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40921535Playing ammo Tetris.: Playing ammo Tetris is the funnest![View]
40917861Poorly drawn guns: It's fun and easy, we post a poorly drawn gun and others have to guess what …[View]
40890277QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: The last one hit bump limit so I shall…[View]
40917816How many rounds do you typically go through in a day at the range?: I'm embarrassed to admit th…[View]
40923456Ukrane to purchase armed drones from Turkey: Ukraine and Turkey just agreed to a sale of a dozen Tur…[View]
40922279War dances: Have war dances ever accomplished anything?[View]
40916692What's your revenge line?[View]
40913808Ammosexual: Has anyone had /k/ impact their love life/relationships?[View]
40919790Where can i order full body armor like pic related? Is it available for citizens?[View]
40920669Ww2 axe?: Anyone know something about it?[View]
40896622Haven't seen a gas mask thread in a while, looking to get into CBRN preparedness. ITT we post …[View]
40918125/k/-Autism thread: Remember that time?: >My scenario stands When was the last time anyone saw tha…[View]
40914156Help. Just bought 500 rounds of Barnaul 123gr FMJ from SG Ammo. It's lacquered and sealed, that…[View]
40899877/ak/ - Wholesome Edition: Screw this crap about the world sucking. Post your wholesome gats, Raifu g…[View]
40921947North Sentinelese DEFENSE: Oh me oh my, /k/, the natives of North Sentinel Island have somehow got i…[View]
40921035You may be cool: ...but you’ll never be a CIA pilot flying CAS for illicit cross border raids in a f…[View]
40922777Waiting for the ATF thread. >How much longer does my dog have now that ive saved this .jpg onto m…[View]
40920417Holy shit[View]
40920681USSOCOM to get Full-body Exoskeleton: http://soldiersystems.net/2019/03/19/ussocom-awards-contract-t…[View]
40914590Help a retard find a good CC: What is everybodys favorite carry gun? Im having an incredibly difficu…[View]
40914555I'm not sure if this belongs on /x/ or /k/ but, do you anons think 10mm is enough to kill a ski…[View]
40919314Best BHP?: Should I shell out the extra shekels for a real Browning brand hi power, or get a clone l…[View]
40921926Anyone know about the M1030M1 or had the chance to ride one? I've ridden a klr650 and think th…[View]
40873765Hello, /k/. I'm part of the Mexican army, if you have any questions you want to ask, I'll …[View]
40916277How powerful would a crossbow have to be to kill a human with 1 bolt? I'm asking from a purely…[View]
40922377Enjoying my first rifle purchase /k/ surprised how well a $129 rifle works, alongside a cheapo $20 r…[View]
40922689>kek Is this the just as good moment for the USAF?[View]
40921917Just turned 18,I have heard many conflicting stories whether or not i can get a chl in regards to my…[View]
40914980Why would you turn your bump stock in if you owned one? it was a edgy accessory to have, you'd …[View]
40914519BILL HATE GROUP + ARG + AR THREAD + AR15 CIRCLE WANK: Fuck Bill Fuck Jannies Fuck Gungrabbers Old: …[View]
40918462Spy Stuff: Ok lads, I'm currently wondering what secret services there are out there and how ha…[View]
40920255Quick attach suppressor thread: What are your experiences with them? Are they “quick” as advertised?…[View]
40910069is over-penetration in home defense a meme?[View]
40920119American military and college? Im stupid so someone explain it for me Hi im just some retard who wan…[View]
40903565I FINALLY SHOT A FUCKING GUN! I am a 20 year old man born and raised in NYC I was at a relatives hou…[View]
40921691Black-Green Camo: I know this question derives from video game, but how effective would a Shadow Com…[View]
40910419Finnish Army Cold War: Best in terms of aesthetics. I'm gonna post some footage. https://www.yo…[View]
40914172Anyone have experience with Big Daddy Unlimited?: Looking at buying a Glock and some shit for my AR …[View]
40919518airplane design: Thoughts on pic related? it's a Cesna CAS for when shit hits the fan. It'…[View]
40919119>a fucking sightmark The poors are at it again[View]
40917311Silly shit you do: Tell us about your silly/autistic habit you have (only k). Me: Mirror polishing e…[View]
40920876Hi point space gun thoughts?: I thinking about building a hi point bullpup. I can get a 9mm carbine …[View]
40915668What role does a OTF switch blade fill? Whats the advantage of EDCing one?[View]
40921171Guys, With NZ cucking gun owners, do we need to rethink our pro-Semple stance? I’m really conflicted…[View]
40920171>this kills the vatnik[View]
40914951Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
40920922> visiting my mother out of state > she wants to buy her first gun since my father passed away…[View]
40920869Welp boys, looks like ole Indy needs out help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Mvd1VEFyw&app=d…[View]
40918124What places do NATO soldiers go to fight ? Is Afghanistan the only active war zone?[View]
40916882I'm living in a cucked state where weapons are almost completely banned. Even air rifles (such …[View]
40920452What AR is this?[View]
40920093So where are we in regards to lasers in weapons technology? We stopped hearing about it about a year…[View]
40920486Bring back national service[View]
40917249Could MIG ever recover part of its status?[View]
40919998ITT discuss invading the Kiwi: Would it be feasible to invade New Zealand and cause an insurrection?…[View]
40915901Lockheed BTFO by Boeing: >We break: AF 5-yr plan to Hill today calls for spending $7.85b on 80 F-…[View]
40919133What do /k/ thinks of this plane: You have to agree that this is a masterpiece[View]
40919222Reminder that if you think the Abrams is obsolete or unable to stand up to other modern MBTs you are…[View]
40911672Okay, so with the SKS being in mind, give or take an intermediate and rifle carbine, would a caliber…[View]
40917598Hungarian Revolution: Hungarian revolution general, lets see those combat photos, OP Pic is the firs…[View]
40918833French machine guns: Why did France have an obsession with strip-fed machine guns instead of belt-fe…[View]
4091922980% pistols: I have an 80 percent kit I bought many years ago for a rainy day. I’d like to start put…[View]
40899765Best innawoods knife?: I'm going innawoods for a while to try to live out of a cabin that my un…[View]
40919359I need a weapon in case shit hits the fan when I'll rob a drug dealer[View]
40916664Church of the Gun: Why haven't you joined his religion yet /k/?[View]
40917665Who is the most /k/ man who ever lived, and why is it Adrian Carton de Wiart?[View]
40914124Hows your hearing? Aren't you afraid that gunshots will damage your hearing? How many of you ha…[View]
40905016Shit on Russia thread 3: insert original title: I’m bored and I wanna see angry vatniks reeeee so le…[View]
40912823Love, Death, and Robots on Netflix. The last episode is absolute /k/ino. It’s about the Red Army fig…[View]
40891299So, this was the best military jet produced by Soviet Union?: Am I the only one to think that this i…[View]
40918036what percentage of weapon failures in combat/military would you estimate are user error or failure t…[View]
40889528Ugly gun thread[View]
40890234God I love this country[View]
40910102Is the Kel-Tec Sub2k worth getting? I found a 9mm, Glock 17 mag model available at a local gun show …[View]
40911964hmmm what are we thinking /k/[View]
40905556PATCH THREAD: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>40894135 >Where c…[View]
40913876What is the best and most lethal modern intermediate cartridge? 556 >lacks lethality, made to wou…[View]
40904803When will mechs become reality? It’s armed with two rotary cannons, anti tank missiles and a 12000 G…[View]
40908027Is this Czech m85 parka pure sex? If not please direct me to one that it. >I know it is nearly im…[View]
40908476BREAKING: Korean Ultra-nationalist have initiated a coup de tat in both South and North Korea. They …[View]
40918814Ballistic mask or helmet?: no you cant have both. which will you rather have if the /k/ fairy grante…[View]
40912897Help /k/oalas!: Any web site to buy good and cheap repro of nazi visor caps? I'm looking for a …[View]
40918671Australia general, no Aussies edition: Post any Aussie related content to tell the lads we miss them…[View]
40911986Has anyone else seen this absolute pussy on Doomsday Preppers? S2E3, it's on netflix. One of hi…[View]
40918060Hi /k/ I need your help to find the pps43 schematics/blueprints, I'm planning to build one for …[View]
40913863Does /k/ like flintlocks?: Soon I will be getting my first flintlock. Please post pics of your flint…[View]
40904067mfw boomers still make fun of me for using 9mm[View]
40914198Is there anything wrong with 1911 compacts?[View]
40914880Life During Wartime: What are your experiences with it? Tell us your story https://youtu.be/s3A5CKkb…[View]
40918159I live on the east coast and my brother lives in Colorado with a ton of land. I want to bring my 10/…[View]
40914151What side are you on? What is your weapon of choice?[View]
40914608You can own any weapon: What weapon is it and why? I would want a T-54 tank, so I can drive around t…[View]
409173135.56 is superior in every way to 7.62 Prove me wrong (you can't)[View]
40917887Abrams:40 year old design Leopard 2:40 year old design Challenger:40 year old design T-72/80:50 (fiv…[View]
40915648Why was WW2 fought with bolt action and semi automatic rifles? What if WW2 had assault rifles?[View]
40916701Will we ever have the capability to make 3D printed polymer parts that are as strong as “gun polymer…[View]
40893279New stuff thread: New stuff coming out thread. If there is any new gun stuff (or gear and accessori…[View]
40915883package with quality check: Not opened yet. Whats inside /k/ ? My country: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
40911952What would be the best course of action if you are caught up in an airplane hijacking? As is typica…[View]
40916505Hi anons,I’m a young guy looking for a good gun to use at home and/or in a holster,can someone help …[View]
40916068Trap shooting with a pump: Anyone ever use a pump to trap/skeet shoot? I know its been done but it s…[View]
40917488Picked this up today for 5 rubles. Did I do well lads?[View]
40913787Does anyone know how I would be able to obtain a bumpstock or any other alternatives?[View]
40917081'It's better to die for ___________ than live for _________'[View]
40917352How to I make a rifle?: I've been wondering how you would make a rifle, If any of you know any …[View]
40917367Enlisting/ DEP: If things in my life are generally looking down, and I feel like the solution for st…[View]
40911585Post a more comfortable butt cartridge than the .58 Schubarth. I’ll wait.[View]
40916938guns to loud..[View]
40915698Oni chan sempi[View]
40908040Let's say you are in public somewhere and an active shooter situation starts, someone has enter…[View]
40912808I forgot about my m48, and left it cocked for about 2 months. Do you think I damaged the spring?[View]
40918793Why do you think there will ever be a semi automatic rifle ban in America? It would be impossible an…[View]
40916540How does this make you feel?: How does this make you feel?[View]
40915100/k/ Reaction Images: I'm running out of them. And these are always a good source for good ones.…[View]
40917026Not entirely /k/ related, but do any of you fags own this book or know of a paperback copy or e-book…[View]
40906742A Hero's Weapon: When you think of a hero, the image of your ideal self comes to mind. A person…[View]
40916786What .223/5.56 soft point brands are good for defense?[View]
40916820>mfw these arabs aren't even aiming https://www.foxnews.com/world/last-isis-enclave-a-scene-…[View]
40916260anyone have a high def version of the 'glock & wesson 40mm' copypasta? >ITT: Post /k/opypasta…[View]
40911211Ammo: I bought a box of this ammo at an auction. How can I tell if it’s corrosive?[View]
40905129How do you even hope to detect a stealth plane that looks like a golf ball in radar?[View]
40912904Were Camillian era Romans autistic or Grecoboos or both?[View]
40914842Battle buddy thread: Siege edition[View]
40908930What would you rather face, /k/?: A Human wave attack of Chinese in the Korean War? Or a Japanese Ba…[View]
40915794What does /k/ think of international Defense Expos? Do they show off cool stuff?[View]
40911856is anger good for warfare is there anyone in history whoes faught a battle/war with pure anger and h…[View]
40916120Bows: When bows are kept strung, they adapt to that shape, causing them to lose power. My question …[View]
40905347How are Molotov cocktails made?[View]
40910482Writing on Weapons: Is it halal?[View]
40900106Pure Fuckin NATO: Best semi-auto, modern .308 rifle? Inclusion subject to applicable caveats. >18…[View]
40915686pol: Sorry eh I bin away Where the fuck is /pol/ ???[View]
40915976>at airport >military get to board early >'thank you for your service' >pilot thanks mil…[View]
40915097What ever happend to him /k/? Did the ayy's finally finish him off?[View]
40915972what is the engagement range of mass shootings?: With NZ and Utrecht fresh in mind, at what engageme…[View]
40915532Modern medieval equipment: You wake up in the medieval era and you can pick one set of equipment to …[View]
40915879Let's make a trap appreciation thread! (not that type you stinky faggot)[View]
40904953I'm afraid we're all out of .22lr today, can I get you anything else, sir?[View]
40914776What's the weakest weapon you'd be willing to take into combat as your main weapon? Would …[View]
40914516how illegal would it be if, assuming and only assuming, I have the detailed specifics sheet of a mil…[View]
40914502hey /k/, red pill me on the Tusken Raider slayer's loadout. What would you have added or done d…[View]
40915647Convince me this isn't the best SHTF weapon: Think about it, in a SHTF situation, just having a…[View]
40881871ITT: we make up futuristic military technology >gravitational wave source seeking antiship missle…[View]
40894767SHTF: What's /k/s ideal SHTF gun. Looking to get my first and I'm strongly considering pic…[View]
40912627Hello, /k/, I’m currently writing a fantasy novel, in a world where the gunpowder used to fire bulle…[View]
40911663Modernized Guns: If you could modernize any guns from WW1 or WW2, What Would you choose and how woul…[View]
40892257>buying steel case 'ammo' This is the kind of shit retards with m&p15s do. Don't. Your k…[View]
40916921Ban attention whoring discord trannies: Every thread is being disrupted by faggots posting their gay…[View]
40914336If you were butt-ass naked except for boots and had to outfit yourself for a weekend excursion with …[View]
40904453/k/ creates a new episode of Deadliest Warrior[View]
40909724when is ww3 going to happen?[View]
40915067How'd I do?: Recently pulled the trigger and got myself a home defense/CC/SHTF weapon. Went ahe…[View]
40888644Unconventional / Rare body armor: Let's see what you've got. Bonus points for homemade shi…[View]
40915085Removing Mini-14 Rear Sight: Alright /k/, i got replacement sights for my mini. Attempted to remove …[View]
40863799/msg/ - Military Surplus / Milsurp: Slice the pie edition. It's morning in America.[View]
40915134Had to read this for a class https://www.nps.gov/museum/publications/conserveogram/10-01.pdf pic ver…[View]
40900887Operatating Inna: When was the last time you went out /k/? Had to dust off the garand and chill out …[View]
40901627/meg/ Military Enlistment General: Mafia edition old >>40888540 >LEEING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTO…[View]
40910778The only reason a 1911 looks so good is because of the wooden grips. If you replaced the black grips…[View]
40868654Meanwhile in Stellar Conflict 2219 /k/...: Previous Thread https://desuarchive.org/k/thread/40841108…[View]
40913385Is the Turkish M38 really a german quality rifle at Cockroach prices?[View]
40912713Noguns no longer: its my birthday today and the first present i got was a maverick from an 'uncle' a…[View]
40909041AFT TRAPS: Post ATF honeypots. Pic locally related[View]
40914536Would a century arms c308 be worth $550? What are /k/s experience with century arms guns in general?[View]
40913921hey guys, found this earlier today on the range. anybody know what this is or seen one before? says …[View]
40913178AKM or general semi auto: Looking to buy myself an AKM style rifle. Classic stamp and wood finish, b…[View]
40909371Need a sub $200 workboot for pic related. Preferably all black or dark. green. I was looking at dann…[View]
40914399Sped Guns: What are some pretty fucking retarded looking weapons you have seen from the 1900s[View]
40912399Lookin for somethin: Anyone have a screen cap of that brilliant description of what it would be like…[View]
40913296FUTURE /k/: I know mechas are a meme but, what will future high tech vehicles and weapons look like …[View]
40908698Big bore general: Talk me out of building a 458 socom. Or talk me into it. I'm on the fence. It…[View]
40914123Leaf here. Anyone have experience with making guns? More specifically, flintlocks? How difficult is …[View]
40913258Can we blame Glock for singlehandedly ruining the gun industry? >before Glock aesthetic wood and…[View]
40914178semi auto with traditional stock: I think they look sexy on an AK or AR. The pistol grip doesn'…[View]
40908912Info: I know it is possible to enlist in the USMC even as a foreigner if you have the Green Card. I …[View]
40912352Should l get uhhhhhhhh: >CZ p01 or uhhhhhhhh >HK p30?…[View]
40914028>not owning at least 3 PC carbines It's like you want the liberals to take all the guns. It …[View]
40904357a friend was murdered: good evenin gentleman a friend of mine was killed and his gf who i am close t…[View]
40912189When and why did small groups of highly skilled soldiers become a thing? It wasnt really a thing in …[View]
40904428Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
40913573After all the war footage I've seen, nothing quite makes my hair stand up like kamikaze footage…[View]
40899657What would you have done to ensure survival if you were in the mosque during the New Zealand shootin…[View]
40913720Is there any point to having handguards choked up all the way to the flashhider like this? Its a 16'[View]
40912429/k/ media general: Post /k/ themed videos, music, books. Discuss /k/ flavored games and films. ITT w…[View]
40910219/ARG/ AR General, poorfag containment, literal shit containment, tripfags dropping trip containment:…[View]
40899243WHY DON'T THEY MAKE NUCLEAR POWERED WARPLANES?: Is a nuclear powered aircraft possible and if s…[View]
40913194War stories: Hey /k/ how about a good ol fashion war stories thread. I’ll start with one my brother …[View]
40913051I just want ya'll to know that I've got a pretty serious danger-boner for the idea of keep…[View]
40912046Red Flag Laws: Did you know: if you are dumb enough to talk about your guns and the police are calle…[View]
40899564/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Zastava USA Edition >Thread #792 Old thread here >>40875…[View]
40897586Would they have done as good in combat as they did if Sober would not have been such a dick to them …[View]
40902566Any flat foot runners here? My goal is to get through Army Basic by being able to run, unfortunatel…[View]
40911877If you are not physically fit like webm related, why are you buying 5K dollar guns as a prepper?[View]
40910394just hand painted this bad boy, what do you guys think?[View]
40910308Why is archery such pussy shit?: Archers of the old days were like the air force of old empires. …[View]
40912931Why is bow of the Sea Hunter at a near vertical angle; I'm guessing it's some variation of…[View]
40912820Let’s build the perfect sniper rifle: So /k/ let’s do this. Considering you had any commercially ava…[View]
40911424Pakistan attack on India truth: A compelling insight on the vicious failed air assault of stupid Pak…[View]
40903247Ukraine civil war thread: Post pics or footage from the War in the Donbass region please.[View]
40893102What's your last stand line?[View]
40907683French Foreing Legion.: Ok /k/, time for the N° 99999 thread about enlisting in the FFL. Thing is, …[View]
40912461Anyone here own a rhino 40ds? Pros? Cons? Regrets? Thinking of picking one up soon, only held it in …[View]
40899644Opinions on the bec de corbin[View]
40909588Canine Handler Jobs: Hey guys, I have an opportunity to go to a canine handler school for free, but …[View]
40906978>meanwhile in Finland... These devices of mass murder are now illegal for basic Pekka, and are he…[View]
40911589Got a buddy offering to sell me a 1953 Izhevsk all matched SKS for $380cad. Should I buy it?[View]
40911346H&K Sear Or RR?: What's a better product for the money? A registered receiver or a Sear? I …[View]
40911287Mizzou just keeps winning.: Get fukd feds https://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2014/02/20/missouri-senat…[View]
40911959https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakajima_G10N >The Nakajima G10N Fugaku (Japanese: 富岳 or 富嶽, 'Mount…[View]
40912039You do have your your basic stand-in first responder gear, don’t you?[View]
40911674/k/‘s thoughts on this rifle: Bought one of these several months ago, sold it, and now regret it. Ha…[View]
40911146have you ever had one of your guns stolen? what do you do to keep them safe from potential break-ins…[View]
40884536/k/ vidya thread: What's the first /k/ game that you've played? Mine's gotta be count…[View]
40899142/arg/ AR General Tripfag Development Group: Roof Korean Edition Old >>40887896[View]
40909586Insurgents using Special Forces weapons: Do sand niggers capture and use weapons from SOF units they…[View]
40908508Tokarev Safety?: Give the run down on how drop safe these babies are. Just bought my first one and I…[View]
40901196Sub 2000: Is this a decent 9mm carbine that takes glock mags or just a folding meme? Is there anythi…[View]
40909744OK, so I want a gun chambered in 7.62X39, and I live in a ban state. I plan to build something like …[View]
40912204how good will the new Canadian Lockheed Martin frigates be?[View]
40910380Best entry level AR15?: Looking for my first AR, want a good all arpunder for the range, hunting, ho…[View]
40911827Loadouts: Just picked up the ar pistol for 500$ at my local gun show.[View]
40911916Hey everyone leaf fag here trying to do the right thing and keep me and mine protected and just in c…[View]
40905703Meme Guns: Post meme guns[View]
40911069why don't infantry carry these fuckers?[View]
40911847Good deal?[View]
40908635Whats the easiest and most safe way to buy a gun in romania. Btw here you barely can get a bb gun wi…[View]
40908743P-09 vs SP-01 Phantom. Which do you prefer purely in terms of ergonomics?[View]
40911599Got an old WW2 story from my great grandfather >Be stationed at a base in the Pacific >Reading…[View]
40906656Police operators wearing civvies. Whats the go with this? Everybody is doing it. UK, Australia, NZ a…[View]
40906582Australian /k/unts general: What are the most /k/ related jobs in the Australian government that are…[View]
40910209/k/ challenges: I haven't seen a proper innawoods challenge/achievement thread in quite a while…[View]
40911342Barrel threading?: Just a question on threading the end of my barrel on my Turkish Ankara. The musse…[View]
40907488This is real: I was browsing youtube when i found this beast. My first thought was 'good photoshop, …[View]
40911115REMOVE HONK. When SHTF I'm gonna kill a fuckload of shitty geese, just so that the dystopian fu…[View]
40907634What do you think of ammunition-feeding backpacks?[View]
40905044Military Contractors: I'm interested in joining a paramilitary contractor, but currently don…[View]
40908309High Capacity Magazines: Are there any good options for above standard capacity magazines for AR-15s…[View]
40910969Fuck AR15s: The only rifle that has obvious problems with keyhole-ing and must be extensively nitpic…[View]
40909984Brass sling swivel stud: ONLY ones I've found are on ebay UK for $8 each, and $20 shipping. Any…[View]
40910860Line in the Sand: Other than the battle of Thermopylae, was this the most based battle of all time? …[View]
40910226Which is better to take MARPAT or MultiCam?[View]
40893208/k/ vehicles home made or surplus.: /k/ vehicle thread. What would you build or buy if you had some …[View]
40905951What nation's riot police has the best A E S T H E T I C S? How well does your country's r…[View]
40910064How many times can you try joining the Foreign Legion: Hello /k/. Any ex-legionnaires or close to it…[View]
40907798The Swiss air force wants new fighter planes to replace the old F/A-18s, they are hesitating between…[View]
40909283Best Guns for New/Weak Shooters: What is everyone's opinion on the best guns for newer and/or w…[View]
40885350Handgun General - /hg/ - #270: I'm getting tired of your shit, Burt. Pastebin: https://pastebin…[View]
40901822First gun: What is a good first gun to get lads? Thinking of getting a 1911 chambered in 22 long rif…[View]
40907046So lets talk about something /k/...: In the last week there's been a shooting in New Zealand an…[View]
40907188Anglo-Japanese Alliance: While relations have improved over the last few years, is it time to renew …[View]
40906445Is he /k/?[View]
40908005Bolt action shotguns: I inherited a Mossberg 185d-b, bolt action 20 gauge shotgun. Wikipedia says m…[View]
40907956Threat: Lets say you live in a country with very few firearms in a SHTF situation. The biggest threa…[View]
40909756Who here likes hiking and camping? What's your favorite loadout?[View]
40907874Would trebuchets still be effective today?[View]
40902780Does anyone have that photo of the dude poking the land mine?: New computer and I didn’t back shit u…[View]
40904938Putting together a /k/ playlist, any additions?[View]
40908333anyone ever have one of these: I m a fan of gsg9 since i was a kid , i wonder can civilian own this …[View]
40909206Could 5.56 rounds overpenetrate at extreme close range causing small exit wounds leading to little o…[View]
40904328Which of your guns ejects casings the furthest?[View]
40908007Zastava USA: Any word on when production begins/the plant is built? Still in legal limbo or in the w…[View]
40883605Do I need a 'destructive device' to have a weapon strong enough to penetrate this? Or are there unre…[View]
40907037Trigger Control: I am trying very hard to become proficient with pistols but am having a hard time w…[View]
40885177Would the US be better served with new built F15s and F16s: Instead of the F-35[View]
40903378What should I put here, /k/?[View]
40907244I'm getting a pistol for targets and perhaps hunting. Not a first time gun owner. Buying in Cal…[View]
40896357Modern day combat footage.: Help me out /k/, what are some good sites/channels/collections that have…[View]
40901546How to win in any US civil war: >rush to the Ohio river and entrench your side >hold the posit…[View]
40904061Best 10mm: Who makes the best and most reliable 10mm? Which one isnt most liable to beat itself to d…[View]
40902491WTF is that organization?: That rainbow flag what is it I dont think's is LGBT but some other g…[View]
40908349There is a new trick for some gangs, when people selling their car they ask for a test drive and pul…[View]
40908575I’m a complete faggot and know nothing about AR-15s and I want to build my own. Instead of calling m…[View]
40904600Dear security guards of /k/. Obviously PMC work is a fantasy, unless you know someone. And Law enfor…[View]
40908450Hey guys I need to put about 10 holes in a niggas face should I get a 40 or a 9?[View]
40908621Is it worth having an ACR/SCAR in compact configuration or does it just work against the way it was …[View]
40903780Angry Bear Defense: What's the smallest, lightest handgun that would dissuade an angry bear?…[View]
40907521NBC Suits: I have a huge fascination with NBC suits and their history, I was thinking about buying a…[View]
40904394Improvised/Homemade Firearms: Hello /k/, What are your opinions on improvised weapons? Do you think…[View]
40908143Blackpilled and too much politics here (it's ok): ITT: we talk about fucking guns. Post your f…[View]
40904435m4gery meta: whats the best m4gery out there, around 1500 dollar budget.[View]
40906336Service members during 9/11: While watching marines in tank school i noticed that they were talked t…[View]
40898548What were the Gus that the shooter used. Could someone ID them? As far as I could tell it was a Bene…[View]
40896727Reloading: I’m really interested in reloading, specifically starting out with 9mm. From what I can t…[View]
40902657Hidden weapons: First thread, Anons. Looking for some sexy ass hidden weapon type shit, like the typ…[View]
40907543Going to tag along on my neighbors bear hunt next month. I've never been hunting before in my …[View]
40902482Any ideas to make my house more difficult for police to enter? Have you think in having to fight aga…[View]
40905317First handgun: Going to get my restricted license soon. Pretty set on a single action revolver so I …[View]
40899288Why do modern rifles designed for precision shooting, particularly in the military context, look so …[View]
40907329MAT-49: Does anyone here own one ? what do you think about it? I heard it's hard to get one.…[View]
40907403Help improve /k/ media: We all love /k/ media, but that doesn't mean it's always flawless …[View]
40903255So does everyone here have guns?Post guns until we find out who has the coolest one. I am from austr…[View]
40900456Opinions on the company? Had dealings with them? Own any rifles?[View]
40904690It's here, boys. Happy 3/17: https://twitter.com/IvanTheTroll12/status/1107477936792354817?s=19…[View]
40902264Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S review: I promised a few anons I'd make a thread about it: I f…[View]
40903491Chaparral Camo: When the invasion of CA happens what camo will you wear for the Baja campaign?…[View]
40906920This Russian got a 40mm grenade in his leg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8LCmioIqk4 There is ano…[View]
40905132MP5 - Full Auto Question - HELP: Ok so, it's driving my crazy because i can't find the ans…[View]
40902655there are some meth heads around the apartments where I live lately.. Should I wall mount my 870 sho…[View]
40900937Saint Patric/k/s Day: What's /k/s consensus on the IRA?[View]
40906229Downsizing my gun collection in Australia: So I'm in Australia, and I'm looking at downsiz…[View]
40903193What are you waiting for? why haven't you handed them in?[View]
40902699Cold War: Anyone have any good pics like this of Cold War firepower?[View]
40900302What is the worst range you've been to?[View]
40903040Bumpstock general: Washington state banned bumpstocks with a bill that included a buyback. Because t…[View]
40897023What is the future of the tank? Railguns? Hover? Shields? Lazors?[View]
40905632Anyone here in Hawaii? I've read through the process of buying. Any recommendations for shops, …[View]
40887344this pistol should be more popular: >what yall think about this little bud?…[View]
40905513>range espresso maker is on the fritz again[View]
40897885Non-lethal Active Shooter Solutions: Everyone's tripping about teachers packing heat, but what …[View]
40905904I've noticed some bad ass white cultural weapons on the internet for sale, have you found any?[View]
40905049If you were plopped into a giant temperate forest with minimal survival gear and any knife of your c…[View]
40905311>Mosque shooting happens in NZ >Some dude from the 'Alana and Madeline foundation' came to my …[View]
40904516Kel-Tec RDB: I'm thinking about getting an RDB, anyone else got one and is it any good? Most of…[View]
40895540Quick! A school shooter has stormed into your class room and is now yelling for everyone to go to th…[View]
40906127Why do shitty buy back programs only give you 30 to 75 bucks[View]
40900917MRE Vs. Gods Meat: MRE or SPAM which is it /k/[View]
40902232Is building an ak worth it?: I dont trust myself to not fuck up but I hear Lee armory provides a cus…[View]
40905061itt:Things you wish were still in production: I wish ruger would bring back the old army. also the d…[View]
40897480Full Auto MP5: I've been heavily considering buying a full auto MP5. However the one i'm l…[View]
40904191Its a John Wick kind of Day..[View]
40902138spear chucker thread: Is Cold Steel the only company making practical spears? I've tended to th…[View]
40904241Homemade Magazines: I know of homemade guns, but what of homemade magazines. I was told that improvi…[View]
40895633Need to be lethal with my bare hands: Team; Army here. Atm, the amount of hand-to-hand training I re…[View]
40894554It's St. Paddy's Day, Boyos!: Time for a Troubles thread! Post your best aesthetics here!…[View]
40873012ITT: post range day pics When was the last time you went shooting? What did you bring?[View]
40897703US Univ. Press: Wehraboos BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3pMF_8ik6A US Army University Press…[View]
40902177Want to by a sword or something but I can't decide.: I was thinking a sword of some description…[View]
40901121Hey there bros....Which one of you turds was claiming to be a SEAL?[View]
40894135Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>40869514 >Where ca…[View]
40903511Hey guys, I have a little question I have a 2018-made Marlin 1894 in .44mag, and it works pretty we…[View]
40900277Looking for a good revolver, interested in buying a Ruger Security Six .357 from a local dealer for …[View]
40894889Trap Shooting: Anyone had experience nailing a few lately? If so, tell us all about it, and post you…[View]
40901559Gun show finds: I've been doing the gun show thing for a while just looking for some cool odd t…[View]
40902973Walther PPQ: Why didn’t the Walther PPQ get a larger portion of the market like the S&W M&P …[View]
40894395New York City Bugout: I just accepted a job in NYC (upper east side manhattan specifically) and whil…[View]
40903709Last time i posted this it got deleted within 30m so ill try it again Isnt pic related nullified sin…[View]
40900879anyone else here disgusted by the concept of a 'safety'? the gun is safe when it's unloaded. ad…[View]
40876471Need a knife: Fellas is the gerber strongarm fe a good knife? Want to use it generally - i.e. going …[View]
40904677Microtech: Anyone know whats up with Microtechs inventory? Every time i have a moment of weakness an…[View]
409018233D PRINTING GENERAL: While everyone awaits for that 3D printed Glock 17 frame files to arrive, here…[View]
40901174I just bought a Springfield saint .300blk pistol, what do?: Never owned an AR pistol before, what ki…[View]
40900142Best way to demil an Ar15 for a wall hanger?: Looking to hang an ar15 on my wall and want to demil i…[View]
40887113Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
40904230>be playing DMCV >imagine what it'd be like firing blue rose 2.0 >realize the fucking …[View]
40904238Hudson & the H9 are officially dead: Bankruptcy has been filed: No big surprise, but interesting…[View]
40903916Guys i made a really asaulty knife[View]
40898917UCAV/Drones general.: S-70 okhotnik.[View]
40905604Black music thread: Lets get the first black music thread ! Bonuspoints: k-related https://www.youtu…[View]
40897734/K/ Approved Games: Checked catalog, no recent threads. Checked Archive, nothing in last 3 days Post…[View]
40890699Poor virgin Corsair and F6F Hellcat simply could not have won against chads Ki-84 and N1K2 Shiden-Ka…[View]
40899060So how many AnusRavager-15s are there in civilian hands in America, anyway?[View]
40896309might not be the best place for this but my mates and i have a serious question. how many of you hav…[View]
40903653Reliable auto shotgun: Just bought a browning a 5 in 20 gauge. Belgian made. What are some other rel…[View]
40901483Conscription and rank system in the USSR: How did conscription in the USSR actually work? What were …[View]
40902741Is this submachine unsurpassable?[View]
40895561Do Americans still make good firearms or have they been eclipsed by European gunmakers?[View]
40903507Russian Optics: This is my first post after about 4 months of lurking. Honest question, are Russian …[View]
40901145greeting /k/: hello i am french man i look at this website very often and i always had question in m…[View]
40901658I was looking into maybe buying a Shockwave, so with all the debate I thought I'd ask my /k/omr…[View]
40901508SWISSFAGS UNITE ! 19 MAI - NEIN: Hello /k/, On mai 19, the people of Switzerland will vote on the ac…[View]
40903429What are all the guns and equipment I would need to acquire in order to be like pic related?[View]
40902886First Firearm Purchase: I know this has nothing to contribute to the overall meaning of this board, …[View]
40891448>his handgun doesn't hold 21+1[View]
40839043Milsurp/Camo circlejerk: Welcome to the Milsurp Camo circlejerk thread, returning edition. post your…[View]
40901700'No Face, No Case' Part 2: Another one of these threads again Either military, law enforcement or gu…[View]
40900466TVN-2T Night Vision Periscope: Hey /k/, I got my hands on a TVN-2T. Took it apart, seemed like it wa…[View]
40898933Thoughts on damascus blades?[View]
40902462Dong finish: Advise me on the finish of my dong /k/. The boomerlord previous owner of this furniture…[View]
40894411'Mad' Mike Hoare Turns 100: Happy birthday to the greatest of the mercenaries of the 60s and 70s. Ve…[View]
40898455What do you call the illness that makes you endlessly shill for low-tech, low-quality weapons platfo…[View]
40854875Wartime Achievement Thread: That Was Easy >Start a nuclear war Chivalry >Kill an enemy with a…[View]
40902733What is the most obnoxious, retarded looking, <$30 muzzle device I can put on a handgun: I do not…[View]
40898330Dicks to stop selling all firearms: Despite them losing basically all profits after ceasing to sell …[View]
40902526How do I remove color on slide to have a mirror finish: I recently bought a new pistol. I have an ol…[View]
40883371Are submarines the safest place to be during WW3?[View]
40901713Redpill me on Battlbox?: Alright, so I am pretty new to prepping in general and trying to pick up so…[View]
40902779Shoots you down: What you gonna do ruskie boy[View]
40900441Red pill me on this sexy man[View]
40900667police memes: So I took a look, and I seem to not have but one remotely police related thing in my c…[View]
40891985Do you think a robot will be awarded a medal in your life? We've wanted to know what /k/ has th…[View]
40894508ITT: Rare wars: >Salvadoran civil war Salvadoran Guerrillas.[View]
40888337/k/ Nevada Division: Small Meetup today edition! Join the discord: https://discord.gg/ZjC2nU3[View]
40902370legal concealed carry we'll confiscate your weapon anyway: Here in Florida I keep reading about…[View]
40895250I keep screaming but my rifles buttpad is still dried out: My mommy says I'm a good shot[View]
40902364is this a good gun for being my only pistol?[View]
40902171Ok, so you absolutely need military experience to be a Merc. What you DON'T need military exper…[View]
40897302>As prime minister Jacinda Ardern considers banning semi-automatic rifles, some gun users are bus…[View]
40844749Soccor mom thread? Soccor mom thread.[View]
40901979>MOSCOW, March 17. /TASS/. The Northern design bureau has started developing the construction doc…[View]
40901665I need pictures of women rucking with men carrying their shit. My wife doesnt believe me this happen…[View]
40901858HELP VERIFY IS THIS AUTHENTIC?: Is this garrison cap 'cunt cap' or 'piss cover' or 'overseas cap'/si…[View]
40894638GunTube: What're some good YouTube channels for learning self defense and concealed carry skill…[View]
40900055Semi Auto Beltfeds: Has anyone built a M53 or PKM from a kit? I'm a welder with some free time …[View]
40898286Here you go /k/ some guy allegedly ex-special forces talking about body armor. https://www.youtube.…[View]
40896528What size shotgun to get?: For an all around shotgun (home defense, hunting deer/boar/pests, shtf, f…[View]
40888671Alright /k/ Im going to need some suggestions. Yesterday was my dads birthday so we had a bunch of f…[View]
40901457Lucky Shot: How would you feel if you trained for years just to get owned by a guy aiming in the wro…[View]
40898994Have you ever bought from gd43.com? It's a legit site or a scam? I would like buy a M43 cap fro…[View]
40841145Buy-Sell-Trade General - /BST/: Buy Sell Trade thread, I'll make another one with the same desi…[View]
40898504Why do WASRs lack dimples? Is it purely cost saving? The old SAR imports had dimples on them so I wo…[View]
40901237Even in 2019 its the best .45ACP compact size pistol on the market.[View]
40895247>watching gopro combat kino on youtube >every video soldiers are slowly running around getting…[View]
40900774How would someone from the UK go about purchasing and owning a Flintlock Musket? I understand gun la…[View]
40895597Why did bullpups fall out of fashion again? Aside from creating ambidexterous case ejection and mech…[View]
40889198Bloop ball (Working title): Some guys in Canada General were discussing a potential new sport and I …[View]
40899231Howdy /k/ommandos, I dug up this casing the other day, and I have no idea what calibre or type this …[View]
40899166Given the right tools and gunsmithing know-how, how hard would it be to concert a boltyboi into a se…[View]
40888540/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Yang Gang edition old >>40862338 >LEEING ABOUT MEDICAL…[View]
40898744Is there a real life revolver that would feel similar in the hand? I'm trying to figure out the…[View]
40899585Happy St. Patricksday rom teh Irish Defense Forces /k: Hail, glorious St. Patrick, dear saint of our…[View]
40900655Was it the STEN gun of tanks?[View]
40899999how do i become an effective stolen valor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOj07ClhEi8[View]
40891412Carrying a gun in light clothing: If I'm wearing basketball shorts or something and want to car…[View]
40896496>has more armour, better armament, lower profile, faster and lower weight than any 40's era …[View]
40889013Pawn Shopping: I want to start going around and browsing pawn shops to see if I can make any interes…[View]
40889566What would you write?[View]
40899530are there even any videos or footage in existence of this stupid piece of garbage in action?[View]
40899723Hey guys, hypothetical question for you. Let's say a Sig Sauer MPX had been sitting on the wall…[View]
40886648How /fit/are you?: Are you operator tier? Post your most impressive feats[View]
40898301New rifle: Say you've got ~$1,500 to spend from working a ton of overtime. What kind of rifle w…[View]
40895164Is it true that mixing a certain amount of orange juice concentrate and gasoline makes napalm?[View]
40890156New Acquisition Thread: Picked up a Mk23 NIB for $1950 today, was looking for a USP 45 tactical. Le…[View]
40898510gonna have my cc soon and need to pick out my first handgun. would a 1911 be a bad choice? I really …[View]
40897317FAL appreciation thread? FAL appreciation thread. Hard mode: [spoiler]no tacticool attachment/conver…[View]
40899497Bullet test?: Hi /k/, Thinking on buying a Yugo M70B1, built with the original barrel. I've he…[View]
40897760Can anybody identify?: Have had this for a while now but I struggle finding anything about it on the…[View]
40889584Cowboys n Shiet: Post images of and discuss Old West style revolvers and leverguns and shotguns and …[View]
40897409Been browsing around for AK-47's recently. Is around $500 a good price for one or should I just…[View]
40895445What went wrong?[View]
40899800Should my next gun be an AR/AK or a bolt action? Pic unrelated[View]
40886115How do you guys gravity your guns?[View]
40898281WW1 unfiroms: Where can I get myself a WW1 uniform for Airsoft? I am trying to get either a French o…[View]
40895869I'm fucking retarded, I should of asked: So I was at a point blank and there was a guy shooting…[View]
40887740Operator thread: Haven't seen one in a while Bonus points for LRRP/MACV[View]
40899203New fag here: >inb4 newfag Shopping for a new gun, being a new gun owner a Ruger AR-556 MPR inter…[View]
40895105Considering joining the armed forces. Stories?: Hey guys, considering joining the armed forces (mari…[View]
40887410Remove squawk: My asshole neighbors keep feeding seagulls and these fuckers are shitting everywhere …[View]
40896871Bolt action with irons: I was in the market for a cheap 223 bolt action to play around with and the …[View]
40882563armslist autism: >no lowballers >ah’ know hwut ah’ got…[View]
40897658Gunsmithing Feasibility: Good morning (or evening or whatever) to you, /k/. I don't know if thi…[View]
40898944M48A: Just got a brand fucking new M48A and want to see if I have all matching serial numbers. The e…[View]
40881267Wargames: America fails to win against Russia and China: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/03/article/d…[View]
40898175Alright /k/, I barely know anything about guns (other than whatever you learn from playing video gam…[View]
40887896/arg/ AR General Tripfag Development Group: Wife/Cousin with your AR15 Edition Old >>40870490…[View]
40883252So i'm a kiwi and i just heard the news from our PM Comrade Jacinta in regards to guns, how wou…[View]
40885306A notorious serial killer breaks into your house. What would your response be?: On the news there ha…[View]
40897396Hey /k/, would you recommend these mags for EDC? Got a set of 12 for $5 today. Also, mag thread[View]
40894855>Thought lugers were top tier handguns >Finally get to handle one >The trigger is hot gar…[View]
40897204Regression: You have nothing now that you didn't have 50 years ago. Every plastic toy and compu…[View]
40891329/k/ outfits: Post your most fashionable /k/ related clothing so i can oogle at it.[View]
40895949converted military vehicles or equipment: a thread for posting about vehicles or other equipment tha…[View]
40893793Anybody got muzzle brake/compensator recommendations? My rifle is chambered in 6.5 creedmoore, would…[View]
40898506Any thoughts on Taurus?[View]
40886601music thread: More than 4 days without a music thread. Go boys for hard shit. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
40896701You do own atleast a pair of PSA AR-15’s, r-right??? >picunrelated[View]
40897269Black powder rifle VS m1 garand: If you were gonna storm a fort, would you choose a black powder rif…[View]
40875002/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Variants You Wish Were More Available Edition >Thread #791 Old…[View]
40897930What are your thoughts on the Magpul M4?[View]
40897654What oil should I use for my knife?: Is pic rel good? What about WD40?[View]
40894327How many rounds should a carry gun hold? How many reloads should one carry[View]
40895434.223 Remington / 5.56×45 mm: So after... the incident... does anybody still doubt the effectiveness …[View]
40888336Aesthetic AK thread: Post aesthetic aks and ak related accessories[View]
40893951Impulse buying: >Go to gun store, intending to buy some Korean 7.62 >Walk out of the store wit…[View]
40893589ship names: hey /k/ if you where in charge of a navy how would you name your ships specifically how …[View]
40894318Can you /k/unts tell me why this aircraft is memed all the time? Why is the Super Tucano successful …[View]
40891119NIB S&W 5906: /k/ I come to you with a question, is this really worth the price tag?![View]
40892386Alright /k/, after months of lurking I'm finally no longer a nogunz. Feels good, I have to say.…[View]
40893306Let's have a sword thread boiz. Thoughts on the Chinese hook swords? I think they're prett…[View]
40895141Is there anywhere I could buy a Zweihander that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars that isn'…[View]
40873168/ak/ thread: Poorly timed? Poorly timed. Have a dump while the world is on fire~![View]
40896841When will this war be over: Its been 8 years and 2 days now and it just doens't seem to end ISI…[View]
40897020Where do you go to buy your guns? Do you go to the local pawn shop or browse online?[View]
40894388Is this a Good Deal on Lvl 4 Plates?: https://www.securityprousa.com/collections/ballistic-plates/pr…[View]
40891770>a weapon so destructive the allies almost lost the war because of it >**TURBINE ROARS, NEBELW…[View]
40895475Since the dawn of man, humanity has used stimulants and all kinds of drugs in war. Whether to feel t…[View]
40896868>truck gun[View]
40887403Isn't this how it should be a yeah?: Required to purchase and own arms. https://fox59.com/2019/…[View]
40895308Marlin model 55 12 gauge: So I bought one and I heard it has a full choke. I shot some slugs out of …[View]
40895781Mike Hoare Turns 100: Hello /k/. As you may know, the mercenary commander Thomas Michael 'Mad Mike' …[View]
40896644Do you prefer AR-15's when it comes to semi automatic rifles or under your own personal or prof…[View]
40896819>gear check was it autism?[View]
40896710Akfiles meltdown: akfiles is melting down after the news section has been temporarily locked due to …[View]
40890993Alright /k/ommandos, I am looking for a photograph of a man carrying an assault rifle and wearing an…[View]
40881015Dumb /k/ related gif thread[View]
40892327How did he scrawl all that writing onto his guns? I want to do that with my guns[View]
40893293Are these any better than ARs? Asking for a friend. Mostly I am looking for a gun that doesn't…[View]
40889877>go innawoods >dont see any skinwalkers to shoot why live…[View]
40889129How hard would it be to make your own cannon? out of cast iron of course[View]
40864258Yeah this isn't suspicious at all[View]
40896657DRY-lube: Is this the best lubricant for ARs in desert enviroment ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?ti…[View]
40888776Donbas War Aesthetic Thread: Post aesthetic pics of based Ukrainians[View]
40890366Section Commander: If you had 10 men in your command in a paramilitary group working as guerillas in…[View]
40893915Lets say that an incident occured between two individuals that involved a firearm and fortunatly the…[View]
40896354https://youtu.be/HTkicdO_64w Post /k/ino nuke music[View]
40892476how the FUCK do I get into competitive shooting and 3gun? it seems expensive as fuck and like some s…[View]
40895418Art Suggestions: What should I draw on pic related? Will post results if anything tickles my fancy. …[View]
40888800How to stop anticipating recoil? Also general actual shooting thread, because I feel like many of yo…[View]
40888043is there a more simple and elegant design?[View]
40892214Why are so many gun companies headquartered in cuck states? >S&W: Springfield, MA >Ruger:…[View]
40895012Survival bunker info: Hey /k/ommandos, I'm looking for pics/diagrams/advice on making my own su…[View]
40882279How do I remove coon, /k/?[View]
40894756How do u ww2 larp on a budget?[View]
40895559Good feels thread: How's your saturday night going, /k/? This thread is for good feels only. …[View]
40891777What does /k/ think of 80% glocks?[View]
40895512Countries with lenient gun laws for expats: Hi /k/, I'm from the UK and in the future I'm …[View]
40882163I want a lightweight ar15: >got me an M&P Sport 2 and tried to modify it to feel like my Serv…[View]
40893966I've been on /k/ for a year and don't think I've ever seen Chesty Puller discussed he…[View]
40893892/k/mando: I believe i met a fellow /k/mando today at a local retail store. we should link up and tr…[View]
40891586What’s the difference between a knife and a sword? For example, what makes a Langmesser a knife and …[View]
40892274spoonfeeding thread: lots of newfags want knowledge, especially now. ask questions here. you will be…[View]
40895186We all know that kekistani forces will be armed with standard issue nuggets and AR-15's, but wh…[View]
40893578/k/ music: is there a more /k/ music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=60&v=tn…[View]
40887661DARPA AI Next campaign: DARPA just announced a 2 billion dollars push on AI research. https://www.yo…[View]
40876464What does /k/ think of the Hera CQR stock?[View]
40894517Tonton macoute: Why aren't they more discussed? >nicknamed after child eating santa claus …[View]
40891964/k/ I did a thing today[View]
40893777Do those 590 bayonet kits work with shockwaves?[View]
40888658should jet planes get melee weapons ?[View]
40892116I’m looking to buy my first rifle and I have my eye on pic related, smith & wesson m&p 15 sp…[View]
40888872Need to add a 1” round pipe to my magazine cap.: I have a Mossberg 500 6 rounder. I bought bayonet k…[View]
40891595why not bullets with teflon?[View]
40894575Does anyone still manufacture .32 S&W?[View]
40892747cleaning melted lead out of a baffle: So I'm trying to clean out the 'blast baffle' which weigh…[View]
40893939/K/ountry: >idea time A bunch of /k/ommandos get together through some form of contact putting as…[View]
40890145Is this the most underrated surplus pistol of all time? Specifically the m57 with the frame safety. …[View]
40891017CZ P01 slide on a Rami. I didnt force anything together. I like the long slide small grip combo. Lon…[View]
40891117are FALs still relevant/or useable to this day ? and by that I mean would it be an efficient weapon …[View]
40891359I needed some .357 mag today, so I bought a box of tulammo in .357 mag for $9.98 and this box had 10…[View]
40891657Special Forces are in global trouble. Timestamp in pic related, start from there. What to do? Ask D…[View]
40885232Why are Navy SEALS celebrities: Why does every Navy SEAL who leaves the service end up becoming a mo…[View]
40887780Electromagnetic Railguns need Liquid Cooling: >A about Rail Gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
40890258WW2 Bombing Questions: Writefag here, coming up with a scenario for a Strangereal 1940s. Basically, …[View]
40893391Autistic Finngoloid: What does /k/ think about autistic Finngoloid who's sperging out in every …[View]

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