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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 39 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3447574I need to make decent portraits for tomorrow: I need help I´m just weirdo that always was to shy to …[View]
3447868you have 10 seconds to tell me how to take good photos or else he gon kill u[View]
3447890what background eraser do you recommend me? i want it to be free, legally or not [EXIF data availabl…[View]
3446896give this photo a name: RIP hogwarts[View]
3446281I found this cleaning out an old general store pull barn. I am sure it is unused as it shows no sign…[View]
3422208This is a photo thread: I'm going to post photos here and I hope you will say things about them…[View]
3440406great photos are 80% subject 19% technique and 1% gear[View]
3447555Want to get into photography All i have is a shitty android What kind of camera should i get?[View]
3447229Okay guys, first post here : I'm quite new and I was wondering what I should take with me for a…[View]
3442606Boston City Hall: So in an effort to try to keep sane this winter I've been picking a building …[View]
3445311Would scanning film with a microscope camera work? Today I got to look at my slides under a 50x micr…[View]
3428135Post/Discuss astrophotography and the gear you used [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] …[View]
3447179Color science: The entire photography community got BTFO, by itself... https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
3443312Hey /p/, What's up? So I wanted to shoot a movie with two guys sitting opposite to each other a…[View]
3444440>go out shooting >take 100 photos >only 2 are decent and worth editing how often does this…[View]
3444156Photo thread: A few pics from my crappy town, generally low iq and a various amount of thought put i…[View]
3446257If I get some photos printed on nice paper to sell, how do I know the printers won't keep the f…[View]
3446937DST: Reminder to everyone in the United States (excl. Arizona, Hawaii, and some territories): set yo…[View]
3445336Hey everyone. The feet just fell of on the fotodiox adapter and I cant seem to screw it in. Anyone …[View]
3445623What camera / lense / equipment does he use to record such high quality videos at night time with lo…[View]
3436254Go back to when you first started in photography, what would you get knowing what you know now?: So …[View]
3441484A7 III vs A7R II: Which one for stills?[View]
3446990New Post about photos.: >>3445746 Hi /p/. Thanks to all the people who resply my post. Im new …[View]
3446746How to delete both RAW and JPG?: Sorry for the gear question, but I can't figure this out anywh…[View]
3445354fucked up lens: What the fuck happened to this lens? Left it overnight soaking in white vinegar to g…[View]
3446815Is it useful to have a small, portable, crop sensor camera such as a Canon EOS M50/Sony a6000/6400, …[View]
3446642I have this old unitax 80-120mm lense but its pretty grimey inside. Is there anything i can soak it …[View]
3443563Deciding between Nikon D750 and Sony a7s: I’m currently looking to buy a used camera primarily for p…[View]
3441298I got this old 3D camera but don't know how to make the pictures 3D. When I get the film develo…[View]
3446657Opinions on Tamron 28-75 f2.8?: I’m in the process of planning which lens to buy for my a7ii. Picked…[View]
3443339Tony believes that soon a $500 full frame camera will be released...: >picture unrelated https://…[View]
3445924Opinions plz. >First time shooting a wedding >Friend of a friend or a friend >had no idea o…[View]
3446507Studio Lighting: Newbie to studio lighting. Any recommendations on a beginner gear setups? Strobe vs…[View]
3446593Random pics from my phone: Recently sold all of my gaming equipment as final push to start going out…[View]
3436509Home Display: Is it acceptable to display your own photography in your home? Or would it come across…[View]
3442592>packs my drone and travel to a nice forest area with lot's of limestone cliffs poking out o…[View]
3440041Canon sucks at vi- https://www.canonrumors.com/all-of-the-nominated-documentaries-at-the-oscars-were…[View]
3443314>canon best lens selection, generally mediocre bodies to refrain from competition with cinema EOS…[View]
3446436Photo books: Hey /p/ whats youre favourite photography book, I’m planning to make one later this yea…[View]

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