifting threads[View]
52048823Goggins Motivation: Did you stay hard today, /fit/?[View]
52047989Protein shakes recipes: poorfag edition: >Be me >Live in latinoamerica >Have easy access to…[View]
52047237Will shooting HGH directly into my penis make it bigger? It is technically an organ[View]
52043115>tfw husbando is now a mecha-husbando[View]
52049296When did your progress stop?: Talking on a progression programme, I'm doing 5x5 SL right now, a…[View]
52048970Is there a difference between doing standing OHP and dumbbell OHP?[View]
52046578At what bf% does your face improve? As I lost 60 lbs and I feel like I cannot continue with this veg…[View]
52048682Did /fit/ do its job?[View]
52049343did i make it as a teenager /fit/: thanks brahs[View]
52048841Gove it to me straight, what are the odds juicing at 23 will fuck my endocrine system and natty test…[View]
52043998/npg/ Neckpill General: Objective truth: You can NEVER know how attractive you truly are unless you …[View]
52048898Lifting for women: I started lifting just for her and she was my main focus of motivation but turns …[View]
52047024When did you realize that lifting wouldn't solve any of your problems? I just go to the gym now…[View]
52044524this will kill the /fit/[View]
52046408How do I achieve this aesthetic?[View]
52049064How long do you stay lift on a given day? Can one make it with 1 hour per day with 1-2min breaks bet…[View]
52041863Body weight exercises (Calisthenics): Hey guys. It's been a year I started Calisthenics. I…[View]
52048932hello frens, I've made the conscious decision to stop being an overweight manlet and get strong…[View]
52046977>In life, if you wanna be noticed, you gotta be a fuckin' ripped cunt. You gotta be a shredd…[View]
52047857Ways to widen shoulders?: I have decent shoulders but i want gigachad tier[View]
52045368>can lift all I want >will still have shitty insertions and odd proportions Why did my body ha…[View]
52044217Why are they always so horny?[View]
52048279Why is my body fat percentage falling at half the rate I expected?[View]
52046310going to bed slightly hungry. yes or no?[View]
52044873>the average r/bodybuilding user mogs 99.9% of this whole board Why haven’t you taken the reddit…[View]
52047792>gym >group of 16-18yo talking >hear one sentence that i will remember forever 'I'm n…[View]
52026190She's not wrong[View]
52048832>The gym paladins set fire to the squat racks again[View]
52046185New Rule.: Men under 6' are not allowed to breed. >I'm sick of you short stacks, I don…[View]
52047057anyone here that does only calisthenics[View]
52044084Men only gym fucking when?[View]
52042662fuck fuck fuck fuck: >be me >like 10 minutes ago >injected myself with testosterone enantha…[View]
52043559New to losing weight, where do I start? I read the sticky but I'm still a bit confused. I'…[View]
52048388Ex users: Any ex users here? Just got clean of dope, no subs or methadone. Quit smoking and drinking…[View]
52048404Is this it /fit/?: Am I on the road towards getting a qt lifting gf or am I reading too much into th…[View]
52041675Anybody else have a weird autistic fantasy about putting their powder under a faucet and ruining it …[View]
52042912How bad is my back rounding on the 205lbs set here? 250 is my new 5rep max, but I feel like my back …[View]
52047488Anyone ever try this? I call it the half-ubermensh. >lift every 1h >3 sets each time, at 33%, …[View]
52048241It's official. I can bench more than I deadlift.[View]
52045057Has anyone here had a beard trasplant procedure?[View]
52045578i took 3 scoops guys[View]
52048031Uh Guys...: I can easily eat 24 eggs smothered in cottage cheese and not even feel full. Wat do…[View]
52048277Reminder to not neglecting lateral raises and never working out traps.[View]
52046660Powerlifting: What is the purpose of powerlifting if its not for competition? Because it can't …[View]
52046152ITT: delicious shakes[View]
52044924Just ordered a pair of 90 lbs dumbbells. They are cheap chink shit, but at least i sprung fot the ir…[View]
52048216Is it a good or bad idea to run 1-2km at a fast pace on leg day as part of your routine?[View]
52047192whats your current workout split ? anyone do the full body 3 day split? as a noob, i.m tempted[View]
52048049exercise fail: so i've done follow the advice from the sticky notes, but i still have this ugly…[View]
52047480serious question: Why are normies so fucking clueless about anything related to fitness/nutrition/ro…[View]
52047393ok so whole fat milk >each brick (1L) gives you 32.2 g of protein >costs 80 cents >>1 g…[View]
52046571Wow! All the things I can't do rolled into one[View]
52047684Blood test said my testitosterone was 0 ngl. What does this mean?[View]
52046260texas method: how do you manage your accessory lifts on the Texas Method ? Is it the same principle …[View]
52047034am I overtraining?: absolute retard here I've been doing full body workouts 3 times a week for …[View]
52047545hi /fit/ I've lost around 30 pounds so far. In June I was at 298, and now this morning I'm…[View]
52046226Should I buy this?[View]
52043077Sports: Which sport requires the most athleticism? Also, do non-American countries have rodeo?…[View]
52045814Im a 6 feet tall man im 21, how many calories do i need to hit maintenance? 3000?[View]
52037916Would you?[View]
52047438Banned from my swimming pool for my flipflops: UK Size 13, cheap, only ones I could find that fit me…[View]
52047125What happened to this fag?[View]
52044761MAG: Martial Arts General. Discuss fighting, training, and such. What kind of weightlifting should I…[View]
52041699Lifting/Diet in Asia: American chub moving to Taiwan for at least one year. I'm probably about …[View]
52047162Do shoulder workouts like ohp and Arnold press translate to wider shoulders or bigger delts[View]
52046415>22 years old and 5'4 >grew up in poor neighborhoods, got beat up all throughout school b…[View]
52047422any french /fit/ people here? looking for gym suggestion/hike buddy[View]
52047264How do I get as close to a ufc fighter body without going on gear?[View]
52047260I have started boxing, and I am wondering how, and even IF, I can gain muscle mass whilst doing card…[View]
52045865Alright faggots let's settle this once and for all. How ripped/big can you get with bodyweight …[View]
52046229How do I acquire such a physique?[View]
52044316Does your mom gawk at your body?: If not, you’re not gonna make it. >tfw Dad is getting jealous…[View]
52046777L sitting club: OK /fit/. When I am fully honest with myself, I have to admit that I cannot do a pro…[View]
52044764SUNDAY AGAIN!: Have you gone on your long run yet today, /fit/?[View]
52046104>be me >heading to gym, driving through my back alley >get to the exit, but another car pul…[View]
52040219Do people say hello to you when you work out?[View]
52046533Count your /fit/ blessings: ITT: you recall things inherent about you as a person that contributed t…[View]
52045361Hit my coccyx maybe 1 and a half month ago: How much longer will it hurt?currently it hurts only whe…[View]
520463616 month weight loss: How is it possible to go from 107KG (238lbs) to 86KG (190lbs) and still look fa…[View]
52043794What are you looking forward to in your life, /fit/? Do you have a clear idea of how you want your l…[View]
52046414whats better: yo /fit/ should i make myself a home gym for 300$ or should i just go to the gym(its 5…[View]
52042114Normies,man. I swear to God[View]
52045008Exercise for depression: Exercise constantly comes up as an option to help beat depression without t…[View]
52045815How to achieve BUFFALO mode?[View]
52045468Is he natty? This was in 1971, before personal trainers.[View]
52046313What are the best martial arts for taking down fat “““people”””[View]
52044251Can I live off chicken and rice cooked in olive oil for the rest of my life? I don't like think…[View]
52046376What are you doing after...: ...eating pic related? >Going for a jog? >Lifting? >going into…[View]
52046488Shill pill me on supplements just got some gaba and dhea[View]
52046356Ruined my date with a tinder slut >match black girl >go to movies >she feels my shirt that…[View]
52044810I’m skinny and I saw another adult skinny man outside today. I was kinda disgusted. I don’t want to …[View]
52044286Am I running too hard? >pic related; heart rate zone[View]
52030985>Sit my ass on couch or lay on bed for 6 months >Feel fatter and my body doesn't feel rig…[View]
52038285He did. The absolute madman fucking did it.[View]
52046311Once you make it... then what? Me, I'm gonna take a week off to myself and go take a powered pa…[View]
52030592Farmer Walks: Why are these such a meme?[View]
52046120>When you just started lifting and you can see your veins pop out.[View]
52045696HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE LIFT 6 TIMES A WEEK PLUS DO CARDIO??? I lift 3x a week (5x5) and I try to run…[View]
52044401Help me /fit I'm getting mad. For about a month i feel a discomfort in my left side and sometim…[View]
52045851Is this a legit beginner program? I'm leaving out the cable crunches, because homegym[View]
52041431Has this ever happened to you, /fit/?[View]
52044140>Accidently run 30 minutes on a lifting day >'''my bad'''…[View]
52045511>be me in 2015, teenager living with my parents >get appendicitis, parents don’t realize this …[View]
52043975What are some workout programs with just dumbbells? I have about 200lb for them and some kettlebells…[View]
52045600Hopping on Roids before lifting: So I can do 12 dead hang pull ups, 40 full range push ups and I alm…[View]
52043685My leg hurts[View]
52045191Ok, one of those threads again. How to I capitalize on my gains? I learned that if you're an au…[View]
52044756How do I get flexibility gains so I can suck my own dick? I’m 6’0 god emperor of the manlets[View]
52045454What is the most /fit/ Pizza?[View]
52044228>go on a trip >stop lifting for a week >lose 10 lbs on every single lift Is this normal?…[View]
52043640Are these things a legit easy way to eat 'clean'? Does anyone here have one? I'm planning on bu…[View]
52041645has anyone tried it?[View]
52045250My mother has bowel issues in her older age, and I want to avoid such a life. I figure the first ste…[View]
52042804>its the daily forced 45 minutes of cardio fuck i fucking hate cardio so fucking much…[View]
52045495How long should it be before you increase weight, /fit/? Been on SS for a bit less than 2 months now…[View]
52039764since doing squats and other leg exercises have you guy's butts felt firmer[View]
52044671>why yes i do OHP in the squat rack how did you tell ?[View]
52045319how to achieve this body?[View]
52045352how do you fix a lack of self-awareness? is it part of a beneficial mindset like some people claim o…[View]
52039928Help me find my problem to no gains 20 years old 155lbs(68-69kg) 6’3”(190cm) Currently doing nSuns 6…[View]
52041697Kyriakos Grizzly: What a magnificent, imposing and powerful stature. I have genuinely never been so …[View]
52044587>Spending three bucks on a can of Monster. >Not /sip/ping on a budget. Ngmi…[View]
52045194Did you jump rope today?[View]
52044902Hypothetically if somebody did just squats, deadlifts and presses, would their arms get big?[View]
52043704Definitely not a Push-up thread: I guess push up threads are illegal now...[View]
52044454How fucked am I?: Hi, i was skinny for my while life, now its my first bulk. My nipples became puffy…[View]
52044187Sup /fit/, I'll be going to Vietnam/Cambodia for 40 days and will be zipping through each count…[View]
52041671Anal Fissure: Am I going to die? Will I join Zyzz? What happens if I leave it untreated because I do…[View]
52044812Today's routine day Leg day for me >4x4 DL @80% >3x8 Squat @75% >Lunges 3x12 >Neck …[View]
52041449Infographics thread![View]
52041913is he right, /fit/?[View]
52043351Anyone got a chart like this but for yoga stretches ?[View]
52038916The fuck did you just say about my cutting?[View]
52040648Reddit PPL: Is reddit PPL the best workout for Beginners/early intermediates? PUSH 4x5, 1x5+ bench p…[View]
52044894How do I handsmaxx?[View]
52043563>read a lift in american numbers >'whoa that's impressive' >convert it to white man nu…[View]
52044385My right hip pops/grinds constantly. I can hear and feel it, and that area feels sore often. It…[View]
52042065Have any of you used Antranik's hip flexibility program? Is it worth the money?[View]
52044337Sweet potatoes truly are the most based food[View]
52041676>blocks path[View]
52043538Mike Israetel and volume: There was a thread about optimal volume by Mike Israetel yesterday >…[View]
52042926>a glass of milk: 10g of protein >a glass of sheep's blood: 54g of protein Why aren'…[View]
52042770HOW LONG?: How long would it take to grow a beard like this? I heard beards increase testosterone in…[View]
52042171What to do with my dyel friends: My friends suddenly got into fitness and want me to train with them…[View]
52036434>be at the gym with gf >this guy comes and slaps your gf’s ass in front of you >your gf smi…[View]
52039478>TFW you realize you're constantly in competition with everyone else and everyone wants you …[View]
52041233making a tofu miso soup >adds bit's of chicken to it Sorry vegans.…[View]
52043731Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I feel like there is a magic barrier that repels all the…[View]
52043622/fit/, does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the extra attention they get after they get fit?: I …[View]
52042743inspiration thread. Anyone feel really good seeing a overweight person starting to lose weight?[View]
52042842I am relatively new in the gym, how can I lose fat (usually in the abdomen) and gain muscle mass?[View]
52042489Can someone red pill me on Saturated Fats? More specifically the saturated fats in dark chocolate, I…[View]
52031804Any /fit/ NEETs here? If so, what do you do for money to afford gym, supplements, food, etc,.[View]
52044212Heatlhy Living: What are some home essentials for your /fit/ lifestyle? What is your goal living spa…[View]
52040765Why is this guy so unlikable?[View]
52044063I don't get it. What does he mean by 'side chest'.[View]
52043940How do I stop snoring?: My future wife is gonna hate that I snore and I don’t want it to strain our …[View]
52044165What are some good martial arts for street fights against fat people, packs of niggers, methheads, a…[View]
52041605Just came from the club and banged some 18 year old stacy along the way >t.45 year old boomer who…[View]
52042817has imaginary lat syndrome gone too far?[View]
52043847What is this waist line dent called? How does one get this and is it related to hip dips ?[View]
52043536Cardio during off days?: Anons, I'm a relatively new beginner using the Starting Strength progr…[View]
52042588Tfw 19 but commonly mistaken for 23. It works in my favor for now but does this mean i wont be aging…[View]
52043176I stopped working out for about a month and got really depressed and I want to start going again. So…[View]
52042723Broke my collarbone 1 month ago and haven't been able to train at all during that time, and hav…[View]
52041327How long should I jog for every day? I've been reading articles and they always recommend an ho…[View]
52042275Any advice on /fa/ active wear? This is going to sound gay but me and my gf are going to do a cyclin…[View]
52041655Have you had your daily cup of shit-water yet anon?[View]
52041826Rate my squat: Back when I squatted 4pl8 I know its not deep enough but I want to try and get back t…[View]
52043578>tfw sunday gym: About to kill a back/bis day bruvs it's gonna go like this: >Chins 3-4xF…[View]
52043660*frame mogs you* pssst, nothing personnal, m*n[View]
52040611Is it *realistically* possible to get this type of body just doing home exercises without any equipm…[View]
52043543Back posture: how to fix anterior pelvic tilt and rounded shoulders /fit/bros? I doubt I can make a…[View]
52042999>woke up with strep throat >as the day goes by start feeling more and more weak Oh fuck, oh sh…[View]
52043172How do I achieve this physique?[View]
52043071Will pic related help me cut? >2.5mg albuterol, 5mg GW 2.5mg yohimbine HCL and 40mcg T3 Any tips …[View]
52040729I physically can't eat meat. Some cunts in pre School forced me to eat meat and now anytime I t…[View]
52039005Rate todays bulk Macros (6.8k calories): 505g protein 674g carbs 215g fat Also did 50 sets of back a…[View]
52040299Would training under increase gravity be effective? I'm talking 1.1x or 1.2x, not something ani…[View]
52039605>McDonald’s right next to gym[View]
52038282Dude look at his face lol! He'll never make it, not with those genetics xd Don't bother li…[View]
52043280So finished week 5 and my squats finally caught up to deadlifts. I want to change to a new program t…[View]
52043242Everytime I hear about a new terrorism incident, the first thing I think is 'please be a manlet, ple…[View]
52038274>lets dirty bulk together anon[View]
52042641help: 12th day in the gym today /fit/ bros I’m 78 kgs and 6 foot tall, I just do some gay machine ex…[View]
52042860How do you deal with a gym bully /fit/? My local gym has a bully that refuses to rerack his weights,…[View]
52042236Best core workouts for strength? Are the major compound lifts increasing my core strength enough or…[View]
52042612>why yes I do not lift, How coud you tell?[View]
52040292What is their workout routine? Do you think Leo gets more cardio than plowing <25yo top pussy? An…[View]
52042085Whey: Is there a single flavor that doesn't taste like sugary candy? I can't drink shit th…[View]
52042791How much protein is too much? I am on a very restricted diet (no dairy, eggs, nuts, onions, or wheat…[View]
52042773What kind of gains can I expect if I move to the jungle and live amongst the apes? I would be doing …[View]
52040689Started lifiting a week ago and now im always hungry: its 3am and nothing is open and i dont want to…[View]
52033743Do yourself a favor and go vegan if don't want to end like him /YdgHtv[View]
52042608my breathing is fucked up: idk why but i feel the air expanding my lower rib downward and it makes m…[View]
52042735No Burn?: I've been lifting for a year now, and when I first began I could clearly feel a burn …[View]
52034127So this is the guy telling you it’s all about the face: Whoa[View]
52042436How do I achieve the false grip if I need to jump in order to catch the rings? Can I transition to i…[View]
52040952Looking for your most fit recipe mash ups to put on top of rice. For instance: I cook together groun…[View]
52041779After a gruesome period of trial and error I finally understand it; porn is what causes the brainfog…[View]
52040773REAR DELT GENERAL /RDG/: How do I grow this?? Pic related they're censored because its a trigge…[View]
52035627>had 525g protein today Im fucking growing bros[View]
52041370>favorite protein bar has s.o.y protein isolate in it[View]
52030725How much do you have to lift to be able to wear a belt and weightlifting shoes without looking like …[View]
52040440Is this still achievable natty?[View]
52041120How does this look for a program during my cut? Dropping about 15-20 pounds and getting shredded, bu…[View]
52036069guys really live in apartments like this and dont see any issue[View]
52040507How much protein useful?: If I'm bulking and easily hit 1g per lbs of bodyweight is there any u…[View]
52038290>wope up at 8pm >awake until 4pm >sleep until 2pm >now still awake at 6am Being a neet …[View]
52042298Macros+Stats: Post you Macros and height&weight. >3600-4000kcal >500Carbs >250Protein …[View]
52038358how come these physiques AREN'T attainable natty anymore? What happened?[View]
52023016What's a dead giveaway that someone isn't natty?[View]
52040355Psychological effects of high test: Over the past year I've been implementing various health pr…[View]
52041219homegym alternative for leg curls?[View]
52041811Give me 1 (one) reason to go to the gym today.[View]
52040706Hard lumps under skin: >one on my shin >one around the pelvis >one on either side of the n…[View]
52042149I have 45 minutes each day for working out.: What would be the best routines I could hammer out in 4…[View]
52035999Why does 1/2/3/4 exist when the average deadlift is only 17% higher than the back squat?[View]
52041447>start bulking out of skellydom >start feeling fat and ugly >stop bulking…[View]
52038561/fit/ness memes which nobody can agree on: >eating bread >eating meat >drinking alcohol …[View]
52042139>'Good. Now drop and give me 50 sucks.'[View]
52040080How much juice do I need to drink to get this big bros[View]
52041593How do I fix my fucking posture?[View]
52034755How strong were you after 2 months of an LP?[View]
52041389>just deadlift bro >its real test of strenght bro…[View]
52037554>I don't NEED coffee, I just like it, and I can quit anytime. It helps me focus better and i…[View]
52039301Why do people tell me I “look like anime.” Is that an insult?[View]
52029604Verdict on beef jerky?[View]
52039375best gym feelings: i'll start >hitting a new DL pr and holding it at the top of the rep for …[View]
52039896I've been working out for 2 weeks and have no progress should I just give up?[View]
52031641/fat/ - Makin' it edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For lard-elementals who want to better themsel…[View]
52038401What mode is this?: How do I become this? The rifle he is holding is almost three feet long if not m…[View]
52015076>Men don’t hit the wa-[View]
52039296Rules for weight loss 1) YOU CAN NEVER BE THIN ENOUGH 2) FOOD IS THE ENEMY 3) COFFEE, SMOKES AND DIE…[View]
52041778Humor Thread: Fit Humor OC from the mall[View]
52041347How many 5'9 fags here actually in shape with terrific abs? I've been cutting again and I'…[View]
52041690For me, it's muscletech[View]
52040074Help me /fit/, how do I fix myself?[View]
52040833Who here lift to lil peep? also favourite lift, mine is pullups[View]
52041550Uneven Arms: Sup /fit/, I broke my right arm quite badly around 4 years ago, and had a full cast (ha…[View]
52032725Is chocolate milk a meme?: I have added weight lifting to my workouts. I don't want to spend a …[View]
52040895ITT: Stupid misconceptions you had. >I used creatine as chalk and sniffed it as ammonia salts Whe…[View]
52040174>get your hands off me pigs, its not a crime to wear lifting clothes and shoes to a commercial gy…[View]
52040662Belly boi: Hey /fit/! How to change this abomination of a torso into something more attractive?…[View]
52033334>this man is 52 years old what the FUCK /b/ros, how does he do it[View]
52037776how to get boulder shoulders like this?[View]
52038611i know ab visibility is largely genetic, but for those of you who have it: did you have to train the…[View]
52041440/sip/: Sip thread let's go[View]
52041140Low apetite: I want to gain weight but I have no apetite, how to boost apetite? I have to eat about …[View]
52039036>at the squat rack >plates are all disorganized…[View]
52039683Good Home Exercises To Build Muscle/Get Big?: >I already do about 200 pushups a day >Have two …[View]
52035297How do I get the /fit/ nigger aesthetic?[View]
52040849I'm skinny-fat and a complete beginner that wants to lose fat and build mild muscles naturally …[View]
52036783Will it be hard losing weight here ??: It’s starting to really take over me down there and wondering…[View]
52023741What are some downsides of dating a female on steroids? How much does it affect their behavior?[View]
52040105Serious question. How do you have any motivation, pride after hitting certain weight etc after seein…[View]
52040916Is increasing significant wrist size possible natty? Mine are 6.5 inches and tiny as shit.[View]
52040845Joelano: finally bench 345 Am Joelano[View]
52040882Laxogenin: Anyone ever used this supplement? Is it worth it trying or just another fad by the supple…[View]
52040099Chest day: This is the chest day thread. Post your favorite chest exercise. Post your favorite chest…[View]
52040674Do isometrics work for strength/hypertrophy gains? I'm not talking about gay static holds or so…[View]
52040470/Juice/ Thread: What are some healthy juices you drink outside of water. I found Pomegranate juice t…[View]
52040542T-Rex arms: I had to take a break from working out due to an injury (not sustained while lifting) fo…[View]
52040628Smallest package ever on a natty[View]
52040342Hello /fit/ This is my barbell Isabell, We've been together for about 2 years now and I don…[View]
52039618Cheat day thread: Tomorrow is a cheat day, pick what I eat. What will you be eating?[View]
52040490>that incredibly based boomer who 'used to compete' and is probably on trt at the very least who …[View]
52038571>protein powder delayed in transit ITS BEEN LIKE A WEEK AND A HALF[View]
52039432Beginner programs: Is ivysaur 4/4/8 the best starter program[View]
52036570How do I become the gym chad?: Is there a council of gym alphas that I have to answer to first? Who’…[View]
52037435>constantly angry >spend almost every waking moment seething inside >it's almost exclu…[View]
52037141Whats wrong with my back[View]
52020873/plg/ - powerlifting general: Exorcist edition[View]
52037954How does he (formerly she) do it, /fit/?[View]
52040275Big guy: 'SS + GOMAD, powerful agents against the uninitiated.' 'But we are initiated... Aren't…[View]
52039824When are they finally going to learn?[View]
52040158Why aren't you eating lupin beans RIGHT NOW? Get on this miracle food, /fit/[View]
52039761The myth of the gym cel: >Why lift when its all about the face? Your face is not a magical entity…[View]
52040188whats the best way to come off fin without shutting my shit down?: currently taking it every 3 days …[View]
52040166>went to a pirate show today >one of those dungeon tours where dressed up actors take you alon…[View]
52027429Breastmilk?: Is there any truth to the stories of human breast milk being superior for mixing with w…[View]
52036515Why havent you switched bench for ohp entirely yet? >NO excuse![View]
52032547This achievable natty at 5'10? What sort of routine should I follow?[View]
52030672How do we solve the obesity problem? It just that everyone I see is obese. I'm 15% bf, and I ha…[View]
52038919Why is it that the more I lift the less interested I am in relationships? I don't care at all a…[View]
52039573You better back up off me! Or else its cheek bustin’ time![View]
52039708/fit/ I don't get this. I get periods of erectile dysfunction every once in awhile, and need to…[View]
52039710What's a respectable 1RM on the weighted dip?[View]
52038840Broly Routine: Unironically looking for drug-free routine to develop pic related. Please help, how w…[View]
52038682>Gallon of milk a fucking day I'm allergic to white milk. Can't I just drink chocolate …[View]
52039724Weak back And core possibly?: Trying to hit 225 but whenever I try to add more than a 25 plate, even…[View]
52036548Protein Powder General (PPG): Anyone know a good vegetarian protein powder that doesn't have st…[View]
52039225Why would anyone pursue a 'strength sport' recreationally? Lifting for aesthetics and not fucking yo…[View]
52039332Why fight to live when we living to die?[View]
52039198How do YOU hiit, /fit/?: Subject^[View]
5202453688 burpees, go[View]
52037731whats the scoop on sunshine?: provides vitamin d for free provides you with healthier skin from kill…[View]
52030043Does keto work? I keep hearing mixed thing about the effectiveness of keto and I wanted some extra i…[View]
52037786>moving across country >time to cancel gym membership >go on website, log into my account, …[View]
52038812How to get smaller butt for men? Smaller thighs?[View]
52034528What are the most insane dieting strategies you've used/heard of? It can be for anything from b…[View]
52038269Why the FUCK is my face so fat? I know you can’t spot reduce fat so what’s the fastest way to reduce…[View]
52038526Rate my numbers for 5'8-5'9, 175 pound, Indian Man at age 21: >350 Squat >375 DL …[View]
52036740Post kryptonite. How do you guys get over shit? I'm about 5 min away from walking down the stre…[View]
52035162Without any irony whatsoever. For six years I have been practicing Mixed Martial Arts, as well as fi…[View]
52039137Summer is almost over but it seems nobody bothered to hold an orientation for new posters. To start…[View]
52035885I have memberships at both a regular gym and a climbing gym (because I’m a zoomer fag). The climbing…[View]
52035927How am I doing ?/ is it too late ?[View]
52033615looking good, Lord Vader. Thick, solid, and tight.[View]
52038463How bad is my back rounding on the 205lbs set here? 250 is my new 5rep max, but I feel like my back …[View]
52036118anyone else neurotically obsessed with health?[View]
52037187Saw this as a video on snapchat. Why did this guy edit himself like this? Man must be able to turn h…[View]
52038433How do I know if I'm eating too much or too little?[View]
52038926>'exercising and dieting? I don't hate myself THAT much, anon!'[View]
52036382What's the most based body type and why it is the built-fat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0…[View]
52038862Any fitbros eat grits? Grits or oatmeal? I like grits with an egg on top. Not sure if its healthy bu…[View]
52036774No matter how hard I lift: I could never defeat Madara Uchiha Feels bad man[View]
52028760why is he so mean to Jessie?[View]
52023672QTDDTOT - Questions that don't deserve their own thread: Ask dumb questions, get dumb answers…[View]
52038465The delusion of strength: I know the man v animal threads are usually memes but some have seen are t…[View]
52037632>Little something I wrote for you guys, was feeling down in the dumps today. Life seems to be abs…[View]
52038588/sp/ HEEM is l-l-laughing at us again bros...[View]
52038122What lifts will give me giant forearms[View]
52038533Should at any point my pecs stick out further than belly?: No matter how lean people are, unflexed f…[View]
52038237Since I started working out calves ed they improved really well[View]
52036721>Zero sugar >No calories Is this like drinking water but for chads?…[View]
52036869Alright /fit/, I let myself go. I'm 6'3 235 and I want to drop some weight and get in bett…[View]
52038478/homegym: Rate my home gym[View]
52020766Best Mode: What's the best mode and why is it billy mode?[View]
52038329How's fitness and athleticism looked upon in your country? I'm from Denmark, and people co…[View]
52038234Is it possible for a hands-only martial artist to beat a swordsman? If not, then what's the poi…[View]
52036449This turbochad runs on ketones. What is you excuse /fit/ ?[View]
52037816Hardgainers gtfih: Is pic related the perfect bulking recipe???[View]
52031513Guess the fucking gym /fit/ This is how it usually looks after primetime ~9pm You need a pair of DBs…[View]
52036993Has anyone successfully made their voice deeper? My default voice is mid-high in pitch and kind of a…[View]
52038156>be fat fuck >decided to become fit >become fit >become basically addicted to lifting …[View]
52037902If this dude can model whats stopping you?[View]
52037673ITT: Dead /fraud/s: Lets have a laugh at the cheating retards with body dysmorphia and/or low willpo…[View]
52036364Does wearing a full kit and cleats help with gains or something? Smh[View]
52037920How do you deal with a gym bully /fit/? My local gym has a bully that refuses to rerack his weights,…[View]
52038205request: does anyone have the screencap of the schizo indian guy who was 'coaching' a teenage girl a…[View]
52037984You gotta help me, I don't know what to do. I suddenly got a crazy pain in my stomach that wasn…[View]
52038125>why yes i do OHP in the squat rack how did you tell ?[View]
52037278What are the benefits of working out drunk[View]
52036600Haven't had a meal since lunch yesterday: I exercised, did shit on my to-do list, today I'…[View]
52038002Best way to track reps/workouts?: I really don't wanna be that guy that brings in a clipboard w…[View]
52032219Alan is strong for sure but why does he still look like a DYEL? Is this the fate of powerlifters? To…[View]
52037344This is the physique that you need to be able to knock out and out cardio basically anyone on the pl…[View]
52037619I ate more today than I did in the past 5 days combined. What the fuck.[View]
52037223All the threads on /fit/ suck right now, what's are some good ideas for a great /fit/ thread th…[View]
52036827Cycling after leg day?: I heard it helps recovery. is it true?[View]
52037692>MUH WIDE SHOULDERS >MUH MUH HEIGHT >MUH NARROW HIPS AND V TAPPER this narrow shouldered ma…[View]
52035566What's up with my abs?: Is it thick skin or what? My bf is actually low but I have 0 abs[View]
52037682What if...your bones are so big and wide you can never look thin even if...you barely ate and had su…[View]
52037578>Was 150-152lbs for the past 7 months >Running same program the whole time >Eating same amo…[View]
52029063How to get this guy's aesthetic? Seriously, he looked great for like 60.[View]
52034175Are there any exercises to strengthen/hypertrophy the Bulbospongiosus muscle? I have always had a we…[View]
52036956Are battle ropes a meme or a good conditioning tool?[View]
52035646Why all the keto hate?: Is there any reason not to do keto? - Less hunger results in eating less - …[View]
52037572Hey /fit/, what are some good ways to increase daily calorie burn without doing specific exercises?[View]
52037445Why are my forearms not growing? My shoulders and biceps/triceps are normal, but my forearms are ski…[View]
52035910>just came back from my 3rd lifting session today to counteract depression I want off this ride f…[View]
52037410What are some good drills for the heavy bag? I used to play snare so I've just been doing parad…[View]
52035109Foreskin health is /fit/ related, right? I'm American so I'm circumcised. I'm almost …[View]
52028757So how does your girlfriend feel about all the time you spend at the gym? Does she lift too, or is s…[View]
52036347How true is pic related?[View]
52036884Rate me guys, gym newbie here.: I see muscle definition on my legs already and can’t wait till my tu…[View]
52034564Is this kind of body achievable natty?[View]
52036207Why do so many white guys have this goofy ass bald headed look? Is this honestly considered a desira…[View]
52028594Post mogs: Bonus points for the person mogging to be shorter[View]
52036892Worlds strongest man Eddie Hall drinks cranberry juice throughout his workout instead of a protein s…[View]
52035795I need some mental /fitness/, Bros. I'm a manlet and I unironically feel emasculated as fuck, l…[View]
52036920tfw when u remember no matter how much you lift, you will never have as much sex as obese women are …[View]
52037135Started lifting recently. Can already see changes and it feels good. Abs outline starting to show up…[View]
52035682OHP 135x10 Bench 225x10 Squat 315x10 Dead 405x100 200 lbs @ 20% bf 6’ Are the above stats reasonable…[View]
52035000can u avoid body degradation by age if you do only pull ups and push ups?[View]
52035269sap yall[View]
52037041>be me >lifting for a year, still dyel but better than before >cursed with being a asian, 5…[View]
52036969Are squats and lunges enough for the legs?[View]
52035685ITT: bodybuilders you could defeat in a fight[View]
52035926>8.5' dick >shadow banned from tinder >too poor to hire hookers What's point having…[View]
52035669why does holding your shit in feel so good /fit/ bros?[View]
52036946Will I get/fit/ if I eat here ?[View]
52036651I like my new chin but dislike that my cheeks have gotten hollower since I started mewing as my face…[View]
52036874Why do incels use really fucked up genetically dudes with garbage genetics to prove a point that ave…[View]
52036917How to achieve kook mode?[View]

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