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42609400The Artillery Museum: Some photos from the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and …[View]
42604862What’s to stop an armed store clerk from shooting an innocent black guy who comes in late a night an…[View]
42600692The Eternal Struggle: Discuss[View]
42598043Im unironically considering getting into 3d printing. Should l get an Ender 3 or the Ender 3 pro????…[View]
42605933You're innawoods and you see someone using this on small game. What do?[View]
42609049Best gear for innawoods/camping/bushcraft? Bonus for sleep gear[View]
42605921You must win a landwar with an army of only women: The world is watching callously from afar, they t…[View]
42612409Ive got 1k and I'm looking for an edc pistol. Gib recommendations frens[View]
42612331If you have an illuminated optic, do you turn it off when you’re not fondling the gun or do you leav…[View]
42602079Has anybody tried combat diapers yet?[View]
42574325noknifez looking for a good knife here, what do you guys suggest that's less than $200? i'…[View]
42609404For me, It's Sandman and Lonestar[View]
42605643Is it still an effective weapon, or just a meme?[View]
42612403What gun does shadow the hedgehog bust out during his game's intro cutscene? https://youtu.be/j…[View]
42603124So /k/: Mags and gear on the front and sides, or just sides to allow greater assimilation with micro…[View]
42549455/k/ Fantasy Thread: Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical (or …[View]
42608674what are some fun wooden weapons you can create? some kind of spear?[View]
426122652019 holidays shopping season is coming in about two months. What are you planning on buying? Me, 2x…[View]
42611650any Postal Inspectors here? What kind of firearms do you guys carry, what was the certification with…[View]
42609978Botswain whistles: Show em if you got em[View]
42606815Anyone know what tank this is? Friend of mine took a screenshot of it during a parade in the Netherl…[View]
42594065First Photo of Textron’s NGSW Prototypes: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/09/12/first-photo…[View]
42608706Has your opinion changed on the F-35?[View]
42610536Can a gun be both aesthetic and practical?[View]
42611882Alright lads, give my shit SKS a name: Its a chink SKS as you can see Some names I came up with: Mei…[View]
42611857'Nice trigger discipline bro'[View]
42600733You have been appointed Director of Civilian Marksmanship and are instructed to head a bold new prog…[View]
42589014FAT NAVY LOSE WEIGHT EDITION previous:http://boards.4channel.org/k/thread/42562480/meg-military-enli…[View]
42609523Lets say you have to defend this small european town from foreign invaders which is advancing with T…[View]
42588393Bundeswehr Thread: Over all the news about the bad state their military is in, I tend to forget the …[View]
42610969Is there any way to launch a successful breakthrough attack against dispersed and entrenched defende…[View]
42610470/k/'s Thoughts on the Themis?[View]
42609765I don't see any threads in the catalogue to post this in, so: My dad wants to buy me a gun for …[View]
42607554Can a navy seal survive Egyptian's special force training ?[View]
42609508What muscles are most important for soldiers and us to train and why aren’t super serums real?[View]
42604687Roman Cavalry Chior: How effective was it?[View]
42610492The mesh pattern inside the red-dot. What use does it have? Is it like anti sun?[View]
42606666Buying advice: HK or CZ?: I am picking up my weapons permit on Thursday, and I am suddenly having so…[View]
42553202/MSG/ - milsurp general: In this edition of Milsurp International we explore what the size of your b…[View]
4260974530-06 vs .308 M1 Garand?: What are the pros and cons of each? I'm not interested in collector v…[View]
42604214Body cam kino: https://youtu.be/2QQul-WKDx4[View]
42608360Working my last day at my Job as an RSO, just had some boomer try to send 300 blackout through his 5…[View]
42601044These are the kind of guns available to gangs in my local area. Rate their loadout[View]
42600869Can someone explain the czoyboy meme[View]
42604232This is Kilo, say something nice about him.[View]
42603549ATF thread: Post your preferred: >Alcohol >Tobacco >Firearm And the other anons will judge…[View]
42608949Best place for foreign military surplus in and around Houston?[View]
42605718How would you take down a Garthem warrior?[View]
42609892Would an M72 rocket to the treads have immobilized it?[View]
42601380ARG /arg/ AR General: No compromises edition LMT posts not eligible Old >>42596371[View]
42600814Is Dante’s handguns real? Has a .45 pistol been modified this way in real life?[View]
42604870>Even the turret hatch is a beret[View]
42606473Legal Fortifications: so what are some legal fortifications you could make to your house? I'll …[View]
42603125Imaging going through basic for this: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/24/soldier-charged-go…[View]
42608968Can we get a black gun owner thread going?[View]
42609108>of course I have a wide selection of guns[View]
42605641Gun beginner, looking to get a 1911: Hello /k/. I am looking to get a 1911. Which do you recommend. …[View]
42602341New gun day/lever gun thread Spanish copy 92 “El Tigre” Interesting history and a pretty nice gun.…[View]
42600516Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42602797This is literally my new fetish, i never knew they look so good holding god damn guns Anyone have pi…[View]
42601464KS7: Solidly Worthy, or Solid Waste?: No memesters, please - let me hear from people who've act…[View]
42606594footlong revolvers: post your best big revolvers fictional allowed[View]
42598785Why has the XCR not achieved mainstream success?[View]
42606341Tyrant deterant: Polymer80.com Build your guns fast. Learn to use them . Store ammo in sealed boxes…[View]
42590114No Knock Raid Defense: How do? Any ideas?[View]
42604208Tristar Tec 12: It’s a “select fire” M3 clone from Turkey and it’s knly 500$ Has anyone here used or…[View]
42599356HK USP what is your opinion on them?compared with 19x or p10c, is it really worth the price?[View]
42605527Spooky Innawoods thread: So I've been thinking about this greentext for the past few days. It h…[View]
42601831Where can I find one of these?: I know they are not made anymore, has anyone seen one of these at a …[View]
42600497FRIENDLY EEEEE REMINDER: Anon, remember to ALWAYS DOUBLE UP on that EAR PROTECTION and use plugs and…[View]
42608079Just bought this Dan Wesson Coyote 22 for 250$ yesterday, anybody have any experience with these? Ju…[View]
42586524Fantasy PLA invasion of India: Serious Bizniz now How would you do it? No one else is involved, just…[View]
42607200what are the gun laws like here? I can only find conflicting information on google.[View]
42608616>'There is already a jihadi website which you can go on and remotely detonate an IED in Iraq' wtf…[View]
42590625A Fudd is someone who owns guns but does not support spirit the second amendment. An old person is …[View]
42582615Is ARMA realistic enough to be a simulator, or is it just a game?[View]
42604375SHTF AR retro Build: howdy fellas, I'm new to gun building and just thought I get some opinions…[View]
42605139What makes a 1911 a 1911?: Forgive my ignorance, but there are so many different variants, sizes, co…[View]
42606089Walther PPK/S 22 LR: Would this be a good first gun? :)[View]
42589196Now that railguns are starting to become main stream thanks to the chinese navy and the united state…[View]
42600311Full Moon Kit: Its Friday the 13th And its gonna be a fuckin full moon anon did you forget your gea…[View]
42607868I tested the AC unity ak74 mags: I will shot300 rounds through each mag I own 2 and do a drop test o…[View]
42607535I have recently purchased my first rifle, a henry classic .22 and I wanted to know if dry cycling th…[View]
42604103>mfw no quad barreled shotguns on sale Fuck this faggot world[View]
42601074For me it's Goex FFg. The best of all black powder.[View]
42606561Is it good to have an extremely thin front door to shoot through in cases of false 5150 hold attempt…[View]
42606842https://thehomegunsmith.com/pdf/Expedient-Homemade-Firearms-Vol-II-PA-Luty.pdf Just a friendly remin…[View]
42607416Gas port built into the barrel?: How does this benefit the casual shooter if at all?[View]
42583382Buy/Sell/Trade: Im looking for a Carcano Carbine, preferably in 6.5x52 or 8mm Mauser I have a Star B…[View]
42602609Hi, Misha here.[View]
42606374Ron COHEN's indian made trash guns lose again. https://whyy.org/articles/septa-police-to-get-ne…[View]
42603566What are the most impractical, bizarre, and useless firearms accessories you've ever seen?[View]
42595689>temporarily stopping my salt rifle hoarding to buy a ring Who else knows this feel?…[View]
42593359>mil-spec trigger >no mlok handguard with full-length option >no 6.5CM >reciprocating ch…[View]
42606731Some fictional scenario of a /k/olorado uprising taking place in the near 2020s. Basically a dystopi…[View]
42606110What's was the most elite militia that's ever existed? What special forces have been the b…[View]
42597041American troops would never desert or switch sides in case of a civil w-[View]
42599589What weapons/gear to buy this Xmas before bans in 2020?: Formerly anti gun liberal here. Last 10 yea…[View]
42606068what weapon is this (Body Count/Born Dead album inlay): Anons..., I copped this album mid 90s and st…[View]
42606952Hell yeah bros, care package inbound!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0_5gj_xkwE Taking inspiratio…[View]
42599909What's the utility of these tiny guns? I saw one of these mini-revolvers in a store and I'…[View]
42597954War crimes: If a war zone is a Societal breakdown to a state of nature, then how can you hold anyone…[View]
42602260genetically engineered war animals: would they have a role on the battlefield of tomorrow? if so wha…[View]
42605366What does /k/ think of a combined lower + upper full monocoque receiver?: http://soldiersystems.net/…[View]
42604855Shooting Drills: Which shooting drills are legit? Which are bullshit? US Army Rifle Qualification ht…[View]
42582741ATF thread: Kfags- post your favorite pairings for the range.[View]
42606024Is there a counter to these things?[View]
42599982So this happened today: >be me >working at LGS >gentleman of African descent enters the sto…[View]
42605046Show /k/ your balisong tricks[View]
42588231Best pistols that hold 10 rounds?: Want to get a nice first pistol, open to 9mm or any caliber but I…[View]
42604153what gun is this? looks fake[View]
42605512What’s the best gun for silencing these niggers? I heard they taste good[View]
42605715Hey, my /k/ommando bros, got some questions for you guys. 1) What would be your choice pistol to app…[View]
42584802How /k/ is Illinois: Might have to move to a suburb of Chicago for work. How shit is it for gun owne…[View]
42594840Just finished Hell or High water the other night and it made me think. How would someone really rob …[View]
42599790Whitest Units: Realistically speaking if I wanted to enlist & join the whitest MOS/unit possible…[View]
42581699Caliber war thread: I want all 9mm melvins off my board by sundown. Your round is fine, good enough …[View]
42603528Being a sneaky fuck: How much does aspects from hunting/stalking/tracking translate into infantry-es…[View]
42602033What does /k/ think about 5.56x24?: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/new-5-56-x-24.1739010/ https:/…[View]
42605053Revolutions and underdogs: Military underdogs “Come and take it” edition. >don’t panic Bob What a…[View]
42604842this thread went so well last time, might as well bring it back can anyone identify the specific kne…[View]
42595399Opium Wars III: The entire British Empire at it's maximum extent, so all dominions, territories…[View]
42593370The Absolute Mad Man: >The M231 cannot be safely used outside of its intended mount. It should be…[View]
42601009/k/ gondola thread/k/ gondola thread/k/ gondola thread/k/ gondola thread/k/ gondola thread/k/ gondol…[View]
42599869innawoods armory: Hello /k/ommandos I've recently inherited 50 acres of undeveloped land from m…[View]
42596931mandatory buyback: >dems win presidential election >roll out mandatory guns buyback for everyo…[View]
42591384>3AM >Hear a crash downstairs >It's happening >Put on M43 Feldmütze and sneak downs…[View]
42598467>0 dmg 0 dmg >0 dmg 0 dmg >0 dmg 0 dmg >0 fucking dmg Woah.. so this is the power... of…[View]
42604239Mil Spec 1911: Just got this bad boy How'd I do?[View]
42602308Hey, so does anybody know a website or some shit where I could find a 9X39 AK?[View]
42598482RELOADING GENERAL: Vintage Can Edition All this powder from the mid-70s should still be good to use,…[View]
42590607What's your take on pointy muzzle breaks?[View]
42598687penal unit: Does the U.S military have a penal unit like the brits do? >https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
42603201should I?[View]
42591280/k/ommunications general: /k/ommunications general Old Thread: >>42531449 Radio thread? Radio…[View]
42597451DSEI 2019 thread: Jormungandr edition “It’s like SHOT Show but for adults!”-Arms Dealers Everywhere …[View]
42603923Gamer thread: Will any gamers on this board please rise up?[View]
42603866USA used guns websites: What websites are good to buy used guns on? I'm not in the US so I have…[View]
42599571Could one Marathon class Heavy cruiser destroy the entire US military.[View]
42602665Best place to ask this question: Thinking about getting this Gas mask / Air respirator. Looks good a…[View]
42599383What's the best gun cabinet for 4-5 long guns with optics? Should I just buy whatever shitty St…[View]
42601273PWS components worth the buy?: I built an Aero Precision based LR308 about three months ago. It has …[View]
42603602Quad rails are dead.[View]
42598828Choose your loadout thread: >be you >anon >get hired as a mercenary with based Ukrainian mi…[View]
42597636Foxhole weapon replica: I'm thinking about doing a gun replica of a vidya called foxhole, more …[View]
42589037>10mm PCC for less than 400 dollars why haven't you bought one yet?…[View]
42590308Is it time to start panic buying?[View]
42603373All right, lads.: >Going running tonight. >Never mind that it's Friday the 13th. >Neve…[View]
42599679Friday the 13th: How would you kill him, /k/?[View]
42601661So, I got a deal on a short barrel 357. We all know the round is severely gimped out of anything les…[View]
42579550Other than the IDF using it against unruly urchins, are there any military or LE applications of .22…[View]
42602161Here's your issued weapon, bro. Take care of it.[View]
42596905What went wrong?[View]
42601345What is the shortest you could saw off the barrel of an MG42: Just wondering[View]
42601657/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Cancer containment DYEL edition Old >>42596371…[View]
42597155Is this the best multitool available on the market?[View]
42597612>want to get other guns but commie politicians keep threatening an AWB Fucking hell. I just spent…[View]
42597271gen 5 update time: People who have owned a gen 5 for awhile, how is the finish holding up? I read wh…[View]
42594149Just a reminder to all the EuroFags to stack up.[View]
42599073thinking about getting the x300 for my glawk owb loadout. any other lights i should consider? i can …[View]
42601251How retarded am I for wanting this?: SKS Bullpup[View]
42601306Jamsheed, lord of war: https://youtu.be/yfx74JBz2EI Fucking based[View]
42601439Italian Mountain Troops: Do they have a Toblerone regiment?[View]
42594686Top Shelf AR10: Sup /k/, I'm looking to buy a top shelf, super accurate AR10 late this year or …[View]
42589753So I called my campus PD and asked if they offered a way for me to *lawfully and securely* store a r…[View]
42600272AHHHHH: its on the tip of my tongue, what is the military term/job title for someone who manages equ…[View]
42596371AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Cancer containment Even more tired shit edition Old>…[View]
42599648Is doing PT with a gasmask on autistic?[View]
42597545Fuck the NFA: Fuck the ATF, Fuck the NFA. All I want is a goddamn Sten. A cheap as shit shoddy fucki…[View]
42589191What would you argue is the most important type of firearm for an American citizen to own? My vote g…[View]
42546595/cowboy/ general: Modern edition[View]
42587896Pick one mainstream cartridge to shitcan in exchange for a wildcat/meme cartridge that fills the sam…[View]
42535261Ban State General (BSG #2): Last one went well so I'll save that OP trouble and try to get anot…[View]
42598265Wishlist thread: What is /k/ eyeing as their next purchase? Are you going to have to wait and save f…[View]
42596720Sig's MG-6.8: >chambered in same 6.8x51 hybrid ammo as their NGSW rifle >weighs around 12…[View]
42568460This Destroyer Concept Is a Tank Battalion’s Worst Nightmare: https://www.popularmechanics.com/milit…[View]
42590709Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42598796Backpack Sprayers: look at that, there has to be a way to weaponize it what would you put in a backp…[View]
42597160Mislabeled Weapons: I was thinking back on something today that made me wonder if anyone else had go…[View]
42600055Braced pistols thread: This is Olga. Say something nice about Olga. Draco NAK9x some russian red dot…[View]
42600606Let the damage control begin. >it's mandatory >but we totally won't go door-to-door…[View]
42600005>Cum and take it[View]
42583016Just how much ammo do you have stockpiled /k/?[View]
42582937Is the 6.5mm Grendel the perfect all-rounder cartridge?[View]
42541801/ak/ aircraft edition: >>42502884 last bread the F35 is a beautiful woman with large sized br…[View]
42598274>the only German army that never went to war[View]
42589959Hey /k/, been looking into getting a taurus curve (mostly for memes, but I also think it would look …[View]
42599321Why doesn’t a mega tank like Shagohod exist? It’s a mobile nuclear launcher and also a tank armed wi…[View]
42592551Should 'machine guns' be retermed 'machine rifles'?: The German word for machine gun is 'Maschinenge…[View]
42598254Say something nice[View]
42595822how do i achieve this fit? (i.e. what kneepads/shin guards are these)[View]
42598980anyone on /k/ have these? after picking up a few more guns, might pick up one.[View]
42599088How do you cycle the bolt if you shoot with your left hand: Newfag question, so I'm left handed…[View]
42537287Floridaman /k/[View]
42574184ITT: we critique fictional guns: >12.7x40mm Works for a Spartan, but this is otherwise a .500 S…[View]
42599158Just picked up a shitty old crossbow from the 60s at a pawn shop, don't know jack shit about th…[View]
42585261/k/ crossboarding: If you use other boards, what are their sentiments of /k/ related things whenever…[View]
42599080Operating: Lufthansa Flight 181 is nuts >Watching this special forces docu show on Amazon >Pa…[View]
42598490Russian backpacks: Does anyone here have any experience with modern Russian backpacks? By 'mode…[View]
42583288I don’t have $20k. can I just get a stamp for the clothes hanger from the ATF? I just want to waste …[View]
42598201Boo/k/s Sup lads, about to go on a pretty long trip, and if you fine educated people could recommen…[View]
42580619Booby trapping driveway: I have some undeveloped land my families owned for some time and we’ve had …[View]
42598718The fire extinguisher is greatly under appreciated: You can make so much fog with it, it's craz…[View]
42595877Does anyone know stories or people who've been in the PLA? How they're training is actuall…[View]
42598496SQT Stupid questions thread: in the market for a cheap AK, should i go PSAK or WASR-10[View]
42586229EPR rounds: Where did all the m855a1 go? You could get it for 50 cpr last year on gunbroker. M80a1 h…[View]
425983545 more years of combloc and we would have had the G11 and the Wieger STG940.[View]
42584604Exactly 100 years ago, in the tragic aftermath of the Great War, one of most /k/ events of all time …[View]
42598761Diverse arms thread: >A transsexual gatling gun trapped inside an smg https://youtu.be/JstoTF_pda…[View]
4258387112 Letters. Anti-Anything. What held the AA12 back from adoption in police departments and militarie…[View]
42598137>here's your fighting position bro[View]
42598245>Semi auto[View]
42590447.22 Appreciation: Post .22s in your life that you enjoy and want to share with others[View]
42595007Does anyone even buy .22 lr by the brick anymore?[View]
42597477Why are Avon S10 and FM12 Gas-masks so expensive?[View]
42597565This is the ideal helicopter. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
42576465Don't forget PAK FA-chan![View]
42597370Okay, so I'm not saying I'm ever going to do this, but I'm just curious: Is it techni…[View]
42597400The devil's come down to /k/, he's looking for a soul to steal. He's slithered his wa…[View]
42596390How effective are personal ballistic shields (Level lll & lV likely) ? Are just a meme or they …[View]
42597166Best AR pistol round?: What rifle round would you argue is the best round for a AR pistol and why?…[View]
42588157Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Edition previous: >>42562480 LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY = BAD…[View]
42597387Would cutting a HomeDef shotgun muzzle like this reduce muzzle climb or destroy my barrel?[View]
42590088Gun Country: Which states has the biggest number of guns per person/most liberal gun laws?[View]
42597742Here’s what I don’t get about gun control and please argue with me cus I genuinely want to know if I…[View]
42588481I.T.T things that trigger you in movies/TV: I'll start, an MG-3 or MG-42 is apparently a 'brown…[View]
42592926Lets rate russian camos best to worse: http://camopedia.org/index.php?title=Russia https://camopedia…[View]
42589238does anyone else draw their own military equipment designs? post em[View]
42596632OP is big fag and is thinking about starting bow hunting in the near future. I've been hunting …[View]
42589923Bringing Bakelites Home?: Say someone were to take a trip to Russia or Ukraine for a while to study …[View]
42595013Loadout thread that isnt shit thread![View]
42595118Boots boys: I need a new pair of boots. My old Bellville army boots I used for hiking are finally w…[View]
42594047Would /k/ ever let a suicidal anon kill themselves? I have no money to buy a gun and I doubt I would…[View]
42588732Best of Mauser: Which is the best of the Mauser platform?[View]
42594109Beto’s gun ban: Beto wants your AR15. How would this happen? Police come take them? And if that did …[View]
42592411/k/ controls XCOM in real life scenario: The day of awakening has arrived, the aliens have arrived a…[View]
42593866Thoughts on the NVA and DDR Equipment and Weapons?: Yes this is OC...[View]
42570177ITT post your favorite handgun, shotgun, and rifle. Then let the anons here judge you.[View]
42595738Knife: What's the best knife, and why is it the Kabar. It's so good the marines use it. s…[View]
42595127>Antigun bastards want you, your family, and everyone you love and care about in a mass grave. H…[View]
42590334Boogaloo for Beginners: You are asked to create a kit that is both is the most useful and cost effec…[View]
42596603Is pic related any good? Was looking to do a bulk purchase[View]
42586127I wish I joined the army: I know this gonna be blog posty but fuck it. I wish i joined up, i was suc…[View]
42592150Guns with Mannlicher Stocks are the ultimate /comfy/ for innawoods. You can’t prove me wrong.[View]
42592393What's the most beautiful revolver?: Also wheelgun porn thread.[View]
42596477How important is strength for soldiers and why aren’t you training like one? Pull-ups, sit ups, push…[View]
42584496Pissin hot reloads: Alright /k/, I've recently acquired a Glock 20 in God's own caliber, a…[View]
42587576whats a good wheelgun to concealed carry: i think this one might be too big but i wish it wasnt :(…[View]
42595744scar isn't worth it: My Aero Precision AR-10 has same or better capacity, more mag choices, sho…[View]
42590724/arg/ ARG AR general: New and Old thread Old >>42584342[View]
42593645DNC debate talking about guns now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UWVO0Trd1c[View]
42591901I’m going to be purchasing a Sprinter this winter and I will be building it— inside and out, at my p…[View]
42591247Pcp airgun: Anyone have and use one? For deer sized game?[View]
42582017Just bought pic related in 9mm for $409 on a whim. Did I fuck up? Anyone care to share their experie…[View]
42589290give me some spray camo ideas for my ar15 bros[View]
42591826Around the World: Let's try something new for /k/ As we shitpost and argue, eat burgers and hon…[View]
42594212I am going to buy either a Barrett Rec7 or a Daniel Defense V7. Help me make up my mind?[View]
42595923I’m planning on getting an ak kit build out, which barrel length do I get 16 or 12.5?[View]
42591812what gun is this?[View]
42595906There's nothing wrong with Glock any more so than any other moderately priced pistol, maybe eve…[View]
42593520Chain of command: Whom should I respond to?: ITT: >I ask a question >We discuss military-relat…[View]
42592662MAGNUM 1911: What's the most powerful caliber that I can get a 1911 chambered in? 50 gi is weak…[View]
42590846What are the odds of your own gun being turned against you?: A common problem for police is suspects…[View]
42595536are there any good archives for flir footage from the 20th century? apacheclips and dvids is mostly …[View]
42592931redpill me on camouflaged guns[View]
42593815>arms What did they mean by this? Please reply using images only.[View]
42596158'If it was a weapon designed to kill people battlefield were going to take it away from you' Say goo…[View]
42593209post stuff like this[View]
42594813Best striker fire CCW? Best DA/SA?: 9mm and .45 Pic not related[View]
42591814/k/ ,post your favorite old guns.: Mine´s the Ross Rifle[View]
42594747AR-15 for every decade: Because the AR is such an old and widely produced design, try and use this t…[View]
42579312UH OH...: Which of you morons did this? Even for /k/ this is too much. https://taskandpurpose.com/ai…[View]
42591435Hello /k/. I was just wondering, what makes you get the guns that you do? Is it pure cool factor? Do…[View]
42580101Colt Halts Production of Long Guns for the Retail Market: good fucking riddance >Firearms distri…[View]
42592098What effects have the War in Afghanistan (2001-), the War in Iraq (2003-2011), and the various other…[View]
42594954ITT: gun sale forums I see these videos of people just bringing up a website and finding all these …[View]
42592545Let's see your militaria collections. Pic is my most stuff before I packed some up to leave fo…[View]
42592554Chest Rig vs. Vest: Plate carriers limit my mobility. I need more dexterity and free reign of moveme…[View]
42583743Are there any cool Hungarian guns worth owning? I've got some spare cash and want to indulge in…[View]
42593780This show is comfy[View]
42590023Disposing firearms: I have a fucked lower receiver Whats the best way to get rid of it? Drop it off …[View]
42583945would you rather have a short barrelled shotgun or short barrelled lever action? no mare memers pls[View]
42591916What do you think of .22LR semi-autos?[View]
42575553Any Jersey fags in the house?: Can you explain what kind of fucking gulag you live in? And if there …[View]
42575920Sig Sauer Innovation: What do you make of the Sig P365 SAS? Interesting stuff from Sig lately. https…[View]
42593278How long do you store loaded mags: Do you rotate them? Keep one loaded and another empty? Is spring…[View]
42589064Is the m9a3 worth the extra $400-$500 or should I just settle for the 92fs or some other m9 variant?[View]
42594220Surplus AK furniture: Where do you get some decent wood? Why is it out of stock everywhere?[View]
42588366>it's another 'in a situation where you need to shoot someone hostile but the trigger sudden…[View]
42592821EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Is there a better over ear hearing protection than the 3M Peltor X5A? (He…[View]
42584728Ruck style pack: Who NEEDS that much gear, it should be regulated, queer.[View]
42550072>According to a NSWC press statement, Commander Edward Mason (ST-7, commanding officer), Lieutena…[View]
42588440VP9 or P320?[View]
42589248Shooting trough the windshield: Is this retarded ? Is there any risk of 'ricochet' ?[View]
42585336Anyone know where to find one of these for sale state side without having to pay an arm and a leg.[View]
42593550Safes: I need a safe, quite badly. I want something that doesn't break the bank for no added pu…[View]
42584789Why haven't you bought your .50 BMG rifle for 1k yet?[View]
42592249I have this weird dust cover for my AK: I know its weaver rail anyone know a good optic that can fit…[View]
42586008Sherman tank: Was it really a deathtrap? How much of its poor reputation is propaganda?[View]
42588210Gas mask suggestions.: Prepperfag here. Anyone can link me to actully good gas masks, preferably wit…[View]
42591663Guess the military.: This thread was quite good last time I saw one. Lets try again. Any era allowed…[View]
42579656Recent acquisitions?: Recent acquisitions. New Roog.[View]
42591373were pre-dreadnoughts really obsolete in wwii?[View]
42585089Is there a use for Medium Tanks in the West?[View]
42581601How would /k/ stop the 9/11 terror attacks?: Lets pretend 9/11 wasn't an inside job and the ter…[View]
42588610Who the fuck hammers a .223 into a wall and leaves the primer in? What would happen if I banged it w…[View]
42591879>m-lok >aimpoint with a riser >20 inch barrel >A FUCKING HAND STOP imagine being one of …[View]
42588084Italy is joining the Tempest program: https://www.janes.com/article/91076/dsei-2019-italy-joins-temp…[View]
42592083What software and programs are used to create orders of battle like this?[View]
42577375ITT: Post 'Gangsta' guns[View]
42591220post irl ORK vehicles[View]
42567058>>>/fa/14619609 /fa/ here is appendix carry that bad[View]
42592157CZ PCR Holster: To the Anon that posted last night about finding a good holster for his PCR. I'…[View]
42588954>character in movie/tv show raises gun >sound of a slide being racked…[View]
42583287Are these a good buy?[View]
42591961Military Surplus Issue: I need some help, I can’t find any flecktarn jackets that aren’t the parkas,…[View]
42590997IS West Africa ambush on Nigerian convoy yesterday. Pics of loot ITT and video of ambush in link: ht…[View]
42590253how does one determine whether or not if something is indeed, '/K/'?[View]
42581896Should I hide my guns or just comply if I get red flagged for being a paranoid anti-state lolbertari…[View]
42590351Why is buckshot so much more expensive than birdshot? You can easily find 7-9 shot for 20cpr or less…[View]
42576795Heck my boy, if shit hits the fan you can take my M1 Garland: You know where it is son, underneath t…[View]
42531449/k/ommunications general: /k/ommunications general Old Thread: >>42472639 Radio thread? Radio…[View]
42589798>arguing with a bong about anything >They bring up the SAS What's with this meme? Are the…[View]
42591236Meetup state/area code: Trying to meetup to engage in your mutual interests in weapons? Give a broad…[View]
42590705USMC Communications: Do any /k/ommandos have experience with 06xx? What does it take to be a Field R…[View]
42590456A soldier who needs a sidearm is a bad soldier, he shouldn't be letting the enemy get within pi…[View]
42578981What does /k/ think about bow hunting or target shooting?[View]
42578915Should I turn one of these into a gunsafe?[View]
42588907Name a more badass weapon >4 fucking rockets of white-hot TPA 'napalm' >750m range >replace…[View]
42589277did kiwis turn in all their guns, or is there still mass non compliance?[View]
42589957Chemical Weapons: What are the most effective chemical weapons out there? For personal defense, it…[View]
42584418Memes: Is a grappling hook ever practical? I could see maybe in the jungle but what about in an urba…[View]
42589655Should I re-learn to short with my right hand?: Sadly I was cursed with left hand and eye dominance.…[View]
42590667feggit: https://www.youtube.com/user/cokeman2423/ do you think he is a /k/ user?[View]
42585417What would happen if you shot someone with a 120mm Rotary Cannon.[View]
42585650This menu fucking sucked: Absolutely awful[View]
42584342/arg/ AR thread Assault Rifle General AR15 Assault Rifle 15: Ash Clone Edition Old: >>42577804…[View]
42565686/gq/ - gear queer: 'End User - Military' Edition >General guide https://pastebin.com/9WAeRYA8 Pre…[View]
42588718If people were raised to be completely normal, but had no concept of military or weapons, and were t…[View]
42588653How would /k/ prep and go after a Mexican cartel to save a loved one?[View]
42582635Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42586371uhhh... did you guys know that Tula has already released a civlian VSS? how long do you think until …[View]
42570591What do we know about the Main Ground Combat System? It seems like Italy and Poland are interested i…[View]
42584118Is this thing any good?[View]
42589744Which rifle round performs best at close quarters: Ive heard the military sometimes uses 300 aac bec…[View]
42586386Who /sheepdawg/ here? Who and what are you protecting?[View]
42589052US Air Force restricts KC-46 from carrying cargo and passengers: >https://www.defensenews.com/bre…[View]
42588624People misunderestimate the effects of simple thinking: Tying 3 weather ballons to a marine so he ca…[View]
42589343how do neutral countries like sweden and switzerland design and train military doctrines if they hav…[View]
42577696Why the hardcore LARP?[View]
42584816Any info on these guys? They say they're the best in the business for teaching rifle marksmansh…[View]
42568519Rails ruin everything.[View]
42587255thread for a10 love and combat medics: >be me >combat medic >sand niggers being niggers …[View]
42589240sorry can you tell me if the weapons for sale on the Italian market have different manufacturing det…[View]
42589229Steve MRE: this is the biggest red pill you will ever know about[View]
42589012So dumb question that hit me last night. If you were to put a gun up to a material that would stop t…[View]
42543262Patch Thread: Mugabe is Dead Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previous thread…[View]
42582518Budget red dot recommendations: I wanna get a good relatively cheap red dot for my ar and need recom…[View]
42583140>sooper carriers XD[View]
42582073Are there any recorded instances of weaponized buttplugs? Think about it, you can hold two knives in…[View]
42588719What is the purpose of these, and ships like them? They're supposedly for direct-fire shore bom…[View]
42573736Storm Area 51 Festival Canceled Because It Was a 'Possible Humanitarian Disaster': Why the…[View]
42590675>Gun control day comes and not even the dems vote for his AWB Imagine being this guy right now…[View]
42583892Realistically, what could expanded background checks look like? Waiting periods? Gun show loophole? …[View]
42572358Night Vision General /NVG/: I would like to start a discussion on night vision and the various techn…[View]
42588001>death to every foe and traitor >forward, strike the marching tune >and hurrah my boys for …[View]
42579569>warrior poet[View]
42575855Redpill me on 32ACP: Is this an acceptable round for a holdout pistol? >inb4 CENTIMETER…[View]
42588116Ohh Chinadaaa!: Canada’s ambassador to Ukraine, Roman Waschuk, and at least three uniformed Canadian…[View]
42579968Gas Masks and long hair: I tried it before and found it was painful and caused some breakage, gettin…[View]
42555612Planes only the sexiest allowed[View]
42586762Ausfag thread: What’s the best gun that I can buy in this tightly regulated hell state? Pretty much …[View]
42582643Hello /k/, while I'm sure there will be plenty of replies telling me to fuck off or calling me …[View]
42585372>muh chrome lined barrels Why do only fudds say this is the only barrel to own. If you read any A…[View]
42585314Russia and India will produce jointly AK-203 assault rifles: https://www.armyrecognition.com/septemb…[View]
42585368Building a 1911: Fondling the idea of smithing a 1911/2011. I know there's a lot of fitment and…[View]
42582472Georgia /k/: Where the GA fags at? Why arent there any meets anymore? Used to be tons like 5 years a…[View]
4257804910mm auto thread: CENTIMETEEERS[View]
42579658Pls no bully: So. My grandfather died 2 years ago. He has been my actual hero since I was a babby. B…[View]
42582190>control F >No infograph thread Lets see the rare ones you got /k/…[View]
42573956Combustion light-gas gun as a weapon: Old one got archived https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJKOcV91…[View]
42586119Purchased theses recently ALICE mag holders sans the grenade pouch Haven’t seen anything like this …[View]
42587699Are scout rifles a meme?: Not just talking about the Steyr model, but just the concept of Jeff Coope…[View]
425857506.5 Grendel or .224 Valkyrie?[View]
42587382Why?: I see that ttag has wisely disabled comments on their male enhancement shill article. https://…[View]
42578205/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Plum Wood Edition >Thread #887 Old thread here >>4255849…[View]
42584738>We're not living in the Ace Combat timeline where we got nuclear airborne supercarriers wit…[View]
42539366QTDDTOT: Last thread hit bump limit. Just got my first Luger, 1900 American Eagle. The lock isn’t g…[View]
42579208What's the least threatening looking firearm you can think of, /k/? Were not getting into objec…[View]
42583598help: Can someanon please I'd this helmet and camo for me? I think this is a Serbian/Yugo pic? …[View]
42553799Design your own tank!: What would /k/'s ideal tank look like if you got to design it yourself?…[View]
42574621bubba'd thread[View]
42579779How are tv/movie characters who shoot all the time without earpro not deaf? I've never actually…[View]
42580268Is it common for people to be a natural at shooting? Is anyone else here a natural? I went to the f…[View]
42582391Weighted vest are for kids with autism and when those kids grew up they made CrossFit Can a plate ca…[View]
42587241What kind of gun would he use in vigilante acts?[View]
42576464How do people sit in chairs when they are carrying?[View]
42566866The M1 rifle is a shitty rifle: >remove rifle from stock and loses zero, stock gets loose and eve…[View]
42573664How advanced could black powder cartridge firearms have become if not for smokeless being invented?[View]
42550652Do pilots get enough credit?: >The Air Force awarded Maj. Michael Stock, an A-10 pilot, the Disti…[View]
42585630Now ive gone and done it: So today im taking the short cut home through the niggahood, cruising alon…[View]
42584628So why exactly cant you lube ammunition, reduce wear on cases for reloading, reduce chamber wear,ect…[View]
42586504Hi /k/! I am modding my S&W 442's trigger, allegedly with these springs I can get the facto…[View]
42581445Prepper Thread: What do you have stored when SHTF? I want to build a kit. Currently I have the follo…[View]
42580520M110 vs G28: Can someone tell me why the G28 is definitively better than the M110 that it's rep…[View]
42580763Why does pistol ammo come in packages of 50 rounds but rifle ammo only comes in packages of 20?[View]

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