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48680170tfw nordic weeb girl online called your body hot and defined: have i made it?[View]
48678162/Rock Climbing/: Anyone else boulder? This has been the most fun and rewarding exercise I have ever …[View]
48680102does jelqing work for some realistic expectations like increasing lenght by 0.5/1cm and straightenin…[View]
48679950I'm fat with 0 muscle How 2 fix?[View]
48680058What's a good set and rep range if i do 2 exercises per muscle groups? 3x10, 4x8? Also, if i wo…[View]
48679993What is the best kind of dip attachment for a power cage?: Rings are not really an option unless the…[View]
48679113daily reminder that if you cant do 100 burpees in a row you will lose every fight you get into[View]
48678298is this really better activation?[View]
48676781Deadlifting frequency and losing strength: I went from deadlifting 3x per week to 1x per week and my…[View]
48654308/fraud/: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and blogposting general. Before asking your stupid beginne…[View]
48647342Mire thread: Post your best/most recent mires, I'll start. This happened last night, I'm s…[View]
48676529Veiny arms thread Are they hot?. Do they look good?[View]
48679880Rodger passed away in a jacuzzi in a Thai brothel. Good night sweet prince.[View]
48678211Why does my deadlift suck so bad? I worked up to 3 sets of 5 280lbs squats (currently deloading) but…[View]
48678500make my chest go HNNGGG: on leg days squats make my legs go HNNNNNGGG on back day dead lifts make my…[View]
48675744>be me 5'9 110lbs 3yrs ago >tired of being skeletor, want attention from girls and respec…[View]
48679782How come fitness is so mainstream nowadays? Years ago being fit was rare and a big plus, but now it …[View]
48677644>anon ya cunt u mirin How does one get a body like this especially his chest what's the secr…[View]
48679292>tfw too fat to do cardio effectively/efficiently Im 105kg atm. Back when I was 70kg I use to do…[View]
48679680Judge carefully, /fit/. Which one would win a fight?[View]
48679324How /fit/ do you need to be to make the ayys think twice about abducting you? What kind of numbers d…[View]
48655225/fat/ Exorcisms general: >Who is /fat/ for? For roundbois who want to better themselves through m…[View]
48678708>Rich Piana is still dead[View]
48674232>Has a blaha tier physique >Is the best heavyweight boxer on the planet >insane endurance …[View]
48678441Are women worth ignoring the pursuit of fitness?[View]
48678004Routine: Been running a bastardized 5x5 program and have made some pretty good gains but linear prog…[View]
48677639Friend needs help: My friend asked me to ask you for advice (he thinks if he posts hackers will sell…[View]
48678806Redpill me on inversion therapy Can it make me taller and fix anterior pelvic tilt?[View]
48677472>mfw i started experiencing finasteride sides a few days ago and couldnt get hard during my first…[View]
48677693when a poster is exposed as being a woman[View]
48679360>be grug >tribe decide it time grug become man >chalk ceremony >chieftain coat grugs han…[View]
48677612>hardgainer >Start counting calories >finally succeeding on a bulk, seeing gains, up 13 pou…[View]
48676633>on /nofap/ >have sex with a girl, can't stay hard and don't cum >wet dream 2 nig…[View]
48679349Lifting won't help you with wom-: Onions fag copers eternally btfo https://m.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
48679186help plz?: hey /fit bros, im having trouble feeling a burn or activation in my chest when i do bench…[View]
48677679When I'm lifting or doing any other physical activity, my face doesn't show any sign of bl…[View]
48679304NOKO: >tfw you know you're gonna make it, and then you do[View]
48677165Secondary Hypogonadism: Sup boys, I’ve been having tons of Low t symptoms so got 2 bloods. Both came…[View]
48678515>tfw you realize Jesus was a legit beautiful man How do i get hair, beard, and facial gains like …[View]
48653222QTDDTOT-Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: I have a slight pain in my neck when I t…[View]
48677614>all these years of lifting >all these years of very strict dieting >all these years of roi…[View]
48676797>can high bar squat 225 for reps atg >legs are still tiny Explain this. and don't say do…[View]
48677426Sorry for the blog post but I'm at rock bottom /fit/, my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years just broke u…[View]
48675842I'm a poorfag. What should I eat for bulking?[View]
48676720James fagavoy thinks he's big: Why don't you look THIS cool at the gym /k/?[View]
48676081My family wants to lose weight before spring and i need help finding a program we can all do. Its me…[View]
48678863What muscle does this work?[View]
48672301OHP is better than Incline for chest Aesthetics: Prove me wrong[View]
48677522What makes a good man?: Hello /fit/, it's a slow Sunday night and there's been a question …[View]
48677557Fat shit seeking advice: I need, NEED to get more healthy. I want to achieve Officer K aesthetics.…[View]
48676559I fell for the no-cardio meme and I have a little over a month to prepare for a running test. I have…[View]
48658008Achievable natty?[View]
48678674Should I start bringing my gallon of milk with me to the gym? I’m usually there for 2 hours a day an…[View]
48677066I have no motivation to workout: I can’t even clean my room or car I know most of you will just call…[View]
48678669Redpill Me on MK-677: anyone on /fit/ take it? is it too good to be true? do I need pct? etc.[View]
48676234How does daily marijuana intake affect your gains ? I am looking to join the gym, I have read over t…[View]
48678642>stop lifting for 3 years >drop to 160lbs @ 6'3 >first day back barely manage to bench…[View]
48673493Guys I've noticed my wrists getting thicker recently Should I expect a growth spurt anytime soo…[View]
48677601>downed a jar of peanut butter in one sitting again help[View]
48677188hey /fit/ i did a hardcore abs workout 2 days ago, and ever since i have had incredible pain crunchi…[View]
48675132OK so low key my gf is kinda fat Her boobs and butt are big but are saggy Are there any exercises sh…[View]
48677800What is /fit/'s opinion on this man? keto/fast/carnivore/vegan/otherretardeddietfags need not a…[View]
48678183How is whining about not having a gf fitness related?[View]
48667327my gf is fucking fat: what do i tell her bros[View]
48678216Leg day? I'm glute intolerant[View]
48673309>tfw destroyed my knees from skipping as a fatass[View]
48673587Workout Music Thread: Need a good selection of music for a workout playlist I'm starting liftin…[View]
48678280Any advice to lose love handles and get some peck muscles gain: Since the start of the year i been s…[View]
48678124Suggestions for ‘power’ day: I do a volume, power, heavy schedule Looking for power day exercises Al…[View]
48676051Forearm Exercises: What are the best exercises to get beefy forearms?[View]
48677386Cutting tips and tricks: Share all the tips and tricks you got for cutting as much weight as possibl…[View]
48677528This is my first time posting here and I’m pretty out of shape. I usually post on /k/, but I’m tired…[View]
48676498/Zyzz/ I(we) need as many pictures of him as possible...: Everything you got, poses, memes, gifs. Al…[View]
48676840Fuck. I lost almost 20KG 2 years ago. 2 years later I’m at my heaviest ever with 87KG @ca170-175cm. …[View]
48670891Swimming: There's an interview where gong yoo (cool looking actor) says swimming in his teenage…[View]
48677755Binge Eating: How do I recover from a late night/high carb binge while trying to lose weight? Also g…[View]
48675020Help me brehs, I've just been diagnosed with a heart condition and have been told to avoid weig…[View]
48674041i will start taking modafinil in january for my master thesis. what am i in for? should I start wit…[View]
48676530first zyzz, then rich piano and now roger. who's next?[View]
48675625Does alcohol kills gains?: I forgot to buy water and I don't trust (((tap))), but I have a coup…[View]
48676492Eating with nausea: I need help bros.. When I get anxious I get nauseous and can't eat. I'…[View]
48676751Same meals every day: Could I feasibly have two meals a day, like this: Meal 1: 2 eggs, scrambled, b…[View]
48672549Is this achievable natty[View]
48676798how many reps and sets to get taller?[View]
48674615>imagine going to the gym 6 days a week LOL[View]
48676043Hey /fit/ I have acquired the ultimate rest day aka mono What do?[View]
48677436if I keep only doing bench press, incline press and cable flies, can I achieve this natty?[View]
48672405Is a lifting belt supposed to be loose at the back?: Bought the cheapest leather belt I could find (…[View]
48677409Is intermittent fasting simply skipping breakfast and having early dinners?[View]
48677299/shityoudontget/ why do you fucks do cheat days? it's like taking 3 steps back everytime you st…[View]
48677380542.5 @ 73.9kg: Today's powerlifting meet results. Could have pushed 230kg out but pussyd out. …[View]
48676670Biggest Redpill: Being DYEL is actually way worse than being skinny or non athletic at all. And I th…[View]
48677120Heads, you get to keep your gains. Tails, not so lucky.[View]
48676740>tfw gyno[View]
48675418Should I bother working out if I have an ugly face? Or is there no hope for me?[View]
48676699>still living with parents >(not a basement dweller, just in a situation in which i have to b…[View]
48674478>be me >be beginner >Everytime I did squats I went up 5kilos >Today I missed one rep an…[View]
48669952Which one is really king of the Manlets /fit/?[View]
48675119ITT post your racial phenotype and bodyweight/OHP ratio >North Atlantid >1.08…[View]
48676216Natty?: Who is this and is he natural?[View]
48677069If my shoulder was once displaced will it forever limit my gains[View]
48676505Does anyone know his actual workout plan? I know he was a avid boxer but I wanna know his regiment[View]
48676046>Haven't smoked in like 5 years >Kinda feel like smoking once in a great while Convince m…[View]
486678648 hour sleepers: What does it feel like?[View]
48671673Should one do squats for the testosterone gains (which make you more visible to women) but risk bein…[View]
48675399Where does the energy come from?[View]
48675158I wanna stay off anti-depressants but man I'm always depressed friends. I've been in depre…[View]
48676474/SUPP/ boyz: Is a creatine cycle worth going on /fit/? Are the gains that apparent? Also, general su…[View]
48676400>tfw balding >will never look like this Give me one reason not to end it, /fit/.…[View]
48676792How much do you think a kangaroo could lift? I’m dedicating 5 hours tomorrow in honor of Roger God b…[View]
48673733All these hair loss threads lol: >Eat less fat. Much less. >Eat more veggies (especially leafy…[View]
48675291Not going to the gym: I haven't been motivated to work out for the last 2 years, but neverthele…[View]
48675496bloho btfo[View]
48673139What's the most painful lifting injury /fit/ has gone through?[View]
48676146NO MORE CALISTHENICS MEME: So, I started lifting in 2017. Made decent progress, and then decided to …[View]
48675585>yeah i'd totally look like brad pitt if cut a bit but i can't because i powerlift…[View]
48676199> clean & jerk and snatch for oly > squat, bench, deadlift for powerlifting > squat, OH…[View]
48671396Being fit is 95% diet and 5% exercise. Gyms are a scam designed to profit from losers with no self c…[View]
48675709Month long fast: Beginner, won’t be able to start lifting for a month (job, school, funds). Previous…[View]
48673577Why aren't you doing naked pushups in the snow?: Don't you guys want tempurature tolerance…[View]
48676121What hair products do you use? I've got thinning hair and some balding, so I need something tha…[View]
48673169what's your excuse, /fit/?[View]
48676219I'm 5'6 (167cm) 75 kg 23%bf. My lifts for 3x8 are: 80kg bench, 100kg squat, 110kg for dead…[View]
48676122Gym before work?: If I have a job that is physically demanding, am I going to suffer if I go to the …[View]
48673981hey /fit/ you want a slice?[View]
48675858DIY equipment: I’m poor as fuck Will drilling handles on one of these be s good barbell supplement t…[View]
48676108So why did he die? Konstantīns Konstantinovs was a Latvian Russian powerlifter. His raw deadlift of…[View]
48674722beginner lifting: Hi /fit/. I want to eventually start lifting weights, and have a general idea of w…[View]
48675346Post a better bulking food: Protip: You can't[View]
48675870Name 1 (one) exercise[View]
48674626Well /fit/? How will we ever recover?[View]
48675824>wait half a year for a new gym to open up >had the premium all club pass for a while now >…[View]
48675337Should I keep bulking and continue getting fucking strong or cut down to 12%? Also my core is seriou…[View]
48673095Why is lifting eccentric shapes so much more difficult?: I'm passing out from lifting a twin si…[View]
48675841Help me, anons: I didn't go to the gym in a a month although I did too some calisthenics during…[View]
48676113Anyone else feel like moving to the forest and lifting trees?: real nigga shit[View]
48674172Olympic Dumbbells: Why isn't this style of dumbbell more popular? It seems like it'd be ea…[View]
48674823if you go on twitch /rufusphysique there is a guy training a cardio bunny[View]
48673299>not eaten anything in 24 hours fucking hell lads I feel amazing, what's the longest you…[View]
48667735reading women talk about fitness is like going to bizarro world dark-dimension /fit/ just have a squ…[View]
48675344Diet soda: /fit/ approved or not Diet colas like coke and pepsi taste like utter shit but other thin…[View]
48675863Help: If everyone is out for themselves and survival why do we have friends if they can put us down.…[View]
48669682so uh whats his end game?: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrGv_EHhwjn/[View]
48671713>tfw a friends gf tells me i have a psychopath stare Does that mean i have hunter eyes? She told …[View]
48675482Hey /fit/, I've moved house over the weekend and I've got some pain in my upper back, is i…[View]
48675832Motivational progress thread[View]
48651934ITT stuff you see that pisses you off in the gym: How much of a vagina needs a pad[View]
48670803Is this actually possible without surgery? Tfw buttlet[View]
48671607It's happened /fit/izens, the cut and maintaince is over. From January 2016 to now, I've l…[View]
48674850Why is kefir so damn good /fit/?[View]
48675746Fitness Doinks: This smug kid named Ryan just did the worst squat jump reps I've ever seen. Thi…[View]
48675251/fit/ What is the reason to cut when studies show it's such a big chance regaining that fatweig…[View]
48675130>lifting for women[View]
48675684>rest day[View]
48674433Who's miserable loser here besides me? Lifting feels like the only reason to live for me anymor…[View]
48674765Why are carbs bad for you[View]
48675577You were born a human, the greatest long distance running species the Earth has ever known. No other…[View]
48658354Motivation Pictures: Images that show even a fatass can pull himself out of the lardy abyss[View]
48672473Any tips for getting rid of puffy nipples (except surgery)? This shit is visible through like all ts…[View]
48674515Can someone with success growing their biceps give me some tips on how to grow them?[View]
48674454CALVES: Discuss[View]
48662017/plg/ powerlifting general: Before you ask your retarded question about what program you should run,…[View]
48675467Is this Achivable Natty? What are the best exercises for it?[View]
48667349Do you have a daily skin care routine?[View]
48675200Why are women so big boned nowadays? Wide butt, Wide hips, even broad shoulders (evn when she has wi…[View]
48669485Plank position: You CAN hold a plank for longer than 1m40s, right /fit/? You're not THAT weak, …[View]
48672226/fit/ fashion thread: > get fit > not that much extra attention from women > grow out my ha…[View]
48675206/fit/ cringe thread[View]
48672198Too many movements:: The only 5 exercises you need to be Athletic, Aesthetic, and Strong, the first …[View]
48673554What kind of blood test should I get (for hormone/possible hormonal issues): So it's been a few…[View]
48673393I'm weak.[View]
48653629New CBT, other one is Romans 1.70 cm, 61 kg Considering stopping weightlifting and going for a gymna…[View]
48675166He's right you know.[View]
48674617This is as high test as it gets.[View]
48672084no matter how much you lift you will always look dyel as fuck while clothed[View]
48671961Best diet and exercises for young manlets to maximize their limited time to squieze some extra inche…[View]
48674001Okay anons. I've been off the path for the past few weeks and it's time for a change. I…[View]
48675079How do I attain this body figure?[View]
48674582BOVRIL: why aren't YOU drinking bovril for maximum STRENGTH, old CHAP?[View]
48673297How do I get stamina like the jogger?[View]
48672957Is it possible to lose 25kg before new year's eve? What do I eat and how much treadmill, bike, …[View]
48674852Physical work: For those of you who work manual labour, how do you fit in a gym routine on top?…[View]
48669998Can height be naturally increased? I heard ashwaganda boosts it and having anterior pelvic tilt can …[View]
48674403>that DYEL who shows off his newbie gains in public Why does he do it?[View]
48671791redpill me on monk mode[View]
48673766Is this the ideal male body?[View]
48673878About to do arms for 8 hours pray for me boys[View]
48674855Pseudocyesis: Pseudocyesis is when the brain tricks the body into thinking its pregnant, resulting i…[View]
48671817Hey /fit/izens so I regularly play rugby and I think due to new muscle I can't play for as long…[View]
48672409Why don't you give bouldering a chance? - Lots of hot chicks - You'll want to stay at a l…[View]
48672582Check out this Chad lunch... Rice bags $0.68 Cents Chicken Quarters $0.53/lb This lunch costs $1.50…[View]
48666969Hodgetwins: Yeah, I'm thinking they're back https://youtube.com/watch?v=8dntlyvDgqs…[View]
48673660Find your limits: How can I find out how much my max lift is as a beginner? Not just bench, but dead…[View]
48674701Holy fucking shit I just took a shit so violent it hit the back of the bowl and the rim around it I …[View]
48674119summer sport doable shirtless: >training all year >cutting atm till summer >hair transplant…[View]
48674103My Nuts hurt: I'm on day five no fap and keep getting boners. My balls are killing me. Any tips…[View]
48672578Worth buying? Gonna try calisthenics. I’m planning on starting from scratch like beginner shit[View]
48674598Bench meet: I just found out that my local gym is organizing a bench only meet and its gonna be next…[View]
48667716Let’s talk depression and if getting shredded could get rid of it I want to die[View]
48674548why do you think indisns smell bad and dont lift ill have you know i bathe the river every day after…[View]
48674257I want huge pecs but right now im doing only barbell bench and cable flys 2 times a week. Are there …[View]
48666866Fictional character goal body thread[View]
48674422Would be be good for weight loss? >be on treadmill with htc vibe >a normal one not a fancy t…[View]
48674485alright, /fit, been following your advice, doing Reg Park atm, lost 7kg so far. got three questions…[View]
48673604I’m depressed, I’ve been the fat girl my whole life and idk how to stop eating, it’s my only source …[View]
48671253You wake up to heavy breathing only to peer up and see this: ''Rise and shine, pipsqueak…[View]
48674458chest day[View]
48672599Does anyone else like a little drinkypoo before they lift?[View]
48674358How do i achieve pic related mode im 6’2’’ 190 pounds been lifiting for 4 months[View]
48673670I feel high test and that's enough t. 100 test[View]
48674081Redpill me on mastic gum, just ordered some. Will this work for ultimate jaw gains?[View]
48671336I had a heart attack last night fit. Thing is, I lived and didn’t need medical attention, I just had…[View]
48672456I think I slipped a disc squatting. How long do I have to wait before lifting again?[View]
48674254>benched 1pl8 for the first time ever today All thanks to you guys. How has /fit/ improved you, a…[View]
48669812newbie can't squat anymore. destroyed these parts on my legs. Pushed myself to far and it start…[View]
48674303umm guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYaPvAyzrsU[View]
48673885Daily reminder drink plenty of water buddeh[View]
48654914Do you think 5 /fit/izens could win a fight against a fully grown Silverback Gorilla?[View]
48670596Are these acceptable?: Or do people immediately assume that you're a fag if you wear them? I sq…[View]
48673950What the fuck is going on with the influx of newfags lately? Lurk more and stop taking yourselves so…[View]
48674037Hello, /fit/. Im trying to bulk up but i feel like my legs progress slower than the rest of my body,…[View]
48674070Tfw you miss gooby[View]
48668319>he flat benches Reminder that incline bench, dips and even cable flies are all better alternativ…[View]
48674120You'll never make it if you don't eat big, /fit/.[View]
48672324Weird Gym: >tfw my PT told me i have the arms of a girl. >tfw he says that i should jerk him …[View]
48669588well, you know, everybody knows cardio kills ga-[View]
48672143I’m scared to do a one rep max of anything because I’m weak as fuck. Any tips to not be absolute pus…[View]
48671321Besides weightlifting, what other physical activities do /fit/izens participate in? I play hockey.[View]
48672442>7.5 inch penis >low testosterone What happened?…[View]
48668779who do you lift for? >pic related[View]
48671548The power of Roids: What does /fit think of Eric Kanevsky? How long will he be able to live? This is…[View]
48672485Is it weird to wear a weight vest at the gym?[View]
48673780Sunday chest day thread CHEST & TRICEPS Warm up -pushups 3x10 -dips 3x10 -triangle pushups 3…[View]
486734065 10 162.2 lb male 16% body fat, was 23% this time last year When can I begin to bulk? Pic unrelate…[View]
48673768Where my /unlocked/ brothers at?[View]
48659247Hey guys, Jeff Cavaliere from athleanx.com here. And today, I'm gonna say the N-word.[View]
48671469How is this for aesthetic gains?[View]
48672180So if you leave 4chan You realize what you have been missing out on and how far behind you really ar…[View]
48672836What kind of exercise is this?[View]
48663811How many of you fuckers have a home gym?[View]
48672674Help a fella out: Hello /fit/ This is my first time on here so you’re gonna have to bear with me. I’…[View]
48670535I think I have herpes: I fell for the 'try L-arganine' meme and it gave me a cold sore on my lip. K,…[View]
48665127What's the final verdict on eggs? Are they poisonous to the body?[View]
48670758/fit/izens, 1. Are weighted push-ups safer than bench press? 2. Need Advice. > Divorcing cheating…[View]
48672889I've reached my goal weight through fasting and eating low carb. How do I maintain it now? I ke…[View]
48661153Addictive foods: List your foods, you can't stop eating. For me it's unironically grains w…[View]
48664228Fuck I know how to get most women now It's really easy[View]
48671610>take pre-workout >get called in to work[View]
48671708About to come off a 12 hour fast. Going to eat and then gym. Do you guys on do cardio fasted? I can…[View]
48673199>have pretty thick waist >train delts and lats like crazy >waist looks smaller It's re…[View]
48671283Can you point out Scooby's peak? for me it's the skate squats era[View]
48666739>Buy Instant Pot >Buy 12 extra large eggs for $0.99 from Walmart >Pressure cook a dozen egg…[View]
48672421newfag here starting with stronglifts 5x5, should i just do the base workouts or can i throw in some…[View]
48671224What’s the best martial art(s) has and or gun(s) for dealing with multiple and or armed attackers Hi…[View]
48672876>do stronglifts for about a year >get fuckhuge legs >0 upperbody strength >can barely do…[View]
48672468My wife used to have a real cute brapper before I got her pregnant. Now, 37 weeks in, it’s totally f…[View]
48672568How do I get my cat to lose weight: she's so fucking fat and I've tried getting her to exe…[View]
48670608As autistic as it sounds, how viable is it to permanently give up on walking and instead just go ski…[View]
48672604Why don’t you all wear the superior camelbak at gym ? Don’t you wanna hydrated all the time ? >th…[View]
48671660did you bros take advantage of EPIC XD deals on Black Friday for gym equipment!? https://www.youtube…[View]
48671818Do you think 5 /fit/izens could win a fight against a fully grown Proboscis Monkey?[View]
48671115how to no fap?: i mean, i already tried going cold turkey and didn't work.[View]
48671406How the fuck do I cure my wrist pain and possible tendonitis? This shit is ruining my bench press re…[View]
48666896stalling at 1/2/3/4. how do i keep making gains?[View]
48667505How do you spot roiders? I had this roided up manlet at my gym telling me 'Maybe you just don't…[View]
48664541What does /fit/ think of saitama's workout?[View]
48671997I had a big sugar filled binge last night, which was meant to be the One Last Binge. But I'm ab…[View]
48670059>that guy that can squat 3 pl8 ATG but can't dunk a basketball or sprint fast…[View]
48672031Greyskull LP or SS[View]
48672085Just happened:: 205 hang clean[View]
48672206/fitlit/ | Motivation thread: Got a short read for you anons. It's Gorin-no Sho - The Book of F…[View]
48671873> milk with conservatives give me dhiarrhea > milk without conservatives gives me dhiarrhea …[View]
48672090Let's say I run twice a day, lift everyday, the whole nine yards of exercise and physical fitne…[View]
48671945Im done with bulking, my cut starts tommorow.[View]
48670765Trying to gain some weight. I am 185cm tall and I weight 73 kg right now and I would like to get to …[View]
48672108Isolation Lifts When?: I've been doing the compound lifting for 3-4 months now. When should I s…[View]
48670814I have lumbar lordosis with hunchback and I'm pretty skinny but I also have pretty big abs so I…[View]
48659444Got prescribed this. What am I in for[View]
48671559Do you get horny just by looking at some nude statue? The answer is no, you simply admire creator…[View]
48669600how's that bulk going?[View]
48670406/k/ here: How can I convince my brothers to workout? Too many of them are skinny/fat. We probably co…[View]
48666882STRENGTH: What's the best way for a novice-intermediate to gain strength fast? Last month I jus…[View]
48672055my back hurts because of the tension in my muscles in my hip. pls help.[View]
48671497Being uncomfortable at the gym: Help gym bros, I really wanna work put but every one here makes me f…[View]
48671968>he takes creatine The natty card. Hand it over.[View]
48670653Books on fighting: Books on fighting: Which martial arts books actually include a routine you can fo…[View]
48669652Any college anons here?: How has school affected your gains? Also any advice on a solid, CHEAP diet?…[View]
48670533F U C K A N T E R I O R P E L V I C T I L T Fuck it, its the ultimate gains goblin, it makes you …[View]
48668686Will doing normal push ups hurt my wrists? Are push up handles a meme? I want to start working out i…[View]
48671899Oioi: Hey guys, anyone have some info on how to do an effective ephedrine and caffeine cut? I know i…[View]
48671694Why the FUCK do I have a chest gap?[View]
48656849How did you quit your porn addiction?[View]
48671715REEEEEEEEEEE: How do you make your stomach shut the fuck up when you are on a cut? Can't take i…[View]
48670442>just masturbated to trap doujins for 3 hours[View]
48668556Why do boxers wear these?: Why do boxers wear boots when boxing? Is it just for ankle support or is …[View]
48670680>Mother is making fun of me for quitting caffeine again[View]
48670572Impressive or pathetic? Anyone that does this to their body must have some seriously deep rooted ins…[View]
48670140Why do people wear these to the gym, for example while deadlifting? They're wrestling shoes.[View]
48665091Any goals for 2019? One fitness goal, one non-fitness goal. Go![View]
48670555should I masturbate before lifting? common sense suggest no, but why exactly[View]
48655098>be me >Be poor >See canned sardines >Pretty good protein Are sardines good? Is it worth…[View]
48671325Hey, /fit/ been “lurking” around for mainly info for about a year now. Haven’t been too involved. Ha…[View]
48670289Is it possible to catch herpes from gym whores wiping their disgusting asses on the equipment?[View]
48669788Hey /fit/ what dynamic stretches do you recommend doing from time to time during long time in front …[View]
48663351How do you cope with not being 6'4?[View]
48667684Girl said she would fuck me if I had abs reeeee: What’s the fastest way to get abs also judging by m…[View]
48668814How many crunches do you do a day: Post an pix[View]
48666121>its diet only consist of fruits, leaves and low protein sources >still more jacked and strong…[View]
48670688>be me >19 >probably 8/10 without acne >but like 5/10 with >I mean that shit was BAD …[View]
48668966What are your goals for 2019? >reaching 80kg >reaching 1/2/3/4 >starting a bodybuilding rou…[View]
48669668Does caffeine stunt growth?[View]
48670547will i get shredded from doing an hour of walking on an empty stomach every morning and eating fish …[View]
48671290Milestones in weight loss/gain: What changes have you noticed in your body /fit/? I'm getting b…[View]
48670729Why is it that people who are basically the same height and weight can have such different body comp…[View]
48670538go out to nearest lake catch a fish >free proteins (200g) for two days[View]
48670606Lifting headphones/earphones/earbuds Any reccomendations?[View]
48671067>at gym, working out with a trainer >'Anon, if you'll continue holding those dumbbells li…[View]
48670686What does /fit/ think of entomophagy? https://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20181206/want-more-easy-protei…[View]
48667542When did you know you made it?: >be me >depressed, NEET, skeletor >zero friends or ambition…[View]
48670244>can height be naturally increased? >guys, I'm 31, can my shoulders still change >I…[View]
48669350Eating and parents: How do I explain to my boomer fucking parents that yes I eat more now I lift bec…[View]
48670692>wake up during night with pain in stomach >run to toilet >shit my guts out >repeat mul…[View]
48662939I-is this what peak performance look like?[View]
48667921How much can grappling help you against larger untrained guys?: 6ft 120lbs twink here. Could BJJ let…[View]
48670129Abandon Starting Strength?: I've been on SS since forever and I'm getting sick of it. I go…[View]
48668207Why do DYEL larpers who don't even lift on /fit/ say anyone stronger than them (especially chic…[View]
48670223What to do: >be me >5'5, 114 lbs due to lack of nutrition in childhood >Fed up with be…[View]
48667399Onions on leg curls and leg extensions?[View]
48669473Inversion Therapy: Who here has taken the /inversion therapy/ pill? Decompresses spine, fixes postur…[View]
48670649Is this gyno, i just turned 18 btw. I have been lifting weights for the past 2 months, I did long di…[View]
48665294I think it's so fucking difficult to know how many calories you should eat. I haven't gott…[View]
48670687HI guys. First time creating here something. I have been exercising for some time, and have enough m…[View]
48670621ITT: we post /fit/ related golden tidbits of information, I'll start: >cinnamon improves the…[View]
48668647Is over training real?: I plan on jogging 3 miles a day bump it up to 6 as my fitness increases will…[View]
48666763Wearing of joints, aging and other ways to fuck up your shit: I work as a postman and want to walk a…[View]
48669999Are there any downsides at all with eating shitloads of natural nuts for bulking?[View]
48668766/LMG/ Looksmaxing General: Rate my desperation edition: >posture routine every morning and evenin…[View]
48670389Why won't my fucking biceps grow? I do bb curls every workout and workout every second day. Sho…[View]
48665209Do I have good insertions for lifting? > in before NIGGER > in before stupid tattoos…[View]
48669187>be me >19 years old,started going to university >join american football team(just football…[View]
48670266What would ashwagandha do to a female?[View]
48647222Redpill me on carnivore/ zero carb[View]
48669678Who thicc neck here[View]
48666193Redpill me on rollerblading: What's with the stigma people seem to have against it? I don'…[View]
48664370/fit/pilled audio books: Anyone ever listened to pic related? What are some other /fit/pilled books …[View]
486699825’9” manlet here: anyone know of a safe way to increase height?: Have been trying stretches for 2 ye…[View]
48661272Addiction: What's your unhealthy addiction, /fit/? >Inb4 working out+counting macros Wasting…[View]
48670135I’m bored as fuck with my workout and have decided to replace a lot of my lifts with Olympic lift st…[View]
48652662/owg/ Olympic weightlifting general: Hayyy[View]
48666629https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8IumXMMOH0 Thoughts on my 525 lbs deadlift?[View]
48664878if u lift long enuff this WILL happen[View]
48668252/fit/, Im scared of making silly faces while lifting heavy, how do you deal with it? I always try t…[View]
48666282ITT: Best cutting foods. Smoked watermelon is the stuff.[View]
48668409wait a minute... THAT'S how Chloë Grace Moretz's body looks like?[View]
48652910Friendly reminder beards are for jawlets, soibois, uggos and teens that want to look older.[View]
48664842I notice that many /fit/ posters are extremely preoccupied with the prospect of losing their hair. …[View]
48669693When will the suffering end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_C6Vr1eHc[View]
48669628Has science gone too far?[View]
48659905Boxing and sparring (+how to get into it?): Does anyone here do boxing/sparring? If so, how do you g…[View]
48669367Just found a note from my little one in my gymbag that says “You can do it, I love you“ Gonna smash …[View]
48666649Calisthenics routine: Hello /fit/, I did on-off weightlifting for a year or so but now I want to fin…[View]
48669082SOMEONE FUCKING HELP: im on 500mg of Modafinil and i need to SLEEP, someone fucking help, my central…[View]
48669563Welcome to snapcity: Who here a resident of snapcity currently? >knee buckled with squats >inj…[View]
48669201Is Terry Crews the worst case of bad insertions? >4-pack abs >bad chest insertion >bad bic…[View]
48666986Anon goes to the doctor: >Be me >a few days ago >have a dermatologist appointment because A…[View]
48669036granny visits us and is staying for a week >tfw she doesn't stop making us cakes and cookies…[View]
48668296Just went to the gym for the first time in my life today. Couldn't bench more than 10 kg but at…[View]
48667475did you ever work out with your mom and dad?[View]
48663542Gym is having a toys for tots drive. What’s the most /fit/ toy to donate?[View]
4866939510 scoops too much?: So i ate 1200 calories in cookes and cutting. Anything wrong with making a 10 s…[View]
48642308How did the Ancient Greeks get so big and ripped without barbells or whey powder?[View]
48667432Is this possible natty?[View]
48667414/Cutting/ for Summer: Who here is already cutting? Started my cut a week ago. 20/4 IF with extra Car…[View]
48668387>tfw you'll never be descended from a long lineage of decorated professional athletes…[View]
48668588If youre taller than a Girl, This is what she sees[View]
48669248how do you get a 10' dick? I wanna be a stripper, who does funny dances and helicopter tricks with h…[View]
48669213How should i get 180g of protein on OMAD when the body can absord 30g of protein at a time??[View]
48669117>tfw shitty digestive system that can't even digest whey isolate without stomach pains why d…[View]
48667733Redpill me /fit/ on cheat days, metabolism etcc[View]
48666025>dad is making me eat bananas to build muscles Does this actually work or isn't it just typi…[View]
48668559Hello /fit/, I'm looking for some advice. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I've lost about 60lbs…[View]
48668613I can't reach my toes. Probably because I sti all day in my PC playing vidya and watching anime…[View]
48666897Optimal body: This is the optimal body. Prove me wrong.[View]
48658744If you weigh more than this, you're fat or on roids.[View]
48665899DYEL here. Why do you even use the keepers?[View]
48668767How to keep gains: I’ve gone and sustained myself a lower back injury, so squatting and deadlifting …[View]
48668602Imagine there are 2000 calories in this glass I drink all of it in one gulp Do I consume 2000 calori…[View]
48667303who else /intolerant/ here? I have autoimmune diseases including coeliac in my family, and although…[View]
48668688Post weirdass looking motherfuckers you could mog[View]
48668676*Blocks your path* Unironicly the best machine[View]
48668684>getting easy strength gains on lean bulk >start cutting for summer >Downward trend in lift…[View]
48667040Need program: Just got a pir of dumbells and looking to get stronger and loose little weight any pro…[View]
48668560>almost 2k19 >not taking the lupin bean pill Get on this shit RIGHT NOW Nutritional value per …[View]
48664310how much does a girl have to lift to be considered 'strong'???: tell me right now.[View]
48668283High meat: Redpill me on high/fermented meat[View]
48662672>Fat fucks can't become skin-[View]
48664277What's your goal for 2019?: And why is it to be/look more like BlG MlKE?[View]
48667773Daily reminder to drink water buddeh[View]
48668513/fit/ humour: uncommon fit ylyl lets go[View]
48664944How much is 'too much' alcohol? I am drinking half a bottle (350ml) of 47% ABV dry london gin, Beefe…[View]
48668430Girls love me more when I got more muscular: I got a theory about the type of guys girls are ALWAYS …[View]
48662971What is your languages word for 'the gym'? Mine is: >Ræktin Directly translated to english is mea…[View]
48666311I accidentally started omad and I havent taken a shit in 5 days. I haven't even felt the urge t…[View]
48668352>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM2q7XFOOgg >11 year old girl >9000 calorie diet What is…[View]
48664782Is the Hair Bro here?: A while back a bro posted his protocol that grew some hair and showed some pi…[View]
48666879Are there any routines that are based around dumbells only? I got some dumbells recently and I'…[View]
48668250How does Tyler1 manage to be active as fuck and still stream vidya 5+ hours a day?[View]
48665279How the fuck do I ascend?!?: Come on /fit/ brahs, help me!!!! I already >lift >nofap >med…[View]
48667766Where is he now, /fit/? It's been 8 years.[View]
48666884Excercise for someone with a bad knee: Can you recommend any excercises for me? I fucked up my knee …[View]
48668182Can I just ask someone that's working out by himself, if I can workout with them?[View]
48668187What mode is this?[View]
48667875>that first rip n' sip of the day[View]
48661663ITT: We Build A /fit/-Only Gym: If /fit/ owned its own gym, what would it be like and what would you…[View]
48667771Does anyone else have no culinary skills whatsoever? Itd like anything I try to cook comes out an un…[View]
48662758>gf wants to lose weight >orders some weightloss package >all it has are protein shakes and…[View]
48666647Running music: I'm up for some fresh tunes fellas. What you been running to recently? Let me ha…[View]
48666710A little new to this.: This is me. What say you?[View]
48666829Why are the last few kg so fucking hard?: Lost 27kg with ease but the last 6 are a struggle for will…[View]
48667958>ywn be a brawny chaddish teen with a friend with a really hot single mom that's super nice …[View]
48667080Is my lack of exersise, junk food consumption, and constant fapping causing poor mental health (anxi…[View]
48664735Are there any proven supps I can take to increase sex drive or sex load? Or any sexual health indica…[View]
48663274Is he a meme or does he have genuinely good advice?[View]
48667852>trying to get swole for the first time at 29 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I DRANK UP MY 20s AND NOW I…[View]
48663887Core Thread: What’s the most optimal excercize(s) for the abdominals?[View]
48667815tfw swapped out back squat for zercher and front squat on PHUL where were you when you realised long…[View]
48667635Gains don't prepare you for rejection, why did you lied to me /fit/? In the end instead of gett…[View]
48656068Reminder that people on the carnivore meme diet will NEVER make it[View]
48667024>went a little wild and worked biceps two days in a row[View]
48666851How do get in squatting, if I can’t get a spotter?[View]
48667114People like me better when I’m fit/learner: I’ve been thinking about this lately. I think that on to…[View]
48664662Post brutal mogs.[View]
48667175>weigh 250lbs >diet and exercise to 215 in 1 month >plateau how do i break a plateau? how l…[View]
48667148I've been lifting regularly for two months so far but I've only done deadlifts a couple of…[View]
48667231Guys i think i might have a problem: so i nutted 2 weeks ago, and noticed that since then my penis a…[View]
48667341Chads only: Only studs like Arny smoke cigars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DklAU4GNpxA…[View]
48641848Push up thread: Stop reading and start rolling[View]
48665515Lifting doesn't get girls?: g-guys. I don't think girls care about muscles that much. I am…[View]
48666482>fell for the squats and oats meme >went from having a hank hill ass to having a plump juicy a…[View]
48665758I want to go gymnastcore What do gymnasts do to condition themselves, what do they eat, how do they …[View]
48666226Poast Physique fag: Do it or u have small pp[View]
48666172Does /fit/ protect you from bullies?: Did getting /fit/ make the bullies fuck off?[View]
48664879Is there a service I can pay for where I'd have some sort of 'advisor' to tell me how to look m…[View]
48665323What's some ways you can stop drinking soda I can't stop I feel so weak if I dont have any[View]
48666696>tfw have psoriasis on my knees just kill me already, please.[View]
48665260>you gotta squat heavy 3 times a week bro! >destroys your hips and back Thanks /fit/…[View]
48665066What would you do if you got Order 66'ed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=294hTLgfbNU[View]
48666557Is anybody else practicing their punches and kicks in front of a mirror right now?[View]
48664046Post your vitamin and supp stacks[View]
48664207are you happy /fit/?[View]
48666452>tfw 180cm manlet >tfw even highschoolers are taller than me >tfw heightmogged by at least …[View]
48662947Stalled lifts: >Tfw only about 6 months into SS >OHP stalled at 30kg and now I have to reset W…[View]
48666330Has /fit/ taken the lentilpill yet? >18g of protein per cup >High in fiber >Cheap >Versa…[View]
48665500>the more i lift the more i'm attracted to black chicks somehow >98% white population in …[View]
48665125>get /fit/ and lookmax >suddenly accelerated balding starts NO, NO, NO! MY LIFE HAD JUST BEGAN…[View]
48664829Good /fit/ feels >Flex a cep in the mirror >Notice bicep peak is higher >Haven't been…[View]
48666275Which is harder, losing 55 pounds if you're 5'2' or losing 70 pounds if you're 5…[View]
48666256Anyone else from /r9k/ here? Pic related is every /fit/fag that's butthurt about us being here.[View]
48664526I just want to thank you guys a week ago I was 200 pounds and you all gave me advice on what to do a…[View]
48664816Is westside 4 skinny bastard a good alternative to SS/ a good intermediate routine? Found myself pl…[View]
48666012What do after SS if goal is to look good?[View]
48665200Has anyone here tried this and are fat burning creams a scam?[View]
48666045gain weight: do you guys have any suggestions for gaining weight? Am in hs wrestling and 5 foot manl…[View]
48666104>tfw you run out of cigars[View]
48665650Mire thread.[View]
48665633>be me >be /fit/izen for about 5 years >start med school and stop browsing /fit/ >not w…[View]
48662842When did you realize that girls don't care how much you lift it's literally all about fash…[View]
48665159>broke up with gf this summer >haven't had sex since September >coping by binge eating…[View]
48665955Can we get a running\cardio thread going? >favorite place to run >favorite time of day to run …[View]
48665814Do you guys perform upright rows? If so, have they given you bigger shoulders? I never tried them be…[View]
48661986>tfw i looked better before i started using gear :/[View]
48664810recently broke both wrists, both were imobilized for three months pre break, was already weak fag, h…[View]
48665135“My weight gain was on purpose. I used to strive to be a huge muscled dude with abs. I started lifti…[View]
48663794ADVICE: Helo fitizens I started the stronglifts 5x5 in september and followed it pretty exactly, add…[View]
48627547How do I become a gym twink like pic related? What exercises to focus on, what to avoid?[View]
48665647How do I meet a qt and stop being lonely? I joined a club and I also work, and see girls at both who…[View]
48659634Is weed healthy?[View]
48664769Why does Lucerne™ whole milk have an extra gram of protein (9g) than other whole milk brands? What…[View]
48665551What type of milk does /fit/ drink? 2% master race here.[View]
48665458How can i achieve this mode?[View]
48664801Foods and activities that increase sperm count and testosterone.[View]
48665546Is there any cheeseburst pizza that tastes the same but gives me six packs?[View]
48663749giant skelly friend: need help for a giant skelly friend who lives in kangarooland. he is 7 feet tal…[View]
48665349Fags Are protein shakes bad for my liver n stuff?[View]
48650978This is George Hackenschmidt:Creator of the bench press and the hack squat. Say something nice about…[View]
48663593Other than injecting it....: FUCK /FIT/ I HAVE LOW T HOW CAN I MAKE IT?[View]
48665292Getting bigger than this is a complete waste[View]
48663226man, AlphaDestiny doesn't look too good[View]
48657029Winter bulk general: How’s the bulk going for you bros?surely there must be some kings on this board…[View]
48664772what is the definitive way of fixing upper crossed syndrome (forward head)?[View]
48662330Pick one: > 5'4 manlet > has made it > 6'4 lanklet > Auschwitz mode > can n…[View]
48664796I’ve been on 1 mg of fin for 3 months: Is it working ?[View]
48665403Will krav maga or bjj be good for dealing with one of these cunts? Its their kicks you need to worry…[View]
48664297Is milk bad for you?[View]
48665271Piss test boys: How hydrated are you right now?[View]
48665262Thoughts on Duluth Trading Company?[View]
48665083Anyone here have good experiences with fin: I’ve been on it 3 months how long did it take for you to…[View]
48664773work OUT. It means you work OUTSIDE. So many fucking pussies think they're tough guys, big and…[View]
48664858Are bananas /fit/?[View]
48663585is it possible to do OMAD long term?[View]
48660438Does intercourse count as cardio for the day? Nothing feels better than lifting with a qt and then h…[View]
48662036you know what im sick of? fucking brapposters. Suddenly every single post containing a picture of a …[View]
48664996Chewing Gum: Will chewing gum everyday give me a better jawline?[View]
48662209Who has the best life on /fit/?[View]
48664952Too high are standard?[View]
48647753Annual /fit/ survey: I hope you weak fucks have improved since last year. https://docs.google.com/fo…[View]
48664536Why can they call this an energy bar if it has low carbs?[View]
48662100>calls himself /fit/ >doesn't freeclimb well? explain yourself…[View]
48664824Fucking help me boys: >be me, 5ft10, 135lb weed >struggle with being skinny my whole life >…[View]
48664978Well, I don't want to be like the roachfarmer, but cicadas tasted like shrimp https://www.webmd…[View]
48663632I woke up and wasted pretty much all of today. I had a really sugar filled junk food binge in the ev…[View]
48663085How much cholesterol should I be getting?[View]
48664907Listen here man let me tell you about them dang old steroids it goes like you take the trenbolone wi…[View]
48663086I know it's just a Chinese cartoon for kids, but isn't this really bad form? Aren't y…[View]
48664619What do when you are stressed as fuck and your body wants junk food more than never? Im trying to d…[View]
48664585>gym radio >GLORIA! GLORIA! PERPETUA[View]
48663429No Dick DECEMBER DAY 9, no more urges, just watched a movie with 20 sex scenes, dick didn't eve…[View]
48664362FemAnons, why haven't you taken the brappill?: >Brapping prevents hemorrhoids (squatting can…[View]
48664624>Be me >Be skinnyfat Help, what the most effective way of not being skinnyfat anymore with do…[View]
48664124Can we get a preworkout rage thread? Get angry and push heavy weight.[View]
48662077give it to me straight /fit/, she NEVER goes to the gym but has an ass like this. meanwhile i go 4 d…[View]
48652386>bizarre muscle[View]
48662503Anyone work office jobs? I get back pain from leaning over 8 hours a day and don't deadlift[View]
48655978How much sleep do people actually need?[View]
48663840Workout: Would this be alright for a 16yr old ( 80-90kg body fat mostly) with a water fast?[View]
48655003/fit/ jobs male stripper edition: i did it /fit/ i said fuck it and walked into a male stripclub and…[View]
48664634Who’s making social gains tonight? I feel like I should go out and not just play vidya but I don’t w…[View]
48663530>start lifting seriously for the first time ever >fuck around doing random shit for a month be…[View]
48663769I dont even want to have sex. and lifting will only attract vain thots/retarded women. but i still l…[View]
48664122Rate me[View]
48663628I've been thinking about how to mould a human body into being as deadly as possible for a while…[View]
48664410Is body recomposition legit? I want to put on some quick weight cause I'm feeling too twinkish …[View]
48656175We’re all gonna make it brehs: What does making it mean to you /fit/?[View]
48664417>kale salad is garbage that will give you organ/bone damage and eating it is basically suicide Is…[View]
48658759How do I make my face more manly? I'm gaining muscle but I have a soiboi face.[View]
48658149Get off your computer chair and start running. NOW.[View]
48663560How are you doing anon?[View]
48664125Hi anons after an external opinion. Wondering/paranoid whether i'm gonna go bald, pic related i…[View]
486643086'1 7.5/10 dyel how long will it take till I get mires by random thots starting from skinnyfat dyelm…[View]
48664023how to I into Etzbeth mode his size 6'8' 271 my size 6'5' 215 I just started college and h…[View]
48655198Anyone fucking hate wannabe tough guy boomers?: They're so goddamn annoying. I'm 6'3…[View]
48663691>tfw i'm 30 years old and never seen my abs[View]
48664189Rage attacks: Someone made a thread about getting random bursts of rage and anger. If this happens t…[View]
48662775Any brahs here become background dancers for pop singers or male strippers? How is it alike? I assum…[View]
48651538>step out of time machine >head straight to the gym…[View]
48663335Need advice on my diet regiment!: Alright guys, so basically I have started some basic exercise (Sit…[View]
48663474What's the /fit/ vegan discord? Recently went vegan an need recipes.[View]
48663405Drinking a gallon of water is a myth https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-nutrition/water-myth…[View]
48662294Do men under 180cm get socially isolated in your country? Here in canada, if you are 180cm or below,…[View]
48663108How to build THIS?: There's plenty of rules how to get big and bulky, shape huge muscles etc., …[View]
48662071>'Oh I didn't know you lifted anon'[View]
48662621ITT: Why we lift: To protect him from the shitbulls in our low income neighborhood.[View]
48662988What's a good workout program other than starting strength? Im not deadlifting cause I know you…[View]
48661897You don't use it, you lose it??: >decided to quit sugar, even fruit >if I see any kind of…[View]
48660578MEWING: Does mewing work?[View]
48663509Gym earphones: Hello /fit/ My jaybird x3 died and I want recommendations for a new earphone. I have …[View]
48662729I, uh, hear you get sodomized pretty, uh, often.[View]
48662542What can I do to prevent back pain when working abs?[View]
48623931NOFAP General: Failed last night on day 22, today is my day 1. Stay focused and busy, keep good habi…[View]
48662237Motivation thread: >see friend I used to work out with and basically trained me who I haven'…[View]
48663101What are the benefits of exercising while eating unhealthy, as opposed to be sedentary while eating …[View]
48661920I am shredded as a motherfucker. U mirin brah? I am getting bitches every night. But I am natural. I…[View]
48662140Hey, /fit/ I'm fat, 21lbs (95 kg) and I'm 6'4' (193) want to lose weight, Is water f…[View]
48663703So I just did an order from naked nutrition for the first time. Got myself pea protein since dairy b…[View]
48663564What do you look forward to? What keeps you going? I’m losing all hope in life and in getting fit[View]
48663668>do nofap for NNN >success >decide to fap couple days after >also decide to go for a lon…[View]
48663649>Walking down the sidewalk and women walking the opposite direction purposefully walk into the st…[View]
48662411How long would it take to go from Skeletor mode to look normal if I started today with GOMAD? Not ta…[View]
48663503I made a /fit/ gingerbead sans[View]
48661773Workplace Gyms: Hey Anon, does your workplace have a gym? I'm curious whether or not it gets us…[View]
48663499Let's see you lift /fit/ Or roast me.[View]
48662410Neck and Posture Thread: Post necks and Posture and give advice on how to improve.[View]
48659342>glute DOMS[View]
48659731>tfw at 1/1.7/2/3 tell me why this isn't the optimal condition for aesthetics, looking like …[View]
48661657Reminder to shower every day.[View]
48662695is this enough?[View]
48662769>tfw lifting so that somebody will love you someday[View]
48663307How strong do you must be to rip someone's arm off?[View]
48663269Skincare and Acne: How do I fix my cheeks /fit/? I tried no fap, I only drink water, and I’ve used a…[View]
48662911>gym vikings crashed their longboat through the gym again[View]
48662473Water: Ok /fit/, let's talk about water. I'm terrible at drinking water, and I know I don…[View]
48662980McKenzie Chin Tuck: Does anyone here actually do this exercise? Got any results? https://www.youtub…[View]
48663115Ideal Body Thread: Who really inspired you to lift /fit/? Post your Ideal Body. >tfw scooby repli…[View]
48662920Duno if this is the right board or not, but I got the evening free. If anybody got any questions on …[View]
48661801Pre-workout jitters: Hey /fit/izens, /k/ommando here. >just took pre-workout >jittery af after…[View]
48661927If I’m above 15% bf, is there a reason to bulk? Can’t my body just use the fat it already has to bui…[View]
48660162is it okay to have a pint with lads twice a week????[View]
48656252I have a strict diet, I'm a 5'11 manlet and weigh 77 kilos (obese) I cheated today, I real…[View]
48660621So /fit/ This is me as it is now. 198,6 lbs. 5.74 in heigh. I recently spent 2 fucking months ins…[View]
48662043What about P/PL for a routine, instead of P/P/L something like bench + OHP + incline + dips for pus…[View]
48662812ITT we discuss the benefits of changing your grip: What are the benefits of the different grips, and…[View]
48648432are there any conspiracies regarding weightlifting?[View]
48662408>tfw chest/back mogs the fuck out of arms and shoulders What's the problem? It's espec…[View]
48662384Does smoking 1-2 cig per day can fuck my training, I really want to stop that shit but its hard with…[View]
48654926/plg/ - powerblogging general: It's 5 AM and I must shitpost edition[View]
48660716Will doing a simple cycle of 500mg test hurt my endurance at all? I’m pretty much at my natty limit …[View]
48662721>scooby could be reading my post right now I love you scoobs, keep up the good work…[View]
48662091I need the ethanol: Can I keep my gains while drinking the devils liquor? I need it for my sanity. I…[View]
48662201>wide birthing hips so i can't go otter mode >thin baby wrists so i can't go bear mo…[View]
48662097Jason Blaha made it bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=-IXUnDjw10U…[View]
48650602RIP Rich Piano.: One year ago today. RIP.[View]
48659063Feel Good/Making it Thread: I wanted to share my story, it's not one I tell many people IRL. I …[View]
48662455Diet: hey /fit/bros I have a question. I've been on this 'diet' for about a week now. Basically…[View]
48662505how do i know when I'm done?: Am fatass. Used to be more fat. Now less. But still am. 21 year …[View]
48661855Assuming the total amount of calories consumed is the same, is it better to eat more meals or fewer …[View]
48661723>be bodybuilder in shithole country >buy juice from paco >inject it into your leg raw >g…[View]
48662378What do you tell very fat people who NEED their high fitness shake before workout?: Do they really n…[View]
48660668You didn't skip neck day this week, did you anons?[View]
48660845Is David going bald?[View]
48662320Small tips for starting out: Hey /fit/, long time lurker first time poster here. A coworker and I ha…[View]
48662305fuck me.: Fuck brahs. I'm not going to make it. I'm a fat fuck. Why did Zyzz have to die? …[View]
48661647here we create new lifts and draw them: you can even name your lift if you want. ill start: its call…[View]
48661026WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? so I've been cutting for a long time.got 76 from 82 in 2 months,then…[View]
48661343Stop posting about 'BUTT WINK': It's weird and gay and creepy. No one thinks about that except …[View]
48661457How's your head game /fit/? Do you push yourself? Are you achieving your goals? What's ho…[View]
48660376Post your supplement stack[View]
48662170Is there a more chad achievement to make than having your name placed amongst the stars? Unironicall…[View]
48660441>vegetables >grains >legumes >nuts >seeds All full of antinutrients and literal pois…[View]
48661629FRONT DOUBLE BICEP THREAD: sorry you know who you are ;)[View]
48660746What does an effective upper/lower routine look like compared to an PPL[View]
48661500What can I do fitness-wise to get over my oneitis?[View]
48660894>Injuries keep piling up[View]
48660518I'm /fit/'s undisputed king of glutes. Prove me wrong[View]
48658409How accurate is this?[View]
48661953Transformation: hey /fit/, long time depressed /v/irgin turned over a new leaf thanks to ADHD diagno…[View]
48660432So How is your evening /Fit/ ?[View]
48659395is there any sort of crazy invention that allows you to attach free weights (with the goal of adding…[View]
48659613Help: My Parents make me fat... Is there anything i can do[View]
48650337What inspired you to start lifting?: Post stories of what inspired you to start lifting I'll st…[View]
48657918Medbros, i need yer help. >be me back in summer >first time gym >too much weight, too many …[View]
48658700Do tell me more about your 1/2/3/4 plate goals, anon[View]
48660930Making other people get fit: How would I make someone else get in shape? There’s a swarm of chubby/o…[View]
4866161423 years old male having pins and needles around my body. I just drank a lot of water today and did …[View]
486589612 weeks ago, I hurt myself doing deadlifts (but I'm sure it was me trying to bench with a curve…[View]
48660240Running: Hey /fit/ most of the discussion on here is about lifting but I have some questions about r…[View]
48661556How to lose your virginity.: Go ahead, Mr. Fit, pick your girlfriend. >Merry Christmas…[View]
48661010I’M GONNA SAY IT[View]
48661623>I see you're exercising in the gym a lot anon, but are you doing your meal time exercise?…[View]
48661668post brutal mogs[View]
48659971https://www.instagram.com/linuskfitness/ This is what 3 years natty lifting looks like.[View]
48661324dropped some lbs since I last posted 6'2 200 what should I improve?[View]
48661159did i answer my friend correctly? should i let him know anything else?[View]
48661055>severe stabbing stomach pain while standing or lying in bed >feel like I'm going to shit…[View]
48661534So I got the book and now I'm wondering if I always have to bring this to the gym or not.[View]
48657709Self punishment: Do you ever punish yourself for failure, /fit/? Self harming fags stay out.[View]
48642575New Years Comic: I have no clue if SIR is doing a new years comic this year, but I still made a thre…[View]
48660729Iron body: Hammer curls Dumbell flys Situps[View]
48660564>tfw narrow urethra[View]
48660191Home gym- first blood: All right this questions goes out to the Home Gym Master Race. I have a basem…[View]
48660795okay its been 3 months since my shit last floated. WTF is happening?[View]
48659365does /fit/ have cheat days?[View]
48660900>so, you think just because you can lift heavy weights you're /fit/, sonny?…[View]
48660990If I drink a lot of alcohol on my rest day, should I take a second rest day to let my delayed protei…[View]
48661329Set numbers and rep ranges: Hey /fit/, in my current workout plan, I work my biceps with 2 exercises…[View]
48633865/fit/ fashion thread: Share what you wear /fit/ on a regular day in public or a night out[View]
48661278>when you finally find out what is the weakest link in your musculature and find an exercise that…[View]
48660357so I'm trying to do some pull-ups, but I immediately get a sharp pain on my wrist and my forear…[View]
48660331Anyone here work a trade and lift simultaneously? If I take precautions like eating more calories an…[View]
48647477I weigh 260 and deadlift 395 There's a twink at my gym who weighs 170 lb and deadlifts 390 lb. …[View]
48661189I had 3 entire Oreos today /fit/, a-am I still going to make it...?[View]
48657558how do i tap into that steppe barbarian mindset when lifting in a commercial gym?[View]
48658423I can’t believeout of all people, boogie gonna fucking make it...[View]
48659816First mire today: >be me >lanklet, lifting for 2 months >today at the gym qt3.14 keeps look…[View]
48661132Diet Experiment?: Hey /fit/. I keep getting exhausted after eating and am trying to figure out why. …[View]
48656150Motivation Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt5SlONIRZ0[View]
48660866Medfags help: I felt something snap in my pecs while doing DB bench press 2 days ago. Feels a little…[View]
48659521My strength coach told me to download TrainHeroic and use his program/team on days we don't mee…[View]
48659983Why is the gym so nice and cozy on the weekends?[View]
48657253/fit/ related wallpapers?[View]
48657431Let's see 'em, /fit/![View]
48637141Hey /fit/ what is the most degenerate, disgusting habit or affliction you have that you wouldn'…[View]
48660874What are some good programs for the soul purpose of getting stronger? More or less powerlifting but …[View]
48660883>tfw drop set deadlifts[View]
48660862>winter is coming >have to wear tons of clothes >now I can postpone losing weight for anot…[View]
48660025What's a fit breakfast that doesn't include eggs or oats? I'd rather shoot myself tha…[View]
48649478Drawing on Eyebrows as a Male: Gf says i should draw on eyebrows... She did it, and i actually felt…[View]
48659057How do i make speaking gains? Whenever i speak people usually do not hear at first, they usually jus…[View]
48656577Post your recipe ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
4866057016 weeks: I’ve been doing this routine for coming up on 16 weeks, and it totally transformed my body…[View]
48660231/fit/ how do I become passionate about something? I do things but it's more of things I do whil…[View]
48650617If you're above this you're fat.[View]
48660615You compared to Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee could do about 1500 push-ups in a row by two hands. He was also…[View]
48660511ITT: Machines that are actually good exercises, but everyone avoids them due to the 'implications'.[View]
48659429Daily reminder drink plenty of water buddeh[View]
48658747Redpill me on height: Ready to take height redpill. Been coping on this for a long time. Assuming al…[View]
48660471good, cheap alternative to milk? milk gives me bacne and i've been ignoring that shit for years…[View]
48656640Being /fit/ Saved My Life: First greentext pls no bully >be me >be 18, just graduated high sch…[View]
48660450/fit/ show me your top shelf in the freezer. And tell me what you use the stuff for. I use the froz…[View]
48657640That's it boys, go home. All of /fit/ is now perpetually mogged. Post powerful pics like this[View]
48658041If I wanted to get my legs as big as possible as fast as possible what kind of routine should I do?[View]
48660468What ever happwned to telivision and film?[View]
48658710Are there any programs for low/no equipment? I have a barbell and 300 lbs of weight but thats it. No…[View]
48660345How should I go about picking a PT? There's two PT at the gym nearby or should I look for one o…[View]
48660172>tfw you didn't get into fitness prior to the late 2000s when having a godly body made you u…[View]
48658564Im cutting atm and my old doggo is keeping me up because it’s thundering and she hates it and is ter…[View]
48658185Probably a retarded question, but curious if anybody has any ideas I haven't deadlifted since m…[View]
48657744Have you ever had a girl mire your physique? What was it like?[View]
48660147Relationship between eyes and lifts: post 'em boys bit over 1/2/3/4 6' 188[View]
48659166>mewed so hard my jaw hurts when it returns to its original position[View]
48659323>drink milk Skin dries the fuck up.[View]
48659101Running Headphones: Alright, so I have anger issues, and nothing in the world makes me angrier than …[View]
48659886Should I go to the gym if I am sick? I had just a minor cold, and I would not go to the gym because …[View]
48659961>Be me in 2014 >Fat fuck, smoke weed occasionally >Move to place where 'medicinal' marijuan…[View]
48659445Armor fitness: What is this mode called. My lifelong dream is to be fit to wear armor effectively. P…[View]
48658739>Oh look it's Anon! We thought you'd skip the company christmas party and go to the gym…[View]
48659600It's christmas soon, what do I buy for my beloved little brother, /fit/? He's super into b…[View]
48659648what is the deal with people wanting to compare hand sizes? is it in any way a turn on for girls? it…[View]
48659812Is this body achievable natty?[View]
48659150Bros there's a cute girl that goes to the gym at the same degenerate hours that I go, but she l…[View]
48658013Larger penis with PWO: L-Citrulline helps open up veins and arteries. Now, if I consume a PWO that c…[View]
48659533>wow anon you're getting pretty big have you started going to the gym >nah just cut soda …[View]
48652824>mom: will you eat pizza if I get it?[View]
48659119this is for that anon who wanted to se my twink body but i never posted pics like i said i would[View]
48657727A bodybuilding gorilla: Ok /fit/ think about this , the average man can deadlift about 70kgs , the s…[View]
48659519Help, I woke up this morning and I can't move my arms above horizontal or close to it. And when…[View]
48655783I Did 100 Pull-Ups Every Day For 30 Days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo27zNDDuw0 >those comm…[View]
48657475Please rate my workout routine.: So guys, I just started working out recently and picked up a routin…[View]
48658271>that fat ass who tries to go to the gym for like a week[View]
48659120>7'0' >330 lbs how do I achieve this mode?…[View]
48658498We must purge 4chan from our holy land. Specialized blue death squads when[View]
48658901>walk into gym>: THANK YOU, NEXT Fuarkkkkkkkk[View]
48658222Are there cures for deep premature wrinkles ?: I’m 25 and barely go in the sun[View]
48654228Grease the groove: Is greasing the groove (pullups/pushups/diamond pushups) good or stupid? Is it ba…[View]
48656601Fuck Arthiritis and Joint Pain: So guys, I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my wrists, spine…[View]
48659235Weight lifters eternally btfo Crossfit confirmed as much harder than strong man https://youtu.be/eI…[View]
48659238Is this achievable natty[View]
48659255Hey /fit/ it's winter now and my sciatica is getting worse. I've been lifting for 3 months…[View]
48658630I sure hope you guys don't lift in front of a mirror. >While squatting, it is important to b…[View]
48659019hey /fit/ bros, ive been on this 'dukan' diet for the past 2 weeks and have lost a stone i…[View]
48658043Why are there so many Chad vets? Is it because they have free access to whatever medicines they need…[View]
48658705How do i get twink body? Cut and cut even more till abs appear? pic unrelated[View]
48655592I’m 30. I’ve been a triathlete most of my adult life but I’ve taken to lifting regularly over the pa…[View]
48648551Balding General: No one ever talks about DHT blocking shampoos Hims is overpriced marketing, but the…[View]
48658385Should I do legs twice a week if I already ride my bike to school everyday?[View]
48657913>that postworkout blowjob[View]
48627879Do you have any goals for next year?[View]
48658905Thread 404'd before i noticed. Thanks for the advices. (That is all)[View]
48658108Gymns are for faggots. What do I need to do a full workout at home?[View]
48657498What's the point of egolifting when the ideal body is this?[View]
48658171Messed up traveling work schedule, wat do? Please halp: Good morning /fit/bros. I currently have a s…[View]
48656873Can lean manlet without square jaw pull off the bald 'hairstyle'? I hate going to hairdres…[View]
48658750Music to lift to: What's your favourite song to listen to when working out, /fit/? https://www.…[View]
48655391I just binged on 4000 calories: What do I do? Throw it up? Take laxatives?[View]
48653214/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Drive It On Home Edition Welcome to Greatness Now Let's Thriv…[View]
48655546BOOMER THREAD: 30+ /fit/, what are your biggest challenges? I'm in the best shape I've bee…[View]
48635496/fast/ - #340 - HIT SOME IRON FATTY EDITION: FAQ >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discu…[View]
48658253What music does Chad listen to?[View]
48658367How do i achieve this mode?[View]
48658023https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Em1xuIpuk another example of stupid religious vegans becoming op c…[View]
48656997/homegym/ general: anyone here lift at home? I'm looking to get a power cage but I'm not s…[View]
48656467Hey, fit. How does one lose 12-15 kgs (25 lb - 35 lb) on a low carb diet?[View]
48652639Let's say you were snow trapped somewhere in Montana or whatever, would it be possible to cut o…[View]
48657334David Gandy got MOGGED: Holy shit it's over for /fit/ - the asians are here and they're wi…[View]
48658140>start lifting because i like the idea of being swole >the more i lift the more i drift away f…[View]
48658268>no pillow gains[View]
48657329Sleep Routines: How do you early birds square your 5am routines with an active social life? And how …[View]
48658215doing ppl, need to add some things like side raises and interested in splitting squat and deadlift o…[View]
48657276>start lifting and exercising because you think it will get you out of autism >come to /fit/ …[View]
4865771724 and has a GOBLIN posture. Can he still make it?[View]
48656231Does No-fap really improve hair growth?[View]
48653289New Strength Routine Suggestions: Hey /fit/ Winter approaches, and I'm thinking of finally swit…[View]
48658128>can't breathe while doing pushups help[View]
48658116Russian Spies: >tfw Klokov is secret spy for Putin in Trump campaign…[View]
48657416>can't progress on the DL because I get tunnel vision mid-way through my set if I'm goi…[View]
48657863What does fit think of gfuel?[View]
48654823aight /fit/ so this is a story from my hs days (in college now) >be me >just turned 18 >hug…[View]
48657031Can I look like this without protein powder?[View]
48657962>used to lift >now only workout when im drunk due to the convenient gym in my apartment buildi…[View]
48655707imagine being a 'powerlifter' (read fat fuck who thinks he's strong) and not being able to curl…[View]
48657150cutting IF and hemmiroids: two weeks ago i started eating 1400 cals and been doing IF a few months. …[View]
48654486had unprotected sex effectiveness of yuzpe?: Good morning, i'm on the verge of tears. My girlfr…[View]
48657884bulk or cut: hey ghuis i wait 300lbs shoud start bulk or cut first????[View]
48657141>that post workout cig[View]
48655514Name a female exercise[View]
48654483>supinated hand giving out on deadlifts AAA FUCKING CHRIST WHY AM I SUCH A WEAK FUCK what can i d…[View]
48657045do i need to eat protein powder and creatine? i don t want to get TOO big![View]
48656760> eat literally 16,000 calories a day > still be skinnyfat…[View]
48653113I just want to leave this here It's damn hilarious. The memes are true.[View]
48655277So we know that females can have boobs that are too big but can a female have pecs that are too big?[View]
48657147DEADLIFT: DEADLIFT hey, how do I get tight at the bottom of a DEADLIFT? yes, I lock my lats[View]
48657059Hi /fit/ I went to the gym for the first time today and I was scared but powered through it and conq…[View]
48656865How retarded in my plan: Ok /fit/ first of refer to pic related for my stats So basically I spent al…[View]
48656536Fellas any of you immediately feel like taking a shit right after you eat something? Maybe my bowels…[View]
48653905It dont ever stop[View]
48656608Hey fit going grocery shopping in the morning tommorow and was wondering what are some of your favor…[View]
48657443What kind of physiques are possible following an Asian diet?[View]
48653795>tells Aang to disregard thots and focus on training >drinks raw onion and banana juice >de…[View]
48657246Hey /fit/, I'm a dyel and I began starting strength about a week ago. Problem is my muscle pain…[View]
48656255Okay, /fit/, let's see your weekly shopping list.[View]
48653507Find a flaw: Tfw when your step sister compliments you on your gains and sends you selfies. Tfw I s…[View]
48657936Fuck, i spent the whole day playing this... i dont think i’m gonna make it.[View]
48657129/unlocked/: Holy fuck I just smashed all my PRs today. ALL of them. ALL. HOLY FUCKING FUCK FUCK I FE…[View]
48655406Spider milk: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/29/scientists-discover-spider-species-that-f…[View]
48651793How do I stop drinking coke /fit/? I can't help it, Coca Cola is just so delicious and refreshi…[View]
48655369>be me >age 26 >6'0 220lbs >roider >make a career change from bank management…[View]
48657219We miss you Aniki: > first Christmas without Aniki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=739XDwYBEdI…[View]
48656005So, what's the best way to acquire gains and lose weigh? Should I lose weigh first and start li…[View]
48657222I broke my arm, and I cant really gym for a while It kinda hurts to even just walk for the time bein…[View]
48649100This girl kept checking me out at the gym so I reported her to the front desk[View]
48657169The best diet for peak female aesthetics is 20% protein, 40% fat, and 40% carbs. Adequate protein, a…[View]
48656067Why haven't you joined a martial arts gym yet?: Why haven't you joined a martial arts gym?…[View]
48657010What are some good exercises to fix a back hunched from years of sitting next to a computer?[View]
48656419Heart pains after cardio: I did some intense cardio after not exercising in forever which was a stup…[View]
48655747ITT: Useless exercises: I'll start[View]
48652513What's your 135lb squat AMRAP fellas?[View]
48656884Is this physique achievable natty? What type of regimen would I need to do?[View]
48656586Consuming half of your TDEE every day to lose weight isn't a fuckin crash diet![View]
48648989Who here /gymbully/?[View]
48656299What's for dinner fit?: What are you eating today to get your gains? Just eating raw chicken li…[View]
48655208Okay dudes, I'm on the verge of not making it and I need you guys to talk me into fucking makin…[View]
48652384>tfw benching 175lbx5 at 152lbs bodyweight >Fat fucks think they're strong because they b…[View]
48656610Can you really get these gains without spending a dime?[View]
48636209humor: It's /fit/ humor time. How are your 1-rep maxes boys?[View]
48656472hello /fit/izens, I just want to ask if it's normal to feel extremely weak after cycling a 50m …[View]
48656516I know this guy is old news by this point but I need to know, how did he get that neck? Is this achi…[View]
48652312/fit humor thread: Post your screenshots boysss > phoneposters welcome…[View]
48653690How do ya stop mumbling and talking fast. My voice sounds fucking stupid[View]
48656009Does anyone else masturbate with their non-dominant hand to prevent bicep imbalances?[View]
48656170Will it look too gay if I get an ass to big as a male? I know girls like a big ass as well and there…[View]
48653926Tell me your inner worries /fit/[View]
48653859Hgh: Anyone know any ways to increase HGH naturally. No meme answers please[View]
48655104Kbox: Ayy boys, anyone have experience training on a flywheel/inertial resistance/Kbox machine? What…[View]
48654788why are they so expensive?[View]
48656071Returning from Snap City: About 3 weeks ago I sprained my wrist doing stupid shit. Fortunately it ha…[View]
48653697>Got /fit/ >Was 310 lost 110 pounds within six months >Lifted daily >A year passed I ju…[View]
48656007Body recomp: Is body recomp a meme ? If its possible, whats the correct caloric intake ? Deficit/mai…[View]
48655992So Anon.: What are some things you noticed after getting /FIT/? >People randomly greet me…[View]
48654473I am of Slavic descent, how do I unlock my strength and become the next champ?[View]
48653127Facial Gains: Anybody get 0 facial gains from their /fit/ form and are now considering surgery? I…[View]
48653880Why aren't more athletes breeding with each other? Don't we want more super-humans among u…[View]
48654796Sabotaging Testosterone exams: My doctor told me to do another Testosterone test yesterday. I'v…[View]
48654067so I'm fat, but also strong and healthy. How can I be less fat?[View]
48655236>squat 225 for perfect ass to grass reps with a high bar stance >fat dude squats 405 with a l…[View]
48653903How do I know if I have faggot face[View]
48655089Four time-Mr Olympia Jay Cutler said that you should not touch the bar to your chest to keep the con…[View]
48650268>when the pre-workout hits[View]
48655085>be me, 20 >only get mires from highschoolers why must life be pain /fit/?…[View]
48650866Beer: Why do I crave beer so much after a workout? Or is it just because it's Friday?[View]
48653012>lifting >not doing combat or team sports What's the point…[View]
48655201New year new me what's a decent starting routine to begin with? yes i know it's a new year…[View]
48650928Collagen: Is this stuff legit or it it bullshit? I work out a lot as I'm training to be a firef…[View]
48655196Doc said i got calcium buildup in my wrist tendons. hurts too much to do weights. am i fucked for li…[View]
48653056Bet you twink faggots couldn't do this https://youtu.be/pKYog7m_XeA[View]
48653612Is the only reason we lift and study hard just to get more women to sleep with us? We know women go …[View]
48647047Any good pre workout that doesn't contain a shitload of caffeine and creatine but has decent am…[View]
48655103tfw experienced a plateau in natty lifting and was about to start the juice: but i quit for 1.5 week…[View]
48636272/fat/ You have the option of not being pathetic: >Who is /fat/ for? For roundbois who want to bet…[View]
48653080Dealing with cold weather: I started lifting several weeks ago, and Thanksgiving/college finals shit…[View]
48650930do you guys care about the estrogen in meat nowadays? since i'm a student i can't afford o…[View]
48652709I miss him so much lads[View]
48630663/CBT/: No CBT, let's start a new one. I'll start.[View]
48654728Progressing: Is increasing intensity over time as simple as throwing ten more pounds on each exercis…[View]
48651448Health Maxing: Rate my groceries. Tortilla chips are my only real empty calories, but I need them fo…[View]
48653962is it possible to increase the clean and jerk without squats or deadlifts ?[View]
48653207How are you supposed to do barbell shrugs without it lifting my dick bulge for everyone to see? Pic …[View]
48654420I came after a long hard day of work, then getting my car oil/filter changed then raking the lawn an…[View]
48653500Someone here suffer from random rage attacks? I'm not even memeimg they have been killing me in…[View]
48647001What should I expect from eating two cloves of garlic a day?[View]
48653103ITT: Girls who lift more than you[View]
48654346>tfw haven't lifted in months >tfw will never lift again >tfw wasting away >tfw str…[View]
48641776/plg/ - powerblogging general: >>48641647 is the big gay edition[View]
48654355>that guy who listens to dadcore metal at the gym to get 'pumped up'[View]
48653236Post your ideal upper body. Also, how does he have such a feminine face with that Herculean body?[View]
48652954Been working out at home with the small amounts of weight I have and a bench. Joining the gym tomorr…[View]
486539375'9'' 79kg I'm already a light heavyweight bitches[View]
48654413What the fuck even is the point of pre-workout? Not this brand in specific, but I take it and get th…[View]
48654477Fasting/muscle gain: So I’m chubby but want to build muscle, and on a time crunch. I’m not new to fa…[View]
48632107Was quitting smoking worth it?[View]
48653543does manual labor give you good grip strength or is that a meme too[View]
48653686Lifting Routines and You: Do you want to look like a bodybuilder? >Brosplit >PPL Do you want t…[View]
48647508ITT: Why we lift[View]
48653352Good foods for the poops: I am trying to eat more fermented shit like this because I've been ha…[View]
48653777this has to be someone from /fit/...[View]
48652162How do I get this body?[View]
48646310How many of you can even come close to this? No arch.[View]
48649426how do I cook some tasty codfish?[View]
48653893Achievable Natty?[View]
48645438Starting lifts: New to lifting and just tested to see my max lifts so I have something to compair to…[View]
48650457So left or right /fit/?? I was trained left but right just seems more natural and I see people doing…[View]
48653240T-Slaps: Just a reminder that if your not slapping your balls atleast twice a day, you are not maxim…[View]
48654110Are the bent over on the bench lat raises better then normal flappy bird lat raises for rear delts? …[View]
48646861ITT: Actual Last Rep Faces[View]
48653839Sad swimmer: >swim twice a day 6 days a week >lift more than any other athelete in the grade …[View]
48652978>implying i cant actually box given my intense training in pretending to box >implying washed…[View]
48648874post brutal mogs[View]
48653301Why haven't you taken the /redlight/ pill yet fit? https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19539973/…[View]
48653793Preworkout Blues: Whenever I take my pre, it just spills back out after I unclench and ruins my comp…[View]
48653254Why do women ruin their bodies?[View]
48651053Fit Faith: Is fit religious? If so how does it motivate you?[View]
48646544/fit/ humor: >ctrl+f >no humour thread I'm dissapointed /fit/…[View]
48648304Cardio pre-workout, post-workout or its own day[View]
48649487ITT: good gym feels >Hit PR in the gym >Literally no one else in the weight area >Blared my…[View]
48648628Are kettlebells legit or just a meme?[View]
48653628Ironmaster or Power Block?[View]
48653288I've got skinny stick bitch legs, rec me a routine to gain mass plz[View]
48652757Deep bite/Down-swung Maxilla: Anyone else have this? How over is it for us? Will we never have a rob…[View]
48650983>tfw you stopped lifting after 7 years[View]
48644232Cardio General: How do you know if you have good cardio or not, /fit/?[View]
48644650Is it better to be lean but small or big but less cut? Let's take this as an example of lean bu…[View]
48653415Do women really care how built your legs are? I only do arms and not one hoe has commented on my chi…[View]
48653072I found a lipoma on my forearm: I was looking at my arm today and I noticed a lipoma, I prodded it a…[View]
48649937Be honest /fit/, how long did it take you to reach your current body?[View]
48653086>go on vacation >walk a shit load of miles >don’t get enough protein because of the cuisi…[View]
48652621I don't know what I am doing: Alright /fit/ gotta be honest and real. I am 6'0' weighing i…[View]
48648296Being Fit doesn’t make you a good fighte...........Oh shit: >VID RELATED https://youtu.be/Flu2VE…[View]
48651987Apps (home exercises): Do you guys use any Apps to track exercises nd gains? I'm trying to find…[View]
48652464Bet you twink faggots couldn't do this https://youtu.be/oV77vWwEmlo[View]
48653167How Do I Get a Chad Skull?[View]
48650576Has anyone here had success with a starch solution high carb very low fat diet when it comes to lift…[View]
48644518Hard to swallow REDPILL: No matter how hard you lift, no matter how heavy your squat is, YOU CAN’T C…[View]
48643466What do you genuinely enjoy doing? What do you do for fun?[View]
48652591Exercising while traveling: I've traveled for 18 months in the last 2 years and the travel bug …[View]
48638195what did you listen to while lifting this year /fit/ ? tfw zoomer[View]
48650800What mode is this?[View]
48652926Is hairloss 99% masturbation?[View]
48652921Just standing strict shoulder pressed 2 plates for 1: Stats: 6 foot, 200lbs. Lifting for almost 6 ye…[View]
48643962>35°F outside It’s another cold shower again, /fit/[View]
48652820The constant talk about 'Butt Wink' is making me decide not to squat anymore: You weird freaks are m…[View]
48652802Hello, anon. Would you like a boost?[View]
48652408>the opposite of fitness is fatness[View]
48646797Reminder: Daily reminder that if you can't deadlift 3 plates(120kg) you are not a male.[View]
48652491>ask friends and family to do couch-to-5k with me >they claim to already be capable of running…[View]
48651321hey /fit/izens how do i overcome my anorexia? im 6'1' 130 lbs[View]
48649441Radiation and cancer and shiieet: Isn't anyone worried about the radiation from our phones alwa…[View]
48652515/GOMAD/: Arnold mass gainer 485 Calories per Serving 40 Grams of Protein per Serving 21 Grams of mos…[View]
48650189Posture correctors: Are they a meme? I'm thinking about buying one because I have shit posture …[View]
48650813Eucalyptus: I use eucalyptus once in a while at my gym. Eucalyptus oil in the steam room and sometim…[View]
48650636PRETENTIOUS BITCHES: I am so motherfucking tired of all this goddamn shit! All this motherfucking fa…[View]
48651604/fit/ bros am I skinny fat or just skelly? Be brutally honest[View]
48650461If you have ever posted/talked about 'butt wink' even ironically: You simply must kill yourself…[View]
48646871Is this a meme or does it actually work?[View]
48629070/fraud/: /fraud/ - dead thread edition Before asking your stupid beginner questions, make sure to r…[View]
48652390Depression and fitness: Depression makes everything harder. Some days, my mind and focus are off. I…[View]
48651088Are these any good or are they just a meme? I'm a autistic poorfag and can't go to the gym…[View]
48648270Would going on 5-6 hour long walks once a week have much of an impact on my fitness level?[View]
48650256How to be more like TR?[View]
48650199new motivation: I've known this phat ass mixed girl for a while and i always kinda just liked h…[View]
48651764ITT: images that make you say JESSE GET THE MARKER[View]
48652260>leg day[View]
48652150Wethted dips vs decline bench? Pic unrelated[View]
48631392>walk into gym ONE KISS IS ALL IT TAKES[View]
48648694How do I get rid of acne, /fit/? So fucking tired of this shit. Should I just wait a couple years fo…[View]
48647611If I'm 18 and rapidly approaching norwood stage 3, what are my options? From what I've hea…[View]
48651883Can I fast till I get low body fat of 10%? I'm currently at 30 doing omad not really working ou…[View]
48649954Squat form deterioration: Is some deterioration on the squat fine? Like slightly twisting upwards or…[View]
48644898What is /fit/ majoring in?: and to those anons who already graduated, what is you career and is it r…[View]
48650642Swimming thread Has anybody here practice or had practiced swimming? Is it good? Does makes gains, d…[View]
48590218/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: The World is Your Oyster, Crack It Open Edition Welcome to Greatne…[View]
48650359>So...you're eating raw onions daily because anonymous people on that Bangladeshi goat racin…[View]
48649682Warning Thread: ITT: We warn others by sharing stories about what happens when you don't exerci…[View]
48646393are marathon runners the most pathetic group?[View]
48649982How much longer is the big butt trend going to past?[View]
48650839Mid 30s Losing my hair Feeling fucking awesome Fuck the haters I'm a king[View]
48650506> He doesn't lift at 3am when the gym is empty[View]
48642338Estimate my height and weight[View]
48646971Would you rather be big and strong or super lean and ripped? Its hard to pick both when you are in t…[View]
48649259What is the most painless shoulder exercise, i tried to do OPH and other Push exercises but my shoul…[View]
48650478>need help cutting help fit also any other advise unavailable on the sticky…[View]
48651247Sippers BTFO: >Our findings show that both 2 and 4 mg·kg caffeine improve 10-km cycling time, but…[View]
48651325who here is /strongfortheirsize/? there's nothing better than blending in with the dyels but th…[View]
48650696What's an example of a high intensity upper/lower split program?[View]
48650147How did you ge those weapons of mass destruction: Whats your secret to big arms[View]
48650070Give me ONE (1) reason why hitching/ramping should be illegal in powerlifting. bar starts on ground…[View]
48650088What kind of physique does CrossFit give you?[View]
48650788>be me >eat till I'm puking every day for 4 months >lift heavy ass weights 3 times a w…[View]
48648165Ending a 2 month almost completely bed ridden episode of depression, moved to a new location near a …[View]
48647448>tfw 5'8 204 pounds[View]
48647719>he actually goes to the gym to get muscles Non-athletes BTFO[View]
48650566Wearing of joints, aging and other ways to fuck up your shit: I work as a postman and want to walk a…[View]
48645057why didn't you fucks tell me food is so expensive i hate bulking reeeeeeeeeeee[View]
48644209What are you guys thought on rotisserie chicken bought from stores or Peruvian restaurants? Sometime…[View]
48650240Post workout: I've been drinking a 32oz of this post workout, it's got 32g of brotein. I…[View]
48647485Why do you guys care so much about height[View]
48646189I didn't work out on Wednesday nor Thursday. Is it okay to go today and tomorrow while on 3x/we…[View]
48647096ITT: God Tier PR Smashing Tunes: Strong Rocky IV Vibes[View]
48649771I had to stop lifting for a few days because I was ill. Will this make me weaker?[View]
48649695You will be buying the Starting Strength Bench...right? Or do your little shoulders hurt because you…[View]
48642537Zyzz - he lied to us. Making it was not worth it. The mires, them approaching you (which happens her…[View]
48650230If sleeping on our back is the best option, why do we even have mattresses?[View]
48650183Depression gainz: How do I make the most out of the hell that is depression?[View]
48650120Assuming I eat maintenance calories with 10-20% of calories coming from fat, one gram of protein per…[View]
48648705>couldn't sleep for shit >feel like shit today >didn't go to the gym this morning…[View]
48636161Benis Health: How long does morning wood normally last? I will get morning wood often but by the tim…[View]
48650171did you bros take advantage of EPIC XD deals on Black Friday for gym equipment!? https://www.youtube…[View]
48649042I'm doing 100kg squats without a rack or spotter 4 sets to go I'm gonna die today[View]
48642408FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU I guess I'll just have to take my manlet genes elsew…[View]
48640684do negative pullups improve reggie pullups or are negatives a meme?[View]
48644705is it cool to cosplay if youre /fit/?[View]
48638318How do i find an underground fightclub?[View]
48632048ITT Jeff memes (Please post urs they really make me laugh)[View]
48649774How can I stop dreading leg day? I hate squatting and I never feel rewarded afterwords.[View]
48649646Insanity: Curious: How many of y'all could complete a month 2 circuit (60 minutes, 10 minute wa…[View]
48645249Pain recovery thread: I squat bad. How do i recover from this pain I have in my lower back whenever …[View]
48648946Taking a week off from working out....yay or nay?: Somewhat new to /fit - and haven't seen this…[View]
48649567Inspiration for the manlets out there: A 5'3 manlet talks about how his height has affected his…[View]
48648991is it acceptable to wear leather outfits in the gym?[View]
48647325College and Im stuck: Well iv lost 20 pounds since iv been here. 6’1 started at 270 pounds and now i…[View]
48648914Ive been doing greyskull LP for 3 months now as a beginner and I want to maybe change my routine? Is…[View]
48644419I don’t wanna workout /fit/ Help me out[View]
48647608Why do other athletes shit on lifters so much?: If you do literally any sport you always hear some f…[View]
48646591itt: that guy at the gym: Post em bois[View]
48649308>wake up every morning >have 10 minus 3 minutes to get to the toilet before I shit my pants …[View]
48648670How does the planche actually build muscle when theres no movement going on?[View]
48643083Trance music: Zyzz lives in our hearts and minds. Post your best https://youtu.be/Yfz1czk4ua0[View]
48648054/fit/ frens, i need ur help, today it completes a month that i dont go to the gym, if i go there tod…[View]
48641715I'm gonna kill myself: I am 5'11 (manlet), I weigh 77 kilos. Should I kill myself? I feel …[View]
48649168Hey /fit/ I’m just now getting into working out a lot and I know the golden rule of “stay away from …[View]
48638609Just a bite, bro. Who cares about your fast, you gotta live lol[View]
48643393Does the ketogenic diet work? Redpill me on this.[View]
48649018o h: >started doing some exercises every morning >kept doing it for a while >look in mirror…[View]
48648931I started lifting on a calorie deficit 3 weeks ago and already lost 6 kg and look a little less than…[View]
48633380List everything you have ate so far today and be judged by others >glass of milk >handful of p…[View]
48648085Running: before or after lifting? whats the consensus? or should you just run on separate days? inb4…[View]
48648998Questions General: i recently picked up bouldering and i'm at the point where i should change m…[View]
48648461Gallon of Eggnog a Day: /Tis the season fit/[View]
48645858do you shower in the gym? i like to shower in the gym, it's time efficient and then i go into t…[View]
48647870Motivation Thread: Im seeing alot of doomer posts lately, gonna take off to the gym and when i get b…[View]
48650351Look Ma, no hands!: Have you taken the nohands pill yet? >refrain from using your hands to mastur…[View]
48580363/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General: So it turns out part of the reason it's so hard to find …[View]
48648293Made some oc, w-what do you guys think of it[View]
48646462How can I get rid of violin hips and bow legs?[View]
48647193Just: >hit it off with a new girl qt at work who was here on casual for 2 weeks >started flirt…[View]
48648681>Losing weight >But not face fat >healthy BMI but face looks obese. What the fuck, lads.…[View]
48648671My brother is going in for surgery today to get his second umbilical hernia in two years fixed. What…[View]
48644049Why can't I Row properly?: Weak hamstrings? Weak glutes? Weak what? I just cant get my back to …[View]
48648215How much should a 6' man who's been lifting for 3 years natty weigh? Provided he's de…[View]
48643499How come some people still give off a skinny impression even after gaining muscles[View]
48642146Overheard two beautiful girls laughing about how much they love thick hair on men. >im balding H…[View]
48645516>lifting will never get you a girlfri-[View]
48645853/fit/ feels: Thursday night/friday morning /fit/ feels How are you guys holding up?[View]
48648419>walk into gym YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND[View]
48647818Audio book for squats?: Who else has elevated and ditched mind numbing music for works of history du…[View]
48645987Fitness Progress: Hello /fit/ I am celebrating my one year aniversary of healthy eating and going to…[View]
48645751Why does /fit/ hate upright rows? Been doing them for some months and my traps have exploded in size[View]
48628718QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT >Ill start I used to work out. I'm a 6'2' ectomorph. I want to start a…[View]
48647984>You spent all of November not masturbating. And how's that working for you?…[View]
48648202wish me luck im about to make it[View]
48647951I'm fat and have Chad genetics The more weight I lose and the more I lift I'm starting to…[View]
48642327Deeper Voice: Is there a real way to change your voice /fit/ and what is it? whether it be deeper, r…[View]
48647623I'm going to a gym for the first time in 10 years today. Has anything changed? I've been w…[View]
48647458Is it possible that remaining a skeleton is better than being fit?[View]
48648039restarting after 1year: waddup pimps, I've been going to the gym for 2 years (doing 5x5 most of…[View]
48647943i need to become a bloatmaster: 5'10', 250-ish lbs here. I'm already naturally pretty stro…[View]
48643713is there a bigger gymcel sport?[View]
48647857>that girl who never touch any real weights and do 100 reps with smallest dumbbells…[View]
48647039NEED POWERLIFTING ADVICE: I follow a Starting Strength with some variations program. I want to incor…[View]
48631780Shower hair loss?: How much hair is normal to lose in the shower? Its never been something I've…[View]
48647844>mfw I get preworkout crash[View]
48646835>start SS, so weak have to start with bar alone >keep at it for around 3-4 months, OHP started…[View]
48646726>just ss+gomad lol >compounds are enough for abs Fuck you guys, I can diddly 2x BW now but I c…[View]
48646994>no matter how much I lift >no matter how well I dress > I will still be that bald 25 y/o…[View]
48647347>Studying KILLS GAINS It's over isn't it. Haven't been in the gym for 1 week and …[View]
48643168Can I get a BF% estimate? Pic is me.[View]
48644155How do I get to the point where I can eat more? I’m skelly mode and trying to put on weight but I fe…[View]
48647371ukkoylijumala: Was thinking back on my 8th grade pe class. The time we were allowed to go to the gym…[View]
48645753Is lifting weights and doing cardio wrong? I have been lifting, dieting and doing cardio for 18 year…[View]
48643567Progress: Thread for those things you have accomplished while you are trying to make it >starting…[View]
48643430>Attempted a 100kg bench >Was incredibly hard, took all my might, but i ended up getting it up…[View]
48646944Thailand: Is the Thailand trip still happening? One of my biggest wishes for 2019 is to see the pict…[View]
48646206Where can I get steroids in a garbage country like Germany?[View]
48646007Pros and Cons of learning Muay Thai[View]
48644478>Pxpxlxx This is useless right? One muscle group doesn’t need 7 days rest?…[View]
48646946How do I looksmaxxx other than low bf for face gains[View]
48644342/FFT/ - Fit Food Thread: Cutting Edition ITT Post your food with Macros and Calories >Calories …[View]
48646005>he did not do WHAT!? >cuff him did you do your duties today? NON negotiable…[View]
48645366/Failures general/: Tell me why you couldn’t make it anon, what was your excuse?[View]
48645308okay /fit/ I HAVE FUCKING HAD IT ITS FUCKING ENOUGH i want to get rid of these fucking man tits, im …[View]
48646856What can I do?: Im 23 years old and i feel like im mentally challanged or something. Im always alone…[View]
48646437hello I'm wondering which one is better? doing biceps curls with one hand at a time or both han…[View]
48646598>Drink coffee Automatically need to take a shit >Drink a soda Automatically need to take a shi…[View]
48645904Can someone tell me what I need to focus on more? I've worked out my lats quite a lot now. Is i…[View]
48646204question: hey fit do I have uneven pecs? I do a lot of barbell bench (only at 144 lbs x12atm) and I …[View]
48646472What body fat percent am I ?: How lean could I get in a month ? Could I have visible abs in 3 months…[View]
48644786Is dentistry a /fit/ tier job?: Pros: >make bank >relatively low stress compared to other care…[View]
48646678Let's have a great 2019 guys.[View]
48643598What's the difference between lat pull downs and pull-ups. I feel like if I can barely handle m…[View]
48644572Stress eating cure?: Can you fix stress eating after you recover past memories and deal with its anx…[View]
48646392Is lifting more likely to make you more aware and self conscious of your appearance?[View]
48644264Dont listen to faggots saying 'Strength Training is a meme' or 'I fell for the strength training mem…[View]
48646321>weighted dips[View]
48644607I think I am ruined. So I have have been having monsters and rockstar energy drinks, up to 3-4 a day…[View]
48645637>/fit/ >drinking your own piss Pick one https://youtu.be/IiBMRj9sBDs…[View]
48645495Is it fucking true that drinking liquids after eating dilutes the food in some way such that the nut…[View]
48626240Why do mods allow the constant stream of manlet/mogged/self-deprecating threads on here? I understan…[View]
48644013Mode me, /fit/[View]
48645616College thread: How's the the gym and quality of girls? and how /fit/ is your campus?[View]
48639668Just bought a treadmill, a pull-up bar, and a pair of dumbells today for my home. What are some tips…[View]
48636900Who do you lift for: Tell me whomst you lift for and why[View]
48643115I'm trying mewing but I have 2 minor problems. >1)sometimes I have allergies >2)I have a…[View]

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