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43775825Found this at an estate sale.: Anyone have an idea what it is, and from what military?[View]
43773587I subscribe to the self defense school of the skunk[View]
43774005ITT /k/ picks guns for my parents: My parents neighborhood has went to shit. They were broken into 4…[View]
43778241Gun show service revolver steal: Going to the gun show tomorrow and looking to get a retired service…[View]
43777511so I finally got one ..: shipping to my fav FFL as we speak I already own two 45s by HK What am I in…[View]
43777256What Weapons did real ninja use ?[View]
43776292I got banned for posing this in /pol: and there were over 100 replies. if the bore was one inch, wha…[View]
43775873American Terminology: I'm new here. What defines what a firearm is? Using the American or BATFE…[View]
43777367I'm 27 and just bought my first gun. Ended up with a Ruger 10/22 because I'm a total noob …[View]
43777149NGL for an 1962 AKM conversion this thing is starting to look pretty gangster.[View]
43771091Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading[View]
43771830AK General: Bakelite Edition (poorfags need not reply): BAKE OR BUST.[View]
43772849what are the best quality M65 jackets?[View]
43775471Under Gunmetal Skies thread 3: holy fuck it's back: Holy shit it really has been a while, hasn…[View]
43774633No Guns Help: dearest /k/ ive got no guns, but i want guns. im very worried that i wont be able to b…[View]
43773644Always using ear protection= bad practice?: It has always seemed to me that practicing under really …[View]
43773411ITT: Post the music you'll play when you're about to fuck up a home intruder. https://yout…[View]
43772699What's your favorite handgun aesthetic? CZ-52 makes me want to coom.[View]
43772768Military Museum of Seville, Spain[View]
43772891>join your country's army >Going to infantry instead of communications or logistics or ot…[View]
43771017What will be the next 'greatest battle implement ever devised'?[View]
43752147Handgun General - /hg/ - #355 Burly German Edition: To old friends and new Pastebin: https://pastebi…[View]
43776079revolver clipazine: Why did magazine revolvers never catch on? In states where magazine sizes are li…[View]
43761033Does smoking hurt or help your PT/combat readiness? Also, why does everyone in the military dip?[View]
43770633Frei/k/orps: Post your favorite freikorps shit[View]
43776905Y3K War: Predictions for year 3000 assuming we make it? >year 3000 >constant war between civil…[View]
43747913How accurate is this?[View]
43765532New Walther Steel Frame duty shit: FUCKING FINALLY I waited a year for this. I avoided buying the Q5…[View]
43772336Could someone explain WW1 and bolt action rifles? I mean surely there was a better way to reload you…[View]
43774648So about about CDC report that says defensive gun usages are just as common as gun crimes... does th…[View]
43770615F 2000: How does /k/ like the FN F2000? From what I've read it seems like a step up from the M4…[View]
43735100Gueeyeees: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/01/13/new-ak-kr103-100-russian-100-american/…[View]
43769767We would have won Vietnam if only we had the PASGT system sooner.[View]
43769954What weapons are legal in the UK? I'm just wondering. I've been reading about various atta…[View]
43773050(I'mma put this here too. We have seen more retarded threads about tactical gear, and this is a…[View]
43772338Do i have to get a red dot for my new ruger 10/22 without the front sights or what?[View]
43775648Can Cannon for le Ar-16 xd: Thoughts? https://xproducts.com/product/can-cannon-soda-can-launcher-ar-…[View]
43772852If the shit hit the fan, what would you carry? >Body armour/tactical equipment >main fire arm…[View]
43776061Boghammers: Where did this name for Iranian patrol boats come from?[View]
43769737ITT we make the poors cry: Post your rarest / most expensive weapons, make the noguns and noswords c…[View]
43770878Has /k/ ever actually been to the Zone or something like it?[View]
43770957FLIR banning products for civilian sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgD6_mijqUw If what this go…[View]
43775055Why did he go with the Winchester over the Marlin?[View]
43773977form 1 advice: howdy bros. I'm thinking about building a suppressor on a form 1 for the first t…[View]
43773257What is the ideal integrated suppressed pistol? For me, I'd say the PB.[View]
43768592What should I study if I want to work with explosives?[View]
43765354Redpill me on M1 Carbines and the .30 Carbine caliber.[View]
43762940Which is best? >Carbine >mid length >rifle…[View]
43766232If you could only pick one (1) firearm company to buy all your guns from, which would it be?[View]
43774103ITT: Real gun salesmen[View]
43773249What is the best 9mm to bulk buy for range use that is also adequate enough for self defense use in …[View]
43765889Hypotheticals: If you had to choose a trunk gun, would you choose an MP5SD, a Honey Badger, an MP7, …[View]
43771517what is the best carbine and conclead pistol combo to get for range/homedefense?: im thinking about …[View]
43769584Help me decide on a new gun: I'm thinking about putting a preorder in for one of these, but can…[View]
43777726>We're on the brink of a major /k/ related Habbening >we're not allowed to talk abou…[View]
43769119Slam-Cannnon: Hello /k/ I am trying to design a weapon but having some difficulties with it. The goa…[View]
43769529Saw one of these at my LGS today. Picked it and fell in love with it. Thinking about possibly switch…[View]
43768401Hello /k/ nogunz here. Can you recommend me a pistol to purchase as my first gun? I went shooting fo…[View]
43772796'Everyone is waiting for the Russians': Two hundred thousand dead Soviet soldiers, 690 thousand meda…[View]
43769474.338 machine guns, 2020 is off to a great start. https://youtu.be/sl3qfdvFmig[View]
43766043/arg/ - AR General: AR Thread Bullyzone Cancer Containment Winter Wonderland Edition Post snow pics.…[View]
43774729CO2 cartridge rockets I will soon get a fuckton of 12g co2 cartridges from my work which i can keep …[View]
43770588Are Dan Wesson's revolvers as high quality as their 1911s?[View]
43773774OC pics: I'm going to dump my pictures from my current rotation so far, if anyone wants to cont…[View]
43772627United States Forces Korea (USFK): Joining USFK this summer as a Korean army soldier(aka slave). I…[View]
43767870Is it ok to send the slide forward on an empty chamber w/ a modern handgun (P320, M9A3)?[View]
43770067I know a thread died for this but.. I just ordered an SKS from Sweaty Benny. What am I in for? Can s…[View]
43766271ASAT: (pronounced ass-hat)[View]
43773166Why is Soviet engineering so damn good?[View]
43774175Piexon Guardian Angel: Anyone have any experience with these? Require no permit to carry in Germany,…[View]
43772599What can /k/ tell me about this career field?[View]
43770740How do people 'fight to stay alive' when they're critically wounded? E.g. Trauma,bloodloss, gun…[View]
43760755This smoothbore piece of shit conquered half the world.[View]
43773568need your funny military/guns/etc-related pics /k/ thanks a lot[View]
43768695Autogyros: How would you outfit one of these things for combat? It seems like a cheap and simple way…[View]
43773581US SS HAMMER Team Jacket / NTC Training jacket: Asked in here yesterday about a particular jacket th…[View]
43770253/k/onfess your /k/rimes >noguns buddy asks me to store some guns he inherited for a while >o…[View]
43773490can anyone identify this pistol?[View]
43763252hey guys, real quick: Can any of you lot identify this mystery gun If so, would be much appreciated…[View]
43773165Air Force: How shit are Air Force security forces? They have one job (defense), are they actually go…[View]
43771070Option a or b? Should I: + Get ccw in California good for 2 years ~ $1200 all inclusive live Scan, …[View]
43767921Fucking Norinco sights came like this. Do i just get new ones?[View]
43772912.: .[View]
43759253>Bullpup >compost receiver >6 millimeter anything >3 round burst >SCAR >ACR >P…[View]
43760255In this thread prove you use your guns[View]
43771387/k/ infographics thread lost all mine a 'bug out bag' checklist would be nice because I…[View]
43759265What weapons would have been utilized in 1984's endless war?[View]
43769438Why did Best Korea never try to pull a fast one and invade the South while America was busy with Vie…[View]
43759307ballistol what the fuck you guys lied: Everyone told me this would smell like licorice. You all lied…[View]
43765204Just picked both of these up at my LGS. $80 OTD. Pure impulse buy because they were so cheap. What…[View]
43770658how would texas red have defeated that Arizona ranger with the big iron on his hip?[View]
43756404Downsizing my shit to get lighter. Two of these have to go, which ones should I throw away?[View]
43772056>Hey ausbros Is there any way for me to get a Cat D license without ruining it as a collectors it…[View]
43769311Beautiful. How come only the US, China and the UK have managed to figure out this technological marv…[View]
43771232Reloading Thread: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Lehigh Xtreme Eviscerator. This is an X…[View]
43768931Deer hunting scope?: Hey i just got a 308 for my birthday from my dad and i just need to get a scope…[View]
43764474Confrict Journalism: Alright, /k/, I'm doing my part. I'm going to Virginia as a dirty fuc…[View]
43767067post a better looking rifle[View]
43767880Is getting a 2011 80% build worth it? Also is it a pain in the ass for someone who has machining ski…[View]
43772434I want to polish some beat to shit guns I have laying around. I've always hand polished but bac…[View]
43758489defend this, ricecels[View]
43769646Colt 1911 or cz75b: I have an opportunity to purchase a cz75b for $519, or a colt 1911 (series 80) f…[View]
43768447Mausers: Are Turkish Mausers worth buying? is there even any difference between models/countries…[View]
43737708Ruger 57 Anyone?: Has anyone handled or fired the new Ruger 57? The 5.7 X 28 round intrigues me. I s…[View]
43770936War addiction? Is it a thing?: Reading recently that the great-grandson of https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
43764591Alcohol is the ultimate boogaloo resource >can clean wounds >can serve as your primary sourc…[View]
43768304Battle Buddies: My hunting dog just passed /k/ she was my battle buddy f1 to pay respects to a dog w…[View]
43771176Leaving CC in car....: Whats the best way to keep your CC locked and hidden in your car while you go…[View]
43771747Would the army DQ on enlistment for 8+ year old drinking misdemeanors? I mean we're about to go…[View]
43768633Ammunition Compatibility: Have any of you shot RipRounds out of a Sig Sauer P365? Do they work well …[View]
43770316What is it going to be?[View]
43708866/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #44 - Song of my People edition: Happy New Year SCAR 2020! BREN 2: Zeno…[View]
43768445Where can I shoot in Southeastern Wisconsin: I want to go shoot out in the forest in SE Wisconsin, d…[View]
43724716Gundam apparently has the most common mook enemies wield this motherfucker, a 120mm machine gun. Ass…[View]
43764652Multiscam: Why dont people like multicam? Seems effective, looks alright, and its even popular among…[View]
43769453I am currently thinking of buying a short katana and i what /g/ advice, is $285 a good price for a r…[View]
43754128/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Unobtainium Sombas Edition >Thread #942 Old thread here>…[View]
43770118Thoughts on Girsan? >turkshit >but made to NATO spec to chase military contracts Heard lots of…[View]
43769877Is it autism?[View]
43770888Getting my first gun: What do I need to know about getting a gun in Michigan and do they look up you…[View]
43768146Utah: Currently in Nevada (Vegas) and the amount of californians flooding into the state is a damn s…[View]
43758041Why Did the U.S. Military Ditch the PASGT and BDUs?: Not only was it A E S T H E T I C it was also p…[View]
43746831What do you daft /k/unts drive?[View]
43768861Is a Model 1873 Winchester carbine a good gun for complete beginners? I’m new and was wondering if t…[View]
43770349firearm pricing: When Im browsing (mostly surplus) guns online, I tend to, in my head, add the cost …[View]
43767758Never seen this before: I recently bought a PTR91 in 'as is' condition. It had some damage to it and…[View]
43770278What did they mean by this?[View]
43766295Headshots: Would it make sense to try and train to shoot at the head as effectively and efficiently …[View]
43766674Would it be possible in theory to safely use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader? With black powder (…[View]
43770093What in the fuck is this thing? I've never heard of a pistol version of the GSG-16/5. https://w…[View]
43769941Daily reminder that woodland molle 2 is peak performance and nothing else compares[View]
43769456Those of you that have been in a potential defensive shooting or been in one, were you able to say a…[View]
43768110Dick shots and psychological warfare: How effective is it to have your snipers aim for the groin as …[View]
43757441Small or Midsize Revolver: Which for a do-all, full-time, on-duty, off-duty, concealed edc 24/7*365?…[View]
43765621Other than >lol I dun lyke Taurus LMAO why shouldn't I get this?[View]
43764623Putin watching Hypersonic missiles test in Crimea.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WESAikL5CZg…[View]
43762072Anyone here have experience exploding varmints?[View]
43769590Being a pirate: Could /k/ be a substantial pirate group? Was reading about Southeast Asian pirates a…[View]
43769232Do these super-duper extendo banana clips actually work, /k/? Or do they have a tendency to jam?[View]
43767656Ban proof guns: What are some ban proof guns for when the next AWB kicks off? Would bolt actions be …[View]
43769282Is there any reason not to buy this PSA upper?: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-…[View]
43763600Does stacking riflescopes/teleskopes work?: Just a quick and probably stupid question. Would it work…[View]
4376478280% lowers - build it yourself edition: This guy has it figured out https://nozirohsystems.com/galle…[View]
43766995Found this while looking through a box of nazi pins at the surplus store I work at, cant seem to fin…[View]
43741273Virginia Class SSN's: Aside from nuclear strategic SSBN's. There literally no denying that…[View]
43753670/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: PT edition Previous >>43727650 LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTOR…[View]
43765565What things ARE worth buying at a gun show?: >inb4 dried animal carcass strips So planning to go …[View]
43764750USSS HAMMER TEAM: Can anyone ID this jacket being used by the US SS HAMMER Team[View]
43760697What's your opinion on the CZ 75 compared to the beretta 92x? I hear both triggers kind of suck…[View]
43749982What kind of gun would Elon Musk make?[View]
43767057Rip into this gun. Whats wrong with it?[View]
43764373saged out of politeness I just want a chat to talk to others who served, saw shit and all that. All …[View]
43763658Why was it never produced, when that money-guzzling stinking pile of shit F-35 was ?[View]
43768357well boys looks like I have a day time trijicon only for the most part now, I dont know if I can get…[View]
43763772Got in class with airsoft guns: >be me >17 yo, still schoolfag >equivalent halloween day (K…[View]
43765731RUGER PCC, MAGPUL STOCK: We've all asked for it, and Magpul has delivered. New backpacker stock…[View]
43768284>out shooting your carry gat >failure to return to battery >tap on the back of the slide …[View]
43765916So... who WILL save the world, anyway?[View]
43765079https://youtu.be/u9erYCGjmi0?t=101 Slow the video down and you will see the cylinder didn't mov…[View]
43756912Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
43764821Whats the most manouverable fighter jet after the F-22 Raptor?[View]
43763099It’s Friday night boys. Post your most aesthetic CTUs.[View]
43763186What has killed more dudes throughout history - bows or guns? Guns have been putting in some impress…[View]
43765971why are optics so fucking expensive: even used the cheapest I can find is like $200 bucks, for home …[View]
43768097>FN FAL described as right arm of the free world >takes the same role the AK has for the commi…[View]
43764891any /fit/ crossposters here?Dyel here. What are some good exercises so I can keep holding a heavy ri…[View]
43760793Lets make a /k/ religion: Sikhs are required to carry a knife / sword and and practice self defense,…[View]
43764883Hi guys what rear sight is this?[View]
43764068How much of your paycheck do you spend on guns?[View]
43766786Im looking for my first 9mm, and my LGS has two for sale that I'm interested in. One is a Jeri…[View]
43767328Army enlistment: What is the best mos to go? Signals or Intelligence?[View]
43760113Just found a rifle, only one in stock $100 under everyone else's listed price. We semi auto now[View]
43763401Lever action weapons: Anyone here still like lever-action guns?[View]
43764899Retarded but cool gunz: Pic related is Remington's bolt action pistol with a brace on it, discu…[View]
43767905It is possible to become a Navy Seal without taking steroids?: I have always wondered this every sin…[View]
43759836post em bois[View]
43766949Decided to up my Florida man game today. I'm ready to start swamperating.[View]
43769144Anyone else gonna be at the Lobby Day on Monday?[View]
43760042You Can Choose One of Each: One Rifle One Shotgun One Handgun Go.[View]
43756725what is the point of a bullpup shotgun?[View]
43761641I'm thinking about getting an IWI Jericho 941 soon, I fell in love with it from Cowboy Bebop bu…[View]
43760124why did the soviets leave Afghanistan they were already pushing the mujahideen so far back and had a…[View]
43761536Glockteen: could I modify a Gen 4 Glockteen 1711 to take wooden grips (handmade or off another pisto…[View]
43763158It is I, Leclerc[View]
43729514Family Photo Thread: Glowniggers Welcome Edition: Post your family photos. Feds can too, as long as …[View]
43766363If you were an alien which country/continent would you invade/pacify first to set up a base ?[View]
43767415Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Thread: It's Friday. Time for an ATF thread. This one's them…[View]
43767171Late Victorian Tactics: So I have a rough idea of the old Napoleonic Era infantry tactics, lines and…[View]
43760483has anyone ever tried to make their own firearm, how did it go and what design did you make?[View]
43766096If you were a conventional force fighting insurgents hiding out in Virginia which areas would be the…[View]
43765832F16 HUD question: Hi /k/ pic related is the hud from an F16 while defending against a SAM launch (ac…[View]
43760358If you want a kind of modernized version of the Scout Rifle concept, in the sense of a rugged, relat…[View]
43767216Ave Nex Alea thread. What do you /k/unts think about the glorious Kube?[View]
43765704Weapons For Neighborhood Defense: Hello /k/. /pol/ack here and I need some advise and info on what k…[View]
43766599If dirty geyser has diameter of 5 ft at the bottom, what is its kill radius? Is it within the geyser…[View]
437317736.8mm round: >Makes 5.56 Nato obsolete It's over bros. We had a good run.…[View]
43763087Im getting drafted[View]
43756701Welp, my local class 3 FFL just posted pics of the new paperwork we gotta do to buy 80% receivers an…[View]
43762859Before nuclear weapons, has there ever been a weapon that was globally taboo?[View]
43764385GAME DAY! We are going up against /out/ today 19:40 UTC/ 03:40pm EST. Come in, grab your moist nugge…[View]
43756684This plane sucks in any metric beyond 'meh it works.'[View]
43760816Best trade in the military for an INTJ autists?: What is it /k/commandos?[View]
43764949Does anyone here have good suggestions for night vision optics? I know very little about the differe…[View]
43765969I killed a deer with one round of XM193 out of a 16 inch AR. How does that make you feel?[View]
43760805Combination Guns: Anyone have any experience with chiappa double badgers? Looks pretty useful to hav…[View]
43759402ids spurdo sparde tiem :DDDDD bost /kay/ reladed burdos :DD[View]
43765297Mi-24 Hind helicopters shoot rockets from pilot view perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4…[View]
43765270What hunting knife is better than the Buck 120?[View]
43764862what's the cheapest possible gun I can get? I want one for self defense but I only get a couple…[View]
43760121What are the top tier sidearms in 2020?: The cream of the crop The bee's knees The Pinnacle Som…[View]
43762430Been thinking about getting a K31 for my first rifle that I 'technically' own, if I can find one at …[View]
43764411What went wrong?[View]
43765010Would XB-70 Valkyrie stand a chance in Soviet Sky back in 70´?[View]
43763857So I had typed out a long ass post that got deleted, so TLDR Carrying sub-tier holsters for my whol…[View]
43765506Military machine that already achieve Legendary status.[View]
43765435Tactical baby gate: Do you use any barriers inside your house to create choke points/ fatal funnels?…[View]
43759245Pic related has hired you to storm Papa Johns headquarters and deliver retribution to the Great Betr…[View]
43758374How hard would it be to build a V2 in my garage?[View]
43757944AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ - Outside Edition: Post AR innawoods/outside Old…[View]
43765199can anyone recognize this tattoo? I think it might be a WWII US naval insignia.[View]
43741561i went on a walk during my lunch break today. I noticed a thin game trail into a wooded area. so I f…[View]
43764054What allures me to weird brands.....: It's always been a thing. Grew up knowing Remington and W…[View]
43763051What is the best gun oil: And why is it CLP? Nothing cleans, lubricates, and protects better than CL…[View]
43761022What is this thing?: How common was it?[View]
43765084Iran missile failures: >1 miss by 20 miles >1 uxo >3 failed in air What the fuck? Is 5/16 a…[View]
43762047>General holster thread: >Tell me shit that's been told before edition Gun: G45(9mm) aka …[View]
43761525Will there still be dogfights in future wars?[View]
43760633/k/ humor thread[View]
43757648What do you think about turning classic fighters into racing planes? Is it a bubba of the sky?[View]
43760314Dr. Pavel, I'm IRA[View]
43762167Whats this part called? I was shooting my 92fs with regular target 124gr 9mm from hornady and about …[View]
43759865Good AK variants that won't cost an arm and a leg?: I want an AKM, but I'm not autistic ab…[View]
43761636Just got my first gun (single six). What oil/routine should I use to A. Keep it oiled and protected …[View]
43764398Wonder 9: I still don't own one, and I doubt I'll ever own more than one, but I've na…[View]
43751639A Unit Like the HECU Actually Makes Sense: Think about it. Half-Life takes place in the early 2000s,…[View]
43763803Which one of these barrels should I be buying. If you have other choices, please post. Needs to be …[View]
43762132Gun Control Sucks: They ban semi autos but let me buy an Adler A-110. They ban 5+ shot mags but let …[View]
43756450Don't mind me, just posting the best fighter of WW2[View]
43762036It's the same movie: Went off and watched 1917 because /k/ has been sucking the 1917 dick for w…[View]
43763042Found bullet?: Hi, I found what I thought was a bullet on the ground today. I thought maybe one of y…[View]
43762116Should you degrease and lube out of the box parts for an ar15 build? And swab the barrel? I’ve heard…[View]
43730968/PCC/ GENERAL: >kruz edition I already have full size APC's and MP5's, how would an MPX…[View]
43763773No one was fat back in the day because muzzleloaders took so much work and maintenance to shoot unli…[View]
43762073Army Signal/Intelligence mos: Which one would translate better to the civilian sector? A Signal or I…[View]
43763983Navy Reserve to Active Officer: What’s up /k/. Former active gunners mate here now serving reserve c…[View]
43763890What's the best place to buy used guns? Just wondering, figured /k/ would know where to send me…[View]
43762976Does /k/ ever go out of their way to piss people off?: For the past few months there's been a g…[View]
43760567Does anyone else find their groups opening up when shooting silhouette targets? I feel like the extr…[View]
4376205780% guns: I really like the idea of 80% guns, mainly since finishing them yourself gives them more p…[View]
43756835Appreciation thread: Post guns that don't get as much love as they deserve[View]
43762532Coast Guard: Airforce is a budget eating machine, NAVY is a gay pride force, Army is a cannon-folder…[View]
43752300AK MAGAZINE THREAD: Post AK mags.[View]
43745348Controversial opinions thread: The '94 assault weapons ban made gun manufacturers give us some …[View]
43762624>he doesn't cycle out / leave triple digit pounds of pre-mixed tannerite by his front door f…[View]
43739672Looking to purchase my first handgun. Budget is very tight. I think I'm going to purchase the W…[View]
43763334Infographics thread: molotov cocktail edition[View]
43755329Was this the biggest military slip in human military history?[View]
43761190given the choice in a shtf type situation which would you choose, an ak variant (ak74/47/103 etc) a …[View]
43762399Warlord general: With all of the normalfags, redditors and FBI agents constantly shitting themselves…[View]
43759383Is the US the bad guy?: So the US military made fucking biological rounds post ww2? Post /k/ related…[View]
43757536proto rip rounds[View]
43756925How do l raid-proof my house? pic unrelated.[View]
43757911Unreliable Ruger 10/22: So I bought a new 10/22 not too long ago off of PSA because it was dirt chea…[View]
43758750Pelican cases: Recently came into possession of a couple of pelican cases. They're both 18'x22'…[View]
43758372Fates of the men from the Famous Boxer Rebellion photo: WW1 was a motherfucker it seems.[View]
43760370What are the budget companies these days? Not talking brick tier just 'the guys who sells 1911 doubl…[View]
43762326Here you go, /k/. Some things I found that I think are neat Old USN Nuclear reactors in containment …[View]
43740188/gq/ - gear queer: The Three C's Edition >General guide https://pastebin.com/9WAeRYA8 >Di…[View]
43762490/k/ humor thread: postem if you gotem[View]
43764549With the protests coming up, I’d anyone here familiar with rifle open carry laws, particularly at th…[View]
43761987Are trenches the only way to fight asystemically war? Let's think about this, No mans land is f…[View]
43759690Never, ever: Post guns you will never be able to afford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT88tymia9w…[View]
43758275The very sexy Sig Sauer P320: Going to buy a Sig P320 for sure. I know there are different variants,…[View]
43760373Rate: the taco hold: I'm reading more about silhouette shooting, long range handgunning where y…[View]
43759975Should I go with a pencil or standard 16 inch barrel? I have Accuracy and durability in mind, both m…[View]
43762614is it ethical to buy from DD if i actually support gun rights[View]
43759693What do Russians have to say about it?[View]
43761669YFW: >'To my nephew, Anon, I leave my G11, along with 50 magazines and 7 million cartridges.'…[View]
43748669Modern Airguns: Are high-powered semi auto PCP guns the future for cucked states and countries since…[View]
43761311New Mossberg Pistol. Opinions?: Looks like Mossberg is taking a stab at making a compact, double-sta…[View]
43759000Sks or kektec sub2000?: Which should I get? Or is there any other sub $800 gun?[View]
43758216Ear pro: Whats a good set of muffs? I was thinking about Walker's GWP-RSEMPAT-FDE Electronic M…[View]
43759150Hi /k/, how do I become an elite operator?[View]
43758502I have fucked up hands. Is the 9mm EZ the only gun out there that will do the trick?[View]
43754352>recruiter asked if I was one of those 'freaky hermit dudes' how do they know…[View]
43760678Questionable Quality Infographic Thread: Exactly what it sounds like. Not.sure what it does or how i…[View]
43758414Blackest of ops.: What is some super black op shit you think has gone down? And who did it? Example …[View]
43748188Redpill me on Japanese Self Defense Forces[View]
43760157glock auto reeee: hi just trying to figure out how too turn a glock into full auto so i know how to …[View]
43756722Realistically what weapon gives you the best chance at at repulsing a determined skeleton attack? Is…[View]
43761472Awooooooga!: SCRAMBLE![View]
43761506Just bought my first gun. Springfield xd9 on sale. What type of cleaning supplies am I going to need…[View]
43756582If war is so bad, why do millions upon millions of men all throughout history and today volunteer to…[View]
43760909Gunsmith: Any gunsmiths or people familiar with their pricing know how much it costs to mount 2 pica…[View]
43755562Palmetto State Armory is not Base-: https://palmettostatearmory.com/auto-ordnance-trump-thompson-45-…[View]
43740837QTDDTOT: The thread for Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.[View]
43761395Just got back from the theater /k/.... ...The 4chan references in this movie.....I cannot wait to se…[View]
43760644>FN FNC >SR25 >SG 551 >MR762 What 4-5,000 rifle should I buy to dab on the highschoolers…[View]
43738374why are these considered a meme? >357mag with no muzzle flip[View]
43758997Barrel Length VS Recoil: With hot & heavy .357 S&W Magnum, what's it like going up to s…[View]
43759939Where has my M95 been?: Recently saved a steyr M95 from the clutches of boomers for $200 and was won…[View]
43756354so my wife and I got married not too long ago, and her grandfather is kind of a gun guy. well when w…[View]
43761071/k/ommandos what are your opinions on customized fun parts?[View]
43757317YFW: >'Okay, Anon, we're giving you all the Pervitin for safe-keeping.'…[View]
43756765Overpriced galore. Go now![View]
43760936me and my this girl ive been seeing about a year keep having an argument where I ask her if she woul…[View]
43760881Legal AA-12: >remembered that (((Armslist))) had a promo for a civilian AA-12 for a reasonable co…[View]
43759632what is this part that the nipple screws into? i bought a used tc hawken recently and the screw atta…[View]
43755608Classic Firearms Norinco: I picked up a norinco from these guys during there $299 sale but I got a r…[View]
43760099Hangin around: are there any LE that have had to tell someone about the death of a family member, an…[View]
43757605What is your chosen boogaloo rifu?: You can only choose one.[View]
43756261How does k feel about air rifles[View]
43759112Any news on the Admiral Kuznetsov?[View]
43759748multicum: Are Multicam ponchos and sombreros a thing?[View]
43759254I have to thank you, but I need more advice...: So Christmas day I as asked your guys opinion on wha…[View]
43759237Stumbled upon this and thought people here might like it. https://www.itstactical.com/warcom/accesso…[View]
43760499Ywn serve in the great white fleet.[View]
43748993What was it like to fight in WW1? Was it the most horrific war ever? >total war on multiple front…[View]
43758014what happens when a container ship hits one of these?[View]
43756583American Guncraft Diablo: Ok, so the only reason it breaks open is so you can insert the (shotgun) p…[View]
43747618how do we stop sig sauer from winning: no seriously we gonna have sig sauer everything soon if we do…[View]
43757102how necessary is the break in period on the c308?: I know a lot of people give this gun shit cause o…[View]
43758238Thoughts on XD in .45?: Buddy is selling one for 300 bucks, has about 50 rounds through it. I'm…[View]
43759274Thicc and curvy: Post swords with thicc blades and sexy curves.[View]
43758710mustard gas: since mustard gas is so easy to make people do it by accident why don't terrorist …[View]
43751508Have Soviet tanks killed more Russians than enemies at this point?[View]
43758279How ya holding up, /k/? Keep it /k/ related so janny can't be a faggot[View]
43756402At what distance should you reliably be able to hit a man-sized target without using your sights?[View]
43757655Mall ninja thread.[View]
43757277Ive been considerign joing the PLC (college freshman). Anyone been/are in the PLC? Thoughts?[View]
43758879Identify strange watercraft???: Can anyone identify this craft or any of the antenna? Not self-prope…[View]
43755865What kind of /k/ stuff do you buy on Amazon?: What does your list include? Ill start: >Ballistol …[View]
43755821Metal CCW Gunz: I'd like to get a metal gun to CCW. I've only carried 2 metal boys in the …[View]
43756597How to join a PMC as a recruiter?: Hi /k/ How can I be a PMC recruiter? I am a HR professional in my…[View]
43755767Hello fellow /k/omrades, would there be a kind soul to identify the scope mounted on this scar ? Cor…[View]
43758080>be califag >technically nogunz even though I shoot my family's guns all the time >goi…[View]
43755785Please Redpill me on the best handheld radio for under 200 dollars.: Pic related is an Icom IC-V86 V…[View]
43756532Low cost air defence system ?: Egypt buys 2 beauties of Mistrals, to mount shitty Humevee on them wt…[View]
43758345Bargain Thread: Gun shop near me is going out of business, picked this all up for a little under $40…[View]
43758941What is the chance of the US going head to head against Russia/China/Iran/NK in a large scale conven…[View]
43748635Carry gun suggestions for old women: My mom is looking for a purse, but she has arthritis and is loo…[View]
43758616Is the feed strip system underrated compared to belts?[View]
43758597since i always saw clips as a inherently military system i was wondering about this: were there many…[View]
43741049Camo: Daily flecktarn thread post your flecktarn fellow fleckistanis[View]
43758165Guns Akimbo: Wake up guns stuck to hand!?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOFatKD0Vzo&feature=e…[View]
43758225OMFV is dead!: Long live the Bradley! https://www.defensenews.com/land/2020/01/16/army-takes-step-ba…[View]
43758586Covert IIIA Clothing: Anyone know good covert bulletproof clothing? I see a lot of stuff online but …[View]
43744011Nigger hobo punched my car at 2am when i was leaving work cus i didnt stop and talk to him (no shit)…[View]
43746114Realistically, how do you defend against a VLO airframe designating targets for some long range anti…[View]
43755045Does the videogame World of guns have the /k/ stamp of approval?[View]
43756414If you were ever lucky enough to shoot this in full auto I hate you. >t. Leaf…[View]
43756177Dr. Phil’s gun wall: So Dr. Phil put his house up for sale and it’s exactly as bizarre as I predicte…[View]
43758213Chainsword Scimitar?: Is there a modern rendition of the chainsword scimitar/saber? I'm looking…[View]
43753471Drug Use and Combat: You occasionally hear about people being taking drugs prior to gun fights/battl…[View]
43744384Daily Reminder .45 > 9mm 'b-but muh advancements in modern defense ammo' >implying .45 has not…[View]
43756859River crossing retard is back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r7OMQYpbiM[View]
43756457dakara ONE TWO THREE de arukidase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5AP9_0EUm0[View]
43754980Any War With Iraq is Aesthetic: >Iran-Iraq war >Operation Desert Shield/Storm >Operation Ir…[View]
43754277>airsoft doesn't translate to real shooting The real reason the japanese were disarmed. This…[View]
43726055Lend Lease was the biggest mistake of the war. It helped finish the war quicker, but in return it le…[View]
43754712>Be me, no guns Need to design a video game sub machine gun. From what i've gather in previ…[View]
43751656These are fantastic little sights. No need to ever look through any other.: Trijicon MRO.[View]
43752630https://youtu.be/SWnuzGalNMY Is a bayonet charge useful in any modern scenario?[View]
43753723Youtubers that study the blade: Link your favorite youtubers who make videos on swords. Even the cri…[View]
43756285So I’m kinda new to the gun world, but where do you buy assasult weapons in full auto? Someone told …[View]
43750822/arg/ AR15 M4 M16: Based Ash the pedo slayer Etie you need jail time. Pedos /arg/ wont stand for thi…[View]
43748617Is the US infantryman actually better than most of the forces he fights/fought historically? They se…[View]
43750585Mossberg 88 vs 500 vs 590 vs 590A1: Are the differences negligible?[View]
43754703Barrel nut stripped off current barrel. Most likely my fault, anyways, need a 10.5, is this barrel g…[View]
43756349Why Russia has fancy Camo and Nato only used grey for aircrafts?[View]
43751076Could these have changed the tide of the war for Germany if they were circulated earlier in WW2?[View]
43701886/msg/ - Military Surplus General: Roaring Twenties Edition I unfortunately don't have any pre W…[View]
43756053P80's: Just how finished are these things? What needs to be milled off? How many parts from a l…[View]
43747028Rocket Guns: Has manufacturing advanced enough to make these viable yet?[View]
43745448What's so special about greentips? I know they have some kind of steel rod inside them, but tha…[View]
43745876Go watch this vice documentary: And then come back and discuss with me how worying it is; 1. That th…[View]
43757110If you had to pick ONE gun to shoot for the rest of your life, what would it be? And why? For me it…[View]
43757089ITT: Old ass weapons still in official use: Pictured, Nuggets being used by the Venezuelan National …[View]
43754632Top 10 Anime Redemption Arcs:[View]
43753398Where to find colored mil-spec furniture sets like this?: I am having a hell of a time finding color…[View]
43753315Tell me /k/ What happened?[View]
43744434Low Altitude Air Defense: Post SHORAD vehicles. I’ll start with the sexiest of all[View]
43748971Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
43729176>'The Great War' >Actually pretty horrible…[View]
43756197What is the best folding Knife made by Benchmade?: For me its the Griptilian with G10, AXIS, CPM-20C…[View]
43755730Waifu grips: I need Waifu grips. Where can i get?[View]
43753440What happened to the YC9?[View]
43746073What's the most 2008 cringe gun thing you can think of? For me, it's a non FF quad rail (w…[View]
43756319Soys selling Mosins: Everytime I see a picture of the guy selling a mosin online or a dude running a…[View]
43751703>The face you make when you realize that during the Cold War your tribe could’ve finessed a coupl…[View]
43754058Motorized Infantry: How do you set up an Infantry company to be motorized? Do you designate one plat…[View]
43755411Post funny PSA shops[View]
43755814Redpill me on Soviet Interceptors.: From 60´ to 90´ Soviet Union/Russia operate 3 different intercep…[View]
43738689What is going on with the new Aussie subs?: Saw couple articles today saying shit isn't going g…[View]
43751010Which do you prefer?[View]
43756102Webm thread, /k/ Guns and Military.: post em.[View]
43756220WW2 Helmets: Hello /K/ Long story short my gran gave me a couple of «ww2 stuff» she found in her att…[View]
43756486Why didn't this sort of caseless ammunition ever catch on? It has basically all of the benefits…[View]
43756467Military Helicopters thread..: Why Russia is so good making Helicopters?[View]
43755096Why is blatant multi-duplicate Ruger shilling allowed? Why do supposedly 'counter culture' 'red pill…[View]
43756166>Destroys the German army in the East[View]
43756052>Have visited all local LGS's so frequently that there's nothing worth looking at anymo…[View]
43754238Any one ever buy this? Should I keep looking?[View]
43756284Soo I have been wondering about the AC-130 . Was there ever one to be shot down or damaged during a …[View]
43755213What cartridges/ calibers/ boolits/ millimeters have you fired?: I love making this thread cuz it ca…[View]
43754038Could someone please explain why Japan didn't allied themselve with the US and fought germany u…[View]
43712236Name a better cam pattern[View]
43750510NEW VIDEO UP!!!! https://youtu.be/YW_twUbf9ng[View]
43754325F90: Why is the f90 the most tactical and beautiful gun ever made?[View]
43743708>Landing Craft >Open from the fucking front >OPEN IN THE DIRECT OF MACHINE GUN FIRE What ki…[View]
43755613What is your favourite balaclava?: How many do you own? Do you like them etc.[View]
43756083Magnetic Weapon Lights: So I recently bought a 5906, and I wanna put a light on it. A company called…[View]
43750895Is mk 262 the best performing load for 5.56? was cost the reason it wasn't considered for stand…[View]
43750431Is there a better CCW than the P7M13?[View]
43715646Revolver thread: How is cylinder gap set on conventional designs (such as the Python)? I know that o…[View]
43749768What are the blanket things on the guns for?[View]
43750644Are fighter jets going to be obsolete in the near future?[View]
43747685/bsg/ ban sate general: Shitposting Virginianons not allowed edition Question to start thread: is th…[View]
43722469It's out. ARES has released a report on cased telescoped ammunition and it's based. >h…[View]
43755615Have there been any confirmed bayonet mounted on rifle kills in the last 40 years?[View]
43752710Gun gore: Stripper decided to settle down and become an enbloc[View]
43731567Can we have a serious talk. Why is it so fucking hard to find a guide to make ap ammo. Can some sci …[View]
43752457Overpriced Junk: LOL $499.95. Would any of you consider it? https://www.collectorsfirearms.com/russi…[View]
43749301Forget about reliability, power, capacity, accuracy. What is more FUN to shoot?[View]
43754760Reloading Manual: didn’t see a thread so I’ll start a new one. I’m looking to get a reloading manual…[View]
43742740I'm putting together a team[View]
43754713Hey everyone look at the funny cool guy[View]
43749391favourite battle rifle?: FAL is love, FAL is life.[View]
43753397F/A-18 Gets Upgraded IRST: By 2021 they’re saying the upgrade to IRST Block II will be finished. The…[View]
43750274since the new Python is trash, what's the finest .357 wheel gun on the market that is within th…[View]
43755042Build-A-Dozer: How would you,in 2020 improve the Killdozer? -No technicals allowed Anything a US civ…[View]
43755275Any screenshots of the original?[View]
43753422Is it still possible to buy a Garand in the US?[View]
43753417How much firepower for a vault?: How much firepower is needed to open a vault? How much more firepow…[View]
43745662Convince me not not buy one instead of a Ruger-57 because deep down I know neither are really that p…[View]
43749850Sten to sterling: I want a Sterling SMG, but I don't want to spend $20,000 for a registed one. …[View]
43754568How are russian/other nations domestic and used by the armed forces small arm optics compared to ame…[View]
43754025Why don’t americans use IED tactics against insurgents?[View]
43705374/ak/: /ak/: the train never stops[View]
43752729Legal? Possibly Stupid?: Hello /k/ommandos. I live in the US and I am soon to turn 21. When i do i w…[View]
43754488Would it be stupid to join the military at 27? I got a humanities degree and a shit job. What do I …[View]
43744487Russia is pretty secretive about its aircraft development outside of amping up their current prototy…[View]
43750964What is /k/s opinion on metal vs plastic guns? Are metal guns really that much better because I want…[View]
43751948Would you still keep your firearms if you moved to a urban environment where they're banned? …[View]
43754788Time for autism and oldies !: Come on, you know you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDWobWO…[View]
43752861Self defense in Australia: Any ideas for non-illegal ways to protect yourself from rape in Australia…[View]
43747161Are solvent trap websites all just honey pots?[View]
43753844What are the most realistic gun sounds and portrayals of guns in video games and film?[View]
43752045>tfw no /k/ methhoe to shoot funs with: >Florida woman >The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s D…[View]
43754678Don't worry about not being able to sign up and fight in Afghanistan. You're already livin…[View]
43748803Drone Combat: How would /k/ combat a drone? I've heard anti-gunners claim that they are the end…[View]
43735889are revolvers obsolete? is 6 shots enough for a single person, let alone more 2 or more?[View]
43748750Is there a way to secure these or do I just have to hope they don't get tangled or something ch…[View]
43753635Is Trench Warfare the ultimate reply to asymmetrical attack? Your enemy cannot attack from multiple …[View]
43753293Should I get one? Post other oddball accessories.[View]
43752443What do snipers carry? >inb4 EVERYTHING I get that. More interested in ammo, comms, armor (?), et…[View]
43735987Am I doing it right?: Just got an AKM today. Am I doing it right?[View]
43751728Hypothetical /k/ gun: If you could design one firearm, what would it be roughly describe, what ammun…[View]
43754187Decent shotgun Mounts/flashlights: So long story short I live on the side of a mountain with a mildl…[View]
43752503How did they effectively train soldiers in the pre-gunpowder days?[View]
43741807AK General /akg/ Arsenal Cope Posting Edition >Thread #941 Old thread here >>43723012…[View]
43751533Favorite Non-European Swords?: For me, it's the Tulwar.[View]
43731054Last i checked knowledge isn't illegal, post infographics[View]
43748743How do you have a successful career in the military?: Or at least make the most out of it and have a…[View]
43742187Meanwhile, aboard the /k/cruise ship...[View]
43749692/k/ books: Just finished this today and been searching for something similar, this book is something…[View]
43753839Can we have a nice cutaway/infographic thread?[View]
43752317Which one of you chucklefucks is doing this??[View]
43748827What's the best value scope to shoot 1,000 yards?: Not going to spend a grand on this shiat.. a…[View]
43703549WWII Loadouts: Post your WWII loadouts here or someshit[View]
43743885You may not like it, but this is the most aesthetic firearm ever designed.[View]
43747502How many magazines do you have stockpiled? Do you keep them all loaded or do you keep a few in their…[View]
43745009Uglier than hi point: Okay, almost as ugly Post guns that are the opposite of aesthetic, regardless …[View]
43750315Assuming you were to go about and armor your pets for when the alphabet boys show up, what would be …[View]
43753299Put your hands up if you're a haz gun who lives with their parents, eats their tendiea, and pre…[View]
43748622Why do people say this is a hobby? It's like calling jogging a hobby. It makes no sense, I…[View]
43741375My grandad gave me an old mossberg 500. It doesnt have a serial number anywhere on it, and only one …[View]
43750077what gun is this: got this old rifle, no idea what the manufacturer or model is, can anyone help?…[View]
43754995Let the man ask a question.: WTF is wrong with this board? Some tyrannical shit...[View]
43750740Holster halp: Hey /k/ Got some holster questions. I have a Performance Center Shield 9mm with a fron…[View]
43752387Looking to buy a gun. Experienced user, I own a 12 gauge, and a taurus 9mm. Probably not k approved.…[View]
43747380>small car >no off-road capability >small condo >no garage >no dog >limited money …[View]
43744603I slept with my rifle last night.: It was easily the best night I've ever had. A couple times, …[View]
43747980Got a new g18 with an auto sear from a buddy who deals in arms as a birthday present last year but I…[View]
43752490Realistic range for .357 revolver?: How far can I realistically use a .38spl/ .357 revolver with 6' …[View]
43742654Blued or Stainless?: I'm going to buy a .357 revolver Some of the guns with features that call…[View]
43751794Beretta APX Compact: Talk me out of getting one for $300 brand new.[View]
43751100>According to 'Die Welt', Poland will cooperate with S.Korea to build max 800 tanks after being d…[View]
43730661Favorite Gun YouTube Channels: Favorite Gun YouTuber? For me it's sootch00[View]
43747726Beginner bolt-action: .22LR or .223 for a beginner boltgun? .223 is better for varminting, but the .…[View]
43747540>double stack pistol mag inside width is like 18mm >.50 GI cartridge diameter only 13.4mm Why …[View]
43748391War should be fun: Remember to derive joy in all that you do. Like this man does. Stop with the 'War…[View]
43751139>Just got air rifle >Started shaking when I saw it >See it out of box, feels like a tool of…[View]
43747985Why haven't any militaries tried supplementing/replacing helicopters with STOL bush planes? …[View]
43750786Recent Acquisition thread: Just bought a Satsuma Matchlock cannon with the name 'Shunrai' painted on…[View]
43739572If you had to pick one .22LR to plink with at the range, would it be a semi-auto rifle, bolt action …[View]

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