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42091945>Go to the army they said >It'll be fun they said >You'll become a man they said …[View]
42106011AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Rail cover edition Old >>4210368…[View]
42089582so for you southerners, what's the typical boolet used to remove crocbab? unless your state pro…[View]
42106381These x91 drum good? For ptr91[View]
42106398What is the most /k/ nation and why is it Russia?[View]
42103184I'm too dumb for everything, I have the tendency to fuck everything up. Should I be allowed to …[View]
42060664EDC: [hidden_tags]everydaycarry edc every day carry every carry daily carry carry every gun knife ta…[View]
42102888if i want just a good old fashioned american rifle, what would i get and why?[View]
42106150Important: So if I showed up and tried to purchase/transfer a firearm in Califailnia with my ID like…[View]
42098081what realistically can Taiwan do defend its self from China[View]
42104477Goose Question: Hello /k/. Can’t find the answer to a question I have on Google. Thought that this b…[View]
42092617What happens when you shot a person with this thing.[View]
42103684/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Cancer containment Use of force/two tone edition Old >…[View]
42090852So what's the deal with the BAE Tempest? >UK and Sweden signed a MOU on future combat aircra…[View]
42104666What books, book series do you guys reccomend to learn about Spanish history? And I mean like bronze…[View]
42101673this is some next level shit right here: https://taskandpurpose.com/army-tiny-machine-gun-prototype …[View]
42087189/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Plum Crazy Edition >Thread #859 Old thread here >>420759…[View]
42102846Late Neolithic to Bronze Age Weapons thread: Hey /k/. /his/ has proven to be a dogshit pit of /pol/t…[View]
42091246Big artillery thread...[View]
42105292I've got this Xray Laser you should buy: Can someone draw Edward Teller as the happy merchant? …[View]
42101459A 12 gauge shotgun with slugs has the same stopping power as what rifle?[View]
42059585Girls with guns thread.[View]
42102053What's the manliest gun and why is it m60?[View]
42104081Coolest Machine guns thread.: M2 browning is my pick. Iconic, powerful, accurate and timeless.…[View]
42101918today was range day for me, i went out to a clay shooting range and shot some clays what did you do …[View]
42100705are these viable in any way?[View]
420890431911 thread convince me not to get a delta elite edition[View]
42088628mismatched camo thread only mismatched camo anything mismatched camo[View]
42092084Federal Syntech: On my preferred range it is only allowed to shoot nontox ammo, Total full metal jac…[View]
42099843Who don't they just make these with rifled barrels? Then you wouldn't have to give the ATF…[View]
42102361Which sword is superior: a two handed long sword or a rapier Scenario A: one on one duel, rapierist …[View]
42078709Just a reminder: To support your local cop killer[View]
42103703Just got myself an AUG A3. I've got one Steyr mag (30 rounds), and I see Magpul mags are cheape…[View]
42104246Might be moving back to RI: Nova fag for 15 years How much worse are gun laws in RI compared to Vir…[View]
42094139You didn't pass selection: You didn't get that fighter pilot billet. And you didn't p…[View]
42103795Not really weapons related but could you tell me anything about this? I think it used to be an m42 c…[View]
42099175Ok, you have to liberate this tanker from the Iranians. How do you do it? I say put the SBS on it sn…[View]
42101599hey /k/ what do i have to do to get a hunting rifle to protect me from monsters innawoods? i live in…[View]
42075705Is she going to push for the FCAS for the whole EU? She’s saying she wants a European army by the ne…[View]
42060284Handgun General - /hg/ - #310 07/16/19: Snowflake gun edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNi…[View]
42097483Teach me: Hello /k/. Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently had a beautiful healthy baby bo…[View]
42103293ITT Inspirational /k/uotes[View]
42103357>Back in my day we backed the blue[View]
42100694would a bike be better than a horse in the role of cavalry?[View]
42101840Ok /k/ I need some advice. My boss is asking me to Conceal Carry in the workplace (Iowa). I have got…[View]
42099099FACT: The overpressure from a .50 passing NEAR you is enough to tear off limbs and kill you.[View]
42101305/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Cancer containment G A P edition Old >>42096511…[View]
42071491/msg/ - Military Surplus General: On the Range edition[View]
42099271Italian military?: I’m currently on holiday in Italy and I was wondering how strong their military i…[View]
42101482Is it possible to weaponize this, or in the least turn it into some kind of rape bot[View]
42103229/crickett/: Convince me not to buy a Crickett handgun and do something like pic related to it. Does…[View]
42086596https://aiportraits.com/ LEMME SEE YOUR MORE OF YOUR WAR FACES Last threads image limit was reached[View]
42098011Military surplus: Cheap military surplus shit, where can one buy[View]
42103245So, the Iron Dome system it's just a dude throwing fireballs at rockets? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
42092739>For me it's Hoppie's #9[View]
42102943Is this the best service pistol of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lJeTkgMKqo[View]
42095316Are gyrojets capable of being perfected with modern technology? IF the soviet union only lasted a f…[View]
42092688Well, I like them, so there![View]
42091049Colorado /k/: Tanner gun show edition[View]
42102175What's the best story you have of crayon eaters being retarded?[View]
42095926Top Tens Kino: >It's just a good, solid tank[View]
42101041How to Join in Ukraine: How would someone with EMT experience go about volunteering in the war in Uk…[View]
42071960Doomsday Devices ****************SUMMONING OPPENHEIMER****************: ****************SUMMONING OP…[View]
42100677Wtf I love the Air Force Academy now!!: >'Evangelicalism Is the Official Religion of the Air Forc…[View]
42101235Tora Blades vs Himalayan Imports: Which one to pick ? What are the advantages of both ?[View]
42102170this is it k: Finally leaving wish me luck![View]
42098960You have unlimited prep time, but your resources are limited to things from this world. How do you t…[View]
42100435In a real life scenario what are some of the glaring differences you're going to see in a subur…[View]
42100417MILITARY SURPLUS DEAL OF THE CENTURY?: The days of really cheap Eastern European military surplus st…[View]
42090485Gunshine State: The best state for /k/[View]
42101122ITT dumb assumptions people have of military members: When people find out I’m in the military >…[View]
42099290AIr Force Security Forces: How capable are Air Force Security Forces? I am sure we will all find out…[View]
42100764>I'll be back What are some other weapons that have made a come back because the high tech r…[View]
42098479What's the point of getting a $2000 ar with all the little toys on it if you don't train w…[View]
42100724Here’s your shotgun, bro[View]
42094307Tell me about the Zastava. Why does it have the three holes?[View]
42098897A330 MRTT >>>> Boeing garbage: It's a fact, but America is too dumb to buy our magn…[View]
42101635How is he so good bros?[View]
42100740Tora Blades vs Himalayan Imports: Which one to pick ? What are the advantages of both ?[View]
42094758Turkey now unable to produce its attack helicopter: The engine used in the production of the t129 is…[View]
42097101got this for 600 bucks at a gun show, how'd i do?[View]
42086697Best beginner rifle?: I'm going to give hunting a try. What's the best rifle to get starte…[View]
42098371Anti-gun roommates: I'm moving from CA to a more gun friendly state, however my roommates seem …[View]
42096511AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Tax stamp edition Old >>42093079…[View]
42092582handguns that make you love: >ITT: post handguns that make you get a chubby, preferably one that …[View]
42101001Spikes Tactical Havok: Is it a meme? I hear you can drop $200 on a tax stamp and shoot bean bags, an…[View]
42093201Iran is gonna use NATO Gear to dab on Britain[View]
42096668Is there any reason to suspect that the AK offshoots like the Dragunov/PSL and the RPK DONT perform …[View]
42094913Here's your glock bro[View]
42097827100 dollar RMR red dot sight: I saw this on gun.deals. It's 3 MOA, fits on a pistol, is IPX7 ra…[View]
42100366What cool weapons, accessories or other equipment can I build if I hypothetically had access to a ri…[View]
42096612less than lethal beanie baby ammo: found some weird less lethal 12 gauge online, supposedly shoots t…[View]
42091344Next level combat: Space is the next strategic high ground. So why are we wasting money building mor…[View]
42096312QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread: Tits on a plane edition. I'll star…[View]
42099950How hard is it to make a machine gun parts kit work again?[View]
42095048Are ak’s worth it?: I only plan on owning one gun and although I love slavaboo shit, I can’t justify…[View]
42099630>he needs to shell out several hundred dollars on 'training' to learn how to apply a strip of clo…[View]
42100062Tunneling: Are there any guides for tunneling/constructing bunkers with hand tools in austere condit…[View]
42086068>'ew, why do you carry a revolver, grandpa? it's 2019' >*carries a subcompact 9mm/.380 wi…[View]
42086395You guys do realize both Koreas and Japan are at the brink of war right?[View]
42094540What will the Houthis do when the Saudis start sending killbots?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct…[View]
42097691Just paid a whopping $250 for a Yugo SKS (all matching serial numbers, original launcher sights and …[View]
42099710>brass beggar found my .30-06s[View]
42079323Time to put your thinking cap on. You're wanted for some high profile heinous crime. SWAT has s…[View]
42096808Recent Aquisitions Thread: Got my mitts on a Hakim for $675 at a gun show. Anyone have some advice? …[View]
42068325Hypothetically, if war between civilian forces broke out in Portland Oregon how does /k/ think it wo…[View]
42094820I want a Kel Tec KSG 7 that is actually well built and is reliable. Is that too much to ask?[View]
42098033Is the IDF the only military that allows women to serve in the front lines? I’ve read that Soviet wo…[View]
42093267I am the /k/ fairy. Make a wish.[View]
42093319Evading capture in the forest: You're on the run deep in the forest. How would you go about eva…[View]
42091648Is there an Air Force Defender in your house?[View]
42098378Opinions on the HK45? I’m considering one as my next purchase.[View]
42098787/k/ games: What are /k/'s favorite video games? >Rising Storm 2: Vietnam >Squad >War T…[View]
42094128How would you save the day in this situation /k/?: Here's the quick rundown: >Wood panelling…[View]
42098405Give me more.[View]
42099450Why does everyone make fun of HK?: Btw, got bored and drew this last night[View]
42094586Pinfire Revolvers: Hey /k/ bong here, i bought a french pinfire revolver from the USA recently and i…[View]
42080000Got charged by a black bear while assisting my friend on a hunt in Tennessee. Never again. Bear spra…[View]
42097711Who killed him?: Who killed Keith Ratliff? What weapon did they use? Why was there no struggle? HOW …[View]
42087725British flagged tanker seized by Iran: so where are all the uk anons and their power projection on t…[View]
42098904What's a good first gun?: I want to buy a gun now. I've never owned one but I know very we…[View]
42098161>tragic boating accident[View]
42093797Can someone give me a quick rundown on this thing? It seems like the Navy went ahead and deployed la…[View]
42096840Would drones have 'fixed' the Vietnam War?[View]
42095017Sig assault rifles: Does anyone know the exact trigger-pull force when set to semi-auto mode in a si…[View]
42097417>'Thank you for your service? Nigga what the fuck are you talking about we have universal conscri…[View]
42095129Is it worth buying land to camp and shoot/hunt on?: Been eyeing some pieces of land out in the mount…[View]
42091387/k/ringe: Got /k/ringe post it here.[View]
42082817What does /k/ think of those ?[View]
42091316Who's gonna win? The zergs or BRRRRRRRRT?[View]
42098124/mwg/ - melee weapon general: where my ax bros?[View]
42089827What ever happened to The Ar/k/? Pic semi-related[View]
42092512DARPA's Squad X program: >DARPA's Squad X Experimentation program aims to demonstrate a…[View]
42094838Rounding off the collection: I’ve owned a lot of guns over the years. I’ve bought/sold/traded so man…[View]
42096956What's the easiest country that /k/ could realistically invade with success? Pic possibly rela…[View]
42098735Gun Identification: Can any anon help me identify what type of derringer this is, the ammo it uses a…[View]
42078500Which one of you is this?[View]
42096599What was the best middle ages weapon and why was it the great sword (provided your on foot and have …[View]
42097091Alright /k/, you have in at your disposal a magical gunsmith that can make any firearm you can think…[View]
42098426Gun?: Anyone know what kind of lever action this is?[View]
42098588can you make a small revolving shotgun big: So I've got a bit of a problem. I really like revol…[View]
42094035First Rifle: Hey /k/ I've been lurking for a while and was wondering: What rifle should I get t…[View]
42098529deja vu meme,predator drone: hi i'm looking for a meme on wich there was a djihadist drifting, …[View]
42093644PACOM: China Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Tests a Signal to US, World: >Admiral warns Chinese mili…[View]
42097748Favorite military marching music?: A few of mine are Marines hymn, Pa Vikingtog, Parademarsch der NV…[View]
42092309/NFAgen/ - NFA General form 1 suppressor edition: Thinking of doing a 300 rum/300 win mag form 1 sup…[View]
420846126th Gen Fighter: What do you think about the USN'S 6th gen fighter? I think it is China/10…[View]
42095953'Special forces' that took UK tanker: Damn bros, look at those asthetics https://www.liveleak.com/vi…[View]
42082541>attempt to create the most advanced tank in the world >fail…[View]
42086640The Subterranean Battlefield: It is darkness like you’ve never seen. The air you breathecould kill y…[View]
42074357Kugelpanzer: So what the hell was this? The Soviets found it in Manchuria, when they captured a Japa…[View]
42097163yes, i am a newfag and first-time poster on this board. go easy on me. the reputation of this board …[View]
42086905Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42096765Best MP5 clone?: What is the best MP5 clone on the market? Best is subjective, so let's say rel…[View]
42093427/pg/ - Prep General: Do any of you have any survival skills? Knowledge that you could trade or explo…[View]
42095069Uzi: Nine millimetre Nice![View]
42080571The M4 is rubbish, bullpups are king, and the AR platform is a shitty meme. Bow to your new Austrian…[View]
42095893>tfw this is my first post on /k/: Why do retards open carry rifles or guns that look like rifles…[View]
42090672Is there a lack of perception amongst the public about war?[View]
42088026Is Bushido still a thing in the JSDF or did it die with WWII?[View]
42092422/RATIONS/: Anybody have any tips or info for a newbie starting prepping? >MREs >diy MREs >W…[View]
42095837any one know of a cheap pistol grip shotgun I should get?[View]
42093079/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Cancer containment Nu/arg/ edition Old >>42086159…[View]
42094680Is a 1953 Russian SKS worth $315 Canadian as a first rifle? Just got my PAL and people have been rec…[View]
42084949What is your Area 51 loadout.[View]
42094206hostage situation: how would /k/ handle a hostage situation[View]
42091795this is a jacket that I'm going to wear for 18-months, it feels suck...suck as fuck...[View]
42095113Zastava M-70: Been wanting a steel frame .32. Picked it up Thursday and will shoot it tomorrow morni…[View]
42094892Went through my gun pile. Did a brief estimate of how much I've spent in total. Almost 60k. Thi…[View]
42085013Self Defense[View]
42094314Unusual LGS experience: Happened yesterday, still not sure how to think about it. >walk into loca…[View]
42094468Old Smith and Wesson model 36 AMMO: i got this gun today and its in amazing shape. really excited ab…[View]
42094673Duty handguns: Hey /k/ommandos, my wife is possibly getting a job as a park ranger and duty guns are…[View]
42088421Small NV town for sale, lets buy it for MGs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QABjYmDdLhQ [Embed] Buy…[View]
42095181AUGbros help: I'm too autistic to figure this out. On Steyr's website they say they have R…[View]
42089533>tfw sleep with a sword under my pillow Best sleep I've had in years. Do you guys sleep with…[View]
42092181Anyone playing Insurgency: Sandstorm?[View]
42094835Anybody knows about SpecOps in which only Secret Service Agents participated and saw open combat wit…[View]
42094958Today I picked up the beefiest knife I could find out of the $1 bin at a pawn shop. I restore antiqu…[View]
42090429Riot thread: Last one hit image cap, and RiotAnon has better things to do. Here's the new threa…[View]
42093877Should dogs be able to carry weapons?[View]
42093524>be area 51 gate guard >usual shit of nothing happening >wish I could at least see what the…[View]
42092963Why did it take so long for people to figure out sabots? In ww2 sabots would have been unimaginably …[View]
42091740How are we supposed to know if our nation's nuclear weapons work if we're not allowed to t…[View]
42093449Why do Baguettes love revolvers so much?[View]
42092823DPR/K/ General: This thread is for discussion/praise of the greatest civilization to ever have exist…[View]
42088767AR Pistol vs SBR: Since you have to get the 200 dollar tax stamp for an sbr why don't people ju…[View]
42089903If your response is 'but that's not legal' You need to get the fuck off /k/ and, I usually am n…[View]
42090487Illegal weapons.: So in case you haven't noticed, but there's still a lot of former RAF te…[View]
42094025First AK Calibre?: Can /k/ tell me the caliber of the very first AK, with a reliable source? (pictur…[View]
42091942Reloads: Hey /k/ I have a question for anyone who has been in a fire fight with an AR. I see many p…[View]
42077633Why don't they want F-35s?: Why would they choose Russian missiles instead?[View]
42092267ITT: We post our primary innawoods knife and our primary combat/utility knife. Knife fudds fuck off…[View]
42086759Should the government allow sale of firearms to those with a known gang or organized crime affiliati…[View]
42091832Your opinion on the use stimulants such as Amphetamines to improve combat effectiveness.: It is know…[View]
42070694What happens to the crew inside a MBT when this thing shoots at it.[View]
42084296Reloading General: OP doesn't know shit edition Post recommended brands and setups, Things you…[View]
42093771Evens at odds ak[View]
42093764Lewiston Idaho: Who will control it during Civil War 2.0? A lot of civil ammunition production goes …[View]
42090218Why does that sergeant have his rank on his sleeve in ACU?[View]
42092187Folder: Had to get new hard drive, lost all of my /k/ shit. Drop memes and the sort[View]
42064353Knife thred: I spend tons so you dont have to edition[View]
42073192So I’m a U.S. Marine combat photographer in training and there are 4 marines in my class with 20 sol…[View]
42081903Name my weapon, /k/: Legal barrel and overall length Three inch chamber single shot NEF / H&R ac…[View]
42091445I’m fairly new to firearms and looking for a good all rounder hunting rifle for medium-sized game, (…[View]
42089878What did the US mean by this?[View]
42087363If I took a 410 shell and filled it with tic tacs could I shoot it into my mouth without fear of kil…[View]
42091247just bought a tarus pt22 just like the one in the picture i like it its a fun little mouse gun any o…[View]
42066771IWI Carmel: Master Race New Battle Rifle: Ashkenazim genius does it again. IWI introduces The Carmel…[View]
42089625Combat worthiness aside why is slav shit so much more aesthetic and cool than western blocky crap? D…[View]
42090915I'm assigning for preparatory classes to join the French military, what am I in for? Are some s…[View]
42087657Yankee Doodle went to Europe Riding on a Sherman Put a round straight through his hull And watched h…[View]
42090306what is a company that produce a greatest tactical gear?: i heard that 5.11 is for zoomerfags who wa…[View]
42086966What's the point of big bore air rifles?: >can't shoot guns in the garage because too l…[View]
42089847>you need a loicence for this on Scotland[View]
42089656>*blocks your path*[View]
42091035Whats it like to see the aftermath of destroyed armored vehicles. What kind of states are the bodies…[View]
42086159AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment 12 hour rifles edition Old >>420…[View]
42088632Cool pics from the troubles[View]
42084245https://aiportraits.com/ LEMME SEE YOUR WAR FACE[View]
42092080Unusual Weapons: Small arms that look goofy as shit. Pictured > Experimental bullpup Springfield.…[View]
42084885Strange combinations that work thread. What is this and why does it make my dick so hard?[View]
42087898What product to put on muzzle threads: My rifle out of the factory seems to have some sort of oil or…[View]
42076759Limpwristing meme: Handguns I've limpwristed and had nothing happen: >Astra Model 600 >Ca…[View]
42068521Just post the most aesthetic war photos you can find.[View]
42090015If we ever become an interstellar race, would there actually be any point in warfare off earth?[View]
42092018weapons: post your weapon craft recipies here[View]
42091737Aight /k/ My grandpa has this Wards Hercules single shot 12 gauge. The gun's mechanisms are in …[View]
42091182What would you say the value is of a Glock gen 3 with only 500 rounds put through it? Plus it has a …[View]
42089729Talk me out of picking up a .222 Remington.[View]
42091864Independence day parade, Colombia: Hello /k/ I never come here but I thought this might interest you…[View]
42090059I kinda want to purchase an AK in Switzerland before the retarded law that will be applied next mont…[View]
42091484So an oligarch allegedly crashed in helicopter somewhere in this region and the Canadian army can…[View]
42090698Can we all appreciate John Browning real quick? >Born poorfag >Became a gunsmith >Got rich …[View]
42060972Should I buy a .308 or 30-06 for my next hunting rifle? Hunting elk, Deer and Moose. No particular p…[View]
42088258Area 51 raid loadout thread[View]
42089796would /k/ be interested if i made an alternate history, weapons oriented manga thread about recent e…[View]
42087834>tfw you will never ever wade into battle astride a mech to fight for your lord and sovereign…[View]
42090822The 1911 was obsolete in 1930.[View]
42088940best ak variant: buying new ak what should i get?[View]
42089523How much .22lr will it take to survive?[View]
42088975Which one?: USP9 or USP 45?[View]
42090792Anyone know what he used to write on the mags and rifle itself with? I'd love to write some shi…[View]
42066034Pedo Homestead Defense: Sup /k/, long story short I'm being hunted by a pedo on my homestead. B…[View]
42081499What’s /k/‘s opinion on pic related? Would it make sense for someone who plans on having kids in the…[View]
42073840Casting fiberglass into bullet resistant armor: Riddle my autism this. I have a Creality Ender 3 and…[View]
42087563Is ”square your plates to the enemy' a meme?: I thought sloped armor is more resistant to penetratio…[View]
42085233I feel China is the kind of place you can't even buy a BB gun. But it also feels like the kind …[View]
42085589Century Imports: Mt lgs has an UZI carbine for sale for $645. I am really tempted to get it but am w…[View]
42090365/k/ webm: >ITT you post your best K related webms i'll start https://webm.red/ne7u.webm…[View]
42090646AR-15 vs Mini-14: At this point I kinda feel like the AR-15 has turned into a meme. Bonus for the Mi…[View]
42089716Camo Shit: Do any k/ommandos know where I can buy some Rhodesian camo t shirts? I want to buy a coup…[View]
42090110I know it's a USP but ID on the light and suppressor? Thanks from /v/[View]
42090512Shit nogun countries report: I’m in Croatia for example. Forget about guns. Too many loops to squeez…[View]
42074201Riot Thread?[View]
42085012What's your favorite LMG /k/? And which one is best?[View]
42087561>I’m really enjoying this walk with you, anon >by any chance do you have an IFAK on you? The c…[View]
42044844UK's $3.8 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Sprang A Leak: How pathetic can one country get, /k/? B…[View]
42090101i need a advice anons: so am 22-years old Korean anon (from worst one) and discharged from service 2…[View]
42086138Iran war thread. We need to discuss the /k/ aspects of the impending war. What strikes are the NATO …[View]
42087036SHTF survival / self improving general: Hello /k/ This is a SHTF survival / self improving general t…[View]
42088598Hey guys, looking for advice. So I am mexican (look nothing like a mexican) and live in mexico. I…[View]
42087465¿Whats the most environmentally friendly firearm?[View]
42077862Loadout thread: Post your kit. Poor fag shit is acceptable.[View]
42077200is there anything more shameful than surrendering to the enemy?[View]
42068614/k/ humor thread[View]
42074702Who's your most favorite /k/ related historical figure?[View]
42080337Are swords like this possible in real life?[View]
42083948Would it be an incriminating idea to have a set of earplugs in my car in case something went down an…[View]
42089183WW3 is about to hit what you guys doin: https://mobile.twitter.com/air_intel/status/1152290977551441…[View]
42085894Ama thread: Alright /k/. Ask a man who is about to go up against the California department of justic…[View]
42084895You are offered 10 million dollars but you may never shoot a gun again in your entire life. Do you t…[View]
42054770What’s your reasons, anons?[View]
42087718Friday ATF thread: Good evening gentlemen.[View]
42085631What are some other guns that look like this, I know of the Ruger Mini-30, and the Socom 16[View]
42089349So this is the power of a female 'general': https://youtu.be/npwM2touF08?t=508 >Be Boudica >Ri…[View]
42089363High speed assault chompers, who has em? Do you teach them IPO, or Schutzhund or other Protection s…[View]
42089170Recoil Spring Power: I was thinking of ordering some new recoil springs for my LCP2, and found that …[View]
42088878Hovertanks: What do you guys think about the viability of some anti-grav tank versus good old-fashon…[View]
42078337Is there a bullet that can dissolve in blood?[View]
42089217weebs got blown the fuck out, we need to celebrate the coming of the 3rd nuke, you shouldnt have to …[View]
42089177Worth a read?/General /k/ book thread: Thinking of picking this up and giving it a read. Is this wor…[View]
42088701Webm thread: Looking for the gulf/Iraq war one with brain stew playing Also I can't find any of…[View]
42086606Can ANYONE help me find proper sized grips for this model? No where online has been helpful, neither…[View]
42088673WAR MUSIC: War between Iran and the west is coming so /k/omandos what sort of music will y'all…[View]
42085841Demographics in the Military: So how white is the army these days? Is it at least 50% white guys or …[View]
42088225Is this gap normal? Sorry I couldn't upload the image. There's some kind of technical prob…[View]
42086788Im pretty sure I was followed by 2 Blackhawks Today.: I changed direction 3 times and they altered t…[View]
42088848Simple nerf gun blueprint :): Hey /k/, gun laws are strict here and want to protect myself, anyone g…[View]
42081316Don't forget to take your iodine tablets anon. You wouldn't want to end up with no face.[View]
42063388Let me see your war face!!![View]
42086435LGS Story Time: Had a kind of unusual experience today at the gun store. Not sure how I feel about i…[View]
42081391Recruiter Hate Thread: Last one hit limit. So tell us, what did your recruiter lie to you about?…[View]
42088127What kind of gun should I get for keeping away gangstalkers?[View]
42087050so what does your guy charge /k/? $20 here per sheet. >mfw[View]
42078905ITT: Insect Warfare Did the Ants really deserve to win this fight when their whole strategy was just…[View]
4208398440+ elite Afgan commandos killed in Taliban ambush,two dozen more captured,check the haul(vid) https…[View]
42082300Why isn’t Bolter ammunition a thing? I get that the average rifle caliber would snap your shoulder i…[View]
42080466To anyone that shot both guns in real life, does the Scar-L provide any advantage in recoil or handl…[View]
42076750When was the last time you revealed your powerlevel /k/? also gungrabber and soccer mom stories[View]
42081533AKM?: I was just watching some German YouTube video contesting an G3 with an AKM in their funny lang…[View]
42060958/k/olorado General: https://harpers.org/archive/2019/08/the-last-frontier/?utm_source=pocket-newtab …[View]
42087155What happens to the crew inside a ship when this thing shoots at it.[View]
42087624ATF posted this listing on Etsy as a muzzle brake: Its obvious the feds are trying to invalidate the…[View]
42059575/brg/ - Battle Rifle General - *er edition: Summer swollen sticky butts: 5 tools and tips to get you…[View]
42085115Ladies and gentlemen I am retarded. I have made it my goal in life to start my very own PMC, Simon M…[View]
42070734What does /k/ think of Benchmade?[View]
42087253hydro dip: Anyone have and experience with or recommendations for hydro dipping? I have seen a ton o…[View]
42081228what do you have stockpiled /k/ and how much?[View]
42023183Buy | Sell | Trade: 'Goddamn it, stop making so many threads' edition. Buy, Sell, and Trade anything…[View]
42085696Uncle Mike's®: /k/ talks shit, but fail to back anything up. >Ergonomic. >Form factor to …[View]
42081073400$ wasr: got a wasr for 400 the other day shes mint other than a hairline crack in the rear of the…[View]
42086597Life is suffering... Why isn't Trump putting a foot up the ATF and FBI ass to get shit done rat…[View]
42084400High-Low Pressure System: Can someone explain to me why the high-low pressure system wouldn't w…[View]
42080149Ghetto Weapons: post ghetto weapons and ideas for ghetto weapons, /k/ ghetto weapons meaning weapons…[View]
42067703/ch/ - changposting general: /ch/ - changposting general Female marines edition >Thread #1…[View]
42076539how often oil the guns, take care of equipment no rust dirt grime ect. also gun oil.[View]
42078075/TX/ Texas General: that's not a knoife, this is a knoife edition this is a thread dedicated to…[View]
42084706I wonder, how true is this. Gun seizures reportedly under way in Florida >https://www.youtube.com…[View]
42086401As 88.7% of guns used in crime are not legally obtained, wouldn't we be safer if there was a la…[View]
42076048Whats even the point of owning this if it doesn't have full auto?[View]
42087028Mauser 98 Thread: Here's my Mauser 98[View]
42082084Early /k/: Have you guys seen this shit? http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/cannon_pioneers.htm >putting c…[View]
42074640What does it take to become Top Gun? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSqVVswa420[View]
42048985Just how effective would an AT-AT be in actual combat?[View]
42084828Why does modern naval doctrine completely exempt any armor or sizeable guns? Yes, I know missiles ex…[View]
42067965Just give me some cool pictures from the Iraq Wars.: (1990-1991 2003-2011 only.)[View]
42084723This guy walks up from behind you and smacks your girls ass, what do you do? Coward off or try to ta…[View]
42083626Does any anon shoot the CK901 ?[View]
42084784Unpopular facts thread: I'll start >Teaches you the difference between cover and concealment…[View]
42085327Special Forces Sabotage: What sort of kit would Spetznas use to locate buried utilities and pipeline…[View]
42085155Military Aircraft/Airplane Thread: Military Aircraft General[View]
42079872AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: Opfor with bluefor weapons edition: Post pics of Opfor…[View]
42082956Infographic thread. Posting some classics soon from my old hard drive[View]
42085858what's a reliable source of level IV plates?[View]
42077873Hey /k/, I'm afraid of being targeted by the junkies and bangers that I have to ride the bus wi…[View]
42079118Elite Forces Sustain Heavy Casualties In Badghis: https://www.tolonews.com/afghanistan/afghan-elite-…[View]
42076993Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42083243The revolution will not be televised.: Ok. But what about the internet? Will I be able to shitpost w…[View]
42068742Okay, what's the final concensus on the T-72?[View]
42075980/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ For Close Encounters Edition >Thread #858 Old thread here >…[View]
42082228French soldiers at Bastille day parade: Come at me bro[View]
42085240Where the fuck is /meg/? I finally swear into the army and there's no goddamn thread for a whol…[View]
42084056what's the opinion on seals are they a bunch of cowboys or trained professionals? also did he d…[View]
42082095Old cartridge: Mysterious Bullet... Does someone know what kind of cartridge this is i think it…[View]
42077704Mechs/walkers: Hava any of you found a single useful trait on these weeb machines? Anything they can…[View]
42082196So, you've got your defensive weapons and you've stocked up on ammo. Hopefully you've…[View]
42084510I am doing a stupid project. Post webm's of autists doing dumb things in gasmasks[View]
42084875NGG - New Gear General: Just got this as a birthday present, a little weird looking with a bulky red…[View]
42074741French uniforms/gear/weapons thread: Bonjour! Collecting French military stuff of any period? Post p…[View]
42083396Meanwhile in Stellar Conflict 2219 /k/...: 50th aniversary edition Previous Thread: https://desuarch…[View]
42082294Post them[View]
42080819anyone from FDF here who can answer some questions?[View]
42084050/k/ Help a tard out on military satellites.: part 1 https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translat…[View]
42075809Man shouting ‘You die’ kills 33 at Japan anime studio: A man screaming “You die!” burst into an anim…[View]
4207480745 ACP < 9mm: Give me three reasons people still carry 9mm. Do it.[View]
42080945Old Swedish weaons thread: ITT We discuss Swedish Weapons made by Saab & Huskvarna[View]
42076255Foreigner (and not gun owner) here Does it makes any sense to buy an M16, AR 15 or any assault riffl…[View]
42080114Brass shotgun pellets: I'll probably never get round to doing it, but ive got some scrap brass …[View]
42071055Bongistan and U/k/ kommandos: Are there any other Bongistani and U/k/ Kommandos on /k/?[View]
42081845>UK and Sweden sign MOU on future combat air systems co-operation https://www.janes.com/article/8…[View]
42083217Helmet?: Sup /k/ does anyone know if this helmet is of soviet origin ?. the guy i got it from told m…[View]
42078819Grenades: What is the best kind of grenade type and why is it the stick grenade?[View]
42077082longsword thread[View]
42079304Based & Redpilled: FUCK EUROPOORS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q65KZIqay4E[View]
42076180Are zoomers a mistake, /k/? Or are they based?[View]
42074160What accessories does /k/ have for their mossberg 500?[View]
42086426MILITARY NOW WANTS 16 YEAR OLDS!: >As the Army, Navy and other services contend with a thriving e…[View]
42045857Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previous thread >>42020917 >Wh…[View]
42081168Israel bombed Iraq: Israel F35s just bombed a Hezbollah/IRG camp north of Baghdad. http://www.arabne…[View]
42082280Got the job thanks /K/: Hey /K/ommandos I posted a thread about asking for help about weapon accesso…[View]
42074901Anyone here use GunBroker?: I feel like there is a better site, but I've never put the time int…[View]
42076260Thoughts in regards to this scenario: You're in a gas station store/convience store/whatever. S…[View]
42082869Need some help finding out what unit a certain deployment patch is from. It was a black eagle placed…[View]
42066702How close did these guys actually get? Surely, they didn't have them walk into the mushroom clo…[View]
42071052Shot plates last weekend, got a little too close and had to go to the ER. Getting shot stories threa…[View]
42074215Why haven't pistol caliber bolt guns become a thing? I'd totally buy a threaded 9mm bolt …[View]
42067575Black Powder: If I carry a black powder revolver in my car for self defense does it qualify as an an…[View]
42064037Is the Wiesel the cutest thing ever? Every army should have something like the Wiesel.[View]
42072255so what are the odds they replace police and army with these in the near future? what do you do when…[View]
42078494Poison bullets: Ok this is probably retarded but please hear me out What if we took a hard & sol…[View]
42075246What would you reccomend to bring to area 51?: Definitely a gasmask and (smoke)grenades.[View]
42078623What happened to the fat fucks and orange shirt?[View]
42081698DOD orders MRADS with Custom Barrels: Department of Defense gets Barrett MRADs with Proof Research B…[View]
42081935Still the best fighter flying today. >Stealth aircraft can’t compete >European 4.5 gens can’t …[View]
42076316CCW ARSON: Would a CCW holder have helped in this situation or were they fucked no matter what becau…[View]
42081238Abrams Is Obdolete: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/americas-m1-abrams-tank-obsolete-32842 …[View]
42078150Rate this downy gun: just check the paracord[View]
42077928Which is worse /k/: Being the first soldier to die in a war or the last soldier to die in a war?[View]
42078589What percentage of private citizens around the world do you think are armed? I am grateful that ever…[View]
42078855What are /k/'s thoughts on underbarrell launchers? Specifically, 37mm for civilian use. I know …[View]
42077496Need help: New poster, I have run a Glock 22 with a CMR 208 was wondering if anyone had any tips on …[View]
42077500>italy has two aircraft carriers >currently building another to replace its oldest what is the…[View]
42077953>costs the same amount as a Savage axis in 308 >works as both a durr rifle and a war time rifl…[View]
42058057bubba/cursed weapons thread[View]
42077850Looking for a cheap reliable 45 and came across one of these for $220. Ruger p90 btw. Is it worth it…[View]
42076352what is a reason that some of the special forces wear the caps during their missions? is there any a…[View]
42076756are there any anons who have been at the foreign legion or got trained with them? if so, rate their …[View]
42076852.22s and first guns: Share your experiences with the baby caliber. About to order a Marlin 795 and j…[View]
42074430>he doesnt bow down to our glorious italian overlords[View]
42080875WASR-10 Optic: Should I get this for my WASR?[View]
42072879.308 SHTF: What's a durable (preferably steel), quality .308 rifle that could stand up to some …[View]
42078118The US is so powerful it doesn’t even need to fire a single shot to down enemy drones. http://is2.4…[View]
42079818Colt: Where's the best place to aim with a Colt .45 to make things quick and certain? Mouth, te…[View]
42066026Reminder that clips are objectively better than magazines for infantryman https://youtu.be/mjuEJjzo…[View]
42080314What does k think of using old launch platform for newer weapons? Cold War era Project 1234 small mi…[View]
42064378/k/ Approved Games: What are some games /k/ approves of? What does /k/ think of insurgency sandstorm…[View]
42080227Small NV town for sale, lets buy it for MGs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QABjYmDdLhQ Buy town Cr…[View]
42074694whats this fancy gun held by the little girl on the far right[View]
42077736I fucking hate POGS so goddamn much[View]
42077580Im a concript in the Korean Army ask me anything[View]
42054523Recruiter Hate Thread: Why are they so annoying? How do you get the Navy guys to stop bugging you ab…[View]
42080183Ima try something stupid: So I whacked a .22LR round with a hammer and blew myself up. I just had ri…[View]
42048565/gq/ - gear queer: Larping as a Fed Online Edition >General guide https://pastebin.com/9WAeRYA8…[View]
42079637Foot Pounds: Food pounds are pissing me off. Is there a better way to gauge the comparative power of…[View]
42080068Help me Fateh Help me Fateh, shield me from sorrow From fear of tomorrow Help me Fateh Help me Fateh…[View]
42069813Why was the F-117 retired?: Couldn't they add external hardpoints and make it become a CAS airp…[View]
42079893how big a force could you really equip and how effective would it be with the armoury from Terminato…[View]
42078746Automatic Scopes?: I don't know shit about guns. I could honestly not give a fuck. But lately, …[View]
42077652What's a good round for defending yourself from a house fire?[View]
42079003Has anyone experimented with jazz pattern brushstroke? Just swap the colors to say, a rhodie palette…[View]
42077618>>23385784 how come no one designs modern cartridges to fit the bullet, primer and just enough…[View]
42079346You're given the keys to Canada's naval policy, because literally nobody else wanted the j…[View]
42075472:(: How can you prepare for an arson attack? Seems like most homes and buildings are extremely vulne…[View]
42070258Just got a 48 on the ASVAB: Never felt like such a pathetic worthless retard in my entire life. Can…[View]
42076659/ARG/ Thread: Autism Evolved: AR General Tripfag Containment low sudden moves or loud noises please…[View]
42075795House being Targeted Story: How much in danger was I k? >Be Oct 2017 >Junior Year of High Scho…[View]
42078257ID on some gear I just picked up: Hey lads I just bought some gear off some random old guy and I’m h…[View]
42081116ATF DECLARES PISTOL BRACES TO BE SBR: ATF just declared pistol braces on a pistol makes it a SBR htt…[View]
42074861what's the best/cheapest thing for cutting practice?[View]
42077938Black Powder thread: Hey guys I'm looking for the best place to find a paper cartridge rifle fo…[View]
42078816Best UF AK: What's the best underfolder (or sidefolder, fuck it) for the money and the value lo…[View]
42078631alright /k/ i'm having trouble finding a good reenactment unit (german ww2, my friend got me in…[View]
42079120What’s a good entry level crossbow for Turkey/hog?[View]

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