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41513305>this starts shitting in your range. >'muh wood' >'muh sniper like accuracy' >'muh reli…[View]
41542361About to order 4 more lowers help me /k/: PSA HAS THE ATF MEME LOWERS ON SALE REEEEEE I ALREADY ORDE…[View]
41544336>that one dude at work who brings MRE rations for lunch everyday[View]
41541760Retractables on a Shotgun?: Are there any Shotguns like the QBS-09 that looks good with a retractabl…[View]
41532232Re-loading thread!!!: Can we get a re-loading thread going. Specifically something like a beginners …[View]
41541588Anyone knows the name of this rifle?[View]
41538170Forget something this morning, /k/?: > The man left his house in the 4900 block of Emmit Drive ab…[View]
41543172Are “high capacity” mag bans actually enforceable considering that mags don’t even have serials? Has…[View]
41533977KSG-12: Take the the KSG-12. Look at it. Ponder it. How much would you pay for one?[View]
41525447What’s with all the hate?[View]
41540251Combat cybernetics: Sup /k/. I'm doing a bit of writing and was wondering what peoples thoughts…[View]
41544410First Range Day: What was your first Range day like? Was it fun? What firearms were you shooting? Wh…[View]
41539491How cringe would it be if I painted/stained/embedded/burned a pattern on the buttstock of my hunting…[View]
41532541New to CCW- how much printing is obvious?: Could I ask for some feedback? I've recently started…[View]
41536524Remove squirrel: Goddamn tree rats keep getting into my pole beans and digging them up. Can anyone s…[View]
41541332Poland to buy F-35s: https://www.defenseworld.net/news/24810/Poland_to_buy_F_35_Stealth_Fighter_Jets…[View]
41544014Can someone please identify the clothing that the lad in the middle is wearing? I'm especially …[View]
41542442Ammo counters: Do they have any practical use in the military? https://youtu.be/bjM9qcZOZgY[View]
41543443>Weapons/brands/models that just got shittier as time progressed Any that come to mind?…[View]
41541513P365 XL: 'Super size me!'[View]
41532143There was another USMC harrier crash today. Pilot is okay. >mfw all aircraft get grounded again.…[View]
41541389Aside from spent cartridges not hitting your face what advantages does caseless ammo have over stand…[View]
41540005I've only seen it happen twice.[View]
41540397How to rifle a barrel without a rifling machine: This is a continuation of >>41538319. If I ge…[View]
41543719Anons near Pelzer - South Carolina, second call to action: >random (like tryfg) youtube searchs l…[View]
41542514ar thread: no, your shitty psa/aero/dpms is not just as good >>41539596[View]
41535516How does a nation get the highest quality soldiers possible? I've often heard that the USA mili…[View]
41540912Real or reproduction?[View]
41543217Buying a gun in maryland: Does anyone in maryland know is the wasr 3 has been banned. I know the was…[View]
41533586The grooved slots on my AK bolt have very small imperfections/cracks on the surface. Is this going t…[View]
41542476Greentext Truth That Angers Faggots: >Be noob >Have iron sights >Learn to shoot irons >…[View]
41540927Ya dont NEED a 'salt crossbow. Why would ya NEED a 'salt crossbow? T'ose things cen p…[View]
41531953Could a modern MBT survive driving through f5 tornadic winds?[View]
41531331Karambit: This meme piece of shit Has a karambit managed to kill anyone in the history of ever? Warf…[View]
41498428*conducts CAS at a reasonable price*[View]
41534873Would the military be improved if officers were chosen from rich aristocrats trained from birth to l…[View]
41537260Just found this gun in grandpa's house and need to know WTF it is and what its worth? Looks old…[View]
41540131Insults to the /k/ube & bubba thread: You guys ready to be mildly disappointed in the mistreatme…[View]
41539596AR thread /arg/: arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Rent Free Rustling Edition Old >>…[View]
41538748Suprised none of you have jumped on this. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/813084185[View]
41535542Battle Buddy Thread: Hi /k/, I had to put down my battle buddy today. He was a good boy until the en…[View]
41527956If Canada decides to invade Philippines, how long would it take for them to take complete control of…[View]
41533499Plastic fantastics.: What’s the shelf-life of polymer firearms? Will they last 100 years as steel fi…[View]
41537632Anyone Shot Full Auto?: Has anyone here shot full auto? It Full auto truly more deadly than a Semi-A…[View]
41519263Hey /k/, been browsing here for a while, ex IDF combat soldier and senior combat medic. My shift end…[View]
41536920nato Swichblade: hey, my dad just gave me his old swichblade (pic related) but its missing one of th…[View]
41540884https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRB9IU3Vt2g Which is it guys: assault rifle or musket?[View]
41540239What's a good punch dagger or concealable self defense blade, /k/?[View]
41535449Would this work?[View]
415348193-Day combat patrol kit: I challenge all of you /k/unt's to Brent0331's '3-day combat patr…[View]
41536574How could the military be fixed?: Realistically how could we fix the military?[View]
41540710With a shooting stance like that i'm all for Swiss gun grabbing. https://archive.is/VNlZg[View]
41541066Watch out for people who own one of these. This is a fetish weapon for blaster extremists.[View]
41515623You are a SA farmer: Alright /k/, how the FUCK do you defend against signal jammers, dog poisoning, …[View]
41540594Hey /k/, any anons know what this wildcat cartridge may be?: It doesn't fit into a .223 Rem cas…[View]
41539685ammo general: ITT ammo mags and maybe some reloading What mag is best for 5.56 ak What are you shoo…[View]
41511122Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds[View]
41538701Hunting carp: My friend told me they're bottomfeeders and wont take my bait so I need to shoot …[View]
41523289>.22LR out of a rifle is boring as fuck unless hunting >'tactical' shotguns get boring within …[View]
41540285Why are slavniggers so subhuman they have to copy F-16C camo design?[View]
41536834Sword: What is your sword of choice?(longsword, kataka, etc.)[View]
41528005>this kills the /k/ommando: What would /k/ do in this situation? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7y…[View]
41528922800 grain bullets: My fucking hand hurts, who the fuck sells these things and why. I cant fucking fe…[View]
41504844/brg/ Battle Rifle General: New Thread Mk. 2 Cross-dressing faggots can head to >>41502324 or …[View]
41539919/k has aquired an m114 155mm howtizer, what goes boom first[View]
41512943Female sailors ranked on ‘rape list’ aboard 2nd US submarine to integrate women: Does this happen of…[View]
41536027Any other Me/k/boiz out there?[View]
41539016>mm >caliber Why does the ammo industry arbitrarily use two different measurement standards? T…[View]
41539022Harrier a shit: So this happened just down the road from me. Went to high school with a guy whos dad…[View]
41515299Handgun General - /hg/ - #294: Taurus appreciation edition Pt. 2 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gs6m…[View]
41536603Gunpowder Weapons Thread: Gunpowder Weapons Thread Revolver Edition what are some nice gunpowder Col…[View]
41533485Police trade-in full-size M&P .45 w/ 3 mags for $260 I’m not fucking shilling or advertising. Sh…[View]
41535572$$$: imo ALL pistols are overpriced. having worked in several factories cannot fathom how any pistol…[View]
41537764Foreign Militaries View of Americans: A few years ago, the Americans wrote about what American peopl…[View]
41532559/arg/ AR General: Rifles that trigger /arg/ groupthinkers edition Old thread: >>41529885…[View]
41539197Show me your poop knives[View]
41538583/k/ choses the weapon: I'm going to the range with my gf for the first time this weekend. Neith…[View]
41494128/gq/ - gear queer: What if we kissed in a crashing CV-22B Edition >General guide https://pastebin…[View]
41533444Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
41535955Lol: Why can’t arabs into war?[View]
41526103I'm a noob and plan on buying my first gun soon. Talk me into buying a revolver.[View]
41537945It's the late 1980's and the Cold war is starting to go hot in Europe. First, you must cho…[View]
41536376What trap shooting guns are least likely to attract police attention? I don't want people getti…[View]
41537962Is it wierd this makes me want to buy a hi-point. Makes them more authentic.[View]
41535841Hello /k/, i am looking for parts for two russian 75 round, the outer shell that is. I got the the i…[View]
41535587Support the red white and blue. God bless America, God bless those men and women in uniform 24/7 fig…[View]
41536739Forget 9mm vs .45, what's the scoop on 7.62x51mm vs 7.62x54mmR?[View]
41535811optics for a 45-70 levergat?: Can't afford an ACOG, but that would probably be my choice becaus…[View]
41535147Is there any benefit to legally build your own solvent trap suppressor with a form 1 over just going…[View]
41538492I picked up a 'Gen 2' Sig Sauer p365 a few weeks back. Ran 200 rounds through at the range yesterday…[View]
41524988/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Drums Of Various Sizes Edition >Thread #826 Old thread here …[View]
41536244Why do people on here always neglect accessories , optics and lights? I always see people with 20 ba…[View]
41536034Magpull compact guns.: What happened to them? Ware they just props in the first place, made for the …[View]
41527788>his own seal buddies say they fucked with his sites so he wouldnt kill civilians Is there a more…[View]
415285361911 Desert Scorpion: My boss just gifted me a SIG 1911 Desert Scorpion. I have never owned a 1911 a…[View]
41534403Would a SWFA SS 10x42 plus bedding and free float, make an old Remington 30-06 decent at longer rang…[View]
41534371Oh Shit! that preachin niggas back and now he's on the wall! what do you shoot/throw at him?[View]
41536151Anyone wanna go fight Ukraine in Donetsk with me ?[View]
41538319Rifling using a drill press: I’ve heard a lot about CNC machines being used to rifle barrels, but ju…[View]
41537950What guns have outlived their prices?[View]
41518300Why do brits like this trash plane?: F-4 introduction: 1960 Lightning introduction: 1959 The F-4 is:…[View]
41532641Does thicker bow string mean slower arrow?[View]
41534387Soft Armor: Why isn't soft armor a thing anymore? Why don't companies design a modern plat…[View]
41534915Help a first time gun owner with manlet hands: is my support thumb supposed to rest directly on the …[View]
41536994Anyone here into airbois? I'm debating on getting my first pcp.[View]
41525678vigilance elite: shawn ryan of vigilance elite is entirely too fucking stupid to ever be special for…[View]
41534643How good is the world's fourth most powerful military?[View]
41515676Deadliest Warrior: I remember watching a livestream of the premiere of season 2 with /k/ back in 200…[View]
41527766CC for short skinny trap?: Hey guys, I just got my CCL today and I'm trying to find a good CC o…[View]
41535340Arming filthy noguns faggot:: What would you reccomend(except firearms) to noguns for arming himself…[View]
41519644US airstrike accidentally killed as many as 17 policemen fighting Taliban: How the fuck does this ha…[View]
41533752Does anyone have that picture of the bomber jet with the bay filled with 100 American 180s pointed a…[View]
41535235Apache Cannon: Have a factsheet.[View]
41535909Contested Landings: Why is it historically that landings were not contested? I hear it all the time …[View]
41536955Need help identifying this gun[View]
41531798I have an MSA Paraclete plate carrier. It's tan and has the Velcro front flap (not zipper). Wil…[View]
41532224any advice on what i should buy and do if war with iran is a go ahead? what will happen what should…[View]
41536861Six Paths to the Nonsurgical Future of Brain-Machine Interfaces: Is /k/ ready to control networks of…[View]
41534005Anyone else got one of these? If so what, if any, optic do you use? I just got the rail, (http://sto…[View]
41535547FN releases 6.5 Creedmoor Mk48 https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/05/20/fn-unveils-machine-gun…[View]
41535913Due to the similar nature in the goals of pistol grips, would it not be logical to have a pistol gri…[View]
41511182Fucking Patch Thread: Fucking patches motherfuckers. >Fucking Previous thread >>41474811 …[View]
41522649Thoughts on girls who like guns?[View]
41533941Daily reminder the Federal Government alone without the military is powerless to take your guns and …[View]
41532828What kind of depraved shenanigans have yall been up to ?[View]
41531644Wehraboos, what the fuck is this? Also, anyone know what that specific insignia is for? I have liter…[View]
41529907ITT: guns that make you go hmmmm[View]
41531727Sig Sauer P365 XL: XSeries P365 Grip Module with Integrated Carry Magwell and Extended Beavertail F…[View]
41533831Is it important to learn how to throw a punch?[View]
41535157Finn Mosin cracked stock: Got in a 1942 VKT barreled, 1897 Izhevsk receiver (antique) Mosin M91 - lo…[View]
41535412ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG: I hereby decree all yeahfags receive a week long ban on pos…[View]
41532478Greyman/Urban camo: any suggestions for good urban camo gear or uniforms?[View]
41524334Full auto vs semi auto for home defense?[View]
41532509stories thread?: >be me >be coloradan >be shooting with my boomer uncle and his friends …[View]
41532444Austrian Military Surplus: Does /K know the best places to get some Austrian military surplus from w…[View]
41531739Why was this scraped again?: This seems to be much more advanced than the Apache MK2.[View]
41525654Great bombers of ww2: Let’s start with the best[View]
41518087/EURO THREAD/ - SWISS REFENRENDUM EDITION: The results of the swiss referendum on the adoption of th…[View]
41535316Why is steel case ammunition so sticky icky in my Glock pmag?[View]
41535100MRE general: So /k/ I recently came into possession of a decent amount of military MREs. Anyone know…[View]
41525319Corporate Rivalries: Rem 870 vs Moss 500 and GP100 vs 686 are good, but which are more obscure?…[View]
41523611H&K MARK 23: >25 years later >still no more reliable and rugged gun that is match accurate…[View]
41510456Waiting for funs: Who else is impatiently waiting for their next fun to arrive? What did you get?? …[View]
41515406EMT thread: This is at least loosely a /k/ profession right? I'm enrolling in the classes soon …[View]
41531730Meanwhile, on 1900 /k/...: Reporting in from Peking walls![View]
41508531did any one ever strike a superior officer or take revenge against some one in the military? any rev…[View]
41533046I’m in charge of a university shooting group and one of my members said the C word to another shoote…[View]
41531354Anyone with advice for becoming a police officer? Im scheduled to take my fitness test for academy e…[View]
41528540How good are pickup trucks in war? apparently Russians liked them so they are using them for special…[View]
41530515>wake up >Reach for rifle, rifle is gone >Panic >Remember I am at home in bed It's …[View]
41531883Why does /k/ seem to hate competition shooting so much?[View]
41531531How dangerous are these?[View]
41533951Sten guns: Are they worth buying and assembling in 2017+2? There always was a lack of horizontally f…[View]
41518470This is the future of target shooting[View]
41529559Future of warfare: Hey /k/, how to you see firearms and warfare evolve in say 50 years from now? We …[View]
41527103My girlfriends birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise her with a gun for her birthday so we …[View]
41530801Optic”s for carbine 5.56: Anyone have personal recommendations for a variable optic? >$600 budge…[View]
41533186Im just gonna dump old military photos ive collected from here[View]
41520375This is the high tower armory bullpup hi-point carbine[View]
41533973Just ordered this optic to go on a Remington 700 LTR. https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-viper-pst-4-1…[View]
41520603Anyone own one of these bad boys?[View]
41531344BERSA THUNDER for 22nd bday dad is giving me one plus cc class. Discuss?[View]
41532221Ok /k/ Apparently, if your an anime fan and you like guns, you wind up with this. Tell me if I Dun f…[View]
41529790Jack Of All Trades; Master Of None: Alright /k/, today I'm going to explain a concept that I th…[View]
41527223triggers: if you pull a trigger and it fires the weapon, the trigger is fine. if you buy an aftermar…[View]
41521833BOARD QUALITY: Meta thread for /k/. Discussion here has been so childish and generally terrible its …[View]
41530208Armor carry options: Henlo /k/. I'm a contractor and the bag our company issued us is absolute …[View]
41530752Barrel twist and length relationship: Alright faggots let's actually have a discussion about so…[View]
41533665Does bullet weight cause more wear?: If I shoot with 180 grain rounds vs 140 will it cause more wear…[View]
41530378Gamo replay 10: Does anyone know a good way to increase the power of this air rifle?[View]
41532447>when you cant even afford to spell check your own companies name[View]
41532239Help me choose /k/: >Compact General Which would you buy? If neither, then what? Show me what you…[View]
41528992Need a new edc knife I think this is a good choice, https://www.bladehq.com/item--Kershaw-Link-Drop-…[View]
41519129/k/ Draw Thread: I'm bored edition >anything goes, as long as it is made by anon >pmg thr…[View]
41523515Hello anon, I hope your weekend has been as pleasant as mine. Here is a picture of my knife. Say s…[View]
41529322Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
41509205/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Toby Keith Edition Old: >>41479834 >LOYING ABOUT MEDI…[View]
41530083ALICE chest rig: Howdy /k/ommandos, I'm hoping one of y'all can answer a question I have a…[View]
41528594what do you think[View]
41525035the fuck is this?: I found some fuckin weird thing in the desert a few years ago, still haven't…[View]
41525192>be me >Want to get into HEMA >Also want to maintain a sex life Hmmmmm…[View]
41531682Safe to shoot these?: Found this (bottom) surplus Greek ammo for $9 for 20. Remington Core-Lok on to…[View]
41516815Are police better shots than the average criminal?[View]
41529555Ccw thread: Post your CCW weapons. >going with old reliable here.…[View]
41532342>siege weapons in front of your infantry What is this military tactic called?…[View]
4153226115th Century Self Cocking Crossbow: I came across this photo of a 15th century manuscript. It shows …[View]
41530626PMG Thread: PMG Thread, post anything Pimp My Gun related. Please no autistic designs that's al…[View]
41437289/pcc/ - Pistol Caliber Carbine general: You fags let it die edition Old Thread:>>41387641 http…[View]
41529885/arg/ AR thread: LPVO's Edition Old: >>41522879[View]
41528090How are AR pistols?: So I've got a M&P AR15, nothing fancy, but Ive got no real need for it…[View]
41530391The Chauchat was pretty good[View]
41529943Anybody know how self defense trials are handled on Native American reservations? I assume they must…[View]
41531363>be me >get sexy pinup girl painted on the stock of my shotgun >go to gun range >leave a…[View]
41531980Hello /k/, having some trouble with my m16 stock, want to remove the buffer tube from the actual sto…[View]
41526579Can women be operators?[View]
41531359Seismic Ammunition.: So anybody heard ANYTHING about what's going on with the super heavy +M am…[View]
41522678Thoughts on the Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9?[View]
41519468what's a /k/ use for these[View]
41526597Is this the latest version of /k/ summertime challenges ?[View]
41528555SilencerCo is finally shipping their summer BOGO cans: Anyone else grab a can last year? Now it…[View]
41523876Smg thread[View]
4153002114.5- carbine or mid length?: I know mid length is all the rage right now but how reliable is it wit…[View]
41523983Choice of modern gear and armament in the Fallout universe: The stage is set and you wake up in a ab…[View]
41524819Favorite Gun Oil for Different Tasks: What's your favorite gun oil for different tasks? I.e., l…[View]
41530171LARP?: So I read this post today and it sounds like a lie. It sounds like someone carefully invented…[View]
41522150Edc carry thread my dudes. Empty those pockets, and r8/b8/h8[View]
41530741Shot a Glock 20c yesterday fist time shooting 10 mm, my life will never be the same, I need that gun…[View]
41526296Okay /k/unts. I hate everything about this life and this society and as much I'd like to sob ab…[View]
41531021A firend told me something about some ammunitions and i want ask about it: So, a few days ago I was …[View]
41519535Being fit is essential for military/shtf so that leads down to the question Out of the following: a …[View]
41519299'In Service' is a bit of a stretch: Is this thing even armed?[View]
41519926SHTF comms?: Anyone have expertise in radio shit? I was wondering if I got my hands on a Ham radio o…[View]
41529929Build vs Buy: With LR pattern .308's, is it better to build or buy? I cannot for the life of me…[View]
41525089Pardon me sir, but I'd just like to see your permit for the sawed off shotgun you're keepi…[View]
41530440Messed up serial number: Hey /k/, I recently bought a new gun, but the serial number is messed up. T…[View]
41509704/k/ Movies: Which movies are /k/ approved and which ones do you think are underrated? Give your fell…[View]
41530580Folding stock measuring change?: Wrote to SB Tactical about buying a BTFA folding hinge for a buffer…[View]
41529317aesthetic camo thread?: Aesthetic camo thread[View]
41524745Trump: We have a military industrial complex and they like war: https://youtu.be/vc4vYWJfJnE?t=263 '…[View]
41520756/prg/ - precision rifle general 243 vs 6.5mm creedmoor edition roup calc program. > http://www.on…[View]
41526956Sup /k/, Looking to buy some pepper spray online. Problem is I live in massachusetts and here we pri…[View]
41526003post your best nerf guns[View]
41530360Hey guys, I want to get into prepping, gun collecting, and make myself a propper uniform. What are t…[View]
41530203Primary arms LPVO: What do you guys think about this optic? I'm not sure if i should keep it on…[View]
41523982What is the most boomer gun on Earth?: My personal choice is any lever gun (example presented is the…[View]
41527279Who sells the best swords on the internet?[View]
41529655Dedicated 22lr AR: So I bought a 22lr 16' upper, got a bunch of lowers and parts kits laying around …[View]
41529569Help me get over my fears of carrying for self-defense: So I have a pistol, a CC holster, I've …[View]
41523977/Gotherator/: Why do (You) hate goths? >pic related[View]
41522928Can we have a thread for wildcat and general weird cartridges?[View]
41523748Western New York Pistol Permit Application: Hey /k/, I live in Western New York (Erie County) and wi…[View]
41527791What's the plane 2nd from the bottom? Looks too small to be a MiG.[View]
41526032Does anyone know how gun ownership works in Poland?: I wanna start buying guns but forums are shit a…[View]
41522879ARG AR General LMT Thread: /arg/ post Lewis Machine & Tools here old >>41516373[View]
41504992/k/ ylyl thread GO!![View]
41492197What were the best ships of each class during ww2? My vote for the Yūgumo-class in the destroyer dep…[View]
41529440can someone educate me on m4a1's and glock 22's. Literally everything. Thanks![View]
41525641Anyone else get on edge, or paranoid whenever watching a movie at the theaters? I get pretty paranoi…[View]
41528838FUCK KRISS: JUST[View]
41523816Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
41507225It seems I’m developing a fetish for girls in camo, what do I do /k/?[View]
41517197I think I might have permanently damaged my hearing by shooting 7.62x39 without any hearing protecti…[View]
41525272Fishing vests will get ya killed in the streetz[View]
41524309alright /k/, whats the best suspension system?[View]
41516639Best edc knife under $100?[View]
41523500/k/anadian thread: specifically about weapons and not at all about the C-71 events planned for women…[View]
41528179Interesting how even as the rest of the front was collapsing the German paras held on to the last mi…[View]
41518350Babby’s first shotgun: I’ll be buying my very first shotgun soon. What should I get, and why?[View]
41524266How long could South Korea hold up against North Korea in a war?: A couple months? A few days? Would…[View]
41526236How large of an Army and Navy would the US need just to defend it's borders and coastlines?[View]
41516646You are approaching an armed opponent from behind with a knife. He is bigger and stronger than you. …[View]
41527166Need help identifying this case.[View]
41526577Whats the weapon the pic?It Looks likes a ptrs 39 and an mg 38 put together[View]
41521002Are magwell grips /k/ approved?[View]
41527539Why Russian/Soviet vehicles look so well fit and aesthetic?[View]
41526971What 1911 model is this?[View]
41511465Female military leaders: How common are female charistmatic leaders compared to their male compatrio…[View]
41526119Can anyone tell me what brand this is?[View]
41526936Best mag-fed semi-atuo shotgun in Canada?: I've been looking at many options (Derya MK12 Alphar…[View]
41526880Chi com vs Yugo: Classicfirearms has 'new' SKS'. What's gooder? A Yugo or a Chink com?…[View]
41500510Oldest lowest ranking soldier you have seen: How old was the oldest guy you've seen with no ran…[View]
41524297Pain-inducing venom as a non lethal weapon?: Has anyone attempted something like this before? A thou…[View]
41527274Can any of you identify what kind of bayonet this is[View]
41524164Pretty simple shit. Favorite gun thread.: Mine is the DSA SA58 OSW. It's the Fal if the Fal fuc…[View]
41502171Official 2019 Spring NuggetFest Recap Thread: Meant to post this much sooner but things have been pr…[View]
41525431What's a good defense gun that is not glock? Pic possibly related?[View]
41525214Hybrid guns: Bonus if video[View]
41526448/k/ infographic thread, anything from homemade weapons to survival guides. For educational purposes …[View]
41518312NC Hog Hunting Thread: So now that Turkey season is over and hunting wise, things are pretty ho-hum …[View]
41512196/k/ books: I need some new books to check out. What are the most /k/ books?[View]
41524849You're pinned down by enemy fire, you're low on ammo, and practically immobile. If you wer…[View]
41526683ITT we play the game of 'what gun'. Il start with an easy one[View]
41522378/k/olorado General: We doin' this again, lads. More Colorado content, pics, and such.[View]
41513936USS-stark vs a commercial jet: The Falcon took off from the airbase of Shaibah at 20:00 and headed s…[View]
41523013Sub-MoA Precision Rifles for $1K: Is it possible to build an accurate (1 MoA or less) precision rifl…[View]
41526310I unironically like this: please kill me[View]
41505325Any other open-world games that handle guns similarly to New Vegas? As in realistic, modifiable, the…[View]
41522675Explorer thread: How many of you would want to join an organization or community of some sort that…[View]
41525213Question for any leafs here. Just got my PAL. Any suggestions for my first gun.[View]
41523222Landing gear types: Is there any reason why does the Super Tucano, despite it being a propeller airp…[View]
41524217>Modernized Slovak VZ-58 never ever Feels bad mang[View]
41523170Steel Cased Ammo for Handguns?: Will Steel cased ammo fuck up semi automatic handguns? The discussio…[View]
41522147Armslist thread :A giant fucking moron or the atf edition: Just found this on armslist he wants 1600…[View]
41522395Muh Glock Perfection >Buys Glock 19 >Spits cases straight into face >Mushy trigger >Can…[View]
41520689Post aesthetically pleasing weapon images[View]
41525490israelfag here, id like to build myself a bolt action rifle, has to be chambered in 5.56 since thats…[View]
41523865What does /k think of pinfire guns? Also, does anyone know the laws for pinfire guns in the US? I he…[View]
41524872Mesh Veil/Hood: What is /k/'s opinion on these? >Nokk, from R6S…[View]
41519526Hunting 'yotes: please tell me everything I need to know to go out and hunt some yotes[View]
41517796>stabs your native species What do /k/?[View]
41522094How can I adapt my 5 pronged, 1969, Soviet TSH-4 tankers helmet plug to fit a normal headphone jack?[View]
41525014what is the best optics ready carry piece and why is it the PPQ?[View]
41522584I am unarmed.[View]
41520732Rate my gun design[View]
41517911Hypothetically speaking could the royal navy have made a difference in the pacific against the IJN h…[View]
41524798Browning Buckmark Carbines: I already have a 10/22 but lately, I've been craving these Buckmark…[View]
41520206Saiga vs vepr: Which is the better shotgun in terms of reliability? >saiga vs vepr We are not tal…[View]
41524516Which one of you autists did this at my local Walmart?[View]
41494316Which casio watch do you use k?[View]
415226227.62x39 220g: What would the wound channel look like on 220g 7.62 x39? would an rpk style receiver b…[View]
41520578Is it true that wadcutter bullets loaded backwards (with the hollow end facing the front) are more e…[View]
41524591How many of you /k/ommandos have a C&R: How often do you guys use it? I've had mine for alm…[View]
41524929fuck: i dun goofed, /k/[View]
41522998Proper shotgun thread: Side by sides over unders the more formal the better (pic related passed gran…[View]
41521086Does anyone know when additional matebas are gettting into the states? The email on their US site fo…[View]
41515039USAF copied Russian paint scheme: this was fucking sad... Air Force copied Russian plane cammo schem…[View]
41522403https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgocJD5Gi2c Anybody have one of these? Seem kind of pointless when A…[View]
41522500So I'm looking to build the ULTIMATE punisher AR15 build but I can't find a handguard that…[View]
41514544It seems like a meme, but damn I want a 7' shotgun[View]
41520755Any annon living near Pelzer - South Carolina?: There's been an investigation in pol and x abou…[View]
41505064/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Parkas And Polytechs Edition >Thread #825 Old thread here >…[View]
41518275Hey /k/, I've been browsing for years now and I have a couple of hand-me-down guns from family …[View]
41520196ITT: We say nice things about the bad decisions we've made on guns. I'll go first, even th…[View]
41518778If an American citizen receives the equivalent of a felony in a foreign country and serves prison ti…[View]
41518835What would be the most effective modern personal weapon against vampires?[View]
41516962FIM-92: Was this thing real fucking good in Afghanistan or was it's impact overrated? I find it…[View]
41523944>3 years in the Australian army (infantry) >1 deployment >Still cant get those hot as fuck …[View]
41515160homemade bioweapon: gather round for story time, /k/ >be me >buy stink bomb to prank family …[View]
41519770Attack Doggos: >Watches John Wick 3 Yeah... I'm thinking I'd shoot your dog too if I wa…[View]
41514891Bull pup general? Just picked this up the other day and I’m going to take it to the range for the fi…[View]
41520672Bac/k/pac/k/s: What do you anons pack when out LARPing or innawoods? Weapons and ammo included…[View]
41521017Thoughts on professor parabellum?[View]
41522261Knights Helmet: Where do you buy a medieval knight's helmet/ armor? Are there thrift stores whe…[View]
41522936I'm looking to get a woods gun. Should I get a .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum?[View]
41510803Does /k/ like rocket artillery?[View]
41516724What would a Socialist American military be like?[View]
41523304Hey /k/ I'm curious, is this guide still viable, is anyone really on that channel I was plannin…[View]
41519259Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
41514494Purge Thread: What would /K/ do in a purge-like scenario? Would you go out and slot some niggers, or…[View]
41522537Looking for recommendations and suggestions regarding spotting scopes. I currently have a ~$50 one f…[View]
41521133M1 grand: Found it in my grandpa's house attic. He was a WW1 veteran. I just wanted to share it…[View]
41511364Sailboat defense against seanogs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Nq2LKSnyA[View]
41522601https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTbm5ZzZQy8 Why were biplanes wrong again?[View]
41516373AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Max Fucking Chen Edition, because it…[View]
41520316Retarded Kraut revolver meets glorious Russian pigsticker[View]
41521522The last thread was barely good, but still I fucking hate those designs. Please give me more fixed g…[View]
41522462>side grip: Why is Hollywood so /facepalm, /k/?[View]
41520694What is the second best 4th generation fighter? F15 can’t be touched, but what plane is #2?[View]
41518935Reminder that pic related is actually top tier chinese tech[View]
41519281Yesterday I was here asking about advice for my first time shooting a gun. I went to the range and s…[View]
41522200TV show with the weirdest /k/ freaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQfEQE5w7Y https://www.youtub…[View]
41516628Thoughts on the Remington RP9?: Pros/cons, opinions, personal experiences, Etc. I bought one for $10…[View]
415165162000 grain 12 gauge slug!: Why hasn’t anyone made a 2000 grain slug? I don’t even see any available …[View]
41516853Literal perfection.[View]
41516747US Military Bayonets: Is /k/ on team M9 or team OKC-35?[View]
41521418>live in shitty eastern european country >can't get my hands legally on a gun unless cop/…[View]
41516961Is the Derya Arms MK12 a reliable shotgun?: It's Turkish, and I've generally heard bad thi…[View]
41509770Memes aside (haha), are they the most competent fighting force in the ME? Their record is positive, …[View]
41520183What could a Panzer III do against a T-34?[View]
41520451Weapons that defy the laws of physics or run on a bastardized understanding of them: >you're…[View]
41520674what are the best /k/ approved youtube channels?[View]
41518160Bring back the white star roundel Abrams would look sexy[View]
41511250Toilet Gun ITT: We post our bathroom defenders. I present a humble, cheap Rossi snubby 38 that I bo…[View]
41514512The AK2012 from 'Metro: 2033' What exactly is the Grip on it from? Like what firearm? As the the bac…[View]
41519244Yea, I’m thinking it’s lethal[View]
41520660Stal/k/er Challenge: Come in and share stories and pictures for all your stalker bros to have some c…[View]
41519503Shotguns: I’m looking for a semi-automatic shotgun for hunting and target practise. Recommendations?…[View]
41515867Are the Performance Center guns worth getting over the standard versions? I want to get a Shield.[View]
41518649Masonic sword: Found a masonic sword at a flea market, but I couldn't haggle the lady down bell…[View]
41520843Gun rights and international pressure: Are the grabbers going to start seeking outside help in break…[View]
41499858A-10: Just a reminder that this thing is an overrated piece of junk that would have its ass handed t…[View]
41509244Supressors: Why cant movies get them right....when did everyone get convinced suppressors magically …[View]
41520288Can someone tell me something about the markings on this Mosin? Just picked it up at the gun show.[View]
41495607What's the Noveske/KAC of EDC knives?: Looking to buy a EDC knife and don't know any big h…[View]
41519796Aww, sheeeit, here we go again[View]
41519351Baikal shotguns: Redpill me on Baikal shotguns. Buy, yes/no?[View]
41516247The .45 Colt is the greatest revolver cartridge ever made. >stronger than .38/44 special >punc…[View]
41518629Is the T55 the best tank for the incel revolution?: >extremely affordable >Parts are plentiful…[View]
41520102I'm in the eu (Ireland) how do I get some military surplus like an Enfiled here?[View]
41518217/k/onsensus on this? I seem to jerk the trigger a bit dry firing and that makes me nervous to buy.[View]
41519902Hey /k/, is this a good bag to go innawoods for one day, I know I'm missing stuff, but I'm…[View]
41513576/k/ conquers Westeros: Some faggot today told me that a modern-day Military wouldn’t be able to stom…[View]
41518131Tacticool thread?: I'll start[View]
41516569Croatia wants to buy F-16 from America or Gripen from Sweden. Which one is better?[View]
41519693What is a 'barrel blank'?[View]
41519186So we have Sea, Air, Land, and soon Space. Why have we not pioneered the last frontier? Where are ou…[View]
41516707The Swiss are going to fuck themselves, not bringing gun control to a vote is Paramount https://arch…[View]
41519042Hello, sorry for my bad english. I am looking for a sheath for this knife, one you can clip to your …[View]
41516980Aus cuckey: Thinking about getting into archery as getting a gun is a fucking pain in aus[View]
41519572Post Early PLA shit: Anything from the 30s-60s[View]
41516892>Be me >feel like committing mass murder today >Only have ordinary muzzle loaded gun >Ca…[View]
41463769k memes: Let's share our favorite memes and generally funny/cool pictures. I'll start…[View]
41516576West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women: > Thirty-four black women are e…[View]
41516977How many marines, soldiers, and civilians have died in poorly coordinated CAS? the world may never k…[View]
41516918Autoloading muzzleloader for SHTF: When you’re running low on supplies, you’re gonna need to rely on…[View]
41518249Balisong Knives: Are the obsolete and impractical compared to a folder? Also, what's the best o…[View]
41518882>action movies don't have realistic use of gun-[View]
41512651Mall Ninjas: Mall ninja thread? Mall ninja thread. Bolt force edition. >>Bolt Force targets th…[View]
41497457IIT: medieval/renaissance/homemade armor and weapons: Post anything you got[View]
41516956Sir, I have a question? What's the point of stealth aircraft if the enemy can look out a window…[View]
41507903My buddy from work: So I have a coworker who served in Afghanistan for 5+ years and he told me about…[View]
41519751BOARD QUALITY: Meta thread for /k/. Discussion here has been so childish and generally terrible its …[View]
41511838Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
41513427/k/aracters: Chance Gilbert from Longmire >Fled from a 'fascist country' to America to find liber…[View]
41513017need help with lens fogging up in gas masks: Anyway to make the lens stop fogging up in this gas mas…[View]
41518643PLAAF JH-7 Crash: https://twitter.com/CarlZha/status/1130063127406493699 Leaked footage depicts what…[View]
41516469Camo: Was recently reading up on different types and variants of camo and this one struck me and has…[View]
41517025Looking to buy my first rifle soon. I have a bolt action in .223/5.56 in mind and it should be somew…[View]
41504201Former Oregon duck and now football coach at Parkrose High School in Portland stopped a school shoot…[View]
41515862guestions i need answered about the THIS SPECIFIC SOVIET GAS MASK: I want to get pic related because…[View]
41514913This guy slaps your girlfriend's ass. Or more exactly, he engages in combative mating rituals a…[View]
41514667B2 thread: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/28076/new-video-of-b-2-bomber-dropping-mother-of-al…[View]
41512198For my first pistol I was thinking about getting a Kimber 1911 of some sort. I’ve heard good things …[View]
41517256/k/ Innawoods Thread #1: Anyone got any innawoods stories?[View]
41517504Sweep and clear: When you guys do a sweep, is the magazine loaded?[View]
41512700HK45 USP Series 1 vs Springfield 1911: Looking for something to put on passenger seat due to frequen…[View]
41517736H E C K L E R & K O C H[View]
41517654Will there ever be another amnesty like in 68? I'm not licking boot, just wondering if it would…[View]
41517878What is /k/'s favorite gun?[View]
41515695Law enforcement of /k/, I present you a situation. A white man in his mid-twenties with no priors st…[View]
41518086What does /k/ think about 715 Team?[View]
41512107It's a John Wick kind of day: Anyone else see the new movie?[View]
41515546Hey all, I picked up a Henry Big Boy chambered in .44mag about a month ago. I've put about 500 …[View]
41503558What are /k/'s dos and don'ts of wearing gear? How do you wear your gear without looking l…[View]
41491369Calling all Glock 20 and 40 owners!: Please buy a 9x25 Dillon barrel from KKM. They will only do a r…[View]
41517704Can somone right randa next to a gun with a heart it would mean the world for me guys[View]
41517745What is deadlier? A spear wound or a gunshot wound?[View]
41515432rifle length rifles: what a novel concept right? i held a 20' AR for the first time recently and was…[View]
41466989What's the /k/onsensus on .38 special?: Does it still have viability as a defensive cartidge? A…[View]
41515511What the hell is this?[View]
41513168My kit Also i'm fat.: My kit Gp5 gas mask with no filter and a French Foreign legion assault ve…[View]
41512656What could be expected of pilots shot down in naval battles in WW2? Going out hundreds of KM's …[View]
41516494Good morning lads, I'm currently in search of a chest rig. I have no experience with them and …[View]
41511399How badly did this guy fuck this gun. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SfDh8i7baVYThe[View]
41509474This doesn't make any sense...: I can have a gun, that fires projectiles very far away, can fir…[View]
41514576PMG thread?[View]
41509768Breaking the conditioning: What are some fighting tips that are unorthodox or discouraged by society…[View]
41517116If you were to look at nuclear explosion with binoculars, would your eyes melt? https://www.youtube.…[View]
41516484Need Gun Recommendations: Looking to buy a gun in case I decide to kill myself. Needs to be cheap bu…[View]
41513555Do slavs make good revolvers?[View]
41513486Pakistan-India Airwar: JF-17 vs Mirage 2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=icV2…[View]
41513504Thread on the Iranian Armed Forces: Since we've been hearing about a potential war with Iran an…[View]
41509566If the hypothetical /k/ nation hypothetically acquires an F-35, what will /k/ do with it?[View]
41516931To what extent would you say the USA military is a meritocracy? And how would it compare to other mi…[View]
41516600/pol/ needs help creating an Armor force for The Boogaloo: Link to original thread: >>>/pol…[View]
41514475The knife I ordered.: Does it look nice?[View]
41515606Do Florida purchase laws reciprocate in other states?: Greetings anons, I'm a florida resident …[View]
41516572what are these ropes called? what are they for? stability? i have wondered for so long. some planes …[View]
41512328What would be the global response if a nuclear armed state collapsed?[View]
41509530Mossberg 590A1: What do you guys think of the 590A1s? I'm looking for a shotgun that will last …[View]
41514742karambit meme?: is the karambit knife a meme or is it actually usefull? is it better than a bench m…[View]
41516564What's a good balisong that simply won't fall apart? It doesnt have to be supersteel, and …[View]
41516237Post your working/learning music: Need some for learning. Possible making you a infographic for DIY…[View]
41512510Why the fuck can't I sharpen this knife?: Posting this out of pure fucking rage right now. This…[View]
41516098Bug Out Bag?: DCfag here. What do you guys recommend in case SHTF with an attack or something? Off t…[View]
41514982I wanna buy an M1A was always a big fan of the M14. However I started to do some research into Sprin…[View]
41513900Why are shotguns so cheap?: Why are pump action shotguns so much cheaper than other guns? Is it beca…[View]
41512354/k/ btfo: Guess you guys gotta find someone else to hate on now lmao[View]
41514050AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Suppressed edition Old >>4150776…[View]
41515141FN 509 Midsize: What does /k/ think of the FN 509 Midsize?[View]
41513218What 3D modeling software is the standard for firearm design?[View]
41508788Is it possible for a terrorist organisation to make home made nuclear weapons? What about lone wolf …[View]
41512665.45 Hi-Point Pistol: My first (and currently only) handgun is a Hi-Point .45 semiauto. I have taken…[View]
41512891ideal saturday night special ammo?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vx_w-UitUM[View]
41512563How would you defend yourself from a home invader using a nail gun?[View]
41511331What are /k/'s thoughts on slam fire shotguns?[View]
41507716music thread - BASED and anti-commie edition: Go boys, daily left-pol needs some counter https://ww…[View]
41515306Here’s a hypothetical for you: you’re in a state in which one needs a firearms card to shoot, and yo…[View]
41493699What is the best way to get a good working soviet gas mask that would fit a large/Xlarge head? I…[View]
41511544Future of ranged-weapon combat: Will we still use guns hundreds of years from now? In sci-fi and oth…[View]

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