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40298262How the fuck do I get around getting a carry permit in Maryland? Getting one is impossible if you…[View]
40294564Where can I buy these in bulk?: Where can I get the best deals? Also, what jig does /k/ recommend?…[View]
40297629Meme of Memes: >searching google gunbroker and regrettably CTD and my LGS >i cannot find a bu…[View]
40297338Have there ever been any real world projects/concepts for delivering troops via rockets? Sort of lik…[View]
40297632What weapons would be ideal for preventing genocide?[View]
40296554When people say Germany could have won ww2 if they made more panzer tanks[View]
40256601GWG: Girls with gun bread also, seeking the image of the girl in bikini with sunglasses wearing an A…[View]
40298375M10x in Canada: Does anyone know if M+M actually going to supply it to Canucistan? Apparently there …[View]
40297905need advice on personal sale: >be armed >firm agreeded upon price >safe place on camera, no…[View]
40291645Who would win?: Who would win 6v6[View]
40298373Getting a Job in the US Firearms Industry: I'm in college and I'm thinking of switching my…[View]
40297744Hey /k a good family friend of ours just passed away and he was in the service. He was originally fr…[View]
40298078Grug think berry tribe dumb stupid, 5.56 rock good best rock.[View]
40295576>ok, dude, ok, listen >but what if like, we all had machine guns? >with underslung grenade …[View]
40271297If you're not supposed to use 5.56 for hunting then doesn't that say something about its e…[View]
40297982What the fuck is this[View]
40295113What does everyone think??? Pear? Or wood?[View]
40293651Since the US miliary is replacing their pistols how long does /k/ reckon until they replace the M4?[View]
40295889Where we ya'll niggers at when Ian turned into an ATF honeypot operation? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
40294925Ruger Redhawk is the tits: >holds 8 rounds of 357 magnum >on par with the capacity of a 1911 …[View]
40289757What the fuck? I just had the weirdest series of events >Be me, couple hours ago >Driving home…[View]
40286958>Jesus Christ! call off the-[View]
40290650/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Tourettes Edition. prev: >>40283609 LOYING ABOUT MEDICAL …[View]
4029318616 in the clip and one in the hole. What kind of firearm was Nate Dogg carrying? Somehow I doubt it …[View]
40294084Gun History Question: Does anyone know what the original intent was for adjustable/telescoping stock…[View]
40296901So i just noticed after getting my glock Cerakoted that the fucking slide catch is silver instead of…[View]
40296670“The BATFE is out to get you”: https://youtu.be/f2fV6M8IAKg[View]
40297161every time you buy hyper ammo, you risk him appearing in your room at night to stare at you creepily…[View]
40295700Currently sketching on a rifle I'm going to build at home. It's going to be blowback and c…[View]
40292077Does this thing look reliable ? I mean it doesn't need to be sharpest but trustable and durable…[View]
40282773NH /k/: Can we get a NH thread going? There's no way that I am the only NH bro that posts here.…[View]
40296900It came from the Internet: Why don't you own this piece of American history, /k/? Any terrible …[View]
40294297Project axe: So /k/, I bought pic related as a cheap project axe. What all should i do with it?…[View]
40295056Should l get a mossberg 500, 590, or 590a1?[View]
40295060Howdy /k/, I want to buy a new rifle. I'm willing to spend $450. I already own a WASR-10 AK. Re…[View]
40295915will they ever fix the issues with the 1911 so it becomes a realiabe gun? I think its an awesome loo…[View]
40261821Stylish carry on: Whats a pistol that says “yeah, I’m gonna defend myself. But I’m not gonna do it w…[View]
40289967Why do people hate on mini-14's? They seem like aesthetic alternatives to AR 15's.[View]
40296487Brass abuse?: My brass has been looking funky when I shoot suppressed, any ideas as to why? >G19…[View]
40283837Walther Relaunching PPK & PPK/S: Walther announced today that they're relaunching the non-2…[View]
40265794Gun Show Greentexts Deals Fudds etc.: Love me some fun show stories. Mine isn't great but thoug…[View]
40295973>Berretta model 92fs caliber 9x19 partially adjusted sights shooting Remington green white box 11…[View]
40295237anyone whos been hurt by gun control pls come to Kansas it's one of the most uncucked state, an…[View]
40291860What ISNT 10mm good at lads?[View]
40290809How does /k/ fight off an invasion by the forces of hell?[View]
40296308What do you think their new pistol is going to look like? Word is it's going to be a much more …[View]
40284836/arg/ AR thread: Ash clones edition Old: >>40267831[View]
40259106You CAN NOT fuck ballistic gel: I got 10% clear ballistic gel the other day and decided to try and f…[View]
40290163Trips nicknames my new Knife[View]
40288965>I have a girlfriend >she's real >she wants to do hunting with me because she's m…[View]
40291255Post latest purchases'; Just picked up as Ruger gunsite scout in .308.[View]
40292590Need anti-gun counter arguments: so me and some other pro-2a pals are going to have a 'protest', wit…[View]
40291917Yugoslav Wars thread lets go, the kebabs won't remove themselves. Also anything from the Cheche…[View]
40294413Best 223/556 bullpup for $1,500? >just get an AR anon Already do[View]
40295964What determines what part of the gun is the serialized receiver? It’s different on all firearms[View]
402950051903 Springfield: /k/, I've been wanting to get a 1903 for quite a while now. I was wondering, …[View]
40295140War over Taiwan?: https://www.france24.com/en/20190115-cost-china-warns-us-navy-over-taiwan This shi…[View]
40293330i’m trying to buy some gear for shtf stuff. i would prefer over anything else to buy some surplus so…[View]
40295928Ammo deals thread: TWO CPR .22 LADS! Get it while it lasts, it will be 20 cpr again after a (((democ…[View]
40294670Hey faggots what guns ya got any illegal ones if so where do you live and how many dogs to you have[View]
40295539Normal bolt wear for an AK shotgun?: First time with one of these types of shotguns. Friend has a V…[View]
40294648Rafale Update: >https://www.janes.com/article/85706/update-france-launches-f4-upgrade-for-rafale …[View]
40273646/k/ Humor: No humor thread?[View]
40290644/bsdg/: British Self-Defence General: What spoons do you conceal carry for an armed confrontation?: …[View]
40294282>any gun >any position >any distance >3 moa Minimum qualification for a decent shooter…[View]
40289865OC you know what to do: It's real. Southerntactical ftw[View]
40294605How are Radical firearms uppers?: I might buy an upper from them for a build. How good are their bar…[View]
40282786Will we ever again see an Airborne Tank in the West? Why has America allowed Russia and China to tak…[View]
40293882Can it really penetrate armor?[View]
40289784Group from LTC Class 50 rounds 3 yards, 7 yards and 15 yards. Is good? CZ-75 SP-01 Tac[View]
40277244/k/ Fantasy Thread: Forces unknown have caused our world and a fantasy world to combine. Dragons, Or…[View]
40292285Did the M1 carbine ruin rifle aesthetic: What an ugly bastardization of a beautiful firearm. The K98…[View]
40290455What are ur weapons /k/: >desert eagle,ak47,uzi (civilian variant converted to full auto),two 191…[View]
40294004What insole is best for a lot of walking in combat boots?[View]
40208033lets start a bubba thread This is the worst paint job that i have ever seen[View]
40293414New Hi-Point: >https://www.guns.com/news/2019/01/15/new-more-contemporary-hi-point-pistol-promise…[View]
40293697German ww2 helmet: Need help indentifying model,has folded edges[View]
40294163I'm looking to get a gunsafe that has a reasonable capacity, mechanical, is decently heavy and …[View]
40290671Perferred edc blades for self defense? I like my douk douk blade. Holds a near perfect edge for perf…[View]
40294083Why have service rifles over the years consistently been 3-5MOA rifles? >M4 >AK >M14 >SV…[View]
40291845What are some /k/ animes[View]
40228012/DOTM/ Drill Of The Month - #6: /DOTM/ Drill Of The Month - #6, The Chad Special Welcome friends an…[View]
40285603why is nutnfancy the most based and redpilled internet gun/outdoor activist? don't see him tal…[View]
40294272What's the best ATF compliant stock?: After hearing that the most recent proposed federal 'assa…[View]
40273155have you ever met a /k/ommando?: >be me >years ago >get Craigslist roommate >I'm po…[View]
4029307222 a day /k/ Idk what to do /k/ > I was raped as a kid from 2nd grade to 5th grade > i abused…[View]
40290424This is the Bob Semple: the greatest tank to ever have existed. No amount of American or Russian eng…[View]
40287022Glock fags will defend this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YzuyDjLTOIQ&t=164s[View]
40276830Why does the Marine Corps seem to attract the most broken people?: It's been my experience that…[View]
40291387m1 carbine[View]
40289998I bet you /k/ommandos don't even carry 8 guns on you[View]
40291960*Blocks your bullet* How do you respond?[View]
40255489Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - You'll never get that fighter slot: https://youtu.be/xzp5PLUP_-c …[View]
40293734>tfw no .950 JDJ revolver[View]
40287975What the fuck am I looking at /k/?1[View]
40293301Vz.58 Thread: Post your Vz.58s, show off that Czechnology.[View]
40291608BLANK Pistols and revolvers: Show us what u got. Any BLANK guns. I have this one.[View]
40277321What firearm does this gentleman have tucked into his waistband?[View]
40293514SCARtards btfo by a SEAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CCp5g4Zki8[View]
40288137Recent Acquisitions: couldn't find one in the catalog bought one of Century's mismatched a…[View]
40292816Why is it that, not often but sometimes americans dont wear hearing protection in combat footage? D…[View]
40285071What are some good online military surplus stores?: Just curious, as I am interested in getting some…[View]
40290184Legally becoming American.: Alright /k/unts, i'm tired of living as a eurocuck without guns and…[View]
40293190Is there a way to convert a VMAC 10 from 45acp to 9mm? They make the VMAC 11 that shoots 9mm but i d…[View]
40291413Singing Flash Mob Overwhelms Soldier: >get back home >decide to go shopping with family >yo…[View]
40288027Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
40292255Best Pistol For Self/Home Defense?: Hey /k/, I'm gonna try to keep this brief as to not waste t…[View]
40289973Robot Warfare: >'You can't take on the military, they'll just blow you up with drones!'…[View]
40292883Is a smaller grip profile better for smaller hands? I have been casually shooting for a few years, d…[View]
40292545How long do things sit on armslist?: it seems like a lot of stuff is super overpriced.. Im trying to…[View]
40288677Is this a cool knife?: Is this a cool knife?[View]
40292278Ok folks heres the situation, My granddad died a few years ago and he owned 2 guns. me and my cousin…[View]
40289213This is the best and most aesthetic way to blouse your pants. Prove me wrong pro tip: You can'…[View]
40292549Weird firearms: Post all your weird or homemade firearms.[View]
40291881Why don't they make a nuclear powered railgun?[View]
40292595Is this a meme rifle: Went over 2k rounds[View]
40279323Are Russians literally retarded?[View]
40289060What was the best helmet of WWII?[View]
40290695Is the Savage Axis II a good buy for someone’s first bolt action? What are the pros and cons of 30-0…[View]
40291558What are those things supposed to be? The thing on the right isn't a stock by the way, it never…[View]
40292207He brought a knife to a gun fi-[View]
40291915any of you /k/ommandos going to university next year? I just applied to 2 military academies: >ai…[View]
40290499What is the best budget gun you have? I have two friends that are looking to buy a gun but only have…[View]
40283064Underated utility items: This is a underated thread >be out having picnic with gf and her sister …[View]
40291910AR10 generations: Trying to figure out what upper to buy for this. I'm seeing conflicting infor…[View]
40289950Now that we've establish that you can in fact 'FUCK BALLISTIC GEL' in >>40259106 Just as …[View]
40287775>be me, about a year ago >freak out at home because of family incident, feel unstable and viol…[View]
40291862>shortend my rifles barrel to 15.999 inchs[View]
40291286Hey /k/ I've been thinking about getting a new fixed blade knife. Got any recommendations?[View]
40290079WRK: Its time to post our charts we rate and discuss each other's tastes[View]
40289175Are Karambits actually good knifes?[View]
40291252Best home defense weapon in an apartment with roommates for someone with no gun experience?[View]
40287246Best tools to defend against dogs: What is a good tool to defend against an attacking dog that isnt …[View]
40289096But is it worth it?: Are army jobs worth it? http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?from=appsharedroid&jk…[View]
40290044usp9 vs 92f(s)? could someone with experience with both quickly give me the pros vs cons? looking fo…[View]
40285549>tfw l can't do one pull up Should l just off myself?[View]
40284543Thoughts on these new tacticool AR-15 shotguns from Typhoon Defense?[View]
40289055>There will never be a new frontier in our lifetimes >You will never grab your raifu and disap…[View]
40284036THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT: Post yfw[View]
40285367k98 375 H&H conversion: I have a 1942 byf k98 that I am looking to convert to 375 for an Alaskan…[View]
40285413Did I fuck up? Also /k/ greentexts: >gf says she want to try hunting with me >not hunting for …[View]
40291168>Weapons and firearms in cars will not be permitted in the company parking lot…[View]
402914687.62x25 vs everything else: 9mm fags weep 10mm homo cant figure it out .45 fudds call you a commie …[View]
40287973Making your own ammo: I´ve seen plenty of literature on making your own firearms but never seen anyt…[View]
40286383Are binary triggers the best way to simulate full auto while entirely shouldering an AR? I shot an …[View]
40275067Handgun General - /hg/ - #242: Accessories edition. Pastebin: >https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik Guid…[View]
40286387How much recoil does a flare gun have?: And how loud is it?[View]
40286246Going to secede from the union. Been reading things like CSA, Waco. You just have to hold out on the…[View]
40280748This is not just a hole in a piece of metal. It is a powerful symbol which says, 'We care more about…[View]
40285619What do you think of laser sights? Particularly on a home defence shotty?[View]
40284945What would an infantry unit do if they were on a routine patrol and 3 enemy tanks burst out from the…[View]
40280425/k/ Runs a Gun Store: You have a 5 million dollar starting investment to create a profitable gun sto…[View]
40291018What does this do?[View]
40290550Looking to get an FAL. Since I don't care for a pre ban fn model cuz of the (((price))), I gues…[View]
40289655Why is the greatest handgun ever made such a bitch to reload? I was considering buying a single acti…[View]
40290697Post yfw a bullied weaboo busts into your college with an AR and you're totally not illegally c…[View]
40290762Holsters: Where do I find a holster for this?[View]
40290857Here's a couple reminders. Frozen Mosins will be taking place Saturday, February 16. (http://pr…[View]
40288796Things your carry piece would say to you right now.[View]
40284027Qtddtot: I have k2+ grips on a couple of my funs and noticed some wrist pain after prolonged use. An…[View]
40283439Things that are /k/ as fuck: This is the definitive list of everything that is /k/. You are welcome …[View]
40284188What Do: Thinking about selling my IWI Tavor Gen 1 to get shekels towards a SCAR17. I bought the Tav…[View]
40290456What are some optics or sights that don't get in the way of AR-15 front sights?[View]
40288129Mother fucking practical pistol thread.[View]
40272471TN thread? TN thread. Anyone here? Clarksville here. Looking for a place where I can shoot M855.[View]
40288982Has anyone ever gun blued a stainless steel knife? If so please post it[View]
40289300I mean what is the real point of larping as a seal/special forces? Fun?[View]
40285463UZI markings: I need an advice /k/ I bought an uzi, they let me choose which one I want and of cours…[View]
40287666Weapons for the blind: I just lacerated my cornea directly over my retna a few hours ago. In prepar…[View]
40284394Self Defense: I've been thinking about this more and more recently and I can't come to any…[View]
40288850Classic Firearms CZ giveaway watch: Two hours left. Did any of ya'll enter? If you won what…[View]
40289399How should I paint this bad boy?[View]
40285068Madman's Gun thread: So /k/, what's the most ridiculously impractical or illegal gun you…[View]
40283609/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: The rents edition. previous thread: >>40274688 LOING ABO…[View]
40287696Are tilt rotors a meme? Are they as bad as people say?[View]
40289442At what point does a gun become too valuable to shoot? Pic related[View]
40283138Guns made from Humanium?: I would buy one. https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-01-11/Move-Over-Gold-This…[View]
40288803Why do some guns regularly sell used for the same or more monies than new? I'm not even talking…[View]
40284562Any thoughts on this?[View]
40289596I shot a coyote last year with 9mm +p 147g Federal HSTs and blew its shoulder out, i trust them to c…[View]
40272424Why was the Sherman such a disaster?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns6l7sCoWX4#t=90[View]
40284960>Be me >Construction anon doing a field meeting with the local officials >Meet the small t…[View]
40255762What gun would /k/ marry?[View]
40285675What happens here? An ND anon is looking to buy a house and it's about $250,000 here in the GF,…[View]
40286046'educational info': I'll start >post all the cool 'educational' stuff you got. Remember its…[View]
40288988anti tank gun: can anyone id the gun in the background? its from the greek army in the 50s if that h…[View]
40288379milsurp suitable for south america: Im going in south america for a week soon and i was wondering if…[View]
40286093SKS's?!!?: What the hell is the going rate on an SKS these days? Im not asking how much YOU wou…[View]
40288725/K/ OMEGLE MEETUP: tags are moist nugget, strelok, 4chan, 2a, k, weapons, and guns get on it fellas …[View]
40288992Good evening /k/! How are you all doing? :)[View]
40286701Chinese stealth drone has AI that can talk to fighter pilots.: China’s Sky Hawk stealth drone has ca…[View]
40287357If I started a Kickstarter/GoFundMe to buy an official /k/ tank, would you support it?[View]
40287786Why do so many movies, and even war videos show aircraft shooting at aircrart with a rear turret, or…[View]
40288375What is a good weapon to carry while walking/jogging: I'm looking for a weapon to carry while I…[View]
40264775Hey cunts. Got my stamp in for a street sweeper the other day. Question is, should I chop the barrel…[View]
40285008>Bids up gunbroker item past normal going rate with 8 days left until auction ends.…[View]
40288798Similar images with guns?[View]
40284566What are some /k/ related tattoos?[View]
40288175With California's new law you need a hunting license to purchase a longarm if youre under 21. I…[View]
40285738Is there any reason why I shouldn’t recommend this gun to a friend and his wife as a first conceal c…[View]
40287858I cant contain my excitement for SHOT. Truly my favorite event of the year. Anything you guys are l…[View]
40287773when do you guys think we'll be moving away from projectile-based weapons? within the next 20-3…[View]
40286710what are those cylinders German soldiers always carry around?[View]
40285958/k/ drawthread?: Can we have a /k/ drawthread? I have an interesting request. This was one of the su…[View]
40285423First Aid thread: Most of you carry guns. But what if you or others get injured? What do you have wi…[View]
40286014Battle songs: What would /k/ chose as a battle song? I think i would go with this: https://www.youtu…[View]
40278701/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Great Riveting Edition >Thread #756 Old thread here >>40…[View]
40282767Wuss poppin /k/. Just got a shitload of money and I'm looking to buy a richfag gun. I was think…[View]
40287849Walther .22 mp5: Anyone know whether or not these are any good, there's one for sale near me fo…[View]
40276307Patch Thread: AEIOU: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>40255029 >W…[View]
40282011Loaded chamber indicators are an improved means to an unimproved end. You shouldn't be checking…[View]
40283931Hipoint bullpup carbine conversion Why would anyone?[View]
40287590Pic related, had a baffle strike with my Omega 9k thanks to a loose direct thread mount. Fuck. Share…[View]
40287585>Arguing about which has a better military between Russia, China, and the US…[View]
40279880KMT 8mm Type 38 Arisaka: Was checking out a local gun store when I saw a really interesting Type 38 …[View]
40287011Western field xnh 565B parts: I recently procured this shotgun from an old fud who said he hadn…[View]
40284458Remington 1100 Full Auto: Reposted for to spread the PDF: Have a PDF of a rare book: >https://doc…[View]
40274710Pro 2ndA companies: Is black rifle coffee any good or is it dogshit? I want to get some for the brea…[View]
40286790shot show 2019: you think this will get re-introduced, with Colt remaking the cobra and the cobra ma…[View]
40282531A loadoat for the ages: You discover a portal that goes back in time. You don't get to choose w…[View]
40284177Should I join the USAF?[View]
40285516Gun Wanter: anyone know where I can get a mark 19 grenade launcher in canada[View]
40241208/k//lit/ thread: Hey anons let’s have a /k/ literature thread! Post books and comics relating to wea…[View]
40259097Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
40285187Starting this thread again. Any game wardens or people who alot about them? Interested in applying a…[View]
40285285Is it easy to clean an HK33?: Is the HK33 easier to clean than an AR15? Thinking about getting one b…[View]
40279689AESTHETIC military thread[View]
40285930“Private” firearms sellers (persons who are not licensed dealers) must process transfers of “regulat…[View]
40286241I got a nugget a few days ago and test fired it, just 3 rounds since it's missing the front sig…[View]
40262992Army instructor faces court martial after his video of female recruit being reduced to tears: https:…[View]
40285830So I have an Erma Luger in .380 coming in the mail in a couple of days. What kind of ammo do I wanna…[View]
40285379If i were to obtain my class/type 7 FFL (manufacture + sell firearms) would converting a VMAC 9mm to…[View]
40278338CT AR LAW: Okay /k/, I've been doing much research and have been reading the Connecticut PA13-3…[View]
40268020Is there any rational defense for using the .45 ACP in 2019?[View]
40284504thinkin about getting a weatherby vanguard in 375 h&h Thoughts?[View]
40283009i like big glocks and i cannot lie[View]
40284631I need a safe.: Anon's I need your help in picking a safe capable of holding ten rifles. Someth…[View]
40283796Is the US military better in something, that's not dependent on money? Like, if the US started …[View]
40274124Most based movie?: Post /k/ movies[View]
40282933Hey /k/, another shitty no-gun here. If I wanted to buy an AR, what would be some brands and variant…[View]
40284248So I thought I was adjusting my gas set screw, and long story short, the screw I was adjust fell out…[View]
40277737Ar building: Building a new AR, wanted to get /k/ opinions and advice on some lower receiver compani…[View]
40285426For me, it's the Typhoon class submarine. With a displacement of over 48,000 tonnes and length …[View]
40278474/PFG/ Pacific Forces General 11: Interpreting the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act: Pacific Forces Ge…[View]
40285789Any opinions about the Nebelwerfer[View]
40281010New Smart Gun Designed To Stop Mass Shootings: >After the Las Vegas concert massacre, the school …[View]
40281860Innawoods Gun: I'm going to get an innawoods gun, for 2 & 4-legged predators, to bring on h…[View]
40283865recent purchases: whatddya think? I went with the blackhawk for the transfer bar and adjustable sigh…[View]
40283704Universal cuck stamp: Is there any kind of ATF premium pass (if you will) that lets you have all the…[View]
40279535Does Utah have good gun laws?[View]
40285428Have you thanked China for inventing gunpowder and guns?[View]
40285496>take my mom to gun range since she bought a pistol recently >didnt know she was buying one, n…[View]
40284156how fucked am i?: I had left a USB stick at a public computer lab, it was stolen. within was: Plans …[View]
40283194Glock 42: he cute[View]
40282867What did the F-14 do wrong that the F-15 did right? Why was the former killed and the latter allowed…[View]
40271218Best mm thread: I had no idea 10mm hollowpoints could expand to a full inch! https://m.youtube.com/w…[View]
40285410no guns here wondering. For using supresors/subsonics ammo is there any need to make changes to the …[View]
40274391Unpopular opinions of shtf.: Teaming up with autists, obese, tacticool fags during shtf will most li…[View]
40282644what went right?[View]
40285335BIG BLACK COCK ing handle >jack >hammer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VKGhqIl4Gw…[View]
40284138Air pistol: Can i maintain pic related with olive oil because i dont have anything else[View]
40276425Building: Does anyone here build? Or looking for a primer on building/basic metalworking skills? It …[View]
40277815All things .22: Alright boys time for a thread about everyones favorite plinking round. What do you …[View]
40282028Why are so many gun salesmen/instructors full blown autismos? Every older salesman/instructor I…[View]
40284930Armor for civilians: A plate carrier seems like a good SHTF investment, yet extremely autistic if yo…[View]
40283095Bringing a flamethrower to an open carry meet: Is it safe and legal to bring a flamethrower to an op…[View]
40280217Gap in slide and frame of P80 G17: Other thread 404'd, as requested here are pics of my P80 G17…[View]
40267831AR thread/ARG/tripfag containment: Range day edition Old >>40262188[View]
40278043Is it autistic to cc a single action, full size revolver?[View]
40283982What does /k/ this of this revolver? Thinking about getting it with my return money[View]
40282191is /k/ autistic about video games?[View]
40272349Hello angry whales. Just ordered this. I'm so excited. Opinions? (inb4 jealous babyrage)[View]
40278270Heavily used barrel pics?: I've shot about 2k rounds though my cz (ball, hollow point, cast lea…[View]
40282293LWRC M6IC: About to buy my first AR. Pic related. A friend said he'll take $1600 for it, which …[View]
40278238Post stupid guns you want. Pic related.[View]
40285724Parkland Propaganda Persists: It's been years of ineffective virtue signalling for these idiots…[View]
40280305Does a Rotating Bolt aid in extraction?: Does a Rotating bolt help with extraction? Watched a video …[View]
40280946Post comfy war pics[View]
40281287Bug out shelter: My father in law owns a bit of land two hours from me. He is the last house, in a l…[View]
40233351/k/ meetup bread: Post ye area codes mine is 435 if anyone wants to operate[View]
40271529F-35 maneuverability: https://www.instagram.com/p/BseXJeWlxpI/[View]
402832864th vs 5th Generation Fighters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITCerewkIQE#t=1045 > Stealth is m…[View]
40271552interesting war photography: i'll dump what I have[View]
40282869Is Shellback Tactical a good plate carrier? The Banshee 2.0 If not, what is a great carrier[View]
40283166Gees, /k/, how come you never seem to notice Tec-9-kohai? Say something nice about her![View]
40279386Wat needed for 1911 to reliably handle P and +P: Fell for a discount on 1000 rounds of ACP ammo (23 …[View]
40276950Back-Up Iron Sights: What do you guys use? What's the best bang/buck? Plastic vs metal? What on…[View]
40279362Should men be able to wear very long hair like women in the army ?: As long as they tie them accordi…[View]
40283103How are weapons portrayed in your countries local television shows? >Germany webm related…[View]
40282620fuck keymod[View]
40280269What are the advantages/disadvantages of a smoothbore tank? It seems rifling would yield better accu…[View]
40280806>A story >A man fires a rifle for many years... >and he goes to war. >And afterwar…[View]
40263981Is the GOA actually effective?: Long story short, I got a membership with them after meeting with on…[View]
40280160Just picked this up for $460, how did I do /k/?[View]
40276525Thoughts on Century Arms .308? I don't wanna spend $1,000+ on an HK (as much as I'd love t…[View]
40283685Native-American Martial Arts for Homestead Defense?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzA1p4yUyT4…[View]
40281379mauser hsc: i have the .380 acp (9mm kurz) version of this pistol & i love it. looks great, doub…[View]
40283539what is the best time of the year to go innawoods and why is it early fall/late summer?[View]
40283072Im a bit ignorant on naval and anti-air warfare, when did the aircraft carrier become the staple of …[View]
40282870What’s /k/‘s opinion on the Jericho 941? Wanted to get a metal 9mm and Hipowers are too pricey.[View]
40281094Vietnam war music: Give me your most Vietnam-tier music ever I need to fill my playlist.[View]
40275873Is this a good starting optic?: Just built my first AR, heading to the range soon. I was thinking ab…[View]
40274728Waifu/Raifu/Knaifu: A shotgun is okay too edition.[View]
40274688/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: If you're an ordie, your ASVAB sucked edition. previous th…[View]
40282418Indonesia Military Are The Best: Indonesia Military are the best in South East Asia. Armed with mode…[View]
40282790Hi anyone know what butt stock this is?: Hi anyone know what butt stock this is? Thanks[View]
40282546MAS 36: anyone in Arkansas know where to find an MAS 36 and 7.5 mm rounds[View]
40273201Ammo and reloading for SHTF: How would you procure ammo in a SHTF scenario? Stockpile them, reload o…[View]
40275353China invades Taiwan. Russian armor starts pouring into western Europe. Can the USA and NATO push th…[View]
40278091Best 9mm Concealed Carry Semi-Autos?: I gave my girlfriend my SR9c, and need a new 9mm CC. My budget…[View]
40274383who here /remembers/?[View]
40282608Help anon find this knife pic 1[View]
40281754I believe capacityfags suffer from a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Can someone show me a do…[View]
40281898Glocknades: are glock handguns really that unreliable?[View]
40266668ACTUAL Fighting Styles: Martial arts that actually work in the real world Smart tier >Guns God ti…[View]
40282446Question /k/. If a pistol brace is made of wood is it still a pistol brace? I feel like this board i…[View]
40281508No-guns fag here, thinking of buying a shotgun and a revolver. What brands should I look for? Curren…[View]
40279305At the beginning of Saving Private Ryan when the guy with the radio lost his face, how the fuck did …[View]
40278472Is .308 powerful enough for anything in North America?[View]
40280332I would like to know a little bit about the merchant marines.: I know that this isn't entirely …[View]
40278220What’s the cheapest and easiest way i can LEGALLY obtain one of these bad boys. I live in AZ and i p…[View]
40278154>be britbong How do I get into guns in this country. I don't want some gun ameri-tard semi-a…[View]
40279523Going to be traveling to alaska this year, want to bring a rifle or handgun for bear protection. But…[View]
40281306Help me to find the cheapest cap: Anyone know where can I buy a cheap M43 and M40 caps(replica) on i…[View]
40280652>he pays his tax stamps to the atf[View]
4027973532 Long is all you need in a good pistol.[View]
40262299/ak/: So what have you watched/read recently?[View]
40279225Doorgunner jams: Hardmode: No Stones or Fortunate Son https://youtu.be/EqO5lNS094M https://youtu.be/…[View]
40280524AK Headspace: I heard a few times that a Full Auto AK are mechanically safer because of certain part…[View]
40269366Have any glowniggers actually identified themselves and interacted with /k/?[View]
40281542My pap: Hey look so my pap fought in the Pacific in ww2. Didnt talk about it and died soon after I w…[View]
40277194LMT MWS: >Can shoot 6.5 CM, .243 Win, .260 Rem, 7mm-08, 7.62x51, or .338 Fed with a simple barrel…[View]
40279280The government shutdown is the perfect time to start a civil war and to take back our country from t…[View]
40279705/k/, you have an hour to prepare before he is sent after you. What do?[View]
40281485I’ve shot a full auto Uzi a few times at my local range a few times and it may be my favorite gun pe…[View]
40256301>keltec makes new meme guns >no one wants to talk about it…[View]
40278396Squibs: How frequently do squibs happen with factory ammo? 1 in 100,000? I have a subgun and I'…[View]
40280738Just lost another $35 flashlight because the pocket clip snagged something and flew off into oblivio…[View]
40281211doublestack me: Post doublestack versions of guns that are most commonly single stack. Bonus: recom…[View]
40268206Star Wars clone shit: I have read and watched the films and even that cgi cartoon shit regarding the…[View]
40281309Hey /k/, does a 1 Gauge shotgun exist, or is it even possible to make something like that? pic unrel…[View]
40279178So I’m buying my first handgun here in a week so and I want to get a good safe. Is Vaultek worth it?…[View]
40278310Let's be honest; the Russian navy is considered a bit of a joke. However, what does it do WELL?…[View]
40272123If you could only buy guns from one single company for the rest of your life, what company would you…[View]
40275913Alright I'm going to say it: I really wish Axis power weapons weren't so fucking boring. I…[View]
40274924What do you like more, elite operators with a vast array of military support backing them, or ragtag…[View]
40280204South Sudan: How would /k/ resolve the conflicts in South Sudan militarily? How would you bring peac…[View]
40255887Recent Acquisition Thread: Picked this bigboi up today.[View]
40280539Chengdu J-10: So this thing is just an unmitigated garbage fire huh?[View]
40280346>Moe doesn't allow you to search the /k/ archive >Desuarchives search has been in an almo…[View]
40274731Hey /k/. This thread is directed towards military personnel, active or retired. I am currently awol…[View]
40278809/k/ related infographics and instructions: Post /k/ related infographics and instructions[View]
40278969What's your monthly ammo budget? >$100 I swear I'm not poor, just cheap…[View]
40274118Tank wishes: Sup /k/, new fag here. I play a lot of warthunder and world of tanks and its gotten me …[View]
40265243After a fourth sea trial, China’s Type 001A aircraft carrier may go into service within months: >…[View]
40272793Anyone ever make one of these?[View]
4027968620 gauge is superior to 12 gauge in most scenarios, change my mind. >Much lower recoil, meaning w…[View]
40278740operator aesthetic thread[View]
40279331Has anyone built a 1911, with a Stealth Arms jig or otherwise? If so, any tips? It'd be my firs…[View]
40273277Traps: Who uses them? >Inb4 prairieniggers[View]
40263293How does this thing work? It was supposedly based on TDI Vector and P90.[View]
40278017I present to you, the world's most /k/ kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir0FAa8P2MU[View]
40278058What should my groups look like at 7 yards with an itsy bitsy .380? I've gotten it down to whe…[View]
40270598Are the gun shows I used to go to with Dad gone forever?: Is there even anything worth going to gun …[View]
40278110In a shtf a camo plate rig is necessary to operate the suburban wasteland.[View]
40276936Hornady Leverevolution ammo any good?[View]
40279233THICC: What's the thiccest gun available in the US? The Lewis gun? The SRSS BullDog The USAS? T…[View]
40278340the most iconic mob weapons my choice: Colt Detective Special .38[View]
40273994Neutron bombs: Do they still have a role on the battlefield or are bio-chemical weapons just better …[View]
40279459the t72 has absolutely NO air filter...: is this why soviet tanks break down and wear out so fast?…[View]
40259111QTDDTOTT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread How do I get this stupid lock of…[View]
40274427old but not obsolete[View]
40279259Is it true that standard recon (not talking about force) Marines see more combat than regular infant…[View]
40272367What does /k/ recommend as a good budget 12G shotgun other than the Maverick 88? It's a bitch …[View]
40276148Is ruger charger a practical firearm and what are your thoughts on scoped pistols?[View]
40276470Why aren't wheeled machine guns and mortars still a thing? Easier to transport than having 3 pe…[View]
40278462Engravings offer no tactical advantage whatsoever >prove me wrong[View]
40274131Used: Worn out looking Guns that have seen some shit[View]
40278640Alright /k/ommandos, story time. >be me >27 years old, veteran, certified NRA firearms instru…[View]
40278158I'm about to finish a biology degree and try to get into forestry, but in the back of my mind I…[View]
40267777How far will the US army allow you to fiddle with your guns?: Do they let you change things like opt…[View]
40276228When the SHTF in the USA how will the paramilitaries that rise up compare to groups like the Taliban…[View]
40268831First gun: Well I have finally moved from no gunz to a haz guns. I have lived in the USA for three y…[View]
40271604Hello /k What is the nicest 1911 maker currently? And why is it the german made Korth?[View]
40278777Model 19 S & W: Looking to get one of these for my father I see some on gun broker for 600-800 w…[View]
40277132We starship troopers now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YXAJBh0TgE[View]
40275802Feeling like /k/ommander hitting bullseye with your comp on 50m range? I can hit a pinhead in 300m, …[View]
40277370what does /k/ recommend for AK parts kits, I just finished my AR build and naturally am going to do …[View]
40278304Suppose open warfare breaks out between Pakistan and India right as China declares war on India. Whi…[View]
40273220>1) Whats the biggest caliber you have shot (highest energy)? >2) Whats the longest Range you …[View]
40277489Is the PPK too tiny for self defense? I feel like you'd have to mag dump your 7 rounds to maybe…[View]
40278112Educate me about the Navy /k/: Me and 2-3 friends are actually considering going into the navy in 5 …[View]
40266332Whats the consensus on this anime? One of my personal faves.[View]
40265889>go to gun range/store >walk inside >owner working the counter >'howdy friend, you here …[View]
40277736Can I do better than a ruger Hawkeye African in 300 win mag if I'm in the 1-1.5k budget range?[View]
40275508Is the forward assist even good?: All I hear about it is that it makes minor jams into catastrophic …[View]
40277808do you cuddle your funs?: I don't know how this makes sense, but I've held bolt actions so…[View]
40276283Military strategies when outnumbered: Hey /k/, I'm doing a bit of a study on strategies revolvi…[View]
40273400Serious:Why does the India Army fall for honeytraps so easily: If you google Indian officer Honeytra…[View]
40275206What's the /k/ekiest thing you've made a weapon out of?[View]
40266934How does modern naval warfare on the surface and underwater waterwork compared to ww2 considering al…[View]
40262015>'Pick up that can.' What's the right move here, /k/?[View]
40277861anyone have 12ga chamber reamer prints?: need a reamer and am poor, i know a machinist that offered …[View]
40272762.177 co2 pellets pistols: Does /k/ have any good suggestions for a co2 powered pellets pistol? Gun l…[View]
40266970I like my MP5[View]
40250202Gear Queer /gq/ thread: British kit edition >General information https://pastebin.com/4X2gsVwS …[View]
40276364Lascannons, and other Sci Fi weapons.: >>40268430 So lets do two things, discuss Sci Fi weapon…[View]
40269350Truck guns/Car guns: Recommendation for a reliable ~$250 cool/interesting milsurp handgun for a dedi…[View]
40268410AK General /akg/: Long Boi edition >Thread #755 >Old thread here: >>40248459…[View]
40277216Is the Brahmos overrated?[View]
40274909Just turned 21. What are the top handguns rn? I'm familiar with revolvers but I'm probably…[View]
40277172A: 10/10[View]
40275197Delaware/Maryland/E-PA Thread. Any /k/ommandos want to do a meet up? Discord: https://discord.gg/Wz7…[View]
40265530extra-concealed carry: If /k/ was to carry concealed on a college campus where possessing a gun was …[View]
40275733Remington 1100 Exotic Weapons System PDF: Have a PDF of a rare book: >https://docdro.id/euSjoM5 P…[View]
40274752La coruna 53: Found a La coruna 53 in pretty good condition for $350. Is it worth it guys?[View]
40275791euro fighter typhoon: So this thing is basically an unmitigated garbage fire.[View]
40273140The insolent nation of Tropico has angered [your country here] by committing one or more of the foll…[View]
40276868Given that we know that all empires eventually collapse, and yet we've never seen such a thing …[View]
40276592>shoots self in the head with blank > ex wife has to pull out the 'brass fragments' in his hea…[View]
40274977New to guns, what's a good place to start learning? Didn't grow up around them because par…[View]
40264001Sometimes I wonder if the sheer cost of military equipment could lead to a war where the objective i…[View]
40271784Blackened Blades: I want to buy a good quality F-S Fighting knife/ commando knife However i have no…[View]
40276756Can a land based airplaned be converted to operate on a carrier?[View]
40276631Fallujah thread. What went right? What went wrong?[View]
40275014Rail mounted Accessories: What rail mounted accessories options are there? In games? In real life? …[View]
40272912For me, it's 1940's utilitarian smg's. You may not like it, but this is what peak per…[View]
40275411/k/ I think I’m in love: I’m not one to drool over guns since I know I can’t buy one in my country a…[View]
40274550Do wrist locks actually work or is it bullshido? Why don't we see them in MMA?[View]
40276278any army guys here? I was a conscript about a year ago and that was DEFINITELY the hardest part of m…[View]
40273598ITT we prove that we're real operators.[View]
40276102Best 9mm Handgun[View]
40276045If I’m 100% going to be putting a red dot on my Glock, is there any reason left to consider a long s…[View]
40273806Private Party Sales: Hey /k/ Anyone have any stories or advice on buying from private parties? I…[View]
40231462Forces unknown have caused our world and a fantasy world to combine. Dragons, Orcs, Elves and the li…[View]
40275266Shit that catches things without you being there[View]
40276264Good websites for military surplus/tactical gear: cant find the gq thread..[View]
40267671would you kill an enemy medic or medical personnel?[View]
40267611Ccw stands for cucked carry weapon. Any ccw size pistol is for cucks. Full size or prep the bull.[View]
40270674With the rise of cheap, effective MPADS throughout the world, has the concept of 'Air Cavalry' becom…[View]
40275692Interesting War Photos 2: Electric Boogaloo: Other thread reached image limit[View]
40275739What is the most /pinkerton/ loadout, including clothes?[View]
40271264Winter is coming for your gun oil: Face it, your Glocks wont cycle correctly in freezing temps. Let…[View]
40270438Snubnosed revolvers are pointless. The idea of cutting the barrel absurdly short is to make the revo…[View]
40276086Who else wishes this?: New here but seriously guys getting absorbed by military shit and history get…[View]
40272233What's the deal with front slide serrations?: Everyone went ape shit before Glock added them an…[View]
40256120Let's discuss bug-a-salt It works[View]
40271131Anyone on here currently/formerly or just know game wardens? Do you enjoy it? Any downsides?[View]
40272516Is it ever acceptable to surrender to the enemy?[View]
40274832Is there anyone in Varna (Bulgaria) who want to hunt tomorrow with two stranded Dutch guys? >be …[View]
40269801redpill me on recoil counterbalance[View]
40275212pow right in the kisser[View]
40271675Why whole Europe couldn't make a better plane than the French ? is it the curse of the joint pr…[View]
40271919Revolution thread: Here's a scenario: you're going to start a revolution in your home coun…[View]
40274001*one shots your shitty abrams*[View]
40269024What's the cheapest you can pay for a SxS 12 ga that isn't trash?[View]
40267536Home defense handgun for mom: Looking for a home defense handgun for my mom. Caliber .380 or smaller…[View]
40274115P250 in 45 acp for $300: Good deal or no?[View]
40253230Female soldiers: Yes or no? The usual argument I hear is for females in the military is that, as lon…[View]
40272810Why did this never see widespread adoption despite being vastly superior to the AK platform?[View]
40275187how do you fight a relligion how do you kill a relligion?[View]
40273848Decon stuff: Does this stuff expire? Or will I die using it?[View]
40264393The /k/ube grants you one T-1000 terminator. It can be sent back to any place and time period, or it…[View]
40258321Vortex Hate Thread: Why the hate for Vortex, seriously? They make a wide range of optics from $150 r…[View]
40271240Poland General: Fellow /k/omrades Let's discuss gun laws in Poland Everybody's welcome her…[View]
40274669any other files like this (pdf or png)[View]
40274308Ei /k/, I'm looking for a good MOLLE backpack which can endure some use and abuse: I'd use…[View]
40273510Do any of you guys CNC a Star Model BM? What's your opinion on it?[View]
40272917What does /k/ think of the Uberti Cattleman? Pic related, my Cattleman Also general 'Cowboy' gun thr…[View]
40274707/meg/ - Military Enlistment Geyneral: If you're an ordie, your ASVAB sucked edition. previous t…[View]
40274706can i use this to lubricate my car engine?[View]
40269005Ian is fingering a trap in the butt.[View]
40270864PNW /k/-/out/ Thread: Attention all WA, OR, and ID /k/ommandos! The official discord group is planni…[View]
40274122rate my design /k/[View]
40261815>tfw yesterday i finally got my first gun t. eurobro[View]
40271667What kind of uniform did WW2 Army soldiers wear when it was really hot outside?[View]
40273475>tfw ur polack >weapons used to be illegal durning german occupation >weapons used to be il…[View]
40273818.177 break barrel airgun its not /toy/: Does anyone know how to make custom piston seals for pic rel…[View]
40271757Quick question, I fail to see the relevance of all types of armour that do not have the range of the…[View]
40272620Are there any modern western militaries other than the British, French, and Italians that are actual…[View]
40261088>suppressor makes guns so quiet you can't hear them in the next room >pulling back the sl…[View]
40269450Is rimfire less reliable than centerfire?[View]
40255029Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>40227496 >Where ca…[View]
40262216Show me those battle buddies! This natural born killer is a master of guerrilla and psychological wa…[View]
40261845Shooting on Public Land: My local gun club is getting kind of boring and there's nowhere else n…[View]
40266647Unique Com-bloc firearms in the US: Other than your well known AK's, SKS's, Makarovs and N…[View]
40270310Enfield L85: How do Brits even justify their country's existence knowing they made this?[View]
40269538I been watching Vice guide to Crime in India and its honestly pretty cringy https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
40263742What's the best first pistol for someone in Canada?[View]
40273555Can I use silicon oil to lubricate my glawk foty?[View]
40260046>advances towards your barbarian tribe How are you supposed to stop this?…[View]
40273210Does anyone have a beretta A303? Are they decent autoloaders?[View]
40271232hunting skinwaiker thread.: post story's and ways to kill skinwaikers.[View]
40272955What is the most oddly specific gun accessory ever made? No novelties, things that are actually mad…[View]
40270724just got out of boot, never bought a gun before. rec me something that i can practice my marksmanshi…[View]
40271878FN FAL: Basically, what are my options? All I could find that isnt more than $3000 is DSA, are they …[View]
40267117Glow niggers get in here: Why build 'bombs' when you could just fill a plate carrier with tannerite …[View]
40272948Ammo price thread: I've been wondering. Where does /k/ buy ammo and how much do you pay. I…[View]
40262275What ever happened to the gun of the future?: hey, /k/ at one time, around the mid 2000's, ever…[View]
40262923Disproportionate use of force: What was the most disproportionate use of force in warfare that wasn…[View]
40261259What is the most /k/ breed of dog?[View]
40270213>go to gun shop >be the youngest person in there How did gun ownership become a boomer hobby? …[View]
40232620Weird fuckin plane thread: as the title says, weird planes. or aircraft in general. maybe even ekran…[View]
40272432Steam Tag thread: Let’s get a steam tag thread. Always enjoying seeing what you guys are playing and…[View]
40258514What does /k/ keep for close encounters?[View]
40272652can someone id this gun real quick for me?[View]
40254205what would /k/ do in this situation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DyTgUq78nI[View]
40272541Hey, any Polish/Czech anons here? I'm looking for a 100+m rifle range near Hradek, can you help…[View]
40270317Buying airsoft gear instead of expensive gear: Whats wrong with that I mean if it works it works. Wh…[View]
40260659AR-15 vs AR-10 SHTF Rifle Build: I'm going to build my first AR and, since I'm an accuracy…[View]
40199665/rg/ Reeeeeeloading General Reloading related post Load data, suggestions,deals,discussions ect I…[View]
40269128i know this is a photo for an ant but can anyone identify these swords[View]
40268430An ork rok has just landed in the middle of Germany. What happens next?[View]
40271885Redpill me on the .280 british.[View]
40270140mp40 big gay: pic related, also post's purpose[View]
40263254Benchmade SOCP: Would you recommend this Benchmade SOTC fixed blade / dagger for EDC, outdoors and a…[View]
40269696tactical stahlhelms: /k/ why dont you have a tactical stahlhelm ???[View]
40270122Why is the M2 Browning the greatest firearm ever produced?[View]
40272261Have you ever dreamed a gun /k/? I fell asleep watching a documentary about Putin and the FSB, had a…[View]
40271026Is there much of a difference in the felt recoil of a carbine vs rifle length gas system?[View]
40268892tfw when you wipe your asshole just a little too deep and have a flashback of your uncle: Does anyon…[View]
40261544>4 man SR team >30kms behind enemy lines >shitty comms plan >Ill wear a bright red fire …[View]
40261847/k/ Power Levels: How do you exhibit your /k/-related autism, /k/ommandos? Pic related.[View]
40271909Africa rises...: What can be done to stop this short of a nuke? I'm scared for the future... h…[View]
40271874Polytech AKs: Have seen these around online, and they always run >1500$ it seems. What's up …[View]
40271812Insurrection equipment thread: What is the absolute minimum of manpower, infrastructure ans equipmen…[View]
40271740Dumb question but could you use a MANPAD like a Stinger or Igla on a decending paratrooper?[View]
40271248Can someone help me identify what this is and what kind of gun shoots it? A friend took me shooting…[View]
40268679PS90 and PDW's: Does anyone have experience with pic related? I'm looking into PDW's …[View]
40271120Make your own gun grips out of wood and shit: Any of you faggot ever make your own grips? I have a 5…[View]
40267785ITT: /k/ apologizes to Larry Snickers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcGhhCysxEU He's lost a …[View]
40271597Grüß Gott /k/: I'm putting together a team for one last stunt... Who's joining me?[View]
40264496happy guns[View]
40268568Best RPK caliber: I'm a poorfag so I cant afford a PKM. The next best thing to owning a squad a…[View]
40270998UK shtf: Greetings /k/, noguns ukfag here what do you enlightened operators from beyond the pond rec…[View]
40270786Pure Autism: Someplace, somewhere out there, some Facebook fag is doing this for attention.[View]
40270493Help me to find the cheapest helmet: Anyone know where's can I buy a cheap German M35 Helmet(re…[View]
40270691So, I got my hands on a P320/P250 sub-compact grip housing and decided to install my .45acp P320 com…[View]
40270822any good trench knifes worth buying?[View]
40269292What .22 is best for carry: Im new to guns. The only gun Ive ever shot was my friends .22 rifle and …[View]
40270935Weird Weapons: Do you ever see a weapon design that makes you think 'wow they must have been de…[View]
40258986/BST/ - Buy, Sell, Trade: The official /k/ buy, sell, and trade thread. Notice: --------------------…[View]
40270573/K/ommandos, school me on four prong flash hiders. For my current AR upper build I am looking at a f…[View]
40270291/innawoods/: since shit is gonna hit the fan soon, whats your loadout for going against the governme…[View]
40268739Opinions on Hungarian Hi-Powers (FEG)?: Gonna get me my first handgun soon. Got a chance to get a po…[View]
40266900Survival Pics: Post survival and weapons information/instructions[View]
40267238which one of these buttons and levers is the safety?[View]
40270316Pocket Carry w/ 10rds or less: Any suggestions for a small pocket carry pistol with 10 round capacit…[View]
40262132Tax Return Purchases: With tax season right around the corner, what are you anons planning on buying…[View]
40267496How does religion affect the performance of a soldier? How much truth is there to 'there is no such …[View]
40270686Sup /k/, no gunz here. What's a general list of firearms brands and the general opinion of them…[View]
40270492/k/ related podcasts: What do you guys listen to?[View]
40258563Name a more based WWII firearm Protip: [spoiler]you can't[/spoiler][View]
40268493Have you guys bought your Pakistani made TT yet?[View]
40267695BDU Filed shirts: https://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/army-surplus-uk/army-surplus-clothing/u-s-…[View]
40268913Kahr CW45: Anyone know the quality of these? Thinking of buying one.[View]
40263841How much will genetic engineering play a role in the soldier of the future, and why does only China …[View]
40270402ITT telling the world Im shallow and have no taste: pic related[View]
40270091Are guns and bullets good investments?[View]
40266906Please link me to where you can buy a cheap and okay weaver ring mount from. I don't want to pa…[View]
40269794Stun Gun Marks: Hello weapons experts. These marks were found on the lower back of Jonbenet Ramsey. …[View]
40260996I've been thinking about getting a shield whenever tax money comes in and cant decide if i shou…[View]
40267716How do we reduce the global threat of small arms and light weapons?: How do we make the world safe f…[View]
40267281Shot a full auto Uzi today and now want a semi auto one for plinking (Still enjoyed shooting it semi…[View]
40241125EDC: WORK EDITION.: What does /k/ carry with them at work?[View]
40257600how does it keep from tipping over /k/?[View]
40269304>tfw he hasn't posted a video in 3 years Was he based?[View]
40255951Breaking new IAF airsrikes on Damascus aka let the excuses begin!: What will be this time vatniks. Y…[View]
40268390Oregon gun control. 5 round mag limit. 20 round a month purchase limit.: https://www.northwestfirear…[View]
40270919tulsi gabbard is a gun grabbing whore /pol/tards are trying to make her president in 2020 we have to…[View]
40263237Is there any evidence the S-300 could down a B-52, let alone a F-35. Hasnt the gulf war and Syria sh…[View]
40253583Virginia Thread: It's that time of the year again folks. 540 reporting in. >Have guns >Ov…[View]
40267047Which 458 Win Mag rifle should I get? I'm tempted to get the Winchester, but I'm tempted t…[View]
40265806AR15 weak ejection: Hi /k/, I noticed today when I was shooting my AR that it was weakly ejecting ca…[View]
40269105I lost the gray metal powder: .22 sensitive tannerite. I still have the chlorate powder, what can I …[View]
40268718So I've been toying with the idea of re-bluing a couple firearms. I've already watched a …[View]
40253441ITT Ideal world war 3 situations.: >chinaman Attacks USA, Japan, South korea, and taiwan. >U.S…[View]

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