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/k/ - Weapons

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40007065/k/ Games: Do you remember this part of toy story? https://streamable.com/hul5y[View]
40003199Armslist Cringe: Just stumbled upon this, so let's have an Armslist thread. Show me your fatti…[View]
39995523Is it still worth it to go infantry in this day and age?[View]
40000203Away from home: How do you deal with the loneliness of being away from home during the holidays whil…[View]
39982524/k/ool pictures: poast your coolest /k/ related pictures. anything goes, as long as it's /k/-re…[View]
39983346Patch Thread - Means of Patch Production: Trade, sell and create patches! >Previous thread >…[View]
40007548Help ID'ing old Rifles: /k/, my father passed these on to me tonight and I need help identifyin…[View]
40005875Work Carry Pocket Dump and Dump Thread: Let's see 'em. >c'mon anon, it's not …[View]
40007398haha what if you did this with live ammo?[View]
39993299Swiss Arms SG550 vs SG551: Why did the swiss army adopted the SG550 when the SG551 was already avail…[View]
40007446Leopard 2: Until what height will you be allowed to be a tank commander for the leopard 2? Im a litt…[View]
40005370I shot a big iron for the first time today. How do i make my erection go away?[View]
40006132Would you own one?: >why do I want a Fritz special so much /k/ ? >does this make me retarded f…[View]
40006208FOREGRIP PLACEMENT: Now, honest question, is this really just a matter of preference or does the pla…[View]
40003651What gun gun/caliber would be best for hunting Bigfoot: I have an AK (7.62x39) 30 carbine Marlin 33…[View]
40007857QTDDTOT: Newfag here and pretty fucking dumb when it comes to guns, how do you identify firearms? I …[View]
39999577Guns you regret selling: >tfw sold my hipower and now browning doesn't make them anymore…[View]
40006068Beautiful weapons and their crappy looking copies thread[View]
39997649Will the Beretta 92fs have a following as annoying and easy to separate from their money in 20 years…[View]
40007793custom 1911 grips: Where can I get custom 1911 grips like pic? I've searched around the interne…[View]
40002485Pipe Bombs: How can i build a pipe bomb without blowing my hand off?[View]
40003756yo /k/ i'm going to join an extremist militia and need to be a top notch death machine what kin…[View]
40006855Yo, my flashlight quit working, so I turned it into a 'muzzle device' I've got it on …[View]
39999630Looking for a good melee weapon to keep in my truck for when I get stuck atop a large mound of migra…[View]
39993868Post your best shot.: Hit with a 5.56mm at 200 meters.[View]
40003436GLOCK 46 CARBEAN LEAK!!!: !!!!!!!!!!11!!!1! 6 for 16' fixed barrel Would you buy this if the sides w…[View]
40006723So I sorta went junk drunk and bought a mil-surp lot from an estate sale, I need some help with IDs …[View]
40006847Ok autists, what the fuck is this and what is it worth: only a couple of low res pics. wtf is this g…[View]
40007248Moondust: Sup /k/ I was wondering what would happen if i detonated a large quantity of quicksilver?…[View]
40005170Don't know, I thought you guys would like this photo.[View]
40004990tactical flashlights?: >do you guys carry flashlights? >do you find yourself using them alot?…[View]
40005911>be crack shot between 18-23 >hands get less steady at 23 >don't sweat it >hand tre…[View]
39992333Whats the best attack helicopter and why is it Airwolf? If you think about it Airwolf is much better…[View]
39991162/ylyl/ - /k/ humor thread: no /k/ humor thread, why anons?[View]
40001524What is a superior tactical training aid, airsoft or VR FPS games? What if you also factor in things…[View]
40002463>Hop on Anon, what are you waiting?[View]
40003289DRAWTHREAD: Comfy drawfag thread deployed >post your art >get criticized by Cory Autismo …[View]
39999799rage/feels thread: whats got you down or angry today /k/? >only local gun shop in town sell boxes…[View]
40005992Anyone interested in photos from a South African Armed Forces Day event?[View]
40005636Hey /k/ why not buy and put my tracking chip In your guns so you will never lose them[View]
40004376/egg/ - euro gun general: https://pastebin.com/Jcg56010 get the fuck in here and discuss guns and sh…[View]
40003490The Worst Gun Owner: I just met the biggest faggot. Lemme tell you about him. >bubba’d his grandf…[View]
40005894Thunder bombs: People keep complaining about the tunnels cartels use to ship their goods under the b…[View]
39998934>Okay, Mr. Anon. Everything seems correct, and I think we can renew your CCW. Why are you dressed…[View]
39997690Digital Urban Warfare: We are getting closer to the day where the rifle does all the calculation tha…[View]
40004082Why not a good old fashioned Rhodesia thread?[View]
40002062>ITT: Uncomfortable /k/ confessions I actually like the LR-300s.[View]
40003152Optics General: About to buy new glass. Cant decide what I want. Its between an ACOG and a 1-6x24. …[View]
39982773What's the best state to live in for gun rights?[View]
39993823Future of Firearms: What lies in the future for guns? Not politically but technologically. Designers…[View]
40004637What is the legality of owning a tank in Texas?[View]
40003576Oh wow Anon, are you serious carrying a 9mm as your carry gun? Don't you care about my safety? …[View]
400041641911: Need some help /k/ I've been thinking about buying a 1911 (entry level) but have no idea …[View]
39993787>elite tier SWAT team operator with no previous military expierence >basic bitch infantryman w…[View]
39992441What body type are you and how does it affect your concealed carry?[View]
39981735>hi, yes. Im the one that called about the 1911.[View]
40002557>Germans lost against the Russians because snow... for 4 straight years. >Russians won against…[View]
39981518/EMS/ - EMS General: The first thread was very informative, so let's try this again. Post stori…[View]
40003531Why didn't gun powder powered crossbows become a thing? I want to make something like pic relat…[View]
40005097What is the best reproduction M1 Carbine?: Speaking quality wise, what is the best post-war producti…[View]
40001338Where can I go to borrow a shotgun for free? I just need one for a few hours.[View]
40004065Current enlisted in combat MOS with some years of experience here. I think the modern US military is…[View]
40002561What country used this Bayonet?: Found this knife, no clue where its from..any ideas? How old do you…[View]
40002025thoughts on this book?[View]
40002451I want to build one of these beauties (pic related). I've built several 80% guns and have a wel…[View]
39984224/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Calves edition previous >>39967163 LIEING ABOUT MEDICAL H…[View]
39997911Yugoslavian M76...: So what are /k/'s thoughts of this weapon? How much does the gun and ammo c…[View]
40004437/k/ Draw Thread: Post /k/ -related drawings Here's pretty much the final evolution of my 7.62 c…[View]
40004208Due to a big fuck up, you are now the proud owner of a GAU-8/A Avenger. You are you naming this deit…[View]
40004639Which smol firearms related youtube channels does /k/ watch? pic related[View]
40003187name a better silent professional[View]
40000971>barrel molded straight into plastic LMAO HK niggers can't be for real…[View]
39999358Chinese Titanium: So I'm coming over from a mix of /out/ and CSG on /g/. One thing I'm not…[View]
39980128/k/ Japan: What kind of weapons can you own in Japan? I'm moving there soon.[View]
39997252Disaster Food Prepping Recommendations: Hi /k/ommandos I figured you'd be able to help me know …[View]
39994050how common is hand to hand combat in modern day warfare?[View]
40004378338 lappy: Gentlemen, opinions please. I am down to the short strokes on buying a 338 bolt gun. Barr…[View]
39994790So what happened with this shit? Things have been quiet too long now...[View]
40003147>gun is called a 9mm >It's bigger than 9 millimeters…[View]
40002881Weapon Disassembly Thread: ITT we discuss disassembling weapons for cleaning and maintenance. Anyone…[View]
40002307Let's say the Sino-Vietnam conflict flares up again, does Vietnam stand a chance of keeping the…[View]
40001585Remember that reality show Combat Missions that had the mullet headed retard “CIA special ops” guy w…[View]
39999838TWO WORLD WARS[View]
40002013Poland General: Let's discuss about polish firearms manufacturers like FB Radom, WBP, PAC, Guns…[View]
40003631So what ever happened to stick grenades? You can throw a stick way further than a ball[View]
40002524We need to update this.[View]
40003655PA cunts, get in here. Peduto's being a cunt again, and Pittsburgh is going to violate state la…[View]
39993878why dont bullpups get any love? short form factor with a standard size barrel, often ambidextrous (w…[View]
40002761MVG Foregrip: So I purchased a foregrip for my AR the other week, and got chicken-hawked because I…[View]
40002812>SLOW BULLETS ONLY >nobody needs that many fps’s Will JEB! ever manufacture ammo? What would i…[View]
40001649I've had a piece of fiberglass in my eye for 3 days. What caliber firearm would be best to remo…[View]
39996770One of my buddies shared this cringe on FB, discuss and critique please.[View]
39996340Gun confiscation: These guys show up and tell you they have a court order to take your guns. You rea…[View]
40003074aegis combat system: was aegis actually ever used in combat to intercept missiles other than to shoo…[View]
40002065So: What does /k/ think of this guy?[View]
40003101/k/ meta discussion: If you had to guess, what percent of the posters here are nogunz? Of the hasgun…[View]
39996447$2000 gun(s): I’m so stressed by work it might fucking kill me. I’ve decided to say fuck it and tre…[View]
40002488Cursed Gun Thread: We're all cursed to hell.[View]
40003218Why don't we do this in real life?[View]
40003162folks I fucking love forgotten weapons I've been watching every single video since over 3 years…[View]
40003166Why don't we put gasoline on our bullets so they can be fire bullets[View]
39993046What does /k/ think of Kahr Arms?[View]
400029496.5 Creedmeme: Just impulse bought a T/C Compass in this caliber, 22' barrel, 225$ after rebate. Did…[View]
40000950My journey into adulthood: >Only hobby other than vidya is guns >Lose 150lbs over two years be…[View]
40002967xaxaxxaxa nice grenade launcher[View]
39993921Meanwhile, in 1870 /k/[View]
39998908Gun Bumpkins: Do you think they browse /k/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvTbQ4lZvE8[View]
40002538Will the FuddRA get shoah'd for this?[View]
399987706.5 Creedmoor: What is point of this cartridge? It doesn’t even have the performance of the .270 Win…[View]
39998171how the fuck can they sell this shit for 650[View]
40002600Bouta go hiking in Peru for a week what should I bring[View]
39987784Anyone have some sweet survival/camping/bug out stories?: The only story I have is I went on a bug o…[View]
39999122Traveling w/ Firearms across State Lines: Sup /k/omrades. I’m traveling up from Louisiana to the Pen…[View]
39994421Can I wear a hoodie with the Ranger tab logo on it at the gym if I'm neither Ranger qualified n…[View]
40002385I found this weapon in a house where my grandma died 20 years ago. I don't know anything about …[View]
39997981Traveling with firearm: Me and the wife are going to be in puerto rico for a week this summer and I …[View]
40001679x715x: What is your guys opinion on these Russians, they seem to be /k/ shitposting incarnate https:…[View]
39997805are ported barrels good? if so, why are they uncommon?[View]
39998885Tank & AFV General: What's this? No tank thread? Well, a large influx of tanks ought to put…[View]
39994858I like stoner impingement. discuss[View]
40002004Sight Picture: Which is the best sight picture to train?[View]
40001953Any friends you don’t like talking guns with?: So, I have a buddy, great guy, his dad owned guns, so…[View]
39999674New year. New laws.: What new gun laws are going into effect in your state/country for the new year?…[View]
40001688I think magdumping is the most enjoyable way to use a firearm. Literally all I do is zero, and magdu…[View]
39989531Favourite fictional kommando aesthetic, movie, video game etc Shadow company is definitely up there…[View]
40001292What's your favorite full auto, pistol caliber gun? Pic related for me[View]
39997409Israeli FAL: ok so just yesterday I saw that DSarms came out with an FAL that is a light barreled Is…[View]
40001867Think I'm in love: What is it with chicks in riot gear and flight caps that just gets me goin?…[View]
40001568does anyone still use .357 sig?[View]
39992874>how do store a firearm for a long length of time without rust forming? My brother and I bought s…[View]
39995002Being a dumbass: Posting to repent my sins. I was driving to local college for library access. I w…[View]
39994996How much ionizing radiation would it take to kill a man within 10 seconds?[View]
39999343Got my first AR and looking for an optic to put on it. So far choosing between an Aimpoint Pro and …[View]
39998272Is ballistic shoulder armor, especially rifle-rated armor a good option today?[View]
39995083Realistically could the eraeser end of a pencil kill you?[View]
39994659It's in stock!: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-snek-15tm-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver.htm…[View]
39999876Glock dilemma: Help me /k/ I'm having a big internal crisis. I bought a G19 Gen 2 for $300 rece…[View]
39999311Dear /k/, I accidentally moved to a really dangerous area without realizing it, and now I need a con…[View]
39991475Thoughts on the Hi-Point, as a gun and as a company?[View]
39999872Any /k/ currently enlisted in a reserve force? I'm in the middle of applying for the CAF reserv…[View]
40001288how's this for a first build? https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-5-56-nato-1-7-mid-length-n…[View]
39985052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DabLcqavXJ0 [spoiler]It's crap and can't even run mil surp…[View]
39998612PNW /k/ Thread: Time for another PNW /k/ thread to advertise this discord server! For all Idahoans, …[View]
40000792Iron sights or no sights: For a bolt action 22 WMR[View]
39987220Waifu Rescue: Situation: You are alone in the office late one night, when suddenly your waifu (now t…[View]
3999925322 TCM: What's the point?[View]
39987596/k/redit card images: Grabbing a new card since the old one is damaged. Give me some ideas to throw …[View]
40000873>sorry drill sergeant[View]
39996291Thinking about buying this one soon. Anyone own one ? I used to own a ruger sr9c and it was a really…[View]
39993941so are k98 owners racist? because I'm looking to buy this rifle but I'm rather african ame…[View]
39999498I believe very much in frugality and buying only what you need, but there's one thing you shoul…[View]
39999082/BIG/: Big Iron General: Post large and/or powerful handguns Discuss large and/or powerful handguns …[View]
39999902What happens if you don't clean your guns in a well ventilated room and end up breathing in the…[View]
39998254they took this from us[View]
39999999Why make war when we can make peace? We don't need weapons! All we need is love![View]
40000311New Chinese PLA service round has been announced: mufuckin' 21 Chopstick[View]
39991908/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Sock puppet edition >Thread #730 Old Thread >>39980263…[View]
39993591What does it feel like to fire one off?[View]
39962029/cbg/ Cowboy General: It's back edition A thread for discussing lever action rifles, coach guns…[View]
39999738>he thinks fancy gear and expensive guns will save him when defending himself against skinwalkers…[View]
39999360Is this a good price for either of these? If i get the 27, i will get a cheap conversion barrel.[View]
39999839Cool shit you'd buy: Just got done watching this video, and now I really want the XM8 bayonet s…[View]
39998033Anyone buy any cheap chink shit scopes from AliExpress (or similar site) ? Feel like spendiong the $…[View]
39997011Pennsylvania Assault Weapons ban proposal: https://www.mcall.com/opinion/muschick/mc-opi-pennsylvani…[View]
39999269What is the sexiest tank?[View]
39998256Question: To those who have shot both 1) Fully automatic weapons, and 2) The various devices used …[View]
39994112KSG’s greatest hits: Hey lads let’s have a KSG thread. Bonus points for posting shootings the KSG ha…[View]
39997095hey its almost done thats all[View]
39996523Tracked, Trailer, APC's: This whole family of APC's looks retarded. But The more i learn t…[View]
39998435Recent Acquisition Thread: Anyone get anything recently? Buying anyone a gun for Christmas? I got my…[View]
39998356?: whats the best way to study guns/weapons?[View]
39993989If I'm not trying to go full tactifag oper8r, is there any reason to get something like an Aimp…[View]
39997070Equipment vs Experience: Ok /k/, let's take this hypothetical scenario; >10 Experienced Sold…[View]
39992732Hey /k/ does anyone know of cheap, easily reusable ballistics gel, or some other gel type material? …[View]
39994241What are some weapons that really annoy you in sci-fi? For me, it's plasma weapons. Even more u…[View]
39989378>lose tail rotor function while flying a blackhawk >doesnt just full throttle it, gain altitu…[View]
39998521How do you clean a revolver? Anything special and different from any other gun?[View]
39988102France shooter killed by police. Check his piece.[View]
39997732Im looking for a movie that i watched a few years ago, it was either navy seals or special forces, i…[View]
39987915Is the SAA the most sexy handgun ever made?[View]
39995969Eternal best mm threar: >2018 >he doesn't own THE magnum autoloading pistol cartridge…[View]
39997784Okay, so I have a quick question about German medals. Which imperial German metal is considered more…[View]
39998200First pistol for son: Any recommendations for reliable and relativity inexpensive to shoot pistols f…[View]
39996382Firearms in Fantasy settings: A long standing question I've always had in regards to modern fan…[View]
39993674How are you supposed to use a pool ball as an improvised weapon? I assume you hold it in your hand …[View]
39991820AR thread AR General /arg/ Trip Containment Development Group: Stubborn Infidel Edition OLD >>…[View]
39998611Why cant the rest of NATO compete?: Meteor is clearly better than AMRAAM, and ASRAMM is clearly the …[View]
39993915What is the most British handgun?[View]
39997121My grandfather’s old medkit: I was hanging out with my Grandfather when I accidentally cut myself wi…[View]
39995215How do you niggas store your guns? I've got 2 pistols atm and plan on building a rifle. I thi…[View]
39997538Which would your rather spend the apocalypse with?[View]
39998671>binge drinking night >one bottle of vodka, and two wines >keep stumbling and passing out b…[View]
39998668Can we stop with the mecha bullshit?: Its a fucking dumb design? The few design merits of a humanoid…[View]
39996679P.O.F G3 Sporter .308: Hello /k/ I live in pakistan and have an unused liscense have had self-defenc…[View]
39994992How could you make Batman's stupid gun jammer thing work?[View]
39998658/k/ Do-It-Yourself Thread: The Return: Alright guys, I'm finally back! Ultimately I decided to …[View]
39997096Why didn't cowboys wear armor?: We have guys working in full IBA kit in 110 degree weather why …[View]
39996490My newest purchase[View]
39997907ARX 160 22: Hey /k/, first time buyer here and total newbie regarding guns, is the .22 version of th…[View]
39981339you DO own both of them, right? Don't tell me you're some pleb who only can afford one of …[View]
39997746>Russia is wea-[View]
39997842Australia thread - no poofs: >Don't have a license yet? http://www.firearmownersunited.com/h…[View]
39995832In your infinite wisdom, /k/. Which soldiers from ww2 suffered the most thought the war? I say the J…[View]
39996689How the hell do these work with straight walled cartridges? Won't they push the bullet in too f…[View]
39977075Operator thread: post operators operating operationally. Starting with some hot off the press stuff…[View]
39992934For me it's the M42 Stahlhelm, where perfect aesthetics and perfect functionality meet at a cro…[View]
39998143Why not Mount the firing pin on the hammer?[View]
39992833What's a good 22lr pistol in the 300 dollar range? I was thinking of the ruger mkiv or a S&…[View]
39998076Deep primer strikes on Glock 26: I took my brother to the range today and I noticed all my brass has…[View]
39983483Why would anyone buy an AR when this exists?[View]
39998052>Y-you don't carry a 'lesser threat' round do you Anon?[View]
39996253Different gun powders?: Why aren't they all the same? Can a rifle cartridge be designed to use …[View]
39995971/k/ is given power armor: what do you do with it digits = decide for all of /k/[View]
39995232any of you weebs have anime keychains on your guns? I'm debating if I should put one on mine an…[View]
39990922>HK only sells arms to 'green countries' Does this mean they know their shit wont stand up to leg…[View]
39991179Are there no mass produced 'modern' semis with a motherfucking rail system/scope mounts aside from t…[View]
39996050All praise to our new god[View]
39996417What are the best guns available that can dizimate artificial intelligence quickly? I wanna be prepa…[View]
39995257Strange Vietnam War Jungle Fatigues: Hello /k/omrades. I stumbled across this M81 Woodland Vietnam W…[View]
39996376Webm's: post em[View]
39986417Why aren't any militias protesting the unconstitutional seizing of lands in south Texas?[View]
39995012T-18 ATAMRA[View]
39995948British Military Appreciation Thread share Stories, pics and anything else. Also is pic related true…[View]
39995626Hi-Point thread: they still look better than a glock[View]
39995858>buy first gun >feel proud >lovingly post gunfu online >mod low on good boy points forwa…[View]
39996952Can you really trust an energetic kid with a loaded firearm?[View]
39996397DIY 2x4 target stands?: Alright I got like a dozen different targets I want them hung up on 2x4…[View]
39995741Tell the truth /|{/: Tell the truth K do you consider Sig to be a American company?[View]
39993810Lightweight boots?: Looking for do-all boots that are lightweight like military boots, but won'…[View]
39992178Why does the ATF keep doing this? Y'ain't getting another Ruby Ridge out of us, you fucker…[View]
39996036what kind of eyepro do my optically impaired niggas wear? I'm sick of contacts drying out my ey…[View]
39995578About to go shoot this little bastard.[View]
39990513<1900 thread: Post cool/classy guns made before the turn of the century.[View]
39971219Handgun General - /hg/ - #229: P229 or “Thank god we’re done with this series” Edition Pastebin: …[View]
39945912/ak/ Thread. US Marine Corps Edition: Last thread hitting image limit >>39918262 Marine Corps …[View]
39996400Where were you when MACs became M16s?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjrnB2cXSqM[View]
39995556Why so long for D-Day?: Why didn't the Western allies invade the continent in 1943, or even 194…[View]
39992339yellow vests homemade weapons: post -how to builds- for our guys in france[View]
39991956>openly brands pink as being a feminine, homosexual color >makes obnoxiously hot pink waffenfa…[View]
39994610Rate my first gun: Wanted a bolt action. Went with Savage Axis SR in 223. Kinda hating the threaded …[View]
39984258Post underrated /k/ video games: I'll start.[View]
39989611Why is this board so anti-cop? Police officers have feelings too[View]
39989696New Forcefield Soft Armor: From http://soldiersystems.net/2018/12/12/diamond-age-forcefield-launches…[View]
39993100Whatever happened to the 'phased plasma' stealth stuff everyone was talking about it the early 2000…[View]
39931624Meanwhile, on Boomer /k[View]
39993979/PG/ - Poland General: Podyskutujmy o broni oraz dostępie w kraju nad Wisłą. https://discord.gg/78Se…[View]
39995294https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/12/14/three-common-sense-gun-safety-bills-pittsburgh/ >An a…[View]
39989358Would it be legal to shoot her in self defence here?[View]
39992843BUBBA, NO![View]
39992689Mystery Mauser Pistol: Hey /k/ommandos. Anyone on who can help me ID this vintage mauser pistol? Wha…[View]
39994607Best WW1-2 era pistol carbine?: its pretty much down to the c96 and the luger but im probably wrong…[View]
39988362HK MR223 vs SIG 553: Help me /k ommandos! Got a juicy christmas bonus to spend, but I have to decide…[View]
39990954New gun owner: Hey /k/, I have lurked this place for a decent amount of time. I have finally made en…[View]
39994395What are /k/'s thoughts on the Chinese military?[View]
39991130Guy's, our beloved Yotsuba needs protection! How do you fortify her? >thats right it's …[View]
39976644poorfag - looking at Ruger Security 9. Whats the word? Other $300-350 fullsize handgun suggestions …[View]
39992373Operating songs: Hey can y'all give me some operating songs, all genres welcome, pic not relate…[View]
39991273Help: Want to move to one of the scandinavias, which has the most /k/ friendly laws.[View]
39992601Australia thread - No Poofs: >Don't have a license yet? http://www.firearmownersunited.com/h…[View]
39992204ITT - Idiotic Aircraft: I'll start: McDonnell XF-85 Goblin[View]
39994145M&P 40 Shield m2.0: Anyone have any experience with this? Wondering if it's any good for co…[View]
39982568Leaking shaft tubes caused irreversable sinking of HNoMS Helge Ingstad: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/in…[View]
39983289whats mos 13 like? any anons here been in field artillery? whats it like?[View]
39985500Whats the best 1911 under $1500? Thinking SA TRP >inb4 striker-fired fags tell me to get a glock …[View]
39983317Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
39994591Gel soft: Sup /k/, So I know everyone here hates airsoft, but Australia finally got it's own ve…[View]
39979221Tank memes[View]
39989586What's the most secret military base? (Thats not Area 51)[View]
39966127Looks like ISIS put out a new half hour video of their battles around their last stronghold in Hajin…[View]
39992467https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZhz6cSyEGs&feature=youtu.be >Drop gun on sand >Gun jam Wh…[View]
39969183Soldier commenting on why airsoft is stupid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIZivcZzqmY&t=2s…[View]
39993681Post absolute /k/ino itt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEyY2Q37sYQ[View]
39993345Thanks Iran for keeping them flying: >Sexy since the 70s[View]
39985382Just ordered one of these.: Ruger Vaquero 357. 5.5' Barrel How bad did i do /k/?[View]
39993822help: tl:dr how much is the gun worth in the picture Sup /k/. Antique gun noob here. So I own a 1st…[View]
39988215Why does this pic trigger /k/ so much? Thews will always triumph over technology.[View]
39991222Failed australian army aptitude test: For anyone that has failed the military exam (regardless of co…[View]
39976016Challenger 2: The CR2 life extension program has been given authorization for a new gun, probably me…[View]
39991459Scope magnification for golf balls @ 100 yards: HOW MUCH ZOOM?[View]
39989997All right, so we all know that power armor/mech suits would be useless in combat, but what about for…[View]
39992047Renault FT: Renault FT picture and discussion thread. Let's talk about the original and best ta…[View]
39994130I saved up enough money to buy myself 4 sets of copic markers but I also notice there was a Russian …[View]
39994276Family storys: Hey /k/ i want you to meet dad. My father passed away about 2 years ago, he taught m…[View]
39992200First Handgun: What should I get for my first handgun /k/? I need a handgun for a run and gun coming…[View]
39980993>guns you will never ever fire[View]
39993102engineer here. gonna start up a small company soon for consulting, and also to get easier access to …[View]
39990879Target thread: Useful targets, funny targets, offensive targets, whatever you got, post em' Ext…[View]
39994027I am a massive wehraboo, and I absolutely despise communism, but when I look at late Russian ww2 tan…[View]
39991142Hey guys, was looking into buying a colt-made rifle for my 2nd rifle purchase, but I constantly hear…[View]
3999065620c steel or 25c brass 223/556: With the Federal rebate 5c per round, brass is 25c per round AFTER a…[View]
39982500>you either die a tactifag, or live long enough to see yourself become a fudd: Honestly though, i…[View]
39984076Wear and tear on old guns: Can we have a thread were we post old worn guns?[View]
39987862It's happening again: https://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2018/12/12/walters-baruth…[View]
39989976Australia Names New Attack Submarine The, Uh, Attack: https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/australia-na…[View]
39993495What do Naval Aviators do on Shore Duty?: What options do they have to keep flying after their first…[View]
39993704The atf has a twitter account https://mobile.twitter.com/ATFHQ/status/1070009862791278592[View]
39972550/k/ music thread: What is /k/ listening to right now?[View]
39971492Took my first deer. 80 lbs at 125 yards. PTR 91 GIR. Used a 30 buck amazon scope. AIMsports or some …[View]
39993143Looking to buy my dad a pistol safe for Christmas. Suggestions?: I am looking for something easy to …[View]
39990505ITT: admire this speedy boi: Russian BT Tank This would go in auto but its a TANK[View]
39992948Is it worth it to just sell my guns to cabelas or something to avoid the headache? I know I’ll take …[View]
39988936Mass Casualty/Combat Response: The Commission put together to study the Parkland shooting concluded …[View]
39990186Ballistil: Ballistil, I just call it stol myself haha, but anyway do you use the liquid or spray, on…[View]
39984868Females Tank Commanders Take Charge in the IDF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ET59Kss7NU > inb…[View]
3997486210mm elitist thread: Imagine not carrying the ultimate combat round conceived by the greatest pistol…[View]
39993231Slow-mo addiction thread: Splitting bullets with an axe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YskVs5VyqHk…[View]
39992953What's with this? For what purpose would he want to hold the mag stop up like that and then dro…[View]
39992384Is it worth it to conceal carry in my uni? Or is that just autistic?[View]
39992682Looking for a sub 350 carry gun (preferably in the 200 range, used is fine.) Am small build if its a…[View]
39989321Best Gun Cleaner & Lube ?: I know you can use Ballistol to lube your gun, but can you also use i…[View]
39979900New lube and solvent recommendations: Currently using FrogLube, which I've been really happy wi…[View]
39987428Hello /k/ommandos, I'm a Eurofag but I want to get into guns. Mind if you guys share some info …[View]
39991321So as my fellow amerimutts know, MASSholes have the strictest gun laws in the entire US of A. Well I…[View]
39989114*destroys your space force*[View]
39990724Strasbourg jihadist used a Modèle 1892 revolver to kill 3-4 people and critically injure 5[View]
39983995You got this tanks for your army. How do you upgrade it?[View]
39988831China Threatens to Ram US Ships: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1130938.shtml 'Dai Xu, President …[View]
39992658Tactical Weapon Splitter (Patent Pending): He mentioned something interesting, Cypher is pursuing ne…[View]
39986186Okay /k/, i have a pretty dumb question, but its really bothering me Whats the purpose of that littl…[View]
39992142Should I get an SG550 or an SG551LB? will i lose much accuracy going from 20' to 17' in 556?[View]
39990302Came within 9 yards of a bear. Luckily it just looked at me and walked away. Is the G20 still the be…[View]
39987357Hello and welcome to a new episode of /k/ mythbusters! Today's episode, is an MRE pulled from a…[View]
39991105Fav Gun: Post your favorite gun /k/. Whether its for aesthetics or because its your Ol’ reliable, tr…[View]
39988813How durable is Benellis H2O finish? I live by the ocean and admittedly don’t clean my guns often, so…[View]
39988915Has anyone here ever made a bomb before? I'm curious as to how they are made. Of course I would…[View]
39983716Poos vs Ahmeds: Why do the Ahmeds keep on violating the ceasefire or the poojihadi border ? Who is g…[View]
39990147What should we do about the attempts at character assassination going on on /k/. Just get divided an…[View]
39988721What is the world s sexyest gun and why it’s the SVD?[View]
39981513CT ammo for civvies: Suppose the military switches from current 5.56 / .308 ammo to some sort of 'ca…[View]
39991714/k/lass photo 2018: Didn't see a thread on this since the last one about a week or so ago…[View]
39971323If you could only own one revolver, what would it be?[View]
39988742Tanks are for nerds Planes are for chads[View]
39989338AZ: getting stationed in arizonie what is the firearms situation there? I was told it was lax as fuc…[View]
39965899What is the minimum number of basic bitch PSA AR-15s every American should own?[View]
39987167Im thinking of getting my first rifle soon. I want to choose between a Mosin (which is nice, and Rus…[View]
39991768/egg/ europe gun general: how to buy a gun in switzerland edition[View]
39991689neanderthal: >be me >with best bud helping him with some gun stuff (he's newguns) >try…[View]
39982827Gun porn.[View]
39991652POLICE AUCTIONS?: Anyone have any insider info on police seizure auction sites? Texas preferred just…[View]
39980690Battle Rifle General /BRG/: Das boot edition >pastebin https://pastebin.com/raw/Aapqmq3S >disc…[View]
39985621Will this weapon work ?[View]
39989686Canik: Anyone own this? I've heard nothing but good things about it[View]
39986491What's a good 3D modeling program to design guns with? how tf I get autocad 4 free?[View]
39989494I don't know if everyone remembers, but awhile ago we had this good thread where I learned that…[View]
39987677Why is the barrel so thicc?[View]
39986604Desert tech MDR: It's an unreliable piece of shit https://youtu.be/DabLcqavXJ0[View]
39990778What scares Afghans?: Was watching a video about the Vietnam war operation wandering soul/ghost tape…[View]
39983267What are considered 'Heretical' Firearms, in your eyes, /k/?[View]
39988510Anyone know if or where you can purchase unmachined blocks of the same polymer used in 80% lowers? N…[View]
39980263/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Serbian Edition >Thread #729 Old Thread >>39965443…[View]
39989705Stupid gun ideas people actually did: Post dumbass shit people made. >'It sounded good on paper'…[View]
39990131Why are barrels so expensive? pic related does the same thing and is $5[View]
39990418First time going to a gun range...: What to expect? I’ve been shooting once before in a family membe…[View]
39989792Russian state TV shows off 'robot' that's actually a man in a robot suit: What's…[View]
39987805Military QA: This is a thread where civilians can ask goy toys any questions they want about enlisti…[View]
39982657AR thread AR General /arg/ Trip Containment Development Group: A. Fucking. Brace. Edition OLD >…[View]
39968295Tech. Sgt. John Chapman: What were his final moments like in his Last Stand, /k/?[View]
39982571Springfield M1A thoughts?: What is everyone's thoughts on the Springfield M1A standard?[View]
39990673Trap Thread[View]
39990406Is there a kukri manufacturer that /k/ recommends?[View]
39987734ITT: Guns that Failed to Live up to the Hype: Either on a market level, or your own personal expecta…[View]
39966772China to deploy 10+ carriers: Why? They have no allies to defend. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/…[View]
39989987Beretta USA Loses Lawsuit against Adcor: http://soldiersystems.net/2018/12/13/jury-awards-adcor-defe…[View]
39986343What does /k/ think about co2 arrow guns? Are they better than crossbows[View]
39983255what gun is this? is it a good gun?[View]
39958600QTDDTOT: ctl + F pulled up nuffins Pic somewhat related I read that Armscor uses 4140 steel to produ…[View]
39989360Advice: 40yd group with DDM4v11, Vortex Sparc, C-clamp. How’s my Group?[View]
39987365ayy lmao: the ayys have landed in russia areas,at first its tense but there is some restraint on bot…[View]
39984520Is artillery the comfiest ground role?[View]
39957050/gq/ - gear queer: Cowboy Meta Edition >General information https://pastebin.com/4X2gsVwS (embed)…[View]
39982221What is your defensive load of choice? >Live in apartment >concerned about overpenetration I…[View]
39987817What size drill bit would you use to drill out a .22 barrel and chamber? I don't real give a sh…[View]
39972483A New French Revolution? (Gilets Jaunes): https://youtu.be/pr8J1RjknLI?t=403 Thoughts on the explana…[View]
39988505What kind of weapon is this?: What kind of weapon is this? It seems Hungarian Riot Police prepare to…[View]
39987521Looks like the entire country is getting simultaneous bomb threats[View]
39989264what is your preferred rifle/melee combo (melees cant be knives/swords)?[View]
39975605Why were threaded barrels so common on older firearms which would normally only ever wear a plain mu…[View]
39985521What are you getting yourselves for xmas?: I was going to pick up a kahr ct45 from buds. But just we…[View]
39981511I'm 18 year old noguns in California. I'm currently living at home with my family of giga-…[View]
39986817If the 1911 is the ultimate boomer pistol what does the single action army go to? The dusty old grea…[View]
39970582ITT guns you would suck a dick to own[View]
39989147Having seen the video the most common issue seems to be that the cases are not properly inserted int…[View]
39987510>pistol What's with stockless carbines/SBRs being called 'pistols'? An AR-15 with no stock i…[View]
39969140What is your thoughts about A-10 /k/?[View]
39988847what went wrong?[View]
39986750what's a good 22lr rifle group size at 25 yds?: >with iron sights vs scoped >standing …[View]
39986639Why did they not try to escape?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMuFyzvv9Xw It seems as though when…[View]
39986708Long Range Clinic: So this guy in photo was at my gun range doing a long range tutorial and he said …[View]
39987854Chicago Gun Buy-Back: >This June 2, 2018 photo provided by the Chicago Police Department shows we…[View]
39983790How much does a paramilitary being a religious organization affect their morale and cohesion?[View]
39980949Why is she so prefect bros[View]
39984348Overcompensation thread, Polish Hussar edition.[View]
39983828Rate this combat footage: New fascinating ISIS fighter GoPro footage, from the perspective of a squa…[View]
39980768Literally all you need in terms of liquids for gun cleaning, lubrication, and preservation. Stop fal…[View]
39988502Gun laws in your country: I'll start with how to buy a gun in Bosnia TLDR: It's long, hard…[View]
39971672Poland General: Dyskutujemy o wszystkim. Pomyślałem, żeby otworzyć kanał na discordzie i zrzeszyć ch…[View]
39985418/k/ Nevada Division: NEVADA DIVISION Possible meetup Dec. 20-22 Edtion? join the discord!: https://d…[View]
39986990Tactical man purse: What would you carry if men could legitimately carry purses? For me it'd be…[View]
39986718>all these solvent/oil threads up >day 6969 since someone could recommend solvent/lubricant/pr…[View]
39983782This movie is /k/ as fuck.[View]
39987188Can we get a space gun thread going? Don't know if anyone here remembers a guy buying a 9mm Cal…[View]
39987086>girl from work asks to come over and show her how to clean her gun >she forgets the gun…[View]
39982017Civie to PMC?: Is it possible? I’m in great shape, could smoke any mil branch’s PT test. College deg…[View]
39969864>deploys next to chink satellite >nudges it off its orbit and towards the Earth >'Pffft, nu…[View]
39977002Russian Military Power: Why do Amerimutts always think there country is so good? Russia have T-14, S…[View]
39978375Best weapon for a bloodthirsty killer?[View]
39982104DIY scuba gear with GP5: HELLO! i have idea! this idea is to make a DIY scuba for cheap! so i starte…[View]
39984504HELP i need a flashlight i want a surefire one because im a retard who pays a shitload of extra cash…[View]
39986637i have a challenge for you faggots. you have 200 dollars. you want to buy gun related stuff. what wo…[View]
39945740Attention all Southern /k/ommandos: Hey y'all /k/ommandos who live in Dixieland. When the bombs…[View]
39986624ISA: Can anyone give me the rundown on the Intelligence Support Activity? I can’t find a whole lot o…[View]
39985549AUTOFAGS ETERNALLY BTFO: Later, Bridger found bear hair between the guide rod and the slide of the G…[View]
39983158Is a super short-barreled, suppressed ar-9 a good home defense gun?: pic-related has a 3 inch barrel…[View]
39974007War: I've never been in the military let alone a war zone but from videos I've seen on the…[View]
39976053This is still a great fucking machine that the Swedes should have upgraded. Yes sure it's not c…[View]
39971248What is the most uninformed thing you've heard someone say about guns. Not necessarily looking …[View]
39978218fucked up mosins thread: you wouldn't spend fifty bucks on garbage if you couldn't meme it…[View]
39984030Does /k/ recommend this game? No spoilers please[View]
39977703Sword Thread: What's your favorite sword, /k/? Why? General sword discussion thread. Mine'…[View]
39985920/k/ommandos with kids: For those of you who daily carry with one in the chamber, how to you make sur…[View]
39972376how can I get a cheap gun for self defense and carry? im not like...a gun guy or anything. I just wa…[View]
39979601Are there any clip loaded guns that aren't a struggle to load? I love the idea of clip fed fixe…[View]
39979812If the m3 was given a 76, and classified as an assault gun, it would be the best of the entire war[View]
39983259Anyone here have any informed opinions on the AKRH10 Classic from Century? Thinking about it for my …[View]
39979643what is the most simple bolt in a bolt action rifle?[View]
39942570Battle Buddy thread: Just put down my beagle of 17 1/2 years an hour ago. For reference, I'm on…[View]
39973374>ITT match sips to sidearms[View]
39986307VZ-58: Where can I get a vz-58 for a decent price[View]
39984625Blackpowder: what is the comfiest gun of em all[View]
39983232Prepper squad: Okay here's a scenario You and your elite post apocalyptic team have survived nu…[View]
39983955The year is 2018. What does he ask for instead of 12 gauge autoloaders, 45 longslides with laser sig…[View]
39972664what do you guys want for Christmas?[View]
39986124Post MGS A E S T H E T I C waifu with raifu[View]
39985828Does anyone make a Model 97 reproduction with the heat shield and the bayonet lug?[View]
39974792I just wore an AR550 vest for 13 hours straight standing at my job. AMA[View]
39985582How would one go about weaponizing ants, /k/?[View]
39958587Are nukes basically glorigfied bombs at this point?: I mean, really. US has like only about 130 of 1…[View]
39972456Meme Dumps: ITT: post your best memes you got[View]
39985417M1 carbine Blue Sky: I’m hoping this is a ok place to ask this. There’s a gun show coming into town …[View]
39965741We went to highschool together: I wasn't friends with Mike but I knew of him and have had sever…[View]
39982791Why is it taking ATF so long to process my Form 4 Individual? I thought they were supposed to proces…[View]
39985272If this were a real gun what metal would the beige slide be made from? I'm trying to make one o…[View]
39978362Welp manages to accidentally got a muslim girl to fall for me without me doing much effort except be…[View]
39979128Mini 14 Thread: Mini 14 Thread[View]
39982168What planes do Tier-1 pilots fly?: And why is it the B-2?[View]
39980954My mom wants a revolver and she seen this at a gunstore and wants it. So my question is this. What a…[View]
39985327How did he survive till 93? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Yamaguchi[View]
39983482Which one of you tards was this? https://www.foxnews.com/us/three-missing-in-abandoned-west-virginia…[View]
39976529new jersey magazine bans: Why the fuck is nobody talking about this? >Unlike previous magazine ba…[View]
39980625If you drilled a hole in the chamber of a gun would a hole be blown in the side of the case? t. acci…[View]
39984535Niche Modern Guns that exist purely cos of dumb gun laws. Eg, Browning Maral, a straight pull with a…[View]
39972327African Anti-Poaching Volunteer.: Figure this would be right up /k/ alley. Seems as close to being a…[View]
39985089>be me >'elite paratrooper' >brigade run, goodbye brigade commander >he gives gay speech…[View]
39983330Handgun Carry Caliber Discussion #1017: Personally I think it’s 10mm>357sig>9mm>.40SW>.4…[View]
39984651what unit is that?: Had this patch on the m56 I bought in used wardrobe store in Europe. I think it …[View]
3998250130-30: What do you guys think of the 30-30 cartridge? Specifically, in the Marlin 336 rifle. Any dec…[View]
39979428Aircraft carrier: So this is for all of you who think that an American aircraft carrier is useless …[View]
39983146Kaiserreich thread: What could have been...[View]
39965712ATF discontinuing accessory classifications: >Effective immediately, any requests for a determina…[View]
39978876Firearms and Where to Buy Them: I’m wondering about where to get a spas 12, mos in- nagant, desert e…[View]
39981886Can mortars alone provide the necessary indirect fire support necessary for an infantry division to …[View]
39975835Snipers: I don't understand why do people always say that snipers are so badass? Keep in mind t…[View]
39981282Can citizens own this round? I've heard mixed stories. A few of these were given to me by ???[View]
39984079No /meg/: I want to, by the end of 2019, get as close to a perfect Marine PFT score as possible to h…[View]
39972846Do you think it's important to own a handgun in each of the major service calibers, 9mm, .40 an…[View]
39981253>age you lost your gun virginity >age you lost your actual virginity…[View]
39976089Secret U-Boat Missions Late/ Post War: What do you think the true missions of U- Boats that surrende…[View]
39961663Post your controversial opinions, and fight over them. I'll start: rock and lock mags are bette…[View]
39982816>blocks your path What do /k/?[View]
39982717Has any armyfags here gotten an article 15? I just asked my Dad what was the most nightmarish experi…[View]
39983978Cute tanks[View]
39983363I have 2 ARs and my grandpa's old 870 Wingmaster but no pistol. I bought a VP9 LE for $700 out …[View]
39983096What's the point of having assault planes when you can just send bombers? Assault planes aren…[View]
39982127so my bud had his shit rekt in the hurricane in NC a few months ago. hes just got thru looking thru …[View]
39983884What are the average bench press stats for servicemen of the five branches of the US Armed Forces?[View]
39982446could they miniturise this so it could be fired from a 50mg or from a smaller calibar for a rifle? o…[View]
39982340whats your favorite weapon in all of human history? hardmode: no nuclear or chemical weapons godmod…[View]
39981062R8 my pistol design[View]
39965025Dumb gun ideas you would pay good money for: An 1895 Russian contract repro in 7.62x39, it'd be…[View]
39980916Any former military bros on here attending uni with their GI Bill? Whats it like? Hows desling with …[View]
39982954Talk me out of the Browning Buckmark: I don't want a 10/22 cuz my douchebag brothers have them …[View]
39979941I've been seeing too many 'hurr durr what does /k/ think of video game' etc posts lately so dum…[View]
39975692ASSAULT RIFLE with the POWAH of a TANK[View]
39974104Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
39976390French Christmas Market shooting: What the FUCK is the manlet carrying? Is that an MP7 with a foldin…[View]
39981240Aircrew helmet: Can someone explain to me what the purpose of this part of the helmet is?[View]
39982185Worlds least coherent sword youtuber posts a video. Destroy me.[View]
39982204/k/ Recommends Bolts and BCGs: So I am building my first AR. I have assembled ARs before for my dad …[View]
39979216Working on Video Game Weapon Mods for FO4. Since this is a /v/ /k/ thing and not exclusive to just o…[View]
39968378I want a .357 lever action rifle as something to plink with and something to hike with. I plan on mo…[View]
39974136Daily reminder Cali&NY cuck grips ain't that bad: If it bothers you then don't look at…[View]
39979901Fighting in Foreign Wars: Has anyone any experience or information about fighting in a foreign war? …[View]
39982379EAA Windicator - Your thoughts: I own one of these things, and while I like it it just feels like a …[View]

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