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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 15 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10255152Celebrity Cosplays?: Couldn't believe this was Jamie Lee Curtis. Any other awesome celeb cospla…[View]
10245462What is the cheapest full face mask cosplay but recogniable for normies too[View]
10255295What's /cgl/ opinion on meme cosplay? also, post meme cosplays that you like[View]
10253357Have you ever designed a weapon or an armor?[View]
10248285Feels thread: 'My petticoat won't stay inflated in this heat' edition[View]
10247807La Fete de Versailles: Anybody else going to this? It's an international lolita event happening…[View]
10254717MY BODY CANNOT FUCKING WAIT: People go all the fuck out for Blizzcon. >Let see the best from prio…[View]
10252533Ita Thread[View]
10250857So, who’s going to Sabakon this weekend?[View]
10251101>If a girl genderbends its ok >But if a guy does it its gay Is that cosplay 101?…[View]
10240789Old School Thread: Mihara Mitsukazu Edition: Post old snaps, resources, old school media, etc[View]
10099682Room Thread: Previous thread: >>10031869[View]
10254121Stories where normies were jerks: A bit of time ago I had a situation. I was in lolita for a Disney …[View]
10253980comic con artist alley att2: -WHAT SHOULD I PUT THERE ON THE FORM?[View]
10253661How is Charexpo?: Anyone go in 2018 and had a good time? Mainly wanting to see Roselia and RAISE A S…[View]

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