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49630160I fapped two days in a row after two-three weeks nofap and now I want to die and I'm feeling co…[View]
49634619>be me >senior in high school >miss the cut in the bowling sectionals again >by just 20 …[View]
49634468>Day 4 of DOMS[View]
49629837/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Do some pressing. Recover from your workouts. Have some sex. Love life…[View]
49634363>go to gym >10pm on a Friday, usually empty >Weirdly not empty this time >Shoulders day,…[View]
49633639MFW next week is rest week: That's right, a whole week with my feet up, doing nothing and still…[View]
49634975hmm, it seems the vegans shittalking frankies blood results have dissapeared... https://youtu.be/CD…[View]
49633053Stretching muscles: Should stretch before or after workout?[View]
49627730>How old are you? >26 >Whattt, no way that you're only 26, wtf Heard this so many time…[View]
49612788how big is too big?[View]
49634549post good preworkouts[View]
49632664what is wrong with me?: >be me >be 18 >decide to do nofap >on week 2 >not horny at al…[View]
49633710saturated fats, good or bad?[View]
49632940Have you eaten your meat today, /fit/?[View]
49634732Arnold Golden 6: Does this make sense for natties after running something like SS? >Squats 4x10 …[View]
49621203>have 3 sets of pulldowns left >take a water break >come back to pic related on your machin…[View]
49625146/fit/ girl thread[View]
49634677So, I've cut for a while and want to start a lean bulk next week for a long time. Should I stic…[View]
49632990How much do i need to lift to lift all these feels[View]
49632808I ordered a 11UK instead of a 11US for my lifting shoes and ofc they're loose. Gel insoles woul…[View]
49632742Lifting Belt - Help: Hey bros, Looking to purchase my first lifting belt. Been lifting for 5 years n…[View]
49630207>Weighted dips? >Yes, please![View]
49631301In case you ever need any ammo against body positivity aka fat acceptance aka landwhale tolerance - …[View]
49630373Reminder that when the fags here say they got 1/2/3/4 in 6 months they mean 6 months of strength tra…[View]
49634901>lifting for girls >not lifting for a goddess https://youtu.be/3yDP9MKVhZc Goddesses are often…[View]
49630832/fit/, can I get girls like these if I start lifting?[View]
49634384>couple of thots about to walk past me >preemptively bend down to tie my shoelace >enjoy th…[View]
49634381https://m.health24.com/Medical/Sleep/treating-sleep-problems/Effects-of-prolonged-bed-rest-20131025 …[View]
49633339as long as i keep eating under maintenance and eat enough protein and follow my workout to period am…[View]
49631778God I wish I was handsome.[View]
49633783Opinion: What's your opinion about this app. Is it good for begginers?[View]
49632459Are plants the most chad thing to ever exist?: >doesn't need to eat, only needs water and su…[View]
49633055why do so many people go to the gym without knowing how to use the equipment properly?[View]
496335515%ers Club General: Alright bros. To keep the memory of Rich alive I give you /5CG/. This week im wa…[View]
49633301Two fucking fat bitches just ruin my mojo: >fit manlet full time student with two year old daught…[View]
49632811any good routines to accompany martial arts training? Muay Thai and Judo to be Precise[View]
49633085Help me get fit: Hello fit bro’s. I am here today to ask you guys what workouts should I do in said …[View]
49633547Hey /fit/, /Pol/lack here, and I want to gain some arm weight. Would hitting this thing for a half a…[View]
49633803So am I going to get tired of this? I have been eating an 8oz chicken breast with 3 eggs for the las…[View]
49631985Homegym thread: Post yours, rate others[View]
49632564is low intensity cardio a straight up waste of time? i usually do 40 minutes on an elliptical on a m…[View]
49631803Every morning before me and my buddy head off to the gym he drinks a smoothie made with 3 1/2 cups o…[View]
49633632Whey protein - yeah or nah? I'm 75kg, 1.78m (manlet, I know) and I just started working out 4 m…[View]
49632986How to workout without stressing your lungs? Long story short: I had an asthmatic issue that's …[View]
49631070Redpill me on his morning routine[View]
49626225Daily Reminder: If you live below the 5th floor, you literally have no reason to take the lift…[View]
49632676I benched 200lbs 3x5 today[View]
49631954ROUTINE R8 THRD: We post routines. We rate. We shitpost. (Pic unrefuckinglated) Mine: >MONDAY Squ…[View]
49627794How do I stop being a dopamine junkie piece of shit fucktard? I'm absolutely pathetic. My ADHD …[View]
49579480mire thread? mire thread. Any good ones recently, anons?[View]
49627384Rip scooby: Its over boys pc culture has gotten to him https://youtu.be/WpmZZfss8PQ[View]
49633579>incline bench[View]
49631554Who else here lifts out of habit, without looking for any deeper correlation between exercising and …[View]
49614443/fit/izens with depression, how do you force yourself to keep going to the gym?[View]
49633100This is my skinmax plan >Beta Carotene 25,000 UI daily (I've been doing this for a few month…[View]
49608544What are autistic things you do to find motivation to lift? >fake Chad tinder profile to see how…[View]
49629885>fuck gymbro marry well /fit/??[View]
49628748Hey guys, I need advise. I started gyming because I was bullied, however, I've found out that t…[View]
49632182why do i feel like a chad when im doing dips or muscleups but not when lifting weights is there any …[View]
49632952>2 plate deadlift today >been lifting for 3 weeks…[View]
49629568Paul Chek: Can I have a quick rundown on this guy? Has anyone read his book?[View]
49633209Thoughts on this video? Please share unconventional hair loss routines (non-FDA shilled shit) https…[View]
49631396How to achieve this body?[View]
49628421Thinking of buying pic related. Do you think it's enough for a home gym? I have severe space i…[View]
49605921/fast/ - #385 - 100% HUMAN EDITION: FAQ /fast/ discord >https://discord.gg/dknZqPb What is /fast/…[View]
49632885Elbows flare back and out during squats: I don't know how to fix this and my squat is suffering…[View]
49623379/fraud/ - steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and coping general. Before asking your …[View]
49632957> no ones in line at the StairMaster[View]
49632265The black pill...: 99.9% of fitness bullshit is a scam. Every book, herb, pill and most of everythin…[View]
49632830New lifter here. So apparently i've fucked up in my diet. I've had a 1200 kcal diet this p…[View]
49632767You've only made it when you look big in every lighting[View]
49632711>2019 >he still eats meat i think you've bought into big livestock's lies for too lo…[View]
49632558anyone here tried CBD oil? Did it have any noticeable impact on your wellbeing? I just ordered some.…[View]
49629576What's your excuse?[View]
49630949post fitness blackpills >supplements are a scam >partials are retarded and only de-emphasize t…[View]
49621729Friday night,: why are you here?[View]
49629707>finally learned how to pull myself under the bar >tfw greasing the groove…[View]
49627239This article I'm reading about why people are attracted to cartoons and other forms of idealize…[View]
49631091How do i induce rage while working out? Might sound autistic, but after i failed a bench PR today i …[View]
49633475I am 5’11” and proud.[View]
49631143Recommend me a good push/pull routine that isn't SS, /fit/[View]
49630279Sprinting: I want to start adding sprinting to my full body routine (I’d also squat before ofc) I’d …[View]
49632278If I can do the lift 10 times a set is it heavy enough?[View]
496320181kg grindbeef at my disposal, Taking orders.[View]
49622275What mode am I?[View]
49628358>One day Narcissus was walking in the woods when Echo, an Oread (mountain nymph) saw him, fell de…[View]
49629452ITT: Autistic things you do at the gym: >dance in the treadmill like I'm in the Virtual Insa…[View]
49630754What memes are you on, my dudes? >no fap >cold showers >IF >Sups…[View]
49625922Has testosterone in females made it impossible for a woman like this to exist nowadays? Seriously, h…[View]
49631768https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ16mwdKuFs How come these guys never needed the keto diet or restri…[View]
49631730Mogged: This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks li…[View]
49621626Any solid arguments against the use of marijuana Brehs? Not necessarily for liftang but just in gene…[View]
49631212/fit, how do I defeat this boss?: I can hold onto it with both hands, but the moment I let one go, i…[View]
49629365How long does it take to be considered an intermediate level lifter?[View]
49630955Attempt #683 to turn my life around tomorrow.[View]
49631833What kind of squat diapers does /fit/ use?[View]
49631666Whey in on this guys. What if I bought storage space and put gym equipment in it. Rent would be like…[View]
49629466Just turned down sex to go to the gym. Have I officially made it?[View]
49619057Is it possible to achieve 1/2/3/4 without bulking?[View]
49622217>cardio kills your gai- Olympic cyclist Robert Förstemann BTFOing /fit/ bloatlords yet again…[View]
49631583Im putting together a team to save fr0nk. Give me the strongest guys you got but I won't lie, s…[View]
49631246>you don't actually need to look good without clothes as long as you look good with clothes …[View]
49630748Delusional natties: > Guy *uses steroids* > /fit/: OMG FAGGOT IMAGINE BEING THIS INSECURE ENJO…[View]
49629914>everything is going up except for bench[View]
49629208fatguy who just went to the gym for the first time: I worked out for about two hours with a /fit/ fr…[View]
49630334>Want to get /fit/ so I can attract women >Only attracted to 6'+ wheyfus What do I do, br…[View]
49630430i started lifting last year and i realized how much of a loser my 'best friend' is >6ft tall/unde…[View]
49628691Home treadmill thread: I need something compact and silent[View]
49629071Symmetric Strength Thread I'm on the road to intermediate, and then onto proficient. symmetrics…[View]
49630765How much weight can an average erection lift?: I wanna see if anyone with a home gym can lift some w…[View]
49630331What mode am I /fit/?[View]
49630433>lifting for women >most fitness youtube personalities have average/ugly wives >meanwhile …[View]
49627087I have a hearing in 6 months for 5 felony charges that will land me a decent amount of prison time. …[View]
49620834Here is a friendly reminder that getting tattoos (or already having them) will NEVER let you make it…[View]
49622182CBT/current back thread: Post em[View]
49625811How can other races compete? Imagine needing roids just to look half decent.[View]
49629434mfw I put on 20x the recommended dose of Finalgon: why the fuck they don't print the dosage in …[View]
49621684come on, anon! join us in the break room! I brought donuts for everyone!!![View]
496280392 weeks of gym and I don't get DOMS anymore ?: Whats up with that? Am I doing something wrong ?…[View]
49628092Is there any hope for a receding hairline? >inb4 just shave it off, bro…[View]
49624359How are your cardio gains coming along anon? You ARE hitting cardio equally as hard as you are the w…[View]
49629876what were zyzz's heaviest lifts?[View]
49629709New to /fit/: Would it be sensible to just lift without eating with a caloric surplus? I'm a he…[View]
49597518Big guy thread: Post big guys[View]
49630386training progams: Give me some A B C training programs cause it's has been two months since I c…[View]
49624862How do you deal when you realize that lifting won’t make the autism go away?[View]
49629532>enter gym >HE'S IN LOVE WITH WHO I AM…[View]
49624257How do you pick up girls at the gym, /fit/?[View]
49630397Knees feels dodgy while squatting: I've been lifting casually for a while, nothing extreme but …[View]
49627348What are some workouts you are actually terrified of doing?[View]
49628594Why is everyone so mad at my favourite natty amateur body builder? https://youtu.be/1JsEwfk-hFU[View]
49630147do i have a granite chin ? so i starting boxing 6 months ago but started sparring 2 months ago, and …[View]
49628425I sound like a bitch IRL. I have a large Adams apple but yet I sound like a total girl. What do?[View]
49629961When you’re making all kindz of gains but have no one to share it with[View]
49628151I hate this fucking guy. I guarntee he doesn't even really lift[View]
49630164>he cares about the food he eats[View]
49628062redpill me on the differences between whey and casein[View]
49629547Why do Americans drink coffee with so much sugar in it?[View]
49629831Hey /fit/, i need your knowledge about a subject. Back when i was 12, because of a deeply psychologi…[View]
49624866Anyone else going to train the hell out of your kids at a young age? I most certainly am I was a chu…[View]
49629076is it eating raw meat based and redpilled?[View]
49628158Summer is coming: Stop bulking (friendly reminder)[View]
49629990Will greek make it?[View]
49627975About to go on a 5k parkrun lads: how am i gonna cope? i estimate coming 500th out of ~570 people be…[View]
49628648The Red Pill on Red Light and NIR: What are the Best wavelengths.[View]
496275045'11, 189lbs natty or not?[View]
49626202Is being a muscular and tall prettyboy with a stubble beard the best way to get women these days? Se…[View]
49629891Training when ill: Do you ever hit the iron when you have a headache, cold or something else? I cur…[View]
49629756>meet girls on tinder/bumble >get to know them >after a while finally get their number >…[View]
49628198Lads I enjoy a beer from time to time, but I know its not a good idea to drink if I want to maintain…[View]
49629317>I lift for them[View]
49628971How would /fit/ get him into shape?[View]
49615414/plg/ Powerlifting General: Oly Lifting is for fags edition >Eat lots of protein. Squat heavy. Pu…[View]
49629734Can you train abs everyday? Would it be better to train them for over an hour or as long as you can …[View]
49629589recs: What's the best steroid alternative /fit/? I want an edge to take my workout a little fur…[View]
49628298How the hell do you come back from tendinpoathy: So i was doing a strength program, making good gain…[View]
49629212No push up thread?[View]
49628650How hard is it to be skinny for women?: Is it pure laziness or is it harder for women to stay skinny…[View]
49627110help thread or whatever: Is there any way to make my abs even?[View]
49627391What kinds of foods should I be eating if I'm on a cut?[View]
496216731/2/3/4 Can do 1 plate OHP for 5 Can do 3.5 plate squat single Can do 4.5 plate deadlift single Can…[View]
49625349what is the point of having a hair line like this?[View]
49624412Do I have a decent body? I’ve never had an opinion on it before, I just want to know what looks dece…[View]
49629518>tfw when I'm starting to like the pain in my hands after lifting weights…[View]
49628433What are some OTC supplements that increase appetite? Also what's the best way to get someone t…[View]
49626064>OHP: 60kg >bench press: 54kg >squat: 42kg Who else /fucked up strength/ here? I am very ne…[View]
49629223I worked out so much the past year and a half that all the fat has disappeared from my hips and ass …[View]
49628689>lifting for women >most fitness youtube personalities have average/ugly wives >meanwhile …[View]
49626117Give me a good advanced all-around ab routine NOW[View]
49628499>one arm visibly larger than the other help[View]
49627890Tuna and canned fish: Hey /fit/ I eat about a can of tuna everyday for lunch, but i'm starting …[View]
49581541Push ups: Aight bois , if you don’t look for push ups, push ups will look for you. Roll[View]
49629146Does anyone else feel that the more they lift, the more they feel detached from reality and the less…[View]
49628506Best of Bro-science: ITT we share the advances made in bro- science the techniques and tips that peo…[View]
49629067Haha: Whats up with crossfit hate? Not eveyone is girlfrieness, some just want to tone their muscles…[View]
49628933> I've made it /fit/[View]
49629032I believe i have this, what do you think?: https://m.health24.com/Medical/Sleep/treating-sleep-probl…[View]
49627639tl;dr I need more plates for my home gym so I can last awhile before I have to get more and heavier …[View]
49628965I-IT'S MY B-B-BIRTHDAY BROS: turned 19 today. since 18th birthday. I did >drivers licence …[View]
49626505Release me from this fucking demon. It's calling me right now 'Go get an iced-coffee from the s…[View]
49628760What is the best way to stay fit and make social gains? I'm lonely and the rope is calling[View]
49628658based North Korea: based North Korea trains their children to powerclean from an early age[View]
49627942Confession thread, i'll start >Urge to fap >Browsing the 7th page on phub looking for per…[View]
49628263>lifting for girls >not lifting for a goddess Which one to choose? I'll go with whoever …[View]
49628382Redpill me on supplements. Are they worth it? And is popeye's a good pkace to shop at?[View]
49627570What do I have to do to get this big?[View]
49627428the fuck is this: i probably shouldn't even be posting here but whatever. i'm 6'1', ~…[View]
49627208>when you start seeing that little bit of pudge in the mirror and realize you need to start doing…[View]
49624551mewing and chewing, ive been chewing alot of gum lately and it makes it impossible to mew while chew…[View]
49628349Routine Rate Thread: I'm 6'1 (187 cm), 160 pounds (72 kg), 19 year-old planning to overcom…[View]
49628140Is this a great way to burn extra calories?: While I'm in my freetime on my phone or something …[View]
49624776is this achievable natty[View]
49624460Getting big is cool boys, but how do I learn to love myself?[View]
49628230>Why of course I use the desegregated squat rack! >I don't even mind the cornbread crumbs…[View]
49628213Past post: What did you look like a few years ago I’ll start[View]
49627950Is butter a good idea to eat in large quantities?: I eat probably one of these every 2-3 days by mys…[View]
49628135Have I taken the neckpil[View]
49625240How to effectively raise my T? I feel like an old man, I've got fat on my torso, I'm never…[View]
49627286POST SOMETHING YOU'RE PROUD OF /fit/: We all have our failings and dips in our days. But post t…[View]
49627797Why do we have to have rest days. Imagine just going every single day and going hard as fuck then th…[View]
49627968What's the best routine I could do?: What's up /fit/izens, I don't have a clue on ho…[View]
49626626/fit/ im drunk as fuck in a mcdonalds right now. Whats good?[View]
49627430just got sunburned for the first time, how fucked am i? heard it causes aging[View]
49628021>he uses the lying leg curl machine for pelvic thrusts[View]
49628019>be me >cutting and lifting >diet stagnated for a while >now >last week: 208 pounds /…[View]
49625795Ideals: >No Friday night ideals thread baka[View]
49625397> he drinks sips[View]
49627917How much do I have to lift before I can ass fuck this dumb slut?[View]
49627645My diet is better than your diet. I am better than you.[View]
49625842How can I achieve this bros[View]
49626303What are the muscles used for arm wrestling? What is the best way to train said muscles?[View]
49625049say what you want about his physique and what he has done in the past, he is literally right about e…[View]
49617740The Instagram revolution[View]
49626460If dht or test causes baldness why does it happen in our 20s and 30/: If it’s test why don’t we go b…[View]
49626618On the meme of no fap and test levels:: So this is not a thread to argue whether or not its true, bu…[View]
49621624Stay away from the post-Valentines candy that's on sale.[View]
49624287NO FAP IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE: >Be me >fucking girl in my sleep, realize im about to cum >w…[View]
49618260What is the modern equivalent of living a life like Conan the Barbarian, as depicted in the Schwarze…[View]
49625935NoFap testimonials: Does nofap really help with motivation, endurance, goal setting etc. been hearin…[View]
49627167Do I order Taco Bell tonight and get fucking sloshed or do I continue fasting to get back into ketos…[View]
49626751So I can't go outside since there's a new mutated virus outbreak in my country and it spre…[View]
49627681Now that the dust have settled, how many grams of protein can you consume per meal?[View]
49626902What's your go to bulking dish? Just made this at work and I think I may be on to something on …[View]
49627597>went from skinny young looking 17 year old nerd to muscular young looking 21 year old now i loo…[View]
49626267Deadlifts are useless if you're not a PLer: I run PPL. I start every pull day with deadlifts. I…[View]
49627139TELL ME: Is he /fit/?[View]
49625754Write a letter to yourself once you make it[View]
49626243Welcome to the Coping Corner /fit/izens. Sometimes we get stuck coping for something that may or may…[View]
49626673>its another frozen pizza episode[View]
49623191I have a home gym and do 100lbs+ weighted chinups, but apparently morons on here who do bodyweight c…[View]
49627246How do I achieve Lu-mode? I'm pretty much his height and have near same torso, leg and arm prop…[View]
49609913/fat/ - PRIVATE PYLE EDITION: >Who is /fat/ for? For roly poly roundbois who want to better thems…[View]
49627231Gym Recommendations: Any of you /fit/ bros out in LA? I'd appreciate some gym recommendations, …[View]
49624704Are drug users and alcoholics just low IQ? How stupid do you have to be to willingly make your life…[View]
49613138How much could you lift when you first started going to the gym, /fit/?[View]
49624095im proud of being 48 and having a physics degree yet i browse this forum because i love lifting besi…[View]
49596138/fit humor: Doctor just told me that I can't go to the gym for at least a week and more likely …[View]
49625572Is this Fucking true? Are energy drinks gains goblins?[View]
49625874>chinless, jawless, acne scars, poor facial hair >despite having a decent career and fit body,…[View]
49627120Hydration?: I've been going to the gym for about two and a half weeks now and today is a heavy …[View]
49625038have you taken the GOMUAD pill yet anon? >Gallon >Of >Monster >Ultra >A >Day…[View]
49626926Does it really increase test levels? Does it fuck your calcium or give you bad sides?[View]
49626946I've had a massive ingrown hair on the base of my dick for about six months now. It keeps going…[View]
49625646what's the best anabolics for someone just starting. also gear advice for beginners[View]
49625812how do i start going to the gym /fit/? how or what do i do when i get to the gym what routine should…[View]
49624342remember that you are not doing a complete bench press rep if you are not: >touching your chest …[View]
49623560Redpill me on the CRYO CHAMBER, /fit/.[View]
49623666Fucked up: >Couple a months ago was a lanklet >Decide I wanna GET BIG >Start bulking >e…[View]
49626809Height loss because of lifting: I've been lifting for over a year, deadlift over 4 plates, rack…[View]
49623734How is your punching power coming along /fit/?[View]
49624755>You will never be /fit/ enough to kill a mountain lion Why even fucking bother lads...…[View]
49626711Are you Co2 maxxing, /fit/? look into it https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/d91e/44f890d42e1191f59d401…[View]
49626018What is faster for weight loss? Cutting, or Intermittent fasting ? Sorry if it's obvious but th…[View]
49625152Think about it, you go to the gym, struggle for hours, and steadily become better. That shit is like…[View]
49626629Rate my post full body meal. It's backstrap from a recent hunt of mine. Won't finish it al…[View]
49625563How do I enter Riku-mode /fit/?[View]
49625617How often do you go crazy in the gym? I mean pure insanity mode[View]
49624364Recommended Numbers of Calories to Burn?: What's good, /fit/ do any of y'all know the reco…[View]
49625775Best exercise for reducing blood pressure?[View]
49625416YOU LIED TO ME FIT: >be me >been told im decent looking >work out everyday, use women as mo…[View]
49626114Why is it only dyels and fatties who talk about fasting and keto at work?[View]
49626262What are the benefits of having an athletic butt?: Will it make you run faster? Lift more? Or is it …[View]
49626587Post body and make a claim about fitness and health.[View]
49626444Gains in a shitty gym?: For the next few months, I’m gonna be forced to use my apartment gym, cause …[View]
49626055HIIT: How do you know when you really reached the limit when preforming HIIT? For sprinting etc I us…[View]
49625490Any /fit/izens here run their own business? If so, how's that going?[View]
49624560What do I have to eat and what exercises should I do if I want to live 90+ years?[View]
49626377What mode is this, /fit/? And is it achievable naturally?[View]
49622979Got punch in the heart: So two days a go I got punch in the heart and still sore, I'm getting s…[View]
49622858Uplifting thread: Time for some uplifting feels fellas >stop pressing for a few months, focus on …[View]
49625518>college gym >stacy places stretching mat underneath squat rack's side >if I were to u…[View]
49625355How bad is my hairline[View]
49622790did Greg O Gallagher Kinbobody Do Gay4pay?: pic and video related[View]
49624585REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: >be 230lbs obese fuck who used to be /fit/ during teen years >decide…[View]
49626058Fuck guys i got the stomach flu and lost so many of my gains how long does it take for my size to co…[View]
49596219/NoFap 2019/ Day 45: Who still in? Brahs....it is legit. Not telling you you are going to get superp…[View]
49623295Intermittent fasting BTFO: Well, what are your last words? Because there is certainly no recovering …[View]
49624188Is smashing the punching bag every day for 10-15 mins a good workout? Either before or after some we…[View]
4960141525 lb weight gain from binge eating went straight to my thighs. How do I get this sorted out by summ…[View]
49622841What would it take to get him to post on here, bros?[View]
49620936Chin up, today will be a good day. Today you will have a good workout, you'll be stronger than …[View]
49625078hello /fit,/ first time poster here so go easy on me. i am preparing to enlist in the Army Reserves…[View]
49610658Now that he's been declared obese, what diet and exercise plan would you put him on, /fit/? Als…[View]
49621699hey /fit/, i took two hypershred pills today, one 4 hours ago, and one 7 hours ago. am i good to dri…[View]
49625259Short people got no reason[View]
49625585What are some good, low calorie chocolate shake powders to mix with my psyllium husk water so it doe…[View]
49624334is larry wheels white: it feels like he just cycles between being white and being black he cant keep…[View]
49615715Femanon Fit Thread: Thread for femanons to discuss fitness issues unique to us, >tfw period bloat…[View]
49624280Is getting angry and wanting to rip the heads off people normal during nofap?[View]
49609025How were your lifts today?[View]
49624247Osteoarthritis: Anyone else here suffering from knee pain? >lift with good form >feel slight p…[View]
49625419Explosive diarrhea: Hey /fit/, I've been drinking a carton of egg whites every day for the past…[View]
49624434lol @ natty gym Bros: >be me >Lifted 5 days a week for close to 5 years >work in finance …[View]
49619423Do you guys hit the gym showers immediately after your workout?[View]
49624136Real Shitpostin' Hours: Any of you anons lifting on the blackpill? >don't care about an…[View]
49624725How far ahead of my workout should I drink my shakes?[View]
49624526Grass fed only animals vs canned fish.: I've been looking at an organisation called pasture for…[View]
49623187why is this idiot telling me to eat 4-6 meals a day consume the same amount of food and just add car…[View]
49623820I eat steak everyday for protein gains. What can I do to not die early?[View]
49624877>that guy who lifts on friday evenings[View]
49616882Fictional goal body: post them[View]
49621058What's more aesthetic on the average man, beard or clean shaven? Stubblefags need not apply[View]
49621077beginner gains questions: pls no bully for asking the last like ~2 years ive been dicking around in…[View]
49617877>So come on. We're telling gym stories.[View]
49624994BAG: How do you train on pic without looking like a retard? I want to be able to throw a punch if I …[View]
49613335Banned from gym: I just got told to leave my gym by the staff and I honestly believe what I did wasn…[View]
49624971what would you boys do if you saw us in the gym :*[View]
49602975Thursday /cbt/: 3pl8 bench 4pl8 deadlift This is after 4 years of heavy lifting. How far have you pr…[View]
49624717any 'vegetarians' in here (not vegan): Is it possible to get huge with this? How to get al…[View]
49622453Skinny fat: Is this a good meal plan if I'm a skinny-fat? 170cm, 62kg I'm eating half a 1.…[View]
49624693Anyone here with ME/CFS? How do you cope?[View]
49622988> tfw your rock hard shit is pressing agaisnt your prostate > tfw you cant push it out cause …[View]
49622973Beginner's program for girls, bodybuilding?[View]
49623203Achievable natty?[View]
49624642So today into I went at the gym and the cute desk took a phone right and then my bench was yeah we g…[View]
49623172Reminder that using Finasteride blocks DHT which in turn prevents the normal aging process in your f…[View]
49623159>start at 215lbs, 6ft manlet >lose 25lbs >still look exactly the same How heavy is a guy my…[View]
49624606Is it even possible to be this big at 17 without PEDs?[View]
49624698Stalling on Phraks Greyskull while cutting.: Currently cutting: 5ft10 225lb 28%bf. Been doing the pr…[View]
49622811Are sips good for a preworkout?[View]
49617959I dont believe running long distances is natural, but sprinting is. Prove me wrong.[View]
49623443Learn to fight[View]
49624544Is swimming a hour everyday and staying from junk food a good way to lose weight?[View]
49612628Hernias: Fuck, /fit/, learning about these is fucking scary. I don't have one, but am thinking …[View]
49624362Mother fucker these are good. Will they kill my gains?[View]
49623121did rip really claim that doing starting strength gets you gains far in advance of what any medical …[View]
49624320ONE WEEK Day 5: >no fap >no porn >excersise every day >no pills >make me look like le…[View]
49624509Tricep long head: It's the least developed part of my arm and it seems like no matter what I do…[View]
49610662>3 years lifting >Started working as a bouncer since last week >Bit bigger than the rest of…[View]
49622291Any anons had comestic surgery for facial aesthetics? How was it?[View]
49624438What's up? Cookie time![View]
49617885U guys lied to me, it taste like shit.[View]
49624227Things boomers at your gym say/do >*sips* ah water, there's nothing better am I right?…[View]
49619394>I lift for them[View]
49621733Boxing & pot?: Been training for about a year a few times a month, gearing up for a real boxing …[View]
49624360/fit/, help. I've been with a couple of girls before where I drunkenly and sober-ly cuddle with…[View]
49622838What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
49622078Is it possible to have a muscular body being poor? I do not have money for gym, protein supplements …[View]
49619740>my work wife made fun of me for eating overnight oats[View]
49614882What’s the point of being natural anymore?[View]
49623577Do you use a big lifting belt like pic related or are you fine with a Velcro belt?[View]
49623279Confess Your sins /fit/: I'll start >I haven't done curls with dumbbells in over a year…[View]
49616388Are good looks a reflection of good genes?[View]
49624138Why are you still natty when every instathot and their mother has had cosmetic surgery?[View]
49624163Is he literal alpha male?[View]
49623745>jog a lot >no problem >jog after snowstorm mostly melts >fucking DOMs in abs, back, le…[View]
49623429If you're natural, why aren't you doing full body? You know most of the sets you do on a s…[View]
49619523What’s his endgame?[View]
49623834Up or down: When someone takes the dumbbell weights you're about to use do you round up and lif…[View]
49617995Anyone Take Collagen Powder?: does anyone have experience with this stuff? Picked some up today for …[View]
49624051Is it normal to have strange tastes in your mouth after working out really hard?: I almost threw up …[View]
49622827Starting the notorious 12x12 tomorrow. wish me luck bros[View]
49619007I have low testosterone and ((((((doctor)))))) doesn't wanna prescribe me test. Any recommendat…[View]
49623495>woke up at 10 am with an alarm because I had an interview for a retailcuck job >drink coffee,…[View]
49620873How's that spring break cut going?[View]
49623844Does jogging help with masturbation?: last two weeks I have been jogging 1-3 miles every other day, …[View]
49621167Do you use any kind of fitness tracker accessory besides your phone, /fit/? Considering the practica…[View]
49623644How much weight would you have to gain to get to the physique on the right if you started out lookin…[View]
49622379You guys don’t ACTUALLY lift for girls, right /fit/? You should be lifting only to mog lesser men. T…[View]
49622934Where the hell are you supposed to overhead press[View]
49620780>be me >south african >have two years left on student visa >will probably have to go bac…[View]
49623224redpill me on Curcumin how effective of an anti inflammatory is it what else does it do[View]
49623035Need Money for home gym: I looked on the internet for the best setup to facilitate all my needs to w…[View]
49615456Sleep: How do you fix your sleep? I've been going to bed at 8 pm, to get up st 430 so I can run…[View]
49622911Have you ever met somone from /fit/ irl?: I met a guy at a bar wearing a SEELE shirt and thought he …[View]
49622077Are there any proven benefits of a 0 carb diet or is it just a meme?[View]
49622836Digestive Health thread: my asshole has been in pain since i pooped yesterday. what do?[View]
49618295Braces: So what if I were to only drink protein shakes? I'm cutting, and I recently got braces …[View]
49622438Is this a good method for loosing weight??: Hey i heard of a meal proportioning method and i wanted …[View]
49622563How do I increase ab strength if I'm a faggot who isn't attracted to men?[View]
49623318/nofap/ day 7: about to break edition: Hey /fit/, I know this is pathetic, but if you could please c…[View]
49623288How do I fix premature ejaculation?[View]
49623014Will women find my delts attractive or just gym homos?[View]
49618726Daily Omega-3: I'm getting redpilled on daily Omega-3 dosage here.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
49623374Fit Ebook thread Share your fitness related ebooks anons[View]
49623395Something is really wrong with me I haven't accomplished any of my goals so far[View]
49622688>Classmate convinces me to go to his gym with him >It's much closer to him than me, but I…[View]
49611790FUCKING RAGE MUSIC: Alright boys post that shit that makes you skull fuck those pr's! https://w…[View]
49622110How do I shit more? I feel like I only shit a lot if I eat tons of almonds or nutbars :([View]
49623139>Thots come and go >But gains are forever ITT we post both conventional and unconvential wisdo…[View]
49618861What's /fit/ consensus on buckwheat?[View]
49622894>hamstring sprained >tfw it’s been a week I can’t fucking help it anymore. How can I still l…[View]
49621430High balls hide penis?: My balls barely hang and when I get a boner I can push them downwards to sho…[View]
49606163Be completely honest /fit/. How long until I lose my hair? I'm 19 and I've been receding f…[View]
49620651>the average person goes to the gym for 1-2h more or less >I can barely just do 40-50min >h…[View]
49619731/fit/ vs /o/[View]
49615013/fraud/ steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and coping general. Before asking your st…[View]
49622047Tfw you have to pick between strength or aesthetics[View]
49620557https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1365-2044.2004.03998.x >After a period of circ…[View]
49620485Routine rate thread. Don't forget to check out others too (no homo).[View]
49616783Losing fat for skinnies: How can I lose the fat in my chest without losing muscle? People from this…[View]
49622908Low noise treadmill for city apartment?: I want to get a compact treadmill for home use but don…[View]
49622442'no shampoo' is retarded: Some /fit/izens told me not to use shampoo. I haven't shampoo'ed…[View]
49612156WE BACK: Thread where oldfags that just happened to stumble onto /fit again. Let’s talk about the g…[View]
49620447when will wristletts learn?[View]
49622205Scales: My scale always gives 2 weights. I discovered it accidentally when I thought of just verifyi…[View]
49602732/QTDDTOT/: So my elbow hurts on pushups and dips, right at the point of the funny bone (median nerve…[View]
49589067Repeat after me. >I will make it.[View]
49622373macro distributions: tell me, /fit/, what's is the ultimate decent macro distribution? I'v…[View]
49621064>A grown up male should be 200lbs ~ Mark Rippetoe >Reach 200lbs >can't do cardio for l…[View]
49615185These fat fetish threads need to stop NOW. Women, ACTUAL women, come to this board for weight loss a…[View]
49613494Can you imagine just how much he must excite his husband with those jeans and no underwear underneat…[View]
49621398Can negative thoughts age your body prematurely?: I mean, I know that stress is a big factor but can…[View]
49613318I just got diagnosed by my doctor as having a thyroid problem that makes me loosing weight very hard…[View]
49622377How can I increase my testosterone level naturally ?[View]
496213833 weeks ago i started lifting and dieting. I weighed 393lbs and today i weighed myself and I'm …[View]
49621802I’m trying to find a nice pair of running shoes, willing to spend at least 100$, I’m a man size 11. …[View]
49620126Opinions on Barbell Medicine and their templates?[View]
49622490Whenever I use the rowing machine I really feel it only in my glutes, am I retarded and this is norm…[View]
49620665How to get into this mode?[View]
49620194I have created a new lifestyle change for my weight loss /fit/ can you help me?: >pic-related its…[View]
49622141>spent another day off browsing /fit/ for 9 hours[View]
49621444I hit my best friends today: i beat up my 2 best friends today because they were gains goblins i had…[View]
49621002Do you have a lifting buddy?[View]
49620917Are multi-vitamins a meme /fit/?: >pic related, what I use I currently use these everyday but I d…[View]
49620958my pinkies are so weak, how do i make them thicker and stronger[View]
49620525As a child I really liked this guy and would imitate this move a lot because I wanted to be cool jus…[View]
49620494Other than scooby, rich and zyzz (and maybe rippletits), Who's /ourguy/ in terms of philosophy?…[View]
49619893How's you diet coming along? Ready for summer?[View]
49621477How much does fit dumbbell row? I can do 5x10 with 40lbs at the end of bench day. Is this good?[View]
49618038Redpill me on wisdom teeth /fit/, is getting them removed just another jewish trick? Does getting th…[View]
49618024Buying a power rack: Hello /fit/, I'm looking for a power rack to increase weight on my squats …[View]
49621138Is this right?: So I can only go to the gym 3 times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Just don…[View]
49622003>195 lbs on january 15. >Eat between 1500 to 1800 calories per day. >182 lbs on february 15…[View]
49622001Drink More Ovaltine: When will you fuckers take the Ovaltinepill? >12+ Vitamins >2x the minera…[View]
49621365What's considered a decent arm size by normies and fitzens alike (flexed)? I currently have 13.…[View]
49620906Anon starts lifting: >Be me, kissless virgin at 20 >6'3, probably a 6-7/10 if I cared about my…[View]
49621927Will this thing really kill me?[View]
49620466So i've lost 3 kg in a month basically just lifting 5-6 days a week and eating at a 1000-1200 c…[View]
49619868Are nofappers low test? Or are fappers high estrogen?[View]
49621810Can i achieve ideal body physique?: hi anons me on the left, ideal body type on the right based on m…[View]
49621839I've been lifting for a little over three months. Made my own autistic routine, because I like …[View]
49613193Is biking good for overall cardio gains?[View]
49615137Reminder to do Front Squats instead of back squats. Pic related is a typical front squatter.[View]
49615152Reminder to train OHP[View]
49621535how many calories does having an moderately severe cold burn per day?[View]
49619220uneven neck/shoulders: Anyone got this issue? Is there any way to fix this besides surgery?[View]
49620782Core Strength: What are the best exercises or ways to improve ones core and posture. Got a slight pe…[View]
49617621Seriously, how far am I supposed to push 5x5? Honest to God, my main working 5x5 sets are: Bench 90k…[View]
49612504Tfw deviated septum: Fuck me this sucks. I just found out my whole sinus cavity is fucked too. I hav…[View]
49620316last rep face[View]
49621170>finally get to see gf, it's been a while >I've been going to the gym constantly lat…[View]
49620865One Hour Sauna Challenge: If I did this, with no prior challenge, what is likely to happen? I want t…[View]
49613489Is Veganism unironically the best diet for the critically obese or fatties wanting to getting into l…[View]
49620346Grip Strength: In the past year or so, I've been in an undeclared competition with my grandpa o…[View]
49620261My skinmax plan >25,000 ui Beta Carotene daily >Retin-A three times a week >moisturizer …[View]
49617463Gym thots always gotta thot[View]
49619590Can we talk about red light therapy? Apparently red light is supposed to improve healing and boost t…[View]
49621016Should I mew if I have a nice jaw already? Will it turn into a mutant jaw that’s gnarliest of all if…[View]
49619550>walk in to the gym >'yeah aight blueface baby' >hit my PR anyone know this based feel?…[View]
49619944how do i fast for optimal growth hormone gains? strictly interested in growth hormone[View]
49615435What the fuck is wrong with my body: I have been constantly checking every calorie I've put in …[View]
49619155So /fit/ first question is, does cardio actually kills gains. If so how much would be safe to do on …[View]
49619341Everyone keeps talking about natty limit and stuff and i'm noticing that i look better than guy…[View]
49613616HAPPY VALENTINES DAY /fit/: ITT we talk about our romantic life ¿Me? Single of course.[View]
49620572High or Low reps for strength and hypertrophy?[View]
49618649Big nipples: Hi guys, I have big nipples :-( will they be smaller if I lose weight or it is impossib…[View]
49620362HOLY SHIT HEEEELP!!!! my waist is fucking SMALL while my upper torso is disproportionately larger. M…[View]
49616028Reminder that if you do not see a gym twink, you are the gym twink.[View]
49620896>tfw youll never be 16 again making gains after every workout, buying all your supplements for th…[View]
49612450/sig/ - self improvement general: /sig/ Basics: >Set realistic Goals and have a Plan. Hold yourse…[View]
49606743ITT:: The consequences of not keeping /fit/[View]
49619422Nootropics General | Beginners Edition: Welcome to /nooty/ general. /Nootnoot/ Beginner's Edit…[View]
49616540Runner here. On Monday I ran 4 miles at 6 m/h. All was well until I woke up early Tuesday morning. I…[View]
49618778How long should I rest between heavy singles[View]
49614430Thor is 206cm and 180kg. That means he weighs roughly 0.87kg for every centimeter he is tall. If I…[View]
49620426>Gym thot is doing behind the neck pulldowns >don't stop her…[View]
49617836Alright /fit/ I'm a potential migrant from /r9k/, so bear with my autism. Anyways, I finally go…[View]
49608295Is learning how to fight worth it?: The last time I got in a fight was in 7th grade. I really don…[View]
49615947ITT Pre-workout foods Natural Edition[View]
49619607Should i eat rice?[View]
49620256>stay at the gym for longer than usual because feeling depressed/upset because of events >2 1/…[View]
49619810>show me where he mogged you, Anon[View]
49615902Bodybuilding is not ga-[View]
49618326should i be scared to squat and dead lift if i lack flexibility and have bad posture? (sway back pos…[View]
49602552Push up thread - dubs has to do double[View]
49619084Can you dudes please dump any/all mark rompletots pictures/memes/whatever? i'd love to start a …[View]
49619037>he can't do a chin up with 135lbs strapped around his waist (at the average adult weight of…[View]
49618124Water: can someone explain why is it so “good” for us when it has no macros and just a trace amount …[View]
49618490Anybody here have a late growth spurt and how much does height impact your ability to put on muscle?[View]
49613171preworkout thread: i've been trying to get my hands on the original formula jack3d cause ive he…[View]
49614943Squatting instead of sitting?: Can you really do it, I mean in the sense that if its not bad for you…[View]
49619138Male problems: How to fix having a girly bum? I really don't like the attention it attracts fro…[View]
49619959>those first doms after a period of nolifting due to illness damn it feels good to be alive…[View]
49616780Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
49619396Why the fuck can I lift as much in flat bench as I can on incline? Flat bench is hard asf for some …[View]
49612769Whats your opinion on weighted clothing? I am an engineering student trying to raise my grades and I…[View]
49619878what kind of zinc to supplement: can someone redpill me on this shit I bought today, it was expensiv…[View]
49619286>haven’t taken a shit all day >eaten vegetables, drank caffeine, etc within 12 hours >it ha…[View]
49619366>Stall on bench >Spotter touches bar >Suddenly not stalling anymore Am I the only one?…[View]
49617207Mental health: Share mental health tips and gains.[View]
49617658Cut or bulk?: 6 2. 175 lbs. I know I’m tiny in size terms[View]
49619426So I have never been to the gym in a shirt With summer approaching I'm starting to get nervous …[View]
49606982What went wrong?[View]
49619635I need to buy some clothes for gym since i roll in white shirt blue shorts: waffel male reporting wh…[View]
49619547>be ketofag >eat carbohydrates >break PR…[View]
49619605>first real sunny day this year >60 degress >walk in tshirt trough the city >getting mir…[View]
49610768Lifting weights >expensive, has to pay a gym or buy expensive equipment that takes a lot of space…[View]
49616452Rate my lunch[View]
49617932What is his endgame?[View]
49616803How can one man be so based?[View]
49617083Is this achievable with SS+GOMAD?[View]
49618734I just did 160kg STRIKT OVVER HEAD PRESS >ITS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: >that 20 y/o boomer doing…[View]
49615600If you were forced to go full-calisthenics, what exercises would you use to replace your regular lif…[View]
49617106Lads. I think NoFap is legit. 2-3 weeks NoFap partially due to having the flu but still NoFap noneth…[View]
49617668How to last longer during sex?: Not sure if this is the right board to ask but you bros are always h…[View]
49615387/motivation/: Hit me with it bros, I really can't be fucked with today and need motivating.…[View]
49617096Why the fuck am I not gaining weight for 2weeks AAAAA should I throw in2-3scoops of whey? 6'0 1…[View]
49618565Gains goblins: My sister is doing sports like volley ball and wants workout advice/routines and I’ve…[View]
49617101does it matter if I use machines for my compound exercises like rows and bench press?[View]
49611353Is it possible to make it without aesthetics? I am 6'4' and coukd look great with clothes but …[View]
49618940Bros, im skinny as fuck and need help. I'm drinking more milk and doing some light exercises bu…[View]
49617821How do you go about increasing your bench press? I bench 3x a week but still can't progress at …[View]
49617274You used your low % BF and strength to get a date and fuck yesterday, right? That's why you…[View]
49616186I’m 22 years old, natty and strong as fuck. How is that possible? I would really like to know the re…[View]
49614348https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKSgq-hxlaI >12:00 >tf no one will ever motivate you like this…[View]
49615501>wake up >eat >work >gym >eat >sleep >repeat…[View]
49617031Is learning to fight the final stage of the ironpill? I feel like I used to think I was tough becaus…[View]
49618528Woke up today with some burst blood vessels in my forearm. Is it okay to continue lifting or should …[View]
49615052Hip/Waist/Shoulder Measurements: im a beginner lifter dyel so my measurements suck but id like to kn…[View]
49600092No fph? Its that time again fellas /fph/ in the wild edition[View]
49617198>'Jesus Anon you look so good.' >that feel when u made it…[View]
49615552Shoulders: Should I use the same volume for front, lateral and rear delts? I've been doing shou…[View]
49618207Rate my body[View]
49617919What's the best way to workout in a busy gym with limited equipment no equipment for hamstrings…[View]
49615464Anyone ever realize roids are like Witcher mutations? >Make you significanly stronger than averag…[View]
49618204arm bread: post arm and favorite lift for me it's the wide grip Bench Press[View]
49618122>the gym? Nah, it's all genetic, bro[View]
49617633Hey /fit/ Is retard strength better than normal strength? examples: >got autistically angry at 10…[View]
49617868omad: Is this a good meal for omad or did i fuck up its chili con carne with rice[View]
49615228what to do about insecure gf? she always says she thinks she won't be enough for me. yesterday …[View]
49616653Lifting without protein?: Due to some circumstances in my life I am unable to consume more than 30-4…[View]
49617851I have been thinking this for several days: Has Rich Piana’s corpse already lost all the gains?…[View]
49613978OUT OF ANSWERS PLEASE HELP: I move weird, I sit weird, my arms move weird. I thought it had to do wi…[View]
49615896Lanklets Hate Thread: pic related: 5'7'' ''manlet''[View]
49617307so what's with this shit?[View]
49614838Monday-Friday I eat clean as fuck and lift 3 times. At the weekends I drink beer, diet goes out the …[View]
49615364Is our man Goggins autistic?[View]
49617270redpill me on carb cycling[View]
49614612>high reps bad >accessory work bad >keto bad >sumo bad >*loses muscle mass and has li…[View]
49615333The man, the myth, the embracing legend.: Apologize https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVaPpQENo0M…[View]
49616792>weigh myself after doing diet for about 5 weeks >forgot to weigh myself before the diet but w…[View]
49613330>started lifting in july >depression and anxiety started to reduce >started bouldering in s…[View]
49616966Why’s the gym so full every time I go?[View]
49615224Can we get one of these going?[View]
49615341How long should it take to reduce your body fat percentage from 20% to 10% if you don't want to…[View]
49610286Anyone got any experience with facial exercises? Thinking of starting a routine to lose fat around m…[View]
49616922the psychological toll of getting /fit/: I'm a fat guy gradually losing the weigh and it feels …[View]
49615438My legs are so much longer than my torso than when i try to go lower with my back to do rows they hi…[View]
49615037Running: In a few hours I will have a running test in school. For me, it's pretty rough (1h of …[View]
49614945Kirill injected Krokodil Drug to grow his biceps by 10 inches in just 10 weeks: > Russian media r…[View]
49616066Will this get me /fit/? I'm tired of looking like a skinny fat dyel. This will be my new monday…[View]
49615725my DOMS are simply too intense, the best i can do is make it into the gym twice a week, sometimes th…[View]
49615276Need diet advice, carbs and shieet: I got a qt personal trainer to tell me about how i should eat ri…[View]
49605699Couples only day at gym: WHAT THE FUCK?[View]
49616583https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rNY7xKyGCQ&feature=youtu.be Is this guy right? Is IGF 1 literal…[View]
49616782>tfw shit genes[View]
49616758>lose 4kg in 1 weeks randomly >feel sad while lifting >was 5'10 64kg now 60kg…[View]
49616645Foot position for squat: What's your foot position? I used to do the old tried and true 30 deg…[View]
49616366Why can't I make any muscle gains in my arms, /fit/ >Worked a physical job involving lifting…[View]
49611967Sexual health thread: >Get sti test done just to be sure I’m good. >I’m clean >few days la…[View]
49613358im vegan and my diet is the bitches shit tell me why im a motherfucker you cant in fact it may be yo…[View]
49609447Poster set ups: Rate my set up[View]
49613739Creatine isnt that bad , r-right ?: >go to new doctor (GP) about a stomach pain >'you know , y…[View]
49616396Don't be fat: Need to get this off me, just happened today >be me >19 y/o medic bc civil …[View]
49616315What the fuck?: >be doing any lift (bench, rows, squat) >blood gathers in my left arm >pump…[View]
49616307Do you train for functional strength, anon?[View]
49615209quick pump bros: so /fit, I got 1hour minutes before my doctors appointment how do I get as big a pu…[View]
49616210how are become this program?[View]
49611538So what's the deal with dates? Harvard University says they're low GI (around 40), Oregon …[View]
49607758'Healthy at every size': https://wellness.uoguelph.ca/education/sites/uoguelph.ca.wellness/files/pub…[View]
49613704I think I should stop training chest completely My chest is growing to quickly and its basically a g…[View]
49615827My bench is the weakest at the top of the movement: Title. What is wrong with me? Everyone else says…[View]
49615176Thoughts on Jeff Nippard PPL and any PPL in general, i was doing linear prog for a year but i want t…[View]
49614026What's my body fat %?: And how do I get it down to 9-10? I do intermittent fasting, and sprint/…[View]
49611551When will they learn?[View]
49610102Valentine's day. Why are you here?[View]
49612217>walk into gym >Here we go! Good to go! NEPUTYUUNU…[View]
49615678Should I go swimming? I have been invited to go swimming with a group of people (both boys and girls…[View]
49615671How can I eat organ meats daily? I'm at 269 calories and 200% selenium, too[View]
49615689Genes are everything: What amount of weightlifting could ever counteract a mogging like my stepdad i…[View]
49611343Should I get on roids? What is the point of working hard, busiting my ass off for 3 years to get hal…[View]
49613412This website is horrible for your mental health, you dont realize the day to day erosion that this p…[View]
49614029Dylan McKenna: Natty or not? He is 5'8 and 198lbs in this pic.[View]
49615522tfw you are not allowed a pullup bar in your apartment what do I do?[View]
49614176At what point did you start to actually enjoy working out? Been at it for three months and hate it j…[View]
49615033>Been lifting for 6 years >Strong >Look good >Still only fuck landwhales You lied to me …[View]
49613763What lift are you disproportionately good at compared to your others? Is it your favorite?[View]
49615182Form check: How's my form on the front squat, /fit/? I honestly can't find anything wrong …[View]
49605850Diet soda continues to get BTFO https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/14/health/diet-soda-women-stroke-heart-a…[View]
49611354Can I shed fat by eating this: 2 or 3 resistant starch potatos 2 cups frozen vegetables 1 cup baby c…[View]
49611467Am I a loser if I go to the gym tonight?: Well, I am a loser, but will others see me as one?[View]
49615232Please help. i just started working out at a new gym. today is chest day but my bench looks like pic…[View]
49611893dude weed lmao: >inb4 sage no this is about weed. >be me >want to quit weed >ask for adv…[View]
49615264>couldn't bulk for shit >my weight skyrocketed after i started drinking milk and eating b…[View]
49612880THIS is the absolute perfect diet. Prove me wrong.[View]
49613268The closest gym to my house is Planet Fitness. I want to start working out and its only $10 a months…[View]
49615101Does anyone here lift in a fasted state? I just done one week on IF[View]
49613107I saw this meme on FB and it got me thinking - what exactly is causing men to be generally weaker no…[View]
49614709>hip DOMS from too much sex with gf[View]
49614290>Benching my 5rm >3rd rep of the last set of my workout >As the weight goes up my dick get…[View]
49611281Are you /fit enough to beat michael myers in a fight ?[View]
49614712Welcome to /fitbot thread. Ask me anything you fucking autists[View]
49613185Alternative Workout Methods: Have you taken the buttplugpill yet, /fit/?[View]
49614895Can't hit 10 reps a set because my grip gets weak and my hands tickle. What do i do?[View]
49616260Help me manage this /fit/-chick: >Move to new city last year >Im only to be in town for about …[View]
49614802Has anyone ever joined an actual fight club? I'm not talking some boxing or MMA shit, I'm …[View]
49614840>tfw coworker asked me how was your valentines with your gf anon, and laughs it off…[View]
49614556should I switch it up and do 6sets of each excersice to confuse the muscles? I usually do 5 sets. …[View]
49614756he is just like me: https://youtu.be/E0UKwD85Bns[View]
49606160is saturated fat bad for you or not?[View]
49614371Are kegels the same as clenching my anus? I'm really struggling to understand how to do this[View]
49613273What's the /fit/ meta say for when to end the winter bulk and start the summer cut? t. 20% bf[View]
49609521I want to start getting my life back around. I'm tired of being some short skinny kid and decid…[View]
49612258>that guy that went to the gym alone on valentine's day i hope you did something nice for y…[View]
49607187When did you realize you were one against the world? >they will never understand why you eat and …[View]
49614391This needs a thread. Yesterday I had lower body: squats, deadlifts, the whole thing. By the evening/…[View]
49613500Feeling like my push day is lacking lads. What should I add/change up Bench/OHP 5x5/3x10 (Alternatin…[View]
49600122/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Reminder to quit powerlifting. You dont even like it. You're not …[View]
49614355Favorite Physical Achievements: What are /fit/s favorite physical achievements? Mine would be: >…[View]
49607830Redpill me /fit/, is 3 fish and 4 red meat for dinners per week the best health?: If so what fish sh…[View]
49609572Am I the only one on here who hates ''''professional'''' bodybuilding?[View]
49614263Billy Herrington: >shoot my shot >miss how do i achieve Billy Herrington mode?…[View]
49612365What happens if I drink two protein drinks within a couple of hours I'm not trying to double my…[View]
49602765/fraud/ steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and coping general. Before asking your st…[View]
49613677how do i get Snake's like physique /fit/?[View]
49611659Post your workout fuel[View]
49613548Fasting day 2: Been on a fast No food. Only had black coffee, water and 750ml of bottom shelf whiske…[View]
49613593Is it over for me lads? What could this be? I’m 150 and deadlift 465 with 8/10 form, if that helps. …[View]
49612819Ricardo Milos: /fit/ imagine; you just got back from a heavy leg workout. Just hit a new naked front…[View]
49594828/fit/ anime: Will you watch their show, /fit/?[View]
49612525>Met girlfriends sister and her husband today for the first time >Have own squat rack at our a…[View]
49612751What’s your guys opinion on how to beast ?[View]
49613913can this give me a body like hulk hogan[View]
49613152What does fit think of these[View]
49602549how you holdin' up today /fit/[View]
49611193Anyone ever try this stuff?[View]
49613331Who here hemp hearts?[View]
49613568I've recently watched over the last 6 months some new guy at my gym go from a 1 plate deadlift …[View]
49612143>tfw your old PR is now your warm up weight >tfw you feel your body getting stronger, week by …[View]
49608724This is the guy who killed the mountain lion last week in foco... PL OL BTFO[View]
49611602It doesn’t matter whether I scrape or brush my tongue, the back of my tongue always has a couple of …[View]
49613313Are you big enough to be the pod bully /fit/? https://youtu.be/VqP-2ftKIYI[View]
49612506does taking a long shit between sets kill gains?[View]
49610417>be me, in uni >main gym closed because snow, only small gym on other side of campus open >…[View]
49612768what is 'wellness' and when did it become a career?[View]
49608518Big guy at my gym said to change this from 3x5 to 4x10. He said cause I’m skinnyfat it’ll put on mor…[View]
49609591>Spends his entire life to health and fitness, religiously doing it 7 days a week >Does not ev…[View]
49612387Marcy 40 lb. Eco Dumbbell Set: What kinds of exercises can I do with this 40 lb set? Would any of yo…[View]
49612170Browsing fit while beside a real female in bed good night[View]
49612893How many years have you been lifting? How long did it take you to achieve your goal physique, if you…[View]
49609440Anyone else doesn't want to go to the gym tonight to see the couples?[View]
49612229I have tendonitis in my arm (it's really bad). How do I get big arms when I can no longer lift …[View]
49609760That song that kicks in and gives you the energy to finish the last rep strong[View]
49609944ONE WEEK Day 4: h >no fap >no porn >excersise every day >no pills >make me look like …[View]
49608866Happy Valentine's Day.[View]
49612941Mineral Water: Is Mineral Water bad for you? Will i not make it if i drink it?[View]
49612264>when you see an empty rack but someone gets to it before you do[View]
49597051Why aren't you training abs every day /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjUj6z34tEg[View]
49612804How many push ups can you do in a row? I can do 40[View]
49612516>working out >make eye contact with a girl >her eyes open wide >instinctively look away …[View]
49612513ITT: songs that get u through the last set[View]
49575571Who here does carnivore diet?[View]
49612395frame size and BMR/TDEE: I'm having trouble with my math. I'm a praying mantis, and trying…[View]
49612539Classmates tell me that i have a nice body even though i don't workout and i think i look thin,…[View]
49610630Need some help from you natural bois here: I want to find a more natural alternative pre workout mix…[View]
49586425Your Biggest Pet Peeves In The Gym: what are some things that trigger you in the gym -- big or small…[View]
49611715Anger issues while cutting: >been doing 20 hr fast >eating 1k calories less >heavy lifting …[View]
49611961hey guys, i fucking skipped the gym today for a girl that ended up flaking on me. how can i make up …[View]
49609493How does wood cat get so ripped?[View]
49611390>It's valentines day >Men in the gym still starting at me You fucks disgust me, I would a…[View]
49612297“We finally have real evidence about what microdosing psychedelic drugs does to your brain.” People …[View]
49599555Goal body thread: Go[View]
49612277/fit/ breakfasts: Anything wrong with eating 2 eggs every single morning /fit/? I usually have them …[View]
49591248No mogg thread brahs. Post brutal moggs.[View]
49612047You all are plebs: https://youtu.be/CB_KRHXU1BA not one thread on breathing[View]
49610766post your TDEE[View]
49611809Why don't you fraud?: No but really you -have never made it -don't have a girlfriend or an…[View]
49612103Are manlets human?[View]
49612119Tomorrow marks the first day that I will begin liftan. This time next year I will have GF. Im gunna …[View]
49608454Help: In 3 years my hair has only grown as long as my hand. What do i do to get it to grow faster?…[View]
49611990Was he aesthetic?[View]
49610383Help fit trapped on a benchpress. Its stuck on my. No ones here. Im losing air. How do I get this s…[View]
49611647So, why exactly are eggs bad for you? You'd think that with their nutritional value they'd…[View]
49611620There’s absolutely no reason you can’t achieve a physique as, if not more, aesthetic than Sandow. Th…[View]
49605484What's your kryptonite, /fit/?: It can be anything like girls, porn, food, a certain exercise e…[View]
49611174are rack pulls good alternative for deadlifts?[View]
49607354Kushti Wrestler (Calisthenics) & a Bodybuilder (Weights): LMFAO imagine thinking calisthenics wi…[View]
49602841Running Test Levels: Is it true that running decreases your testosterone, /fit/?[View]
49610691What's the best way to get rid of my gunt, /fit/?[View]
49611849Have you done your annual Valentine's Day fap yet /fit/?[View]
49610540Why does Monster Energy™ give me more energy for my workouts than just a big thing of strong espress…[View]
49611492I am a Fat Fuck: Tell Me How Much Better I Could Have It: Unload your fat hate on my decrepit body.…[View]
49610109ITT we post our routines and rate everyone else's: Rules: don't post yours unless you rate…[View]
49606373Socializing at the /gym/: When was the last time you guys socialized at gym? Gotten a qt's numb…[View]
49607161I still miss him: Everyday when I watch his old videos I think that he’ll come back and say “YOU GOT…[View]
49607591I need some advice, /fit/. I ship out to navy boot camp in July and im currently bulking. I'm 2…[View]
49611003Hey /fit/: Hey guys I’m new here and new to working out and shit, I’m skinny as fuck and I wanted to…[View]
49611298no matter how much you lift >ywn have a perfect hapa girlfriend kill me now anons, i have a girlf…[View]
49607464post godly tier bulk food[View]
49611105What's with the rush to white knight bottom-of-the-barrel whores in fitness?[View]
49611311>that boomer hogging multiple pieces of equipment and doing half reps[View]
49611321Is 210 lbs at 6'0 considered obese? I feel so fucking disgusting bros I fucking hate myself but…[View]
49611284>You make eye contact with gym thot FUCK[View]
49610793Can I live off these?[View]
49610872Quick question, /fit/. How much do I need to be able to lift for someone to love me?[View]
49602340How do you fix lower back pain after sitting down for 4 years? Are there any books? I've never …[View]
49604711Freedive training: Hey /fit/, Been scuba diving for a long time. Wife dives too, but gets serious ni…[View]
49611092BORDERLINE NSFW THREAD: Look gentlemen, I'm gonna put this nicely and keep it short and sweet f…[View]
49608479does it really unfuck your back after taking a trip to snap city? and if so, how do i convince my lo…[View]
49611023Solomon Nelson is a lousy nigger[View]
49610014>nothing better than a cheat meal[View]
49608662>tfw have to hunch over a bit to hide the gyno[View]
49610358>I lift for her[View]
49606539penis enlargement/jelqing thread what does /fit/ think of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
49607224Why the fuck did the mods delete the previous thread? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/feb/…[View]
49608390Well good evening /fit/. How are you doing? I'm great myself, thanks for asking. So, for or 2-…[View]
49610374>tfw you make eye contact with the other 6'5' dude who does strength lifts, 10km runs, calis…[View]
49606716>tfw i catch women looking at me out in public all the time but i can't figure out if their …[View]
49605507>be me >5'2' Is there any lifts to make you taller? Like foot lifts…[View]
49609198I-its bulking season for summer bod right guys[View]
49609086thots on scales that claim to work out bf, bone/ muscle mass and shit: how accurate are the results …[View]
49609616Anyone heard of Liposomal Vitamin C?: I heard it's very good at getting rid of the flu.[View]
49608951If you do PPL (ie: goto the gym 6 days per week) You're a brainlet gymcel loser.[View]
49587952>hairs back >gains back >tans back HE'S BACK.…[View]
496032551/2/3/4 HELP!: What's the best routine and diet to acheive 1/2/3/4 in a year? my current/starti…[View]
49610634Hey /fit/, should I go buy a delicious cake for myself? Already hit my calorie limit for the day but…[View]
49610001New lifter here, been lifting for only 6 months with a skinnyfat swimmer/no real athletics backgroun…[View]
49610365I need a real answer about this bar will it fit 2 inch standard Olympic plates? I'm about to or…[View]
49610275if i weigh 200lbs and i can hang on a chinup bar with one hand does that mean i have at least 200lbs…[View]
49605894Whats a good secondary squat movement to do after squats that arent front squats?[View]
49610422How you holding up on this 14th, /fit?[View]
49598829gf has let herself go: need advice boys >gf was only a tiny bit pudgy with a nice booty when we g…[View]
49610300Hold up, let me see your ID.[View]
49610432>missed training this week because of car trouble, a family emergency, Valentine's and socia…[View]
49610243The Weed question: If you get stoned everyday, do you run the risk of procrastinating on your goals …[View]
49600726So who do you lift for? (other than yourself)[View]
49609898/fat/ *whoooosh*: >Who is /fat/ for? For extremely dedicated rotundos who want to better themselv…[View]
49607831TFW bad abs inserts Why is my life so fucking bad, why am I cursed at, what's the point of even…[View]
49610096What's /fit/'s opinion on this: Is this legit, it's a banned substance in the NFL. L…[View]
49610143costochondritis: What's the best way to deal with this shit? I'm scared to go to the gym …[View]
49608304I gained ~11 pounds of muscle without working out. My weight this summer (checked on multiple scales…[View]
49608108Calisthenics general: Post some nice routines.[View]
496098685/3/1 or PPL if I want to lose weight and replace it with muscle? currently eating at a -400 cal def…[View]
49602035About to quit: This just seems futile at this point. I don't know why I'm doing this anymo…[View]
49604903/fit/ APPROVED WEEB CARTOONS: What are the most based anime series to you, /fit/izen?[View]
49607832gyno or fat: im not sure my friends make jokes that ive got tits but im not sure if i can lose them …[View]
49607327I got gyno and I’ve had it since I was 13 I’m 20 now. Winters pretty much over so I can’t wear a hoo…[View]
49609515Fatso struggles: Hey /fit >be me, fat fuck unifag >bmi of 44, aged 20 >all my life doctor n…[View]
49609323How the fuck do I count macros: I need help /fit. I've been exercising for a while now even mad…[View]
49609199Atrophy the Muscles!: Hey, gang! Femnonon and I haven't been to the gym since late october of 2…[View]
49609125I am not even sure if it's possible but what if someone ate 10 000 calories in a day ? Would th…[View]
49606386ooooooooooooof: >tfw fat and pathetic >tfw dying to go to the gym and get mocked and made fun …[View]
49609643Block pulls are a good mass buil-[View]
49608186What is the best workout song and why is it the pillar men theme?[View]
49608647Cheaper BCAAs: Been using Jeff's AALPHA-Rx bcaas for a while, specifically because of the ingre…[View]
49607457DON'T TRAIN YOUR CHEST PILL: The ultimate redpill: DON'T train your chest, it makes you lo…[View]
49607597how do i fix chronic fatigue? i don't drink caffeine/soda/coffee, i lift full body 3x a week, i…[View]
49608845I haven't been on this board in years but holy shit. You faggots are getting meme'd beyond…[View]
49609541/boomer/ thread: This is a thread dedicated to all those boomers in the gym. Especially those that h…[View]
49608231Any other bros here gain absolutely no fat when bulking? Ive been on it for about 5 months since i s…[View]
49608576How do you deal with farts in the gym? I don't know why but lately I've been farting non s…[View]
49608172Has anyone had experience selling workout regimes and diet plans freelance? I'm not employed as…[View]
49609349Neck Burning: Some weird stuff is happening: >take creatine, multivitamin (orange triad), fish oi…[View]
49609291New to this: I think we should post gain pics naked with dick showing. I think it's better for …[View]
49609252>be me, 5'6 King of manlets >squatting today feeling good >6'1 lanklet using rack…[View]
49608712Is Aniki physique achievable naturally? Also general gachi thread. It is not gay, it is manly.[View]
49605970You looking at my dick, brah?[View]
49608973Some guy walked up to me and called me a gibblethead at the gym today. I did not kick his ass but wa…[View]
49607716No lift today. Gym was closed.[View]
49609223The spring coming is making me feel stressed. Because last summer I weighed 65kg, and my goal was to…[View]
49609152Yeah, you've been making gains, but you aren't a true bodybuilder until you get to this le…[View]
49605598i just hit 3 plates on the bench where is my gf i was promised to get one after hitting 3 plates on …[View]
49606197>Talking about gym with my bros >Brag about consistent lifting in the last 6 months, going 6 d…[View]
49607359Height does not matter outside /fit/: 175 cm / 5'9 next to 196 cm / 6'4 ft face>money…[View]
49599829What can I do to get out of bed quicker? I always wake up at the alarm then spend a literal hour hal…[View]
49608989Is this stuff decent or will it steal my gains?[View]
496075831 vs 3: Option 1: Boxing gym MWF Option 2: MMA gym boxing/kickboxing/bjj M/W/F Is trying all 3 too m…[View]
49596475Are you working out this Valentine's day or will you be taking the day off?[View]
49599258>gives you diarrhea Shhh. Nothing personell Kid[View]
49607620Lifting and Fasting: 'Sup /fit/, DYEL lurker, here. I'm going to be undertaking a black Fa…[View]
49604474you think you can take him on /fit/? (boxing) https://youtu.be/qSsPcBudDpc[View]
49607648Look like shit...wat do fit?: Been lifting for 5 months, PPL until a few weeks ago then switched to …[View]
49608722Diet JUST[View]
49608032alternatives for leg training: My gym is closed until Tuesday due to snow (I haven't trained si…[View]
49604584Height: Hey /fit/ how much does height matter. I'm 6'5'' and it never really see…[View]
49608199does this vein look healthy to you /fit/[View]
49607578Ok how do i pull this off[View]
49593758most based vidya soundtrack/song ever: prove me wrong /fit/ and share your PR music[View]
49606954Shins hurt whilst trying to deadlift: I've been lifting for 3 months and tried to deadlift for …[View]
49607292I lost a ton of weight, went from 324lbs to 138lb and finally started eating my 'maintenance' calori…[View]
49597465/fat/ - Dreaming of Making it Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For extremely dedicated rotundos who wa…[View]
49606273Do you guys count the protein you get through oats?[View]
49608512Is IIFYM legit? Does anyone here use it[View]
49602494hey fit how long should i rest in between pushup sets[View]
49601500>get bigger, stronger and faster than my dad >he’s starting to act like a condescending asshol…[View]
49605482>do deadlifts >feel most alive[View]
49608238How do I kill the sugar Jew /fit/? I always go a few days but I always end up going out and seeing s…[View]
49607808Why do I get so irritated when prople bother me when I'm exercising? I want to physically assau…[View]
49608150hows that cut going boys? me? it’s going great haha no problem at all haha[View]
49608316sup fitbros i got sick earlier this week and im finally starting to feel a little better. i usually …[View]
49606645Lifes a Beach: If you take TRT or any steroids, you wont be able to have children. If you take TRT …[View]
49608140Hey /fit/, I have a cold and I have work (and gym) tomorrow, any advice so I can feel better quicker…[View]
49601052Is it /fit/ approved?[View]
49608056if you are feeling lonley tonite just rember that every fren in the gym is single too[View]
49607978Is eating less and exercising regularly a meme?[View]
49596372Most Recent Fitness Achievement?: I just was able to bench 95lbs! I am pretty happy. What have you g…[View]
49607573Anyone got a decent routine with less than 5 days at the gym? (Britfag in the run up to A levels so …[View]
49591705/OWG/- Olympic Weightlifting General: Blessed Weekend with NO hurting wrists ahead Edition! (^___^) …[View]
49599900rec me some exercises to do with the ab wheel[View]
49603223what is /fit/'s biggest regret[View]
49607681Hey /fit/, I'm 19 and today was my second day at the local gym, long story short, I asked for h…[View]
49607741I WAS BRED TO BE A LIFTER, KAL!: Trained my entire life to master my gains! Where did you train? On …[View]
49606464>do 3x10 on a heavy weight >feel DOMs tomorrow >/fit/: linear progression! based! >do 3x…[View]
49605091/FITLIT/ UNITE (GF day is everyday): When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: the people I de…[View]
49591267so we all have different opinions on diet and training and lifestyle and shit but we do all agree t…[View]
49607031What's for lunch today?: Pic related[View]
49607709Is it okay to lift 2 days in a row if i had enough rest? Boss gave me a week off due to sickness but…[View]
49604543ITT: Ideals thread[View]
49605770Does lifting burn calories? Both the sticky and SS book say so, but on forums I've heard the ca…[View]
49604549Hey /fit/ how to go fridge mode?[View]
49605816What’s your favorite compound lift /fit/? https://www.strawpoll.me/17430355[View]
49607121I'm asking out my professor I'm so lonely: I lifted for two years some months daily 6…[View]
49606332>bruh, if you'd just run 15min every day for a solid year, you'd lose lots of weight AN…[View]
49598895Creatine and sore prostate: >About 10 days ago started loading creatine >5 days in, prostate f…[View]
49606900What are the best accessory exercises to go along with the 5x5 workout?[View]
49607103V3gan thread!: I think I'm going breatharian next frens! turns out we don't need to eat at…[View]
49606685man tits: im starting to make good gainz but ive got man tits around my chest. im pretty sure i have…[View]
49605670I am never gonna make it: >be me >19 >been moving heavy things for 1.5 years in hopes of so…[View]
49601511What's the Easiest and Quickest way to build Muscle mass /Fit/?[View]
49606598Spicy Diet: Is making a healthy diet with spicy food possible?[View]
49606448Is this achievable all natty?[View]
49602919I'm addicted to Pepsi Max, which is completely sugar- and calorie free. I immediately feel like…[View]
49605081>literally everyone lifts weights to look muscular/feel strong and feel like they could better ha…[View]
49602372I'm sick of being fat and single on yet another valentine's. The diet starts NOW. I'm…[View]
49606349Skub: Do you guys add skub to your daily routine?[View]
49597619If his shit works how come he still looks like a ball sack ?[View]
49606108>walk into gym >every guy stares at you >every girl either look at their phone or walk pa…[View]
49606939GOMAD. How do I confidence and how do I stop acting like a sissy?[View]
49606886What kind of shit makes your calves grow? Also who is this girl: https://www.xvideos.com/video450907…[View]
49603539Why is /fit/ so afraid of the white food for white people?[View]
49606693Is carb face real?[View]
49600580>getting /fit/ is easy >succeeding at work is easy >having a good social life is easy >a…[View]
49605833How do you maskvthe taste of L-arginine? Everything it touches instantly turns into wet dog.[View]
49604820Motivational thread: Remember guys this is why we lift.[View]
49605560Is the stairmaster going to help my core or ass at all?[View]
49600955Favorite Cheats: What are your favorite vices? Mines some Wings and Brewskies with the Boys[View]
49606499Low energy on cut: How do I keep motivation and energy to do hobbies / study / work while cutting? F…[View]
49605092Hello /fit/. Last time I was here, it has been 2012. 7 years ago...The end of Obama's first ter…[View]
49602672>be me >5'6 landwhale >have been happy to be alone all my life because of how autistic…[View]
49606396>tfw started lifting for girls but now am a gymcel who lives for the gym life Don't know wha…[View]
49595348have you dated a wheyfu?[View]
49599565Have I made progress? I got told I look the same and I've wasted all the time I spent in the gy…[View]
49605999Pain in groin while squatting? Do i need to stretch more? Can you suggest some workouts to help supp…[View]
49605904can you imagine those fags with their gains goblin gfs spending the night together instead of traini…[View]
49604095>Work small portions of desserts/sweet food into diet >Still losing weight You don't have…[View]
49605943Advice? 5'11 203lbs. >Current routine, 3x a week Bench 5x5 70lbs. Dumbbell curls 5x5 25lbs …[View]
49603175How do you guys break out of a bad mindset? I've been feeling kinda shitty since new years and …[View]
49606009>tfw Americans get more protein in their food https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Food_Defect_Actio…[View]
49604494If i hit intermediate level lifts and keep making strength gains but slower than before should i swi…[View]
49596625What are some gym facts that all of /fit/ agrees on? Something that only retards and obvious baits w…[View]
49605516>upper body day, 90 minute workout >that sweet sore feeling afterwards >lower bod day, 70 m…[View]
49599616dude just did nofap for 90 days[View]
49604636Lifting Every Day While Following SS?: I'm a little over two weeks into Starting Strength (the …[View]
49605553The Anabolic Window: >real? >myth? Can't drink protein shakes. Fucks my stomach up and ca…[View]
49603279Help me, dudes: My heart feels like it's pounding hard and skipping a beat and its so bad it fe…[View]
49604867Some anons are telling me to not get a scale to keep track of my weight loss. Because it then become…[View]
49598619The barbell slips out of my hand. Should I start using workout gloves? I don't want because the…[View]
49604507Gym while sick: I have a fever and am pretty congested but I want to go the the gym. Would this be a…[View]
49592682/fast/ - #384 - STERN TALK EDITION: FAQ /fast/ discord >https://discord.gg/dknZqPb What is /fast/…[View]
49605357/mew/ - Mewing general: >How long have you been mewing? >Have you noticed any significant chan…[View]
49604256>no valentines day qt3.14 >all i got are these FUCKING GAINS BRAH Motivation/vent/general shit…[View]
4958808211th day of nofap. Very horny, considering rape. What do?[View]
49602804Going to gym with my mom. Feels good.[View]
49604264What I have to do to improve myself?I need some help with advices,training programs and diets. >b…[View]
49603448Is this physique achievable natty if you have good genetics?[View]
49605191Happy Valentine's Day Mods and Jannies: I just want to say happy Valentine's Day to our mo…[View]
49581132/sig/ - self improvement general: /sig/ Basics: >Set realistic Goals and have a Plan. Hold yourse…[View]
49601467Nothing is better than letting your nuts hang after a long and dirty workout[View]
49592676/QTTDTOT/- Questions that don't deserve their own thread: Have a burning question that you don…[View]
49600475are these things a scam? (i take exactly what is in the pic) it's the cheapest dissolvable mult…[View]
49603057Milk and Hair Loss: Is a high consumption of cow milk somehow correlated to hair loss? I'm 21 a…[View]
49595189post stories of something cool you did about lifting or fucking or something: >getting drunk at t…[View]
49602818>You don't eat breakfast? Don't you know it's the most important meal of the day?…[View]
49600139Am I just fat or fucked genetics?[View]
49600634Is it Over? Or has it only just Begun?[View]
49603782How bad is this for you?[View]
49602884Juul: What’s the official /fit/ stance on the Juul?[View]
49602231I'm on meds that have a relatively high risk of seizures. My arms keep spasming hard, not super…[View]
49603242He got the markers...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rr5p1jCZC4 His argument seems valid to a new…[View]
49603327BF%? Care to take a guess?[View]
49604526What's the verdict on pickled onions?[View]
49604362Differences in everyday life you’ve noticed after getting /fit/ Physical or social doesn’t matter I’…[View]
49600559What does /fit/'s preworkout meal look like? I need something that gives me lots of energy and …[View]
49604320If i’m passionate about fitness, strength and bodybuilding and want to pursue a career revolved arou…[View]
49586578the year of the gf: how to i become the perfect anti gains goblin gf? study nutrition? become trad? …[View]
49604479Difficulties of bulking: I don't really enjoy eating that much. Never did. I'm a naturally…[View]
49604249Hi fit. I started lifting about a week ago, Stronglifts. I've since come across a routine onl…[View]
49602312Squatting instead of sitting?: We all know the russian meme but is it possible to sit for 30 to 1hou…[View]
49604234how do i eat more? i feel like im too easily filled up. i mean the obvious answer is to overfeed but…[View]
49604291Imagine having a date on valentines day and having to do this... haha.[View]
49602457>hungry >eat half of my fridge's contents in a single meal >one to two hours later …[View]
49603885How do I get a physique like this?[View]
49600340Bruce Lee Workout: What are your thoughts on Bruce Lee and his workout routine? I'm a similar s…[View]
49602655LASIK: Has anyone here ever had or considered LASIK surgery? I've got mine coming up on Tuesday…[View]
49586006*Destroys your gains and health* Nuthhing personnel kid[View]
49598776Hello /fit/ getting my phismosis and tight frenulum fixed by circumsision in about 4 hours. Any tips…[View]
49601750Protein for cutting?: >inb4 read the sticky Trying to get ready for summer so I’m not ashamed to …[View]
49603952What are the best body proportions for? 1. Squat 2. Bench 3. Deadlift Do lanklets have any chance?[View]
49600804Should I avoid cheese on a bulk?[View]
49602542How can I tell when I've graduated from skinny-fat to skinny? I've been on a 1000 calorie …[View]
49602848You guys ever notice how empty the gym is on Valentine's Day[View]
49602090I lift 1/2/3/4 but no one likes me. What else should I get good at so that people like me?[View]
49603107>tfw never seen my abs[View]
49603036I did it /fit/ I got a girlfriend. She's starting to put on weight though Her normal routine c…[View]
49603486>relapse on sugar by eating a giant brownie my sister gave me >depression flares up bad the ne…[View]
49599530How to get Mr. X physique?: I’m already extremely tall but a fucking lacklet.[View]
49602197Need some input: Sup bros, I'm starting my cut now and I was messing around with several TDEE c…[View]
49602764>tfw keep training legs >tfw nobody cares about legs But I'm addicted to it. I love the p…[View]
49601434The majority of my protein comes frm whey. 100g out of 140g It isn't a problem right anons?[View]
49603349High Protein Bars: I'm just bought some myprotein bars and was wondering why they are so tough …[View]
49599085Will we ever know his cycle?[View]
49602045There is a virus outbreak in my country which kills people and I can't go outside now. I don…[View]
49600577health benefits of burning in hell?[View]
49601389Nausea after lifting: When I walk into the gym and smell the gym smell I feel nauseous and after abo…[View]
49601417Do you lift at home or gym?[View]
49605278Reminder that life is all about being a tall and handsome high school jock. While you were 15, play…[View]
49601428https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ScgcF0LUw What does /fit/ think about this DYEL nigglet making fun…[View]
49601080Will taking steroids turn a shy autist into an asshole? Any roid users here who used to be shy? I…[View]
49600214Avoid injury: It seems like every faggot who weightlifts gets injured, has to have surgery or some o…[View]
49602836Should i lift heavy things a few times or light things many times? Example: >Lift 25kg 40 times i…[View]
49601181Just ate half a bag of these .. how fucked am I lads?[View]
49602412I need to lose some weight, so I'm going to start a keto diet. Since I'm an absolute begin…[View]
49602830What's up /fit/. I was just wondering what I should do to lose about 2lbs every week. I know th…[View]
49601979Getting Test Checked: Brainlet here Is this good enough to test for free testostrone and not total t…[View]
49601425>be me (who else would I be) >be excited to practice deadlift form today at the gym >arrive…[View]
49600575it's Valentines Day you fucks: >tfw it would've been 4 years with my ex yesterday >t…[View]
49593024/fraud/ - steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and coping general. Shave your fucking …[View]
49600284I want to be able to be hard as long as I want, as hard as I want and to get a hard-on on demand. Ar…[View]
49602591>2019 >How Deep Is Your Love is still playing at the gym I hate commercial gyms…[View]
49596645Are there any crazy stories about Arnie and women?[View]
49601636Daily reminder to drink more water buddehs[View]
49600867IS IT WISE TO RUN TWICE A DAY?: i'm having some trouble in losing weight, besides changes in di…[View]
49601712Okay /fit/, Now that the dust has settled... Is it 1g/lb body mass or 1g/lb lean body mass?[View]
49602358Why the fuck is my scapula sticking out like that? You can't really see it very good in this pi…[View]
49600347How exactly is this routine bad?: So some Anons here told me my usual routine was shit. Please elabo…[View]
49597684Has anybody ever tried working out twice per day?[View]
49601916can TRT fix him /fit/?[View]
49600653Im a poorfag who cant afford protein powder. My aim is to lose fat and look good in clothes. I also …[View]
49600614how do I achieve scooby chest ?[View]
49601900fuck protein and fuck you /fit/: >be fat fuck >decide get fit >'eat 1g protein per lb bodym…[View]
49601794Steroids are for those with bad genetics Prove me wrong. >Protip : you can't…[View]
49590059Thighs rubbing: I'm a fat as fatass who's trying to walk off the lard deposits, but my thi…[View]
49601133Dairy also contains hormones that can lead to mood swings. Estrogen and testosterone are our sex hor…[View]
49599562is la fitness decent / worth it? Its the only gym in my town besides planet fatass[View]
49601678How do I get better at pull ups when I can barely do 3? Skinny fat pos here[View]
49600988What's the difference between trap-bar deadlifts and dumbbell squats? Can I replace normal squa…[View]
49601809Fuck going to gym I'll learn how to dance instead call me homo I don't give a fuck[View]
49598741anyone /fit/ here make music? are you able to juggle between gym time, meal prep and music productio…[View]
49601657How do you tell obsession from dedication when pursuing fitness?[View]
49600895>tfw zyzz would’ve been a 30 year old boomer this year[View]
49600444I delayed summer cut for too long, and it's getting warm as fuck here. I'm in a state of f…[View]
49596629What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
49599365Dopamine fast: Grugs body feel overstimulated. Grug need break. What do?[View]
49601383i feel so fucking cold i fucking hate cuting REEEEE[View]
49599491Who do you lift for? I personally lift for underrepresented women[View]
49600896Is your place tidy for today?[View]
49600498How can train mind to overcome the shape of this fucked up society? I want a full connection between…[View]
49600260Why is my face so fucking fat REEEEEEEEEEEEE I’ve lost fat literally everywhere else but my face sti…[View]
49584820this is 3 years of natty lifting LOOOOOOOOOOL where do i get steroids?[View]
49588627Ok how exectly do i get this Also goal bod thread[View]
49600616Based and redpilled videos only: https://youtu.be/0RWJCDpPyAY Based and redpilled videos only[View]
49599577>6th month >lifts are 1/2/1/3 I'm so fucking scared of squats i swear to god Whenever i g…[View]
49600863>Milk is for babies. I drink beer. A good physique really is 100% genetic, isn't it?…[View]
49601169should i go heavy low rep on kroc row, or moderate weight high rep?[View]
49599581is melatonin a meme? does it knock you out like zolpidem or diazepam or shouldnt i even bother?[View]
49599533How are you training with your gf on Valentine’s Day? Wait... you DO have a gf right /fit/?[View]
49597075poor sleep: why do i feel so fucking dead whenever i wake up, EVEN IF i get like 8 hours of sleep? i…[View]
49599560>gym Joker unleashed laughing gas during my bench again[View]
49596674Just drank 14 beers holy shit how fucked am I? This is the fourth time this week.[View]
49597865hey everyone it's just /lgbt/ droppin by to say hi[View]
49599882Is gymnastics the ultimate /fit/ness redpill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CorfPVWZGfI[View]
49595012Just failed no fap again Need tips to not fap,how do I deal with horniness[View]
49599433Lifting has made me more jealous because of increased T WTF /fit/ stop changing my brain structure[View]
49600831>/fa/ outside of the gym >in the gym I look homeless, I don't know how to dress nice, I j…[View]
49600516rate my workout routine: this is a alternate every second day. A: barbell sqauts 3x5 barbell bench…[View]
49598818You guys must have some serious will power to be avoiding pizza: Anyone here live with a woman? try …[View]
49600862anons devil dick: i'll keep this breif gentlemen, anons garunteed devil-dick mode: - ZMA x 2 - …[View]
49600193I'M A FUCKING MUTANT[View]
49599901>start lifting >all hobbies become boring >friends become boring >women become boring …[View]
49599773How do I improve my homegym /fit/ ?[View]
49598996How do I stop being a biceplet?[View]
49599754Whats for breakfast, /fit/? Also I got up around 4am and I’m wondering how you early morning fags de…[View]
49599707With enough lifting can I turn myself into a super chad?[View]
49593641So why do meat heads and other low IQ apes hate the hex bar deadlift again?[View]
49600232How THE FUCK do I get below 10% body fat?: 5ft8, 150lbs I'm about 15 % body fat, I've lite…[View]
49600339Does depression and crying good for gains?[View]
49595687I had the dream again >does the pain ever go away?[View]
49600309Do i need to drink MORE water to 'flush' the excess water out and dry up my muscles or do i need to …[View]
49597625Happy Valentines Day /fit: What are you gonna train? Be thankful you dont have a gains goblin gf pre…[View]
49591980Why do you guys lift?[View]
49600432>just shave it bro, women love that shit[View]
49600429Describe your gyms worst offender: >some 50 year old black dude frequents the gym >dyel, thigh…[View]
49600171What's your opinion on this guy. Is he /ourdr/?[View]
49600253shoulder injury: I injured my shoulder blade ~8 months ago and after trying physiotherapy and going …[View]
49600363I want to share with you a secret big $$$ hospitals dont want you to know. Huffing vapor from superg…[View]
49599407ITT: Injuries people suffered in your gym >Some dude dislocated his shoulder when doing overhead …[View]
49598156Just took this test and got silver. Are you fitter than me /fit/? >push up 52 >sit up 48 >2…[View]
49599810is vitamin c serum a meme?: just bought some[View]
49577560/plg/ - Powerlifting General: American Muscle Edition Eat a ton of protein. Squat heavy. Push heavy…[View]
49598757Does lifting cure depression and feeling suicidal?[View]
49600062supplements: what's /fit/s opinion on best supplements. I just want more muscle mass as quickly…[View]
49599687Have 14 bucks Im gonna get Ashwagandha for treating my anxiety and fix my autism. Is it worth it?[View]
49598208Intermittent fasting works really well even if you don’t track calories and there’s nothing you can …[View]
49596756How much muscle should i expect to lose on a cut?: How much muscle should i expect to lose on a cut?…[View]
49598115I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride...[View]
49598392How true is the meme that fewer reps with more weight is better for gains and how far can I push it?[View]
49594751>be /fit/ prettyboy ottermode manlet >only attract taller women or short haired tomboys…[View]
49593201At what bodyfat percentage do you begin to get cheeks like these?[View]
49599099>tfw 5'7 with shoes on give it to me straight /fit/ what are my chances of mating with a bea…[View]
49599390What do you do on your rest days?[View]
49599467Do jawline exercises actually work?[View]
49593103Depression and libido: Can anxiety and/or depression completely (and I mean completely) kill libido …[View]
49599053Hello /fit/, /g/ here, is this enough for girls or should i lift? (fell for the calisthenics meme)[View]
49599557Gym momy gave my skinny shy virgin ass advice.[View]
49599456Biggest lies of /fit/: What is the most common bro science that gets repeated the most here? > b…[View]
49597819Is lack of sleep ruining your gains?[View]
49598643Holy crap this is what it took to be a fitness guru at the turn of the century. things have changed.[View]
49598730How many times do you wipe.: The most important poll on this website. https://www.strawpoll.me/17427…[View]
49598054Haven't used /fit/ for about 5 years. When the fuck did it become /pol/[View]
49599202What's the best season to be born in? I've heard that winter babies are small and have lot…[View]
49598685How does /fit/ suppress their carnal desire and adopt Stoicism? Any tips or books?[View]
49599269Tfw I can finally bench 1pl8 for 5 reps[View]
495978175k: What's considered a good 5k time, /fit/?[View]
49597300Should I be worried about this?[View]
49599108I was recently gifted a pair of new, quality 30 pound adjustable dumbbells. I’ve lifted sporadically…[View]
49597992Do steroids increase the growth/speed of cancer?[View]
49598795day 45 no booze n cocaine: fuck this gay earth. every fucking day is the same. if i dont feel better…[View]
49599063Do I need to cycle creatine? I’ve been taking this shit for two months and just found out that it ha…[View]
49597492Inspiration Panda: Hey you! Yes, you! Don't quit on something that you want! Don't do tha…[View]
49597585Blocks your path wyd: *builds you a six pack*[View]
49599271WHOA, look at that freak![View]
49596394Things you wish you knew 5 years ago: >Lifting weights makes you bald…[View]
49599111Is this the natty limit?[View]
49597802>you should stop working out so much anon i'm way more fun than lifting!…[View]
49598013I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his…[View]
49598187There are people who unironically think Cereal is healthy: If you actually think this stuff is healt…[View]
49589496redpill me on ec stack /fit/, how well does it actually work? will it give me a heart attack? anythi…[View]
49598918Can't run for shit: Just got into fitness to finally get healthy and complete the Power Test to…[View]
49585397Does /fit/ cry?[View]
49595425>6'0 >but 8 inch circumstance fistlet why live…[View]
49597770I squatted 225x5 today[View]
49597202Is this true[View]
49598858Hey /fit/ can you guys help me please? I’m 6’4 with broad shoulders and have some good muscle but I’…[View]
49596261Two juicy double burgers with an egg on top for each, what's for dinner after a good hard worko…[View]
49595195Straps & Hookgrip: When to use straps and when to use hookgrip? I feel like my thumb is dying h…[View]
49595370Is he natty?[View]
49596987So /fit/, it turns out I just realized I'm both gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant I migh…[View]
49597196Mire Thread: Got my first noticeable mire today boys. She wouldnt stop lookin. We're all gonna …[View]
49595065I have weak spinal erectors. Is this a good exercise or is it a meme?[View]
49598794Wrists are fucked: I've been playing games and drawing for years with bad technique. If I hold …[View]
49575223Motivational thread: Remember guys this is why we lift.[View]
49588957would /fit/ be okay with having a daughter? and would you try to teach her /fit/ things you've …[View]
49598088Soo, why are you lifting on valentines day exactly? Surely guy like you has someone to spend evening…[View]
49594470Pre Workout: What's /fit/'s opinion on pre-workout? Is it worth it?[View]
49597780Squeaking: Hey guys sometimes when i lift i get this sort of squeaking sound in my head, its like de…[View]
49591101How to Combat Fatigue?: I love waking up early in the morning. Some days I'll wake up as early …[View]
49596777how much protein?: New to the board, and want some answers regarding protein intake. Some people cla…[View]
49597520Do you guys ever feel like after you're done eating your heart stops for a second and makes you…[View]
49597519what goes through your mind when you see a muscular woman in public[View]
49598437/fit/city: https://youtu.be/k4TJkPLN_g8[View]
49598348>be me junior year of hs >5/10 acne-ridden jew >8/10 cute hot ass blonde aryan masterpiece …[View]
495984082 days ago I noticed Chest Fat that was not there before, this started after I started training (60…[View]
49598231HE DOESN'T EVEN PLAY THE 2ND MOST POPULAR SPORT IN THE WORLD: You've never felt the thrill…[View]
49598290Daily Reminder: This is the natty limit. Anyone bigger than this is a fraud[View]
49596759What am I doing wrong and what can I be doing better?: I've been going to a gym for a year as o…[View]
49596996When was the last time you’ve broken your limits?[View]
49597719nofap causing loss of drive: I’ve been on nofap for like 3 months and I’ve noticed that I’m losing s…[View]
49594550So basically I saw an article about Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee It said that Ali would easily win a …[View]
49598048One testicle and gains: Bros with only one testicle like me (I had testicular torsion), is it harder…[View]
49597727Hey lads >Be me, 33o oldfag >Active all my life >Played every sport under the sun >Been…[View]
49597916Will my kidney die if I drink too much protein shake?[View]
49585473i'm seeking to look better and don't give a shit aboutt my lifts, why would i want to do a…[View]
49598022>stalling on strict press >add in some push press to the routine >no longer stalling on str…[View]
49587562/fph/: https://youtu.be/iIKB5enFKwY[View]
49597872What went wrong with me here? When I was 15, I used to go to a gym and lift more weights than older …[View]
49597141Mental Fitness: How do I get over my self hatred /fit/? I hate the way I look, I hate the way I talk…[View]
49597026ALERT: Surprise motherfucka vacation announced for early june My family wasn't going this year …[View]
49597146I'm tired of being overweight: How few calories can I consume a day without dying or becoming u…[View]
49597675Body dysmorphia after getting /fit/: Who's in the same boat? None of my clothing fits, its tigh…[View]
49593048/GoodFeelsThread: >finishing that workout you did with the first pair of dumbbells you brought…[View]
49593569How do you guys delude yourselves into thinking you'll make it when you've had a part of y…[View]
49580451>sexual fitness threads allowed >sig threads allowed >trad threads deleted >spiritual fi…[View]
49595797Setting up a garage gym and I'm wonderin if standard plates will fit this bar looks pretty thic…[View]
49597657Why am I lifting again as a fatty? I just look fat + with big muscles now. It's disgusting. Isn…[View]
49596989Your lifting shoes?: Looking for a potent replacement for my Metcons 2, they cant stop squeeking and…[View]
49597353Facepulls: Just did my first set of facepulls /fit/. When do i get a gf?[View]
49596110>tfw chinlet It never began....[View]
49593962>Tfw everyone who I meet at the gym is super cool and nice and the people who aren't are neu…[View]
49590293At what weight is it appropriate to stop cleaning your OHP and use the squat rack instead?[View]
49594621I made STD gains: From NEET to STD ridden freak in less than a year. I have no insurance. How the fu…[View]
49597517Women keep demanding attention from me in the gym![View]
49595577hey /fit/ im trying to run a mile and a half in under 12 minutes. so far after running for a few mon…[View]
49597406Reminder to eat your meat, eggs, and dairy. They're essential for health and gains.[View]
49596498how to avoid hip flexor strain when squatting, etc? seems like every time I do squats I fuck up the…[View]
49597121Is this true?[View]
49597302it's ok anons, even Arnold was an autist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsHLbZyA2Uk[View]
49597289now that the dust has settled, is dnaguy actually legit?[View]
49584520/fat/ I have sacrificed many chickens to this weight loss: >Who is /fat/ for? For extremely dedic…[View]
49597154Has falling in love increased your gains aswell?[View]
49581053Hobbies: What are some based & redpilled hobbies do you recommend?[View]
49594596red pill me on beans: whats the beans for men, what are the beans for women... what does pusy feel l…[View]
49591555I think I'm going to do an 8 hour arms at the gym tomorrow since I'll have it all to mysel…[View]
49596698Is this good advice?[View]
49596723am i being mired?: hello faggots time for me to stop lurking and post for once >be me >former …[View]
49597098Everyone on /fit/ should strive to be like the body improvement club dudes. Debate me[View]
49590064vegan lifts 3 pl8 where is your meat god now?[View]
49575440Tuesday /cbt/: >2pl8 binch >1pl8 ohp >still look like shit Will I even look like I lift if …[View]
49595961Does anyone else feel fapping doesn't feel as good and you feel worse afterwards when you go no…[View]
49592096How are so many “men” content to look like this? I’ve noticed that the more fit I get, the more peop…[View]
49596934Fuck my roommates This shit just went into my weight gainer and I took a sip. CLEAN. YOUR. FRIDGES.[View]
49596182How to make Obliques more complete: Dudes. How do I make my obliques look more like that Jap author …[View]
49596893Post fitness motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlK5cUS3K1o[View]
49596888Is Citrulline Malate worth it?: Is it safe? Will it give me rock hard boners? Will it give me a good…[View]
49591483How do I achieve Hercules mode /fit/? I'm currently focusing on shoulders, chest, and neck, and…[View]
49596880When's the last time you visited Snap City /fit/?[View]
49596867I will make it.[View]
49596786What should I do along with my 5x5 workout after I finish?[View]
49595531Who here /nightrun/[View]
49596053Is this solid day of eating?: I mapped out my meals for today Stats: 183 cm 145 or so pounds 2 plate…[View]
49595138You know its true[View]
49596027Locker Room Thread: None of the gyms in my areas have decent locker rooms. In fact most of the gyms …[View]
49594307Why haven't you asked your gym crush out yet, /fit/?[View]
49594096This is the good shit[View]
49596656Pictures of you before you started working out I’ll start[View]
49595576>losing weight >can already tell that my abs are asymmetrical its not fair guys.…[View]
49596591warm up sets: People say to do 3-6 warm up sets, but I feel kind of tired already after just 3 I…[View]
49593285What is a redpilled/right wing fitness routine?[View]
49595493Never forget your queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOSCSCMj344[View]
49595007Hot in cold shower after workout?[View]
49592182Just a daily reminder to sleep 8 hours a night[View]
49596491How do I accurately put my activity level if my only actual physical activity is gym on a daily basi…[View]
49596361What's your excuse?: Anon, why do all these 3rd world niggs mog you? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
49596416Is this natty?[View]
49596239Bodybuilding and social life: How can you combine those 2? I've been devoted so much into build…[View]
49596254>take a selfie >look hot 7/10 i would fuck my self >see my self in a group shot >hey ano…[View]
49591529Food thread/ mod sticky sucks cock: No links to recipes with shitty stories in front of them. Infogr…[View]
49592279Is there anything she can't do?[View]
49594739hope for manlets[View]
49594286>meat >fried in eggs >no seasoning but salt and pepper needed to taste good >can be made…[View]
49595481How should I live my life? I've gotten stronger and more confident but when someone wrongs me, …[View]
49584846Abdominal development: What exercises/program do you do to train abs /fit/?[View]
49595920Weight gaining: >be me >21 years old >189cm and 65kg >Used to swim so i got a 'decent bo…[View]
49593797Strength training is a meme: First pic: 65kg Second pic: 85kg 1/2/3/4 for reps >still look like…[View]
49593261ONE WEEK Day 3: Hey /fit/ >no fap >no porn >excersise every day >no pills >make me lo…[View]
49593721What's the best exercise to get a chiseled lower chest?[View]
49591213Is this natural achievable[View]
49595880>muh big dairy When did you realize big agriculture was unnatural and destructive to the environm…[View]
49595867i was doing that tireflipping shit about 2 weeks ago and im pretty sure i went through the motions w…[View]
49585350QTDDTOT:: 1.Redpill me on L-Carnitine Tartare 2.Does clear and watery semen = low t/ sperm count? Is…[View]
49595892So I've been doing regular weight lifting for 5 months. Results are coming in slowly but surely…[View]
49593356>21 year years old >5'7 >Been lifting for almost a year >Always been active >Sev…[View]
49595120How grams per kilogram for daily protein intake?[View]
49595472Why do you lift? I lift to increase my killing capacity.[View]
49592173To cut or not to cut: Should I keep cutting /fit/? What do you do when you look skelly but you'…[View]
49593417what mode is mike bochetti?[View]
49594408Crawling to increase gains: I've been thinking recently. Four legged animals are typically pret…[View]
49594936Fuck. I was making steady progress for months. Then a problem at work. Then I had to lower the calor…[View]
49595727whats a better preworkout than this and why is there none[View]
49595723I got sledge hammer and an old tractor tire. How stupid will i look smacking the thing and dragging …[View]
49595178On a cut but I'm so hungry :([View]
49594746Whats the proper way to do burpees? Should have my hands on the floor before stretching my legs or j…[View]
49594680/Fit/ opinion on my diet: Currently I am trying to lose about 15lbs in 3 weeks. I am 185lbs but I h…[View]
49592845Routines that worked for fellow manlets?[View]
49592346Guys, I tought the new year comics were a joke...[View]
49595245it brefas time fit/ it sick[View]
49595459/smg/ Strongman General Grug lift stone edition[View]
49592270This is the part where I realize that I've been posting seriously amongst mentally ill people a…[View]
49594972Does no-fap cause erectile dysfunction?[View]
49594125This guy walks up to you in the gym and says “you’re a big guy” How do you respond /fit/?[View]
49591198who /wallpuncher/ here?: My fuckin hand hurts still. Its broken and i have it wrapped. going to orth…[View]
49594753>tfw I nofapped so hard, I turned asexual[View]
49594279Just wanted to say: Fuck leg day Fuck abs day Fuck squats Thank you, that would be all.[View]
49592602ITS HAPPENING FLORIDA BRAHS: Chicken Tendie subs on sale right now.[View]
49595163>mfw bastard >mfw finally met biological father and grandparents >le grandpa: 'you much sma…[View]
49594708this kills the hiplet[View]
49592620Anyone here eat rice? The bags always say it's like 1/4 a cup serving and has like 150 calories…[View]
49593298-3500kcal was supposed to be -0,5lbs of fat, right? Then what the fuck man, did -500kcal/day for fou…[View]
49588803Who do you lift for?[View]
49594051Hunting gains: Hit a squirrel on my way home from the gym this morning. I’ve dodged so many of the s…[View]
49591174>the most underrated machine in the gym There's no better pump than a 15 rep leg press to fa…[View]
49588953I lift for revenge. who else /fit/?[View]
49584183/fit/ Survey: Post your: age bpm 5k time >23 >63 bpm >20:50…[View]
49590446What's the difference between pre and post workout shake? Do i take both?[View]
49594720Shoulder Issue: I need help, I cant fucking take this shit anymore, Since about June/July of last ye…[View]
49591472i got mired by a girl for the first time in my life and i spilled so much spaghetti that i think i m…[View]
49594681does eating out make you into a weak beta? i assume food and drinks are full of (((onions))) and who…[View]
49594568Hey /fit/, /v/ here. I wanted your thoughts on this piece of software. I weigh 163 pounds and I…[View]
49591428Body odor: I’ve noticed the last week I’ve had a weird smell on it. I really have no idea why though…[View]
49591384Hair loss: Ok, fags, I went to a trichologist and a dermatologist and they both said that this reces…[View]
49592550'Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.': What did he mean by…[View]
49593663snacks: post your everyday snacks[View]
49593668>fluoride in toothpaste >aluminum in deodorant >all those chemicals in hair and skin prod…[View]
49594433> people on this board spend their time training their body when they should be training their mi…[View]
49594107has this shit actually had a positive effect on anyone?[View]
49594419Post your pre workout[View]
49593444Opinion on training lagging body part everyday with moderate to low volume? Bugez did that for like …[View]
49587171I dont understand the whole nofap movement. fapping is like one of the few truly great things you ca…[View]
49594052I just got locked out of the gym changing room because it's past midnight. It doesn't open…[View]
49594353anyone read this?[View]
49584857>/fit/ told me to go boulderiing >It will be fun say said >You'll make friends they sa…[View]
49592742Tax season: What are you guys going to buy with your returns to help with your fitness? I’m thinking…[View]
49594173>that 2nd post workout stretch[View]
49588110How to get rid of my mild acne? Pic related is me[View]
49591086What would be a good PED to take before a BJJ tournament? Nothing like test or tren, more something …[View]
49588678Girl here, can running and squatting make my feet uglier?[View]
49590856What inspired you to start lifting? For me it was /fit/ and this video, I still watch it from time …[View]
49594091I own an elliptical and I use it for 30 mins a day, is there any other way I should use it. Pic some…[View]
49588541Am I the only one who feels like everyone works out these days? >jocks hanging out at the gym …[View]
49594024What’s keeping you from being the chad you should be?: Never cared about looks too much as I have a …[View]
49591531boxing general: I hurt my hand and have to take a break from punching things for a bit. Whatre some …[View]
49592898>tfw not gonna make it Some must be sacrificed in order for others to make it. Just go on without…[View]
49591904I’m on nofap week 3 Help me brothers[View]
49593876>be me >be unmotivated so take some C4 >go to gym >start feeling fucking fantastic >h…[View]
49593531Redpill me on the (((Chewish)))) Question: Serious Question: Can I make my face appear more muscular…[View]
49591710what do you envision and listen to when running ? for me i listen to the warriors soundtrack imagini…[View]
49589190Daily reminder this guy got a date to prom while half of you never even touched a woman.[View]
49590728Ama: Rip[View]
49592736Finally after 2 years calisthenics i joined a gym >Hambest leg pressing 800lbs while grunting …[View]
49592150Is gyno uncurable without surgery?[View]
49588582does /fit/ prefer muscular amazonian crossfit girls or just fit athletic toned girls with tights lik…[View]
49591205Are there any scar removal techniques that actually work?[View]
49593144Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
49593440I used to be beautiful. I turned into a basement dweller. What’s the all cost fix? I’m willing to be…[View]
49591665What mode is this?[View]
49592708>deadlift day >do my diddles >shower, go to work >hunger pangs all day >even right a…[View]
49579740>'i volunteer at my local animal shelter, am the president of the future business owners of ameri…[View]
49593107BCAAs: Whats the go with these? Do they work?[View]
49593300>that guy who air drums between sets[View]
49593287ok i have been fat for almost my whole life, my highest weight has been 231 pounds when i was 15. Cu…[View]
49589491Do you know any basic routine to improve flexibility?: I need it.[View]
49590682Wheyfu thread[View]
49593164How do I get rid of acne? I eat good and exercise regularly, I include a bit of meat and milk but n…[View]
49591183Am I going to make it?: >sick between September and October >go through a stressful period in …[View]
49592674/GBT/ - Goal Body Thread: Fictional Edition[View]
49590468free soloing is peak /fit/[View]
49593225Sup /fit/ can anyone recommend any kettlebell routines?[View]
49592520lower pecs?!?: How do I get full lower pecs? My upper and mid area are growing a lot but the lower a…[View]
49566977/smg/ Strongman General No sumo deadlifts allowed edition[View]
49589031Got my Testosterone results: Am I fucked? Do I need to go on TRT?[View]
49584971Routine rate thread: Can we get one going? Share and discuss your current routine with fellow bros R…[View]
49592179How to spot a retard at the gym: >shadow boxes between sets >uses a belt >mixed grip deadl…[View]
49592783Alright you niggers, how the FUCK do I get abs? >Hurr Durr abs r made in the kitchen bro Bull-fuc…[View]
49593012should i take creatine?: i have been lifting for about 3 months, and after the first few kilos in th…[View]
49591645>that major sudden decrease in strength and size after starting a cut >fat gets flabbier and j…[View]
49586501Body rate thread: Didn't see one in the catalogue, heres one now. >5'8' >104 lbs …[View]
49592450Hey I need some advice on my bench. I currently I’m doing 100 3*10 and 120 5*5. I’m 18 and in my las…[View]
49591656>that guy who lifts because he's balding[View]
49591302how am i supposed to compete with this[View]
49592133Should I take DNP? Anyone here try it?[View]
49591535/Gana/ General: Who /Gana/ here? $12 12 servings 340 cals 17g fat 20g protein 29g carbs Tastes q…[View]
49586094/fraud/ - steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/, the steroids and coping general. Before asking your …[View]
49592568*dabs on your macros*[View]
49591467Looking to improve my first born child overall gains: So would this be considered like child abuse o…[View]
49591048what's his endagame?[View]
49592551Personal Blog: Weird lifts anyone? >be me >210lbs >diddly 455 >Pause Squat 345 >strug…[View]
49589368whitepilled: does anyone still seriously drink this estrogen filled male passification juice? >en…[View]
49582621How will you get protein when the cost of meat is artificially increased by president booker?[View]
49592319is it possible to look 'bad' to /fit/s standards if you have 2/3/4/5 and are below 15% bf? pic unrel…[View]
49586610How does one escape this mode?[View]
49592403Hey Anon, why aren't you doing the Greyskull LP?[View]
49584580>gf's ex posts story of him OHPing 1.5pl8 >she starts acting weird around me, not affect…[View]
49585011What did you eat today?[View]
49592241>be me on high school track team >issue w paperwork so I have to leave practice, my utility bi…[View]
49591889I just started a severe diet. Essentially resistant starch potatos, frozen vegetables, baby carrots …[View]
49585605Which one are you?[View]
49589168What's the best way to improve my bench press?[View]
49591940>all protein bars I see have onions protein extract AM I GETTING MEMED??…[View]
49589923Do you seriously need a doctor's referral to get blood work done to see testosterone levels? Wh…[View]
49591759You aren't getting enough potassium, /r/fitness[View]
49586745VEGAN GENERAL: Nobody needs meat to get all necessary protein edition. Thread for all vegans and peo…[View]
49591800>SS+GOMAD >Not PPL+GOMAD >He DOESN'T know Imagine wasting 2 years of your life trying …[View]
49591145Chapped lips: Friendly reminder that chapped lips are one of the worst things you can possibly have …[View]
49591852>invest in home gym at recently purchased home >drop to 11% body fat >run shady chinese Tes…[View]
49588702>mfw I have to get a spotter for the last set of my bench press >only guy next to me is this j…[View]
49590706Top of spine hurts after squats: Whenever I do squats on the next day I feel pain in or around my C7…[View]
49584364Manual Labour: This thread is for construction chads who also lift. Tips for still having enough ene…[View]
49588746what do you mean you don't make any gains anymore after 30??[View]
49589422How do i cut without losing too much muscle/strenght? Do i do a low deficit cut or a big one?[View]
49589676How do I get motivated to work out when I feel like lying in bed all day?[View]
49585808Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't roleplay in this board.[View]
49565169/fast/ - #383 - BIG MISTAKE EDITION: FAQ /fast/ discord >https://discord.gg/dknZqPb What is /fast…[View]
49590836I begun lifting in Nov. Do any of my numbers show promise or should I just quit? chest - 135 shoulde…[View]
49556069doing sitting rows on the rowing machine with weights on hurts my shoulders. what am i doing wrong? …[View]
49590378how do i know if i get enough protein? i just eat regular food like potatoes, rice and meat. like, 1…[View]
49572102>he can't deadlift 4pl8 Lmao just pick it up anon[View]
49588079Ummm, guys... What happens if you work every muscle every day?[View]
49591134How do you guys organize your workout days: Like when do you focus on what group? Like arms day, leg…[View]
49590020>5'11' Is there even any point in lifting at my height?[View]
49590803Is this really 0 calories? Can i have this on a cut?[View]
49589277>gave up on squatting >completely focus on deadlift >went from 315 to 390 in just 3 months …[View]
49591106valentines day is the best day for lifting, the gym is empty, no loud couples fooling around, just y…[View]
49584415What mode is this?[View]
49591176Good work today brahs keep up the good dieting and lifting, were all gonna make it[View]
49591069If I want both strength and hypertrophy gains, is progressive overloading necessary or a meme?: For …[View]

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